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Full text of "Virginia pension abstracts of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Indian wars"

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00 M. 



3 1833 01075 3678 








^2 1-X 


Volt;n^e S"", pap-s 1_2_ 

BROm , ARIS ?; 83 S6 v 31, p3 -4~ 

BRO'ivT, ARABIA W 8384 v 31, p C-6 

"BROVvN, BERN is R 130], v31,p V 

BRCVm, BFI3HTBERRY R 1282 vol 
page 8-9- 

3R0WN, ClAIBORN R 1284 v31 olC^]^l 

BROWN, CHARLES S 35794 v 31, u 12 

BROWN, DANIEL S 32132 v 31 pl3 

BROWN, DANIEL W 5907 731 p 14 

BROWN, DAVID R15, v 31 p 15 

BROT/i^I, EDWARD R1292 v31 p 16 

BROWN, JA^'-ES S 16347 v31 p 17-18 

BERTm-JCI, PETER S 18309 v31 p 19 

CARPE>TTER, W-i 2-. T-fary R1714 
V 3] p 20-21-22 

CATRON, FETER 3 15363 v 31 
pp:.e 23-24 


V 31 p 25 
COOPER, CALEB 3 .30959 v 31 27 to 23 

COLTL, Patrick S3 0952 v 31 

pa; 3 29 
DABNEY, Gecr-^e 2,- Elic:'-.beth 
'^ 3007 V 31 p 30-31-32 

DRAICE, Frances T 

rr^-T 1612 

1812 war 30 9495 30 23^22 
V 31 pa-e 37''38 




■-nee (1812) 
.VC 13237 V 31, 


E.^DES, Ch'ai'les oc Sarah 
P 3241 V :)1 p 39-40 
FARLER ? .Gi'l X3 
EARIV'ER. Bon;ifn:Jn C:. Enr.ine 
W7242 V 31 p 41 

PAR:.3R, Jet 

V 31 D 

bl v;t IC 

FARVER , MAl'^PSW S 16790 
V 3 1 ; p 43 

W19244 V 31 D 44 

PAR-'ER, Nathan bl wt 1548 
V 31 :; 45 

PRAyC^S, John o:. N'rnc:' R3~4; 
V 31 p 40-^4 7 


n R4853 v 5] 
3 48 


REBECCA R5299 v31 p 49 

V 31 p 50 


W9719 V 51 p 51 

N0WI5LT . MILES 3 39586 

V 31 Tj 52 

DENNY, John R 2875 v 31, p 33 
and o 34 

DOSS., Vfe & Nancy W9404 
V 31, p 35-3G 

HOWELL . NANCY former v-do 
WE STEP" 7. N OR WEATER"'i^"' 
bl wt W11311, ^cbl wt £0^42 
V 31 •oa.c-e 53 54 

HO^'1/EL , 


S 2327 


H0W3LL, Thoi::an SO 23015 PH^TT, S -fiT^K^N & sARAH 

SO 19292 V 51 psQ-e 56 ^'^ 8523 v '61 d 80-81 

KOY/Lj_,L, THOMAS R 5o00 v 31 ( 1812 ) -' 31 d 82 

pare 57 
HCYffiLL, IfA S 2528 v 3]. p 58 
FOVffiLT,^ ^^i[ s 59723 v 31 p 59 
HUNT, Ben Tan in R 53 89 

RIDDIS, EillJi''' JiJ, WT 1376 
V 31 p 85 

RIDDLE, JA".^:S '"c R^TH 1812 

SO 27980 SO 21CS8 '..0 41047 

vol 31 p 60 Sc V/C 31919 v 31 p 84 

HUIJT, Berrv S 7059 v 31 p61 ^^^^'^ Jr^^llAZ cc lviAR:ARAT 

1812, Old war invalid l'il( 
Hunt, Julius k Mary Vj3819 17430 v C^l p 85-86 

volume 3'' p 62 ' ^,^„, ^-, 

r:"ddle. JOHr s 51931 v 31 r 

JOHJSCr, W' S1226 V 31, d 63 &? 

TmiH^q TV^TFc. cr A- ^A--v RTDDLE, jot?- or RIDL2T, 

S 26165 V 5] p 54 -h^ 

S 9059 (9069) v 31 p 83 
& 89 

KEITH OR KEkTl, Wr & M^RY RIDDLE, JO^RT s 9087, vol p90 

lIcIHLIN? W25150 v31 p 66 
ad 37 

i:ELi.ER, Geor^:e S 5649 v 31 
pa-s 68 

RTDDLE, J0H2T .3c AN • A 1812 
^0 23 942 Lu 14101 W014332 
vol oi pas 92 

MARSH, DAV~D R 6918 v 31 n 

page 69-70 " RIDDLE, THOlLt'.S Bi. Y.-T 1850 

V 31 D 93 

FORELAND, dudle:^ & e:^.tza:-,eth 

R 7368 V 31 p 71-72 RIDDLE OR RIDDEL, VH^^ 

in.'IER, Freder-^ck S305e9 
V 31, D 73 

Jemima W 11132 v 31 r---4 
and 95 

rCR'-'AN, ^eter SO 27221 s: 25458 ROGERS, GEOR'R k SL.ZAi^RTH 
V 31 p 74 (1812 soldier) W 1C'240 v 31 p 9o -97 

NEV/, John & Lucinda S7610 SANLERS, JORH R 9180 v 31 

vol 31 p 75 

oase 98 


PIERCY OR PIERCE & W 2174 v 31 p 99-100 
ELIZ.-^ETE II 2849 v 31 P 76 

and oa-^e 77 SCOTT, Ja"^''32 S 14421 v31 

._..--. " pc-Y^ 10- 

POY/ERS^ JESSE 3 50662 v 31 

,.a' e 78-79 SCOTT, JAYLS S 60'^7 v 31 

pa "8 102 


ST01:E, HElvRY S 6151 p£2;G 103 
voli:ime 31 

W 8767 page 104-105 

TMALLS, RICxL-rD 3 6240 ^ 

volurre 31 page 106. 

Vol 31 page 107 W2974 

TRACY, JALICS S 7747 v 31 
page 103 

tur:"'R, ja^:5s s 30757 v 31, 

page 109-110 
V/ABE, G-eorgs S 7829 v 31 p 111 

WEST, Joseph S 11342 v 31 
page 112-113 

\¥ILS0N, 'A'lLTIA^' S 79:7 pai-e 114 v 
volume 31 


SV996 volume 31 p 113 


PAi^i'SR, Eurv/ell. "cid war wdo 

File #27704 -.YC 4901 
v31pll6 & Edith 

Ho]:son, Adcoc^c l". Edltfi. 
V;0 28451 WC 19001 vS^ 
p 117-118 


'70 89-: 5 WC 3969 v31 p 119 

FAR:vER, Benjrmin SO 24369 
SC i59v5 V 31 o 120 

FARRIER, David a Cata3rine 

WO 5o576 vIG 28833 vol p 121 

30 918 SC 4397 v31 p 122 

PARIIER, Wil'iai- SO 24370 
SC 18522 V 31 p 123 

pa e 124 

FARijER, LiTTLE3YR)^ 1812 

WO 14053 Old v:ar jn valid 

VOL 31. page 126- SO 19866 



OF AARON BROW!'! R 1332 

He was born 1756 in Cumberland County Virginia and mov3 d 
WTth h^" s father to Bedford County Vir'-inia v/'iorc he 
resided ujjtil about"^/ years a-o, 1826 moved 'to Monroe Co, 

Tennessee where he now lives 1832. after the cotniTiencetnent of the Revolutionav 
war, he cannot recollect (2 or 3 years) in con3equ.ence o:.' 
depredations and violence of the Cherokee indians, about tiM 
head waters of the HOLSTON river, he enlisted as a pvlv^ 'cc- 
in the company of Capt Henry Bluford in Bedford Co Va, V/Iv. : 
he resided and marched in said company to the LON' ISLAI^r 
in HOLSTON in what is now SULLIVAN CO TE^T\T. On their way 
out they met the BIG SICK ? IN BOTETOTiRT VA about 30 indi,:: 
and some whites going on he thinks to see the Governor at 
Richmond in reference to the making o f peace. When said 
com.pany reached LONG ISLAND, they found a fort on the For'-; 
side of the river, with about 500 men under -he think:-., 
Colonel Christ and Shelby. There they remained a lenhth 
of time, until a treaty v/as concluded at LON- ISLAND. Ant." 
sometime after wards, he supposes there v/ore as maijy indla;. 
as whites at the Treaty. The reberanco that 50 Canoe," 
cone on their SA3ATK; f^^ll of Indians, v;ho stryod on the 
Island, and d?nced every night, ap Jjxcant was out on this 
campaign more than 6 months. After ho reached the Long- 
Island, they grubbed groxmd and planted corn and when ho 
reached home 5t was full late to fodder. He served one 
year and 6 montlis as private in Col Phebeck and Cnpt 

Pago - 2 

PAGE " 2" continued: 

and Capt CTJMING3. 

AT,EXAT>T)i'R BROWN a brother in McMinn County Ternessea 

1833- Pension allowed; Co-^rnenced March 4 1831, ape 78 

Soldier Aaron Brown died April 29, 1836 a^e 80. 

Nancy Brown, widow of so d er died Becenber 7,1842 

Tarried October 1783 or 1784 in Bedford County Va. 

Children were : 

Elizabeth Hunt? or Kenley? 

Dicey Herand ? or Herald 


a brother died when a child 

Joseph Brown in 1845 age 53 in Monroe Co Tenn 

Phebe Staples 

George Brown 

Luc India? Brown 

Nancy Brown. 

Wilson Brown, Brown 

Sarah Purniece? 

John A Brown 

Dicy Brown of HcMlnn countv Ten^^essee aje 78 

on the 30th January 1845. a sister of Nancy Brown widow 

of Aaron Brovm made affida it that her sister Nancy Payne 

married October 1783 or 1784 in Bedford Co Va to 

Aaron BY,^wn. 


Page Z — 


Copy of letter in pension file to Je.ires Edmond^on. 

Spring Place Georgia, from Saratoga Spring, Franklin cor.nt- 

March 16, 1846. 
Arkansas./ Dear Sir: I had the pleasure of reading your 

letter to your brother in v;hlch you requested hira to obtain 
what I know re'ative to the Revolutionary ser^-'ce of ^'■our 
uncle Arias Br^wn, This I know of a certainty that he yr^i 
living with my father and enlisted for 3 years in the 
continental service. He went and was gone for that length 
of time and returned and after he came back he took ano-..-.^ i 
tour, for 3 months in the place of John Simjncns, who w^.,". 
drafted. He wont and was at the aeige of York, after which 
he ret rned a^ain. 

This far as I recollect distinctly but nothing more 
of my own knowledge, after your many kind solicitations for- 
me to com.e and live with you I have come to the determina- 
tion if you will send your son John ardind for me this 
spring I will go and spend the balance of my davs with ycu 
if I am able to get there and my health for the last 3 
months has been out tolerable on account of my leg but I 
am better at this time. 

Immediately on the receipt of this write and let me 
know if you can comply with this request that I v/.ay knov; 
how to wind m.y business up. I ha©-e nothing n ^'W at pressnt 

but remain your affectionate father until death, signed 

i'homas Edmonds on 
PS: Let Bie know If your aunt Joanna Br..v;n is v/iih you - 

if not where she is. 

Aris Br-wn enlisted 9-2-1777 served 3 years as a 

PAGE 4___ 

Page 2 continued: 

corporal, in the 2nd Vir£i;inia regiment, enlisted and lived at 
Tfecklenburp; Coianty Virginia. Jcanna Br'^wr vr'.d v; of Arias Er 
Br'-^wn, 1846 aPted 84 or 85; married in Mecklenburr- Co Va 
by a clef-r^nan named Cragg, Published in church as was the 
custom . She was about a-e 17- in fall of 1779. 
(Protestant church) 

They hr.d ten (10) children. They are now scattered 
-Over two years after their marriage that their first w •; 
born. Over 2 yecrs between the birth of each child. 4th ■: ■ 
child a daughter f was married at the age of 22 or 23 en 
March 27 1872 ? / 

Aris Brown died Aug 1822 in Pendleton district South Corolinf 

- - Remained in Virginia until after her 2nd child wa.--! 
born, then mo- ed to Pendleton now Pickens district. Fredrlci 
Moss made affidavit 1844 in Pickens Dist South Carolina. 

Samuel Edmondson made oath and affida^'it 1847. Aris 

Brown a native of Ltecklenburg Co Va; /ris Browr married 
1779 to Joanna Brocks in? 

In 1847 ■i>s Agness Thompson father Thouas Collins made 
affidavit that the Browns mo eed to Spartanburg Dist, 
1786 from Virginia. They hr-d 2 small children, named John 
and William, a dau born about a month after coming to the 
district named Nancj"". 

The Br owns bought land adjoining her father from Wm 
Floyd deceased or deed? 14 Feb 1786. ard lived there ; 
Children besides the above were; Betsy, Katy, Polly, Joanna 
and iolly v;ho died before she named her other da-j Polly. 
Aris jojned Presbyterian ch at M Nazareth 4 years after she 
was married 1798. 

Page •• 5 


No W 8384 

Arabia Bnwn was BORN No 27 1755. He enlisted in Bedford 
countyVirginia 1777 and marched in Capt Charles V/atklns 
Virginia to Boonsborough Ky, where he was stationed under 

COLONEL DANIEL BOONE and rot-rned to Virginia later 
served another tour as a private in Capt Dooley's (brother 
of soldier's wife) Virginia company, this tour was about a year.. 
before the surrender of Cornwallis . 

About 1792 he moved to Kent icky. He was al owed pension 
on his application executed Sept 13, 1832, while residing in 
GARRARD COUNTY KY. He died March 13, 1844 or April 1 1844 
(both dates are given) Garrard Co Ky. 

The soldier married May 1778 Elizabeth or Betsy Dooley. 
The date and place of her birth and names of her parents are 
not given, nor is the place of her marriage to the soldier shown 
Soldier's widow was rllov/ed pension executed March 23,1844 
Age 87 at Garrard County Ky. 

The names of the following children of Arabia and Elizabeth BroY/n 
are shown : 

(paper torn) born Jan 1 1782 

chel Br wn paror t rn b-rn Se •-■t 18 178^ 1783 

Arabia J Brown born March 16 1785 was living in 1853 

Peggy Br-jwn born Aug 28 1786 

Dooly or Doshy ? Br wn born Se,.t 10 1788 

Stephen V Br own born Au" 17 17 paper torn 

Pa^e 6- 

W 8384 
Page 2. ^ 

Henry Br -^wn born kay 16 1792 

Elizabeth Br .^wn born Feb paper torn 

paper torn, one b :)rn Nov 1795 parjer torn 
deceased Nov ISOG 

paper torn, born May 6, 1797 

paper torn born Apr 1799 

The following data is also chown; Job-n Branhair. born Apr 15 

Barthana Branham, no date 

JENNINGS FAMILY RECORD; 505 Rlch.Tond Trust Blcg 
Richmond Va U^A -add Mail PO 1612, April 1-3 1929 
sup lement of record found by court files to be correct 

Arabia Brown born Nov 27 1755 died 3-13 1844 Garrard Go Ky 
married May 1778. 

Elizabeth Dooley born March 1757 d 9-23 1850 Garrard Co Ky 
Children; Stephen Br v-to b 6-25-1779 died 
Martha Pearl married 3-12 1801 Lincoln Co Ky 
Harvey Er^jr.m b 1-1 1782 

Patience Ov;sley married 12-31 1804 Garrard Co Ky 
Rachel Br'wn b 9-18- 1783 
John Branham married 11, 12 1796 Lincoln Co Ky 

Tyree Harris married no dates 

Arabia Jackson Br ovm b 3-16 1785 Bedford Co Virginia 

Nancy McKinzey married 3- 15-1804 Garrard Co Ky 

Peggy Brown born Aug 28 1786 

Deshy Brown born 9-10 1788 

Sophia W Brjwn born Aug 17, 1790 

John Spratt married 7 18- 1811 Garrard Co Ky 

Henry Br-^wn b May 16 1792 

Elizabeth Brown born -- n date 

died Nov 2 1306 
Nancy Brown b May 6 1797 
Thomas Spratt married 2-26- 55 1817 
Thomas Spratt mrrried 2-2G-1817 Garrard Co Ky 
Louvina Brown born 4-12 17S9 died July 18 1881 
Baylor Jennings married Dec 22 1817 Garra.L-d Ho Ky 

Correspondence in the file with Mi^a Mary Branham 
126 Lucerne Circle Orlando Florida, great great great 
grand daughter. 

. 7 


Declaration was nade by Henrietta Brown, the widow of 
Bernis Brovm, and stated that he coFimanded a '^urrd in the 
Revolutionary war, that guarded the prisoners in the said 
Charlottesville, Va in Albemarle County Va. 

Alleged under conir.-and of llicholas Lewis, in Virginia 
Mlitla, - married Nov 17 1779. 

Soldier Bernis Brown died Oct 30 1614. Henrietta Brcwn 
age 01 in 1842 in Alber.arle county Va . A Justice of Peace 
in 1842 Benjamin T Brown, and Thomas H Brown, J ? 
No coxinty record of marriage. 

Jesse Lewis made affidavit age 87 in 1842. Henrietta Rhod; 
Rhody maiden nam.e . Brightborry Brown, affidavit at ago 81 
In 1343, was present at the marriap;e. 

Brightborry Brown age 80 in 1842. 
Henry Rode 3 or Rhode So 

Page • 8 


The Charlottesville Virginia nowspapsr clipping of 
January 31 1814 of Death of Brightberry Brovm of Alhcrcarle 
county Va . 

"Two more RevoZr.tionary solcliers gone; During the lar.t 
week we have heard of the doath of Brighberry Brov;n and Dunn of the Northern Part of this county. Both soldlef ■ 
of the Revclutiom 

They had both reached very advanced age, v/ere and had 
been for many years, mom.bers of the Methodist Episcopal cha-.T-li 
and left numerouaa and highly resnectablo descendants. 

Ten of their com.panions remain, but they are the Rev 
won and have loft behind them a noble heritage. Walth they 
hoped woujd ba transmitted to the remotes u generations. They 
deserve our gratitude. Men who were engaged in so glorious 
a cause, ought not to descend to the tom.b without at leas'c a 
passing tribute, and we trust to receive from some friend 
an appropriate obituary notice of each of those patriots 
and christians. 

BRIGHTBERRY BROWN was born 13 Feb 1752 in Albemarlo 
county Va, the son of SiJlAH BROWN, born Jan 1724, the nam.e 
of his father is not given. 

While a resident of Albom.arle Co Va, he applied for 
pension Jan 19 18i3 and stated that while ].iving at BROWN'S 
COVE, is said c-untv, he enlisted Oct 1 1780 and ser^'sd 3 
m_onths as private in C-^pt Wr. Dalton's Va ccmpany; that he 
enlisted Jan 1781 ar.d served 3 months as a private in Capt 
John Henderson's Virginia company and that he enlisted in 

Page 9. 

Page 2 continued: 

Kay 1781 as a private in Capt Isaac' Tavls Va Company, 

and in about two weeks was pronoted to Sorf:or.rt I.Ia.jor in 

said county. This tour also 3 months . His clnin v/as not 

allowed as he failed to furbish proof of his scr-Ico as 

required by the pension laws. 

He died Jan 25, 1846 in Albemarle Co Va where he had 

always lived. He married Jan 10 1788 Suoa, born J'uie 21, 

1766. Her maiden name is not stared; The children are 

1 76o 
as flllowfi, also they rrnrried Jan 10 1788, and Suca b €-21/ 

Milley born Nov 7 1738 married Oct 1 1807 
to Thomas H Brown, who was born April 16, 1785 
William Brown, born Aug 1 1790 
Edmond born April 7 1792 
Brightberry born Nov 17 1794 
Nimrod born April 5, 1797 
Clifton born Aug 5 1799 

Suca T born Sept 17 1803 died Aug 14,1805 
Horace born April 14 1807, married Nov 12, 1833 
to Lucy E Born May 6 1814, her k maiden name n")t stated. 
Amanda born Jan IS 1809 married Geor^js Brovm 
Knev; Dr Charles Brown for over 60 years, 
Thomas H Br -^wn esquire over 50 years 
Tarleton H Brown, Thomas R Dunn -Ghaoman w Maupin 

Pension applied for by children in 1852, 

PagG ■■ 10---- 

Declaration in Clinton coiinty Kentucky August 6, 1842 
who personally aprjeared before Ge ^rce Swopc f. j p in said 
county, Richard %ide a Re olutionnry penzionor residing in 
Clint -^n Co Ky and en oath states that he enlisted as a 
soldier in the Revolutlonar,' v;ar in the early part of said v; / 
in BEDFORD COUNTY VIRGINIA, under Gat Charles V/atkins under 
an enlistncnt for one year together with a certain John 
Brown. Claihorne Br':^wn, Ahran Brown and Ancel Goodinan and 
others, aloout 70 arir^ed men and wont .nto the frontier 
coimtry and was joined to COLONEL BOONE'S RE-IIffiNT and after 
serving about 5 months, said J-^hn Br ^vm and others at the 
Blue Licks, a place included in state of Kert-'jcky. The said 
C la ib or n Brown was not taken prisoner with the others but 
continued in service as affiant understood and believes, said 
John Brown was a prisoner with affiant- f^e said Cliborne 
Brown, lived in sane neighborhood where witness now lives 
many years. v;bcre anr^licant was ags-"n intimately acquain ed 
with hin and will -as v;e 1 his wife and family. And John 
Brown, the said soldier continued to live v/lth at-pllcant 
until his death, ho having died in less than one-fourth 
mile from the spot whore applicant now lives. 

Ge :>rge Swope tostifies 1842. ■^orsonal"'y acqixainted with Ric 
Richard Wade f^r 30 years and he is a preacher of the Gospel 
John Brown not^dd to MORGAN COUNTY TENNEGSEE and died there. 

Harraon Brown of Clinton County Kent^icky, son of Claibcrn 


Page 2 continued: p^gg _.,^^^ 

Sarah Erov.-n Vvldow of Clalbor'n Brown died llov 29,1338 
Barbary Lv.ster, widov; of Edward Luster, deceased, states 
her father Peter Harmon and his family lived and rai.-^ed hia 
family in BEDFORD COUNTY VIR"INIA, and v/el] recollects 
with her sister Sarah and Claiborne Brown and 
several others to Nav/ London to the house of a certain pr.vri' 
Walt, who then married, affiant to siatar Sarkh Eariiion. 
and Clalborn Brown, does net ronemher the date, hut she 
was not over 14 when the marriage took place and she 
is age 72 at date of thin affidavit. 

Pension re.iected, "both parties died uefora 
the passage of the Acte 

Page -12-— 


He states ho enlisted in Virginia for 2 years as a 
private soldier In the Kevol-utionary war in cor'tr.ry of Cept 
Joseph Spencer, in 7th regirient cnnmanded bv C-^loneT Wrodford 
of the VirJ^inia line on Continental estahlishrrent , discharged 
at White Marsh Canp in Pennsylvania. (181& Hopkins C.-unty Ky. ) 

An inventory of a sale of Charles Br ovm naned ar.:on. 
the buyers wore James Br ovm and Meridith Brown. 

Charles Bro\-i'n of Mercer County ICy testified June 7 
1826, that Charles BroY/n of Kopkins County enlisted and eervec 
2 years, with the Vir- inla line. 

Joseph Turner, a J F 1826 in Madison county Kent-^cky men- 

Pension slatted Jan 1830. 


DANIEL BROWN v/as born October 1757 In Bucks county 
Pennsylvania. Nanes of his parents are not given. 
But while residing in AUGUSTi. COUNTY VIR INIA, Daniel 
Brown, enlisted 8 1776 and sGr\ed as a private in 
Capt John Gilmore's company under Col Russell and V/il" iam 
Christian in the Virginia troops, marched to LONG ISIATX 
was discharged November 15, 1775. 

While residing on Dix river in Kentucky, he enlisted 
in August 1730, served as a privete in Capt Charles 
Gatliff's Virginia company and marched to Bryant's station;, 
served as a guard, at the station and went out on scouting 
expeditions against the Indians, and v^as discharged 
in October 1780, having served 6 weeks. 

Major Levi Todd commanded at Bryant's station- he 
enlisted May 1781 served 6 v/oeks as a private in Capt 
John Martin's Va company, v/as engaged in fitting out craft 
for an expedition to Detroit under the im.mediate direction 
of Master ^Vorl-anan, Alexander Robertson. He enlisted in May 
1782 marched to the FAL-'S OF THE OHIO (LOUISVTLTE KY) and 
served one month, as ser^-eant in ^apt McBrido's company, 
Colo Stephens Trigg Va regiment and was engaged in erecting 
a garrison in same year, reenlisted, date not given and 

served 3 weeks as a sergeant in Capt Sr.nuol Kirkham's Va 
Company . -a.e'a in in Oct 1782 one mo under sa-'^e co. Col benjamin 
Logan Va regt & went on Gen Geo Ro- ers-Clark' s exi:>edition 
against Shawnee indians-i:' Ohioj Sept 1786 he enlisted under 
Cart Bell & v;ent on Gen Geo R Clark's expedition to I'ost 
Vincennes against V/aDash indisns^ allowed pension In 1832 
in Goshen twnship, I^^DISON COUNTY ILLIH0I5.No family data. 

Page , __ 14___ 

He was Born Dec 1, 1748 in C^TFEFIER COUrTY VIRGINIA 
s-d while living in piTT3BURG _he volunteered in 
1775 as a privaije 12 ironths under Gapt Chi^isoie and r.shton 
and Major Conalty? at Fort fitt. Enlisted late in the 
v/inter of 1777 and served IS T.onth.s as private under Capt 
Harrcd and Major George Rogers Clark in the Fort at 
Harrcdshurg, Kentiicky and was there during the sie^-e and, 
in several skirmishes with the Indians. 

Vfliile living in Culpepper county Va he enls-'ted in i;he 
'Winter of 1781 ?,nd served 3 weeks, under Col Wm Vhornton and 
Jarnes Barbour in the Virginia troops. Ke enlisted in May 
1781 was appointed Quartermaster cergeant and served until 
JvlIj 27 1781 under Colonel Thornton in the Vir,;inia Tx-'oops . 

He enlisted in xiugust or Sept 1731 served as private 

in Capt Francis Covington's V^'rginia -was at the Siege of 

Yorktov/n, marched in charged of Prisoners to \''.'inchester . va . 

and was discharged the last of November 1781. He v;as 

allowed pension executed Aug 14 1332, while living in 

Culpepper Co A/a, He died July 14, 1835 in aaid county. 

He married Dec 25,. 1779 in Culpepper Co Va to Elizabeth Hill 

then aged 15.-. 

She applied for pension Feb 13, 1837 while living in 

Culpepper Co Va but died Jan 2 1838, leaving 5 children 

surviving and the heirs of one child, doeeasod, no names 

given to whom the pension was allowed. 

W m Lewis of Culpper Co in 1837 age 73 stated he married 
married soldier's sister in 1782. One coirespondent said 
Daniel Brown was high sheriff of Culpepper oCo.Va . 

Page '-^-" 

r-A"^ R 15 

David Brown of Elizabeth City County V^rrginia in the 
Vfer of the Revolution on board the Ship Dragor,-. 

Died 1798 without being rx-rried and left ra his heir 

St law, William Brovm, who v/as his only heir at lav/, th* 

said William Brown died and left 2 sons his only children r.--' 

heirs at lav; to wit; John Br3wn and Richard Brov;n. 

The said John Brown died and Isft William L Brown and Mary 

Brov.'n now the wife of Ja-es Burchen? as hia only heirs at la^; 

lav/. Said Wm L Erov/n is age 48 and resides in the tovai of 

Petersburg Va . Mary Burcher is ap-e 44 and now resides with 

her husband said James Biirchor in Elisabeth County a. 

Said Richard Brown died and left the follov/ing children; 

to wit; his omly he:'rs at lav/, Jane K Mossonburg nov/ the wife 

of James Mossonburg- both of whom nov/ reside in Elisabeth 

City Co Va. Elizabeth the v/ife of Jobji Young, both of whom 

nov; reside in said county Elizabeth City; Susan M Brovra 

single lady. Sarah Ann wife of Thomas Whitfield both of 

whom now reside in city of Norfolk Va and John VI Br )v/n no'.? 
resides in Elizabeth City County Va. 

The saio Jane K Mossonburg is ago 44 -Elizabeth M Young 
is age 36, Siisan M Brown age 54, Sarah Ann WhitfieTd a^e 62 
and said Johji \if Br ^v/n age 26. 

Prum the recDrds of county of Elizabeth City Co 
Va 1849, 

Pago 16 


Cai:ie to Harrison county Virginia after the Revolution 
and Edward Brown Juno 27 1834 states thrt he is cither ago 
70 or 71 and was raised :n HARDY COUNTY: Sotted in 
Harrison (Now Lewis) county a. e 43 - statos that in the 
year in which Cornvmll-is and his army were captured at 
Yorktowm, in Vlr^!;inia, he was drafted to serve a tertn 
of duty. 

Ho set out to perform the teri-i of duty and 
got as far as Rockinghan county. (He started from Hardy 
and then met the soldiers returning froti! the vi^ar and ho 
rotrrnod with theri. He was ^one by then a month. 

Samuel Hornhacl: was his captain after his settlement 
in Lev/is County he was continually ouc in the Indian via?^'j . 

John I Brown, son of Edv/ard Brown -on the list of 
Rejected Claims printed xn 1852. 

The c-use of rejection that ho d'id n^t ser-^e 6 
months o 

Page 17—- 

Ja^res Brov/R states he was BORIT Karch 1755 in Botetourt Co 
Va, and residence at enlistment was IJontp-raraery Cov-nty Va, 
Residence in 1834 was Wayne County Kentucky. On I';arch 28, 1854 
personally appeared said Jarnes B own ap;e 79, before Rorer Oatts 
J P of said county, and states that he wa,s a ^'olunteer as a pri' 
-ate in Va , by the authority of said state in the ciilitla, 
for a tovj? of 3 months in the year 1774. Ko voliinteered luider 
Capt Cumberland , Col Chiristy and Georte Lev/is for 3 months 
against the Indians. He first met and rendezvoused at ?ort 
Chisel about the first of Au-';nst 1773 and marched thro the 
Wilderness in a directqn to the point of the mouth of the 
Kanawha, when they got near the point thev made forced m.arches 
night /and day, but could not get to the battle ground until the 
next morning after the battle. They helped bui^y the dead and 
attended the wounded and then stayed a cons ider alb le time on duty 
waiting and expecting a treaty to be made and their tour being 
out, hav^'ng served 4 months they were discharged, but he thinha 
not in writing by their officers and they marched hom.e in the 
5th month, hav'ng served 4 months. Sometir.e he th-'n^-^s in "! 7V9 

he volunteered a.-ain for a tour of 3 months as a private 
under Lieut sx Samuel Newel In Montgom.ery Go Va by the authority 
of said state. They first met at Port Chisel and marched 
in a direction to Clinch at the Elk Garden and Caatlewood's 
Station. They guarded the forts and scouted after the Indians to 
to drive them from near the forts and settlements and was on 
many sm.all expeditions, scou.ting parties and having served out 
his tour of 3 months, he was discharged by his cf ficer near 

Page 18 

lage 2 continued: 

O&stlev/oodj but he thlnlis not in writing. Ee vias in service 4 

months in this to^r, likewise before he was discharged, the^r 

service being needed before k they wore relieved. SoMetime, he 

thinks in 1781, he again volunteered for 3 months in I.Iontgorrery Co 

Va, (now Wythe co Va ) by authority of state of Ya as a private, i^n 

under Ca'jt James Findley, Col John Stephens. He f^'rst met at 

Fort Chisel and marched in a direction to the shallow ford on tlio 

Yadkin river, at which place they had a severe battle wi bh the 

British and Tories. After the battle they m.arched and guai'd:d 

the prisoners to the Moravian towns and then guarded them a 

conaiderable tine and having served out their tour of 3 months 

more, he was dischar'^ed bv his officer, but he th^n^^s not in 

v/rlting, having served 3 tours, 3 months each in all, som.e amount- 
ing to 9 months as aforesaid. But he did actually serve 3 tour?! 
4 months each, as bef;-re specified amounting in all to 12 months 

actual service before he v/as discharged and permitted to go hom.e , 
it being necessary for them to stay one month 13)nger, each tour 
For this service 12 months actively, he respectfully claim a 
compensation as a private. But if the department of v/cr , thinks 
he is entitled to be vb id but for 3 months each tour for which he 
volunteered, he then clam a compensation for 9 months. He shall V 
be satisfied with what from a fair construction by the Department; 
they may think he ought to be allowed. 

States that he cannot vn^ite, and is very old and inflr':::. 
He WAS BOR' III 1765 (but states 1775) in March in Botetourt Co 
Va, and lived there over 20 years, then moved to Montgomery Co Vs , 
then to Wythe Co and lived six years, then moved to Knox County 
Tennessee and lived eleven years, then to Grainger County Te nosse'^ 
and lived 3 years, then removed to WAYKE COTTNT' ra;NT'"CKY where he 
now lives and has for over 22 years. 

He is well acquainted with John Caldwell, Wm. 
Hudron, his neighbors and many others. 

Isaac Beeson and Rodes Garth testify that they 
are acqtiainted with the soldier. 


DECLAMTIOiT was made in Tyler Coanty Virt^inia 1832 
by Peter Bertrag of Fish Creek Settlement in Tvler Co ^'a 
a^-^e 83, wno applied under tne .ict of Jane 7 1S12, 

Prom a paper in Revolutionar " war pension claim "^ISSOg 
it appears that Petor Eertrag vjas BTR^" Fob 15, 1750 in 

In 1773 he moved to Aagusta Co "Va, where he enlisted and 
served as a private as follows; 

In July 1777 7 months in Caot John Hopkins' company, Col 
Dickinson's Va regiment. 

In Augast 1778 3 months in Capt Smith's company, Col 
Ramsey's '.'a regiment. 

In Se t 17/9 3 months in Capt Sex_'s com.oany, Col Moffett 
Va regiment. 

In Sept 1780 7 months in Capt Bachanon's Co , Col Howard's 
Va regi:.ient, was in an engagement on the Catawba river, and i 
in the battles of Cowpens and Guilford court house. 

In May 17l;i six weeks in Ca_jt in Rankins ' company, 
Colone^ Moffett 's Va regiment. In June 1781 four months 
in Capt Gi/en's company, Col Hugart's Va regiment, was at the 
battle of Jamestovni and Siege of Yorktown. 

In 3 811 he moved from said Augusta Co to Tyler Co Va, i.vher 
where , while living in Fish Creek settlement, he was allvwed 
pension on his apjlication executed Oct 10,1333,. Ee died 
April 5, 1839. There is no data on file as to his family. 

Page 20 

by William Carpenber aee 71 or 72 on the IPth March passed. 
Who applied binder the Act of June 7 1832. 

He states that he entered service in the Fal 1 of 1780 hy 
being drafted in AMIIERST COUNTY VIRGINIA for 3 months and served 
under Capt William Harris, as a private (Page 32- ------ 

his Lieut Wm Mntgomery. The}/ met at J/;r Joblin's at Rockflsh 
river in same conntv marched to Richmond and acted nder Col 
iiaron or Joseph Hickinbotto: :. That he v.-as in no engagement ^ 
b t kept guarding up and down Jan^es River, or over at the Mobir 
H'lls at the Burnt Tavern and was stationed a while at Hickor:;- 
Rock Church, hav-ngserved their tour and completed their tour 
of 3 months. They were marched to Richmond Va ?nd there dischar- 
ged by Ca-t and each bore his expences home. Th-iy had 
no wr~itten discharr-^-e . He believes he got home a little after 
Xmas and thinks sometime in the spring following he was again 
drafted for 3 months, to march s.o-a'nst YJa^lace evd Tarlton, 
v;ho was expected to be landed in Virginia. In this tour he 
marched to serve under Cact Tilmon Walton first, a private Lieut 
end ensign, not recollected. They marched to Linchficld, camp 
below Richmond and then joined the army under Ge?iear Anthony 
Wayne and Gereral LaFayette where he f 'rst met the army , was 
split in several large detachments, some riai'chin ■ tov/ard 
Norfolk, and some up the river. Walace m.arched over Ghickamagy 
bridge and tore it up and camped a while mn the half PiOore of 
James river, 250 men v/ith their com.pany were ordered to 
rerair the br'dge which they did, nust as they had finished 


Page 2 continued . .'"'"-'■" ,. ' Page 21^-.,- 

cleanln- the " off their breeches, C-enrra^ Wa-re with 
4,000 men passed over in pursuit of Wallace and marched up the 
hill, fired upon their centry. They were commanded to guard 
and keep, the bridges which they did. They had a hard battle 
with Wallace and retreated back over the br>;dre and in the year 
.althou' h Tarleton with his Light Horse and Horns blowing came up 
under the -command of Cat Tiimon V/altcn. They fired their 
rifles to keep thsm off of V/ayne's army and they returned back, 
-Tar le ton having t\TO hornos shot from under him he as they heard. 
They then retreated about 3 or 

FhGE 33 ^H>^t„.^Hr 
four miles back to the army shortly afterv/ar^s, ¥/a''lace and 
Tarleton marched 'to to Little York, when they were all 
com.manded to march to Littlerokrk and did so, and endeavored 
to keep them there. Shortl after he was taken sick and lay 
18 days out of his senses, in the hospital, which he ^-ot so 
he could travel, and he with the balance of the s"ck v/ere 
ordered hinme . many died, on the road, he thinks it vms over 4 
months before he got home from the time he f^rst marched. After 
the seige of "^ork, their car tain said the -had done their 
and were all dischar,s;ed after they came home He guarded the 
prisoners at Albem.arle Barracks 2 months before their f:rst 
tour as a volunteer, but has forgotten his officer's name 
amounting to six months in the arm.y and 2 mionths at the 
Barracks for which eight months, he claim.s a pension. 

He states that he Was BORN ON ROCI^ISH RIVER in Amhujrst 
County Virginia about March 19 1761 according to his father's 

record, where he lived luitil &p:e 45, then mossed to KUOX COUNTY 
TENl^'ESSEE, where he lived 18 or 19 years, then mov-ed to Wayne 
County Kenticiiy, where he now lives and has lived 11 ^r 12 years. 
He is known by Roger Oatts, John More land in Ky. 

CARPENTER, his widow who states she was m.arried to William 

Carpenter Jan S 1786 in A^i^usta County Va, that said date was 
recorded in the family bible and many years ago said bible was 
loaned to one of the Brothers of her deceased husband, vifho then 
lived at a distance and afterwards moved to Missouri and she 
supposes he carried the bi^le with him, there, that her husband 
died 14 Sent 1S35 in 1 Adair County Ky. 

ADDIDAVIT OP Lu'.RY CAKTERBURR f in i-^dair Co Kj are 39 in 
1840 who states she is the daughter of Mary Cappenter and Wm 
Carpenter, that from her birth she has lived v/ith her said 
parents or near them until her father died and has lived with 
her mother ever s-nce or within one he If mile and at this time 

her said mother lives this affiant. PACE 34 

by Elizabeth Luttrell (Betsey) and made oath that a certain 
Mary or Polly Strickling was m.arried to a Wil"'iam Carpenter 
and that she said Elizabeth Luttrell was present at the tim.e of 
the said marriage and thinks it was in 1786 or thereabouts. 
Perhaps in Janvary of that year. That she believes M^ry Carpenter 
Carpenter was form.erly of Augusta Co Va who is the widow of 
Wm Carpenter formerly of Augvista Co Va, after which they moved 


Pap-e 3. continued --Page 22 

i/.OE 54 coi. tinned — 
to Knox Co Tennessee .then to Kent cky. 

Ivirs Elizabeth Luttrell further states 

that she is the widow of V/iii Lrttrell deceased, fori.ierly of 

Amhurst Co Va, but removed to Knox Co Tenn about 30 years or 

more ago, v/here she now resides and states she is now near age 


Mary Carpenter said that she thinks her husband resided in 
Amhurst Co Va when he enlisted in cervJce and resided in Adair 
Co Ky when he dired where he lived but a fe w months and 
previous thereto resided In WA YTIE COUFTY KENT^^q-^y. 

Mary Canterbury wife of LIcParland Canterbury of Adair Co 

Ky and one of the legal heirs of William and Mary Carpenter 

and who are both now deceased, (December 16, 1851) appointed 

power of attr'^ny, Jhn L Neely of Washington D C. 

Mary Carpenter died October 20 184S, leaving 

Rebecca Pratt, S usan O^e or ORR, Mary ^ ^-^^^^i^^, 

' ' •-' Dency 

or Nancy Money their only surviving children. 

McParland Canterbury is the administrator. 
One Wil^lam H Walker made af f idav^" t 1855 in Adair Co Ky and 
said he had lived with V/illiam Carpenter. and Mary his wife 
since he was age 12 and was known them to be husband and wife 
and that they reared a family. 


DECI/ RATION was made by Peter Catron, No S 15363, in Wayne 
Connty Kentucky a/^e 80. States that he was a volunteer as a 
private militiaman in Va, Montgomery County for 3 months in 1776, 
about the last of i\^ov or f'rst of June. The name of his caota^'n v; 
was Waller Crocko? and his lieutenant was Wm Campbell, and he 
th?°nks that first met and rendezvoused on 1/Valkers creek and 
ranged thjrough the head waters of Clinch River and Blue Stone; 
thence over and on the waters of Sandy river and Grindotte prin- 
cipally agaisnt the Shev/anee indirns, in and on the frontiers, 
all the country on the frontiers In that quarter being forted ana 
Indians very troublesome, but in this tour they hrd no en agement 
in their ranging after the Indians, they in som.e way eluding us. 
They had no surerior officers, Their tour being out and the indla 
Indians becom.e less troublesom.e , they v/ere dischar ed by their 
captains pnd officers, but not in writing. They were about naked 
naked and suffered much fatigue and hardships, served the s 

said 3 months tour. Shortly after he ret mod hone a call from 
the State of Vir 'nia to protect the people of the Holston from 
the incursions of the Cherokee Indians, v/ho were ver-^ tro blesome 
that he again volunteered July 15 or 16, 1777, under ensign, 
name not recollected as a privcte and ranger for 3 months and 
they marched, ranged and scouted, the country from head waters 
of Holston and Clinch river, baclw.'ars end afterwards in constant 
service. In this tour they had no regular engagement but freque- 
ntly sav; since all Indians, who were thought to be pretty 
thick and having actually served our 3 months tour, provisions 
hard to get, the indinas less troublesome, they were dischd by the 
their ensign, the officers, but not in writlnr- and thoy ret-rned 
hom.e m.uch fatigu.ed. 


Jrage 2- continued: 

In the moiitli of Jan or Feb 1778, but Gone short tine before 

the treaty of LON^' ISLAND, on HOLSTON river &nd after the battle 

Cherokees, T s^a'n volunteered as a renrer trr^ Vlr^'nia and 

from the county of Montgornsr as a private frcir a call of the 

sttte of V'r inia, under Ca t John Stephens under a call for 

3 or 6 months tour. This deponent does not now recollect vrtiich 

- bub he is enc lined to thinh for six months tour, hav' ne; no 

general officers, they first rendesvoused at the head of RgocI 

creek and marched and ran.jed in a direction to a fort on Clinch 
river called the Rye Oove ^ and there they were stationed guai-di :■. •■ 
in the fort a conniderable time. They there ranged in a direc- 
tion to the CI'MBERLAIT) Gkr. They ranged to MARTINS STATION 
j.n iowell's Valley, and were there met by another company f 
rangers, under Caot I Martin. They were there ranged and m.archd 
back to Rye Cove v-here they v;er first stationed where they 
found the Indians had kil'ed several persons, first before iihe'r 
return, shortly after a treaty and about to tcVe place between 
the Cherokee Indians and Governor rreston and Col Shelby. Their 
company of rangers were ordered and marched to the TREATY 0? 
LONG ISLAND on the Holston river, and they remained there on 
guard until the treaty was met, several other companies meetin'^ 
there after the treaty v/as made. They were all discharred in the 
their company but not in writing by their captain, and ret-rned 
home to Monterom.erv Co Va, havino; actua"'^y sci-ved 6 monuhs . - 
The sa'd leter Catron cannot read the English Lanfrvan-e . states 
he Was BORN 1754 in GSRIIANY, cante to Pennsylvania with his 
father STUFFLE CATRON in 17G4 and in 1766 removed to Montgomery 
Co Va & lived v/ith him iintll 1786 and then removed to Grayson co 
Va and remisined until the state of Va and until 1804 then moved ( 
to Wayne Co Ky, where he now lives for 29 years. These acquaint- 
ed with him v;ere Johji Hills or Mills, Thomas iVledy,. Hon Martin 
Eeaty and many others. 

Rodes Garth wrote to Congressman Martin Beaty about the 
above cl imant and his wife and also abont the clp'm of William. 
Keith or eeth and Abraham Hnnt f'^r pension claim. 


18o5, appolntod Shorrod Willian-.s of Wayne Coi^nty Kent" dry to 
try to seciire tioun';'^ land for his Re^'olutlonr-r" war ser 'ices 
against the Shewanee Indians in the ys&r 178'-:, 

V^ayne County Ky, Jesse RicharL-scn nade cffldavit to the 
serv ces of Joseph Chrisman, who ssr-ved under General Gecrp^e Ru, 
Rogers Clark, states that said Joseph volunteered at th- 
CRAB ORCH^'J'.D NOW ISNTTTCICY in 1782, under Ca^-t John onoddy, 
Benjamin Logan being the Colone ' commandant of the Refiir-^ent, in 
which said Chrisman volunboered, v/hich reginent narchi-d fr-ori 

Crao Orchard. He states that FLOYD was the Colone ■ 

of the reginent, that narched from the Falls of the Ohio about 
the sane tine and said regi ent having rendezvoused at the mouth 
of Licking, then General George Rogers Clark ar-sinst the connand 

of then, pfter s£^ id ^regiment , had rendesvoused ag af oressi d they 
they marched against the Shewaneo inaians upon the liuni river, •' 

at the Miami tovais , wh^ ch place they met and defeated the indlans 
ffter narking 16 miles further into the Indipn country, they aga:li 
again met and defeated the Indians at another one of their tov:n3 
- the name of which is not known and recollectod and from whenc^^ 
they returned to the place from v/hich they first set out. lie fur 
further states that from tiie best inCririation h3 has upovi the 
subject, he believes said Ghrisman to be about age 74. 

Affidavit of James S Chrisr.en, resident of Mmticello, Wayne 
county Xy, v/ho states that he is a legel heir of Joseoh Chricjman 
deceased, vi?ho was a soldier in the Revolutionary v;ar, and 
appointed Francis A Dickins of Washington D C his attorney. 




1S34 by Calbe Cooper age 72, and states that v»rhile a res^denb 

of Bottetoixrt county Virginia, in 1776 or 1777, he recollects 

he was a little over 15, and wont as a h red hand to assist the 

driving cattle from said county to Baltimore Maryland for use 

of the Amy and wh* le in Baltimore he enlisted for 3 years under 

William Joh nson, who was capta n of Light Horse, that he v/as 

attached to the Light Horse Corpse and beloni3;ed to the regiment 

under Col/ Washington, . 

After his enlistment, he was mar ehed to Jainesturwn Virginia, 

thence to Richmond, thence back to Jamestovm, whore the Amsrican 

forces had a battle with the British, in which battle Colonel 

Vvashington' s Light Horse participated and was engaged. The 

British forces wore whipped and beaten and In which battle he 

received a wound in the right leg and a slight sword wound en the 

head on top of the head and his wound on his leg was just bellov; 

the knee and when he lost a horse killed during the battle - 

General Wajme in wh'ch Capt Johnson was killed and the Lioutanan-j 

whose na-e he has forgotten was mgde the captain and engaged 

in said battle ^n comm^and of the regular forces. After the 

battle he was marched to different places, enp-a^ed "n i^erforming 

such service as the Light Horse corpse, were ordered to render 

was in several skirmishes but in no other regular battle. He 

v/as stationed the f?rst winter after he entered service virith 

the rest of Col V/ashington ' s Light Horse at Potts Grove Penna, 

was marched through the state to Bedford ard was tvifice during 

3 years from which he enlisted marched in the Maryland most 


Page 2 'continued: 

of whichtime he was in V:'rginla, rendering ;llgh-!: horse service 
part of the 2rd winter was stationed at Rlchrr.ond , General 
Camphell of the Militia wag comminanding occasionally there dui-- 
ing the winter. The 3rd winter when the sevnrly cold v/eathor 
set in. he was ordered by his colonel to reti^rn ho'.ie and revaai; 
until the breaking of winter , he done r.o. Ee remained at 
home not more than 2 months and retvrned to serv-'ce in Y/ashing- 
ton's Eight Hor^e . He ser-^^ed ovt fully the 3 yeers except t 
the 2 months above mentioned,, in rendering such services ss he 
was ordered to perform, as one of Col Washngtnn's Eight Korso, 
and at the expiration of the 3 years, he received a written 
discharge for 3 years service as a li.^ht hor^em.anj signed by Col 
Col Vv'ashington as he now thinh:s . In 17C0 still a resident of 
Bottetourt Co Va, he was drafted to ser e for 3 months under 
Capt Janes Barnett, aga^'nst the Indians, he lis longed to the 
regiment and was under Colonel Campbell, hs was marched to the Z 
Eong Island on Holston River and at which place peace was 
concluded with the Indians. Ke was engaged in that service 2 
m.-'nths and discharged by Ca t ^arnett 1781, still a resident 
of said cou.nty, he was again drafted for 3 months to serve 
against the British who were then lying near Richmond and 
Wil" iam.sbiir'^, he v;as drafted under Capt Eooney, 4th Va reriment, 
iinder Col Willis, he was in the battle of Hotwater near 
Wllliamsbvirg, Va , was afterwards ^aarched and joined the army 
under Gen Y/ashington, then beseiging Eord C^^rnwallis at York- 
town: Before Cornwallis was taken he was together w'th others 


Pa--e 3 continued; 

marched to the country hetweun Richmodr and Yor^: to prevent 

the British and tories from burning v/alls r.--id destroying houses 

and remained in the Vacinity or rope walPc.a until after the 

su.rrender of C ornv/a 1 1/^ s , 

Five or six years after the close of the Revolutionary v/ar, 
living in Sullivan count-^^ Tennessee , he ■"•olunteered as an 
IIIDIAN SPY for 2 months under Lieut Hare? who was comm.anding a 
com.pany of 35 spies, he was marched to the frontier and served 
on HOLSTON, CLINCH, BLUESTONE river during uhe time he was 
stationed at Blackamcns ' fort on Cljnch river. 

He knows of no one who can testify to his service., e:rce[:t 
William Hays of rTJLASXI COTTNTY KY, a Revolutionar war pensioner 
who lived a neighbor to him in Botetourt Co Va and by whom he 
can prove hif-: servio , stated in his docla:':'ation srainst the 
Indians in the campal-^n in company of Capt Barnett, andhe can 
also prove oy him that it 'was talked^ understood and belie sd 
in the neighborhood that he v/as one of Col •Yashmgton's Light 
horse. The said Hays served with him. under Barnett against t 
the Indians. He is known to John Duncan and George L. Benton, 
states that he was BORN in Bedford County Va, Jan 6, -but does 
not recollect what year. 

After the Re^^olutionary war and before he .lorved as a spy 
he mentioned he lived in Bottetourt Go Va, then m.o/ed to 
Montgomery Co Va and from there m.oved to S-^ilivan Co Ten-esceo 
where he lived v/hen he vol niteered against the Indians under 
General St Clair and vas in St Clair's defeat. After his service 
as a spy he moved to LINCOLN COUNTY KIi:nT'JCKY and lived a little 
over a year, he moved to Pulaski county ICy where he now iive:3 
and in which he has lived since he first settled in Ljaid county 
except about 2 years, he mxoved from iilaski Co to WAYIvIE COUNTY J 
Y.J ard when troops were raised to march to the defence of 
OREIEANS toward the close of the last war, he A;o"'lnteered in 
the company of Car^t Vickary and was in the army under General 
JACKSON now Pres?,dent of the United States, and was at the 
Battle of NEW ORLEANS. After his ret rn home, he moved 
back to Pulaski Co ky where he now lives. 

He served under Cai-t James Barnett 
against the Indians, Wm Hays testified Lliat he does Icnow 
of his services at LONG ISLAND OP HOLSTON, states that we did no- 
net serve out quite o mionths , but served at least 2 months, 
says he lived a nei^'hbor to him at the time and a 'Jong tim.e 
before in Bottetourt Co Va . 

Affidavit of John Duncan and George B S 
Burton, to Jru.laski Co Ky viho state the^- belie- cd &1j'_ the 
soldier stated. In a letter fro';: P T Foe of Somerset Ky ■ ' ' . 
about the the claim of said Cooper ^sking 


Doclaration was made In Vi/AYi'E COTT]\;tY ICFr'TUGi'T 1835 Avip 2S 
said latricl: Goyle before 
by/Ben jamin Hancock J i-/are 70 

and states ha entered sevvicG in V,aslimngton Go:inty Virginia 

October 1780 under Gapt Lewis, Lt James Hawkins as a volunteer 

to serv3 a^-a nst the Indians., and reti^rned to Dumps Creek 

and stationed a v»rh-'le and from there to the ppace of the 

I\Iev/ Garden settlements and went on ^/arloui places west of 

Graenbriar and in 2 sklrmlsbas with the Indians, not far from 

Sandy ri-"er went to a great many different points and finally 

ret'irned home sometime ^n December, ensuing jee.T, after hi,3 

enter *ne: the serv'ce having continued in sei'v" cc-j 12 months, h- 

v>fas dischar jed by him said Ca ,t Lewis about 20 miles from the 

place where he f^rst started from. He had a written di:;oh3:\rs 

from the hands of his said Gaptaife Lewis, e>;pres3:^-ng that it 
was for one year's service. He has in som.e waj'- lest his 
discharge , 

He was BORH In western oart of Virginia, he is of the 
opinion that it vms not in the bounds of any laid out county. 
At that time and was brought to I'Vashington county Va and 
contnued in Washington Go Va until ho \;t,3 aboub ac-e 4-0 and 
was married and had seven children and moved to GLITH GOUNTY 
TENI'ESSEE and lived there 3 years, and then moved to Wayne 
county Ky, where he has lived the last 27 years. 

Affidavit of Jessee Kennedy ^ Richard La'A'i.-'ence and James 
Swrmers, state the t they are acquainted with the soldier. 
After his first tour he states in an 
am.ended declaration that he went to Washington Co Va, but had 
only been in this settlem.ent a few days until there came 
Y/ord that there was danger of the Indianr: on the Greenbriar and 
and he again went out as a volunteer under hiv> captain and 
Lieut Wayne of the Greenbrier, to serve 5 months, and was in 
the several skirm.ishes with the Indians between Greenbrier 
and Sandv, 

Page 30 


DECLARATION W/ S IwADi^ IN WAYIffi COUNTY KEMi. C.-.l August 1832, 
in said county by Georp-e Dabney age 72, who a piled under the 
Act of June 1, 1832. 

He states thfet he entered service August 1778 as a -"olunteer 
substitute for his father CORNELIOUS DABNEy who hr^d been 
drafted as a railltiaman in Bedford County Virginia under Capt 
Samuel Cawpbell. He marched from there to Jarrett's fort in 
Greenbriar county Va, where he remained in service somet'me at 
the Jarretts fort and sometimes Bonhives? Fort, be • ng about 9 
miles apart. The Indians generally dispersed about the time 
of their arrival, then he served his full 3 months for his father. 
It beinp- the term of his engagement when he was hon^^rably dischd 
by his captain and returned h ene where he rema-'ned and was 
enrolled as a militiaman and thrown into classes of numiber and 
as soon as time came to his turn he again entered service under 
Capt John Trigg, and was marched by him to Petersburg, Va and 
thence to Cabin roint where he was put under Col Merriwether and 
joined General Muhlenburg's army. From thence he v;as marched 
to the Dismal Swamps, there was In a skirmish against the British 
- Frnm thence he v/as marched to Gregory's Camps. From there to 
Tan Yard. There he was again honorably discharged in April about 
the middle f the month as he thinks in 1780. Having served his f- 
full 3 months for which he v/as called out and aga^n returned 
home, to Bedford Co and in sometime thereafter, the time not 

recollected, but belived by him to be in fall of 1780, he was 

again called. It was understooci that the v;as counter- 

marching very high up in Virginia. He marched from Bedford Co, 


pa-e 2 Pags 31- 

under the same Captain Trigg for the caine period was marched 
thi^ough the country in various places in pursuit of the 
BRITISH enemy- was in no battle. " 

No particular incident happened. Was finally discharged by 
said Capt Trigg at New London agreeaable to the orr'ers of 'col 
Calloway for a 3 months tour and aga^n returned home and there 
remained until it again come to his turn, agreeable to said 
arrangement and v/as again cai^f^d and entered the service under 
said Capt Trigg, and marched off, the precise time not recoliecteci 
But it was in the latter part of the rumm-sr previous to the 
taking of Cornv/allis , , We m.arched on the Old Jamestown under 
Capt Trigg and under Col V/m Trigg, a brother to the Captain. 
We joined some other troops at Old Jamestov/n, stayed there b';.t 
a short tim.e and marched to Williamsburg and continued on to 
York v/here he v/as joined to General Wash'nRton ' s army where 
he remained in service of laborious kind until the surrerder 
of Cornwa"'"'i3 after which time snd having served h°3 fu"' "^ ti^.e 
was again honorably discharged m.aking in the whole 12 months 
servitude during the Revolutionary v/ar- performed at a different 
tours for v/hich he had four different di3charp:es. States that 
he continued to live at his father's house in Bedford Co Va 
for sometime after he quit the army and while at his father's 
house, the house was burned at which time his di.scharge and 
their papers miust have been b-orned. States that he can prove 
his serices by a Capt Jar^es Turner, living in the said county 
of Wayne, Co Ky as they served together the 3 last tours. And 
he also Icnows of his first to^or against the j.ndians in 
Greenbriar county Va, but he did not serve with him on the first 
tour, states that he continued to live in Bedford Co Va, until 18! 
1804 or 1805 when he moved to Montgomery County Va, stayed 
there about 7 years, then moved to Wayne County Ky, where he 
teas lived ever since. 

Affidavit of Lear, Joseph Atkinson. 

Amendment to his declaration as fol"'ows; 1833 May 27; 
States that he was BORN IN HANOVER COUfflT ' VIRGINIA 1760, Sect 
15, agreeable to the account of his father and mobher and his 
uncle^ SAMUEL SHREWSBURY as Capt in his said Uncles bible. 
Applicant lived in sr?id Hfnover CoVauntil he was age 12 and th^n 
moved to Bedford Co Va, where he lived during the Revolutionary 
war, until he received a written discharfre from Capt Sam^ael 
Camipbell. States that he can prove his chargaoter by' 
Hancock esquire, of his county ard Robert Beishr Esquire, Hirarn 
Phillips md Ma.ior Berry the Postmaster, and by the Postmaster 
of Wayne Countv, Rhodes Garth, Esqu'ire, ard by Wm Hancock, John 
Turner and many others, who now live in Wayne crd who formerly 
lived in Bedford Co Va , and well know him there. Acplicant 
who chosen Ca t of a company sometime after the Revolutionary 
war in Bedford Co Va , and served as Capt over 10 years. 

Affidavit of James Tiu^ner, over 70 years of age ard states 
that George Dabney served with him, the 3 last tours, that 
applicant served with the exception of a few days at uhe sieve 
of York, Pnd this affiant left service f^rst and left 3a:ld 

Page 32 

PagG 3 

Geoi'ge Dabney still in the service, did not serve with 
Dabney in his first tour aga nst the Indians but he h?s heard 

Lieut John rhelps of Bedford Co Va say that Dabney was 5n that 

tour. He has beard Pollard Harris S'cong- and John 

Turner all of Bedford Co Va, say that said Dabney served with 

them In said tour against the Indians in Greenbriar Co Va . 

A.ffidavit of Clinton County Ky, Jan 11, 1044 Elizabeth Dabnt^ 
reade Declaration 'n ooen court, a resident of saM c^iintv , age 
59 Serfc 2, being born 2nd Sent 1774, in Bedford Co Va , states 
that she is the widow of Geore;e Dabney deceased, who died 
in Clinton County Kert^^cky May 14 184o, sta-ces that they were 
married in Bedford Co Va , pr'_or to January 1, 1794, on the 10th 
Jan 1793, the rights were cel.ebrated bj^ John Ayrcs, a rainister 
- states she has a record of her morriage in a bible belonging 
to her son Robert, A. Dabney and she relies en tne clerk's 
office of Bedford Co Va and also on the record In the bible 
belonging to her son and also on the knowledge of her acquain- 
tances in V^'r'""inia. 

A certified copy of the marriage record is filed as fol lov;:^ ; 

To The Clerk of Bedford Co Va , vnlli you please isr-.ue 
license to Goorqe Dabney and Betsev Echols and Oblige, signed 
Jacob Echols and Betsey Echols 1-6--1793 

It would annear of course that Jacob and Betse-'- Echols must 
have been her parents. 

One John Overstreet, signed the marrisge bond, wh'ch was 
dated 1-7-1793, The creacher's return Vi/as dated l-lJ-1793. 


DEC'ARATION was made in V/ayne County Ky, 1841 Nove ber 22, 
by John Denny^ age 75 that he was BORN 8-24-1766 and strted he 
volunteered 1780, as a pr'vate for 30 days under C^l v7n Cabel/ 
w'th about 200 others, to prevent the Br.tlsh from crossing Ja-es 
river, in order to retake the B5,::tish prisoners, wh'ch were at the 
Barracks at or in Albemarle Co Va : thence he v-lu^.teered about the 
last of July 1780, at Amhurst court house, Va by the order of said 
Colonel Aud. The next day we met at said co^^rt house of A-.ihurst 
and marched direct].y to Lynches Ferry under their sa5d Col Cabbell, 
on Jam„es ri" er to orpose them and to pre-ent their crossing Ja es 
river. They remained there and in the neighborhood watching for 
the British and 'n detachments and governing a"" 1 the water craft 
several moiles up arid down the river, for about 3j da s and a t 
the expiration of their term they were informed by the Colonel 
that he had been infor-ed, th^'t the Bpitlsh had taken an alarm 
and gone back. Then marched bac]" to Amhurst court hovise and disch 
in writing but his discharge was burned when his house was burned. 
And July 1781 believes he v/as drafted under Col Wm Cabbell, of 
Ai'ihurst Co Va as a private for 4 m.onths to go to guarding the 
British prisoners at the BarracLs ^n Albemarle Co Va , that they 
rendesvoused at Amhurst Court House and m.arched under Ca^:t Samuel 
Cabbel and thin' the son of Col V/m Cabell, They were marched 
d rectly to sa^d barracks where he served said tour of 4 -.iionths, 
and about the expiration of sa.'d tour, orders cane to Capt 
Samuel Cabell from, the Col to take the n-uard by volun'ueers or 
otherwse, and mrrhh arri the guard the British ^r'soners to the 
Pennsylvania line ard those of the com any, that they well 
voluntee=red to perform the tour of dutv and he likev/ise volunteerd 
for one mo^-'th more as a rivate and marched and guarded the saj.d 

VIRGTHT/' SEPVTC^ OF J'^RTM DP.'NIiY R 2875 --Fage 34 

Tare 2 continued: 

BRITISH JrRISO :.ERS to the Pennsylvania line and delivered them 

to an officer and soldier, that met theii; on or at the enna. 

line and the:r cs^tain Sairuel Cabeli, marched ' thei' hack to 

A'HTRST C'''RT HOUSE and then d^^schar-ed t^-e- all :°n v/ritinsr icr 

five months as drafted and volunteered under his command and 

^vh?,ch was in writing to which is likewise is lost or oi^rned. 

They got home in Atahurst co ''a,, he thinks oetweer the 10th and 

15th of Hovemiber 1781. 

He fnrtlier stetes tliat he was ECRIT in Anhurst Co V.-^. 

on the waters of Rockfish river Ancvst 24, 1765 and lived 

there about 20 years. His father then mo^ ed to FA^.'ETTE COUNTY 

KElvTUCKT and he lived there w^th the family abort sax years, 

then moved to Clar'' coruitv Ky and lived about S years, and then 

m-oved to '"avne County Xy where h3 has lived abcut 43 years. 

Isaac Cooijor and Jar'es C Hall of '^iliayne Co Ky state 

they are well acquainted v/ith this soldier. 

1314637 ^^e^ ^^— 

BOUNTY LAND WARRANT NO 80029 for 160 ecres In 1855. 

1833, by Willlarr Doss at-e 69 in May last, who a[,.L)l cd under 
the act of June 7, 1832, states he entered service in 
BUCKINCHAM COUNTY VIRGINIA, v/here he Was BORN, reared and lived, 
until after the end of said war. He was throvm into the 
classes by number and called out according to number, as a 
drafted private militiaman. He entered service v.nder Ca ct 
i.iosely arid went on to the barracks in ALBEIvlARIE CO VA and 
gu.arded the same 3 months, but is not certain as to the precise- 
time of entering and quittin-^ said services, but he recollects 
that the oeriod of" the warm season of the year a-^d he thinks 
in 1780, that being certain as to dates he received a written 
discharge from his said Captain st said Barracks, having served 
cut his 3 months and returned home and sometim.e thereafter 
he was a -aln ealled out when it came to his turn and he 
entered service, which he is not certain the precise timiG, 
but he thinks it was in Decem.ber 1780. He marched off under 
Capt John Chambers and Col Kolcu.m and went on to various 
places in North Carolina and to Guilford battle and was in that 
enga'^ement and marched on that arr.iy to deep river and there had 
a written discharge from his cat John Chambers. He is not 
certain as to the precise tim.e, but recollects it v/as in the 
spring season of the year and he believes it was in 178 ? 

The next year he was in the seige of York ard was engaged in the 
the m.ost servivile labor until the surrender of Lord Cornv;a']is 
after which time he served his 3 months he was there d'iacharged 
had a virltten discharge from his said Killer and ret -rned home 
having served 9 month. 


Page 2 

rIE WAS BORN and resldod in BUCKINGHivM CO VA 

and stayed there until after the end of the war and went to 
FRANKLIN COUNTY GEORGIA, stayed a few years and moved back to 
BIICKIKGHrtM CO VA and stayed a short time and moved to WILI'a;S CO 
N;-^RTH CAROLINA, stayed a few years, moved tn BITNCOBE CO N C and 
stayed a few years and moved to WAYNE CO KY stayed a few years 
and m.oved to Overton Co Tennessee to the oart vmich is now 
FENTRESS CO TEW\ where he now lives and has lived ahont 12 year?? 
Thinks that Thomas Buoler can testify to one of his tours . 

Affidavit of Thomas Butler, appeared in MORGAN COUNTY TENN. 
SE T 3, 1833, said he was a resident of Anderson Co Tenn. 

States he is age 70, on 11th of November, that he served 
in the Revolution and enlisted from Bedford Co Va and was at 
the seige of "^ork afid after the surrender of Cornwallis, ho cam.e 
on home w" th a certain Wi"'liam Doss, who camiS on from, said 
seige, and live^^ in Buckingham. Co Va and afterwards ca>-3 on 
to a place of residence of said V/m. Doss and stayed a'^ '• night 
andthen came on to his own home in Bedford Co Va . 

Apllcation for a nev/ certificate in Wayne ^o Ky ./lay 14,1838 
personally an eared Wm Doss, states he is same person who 
belonged to the com any of Capt John Cham.bers in the regiment, 
of Col Holcom., that his name was placed on pension roll in Tenn. 

Application for Transfer, m.ade in VJayne Co Kyo June 25 
1838, by Nancy Doss, v/idow of Wm Doss, deceased, states her 
husband died in Fentress Co Tenn 9-15- 1833, ? the t she was 
married to him in HAYVO'D COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA by Square McHenry 
McHenry, that she and her husband both lived in Buncombe Co N C 
but were married in Haywood Co Tennessee, j that she v/as married 
to him about 40 years ago, that she and her husband moved 

rAGE 53 --" 

from N C to New Jacksborough Tennessee and from there to Fentress 
Co Tenn where they lived until he died in Fentress C-:i 9-15, 
1833? or 1853. 

States she and husband reared a family, the oldest chi Id 
who is now abo;it 38, most them now living in Fentress ^o Tenn. 

Affidavit of Joshv.a ^i Wone , said he was well acquainted w ' th 
soldier and widow and always knew they were married. 
George S Kington and testify sare as above. The widow states 
that her name before marriap:e was Nancy Br virn, affidavit of one 
Wm D Doss, appeared in Fentress Co Tenn 8 10-1857, age 24, on 
3 May 1867, states hts father V«m Doss died in Frentress Co Tenn 
that his father and family moved into the Kent^^cky side and livod 
a few years, but did n t li^e in Ky more than 3 years. His oldest 
s'ister Fanny Doss ^° f liv:^°ng wouM be 15 or "16, -^^^rs older than 
he. Affidavit in f'entress C-t Tenn 1857 by Emoss Doss a~e 33 & 
Sally Doss age 27 both state they are children o?.' "Wm and Nancy 
Dossand are this day at home of their mother. Oct 14 1857, 

Page 57 

WAR OF -bl2 


Bounty land v;arra-:t 6516 for 160 acres, 1855. 

He made declaration 1350 in Leesoarg, Lo-idoin county 

Virginia also 1355 and 1871 and 1873 still residing* there. 

So_dier died prior to liay 2o 1391 

He enlisted Au^ 23 1314 and discliar.jod ^ept 16 1314 

served under Capt Benjamin Shreve's comjany of Yir^^inia 

militia. lie served as a substitute for Ti'iomas Rogers, 

he also allCf^es that he hired a substibutc, but narae 

not remembered. 

He was age 53 when he applied in 1351 in 

Leesbur^^ Va. That he served as a corporal in Ga t Bciin.j b'h 

Shreve's comuany in 57th re,jimsnt of Va militia com.mandod 

by Col iurmstead 1 Alason, that he served three montl^s 

t\at at t 6 time at Snowden's Iron 'i.'orlcs in Maryland he 

v/astaken very ill and com:pe_led to hire a substitute.. by Thomas Sanders -t same tiriie and 

place who believes stateiacuts are true of said soldier. 

Affidavit of Thomas Rogers 1351 liar oh 21, states 
he hired Francis T Drake as his substitute who did 
serve but does not kno«; the date. 

Declaration v^as also made by Francis T rake Jan 20 1872 
who states he marciied from Leesburg Va in Ca t ITartin 
Kitzmiller's company, of Va militia as a substitute for 
Thomas Rao^^ers who stayed at home, ths line of march 
was to t e Little Falx.s of the Potomac and next day 
and the next day the com;:^_and were ordered to burn a bridge 
tuat point. -s^nce his service he has resided in yhilad "Iphia 
as a student of medicine located m Rapj-ahannook Go Va. 
for 15 years returned to Loudoun Co and resided ever since. 
Born in Rappahannock Co Va .. His wife was deceased, in 1891, 

— -PAGE 38--- 

VIRGINI.-. SEriVICr 0? J:^'JiS DR1:-:e ATi) Ei^IZAE: rn DR.JZ 

WO 19447 ai.'i uC 13267 boanty land warrants 50145 for 80 

acres an.-: 13<522 for 80 acrjs in lb55. 
Ms served as private in Ca-t John 5oz,arth's com'jany of Vir 
Virginia militia, enlisted Au,.; 30 Ic3i4 and dischak'ed "'-arch 

19 1815. 
Enliste.: Ajl^ 30 1814 and dischar ^-'ed March T9 1815 

Kesidence of widow 1352 and 1855 v;as Ritchie Coimtj 
Va and 1878 her address v;as Harrisville, Ritchie Coanty 
V/est V-rginia. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Sinnett 
they married Sept 25 lcl5, in Wood coiinty Virginia 
Soldier lied Ivlay 15 ].845 in Ritchie coanty Virginia; 

DECLAR^.TIOII was made in Ritchie C- t/cst Va April 30 
1873 b Eli::;abeth Drake a^.e 83, a resident of Harl'isvilie 
i.cst Va v»/]iD states she is the widow jf Ja:^ies I)ra e who 
was a private under John Bozarth in the ±2th rejlnient of 
Y'd militia, Tliat her husband was drafted at Clar]:Gbarg 
on the Is- Jan 1815 fcr years and 3 months; th t she 

was marrieu to Janes Drahe in the vicinity of v;hat now is 
Harrisville, (then \io d Go Va on 25 Se u 1815 by JORII 
D'L'ake , a 'laptist clergy.Tian and her maiden na:no v;as 
Elizabeth Sinnett tViai James Drake died near Ilarrisvilxe 

Va 15 May 1845. f'.iat her husband was a substitute for 
Samuel Mu.-'phy wao was drafted. 

AFFIDAVIT OF ALVA H .^YLRS states ho was a near 
neighbor to ya-s Elizabeth Drake f -•!■ more than 40 '-ears, kn^iw 
her well before at the time and ever since deatn of 
her husband James Drake in 1843 or 1844. 
That she has lived most of the time •. ith his neighb rs 
-her ch_ldren, ^:m J Drake and t at was Ahianda Drake, but 
now is M-'S -^manda Swadley. T/.at she is still his widov; 
signe(! atSmithviiie , Ritchie Co -est Va , 

- PAGE 39 


DECTARATION mpde July 4, 1836 in Wayne Countv Kent-.cky 
i"''=rs Sarah Eades age 80, v/idow of 
bVchsrles Eades on the 9th April next, states she -• s the 

vr:dow of Charles i^ades, who was a soldier of the Revolutionary 

VJ3.T under Ca t Oatv, or Ca , t Joim Tri,<^g or Both, coirmanded by 

CI i'',erryweather and the General's na. e whe believes was 

Muhlenberg, he was Jn the battle of rortnmouth and was in 

serv'ce a lar'e period of the Re voluti'^narv war, and public 

rec'-^rds will doubtless dhow many of the ^.-articulars of his 

and to then^ she refers for further ev dence^ice. she was the soldier 4th ilay 1787. 
married / and that her h\;sband Charles Eades died "'ay 2, 1823, 

A certified copy of the ■ arriage bond is filed with the papers 

as follows; State of V-'r?-inla in Bedford County. A certificate 

f r ;-m her father as follows: ''To the Cler)'., sir; I a- cert^' f v-ing 

thbt I am willing for you vifhen lyou should "i. ss\ie license for the 

inter ^arria-e of my da-'ighter Sarah I ibern or Piborn? or 

S^'.born or Piborn? with Charles Eades. Th-' s Mav 1736 signed 

J .:hn S'biirn )r F'born or S-'born? Attiest 

shows the follov/ing; Charles Eades 
ar_d Robert Eades. The bond 
a'--d Sarah Siborn? 5-2 1783 Bedford Co Va , One James Bramble tt 

Signed the feond. The letter '.n fr "mt of the nanie ;f bride's 

father and herself is very illegible. 

.-.ffidav t of Jares Tin^ner in ".'a^me Co Xy states that 

he had been acqua-^nted with Ch-rles Eades since he v/as a sma ' ' 

boy and to the tlivte of his death, he ser'-ed v/ith sa'd 

Charles Eades d\iring the Rei-olutionary war, as they entered 

service together in Bedford Co Ya, under Capt ^7m Oaty, Caj t 

^ errjtheri and Col Muhlenburg, and the 7 were both at the 

VIRGINIA SER-' TC"''-' ^w C^-^RLES EASES A^'^^ SARAH EADK.^. R 3241 
Pap-e 2 cont^\nueQ: 

Page 40 

battle of Portsraouth and served 4^ months on said tour and 

wore dischar-'ed and enlisted again together undar Col John Trirg 

and the colonel, who coitrnanded the re>:lmenb to which they 

"belonged, was na^ned Tucker and served over 2^- ir.onths and that 

at the seige of York and knows of other ser/.ces and also perfor 

porformed. Singed in Wayne Co Xy 10-5-1852 by Jacob Eades. 

The son and he'r a':, law of Sarah Eades deceased, the widow 

of Charles Eades, deceased, apr'olnted I J Co;nbs his Power 

of Attorney. States that his mother died Sept 25 1854 and 

loft the following children: 





Affidavit of John Douf^herty, age 72, states that 
he was we"ii. acquainted w-' th Ch.arles Eads and w'fe Sarah. Becare 
acquainted when in the year ISC^ and fror the ages of the^.r 
children, he th-'ni^s thev were married about 1785 or 1785- 

Affida'-°t of James Gann Senior age 80. 

He states that ho was we "* 1 acquainted with Charles Eads who 
was in the Revolutionary ¥;ar and his wife, Sarah and has 1-mown 
ther for over 40 veers. 

GABRIEL EADS BOR"^ 2-10- 1787 
Nancy Eads born 2-9-1789 
T'lary (Polly) born 2-4- 1790 
Rachel Eads b ^rn 8-31-1792 
Jacob Eads 10-3 -1796 
Ruth Eads 3 17-1799. 


DEC-^^RAT-QN was made Fob 13 1839 by Err.iine Earner of 
La^snbior^ Coanty Yir^jinia who ap .lied ander the Act of July 
7- 1838 a^e 75. 

States si^.e is t!ie v;idow of Eenjaciin Farmer late of 
Lanenbar Co Va, who was a private ir. the Va militia in the 
Revclutionar.- war. ; she recollects of hira relation th;-,tat the 
battle of Guilford he was severely wounded by a nmslcet balJ 
which passed throut-h his breast, the effects no felt to the 
close of his life.; that he served 12 months; that he died 
before t'le passa e of t;',e Act of J-Uie 7 1S32. ; t: at she was 
married to Benjamin Farmer 15 Feb 1782, tuat he died 24 Jane 

• April 25 of Lunenbin^ Go 7a who v;as _ntimately aco^iamted 
v«;ith Benjamin Farmer and Erm.ine IIERRING v;l;o married 
Benjamin , all of hs life in same county and neighbor- 
hood dorinp; the xtevoluuionar war. A few months after the 
sie=:e of Yorlctovrn, Benjamin Farmer married Ermine Ilerring 
in PITTSYLVANIA CO'JI'ITY VA and shortly afterwards sett;led 
in L^JNSNB TRG CO VA, Shortly -. before m.arriage, the father of 

Ermine lierrint^ moved from Lunenburj to Pittsylvania Co ^.^a 
which occasioned the marriage in the latter county. The;- 
married Jan or Feb 1782. Said Benjanan Farmer marched from. 

Lunenbur , Co Va under Capt V/inn to tiie South and was wounded 
at battle of ?&ono ferry. 

lEC^.iRATION was also made 1843 Ai;^ 5 oy Ermine 
Farmer in i^unenbar^j Co Va; statin,^ about the same as 
previousl . also 1848 a^e 86. AFFID.N/IT IK CTEiRLOTTE CO ^A 
BY Seth Farley 1839 states Len.ianm Farmer under Capt 

'i/alker, ai.d went from L.j.nenbur^ & marched to North Carolina 
and was at battle of Guilford, and woundd. 

PAGE 42 


Iv'O 1349 for 100 acres, issued Aa,i:;as' 

8th 1823 

TliO fiata whioli follow v;era obtained from the claim 
for TDount.y land tased apon service of Jcsso Farmer and 
Lathan Farmer in tiie Revolationary war, 

Jesse Farmer and ITathan Far-mer, enlisted, place not 
stated, in 1730, served in Armand's corps and remained in 
service to the end of the war. 

Jaly 28, 1828 evidence was furnished in the coiirt 

;^° Bedford Gomty yir;-inia that John Farmer, Pleasant 

Farmer, .'oily Lindsay and Fanc^- Hopkins were the Role hei 

heirs at law of Nathan Farmer and Jesse Farmer. 

Their relationship to those soldiers is not statoa. 

July 29 1328 John Farmer, ap:jlied in Bedford Co Va for-, 

bounty land which was due him and the other heirs named 

above on account of service of Jesse Farmer and ""athan 

Farmer in the Revolution-.>-r war. 

Au^-ust 4, 1328, bounty land warrant no 1348 

was issued on account of service of Nathan Farmer and 

v«/arrant No 1349 was issued on account of service of 

acres 'i 
JESSE FaRIIEK, each warrant was for 100 /and ■yvas issued 

in behalf of John Farmer and the other heirs A The 

residence of the heirs are not shown, nor ai'e their a^c 

ajes .ji.en. Tue National Archives has no further 

information in re^^ard to Jesse or Nathan Farmer. 

It was shown that they served under General Armond 
for djjration of the Revolution, 

VIR"'I?:iA SEi. r CJ-: OF IIATTPIEV^ FAR:IER S 16790 Page 43 

DEG-.ARA'TIO:-T was made in Franklin Coanty Vir.;inia h 
Matthew Farmer 1832 ITover.ilDer 5, a^e 71, into which coanty 
he had moved after the Rs volationary war. In 1834, he had 
moved to Saint Charles Coanty Missouri. . 

The data f.ufnished belovi/ were obtained from his pension 
papers Fo S16790, based upon the mil.itary serv ce in tiie 
Ftevolationar; war of said Matthew Farmer. 

Matthew Farmer vjas BOR:'^ in Chesterfield Co mty Virginia. 
V/hile residing: in HALIFAX CC'IITT"' VIRGINIA, he enlisted 
scmetim.e in 1780, and served 3 months as orderly ser :eant, 
in Capt Joshua Powell's com)any. Col Fleming's Virginia 
regiment; he again enlisted 1781, and served 3 months in 
Ca.jt Fleming Bates' company , Colonel Holt Richardson's 
Virginia regiment; he was at the sioge of Yorktown, after 
which he assisted in taking the prisoners to Kovi/land's 
Ferry on the Potomiac river. 

T.iere are no data as to wife and children. 
In order to obtain date of last payment of pension, 
name and address of perso:; paid and possibly date of death of 
the Revolutionary war pennsi.ner, },'atthew Farmer you. 
should address TliO Comptroller General, 'Ijnera:. Accounting 
Office, rtecords Division, Washington D C citing the follow- 
ing data: 

Matthew Farmer, Certificate ITo 2841 , issued Dec 7 
1832, rate of .,,,25 per annum, commenced Msrch 4 1831, Act 
of Jane 7 1832, Missouri Agency. 

PAGE 44 


It ap,jears rrom t^e papers in tlie iievolutio:'ary '.'var 
pension claim ITo \719244, tiat Ludowick Farmer in 1770 was 
appoiiiited Captain of Militia of Lanenburg Gomtv Virfrinia. 

In 1777, he was Ensign in the Lunenbarj Coanty militia 
and later in 1777 was Lieutenant o f Capt Billu.p's 
company In the 3ame militia. 

Early in IVbl, he served 3 months as Lieu.tenart or 
Captain in tiie Virginia militir and was in the tattle 
of Qailfcrd. Later in 1781 he wa^ Captain at Point of 
Fork, on the Jaiiies River, where he was taken prisoner 
and held ontil after the Siege cf Yorktown. 

He died Septemh3r 15, 1815 in Lunenburg County Va . soldier married Decemoer 12, 1737 in Lunenburg 
county Virginia, to Elizabeth cr Eetscy Knight, daughter 
of John Knight who it is said was a Captain in the 
war of the Revolution 

She died April 13, 1839 age about; 73, leaving the 
following children; Joseph \,'. Farmer and Dicey Scott,, 
who were al.owed the pension due their mother, 

Henry .^ Farraer, a^nothor son is refer.'ed to and 

it is stated that Mrs Virginia Farmer Letts was 

the daughter of said Henry A Farmer, 

Leco-aration was m.ade by Elizabet i Faruer ago 74 in 
^unenburg Co Va 1838 Se jt 8th statin; yho married 
him 12 Deo 1787, and he died 15 Seat 1816. affidavit of 
James Mul_.ings in Charlotte Co Va 9-13-1838 r;er-/ed wit 
said _,udowiGk Farmer, 1781 a;id with him -,t the tattle 
of t>ullf ord .aiid point of Fork on Jamesriver, that he was 
Captain of militia. he was drafted later taken prisoner. 


B-^^IlITY -.a:T; ',:ARRANT N:"^ 1348 for 100 aerss 

in 1823 issaed. 
(Vir.jinia resinencr of heirs in 18?^8 ) 

(a no':e in the files Staines: "See papers in claiin 

of Jesse Farmer, ■bciiitity land warrant No 1349 for 100 acres 

drawn ty same heirs. 

T -6 data wnich follow Vvere oliiained from the claim foj.'- 

hoanty land asod upon service of Jesse Farmer and NAT^'AN 

farmer in T T RZYOLUTIGNaR^'^ ',!Ar.. 

Jaly cS, rsZb, evidence was famished in the Court of 
Eedforcl County Virginia, that John Farmer, Pleasant Farmer. 
Polly Liindsay and Nancy Noplcins Vi/ere the nole heirs at 
law of Nathan Farmer and Jesse Farrier. Their relationship 
to those soldiers is not stated. 

July 29 1823, John Farmer apcJ.ied in Bedford Coo. 
Virginia for hoant^^ land which was due him and the 
ether heirs named alove on account of service of Jesse 
Farmer and Natlian Farmer in tne Revoluticn. 

August 4, 1828 bounty land warrant No 1348 was issued on 
account of servico of Nathan Farmer, and vmrrant No 1349 warj 
issied on account of service of Jesse Farmer, each warrant YJCir^ 
for 100 acres and was issued in behalf of John Farmer and the 
other heirs. Tiie residence of the heirs are not shown, 
nor are their a^es given. Tiie National Archives has no further 
information in regard to Jesse or Nathan Farmer. 

Par-e 46 


DECLARATION was made by /. Francis in Wayne county Ky 

(2-7-3746 ) personallv Febrnar - 7 1845, age 03, and states she 

:° s tbe widow of J'-^bn Francis^ who was a '''jieiiteTisnt in the 

Revolutionary war. He v.-as in the oattle of theShal'ow Ford, 

Yadkin river, and was in service a larrer period of the 

said war and states that she was m- rried to him iiay 15,1704, 

that he died 10-9- 1829 „ 

Affidavit of Bartholomew Haden are 69 on 21st Aug , that 

he was from ab'^nt date of 1804 we 1 acquainted w'th John Frances 

u:; to 1325 and from, that ti"ie to tlxe period of his death 1329. 

and laiows that he was of ood character and was jud.p'.e of the 

Quarterly Co^irt of Wayne Co Ky and that he was we"' '. acquainted 

with the hand writing of John Francis a^'id that the date of the 

marriage of he and Nsncy, his wife and is in words and figure,-: 

as follows: John Francis and Nancy his wife were married Ilay 

15, 1784. 

Affidavit abo-nt "i 842 V/agne Oq Ky, by Martin Peaf^. age 69, 
states he had bee intimately acquainted with John -i-'rancis, froii- 
from. 1816 up to his death, which he believes took place in Wavne 
Co Ky 1829, thst John Francis was an excellent citizen and of 
good character pnd that same period he has been well 
acqaumted with his w-° f e Nancy Franc's, B.'-cceTt 10 or 12 years 
she resided in the state of GEORGIA, but has recently removed 
to th s county as he ?s informed. 

He also states the v/riting in the old bible about the marriag 
record The said Martin Beatty states that he was in comcany 
with John Frencis.and frequently heard him. say that he was 

Pa/je 2. 

present --Pa^a 47--- 

■ " near his father Henry Prances, was shot bv a TORY at 

the battle of the Shallow Ford of the Yadkin river n N'^rth Cs.r' 1 

-Carolina ard that he shot at the Tory who kl.cled his father and 

believes he killed him. He irade th ' 3 statement many tir-'os to ir.e 

ard at one time he stated it to - e in the presence of an old 

gentleman bj'- n?^ti:e of JOHN MAJORS and S;-:ndry other rrien who had 

been in the battle of the Vadkin, all of whor,! supported the 
statement made by Jv.dge Frarcas, alJ of these men v;ere of a good 
character and some of them drew pensions. 

Affidavit of John Parmly, In Waj-re Co Ky 1845 a,fc;e 78, states 
he knew John Frances, who was a Lieutenant' in the Revolutionsr-':' v/a. 
war, states he was we t 1 acquainted with John Francis, v/hen he 
entered service in said war; that he entered the ser oe as a 
Lieutsnart under his father Henry Francis, who v;as a captain in 
ViTYTHE COUNTY VIRGINIA about 2 years previous in the battle of 
Guilford court house and continued in serv e as a Lieut until 
close of the war. Ca^t Henry Francis, his father having been 
killed by a TORY at the battle of Sha'low Ford, - fva:^ther states 
he was s in serv°ce with John Francis 9 months and was with him 
him th the battle of Shallov>: Ford, ar-.d frequently heard him 
sceak of being at the battle of Camden and Guilford court 
and King's Mountain and that John Francis died in Wayne Co Ky 
leaving widow Nancy Francis, which whom, he has been acquainted 
at least 40 "ears. 

Affida-'t mar^.o in IIVTIv--STO^' CO'H^TY MISSOURI 1352 November 
5, loy Nancy Francis age 90, made an amended declaration, stat'^s 
her husband died 10-9-1829 ar.d she moved from Kentucky in 1849 
that she lives in Wavne Co Ky for about 65 years and then raov:;d 
to Livingston Co Missouri. Witness in said Missouri cou/nty by 
Ellsha Francis and Saliey Blevins 11-5-- 1852. 

Mahalah Francis & Robert TravJs iiarried 10--2- 18C8 
HETTY C FRAl'CTS AND WM DAVIDSON married 11 27 1828 
JOm\f FRANCIS AND iOLLY DAVIDSON married 2 25 1329 McGasland and S Nancy his wife married 2 22 1816 
Ellsha Frt;ncis and Thersey Huff married. Cct 21 1824 
and on the opposite page is the following recrds : 
John Francis ?.z Nancy his wife m.arried 5/151 1784 
Henry Frarcis was BORN 5-16 1789; Leah? Francis b 7-10-1787 
Tabitha Frarcis born 3, 22 1791; Elizabeth Frarcis 3-4-1793 
Nancy Francis b 11,6, 1795; John Francis b 9-24,1797 
Ellsha_H Francis b 7-5-179?; reggy Francis b 11,11,1802 
Taney i:'rancis b 2-5 1804, Geor~e W Francis b 5,21,1806 
Mahaley Francis b 2,3,1808, Richard Blevins 5,30,1808 
Susanna Blevins b 3,15, 1810; Geor-e W Fi-ancis & El^zaieth Frs.r.c? 

married 9-1- 1825 b 6-11-1826, John L Bridf-es b 6-16- 
1828.. His father Henry Francis v;as of W^ITE COUNTY VIRGINIA. 

VIRGINIA SE.-.VICi. .F ABRA:.I IIE^TCN K 4353 ^'^ge 48--- 

DEC^-ARiTIC5r v\/a3 raaile in Lamplcin County aeort^ia A'a^-ast lo, 

1836 by Abrarn I-Iolton a^e 93 who ap >lied ;aidor tlie ^ct of 

Jane 7, 1S32. 

He state s he entered service as an e;ili3t d soldier andc 

under Cajt .rinstron, and marched in a company of Capt John 

Stokes undor Col Parker and General Scott and lia.jor Ste^'/art 

which was durinj the time ^-^eneral Washington fought at 

• lonmouth c .rt house and the Eritish took shipping; at 

■TACKENSACK at the time he enlisted he resided in H^^^^^R"''' 

CO'TTTTY VIRGINIA, -they were stationed part of the time at 

VAi.E::TILIE'S EI^^ in what wa s then cal ed !Tew England and 

and part of t'^e time at Val _ey Forge on the '''chaylkill , he 

belongec to the rejular troops and served 2 years, the time 

for which he was enlisted. 'le was marched tl'irou;:h part 

of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kew Jersey and into Hew Yor]: . 

They had frecLuent slcirmishes with the enemy but not in any 

re ular battle. -there is an old gentleman in Iiabersham 

which he oan get to prove his enlistm.ent, named 

GoUillin? " witness to his signature are acquainted witii 
tnis soldier named ^./m 5 nOFFCRD OF YaP.ERS "A" CO GA 
xi"D niC'k'.SL RELORII? of Lumptins Co Cra „ 

Declaration of James Helton a son of Abraham. Helton 
deceased, v;ho made afficavit in CObb County Georgia, that 
his father made declaration in Lurapkins Co Georgia, a id 
produced pro.f of his service by Yaohaei Pilgrim. T'lat 
his fatner died Jan 1-l, IS-iS, before receiving 'ension; 
tnat his father left 3 children, HAI'IAW HEaTOI: age 59 of 
HAMILTON GOTT' TEHIIESSEE; Sarah Helton age 57 lives in 
Cherokee Qounty Georgia, James Helton was age 52 Jo.n .5, 
1846; that his mother Charity Helton died about 1340, 
that his fat'.ier was a widower at date of his death. 
Said James Helton made this declaration 1046 December 22. 
2End. DEC..ARATI01T V/AS ALSO IIALE 1340 Oct t lOih 
also by Abram Helton in Lum.pkin county Georgia and stated 
about the same as he stv.ted 1636. . 

Page 49 



DECLARATION made b; iLsbecca 'Tov^el- in of Bedford Coant:^ 
V.rjinia a-js 90 on tiie 25 Jaly 1844 wlio ap,i:LiGd under 
t ,e ..ct of July 41836. States she is the widov. of David 

"lowell, t:iat he was drafted in the s i^jiner of 1760, ai'd after 
expiration of that service, he volunteered for 3 months 
lonj^eT; before he retiurned home under Ga,3t John Chiles, and 
was discharc^ed Fee 5, 1781, which ori;;-;ina.L discharge is 
attached to this paetr, and did not ret-irn home mtil Feb 
folj-owing 1781 and in sur.i. ;er of 1781 he volunteered a^:^ain 
under Capt Leftwick for 2 or 3 months and engaged .guarding 
tie tories of this and adjoinin^^ counties .; that she 
married sa.d David Howell in sprines 1771 and he died Tiay 1823. 
She stii remains his widow.; also affidavit made by Elijah 
Cundiff in Bedford Co Va 24 July 1844, w lo v;as well acquaint- 
ed with David and Rebecca ?iowel ., who was Rebecca Dickson 
t -at t -e were marrieu by Rev Eranduiii in sprin,;^ 1771. 

That "before David Hov^el^. went in tno serv ce he had three 
children in 1780, as he lived 1780 in 3 miles of him and knows 
he went into service as a private under Cajjt Chiles. 
Believes in tne summer of 1780, for he was called on to go 
himself in the fal of 17o0, and that time David Ilo^-el v^as in 
service and retirned home Feb 1781. 

Affidavit o f w'm Leftwich, in Bedord Co Va 27 July 
1844He recalls hearing his fatiier 'Jriah Leftwich speak of 
taking the tories, as he was a Lieutenant in t:ie Kevolution unde: 
Ca.jtThomas Leftwick, tliat Dav-.d ^To\/el,. was with lie 
saw his father Lev; Urial i^eftwich ea e home in the tour 
he served and return in the summer of 1731. 

PAGE 50 


EECLi^JlATI^N was made in Belmont County Ohio 1S32 
November 19 by Jonathan Howeli. who applied undi^r the Act 
of Jane 7, 1832. 

The data foliovving ai'-e obtained from tne papers on fij.f 
in the Revolutionary war claim for pension No.S2226 
based upon his military service in that war. 

Jonathan l-Iowell was BORN June 20 l'/60, in H:'JT^TERDCN 

COiniT"^'' NEW JTItSEY. 

V.'hile a resident of Leesbur^j, Loudoun county Vir^ii-:-) ?. 

he enlisted 1777 and served five months as a privatr' 

in Capt Ratilcen or Ratican's company, Col Josias Clapham's 

Virginia rce^'iaent. .I'hile a resident of Buffalo, Ohio 

County Virginia, which became Washington County Pennsylvania 

he entered the service in June 1779 and served one month 

as a private in Capt Williamson's Pennsylvania company. 

Ne enlisted the last of March 1780, served at various 

times, amounting in all to about one year, as a private 

under Captains Joseph Ogle, Abner Howell ar:d Mason and 

Colonel David McCl'ore in the Pennsylvania troops -sas in 

skirmishes with Indians between Pittsburgh and Y.' anJ. 

at Coshocton and took the last named tov>;n from them, and 

v/as discharged the latter part of 17S2 , 

In 1786 he moved from above named torn of Buffalo 
to 'Wheeling creek, near Wheeling, Va, where he lived 3 years 
then moved near \;est Liberty, where ha lived one year, then 
on kJheeling creek, and later he moved co Belmont County, Ohio 
There are no family data. 

VIR'>INIA SmorOE •'■'F . P^Se 51 

pr|,T,rp'u v.'ID''^'"' 
lECLiiRATION was made in Hopkins County Xinticky, 

1818, Jane 8 ty said j_,evjis Ho.vel or howell. 

T;ie data vjlixch fol_ow are obtained from the papers 

on file in Jension claim iv' 9719, based upon t;ie military 

service of ^ewis Howel or Howeli. in ti-ie Revolationar ;-• vier. 

He enlisted October 1776, at \'/heeling on the Ohio 
River, as a private in ^a ■ t Ste.jhen Ashby's company in 
Col James V/ood's Virejinia re^jiment and served 2 years, 
'le received a wound in the knee at the battle of 
German town. 

He enlisted 1778 in Shenandoah County Va and served 
3 years as a private in ^apt Abraham Tipton's and 
Vj'm Cherry's companies in Col Joseph CroC'-ett's Va re£;iment: 

In 1821 he was a::je 66 and a resident of GaL.atin 
County Illinois, where he died April 27 1833, 

He married Dec 15 1814 in said Hopkins county Ky, 
to Leona or Laomia Sisk, a widow. 

In 1821 he referred to Leona or _.aomia as his 2nd 
wife, also to his daur^^hter, I^forena and Frankey, age six 
and 3 years respectively. 

The widovj Leona or j^aomia Ho',.el married, date not 
stated to DAVID BaRI'ETT who died Dec 15 1849 in Gal^.a 
Gallatin Co mty Illinois. 

She was aixowed pension on her application executed 
Jan 23 1851 in Gallatin county I^xinois. age 84. 

VIRGraiA SERVTCE F MILES llO'.rEL S 9586 Page 52--- 

DECijARATI ^'IT ,.,ade November 9 1833 by !Iiles !-{cv;eli ?enior 

and May 13 1833 m Nansemond county vir inia '72, who applied ander the Act of Jane 7 1332. 

States he served ander Capt Robert Reddick, Ca-it 
Foster, Ga ,t <^'aines, MoClinny, Capt nillis i''arker and Cajt 
Kinchen G-odv;in, Josiah iceddick and '^ook V'ilis; that he 
served ten different toars of 6 v;eeks each, making at least 
IS months, txiat he marhed to x-'ortsmoath and was several 
times on Janes Pii er ; t :at he was drafted into service, 
-taat he resided in Nansemond Go Ya when he entered servics 
that he was in a skirmish with the enemy at troablesome 
point on Nansemond river, that he recollects tlicre ycve 
retjalar troops at ^^ortsmoath, bat does not at this time, 

recoli-ect the nomber of the re^^iment or the _ ■■ t 

ttaaes of the officers, t.Lat he was on Janes river at the 
t_me the batte was foaght at Litt-.-eyork, v>;as dischar_;ed at 
i^ortsmoath b;- Ga jt Poster, 

Page 53 

VIRGINIA SEi.7:C: ..7 ixOBErjr ''SX.A3SC0C1. O.i u^.^fC. J -.!'IJ 
IlAilhY HO; loj , Oa "iOi//Ex. Ok 
v/ET lrL:.LAi: 
. OiL <-EAT LxlZvIaII former v/idow 1711311 

BOU^'TT L:. D ».'ARHA::T 90042 for 160 acres, in 1B55 data v;iiich follow were obtained frcra t'^e papers filed 
in pension claim ^/llSli tased upon t'ne ser ice in the 
Revolutionar. war of uobert ulasscock. 

Robert Olassoock enlistea in Chesterf le '.d cointy Vir^rinia 
1777 and served as a fifer in ^a^t liarris's company, Col 
■viason's 15t;i Virginia re^-iuent and in Col Eassell's Va 
regiment, vvas transferred to Col Febiger's Ya rejiment, -was 
in the battles of Ilonmouth, Stony point and . 'aulas ho'lc and 
served 3 years. 

lie was aliovjed pension on his ap lication executed 
Se .t 2± Ibis, while residing in Ilecklenbur • Co 7a, a:£;e 52 

In 1821 Robert Glasscock, stated he was age 57, 
and had 2 dauff;htyrs residin^; with him one of whom had a 
small son, named Thomas. 'ie made no reference to his wife 
and did not ^iive the na-aes of his daughters or tlie surname 
of his grandson. 

Robert Glasscock married in Ilecklenbur j Co Va to tlanoy 
LIGGON. -date and place of her birth and names of her 
parents were not shewn. The marriage bond was dated in said 
Iiecklenburg Co Va Jan 19 1835, but the date of the marriage 
is n t st.tcd. 

In 1839 Robert Glasscock a. d wife h'ancy mosed to I'TorJ:h 
Carolina, where tlie soldier died in i^incoln Co '^ G Oct 

25 or 26 1839. His widow married sometime 1840, to 

Page 54 

VIRailllA SE.Jr^Cr of I-.O.'Li.T GlASCCCC. or Glascock and 
Ilanoy Howell- or Kcvjel or ■.'euhernian. 

or leather man forner v^idov; '■ 11311 
page 2 Gontinaed: Thomas Howel or Howell, v;ho d'icSSlipril 

12 1859, place not stated. 

One child was bcrn of the marriage of Iiobert (rlasoock 

and Nancy uiggon, a son Georc^e V; Glasscock, "born Ilarch 1839 

who died April 8 1359, 

Apr.l 22 1859 Lianoy Howel , then a^e 49, and a resident l 

Cleveland Go II C, applied for "bounty land v;hich was dac on 

acGoant of tne service of her former husband, Robert 

Glasscock in the ..evolutionary war. She was granted 160 acrec 

land on i,/arrant Ho 90042 under Act of March 3 1855. 

Uanc Howel was allowed pension on account of service of 

her former husband, f.obert Glasscock in tlie .Lcvolution on 

her application Dec 16 1859, in Cleveland Co K C. 

Slie continued to reside in Cleveland Co N G until 1864 

or 1865 then moved to SPARTA^'BiTir. DISTRICT SO TT^' CAkOirrA 

and lived until July 31, 1866, when she m.oved baol^ to 

Cleveland Co IT G. March 24 1869 Nancy Glasscock I':o\:ell marrie 
married Cornelius V/eat erman or V.itherman, who died April 9 
1870. In 187? lancy i.eatherm.and or I'/it'ierman was living in 
TIitchel_ Co II C. The died Jan 20 1896, place not stated. No 
reference made to any c'nildren by hei- marriaf-;e to Thomas 
'lowe^. In 1859 one James "lovvel lived in Cleveland Go N C 
no relations i to T'.orAas IIo;;el, who married Nancy 'rlacwcoco 
was shown. 

In order to obtain information in r ^ard to the location 
of land cited above, you sh uld address The Co:rimissioner of t'le 
General _,and Office Interior, this V'.'as hmgton D and 
furnish him the n.uiiber of the -.jarrant , the acreage and t'le 
act under which t .e warrant was j.ssued. 

YIRxINIA SERVTC:: 0? R^UBEII RO-EL S 2327 Page 55--- 

DECLARATIon was made in Coluraliiana County Chio 135B 
August 15, hy iieuben Eovjel_. a resident of "aiem to'.'nshi - 
a_^,e 70 on 26 Feb last past, who an lied undir the iOt 
of Jane 7 1832 That he was BCKT near Trenton Mew Jersey 
Feb 26 1762, at a^e of about 15 months, his fat.her 
moved to LOUDOUIT CO'T\Tr^ VIRCrllJIA, on the latter ;i?rt of 
August or first Sej.-t 1780, he volunteered as a soldier for 
six months under Adam 'Insil l.ieut myself first sergeabt, T 
Thomas Thomas, Col Andrew icusseii , and rendesvoused at 
LEESB'JRIM, from tiience we marched to Frederi oksc ir ■ , from 
t.ere to xiiohim.ond and from there to :etersbarjh, and 
there received inf oruation the British had landed at 
SuffolZ:. And i.'.imediately marched to Cabbin point, Scotts 
milSs at which place tuey remained fro 3 or 5 v>iecks, then 
they received orders to mi.rch back to ^itersburgh -later 
mar cued to Kanover court house. 

Affidavit by Jonathan Lodge in Colujnbiana Co Ohio 
1833 stating he was wel^ acq.uainted v;ith iLeuban --lowelj. 
tue applicant, t.^at they resided in xiOudoun co 7a and have 
been aGq.uainted witn him since the revolution , For tiie last 
20 years, have both resided v^ithin a fevv miles of each other 
-and knows he was a soldiei of tiie x.evolutionar:- war.. 

PAQE 5S--- 
VIR -iriA SF.W^Cr CF T'^OIIAS H0//E^.. so 2001[^ SG 19292 

.Ljoanty land warrants 40047 for 60 acres in 1350 

a,.d Ko 35155 for 80 acres xn 1855 

His v;ife was Llizabet'n Howell, (before marria:;e v;as 

Elizabetia .'lead. He enlisted Se t 8 1313, and disGhar;ged Fel' 

7, 1814? ResidencG of soldier 1652 and 1855 v;as Floyd 

Coanty iZent-icl .'■, and 1871 at LayveKvilc, Fload Go Ky. 

They m rried 1612 in Bedford County Virjinia. Fel ±S 11, 

1812. Soldier died July 2, 1834 at Eig :iud Creek, Floyd Co 


DiCCLARATION was made in Floyd Co Ky 1856 :!arch 24, 

by Tliomas Howel 63 states he was a private under Ca jt 

Magnus Va regiment having volunteered in Va 

h'itness to his signature wore Cat^.ar'ine Head and 

Jarues '/il-iaias. also (iranvi;.^e H Howell and Daniel Jidkins 

in Flo d Co were witness to his signatoj.-'e . 

He stated in 1852 in Floyd Co Ply a,;e 60 t/ien that he 

served under C.»,-t Magnos fifth rei-^inient of 'x'a militia under 

Col .?arker, tliat he volunteered at tlic Meadows cf Greenlee? 

in Bedford Co Va 25 I.iay 1812 for two years aad served 6 mos 

and dischar^;edat HorfolH Va Feb 1813 « 

"le stated in 1672 he served under Abner ''■^earley 
in Bedford Co iHlitia , 

1 e correct s jelling of to^^n in Fioyd Co Ky is 
"j-ianesvilie Ky o 

T .onas Howel_ stated in 1S71 Apr 10 in F_oyd Co Ly 
t.'.at his vafe's riamiC was Hlizateth l.ieaa, to whom he was 
married in Bedford Co Va Feb 11 1812. 

VIRGINIA SEx.ViGL OF TKOJ'IiiS KO..'EL_^ H 5300 ^^S® ^'^ 

DECLARATION vjas made in City of nichniond, Vir inia 
1836 Aa;jast 29 before the coj.rt of Kastin^^s now sittin,-: 
Thomas Hov.'eli a resident of said city ai,e 76, who 
applied ander the Act of Jane 7, 1832. States he 
served ander ..'aldy Clipton; a captain of the coiiipa y and 
Jacob Poindexter was Sjir;jeon. Enlistee. in falx of 1730 
and served antil the folio^vint- October 12 mont :s, 

-obtained a furioutjh on accomt of bad health a short 
time before Coru'A'aliis surrendered, after which he was 
never ajain called into service- t icn _03t his diGchar^;e 
after retiming home, he resided in New Kent and State 
of Ya, when ha was drafted. Marched with the army thro the 
lower part of Va, between New ir^ent C. anl Yor : and Ramptcn 
-tlie army to which p.e belonged was encamped below V/illiams- 
bar^^h, wr.en hs obtained his farloygh,^ 

Affidavit of Thomas Clopton of Henrico Co Va, at Richmond 
was acq.aainteG with Tiiomas Iloweli, and served vJith him 
dirinti the revolation ander "ili-' Brother Ca.tain vValdy 
Clopton and knov;s him to be a soldier of the revolution. 

ANSJLi.S TO INxh.O:>Ar~0 S 1 AT TT '..'aS LORN IN 
St. Peters x^arish, New Kent Co Va . and resided t'.iere when 
called into service, smca then has resided in Riclmiond 

YlA^T^lA SEiC'lCl. OF vVI^^.I..:i KOuE^ S P.328 Pa£;e 50—- 

LEG^ARxlT'Cil was raade in Athens county Gbio in ..oe 

tov/nship, 1832 October 13 by V/iiliam 'lov-el , a^je o4 and 

applied ander t'le Act cf Jime 7 1832. 

The data f ollov^'intj were obtained from the pa era on 

file in lensicn clai.-n S 232S, based apon the .hevolutionari 

war servied of said soldieL". 

He was ;jOiuI in ITei'"'' Jersey, date not stated, and lived 

there until he vvas about 24, when he nosed to h'T.mpshire Co 

Va, which vvas later ./est Virginia. 

He ser^/ed in 1776 and 1777 one month eacii year in 

Capt Ckey o^ohnson's Vir^-inia co:a_iany. He enlisted sometime 

in August 1776 and served in Ca)t Okey Johnson's company, 

marched to Fort 'lolntosh, where he vjas transferr::d to Gaot 

Van Swearinjea' s company, went on to Tuscarawap, whe.e they 

had an enga-.;ement with the Indians, and v.-as discharged 

Feb 25, 1779. He enlisted sometime in April 1781 and 

served 2 months in Ga jt Okey Johnson's compan.y in pursuit 

of the tcries r'^d captured a number of them. T ere are no 

data as to his family. 

In order to obtain date of last paym.ent of pension 

and name of person paid and possibly the date of death cf 

t.^e pensioner, Howell, you should a.p ly to the Comptroller 

.>enerai, Generax xxccounting Office, neoordu Division, 

Washington D C citing al . of the following data; 
"'William HoJel^, Certificate Ho 5152, issued Fob 4 1833, 
rate ,^35.66 per annum, to commence March 4 1831 
A-it of June 7 1832, Ohio Agency." 

Page 59 


viR^niiA ^iii) PEiTS^'^JuV^iTi^ SEi^vic- OF v;:....iA:: iiov'EL^ .r:j }io\ l 

^ 39 7 23 

DaGlaration v>'as macle in ■ estmoreland Co -.nt-' Penasyivania 
ty '.»*liiain Iloweli v; :o states he enlisted ander Caot James 
Cadervjoods company Ajjril x?77 for duration of the \.'ar, ne was 
first in Ool [organ's rejineat bat immediately trasiif erred 
to Colone- Ilolcatri^j? b it i.i ediat^ly t.raiisf erred to Col 

_ re.^i . ..t of IJew Yor;:. .-le ser ed until 1779^. 

later tra/isferred to Gjl Spencer, darmpj w.iich tin:e he i 
had been in several different companies .i.,ater trai.sferred to 
the Pennsylvania line in the 11th _-en a re^^iment mder 
C_l H-Lbley?-I-Iis discJiarj^e was comitersigned by 3-eneral 
A..thony .,ayne» He m de ap lication for a new certificate 
April 6, 18E0 in .estm^reland Co Pennsylvania. 

In 1321 Aa_ Lst 23, m .>estmoreland Cw /ennsylvuia 
•viliiam ;[owel then a^-e 64 made declaration, states he 
served mder Gol l;[or:_:an and Ca^ t ^^anes Caf eldcrv;ood? 
in the Vir.jinia Line, tnat he lias receivea a pension. 
His fatally consists of his wife Rebecca ajo 49, a son 
named Aaron aye 1^, and a son jamed John age 9.„ 



^pteraber 17, 1833 iD.y Benjamin Ilant , a,^;e 88, who applied 

under the Aot of June 7 1832. 

He states he enlisted in tiie falj- of 1779 for 3 months 

and was marched out under Cajt Epocphroditus White 

and narohed below Petersburg, where they were attached 

to a regiment, and freauentxy marched from ^.-lace to place, 

--again enlisted Feb 1, 1781 for another 3 months tour 

and placed in the company of Capt John Thom.pson and was 

attached to there i.ient under Col Hat aniel Cock (or Coolc) 

and marched to main army under ^en Green. Then marcS led across 

Dan river into North Carolina, -had an engagement at Guiifor 

court house, -and ccmpei_ed to retreat about ten miles 

-then marched back to Halifax Va.and discharged b^^ Capt 

Wm I.iclaniej. . Ca ;t Thompson having been killed at Guilford 

coajT-t house. 

Affidavit of Thos P Anderson, clergyman in his 
neighborhood and Robert D Lacy, of same were ac'iuainted 
with him. 

He states he ./as born in KING AITL QJE'EN CO 

VIR "INIA Nov 30 1750. and was living in xltlifax Co Va 
when calu.ed intoservice. has since lived in Charlotte 
County Va and now lives in Halifax Co Va. 

He enlisted as a volunteer.- 
His officers \<ere General Green, Gen Morgan, Col Lee and 

Col Cock and Gen Stevens, 


The data following a. e obtained from the papers en f:.le 
in Revolutionary war pension claim S 7059 based upon the 
military service of Berry H_nt in that v;ar. 

Berry Hant was born Jan 23, 1755 in Mecklenburg county 

He enlisted in Mecklenburg Co Va, about first of year 
1776, and served as a private in Capt Samuel Hopkins 
company, Col Buckner's 6th Va regiment, length of serv ce 
about 2 years. 

After the surrender of Cornv;allis, he moved to Caswell 
Co North Carolina. 

He was allowed pension on his ap ilication executed Jan 
8 1833, while a resident in said Caswell Co K C where he 
stated he had resided ever since the Revolution exceot 
for 2 years, when he lived in Orange Co IJ C , the dates 
of his residence in Orance Co N C are not given. 
There are no data as to his family. 
In order to obtain date of last payment of pension, 
the name and address of person paid and possibly the 
date of death of the iLevolutionar;-' war pensioner, Berry 
Hunt S7059, you should address the Com)trol^er Ce eral. 
General Accounting Office, Records Division, V/asliington, 
D C citing all of the following data: 

"Berry Hunt, Certificate IIo 7085, issued March 
1, 1833, h: rate v80 per annum, commenced Ilarch 4, 1831 
Act of June 7 1832, North Carolina Agency. 

VIRGINIA SE-z^ICE :'F JULIUS Iim-JT ATD 1' TC^ V/ 3819 P^S® 62 

DECLARATION was made in Culpepper Count;: Vir£:iniE\ 

1832 Autjust 16 by Julius Hunt who applieci uiider tho Act of 

June 7 1832, a-e 71. 

States t;iat he enlisted 1779 about Jan or Feb under 

Ca jt Thonas Porter at Culycp er court house under Col T';oma 

or Francis Taylor and Major Roberts, Col Fontaine. j 

T.iat he was principally engaged d.tring his service 

at Albemarle Barracks, guarding prisoner;! aiid was detached 

with troops to guard prisoners over the BLUE RIL'IE when 

when tliG enemy entere*.' Virginia 

That he afterwards went y;ith tiio prisoners tc 

Winchester Barracks, when he was discharged on >r about 

May 1781; ti^at he lived when entering serv^.co in Culpep jer . 


C:-.ERi: OF CjLPEP FR COUnTY CLERi:, Fayette Mauzy in 1843 showing 

Julius Hunt was married to Mary Brown 10th February 1791. 

The widow Mrs ■^'^'J-ary Hunt, filed declaration in 
Culpepper Co Va 1843 March 14 under Act of Ju].y 7 1838 
and states she is widow of Julius Hunt late of Culpeper 
^0 Va. She also filed in same county A ril 7 1845 age 73. 
and stated she was still a widow. 

There wer :; several affidavits filed with the papers 
One Edmund Brodus in Calpep_-er states he was acquainted 
with Mrs Hunt also knows of affidavits of Bowrn and 
Kilby and has knowledge of the family of ^'-'-rs Hunt and 
particularly the ages of her children and her case 
generally , and believe her statements are true, Joseph 
Kilbey affidavit states Julius Hunt died about Sent 1,1841. 


DEC^^.Ri'xTIDN wa3 uisde in yVayne C,-^unty Ky Sept 24 1852 are 75, 
by said V/n Johnson on 2nd Aug ist 1832, -Arho states he enllEte'T 1776 
in the fall or summer with Ca t Jairies Franklin end v;as anpointed 
and acted as a sergoanb and 3er\-ed in the 10th V"rrinia rerriment 
His ca. tain was Jares Franklin, first Lt Cluff Shelton, 2nd Lt 
James Dillard, Col Edward Stephens was firct Colonel, who beinr 
prDm.oted our rep-im,e)it was cotenanded hy Col Green at the battle 
of Brandywine, General 'Veeden coi^.manded the brigade. Thr t he live- 
in Bedford Co Va at the time of his enlistment but enlisted in 
Amhurst Co Va for 3 yoars and served the full time he wai: re^uiai]-: 
Gischir "c.d at xetersburg Va at the expiration of his enlistment i: 
writing but has lost the discharfie, the particular time when 
discharged and now not recol"'ected. He was at the battle of 
Brondywine, Gerraantown, and Monmouth, during hsi 3 years enlist- 
ment and in som.e other small engagem.ents . After tho battle of 
Brandywine, his Capt James Franklin resigned and their company was 
com.manded by Cluff Sholton,. After He enlisted he v;ag marched to 
Baltimore, thence to Northerly and was at sa'd battle. He volunte 
volunteered and was enlisted for six months in 1775 in the year 

before his enlistvent for 3 years, under Capt Buford in 
Bedford Co Va and acted as a sergeant by appoin':ment . '1 They ^ — 
marched to Williamsburg, Va and .^he company was soon mcrched' 
>)ack to the frontiers under C-l Wm Christie and bu.rned tieveral 
Indian towns on the Tennessee river. After his saM enlistm.ent 
for 3 vears . he ser^-ed one tour of 5 months as a sor^-oant th the 
m.ilitla under Cept Jeremiah -ate of Bedford Co Va and was at the 
battle of the sie^e of 96. returned home and was re-ularly 
dir^chsrged . He again served a small tour under Ca. .o Chaz'les 
First a sergeant. 



BOUTTY lArD WARRANT No 57642-160 acres, 1855. 

In 1832 age 72 Jatnes Jones Sr and residence in '.Vayne Co Ky 

and resided during the Revolution in Air.hurst Co Virginia, 

states that he enlisted 1781 w:lth Alexander Ewing and served in 

the regiment of the Continental Line and served under CjI Wm 

Davis and was marched under General Fetor Muhlenburr and Col 

Hawes and Calkins, Capt Bently and John Crawrord and when he 

enlisted he was a resident of Hontgomery Co V& and enlisted 

1780 \n August. Ke marched fron Hans? Meadows In p,a-'d county 

to Chesterfield Co Va, thence to the Isle of uVit-ht Co Va, then-. 

thence to f-etersbur'^h, occasionally sent to ChesterfieM v/lth 

a load of arms. He finally left the army and v/as dischap-ed a 

at Albemarle barracks in Virginia Jan 1, 1782. Pie also 

enlisted in 1778 for 12 months as a wagoner with a who 

was authorized to receive enlistments or that kind by the name 
of Armstrong. He enlisted as a wagoner. He was a cit isen 
:>f Amhurst Co Va . He served only aboiit 2 months and then 

hired a substitute for the remainder of the year. 

Declaration was made in Putnam Co Missouri Llay 24 1854 by 
Sally Jones, wi''"'w of James Jones deceased who was a Revo].utin- 
ary war pensioner of V/ayne Co Ky, thtat .ihe is age 70, 

Her marriage tor^k place since 1800, that she m^as married 
to Jrmes Jones in Vjayne Co Ky Dec 19. 1834 by ?Iatthow Floid. 
That her name before marriage v/as Sally Brov/n, that about 
1843 or .1844 she moved to liissourl with her children Jesse 
and Elijah Jones, where she has lived ever since and her son 
Alexander Jones now lives in Clinton Co Ky and she nov; desire: 
to move back to Kentucky and have her pension payable at 
LOUISVIL E KY and that she lived on Otter Creek in Wayne Co. 

?s:re 2- continued PAGE 65--- 

Ky, in Wayns EJo Ky and that said Hninilton Davie who is nnv; 
the S her'ff of v.utnarri County Missouri 3f: lives now a naighhor 
to th's declarant and for a fi;reat many years lived near ig her 
husband in Ky, thPt Jefferson Dave's of her r.resent ne irhborho od. 
also lives in a fev/ miles of her in Ky. 

/ffidavit in Wayne Co Ky 9-23-1844 by Ephriam Jones and 
Jesse Jones, state that James Jones died 1-10-1344. Certified 
copy of m^arriage record as fol ov;s ; Wayne Co Ky; I hereby cert'- 
fy that on the 19th Dec 1834, I solemnized the m.arria,o;e between 
James Jones and Sally Brown. Signed r.! Floyd Baptist minister, 

Wm. J. Dabney made affidavit, a resident of Albany Ky, sa?"d 
he was intimately acquainted with Sally Jones, nov/ of Putnam 
county I'lissourio- Affidavit made in Clinton Co Ky. P Quinn or 
Guxnn? age 27 a resident citizen of Putnam Co Missouri 

Affidavit m.sde in Clinton Co Ky bv P Guinn, ape 27 a 

resident of Putnam. Co Misso\iri, forverly a citizen of Clinton 

Co Ky, states that he is well acquainted with Sallv J^ines, wido 

of ^ares Jongs, now a reg'dent of ^Putnam.^Co Mlsg^'rn^ri end livod 
on Otter creeT', where affiant was BORi\' and reared. 

rutnam Co ...issourl. One Sarah or Sally Jones, states that 
she is entitled to pension m.cney and a ipoincod a pou-er of 
attorney 1865. 

One Talitha Brown and Hezehah Brown or Norman were witness 
to the power of attnrney. 

Sally Jones appeared in Russell cou ty Kentucky Jan 3 
18S6 sa^'d she was a resident of Clinton Cr Ky ai^e 81. That she 
she now resides in Kent-cky and wishes -. her pension transfer- 
red from Missouri to Ky. 

One John Jones and John Brum at made affidavit that 
they are acquainted with Sally Jones. 

PAGE 66 

W26150 "bourity land warr-nt Vq 36646 
Boiintv land warrant No for 160 acres, 1855 

DECTARi^.TION MADE BY SAID TOl KEATH, in V.ayne Co Kv 9-24-1B32 

age 75, who applied under the Act of June 7, 1832 

He stated he volunteered as a private in Ilontgomery co'inty 

Virginia under Capt Samuel Mastin or Eastin, sor.etlme in April 

1780 to go to the aid of the country, Caroline county one ironth. 

They marched from Montgomery Co Va tov;ard North Car-iilina and 

reiTiained som.etiiae about the Ready fork of Maw river. His 

Colonel was Hov;e Crockett and they hsd a hard battle at Rams ours 

Mill v;ith the British and tories and had to retreat and on 

the next day they were dischar ed and v/ent home. They had to 

inarch in the night and lay by in the day. In consequence of 

the great n mbsr of tories for somet^°mie and was absent until the 

return in about 2 months in the spring of 1781, he thini^s 

sometime in the later part of April, he vras drafi.ed for six 

months as a private in Montgomery Co Va and m.arched under Capt 

Jamie s Cowden or Camden, 

They m.arched to Pittsylvan: a Co Va and loined headquarters 

at the town, which they then marched to the Chickahom.y swampc 

ford? or 
and was stationed so e t ime guarding the fort of tbe river., 

the British having burned the bridge. They then m.&rched to the 

Mobln hills on James River andstayed there guarding 

an Island in James River to prevent the British coming up the 

river to land. The then marched in a direct iron of York Va 

where Col Wallace was and Br-'tish army was stationed and had a 

selge for smetime. Great firing of cannon and bombshells day 

and k night and somie skirmishes and they were principally 
employed in trenching and guardin?^ until the British under Lord 
£ Cornwallis surrendered. He was about age 19 at the seige 

PAGE 67--- 
Page 2. former widow W2ol50 

of York He served 7 months. 

Pie was personally known by Wm Walker, Isham Burnett , and 
was BORN IN FREKI^IN COU^'TY VIRGINIA and there and In Montgomery 
Co lived with his parents until he v/as drafted 18 or 19 years prd 
lived in Montgomery Co Va until ahout 18 years a|3 prist. He 
m.o^ed to Viia^^ne co Ky where he now lives. 

Declaration v/as made by Mary I'^clnlin? in Putnam Co Indiana 
May 7 1855 ago 51, declarations shov; that she is the widow of 
William Keith, deceased, that she was married to him in Wayne 
Co Ky, Jan 1 1828, by Richard Biers, a minister of the brptist 
and that her nam.e before marriage was Mary Davenport, that her 
husband died in V/ayne Co Ky Oct 19 1838. 

Isaac Davenport of Putnam Co Indiana m&de affidavit May 7 
1855 age 50 a resident of Hendrick County aforesaid, states that 
he has been acquainted with Mary Mclnlin for 40 years and that he 
was at her wedding with Wm Keitla. 

That she later married Thomas Mclnlin who is also nov; 
deceased in Putnam Co Indiana 1855. Nancy Cassady a resident 
of Ov;en county Indiana and states that she was at the marriage 
of Mary Mclnlin to William Keith in Wayne Co Ky. 

Affidavit of Eli Dodson said he knew Mary Davenport 
Keith and her husband Wm Keith in Wayne Co Ky. 

Th^°s affidavit made 'n MACO'^ COUNT^^ MISSOURI 1856. Aff -davit 
made in Putnam Co Indiana 1856, by Elisha Keith and states that 
that he knew the soldier Wm Keith and wife Mary or Polly Keith. 
That he was present after the death of her said husband. 

VIRlJIKIA SErriCE OF GEOxRCrE KEuLLii S 564-9 Ps-gQ 68- — 

The records of ^eor^e Keller of Monongalia County 
is given as found in tne s claim for pension S 5649 
"based upon service in the Kev olutionary 'war. It is noted th 
t lat t :6 records of George of -^ancast^r Co Penna 
is in tlie files. 

T/iis Geor ;e of Va was PORN A^:ril 19 1758 
near St overs town, Shenandoah Co Va . 

ixhile a resident of Aa^asta Co Va , he enlisted July 
17'79 served over five months in Capt "u'illiam Ghristee's Co, 
Colonel Christee's Va regiment and v;as in a tattle near Holbtou 

Hs enlisted ^pril 1780 and served over 4 months under 
Ca it Thompson's Va compan.'-. Ke enlisted October or Ncv 
1780, served six months mdsr Capt Rankin and "^atteraon and 
Colonels Sampson Ilatthev^s and Morgan, was in th5 lattie of 

Covvpens and several skirmishes. He enlisted and served 4t- 
months in Capt Ranliin's Va compan^y was in a tattle at 
Jamestown and discharged about 3 days before surrender of 
Cornwailis . 

About 1786 he moved from Augusta to Monongalia Co Va 
and in 1S51 he Vv'as a resident of Taylor Co Va , 

He was allovjsd pension on his ajolication ozecuted Aug 

22; 1832, while a resident of Monongajj.a Co Va. 
(T;ier3 are no family data) 



DECLARATTOK was made in V/ayne County Ky Sertember 25, 1804 

befors a justice of the peace looses Saliee, by Dav:"'d Mrrsh a.n;e 

75 Oct 2 6, l'/'59j who states he entered servlc in RTTSSELL 

GOTPTT^^ VIRGINIA as a private indian spy 1779 to serve 3 months 

under Jobjn Fu,^-et ca-tain and lieut Richard rice that he entered 
ser vice about Oct 1, render Ca t Furet about 1779 a^d rpir^-ed 
bet^voor Clinch ard SpT-dv r^°vers and stationed at Fu.o;its Fort and 
after ser "cng a tern of 3 months was dischar ed by hs ca ta'n. 
He'n volunteered to serve a tour of 5 months beegin.inr^ a 
few days after the end ; of his af orementiue . d tour and serv^ed a 
tour of 3 months more under Ca t Fuget and guardea the fort a 
great part of the time and marched to a great man;^' points and 
on the head waters of Clinch river and served out a tovr of 3 mont 
months more and at the request of the aforesaid Capata."n contin- 
ued on agreement to serve as volunteer another toui' of 3 months 
under said cartain and served tha''ough the whole suiiin^er season 
as a spy. Ke again volunteered in some short time thereafter 
as a private soldier as a s^'jj and entered the cerv'ce sometime in 
;in the fall of yepr for 3 m.onths under his same captain FugaLe 
and after ranging tlirough the mountains 3 monchs more ^ he wa^ 
verbal y dimissed, hav^nrr served 3 m.onths, and a^-a-'n ' t the 
request of Ca t F ate , vol'uiteered to serve 3 months more 
under him as a ranger, and went awaj- toward the Greenbrier and 
to many points and places ar^d fina y marched back to our 
station and was there dischar';ed about the last of May and he 
served wholly against the INDIANS, and served as s y or ranuing cc 
company and being on the frontiers was never sent against the 


rape 2 continued: 70-- 

ERITTSH. Declarant has no written documentary'- e-'^'d-^-nce 
of his sGrV.ce v/ith that he knows of no one living by whon 
he can prove his service, and as he lived in a rer.iote cart of 
the country on the So th For:-: near the Te messoe line in the 
mountains where he has lived only a little over 3 ye rs, 
where he has so^r.e few acquaintances, though ha Imov/s of no 
certain chance of /lebbin the evidence of a clergyman, h\it 
that some of his acquaintances are Solorron Cocil, David 
Sanders or Sov;jder? Abraham. VanY/lnivle, as one that he has no 
couht but he k could prove that applicant is said to have 
been a soldier, s bates that he v/as BORN and reared ■• a 
Albemarle county Va, and after the v/ar moved to R 'TR'^RFORD 
COLTNTY NORTH CARCLIITA and then bach to Clinch River, thence 
to SAi'DY, tbence to Green"' le South Carolina, and lived C 

vears; thence to C'lmberland Co Ten-Lessee ard lived iriany 

years, thence to wayne Co Ky whei^e he now 11^63. thence bo 

?,;cMinn Co Ten>T, thence to Bledsoe Co Ten in Sequatchie va"::'ey 
tiience to 7/hite Co Tenn, thence to whei^e he no<v li-v/e^i in 

''Vayne Co Tenr, 

Affida- it made in Mor£-:an co';nty Tennessee, personally 

by Nancy Reece ag;e 80 states ^'''^'^ she Viras intimately 

acquainted w th Dav d Harsh from v/ayne Co Ky, and acquainted 
with hjm while young, be ng cousins of hers-- h s people is 

able to state y/-i thin a year or 2 of his are and is cert?'n 

that he is about a^-^-e 70,, ai'd she recollects his serving in 

the Re^'olutionary war ap:a:irst the Indians en the frontiers 
of V?r-ina under Ca-:t Fu,pate ard belie-yes he served 2 years 
and recollects that'^art --^f his serv ce was -" n 1781' thet 
she has not seen h-i'm for many years. 

Page 71—-- 
DECLARATIOII was made Sept 24 1832 by Dudley Moreland a?c 
71 on the 4th of next April, st-^tes he entered the ser ce 
under Col ^^athariel ^"orris, of Virginia snd Cr nt S?r,a:e^ 
Richardson under a draft in 1778 in Gojchland Co Va for six 
months, does n t recollect precise t'me and he was \n 16th year 
of his age when drafted, and sometliae in the Sv.nrier of that 
year ard ser-'ed out the time of sa'd six i^ontbs and v;as discharg- 
bv his officers and Colonel hut that he previously served 
a 3 ;• onths tour under Capt Holrtian Rice, oefore the sa^d s'x 
n:onths draft t eh Alhenarle Barracks and after the expiration 
of six months in about one m.cnth, he was again drafted for six 
months miore and served under Col Nathaniel Ilorria and Samuel 
Richardson for another six months, that he fior^ved out the full 
time and v;as aga^'n discharged by his Colonel. That the^'- served 
In and around Richm.ond, Wi. ' iamsburg, Cabin Point and etc. Ard 
some short time after h-'-S discharge was drafted for 3 month.s 
and marched and ser-.ed at the Se^ge o.f Yo^'^v -°n Vr^-'nia under 
Capt Giden Tol^s and at York, was placed under Col Dark, his 
christian name not recollected and that he was living In 
Goochland County Va , during the American Revolution and v/as 
personally stationed about V/illiam-sburg and m.arched to Henrico 
and Charles City, that he was in a detachment that took 190 
prisoners of the British inventory at Ch^.rles Hundred Pei-ry on 
Jiames ri^er and marched through to V/inchester and then retKrned 
to V/i 11 iamsburg on the last 3 m.onths tour and thence was 
ordered and m.arched to the srlege of York and completed his 
several tours, amo^mting to 18 m.onths . States that he moved 


from Goochland Co Va about 30 years pest to CARTER COITFTY 

TEF^ESSE-^^, and removed from there to V/ayne Co v-r about eleven 

years psst and cont:Lnued his residence in Viia ne Co Ky. 
DECLARATION by Elizabeth Moreland. w^'dow of Dudley 

"oreland, in Wayne Co Ky. 8-29- 1839, a^e 78. The 18th day of 

.January last, states that her husband, died 2-13 1839 , and 

that she and the soldier were i' arried i nril 4, 1784 in Goochland 

County Va and moved from there to Tennessee, Carter County, 

thence to Wayne County Ky and have lived In saM 7/ayne Co Ky 

17 years next March. 

In an am.ended declaration made in ';ayne Co Ky 1843, states 
she was m.arried 1783 

Affidavit in Clinton Co Ky 3-29-1858, personally appear- 
ed in open court John More land, administrator of the estate 
of Elizabeth More land, deceased, that she died in Wayne Co Ky. 

Tha t his mother died in March 1846 in Way^ne Co Ky and his 
father died Feb 1837, where as his widov; stated that he died 
1839. He sa'd that at the time of said application for pension 
there were several children living b t since then two have 
died. He can'-ot state how ma-y, if any at al^ are now living 
excei^t h^°mse ' f . 

He saM that the wav his father and mother v;ere married in 
Goochland Co Va was by the publication §f Banns in said county 
and his father and mother and famll moved from there to 
Carter Co Tenn, when he, then affiant was about eleven and 
about 1822 they moved to Wayne Co Ky, where they both lived 
until death. That the e following are the only surviving 

declarant are the only surviving children of said parents. 
That Wm Moreland now deceased was also a chiM of his parents 
That Mary and Anne are older than himiself . He is a,ce 56 on 
11th J ^ne next & has lived in Wayne Go Ky for 22 years, & the 
past six years has lived ir I'fonticello ; that his mother lived 
with him since death of his father, unt 1 she d-'ed Merch 10 
1846; at hs sister Woolley's where she had ■'■one a few days 
preious to her death. 


DECLARATION wan mgde in l^a^ne County Kent^icky 1832, 

Septemlxr 25th ty Frederick ililler age 80 and stated he 

applied und-^r the Aot of June " 1832. 

That he was drafted in BUGKINGHAil COUNTY VIR'INIA Decem'Sjer 

1, 1780, for 3 months and iT:arched under Cantain Charles 

-Go jrge , Creacv, Lieut end rriPrched below rotsr.'^ferg Virginia and 

wa.3 nostly employed wagoner for the army during the tcur, the 

particular place n r'c now recollected end having served his tour 

was discharged. He got home the last of March 1781, and som.otiir'3 

a^bout July, he was arain drafted for 3 months tour and riarchec' 

under Cant John Mosely, Charles Burke Lieutenant. They marched 

again to the Lower r->art of Vir'^inia Petersburg hv old 

Williemshur '■ to Little York. lie was again em.plcyed in V/agoning 

until he got to York and v/as then engaged in entrenching and 

several ckirm-ishes and the day "before Lord Cornwallls surrendered 

he vms discharged being much fati.gued and his tour being out, 

he returned homo He was BOPN jn PEri'S'ZLVAMI^, COUHTY not 

recollected, and lived until he was about age 10, his father waa 

killed by the Indians in the neighborhood and his mother and 

Shenandoah river. -- 
family moved to ■ ,. ■ . .^^"^T.ria. He then m.oved 

to Buckingham Va and lived ab ut 20 tears then moved to V/ilkes 

County North Carolina and lived about 18 years 7/esrs, then m.oved 

t^ Bedford Co Tennessee, lived one year, then moved to Wayne 

county Kentircky, where he nov; lives and has lived about 20 


Page 74 



H3 served under Capt Andrew Stievenson in the 7irj;inia 
militia; served as substitute for Robert flaggina or "u^ji^ins, 

I)EC_,ARATICL: was made in Baltimore Count^\- 'laryland Jui) e 

4t i by Peter Hemp Morgan a^e 94 stating he is a rosideni 
of Richmond Va states he G?rved under Charlea Blunt as 
a private under Capt Andrew Stevens, in the comyany of 
Va infantry, underG-ensral .:^orterf ield and was a substitute 
for Charles Blunt about 14th Oct 1814 aoout four months 
and was discharged at Richmond about 15 Feb 1815. 
fhat since his dischar j3 he has resided in Richmond Va 
and Manchester Va. ter.iporar^y in Staunton '5 Va and 
Cincini.ati Ohio at present in Baltimore i.iaryland. He was 
age about 23 -was clerking in a store at date t© of 
enlistment; i/AS Bern in KI?TG AIID OaJSEI; CO mTY VIR'-ITIA - 
date not stated » ; that his present k residence was 296 
Mulberry St, BaltimoreMd, 

Eis land warrant was Ko 334b4Q for or 23'±5 fcr 
40 acres in 1855, vjhich was rejected. 

Enlisted Aug 19 1814 and discharged Feb 18 183.5 
Residence 1872 in Richmond Va and 18b0 in B'altimore Md 
Maiden name of v/idow was Martha C Brack? They m rried 
Jan 1814 in Richmond Va, soJ.dier died about 1883 

Declaration v^as also made in Richmond Va Hay 17 1872 
by Petir 11 Morgan age 86. I-Ie stated he married Martha G 
Brack in Richjtiond J_n 1814. T:\at he substituted for 
Robert Kaggins in Capt Earr;- Dig s company at Arinsteads 
or Armsteads on East river in Mattnews County Va about 
Feb 1 1814; tnot his command was stationed at Camp Eolly 
12 miles from Richmond in Henrico Go Va; 

T,.e printed bill ITo 46t.-L Congress, 2nd Session Senate 
Report Eo 343 in the Senate of the ■J„ited States, March 5 
1880 and ordoroa to be printed 

Mr 'jroorae from the Cor.imittee on pensions, submitted r.'r.e 
follov^ing report to accompany bill 3J.113. 

granting a pension to Peter K Morgaxi, private in war of 
1812 v;ar. 


DECLARATIJN was irzade in .'/a\rne Co Ky Jar 15, 1345, the widoi7 

Loicinda Nev; a : reared age 80, states she thinks he entered service 

in Albemarle Co Va abort middle of the vrar ard ser ed six months 

and ret-'-'rned hom.e and aga-'n in a fev; months went int^^ ser-ce 

and remained until the close of the war. He ret-rnod home from 

s'^x rnxonths tour, about 2 or 3 'noiths before the m battle of 

Cowcens. He was at the taking of Cornwallis at the se ' ge of 

YorVtown,, at Siimpters defeat and thin-'s one of h^ s officers 

naves was Joseph Hayden. and has often heard her hi]sbsrd soeak 

of Col lar er- .arsona, Napier and that she was narrj.ed to hj.m 

in "ay 1773 and that her husband died i-^prii 15, 1832. 

Affidavit o.'' Elizabeth Hall, a^^e 90 in V^ayne Co Ky Jan 15,1845 

and states she was well acquainted with the v/^d y,".7 buc Inds bew 

and her husband Jolin New at the time they were married and that 

John Kevf entered the service a short tim.e and before the middle 

of the war nd served to the erd of the war, except a few months 

ffter returning from a six months tour, that she and ;'rs. New 

were living in same house together when the said John New and her 

husband Thomas Doupjherty ret^^rred home after the close of the war 

-that she was living then about one-half mile from Vvs Luclnda 

Nevi/- at the time she was married to John New in Albemarle Co Va, 

that a few davs orevious to the marriage of the sa'id J ihn New 

ai.d lucinda, she understood the-^ were to be married a-'d Im- edia-^el 

after the marriage was to have taken i:.laoe , she saw ]..r . Clay, the 

Person, who married them^ who told her he had m.rrried the- and 
she recollects in 1778, & since close of the v;ar,-ha3 lived 
their nelgho:.' S Imows they liveo. as hiisband and wife unti"i his 
death 1832. It must be noted that she sif':ned her na'/:e as "Elisabeth 
Hall, a: referred to her husbaBand as "Douffherty" . (She v/as prob. 
married tv;ico ) . 

Page 76 


& ELIZABETH " " " " W 2849 
Bounty land warrant 26547 
for 160 acres in 1855 

DECIARATION was made in Wayne Co Ky by James Piercy September 
25 age 70 May 4 1832 and states he was drafted 'n Bedford County 
Virginia wb'ch was nit long before the batf^e of ^-uilford 

and served under Capt Daniel Beard, Wm Ewing, Lit and Sainuel 
Beard, ensign and Col Charles Lynch and John Calloway, Major 
That first marched to Thomas Leftridges in Bedford Co Va . thence 
toward Roanoke Perry thence crossed Dan River- toward N C 
to Haw river. North Car Una, they then be^'ng in the nelghboraood 
of the British, marched and counter marched sometime unti"! they 
had the battle of Guilford, With the British commanded by 
Lord Cornwallis. Their principal General was Nathanie" Green, 
he was at the siege of ^^ork. 

His adjutant an d was Richard Stit"^ Col Wm Trigg; they met 
at Plat Lick said county, he claims compensation for 8 months, 
-Said he was BORN in Buckingham Co Va 1762 where he lived. That 
his father and mother then moved to Bedford Co Va, where he 
lived until he wa<:? as:e 50, then moved to Franklin Co Va , where 
he lived until age 57, then moved to V/ayne Co Ky where he 
has lived about 15 years, la-t March. 

Declaration was made by Elizabeth or Betsy riercy widow 
of the soldier, and in Wayne Cq Ky 1843, Nov 27, states that 
she and soldier were married May l, 1782 or 1783? in Bedford 
Co Va a-d that her husband died June 23, 1843. Said she was 
Born September 1760, and her husband died June 2-3- 1843 in 
Wayne Co Ky. She relies on records in clerk's office of Bedford 
Co Va that they were married by Rev Nathan Shrewsbury who died 


PAGE 77 


ATT: ELIZA^ETI: " " " " " -W 2849 
B-mnty land v/arrent 26547 -160 acrca 1855 

PAGE 2- 

i.n Way' e Co Ky. She can prove by }Av^ Jane Craig of V.'ayne Co Ky 

thtt she v;a,q the wife of said Jares P'ercy for ahont 10 ^Tears 

before the f rst day of Jan 1794 

Her naire before -aiarrjage was Betsy SI\iELSER» 

Affidav^. t of Jane Craig made 1844, 'Wayne Co Ky v;ho states 
that she was v/ell acquainted v;ith 'Betsy Pi°ercy and knows she wa. 
'was married about one year sfter affiant was married. Witnegis 
knows her and her husband well in Bedford Co Va and also iu 
Wayne Co Ky until the present time and Imows her to now be 
the widow of James xiercy. 

A cert'fioate or cert:iifiGd copy of the miarriage record is 
filed with the pa^eErs as follows: 

Bedford Goiinty Va - in a preacher's ret-rn by Nathaniel 
Shrewsbu-V shows the following; learcv and Betsy Smelser 
were married Anril 25 1783. 

The widow somet' signed her name ^3 

VIRGINIA SERVlCji CF .TESSE POWERS S 50662 ^-g© '^6- -- 

DECIAR-ATIOr mp,de ni \is.jno County Kentiici-y, Septei.iter 24 
1832, age 73, that he vol\inteered for 3 months and entered serv'ce 
■fndsr the foT"'ow'nc officers; Thomas Vn.l''"arr5, C?^ tain, 

iv.ORTON, Lieutenant; Gideon Spencer, Snsi'n, 

tbxt he entered service 1777 or 1778 and cerved 3 months, received 
his dA3ohar£''e at fortsmouth, that he helon^-ed to the Virginia 
militia, at the time he vol.unteered, that he wao a c'.tizen of 
Charlotte County Va and v/as rendesvo^ised at A^^.elia Co Va and 
ii^arched from there to Will'.am.sburg, thencd to Hainpton Va; thence 
to Portsmouth to wh'C place he was ditohartjed a-'d went home; 
that he -^q substituted for a tour of six m^onths . 
Under Matthev; Goode, Capt Lmgston Bacon, L eut Dav'd Tason, 
Genera 1 Simm Berne tt or Bennett? That he belonged at the time 
of enterin.f: servce to the 4th regiment of V'-prinia miiljtia 
and v/as a citizen of Charlotte Co Va and was rendeavousod at a 
place called Passing Barn? in Va and marched thence to Hillsboro 
Forth Carol^°na; thence to Camden South Carol ^na; bhenc^ to 
Biack swamp South Carolina, and joined headquarter,^. Gen Lincoln 
was corjnanded thence hom.e . He was discharged at Ca;.:den, after 
having served out Bis tour. He was engaged at a battle at Stcno 
di\r i n g this tour. 

He again substituted a-d entered ser^'co for 8 months as a 
regular Continental soldier the ss' e year o:'' General Gates Defeat 

He .joined the army at Hi'lsborO; Korth Car Una under Go neral 

Stephenson, was the commander, on the first V^r-^inis ti'oops, 

thence near Rusby's P^i^'l, near Cam.den ...... Car'T^lina 

Lhence to ^"cFerry on Peedee river; thence back to Hi Isbcrough, 


} a f3;e 2 . 

therce to New Garden in Guilford counts North Carol :na 
at which place he was discharged^ which dlsohsr; i ha lost. 
He served his ten.: and vras in no battle at the t hre , he entered 
the tour he was a resident of EA-LIFAX COUNTY VIRGINIA. In the 
amended declaration 1853^ that he wa3 Portt jv FR^NC'i WILLIAM 
COUilT'Z VIRniFIA 175C'| that his nei'-hbors in "v'.ayne Go Ky 
are Stephen Bainy, V/m Rain cr Ra ny. 

The widow of Jesse Powers S3ci:red pension, her name is 
not stated, in theiue papers but 5.t rnay be obtained bv direc.'':j.n 5; 
a letter to the Treasury Dopart-ient, 2nd Comptroller's 
Office end quote the follovrlng; 

''June 15 1841 J the widovir of Jesse Power 3 v.-as on the Ky 
Ai"sency at the rate of C">30 per annum under uho law of June 7 
1S32, been oa°d at th^' s Departrent from T'larch 4, to Ju^v 14, 
1840. 8C 


DECLARATION was mede in Wayne County Kent -cy 1832 September' 
25 age 68. He states he entered service Fe o 1781 in Bedford 

Cci^nty Virginia under Capt Th-^mas Helm, and Jo'-n Calloway and 
Charles Lynch, their colonel and marched tov/ard North Carolina 
and crossed Staunton River and „ crossed Dsn River and 

rejoined Cieneral Green's array many m les from wnere Gn.llfcrd 
Battlo was fought and they finally camped ne?rhyat the battle 
ground, the night previous to the fip:ht, that ho was appointed 
ij;hen one of the bagga,0;e guards and was not in the battle out 
in si.ctht snd as the wa.^ons mo^'Cd off from the f^'-htinp- and the 

smoke from, the firing for some distance. Cam.ped that nirht at 

a place ca , led j^^^ V/orks , remained there 2 or 3 daya, 

with the waa:ons 'mtil the dead were buried and followed the 

enemy until they crosr.ed deep river and was dismip.ned there by 

our major John Calloway, our captain he°ng killed in the battle. 

The soldier then returned home to Bedford Co Va and they la^:er 

was substituted in place ofa______ _ ? And marched 

under Capt Jacob E'arly and v;ent from Bedford Co ■■'"a to Richm.ond 

and went to lobbin hi' "" 3 and there he changed officers with 

a an that was under Leftrich, and the r.ian with whom h? 

changed, put under Capt Early v/ith the consent by both Captains 

at their request, j ined General Lawaon's army at "'obbin Hills 

He guarded the hospita^ near that place, he served 9 months 

in the tour. ^tates that he was ^-BFN ''n T'edfcrd Cc V'a and 

lived there until about a-e 16, then moved to h&r.t Tennessee 

Powells Valley and lived sbont 2 rears, then m.oved to Wayrie Co • 

Kv . 

P^g^ 2- Pagg 81— — 

DECLARATIOTvi \vas made by Sarah Pratt his widow for pension 
December 14 1841, age 68, on September past. States she was 
rarrled to the soldier 1783 in Bedford Cq Va and he died March 
13, 1841. 

She states she can prove her marriage by o'.'d Mr Janes 
Ttirner, that she has had ten children, her oldest child 
llancy Pratt now Nancy Kinnet? was Born 10-23 1790. 

Affidavit by Jariies Turner, 1841, states tr_at he was at, the 

wedding of Stephen and Sarah Pratt in Bedford Co Va 17'j3 Sept 

1st. The records that were kept are as f ollov;s ; 

(These records are not legils;le as to the meaning. T^-ey 

are written as follows 

Stephen Pratt his father died 3-17-1795 

PPis m.other died Aug 1795 

Mealley died 4-24- 1797 

This is on the opposite page : 

Stephen Pratt v;as born September _ _ 


The f^'rst day 1791, his daughter Nancy was born 10-22,1792 was born 9-7-1794 

lucv was born 9-16- ]79 -paper torn 

His son John was born - paper torn ].80j 

Cornelius Pratt son of Stephen Pratt and Sarah his wife 

was born May 1802. 

Charlc- v/as Born 12 20 1304 

The narre of Mr rk Pratt is on the back of the 
paper but no dates are given. 

V/^:R OF 1812 

SO 34687 

He aliened he served as oook under Gai.'u John Pollo.'j]-. 
in the Vir^^^inia miJ-itia. 

DECLARATIOII was made in Gocolxland County Virginia 

July 18 1881 by iiTchibald Riddels a^e 87 a resident oT Do-joi 

Dist Goochland Oq va who ser^/od as a cook under Ca:'t John 

Pol -cck in t:ie militia, that ho volunteered in Goochland Ccui-t 

house Va May 15, 1813 for si:: months and -.vas disohar^od at 

Rappahannock or Essex County TTov 1812, thst since his 

disohar^'Q ha has resided in Goochland Co Va, Dover Districi" 

Va over since. That althcu£;;h he did not oarry a muakot he 

ansvvered roll call, twice a day and received his pay from 

the regimental pa/ master. 

His description at enlistment was "a colord hoy 

ago about 19, engaged in farni4g, born in GoocbJ.and Co I'a,, 
he has made no application & has received no 
and that he has received bounty land warrant or pension 

T.iat his present residence is Dover Dipt in Goochland. Go 


T.iat his post office is Johnson Sorj.ngs, 

Goochland Co Va . 

:_'ension rG.iect...d Doe 12 1861. 

Pag3 85 

Eoan'-.y Land V/arrant No 13 75 
for 200 acros as Lioutonant, issued April 1790 
and there is no papers in this case file, llovely one 
card with the above written on it. 


SQ E7980 SC 21068; w'O 41047 and .:' C 21919 

He served as private ander Ca_^' t R ilallory in the Ya militia. 

DECLARATION wa:3 made in Rockingham Coauty Virginia June 

li, 1873 by Ja:aes Riddle aje 77 a resident of Aa^^usta Co 

Virginia states he is married to Rath Gilmer, to 

v/hom he was married in Rockingham Co 7a; that ho scrvod 

under Gajt Robert Malxory- enlisted at Grange court house 

i.814, was honorably discharged at Maryland Point, 

1814-he served 2 tours, 3 months each as substitute for "'ark'r: 

Goodall, t at he does not recoloct date of his marriage 

but it was bot\;oen 1820 and 1830, he thinks 

T at his post office address is Hopcdale, Taze\v-1_ County, 

Illinois, and his domicile or place of abode is .tu justa 

Co Va but he leaves toda;- to reside at first above writtn 

at Hopedale, Illinois. 2 witness to his signature wore 

Tarcner-^ Riddle and David vi Riddle. 

Rockingham Co Va showing Jaaes Riddle was married to Ruth 
Gilmore b^ ivev Benjamin Denton 21 Dec 1824. 

of Taaewel. County Illinois showing James Riddle died 7th 
Jan 1879. 

DECLARATION madt by Ruth Riddle in Ta::ev^elx. Co Illinois 
1831 Sept 15, Certificate No 31919 & states he died at 
7opedale, Go of Tazewell Illinois 1879 Jan 7. ; siie 
stated in 1881 t lat she and her husb'.'nc lived in Augusta 
Co Va from 1829 unt 1 1859 and she has lived n Tazewell 

Co Illinois exccptin_, 2 years.. 

PAGE 85 

V/iffi OF 1 J 12 


DECLARATIOE v^'as made in Gilmer Ooir ty 7_rji-.\ia widow 

of Ji^remiah Riddle v;uO ap|ilied 1863 J_niiar'- lat i^ho a_;)plied 

aader tio Ac-^j Oi Feb 3 1653. 


T E CLIPK OF PjiiiDO.LPH CO^T^'T"^ 'WEST V~RaiIIlA s'lowiri^ 

Jcrer-iiah RiddlG and Mai\:arst Hardman w^j.i-'O raejrrisd 5''ch 

M-.y 1811 b;/ John Rowan. 

Signed i/ni Bennct.t rcccrdor 13 Jan3 1855 dated he filed 

said marr^a^b record. 

Doolaration was made lu Gilnior Co V/Gst Va 1850 by 

Marjai--ct Riddle aje 76 w.o applied under -Gne Ao'c of Feb 

3,1853 states she is Vi'idow of Jez-^emiah Riddle deed 

v;ho was a private m ocmpany of Cajt Jonathan i/alna'i-y in tho 

re_^ular recline at of Va militia under Col Booth in the 

war of 181S . 

That her hasband entered service at Cheatrivc;" 

in Randolph Co Va Au^ 30 1814 for 6 months and served 

6 months and died in Lewis county Va 17 OoZ 1817 with 
di-soase of lun^s 

She states that she v/as married to Jeremiah Riddle 
in Randolph "^o Va May 5, 1811 by !Ir Rowan a niristor, that 
her name" before marria.^e was Mar.jaret Hardman t lat he died 
at Ms rosidenco in Lewis Co Va Oct 17 1317 and she 
is still his vjidcw. 

Affidavit of Townsend H Beall in Gilmer Co ^o/Zest Va 
1866 states he served ir'. same company with rjcromiah Riddle 
and knew about his taking with the measles and etc in 
service.. Also G B Beal . in Gilmor Co i7 Va stated he served 
in same o:n,'any with Jeremiah Riddle and kn-r-v of fa'lit.s 
about the disease fr^ m which he suffered.. One James M V; 
R.ddle was a witness to his affidavit. 

There are ver;; long affid;;Vit3 a.n this claim. 

WAR OF 1812 Pa^® 25 


Page 2 in separate Ar.J) FARGAR' T UO S9Z6 v:C 24?,1 

envelope or case: 

He served as priv;ite under Ca_^t Jonatiian Wamsle.y in 

t'-ie V-rr^inia I.Iilitia, 

Jeremiah Riddle of Randolph Coanty Va enlisted and 

served from Sc^itember 5, ldl4 until February 13, Ifc'ld as 

private in Ca^t ..'ornisley's oon.any of V.r^^inia milj.tia. He v/a^ 

was disoharf^od from servioj at Norfolk Va. 

Ho married in Randolph Co Va at the home of Joseph 

Har dnian , t o Mar gar e t Har dman , d ausht or of Eli s . Har dm;, n , 

they wore married by John Rov;an a minister. A o opy of the 

record of their marriage from the record of Randolph Count'- 

^ives t date of this m rria^e as Hay b , 1811. In differe-.^t 

statements made "by this soldier's vvidow, t .'lO date of said 

marria^^e was stated as May 11, 1805, Hay 11, 1308 and Hay ]1 


Jerem.iah Riddle died Oct 17 1818 in Lewis Co Va, his 

hoflc was at Cedar creek in that county. 

Mar.^aret Riddle, this soldier's widov; v;as allovv'ed 

bounty land under the act of 3e jt 28 1850 on acoount f his 

service in the of lol2, on her ap^jlication oxcciiteC. Fob 

3, 18ol; she was age then 63 and resided in lilmer Co Ya. 

She was al_owed 30 acres bounty land on ^varrant No 4669?- 
She was al owed additional grant of 30 acres under Act 3-3- 
1855. '.warrant 20433 for SO acres was issued under that Act, 
She was allowed pension on her ap lioation May 19 1871, 
then resided in C-lmer Co u'Va on Grass Ro.n, post office 
Letter Ga. in said county. She resided there Har 1872; 
la\er J Va, He vvas allowed 30 acres on vjarrant 39972. 
a..d additional warrant 6427 

VIRailJIA SERi/ICr 0? JOm-I RIDLLE S L^1931 ?age 87 

DEG^ilRATIOil was made by John Riddle in GOOC'TL'.'tI; 

COUNT^ VIRGINIA ].832 October 15 a^e 72 who applief?. u.nder 

the Act of 1832 Jane 7th. 

Ke stated he entered service in the militia cf Ya 

-vas crafteu from Gocchland Co aad served a tour of or.e 

month in Cajt Joe j.,eak's aom::.any at the Alberiir^e 

Barracks Feb 1779 as he thin;:s that in Jan following he 

v/as a^ain drafted and served a toiu- of same lengoh from 

t,:e same cciznt.y in the company of Ted Curdv at so.;no 

place; thai; Col Lewis ana Taylor comnanded -he saw the 2 

year troops ajd several corps or companies of militia 

f.Ton the adjoining ocuntio- t lat at Arnolds Invasion he 

was again drafted and served a tour of 3 months from same 

county under C-ideou Hatcher, xTiarched dov.n to Ricirrond, 

then dov«i t!ie river crossed over into Smithfieid anu Isle 

cf Wight coanties, thence to ?etersbar-^ and wrg there 

discharged, was in no batles bat saw at Ch.?.rlo3 City Coa 

Coart House smokes of a battle, at Richmond was attached 

to thorogir.ieiit of Charxos Lewis. - served a tour cf si:: 

weeks in t .at company from same counoy again marched 
into lowe country crosses, over James River near i.illiamsbug 
and served on tne soath side of t':e river and was 
discharged at Cabin point, v/as i.n no battle but freq.uently 
heard firing from the enemies ship, . 

Ho was 3-rn 1_ Out 1760 in Goochland Co Va on Li ek- 
ing Hole Crook. Go-ohland Co Va . 

AFFIi: .VIT OF ELIZABETH LR'JZnrfTlIGHT at same time & pi 
place, states she is sister to oohn Riddle and knows ho 
went into tho army several tim.GS. John Riddle also made 
deciaraticn m MOIIRCE COIT-T'" GEORGIA 1S38; tliO^ he has 
lately removed from Tsi and wishes hi^ : er.sion paid in 
Georgia. -t.^at al.. his relatives n-arly re;:j-r:ing in Georgia 
and he v^'ishes to be ^..'ith them. It was 3ho\.'n there. v;ee 2 
by same na,:ie of Riddle in G-cohland Co Ya . 


S 9069 .Page 83--- 

LEC^AR^TIOLI made in Stokos Coanty North 'J~r lina 
September 25, 133D b.y John Ridley a rosid^r.t of a resi- 
dent of near Roclcinghan Count:; a,jo 33 v;';o is not able 
physicaixy able to travel to either Stokes ooanty or 
:R'ookingara ooart hoisos w ,.o applied ander tlie Act of 
Juno 7 l;i32. ; states nc first entered service 1776, 
under Go .t John Cox in Gra.}'3on couniy Virginia near near 
Ghissels Lead iiines on llcw River and marched to v.'hat is 
cabled tae l^OITG ISLA;aiS cf Holston against the Cherokee 
Indians in this expedition he served he served at IscsG 

4 months ai.u 2 weeks and that ho has no vvitncss t at he can 

prove the serv_Ges, taat he did c _■.■■- a a written disoharjo 

fr .m his captin Cox but has lost cr mislaid the disc ar je 

and cannot produce j.t, and the next serv_co bo entered 

service as a drafted or a class lot of militia private 

in Henry county Virginia under Cart Kill Sov..cmber I'^Sl an^ 

marched through Prince Edward Go Va to Littl;- York at v;hich 

place he acted and assisted in m'^liing entrenchments-- 

and fortifications during the siege until tlie British army 

under Lord surrendered to General C-ecrge 

V/ashington and fsaw Oorn'-valiis deliver his sword to VTas ingt 

-v,'ashington and from Littj. o York this ap lie ant v^as ordered 

as or±o of the Guard to convey the prisoners toward 

Winchester and on his v;ay before they reached Blue Ridge 

mountains he was taken ill and unable to carry his gun 

and was compelled to get his fellow messmates to carry hir 

i''-S« 2. S 9069 ^^ 

i>;aa-- the Qornrnaiiuer in chief vjf'.s G-onaral Lawco'i of Va, 

in this service he r-e maimed at least c nionths and rec 

reoaived a written clisc'iar^e , wliioh he has lest or miLn- 

laid in alj. hir^ service he serveu 7 months and half 

for v.;h.oh he vas a pensione;' i\a a priv te r.iili uia 

soldier , 

He states lie was Bo::-n i?i ?3orth Car 3lina near no^r 
Flat? RiT!!cr t e county he dees not recolleot; that he 

has no reccrd of his a^je^ only traditionar.v from his 
ancestors that he was living in GEAYSOI-I GOUl'iT^'^ YIR&TlTi"A 
when he first entered into service and afterwards he tooh 
tae oath of i^]._e^ianca m MOhTaOMFR'" GO'WT"" VTROILTA 
which is filed wM.thi the paj.ers, ana laRt h'^, resided i: 
llQnT}( Gounty Va, and has resided m Rcchinghau Co l^j'crth 
Carolina ever since the Revolutionary war, and lives 
taere at present that he entered service - reniombers 
he was in the Cherokee expedition Col Christie he >-r.ew 
com.aanded tlie Virginia troops and at the siege of Little 
York he know a n amber of officers- He is acquainted 
YJith Capt John Shaffer and V/ Benjamin Hinncs Vi'ho can 

tes':ify as to his eharaetor. 

Copy of tnj Oath of Al-cgianoe follows: 
I do herohy certify t lat Jno Riddle hath taken and 
suhsoribed the oath or af firi.iati on of aj.legiance and 
fidelity, as directed by an act of General Assembly 
^nititled. An act to oblige the free male inhabitants 
of this state above a certain age to give assur-ancs of 
alj.Ggiano3 to the same and for othor purposes. V-'itneids 
my hand and seal, this ;30th day Se-t l'?7v. 
in Montgomery County signed Jas McCorkle 




DECLARATIOF made in Goochland Coant;,^ Virginia 15 Oct. 
1832 of John Riddle a resident of said coanty a-je 70 
who applied under Act of June 7, 1832. 

He v;as (detailed) drafted in Goochland Co Va about 
4 months in i^uarding the British prisoners at t'le 
Albemarle Barracks in Albemarle Co Va at different tiraes 
under Capt Elisha Leake, Ca t Joslah Leate and Ca )t 
Humphry Parrish, ai^ from Goochland Co Va . He served about 
one montn under Capt Elisha Leake in guarding some British 
prisoners from Anderson Parrish? in Goochland Go to 
V/inchester, lie served a tour of 2 or 5 months under 
Stokely Tovvles when Go.ieral Arnold burnt Manchester V'are- 
houses and vvas stationed for sometime at Ilor'.in HilJs 
below Richmond. He then volunteered under Capt John Pric 

(Price) from Hanover Go and marcriod to the south, was under 
Col Holt Richardson and was in General Gate's defeat, wh'^re 
he received a v;ound in the foot and retreated to Hil shore 
north Carolina where ho remained for sometime; from thence 
to Guilford courthouse N C, where he was dischar :ea by C':-l 
Hathaniel llorris . v>;nich l^.st mentioned town was six or 8 
months; he volunteered for six montihs , b^it thiiiks ho was 
much longer in service bef-re he was discharged, he has 
lost his discharge. He then served a tour of about 3 mo 
months at Little Yoric and was tnere at the surrender of 
Cornwaliis und-jr command of Capt Stckely Tcwlcs, and after- 
wards of surrender of 3ornv; marched as one of the 
guards as of the British prisoners to Winciiestor, w'tcre he 

VIRQIITTA S^SRMTC-'. '7 JO^SI RIDJ^LS S 9 0G7 Page -;91--- 

pRe;'^ 2 G rnuiniiod: 

v;as disoliar^ed ; hs hr:is lost his dJ-Kyhirjee . 

^lE IVAS BO.RIT ni JlANOW.h CO"""rTr/ (VA) r,c he wa.- 

infcrmod 1762, ho hag no record f hia ^i^c, lived in 

Goochland Co Va. when first called in'to aorviC; , has resided 

in C-oochland Co Ya ever sine-.; zas Royolutionar;. I'-ar . 

AFYLT):-.V:.T OF ^ -OIUS FAKIRS? afc same time and plac<j 
vjhc is wGl- acqaaintod v;ith John Riddle; tn*"'. he and "1:1/ 
rii,ys2if" lived in sane neif^hborhcod xihen cal ed m':. ; f^ervioe; 
t lat v;g v/ere in 7> different tours to^jether ar.d hno-ivg 
Riddle did go to the south and he has no doubt served cs hn 
has stated and oto . 

WTGfl:Ox,S OiL KjCKOLS residing in sa^d Go ohland Cc 7a 
state they are Vv3l_ aogaaintod vjith John Riddle. 

AIIOT IK DeGlaratun maae !I-i,:- 20 1333 hy John Eiddlo 

in Goochland Co Ya sta-'jing the service at zlio Barracks V'':i~3 
perfor.'.ied in the fal^ ana vjinter 'loforo t;- B'^.iitlR at 

Camdon, t lat ho .-^annct rerriOniber the duraiiicn v;f each of 
his tours in guarding prisoners of Vvar, hut to t'lO best of 
his uolief, he served 3 months at the Barrac:-:s und^r the 
cffinors set forth in his former statenents and one month 
under Capt Loake froa Anderson perss? to l/VinoheL^ter . 

Me na.dQ a power of attu-ncy in Ero:ke county "Va, 
to J ?! v/hite, Esq. of '.'cL-shurg, 3ro.:ke C: 7a 1S5S r-.c ^O, 

WAR OF 1812 


Pa. 3-0 

GO 2J94ri v«0 14101 V.'0 14332 
Ke servsd as irivate under Capt V.'pi Flemiag in t-.'j Vir^^r'.nia 


.■DECARATION v;as made in Eeoatar CoLinty lows. 
24 Aa^jast 1871 by John Riddsl^ a.:;;G ?5 a ranident of 
i//oodland tovv'nshio, Ijicatuj." Ccmty Iowa, w'lo siatea he 
i^ married Lo Ann Lashb&rjur to vhoni he -i-'as marr^yd in 
FINCAS11.E V^RaiNIA 29 Juno 1320 t at he served in the War 
of 1812, and via.3 enrol _ed as a private under Ca t '.7m 
Fleming at Rielimond Ya July 1 1814 and di so har ;jodai- 
Richmond Va lol4 Au,^ 10th, 

Dr:CLARATI0n wss made in Decatuji? Co I ova Marcn 26 ^ 

1878 hy Aniia Riddle statxrg she is the -n.dow of John 

Riddelj. 'A'ho volunteered under name of John Riddel on 

Sept 2 1814 as a private in a lit;ht horscocirpany of Va 

militia under Capt n'm Fleming. That fihe v.-a^^ ir-arrifK". ^laZ'^r 

name of Anna Kaj?shhar^-er to <3ohn Fliddel^ 29 June 182i"t 

by Rev Iir Iiolms at Finoastle, Botetourt Co Va ; that 

her husband died at Decatiur Co lo'J^/a 23 Feb 1872. 


of Boteto.u't Co ya showing John RJ.dde ari i^nna }i'arsh'Dar- 

gct were married 29 June 1830. by Rev John Helms. 


Pago 93.^-' 
/ 135C for 400 acreG as Major which 'iwa;: issuecl Fetr.iry 

IGth 1798 to John Hichards Jr , assii^nee but tliere is no 

papers o 

This land warrant was issued on account of tiic 
service of I.Iajor Thomas Ridley of ohe Virginir, line, 
7ar of the Revolution. 

There! is no furthe:- information on file as to 
his services, r.or ari.y data on file as to his family, 
owing to the des '^ruction of papers in such claims, whjn 
tie v'«ar Office was b'urned in 1800c 

vircGiniA SERYic:: of ;^fiL^iA"i ridlle oa dimEL ?^^^ - 9^--" 

and Jemima w 11122 bcant;- laad 
wartant LIo 340SG I'or 
160 acres in 1855 

T:ie dat'A foliovJing were obtained from the 'lasers 
on file in pension claim, v/ 11138 basGCl upon the Revolution- 
ary war service of t'illiam Rid a el, as his 3ienac.irfj ia 
found in the claim, 

v/ill^am Rid'1-^1 was EORIT Sepi-e.raber 1, 1'751, in 
Roundbrooh, N-3-.a; JerL'ey. the nar.ies of hi 3 paronts are 
not shovra. Ho left there when about age 18 and lived ' 

in Fauq.uier county Viri^inia, 

'.Liile rociding in aaid Fauoiiier County, 'u/illiam B-^.dol 
volunteered in October 17 75, served 7 months as driir^mer in 
Capt William Pickett's company. Colonel Thomas Marsiiall's 
Virginia regiment. He enlictcd November 17(^0, served 3 
or 4 months as drummer in Cap'G Turner ^lo:: head's ecmjany 
Colonel Churchill's Va regiment. He enlisted in Scptem.ber 
1781 served 3 months as drummer in Ca^. t Eelm';.-; company. 
Col Elias Edmunds' Virginia regimicnx , was in the siege of 

He v;as allowed pension en his aprjlication'.uted , 14 183^; then residing in ?au-5.uir Co Va., v.'hero he had 
lived, since mo 'ing to tnat county, with the exception of a 
short rcsidcnc in Culpep jor Coiinty V;'-r^;inia. 

T:Le sc].dier ./illiam. Riddel married about the 
year 1793, tc Jemima Latham (Latham) they were m.arri ed at 
t ,e house of Lliehael ?cx in Fauq.aier Cc Virginia. 

virgiiha serytce of wTL_iati riddle or ri]:t)ll 95--- 

x^ae^e 2 X'D JEIUMA W 11138 a. id etc. 

Vvilliam Riddol died 1, 1339 in ?auq.uiGr Jo'anty 
Virginia, The v/idow Jomima Riddel was aliov/oc! pension en 
her apijlicatioa 3xecji1:.ed January 24, 1855, tncn age aboni: 
76 and living in Rapjahannock Coi:nty Virginia near the 
"Bcandai-y Line of Rappahannock and Faucaier Coantios". Cho 
died January 25, 1866 at the house of FlT^. Elizabeth 
B~rke in v'arrentcn, Virginia or in Culpcp icr County Virgiri" 
both stateiients ap ear in th? nlaira. 

There is no reference to childron„ 

Page 96 


bounty Ir.nd warrant 31316 for 160 acres, 1855 

DECLARATION was ir.ade in V/oyno Co Ky 9-24 1852 ago 38 

on last Fehrvsrj, states he v;as drafted to sjrvo In the 

Virgnnia militia 1780, in Ai^g st for duratloncf the tour^ 

of six months and that he entered serv'ce in the month and 

year aforesa'd under Francis Triplett, Capt John Bearing 

Lieut John Combe, ensign and rendezvoused at Fauquire court 

house, Va and marched froia there to Richmond, thence to 

Hillsboro North Carolina, thence to Salisbiiry NO ; thence to 

New Providence, ^Id F'eld South Carolina and io'ned the main 

army and ser-.ed under G^jneral Mor an. Col Howard, :;la ' or Giles, 

the regiment not recollected. He resided :n Fauquire Co Va 

at t the time he vras drafted. He served out his full torm of 

six months and was engaged during that period in the fol' owing 

battles . Marched to what was called Rigely's iviil\? aga?nst 

the tories and took 160 of them. He v/as in the bact e of 

Cowpens, South Carolina, and was in several otiher scouting 

parties. They were then marched home by the waj of Albemarle 

Barracks. He obtained no re -ular discharge „ He again served 

in the state troops, residing at the time he entered r,er\-co 

at the same place, as above stated, for end during the ter-^ 

of 3 months, under the fol'ov/ing circumstances to wit; in 1781; 

in Auf'ust there v/as a ca''! for 3 companies out of the Fauqujre 

Co '^/a after the rema'njng armies of or coT^^'^aries had been 

drafted and started to join the main army of vVilliamaburg, Va . 

He left hom.e believing that he was drafted also and overtook 

the companies aforesaid betweo Frederlcksbur g and the 

PAGE 97.-" — 

Fhco 2 

Bowlnng Green. He then fscertainod that he wa?^ n-^t drr-ftv^d. 

He then joinod a volunteer under Thomas He v..s , Oc. :t 

Bradley, as we" as he recolTects was ^ie;;t| Joinod the main 

army at V*'illiar-:sburg, Va under Ge;-eral Vi'ashinrtcn; thence to 

Little Yorl-:. where he remained during the seige of York, from 

there he marched the prisoners to Winchester Barraci's Va. 

thence home and served out his f.ll tour and sometime after h-: 

went hom.e , hia discharc-e was sent to him,. 

In his am.ended declaration he said he was torn in FATTQnTRE CO 

i'A 1784. that his acquaintances are Ja- es Killer, Thomas 

Bodscn, Isom Burnett, Andrew and Ell Dodson. 

James Rofrers, J r said he was rerute.- to be a soldier 
of the Rcv-olution. 

Affidavit of John Dick Wayne Go Ky said he had known 
C-e -rf^e Ropers, for 45 years that this affiant is a'^e oP < 

Declaration made l)-' Elizabeth Rogers :'n Wame Co Zv age 88 
in 11 -2 11860. 

States she was married to Ge -r'-e Rna;ers Oct 2"^ l'^91 and 
he died ITov 28 1858, 

/.ffldavit In hc.jne Co Ky by John Did: and ii^lizaosth Dick 
who state they have been acquainted w th George Rogers and 
wife Elizabeth Rogers the last 50 years or over, that they 
reared a lare:e family and never heard their mia-rriage d.oubted. 

A letter in the files as follows: at Mont ice llo Ky to the 
Pension Department dated 7-14 1655; state&r ''I enclose you the 
petition of George Rovers ard Solomon Dunagan? for a bounty 
land warrant. He des"'red to know if Randolph who was a private 
in the oom.pany of J :>hn G Lair, in 4th regiraent of Ky x^clunteers 
in the Mexican war has ever received bounty land, and etc 
George Rogers iwas age 91 in 1855 when he sent 
in ar. amended declaration, s t wh'-ch time he was trying to 
secure bounty land. 


by John Sanders, statins; he was BOR^' in Lunenher--^ Co^mty Va 
1754; thr-t he was drafted as a ruiliti? soldier :n the Vr nla 
Troops 1781, In June under Cai_-t Robert Gary, Lp.eut Javes uur.iet'. 
Burnett, and General Lav/son, 1st Col Skepethy, ard C'^1 Tcj-er 
that he was drafted to act wheii called on and ha was a 
A'"'rg;lnia soldier called ''ilinute lien'' and served OArer 12 riontbs 
and entered serv ce as a c?. tizen of BUGKINGHA..; CONNT'" VIR'.'^INIA 
that he has lived since the Revolutionary war, since 1779 :n 
Kentuc^jr and the last 55 or 54 years in '■'ayne Covinty Ky, 
where he nov/ lives. During the time he served he passed 
throurh Mobbin hills ard other i-laces. 'Vac never out of 
V.rgjinla and \ms part of the tine a eimrd at the Albenarle 
Barracks, 2 or 5 months to guard the prisoners and was 
dischar ed 1782. 

Page 99 


3or.ntv land v/arrant 7!4o61 for 130 Percys 
in 1855 

DECLARATION was made in Y/ayne Co Ky 8-21-1332 by Zachfriah 
Sanders in Vy'ajme Co Ky ar.d states he enlisted for 3 year3 
November 1777, in V^rpilnia under Capt Mitcham Bonwell in the 
regiment of Col W^r Brent in the Virp;^'nia strte v* no on Contfnort 
-tal establishment and that he continued to serve m cne corps 
di;ring the f^'rot of May 1780, being six months of thereabout;3 
longer than his term of enlistment, tv;hen he was discb-ar,~sd 
from service in ITt'i^ liaTsburh Va and verv Lihortly after his 
discharge he enlisted again an the w^'n er of 1780 at 
Fiiddlebrook, Now Jersey., under Oa^t 'n/j lliari- L ng a^_d was 
taken out of the ranks a-^d waited for Col Fleva'-e ? a Frenchm-an 
and remained in serv ce until the seigo of York to wit 1783 
and v/as diseharged by Col Eleurs? or Col Canton near roban 
Hills in Va wh^ch discharge he has lost by the rising of -^he 
Cumberland river and carried out of his hoivoe amon" miany 
articles was his dischar-e; that he was in thn^ battle of 
Janestown and Stony Point and -lonmo'-'th; that he has no evidence 
now in his pov/er of the sa^'d service, ezce t tbe testimony of 
John Sanders who as he believes will sv;ear that he ia;.ew of 
his enlistment and cont^n arce in ser^^'lce over 3 ;<-ears. 
states that he was BORN in luecklinbr.rg Co Va 1759 and has 
resided in Ky. 33 o4 34 year?. 

Wayne Gt ^''y and the sa'd co^-rt declare? t'eir opinion after 
the investigation of the matter and hearing the statements of 
John Sanders, a creditable witness who stet^s Za-^hariah 
Sanders was a Revolutionar war soldier and served as stated. 


fage 2. 

DEGL/RATION was made by Sarah Srrdei's, who states she waj 

r.iarried to Zachariah Sanders 12 24 1797, no"; age 70, in I8i8 

Th£t her name "before narriar^e was Sareh Kitchen c^.A that shf- 

was married in BUCKIW^-HAX COT^FTY VA b Charles 'laxey a 

Methodist minister, that her first son and child vvas BORK 17>.^8 

September 6, and Polly Sanders, the next was Born ].2-5-loOD 

Elizabeth Sanders was born 2 years and from tlie 15th Dec initi] 

6th of Jan in 1800 after Folly was born.; Josephus Sanders 

was b rn 8-15- 1804 j Washington Sanders was born 1806 

Se::.t 29th; Peter ?/.uhlenberg Sanders was Born 12-i4-x8C8o 

i-J-Vin Sanders was born 12 7 1811 
William Sanders born 12, 28 1812 
Eliza Sanders born 3-29- 1815 
Zaohariah Sanders Jr boi-n 1-2- 1820 
Hiram Sanders born 4-25- 1822 

She states that she and her hrsband moved from 
BUCKIIJGHAM CO VA TO GARRARD CO KY 1793, Hrroh l^th and lived 
in Garrard Co 2 years, then mo ed to Wayn^^ ^o Ky. where they 
lived until the day of his death 9-10-1842. and that chey 
had lived in Kentucky since 1798. She states that five of 
their children are now deceased; i^lvin, William, Elizabeth, 
Zaohariah and Lkihlenberg, are all dead, the balance of 
children live in Wayne Co Ky, exceot Francis, who lives in 
Tennessee, Joserhus in Illinois and Hiram v/ho was a soldier 
in the Mexican war and has not retnrned and who in'-.y be decc^ased. 

A cor-v of the marriaec bond is filed with the records as 
follows;' zachariah Sa-^ders, Ssrah (Sally) F'tc^-^en Sr-°nster 
and E"':iah Kitchen, signed the marriage bond and he was probabl;> 
her father or a near relative. 

She applied for bount.y land 1855 
from Vi/'avne Co Ky. 

VIRaiKIA SERVICE OF J/J,IE3 SCOTT S L-^^Jdl page .xOk-—- 

It appeara from the papers in the Ite /olationcir,' war 
pension claim No S 14481 that JameG Scott v;as BOPdl in 
1756 in Galpep er Coanty Vir_;inia. 

V/hile residiiTe^ in Culpepper Co Va he enlisted 1777, 
and served six months as a private in '-•aptain James 
Peiidleton and Rucker's company, CoJ. Gra-v/lord 's 7a re.^'iment. 
He enlijted, .jast before Cornwallis "A'as ta^ien at 
Yorktown and served 3 months in ^apt Kirk's Company, Ccl 
AlLOock's Virginia re aliment. 

After the Revolution, he lived in Culpep )er 
County Vir,sirxia, 15 years, then moved to South Care].ina 
and lived five years and tlien to Tennessee, whore he lived 
15 years, then to CalaweTil Co Kentucky, vhierj he was living 
vjhen he was alloi^ed pension on his application eiceoutec Au-^ust 
SO 183E, 

I'G is not stated whether soldier ever mj.rrie''., 


DECL:JIATT0N -was made Aa^ust 28 18o2 by James Scotit 
whil3 living in Monongalia County Virginia, he was then 
age 67 and was referred to as Colonel Janes Soott. 

The record of Ja^ies Soot.i wasobtained from ;>ao3rd on 
file in claim for pension S 60G7, based ^i .on his service 
in t he Re v o lut i onary war . 

JaQCP Scott Y.'as the son of David Scott, The date and 
pla.ce of birth of James Scott and name of hia mother vs/cre not 
stated . 

Jam.os Scott enlisted in the fall of .1776, in TIC^iOIIflALIA 
CO'T!\iT"'^ VIRIIIJIA, served as musician in a company comoanded 
by his father, in Colonel J. hn Cribson's 13th Virginia rejinent, 
went to Fort Kittanning, thence to fort Pitt, from tlicrc with 
tiie troops under General Llclntosh to near the mouth of Big 
Beaver creel: and assisted in building Fort Mcintosh, 
continued in service until sometim.e in IIov 1773, at v/hich time 
he wag allo'^^ed a furlough by Lieut. Col xiiohard Campbell and 
returned home. 


DECLARATIOII :.;adc in Monout:alia Coanty yir^vinia .'larch 25, 
1£S3 by Henry Stone. 

T .e record of Henry fcllov/s as fo'ind in pension claim 
S6151, liased upon his military service in tlie Kovolutloriary war 

Henry Stone was EOKI 1762 in Frederick Goi-inty Maryland 
and when six or seven years of £^^3 moved -."/ith his father, 
wnoso name is not shovm, to LOUDQilT' CO'JHTV VIROrllTlA where he 
was reared. 

'u'hile residing in LoadoLrn Oounty Vir£;inia Henry Stone 
enlisted about Hay 1 17B1, and served 2 months as a privat.e 
in Ca jt jjewis' company, Col Alexander and Cabney's Virginia 
Re.jir.ient; he a^jain enlisted September 16, 17g1 , and served in 
Ga t Hovjell and Hamilton's company, Col Dabney's Vi.v-^inia 
regiment, was at the siege of '^'oriitoY'n and nLirrcnde"'' of Lord 
Cornwallis, after which he was stationed at Portsm.outh and 
Horfolk until sometime in Jan-oary 1782, then m.arihed to 
Richmond, Va, where his company guarded the mag'isj.nes and 
^ail, and was discliarjed ""arch 17 1782. 

After the Revolution, Henry Stone resided in Loudoun 
County Virginia. for fivp or six years, thcri moved to Fied'^.rick 
county Virginia, tJience in 1804 to Greene (Jcu_nty Pennsylvania 
where he lived over 4- years, then m.oved to Monongalia coanty 

There is no reference to wife or children. 

DECLARATI N by Isaac Stephens and Rebecca W 8767 PAGE 104- — 
VIRGINIA SERVICE OF said Isaac Stephens 

He was age 72 about the next Xmas . The date he made 

Declaration was August 27 1832, v/ho applied under tho Act of 

June 7 1832 states he enlisted in the fall of 1780 under Daniel 

Trirg in Montgorrery Co Va and ser-ed in re.-ular co7n.pany by 

Col Harris of Virginia, served under Ca^t Bent ley. Col Hnws 

- Capt Bentley taken prisoner at IJINET^'^ SIX , then served 

under Cart Barbary, 18 months -served 20 before dischar ed 

-joined at waters of Few River, marched to Chesterf ' e ""d coT'rt 

house, exercised by Gel Hav/e , marched to South Carolina, at 

battles of -uilford, 3 Car^den. (br ither killed there, marched to 

III^TETV SIX and besieged about one month, here Ca t Bently 

was taken orisoner, Cart Barbery. General Green ccmm.ander, 

skirmishes in North Carolina. South Carolina and Georr-ia 

-dischar-ed in North Carolina. 

He was Born in Va near v;inchester, 2 years later m.oged to 

Mont^'omery Co Va from there to V'/ayne Co Ky. 

Rebecca Stephens a e 73 on Oct 19 1838, 

Isaac Stephen died J^^ne 28 1835 Married Dec 15 1782 

Elizabeth D'ck ar^e 67 in 1851 child of above marriage et 

New River, Mont^''omory Co Va . Five child, prior to 1794 

Ellz. Jares, Wm. Rhcda ard Re^^ecca= Iloved from Virginia 1799 

179§ to T^ert ■c^"^. Q^u (,v^ id s^rviv^ng at t me of Isaac 's 

death. Elis , Dick, James Ste^^hens, Rhoda Hayden, Nancy 

Anderson, Zlipha Catron and Gordon Ste'hens wid^w diod 

June 29 1840. 

Jares Jones and Frances Jones, affj.davit for death of widow. 

Page 2 continued: 

Rhoda Hayden a^te 65 in 1851 married March 22 1806 

Elizabeth Dick mcrried several months sfter sett"!ed in Zj 1799. 

8th child, all told. June 4 1851 rrade application for heirs 

Eliz Dick, -AH Horton 

Isaac certnf^'cate hon (6818) prob means 6-9-18-- 

Rebecca Ste -hens 9-5-184.) Oct 

Va Re--iment of infantry slso Va line of Cont establishment 

inventory by H I Stephens- W nton ¥/ Va leiO 

Parsonage, M E Church, South, W Hinton Wost Va 

also R I Sterhens in Staunton Va . 

Supposedly 2 m.en by name of Isaac Stephens in 

the Revolutionary war, only Isaac of V'r=rinia troops in war 

depart'rent . 

VIR^rUn.A ZI^IJ/LCI: GF RIC'TAKP TIIRALLG S 6240 ..-PagG 106--- 

It ap ears from the papers in the Kevclutionar ■ war 
pension claim N? 36^240, that Richard Tliralls was EORII 
1753, place not stated. 

"ijhile residing; in Ilanoock Ilaryland he enli;:1.eo in 1777 
and serveci ahcut 2|- years ^ as a private i.n Capt Thomas 
Canipbell's Compan.;^, Gol Gihson's Viriginia r?^:in:ient. 

He was al^ov.'ed pension on his ap j^ioation ereoatecl 
April £3, 1833 v;hlj.s residing- in Monon.jalia ccanty Vir^;inia 
There is no fyjnily data on i'ile. 


'^^' -974 -..-;: -;.-?AGE 107^-- 

DECLARATION was made in V/ayne County Ky 9-24- 1832 ago 73 
and states ho onlisted in January 1777 for 3 yoars, w;: th SirnRon, 
Morgan and s er-^ed in the 13th Virg-inia reglir.snt of the 
Continental lino imdor Cant Rohert Bel^, the Lieut not 
resolleoted; the ensign was by nsrre cf Iia:;'ri3. 

First Col " Ceor;7e G^' and Col P.eciiment Carriel, the other 
field officers nbt recollected; At tie t-'ne a; he enlistee, 
he was a citizen of Fsuqir"re Go Va . He wa^ rendez^^oused at 
Pittsbur"" Va . Entered the ser"'' cc in a fev" da^-s after he 
enlisted. He inarched frci.i i ittsburg to hhilad.e lihia and 
joined the ma n army ; from thence back to Pitt3b„;rg £:'-d w;'s 
in the battle of Brand. ywine ^ Germanto^^fn. He v;as diiichar-^ed 1780 
at Plttaburg and received a d' .sdipchar^'O f r ~t;i Col R"^ chard 
Ca-iipbe'l. Copy ol' the marriage bond is filed with the papaerG 
as follows; signed by cler of Fauquire Co Va. Elisha Thomas 
and Alice Glasscock this 'lay 24 1768. Benja- in Gla::gook, 
sigeded the mai'riage bond and he was probably her father or 
near relative. 

This certified copy cf marriage bond was sent "^ n A^-g 1839. 

Declaration of Alls or Alice ^ Thomas 1844 Age 78. States she 

is the w^dow of Elisha, deed. States her l}.Uoband died 

12-24- 1854, in Wayne Co Ky . Deoositicii f Tr^av s Tiio.nas of 

Wayne Co Ky o"uly 7 1838 age 28, states tha" he ir, the sen of 

Elisha and Alice Thomas, deceased and states that his oldect 
brother the son of Elisha and Alice Th'-mas is nov; age 48. 
Affidavit of Elisha Tnomas Age 50. 



LSG:.i\RAT''ON .„ade by James Troy August 88 183?3 a ;c "(Z 

Vi/ho apj].i8'l under the Aot of June 7 1S32, in ]:,!onongr:L].ia 

Count;.' Vir ;inj.a and states lis entered ser ice v.'hen age 15 

in 1774 under Col V/n IvloiEClary (I.IcClary) then a captain 

Lieutenant x-hilip Pierce, Saiauel Linvnlpr? rnd were stationed 

at Straders? Fort, tie test part of 2 years, then he 

was mustered under Capt Lev;is Rogers at I'.'artins fort on 

Crooked run two months, then he was drafccd for sj.x months 

to go to Fort Pitt, and was there placed under Ca,;t Bruce, 

Col Gihson and Col Brotdhead, commanded con-inuous until 

his term of servroe expired, returned home and volu2:t,eoren 

and was marched under Capt w'iiliam John and Col I'mlvjCiary 

to y'/heeling vJierc he vi&s placed under Capt Rctert FerroJ-l 

-Col Jackson and Major Louiiher, continued there E ;::onths 

under Gen Clarlc, ta^n r eturnedhome, that ended his service 

until the close of the i-.evolutionary war. HE '"A'^ '^r'?!"- . 

IN V/IIJCHESTLR VIRGINIA 1759, moved in this county when he 

was age 10 and have since been in al^ the com::any he was 

in and he actet. as orderly sergeant. 

Peter Haut? George Vj'adc and various other of his 

neighborhood can testify as to his character. 

Affidavit of Amos I.Iorris stated he f.vw James Troy at, 
Fort Pitt in 1779. Also Affidavit of Goor.e V'ade at same 
time and place believes his statement? are tr:io , . 
Affidavit of Hinry Yoho in said Monongalia Co Va 1833 served 
at Port Pitt with Ja-nes Troy. 

age 76 1658 was weli. aGq.uainted with J£^nes Troy deed, .- 
known him since 1792- also affidavits of Richard and. 
Abraham Tennant in said Monongalia county were ac-Q:iai'itcd 
v/ith this soldier. 


DECLARATION made in Wayne Co;;nty Kentr^cky Aug 27 1832 bv 
Jarnes Turner ap-e 70 on the 15th ^nstant, and states tliat he 
entered service 1778 in the fall under • jffiRCER CARTER 
or Merry? Carter, as a cattle driver v;ith order to r.o to Port 
Pitt,, but many of thorn were put t'^ collectinr; beef cattle in 
BEDFORD COUNTY VA; trom vmere they x started and on through 
BCTTETOURT GO VA gathering catt e and finally took a lar^-e amount 
of beef cattle to Fort ^''^tt, for the use of the amy, camoed 
there some weeks and iharched to the Cow Pasture and hav n ; ser-'ed 
3 months was there discharged for 3 months by said Gar-er. lie 
then reti.vrned hom.e to Bedford co Va to the place from which he 
started and he was again called on when it came to his nvimber. 
He was called on by Col Jai^es Calloway to guard the tories that 
were then prisoners at New London. It was in the fal^ season 
of the year,, he perfori^'ed these services and as hu thJnks must 
have 'been in the year 1779. He v/as not engaged the full 3 
m-onths , but was discharged by said Col J?mes Gpllc/ay for a 3 
months tour, He then returned hrame again and there remained 
until it again came to his turn and again entered the service und-. 
Ca-i.t John Trirg, sometime in winter, the precise time not recol- 
lected, m.arched under him to Petersburg and thence to Cobin Point 
wPiere thev were put vnd'^r Col ''■'erriwe ther and there ioined ^en. 
l.Iuhlenberg ' s army, thence to the Dismal Swamp, against the 
British; thence to Gregory's Camp, thence to the Tanyard, tPiere 
he v/as again discharged in April and believes at was in 1760, 
having served his f'^ll 3 m.onths and again ret^^rned home to 
Bedford Co Va and in the fall of 1780 he was aga'n cal'ed and 

VIRGINIA S::^RVIC:^ of Ji-J'i;s TTTRTTSR S30757 Paj^e 110 

pae;3 2 ccntinued: 

and the most of the ir.en generally was called, It was underst :d 
that the enemy was making ther'r way ud in Vjrginia. He served 
from Bedford Co Va under Capt John Tri-g^, through vsrabous 
places ^n Va, suspecting to meet the enemy -was not in no hattle 
-no remarkahle incident, happened and v;as marched to YCEVJ T..OHC01>i 
"by order of Col Calloway and was discharged hy Ca t f-.r 3 months 
tour and returned home to Bedford Co Va and there h rcmrtined a 
few months and was again called into sorv^^co, the pi-eciae ti'-^e 
not recollected "but it was in the latter pert of -.he Surniner. 
They marched off under said d. t Trigg ard Col Wm Trigg, to Ola 
Jarcestown, where they joined some other troops, and otayed 
there a short tirre and marched to V/illlamahurg^ and continued 
r^n to York whore ho was joined to Genera' Washington's array 
wdere ho remained and engaged in the m^ost difficult labor for 
about 2 weeks, where a certain Col Joel Preston of Bedford Co Va 
-inf or"i;T!ed him of 3 deserters whom he hod learned he d desort'^d fron? 
some place near Char"'estov/n and that they were there about their 
cam>^ and said Joel rrestor and a certain l/illiam ilelton and 
himself aoprehended them and carried there bef Dre Colonel Ghar-lOG 
Dabnoy, being instructed so to do and. he sent this declaratin 
to their camp and srid Joel Preston and a certain '^5 l liam 
Melton and himself apprehended the-.: and carried the- before 
yol Charles Dabney 'oing instructed so to do and he sent the. 
tc their captain and he wrote :s our discharge a^ d tiiey t'-.en 
returned home, the 3 tc their hoi^ios in Bedford C- Vn where they 
started fv:>n which was the last of his ser-'ccs, a-'ounting to o 
months tour, agreeable to his dLScharpe as heroin and set forth 
he f'^rther states th?: t he lontinuea to livo in Bedford Co ''a, 
until at~i,;t 16 years ard then moved to 'jVayno 0: Ky, whore ho 
lives, over since and thin s he can prove his service by Capt 
Go'iro-e Da ney with whoi'i he ser 'ed 3 last tours, af f ida-^'its of 
JAJ'^ES 'EAR and Evan Tho-nas, rtatc thai they were we "' i acquainted 
with the solider. 

In 1833 he inado an ther declaration and said he was born in 
Bedford Co Va Aug 15, 1762 ar.d was raised in said county. T^ut 
he had discharges sirncd by i.Ierry Carter, Col Ja-ioo Cal^owa^r 
-Jobja Trigg, ar'j:^unting to 5, three months tours, agreeable to 
the oeriod of his engagements, and his discharge, bhat he was 
ct the seige of Yorh and he thin s he can prove his c'laraotor 
by many persons who were residents of Bedford Co Va, but who 
now residences of IVayno Co Ky. 

Affidavits of George Dabney, of v/ayne Cq Ky 1333 acre 73? on the 
the 15th Sept, ensuing, agreeable to his statev-'.or.ts on h^ s o:^th 
and ffter be ng du'!'- sworn, according to law, strtes he has 
hoa-rd the original and arei'dod declaration of Jai;os T-u^ner , 
Yi,'bo served ''ast tours with "avn.. arid was discharged b- putting a 
deserted in his place & quit a few days before this affiant. 

Robert Dabney of Wayne ^o Xy 1833 states he .^fsat in the war 
Dept the ori'ina' aff'da--it os b-i s father Go o D?bney and Ja-^es 
Tu.rncr, his uncle to obtain rension undur Act '-IBSS, July- 

One Dr i'athan Gaifcher was a r,;einbor of Cingress from '.Tayne 
Co Ky 1833, 

PAGE 111 



The data contained below are obtained from pa lei-s 
ci: file in the Eevolutionary vjar claim LIo S7829, based upon 
his irdlitar;' servios in that war. 

Geor,=;e '.,'ade was BOPuI September 15 1759 or 1760, place 
and names of his parents are not shown. 

Ee staoed that while a resident of F? yet, to Cc'-;.nt.y 
Pennsylvania, he was drafted September ]. 17 79 and marched uadei 
Capt John Grons to the mouth of Big Eeaver and aided in 
building Fort Kolntcsh and remained there about 2 monxhs. 
Re then m.arched to Tuscarawas and helped bui"l.d Ecrt 
Laarens; served 4 months. T.:e 2nd suiavier after, he served on 
one month at I.Ita-tin's Fort under lieutenant Philip Pierce, 
and being one of the early settlers who lived near said fort 
wnenever the Indians came into the settlement, he v/culd turn 
out and pui'-sue then, and would be gone for 2 or 3 days at 
a time. He v/as alxowed pension for tbe above ser-\ice3. 
He died October 26 or 30 1842 in MOHOKGALIA COTJItTY 

The name of his wife is not given. In 18?3 his 
chi-ldren, Joseph vvade and Eenune VJade, were living in 
said Monongalia county Virginia ana Thomas V'ado in Greene 
County Pennsylvania. 


DECL.:RATICH WAS I;;ADE IN liARCH 24, 1855, in Wayne Co Ky are 7'> 
Py Jossr.h West " v b • 

who states he entered, servce April 1st 17'"/ 8 in LIontgo:nery Co, 

Va by being drafted to guard che frontiers and forts t\nd 

occasional y to act as Indian Spy. His ca'^tain's nane f v/as 

T'hoMas Wright and Lieutenant Drury Haii . He fir^t and 

rendesvoused at James Henderson's of said county, then n-^rched 

to Fort Laf£)rty on the frontiers in said county and a part of 

the-.i remained in the fort. He was discharged after his 3 months 

ware out and returned hone, shorbly afterward:', remo^'ed down on 

New River in Montgcraery County and in che bounds of Ca-.t George 

Par is J and the f'rst of April 1779, he was appointed by Cart 

George Paris with .'^ Drury Han in said county, as Ind'an Spry for 

3 months, and si^ied the countrj^ from the fort down New R^ver 

to the clover bottcm on Bluestone where h.e met other si-'as from. 

the Eluestone until their 3 months expired, and was discharged. 

ard returned hom.e . And April 1st 1760 he was again apooinbed 

an Indian Spy with John Jim.f.erson by the said Cact C'e 'rgs Paris 

for 3 ■■• onths in Montgomery county and the" again marched to Fort 

LaFaerJry and they spied over the said frontiers dov/n Ne-vif River 

to the Clover bottom on Bluestone where they met others to spies 

fr ~m the Bluestone settlement an' one ni.<~ht just before darl: 

the;'^ heard a noise like, the saM Jemr^erson. s^d he would 

go and try to kill one and most rao at the ca-'p a;<d aga nst his 

advice for he did not like the He started and was gone but; 

a short time when he heard a sun fire and quickly after he saw 

him. rnnning toward him and 2 intians in pursn't of him Th" a 

aff-dant was then -^n the ed'^e of a laurel th-lckot srd the^^ nassed 


Fa7;e 2 continned; 

him, t)"'.it "being nearly dark and John Ji^'tnernon gettini?; in the 
ia^irel thicket te "i ow him, whi ch was verv thick, he eaca'^ed the 
Indlrns. He went "n sn-^t^-er d rect'on but an e''svatef^ no:^rt in 
the edge of a thicket of laurel and watched a!" night At the 

dawn o f the da r he took a direction toward the fort and gcu 
there in fbcat ten niles travel and reported the circumstances 
and five soldiers and himself started hack tovi-'ard said la-jrel 
thicket and after going about five miles they met Jlmjrerson com 
coming in, who was short throu--"h the shovilders and he 
informed us how he got in the laiire 1 thiclcst and concealed 
himself from the Indiana. V/e returned to the fort and r/Iatthev; 
Parlcw? was ordered and anpointed by Ca*"t F'^i-is to t&]-'e the 
place of said Jimmerscn me a -d never served out my last 
5 m.onths, was dischar-ed by Gaorr'e .arfs, at Pert Lafferty and 
returned home "I got my house burned and everythlnr;; in it abo- 
about 12 years passed and think his dischar; e was bruned also. 
States ''"'ly time amounted to 9 months as pi'ivate. I was BORN in 
S-T'SSEX CQ^mTY DELXJTARE DECEMBER 1, 1762, according to reccrcls 
of my father and mother, k but when very your.g his parent:- mo ^ 
moved to ROCKINGHAM CCUNTY VA, v/here they liverl rnoii hj v/aa 
ap-e 12, then his father moved to Greenbrier Co Va t:,it was 
Icnown as Mont-'-omery Co Va at that tim^e and he lived in 
Ilontgomery Co Va about 20 years. He then removed to i-ladison Co 
Ky and li-red there 13 years, then moved to Vfeyne Co K:v where 
he now lives and have lived about 27 yei tp. He well V^ncws to 

RiTbin Ard? Isaac Bond, Washington Vv'-'lav, triey lcao\; and can 
testify of h? s military services since the Revolutionary war 
Y\rith General St Ci a jr, " General 7Ja-'na and Genera] Jack-jon at 
New Orleans. 



(L05K IK MlRYLAZra) 

DECLilRATICN vvas .iiade by vJllliam V/ilsori Jaly S2 , 1833 

wiiile residing in Alonongalia Co.Lnty Yirgir.iP , 

The record follov.'ing is that of tiie only Vvilliam Wilson 
of Mononr^alia coanty Virginia, fo'j.nd on file in th? 
•''■evclutionar.v^ v;ar records of tno l^aticnal Archivet^. lbs 
data contained heroin ',vere obtained from the papers on 
file in pension claim S '79C7, based upon his service j.n 
that war o 

V/illiara 'i.ilson y.'as ECR!' Au-MPt S^, 17G0 in Ilcntgomery 

GOLinty Maryland, of his parents not given. 

•/hile residing in Monongalia county Vi.rginia where he had 

moved when ah. at 13 , he volunteered at Ivlorgantov'^n ,. 7"" 

Aug 21 or 2^, 1779, served as private in Oapt John Brady'n 

company, went under General Erodhead to Munoie Indian 

town, biirnt the 'oovn and killed 14 Indians, length of 

service 7 weeks and 4 days, He served in th>:^ so ring, of 

1780 as substitute for his brother, Benjamin V;il^!on, one 

month as an Indian Spy at Statler's fort on Dunkard Creek . 

lie volunteered June 17ol, served five m.cntnf^hs in Capt 

Robert Ferrel's com.pany in General Clark's e;;':pedi ticn against 

the Indians, marched to tne mouth of the Big Kanav^ha and to 
tne fal]_s of the Ohio. 

BSIIJAMIiT '.riLSOII, the soJ.dier's brother, vas living in 
1B33 in Monongalia county Virginia. 

It is not stated vjnether the soldier w^as married. 


It ap^jears froii the Hevolationsiry war records of 

the National Archives that pension claim rlo ?7S9o, Iionry 

Yoho served m that vjar . 

Henry Yoho Vi/as BCKIT in Virginia aboat 18 mil33 froin 

v/inohester, bat date of birth is not ^iven. or names of 

his parents stated. He moved, vhien aboat aya eleven viith 

his father's family to western Virjinia ana v;as residir'^; 

t'-.ere d -u-in^; the l^LSVclut ion. 

He enlisted 17/6, and served 2 moniih.^ as private 

ander Lieateuant Samuel Tv/ingler of or Singler, staoion'^.d 

at a fort on .."hitely creek, He servec from Jans 1^77 

four imontiis under Capt John Kinor and. Cross in Colonel 

Gibson's Virginia re;--iHient, marched to Fort Pitt ■'Viid dovn 

the Ohio river to th3 mouth of V/heclin^^ creo': in 
cf Indians. He served in 1778, 2 months under Lieut 
Sv;ingler, 3 months m Capt John V.-hitzel's comjany of spies 
and from sometime iu fal_ of 17/8, six months in Gait, Cross' 
company , Col John Evans" rejimont, v>ias in Mcintosh's o.UM^d..-- 
tion to Big Beaver on the Ohio river, and assisted in 
barldini3 forts Mcintosh and ^aurens. He served from, Jul^-- 
1779 under iiieut. Jacob Cline in Col Laughlin's regiment 
in General Clark's expedition to the Falls of the Ohio, 
length of service lb months, during which he was ou'': in r.any 
scouting jarties against the -Indians. He served 17b,\, 2 incni'^s 
and wag stationed at llason's Fort on Buffalo creek and in 
a skirimish \Ji th the Indians, v;as v;oo.nded in thie hip ? 

He was allowed pension on his application executed 
S-25-1S32 at which tim.e he was about 80 years of age and 
a resident of MnHOITGALIA CO'TVr; FIRlIl;Th. He was Ijving 
in 1835 in Tyler County Ya, and in 133C had moved to 

The papers in this claim contain n. •'oference to 
his family. 

OLD v/AR v/IBOi/ FIi.ES £7704 

.'/idow cer tif ioattj 4981 

Boant;/ land warrant Ko 1072, for 160 acres in 1350 

He enlisted Dec 27 1813 and was discliar t;;ed Fcl- 13 1B14. 

The wido\j resided 1853 to 1866 in Davidson comt'/ Tennessee 

Her marria-e was Dec 10 1812, death of this soldier A^ril 

6, 1814 in Norfolk Virginia. 

The widow remarried Dsc 2, 1819. 

The widow was also pensioned as the widow of Adcock Ho'bson 

who served in Ca;yt Tiiomas Faulkner's compaiv of Virginia 

Certificat . No 19001. 

DEC-^\RkTION was made by Eidth Hopfeon in DAV'DSON 

COTNTY TI^IHESSES Oct 17 1850 states she was fcr;-;erl,y the 

widov; of B-irwill Farmer who served as private ander Faalkms Company, t'lat ne entered service in 

Camber land Goart Hoase Vir^^inia Dec 1813 27th or 30th of 

said montii for a tour of 3 months, and served until 

1814 and t.x.t he died while in service at Norfolk Va , 

The above statement was made by Obediah Jenkins stating 

he was acq.uainted vyith said Edith Hopson previous to her 

marriat^e with Burweli Farmer, ; t>;at she was married to 
B.rrwoli Farmer in Cumberland Go Va , Dec 1812, t at previ^us 
,. to her mar-iae^e her name was Edith ORRANGE, & after Burweli 
died she ajam married to Adcock Hobson (spelled vario sly 
Hopson) in said Cumberland Co Va,and Hobson died in Davidson 
Co Tenn Au^ 1830, & she remains his widow. 

Edith Hopson filed claim for bounty land 1850 Oct 
16tl-: in Davidson ^o Tenn age GO. 

V/AR OF IdlE PAGE 117— 


VvC 19001 boant^- land warr 
warrant 1156 for 30 acres, 1850 

H8' -was a private under Ca, t Thomas Failkno:^ and noLaurin 

KcLaurin's com. any of Virginia militia. 

Enlisted Deoenber 27 1813 and disGhar,,:ed Jan 13 181<: 

and enlisted a.^ain Aug 2 1814 and disch&rjed I^Jov 2 1814. 

The vvidow resided in 1850 and 1878 in Davidson county 

Nashville Tennessee. 

Edith first marriad a Farmer. 

Karrjae of Soldier and vvidov*/ Deo 2 1819 in C^JTIBrllLAT'^D 

COniTY VIRGINIA. Soldier died :2 Aug 11 loSO in Davidson 

county Tsa..esse3. T..e widow v^as also pensioned as former 

widov; of B-orwell Farmer v;ho served Ca 't N^c.iolas 

company of Virginia militia certificate 4961. 

DECLx^R.i'iT'^ON .:iede in D-aV^dson couAty Tennessee Oct 

17, 1850 Iax^ Edith Ilopson widow of Adcock Ilopson 

vjho served as private in G„.. t Joseph ^IcCloron? for six m.ont 

months from CLimher l??nd Co Va; enlisted Aug 1814. also 

served as substitate 18^3 for some one -na-.o not sho\n 

t..-,z in 1815 ret-irned home 1818 he intermarried to 

Edith Farmer widow of Borv^ill Farmer, that Adcock Hopson 

died in Davidson Co Tenn about 11 Aug 1830, t -it his viidov/ 

Edith still remains his v;id ow-stili the widov of Aucocl: Farmer 

Farmer, deed , . 

T' e certified copy of marriage record was fj.led by 
cleri- of G-Jiiberiand County Va showing marriage license of 
Adcock Kobscn '--^.na Edith Farmer by Jose^'h Jenkins a ministr 
December 2, 1819. 

PAGE 118--- 
V/AR OF 1812 

VvC :^9001 bo uit Iru.ul 
PAGE 2. v;arrant Ij.56 for 80 acres, 1850 

DEC±.ilRATIOIT was made in Davidson coanty Tennessee by 

Edmand ? Hobs on, a,^e 64, a resident of near Tjashville 

Tenr.esseo who states he w'as B0R1\I in C'omborland coantv 7a 

and when he v/as aboat a.j.e 10 he moved Wxth his fat.ior 

to SMITH COmiTY TEir^ESSEE, where he lived antil he was a 

a^e 9 and continued to live wicho also lived in DeKalb 

C Tennfrom -Adcock Hobson who was a soldier in tlie 1812 

war, and his wife Edith Ilobson. States he lived nei^hbcr 

to them in Camber ^and Co Va . Mrs Hobson has fre^aently 

told hira t atnis fat ler took me to her weddin^. T .at 

when he moved to Smith oo Tenn they settled near Adocck 
Hobson and wife w lO contin.^ed to live near antil t e' 

^ . removed to Davidson co Tenn near Hashvil-e 

which was about 3 years before he left his fat'^er's home 
in Smith Co Ten.i and located near Hashvil e, Tenn near 
trie home of Adcock Hobson and wife; 

He was eei-n in Ist dist of Davidson Co Tenn 
ad he has freq.aently visited his grave since his death. 

DEC-. Iiu^TICN was made by Edith Hobson in Davidson 
Co Tenn 1878 July 1, a.-^e 85 states s.-e is the wido".' 

of Adcock Hobson deed. and states that her ncme before 
marriage to hira was -iTs Edith Farmer. 

PAGE 119 


V/0 8933 and \JG 3969 bounty land warrant G2360 for ^lO acr -^ 

in 1850 and T^o 2672 for 120 acres in 1855. 

•Te enlisteu Aig 30 1C14 and vms discharjed Tov 22 181-'-. 

Served under Oapt Isaao Iledley in the Virginia militia. 

Resided 1852 and 1855 in Ri'ilFA]' CO VA ....u t.-n v.idov. 
resided 1872 in said count;; at Post office Kev;r:ferr:; Yi 
Iiaidan name of vjidovj was Uancy V/ilson, and they aiarricd 
ITov 16 1810 in said coanty and died there 185j 
in Halifax Go Va. T:ie widow died about 1875. 

Deciaraticrx vvas made by ITanoy Faruer a^^'-e 83 in Ilalifar 

county V""^r._.J.n:i.a Il&rcli 25 1872 and states she is t'le widovv 

of Archer F3.rmer t ic.t ho served unde.^ Ca_ t Isaac Medley 

at ITwrfol'C Va and was discharyed in uasnin^ton D C 1813 

v;_tness to her si^'nature ^re Archer H Farrier 

and Joseph C Farmer . 

A death certificate is filed by tue clarh of rlalifa?" 

county Va 1872 showing Archer Fan.ier died in Lalifci:jc Co 

Va leaving a widow Nancy Farmer. (date of death was not 

stated ) . 

Also the marriage record is filed by County court 
clerk of Halifax Go Va showing Arohf^r Farmer snd Nancy 
vv'ilson were married by Charles Lovelace July No^' 10 


A letter in tue file from RT Pience post master 
of NewsForry Va 1878 shows tnat 1878 stating Nancy Farmer 
widow of Arc-:or Farmer died about tv.'o years previous. 

Archer 11 and oroseph E Farmer are her sons, 
t:ie former is new living within the delivery of Mountain 
Road, r • Halifax Co Va and tne latter vvithin the delivery 
it of his said office. she resided wiT,h Ar-cher H 
Far me r . 

T E S01.:)IIN Archer I'armGr fi-.ed d'.;'-.iar ation :<n 
Halifax ^'o Va 3.852 and 1355, stating abi^ut the same 
as stated previously. 

PA3E 120 
■,/AK OF 1812 

Bc_nt;/ land ^f^arrant No E1974 for 60 acres in 1850 

Eix^isted Aa^ast 1 1314 and discbar:;ed Fo^^ 4 lol5 

Residence of soldier 1351 and in BAL J'xRD CO'^^'l'v E^tt'C'Y 

ana 1871 in B--lJ.ard Co Ivj , at Cclombas (Kicljiiar. coo.ntv )Ky 

Ilaiden na'.is of wife was Nancy Niinley, t -e marria=;e of 

soldiGi- and Vvidow or wife Sept 1811 in ChJ3u<^-r field 

CoanV Virginia. V.'ifs died ^orior zo J-ju.;; 6 1871. 

:}EC„AHAT:0N nade in faU.VSS GO'BJT^^ KY.-'I' ^0 -'' 

January 23 1851 by Benjamin Fari.ier a e 61, a r93:.dent of 

B.-c^lard ooant.y Ky , states he vjas a private and r Cant 

T-irner ? or uawson,? Bj.u.'foot? in tho 1st re:;ir. nt of 

Virjinia troops, ander Brie- General Robert P^^terfield cr 

Pcrterfield , tii, t he vclanteered in Ch83to:.'f ield Co Va 

ahoj.-s S3pt 3 1814 for six months and disc : r :ed at Camp 

Holly in Va 3 Feb 1815. 

Hs also made declaration in Bal,ard Co L'y July G,:lS71 

st^^tm^ his v;ife was na.ied Nancy Nanley nov; de;"easeA, to 

v.'-;om he v^/as married in Ghesterfield Co Va Se_:t 1811, t-iat 

he eiLto^^ed in 8a t Lc^ivson B^f fords C-m^.,any. 

His original uiscliar.-'e was filed , bat it was 

too faded to try to read. 

PAGE 121--- 
•JAR OF ^dlS 

■.<0 36d'76 and \/C 28866 liounty land warrants 

51270 for 80 acres in 1850 and 15084 for 80,1855 
He enlsited Aag 7 1814 and djschar^ed Feb 9 1815 
Residence of soldier 1853 and 1855 in Gra:,coa Va. 
1879 the widow lived in Grayson coant.y , post office Green 
Cove, vj'ashin^ton co Va. lier maiden name was Gat:iarinG Id 
Sawarfis thev r.iarried Nov 1813 in Ashe Count v North 

Carolina, and soldier died Jan 16 1852 in said Gru' son Co 
Va, and widow died s.ibsecLaent to Jaly 9 1891. 

DEC^jARiiTION -laue in Grayson Coauty Va by Catharine 
5'armer ai-3 78 in 1879 IL^ 1''' states she is the •'.■idov; cf 

David FarLT^r w'^o served as ^ in Oa t Trjjnhall rejimen" 
c f '.'^a militia t ... t; he was drafted in Gra.v.\!on Court Kv--.Sc 
Va lcil2 for six months and was di'-jGhai'j:ed at Norfol/: Va 
].8:i.2;. that he was a^'c 22 when enlisted ; that t':e' 
married in Ashe Co North Garolina Nov 1813 "by John •lel'Iallon 
a J 2, that her name before marr^.a^^e was Catharine Edwards 
; t lat he died at his residence in Va Jan 16 1862.; 
I' -'at tnev- had resided kincs his discharge in Ashe Co IT C 
and Grayson Co Va ; t vat she still remains his widow. 

CAT"ARIITi: F.^iRI'IER i'-led her family bible records in 
1879 in GrtvEon Co Va as follows: 
David Farmer born Jan 12 1788 
Catharine Farmi.r born Ajril 1 179 7 
Ahart Farmer born March 29 183.7 
Alford Farmer born ;.oril 1 1819 
Elisabeth Farmer born Dec 13 1R22 
Henry Parmer born Feb 2,6 1325 
Rosamond Farmer born I^ 3 1827 

Nancy Farmer born June 19 . 1629 

AndrevJ Farmer born J^ne 2 1831 

David Farmer Jr born Oct 19 1833 

Lucinda Farmer born Jan 23 1836 

Calvin Farmer born Jan 7 1839 

Isaac Farmer born H?jr ch 24 1843? (might be 1845) 

and that her said husband died about 31 Dec 1.861 

and she remains his widow 

DAVID F.^RI'IEh FILFD DECLARATI'^N ^^.53 and 1855 in 
Grays ou Go Va. . 

WAR OF 1812 ^^'^^^ ^^2 — 


SO 918, SO 4697 V/O 40998 WC 31777 

Eiio-isteci May 2 1814 and dischar£:ed Axg 30 iui4 

Eoantv land N^ 261413 for 80 acres in ISoO 

and I!o 6448 for 80 acres in 1855 

Declarations filed in ^851 and 1855 in Ilonroe coanty 

liidiana and in 18 71 in sanie coant./ at Bloorain^t on Indiana. 

T ,o widow made decla.i-'ation I8cil and 1887 in said comty. 

Soldier had a first wife Matilda Allison and Slid widov; 

his VJidow V/as Ej.iza et:. u' McClang. They carried in 

2 Monthomery county at ordsville , Indiana Jan 15,1823. 

S. idler died Feo 6 1881 in Bj.ocmington Indiana. 

Bj^uty land warrants were nom'bers 26].45 for oO acres in 

^850 and 1]d 6448 for 80 acres in 1855. 

LECxjARjiTICII vjas made in I'L-nroe Go-intv- Ixidiaana March 4, 

1851 by said Eli R / a^je 57 states he was a private 

in company of Ga„t Samiel IZeniiedy, of State artil ery of 

Vir inia. T. at hs volunteered at Ilorgantov.n, T,To..on_ahala 

County V,.r^,inia alout March 31 1814. Eo also made declara- 
tion 1855 in Ilonroe Co Indiana. States he was diso'id 
at Il-'rfolk Va on account of expiration of serve. 

by clerh of Monte^omery County Izidiana shewing that Eli P 
Farmer and Eiiziabetli McC-uns ye.e married Jan 15 1828. 

The vvidow was also made in Monroe Co Iixdiana Se.t 5 

1871 by E_^. P Farmer statin^^ about tne same as previously. widov/ Elizabeth u Farmer in Monroe Co I,>d, 
March 24 1881 filed declaration aje 70, stating she mar i4 
Eli P Farmer in Mont;-jom.ery Co at Grawf crdsville Indiana 
Jan 15 lb28 . ; s.-e vv'as not previously married but her 
hisband was married to Il^it-lda Allison who died in at the 
time of affiant 'o ..;arria_;e, tiu^t Eli ? Farmer died in 
Blocmington, Indiana Feb 6 1881. Since his disoharje they had 
resided in Crawfordsvile , Mont,^omery Go Indiana to 1832 
and since then both resided in Blocmington, I/.diana. 

v:PI{ CF 1812 


Sn 24370 and SO 18522 bounty land warrant 52472 foi 80 

aorea in 3.850 and No 15444 for 30 acres in 1855 

Enlisted Aaj 2 ]-814 and di sonar jed Dec 16 iol4 . 

I.x 1853 and 1855 address of soldier was Carapbol.;.'- 

Va and 1871 in said coanuy at Yeliovj Sji Srancli Va 

Maiden name of vidcw was Ilartha \iil..ard = 

They m-,rried in said Campbel- Co Ya aboat 183'3- 

DEOLARATICN u .d e in Campbell oo Ya I/Iay 9 1853 by William 
Farmer aje 56 a resident of said Gampbe].i Go 7a states he 
served ander Caot H H.^den in t'le 3:"d re'timent of Vs 
Militia under Col vVm G Diolrenson ; th t i.e -.vas drafted at 
Gampbel-u Co Ooarc hoaoe Va 27 Aa^- 1814 for months an: 
was dischar^:ed at Fill cots ?'!ill 12, :., ]ol4. He mC'>.e'3 
this declaration to obtain boanty land.. Also msde declara- 

tion in same coant,;. Apr 2^ 1655 

Declaration was also made by \'iil...iam Farmer in Ca-ri 
Campbel Co V^ Oct 4, 1371 i-tatin^* his v,;ifo's nar..e T'as 

Martha Wili.ard to vvaom. ho was married about 1835 in 

sa^d our. by by Hear;/ Finch, a minister. 

WAR OF ^Sl£ 

I'i'l— - 

was made in Pickens county Georgia Mcrch 

31, 1871 by Jahial Kelt on a^^e 75, a resiflorio of 1098 

District T M ia saiu co-iuty, states he r.iarrieci Raciiel 

Akins in ohosmaker creek Geor;-;ia December 17 18^6 

that he volanteered under Cs.t Douglass of ^,-enerai Bl lir 

at Lancaster couT't house, South Carolina ab ut 1st Pe^jt 

1614 ahd v;as dischart'ed at Hatieys Doint or "-ladleys 

xjoinu Scuta Carolina about ilarch 1, 1815, t'lat he v/as 

stationed at tlie fort at Iladleys pcint near Chax'le:;ton 

Soutn Carolina until peace vi/as ir.ade, Dec 181 -i, ; that 

his post office is at Jas;p8r Geor;:ia, Pickens County 

2 vutwess to his sit^nature were ^eniuel J Alksa? 

(ir Akkred) 
and Sbeneaer ? 1: Kin,:; 

PAGE 3.25 
WAR OF lbi2 and O^L VAR IW7AL'D '"D '"irf. r.FJ^GT'^'D 

JjEC^.^urik'j}7.0i: ;;as ruaae m .>?r-:aG3 i:dwai-d CoAr.t;- 

V^r^inia J.ine 4, 1358 b.y said ^ittle'bai'v F?.r;'.er, a^e 81, 
., r3Sid'..t of tie "io-i-.i of Farmvillg in said Go.r:it- . 

'le Su ted lie i-vas drafted as a private andcr 

Ca t '■icj'iols 0- t:;3 4t'i re_;iui3iit of Y r^^inio. !:ilit3a, 

J-....e id Idl? ai.d dischar^.ed Se .t 6, lol4 ^t jyorfollT Va 

a. id his disoharje v/as signed h;, Adiutarit -reiierai Jas 

Bankhead -iad now on file in tliH i;easio:i fff_Ge ;;ith sa_d 

Fanner's aj lie at ion f'-^r L ant' iy.nd 

s.hile in serv., cs received tlie f ol.-Ov;inj wo.incl; iio- 

-,ot nis ri.^.ht leg fcroken, just above tlie ankle a .jcit 

, sa"' 4 incxiss atoveit, hy a soliior accident-- thrc-yini^ a 

pieoe of timber jLoon his le^, w'dle he '.A/as in canp, 

at Crany Island, at or near t .e tovvn of Uorfoll:, v-, a;id 

antil 8 or 9 years since, when he ronoved to Fsjrnvilj-e, h 

he res^.ded in Buckinghara Go Ya, and spent tne lastly 

nontns or atout that until April last with his d?c^"hter 

at Nashville, Ten essee, in Ajril last \'iaen his daajhter 

returned to Farravil.-e, and he retarne w_th her. end no?; 

resides here in Far -r/il e. -"ince service, hcing disabled 

on acccv-nt of t':e woj.nds hnc been snp,;orted b,v ch^'.rity. 

2 witness to ^j± his si^;ne.t..Lre were E C Peters fr.d '^ 

SO So.'.thail. 

2 affidavits in Euc]:in^-hi3r.i Co Va -one by Henr;.. 
Tliles 1858 \vi:o states lie was a jTri; ;nder Ga ^t I'ichcls 
of t e 4t-i re,^_i.:ent Yc. militia, a. id stat.oned at Cranv 
liiland at or near rjrfolk ■''a a. id in :;'r. e "'ess v;i th ....ttlebur 
Fariier a^d kaov^s he _;..t nis ri.:ht leg broken and etc. 
xiffidavit of James Aust.n in 3.ickinjha-i Go Ya , w'r.Q is a 
doctor jives outline of hj 3 brikeii L-Rij. 

John Foster in .-r^nc: x.d.vard C,o st 'tos ic o-'.rcha'ted 
^_nd warrant I'o 4154 from said Farmer for 80 acres. 

\:Mi OF 1B12: 
VI?."-II\'IA ?Sl:V-C" ^F I.ZG'L.L'L FAPJ:n. SO 19838 Page 126..., 

rrC — :.ll.iTI?II ..'as made ±n Lawrence ccj-r.-c; In'3ia.,ia 1j- . 

JjJ'l.B 1371 by ],:ichae_ Firner at-;e 76 a rt-sice'it r.f F-'" ■ ettcville 

-vi^^e, said co-ui^,; , t'.-t he is married ti t rwz V'lfa's 

narie was Jtiue Stevenson, (n^'vi; Jead), to w'lom he Y;as II'^rriGd 

in KQWAT- CO'^rr^^ F -ET-I GAKOLIFA JAI^'L;R-^ 1819 . t\V't he was 

draftel in Ja.jt Timothy Dalton'.. com, any, at GR.-TSO'^t 

CO'rT^' CC^TRT ro oi; VIHGIKIA xbl4, anu was disiharyed at 

said co.^rt 1815, and ho believes he served 60 

da. s, he has lost his disolar-e; that he 

.^arched v;ith his re.^i ent to ^'^orfolh Va, 1 ..t did not reach 

t:.ere, t ot he received a land warrL^nt for said service 

for 160 acres, , 

A note in t :e ''Brief of cia_rn vyas tna^: it was 

rejected h.y reason of msaf ficiont service. h.e,jort frorr. 

3rd .-^ Lid i tor, shoiivs t.i^, t Llichael 3r and Jr. served 

in C?,jt Pimothy, Laltcn's ccm.jan; , Yirjini': militia from Feh 

8, to !iarGh 3, 1815. 

IIvDEX TO VOLUME 31, VJRaiNTA rE'^SI■;■J^T A^STni-C^.^- - - - - .-n -q 307 
ADAIR, Gountj Ky 21 ' ' 

ADKINS, Daniel 56 B^^^^.y^ Char^Gs p 12 


" Barracks 71-54-70-96-52-21 

A:-LIS0II, Matilda 122 

A 11-6 3. Isiu'^el J 124 

Akin 3, Rachel 124 

A^illURST VA 64 -63 


■■ Nancy 104 

AndSTson, Pariah 90 


Arnvond'c Corps 42 

Arncldrj Invasion 87 

A:. he County N C 121 


--.tkinson, Jo&eph 31 

Austin, Janes 125 

A-ai^^-asta Co Va 84 -69 

Ayers, Alva H 38 

Ayr'es, John 32 

BROWN, AARON p 1 - 2 

Aris o 3-4 

/-.rabia p 5-0- 

Bornis 5t o 7 

BrifThtbei-ry p 8-9- 

Claihcrn d 10-11 

Daniol p ]3 
Daniel p 14 

Edward p 16 

Jaues ;p 17-18 
Rcrtlir-ng, I'eter- 1.. 19 
BR-W.I, I^^'sry 62 
Brown'--. Qo-^ie 8 
BROV.'T', John J 13 15 

John K 2-3-4 -G- 10 
ochn Spra^.t 6 

Johanrah 4 

Joz3ph - -- 

Katy 4 

lucinda 2 

Loavin^a 6 

Lucy E 9 

fnisan 15 

Sarab ^'-8-11 

Steohen 5-6- 

Sophia VV 6 

S'jca T 9 

Thor.:n 7-9- 

Tarleton Yl 9 

Tn 0171a a R 9 

Talitha S5 

Ileaokiah 65 

BROVffl, V/m L 15 

Wm 4-9-19 

Wilson 2 
Baltlrcoro I'id 2G 
Ballard C? Ky 120 
Barnettj David 51 

Laomia 51 

Bainy, Stephen 79 

Baltimors, 63 Lid 

B^vrbour, Jamss 14 

Bates, Fleming 45 

Barke, Eliza 95 

Bankhead, Jas General 125 

Harnett, Janes 23 

Baltimore 74 

Barracks, Albemarle 90 

Beard, Daniel 76 

Beaty, Martin 24 

Beaty, i',':artin 46 

Beeson, Isaac 18 

Eeall, Tovmsend H 35 

Eeal, G B 85 

Bedford, Co Va 49_iio 

76-56--80-76 — Si- 
Ben, Robert 108 

Page 128 

Belrnonb Cor.nty Ohio 50 

Belmont Oc Clxio 50 

Berne tt, S:, rom Genera"' 78 

Benton, John L 23 

Be tts , Vlrgi;i la ( Farrier ) 44 

Big Mud Creek £6 

Biers, Kiohprd 57 

Blevinc, SaM.y 47 

Bledsoe Co Ten.- '/O 

Blevins, Richaj'd 47 

Susanna 47 

Blue Stone 23 

Blue 3 tone river 28 

Bloomington Irjdiana --122 

Blue Licks 10 

Blunt, Chi 3 ^4 

Bluford, He-^r^^ Cant l 


Boundbrcok, N J 94 

B 03 Y/ell, Mi\;chem 99 

Boone s borough f'j 5 

Boone, Daniel 5 Col 10 regt 

Bond, Isaac 113 

Bowling Green Va 97 

Bozarth, JoVm o8 

Brown, Kancy 36 
Sally 64 


BRAKHAM, Bari-har.a S 

John 6 
Brandywine , Bsttle 63 
Branham, i'lpry 6 
Brack, I.Iartha C 74 
Brandywxna 107 battle 
Brent, Win 93 
Breaks In? Joanna 4 
Brent, V/iu 99 
Bridges, John L 47 
Br o eke Co Va 91, SdiTund 62 
Br r.imiie 1 1 , J ohn 55 

Anne 72 
Bryant's station 13 

Brunett, Isham 67-07 
Buffcrd, Lav; 3 on 120 
BuckincL'ham Co Va 100 

BUCKIMGHA^,^ CGl^^TY VA 36-76 — 10C~ Horac 

Alexander 2 

BURIIETT, JP-i:^"^ 98 
Bij.rke, Elizabeth 95 
Burton, .l3or;-o ,'J S 28 


ixandar 2 
A-nKr.da 9 

Bctuy 4 

3a --lor 6 

Benla-min T 7 

Chg-Vies 9 
Br-ightb3rr7 7-3-0 

BROWN, Glail:orno 1C--11 
De 3 he a 5 - '.> - 

D-c^- 2 

D"'"CY i^HRAND 2 

Dooly 8 

.EdiTiOr'd 9 
Llizajeth 6- -2 
Georf;e 9 
Harry n 
Henrietta 7 

Harmon 10 

Bunccrp'be ^'o ■!" C 5i 
Bucks Co . en -a 13 
Euford, JaiTiss 63 
Burcher, I'ary 15 

Jai-0s 15 
BTRi^, CE--RLES 73 

:,fery 2 --15 
Marv Chu-loo' 
Martha 6 

Uancy 2-6- 

Niinrod 9 

Rachel 6 

R'-charo. 15 

Pegry 5-6- 

Polly 4 


PAGE 130 


•Joseph 2 Camden, Jaires eCi 

:?helDe .Starles 2 Caaweoll Co N G 61 

Carpenter, V.'x "-. I^Iary 20-2"' -22 Galdv/ell, Jobn 18 

Catron, Peter 23-24 Caiisadv, N'.'ncv 67 

Chr^smen, Joserh 25 Cecil, tioloir.on 70 

Cooper, Caleb p 27, 28 Chr'^f:-'...-: an, I'ary 2 

Coyle, Patrick p 29 Christ, Col 1 

Cahholl, Will Col 33 Cbristae, ' 't^ -n-^t 33 

Samuel 33 Charles tCArn 110 

Cabel, V/m Col 33 Chesterfield Co Va G4 

Catr n, Zelpha 104 Charlotte Co Va 60 

CahDiu po3.nt 55 Cherry, Wm Campaign 51 

Cpllo-.vay, John 7G GP.ristian, Char Ion C3 

Caraien, hattle 47 Ctoistio, Tim 03 

Camden, S C 73 Chan:'bers, Johr Gaot 5 5 

Carter, Co "'er.n 72 Cherokee, Co ;:a 48 

Carter. :.:er^ 109 Chosterf-- old Co Va 53-100 


Calloray, cia:..Gs 116 Gharletr^cn 3 C 124 
" Jolm 80 

Garter, herry 110 C^lRJGl^AN, WM C^LOLEL 13 

Galloway, James 109 Chrlsman, Camer. S 25 

Caldwell Cq Ky 101 Charles city Co Va 87 

Caroline Cq Va 66 Chissels head Xinen 08 

Gaderwoods, Jairea 59 Chiles, John 40 
or Calderwoods 

Gary, Fiobert 98 

Cincl-rr.ati Ohio 74 
Cline, Jacob 11 s 

V LU:S 31, YIR^TT'Iii ^-EIvSIO^- 
CLARK, Goor-ge Rogers 13 
expedition against 
Sha>ATLee Indiana 

Circle, Lucerne 6 

Cleveland, Co N C 54 

Olapham, Josiah Colonel 50 

Clar]f, Geop'o Rogers 25 

Clinton Co Ky 10 

Clinton C^ Ky 64-e5-72--32 

Clipton, Waldy r,7 

Clinton Co Ky 10 

CI opt on, Tlios 57 

Waldy 57 
Catr-n, StMifle 24 

Kc Far land 22 
Garnptel", Richard 102 

Thomas 106 

Saimel 2P 

Carip Holly Va 120 

Caiaphell Co A/a 123 

Castlewood Stat ' on 17 

Cnrm'/alT is s^-'rrerider 73 


CxivrwY 1 ' 1 ? Pe gg y 47 

Columbiana Co Ohio 55 
Cowden, James 66 
Gov/psns Battle 96-68-19- 


Page 131 


Cook; National 60 
or Cock 

Covington, Fraiicis 14 

Coix;, Jotoi f'o 

Crensh2-v, Unity 41 

Crany 1 3 lend 125 

Cra"3 Orchard Ky 25 

Croj-hett, o'osenh £1 

Gra^vfords■'^ll"ie , lnd\ani. 
122'ord, John 64 

Craig, Ivirs Jane 7'? 

Cr e a c y ^ Go '''r g s 7 '6 

Crockett, Rov? 6 J 

Cross, John ill 


Cumberland Co Va 117 

Cumoerland Co Ky 25 

Culpepper Co Va 52 
101. ■ 94-101 

Curidixf, Elijah 49 


T!nor:V^3 75 
Dalton, Tlmotliy 12G 

Babney, Charles 110 
Georre 110 
Po-eri: A o2 

Dabney, Cornelius 29 

Da lb on, 'Wm Ca.t 8 

Davidson Co Ten 117- 

Davenport, Mary C7 

Isaac 67 
Davidson, roily 47 

Vi/rr 47 
Dav's, Iseac 9 

iVm OjI 64 
DEARirG, J-hn 96 
Decatur, Co Iowa 92 
DoKalb Co Tenn 118 
Denny, Ruth 40 
Da one y, George 3 3-52 

Elizabeth 30-32 
Denny, John R 33, 34 
Do3s, V.'m 35-33 

Nancy 35-36 
Dick, John 97 
Dickenson, V.'tn G Col 1?3 
Dickins, Francis A 25 

Rebecca 49 
Dick, Elizabeth 105-106 
Dick, J'-^hn 97 

Elizabe th 97 
Digg3, Harry Capt 74 
Dillard, James 63 
Dismal, Swa;Tip 1C9-30 
Dix river Ky 13 



Elizabeth 5 
Doss, Emoss 5 3 

Sally 36 
Dool3y, Elizabeth 6 

capt 5 






ST.' 97 


Dist Vc -■-• 











Franc ■ 

Ls T 


3 3 

^m J 

£ 3 


da 3S 


., 3h^; 

^ 15 





L croe] 

.: 114 








Dirnn , 



Dunn , 1 


R 9 



■iS P: 








East Te>'res-eo ^0 
Eale-, Gabriel 40 
Nancy 40 


'age 133 

EADES, folly 40 

Ruth 40 

Jaries 40 
3ads, Rachel 40 

Jacob 40 

Poll3'- (I'lary) 40 

^hoinas 59 

Jacob 32 
E dwar d s J Cab har ine 121 
'' Place Ge-^rgeia Z\ 

Thoma s 3 

Sdnuel 4 

Sdrimds, Elias Col 04 

Ellicotts mill 123 

Elk Garden 17 

Essex Co Va 82 

Evarr., M John 115 

E::.d3, Gabriel 40 

Farmer, Little berry 125 

Faudre, Thoi^^as 91 

Fauqiilre Go Va 94-95-S( 

Payette Co ren a 111 

FarKer, Ahart 121 

Alford 121 

P/lRr.mR, Elizabeth 121 
" Herry 121 
Rosanond 12;. 
Nancy 121 
Andre V7 121 
Lucind:^ 121 
C-lvin 12 ^ 
Isaac 121 
Jccoph E 119 
Jcj;-3ph G 119 
Burwell 116 
Fallb of the Ohio llo -llo 
Earner, Eli P 122 
Parnvil^e Va 125 
Farmer; Mioh,^.rl J.2l) 
FayettevillG Indiana 126 
Falls of the Onio 13 
Far-.n.or, Joss /a Vi 44 
Dlcy 44 
Henry A 44 
Vliginia 44 
Farrccr, J'o-i 42 
Pleasant 42, -li: 

?o^::_~; 42 

Molly 42, 4 5 
Ilathan 42,44 

Pk(E 134-135 

Page 136 
IKD^X TO VOL 31, Virginia Pension .ibs tracts :, 

FAR;;IER, .-.rchie £: Nancy 119 Francis, i.'Iahalah 47 

Benjamin 120 John .3c Nency -:6-47 

David. Sc Cathar:lne 121 Tabitha -17 

Sll P (X Elizabeth 122 Elizabeth 47 

■yV'i] P 123 Pegcy ''■'''' 

3'irwell & Edith p lit Tr.ney 47 

BenjaTiin & Ernine 41 Georg-e W 47 

Jesse p 42 Betay or Rotty 47 

Matthew p 43 Eliz:,beLh 47 

Ludwick &: Eiizaceth 41 Goor.LS VJ 47 

Nathan p 45-42 Thonas 47 

FAU'Sf'TTR'-' GO VA 107 T horsey (Ruff) 47 

Farley, Seth 41 I^ea}! 47 

Fayette ^-^o Ky 34 Freder ick-burs Zo 

Farroll, Robert 108 Frankl?n Co Va 67 

Farreli Robert 44-114 " '' Ger-gi- 3c 

Findlsy, Jaines Gapt 18 Franklin, Jano£ e/o 

Floyd , V/ni 4-56 Franc Ic, Henry 47 

Floid, Hrtthew 64 Juige 47 

Flowing, W:n Gapt 92 Franklin Co Ark o 

FORT GHISSSL 17 -18 Frederick ^o h'Vyland iC 

Fort Pitt 115 Frank] in Gn Vr 76 

Fort :ioTnto3l. 58 Freder ioU- tarp Vj 9€ 

Foster, John 125 Finch, Ee-.ry If 3 

Fox, Michael 94 Fmoastle Va 92 

Franc if?, Eiisha 47 Frf./,t 

FrOvSt ./."Gil Workt, 80 
Sally (BlGvins) ^7 

FINCH, Ker-ry 123 
Fincastle Va 92 
Riget, Jchn 69 
Gatliff, Charles lo 
Gal^'atin Go 111 51 
Gaithcr, Dr Nathan 110 
Garrard Co Xy ICO 
Garth, Rodes 24 
Garth, Rhodes 31-18 
Garrard, Co Ky 5 
Gallatin Co Illinois 51 
Georgia 46 
Gerr.iantov/n Battle 63 
G 3 r );ia n t ovm 1 07 
Gilnore, Juhji 13 

Ruth 84 
Gllmor Co West Va 85 
Gilmer Co Va 85 
Gibson, George 107 

Jchn 102 
Glasscock, Benjaciin 107 
" George 54 

R obe r t 55 

Goochland Co Va 87-82 

71- -91- 

Goodnan, Ancel 10 

Gocde, Matthew 73 

Page 137 

ph.nsion abstracts 


God^vm, Klnchen 62 

Goshen t.",.vrnshlp I''.linois 13 

Graves, Co Ky IfdO 

Gp e n br i e r 6 9 

Grssnbriar Co Va 113-30 

Gra^r55on Co Va 89-CB.-.'J,21 

Gregory's Can^p 100 

Greene Co ''en'^a 103 

Green, Natht-niol 76 

Groan cove Va 121 

Greenville 3 C 70 

Gaiiford Battle 19 

Guilford Co N C 41 

Guilford coLirt House N 9C 

Guilford Ct Horse NC 79 

Guinn, ? 65 
HELM, Thc:nas 97 
HELTON, Jarial 124 
Harmon 48 
Abran 43 
HAIS, '■.^m 23 
Howell, David ^:r Howel 49 

Rebecca 49 

Jonathar 50 

Lev/is -: leona ( Barns tt) 
90 page 51 

Howell, M-^les p 52 

Nancif forT'ior of 
Robert Glasscock 54 
HORTON, a Ha 105 52 &/ 


Hayden, Rhoaf- 104--l-.";5 KACIO^.NSACX 48 

Halifax Co Va 119 HABERSHA'I 48 

nr^^glns, Ro'oert 74 Hf lif&x Co Vr 79 

Han, Drurv ^ 12 Eall, Ellzche th 75 

Hancijck, Tiaryland 106 Hayden, Joaoph 75 

nO.zh'os.Tgei' , Am 92 Fa.ioock, 3enj 29 

Hatoher, Gideon 87 Hawkins, Janes 29 

HardMan, ■■•;ar;'';aret 85 Henderson, John 8 

Hanover Co Va 91 Horrlng^ krinj.ns 4 

Haden, Jares H 123 Hsnry, Go Va 43 -BS-BD'" 

Hanover Go Va 90 Kendersonj Ja-'-es 1].2 

Hardman. Joseph 86 Herand, Dicey (Brov,n)2 

Elizabeth 8S Helm, Tnomar-' Gc.^-t 60 

Harris, Thonas 52 H-jIit], John Rev 92 

Pol ard 52 Helton, Janes 48 
Hancock, Benjamin 31 Aoraham 48 

Wm 51 Helton, Charity 48 
Harris, W.-n 20 i-.bran 48 

Harrodshurg Hy 14 Herrico Go Va 57 

Haiiiiloon Co Tenr 48 Kendrlck Go Indiana 57 

Haden, Bartholorne^v 46 Hill, Jolm 24 

Harrinonvi' le Va 58 Hickin"'o'^tho"Lii, Joseph 20 

Hadleye Point S 124 Hills'ooro 'J C 93 

Karr.on, "eter 11 Hills,, Elir^abeth 'Li 

Sarah 11 Hillsh ro TI 90 

Hanover Go Court House 65 Hiokr^'.an, Co T'y 120 

Halifax Co Va 60 H nton ^esG Va 105 

Page 139 

Hint on, Vi/e&t Va 106 
Hines, Een.l 39 
IIillstorou[:h -^ C 76 

Eolston River Tenn 13,25,38 
•' tattle nerr 68 

Hob?jn, EdiTur.ii P ] IS 

rIopkiii3 Co K:'- 12 

Hopkins, Nancy 42 

Hobs on ; Adcoeh 116, 117 

Edith llb-117 
Hot-Gdale Illinois 84 
Hav.t or Hout, Peter 108 
Hopkins Co K7 51 
Hopkins, Samuel 61 
Hori'itack, Samuel 16 
Hobs on, AdcoGk & Edi-^oh 117-118 
Hopkins, John 19 
Howe^ 1 , Elizabeth 56 
Howell, i-aron 59 

James 59 

John 59 

Rebecca 59-55 

Fran key 51 

Morena 51 

Granville H 56 

Thom_as 56 -57 

■ William 58-59 

HOV.ELL, W:i 59 
FJNT, Abraham 24 
irJNT, iienjanin 60 

Berry 61 

Julius 3c kary G2 

Hunterdon Co N J 50 

Hudson, Y/m 18 

Huggins, Robert 7-- 

Hudron, 17m 18 

Huff, Iht-rsRy 47 

Hustings CciJrt Va 57 

Inle of \'iirht 87-G4 

Iron VCorK:s, Finest 80 
Jackson, Garera"" Anc!i s-"/ '. 

James tov-n, Va 51, 26 

Jaoksborough Ten 5G 

Jamestow-n, Old 110 

Jams 5 1 cm Va GG 

" Battle 68 

Jarre tt 's Fort 30 

Jasoer Geor^^la 124 

Jackson. General 113 

Jenk.ins, Joseph 1^7 

Obedi^h 116 

Jenni^igs, Baylor 6 

Jenriugs family records 

Jimme r ^ 0:1, , J ohn 1 12 ,. 1 13 

Johnson, Okey Cart •'rG 

T^n.^e 140 


John, Wm 108 iilijah }C0 

Joto son, Springs Va 82 KITCHEN, SARAH 100 

Johnson, Wm 67) Kit {.Emillor, Hni^tin 37 

Jones, Ja- es Sr and Sr'lly 64-65 Fit usa-n^nf.,, Fort 102 

Jcn3 3, Jamas 104 Knl-^ht , Betssy 44 

Erancis 104 Jol'n 44 

or Franoes 

Lincoln Co Ky 28 
Jones, Jesss 4 Elijah 64 

i-.le.x-.nder S'x LanejvilG, Ky 56 

Sally 64 Layvoo^'' lie, Ky 56 

King, Ehenezer F 124 Floyd Go Ky 5- 

Kentucky counties of Lanca^'.ter Co Pe-.- a 33 

Pulaski 26-28 
& Lincoln 28 Levis, J-csso 7 

Kanpwna -Big 114 I.ear, Jar^e j 110 

Kenedy, Samuel 122 LaFarty Fo;"'t j-13 

Keith or Keath, Vifn & Mary 66-67 Larrens , j.ll 

Keller, George 68 Lair, John G 97 

Kirkhain, Sairuel 13 Langston, Bacon 7 8 

Kings Mountain battle 47 Latharn, Jernine 94 

King and Queen Co Va 74 Lawrence Go Indiana ].25 

Kingston, George 3 36 , Leeshurg Va 57 

Kinnett, Nancy 81 Leake, Elisha GO 

Keith, Elisha 67 Lear, Ja^-iot' 31 

Kilbey, Joseph 62 Leeobiarg, Va 50 

King and Queen Co Va 50 Lef iwiok, Wm 49 

Uriah 49 


Lewis, "/tt 14 

George 17 

Leftwich, Thomas 49-76-80 

Lewis Co Va 85 

Leak, Jce 87 

Lindsay, :oll\r 42 

Linchking, Eole Greek 87 

Little York Va 88 

Lincoln Co N C 53 

Little Yoi-k Va 97 

Livingston Go Mo, 47 

Lcgan Beni 25 

Long Island of Hoist on 88 

Long, "/m 9'"^ 

Loudoun Co Va 50 or 59 

Logan Col 3on.1 13 

Loudoun Go Va 105 -57-- 

Lovelace, Charles 119 

Lodge, 3 Jonathan 55 

Loudoun Co Va 55 

Louisville Ky 65 
and 13 

Luttrell, Elisabeth 21-22 
•.7m 21, 22 

Lumpkins Co Ga 48 

Lunenterg Co Va 98 

Luster, Brrhary 11, 
Edv/aDd 11 

Page ]_41 

Lynches Perry 33 
Lynch, Chas 76-80 
Mclnlin ? Mar^ 56-67 
lie Henry , Squjro 30 
lie C lure, David 50 
McTniin, Mary G7 
" Thomas 67 
McMinn Co Tenn 70 
McClary, '.Vm 1C8 
McCasland, James 47 

Nancy 47 
L'lartin Port 108 

Las on. Lit David 73 
27-28 Lieut- 
Marsh, David 69--70 
Miller, Frederick 73 
I'lorgan, -etcr 74 

More land, Dudley c: Elizabeth '"1 

& 'ni 

Monongalia Co Va 68 

Moss, Frederick 4 

More land, John 21 

Mauzy, Fayette 62 

Ma 3 on ^ Arms te ad T 3 7 

Matthev;s, Sar.ips on Col 68 

Macon Co I.lo 67 

Major:i. John 47 

Mas bin, Samuel 36 

Inde X 

McCorkle, Ja^ 89 

Fort Mcintosh, 111-Ij 5-102 

McClung, Elir.abeth W 1J12.2 

McMullen, John 121 

McGloronj, Joseirh 117 

vMc Clary. Wm 108 

Martin-s, Station 24 

Madison Co Ky 12 

Kadis on Co 111 13 

Mar tin 5 John 13 

Matthews, Co Va 74 

Mecklenburg 53 Co va-61 

Meadows, Hans 64 

i'ead, Elizs'i-ieth 56 

Cath 56 

i,:ercer Co ' y 12 

Mo 3 s e nhur g ^ J a me s 15 

Jane K 15 

Jane K 15 
Ma-apln, Ghap:r:an V/ Q 
Montgomery, Wm 20 
Mobbin Hills 20 
Mcntgo'mery Co Va 66 
Moravian tcvms 13 
Mosely, John 73 
Morris, Araos 108 
Montgomery Co Va 64 
Monmo-ath battle £ 55 

.'RACTS 142 

Morgan Co Tenn 70 

Morelsnd, John 72 

Wm 72 

A nn 72 

Eli/,abeth 72 

Winnoy 72 

Mere land, Winney 72 

Morelan-l, John 72 

Morris, Hathaniel 71 

Melton, Wm 110 

Mahl e nbur g, Peter 54 

Muhlenberg, Cfereral 109 

Medley, Isaac llf' 

f:ecklinburg Co Va 99 

Miles, Henry 125 

Minor, J ^hn Caot 115 

Mlddlebrook, New Jersey 99 


Madison Co Jly 113 

Martin's fort 111 

Mallory, R Capt 04 

Manchester V'/are house 90 

Ms nc heater Va 74 

Marshall, Thorras Col 94 

Maryland Point 84 

Maxey, Charles 100 

Monroe Co Oa 87 
Monroe Co Tndiana 122 



More he ad. Turner Capt 94 

Morgantown Va 114-122 

Montgomery Co Va 89-104 

Montgotnery Co Maryland 1T4 

" Co Indiana 122 

"""orffan, Peter Kemp 74 

Mononpialia Co Va 108-106 
lll-114-102-k 103- 

Morris, Nathaniel 90 

New Garden 79 -29 

New London Va 31 -11 

New Orleans, La 28 

Nashville Tenn 125 

Nansemond Go Va 52 - 

New, John & Luclnda 75 

New Kent Co Va 57 

Nev/ River Va 88 -104 

NswG ferry va 119 


NfRPOLK Va 103-86-126-116 
T^ewel, Samuel 17 
Nichols, Benjarrdn 91 
Nolandls ferry 43 
Nuckols, 91 
Nunley, Nancy 120 


Ohio Co Va 50 
Oaty, Wm 39 
Orrange , Edith 116 
Ore, Susan 22 

Mary 22 
Orlando Florida 6 
Ogle, Joseph 50 
Overs tree t, John 32 
Owen, Co Indiana 67 
Orange Co N C 61 
Orange Court House Va 84 
Otter creek Ky 64-65 
Parrish, Hunpriry 90 
Payne, Nancy 2 
Parker, WiHis Capt 52 
Parish, Peter 57 

Paris, George 513 2 
Patterson, Charles 73 
Parmly, John 47 
ietershurg Va 73 

P earcy, James or Percy 
or Piercy or Pierce & 

Elisaheth p 76-77 

Petersburg Va 87-60—55-64 

Pendleton Dist S G 4 

" Capt 101 

Penns >^lvahia State 73 

Pelgrin, Michaol 48 

Peters, B C 125 


Phebeck, Col 1 

ihiladelphla 107 

Phelps, John Lieut 32 

rickens, Dist S C 4 

Pickett, \'m Capt 94 

Pierce, Philio 111 -108 

Pickens Co Ga 124 

Pierce, R T 119 

Pittsburg Pennsylvania 107 

Piborn, Sarah 39 

Pittsylvania Co Va 66-73-41 

Pov/ells Valley 80 

Pov/ors, Jesse 79 

Powers, Jesse 78-79 

^ollard, n^boma^ 32 

Pollock, Jolm Capt 82 

iorterfield, Robert 120 

Poindexter, Jacob 57 

Porterfield, General 74 

Porter. Lieut 78 

Portsmouth Va 52 

Porter, Thos 62 

PoY/ells Valley 24, 

Vovjell, Joshua 43 

Pratt, Stephen & Sarah 30-81 

Nancy 81 

Rebecca 22 



PRATT, I.fe alley 01 

Pern^ally 81 

Lucy 81 

Jol ?' 81 

Cornelius 81 

Charles 81 

Mark 31 

Preston, Joel 110 

Price, John 00 

Price, Rj chard 69 

Prince i^d-ivard Co Va 125-S8 

Prince V/m Co Va 79 

PULASKI 00 ui 26-28- 

Pu t n a m Co M i s s ov.r 1 64-6 5 

rutnam Co Indiana 67 

Kerry S3 

James Sz Ruth 84 

Jeremiah -"x liargaret So 
and D 86 

Job_n 37 -38-91-90-92 

Thomas 93 

WilMam 91-95 
Tar oner F- Tavid 34 
Rogers, Goor'^e & Ji.lizabe:h 
90-9 7 

riappaViannock Co Va 82 

Randolph Co V,' Va 85 
Rainy, Vi-m 79 



RIDHLIOND VA 57-i05--74- RIC-ELY KILL cr Rugle-.- LMll 

■ 96 

Jaroes 97 
Ge 9^ 

Rowan Co K C 12; 
" John 85 

R-utherfDrd Co N C 70 
Rvssell, Andrev/ 55 
Russell Co Ve 39 
Rye Cove 24 
Sanders, Dav'ld 70 

Richards ;, John 93 
Ricnmond Va 92 
Klchardson, Holt Col 43 
Rice^ Hol-Tian 71 
Richmond Vs 87-30- 
Richardsonj Rolt 90-25 

Richardson, Sannel 71 

Saint, Charles Co nissouri 
Riddle, Anna 92 45 

SARATOGA.. Springs Ark, 3 
Reddick, Robert 52 Sander.:, Jolm 98 

Josiah 52 ^a3.hariah A- Sa:"£.h 99-100 

Rigsly rAll 95 Sanders, Alvin 100 

Rhody, Henrietta 7 Wrn 100 

Ritchie Co Va 33 Elis-heth 100 

Rogers, Thomas 37-37 Kuhlenberg 100 

Rockfish river 21-33 P^-anols 100 

Rockingham Go Va 113 Josej^lnus 100 

Rockingham Go N G 89 Hiran 100 

" Go Va 83-84 Saint Gla-^r, General 113 

Robertson, Alexr 13 Sanders, i.lisai.eth r'ol^y 100 

Rodes, Kcnrv '7 -^^cil^-y I'^C 

'iiVashingtcn 100 

■n T'T- 

Henrietta 7 
Rogers, Lewis 108 P®*^-" ^'^uhlenbnrgh 100 

Alvin ]C0 

iiliza 100 

Hiraa lOG 

SCOTT, J a -'res 10] 

Russell Co Ky 35 Sequatchie VaUsy l.n- 70 

^ Seiffe of York 40 

SCOTT,, Dicey 44 

DsAM.d 102 
Seige, of York 40 
Sibcrn, Sarah 39 

Jclon 39 

Siranons, John 3 

Siok, Laoni?.a 51 

Slnglsr , Sarruel 115 

Shrever, Esnj 37 

Shenandoah Co Va 73 

She"' ton, Cluff S3 

Shaffer, John Ca^.t 89 

Shrewshury , ':J?than 76 

Shallow Ford 4V 

Shenandoah Co Va 51 

" 68 

Shrewsbury, Saimiel 31 

Sbevens, Andrew Ca;:t 74 

Stannton Va 74 

Staples, fhehe 2 

Stenhens, Isaac & ReVjecca 

Statler's Fort 114 

Saint Thorias 112 

Stephens , ^e>-ec-.a 104 

Isaac 104 

Elizabeth 104 

Jolm 24 


STE ■HE:^-S, Ja-,G3 104 

''Vm 104 

Rhoda 104 

Diolc 104 

Warcy 104 
Stevenson, Andre v/ 1± 
Stenhens, II I 104 

R I 104-105 

Eliza 1C4 

James 104 
Stephens, Edv/ard 63 

John 18 

Steven-^ on, Jane 126 

Sne 1 s 6 r 5 Be t o y 7 7 

Sinithj Co Venn 118 

Sncddy, John 25 

Snov/dena, l':?ov. v'"o:']-:a 0'? 
in liar y land 3 ,■ 

Somerset Ky 28 

S oil t hall, S 125 

Spy, Indian 114 

-^■^ Scartansbur,^ Dist S C 5--; 

Soratt, Thoraas 5 

S'-^encor, Jose oh 12 

Spartansb-ar- ilist S C 4 

Spencer _, Gi'lecn 73 
S t c ke r , J o ^ m C a p t -4 5 

Stokes ^-^o 1\T C 85 


STON:^, Henry 103 

Stone, Henry 10" 

Stovers tovni Va 63 

Stoke ly To-vles 90 

Susserc Co Va 113 

Surapters defeat 75 

Swope, C-eor7;e 10 

Swadley, Amanaa Mrs 33 

Swamp^ Disnal 3 

Swingler, Samuel 115 

Tar le ton 21 

Taj-lor, Francis 62 

Taylor, Co Va 63 

T'^nnessee counties of 
^ionroe 1 
Morrran Co 10-36 
ST-llivaL Go 1-23 
McMinn 2 
Grainger Co \y 
Fendirest! Co 35-3o 
Knox Co 21 
Smith Co 29 
Overt n Co 36 
Anderson C^ 33 
Hayv;Ood Co 33 

Tazewell Cq Illinois 34 

Tenant, AToraham 108 

JosG'.h 108 

Richard 108 

Thomas, Tbo'^as 55 
3 a- 1^0 
'T'ravis 107 

Thompson, John 60 

Agnes s Mrs 4 



O , li^JLil 


iha & Alice 10'^ 

Thralls, Richard ;:■ lOS 

Thornton, 'Vm Col 14 

Tipton, A or a ham 51 

Todd, Levi Major 13 

Tory 47 

TRENTON, Nev- Ja-&e-'- 55 

Tracy, Jamea 108 

Trigg, Daniel 104 

Tray, or Troy, Jcrnes 108 

Travis, Robert 47 

Trigg, John 40 

Joh^i Capt 10?--110 

Yta 110 

John 110 
Trigg, John Cop^ 39 _30 

Stephen Colonel }3 

Wm 73 

Triplett, Francis S6 

TURNER, Jamen 109-110 
81-3 9-31 

Joseph ]2 

TUSCiJiAV'/AS 111 

Tyler Co Va 115 or 113 

Valentine Hill 47 

Valley Forge ''8 

Franklin Co 40 
Chec-terf ield Co 43 
Hal if a- Co 43 
Hanover 31 
Harrison Co 16 
Hardy Co 15 




L^anenberg Co 41,44 
Lfcwls Co Va 16 
Roci^inghFTn Co Va IS 
\i'rshingtcn Co Va 29 
AugustF Co 15-19-21 
Cumberland Oo Va 1 
Culpepper Co 14 
r.Iecklenberg Co 4 
Albemarle Co 7-8-9 
.'53 34;, 35 

Elizabeth City Co 15 
Pair fay. Gq Va" 19 
Charlotte Cq 41, 44 
-imhurst Co Va 20-21 

33, 34 
Buckingham Co Va 35 
Bedford Co Va 39--42, 28-30, 

31,52,33 11, 9 
Bottetourt Co 1, 17,26"27 
Cherlotusville 7-8- 
Richsacnd Co 1-6-26 
Kontg r.ery Co 17-18- 31,23 

Tyler Co 19 
Wythe Co 18 
Williamisburg Go 27 

Van Winkle, Abraham 70 

Vlncernes 'ost '^5 

Vipsel, -Adam 55 

Y/ashington ^o Va 121 

Westerman or 7/ eatherman. 

Wade, Geor?-e 108 -111 

Walton, Tilmon 21 

Yi/a.ync county Kentix ky 
72-73-74-75-76 -77 
36-- 107-109-108 

WABASH Indians 13 

?;ayne Co 

Wayne, Anthony 20 


>i"ashingbon Ll'^ht Horse ... 

Walkers Lree^: 23 

Wade, Richard 10 

Walker, "'m H 22 

'-Valton, ''r>i 20 

'ivayne Co Ky 64-63 

Wade, Bd^.MncoiO 63 

Wayne, Anthony 59 General 
Wayne Co Ky 98 -II.) 
Walker, Wm 67 

Watkins ,Chas 5-10 

Wayne Co Ky 47 

',Y a y n e , General 113 

Wayne Co Penna 112 

Wade, Joserh 111 

Denune ll"i. 

Thomas 111 

Wahington's Armv, General 

Robert 5§s&ington, G-oneral Go :^j-ge 

Wellsburr, Va 91 

s Weatiierman, l\'ancy 54 

West, Jose h 112-113 

V/EBBEIR, ?^&tL-hcw W 91 

^''est, Cornelius 54 

Whale y, wary 72 

vJhitfield, Thome s 15 
Sarah 15 

Paro 149--- 

ROHO, Henry or Hat-y lOS 
WHITE MRSH CA^if 12 YCHO, Eenrv W 115 

Whitzel, John 115 York -sie-e 94 

Yor k 1 wn , s s 1 ga 4 5 

1/^heeling creek 115 Yearley, Abner 56 

Yellow Braivo.h Va 123 

York, seigo of 89 

Yadkin tie^iutle 47 

Yorktown slope '71 

Yorkfcovm, oiege 14 

V/inchester Va 108 Young, Fli>:at.eth J 5 

Willlams-ovr,-^ Va 110 john 16 

vai, Thomas 78 

Williams, James 56 


WILSON, Vm 114 

WlLLIAMSBT^uG VA 99- -97-55- 

Wilkes -0 " -. "--^ 
Yiflnohester Va prisoners 
Wil-ion, Kancy 119 ' 
'' Benjamin 114 
Wlnchoster Va 104 
Wilkes Co N G 36 
Willard, Martha 123 
Williams, Sherrod 25 
Wills, Book 52 


Winchester Va 115 
Wiley, Washington 113 
Washington, Wm. Col 26 
Wayne ^o K-^ 17 
Woiodford, Colonel 12 
Woodland, township 92 Iowa 
Wood, James 51 
Woodley, Elizabeth 72 
Workman, Master 15 
Wofford, ''"'rr. B 4R 
Wood county Va 3 3 
Wone, ? Joshua A 36 

Wythe Co Va