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Full text of "Virginia heraldica : being a registry of Virginia gentry entitled to coat armor, with genealogical notes of the families"

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Utr^inta l^i^ralbtra 


A Registry of Virginia Gentry 
Entitled to Coat Armor 





Virginia County Record Series. 
Vol. V. 

Published by 



F^SL3. I'iS 


Virginia l^rralbira 

ADAMS. New Kent county. 

Arms: Ermine three cats passant in pale azure. 

Ebenezar Adams, gent., of St. Peter's parish. New Kent, was In 
Va. ante. 1714; died 13 June, 1735. He was the son of Richard 
Adams of Abridge, Essex, Eng., citizen and merchant tailor of 
London, and his wife Anne. From her will which is filed in the 
Preg. Court of Canterbury, London, 8 Oct., 1734, she styles herself 
widow. Ebenezar Adams, married about 171S, Tabitha, dau. of 
Richard Cocke of Bremo, Va. Their sixth child, Thomas Adams, 
born about 1730 in New Kent, died 178S in Augusta county, used on 
his seal the arms of Adams of London, a branch of the county 
Salop family. 

ALLEN. Surry county. 

Arms: Per chevron gules and ermine, in chief two lions' lie'^.ds 
erased or. 

Crest: A horse's head. 

Arthur Allen, the immigrant, born 1602, died 1670; patented T '"■• 
acres in 1649, between Lawnes and Lower Chippoakes Creeks. }.o 
built the house known as "Bacons Castle." His wife was Alice, 
sister of Daniel Tucker of York county. Their son, Major Artb r 
Allen, Speaker of the House of Burgesses, married Katherii 
daughter of Captain Lawrence Baker of Surry county. The w "i 
of Arthur 2nd was proved in Surry, 5 Sept., 1710. He had issi , 
Elizabeth, John, Katherine, James, Arthur, Ann, Mary, and Jose a 
Allen. The son John Allen, will proved 5 March, 1741. marri ' 
Elizabeth, born 1607. died 1738. daughter of William Bassett, .i 
the Council of Va. Upon Elizabeth Allen's tombstone at Clo '- 
mont, Surry, are found the arms of Allen, impaling Bassett. the 
latter being," argent, three bars wavy gules. 

The arms of the Virginia family are the same as those of the 
Derbyshire, StafTordshire and London families, with the excep- 
tion of the crest, which in the English arms has the "horse's head 
issuing from a ducal coronet." 

BRAY. James City county. 

Arms: Azure a chevron between three eagles legs erased a la 
Cuisse sable, armed gules. 
Crest: An ounce ppr. 


James Bray, J. P., of James City county 1666; member of the 

Council, 4 March, 1674-5; married Angelica \, They had 

issue, (1) Thomas; (2) James, J. P., of James City county, in 1710, 
vestryman of Bruton parish; sheriff in 1717; married about 169S, 
Mourning, widow of Col. Thomas Pettus. (3) Col. David Bray, 
J. P., of James City county, 1710; vestryman of Bruton parish; 
bad issue David, bom 1699, member of the Council; died 1731; 
married Elizabeth, dau. of John Page of Gloucester. (4) Angelica, 
married Mingo Inglis of Williamsburg. The Bray arms are on the 
tombs of the first and second David Bray in Bruton churchyard. 
They correspond with the arms of Bray in the Visitation of Not- 
tingham in 1614. 

JETT. King George county. 

Anns: Argent three fleurs de lis. 

At the court house at Williamsburg is a letter of Thomas Jett 
of Rappahannock River, dated 28 Oct., 1774, sealed with above 
arms, and addressed to Mrs. Dorothy Jordan. Thomas Jett had a 
son William Storke Jett, and two brothers who resided in King 
George county, viz: Francis Jett, whose will was proved in 1761, 

and whose wife was Frances ; and Burkett Jett, whose 

will was proved in 1771. 

The arms of Jett of London are, "Argent on a cross gules, five 
-OUTS de lis of the field." There is no cross in the Virginia arms. 

KEEBLE. Middlesex county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron engrailed gules, on a chief azure three 
escallops of the field. 

Crest: An elephant's head couped. 

From a wax impression on a deed at Urbana, Middlesex, dated 
1698, and signed by George Keeble. 

These arms are somewhat similar to those of Sir Henry Keble, 
Knt temp. Henry VHI., whose dau. Alice married William 
Browne, son and heir to Sir John Browne, Knt., Lord Mayor of 
London. (See Visitation of London, 1568.) 

ENGLISH. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Four martlet?, three and one. 

Will of Alexander English, dated 23 Jan., 1685. prob. 10 March, 
1*96, Lancaster. He mentions his brother Mr. William English in 
T ngland. The will is sealed with a wax impression bearing the 
above arms. 

The will of another Alexander English In same county, dated 
16 Dec., 1696, prob. 14 Apl., 1697, leaves a small estate to Joseph, 
son of William and Susana Paine. This will is sealed with a dupli- 
cate of the above arms, so that it is evident there was some degree 
of relationship between them. There are, however, no arms given 
in the Englisli records in the name of English, which have four 
birds as charges. 


ABRAHALL. New Kent county. 

Arms: Azure three hedgehogs or. 

Crest: A hedgehog ppr. 

Wax seal on a deed dated 1690, from Colonel Robert Abrahall 
of New Kent to William Bassett. 

The arms are similar to those of Abrahall of the county of 

CAY. Elizabeth City county. 

Crest: A hawk. 

The above crest is on a bookplate in a book entitled, "John- 
stons Edition of Shakespeare." and was once the property of 
Gabriel Cay, one of the Justices of Elizabeth City county, in 1767. 
The English authorities give for Cay, "A hand ppr. and flotant 
behind, a pennon vert, tied round the neck and charged with the 
arms. Cay of Northumberland use "a royal eagle," and Cay of 
Durham "a griffin's head." 


Arms: Argent three heads of garlick ppr. 

The above arms of Edward Garlick of Va. are engraved on an 
old silver bowl, now the property of Mrs. John B. Minor. 

LANGBORNE. King William county. 

Arms: Argent two chevrons gules. 

Arms on the tomb of William Langborne in King William county. 
He was born in 1723, and was the son of Robert Langborne of 
Fetter Lane, London, and his wife Mary Dandridge. The tomb 
also bears the arms of his mother, viz: "Azure a lion's head 
erased or. between three mascles argent." He married Susannah 
Smith of Shooters Hill, by whom he had Colonel William Lang- 
borne of the Revolution. 

AITCHISON. Princess Anne county. 

Arms: A double-headed eagle displayed. 

Upon the tomb of William Aitchison at Rose Hall, Princess 
Anne county, are the above arms, nearly obliterated. His will 
was probated 12 June, 1777. The various Aitchison families of 
Scotland bear the above charge in their arms, with the addition of 
other charges. Some portions of the shield have become defaced, 
so that it is impossible to say to what branch the above William 

FOX. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron sable, between three cocks gules, on a 
chief azure a fox courant or. 

Crest: A lion sejant guardaut or, supporting with the dexter 
foot a book of the last. 

Arms engraved on the tomb of Isabel Fox, wife of the Reverend 
• John Fox, minister of Ware parish, and daughter of Mr. Thomas 
Booth. She died 13 June. 1742, aged 3S years. 

These are the arms of Fox of Missenden, Buckinghamshire. 


ANDREWS. Williamsburg. 

Arms: Azure a cross ermine, between four fleurs de lis or. 

Robert Andrews, son of Moses and Letitia (Cooke) Andrews, 
and great-grandson of John Andrews, who came from Leicester- 
shire to Maryland in 1654, and who was descended from Anthony 
Andrews of Bisbrooke, county of Rutland. Robert Andrews was 
bom in Penna. and was tutor in the family of Mann Page. He 
•was Professor in Wiliam and Mary College in 1779, and private 
secretary in 17S1 to General Nelson at Yorktown. He represented 
Williamsburg in 178S at the State convention, and was member 
of the Legislature in 1798. He married first, Elizabeth Ballard, 
and secondly, Mary Blair. 

BATCHELDOR. Middlesex county. 

Arms: A double-headed eagle displayed. 

Upon a wax seal en the will of John Batcheldor, 1CS5, at Ur- 
banna. He is probably the John Batcheldor who embarked for 
St. Christophers, 2 Oct., 1635, on the "John" of London, at which 
time he was aged 26 years. (Hotten.) 

In the Christ Church, Middlesex, parish register we find the fol- 
lowing entry: "Mr. John Batcheldor departed this life 4 Xemb. 
and was buried at home the 15 Xemb., 16S5. In the same register 
we find, Mary, dau. of John and Mary Batcheldor, bapt. 12 Sept., 

1653; Sarah, dau. of above, born ; Rebecca, dau. of above, 

born 2 Oct., 165S; William, son of above, born 22 Jul.v, 1667. 

The British authorities give no such arms as above in the nam& 
of Batcheldor. 

GORDON. Dinwiddie county. 

Arms: Azure three boars heads erased or. 
Arms on tomb in Blandford churchyard of Samuel Gordon, son 
cf David Gordon, Esq., of Craig, county Kirkcudbright. Died 14 
April. 1771, aged 54 years. 

LU DWELL. Williamsburg. 

Arms: Gules on a bend argent between two towers or, three 
eagles displayed sable. 

Motto: I pensieri stretti edil viso sciolto. 

Thomas Ludwell came to Virginia about 1642, and was Secre- 
tary of the Colony in 1C60. He was a son of Thomas Ludwell of 
Bruton, Somersetshire, and Jane, daughter of James Cottington, 
the brother of Lord Cottington. He died 1 Oct., 1678, but left no- 

Philip Ludwell was brother of Thomas and was Deputy-Secretary 
1675-77, he was also Governor of North Carolina and member of 
the Va. Council. He married, 1st, Lucy, daughter of Captain 
Robert Higginson, and. 2nd, Frances Berkeley, widow of Sir Wil- 
liam Berkeley. He left issue by his first marriage, and died in 
England about 1707. 'The above arms are on a book plate, dated: 
1737, of Philip Ludwell of Green Spring in Va., Esq. 


ASHTON. Northumberland county. 

Arms: Argent a mullet sable. 

Charles Ashton was a resident of Northumberland county in 
1660; Justice of the Peace and Captain in the Militia. He died in 
1672. His grandson, Colonel Henry Ashton, was born in 1G71, and 
died in 1731, and upon his tombstone on Nominy Creek is en- 
graved the above arms, which are the same as Ashton of Chad- 
derton in the county of Lancashire. The immigrant is thought 
to have been descended from the Ashtons of Spalding, Lincoln- 
shire, a branch of the Chadderton family. 

BAKER. Norfolk. 

Arms: Argent on a fess nebulee between three keys sable, a 
tower triple towered of the first. 

Wax seal on a deed of Henry Baker, now in possession of Rich- 
ard H. Baker, Esq., of Norfolk. The arms are those of Baker 
of Kent. 

EVELYN. James City county. 

Arms: Azure a griffin passant and a chief or. 

Crest: A griffin passant or, beaked, forelegged and ducally 
gorged azure. 

Motto: Durete. 

Robert E}\-elyn, son of Robert Evelyn of Long Ditton and God- 
stone, county of Surrey (an uncle of John Evelyn, the Diarist), 
was born in 1606. He came to Virginia in 1634, and in 1637 was 
Surveyor-General and member of the Council. He returned to 
England, but afterwards became a resident of Maryland, being 
Commander of Kent Isle, and member of the Assembly 1637-3S, and 

Captain George Evelyn, brother of Robert, was born in 1C09, and 
resided in James City county. He had two children, Mountjoy, 
who married into the Robins family of Northampton county, and 
a daughter Rebecca, who married, first, Bartholomew Knipe of 
Virginia and, secondly (prior to 1C58), Colonel Daniel Parke, Snr., 
by whom she has left many descendants. 

BARRADALL. Williamsburg. 

Arms: A bend between three pheons, an annulet for difference. 

In Bruton Chuichyard, Williamsburg, is the tomb of Edward 
Barradall, Attorney-General of Virginia, who died 1743. Upon it 
are the arms as above, impaling Fitzhugh, viz., "Azure three chev- 
rons brased in base, interlaced or, a chief of the last." Edward 
Barradall married Sarah, daughter of Colonel William Fitzhugh. 
No tinctures can be distinguished on the Attorney-General's arms. 
The arms given by Burke to Barradall or Borrodaile, are, "Or three 
water bougets in pale sable, between two torteaux a chief vert" 

BASKERVILLE. York county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron gules between three hurts. 

Crest: A forester vested vert, edged or, holding over his dexter 


shoulder a crossbow of the last, and with the other hand In a 
leash, a hound passant argent. 

John Baskerville was in York county ante 1667, and was Clerk 
of the Court. He died in 1G75. Married Mary, daughter of Lt- 
Col. William Barber of York. Issue: Mar>- and George, whose 
descendants settled in Cumberland county. The above John, born 
in 1635, was the 5th child of John Baskerville and Magdalen, his 
wife, of Goosetry, Cheshire, and was descended from John de 
Baskervyle, Knt, of Old Withington, A. D. 1266 (See Omerod'a 
History of Cheshire). Henry Baskerv-ille, the 6th child of John 
and Magdalen, was a citizen and Fishmonger of London, and his 
will, proved in Preg. Court of Canterbury, 19 May, 1676, mentions 
his brother John in Virginia. 

FAUNTLEROY. Richmond county. 

Arms: Gules three infant's heads crined or. 

Crest: A fleur de lis or, between two wings expanded azure. 

The first of this family in Virginia was Major Moore Fauntleroy, 
who was in the colony prior to 164S. He is believed to have been 
a son of John Fauntleroy, gent., of Crandall, county of Southamp- 
ton. In 1633, Sir John Borough, Garter King of Arms, confirmed 
the above arms to Moore Fauntleroy, gent., who is thought to have 
been the immigrant. William Fauntleroy, either a son or grand- 
son of Moore, was born in 1684 and died in 1757. He married 
Apphia Bushrod, and had issue: William, born 1713; Moore, bom 
1716, whose children moved to King and Queen county; and John, 
bom 1724. 

BATHURST. New Kent county. 

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th. Sable two bars ermined, in 
chief three crosses patee or. 2nd and 3rd. gules a chevron be- 
tween three lances argent. 

The immigrant was Lancelot Bathurst, who was in New Kent 
county in 16S3. In 16SS he was clerk of the committee of Private 
Causes in House of Burgesses, and in 1698 served as High Sheriff 
of New Kent. He was the 5th son of Sir Edward Bathurst and his 
2nd wife, Susan Rich, of Cranbrook, Kent. The name of his wife 
is unknown. He had issue, a daughter, who married prior to 1704, 
William Tomlin; Mar^', who married prior to 1704, Francis Meri- 
wether; Susan, married Drury Stith; Lawrence, who ~d.s.p. in 
Essex county. His will dated 29 Dec, 1704. prob. 11 Feb., 1705, 
mentions his above named sisters. 

OFFLEY. Princess Anne county. 

Arms: Argent on a cross pattee flory azure, a lion passant 
guardant or, between four Cornish choughs ppr. 

Sara Offley, daughter of Robert Offley and Anne Osborne, was 
baptized at St. Benet's. London, 16 April, 1609; married 18 July, 
1627, at St. Anne's. Blackfrlars, to Adam Thorowgood, and died in 
f .. Virginia in 1C27. Her tomb at Church Point, Princess Anne county, 

1 ' • has the above arms. The English pedigree of Offley is as follows: 


(1) John Offley, of Staffordshire, married Margery. (2) William 
Offley, Mayor of Stafford in 1517, married twice. (3) Robert Offley, 
eldest son of the 2nd marriage, born at Chester, removed to Lon- 
don and was buried at SL Benet's, 29 April, 1596. (4) Robert 
Offley, married 3 Feb., 15S8, to Anne Osborne; he died 16 May, 
I 1625. Anne Osborne was the daughter of Sir Edward Osborne, 

1 Knt., Lord Mayor of London in 15S5. (5) Sara Offley. wife of 

I Adam Thorowgood, member of the Virginia Council in 1637. 


i LISTER. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Azure on a cross argent, five torteaux, each charged 

with a mullet or. 

Crest: A stag's head erased ppr. 

' ' Wax seal on the will of Edmund Lister. 1709, of Lancaster 


BEALE. York county. 

Arms: Sable on a chevron between three griffin's heads erased 

I argent, three estoiles gules. 

i Crest: A unicorn's head erased or. semee of estoiles gules. 

f Arms on tomb of Captain Thomas Beale, Jr., at Chestnut Hill, 

! Richmond county. He was bom in 1649 and died 16 Oct., 1679. 

He married Ann, daughter of Colonel William Gooch of Temple 
Farm, York county, and by her had sons, Thomas and Charles. 
and two daughters. His father, Colonel Thomas Beale of York 
county, was a member of the Council under Governor Berkeley. 
The arms are identical with those of Beale of London. 

REID. Middlesex county. 

Arms: A chevron between three eagle's heads. 

Crest: An eagle's head. 

Upon the will of James Reid, merchant, Urbanna, 3 Jan., 1764, 
is the above seal, the tinctures, however, cannot be distinguished. 
He died without issue in America, leaving a legacy to his sister 
Jean Reid of Ayrshire, Scotland. 

BERNARD. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Argent a bear rampant sable, muzzled or. 

Crest: A deml-bear muzzled and collared or. 

Motto: Bear and forbear. 

The first of this family In Virginia was Richard Bernard, gent., 
widower, aged 26 years, who obtained a marriage license, 24 Nov., 
1634, to marry Anna Corderoy. aged 22 years, daughter of • 

Corderoy, Esq.. at St. Andrew's in the Wardrobe, London. (Ches- 
ter's Tendon Marriage Licenses.) He was In the Colony 3 Jan., 
1647, in which year he rented from Captain Thomas Harwood of 
Virginia and others, "the plantation in York oounty, called 'Pryor's 
Plantation.' " for a term of three years. To this deed is attached 
a rough drawing made by the Clerk of the Court, of a shield bear- 
ing the arms common to the Bernards of Buckingham. Ricl^ard 
Bernard was dead in 1652. as a deed recorded in York m 166-, 


states that "Anna Bernard, now of Purton, in Petsoe parish, 
Gloucester, widow, purchased Pryor's Plantation in 1652 from 
Thomas Edwards of the Inner Temple, London, and Margaret, his 
wife, one of the daughters of William Pryor, deed. Anna Bernard 
had a son Richard, who was vestr>'man of Petsworth Parish in 
1677, died 1691. He left sons, Philip and John Bernard. 

SfvllTH. Abingdon, Gloucester county. 

Arms: Azure a chevron between three acorns slipped and 
leaved or. 

Major Lawrence Smith of Gloucester married Mary — '-—-.'■ 

His will was dated 8 Aug., 1700. His eldest son John was a mem- 
ber of the Council and died in Abingdon Parish about 1719. He 
married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Henry Cox of Rappa- 
hannock county and his wife Arabella, daughter of William 
Strachey of Gloucester, the grandson of William Strachey, who 
"was Secretary to Lord Delaware in 1610. Lawrence, second son of 
Major Lawrence Smith, settled in York county and was Colonel, 
Justice, Sheriff and one of the feofees of Yorktown. He married 
1st, Mildred, daughter of Captain Thomas Chisman, and 2nd, 
Mildred, daughter of John Reade. His granddaughter Mildred, 
daughter of his son Edmund Smith, married David Jameson, and 
the Jameson arms impaling Smith are found on her tomb at 
Temple Farm. (See Jameson arms.) The Smith arms are the 
same as Smith of Tottne, Devonshire. 

BOOTH. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Argent three boars' heads erect, erased sable. 

Crest: A demi-St. Catherine ppr. couped at the knees, habited 
argent, crowned or; in the dexter hand a Catherine wheel, in the 
sinister a sword, point downward. 

The immigrant, Thomas Booth, settled in Gloucester and is 
thought to have come from Lancashire, as the above arms are 
those of Booth of Barton, county Lancashire. They are found on 
the tomb of Mary Cooke, the wife of his grandson, Thomas Booth, 
on which they are impaled with Cooke. (See Cooke arms.) 

ROBINSON. Middlesex county. 

Arms: Vert on a chevron argent between three roebucks trip- 
pant or, as many trefoils slipped gules. 

Crest: A roebuck trippant or. 

Motto: Propere et provide. 

Colonel Christopher Robinson of Middlesex, bom 1645 at Cleasby, 
Yorkshire, was a son of John Robinson and Elizabeth, daughter 
of Christopher Potter of Cleasby. Another son was John Robin- 
son, Bishop of London. Christopher Robinson was In Virginia in 
16(J6, and settled in Middlesex, calling his estate "Hewick." He 
was a member of the Council and House of Burgesses in 1691; 
Secretary of State 1692, dying in the following year. He married 
1st, Agatha, daughter of Bertram Obert, and 2nd, Catherine, 
widow of Major Robert Beverley. 


NOTT. Williamsburg. 

Arms: Azure on a bend between three leopards' faces or, as 
many martlets gules. 

Crest: A martlet argent, ducally crowned or, in the beak an 
olive branch ppr. 

The above arms are on the tomb of Edward Xott, Esq., Governor 
of Virginia, who died 23 August, 1706, aged 49 years, and whose 
remains are buried in Bruton Church. 

The arms are the same as Nott of London and KenL 

BATT. York county. 

Arms: Argent a che\Ton between three reremice displayed 

William Batt received a grant of 220 acres, 5 Sept., 1643, on 
Mobjack Bay; John Batt and John Davis, 750 acres in York county, 
2 April, 1667; Thomas and Henry Batt, 5S7S acres, 6 Aug., 166S, in 
Charles City. 

The Virginia immigrants descend from the family of Batt of 
Okewell in the Wapentake of Agbrigg and Morley. In the Har- 
leian MS. No. 4630, their pedigree is given as follovvs: Henry 
Batt of Okewell, living in the reigns of Henry VIII. to 2nd of 
Marj', purchased the manor of Burstall and others near Bradford- 
dale. Issue, Henry and John. Henry married a daughter of Rich- 
ard Wilkinson of Bradford, and had issue, Henry, Robert and 
Richard. Robert, son of Henry Batt, was Fellow and Master of 
University College, Oxon, and married Mary, daughter of John 
Parrj-, of Golden Valley, Herts, and had issue, John, William and 
Henry. John, son of Robert above, married Martha, daughter of 
Thomas Mallory, Dean of Chester, and had issue, (1) John, 
drowned in the Irish sea coming from Virginia with his father; 
(2) William, (3) Thomas, (4) Henry, the last three in Virginia in 
1667. William, son of John and Martha Batt, married Elizabeth, 
daughter of William Horton, and had issue, William, Gladdhill, 
John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Martha and Judith. John, son of Wil- 
liam and Elizabeth, was living in 1702 and married a daughter of 

RANDOLPH. Henrico county. 

Arms: Gules on a cross or, five mullets of the first. 

Crest: An antelope's head couped, holding in its mouth a stick 

The pedigree of the Virginia Randolphs Is as follows: (1) 
-Robert Randolph of Hams. Sussex. (2) William, born 1572, of 
Northamptonshire. (2) Richard, born 21 Feb., 1621, died in Dub- 
lin, 1671, married. Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Ryland of War- 
wickshire. (4) Richard, 2nd son of the last, born 1651, died 11 
April, 1711. came to Virginia about 1660, and the 29 July, 16G9, 
succeeded his uncle, Henry Randolph, as clerk of Henrico. Henry 
was born about 1G23 and came to the colony in 1643. he was a 
member of the House of Burgesses, and married Judith, daughter 


Of Henry Soane, Speaker of the House of Burgesses. William 
Randolph settled at Turkey Island, and was Justice of Henrico 
16S3-1711; Burgess 16S5-99, and 1703-05, and again in 1710- \t- 
torney-General in 1696; Speaker of the House of Burgesses 169S- 
Clerk of the House in 1702. He married Mary, daughter of Henry 
Isham of Bermuda Hundred, and left issue. At the Henrico Court 
House there is a paper dated 1698, which bears a wax impression 
of his arms. There is also a book plate of his descendant. Sir 
John Randolph, which bears the same arms. 

CHAPMAN. Stafford county. 

Arms: Per chevron argent and gules, in the centre a crescent 

Crest: An arm embowed in armor, holding a broken spear en- 
circled wiih a wreath. 

Motto: Crescit sub pondere virtus. 

In the will of Constantia Chapman, dated 2 Nov., 1768, filed at 
Stafford, is the following bequest: "I give and bequeath unto 
each of my three grandchildren, H. C. Weems, Wm. Locke Weems 
and Sarah Louisa Weems, the sum of five guineas to be laid out 
for them in silver plate, as their mother shall think proper, the 
Bald plate to be engraved with the arms of the Chapman and Pear- 
son families." On a silver salver, now owned by Mrs. Susan 
Swann Calvert, of Alexandria, Va., the above combined arms are 
found, as follows: As above for Chapman, and for Pearson, 
"Per fess embattled azure and gules, three suns or." Constantia 
Chapman was daughter of Simon Pearson, gent., of Overwharton 
Parish, Stafford; his will was probated in 1733. (For Pearson 
family, see under that name.) 

BICKLEY. Louisa county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron embattled, counter-embattled, between 
three griffins heads erased sable, each charged with a plate. 

Crest: A hind's head ppr. collared argent. 

The Virginia branch descend from Sir Francis Bickley, Bart., 
of Attleborough Hall, Norfolk. Sir Francis, 3rd, Bart, married 
2nd, Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir Humphrey Winch, Bart 
He died 16S7 and Is buried at St Mary's. Attleborough. By his 
Ist wife he had a son, Francis, who became 4th Baronet, but d.s.p. 
1746. A son, Humphrey, by the 2nd wife, became 5th Baronet 
and d.s.p. 1752. Joseph Bickley, brother of Humphrey, and a son 
of the 3rd Baronet, immigrated to Virginia, and died before 4 Dec, 
1751. In 1703, this Joseph was in King and Queen county, after- 
wards removing to King William, and finally settling in Louisa 
county, of which he was the first Sheriff and Justice. He mar- 
ried Sarah Gessedge. widow of Richard Gessedge. and had Issue, 
William, who succeeded as Gth Baronet on the death of his uncle. 
Sir Humphrey Bickley (William's father Joseph being then dead). 
Sir William died intestate, 3 Sept., 1771, the title going to his 
eldest son Joseph, who thus became the Tth Baronet He removed 




in 1S20 to Tennessee, and the title is now vested in the direct 
male heir of this line. The immigrant, Joseph Bickley, had be- 
sides his son William, 6ih Bart., the following children: Joseph, 
Jr., John, Frances, Charles, Francis and James Bickley. 

GORDON. Middlesex county. 

Arms. Azure three boars heads couped or. 

Wax seal on the will of William Gordon, dated 29 Feb., 1684, ar 
; TJrbanna. As Lieut. William Gordon he patented 245 acres . of 

I land in Middlesex in 1672. 

;- KLAND. James River. 

!^i Arms: Argent on a bend sable three pheons of the field. 

I Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a lion's head ppr. 

I Motto: Sperati et virite fortes. 

I Tho Virginia family are of the same line as Sir Thomas Bland, 

I of Kippax Park, Yorkshire, who was created a Baronet by Charles 

I I. 30 Aug., 1642. John Bland of Syth Lane, London, and Plaistow, 

'i Essex, born 1573, married Susan Duclere, born 1590, and had issue, 

I seventeen children. Edwin Bland, their fifth child, married Jane, 

I daughter of Gregory Bland, died 1653, and is buried at "Kymages," 

I near Westover. Theodorick Bland, the fifteenth child, afterwards 

^ of "Berkeley," James River, was baptized 16 Jan., 1629, at St. 

6 Antholin's, London. He came to Virginia in 1654, and died Aug. 

1669. His tombstone at Westover bears the above arms, impaling 
Bennett. "Or, three demi-lions rampant gules." He married Anne, 
daughter of Colonel Richard Bennett of Weyanoke, who was some- 
time Governor of Virginia. Anne Bland died Nov., 1687. 

EDWARDS. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Argent a fess ermines between three martlets or. 

Crest: On a ducal coronet argent, a tiger passant or. 

John Edwards patented 350 acres of land in Lancaster in 1653. 
In May, 1657, the Lancaster Court gave to him a certificate of 
the importation of his children, John and Mary. On 30 Nov., 1659, 
there is mention that he had married Frances, daughter of Fran- 
cis Cole of Lancaster, deed. John Edwards's will, dated 3 Feb., 
1667, proved in March of same year, bears the impression of his 
seal with the above arms. His will was also probated in England, 
in the Preg. Court of Canterbury, the 24 Nov., 1668. In it he 
states, "Since I left behind mc in England my dear wife and three 
children, what I left with them, as also the produce of my Vir- 
ginia estate, and the produce of the ship "Susan," to be divided 
Into four parts to them equally." 

CHURCHILL. Middlesex county. 

Arms: Sable a lion rampant argent, debruised with a bendlet 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-lion rampant argent. 

William Churchill, first of the family in Virginia, was deputy 
I sheriff of Middlesex county in 1674, and member of the Council 


in 1705. According to his own deposition, he was born 1649 in I 
North Aston, Oxfordshire. The arms of the family on a wax seal ' 
attached to a deed of his son Armistead, identify the family ia 
Virginia with the Churchills of Devon, Somerset and Dorset. 
William Churchill was married twice, his first wife being Mary ' 

■. By her, according to a deed dated 20 Dec, 16S3, he had ! 

two daughters. He married, 2nd, 5 Oct., 1703, Elizabeth, daughter » 
of Colonel John Armistead of Gloucester, and widow of Ralph 
Wormeley, late Secretary of State. By this marriage he had: (1) 
Armistead, son and heir; (2) Priscilla, born 21 Dec, 1705. mar- ; 
ried, 1st, Robert Carter of "Nominy"; 2nd, John Lewis of Warner » 
Hall; (3), Elizabeth, born 1710, died 16 April, 1779, married, 1st, f 
Colonel William Bassett of the Council; 2nd, William Dawson, ' 
president of William and Mary College, who died 20 July, 1752. 
The will of William Churchill was dated IS Nov., 1710; probated , 
10 Mch., 1710-11. ■• 

FLOWER. Lancaster county. | 

Arms: Per fess argent and azure, in chief two fleurs-de-lis gules, 
in base one or. 

From wax seal on a bond of George Flower, dated 1712, at Lan- 
caster Court House. 

WOODFORD. Caroline county. 

Arms: Sable, three leopards' faces or, jessant de lis. » 

Crest: Two lions' gambs erased or. r 

Major William Woodford, the immigrant, of "^'indsor," Caroline ; 
county, married 2 Sept. 1732, Anne Cocke, born 1704, daughter of \ 
Dr. William Cocke of Williamsburg and his wife Ann Catesby, 
sister of the celebrated naturalist, Mark Catesby. They had 
issue: (1) General William Woodford, born 6 Oct., 1734, a dis- 
tinguished soldier of the French and Indian wars and afterward 
Colonel of the 2nd Va. Regiment. He was taken prisoner by the 
British and died in New York in 17S0. He married Mar>-, daugh- 
ter of G«trrge Thornton and his wife Mildred Gregory, whose 
"^ mother Mildred, was a sister of Augustine Washington, and Aunt 
of General George Washington. (2) Thomas, born 14 Aug., 1736, 
d.s.p. (3) Catesby, bom 19 June, 173S, died 1791, married in 1771 
to Mary Buckner. (4) John, bora 23 March, 1742, d.s.p. in 1763 
in London, Eng. (5) Henry, born 7 Jan., 1744, died in Caroline 

The Woodford arms are engraved on a seal of General William 
Woodford, and are also impressed in wax on several letters writ- 
ten by the General prior to 17S0, some of the letters being in pos- 
session of a descendant. Dr. T. Madison Taylor of New York City. 

BOLLING. Prince George county. 

Arms: Sable an inescutcheon ermine, within an orle of eight 
martlets argent. 

Robert Boiling, the first of the Virginia family, lived at Kippax, 
sometimes called Farmiugdale. Pri-nce George county. He was 



born 26 Dec, 1C4G, and was the son of John and IMary Boiling of 
All Hallows, Tower Street, London, who was a descendant of the 
Boilings of Boiling Hall, Bradford, Yorkshire. He came to Vir- 
ginia 2 Oct., IGCO, and married, 1st, in 1G75. Jane, daughter of 
Thomas Rolfe, and granddaughter of Pocahontas. He married, 
2nd, in ICSl, Anne, daughter of John Stith of Brunswick county. 
By his first wife he had issue: (1) John, born 27 Jan., 1G76. By his 
second wife he had: (2) Robert, born 25 Jan,, 1G82. (3) Stith, 
born 28 March, IGSC. (4) Edward, born 3 Oct., 1687. (.5) Anne, 
bom 22 July, 1690. (G) Drury, born 21 June, 1G95. (7) Thomas, 
bom 20 March, 1G97. (S) Agnes, born 30 Nov., 1700. Robert Boi- 
ling died 17 July, 1709. An extended pedigree of the family will 
be found in the "Boiling ilemoirs." 

DUKE. Albemarle county. 

Arms: Azure a chevron between three birds close argent, 
membered gules. 

Crest: A sword argent, hilt or, stuck in a plume of five ostrich 
feathers, two azure, three argent. 

Motto: In adversis idem. 

The immigrant of this family was George Duke, .who in Jan., 
1656, being then a prisoner of the Parliamentarians at Exeter, 
petitioned to be transported to Virginia, which was granted. Ilis 
son, Henry Duke, was a Justice of James City county in 1680, 
Burgess in 1G92 and 1699, and Councillor in 1703. He married 
Lydia, daughter of Charles Hansford. Their son, Cliviers Duke, 
used the above arms on a seal ring, and they are also engraved 
on old silverware, now in the possession of R. T. W. Duke, Esq., of 
Charlottesville, a greatgrandson of Cliviers Duke. The arms are 
identical with those of Duke of Benhall Lodge and Brompton, 
^ - . Suffolk. 

BOWIE. Stafford county. 

Arms: Argent on a bend sable three buckles or. 

Crest: A demi-lion azure, holding in the dexter paw a dagger. 

Motto: Quod non pro patria. 

Arms taken from an old seal owned by Mr. John Bowie Gray of 
"Travellers' Rest." Stafford county. The seal had been the prop- 
erty of his grandfather John Gray, who was born in Scotland, it 
being in turn the seal of the latter's maternal grandfather, John 
Bowie of Scotland, whose daughter Isabella married William Gray, 
the said John Gray's father. 


Arms: Gules two lions passant guardant in pale or. 

Crest: A mermaid ppr. holding in the sinister hand a mirror, 
and in the ^exter a comb. 

The Lamars were Huguenot refugees from Anjou, France, and 
came to Virginia about 1660. In the records of Annapolis, Mary- 
land, is the following entry: "17 Nov.. 1663. Whereas. Thomas 
and Peter Lamar or Lamore, late of Virginia, and subjects of the 


Crown of France, have transported themselves into this Province, 
there to abide, and have besought us to grant them leave to here 
inhabit as full denizens, etc., etc." The coat of arms is engraved 
on old silver, and an ancient seal, still in possession of members 
of the family. 

FARRAR. Henrico county. 

Arms: Argent on a bend sable three horseshoes of the field. 

Crest: A horseshoe sable, between two wings argent. 

Motto: Ferre va ferme. 

The Virginia family descend from Nicholas Farrar of London, 
bom 1546, and whose will was probated in that city 4 April, 1620. 
He married Mary Wodenoth of Cheshire, who was living at the 
time of her husband's death. Nicholas Farrar was a member of 
the Virginia Company. He had issue: (1) Sussannah, married 
John Collett;. (2) John, born 1590, died 1G57, married Bathsheba 

— — -, and had a daughter, Virginia; he was Treasurer of the 

Virginia Company. (3) Nicholas, born 22 Feb., 1593; also Treas- 
urer of the Virginia Company. (4) Richard, bom 150G. (5) Wil- 
liam, Barrister at Law, v/as in Virginia in 1621, died ante 1637; 
he was member of the Council 1C27-33, Justice of Charles City and 
Henrico, and left issue: William, son and heir of Henrico, and 
John. The arms used by the above are those of Farrar of Hull, 

ROLFE. Jamestown. 

Arms: Gyronny of eight or and azure, on a chief sable three 
annulets argent. 

Crest: A lion's head erased argent, fretty gules. 

John Rolfe, gent., was born 6 May, 15S5, and was the son of John 
Rolfe and Dorothea Mason of Heacham, Norfolk. He came to 
Virginia June, 1608, and was wrecked on the Bermudas, where, by 
his first wife, whom he married in England, he had a daughter 
born to him, called Bermuda. His second wife was the celebrated 
Pocahontas, daughter of Powhatan, by whom he had a son, Thomas, 
who has descendants in Virginia. His third wife was Jane, daugh- 
ter of Captain William Pierce, by whom he had a daughter, Eliza- 
beth. John Rolfe was Recorder of Virginia from 1614 to 1619. 
Thomas Rolfe, the son of Pocahontas, was educated in England by 
his uncle, Henry Rolfe. He afterward resided in Virginia and 
married a Miss Poythress, and had a son, Anthony of England, 
and a daughter, Jane, who married Robert Boiling of Virginia. 

BRENT. Stafford county. 

Arms: Gules a v/yvem argent. 

Crest: A wyvern's head between two wings expanded argent. 

Motto: Silentio et diligentia. 

George Brent of Woodstock, Stafford county, was the sixth son 
of George Brent of Ccssingt.on, Somerset, and Marianiia. daughter 
of Sir John Peyton of Doddington, Isle of Ely. He married the 


daughter of Captain William Green and niece of Sir William Lay- 
ton, by whom he had issue: George, Nicholas, Robert, Marianne 
and Elizabeth. He married, secondly, on 27 March, 16S7, the sec- 
ond daughter of Lady Baltimore, by her first husband, Henry 
Sewell. George Brent was appointed in 1683 Receiver-General, 
North of the Rappahannock River. He was a nephew of Giles 
Brent, who was Governor and Admiral of Marj-land, 1643. 

PRATT. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Argent on a chevron sable, between three pellets each 
charged with a martlet of the field, as many mascles or. 

Crest: A wolf's head erased per pale argent and sable. 

William Pratt, merchant of Gloucester, married 4 Sept., 1720, 
Elizabeth, born 29 Aug., 1701, daughter of Dr. William Cocke of 
Williamsburg. They bad issue, three children, two of whom died 
young. The second daughter, Elizabeth, was married 24 Feb., 
1742, to ^Valter King of Williamsburg. Wax impressions of the 
Pratt arms are found on letters written by various members of 
the family dating from 1724 and correspond with the arms of 
Pratt of the county of Norfolk. 

CLOPTON. York and Nev/ Kent counties. 

Arms: Sable a bend ermine between two cotises dancette or, a 
mullet for difference. 

Crest: A wolf's head per pale or and azure. 

William Clopton, born in England in 1655, was constable of 
York-Hampton in 16S2. He was also Justice of New Kent. He 
married Ann, widow of Thomas Dennett, and daughter of Robert 
Booth, Clerk of York county. Her tomb in St. Peter's churchyard. 
New Kent, bears the Clopton arms. She died in 1716, aged 70 
. years, leaving three sons, Robert, William and Walter, and two 
daughters, Ann and Elizabeth. A deed of William C!on:on, Jr., 
dated 22 July, 1710, bears a wax seal with the above arms. They 
are the same as those of Clopton of the county of Suffolk, Eng. 
In the St. Peters parish register. New Kent, are numerous entries 
pertaining to the family. 

V/ALKE. Norfolk county. 

Arms: Gules a chevron between three crosses croslet argent,. 
on a chief of the last a buck's head cabossed of the first. 

Crest: A buck's head erased ppr. 

Motto: Fear God. 

Thomas Walke, merchant, came from the Earbadoes, and was in 
Norfolk county in 1G62. He married Mary, daughter of Colonel 
Anthony Lav>'son and had issue: Thomas, Anthony and Mary. Walke, Jr., died 1723. He married Katherine , 

and had issue: Thomas and Anthony, Elizabeth and Kaitierine. 
He was Lieut.-Colonel of Militia and was a member of the House 
of Burgesses in 1714. The arms of this family are registered In 
the office of Ulster Herald, Dublin. 


HARRISON. Williamsburg. 

Beujamiu Harrison, Jr., one of the feofees of Williamsburg in 
1700, used a shield, the charge in same consisting of a chevron. 
(Ludwell MSS.) 

TURBERVILLE. Westmoreland county. 

Arms: Ermine a lion rampant gules, ducally crowned or. 

The tomb of Frances Turberville on Booth's Plantation, has the 
above arms upon it. She was the eldest child of Henry Ashton, 
and was born in 1G99, died 24 April, 1720, and married 24 April, 
171S, to George Turberville, gent., by whom a daughter, Elizabeth, 
born 12 Jan., 1719. Another tomb at the same place is that of 
Lettice Turberville, born 15 July, 1707, daughter of William Fitz- 
hugh, by Ann, his wife, who was daughter of the Hon. Richard 
Lee. She married Capt. George Turberville 16 May, 1727, and 
died 10 Feb., 1732. " This tomb b«ar3 the above arms, impaling 
Corbin, the latter being, "Ermine on a chief or three ravens sable." 
The first of the Turberville family in Virginia, was John, who was 
in Lancaster county in 1G33. The arms used by the Virginia 
branch correspond wiih those of Turberville of Beere Regis, Dorset. 

HUBARD. Williamsburg. 

Arms: Sable an estcile cf six points, in chief a crescent argent 
between two flaunches ermine. 

Crest: A Sagittarius statant. 

Motto: Fortis et fidelis. 

The above arms are on a book-plate of James Hubard of the 
city cf Williamsburg, and are pasted in a book which was printed 
in London in 1735. The arms are in pale, in the dexter being an 
unidentified coat, viz.: "Argent upon a chevTon gules between 
three pheons sable, five mullets of the field." The Hubard quarter- 
ing is somewhat similar to Hubbard of the county of Durham. 

BRISTOV/. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Ermine on a fess cotised sable, three crescents or. 

Crest: Out of a crescent or, a demi-eagle displayed azure. 

Motto: Vigilantibus non dormientibus. 

Robert Bristow of Ayot St. Lawrence, Herts, was bom 1G43, the 
second son of Robert Bristow. and was descended from Nicholas 
Bristow, Clerk of the Jewels to Henry \1II., Edward VI., Queen 
Mary and Queen Elizabeth. He came to Virginia in 1660, settling 
in Gloucester county, where he married Averilla, daughter of Major 
Robert Curtis and was eventually a Colonel of Militia. He re- 
turned to England in 1677 and became a merchant in London, 
where his will was probated 29 Nov., 1707. An extended pedigree 
of the English branch of the family is contained in the "Visitation 
of Herts, 1C34," and in "Burke's Landed Gentry." 

LISTER. Henrico county. 

Arms: Ermine on a fesse sable, three mullets argent, a can- 
ton gules. 


i Crest: A stag's head erased ppr. charged on the neck with a 

I trefoil slipped gules. 

\ Motto: Justus propositi tenax. 

I Thomas Lister, fifth son of James Lister of Shipden Hall, York- 

I shire, and Mar>-, daughter of William Issot, was born at Halifax. 

; 9 Dec, 170S, died 15 Aug., 1740, in Virginia, and married 1733. Anne, 

t daughter of John Lewis. They had Issue: (1) William, born 7 

I July, 1734, married 1760 Margaret Lewis of Langhorne. They left 

I Virginia and settled at Langhorne Caermarthen, Wales. (2) 

Martha, married R. Burch of Virginia. (3) Mary, died young. (4) 
Susanna, married R. Morris of Virginia. 

William Lister, a brother of Thomas, baptized 3 Apr., 1712, also 
settled in Virginia, and married in 173S Susanna Lewis and had 
issue, two daughters. He died 21 Oct., 1743. The Listers are 
descended from Richard Lister, who was Constable of Halifax, 
A. D. 1412 (Dugdale's Visitation of Yorks). 

COCKE. Williamsburg. 

Arms: Argent a fesse sable between two talbots passant. 

Dr. William Cocke, an English physician, born at Sudbury, Suf- 
folk, in 1662, educated at Queen's College, Cambridge, died at 
Williamsburg in 1720. He was a member of the Council, Secretary 
of State for Virginia and Judge of the General Court. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth, sister of ^Mark Catesby, the celebrated naturalist. 
The Catesby arms, used on a letter written by the naturalist, 
dated 22 June, 1722, are: "Argent two lions passant sable crowned 
or." Catesby Cocke, son of Dr. William Cocke, born 1702, resided 
at Belmont, Fairfax county, and on a deed made by him 4 Jan., 
1724, are the Cocke arms as given above. 

BROWNE. Essex county. 

Arms: Ermine on a bend gules three lions rampant or. 

Crest: A griffin's head. 
Wax seal on the will of Buckner Browne of Essex, probated at 
Tappahannock 19 Aug., 1735. 

CODD. Northumberland county. 

Arms: Argent a fesse embattled sable between three pellets. 
Col. St. Leger Codd was the son of William Codd of Pelicans, 
Kent, and his wife Mary, daughter of Sir Warham St. Leger of 
Ulcombe, Kent, whom he married in 1632. Col. Codd was one of 
the Commissioners to superintend the building of a fort on the 
Potomac in 1671. He was Justice of Northumberland county 1677, 
Presiding Justice 16S0 and Member of the House of Burgesses 16S0 
and 16S2. He soon afterward removed to Maryland. He was 
married twice, his first wife being a daughter of Richard Perrott 
of Lancaster county, Virginia, by whom he had two sons, James and 
Berkeley. His second wife was Anna Bland, the widow of 
Theodorick Bland and daughter of Col. Richard Bennett. By her 
he had a son, St. Leger, and daughters, Beatrix and Sarah. His 



will, dated 7 Nov., 1706, was proved in Maryland 9 Feb., 1707-8, 
and in Lancaster, Va., S Apr., 170S. 

SLAUGHTER. Essex county. 

Anns: Argent a saltire azure. 

The above arms are on a seal to the bond of William Slaughter 
as Sheriff of Essex in 16S5. They are similar to the arms of 
Slaughter of the counties of Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester, 
Eng. The crest for the English arms being, "Out of a ducal coro- 
net or. an eagle's head between two wings expanded azure, beaked 

LATANE. Essex county. 

Arms: Argent a fesse between three crescents sable. 

Crest: A crane's head volant argent. 

Arms on the will of the Rev. Lewis Latane, probated in Essex 
17 Apr., 1733. Re was a Huguenot and fled from France to Eng- 
land in 16S5, coming to Virginia in 1700, when he became minister 
of South Farnham Parish, Essex. He is said to have been mar- 
ried twice before coming to this country. His third wife being 
Mary Beane. He left a son, John, and daughters, Charlotte, 
Phebe, Henrietta and INlarian. The son, John, married Mary Allen, 
who had an only surviving son, William Latane, Justice of Esses 
1760 to 17S0 and who married Ann, sister of Col. Thomas Waring 
of Goldberry, Essex. He had issue: (1) Mary, married John 
Temple; (2) Lucy, married Payne Waring of Essex; (3) John, 
married and had issue; (4) Henry W., born 1777, member of the 
House of Delegates from Essex 1815-16, married and had issue; 
(5) Thomas, died 1S37, married Hilary, daughter of Nelson Berkeley 

of Hanover county; (6) William C; (7) Ann S., married 

Lewis; (8) Eliza, married ' Waring. 

r«. 0^--ER. Gloucester county. 

Arms. Sable a unicorn passant or, on a chief argent three pinks 
gules, stalked and leaved vert. 

On the tomb of Jeffrey Flower in Abington churchyard, Glouces- 
ter, are the above arms. The inscription states that he died 2 
Sept., 1726, aged 38 years. The arms are the same as Flower of 
Chilton, county Wilts. He died intestate and in the Preg. C. C. 
Letters of Administration were .granted to Noblett Rubock, at- 
torney for Lucie Flower, now in Ireland, mother of defunct, 1 Feb., 
1725-6. His administrator in Virginia was Peter Whiting. 

BROWNE. King William county. 

Arms: Argent on a bend double cotised sable, three spread 
eagles of the first. 

Crest: An eagle displayed argent, on the wings two bars sa. 

Herbert Claiborne, born 7 Apr., 1746, of King William Co., mar- 
ried, 2nd, a daughter of William Burnet Browne of Elsing Green, 
who settled a large estate upon his eldest grandson upon condi- 
tion of his taking the name of William Burnet Browne. William 


Burnet was a son of William Browne of Beverly, Mass., who mar- 
ried a daughter of William, the son of Bishop Gilbert Burnet, and 
was Provincial Governor of Xevv' York and Massachusetts. He 
traced descent from Sir Thomas Browne, Treasurer of the House- 
hold to Henry Vl., from whom in succession Sir Anthony, Stand- 
ard Bearer to Henry VH., and Sir Anthony, created Viscount 

COLE. Warwick county. 

Arms: Argent and vert a cross lozeng:j'. 

Crest: Out of a coronet a dexter hand. 

Col. William Cole is believed to have been a sou of William Cole, 
who represented Nutmeg Quarter in the House of Burgesses in 
1629. He v.-as Secretary of State 17 Jan., 1G90, and Member of the 
Council, 1GT4-5. He died 4th of March, 1(393-4, aged 56 years, and 
the above arms are inscribed upon his tomb. He was thrice mar- 
ried, his la^t two wives being respectively, Anne, daughter of Gov. 
Edward Digges, and Martha, daughter of Col. John Lear. By the 
latter he had a son, . William, v,-ho was a member of the House 
of Burgesses in 171S and 1726, Deputy Receiver-General in 1721, 
and Colonel of :Militia. By his first wife Col. Cole (1693) had a 
daughter, Susannah, who married Dudley Digges. She died 170S, 
aged 34 years. 

LANDON. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Gyronny of eight or and azure, an inescutcheon argent. 

Crest: A lizard ppr. 

Motto: Ma force d'en haut. 

The tomb of Elizabeth Carter at Christ Church, Lancaster, states 
that she was the second vvife of Robert Carter, and dau. of Thomas 
and Mary Landcn of Grednal, Herefordshire. She bore her hus- 
band ten children and died 3 July, 1719, in the 3Gth year of her 
age and 19th of her marriage. 

Thomas Landon, the father of Elizabeth Carter, was the son of 
Silvanus Landon, who was probably the son of John Landon, Yeo- 
man of the Wine Cellar to James L and Charles L The will of 
Thom-as Landon is at Middlesex Court House, dated 9 Nov., 1700, 
probated 3 Feb., 1700-1. He had issue: William, Thomas, Roger, 
Silvanus, John, Mary, Ann, St. Leger, Elizabeth. INIary, the daugh- 
ter of the first Thomas Landon, married, 1st. John Jones, and. 2nd, 
Alexander Swan, whose will, dated 14 March, 1709, was probated 
in Lancaster Co., Va., 10 May, 1710. 

SPENCER. Westmoreland county. 

Arms: Quarterly. 1st and 4th, or and gules; 2nd and 3rd, a fret 
of the first, on a bend sable three fleurs de lis argent. 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet gules, a griffin's head argent 
collared or, between two wings expanded of the third, charged on 
the head and on each wing a fieur de lis sable, and on the neck a 

Nicholas Spencer, Secretary of Virginia and Acting Governor 


Sept., 1683, was the second son of Nicholas Spencer, Esq., of Cople, 
Bedfordshire, by Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Castwick of 
Wellington, Beds. He died 23 Sept., 16S9. His wife was Frances, 
daughter of Col. John Mottrom of Northumberland county, by 
whom he had several children. For English pedigree of the family, 
see "Visitation of Bedfordshire." 
WESTVVOOD, Elizabeth City and York county. 

Arms: Sable a lion rampant argent crowned with a mural 
crown, three crosses crcsslet fitchee or. 

Crest: A stork's head ppr. erased and gorged with a mural 
crovrn or. 

The above emblazoning is in possession of W. J. Westwood, Esq., 
of Richmond, to whom it descended from his grandfather. 

JENINGS. Gloucester and York counties. 

Arms: Argent a chevron between three plummets sable. 

Crest: A griffin's head couped behind two wings inverted ppr. 
in the beak a plummet pendent sable. 

Edmund Jenings, son of Sir Edmund Jenings of Ripon and 
Jklargaret, daughter of Sir Edward Barkham, Lord ;Mayor of Lon- 
don 1621, was clerk of York County, Attorney-General, Secretary of 
state and President of the CounciL He was born in 1C59, and died 
2 June, 1727. Ho married Frances, daughter of Henry Corbin, and 
had issue: Frances, who married Charles Grymes of Moratico, 
Richmond Co.; Elizabeth, who married Richard Porteus of Glouces- 
ter Co., and Edmund of Maryland. 

Col. Peter Jenings of Gloucester Co. was probably a brother of 
Edmund Jenings, as the latter had a brother named Peter (see 
"La Neves' Knights"). He was Attorney-General for Virginia and 
died 1671. He married Catharine, daughter of Sir Thomas Luns- 
ford. She died 17 May, 1685, having married, 2nd, Ralph Wormley. 
The Peter Jenings of Gloucester Co., mentioned in the Abington 
Parish Register, was probably a son of the first Peter. The fol- 
lowing entries are found in the Register: "Children of Peter and 
Sarah Jenings, Philip, baptized — Apr., 1678; Elizabeth, born 23 
Feb., 1684; Thomas, baptized 20 Feb., 1686; Rebecca, baptized 
18 May, 1690. 

JONES. Sussex county. 

Arms: Ermine three lions. 

From the book plate of Robert Jones, King's Attorney for North 
Carolina, 1761-67. He was the son of Robert Jones of Sussex 
county, Va. 

CALTHORPE. York county. 

Arms: Chequy, or and azure, a fesse ermine. 

Crest: A salamander or. in flames ppr. 

Col. Christopher Calthorpe was in Virginia as early as 1623. In 
1635 he obtained two patents of land in Elizabeth City county. 
He was a Justice of York county in 1658, and Member of the 


House of Burgesses in 1C59. On 24 Apr., 16C2. Anne Calthorpe, the 
relict of Christopher Calthorpe, petitioned the court for letters of 
administration on the estate of her deceased husband. She died 
9 Dec, IGGT. On 21 Jan., 16G7, the children of Christopher Cal- 
thorpe petitioned for a division of the estate, and on the 11th of 
Dec, 1G71, the Justices of York county gave a release to the ad- 
ministrator of the estate, the following children being named: 
James, Barbara and Ann. From the Parish Register we find that 
Barbara was buried 2S July, IGSO, and Ann buried 7 Apr., 16S5. 
James, the son, was a Justice of York county. He died 3 Aug., 

1689, married Anne , who died 24 Aug., 169S, and had 

issue, six children. 
; Col. Christopher Calthorpe was the second son of Christopher 

Calthorpe by his wife Maude, daughter and co-heir of John Thur- 
ton of Brome, Norfolk. An extended pedigree of the English 
family is found in "Le Neve's Knights" and "Blomefield's History 
of Norfolk." 

LYDDALL. New Kent county. 

Arms: Argent, fretty gules on a chief of the last three leopards' 
faces or. 

Col. George Lyddall of the above county was a son of Sir Thomas 
Lyddall of Ravenholm Castle, Durham, and his wife, Bridget, 
daughter of Edward Woodward of Lee. She was Maid of Honor 
to the Queen of Bohemia. She married, 2nd, Thomas Heneage of 
Greys Inn, Surrey (Le Neve's Knights). Col. George Lyddall 
died 19 Jan., 1705 (St. Peter's Parish Register, New Kent). 

THOMPSON. Elizabeth City. 

Arms: Or on a fesse dancette azure, three estoiles argent on 
a canton of the second the sun in glory ppr. 

Crest: An arm erect, vested gules, cuffed argent, holding in 

the hand ppr. five ears of wheat or. 

Motto: In Lumine Lucem. 

> Ralph Thompson of Vralron, Herts, married Elizabeth, daughter 

of John Harsnett (Visitation of Herts. 1634). They h ^ '.o-e. 

j (1) Maurice, who was in Virginia in 1620, returned to England 

/ and his eldest son, Sir John, became first Baron Haversham in 

\ 1696; (2) Col. George Thompson, born 1603, was member of the 

\ House of Burgesses for Elizabeth City in 1629; (3) Sir William 

\ Thom.pson, born 1014, came to Virginia but returned to England, 

I and became Governor of the East Indies temp. Charles II.; (4) 

I Paul Thompson, born ICll, was in Virginia in 1623; (5) Major 

/ Robert Thompson was in New England; (6) Elizabeth; (7) Mary, 

i born 1599, married Capt. William Tucker, bom 15S9. who was in 

f Virginia 1610, member of the Plouse of Burgesses 1623, member of 

the Council 1626, and had issue: Elizabeth, born in Virginia in 


WHITEHEAD. King William county. 

Anns: Azure on a chevron between three buglehoms or, three 


martlets of the field. 

Crest: Out of a celestial crown or, a buglehorn between two 

The above arms are on a wax seal of a deed of Richard White- 
head of Gloucester county to William Beck of New Kent for 5,000- 
acres of land granted to said Whitehead 24 Oct., 1673. The deed is 
dated 5 June, 1699. There is also another wax impression on a 
deed of Philip Y/hitehead of King William county, gent., and 
Elizabeth, his wife, to Edmund Berkeley of Gloucester county, for 
2,000 acres in King William county, being part of a patent of 5,000 
acres granted to Mr. Richard Whitehead 26 Oct., 1699, part of 
which was given to said Philip by deed of gift from said Richard 
and part by will of said Richard, dated 13 May, 1701. This deed 
is recorded 20 Nov., 1707, and upon it, beside the Whitehead arms, 
is another v,-ax impression opposite the name of Elizabeth White- 
head, which seems to be "a saltire with four nags' heads." The 
above original deeds, together with others, are in the possession of 
Major William Noland Berkeley of Charlottesville. From them 
we find that Richard Whitehead lived in Gloucester county in 
1699 and had two children: Philip of King William, and Mary, an 
elder daughter, who, before 1G9S, was married to Philip Ryan of 
King and Queen county and had a son Whitehead Ryan. The arms 
on the seal are those of V/hitehead, Lancashire, Eng. 

STRACHEY. Yoik county. 

Arms: Argent a cross between four eaglets gules. 

Crest: An eagle displayed gules, charged upon the breast with 
a cross crosslet fitchee argent. 

William Strachcy, Recorder of Virginia, was at Jamestown in 
1610. He was descended from the Stracheys of Saffron Walden, 
Essex, and Sutton Court, Somerset. William Strachey married 
Frances Foster and they had: William, who died in 1634 and 
who married, 1st, Eleanor Read, by whom a son, William, who 
came to Virginia in 1686. This Vv'illiam left a daughter, Arabella, 
who married Henry Cox of Essex county. William Strachey (1634) 
married, 2nd, Elizabeth Cress, niece of Sir Robert Cross, by whom 
he had John Strachey (1634-1674), whose grandson. Dr. John 
Strachey, came to Virginia and has now descendants by the name 
of Mastin living in Alabama. 

HARWARD. Lancaster county. 

Arms: A cross fleury. 

Crest: A stag's head. 

From a wax seal on the will of George Harward, dated 5 Jan., 
1703, at Lancaster Court House. The tinctures cannot be distin- 
guished, and there is no English family of the name bearing sim- 
ilar arms. The Harwoods of Berks and Salop have for a crest 
"A stag's head cabossed." 

JAQUELIN. Or three nags' heads gules. 
Crest: A nag's head. 


I . Motto: Comme je trouve. 

I Edward Jaquelin, the immigrant, was a son of John Jaquelin 

I and Elizabeth Craddock, and came to Virginia in 1697. He was 

s, born in 1668. and died 1730. He was twice married, his second 

I Vrife being Martha, daughter of William Cary of Warwick county, 

i and granddaughter of Col. Miles Cary, who came to Virginia in 

I 1C45. An oil painting of the immigrant, bearing the above arms 

i upon its frame, is in possession of his descendants. 

\ JNGLIS. Williamsburg. 

f Arms: Gules on a bend, three eagles displayed, between twt) 

I (unidentified) charges. (Ludwell MS.) 

I A wax seal of arms is on a deed dated 1700, of Mungo Inglis. 

t He was the first Grammar Master of William and Mary College, 

i and one of the feofees of Williamburg. 

■GOODV/IN. York county. 

i At Back Creek is the tomb of Rachel, born 1630, died 23 May, 

I 1C66, the first wife of Major James Goodwin. The arms engraven 

[. upon it are almost obliterated. The shield is impaled; the dex- 

I ter is much defaced, but in the chief there is a lozenge. In the 

e sinister, which is divided quarterly, there is, 1st and 4th, a bend; 

[ 2nd and 3rd, three bars. It is possible that Rachel was a sister 

f of John Porter, for whom Major James Goodwin obtained "head 

I rights," the arms of Porter, Vv'arwick, Eng., being "sable, three 

i bars argent." In the Goodwin genealogj-, compiled by Judge John 
S. Goodv/in, the theory is advanced that Maj. James was a son of 

I Peter Goodwin of London (Visitation of London, 1633). The arms 

f of Peter Goodwin of London do not contain the lozenge and the 

5 latter is traceable on the dexter side of the arms of Rachel 

s Goodwin. It may be that the arms on the dexter side are those 

f of Goodv.'in of London, exemplified in 1640, viz.: "or a lion 

! passant, guardant sable on a chief gules three lozenges vai--" 
These are the only Goodwin arms containing a lozenge. The dex- 
ter side of the shield on the tomb being much worn, it is possible 

I that the two other lozenges have been obliterated. The arms of 

I Peter Goodwin of London are: "Per pale or and gnles, a lion 

t rampant between three fieur de lis counterchanged." 

f JERDONE. Louisa county. 

I Arms: Argent, a saltire and chief gules, the last charged with 

I three mullets of the field. 

f Crest: A spur-rowel-of six points argent. 

I Motto: Cave adsum. 

I Francis Jerdone of Louisa county, was born at Jedburgh, Scot, 

I 30 Jan., 1720-1, married Sarah Macon of New Kent county, Va., 10 

■ Feb., 1753. He was the son of John Jerdone, born 7 July, 16S0, 

I a Magistrate of Jedburgh, who was the son of Adam Jerdone. 

» The immigrant brought over with him some old silver, on which 

\ Is engraved the above arms, the same being in the possession of 

j his descendants at Shirley, Charles City- county. The credit and 


motto is identical with that of Jardine of Applegirth, county Dum- 
fries, Bart.. 1672. and it is evident that the immigrant was a cadet 
of that family. 

COOKE. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Or, a fesse between two lions passant gules. 

Crest: A wolf's head argent, ducally gorged gules. 

Arms oil the tomb of .Mary Booth, died 21 Jan., 1723. wife of 
Thomas Booth and daughter of :.Iordecai Cooke at Jarvis' Farm 
Ware River, Gloucester. The above arms are impaled with Booth: 
"Argent three bears' heads erect sable." which are the arms of 
Booth cf Bartcn, county Lancaster. The Cooke arms are the 
same as Cooke of Whitefield, county Suffolk. The first of the 
Cooke family in Virginia was IMordecai of Gloucester county. 1650. 
His wife's name is unknown, but he had issue: Mordecai, Tiiomas. 
Giles, John, Mary, Francis, Susannah and possibly others. 
DANDRIDGE. King William county. 

Arms: Azure, a lion's head erased or, betvv'een three mascles 

Crest: A lion's head erased, charged with a mascle argent. 

Col. William Dandridge of Elsing Green, King William county, 
married, 1st, Euphan, daughter of the Rev. James Wallace, and 
■widow of William Roscow of Warwick county. Her tomb bears 
the arms of Wallace impaling Dandridge. Colonel Dandridge, who 
died in 1743, married, 2nd, 17 March, 1719, Unity, only child of 
Col. Nathaniel West. Col. John Dandridge of New Kent county, 
brother of Col. William, married Frances, daughter of Orlando 
Jones, and had issue: Martha, bom 2 June, 1731; John, born 23 
Feb.. 1732, died 23 July, 1749; William, born 2 March, 1734, died 
22 Jan., 1776; Bartholomew, born 25 Dec, 1737, died 18 April, 
1785; Anna Maria, bom 30 March, 1739. died 17 Dec, 1777; Frances. 
t/v 2 Nov., 1744; Mary, born 4 April, 175G, died 25 Sept., 1763. 

Col. John Dandridge died 31 August, 175G, aged 56 years, and 
is buried in St. George's churchyard, Fredericksburg. His wife 
died 9 April, 17S5, in her 75th year. 

Martha, the eldest child, born 1731. died 22 May, 1802, married 
1749, Col. Daniel Parke Custis. who died 1757. She married, 2nd, 
6 Jan., 1759, Col. George Washington. 

The arms of the Virginia family are the same as Dandridge of 
Great Malvern, Worcestershire. 

HALL. Prince George county. 

Arms: Three tigers' heads. 

Crest: A lion rampant. 

In the "Virginia Gazette" of 7 Jan., 1739, is an advertisement, 
"Lost, some time in August last, a silver snuif box, gilt on the 
inside and a coat of arms being engraved on the lid, three tygers 
heads, and the Crest a Lyon Rampant. Whosoever brings it to 
Mr. Thomas Hall in Prince George county, or to the printer of 
this paper shall have a Pistole Reward." 


The advertiser was Thomas Kail, who married Mollv, daughter 
o Major Kenry Power of James city, in 1737. and granddaughter 
of Dr. Henry Power and Mary, his wife, daughter of the Rev 
Edward Folliott of Hampton Parish. Thomas Hall is believed to 
have been a grandson of Thomas Hall, Clerk of Xew Kent county 
who was executed in 1676. as a supporter of Bacon. 

NELSON. York county. 

Arms: Per pale argent and sable a chevron between three 
fleurs de lis counterchanged. 

Crest: A fleur de lis as in the arms. 

Thomas Nelson, born 20 Feb.. 1677, at Penrith, Cumberland Eag 
was a son of Hugh and Sarah Nelson, and died at Yorktown 7 
Oct., 1745. He married, 1st, Margaret, daughter of Robert Rea'de 
the eldest son of Col. George Reade, Secretary of the Colony. His' 
2nd wife was Frances Tucker, widow of Robert Tucker of Barba- 
does. The above arms are engraved on the tomb of Thomas Nel- 
son at Yorktown. Thomas Nelson, a son by the first wife, was 
born in 171C. died 17S4. married Lucy, daughter of Henry and 
. Martha (Burwell) Armistead. He was Secretary of State in 1744, 
and remained in that office until the Revolution. Another son 
was William Nelson, member of the Council and acting Governor. 
Thomas, son of William Nelson, was a Signer of the Declaration 
of Independence, Governor of Virginia, and Commander of the 
State Militia at Yorktown. 

RICHARDS. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Sable a chevron between three fleur de lis or. 

Arms on the tomb of the Rev. John Richards in the chancel of 
Ware Church, Gloucester. The inscription states that he was late 
rector of Nettlestead and vicar of Teston, in the county of Kent. 
Kingdom of England, and minister of Ware, Colony of Va. He 
died 12 Nov.. 1735, aged 40 years. The tomb of his wife, lying 
near, states that she died 21 Nov., 1725. aged 40 years. 


Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th. Or three ravens sable, over all a 
bendlet gules, a crescent for difference. 2nd Gules a chief argent. 
3rd Argent on a fesse gules between three popinjays vert, collared 
and membered of the second, as many escallops of the field. In 
Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, taken in 16C5, there Is a Cuth- 
bert Witham as "a merchant in Virginia." He was a son of Wil- 
liam Witham, born 13 April, 1591, and Anne, daughter of John 
Flower of Methley. Cuthberc married Lucy. dau. of Francis Las- 

FILMER. Warwick county. 

Arms: Barry of six, or and sable, on a chief of the last three 
cinquefoils of the first. 

Crest: A falcon volant ppr. beaked and legged or. standing on 
a ruined castle of the last. 


Henry Filmer, Member of the House of Burgesses for James 
City county 1642, Justice of Warwick 1«347, had land grants as early 
as 1637 in James City county. He was a son of Sir Robert Filmer, 
Knt., of East Sutton, Kent, who married Anne, daughter of Mar- 
tin Heton, Lord Bishop of Ely. 

In the Isle of Wight Records is a Bill of Exchange, dated 16 
June, 166S, "on IMr. Robert Filmer, Esq., of London," and signed 
"Your loving uncle, Henry Filmer." The above Robert was created 
a Baronet in 1675. 

DIGGES. York county. 

Arms: Gules on a cross argent, five double-headed eagles' heads 
erased sable; a crescent for difference. 

Edward Digges, son of Sir Dudley Digges of Chilham, Kent, 
Master of the Rolls, was born 1G21, and died 15 March, 1G75-6. He 
entered Greys' Inn 19 2vlay, 1C.07, and came to Virginia in 1650, 
settling at "Belfield," on York River. He was a member of the 
Council in 1654, Auditor-General 1670-75, and Governor from 31 
March, 1655, to 13 March, 1657. His wife Elizabeth, who died 
about 1091, is believed to have been a sister of Col. John Page of 
York county. By her he had six sons and seven daughters. The 
Digges arms are on the tomb of Dudley Digges at Belfield. 

PRENTIS. SuColk county. 

Arms: Per chevron or and sable, three greyhounds courant 
and counterchanged, collared gules. 

Crest: A demi greyhound rampant or, collared, ringed and lined 
sable. The line coiled in a knot at the end. 

The above emblazoning is in possession of the Prentis family, 
and has been handed down from Joseph Prentis, who was Judge 
of the Admiralty Court in 1776, Speaker of the House of Delegates 
in 1787, and Judge of the General Court of Virginia. He was a 
son of William Prentis of York county, whose will was probated 
19 Aug., 1765, in which he mentions his sons John, Joseph, Daniel 
and William, and daughters Sarah, wife of William Waters, and 
Elizabeth Prentis. The arms are the same as those of Prentys 
of Wygenhall and Burston, Norfolk. 

CLAYTON. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Argent a cross engrailed sable, between four pellets. 

Crest: A leopard's gamb erased and erect argent grasping a 

John Clayton, born 1665. died 18 Nov., 1737, appointed in 1703 
Attorney-General of Virginia, Judge of the Admiralty Court, mem- 
ber of the House of Burgesses, and Recorder of Williamsburg. 
His descent is as follows: (1) Thomas Clayton, of Clayton Hall, 
Lancashire; (2) William Clayton, of the Inner Temple, died 1627; 
(3) Sir Jasper Clayton of London, Alderman, fourth son of above 
William; (4) Sir John Clayton of the Inner Temple and of Parsons 
Green, Middlesex, third son and heir, knighted 17 Nov., 1GC4, mar- 
ried Alice, daughter of Sir Williamr Bowyer, Bart., of Denham, 


Bucks, by whom he had: John of Virginia and others. The arms 
of Sir John Clayton, as recorded by Le Neve, differ from those 
used by John of Virginia, the English arms being, "Argent a cross 
engrailed sable, between three torteaux. Crest: A dexter arm 
ppr. holding a dagger, the point do-^-nward." John Clayton, the' 
emigrant, had issue: (1) John, the eminent botanist; (2) Arthur; 
(3) Dr. Thomas Clayton, educated at Cambridge, married 1T2S 
Isabella Lewis of Warner Hall, and died Oct. 12, 1739, and upon his 
tomb in Gloucester county we find the above arms, which are those 
of Clayton of the county of Lancashire. 

BURWELL. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Paly of six, argent and sable on a bend or a teal's head 
erased azure. 

Crest: A lion's gamb erect and erased or, grasping three burr 
leaves vert. 

The immigrant, Lewis Burwell, was born 5 March, 1621, died 19 
Nov., 1653. He was the son of Edward Burwell and Dorothy 
Bedell of Bedfordshire. He married Lucy, only daughter of Capt. 
Robert Higginson and granddaughter of Thomas Higginson of 
London. He had issue: Lewis Burwell, member of the Council 
in 1702, died 19 Dec, 1710, who married, 1st, Abigail, daughter ot 
Anthony Smith of Colchester, Eng. She died 12 Nov., 1693. His 
second wife was ilartha, daughter of Col. John Lear, of Nanse- 
mond county, and widow of Col. William Cole. By his first v-'ife 
he had known issue four sons and six daughters and by his second 
wife two sons and three daughters. Upon the tomb of the first 
Lewis Burwell at Carter's Creek, are the above arms. 

JAMESON. Essex county. 

Arms: Azure, a saltire or cantoned with four ships under sail 

The will of James Jameson was probated in Essex 17 Nov., 1736. 
In it he mentions three sons: James, Thomas and David. James, 
the son, born 1720, died 1766, married Mary Gaines, daughter of 
Daniel and Elizabeth Gaines of Essex. David, the fourth child of 
James and Mary Jameson, was born 15 Oct., 1757. He married 
Mildred, daughter of Edmund and Agnes Smith, and upon Mildred 
Jameson's tomb, at Temple Farm, are the above arms impaling 
Smith. For the latter, "Azure a chevron between three acorns 
slipped and leaved or." Edmund Smith was descended from the 
Martians and Reades of Yorktown, and through them was a kins- 
man of George Washington. Mildred Smith Jameson died 11 Dc-c, 
1778, aged 46 years. David, her husband, was member of the Privy 
Council in 1777, Lieut.-Governor in 17S1, and member of the State 
Senate in 1783. His will was proved at Yorktown 22 July, 1793. 

CHEW. James City. 

Arms: Gules, a chevron argent upon a chief azure three leop- 
ards' faces or. 


John Chew came to Virginia in 1622 in the "Charitie," his 
wife Sarah following him in the "Seafloure" the next year. He 
was a Burgess in 1G23. 1G24-9; Colonel of Militia, and a Burgess 
for York county 1642-4, and Justice 1634-52. In 1651, in view of 
his intended marriage to Mrs. Rachel Constable, he makes a deed 
of certain land. In 166S he appears to be deceased. He had at 
least two sons, Samuel and Joseph. Samuel removed to INIaryland, 
and in 1659 was a member of the House of Burgesses. He married 
about 165S Anne, daughter of William Ayres of Xansemoud county, 
■ Va., and died 15 March, 1676-7, leaving issue, nine children. His 

; eldest son, Samuel, had, in addition to other children, also a son 

Samuel, and it is from a seal belonging to the latter that the 
above arms are taken. They are the same, with some difference 
in the tinctures, as those of John Chewe, Gent., died 1639, of 
Bewdley, Worcestershire. 

KEMPE. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Gules, three garbs and a bordure engrailed or. 

Crest: On a garb or, a pelican vulning herself ppr. • 

Motto: Lucem spero. 

Richard Kenipc, the immigrant, was a son of Sir Robert Kempe 
of Gissing, Norfolk. He was Secretary of State for Virginia in 
1637. He died in 1649, and his widow, Elizabeth, married Sir 
Thomas Lunsiord and after his death, Major-General Robert Smith. 
Richard Kempe left no issue, but many of the name descend from 
his nephew, Edmund Kempe of Lancaster county, 1655. 

RICE. Rappahannock county. 

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per pale indented argent and 
gules; 2nd and 3rd, azure a lion rampant or. 

From seals on two deeds of John Rice and Rebecca, his wife, 
20 Dec, 1687. 

The arms are the same as Rice of County Kerry, Ireland, the 
family possessing land in County Cork, temp. Edward III. and de- 
scended from Sir John Rice of Buttevant. This is one of the 
earliest instances of the arms of an Irish family in Virginia. 

GOOCH. York county. 

Arms: Paly of eight, argent and sable, a chevron of the first 
between three greyhounds of the second, spotted of the field. 

Crest: A greyhound passant argent, spotted and collared sable. 

The above arms are on the tomb of Major William Gooch, at 
Temple Farm, York county. They are those of Gooch of Norfolk. 
William Gooch represented York county in the House of Burgesses 
in 1654, and 31st of March, 1655, he was one of the Counsellors. 
He died 29 Oct., 1655, leaving a daughter Anne, who married Capt. 
Thomas Beale, and probably a son, William. In the York records 
we find that Henry Gooch was Supervisor of the estate of Major 
"William Gooch. Henry was a Justice and Lieut.-Col. of York, and 
about 1661 married Millicent, widow of Robert Kinsey. 


i. SWAN. Isle of Wight county. 

r Arms: Azure, a chevron ermine between three swans argent. 

I Crest: A demi talbot salient g.ulc-s, collared or. 

I Arms on the tomb of Col. Thomas Swan at Swan's Point, Isle 

? of Wight county, who died 16 Sept., IdSO. His son Samuel married 

■f Sarah, daughter of William Drumniond, one of the leaders in 

\ Bacon's Rebellion. The Swan family were originally of Denton 

i Court, County of Kent. 

? GORDON: Lancaster county. iOOO _> #■ \> 

I Arms: Azure, a pheon between three boars' heads erased or. 

I Crest: A stag's head ppr. attired or. 

t Motto: Dum vigilo tutus. 

( Col. James Gordon, with his brother John, came from Newry, 

I County DowTi, Ireland, and settled in Lancaster county in 173S. 

* Col. James married, 1st, Millicent, daughter of Col. Edwin Conway, 

^ of Lancaster county; married, 2nd, Mary, youngest daughter of 

I Col. Nathaniel Harrison and his wife, Mary Cary of Surry. By the 

i second marriage he had a daughter, Mary, born 17 July, 1752, who 

\ married the Rev. James Waddell. Col. Gordon died 2nd Jan., 17C8, 

I aged 54 years. The two brothers left many descendants in Vir- 

I ginia. The arms are taken from a silver tankard, formerly the 

I property of Col. James Gordon, which is now in possession of Dr. 

I A. A. E. Taylor of Columbus, Ohio. 

i The Virginia immigrants were the two oldest of the four sons 

I of James Gordon, Esq., of Newry, Co. Down. This James being 

[ the second son of James Gordon of "Sheepbridgc," Co. Down, 

I gent. The arms they use are those of Gordon of Huntly. 


THROCKMORTON. Gloucester county. 

I Arms: Quarterly, (1) Gules, a chevron argent three bars gemel- 

I les sable, a crescent for difference (Throckmorton); (2) Or, a fesse 

1 crenellee sable (Abberbury) ; (3) Argent, on a fesse crenellee be- 

S tween six crosses crosslet fitchee gules, three crescents of the 

1 field (Olney); (4) Sable, a chevron argent between three crescents 

I or (De La Spine); (5) Argent, on a fesse crenellee between six 

I crosses crosslet, patee fitchee gules, three plates (Olney); (i3) 

I Gules, three bird bolts argent (Bosam); (7) Gules, a fesse or be- 

I tween six gouttes d'or (Wyke) ; (S) Throckmorton as before. 

I Crest: A falcon rising belled or, charged on the breast with a 

5 crescent for difference. 

I The above certificate of arms was granted to John Throckmor- 

I ton of Ware Parish, Va., by Ralph Bigland, Somerset Herald, 3 

' March, 17C9. 

! Gabriel Throckmorton, the immigrant, of Ware Parish, was a son 

I of John Throckmorton of Ellington, County Huntingdon. He was 
born 16C5. died Jan., 1737, married 1690 Frances, daughter of Mor- 

I decai Cooke of Gloucester county, and left issue. 

i GRAHAM. Prince William county. 

\ Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, on a chief sable three escallops 


of the field (Graham) ; 2nd and 3rd, argent, three roses gules 

Crest: A falcon ppr. beaked, and armed or, killing a stork ar- 
gent, armed gules. 

John Graham of Prince AYilliam county was a son of John Gra- 
ham who married Elizabeth, daughter of Catesby Cocke of Fair- 
fax county, and granddaughter of Dr. William Cocke of Williams- 
burg. John Graham (1) was a son of John Graham of Mackinston, 
County Perth, whose mother, Margaret, was the eldest daughter 
of John Graham, descended from the Dukes of Montrose. 

HILL. King and Queen county. 

Arms: Azure, on a chevron between three owls argent, three 
mullets sable, a bordure ermine. 

From a seal once the property of Col. Humphrey Hill of Hills- 
boroush. King and Queen county. The arms are the came as 
Hill of Alverton, Gloucestershire. Col. Hill died in 1775, and hi.s 
will was probated 13 March of that year. In it he mentions his 
wife, Frances, his four daughters, Mary, Frances, Ann and Eliza- 
beth, and sons John, Humphrey, Robert, Edward, William and 
Baylor Hill. 

K!NGS!V!ILL. James City county. 

Arms: Argent, semee of crosses crosslct fitchee sable, a chev- 
ron ermine between three fers de moliue of the second, a chief 
of the third. 

In 1624, Richard Kingsmill, his wife, Jane, his son Nathaniel, 
aged five years, and his daughter Susan, one year old, lived near 
James City. Elizabeth Kingsmill, a daughter of Richard, was 
born 1C25. She married, 1st, Col. William Tayloe, and her tomb 
bears the Kingsmill arms impaling Tayloe, the latter being, "Vert, 
a sword erect or between two lions rampant endorsed ermine." 
The Kingsmill arms are those of Kingsmill, County Hants, and in 
Berry's Genealogies we find Sir William Kingsmill married Ann 
W'ilks of Hod well. County Warwick, and had issue: Thomas, 
Richard (living in 1634 and doubtless the immigrant), Robert, 
Frederick, Francis and John. 

LIGHTFOOT. Charles City county. 

Arms: Barry of six or and gules on a bend sable, three escal- 
lops argent. 

Arms on the tomb of Philip Lightfoot at Sandy Point, Charles 
City county. He married Alice, daughter of Henry Corbin, and 
the latter's arms' are also impaled, namely: "Argent, on a chief 
or three ravens ppr."' Philip Lightfoot was a son of John Light- 
foot, Barrister, of Northamptonshire, Eng. He, with his brother 
John, was in Gloucester county in 1670. John married, 1st, Ann, 
daughter of Thomas Goodrich. He died 28 May, 1707. By his 
first wife he had: Alice, born 25 Dec, 1C98. His second wife 

was Mary . and by her he had: Goodrich. Sherwood, 

Thomas and Alice. Goodrich Lightfoot married Susannah — , 


and by her had: Anne, born 22 Oct., 170S; John, bom 17 Feb., 1711, 
Goodrich, bapt. 14 Feb., 1713; Mary, born 2 Oct, 1717; William, 
born ■ — ; Elizabeth, bom . 

WALLER. Spotsylvania county. 

Arms: Sable, three walnut leaves or, between two bendlets 

Col. John Waller of Newport, Spots. Co., son of John Waller, 
was Sheriff of King and Queen county 1702, Justice of King Wil- 
liam county 1705, and member of the House of Burgesses 1719. He 
became first Clerk of Spotsylvania in 1722. His will was proved 
there 1 Oct., 1754. He married Dorothy King and had: (1) Mary, 
married Zachary Lewis; (2) Edmund, second Clerk of Spotsyl- 
vania Co.; (3) John, third Clerk of Spotsylvania Co., who married 
Ag^aes, daughter of Capt. Thomas Carr; (4) William, born 1715; 
(5) Thomas; (6) Benjamin of Williamsburg. The Virginia Wal- 
lers came from Newport Pagnall, County Bucks, and in the parish 
register there we find the following entries: "Children of Dr. 
John Waller and Mary, his wife: (1) William, born 24 Sept., 1G71; 
(2) John, born 23 Feb., 1673; (3) Mary, born 23 May, 1674; (4) 
Thomas, born 17 Oct., 1675; (5) Steven, born 24 Nov., 1676; (6) Ben- 
jamin, born IS March, 167S; (7) Edmund, born 3 Feb., 16S0; (S) 
James, born 25 May, 16S3; (9) Jemima, born 31 Aug., 1GS4." 

John Waller of Newport Pagnall, born 1673, is believed to have 
been the Col. John Waller of Virginia who married Dorothy King. 
CoL Waller's residence in Spotsylvania county was called "New- 
port," and the arms he used were the same as the Waller's ol 
Bucks, of which family was the celebrated poet, Edmund Waller 
of Beaconsfield. 

CURLE. Elizabeth City. 

Arms: Vert, on a chevron or, between three fleurs de lis a cln- 

quefoil gules. 

Crest: On a mount vert, a hedgehog or. 

Arms on the tomb of Thomas Curie. Gent., Justice of Elizabeth 
City, buried at Pembroke Farm, near Hampton. He was born 24 
Nov., 1640, in the Parish of St. Michael, Lewes. Sussex, Eng.. and 
died 30 May, 1700. He left no issue, bequeathing his property to 
his nephews, Pasco and Joshua, sons of his brother Pasco Curie, 
Justice 16SS and feofee of Hampton 1691. Another brother, Sam- 
uel Curie, was also in Virginia. The arms op the tomb are those 
of Curie or Kyrle, of London. 

NEWCE. Elizabeth City. 

Arms: Sable, two pallets argent, a canton ermine. 

Sir William Newce came to Virginia with Francis Wyatt in 
1621, dying the same year. His brother, Capt. Thomas Newce, 
came over in the winter of 1C21, and was made a member of the 
Councih He died 1st Apr., 1623. leaving a widow and child m 


LITTLETON. Accomac count}-. 

Arms: Argent, a chevron between three escallops sable. 

Crest: A stag's head cabossed sable, attired or, between the 
attires a buglehorn or, hanging by a bend gules. 

Col. Nathaniel Littleton was in Virginia in 1635. He was Chief 
Magistrate of Northampton county, and Counsellor in 1C40, and 
Burgess in 1652. He died in 1054. He married Ann, the widow of 
Ctarles Harmar, of Accomac, and daughter of Henry Southey. 
Col. Littleton had issue: (1) Edward, (2) Southey, (3) Esther, 
(4) Mary, (?) who married Col. Edmund Scarburgh. The connec- 
tion of the Virginia Littletons with Sir Edward Littleton, Lord 
Chief Justice of England, is shown in the pedigree book of the 
family in the possession of the present Lord Hatherton. The pedi- 
gree, in condensed form, as follows: 1. Sir Thomas Littleton, 
died 23 Aug., 14S1; 2. Thomas, married Anne Batreaux; 3. John, 
married Alice Themes; 4. Sir Edward of Henley, Shropshire, 
married Mary Walter, and they had issue: (1) Sir Edward, Lord 
Chief Justice; (2) William; (3) James; (4) William; (5) John; 
(C) Nathaniel, who came to Virginia in 1635, and who was a 
gentleman of the Earl of Southampton's Company in the Low 
Countries in 1625; (7) Timothy; (S) Anne; (9) Mary; (10) 
Martha; (11) Priscilla; (12) Joanne. 

Col. Southey Littleton, the son of Col. Nathaniel, married, 1st, 

Sarah • — ; 2nd, Elizabeth, daughter of Major Edmund Bow- 

J-^'^ man. Gertrude, daughter of Edmund Bowman (alive 16S1), mar- 
ried John Cropper, and the estate of :*Iajor Bowman, called "Bow- 
man's Folly," has descended in a direct line for eight generations 
in the Cropper family. 

DOUGLAS. Loudoun county. 

Arms: Argent, a heart imperially crowned ppr. between two 
buckles azure, all within a bordure gules; on a chief of the third 
three stars of the field. -':..t.-- _:«— Yi^-:--^ ' ■^--^''- /^ ••>>■•■* ,\--*.'-. ^, 

Crest: A heart ppr. 

Motto: Fortis et fidelis. 

Col. William Douglas of Loudoun county, was a son of Hugb 
Douglas, Esq., of Garallan, Ayrshire, a descendant of Douglas, 
Earl of Drumlanrig, and the Earls of Douglas. Col. Douglas was 
a Justice in 1770, and High Sheriff in 1780. His will was pro- 
bated in March Court 1783. 

LONG. New Kent county. 

Arms: A lion ranipant. 

Crest: A lion's head. 

From arms on a tomb at Blissland, New Kent, of Mr. John Long 
of Ramsgate, in the county of Kent, in Great Britain, Commander 
of the ship "John and Mary," who departed this life 24 July, 173C, 
aged 25 years. 



Arms: Per pale cr and gulcs, a lion passant guardant counter- 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a dexter arm embowed in 
armor, holding in the hand a battle axe all ppr. 

Rowland Place, of Dinsdale, county Durham, born 1642, died 
1713, married Priscilla, daughter of Sir John Brooks of Norton, 
Yorkshire, Bart. He was a member of the Virginia Council in 
16S0. (Familiae ^Minorum Gentium, p3. 921.) 

DOODES. Middlesex county. 

On the will of Minor Doodes at Urbanna, Middlesex, dated 13 
Dec, 1677, is a seal, bearing the impression of a 17th Century ship 
with three masts and resting on water. The same seal is also 
impressed on the will of his wife, ?Jary Doodes. Among the Dutch 
immigrants who came to Virginia about 1650, was a merchant who 
signed himself indifferently Doodes Minor and Minor or Mindert 
'Doodes. As Elinor Doodes of Nansemond county, he signs a deed 
in 1655, and in 1665 he and his wife Mary, hailing from Lancaster 
county, unite in a deed to Peter Montague. The will of Mary 
Doodes mentions a daughter, Marie Montague, and her daughter 
Marie; sons Doodes Mindert and Peter IMoutague. The v/ill of the 
last named Doodes Minor, dated 13 Nov., 1694, mentions his wife 
Elizabeth and four sons: Minor, William, Garrett and Peter. In 
the Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex, are a number of 
entries pertaining to this family. 

HERBERT. Dinwiddle county. 

Arms: Per pale, azure and gules, three lions rampant argent, 
armed and langued or. 

Crest: A bundle of arrows or, headed and feathered argent, six 
in saltire, one in pale; girt round the middle with a belt gules, 
buckle and point extended of the first. 

The above arms are engraved on the tomb of John Herbert of 
Prince George county, which was taken from the family residence 
"Puddledock," in Dinwiddle county (formerly part of Prince 
George) to Blandford churchyard at Petersburg. According to 
the inscription on the tomb, he died 17 March, 1704, aged 46 years, 
and was the son of John Herbert, apothecary of London, and 
grandson of Richard Herbert, citizen and grocer of London. He 
married Frances, sister of John Anderson, of Prince George county, 
she marrying secondly, Peter Wynne. Her will was proved in 
1726-7. By her first husband she had Buller and Richard Her- 
bert. The family claim descent from Lord Herbert of Cherbury, 
which claim is supported by the arms and crest engraved on the 
tombstone, they being the sanie as those borne by Sir Richard 
Herbert of Colbrooke, Monmouth, the youngest brother of Wil- 
liam, first Earl of Pembroke. It is probable that Richard Herbert, 
citizen of London, is the same Richard mentioned in the Visitation 
of London, 1C33. 


LUNSFORD. Middlesex county. 

Arms: Azure, a chevron between three boars' heads or, couped 
Crest. A boar's head or, couped gules. 

Sir Thomas Lunsford, Knt. (28 Dec, 1641), came to Virginia in 
1649, and on the 24 Oct., 1650, received a grant for 3,423 acres of 
land on the south side of Rappahannock River. He was a Lieut- 
Genl. of the Colony and member of the Council. He died ante 
1656. He was married three times, his first wife being Catherine, 
daughter of Sir Henry Neville of Berkshire, by whom he had two 
daughters, and probably a son, William, the latter, it is thought, 
being the William Lunsford, Esq., who is mentioned as being one 
of the headrights in the grant to Sir Thomas in 1C50. Sir Thomas 
married, Srdly, Elizabeth, widow of Richard Kempe, late Secretary 
of State for Virginia. After Lunsford's death she married 
Maj.-Genl. Robert Smith of Middlesex county. By Lunsford she 
had a daughter Catherine, who married, 1st, Peter Jennings, At- 
torney-General, and, 2nd, about 1672, Ralph Wormeley, Secretary of 
State. She died 17 of May, 1685, leaving issue by Wormeley: 
(1) Elizabeth, married John Lomax and left issue; (2) Catherine, 
married Gawin Corbin, but left no issue. 

GRAY. Stafford county. 

Arraes: Gules, a lion rampant within a bordure engrailed ar- 

Crest: An anchor in pale or. 

Motto: Anchor, fast anchor. 

"William Gray of Garlcraig, Scotland, married in 1718, Janet 
Barrie. His son, William Gray, also of Garlcraig, born 1729, died 
1777, married Isabella, only child and heiress of John Bowie of 
"Hill of Bath" and Agnes Spreul, his wife. Their son, John Gray, 
born 4 March, 1769, at Garlcraig, came to America in 1784, and 
In 1809 purchased "Travellers' Rest," Stafford county, once the 
residence of Col. Burgess Ball. An old seal, brought to America 
by John Gray with the above arms engraved upon it, had once 
been the property of his grandfather, William Gray. It is now 
in the possession of his great grandson, John Bowie Gray of Staf- 
ford county. 

/lANSFORD. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Sable, a star of eight rays argent. 

Crest: On a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a wyrem of 
the first, wings expanded argent. 

The will of John Handford of Ludlowe, County Salop, Esqr. 17 
Sept., 16G9, probated 24 Jan., 1669-70 (P. C. C Penn. 6), leaves 
certain estates contingently to "Tobias Handford, Gent., now liv- 
ing in Virginia, one of the sons of Hugh Handford, late of Lon- 
don, deceased, and then to his "eldest sons in succession, and In 
• case my said eon and the said Tobias decease without Issue, to 

: Walter Handford of Wollashall, County Worcester." 


The name of Handford was spelled indifferently Hansford, Han- 
ford or Handford. The Haufords of Wollashall, Worcestershire, 
had several branches of the family in London, and it is evident 
that Hugh Handford, deceased, was a member of the family. His 
son Tobias Handsford, named in thte above will, lived in Glouces- 
ter county, Va. On 8 Jan., 1666, Tobias Hansford received a 
grant of 324 acres in Ware Parish. On 24 Oct., 1673, he, together 
■with Philip Ludwell and Richard Whitehead received a grant of 
20,000 acres in New Kent county. 

ILOYD. Norfolk county. 

Arms: Azure, a lion rampant or. 

Crest: A demi lion rampant guardant or, supporting in the 
paws an arrow in pale argent. 

Cornelius Lloyd was a Lieut.-Col. of Militia in Lower Norfolk 
county in 1641, and a member of the House of Burgesses between 

1642 and 1653. His wife was Elizabeth — ■ . Her will is 

dated 19 Feb., 165G-7, probated 15 June, 1C57, in London. In it 
Bhe describes herself as widow of Elizabeth River, Lower Norfolk 
county, Va. Cornelius Lloyd was a brother of Edward Lloyd of 
"Wye House," Maryland. This connection being established by a 
deed in 1655 from Elizabeth, the widow of Col. Cornelius Lloyd 
to Philemon Lloyd, son of her brother-in-law Edward Lloyd of 
Maryland, and in which she conveys to him certain personal estate. 
Edward Lloyd was bom in Wales about IGOO, came to Virginia in 
1623, and was a member of the House of Burgesses 1637-49, re- 
moving in the latter year ro Maryland with his wife, who was 
Alice Crouch and his son, Philemon. He was one of the original 
founders of Providence, afterward called Annapolis. He died in 
London, Eng., in 1696. The above arms are engraved upon numer- 
ous pieces of silver plate in the possession of his descendants and 
are also on the tomb of his son Philem.on Lloyd, who married 
Henrietta Maria Neale, widow of Hon. Richard Bennett, and dau. 
of Capt. James Neale and Ann, his wife, who was Maid of Honour 
to Queen Henrietta ^Laria, wife of Charles I. Philemon Lloyd died 
22 June, 1GS5, and the Lloyd arms impaling Bennett are on their 
tombs at "Wye House." 

COKE. Williamsburg. 

Arms: Gules, three crescents and a canton or. 

Crest: The sun in splendour or. 

Motto: Non aliunde pendere. 

John Coke, who settled in Williamsburg in 1724, is identified by 
his letters and receipts for legacies preserved by the English 
branch of the family. His wife was Sarah Hoge, as shown in his 
will, proved 16 Nov., 1767, in which she is named and his tv.-o sons 
Samuel and Robie Coke. John Coke was descended from the 
Cokes of Trusley, Derbyshire, through Sir Francis Coke. Richard 
Coke, bom 9 Nov., 1664, died 1730, married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Thomas Robie of Donnington, County Lincoln, and their third son. 


John, born 6 Apr., 1704, settled in Williamsburg in 1724 (For Eug- 
lish pedigree see Cokes of Trusley, County Derby). 

MASON. Stafford county. 

Arms: Per fesse embattled azure and argent on the embattle- 
ment a dove, wings expanded argent, beaked and legged gules; in. 
base three fieurs de lis of the last, two and one. 

Crest: A talbot passant reguardant, argent, eared sable, holding 
in the mouth a hart's horn or. 

Motto: Pro Republica Semper. 

Ccl. George T.lason was a native of Stratford-on-Avon, Warwick- 
shire, and came to Virginia about 1651. He was Sheriff of Staf- 
ford in 1C59 and member of the House of Burgesses in 1676, also 
Colonel of ililitia. He died 16S6. A record in Westmoreland 
county, dated 1655, gives his wife's name as Mary. His numerous 
descendants were distinguished in the later history of the Colony. 
Col. George Mascn, of "Gunston," about the year 17S4, sent to 
London to have the above arms engraved upon the Mason silver, 
"together with those of Thompson of Yorkshire quartered there- 
with." (Mason Letters.) 

DORMER. James River. 

Arms: Azure, ten billets 4, 3, 2 and 1 or; on a chief of the sec- 
ond a demi lion rampant issuant sable. 

Crest: A falconer's right hand glove fessewise argent, there- 
on perched a falcon, wings inverted, also argent, belled and beaked 

Sir Fleetwood Dormer, Bart., of Arle Court, Gloucestershire, emi- 
grated to Virginia (Burke's Extinct Baronetage). By a deed dated 
26 Dec, 1643, John White of James Parish in Virginia sold l,0'"'i> 
acres of land adjoining that of Fleetwood Dormer, Gent. Sir 
Fleetwood Dormer was the son of Sir Fleetwood Dormer, Bart., 
of Lee Grange, and Purton, County Bucks. 

LUCKIN. Williamsburg. 

Arms: Sable, a fosse indented between two leopards' faces or. 
Crest: A demi griffin or, issuing out of a tower, paly of six of 
the last and sable. 

The above arms (impaling those of Page) are engraved on the 
tomb of Alice Page, wife of Col. John Page of York county. She 
- was Alice Luckin of Essex, Eng., born 1625, married 1656, died 
22 June, 169S. Her tomb is in Bruton churchyard. 

HOOKE. Elizabeth City. 

Arms: Quarterly argent and sable, a cross between four es- 
callops all counterchanged. 

Crest: An escallop sable between two wings argent. 

Capt. Francis Hooke was a naval officer, and on the 18th of Jan., 

1G36-7, was a member of the Council. He was dead in 1640, for at 

a Quarter Court, held at Jamestown April, 1640, Capt. Thomas 

^ Willoughby represented that he had furnished a barrel of gun- 


powder to accommodate the funeral of Capt. Francis Hooke, the 
late Commander of the Fort at Point Comfort. In Berry's Hamp- 
shire Genealogies, we find a pedigree of the family of Hooke, 
which is doubtless that from which Capt. Hooke descended, 

namely: (1) Richard Hooke of Surrey, married Payne, 

of Eaton, and was the grandfather of John Hooke of Branshott, 
County Southampton, the latter having issue: (1) Henry of Bran- 
shott, and (2) Francis Hooke, Captain in R. N. 1G34. 

LINDSAY. Northumberland county. 

Arms: Quarterly 1st and 4th, gules a fesse chequy, argent and 
azure; 2nd and 3rd, or a lion rampant gules, the shield debruised 
of a ribbon in bend sable over all. 

Crest: A cubit arm in armor in pale, holding in the hand a 
svrord erect argent, on the point a pair of balances of the last. 

Motto: Recta sed ardua. 

The Rev. David Lindsay of Yeocomico, Northumberland county, 
was the eldest son of Sir Hierome Lindsay, Knt., of "The Mount," 
Lyon King of Arms of Scotland, and his wife, Margaret Colville. 
An entry in the South Leith Church records shows that he was 
baptized 2 Jan., 1603. His broken tombstone, with portions of 
the above arms upon it, states that he died 3 Apr., 16G7. His will 
was probated in Northumberland county, his wife being Susanna 

• . His only daughter, Helen, married Capt. Thomas Opie, 

and their son, Capt. Thomas Opie, Jr., died 16 Nov., 1702, and 
was buried with his grandfather, the Rev. David Lindsay. 

HOLFORD. Charles City county. 

Arms: Argent a greyhound passant sable, a canton sable for 

In Omerod's History of Cheshire, vol. 2, p. 239, is the following 
pedigree of Holford of Daveaham: (1) Arthur Holford. younger 
son of Sir George Plolford of Holford; (2) Arthur of Davenham, 
Gent, living 6th Edward VL, married Anne, daughter of William 
Bcsto'ck of Huxley; (3) John of Davenham, Gent., born there 20 
March, 15ST-8, married Eleanor, daughter of Richard Hussey of 
Albright-Hussey, Salop; (4) John of Davenham, married Elizabeth. 
daughter of Thomas Reddish, Gent.; (5) John of Davenham, mar- 
ried Jane, daughter of Thomas Mallory, Dean of Chester, and had 
issue: (1) John, son and heir; (2) Richard; (3) Thomas Holford, 
married and in Virginia. 

On 29 May, IGGS, a patent for 5.878 acres in Charles City county, 
was granted to Thomas and Henry Batte, sons of Mr. John Batte. 
deceased, (whose wife was Martha, daughter of Thomas Mallory. 
Dean of Chester, and whose sister, Catherine, had married the 
■ Rev. Philip Mallory, a son of the Dean and afterwards a prominent 
minister in Virginia). Among the headrights for this patent are 
several persons named Batte, and Mallory, as well as Thomas and 
Anne Holford. This Thomas was, undoubtedly, the son of John 
and Jane Holford of Davenham. . 


CUSTIS. Northampton county. 

Arms: Argent three popinjays vert. 

Crest: An archer ppr. coat vert, shooting an arrow from a bow 
of the first. 

The immigrant ancestor of this family was John Custis of Rotter- 
dam, who was in Virginia in 1640. He had six sons: (1) Thomas 
of Baltimore, Ireland; (2) Edward of London; (3) Robert of Rot- 
terdam, who was a tavern keeper there and whose daughter mar- 
ried about 1C49 Argall Yardley, a son of the Virginia Governor; 
(4) John of Virginia; (5) William of Virginia; (6) Joseph of Vir- 
ginia. John Custis, son of the immigrant, was Sheriff of North- 
ampton in 1C64, and Major-General of Militia in 1676. Kis estate, 
"Arlington," gave its name to the celebrated Custis estate near 
Washington. The family was originally from Gloucester county, 
Eng. The v.-ill of John Smithier of Arlington, County Gloucester, 
dated 16 Feb., 161S, probated 31 Oct., 1626, mentions his cousin 
"Henry Custis, alias Cliffe, son-in-law Edward Custis, alias Cliffe, 
and his son, John Custis; also William Custis, Nicholas Custis, etc." 
The tomb of John Custis at Northampton county boars the above 
arms (without the crest) ; stating he was one of the Council and 
Major-General of Virginia, and that he died 29 Jan., 1696, aged 66 
years. The tomb of John Custis, grandson of the above, is also 
at "Arlington," and bears the Custis arm.s. The latter's will was 
dated Nov. 14, 1749, and probated in London 19 Nov., 1753. In it 
he desires "that he be interred by the side of his grandfather, 
under a white marble tombstone, engraved with his arms of 'three 
parrots.' " He was born in 1678, and married Frances Parke. The 
arms adopted by the Custis family were those of Cliffe of the 
county of Essex, Eng. 

MILNER. Nansemond county. 

Arms: Per pale or and sable, a chevron between three horses' 
bits, counterchanged. 

Crest: A horse's head, couped argent, bridled and maned or. 

Col. Thomas Milner was in Nansemond county 1675. He was 
Clerk of the House of Burgesses 16S1-4, and Speaker of the same 

1691-3. He married Mary >— , and his daughter Mary, born 

6 Aug., 1667, married Col. Miles Gary, of "Richneck," Warwick 
county, and died 27 Oct., 1700. Upon her tomb are the above arms, 
which are those of Milner of Yorkshire. Col. Milner was deceased 
In 1694. His grandson, Thomas Milner, married in 1719, Mary, 
daughter of Samuel Selden and Rebecca, his wife. (Elizabeth City 

HEYMAN. Elizabeth City. 

Arms: Argent, on a chevron engrailed azure, between three 
martlets sable, as many cinquefoils or. 

Crest: A Moor full faced, wreathed around the temples, hold- 
ing in the dexter hand a rose slipped and leaved all ppr. 

Peter Heyman was appointed one of the Deputy Postmaster Gen- 
erals 18 Apr., 1692, and one of the Commissioners of the Customs 


in 1G99. He was killed 29 Apr., 1700, on board the King's ship 
"Shoreham," which was engaged in a fight with a pirate. His 
tomb, at "Pembroke," near Hampton, bears the above arms, and 
it also states that he was a grandson of Sir Peter Heyman of 
Summerfield, county Kent, Eng. 

TIMSON. York county. 

Samuel Timson was in Virginia in 1677. He was a Justice In 
16S3 and subsequent years; died 23 Jan., 1694-5, and married Mary 
Juxon, sister of William Juxon, Gent., of London. She died 10 
Oct., 1702, and they had issue: William, John, Samuel and Mary 
Timson. The tomb of Samuel Timson, the immigrant, is at 
Queen's Creek, York county, and bears the Timson arms impaling 
Juxon, namely: In the dexter for Juxon "Or, a cross gules between 
four blackamoors' heads, couped at the shoulders ppr. wreathed 
about the temples of the field." Sinister for Timson: charges 
much defaced, but representing "in chief two fleurs de lis, in base 
a sun in glory." 

The arms in the sinister quarter bear no resemblance to those of 
Timson given in any of the English authorities. 

HUME. Culpepper county. 

Arms: Vert, a lion rampant argent, armed and langued gules. 

Crest: A unicorn's head and neck argent, gorged with a cor^ 
onet, maned and horned or. 

Motto: Remember. 

George Hume, the head of the house of Wedderburn, died in 
1720. He married 4 Oct., 1695, Margaret, daughter of Sir Patrick 
Hume of Lumsden. by whom he had: (1) David d.s.p. 1764; (2) 
George; (3) Patrick; (4) Francis; (5) John; (6) James; (7) Mar- 
garet; (S) Jane. George Hume, the second son, was born at 
Wedderburn, Berwickshire, 30 May, 1697, and came to Culpepper 
in 1721. He married in 1728 Elizabeth Proctor of Fredericksburg, 
and died 1760, leaving issue: (1) George; (2) Francis; (3) John; 
(4) William; (5) James; (6) Charles. The last person to bear the 
title of Earl of Marchmont was Alexander Hume Campbell. He 
married Lady Arabella, daughter and co-heir of Philip, 2nd Earl 
of Hardwick. But dying in 17S1 d.s.p., the honor died with him. 
The title of right, belongs to the Virginia family of Humes (See 
House of Lords Sessions Papers 1S22, and the same for 1S3S). 

GRYMES. Middlesex county. 

Arms: Or, a bordure engrailed azure on a chief sable three 
escallops argent. 

Crest: A pair of wings addorsed or. 

The Rev. Charles Grymes of Gloucester and York counties, had 
a son John, who married Alice, daughter of Laurence and Sarah 
Townley. The latter was a daughter of Col. Augustine Warner, 
Sr., of "Warner Hall." John Grymes died 28 Aug., 1709. aged 69 
years. His eldest son, Hon. John Grymes of "Brandon," Middlesex, 


was born in 1693, died 2 Nov., 1749. He was Burgess for Middle- 
sex 1718, Auditor-General 1716, and member of the Council in 
1725. He married Lucy, daughter of Philip Ludwell of Green- 
springs. Frequent mention of the Grymes family is contained in 
the Parish Register of Christ Church, ^Middlesex. The will of 
John Grymes, 2nd, dated 1747, bears a wax seal with the above 
arms. According to Burke, these are the arms of Grimes of Bon- 
church, Isle of Wight, Eng. 

Charles Grymes, the immigrant, patented land in Lancaster 
county in 1653 and 1054, and in 1C57 there are three patents to 
Charles Grimes, Clerk. 

DUNCOr/iBE. Lancaster county. 

Arms: A chevron between three buglehorns. 

Crest: On an esquire's: heJmet, a stag's head. 

The above arms are on a wax seal on the will of Thomas Dun- 
combe, probated at Lancaster Court House 1C59. They are not 
credited to the name of Buncombe by any of the English author- 
ities. On the 24th of July, 1635, a Joseph Duncomb, aged 46, em- 
barked for Virginia on the ship "Assurance." (Hotten.) 

HILL. Charles City county. 

Arms: A lion passant. 

Crest: A demi lion. 

Col. Edward Hill of "Shirley," Charles City county, was a mem- 
ber of the House of Burgesses between the years 1639-54. He was 
Speaker of the House in 1644-54, and member of the Council from 
1654. He died about 1663. His son. Col. Edward Hill, 2nd, was 
born 1637, died 30 Nov., 1700, and was Commander-in-Chief of 
Charles City and Surry counties, Attorney-General 1G79; member 
of the Council, Treasurer and Speaker of the House of Burgesses, 
and in 1697 was Judge of the Admiralty Court for Virginia and 
North Carolina. He had issue: (1) Col. Edward Hill, 3rd, of 
"Shirley," d.s.p.; (2) Elizabeth, married in 1723 John Carter of 
"Corotoman," Lancaster county, and inherited "Shirley"; (3) 
Martha, married Hugh Gifford of Devonshire, Eng. The tomb of 
the second Col. Edward Hill at "Shirley" bears the above arms, 
but the tinctures are not designated. The arms of Hill of the 
county of Wexford, Ireland, contain a lion passant, with a demi 
lion passant for a crest. 

JONES. Frederick county. 

Arms: Argent, a lion ram.pant vert, vulned in the breast gules. 

Crest: The sun in splendour or. 

Arms taken from a book plate of Gabriel Jones of Frederick 
county, born 17 May, 1724, died 1S06, the son of John Jones of 
Montgomery county, Wales, and Elizabeth, his wife, who came 
to Virginia in 1720. His mother was born 1689. and died 1st Jan., 
1745. Gabriel Jones was King's Attorney for Augusta county. He 
married 16 Oct., 1749, Margaret, daughter of William Strother of 
King George county, and widow of George Morton, by whom he 


had issue: (1) Margaret, married Col. John Harvie; (2) Eliza 
beth, third wife of John Lewis of Fredericksburg; (3) a daughter, 
married John Hawkins of Kentucky; (4^ William Strother Jones, 
married Frances Thornton, widow of Dr. Horace Buckner of Cul- 

YEARDLEY. Northampton county. 

Arms: Argent on a chevron azure, three garbs or, on a canton 
gules a fret or. 

Crest: A buck courant gules attired or. 

Sir George Yeardley came to Virginia in 1609, and was Deputy- 
Governor in 1C16-7. He was knighted in 161S, being appointed 
Governor of Virginia in that year. He was again appointed Gov- 
ernor in 1626, and held the office until his death in Nov., 1G27, 
being buried on the 13th of that month. He married Temperance 

►— , and had issue: (1) Col. Argall Yeardley, born 1G05, 

member of the Council 1644-5, married about 1650 to Sarah, daugh- 
ter of John Custis of Northampton county, and died 1670, while 
Sheriff. His son Argall was in Northampton in 1670; (2) Col. 
Francis Yeardley of Northampton, afterward of Lower Norfolk 
county, was, in 1C52, a member of the Maryland Council, but re- 
turned to Virginia and was Burgess of Lower Norfolk in 1655. He 
married Sarah, widow of Capt. John Gookin and d.s.p.; (3) Eliza- 
beth Y'eardley, bom 1603. 

SPOTSWOOD. Spotsylvania county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron gules between three oak trees eradi- 
cated vert. 

Crest: An eagle rising gules, looking to the sun in its splendour. 

Motto: Patior ut pctiar. 

Gov. Alexander Spotswood was a great grandson of John Spots- 
wood of Spotswood, Scotland, who, in 1635, became Archbishop of 
Glasgow and one of the Privy Council. His grandfather, Sir 
Robert, was president of the Court of Sessions. His father. Dr. 
Robert Spotswood, married Catherine Elliott, a widow, and their 
only child. Alexander, was born in 1676, at Tangiers. He fought 
under Marlborough at Blenheim, and became Governor of Virgmia, 
being removed from that office in Sept., 1722. In 1720 he wa3 
Deputy Postmaster-General of America, and in 1740 was appomted 
Major-General of an expedition against Carthagena, but died be- 
fore the embarkation at Annapolis, June 7 of that year. He mar- 
ried Ann Butler, and had issue, four children. 

I ISHAM. Henrico county. 

I Arms: Gules, three piles wavy or, over all a fesse of the second. 

Henry Isham was in Virginia in 1656 and was a nephew of Sir 
Edward Brett of Rlendenhall, Kent. He married Katherine, widow 
of Joseph Royall of Henrico, and died about 1C75. There is a 
deed in Henrico, dated 23 Sept.. 1678, to Henry Isham of London, 
merchant, only son and executor of Henry Isham of \irgmia. 


Gent., deceased. The will of Kenry Isham. Jr., is at Henrico. 
dated 13 Nov., 167S, probated 1 Feb., 167S-9. In it he mentions 
"his half-brother, Joseph Royall, his honored mother, Mrs. Kaih- 
erine Isham, his sister, Mrs. Ann Isham, his sister, Mrs. Mary Ran- 
dolph." Mrs. Katherine Isham's will is dated 10 Aug., 1686. and 
probated in Dec. of that year. Attached to a paper at Henrico 
is an impression in wax of the above arms. 

LUDLOW. York county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron between three martins' heads erased 

Crest: A demi martin rampant sable. 

Motto: Omne solum forte patria. 

Col. George Ludlow, born at Denton, Wilts, 15 Sept., 1596, ob- 
tained a patent 26 July, 1646, for 1,452 acres in York county 
His will being probated there 1st of Aug., 1656. He left his prop- 
erty to his nephew, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Ludlow, son of Gabriel and 
Phillis Ludlow. ' Thomas was baptized in Warminster 1st of Nov., 
1624, and John Ludlow, his brother, qualified upon his estate is. 
Virginia 20 Dec, 1660. (An extended pedigree of the English 
branch of the family is in New England Hist. &. Gen. Register, 
vol. 24, pp. 181-84.) 

STONE. Accomac county. 

Arms: Per pale or and sable, a lion rampant counterchanged. 

Capt. William Stone of Hungers Creek was born in Northamp- 
ton, Eng., in 1603, and came to Virginia about 1633. He was a 
nephew of Thomas Stone, merchant, of London (the uncle's de- 
scent is given in the Visitation of London, 1633-5). In 1635 Capt 
Stone was a Justice of Accomac, and in 1G40 Sheriff of Northami)- 
ton county. He removed to Maryland, and died about 1695 at his 
manor of "Avon," in Charles county. He was commissioned Gov- 
ernor of Maryland in 1648 by Lord Baltimore. An old ring, now 
in the possession of a descendant of Gov. Stone, has engraven upon 
it the arms as above given. In his will the Governor mentions his 
brothers, Richard and Matthew, brother Sprigg and sons, Thomas, 
Richard, John and Matthew; and daughters, Elizabeth, Catherine 
and Mary. 

WEST. Northumberland county. 

Arms: Argent, on a fesse dancette sable, three leopards' faces 
jessant de lis. 

Anthony West came to Virginia in the "James'" 1622 (Hotten). 
His v.-ill is dated 12 Oct., 1651, probated 5 May, 1652. By his wife, 
Ann, he had issue, a daughter, Katherine, and a son, Lieut.-CoL 
John West of Northumberland county, who married ?*Iatilda Scar- 
burgh, and had issue, six sons and several daughters. At Onan- 
cock, Accomac county, is the tomb of Major Charles West, a grand- 
son of John West. He died 23 Feb., 1757, and upon the slab i3 
engraven the above arms. 


RICH. Gloucester county. 

Arms: For arms, see Willis of York and Gloucester counties. 

LUKE. Westmoreland county. 

Arms: Argent, a buglehom sable, stringed gules. 

George Luke, son of Oliver Luke of Woodend, Bedfordshire, 
settled in Westmoreland county, and married Mrs. Smith, the 
widov/ed sister of William Fitzhugh. George Luke died in 1732 
and is buried at Cople Church, Bedfordshire. The inscription on 
the tomb states, "He vras the last Luke of Woodend." He wa» 
descended from Sir Walter Luke of Cople, Judge of the King's 
Bench. His father, Oliver Luke, married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Onslow Winch of Bedfordshire, and George, their fourth child, 
was born 29 July, 1659. 

MORYSON. Elizabeth City county. 

Arms: Argent, on a cross sable, five fleurs de lis or; in dexter 
quarter a martlet azure. 

Major Richard, Lieut. Robert and Col. Francis Moryson, success- 
ively commanded the Fort at Point Comfort. They were sons of 
Sir Richard Moryson of Tooley Park, Leicestershire, and his wife, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Henry Harrington. Major Richard 
Moryson commanded Point Comfort 1G38, and in 1641 was member 
of the Council. His will is dated 1C26. probated 27 Dec, 1648. He 
had two sons, Richard, d.s.p., and Charles, who married Rebecca, 
executrix of Col. Leonard Yeo. She afterward married Col. John 
Lear of Nansemond. Charles Moryson in ICSO was Lieut.-Col. and 
a Magistrate of Elizabeth City. He died 16SS. Lieut. Robert 
Moryson commanded Point Comfort In 1641. He married Jane 

•, and d.s.p. 25 Oct., 1647. Col. Francis Moryson came to 

Virginia In 1649 and was captain of the Fort at Point Comfort 
He was Speaker of the House of Burgesses and Acting Governor. 
He returned to England and left issue. 

RING. York county. 

Arms: Argent, on a bend gules, three crescents of the first. 

Crest: A hand vested sable cuffed or, holding a roll of paper. 

Joseph Ring, merchant, of York county, bom 1646, died 26 Feb., 
1702-3, and the above arms are upon his tomb. He lived at "Ring- 
field," Felgates Creek, and was a Burgess for York In 1691. The 
original house which he built is still standing. 

WILLIS. York and Gloucester counties. 

Arms: Argent, three griffins passant sable, a bordure engrailed 
gules bezantee. 

Francis Willis was born In the Parish of St. Fowles alias St. 
Algate, Oxford. He was a Magistrate of York county, Va., in 
1648. member of the House of Burgesses from Gloucester 1652, 
1658-9; Counsellor 1658-75, with title of Colonel. He died In Eng- 
land In 1689, his will being probated 25 Apr., 1631. He left bis 
estates on Ware Creek, Gloucester county, to his nephew, Francis, 



son of his brother, Henry Willis, deceased. Francis "Willis, 2nd. 
had two sons, Francis Willis, 3rd, of Ware Parish, and Henry 
Willis, founder of Fredericksburg. Francis Willis, 3rd, married 
Anne Rich, daughter of Edward and niece of Elias Rich of St. 
Paul, Covent Garden, the latter's will being probated in Londoa 
11 Feb., 1719. Anne Rich was born in 169C, and died 10 June, 1727. 
Her tombstone describing her as the wife of Col. Francis Willia, 
is in the chancel of Ware Church, Gloucester, and bears the above 
described arms of Willis, impaling Rich, the latter being, "Gules, 
a chevron between three crosses botonnee or." 

KING. Nansemond county. 

Arms: Or, three pheons. 

Michael King was in Virginia previous to 1694, for in that year 
there is recorded a grant to Michael King, Jr., and William King 
• ■ for 340 acres in Nansemond county, and there is also a grant of 
443 acres in the same county in the year 1716 to John King, son 
of Michael King. Miles King descended from Michael, was born 
2 Nov., 1747, died in Norfolk 19 June, 1S14. He was Surgeon's 
Mate in First Virginia Regiment, Oct. 26, 1775. Member of the 
House of Delegates 1784, 1791-3 and 179S. Mayor of Norfolk 
1804-05 and again in 1810. His book plate, bearing the above arms, 
is found in two books now in the Library of William and Mary 
College. The arms are somewhat similar to those of King, Earl 
Lovelace, in whose coat are found "Sable three spear heads erect 
argent, embrued gules." 

MANN. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Per fesse embattled counter embattled argent and azure, 
three goats passant counterchanged attired or. 

Arms on the tomb at Timber Neck, Gloucester county, of Mary 
Mann, who died IS March. 1703-4, aged 56. Along side of it is 
the tomb of her husband, John Mann, who died 7 Jan., 1694, aged 
63 years. Mary Mann was the widow of Edmund Berkeley. The 
will of John Mann, her second husband, was proved in Gloucester 
couHty 13 Feb., 1694. The arms on the tomb are similar to those 
of Mann of the counties of Kent and Norfolk. 

PAWLETT. Henrico county. 

Arms: Sable, three swords in pile, points in base argent, pom- 
melled and hilted or, between two flanges of the last pellettee. 

Crest: On a mount, a falcon rising or, pellettee, belled of the 

Capt Thomas Pawlet, bom 1578, and brother of John, first 
Lord Pawlet, came to Virginia in 1618. and in 1625 lived at West- 
over In 16^-2 he was a Justice, and in 1641 Member of the 
Council. He died 1644 without issue, leaving his estate of West- 
over to his brother Lord Pawlet, whose son sold the property to 
Tbeodoric Bland in 1CC5. 



Arms: Sable, twelve plates between two flaunches argent. 

Crest: A wild man ppr. 

Capt. Henry Spclman was the third son of the celebrated anti- 
quarian, Sir Henry Spelman of Xarburgh, Norfolk. He came to 
Virginia in 1609, when about 21 years of age, and was killed by 
the Indians in 1G23. 

WEST. New Kent county. 

Arms: Argent, a fesse dancettee sable. 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head azure ears and 
beak gold. 

Motto: Jour de ma vie. 

John West, brother of Thomas, third Lord Delaware, was Gov- 
ernor of Virginia 1635-7, member of the Council and House of 
Burgesses, also Justice of York county. He died 1659-60 and 

married Anne — ■ , by whom he had John, his only son and 

heir, of West Point, King William county. The latter was Colonel 

• .^^ and Justice of New Kent county in 16S0, and died 16S9. He mar- 

.'//^^-i-t-^^--' ried Ursula^- daughter of Major Joseph Croshaw of York county, 

,'-< and had issue: John, Nathaniel, Thomas and a daughter, Anne, 

i/ "Who married Henry Fox. 

JONES. Prince George county. 

Arms: Per bend sinister ermine and ermines, a lion rampant 
or a bordure engrailed of the last. 

Crest: A lion's head erased. 

The above arms are engraved on the hilt of a sword worn by 
Major Cadwallader Jones of Prince George county, when a captain 
in Baylor's Regiment, and aide de camp to Lafayette. It de- 
scended to his grandson. Col. Cadwallader Jones, who wore it dur- 
ing the Civil War as Colonel of the 12th South Carolina Volun- 
teers, Greggs' Brigade. 

PEACH EY. Richmond county. 

Arms: Azure, a lion rampant double queued ermine, ducally 
crowned or, a canton of the last charged with a mullet pierced 

Crest: A demi lion double queued ermine, holding in the dex- 
ter paw a sword, point upward. 

Samuel Peachey, the immigrant, was the son of Robert Peachey 
of Milden Hall, Suffolk, and Anne Hodgskin, his wife. He was 
a Justice of Richmond county and in 1701 a Lieut.-Col. His will, 
dated 29 Jan., 1711. probated 4 June, 1712, leaves large legacies 
to his nephews and nieces, the sons and daughters of Nathaniel 
Peachey. He also mentions his grandson, Samuel Peachey, to 
whom he leaves, "My great silver tankard and my sealed ring, 
having both my coate of Armes." 

MAYO. Henrico county. 

Arms: Gules, chevron vair, between three ducal coronets or, 
a crescent for difference. 


Crest: A unicorn's head erased, charged with a chevron vair. 

Arms on the tomb at Powhatan of Joseph Mayo, Gent., born in 
Somersetshire 25 March, 1G93, died 25 March, 1740, also on the 
tomb of George Mayo, eldest son of above, born in the Isle of 
Barbadoes SO Aug., 1717, died 19 Feb., 1739. Joseph Mayo emi- 
grated from the Isle of Barbadoes to Virginia about 1727, and re- 
sided at Powhatan, near Richmond. 

FLOURNOY. Henrico county. 

Arms: D'azur au che\Ton d'argent accompagne en chef de 
deux fleurs ou chatons de noyer d'or, et un pointe d'une noix de 


Motto: Ex flore fructus. 

The Flournoy or Flournois family are descended from the Flour- 
noys who fled from Champagne to Geneva, Switzerland, after the 
massacre of the Huguenots at Vassy in 15C2. The Virginia family 
trace from Jacob Flournoy, who had laud in Heurico in 1705, and 
from his nephew, Jean Jacques Flournoy, born 17 Nov., 16S6, 
raarried in Va. 23 June, 1720, to Elizabeth, daughter of James 
Williams, by whom he had issue, ten children. The pedigree of 
the Virginia Flournoys is as fellows: (1) Laurent Flournoy, mar- 
ried Gabrielle Mellin of Lyons; (2) Jean Flournoy, born 1574, mar- 
ried Frances Musard; (3) Jacques Flournoy, born 160S, married 
Judith Pucrary; (4) Jacques Flournoy, born 1657, married Julia 
Eyraud and were the parents of Jean Jacques Flournoy of Va. 
Jacob Flournoy, uncle of Jean Jacques, was born 5 Jan., 1G63, and 
was a son of Jacques and Judith Pucrary Flournoy (as above). He 
'. came to Va. in 1700 and settled near Williamsburg, bringing with 

• him his 2nd wife and sons, Francis and Jacques, and a daughter, 

Jane Frances. The Virginia and the Geneva branches of the 
family, together with the arms, are established through the family 
records of Mr. Edmond Flournoy of Geneva, who is the owner 
of a manuscript pedigree of the various branches of the name, 
•which was begun in 1732. 

PEARSON. Stafford county. 

Arms: Per fess embattled azure and gules, three suns or. 

According to the "Bland Pedigree," Thomas Pierson of Wisbeach, 
Isle of Ely, gent., married Susanna Bland, bom about 1C17, sister 
of Theodorick Bland of Westover. They had a son Thomas, who 
had Thomas Pierson of Stafford county, Va., who had Simon Pear- 
Bon of the same county, whose will is dated 7 Dec, 1731, pro- 
bated 16 Nov., 1733. He had issue: (1) Constantia, born 1714, mar- 
ried Nathaniel Chapman (see Chapman of Stafford); (2) Susanna, 
born 29 Dec, 1717, married John Alexander 11 Dec, 1743, died 6 
Oct., 17SS; (3) Thomas, will proved 18 May, 1744, and who had^ is- 
sue;' (4) Margaret, born 5 March, 1720, married, 1st, 27 Jan., 1735, 
William Henry Terrett. 2nd, John West. Her will was proved 
10 Jan., 179S. 


LEWIS. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Quarterly. (1) Argent a dragon's head and neck erased 
vert, holding in the mouth a bloody hand (Lewis). 2. Gules three 
towers triple tovN-ered argent (Howell). 3. Argent three chevronels. 
(Net identified.) 4. Argent three lorteaux. (Not identified.) 5. 
Argent a chief azure three Ic/.euges or. (Fielding.) 6. Vert a 
cross engrailed or. (Warner.) 7. Asure three bowls argent, out of 
each a boar's head or. (BoTvics). 

Crest: Argent a dragon's head and neck erased vert, holding 
in the mouth a bloody hand. 

The above arms are from silver plate in the possession of the 
Lewis family, the quarterings denoting the various intermarriages. 
The printed pedigrees of the family are many, and varied in their 
conclusions as to the first of the Lewis name in Virginia. It is 
extremely probable that he was the "Mr. John Lewis" v/ho patented 
22 April, IGGS, land in Gloucester and New Kent counties. Ac- 
cording to the tombstone cf his son. Col. John Lewis, he married 

Isabella , and had issue, John Lewis of Warner Kail, and 

probably other children. 

MARTIN. Caroline county. 

Arms: Gules a chevron between three crescents argent. 

Arms of Colonel John Martin of Caroline county, engraved on a 
silver pint cup, and advertised by him as "stolen" in the Virginia 
Gazette of 20 Nov., 173S. 

Colonel IMartin was a member of the House of Burgesses for the 
above county in 173S and 1740, and from King William county 1752 
to 1756. Ke died in the latter year. At Clifton, Caroline county, 
is the tomb of his wife, the epitaph states that she was Martha, 
daughter of Lewis Burwell, Esq., cf Gloucester county, and that 
she died 27 May, 173S, aged 3G years, leaving three sons and four 

METCALFE. Richmond county. 

Arms: Argent three calves passant sable. 

Crest: A talbot sejant ppr. dester paw grasping a golden target 
Richard Metcalfe of Rappahannock River, Va., 170S, was a son 
cf Gilbert i.'etcalfe, merchant, of London, who traced descent 
from Richard :\Ietcalfe of North Allerton, Yorkshire. (See Fos- 
ter's Pedigrees of Yorkshire Families.) 

METCALF. King William county. 

Same arm.s as above. 

Thomas Metcalf, sea of Samxuel Metcalf of Northwick. Cheshire, 
was born 10 Aug., 1734, and came to Virginia IG May, 1751, with 
his uncle John Metcalf. Ke married 23 Nov., 175G, Elizabeth, 
born 13 Aug., 1734, the eldest daughter of John Strachey, M. D., of 
Sutton Court, Somersetshire, and by her had issue, six children, 
all of whom d.s.p. except a daughter, Ann Lee Metcalf, who mar- 
ried Dr. Claudius Levert. 

' -» 


RAE. Williamsburg. 

Arms: Vert a chevron argent between three roebucks courant 

Crest: A roebuck at gaze ppr. 

Jlotto: Ever ready. 

The above arms are engraved on the tomb in Bruton church- 
yard of Robert Rae, merchant of Falmouth; born 1723, died 30 May, 
1753, the son of Robert Rae, Esq., of Little Govan, near Glasgow, 

THRUSTON. Norfolk county. 

Arms: Sable three buglehoms argeflt stringed or, garnished 

Crest: A heron argent. 

Jlotto: Esse quam videri. 

The immigrant was Malachy Thruston, born 19 Jan., 1637, who 
was a lawyer in Virginia from 1670. His will, dated 14 March, 
1698-9, probated 15 Nov. in Norfolk county, states, that "I leave to 
my son, John Thruston, my signett Ring with my coat of Armes." 
Malachy was the grandson of Malachias Thruston of Wellington, 
Somersetshire, born ante 1000, Malachias's wife died 1651. Their 
son John was bom 8 June, 1606, at Wellington, and became Cham- 
berlain of the City of Bristol. He died 8 April, 1675, and is buried 
at St. Thomas, Bristol. He was married twice, having by his first 
wife 16 children, and by the second, 8 children. Edward Thruston, 
brother of Malachy, the immigrant, came to Virginia ante 16G6. 
He was born at Bristol 30 Jan., 1638, and married in Va. 28 Oct., 
1666, Anne, daughter of Thomas Loveing, merchant, of :\Iartin's 
Hundred. She died 17 Dec, 1670, and Edward married, 2nd, in 
Bristol 2 Aug., 1671, Susanna Perry, daughter of Nicholas Perry 
of Gt. Marlow. From 1680 to 1683 Edward Thruston resided at 
Ashton, Eng., at which place his wife died 2 Aug., 1683. He re- 
turned to Virginia in 1717, and has many descendants. 

WALLACE. Elizabeth City. 

Arms: Gules a lion rampant argent. 

Crest: An ostrich head and neck ppr. holding a horseshoe in 
the beak or. 

Arms on the tomb of the Rev. James Wallace, at "Erroll," Eliza- 
beth City. He was bom in Erroll. Perthshire, Scotland; minister 
in Elizabeth City for 21 years, and died 3 Nov., 1712, in his 45th 
year. He married, in 1695, Anne, daughter of John Sheppard and 
widow of Thomas Wythe (grandfather of George Wythe), and had 
issue: (1) Euphan, born 1C9G; (2) Ann, married Col. Robert 
Armistead; (3) James, member of the House of Burgesses 1769-72; 
(4)Mary; (5) John, died 1724. 

PENDLETON. King and Queen county. 

Arms: Gules an inescutcheon argent between four escallops in 

saltire or. 


Crest: On a chapeau gules turned up ermine a demi dragon, 
wings inverted or, holding an escallop argent. 

Motto: Maneo qualis manebam. 

The Virginia Pendletons are descended from the ancient family 

. of that name who were settled at Norwich, Norfolk, and originally 

from Manchester. George Pendleton removed from the latter city 

to Norwich in 1613, and married Elizabeth, daughter of Joha 

Pettingall, gent., of that city; ihey had a son, Henry, who married 

Susan ( — , by whom a son, Henry, who had two sons, the 

Rev. Nathaniel Pendleton, who d.s.p., and Philip Pendleton, who 
came to Virginia in 1674. Philip was born about 1650, and mar- 
ried Isabella Hurt or Hart, by whom he had three sons and four 
daughters. His eldest son, Henry, born 16S3, married, 1701, Mary, 
daughter of James Taylor of Caroline county by his second wife, 
Mary Gregory. He died 1721 and left issue: Philip, Nathaniel, 
John, Edmund, Mary and Isabella Pendleton. 

MILLER. Prince George county. 

Arms: Ermine three wolves heads erased gules. 

Arms of ]\Iiller impaling Boiling, engraved upon a silver castor, 
once the property of Hugh Miller of Prince George. The Boiling 
arms being, "Sable an inescutchcon ermine within an orle of eight 
inartlets argent." 

Hugh Jliller was a prominent merchant at Blandford and was 
the first master of the Blandford Lodge, F. and A. I\I., in 1757. He 
married Jane, daughter of Robert Boiling, Jr., and had issue: 
Anne, born 13 March, 1742-3; Robert, born 28 March, 1746; Jane. 
bora 21 Feb., 1747-S; Lillias and Hugh. 

Hugh Miller died 13 Feb., 1762, his will being proved at Somer- 
set House, London, in March of that year. Two of the above 
daughters, Ann and Jane, became successively the wife of Sir 
Peyton Skipwith, Bart. 

PERROTT. Middlesex county. 

Arms: Three pears. 

Richard Perrott, President of the Middlesex County Court, died 
11 Nov., 1686. His son, Richard, born 24 Feb., 16.57, was the first 
male child of English parentage born on the Rappahannock. He 
married 11 Feb., 1672, Sarah, born 16 Aug., 1657, widow of William 
Halfhide and daughter of Major Thomas Curtis and Averilla, his 
wife. They had issue: Henry, born 25 Jan., 1675; Frank, bora 
28 Aug., 1677; Sarah, born 21 Sept., 1679; Richard, born 5 Oct., 
1681; Averilla, bora 3 Aug., 1683; Robert, born 25 Oct., 1685; Cur- 
tis, born 19 Aug., 16SS; Mary, born 19 Jan., 1690. 

The arms of "3 pears" are on a seal of Richard Perrot at Middle- 
sex Court House. 

YUILLE. Williamsburg. 

Arms: Argent on a fess between three crescents sable, a goat 
or, banded gules. 

Crest: An ear of wheat ppr. 


Motto: Numine et virtute. 

Arms on the tomb of John Yuille, merchant, in Bruton church- 
yard. Ke died Oct., 1746, aged 27 years, and was the son of 
Thomas Yuille of Darleith, Scotland. Those arms are ascribed by 
Burke to Yule of Darleith. 

MENirlE. James City county. 

On a deed from George .Menifie, dated 21 April, 1C3S. to Richard 
Kompe, there is a wax seal, bearing for device the trunk of a tree 
(Ludwell MSS.) 

George Menifie came to Virginia in 1625. Ke was Burgess for 
James City in 1G29 and m.ember of the Council 1635-46. His only 
child, Elizabeth, married Captain Kenry Perry of Charles City 
county, member of the Council. They had two daughters, Eliza- 
beth, who married John Coggs of Rainslip, Middlesex, and Mary. 
who married -Thomas :Mercer. stationer, of London. The will of 
George Menifie is dated 31 Dec, 1645, probated 25 Feb., 1646-7, in 
the Preg. Court of Canterbury. Kis wife, Mary, was alive at that 

RAMSAY. Norfolk 

Arms: Argent an eagle displayed sable, beaked and membered 

Crest: A unicorn's head couped argent, armed or. 

Wax seal on the will of Dr. George Ramsay in clerk's office at 
Norfolk. Will dated 22 June, 175G. He devises his property to 
his wife, Sarah, and his sons, John and James Ramsay. 

SHEILD. York county. 

Arms: Gules on a bend engrailed or, three escutcheons sable. 

Crest: A fieur de lis. 

Motto: Be Traiste. 

Robert Sheild of England and his wife, Elizabeth Bray, had 
Robert, to whom Edward Mihill in 1G46 deeded two cows in York 
county. In IGGl Elizabeth Mihill, widow of said Edward, married 
Capt. William Hay of York county and made deed of gifts in which 
she "provided for her son Robert Sheild, whom she had by her 
first husband, Robert Sheild, and for her brother Arthur Bray of 
London, and her first husband's nephew, Thomas Sheild." The 
sen, Robert Sheild, died 4 March, 1GC9-70. He married Elizabeth 

. and had issue, a son, Robert, who was born 26 April 

16C7, and iriarried ?,Tary, only daughter of Charles Dunn, by whom 
Elizabeth, born IS Jan., ICdO, died 29 Dec, 1692; Robert, born 18 
April, 1C93; Dunn, born 2 Jan., 1695, died 29 May, 1732; Anne, born 
25 Jan., 1693, died 16 Oct., 1719-; Thomas, born 12 April, 1702, died 
11 Nov., 1732; John, bom 19 April, 1706, died 7 Oct., 1734; Charles, 
bom 12 April., 1709. 
'■ The Sheild arms are engraved on an old seal and also on old 

silver plate in the possession of descendants of the immigrant. 


TARRANT. Essex county. 

Arms: A lion rampant reguardant. 
Crest: On an Esquire's helmet, a demi-lion rampant. 
Wax seal on the will of Leonard Tarrant at Tappahannock, 
Essex county, dated 4 June, 171S. 

No such arms are ascribed to Tarrant by the English authori- 

WOSELEY. Norfolk county. 
. , Arms: Quarterly 1st and 4th. Sable a chevron between three 

./. '■.?.% -battle- axes argent; 2nd and 3rd. or a fess between three eagles 
displayed sable. 

Crest: An eagle displayed sable. 
Motto: JIos legem regit. 

William ilosely settled in 1649 in Lov-er Norfolk county, where 

was built "Rcllestcn," named for the family seat of the Moseleys, 

RcUeston Hall, Staffordshire, the immigrant bringing with him a 

copy of his arms, and many family portraits. He was a Justice 

from 1G49 to 1655. His will, dated 29 June, 1G55, was probated 15 

Aug. of the same year. He left a v,ife, Susanna, and sons, Arthur 

and William. The inventory of the wife's estate is dated 8 Feb., 

1655-G. Y\Miliam Moseley, 2nd, died about 1671. He was Commis- 

Bicner for Lower Norfolk in 1600. He married Mary, daughter of 

Capt. John Gookin, by his wife, Sarah Offiey, the widow of Capt. 

Adam Thoroughgood, and she, after Capt. Gookin's death, mar- 

t ried Francis, sou of Sir George Yeardley. Mary (Gookin) Mose- 

ley, married, 2nd, in 1672, Lieut.-Col. Anthony Lawson. William 

I Moseley, 2nd, had issue: William, John, Elizabeth and Edward. 

Edward Moseley, born in 1661, will probated 1736, was a Colonel 

and Justice of Princess Anne county, High Sheriff 1707-S, Knight 

of the Golden Plorseshce 1710-22, and member of the House of 

Burgesses. He married Mrs. Bartholcmew Taylor, daughter of Col. 

* John Stringer, and was the father of Hillary Moseley, to whom he 

I gave 1 Feb., 1703-4, "My seale, which was my father's, with his 

I coat of arms on it." Hillary died before his father, his will being 

*■ probated 5 Aug., 1730. He married Hannah , and left a 

Sson Edward Hack Moseley. 
TALMAN. New Kent county. 
- Arms: Gules a chevron in chief two daggers points downwards, 

i m base a sword, point upward or. 

f Crest: An arm embowed in armor holding a battle axe all ppr. 

'. Motto: In fide et in bello fortis. 

: Capt. Henry Talman of New Kent county, was the son of Wil- 

I liam Talman of Felmingham Hail, Wiltshire, gent., and grandsoa. 

I of Christopher Talman and Joanna, his wife. Captain Talman 

I married Ann Elizabeth Ballard and died in London in 1775. The 

I following entries concerning the family are from the St. Peter's 

: register of New Kent: "Martha, dau. of Henry and Ann Talman, 
born 16 March, 1733, bapt. 16 June; Rebeckah, dau. of Henry and 


Ann Talman, born 2 April, bapt. 12 June. 1737; Henry, son of 
Henry and Ann Talman, born 2G Dec, bapt. S April, 1739." 

"WARNER. York and Gloucester counties. 
Arms: Vert, a cross engrailed or. 

Col. Augustine Warner, born 28 Nov., 1610, died 24 Dec, 1674, 
came to Virginia in 1G2S. He was Justice of York 1652, and of 
Gloucester 1656, Burgess for York 1652, and for Gloucester 1658, 
and member of the Council 1659 until his death. He named his 

home in Gloucester "Warner Hall." He married Mary . 

who died 11 Aug., 1662, and had issue. Col. Augustine, 2nd, born 
8 July, 1642, died 19 June, 1681. He was Speaker of the House of 
Burgesses 1675-7, and also a member of the Council. He mar- 
ried Mildred, daughter of Col. George Reade, and had issue, Augus- 
tine, born 17 Jan., 1666, died 17 March, 16S6; George, born 1677 
and d.s.p.; Mildred, married, first, Lawrence Washington of West- 
moreland county and was the grandmother of George Washington. 
She married, secondly, George Gale and died in England in 1700; 
Elizabeth, born 24 Nov., 1672, died 5 Feb., 1719-20, married Col. 
John Lewis and inherited "Warner Hall"; Mary, married 17 Feb., 
16S0, John Smith of Purton and died 13 Nov., 1700. The arms 
are taken from old silver in possession of the descendants. 

TAYLOE. York and Richmond counties. 

Arms: Vert, a sword erect or, between two lions rampant ad- 
dorsed ermine. 

The first of the Bame in this country was Col. William Tayloe, 
who married Elizabeth Kingsmill (for her arms see under Kings- 
mill), and upon her tomb, recently removed to Norfolk, are the 
arms of Tayloe impaling Kingsmill. Col. Tayloe was Burgess and 
Counsellor of York county. He d.s.p., his heir being his nephew. 
Col. William Tayloe of Richmond county, who married Ann, fourth 
daughter of Henry Corbin. Col. Tayloe, 2nd, died 1711. His son, 
John Tayloe of Mount Airy, Richmond county, was born 5 Feb., 
1697, died 1747, and married Elizabeth Fauntleroy. They had is- 
sue: John, born 28 ilay, 1721, married Rebecca, eldest daughter 
of George Plater, Esq., of St. Mary's county, Md., and had issue. 
a son, John, and nine other children, of whom eight were daugh- 
ters and became the wives of Gov. Edward Lloyd of Maryland, 
Francis Lightfoot Lee, Ralph Wormeley, Thomas Lomax, Mann 
Page, Landon Carter, Robert Beverley and William Aug^astine 
Washington. The arms used by the family are those of Teylow 
of Bisley, Gloucestershire. 

BACON. York county. 

Arms: Argent, on a fesse engrailed between three escutcheons 
gules as many mullets argent pierced sable. 

The above arms are upon the tomb of Col. Nathaniel Bacon, Sr., 
President of the Virginia Council, at Ringfield, York county. The 
Rev. James Bacon, rector of Burgate, Suffolk, died 25 Aug., 1670. 


He was the second son of Sir James Bacon of Friston Hall, Suf- 
folk. The Rev. James had issue, the above named Nathaniel, bapt 
29 Aug., 1620, died 16 March, 1692, and came to Virginia 1650. 
Col. Nathaniel married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Kingsmill 
and widow of Col. William Tayloe. They had issue: (1) Martha, 
married Anthony Smith of Colchester; (2) Elizabeth, married 

Thomas Burrows of Bury, St. Edmunds; (3) Anne, married 

Wilkinson of Burgate. The tomb of Col. Bacon's wife has been 
removed to St. Paul's churchyard, Norfolk. She died 2 Nov., 1691, 
in her 67th year. The tomb bears arms, "Argent crusilly, sable, a 
chevron ermines between three millrinds of the second, a chief of 
the third" (for Kingsmill), impaling "Vert a sword erect or be- 
tween two lions rampant endorsed ermine" (for Tayloe). 

ZOUCH. Henrico county. 

Arms: Gules, bezantce a canton ermine. 

Sir John Zouch of Codnor, Derbyshire, was Governor of Va. in 
1631. He sold his estates in England and he and his son and 
daughters became residents of Virginia. His will, dated 30 Aug., 
1636, probated 1639, mentions his son John, and his daughters, 
Isabella, Elizabeth and Mary. 

1-AV/SON. Lancaster county. 

Arms: A chevron between three martlets. 

The first of this line was Rowland Lawson, whose will was pro- 
bated 8 ilay, 1661, in Lancaster county. His children were: Row- 
land, Elizabeth, John, Henry and Letitia. On the 14th of Sept., 
1668, they were all minors excepting Rowland. His will was pro- 
bated in Lancaster 7 Sept., 1706, and it bears a wax seal with 
the above arms upon it. He left sons, Henry and Rowland. The 
arms are similar to those of Lawson of Brough Hall, Yorkshire, 
the latter being, "Argent a chevron between three martlets sable." 

WHITING. Gloucester county. 

Arms: On a chevron between three leopards' heads as many 

Crest: A wolf's head. 

The above arms are on the tomb of Catharine Washington at 
Highgate, Gloucester county. She was the daughter of Col. Henry 
Whiting of said county, and the wife of Major John Washington. 
She died 7 Feb., 1743. The arms are presumably intended for 
Whiting and bear some resemblance to Whiting of the county of 
Sussex, who have in their arms "three leopards' faces." 

TAYLOR. Norfolk county. 

Arms: Argent, a saltire engrailed sable, cantoned with a heart 
in chief and base gules, and a cinquefoil in each flank vert. 

Crest: A leopard holding in its dexter paw a cinquefoil. 

Motto: Fide et fiducia. 

Arms on the tomb of John Taylor in St. Paul's churchyard, Nor- 
folk. He was born in the Parish of Fintree, Stirling, Scotland, 


March, 1694, and died 25 Oct.. 1744. He had one son, John, who 
married Sarah, daughter of Col. Robert Tucker and Joanna, his 
wife. He had James Taylor, born 14 Dec, 1771, married his 
cousin, Sarah Newton, 11 June, ISOO. He was Clerk of the Court 
and a prominent merchant, and died 7 June, 1S2G. He had a son, 
Tazewell Taylor, bom in Norfolk 31st Jan., ISIO, who had a son. 
Frederick S. Taylor, who was a member of the Virginia House of 

WYATT. Gloucester and New Kent counties. 

Arms: Per fesse azure and gules, a horse barnacle argent, 
ringed cr. 
Crest: An ostrich ppr. holding in the beak a horseshoe argent 
The Virginia line descend from the ancient family of Wyatt in 
the county of Kent. The Rev. Hawte Wyatt came to Va. in 1C21, 
with his brother Sir Francis V>'yatt. He m^arried twice and, ac- 
cording to a monument at Bexley, Kent, Eng., left issue ia Vir- 
ginia. Three of his sens were: Edward, George and John. Ed- 
ward had a son. Conquest Wyatt, v.-ho patented land in Gloucester 
county in 1C72. He was Vestryman of Petsv/orth in 1600, and 
Sheriff in 1705. George, son of the Rev. Ilav/te Wyatt, patented 
lands at Williamsburg in 1642. Henry Wyatt, son and heir of 
George, patented lands in Henrico county in 1679 and in 16S6 was 
Vestryman of St. Peters, New Kent county. According to a de- 
position in Henrico Records, he was born in 1647. 

STy'ITH. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Sable a fesse dancettee between three lions rampant, 
each supporting a garb, all or. 

Seal on a deed of Robert Smith and Elizabeth, his wife, of Lan- 
caster county, dated 20 April, 16C5. The arms correspond with 
those of Smith of DuSeld, Derbyshire. 

THOROUGHGOOD. Elizabeth City. 

Arm.s: Sable on a chief argent, three buckles lozengy of the 

Crest: A wolf's head argent, collared sable. 

The pedigree of the Virginia family is contained in the Visitation 
of Essex (Karleian Society Pub.). They descended originally from 
John Thorogood of Chelston Temple, county Herts. Capt. Adam 
Thoroughgocd, son of William of Norwich and Anne Edwards, his 
wife, was born in 1602 and came to Virginia in 1621. He was 
Commissioner and Burgess for Elizabeth City in 1629. In 1634 he 
removed to Lynnhaven Bay, in the present Princess Anne county, 
and was a member of the Council from there in 1637. He died 
in 1640. He married Sarah Ofiley of London (for her arms see 
OSey), and by her had issue: Adam, Ann, Sarah and Elizabeth. 
The son, Adam, was Lieut.-Col. and Burgess for Lower Norfolk in 
1666 and Justice and Sheriff in 1669. He married a daughter of 
Col. Argall Yeardley of Northampton county, and had issue: Ar- 
gall, John, Adam, Robert, Francis and Ann. 


THORPE. York county. 

Arms: Argent, a fesse nebulee between three trefoils slipped 

George Thorpe, buried 27 Sept., 1G19, was a son of Nicholas 
Thorpe of Manswell Court, Gloucestershire, by his first wife, Mary 
Wilkes, alias Mason, and niece of Sir John Mason, and grandson 
of Thomas Thorpe. In ICIS George Thorpe formed a partnership 
with Sir William Throckmorton, John Smith of Nibley and Richard 
Berkeley, to found a "New Berkeley in Virginia." He married, 1st, 
Margaret, daughter of Thomas Porter, who d.s.p., and 2ndly, Mar- 
garet, daughter of David Harris, by whom he had a son, Wiliiata 
There was a Richard Thorpe, who died in York county, Va., in 16G0, 
who mentions sons, Richard and George, wife Elizabeth, and 
kinsman Major Otho Thorpe. These sons probably died unmar- 
ried, as the will of Richard Thorpe of Marston Parish, 12 March, 
1669, gives all his estate to his stepfather, Otho Thorpe. The 
widow, Elizabeth Thorpe, married Otho Thorpe, baptized 16 Aug., 
1606, at St. Martin, Middlesex, Eng. He was a Major and Justice 
of York county. He married three times, 1st, Elizabeth, widow of 
Richard Thorpe; 2nd, Dorothy, widow of Samuel Fenn, and 3rd, 
Frances, who survived him. Major Otho Thorpe died without is- 
sue in the Parish of All Hallows, London, devising his property to 
his nephew, Capt. Thomas Thorpe, who died 7 Oct., 1G93, aged 48, 
as his tomb in Bruton Church, Williamburg, states. He left a son, 
Thomas Thorpe of King and Queen county. 

WRAY. Elizabeth City county. 

Arms: Azure on a chief or, three martlets gules. 

Crest: An ostrich or. 

Motto: El juste et vray. 

The tomb of Capt. George Wray, in St. John's churchyard, Hamp- 
ton, bears the above arms. He died 19 Apr., 175S in the 61st year 
of his age, and was a member of an old family long settled in 
Elizabeth City. He married Helen Walker, and had issue: Jacob, 
a merchant at Hampton, whose will was dated 2 Feb., 1797; George, 
Keith, James, who was in Dunwiddie county in 1767, Ann, wife of 
John Stith, gent., of Stafford county. 

8ANDYS. James City. 

Arms: Or, a fesse wavy between three crosses crosslet fitchee 

George Sandys, bom 7 March, 1577, was the youngest son of 
Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of York. He was Treasurer of Vir- 
ginia and member of -the Council in 1621. He died at the house of 
bis niece, the widow of Sir Francis Wyatt, and was buried at 
Bexley Abbey, Kent, 7 March, 1643. 

PETTUS. James City county. 

Arms: Gules a fess argent between three annulets or. 
Crests: (1) A hammer erect argent, handle or. (2) Out of 
a ducal coronet or. a demi-lion argent, holding spear head gules. 


headed of the first. 

Colonel Thomas Pettus is believed to have been the grandson of 
Sir John Pettus of Norwich, Norfolk. He patented land in James 
City county in 1643 and in 1C45; in the latter year being a member 
of the Council. His first wife was Elizabeth, widow of Richard 

Durrent, and his second wife, jNIouming , who afterwards 

married James Bray of the Council. The descendants of Col. 
Thomas Pettus have been distinguished in the history of their 

SCARBOROUGH. Accomac county. ! 

Arms: Or a chevron between three towers triple towered gules. 

Crest: .Out of a mural coronet gules a demi-lion or, holding 
upon the point of a lance of the first a Saracen's head ppr. 
wreathed azure. 

Captain Edmund Scarborough was Justice of Accomac in 1G31 
and member of the House of Burgesses in 1629 and 1631-2. He 

married Hannah and, dying in 1634-5, left issue: (1) 

Charles, afterward Sir Charles, born about 1616, entered Caius 
College, Cambridge, and was M. A. in 1639; he became physician [ 
to Charles II., James II. and William III., was a member of Parlia- ' 
ment and was knighted 11 Aug., 1669. He died in 1603 and was 
buried at Cranford, Middlesex, leaving issue a son, Charles. (2) 
Colonel Edmund, son of Captain Edmund, was member of House 
of Burgesses for Northampton county, Speaker of the House in 
1645; Justice, Sheriff and Surveyor-General of Virginia. He died 
1670-1, and left by his wife, Mary: (1) Colonel Charles of Accomac, 
who died about 1703. The latter married more than once, one of 
his wives being a daughter of Gov. Richard Bennett. (2) Captain 
Edmund, Jr. (3) Littleton. (4) Matilda, married Colonel John West 
of Accomac. (5) Tabitha. The arms used by the Virginia branch 
are those of Scarborough of the county of Norfolk. 

TOOKER. Prince George county. 

Arms: Barry wavy of ten argent and azure on a chevron em- 
battled and counter-embattled or, between three sea horses naiant 
of the first, five gouttes de poix. 

Crest: A lion's gamb erased gules, charged with three billetts 
in pale or, and holding a battle axe or, headed azure. 

Arms on the tomb of Henry Tooker at "Church Pastures," 
Prince George county. The inscription states that he was the 
eldest son of Henry Tooker of Winton in the county of Southamp- 
ton, armiger, and that he died 20 Oct., 1710, aged 37 years. He 
married Dorothy, relict of John Tirrey, gent. The arms on the 
tomb are those of Tooker of Devonshire. 

WITHERS. Frederick county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron gules between three crescents sable. 
Crest: A rhinoserous or. 

Thomas and Elizabeth (Bonham) Withers had a son Reubea 
Withers, born 29 March, 1789. Thomas married a second time and 


Errata, p. 63. 

WARREN. The line of descent as here 
given contains^ several errors. Kuaphrey 
Warren, son of,I Edward, was buried at 
Stockport, Cheshire, July 9, 1657. Thomas 
Warren, his brother, died at Sandbach and 
was buried at Prestbury, Dec. 1677. Thomas 
Warren, son of John Warren who died in 1621, 
died in childhood. 

-cf, Ormerod's Cheshire, v. 5, p. 686. 




removed to Kentucky, the son, Reuben, settling in Alexandria, Va., 
removing in 1S16 to New York City. The latter's son Dunham 
Withers, was the father of A. W. Withers of Gloucester county, Va. 
In this branch of the family is an old armorial emblazoning, on the 
back of which is the following: "The arms of the family of Withers 
as granted to and confirmed to Sir Richard Withers of East Sheen. 
the ancestor of the poet, and registered in the Coll, of Arms, 

WARREN. Charles City county. 

Arms: Chequy or and azure on a canton gnles a lion rampant 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a plume of five ostrich feath- 
ers argent, in front a griffin's claw or. 

Motto: Tenebo. 

The Virginia and Maryland Warrens descend from Sir Edward 
Warren, Knt., of Poynton, Cheshire, born 15C3, died 1609, and who 
was descended from Earl Warren. Sir Edward, by his second 
wife, Anne, daughter of Sir William Davenport, had William, 5th 
child, who was in Virginia between 1G33-40. Sir Edward's son 
and heir, John Warren of Poynton, died 1G21, had a son, John, bap- 
tized IGOC, who was living in St. Mary's county, Maryland, in 
1642. He had, also, another son, Edward, born 1605, died 1667, 
^ whose third son. Col. Humphrey Warren, born 1632, was a planter 
in Charles county, Maryland, in 1CG6. His will was probated at 
Annapolis 25 Feb., 1694-5. The above Sir Edward Warren mar- 
ried thirdly, 1597, Susan, daughter of Sir William Booth of Dun- 
ham-Massey, and by her had Lieut. Radcliffe Warren, who was 
killed in Claiborne's raid on the Isle of Kent in 1635, and another 
son Thomas Warren, who patented 300 acres in Charles City county, 
Va., in 1635, 150 acres of which was in right of his wife. Susan 
Greenleaf. widow of Robert Greenleaf. Thomas Warren was Bur- 
gess in James City and Surry counties as late as 1666. He mar- 
ried, 2nd, in 1654, Elizabeth, widow of Major Robert Sheppard of 
Lower Chipoaks. He had sons, John, Richard and Thomas, but 
by which wife is not known. 

CALVERT. Norfolk county. 

Arms: Sable an inescutcheon within an orle of owls argent. 

Crest: A homed owl argent. 

Cornelius Calvert was a Justice of Norfolk in 1729 and member 
of the Common Council 7 July, 1741. He married, 29 July, 1719. 
Mary, daughter of the Rev. .Jonathan Saunders and Mary Ewell. 
his wife. The will of Cornelius Calvert is dated 29 May, 1746. pro- 
bated 18 June, 1747. He had issue: (1) Jonathan, born 23 Sept., 
1720; (2) Maximilian, born 29 Oct., 1722; (3) Cornelius, born 13 
March, 1725; (4) Thomas, bom 8 Sept., 1726; (5) Saunders, born 
31 Jan., 1728-9; (6) Joseph, born 14 April, 1732; (7) William, born 
10 June, 1734; (8) Christopher, born 26 Sept., 1736; (9) John, 
bora 19 Sept., 1739; (10) Mary, bora 31 July, 1741; (11) Samuel, 


born 8 Dec, 1743; (12) Elizabeth, born 27 Nov., 1745. 

The arms used in Virginia by this family are the same as those 
of Calvert of Lancaster, Eng. 

NEVILLE. Elizabeth City county. 

Tomb of John Neville at "Pembroke Farm," near Hampton. 
The inscription states he was Vice-Admiral of the West Indies 
fleet, and died on board the "Cambridge," 17 Aug., 1697, aged 53 
years. The slab of the tomb is broken and defaced, the only part 
of the arms to be distinguished being the crest, which is, a "demi- 
lion rampant, holding a sword erect and issuing from a ducal 

WEBB. New Kent county. 

Arms: Gules a cross between four falcons or. 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi eagle rising gules. 

The Williamsburg descendants of the Webb's of New Kent 
possess some old silverware with the above arms engraved upon 
it. Captain John Webb of New Kent, had: James, born 25 June, 
1690; John, born 20 April, 1694; Jane, born 11 June, 1697; William, 
born 11 Sept.! 1699; Wentworth, bom 5 May, 1703. 

TIRREY: Prince George county. 

Arms: Sable three chevronels between as many mullets argent. 

Crest: A demi roebuck ppr. attired and unguled or, holding in 
the mouth three ears of corn bladed of the first. 

Arms on the tomb of John Tirrey, gent., at "Church Pastures," 
Prince George county, a part of the Brandon estate. The epitaph 
states that he was bom 4 Feb., 1649, in London, died 20 August, 
1700. The arms on the slab, are those of Tirrey of London (con- 
firmed 13 June, 1616), and impaled on the sinister side of the 
shield are arms that are too worn to be decipherable. Alongside 
is the tomb of Mrs. Dorothy Tooker, late relict of John Tirrey, gent. 
She died 12 Dec. 1708. 

ROSCOW. Warwick county. 

Arms: A lion rampant. 

Crest: A hand holding a dagger. 

Arms on the tomb of William Roscow, gent., at Blunt Point, 
Warwick county. He was bora at Chorley in county of Lanca- 
shire, 30 Nov., 1664, and died 2 Nov., 1700. The tomb of his wife 
at the same place, states that she was Mary, daughter of Col. 
William Wilson of Elizabeth City, and that she was bora Oct., 
1675, and died 11 Jan., 1741. They had Issue: (1) James of 
Hampton, Receiver-General of Virginia 1761, d.s.p.; (2) William; 
(3) Willis, bom 1701, d.s.p. William Roscow, Jr., was Sheriff of 
Warwick in 1729, Member of House of Burgesses 1726 and 1736. 
He married Lucy, daughter of Col. William Bassett of "Eltham," 
New. Kent county, and had issue, several sons who all d.s.p. before 
1768. One son, James Roscow, was Justice of Warwick in 1763 
and, it is believed, d.s.p. after 1774. 


FITZHUGH. King George county. 

Arms: Azure three chevrons brased in base interlaced or, a 
chief of the last. 

Crest: On a cap of maintenance a wyvern, wings expanded 

Motto: Pro patria semper. 

Colonel William Fitzhugh, the immigrant, was born in Bedford, 
Eng., being baptized 10 Jan., 1C51, the son of Henry Fitzhugh. He 
came to Virginia and settled in Stafford county about 1670, calling 
his estate "Bedford." He was a Lieut.-Col. of Militia and member 
of the House of Burgesses. He married, 1 May, 1G74, Sarah, 
daughter of John Tucker of Westmoreland county, and had issue: 
William, Henry, Thomas, George and John Fitzhugh. His eldest 
Bon, William, of "Eagles Nest," Stafford (now King George) county, 
died 1713-4. He was Clerk of Stafford and member of the House 
of Burgesses 1700-2, and member of the Council. He married Ann, 
daughter of Richard Lee of Westmoreland county, and she mar- 
ried, 2nd, Capt. Daniel :McCarty of Westmoreland. By William 
Fitzhugh she had: (1) Henry; (2) Lettice, born 1707, died 1732, 
married. 1727, to George Turberville of Westmoreland; (3) Sarah, 
born 1710, died 1743, married, 1735, Edward Barradall, Attorney- 
General of Virginia. They are both buried in the same tomb in 
Bruton churchyard, Williamsburg, the slab bearing the Fitzhugh 

and Barradall arms impaled. 


TURNER. King George county. • . \ 

Arms: Ermine four fer de molines sable. 

Crest: Argent a lien holding in the dexter paw a fer de moline 

Motto: Esse quam videri. 

Arms on the tomb of Major Henry Turner, died 1757, at Smith's 
Mount, Westmoreland county. Major Turner was the son of 
Thomas and the grandson of Thomas Turner of King George. 
The latter was county clerk in 1723. His will is dated 19 Feb., 1757, 
probated 175S, his grandson, r^Iajor Henry Turner dying before 
him. Major Turner married Elizabeth, daughter of Col. Nicholas 
Smith. She died in 1752 and is buried in the same grave with her 

COLSTON. Richmond county. 

Arms: Argent between two dolphins haurient respecting each 
other, an anchor, all ppr. 

Crest: A dolphin embowed ppr. 

Motto: Go thou and do likewise. 

William Colston was a son of William Colston, Sheriff of Bris- 
tol, Eng., and came to Virginia about the mJddle of the seventeenth 
century. He had a son William, whose will dated 27 Oct., 1701, 
was probated on 3 Dec, 1701, in Richmond county. In it he men- 
tions his sons, Wilfiara and Charles, daughter, Susannah, son-in- 
law, Thomas Beale, and wife, Anne, deed. His wife, Anne, was a 


daughter of Major William Gooch of York county, who died ia 
1655, and she married .first, Capt. Thomas Beale. William Col- 
ston, 3rd, had a daughter, Mary, who married John Smith, auj 
a daughter, Frances, who married Joseph IMorton of James City 
county. Charles Colston died in 1724, and married Rebecca, d«tigh- 
ter of William Travers, and had a son, Travers Colston, born 
about 1712, who married, 1st, Alice Corbin Gridin, and, 2nd, Susan 
Opie Kennon. 

ASTON. Charles City county. 

Arms: Argent a fesse sable, in chief three lozenges of the last. 
Crest: A bull's head couped sable. 
Motto: Numini et patriae asto. 

Lieut. -Col. Walter Aston represented Shirley Hundred Island 
1629-30. He married twice, his widow, Hannah, marrying Col. 
Edward Hill. He was very probably descended from the Astons 
of Staffordshire. In the Visitation of London of 1634 is the fol- 
lowing pedigree: "(1) Sir V\'alter Aston of Tixall, Co. Stafford, 
Knight; (2) Leonard Aston; (3) Vv'alter Aston of Longdon, Staf- 
ford; (4) Walter Aston, third son of the last, now in the West 

Lieut.-Col. Walter Aston had issue: (1) Susannah, relict in 
1655 of Lieut.-Col. Edward Major; (2) Walter Aston, will dated 
21 Dec, 16CG, prob. 4 Feb., lSGS-7; (3) Mary, married Richard 

Ccclie, deed, ante 1GC6; (4) Elizabeth, m.arried Binns. 

Brown, in his "Genesis of the U. S.," says that Walter Aston, the 
immigrant, was cousin of Sir Waltei Aston, Ambassador to Spain, 
1620-25 and 1G35-3S, created a Baronet in IGll, and Lord Aston of 
Forfar, in the Scottish Peerage, 2S Nov., 1627. The tomb of Lieut.- 
Col. Walter Aston is at Westover. He died the 6th April, 1656, 
aged 49 years, and lived 2S years in this country. His son, 
Walter, died 29 Jan., 1GG6, aged 27 years and 7 months. 


Arms: Or on three bars gules, as many martlets of the first; 
on a chief of the second two bars nebule argent. 

Crest: A martlet vert. 

The above arms were granted to Richard Grymes of London by 
Robert Cook, 8 June, 1575. The following pedigree is taken from 
Nichol's "Topographica," Vol. III., pp. 155-7, and from the Parish 
Register of Camberwell, Surrey, and shows that there was another 
family named Grymes in Virginia in addition to the one settled in 
Middlesex county: (1) Richard Grymes of London; (2) Thomas 
Grymes of London, married Jane, daughter and co-heir of Thomas 
Muschamp of Peckham; (3) Sir Thomas Grymes of Peckham, Knt.. 
2 June, 1603; J. P. for Surrey; M. P. 1623; married Margaret, 
daughter of Sir George More of Loseley, Surrey; (4) Sir George 
Gn-mes, bapt. 10 Feb., 1604, knighted 9 Dec, 1G2S; buried 15 Oct.. 
1657; married Alice, daughter of Charles Lovell of West Harling, 
Norfolk; (5) Sir Thomas Grymes of Peckham, bapt. 10 May, 1C28; 


married Mary, daughter of Thomas Bond of Hogsdon, Jliddlesex. 
He sold his estate to his brother-ia-law, Sir Thomas Bond, Bart. 
Sir Thomas Grymes had issue: (1) Edward, bapt. 6 Sept.', 16C0, 
buried 19 Apl., 1G64; (2) Sir Thomas Grymes of Gloucester in'lCOl;' 
(3) William in Virginia, having issue, a daughter; (4) Edmund in 
Ireland in 1G94. 

WALLACE. King George county. 

Arms: Gules a lion rampant argent, within a bordure compony 
of the last and azure. 

Crest: An ostrich holding in his beak a horseshoe ppr. 

Motto: Libertas optima resumi. 

Michael Wallace, :m. D., of "Ellerslie," King George county, was 
born at Galrigs, Scotland. 11 May, 1719; died in Virginia, Jan — , 
1767, will probated 4 June of that year. He married, 27 April, 
1747, Elizabeth Brown, bom 5 Oct., 1723, a daughter of Dr. Gustavus 
and Frances (Fowke) Brovv-n of Charles county, Md. 

Dr. Wallace had issue: (1) a daughter, born and died 1748; (2) 
William, born 1749, died 1750; (3) Gustavus Brown, born 1751, died 
1S02: (4) Michael, born 1753, married, 1775, Lettice (Smith) Wish- 
art; (5) James, born 1755, died 1790; (6) William Brown, born 1757, 
married 17S7, Barbara Fox; (7) Rebecca, d.s. an infant; (S) John, 
born 17G1, died 1S29, married 1792, Elizabeth Hooe; (9) Thomas, 
born 17C1, twin brother of John, died 181S, married 1791, IMary 

Dr. Wallace was the son of William Wallace of Galrigs, who 
died ante 1734, whose father was Thomas V.'allace of Cairnhill. and 
a direct descendant of Wallace of "Elderslie," Scotland. (See, 
"Wallace of Elderslie," Glasgow Arch. Soc. Trans., Vol. I., p. 102.) 

SCOTT. Stafford county. 

Arms: Or on a bend azure a star between two crescents; in a 
/ bordure argent eight stars. 
/ Crest: A dove ppr. 

' Motto: Gaudia nuncio magna. 

'■-^ The Rev. Alexander Scott, M. A., of Overwharton Parish, Staf- 

ford county, was born at Dipple, Parish of Elgin, Scotland, the 
20 July, IGSG, and died at Dipple, Stafford county, 1 AfH'il, 173S. 
He married in Virginia, 20 May, 1717, Sarah (Gibbons) Brent, born 
in England 1G92, died at Dipple, Va., 29 Oct., 1733. She was the 
daughter of William Gibbons of Wilts, Eng., gent., and widow ot 
William Brent of Richlands, Stafford county, Va., and sister of 
Sir John Gibbons, M. P. for Middlesex. 

The Rev. Alexander Scott was the eldest son of the Rev. John 
Scott, M. A., of Dipple, Scotland, born 1650, died 1726, and his 
wife, Helen Grant, died 7 Jan., 1769. Alexander and Sarah Scott 
had issue: (1) Helen, bora 1737, married Cuthbert Bulitt; (2) ^ 
Alexander, born 1740, d.s.p. ante 1762; (3) Catherine, born 1741, ' 
married William Brown, M. D.; (4) James, born 1742, died 1779, 
married ante 1762, Elizabeth Harrison; (5) Christian, born 4 March, 



1745, married Col. Thomas Blackburn; (C) John, born 1747, died 
17S5, married. 176S, Elizabeth Gordon; (7) Robert, born 1749, died 
ante 17S2, married Catherine Stone of Charles county, Md. 

The above arms are engraved on the tomb of the Rev. Alexan- 
der Scott at Dipple, Stafford county. 

CAMM. Williamsburg 

Arms: Or a cross engrailed gules in the first quarter a cres- 
cent of the last. 

Crest: A cross gules charged with a crescent or. 

John Camm was the sou of Thomas Camm of Hornsea, York- 
shire and was born in 171S. He took his B. A. at Trinity College, 
Cambridge, in 1741-2. In 1745 he became minister of Newport 
Parish, Isle of Wight county, Va., and in 1749 was Professor of 
Divinity in William and Zvlary College. He became President of 
the College in 1771. He died in 1779. He married in 1769, Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Charles Hansford of York county. They had 
issue: (1) Anne, born 1770, died July 25, ISOO, married Robert 
H. Waller, Clerk of York county, born 7 Jan., 1764; (2) Thomas 
(Rev.), married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Pescud. Thomas 
Camm was rector of Charles Parish, York county from 1794 to 
17SS and subsequently of Denbigh Parish, Warwick county; (3) 
Robert, drowned when young; (4) John, born 2 Dec, 1775, studied 
law and removed after 1794 to Amherst county, and was Clerk of 
the Court there from 1S14 to ISIS. He married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Powell; (5) Elizabeth Camm, married Anthony 

President John Camm used a book plate upon which was en- 
graved the above arms. 

CONV/AY. Northampton and Lancaster counties. 

Arms: Sable en a bend argent cotised ermine, a rose gules, be- 
tween two annulets of the last. 

Crest: A Moor's head side faced ppr, banded round the temples 
argent and azure. 

Motto: Fide et amore. 

Edwin Conway of the county of Worcester, England, came to Vir- 
ginia in 1640, and in 1642 was Clerk of Northampton county. He 
was born about 1610, and died in Lancaster county in 1675. He 
married, 1st, in England, Martha, daughter of Richard Eltonhead, 
Esq., of Lancashire. He moved from Northampton to Lancaster 
county about 1652; his second wife being either a sister or sister- 
in-law of John Carter of Corotoman. His known issue, gathered 
from deeds in Lancaster Court House: (1) Edwin, born about 
1640-4, died 1698, married, 1st, Sarah Fleote; married, 2nd, in 
1695, Elizabeth Thompson; (2) Eltonhead (daughter), born about 
1646, married about 1662 Henry Thacker. 

Edwin Conway, second of the name, by his first wife. Sarah 
Fleete. daughter of Lieut.-Col. Henry Fleete of Lancaster county, 
had: (1) Edwin, born 1681, died 1763, married, 1st, in 1704, Ann 


Ball, and, 2nd. Ann Hack; (2) Mary, born about 16S6, died 1730, 
married, 1st, in 1703, John Daingerfield, and, 2nd, in 1707, Major 
James Ball. 

Edwin Conway, by his second marriage to Elizabeth Thompson, 
had Francis, born 1697, married, 1720, to Rebecca Catlett. 

There are several deeds at Lancaster Court House made by 
Edwin Conway, 3rd of the name, bearing the above arms. 

DALE. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Gules on a mount vert a swan argent, membered and 
ducally gorged or. 

Crest: On a chapeau gules turned up ermine, a heron argent, 
beaked, legged and ducally gorged or. 

Edward Dale, gent., was a brother-in-law of Sir Grey Skipwith, 
3rd, Baronet of Prestwould, Leicestershire, both of whom settled 
in Lancaster county, Virginia. Edward Dale was appointed Clerk 
in 1655, holding this ofSce until 10 May, 1674. He w^as Justice 
from 1669 to 10S4; Sheriff in 1670, '71, '79 and 16S0, and member 
of the House of Burgesses in 1677 and 16S2. 

In the Lancaster records there is a letter from Sir Grey Skip- 
with, which shows that Edward Dale's wife was the former's sister, 
Diana Skipwith, daughter of Sir Henry Skipwith of Prestwould, 
Leicestershire. In the several records of the county he is fre- 
quently referred to as Edward Dale, "Gent.," or "Major" Edward 
Dale. His will was recorded in March, 1695, but the original can- 
not be found. He left two daughters: (1) Catharine, who mar- 
ried Thomas Carter of Lancaster; (2) Elizabeth, who married 
William Rogers of Northumberland. 

m the existing Dale records of Lancaster no armorial seal can 
be found attached. His son-in-law, Thomas Carter, who married 
his daughter Catharine, used a seal bearing the above crest, which 
has until now been ascribed as a crest of the Carter family. It 
is undoubtedly, however, the crest and armorial bearing of Edward 
Dale, and is the same as Dale of London and Northampton, from 
which family he probably was descended. This seal is attached 
to Carter deeds as late as 1776 and it has descended in the family 
from the distaff side of the house. (See Capt. Thomas Carter of 
Lancaster county.) 

MALLORY. New Kent and Elizabeth City counties. 

Arms: Or, a lion rampant gules collared argent. 

Crest: A nag's head couped gules. 

The "Virginia Mallorys descend from the ancient family of that 
name of Studley Royal, Yorkshire. The manor of Studley Royal 
came into the family through the marriage of William Mallory of 
Hutton Conyers (whose will, proved 24 April, 1475, is preserved 
at York) with Dionisia, co-heiress with her sister Isabel, and 
daughter of William Tempest of Studley, who died 4 Jan., 1444. 
William Mallory was the representative of an ancient family who 
possessed Hutton Conyers, Yorkshire, by the marriage of Sir 


Christopher ^^lallory (sou of Sir Thomas and a daughter of Lord 
Zouch) with Joan, daughter and heiress of Robert Conyers, whose 
ancestor, Robert Conyers, possessed it in 1246. 

A very full account of the Mallorys of Studley can be found in 
Walbran's, "Memoir of the Lords of Studley in Yorkshire." 

Coming to a more recent date, we find Sir William I\Lallory of 
Studley and Hutton, heir to his brother Christopher. He was 
High Sheriff of Ripon, and M. P. for Yorkshire in 15S5. He mar- 
ried Ursula, daughter of George Gayle, Esq., of York, Master of the 
Mint there, and sometime Lord Mayor. Sir William's will was 
probated 5 April, 1G03. 

Thomas Mallory, son of the above, was Dean of Chester. He 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Vaughan, Bishop of Ches- 
ter, and died 3 April, 1G44. He left issue: (1) Richard; (2) Wil- 
liam, knighted in 1C42, d.s.p.; (3) Thomas, of whom later; (4) 
George; (5) John; (G) Avery; (7) Everard; (S) Philip; (9) Fran- 
cis; (10) Jane; (11) Katherine (Martha?); (12) Elizabeth; (13) 

Philip Mallory, son of the Dean, was born 1617; matriculated 
28 May, 1634, at Corpus Christi, Oxford; B. A. 1637; M. A. 1639. 
He was in Virginia as early as 1656 and was minister in York 
county in 1G60. His wife was Catherine, daughter of Robert 
Batte, Vice-Master of University Coll., Oxford. Rev. Philip Mal- 
lory returned to England, and his will was proved in London 27 
July, 1G61. He left all his plantations in Virginia to his nephew, 
Roger Mallory. 

Thomas Mallory, son of the Dean, and brother of Philip, was 
baptized at Davenham, 27 Aug., 1605; matriculated at New Coll., 
Oxford, 15 Oct., 1024; B. A. 7 May, 162S; M. A. 17 Jan., 1631-2. He 
became Rector of Easington, Oxfordshire, 1632, and in 1G34 was 
presented to the family living of Northenden, Cheshire. On the 
30th of July, 1C60, he was made Canon of Chester, and died at 
Brindle, near Eccleston in Lancashire, in 1671. He was twice 
married, his first wife being Jane, who died 12 Feb., 1G33, his 
second wife being Frances. In his will he mentions "sonne Roger 
in Virginia, sonne Thomas in Virginia." Many particulars of the 
Dean and his son, Thomas, can be found in the "Cheshire Sheaf"; 
also of Thomas in the "Dictionary of National Biography." 

Roger Mallory patented land in Virginia in 1660 and he was 
also the heir of his uncle, the Rev. Philip Mallory. He settled 
In that part of New Kent county which later became King and 
Queen, and, still later. King William county. He was a Justice of 
New Kent in 16S0 and of King and Queen county in 1693, having 
also the title of Captain. In 1704-5 he was a Justice of King Wil- 
liam county. 

William Mallory, son of Roger, settled in Elizabeth City county 
as early as 1680. He married Ann, daughter of Thomas Wythe, 
gent.. Justice of that county. His will was probated 15 Feb., 1720, 
in which he mentions sons. Francis and William, and daughters, 
Mary and Ann. 


Francis, son of William Mallory, married Ann, ■uidow of Edward 
Myhill. His will v.-as probated in Elizabeth City 18 July, 17-14. 
His only son, Johnson Mallory, married Diana (King?). His will 
probated 5 May, 17G2, mentions daughters. Margaret, Mary and 
Ann King and sons, Francis and Edward. Francis, son of Johnson 
Mallory, was married twice before he was twenty-one, and once 
just afterward, his last wife being Mary, sister of Miles King, of 
Norfolk. He was a Lieut.-Col. of the Elizabeth City Militia, June, 
1776, and was killed in action S March, 17S1. He left daughters, 
Diana, Elizabeth and Mary, and a son, Charles King Mallory. The 
latter was born about 17S1. He was a member of the Virginia 
Legislature and the Council, and Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia 
during the War of 1S12. He married Frances Lowry Stevenson, a 
daughter of Lieut. William Stevenson of the Revolution, and left 
issue: Francis Mallory, M. C; William S. Mallory; Colonel 
Charles K. Mallory of the Confederate Army; Catherine Beverley 
Mallory and Mary King Mallory. Among living descendants of 
the foregoing are: Professor Francis Mallory of the Virginia Mili- 
tary Institute (grandson of Francis) ; William S. Mallory of Char- 
lotte, N. C. (son of William); Lieut. Charles K. Mallory, U. S. N., 
retired (grandson of Charles) ; and Lieut.-Col. John S. Mallory, 
U. S. A. (son of Charles), who married Sarah, daughter of the 
late J. H. Reed of Portland, Oregon, and who has issue, Henry 
Reed Mallory, born 1S92, and John Stevenson Mallory, born lS9-t. 

ARCHER. Henrico county. 

Arms: Azure three arrows argent. 

Crest: Out of a mural coronet gules a dragon's head argent. 

Motto: Fortitude. 

The first of this family in Virginia was George Archer, who, ia 
1665, had a grant of 550 acres of land on Tunstalls Creek, Henrico 
^ounty; he also was granted other patents. He died in 1677, in 
that part of Henrico which is now Chesterfield county. It is not 
known whom he married, but he left issue: (1) George, born 
1654, died 1731, a vestryman of Bristol Parish in 1721, who mar- 
riedElizabeth, sister of William Harris of Henrico; (2) Elizabeth, 
married Thomas Branch of Henrico; (3) John of Henrico, vestry- 
man and Justice in 1713, married, 1st, Frances, relict of Thomas 
Shippey; married, 2nd, Martha, daughter of Major Peter Field of 
Henrico; (4) :Margaret. 

The arms are from the book plate of Col. William Archer of 
Amelia county, who was a Justice in 1743. He was a grandson of 
John and Martha (Field) Archer of Henrico. 

BERNARD. Nansemond county. 

Arms: Argent a bear rampant sable, muzzled or. 
Col. William Bernard settled in Nansemond county about 1640. 
He was a member of the Council l*J12-3 and in 1659-CO. He mar- 
ried about 1655, Lucy, widow of Major Lewis Burwell and daugn- 
ter of Robert Higginson. and in that year had a son, George. 


Col. Bernard died 31 March, 16G5, his relict afterward marrying 
Col. Philip Ludwell. 

Col. "William Bernard was a brother of Sir Robert Bernard, 
Bart., of Brampton Hall, Huntingdonshire. The Baronetcy was 
created in 1662 and became extinct in 17S9, Sir Robert's will is 
dated 5 Dec, 1665, and probated 15 May, 1666, in it he says: "I 
give to my brother William's son, now at Brampton, 100 pounds 
If he lives to be eighteen, and I leave him to my son John to 
bring up, and some care to be had to inquire what his father left 
him in Virginia." In addition to the son George, Col. Bernard is 
said to have had two daughters, Lucy and Elizabeth. 

BECKWITH. Richmond county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron between three hind's heads erased 

Crest: An antelope ppr. in the mouth a branch vert. 

Motto: Joir en bien. 

Sir Marmaduke Beckwith, Baronet, of Aldborough, Yorkshire, 
was born there in 16S7. He was the son of Sir Roger Beckwitfi 
and Elizabeth Jennings. Elizabeth was the daughter of Sir Ed- 
mund Jennings, Knt., of Ripon and his wife IMargaret, daughter of 
Sir Edward Barkham, Knt. and Bart., of Middlesex. 

Sir Marmaduke settled in Richmond county, of which he was 
clerk and died at an advanced age. His known children were: 
(1) Jonathan, married Rebecca Barnes; (2) Tarpley, born 2 Oct., 
1718, died 7 Nov., 1728; (3) Elizabeth, born 15 Oct., 1723, died 7 
April, 1726; (4) Margaret, born 27 July, 1725; (5) Mary, born 12 
June, 1727; (6) Rebecca, married Major John Bellfield; (7) Mar- 
maduke, married Sybil, daughter of Major Elsie. One of the 
daughters, either Mary or Margaret, married Joseph Morton of 
James City, gent. This is proved from a deed dated 20 Dec, 1756, 
from Sir Marmaduke Beckwith of Richmond county to his son-in- 
law, Joseph Morton, 

HENDERSON. Augusta county. 

Arms: Gules three piles issuing out of the sinister side argent, 
on a chief of the last a crescent azure between two ermine spots. 

Crest: A cubit arm ppr. the hand holding a star or, ensigned 
with a crescent azure. 

Motto: Sola virtus nobilitat. 

John, James and Samuel Henderson, sons of William and Jlar- 
garet Henderson, came to Virginia about 1740, and settled In 
Augusta county, where they still have descendants. In an old 
Bible belonging to Lieut. James Henderson of the French and 
Indian Wars, are the following entries: "This record set down 
from the memory of James Henderson, now aged 75." 

"William Henderson, gent., and Margaret Bruce married 7 Feb., 
1705. John, son to William, born 9 Feb., 1706; James, son to 
William, born 17 Jan., 1708; Bruce, sen to William, born 10 May, 
1710, died Sept., 1719; Samuel, son to William, born 28 Nov., 1713. 


Crandsons to John Henderson, gent., Fifeshire, Scotland. V/illiam 
Henderson, born 30 April, 1676. died 1 Aug., 1757; Margaret Hen- 
derson, born 1 March, 16S0-1. died 15 Dec, 1759; Jean Henderson 
Stuart, died in child bed, March, 1730, aged 19; John Henderson 
•died 1 Maj-, 1766, aged 60; Samuel Henderson, died 19 Jan., 17S2." 

Then follows the record of marriage of James Henderson to 
Jklartha Hamilton, daughter of Audley Hamilton and Elenor, his 
■wife, 23 June, 1738. Their children were: David, William, John, 
James, Sarah, Joseph, Jean. Samuel. Archibald and Margaret. 

James Henderson, born 1708. died 17S4, was a Lieutenant in the 
Augusta County Militia, and in 175S received pay for services in 
the French and Indian Wars. (Crozier's "Va. Colonial Militia," p. 
€0.) His son, John Henderson, born 1740, died 1787. married in 
1765, Anne Givens, youngest sister of the wife of General Andrew 
Lewis. In 1774 he served in the Battle of Point Pleasant as a 
lieutenant in Capt. John Lewis' company from Botetourt county. 
He removed to Greenbrier, and in 1775 and 1776 was a Captain in 
the Militia of that county. On 6 Dec, 1776, he enlisted as a Cor- 
poral in Capt. Gregory's company, Gen. Daniel Morgan's Virginia 
Hegiment. and served until Nov. 1779. He was a Justice of Green- 
brier in 17S0. He left at his death in 1787, four sons and two 
daughters: (1) Samuel Henderson, married Sarah Donnally in 
1794, a daughter of Col. Andrew Donnally. He settled on a grant 
-of land his father had received for military services, and which 
"was situated on the Great Kanawha River. Here, in 1811. he built 
the second brick house in ilason county. He died in 1S38, leaving 
issue, John Givens, who lived at the home plantation, and Charles 
.and Andrew Henderson, both lawyers who d.s.p. (2) Col. John 
Henderson, born 176S, died 1S24, was the most prominent of the 
-sons of Lieut. John Henderson. He was Commissioner of Revenue 
for Greenbrier in 1786 and 97. In the latter year he moved with 
"his family to the Henderson grant, in what later became Mason 
county. Here, in 1S04, he was Justice of the First Court, Sheriff 
In 1815 and 1818, Member of the Va. Legislature in 1809, 1810, 1811, 
1812, 1813, 1814. 1817, 1818, 1819 and 1820. He was also Colonel 
of the Mason County Militia for many years, some of his old 
regimental orders showing that he served in the War of 1812. In 
1792 he married Elizabeth Stodghill, daughter of John and Eliza- 
beth Harvey Stodghill, by whom he had six daughters. (3) Mar- 
garet Henderson, daughter of Lieut. John Henderson, born 1771, 
died 1853, married in 1795, William Vawter. and left many de- 
"scendants "who became prominent in Va. and W. Va. One son 
and four of her grandsons being captains in the Confederate army. 

The Henderson family is of Scotch ancestry, the above arms be- 
ing engraved on the watch used by Lieut. John Henderson, who 
died in 1787. The arms are also found in wax on a paper signed 
"by Col. John, who died in 1S24. The watch and paper are now 
owned by a great-great-grandson. Dr. Joseph Lyon Miller, 
Thomas, W. Va. 


BEVERLEY. Middlesex county. 

Arms: Ermine, a rose gules, barbed and seeded ppr. 
Robert Beverley, the immigrant, came from Yorkshire (Burke's 
"Landed Gentry") to Virginia in 1C63 and settled in Middlesex 
county, of which he was a Justice in 1673, and Clerk of the 
'House of Burgesses in 1C70. His first wife was Mary, said to have 
been a daughter of George Keeble of Lancaster county, and his. 
second, Catherine, either the daughter of Major Theophilus Hone 
cf James City county or his widow, it is uncertain which, whom, 
he married in Gloucester county, 2S March, 1G79 (Christ Church 
Par. Reg.). Major Beverley died 15 March, 1GS6. He had issue- 
by his first wife: Peter, Robert and Harry Beverley, and a daugh- 
ter, Mary, who married in 1C94 William Jones of King and Queen. 
By his second wife, Catherine Hone, he had issue: William, bapt. 
4 Jan., IGSO, married Judith, daughter of Christopher Wormeley. 
and widow of Corbin GrifFm, and died 1702. John, in 16S7 under 
the guardianship of his brother Peter, he d.s.p. Thomas, d.s.p. 
168G. Christopher, bapt. 19 Feb., 16S6, he was Sheriff of King and 
Queen in 1729 and d.s.p. Catharine Beverley, married John Rob- 
inson, son of Christopher Robinson, Secretary of State and member 
of the Council, and nephew of John Robinson, Bishop of London. 
Col. Peter Beverley, eldest son of Major Robert, the immigrant, 
was clerk of Gloucester county, and also of the House of Bur- 
gesses 1C91-99; he was also Speaker of the House 1700-14, Treas- 
urer of Virginia 1710-23, member of the Council in 1719. and died, 
in 1728. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Major Robert Pey- 
ton of "Isleham," Gloucester county, and left issue, two daughters, 
Susanna and Elizabeth. 

Robert Beverley, second son of Major Robert, lived in King and 
Queen county, of which he was clerk 1C99-1702, member of the 
House of Burgesses for Jamestown 1699, 17u0, 1702, 170G. etc. He 
was clerk of the Council in 1697. He married Ursula, died 31 Oct.. 
1698, aged 16 years and 11 months, daughter of Col. William Byrd, 
leaving a son William. 

Captain Harry Beverley, third son of Major Robert, was Justice 
of Middlesex in 1700. He removed to Spotsylvania county about 
1720 and was for a number of years presiding Justice. He died 
1730 and married about 1700, Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of 
Robert Smith of "Brandon," Middlesex, by whom he had issue: 
Elizabeth, Robert, Susanna, Mary. Catherine, Judith. Peter, Agatha, 
Anne and Margaret. 

There has been some confusion in regard to the correct arms 
of the Beverley family. Upon the will of the first Major Robert 
Beverlev. presen-ed at Middlesex Court House, there is a wax 
seal which has upon it, "Quarterly argent and gules, a rose coun- 
terchanged, barbed vert." William Beverley of "Blandfield, ' son 
of Robert Beverley, 2nd. and grandson of the immigrant, writing to 
his London agent in 1739, states, "That he sends him a seal which 
he ^v-ishes recut, that it was made in 1723, but had the wrong arms 


I o 

engraved upon it, that the arms his father used were ' red rose 
seeded and barbed in a field ermine, with a unicorn's head for 
crest, and not the three bull's heads.'" On a bond of William 
Beverley, 1736, in Essex County Court, there is a wax seal with 
the following arms, "Argent a chevron sable, on a chief of the 
second three bulls' heads cabossed of the first." These are the 
arms spoken of by William Beverley in his letter, and were ac- 
cording to him, incorrect. The old tomb of Ursula (Bvrd) Bever- 
ley, who died in 1C9S bore Beverley and Byrd impaled, for the 
former, "Ermine a rose gules, barbed and seeded ppr." The Bev- 
erley book plates bear the arms of the three bulls' heads and 
chevron, but it is evident that they are incorrect, and that the 
proper arms are as given above. 

CLARKE. York county. 

Arms: Quarterly. (1) Or on a bend engrailed azure, a cinque- 
foil of the field. (2) Argent on a chevron gules, between three 
Columbines azure, as many crescents or. (3) Azure a cross between 
five billets saltire argent in each quarter. (4) Or on a cross sable 
five crescents argent. 
John Clarke of York county was deed, ante 1615. (York county 
.records.) There is a power of atty. at Yorktown, dated 29 Dec, 
1671, which recites, "That John Clarke of Wrotham in the county 
of Kent, Esq., nephew and sole heir-at-law of John Clarke, formerly 
of Virginia, merchant, deed., who was a son of Sir John Clarke, 
Knt., of Wrotham, long since deceased, and younger and only 
brother of Sir William Clarke, Knt. (lately deed.), which said Sir 
William Clarke was father of me, John Clarke, his son and heir." 
In the Visitation of Kent there is a pedigree of the family 
which shows that John Clarke of Virginia was born in 1614, and 
that he had an elder brother, William, born in 1610, and a sister 
Cecilia. He was son of Sir John Clarke and Elizabeth, daughter 
of Sir William Steed of Hautsham. 

ERODNAX. York county. 

Arms: Or two chevrons gules, on a chief of the second three 
cinquefoils argent. 

Crest: Out of a mural crown argent, a griffin's head or, winged 
and collared gules, charged with three cinquefoils argent. 

The above arms were granted by Clarenceux King of Arms, Wil- 
liam Camden, to Thomas Brodnax, gent., of Godmersham of the 
county of Kent. The family was of some antiquity in England, 
the name appearing in Kent as early as the time of Henry IV. 
Berry, in his "Kentish Genealogies" gives the pedigree of the 
family from the time of Robert Brodnax, who married Alice 
Scappe, died 14S7, down to the year 1794, when the direct line of 
descent in England became extinct. Sir William Brodnax, 8th In 
descent from Robert, was knighted by Charles II. in 1CC4. In 1727 
Thomas Brodnax assumed the name of May in pursuance of the 
will of Sir Thomas May, from whom he derived a considerable 


estate in Sussex and London. Still later he exchanged the name 
of May for Knight, upon his inheritance of landed estate in Hamp- 
shire. Thomas, a son of ihe above, married Catherine, the daughter 
of Dr. Wadham Knatchbull, Chancellor of Durham and Dean of 
Canterbury. He d.s.p. 23 Oct., 1794, leaving his property to his 
cousin, Edward Austin, a brother of Jane Austin, the novelist, who 
also changed his name to that of Knight. Godmersham Park, the 
seat for many generations of the Brodnax family, at the death of 
Thomas Knight, passed into the hands of the Austin-Knight fam- 
ily, the present owner being Montague Knight, Esq. 

The first of the family to come to Virginia was Major John 
Brodnax, who settled in York county. His will is dated 23 July, 
1657, and was probated 16 Nov. of that year. In it he mentions. 
"His wife Dorothy, daughter Elizabeth, youngest sons, William and 
Robert; eldest son, Thomas, to be executor, living at 'the Golden 
Grifnn' with Mr.- Thomas Turges in Fenchurch street; son John, 
living with Mr. Joseph King in 'ye Golden Sun' in Gratious street." 
Major John Brodnax was the uncle of Sir William Brodnax 
(Berry's Kent). He was born at Godmersham, and his title of 
"Major" evidently indicates that he was a Cavalier officer, as hi3 
name does not appear in the Militia lists of the Colony. The 
character of his personal estate would also indicate the same, as 
it included three periwigs, a rapier and belt, five broadcloth suits, 
slippers, ribbons, cuffs, etc. Towards the end of the 17th century 
tvvo brothers, John and Vv'illiam Brodnax, came to Virginia. They 
were the sons of Robert Brodnax, goldsmith, of London, and grand- 
sons of Major John Brodnax. They were born at Godmersham. 
and John being the oldest preceeded his brother in Virginia by 
some few years. William Brodnax was bom 28 Feb., 1675, and 
married Rebecca Travis of Jamestown. He died in 1727 and was 
buried at James City Island. He brought with him a large em- 
blazoning of the family arms, also the portraits of his father, 
Robert, and mother, Ann Brodnax, painted by Sir Peter Lely; a 
seal with his arms engraved upon it, and his father's Bible, in 
which is recorded his own date of birth. He was a member of the 
House of Burgesses from James City in 1718, 1720, 1722, 1723 and 
1726. He left issue, and from William descend the branch now 
in North Carolina. 1 

John Brodnax, brother of WMlliam, settled first in Henrico county ^ 

where he had several large land grants. He married Mary, the ^• 
daughter of William and Mary Skerme of Henrico. He afterwards j 
removed to Williamsburg, where he engaged in the business of a . 
goldsmith, and where he died In 1719, leaving his brother William • 
and his oldest son, Robert, administrators of his estate. His j 
children were: Robert, Wulliam, Winfield, Mary Ann and Sarah. ; 
But few of the name of Brodnax are now left in Virginia, one of 
the direct descendants being Dr. John W. Brodnax of Manchester, 

Va. ' j 




CHICHESTER. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Chequy or and gules, a chief vair. 
_ Crest: A heron with wings expanded, holding in the beak a 
snake all ppr. 

Motto: Ferme en foy. 

The Virginia branch of this family descends from the ancient 
house of Chichester of the county of Devon. (1) Sir Roger 
Chichester, knighted at Calais, died 1370. (2) John, son of Sir 
Roger, born 13G5, died 13S4, married Thomasine Raleigh, daughter 
of Sir John Raleigh, granddaughter of Sir Robert de Raleigh and 
wife Laura Peverel (daughter of Sir Hugh Peveral), great-grand- 
daughter of Sir Walter de Raleigh and wife, Lady Sabilla de Um- 
fraville (daughter of Gilbert de Umfraville and his wife, Matilda, 
Countess of Angus), and great-great-granddaughter of Sir Peter de 
Raleigh, Lord of Raleigh, who died 1223, and whose wife was 
Matilda de Braybroc, daughter of Galfridus de Braybroc, Lord of 
Braybroc. (3) John, son of John above, born 138G, died 14 Dec, 
1437, married, 1424, Alice, daughter of John Walton and his wife 
Johanna de Dinham (daughter of Robert de Dinham and his 
wife, Emma Moels, who was the daughter of Roger Moels and his 
wife, Alice le Prouse, the latter being the daughter of William le 
Prouse, Lord of Orton). (4) Richard, son of John Chichester, born 
23 Feb., 1424, married Margaret Kaynes of Winkley, daughter of 
Nicholas Kaynes. (5) Nicholas, son of Richard Chichester, born 
1452, married Christine Paulett, daughter of Sir William Paulett. 
(6) John, son of Nicholas Chichester, married Johanna Brett. He 
died 22 Feb., 1537. (7) John, son of John Chichester of Raleigh 
and wife Joan Brett, inherited from his father the Manor of Wid- 
worthy. He married 6 Nov., 153S, Katherine, daughter of Thomas 
Peard of Taustock, Devon. (S) John, eldest son of John Chiches- 
ter, buried at Widv>-orthy, 19 Feb., 1G09, will proved same year; 
married Dorothy, daughter of Hugh Daubeney of Waxford, Somer- 
set. (9) Hugh of Widworthy, eldest son of John Chichester, was 
baptized at Widworthy 7 June, 1573, buried 22 Feb., 1641, married 
Martha, daughter of Richard, Duke of Otterton, Devon. (10) Rich- 
ard, eldest son and heir of Hugh Chichester, baptized at Wid- 
worthy, 13 June, ICOO, died in his father's life time, was buried at 
Widworthy, 17 ilarch, 1G38; married Joan, daughter of John 
Smithes of Kington, Somerset; married at Kington 22 May, 1625; 
buried at Widworthy 5 August, 1643. (11) John, heir to his grand- 
father Hugh Chichester, was baptized at Widworthy, 11 Oct., 162G, 
buried 11 June, 16G1, will dated 3 June, ICGl; married Margaret, 
daughter of John Ware of Hallerton and Silverton, Devon, and his 
wife, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Dart of Silverton. (12) Rich- 
ard, second son of John Chichester of Widworthy and Margaret 
Ware, was born at Silverton 5 March, baptized IG March, 1657. He 

married, 1st, in England, Anna , came to Virginia in 1702, 

bringing with him his son John, and settled in Lancaster county. 
He married, 2nd, 11 July, 1719, Ann Chinn, widow of William Fox 
(Lancaster county M. L. Bonds, p. 48, Crozier's Va. Marriages). 


Richard Chichester's will is dated 14 April, 1734. (13) John, son 

of Richard Chichester and Anna , was baptized at Wid- 

worthy 10 May, 16S1, and died in Virginia, Oct. — , 172S; married 
Elizabeth Synies of Dorset, England, who was buried at Power- 
stock, Dorset, Jan., 172S. (14) Richard, son of John Chichester and 
Elizabeth Symes, died in England, 30 Dec, 1743, and was buried at 
Powerstock 3 January. Ke married, 3 July, 1734 (Lancaster coun- 
ty M. L. Bonds, p. 49, Crozier's Va. Marriages), Ellen Ball, daugh- 
ter of Col. William Ball and Hannah Beale, and lived at "Fair- 
weathers," Lancaster county, Virginia. (15) Richard, son of Rich- 
ard Chichester and Ellen Ball, married, 1st, 7 June, 1759 (Lancaster 
County M. L. Bonds, p. 52, Crozier's Va. Marriages), by this mar- 
riage there was no issue. He married, 2nd, Sarah McCarty, daugh- 
ter of Col. Daniel McCarty and Sarah Ball. They lived at "New- 
. ingtcn," Fairfa.x county, and were buried there. (16) Richard 
McCarty Chichester, son of Richard Chichester of Newington and 
Sarah McCarty, vras born 17G9 and died 1793. He married Ana 
Thomson JIason, daughter of Thomas Mason of Stafford (brother 
of George Mason of Gunston), and Elizabeth Barnes. After his 
death his widow returned to her home in Loudoun county, and 
died there in 1S17. Ann Mason Chichester, daughter of the above, 
was bom 16 Oct., 17S9, and died 12 July, 1S82. She married 
Charles Pendleton Tutt, and lived at "Locust Hill," Loudoun 
county. (17) George ^lason Chichester, son of Richard McCarty 
Chichester, born 2 March, 1793, died 12 Doc, 1835; married 23 Dec, 
1824, Mary Bowie, daughter of Washington Bowie and Z^Iargaret 
John, of Georgetov,'n, D. C, and lived at "Ivon," Loudoun county. 
The present owner of "Ivon" is Arthur Mason Chichester, Esq. 

CHICHELEY. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Or a chevrcn betv/een three cinquefoils gules. 

Crest: A tiger passant argent, holding in the mouth a man's 
leg couped at the thighs ppr., the foot downward. 

Sir Henry Chicheley, son of Sir Henry Chicheley, Bart., of 
Wimpole, Cambridgeshire, served in the Royal Army during the 
Civil War, and came to Virginia in 1649. He was Burgess for 
Lancaster county, 1656, member of the Council 1670, Deputy-Gover- 
ner 28 Feb., 1673-4, acting Governor Dec, 1678 to 16 May, IGSO. He 
married Agatha Eltonhead, the widow of Ralph Wormeley of 
"Rosegill," Middlesex county, and died 5 Feb., 1682. 

FEILDING. I^mg and Queen county. 

Arms: Argent on a fess azure, three lozenges or. 

This family had but two generations in Virginia bearing the 
name, viz.: Henry Feilding, gent., and his daughter Frances. The 
arms described above are on a wax seal attached to the will of 
Henry Feilding, who died in King and Queen county in 1712, be- 
queathing the bulk of his estate to his daughter Frances, who 
married John Lewis of Warner Hall, Gloucester county. From 
this marriage have descended some of the most prominent and 


cultured people of the South. One of their sons was Colonel Feild- 
ing Lewis, who married Betty Washington, the only sister of 
General George Washington. Old silver plate still in possession 
of the family show the above arms engraved upon it, which are 
those of the Earls of Denbigh. 


Arms: Per fess argent and sable, on a pale three martlets. 

In "Familiae Minorum Gentium," Vol. III., p. 952 there is given 
the descent of a Henry Creyke, who was in Virginia. The pedi- 
gree begins with Alexander Creyke of Kylne and Colleston, living 
in 1413, from whom descend Gregory Creyke, married 9 Sept. 
. 1G23, Ursula, daughter of John Legard. Gregory and Ursula had 
with other children, Kenry Creyke, born IC July, 1637, Captain of a 
merchant ship, and who died in Virginia. John Creyke, born 6 Jan., 
1626, and who died in the West Indies. 

SMITH. Essex county. 

Arms: Argent a fess dancette between three roses gules barbed 

Wax seal en the will of Colonel Joseph Smith, 1728, at Tappa- 
hanncck, Essex. The arms are similar to Smyth of Honyngion, 

BUTLER. Westmoreland county. 

A silver waiter, at one time belonging to the Butler family, and 
now in the possession of IMr. Laurence Washington, has engraved 
upon it the arms of Butler and Beckwith quarterly. 1st and 4th 
for Beckv,-ith^ "a chevron between three hinds' heads." 2nd 
and 3rd for Butler, "a chief indented and a saltire with three 
covered cups." Crest: Out of a plume of ostrich feathers, a fal- 
con rising, for Butler. 

The Butlers v.-ere a Westmoreland county family. Jane Butler, 
daughter of Caleb Butler, marrying Augustine Washington. 

RODES. Louisa county 

Arms: Argent a lion passant guardant gules, between two 
acorns azure, within two bendlets ermines. 

Crest: An arm couped at the elbow argent, holding an oak 
branch or fructed azure. 

In "Familiae Minorum Gentium," Vol. II., pp. 583-87, Harleian 
Society Publications, the following pedigree is given: John 
Rodes, fifth son of Sir Francis Rodes and Elizabeth (Lascelles) 
■ Rodes, married Elizabeth, daughter of Simon Jason of Edial, Staf- 
fordshire, and had issue: (1) John, living in 1G05; (2) Francis, 
resided in Maryland, where he was twice married, but is now 
(1698) in England, and has issue; (3) Charles, third son, living in 
Virginia, where he is lately married, 1695; (4) Anne. 

It is believed that John Rodes, who was born in Virginia, 6 
Nov., 1697, died 3 May, 1775, was a son of the above-named 
Charles Rodes. He was a vestryman of Fredericksville Parish, 


Louisa county in 1765. lu Oct., 1766, John Rodes and Mary, his 
wife, made a deed of gift to their son, Clifton Rodes of Louisa. 
They had four sons, Clifton, Charles, John and David. The narao 
of Clifton is found in the English branch of the Rodes family, and 
on account of its peculiarity as a given name, is a strong indica- 
tion that the American branch was of the same line as Sir Francis 

TAZEWELL. Brunswick county. 

Arms: Vaire purpure and ermine, on a chief gules a lion pas- 
sant or. 

Crest: A demi-lion purpure, in the paws a chaplet of eight 
roses gules. 

In the Visitation of London made in 1664, is a pedigree of the 
Tazewell family. They were originally of the county of Somerset., son of William Tazewell of "Buckland Newton," was bapt. 
at the parish church July, 15SS, county of Dorset. His first wife 

was Mary, daughter of Hunt of Forston, Dorset, and died 

in 1659. He died in 1663. His son, James Tazewell, was a mer- 
chant in London, and married, 1st, 26 March, 1649, Elizabeth Up- 
sal, who died in 1667. He married. 2nd, in 1673, Elizabeth, daughter 
of John Kingsmill of Andover; she died 1702, s.p. James Tazewell 
died 26 March, 16S3. In 1663 James Tazev/ell was seised of the 
manor of South Brent, Somerset, and in 1672 owned the manor of 
Limington, Somerset. James Tazewell, eldest son and heir, born 
20 Feb., 1650, succeeded his father in the manor of Limington. He 
married Ann Kingsmill, and had issue, three sons and three daugh- 
ters. The third son, William Tazewell, baptized 17 July, 1690, 
went to Virginia in 1715, and in 1721 married Sophia, daughter of 
Henry Harmanson by his wife Gertrude, daughter of Col. Southey 
Littleton. He died in 1752. His son, Littleton Tazewell, resided in 
Brunswick county and was a churchwarden and vestryman of the 
parish. One of his descendants was Littleton Waller Tazewell, 
Governor of Virginia. 

FEILDING. Northumberland county. 

Arms: Or, a lion rampant gules; also, argent on a fess azure 
three lozenges or. 

The lion seal was used by Edward Feilding (son of Ambrose) 
on a letter of attorney in Sept., 1684, and both coats are given in 
a drawing made from Feilding silver in 1792, then in the possession 
of a descendant of Ambrose Feilding. 

The Feildings of Northumberland appear in that county in 1662 
in the person of Richard Feilding, a merchant from Bristol, Eng- 
land. He bought several large tracts of land in this county, and 
besides, owned a share in the ship "Phoenix," and in a mercantile 
business at Bristol with his brother, Edward. Richard Feilding 
died in 1666 unmarried. He left a plantation of a thousand acres, 
with all stock, servants, household goods, etc., to his brother. 
Ambrose Feilding, who came out to take possession of his Virginia 


place In 1667. He was a King's Justice from June 23, 1669, to 
Feb. 4, 1675. Ambrose Feilding's will was probated November 17, 
1675, and devised his property to sons, Richard. Edward, and 
daughter Ann. Wife Ann received money for a mourning ring. 
In the inventory of his personal estate he is designated as "Mr. 
Ambrose Feilding of Wickocomico Hall, gent." This inventory- 
names a good lot of household furniture contained in a five-room, 
house and a two-room detached kitchen; included in this list 
were eighteen silver spoons and seven larger pieces of plate, two- 
of which were marked with "ye Ffeilding Armes." 

Of the sons of Ambrose Feilding, Richard died unmarried; and 
Edward took a more or less prominent part in county affairs 
till the time of his death in 1C9C. He appears first as a Justice- 
March 19, 1679, and last on Sept. 12, 1683. He left four sous and 
two daughters, v,-ho have many descendants in Virginia, Kentucky^ 
Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas. 

All the original Feilding papers on file in the Northumberland 
Clerk's office were destroyed in the Civil War, but an old letter of 
Attorney, signed by Edward Feilding in Sept., 1684, is now owned 
by a descendant; this old letter bears a seal showing a lion ram- 
pant gules on a field or. This is the old Hapsburg seal of the 
principal family of Feilding in England — the Feildings of "Newhaia 
Paddox," Warwickshire, who were created Earls of Denbigh la 
1620. This old letter of Attorney also bears the seal of Thomas 
Hobson, who was Clerk of Northumberland county from 1664 to- 
1716, Justice of the County Court, etc., and who has descendants 
yet in this country. This seal shows a three-masted ship under 
full sail, with prow pointed to the sinister side. In 1792 a descend- 
ant of Ambrose Feilding in Spotsylvania county, Va., made a draw- 
ing from old Feilding silver then in her possession, and sent it in 
a letter to her brother, who had gone to Kentucky to live. This 
drawing and letter are now owned by recipient's great grandson — 
Dr. J. L. Miller, Thomas, West Va., and shows two shields, one 
with the lion rampant and the other with the gold lozenges on a 
blue fess. 

WOODHOUSE. Princess Anne county. 

Arms: Quarterly ermine and azure, in the 2nd and 3rd quarters 
a leopard's head or. 

Crest: A griffin's segreant or. 

This old and distinguished Virginia family descends from Wood- 
house of Waxham, Norfolk. John Woodhouse of this place had a 
son, Sir William, who married for his second wife, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Philip Calthorpe and widow of Sir Henry Parker. 
A second son, Sir Henry Woodhouse, died in 1624, and by his mar- 
riage with Ann, daughter of Sir Nicholas Bacon, the Lord Keeper, 
and sister of Francis Bacon, first Lord Verulam, was father of 
Captain Henry Woodhouse, who was Governor of the Bermudas 
from Oct., 1623, to Jan. 13. 162G-7. Henry Woodhouse, son of 
Captain Henry, was born in 1607, and came to Virginia in 1637, 


settling in Lower Norfolk (now Princess Anne) county. He was 
Justice in 1G42-3 and member of the House of Burgesses 1G47 and 
1652. He died in 1655, leaving several daughters and four sons, 
Henry, Horatio, John and William, who have numerous descend- 

BENNETT. Nansemond county. 

Arms: Gules a bezant between three demi lions rampant argent. 

,. Crest: Out of a mural coronet or, a lion's head gules, en the 

"neck a bezant. 

Richard Bennett was a nephew of Edward Bennett, a wealthy 
merchant of London and member of the Virginia Company. Rich- 
ard Bennett was a member of the Hcube of Burgesses in 1629 and 
1631, and member of the Council 1642-9, removing in the latter 
year to Maryland. He returned to Virginia and in 1651 was ap- 
pointed by Parliament one of the Commissioners to reduce Virginia 
and Marylp.nd. He was Governor of the Colony from 30 April, 
1652, to March, 1655. In 1658 he was again a member of the 
Council. In 1666 he v/as a Major-General of Militia, and in the 
"Sainsbury Abstracts" we find that in that year Thomas Ludwell, 
•writing to Bennett, Lord Arlington, states that Major-General Ben- 
nett bore his (Arlington's) arms, and was he believed of his family. 
His will is dated 15 March, 1674, and v/as proved in Nani^-fc;;;cU'l 
12 April, 1675. He married Mary Ann Utie, and they had issue: 
(1) Richard of Greenbury Point, Maryland, who was drowned 
shortly before his father's death, leaving issue; (2) Anne Bennett, 

i married, 1st, Theodorick Bland of Westover, 2nd, Colonel St. Leger 

; Codd of Northumberland county, Va., and afterward of Maryland. 

She died 1C87. (3) A daughter, married Col. Charles Scarborough 
of Accomac county, Va. 

Robert Bennett, a brother of Edward Bennett of London, also 
came to Virginia prior to January, 1623-4, and in 1648 Mr. Philip 
Bennett, administrator of Robert Bennett, had a grant of land in 
Nansemond county. 


Arms: Azure on a cross argent between four suns ppr., a cathe- 
dral gules. 

Crest: A demi-man habited in a close coat azure, buttons and 

cuff turned up or, face and hands ppr., armed with a head piece 

and gorget argent In dexter hand a sword erect ppr., hilt and 

" pommel of the second; in sinister an open Bible, clasps argent. 

Motto: Deus mihi sol. 

Sir Francis Nicholson ol Downham Park, Yorkshire, was born in 
1660; received an ensign's commission in the army 9 June, 1678; 
made lieutenant 6 May, 1684; Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia 1690; 
Governor of Maryland Jan., 1694; in 1698 returned to Virginia and 
remained there untU 1705; in 1713 was made Governor of Acadia, 
and in 1719 Governor of South Carolina. He was knighted in 1720, 
returned to England in June, 1725. and died in London 5 March. 


1728. He was one of the founders of William and JIary CoUese, of 
which he was one of the first trustees. 
COCK. Lancaster and Middlesex counties. 

Arms: Argent a chevron engrailed gules between three eagle's 
heads erased sable, on a canton azure an anchor or. 

In 1653 there is a patent to Nicholas Cock for 600 acres In Lan- 
caster county, and in 1663 a grant to Maurice Cock, son of the 
above, of a like amount. In 16S3 there is a grant recorded to 
Nicholas Cock of 346 acres in Middlesex. It is evident that Nicho- 
las Cock was a Dutch settler, as he was naturalized with Minor 
Dcodes and other Dutchmen in Middlesex in 1673. He died 25 Oct., 
16S7, and his tombstone in Middlesex bears the above arms, which 
are those of Cocke of the counties of Lancashire and Cornwall. 
There was a Nicholas Cock of South Pederwyn, Cornwall, who was 
married to Elizabeth Lower, daughter of Ferdinando Lower of 
Lesaunt, Cornwall, and whose pedigree is given in the Visitation 
of Cornwall for 1620. It is possible that this Nicholas might have 
been the father of Nicholas who came to Virginia. During the 
period of the Civil War in England many Englishmen went to 
Holland and became Dutch subjects, and it is possible that Nicho- 
las may have done the same and, after settling in Virginia, became 
once more an English subject. He married, about 1661, Jane, 
widow of Bartholomew Curtis. By her second husband she had 
issue, Jane Cock, who married Rice Jones, and a son, Maurice 
Cock, who married Elizabeth, widow of Doodes Minor, son of 
Minor Doodes. Maurice Cock made his will 15 May, 1696, and 
with him the male line of this family became extinct. 

WILLOUGHBY. Elizabeth City county. 

Arms: Or on two bars gules three water bougets argent. 

Crest: A griflSn argent. 

According to family tradition, Thomas Willoughby, the Virginia 
immigrant, was a nephew of Sir Percival Willoughby of Wallaton. 
He was bom in 1601 and, according to Hotten, came to the colony 
in 1610. He was a Justice of Elizabeth City in 1628, member of 
the House of Burgesses 1629-32 and of the Council 1644-46. He 
was a large land ov.ner in Lower Norfolk county, which his de- 
scendants owned for many generations. His wife's name is not 
known, but he had an only son. Col. Thomas Willoughby. born 
in Va., 25 Dec, 1632, and educated at Merchant Taylors School, 
London. He married Sarah, daughter of Richard and Ursula 
(Bisshe) Thompson of Northumberland county. He died in 1672 
and his widow, Sarah, in 1673, leaving children, Thomas and Sarah. 

WORMELEY. Middlesex coimty. 

Arms: Gules on a chief indented argent, three lions rampant 

The immigrant, Ralph Wormeley, was descended from Sir John 
de Wormeley of Hadfield, Yorkshire. He was a member of the 
Council and died in 1649. His son Ralph of "Rosegill," Middlesex 


county, born 1620. died 1665, member of the Council, married 
Agatha, daughter of Richard Eltonhead and widow of Luke Stub- 
bins of Northampton county. Va., and she married, 3rd, Sir Henry 
Chicheley, Governor of Virginia. Ralph Wormeley, 3rd, born 1650, 
died 5 Dec. 1703. educated at Oxford, was Secretary of State In 
1693 and President of the Council. 

SKELTON. Goochland county. 

Arms: Azure a fess or between three fleur de lis. 

Crest: A peacock's head erased ppr. in the beak an acorn or, 
stalked and leaved vert. 

James Skelton. a gentleman of wealth and social prominence, 
was living in St. James Parish, Goochland, in 1735. He married 
Jane Meriwether, a daughter of Francis Meriwether and his wife, 
Mary Bathurst, who was a descendant of the ancient family of 
English Bathursts. The Skelton arms are engraved on old silver- 
ware now in possession of the Skeltons of Kentucky, which were 
brought from Virginia, and is also found on the book plate of 
Reuben Skelton, son of James Skelton. James and Jane Skelton 
had issue: (1) Reuben, clerk of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover 
county; (2) Meriwether of Hanover county, d.s.p.; (3) Lucy; 
(4) Sally, who married Col. Thomas Jones of Hanover county; (5) 
Bathurst, who married in 1766, Martha, daughter of John Wayles, 
lawyer, of Charles City. He died in 1769, leaving one child, who 
died in infancy. His widow, Martha Skelton, married, 2nd, 1 Jan., 
1772, Thomas Jefferson, who was afterward President. 

TEMPLE. King William county. 

Arms: Argent two bars sable each charged with three martlets 

Crest: A talbot sejant sable, collared and lined or. 

Motto: Flecti non frangi. 

The first member of the Temple family who settled in Virginia 
was Joseph Temple, born 1666, married Ann Arnold in England. 
They lived at Presque Isle, King William county. Joseph was the 
son of William and the grandson of John Temple of Kingston 
Deverell. (See Burke's "Landed Gentry.") Joseph and Ann 
Temple had a son Joseph, who married Mary, daughter of Col. 
Humphrey Hill of King and Queen county, by whom he had Issue. 

FOOTE. Stafford county. 

Arms: Vert a chevron between three martlets argent. 

Crest: A lion's head erased. 

Motto: Pendentim. 

The Footes were an old family long settled in the county of 
Cornwall. In the register of fft. Paul's Parish, Stafford county, Va.. 
are the following entries concerning the family: "Richard Foote, 
son of John Foote, gent., was born at Cardenham, in the county 
of Cornwall, the 10th of August, Anno 1632. Was married the 
19th day of Dec, 1657 to his beloved wife Hester, the daughter of 
Nicholas Hayward of London, grocer, who was born In Allhallow? 


Parish, the 24th day of March, 1639-40." 

Richard Foote came to Virginia to manage the extensive busi- 
ness of Nicholas Hayward; he returned to England and there 
married the daughter, Hester. They had issue, the following chil- 
dren: (1) Samuel, born 25 Jan., 1659, died 1697; (2) Susannah. 
born 13 Aug., 165S; (3) Mary, born 1 Oct., 1662, died 1664; (4) John, 
bom 27 March, 1665, died 1692 at Jamaica; (5) Richard (first of the 
family to settle permanently in Va.), born 31 Jan., 1666; (6) Eliza- 
beth, born 27 Oct., 166S; (7) Mary, bom 10 Jan., 1670; (S) Hester, 
bom 8 Dec, 1672; (9) George, born 22 Oct., 1673; (10) Sarah, born 
22 Oct., 1675, died an infant; (11) Sarah, born 27 June, 1676; (12) 
Francis, bora 8 Jan., 1678, died 1697; (13) Henry, borB 5 Jnlj, 1680; 
(14) Mathias, born 13 Dec, 1683, died an infant. 

Richard Foote, the younger, bom 1666, settled in Stafford county, 
Va., where he died 21 March, 1729. Owing to the destruction of 
the records his wife's name is unknown, but he had issue: (1) 
Richard, born 1704, Justice of Stafford in 1745, and w^ho left Issue; 
(2)George; (3) John, d.s.p.; (4) Hester, married John Grant of 
Prince William, gent.; (5) Elizabeth. 

DAVISON. James City. 

Arms: Argent a stag trippant ppr. attired or. 

Crest: A stag courant or, shot through the neck with an arrow 


Christopher Davison was the Colonial Secretary for Virginia in 
1621; he was born in Stepney, Middlesex, and was the son of 
William Davison, Secretary of State to Queen Elizabeth. 

FOWKE. Westmoreland county. 

Arms: Vert a fieur de lis argent, a mullet for difference. 

Crest: An Indian goat's head erased argent. 

The first of this family was Col. Gerard Fowke, an ex-Royalist 
officer, who came to Virginia in 1651 and settled in Westmoreland 
county, purchasing lands there in 1657 from Nicholas Meriwether. 
He was the sixth son of Roger Fowke of Breward and Gunston 
Hall, Staffordshire. He died in 1669. An old deed, now in the 
possession of his descendants, has impressed upon it the above 
arms. He was a Burgess for Westmoreland county in 1663, and 
in 1C64 moved to Maryland, near Port Tobacco, where he took 
up large grants of land. In 1665 he was a member of the Mary- 
land Assembly and Colonel of Militia for Worcester county. His 

wife, whom he married in England, was named Ann ^ -, and 

they have left numerous descendants In the South. 

MERCER. Stafford county. 

Arms: Or on a fess between three crosses pattee gules In chief, 
and a mullet azure in base, as many bezants. 

John Mercer of Marlborough, Stafford county, founder of the 
family in Virginia, was the son of John Mercer of Dublin, Ireland, 
and the great grandson of Noel Mercer of Chester, England. He 
was bora 6 Feb.. 1704, came to Virginia in 1720, and died 14 Oct.. 


17G8. He was a lawyer and large landed proprietor. He married, 
1st, Catherine, only daughter of Col. George Mason, 2nd, by whom 
he bad issue, and, 2nd, Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. John 
■\Vaugh. She was born in 1707 and died in 1750. 

NICHOLSON. York county. 

Crest: Out of a ducal crown, an arm grasping a battle axe. 
The above crest is engraved on a silver tankard, formerly the 
property of Dr. Robert Nicholson of Yorktown, who married Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Dudley Digges, member of the Committee of 
Safety. It is now in the possession of a descendant, Mrs. Sally 
Nelson Robins of Richmond. 

SKIPWITH. Prince George county. 

Arms: Argent three bars gules, a greyhound in full course In 
chief, sable, collared or. 

Crest: A turnstile ppr. 

Motto: Sans Dieu je ne puis. 

The Virginia family descend from the Skipwiths of Prestwould 
in Leicestershire. Sir Henry Skipwith, Knight of Prestwould, 
was created a Baronet 20 Dec, 1622. His eldest son. Sir Henry, 
died single, and was succeeded by his brother. Sir Grey, who 
settled in Virginia. His son, Sir William, married Sarah, daughter 
of John Peyton. His eldest son. Sir Grey, born 1705, died without 
issue and the title devolved upon his brother Sir William, born 
1707, died 17C4, who married Elizabeth, only daughter of John 
Smith, High Sheriff of Middlesex. Their eldest son. Sir Peyton, 
7th Baronet, married Ann, daughter of Hugh Miller. The de- 
scendants of the Skipwith family are still numerous in the South. 

STEPTOE. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Azure a fleur de lis argent. 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a stag's head ppr. 

Motto: Spes mea in Deo. 

The immigrant was Anthony Steptoe, who was in Lancaster 
county in 1C97. His son, Capt. John Steptoe, married Elizabeth, 
widow of John Eustace, they had issue: (1) William, who mar- 
ried Ann , and settled in Northumberland county; (2) 

John, who married Jane Lawson 12 June 1727; (3) James, who 
settled in Westmoreland county and was vestryman of Cople 
Parish in 1755. He married, first, Elizabeth Eskridge, daughter of 
George Eskridge, and, 2nd, Elizabeth, widow of Capt. William 
Aylett, by whom he had four sons. On the tomb of Philip Steptoe 
at Teddington, on the James River, is cut the above arms. 

BALL. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Argent a lion passant sable, on a chief of the second, 
three mullets of the first. 

Crest: Out of the clouds ppr. a demi lion rampant sable, pow- 
dered with estoiles argent, holding a globe or. 
Motto: Coelumqui tueri. 


The above arms are from a painting on vellum which was 
brought to Virginia by the immigrant, William Ball. He was born 
in 1615 and died at "Millenbeck," Lancaster county, in 16S0; mar- 
ried in London 2 July, 1C3S, to Hannah Atherold. They had issue: 
(1) Richard, died young; (2) William, born 2 Jan., 1G41, who had 
issue; (3) Joseph, born 25 I^Iay, 1649, married and had issue; (4) 
Hannah, born 12 March, 1C50. The descendants of the above 
have intermarried with the most prominent families of Virginia. 
Mary, daughter of Col. William Ball of Lancaster, being the mother 
of General George Washington. ' 

^';ONTAGUE. Nansemcnd and Lancaster counties. 

Arms: Argent three fusiis in fess gules, between as many pellets. 

Crest: A griiiin's head couped, wings elevated or. 

Motto: Disponendo me, aon mutando me. 

This family can trace descent from Drogo de Monteacuto, who 
came with William of Normandy to England in 10G6. The Vir- 
ginia immigrant, Peter, was a son of Peter and Eleanor Montaguo 
of Boveney, Parish of Burnham, Bucks, and was born in 1603. 
His mother was a daughter of William Allen of Burnham. His 
uncle, William Montague v/as a Fellow of Kings College, Cam- 
bridge, and Richard Montague, Bishop of Norwich, was his father's 
cousin. Peter Montague came to Virginia at the age of eighteen, 
years. In 1627 he patented 150 acres in Upper Norfolk county, 
what is now Nansemond, and of which he was a Burgess in 1652 
and 1653. He also owned considerable land in Lancaster and rep- 
resented that county in the House of Burgesses from 1651 to 

1658. His will, dated 27 March, 1659, was probated 25 May of 
that year. He mentions his wife Cicely, and sons, Peter and Wil- 
liam, his three daughters, Ellen, Margaret and Elizabeth, and the 
child of Ann, late wife of John Jadwin. 

CORBIN. King and Queen county. 

Arms: Sable on a chief or three ravens ppr. 

Thomas Ccrbin of Hall End, Warvv-ickshire, born 24 May, 1594, 
died June, 1C37, buried at Kingswinfcrd; married in 1620, Winifred, 
daughter of Gav/in Grosvenor of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire. 
Their third son, Henry Corbin, born in 1629, came to Virginia in 
1654, and died S Jan., 1675. He first settled in Strattcn Major 
Parish, King and Queen county, but also owned land in Lancaster, 
Westmoreland and Middlesex. He was Burgess for Lancaster in 

1659, Justice for Middlesex in 1673, and Member of the Council 
in 16C3. He married 25 July, 1645, Alice Eltonhead, daughter of 
Richard Eltonhead of Lancashire, England. His son, Gawin Cor- 
bin, was Burgess in 1700, 1702, 171S and 1736, and also member 
of the Council. He died 1 Jan., 1745. 

CARTER. Lancaster county 

Crest: On a chapeau gulss turned up ermine, a heron argent, 
beaked, legged and ducally gorged or. 


The above seal is used on the original will of Thomas Carter, 
gent, recorded in Lancaster county, August, 1700, also on a deed 
in Spotsylvania county, made by Joseph Carter in 1739, a grandson 
of Thomas, and it is also used on the will of another grandson. 
Dale Carter, gent., recorded in Lancaster county in 177G. By 
referring to the Dale pedigree and arms it will be seen that the 
above is not a Carter crest, but the crest of Catherine Dale, his 
wife, who was a daughter cf Edward Dale and his wife Diana Skip- 
with, sister of Sir Grey Skipwith, Bart., and daughter of Sir Henry 
Skipwith, Bart., of Prestwould, Leicestershire. England. 

In 1653 there appeared in Lancaster county, Mr. Thomas Car- 
ter, who paid tithes upon himself and four servants. His home 
plantation was one he had purchased from Col. John Carter of 
Corotoman. It is not known, however, that there was any rela- 
tionship between them. Thomas Carter was Justice in 1683 and In 
1670 Deputy Clerk of the county, his father-in-law, Edward Dale, 
being Clerk from 1655 to 1674. Sometime prior to 1674 he mar- 
ried Catherine Dale, by whom he had six sons and two daughters: 
(1) Edward Carter, the eldest son, died in Lancaster in 1743, 
leaving sons, Thomas and William, and a wife, Elizabeth; (2) 
Thomas Carter, second son. Inherited the plantation on Corotoman 
River. He was a Justice from 1704 to 1728 and a Captain in the 
Militia. He died in 1733, leaving a wife, Arabella, and eight sous 
and two grandsons; (3) Henry Carter, third son, was a Justice 
from 1728 to 1740 and a vestryman of Christ Church until his death. 

■ He married prior to 1700, Anne Harris, daughter of Gany Harris, 
gent. He died in 1743, leaving five sons and three daughters. (4) 
James Carter, fourth son, removed to Stafford county, where he 
died 24 Oct., 1743. He married in 1724, Mary, daughter of Hugh 
Brent of Lancaster county, and left six sons and one daughter. 
(5) Peter Carter, fifth son, inherited a plantation in St. Mary's 
parish, Lancaster county from his grandfather, Edward Dale, where 
he lived and died in 1721. He left a second wife named Margaret, 
and two sons and two daughters, one of each by each wife. (6) 
Joseph Carter, the youngest son, inherited a plantation in St, 
Mary's Parish from his grandfather Dale, where he lived until his 
death in 1759. His wife's name was Anne, and they had at least 
three sons and a daughter. He was a Justice in 1729, and in 
1741 High Sheriff. (7) Elizabeth Carter, the elder daughter, mar- 
ried William George, who died in 1709, leaving several children. 
Thomas Carter, Sr., had also a son John, and a daughter Catherine. 

GOO KIN. Lower Norfolk county. 

Arms: Gules a chevron ermine between three crosses or. 
Capt. John Gookin came to Virginia at a very early period. He 
"was a brother of Daniel Gookin, who left Virginia in 1644 and set- 

■ tied at Roxbury, Mass., and the above arms are found on the tomb 

■ of Daniel Gookin, Jr., son of Daniel, who died at Cambridge, Mass., 
In 1686-7. Capt. John Gookin was a member of the Assembly from 
Lower Norfolk in 1639, and died 2 Nov., 1643. He married Sarah 


Offley, the widow of Lieut. -Col. Adam Tliorougood, and she after- 
wards married Francis Yeardley, sou of Gov. Sir George Yeardley. 
By his wife Sarah, Capt. Gookln had a daughter Mary, who mar- 
ried William Moseley 2nd, she afterwards married Col. Anthony 

WEWTON. Westmoreland county. 

Arms: Sable two shinbones salterways, the sinister surmounted 
of the dexter or. 

Crest: A lion rampant argent. 

The Virginia Newtons claim descent from the Newtons of Barr's 
Court, Gloucestershire. John Newton was in Westmoreland county 
in 1672. His will was probated 2S July, 1697, in it he leaves land 
at Carlton and Camelford, Yorkshire, Eng., to his son John, and 
also the house at Hull, "which was my father's," he also leaves 
land to his son John and his said son's four children; to son Joseph 
and his three sons; to son Benjamin and his daughter; to son 
Gerrard; to daughter Elizabeth Newton; to son Thomas; to wife 
Rose Newton; to grandson John, son of Joseph Newton. The 
will of Rose Newton, the wife of the immigrant, was probated in 
Westmoreland county 2S Jan., 1712, and from a deposition taken 
in 1709, she states that she was "aged SO years" and the widow of 
John Newton, Sr. 

a_EFTWICH. New Kent county. 

Arms: Azure three garbs or on a fess engrailed argent. 

Crest: Five leaves conjoined at base vert. 

Motto: Ver ncn semper floret. 

The Virginia immigrant was Ralph Leftwich, who received 
grants of land as early as 165S. Owing to the destruction of the 
New Kent and Caroline county records, a gap occurs in the pedi- 
gree of at least two generations. The arms borne by the descend- 
ants of Augustine Leftwich are the same as those of Leftwich, 
county of Cheshire. 

WISE. Accomac county. 

Arms: Sable three chevronels ermine. 

Crest: A d-emi-lion rampant gules, guttee d'eau, holding in the 
dexter paw a mace or. 

The first of this family in Virginia was John Wise, a descend- 
ant of the Wise family of Sydenham, Devonshire. He sailed from 
Gravesend, England, 4 July, 1635, and settled in Accomac, tnen 
Northampton county. When Accomac was formed from this 
county in 1C62, he was one of the Justices. Major John Wise, one 
of the old clerks of Accomac county, was the oldest son of Col. 
John Wise and his wife Margaret Douglas, she being the daughter 
of Col. George Douglas, a native of Scotland, who settled in Ac- 
comac, a descendant of the famous Earls of Angus. This Col. 
John Wise died in 1770. He was Colonel of Militia, a Justice and 
County-Lieutenant. The son, Major .John Wise, represented Ac- 
comac in the House of Delegates, 1790, and in 1798 and 1799 he 


v/as Speaker of the House. He was Commonwealth Attorney in 
1805, and v.-as afterward Clerk of the Court, holding that otfice 
until his death, 30 March, 1S12. He was twice married, his first 
wife being Mary Henry, daughter of Judge James Henry of North- 
umberland county. By her he had four sons, two of whom died 
in infancy. He married secondly, Sarah Corbin Cropper, daughter 
cf General John Cropper, by whom he had five sons and one 

FONTAINE. King V/illiam county. 

Arms: D'azur au. chevron ace. en chef de deux trefles, et en 
p. d'une garbe, le tout d'or. 

The Virginia branch of this family is descended from the noble 
family cf De La Fontaine, Maine, France. John de la Fontaine 
was born about 1500 and held a commission in "Les Ordcnnances 
du Roi," in the household of Francis I., retaining his commission 
during the succeeding reigns of Henry II. and Francis II. and until 
the second year of Charles IX. He and his father became converts 
to Protestantism about 1535. John De La Fontaine and his wife- 
were murdered during the troublous period of 1563. They had 
four children, but only the names of two are known, viz: (l> 
James, aged about 14 in 1563. (2) Abraham, aged about 12 in 15G3. 
James died in 1633 and left issue, a son, the Rev. James Fontaine, 
who went to London and married a Miss Thompson in 162S, by 
whom he had issue: (1) Jane. (2) Judith. (3) James, who became 
a Protestant minister in Germany. (4) Elizabeth. (5) Rev. Peter, 
who settled in London. (6) Francis d.s.p. The Rev. James Fon- 
taine married, secondly, in 1641. Marie Chaillon of Pons, in Sain- 
fonge, who died in 1678, aged 63 years, by her he had issue: (1> 
Susan. (2) Peter. (3) Mary. (4) Ann. (5) Rev. James, born at 
Jenouille, France, 7 April, 1658, married at Barnstaple, England, 8 
Feb., 1686, to Anne Elizabeth Boursiquot, who died 29 Jan., 1721 
at Dublin, Ireland. By her he had issue: (1) James, born 1686, 
who arrived in Virginia in Oct., 1717. (2) Aaron, born 1688. (3> 
Mary Anne, born 1690, died 1755 in Virginia, married 1716 in 
Dublin, Ireland, Matthew Maury of Castel Mauron, Gascony, came 
to Va. 1718. (4) Moses, born 1694. (5) Elizabeth, born 1701. (6) 
Rev. Peter, born 1691, married 1714, Elizabeth Fourreau; married. 
2nd, E. Wade, and in 1716 came to Virginia and became rector of 
King William and Westover parishes. (7) John, bom 1693, died in 
England. (8) Rev. Francis, born 1G97, came to Va. and was Pro- 
fessor in William and Mary College and rector of York-Hampton 

WYCHE. Surry county. 

Arms: Azure a pile ermine. 

Crest: A de.xtor arm embowed, habited gules, turned up or, 
holding in the hand ppr. a sprig vert. 

Motto: Malgre le tort. 

The Virginia line trace descent from Wyche of Davenham. 
Cheshire, and from the ancient house of Wyche of Alderly. A. D- 


1200. (1) William Wyche of Davenham married about 1475, Mar- 
gery, daughter and co-heiress of Richard Brett. (2) Richa'-d, 
married Mary, daughter of John Beeston of Beeston Castle. (3) 
Richard, born 1525, died 1595, married Margaret Houghton. (4) 
Richard of London, born 1554, married 1583, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Sir Richard Saltonstall, Lord Mayor, 159S. (5) Rev. Henry Wyche, 
M. A., Cambridge, Rector of Sutton, Surrey, bapt. 1604, died ICTS, 
married Ellen, daughter of Ralph Bennett of Old Palace Yard, 
Westminster. (G) Henry Wyche, eldest son of above, born 4 Nov., 
1645, came to Virginia and settled in Surry county, will proved 
there 18 March, 1714, and, acording to same, he had the following 
children: Eleanor, Vv'illiam, George, Sarah, Henry and James. 
V/illiam Wyche, son of above, lived in Surry county, will probated 
15 Feb., 1720. Henry Wyche, son of the immigrant, moved to 
Brunswick county, will probated 1740. James, son of the immi- 
grant, resided in Surry county, will probated 1749. 

HONE. James City county. 

Arm.s: Sable a leopard's head erased between three mullets 

Jlajor Theophilus Hone, Justice of Warwick county in 1652, re- 
moved to JamestowTi, where he was Burgess in 1666, and Sheriff 
in 1676. He married prior to 1672, the widow of William Richard- 
son. The Virginia family claim descent from the Hones of Essex. 
Major Theophilus being the third son of Thomas Hone of Farn- 
ham, who married Judith, daughter of Theophilus Aylmer, Arch- 
deacon of London. 

EPPES. Charles City county. 

Arms: Per fesse gules and or, a pale counterchanged, three 
eagles displayed of the last. 

Crest: On a chaplet vert flowered or, a falcon rising of the 

The above arms are on documents in the possession of the Eppes 
family and is also engraved on old silver which has been in the 
family for many generations. The arms correspond with Eppes 
of Canterbury. Lieut.-Col. Francis Eppes was in Virginia In 1635, 
bringing with him three sons, John, Francis and Thomas. The 
Eppes of Prince George are descended from Thom.7,s, through Col. 
Peter Eppes, and the Nottoway branch also descend from Col. 
I Peter. Francis Eppes, son of the immigrant, settled in what is now 

I Chesterfield. He was born about 162S and died in 1678. He mar- 

Iried Elizabeth, widow of William Worsham of Henrico county, by 
whom he had four children. The descendants of Col. Francis 
Eppes are very numerous in Virginia. 

PEYTON. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Sable a cross engrailed or. 
Crest: A griffin sejant or. 
Motto: Patior potior. 


Major Robert Peyton of Rongham, Norfolk, and of Isleham, Glou- 
cester count}-, Virginia, was born in 1640 and died 1694. He was a 
son of Thomas Peyton and Elizabeth Yelverton, a daughter of Sir 
William Yelverton, Bart., of Rougham, Norfolk. He married in 
1668 and was in Virginia before 1679. He was Major of the 
Gloucester County Militia. He had the following issue: (1) Eliza- 
beth, born ante 1G70, married Col. Peter Beverley. (2) Thomas, 
born about 1675, married Frances Tabb. (3) Robert, born 16S0, 

married JIary . Sir John Peyton, son of Thomas and 

Frances (Tabb) Peyton, was born in 1710 and died 1790. He had 
issue, Thomas, born 1751, married Anne, daughter of Henry Wash- 
ington. (2) Frances, born 1753, married John Tabb of Clay Hall, 
Amelia county. (3) Elizabeth, born 1756, married John Dixon, 
Jr., of Gloucester county. (4) Mary, born 1758, married Mordecal 
Throckmorton. (5) Harriett, born 1761, married Thacker Wash- 
ington. (6) Seigniora, born 1767, married Thomas Tabb of Boil- 
ing. (7) Martha. (S) Henry Yelverton, born 1770. (9) John, 
born 1775, married ]Mary Chiswell, daughter of Warner Lewis. 
Sir John Peyton of Virginia became heir to the Baronetcy in 1721 
through the death of Sir John Peyton of Isleham, England. 

The Peytons of Westmoreland county are of kin to those of 
Gloucester county and use the same arms, with the addition of 
"a mullet argent, in the second quarter, and a bordure ermine" for 
a difference. Henry Peyton of Lincoln Inn died in London in 1656 
and was a cadet of the Peytons of Isleham. He had issue, Robert 
born 1624; Valentine, Henry, Laurence, Catherine, Margaret, Henry, 
John, Charles and Mary. Of these, Valentine, Lawrence, Henry 
and John came to Virginia. Valentine died in Westmoreland 
county in 1665 at his estate of Nominy. Henry, his brother, died 
in 1659, and from these two brothers came a numerous progeny 
whose descendants are found through Virginia and the South. 

ROOTES. King and Queen county. 

Arms: Quarterly 1st and 4th, between three buglehorns, a chev- 
ron on which three arrows, points downwards, 2nd and 3rd, on a 
cross five pheons. 

The above arms are on the bookplate of Philip Rootes, the 
elder, of "Rosewall," King and Queen county. They do not cor- 
respond in any degree to the arms given to Rootes in the Heralds 
College, which are "or three lozenges gules." 

Philip Rootes, gent., the earliest ancestor to whom the family 
of that name in Virginia has been traced, lived at "Rosewall." 
The first mention of him is in a deed dated 1729, wherein the 
trustees of the town of Fredericksburg convey to Susannah Liv- 
ingston, widow, a lot, and after her death to descend to Philip 
Rootes. In the vestry book of Stratton-Major he is referred to as 
"Captain," and he was a vestryman and churchwarden during the 
years from 1732 to 1751. In 1756 he is called "Major Philip 
Rootes." He owned estates in New Kent, Spotsylvania, Orange 
and Culpeper counties, and valuable property in Fredericksburg. 



Major Philip Rootes was born about 1700 and his will was proved 
12 Oct., 1756. He married Mildred, born about 1703. the daughter 
of Thomas Reade of Gloucester county, by whom he had the follow- 
ing children: (1) Philip; (2) Thomas Reade; (3) John; (4) 
George; (5) George; (6) Mildred; (7) Elizabeth; (8) Priscilla; 
(9) Mary; (10) Lucy. An extended pedigree of the family is given 
in "Rootes of Rosewall," by W. Clayton-Torrence. 

FAIRFAX. Fairfax county. 

Arms: Or three bars gemelles gules, surmounted of a lion 
rampant sable. 

Crest: A lion passant guardant sable. 

Supporters: Dexter, a lion guardant sable; sinister, a bay horse. 

Motto: Fare Fac. 

This family was seated at Towcester in Northumberland at the 
Conquest. The pedigree begins with Richard de Fairfax, son of 
John and grandson of Henry of Shapenbeck, who in 1204 possessed 
the Manor of Askham and other lands in Yorkshire. Sir Nicholas 
Fairfax died in 1570 leaving a son, Sir William, whose son. Sir 
Thomas, was created in 1G29 Viscount Fairfax of Emely, in the 
peerage of Ireland. Of the same family, Sir Guy Fairfax was 
appointed Judge of the Court of King's Bench in 1478, his son Sir 
William, was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in 1510, his son, 
Sir William, as High Sheriff of York in 1518. Thomas, eldest son 
of above, was Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1571 and knighted in 1576. 
Thomas, the eldest son of above, born in 1560, fought in the Low 
Country Wars, and was knighted by Lord Essex, and on IS Oct., 
1627, was created Baron Fairfax of Cameron in the Peerage of 
Scotland. He married in 1582, Ellen, daughter of Robert Aske 
of Aughton, and died 1 May, 1640. Ferdinando succeeded his 
father as second Baron. Thomas, eldest son of above, third Baron, 
was born 1611-12 and married in 1637 Anne, daughter of Lord 
Vere of Tilbury. Henry, fourth Lord Fairfax, married Frances, 
daughter of Sir Robert Barwicke. Thomas, fifth Lord Fairfax, 
married Catherine, daughter of Thomas, Lord Colepeper. Thomas, 
sixth Lord Fairfax, removed in 1747 to Virginia, and alienated his 
English estates in favor of his brother Robert, and built "Belvoir" 
and "Greenway Court" in Va. He d.s.p. 9 Dec, 1781. William 
Fairfax, son of Henry and Anne (Harrison) Fairfax, was born in 
1691; was Virginia agent of his cousin, the sixth Lord Fairfax; 
married, 1st, in 1723, Sarah, daughter of Major Walker of the 
Bahamas; married, 2nd, Deborah Clarke of Salem, Mass., and died 
in 1757; his son Bryan succeeded as eighth Lord Fairfax. Thomas, 
eldest son of the eighth Lord, born in 1762. succeeded his father 
in the title. Albert, eldest son of the ninth Lord, had Charles 
Snowden Fairfax, tenth Lord, d.s.p. in 1869, being succeeded by his 
brother. Dr. John Contee Fairfax he being succeeded by his eldest 
son Albert Kirby Fairfax, bom 23 June, 1870, twelfth and present 
Baron Fairfax. 


HARWOOD. Warwick county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron between three stags' heads cabossed 

Crest: A stag's head cabossed sable, holding in its mouth an 
oak bough ppr. acorned or. 

The first of this family to arrive in Virginia was Capt. Thomas 
Harwood, who, in 1620, was "Chief of ISIartin's Hundred." He is 
believed to have been connected with Sir Edward Harwood, who 
was a member of the Virginia Company. He was a member of 
the Council and was Burgess for Mulberry Island 1629, 1630, 1633 
and 1642, and for Warwick county 1644, 1645, 1648 and 1649; 
Speaker of the House 1648-9, and Member of the Council 1652. He 
was one of the most prominent men in the Colony and left num- 
erous descendants living in Warwick and York counties. His son 
Humphrey Harwood, was Burgess for Warwick in 1685 and 1692. 
Thomas Harwood, probably a younger son of Capt. Thomas Har- 
wood of Warwick, was a Justice of York in 1653. 

LEE. York county. 

Arms: Gules a fesse chequy azure and or between ten billets 
argent, four in chief, three, two and one in base. 

Crest: On a staff raguly, lying fessways, a squirrel sejant ppr. 
cracking a nut; from the dexter end of the staff a hazel branch 
vert, fructed or. 

Motto: Ne incautus futuri. 

The Lee family, one of the most prominent in Virginia, de- 
scend from Lee of Coton, Shropshire. The first of the line was Col. 
Richard Lee, who was a Magistrate for York county in 1646, he 
also owned considerable property in Northumberland county. He 
died in Virginia, and his will was probated in London in 1664-5. 
He left a wife Anna, and the following issue: (1) John, born about 
1645; (2) Robert, born about 1648; (3) Francis; (4) William; (5) 
Hancock; (6) Elizabeth; (7) Anne; (8) Charles. Col. Richard 
Lee was Secretary of the Colony in 1659 and one of the Privy 

TOWLES. Middlesex and Lancaster counties. 

Arms: A lion passant. 

The immigrant ancestor was Henry Towles, who settled first In 
Accomac county and married Anne Stokeley, member of an old 
family who settled at an early date on the Eastern shore of Vir- 
ginia. Henry Towles afterward moved to Middlesex. He had 
issue, Henry, Jr., born about 1670,and Stokeley. born about 1695. 
In the Middlesex Clerk's office is a deed of Henry Towles, Sr., 
bearing a wax seal of the above arms. The arms cannot be lo- 
cated in the English Heraldic records under the name of Towles. 
Henry Towles, Jr., settled in Lancaster county. His wife was 
Hannah Therrlot. His will was proved 12 June, 1734, and in it 
he mentions his children, Stokeley, Judith, Ann, Elizabeth and 


READE. James City county. 

Arms: Azure guttee d'or, a cross-crosslet fitchce of the last. 

Crest: A shoveller close sable. 

George Reade, Secretary of State for Virginia, was a descendant 
of the Reades of Faccombe, in the county of Southampton. Id 
1585 Andrew Reade purchased the manor of Linkenholt. Hamp- 
shire. His will was probated in 1623. His second son, Robert, 
married three times, his third wife being Mildred, daughter of 
Sir Thomas Windebanke. They had issue: (1) Andrew, D. D., of 
Lugershall, Wilts. (2) William. (3) Dr. Thomas, Fellow of New 
College, Oxford; Principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 1043. (4) 
Robert, Secretary to Sir Francis Windebanke and living In 166s. 
(5) George, who came to Virginia in 1637, and in 1640 was Secre- 
tary of State pro tern., Burgess for James City county in 1649 and 
1C5C. Member of the Council 1G57-S, holding this office until his 
death in 1671. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. Nicholas 
Martian of York county, and had at least seven children, viz: 
(1) Mildred, died 1C94; (2) George d.s.p.; (3) Robert; (4) Thomas; 
(5) Francis; (6) Benjamin; (7) Elizabeth. ^ 

CARRINGTON. Cumberland county, 

r Arms: Sable on a bend argent three lozenges of the field. 

L Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a unicorn's head sable, armed 

[ and crested or. 

[ The Virginia Carringtons descend from the ancient family of 

[ that name in Cheshire, England. The first of the name in this 

[' country was Colonel George Carrington, who settled at Boston 

[ Hill, Cumberland county, and was a son of Dr. Paul Carrington of 

[ the Island of Barbadoes. He married about 1732, when in his 21st 

; year, Anne, the daughter of William Mayo, descended from another 

i distinguished family. They both died in P^bruary 17S3, and had 

I issue, eleven children. Edward Carrington, their eighth child, born 

I 11 Feb., 1748, died 10 Oct, 1810, was a most distinguished officer in 

I the Revolution. He married EliTiabeth Jacquelin Ambler. An- 

I other son of George Carrington was Judge Paul Carrington, who 
was a member of the Revolutionary Committee of Safety. His 
grandson. Colonel Henry A. Carrington, son of Henry and Louisa 

I E. Carrington, was born in Charlotte county 13 Sept., 1832. His 

I mother was a daughter of the Hon. William H. Cabell, Governor ot 

I Virginia from 1805 to 1808. Colonel Carrington was elected Clerk 

I of the Circuit and County Courts of Charlotte in 1870, and con- 

I tinned in the office of County Clerk until his death in 1885. He 

I was commissioned Lieut.-Col. of the ISth Virginia Infantry, and 

I served in twenty-nine pitched battles, being three times wounded, 

I and was taken prisoner at Gettysburg. One of his sons, John C. 

Si Carrington, is now the County Clerk for Charlotte. 

i CLAIBORNE. King William county. 

I Arms: Argent three chevronels interlaced in base sable, a 

) chief and bordure of the last. 


Crest: A dove and olive branch. 

Motto: Pax et copia. 

This most distinguished family descend from Claibom of the 
county of Westmoreland, of the Manor of that name which is 
mentioned in Doomesday Book, A. D., 10S6. Col. William Clai- 
borne, the Virginia immigrant, was born about 1587, and was the 
third son of Edmund Claiborne of Cleburne Hall, Yorkshire, and 
his wife Grace, daughter of Sir Alan Bellingham. He came to 
Virginia with Governor Wyatt in 1621 and in 1G25 was appointed 
Secretary of State for the Colony and member of the Council, and 
held the latter place in 1627. On 6 April, 1642, he was appointed 
Treasurer of Virginia. He was a Justice for Accomac in 1631-2 
and for York in 1633 and of Northumberland in 1653. He married 
twice, his first wife being Jane Buller of London, and his second, 

whom he married in Virginia, Elizabeth — . He had known 

issue, three sons and one daughter: (1) William, who settled In 
King William county; (2) Thomas, who settled in King William 
county; (3) Leonard, who went to Jamaica, W. I., and died there 
in 1694; (4) Jane, married Col. Thomas Brereton of Northumber- 
land county, and died before 20 May, 1671. Colonel William Clai- 
borne died iu 1G76. His son, Leut.-Col. Thomas Claiborne, born 17 
Aug., 1647, died 7 Oct., 1683, is buried at Romancoke, and his tomb 
bears the family arms. 

BASSETT. New Kent county. 

Arms: Or three bars wavy gules. 

Crest: A unicorn's head couped argent. 

Motto: Pro rege et populo. 

Col. William Bassett, the son of William Bassett, yeoman, of 
Newport, Isle of Wight, came to Virginia previous to 16G5, ia 
which year he superintended the erection of a Fort at Jamestown. 
He resided at "Eltham" and was Burgess for New Kent county 
In 1692 and 1702; appointed to the Council 1707 and 1711; County 
Lieutenant of New Kent In 1707 and of King William in 1715. 
His tomb which is now at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, bears 
the above arms. 

ARMISTEAD. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Or a chevron between three points of spears sable, 
tasseled In the middle. 

Crest: A dexter arm in armor embowed ppr. holding the butt 
end of a broken spear. 

Motto: Suivez raison. 

William Armistead of Virginia was the son of Anthony Armistead 
of Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, and his wife Frances Thompson, 
whom he married in 160S. The son, William, was baptized in All 
Saints, Kirk Deighton, 3 August, 1610. He came to the Colony 
about 1635 and died before 1C60. My his wife, Anne, he had issue: 
(1) William, d.s.p.; (2) John; (3) Anthony, ancestor of President 
Tyler; (4) Frances; (5) Ralph. Colonel John Armistead, second 


son, -was Sheriff of Gloucester in 1675; member of the House of 
Burgesses 1685 and of the Council in 1G87. Anthony Armistead 
was Sheriff of Elizabeth City 1684 and Burgess in 1699. 

ATKINSON. Dinwiddle county. 

Arms: Argent an eagle displayed with two heads sable, on a 
chief gules a rose between two martlets or. 

Roger Atkinson of "Mansfield" came from Cumberland, England. 
to Virginia about 1750. He married Anne, daughter of John, sec- 
ond in descent from John Pleasants of "Curie's," Henrico county, 
who came from Norwich, England in 1665. John and Anne Atkin- 
son had issue: (1) John, d.s.p; (2) Jane, married Gen. Joseph 
Jones; (3) Roger, married, 1st, Agnes Poythress; 2nd, Sally Spots- 
wood; (4) Jane, married John Ponsonby; (5) Thomas, married Sally 
C. Page; (6) Robert, married Mary Tabb, daughter of William 
Mayo of Powhatan. 

The above arms are engraved on an old silver salver formerly 
the property of Roger Atkinson and now in the possession of the 
Dutlow family of Charleston, W. Va, The arms are the same as 
those of Atkinson of Newcastle. 


The Bowles arms are quartered on the Lewis silver, the Bowles 
family settling in Maryland. The quartering is "Azure three stand- 
ing bowls argent, out of each bowl issuing a boar's head or." The 
arms correspond with that of Bowles of Gosberkirk, Lincolnshire, 
and of Milton Hill, Abingdon. 


The Howell arms are quartered on the silver of the Warner 
Lewis family. The arms are "Gules three towers triple towered 
argent." They correspond with the arms of Howell of Monmouth- 

CARTER. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron between three cart wheels vert. 

Crest: On a mount vert a greyhound sejant argent, sustaining a 
shield of the last charged with a cart wheel vert. 

The immigrant of this family v/as John Carter, who, in 1649, was 
a member of the House of Burgesses for Upper Norfolk, and in 
1654 from Lancaster county, and Commander-in-Chief of the forces 
sent against the Indians. He died in 1C69. His first wife was 
Jane, daughter of Morgan Glynn, by whom he had George and 
Eleanor; he married. 2nd, Ann, daughter of Cleve Carter, by 
whom he had Charles and John, and by his third marriage to 
Sarah, daughter of Gabriel Ludlowe, he had Sarah and Robert. 
The Carter arms are found on a seal attached to a deed of Landon 
Carter 18 Sept., 1752. and rhey are found on the tombstone of 
Hon. Robert Carter at Christ Church, Lancaster; also on the 
tomb of Robert's wife, Judith Armistead; and also on that of the 
Hon. Mann Page, who died 1730, having married a daughter of the 
said Robert Carter. 



Arms: Vert a chevron between three stags' heads cabossed or. 

Crest: On a chapeau gules turned up ermine, a stag trippant 

The family records of the Parkers of Browsholme, Yorkshire, 
England, show that two members, at least, of that family went to 
Virginia. The family descend from William Parker, Archdeacon of 
Cornwall, the second brother of Thomas Parker of Browsholme, 
Esqr. William Parker was Justice of Cornwall and had two sons, 
James, the eldest, marrying Katherine, eldest daughter of Sir 
Richard Duller of Shillingham, Cornwall, by whom he had twenty- 
one children. The Parker family removed from Yorkshire to 
i Cornwall about 15S0, and the pedigree of the Bullers, which shows 

: the intermarriage of James Parker of "Blisland," is given in the 

Visitation of Cornwall in 1620. In the English records of the 
Parker family, entered under date 1st Sept., 1673, and in posses- 
sion of descendants, is given: "Richard, the 9th son of James 
and Katherine Buller Parker, was Doctor of "Phyzicke," went into 
Virginy, married a Londoner and had issue, six children. Liveth 
upon St. James River in ye uplands of Virginy and hath been High 
Sheriffe of ye said county." "George, ye 13th child, prentice to a 
wollings draper at Hunginton, 12 myles of Exeter, went from there 
into Virginy." There was a George Parker who patented 450 acres 
of land in Northampton county 5 June, 1650, and 1,300 acres 30 
March, 1655, there was also a Mr. Richard Parker who patented 
400 acres in Nansemond county 5 Oct., 1654, and he also patented 
350 acres on north side of James River in 1669. It seems quite 
probable that these were the two brothers above mentioned, there 
■was, however, no Richard Parker who was a High Sheriff at that 
period, but George Parker was High Sheriff of Accomac county in 
1656, and a member of the County Courts of both Accomac and 
Northampton. It is reasonable to suppose, therefore, that it was 
George Parker who was the High Sheriff and not his brother 
Richard, as given in the English records. While some of the Vir- 
ginia Parkers (Northampton county) claim descent from the 
Parkers, Earls of Morley, the proof of such descent is not con- 
clusive. Captain George Parker of Accomac lived at "Poplar 
Grove" and his "will was proved in 1674. 

TUCKER. Williamsburg. . 

Arms: Azure a chevron or between three seahorses of tne 

second. ^y^^ 

Crest: A lion's gamb erased gules holding a battle axe, tne 

head argent and handle or. 
I Motto: Suspice Teucro. -^ 

St George Tucker, son of Henry Tucker of Bermuda, W. L, ^-^ 

- born at Port Royal, on that island, 27 June, 1752, and came to 

r Virginia in 1771 to enter William and Mary College. After grau- 

h uatlon he commenced the practice of law. He was Colonel or 

-': Militia in the Revolution; Judge of the General Court in 17b ^ 


Professor of Law in William and Mary in 17S9, and In 1S13 a 
Judge of the U. S. Circuit Court. He married, 1st, 22 Sept., 1777, 
Frances, daughter of Theodorick Bland, Sr., of Prince George,' 
and widow of John Randolph of "Mattoax," Chesterfield county; 
and 2nd, in 1791, Lelia, widow of George Carter and daughter 
of Sir Peyton Skipwith, but had no issue by the second marriage. 
He died 10 Nov., 1S2S. In the Church of St. Peter at St. George's, 
Bermuda, may be seen monumental inscriptions of the Tucker 
family bearing the above arms. 

STROTHER. King George county. 

Arms: Gules on a bend argent three eagles displayed azure. 

Crest: A greyhound sejant or. 

William Strother, the founder in Virginia of this family, is said 
to have emigrated from Northumberland, England. He settled on 
the Rappahannock River, near the present Port Conway, about 
1673. His will was probated in Richmond county 4 Nov., 1702. 
He left a wife, Dorothy, and sons, William, James, Jeremiah, 
Robert, Benjamin and Joseph. An extended history of the Stroth- 
er family will be found in "The Buckners of Virginia," edited by 
Wm. Armstrong Crozier, N. Y., 1907. 

The family tradition has always been that the Virginia immi- 
grant was of the Northumberland Strothers, and they liave used 
the arms of that family. 

THORNTON. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron sable between three hawthorn trees 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a lion's head ppr. 

The arms used by the Virginia family are those of Thornton of 
Yorkshire, and the immigrant, William Thornton, is believed to 
have corae from that county. He is mentioned as early as lG4t> 
and in 1665 he received a grant of land in Gloucester county and 
was vestryman of Petsworth Parish in 1677. He had issue, three 
sons, William, Francis and Rowland. The son, William, was born 
27 March, 1649, died 15 Feb., 1727. Like his father, he was a 
vestryman of Petsworth Parish. He married three times, and bad 
sixteen children. Francis Thornton of Stafford county was born 
5 Nov. 1651, and died 1726. His first wife was Alice, daughter of 
Capt. Anthony Savage of Gloucester, and by her had issue, seven 
children. He had no issue by his second wife. Rowland Thorn- 
ton, third son of William, married Elizabeth, daughter of Alexan- 
der Fleming. He was dead in 1701, and it is thought left no issue. 

STITH. Charles City county. 

Arms: Argent a chevron engrailed between three fleurs de lis 

The first of this family in Virginia was Col. John Stith, who had 
a grant of land in Charles City county in 1663. He was a practis- 
ing lawyer in 1C80; Sheriff in 1691, and a member of the House 
of Burgesses In 1685, 1G92 and 1693. His known children were: 


(1) Anne, married Col. Robert Boiling of Kippax, Prince George. 

(2) Col. Drury Stith, who had land In Charles City in 1703, Sheriff 
in 1719-20 and 1724-5. He removed to Brunswick county about this 
time and was first clerk of the county in 1732. He married Susan- 
nah, daughter of Launcelot Bathhurst, the second son of Sir Ed- 
ward Bathhurst, who was knighted in 1643. Of the descendants of 
Col. Drury Stith, at least eight became county clerks. (3) Capt. 
John Stith, married llary, daughter of William Randolph of Tur- 
key Island, and sister of Sir John Randolph. Their son, Rev. 
William Stith, born 16S9, was a graduate of William and Mary 
College. His theological studies were completed in England, 
where he was ordained to the Episcopal Church. He was elected 
master of the school at William and Mary in 1731, and 
Chaplain to the House of Burgesses. In 1736 he was rector of 
Henrico Parish and resided at "Varina," where he wrote his cele- 
brated "History of Virginia." In 1752 he was President of Y\'illiam 
and Mary College, and remained in that office until his death in 
1755. He married his cousin Judith Randolph, by whom he had 
three daughters. The arms given above, are taken from President 
Stith's book-plate, and are also on a wax seal to a deed of con- 
veyance. The Stith family are very prominent, not only in Vir- 
ginia, but in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. One of 
the most prominent branches settling in the latter State are the 
descendants of Dr. Buckner Stith, who settled in Rockingham 
county in 1S20. He married Lucinda, daughter of Capt. Thomas 
Blackwell of the above county, who was for many years a member 
of the Senate. They had issue, twelve children: (1) Washington 
Lafayette, born 1827, d.s.p.; (2) Thomas Randolph, bom 1S29, 
d.s.p.; (3) Laurence Augustine, born 1832, married Frances Jarvis; 
(4) Virginia Caroline, born 1834, married Thomas C. Davis; (5) 
Buckner Dade, born 1S36; (6) Frances Rebecca, bom 1838, married 
Alpheus Brown; (7) Landonia, born 1S40, d.s.p.; (8) Powhattan, 
bom 1841, d.s.p.; (9) Thomas Bertrand, bora 1S43, Lieut, in C S. A., 
killed 1864; (10) Roberta Washington, bom 1S45, married a Tyler 

of Va.; (11) Lucinda Cornelia, born 1848, married Evans 

of S. C; (12) John Randolph, born 1857, d.s.p. Dr. Laurence Au- 

. grustine Stith, third of above children, Surgeon in C. S. A., mar- 
ried 26 Jan., 1876, Frances, daughter of Moses W. Jarvis, and 
Frances Blackwell, his wife, of New Berne, N. C. They had issue: 
(1) Jarvis Wicksborn, born 1877; (2) Frances Blackwell, born 
1878, married Elizabeth E. Bateman; (3) Charles Herbert, bom 
1880, married Cora Virginia Farley, by whom he has issue. Mary 
Jarvis Stith, born 1901, and Laurence Augustine Stith, born 1904. 
Extended notices of the Stith family are found in the "William 
and Mary Quarterly," the "Richmond Critic of 1S90" and Crozier's 
"History of the Buckners of Virginia." 


For arms and pedigree, see under Doodes. 



MOREHEAD. Prince William county. 

Arms: Argent on a bend azure three acorns or, in chief a man's 
heart ppr. within a fetterlock sable, the whole surrounded with 
I an oak wreath ppr. acorned or. 

Crest: Two hands conjoined grasping a two-handed sword ppr. 
Motto: Auxilio Dei. 

The first of this family was Charles Morehead, a Scottish gentle- 
man, who settled in what is now Prince William county, in the 
early part of the eighthteenth century. He is known to have had 
at least one son, John Morehead, whose will was probated in Fau- 
quier county, 24 Oct., 17CS, in which he mentions sons, Charles, 
Joseph, John, Alexander, William, Samuel and Presley Morehead, 
and daughters, Mary Lawrence and Elizabeth Brixtraw. His sou, 
Charles Morehead, a captain in the Revolution, died in Leeds 
Parish, Fauquier county, in 1783. His will mentions, son Turner, 
sou Charles, sons Arniistead, James and Presley; daughter Kerren- 
l happuch Morehead, and wife Mary. Joseph Morehead, grandson of 

i Charles, the immigrant, moved to North Carolina, and married 

I Elizabeth Turner, the daughter of James and Kerrenhappuch Turner 

1 of Maryland, whose sons and grandsons were with General Greene 

i in the Revolution. Another daughter, Mary Turner, married 

! Charles, the brother of Joseph Morehead, and left offspring in the 

I West, of these. Governor Charles S. Morehead of Kentucky, and 

I his cousin. Governor James Turner Morehead of the same State, 

J have been eminent statesmen, serving not only as Governor, but 

I also in the Senate of the U. S. from that State. The North Caro- 

Ilina branch has also produced the late Governor John M. More- 
head, and his brother, Hon. James Turner Morehead, who, at one 
I time, represented his District in Congress. Another descendant in 

the West is the Hon. Charles R. Morehead, some time Mayor of 
El Paso, Texas, who served with gallantry in the Mexican War. 
The Morehead arms are found on an old painting in possession of 
the North Carolina branch of the family. 

WATERS. Elizabeth City. 

Arms: Sable on a fess wavy argent between three swans of 
the second, two bars wavy azure. 

Crest: A demi grifSn azure. 

Motto: Toujours fidele. 

Edward Waters, gent., was bom in England in 1584, came to 
Virginia and before 1622 married Grace O'Neil, who was born 1603. 
He held the rank of Captain; Burgess in 1625, and was Commander 
and Commissioner of Elizabeth City in 1628. He died in England, 
his will being made at Great Hornmead, Hertfordshire, 20 August, 
1630. and proved the 18 Sept. of that year. He left to his son, 
William his lands in Virginia, mentions his brother John Waters 
of Middleham, Yorkshire; other legatees being his wife Mrs. Grace 
Waters, and his daughter Margaret. The son, William, was bora 
in Virginia before 1624. He was Burgess for Northampton county 


in 1654, 1659 and 1660. He died about 16S5, leaving issue, six sons, 
Richard, John, Edward, Thomas, Obedience and William. John 
and Richard settled in Maryland. John married Mary Maddox, 
and died in 170S, leaving a son, John. Richard Waters married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Col. Southey Littleton of Virginia. The 
above arms are used by the Maryland branch of the family. 

ALEXANDER. Stafford county. 

Arms: Per pale argent and sable a chevron, and in base a 
crescent all counterchanged. 

Crest: A bear sejant erect ppr. 

Motto: Per mare per terras. 

According to the tradition in the family, which, however, has 
not been proven by documentary evidence, John Alexander, the 
first of the name in Virginia, was the fourth son of William Alexan- 
der, the Poet, and first Earl of Stirling, born 15S0, died 1640, and 
married Janet Erskine, daughter of Sir William Erskine. John 
Alexander obtained a grant of 1,500 acres in Northampton county 
in 1659. In 1664 as John Alexander, Sr., he patented land in 
Westmoreland county. He died in 1677 and had issue, John, 
Robert and Philip. Robert Alexander, eldest son and heir at time 
of his father's decease, lived in Stafford county. He married 

Frances ■ — . He died before 1 June, 1704. He had sons, 

Robert, born 168S, died 1735, married Ann, daughter of Col. Gerard 
Fowke of Maryland, and who left issue, and Charles Alexander, 
who d.s.p. 

HARRISON. Stafford county. 

Arms: Azure three demi-lions rampant or. 

Crest: A demi-lion rampant argent, holding a laurel branch vert. 

The f-rst of this line, which is distinct from the James River 
Harrisons, was Burr Harrison, who was baptized in England in 
1637, died 1706, and married Mary, widow of Edward Smith. One 
of his sons, Thomas, bora 1665, called Thomas of Chappawamsic, 
was Justice and Burgess for Prince William county from 1741 to 
1746, in which year he died. His son. Col. Burr Harrison, born 
1699, married 31 July, 1722, Ann Barnes, by whom he had issue, 
ten children. The above arms are on a seal attached to a deed at 
Stafford county given by Col. Burr Harrison. They are similar to 
the arms of the Harrisons of Westmoreland and Yorkshire. 

HARRISON. Surry county. 

Arms: Azure two bars ermine, between five estoiles, three, 
two and one, argent. 

The immigrant was Benjamin Harrison, Clerk of the Council 
1633 and Burgess in 1642. His son, Benjamin of "Wakefield," was 
a Justice of Surry 1671. Sheriff 1679, Burgess 1680 and 1682 and 
member of the Council from 1698 until his death 30 Jan., 1712-13. 
From his eldest son, Benjamin, descend the Harrisons of "Berke- 
ley," and from the youngest, Nathaniel, the families of the name 
at "Brandon" and "V.''akefield." The latter. Col. Nathaniel Harri- 


son, married Mary, daughter of Hon. Cole Digges, bom 1717, died 
12 Nov., 1744, by whom he had four children: Nathaniel, bom 
1739, died 1740; Digges, born Oct., 1743, died Nov. of that year; 
Elizabeth, born 1737; Benjamin, born 1742. Upon the tomb of 
Mrs. Mary Harrison at Denbigh Church, Warwick county, are 
found the following arms: Dexter. Between two bars, five es- 
toiles, three, two and one, for Harrison. Sinister — 'Five eagles 
displayed, for Digges. These arms are the same as Harrison of 
the counties of Essex and Kent, England. 

AMBLER. York county. 

Arms: Sable on a fesse or between three pheons argent, a lion 

^ passant guardant gules. 

I Crest: Two dexter hands conjoined sustaining a mural crown. 

John Ambler of Yorkshire, England, Sheriff in 1651, married 
Elizabeth Baradike, and had, with other issue, a son, Richard, bom 
24 Dec, 1690, died 1766, who came to Virginia in 1716 and settled 
at Yorktown. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Jacque- 
line of Jamestown. Richard Ambler's sister, Mary, married the 
Rev. George Shaw of Yorkshire, and was the grandmother of 
Charles Shaw Lefevre, Speaker of the House of Commons, and 
afterward raised to the dignity of Viscount Eversley. Richard 
and Mary Ambler had issue: (1) Elizabeth, born 1731; (2) Ed- 
ward, born 1733; (3) John, born 1735; (4) Richard, bom 1736; (5) 
Martha, born 1736 (twins); (6) Mary, born 1740; (7) Jacqueline, 
born 1742; (8) George, born 1744; (9) Richard, born 1748. Edward 
Ambler, bom 1733, married Mary Cary, daughter of Wilson Gary. 
One of his sons was Col. John Ambler, born 1762, died 1836, and 
was Lieut. -Col. in the War of 1S12. Upon his tombstone is a 
shield of arms, bearing those of Ambler, Cary and Jacqueline. 

WILSON. Elizabeth City. 

Arms: Sable on a cross engrailed between four cherubims or, 
a human heart of the first, wounded on the left side ppr. and 
crowned with a crown of thistles vert. 

Capt, Willis Wilson, Burgess for Elizabeth City in 1692 and died 
19 Nov., 1701, aged 28 years, was the son of Col. William Wilson 
and Jane, his wife. Col. Wilson died 17 June 1713, aged 67 years, 
and his wife 5 May, 1713, aged 53 years, and left an only surviving 
daughter. The tomb of Col. Wilson bearing above arms was 
formerly in the churchyard at Hampton, but was destroyed by 
P'ederal vandals during the War. 

BYRD. Charles City county. 

Arms: Argent a cross flory, between four martlets gules, on a 
canton azure a crescent of the field for difference. 

Crest: A bird rising gules. 

The Virginia branch descend from Byrd of Braxton, Cheshire. 
The immediate ancestor was John Byrd, goldsmith, of London, 
who married a sister of Thomas Stagg, who had settled in Virginia. 
His son William Byrd, born 1652, came to Virginia about 1674 and 


settled first In Henrico county. He was Justice, Sheriff, member 

^ of the House of Burgesses, in 16S1 member of the Council, and in 

^ 1687 Auditor-General. In 16SS he removed to "Westover," Charles 

^ City county. He married Mary, daughter of Col. Warham Hors- 

f- >^ manden of the Virginia Council, formerly of Purley, Essex. He 

^SJ died in 1704 and had issue: (1) Ursula, died 1698, married' Rob- 

V- V ert Beverly; (2) Susan, married John Brayne of London; (3) a 

^_ )^ --daughter; (4) a son; (5) Col. William Byrd of Westover, born 2S 

ji .^ :, March, 1674, died 1744. The armorial bookplate of the second 

>\- William Byrd is well-known to American collectors. 

CARY. Warwick county. 

Arms: Argent on a bend sable, three roses of the field leaved 

Crest: A swan ppr. wings elevated. 

Mottoes; (1) Comme je trove. (21 Sine Deo careo. 

The Carys descend from an ancient English family. William 
Gary, born about 1500, died 1572, was Mayor of Bristol in 1546. 
He had a son Richard, a merchant in Bristol, born 1525, died 1570, 
leaving a son, William, born 1550, died 1632, Mayor of Bristol in 
1611. He had John Cary of Bristol, who married Alice, daughter 
of Henry Hobson, Alderman of Bristol, by whom an only son, 
Miles Cary, born 1620, came to Virginia in 1640. He settled in 
Warwick county, was a Colonel of Militia; Justice in 1652; Bur- 
gess in 1659 and member of the Council until his death 10 June, 
1667. He married a daughter of Thomas Taylor of Warwick and 
had issue: (1) Major Thomas; (2) Ann; (3) Henry; (4) Bridget; 
(5) Elizabeth; (6) Col. Miles of "Ceeleys," born 1665, died 1708. 
The arms of Cary are on the tomb of the immigrant at Windmill 
Point, Warwick county. 

BRANCH. Henrico county. 

Arms: Argent a lion rampant gules oppressed by a bend sable. 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a cock's head ppr. in its beak 
a branch vert. 

According to a tradition in the family, the grandfather of the 
Virginia immigrant was Sir John Branch, Lord Mayor of London, 
circa 1485. Christopher Branch of "Arrowhallocks" and "Kings- 
land," Henrico county, was born about 1600. He came to Virginia 
with his wife Mary in March, 1619-20, and died about 1682. He 
had issue: (1) Thomas of Henrico, born April, 1623, died 1693, 
married Elizabeth, by whom he had issue; (2) William of Henrico, 

bom about 1625, died 1676, married Jane , and had issue; 

(3) Christopher of Charles City county, bom 1627, died 1665, and 
left issue. The descendants of the above three sons have become 
prominent In the history of the State. 

CABELL. Henrico county. 

Arms: Sable a horse rampant argent, bitted and bridled or. 
Crest: An arm In armor embowed, grasping a sword all ppr. 
Motto: Impavide. 


William Cabell, born in England 9 March, 1699, was the son of 
Nicholas Cabell of Warminster and his wife, Rachel Hooper of 
Frome Selwood, and the grandson of William Cabell of Brooke, 
Esqr. William Cabell, graduated at the Royal College of Medicine, 
London, and afterward entered the Royal Navy as a surgeon. 
Resigning his commission, he came to Virginia about 1724. In 1726 
he was a Deputy-Sheriff in St. James Parish, Henrico. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth Burks and had issue: (1) Mary, born 172G; (2) 
William, born 1730; (3) Joseph, born 1732; (4) John; (5) Nicholas, 
born 1750. 

sMOORE. King William county. 

Arms: Ermine three greyhounds couraut sable collared gules, 
and for augmentation on a canton gules, a lion passant. 

The Moores of King William county descend from John Moore, 
who came to Virginia in 1620 at the age of 36. His wife, Elizabeth, 
came in 1622, and they were living in Elizabeth City in 1G25. 
Their son, Augustine Moore, was living in 1676 and died before 
168S. He married twice, his first wife being Anne, and his second 
Elizabeth. He had issue: (1) John; (2) Elizabeth, married Capt. 
John Goodwin; (3) Capt. Augustine, one of the Justices of Elizabeth 
City coimty. He probably married Jlary Woolley, and had issue. 
John, Edward, Merritt, Daniel, Martha, Ann, William and Augus- 
tine. Daniel Moore, above, had a son Augustine located in King 
William county, and named his house "Chelsea," after the home of 
the celebrated Sir Thomas Jlore. He died in 1743 and left issue, 
five children. The above arms are given on the authority of 
Campbell, the historian, and are taken from his "History of the 
Spotswood Family." 

tGRIFFIN. Rappahannock county. 

The first of this family in Virginia was Thomas Griffin, who 
from 1651 received various grants of land. His wife was Sarah 

'. He died about ICCO, his widow married, secondly, 

Samuel Grifiin of Northumberland county. The children of Thomas 
and Sarah Griffin were: (1) Colonel Leroy Griffin of Rappahan- 
nock, born 1646 (deposition); (2) Thomas Griffin; (3) Winifred 

Colonel Leroy Griffin was Justice of Rappahannock In 1680. 
He married W'inifred, daughter of Henry Corbin of "Buckingham," 
Middlesex county. Her will was probated in Richmond county in 
1711. They had issue: (1) Thomas; (2) Corbin of Middlesex, 
Justice, in 1700, will probated In 1701, married Judith, daughter of 
Christopher Wormeley of Middlesex, and d.s.p.; (3) Winifred, mar- 
ried Col. Peter Presley of "Northumberland House," Northumber- 
land county. The latter's will was probated 10 Sept., 1750, and his 
only daughter and heiress, Winifred, married Anthony Thornton, 
and was mother of Colonel Presley Thornton of "Northumberland 
House," member of the Council 1760-69. 

Thomas, son of Colonel Leroy Griffin and Winifred Corbin. re- 


ceived a grant of 3,13G acres in Richmond county in 1707. He was 
member of the House of Burgesses for that county in 171S and 

1723. He married Elizabeth ■ , and his will was probated ia 

1733, and his wife's in 1761. They had issue: (1) Leroy of Rich- 
mond county, will probated in 1750, in which he mentions "live 
family pictures and a coat of arms." He was sheriff of the county 
in 1734, and married Mary Ann, only daughter and heiress of John 
Bertrand of "Belleisle," Lancaster county. (2) Winifred GrifBn, 
married Capt. Samuel Peachey of Richmond county. (3) Alice 

Grifiln, married Travers Colston. (4) Ann Griffin, married 

Tarpley. (5) Sarah. 

Note. — The editor has made every effort to obtain a description 
of the Griffin arms, but without success. 

PAGE. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Or a fess dancette between three martlets azure, within 
a bordure of the last. 

Crest: A demi-horse per pale dancette or and azure. 

IMotto: Spe labor levis. 

Francis Page, born 1594 died 167S, of Bedfont, Middlesex, Eng- 
land, had issue: (1) Matthew, settled in James City county, where 
he died in 1673, and had issue, ^latthew, Luke and Mary, who 
married James Whaley. (2)Francis. (3) Robert of Hatton, 
Hounsley Heath, England, had a son John who came to Virginia. 
(4) Gibbs. (5) Ince. (6) John, born 1627 and died 1692. He was 
a member of the Council and married Alice Luckin. In his will 
•he mentions two sons, Francis, born in 1657, he married Mary, 
daughter of Edward Digges and their daughter, Elizabeth, mar- 
ried her cousin, John, son of Robert Page above. Matthew Page, 
second son of John Page, the Councillor, was born at Williams- 
burg in 1659, and died in 1703, he was one of the Council from 
Gloucester county. He married about 1689, Mary, daughter of John 
Mann of Gloucester, and settled about 1700 at "Rosewell," which 
has since been the home of the Page family. 

MERIWETHER. Albemarle county. 

Arms. Or three martlets sable, on a chief azure a sun in splen- 
dor ppr. 

Crest: An arm in armor embowed, in the hand a sword argent, 
hilt and pommel or, entwined with a serpent vert. 

Motto: Vi et consilio. 

The immigrant ancestor of this family was Nicholas, who was 
thought to have been born in Wales. He died in 1678, leaving iS' 
sue, four sons: (1) Nicholas, born 1647, married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of David Crawford of New Kent, by whom he had issue, nine 
children. He was a vestryman of St. Peters, New Kent, from 1GS5 
to 1698. (2) Francis, married Mary Bathurst, daughter of Lance- 
lot, and granddaughter of Sir Edward Bathurst. (3) David, mar- 
ried and had issue, one son. (4) William, married Elizabeth, 
daughter of John Bushrod of Westmoreland county. (5) Thomas, 


lived and died near Tappahannock, Essex county, his will was 
probated in 170S. The descendants of the above settled in what 
is now Albemarle county. 

CRAWFORD. New Kent county. 

Arms: Gules a fesse ermine. 

Crest: An ermine argent. 

Motto: Sine labora nota. 

John Crawford, scion of an old Scottish family, and by tradi- 
tion, said to have been of the line of the Earls of Crawford, came 
to Virginia about 1643. His son David was born in Scotland about 
1625, and was granted land in James City county in 1667. He 
afterward moved to New Kent and patented land there in 1672. 
David had known issue: (1) Elizabeth, born about 1650, married 
Nicholas Meriwether; (2) a daughter, who married a Lewis; (3) 
Angelina, married a IMcGuire; (4) David, born about 1662, died 
1762 aged 100 vears; (5) John, died 13 Dec, 1689, and had a 
daughter, Angeline, who was baptized 2 Nov., 16S9. The above 
arms are taken from the Crawford book-plate. i^ 


JADWIN. Rappahannock county. 

Arms: Sable, ten plates, four, three, two and one, a chief or. 

Crest: An oak tree vert, fructed or, supported by two lions' paws 
erased of the same, entwined with a scroll, inscribed with this 
motto: "Robur in vita Deus." 

The first of this family in Virginia was John Jadwin who pat- 
ented 650 acres on the south side of the Rappahannock 13 Nov., 
1658. A pedigree of the family is given in the Visitation of Lon- 
don for 1634. The arms were exemplified by Sir William Segar, 
Garter King of Arms, to Robert Jadwyn of London, under date 
1629. The family descend from William Jadwyn of Barwick, who 
had Thomas Jadwyn of London, gent., who married Lucy, daughter 
and heir of Sir John Skillicorne of Presthall, Lancashire. Their 
son Robert of London, living in 1634, married Cisley, daughter 
of Sir Francis Clarke of London, Knt.. by whom sons Robert and 
John. Robert Jadwyn had a son, John, who, as stated, went to 
Virginia Thomas Jadwj-n, above, married for his second wife, 
Elizabeth Rodway, widow, 2S May. 1594. (Par. Reg. of St. Mary 
Aldemary. London.) He was one of the Virginia adventurers and 
was present at several meetings of the Virginia Council in 1619. 
His will was probated in London 5 March, 1627, and that of his 
wife Elizabeth 4 March, 1638. Thomas left to his son Robert all 
his lands in Virginia. Descendants of this family are now livmg 
in Pennsylvania and New York. 

FLEET. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Chequy or and gules, a canton argent. 

Capt. Henry Fleet, born about 1600, died about 1661, came to 
Virginia before 1623. at which date he was captured by the In- 
dians and remained with them until 1627. He was Burgess for 
Lancaster In 1652. He was a merchant and trader and wrote A 


brief journal of a voyage made in the bark 'Virginia,' to Virginia 
and the other parts of the Continent of America." His wife Sarah 
married after his death, Col. John Walker of Rappahannock, by 
whom she had several daughters. By Capt. Fleet, she had a son, 
Henry, died 1728, Justice of Lancaster in 1695, Sheriff in 1718 and 
1719. He married Elizabeth Wildey, by whom he had: (1) Henry; 
(2) William; (3) Elizabeth; (4) Judith, married 1723, William 
Hobson of Northumberland; (5) Margaret, married Presley Cox 
of Westmoreland; (6) Ann, married Leonard Howson of North- 
umberland; (.7) a daughter who married Brent. 

The maternal ancestry of Capt. Henry Fleet is very distinguished. 
Sir Henry Wyatt of Allington Castle, Kent, Privy Councillor to 
Henry VIII., married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Brooke, Lord 
Cobham. Their son. Sir Thomas Wyatt, "The Rebel," born 1520, 
beheaded on Tower Hill, 11 April, 1554, married Jane, daughter of 
Sir William Howt. Their daughter Joan Wyatt, married Charles 
Scott, son of Sirv ^Reginald Scott of Scott Kail, Kent, and their 
daughter, Deborah "Scott, married William Fleet, gent., of Chatham, 
Kent, a member of the Virginia Company. They had issue, seven 
sons and four daughters; four of the sons being among the early 
immigrants to Virginia and Maryland, viz: (1) Henry; (2) Edward, 
member of the Maryland Legislature in 1638; (3) Reginold, mem- 
ber of the J^Iaryland Legislature in 1638; (4) John, member of the 
Maryland Legislature in 1638. 

TAYLOR. Caroline county. 

Crest: A naked arm couped at the shoulder embowed, holding 
an arrow ppr. 

Motto: Consequitur quodcunque petit. 

James Taylor, ancestor of the Caroline county family of that 
name, is said to have come from the vicinity of Carlisle, England. 
He was in Virginia before 1650 and took out patents of land on the 
Mattaponi River. By his first wife, Frances, he had Jane, bom 
27 Dec, 1668; James, born 1674;- Sarah, born 1676. His first wife 
died in 1680, and in 1682 he married ilary, sister of John Gregory, 
by whom he had the following children: John and Anne, twins, 
born 1685, John died young; Mary, born 1688; Edmund, born 1690; 
John, born 1693, died young; Elizabeth, born 1694, died young; John, 
bom 1696. James Taylor died about 1698 at an advanced age. An 
old ring handed down in the family is said to have once been his 
property, and it bears engraved upon it the above crest which is 
that of the Taylors of Pennington Castle. The descendants of 
James Taylor have been exceedingly prominent in the history of 
the State, one of them — ^Zachary, becoming President. 

BUCKNER. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Sable three fleurs de Us or. 

Crest: A fleur de lis gules, an adder entwined around It issuing 
from the centre leaf ppr. 
John and Philip Buckner, brothers, were in Virginia as early as 


1667, and possibly before that time. They were the sons of 
Thomas Buckner, who was baptized at Oxford in 1590, and grand- 
sons of Hugh Buckner, who was Bailiff of Oxford in 1592. The 
family were originally of Cumnor in Berkshire. John Buckner 
patented land in Gloucester county in 1667, and in 1671 was a 
vestryman of Petsworth Parish, he was also Clerk of the County, 
and in 1GS3 a member of the House of Burgesses. He is noted as 
being the first man to introduce the printing press into Virginia. 
He died about 1G95, as in that year there is an inventory of his 
estate recorded in Essex county. His wife's name is not known, 
but he had at least the following children: (1) William of York 
county; (2) John of Gloucester county; (3) Richard of Caroline 
county; (4) Thomas of Gloucester county; (5) Elizabeth, who mar- 
ried James Williams. Philip Buckner, brother of the first John, 
settled in Stafford county, and it is thought married Elizabeth 
Sadler in 1667. He died about 1G99, as his will is probated in 
Staft'ord county in that year. He had issue ,two sons, Robert, who 
was alive in 1722, and Andrew. 

WASHINGTON. Westmoreland county. 

Arms: Argent two bars gules, in chief three mullets of the 

Crests: (1) Out of a ducal coronet or, a raven wings endorsed 
ppr. (2) Out of a ducal coronet or, an eagle, wings endorsed sable. 
That George Washington, President of the United States, was 
descended from Royalty can be shown by the following descent, 
commencing with Edward I., although the descent can be carried 
back for many more generations: (1) Edward I., King of Eng- 
land, married Margaret, daughter of Philip III., King of France; 
(2>Edmund of Woodstock, Earl of Kent, married Margaret, daugh- 
ter of John, Lord Wake; (3) Sir Thomas Holland, died 1360, mar- 
ried Joan, "the fair maid of Kent"; (4) Thomas Holland, Earl of 
Kent, died 1397, married Alice, daughter of Richard, Earl of 
Arundel; (5) Eleanor, died 1405, married Edward Charlton. Baron 
Powis; (6) Sir John Tiptoft, died 1443, married Joyce Chariton, 
born 1403; (7) Edmond Sutton, married Joyce Tiptoft; (S) John 
Sutton, died 14S7; (9) Sir John Sutton, living 1541, of Aston-le- 
W^alls; (10) Margaret Sutton, heiress of Aston-le-Walls, buried 
there 17 April, 1563, married John Butler, buried 1558; (11) Alban 
Butler, buried at Aston-le-Walls, 27 April, 1609; (12) Simon Butler, 
married Barbara Washington, the daughter of Laurence Washmg- 
ton of Sulgrave. Barbara (Washington) Butler's brother, Robert 
Washington, married Elizabeth Light, by whom Laurence Wash- 
ington of Sulgrave, buried at Brington IGIC, who married 3 Aug., 
1588 Margaret Butler, the daughter of William Butler of Tighes. 
Sussex, and the brother of Alban Butler, named above. (13) 
Laurence Washington, son of Laurenc^^, was Rector of Purleigh, 
Essex and expelled from the living in 1643. he married Amphyllis 
Rhodes. (14) John Washington, born 1C31, died 1671, married 
Anna Pope and went to Virginia. (15) .Laurence Washington mar- 


ried Mildred Warner. (16) Augustine Washington married Mary 
Ball. (17) George Washington, President. 

The Washington family came to Virginia about 1657 and was 
represented by John and his brother Laurence. The elder John 
was employed against the Indians in Maryland, and as a reward 
for his services was made "Colonel," and the parish where he lived 
was named after him. He was baptised at Warton, Lancaster, 
England, in 1627, and died in 1677, within a few days of his brother 
Laurence. He was married first in England, but his wife and two 
children died soon after arrival in Virginia. By his second wife, 
Anne Pope, he had issue: Laurence, born about 1661; John, born 
about 1663; Elizabeth, bom about 1665; Anne, born about 1667. 

UNDERHILL. York county. 

Arms: Sable two bars argent, on a chief or a mount vert. 

Capt. John Underbill of Felgates Creek, York county, was born in 
the city of Worcester, England. He died 1672-3 and his tomb at 
"Ringfield" has armorial bearings. They are too broken for posi- 
tive identification, the "two bars" being distinguishable, however. 
As Capt. Underbill was bom in Worcester, and as there is but one 
family of the name having "bars" in their arms, viz: Underbill of 
Worcestershire, the above arms are undoubtedly correct. Capt. 
Underbill's will was proved in York county, 24 Feb., 1672-3; men- 
tions children, John, Nathaniel and Mary. To John he leaves U :: 
plantation on Felgate's Creek, and to Nathaniel land in New Kent 
county. Capt. Underbill married in 1660 Mary, widow of William 
Felgate, skinner, of London, and brother of Capt. Robert Felgate. 
The widow had another husband, Thomas Bassett, who left two 
children, William and Mary. The former moved to New Kent, 
where he patented lands jointly with Capt. Underbill. 

FOLLIOTT. York county. 

Arms: Argent a lion rampant, double queued purpure, crowned 

The Rev. Edward Folliott was minister of York Parish from 
1652 to 1690. He left two daughters: (1) Elizabeth, who married, 
first, Josias Moody, and, secondly. Capt. Charles Hansford; (2) 
Mary, married first Dr. Henry Power, secondly, John Seal. There 
are many descendants from the above two daughters. A pedigree 
of the Folliott family is given in Nash's "History of Worcester- 
shire." Francis Folliott married Avis, daughter of Thomas Tracey 
of North Piddle, and had a son John, who married Eleanor, daugh- 
ter and heir of John More of Dunclent, they had a son, Thomas 
of Pirton, Worcestershire, who married Catherine, daughter of 
Sir William Lygon of Madresfield, and they had a son John, 
knighted in 1603, who married Elizabeth, daughter of John Aylmcr. 
Bishop of London. Sir John resided at Naunton, Worcestershire, 
and had a son, Edward, bora 1610, matriculated at Oxford, 1632, 
who was Rector of Alderton, Northampton, until 1634, when the 
living was sequestrated by the Parliamentary Committee. Rev. 


Edward afterwards came to Virginia. Henry Folliott, brother of 
Sir John, was created in 1619, Baron Folliott of Ballyshannoa, 

ROANE. Gloucester county. 

Arms: Argent three stags trippant ppr. 

Chest: A stag's head erased ppr, attired or, holding in the mouth 
an acorn of the last leaved vert. 

Charles Roane came to Virginia as early as 1664, and settled In 
Gloucester county, his first patent for land being entered 13 Sept., 
1664. He left at least one son, William Roane of Petsworth Par- 
ish, Gloucester county, who in 1726, bought land in Essex county, 
and was the ancestor of Judge Spencer Roane. Charles Roane 
was the son of Robert Roane of Chaldon, Surrey, gent., whose 
will was proved 5 May, 1676.- In it he specifically mentions his 
son Charles of Virginia, as follows: "To son Charles Roane and to 
his child or children, if any, £600, and to discharge him and them 
of all sums paid for his use since his transport to Virginia. To 
his wife, Mrs. Frances Roane, £20. To his son, Robert Roane, 
£100, if his father be living." He also leaves his son Thomas the 
manor of Tollesworth in Surrey, and in default to his Charles in 
Virginia. Thomas Roane, brother of the immigrant, died in 16S9, 
aged 39 years, and his tomb at Chaldon, Surrey, bears the above 
arms, impaling "3 falconers gloves" which are the arms of his 
wife Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Bartelot, who died in 1701, 
aged 30 years. 

GILMER. Williamsburg. 

Arms: Azure a chevron between two fleurs de lis in chief or, 
and a writing pen full feathered in base argent. 

Dr. George Gilmer, son of William Gilmer, an advocate, was born 
near Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1700. He studied medicine ai the 
University of Edinburgh and went to London to practice with Dr. 
Ridgway. He married the daughter of his partner and, in 1731, 
came to Williamsburg. He married 2nd, Mary Peachy, in 1732. 
daughter of Dr. Thomas Walker of King and Queen. By her he 
had two sons. Peachy Ridgway and George. He married 3rd, in 
1745, Harrison Blair, sister of the Hon. John Blair, president of the 
Virginia Council. This last wife bore two sons — John and William 
— and died 1755. Dr. Gilmer died in Williamsburg, Jan. 15, 1755. 
The arms are taken from the Gilmer book-plate. 

QUISENBERRY. Jamestov,-n. 

Arms: Escartele de or et de azur, au hon de sable arme et 
lampassee, de gules la queue fourchette brochant sur les escarte- 
leurs. Casque couronne. 

Crest: Un panache de cinque plumes de autriche, escartele de 
or et de azur. 

Lambrequin: De or et de azur. 

The Quisenberry family descend from Heinrich Questenburg of 
Cologne, Germany, who settled in Canterbury, England, in 1467. 


A descendant, Thomas, settled near Jamestown about 1624. A. 
branch of the family, John Quesenbury, settled in Northumberland 
county in 1649. An extended pedigree of the family is found "In 
the Memorials of the Quisenberry Family," published by A. C- 
Quisenberry, of Hyattsville, Md. 

STRACHAN. Prince George county. 

Arms: Azure a stag trippant or, attired and unguled gules, for 
Strachan. Argent a saltire sable on a chief of the second three- 
oak leaves ppr. for Blackwood. 

Dr. Alexander Glas Strachan, son of Joseph Strachan and Miss 
Glas, the granddaughter of Sir Robert Blackwood of Petrovia, 
Scotland, was born on the Strachan estates at Luscar, near Edin- 
burgh, 29 July, 1748. He was educated in the latter city and cam& 
to Virginia, settling near Petersburg, and was vestryman for Bris- 
tol Parish 1785. He was descended from the ancient house of 
Strachan of Thornton. He married twice, and by his second wife, 
a Miss Field of Petersburg, had issue eight children, viz: Robert 
Glas Strachan, Theophilus Field Strachan, John Blackwood Strach- 
an, Alexander Glas Strachan, Martha, Eliza, Jane and Mary Strach- 
an. The family intermarried with the Fields, Boilings, Blands and 

WALDO E. Lancaster county. 

Arms: Argent, a chevron between three birds sable, beaked 
and legged or. 

The above arms are on a wax seal at Lancaster court-house, said 
impression being on the will of Edward Waldoe, dated 1693-4. The 
arms correspond with the English arms of Waldoure, which has 
in addition; for a crest, "a wolf's head erased or." 



Abrahall 9 Clarke 75 Har-vs-ard 28 

Adams T^Clayton 32 Harwood 94 

Aitchison 9 Clopton 21 Henderson 72 

i Alexander 102 Cock S3 Herbert 39 

j Allen . .: 7 Cocke 23 Heyman 44 

Ambler 103 Codd 23 Hill 36, 46 

I Andrews 10 Coke 41 Holford 43 

i Archer 71 N-Cole 25 Hone 91 

j Armistead 96 Colston 65 Hooke 42 

i Ashton 11 Conway 6S Howell ^,97 

I Aston 66 Cooke 30 Hubard 22 

[ Atkinson 97 Corbin 87 Hume 45 

Bacon 58 Crawford 107 Inglis 29 

Baker 11 Creyke 79 Isham 47 

^ Ball S6 Curie 37 Jaquelin 23 

I Barradall 11 Custis 44 Jadwin 107 

Baskerville 11 Dale 69 Jameson 33 

Bassett 96 Dandridge 30 Jenings 26 

Batcheldor 10 Davison 85 Jerdone 29 

Bathurst 12 Digges 32 Jett .' 8 

Batt 15 Doodes 39 Jones 26, 46, 51 

Beckwith 72 Dormer 42 Keeble ,8 

Beale 13 - Douglas 38 Kempe 34 

nnett 82 Duke 19 King 50 

Bernard 13, 71 Duncombe 46 Kingsmill 36 

Beverley 74 Edwards 17 Lamar 19 

Bickley 16 English S Landon 25 

Bland 17 Eppes 9l Langborne 9 

Boiling 18 Evelyn 11 Latane 24 

Booth 14 Fairfax 93 Lawson 59 

Bowie 19 Farrar 20 Lee 94 

Bov/les 97 Fauntleroy 12 Leftwich 89 

Branch 104 Feilding 78. 80 Lewis 53 

Bray 7 Fi!mer 31 Lightfoot 36 

Brent 20 Fitzhugh 65 Lindsay 43 

Bristow 22. Fleet 107 Lister 13 ?' 

Brodnax 75 Flournoy 52 Littleton 3S 

Browne 23, 24 Flower 18, 24 Lloyd 41 

Buckner !l08 Folliott 110 Long 3S 

Burwell 33 Fontaine 90 Luckin 42 

Butler 79 Foote 84 Ludlow 48 

Byrd 103 Fox 9 Ludwell 10 

Cabell 104 Fowke 85 Luke 49 

Calthorpe 26 Garlick 9 Lunsford 40 

Calvert 63 Gilmer Ill Lyddall 27 

Camm 68 Gooch 34 Mallory 69 

Carrington 95 Gocdv.-in 29 ^^ann 50 

Carter 87, 97 Gookin 88 Martin 53 

Cary 104 Gordon 10, 17, 35 Mason 42 

Cay 9 Graham 35 Mayo 51 

Chapman 16 Gray 40 Menifie 56 

Chew 33 Griffin- 105 Mercer S5 

Chicheley 78 Grymes 45, 66 Meriwether 106 

Chichester 77 Hall 30 Metcalfe 53 

Churchill 17 Hansford 40 Miller 53 

ClaUjorne 95 Harrison 22, 102 Milner 4' 



Minor 100 Rotiinson 14 Tirrey 61 

Montague 87 Redes 79 Tooker 62 

Moore 105 Roife 20 Towles 94 

Morehcad 101 Rcotes 92 Tucker 9S 

Moryson 49 Roscow 64 Turberville 22 

^_^ Moseley 57 Sandys 61 Turner 65 

Nelson 31 Siarljorough 62 Underbill 110 

■--Neville 64 Scott 67 vraldoe 112 

Newce 37 -. Sheild 56 Waike 21 

1 Newton 89 Skeltcn S4 Wallace 54, 67 

i Nicholson 82, 86 Skip\\ith S3 Waller 37 

\ Nott 15 Slaugbter 24'- Warner 5S 

! Offley 12 Smith 14. 60, 79 Warren 63 

Page 106 Snelman 51 "Washington 109 

Parker 98 Spencer 25 Waters ^ 101 

. Pawlett 50 Spotswood 47 Wehb 64 

• Peachey 51 Steptoe 86 West 48, 51 

Pearson 52 Stith 99 Westwocd 26 

'■Pendleton 5i Stone 4S Whitehead 27 

Perrott 55 Strachan 112 Whiting 59 

Pettus 61 Strachey 2S Willis 49 

'-"Peyton 91,Strother 99 Willoughby S3 

Place 39 Swan 35 Wilson 103 

Pratt 21 Talman 57 Wise 89 

Prentis 32 Tarrant 57 Witham 31 

Quisenberry Ill Taylce 58 Withers 62 

Rae 54 Taylor 59, 108 Woodford 18 

Ramsay 56 Tazewell 80 Wocdhouse 81 

Randolph 15 Temple 84 Wormeley 83 

Reade 95 Thompson 27 V/ray 61 

Reid 13 Thornton 99 Wyatt 60 

Rice 34 Thoroughgood 60 Wyche 90 

Rich 49 Thorpe 61 Yeardley 47 

' lichards 31 Throckmorton 35 Ynille 55 

.Ring 49 Thrustcn 54 Zouch 5» 

Roane Ill Timson 45