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lee universi 





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We are all a part of Lee, but we each have a story to 
tell. Get to know a few students and teachers you 
might have seen around campus. 


Here's a look at what life is like outside of the 
classroom. With coverage of fashion, decorating, 
relationships and more, this is how we live. 


Check out the Lee Flames and how they fared. 


A brief look at our academic departments and the 

people who dedicate their careers to teach us. 


Did you ever wonder who was sitting next to you in 

class? You'll find your fellow students here. 

214 CLUBS 

Here's where the clubs and organizations show what 

they're all about. Each submitted photos and 

information to have a record of what the year was 







The cover was designed 
by Herff Jones artist 
Matt in Montgomery, 
AL. The photos were 
chosen from 
throughout the book. 


We will miss him, our teacher and friend. Read his 

wife's memoir about her beloved. 


In the wake of the events of 9/11, how did we react? 
Read an alumn's firsthand account of the events as she 
experienced them in our nation's capital. 


Students model popular fashions from preppy to 



On limited budgets, students created living spaces. 


This section explores engagement, dating, siblings, and 
parents. Two Lee women are about to earn their M.R.S. 
degrees. Our panel gives tips on dating. What it's like to 
live with your sister. Many wouldn't be in school 
without them, but their work is behind the scenes: meet 
the parents. 


This is an issue for all students — how to get it, how to 

spend it, and what to spend it on. 


A review of life as a college student in 2002 wouldn't be 
complete without mentioning some of the websites 
where students spent many hours. 

[contents /credits] 



if 1 **?* 

Fine Print: The Vindagua is a student publication of Lee University located 
in Cleveland, Tennessee. Volume 61 was printed by Herff Jones Publishing 
Company in Montgomery, Alabama, with a press run of 3,000 copies. 
Students purchased books as part of school fees for $40. The 256 pages were 
printed on 100 lb. Premier paper and completed using 2 Macintosh G4s and 
2 ancient iMacs, or Mactrash as we liked to call them, and a few of the lab 
computers. They froze repeatedly, espcially on Ashley. Pages were designed 
in PageMaster, a Herff Jones template, using Pagemaker 6.5. Photos were 
scanned on a Microtek scanner by Meredith (uh, can you scan these one 
more time?). Photographers supplied their equipment which consisted of 
whatever they could afford. Geoffrey Bass served as the Herff Jones 
Representative. The cover is a litho base with matte lamination and selected 
French Straight grain. Copy and captions were 8 and 10 point, respectively, 
and we used whatever fonts we felt like (take that, CSPA!) 



Shereen Hall Adams 


Courtney Rose Gutenschwager 


Meredith Cohen 


Rachel Land 


Ashley Soule 


Michaela Rose, Tiffany Gause 


Amanda Hutsell 


Eric Kramer, Jake McCready, Erin 

Boardwine, Michelle Link, 

Sang Han 


Dr. Matthew Melton, Dr. Joel Kailing, 

Dr. Chris Coulter 


Jake McCready 

We're surprised he 
survived the semester — a 
useless arm, a few cracked 
ribs, and an infected tooth 
were all conditions Jake 
braved to get the 
Vindagua photos. See his 
work in the fashion section 
which starts on page 30. 

)or entnusiast ana landscape 
photographer, Eric had to focus his camera on 
people for the Vindagua. As Vindagua's main 
photographer, Eric covered everything from 
events to home decor. See the results in the 
decorating section beginning on page 36. 

Erin Boardwin 

Juggling a part-time j< 

id being 

of school work kept Erin busy. See her photos 
in the Tribute to America section which begins 
on page 26. 






"I think Cliff knew God had given him talents and gifts to impact 
people; I think, though, that he had no idea of how many people he 
actually has impacted worldwide." — Mary Schimmels 

Dr. Schimmels in his 

earlier teaching days at 

Wheaton College. 


My Friend, My Teacher, 
My Husband 

A memoir by Mary Schimmels 

God gave Cliff the ability to make everything that he did look so 
easy! Cliff wanted people to think, "If Cliff can do that, I certainly 
can!" From jogging 26 miles, to teaching a class with 125 students, to 
preaching a three point sermon, to writing 30 books, he really believed 
that anybody could do those things. One of his goals in life was to 
stretch all of us to reach our God-given potential. 

God gave Cliff the ability to observe life and to live life to the full 
extent that it deserved. Every day and every experience was a gift 

from God. He appreciated and found humor and joy in almost every aspect of life. One of the things that I 

loved about him was that he was very good at laughing at himself. 

God had given Cliff the talent and ability to teach and relate to his students in so many ways. After 

his death, when I was going home from the hospital, I discovered that I was grieving not only for me and 

our family, but for the students who had him as a teacher and for those who would never have him as a 

teacher. A former student of Cliff's came to my office. She told me that she missed him so much because 

there were still too many things she needed to learn from him — not only how to be a better teacher, but 

how to be a better wife and mother. He cared 

about every aspect of his students' lives. Almost 

every day I am fortunate to receive letters from 

former students relating stories about their 

relationships with this teacher who knew that 

they would be the world's best teachers and 

who wanted them to have the skills neccessary 

for teaching and for living a successful life. 

Teaching encompassed Cliff's entire 

nature — on the football field, in the classroom, 

on a bleacher seat watching a game, on a bench 

in China or Ukraine, or with one of his four 

beloved grandchildren sitting on his lap. He 

hoped to instill in all of us the fact that the 

beauty and joy of life come only when we know 

the source of knowledge and the Creator of life. 

Photos courtesy of Mary Schimmels 



Pomf. Serue. Low. Game. Kay McDaniel has heard these words plenty of times in 
her life. As a tennis pro, she's heard them at Wimbeldon, the US Open, and the 
French Open. She played on the pro-circuit for six years, averaging 25 tournaments 
per year. Now that her playing days in the pro-circuit are done, those words have 
come to mean something else to Kay. 

Point — With everything she does, she hopes to point others in the direction of 
Jesus and using their talents for Him. Of being used for His glory, she said, ". . .that 
would be such a great thing. . .to be so transparent, that they see Jesus through 

Serve — Kay desires to serve the Lord in any capacity that she can, whether it 
be through a summer tennis camp, writing a devotional book, or witnessing to the 
doctors and nurses that she meets through her battle with Lupus. In her own words, 
she says she is "learning to embrace suffering." She's still looking for total healing, 
but while waiting, she's preaching God's continued love and understanding. 

Love — Kay is a humble woman, making sure that God gets the credit for 
everything in her life. She teaches a free tennis clinic to children ages 6-13. The first 
200 children to sign up learn the game of tennis, get a free t-shirt, and in the process, 
learn about the gospel. 

Game — Kay's game 
has been an intense one. 
One that has includes 
tennis, teaching, coaching, 
Lupus, friends, and family. 
And through all the sets 
she has left to play, she 
knows God is her coach 
and is always there to 
guide her. 

Story and hi/out by Tiffany Gause. 

We use tennis 

as vehicles to 

show them 

CI i list." 

; a 

Jessica Tilley is, quite simply, the personification 

of all those virtues one would hope to find in a 

twenty-first century Christian intellectual. In fact, I 

can think of no one to whom better to entrust the 

future. She has an able and open mind, sensitive spirit, 

ready smile, and heart for others. Whether as a peer leader 

in a Gateway class, President of Kappa Lambda Iota, a guide 

at the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga, or a European traveler, 

she has already impacted the world while at Lee. More importantly, 

however, Jessica has those qualities that will enable her to make a difference 

beyond graduation. I am proud to call Jessica my student, my friend, and my 

Sister in Christ. Stoni bv Dr. Robert Burnett. 

In just two years, Carlo has gone 
from an unknown transfer student to 
one of the most well-known students 
on campus. Carlo Singleton arrived 
at Lee two years ago on a basketball 
scholarship. Carlo has been playing 
ball since before he can remember. 
"My dad tells me stories about 
putting a basketball in my crib," 
Carlo said. He remembers playing 
out in the driveway with his father, 
and he's been playing on a team 
since middle school. Growing up, 
Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson 
were two of his role models. It is just 
this sort of attention to basketball 
that has made Carlo captain of the 
Lee University men's team as well as 
a NAIA All-American player. It is his 
dream to one day soon play 
professional basketball. 

What many students do not know 
about Carlo is that he was married 
on March 15, 2002 to Margaret 
Singleton. Carlo relates that they met 
at his previous college in Florida, 
and since moving to Lee, they 
"worked hard to maintain a healthy, 
long-distance relationship." Now 
they're finally together again. Carlo 
said, "My wife is gorgeous. ..a 
beautiful woman, and I love her with 
all my heart." 

Carlo said that he is not afraid of 
anything because "the circumstances 
around me are just temporary. God is 
taking care of me." He hopes to 
always be an encouragement to 
other people who may be having a 

hard time. Ihi Rachel Land. 





Alan McClung is always around campus, and when 
students need to find him, all they need do is spot the 
mug — coffee mug that is. It has become his signature 
trademark across campus and he is rarely seen without it. 
As the Dean of Students, Mr. McClung comes into 
contact with many students — whether it be those seeking 
redemption from chapel probation, or someone needing 
advice or a coffee fix. It's his job to dole out the demerits 
when they are earned, but that is the least of Alan 
McClung's fame. He's also an administrator, professor of 
Christian Ethics, a counselor, or simply "Uncle Alan." His 
philosophy is to be accessible, available, and ready to 
serve. He can always be found in the Conn Center lobby 
after chapel, and you can come to him without an 

appointment for Counseling. Story by Tiffany Gause and Michaela Rose. 


The young people keep him young. Dr. Sabord Woods said 
his sense of vocation as a professor of literature came 
gradually, but his spiritual call to teach at Lee has never 
changed in over three decades. He's a loner by nature, but not alone. You'll find his 
office door open, and amid the array of papers, he sits, reading into the minds of 
generation after generation of students evolving through literature. He teaches how 
to read poetrv, how to find poetry for writing, but for him, his creative outlet is the 
piano. His vitality is the people, students included, who stop to make contact with 
him; his catharses are songs of worship. Dr. Woods embodies the intangible satisfaction 
that so many collegiate minds hunger for in their professors — the combination of a 
challenge and encouragement, sio,,, hi Micimeia Rose 






They're everywhere on campus — 
whether fixing the lights in the Dixon 
Center or waxing the PCSU mail 
room. But who are these guys and 
what do they do when they're not on 
the clock? 


Monty and Dewayne, both from Florida, say they love it 

here in Tennessee. "I love the mountains and the seasons," said 

Monty. Monty has been employed at Lee for eight years, with 

Dewayne close behind with seven. While both of the men enjoy 

fishing, they vary in other hobbies. Dewayne likes to hunt and 

fish in Clarksville, while Monty loves doing woodwork. He's 

begun remodeling a two story home he bought. He loves 

building things, and already has a china cabinet and shelves on 

the list of accomplishments. These men and the rest of the 

custodial staff take pride in keeping the university clean. And 

they are some of the handiest men around. A man of few words, 

Dewayne said about his job: "I enjoy it." 

Story ami Layout by Tiffany Gausc. 



"Y don't just want to live in China; I want to die in China." The 
words of Katie Harper show her intense desire to live as a medical 
missionary in China. But she is not just a missionary wannabe. Her 
whole life is organized around her goal of going to physician's 
assistant school and later to China. The summer after she 
graduated high school, she lived with and cared for an elderly 
woman. She was completely isolated from the outside world 
because she couldn't leave the woman alone. Yet Katie did it to 
earn money so she could go to China with YWAM. Her roommate, 
Adriane Riso, said, "She goes through sporadic spurts of cleaning 
where she will give away 50% of her clothes just to simplify her 
life." For the spring 2002 semester Katie went to China, teaching 
English and learning Chinese. She said, "Everyday we learned 
between 20 to 30 new words, so I have huge stack of flashcards to 
review. 'ULearning Chinese has been a difficult process Katie began 
many years ago. Though the short-term has been a challenge, Katie 
s^ys, "I was reading in Mark about the stages seeds go through. 
That encouraged me to just seek Him and trust that He sees the big 
picture." By Shereen Adams. 

superlative Fall 2002 15 




You are here and reading. Better: You won't admit to your love for Styx, 
and when you get tired, your eyelashes become dragonfly wings. People try to sum 
themselves up in one heartbreakingly profound sentence, but we are all 
idiosyncratic, and while some of us would rather eat bagels in the morning, some 
prefer toast. Distinctions make us what we are, and what we are is human, and we 
share that with billions of others. The same is true for experiences. Everyone has 
different regrets, everyone is fascinated with the circus at a different age, and 
everyone gets sick, but it all happens. I wish I had taken my grandfather up on his 
offer to take me to the fair; I didn't want to be an acrobat until I was thirteen, and 
my illness happened to be cancer. 

I looked like one of the children on Patch Adams — bald and skinny, except I 
wasn't in a room full of kids, and no one came in dressed like a clown and playing 
with stethoscopes. You can only have so much fun with sterility, and that's if you 
like coloring books and using an I.V. stand as a roller skate. 

People said (and still sometimes say) that, because I survived, God must 
have some huge plan for me. I got a picture in my head of going to a shiny office 
building and taking the elevator to the fifty-third floor, where I would see a box 
almost the size of the desk upon which it had been placed. Inside the box would be 
God's plan — tangible, with glitter and a bow. I am, of course, already inside of it. 
We try to handle the ultimate ourselves, and that's when we begin searching for 
boxes inside buildings instead of living outside and breathing fresh air. My desire 
to not concentrate so hard on what life means is what makes me climb oak trees and 
love yellow and hate loud noises. It is what makes me write. 

One of my closest friends loaned me a book of collected writings and 
drawings from StoryPeople by the artist Brian Andreas. One says, "I spent a long 
time trying to find my center until I looked closely at it one night & found it had 
wheels & moved easily in the slightest breeze, so now I spend less time sitting & 
more time sailing." That same friend, who is one of the truest and most loving 
people I know, reminded me of an important fact and gave me a marvelous piece of 
advice in a recent letter. She wrote, "Everyone's shoes seem strikingly similar in the 
ballroom, all clicking like secretaries' hands on keyboards, all nervous that they will 
have to backspace for corrections rather than move forward in the wonderful 
correspondences of life where misspellings matter little, but content matters fully. 
Dance with abandon and throw your shoes to the side. Bare feet take the turns 
better." We are alive and able to eat apples and play in the rain. Let us not discuss 
endings and destinations but rather talk along the way. — Merinda Simmons 

Another cathedral, another gift shop 

Ancient glass, ancient stone — but no photography 

My spirit chokes 

On the threat of stale holiness 

Shriveled under the self-worshipped sun 

Of vanity, demanding entertainment. 

"It's all meaningless. When can we shop?" 

We clutch our postcards and cry, "Been there!" 

As culture sells herself 

For an attention span barely worth 

20p in a dryer. 

My lungs burn at the top of St. Paul's 

As I try to drink in the sublime 

And choke on shallow attempts at immorality 

Screaming, "I spent five minutes here once..." 

My eyes burn as I try to grasp 

More than my heart can understand. 

"Is that Paris in the distance?" 

I struggle — again — just to live in this moment, 

Without looking through the lens of a tourist. 

Above: Eiffel Tower; Paris, France 

Right: Dachau Concentration Camp; Dachau, Germany 

°hotos by Erin Boardxvinc. Layout by Meredith Cohen. 

God, you are too — well, amazing 

(for lack of a better word from a lazy mind) 

And I feel my thoughts slip away 

Over the Thames. 

What do you really grasp gazing up 

Into the dome of another well-built cathedral? 

The tradition and the silence... 

Maybe understanding will drift over me someday 

When I trade my schedule 

For a moment of tranquility. 


For Those of us Who Exist 

by Damian Smith 

Dreaming that the meaning of life can be found 
somewhere on a pay stub and drifting to sleep 
while the world turns on its side and jolts 
forward into motion 

These people are forgotten and misunderstood 
by those that wear the faces that color the 
histories of the world 

For those of us that knew that there was nothing but a 
paycheck to be found, Kudos to you 

For those who grew up watching Nickelodeon 
and sci-fi programming and believed in real life 
anyway, you wear a mask 

For those of us that read On the Road and could 

not let their feet stand still but knew that it wouldn't 

change the world 

For those of us who heard rap music and did not take up 
arms, and for those of us who grew up in the suburbs and 
realized that they had no identity and did not hang 
themselves for it, or accept a fake one, because it took 
too much energy, and you didn't mind having 
walls with posters of bad pop artists 

For those of us who could not seem to segregate 
themselves and did not think that television 
programming had control over their actions 


For those of us who slept clutching a pillow 
simply out of habit and nothing more 

For those of us who stand back while the rebellions 
take place, not because we don't desire change, 
but because we are awaiting death for it 

For those of us who very well may cause the world 
to turn but do not know it and do not pervert 
its histories with made up stories and circus acts 

For those of us who saw that people of the world 
with grim faces of war were tearing it apart, 
but got married anyway 

Who went to clubs and found it more comforting 
to sit and get drunk on coffee after hours but 
did not think that this would change the world 

For those of us who looked at art and saw just art 
even for those of us who think this is poetry 

The ill-forgotten children of history we will be, 
destined to join the ranks of other naked faces 
that stare into junk-filled notebooks and 
know it's iunk 

left: side view, what remains of a grafittied 
Berlin Wall; Berlin, Germany 
Below: Gulf of Venice; Venice, Italy 
Photos by Erin Boardwine. 

. , 



sfi - W 

If She Should Break It Now 

by Wes Biddy 

To lose you would be to lose all roses. 

This town of crippled idols", 

where twilight's orphans come to retire from beauty 

banishes even your apparition, 

and I, self-indulgent smuggler, am left 

holding the blur, and my poetry 

But what is smudged is not blotted, and I hoard it, 
scrape scraps of color from the long afternoon 
that is your laugh and not night: 
a dream of undulant pink, the horizons flooding— 
Etta James's marble-cast "At Last" panting incarnate, 
uncleft gem of flesh as tense as verbs- 
smile, spell, and fathomless depth of clover-scent. 

To sleep. To dream. 

To dream to hand you my hands 

and their fullness of blur— Aurora Borealis 

in a crystal ball— your apparition and 

my stash of unbanishable: 

this treasure of hope and all roses. 

Walking Bridge; Chattanooga, Tennessee. Photo by Eric Kramer. 


by Robert Waycott 

Even Jesus can't fix blind eyes 
when a girl don't have any. 
And that's just what waited 
in the woods: lotsa 
gnarled and low-hanging trees 
whose every arm ended in 
sharp twisted claws 
spread out like 

spider veins on grandma's legs- 
Daddy said so. Daddy said 

No traipsing into the woods— 

especially when spinning-headed 

hoot owls are out cos 

broomsticks and black hats 

are surely close by. 
(Who says fear doesn't motivate?) 
But Daddy also said to 

Mind Big Brother cos 

big brother's strong and 

brother's safe, 
and what sleepy-head girl 
questions Daddy at 8 
and God o'clock? 

I didn't want to go, I didn't. 
"Blind Beggar" didn't seem to be 
a much sought after job skill, 
though Progressives and 
long-suffering Suffraettes would say 
it's all a cause de 
my environment. 

excuse par excellence 
for all the stupid things girls do 
driven mad by a 
size-conscious society. 
Boys, too. Hansel, 
short, fat, and 

Hansel without hero lust. 
Well endowed with stupidity 
and beaming with bravado 
you led us into the woods. 
No princes— 

neither charming nor sincere- 
awaited me to sweep me 
off my feet. That 
man in the moon 
must have drawn the draperies. 
Sleepy but alert, 

it was I who whispered 'breadcrumbs', 
I who gave you that stick-for-a-finger 
I who pushed 
while you sat bawling. 

Aye, but you told the story. 


tie dis- 
iff pre- 
and to 

x is an 
teria. It 
Id and 
ep, cat- 
ed anp 
es. The 

Human infection can occur in three 
forms: cutaneous (skin), inhalation, 
and gastrointestinal. The symptoms 
anthrax differ depending on how ' 
disease was contracted. So far, o 
cutaneous and inhalation forms ha 
been reported in the US. 

Cutaneous anthrax, such as the c ._ 
contracted by the NBC employee, hap- 

1 til _ 1 .!.„_:„ a **j.^«. *% s«t«t r\r an 



- hfillij. but their willing 

administered promptly. &**.* toWtfj' ,* boarf^-eth,?/ 1 w *s ,r others surviva 
Inhalation a/>$yc is th> «* s (bo^b 9bouf l ?8 a ?£& air- unnoticed. The 

aBa|BH|H | BBH ^ HaMa ^ H ^ HaBBBH l If) p a ' / %/ 7 ^ ne cold trauma o 


S *«ge 

o'ers mt give to the con 
Xf rs W OJ life through a por 

*r USl *£df *' r strength. 
,l as thew !? te r * a * ew trees, pines 
- ? ft «H, A/v^^ 4* totall y altered H 
th' Siri 8 f^4 jni P s of changing 
e PHe £ ° K '■"■*' the uni q ue type tha 

Ms /^itay green through the entirt 

""Fail challenging what maj 

come to alter their life anc 

the growth the 1 * 

The ski 
urlines q 
ees they a 
'1 such as 

"We love 
nd "com 

mourn the ^ reversible 
of their counterparts. The /** 
ring willow with long 't \ 
?ful branches appears to 1 *' 
i down to the ground? 
e it's entire life beean. The > 
der of the tree by the wind/, 
the gray and s\\\triy 
smble and somts 
like tears at th ^ 



, e. tt 5 e >n..7 f g 

s to 


ier trees 

of F 

gh their 

The to 
nse effi 
ving c 
gh the 




p/ '*©■ 

top Lee University 
was proud to honor 
the students that 
serve in the armed 
left Patriotism was ' 
not restricted to any I 
age group as this T 
young girl shows. 
richt The surge in 
patriotism also had 
its economic 
benefits as many 
store owners 
stocked patriotic 
merchandise. I 

■W™" ' 



\Jf *_def ending 

</#have attained. ~They stanc l 

^jsfrong and seem to have beer 

, - *"*d for the harsh condi 

>Ckr > Ck+*+ £%-m9*%*m>±l£i T resilience to adver 

cccii i events 5 them to thnve wher 

ly submit to the expe 
ii nW change. 

Hoffman explained thatersity of the tree line 

?d ^H nS ^ erebein S tar 8 etedirectl y relate <* to the 
y, ^W . Tie . ls no wa Y to in the reactions o 

no way to. 
^r-fltg while 

reactions ol[ 



sday.W-tne musij 
student, very ' 
700 ^Steven's s( 
\ uniquely him 
Utem rock kin 
vo pop songs." 
^ak^ion is Steven 
£ ^h^th album i I 
Afc^^.. Records 

It suspecte 
lie other, 1< 

l^lteTed late in the 
[only be Jetectea 

\ Ruff. 

jomeoitneva 1 - 1 -" ' toatt lt 
toobtainenou^oj^, » 

feist's «A?S»*?i 



Kit' 1 

tf, s 





**» 3Pi^a* 

* «r*sj 

,4/ «*r A 

■Star* 1 
^"">of e 

Brah» N< ** ! 

f fer as fteij 

^ so little ac 
J**^ were at , 

fiadn oexpi ap ., 


a b «"g called 

b V he / S at h Sre m and 

Ever since September 11th, everything 
feels different. Waking up in the 
morning feels different. Walking to work 
feels different. And sleep.... let's just say I 
hope I get some soon. My head is fogged 
with a dark cloud, and everything I do is 
jaded by the sobering fact that less than 2 
miles from where I work, 7,000 people lost 
their lives. 

I mean — how do you ever get back to 
normal? And honestly, I don't want to. The 
counselor at work says these feelings are 
normal. So are the mood swings, the lack of 
concentration, and the disatisfaction with 
work and daily activity. It's incredibly 
difficult to kick up and move on when 
countless lives have been torn apart. This 
evil ravaged not only the landmarks of my 
city, but the lives of my neighbors, and all of 
our minds. 

Am I being overly dramatic? Sure. Do I 
have a right? Definitely. Wearing this 
humanity and the emotions that it sweeps 
under its frail cloak neither denies my 
spirituality or blasphemes it. I trust God and 
His sovereignty, and He is great enough to 
handle my questions, my ravings, and my 

I've gone ove„r that day in my mind a 
million times — every step. I arrived in the 
city at 6:30 a.m., going to the gym, then 
walking into my office at 48th and 6th 
Avenue at Rockefeller Center. I put down 
my bags and got my bagel at Bagelfeller 
across the street. That was about 9:00 a.m. 
How many people had needlessly lost their . 
lives at that point? When I sat 'down at my 
computer, how many had already jumped 
to their deaths to escape the fires? 

I'm being morbid, I know, but 90 percent 
of Americans have the same questions going 
through their minds, "Where was I when .... 
when it all changed?" 

I began hearing the murmuring in the 
office. "A plane just crashed into the World 
Trade Center?" What??? 

Then minutes later, "Another plane 
crashed into the second World Trade Center." 
Then the ugliness of it all began to take shape. 
I immediately called home. 

****■» i.ivw xuin vuiiuue< 

cS,Red S r^ W - ththeAmeri - second World Trade Ce* 
can Ked Cross in response to tower Then h» ♦Li^j" 1 

the nanona! tragedy ofseptem- peo^ w ho"^ lof st * 

were r*&i 
?es of the la#. 

heir loved .ists cho 
sharing obablylit 

Messagand its nigVi 
ers whcyness, or at 
>ing t.ainage anthrax 
h tr.y reattires sophis 

wiW wtiy we have 

r Mverv a£*he fc 

The panic snowballed like an avalanche. 
Terrorism? Here? America? Uh... no, can't 
be. A plane down in D.C.?? Oh, where is 
my dad? I called home. He's okay. He's on 
his way to Philidelphia. I stayed on the 
phone with my mom, until I heard someone 
scream, "The Towers are going down." I 
hung up. I thought I was going to pass out. 

A plane down in Pennsylvania. My dad 
was in Pennsylvania. Suddenly everything 
got fuzzy. I sat down, tried to breathe and 
went hysterical. My friend said, "He's fine. 
Your dad's fine." Her voice was shaking as 
she held my hand. "You're coming with me. 
We're leaving in two minutes." And we left 
to walk the 40 blocks to her apartment on 
the upper east side. 

As we step outside, it's eerily quiet. Too 
quiet. Our cell phones weren't working, but 
all of us kept dialing them every two minutes 
anyway. Everyone is calm. Too calm. We 
start trekking on 5th avenue. Something 
makes me turn around and the entire horizon 
is black smoke. So billowy and so dark, it 
looks like it's coming up after us. I walk the 
next 30 blocks without turning around. 

I made it home that night after numerous 
bomb scares at Grand Central where I 
commute. My building had been evacuated. 
But I was unscathed. I didn't care; but I 
thanked God. And my father was unscathed. 
I had blisters on my feet; my mind was 
wrenching at the torment of it all, and I woke 
up dreaming that we were getting attacked 
by machine guns. But that was the extent of 
my suffering when thousands of innocent 
lives were snuffed out. 

I'm proud of my city, proud of our mayor 
and our governor, proud of our policeman 
and fireman. Like our President said, the 
world hears us. They have to, because 
collectively we are screaming. At the top of 
my lungs all day long my heart screams for 
justice. Godly justice. And then when the 
screaming dies down, my mind is 
whispering, "I just need peace." 

Story By Sara Lamagna, Lee alumni, appears 
courtesy of the Lee Collegian 



, c °^< 

*Qr. y the 7 





Tue, _ 
m ornin 

a t*ei an°J * 8**t chdkZ^ 



y bther 
Was all 

fight 1 






t^V^ L\ a? e* 

— v. A ,vn xuiiv vuiuiuei; 

^eV * „o^ e ' t tVveW \f* ^ ei vC^.^ *« can Red Cross in response to 

*>V" can Red Cross in response to tower. Then, he talked - 

VL Ad 

second World Trade Ce^ 
. ,^d 
?le_who had lost sor 

.1 -^ es 

s ty/ 

Co ^s/] 

r P> 

V$T- ^ l was sitts% \u*rn© < 
' W as the^A^^TT 

oex Pianation.Kr ol 



e 9»'an 

V °f /n/7^ *?* Se < 

>ny Lee srilrf erjca 
*>'* hom e e S mS * h ° 

Uden 's hearin ready J" 8 ' C1JC aHS atld hr 


of 7/ •' * Tte r 

1 re ceived ' 
2J 'ha? 
m ^ father 
Was a// 

'«** fount 

il v 

es of the laif- 
heir loved rists cho 
sharing obably lie; 
Messagarid Us nigh 
rs whcyness, or om| 
? tg t;ah\age anthrax, 
thy reauiftSB sophis 
• r % Wll 



Jy why we havt 






itisl^sm n 
iWtf^o t 

W ■ 





■Jl ( * 

>w where if 
uncle Wer 2 re "er .. 

Xo ™ that tl 





le dis- 

and to 

x is an 
eria. It 
Id and 
ip, cat* 
ed ani- 
es. the 

fat Mid. 

1 such as: 




1 such as: 
"We love to fly and it shows", 

mourn t 
of their co 
»ing willo, 
iful branch 
i down ti 
e it's entire 
der of the t 
JS the gr; 
s to trem 

shed lik 
er trees ac 

of Fall 
gh their trt 
The towe 
nse effort 
ving creat 
?h the fm 


idents d 
) fulfill 

for the 
jng relig: 
'rural e^ 

I & 

! i 

* » « « « * 
« * « * « * 




fcrj % 










Du st *rred 


<iSfli55 , y , * ? 

>**«fe£ - ■ <% 

rwa^et ; 

*}* three 





t^irus and site 

fc X •*•*— „ d he ^es the 


tt fatal 

____'« pub- 
to pop songs. ' .ient aeau© «* -r^. ^a two 
>^*4*tf& * Steven ^^eoinpanremp^^ ^r 
S? ^Hc^th album ^ Wtkers. °ne to^cda^ 
fe^W . ^Records la ^ e Wflu4ike symptoms occui 
fctS^^W.'w*** is wftverebreathmgptobl«ns^ 

:eived 44 Dov^ |tt & a s ^^ 
g . -jbeingaT-tim^^ IIM^jg »g 

(MS g22 i 

above The public display of the American flag became more common in 

Cleveland after September 11. 

top Lee student Ally Nichols proudly sports her love for the city of New 


left Walter Presswood of Vintage Antiques hangs a flag outside his store. 

opposite Jonathan Rainey raises the flag above Butler Athletic field. 



Why are ""^"u'lies in "its esse w 

Thean S ««P'f* , J i r,U bffity.** 
production » d 'VllmicJb *> ft* 
I, tot, t *^J£J£j£**m » 

i at Bio 



iccinate tl 

id that i 

mmmmmmm J^ neces 

wtthotit i iMWtn IJE. 

r --^ 




4 ' it 

■ --—4 

^ » 








t « 

•.*■ f 



HVaiiA • •- - 

■EL » % -^- 1 1 

Biiiiiw'" w ' isP** ■'» ' Hr • ■-" jfcP j@k Jul 

p* ^1 



H# v 


fci^' f «+ 

















K \ Iffl 

models Stephanie Illis, Cameron Dantley, Rachel Land, 
Matt KNpfrs,^ Kortan, Brett Klauss, Drew Gregory 
Daniel Browder, Royce Atchley, James Cottrell 
thotographs Jake McCready, Eric Kramer, Michele Link 
layout Shereen Adams, Courtney Rose Gutenschwager 
Meredith Cohen 




Often called "flippies" by college students, 
flipflops quickly became all the rage 
on campus. Available in a wide 
variety of colors and styles, 
flippies provided 
convenience and simple 
comfort at minimal 
expense to the owner. 



Everyone was hoping the fashion 
revival fv would stop at the 
with those 
beloved flared 

hipster jeans. 
However, with trends like 
aviator glasses, it looked like the 
80s just might happen again! 

We're a generation that doesn't 
know what it's like to not 
carry a bookbag. While 
Jansports were still 
common, students found 
bookbag options made 
I of material other than 


They keep the sun 

out of your face 

and keep your head cool at 

the same time. Visors could be 

found in almost as many varities 

as baseball caps. 



Could a record of 
fads and fashions at 
Lee be completed 
without mention of this 
accessory? As always, the 
popularity of the 
engagement ring has 
raised eyebrows across 



A healthy alternative to the school cafeteria meal 
plan was this low maintenance, dorm- 
friendly mini grill. A frozen food 
item instantly became a 
delicious cooked cuisine in a 
matter of minutes. 

These stylish buckles not only provided a bit of a modern cowboy 
or cowgirl flair to any common pair of jeans, but they also 
doubled as a paperweight, doorstop, or a plate for leftovers at 
lunch. Metallic or studded, honky-tonk or imitation 
Hollywood, one was always sure to make an impression 
with this highly visible accessory. 


m The most popular form of communication while 
on the run, cell phones virtually acquired their 
own identity with the continual development of 
cover designs. With "faces" raging from 
&~ y cartoons to zebra print, the options allowed 
' \ the phone a personality as unique as the 
individual that owned it. 




Lifestyles of the poor and creative. 
Photographs by Eric Kramer 

Layout by Courtney Rose Gutenschwager 


top right A collection of candles 
of different sizes and shapes 
adds visual interest to this 
corner shelf. Candles were a 
popular decoration in student 
homes, both on and off campus. 
They were trendy and 

left This dining room table and 
chair are examples of the most 
important decorating tip — 
color coordination. The table 
and chairs were bought for $50 
at the Salvation Army and were 
repainted and upholstered bv 
Paul Kany. 

opposite This wall collage of 
street signs and license plates is 
another example of innovative 
college decorating methods. 


[college decor] 

opposite A Martha Stewart shower 
curtain and matching towels add 
brightness to an otherwise plain 

far left Bathroom accessories such as 
these can be bought in coordinated sets. 
left The blue ribbons on the two left 
candles are accented by the blue candle. 
bottom When attempting successful 
bedroom decor one must remember that 
a stylish comforter and matching 
pillowcases are a must! 

I ccwvt do- without... 

"My 3 -d wvr& globes 
that ha/ntyy o-w vwy 


"A wbghtbta/wd/ vwy 
friend/ made/ vw&that 
ha/y a/ oothcvc^e/ of 
Sa^drcx/ButLochotvit. " 



After singing 

Katie Espamer a 

song he wrote 

for her, Nathan 

Horst asks her to 

marry him. 


(/mi mawu me? 


stories are too many to count. A boy meets a girl and falls in love 
her. The boy gets down on one knee and asks the girl to marry 
him. She says yes, and the boy and girl live happily ever after. Then 
again, maybe happily ever after is an over statement. However, in the 
words of Katherine Hepburn, "Love has nothing to do with what you 
are expecting to get, only with what you are expecting to give. ..." 

The couples profiled on the following pages are representative 
of many who have found a lifelong companion during their time at 
Lee University. Every story started with a simple smile, a shared joke, 
or maybe just a brief conversation in a class. One initial encounter 
took place and gave way to the creation of a story as unique as the 

individuals involved. Layout and copy by Meredith Cohen. 

frotu efdal&na (cit/i me, //te 6eo( (6 t/e/ to 6e. ~ &\o6eii &$mamlm 





"Everyone laughs when we say we 
got engaged on September 11th," 
Michael Kirby said, grinning at fiance 
Kelli Underwood. But Kelli ensured, 
"We did it before all the terrorist acts 

The couple agreed they have a 
knack for picking dates. They started 
dating on April Fool's Day and got 
engaged on the day that many others 
will not remember as joyful. Of their 
first meeting, Kelli said, "I fell in his 

lap in chapel. I was trying to get by him and he wouldn't let me pass." Mike 
and Kelli got to know each other a little better during the semester: Kelli got 
tapped as a little sister for Theta the same day she fell into Mike's lap. 

"Everyone has an ideal of what the person they want to marry will be 
like. Kelli is more than that, more than I could imagine," Mike said. "Michael 
is my best friend, my confidant; I tell him everything," Kelli said. "He used 
to tell me that he was serious enough for the both of us, and I was goofy 
enough for the both of us. But now we are evening out." 

Mike recalled the morning that he proposed to Kelli. "I bought Big Lots 
out of tea light candles — 210 of them. I got up at four a.m. and my roommates 
helped me place the candles all around the room and light them. I had to 
cover the windows becuase the room was so bright. I called Kelli and told 
her I wasn't feeling well and that I needed her to come over." 

Kelli continued the story. "I put a piece of gum in my mouth and ran 
out the door. I was expecting to get there and find him really sick. 
I didn't know what was going on when I walked in the door. I 
was shaking." 

Kelli didn't find Mike sick but rather charging around the 

corner into the room to meet her with an open ring box in 

hand. "I was so shocked 1 couldn't form any words," Kelli 

said. Michael asked Kelli to marry him. "All I could say," 

Kelli said, "was uh-huh ." 

Photos bu Eric Kramer. I miaul ami Story by Meredith Cohen. 






"We met at Alabama Church of God youth camp when we were 8 years 
old," Nikki Stokely began. "Our first date," Erin Quinley added, "was 
the Junior Homecoming dance." 

They have known for a long time they were going to get married. 
"We have always been really good friends. But one day when we were 
sixteen, I saw something different," Nikki said. 

"We talked about marriage and how long we would have to wait. I 
went to Trinidad on a study trip over Christmas break. Erin and my 
dad came to pick me up from the airport. Erin said he wanted to do 
something special for me. He was learning to play guitar and wanted 
to play a song for me," Nikki explained. Nikki and Erin spent the 
evening at his parents' riverhouse, a place that holds many memories 
for the couple. He played her two favorite praise and worship songs, 
and they prayed together. 

"Erin and I have this special little thing we do," Nikki said. "Erin 
will bite a peppermint in half and I kiss him to get the peppermint." As 
they headed out to the deck, Erin stopped Nikki to give her a 
peppermint; only this time, Nikki got her engagement ring. Erin got 
down on one knee and asked Nikki to marry him. "I was crying so 
loud I couldn't hear him ask me. I had to have him ask me again," 
Nikki said. 

The two confessed they are opposites. "He is whimsical, romantic, 
and tender-hearted," Nikki said of fiance Erin, "And she is very 
disciplined and dedicated to her work," Erin said. "We will 
complement each other well." 

/ore. . . 


v© blA^ (JL6 bbS How to avoid a dating faux pas 

Do not order her food for her. They 
hate that. 

— Johnny Moore 

He should be polite and pay for 
whatever you do. 

— Cindy Costa 

lifter the Js>te 

The guy should be disciplined 
enough not to pressure the girl into 

— Clark Campbell 

Mov>® &f double? 

I think that as college students we 
are mature enough to go on a date 
alone; but there is nothing wrong 
with double dating. 

— Clark Campbell 

The girl should be herself and 
make sure she unlocks the door 
for the guy when he opens the car 
door for her. 

— Johnny Moore 

The girl can meet him at his place, 
or he can pick her up; but the guy 
should always drive. 

— Cindy Costa 

What to do 6 ? 

"Having fun and good conversation 

makes a date. It's not so much 

what you do as who you are with. 
— Cindy Costa 
The girl should be appreciative of 
what her date does and not criticize No matter what anvone tells vou 

imu inaiici vvnai aiiyuuc iciis yuu, LEFT Nick Yeomens and Suzette Aviles 

his ideas or plans. be yourself, be true to him, be real right two students enjoy dinner together 

— Cindy Costa to you. 

&e pmd " Evy Marie Santiago 

Tile IDA?lMl©D 
Don't be too smooth. 

— Johnny Moore 


"I guess we're your typical sisters: blood-related, 

grewf up in the same house. But we have more of a 

bond than most sisters I know," Senior Rachel Land 

told Vindagua. Jessica, 23, is Rachel and Bridget's 

oldest sister. "But," says Rachel, "she is mentally 

handicapped and has the mental ability of a five year 

old. My mom has always called 

me her oldest middle child." As a 

result, Bridget and Rachel agreed, 

they were best friends growing 

up. "We were best friends until 

Rachel got to sixth grade," 

Sophomore Bridget Land said. "I 

felt I was too cool to hang out 

with my little sister once I got to 


Going to school often means 
leaving family behind. But for 
Rachel and Bridget Land, college 
was an opportunity to spend these 
years of transition together. 

Story by Meredith Cohen. Photos courtesy of the Land sisters. 

middle school," Rachel explained. "Bridget 
was the angel while I was getting in trouble 
because she watched and learned from my 
mistakes." But Rachel admits she learned a lot 
from Bridget, too. "She is one of the most 
merciful people I know. I have learned a lot from her 
about how to be a Christian, and how to be a kind, 
loving person." "I never thought we'd be able to [live 
together] because we used to fight about stupid 
things when we were younger, but it's fun, "said 
Bridget. "And," concluded Rachel, "now she's my 
roommate; its great. I am still the 
oldest middle child and she is still 
the baby, and we are close." Rachel 
graduates in May. "I came to Lee 
because I wanted to be with her," 
Bridget concluded, "I'll be really sad 
without her next year." 

Bridget (left) and 
Rachel Land cook 
dinner together. 



(ffi> PARENTS 

Inevitably, a parent and child relationship must 
undergo transition during the college years. Many 
students can testify that while cutting the umbilical 
cord is often a messy and painful process, 
separation is necessary. To gain a clear perspective 
on the changes that occur in this relationship, 
Vindagua editors consulted Dr. Carolyn Dirksen 
and Dr. Matthew Melton, both parents themselves, 
on the matter. 

Concerning degrees of parental involvement, 
Dr. Dirksen said, "The time for parents' 
intervention about every aspect of life from toilet 
paper in the dorms to textbooks in the classroom 
is past. Students at this level have to learn to 
confront, negotiate, claim responsibility, and 

f Courtesy of Merind^fcii 

compromise. They will never learn these 
essential life skills if their parents continue to 
intervene." In the words of Dr. Dirksen, her 
own mother "would have grown long hair, 
painted peace signs on her cheeks, and jumped 
in the first Volkswagon van with me if I had 
chosen that life." 

When the time comes to leave home, how 
people handle the transitions in relation to 
their parents is an individual process. Dr. 
Melton stated that, ". . .the biggest thing for 
students to remember is just how much their 
parents do love them and how much personal 
investment their parents have made into their 

The college years don't last long, and 
eventually independence comes to all who 
seek it. Keep in mind, whether parents are a 
help or a frustration, they're the only ones 

yOU Ve got. Layout and copy by Courtney Rose Gutenschwager. 

'Human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow their children to come back home." 

— Bill Cosby 


.they sacrifice to help me with my education. I think that is cool." 

— Daniel Brozvder 


Above: The parental 
/ pride of Rachel Weilfaert's 
parents, Marcia and Douglas, is 
evident as they celebrate her 
accomplished academic career. 
Opposite: Michelle Connatser poses 
with her mother Becky, her sister Suzy, 
her brother Michael, and her father Mike 
outside an airplane in Maryville, TN. 
Opposite Bottom : Art Professor John 
Simmons embraces his daughter 
Merinda on the Southern Belle 
^H Dinner Cruise boat. 


Thf Grffn Atitff 



earned a 

living by 

working as 

servers, so 

tips were 



Here are 




Money is an issue for all students — how to get it, how to spend it, 
and what to spend it on. These two pages explore the topic of 

money. Copy by Megan Saez, Meredith Cohen. & Shereen Adams. Photos by Eric Kramer & Shereen Adams. 

service, please _J 

•■" r -gm 

WHO: Anytime ,; 
you eat at a 
restaurant that has a 
server, you should 
tip that person. 
should tip according 
to the service 
received. Average is 
15% for accceptable 

if you get horrible 
service? Unless the 

"'.':.— «•" server is 
outright rude, he or 
she still deserves to be 
tipped for the services 
performed. If the 
service is so poor you 
consider not leaving a 
tip, it's time to talk to 
a manager. But never 
just leave without 
tipping or letting a 
manager know what's 
going on. 

Great Value 

Trips to "Wally World" were the dread of students who didn't look forward 
to parting with their precious money. It's different when you're spending 
your own money. The reality of economics made students value 
shoppers. Many products were available in generic versions such as Bi- 

Lo and Great Value. While students 
may not have been familiar with the 
advantages of buying generic 
products when living with the 
parents at home, certainly picking 
up the Wal-Mart Great Value 
products became second nature 
after the first month in college. On 
the average, prices can differ between generic and brand products at 
least a few cents, if not more. In the long run, the food is still the same, 
and who would argue against having a little more cash in the pocket? 








■ ««H«in*MOWMNi. 

■ df NIONVUiE, AR 72716 OI999 


Grape Nuts Crunchy Nuggets 
These have the same ingredients, but the Great 
Value version on the right is 40 cents cheaper. 

Hard At Work 

Check out how these two 
students get the job done. 




* A 

i M 

sa ^B 

Jr y s A 


F 1 ^^ 

Name: Danielle Vick 

Job: Server 

Where: Cracker Barrel 

How Long: 2 years 

Perks: "The managers have been 

flexible with my schedule." 

Pains: "I'm constantly on the go all 

night. I don't get a minute to rest. It can 

be really tiring after a day of classes." 



^H 1 % * 


m 1 .^fl 



Name: Robert Briggs 

Job: Climbing Instructor 

Where: Extreme Outdoors 

How Long: 9 months 

Perks: "I get paid for having fun. I 

climb anytime, even in the middle of 

the night." 

Pains: "Hanging by my crotch all day 

long can be uncomfortable." 

charge iU 

In the quest for independence, many students are enticed 

into debt. It is easy to succumb to the temptation to 

charge purchases. Susannah Custer admits, "Over 

Christmas break I knew I was going to be working 40 

hour weeks so I went ahead and bought gifts on my 

credit card and later paid them off when I got my checks." 

The ease of handing over the plastic can make you forget that the bill still 

has to be payed with someone's hard earned dollars. In addition to credit card debt, 

there has also been an increase in student loan debt. Statistics say that students 

often defer and consolidate their loans, which equalled $36.9 million in the year 

2001 . But for those who become slaves to Stafford, nothing can compare to a priceless 


J 11 WUf, mUl& 14A£<1 

Textbooks are a necessary hole in one's wallet. Rather than 

paying full rip-off (I mean, retail) price, students found other 

options such as buying books used from Odyssey, or 

searching through the shelves at McKay's. For Shereen 

\ Adams the trip to Chattanooga was well worth it. "I found 

my $60 mass media book at McKay's for 75 cents." 

'I need to be more disciplined with my money, just like every other college 
student. I know how I should be spending it — wisely — yet I still let 
myself and my parents down." — Clark Campbell 


ream KUa^r vs. 

leather seats 

sun roof 

new car smell 

custom stereo 

325 horsepower 

climate control 

navigation system 


grease-stained seats 

hole in the roof 

mystery smell 

custom made antennae 

no power 

window — up or down? 

your dad 

Vroom! Vroom! 

Having a set of wheels means freedom, 

especially in a town like Cleveland. But ( 

most students won't settle for any car. 

Cars are an extension of a person's 

individuality. Ways we recommend individulizing 

your car: give it a name, hang a souvenir from your rearview mirror, 

show off your rack (bike rack, that is). What to skip: neon lights, 

ground-shaking music, duct tape, and those airbrushed license plates. 

Does your 
ride look 
like this? 


fof)©X for NE.©De@ LEEO.ecfu 

LEEO Kotos 



Qr<§<§tlDg G$fd$ Lifestyles 




VS>[ (^) (9V9 bvj 



Subject: What are popular websites for Lee University students? 

Go >gk 

Research This 

Who needs to go to the library 
anymore? With search engines such as 
Google and Yahoo!, going to the 
library was so passe. 

The Bargain Bin 

From music memorablia, to electronics, to jewelry and 
antique furniture, countless items could be bought and 
sold in this online marketplace. Students could find a 
great deal or make a quick buck by participating in the 
online shopping trend at ebay. Students also frequented for huge savings on items from books to 
movies and music. 





Probably the epitomy of popular and practical for a 
college student, literature assistance websites were 
bookmarked in many students' personal computers. 
These commodities were a perfect complement to any 
reading assignment for literature or humanties. 






Se^ch the W<§& 

Popular websites 

"You've got mail! 


Students almost couldn't do without these internet commodities. 
E-mail and instant messenger from web gurus like AOL, MSN, 
Hotmail, and Yahoo! were a must-have to keep in touch with 
friends, families, and even professors. 

MP3's Please 

When Napster as we 

knew it shut down, 

students had to search 

the net for alternative 

sites to download 

popular music. Nothing 

beat the price of FREE! 

Such alternatives 

included LimeWire and 










Who needed $3.95 cards when a heartfelt message could be sent 
without leaving home? Sites such as Blue Mountain and e- 
greetings offered free postcards, animated cartoons, and radio 
ballad greetings for all occasions. Cards were personalized with a 
message from the sender to someone special. 


This site speaks for itself. 

"When you have nothing better to do" 

bored, com 

Layout by Meredith Cohen and Courtney Rose Gutenschivager 




Parade of Favorites, Chapel Concerts, Dorm Wars: 
the events we remember from our college years 

seldom have anything to do with the classroom 

hile it is true that most students came to 
Lee to get an education, having fun was an 
important ingredient in life if one wanted 
to retain sanity during the semester. Studies proved 
several benefits to attending school sponsored 
events during the course of the year. Attending 
Parade of Favorites gave students the chance to see 
"Charlie's Angels" up close and personal. Dorm 
Wars brought out the secret militia groups that were 
around campus. Concerts with groups such as 
Passion kept students in touch with the outside 
world, and Homecoming weekend allowed both 
alumni and the current student body to sociaize 
together. The following pages offer a closer glimpse 
into a few of those memorable events. 


•^v ™ 

4^ *QM 


* • ^| 


4 } 

gffi^ "^*#S ' ^^Ml 


above During a Life 

at Lee sketch, Steve 

Henson and fellow 

cheerleader hope to 

cheer the Flames to 


right A prospective 

Lee student does 

chalk art on Lee Day 





Eri< Kramm 







-JL JL L. 

"I've attended Summer Honors twice, and it's a lot of fun. Of 
all the tilings that we do, though, I think that the best thing 
about Summer Honors is the friends that you make, because 
they are the people that you are actually going to go to college 
with. " — Freshman, Josh Teague 

1 1 ^jr"*';. 


left Summer 
Honors Counselors 
pose together at 
70's costume party. 

Two Weeks of Wow 

For the first two weeks of July, our campus 
was invaded by 100 rising high school 
seniors and college freshmen. These two 
weeks, also known as Summer Honors, were 
designed to give these teenagers their first 
real-life college experience. They took real 
college classes to earn a total of six credit 
hours and participated in a variety of 
activities that kept their social lives busy. 
These activities included a Braves game, 
white water rafting, a river boat cruise, and 
the "Greek Olympics." The Summer Honors 
staff, which consisted of Kim Brooks, Jerome 
Hammond, and several counselors, took 
these students under their wing, showing 
them "Two Weeks of Wow!" 

above Go team! Team PHAT 

performs their group cheer 

at the Greek Olympics. 



below A Freshman 
demonstrates her 
determination to 
succeed in team 


J.*>^*+ < 

Freshmen said... 

When asked what their favorite thing about Lee was, all of the freshmen responded 
with "the friendships." Most freshmen spent three to four hours studying each 
week, except for Melissa Elser who spent eight to ten hours studying while she 
worked at the rec center. The majority of freshmen spent their money on social 
activities, such as going out to eat and seeing movies. Jon Souders, however, spent 
most of his money on his girlfriend. According to Bob Fisher, the most important 

lesson he learned 
this year was to 
"choose your friends 
wisely." The biggest 
concerns and fears 
about next year 
ranged from 
transportation to 
class schedules. 
Stephanie Todd's 
biggest concern was 
"balancing school 
and softball, because 
I'm taking Greek." 

top Freshmen Jon Souders and Stephanie Todd ponder answers to interview questions 
together in the Davis-Sharp lobby. 

bottom A Hughes Hall freshman enjoys the first warm day of spring with this makeshift 
waterslide in the grass next to the dorm. 


Seniors said... 

We asked seniors the same questions that the freshmen responded to, but their 
answers were quite different. Although the seniors agreed that friendships were 
important to them, that was not the response we received when we asked them 
what their favorite thing about Lee is. Jay Massanotti said his favorite thing is 
"Upsilon — It's all about the hickory." Generally, Seniors spent around ten hours 
each week studying. Seniors spent the majority of their money on bills and rent. 
What's left over went towards social lives. For Paul Kerby, the most important 
thing he's learned this year is to "be better to the ones you love." While Seniors 
prepared to meet the real world, they faced many obstacles. For Chenise Gregory, 

her biggest concern was 
where she is going to live. 
"I've already gotten a job 
teaching high school in 
Brooklyn next year." 

left Studying Spanish on 
the Ped Mall, Jennifer 
Hinkle enjoys one of her last 
days as a Lee University 

below As the President of 
Lambda Pi Eta, the 
Communication Honor 
Society, Aimee Norton 
performs one of her last 
duties by lighting the 
candles of the new 




below At the end of the year English 
and Modern Foreign Languages 
Luncheon, Merinda Simmons chats 
with fellow honors students and 
professors. But she's really smiling 
because she's thinking of Alabama! 

right Stand partners 

Shereen Adams and 

Micah Morken pose 

for one last photo 

opportunity in 

concert black. 


G.R.E.s, L.S.A.Ts, & M.C.A.Ts oh my! 

left We really could use this 
stuff outside of class? Senior 
Physics student, Joel Hullet, 
gave an intriguing poster 
session on the application of 
fundamental physics to the act 
of vomiting. 




1 Wk ^m 




..„ ' ■- 


[chapel and convocation] 

When James Edward Harper, Jr. 
came into the position of campus 
pastor in the fall of 2001, he said his 
goal was to make chapel as relevant 
and appropriate to as many 
students as possible. He certainly 
did this as well as so much more for 
the community at Lee. For the 
benefits of those who have not had 
the chance to meet this man, the 
following paragraphs are an in- 
depth look at the man behind the 

QUESTION: Where did you get 
your undergraduate degree? 
ANSWER: I went to Lee College- 
I'm an old school boy! My major 
was intercultural studies. 
QUESTION: What activities were 
you involved in at Lee? 
ANSWER: Pioneers for Christ, Lee 
Singers, the Ministerial Association, 
Alpha Gamma Chi, and various 
intramural sports. 
QUESTION: What path did your 
education take after Lee? 
ANSWER: I went to the Church of 
God Seminary located behind Lee 
for my Masters of Divinity, and I just 
finished my Ph.D. work. 
QUESTION: What did your Ph.D. 
work focus on? 

ANSWER: The "Significance of 
Church for the Youth Culture of the 
New Millennium." 
QUESTION: Do you have a family? 
ANSWER: Yes. My wife's name is 
Jacqueline, and we have two 
children. Jessica is 9 and James is 11. 
QUESTION: Did you always want 
to be a pastor? 

ANSWER: No! I wanted to play 
professional baseball. I even told 
God I did not want to be a Pastor. 
But then I was not happy doing 
anything else. The love of my life 
grew old. 

QUESTION: What is one of your 
favorite scripture verses? 
ANSWER: Proverbs 3: 5 and 6. 
Trust in the Lord with all thine 
heart; and lean not unto thine own 
understanding. In all thy ways 
acknowledge Him, and He shall 
direct thy paths. 


By Courtney Rose Gutenschwager 


S^^^^\ ecause cofleae is such a stressful time in 


w ^^^^ a student's life, setting aside time to 
^^^m^ cuCtivate spiritual growth can be a 
monumental challenge. Weedlx/ chapel services offered 
opportunities for students to pause and reflect on their faith 
amid chaotic schedules. 'In addition, with 'Mark 'Rutland 
speakinc] in the 'Tali convocation and Stan Mitcheff in the 
Sprint], students were able to relax from academic 
obligations and concentrate on the powerful spiritual 
challenges offered by the teachings. 

right The chape! sound workers Brandon, Chael Tiller, Luke Basdeo, and Jonathan Cape check their 

equiptment prior to the start of a Spring Convocation service. 

bottom left With conviction and sincerity Pastor Stan Mitchell brings a message to the students 

attending Spring Convocation. 

bottom right Worship leaders Todd Wyatt, Noelle Mathis, and Rvan Fox minister through song at the 

popular Wednesday night Alternative Square Chapel. 



Eric Kramer] 



[chapel and 




#' ; 








moment of wot 
a student raises 
hands during a 
chapel sen ice. 



A Global Perspective 

The Cross Cultural Experience... 


Alps spn 
before C< 

When the cross cultural experience was 
added to the core / a new world of opportunities 
was opened. This required component, 
championed by Carolyn and Murl Dirksen, 
gave students opportunities to participate in 
twenty-three different international trips or 
multiple domestic trips. In an interview with 
Dr. Richard Jones, the overseer of the cross- 
cultural experience program, he explained the 
background and purpose of having the 
program. According to Dr. Jones, the main goal 
of the international experience was to broaden 
the education of students. He said the program 
"encourages students to interact with people 
that are different from themselves. Through this 
significant interaction, the students learn to 
appreciate differences. You cannot be educated 
if you do not understand the world in which 
you live." 

left A beach hi Tobago is the perfect place 
to relax for Shereen Adams, participant in 
the Trinidad and Tobago trip. 

TOM Riding in the back of a pickup 
jck near Sabalito, Costa Rica, Joshua 
Bell, Patrick McCIenahen, Dr. West, Lacey 
Loudefrnitkj Jennifer Davis, and April 
Ford make their way to the Wilson 
Botanical Gardens. 





— _ 

Some of the obstacles Dr. Jones and the 
Dirksens faced when starting the cross cull 
experience included getting information out to 
the students and having them understand the 
requirements as well as the importance of the 
program. Future plans for trips include making 
a "more global connection" by developing 
opportunities to travel to Africa, the Islands of 
the Pacific, and Australia. The most popular 
trips were the England, Ireland, and Scotland 
tour, and the semester in Cambridge. 

A Junior Business Administrative major, 
Katrina Mahoney, was one of the 24 students 
that went on the Cambridge trip this summer. 
When asked about one particular memory that 
will always remain etched in her mind, Katrina 
replied, "That would be playing the trust game 
with the wind on the top of the Cliffs of Moher. 
The wind was too strong to walk, so we had to 
lock arms and trudge to the top." 

The Cambridge students visited an exhaustive 
number of renown cities and sites throughout 
the United Kingdom including York, London, 
The Lakes District, Bath, Oxford, Edinburgh, 
Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. During the two 
weeks of independent travel, Katrina and a 
small group of students visited Munich and 
Dachau, Germany; Salzburg, Austria; Venice and 
Rome, Italy; and in France the beaches of 
Normandy, as well as Nice, Monaco, Bayeux, 
and Paris. 

" Anyone I talked to who had gone to 
Cambridge in the past said it was the best 
experience of their life, and if I did not do 
anything else at Lee, I should go on the 
Cambridge trip," Katrina said. The experience 
indeed proved to be life-changing for Katrina. "I 
had to adjust to living in other ways than 
Americans do. I was 4,000 miles away from my 
family with a group of people that I did not start 
out knowing, not having anything comfortable 
because everything was different from 
America," Katrina said. " I had to trust God to 
work out relationships and money situations 
and to keep me safe in a foreign land. You are 
out of your comfort zone totally. No comfort 
zone equals dependence on God. 

[study trips] 

At the Palace of 
Versailles, outside of 
Paris, France, 
Amanda Hutsell and ; 
Caron Francis pose 
for a picture in front 
of the orangery. 



Campus Stagecraft reached new heights 

top left Backstage Jennifer Bennett takes time to 

curl her hair in preparation for her role as the 

Shirly Temple Fairy in A Midsummer Night's 


bottom left The cast of the Beverly Hillbillies 

pauses for a group shot before resuming 





Like many students at Lee, Marlaina Bennett was 
surprised when A Midsummer Night's Dream was 
chosen for the Spring Production. The drama 
department had just finished a successful 
presentation of the comedy The Beverly Hillbillies 
in the fall, and Shakespeare did not seem like a 
natural sequel to the Hillbillies. However, Marlaina 
did not let this stop her from auditioning for A 
Midsummer Night's Dream; hence, she experienced 
firsthand the challenges of actually being in the two 
vastly different programs. One of the main 
differences between the plays for Marlaina was the 
change in director. The director of The Beverly 
Hillbillies was Dr. Sharon Carbaugh. According to 
Marlaina, Dr. Carbaugh "is a very structured 
director. You always know exactly what she wants 
and she sticks close to the original script." On the 
other hand, Mr. Shane Fuller, director of A 
Midsummer Night's Dream, allowed a lot more 
creativity when the actors were learning how to 
play their characters. But creativity in 
characterization was only the beginning for Mr. 
Fuller and his crew... 

One of the most striking aspects of A Midsummer 
Night's Dream was the set. It was designed by Mr. 
Fuller, and according to Marlaina, "it was definitely 
grandscale." A life-size moving record player, 
extensive video technology, colored lights, and a 
smoke machine contributed a modernized 
approach to the classic Shakespeare. 



"The Beverly Hillbillies was a really funny and great play. I liked how Ellie Mae was always picking those 
guys up off the stage... granny was hilarious too." 

Christina Turtle 

■ ■-■ 

Hauling Aaron 
Hallaway around 
the stage in the 
Beverly Hillbillies 
proved to be an easy 
task for Kirt Johnson. 
Kirt was playing the 
role of Jed Clampett 
and Aaron was both 
Turner and Mr. 


technically and 

artistically, A 


Night's Dream 

has been one of 

the most 




that we have 

ever had at 


-Dr. Melton 

Marlaina was quick to point out that The Beverly 
Hillbillies had its share of phenomenal set design and 
props too. In fact, one of her best memories from the play 
was when the Clampett crew piled into a car built entirely 
with spare parts and rode around Cleveland as a publicity 

For Marlaina, one of the most challenging things about 
being in both plays was " to switch from being a fast 
walking, loud talking, feisty grandma to being a bouncy, 
bubbly cheerleader." For the character of Granny, Marlaina 
did lots of research on the woman who actually played 
Granny in the television show. She also watched old 
episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies to help herself really 
capture the essence of her character. 
Marlaina was not the only Bennett cast in Mr. Fuller's 
production. Her older sister Jennifer played the adorable 
Shirley Temple Fairy. The Bennett sisters had acted 
together in several productions during high school, but 
this was their first time to share the stage together at Lee. 
"Even though our characters did not have a lot of 
interaction on stage, it was still so much fun to goof off 
backstage and to rehearse our lines to each other," said 
Marlaina. Yet, even with the added bonus of having her 

Sister act With her, Marlaina COuld not choose a favorite top right With the natural flair for drama, Commodore James, Allen 

between the two productions this year. Both of them made %^^£^£££^iL* P an,c 
her "grow as an actor, just on very different levels." in an instant 

iri bottom right With Jennifer Baisden on his arm and lipstick on his 

When asked What Was next On the agenda for the Drama cheek, Adam Swalley played the role of Lt. Richards in The Beverly 

department, Marlaina explained that renovations for the H,llbillies very ™~&y 
Old Woolen Mill were the new focus. The school bought 
the old warehouse so that the drama crew could have full 
access to a stage at all times and also because of the desire 
to promote better community attendance for the shows. 
The faculty and students in the department even hope to 
hold dramas and acting classes for the children in the 
greater Cleveland area, which would make the community 
more involved in the campus. As for Marliana, she 
. anxiously looked forward to yet another Lee production f 
I in the fall. 'layout by courtney rose gutenschwager 


the Greeks 


While most students can identify a Greek jersey a mile away, few 
seem to know about what exactly is behind those mysterious letters. 

What role do Greek clubs play on a campus where Christ is King? Are 
Greek inductions reflective of the values that a Christian university 
promotes? The controversy that surrounds these questions about the 
existence of Greek clubs is not a new controversy, and regardless of the questions, no one 
can deny the fact that without Greek clubs, campus social life would be a lot less exciting. 
Clubs spend months behind the scenes planning social activities for the benefit of other Lee 
students, and their efforts are very much appreciated! 



[greek events] 

On the following pages are a few highlighted events 
sponsored by Greek clubs throughout the year. For 
full Greek club coverage see the Vindagua club 
section, which begins on page 214. 

left Delta Zeta Tau member Aria Brewer shows her tug- 
o-war strength at the annual DZT Harvest Hoe Down. 

Photo courtesy of Autumn Wiggins. 

below Kappa Psi Nu members Jennifer Bennett , Lauren 
Alston, Michelle LaFramboise, and Adrienne 
LaFramboise pose with a Cleveland Towers Resident as 
they complete their weekly visit to the residents. Photo 

courtesy of Kappa Psi Nu. 

top Phil Stacey and Amber Ratliff give an outstanding 
performance as the M.C.'s of the Sigma-sponsored Luau. Photo 

courtesy of Sigma Nu Sigma. 

right The Upsilon Block Party was a huge hit with Yankton 
Mingua on the keyboard, John Brockman at the microphone, 
Jeremy McCoy on the guitar, and Brandon Talbee on bass. Photo 

Courtesy of Upsilon. 

Popular events sponsored by the female Greek clubs include: 
The Sigma Luau, The Kappa Gong Show, The DZT Harvest 
Hoe Down, Epsilon's Masquerade on the Mall, and Omega's 
Singled Out Show. 

! ! 



^^ fr , / 

wgjjip f \ 


^* ^2Kk*^ jfitak£&y> ^i***X- 


fc - T | 



S. 1 

f i% 

■K ^*7 

1 . * 

w * 

i 4 ' 


Popular events sponsored by the male Greek clubs include: the annual Chi Cruise, the Upsilon Block Party, 
Pi's Oktoberfest, Theta's New Years in November, and weekly TKO prayer meetings 

DZT members Joyce Watson, Kristin Sullivan, Nesha Huskamp, Larney Johnston, Jaclyn Gallaher, Angela 
Wimberly, Beverly Hodges, Lisa Saalwaechter, Missy Griffey, RamonaTipei, Autumn Wiggins, Brooke Murray, 
Rachel Lathrop, Jennifer Owens, and Kendra Hall proudly stand on the Ped Mall in front of the DZT booth for the 

2001 HomeCOming Weekend. Photo courtesy of Autumn Wiggins. 



[greek events] 

top Ashley Geyer and Tara 

Simmon solemnly walk in 

the Sigma Nu Sigma line on 

Spring tap night. 

Photo by Eric Kramer. 

left The pig capturing 

contest was the highlight of 

Pi Kappa Pi's Oktoberfest. 

right Kendra Stacey of 

Sigma Nu Sigma and 

Omega Alpha Phi member 

Angela Allen participate in 

Omega's version of the 

television program Singled 

Out . Photo by Eric Kramer. 






Labors of community service on campus and the organizations behind them. 

parameters of Lee University was a whole breadth of social 
academic structures, but the nearly 400 students involved in 
>piritu^TLife and Social Service clubs took an active role in being influential 
outside campus. Those clubs not only focused on meeting the needs of 
students, but they also combinded head knowledge with the hands-on 
'heart work' of reaching out to the community. Ten Spiritual Life Clubs 
spent more than 5,500 hours a year participating in the efforts of local 
nonprofit, school, and ministry organizations. Service clubs such as 
Backyard Ministries enabled members to tutor elementary aged children on 
a weekly basis. In addition, two blood drives and a campus wide service 
day were some of the opportunities for service that were open to students 
not in a specific club. Justin Knowles, chairman for the Council for Spiritual 
Unity, said, "Each person is a spiritual being that can't neglect that part of 
themselves. Tremendous spiritual growth occurs in those who give to 






this page Bread Ministry 
members Jamie Ashburn and 
Royce Atchley distribute free 
bread every Saturday to families 
in local apartment buildings 
around the greater Cleveland 

left A regular participant in the 
Backyard tutoring program, 
Deborah Key poses with 
Stephanie Holden after the 
Backyard Christmas party. 

left During the Hunger Banquet, Dr. Dirksen speaks about his views 

on the hunger problem in relation to his faith and experiences. 

right Collecting toys for disadvantaged children was a popular 

service activity for many clubs at Christmas. Aubre Hendel and 

Siphra Tchoua load up boxes of toys that are going to be shipped off 

for Operation Christmas Child. 


"We are channels through which the Lord allows blessings to flow. The more we allow Him to use 
us, the more He can send through our channel..." 

— Ruth Lindsey, Missions Alive Sponsor 


Diversity and Culture 




as we learn 




cultures at 



While most students have only to drive home to 
experience the familiar culture in which they grew up, 
some members of the student body bring their culture 
right to campus. Through organizations like UMOJA, 
International Student Fellowship, La Familia Unida, and the newly 
founded French Honor Society, students are given the opportunity to 
interact with other students in culturally geared social settings. Events 
ranging from Salsa in the Park, the French Culture Banquet, Showtime 
At the Apollo, the Martin Luther King Show, and the Black History 
Show, allowed students cultural exposure while at Lee. In the following 
pages are pictures from events sponsored by the diversity clubs as well 
as interviews from students who have experienced the clubs first hand. 

lutyoui ami copy by Courtney Rose Culenschwager 


top left Anthony Rodriguez and Jennifer Galindo perform a reggae/ hip-hop dance at Salsa in the Park, top right Sergio Valentin, President of La Familia Unida, 
directs the action at Salsa in the Park, bottom Andia Augustin translates for Mesac Celeste as he speaks to students about his native country in French. 

For Andia Augustin, promoting diversity on campus is an 
issue worthy of her passion. As Vice President of UMOJA, 
President of the French Honor Society, and a member of 
La Familia Unida, Andia had unique insight concerning 
diversity on campus. 

According to Andia, when she came to Lee in 1998, there 
were approximately 25 black students on campus. That group 
always ate together in the cafeteria, and sat together in classes 
and chapel. To Andia and others like her, this cultural gap was 
not satisfactory. Out of this, the Black Student Association, 
UMOJA, was born. 

"UMOJA focuses on black culture, but is open to the public. 
UMOJA acts as an ambassador to bridge the cultures on 
campus, "said Andia. The club does not ignore racial or cultural 
differences. Instead, it hopes to help students acknowledge the 
differences as well as value universal similarities. 

In addition to discussing UMOJA, Andia was eager to call 
attention to the newest diversity club on campus, the French 
Honor Society. The first event the club sponsored was the French 
Culture Night. The society used this event to gather together 
students from French speaking countries such as Canada, St. 
Maartin, Cameroon, Haiti, Togo, and France. Two primary goals 
of the society were to expose students to the French culture of 
France, as well as in other parts of the world, and to make 
participation in French-geared extracurricular activities as 
available as Spanish-geared activites were on campus. 

International Student Fellowship (ISF) is yet another 




top The UMOJA Step Team, Pre-Destined, poses for a group shot before stepping during half time at a Lee basketball game. 

•epresentation of diversity at Lee. In an interview with Michelle Alvarez, a senior English major from the 
Philippines, she stressed how ISF has functioned as a family for her while being here in the states. Michelle said, 
The universal humor, laid-back environment , and the way people in ISF are so real with each other all are what 
nake ISF great. There are no inside jokes — everyone is accepted. Even Americans are international to us!" 

When asked about a favorite memory she had while in ISF, Michelle recalled when she was on the ISF team for 
he Student Leadership Council's raft race. In the midst of the race Michelle and her teammates Paula from Brazil, 
md Teddy and Chris from Europe, tipped the raft and got stuck numerous times. Finally, an exhausted Paula sat 
?ack and said, "Americans are so stupid! Why do they do this kind of stuff?" 

Diversity clubs at Lee continued to change and adapt as the student body and faculty became more conscious of 
he cultures around them. As these changes occured, horizons were broadened, and the student population gained 
i clearer view of itself in relation to the world. 








■w ^ t 


B» q| 


A : 

2 2flElV 

/ ,-. i? ; 

>sr 4 


Carlo Singleton pushes 
through the defense and 
sets the ball in the net. 
(from top) Frank Walker 
shoots a lay-up; the "Lee 
Locos" cheer the Flames 
on to victory; Chuckie 
Campbell rushes in to set 
up a play; Kenneth 
Ebanyat dribbles into the 
key to claim two more 
points for the Flames. 













Montreat College 
Naval Academy 
Cumberland Univ. 
Athens State 
Tennessee Temple 
Claflin College 
Bryan College 
Southern Wesleyan 
Bryan College 
Cumberland Univ. 
Bahamas Shootout 
Taylor University 
Bahamas select team 
Drury University 
Knoxville College 
Lyon College 
Union University 
Knoxville College 
N. Greenville College 
Crichton College 
Berry College 
Athens State 
Martin Methodist 
Lyon College 
Trevecca Nazarene 
Union University 
Berry College 
N. Greenville College 
Tennessee Temple 
Trevecca Nazarene 
Martin Methodist 
Berry College 
Martin Methodist 

Record for season: 20-12 

omen s 



Bryan College 
Lyon College 
Union University 
Blue Mtn. College 
Berry College 
Shorter College 
Martin Methodist 
Covenant College 
Tenn. Wesleyan 
Union College 
Tennessee Temple 
Cumberland Univ. 
Union College 


Cumberland College Classic 
Rio Grande 70-88 

Cumberland 71-83 

Olivet Nazarene Tournament 
Olivet 67-68 

Spring Hill 66-53 

Cumberland College 60-77 

Cumberland Univ. 73-76 

Covenant College 
Tenn. Wesleyan 
Lyon College 
Union University 
Blue Mtn. College 
Berry College 
Shorter College 
Martin Methodist 
Lyon College 
Trevecca Nazarene 
Union University 
Tennessee Temple 
Berry College 
Blue Mtn. College 
Trevecca Nazarene 
Martin Methodist 
Blue Mtn. College 
Union University 
Record for season: 





















this page Erica Ferguson handles 

the ball as she pushes past her 


(from top) Heidi Hamilton guards 

the ball as she looks for the 

opportunity to pass; Holly 

Hamilton looks to the basket for 

the shot; Jennie Wills defends the 

ball as she moves towards the 


opposite Lauren Gavulic drives 

the ball down the court. 


P.B Atlantic Tournament 
Roberts Wesleyan 3-0 
Montana State No. 3-0 
Palm Beach Atlantic 1-3 
St. Thomas College 0-3 
Montreat College 3-0 
Covenant Tournament 
Brenau University 3-0 
Asbury College 
Bryan College 
Covenant College 
Piedmont College 
Bryan College 
Mars Hill College 
So. Wesleyan Univ. 
Martin Methodist 
Union College 
Emory University 
Emory University 
Lee Invitational 
King College 
Tennessee Temple 
Georgetown Coll. 
Milligan College 
Trevecca Nazarene 
Freed-Ha rdeman 
Term. Wesleyan 
Union University 
Trevecca Nazarene 
Term. Wesleyan 
Lyon College 
Martin Methodist 
Lyon College 

Union University 
TranSouth Conference 
Lyon College 3-0 

Union University 3-0 
Union University 3-1 
NAIA Mid-South Reg ion 
Union Univ. 3-1 

NAIA Reg ion 
Georgetown, KY 1-3 





Record for season: 32-5 



5W vm ■UE«0Htlt5 

m mmn mmm 



this page Jason Quarles 

kicks the ball down the 

field to his teammate. 

opposite (clockwise) 

Ronald Jean-Louis gains 

control over the ball, 

leading it away from the 

defense; Lenworth 

Burricks rushes to claim 

and pass off the ball; A 

Goalie is powerless to 

I stop the Lee powerhouse; 

A group huddle decides 

the strategy.! 

'to . men's socc 







Warren Wilson 


Berry College 


Rein ha rd t College 


Fisk University 




Cambellsville Univ 


Tennessee Wesleyan3-2 

Freed -Ha rdeman 




Martin Methodist 

20T, 0-0 

Covenant College 


Montreat College 


Bethel College 


Birmingham So. 


Union University 


Berry College 


Tennessee Temple 


(TranSouth Tourn.) 

Trevecca Nazarene 


Record for season: 


I ♦ ♦ ♦ < 

♦ ♦♦♦ 

this page Mamie 
Bolding attempts to 
maneuver around the 
opponent and gain 
possession of the ball. 
opposite Erlie Thelot 
rushes in to gain 
possession of the ball; 
(from top) Amanda 
Harkins tosses the ball 
in from the sidelines; 
Erlie Thelot displays 
some fancy foot 


Tennessee Wesleyan Tourn. 



Johnny Palmer Tourn. 

(Old North State,SC) 


Johnny Palmer Tourn. 

(Old North State,SC) 


Malone College Tourn. 



Cleveland State Tourn. 

(Rolling Hills) 

3rd i 

Greenleaf Tourn. 

(Florida) 319-306-625 

Cumberland College Tourn. 



Pinehurst Tourn. 


Tusculum College Tourn. 


Berry College Invitational 


Cumberland College Tourn. 


TranSouth Tourn. 



NAIA Regional 

(Pikeville, KY) 


Region XI 

(Pikeville, KY) 

8th j 






(opposite) Matt Hadden; 

(this page; clockwise) Ryan Hulton 

Andy Bacchus; Jonathan Hunter. 



University of South Tourn. 

-Chris Campbell won "C" Dr 
Emmanuel College 


Berry College 
Carson Newman 



Shorter Invitational 

(North Georgia) 


Cumberland College 


Term. Wesleyan College 
Freed-Hardeman College 


Lincoln Memorial College 


Belhaven College 


Emmanuel College 


Reinhardt College 


Martin Methodist College 


Lyon College (at Union LTniv 


Shorter College 


Cumberland College 


Lipscomb University 


Tenn. Wesleyan College 


Berry College 


Cumberland University 


TranSouth Conference Tourn 

Martin Methodist 


Union Univ. 


Region XI (Berry College) 


Record for season: 13-11 



(this page) Roberta Sanchez; (opposite page, clockwise) 
Chris Campbell; Chris Davis; Will Sherrow. 



University of South Tournament 
-Shawn Douglas, 
consolation winner in A-Division 

Berry College 




Lincoln Memorial University 


Shorter Invitational 


Shorter Invitational (Shorter) 


Tennessee Wesleyan College 


Freed-Hardeeman University 


Lincoln Memorial University 


Belhaven College 


Montavallo University 


Reinhardt College 


Martin Methodist College 


Lyon College 

5-0 ; 

Union University 


University of the South 


Shorter College 


Cumberland College 


Lipscomb University 


Tennessee Wesleyan College 


Berry College 


Cumberland University 


TranSouth Conference Tournament 

Freed Hardeman 



Martin Methodist 


Championship (Union Univ.) 


Region XI (Pikeville College) 


Region XI (Martin Methodist) 


NAIA National (Indiana Wesleyan) 


Record for season: 19-7-1 

(this page) Grace Barrett anticipates 
the ball; (opposite page, clockwise) 
Stephanie North; Shauna Green; 
Alison LeCrov. 


film pagej Jerri Gray releases the Hall, (opposite page. eloekwi' 
Matins above left) Katie Roinmeer lias her eye on the hall as si 
prep.ires 10 swine.; Jamie EnsnUDger prepares to throw the hall; 
Heidi Hamilton sleals .1 base. 


Term. Wesleyan College 


Tenn. Wesleyan College 


Piedmont College 


Piedmont College 


Milligan College 


Milligan College 


TWC Tournev 

Tusculum College 





Mars Hill College 




Tennessee Wesleyan 


Disnev Tournev 

New England College 


Medaille College 


Medaille College 


Bridgewater State 


Bloomfield College 


Haverford College 


Haverford College 


Tusculum College 


Tusculum College 


Athens State Univ. 


Athens State Univ. 


Union Univ. 


Union Univ. 


North Georgia College 


North Georgia College 


North Georgia College 


North Georgia College 


Athens State Univ. 


Athens State Univ. 


Emmanuel College 


Emmanuel College 


Trevecca Nazarene Univ. 


Trevecca Nazarene Univ. 


Union Univ. 


Union Univ. 


Martin Methodist College 


Martin Methodist College 


Tusculum College 


Tusculum College 


Milligan College 


Milligan College 


Trevecca Nazarene Univ. 


Trevecca Nazarene Univ. 


Tenn. Wesleyan College 


Tenn. Wesleyan College 


Freed-Hardeman Univ. 


Freed-Hardeman Univ. 


Martin Methodist College 


Martin Methodist College 


TranSouth Conference Tournament 






Martin Methodist 




Union Univ. 


Mid-South Regional Tournament 


Martin Methodist 


Cumberland Univ. 


record for season: 38-19 




Bluefield College 


Bluefield College 


Bluefield College 


Shorter College 


Campbellsville Univ. 


Campbellsville Univ. 


Campbellsville Univ. 


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Record for Season: 41-19 



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-*■ -*l 



Softball, flag football, wrestling, 3 on 3 basketball, 5 on 5 basketball, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, 

indoor volleyball, sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, bowling, chess, spades, darts, 

table tennis, table soccer, billiards, racquetball, golf, tennis, air hockey 


(this page) Seth Campbell spots as Gentry 
Darby lifts weights; Cynthia Cruz does 
toning repetitions in the weight room; 
(opposite page; clockwise) A student 
walks on the treadmill; another student 
bikes; Corey Blount prepares to shoot the 
basketball in the gym; Adam Shaw and 
Joshua Sheets rest, and wait tor the next 
round of racquetball. 


aul Conn 


'S no secret that Dr. Charles Paul Conn is 
a busy man. In his fifteen years as 
President of Lee University, Dr. Conn has 
cultivated growth on this campus in many 
ways. Students don't always see Dr. Conn 
behind the scenes, but they do experience 
his lively chapel messages, his 
enlightening Psychology class, and a 
variety of "President spottings" every day 
around campus, byrachelland 

Dr. Conn visits the construction site of the new 
men's apartment building. 


[the board of directors] 

Front Reverend Raymond F. Culpepper, Pastor Samuel Robeff, Patricia Carroll, Mr. Lee Storms, Dr. 
Raymond Crowley Middle Mr. Bill W. Higginbotham, Reverend Ronald D. Martin, Dr. Bill Sheeks, 
Mr. Edward E. Hollowell Back Reverend M. Darrell Rice, Reverend Quan L. Miller, Mr. Gary Sharp, 
Mr. B. Kenneth Jones, Mr. Cecil Brown, H. Bernard Dixon, Mr. N. Don Medlin Not Pictured Mr, 
Dennis Livingston, Pastor Steve Lowery, Mr. John B. White 

Stephanie Taylor, Administrative Assistant 

to the President 

Matt Carlson, Assistant to the President 

Lena Barber, Campaign Secretary 


[enrollment management] 

vice president gary ray 

top A-Force guides lead tours to 
show prospective students our 

campus, above Phil Cook works 

to make the admission process a 
smooth experience, right Gary 

Ray always makes time to speak 
with families visiting Lee. 



v J 

Gary Ray, Vice President 

Phillip Barber, Director of Student Records and Registration 

Phillip Cook, Director of Admissions 


[business and finance] 

vice president david painter 

left Visitors to the campus store 
purchase gifts, books, I ee 
paraphernalia, and more, top 
The maintenance and custodial 
staffs keep campus looking ship- 
shape, above Mariott and PCSU 
food court staff members are 

David Painter, Vice President 

Bruce Bonham, Director of Physical Plant 

John B. Dixon, Director of Information Systems 

Anita Ray, Director of Human Resources 


vice president carolyn dirksen 

Matt Zerrip studies in 
the Pentecostal 
Resource Center. 

Dr. Eledge and Dr. 
Dirksen pose for a 
picture during the 
Homecoming festivities. 

This student is one of 
the few who still 
study out on the 
Pedestrian Mall. 

Carolyn Dirksen, Vice President 

Tracey Carlson, Director of Residential Life 

Dara Carroll, Director of Special Academic 


Suzy Deaton, Director of Academic 


Suzanne Hamid, Director of First- Year 



[student life] 

vice president david tilley 

SLC Cabinet 

members work 

behind the scenes, 

setting up the 

Christmas tree in the 

Student Union. 


2 — ft \\ 

Dr. Tilley chats with 

visitors during the 



weekend acti\'ities. 

Ann Whitlock works 

as a full-time 

Registered Nurse in 

the Health Clinic. 

David Tilley, Vice President 

Marsha Brantley, Dir. of Commuter Services/ 

Non-Traditional Students 

Larry Carpenter, Athletic Director 

Virgil Clark, Dir. of Campus Safety 

Jimmy Harper, Campus Pastor and Dir. of 

Campus Ministries 

Mike Hayes, Dir. of Student Development 

Kevin Hudson, Dir. of Intramurals and Recreation 

Gail Lemmert, Dir. Couseling and Testing 

Alan McClung, Dean of Students 

Tonia Schumann, Dir. of Health Services 
George Starr, Dir. of Sports Information 


[institutional advancement] 

vice president dale goff 

above Students visit 
the Financial Aid Office 
to make sure they've 
filled out the proper 
forms, left Jonathan 
Cape runs a sound 
check before a Sunday 
night chapel service. 

Dale Goff, Vice President 

Kevin Brooks, Director of Alumni 


Michael Ellis, Director of Student 

Financial Aid 

Vanessa Hammond, Director of Grants 

Danny Murray, Director of Church 



w tieuwkmcfa. . . 

Dr. Mauldin, New Vice President 

January, 2002, marked the first semester that Dr. Walt Mauldin assumed two titles at 
Lee University: director of Lee Singers and Vice President of Student Life. 

"Only time will tell about the adjustments," said Mauldin. "I'll have more work to do 
in my new job, and there will be times when I 
can't go on the road with Singers." 

Alan McClung, Dean of Students, said, "All 
of us at Student Life are excited about Dr. 
Conn's decision involving Dr. Mauldin. He's 
bringing a wealth of experience to the 
students. One doesn't have to be around Dr. 
Mauldin very long to see his compassion for 
the students. He has a servant's heart, and I'm 
confident it will always be his intent and aim 
to have the students' best interest in mind." 

Mauldin indeed seems to embody this 
philosophy. He said, "I love the students at 
Lee. If I didn't have great hopes and 
aspirations for their future, I wouldn't be in 
this position." 

One of Mauldin's top priorities as Vice 
President of Student Life will be interacting 
with the students and helping them have an 
exciting college experience, story in, km v Myers, uv 

Collegian Feature/Opinion Editor. 


[Vice President of Student Life] 

Dr. Tilley says "Goodbye" 

For thirteen and a half years, Dr. David Tilley, 
Vice President of Student Life, helped the 
1 students of Lee University. During his time here, 
Dr. Tilley implemented new programs such as 
The House and the Cambridge study abroad trip. 
He also revised and improved existing 
programs, like the transformation from Student 
Government Association to Student Leadership 

Dr. Tilley will forever be remembered by the 
students of Lee University as a man that truly 
had the students' best interest at heart. 

"The best thing I can say about Dr. Tilley is 
that he's a man of integrity, and he cares about his students," said senior Paul Rankin. 

"As far as his service here, I believe that he has really given his heart and his time to this 
school and is really going to be missed; but that's okay because he has left his legacy behind," 
said Leslie Cordell, Chair of the Student Leadership Council, story by shanncarkon, ue collegian staff writer. 

. . . 6utteed> (fie o/c/ 


[health and human performance] 

Health and Human Performance 

left Craig McKown 
guides a raft down the 
Chattooga River in Georgia 
with his Water-Based 
Recreation class, opposite 
Students in the 
Backpacking and Hiking 
class relax around their 


r Ml 

v« **^H 

■ 1 -J 

Deborah Murray, Dean, Helen DeVos College of 


Mark Wickam, Chair, Associate Prof, of Physical 


David Altopp, Professor of Physical Education 

John Bratcher, Associate Prof, of Physical Education 

Tiffany Hill, Assistant Prof, of Physical Education 

Andrea Orr Hudson, Instructor in Physical 


Rick Hughes, Instructor in Physical Education 

Kay McDaniel, Assistant Prof, of Physical 


Steve Rathbone, Assistant Prof, of Athletic Training 

Orin Souther, Assitant Prof, of Physical Education 




Teaching and Learning 

right This artwork, titled "A 

World To Teach" is a replica 

of a life-size sculpture by 

artist Jane DeDecker. This 

copy was cast especially for 

the Helen DeVos College of 

Education. OPPOSITE 

Resources in the Curriculum 

Library allow students a 

hands-on lesson. 




Ea ^^ 



Li " 

, ^^^^1 

k 5 

¥ ' M ^\ 

■ '■ 


Pamela Browning, Chair, Associate Prof, of 


Laura Anderson. Assistant Prof, of Education 

Gloria Brownlee, Instructor in Reading, Dir. 

of Supported Learning 

Herb Cannon. Assistant Prof, of Education 

William Kstes. Assistant Prof, of Education 

Carlanna Gill, Assistant Prof, of Education 

JoAnn Higginbotham. Prof, of Education 

Vern Kraus, Assistant Prof, of Special 

Nadine \IcHugh, Associate Prof, of Special 


Gary Riggins. Prof, of Education; Director, 

Graduate Studies in Education 


[teaching and learning] 


Christian Ministries 

left Jerome Boone takes a 
break from his office work. 
opposite Sean Morton studies 
in the Vest Building. 

Jerome Boone, Dean, School of Religion; Dept. Chair, Prof, of 
Old Testament and Christian Formation 
Bob Bayles, Assistant Prof, of Christian Education 
Andrew Blackmon, Assistant Prof, of Christian Education 
Jerald Daffe, Prof, of Pastoral Ministries 

William Effler, Assistant Prof, of Religion 

Jimmy Harper, Instructor in Youth & Family Ministries 

Edley Moodley, Assistant Prof, of Intercultural Studies, Director 

of Intercultural Studies Program 

John Sims, Prof, of Religion and History 

*not pictured: John Lombard. Special Adjunct Instructor in Pastoral Studies; 
Henry Moyo, Special Adjunct Instructor in Religion; Pat Moyo, Special Adjunct 
Instructor in Religion; Henry Smith, Senior Adjunct Prof, of Christian Ministry; 
Tom Tatum, Assistant Prof, of Biblical Studies; George Voorhis, Prof, of 
Biblical Studies 




Bible and Theology 

right Another invigorating 

lecture from Terry Cross 

stimulates students' minds. 

opposite Don Bowdle 

researches in his office. 

Terry Cross, Assistant Dean, School of Religion; Dept. Chair, 
Associate Prof, in Theology and Philosophy; Dir., Grad. Studies 

in Religion 

Donald Bowdle, Prof, of History and Religion 

Dale Coulter, Instructor in Theology 

Brad Frazier, Instructor in Philosophy 

Michael Fuller, Assistant Prof, of Biblical Studies 

Todd Hibbard. Instructor in Theology 

Fmerson Powery, Assistant Prof, of New Testament 

Barb Searcy, Instructor in Religion 

William Simmons, Associate Prof, of New Testament 
Benjamin Perez, Chair, Department of External Studies; Assistant 

Prof, of Religion* 

Robert Debelak. Instructor in Biblical Studies* 

Terry Johns, Assistant Prof, of Christian Ministry* 

■Denotes Facultv in the Department of External Studies 


[bible and theology] 



r ' 

t- I 


Vocal Music 

opposite The Evangelistic 
Singers perform during 
Homecoming weekend. 

Jim Burns, Dean, School of Music; Prof, of 
Music; Din, Graduate Studies in Music 
Andrea Dismukes, Chair, Prof, of Music 
Anthony Deaton, Assistant Prof, of Music 
Angela Greeson, Instructor in Music 
LuAnn Holden, Assistant Prof, of Music 

David Horton, Prof, of Music 

Sung Sook Lee, Visiting Prof. Vocal Master Class 

Donald LeRoy, Instructor in Church Music 

Walt Mauldin, Prof, of Music 

Lonnie McCallister, Prof, of Music 


( u6fe 

Instrumental Music 

right Adam Marcum. Josh 

York, and Jennifer Whitson 

play with the Percussion 

Ensemble over 

Homecoming weekend. 

opposite Tesia Pennicott, 

Joy Kancklides. and Tim 

Cowan practice with the 

Chamber Orchestra. 

■i '•'•{ : «* 


\ / / 

/( j) // 


£5*& A5;.l.i. , -f..kTi 

Phillip Thomas, Chair, Prof, of Music- 
Mark Bailey. Associate Prof, of Music- 
Michael Brownlee. Assistant Prof, of Music 
Sanford Garren, Instructor in Music 
David Holsinger, Associate Prof, of Music 

Virginia Horton, Assistant Prof, of Music- 
Philip Morehead, Associate Prof, of Music- 
Ann Rylands, Assistant Prof, of Music- 
Alan Wyatt, Instructor in Music 
not picn RED: Michael Wittenburg, Instructor in Music 


Dewayne Thompson. Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Prof, of Business 


[college of arts and sciences] 

mi a/nd (pfewrwS 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 144 

Business 146 

Communication and the Arts 148 

English and Modern Foreign Languages 150 

Natural Sciences and Mathematics 152 


and (p/tiencS 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Murl Dirksen, Chair. Prof, of Anthropology and 


Robert Burnett, Associate Prof, of History 

Susan Carter. Assistant Prof, of Psychology 

H. Lee Cheek, Assistant Prof, of Political Science 

Ruth Kdiger, Assistant Prof, of Political Science 

Robert Fisher, Associate Prof, of Psychology 

Doyle Goff, Prof, of Psychology 

Robert Graham, Associate Prof, of Sociology 

Jerome Hammond. Assistant Prof, in Human 

Daniel Hoffman, Associate Prof, of History 

Richard Jones. Assistant Prof, of Anthropology 

Ollie Lee. Prof, of Sociology 

Trevor Milliron. Assistant Prof, of Psychology 

Karen Carroll Mundy. Prof, of Sociology 

Kelly Powell, Assistant Prof, of Psychology 

Kdward Stone. Assistant Prof, of Counseling Psychology 
Mary Waalkes, Assistant Prof, of History 

soi !■!( ii id d: (iaylc (iallaher. Assistant Prof, of Psychology and Director of Academic Support Programs 


[behavioral and social sciences] 


LEFT Hermilo Jasso, Jr.. 
enjoys scuba diving during 
a summer studies trip he led 
to Paraguay. 

opposite Ingrid Hart and 
Frank Walker look over 
some notes. 

Evaline Echols, Chair, Prof, of Business 


Alan Burns, Assistant Prof, of Business 

Kenneth Griffith, Assistant Prof, of Computer 

Information Systems 

Ingrid Hart, Instructor in Accounting 

William Jaber, Assistant Prof, in Computer 

Information Systems 

Hermilo Jasso Jr., Assistant Prof, of Business 

Mava Norton, Assistant Prof, of Computer Information Systems 

Craig Sarine, Assistant Prof, of Business 

Frank Walker, Assistant Prof, of Accounting 




Communication and the Arts 

right Tucker Blackmon. Terruh 

Brinson, and Julie Lopez work on 

projects in Dr. Railing's Desktop 

Publishing class. 

opposite Marlaina Bennett and 

Chris Wilson perform in "The 

Beverly Hillbillies." 

Matthew Melton. Chair, Assistant Prof, of Communication 

Sharon Carbaugh, Associate Prof, of Drama 

Mary Dukes. Instructor in Communication 

Shane Fuller, Instructor in Drama 

Ronald Gilbert. Assistant Prof, of Communication 

Joel Railing, Associate Prof, of Communication 

Michael Laney. Assistant Prof, of Communication 

Patricia Silverman. Assistant Prof, of Public Relations 






^^fiMjk *^( 




/ -Wk 

^S^SEStt- ■! HBk 


.John Simmons, Assistant Prof, of Art 

Matthew Sims, Assistant Prof, of Humanities 

Randy Wood. Instructor in Humanities 


[communication and the arts] 




u,to courtesy of The Department of Communication and the Arts 





r ^ 

ic Biddy enjoys a book of poetry at 
Greyfriar's in Chattanooga. Photo 

courtesy of Sigma Tan Delta 

[english and modern foreign languages] 

English and Modern Foreign Languages 

Jean Eledge, Chair, Associate Prof, of French 
Vanetta Bratcher, Instructor in English 
Randy Compton, Assistant Prof, of English 
Jean Corey, Assistant Prof, of English 
Christopher Coulter, Assistant Prof, of English 

Reginald Gunnells, Assistant Prof, of English 

Alejandra Hoffer, Instructor in Spanish 

Sarah Kane, Assistant Professor of English 

Andrew Lee, Instructor in English 

Ruth Crawford Lindsey, Associate Prof, of 


Jose Minay, Instructor in Spanish 

Rachel Reneslacis, Instructor in English 

Susan Rogers, Associate Prof, of English 

Paula Stone, Instructor in TESOL 

Donna Summerlin, Associate Prof, of English 

Dora del Carmen Ruiz Vargas, Associate Prof, 
of Spanish 

James Wilkins, Associate Prof, of French 
Sabord Woods, Prof, of English 

*not pictured: Kevin Brown. Assistant Prof, of English. 
Vanessa Hammond. Instructor in English 



ana K^JtieneS 

Natural Sciences and Mathematics 

Edward Brown, Associate Prof, of Chemistry 

Jerry Adams. Assistant Prof, of Mathematics 

Timothy Clayton. Instructor in Mathematics 

Paul DeLaLuz. Assistant Prof, of Chemistry 

Johnny Evans, Assistant Prof, of Physics and 


Michael Freake. Assistant Prof, of Biology 

Robert Griffith, Associate Prof, of 


Ronald Harris, Associate Prof, of Science 

John Hisey. Instructor in Biology 
Steven Lay, Prof, of Mathematics 

Erik Eindquist, Assistant Prof, of Biology 

Penny Mauldin. Associate Prof, of Chemistry 

Robert O'Bannon, Prof, of Biology 

Milton Riley. Prof, of Biology 

Albert Ruff. Assistant Prof, of Bioloev 

Sheila Schriver. Assistant Prof, in Mathematics 

Mary Walkins, Associate Prof, of Mathematics 

Robert West, Associate Prof, of Biology 

♦not i'k ii red: Michael Kahrs, Adjunct Mathematics Instructor, ,|eri Veenstra, 

Assistant Prof, of Health Science 


[natural sciences and mathematics] 



th a student in the 








@ku(/we XDenter 

Squires Library 

left Wayne Standifer works 
as part-time reference 
librarian in the Pentecostal 
Resource Center. 
opposite Student assistants 
Marvin Sankar and Kelli 
Portwood check in books at 
the library. 

1 "* ** 1 

K ' ^m 1 


..- • •• , 

Frances Arrington, Director 

Jean Goforth, Associate Prof, and Technical Processes Librarian 

Barbara McCullough, Associate Prof., Assistant Director of Squires Library 

David Roebuck, Assistant Prof, of Religion, 

Director, Dixon Pentecostal Resource Center 

Michael Sturgeon, Instructor and Multimedia Librarian, PRC 

Janet Williams, Instructor and Reference Librarian 

*not pictured: Allison Sharp. Instructor and Serials/Processing Librarian 



[graduate students] 

Marishell Alarcon 

Kenyatta Ashford 

Blanche Becker 

Robyn Cole 

Christopher Darling 

Christine Davis 

Jaimee Laughlin 

Angeline McMullin 

Kelly Miller 

Flora Moodley 

Lisa Palagyi 

Heather Runyon 

Diana Spence 
Kenneth Steele 
Paige Swanner 
Chris Vaughan 

Heather Weeks 



Jennifer Ackerman 
Rachel Adams 
Shereen Adams 
B.J. Addison 
Kathryn Alexander 

Courtney Allen 
Amy Allison 
Lauren Alston 
Michelle Alvarez 
Tiffany Andrews 

Chad Ard 
M. Augustin 
Suzette Aviles 
Jaclyn Bailey 
Mike Baisden 

Bryan Baker 
Deborah Baker 
Eddie Barbre 
Jean Barbre 
Josh Bare 

Joel Barnes 
Kathryn Barton 
Amelia Basdeo 
Stephen Bearden 
Angela Beight 

Jennifer Bennett 
Michael Benton II 
Derek Berry 
Romal Bhatt 
Wesley Biddy 



Ashlee Bigham 
Russell Birt 

Bethany Blaski 
Katrina Bledsoe 
Erin Boardwine 

Kristen Bohnenstiehl 

Isaac Bolanos 

Laura Bookout 

Ryan Bosmeny 

Brandon Bossolono 

Chris Bovinet 
Dustin Bowen 
Lindsey Boyd 
Vernitha Brantley 
Rachel Briggs 

Terrah Brinson 

Lisa Brookbank 

Daniel Browder 

Elicia Brown 

Heidi Brown 

Jason Brown 

Mary Brown 

Joshua Broyles 

Robyn Burdett 

Alisa Burdette 

Jennifer Burke 

Brandy Bussell 

Jonathan Butcher 

Jaclyn Caddell 

Tina Caeson 



Amy Calaway 
Jennifer Calhoun 
Monet Calloway 
Chad Cameron 
Frankie Cancel 

Jonathan Cape 
David Carr 
Emily Carroll 
Jessica Carroll 
Andrea Carter 

Jacqueline Casey 
Iris Castaneda 
David Chairez 
Andrea Champion 
Melissa Clark 

Amanda Clifton 
Melody Cline 
Melissa Cockrell 
Tacara Coffelt 
Amy Cogsdill 

Hollie Combs 
Lorelle Condon 
Aundria Costellow 
David Costellow 
Chris Cowger 

Les Crouch 
Bryan Croyle 
Chris Cyr 
Joy Dark 
James David 



Joe Davis 

Melissa Davis 

Julie Dav 

Paula Day 

David Dean 

Heather Dean 

Paul Deary 

Alice Deck 

Allison Demos 

Jennifer Deveney 

Rob Deveney 

Daniel Dickens 

Rachael Digiulio 

Nanette Dockery 

Brian Downing 

Maggie Duckworth 

Holli Dunbar 

Jennifer Dyson 

Erin Easter 

Kathia Elder 

Staci Elliott 

Melissa Emrick 

Lisa Eulo 

Diana Evans 

Kari Farley 

Davy Fearon, Jr. 

Erica Ferguson 

Evie Ferguson 

Sarah Field 

Stacev Finch 



Jennifer Fitzgerald 
Tucker Fitzgerald 
Sarah Fletcher 
Patricia Flowers 
Tiffany Flynn 

Keshma Fontaine 
Keith Fralix 
Karie Frye 
Danny Fulford 
Eric Gabourel 

Brian Gibson 
April Goddard 
Brittany Goll 
Byron Gomez 
David Gosnell 

Melany Goulding 
Amber Graves 
Kimberly Gravlee 
Amanda Green 
Kathy Green 

Lanny Green 
Kevin Greenhill 
Andrew Gregory 
Chenise Gregory 
Tonya Gribble 

Meghan Hamilton 
Vanessa Haney 
Jennifer Hannah 
Nicole Hardin 
Katie Harper 



Trinity Harris 

Jeannie Hase 

Sarah Hawthorne 

Chris Haynes 

Lori Hazy 

Jeanette Heikkila 

Jason Helms 

Shonda Helmstetter 

Nathan Henderson 

Tiffane Henry 

Danielle Herod 

Danny Hesterly 

Billy Hightower 

Summer Hill 

Sara Hind 

Jennifer H inkle 

Stephanie Hinson 

Brandy Hipp 

Toni Hitte 

Beverly Hodges 

Ronnie Hodges 

Jeffrey Hoffmeyer 

Erica Hohimer 

Raeanna Hooper 

Amanda Horner 

Nathan Horst 
Marvin Howell 
Jacob Hubbard 

Kelly Hubbart 
Joel Hullett 



Jason Humberd 
Jennifer Ingram 
Jessica Insco 
Tricia Jackson 
Rebekah Jervey 

Chasity Johnson 
Daniel Johnson 
Fijoy Johnson 
Lainey Johnston 
Lori Jolly 

Zachary Jones 
Crystal Justice 
Kristen Justice 
Paul Kany 
Micah Karaman 

Christopher Kavesak 
Julie Kehrer 
Eurydice Kemp 
Cheri Kenny 
Solomon Kimani 

Lacey Kimsey 
Dianne King 
Nathan King 
Debbie Kinney 
Brittany Kist 

Kyla Klitzke 
Derek Knoke 
Rachel Kowalczyk 
Eric Kramer 
Adrienne Laframboise 



Melissa Land 

Rachel Land 

Josh Lane 

Josh Lane 

Tamra Lanning 

Josh Lavigne 

Jennifer Lechelt 

Brandon Ledford 

Rodney Lee 

Miranda Leigh 

Matthew Lenz 

Tracy Lenz 

Hope Lewis 

Zakivvah I indsev 

Michele Link 

Jennifer Lister 

Amy Livingston 

Wade Lombard 

April Love 

Stephanie Lucas 

Corine Ludwig 

Joanna Lutz 

Eric Lyda 

Emily Lynn 

Philip Lyon 

Rebekah MacCaughey 

Crystal MacHacek 

Sarah Magee 

Joe Marquis 

Derrick Marr 



David Marshall 
Elisabeth Martin 
Steve Martin 
Lacey Mashburn 
David Mason 

Andy Mayer 
Stephanie McCaffery 
Matt McClung 
Tiffany McCormick 
Thomas McCranie II 

Brienne McDaniel 
Talia McDougal 
Bill McGlothlin 
Julie McGuire 
Leland McKenzie 

Andrew McMahan 
Perry Mears 
Kad Mendoza 
Brandon Miles 
Jennifer Miles 

Eric Miller 
Rebecca Miller 
C. Mohan 
Heather Monday 
Eleanor Moodley 

Jennifer Morales 
Louis Morales 
David Morgan 
Christina Morris 
Kathleen Morrow 



Michael Mozingo 

Kelly Myers 

Yoshitaka Nakamura 

Katie Nelson 

Corel Neurohr 

Jami Nichols 

Valerie Nichols 

Kevin Noe 

Kerri Norris 

Aimee Norton 

Chuck Norton 

Isaias Noyola 

T. O'Dowd 

Kristin O'Neal 
David Okang 

Joshua Osborne 

Dana Owens 

Christina Pacholik 

S. Paine II 

Salomi Panayiotou 

Mishana Paris 

Alicia Parker 

Brooke Parker 

Kalpesh Patel 

Christy Patterson 

Carrie Payne 

Amanda Pendleton 

Tesia Pennicott 

Melody Pennington 

Jennifer Perkins 



Heidi Peterson-Brown 
Stephanie Peveler 
Kristin Philippi 
Holly Phillips 
Jacqueline Phillips 

Sarah Phillips 
Dianna Piatt 
Sara Plowman 
Katie Plunkett 
Kimberly Poplin 

Jessica Porter 
Julie Powell 
Janda Prescott 
Chad Price 
Tara Puckett 

Sara Pulliam 
Chris Quails 
Daniel Quiles 
Paul Rankin 
Brian Rapp 

Christi Redford 
Lisa Redford 
Carolyn Reed 
Julie Reed 
Cynthia Revis 

Jennifer Reynolds 
Christopher Richardson 
Ben Riley 
Charles Riley 
Jessica Riley 



Allison Roberts 

Jonathan Roberts 

Matt Robinson 

Christopher Rogers 

Cindy Rose 

Benjamin Rowland 

Bindi Rudd 

Christopher Russell 

Julie Russell 

Sandy Russell 

Megen Saez 

Samuel Saez 

Adriana Salomone 

Jaime Sample 

Lawrance Sawyer, Jr. 

Michael Schalk 

Joy Schindler 

Matt Schlanger 

Leah Segraves 

Ashley Sermons 

Ismael Serrano 
Akash Shah 

Heather Shawn 

Jennifer Shays 

Lisa Sheehy 

Mandi Shifflett 

Jason Shubert 

Autumn Shuping 

Jeremy Singletary 

Melissa Skid more 



Amanda Smith 
Amy Smith 
Amy Smith 
Derek Smith 
Diana Smith 

Jedidiah Smith 
Jenn Smith 
Lawton Smith 
Melanie Smith 
Jodi Southerland 

Deborah Sowa 
Charles Spears 
Darlene Spears 
Lori Spears 
Nick Spiller 

Kendra Stacey 
Mary Stalcup 
Melissa Stander 
Kelly Stansell 
Tammy Stence 

Jeanna Stephens 
Joseph Stiles 
Catherine Stratton 
Courtney Strickland 
Angela Strong 

Ann Sullivan 
Rachael Sulzbach 
Kelly Taylor 
Sherry Taylor 
David Thomas 




Mitzi Thornburg 

Heather Thurman 

Anita Tijerina 

Amy Tinsley 

Chad Turner 

Claire Turner 

Deborah Turner 

Donna Valenzuela 

David Vanbenschoten 

Carmen Vanoy 

Nathaniel Vanoy 

Danny Varghese 

Joshua Vernatter 

Dawn Vernon 

Matthew Vickery 

Tricia Vinson 

Christina VonNetzer 

Laurel Waid 

Joshua Walker 

Carrie Walls 

Kristan Ware 

Natasha Wargofcak 

Joyce Watson 

Andera Watts 

Beverly Weaver 

Sarah Weaver 

Jeffrey Weimert 

Kimberly Welborn 

Desmond Wellington 

Jeanette Weston 



Eric Whipple 
Byron Whittington 
Weah Williams, Jr. 
Jennie Wills 
Jason Wilson 

Joshua Wilson 
Rachael Wilson 
Shawn Wilson 
Kent Windham 
April Wood 

Brandi Woods 
Dani-Lynne Wright 
Rachel Wright 
Nicholas Yoemans 
Matthew Young 

Robin Zanfardino 
Erin Zinser 
Kristin Zinser 
Samuel Zopfi 



Latisha Aaron 

Kelly Abbe 

Heather Abbott 

Julia Abernathy 

Anissa Adams 

Anna Adams 

Carissa Adams 

Courtney Adams 

Erin Adams 

Jeremia Adams 

Laura Adams 

Marcus Adams 

Shellie Adams 

A.Shanna Adderley 

Josh Addis 

Sergio Aguilar 

Yuriko Akiba 

David Albala 

Adokpaye Alero 

Jon Alexander 

Angela Allen 

Casey Allen 

Justin Allen 

Matt Allen 

Tiffany Allen 

Richae Allison 

Kimberly Ambrose 

Josh Amburgy 

Kristi Amburgy 

Daniel Amnions 

Thomas Anders 

Andrew Anderson 

D. Anderson 

George Anderson III 

Julie Anderson 

Kara Anderson 

Katie Anderson 

Michelle Anderson 

Tiffany Anderson 

Bethany Andrews 

Dawn Andrews 

Grant Ansel 



Tessa Anttila 
Bo Armfield 
Nicole Armstrong 
Travis Arnold 
Natalia Ashburn 
Royce Atchley 

Joseph Augustin 
Kristin Austin 
Anthony Avnaim 
Brandon Ayers 
Phillip Ayers 
Su Bae 

Edward Bailey II 
Erin Bailey 
Kari Bailey 
Nichole Bailey 
Susan Bailey 
Cara Bain 

Christina Baird 
Jenah Baker 
Nathan Baker 
Sommer Baker 
Stacey Baker 
Matt Ballard 

Todd Banks 
Sheyla Barahona 
Amanda Barber 
Jamie Barfield 
Jennifer Barksdale 
Rachel Barksdale 

Benjamin Barnett 
Sheena Barnett 
Tiffany Barr 
Robin Barres 
Grace Barrett 
Lydia Barton 

Amanda Basdeo 
Jeremy Basham 
Christy Bassford 
Sarah Bassil 
Munkhjin Batbayar 
Amie Baucom 



Stephen Baugh 

Ashley Baumhardt 

Daniel Bausum 

Osiris Bautista 

Heather Bayard 

Pricilla Beach 

Jayne Beam 

Marion Beard 

Erin Bearden 

Kari Bearden 

Lindsay Beaty 

Lesiastes Beaver 

Ryan Beavers 

Robert Becker 

Wencke-Eileen Becker 

Jamie Becton 

Jennifer Belisle 

Cathy Bell 

Chris Bender 

Christa Bennett 

Marlaina Bennett 

Maria Benton 

Lee Bergakker 

Courtney Berger 

Damaris Berrios 
Heath Berry 

Brandon Billings 
Brett Billings 
Amy Binkley 
Crystal Birch 

Aaron Black 

Andrew Black 

Benjamin Black 

Elizabeth Black 

Stefanie Black 

Adam Blackwell 

Ashley Blackwell 

Jonathan Blaker 

Tiffany Bland 

Jennifer Blankenship 

Brandon Blaylock 

Kristen Blaylock 



C.J. Blount 
Corey Blount 
Jason Blount 
Raymond Blount 
Bethany Boatner 
Matt Bode 

Mamie Bolding 
Ashlie Bonin 
Naomi Boothe 
Rebecca Borden 
Chris Borgman 
Terri Bost 

Phillip Bouknight 
Courtney Bowden 
Kizzie Bowen 
Brandon Bowers 
James Bowers, Jr. 
Jason Bowers 

Timothy Bowman 
Sherri Boyd 
Shannon Boyer 
Christine Braden 
Andrea Bradford 
Ben Bradshaw 

Fance Brartnock 
Emily Brannon 
Lindsey Brason 
Christina Breazeale 
Kathleen Bredamus 
Jessica Brendle 

Rebekah Briggs 
Joshua Brinson 
Brandon Britton 
Kristen Broadhead 
J.Stuart Brock 
Toby Brogden 

Daniel Brooks 
Kimberly Brooks 
John Brose 
Jason Brothers 
Nathan Browe 
Ansley Brown 



Ashley Brown 
Celeste Brown 
Phillip Brown 
Shalee Brown 
Tori Brown 
Vivian Brown 

Melody Browning 

Raven Broyles 

Jenni Brussat 

Timothy Bryan 

Deann Buell 

Roza Bulba 

Stephen Bulkley 

Harry BurchellJII 

Stephanie Burchfield 

Becky Burdashaw 

Jonadab Burgueno 

April Burke 

Erin Burleson 

Mary Burleson 

Samuel Burleson 

Zach Burris 

Rebecca Burrows 

Josh Burrus 

Candice Burton 

Brooke Butler 

Jason Butler 

Mark Butler 

Kris Butz 

Oyungerel Byambasuren 

Jake Cain 

Delinois Cajuste, Jr. 

Amanda Calaway 

Brittanie Calvert 

David Campano 

Chris Campbell 

Clark Campbell 

Erin Campbell 

Bruno Campos 

Chrystal Cannon 

Sarah Capoferri 
Rachel Carlino 



Sharon Carlson 
Tamra Carlson 
Jessica Carlton 
Ashley Carpenter 
Ryan Carpenter 
Melissa-Lynn Carr 

Melody Carr 
Carolyn Carrell 
Andy Carrillo 
C.J. Carter 
Georganne Carter 
Stephanie Carter 

Timothy Carter 
Sarah Cary 
Jimmy Case 
Matthew Cason 
Samantha Cassel 
Nathan Cate 

Mesac Celeste 
Lauren Chace 
Jeannie Chacko 
Jennifer Chambers 
Matthew Chambers 
Terri Chambers 

Beauliere Champagne 
Matt Chao 
Brent Chapman 
Carin Chapman 
Cecily Chapman 
Lindsay Chapman 

Lindsay Chapman 
Levelt Charles 
Brandon Chatfield 
Andrew Chauncey 
Kristyn Chiapperino 
John Chiara 

Stephanie Childers 
Jonathan Chilson 
C. Christian 
J.W. Church 
Timothy Churches II 
Kristin Ciervo 



Ashleigh Clabaugh 

Joshua Clark 

Lorie Clark 

Matthew Clark 

Kaelan Clay 

Emily Cleveland 

Jason Clifford 

Rebekah Cockerham 

Amy Coffin 

Meredith Cohen 

Sarah Coker 

Jennifer Co lb urn 

Mathew Colby 

Beth Cole 

Casey Coleman 

Crystal Coleman 

Matthew Coleman 

Benjamin Colkmire 

Brandon Collins 
Darla Collins 
Georgia Collins 
Jennifer Collins 
Jennifer Collins 
Ashley Collver 

Amarilis Colon 

Michelle Connatser 

Jennifer Cooke 

Amanda Cooper 

Edie Cooper 

Eren Cooper 

Nancy Cooper 

Leslie Cordell 

Dustin Cordes 

Manuel Cornejo 

Jennifer Corrente 

Cindy Costa 

Melinda Cottrell 

Timothy Cowan 

Michelle Cowart 

Rachel Cowdell 

Ashleigh Cox 

Jason Cox 



Jesse Cox 
Rachel Cox 
George Craig III 
Maria Crain 
Kathryn Craven 
Adrienne Crawford 

Andrew Crawford 
Rebecca Crawford 
Ramona Creanga 
Maria Creel 
Jason Crider 
Amber Crigger 

Robin Crim 
Karrie Crittenden 
Kattie Crittenden 
Sara Crook 
Caleb Crooms 
Tara Cross 

Jordan Crossland 
John Crumley 
Cynthia Cruz 
Zabrina Culberson 
Jeremiah Cummings 
Lindsay Curd 

Elisabeth Curtis 
Tim Curtis 
Wesley Curtis 
Adrianna Cusick 
Susanna Custer 
Richie Daigle 

Brian Dalton II 
Jessica Dalton 
Joanna Dalton 
Allison Daniel 
Carmen Daniel 
Janah Daniel 

Marian Daniel 
Noell Darr 
Jessica Davenport 
Jacki Davidson 
Austin Davis 
Casie Davis 



Cassia Davis 

Claude Davis 

Erin Davis 

Jamey Davis 
Jennifer Davis 

Joshua Davis 

Justin Davis 

Rory Davis 

William Davis 

Caleb Dawson 

Jeremy Day 

Nicole Day 

Rachel Day 

Monica De Meza 

Leeann Deal 

Stephanie Dean 

Jonathan Deans 

Karen Dees 

Michael Degeus 
Natasha Dehart 

Michael Delbonis 
Kelly Delehanty 

Adam Delezenne 
Leslie Delk 

John Demerdjian 
Tiffany Demos 
Krista Demuth 
Gabriel Denny 
Brooke Derrick 
Brian Dial 

Jonathan Dickens 

Melissa Dickinson 

Ben Diffenderfer 

Benjamin Dillenback 

Keri Dixon 

Stephen Dixon 

Kristen Dodd 

Robert Dooley 

Shelley Doolittle 

Noelia Dotel 

Chris Doty 

Billy Douglas 


[ undergraduates] 

Nicole Douglas 
Shawn Douglas 
Tara Douglas 
Sheila Dover 
Jeremy Downey 
Jessica Doyel 

Matthew Drake 
Sandra Draper 
Matthew Dreyer 
Kristen Dubose 
Sarah Duckworth 
Kara Duff 

Stephany Dukes 
Courtney Duncan 
Kimberly Dunham 
Kathrine Dunlap 
Casey Dunn 
Hulon Dunn 

Christi Durham 
Ernie Durham 
William Dutton 
Katy Dye 
Brandon Dyer 
Marques Dyer 

Rachel Dyer 
Kellye Eades 
Teresa Earley 
Jacquline East 
Kenneth Ebanyat 
Kysha Eby 

Kristyn Edenfield 
Kristy Edgell 
Derek Edmondson 
Monique Edouard 
Justin Edwards 
Urania Edwards 

Lindsay Egner 
Ike Eisenberg 
Corey Eldon 
Tiffany Eldridge 
Monica Elliott 
Anita Ellis 



Jami Ellis 

Kirk Ellis 

Melissa Elser 

Andrea Emory 

Candice Endecott 

Jennifer Engle 

Matthew English 

Jeremy Envid 

Corey Ephrussi 

John Epley II 

Sarah Erdei 

Melissa Erjavec 

Jessica Escalera 

Charlsey Etheridge 

Katie Etheridge 

Sarah Everett 

William Fairchild, Jr. 

Scott Falkenstein, Jr. 

Misha Fanelli 

Christopher Farrell 

Nathan Farris 

Stephen Fast 

Peter Faul 

Tim Fedrick 

Hayli Fellwock 

Jessica Fentz 

Jennifer Ferrell 

Gabriel Fidler 

Jessica Fielder 

Kelsey Fields 

Kenny Fields 

Lindsey Fields 

Rachel Fields 

Ciara Finicelli 

Jennifer Finnell 

Robert Fisher 

Joel Fitts 

Tara Flemings 

Abigail Fletcher 

Kimberly Fletcher 

Heather Flood 

Amy Flora 



Robert Flowers 
Kellie Floyd 
Kathleen Foley 
Kimberly Follmer 
Jen Fondow 
Catherine Foster 

Maggie Foster 
Trevor Foster 
Kristy Fox 
Kimberly Foxworth 
Caron Francis 
Shanique Francis 

Jeannie Frangias 
Kristy Franks 
Josh Frazier 
Aaron Fritz 
Andrew Frodahl 
Tara Fry 

Andi Fuerst 
Matt Fuson 
April Gafford 
Monica Gaitor 
Jennifer Galindo 
Jaclyn Gallaher 

Lauren Gallaher 
Josh Gann 
Milton Gardner 
Amanda Gargus 
Chris Garmon 
Crystal Garrett 

Jessica Garrett 
Cynthia Garrison 
Randi Garrison 
Matt Garver 
Tiffany Gause 
Jennifer Gee 

Shaun Gentner 
Brooke Gentry 
Keri George 
Eleni Georgiou 
Ryan Gerringer 
Ashley Geyer 



Brandon Giacone 

Sarah Gibson 

Robert Giglio 

Melodee Gilbertson 

Robin Gillies 

Ashley Gilreath 

Rodney Gipson 

Anthony Giron 

Ryan Glass 

Jessica Gligora 

Katie Glines 

Becky Godsey 

Christina Gokanakonda 

Henry Goldner 

Byron Gomez 

Kurtis Gomez 

Christin Gonzalez 

lordan Goodman 

David Goodrich 

Crystal Goodwin 

Jennifer Goodwin 

Tim Goolsby 

Seth Gordy 

Nikki Gorman 

Jonathan Goss 
Ashley Gower 
Daniel Grace 
Douglas Grace 
John Gradone 
James Graham 

Justin Graham 

Shauna Graham 

Jared Grantham 

Amanda Gray 

Kimberly Grayson 

Candice Green 

Shanna Green 

Timothy Green 

Zachariah Green 

Jessica Greene 

Andrea Gregory 

Melissa Gregory 



Anna Gregson 
Lindsey Griffeth 
Aubrey Griffin 
Jordan Griffin 
Dusty Griffis 
Faith Griffith 

Paul Griffith 
Chad Grisham 
Kathy Grizzle 
Matthew Grizzle 
Andrew Gruits 
Nicole Guinot 

Kandi Gulley 

Courtney Gutenschwager 

Jeremy Guyselman 

Brett Haase 

Sonja Hacker 

David Hacman 

Christina Haddox 
Melissa Haege 
Nikki Haire 
Andrea Haitz 
Jennifer Hall 
Jeremy Hall 

Kimberly Hall 
Michael Hall 
Andy Hamilton 
Barbara Hamilton 
Blaine Hamilton 
Heidi Hamilton 

Holly Hamilton 
Jennifer Hamilton 
Autumn Hamlett 
Taran Hamm 
Christina Hammond 
Jennifer Hammons 

Tara Hamons 
Sang Han 
Jennifer Hancock 
Mariah Haney 
Jeremy Hannah 
Kandie Hansen 



Adam Hanvey 
Nicole Hardin 
Tasha Harding 
Kristen Hardt 
Crystal Hardy 
Amanda Harkins 

Quinn Harper 

Fannie Harr 

Allison Harris 

Jodi Harris 

Kristen Hart 

Chrystal Hartman 

Amanda Hartz 

Sara Hashagen 

Terri Hatfield 

Michael Hatrak 

Corey Hattenstein 

Brandi Haviland 

Azure Hayes 

Stephanie Hazy 

Jason Head 

Rebekah Healy 

Gracen Heath 

Kyle Heck 

Jade Heidt 

Matthew Heilmann 

Kristin Helfenberger 

Dean Heller 

Amanda Hellvig 

Erin Helvie 

Carl Helweg 

Scott Hemphill 

Elizabeth Hendel 

Jessica Hendrickson 

Shanda Hendrickson 

Haven Hendrix 

Sally Hendrix 

Lacy Henry 

Kristin Hensley 

Matthew Hensley 

Steve Henson 

Kathryn Herman 



Ryan Herrmann 
Bethany Herron 
Dyana Herron 
Laura Herron 
Amy Hess 
Karis Hess 

Michelle Hess 
Tommy Hesson 
Brooke Hicks 
Jarred Hicks 
Kasi Hicks 
Meredith Hicks 

Riley Higgins 
Sara Higgins 
Tiffany Higgins 
Tyler Higgins 
Charles Hill, Jr. 
Craig Hill 

Dewayne Hill 
Natalie Hill 
Norman Hill 
Melynda Hilliard 
Danielle Hilterbrand 
Christa Hinson 

Miranda Hocker 
Sarah Hockett 
Ryan Hodges 
Christian Hoffman 
Grey Hoffman 
Lane Hoffman 

Agnieska Hojnicz 
Matthew Holcomb 
Bryan Holden 
Kristi Holland 
Valerie Holland 
Genea Hollimon 

Evan Holloway 
Mahaley Holloway 
Emily Holmes 
Tiffany Holmes 
Wesley Holmes 
Kelli Holser 



Chase Holsomback 

Anna Hooker 

Candace Hooker 

Debbie Hopkins 

Jeanette Hopkins 

Sandra Hornback 

Jacob Horowitz 

Rudy Horton 

Stephanie Hoskins 

Holly Houston 

P.D. Houston 

Brandon Howard 

Jacueline Howard 

Rainey Howarth 

Kimberly Howe 

Hung-En Hsu 

Adam Hubbard 

Nathan Hubbard 

Joseph Huffling 

Jennifer Hullender 

Ryan Hulton 

Bobby Hunt 

Jonathan Hunter 

Heather Hurley 

Natasha Hurst 

Scott Hurstell 

Nesha Huskamp 

Dana Huskey 

Amanda Hutsell 

Heather Hyder 

Drew Hysell 

Jay Hysinger 

Jennifer Ingram 

Angela Isbill 

Caleb Ives 

Jade Ivey 

Maya Iwamura 

Ryo Iwamura 

Marie Jacinthe 

Brooke Jackson 

Jacqueline Jackson 

Leeanna Jacobs 



Michelle Jadwisiak 
Bonnie James 
Alenna Jarrett 
Ronald Jean-Louis 
Anthony Jenkins 
Dana Jenkins 

Marisa Jenkins 
Valarie Jenkins 
Jenny Jenzano 
Penny Jeralds 
Allen Jervy 
Elizabeth Joerin 

Morgan John 
Ashley Johnson 
Audrey Johnson 
Bj Johnson 
Carlie Johnson 
J. Johnson 

Jaton Johnson 
Jennifer Johnson 
Justin Johnson 
Kirt Johnson 
Lindsay Johnson 
Robert Johnson 

Ryan Johnson 
Valerie Johnston 
Meagan Jolley 
April Jones 
Brenda Jones 
J.Cameron Jones 

Meagan Jones 
Melanie Jones 
Michael Jones 
Molly Jones 
Samantha Jones 
Sarah Jones 

Lorianna Joos 
Brad Jordan 
Donald Jordan 
Michael Jordan 
Sarah Jordan 
Elroy Joseph 



Ryan Joyce 

Brittany Joyner 

Tenika Joyner 

Corinne Justice 

Joshua Justice 

Christina Kaiser 

Nick Kaisharis 

Sarah Kancherla 

Joy Kaneklicies 

Bill Kaska 

Daisy Kauffman 

Melissa Kauffman 

Jennifer Kavcsak 

Natalie Keckler 

Patrick Keeling 

Crystal Keeter 

Sean Kelly 

Starr Kelly 

Casey Kendall 

Carolyn Kendeall 

Rebekah Kendrick 

Rachel Kenney 

Deborah Key 

J. Kidwell 

Lisa Kidwell 

Jamie Kilpatrick 

Josh Kilpatrick 

Soosanna Kim 

Laura Kimbel 

Heather Kimsey 

Caryne King 

Shannon King 

Jacquelyn Kingery 

Ross Kingery 

Meredith Kinney 

Katie Kinser 

Kelli Kinsey 

Rachel Kinsey 

Brad Kiny 

David Kirby 

Michael Kirby 

Kelly Kirkpatrick 


[ undergraduates] 

Kc Kisinger 
Cameron Kist 
Erica Kizzee 
Frederick Knight, Jr. 
Tracy Knight 
Erica Knoke 

Justin Knowles 
Ginger Koehler 
Andrew Kohler 
Kira Kolschefski 
Lesley Koon 
Sarah Kortan 

Elizabeth Koster 
John Kreitizer 
Jason Kretzer 
Sorayah Kubba 
Kaori Kubota 
Angela Kull 

Charles Kumler 
Sara Laboranti 
Deborah Lacrosse 
Brian Ladd 
Michelle Laframboise 
Christopher Lairsey 

Seth Lamagna 
Kristin Lamar 
Elisabeth Lamb 
Christan Lambert 
J. Lambert 
Shannon Lancaster 

Bridget Land 
Ken Land 
Latanya Lane 
Rocky Lane 
Amanda Lang 
Elizabeth Lang 

Bethany Lanier 
Joel Larabell 
Leah Larocco 
Cristian Lascau 
Elizabeth Latham 
Grant Lathrop 



Rachel Lathrop 

Matt Latta 

Amanda Lawrence 

Lauren Lawson 

Hannah Layton 

Joshua Leavitt 

Alison Lecroy 

Candice Lecroy 

Kelley Lecroy 

Jessica Ledesma 

Alasia Ledford 

Bethany Lee 

Jason Lee 

Shannon Lee 

Ryan Lefevre 

Jennifer Lemley 

Heather Leonard 

Yvonne Letzin 

Adam Lewis 

Ben Lewis 

Brent Lewis 

Candice Lewis 

Greg Lewis 

Lauren Lewis 

Carrie Libby 

Nicole Libby 

Diana Liechty 

Heather Liles 

Jessie Lilley 

Sarah Limper 

Amanda Lindeman 

Christopher Lindeman 

Kris Lindsey 

Shawna Lingerfelt 

Lee Linkous 

Joshua Lipstone 

Amanda Little 

Justin Livey 

Bethany Lloyd 

Jillian Lloyd 

Brian Lobb 

Steven Logan 



Lindsey Lombard 
Craig Long 
Jessica Long 
Jessica Long 
John Loudermilk II 
Jereme Love 

William Love 
Wendy Lovvorn 
Jessica Lowe 
Amanda Lowery 
Theodore Luckman 
Otoniel Lumbi 

Stacey Lundgren 
Craig Lutz 
Joshua Lynch 
Julia Lynch 
Brandy Lynn 
Janiese MacAluso 

Nicole MacAluso 
Janbota Madeniet 
Josue Madera 
Joshua Madison 
Casey Magner 
Sishma Maharaj 

Abigail Mahone 
Katrina Mahoney 
Kellie Makeeff 
Karen Malik 
Michael Mallick 
Stephanie Mallory 

Jennifer Manderfield 
Crystal Manderson 
Timothy Maness 
Amanda Maney 
Alicia Mann 
Tamara Marchel 

April Marchese 
Kristi Marsh 
Patrick Marshall 
Kyle Martin 
Leighanna Martin 
Meghan Martin 



Melissa Martin 

Nathan Martin 

Tami Martin 

Emily Mashburn 

Amanda Mason 

Jennifer Massey 

Natacha Mathador 

Rogin Ma the w 

Sunshine Mathews 

Michael Mathis 

Jennifer Mathura 

Hannah Matis 

Natasha Matthews 

Scott Maucere 

Mandy Mauch 

Brett Mauldin 

Gabrielle Mauldin 
Ryan Mauldin 

Julia Mavrudieva 

Janna May 

Benjamin Mayer 

Katie Mayer 

Stephanie Maynard 

Rachel Mazzer 

Sara McAllister 

Lindsay McCalister 

Marcus McCann 

Matthew McCarty 

Ryan McCarty 

Carleigh McCook 

Amiee McCoy 

Chad McCracken 

Lisa McCuan 

April McCuen 

Amanda McCullough 

Kristin McDonald 

Jennifer McDonough 

Jason McDowell 

Mark McEachin 

[ustin McElhaney 

Mark McEver 

Marshellev McGhee 



Leslie McGovern 
Lauren Mclntyre 
Todd McKee 
Kathleen McKeon 
Natasha McKibben 
Estella McKinney 

Melissa McLamb 
Antonio McLeod 
Christin McLewin 
Ashley McMahan 
Naomi McManus 
Dana McMullen 

Antwane McMullin 
Bridgett McNeely 
Katie McNeely 
Shelli McNeely 
Amos McPherson 
Deanna McQuitty 

Chris Meacham 
Beth Meadows 
Tina Meadows 
Nicole Mears 
Jennifer Medlin 
Kelli Medlin 

Jonathan Meek 
Laura Meeks 
Michele Meeks 
Olena Meir 
Julie Melilli 
Elizabeth Mendoza 

Robert Meredith 
Daniel Merritt 
Melody Merritt 
Michelle Mestas 
Sarah Meszaros 
Andrea Meyer 

Rachel Meyer 
Tosha Meyers 
Dorin Micula 
Esther Micula 
Angela Miller 
Carrie Miller 



Heidi Miller 

Jeremy Miller 

Jessica Miller 

Matthew Miller 

Reggie Miller 

Sarah Miller 

Sarah Miller 

Tiffany Miller 

Timothy Miller 

Adrienne Mills 

Rebecka Mills 

Stephanie Mills 

Silvia Minay 

Ashton Mitchell 

Corrie Monroe 

Tania Montanez 

Brandon Moore 

Chloe Moore 

Emily Moore 

Heather Moore 

Jonny Moore 

Kristin Moore 

Darrell Mooring 

Christian Mora 

Dewey Morgan 

Les Morgan 

Paula Morley 

Chad Morrin 

Jennifer Morris 

Jessica Morris 

Lindsay Morris 

Kyle Morrow 

Shaun Morton 

J.R Moser 

Christa Moses 

Nathan Moss 

John Mroczko 

Laura Mullis 

Nathan Munn 

Lainy Muraoka 

Christie Murphey 

Jennifer Murphy 



Kerri Murphy 
Alison Murray 
Brooke Murray 
Lindsay Myers 
Amanda Napoli 
Ronnie Natola 

Joshua Nave 
Marty Neilan 
Rebecca Nevels 
Benjamin Newman 
David Newton 
Allison Nichols 

Kristen Nichols 
Vicki Nichols 
Christy Nicholson 
Amy Nimylowycz 
Jeffrey Nix 
Jonathan Nixon 

Matt Noe 
Vincent Norman 
Betsy Norris 
Stephanie North 
Bart Norton 
Becky Norton 

Jeff Norton 
Maximiliano Nudman 
Yerbol Nurbatisn 
Isaac Oakes 
Sommer Oder 
Hannah Ogden 

Jacob Ogle 
Rachel Ogle 
Erin Ossewaarde 
Raquel Osterbauer 
Heather Ott 
G. Outlaw, Jr. 

Xan Overman 
Anna Overton 
David Owens 
Jennifer Owens 
Jessica Owens 
Jonathan Ownby 



Micheal Oxford 

Ashlev Page 

Laurie Palagyi 

Callie Palmer 

Kelly Palmer 

Alaina Pancio 

Kasha Pannell 

Martha Papworth 

Olivia Parfait 

Joseph Parker 

Jonathan Parrott 

Faith Paurillo 

Amanda Payne 

Jeremy Payne 

Emily Peck 

Hollisha Peguese 

Lauren Pelham 

Kyle Peltier 

Waleska Pena 

Jonathan Penix 

Josh Penix 

Jonas Perez 

John Perkins 

Tylere Perron 

Joe Pesca 

Bryan Peters 

Jessica Petersen 

Dawn Peterson 

Elizabeth Peterson 

Jerod Peterson 

Jesse Peterson 

John Peterson 

Torrey Peterson 

Ashley Petray 

Jennifer Phelps-Kuehner 

Christopher Phillips 

Foster Phillips 

Josh Phillips 

Justin Phillips 

Keri Phillips 

Tirzah Phillips 

Matthew Pierce 



Jessica Pike 
Julie Pisarek 
Julie Pittman 
Allison Piatt 
Nicole Ploss 
Lowell Pocock 

Jay Poff 
Jason Pogue 
Victor Polero 
Wilmari Pomales 
Charity Ponce 
Michael Ponce 

Justin Poole 
Shannon Poos 
Kimberly Pope 
Larry Pope 
Marisa Poplin 
Sunshine Porter 

Timothy Porter 
Kendra Potter 
Leah Potter 
Stacey Pousson 
Christina Powers 
Sarah Powers 

Kristen Powless 
Eric Praschan 
Mallory Presley 
Michael Presswood 
Leslie Priest 
Carrie Pritchard 

John Proctor 
Jason Puffinburger 
Christopher Pylant 
Tetiana Pylypiv 
Jason Quarles 
Michelle Queen 

Melanie Quiles 
Shawna Quilter 
Kyle Raffensperger 
Heath Ragsdale 
Chris Ramnath 
Alisa Ramsumair 



Benjamin Randall 

Tiffany Rapier 

Amanda Rasey 

Amber Ratliff 

Emily Rau 

Gwen Rauch 

Kathryn Rawlands 

Michael Ray 

Gregory Re 

April Reaves 

Jacklyn Red 

Joshua Redditt 

Shawn Redmon 

Aaron Reed 

Besty Reed 

Bethany Reed 

Jennifer Reed 

Stacie Reed 

Cherish Reid 

Kristina Reid 

Alesha Rescigno 

Elizabeth Reynen 

Stephanie Rhoades 

Cassandra Rice 

Corey Rice 

Christin Richardson 

Lynndee Richardson 

Stephanie Richardson 

Brian Rickett 

Heather Rickson 

Andrea Riley 
Angela Riley 

Justin Riley 
Melissa Riley 

Phillip Rilev 
Lisa Rill 

Bethany Rimondi 

Justin Rimondi 

Stephanie Rios 

Terri Riplev 

Desiree Rivera 

Acoya Rivers 



Jennifer Rizzo 
John Roark 
Aileen Roberson 
Amy Roberts 
Christine Robinson 
Sarah Robinson 

Nicole Rochell 
Matt Rodante 
Mary Rodman 
Hilda Rodriguez 
James Rodriguez, Jr. 
Jessica Rodriguez 

Kevin Rodriguez 
Gabriela Rojas-Javaloyes 
Katherine Roland 
Rachel Roman 
Katie Rominger 
Lauren Rose 

Lindsey Rose 
Exume Rosenie 
Johnathan Roser 
Melody Ross 
Natachia Ross 
Beka Rothwell 

Tanard Rousey 
Jason Rowe 
Brantley Rudd 
Jennifer Rudd 
Joshua Rufener 
Crystal Ruff 

Barbie Rumsey 
Virginia Runion 
Charles Runnels 
Laura Russell 
Rachel Rymer 
Muna Sabbah 

Krystle Sacco 
Brad Sagraves 
Cara Sailors 
Annika Salas 
David Saleh 
Joy Saleh 



Jana Salver 

Robert Samaan 

Jillian Sample 

Daniel Sampson 

Kenneth Samulson 

Roberto Sanchez 

Jennifer Sander 

Mary Sanders 

Valerie Sandlan 

Mendi Sandoz 

Jonathan Sanzone 

Carrie Saunders 

Laura Saunders 
Daniel Sawtelle 
Delvita Sawyer 
Kristen Sawyer 
Nathaniel Sawyer 
Micah Saxton 

Rayenetta Scarberry 

Daniel Scarbrough 

Jonathan Schallmo 

Macey Scharoun 

Nathan Scheidt 

Laura Scheuch 

Jessica Scheurer 
Lamara Schiller 

Elizabeth Schillo 

Elisabeth Schirmers 

Aubrie Schlecht 

Sharon Schrader 

Christina Schroeder 

Jesse Schroeder 

Kendra Schultz 

Kristina Schwandt 

Caliph Scott 

Ees Scott 

Candice Scroggins 

Paula Scay 

Josh Sebastian 

Donald Seder 

James Seibert 

Melissa Seibert 



Katherine Selby 
Heather Sells 
Kali Selvidge 
Chris Senkovich 
Andrew Seymour 
Patty Shaffer 

Amy Shallenberger 
Matt Sharp 
Jessica Shaub 
Darleen Shaw 
Susan Sheehy 
Sommer Sheets 

Bethel Shelton 
Will Sherrow 
Christin Shiffer 
Izumi Shimizu 
Anna Shipp 
Crystal Shire 

Jamie Shoemaker 
Selena Shope 
Angel Shreve 
Susan Shriver 
Amanda Shutts 
Kristen Siders 

Jennifer Simms 
Jessica Simms 
Tania Simpson 
Billy Singletary 
Lindsey Skelton 
Krista Slicker 

Cindy Slusher 
Jennifer Small 
Mandy Small 
Tiffany Smartt 
Sarah Smiley 
Kristal Smink 

Adam Smith 
Amena Smith 
Anna Smith 
Brent Smith 
Craig Smith 
Gekisha Smith 



Joshua Smith 

Justin Smith 

Lloyd Smith 

Melissa Smith 

Michael Smith 

Nathan Smith 

Nicholas Smith 

Sara Smith 

Sherra Smith 

Cheryl Smithwick 

Emily Sneed 

Stephen Snuffin 

Joy Snyder 

Patti Sonnilal 

Jon Souders 

Ashley Soule 

Carrie South 

Tanya Southwell 

Megan Spann 

Allon Sparks 

Leslie Spearman 

Julie Speelman 

Kristin Speichinger 

Joshua Spence 

Amy Spencer 

Courtney Spencer 

Richard Spencer 

Jon Spoon 

Steven Stafford 

Mary Stage 

Billy Stalcup 

Anita Stall ings 

Brock Stamps 

Amber Standridge 

Bethany Stanfield 

Ashley Stanley 

Charles Starks 
Hannah Stear 
Jessica Steele 

Michelle Steele 
Sarah Steele 

Jonathan Steen 



Alicia Stegemoller 
Josh Steinmann 
Linda Sterbenz 
Gregory Stevens 
Kimberleigh Stewart 
Lacey Stewart 

Donnie Stidham 
Victoria Stillwell 
Michael Stockstill 
Matt Stone 
Valerie Stone 
Kevin Stover 

Amy Stowe 
Roman Strelkov 
Amy Strickhouser 
Amy Strickland 
Dana Strickland 
Cole Strong 

JohnStubbs III 
Lesley Stucker 
Amanda Stuman 
Amy Suddreth 
Miranda Sullivan 
Stephen Sullivan 

Christian Summers 
Stephanie Summers 
S.Michelle Summitt 
Rachel Sumner 
Susan Sumrall 
Bobbi Sutherland 

David Sutton 
Adam Swalley 
Nicole Swarts 
Stephanie Swindal 
Victoria Swisher 
Christina Sylvester 

Steven Tankersley 
Ashlee Tarbutton 
Yannick Tating 
Stacey Tatter 
Tiffany Taulbee 
Audrey Taylor 



Carrie Taylor 

Geoffrey Taylor 

Josh Taylor 

Lee Taylor 

Stephanie Taylor 

Tatumn Taylor 

Siphra Tchoua 
Josh Teague 
Deana Teaster 
Laura Temple 
Ryan Tennant 
Andrew Terry 

Kendall Terry 

Jason Tharpe 

Erlie Thelot 

Ashley Thomas 

Ashley Thomas 

Christin Thomas 

Devon Thomas 
Garth Thomas 

Ginger Thomas 
James Thomas 
Jerald Thomas 

Jessica Thomas 

Joseph Thomas 
Keisha Thomas 
Kristin Thomas 
Megan Thomas 
Melissa I homas 
Rachel le Thomas 

Shau n Thomas 
Jay Thompson 
Trey Thompson 
Wes Thorton 
Ashley Tidwell 
Amanda Tilley 

Elizabeth Tinsley 

Niki Tipton 

Stephanie Todd 

David Tolentino 

Danielle Topper 

I leather Torick 



Christopher Torregiano 
Renee Tracey 
Lisa Travis 
Gabriel Trevino 
Raul Trevino 
Laura Trnavsky 

Rhonda Troutman 
Jennifer Truskowski 
Ariunaa Tseveensambuu 
Jessica Tucker 
Deborah Tuff 
Casey Tuggle 

John Turner 
Christina Tuttle 
Aaron Tyson 
Matt Underwood 
Shane Unsworth 
Chris Unthank 

Barbara Updegraff 
Andrew Uptegrove 
Allison Van Sickle 
Ross Vance 
Sarah Vandergraph 
Aletta Vandergriff 

Charles Vanderveen 
Sarah Vanhook 
Nathan Vanotterloo 
Mariesha Vargas 
Tonya Venable 
Misha Vernatter 

Danielle Vick 
Erica Vinciguerra 
Crystal Vogtsberger 
Richard Vogtsberger 
Svetlana Vorontsov 
Jade Vosick 

Ashley Waddell 
Stephanie Waddell 
Jared Waldrop 
Clarice Walker 
Matt Walker 
Stacy Walker 



Carrie Wallace 
Jennifer Waller 
Tiffany Waller 
Holly Walsh 
Dasilva Walter 
Miranda Ward 

Phillip Ward 
Brittnay Warnick 

Matt Warren 

Matthew Warren 

Kiel Washington 

Melodv-Jov Wassmer 

J. Watkins 

Audene Watson 

Julie Watson 

Pearl Watson 

Sherif Watson 

Ashlev Watts 

Elizabeth Watts 

Suzanne Watts 

Rachel Wead 

Gabriel Weathers 

Jonathan Weathersby 

Rebecca Webb 

Todd Webb 

Mandee Webber 

Jennifer Welch 

Dawn Wells 

Demetri Wells 

Crystal Wessells 

Lerin West 

Andy Weyant 

Angie Weyant 

Natalie Wharton 

Jonathan Wheat 

Justine Wheatley 

Kristi Wheble 

Amanda Whisler 

Sarah Whi taker 

Alan White 

Billy White 

Caleb White 



Heather White 
Quintana White 
S. White 

Miranda Whittington 
Janelle Wible 
Susan Wiechmann 

Rachel Wielfaert 
Autumn Wiggins 
Kristy Wiles 
Rusty Willemsen 
Chad Williams 
Erin Williams 

Michelle Williams 
Nathan Williams 
Regan Williams 
Jared Williamson 
Lisa Willie 
Hillary Willis 

Justin Willis 
Branden Wilson 
Dawn Wilson 
Deidra Wilson 
Diana Wilson 
Douglas Wilson 

Jonathan Wilson 
Lydia Wilson 
Ryan Wilson 
Timothy Wilson 
Tina Wilson 
Angela Wimberley 

Jenny Winderweedle 
Corie Winfrey 
Laura Wingate 
Melanie Wisgerhof 
Lorenzo Withrite 
Kyle Wittstruck 

Carolyn Woehrle 
Brian Wolf 
Jodi Wolf 
Monica Wolfe 
Brooke Wollett 
Natalie Womochil 



A. Wong 

Andrew Wood 

Cheri Wood 

Krystie Wood 

Raymond Wood 

Kelly Wooden 

Daniel Woodward 

Christy Wooten 

Teri Wooten 

Ashley Wootton 

David Wray II 

Elizabeth Wright 

Jimmy Wright 

Jonathan Wright 

Josh Wright 

Katie Wright 

Anna Wu 

Kimberly Yaddow 

William Yates 

Izaya Yatsuzuka 

Laura Yeomans 

Paul Yoakam 

Joy Yonce 

Terry York 

Travis York 

Elise Young 

Kevin Young 

Toby Zachman 

Matt Zerrip 

Courtney Zimmer 

Bethel Zinvemba 




Preparing for the world 

The effort of members of Phi Beta Lambda to contribute to the future success of students was seen in their 
provision of opportunities for preparation for the business world. 

Though the business world tends to be typified as an intense, 
cut-throat place, the members of Phi Beta Lambda proved that 
there is an antithesis to the common conception of the white- 
collar workers. The Business Club, as Phi Beta Lambda is better 
known, makes it possible for students, members and non- 
members alike, to improve their appeal to future employers by 
hosting resume workshops. In addition, the organization 
provides for students the opportunity to ask the advice of 
professional beauty and image consultants. Within the 
organization, members are given the chance to attend 

conferences, such as the National Fall Leadership Conference, 
which was hosted in Greensboro, North Carolina. Influential 
businessmen and women also give presentations to the club 
members, in hopes of preparing the students for issues they will 
face when they enter into the business world. The members gather 
before Christmas to participate in the Operation Christmas Child 
outreach. The concern and compassion of Phi Beta Lambda are 
two qualities that are seldom broadcast in discussions of business; 
however, the positive influence of that organization in the lives 

Of Others is evident. By Amanda Hutsell. 

Clockwise Amy Flora wraps boxes for Samaritan's Purse; Sarah 
Gibbon, Jenni Brussat, Rob Samaan and Amy Flora display their booth 
for Homecoming 2001; Officers Amy Flora, Sarah Phillips, Sarah 
Gibbon and Jenni Brussat. 


"PEL gives you opportunities to 

hear from business people who are 

in the real world and have good 

advice to give. 
— Amy Flora, Treasurer 

Clockwise (from topi left) Sarah Phillips, Marcia Black, Tirzah Phillips, Katrina 
Mahoney, Jenni Brussat and Rob Samaan enjoy back massages; A BeautiControl 
image consultant teaches Jenni Brussat about her body type during the 
Homecoming 2001 festivities; Dwight Custer answers students' questions after 
his presentation on "Preparing for Your Future"; Josh Lynch, Amy Flora and 
Ryan Carpenter attend the National Fall Leadership Conference in Greensboro, 
North Carolina. 

Pi Delta Phi 

President: Andia Augustin: 
"Having Pi Delta Phi here at Lee is 
a prestigious honor for the school 
and for us. Through the society, we 
strive to bring an awareness of the 
French culture on campus whether 
it's European, Carribean or African, 
as well as cultivating a love of 
learning for the most beautiful 
language of the world: French." 
Sponsor: Dr. James Wilkins: 
"Having a national honor society 
chapter on campus lends 
recognition, not only to its student 
membership, but to the university's 
standing in the larger academic 
community. Lee University students 
who devote their energy to a 
rigorous study of French language 
and literature are identified with Pi 
Delta Phi as members of a larger 
family' striving to continue a long 
standing appreciation of 
Francophone culture throughout the 
zvorld. " 

group photo Adrianne Riso, Andia Augustin 
(President), Laura Meeks; backLisa Eulo (Secretary), 
Coral Neurohr, Rebekah Jervev (Treasurer) 

Pi Delta Phi: French Honor Society 

Sigma Delta 
Pi: Spanish 

Sigma Delta Pi 

Sponsor: Dr. Dora Vargas 
The Spanish Honor Society, Sigma 
Delta Pi, inducted eight students into 
the organization on December 11, 
2001 . The ceremony xvas conducted by 
Dr. Dora Vargas and Mr. Jose Minay. 

group photo Joy Dark, Bryan Barker, Dr. Dora 
Vargas; back Erik Wilson, Darlene Spears, Mr. 
ose Minay, Christina Morris, Waleska Pena, 
Andrea Cummins, Dr. Eddie Brown. 




Alpha Phi Delta: 
Pre-Med Honor Society 

Alpha Phi Delta 

Alpha Phi Delta is the pre-med 
and allied health honor society. 
Members must have a 3.3 science 
and general grade point average, 
and have accumulated at least 60 
credit hours. Members 
participate in volunteer projects, 
such as work with the Bradley 
Healthcare Center and the 
American Alzheimer's 
Association. The club also hosts a 
bi-annual Open Forum tlrnt 
provides a variety of science and 
health related topics, presented 
by various professionals, and is 
intended for the entire campus. 

group photo Anna Wu, Erin Bailey, 
Heather Rickson, Sarah Miller, Corey 
Ephrussi, Kelli Portwood, Natasha 
Wargofcak; back Dr. Robert West, Corey 
Rice, Timothy Bowman, Joel Hullett, 
Jonathan Ownby, Jonathan Steen, Dr. 
Albert Ruff, Tirzah Phillips 

Alpha Kappa Delta 

Alpha Kappa Delta International 

Honor Society was founded in 

1920 by the renowned scholar 

Emory S. Bogardus at the 

University of Southern 

California. The purpose of the 

organization is to stimulate 

scholarship, promote the 

scientific study of society, and to 

provide fellowsh ip for studen ts 

on the undergraduate and 

graduate level. 

group photo Angela Beight, Holly 

Fuqua, Tiffany King, Julie Reed; 

back Melody Cline, Jessica Bishop, 

Sarah Provost, Shaun Thomas 

Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society 


Alpha Chi 

Alpha Chi Honor Society 

Sponsors: Dr. Michael Brownlee 

and Dr. Matthew Sims 

President: Adriana Salomone 

Alpha Chi is an interdisciplinary 

honor society which acknowledges 

students in the top ten percent of the 

junior and senior classes at Lee. In 

addition to formal inductions, 

Alpha Chi hosts an evening of 

student presentations. 

Opportunities also exist for 

members to participate in national 

scholarship competitions. 

Members (in alphabetical order) Jennifer Ackerman, Marcus Adams, Shereen Adams, Tiffany Andrews, Jaclyn Bailey, Jenah Baker, Kathryn Barton, Sara Beavers, 
Marlaina Bennett, Christa Bennett, Jennifer Bennett, Kathleen Bredamus, Rachel Briggs, Heidi Brown, Jennifer Brussat, Sharon Burgess, Miranda Cassel, Crystal 
Clack, Mathew Colby, Bryan Croyle, Susanna Custer, LeeAnn Deal, Heather Dean, Alice Deck, Allison Demos, Holli Dunbar, Jennifer Dyson, Kathia Elder, 
Candice Endecott, Kari Farley, Erica Ferguson, Nancy Finell, Aimee Fisher, Amy Flora, Joshua Foote, Kimberly Foxworth, Caron Francis, Crystal Garrett, Nikki 
Gorman, Blaine Hamilton, Meghan Hamilton, Vanessa Haney, Katie Harper, Michael Hatrak, Bethany Herron, Sara Higgins, Brandy Hipp, Matthew Holcomb, 
Hollie Howard, Joel Hullett, Amanda Hutsell, Jennifer Ingram, Patricia Jackson, Suzanne King, Tiffany King, Brandon Kirkland, Kyla Klitzke, Derek Knoke, 
Melissa Land, Hope Lewis, Amy Livingston, Lucal Lloyd, Corine Ludwig, Emily Lynn, Katrina Mahoney, Hannah Matis, Kellie Makeef, Elisabeth Martin, Brie 
McDaniel, Perry Mears II, Olena Meir, Brandon Miles, Kathleen Morrow, Jakob Ogle, Josh Osborn, Laurie Palagyi, Lisa Palagyi, Tirzah Phillips, Kimberly Poplin, 
Emily Rau, Julie Reed, Allison Roberts, Nicole Rochell, France-Kathie Rogers, Benjamin Rowland, Adriana Salomone, Elizabeth Schillo, Amy Semour, Amy 
Shallenberger, Matthew Sharp, Brian Shaw, Jennifer Small, Jedidiah Smith, Jodi Southerland, Charles Spears, Lori Spears, Kendra Stacey, Catherine Stratton, 
Rachael Sulzbach, Kendall Terry, Kristin Thomas, Rachelle Thomas, David Thomas, Rhonda Troutman, Dani-Lynn Tucker, Amanda Turner, Josh Vernatter, Carrie 
Walls, Michael Ward, Sarah Weaver, Heather Weeks, Jennie Wils, Laura Wingate, Matthew Young 

Student Leadership Council 

Sponsors: Mike Hayes 
Chair: Leslie Cordell 

The Student Leadership Council serves the campus in many different areas. 
The SLC is divided into different committees, each serving a different facet 
of campus life. From hosting post-chapel mixers to co-sponsoring events 
with other campus organizations, the SLC ensures that students have ample 
opportunities for involvement and entertainment on campus. 






Sponsor: Dr. Jerome Hammond 

President: Leeann Deal 

Vice-President: Ashley Thomas 

Secretary: Mariesha Vargas 

Members: Angela Beight, Todd Banks, Crystal Clack, 

Candice Endecott, Dianne King, Justin Knowles, Leah 


"The Odyssey has undergone a transition this year. We are 

enjoying the luxury of a new, larger, more centralized location. 

We have been able to award our first of many GST 

scholarships to students traveling through the study abroad 

programs at Lee. With our new facility we have been better 

able to serve the needs of students with a larger selection of 

textbooks, as well as extended hours throughout the semester. " 

— Leeann Deal, President 

Clockwise from top left Todd Banks and Leah LaRocco 
help students find used books; Ashley Thomas gladly 
assists students in the purchase of used books; Leah 
LaRocco searches for used books. 


Psi Chi: Psychology Honor Society 

Sponsor: Dr. Kelly Powell 
President: Corine Ludwig 

Psi Chi was established in 1929 for the 
■purposes of encouraging, stimulating and 
maintaining excellence in scholarship, and 
advancing the science of psychology. The Lee 
University chapter was chartered in 1992, 
and has inducted over 250 students since its 

Psi Chi: Psychology 
Honor Society 

Left Members helping clean at the Bachman Learning Center during Campus Wide 
Community Service Day; Right Psi Chi inductees at fall 2001 ceremony, in 
alphabetical order: Amrin Anastasi, Suzette Aviles, Angela Beight, Jacqueline Casey, 
Joshua Chumley, Tacara Coffelt, Nancy Finnell, Johnny Gorman, Sherry Hamons, 
Rhonda Hyatt, Julie Kehrer, Jennifer Lechelt, Joshua Lowe, Corine Ludwig 
(President), Emily Lynn, Philip McClarty, Celeste Pulliam, Jessie Sokol, Shannon 
Tinglehoff, Amanda Turner, Star Underwood, Rachel Wright, Dr. Kelly Powell 
(faculty sponsor) and Dr. Bob Fisher (faculty sponsor). 

Phi Alpha Theta: 
History Honor 

Phi Alpha Theta: History Honor Society 

Sponsors: Dr. Robert Barnett, Dr. Daniel Hoffman 
and Dr. Mary Waalkes 

Phi Alpha Theta is a professional society which promotes 
the study of history through the encouragement of 
research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of 
learning among historians in a variety ofiuays. It seeks 
to bring students and faculty together both intellectually 
and socially for mutual understanding and 
encouragement in their common interest in the study of 

The Alpha Kappa Eta chapter of Phi Alpha Theta was 
chartered in 2002. The charter members were inducted 
on April 9, 2002, by Dr. Emmett Essin, a distinguished 
professor of history at East Tennessee State University. 

Top Rachel Land waits to climb the rock-climbing 
wall at Horn's Creek during the Vindagua retreat; 
Right clockwise from top left: Shereen Adams, 
Meredith Cohen, Courtney Gutenschwager, 
Amanda Hutsell, Ashley Soule, Rachel Land, 
Michaela Rose. 

Here's to the best yearbook staff Lee has 

ever seen! I love you guys. 'If you can 

dream it, you can do it.' — Shereen 

a.ha. Motivational Speaker 

Queen Mother (Gute): You have 

brightened up tlie yearbook room ever 

since you started working here. I know 

you'll do great as editor. 

Cord Keeper (Meredith): I've enjoyed 

getting to know you. We'll always have 

Neiv York. 

Realist (Rachel): I have such a deep 

respect for you. You have been a great 

example to me of God's love. Thanks for 

always listening. 

Dazed and Confused (Ashley): I know 

yearbook xvas rough for you at times, 

but thanks for sticking with it. 

Master Organizer (Amanda): You, me, 

and the yearbook go way back. From 

Walker, to the house, to the other house, 

and finally the SU. We've been through 

a lot. 

Eric: See you in Ohio. 

Papa Melton: Thanks for being someone 

I could count on to give it to me 


■■ fnhnny Hughes 

"If we had forever to do the yearbook 
still wait until two weeks 'til forever. 
— Shereen Adams 

, we'd 


Lee Collegian 

Sponsor: Dr. Matthew Melton 

Editor-in-Chief: Hayli Fellwock 

News Editor: Joanna Lutz 

Entertainment Editor: Susanna Custer 

Photo Editor: Christina Breazeale 

Business Manager: Heidi Brown 

Sports Editor: Matt Rodante 

Graphics and Design Editor: Russell Birt 

Feature and Opinion Editor: Kelly Myers 

The Lee Collegian is the campus newspaper. The paper 

is distributed bi-weekly around campus. The student 

editors and staff writers cover a variety of topics, 

ranging from issues relevant only to Lee students to 

discussions about world events. 

Group Photo front row (left to right): Hayli Fellwock, Joanna Lutz, Susanna Custer, Christina 
Breazeale; back row: Heidi Brown, Matt Rodante, Russell Birt, Kelly Myers. 


"It's always an adventure in PFC. 
Whetlier it be at campus church, or on an 

invasion, you never know what God is 

going to do. We truly become a family and 

have a great time together as we grow 

closer to God. — Kelly Hubbartt 

lop |ustin Knowles delivers a message; 

Middle Craige Hill plays with a child 

during an invasion; Bottom front row 

(left to right): Abby Mahone, Scott 

S\ (in/nil , Sara (rook, top row Melissa 

Cockrell, Josh Mergos, Kelly Hubbartt, 

Jeff VVeimert, Justin Knowlcs, Michac 

Stockstill and Craig Hill on an 

invasion to Nashville, Tennessee. 

'fllu Huhlvirlt 


Clockwise from left Josh Mergos leads a workshop on 
praise and worship techniques; Leeann Deal and Amber 
^tandridge; Craige Hill and Abbey Mahone perform a 

Performing with Purpose 

A heart for worship and other facets of ministry lead 
those in spiritual need. 

There are many Spiritual Life organizations on campus that 
exemplify Christ in their ministries. However, Pioneers for 
Christ go beyond the ordinary expectations of Christian service 
on a Christian campus; they reach out across the United States 
to reach audiences that have never experienced the zeal and 
fervor, which is so often lacking in a Christian's life. 
On Thursday nights in the Education Building Rose Lecture 
Hall, students gather for Campus Church. Unlike chapel 
services, Campus Church is not mandatory, so those who fill 
the auditorium do so because they crave the fellowship and 

one group of students on campus to reach out to 

worship afforded by an atmosphere of willingness to serve 
God. The Pioneers for Christ strive to encounter God and grow 
closer to brothers and sisters in Christ through worship, 
discipleship, evangelism and fellowship. 
The outreach of PFC extends beyond the boundaries of the 
campus. On weekends, a group of fifteen members of PFC 
travel across the East Coast ministering in the form of invasions. 
Members go into the churches and reach out by performing 
music, drama, dance, human video, and by delivering a 

message tO audiences. Copy and layout by Amanda Hutsell. 




Ministry in 


Top Right Addie Dials, Stephanie Peeveler, 

Eric Hightower, Brandon Bowers, Elizabeth 

Blair lead worship; Above Nathan Williams 

at the 2001 Christmas party; Group Photo 

Raymond Pettitt, Eric Hightower, Paul 

Procter, Roger Goen, Addie Dials, Nathan 

Williams, Sarah Smith, Robert Johnson, 

James Graham, Stephanie Peeveler, 

Stephanie Mannard, Laura Wingate, Ryan 

Elcom, Elizabeth Blair, Harry Burchal, Shelly 

Doolittle, Brandon Bowers, Stacie Reed, 

Isaac Oakes at 2001 Christmas party. 

Ministerial Association/ Ministry in Action 

The Ministerial Association and Ministry in Action gather 
weekly for worship and a message. The members are given 
opportunities to minister in many different areas, including 
preaching, drama, worship, music and outreach. Throughout 
the year, the organizations host weekend conferences, retreats 
and ministry trips. 

Slacie Real 



Acts of God 

Left Bindi Rudd performs a skit; Group Photo 
front rozo (left to right): David Albala, Tanya 
Lane, Deborah Tuff, Jessica Fentz, Elizabeth 
Shirmers, Bindi Rudd, Ashley Soule, back 
row Terry York, Brandon Bogess, Kris Butz, 
Chris Farrell, Matthew Zerrip. 

Acts of God 

"Acts of God is the only student-led drama ministry 
team on the Lee campus. Members use drama to 
present the Gospel message in a variety of different 
venues including churches, high schools, prisons, and 
homeless shelters. Just as Jesus used parables to reveal 
His truth to people, Acts of God uses drama as a tool 
to reveal the gospel message in a way that is both 
relevant and effective." — Ashley Soule 

Council for Spiritual Unity 

The Council for Spiritual Unity serves as a common base for all 
of the Spiritual Life clubs on campus. Support is given to 
organizations for their events, and the Council often hosts 
events to help those in need. 

Council for Spiritual Unity 


R I 

r M III 1 

Left Members of the Council for 
Spiritual Unity deliver back massages 
to those on their left; Right Carrie 
Walls, Chasity Johnson and Amanda 
Clifton work at the Second- Annual 
VeggieTales Veggie-Thon. 

"There is so much enrichment in diversity, 
and yon get to discover that by being in 
ISF. " — Adriana Salomone 

ISF Members: Becky Basdeo, Adriana Salomone, Bethany Lanier, Jonathan Steen, 
Clay Noe, Donna Valenzuela, Nickey Ewart, James Hecker, Brandon Ayers, Jennifer 
Ackerman, Brooke Wollett, Chris Ramnath, Crystal Machacek, Gahriela Rojas, 
Desmond Wellington, Dwayne Higgins, E.J. Gabourel, Janelle Wible, Kelli Portwood, 
Luke Basdeo, Mark Battle, Marvin Sankar, Maya Iwamura, Melody Wassmer, 
Michelle Alvaraz, Munkhjin Batbayar, Nicolene Mvelase, Oyungerel Byambausuren, 
Sheldon Morrison, Solomon Kimani, Timothy Teasdale, Wes Cepin, Weah Williams, 
Christina Morris and Michael Kamuiru. 




International Student Fellowship 

President: Becky Basdeo 

The International Student Fellowship provides a place 
where students from many nations come together with 
the common purpose of sharing with one another the 
aspects of their cultures. Students have the opportunity 
to share their heritage and their love for Jesus. From 
activities such as Missions Week, Cultural Banquets, 
"Jazzeggae Night" to "Movie Night," the members of 
ISF were able to make their presence known on campus. 
ISF also participated in Parade of Favorites for the fifth 
year in a row, with Becky Basdeo serving as their 
representative. ISF members also participate in campus- 
wide community service day, intramural sports, weekly 
prayer meetings and other events. 

Courtesy ofFCti 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes serves as a venue for athletes, and 
non-athletes, to come together despite busy schedules to pause and reflect 
i m the spiritual side of life. Students arc able to enjoy limes of fellowship 
and worship at meetings provided by FCA. 

Courtesy of FCA 


Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes 

Left Mark Lee, Warren Bailey, Mariah Haney, 
Tyler Higgins, Sarah McAllister and 
Kathryn Rowlands at the FCA Theme Night; 
Bottom Richie Diagle, Kathryn Rowlands, 
Lerrin West, Mariah Haney, Elmer Ange, 
Sarah McAllister, Tracy Sell, Mandy Small, 
Maime Bolding, Warren Bailey, Tory Swisher 
and Mark Lee at the FCA retreat. 


Missions Alive 

Missions Alive 

"Missions Alive serves to encourage students toward 
missions. We have various missionaries who come to 
speak at our meetings to share about their work 
overseas. Our scripture for the Spring semester is 
Isaiah 61:1-4. This represents our calling and God's 
work in our lives. Without His Spirit upon us, we 
cannot 'proclaim liberty to the captives, bind up the 
brokenhearted or rebuild the cities long devastated.' 
Every Saturday we do " Bread Ministry," which is led 
by Royce Atchley. We buy bread and hand it out door 
to door, and also build relationships established by 
God. Fall semester, we sponsored a concert by 
Madison Greene. We were able to raise $333 for 
ethnomusicology. In the Spring, we sponsored the 
'Hunger Banquet', we not only raised azvareness 
about world hunger, but also offered solutions and 
practical ways of helping." -Michelle Alvaraz 

'Co)H'ti'Mi of Missions Alive 

From Top Bread Ministry Leader Royce Atchley 

handing out bread for members to distribute 

bread; Member David Wylie visits with Paul and 

Alasia Ledford; President Michelle Alvaraz and 

Royce Atchley at Park Terrace Apartments; 

Ismael and Amy Serrano speak at a meeting 

about their mission to Spain. 


From Top Latoya Williams 

leads local school kids in 

learning a dance; Umoja 

members; Keisha Thomas 

and Danielle Willis perform 

for local school kids. 

Courtesy afiUmoja 



With a determination to educate the public of the contributions of African Americans, Umoja members 
took steps to proclaim the achievements and cultural additions achieved by African Americans. 

Dedication and determination are two qualities that are not 
missing from the members of Umoja. The organization was 
founded three years ago for the purpose of educating the 
community and the campus of the contributions that African 
Americans, and other ethnic groups, have made to society. 
Umoja also assists in the recruitment of black students to the 

In addition to educating the public of African American 
contributions and increasing the number of African American 

students at Lee, Umoja presents several events for the 
community, both on campus and off. Showtime at the Apollo 
is similar to the popular television show. In addition to 
providing entertainment in the form of performances, Umoja 
hosts the Martin Luther King show and the Black History 
Month program to raise awareness of African American 
intellectual, political, social and cultural contributions to 

American SOCiety. Copy and layout by Amanda Hutsell. 


Voices of Lee 

Voices of Lee 

"It has been an incredible blessing to be in 
Voices. During my time in the group, wehave 
been afforded some incredible opportunities. 
My closest friends in this world are in this 
group, and it is hard for me to imagine the 
rest of my life without being around these 
people every day. To me, Voices is more than 
a vocal ensemble — it's a way of life. The 
lessons that I have learned over the past four 
years are lessons that I know will be with me 
for the rest of my life. Our director, Danny 
Murray, has been more than an instructor or 
coach to me, in many ways he has been like a 
father. He has been there to encourage me 
when I began to doubt myself. He prayed for 
me when needed, and if I found myself 
becoming lazy or complacent, he was there 
to give me a swift kick in the pants! I am 
thankful to God for seeing fit to send me to 
this institution. I am grateful to Voices for 
loving me unconditionally and pushing me 
to greatness! " — Lici Brown 

Top Left Senior Elicia Brown and Junior Jessica Rodriguez; 
Group (from Left to Right) back: Christopher Phillips, Jessica 
Rodriguez, Tye Crumley, Jacob Hubbard, Brian Walston, 
Eric Praschan, Elicia Brown, Ashleigh Christian, middle Ryan 
Wilson, Natalie Womochil, Janna May, Chrystal Washington, 
front Stefanie Black, Andrew Anderson, Jon Sanzone; 
Members displaying their cds. 



Chamber Orchestra 

Chamber Orchestra 

Director: Dr. Phillip Thomas 
"This is my fourth year as a member of the ensemble. I 
have seen it transform from the Lee University String 
Ensemble into the Lee University Chamber Orchestra. 
This ensemble has grown and developed tremendously 
and continues to do so. With the addition of he newest 
faculty members, Ms. Ann Rylands and Mr. Michael 
Wittenbnrg, and the faithful, fervent work of Dr. 
Philip Thomas, there is only one direction this group 
can continue in, and that is up. I am excited to see 
where we xvill be even as soon as next semester, as we 
are constantly growing and developing into a very 
fine performance and ministry ensemble." 
-Phillip Haynie, President 

Clockwise from Top Right Phillip Haynie, Dr. Paul 

Conn, Tesia Penicott and Miranda Hocker; Betsy 

Reed and Phillip Haynie rehearse; Chamber 

Orchestra members; Dr. Phillip Thomas washes a 

vehicle at the Chamber Orchestra fundraiser. 

Comics)! of the 
Chamber Orchestra 

tesy of the Chamber Orcliestm 


A mind for history and a heart for fellowship are common among those who gather at the edge of campus 
each week to engage in stimulating conversation over tea. 

From the moment you walk into the History and Political 
Science Center on a Tuesday afternoon, you know that the 
academic cosmos are out of order. Students from a dozen 
different areas of study are gathered peacably in a room smaller 
than that of most dorms. The history professors are mingling 
with the students, discussing the latest book or the most recent 
travel plans of students. The atmosphere is permeated with the 
comforting aroma of coffee and the occasional cup of hot tea, 
lightly accentuated with a dash of honey or hazelnut creamer. 
The unofficial student-worker desk is covered with an 
assortment of name-brand cookies, thanks to funding from the 
Academic Council, and random tools needed for creating the 

perfect serving of hot cocoa. The transformation of the lobby 
of the "History house," as it is known to History majors, into a 
coffee house which is slightly reminiscent of a French salon in 
the days of the Enlightenment — good humored people 
discussing matters of life with a serious passion — is no dramatic 
violation of convention. However, the determination of the 
members of Kappa Lambda Iota to impact the future is what 
sets them apart from the average run-of-the-mill citizen. The 
energy which eminates from the people who fill the room is 
contagious, as each week brings with it a new person(s) to the 
scene, anxious to uncover the difference in those future- 
oriented history (and Other) majors. Copy and layout by Amanda Hutscll. 



"Kappa Lambda Iota has provided not only an atmosphere of scholastic excellence, 
but a network of friends that span the world and relationships that will last a 
lifetime. " -Caron Francis, Treasurer 

Lee Review staff member Hannah 

\lalis assists magnetic poets during; 
Homecoming 2001. 

"A person should hear a 
little music, read a little 
poetry, and see a fine picture 
every day." -Johann 
Wolfgang Von Goethe 


Christians in Visual Arts 
President: Kylie Anne Machacek 
Sponsor: Mr. John Simmons 
Established: Spring 1997 

CIVA strives to make the visual arts more visible on campus. 

Events: Second annual Fine Arts Festival, which 
featured photography, a sidewalk chalk contests, and 
four local artists who presented a four-hour hands-on 
instruction in different media to about 50 Lee students 
who attended. CIVA also took trips to such places as 
the Parthenon Museum in Nashville and the Hunter 
Museum of American Art in Chattanooga. 

i Frr Kylie Anne Machacek assists a young artist at 
Homecoming 2(101. right Ceramics teacher, Victoria Minor, 
demonstrates the art of pottery at Homecoming 2001. 



Opera Workshop/ Aria da Capo 

Established: Spring 1997 

President: Amber Graves: "Since leaving home, I have 

found no better family with more talent, kindness and love- 

than with Opera Workshop/Aria da Capo." 

Director: Tony Deaton: "The highlight of my Lee 

University experience is to work with these talented, 

dedicated students and I love'em!" 

The purpose of Opera Workshop/ Aria da Capo is to sponsor 
full productions of operas, and to expose and educate the Lee 
University community and the general public to the 
wonderful world of opera. 

Tlie Sublime and the Ridiculous featuring scenes from 
familiar operas and P.D.Q. Bach's The Stoned Guest. 


P.D.Q. Bach's A Little Nightmare Music and Giacomo 
Puccini's Sister Angelica. 
Throughout the year: Attendance of professional opera 
company performances, "Opera Talks," dinners, 
parties and an annual operal "Splurge Event." 

top right Cynthia Myers as Sister Angelica, left Sarah Limper, Jonathan 
Weathersby, Ian Vance and Sarah Hershman in The Stoned Guest, group 
photo Patricia Shaffer, Tara Puckett, Marilu Castejon, Sarah Hershman, 
Daniel Sampson middle: Katherine Choi, Cynthia Myers, Kristal Smink, 
Charlsley Ethridge, Amber Graves back: Michael Wittenburg, Erin Wurst, 
Cheryl Gilbert, Sarah Limper, Tony Deaton (Sponsor), Sarah Whitaker, 
Krista Slicker, Ian Vance, Jonathan Weathersby. Not Pictured: Amy Jarboe, 
Josh Steinmann, Jedidiah Smith and Laura Woodcock. 


Public Relations Student 
Society of America 

President: Lauri Palagyi 
Vice-President: April McCuen 
Secretary: Susanna Custer 
Fundraising: Faith Griffith 
Public Relations Director: Leah 

Assistant to Public Relations 
Director: Kristen Powless 
Treasurer: Star Kelly 
Sponsor: Mrs. Patty Silverman 
Established: Fall 2001 

Public Relations Student Society of America 

Association of 
Christian Counselors 

croup photo Elizabeth Becker, Phyllis Spahn, 
Hope Wilson, Siki Dlamini, Diana Spence, 
Jaimee Laughlin, Heather Weeks, Terra Potter, 
Flora Moodley, Charmaine Watson middle 
Heather Runyan, Rachel Nunnally, Niki 
Wabaunsee, Kim Carter, Kelly Miller, Jessica 
Riley, Caroline Culpepper, Raymond 
Culpepper bade Beth Bartram, Susan Shippe, 
Elizabeth McCurley, Joshua Sarmiento, 
Melanie Carter, Joanna Key, Cathy Thompson, 
Dr. H. Edward Stone. 

American Association of Christian 

President: Kathy Thompson: "Our 
local chapter of AACC has provided 
counseling role models who challenge me 
to make a difference in the lives of others. " 

Vice-President: Joanna Key 
Secretary: Melanie Carter 
Sponsor: Dr. H. Edward Stone: "lam 
very proud of the AACC's networking 
contribution, which helps our students 
keep in touch. " 

The AACC is a training/networking 
organization for graduate students in 
practicum and internship placements in 
the counseling psychology program. 


Pi Delta 

Pi Delta Gamma — Education Club 

Sponsor: Dr. Laura Anderson: "Membership in 
Pi Delta Gamma gives education students the 
opportunity to network with current and future 
educators. The programs are informative and help 
prepare students for their professional roles as 
teachers in the classroom." 

The purpose of Pi Delta Gamma is to develop an 
understanding of the teaching profession, the role 
of a Christian teacher in society, and of 
professional organizations on the student level. 

Lee Singers 

Lee Singers 

President: Kendra Stacey 
Sponsor: Dr. Walt Mauldin 

Coioftsy of Lee Singers 

Top The Lee Singers band performs at a 
rehearsal; middle Dr. Walt Mauldin directs the 

Liv Singers .it ivhivirsal, Ihr I iv Singers 


Ladies of Lee 

Establish 1965 

Director, Angela Lawson: "I am privileged and at the same 

time burdened with spiritual responsibilities to lead such 

women of purity and integrity." 

President: Jeanette Weston 

Vice-President: Kristin O'Neal 

Secretary: Meagan Jolley 

Treasurer: Crystal Clack 

Historian: Leah LaRocco and J. P. Moser 

Librarian: Erica Kizzee 

Public Relations: Jennifer Engle and Rachel Wielfaert 

Fundraising: J.P. Moser and Rachel Wielfaert 

Chaplain: Rob Alley 

Spiritual Life Committee Chairperson: Natalee Long 

Ladies of Lee lias a tradition of musical excellence and ministry 

featuring choral, solo and instrumental music. Our primary 

purpose is to proclaim the glory of God through the ministry of 

His Holy Word in song, while expanding our musicianship, 

participating in Christian fellowship with one another and 

serving our community. 

Top Left One Voice, Ladies' small ensemble, consisting of Kristin O'Neal, 
Jeanette Weston and Crystal Clack, lead the choir in a time of worship; 
Bottom Left Ladies singing at the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame tin Cleveland, 
Ohio; Bottom Group Photo: Top Row Kristin O'Neal, Meagan Jolley, Kim Hall, 
Erica Kizzee, Rachel Wielfaert, Autumn Taylor, Randi Mize, Jeanette Weston, 
Crystal Clack, Barbara Hamilton, 4th Row Diana Liechty, Kandie Hansen, 
Melissa McLamb, Kelsey Fields, Heather Ott, Autumn Shuping, Jenna 
Bailey, 3rd Rozv Susan Sheehy, Danielle Lambert, Jessica Petersen, Melissa 
Dickinson, Erin Bailey, Dana McCullen, 2nd Rozv Miss Angela Lawson 
(Director), Richae Allison, Nikki Armstrong, Lydia Wilson, GeorgAnne 
Carter, Leah LaRocco, April Marchese, Kim Pope, Amanda Basdeo, Front 
Row Dave Hacman, Billy Douglas, Brad Thomas, Amanda Lindemen, 
Natalee Long, Jennifer Engle, Kristen Hardt, J.P Moser, Rob Alley, George 

Ladies of Lee 

Courtesy of Ladies of Lee 

"The Ladies of Lee is not just a female choir on 
campus. It is a ministry and a family of women of 
God. " — Meagan Jolley 


Gamma Chi 

Alpha Gamma Chi 

Established 1963 
President: Wade Lombard 
Events: Chi Cruise in the Fall and 
Alpha Gamma Chi Ironman Softball 
Membership: 30 

Top Right Chi Group Picture: Middle Left Back 
(left to right): Laura Land, April Wiechmann, 
Middle: Lauren Murray. Kimberly Gravlee, 
Front: Amy Mayeux, Becky Tipei; Middle Right 
Front: Kimberly Gravlee, Amy Mayeux; Right 
Back: Grant Myers, Zack Mayes, Phillip Garner, 
Jonathan Heron, Mikey Adams, John Adam 
Landreth, Jonas Perez, Front: Bo Runyan, 
Jeremiah Pierce, Dave Carr, Wade Lombard. 


Delta Zeta Tau 

Delta Zeta Tau 

Established 1965 
President: April Wiechmann 

Events: Harvest Hoedown, the annual fall event which 
features mud wrestling, tug of war, jail, married til midnight 
and a dunking booth; Delta Project, during which members 
volunteer at Arnold Elementary to help children with activities 
such as art, cheerleading, dance and science lab; Valentine 
Party, and Rush Parties. 

Courtesy of Delta Zeta Tau 

Clockwise from Top Left Celeste Brown, Jaclyn 
Gallaher, Rachel Wead, Katie McNeely, Lindsey 
Skelton, Beverly Hodges, Kimberly Gravlee, 
Angela Wimberly and Adam Luchkowec at the 
DZT Harvest Hoedown; Chris Haynes, Joyce 
Watson and Brad Sagraves at the DZT Harvest 
Hoedown; Group Photo in no particular order: 
Aria Brewer, Kendra Hall, Aimee Mayeux, 
Kimberly Gravlee, Autumn Wiggins, Kristen 
Siders, Davy Fearon, Lauren Chase, Mandy 
Mauch, April Love, Mitzi Thomburg, Amanda 
Tilley, Lisa Saalwaechter, Holli Dunbar, Katie 
McNeely, Missy Ceriffey, Rebecca Burrows, 
Danielle Self, Chris Haynes, Melody 
Pennington, Tiffani Moore, Adam Luchkowec, 
Jenn Calhoun, Joyce Watson, Jennifer Belisle, 
Jennifer Owens, Lainey Johnston, Josh Lane, 
Sarah Prater, Celeste Brown, Aubre Hendel, 
Rachel Wead, Lindsey Skelton, Tara Bailey, Serra 
Harris, Angela Wimberly, Brooke Murray, 
Melissa Martin, Jennifer Bryant, Jeanna Stevens, 
Kourtney Gravlee, Rachel Lathrop, Sarah Prater, 
Jaclyn Gallaher, Stephanie Hoskins, Laura 
Adams, Christine Braden, Melody Browning, 
Sara DiPastena, Abby Fletcher, Andrea 
Hammons, Sara Hashagen, Natasha Hursts, 
Bethany Lee, Lindsey Lombard, Julie Watson, 
Susan Wiechmann, JJ Perez, Seth LaMagna, 
Brock Stamps, Kent Windham, Davy Fearon and 
Chris Haynes; Josh Lane, Wade Lombard, Chris 
Haynes and Adam Luchkowec. 

"I love the friendships 
I've made in DZT and 
the spiritual 
accountability partners 
that I've built." — 
Rachel Lathrop 


Lambda Phi 

Epsilon Lambda Phi 

Established 1988 

President: Wade Lombard 

Events: Masquerade on the Mall in the 

Fall and "Farewell" in the Spring 

"Epsilon has been a huge 

blessing in my life. I am 

thankful to have people to 

laugh with, cry with and 

pray with. It is a joy to be a 

part of such a sisterhood." 

—Faith Griffith 

Counter-( ■■ /i <p I in Charlie's Angels Nikki Haire, s.irnplc <ind Cara Bain pose with Ryan Hulton in the 
background; Steve Henson,< leoff ( loodrnan, Rachel Land and 
Rebecca Breeden model bibs at a shop during the I psilon 
retreat; 1 1 roup Photo Row] (left to right): Kattie C rittendon, 
Anslev Brown, Stephanie Carter, Kathv Grizzle, Nikki Haire, 
Row 2 Erika Lawson, Kara Anderson, Trisha Ruppert, Abbey 
Duncan, |oel Barnes, Faith Griffith, Kelli Underwood, Cara 
Bain, lara ( : r\e, Jennifer Ylatliura, Mary Rodman, |illian 
Sampli Row 3: Hollie Howard, Hollv Hamilton, Jeremia 
Adams, 1-vnnDee Richardson, Kristen Justice, Kellie McKeef, 
t leofl ( .i Hid man, Steve I lenson, I ric Miller, Miranda Ward and 
Pete Bisbee; Tara Frye and Cam Bam at Masquerade on the 


Courtesy of Kappa Psi Nit 

Counter-Clockwise from Top Left: Tracy Carlson, Kay 
McDaniel, Dr. Eddie Stone, Marsha Black and Susie Battle 
judge the Gong Show; The Men of Kappa, Back Row: 
Knight Kris Ware, Shane Brown, Sam Saez, Front Row: 
Matthew Hensley, David Chairez, Jeff West and Josh Bell; 
Kappa members at the Fall Formal on the Southern Belle; 
Emily Rau, Amy Flora, Stacey Walker and Heather 
Monday at the Fall Rush Party. 


"I am so proud to 

be a part of a 

sisterhood that is 

dedicated to 

service and 


— Rachael 



Omega Alpha Phi 

Established 1997 

President: Rachael Digiulio 

Vice-President: Lacey Mashburn 

Chaplain: Ginger Thomas 

Senior Member: Talia McDougal 

Induction Chair: Shawna Lingerfelt 

Co-Induction Chair: Kristin McDonald 

Secretary: Suzette Aviles 

Treasurer: Leslie Cordell 

Alumni Coordinator: Angela Allen 

Historians: Kristin Phillips and Adrienne Crawford 

Beau: Nic Yeomens 

Big Brothers: Stephen LaMagna, Josh Osborne, Blake 

Anderson, Derek Smith, Eric Roark and Matt Latta 

Events: Snowball, a charity formal located at the Fairyland 

Club in Chattanooga; Singled Out, a dating game designed 

for the whole campus. 

Clockwisi i rom Top Left Nic Yeomens opens the night as cupid 
atOmega's Singled Out; Holly Fuqua, Talia McDougal, Kristin 
McDonald, Rachael Digiulio and Ginger Thomas before Tap 
Night; Meghan Hamilton and Angela Allen goof off; Members 
at I all 2001 Snowball; folia McDougal and Ginger Thomas 
dressed in Asian attire. 


^HM fll^B HBB Wt^^ ' ^^Itf "^^^B^^^H ^^^^_2 J*" A lrf( j MIBBB WB SBBH BMW ^^^w ^^^^ * ^^^m 

_Pi Kappa Pi 

Pi Kappa Pi 

Established 1987 

Events: Welcome Back Party, Oktoberfest 
and St. Paddy's Day Bash 
Throughout the existence of Pi Kappa Pi, it has 
consistently been the goal of the members to 
bring faith in Christ, campus fellowship, and 
scholarly pursuit to the Lee University campus. 
In addition to providing entertaining events for 
students on campus, it is also the intent of Pi 
to be an outreach ministry to both the 
surrounding and non-local communities. Pi is 
continually building a legacy here at Lee by 
living up to its creed of Faith, Fellowship and 

■ --skg^^^^^B 

>^^ifl * ^1 

fini BP^*' ** ?■ 

v* v W w ^"^' 

BHnp^«(*. s&?f ^^Mp^. ^^| 

^H ]H| ^K ^t 

^ Mm 


I fl 

rijf m^w** 

*^sPP^* , *^Kh 9 

Counter Clockwise from Top Left Pi Group 
Picture: Back (left to right): Ryan Hulton, Ben 
Yoder, Jamie Eilf, Andrew Potter, Tom Beil, Mik 
Mallick, LadonTaylor, Josh Weekley, Ryan 
Bosmeny, Sammy Baez, Christian Summers, 
Zach Bain, Michael Hatrak, Rob Samaan, 
Nathan Smith, Seth Campbell, Corey Divel, 
Dean Hellar, Matt Carlson, Middle: Jonathan 
Castro, Chris Haynes, Adam Owens, Josh 
Chumley, Danny Quiles, Jason Walkerow, 
Daniel Scarborough, Tony Arena, Jason Benson, 
Pete Bisbee, Chris Senkoyich, Dustin Bowen, 
Brian Gibson, Front: J.C. Worley, Josh Laughe, 
Brandon Bossolono and Tim Fedrick; Ryan 
Hulton, Daniel Scarborough, Jamie Eilf and 
Jason Walkeron at Oktoberfest; Tim Fedrick, 
Dayy Fearon, Little Sister Bridget Land and Seth 
Campbell at the Pi Retreat in Gatlinburg; Pi 
Little Sisters Melissa Griffey, Holli Dunbar and 
Nikki Haire at the Pi Retreat. 


Sigma Nu 

Sigma Nu Sigma 

Established 1966 

President: Kendra Stacey 

Events: Luau, Welcome Back Party, 

Whose Line is it Anyway? 

Motto: "Charity Never Faileth" 

/ Right Laura Sheffield and Kelley Jones at Chattanooga airport 
to welcome back Stephanie Culberson, former Sigma president who was second 
runner-up in Miss America Pageant; Carls singing praise and worship at the Sigma 
I uau; Sigma Fall '01 Tap: I aura Sheffield, Andrea shepherd, Jessica Rodriguez, 
Je.mnie Chacko, Brooke Jackson, Tesia Pennicott, Lisa Maea I nso, Shannon Lancaster, 
Keri Dixon and Christa Moses; President Kendra Stacey taps Christa Moses; 1 aura 

Sheffield ■ mil Keysa Dugan prepare tor the I uau 


t V 

*. » < 



^^^^^V^ " VJ E ». 1 

WUm 4i 

11 1 


W**i 7 W 

i a 



Nil SlglHfl 


Tau Kappa 

Tau Kappa Omega 

Established 1997 

As a young club, TKO is still building a foundation for traditions 
that xoill last a lifetime. This year they organized two campus 
events — 70s Night and Extreme Beach. As a social service club, 
they donated time, money and resources to several charities and 
church organizations within the Cleveland community. They have 
established a tradition of weekly prayer meetings, which take place 
on Thursdays, and host speakers, such as Dr. Paul Conn and other 
reputable members of the Lee community and local community. 

CLOCKWISE from Top Left Little Sisters Miranda Ward and Holly Fuqua lower their 
shades for a picture; Joy Beard and Jeff West at Homecoming 2001; TKO members 
at the TKO retreat; Top Row (left to right): Chad Ard, Keaton Magarity, Scott 
Gabbard, Bottom Row: Josh Bell, Doug Grace at a TKO event; Jeff West, Daniel 
Grace, Doug Grace and Josh Bell at the TKO retreat. 

Theta Delta 

Theta Delta Kappa 

Established 1992 

President: Mike Kirby 

Events: H20AK, New Year's in November, Cotton 

Club and Pajammy Jam 

"This semester, Theta has been the 'deep calling out to deep. ' 

The deepest part of our hearts are reaching the deepest part 

of God's heart, and guys are being changed! Theta has made 

an impression on my life that will never be forgotten." 

— Zach Burris 

"Theta has been the missing link in my Lee experience. It 

has taught me how important it is to have friends, but most 

of all how important it is to be a friend. Tlietn has definitely 

been the bridge to help me experience the other aspect of 

campus. " — Matt Stone 








PH i 1 

S 1 

Cloi kiv/5£ from Top RiCHi Bethany Andrews, Jaime 
Sample, Rebecca Breeden, Sweetheart Kelli Underwood, 
Autumn Wiggins, Ashley Geyer, Laura Huffman and 
Rachel Lathrop at the Theta Christmas Party; Darroll 
Mooring and joy Smith at a Theta event; Theta members 
before Tap Night; Geoff Goodman at New Year's in 



Upsilon Xi 

Established 1962 
President: Kent Windham 

Events: Sadie Hawkins Day and Chase, Block Party 
and March Madness 5 on 5 Basketball Tournament 
Service Projects: Boys' and Girls' Club, Reflections, 
Yard Work, Monetary Donations, Thanksgiving 
Food Drive, Painting at Westmore Church of God 
and Participation in Campus- Wide Service Day 
"This year Upsilon has been focused on service. Our duty 
has been to help financially, spiritually and physically 
whenever possible. Christian service has truly been a part 
of Upsilon Xi during this school year." 
— Kent Windham, president 

Counter-clockwise from Top Left Members at the Blockparty; Members and Little Sisters 
at a TKO gathering; Austin Davis, John Mroczko, Brandon Rogers, Adam Brown, Jason 
Butler, Jody Bacchus, David Ailsworth, Jay Masanotti, Erin Quiniey, Stephen LaMagna 
and Derek Smith at Sadie Hawkins; Josh Childers, Cameron Dantley, Seth LaMagna, 
Jamie Barfield, Tori Brown, Katie Plunkett, Stephen LaMagna, Johnny Moore, Nic 
Yeomans, Rachael Digiulio, Aimee Dew, Wes Thornton, Tara Simmons, Erin Quiniey, 
Kent Windham, Derek Smith, Paul Rankin, Blake Anderson, Jason Butler and John 
Mroczko; Seth LaMagna, Jamie Barfield, Jay Masanotti, Nic Yeomans, Derek Knoke, 
Chuck Riley, Erin Quiniey, Derek Smith and Johnny Moore. 



Team Members: Jay Eller, Garth Thomas, Kevin Young, Kris Thomas, Dusty 
Griffis, Jeremiah Pierce, Jason Spangler, Brandon Potts Elmer Ange, Ronnie 
Natola, Ron Fenwick, Jared Hill, Steve Albert, Steve Turpin, Richie Daigle, 
Ashley Sermons, John Paul Burdashaw, Brandon Cofer, Trea Daugherty, 
Warren Bailey, Mark Lee, Adam Blackwell, Jeremy Miller and Mitch 

Team Members: Connie Stohert, Lauren Gavulic, Katie Rominger, Jessica 
Greene, Melissa Stander, Tiffany Miller, Fannie Harr, JerriAnn Gray, Heidi 
Hamilton, Jamie Ensminger, Stephanie Todd, Natachia Ross, Alexis Evans, 
Jessica Pike, Hollie Howard, Holly Hamilton and Jennifer Murphy. 

Team Members: Jerry Barnes, Ander Pinedo, Chuck Campbell, Jahmal Rich, 
Brandon Fritz, Marko Jovanovic, Kyle Carter, Frank Walker, Carlo 
Singleton, Robert Johnson, Kenneth Ebanyat, Allen Lane and Lorenzo 

Team Members: Courtney Hindman, Beverlv Weaver, Lauren Gavulic, Erica 
Ferguson, Jennie Wills, Holly Hamilton, Heidi Hamilton, Janaina 
Pantaleao, Ramona Craig, Amy Proffitt-Tinsley, Fernanda Santos, Serra 
Harris and Nicole Swarts. 

Team Members: Andy Bacchus, Jon Paul Guarneri, Matt Hadden, Ryan 
Hulton, Jonathan Hunter, Josh Lipstone, Adam Meade and John Williams. 

Team Members: Elizabeth Koster, Danielle Allen, Jana Lockhart, Sara 
McAllister, Andrea Hammons, Gekisha Smith, Sommer Baker, Liz Martin, 
Melissa Elser, Jamie Kilpatrick, Lisa Kidwell and Christina Schroeder. 


Team Members: Peter Brian Bisbee, David Lee Bradnick, David Vincent 
Dickens, Steven Jerome Gnau, Steve Martin, Jay Anothony Masanotti, 
Timothy Paul McKindley, Ben Arther Tolles, Dustin Travis York 

Team Members: Matt Warren, Elroy Joseph, Clinton Cooke, Josh Bare, 
Lenworth Burricks, Phillip Riley, Bruno Campos, John Brose, Ronald Jean- 
Louis, Mesac Celeste, Patrick Marshall, Wesley Martin, John Scott 
McDonald, Tucker Blackmon, Landon Colafrancesco, Casey Magner, 
Daniel Bausum, Jason Quarles, Alan White, Raymond Blount, Jason Blount 
and Devon Thomas. 


Team Members: Chris Campbell, Elroy Joseph, Dmitriy Neganov, Ryan 
North, Max Nudman, John Peterson, Roberto Sanchez and William 

Team Members: Sharon Baiera, Jessica Beth Carroll, Ashley R. Geyer, Marie 
Amber Graves, Katie Brooke Harper, Sara Broek Hind, Ellen Scisciani, 
Kristen Jill Siders, Michelle Lynn Williams, C. Basford 

Team Members: April Wood, Jessica Bishop, Monique Edoured, Amanda 
Harkins, Julie Powell, Marie Rosanie Exume, Rochelle Torrance, Melissa 
Kauffman, Mamie Bolding, Marie- Ange Jacinthe, Shanique Francis, Erlie 
Thelot, Jennifer Shepherd, Susan Wiechmann, Rachel Carlino, Misha 
Fanelli, Rachel Mazzer and Natacha Mathador. 

Team Members: Rachel Barksdale, Grace Barrett, Sarah Capoferri, Shawn 
Douglas, Brooke Gentry, Shauna Green, LeeAnna Jacobs, Allison LeCroy, 
Stephanie North and Rachelle Thomas. 

***Team rosters were taken from the Lee University Webpage as of May 30, 2002. Photos courtesy of Sports Information. 



the staff 


this page (clockwise from top) Shereen and Gute after a night of shopping in Georgetown. (Thanks for going with me to get my car!); Gute getting her 
caricature drawn in Times Square; Meredith and Ashley on the Hiwassee River for a "team buliding" experience; Ashley, Gute, Rach and Meredith in their 
purple wet suits, opposite (from top) Gute, Michaela, Amanda, Ashley, Meredith and Rach on their way back from the staff group shot; Shereen, Meredith 
and Gute on the Subway in New York; Eric is glad to return to his preferred photography subject — wildflowers. 


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