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^he Uirc^inian 







Table of Contents 

Opening 2 

Faculty 18 

Student Life 58 

Clubs and 

Organizations .82 
People 116 

Sports 190 

Memorial 238 

Closing 240 

Index 242 

The Virginian 


Longwood College 

Farmville, Va 






We all experience many victories and conquests 
throughout our lives, whether these victories be 
in athletics, in academics, or in leadership. For 
the most part these conquests involve great work 
and sacrifice in an effort to achieve only the high- 
est level of victory. 

However, at times, conquests are sought in vain. 
Even when sweet victory approaches and is attain- 
ed, the victor remains unaffected by his conquest. 

We here at Longwood also seek victories in ath- 
letics, academics and leadership, but for different 
purposes. We strive for conquests not only of the 
mind, but of the heart; not only of the power, but 
of the spirit; not only of the body, but of the soul. 

So, as did the final conquest come to our Joan 
of Arc, so it will to these who believe in it and seek 

I \\\\\m 

Do you remember how you won that last race . . .? 

A familiar spot for Sunday afternoon. 

Debbie Fifer and her friends take time from their weekend to share a smile. 

Brilliant trees highlight first semester. 

Judicial board members Donna Hughes and Melissa Wiggins be- 
gin the honor code signing by lighting the candles. 

Green and whites give their version of campus life at the orientation skits. 

How you flung your body at the start 
How your spikes ripped the cinders in the 




The fine art of "swinging!" 


Bill McKaig looks on as Linda Muley is tapped for Geist by Rosalind Cren- 
shaw and Ann Johnson. 

Oktoberfest celebrations helped Donna Connolly grin and bear 

How you catapulted through the 
tape . . . Do you remember . . .? 


Debbie Northern shows that everyone can be a kid at heart. 

Geist member Dianne Harwood taps Senior Cam Oglesby. 

The Longwood Strangler strikes again! 

Don't you think I lurched with 
you out of those starting holes . . .? 


Freshman take a minute to reflect before signing the Honor 

Don't you think my sinews 

tightened at those first few strides . . . 

What a group! 

Karen Shelton is awe struck. 

Paulette, Erin, and Karen attack Brenda as she studies. 

And when you flew into the stretch 
was not all my thrill of a thousand 
races in your blood . . •? 

After a long day, Sally Red-n-White holds up Juniors Debbie Fore and Lydia Hudson. 

John Warner makes a brief appearance on campus before 
going onto victory in the Senate race. Sororites look on in anticipation as a ■'walker" runs to her chosen 


At your final drive through the 
finish line did not my shout . . . 

'i</ .'^-t»w^.-7»» 

Where is our Judical board chairman when we need her? 

Reflections of the end 


Green-n-Whites work the '79-81 booth at the interest fair. 

Tell of the triumphant ecstasy 
of victory . . .? 




Jill Eacho. Dave Gates and Ann Wyatt do their thing for the Junior 

"Gang Green" and "Sally Red & White' 

Cindy Moss and her boyfriend enjoy themselves at 
the Junior Ring Dance. 

Live, as I have taught you to run boy . . . 
it's a short dash 

Dig your starting holes deep and firm, 
lurch out of them into the straight away 

Nancy Wilson is deep in thought. 

Beth Wadell & Cathy Chase revert back to childhood. 


A lone thinker reflects down on French gym. 

With all the power that is in you, look 
straight ahead to the finish line . . . think 
only of the goal. 

A walking medicine cabinet? 

Happiness is 

Run straight, run high, run hard 

Our noble patron saint Joan of Arc. 

Seniors Carol Cooper & Donna Connolly await ttie final 

Save nothing and finish with 
an ecstatic burst 

That carries you hurling 
through the tape to victory . . . 

The excitement builds up for the moment that Angela Ryan has been 
waiting for. 

'Looks like I made it!" exclaims Maria Corbin. 






II Mill I Ti. 

4 _k-4 



I I I I I M I Pi 

T.C. Dalton 

strative Asst. To President 


J.J. Mitchell 

iDirector Of 

George E. Bristol 



■iiP'-^^MiS •'•■••v'*****' ?••»&.» 



jjt^^;^.. / 

Carolyn Wells 

w'' - ' : ^ w i 

Academic Affairs 
Dean Of The College 



Director Of 
Continuing Education 
Summer Session 


7t - t*T . '?»Al 



" > ' M I I M M l< 



I ) 1 1 M M r 


William J. Peele 




Gary C. Croneweg 

director; ^i^»« 
Coordinator Of Financial Aid 

Cardi E. Kingley 
i Penny Robinson 

ft-..., John M.,lylki:, 

A.O. Mitchell 


Mrs. A. 0. Mitchell, Rector 
Newport News 

Roland E. Thompson, Vice Rector 

George J. Kostel, Secretary 
Clifton Forge 

Lester E. Andrews 

Mrs, William L. Anfin 

Mrs. J, L. Davidson 

Alice Gay Kampfmueller 
Virginia Beach 

M. Ralph Page 

Mrs. Joshua Pretlow 

Eric L. Robinson 

Mrs. E. A. West 
Rocky Mount 


I'll M IMP 

Barbara Bishop 

The department of Art at Longwood College is 
guided by the concept that a student's educatioR;, 
must concern Itself with creative learniij 
mentation in the visual arts, and concefl 
ment. These goals are achieved through aj 
different programs and people. The facil 
sents a wide spectrum of talent and*! 
specialties; this helps to give the student, _ .. 
choice of courses. According to Miss Barbara Bist 
the departmental head, the student ipnm-: «; 
enthusiasm is a definite strong point of t|f 
ment. j 

The opportunity to work within differe 
while learning composition and design are^j 
offered students concentrating in Stadio | 
Studio Art, students may choose to concl 
Painting, Crafts, Sculpture, Drawing, or PrS 
Graphic Design. 3^ 

In Art History, students begin with a core xsffiSl 
courses. These courses support a broad, gen 
knowledge of art while defining terms and te,f i^"'" 
The courses within the concentration trace | 
from prehistoric days to the present. | 

Courses are also available in the area of filr| 

All faculty members are exhibiting artisf 
well-known throughout the region. Their et 
and their understanding of the various art'foi&^^ 
strengthened by their concern for teaching, are r0g 
fleeted in the high quality of education of*'"""**^ 
Longwood's Art Program. :| 

Some special events taking place within ti 
ment include guest speakers and exhibit fflj,,^,,;^,..,,,^! . 
as well as a lecture-workshop series sponsored each 
year. ^^■Zfy-wtmi 

Chairman 3 

Barbara L. Bishop I 

Faculty j 

Mark S. Baldridge, Assistant Professor ,'l 
Elisabeth L. Flynn, Associate Professor ,, 

Janice S. Lemen, Professor 

Mary Virginia Mitchell, Assistant Professor > 

Charlotte Schrader-Hooker, Professor J 

Homer L. Springer. Jr., Assistant Professor j 

Conway B. Thompson, Assistant Professor _^ '* 

John E. Carr, III 

lA^^ILA^i^^r'^^M- .kJ / 

Business & 

This program is one of Longwood's most rapidly 
"xpanding areas of study. This major prepares stu- make the important decisions required of 
ay-to-day business management. The program 
mphasizes the skills and techniques needed for a 
irgpr in Business Administration. 
^*^^ysiness Administration majors take a core cur- 
|of general business courses and then begin 
Irating in one of five areas: accounting, fi- 
i management, marketing, or real estate/ 
jiligh the program, students are able to parti- 

,, in a practicum during their senior y_ 

iracticum is designed to give students a full 
practical experience in the field 

jusiness-oriented students wishing t 
iod offers a major in Business Educati 
,iri, which is approved by the National] 
fcreditation of Teacher Education, 1 
fetirses in general business and in professions 
.ion. Students majoring in Business Educatj 
feentrate in one of two areas of certification: 
'Office Procedures or Stenography. 
■ The Office Administration major is designed li 
ttudents who desire careers in office manageme, 
|r in supervisory positions within business. 
,» The full range of business areas is covered, pro- 
viding students with a broad, general base of 

SChairman .; 

Uohn E. Carr III 

SjFaculty , 

pohn B. Christian, Instructor ■ 

iAnthony B. Cristo, Associate Professor j 

Thomas L. Dickens, Instructor s 

siGwen F. Fields, Assistant Professor 
'^Raymond Gilchrist, Associate Professor 
'Frances N. Hamlett. Assistant Professor 
jWiilard G. Leeper. Associate Professor 
(Donald G, McCort, Assistant Professor 
IMary J. Noblitt, Assistant Professor 
iBrian A. Pumphrey, Instructor 
iPatsy G. Watson, Instructor 

arles H. Patt^^ii 

T+ne teacher education program at Longwood has 
been successful in placing graduates in teaching 
positions at a rate far above the national average. 
This significant statistic is a result of Longwood's 
strong reputation and the exceptional training 
provided students, Longwood's teaching students 
are involved in a strong, demanding pre 

The teacher education prt 
emphasizes practical experience. t'Students have 
the opportunity to observe a varietiy of classroom 
situations in Longwood's Campus School. During 
their senior year, students are involved in practice 
teaching in one of Virginia's many elementary and 
secondary public schools. Here they work under 
the close supervision of Longwood supervisors and 
other teachers. In addition, professional modules 
are taught on such topics as inner city teaching, 
media in education, philosophy of education, and 
tests and measurements. These "mini-courses" 
give senior students added insight into the teach- 
ing profession. A program of workshops featuring 
nationally known educators is offered by the Edu- 
cation Department for both students and prac- 
ticing teachers in the area. 


Charles H. Patterson 


John E. Arehart, Assistant Professor 

Richard J. Aubry. Jr., Assistant Professor 

Robert L. Banton til. Professor 

Janet L. Bingner, Professor 

R. Beatrice Bland. Professor 

Edward V. Daubner, Supervisor 

Charles J. DeWitt, Associate Professor 

George P. Elliott, Associate Professor 

Robert D. Gibbons, Associate Professor 

Louis Kovacs. Associate Professor 

Jung B. Ra, Associate Professor 

James G. Silliman, Assistant Professor 

Betty W. Simmons. Supervisor 

Ray B. Sizemore, Associate Professor 

Edward D. Smith. Assistant Professor 

David B. Stein. Assistant Professor 

Edwin H. Vassar, Associate Professor 

Nancy H. Vick, Assistant Professor 

Phyllis G. Wacker, Associate Professor 

Mark G. Weatherly, Associate Professor 

Mary Stuart Woodburn, Assistant Professor 

& psychology 

History & 
the social sciences 

Charles Lane Chairman 

The history and social science studies are a vital 
art of the academic life at Longwood. The enroil- 
>ent in the division each semester is approxi- 
■ately equal to the total number of the student 
>dy. Studies in history, government, sociology. 
Id social VKork may lead to the B.A. or B.S. 
iegrees. With additional courses in economics and 
•geography, a student may select a major in social 

The history and social science faculty has a rich 
adition of excellence in teaching and in scholar- 
■■- j;he staff is quite active in protessio"'"' 
^ in addition to their teaching assignme 
Pursuits include, research and publisM 
ion of educational films, actively workirj 
i professional organizations and in Virginia's edJ 
' 'ional system, professional consultants, etc, ■• 
|:Two awards have been finalized in the lastl 
sars. One is the Francis Butler Simkins ^ 
hich is awarded for a distinguished scholarly| 
ook in the general field of Southern history. ;1 
Mze was established jointly by the Southern! 
jrical Association and Longwood College. ; 
%her award is the Kathleen Goodwin Cc 
JGholarship to be awarded to a sociology rriL 
jho has demonstrated outstanding professloriair 
jtellectual, and personal standards and who has 
ontributed to the social and cultural programs 
! at Longwood. 
tCharles F. Lane 
R Faculty 

{Alexander V. Berkis, Professor 
iThomas P. Burke, Jr., Assistant Professor 
IJJerry D. Cardwell, Associate Professor 
i- Richard T. Couture. Assistant Professor 
' Mary G. Cristo, Associate Professor 
James W. Crowl, Assistant Professor 
Elizabeth W. Etheridge, Associate Professor 
f L. Marshall Hall, Jr., Associate Professor 
; William R. Harbour, Assistant Professor 
liJames M. Helms, Professor 
f Lawrence G. HIad, Assistant Professor 
James W. Jordan, Assistant Professor 
Terence N. LaManna, Assistant Professor 
Rhonda Aileen Lintz. Assistant Professor 
Gilbert J. Millar, Associate Professor 
Pil-yull Ra. Assistant Professor 
Earl A. Rubley, Associate Professor 
Maurice P. Sneller, Professor 
George C. Stonikinis. Jr., Assistant Professor 
Charle s W. Sydnor. Associate Professor 
', Young, Assistant Professor 


Health, physical ed 


hirley M. O'Neil Chairma, 

The department of Health. Physical Educ;^ 
tion, and Recreation is a popular, and growin 
major here at Longwood. Students here ma 
also choose to receive an emphasis in a specifi 
area, such as elementary physical education," 
coaching, and dance, 

Begining in the fall 1979 semester, there will 

be a health major available. Plans are beinf 

made to start a graduate program in the dd 

s^rtment; the master of science being coif, 

^fered are: Athletic Administration, Coaching 

'tnentary Physical Education and Adaptives^ 

^Another dimension for the department will b« 

the completion of the new physical educatiof 

building, which is now in the final building 

"feges; it will add a great deal to the depar^ 

ent. French gym will be converted to a perj 

inent gymnastics and possible wrestling gym^ 

Her gym will be converted into classrooms. Th« 

addition of a new pool, will probably lead t« 

French pool becoming an outdoor pool. jl 

Dr. Shirley O'Neil, the department chairmar| 

is looking forward to this addition very muc(| 

Dr. O'Neil is a graduate of New Hampshire Uril 

versity. While she was there, she played hockej^ 

-hasektball, and softbal! teams. Before cominj 

i:Longwood. she taught English, general sc| 

pee as well as Physical Education. She ha* 

i^ien Chairman of the department for 13 years. | 


Shirley M. O'Neil 


Nancy A. Andrews, Assistant Professor 

Ronald Bash, Associate Professor 

Robert J. Blair, Jr., Assistant Professor : 

Charles D. Bolding, Instructor 

Eleanor W. Bobbitt, Professor 

Betty Ann Bowman, Professor 

Francis M. Brasile, Assistant Professor ? 

Ruth L Budd, Instructor 

Sally C. Bush, Assistant Professor \ 

Peter H. Cunningham, Instructor 1 

Gerald P. Graham, Associate Professor 1 

Mary A. Heintz. Professor i; 

Carolyn V. Hodges. Assistant Professor j 

Anne H. Huffman, Assistant Professor > 

Judith R. Johnson, Associate Professor 

Denise I. McDonough, Instructor 

Nelson D. Neal, Assistant Professor 

Carolyn C. Price, Assistant Professor 

Jiri Rada, Assistant Professor 

Barbara Smith, Professor j 

Richard A. Williamson. Instructor ; 


Ann Sloan Thompson Chairman 

The Department of Home Economics offers j 
three areas of study leading to a Bachelor of -j 
Science Degree: Clothing and Textiles (Fashion i| 
Merchandising or General Clothing and Tex- | 
tiles); Food and Nutrition; and Home Economics J 
Education. For non-majors the department 1 
offers two minors: Clothing and Textiles or J^ 
Food and Nutrition. .ai-.^ 

Clothing and Textiles concentrates on vari^ 
materials used in the fabric and clothing >■ 
dustry and methods used in designing, con- ^l 
structing, and tailoring garments. Study in this 
area qualifies students for positions as home . 
economists in the business or educational com- 
munity. Professional positions include buyer, 
fashion representative or coordinator, store 
management, or positions in the textile in- 

A home economist position is also possible 
in the area of Food and Nutrition, This area of , 
study includes the nutritive value of foods, meal 
management, and community nutrition. Em- 
ployment areas include test kitchens and food 
service for schools or hotels. 

Concentration in Home Economics Educa- 
tion leads to Virginia Collegiate Professional 
Certification, entitling graduates to t ".h Vo- 
cational Home Economics Education \/irginia 
and 28 other states. Other profes.'; ,ial posi- 
tions include 4-H program leaders .jnd home 
extension specialists. 

Home Economicst positions can involve de- 
velopment and promotion of various products 
and services of business concerns or can be 
pursued through the field of journalism. 

Coyner Building houses a departmental 
library, a general classroom, a food and home 
equipment laboratory, a home furnishing 
laboratory, a clothing and textile laboratory, 
a demonstration area, and the College Nursery 
School which is utilized as the child develop- 
ment laboratory. In addition to Coyner, the 
department utilizes the Worthy Johnson Crafts 
House for the Home management practicum 
and other laboratory functions. j 


Ann Sloan Thompson 


Marguerite S. Griffith, Associate Professor * 

L. Melinda Ingram, Instructor :: 

Eva Jane McCreary, Associate Profes' 

Marilyn W. Osborn, Assistant Profess' 

Home economics 



Language, literature 
& philosophy 

William E. Frank Chairman 

;|¥ The Division of La.iguage. Liter?»ure. and 

Si'hilosophy came into existence three years 

ago. It was created by Dean Carolyn Wells, Vice 

President for Academic Affairs at Longwood 

College, along with the Division of History and 

"^e Social Sciences, in order to bring about a 

Bore effective and efficient academic organ- 

l^tiori. As Longwood 's enrollment grew and at 

ms same time the composition of the student 

fedy changed, it was felt that a divisional struc- 

pre for the academic departments would allow 

^or greater fliixibility in terms of new majors 

land the recently developed programs in minors. 

Such an academic re-organization would also 

reduce the number of department chairmen 

iffl«K,i:!,.,/vu|(;t report directly to the Dean of the 

Sjlhas bringing about a more efficient 

tn of time and resources. 

S^lquently the three departments of 

•English and Philosophy, Foreign Language, and 

Speech and Dramatic Arts were merged info the 

Division of Language and Literature, with the 

chairman of the Department of English and 

Btiai&^hy also serving as chairman of the 

IsA unique feature of the newly created 

laHowed each department to retain 

(cluality, with its own head; the chair- 

|he division exercised overall authority 

f in matters of the budget and per- 

SfirieL It was hoped that should the divisional 

Set-up prove workable it would be extended 

**^'»*'js/ over the entire academic structure of 

fee. Unfortunately, because of budget 

ibnnel cuts dictated by the State Coun- 

|y the Legislature, the Dean announced 

|he 1978-79 academic year that the 

iJ experiment would be dropped. 

i its three year tenure, the chairmen 

t.three departments involved worked 

Ipusly together to effect more equitable 

fet: of the faculty members in the 

||in;roatters of salary, promotion and 

and to bring about a more efficient 

|se of instructional hardware, software and 

^audio-visual equipment. 

William L. Frank , Chairman 


Nancy D. Anderson. Assistant Professor 
Martha E. Cook, Assistant Professor 
Carolyn M. Craft, Associate Professor 
Sharon G. Dean, Assistant Professor 
Otis W. Douglas, III. Assistant Professor 
Benjamin W. Emerson, Instructor 
Anita B. Ernouf, Professor 
Fillmer Hevener, Jr., Associate Professor 
Cathleen Hosey, Associate Professor 
Patton Lockwood, Professor 
:Michael Lund, Assistant Professor 
>;McKinney, Instructor 

Martha H. LeStourgeon 

Lancaster Library was constructe 
in 1938 and received extensive en- 
largement and renovation in 1961. 
The Library is immediately w^est of 
Grainger Hall. Completely air-con- 
ditioned, its three floors include in- 
dividual study carrels, groups study 
and discussion rooms, graduate study 
rooms, a typing room, faculty carrels, 
and a separate reading room for tfg 
use of the collection of books, perioOT 
cals and newspapers on microfilffi 
The main book collection of over 
172,000 volumes, is available on open 
shelves to all users with reading aim 
informal lounge areas interspers^ 
among the book areas of three floors. 
Other collections in the Library in- 
clude a file of 5,707 pamphlets, a pic- 
ture file of some 7,316 items and 
more than 1,738 maps. Thirty news- 
papers and some 1,208 current maga- 
zines are received. In the non-print 
area, the Library has 1,183 records, 
5.742 slides, 1,847 cassettes, 1,5(^ 
filmstrips, and 134 filmloops. Also^^ 
the Library is a collection of cotle^._ 
catalogues, alumni bulletins, and 
other archival materials. 

The Department of Library Science 
offers courses leading to a minor in 
Library Science and/or to State en- 
dorsement as a school librarian. 

Chairman ( 

Martha H. LeStourgeon I 
Faculty ' ; 

Mary Jo Dollins, Instructor f 

Rebecca R. Laine, Associate Professor ; 
Deborah J. Pearson, Instructor 

Barbara W. Skerry, Assistant Professor | 

■s ^ 





A major in Mathematics at Longwood 
prepares students for one of three career 
goals; as mathematics teachers, profes- 
sional mathematicians, or careers in 
computer science. 

If a student's interest lies in teaching, 
he can gain the preparation needed to 
teach Math at the elementary or secondary 
level. Certification is awarded in the areas 
of Pre-Algebra Mathematics and High 
School Mathematics. 

As a professional mathematician, in- 
dividuals may wish to become computer 
programmers, systems analysts, general 
mathematicians or researchers. 

The field of computer science offers a 
wide range of career opportunities in 
business and industry. Mathematics at 
Longwood has expanded its program in 
computer science, and students are now 
able to make use of Longwood's own com- 
puter facilities while gaining an under- 
standing of how a computer system 
operates. -i«— 

Chairman | 

Merry Lewis Allen I 


Sandra A. Bollinger, Assistant Professor 

James C. Gussett, Associate Professor 

William L. Hightower, Assistant Professor 

F. Richard Kidder, Associate Professor 

Robert D. May, Assistant Professor I 

E. T. Noone. Jr., Associate Professor i- 

Jean A, Noone, Assistant Professor 

Cada R. Parrish, Assistant Professor ^ 

Robert P. Webber, Associate Professor 

Robert S. Wu. Associate Professor 

Merry Lewis Allen 

■■•■ f "^-^-^^ \ : ■' 

p. • > *• • fit:" 

Military science 

Bernard B. Hamaker, Major 

Military Science at Longwood reached new 
heights in enrollment and experienced many first's 
as the program and students grew throughout the 
year. Academic endeavors were coupled with un- 
usual learning experiences outside the classroom 
to challenge the individual in leadership, teamwork. 
and new and unusual skills. 

Students were introduced to United States Army 
helicopters and experienced a bird's eye view of 
Southside Virginia and "their college", taking off 
and landing from Her Field. Distinguished visitors 
including the Assistant Secretary of the Army for " 
Manpower and Reserve Affairs and the Com- 
manding General, First Reserve Officer Training' 
Corps, and faculty and staff from Longwood also 
participated in the activities. 

Canoe trips down the South Anna River and 
James River coupled with weekend visits to Fort 
A. P. Hill for weapons firing and training. Ft. Lee 
for Leadership Reaction Courses and orientation 
tours, and Pocahontas State Park for Orienteerip" 
rounded out a varied assortment of exciting firS 
hand experiences. Social activities in conjunctly 
with University of Richmond ROTC Cadets wee 
additional benefits of "taking Military Science." j 

Activities continued into the summer witj 
selected rising juniors visiting Ft. Knox, Kentucky 
and new seniors experiencing the rewards c 
ROTC Advanced Camp at Ft. Bragg. N. C. Other 
continued on to Airborne or "Jump" school art 
still others to visits with Army units to view militap 
1^ first hand. ' 

^dets have worked hard and learned much t 

pi their goal of receiving a commission as 

leutenant in the United States Army or R 


Walter R. Sullivan 


Bernard B. Hamaker. Associate Professor 

George N. Ivey, Professor 

Timothy B. Jordan. Instructor 



Louard E. Egbert, Jr. 

Longwood's Music Department offers a 
range of programs of study. Once offering only 
vocal and piano concentrations, the prbgram now 
has a varied curriculum. Courses are offered in 
music theory, appreciation, history and literature. 
and applied music. In addition to individual voice 
instruction, instrumental instruction is available 
in Organ, Harpsichord. Piano, Strings. Woodwinds, 
and Brass. 

When students major in [vlusic at Longwood, 
faculty advisors counsel them in deciding their 
particular applied area. Students then begin private 
lessons as a supplement to regular instruction. 
There is no extra cost for these lessons. 

As an additional supplement to classroom in- 
struction, workshops are held on a regular basis. 
Nationally known figures are invited to the campus 
for recitals or lectures concerning their particu- 
lar specialty. Afterwards, each student has the 
opportunity to perform for the guest, who then 
gives a critique of each performance. 

Each year the music majors stage several major 
productions, including a unique Christmas Renais- 
sance Dinner, with period music and costumes. 
Extensive performing experience is available 
through the Concert Band, the Camerata Singers. 
and the Longwood Choir which recently completed 
a European tour. 

Students who wish to teach Music at the ele- 
mentary or secondary level, or in private practice 
find excellent preparation through the Music Ed- 
ucation program at Longwood. This program in- 
cluded courses in general music as well as pro- 
fessional education. Students who successfully 
complete this program receive the Collegiate 
Professional Certificate. 


Louard E. Egbert. Jr. 


Robert E. Blasch, Associate Professor A 

Paul B. Haga, Assistant Professor ; 

Darrell G. Harbaum. Associate Professor ; 

Paul S. Hesselink, Associate Professor 

Frieda E. Myers, Assistant Professor 

Norma M. Williams, Assistant Professor ; 

Thomas A. Williams, Associate Professor ; 

James A. Yeager. Instructor 

Hilda B. Zahrt. Associate Professor =" 



Natural science 

Marvin W. Scott Chairman 

The Department of Natural Sciences offers a 
wide selection of programs designed to provide the 
foundation for exciting careers in the sciences. 

This year Dr. Raymond Fawcett designed and 
spearheaded the engineering coop-programs with 
Old Dominion University and Georgia Tech. Miss 
Anita Lynn Glover, a physics major, v/as selected 
for an undergraduate research appointment at 
Argonne National Laboratory for the spring semes- 

Miss Beth Thompson received the 1979 Edith 
Stevens Award which is given annually to an out- 
standing junior biology major. l\/liss RobJ" 
served as the southern regional president) 
Beta Beta, a biological honor society. I^issl 
Byrd Worsham, a biology major, captH 
tjtal of Miss Longwood of 1979 with her [ 
tion of "Wouldn't it be Loverly" from " 

Mrs. Vera B. Remsburg, a former biology maji 
and teacher at Longwood. will serve as Presid* 
of the Virginia Academy of Science this year. L 
Wayne Tinnell served as Chairman of the Micr 
biology section of the Academy. Dr. Marvin Scot 
served on the Executive Committee of the Virgini, 
Junior Academy and was the Chief Judge for thi_ 
37th Annual Meeting. Dr. Alton Harvill, Jr., co- 
author of the Virginia Flora part one, is well into 
the second part which deals with the distribution 
of the flowering plants. 
Marvin W. Scott 

John M. Austin, Associate Professor 
Patrick George Barber. Associate Professor 
Billy S. Batts, Associate Professor ; 

Jon David Bergeron. Assistant Professor : 

David A. Breil. Professor ; 

Sandra D. Breil. Associate Professor J 

James W. Curley. Assistant Professor 
Louis R. Fawcett, Associate Professor 1 

Lynn M. Ferguson, Instructor '{ 

John A. Hardy, III. Assistant Professor 1 

Alton M. Harvill, Jr., Professor 1 

Richard L. Heinemann. Associate Professor J 
Leta Jane Holman, Professor | 

^bert H. Lehman, Associate Professor * 

da S. McCombs, Associate Professor 
Urice H. Maxwell, Jr., Assistant Professor 
bnald A. Merkle, Assistant Professor 
Wayne K. Meshejian, Assistant Professor 
Wayne H. Tinnell, Associate Professor ) 

"Irolyn Wells, Professor ; 

M I I M M N 

Alumni Director 


Purchasing And Stores Supervisor i i^S'^'^ 




Purchasing Office 





Sports Information 







President's Secretary Secretari To Vice President Secretary To Vice President Secretary To Vice President 

Of Student Affairs For Administration For Academic Affairs 

Information Office 


Secretary, Placement Of- Secretary To Director Of 
fice Public Affairs 




Faculty & staff 

Ready for action! 

Sure I can swim across Holiday Lake 



Come on, we didn't tow your car away. 


Longwood or bust! 


Of course camping does have some problems like snakes, skunks, 
insects, but .... 






I n I M M P^ 


Its amazing what you have to go through to get a beer on Sunday around 

Ah, these science projects are so amazing. 










11 M I M I r 1 



M I I IN in 

Spring weekend 





Fun in the sun!! 

Tonight we are burning not to 
recognize ourselves but to rec- 
ognize others. CHI is the spirit. 
Our purpose is to act as vehicles 
to initiate this spirit into the 
student body. Let us all take 
part to keep the spirit alive and 
to strive to reach our highest 
potential. These flames repre- 

sent the return of the spirit to 
you the student body. CHI of 
1979 would like to thank you 
for all your tremendous support 
and spirit throughout this year. 
And although our recognitions 
are limited, we would like to 
say: CHI commends the student 
body of Longwood College 1979. 



Pam Bessler 

Cathy Hughes 

Donna Connolley 

Linda Kulp 

Rosalind Crenshaw 

Ann Leavitt 

Dee Donnelly 

Linda Muley 

Petie Grigg 

Ken Neimo 

Laurie Hoffman 

Merle Phelps 




The class of 1979 marches down tlie isle to the beat of Pomp and Circumstance. 

Anita Braden 

James Crites 

With this handshake 

rsr"'^!?j7WTTFwSfr77W!7;fTir}iT,TF;7«B'.?i!rK(7i^ ■, 

'Excuse us Dr. Wlllet, but you spelled our names wrong. 


Terry Johnson 

'Oh my gosh" sais Muffin Ames "I really did it! I'm a graduate!! 

"After all of that hard work, they didn't even put my 
major on it!" 


just a few more happy faces of the class of 1979. 

Dr. Bobbit gives her graduation speech ... The ••Cricket" plays her composition. Lefs Not Say Kathy Bique Introduces the next speaker: Dr. 
other speaker (not pictured) was Dr. Sprage. Goodbye", while Pam Bessler (not pictured) Rosemary Sprague. 

sings It. 

"The only accountable reason for Sue's achievments," states Dr. Hodges "is because I've 
taught her everything she knows . . ." 



"If you have 

a goal in life 
that takes 

a lot of energy 
I that requires 

a lot of work 
that incures 

a great deal of intrest 
and that is 

a challenge to you 

you will always look 
forward to waking up 
to see what 

the new day brings." 

Susan Polis Schultz 


One of the hard working Junior ushers- Kim Furbee. 

'Hey Ma! Look what I got!! 


Music, dancing, jazz and parties-all with a New Or- 
leans flair - were the order of the weekend. The 
Mardi Gras celebration, sponsored by the Student 
Union, is fast becoming one of the two largest 
events of the second semester, rivaled only by Spring 
Weekend in April. The reason for the growing popular- 
ity can easily be attributed to the large variety of 
special events which cater to a wide range of interest. 

Musical talent was running high during the week- 
end. Beginning the four-day festivities was pianist 
Nina Kahle. Other musical genres were also available, 
such as the fiddle, harmonica and country sounds of 
singer-musician Mike Cross. Saturday night provided 
the beautiful melodies of JANICE during the mixer in 
the lower dining hall. The JAMES WALSH GYPSY BAND 
night with concert sounds. 

The Student Union also sponsored the 'Nightly Blues 
and Jazz, Ltd,' and the Virginia State College Jazz En- 
semble and Combo bands. A touch of culture was add- 
ed to the weekend by the Dayton Ballet Company's 

Overall, the total combination at various events 
totaled to provide a most enjoyable and memorable 


Oktoberfest der Geist 

T-.. "■ , / 


















a IHRk'nn 













BMv ^ 



^^^F V 

^np 0IMHi 


^F' ^^Xfejjj^^BH 

R^^HT^ ''' """^^ 



^K -I^ 





Longwood Players 




Kit Orsi, and Nina Leffue in tine Cherry Orchard. 


From left to right: Leon Young, Karen Wood, Frank Creasy, Lisa 
Hughes, and Kit Orsi 

The three actresses of "Vanities": Karen Wood, Lisa Hughes, and Kathy 



A bit of sixteenth century culture 
could be found in Blackwell dining 
hall on December 1, 2, and 3; the 
Department of Music brought this 
era back again by sponsoring The 
Renaissance Christmas Dinner. It 
began with the Camerata Singers 
singing madrigals in the Rotunda 
to the expectant crowd. Then all 
went into the dining hall for a delicious 
dinner. The Camerata Singers divided 
into groups and sang many Christmas 
carols to the diners. Later they came 
together as a group to entertain 
the audience with singing and danc- 
ing. At times during the evening, 
a recorder consort was featured. 
Toward the end of the dinner, the 
Cameratas and the audience joined 
to sing some well known Christmas 
carols. All too quickly, the entertainers 
left and along with them, the 16th 
century spirit. 

Lynette Hudson and Larry Smith promenade In to start off an exciting evening. 

The Longwood Cameratas add to the 

Renaissance Christmas dinner 












■"■"" 1 

Tom Sullivan watches with a close eye as Nancy Hewins and Scott 
Noonan perform an old English dance. 

Christmas spirit by caroling to everyone. 

Trying hard not to drip wax on each other, Hank Dahlman and Abby McChesney do a candlestick dance. 



Dance company 

Fall Concert 

Opus Number 2 choreographer: Sandy McFall 

Adagio: Dance Company 

Trio: Sandy McFall, Susan Clift, Ellen Hitt 

Finale: Sandy McFall, Ellen Hitt, Susan Clift, Elizabeth 

Cardin, Dede Wolk, Tracey Hormuth, Adrienne Heard, 

Cindy Morris, Grace Ann Rodgers, Karen Kreger 
View of the Mold choreographer: Lauren Mundy 

Lauren Mundy, Teresa Heatwole 
Jazz Mosaic choreographer: Susan Clift 

Susan Clift, Carol Henry, Sandy McFall, Vallory Miller, 
Terri Williams, Kathy Yonce 
Song of Self choreographer: Teresa Heatwole 

Elizabeth Cardin, Teresa Heatwole, Lauren Mundy 

Melancholy-choreographer: Terri Stuart 

Terri Stuart, Margie Deierhoi, Adrienne Heard 
Curious-choreographer: Ellen Hitt 

Ellen Hitt, Tracey Hormuth, Sandy McFall, Vickie 

Aggressive-choreographer: Susan Clift 

Susan Clift 
Comical-choreographer: Cindy Morris 

Cindy Morris, Grace Ann Rodgers, Dede Wolk 
Dreamy-choreographer: Elizabeth Cardin 

Elizabeth Cardin, Lauren Mundy, Teresa Heatwole, 

Jane Wyatt 
Temperaments Revisited — Entire Groups 
Jazz Etude choreographer: Jackie Page 

Jackie Page, Karen Kreger, Cheryl diButtera 
Puttin' on the Ritz choreographer: Sherry Hogge 
Carol Henry, Elizabeth Cardin, Tracey Hormuth, Ellen 
Hitt, Sandy McFall, Teresa Heatwole 
Odyssey choreographer: Carol Henry 
Aire-Terri Williams 
Ragtime-Carol Henry, Sherry Hogge, Susan Clift, Sandy 

Intermezzo-Terri Williams 
Waltz-choreographer: Terri Williams 

Terri Williams, Carol Henry, Teresa Heatwole, Terri 

Finale-Terri Williams, Carol Henry, Sherry Hogge, Susan 

Clift, Sandy McFall, Teresa Heatwole, Terri Stuart 

Director of the Company Dr. Betty Bowman 

Board Chief Suzy Transue 

Special Lighting Effects Mr. Nelson Neal 


* i \ 

Spring Concert 
The Land of Oz choreographer: Susan Clift 

Tin Man: 

Nina Leffue 
Sandy McFali 
Cindy Morris 
Adrienne Heard 

Wicl<ed Witch: 

Valory Miller 
Grace Ann Rodgers 
Susan Clift 

Dance Suite 

Feet- choreographer: Elizabeth Cardin 

Elizabeth Cardin, Cyndi Fitzgerald, Teresa Heatwole 

Hands- choreographer: Grace Ann Rodgers 
Cyndi Fitzgerald, Tracey Hormuth. Dede Wolk, Grace Ann 
Rodgers, Sandy McFall 

Legs- choreographer: Dede Wolk 

Cyndi Fitzgerald, Tracey Hormuth, Dede Wolk, Grace Ann Rodgers 
Daybreak choreographer: Sandy McFall 

Tracey Hormuth, Nina Neffue, Sandy McFall, Kathy Yonce, 
Off the Wall choreographer: Teresa Heatwolfe 

Vanessa Baird, Cyndi Fitzgerald, Terri Stuart, Jane Wyatt, Teresa 

Jazz Motif choreographer: Sherry Hogge 

Susan Clift, Tracey Hormuth, Vallory Niller, Sandy McFall, Sherry 

Hogge, Kathy Yonce 
Sea Mood choreographer: Tern Stuart 

Vanessa Baird, Vickie Berman, Terri Stuart, Jane Wyatt 
Le Chat de Rose choreographer: Sandy McFall 

Susan Chft, Sandy McFall 
Spring Revival choreographer: Adrienne Heard 

Vallory Miller, Kathy Yonce, Teresa Heatwole, Adrienne Heard 
Rainbow choreographer: Cindy Morris 

Cindy Morris, Xuan Nguyen, Jane Wyatt 
Stampede choreographer: Sandy McFall 

Dede Wolk, Tracey Hormuth, Grace Ann Rodgers, Susan Clift, 

Rae Leslie, Elizabeth Cardin, Sherry Hogge, Vickie Berman, Teresa 

Heatwole, Sandy McFall 

Director of the Company Dr. Betty Bowman 

Student Assistant Sherry Hogge 

Crew: Vicky Mann, Ken Neimo, Barb Greer, Ann Wyatt, Vickie Mathew- 
son, Andy Pittard, Cricket, Cathy Carter. 


Freshman elves 

Evelyn Gragnani-head elf 

Betsy Belong 

Kim Fuhr 

Karen Kilmer 

Carol Kilvington 

Mitzi Mason 

Theresa Wade 

Larrie Watkins 

Maurice Franck 

Ken Marcus 

Eddie Wilson 

Jerry Richman 

Duke Rollins 

Freshman production 

Gwen Pointer 
Ken Marcus 
Liz Sheridan 

Dennis instructs Duke on how to be a good elf. 

Beth Wadell finds what she's looking for. 

The Visiting Artist Series 

The Dayton ballet 

Mary Evelyn Bruce 

Claude Kipnis mime theatre 

Jack Nelson 

The Longwood College Visiting Artist Series 
was established to bring the traditional performing 
arts to the cannpus so the student body would 
have the opportunity to expand their experiences 
while in college, within this area. 

Each year the program is chosen to have at 
least one program representing music, dance, 
and drama. Programs are chosen in the Spring 
of the preceding year by a committee of twelve 

This year's Artist Series consists of five programs 
beginning with Mark Twain — Trouble Begins At 
Eight. This was a one-man dramatic presentation 
that enabled the viewer to step back in time and 
view Twain during two periods of his life. It was 
very easy to become involved in this program 
because of the portrayal as exhibitied by actor 
Jack Nelson. 

The second program was presented by the world 
renewed Claude Kipnis Mime Theatre. This quality 
performance enabled the viewer to experience a 
whole new world of movement in the combination 
of theatre and dance that mime represents. 

The first program presented during the second 
semester was the Dayton Ballet — presented 
in conjunction with the Student Union's "Mardi 
Gras Weekend." A variety of dance styles, as ex- 
hibited by the Dayton Ballet, provided an enter- 
taining evening that joined with other weeking 
activities to present a potpourri of performing 

Mary Evelyn Bruce sang her way into the hearts 
of many students on a cold snowy night in the 
second program of the second semester. 

The final performance of enthusiasm was re- 
ceived by our students when the movement, color, 
and sound of Mexico came to us via the Gran 
Folklorico de Mexico is "Fiesta Folklorico." 


Geist bloodmobile 

and. Here's . . . Cindy Morris, the M.C. for the show; "Let's take Your Blood! 

Even Count Dracula 
couldn't have collected 
as much blood as the Geist 
bloodmobile did on Febru- 
ary 12-13. Students and 
faculty donated 246 pints 
of accepted blood and many 
more worked as typists and 
in the canteen. The quota 
was 250 pints. 

Geist and the American 

Red Cross appreciated all 
those who came in and 
rolled up their sleeves, 
trembling and quaking, to 
give blood and to all others 
who helped. 

Zeta Tau Alpha sorrority 
and the freshman class won 
in the competition by get- 
ting the most people to 

"- . . When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and 
then I don't feel so bad!" 

Teresa Ware keeps all at ease with her cheerful smile. 

The Virginian 

Joyce Ray, head photographer 

Brenda Coleman, jack of all trades! 


Sandy Cram 
Patty Hughson 
Kim Lauterbach 
Sheryl Lohr 

Many thanks to: 

Sports Information-Barbara 


Betty McKinney 
Farmville Herald 
The Rotunda 

Manahans from Lenox Studio 
Joe Hammerick 
Mr. Dent 
Jean Doss 
Debbie Northern 
Linda Shanahan 
Kathleen Mullooly 
Christi Lewis 
Kathy Klebert 

Nancy Setzer 
Diane Smith 
Jane Taylor 
Kathy Vannice 

Ann Wyatt 
Teresa Ware 
Hope Kalivretenos 
Amy Gates 
Ken Gebbie 
Donna Hasky 
Sue Delong 
Duke Rollins 
Sally Lowe 
Debi Kinzel 
Karen Peters 
Steve Whitten 
Bill LeWarne 

Celeste Rodriguez, editor 
Jeanne Noite, business manager 



"''i'V7'"r''M^iiti|iyii>iiaiiwyiliiiiwrtifakwiMiii>jri>iiViiMii '' '" I'l ''' 

Greeks in 

Lauren Beasley 

Janice Bennett 

Wanda Blount 

Beth Breckinridge 

Donna Bruce 

Dawn Cajigas 

Gale Carter 

Veronice (Ronny) Gary 

Julie Gompton 

Robin Gompton 

Lori Fehrenbach 

Gheryl Fitts 

Katherine (Kitty) Grant 

Sharon Harvey 

Eileen Henry 

Genia Huff 

Jennifer Kelsey 

Troy Luckett 

Lynn Painter 

Beverly Reaves 

Joanne Segraves 

Kim Staples 

Dianne Thomas 

Kathy Vannice 

Juli Vermillion 

Kim Walker 

Dorothy Winstead 

Golors: Azure Blue and White 
Flower: Woodland Violet 
Motto; "We live for each other." 
Founded: May 15, 1851 

Wesleyan Gollege 

Macon, Georgia 
Found locally: 1969 

"First Secret Society for Gollege Women" 
Mascot: Lion 
Philanthropy: Society for Grippled 



Flower: red and buff roses 
Colors; red, buff and green 
Founded: May 30, 1904 

Syracuse University 

Syracuse, New York 
Founded locally: 1959 
Jewel: pearl 

Philanthropies: Cleft Palate Research 
Chapter: Gamma Lambda 

Jennifer Bare 
Robin Belcher 
Susan Bernard 
Pam Bessler 
Tammy Bird 
Rhonda Brown 
Sharon O'Bryan 
Cindy Byrd 
Mary Beth Carey 
Kathy Chase 
Kathy Cullen 
Anne Dempsey 
Betsy DeLong 
Sue Delong 
Dee Donnelly 
Cindy Feazell 
Mary Ferramosca 
Debbie Fore 
Dalrlene Foster 
Susan Gray 

Anne Guthrie 
Denise Hardie 
Berkely Harland 
Janice Harper 
Robin Havens 
Michele Hogge 
Tracey Hormuth 
Lisa Howell 
Mary Ingram 
Kathy Johnston 
Judy Kusterer 
Karen Lane 
Jessie Lignian 
Mitzi Mason 
Vicki Mathewson 
Sandy McFall 
Teresa McLawhorn 
Nancy Moore 
Linda Muley 
Ann Normand 

Dana Overstreet 
Karen Parker 
Cheryl Parks 
Wanda Peterson 
Carol Penn 
Susan Puryear 
Lisa Ray 
Linda Riggan 
Karen Shelton 
Mary B. Soles 
Anna Staley 
Martha Jo Stine 
Bonnie Vaughn 
Lee Wann 
Tricia Whitehurst 
Mary Lucy Wilson 
Jenny Williams 
Ann Wyatt 


Colors: Apple Green; Salmon Pink 
Flower: Tea Rose 
Pin: Ivy with Pearls 

Buelah Bolden 
Sharon Brown 
Brenda Hamlehe 
Laurie Jones 
Letha Moore 


Carol Atkinson 
Julie Baca 
Kim Baumgardner 
Katherine Anne Beale 
Gary Bell 
Martha Bransford 
Lisa Bridgewater 
Mindy Brumfield 
Kim Caldwell 
Robyn Childress 
Shelia Cochran 
Boo Elliot 
Virginia Flemer 
Margaret Fowler 
Debi Gathright 
Krista Grow 
Molly Hartz 
Sarah Hazelgrove 
Susan Hough 
Janet Jarrett 
Dianne Jefferies 
Peggy Jenkins 
Cappy Kennon 
Carole Key 
Gwen Koechlein 
Liz Lemons 
Sally Lowe 
Karen Moore 

Cindy Morris 

Beverly Mozingo 

Barbara Neiman 

Carrie Overstreet 

Liz Parrish 

Robin Perdue 

Liz Rammell 

Susan Ramsey 

Pi Richardson 

Nita Sadler 

Amy Schuize 

Lisa Smith 

Toni Smith 

Ann Carter Stephens 

Joy Strike 

Sarah Stump 

Janet Sykes 

Luanna Thompson 

Jane Tunstall 

Kim Turnball 

Jenny Ward 

Debbie Warren 

Jeanne Webb 

Virginia Welter 

Mary Wolfolk 

Julianna Worsham 

Lynn Wunnenburg 

Advisors: Robbie Wood, Candy Dowdy 

Colors; Crimson Red and Pearl White 
Jewels; Pearl and Ruby 
Flowers: Fall- Aster 
Spring- Narcissus 
Philanthropy: Aid to the Mentally Retarded 



Muffin Ames 
Sherri Bain 
Anita Braden 
Donna Braden 
Robin Bryant 
Donna Connolly 
Lynne Cook 
Carol Cooper 
Rosalind Crenshaw 
Debbie Daniel 
Teri Davis 
Julie Dayton 
Brenda Fattrow 
Carol Fleming 
Kim "Klutz" Furr 
Kim Furbee 
Kim Garber 
Amy Gates 
Gaye Garringer 
Kym Gilbert 
Evelyn Gragnani 
Barb Greer 
Myra Gwyer 
Linda Hall 
Sharon Harrup 
Beverly Harris 
Dianna Harw/ood 
Debbie Hogge 
Jo Jacobs 
Jan Jennings 

Terry Johnson 
Debbie Joyner 
Hope Kalivratenos 
Karen Kilmer 
Debi Kinzel 
Linda Kulp 
Lisa Lassiter 
Cathy Leftwich 
Vickie Lowe 
Jean McLarin 
Susan Melvin 
Kaye Midkiff 
Cindy Morris 
Cindy Moss 
Vicki Nesbitt 
Cam Oglesby 
Lynn Plageman 
Caty Rafferty 
Cathy Reynolds 
Janet Robertson 
Cindy Sanders 
Cindy Smith 
Debra Spencer 
Cheryl Stiebel 
Cindy Thomas 
Susan Towler 
Becky Webb 
Melissa Wiggins 
Robin Young 

Colors: Emerald Green and Gold 

Jewel: Pearl 

Founded: Ypsilanti, Michigan 

Founded locally: 1935 
Philanthropies: Cystic Fibrosis 
Flower: Yellow Rose 



Jeanne Becker 


Ingrida Berkis 


Betsy Bishop 


Beth Anne Caccivio 

Susan Chft 

Lisa Comer 

Sandi Cram 


Sandy Davis 


Laura Duncan 


Karen Elliot 


Patti Floyd 

Terry Garmer 


Ruth Graham 

Diane Hamrick 

Kim Hannan 

Karen Heslen 

Anita Hoppe 

Mary Beth Ibanez 

Trudy Jones 

Amy Kane 
Kelly Kent 

Faith Lancaster 

Mary Ann McAllister 

Nancy Morton 

Karen Mullinax 

Becki Myers 

Terry Ritchie 

Flower: Kilarney Rose 

Connie Scouras 

Colors: Pink and Green 

Carolyn Scully 

Jewel: Diamond 

Terry Shiflett 

National Philanthropy: Gallaudet College for 

Mary Ann Shirvell 

the Deaf 

Marcie Swale 

Founded: 1902 

Bert Sweatman 

Miami University 

Kathy Watson 

Oxford, Ohio 

Sherry Wiggins 

Founded locally: 1956 

Gretchen Unterzuber- 

Chapter: Epsilon Tau 

sorority advisor 

»r*>»:«y*}»»/ii»>»!.m!!«'.v<*:i'iV);»i! »«iitjii-. 

Jody Adams 


Janet Allen 


Lisa Allred 

^ \ 

Mary Barrett 

▲ \ 

Andrea Batten 

^ ^ 

Rebecca Benoit 

/ V ^ 

Mary Elizabetti BIsese 


Patricia Brady 

Charlotte Brinkley 

Peggy Brown 

Barbara Califf 


Melanie Carsley 


Anita Crutchfield 

/. m 

Gayle Dishman 

/A % 

Terry English 

/A % 

Julia Fitzgerald 

f \ 

Patti Gilluim 


Ellen Halle 

Ceresa Haney 

Barbara Haney 

Theresa Harris 
Lisa Heflin 

Linda Hitt 

Sherry Hogge 

Melanie Hyman 

Vicki Jones 

Laura Keel 

Karen Kilvington 

Karen Kreger 

Linda Krutainis 

Jenny Lashley 

Kathy Moorefield 

Colors: Green and White 

Edie Parkins 

Jewel: Pearl, Emerald and Diamond 

Melissa Stowers 

Philanthropy: Crippled Children's Hospital 

Lora Tester 

Richmond, Virginia 

Martha Trotman 

Founded: Longwood College 

Lauren Rubino 

Farmville, Virginia 

Doreen Shuffler 

October 17, 1897 

Theresa Wade 

Marie Watson 

Linda Wolk 

Joyce Trent- Advisor 



Flower: Violet 

Colors: Lavender and Maroon 

Jewel: Pearl 

Founded: Colby College 

Wafervllle, Maine 

November 9, 1874 
Philanthropies: Maine Sea 

Coast Mission; 

American Farm School, 

Salonica Greece 

Wendy Adams 
Liz Baker 
Alice Bartlett 
Diane Bottoms 
Alda Brown 
Pat Carnes 
Cindy Clark 
Cheryl Cody 
Ann Corson 
Beth Devan 
Karen Doss 
Leigh Duft 
Gayle Floyd 
Anne Gaitter 
Jerry Glasscock 
Sherry Grant 
Debbie Grigsby 
Pam Hamilton 
Teresa Heatwole 
Jana Herrman 
Melanie Hudnall 
Peggy Higgins 
Jayne Hutchens 
Debbie Jachens 
Jo Anne Johnson 

Pat Landers 
Rhonda Landis 
Becky Lee 
Linda Love 
Susie Mason 
Elise McCarty 
Sue Misker 
Cheryl Murphy 
Astrid Newman 
Janie Packett 
Mary Pleasant 
Cindy Roakes 
Sandy Robertson 
Lisa Sandridge 
Beth Slater 
Sara Smith 
Jackie Steer 
Mary Stuart 
Susie Transue 
Patia Truitt 
Mallory Weiman 
Betsy Whidden 
Pam White 
Anne Wynne 

Elizabeth Buchwald 
Cheryle di Butera 
Valerie Campbell 
Patricia Clayton 
Lynne Davis 
Carol Delany 
Regina DeMass 
Cassandra Dearing 
Mary Dlller 
Beth Farrls 
Kelly Ann Foster 
Cathy Garrette 
Jean Geoghegan 
Theresa Godly 
Kathy Gooche 
Margaret Hanback 
Gayle Harris 
Kathy Hayworth 
Rose Hensley 
Elizabeth Hostoglls 
Cynthia Jones 
Wanda Kirkland 
Mary KIrkman 
Carol Mcintosh 
Rose McNeil 
Debra Miller 
Melissa (Boo) Miller 
Margaret Mistretta 
Kathy Mitchell 
Julie Newman 
Sheila Parker 
Lisa Powell 
Kyna Racey 
Shelly Radner 
Linda Sandbougher 
Laura Smyth 
Janet Snapp 
Carol Spencer 
Penelope Sreene 
Susan Struder 
Debra Wiedman 
Lucinda Williams 
Michelle Willis 
Kimberly Wood 
Linda Woodbury 
Diane Wright 
Joanne Yeats 

Colors: Rose and White; 
Flower: Rose colored carnations 
Founded: March 4, 1852 

Macon, Georgia 
Founded locally: 1978 


Amy Bathurst 

Karen Best 

Lynda Coon 

Jeanne Cumiskey 

Deanna Deane 

Jean Dyer 

Jennifer Ferguson 

Liz Flagge 

Melinda Goodloe 

Kathy McKnight 

Ruth Ann McWhit 

Beth Navin 

Rhonda Powell 

Sharon Raunswinder 

Kathy Redman 

Sylvia Roberts 

Colleen Russell 

Sue Seaborn 

Joy Serine 

Melinda Schoelley 

Julie Tracy 

Katie Trainor 

Kimberly Vick 

Robyn Walker 

Vicki Walker 

Janet Young 

Advisor: Tamia J. Biight 




Jewel: Pearl 
Flower: Purple Violet 
Symbol: Sailboat 
Founded: Longwood College 

Farmvllie, Virginia 

April 20, 1898 
Philanthropy: Robbie Page Memorial Fund 


Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey 
Flower: White Violet 
Founded: Longwood College 

Farmville, Virginia 

March 15, 1898 
Philanthropy: National Association for Retarded 


Sue Bailey 
Tammy Baker 
Peggy Bryant 
Debi Burns 
Betsy Cash 
Kim Cave 
Alice Clay 
Debbie Cosby 
Jackie Crute 
Sally Daniels 
Denise Ehlers 
Debbie Fulton 
Kathy Hannelly 
Judi Harrison 
Anita Hed 
Brenda Hester 
Nancy Holsinger 
Lou Howell 
Jenney Hunt 
Leigh Hunter 
Sharon Janovich 
Liz Jones 
Katrina Krist 
Anne Maxey 
Abby McChesney 
Mary Kay McDaniels 
Linda Meadows 
Michele Milburn 
Courtney Mills 

Lysa Mowles 
Mary Kay Noftsinger 
Robin Perterson 
Susan Pitt 
Betty Pleasant 
Terri Anne Poor 
Venetia Raines 
Jill Rupp 
Chrissie Scanlon 
Nancy Shultz 
Dolores Skinner 
Stacey Smith 
Teresa Snellings 
Robbie Stanley 
Helen Strickland 
Polly Swinson 
Lysa Thomas 
Mimi Tirambello 
Anne Tokarz 
Connie Turner 
Missy Waller 
Susan Waller 
Laurie White 
Terri Wiley 
Cheryl Wilcox 
Anne Carol Wood 
Anne Wright 
Dolly Young 
Jill Zeavin 

^^ W jS^3 



'^i.ri Ml 

Colors: Gold and Blue with Royal Blue as an 

Flower: Red Rose 

Motto: "Nothing shall ever tear us asunder.' 
Founded Nationally: 

College of Charleston 

South Carolina 

December 10. 1904 
Founded locally: 

September 4, 1978 

Kendall Adams 
Donnie Bray 
Brian Cochran 
Lester Cruise 
Mike Derflinger 
Brian Gomes 
Penn Gorman 
Dennis Helms 
Scott Hileman 
T.C. Jones. iV 
Marty Kelly 
Kevin Lee 
D.J. Lindsey 
Scott Lyies 
John Machen 
Steve McAra 
John McLaren 
Earl Moore 
Keith Moore 
Kevin Ryman 
Roy Saunders 
Chauncy Sisco 
Stone Smith 
Billy Spangler 
Jack Thomas 
John Thomas 
David Wall 
Tray Warwick 
David Weaver 
Ron Wheeler 
Steve Whitten 


.ftg^ - j^ossi-'sif -^' n 



(Left to right) Front: Tommy Stout, Donna Nicely, Bev Harris, Debbie Fore, Jennifer Moll Back Row: Dor- 
othy Winstead, Lynne Johnson, Bev Hart, Susie Powell, Bill Brent, Ms. Callaway 

Rugby Club 

The Wesley Foundation 

Who's Who . . . ? 

The History Club 

wi wBn wi HBB wmwwpitp ^K^ 

<^ KSGK !tJX>% MMk 





The College Republicans 


Federation of Student Social Workers 



Business Club 

Chemistry Club 

■^ ,. .L JVJi:-^ 

V i'*\./ V ] 

Student Education Association 


Steve Whitten, President 
Melanie Wallacl<, Vice-president 
Lois Baker, secretary 
Tammy Bird, Treasurer 
Jeri Griffin, Historian 
Dr. Clayton Buck, Advisor 
Melanie Wallack, Central Region 


Judy Ayscue 
Karen Baker 
Lois Baker 
Sue Barns 
Paula Bass 
Helen Bigger 
Tammy Bird 
Kathleen Caiazzo 
Sharon Callahan 
Betsy Cooper 
Nancy Davis 
Donald Diggs 
Pearl Dodson 
Cindy Faust 
Kim Fisher 
Anne Good 
Jeri Griffin 
Judy Griffin 
Jill Hanel 
Therese Hardin 
Berkeley Harland 
Kelley Harlowe 

Kim Harper 
Sheree Hawse 
Debra Hernandez 
Donna Huff 
Donna Hughes 
Kathy Koch 
Carol Mcintosh 
Leigh Perry 
Cathy Powell 
Susan Shields 
Mary Stade 
Terri Stuart 
Rebecca Thompson 
Donna Todd 
Susan Waddill 
Sherry Wagner 
Melanie Wallack 
Steve Whitten 
Sabrina Wilson 
Ida Williams 
Kathy Williams 
Laurie Wright 

Student Government Association 

Residence Board 

Ann Wyatt - Chairman 

Lynn Plageman - V. Chairman 

Libby Bowman - Secretary 

David Wall - Fire Warden 

Vickie Lowe 

Beth Wadell 

Steve Whitten 

Walter Taylor 

Chris Ruppel 

Jill Penney 


Jan Bates 

Alice Clay 

Brenda Coleman 

Jill Eacho 

Lisa Heldeman 

Donna Hughes 

Nicole King 

Sally Lowe - Secretary 

Michelle McCullon 

Teresa McLawhorn - Chairman 
Keith Moore - Vice Chairman 
Celeste Rodriquez 
Kathy Vannice 
Melissa Wiggins 
Advisors: Dr. John Peale 

Dr. Louis R. Fawcett, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas Dickens 

Judicial Board 

Legislative Board 

Wanda Peterson - Chairman 
Neil Sullivan - Vice Chairman 
Julie Dayton - Corresponding 

Karen Shelton - Recording 

Terri Davis 
Cindy Byrd 
Carol Cooper 
Sue Miskar 
Dana Overstreet 
Lee Wann 
Beverly Montingo 
Debbie Northern 

Teresa Ware 
Tammy Bird 
Cindy Dropeski 
Ceresa Haney 
Jack Tolbert 
Brenda Carpenter 
Sharon Harrup 
Christi Lewis 
Nancy Warren 
Jim Crites 
Dr. T. C. Dalton 
Dr. James Gussett 



Alice Clay 
Donna Connolly 
Rosalind Crenshaw 
Petie Grigg 
Dianne Harwood 
Laurie Hoffman 
Kathy Hughes 
Ann Johnson 
Terry Johnson 
Linda Kuip 

Bill McKaig 

Cindy Morris 

Linda Muliey 

Debbie Northern 

Cam Oglesby 

Tom Stout 

Lee Wann 

Teresa Ware 

Mrs. Nancy Shelton, Sponsor 

Miss Terri Swann, Sponsor 

Purpose: The puropse of Geist is to recognize and encourage quality 
achievement in scholarship, leadership and service; to promote college loy- 
ality and preserve worthwhile ideals and treditions of the instution; to foster 
understanding and cooperation between students and faculity. Geist is a 
German word signifying spirit, imagination, intellegence and soul. 

Pi Omega Pi 

Purpose: Pi Omega Pi is the 
national honor fraternity in busi- 
ness education. Its purpose is to 
create a fellowship among teach- 
ers of business. 

Wendy Barrett 
Louise Bigger 
Sabrina Bristow 
Susan Cross 
Karen Gunn 
Sylvia Poore 
Sara Smith 
Susan Williams 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

Purpose: Sigma Alpha lota is 
an international music frater- 
nity for Women. Its purpose is 
to further the development of 
music in America, to raise the 
standards of productive musi- 
cal work among the students, 
and to give inspiration and 
musical aid to its members. 

Sandra Martin 
Kristin Holberg 
Rene Rowland 
Ruth Vaughan 
Peg Roettger 
Lynnette Hudson 
Elaine McDonald 
Abby McChesney 
Mary Breeden 
Jenny Lashley 

Mary Barrett 

Cathy Edwards 

Penny Williams 

Debbie Cobb 

Sandra Goodwyn 

Cindy Hamilton 

Margie LaReau 

Marguerite Roller 

Miss Norma Williams, Sponsor 

Mrs. Pauline Haga, Sponsor 

Pi Gamma Mu 

Purpose: The purpose of Pi 
Gamma Mu is to improve 
scholarship in the social stud- 
ies and to achieve synthesis 
therein; to inspire social ser- 
vice to humanity by an intelli- 
gent approach to the solution 
of social problems. 

Mary Barrett 
Robin Blecher 
Becky Bennoit 
Donna Connaily 
Leigh Anne Duff 
Dorthy Jerd 
Karl Hoessler 
D. J. Lindsey 

Mary Ellen Machauglin 
Theresa Markley 
Wanda Peterson 
Sue Russell 
Teresa Ware 
Tony Wilkins 
Mary Lucy Wilson 

Pi Mu Epsilon 

Barbara Baker 
Teresa Burks 
Bobby Covington 
Connie Daniels 
Nancy Fringer 
Sherry Harrison 
Betty Lewis 

Cheryl McKenn 
Ken Neimo 
Viet Nguyen 
Jerri Anne Reid 
Karen Simpson 
Sherry Herald Wagner 

Judy Azcue 

Mrs. Vicki Hightower 
Cindy Moss 


Dr. Allen 

Mrs. Bollinger 

Dr. Gussett 

Dr. Hightower 

Dr. Kidder 

Dr. May 

Dr. Noone 

Mrs. Noone 

Mrs. Parrish 

Dr. Webber 

Dr. Wu 

Purpose: Pi Mu Epsilon is a 
non-secret organization whose 
purpose is the promotion of 
scholarly activity in mathmat- 
ics among students in acdemic 
institutions, and among staffs 
of qualified non-academic in- 



Purpose: The purpose of 
Lychnos is to promote interest 
in science and mathematics. 
Membership is limited to jun- 
iors and seniors who are ma- 
joring in biology, chemistry, 
general science, and mathe- 

Toni Ayers 
Teresa Burks 
Sara Coon 
Robert Curtin 
Connie Daniels 
Nancy Fringer 
Lynn Glover 
Susan Gouldman 
Kathy Hancock 
Beverly Harvey 
Sunok Kim 
Betty Lewis 

Joni Lewis 
Cheryl McKeen 
Viet Nguyen 
Gary Riley 
Jerri Ried 
Karen Simpson 
Robin Stark 
Laurie Stuber 
Lee Wann 
Janice Wettstien 
Robin Young 

Phi Kappa Phi 

Mary Ellen Barrett 
Becky Bennick 
Teri Dunnivant 
Virginia Flemer 
Nancy Fringer 
Anita Glover 
Susannah Hardy 
Ann Johnson 
Linda Muley 
Cheryl Parks 
Deborah Pultz 
Jerri Reid 
Karen Steuber 
Kim Turnbull 
Glenette Lee Wan 

Faculty Members 
Janet Binger 

Robert Blasch 
Eleanor Bobbitt 
Jerry Cardwell 
Carolyn Craft 
James Crowl 
Elizabeth Etheridge 
William Frank 
Foster Gresham 
Janet Hedrick 
Lawrence HIad 
Elizabeth Jackson 
James Jordan 
Robert May 
Jo Leslie Sneller 
Wayne Tinnell 
Carolyn Wells 

Purpose: Phi Kappa Phi is a 
national honor society wgich 
recognizes and encourages 
superior scholarship in all aca- 
demic disciplines and many 
professional fields. Thus, Phi 
Kappa Phi is distinguished by 
its dedication to the twin prin- 
ciples of integration and de- 
mocratization of learning. 


Kappa Omicron Phi 

Cheryl Adkins 
Becky Bailey 
Cheryl Boys 
Elise Canty 
Carolyn Clark 
Jean Dyer 
Helen Garrett 
Beverly Harvey 
Carol Henry 
Joan Humphries 

Emmalee Isreal 

Janice Lembke 

Diane Nickels 

Sallie Pleasants 

Cindy Poore 

Robin Stephens 

Jane Tunstall 

Jeanne Webb 

Miss Eva McCreary, Sponsor 

Purpose: Kappa Omicron 
Phis is a national home eco- 
nomics honor society which 
was established at Longwood 
in 1962. Its purpose is to fur- 
ther the best interest of home 
economics; to develope wom- 
en with higher ideals of sane 
living with deeper higher intel- 
lectual cultural ideals. 

Lambda Iota Tau 

Purpose: Lambda lota Tau is 
an international honor society 
for outstanding achievements 
in language literature courses. 
The society encourages scho- 
lastic excellence in the study 
of literature. 

Lambda lota Tau 
Karen Bass 
Cindy Cumins 
Dan Corrie 
Beth Devan 
Terri Dunnivant 
Carol Henry 
Sandy Haga 

Laurie Hoffman 

Jessie Lingnian 

Donna Murphy 

Martha Nicholson 

Debbie Northern 

Sherie Ragsdale 

Karen Shelton 

Mr. Donald Stuart, Sponsor 



Delta Psi Kappa 

Jody Adams 
Pamela Adams 
Cathy Arcese 
Sherri Bain 
Laura Bell 
Alda Brown 
Kaye Carter 
Rosalind Crenshaw 
Becky Crites 
Sue Delong 
Dee Donnelly 
Darlene Douglas 
Lori Fehrenbach 
Lisa Florence 
Terry Garmer 
Marcia Gray 
Myra Gwyer 

Purpose: Delta Psi Kappa is 
national proffessional frater- 
nity in health, physical educa- 
tion and recreation. 

Diane Harwood 

Lydia Hudson 

Kitty Hughes 

Terry Johnson 

Debi Kinzel 

Nancy Moore 

Mary Kay Noftsinger 

Cindy Smith 

Paula Steele 

Tommy Stout 

Anne Tokarz 

Rosy Wallace 

Debbie Whetsel 

Melissa Wiggins 

Lisa Mowles 

Cheryl Strayor 

Sponsor: Dr. Eleanor Bobbitt 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Purpose: The purpose of 
Kappa Delta Pi shall be to en- 
courage high professional, in- 
tellectual and personal stand- 
ards and to recognize out- 
standing contributions to edu- 

Karen Baker 
Marsha Baker 
Mary Bennett 
Alda Brown 
Linda Burgess 
Robin Carter 
Alice Clay 
Betsy Cooper 
Jackie Crute 
Henry Dahlman 
Laura English 
Sandra Haga 
Virginia Hamilton 
Jill Hanel 
Joyce Harrison 
Susan Henley 

Kathy Hughes 

Joan Humphries 

Ann Johnson 

Kaye Midkiff 

Diana Morris 

Jan Murray 

Jane Perry Nash 

Sylvia Poore 

Debbie Pultz 

Raye Rector 

Rene Rowland 

Beth Sage 

Rebecca Thompson 

Kathryn Wilson 

Mrs. Sandra Bollinger, Sponsor 

Purpose: The purpose of 
Alpha Psi Omega is to cultivate 
and encourage interest in dra- 
ma. It is an honary fraternity 
for those doing a high stand- 
ard of work in the college 

Alpha Psi Omega 

George Bennett 

James Bourne 

Mellisa Crick 

Henry Dalhman 

Cassi Dearing 

I. B. Dent 

Bene Freeman 

Linda Kulp 

Nina Leffue 

Sponsor: Mr. Benjamin Emerson 

Patten Lockwood 
Reenie Manley 
Vicki Mann 
Ken Neimo 
Christopher Orsi 
Lisa Pelis 
Barbara Wood 
Robert Webber 
Douglas Young 

Beta Beta Beta 

Mary Barrett 

Gary Birkett 

Sara Coons 

Dale Dippre 

Susan Gouldman 

Judi Hamliton 

Peter Kauffman 

Joni Lewis 

Kathy Newcomb 

Sponsors: Dr. Donald Merkie 

Dr. David Brail 

Joan Solari 
Robin Stark 
Helen Strickland 
Patti Surrat 
Beth Thompson 
Lynn Trotter 
Lee Wann 
Janice Wettstein 

Purpose: Beta Beta Beta is a 
honor and professional society 
for students of the biological 
sciences. Its activities are de- 
signed to stimulate interest, 
scholarly attainment, and in- 
vestigation in the biolobical 

Honor's Council 

Dr. James C. Gussett, Sponser 
Cindy Poore, President 
Cheryl McKeen, Secretary 
Waiter Wooldridge 
Peter Kauffman 
Cindy Morris 
Teresa Ware 

Susan O'Brien 
Jane Tunstall 
Becky Bennoit 
Connie Daniels 
Sylvia Poore 
Sandra Martin 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Purpose: Alpha Lambda Del- 
ta is the freshman honorary 
society. The purpose of the 
society is to promote intelli- 
gent living and a high standard 
of learning and to encourage 
superior shcolastic attainment 
among college students. 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Julie Baca 
Ruby Barnes 
Mary Cappaert 
Jennifer Carraway 
Deborah Cobb 
James Coleman 
Julie Compton 
Donna Courtney 
Tammy Jo Davis 
Marilyn Gillispie 
Ginger Glasscock 
Susan Godbey 
Susan Goodman 
Linda Hall 
Kimberly Hancock 
Karen Hoffman 
Mary Beth Johnson 
Beth Joles 
Elizabeth Jones 

Sponser: Dr. James Gussett 

Ann-Elyse Maxey 
Elizabeth Mitchell 
Tammy Newton 
Susannah Nuckols 
Lynn Painter 
Cynthia Progar 
Carole Robertson 
Barbara Sabitus 
Mary Sewell 
Mary Slade 
Donald Spence 
Jane Waters 
Nancy Willard 
Deanna Wilson 
Walter Wooldridge 
Sharon Wooten 
Diane Wright 
Talmadge Yeatts, Jr. 

Captions are clockwise starting 
in the upper left hand corner 

"Ah-so" sais Sue 

Delong .... Muffin Ames and 
Jim Crites, senior ushers for 
Oktoberfest, do a little "shot- 
ich" in front of supportive on- 
lookers . . . Ken Neimo tells 
the world to "Move over. I am 
coming through!!" ... Is it the 
three Mousekateers, or maybe 
it's the Mod Squad!! (made up 
by Dianne Harwood Petie Grigg 
and Rosalind Crenshaw .) . . 
Pam Bessler Sings her heart 
out for her senior recital. 

Muffin Ames 

Home Economics Education 

Oktoberfest Sr. Usherette, Oktoberfest Soph, 
Booth Co-Chair, S.A.F.C., Colleague/Orientation 
Leader, SGA Treasurer, AET Sorority 

Gary Andrews 

Business Administrtation and Accounting 

Bonita Angle 

Economics and Accounting 

Oktoberfest Klown, Phi Beta Lambda treas., Intra- 
murals: Softball and Volleyball, Hall President 

Cathy Arcese 

Patricia Ashwell 

Toni Ayers 
Chemistry/ Biology 

Lychnos, Chemistry Club - Sec. & V.P., Stu. 
Ass't., Or. Lead., Fresh. Prod., Okt. Skit, Announce- 
ment Chairman, Alumni Sec. 

Susan Bailey 
Home Economics 

Dance Company, Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority 

Elizabeth Baker 


. \ 

Karen Baker 

Elementary Education K-3 

Longwood Scholars, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambca 
Delta, Colleagues, SEA 

Shirley Banks 

Mary Ellen Barrett 
Social Science 

Varsity Tennis Team (Capt. Sr. Yr.), Concert Choir 
(Treas.), Phi Dappa Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Beta Beta 
Beta, Sigma Alpha lota, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cam- 
arata Singers 

Lida Barthol 

Business Administration 


Karen Bass 

Paula Bass 
Elementary Education 

B.S.U. 1977-79 
S.E.A. 1977-79 

Caryn Beausoliel 
Elementary Education 

VWOA of ET (honorary Sorority) President Hall 
President 2 years. Weight Watchers, Newman Club, 
Intervarsity, Costume Mistress "Glass Menagerie," 
worked on costumes for several other plays 

Robin Carol Belcher 
Social Science 

Alpha Gamma Delta - President, Panhellenic Dele- 
gate, Colleague, Oktoberfest Skits, Concert Choir, 
PiGamma Mu - Vice President, Secretary, Orien- 
tation Leader, MENC, Treasurer, 

Teresa Bing 

Louise Bigger 
Business Education 

Honoarary - Pi Omega Pi, Phi Beta Lambda 
Historian Jr. Year, Baptist Student Union 

Frances Bell 

Emma Blankenship 
Home Economics 

Kathy Bique 

Health and Physical Education 

Fire Warden to Residence Board, Senior Class 
Vice-President. Field Hockey (Fresh-Soph), 
Head "Pea-Picker" '79, Oktoberfest Skits, 
Color Rush Chairman, Class of '79 Alumni 

Susan Bernard 

Mary Berl 

Oktoberfest Skit 1975, Set 1978, Bloodmobile 
77-79, Nat'l. Student Conf. Delegate 1979 
(at the Citadel, Charleston, S.C.), Intermural 
Softball (1976), Volleyball (1977), Honorary 
Member of Vica Icka Coopa, NBC Election 1978 

Pam Bessler 

Oktoberfest Skit 1-2, Pres. of Concert Choir - 4 
Sec. of Concert Choir - 3 Cameratas, Alpha 
Gamma Delta - 1st Vice Pres. Legislative Board 
Rep. Student Counselor, Geistmeister for Okt., 



I ^1 





Sarah Blue 
Speech and Drama 

Longwood Players. Oktoberfest Script - 1976 - 
Green-n-White. Oktoberfest Music 1976, Oktober- 
fest Skit 1976 - Beggar - Green-n-White, Okto- 
berfest Script - 1978 - Green-n-Wliite, Oktoberfest 
Set - 1975 - Green-n-White. 

Leslie Boatwright 

Beulah Bolden 

Peom - "Touching the Mind" Published 1977-'78, 
Anthology College Poetry. National Press, Agoura, 
California, Conference/Potential Minority Grad- 
uate Students - Participant - 1977-78, Alpha Kappa 
Alpha - Founding Member 1977 - Secretary 1978, 
Psychology Club - Vice President 1978, Student 
Assistant - 1976-77 

Deborah J. Brown 

Health Physical Education - Elementary & 


Varsity Volleyball 2-3-4, JV Basketball 1-2, Softball 
Team, Residence Board Investigator 

Martha Brown 
Business Education 

Phi Mu Sorority (Secretary, 
Lambda, Student Assistant 

Panhell), Phi Beta 


Peggy Bryant 
Elementary Education 

Zeta Tau Alpha, Hampden 
(4 years) 

Lee Bruno 

Snyder Cheerleader 

Robin Bryant 
H P E 

Pam Buchanan 

Lauren Burns 

Linda Burgess 

Mary Beth Budd 

Deborah Burch 
Elementary Education 

Teresa Burks 

Applied Mathematic and Computer Science 

Lychnos Society, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Lambda 

Vanessa Burns 

Tammy Callis 

■ Colleague 1976, Orientation Leader 1977-78, 

Chemistry Club Secretary 1978 



Sara Camancho 

Rita Campbell 

Business Administration-Management 

Elise Canty 

Home Economics, Foods & Nutrition 

Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Economics Club. Okto- 
berfest sl<it and booths, Freshman Production, 
Student Assistant, H.S.G.S.S. 

Mary Beth Carey 

V.P. Alpha Gamma Delta, Judicial Brd, Representa- 
tive, Sr. Class Treas., Elections Comm., Student 
Activities Fees Comm.. Oktoberfest Skits, Miss L. C. 

Kaye Carter 
Therapeutic Recreation 

Delta Psi Kappa, Therapeutic Recreation Organiza- 
tion, Volleyball Team 

Pamela Carter 
Elementary Ed. K-3 

Patti K. Chapman 
Elementary Ed. 4-7 

Dorm Pres-Fresh & Soph, year, Secretary of 
Residence Board, Historian V. Pres., Pres. of 
H2O Club, S-UN, Reporter & Artist for Rotunda, 
Okt. Skits 1977 

Carolyn Clark 

Home Economics Education 

Pledge Guard of Kappa Omicron Phi, Va. Home 
Economics Assoc, Home Economics Club, Chem- 
istry Club, Award of Scholastic Achievement 

feiiSS«i^WfeJtoil'* i-.V>:il- «ii ;!'!i^-. 


Debra K. Clements 
Art Education 

Robin Compton 
Home Economics 

Colleagues, VHEA, 
Panhellenic Pres. 

Alpha Delta PI Sorority, 

Donna Connolly 
Social Work 

Vice Chairman of Residence Board, Geist Secre- 
tary, Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honorary, 
Federation of Student Social Workers, Coordin- 
ator Reach Out Program, Chairman Dining Hall 

Lynda Coon 
Elementary Education 

Secretary of Sigma Sigma Sigma, Member of the 
Student Education Assoc. 

Carol Cooper 

Home Ec.-Fashion Merchandise 

Colleague, Student Assistant, Orientation Leader. 
Legislative Board, Rep. Soph, Jr. & Sr. Year, 
Senior Class President, Alpha Sigma Tau 

Ann Corson 

Gwen Crawford 

Rosalind Crenshaw 
Therapeutic Recreation 

Geist - Head Clown, Alpha Sigma Tau - Chaplain, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Psi Kappa, Legislative 
Board, Head Colleague 

' ' ;- '^ ' *^.l 

i' " 


111 . :: 

H - ^ ^^ 




W '^ 1 

w . t in 

Ik "X 

^ ^m 

Susan Crawford 

Jim Crites 

Legislative Board, Chem. Club 
Senior Usher - Oktoberfest '78 

treas., S-UN, 

Rebecca Crites 
Therapeutic Recreation 

Vice - Chairman Student Union, Scholarships Chair- 
man, Miss Longwood Pageant, Student Activity 
Fees Committee, Rep. of Class of 1979, Delta Psi 

Susan Cross 
Business Education 

Member of Phi Beta Lambda, Member of PI 
Omega PI 

Anita Crutchfield 

Kappa Delta Sorority (Membership Chair.), 
Rotunda Reporter (Fr. Yr.), Oktoberfest Skit 
(Soph. Yr.) 

Jacl(ie Crute 
Elementary Education 

Kappa Delta Pi - Treas., Zeta Tau Alpha 

Kathy Cullen 

Health and Physical Education 

Colleagues "76", Student Assistant "77", Orien- 
tation Leader "78", Oktoberfest Skits, Alpha 
Gamma Delta, Student Faculty Advisory Comm. 
(HPER), Itramurals (B.B., V.B.) 

Hank Dahlman 
Music Education 

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society & Fellowship Candi- 
date, Phi Mu Alpha Music Professional, Alpha Psi 
Omega Dramatic Professional, Kappa Delta Pi Edu- 
cation Professional, Who's Who in American 
Colleges and Universities, Camerata Singers, Vice 


Debbie Daniel 

%^k/^ ^ 


Paulette iVIarie Daniel 

Connie Daniels 

Pres. Pi Mu Epsilon (Scholarship Comm.). iVlember 
Lychnos, Hall Pres.. Tennis Team, Student Assis- 

Deanna Deane 

Longwood Scholar, Pres. of EEE, Chairman of Miss 
LC Pageant, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Lambda, 
B.H. Club. 3 yrs. 

Cassandra Dearing 

Psych Club Pres. 'll-l'i. Alpha Psi Omega '79, 
Longwood Players '77-79, Orientation Leader, Phi 

Susan Agnes Delong 

Physical Education W/ Elementary Emphasis 

Legislative Board Rep. 3 Yrs., Delta Psi Kappa Phy. 
Ed. Honorary Frat. - V. Pres. Honors Council, Alpha 
Gamma Delta, Manager Men's Basketball and Soc- 
cer Teams, Sec. Senior Class. Alumni Secretary 

Reglnia Denby 

Beth Devan 

Lambda lota Tau (English Honorary), Sigma Kappa 
Recording Secretary 

Linda Dodson 
Elementary Education 

AlO Sorority-Philanthropy & V. Pres., Wesley 
Choir, Wesley Council-Hostess & Nursery Chair- 
man, Student Education Assoc- Historian 

Dee Donnelly 
Therapeutic Recreation 

Legislative Bd. Rep. (Fresh. & Soph.) Junior Class 
Pres., Kelta Psi Kappa. Alpha Gamma Delta, Elec- 
tions Committee Chairman, Oktoberfest Music 

Cynthia Downey 

Physical Education W/ Minor in Biology 

Leigh Duff 

Sigma Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu Honorary, Resident 

Laura Duncan 

Delta Zeta Sorority-President, Pledge Trainer & 
Activities Chairman, Student Assistant, Hall Pres- 

Teri Dunnivant 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda lota 
Tau, Volleyball - V & JV, Lacrosse-JV 

'^^gf' 1^ 

Scarlett Dyer 
Elementary Education 4-7 

Student Assistant, Orientation Leader, Resident 

Linda Eagle 

Health & Physical Education 

Varsity Volleyball, JV Lacrosse, Softball Team, 
Played Basketball Intramurals 

Shirley Early 

Sherry Edwards 

Phi Beta Lambda, Women's Basketball Scorekeeper 

Laura English 
Elementary Education 4-7 

Member Kappa Delta Pi 

Audrey Evans 

BME (Bac. Music Ed) 

Longwood Players, Trees. EAI (Sigma Alpha lota) 
Music Honary, Concert Choir, Camerata Singers 

Doris Evans 
Art Education 

Art Department Hostess, 1979 

Diana Faison 

Business Administration 

Phi Beta Lambda 76-78 




Brenda Faulconer 

I. .^ 


Eleanor Fillmore 

A,. ...J 

Kim Fisher 

Elementary Education K-3 

Residence Board '77-78, Student Education Assoc, 
(SEA), Longwood Players. Senior Class Booth 
Chairman, Senior Class Fund Raising Chairman, 
Concert Choir 

Virginia Flemer 
Political Science 

Phi Kappa Phi, Member National Hon. Society, Pi 
Gamma Mu, Vice Pres. Nat Social Science Honor 
Society, Dean's List Student, Alpha Sigma Alpha 
Sorority-Standard's Board Chairman 

Carol Fleming 

Gayle Floyd 

Elementary Education 4-7 

Colleagues, Sigma Kappa 

Janice Fowler 
Elementary Education 4-7 

Mary - Jean Frank 

Biology (Environmental Emphasis) 

Student Assistant (2), HjO Club - Historian, HjO 
Club - President 

Nancy Fringer 

Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon. Lychnos Society 

itei£i^2i*iZ5 '''■^iM[M''f^i!p! 



Carol Garrett 

Business Administration 

Susan Gentry 

Angela Gerst 
Therapeutic Recreation 

Varsity Tennis Team Member 75-78 Badminton 
CInampion 76 & 77, Women's Bowling Champion 
1977, Women's Ping Pong Cliampion 1977, Drama 
Set Crew Member 75-76, Octoberfest Band 

Lynn Glover 

Pres. Lychnos, Sec. Treas. of Honors Council, 
Member Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha 
Lambda Delta 

Susan Gouldman 

Beta Beta Beta Biological Honorary Society His- 
torian & President, Lychnos Honorary Society for 
Math & Science Majors, Sec, Chemistry Club Activ- 
ities Chairman 

Sherry Grant 

Joanne Gray 

Business Administration 

inter-Varsity Fellowship, HjO Club 

Deborah Griffin 
Art Education 

Visual Arts Assoc, Student Director Showcase 
Gallery, Recipient Art Scholorship Award 1978. Art 
Purchase Award, Jr. Show 1978. Alumni Assoc. Art 
Purchase Award '78 



Judy Griffin 

Student Education Assoc. 
Orientation Leader 

Student Alumni Assoc. 

Margaret Grigg 
Art Education 

OI<t. Green & WInite Chairman '77, Booth Chairman 
'75, Geist Publicity Chairman, Judicial Board 
Chairman & Secretary, Longwood College Pur- 
chasing Committee, Longwood Co. of Dancers- 
Publicity Chairman. Executive Council & Liason 

Joyce Gunn 

Myra Gwyer 
Health/Physical Education 

Legislative Board-Rec. Sec. 2 Yr. Member, Hockey 
Team-2 yrs.. Lacrosse Team-2 yrs.. Delta Psi 
Kappa, Who's Who, Alpha Sigma Tau-Pres. 

Sandra Haga 

Reporter of Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec.-Treas. of 
Lambda lota Tau, Elections Committee 

Kathy Hallett 

Brenda Hamlette 
Elementary Education 4-7 

Alpha Kappa Alpha V.P., Election Committee. Pan- 
hellenic Council Delegate 

Kathy Hancock 

Jill Hanel 

Elementary Education K-3 

SEA, Kappa Delta Pi 

Darlene Harless 
Home Economics 

Joyce Harrison 
Elementary Education 

Ed. Honary - Kappa Delta Pi 

Beverly Hart 

Grace Hardy 

Sherri Harrison 

Diane Harwood 

Health & Physical Education 

Geist Vice Pres., Delta Psi Kappa, Pres., Judicial 
Board, Alpha Sigma Tau, Hockey Team Mgr., Who's 


Lisa Heidemann 

B.S. in Business Administration (Marketing) 

Longwood College Concert Choir 77-79, Phi Beta 
Lambda 78-79, Senior Class Booth Co-Chairman 
'78, Senior Banquet Committee 79, Orientation 
Leader '78 

Susan Henley 
Elementary Education K-3 

Baptist Student Union: Summer Missions Ch. Sec, 
Pres., Tafara: Transportation Ch., Sec, Pres. 
Kappa Delta Pi, Colleague Founders Day Commit- 

Carol Henry 

■ ■I 






Debbie Hernandez 
Elementary Education K-3 

Zeta Tau Alpha - Corresponding Secretary, Student 
Alumni Association, Student Education Association 

John Herndon 

Brenda Hester 

English Communications 

Zeta Tau Alpha, Ritual Chairman, Colleague Junior 
Assistant. Orientation Leader, Dorm Council, 
Intramurals, Rotunda Staff Reporter 

Robin Hines 

Elementary Education K-3 

Student Union, Oktoberfest 
SEA, Dean's List 

Green & White Skit. 

Laurie Hoffman 

Oktoberfest Skit Costume Chairman '76, Senior 
Class Chairman '78, Wesley Foundation Pres. '77, 
Sec '78. Choir. Lambda lota Tau Pres.. Organiza- 
tion Evaluations Committee 



Maureen S. Hogan 
Social Work 

Student Assistant 2 Yrs.. Newman Club 1 Yr. 
Federation of Student Social Workers 1 Yr. 

Mary Hogge 

Elementary Education K-3 / Library Science 

Colleague, Admissions Aid. SAA 

Betsy Hopkins 

Dianne Hornback 

Donna Huff 

Social Science Education - B.S. 

SEA Sec. 1977-78, Student Assistant 2 Yrs.. Dele- 
gate 2 Yrs, to SVEA Convention 

Kathy Hughes 
Music Education 

EAI Chaplain, Editor, KATT Secretary, MENC Vice 
Pres., SCVMEA State Secretary, Camerata Singers 
Sec. Yr., Concert Choir 

Joan Humphries 

Home Economics Education 

Home Economics Club, Kappa Omicron Phi 
Home Economics Honor Society, Intramural 

Emmalee Israel 

Home Economics Education 

Kappa Omicron Phi, Longwood VHEA Pres., Okto- 
berfest Booth Chairman, Student Asst., Betty Lamp 



Peggy Jenkins 

B.S. in Home Economics/Fashion Merchandising 

Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority. Intramural Softball 

Sharon Jenlcins 
Elementary Education 

Elizabeth Jennings 





t 1 




Terry Johnson 

Health & Physical Education 

Virginia Johnson 

Elementary Education K-3 Math Certification 

Freshman Commission Elf, Student Union Secre- 
tary, Orientation Leader, Phi Kappa Phi, Student 
Alumni Assoc. (SAA) Moderator, Geist President 

Beverly Jones 
Elementary Education 4-7 

Katherine Jones 

Nelle Jones 


Debbie Joyner 

Hope Kaliuretenos 

Beth Kearney 

Jennifer Kelsey 

Debra Kilpatrick 

Bonnie Celeste King 

Secretary of Longwood College Concert Band, 
Chairman of Band Booth at Oktoberfest, Orchestra 
member for Fiddler on the Roof, Longwood Band 

Wanda Kirkland 

Business Administration - Management 

Student Asst., Orientation Leader, Phi 
Lambda, Phi Mu Director 1977 


Gwen Koeclilein 

Business Administration - Management 

Tennis Team 4 yrs.. captain soph, yr.. Phi Beta 
Lambda, Senior Practicum in Richmond, Member 
Alpha Sigma Alpha 




Cindy Krott 

4 M ^*V 


Linda Kulp 

Speech & Dramatic Arts 

Alpha Psi Omega - Drama Honorary V.P., Geist 
Festmeister & Okt. Chairman, Alpha Sigma Tau 
Sorority, Judicial Board Vice Chairman, Student 
Activities Fees Committee Representative, Long- 
Vi/ood Players 

Melinda Lafoon 

Robin Landry 

Susan Lawrence 

Ann Leavitt 

Home Economics Option in Food & Nutrition 

Jr. Usher, Chairman Miss Longwood Pageant '78, 
Chairman Student Union 78-79, Worked W/ Or- 
ientation for 3 Yrs., Home Ec. Club, Student 
Alumni Assoc. 

Erin Lee 

Elementary Education K-3 

Oktoberfest. Sophomore Road Shovif, Orientation 



Cathy Leftwich 
Elementary Education 

Student Assistant, Orientation Leader, Green-n- 
White color activities, Oktoberfest skit. Alpha 
Sigma Tau Sorority - Social Chairman. Freshman 
Production Student Alumni Association. Sopho- 
more Road show 

Betty Lewis 

Business Administration- Concentration Account- 

PI Mu Epsilon. Lynchos, Oktoberfest skits Costume 
Chairmen '78, Wesley Foundation, student 
council, treasurer 


D. J. Lindsay 

Mary Logan 

Office Administration 

Phi Beta Lambda 1978, Resident Assistant 1978-79 

Sherrill Logan 
Government/minor - History 

Student Alumni Association 

Mary K. Mahon 
Therapeutic Recreation 

Swim Team, Oktoberfest skits, Dean's list. Trea- 
surer Sophmore Class, Student Activities Fee 
Committee, Freshman Production 

Maureen F. Manley 

Regina Mason 
Elementary Education 

Hampden-Sydney Cheerleading 4 years, captain 
senior year 






Laurie Matter 
Elementary Education K-3 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Kim McCanna 
Physical Education 

Oktoberfest Klown 4 years, lAA president and Vice 

Diana McClain 

Sandy McConnell 

Michelle McCollum 

Business Administration (Mgt.) 

Alpha Lambda Delta, EEE treasurer Panhell dele- 
gate, Colleague, Student Asst, Orientation Leader 
Baptist Student Union fellowship and finance chair- 
man, Oktoberfest skit '78, "Children's Hour," 
"Angel Street" 

Mary Kay McDaniel 
Business Administration 

Zeta Tau Alpha, H20 Club, Director of 1978 Miss 
Longwood Pageant 

Megan McDonald 

B. A. English and Library Science 

Gyre, Horse Club, Intercollegiate Riding Varsity one 

Kathie McKnight 
Elementary Education 

Sigma, Sigma, Sigma Secretary 

Mary Ellen McLaughlin 
Social Science 

Pi Gamma Mu 

Kay Midklff 

Elementary Education NK-3 

Alpha Sigma Tau - rush chairman (1 yr), Residence 
Bd. investigator (1 yr), Kappa Delta Pi honorary, 
Orientation Leader, Colleague, Oktoberfest 
usherette, Student Activity Fees Comm. Chairman 
(11/2 yr) 

Cynthia Miller 
Elementary Education K-3 

H-SC Cheerleader soph, and jr. years 

Susan Miskar 

Government/minor Sociology associate Spanish 

Junior rep, for Legislative Bd,. Democratic Club, 
Concert choir, EK sorority. Student Counselor of 
Judicial Bd., Senior banquet chrm., Green-n-White 
Oktoberfest skits '78 

Dana Moore 

Office Administration 

Wesley Foundation, Phi Beta Lambda 

Earl Moore 

Karen Moore 

Nancy Moore 
Therapeutic Recreation 

Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity, Colleague Dalta 
Psi Kappa Professional Fraternity 


Windy Moorefieid 

Health and Physical Education 

Intramurals Softball, basketball, volley ball 

Lysa Mowles 

Linda Muley 

Music Education and Performance 

Gelst, Phi Kappa Phi. President of Camerata Sing- 
ers, President of Sigma Alpha lota, Music Perform- 
ance Award, National Dean's List 

Kathleen Mullooly 

Health and Physical Education 

Swim Team, Frosh Commission and Production, 
Soph. Weekend Chairman, Jr. Ring Comm, Intra- 
mural Softball, Student Alumni Association, Co- 
Coordinator of Sunday Rec. Programs, Oktober- 
fest skit '77 

Cheryl Murphy 

Elementary Ed. 4-7 and Pre-Algebra 

Sigma Kappa Sorority, Treasurer, 
skit 1976 

Donna Murphy 

Foreign Language Club President, Lambda lota 
Tau, Veta Weta Omega Secretary, Hall President 

Ken Neimo 

Physics, Mathematics 

Longwood Players Vice-president, Pi Mu Epsilon 
(Math honor.), Alpha Psi Omega President, Visit- 
ing Artist Series, Student Union, Who's Who 1979 

Cindy Nelson 

Beatriz Tolama-Neri 

Foreign Language Assistant (Spanish), Foreign Lan- 
guage Club Advisor 

Tuan A. Nguyen 

Martha Nicholson 

^ Alpha Lambda Delta. Elections Committee, Modern 
;!^ Foreign Language Club (President 1978-79) 

Anneli Nilsson 

IVIary Noftsinger 
Therapeutic Recreation 

Zeta Tau Alpha, Colleague, Junior Assistant, Delta 
Psi Kappa 

Marcia Noser 
Elementary Education K-3 

Rebecca Nunnally 
Social Work 

Wesley Foundation, Wesley Choir, Alpha Phi - Sec- 


Sharon O'Bryan 



Cathy Oden 

Home Economics - Foods/Nutrition 

Secretary to Hampden- Sydney and Longwood In- 
ter Varsity Christian Fellowship Chapter 1977-78 
and 1978-79 

Cam Oglesby 
Social Work 

Ch. of Legislative Bd. '78, Oktoberfest ch '76, 
Geist '78, Who's Who 1978, Pi Gamma Mu Cocial 
Science Honorary, Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, Sec. 
of Residence Bd., 1976 

Peggy Otstot 

Home Economics - Food/Nutrition 

Home Ec Club Secretary, Senior Banquet Commit- 
tee, VHEA-SMS 

Dana Overstreet 

Junior Usherett for Oktoberfest, Head Student As- 
sistant, Sophomore Class Secretary, Alpha Gamma 
Delta Sorority 

Jane Pace 
Home Economics 

Jacquelyn Sue Page 
Social Work 

Dance Company, Special projects chairman. Col- 
leagues, Student Assistant, Freshman Production 
Dance Chairman '76 and '78, Federation of Stu- 
dent Social Workers 

<? -— 

Cheryl Kaye Parks 

Toni Peoples 


Robin Perdue 
Home Economics 

Colleague, Student Assistant, Orientation Leader, 
Oktoberfest, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Student Alumni 

Pat Perkins 

Business Administration 

Intramurals - volleyball, basketball. Riding Club, 
Phi Beta Lambda, Resident Assistant 

Brenda Pinchbeck 

Bonnie Poladian 
Elementary Education 4-7 


Sylvia Jean Poore 
Business Administration 

Pi Omega Pi President and Sec.-Treas., Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Beta Lambda 

Vicki Pope 
Elementary Education 

Marlene Posa 
Therapeutic Recreation 

Oktoberfest Klown 

Cathy Ann Powell 

Elementary Education and Art Certification 

Oktoberfest skit 1975, SEA 3 yrs.. Intramural 
sports 2 yrs.. Student Assistant H.S.C.S.S., Pig- 
foot Club 



u' \ii\f' 


k"^ III 
^. iw 


Debbie Pultz 

Elementary Education K-3 

Alpha Lambda Delta. Kappa Delta Pi Pres., Plii 
Kappa Phi, Colleague. Orientation Leader. Hall 

Susan Puryear 
Elementary Education 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Maureen Qutnn 
Therapeutic Recreation 

H20 Club, Therapeutic Recreation Organization, 
Delta Psi Kappa Fraternity 

Caty Rafferty 
Elementary Education 

AET, Varsity Volleyball 3 yrs., Chairman of Organi- 
zations and Evaluations Committee 3 yrs.. Student 
Counselor. Oktoberfest skits 

Sherie Ragsdale 

Lambda lota Tau. Freshman Booth Comm. - Okto- 

Janet Ramsey 
Music BA 

Concert Choir, Sigma Alpha lota 

Susan Ramsey 
Business Administration 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Dean's 



Raye Rector 
Elementary Education 

Longwood Scholar, Alpha Lambda Delta Historian, 
Orientation Leader, Kappa Delta Pi Vice Pres., Ta- 
fara. Colleague 

Jerri Ann Reid 

Susie Reid 

Jack Reynolds 

Business Administration - Management 

Patricia Rideout 
Elementary Education K-3 

Longwood College, Republicans Sec.-treas,, Alpha 
Phi Sorority, rush chairman. Student Union 

Melody Riley 
Elementary Education 

Student Assistant, Orientation Leader, BSD fellow- 
ship and finance chairman. Oktoberfest skits '77- 

Jesse Roberts III 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Intramural football. 
Softball, basketball, water polo 

.^Lt- "' I '"' ^'" ^ 

Gary Robinson 
Social Work Major 

S-UN, Federation Student Social Workers, Pi Gam- 
ma Mu 



Kathy Rogers 

Sue Russell 

Psychology Club, Sociology Club, Pi Gamma Mu 
Honorary Society, Resident Assistant 

Angela Ryan 

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Vice-President 
1977-78, President 1978-79 

Cindy Sanders 
Health-Physical Education 

Freshman Production, Basketball, Softball, Student 
Faculty Committee HPER, Residence Bd. Fire War- 
den, Vice Chairman, Chairman, Longwood College 
Council, Hockey Team Manager, Oktoberfest 

Annette Sandler 

Thomas Schaubach 
Business Finance 

Terri Scheid 
Elementary Education 

Shelly Schuyler 
Social Work 

Federation of Student Social Workers, Committee 
on Human Sexuality Forum, Color Rush 1977, 


Barbara Sue Seaborn 


^^^^^^HPF / 


' ~^ v^^iJl^fllE^EI^BI 




Karen Simpson 
Mathematics/Business Administration 

Honors Council President, Alpha Lambda Delta 
Vice President, Pi Mu Epsilon President, Lyctinos 
Vice President, Who's Who 

Dolores Skinner 

Laura Smyth 
Social Work 

Phi Mu Sorority Social and Standards Chairman, 
Federation of Student Social Workers (76-77) 
President (77-78), Resident Assistant (78-79), 
Rush Counselor '78 

Teresa Snellings 

■'/ '/ M \ 

Joan Solari 

Tri-Beta, Lychnos Society, Student Alumni Associa- 
tion, Basketball/Volleyball Intramurals 


Jeanne Spinks 

Art - Crafts Concentration 

GyreStaff 1977, Art Editor of the Gyre 1978 and 
1979, Co-organizer of Oktoberfest Art SInow 1978, 
Art Club 

Roberta E. Stanley 
Business Administration 

Phi Beta Lambda, Zeta Tau Alpha Pres., Rush 
Chairman, Panhellenic Council, Student Assistant, 
Intramurals Basketball 

Robin Stark 
Biology Chemistry 

S-Un Treasurer (76-77), BBB Treasurer, Lychnos 
Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta, SAA, BBB Eastern 
Regional President 

Paula Steele 

Health - Physical Education 

Delta Psi Kappa 

Martha Stine 
Elementary Education 

Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority 

Tom Stout 

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 

Delta Psi Kappa, lAA Dorm Rep. and Pres., Who's 

Cheryl Strayer 

Health and Physical Education 

Delta Psi Kappa, Sophomore Roadshow, Oktober- 
fest Sdit '77, Color Rush '77, Heritage Club In- 
tramural Activities 

Delia Strickland 
Elementary Education 

Robin Swartzwelder 

Donna Taylor 

Anne Tokarz 
Therapeutic Recreation 

Delta Psi Kappa Secretary, Zeta Tau Alpha social 
chairman, Orientation Leader, Intramurals foot- 
ball, volleyball, Softball, nnember of Va. Recreation 
and Park Society, Therapeutic Recreation Organi- 

Mary Traina 

Jeanne Trimble 
Elementary Education K-3 

Gyre '78, Rotunda '79, Longwood Players '77-79, 
Yearbook '78 

Daphene Trent 

Kim Turnbull 

Elementary Education 4-7 and Math 

Alpha Lambda Delta, AEA chaplain and standards 
bd. chairman and Ideal Pledge, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Inter-Religious Council President and Secretary, 
Miss Longwood College 1978. Who's Who. Kappa 
Delta Pi Secretary, Colleague, Orientation Leader 

Annette Turner 
Elementary Education 


Mac Tyler 

Business Administration 

Betty Vaughan 
Food and Nutrition 

Concert Choir, Orientation Leader, Student Assis- 
tant, Home Ec Club, Student Almuni Association, 
Pigfoot Club, Student Search Committee for Dept. 
Chairman (Home Ec) 

Lynn Vickstrom 

Phi Mu Sorority Vice-President '76-77, Colleague, 
Student Assistant 

Roselyn Wallace 

Health, Physical Education and Recreation 

Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Psi Kappa, Lacrosse 

Lynne Walton 
Elementary Education 

Oktoberfest, Student Union 

Lee Wann 

Biology with emphasis in Driver's Training 

Longwood Scholar, Geist Treasurer, Chairman of 
Orientation, Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Tri Beta 

Susan Weatherford 

Business Administration - Finance and Management 

Phi Beta Lambda, Colleague, Student Assistant 

Rita Weaver 


Jeanne Webb 


Joy Lynne Webb 
Elementary Education 

Wesley Foundation President and Vice-President, 
Concert Choir. Student Assistant, Orientation 
Leader. Oktoberfest skits. Miss Longwood Pageant 
Committee Co-Chairman 

Wanda Weisiger 
Home Economics 

Home Economics Club 

Tricia West 
Student Lenlon 1976. Foreign Language Club His- 
torian 1.978 

Janice Wettstein 

Beverly West 

Evelyn White 
Elementary Education 

Alptia lota sorority President. House manager, col- 
league. Wesley choir. Wesley Council, SEA. Orien- 
tation Leader 

Melissa Wiggins 

Health and Physical Education 

Delta Psi Kappa. Alpha Sigma Tau, Varsity Basket- 
ball co-captain. Judicial Bd., Oktoberfest, Lacrosse 
2nd team captain 


Susan Wiley 


LuCinda Williams 



Susan Kay Williams 

Business Education - Stenography and 

General Office 

Pi Omega Pi Treasurer 1978-79, Oktoberfest Booth 
Chairman, Phi Beta Lambda, Longwood Players, 
Student Assistant 

Michelle Willis 
Business Administration 

Phi Mu Fraternity 

Bringle Wilson 

Janice Wilson 

Linda Wilson 
Social Work 

Alpha Phi Sorority Domestic co-ordinator 1977- 
78, Resitent Assistant 

Mary Lucy Wilson 
Social Work 

Pi Gamma Mu, Who's Who, Alpha Gamma Delta. 
Resident Advisor, Newman Club, Student Federa- 
tion of Social Workers 

! jBMia'iLi.iiji. v: m; 

(top to bottom) 
Sabrina Wilson 

Sherri Bain 
Thereputic Recreation 

Soph, road show, Oktoberfest skits, Alpha 
Sigma Tau sorority 

Regina DeMasso 

(top to bottom 
Sara Lynne Wolff 
Elementary Education 

orientation leader, Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, 
AXA (little sister) 

Katherine Lee Condylos 
Elementary Education (K-3) 

1978 graduate 

Archie Gunn 


(top to bottom) 
Barbara Louise Wood "Bon" 
Dramatic Arts. Longwood Players Tech. di- 
rector. Alpha Psi Omega sec, Oktoberfest 
skit crew chief Longwood Players produc- 
tions: "Our Town". "Little Eyolf", "Fiddler 
on the Roof", "Angel Street", "Cherry Or- 
chard". "Legend of Lovers". 

Melissa Crick "Cricket" 

Susan Jameson 

so hard 

to say 

goodbye . . . 

Mt'^ ^' » * 



Pam Adams 
Joyce Anderson 
Virginia Andrews 
Deena Arrington 
Judy Ayscue 

Linda Badgett 
Barbara Baker 
Wendy Barrett 
Jan Bates 
George Bennett 

Ingrida Berkis 
Wanda Blount 
Buddy Bourne 
Elizabeth Bowman 
Jean Bowman 

Martha Boyd 
Cheryl Soys 
Barbara Bragdon 
Roberta Brookes 
Alda Brown 



Jim Bob Bryant 
Suzanne Bryant 
Traci Bubier 
Valerie Buhler 
Kitty Buil 

Carol Butler 
Kathleen Caiazzo 
Helen Carrington 
Robin Carter 
Charlene Christian 


_Ii,:i Hl!illt»B<iSiaVJ»!Sii -^}M 

Vicki Eareckson 
Susie Evenden 
David Daussin 
Susan Davidson 
Vickie Davis 

Laurie DeLong 
Tom Dewitt 
Cheryl DiButera 
Mary Dllier 
Pat Donovan 

"There's nothing better," says Frank Creasey, "than a good game of backgar 
mon on a sunny afternoon." 

Come on Nick, smile pretty for the camera! 

Mark Gagnon 

Helen Garrett 

David Gates 

Debbie Gathright 

Anne Goud 

Brenda Gosnell 

Mary Grant 

Marcia Gray 

Lorl Grimm 

Karl Haeussler 

Sue Hamkmock 
Lydia Hamick 

Therese Hardin 
Sharon Harris 
Suzi Hartless 

Beverly Harvey 

Donna Haskey 

Katherine Hicks 

Mindy Hirsch 

John Hudson 

'You'd better not take my (click!) picture!" warns Robin Young. 

"Boy. I'm not in as good a shape as I thought I was!" thinks Debbie Northern 
after completing the 6.2 mile minithon. 



Lydia Hudson 
Betty Humphrey 
Jennifer Inman 
Cynthia Johnson 
Rob Johnson 

Carol Jones 
Kevin Kidd 
Sunok Kim 
Debi Kinzel 
Melanle Koch 

Karen Kreger 
Judy Kusterer 
Rhonda Landis 
Pam Leonard 
Jesse Lignian 

"You're some example of a fiery dragon," says Alice Clay to the Dee Dee Kilpatrlck can't decide which one of her many throws she 
red-n-white dragon Anne Wyatt and Dave Gates. should execute! 

Kathryn Moorefield 

Cynthia Morris 

Cindy Moss 

Beverly Mozingo 

Annette McAdams 

Steve McAra 

Bill McKaig 

Cheryl McKeen 

Teresa McLawhorn 

Luanne Nace 

Anh Viet Nguyen 
Donna Nicely 

Debbie Northern 
Susan Olson 
Kem Overby 

Pat Owen 

Sheila Parker 

Karen Peters 

Wanda Petersen 

Lynn Plagemann 

Sally Pleasants 

Carolyn Powell 

Kyna Racey 

Joyce Ray 

Sharon Rector 

Dale Roller 

Colleen Russell 

Beth Sage 

LeeAnn Sampey 

Nancy Scruggs 

Beverly Setliff 

Karen Shelton 

Deneen Shrader 

Doreen Shuffler 

Barbara Slough 

Mary Jane Smith 

Carol Spencer 

Robin Stanfield 

Lisa Staton 

Vicky Stefaniga 


Pam Stewart 
Susie Struder 
Lynne Swann 
Alison Swann 
June Taylor 

Bonnie Thomas 
Becky Thompson 
Beth Thompson 
Cindy Thompson 
Luanna Thompson 

Beth Tignor 
Susan Transue 
John Trout 
Barbara Upshaw 
Christine Vogel 

Darlene Walker 
William Wallace 
Teresa Ware 
Jill Webb 
Beth Weisel 

Kim West 
Ron Wheeler 
Laurie White 
Tricia Whitehurst 
Beverly Williams 

David Williams 
Jenny Williams 
Kathy Williams 
Kathy Wilson 
Beverly Wood 

Karen Wood 
Ann Wyatt 
Robin Young 

Wanda Petersen gets time enough to plan out strategy 
(or revenge) for the second half of a lacrosse game. 

'"^ ■'9—, , M^d- 

Kitten Abernathy 

Kendall Adams 

Wendy Adams 

Cheryl Adklns 

Susan Alexander 

Cindy Bartlam 

Anne Bentley 

Vickl Berman 

Justine Berzowski 

Eileen Betshold 

"^^M '■'■ 


»MAI»«W«lBfy J 

Tammy Bird 
Robyn Black 
Frank Bowman 
Robert Boyd 
Beth Breckenridge 

Charles Cole 
Nancy Colella 
Betsy Cooper 
Kathy Counts 
Jane Covington 

Ruth Coyner 
Carolyn Craft 
Sandi Cram 
Melody Crawley 
Lori Ca 
Lori Davis 


Lynne Davis 

Suzanne Day 

Denise Diehi 

Serena DiPeppe 

Cindy Dropeski 

Kathy Dunk 

Melissa Dunn 

Christina Dzierzek 

Cathy Edwards 

Cynthia Eggleson 

Terry and Linda enjoy the one acts during Spring Weekend. 

"Look Miss Bowman, I can almost touch my toe!" says 
Sandy McFall 

Bruce Elliott 

Margaret Ellis 

Michelle Elmore 

Settle Felumlee 

Brenda Fettrow 

Cheryl Fitts 

Julia Fitzgerald 

Kelly Ann Foster 

Margaret Fowler 

Howard Fox 


Joanne Fox 
Anne Gaither 
Vicki Glover 
Sheila Gollhardt 
Debbie Gordon 

"Where were you an hour ago?" questions Cheryl 

"Bird" Kilmer and Linda Paschall create their own sun- 
shine even if clouds threaten. 

Kim Hannan 
Denise Hardle 
Melanie Harp 
Janice Harper 
Jo Ann Harrell 

Elizabeth Hastings 
Louise Hawks 
Sarah Hazelgrove 
Karen Henry 
Kathy Hesse 


Audrey Hinck 

Michelle Hogge 

Darlene Holland 

Jeff Hood 

Tracey Hormuth 

Gina Howell 

Donna Hughes 

Pam Humphries 

Ann Ingebritsen 

Mary Ingram 

B. Dent and Jack Tolbert discuss Oktoberfest events, etc ... at the dress rehersal skits practice 
(above). Jackie Steer (right) runs to cut off her defender during a hockeygame. 

Patty Jackson 

DIanne Jeffries 

Jan Jennings 

T. C. Jones 

Debbie Junkins 

Susan Keehne 

Terry Keesee 

Patrick Kelly 

Carole Key 

Mary Kirkman 



Kathy Koch 
Sue Kus 
Kathy Lance 
Jenny Lashley 
Kim Lauterbach 

Becky Lee 
Donna Leighton 
Maria LeMaster 
Rusty Levey 
Kathy Lewis 


The art of bunting is demonstrated by Linda Pullen, during the 
Softball Tournament in Charlottesville. 

Move back everybody, Terl Davis is gonna Whomp that ball! 

Lorraine Lincoln 
Sally Lowe 
Melanie Lowery 
Ruth Lundy 
Kathy Lynch 

Lynn Marable 
Kathryn Markley 
Helen Masters 
Cathy Maxey 
Pam Mayo 


Debra Miller 

Jill Molter 

Karen Moore 

Keith Moore 
Wayne Moore 

Karen Morris 

Nancy Morton 

Donna Mottley 

Becki Myers 

Mary-Anne McAllister 

Elaine McDonald 

Kelly McDonald 

Kelly McDowell 

Jettaka McGregor 

Carolyn Mclver 

Ruth McWhirt 

Jeanne Nolte 

Debbie Osborne 

Donna Parder 

Liz Parrish 

.:!.^(*aaa!iKi;iiJVJi-y Liiij?Rvi;h^{iy:;:> 

Beth Parrott 
Linda Paschall 
Michelle Pelletier 
Carol Penn 
Cheryle Perkins 

Jeanne Nolte gives her big sis Kathy Bique a "Big Hug" after Senior Capping 

Vickie Glover leaves a note of her whereabouts to any 
possible visitors . . . 

Betsy Price 
Mary Purdham 
Sharon Raunswinder 
Virginia RIggs 
Lenora Ritchie 

Carol Robertson 
Celeste Rodriguez 
Pauline Sabas 
Kelly Sanderson 
Joy Serine 


Barrie Sherman 

Greg Siegrist 

Darlene Simmons 

Kay Simmons 

Debbie Simms 

Mary ESIen Simonelli 

Oonna Sizemore 

Debbie SI<elton 

Karen Smith 

Toi Smith 

Mary Soles 

Robin Soyars 

Anna Staley 

Elizabeth Stanton 

Kim Staples 

Doug Strobel 

Terri Stuart 

Sarah Stump 

Jackie Sullins 

Thomas Sullivan 

;.-j-'i^iHltS'«iKiij;iilllV,S?SRii:l\illi . f J!);; . :iV 1! :' 

Lea-Beth Thomas 
Lisa Thomas 
Patricia Thomas 
Sandy Thomas 
DONNA Timberlake 

Donna Todd 
Debra Trent 
Patia Truitt 
Dawn Vass 
Ruth Vaughan 



Tammy Lincks sleeps off a late nigfit over the books . 

'Mirror, mirror on the wall, should I wear this sweater?' 

Ann Via 
Pam Wagner 
Diane Walker 
Melanie Wallack 
Kathy Watson 

David Weaver 
Gayle Weaver 
Carlton White 
Steve Whitten 
Sherry Wiggins 

k .i?ji A )S.-Jr-W .jjt 



Cheryl Wilcox 

Sherry Will 

Pam Williams 

Penny Williams 

Rebecca Williams 

Susan Williams 

Phyllis Wilkins 

Amy Wilson 

Kim Wood 

Susan Wright 

Lynn - Ashton 


Dolly Young 

■■it's a bird, it's a plane, no It's Super - Frisbeel" 
says Audry HInck as she reaches up to nab the UFO. 

Melodle Crawley reverts back to childhood. 

.'>/S.*i;Jiirtiift/^ii';v; i/ ii: t. „ ' 

Ann Leavitt instructs the young. Influential freshman on the many aspects of Longwood 
. . . like Balloon-Blowing 101. 

'When does the music end?" asks Kim Fuhr and Jerry Richmond. 

'But they were just here a minute ago!' 

The agony of a long distance runner. 

Millicent Ailsworth 

Hubert Allen 

Kimberly Anderson 

Margaret Anderson 

Regina Anderson 

Jeanette Arnold 
Laura Audia 

Julie Baca f-. 

Susan Bacon 
Daniel Badgett 

Teresa Baer 

Vanessa Baird 

Jennifer Bare 

Susan Baroch 

Gail Bass 

Elizabeth Bauer 

Kim Baumgardner 

Nancy Baumgardner 

Lauren Beasley 

Cheryl Beausoleil 


Grace Ann Rodgers gets a hand from Cyndi Fitzgerald. 

Duke Rollins and his motley crew 

Peggy Beebe 
Becca Bergman 
Susan Berry 
Robin Billmyer 
Betsy Bishop 

Cathy Bodurtha 
Claudia Boggs 
Brenda Bonucelli 
Marsha Booth 
Diane Bottoms 

Linda Boulais 
Alexandra Boyd 
Dallas Bradbury 
Donna Braden 
Ann Brewer 

Lisa Bridgewater 
Julia Brissette 
Caria Brown 
Deborah Brown 
Linda Bryant 

■Happiness is more than a law!" sing all of the cheerful red-n-whites with a smil 

Rhonda Bryant 

Susan Bryant 

Tracy Burns 

Veronica Burris 

Mary Burroughs 

Jacqueline Burton 

Theresa Caldwell 

Amy Callahan 

Sharon Callahan 

Debbi Campbell 

Janet Campbell 

Margie Carlin 

Brenda Carpenter 

Kim Carr 

Jennie Carraway 

Cee Cee Carrington 

Cathy Carter 

Betty Cartwright 

Veronica Cary 

Sidney Chappell 


Mrs. Doss?? No it's just Kelly Futch pretending to study. 
"Give me a . . . who am I cheering for?" asks Nancy Holsinger 

Karen Cook 
Tammy Cooke 
Carol Cordes 
Diane Cosby 
Rebecca Counts 

Donna Courtney 
Jan Cox 
Sheila Cragon 
Teresa Crawley 
Cathy Creamer 

Kim "Klutz" Fuhr is caught in the middle of a chomp of ice 

Sharon Crim 

Brenda Croxton 

Gail Grumpier 

Chris Gutler 

Lee Anne Darnell 

Lisa Davis 

Tammy Davis 

Teresa Dawson 

GIndy Dean 

Paula DeHaven 

Margie Deierhoi 

Betsy Delong 

Anne Dempsey 

Tobin Demsko 

Michael Dectlinger 

Debi Dewey 

Sharee Dishman 

Paula Dixon 

Delaine Douglas 

Sharon Dowdy 



___::xmm:mim:!is>^mm'>imici;f:i'.: '^■k 

The "Cunningham Crew" show off their colors after the paint battle. 

Cindy Doyle 
Kim Duncan 
Susan Duvall 
Margaret Eagle 
Amy Eastham 

Jane Edmonds 
Lloyd Edwards 
Carolyn Emery 
Connie Fallon 
Marcia Fastabend 

Kathy Felletter 
Jennifer Ferguson 
Mary Ferramosca 
Dorithy Firth 
Beverly Florence 

Susan Flowers 
Susan Ford 
Jill Foster 
Mark Foster 
Jane Froemel 


Ruby Barnes and Neil Sullivan enjoy a warm 
Fall day in front of South. 

Kim Fuhr 

Kelly Futch 

Cathy Garrette 

Amy Gates 

Ken Gebbie 

Bonnie George 

Martha George 

Mark Getz 

Carol Giancaspio 

Marilyn Gillespie 

Darlene GiMikin 

Kelly Godsey 

Susan Goodman 

Lynne Gould 

Beth Gourley 

Tim Graham 

Catherine Grant 

Tammy Gregory 

Robin Grizzard 

Linda Hall 


:r.MY Uimnuii' -: iSf\.'jt-' 'i,mt:\iwi\:-x-i-4i\ KV.i;- ' .' ^w 

Enjoying Spring Weekend, a Freshman is caught off guard. 

Cindy Hamilton 
Katrlna Harlow 
Meianie Harrell 
June Harris 
Judith Harrison 

Sharon Harrup 
Molly Hartz 
Myrna Harvey 
Donna Hatchett 
Fred Hawkins 

Anne Headley 
Karen Heizer 
Karen Hesten 
Isabel Hinkel 
Ken Hinson 

Karen Hoffman 
Deborah Hoggei 
Cindy Hollowell 
Lou Howell 
Meianie Hudnall 



The Farmville Christmas parade was watched 
and participated in by many Freshman: Sheryl 
Lohr and Diane Smith being two of them. 

Regenia Huff 

David Hughes 

Tierney Hunt 

Jayne Hutchens 

Mary Beth Ibanez 

Kathy Idelson 
Bill Johnson 

Mary Johnson 

Beth Joles 

Elaine Jones 

Elizabeth Jones 

Amy Kane 

Karen Karcha 

Joanne Kelarakis 

Joe Kelly 

Jodi Kersey 

Carol Kilvlngton 

Doris Keys 

Antoinnette Kindrick 

Carol Knowles 

; ^^^ig^'- ^tW^^TjI^P 

Lisa Ray and JJ. Johnson look on with expectant gazes. 

Kerry Koberowski 
Lynn Kurtz 
Mary Lambert 
Teresa Langford 
Lisa Lassjter 

Teresa Lawhorne 
Rae Leslie 
Mike Lewandowski 
Beverly Lewis 
Julia Lewis 

Kevin Lewis 
Cindy Litner 
Sheryl Lohr 
Penny Long 
Karen Love 

Vickie Lowe 
Beth Lukhard 
Diana Malone 
Greta Maneual 
Joan Marable 


A close-up view of Christi Lewis! 

Kenny Marcus 
Linda Markham 
Donna Martin 
Joseph Martin 
Sandy Martin 

Mitzi Mason 

Vickie Mathweson 

Ann Maxey 

Priscllla McCoy 

Karen McCraw 

Myrne McGonigle 

Lori McKenzie 

Michelle Milburn 

Vallory Miller 

Kim Milton 

Donna Mitchell 

Robin Mobley 

Robin Moore 

Debbie Moreau 

Cindy Morse 



Kim Wood and Carol Vidrlne catch some rays 
on South Cunningham sun deck. 

Penny Motley 
Karen Mullinax 
Connie Murray 
Rebecca Myers 
Barbara Neiman 

Rosemary Nesdill 
Astrid Neumann 
Cheryl Nicely 
Joy Norris 
Susie Nuckols 

Sharon Otey 
Emily Ott 
Lynn Painter 
Karrie Parker 
Carole Patton 

Martha Paxton 
Karen Pearson 
Jill Penny 
Kitty Perry 
Tracy Pitcher 


Freshman Elves slumber together! 

Sharon Poff 

Gwen Pointer 

Lisa Polen 

Sandy Ponn 

Georgia Poulos 

Ruth Powell 

Shelby Price 

Susan Puckett 

David Pulwers 

Dayna Rader 

Brenda Reed 

Janet Reynolds 

Belinda Richards 

Jerry Richman 

Grace Rodgers 

Kestina Roesch 

Marguerite Roller 

Barbara Sabitus 

Linda Sanbower 

Lissa Sandidge 

Kathryn Sanford 
Susan Sandfory 
Susan Sandford 
Kay Schmidt 
Patty Scholberg 
Amy Schuize 

Carolyn Scully 
Vicki Seekford 
Roger Seeman 
Mary Sewell 
Nancy Shafferman 

Fred Shalfeld 
Lola Shartzer 
Kathy Shaw 
Lorrie Shiflett 
Terl Simmons 

Bonnie Sines 
Mary Slade 
Roxanne Slaughter 
Debra Smiley 
Betty Smith 

18 7 

Kathy Smith 

Larry Smith 

Dennis Southers 

Kathy Sowers 

Karen Sparrow 

Debra Spencer 

Pat Sproston 

Barbara Stent 

Lynne Stitt 

Mary Storey 

Bonnie Strike 

Debbie Strutton 

Marcie Swale 

Janet Sykes 

Janet Taylor 

Pam Taylor 

Scott Taylor 

Angel Thacker 

Dianne Thomas 

Deborah Thompson 

Ginger Thornton 
Karen Throssell 
Donna Toney 
Susan Towler 
Sherri Truitt 

Ruth Trumbo 
Pam Updike 
Kim Upshaw 
Kathy Vannice 
Bonnie Vaughan 

Juli Vermillion 
Kim Vick 
Susan Victor 
Chris Vontsolos 
Beth Waddell 

Susan Waddill 
Jenny Ward 
Debbie Warren 
Nancy Warren 
Jane Waters 

Larrie Watkins 
Jennie Weaver 
Robert Welsh 
Florence White 
Pam White 

Ann Wickouski 
David Wilkinson 
Nancy Willard 
Cheryl Williams 
Nancy Williams 

Deanna Wilson 
Eddie Wilson 
Linda Wolk 
Barbara Wood 
Karen Wood 

Walter Wooldridge 
Emily Wru 
Emily Wright 
Laurie Wright 
Jane Wyatt 
Robert Zirpoli 



Row 1 (left to right) W Petersen, D. Northern, B. Sabitus, S. Will, S. Melvin, C. Rodriguez, J. Nolte; Row 2: K. Garber, D. Fifer, C. Drop- 
eskl. D. Cosby. J. Carson, P. Hughson. J. Dayton, T. Davis; Row 3: T. Prodoehl, M. Wiggins, K. Kilmer. J. Matson. D. Snader, K. Wood, C. 
Vadrine, R. Wallace, D. McDonough; Row 4: M. Slade, K. Fuhr. A. Gates. S. Melvin. S. Payne, S. Lowe, S. Chambers, K. Klebert, D. Port- 



Mary Washington 




William and Mary 




James Madison University 








University of Richmond 




University of Varginia 




Sweet Briar 


















State Tournament 



University of Richmond 








Mary Washington 



4th in State 

National Tournament 



Johns Hopkins 




Universtiy of Richmond 



11th in Nat 


Susan Melvin shoots for a goal against Mary Washington. 
Wanda Petersen loves the one-on-one situation! 
There's the ball, it's just a matter of picking it up!! 

What is fiercer than 29 Savage Indians 
with tommahawks in their hands? Give up? 
Twenty-nine longwood lacrosse players 
with lacrosse sticks in their hands! 

The young team worked hard perfecting 
their skills and learning the fine points of 
the game, under the direction of coach 
Dee McDonough and assistant Terri Pro- 

The season was quite rough-(as well as 
the game itself!) having two and three 
games per week. The team fought hard 
and gave it their best up through state 
tournaments, and even through to Na- 

There was never the lack of a challenge- 
for each game produced a new one, but 
that challenge was always attempted and 
met although it was not always victorious. 
The main thing learned this year was not 
winning, nor was it losing, but much more- 
it was learning to love and enjoy the game 
of lacrosse. 

Many thanks to a great manager-Mary 
Slade, and many shins, ankles, knees, 
fingers etc. thank trainer-Dale Portner. 



The team views the second game 
from the hill. 

Denise Snader shows that it takes 
alot of concentration just to catch 
the ball. 

Staying just one step ahead of her 
defense. Julie Dayton takes off for 

Jeanne Nolte does the "Disco Kick 

Celeste Rodriguez thinks if stie stares hard enough the ball 

Coach Dee McDonough, "always on top of things 
Cindy Dropeski gives her opponent the evil eye! 



Row one: Kathy Idelson; Row two: Jean Powers, Anne Miles, Kim Furbee; Row three: D'Anne Sweatman, Debi Kinzel. 

Longwood 100.50, Georgetown University 29.25 
Longwood 95.85. University of Maryland 93.80 
Longwood 109.60, East Tennessee State 76.25 
Longwood 94.10, Appalachian State University 111.10 
Longwood 111.65, East Carolina University 111.875 
University of South Carolina 109.5 
Jamesmadison University 109.2 
Longwood 101.8 
VPI&SU 101,15 

Longwood 106.30, William & Mary 120.70 
Longwood 106.9, Radford 116.20 
VAIAW State Tournament 

Fourth in team competition 

Furbee third in beam 

Idelson second in beam 
fourth in floor 

" fourth in vault 

" fourth in all-around 
AIAW Regional Tournament 

Idelson eighth in floor 

" Sixteenth in all-around 
AIAW National Tournament 

Idelson seventh in floor exercise 

Idelson named Ail-American Gymnast 


w <^ 

The Winning Form of Kathy Idelson. 

The 1978-79 Gymnastics Team, coached 
by Ruth Budd, started an early season, with 
practice beginning in August. They worked 
steadily up until Spring Break, with one 
member contenuing until the National Tour- 

After a 4-6 regular season, the Gymnasts 
took fourth place in the VAIAW State Tour- 
nament, with Debi Kinzel and Kathy Idelson 
placing among the top individuals in several 
events. Idelson qualified for the AIAW, 
Southern Region II Tournament, where she 
placed eighth in floor exercise and sixteenth 
in all-around; she then went on to compete in 
the AIAW National Small-College Tourna- 
ment, where she finished seventh in floor 
exercise and was named an All-American 




Jean Powers demonstrates the splits 
on the balance beam. 

Kim Furbee displays grace in every 
step of her performance. 


Ann Miles does her routine under the spot lights. 
Another skillful move by Jean Powers. 


First Place Women's Division BARBARA SABITUS (40:18) 
First Place Men's Division RICHARD FERGUSON (32:46) 
First Place Wheelchair Division WANNIE COOK (34:01) 
First Place Women's Division(15 & under) NO ENTRY 
First Place Men's Division(15 & under) JEFF McDANIEL 

First Place Women's Division(16-21) SUZIE NUCKOLS 

First Place Men's Division(16-21) TOMMY SPARTZ (32:53) 
First Place Women's Division(22-29) CATHY LOWE (49:22) 
First Place Men's Division(22-29) RICHARD LANGE 

First Place Women's Division(30-39) BARBARA ALLEN 

First Place Men's Division(30-39) GEORGE W. WELLS 

First Place Women's Division(40-49) MARY PARK BRIAN 

First Place Men's Division(40-49) RUDDY STAUB (36-59) 
First Place Women's Division(50 & over) BETTY KIDDER 

First Place Men's Divlsion(50 & over) ROBERT KERRIGAN 



.. ^B^- 



Row 1 (left to right): B. Walthall, J. Crosby, B. Crotty, E. Cox, G. Ferris, D. Mitchell, D, Speas, J. Love, J. Faddis, B. Morgan, J. Poole; 
Row 2; B, Bolding, S. Lyies, D. Ulrey, K. Swandby, L. Cromer, B. Gordon, A. Ferris, T. Welte, E. Burnette, B. Wells, F. Perna. 



N.C. Methodist 
Eastern Mennonite 




Washington & Lee 





Johns-H opkins 




Norfolk State 




St. Mary's 





Virginia Wesleyan 









N.C. Wesleyan 




















W. Connecticutt 



Only in its second season, the Lan- 
cer baseball team has come a long 
way from its previous 0-13 record to 
a 16-12 record in 1979. They had a 
tough schedule, with 12 double head- 
ers and a split-season. Some of the 
teams accomplishments include be- 
ing ranked 9th in the nation with a 
.298 season batting average. John 
Crosby was ranked 3rd in the nation 
for stolen bases, with 35 stolen for 
35 attempts. The biggest highlight of 
the season was defeating Hampden- 
Sydney twice, shutting them out 6-0 
in April. 

Coach Buddy Bolding looks for- 
ward to and even stronger team next 







Row one (r to I): J^ Young, R. Walker. K. Redmon, K. Kent, C. Chase; Row two: P. Bartholf, M. Whitlock, R. Powell. 



Robyn Walker 


Beginner Walk-Trot-Canter 

Rhonda Powell 


Kathy King 



Kelly Kent 



Janet Young 


Beginner Walk-Trot 


(longwood tied for Reserve Champion) 

Kathy Redmon 


Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter 

Sally Lowe 


It ,, •• II 

Rhonda Powell 


Beginner Walk-Trot-Canter 

Kelly Kent 



(Longwood was Reserve Team) 

Julie Tracey 


Open on the flat 


Open over fences 


Kathy Redmon 


Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter 

Rhonda Powell 


Advanced Canter 

Cathy Chase 


Beginner Walk-Trot-Canter 

Janet Young 



Kelly Kent 


Robyn Walker 



Julie Tracey 


Open on the flat -IBiBMlittfil 

Sally Lowe 


Novice over fences n^m^S 

" " 


Novice on the flat 

Kathy Redmon 


" " " 

Kelly Kent 


Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter 

Rhonda Powell 



Janet Young 



Cathy Chase 


Beginner Walk-Trot-Canter 

Robyn Walker 


' ■ 


Leslie Henry 

Fourth Novice over fences 
Third Novice over the flat 

Rhonda Powell 


Kathy Redmon 


Cathy Chase 

Third Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter 

Robyn Walker 

First Beginner Walk-Trot-Canter 

Paige Bartholf 



Kathy Redmon 

Fourth Novice over fences 


Fourth Novice on the flat 

Rhonda Powell 

Fourth " 

Cathy Chase 

First Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter 

Robyn Walker 

Third " 

Kelly Kent 


Janet Young 

Third Advanced Walk-Trot 

Paige Bartholf 

Fourth Beginner Walk-Trot-Canter 


Kathy Redmon 

Fourth Novice on the flat 


Rhonda Powell 

Fourth ' " 

Leslie Henry 


Robyn Walker 


Kelly Kent 

Sixth Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter 

Janet Young 

Third '■ , 

Paige Bartholf 

Fifth Beginner Walk-Trot-Canter 


Rhonda Powell 

Third Walk-Trot-Canter 

Janet Young 

Fifth Walk-Trot 

In the 1978-79 season, the Longwood Lan- 
cers Riding Team made monumental pro- 
gress. Returning members from last year 
were: Sally Lowe, Julie Tracy, Rhonda Powell 
and Cathy Redman. New members included: 
Robyn Walker, Kathy Chase, Janet Young, 
and Kelly Kent. The team worked together 
under the leadership of their new head coach 
Mary Whitlock. 

During first Semester the Lancers travel- 
led to four shows and brought heme two re- 
serve championships and numerous ribbons. 
Second semester started well with two new 
members Leslie Henry and Page Bartholf 
who replaced Sally Lowe and Julie Tracy. 
During the month of February the team par- 
ticipated in a clinic at U.V.A. with Charlie 
Weaver, which was followed by three more 
shows that season and regionals to which 
five members went. 

In the future under the continued gui- 
dance of coach Mary Whitlock, the team is 
looking for new growth and improvement. As 
the team gains additional experience 
through participation they hope to even- 
tually qualify for Nationals. 


Row one (1 to r): Debra Trent, Anne Mane Messier; Row two: Bonnie Arroyo, Melanie Harp, Kym 
Gilbert, Sally Bush. 

Longwood 11, Lynchburg 5 .j 

Longwood 11, Hollins 5 

Longwood 8, William & Mary 8 
(Longwood won on touches 60-61) 

Longwood 12, University of Virginia 4 

Longwood 5, RMWC 11 

VAIAW State Tournament 
Third place in team Competion 
Messier third in individual competion 
Harp fourth in individual comptition 

NIWFA Regional Tournament 
Fourth place in team comptition 
Harp seventh in individual competition 
Messier tenth in individual comptition 


■mp~ <»«■: 

This will be the last you see of the 
Longwood Fencing Team, for awhile 
at least. The fencers have been asked 
to hang up their foils, after a success- 
ful season, among many, even after 
being commended by CHI. 

After four consecutive state titles, 
the Lancer fencers were third in the 
1979 state tournament. Anne-Marie 
Messier was 3rd in the state, and Me- 
lanie Harp was fourth. At regionals, 
Longwood placed fourth, narrowly 
missing an opportunity to go to Na- 
tionals. Both Anne-Marie Messier, 
and Melanie Harp, advanced to finals. 

Although we won't be seeing any 
fencing at Longwood (at least no in- 
tercolligate fencing) the team will be 
well remembered as well as the 
coach, Miss Sally Bush. You've made 
Longwood Proud! 




What is 53 feet tall and weighs 1937 pounds? 
No. it's not the Loch Ness Monster. It's the Lady 
Lancer Basketball team. 

This year's team was shorter than in previous 
years. But with speed and determination, they 
used their skills to play some exciting games. Quite 
a few games ended in last second decisions in the 
Lancers favor. 

With only one senior on the team, the young 
Lancers gained a lot of experience and should be 
strong next season. Their competion for 1978-79 
was tough, and it should be a full season next year. 

basKetDall tans show their enthusiasm 
at one of the Lady Lancers home 

Lancers warm up for the second half. 

Sophomore, Linda Puilen, struggles 
for possession against ODU's Mon- 


. ,ti'»MWft.V3>.n i.t:-tettfat-aMi< 


.J^* ^:^ -.M**" 











St. Paul's 




William & Mary 




Norfolk State 








Virginia Union 




Morris Harvey 




Morris Harvey 












Liberty Baptist 



East Carolina 




Virginia State 








St. Paul's 







































Christopher Newport 




King College 








North Carolina Wesleyan 




University of Virginia 




Liberty Baptist 




University of Richmond 








Virginia Wesleyan 




Mary Washington 








Mary Washington 











First row (left to right); R. May, D. Yerkes, D.J. Lindsay: Second row; M. Kerrigan, S. Gillespie, K. Slocum, F. Hawkins, F. Creasy, P. 
Fisher. D. Cox, D. Komonik; Third row: L. Bell, K. Bedsworth, T.C. Jones, F. Saalfield. P. Gorman, B. Cochran, J. Gilleland, R. Welsh, 
D. Williamson; Fourth row: K. Gebbie, D. Stone, T. Stebbing, B. Guss, M. Munoz, S. Nelson, B. Adkins, S. Delong. 

Caption Randy May and Ken Gebbie keep the ball ahead of Hamp- 

Coach Williamson 

David stone heads for the ball while D.J., Randy, and Penn hold a 
tight defense. 

Penn works on his techniques. 


'" HllllllllllMMiBMliM 

Bud Adkins races for possession 
of the ball. 

Goalie Penn Gorman and Kevin 
Bedsworth keep Longwood in the 


Starting their second game of com- 
petition the men's soccer team of 
Longwood was a team of 25 men 
ready for action. Coach Dick Wil- 
liamson and manager-trainer Sue 
Delong and Laura Bell worked hard 
to get their team into shape by their 
first game. Starting in August and 
continuing through November, the 
men practiced hard to become a 
working team. Tricaptains chosen 
were Sr. D. J. Lindsay, and Jrs. David 
Yerkes and Randy May. 

In the King College tournament, 
Brian Cochran, David Yerkes, and 
David Komornik were selected to 
the all-tournament team. The same 
three were again chosen to the all- 
district team at the season's end 
In addition, David Yerkes captured 
the honor of playing in the All-Star 
game held at Williamsburg in Decem- 

Jerry Gilleland tackles a U. of R. player for the ball. 
Ken Gebbie gives Longwood an added kick. 
Kevin Bedsworth defends Longwood against a U-SC player 
Captain D.J. Lindsay keeps the ball out of U. of R. reach. 



Hill— limHlllllilHIIIIIIM 


First row (left to right): D. Kinzel, W. Petersen, J. Dayton; Second row; D. Nortlnern, K. Kilmer, K. Furbee, P. Hughson, B. Sabitus, D. 
Cosby, N. Warren, C. Rodriguez: Third row; K, Wood, D, Drewey, D. Shuffler, C. Dropeski, T. Ware, J. Nolte, K. Garber, T. Davis; Fourth 
row: J. Matson, C. Lewis, K. Fuhr, S. Melvin, M. King, C. Downey, D. McDonough. 



University of Virginia 





Mary Washington 



University of Richmond 




UNC-Chapel Hill 



Virginia Commonwealth University 




William and Mary 




Ohio State 



University of Louisville 




Lock Haven 








Old Dominion University 















James Madison University 





Virginia Tech 





-"**=^a«fi«5:iaL;_^ fK 

Teresa Ware can play the ball from any position! 
Teri Davis takes a break from the action to say hi! 

Doreen Shuffler takes control as Debbie Cosby and Celeste Rod- 
riguez move to back her up. 

At practice, the team gives the goalie a workout. 

With a left-hand-lunge. Debbie Norhtern 
tackles her opponent. 

Debi Kinzel. Jeanne Nolte and Mary King rush 
the goalie. 


Many new. eager faces were seen 
on Barlow Field this year fighting for 
goals with a hockey stick. In fact the 
entire hockey team was young, with 
only 1 senior, 7 juniors, 7 sophomores 
and 13 freshmen. The hockey team 
had a hard year; but through this 
learning season they should be more 
experienced in their future years at 

The hockey team's offense was new, 
but aggressive, and the defense was 
experienced, and tough. The two com- 
ponents worked well together. Both 
the JV and Varsity team members 
learned much through this rebuilding 
season and should show improvement 
next season. 

Coach Dee McDonough led the 
teams through wins . . . and losses, 
with encouragement and new know- 
ledge, bringing out each players 

Head coach Dee McDonough and assistant coach Teri Prodehl 
discuss second half strategy with the team. 

Joan Matson gets her pass off just in time to avoid W & M 


JMU Takedown Tournament 340-two 5th places 

Longwood 6, Chowan 


Longwood 5, Newport News Apprentice 


Longwood 15, Elon 


Longwood 17, Hampden-Sydney 


W & L Invitational 7th place 

Longwood 22, Liberty Baptist 


Longwood 33, Eastern Mennonite 


Longwood 0, VMI 


Longwood 2, Lynchburg 


Longwood 10, Washington & Lee 


Longwood 8, Hampden-sydney 


Capital Collegiate Conference Channpionship 

7th place. Kurt 

Coffield; 1st place in 134 pound 

Coffield advanced to Semi-finals of NCAA 



Qualifying Tournament 

Row 1 (left to right); A. Huffman, M. Stark, K. Coffield. B. Hulsey. K. Gebbie. Row 2; N. Neal. M. Mercil, G. Ferris, B. Carlin, D. Richard, 
R. Carswell, D. Cobb. 


Longwood College expanded their men's sports pro- 
gram with the addition of a wrestling team in 1979. 

In their first year in the NCAA, the grapplers were 
2-10. Coached by Nelson Neil, the team consisted of 
eight freshmen and three sophomores. 

Beginning in early November, the team worked on 
conditioning and moves. Inexperience was the team's 
major problem, since only five wrestlers had any pre- 
vious experience. Yet the wrestlers made up for lack 
of experience by sheer determination; some of whom 
lost as much as 20 pounds to make their weight class. 

The highlight of the season was the Washington and 
Lee University Tournament, where they met power- 
houses, Virginia and North Carolina. Kurt Coffield and 
Ken Gebbie each placed third at the tournament. 

Kurt Coffield went on to NCAA Eastern Regionals 
in Pennsylvania to face the top men for the East Coast. 

The team progressively became better as they learn- 
ed from their mistakes. With a few new faces coming in 
and starters for the past year, the wrestling team is 
looking forward to success next season. 


First row (left to right): C. Tfiomas. C. Murray, C. Smitin, L. Eagle, C. Ruppel; Second row: K. Gilbert, J. Roemlein, S. Will, T. Dunnivant, 
K. Carter, J. Petefich, C. Callaway: Third row: R, Hungate, T. Johnson, D. Brown, M. Cook, R. Woddy, B. Lipscomb, B. Briggs 



Randolph Macon Woman's College 




Emmery & Henry 
















Liberty Baptist 




Eastern Mennonlte 




Hampton Institute 







William and Mary 







Randolph Macon Women's College 


East Carolina 

University Invetational 4th place 



Mary Washington 




George Mason 







George Mason 






William and Mary 



Who says you have to be tall to spike the ball! 

Despite the loss of Terry Johnson and other injuries 
throughout the entire season Longwood's Volleyball 
team experienced their most successful season ever! 
Yea team. Coach Callaway said, "The team has become 
known throughout the state; we're finally making a name 
for ourselves." 

The key to their success lay in smart, aggressive play. 
The Lancer Volleyballers were out to win so they played 
offense instead of defense, this determination took them 
to states. 

Chris Ruppel starts off the play with a bump to Cindy Smith. 

Robin Hungate avoids the block by dinking the 
ball over the opponent. 

Cindy Thomas puts the ball away with a spike 



ijj^,^^«,(»*«<*******^ "■ ^ *■» 








1 ^M 

^V-' >f 

Terry Johnson SMASHES one over the net! 




Meg Cook prepares her fingers for the ball! 

Doing circuit drills really paid off for the volleyball team. 


as their re- 


cord proved. 






left to right: Dr. Smith, Kay Smith, Janet Clements, Beth Wadell, Margaret Anderson, Debra Hood, Becky Webb. 

The lady Lancer golf team was 
10-3 in the fall season and 8-0 
in the spring season. Besides 
having a good season, the golf- 
ers gave coach Barbara Smith 
her 100th win at Longwood in 
this fall's Longwood Invitational 
Tournament. In addition to her 
100th win. Dr. Smith was given 
the honor of Coach of the Year 
at this years Athletic Banquet. 
Congratulations on a great year 

Women's Golf 

Longwood Invitational Tournament-third place 

Longwood 323, Mary Washington 466 

VAIAW State Tournament-second place 

Duke Invitational-fourth place 

Hollins Tournament-second place 

JMU Invitational-first place 

Mary Baldwin Invitational-first place 

Sweet Briar Tournament-first place 

Spring Record 8-0 

Men's Golf 
Longwood 368, Roanoke College 318 
Longwood 326 Ferrum College 307 
Longwood 426, Washington & Lee 373 
Va. State IntercoMgiate-seventh place 
Longwood 417 Randolph Macon 418 
Longwood 333, Mary Washington 382 
Longwood 330, Hampden-Sydney 313 
Longwood 330, NCH 315 
Longwood 312, Averett 342 
Longwood 300. Ferrum 301 
Longood 300, W & L 303 
Longwood 311, Mary Washington 403 



Who ever said you don't 
get any exercise in golf? 

Kay Smith checks out the 

Dr. Smith celebrates her ^ 
100th win at Longwood. ?^_ 

Row one (r to I): R, Boyd. G. Pinelli, D. Yerkes. C. Lineber- 
ry; Row two: T. White. W. Moore. L. Edwards. S. Taylor. M. 
Main, D. Williamson. 

The Longwood Lancers Men's Golf 
Team coached by Dick Williamson had a 
rather low start to their season; up un- 
til the early part of April, the team was 
0-5; however, the Lancers had a tremen- 
dous winning streak that saw them de- 
feat 7 opponents in their last 5 match- 
es to finish the season with a 7-5 record. 

Golfers were led by sophomore Tim 
White who was a consistant low scorer. 


Row one (I to r): Jill Foster, Penny Stephens; Row two: Christ! Lewis, Doris Keys, Nancy Leiden- 
heimer, Eva Lowe, Margie Quarles; Row three: Steve Whitten, Mary Barrett, Phyllis Harriss. 



Mary Washington 




William & Mary 







Mary Baldwin 




Sweet Briar 








Southern Seminary 











Southern Seminary 

















VITTW State Tournament-Sixth place 




Eva Lowe demonstrates the backhand stroke . . . 

as Gwen Koechlein show how to play net . . . 

and Doris Key gives a classic example of the forehand! 

The Tennis Team proved once again to 
one of tine finest teams in the State; des- 
pite having to contend with unfinished 
courts, which hindered their practicing. 

Coached by Phyllis Harriss, the team 
was 5-3-1 in the fall and 2-4 in the spring. 
In the VITW state Tournament, Longwood 
placed sixth as a team and had 4 players 
advance to the finals: Mary Barrett (fourth 
place in Flight 3), Christi Lewis (fourth 
place in Flight 4); Margie Quarles (Flight 1); 
Nancy Leidenheimer (Flight 2). 

r!SWiBB?,T!f»BIT' "J' 


^■-^ - ~^-^;J»X;? , Jpf- 

Tv': ' < 


Practice makes perfect! 

Grace is very much a part of tennis, 
as shiown by Gwen Koechlein 

f^ary Barrett and Nancy Leidenhei- 
mer work together to out play their 



Longwood 952, Westhampton 873 
Longwood 875, James Madison University 

VAIAW State Tournament: 

Men 2nd place, 1202 

Women 3rd place, 1410 

Mixed 3rd place, 2174 

Dan Tipton 6th place, 816 

Susie Powell 10th place, 516 

Where have all the Archeres 
gone?? They've hung their 
bows up-everyone!! So ends 
yet another of Longwood's 
indevidual sports (fencing be- 
ing another). 

The team has, in the past, 
always kept a winning season 
on tineir record. They remain- 
ed the undefeated state 
champions from 1974 

through 1977. Last year the 
team took second in state. 
They also qualified for Na- 
tionals. This year they were 
even commended by CHI as a 
supportive action. 

Despite all of theses good 
records, and reports; coach 
Neal and the archery team 
will no longer be seen shoot- 
ing on Barlow field. We thank 
you all-we'll miss your tal- 


'^ .rc ters 

Anne Marie Messier 

^ \ 



Row 1 (left to right); T.Alston, E. Hedley, G deLadurantaye. S. Leonard, B. Fries, W. Taylor, R. Lee. Row 2; D. Kelbick, J. Huskey, T. Al- 
ston, K. Newton, H. Murray. R. Johnson, B. Eichner, B. Bracey, R. Bash. Not pictured are: P. Hoftrichter, J. Kelly, L. Myers and B. 


Longwood ■ 










North Carolina Wesleyan 








Christopher Newport 




Mary Washington 
















Lancaster Bible 




Valley Forge Christian 




Liberty Baptist 




Mary Washington 








St. Mary's 












Clinch Valley 








North Carolina Westlyan 












Liberty Baptist 












Clinch Valley 



Randy Johnson goes up for two, while Tom Alston screens out the opponent. 
Hugh Murray blocks and "fouls" a layup attempt by Tom Alston during practice. 

Entering their first season as an NCAA Di- 
vision III basketball team, the Lancers faced 
an awesome task with 18 games on the road, 
including 4 tournaments. Coach Ron Bash 
took the team composed of 8 freshmen, 3 
transfers, and only 3 returnees, to a 19-8 

The Lancers emerged as the suprise of the 
South, concluding their first semester play 
with a 6-1 record, the best mark of any small 
college NCAA Division III team in the state. 
Longwood also ranked number 1 in the na- 
tion in fieldgoal percentage for Division 
III as determined by the NCAA for the period 
through February 3, 1979, and continued to 
be nationally ranked. Tom Alston and Kenny 
Ford were both nationally ranked in field 
goal percentage. 

The team faced a major dissappointment 
when the Dixie Conference turned down 
their application. Longwood ended the 
school year considering going Division II in 

With so much success in their first year in 
the NCAA, the future looks very bright for 
Lancer basketball. 


With a short outsude |umper. Kenny 
Ford puts in two 

Byron Bracey and Shack Leonard re- 
ceive awards at Virginia Kiwanis Invi- 
tational Tournament. 

Methodist player just watches as Ke- 
vin Newton adds two points for Lan- 



Kenny Ford goes up for a bucket. 

Hugh Murray, up and over for two. 

Shack Leonard slips by opponent for an easy layup. 

njwwwwnwsa'iWBi?? ,-; E!(Wf< BIT 



During the course of Longwood's history, its ideals and 
beliefs have been respected, praised, and loved by all 
who entered its doors. And perhaps the greatest recogni- 
tion of that fact is portrayed in one specific symbol of the 
Longwood ideal. Longwood's Rotunda, designed by Vir- 
ginia's Thomas Jefferson, is the focal point of Long- 
wood's history. 

The dome design includes the four most important as- 
pects of college life: study and meditation, teaching. 

recreation, and rest. Also in the dome structure are por- 
traits of four men whose impact was felt in the shaping of 
the college as we know it, and now retain a place in its 
past: Mr. Curry, Mr. Ruffner, Mr. Horace Mann, and 
Thomas Jefferson. 

This then, is our Rotunda. It holds our pride, our love, 
our ideals, our traditions, our past . . . and perhaps even 
our future. 



Abbott, William Lewis 

Abernathy. Kathryn Estelle 162 

Abshire. Cynthia Leigh 

Ackerman. Helen Paulette 

Ackerman, Kay Ellen 

Lavender. Avis Adams 

Adams. Jody Susan 

Adams. Kendall Bryson 162 

Adams. Kurtis Lee 

Adams. Pamela Ann 155 

Adams. Wendy Louise 162 

Adkins. Cheryl Lynn 162 

Adkins. Martha Brewer 

Adkins. Roy Eugene 212 

Agee. William Edward 

Agnew. Kathleen Michele 

Ailsworth. Millicent Dea 174 

Alexander. Susan Wyman 162 

Allen. J. Hubert 174 

Allen. Janet Maxwell 162 

Allen. Laura Ann 

Allred. Lisa Gaye 

Alston. Thomas Wayne 234 

Altman. Sharon Kay 

Ames. Mary Elizabeth 117 

Amory. Jayne Lee 

Anderson. Joyce Lynn 155 

Anderson. Kimberly Ann 174 

Anderson. Margaret Preston 174. 226 

Anderson. Regina Dale 174 

Anderson III, Robert Luther 

Andre. Mary Katharine 

Andrews. Gary Hilton 117 

Andrews, Virginia Watklns 155 

Angle, Bonita Ann 117 

Annis. Nancy Lee 

Anstey. Susan Jane 162 

Anthony. Angela 

Appleman. Mary Alice 

Arcese. Catherine Elizabeth 117 

Arena, Janice Gail 

Pratt, Susan Armstrong 162 

Arnold, Jeanette Dawn 174 

Arrington. Deena Lew 155 

Arrington. Lisa Christine 

Arroyo. Bonnie Sue 206 

Arseneau. Arthur Kim 162 

Artis. Christopher 162 

Asbeil. David Milton 

Ash. Suzanne Cronin 54 

Ashley. Deborah Mae 162 

Atkinson, Carol Ann 

Audia, Laura Marie 174 

Austin, Loretta Marie 

Ayers, Toni Ann 117 

Ayscue, Judy Arlene 155 

Baca, Julie Marie 174 

Bacon, Susan Carol 174 

Badger, John Clinton 

Badgett, Daniel Keith 174 

Badgett, Linda Marie 155 

Baer, Teresa Ann 174 

Bagnall, Robert Joseph 

Bailey, James Carroll 

Bailey, Jeffrey William 

Bailey, Rebecca Anne 162 

Bailey Jr. Robert Eugene 

Bailey, Susan Elaine 117 

Bain, Sharon Kaye 

Baines. Tina Marie 

Baird. Vanessa Ellen 174 

Baker. Barbara Ann 155 

Baker. Elizabeth Lee 117 

Baker, Karen Dale 118 

Baker, Lois Marie 162 

Baker, Ralph William 

Baker. Tamara Dale 

Balian, Richard Matthew 

Ballou, Louis Bransford 

Banks, Shirley Jean 118 

Barber, Cynthia F. 

Barber. Kathryn Grey 162. 69 

Bare, Jennifer Rebecca 174 

Barfield. Kathryn Anita 

Barker. Donald Wayne 

Barnes. Alice Carter 

Barnes. Elizabeth Amy 

Barnes. Melissa Ann 

Barnes, Ruby Wilkins 

Barnes, Susan Marie 

Baroch, Susan Lee 174 

Barr, Donna Faye 

Barrett. Mary Ellen 118, 228, 231 

Barrett, Nancy Sue 

Barrett, Shawn Patrick 

Barrett. Wendy Jo 155 

Barsony, Andree Leah 

Barthol, Deborah Mary 

Barthol. Lida Louise 118 

Bartholf. Paige Forest 162, 204 

Bartlam, Cynthia Gale 162 

Bartlet, Alice Williams 

Bass, Anna Carolyn 

Bass, Cynthia Gale 174 

Bass, Dorothy E. 

Bass, Karen Elizabeth 118 

Bass, Paula Kay 118 

Bass. Rebecca Cosby 

Bateman, Amanda Jo 

Bates. Janet Carol 104, 155 

Bathurst, Amy Luann 

Batley, Lori Suzanne 

Batten, Andrea Leigh 

Battiste, Michael Patrick 

Bauer, Elizabeth Ann 174 

Baugh. Ann Carter 

Baumgardner, Kimberly Laverne 174 

Baumgardner, Nancy Ann 174 

Beacham, Cathy Ann 

Beale. Katherine Anne 

Beams. Nancy Rae 

Bear. Henry Hoover III 

Beasley, Lauren Leslie 174 

Beausoleil, Cheryl Annette 174 

Becht. Clare Elizabeth 

Becker, Jeanne Anne 

Beddow. Jeannine Louise 

Bedsworth. Kevin David 212 

Beebe, Margaret Frances 175 

Belcher, Robin Carol 

Bell, Laura Jeannette 212 

Bell, Mary Elizabeth 

Nash. Mary Bell 119 

Bell, Susan Gary 

Bengtson, Jenny Marie 

Benham, Bruce Eugene 

Benjamin, Eric Peter 

Benner. Pamela Mathews 

Bennett, George Kettner 155 

Bennett, Janice Carole 

Bennett, Mary Ann 

Benoit, Rebecca Scott 

Bensenhaver, Roger Ervin 

Bentley, Anne 162 

Bergeron, Treva Meisel 

Bergman, Susan Rebecca 175 

Barkis, Ingrida Anna 155 

Berl, Mary Stadelman 119 

Berlin, Elizabeth Marie 

Barman, Vickie Lynn 162 

Bernard, Susan Faw 119 

Berry, Margaret Ann 

Barry, Susan Carol 175 

Berzowski, Justine Marie 162 

Beshai, Sherif 

Bessler. Pamela Kay 119, 67 

Best, Arlene Grace 

Best, Karen Lynn 

Betzhold, Eileen Marie 162 

Beveridge. Carl David 

Beville, Kathryn Clarke 

Bierbower. Janet Lynn 

Bigger. Helen Louise 119 

Billmyer, Robin Ann 175 

Sing, Teresa Ann 119 

Bique, Kathryn Marie 11, 119 

Bird, Tamara Wingate 105, 163 

Birdsall, Suzanne Kee 

Birkett, Gary Alan 

Bisese, Mary Elizabeth 

Bishop, Elizabeth Holmes 175 

Black. Robyn Sua 163 

Blackwell, Shirley V. 

Blake, Penny Sue 

Bland. Edward Bernard 

Blankenship. Emma Clark 119 

Blevins. James Douglas 

Blount. Wanda Gail 155 

Blue, Sara Frances 120 

Blumenthal, Robert Louis 

Boatwright, Leslie Elaine 120 

Bodurtha, Cathy Lynn 175 

Boepple, Hilda E. 

Boggs, Claudia Lee 175 

Bolden, Beulah Mae 120 

Bolt, Steve Alan 

Bolter, David Wilson 

Robbins, Susan Bonnett 

Bonifant, Barbara Christine 

Bonucelli, Brenda Anne 175 

Booth, Marsha Ann 175 

Bottoms, Gloria Dianne 175 

Boulais, Linda Marie 175 

Bounds, Merle Catherine 

Bourne, James Brynat III 70, 155 

Bourne, Ruth Coleman 

Bova, Patricia S. 

Bowden, Pamela Jo 

Bowen, Brenda Gail 

Bowers, Katherine Scott 

Bowles. Phillip Cameron 

Royall, Marie Bowler 

Bowman, Elizabeth Ann 103, 155 

Bowman, George Franklin 163 

Banton, Jean Bowman 155 

Bowman, Patricia Ann 

Boyce. Ann Carol 

Boyd, Alexandra Lee 175 

Boyd, Martha Roberts 155 

Boyd II. Robert Richard 163, 227 

Boys, Cheryl Jo 155 

Bracey. Byron Wayne 234 

Bradbury Jr, Dallas Alvin 175 

Braden. Anita Zee 

Braden, Donna Lee 175 

Bradley, Linda Dianne 

Brady, Patricia Jane 

Brandon, Kevin Heyward 

Bransford, Martha Ann 

Bray, Donnie Lee 

Brda, Patrice Lucille 

Breckinridge, Charia Beth 163 

Breeden, Betty Anne 

Breeden, Mary Davis 

Breedlove, Charlene Skelton 163 

Brent, William Eric 

Brewer, Barbara Ann 175 

Bridgeman. Thomas Riley 

Bridgewater, Lisa Kelly 175 

Briggs, Bonnie Lucile 

Bright, Richard Bartineus 

Brill, Janice Elizabeth 

Brinkley, Charlotte Paige 

Brinkley, Loretta Ann 

Brissette, Julia Marian 175 

Brock, Geneva Marie 

Brogdon, Barbara Ann 155 

Brookes, Martha Roberta 155 

Brooks, Carol Anne 

Brooks, J. Cameron 

Brooks, Sandra Lynn 

Brooks, Vickie Lynne 

Brown, Alda Virginia 155, 232, 233 

Brown, Caria Jean 175 

Brown, Deborah Jean 120, 222, 224 

Brown, Deborah Lynne 175, 208 

Brown, Donna Kaye 

Brown. Martha Frances 120 

Brown. Peggy Kyle 

Brown, Rhonda Lemae 

Brown, Sharon Denise 

Brown, Yolanda Louise 

Bruce, Donna Karen 

Bruce, Jane Haskins 

Brumfield, Melinda Jane 

Bruno, Lee 120 

Brusca Joseph Ignatius 

Bryant, Alice Lanelle 163 

Bryant, Carolyn Lee 

Bryant, James Lewis 156 

Bryant, Linda Carolyn 175 

Bryant, Rhonda Gayle 176 

Bryant, Robin Faye 120 

Bryant, Susan Elizabeth 176 

Bryant, Suzanne Luttrell 156 

Bryant, Tamara Faye 

Bryant Jr, Thomas William 

■*■ Bubier, Tracy Anne 156 

^ Buchanan, Pamela Louise 121 

Buchwald, Elizabeth Jean 

Buck, Edith Warren 

Bucknam, Kim Leslie 

Budd, Mary Beth 121 

Buhler, Valerie Jean 156 

Bull, Carrie Lee 

Bull Kitty Sue 156 

Bulloss, Leslie Kay 163 

Bunting, Margaret Moore 

Hardy, Deborah Burch 121 

Burden, Raleigh Buchannon 

Burger, Elizabeth Noel 

Burgess, Martha Linda 121 

Burington, Jennet Marie 

• Burke, Tammy Marie 
Seekford, Vicki Burke 
Burks, Teresa Faye 121 
Burlee, Diane Marie 
Burnett, Robert Lewis 
Burnette Jr, Warren Edward 202 
Burns, Debi Clare 
Burns, Lauren 54, 121 
Burns, Tracy Leigh 176 
Burns, Vanessa Ann 121 
Burrls, Carolyn Sue 
Burroughs, Mary Kathryn 176 
Burris, Veronica Lynne 176 
Burton, Charles Albert 
Burton, Jacqueline Darlene 176 
Burton, Sandra Lynne 
Butcher, Barbara Britten 
Butler, Carol Anne 156 
Butler, Prince Allen 
Butler, Robert Stuart Jr 
Butt, Mary Gerarde 
Byrd, Cynthia Denise 105, 194 
Caccivio, Bethanne T. ■ 
Caiazzo, Kathleen Elizabeth 156 
Cain, Christine Mary 
Trexler, Debra Cain 
Cain, Janet Glynn 
Cajigas, Dawn Carol 

S Caldwell, Kimberly Lynn 

Caldwell, Linda Reynolds 
I Caldwell, Theresa Susan 176 

Caldwell, Trade Sue 

Calhoun, David Clark 

Califf, Barbara Moore 

Calkins, Christopher Miles 
i Callahan, Amy Kathleen 176 

• Callahan, Sharon Elizabeth 176 
V Callis, Tamara Lynn 121 

Camacho, Sara Fatima 122 
k Campbell, Barbara Ann 

Campbell, Debra Ann 176 

Campbell, Janet Lynne 176 

Campbell, Philip Michael 

Campbell, Rita Karen 122 

Campbell, Valeria D. 163 

Campbell, Virginia Lynn 

Camper, Celeste Dawn 

Campot, Susan Elizabeth 

Cannetti, Diane 

Canty, Elise Anne 122 

Cappaert, Mary Donna 

Garden, Cathy Lynn 

Cardin, Elizabeth Anne 

Carey, Mary Elizabeth 122 

Carlin, Margaret Claire 176 

Carlin, Robert James 
McConnell. Sandra Carlson 
Carneal, Cynthia Anne 
Carnes, Patricia Irene 
Carpenter, Brenda Kay 105, 176 
Carpenter, Susan Elaine 
Carr, Darlene Ann 
Carr, Ellen Marie 
Carr, Kimberly Dawn 176 
Carr, Robyn Vanessa 
Carraway, Jennifer Lynn 176 
Carrlngton, Helen Faye 156 
Carrington, Nancy Nelson 176 
Wallace, Kara Carruthers 
Carsley, Melanie Gale 
Carson, Bernice Ann 163 
Carson, Jayne Ann 192, 193, 194 
Carson, Roger Lewis 
Carson, Sylvia Gay 

Carswell, Roy Morris 

Carter, Cathy Jane 176 

Cater, Darlene Gale 

Carter, Eva Kaye 122, 222 

Carter, Jacqueline Marie 

Carter, Kathleen Gayle 

Carter, Lisa Carol 

Carter, Pamela Jean 122 

Carter, Robin Ann 156 

Carter, Sarah Jane 

Cartwright, Elizabeth Virginia 176 

Gary, Veronica Ruth 176 

Cash, Betsy Ray 

Catogni. Patricia Sue 

Fore, Mary Cavanaugh 

Cave, Kimberly Virginia 

Chacos, John Francis 

Chambers, Shannon Mary 192 

Chan, Sylvia Sau Man 

Chapman, Elizabeth Carolyn 

Chapman, Patricia Kent 122 

Chappell, Jeanne Elizabeth 

Chappell, Sidney Gayle 176 

Charvet, Monica Alexandra 

Chase, Katherine Harding 14, 204 

Chase, William Henry 

Childress, Audrey Llewellyn 177 

Childress, Brent Wade 

Childress, Robin Jean 

Christ, Katrina Luise 

Christensen, Lucinda Lee 

Christian, Charlene Juanita 156 

Chrlstman, Margaret Catherine 177 

Cicoira, Linda Patricia 

Clark, Bethann 

Clark, C. Faith 

Clark, Carolyn Fay 122 

Clark, Cindy Lynn 

Clark, Denise Lynne 

Clark, John Jackson 

Clark, Nancy Jean 

Clark, Sharon Elizabeth 

Clarke, Patricia Audrey 

Clay, Alice Leigh 104, 106, 156 

Clayton, Patricia Lee 

Cleary, Mary Ellen 
'j«»5 Clements, Debra Kay 123 

Clements, Janet Lynn 226, 156 

Clements, Kathy Lorene 177 

Clements, Linda Ann 

Ctevenger, Jill Janney 177 

Clift, Susan Elizabeth 

Cline, Ellen Revere 

Cobb, Deborah Ann 

Cobb, Etta Jean 

Cobb, Jessee Binion 

Cochran, Brian Lee 177, 212 

Cochran, Sheila Kay 

Cockfield, Julia Frances 177 

Cody, Cheryl Lynn 

Coffey, Anne Blackwell 

Coffield, Kurt Albin 

Cole, Charles Bruce 163 

Cole, Laura Elizabeth 

Cole, Ricky Daryl 

Cole 111, Thomas L.R. 156 

Colbert, Debra Marie 

Colella, Irma Nancy 163 

Coleman, Brenda Nell 104 

Coleman, Debbie Ann 156 

Coleman, James Melvin 

Coleman, Maria Morton 

Coleman, Mitzi Roberts 

Collie, Donna K. 

Collins, Lisa Michelle 

Collins, Susan Parker 156 

Combs, Evelyn Marie 

Combs, Julie Leigh 177 

Comer, Lisa Ann 

Compton, Julie Rae 177 

Compton, Grace Lynnette 177 

Compton, Robin Lynne 123 

Conkwright, Scott Van 

Conlon, Susan Mary 177 

Connelly, Elizabeth Chandler 

Conner, Bonnie Jane 

Conner, Christopher Eric 

Connolly, Donna 6, 16, 123, 239, 106 

Connor, Sharon Kay 

Conte, Mark Anthony 

Conway, Michael Scott 

Conway. Wayne Keith 

Cook. Karen Joyce 177 

Cook, Jennifer Lynne 

Cook, Margaret Bess 222. 225 

Cooke, Tamra Lynn 177 

Coon, Lynda Darcelle 123 

Coon, Sara Lee 

Cooper, Betsy Young 163 

Cooper, Carol Jean 7, 16, 105, 123 

Cooper, Catherine Belle 156 

Cooper, Samantha Julia 

Coppedge, Angle D. 

Cordes, Carol Jean 177 

Cornell, Dayna Lynn 

Corson, Ann Byrd 123 

Cosby. Deobrah Ann 54. 192, 194. 216, 217 

Cosby, Diane Frances 13, 177 

Cosby, Dorothy Mae 

Cosier, Nancy Jamason 156 

Costa, Suzanne Elisabeth 

Cotton, Brett Alan 

Counts. Katherine Eileen 163 

Counts, Rebecca Anne 177 

Courtney, Donna Nanette 177 

Covington, Jane Russell 163 

Covington, Robert Phillips 

Cox, Donna Lynn 

Cox, Donald Louis 212 

Cox, Elwood Crawford 202 

Cox, Janice Marie 177 

Coyner, Ruth Carrington 163 

Craft, Carolyn Christine 163 

Craft, Pamela Christine 

Cragun, Sheila Ellen 177 

Cram, Sandra Lee 163 

Crawford, Gwendolyn Lee 123 

Crawford, Susan Bobbette 124 

Crawford, Susan Marie 

Crawley, Melody Cherise 163 

Crawley, Teresa John 177 

Creamer, Catherine Lynne 177 

Creasy, Frank Richard 71, 212 

Crenshaw, Rosalind Jean 6, 106, 123 

Cress, Catherine Sue 

Crick, Melissa Renee 

Crim, Sharon Leigh 178 

Criswell, Elizabeth Anne 

Crites, James William 105, 124 

Critzer, Kimball Scott 

Cromer, Lawrence Alvin 202 

Cromwell, Karen Lee 

Croom, William Martin 

Crosby, John Terence 202 

Cross, Debra Louise 

Cross, Susan Blackwell 124 

Grotty, Ronald Lee 202 

Croxton, Brenda Gayle 178 

Croxton, Marjorie Gall 

Cruise, Lester Dean 

Grumpier, Gail Marie 178 

Crumpton, Joan Faith 

Crutchfield, Anita Carol 124 

Crute, Jacquelyn Brooks 124 

Crute Jr. Joseph David 

Cuilik, Sandra Marie 

Cullen, Kathleen Anne 124 

Cumbia, Janice Jones 

Cumbey, Lisa Dawn 

Cumby, Sara Catherine 156 

Cumins, Cynthia Heather 

Cumiskey, Jeanne Marie 

Cummins, James Paul 

Cundiff, Sarah Darlene 156 

Cunningham, Gary Lockwood 

Curry Jr, Eugene Douglas 

Cutler. Carolyn Christine 178 

Dahlman, Henry Nicholas 73, 124 

Daniel, Beverly Gail 

Danile, Beverly Joan 125 

Daniel. Debra Crichton 125. 239 

Daniel. Paulette Marie 125 

Daniel. Sarah Pleasants 

Daniels, Constance Marie 125 

Darnell, Lee Anne 178 

Dassira, Peter Earnest 

Daughtery, Douglas Jerome 

Daussin, David Michael 157 

Davenport, Mark Baugh 

Davidson, Lonnnle Ray 


Davidson. Craig Mitchell 

Davidson. Susan Annette 157 

Davis, Diane Marie 

Davis. George Lee 

Davis. Janice Lynne 164 

Davis. John Allen 

Davis. Kelly Panton 

Davis. Lisa Dawn 178 

Davis. Lori Anne 163 

Davis. Nancy Patterson 

Ashwell. Patricia Davis 117 

Davis. Sandra Rae 

Davis, Tammy Jo 178 

Davis. Teri Lynn 105. 192. 193. 216. 217. 218 

Davis. Vickie Lee 157 

Dawson. Teresa Lynne 178 

Day. Debra Lee 

Day, Suzanne 164 

Dayton, Julie Ann 67, 105, 192, 194, 216, 218 

Dean, Cynthia Louise 178 

Deane, Deanna Dorothy 125 

Dearing, Cassandra Elaine 125 

Dehaven. Paula Sager 178 

Deierhoi, Margie Leigh 178 

Deladurantaye, Charles Guy 234 

Delaney. Carolyn Ann 

Delong. Betsy Dinwiddle 178 

Delong. Laurie 157 

Dempsey. Anne Marie 178 

Delong. Susan Agnes 125. 212 

Demaso. Regina Catherine 

Dempsey. Elaine Marie 

Demsko, Tobin Willis 178 

Denby, Reginia Marie 125 

Derflinger, James Michael 178 

Devan, Elizabeth Jennings 126 

Dewey. Deborah Suzanne 178 

Dewitt. Thomas Irvin 157 

Dibutera. Cheryl Lynn 157 

Dicarlo. John Angelo 

Diehl. Mary Denise 164 

Dietrich. Tracy Adrlenne 

Diggs. Donald Lynn 

Diller. Mary Elizabeth 157 

Dipeppe. Serena 164 

DIppre. Dale Andrew 

DIshman. Gayle Grigsby 

Dishman, Sharee Lynne 178 

Dixon. Paula Sue 178 

Dixon. Virginia Helen 

Doczy. Anita Marie 

Dodson. Linda Gale 126 

Dodson. Pearl Ellen 

Doering. Christopher John 

Dolllns. Lloyd Milton 

Donnelly. Deidre Marie 126 

Donovan. Patricia Ann 157 

Dore. Elizabeth Grace 

Doss. Karen Streever ,-_»,_,»j^r-"3> 

Douglas, Barbara Delaine 178 

Douglas, Charlotte Darlene 

Dowler, Michael Anthony 

Dowdy, Donna Lynn 

Downy, Sharon Denise 178 

Wray, Cynthia Downey 126, 216 

Downey, Janet Lynn 

Downey. Nancy Catherine 

Downs. Philip Lewis 

Doyle, Cynthia Diane 179 
Drewyer. Dana Anne 216 

Drinkard, John Harold 

Driver. Glenn Patterson 

Dropeski. Cynthia Reid 105. 164, 192, 194, 195, 

Duff, Leigh Anne 126 

Dugan. Dennis Patrick 

Dulong, William Randall 

Dunavant. Mary Kathryn 157 

Duncan, Betsy Ann 

Duncan, Deborah Kay 

Duncan, KImberly Ann 179 

Duncan, Laura Ann 126 

Duncan. Luclle Victoria 

Stokes, Teresa Duncan 

Dunk, Kathleen Ann 164 

Dunkley, Wayne Thomas 

Dunn, James Richard 

Dunn, Melissa Lee 164 

Dunnigan, Thomas Michael 

Dunnlvant, Terl Lin 126. 222 

Duval, Mary Jeanne 

Duvall, Susan Marie 179 

Dyer, Jean Marie 

Dyer, Scarlett Ann 126 

Dzierzek, Christina Janina 164 

Dziewisz. Lawrence Joseph 

Eacho. Jill Thornton 12, 104, 156 

Eagle, Linda Kay 127, 222, 224 

Eagle, Ruth Anne 

Eakle, Margaret Ann 179 

Eanes, Fannie Mae 

Burton, Vicki E. 

Earley, Shirley Nunnally 127 

Easthom, Amy Sue 179 

Edmonds, Betty Anne 

Edmonds, Elizabeth Jane 179 

Edwards, Cathy Leigh 164 

Edwards, Lloyd Hatcher Jr 179, 227 

Edwards, Mary Elizabeth 

Edwards, Sharon Sue 

Edwards, Sheryl Lou 127 

Egbert, Gloria Jean 

Eggleston. Cynthia Lee 164 

Ehlers, Denise Elizabeth 

Eggleston, Janice Elaine 

Eibel, Dawn Lynn 

Eichner, Robert Gordon 234 

Eismann, Nathaniel D. 

Ellnsky, Ellen Melinda 

Elklns, George Guyer 

Elliott, Bruce Windham 164 

Elliott, Karen Lee 

Ellis, Margaret Anne 164 

Ellis, Sheila Lavon 

Elmore, Michele Gillis 164 

Emery, Caroline Carthage 179 

English, Laura Jeanette 127 

English, Marian Eileen 

English, Terri Carol 

Erby, Gordon Frank 

Scurggs, Nancy Eubank 160 

Eubank, Stephanie Ann 

Evans, Audrey Maurice 127 

Evans, Doris Lea 127 

Evans, George Victor 

Evans, Janet Elizabeth 

Evenden, Susan Kay 157 

Faddis, John William 202 

Fain, Dennis Alexander 

Fain, Gary Dean 

Faires, Judy Page 

Faison, Diana Loraine 127 

Faison, Stephen Frederick 

Fallon, Cornelia 179 

Faris, Lisa Kaye 

Fariss, Elizabeth Anne 

Farmer, Marshall Legrande 

Farrar, Helen Jean 

Fastabend, Marcia Clare 179 

Faulconer, Brenda Gail 127 -»«. 

Faust, Cynthia Joy 

Fayne, Judith Ann 

Feazell, Cynthia Johnson 157 

Fees III, Frederick James 

Fehrenbach, Lori Jayne 

Feldman, Richard Louis 

Felletter, Katherine Louise 179 

Felumlee, Bettie Ann 164 

Ferentinos, Gregory John 

Ferguson, Cynthia Ann 

Ferguson, Jennifer Lynn 

Ferguson, Joseph Keith 

Ferramosca, Mary Margaret 179 

Ferris, Alan Lee 202 

Ferris, Garry Brian 202 

Fettrow, Brenda Sue 208, 210, 164 

Fields, Debra Sue 

Fifer. Debra Lynn 4, 192 

Fillmore, Eleanor Vogt 128 

Finch. Catherine Elizabeth 

Firth.- Dorothy Harris 179 

Fischer, Bryan Keith 157 

Fisher, Grace Kimberly 128 

Fisher, Robert Paul 212 

Fitts, Cheryl Anne 164 

Fitzgerald, Barbara Ann 

Fitzgerald, Cynthia Marie 74 

Fitzgerald, Julia Anne 164 

Fitzpatrick, Patricia Ann 

Fix. Robert Bruce 157 

Flagge. Elizabeth Sanborn 54 

Flannelly. Kathleen Louise 

Flemer. Virginia Gordon 128 

Fleming, Debra Carol 128 

Fleming, Mary Jane 

Fletcher, Edith Derbyshire 

Fletcher, Nancy Ellen 

Flint, Julie Louise 157 

Florence, Beverly Ann 179 

Florence, Lisa Marie 

Flowers, Susan Byrd 179 

Floyd, Gayle Oneil 128 

Floyd, Patricia Lynn 

Flynn, Sheron Elizabeth 

Foerster, Ruth Kaufmann 

Forbes, Betty Jane 

Ford, Jr., Robert Edward 

Ford, Susan Kaye 179 

Ford. William Kenneth 234 

Fore, Debora Kay 10, 157 

Fore III, Richard Edwin 

Forrester, Rebecca Jill 

Shields, Susan Foshay 

Foster, Blanche Elizabeth 

Foster, Bonnie Page 

Foster, Darlene Edith 

Foster, Jill Anderson 179, 228 

Foster, Joyce Renee 

Foster, Kelly Ann 164 

Foster, Minnie Roselyn 

Foster, Sheree Theresa 

Fowler, Janice Elizabeth 128 

Fowler, Margaret Ruth 164 

Fowlkes, Martha Lou 

Fox, Howard Lee 164 

Fox, Joanne 165 

Fox, Kathy Sue 

Fox, Wynelle C. 

Franck, Charles Maurice 

Farnk, Mary-Jean 128 

Franken, Donald Scott 

Franklin, Robin Gail 

Eraser, Mark Steven 179 

French, Dianna Marie 

Fries, William Graham 234 

Frilchtenicht, Karey Lynn 

Fringer, Nancy Lee 128 

Froemel, Jane Helen 179 

Fuhr, Kimberly Ellyn 180, 192, 195, 216 

Fulcher, Catherine Gertrude 

Fuller, Donna Wynn 

Fuller, Nancy Jane 157 

Fulton, Deborah Eileen 157 

Fulwider, Rosanne Marie 

Kalivretenos, Hope Funk 

Funkhouser, David Arthur 

Furbee, Kim Renee 66, 157, 196, 198, 216 

Furr, Anne Campbell 

Furr, Teena Dell 

Futch, Kelly Jean 180 

Gagnon, Mark Field 158 

Gains, Jo-Ann 

Gaither, Selma Ann 165 

Gallagher, Hugh James 

Gallgher, Heather Elizabeth 

Gallihugh, Ronald 

Gallop, Sherry Lynn 

Garber, Kimberlie Gale 13, 

Gardner, Edward Keith 
Garmer, Teresa Marie 
Garr, Alice Teresa 
Garrett, Anne-Marie Dorothy 
Garrett Carol Ann 129 
Garrett, Harold Morgan 
Garrett, Helen Roberta 158 
Garrett, Nadine Grishaw 
Garrette, Cathy 180 
Gaskill, Timothy Brent 
Caspar, Susan Shorter 
Gates, Amy Lynn 180, 192, 208 
Gates, David Alan 12, 158 
Gathercoal, James Berry 
Gathright, Deborah Sue 158 
Gebbie, Kenneth A. 13, 180, 
Gehringer, Valerie Lynn 
Gentry, Susan Lynn 129 
Geoghegan, Jean McPhail 
Geoghegan, Wayne Marshall 
George, Bonnie Gail 180 
George, Jacquelyn Elizabeth 
George, Martha Elizabeth 180 
Gerringer, Gaye Nell 

192, 194, 195, 



Gerst, Angela Ingrid 129 

Getz, Mark K. 180 

Giancaspro, Carol Ann 180 

Gibbons, Robert D. 

Gibbs, Norma Jean 

Gilbert, Elizabeth Kymberly 67, 206, 222 

Gilleland, Jerry Mason 212 

Gillespie, Stuart Winston 212 

Gilley, Cynthia Annette 

Gilliam, Gregory Lerone 

Gilliam, Mary Katherine 

Gillikin, Miriam Darlene 180 

Gillispie, Marilyn Morgan 180 

Gillum. Patricia Ann 

Ginger, George Michael 

Glascock, Ginger Robin 

Glass, Stephanie Lynn 

Glasscock, Jerri Kae 

Glossop, Patricia Diane 

Glover, Anita Lynn 129 

Glover, Vicki Leigh 165 

Gluse, Shelley Louise 

Godbey, Susan Elizabeth 

Godby. Theresa Lea 

Godsey, Kelly Katherine 180 

Goin, Shelia Annette 

Goins, James David 

Gollhardt. Sheila Jean 165 

Gomes, Brian Venard 

Gooch. Katherine Lynne 

Good, Anne Elizabeth 158 

Good, Sherry P. 

Goode, Dorothy Mae 

Goodloe, Melinda Payne 

Goodman, Susan Gayle 180 

oodwin, Jane Farrar 

oodwyn, Sandra Gail 
Gordon, Barry Allen 202 
Gordon, Deborah Lee 165 
Gorman, Eugene Penn 212 
Gosnell, Brenda Sue 158 
Gossom, Julie Lynn 
Gould, Grace Lynne 180 
Gouldman, Susan Denise 129 
Gourley, Beth Lynn 180 
Gowin, Mary Helen 
Gragnani, Evelyn Rue 76 
Graham, Ruth Anne 
Graham, Timothy Arthur 180 
Grant, Catherine Grace 180 
Grant, Guy Joseph 
Grant, Mary Jane 158 
Grant, Sherry Crickenber 129 
Roebuck, Carolyn Gray 129 
Gray, Cheri Lynn 
Gray, Luisa Dinger 
Gray, Marcia Lanette 158. 232. 233 
Gray, Susan Diane 165 
Green. Melody Fahrbach 
Green, Sherry Lynne 
Greene, Penelope Shield 
Greer, Anna Kathryn 165 

Greer, Barbara Ann 239 

Gregory, Tammy Lynn 180 

Griffin, Adelaide Payne 

Griffin, Deborah Ann 
^Griffin, Deborah Ruth 129 
riffin, Jeri Lynn 
ifffin. Judy Ann 130 

Grigg, Margaret Anne 66. 106, 130 

Grigis, Mary Cecelia 

Grigsby, Deborah Thelma 

Grimm. Lori Ellen 158, 208 

Grizzard, Robin Faye 180 

Grow, Krista Ann 165 

Guerrieri, Elaine Carolyn 

Gunn, Archie Calvin 

Gunn, Joyce Gwenn 130 

Gunn, Karen Lynne 

Gurley, Christine Michele 

Guss, Bruce James 212 

Guthrie. Anne Sharon 

Guthrie. Brenda Sue 

Gwyer, Myra Lynn 130 

Oliver, Martha Hadley 

Haeussler, Karl W. 158 

Haeussler, Sabra Leigh 

Haga, Sandra Gail 130 

Hairston, Cheryl Elizabeth 

Hall, Brenda Lee 

Hall, Charles Douglas 

Hall, Joni Suzette 

Hall, Linda Sue 180 

Hall, Pamela Ann 

Hall, Valorie Lynn 

Halle, Ellen Susan 

Hallett Kathryn 130 

Hallett. Mark Edward 

Hallett, Mary Jane 

Hamberger, Nadine Caroline 

Hamilton, Andrew Melvin 

Hamilton, David Campbell 

Hamilton, Judith Gale 

Hamilton. Mary Cynthia 181 

Hamilton. Pamela Grace 

Hamilton. Patricia Lynn 

Hamilton, Virginia McCormick 

Hamlette, Brenda Gail 130 

Hamlett, Donna Kay 

Hamm, James Lawrence 

Hammack. Susan Taliaferro 158 

Hamrick, Lydia Diane 158 

Hanback, Margaret Ann 165 

Hancock, Kimberly Joan 

Hands, Thomas William 

Handy Jr, Thomas R. 

Hanel, Jill Elizabeth 131 

Haney, Ceresa Lynn 105, 165 

Haney, Barbara Sue 

Hanky, Barbara Lenora 

Hanky, Catherine Lee 

Hannan. Kimberly Virginia 165 

Hanneman. Mary Beth 

Harbour. Clara Kristine 

Hardie, Denise Lorraine 165 

Hardin, Therese 158 

Hardy, Grace Pearlene 131 

Hardy. Susannah White 

Harland, Berkeley Nelson 

Harless, Linda Darlene 131 

Harlow, Evie Elizabeth 131 

Harlow, Katrina Tae 181 

Harlowe, Kelley Lee 

Harman, Sandi-Lou 

Harold, Robert Joseph 

Harp. Melanie Faye 165, 206 

Harper, Cheryl Rene 

Harper, Janice Fittz 165 

Harper, Kimberly Lynn 

Harrell, Jo Ann 165 

Harrell, Melanie Dianne 181 

Harris, Barbara Robertson 

Harris. Beverly Gilman 

Harris. Cynthia Joan 

Harris, Deborah Lee 

Harris, Doris June 181 

Harris. Gayle Lynn 

Harris. Kathy Louise 

Harris, Sharon Lynne 158 

Harris, Teresa Lee 

Harris, Valerie Denise 

Harrison, Deborah Lizzette 

Harrison. Joyce Ann 131 

Harrison. Judith Anne 181 

Lee. Robin Harrison 

Harrison. Sherrill Jean 131 

Harrup. Sharon Louise 105. 181 

Hart. Beverly Sue 131 

Hartless. Barbara Sue 131 

Hartline. Patricia Lynne 

Hartman, Risa 

Hartz, Molly Perry 181 

Harvey, Beverly Dianne 158 

Harvey, Mark Andrew 

Harvey, Myrna Louise 181 

Harvey, Sharon Leigh 

Harwood, Linda Dianne 7, 106 

Hastings, Elizabeth Anne 165 

Hastoglis. Elizabeth Grace 

Haskey. Donna Lea 158 

Hatch, Lynn Ellen 

Hatchett.. Donna Ray 181 

Hauswirth. Rosemary Regina 13 

Hagtsch, Raymond Michael 

Havens, Robin D. 

HaAiikins, Frederick Lentz 181. 212 

HaWthrone, Jane Lee 

Hayden. Jan Mane 

Hayes. William Edward Jr 

McCoy. Holly Haynes 

Haynes. Lisa Joy 

Hawks, Louise Carlyle 165 


Haworth, Kathy Ann 
Hawse, Sheree Ellen 
Hazelgrove, Nancy Ellen 
Hazelgrove. Sarah Lynn 165 
Headley, Ann Louise 181 
Heard, Adrienne Cassandra 
Heatwole, Teresa Lynn 
Hed, Anita Britt 
Hedley, Elliot G. 234 
Heflin,Lisa Kimley 
Heidemann. Lisa Ann 104. 132 
Heinemann. Mary P. 
Heizer, Karen Annette 181 
Hellgeth, Thomas Richard 
Helms, Dennis Leonard 
Helton. Rebecca Kent 
Hemenway. Dawn E. 
Henderson, Bruce Alexander 
Henderson, Lynn Ann 
Henley, Susan Amanda 132 
Hennessey, Les Shane 
Henry, Carol Jane 132 
Henry, Eileen Desmond 
Henry, Karen Lynn 165 
Henry, Leslie Lorraine 
Henshaw, Richard Leroy 
Hensley, Rose Marie 
Henson, Bonnie Star 
Henson, Joy Elaine 
Hepler. David Lee 
Wagner, Sherry Herald 
Herrman, Jana Jo 
Hernandez, Debra Marie 132 
Herndon Jr, John Francis 132 
Herring, Christopher Charles 
Heslen, Karen Ann 181 
Hesse, Katherine Ann 165 
Hesse, William Edward 
Hester. Brenda Ann 132 
Hevener. Dennis 
Hevener. Patricia Ann 
Hewins, Nancy Ann 73 
Hewlett, Robin Elizabeth 
Hicks, Katherine Helen 158. 233 
Higgins. Margaret Mary 
Highton, Beth 
Hileman, Scott Watson 
Hill. Jerry 
Hill. Julianne 
Hill. Margaret Page 
Hinck, Audrey Elizabeth 166 
Hines, Robin Osborn 132 
Hinkel, Isabelle Jane 181 
Hinson. Kenneth Earl Jr 181 
Hirsch. Malinda Dean 158 
Hirtz. Mary Veronica . :; 

Hitt. Ellen MacDonald 
Hitt, Linda Venus 
Hoak. Franklin Coffman 
Hoffman. Karen Ann 181 
Hoffman. Laurie Jean 68, 
Hofrichter. Peter 
Hogan. Maureen Susan 
Hogge. Deborah Gale 1 
Hogge. Mary Frances 133 
Hogge. Michele Denise 166 
Hogge. Sheryl Ann 
Holberg, Kristin Anne 
Holcombe, Elizabeth 
Holder. Lynn Alan 
Holland, Katherine Elizabeth 
Holland, Kathy Lynne 
Holland, Mary Darlene 166 
Holland, Mary Lennon 
Hollins, Lucy Lee 
Hollomon, Cecil Sherwood 
Hollowell. Cynthia Lee 181 
Holmes, Laura Jean 
Holsinger, Nancy Lee 
Holup. Dundee Mary Ellen 
Honsaker, Thomas Melvin 
Hood, Debra Gaye 226, 227 
Hood, Jeffrey Mustian 166 
Hopkins, Cynthia Elizabeth 
Hopkins. Elizabeth Holmes 133 
Hoppe. Anita Sue 
Hormuth. Tracey Clare 74. 166 
Emmert. Heather Horn 
Hornbeck, Dianne Delia 133 
Hough. Susan Michele 
Howard, Dorsey Andre 




Howell. Gina Denlse 166 

Howell, Lisa Gaye 

Howell. Louise Waller 181 

Hewlett. Maureen Marie 

Hudnall. Melanie Jo 181 

Hudson. John Eugene 158 

Hudson. Lydia Lane 159 

Hudson, Lynnette Marie 72 

Huff. Donna Faye 133 

Huff. Rugenia Lvean 182 

Huffman. Aubrey Clay 

Hughes. Catherine Ann 

Hughes. David Livingston 182 

Hughes. Donna Jean 5. 11. 104. 166 

Hughes. Elaine Michaux 

Hughes. Kathryn Susan 106. 133. 209 

Hughes. Lisa Ann 71 

Hughes. Nell Marie 

Hughlett. Susan Lee 

Hughson. Patricia Anne 192. 216 

Hulsey, Samuel Robert 

Humphrey. Betty Ann 159 

Humphries. Joan Sheffey 133 

Humphries. Pamela Kaye 166 

Hungate. Robin Elizabeth 209, 222, 223 

Hunt. Tierney Kathleen 182 

Hunter. Karen Lea 

Hunter. Leigh Ann 

Hurdle. Lynn Allison 

Hurley, Ronald Ayers Jr. 

Huskey. Jimmy Lee 234 

Hutchens. Jayne Stewart 182 

Hutto. Patricia Mae 

Hux. Jeffery Wade 

Hyman. Melanie Lynn 

Ibanez. Mary Elizabeth 182 

Idelson, Kathryn Tracy 182. 196. 197 

Imrie. Anne Elizabeth 

Inge. Robert Holt 

Ingebritsen, Ann Mane 166 

Ingram. Mary Norman 166 

Ingram. Melanie Rene 

Inman. Jennifer Leigh 159 

Irby. Alice Purcell 

Irby. Donna Marie 

Israel. Charlotte Emmalee 133 

Ison. Rebecca Rowe 

Jackson. Cynthia Searcy 

Jackson. Nina Lucille 

Jackson. Patricia Carol 166 

Jacobs. Jo Ann 

Jamerson. Susan Ann 

Janovich. Sharon Lee 

Jara. Laura Andrea 

Jarrett. Janet Susan 

Jarrett. Teresa A. 

Jeffenes. Dianne Marie 166 

Jenkins. Peggy Sue 134 

Jenkins. Sandra Leigh 

Jenkins. Sharon Kaye 134 

Jennings. Elizabeth Ann 134 

Jennings. Jan Terie 166 

Jerd. Dorothy Lucinda 

Jerd. Rebecca Louise 

Jezierski. Linda Ann 

Jochens. Deborah Jean 

Johnson. Clara Gibson 

Johnson. Cynthia Marie 159 

Johnson. Emogene S. 

Johnson, Janice Marcia 208, 239 

Johnson. Jo Anne 

Johnson. John Douglas 

Johnson. Judith Page 

Johnson. Marcia Lynne 

Johnson. Mary Beth 182 

Johnson. Nancy Louise 

Johnson, Paula Eve 

Johnson. Randy Thomas 234 

Johnson. Robert Lester 159 

Johnson, Stacy Lynn M 

Johnson. Sylvia Marie ^ 

Johnson. Terry Ann 106. 134. 222. 225 

Johnson, Virginia Ann 6, 106, 134 

Johnson. Wendy Claudette 

Johnson. William Hamilton 182 

Johnston, Katharine Ann 

Joles, Beth Ellen 182 

Jones. A. Cameron 

Jones. Barbara Elizabeth 

Jones. Beverly Jean 134 

Jones. Bonnie Lynn 

Jones, Catherine Susan 

Jones, Cynthia Anne 

Jones, Elaine Marie 182 

Jones. Elizabeth Nottingham 182 

Jones. Dorothy Beatrice 

Jones. Julia Carol 159 

Jones. Kathleen Almeda 

Jones, Kathy Theresa 134 

Jones. Kenneth Mark 

Jones. Laurie Theona 

Jones, Lorraine Fisher 

Jones. Mabel Marlene 

Jones. Nancy Lucille 

Jones, Pamela Yvonne 

Jones Jr.. Roland Marshall 

Jones, Sarah Nelle 134 

Jones IV, Thomas Clemmont 166, 212, 239 

Jones, Trudy Lynne 

Jones, Victoria Marie 

Jordan III, Eli 

Jordan, Phyllis R. 

Joyce, Donna Lynn 

Joyner, Deborah Lynne 135 

Joyner, Karen Juanita 

Kaczur, Celeste Marie 

Kahle, Nelson Edward 

Kane, Amy Marie 182 

Kannon, Madeline Ann »- . -^ 

Karcha. Karen Ann 182 ' -"i;-:..- 

Kauffman, Peter Joseph ^'"■■:-? 

Kause, Elizabeth Ann 

Keany, Terrance Edward 

Kearney, Elizabeth Marie 135 

Keehne, Susan Ann 166 

Keel, Laura Elizabeth 

Keesee, Terry Lynne 166 

Kelarakis, Joanne Irene 182 

Kellett, Pamela Jeanne 

Kelley, Roxanne Elaine 

Kelly, Martin Patrick 

Kelly, Patrick Pembroke 166 

Kelly, William Francis 

Kelly, Joseph M. 182 .*# 

Kelsey, Jennifer Marie 135 

Kennon, Catherine Thorton 

Kent, Anthony Wayne 

Kent, Kelly Susan 204 

Kerrigan, Michael Edward 212 

Kersey, Jodi Ann 182 

Key, Carole Yvonne 166 

Keys, Doris Lou 182, 228, 229 

Kidd. Kevin Wilson 159 

Kidwell, Travis Ann 

Kilfeather, Karen Marie 

Kilmer, Karen Beth 76, 192, 216 

Kilpatrick, Debra Moore 135 

Kilvington, Carol Lynn 182 

Kim. Myung Nam 

Kim, Sunok 159 

Kindrick, Antoinette Susan 182 

King, Bonnie Celeste 135 

King. Daniel Mark 

King, Mary Helen 77, 216, 218 

King, Nicole Andrea 104 

Kinzel, Deborah Kay 8, 159. 196. 216. 218 

Kirkland, Wanda Leah 135 

Kirkman, Mary Worth 166 

Kirkpatrick. Deidre 

Klebert, Kathleen Gail 13, 77. 192, 239 

Kloc, Mary Elizabeth 

Knapp, Barbara Carol 

Knight, Linda Frances 

Knighton, Janice Jacqueline 

Knowles, Carol Ellen 182 

Knox, Cary Flinn 

Knutti. Robert Bowden 

Koberowski. Kerry Ray 183 

Koch. Katherine Elise 167 

Koch, Melanie Kay 159 

Koechlein, Gwen Ann 135, 228. 229. 230 

Komornik. David George 212 

Korrow. Margaret Ada 

Koukoutchos, Mark Damon 

Kraft. Carol Anne 

Krause, Erich Franz 

Kreger, Karen Lynn 159 

Krott. Cynthia Louise 136 

Krutainis. Linda Doris 

Kulp, Linda Louise 106, 136 

Kunc. Michael Craig 

Kunze, Deborah 

Kus, Sue Ann 167 

Kusterer, Judith Elaine 159 

Kurtz, Lynn Annette 183 

Lafferty, Charles Kent 

Lafoon, Melinda Faye 136 

Lair, Mathew David 

Lam, Barry Yu 

Lambert, Mary Elisabeth 183 

Lancaster, Faith Elizabeth 

Lance, Kathy Marie 167 

Landers, Patricia Ann 

Landon, Cynthia Ann 209 

Landis, Ronda C. 159 

Landry, Robin Leslie 136 

Lane, Karen Lee 

Lane, Patricia Adele 

Lane, Robert Reaves 

Lang, Kevin Michael 

Langford, Teresa Lorraine 183 

Lanier, Donna Gail 

Largiader, Avril M. 

Larkin, Kevin Sinclair 

Larus, Thomas Eugene 

Lashley, Jenny Lynn 167 

Lassiter, Lisa Marie 183 

Puryear, Ann Davies 

Latta, Harry Dean 

Lauterbach, Kim Cherie 167 

Law, Nancy Marshall 

Law, Sabrina Gale 

Lawhorne, Teresa Diane 183 

Lawless, Michael Hart 

Lawrence, Susan Kenmore 136 

Lazarus, Carmelita Celeste 

Leavell, Janet Marie 

Leavitt, Ann Marie 136 

Lee, Erin Cecile 136 

Lee, Kevin Daniel 

Lee, Kevin Gerard 

Lee, Rebecca Darden 167 

Lee, Tawanna Oliver 

Leffue, Nina Beth 70 

Leftwich, Cathy Sue 137 

Leftwich, Don Patrick 
Legg, Marilyn Dawn 
Lehman, Jeffrey David 
Leidenheimer, Nancy Jo 228, 230 
Leighton, Donna Gail 167 
Leipertz, Kenneth Farmer 
Lemaster, Anna Maria 70, 167 
Lembke, Janice Anne 
Lemons, Elizabeth Reid 
Lenhart, Joyce I. 
Leonard, Pamela June 159 
Leonard Jr., Shack 234 
Lareau, Marjorie Gayle 
Lescalleet, Clayton Luther 
Leslie, Rae Elizabeth 183 
Levey, Mary Russell 167 
Lewandowski, Michael Scott 183 
Lewarne, Robert William 
Lewis. Betty Mitchell 137 
Lewis, Beverley Thompson 183 
Lewis, Christ! Anna 105, 216, 228 
Lewis, Joni Lee 
Lewis, Julia Maria 183 
Lewis, Kathy Patricia 167 
Lewis, Kevin Meade 183 
Lewis, Nancye Cary 
Lignian, Jessie Mae 159 
Lilley. Sharon Marie 159 
Limoge. Valerie Lynn 
Lincks, Tamara Ann 
Lincoln, Lorraine Anne 167 
Lindner, Barbara Elizabeth 
Lindsey, Didier Jean-Eric 137, 212 
Lineberry. Charles Thomas 227 
Link Jr, Joseph Francis 
Lintner, Cynthia Lee 183 
Lipscomb, Bonnie Gay 222 
Logan, Mary Gloria 137 
Logan, Sherrill Lavern 137 
Lohr, Sheryl Celeste 183 
Long, Billie Jean 
Long, Mary Theresa 
Long, Penny Kaye 183 
Loop, Soraya 
Lougheed, Ann Marie 
Love Jr, James Neal 202 
Love, Karen Marie 183 
Love, Linda Elizabeth 

Loving. Nancy Ward 

Lowe, Eva Elaine 228 

Lowe, Sally Dean 104, 167, 192 

Lowe, Vickie Louise 103, 183 

Lowery, Melanie Duane 167 

Lowry, Eileen Ann 

Luckett, Troy Ann 

Lukhard, Florence Elizabeth 183 

Lunberg, Terresa Lynn 

Lundy, Ruth Oleeta 167 

Luther, Tanya K. 

Lutins, Cheryl Helene 

Lyie, Frank Nelson 

Lyies, Doris Ann 

Lyies, Scott Moir 202 

Lynch, Katharine Anne 167 

Machen, John Franklin 

Mahon, Mary Katherine 137 

Mahon, Mary Therese 

Mahone, Thomas David 

Mahoney, Patricia Ann 

Main Jr, Malcolm Harris 227 

Mallory, Mary Ellen 

Malone, Diana Jane 183 

Maloney, Patricia Anne 

Maneval, Greta Ellen 183 

Manley, Maureen Fitzgibbon 137 

Mann, Vivian Manning 

Marable, Joan Miller 183 

Marable, Martha Lynn 167 

Marcus, Richard Kenneth 13, 68, 184 

Marion, Nancy Smith 

Markham, Linda Gay 184 

Markley, Kathryn Angela 167 

Markley, Theresa Lynn 159 .^^ 

Marshall, Cynthia Harvey 

Marshall, Norma Jean ,5 

Barker, Marsha Marshburn 

Marter, Gale Susan 

Martin, Cheryl Kaye 

Martin, Deborah Sue 

Martin, Donna Kaye 184 

Martin, Joseph Lee 184 

Martin, Sandra Jane 184 

Martin, Sandra Kay 159 

Martin, Timothy Dean 

Maruszak, Diane M. 

Maruszak, Gregg A. 

Mason, Charles Alexander T59~ 

Mason, Mitzi Michelle 184 

Mason, Regina Gail 137 

Mason, Suzanne Louise 

Masters, Helen Stuart 167 

Mathews, Linda Elizabeth 

Mathewson, Victoria Lynn 184, 239 

Matson, Joan Allison 192, 216, 219 

Matter, Laurie Jean 138 

Matthews, Susan Fisher 

Maxey, Ann-Elyse Kathleen 184 

Jones, Cathy Maxey 167 

May, Ann Thurston 

May, David Randolph 212 

Mayo, Pamela Elizabeth 167 

McAdams, Annette Wright 160 

McAllister, Mary Anne 168 

McAra, Robert Stephen 160 

McCanna, Kimberly Anne 138 

McCarthy, Kerry Ann 

McCarty. Mary Elise 

McChesney, Anna Bell 73s 

McClain, Diana Marie 13S^ 

McClain, Pamela Kay 

McClelland, Susan Kay 

McCollum, Michelle Marie 104, 138 

McCombs, Freda S. 

McCormick, Melody Ann 

McCormick, Susie Louise 

McCook, Bruce Eugene 

McCoy, Priscilla Jean 184 

McCraw, Karen Denise 184 

McDaniel, Carolyn Hart 

McDaniel, Mary Kay 138 

McDonald, Kelly Ann 168 

McDonald, Elaine 168 

McDonald, Megan K. 138 

McDowell, Kelly 168 

McDowell, Pamela Louise 

McFall, Sandy Leigh 75 

McGonigle, Myrne Frances 184 

McGraw, George Kevin 

McGregor, Jettaka V. M. 168 

Mcintosh, Carol Ann 

Mclver, Carolyn Daughtry 168 

McKaig, William Preston 6. 106, 160 

McKeen, Cheryl Ann 160 

McKenney, Rebecca Lynne 

McKenzie, Lori Lynn 184 

McKnight, Kathleen Ann 138 

McLaren, John David 

McLarin, Jean Elizabeth 

McLaughlin, Mary Ellen 139 

McLawhorn, Teresa Ann 11, 68, 104, 160 

McMullen, Donna Suzanne 

McMullen, Martha Ann 

McNeil, Rose Marie 

McVey, Lexie Ann 

McWhirt, Ruth Ann 168 

McWilliams, Patricia Louise 

Meadows, Linda Jean 

Mears. Catherine Ann 159 

Mears, Edward Bruce 

Mella, Edward James 

Melvin, Susan Allan 192, 193, 194, 216 

Mercil, Michael Arthur 

Mergler, Andrew Marlen 

Merten, Lynn Dianne 

Messier, Anne Marie 206, 233 

Messier, Katherine MaryJane 

Meyer, Lawrence John 

Michel, Michael Edwin 

Midkiff, Kaye Susanne 139 

Mihm, Deborah Marie 

Milburn, Michele Lynne 184 

Miles, Ann Marie 196, 199 

Miller, Cynthia Joyce 139 

Miller, Debra Ann 168 

Miller, Donna Kay 

Miller, Melissa Marie 

Miller, Rebecca Dawn 

Miller, Steven Lowell 

Miller, Vallory Paige 184 

Mills, Courtney Elizabeth 54 

Mills, Frederick Wilson 

Milton, Kim Denise 184 

Mims, Donna Lee 

Miskar, Susan Louise 104, 139 

Mistretta, Margaret Mary 

Mitchell, David Neal 202( 

Mitchell, Diane Marie 

Mitchell, Donna Rae 184 

Mitchell, Elizabeth Bennett 

Mitchell, Kathryn Louise 

Mitchell, Wayne Stevenson 

Mobley. Robbin Marie 184 

Moll, Jennifer Leigh 

Molter, Jill Yvonne 168 

Montgomery, Lynn Grace 

Moore, Carolyn Diane 

Moore, Dana Stephen 139 

Moore, Earnest Earl 139 

Moore, Karen Dianne 168 

Moore, Karen Elaine 139 

Moore, Keith Franklin 66, 68, 104, 168 

Moore, Letha Maurice 

Moore, Linda Jane 

Moore, Nancy Patrick 139 

Moore, Robin Christine 184 

Moore, Stanley Joseph 

Moore, Wayne Cartwright 168, 227 

Moorefield, Kathryn Dale 160 

Moorefield, Windy Lee 140 

Moreau, Deborah Ann 184 

Morfeno, Mark Kevin 

Morgan, Bruce Wiley 202 

Morgan, Genice Marie 57 

Morgan, Joseph Richard 

Morgan, Patricia Gale 

Moring, Ann Corrine 

Morris, Cindy Sue 74, 80, 106 

Morris, Cynthia Marie 160 

Morris, Diana Jean 

Morris, Karen Sue 168 

Morris, Susan A. 

Morris, Susan Ann 

Patteson, Beverly Morrissett 

Morrissey, Ann Maureen 

Morse, Cynthia Jean 184 

Morton, Nancy James 168 

Moss, Cindy Marie 12, 160 

Moss, Donna Gayle 

Moss, Daniel Wade 

Moss, Melanie Ann 

Mostoff, Peter Alexander 

Motley, Patricia Murphy 

Mott, Andrea Dawn 

Mottley, Donna Reed 168 

Mottley, Eugenia Lee 

Mottley, Kirby Reed 

Mottley, Penelope Sue 185 

Mottley, Shirley Kay 

Mowles, Lysa Ann 140 

Mowles, Rebecca Kay 

Mozingo. Beverly Ellen 105, 160 

Mulcahy, Maureen Ann 

Muley, Linda Mane 6, 106, 140 

Mullinax, Karen Michelle 185 

Mullooly, Kathleen 140 

Mundy, Lauren Dee 

Munoz, Mark Anthony 212 

Murphy, Cheryl Leigh 140 

Murphy, Donna Rae 140 

Murphy, Mary Elizabeth 

Murray, Connie Frances 208, 222 

Murray, Hugh Alfred 234 

Murry, John Henry 

Murray, Janet Frost 

Myers, Connie Faye 

Myers, Gina Marie 

Myers, Rebecca Jane 185 

Myers, Rebecca Lynn 168 

Myers, Timothy Scott 

Myrick, Oscar Wiley 

Nace, Luanne Smith 160 

Nagorske, Mark Eric 

Naranjo, Valery Susan 68 

Navin, Elizabeth Anne 

Neathery, Margaret Dow 

Banton, Edna Nees 

Neiman, Barbara Ann 185 

Neimo, Kenneth Anthony 140 — 

Nelson, Arthur Lee Jr. 

Nelson. Cynthia A. 140 

Nelson, Dee Ann 

Nelson, Stephen Kinloch 212 

Nesbitt, Victoria Jeanne 

Nesdill, Rosemary 185 

Neumann, Astrid Ellen 185 

Hancock, Kathy Newcomb 

Hall, Sharon Newcomb 

Newcomb, Sharon Lynn 

Newman, Julie Lynn 

Newton, Kevin Odell 234 

Newman. Rachel Lea 

Newton, Tammy Marie 

Nguyen, Anh Viet 160 

Nguyen, Dung Anh 

Nguyen, Sue Ann Thi Thanh 

Nguyen, Tuan Anh 141 

Nicely, Cheryl Elaine 185 

Nicely, Donna Kay 160 

Nichols, Mary Elizabeth 

Nicholson, Martha Allison 141 

Nicholson, Sharon Kaye 

Nickels, Dianna Rae 

Niezgoda, Anne Marie 

Nilsson, Anneli Elisabeth 141 ', 

Nixon, Robert Doyle 

Nixon, William Russell 

Noftsinger, Mary Kelly 141 

Nolte, Jeanne Marie 168, 192, 194, 216, 218 

Noonan, Scott Alan 73 

Norman, Karen Paige 

Normand, Ann Herron 13 

Norris, Barbara Ann 

Norris, Joyce Ellen 185 

Northern. Deborah Lynn 7. 105. 106, 160. H 

216, 218 
Bowen, Anita Norton 
Noser. Marcia Anne 141 
Novak. Frank William 
Nuckols. Donna Kay 
Nuckols. Mary Emma 
Nuckols, Susannah Catherine 185 
Nugent, Linda Jean 
Nunez, Rebecca Ann 
Nunnally, Rebecca Lee 141 
Oakley, Cledith Emory 
Oakley, Terry Lynn 
Obrien, Sharon Lynne 
Obrien, Susan Lisa 
O Bryan, Sharon Lois 141 
Oden, Cathy Louise 142 
Oglesby, Cameron Mathilde 7, 106, 142 

O Kane. Michael 

Ohiman. Cinda Lynn 

Oliver. Darryl Brett 

Olsen. Leslie T. 

Olson, Susan Ellen 160 

Omohundro. Anne Rebecca 

Quinn. George Michel 

Orr. Carol Lorraine 

Orsi. William Christophe 70. 71 

Osborne. Debbie Lee 168 

Otey. Sharon Elaine 185 

Otstot. Margaret Frances 142 

Ott, Emily Jane 185 

Overby. Kemble Alan 160 

Overstreet. Dana Jane 105. 142 

Overstreet. Carrie Elaine 

Overstreet, Lindsay 

Overstreet. Teresa Faye 

Owen. Patricia Lee 160 

Owen, Ronda Belcher 

Pace. Jane Ellen 142 

Packett. Barbara Jane 

Padgett. Anita Joanne 

Page. Jacquelyn Sue 142 

Pague. Joyce Robin 

Painter. Lynn Duval 185 

Palatt. Brian Charles 

Palmer. Kathleen Mary 

Palmore. Mary Katherine 

Palumbo. Frank Louis 8 

Parker. Debora Ann 

Parker. Donna Jane 168 

Parker. Karen Ann 

Parker. Karrie Anne 185 

Parker, Paul Harding 

Parker. Sheila Elaine 160 

Parkins. Edie Jane 

Parks. Cheryl Kaye 142 

Parrish. Elizabeth Westood 168 

Parrott. Elizabeth Carrie 169 

Paschall. Linda Elaine 169 

Patten. George Merrick 

Patton. Carole Regina 185 

Paxton. Martha Judith 185 ^ 

Payne, Alta Melissa 

Payne Jr. David Lee 

Payne. Sharon Marie 192 

Peachy, Ashley Randolph 

Peachy, Lucy Munro 

Pearson, Karen Denise 185 

Peed, Laurie Diane 

Pelkey. Cheryl Ann 

Pelletier, Michelle Marie 169 

Pencola. Annamaria Regina j^ 

Penick. Linda Bobbitt 

Penn. Carol Lynn 169 

Penn, Tony Wayne 

Penny. Donna Jill 103. 185 

Penrod. Wayne Edward 

Peoples. Tom Annette 142 

Perdue. Anne Robin 143 

Perkins. Cheryle Yolanda 169 

Perkins, Patricia Ann 143 

Perna, Frank Augustus 202 

Perry, Amy Gene 169 

Perry, Carolyn Mane 185 "'';, 

Petefish. Julie Ann 222 

Peters. Karen Delle 160 

Petersen. Wanda Price 67. 105, 160 192 193 

194. 216 
Peterson. Karl Edward 
Peterson. Robin Scott 
Petroff. David Bryan 
Petty, Rhonda Jane 
Pfeil. John Monroe 
Phelps. Meryl Caroline 
Phillips. David William 
Philpott, Kathy Diann 
PHon. Lawrence Lee 
Pinchbeck, Brenda Sue 143 
Pinelli, George Arthur 227 
Pitcher, Tracy Jo 185 
Pitt. Susan Whitney 
Pittard, Andy Curtis 
Plageman, Lynn Ann 103, 160 
Pleasant. Betty Yancey 
Pleasant, Mary Katherine 
Pleasants, Lav/rence Morgan 
Pleasants. Sallie Mae 160 
Poarch. Wanda Faye 
PoH, Sharon Lynne 186 

Pointer. Gwendolyn Aline 186 

Poladian. Bonnie Lynn 143 

Polen. Lisa Lee 186 

Poliak. Albert James 

Politi. Teri Lynne 

Pollack, Cindy Louise 

Ponn. Sandra Faye 186 

Poole. Richard Jay 202 

Poor, Terrlanne 

Pooley. Jill Evonne 

Poore, Cynthia Gay 169 

Poore. Sylvia Jean 143 

Pope. Vicki Lynn 143 

Poppas. Dix Phillip 

Portner, Ferns Dale III 192. 195 

Posa, Marlene Ann 143 

Posey. Joye Denise 169 

Potts, Susan Marie 

Powell. Barbara Kay 

Powell, Carolyn Mae 160 

Powell, Cathy Ann 143 

Powell. Dorothy Mae 

Powell. Elizabeth Lavinia 13. 232. 233 

Powell. Lisa Ann 

Powell. Rhonda Eileen 169. 204 

Powell, Ruth Dale 186 

Powers, Jean Marie 196. 198, 199 

Prettyman, Larry James 169 

Price. Betsy Catherine 169 

Price, Shelby Joan 186 

Price, Timothy Harold 

Primdahl. Karl Thomas 

Privott. Raleigh Whitfield 

Progar, Cynthia Ann 

Puckett, Susan Mae 186 

Pullen, Linda Kaye 209, 210 

Pulliam, Nancy Lynn 

Pultz, Deborah Kay 144 

Pultz, Thomas Leo 

Pulwers. David Samuel 186 

Purdham, Mary Patricia 169 

Puryear, Jeff Frank 

Puryear, Susan Lynn 144 

Putney, Deborah Jean 

Quarles, Margie Tesh 228, 231 

Quesenberry, Cheryl Diane 

Quinn, Maureen Elizabeth 144 

Quirk, Brenda Grace 

Racey, Kyna Mitchell 160 

Rader, Dayna Michealle 186 

Rafferty, Catherine Mary 

Ragland Jr. Marvin Lee 

Ragsdale. Sherie Marie 144 

Raines. Venetia Leigh 

Ramey. Ann Robey 

Rammell. Elizabeth Mary 

Ramsey. Janet Lee 144 

Ramsey. Susan Kay 144 ./ 

Randolph. William Curtis .y 

Rappaport, Stephen David 

Raunswinder, Sharon Anne 169 

Ray. Joyce Lee 160 

Ray. Lisa Scott 209 

Rea, Karen Ann 144 

Reaves. Beverly Ann 

Reardon, Mary Teresa 

Rector, Raye Marion 145 

Rector, Sharon Ann 160 

Redmon, Mary Katherine 204 

Reed, Brenda Sue 186 

Reese, Gary Steven 

Reeves, Kelly Bonita 

Reid, Jerri Anne 145 

Reid. Mary Sue 145 

Reiter. Janet Lynn 

Reynolds. Catherine Elaine 

Reynolds. Jack Wayne 145 

Reynolds. James Sydnor 

Reynolds. Janet Louise 186 

Colley. Phyllis Reynolds 

Reynolds. Tracy Ann 

Rice. Lydia Frances 

Rice. Melody Mane 

Richard. Daniel Joseph 

Richards. Belinda Ann 186 

Richards. Elizabeth Blackwell 

Richardson, Bonnie Kay 

Richardson, Diane Adair 

Richardson Jr, Leslie Tillmond 

Richardson, Virginia Gale, 

Richman, Jerry Allan 186 

Riddick, Robert Lee 

Rideout, Patricia Elizabeth 145 

Riggan, Linda Mae 

Riggs, Virginia Martin 169 

Riley, Gary Tryer 

Riley, Melody Lynn 145 

Rinker, Michael Lynn 

Ritchie, Lenora Elizabeth 169 

Ritchie, Terry Louise 

Roakes. Cynthia Lynn 

Roberts III, Jesse Frederick 145 

Roberts. Sylvia Lynn 

Roberts. Wilson Jennings 

Robertson. Carol Lynn 169 

Robertson, Janet Rebecca 

Robertson, Jo-Anne 

Robertson, Sandra Lynn 

Robinson. Diane Virginia 

Robinson, Eleanor Booker 

Robinson, Gary Wayne 145 

Robinson, Pamela Carol 

Rockwell, John Gilbert 

Rodgers, Grace Ann 74, 186 

Rodop, Nuvit 

Rodriguez, Celeste Carol 7. 66, 169, 192. 195, 

216. 217 
Roemlein, Jean Marie 222 
Roesch, Kestina Marie 186 
Roettger, Peggy Marie 
Rogers, Jeffrey Morgan 
Rogers, Kathy Louise 146 
Rogers, Steven Ray 
Roller, Dale Michael 160 
Roller. Marguerite Lynn 186 
Rollins. Robert Duke 51, 76 
Romig, Cynthia Lynn 
Roper, Michelle Elaine 
Ross, Richard Alan 
Rothe, Helene Marie 
Rowe, Deborah Elaine 
Rowen, Robin Dee 
Rowland, Gretchen Ann 
Rowland, Rene Elizabeth 
Rubino, Lauren Mary 
Ruffin, Andrea Rene 
Ruotolo, Ann Maria 
Rupp, Jillanne 

Ruppel. Christine Louise 103. 222, 223 
Russell. Colleen Madge 160 
Russell. Pamela Sue 146 
Ryan, Angela Kay 146 
Ryman, Kevin L. 
Saalfeld Jr. Fred Eric 187. 212 
Cunningham, Karen S. 
Sabas, Pauline Theresa 169 
Sabitus, Barbara J. 186, 192, 194, 201, 216 
Sadler, Wahneetah Lea 
Sage, Mary Elizabeth 160 
Saia, Vivian Jean 
Sakiewicz, Donald Robert 
Sale, Rebecca Elaine 
Sampey, Leeann 160 
Samuel. Coreen 
Sanbower. Linda Mane 70, 186 
Sanders, Cynthia Dawn 146 
Sanderson, Kelly Ann 169 
Sanderson. Mary Kaye 
Sandford, Susan Carol 187 
Sandidge. Elizabeth Adams 186 
Sandler. Virginia Annette 146 
Sanford, Kathryn Fretwell 187 
Sarlo, Sandra Leah 
Sasser, Brenda Kaye 
Satterwhite, Leslie Yvonne J: 

Saunders, Ronald Wade F 

Savage, Katharine Lisa 
Sawyer, Neil Kevin 
Saxer, Terry Marie 
Saxon. Martha Neal 
Saxty. Lori Jean 
Saylor. Bobby Gene 
Sayre, Garrett Stewart 
Scanlon. Christine Florence 
Schaubach. Thomas Martin 146 
Scheid, Therese A, 146 
Schinabeck. Karen M. 
Schmidt. Kay Maria 187 
Schmitz, Linda Jean 
Schoeller. Melinda Gayle 
Scholberg. Patricia Kay 187 
Schrag. Marjorie L, 

Schuiz, Nancy Ellen 

Schuize, Amy Lynn 187 

Schuyler, Shelly Irene 146 

Scott, Faye Deborah 

Scott, Rebecca Angell 

Scouras, Constance Marie 

Scruggs, Joni Marie 

Scruggs, Michael Warwick 

Scully, Carolyn Ann 187 

Seaborn, Barbara Sue 147 

Segraves, Joanne Marie 

Seagle, Sara Butler 

Seal, Debi Kaye 

Seaman, Mark Alexander 

Seay, Karolyn Lesueur 

Seeman, Rodger Thomas 187 

Serine, Joy E. 169 

Setliff, Beverly Sue 160 

Setzer, Nancy Jo 

Sewell, Mary Dawn 187 

Sexton. Mary Jane 

Shafferman, Nancy Lenore 187 

Shanahan, Linda Ann 

Shanks, Donna Kaye 

Sharp, James Warren 

Shartzer, Lola Jean 187 

Shaw, Kathy Anne 147, 187 

Shell, Dottie G. 

Shelton, Karen Nanette 9, 105, 160 

Shelton, Kathryn Ann 

Sheridan, Elizabeth Ann 

Sherman, Barrie Elizabeth 170 

Shields, Edward Lamar 

Shiflett, Kimbly Page 

Shiflett, Lorrie Dannelle 187 

Shiflett, Sandra Lee 

Shiflett. Terry Lynn 

Shine, Francis Scott 

Shirvell, Maryann 

Shomaker, Bonnie Sue 

Shrader. Deneen Michele 160 

Shropshire, Wesley Edward 

Shuffler, Doreen Mary 160. 216, 217 

Slegrist, Gregory Andrew 170 

Simmons, Andrea Leigh 

Simmons, Cathy Sue 

Simmons, Elizabeth Kay 170 

Simmons, Valarie Darlene 170 

Simmons. Norman Paul 

Simmons, Teri Dale 187 

Simms, Deborah Francis 170 

simonelli, Maryellen Catherine 170 

Simonson, Sarah Ellen 147 

Simpson, Karen Lynn 147 

Sines, Bonnie Sue 187 

Sisco. D. Chauncey 

Sizemore. Donna Lynn 170 

Skelton, Debora Susanne 170 

Skinner, Dolores Anne 147 

Skinner, Robert Noland 

Slade, Mary Louise 187. 192 

Slater, Elizabeth Faye 

Slaughter, Patty Roxanne 187 

Sloan, Mark Mackinnon 

Slocum, Kurt Phillip 68, 212 

Slough, Barbara Kay 160 

Smalley, Patricia Ann 

Smiley, Debra Kay 187 

Smiley, Rebecca Diana 

Smith. Betty Lou 187 

Smith. Cynthia Anne 222. 223 

Smith, Cynthia Emion 

Smith, Deborah Kaye 

Smith, Diane Dawn 

Smith, Elizabeth Eugenia 

Smith, Gregory Allen 

Smith, Jerri Faye 

Smith, Karen Shelley 170 

Smith. Kathy Paige 188 

Smith. Zoie Katherine 226. 227 

Smith, Larry Mark 72, 188 

Smith, Lettie Diane 

Smith, Linda Roberts 

Smith, Lisa Anne 

Smith, Maryjane 160 

Smith, Nancy Michelle 

Smith, Richard Dwight 

Smith, Robert Stone 

Smith, Sara Parsons 

Smith, Sheryle Bugg 

Smith, Stacey Anne 


Smith, Toni Maureen 170 
Smith. William Mark 
Webster. Deborah Smither 
Smyth. Laura Marie 147 
Snader. Denise Ann 192. 194. 
Snapp. Janet Marie 
Snead, Kawanah Ison 
Snellings, Teresa Domenica 147 
Solari, Joan Marie 147 
Soles, Mary Blanton 170 
Southers, Dennis Lee 188 
Southwick. Stacie Jeanne 
Sowash. Ann Elizabeth 
Sowers. Kathleen Teresa 71, 18? 
Soyars, Robin Anne 170 
Spach, Don Marie 
Spangler II, Charles William 
Sparrow, Karen Kay 188 
Speaks, David Michael 202 
Speas. Barbara Gail 
Speas. Evelyn Patricia 
Spector. Amy Lynn 
Spence, Donald Elliott 
Spencer, Carol Anne 160 
Spencer, Debra Lynn 188 
Sperry, Tammi Jo 
Spinks. Jeanne Diane 148 
Spiotta, Sharon Lee 
Spittle. Gwen Louise 
Sproston. Patricia Jo 188 
Staley. Anna Evelyn 170 
Stallings. Ronald Alexander 
Stalls, Jodee Elizabeth 
Stanfield, Robin Lynn 160 
Stanley, David Wayne 
Stanley, Elizabeth A. 
Stanley, Jeffery Brian 
Stanley, Judith Karen 
Stanley, Roberta Elizabeth 148 
Stanley, Thomas Charles 
Stanton. Elizabeth Becker 170 
Staples. Kimberly Anne 170 
Stark. Mark B. 
Stark. Robin Lee 148 
Staton. Lisa Carol 160 
Staylor, Deborah Jean 
Stebbing, Harry Todd III 212 
Steckbeck, Robert Karl 
Steele, Paula Ann 148 
Steer, Jacqueline Marie 
Stefaniga, Veronica Mae 160 
Stent, Barbara Neville 188 
Stephens, Anne Carter 
Stephens, Donna Marie 
Stephens, Penelope 228 
Stephenson, Susan M. 
Stewart. Pamela Jonel 161 
Stiebel, Sheryl Lynn 
Stine, Martha Jo 148 
Stinnett, Linda Faye 
Stitt, Lynne Marie 188 
Stockton. Lon Richard 
Stoddard. Charles Maynard 
Stone. David Courtland 212 
Storey. Mary Louise 188 
Stout. Tommy Clifford 13. 106, 148 
Stovall. Lisa Jo 
Stowers. Melissa Childress 
Straka. Claire Elise 
Strayer. Cheryl Anne 148 
Strever. Laura 
Strickland. Helen Gail 
Strickland, Mary Delia 148 
Seemiller, Bonnie Sue 188 
Strike, Joy Lynne 
Strobel, Douglas Britt 170 
Strong, Roger Benton 
Struder, Susan Elizabeth 161 
Strutton, Debra Leigh 188 
Stuart, Mary Elizabeth 
Stuart, Terri Lynn 170 
Stump, Sarah Jean 170 
Sullivan, Neil Joseph 105 
Sullivan, Thomas Edward 73, 170 
Surratt, Patti Kay 
Swago, David Robert ■ 

Swale, Margaret Heather 188 
Swan, Lynne Elizabeth 161 
Swandby, Keith Russeth 202 
Swann, Alison Mary 161 
.^ Swartzwelder. Robyn Delk 149 

Sweatman, D. Andrea Ruth 196 

Sweet, Sue Ellen 

Swenson, Polly Elizabeth 

Suchanic, David J. 

Sulllns, Jacquelin Shay 170 

Swift, Stephen Patrick 

Sykes, Janet Elaine 188 

Taliaferro, Norma Francine 

Tatum, Rita Dejarnette 

Taylor, Brian Andrew 

Taylor, Donna Marie 149 

Taylor, Jane Allison 188 

Taylor. John Arthur 

Taylor. June Rita 161 

Taylor. Pamela Sue 188 

Taylor, Rebecca Lynn 

Taylor, Sara Wallace 

Taylor, Scott E. 188. 227 

Taylor Jr, Walter Louis 103. 234 

Tedesco. Anne Carol 

Tennant. Colette Giles 

Tester. Lora Elizabeth 

Thacker. Angelique Rene 188 

Thomas, Bonnie Lee 161 

Thomas, Cindy Ann 

Thomas, Deborah Gail 

Thomas, Dianne Marie 188 

Thomas, Elaine Meshelle 

Thomas, John Pendleton 

Thomas, Judy Ann 

Thomas, Leah-Beth 171 

Thomas, Lisa Ann 171 

Thomas, Patricia Ellen 171 

Thomas, Sandra Kaye 171 

Thompson, Barbara June 

Thompson, Cynthia Joyce 161, 222 

Thompson, Deborah Leigh 188 

Thompson, Elizabeth Robins 161 

Thompson, Lee J. 

Thompson, Linda Diane 

Thompson, Mary Luanna 161 

Thompson, Rebecca Lee 161 

Thornhill, Ronald Keith 

Thornton, Virginia Elaine 189 

Throssell, Karen Leigh 189 

Thurston Jr, Ralph Hamilton 

Thwaites. Laura Ellen 

Tignor. Elizabeth Glynn 161 

Timberlake. Donna Marie 171 

Tipton, Daniel Paul 233 

Tirambulo, Romina Marie 

Todd, Donna Lynn 171 

Tokarz, Ann Marie 149 

Tolama-Neri, Beatriz Eugenia 141 

Tolbert, Jack Allen 105 

Toney, Donna Lynn 189 

Topping, Stephanie Storm 

Towler, Susan Marie 189. 192. 239 

Tracy, Juli Beth 

Traina, Mary Alta 149 

Trainor, Catherine Byrne 54 

Tran, Mailan Thi 

Transue, Victoria Suzanne 161 

Travis, Mary Lou 

Trent, Daphne Cheryl 149 

Trent, Debra Jean 171, 206 

Trent, Joyce Mylum 

Trestrail, Tammy Jane 

Trimble, Sara Jean 149 

Trotman, Martha Elizabeth 

Trotter, Lauritha Lynn 

Troxell, Wilson Eugene 

Trout, John Patrick 161 

Truitt, Patia Lynne 171 

Truitt, Sherri Lee 189 

Trumbo, Ruth Anne 189 

Trubb, Michael Scott 

Tuck, Kyna Renee 

Crites, Rebecca Tuck 124 

Tucker, Alice Lewis 

Tucker, William Donald 

Tulloh, Betty Lou 

Tunstall, Jane Ann 

Turnbull, Kim Marie 149 

Turner, Connie Gwynn 

Turner, Euna Lee 

Turner. Karen Annette 149 

Turner, Lisa Marie 

Turney. Martha Kendrick 

Tyler, Colbert McLaurine 150 

Ullrich, Valerie Jacquline 


Ulrey. Denny Ray 202 

Unmussig. Patricia Lynn 

Upshaw. Barbara Kimberly 

Updike. Pamela Kay 189 

Upshaw, Barbara Lyn 161, 189 

Vaden, Jeffrey Lewis 

Van Dyke. Steven Thomas 

Vannice. Kathryn Louise 104, 189 

Vanwinkle. Jeanette Mary 

Vass. Dawn Marie 171 

Vaughan. Betty Leigh 150 

Vaughan. Bonnie Gail 189 

Tipton. Jessie Vaughan 

Vaughan, Linda Marie 

Vaughan, Patricia Ann 

Vaughan, Ruth Marie 171 

Vcnable, Michele Celeste 

Vermillion, Julia Anne 189 

Via, Ann Stafford 171 

Vick, Kimberly Susan 189 

Vickstrom, Diann Lynn 150 

Victor, Susan Jacquelyn 189 

Vidrine, Carole Marie 80, 192 

Vines, Marsha Denise 

Vogel, Christene Elaine 161 

Von Moll, Donna Jean 

Vontsolos, Christine Marie 189 

Wacker, Bruce Elizabeth 

Waddell, Elizabeth Leigh 14, 77, 103, 189. 226 

Waddill. Mary Susan 189 

Wade, Theresa Maria 

Wagner, Pamela Jean 171 

Walker, Darlene Annette 161 

Walker, Diane Elizabeth 171 

Walker, Kimberly Jean 

Walker, Kimberley Sue 

Walker. Lisa Robyn 204 

Walker, Milo D. 

Walker, Vicki Ann 

Wall. David Merle 103 

Wallace. Janet Wilson 

Wallace. Linda Faye 

Wallace. Roselyn Dodd 150. 192 

Wallace, Tammy Sue 

Wallace, William Henry 161 

Wallack, Melanie Lori 171 

Waller, Davis Dashiell 

Waller, Susan Elaine 

Walsh, Catherine Joann 

Walsh, Mary Ann 

Walsh, Patty W. 

Walthall, Bonnie Allen 202 

Walton, Dorothy Lynne 150 

Wann, Glenette Lee 105, 106, 150 

Ward, Jennifer Nell 189 

Warden, Margrethe Elisabeth 

Ware, Mary Teresa 68, 80, 105. 106, 161 216 

Warren. Deborah Ann 189 
Warren. Nancy Marie 105. 189. 216 
Warren. Pamela Sue 
Warren Jr. William Russell 
Warrwick III. Howard Roger 
Waters. Jane Ann 189 
Watkins, Larrie Ellen 189 
Watson, Charlotte Jane 
Watson, Katherine Gail 171 
Watson, Marie Maxey 
Weatherford, Susan Elizabeth 150 
Weaver, David Lee 171 
Weaver, Gayle Caldwell 171 
Weaver. Gregory Bruce 
Weaver. Jennie Lee 189 
Weaver. Julie Fay 
Weaver. Rita Kay 150 
Webb. Jeanne Lynn 151 
Webb. Jill Elizabeth 161 
Webb. Joy Lynne 151 
Webb. Rebecca Ann 226, 227 
Weeks, Cynthia Louise 
Weems. Leslie Scott 
Weisel. Elizabeth Ann 161 
Weisberg. Dianne Lois 
Weisiger. Wanda Louise 151 
Wells, Susan Marie 
Wells Jr. William Ervin 202 
Welsh, Robert Edv/ard Jr 189, 212 
Welte, Thomas Joseph 202 
Welter. Virginia Lee 
Wendell. Elizabeth Ann 
Werner, Veronica Li 

West, Kim Theresa 161 

West, Patricia Louise 151 

Westover, Curtis Lee 

Wettstein, Janice 151 

Whaley, Janice Leigh 

Wheeler, Linda S. 

Wheeler, Ronald Allen 161 

Whetsell, Debra Ann 

Whetzel, Brian Frederick 

Whidden, Elizabeth Gray 

Whidden, Kathryn Kirby 

White, Amy Marie 

White, Anne Blanchard 

White, Carlton Jerome 171 

White, Evelyn Carol 151 

White, Florence Lankford 189 

White. Laura Anne 161 

White. Pamela Lynn 

White, Pamela Sue 189 

White. Robert Craig 

White. Sharon Swanson 

White, Teresa Lynn 

White, Timothy Allan 227 

Whitehead, Julius Maurice 

Whitehurst, Patricia Raye 161 

Whiteside, Cynthia Anne 

Whitlock, Sheree Page 

Whitlock, William Ferrell 

Whitten, Stephen Gray 103, 171 

Wickizer, Delia H. 

Wickouski, Ann Marie 189 

Wiedeman, Debra Sue 

Wiemann, Mallary Marie 

Wiggins, Melissa Olivia 151 

Wiggins, Sherry Ann 5, 104. 171, 192. 

Wilcher. Debra Adele 

Wilcox. Cheryl Ann 172 

Wiley, Susan Day 152 

Wiley, Teresa Dawn 

Wilkins, Anthony Edward 

Wilkins, Phyllis Ruth 172 

Wilkinson Jr, David Franklin 189 

Will, Sharon Elaine 172, 192, 222 

Willard, Nancy Ellen 189 

Williams, Ann Carper 

Williams, Beverly Mae 161 

Williams, Cathy 

Williams. Cheryl Ann 189 

Williams. Ida Maria 

Williams, Jennifer Lynn 161 

Williams Jr, John David 161 

Williams, Karia Laureen 

Williams, Kathy Sue 161 

Williams. Lucinda 152 

Williams. Nancy Lynne 189 

Williams. Pamela Kay 172 

Williams. Penny Lee 172 

Williams. Rebecca Alice 172 

Williams, Susan Gwen 172 

Williams. Susan Kay 152 

Williams. Tern Lynne 

Williamson, Deborah Renee 

Willis. Michelle Elaine 152 

Willis. Thomas G. 71 

Wilson. Amy Sue 172 

Wilson, Brett Coleman 

Wilson, David James 

Wilson, Deanna Kay 189 

Wilson, Janice Leah 152 

Wilson, Kathryn Ruth 161 

Wilson, Linda Wray 152 

Wilson, Lisa Marie 

Wilson, Lori Ann 

Wilson, Mary Lucy 152 

Wilson, Maura Maria 

Wilson, Nancy Kay 14. 209 

Bristow, Sabrina Wilson 

Wilson, Susan Bringle 152 

Wilson. Thomas Lavelle Jr 

Wilson. William Edward Jr 189 

Wiltsie, Susan Marie 

Wimmer. Caria Jean 

Wingfield. Betsy C. 

Winn, Karen Lee 

Winstead, Dorothy Jane 

Witcher, William Earl 

Wittsell, Stephen Wayne 

Wodecker, Connie Jane 

Wolfe, Kathleen Louise 

Wolff, Sara Lynn 

Wolk. Linda Lee 189 

Wood. Anne Carol 

Wood. Barbara Louise 189 

Wood. Beverly Jo 161 

Wood, Donna Kay 

Wood, Karen Christine 161, 189 

Wood, Karen Sue 

Wood, Kim Lanette 172. 192. 216 

Wood, Kimberly Sue 

Wood, Marianne Marie 

Wood, Paula Elizabeth 

Woodall, Glenda Simpson 

Woodbury, Lynda Grain 

Woody, Rhonda Lee 222 

Wooldridge, Tammie Lynne 

Wooldridge, Walter Lee 189 

Woolfolk, Mary Lewis 

Wooten, Sharon Paige 

Word, Barbara Lucinda 

Worsham, Juliana Byrd 

Wright, Ann Elizabeth 

Wright, Bailey Crews 

Wright, Diane Elizabeth 

Wright. Emily Marcie 189 

Wright, James Clifton Jr 

Wright. Kelly William 

Wright. Laurie Gayle 189 

Wright, Stephanie Jane 

Wright. Susan Ann 172 

Wuensch, Joyce T. 

Wunnenberg, Lynn Ashton 172 

Wyatt, Elizabeth Ann 12, 103 

Wyatt, Jane Youell 189 

Wynne. Anne Marie 161 

Yeatts, Elizabeth Diane 

Yeatts, Joanne 

Yeatts, Linda Carol 

Yeatts Jr, Roy Raymond 

Yeatts Jr, Talmadge Mabel 

Yerkes, David Alan 212, 227 

Yonce, Katherine Lynn 

York, Laura Jeanne 

Young, Brenda W. 

Young, Dorothy F. 172 

Young, Harry Leon 71 

Young. Janet Yvonne 204 

Young, Melanie Marie 

Young, Robin Elizabeth 161 

Young, Susan Elizabeth 

Zachary, Wendy Jane 

Zandall, Maryanne 

Zeavin, Jill Robin 

Zelazo, Martina Theresa 

Zirpoli, Robert D, 189 

Zitzmann, Victoria Henriette 

Zollman, Katherine Anthony 

"WL %^^