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Full text of "Virginia pension abstracts of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Indian wars"

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3 1833 01075 3686 




rflaTp'T-J^ AT 




BIBLE, Adam & Magdalen W18596 
Vol 32 page 1 



Esll S 7054 vol 32 
pa. e 21-22 

^0000.10 Littleton & Sarah 
Vol 32 p 2 1 .328848 W3820 vol 32 p 23-24 

Littleberry SI8047 
vol 32 p 25 

Richard and Winifred 
W 8953 v 32 p 26-27 

Samuel S 25168 vol 32 
pa.ire 28 

William & Jane SO 22591 
WO 18264 WC 26113 
Vol 32 page 29 

i James and Sarah 1812 WO 4581 
^; vol 32 p 3 &V>/C 3063 

John S 39158 Vol 32, p 4 

'5^ Philip R 7, vol 32 p 6 

^' William or Berkley 

V S 12964 vol 32 p 7 

S 3152 vol 32 page 8 

'v DENTON, John S 41503 
^. Vol 32 p 9 

ELLIS, Walter W 4431 v 32 
C page 11 

'^-., FORRESTER, Nathaniel & 

Elizabeth WO 10988 
^[ volume 32 page 12 

HELTON, Georg & Mil^ y WG 38503 
vol 32 page 14 

HOWE, James & Margaret 
W 7765 V 32 page 15 

JOHN W. & MARY W 8938 
vol 32 page 16-17 

Keller' George R 5827 v 32 
page 18 


George S 45G4 Vol 32 
page 30 


R 5828 vol 32 
page 19-20 

LONG, Henry S 1849 vol 32 
page 31 

Levi Bounty land warrant 
924 vol 32 p 32 

Mathias & Mary R6430 
vol 32 page 33-^34 

Robert S 46457 v 32,p35 

MORRIS, Amos S 7244 v 32 
pages 37-38 

I'.iORGAN, EVAN S 11098 
vol 32 p 39-40 

MOSS, Francis £c Mary 

WO 7623, WC 3718 v32 p 41 

George SO 20185 

SC 13026 V 32 p 42 


SO 20754 vol 32 
)age 43 


Page 2-X 

MOSS, Stephen SO 2?i290 
SC 15010 vol 32 p 44 

Moss, William & Susannah 
WO 6080 V/C 2882 vol 32 
page 45 

NOEL , Taylor S 1240 vol 32 
page 46 

Richard & Mary W 1465 

volume 32 p47-48 

Thorns S 31278 v 32 p 49 

OGLESBY, Elisha S 1866 

vol 32 pages 51. "^^ 

Jesse & Celxa W 1987 
vol 32 p 53 

Richard & Susan R 7779 
vol 32 p 54 

PILES, Zachariah & Susannah 
bounty land warrant 
#50894 vol -32 p 55-56 

PREWITT, Zacharia S 5952 
vol 32 page 57 


vol 32 p 58-59 

W4806 vol 32 p 60-61 

" William S 7561 v 32 p 62 

" Wii:'iam & Hannah W2629 
vol 32 pa e 63 

'' William S40463 v 32 p 64 

William S6121 v 32 p 65 

William S7548 v 32 p 66 

William & Elizabeth W 929E 
vol 32 page 67-68 

SMITH, William R9872 
vol 32, page 68-69 

William £: Mary W6094 
vol 32 p 70-71 

SPRIGG, Leven S 14552 
vol 32 D 72 

VAUGHAN, ^bner R 10917 
vol 32 p 73-74 

Abram or Abraham & 

Margaret S. W610 
vol 32 page 75-76 

Almond & Joanna V/6342 
vol 32 p 77 

Absalom & Martha W6343 
vol 32 p 78 

Ephraim R 10919 v 32 
page 79 

WARRANT 637 V 32 p 80 

Claiborne, bl wt 2271 
Vol 32 i-age 81 

Ingraham. or Ingram^ 
S32568 vol 32 p 82 

JAiTES S7779 v 32 p 83 

James S37497 v 32 p84 

Jessee S 38450 v 32 
page 85 

John S 7788 v 32 p 86 

John R 18674 v32 p 87 
& 88 

Jol-m & Nancy R 10920 
vol 32 page 89 

Thomas S3 9112 p 32 
nas-e 90 



VAUGHN, Thomas S 22030 
volume 32 page 91 

Thomas S 6293 vnl 32 p 92 

William & Elizabeth M 2708 
vil 32 p 93-94 

William S 14754 vol 32, 
page 95 

VANN, Henry bounty land 
warrant 12636 vol 32 
page 95 

WITCHER, JAIvIES S 2024 v 32 
page 97 

WALICER, Daniel & Elizabeth 
SO 9183 SO 5483 vol 32 
pag® 98 

Edward bounty land v/arrant 
12651 V 32 p 99 

Edward bo nty land wt 
425 page 100 

Frederick SO 8593 
SC 19993 vol 32 p 101 

Henry SC 23077 SC 14510 
V 32 p 102 

James & Charlotte C V/0 32827 
WC 20238 V 32 p 103 

Jesse & Elizabeth W. 15243 
WC 9327 vol 32 p 104 

WALKER, Joim & Martha S. 
V/0 27159 WC 14974 
V. 1 32 p 110 

Joseph & Minty V/C 22159 
WC 15988 V 32 p 111 

Samuel S 39117 v 32 p 112 

Thomas & Messanah 
W6405 v 32 p 113 

Thomas & Anna WO 14162 
WC 8060 V 32 p 114 

Thomas & Pannv WO 4983 
vol 32 page " 115 

Thomas '- '.", 

vol 32 p 116 
No 18767 

William & Sarah SO 11571 
SC 6805, Vro 30997 WC14925 
page 36 vo" 32 

William & Harriet WO 22527 
WC 29662 v 32 page 13 

Wll'J.iam S7800 page 117 
volume 32. 


Joel SO 11578 SC 7256 
vol 32 p 105 

John SO 27049 SC 18601 
vol 32 p 106 

John & Ann WO 6246 WC 2864 
vol 32 p 107 

JoVin & Elizabeth WO 2766 
WC 14043 V 32 p 108 

John & Ann WO 10263 WC 
31675 V 32 p 109 


VIRGINIA SERVICE OP ADAM BIBLE and Magdalene Bible W18596 
The widow :.. ^ iMagdalene Bible 

applied in Rockingham county Virginia 1839, age 75 and 

states she is the widow of Adam Bible, who was a soldier in 

the Revolutionary war, and belonged to the Virginia line; that 

he enlisted in the ar^^y Feb 1775 in AUGUSTA COUNTS VIRGINIA for 

2 years J he was enlisted by Lieut John Gratton and belonged to 

the 8th Va regiment, under Col Muhlenberg; was in battles of 

Brandywlne, Germantown- states she was married to Adam Bible 

Sept 1785 and he died Feb 2,1826. Affidavit of Catharine Lamb 

age 79 and stated Ada Bible entered service at the commence - 

ment thereof, kn ws he marched from Augusta Co Va under 

Col Muhlenberg, and states he has been dead several years. 

Affidavit of Jacob made in Rockingham Co Va 1839 
age 83, states he was well acquainted with Adam Bible, ever 
since they were boys together, at age 17 or 18 and knows he 
enlisted in the army of the Revolution, was enlisted by Lieut 
John Gratton marched with the first troops fl'om Augusta Co Va 
under Col Muhlenberg. That Adam Bible was married to Magdaline 
SHOEMAKER fully 50 years and over, confident they were marred 
at least 8 or 9 years previoiis to Jan 1, 1794 and he has been 
dead 12 or 13 years, leaving Magdaline Bible his widow, and 
she remains his widow. Affidavit of Henry Shoemaker 1840 Mar 3, 
in Rockingham Co Va age 62. 

He is certain their oldest son is 56 or 57. 
Certified copy of marriage record from clerl^ of Rockingham Co 
Va is filed showing Adam Bible obtained license fcr marriage 
with Magdalene Shoemaker dau of George Shoemaker, dated 9-17 

Affidavit of John Bible who states he is age 51 and is a 
son of Adam Bible and Administrator upon his father's estate; 
that upon examination of his father's papers, this morning he fou; 
found in them a dlschar e In the following words; "Adam Bible 
a soldier of the 8th Va reglm.ent, having served his time for 
which he enlisted is hereby discharged. Signed at Valley -Forge 
2-8-1778. Chs Scott B G. This said John Bible made this 
affidavit 1840 July 1, in Rockingham Co Va. 

■sei s f/'i L:- J ...•■ 



It appears from the papers in pension olaim S 17247 

that Edmand Bartiett was born December 23, 1759. ' '^ 


vifhile a resident of Spotsylvania county 

Virginia, he enlisted and served as a private with the Virginia 

troops, as follows; 

Erom Aug 1 1776, until Oct ^ 1776, in Capt John Tankersly's 

company, in iffol Thornton's regiment from April 1777, 2 months in 

Capt Thomas Carothers' company in Col George Stubblefield 's 

regiment, from April 1, 1778 two months in Capt Nicholas 

Payne's company, from Oct 1 1779 2 months in Caot Holliday's 

company in Col George Stubblefield ' s regiment, from ^-arch 1780 

until May 1 1780, in Capt John v/hite's company in Col Nicholas 

Payne's regiment, in 1781, 2 months in Capt Taylor's com.iany in 

Col Thomas Merr iwether 's regiment, from Aug 15, 1781, 2 months 

in Capt Frankk Coleman's comjany in Col Merr iwether 's regiment 

and was at the surrender of CorSiwallis, from Dec 1 1781 24 da 
days and was engaged in guarding Hessian Prisoners. 

He was allowed pension on his application executed May 20 
1833 at which time he was a resident of Huntsville, 
Randolph Co Missouri to v;hich place he had moved 1830 from 
KENTUCKY. There are no data r&iative to his family. 

The place of burial of said soldier is not shown in the 
papers of the pension claim. 

In order to obtain date of last payment of pension, name 
and address of person paid and possibly date of death of 
the pensioner, Edmund Ban. let S 17247 you should address the 
Comptroller General, General Accounting Offic", records Division 
j'/ashington D C citing the following data; Certificate No 22341 
issued 10-17-1833 rate |49.33 per annum commenced 3-4-1831 
under Act of June 7 1832, Missouri Agency. 

In 1830 moved from Ky to Huntsville, Randolph Co Mo. 
(Missouri ) . 

He was age 73 in 1833 when he applied in Randolph Co Mo. 

Page -3- 
WAR OF 1812 

V/0 4581 and V/ G 3063 

Served as private under Gapt John Jones in the Vir^'inia 
Militia. Enlist^^u March 23 1813 and was dischar,:;cd Aag 17,1813 

Residence of soldier 1851 was Goochland Go Va and in 1855 in 

Fluvanna Countv Va. Residence of widow 1871 was Columbia, 

Fluvanna Go Va, and her maiden name was Sarah Troop 

They married Jan 30 1808 in Westmoreland Go Va. and Ke died 

Feb 10 1866 in Gola mbia Va. Bounty land warrants Kos 

26558 for 80 acres in 1850 and 6800 for 80 acres in 1855. 

DECLARATION was filed by James Bartlett in 1851 

in Goochland Co Va a^-e 64 a resident of Fluvanna Co Va who 

served under John Jones in the Va militia, commanded by Col 

John H Cocke status he was drafted from Fluvanna Go Va March 

25, 1813 stationed at Camp Randolph, then stationed at Cam j 

■lolly about23rd A^^ril or June 1813 for six months and served 

four months and discharged at Camp Hoi y 24 July 1813 on 

account of disability. 

Also declaration was made 1855 March 31, in Fluvanna Co Va 

by James Bartiettap-e 68 when he ap lied for additional bounty 

land. DECLARATION was made by Saraii Bartlett in Fluvanna Go 
Va June 8 1872 statin,-; she is age 82 and widow of James 
Bartlett; that her name before marriage was Sarah Troop 
and they were married Jan 30 1808 by parson H azard baptist 
clergymand in .iestmorelai.d Go Va, and the clerk file Certified 
copy of their marria^^er^cord . That her husband died in 
Fluvanna Co Va Feb 10 1866. 


DECLARATION was made in Jefferson County Kent Lcky 1821 

July 23 by John Bartlett a residentof said county age 

57 and states he served in theRevolutionary war ; that he 

enlisted in the Virginia Line on Continental establishment 

at WINCilESTER VA in a troops- of Cavalry commanded by 

Capt R bert Yancey in theregiment com -anded by Col Bland 

ofthe first regiment of cavalry that he was then put 

in the third troops, under CaptWatts, that he enlisted for 

duration of thewar, that he was enlisted in summer 1780 

andmarched to the southward and while in the south v;as at 

Charleston, Savannah, Guilf ordCourt Houseand Camden; that 

he was one of these sent backto Virginia under Lieut 

That while in Va October 1781 he was at the siege of ^ork 

that soon afterward he went back to the South and was 

discharged at Ruff ins? Ferr.i South Carolina, and said 

discharge has long since been lost; that he served in 

manner aforesaid from summer 1780 tosumraer 1783. 

That he has a wife and 3 children, his wife age 54- 
his oldest son was married and is named John Bartlett. The 
2nd is named Lavender Bartlettagel9, the third Jefferson 
Bartletta ge 12, that the whole family lives with the oldest 
son who is married and has one child, (name not stated of 
said child ) . 

The name of his wife was not stated. 

The number of his certif icatewas No 18624 

and vi/as on the West Tennessee Agency 
also Ky Agency 1821. 


WIi.. lAM WAU-aiR S 7800 Page -5-- 

DECLARATION was made in Darke Coaaty Ohio November 

19, 1833, by William V/alker who apjlied under the Act of 

Jane 7, 1832. He made no reference to wife or children. 

The data which follow were obtained from the papers 
on file in pension claim P 7800, based upon service of 

"William Walker in the Revolutionary war. HE WA? BORI^t Marc 
1759 in Bedford County Virginia. 

Vii'hile a resident of Botetourt Go Va, he volunteered 

September 1778, served as private in Capt John Shannon's Va 

company at Fort Mcintosh against the Indians, which fort was 

commanded by Colonel Broadhead, and returned home after 

service of 5 months. He enlisted a 2nd time in Decembe 

1780, served as private in Capt James Hanley's or Hawley's 

company, Colonel David Gampbelx's Va regiment and marched 

south, was in an engagement a few daj/s after the battle of 

Cowpens and served until about Iilarch 1781. 

The soldier resided in Botetourt Co Va for about 3 

years after his service, then moved to Mecklenber^ Co NC 

where he remained about 10 . ears, then re turned to Botetourt 

Co Va, and lived about 11 years, after which he moved to 

KNOX COTJTY TENIIESSEE (the county yeat there is Knoxville ) 

and resided about 18 years, then moved to PREBLE CO'H^TY OHIO 

thence after a few years to tiie County of Carke, Ohio. 

In order to obtain date of last payment of pension, name 
and address of person paid and possibly the date of death of 
pensioner, you should apply to the Comptroller General, Genera i. 
Accounting Office, 'v/ashington D C and f^ornish the following 
data: v/m Walker, Certificate No 25733, Issued Dec 27,1833 
Rate ^26.66 per annum. Commenced Mar 4 1831, Act of June 

7 1832, OHIO AGENCY. 


SEE A C C NO 837 Virginia State Navy 
Philip Bartlett File Y S 

DECL-iRATION was made in Henrico County Virginia 

at Richmond Va 1846 June 24th. 

John Jones Sheriff of Elizabeth county and assu 

administratorof DoctorPhilip Bartlett deceased applied a 

against the Comraonwealth. 

Appeal from a decision of the Aaditorcf 
Public accounts rejecting a certain claim of the ap ellant 
against the com, .onwealth for services and rendered 
by Philip BartiCtt in his lifetime asa Surgeon in 
the Revolutionary war. 

This day came as well the appellant by his 
attorney as the attorney General on behalf of the Commonwealt 
andtbe said apellant per (pursuant to leave heretofore 
granted him filed his petition to which the said Auditor 
filed his answer and it appearing by the evidence on the 
part of the appelant filed in this cause, thatthe said 
Philip Bartlett was a surgeon in the StateNavy in the 
Revolutionary war, and continued to serve as such until 
end of thewar. The court is of opinion that he was 
entitled to half pay during his life, and that the 
said Auditor of Public Accounts erred in rejecting the 
claim tnereto presented by the appellant. 

It is therefore ordered that the auditor issue 
and deliver to appellant a warrant on the Treasury of this 
Comiionwealth for said half pay to wit; 

from 23 April 1783 to the death of Philip Bartlett 
which occurred 1st July 1809. 

signed J Robinson clerk 

A letter from Commissioner of pensions 

July 16 1846; 

I certify that I have examined the claim of 
theadministratorof late Lr Phi.ip Bartlett and I find that 
the admr at a circuit superior court of law and chancery 
for Henrico Co Richamond held 24 June last obtained a 
judgment against the Commonwealth ofVa for half pay 
for service of said Bartlett as a surgeon in the Va Navy 
during the Revolutionary war. and etc. 

PAGE 7- 


S 12964 

DECLARATION was made in Claris County Kentucky September 26 
1832 by «(/illiam Berkley orBartlett. He referred to his 
brothers but gave no names. And resided in Vjinchester Ky 
said county. He aplied under the Act of June 7 1832. 

vJilliam Berkley son of V/iliiam, vjas bom January I 7- 1755 
in Frederick county Virginia. The soldier's father died in 
LOUDOUl^ COUNTY VIRGINIA, date not stated, his mother, whose 
name was not given, died ;prior to 1832 (exact date 
not shown) . 

v/hile residing in Loudoun co Va, V/illiam Berkley enlisted 

Feb 1777, served as private in Captain Porterf ield 's 

Gabriel Long's and James Wright's companies. Col Daniel 

Morgan's Virginia regiment, was in the battle in New York 

State, where General Burgoyne was taken, in General Sullivan' 

Indian battle in the "GENESSEE COUNTRY" and at the siege 

of Charleston, where he was wounded, taken prisoner and held 

for about 14 months, then returned to his regiment and was 

discharged October 1781. The nature of his wound was not 

stated . 

It is not stated whether or not V.illiam Berkley 

ever married. 

In order to obtain date of last payment of 
pension, name and address of person paid and possibly date 
of death of soldier, tfa Berkley, you should write to the 
Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Records 
Division, Washington D C and cite the following data: 

WILLIAM BERKLEY alias Bartlett, 
Certificate No 76.48, Issued May 11 1833, Rate of 4:80 per 
annum, Commenced March 4 1831, Act of June 7 1832 


PAGE 8— 


The data following were obtained from papers on file in 

pension claim S 3152 based upon the service of Daniel 

Chumley in the war of Revolution. 

T..e date and place of birth were not shown, nor names 

of his parents stated. 

Daniel Chomley enlisted in Halifax County Virginia, served 
as a private in Capt Triplett's company, Col Grayson's 
regiment, was in the battle of Monmouth, after which he was 
transferred to Capt Ilitcheli's company and marched to 
Charleston, South Carolina, was in the surrender of 
Charleston, length of service about 3 years. 

He was allowed pension on his a ;pxication executed June 25, 
1833, at which time he was about 74 and living in WILSON 

T..C pagrs contain no reference to his family. 
In order to obtain date of last payment of pension 
name and address of person paid, and possibly date of death 
of this pensioner, you should ap^jly to The Comptroller General 
-General Accounting Office, Records Division, V-?.shington D C 
and give the following: 

Daniel Chumiey, Certifioata 19466, issued 
September 11, 1833, at Rate of ^.bO per annum, 
commenced ^^laroh 4 1831, Act ofj^ne 7 1832 
V/est Tennessee A.^ency. 

Page 9 


DECLAPiATION was made in Ratherford County North Carolina 

1819 January court by John Denton who states he served 

with the Minute men taat marched to H'illiamsbur^^h against 

Lord Dunmore in the early part of the Revolutionary war, 

that he entered for a year on hoard a small privateer commanded 

by Capt Barron, and on leaving her enlisted in Hanover 

County Virginia with Capt John Dandridge o f the 1st regiment o 

of Va artillery under Col Chas Harbison for 3 years which time 

he served but being an enlisted man and his h memory impaired 

by age and etc cannot at this time state exactly the time but 

thinks it was 1777. Ke was in several actions; that at 

the battle of Monmouth, his knee was dislocated by the re 

recoil? of a gun, and at storming of stoney po.jnt where he 

andseveral of thecorps to which he belonged acted as infantry 

he received a woundf rom a musket bal.. in the foot. He was 

honorably discharged at Playmeren? in Jersey and discharge si ne 

by Col Harrison.- that he has a large family to raise - 

the money he received for his service wascontinental currency 

and of little value, -he owns a piece of poor land, now 

nearly 70- yearsof age,- taat axl of his children wheo were 

able to hei.j him have left him exce it some daughters who are 
not more than able to sup ort themselv s. 

Declaration was also made 1827 Jan 11, in same county 
by said John Denton age 75. His certificate was No 11799 
- He stated his family consists of a wife older than 
himself, ttiree daughters from 25 to about 30 years of age. 
The latter cannot more than support themselves. DAUGHTER 
DECLARATIO'^ was made by Agness Denton, . " /of John 
Denton, in PO..K COUIITY NORTl CAROLINA 1856, Oct 24. age 69. 
t.iat he died in Rutherford Co N C 22 Feb 1830. Left no wdo 
but children Mary Hudson, Nancy Cloud & Agness Denton on ones 
living. . 


The data whioh follow are obtained from the paper 
on file in Revolutionary war pension claim R £888, based upon 
the military service in that war of John Lenton. 

John Denton was BORl\r in Brunswick County ^ Virginia May 7 
1762. The names of his parents are not shown. 

After the Revolution he lived in North Carolina, from 
January 1785 until 1792 then moved to South Carolina and 
lived two years, thence to the state of Georgia. 

On February 18 1833, wiile a resident of Hancock County 
Georgia John Denton applied for pension and alleged that while 
residing in Brunswick Co Va, he enlisted Aug 16 1777, served 
as an artificer in the 2nd Virginia regiment of artillery 
under Capt Lieut Laurence House, and Col Thomas Marshall 
and was discharged Aug 23 1780: that he afterward served 
under Capt Crowley, Hawes and Alien and Wm Spiller, Major Elias 
Edmunds and Col James «>/ilson Bradley in the Va troops, was in 
in the battles of Guilford Sourt House, Petersburg, at the 
siege of Yorktown and surrender of Cornwallis and that 
afterwards he guarded prisoners bound for Albemarle Barracks 
as far as Falmouth Virginia. 

His claim was not allowed as he failed 
to furnish proof of service of six months as required by 
the pension law. 

There are no data as to soldier's family. 

VIRGINIA SERVICr OF JALTER ELLIS V/ 4431. Page 11--- date and place of birth of vJalter Ellis are not 

given. He enlisted, place not given, served a tour of 3 mont 

months under Capt */fa Harding in General Lillington's North 

Carolina Brigade and was disclnarged March 22, 1780; he 

also served a toor -length not stated, under Lieutenant 

Colone-. Thomas Owen in General Butler's 'Brigade and was 

discharged November 16, 1781. 

He died Nov 13, 1821 in Jackson county Georgia. 

He married ^vlay 8 1776 to Mary, whose maiden name vms not 

stated . 

Soldier's widow Mary Elxis was allowed pension on 

her application executed Marc|i 13 1840, at which time she 

was a^e about 84 and resided in GILMER County Geor,;ia. 

vVaiter and Mary Ej-lis had the following children: 

Elizabeth El^is bom October 3 1778 

Ann Ellis born March 8 1781 

Stephen Ellis born August 27, 17d3 

M^ry Ellis born February 13, 1786 

James E^iis born - date not stated. 

In 1840 Reverend William Ellis, then a 

resident of Gilmer County Georgia, stated that he was a 
son of James E^lis and a grand son of the soldier 

w'alter Ellis. 

In above year, Elijah Ellis, Relationsnip not stated 
was a resident of Gilmer Co Ga. T lere are no further data as 
as to his fai-fiily. Mary Eiiis certificate No 3346, issued June 
6-1840, rate ^20 per annum, com:enced March 4, 1831, Act 
of 4, 1836, Georgia Agency. 

I- age 12 

WAR OF 1818 

;":'o 10988 - He served under Caotain Markhara 
in the Vir^'inia militia. 

DECr.ARAT^GE was mad in Talladega County Alabama 

July lb, 1874 w ^0 personally ap ilied before Jaraes '-'- Cokor 

a clerk of t.ho Circuit coirrt, for said ccj.nty, b"^ Elizabeth 

Forrester, a^e 85 and states she is tlie widow of Nathaniel 

Forrester, vi/ho served sixty days in t.a war of lbl2 

and states he was drafted by Capt ilarkham at Manchester 

Virginia June or July 1814 and discharjed from ti.e hospita^. 

at Ilcrfolk Va Ist Feb 1815 tiat she was married under 

name of Elizabeth Alphin to said iTathaniel Forrcst-^r, 17th 

March 1813 at ..lanchester Va, by iiev John Courtne" of Richmond 

Va. T'^.at her husband died at Carthage Alabama 1847, that 

she remains hi s v; i d ow . 

CEj(T^F:ED COyy :F II^RIilAGE R^CrD ^'LEB ^r-^ q-t-'j;^' 

C'VUtT C.."R ' ~F C"TSTERF^E-.D CO VA 1874 showing 

Nafiianiel Forrest^jr and Elizabeth Alphin of C'lestcr field 

Co Va secarod licease to marry 1813 Feb 15th.. 

WAR OP 1812 PAGE 13 

WO 22527 and W CT 29662 who served as private under 
Capt, William Gregg in the MiPglniai Mili tia, 

MECKLENBERG COUNTY VIRGINIA states he is a brothec 
of HARRIETT WALKER the widow of WILLIAM Y/ALKER and t 
that he was present at the marriage of his sister 
with William Walker deceased who were married by 
JOHN THOMAS BACON, and this affiant v/as age 9 at that 
time, that she is now the widow of William Walker who 
died about 17 years ago. Sighed 1879o-BENJAMIN WALKER 

a*ie certified copy of marriage bond filed by county 
court clerk of BRUNSWICK COUNTY VIRGINIA, showing Win. 
GOODE also signing the marriage bondo 

DECLARATION was made in Mecklcnberg County ^ ' \ ' 
Virginia 1878 by Harriot Walker widov/ of Wm. Walker ..* ■,';:. 
that she was marriod . 'Win. Walker in Brunswick Co.Va^, 
about August 9, 1817 that William Walker had been 
previously married to Rebecca Hicks and that V/m. Walker- 
died at his rosidencG in Brunsv/ick County Virginia Nov, 
7, 186S' and she sti?I remains his widow that since his 
discharge they had resided in Brunswick until within 
last twleve months, she has resided ir. Mecklenburg Co.VAo 

SI3I -^o /iA\V 

; ... CSJI'? a.'lOOaS E-n-AIHH.M '-TO Y«IO0 

. io>fX^W i;iBj:IIJ:V/ .icflw 
• .,..i.;jw .;, lion, G.£ eiie d^srii ^eailiJ 

j-^c-H r^ oV^X -In?: ""7 

WAR OF 1812 

Page 14 


MIIn.Y HI'LTOK WO 38503 

DEC'^ARATIi3 ..;ade by Milly Helton in Majoffin county 
Kentuo'-y November 8, 1879 by her a.'e 82, states she is 
the widow of George Helton who served 20 days in the 
militar^f service who was drafted , thathe went into service 
from Patrick coanty Virginia. He was gone from home for 
about 3 weeks. T.aat her name before marriage was Milly 
Wade to said George ^elton on 12th Jan 1816, by John Farggle 
minister in Patrick ^--o Va, that he died near Salyersville , 
Kentucky 24 December 1864. 

Tiie county court clerk of Patrick Co Va se ,t in 
certified copy of marriage records of George -^^elton and 
Milley Jade Jan 12 1816.. 

Page 15 

Bounty laud warrant No 26608 for 160 acres in 1855 

It appears from the Revolationar.; war pension claim 
No Vv 7765 that James Howe was BOKII Fetraary 5 1763 in 
Richmond County Virginia. The nar.ies of his parents not 

'while residing in Richmond County Va, he enlisted March 
1781, and served 3 months as a substitute for his tiroti er- 
in-lavvf, ViflL-^IAIT JONES, as a privte under Lieutenant 
Kelsick and Capt Geor£:e Morrison in Col Nelson's Virginia 
rceiraent . 

He enlistee Ju^ 1781, and served 3 months as substitute 
for his brother, T-iomas Howe, as a private in Cajt 
Samuel Fauntleroy 'sVa Com.. any ^ 

About Oct 1 1781, he enlisted and served two 
months as a pri ate in Capt Nor than or Kelsick 's Va 
Company and was at the siege of -^orkt: wn. 

About lb21, he moved from Va to V/arren 
Co Ohio of which place he was a resident when he was allowed 
pension on his ap,,ilication executed Oct 3 1^32. 

He died March 19 1838 near ^lar 
Harveysbur^-, nVarren Co Ohio. 

T..e soldier married Jan 6, 1803, in Frederick Co Va 
Margaret or Pejgy Dean. Their marriage vjas recorded in the 
office of cler:: of Frederic Co Va . 

SHe was allowed pension on her applcation executed 
June 2 1853 at which time she was age 72 and resided 
in Clinton Co Ohio. 

No referenc to children. 

Page 16 


or HOvV V/ 8938 

DECLARATION was made m Greenap Coant.y Ee tucky 1833 
Jane 3 13'/ John .V Howe of said coanty a^^e 80, 
who apjlied under the Act of June 7 1832. 

He states he enlisted 1775 and in the fall of that 

year, and served in thefirst regiment of Virginia State 

line, and the firstcompany of said regiment, wnich was a 

rifle company under V/illiara Campbell, was the name of his 

caotain, who afterwards was in thebattle of Kin;s mountain, 

Daniel Tri.jg his first Lieutenant, Alexander Cummins, his 

2nd Lieut, and George Lambert was the ensign, Patrick 

Henry was one Col , and V/illiam Christian, Lieut. Col 

Patrick Henry e resigned shortly after this applicant 

enlisted and Cliristian took his place for the best 

reoolection ofthis declarant. That he resided in Fincastle 

when he enlisted, which county is novj calied MONTG 'lEPY 

CO VA. -he rendezvoused at New London, marched to Williams- 
barg. Then marchedto Ham;pton; thence to Viilliamsburg again 
down to Hampton and after being engaged in guarding the 
coast there a while they marched to Hogg Island , Jamestown, 
Williamsburg, t ence were cal-ed to march to Gwinnslsland 
in July 1776. baton arriving ta re found thatCol Charles 
Scott of tne 2nd refluent had got there and accomplished 
what they wee oal edon to do. the evening before they 
reached there. Then marcned back to V/illiamsburg, 
where he received his discharge which he haslost. In 1778 
he was appointed as a spy in the spring of that year by 
Col vVm Preston fortwo years and served that term 

In 1776 ? he entered service as a volunteerin 
Montgomery Co Va under Caot Jaues Robins on. and stationed 
at v/ood Fort and Camp Union, since cal ed Louisburg 
LIuch service is outlined 

Fage 17--- 

Page 2. W 8938 

DEGIjARAT ION was made by Mary Ann How or Howe in 
GREENUP COUI^'F^ KENT TCKY 1841 March 16 a-e 72, who applied 
under the Act of July 7, 1838. 

She statesshe isthewidovv of John W Kow deceased, 
latepe^sioner on the Kentaoky Ajency roll. 

She states she was married to JohnW How 
19 September 1782, in MONTGOMERY COUNTY VIRGINIA. 
Thather husband, John »v' How died 13th April 1835. 

That she was not married to him prior to his leaving 
the service, but same took place as stated. 

She knows of no proof of record of her marriage or 
agesof her children, .unless it canbe px found in a 
Volume of the History of England, now in possession of 
tiie declarant's daughter in law, Elizabeth How 
of Greenup Co K.y. 

1841, age 38, that she was well acquainted with John W 
How, and that he died in spring 1835. InatMaryAnn How 
remainshis widow. 

Tliat she has in her possession a volume of the 
History of Scotland, which contain the family recordof 
the children ages of said John W How, 
which commenced in thesew rds, viz; 

2" September 12, 1783 Joseph was Born 
May 22. Rebecca How was torn April 11 1785, Elinor How 
was Born and so continues the said record with rest 
of the names of their children down to Joh Nelson How 
v/asborn Nov 3 1795 which is in hand v/riting of John W 
How; that t le said records have been in her possession 
ever since -i'?8g4(1834) 

-Here follows records direct from the page: 
Se -t 12 1783 Joseph Howe was born 
May 22 Rebec kah How wash or n 
April 11 1784 Elinor How was born 
February20 1787 Sarah Howe was Born 
January 20 1791 Wm Howe was born 
March 22 1793 Daniel Lynham Howe was born 
November 3 1795 John Nelson Hovife was born 

-down below in a different ink pen; James Vv'omack or 
k/arnock was born June 1, 1789. 

Page 18 


The data following were obtained from the papers on file 
in jension olaim R 5827, based upon the Revolationar war 
service of ^eorge Keller. He was BORIT October 14, 

He married May 7 1786 in Augusta County Virginia, to 
Sojhia Mowry or Moury. They were married by the Reverend 
William «/ilson. 

George Keller applied for pension Feb 22, 1841, then 

residing in Augusta County Virginia and alleged that -while 

living in said Augusta Co 7a he volunteered sometime in 

Dec 1780 and served 3 months in a rifle company underCajt 

T'lomas Smith, that from tae following February he served i 

in Capt Thomas Smith's company in Col C-eor„e Moffett's 

regiment, and was in tne battle of Guilford Court House, and 

about the time of the surrender of Cornwallis, he served 3 

months in a shop in Staunton, Va, making wagons for the army 

this serv.ce was under an officer named Clarke. 

The claim was not allowed as proof of 6 

months service in an embodied military corps, as reauired b 

by the pension law, was not furnished, the service in the shop 

in Staunton not being considered militar ■. 

George ICeller died March 1 1841 and his vidow; 

Sophia in 1854 was a resident of Augusta Co Va , and was 
age 88. 

In 1860 it is stated that the widow was dead, no 
definite date of death given, and their childr n are then 
referred to, only name mentioned being SAJ.rUEL ICELLER. 


DECL/iRAT'" ON was made in Shenandoah Coiuitv Vxr^inia 

AUtSList 19, 1836 by Geor_ e ICelier a resident of said 

coanty aje 73, who ap .died ander the Act of Jane 7 1832. 

He states that in the sprin of 1731 that there was 

a draft raade upon tne militia of Siienandoah Co ''a for 

men to ^o across the mouijtains :.nto HARDY CO'JNTY in 

piirsait of some Tories and which service he volunteer d 

upon being promised that he shoald receive a dischar^;e 

for a toiir of militia duty, that he marched from said 

cointy of Snenandoah andcr Ga )t Jacob Rinker to Hardy coanty 

and joined Col Bird's regiment, and tie matter being 

settled with said Tories withoat any fighting, he got a 

discharge from Col Bird fcr a tour of militia datv, and 

ret irned home the first of Jane 1781,, t"iat a few davs 

after he ret .rned hom^e, he /ola4teered again and m.arched 

from said Shenandoah Co and-^r Jacob Rinker to Riclimond, Va. 

and joined Col Harrison's regiment and remained there one 

night, he rnarchad with him to «:'illia-;;sbargh, where he rema 

remained until Aug 1, 17tjl, and they were dischar ed and 

he received a disoivarge from Col Harris -n; and about the 

first of Sejt 1781, there was a draft made upon the 

militia Shenandoah Go Va and and he was drafte for 3 

months and marched ander Cat KnalX Littx^ork & attached 

to Col Darke's regiment, as one of the guards of the 

prisoners taicen at that place and marched to Fredericksb- 

burgh Va aud received furlough Oct 3 1781 

Much other serv-ce is outlined. 

Page 2. 

Affidavit by John Thornberry 1836 Nov 10th, in 

Shenandoah Co Va, stating he went to see George Keller who 

made declaration hereto attached, soon after receiving the 

letter of J L Edwards, x^ension Commissioner Oct 8 1836, 

directed to v/ilford G Little, Manassas Gap, Warren county 

Va, req.aesting said Keller to specify more clearly his service 

, and finding said George Kei^er speechless, - He transmits 

t'le annexed certificate of Absalom Rinker, Esquire in lieu 

of said Keller's own statements, as his never can be 

obtained because Keller, died 3rd instant and left an 

afflicted widow, whose name was Christena Keller. 

signed Nov 10 1836 by John Thornberry. 

*** T-^ WIL-_, OF GEORGE ICELLER of Shenandoah Co Va 

June 6, 1836 he gives and beq.ueath's to my two frineds 

Philip Ruby and Phili V/ilkin plantation whereon he now reside 

containing 140 acres, provided they ccmply with and perform 

a^l and every one of the stipulations in an agreement by 

himself and them on -ith instant and to lay in the hands of 
Absaloiji Rinker, - except he reserved of his land about half 
an acre, adjoining Fol.y's land to include the grave yard, 
for the sole use of burying ground for his neighbors and 
reiatioiis for ever. A^so to his friends Philip Ruby the c 
choice one of his horses and to his friend Absalom Rinker 
^50 to be taken out of his personal estate, ; mentions 3 
John Stout and Anna Betts, but no distribution of estate 
until after deceased of his wife Christena, - executor was 
Absalom Rinker, of his wili.- he also gives to Re ..ben Pence 
son of Isaac Penae an eq.ual part to share with Polly 
Shaver , John Stout and Anna Betts. 

ii note by Phili j V/ilkin in Shenandoah Co Va 1837 
stating Christena Keller died 20 December 1836. 

DEC1.ARATTOK v«;as made in Greenville District ?oath Carolina 
October 9, 1832 ty Esli :iant , a^.e 74, who a- .lied andor the Act 
of J^ne 7, 1832. 

He stated he was BORN in Bedford County Virginia and 
entered service aboat the aje of 16, as a volunteer at 
Bedford Co Va under ijieut \ita Watts in a com ;any of Ca )t 
-ettridje and was stationed at Chissells Lead Mines on New 
River, Virt^jinia for the purpose of guarding and protecting 
tie operations whole vi/as under supertendant of Col 
Calloway and occasionally Col Lynch. His next service v/as in 
guarding tae corainississioners , two of whom he reriemlDers , only: 
Dr Walker of Virginia and G 1 Richard Henderson of North 
Carolina, in running the dividing line between S[prth Carolina 
and Virginia ,inder Col Williams. He was at the battle of 
Kings Mountain. The officers under whom he served were Capt 
ueorge Russelx, Major Jonathan Tipton and n'alton, & Charles 
Robi nson and Col Sevier, Col w'm Cam,)bel^ was the comrnanding 
officer at this battle, where Col Ferguson was defeated. 
Some short time after this battle Col Sevier, 's men v.'ere 
discharjed and on their retirn home, they understood that 
the Indians were making an excursion into the country. They 
were im ediatel ■ collected by Col Sevier, who attacl^ed the part 
of Indians and kiixed 13 of tneir nimber. The troops were 
then marched into South Carolina to .join General Francis 

Marion on the Santee. On t leir route they passed General 
Green's army, which was at tiie t ^me on the high hills of ?antee 
He was at this time in the com , an of Caot v.'iliiams- 


Pa,:,9 2 oontinaed: S7054 PAGE 22 

Remained with Marion antil Lord Rawden withdrew -either 
Charxeston - when t \o ramoars of the sarrender of ^ord 
Cornwaliis bein^: fonfirmed he was to>;etl:er with the other 
disohar.ed, . fie also made another affidavit in 
rreenvilj.e Dist 5 G 1833 July 15, stating ab at the sane 
as previously. 

He stated in this taat tiie only record of his a.-e is 
contained in a family bible which he has in his possess- 

ion, tjat he does not remember ever to have received 
any written discriar^je (but he never did state date he 
was born) 

That »;^eorje Salmon, John '/oan._;, Joel CaLuahan and 
many others can testif.y to tiiis's ch-iratgter 
and their belief in his sorv.Ge as a soldier. 

T lat ho was stationed at Chisseiis Lead Mine in 

17 76. and at the battle of Kings Mountain 1781. 

Affidavit of Joel Cal.ahan in Greenvi ie Dist ^ C 
stating he was acq.uainted with Esli :Iant during the 

.■.evolutionary: war, that Hunt served 3 months with this 
deponent under Gen Morrison near the High Hil s of 
Santee in South Carolina, that he also served a toiar of 8 
weeks with this deponent against the Cherokee Indians. 
The first tour a a._nst t;ie Indians was in 1781, that Hunt 
was a true friend to his country. 

A certificatr; from Treasury Dept, 2nd Cc-mptroll 
-ers office dated July 9 1838 shoves the widow of Esii 
Hunt deed, was pensioned . But her name v;as not stated. 

PAGE 23 


Georgia and Ilorth. Carolina ?er -ice of 
Littleton Hunt and Sarah \< 3820 

DEC-ARATIOU was made September 4, 183S in Gwinnett Gou 

Coanty Georgia, by Littleton "lant, v/l'io aoolied ander tne Act 

of Jane 7, loSS. He died March 11 or 12, 1843. 

The record of Littleton '{ant follows as found in pension 

claim, V/ 3820, Lased upon his service in the Revolutionar war. 

Littleton Hunt was BORll March 23, 1741 or 1742 in 
Mecklenbarc^hh Co Va, 

He enlisted in BRiraS\/ICK CO'rar' OR MECKLEUBTRGH CO VA 
FE-iRJARY 1777.. and served as private in Capt Isaac Hicks' 
company. Colonels James Scriven'v> and James Ray's rejimsnt, 
marched throa^h ^J C and South ^^ olina and Georgia and was 
dischar,:ed at Savannah in the last named state Feb 1779 
.laving served 2 years. He enlisted early in spring of 1700 
ut Mecklenburgh court house in Virginia, served as private 
in Capt lladici's company of cavalry, Colonels Korgan an.d 
vi/ashington being the field officers, was in the battles of 
Stono, Guilford, where he was wounded by a splinter, in his left 
left tliigh, Eutaw Springs, where he was scveraly wounded in 
his leg, and was diso}Tiir_:ed somet ue 1781, having served on 
this tour one year. He volunteered, date not stated, served 
as private in Cap't Binns Jones' company of cavalry, employed 
cliiefly in driving stock beyond the reach of Cornv;allis and in 
various ways harassing the enemy until after the surrender of 
Curnwallis, then v;as engaged in disarming Tories in Ilorth 
Carolina and South Carolina and finally discharged after hav- 
ing served on this tour 12 months. 

PAGE 24--- 

viRaiNiA serv::ge 


AM) SARAH ;/ 3820 
Pa^e 2 oontinaed: 

Littloton Hunt married in Ma.y 1789 in \vilkGS Co Oeor.jia 
to Sarcli \.'in-i, whose fatner lived on the Savannah River in 
South Carolina. Tiie date of her birth and names of parents 
were not shown. In 1794, Sar-ih and the soldier were residing 
in Abbeville District S C in 1803 tlie.y were residents of 
Jaolson Cc Georgia and in 1806 were members of the 
Methodist Episcopal chorch there, 

Soldier 'g widow Sarah Hunt was allowed pension on 
her application execj.ted May 21, 1844, at v^hich time she was 
age 69 and a resident of ^al.. Co G-eorgia. 

It was stated that Littleton Hunt and wife '^ar h reared 
a family of children, but no names Vi/ere designated as sich in t 
t-:e claim. 

In 1833, one Elisha i.-'inn was residing in Gvi/innett Co G-a and 
stated that he had known soldier Littleton Hunt 45 years or 
over, his relationship to soldier's wife, Sarah not shown. 

In 1843 Richard ulnn, Sarah Hunt's brotuer, was living in 

Hall county Geor^-a, to which st^ite he went to live in 1800 or 

1801. In 1844, one Richard D v/inn was acting Justice of the 

Inferior court for Gwinnett Co Ga, relationship to the family 

not given. In 1844 one Elizabeth H \/i4n who was Born Apr 2 1/80 

stated in Gwinnett Co Ga , that she v^as married Feb 11 1796, to 

Lcauel \/inu, and t lat she was born and reared witliin 3 miles 

of the home of Sarah Hunt'^ father, no relationship stated. 

In 1845 Lucretia Winn stated that she 

married Sarah Hunt's brother in 1790, but did not designate 
xAs name. They moved frmra Ga to Alabama 1845-in Tuscaloosa Co. 

PAGE 25 


S 18047 

DECLARATION made in Union, Franklin ooanty Missouri 

1833 Jaiy 23 (22) by said Little B or ±.ittleberry Hunt, 

who applied under the .'iCt of June 7 183E. 

The data fol^owin,^ are obtained from t^ic ;~apers on file 
in the Revolutionary war claim for pension S 18047, '■ ased upon military service of said i,ittleberry I-Iunt . 

He was BORN June 1761 in Bedford County Virginia. 
While residing in said county :.e enlisted in January or 
February 1781, served as a private in Caot Bovven Price's 
company, Colonel Charles Lynch' s Virginia reji:.:ent and who in 
the battle of Guilford, where he was severly wounded in the 
foot, in consequence of which he was furloujhed and ret irned 
home. He a^am enlisted in the Cuiiimer of 1781, served as a 
private in Capt Charles Calloway's com §any, Col Jo :■ 
Callaway's Virginia regiment, marched to Yorktown and was 
dischart^ed after the surrender of Cornwallis, length of 
this service six months. 

After the Rovclution, he resided in the stat:s of Kentucky 
- Louisiana and Ilissouri. 

He was aliov>/ed pension July 22 1833 v/hile residing 
in Union, Franlclin Count.' I.Iissouri. 

There are no data as to his family. 

PAGE 26 


DECLARivTION was nade in Linooln County Kent .GLy by 
Riohard Hunt a^^'e 75, who applied ander the ..ct of Jane 7 

'le stated he entered servEce in latter art 
of 1777 when the British army was in possession of Phila- 
delphia under following officers; he entered as a substi- 
tate in the Va militia in Culpep .er County Va latter 
part of 1777 under Capt Richard tVare, John Roberts was 
Lieut and '^'m Roberts was the Ma.j.jrr. Tr.e whole was 
under Brigadier General James Barbour; marched from Culpeper 
court house to Schuyelkill ? river in Ten.ia of 20'. miles 
and engaged in no battle but his company with the other 
tro ps was sent in pursuiet of a body of ^ HESSIA:^Tg who 
escaped over the Sch'oylkill river in flat bottom boats, - 
That he again entered service 1780 and served throughout 
t lie toui- as a sergeant under Capt Harry Hill.- his 
com atiV was marched from Calpepper to Fredericksbur ; from 
which company was marched to Chesterfield Co Court ^louse Va 
and stationed during the winter 1780 and spring f 1781 
- a long list of services were outlined.; tliat he was BORN 

in one of the lower counties of Va 1758 or 1759 
that he lived _ in Culpepper Co Va until a.::e 24 or 25, when 
he removeu to Lincoln Co Ky 1782 in the fall where he has 
lived ever since with the exception of one year in 
ROGi:CAST..E CO KY . and one year in Tennessee. 

WINTTEFCRD H'^^JT ap .ointed a power of attornev in 
i^mooln Co Ky 1843 Dec 23. She was widow of Riohard - _.nt . 

iVinneford H mt ap lied for widow's oension 1843 Dec 
23 Lincoln Co Ky 

She applied Deo 29 1841 in Lincoln Co K^- a e 86 
on 3rd next Sept, tnat she was married to Richard ^^unt 

by Parson Hendman of protestant in Culpep icr Co Va Au-"- - 
does not know exact year, but believes it was 2 ears before 
declaration of Independence.; tiat Riohard Hunt died July 5 
1838 . 

PAGE 27 


She farther states t at she v.ei]. recollects that v.hile 

her hasband was in serv^ice in the kevolution, she herself 

raised a crop, tiiat while she was plantin^;^ corn one of the 

seasons, she had to fasten her oldest child on her back and 

carry him, wniie plodii^hine,' -having' no j_:erson to stay vi/ith him 

w lile she worked, and her oiiild was too smal,. to leave by 

self.. T lat she and husband moved to Lincoln ^o Ky the same 

^,Gar of the defeat of the Blue Licks . (believes 1784) and 

her husband was called on about burying the dead. S..e t-ien 

had one child and tne Feb following in 1785, her 2nd child 

was born. They had six children; 

She considers it her duty to state, tnat about 12 years 
ago her husband v^ithout just cause, separated from hor and lived 
lived a part from her -a-^t _ until his death, b *.t he was never 
divorced from her, and alv/ays recognized her as his wife 
and in his will published sometiue short time before his 
death, not exceeding six months, he coo gnized her as 
his wife and at his death, she vjas his lawful wife. 

She had a record of birth and ages of her children, kept in 
a bible which Vi/as k burnt a few years ago, vdth her 
dwelling house. 

Affidavit made in Rockcastle Co Ky 26 Aug 1842 
by James Hunt who stated Ric ard PLint nar.ied in affidavit of 
v/inefred Hant, sworn to before Hiram Roberts, J P of Lincoln 
Go K.J 20 Aug 1842, ¥/as his brother; tint Richard Hunt died 
in Lxucoln Co X,. July 5 1837 and v/inifred Hunt remains his 
widow. He was too young to remember their marriage but 
recollects they were living together in Cuipepe. Co Va 
during the Revolutionary vyar . 


DEC^ARATIOTT was made in Monroe Coant." Vir jinia 1832 

DecemlDer 23 by Samael Hint an invslid pensioner of t'le Inited 

States, and stated he is identical person to whom a pension 

oertiTicate was iss led and which is nov; in his possession; 

t lat he did ap >ly by attorney at t le e a jcnc in Richmond 

Ya, several times for his annaal for several years past, 

and ±n Se t 1829 he made a power of atty to Benjamin Fatcher 

of Manchester Va to draw his stipens? from Sept 4 1828 to 

9-4-1829- later made a power of atty to Barnard Peyton 

of Richmond to draw his annual fr .m 4 Sept 1829 to :iarch 

4 liiSl which proved to be defective in several particulars 

and was sent bad: to him for correction and etc. 

An exact copy of a paper in the files folx.ows: 

"I do, with tne advice of tha Coancii hereby scertify that 

Samael Hunt, a^e 33 late solidior in the 2nd Va Rc:;iment, 

in service of tiie 'J ': ap ears to have '■een disabled in 

s '.ch a manner while in service as to ontitLe him to the 

Stim of 18 pounds yearly, which allowance is accordingly made 

him. to coromence from th.e first of Januar.v 1786. 

G-xven andrr my hand as 'iovernor of the commonwealth of 

Va at Richmond, the l^th Jan 1787. si jned Edm. Randolph 
The above Samuel Hunt is an inhabitant of Cumberland Countv 

The above is a true o opy of the origin&l certificate 
granted to Samuel Hunt as a pensioner. 

Given under my hand as Governor of the 
Commonwealth of Va, at Richmond 8th Sept 1798. 

signed James v/ood. 
The above are true copies of the original granted to Samuel 
Hunt as a pensioner. 

Given under my hand as Governor of the Comnjonwealt 
of Va at Riciimond, this 10th Kay 1867 

signed James P Preston,. 

WAR P 1812 

VIRGINIA SERVICn; CP V/ILLLIAi'i HUi^T and Jane SO 2591 i70 18284 
m 18284 WO 26113: 

lie served under Capt Kitzmiller In the Virginia railitia. 
Bounty land warrant 59549 for 160 acres in 1855 « 
lilnlisted Aiigust 23, 1814 and discharged Sept 16, 1814. 

Residence 1855 was Monroe County Tennessee, and 1871 
still there at iaadisonville, Tenn. and the widow resided there 
1878. Her maiden was Jane Bd/^rer 

They married March 29 .' ' 1842 in Monroe o Tenn. His first 
wife was Annie Wnite. He died t .ere March 7 1876. and she 
died about 1895. 

Declaration was also made in Monroe county Ten^iessee 14t 
August 1855 by William Hunt states he served under Capt 
Edwards, afterwards by Capt Pitzmiller? in a regi ent under 
Col Mason and Gen Douglass 1812 war. That he was drafted 
at or mustered into service at LEESBURG IN VIRGINIA. That he 
was drafted about 20 Aug 1314 and continued in service for 
something li'ce 2 months. having in the meantime been transferred 
from Capt Edward Company to uapt Pitzmiller' s con oany ond was 
honorably discharged at BALTIMOKS and he has lost or misplaced 
his dflischarge . 

He also made declaration in 1871 in Monroe Co Ten' 
age 78 t at he m.arried Anna Vi/hite in Hawkins County Tenn 
on or aoout 10 Sept 1817; tnat he enlisted under G^ jt 
Kitsmiller? Col Mason's regi;ient of Va trooos at Leesourg Va 

April 2, 1873 age 72. a resident of said county; tvat she is 
the widow of Vvl 111am Hunt deceased, toat she m.arried William 
Hunt In Monroe County Ten essee 29 March 1842 by Lewis Carter 
a minister, t/iat her name before m.arriage v/as Jane Booker 
that her husband vi^as married to Annie White vine died 
1841 in June, and her hus...and V'/il iam Hunt died in Monroe 
Go Tenn March 7 1876. That they have resided in Monroe Co Tenn 
since their marriage. 

One witness to her- signature was Newton Hunt age 34 
in Monroe Go Tenn and Robert King 28 . That said Nev/ton Hunt 
is her son and Robert King is her nelghoor. 


DECijiJ?.i.T:"GII vjas made in Hawkins County Ten':!GSseG April 3, 

1833 by Goor^.-e Lon^ ai_;G 75 v^ho ap jliod under the Act of June 7, 


That he resided in Shanandoah CoYa when he volunteered in serv 

service under Ga jt Michael Rader about Sout 1778 or 1779 rnd 

was marched to \''ocdstoGk in said county, united v/ith other 

comjaniGS from different parts of the ,„ 

They marched from there to Fort Pitt, to gusrd and aofend 

that point from Indian s That this fort was tiien com.-'anded by 

General H ? tiiat at this fort he rGiaained as a soldier 

from about 1st Se it until latter part ofllove/aber fol^cv;in5;, 

which made nearly 3 months. Tiiis declarant f urth jrstates that 

in the latter part ofllovember an e?:press ca'-ne fro.a Fort !''enry 

to FortPitt, in the nijjht, that nearly alx the people in the 

former fort had been put to DEAT"'' BY T"T I^TDIA'^S , tiiat those 

who were not killed vs/e^ e burnt in the fort bvthe rn'ordercrs of the 
tneir friends and fiH;hting for life. On rec Giving this expross 
tiie forces stationod &t Fort Pitt were commandedto make 
preparations to march to the relief of Fort ^Icnry and the sane n 
night the force set out some ombarking in keel boates downthe 
river and others tjoing by Icind to drive cattle for beef. 
That this applicant was among those that dGSCcnded the river 
andin their desent v^ere compelled to land after or often 
to fight the Indians, vmo were shooting at them from thebanks. 
On tae 3rd da after t.ieir departure fromFort itt they arrived 
at FortKenry, thathere they ascortained how the Indians had 
allowed the whites from tlie Fcrtaad before they could a :ain 
reach it they were all, exce..t about 15, cut office so that 
whGnthe reinf orccmeatarriaved at the fort they found only about 
15 persons djf ending it, al. the rest having been killed. Hero 
his term exoired and he again volunteered for anjther 3 months. 

or 1758. That he has lived since the Revolutionary war in Va 
and Tennessee. I'liat Ilathan Vornon and Jasper Spears are his 
nighbors . 


DECLARATION was made in Greene County Tennessee A^.ril 25 

1833 by Henry Long, age 69, who apolied under the i\ct of 

1832 June 7. Ke was BORN May 30. ? 

The data contained herein were obtained from the papers 

on file in the Revolutionary war olaim for pension S 1849. 

Based upon the military service in that war of Henry Long. 

Ke was BORF in Culpep er Co Va. Jhile a resident of 

said county enlisted in the spring or summer 1781 and served 

2 months as private in Cajt Hartley's company, Col Ai:.cct 

Va regiment. '^le then enlisted and served 3 months as 

private in Capt Tolls' company, Col Ailcot's Va regiment 

and was in the siege of Yorktown and surrender of Cornwaliis. 

His widow was living in 1838 -her age -her name 

not stated. No reference was made to children and 

there 'are no further family data. 

^n order to obtain date of last payment of 

pension, the name of person paid and possibly date of death 

of soldier youshould a,j;;ly to the Comptroller freiierax, 

General Accounting office, Records Division, V/ashington D C 

and cite the folj.owing data: "Henry Long, Certificate 
Nc 135E6 issued May 14 1833, rate ' |)20 per annum, commenced 
March 4 1831, Act of June 7 1832, Jonesboraugh, East 
Tennessee A ency " 


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COITTIlIEiri\:.L Slv.V.^CE OF LEVI 1.0110 BO^nT^ jrT) VARRl T924 

for 100 acres 

. claim for bounty land is fcand based upon service of 

Levi Lon^^ of Vir^jinia. His rooord foliov.s as found in that 

claim on file Under Bounty land warraat SPA- 100 acres. 

The dateand place of birth of said soldier and names of 
his parents are not shov.'n. 

Levi Lon.j enlisted, the place not st-^'ted, .just after the 
batt .eof Guilford Court T-Iouse, served as privato in Gapt 
Parson's company, Col V'illiam ,'ashington 's rSf^inent of Cavairy 
and continued in service until the close of the war. 

April 26, 1819, Levi Long applied in SUSSEX CO^^'TT^:^ Vtrc.^MA 
for Bounty Land, which was due on account of his service in 
the Revolutionary v/ar . On this ap ilication he was granted 
bounty land warrant 3o 924, for 100 acres, issued July 20 

For information in retjard to the location of the land 
cited above, you should apply to the Commissioner of the 
General Land Office, v/ashington, D C and cite the number of 
the warrant, tnc aorease and the date of issuance. 

Ko family data arc shown, nor date of death of said 
soldier Levi ^^ong. 


'\^ . R 6430 

DECARATIOII was made in Rookingh&m Virjigia, 

Jane 30, 1814 by Matriias ^oiig w'lO served under Ccionsl G 

u'ashington and Capt Llorrise's Company and as saoh entitled 

to certain boanty of land from the United Stat:s and St^-ite 

of V_rginia. He ap ointed Janes Erv/in of Cumberland County 

Pennsylvania his lawful attorney to receive from T-T U S 

and Pennsylvania for alx land due him for his service. And 

depreciation of pay. 


of Eutaw S,.rings and vjitli Col v/ashington and with them 

until ta]:en prisoner in fal of same year and vjas taken by 

British to IJew Ycrl: and detained until first June 178S. Ai.d 

made his escape from theBritish, ha then applied to j-.ewis 

Morris B G in v/est Chester state aforesaid LTew York v;ho 

told him he might aswel_ continue with him as to return to Va 

-continu d until Oct 17d3 -a long outline of service. 

A. certified copy of marriage record is filed by 

Cleric of Rockingham Co Va showing the marriage of Ilathias 
Long and Mary Hestard and John Hcstard or "estand on 
the marriage bond dated Jan 26 179E. 

.-affidavit of Henry Aleshile? in P'-.^e Count v Va 1840 
stating he served in same regiment with I.Utnias Long; that 
they .joined the amy vvith Gano. al ...ashington at Valley Forge 
1778 in Feb. and often saw him v^fhilst in service. 

AFFIDAVIT OF LEV/IS LOYG in Montgomery County Ohio 
1843 Feb 8th stating he was a brother to Mathias Long, 
andknows he enlisted in Ca_;t Michael Coker's company, then 
cal_edRockingham County Virginia, wore in seivice or at least 
absent about 2 years and 9 months, t.'iat Mathias Long 
informed him Kk he was in the battle E-ctah Springs. 
South Gi-rolina; ti-iat he enlisted the year 1781, was tk:en 
a single man -tiiea go of Lewis Long in 1843 was 80. 

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Paje S Gontiniied: 

DEC^-.RATION was made by M-t- Lon^ in PAGE CO'TrT^^ 

VIRGINIA .voril 10, lti40 a resiaent of saidcounty, ^.f:e 72, 

v/ho states she is the widow of Mathias Long and v/ho ap_^- 

lied under the ^^ct of Jiiiy 7, 183d, 

States sne hasoften heard !lathias Long relatethat he 

was in tne cattle of Eutav; Springs. That he then belonged 

to the Light Horse and statedshe was married to F_athias 

Long about 1790 or 1791.; that her maiden n?.me was Mary 

Heistant? and that lUthias Long died 29th April 1816. 

3..e did not have any record of her marriage.. 

FAGS 35 

VIRGINIA SERVICE OF REUBEK LONG S #46457 bounty land warrant 

n ..liber 480 for 200 acres 

DECLARATIulT was made Aagust 4, 182b by Reuben Long in 

S-Jiiter District South Carolina siid was allowed 20u acres 

of bounty land by the United States on 'warrant 480, which 

issued Leceraber28 1809. ,_ _ 


It apyears that Reuben Long vms BORN in Saint Mary's 
county Ilaryland, but date is not stated, and while living in 
Gulpep,>er county Virginia, in the 19th year of his age, he 
enlisted in March 1775 as a private in Capt Edward Stephens com- 
pany in which he served until the following fall, when he 
enlisted asprivate in Capt John Jameson's company, Col 
Wm Taliaferro's regiment of Minute Men, v/as in the battle 
at the great Bridge, near Norfolk and rotarned home in April 
1776, In July 1776, he enlisted as private under Ca )t John 
Jameson in Col Bland's regiment of Cavalry, but shortly witlidrew 
from said regiment and joined G_pt G. Long's company, Col 
Stephenson' sregiment of Riflemen. In thefali of 1776 his 
company was transferredto Col Daniel Morgan's 11th Va rcgi-ient 
and in J me 1777 he was promotedto the rank of Lieutenant. 
Hcvjas at the surrender of Burgoyne, at t..e battle la of Monmouth 
and in General Sal^^ivan's Indian Expedition. He was en furlou- 
gh from Deo 1779 to Oct 16, 1780, when he .joined the Southern 
Axm^r and sereed in the First and 2nd Va regiments. He v/as 
atthebattles of Guilfordand Kobkirk Tiii_, at the siege of 
NINETY SIX and at the battle of Eutav; Springs and served until 

For information relative to bounty land tlvat v/as 
axxov;ed by theState of Virginia, youshould consult the 
Archives of Va, at Richmond, Va. 

There is no data in the file as to 
his family. 

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WAR OF 1812 


SO 11571 SO 6805 WO 30997 V/C 14925 

le vjas a private ander Capt David Glass in t'-:e Vir_:inia 


DEC.-ARATIO'^ was made in Alien Coant:: Keutacky 

b. Sarah w' A.j.j 1878 a,:^e 81 a rosid nt of said 

ooanty stat^n^; wlie V7as tne widow of ■.■illiam .-alker deed 

wno was a private ander i-^apt Glass in reiianaent of Artile 

artilery under Gol iitkerson in said war, atid was draftee 

at t le Fori_;e in New i-ent Coanty Va 1812 and for 

a term of minute man and was disc'iar jed at Camp Bottoms 

Bridge Deo 1814. 1 iat he was a-^e 20 when eniistin^;, was 

BORII IN NB/ KEIIT CO HIT":' V:RGI1TIA; that she married '."ra V^alker 

July 6 1815 by \m Ratcliff, a minister, t! at her husband 

Wm 'Walker had not been previously married, tnat her name 

before marria^^e was Sarah Richardson, and he died in 

Al^en County ..y March 29 1875; that since his dischiari^e 

aad resided m New Kent Co Va from Oct 14 1796 to Fov 

17 1816 and in Al_en ^o Ky from i^ec 1316 until ^iarch 9 

1875 t:ie date of his death. 

DECLARATION ;jas made by Amos Morris in Monongalia coanty 
Virginia, Aj^,ast 28 1832, who apolied ander tlie Act of June 
7, 1832, v;here he had lived about 12 years. 

The data which follow were obtained f r an paoors on file 
in claim for pension S 7244 based on the military servjce 
of Amos Morris in the v^ar of the Revolution. 

Amos Morris was BORIT August 25, 1758 or Aug 25 176C, 
in Berkeley Co Va, near '.iinchester, Va on Apyle Ridge. 
The names of his parents were njt stated; his fatnor mo ed 
when Amos Morris was about a,je 10 to YOHOGAITIA CO VA, 
(which county only exhisted from 1776 to 1786), then Virginia 
-later Greene County Pennsylvania, 

v/hile residing in Jarretts Fort on "Big Whitley 
said Amos Morris enlisted in May 1778, and marched under 
Lieut. Samuel Swingler to McGlure Bottom, on tiie Ohio river, 
was ther placed in Cu.t John Cross' company in Col Evans' 
Virginia regiment, was in General Mcintosh' s campaign, 
assisted in building Forts Mcintosh and Laurens, was in 
several skirm.ishes with Indians, length of service six months. 
He volunteered in 1779, served in Ca-jt Clark's company, Col 
Gibson' 3 regiment, was in Fort Laui-ens, when besieged by 
Indians, and in frequent skirmishes, went to Fort Pitt, and 
ther joined Capt Brady's company, marched to a branch of 
the T JSCARAV/AS , took an Indian town, whore he was wounded 
by a blow on back of his neck by a tomahawk, was sent 
back to Fort x^itt and was in the hospital until the 

VIRGINIA SEkVICE of AIvIOS morris S 7244 pae^e 2 continued : 
Paje 2 

expiration of his enlistment of one year. He volunteered 

17B0, served six months in Capt Whitsel's company, and 

assisted in building a block house in MONONGALIA CO^J^ITY 

VIRGINIA. He served in 1781 six months as Indian Spy, under 

Capt John Minor and Col \Vm McClary, watching and guarding 

the frontiers. He served 1782 as Indian Spy, under same 

officers and in a skirmish with the Indians, May 10 1782, he wa 

was shot through the arm, carried to Uniontown, x^ennsylvania 

and vi/as not able to ret.irn to the service . 

Amos Morris was pension 1832, Aig 28. 

The papers on file in this claim contain no reference to 

wife or children of Amos Morris. 

George Morris, brother of the soldier was living in 1833 

in Greene County Pennsylvania. 

In order to obtain fiate of last payment of 

pe pension name and address of person paid and possibly date 

of death of this pensioner, you should address the Comptroller 

General, General Accounting Offic. , Records Division, ^.'ashing- 

ton D C and f'.arnish the following data: 

''Amos Morris, Certificate No 12930, 

issued June 17 1833, rate of .^80 per annum, comienced Mar 

4, 1831, Act of June 7 1832, VIRGINIA AGENCY. 

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It appears f r crti thepapers in the Revolutionary war 
pension Claim No S 11098, txiat Evan Moroati, tne son of 
DAVID MORGAN, wno was BORN March 1, 1754, on Town Greek 
ALLEGHANY COUNTY ivL.RYi^AlID and when an infant moved with 
his father to Frederick County Virginia and in 1773, to 
MONONGALIA CO'JNTY VIRGINIA, settling on the Monongahela river 
above where Morgantown v;as later located. 

v/hile residing in Monongalia County Virginia, he volunteer- 
ed in 1774, under Col Anguish McDaniel, marched to the 
Muskingum river and assisted in destroying four Indian towns 

He enlisted at Tomlinson's tavern, Allegany county, 
Maryland, in March 1776, served as a private in Capt John 
Nelson's company, Col DeHaas' P'ennsylvania rc;.;iraent, was 
in the expedition to Canada and was discharged in April, 

In May or June 1777, he enlisted and served 3 months 
in Capt Morgan Morgan's (soldier's brother) company, and 
in th3 fal. of the same year, served 3 months in Capt 
Zadoc Springer's company, and was stationed at Prickett's 

In the sunaner of 1778, he served 3 or 4 weeks at 
MilRTIN'o FORT, under Colonel Charles Martin. this 
tour he had his leg broken. 

In July 1779, he enlisted and served 7 v;eeks and 
4 da^s in Capt Mason's compai\v, under Col Brodhead and went 
on an expedition up the Allegheny river and assisted destroy- 
ing Indian to\ms . 

Pa^-e 2 continued: 

In the fall of 1780 or 1781, he was commisGioned 
ensign by the Governor of Vir,-:inia and served as such at 
various times for six weeks scouting on the frontiers. 
It is also stated that he engaged in the same service as 
an ensign in .1782. 

The soldier also stated that for several years he wa 
was engaged at different forts on the frontier and in 
personal encounters with the Indians and that both he and 
his father suffered greatly from their depredations, and 
that his father when age 60, had an encounter with 2 armed 
Indians both of v^hom he killed. 

He was allowed jjension on his a,;plication 
executed .Aug 28 1832, at which time he was a resident of 
Monongalia county Virginia, and who applied under the Act 
of June 7 1832. 

A son is referred to, his name and name of soldier's 
wife is not shown. Tne name of D. R. Morgan, appears 
butno relationship to soldier is stated. 

It appears that the soldier was a school- 
master . 

WAR OF 1812 PAGE 41 

WO 76E3 and V/C 3718 

DEG:.ARATI0N was made in Frederic, Monroe County Iowa 

November 30 1871 a^e 80, by said Franois Mess. 

Tne information below are obtained from the pajers on 
file in pension claim of widow certificate 3718 
based upon the military service of Francis Moss during the 
war of 1812 

Francis Moss was drafted in Franklin County Vir^^inia 
and served as a private in Capt Magganos ' com any of Va militia 
from October 81 1813 to November 25, 1813 and in Capt Haiston' 
company frmm Feb 6 1815 to Feb 19 1815. 

He was residing in Putnam Co Indiana 1850 and was a^^-e 63 
-He died Oct 6 1854 or Nov 4 1854 in Putnam Co Indiana. 
Date of his Birth is not given, or names ofhis parents. 

He married about the last of August 1809 in 
ROCKYMOUNT, Franklin CoMVirginia to Mary or Polly \:ebster. 
The marriage bond was dated August 29 1809. The names of 
Mary Webster's parents are not stated. 

One Reuben W Miss was a J p in 1850 
in Putnam Co Indiana, and Francis M Moss in 1871 was living 
in Frederic Iowa, No relationship between the Rauben W Moss 
andFrancis M Moss was shown. 

WAR OF 1812 

Boanty land warrants 14426 for 80 aores in 1850 and '^ 
28o90 for 80 acres in 1855 

Enlisted Se^.t 13 1813 and discharged March 10 1814 
Enlisted again Sept 3; 1814 and discharged Jan 31 1815 

Soldier resided 1850 and 1855 in Monroe County Virginia 

also 1871 in same county, post office Sweet Spring V/est Va 

1872 at same address. His widow was Lydia Moss. 

They married Dec 27 1808 post office Sweet Springs, West Va. 

I»EC^..AR^lTION was made in Monroe Count.v V-r^inia Nov 16, 

1850 by George Moss age 61 a resident of said county and state 

hewas a private soldier under CaptJohn Myers in t'.ie sixth 

regiment of militia under Col Francis Preston ; t^iat he was 

drafted in Monroe Co Va about 13 Se^ t 1&13 for six months 

andcontinuedto serve f^r six months and honorably discharged 

at Norfolk 11 March 1814 (the original discharge is filed) 

DECLARAT:'0N was also filed June 29 1855 in said Monroe 

Co Va by George Moss age 66 stilj. a resident of saidcounty and 

stated he hadalready received one bounty land warrant. And 
makesthis declaration to obtain additional bounty land to 
which he may be entitled .underact of 1855. 

A^SO DECLARATION u'AS IL1DE June 12 1871 in Monroe CoVa 

by George Moss age 82. States he has no wife; that he served 
60 d,ays in theVa militia. 

DECLARAT'ON was also made 1872, Jan 1, in Monroe Co 
tVestVirginia age 82 a resident of Sv.'eet Springs township, 
Monroe Co w'ost Va, stateshe is married and his wife's name is 
LYDIA MOSS, to whom he was married at Sweet Springs. Monroe 
county uest Va Dec ± 27 1808 ? . 

Stateshe wasa private in said company, he participated 
in no engagements v;hilst at Norfolk -the British fleet tried 
to force a passage by Craney Island bat were defeated. 



DECLARATIOU made in ijhite Coanty Tennessee on 28th Jane 

1871 by Green Moss age 79 stateshe is married to Kottv Bryant 

of whom he married in 'vVhite County Tennessee DecenherSO 

1832, that he volunteered in Capt John Lifner or Sifner? 

company at Petersb'org Va , tiiathe had no Vi/ritten dischart^e 

at the saraetime and therefore t^ot no discharge, but made 

proof and drew land warrantfor 160 acres of land 

the proof is on file in the Dopartnent atliVashington D C. 

V;AR of 1812 

Bounty land warrants Nos 21644for 80 acres in 1851 and 

36934 for 80 acres in 1855. Enlistee. Aiu; 30 1814, and dischargd 

Feb 22 1815. 

Residence of soldier 1851 andl855 in Buckingham 
Virginia and 1871 in Prince Edward County, at post office 
Prospect Deport, Va 

DECLArLA.TI ' was made ty Stephen }!oss in Buckingham 

county Va Jan 4, 1351 age 60 a resident of said county who 

served as sergeant in Ca^ t Joseph A Penick's comijany attached 

to the 7th regiment 4thBrigade, Va militia under Brigadier 

^erieral JohnH Cocke; that he volunteered in Price Edward 

Co Va about Aug 1, 1814 for six months and was discharged 

atCanp Carter Feb ^j 1815.. (His origina^ discharge is filed) 

DEC_^-.PtATI0N for Bounty land claim wasfiled in Buckingham 

Co Va May 14 1855 by Stephen Mess age 64 vjliich states same 

as abue . 

DEGL.iRiiTION v;as also made in Prince Edward County Va 

1871 Sejt 8th and states he is un-married ; that he served 

tliefull period of 60 days in thewar of 1812; that he volunteered 

as a sergeantin Ca^t Josiah penick' scompany , 7th regiment, 

4th brigade in Prinoo li Edward Co Va 30 Aug 1814 attac'^ed to 

4th brigade under 'General John PI Cocke, com andedby t^eperal 

Williams, servedat Gamp Carter and Bottoms Bridge and honorably 

discharged at Cam Carter 23 Feb 1815. 

V/AR OF 181E 


WO 6080 VIG 2882 

BOUIMT" L:V'D V/ARR.\-TS 4545 for 80 acres in 1350 

and 40442 for 80 acres in 1855 

Enlisted Aa::;ust 30 1814 and dischar-jed Feb 20 or 21st 1815. 

His residence in 1850 was Fulton county Illinois and the widow 

resided i855 in Canton, said Fulton Go L.linois also in 1871 

resided at New Good ?Iope, McDonoagh county, Illinois. Her 

maiden name was S''Si\Nl.'AH WaJvER. 

T ey married in Goochland County Va Oct 13 1813 
and ho died Jan 22 1852 in Fulton Co "llinoisi and she died 
about June 4 1881. 

Declaration was filed in Fulton Co 111 nois Oct 31 

1850 by s/ilxiam Moss statin^j he was drafted in Fluvania court 

house Va Aug 1814 for six months and served 6 months and v/as 

honorably discnarjedat Camp Carter Va 21 Feb 1815 as apoeares 

b\- his originaj. discharged which is filed with the pa.'ers 
signed by Gideon Massie Captain and served under General 
John n Cocke ^ signed Feb 21 1815. 

Susannah Moss in Pulton Co Illinois 1855 ?lay 25th 
Hade declaration age 60, a resident of Canton Co of Fulton 
Illinois, tiie widow of V.'m Moss deceased, that she was married 
to V/m Moss Oct 26 1813 in Goochland Co Va by a preraative baptist 
minister, that her name before marriage was Susannah V/alker 
that her husband died at SvJinpool? township, Fulton Co I 1 
20 Jan 1852 and she remains his widow,. 

She made another declaration in McDonough Co Illinois 
1871 July 19 age 76. 

Leon F Moss, iittorney at Lav;, of Los Angeles California March 18 
1891 and also one letter in June 5, To the Pension Comm.issioner ; 
states his Great Grand father's name was V.'illiam Moss. T ^at 
he died 1853 in Fulton Co I„linois age 75, that his v.idow was 

Susannah Moss survived him until Aig 18 ? and was buried in 

McDoijough Co 1-1, 


The data which follow wore obtained fron papers on 
file in the Pension Claim S 1240 based upon the 
military service of TAYLOR NOEL, the only soldier by 
that name that is found in the REVOLUTIONARY WAR 
Records of the NATIONAL ARCHIVES. 

He was born January 10, 1751 in ESSEX COUNTY 
VIRGINIA. While a resident of that county, he 
enlisted and served as a private with the Vl?rgini% 
troops as follows; three months under Capt. Thomas 
EVins, whilst PATRICK HENRY was governor of Virginia, 
another three months under Col, Holt. Richardson and ' 
was at the capture of Cornwall! s. 

Ho was allowed pension on his application 
oxocuted May 29 1833^ while living in Garrard 
County Kontucky whore he had lived for about tv/onty 

The papers in this claim contain no data whatever 
relative to the family of this soldier. 

XEE8E r; 

PAGE 47— 


W 1465 

IRGINIA dated 1840 October 21, showin- Richard Noel to 
Molly Cratchfield obtained license to marry Feb 1, 1787. 

Declaration was made by Alfred Noell in Spottsylvonia 
County Va 13 July 1841 one of tne legal heirs of Richard 
Noell and Mary his deceased widow, who is also the 
declaraiit in right of his mother for a pension ander Act 
of July 7 1838 aiid mad-: oath tiiatthere is bat two of the 
children of said Richard and i.^ar Noell, his deceased widow 
now living and only the same two tnat was livasng at the passa- 
ge of the law of July 7 1838 to wit the present affiant 
Alfred Noell and Lacy Z Crop , who was Lucy T Noell as set 
forth in the original declaration, neither having died since 

passage of said Act,; he understands his father enlisted under 
Gapt Washington oompany of Cavalry and Major Lee's battalion. 
..•.fterward ©ol Lee in Jersey Pennsylvania and New York in 1781 
or early part cf thc.t year. Ee served under Col vifashington 
in the North Carolina who was originall Captain v-ashingto 
at the Cov/pens and Guilford court house N C. 

Declaration was also made in GRaINGER COT IT TENTTESSEEE 
13 Nov 1840 by Alfred Noel^, one of the children and heirs of 
Mary Noeli widovj of Richard Noelj., deed, who ap,'lied under the 
Act of July 7 1838. States his father Richard Noell was a 
Revolutionar : war soldier in the Continental line of Virginia 
in th3 Cavalry. Taat he served as Seargeant and Eg years 
lieutenant in same service and 6 months and made Adjutant serv 
served 12 months, then promoted to Brigadier Major served 
until close of the war a ril 17d3. T.iat he entereu service at 
Richmond Va 1776 or 1777 and was in several battles. 

T e Va office showing that t ere was 92 po .nds 
Va money due him for said service as orderly seargenat 

One heir :^ucy Taylor Noeli who was married to 
.varner L Cropp Saly A Cratchfield Noeli who was 
m.arried to Silas Cropp in 18E3 and died in winter of 
1824. leaving one son Flavens Sta^^.leton Crop^ born about 
time of death of few da^'s previous to thai event- there are 
3 survin heirs . Richard Noel died 1800 January 16. He 
Richard N^. eli. was born 1759 or 1760 August 

ii declaration was also made in Hawkins County Tennessee 
by John Rainey, and a long affidavit, also in Claiborne 
Co Ten-i by 

PAGE 48--- 
Pa-e 2- 

continued: W 1465 

AFF"'"MVIT made in Claiborne Go Tennessee 1840 May El, 
by ii/horton Nunn of said oounty, and states t'lat he entered 
service about Xmas 17 76, in the Continental line of Va 
under Ca;pt Casey in Col vi/ood's regiment of infantry and went 
on to Pen sylvania and continued in service 3 years and was 
engaged in the Battle of Brandywine, Stony Point against t 

the Six nations under G-eneral Russell, vVhite Plains and 
Trenton and van us other engageraents in New York, Few 
Jersey and recollects that when they marched on to the 
battle of Brandywine he saw Richard Woell ae of ESSEX CCtW 
TY VIRrrlNIA in the Iiragoosn going on to the same place. Ke was 
then Orderly sergeant; That he knew hira from a boy. That 
he was raised in King George County and he in ESSEX CO 
'A not more than six miles apart, the river between. He 
served about 2 years and a half as Seargeant and was made 
:ijieutonant and served about six months and was then made a S 
Staff Officer, adjutant, - he served then as adjutant. Ke wa 
was made Brigadeer Major after he went to Carry on express 
to General Green or Morgan in trie South and served as well 

he recol_ects about 18 months as Brigadier Major 
and continued as long as this affiant stayed until 1781. 
And continued until the end of the war. 

That Richard Noel was younger than himself, some 5 

i.lfrea Foel made a long affidavit in Spotsylvania 
Co Va 1841. 

Also affidavit of Robert Crutchfield in Spotsyl- 
vania Co Va June 2 1841 stating t ^e heirs of Mary 
Foel^ the widow of Richard Foel who applied ander i.ct of 
July 7 i838 states Mary Noel died July 18 1838. 

. It was stated that Mary Foel was a sister 
Robert Crutchfiexd, that ho became acquainted with Richard 
Foel in 1786 when'he was married to his sister "'^ary 
Crutchfield Feb 9 1787. States he saw them married. 


The data furnished herein were obtained from papers 
on file in claim for pension S 31278, based upon service of 

TiiOmas Koel in the v/ar of the Revolution, 

Thomas Iloel was born in 1763 in Essex county 

Vire^inia. The day and month of his birth are not :-;;iven. 

v/hile residing in Essex county Va, Thomas Neel enlisted 

in rlay 1780, served 3 months as private in Capt Hale's compan^- 

-Col Griffin's Va re.;^iment. He enlisted sometime in July 1731 

served under the same officers, was in the siei^e of Yorktown 

and was disohar^jed after the surrender of Cornwallis. 

He moved ten or 12 years after the 

close of the Revolution from Essex county to Jefferson 

county JZy, where he lived six or seven years, and moved to 

Gallatin County Ky . He was allowed pension on his ap .lioation 

executed Oct 15 1833, then a res .dent of Gallatin Co Ky. 

John Noel was living in 1833 in Gallatin Co and stated he was 

well acquainted vath the soldier Thomas Noel. It vms not 

stated that he was related to the soldier and the papers 

on file contain no further discernible data relative to family 

He made application 1833 Efct 15 in GAL, ATTN COTJTTTY KENT^tc Y 
applied under the -^ct of June 7 1832. 

DECLARATION was made in Smith Coanty Tennessee Octoter 
9, 1332 by Elisha Oglesby who apLJlied uiider the Act of 
June 7 1832. He was a^^e 73 at tiiat time. 

He stated he volunteered June 1, 1776 as a private 
Bledsoe in a company and was raised for the protection of 
tne frontiers against the Indians, Taat he was stationed 
at Hustons Fort in said county on Mocason Creek, one of 
t-ietributary 's streams of theHolston river until about 
August 1, 1776. They then marched to the Long Island of 
Holston and joined the army v;hich was commanded by Col 

Crista ? He does not rscol^-sctthe field officers 
under Col Crista. He was com-.anded by Capt Biedsoe, 
x.ieut Young, Ensign Cooper and Sergeany'j'alker . 
-was the subordinate officer. The army marclied from thence 
against the Cherokee Nation of Indians, passed throujh 
the Tellioo Town and went to Island Town and then 
encamped sometime and t'len destroyed it, after which the 
army was marched back to the Long Island ofHolston, where 
tiie company comiaanded bv Capt Bledsoe and Capt Joseph 
Martin were stationed under Major Anthony Bledsoe, where 
they continued in the service until April 1777. Cajitain 
JOHN MARTIN Ensign, making a service of ten months, 
after which he was discharged and returned to his former 
residence in vi/ASHINGTON CO VA. 


Page 2- continaed: 

In April 1777, he again volunteered in Capt George 

Addams company, guards and continued in service in said 

company until 1st August in same year and received no 

regular discharge, making 3 monthsservice , xjt under Addams, 

Vto Vim Giii and John Frazer, . Smmetime in spring of 17 78, 

Col Campbell issued an order to raise E com lanies to be 
sent to the assistance of Daniel BOON IN KENT'TCKY under 
Major Daniel Smith, George Addams and Reese Bowen - 
v;as selected as the Capt of the 2 companies in May 1778 
he volunteered under Capt George Addams, I.t -'^enry Ramsey ? 
and Ensign Tillman Smith. States "Vv'e rendesvousedat Big 
Moccason Gap, V/ashington Co Ya, sometime in May from tnence 
they uiarched to BOONESBOROUGH IN ICY, at which place they 
arrived a tevj days after the celebrated siege of that 
place by the Shawnee Indians and v>;hich was successfully 
defended by DANIEL BOONE. They marched from there to 
HARR0DSB:IRG ICf , at which .lace they were stationed until 
last of Nov from t.ience the.j, were marched to V'ashington 
Co Va and were dismisssd Dec 177b. Having served 7 or 8 
months, he did not receive a regular discharge. 

In 17/9 he again volunteered in Capt James Montgomery's 
company and rendesvousedat the mouth of Bigg Creek on 
Holston river -about March 1, 1779 under Col Shelby thence 
took water aud went down Holston into theTenn river and on 
down to the Chickamauga towns, all of which above the Such? 
they destroyed and a greatmany skirmishes withthe Indians 
but no general engagement , from there marched bacK by land ■ 
to Hustons Fori in Washington Co Va, and dismissed middle 
of June 17/9 . 

In 1781 in the fall an army was raised by Col Arthur 
Campbel to go against the old Cherokee Towns on the Tenn. 
river. Col Campbell being apprehensive that his force was 
not sufficiently strong, sent an express to Capt Alexandr 
Barnett to raise a company and follow the army, he done 
so . He volunteered as a private under Capt Barnett and 
overtook the army in the C'EKOKEE IIATION at a town called 
CHOTA on the approach of the army all the Indians fled. 
"V/e destroyed all their towns and ranged through t^e 
country. they had frequent skirmishes but no general 
engagement. The,- lost but one man CA'TAJN J ?'[ES EI-LIOTT 
who was killed at Tel^ico and a few wounded. They then 
destroyed HIWASSEE TOV/N ON HIV/ASSEE RIVER - taking about 
20 prisoners -then ret rnedto Long Island at Holston where 
they were dismissed. Served 2 months. He thinks Col Ma.jr 
Blount of North Carolina was tin this expedition. 

John McGee, clergyman in SmithCo stjtes he is welx 
acquainted with tins soldier and knows he is of good 
Characted.- this 1832 . 


Page 3 continued: 

Elisha Oglesby statesOct 8 1832 tiat he resided in Washington 

Go ?a when he enteredservice, after the close of the 

Revolutionary war, in 1784, he removed from Was ington Co Va 

to twhat is now Sumner County Tennessee 1796 

he remo/ed to Smith Co Tenn where he has resided ever since 


(he must mean NorthCarolina as there 
December 29 1758. (is no county in South Carolina by 

this name) 

Affidavit by Richard Carr 1832 October 9 states 

he is of Sumner County Tennessee, and wasacquainted with 

Elisha Oglesbyin V/ashington Co Va during the Revolutionary 

war and knows of his serving as a soldier in the war 

different tours, as he has stated. 


1832 by William Martin, who states that his father 

JOSKE'H I'lARTIN, raised a company of Volunteers 

in Pittsylvania Co Va in 1776 and went under Col Crista, 

of Indians 
against the Cherokee nation, /that Brice and John Martin 

was his Eieut and Ensign and believes he is same Capt Martin 

referredto by Elisha Oglesby in his declaration forpension 

(This Wm Martin was also son of Joseph Martin (General 

Joseph Martin) . 

Eoanty land warrant .^8585 for 160 acres, 1855 

DECLiiRATIOH was ;aade 1832, October 1st in Madison County 

KeAtuck:/- by Jesse O^lasby a resident cf said county. 

a^e 70 who a^jplied under the ..ot of June 7 1832 . States 

he was draftsu about Doceaiber 17bO and went as a 

substitute for Richard Perkins and served 3 months 

to'ur of duty under the following agreerr-.ent , i-^er ins vms 

a nephew of deponent and a a man with a family. That 

this affiant agreed to take his place without any fee 

or reward bat if he was drafted in his absence ^'erkins 

was to take his place. That he was drafted until after 
his return home, v^fhich was May 1781. He returned home in 
April perhaps the 4th. He served his tirst tour 
under James Barnett , Col Labney, that he rendestooused in 
Richmond Va, and marched from there to V/ilxiamsburg ; 
thence to Little York and from there to Hampton and from th 
t.'iere back to The Ealf v'/ay House where they were stationed 
soiaetime, thence to Little York thence back to Half way 
house thence to York again, thence to .villiamsborg, and 
discharged. He again entered service May 1781, as a 
volunteer, until the battle of Jamestown, where his 
officer. Pope was transferred to some other regiment, 
He thinks he rendezvoused at Rock Spring in A.ahurst 
Co Va and marciied to Richmond tLenoe to Hot vVater . and 
a long outline of service, he cannot state the time he 
was BORN. He resided in Aiahurst Cc Va since the Revolution 
until the last 15 years, where he moved to IvIADISON CO KY 
where he has resided ever since and now resides. 

states that in Amhurst Co Va he was a supernumery officer 
to comraand a com any of militia for 3 months in lowe: 
part of Va and triat «J&sse Ogleby was one of his coma ny 
and served his tour faitlifuliy 1781. 

DECLARATION a.a Madison Co Ky for bounty land claim 1855 
M^y 21, by Celia Oolesby age 76 t.,e widow of Jesse Oolesby 
t,.at she was married to Jesse 0-,lesby Sept 1795 by 
Benjamin Bar ess? minister and her name before marriage 
was Coxia .att.T >c.t her husband died In !I..dison Cc Ky 23 
March 1852 and she is still his widow. 

T\J. witness were D^^v^d V/itt and David Vf/lie to her 
signature 1853 in M-.dison ^c iZ,, . 

Soldier married in iimhurst Co Va (marriage bond 
issued So.t 15 1794 Colia v/itt. 


The records of tlie National Arahives show tliat a o 
claim for pension was made by Susan Oglesby, under the Act of 
July 4, 1836 on account of the ser/ice of her husband Richard 
Oglesby, in the Revolutionary war, R 7779. 

The records show that her claim was not allowed because 
because she failed to furnish the required proof of service 
and marriage. that on Feb 3 1848, the papers in her applica- 
tion were withdrawn from the pension files and sent to the 
House of representatives for action by that body and were 
never ret.irned to the Archives, therefore, there is on file 
no statement of hers in regard to the service of Richard 
Oglesby or of their m.arriage; trie Congressional records show 
that in the 30th Congress, first session, page 358, of the 
Jonrnal, the petition for pension of Susan Oglesby, v</idovv of 
Richard Oglesby was referred to the Committee of the House 
on Revolutionary pensions and is recorded "Discharged :Laid 

on table". In 1842 one Robert E Gray of Lynchburg, Va. 
as agent for Susan Oglesby of Bedford Co Va, na-aed above made 
inquiry in her behalf in regard to her claim for pension. 

He stated tnat Richard Oglesby, removed from Albemarle 
to Nelson county and from thence to Bedford, no dates given, tht 
the soldier served at least nine or ten months in the 
Revolutionary war, no dates nor efficers names shown. 

He referred to those who made affidavits as relatives 
of the soldier, one a son, Daniel Oglesby and the intimation is 
that 2 of the otliers, Jlrs Christiana Holt of Bedford Co 
and J'Irs Conny WITT of Nelson Co were daughters of the soldier 
but no definite statement can be made. A JIrs Noel v;as living 
in 1842, a grand dau of the soldier, she was psssibly a dau 
of I'Irs Christiana Holt, statement vague. 2 other daughters 
over 60 in lb42 were referred to, names not shown. 

Dates of birth and death of soldier and 
widow Susan arc not shown, and tae Arc:iives has no further 
information relative th the soldier or famil' . 

PAGE 55 


Boanty land warrant No 50894 for 160 acre 

in 185o 

DEC^iVFl/lTION was ir.ade in Monongalia Goanty Virginia 
183E September 25tli by Zachariah Piles aje 75, who 
applied mder the Act of Jane 7, 1632. 

He stated that in the spring 17/8 he mf.rched from 
his residence on t e south branch of the i-'otoiaac river near 
the town of Romney, under Capt Archabald n'iggins, in a 
re^iraent andir Col Ilite or Vanmetre, and crossed the 

mountains on Braddocks trail and crossed the Llonongalia river 
below the moutlj of tne Yohogania and from t!;enGe to the 
mouth of Big Beaver creek on the Ohio; that ^-^eneral Mcintosh 
was there at the time, taat he was one of tae soldiers that 
assisted to build Fort Mcintosh near mouth of said creeki 
-tliat he was taken sick and sent back to Fort Mcintosh, 
he was dischar.jea by his cai)tain, and returned home late in 
December 1778 after 6 months service. About 178C „e entered 
as a vcdunteer in t.iis county, under Ga^t Lavid Fcott, as a 
scout to protect t ;e inhabitants on the frontiers, a d served 
2 or 3 montiis; t lat March 16, 1777 he was performing 
duty of a scout a^^amst tno Indians on waters of Dunkard creek 
_;:;d was wounded in the heel by a bal and 4 of his companions 
killed and 4 taken prisoners. 

..-.ff .uda vits of Samuel Minor John ^.auntz, in 

Monongalia Go Va Mi^rch 27 1857 stating Minor is age 80 
and Launtz a e 84 stat el^acnar lah jiiles now deceased who dre 
drew pension for revolutionar. w ser loe , 

PAGE 56--- 
Pa^e 2 oontinaed: 

Declaration was made in Monontialia Co Va Jal„ 31 1856 by 5u 
Sasannah Piles a^e 70 states she is tlie widow of 
Z aohariah Piles vj lo served u.nder Ca^3t Archibald V/i^-.'ins 
Col Kite cr Vanraeter andr General llclntosh in thj devolution 
for six monthsaud ner hasband served 3 months ^nder Gapt David 
Soott as an Indian spy on waters of t':ie Ohio river t at 
she was married to Zachariah Piles in Greene Co Pennsyl- 
vania Jul^; 6, 1814 by David iVoolry J P that her name 
before marria^^e was Sasannah Lezas (or Ligars?) her 
hasband died in Monongalia Co Va Kov 15, 1840. 

Susannah .'ilea also made declaration 1868 
in said Monongalia Co Va. 


DECLARATION was made 1833 January 7 in Pittsylvania Co 
Virginia by Zaohariah Prawit where he had returned to 
said cou ty in 1783 and continued to reside there. 

The record of Zachariah Prewit, his name appears also 
asPrewitt and Prewet, is obtained from the papers on file 
in his claim for pension based upon his service in the 

zaohariah Prewit was BORN 1758 in l/LARYL-uND, day and 
place not stated . 

While a resident of Pittsylvania County Virginia, he 

enlisted A^jril 1776 or 1777, served as private in Capt John 

Donalson'scompany , Col Evan Shelby's Virginia regiment, 

marched to the Islands of Holston River a ainst the Indians 

and was dischar^^ed sometime in July, Length of service 

between 3 ' 4 months. In 1780 he moved from Pittsylvania 


1780, served under Colonel Joseph Martin in North Carolina 

rssiraent, marched against the Indian towns, burning some 

of these towns and taking prisoners, and was discharged late 

in Feb 1781; He volunteered Sept 1781, served in Capt 

Cavit's Co, .joined Col Isaac Slielby's regiment of mounted 

men, took 100 prisoners near MONK'S Corner and was Dischd 
Dec 1781. Enlisted Septl782, served in Capt Geo Russell's Co 
Col John Sevier's N C regt, marchd tlriro wilderness against 
Indians & dischd Dec 1782. When he made application for pensio 
he referred to his brother who had moved to GEORGIA, "some 
time ago" but did not give his name. It was not stated that 
he was marr led . 


DECLARATION made in Morgan Coanty Kenticicy 1835 by 
Archibald Karney a resident of Fleming county, Kentucky 
though part of his farm lays in Morgan County Ky 
though distant to the court house in the latter county, 
age 76, w lO ap ;lied under the Act of June 7 1832. 
States that in the year that the /jnerica.i army lay at 
Nevj York, - his father being then a Butcher in the 
American army he having been guilty of a little misconduct 
in company with others ar^d to avoid a prosecution he 
and his uncle William Byram cal_ed upon Col Bailey 
Washington in Stafford county Virg-nia for the purpose of 
joining the array as it was understood that he had authority 
to enlist soldiers, Colonel l/v'ashington gave each of them a 
writing and directed them to proceed to New York immediately 
what the purport of the v>;riting v\/as he does not know as he 
is entirely illiterate, but Col k/ashington informed them that t 
they continu or could not be molested by the Civil 
authoritity, - about August, he went in company of his said 
uncle to the army and as soon as he reachedthe army, was 
ordered to go to butchering beeves for the army. He continued 
for 12 months, when te took yellow fever and sent to the 
hospita^, remainea 4 months, and afterdis recovered was 
discharged in the winter, - his father was discharged at 
saiae time -r mained in New YorK. 

He resided with his father's family in Stafford Co 
Va from hxs birth until afterthe siege of York, afterwhich 


page 2 

his father and his faniily including himself removed to 

Kentacky, sometime in 1781, -he was parsiiaded by Ma.lor 

John Grigg to accompany him to the famry, then marching to 

York in the capacity of a bowman or hostler. He went 

bat he was not many weeks in that capacity before Grigg 
infcrmed him that he must go to work as a batcher, he 
protested to Grigg with whom he was well acq.aainted at home, 
bat Grigg m.ade him batcher, for the army bat at the same 
time said thathe should have a horse to ride home whenever 
he might be discharged,- hefore he \;ent with Grigg as bowman 
he was drafted to meet theBritish some few of whom came up 
the Potoaac river, and he was only out a few days, when Gr 
Grigg induced him to .join him, after staying at Yorh until 
afterthe defeatof Cornwaliis, he and his fatherreceived a 
furlough from Major Grigg, but who signed it he does not 
remember, but they went home and staid a few days and 
returned to the army and met it near Fredericksburg, 
part of v^fhich had left York. After being sometime in 
Fredericksburg and Falmouth that portion of the army went to 
Stafford court house, where he and his father'Aere dischd 
-his father again took his discharje and it was handed 
to him by Maj Grigg . He vi/as out for nine months and 3 
days in this last tour. 

HE V/AS BOR"' IvIARCE 17 1759 . that he was born 
and raised in Stafford Go Va and resided there until 1783 
when he came with his father to Kentucky. 
He resided in v^/hatis now IVIason Co Ey and a shorttxme 
in Bourbon Co Ky, last 40 years he has resided in Fleming 
Co LZi'. . 

No family records shown in this claim. 


PAGE 60 

VIRGini^. SEKVOE OF '.r ^ I .}{ STIIT"" t^'T) ELIZAPET"" V 4806 

DECj-^;R:.T:"ON was made in Nelson Ccanty Virginia Jan 

30 1834 befor.' Jaiies .a-oods J .^ the said v^'illian ^mith 

a resid nt of sa±d coanty a^je 78 on the i9th May last 

past , who apjlied .inder the ACt of J. me 7 1832. 

States he was drafted in j.lbemarle coanty Vir,^;inia 

1776 and hired a substitute, v7ho served out that tour 

which vvas not less than 3 months, not less than 3 mont'is 

to the best of his recola.ection, that he v^as drafted again 

in said county 1777 and again hired a substitute wiio served 

tiiat tour vyhich v^/as not less tlian 3 months, tnat he was 

a^ain dr:^fted in same county 1778, and marclied to tlie 

Bai'rens in oaae county wnere he served a tour of not less 

than 3 montas. under Cajt James G-arland who got shot 

before the tour expired. in 1784. He was drafted again in 

sar/ie county and started under Ga jt ..iliiam G-rissom to march 

to t. a ^ovjer , art of Virginia but was detached belov; 

Charlottesville, iilbemarle Co 7a a:.d sent to Irvins Old 

*HM store on James River in same county and served not less 

than 3 as a -;uard to ammunition and militar\' eq.uipage 

under Yarber; ; he proves his service bv Charles Rodes 
who was with him a few weeks on his tour of Irvins Old ^tore 
, that he was BORK in ..LBFl.R^E CQ^'T-' ''A 1755.. 2 
witnesses to his signature v^'er j^lexander Heman? & Charles 

.i Smith. AFPID..V T IH NL^SOli GO V^. 1837 Feb 19 by Jane 
Martin, a^;e 78 t lat she was married to the late HTJDSOF 
'LVRTI'^ 2id Dec 1778? and recolects ,,m f'mith of said co. 
a Revolutionar soldier and Betsey or Elizabeth Massey 
were married before her ov.'u marriage and had a child called 
C'L.R^ES SIIITII before said date. signed by John li ^mitli. 

PAGE 61--- 
VIRCrliriA SEKVICl OF «;l^ liJ.I SMITH ..l''^ E..IZABET-: W4806 
Pa^e 2 continued: 

DECLARiiT'ON by Elizabeth r^mith in Nelson Co Va 

Feb 15 1837 a^e 78 on the 10th March next, wao applied 

under the ^ot of July 4, 1836 a.d states she is the 

wid w of williarn Smith, of the Virginia Troops in the 

Revolutionar war, and went from Albemarle Co Va . That 

she was married to u'm Smith 2S Dec 1775 and 'v'm Smith 

died 29 Dec 1836; that she remains his widow. 


1837 Feb 15 who is a rssident of Albemarle Co Va- now 

a^e 51 t lat he was the eldest son of tlie late 

William Smith and Elizabeth Smith of Nelson Co Va and he 

is now a^e 61, t :at vVm Smith died Dec 29 1836. Si;A3ned 

John M Smith. 

..FFILaVIT in xJJGJSTi. COmJTY VA 1837 Feb 21, by 

Glaudias Buster states he is over age 73 and is a 

pensioner for regolutionar serv .ce, and vjas well 

acquainted with '.v'm Smith late of Nelson Co Va. Has been 

acq_uainted with him over 58 years; that he was then a 

married man and his wife was a Ili^SSEY, daughter of 
C-L^RIjES MASSE^', who lived near tae line between .UIHERST 
AND A^BErvLiLRi.E CO V^^ but on which side he dont know. His 
impression is that it was on the ^..^bemarle side. 

The county court clerk of ^ilbemarle Co Va who v^'as 
Graham H or Ira Garre H Clark or Ira Garrett, clcrl^ s 
states he has examined the mar.- iage record file in his ofe ( 
and can find no record showing marriage of Em Smith 
to Elizabeth or Betsey Massie. previous to 1806. He sent 
this in Llarch 4 1837. 

?MjE' 62 

DECLARATION wag nade in HORGAiV COu:.>TY VIRGINIA 1843 April 
24th by Willian Smith age about 31, who applied under the 
Act of June 7 1G32 . 

States he entered service of the United States under the 

follov/ing na-;ed officers,, and ser-ed as herein after stated 

as a prl ate soldier und r Oapt Ambrose's company in said 

county in December 1730 under iuajor Vanmeter and Col Lewis 

who commanded the Virginia troops to which he was attac.ied. And 
after Cant John Vanm.eter had left the army he was transferred 
or attacued to Oapt Davis ' com.pany and after marching from. 
Martinsb rg, by Predericksbur to Richmond a, he was fina' ly 
discharged at Bottoms Bridge about July 1, 1781. 
T:iat he was BORN on the farm_ where he now lives now Morgan 
C. Va 20 December 1762 or 1763 according to the earliest 
Inforination that he has = ; t .at he has lived on same farm, ever 
since except for shout intervals. 

In one paper same date, he states "I vjas drafted out 
of Capt Ambroses company in Berkeley co Va as v/el 1 as he 
recollects in Dec 1780, Capt John VanMetre comL.anded the comoany 
and v;as attached, he marched from Martinsburg to Predericbsburg 
to Richmond, they were closely purcued by the Br:.tish but had no 
actual engagement or battle after Capt John Vanmetre had left 
the service . 

ELI AS SMITH wrote a letter from. Berkeley Springs, 
Morgan Co Va in 1844 Jan 27 _, stating: Dear Sir I herewith 
transmit to you a num^ er of affidavits in support of the claim 
of V'/illia;n Smith to a pension. He did not state tnare was any 
relationship between him and the slide ri . 

The affidavits were made in Morga^:; Co Va by J Ash ; George 
Aulabough, - Sam^uel Abernathy 1844; Cro'-.v/ell Orrick and 
S Vanarsdall . Vi/ho state they are v/el acquainted with Wil iam 
Sm.ith of Sleepy Greek, l rgan Go Va, which was form.erly in 
Berkeley Cq Va ; they are infor.ied that he is now ao aoplicant 
for pension; t.i&t Wm Smith was born and raised within a mile 
miere he nov/ lives; Vanarsdale recol ects of Wm Smiith 
preparing to go to service his tour in the Revolutionary 
arm.y after he was drafted. Reco"v„ects seeing him return home. 
Has often heard his father v/ho was also a soldier of said war 
ta;-k of 'fe Smith having ser'-ed as a soldier. 

PAGE 63--- 


Bounty land warrant 27686 for 160 acres 

in 1855 
It appears from the Hevolutinnar./ war pension claim 

v;2629 tiiat ^villiam Smith was BORf July 22, 1763, in 

Staunton, Aa^justa County Vir mia. 

ijhile residing in that part of Al'IHELST COT'T^^ VA which 

was later llelson Co Va, enlisted in latter ^art of 1777 

or early 1778, and served one month as a private in Capt 

David Shelton's Va company, guarding the prisoners at 

Charlottesville; a few months later he enlisted and 

served one month as a private in Col Francis Ta.vlor's 

Va regi'.ient, guarding the prisoners at Charlottesvil-e . 

Early in 1781 he enlisted and served between 3 & 4 

months as a private in Ca.jt James Barnett's company, 

Col Charles Dahney's Va regiment and was m a skirmish; 

about a week after his service had expired, he enlisted 

and served about 2 months as a private in Capt Richard 

Taliaferro's Co , Col llerriwetier 's Va regimerit and was 

in the battle of Hot later. He was allowed pension Feb 
25 1833, while a resident of Aa^,;usta Co Va, where he 
had lived since 1825. He died Jan 26 1842 in i.ockbridg 
Rockbridge Co Va . He married 1-22-1794 (which bond was 
issued 1-6-1794) in Araherst Co Va . Haney or Hannah, dau 
of John Snead of Amherst Co. She was allowed pension 8- 
16 1849, a.e 74 t len a^id resided Rockbridge Go Va where 
she sti.1^ lived 1855.T.Leir oldest son, Robert E Smith 
was born 10-15-1794 and was a resiuont of Rockbridge 
Go Va 1844.. i dau is referred to but nav.e is not shown. 

VIRGINIA SERVICE OF V/IL^Ii-J;! SniT' S 40463 ?AGE 64--- 
Boanty Laad ..arrant 1630 fcr 100 acres 

DECORATION of ADAIIS CO Il:Tv' OHIO t ;;il iara ^inith 

1818 i.pril 30th w o stat s he enlisted ander Ca t 

Jonathan ^an^^idon and served aLoat Z years ai.d Caijt 

.^angdon was dismissied from service and Ca:t Casie, 

he thinks John was his given natne sacceeded him and 

said wi.i Smitii served ander him the reami jder oT the time 

for v;hich he enlisted -for 3 : ears ; and immediately 

after his disc.xarge he a^'am existed at ■'.'iddlehrook 

in tae Jerseys fnr darin^j the continuation of the 

war . 

Deciarat.on again 1820 in Adans Co Ohio Aag Ith, 

Age 6b.; t at his family consists of himself and wife 

Hannah a_^e ± 50, four' daa.jhters ''ar^^aret a ;e 14, 

Hannah ags 12, Son ijarjed Cuiller a ;e 18, t at his 

children Wiio are come of a :e has left him sometime and 
are doing for themselves, say Jacob age 24, George age 22 
Elizaheti: 19 and t at his age and infirmit; renders 

him incajahie of performing his necessar labors. to 
maintain his family.. 


Qn t e back of one of the old folders in this file s ows 

his certificate to be No 4102^ VVilLiam Smith of rendleton 

County Virginia^ who was a prl ate in the comi^any co)-v anded 

by Gapt i^ayne of the re^^Ment coMmanded by G lonel Haas? 

in the va line for 12 months and 9 da s from 1732. Inscribed 

on the rol of Va at rate of .;;41 per annum to con:ience 4th i/iarch 

1331. Certificate of pension issued lOtn Jan 1833 

Arrears to 4th Sept 1332, ,.41.50 semi annual alJ.ovi/ance ending 

I.arch 4 1833 '1^20.50. 


September 1 th before Richard or Kinkead and^ Thomas and Peter 

Hull J P in said county by William Smith a resident thereof age 

80 on the 20th Dec next who allied under Act of June 7 1332; 

states he enlisted under Capt :& Payn, Col Adams and General 

jAuhlenburg, -see his discharge end sed^ t^-iat he enlisted in 

Staunton- Augusta County Va, marched fr-^m there to Cumberland 

Old G^^urt House, thence to iJ.anchester , thence back to Cumberland 

Old Court Hois e . thence to Winchester Va -and dischar ed ; that 
He lived at Augusta Va when he enlisted and was in no battle 
while he served. 

'^ivianchester Oct 27 1732 The bearer Edward Smith, a corporal 
with two men which has been on Fatigue at this post has 
permission to ret rn to this regiment at tl.e General Rendezvous 
-Cumberland Old Court House -they are allowed 2 days to 

joint their regiment by order of General Scott. 

signed Thos Re vn Ids C LI ? Stores. 
-;.-;HH>-;;--;;-x-another separate paper: 
"AUGUSTA C.UNTY SCT s I do hereby certify that ■..'il lam Smith 
personally a oeared before me Alexander St. Clair a J r lur 
said county and acknowledTed himself fairly entitled as a so 
soldier by Dinnis Caliagham to ser e for the * ^f , °^. J^J^^^°^ „ 
18 months from date hereof i en under my hand tnis ±X uarch 7 
1782. signed Alexander St. Clair 

Received by the Gen J Hughes, ,„• t i ^ Qr.--i-h 

Anril 19 1733 T-e aboge mentioned William &.ath 
is hereby discharged at his own request, (sjr-eter ..uhlenourg . 

VIRGINIA SERVICE OP WI LIAi. Si'iITH S 7548 page 66 — 
DECLARATION was made in Culpepper County Virginia 1832 
August 13th age between 76 and 77 who valllara Smitn applied 
under the Act of June 7 1332. That he enlisted m bhe amy 
1776 with Ensign John Gra-es and sered in the 8th regiment 
of the Va line under Col Peter Luhlenberg, ua or Peter 
Helptensteln? Capt Geor;,e Slaughter, Lt Col Kirtley and 
Ensign John Graves, that he enlisted for the tenu of 2 ear-s 

and dischar ed at Valley Forge re'.nsylvania 1778; ho first 

marched to the neighborhood of NORFOLK VA from tnere marched 

to Charleston South Carolina ^ where he was taken sick, received 

^ furlough and returned .ho -e, and as soon recovered he v;ent 

out to the North and joined the arrrjy at Philadelphia; when he 

took the small pox^ after his recoverey joined the ar'.'y and was 

was at tne Battle of Brand ywine, and prevented by sickness 

from being in battle of G-ermantov/n, and marchedwlth the army 

to Valley Forge, ivhere they took up winter quarters and 
received his discharge the ensuing spnng, ; taat he resided 
In Culpepper Co Va and continued to do so to the present time 
v/here he was raised from age 6. He again enlisted 1779 u-^der 
Capt Benj Robert in said county for 2 years and marched to the 
PALLS OF THE OHIO -joined Col George Rogers Clark -and had 
frequent skirmishes with the Indians .u He was sent by i.iajor 
(-V orge Slaughter as an express to the IRON BANP;s, a d assisted 
in constructin the fort at the Falls of the OHIO. 

Two Witness to h:Ls signature were Thomas Noonan? or 
Norman and John Creel ». 

PAGE 67 


Bounty land v/arrant 50090 for 160 acres in 1355 

The data following were obtained from papers on file in 
the Revolutionary war pension cla.r.i \J 9298 based upon the 
military ser ice of; Siiith in that war. Ke 17AS BORI'J 
uAY 5, 1756 in Aa.ELIA GOUi'TY VIRGINIA, and while residing in 
said Ai;ielia County, he enlisted April 1780 and served 3 months 
as a private in Capt Joshua rowell's Va company, he again en- 
listed 1731, and ser-ed 2 tours of 3 raonths each a private 
in Capt Joshua i^oweli's Va conpanyi he again enlisted 1781, and 
served 2 tours of 3 months each, exact dates not given, under 
same captain and was in an engagement near Charlotte court 

house, Va and at the sieje of Yorktovm. 

After the Revolution he moved from Amelia Co Va to Halifax 

county Va, where he resided until 1310, when he moved to 

CUkBERLAND C. KY, thence to Pulaski Co, Ky, where he reiaained 

for many yearsj then moved to Russell county Ky. He was 

allowed pension on his arplication Nov 2, 1832, while residing 

in RUSSEL^^ CO KY. In 1333 he was residing in CUiiBEPiAilD CO 

KYc He died Kpril 15, 1334 or 1835 in Russell Co '^J- He 

married in Halifax Co Va to Elizabeth yiER or VIAH; se'-sral 

dates of their marriage are given; Oct 16,1787, or 1790, Nov 8 
1792 or 1793. ^, . , ^„ 

Declaration of Elizabeth Smith, widow of ftm Smith ..arch 26 ■ 

1339 m Russell Go Ky . In that year, she gave her a^e as 67 

In 1850 she stated she was a,e 81; in 1852, age 06 and in 

1855 aoe 73. No explanation was ijiade for tnese d:_screpa:icies 
in aie!" Co?Mren are referred to; oldest son Hickerson xn 

""-^l^ 1^2l^in^\S^2i1f " II.TJI ?Lfly! ^^n'oo^^Sh^^ 
"'^''p'^tlf ^ Kv in 1 3^ ate 39 or 40. He also had children 
'Suf 4 e no na'es L reference to a dau of soldier named 
CASSANDRA and no other names fif children are given., 


DEGLARATI'jN was -lad e In Louisa Cnuijty Virginia 3eoi:e::her 3, 

Father Janes 
1033 by Liliiani Sniith w jo states his / S'itj 

kept a register of the a;,es of his children and the examina- 
tion of that register. I find his son i'l'il:iam Smit'. was born 
Dec 14, 1775. I, VJilliam Smith removed from EANOVER COIJ T ; 
the place of my nativity and county of Louisa Jan 1731 
t'.jat he received a letter from i.r ■. Jefferson (then Go/ernor 
of Virginia Jan 13, 1781 a true copy of v/hich mar Ived ''A'' 
m.ay be seen, the original letter lost or misplaced, i.i: lediately 

-tely on the receipt of the^ latter alluded^to ^"I w.aited on 
Colonel Wood at Charlottesvil e, Albemarle ^o -C-.I l.ood 

'.. ' •.:, commanded the Guards of the prisoners called 
"Buro^oynes tr:)ops" Col IVo d inf :rmed me he was disappointed 
in gettin gunsmith he expected without loss of tiiie, 
that I waited on i..r . Jefferson and reported to him the 
result of the troop, then was acquainted withouut delay to 
get gunsmith in the country v/here the-' was to be had to 
re-jare the public arms at fnelr own, I hpe I know of many 
good workmen, the_i engaged in repairing and making guns, on 
their private interest, I wanted on them shewed them i.r. 
Jefferson's letter, abo^.e alluded to in tho faith of which 
I engaged Wil lara Duggin, James Wallis, Joseph Spier and 
Jai^ies Lea (or Sea)? then at vvorlc in Wm Duggins shop, Hanover 
County Va John Higgason« I employed Hanover Co ''.^a, 
ilatthew Harwood? PluVanna V/illiam James, Goochland, an ^ Engli; 
Englishman, Wm and Frances Gidens /Louisa Josel Hlggins? 
Caroline co- many other persons. worked on the pubi.c 

Page 2 contlned: 

arms in the shops of the principal persons, I ha^/G mentioned 

that I reported to Gol Vfc; Davis or Davie s, the men ennlo-^ed by 

me to repair tJie public arms, Col Davis had chargi of the war 

Department in Virginia, at th-is time. I was / by 

Gol Da-'ies to superintend tl'e persons, I had engao^ed to and 
report to him how the work progressed from time to tinio, I Imew 
of a long number of damaged arms deposited in the prison at 
Hanover Court House. I sent them on to the persons, I employed 
then they were repaired; they vi/ere recei ed and others sent 
as directed, the work v/ent on v/^th - until the surrender of 
Cornwallis, at Yorktown, after which prosoects were fa^'orable 
for for peace of Independence the repairs of public arm.s. 
A long list of re airs of storred arms and etc. 

AFFIDa it op JA ES YEARE States fe Smith em.l.yed 

hiiii to repair pu ilc arms between the first and 10th Julj' 

1781. He engaged with I'Jm Smith in the faith of a lettv^r 

vdlliam Smith shewed him dated Jan ±X 18 1781, signed bv 

Thomas Jefferson, and he proceeded iMrediately 

to the work and worked frm five months in the shop of 

WiJ iam Duggin who was t'.en repairing public arms, with many 

others. Wm Smith Superintended the work, ; that l.^j. Du';^?)!''^^ is 

now deceased and been dead for many years o That al ■ v/ho wor e d 

in said shop are now dead exce 't James Hall and Joseph Spiers? 

(or jSpicer ) 
Taat he never received any pay for the v/ork he did re^^airing 

arms o Si_,ned Janes Yeary Nov 50 1332. 

VIRGINIA SERvIGii OF WIL^-Ii^. Si.ITIl AJD .ARl V'/ 6094 PAGE 70--- 

Declaratlon of IVilliai;. c^i.iith Nov 17, 1B32 in Alleghany 
County Vrrginia, who a^. lied under tne Act of Jnne 7, 1:^:32 . 
and stated he v;as BuR:^ liv Rlchniond County v r mia 1740 
l.arch, ma' ing his age , would be 89c 

Stated he was iivjloyed as an Indian Spy in the .Vestern i^art 
of Virginia, militia service during tlie Revolutionar ' v/ar . 
Service cornmenced 1774, t'.at he ha i moved from his native 
county,, when he engaged m the arduous duties and subr.iitted 
to tne many privations incident to and necessar/ to life of a 
Spj''. Inat he had frequently to explore tlie trac-iless wilder- 
ness the Alleghany mountains and the .. ■ .- vi/aters issuing 
therefrom Virestward., as far as the Ohio in order to bring 
inteljigence to the frontier settlements and to a fortified 
place on the OHIO of Indian sipns or t e dreadful a;- .roach of 
the savage foe. That at rolunt ileasant, junction of the 
. anahaway and Ohio river he acted under orders of 'Jol ndrew 
Lewis 1774 in the character of a spy at the time a battle with 
the Indians was fought at r-oint before named - he never was in 
a battle. He was first employed by Col Fleming and germed many 
tours in regular succession d-^^ring tae Revolution. As obtained 
Certificate of Ga^.t Joan A-derson, then residing in Greenbrier 
Go (once Botet;. art Comty) for many tours as a spy, --Sampson i,.ati 
laattnews living in Augusta Co Va , at Staunton v/as his paymaster 
He v/as ern'oloyed as Spy fr.ra commencement to the end of the 

Re\olutionary v/ar. -De position of Jesse Davis v/iio :-:ade this 
application for Wm Smith, had been acqua ntod with him for more 
than 40 years. 


xAGE 2--- & LlARi Si.ITH 

Declaration of Lary Smith June 23, 1842, v/^o a;- .lied 

under the Act of J ly 4 1836 states she is the vvidov/ of 

Williaia Smith in Alleghany (>:unty Vir ia.. That s jc was 

married to Wm Smith in Dotetuurt County Va August 10, 

1780 taat he afterwai-ds rouoved to this county, where he 

remained until his death, t.jat he died Feu 4, 1836 « '.'id she 

remains bis widow e . er since. Tbis declaration made oefore 

i.'Ioses Sellener. filed tne following family records; 

William Smith and ..lary h s wife married 10th 1730, 

i-'eter Smith was bon, 27 J ly 1781 

Rebecca Siiith was B>,.rn Se t 8 1782 

Da' Id Smith was Born Jaa 9 1734 o 

i.-ary Smit:i vi/as a;,e 83 v/hen she made another declaration 

i.larch 20 1849 in Alleghany ;^o Va, witnesses to her signature 

were Wright Smith and Bullard Smith on that date ; statas that 

she received pension as widov/ of Wm Smith under Act June 17 


Two witr.css to IVm " Smith declaration 1332 were 

Archibald i o ILin caid .:.squire and John S. Xincaid. 


DECl^ARATIOW was nade September ;34, 1832 by i.even 
Sprigg S 14552 ae:e 75, and a resident of TIeade County 
Kentucky, who apolied under the Act of Jane 7, 1832. 

The data followin- were obtained from papers on file 
in claim for pension S 14552 based upon his service in the 
Revolutionary war pension. This is the record of the only 
Leven Spring found on file in the vVi-.r ^'ension records 
of the National Archives. 

The date and place of his birth were not stated, 

Leven Sprigg enlisted, place not shown in Lee ember 1776 

and served as a private in Capt Benjamin Harrison's 

company, in the IZth and 9th Virginia regiments, was 

transferred in 1778 to "^a^t w'ilton's company and served 

until discharged, March 10 1779 from Ca^jt Robert «^eorge's 

Virginia re company. 

The papers on file in this claim contain no 

discernible data in regard to the family of -^even ;jprigg. 

In order to obtain date of last paytaent of pension 

name and address of person paid, and possibly the date 

of death of this pensioner, you should ap ly to the 

Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Records 

Division, \'ashington D C and furnish the following data: 

Leven Sprigg, Certificate No 3595, issued December 28 1832, 
rate of ^80 per ann'um, comiHenced I.Iarch 4, 1831, Act of 
June 7 1832, KENT'JC Y AGELICY. 


DECLARATION was made in JACKSOF CO'TITT"" ALABikJ'Ii'i 1832 

October 19th before ',.'m Conipton, Judf^e of the coatitv 

aforesaid h:/ .^bner Vaughn a^e 67, who a ^jjlied under the 

Act of Jane 7, ld32. 

He states he entered service under Colonel Robert 

v/iliiams, Ca^.it Cunningham and Lieut. Price, about 1781 as a 

volunteer and served about 7 months as a waggoner and 

express earring. He resided when entering service in 

TLiLIFAX COUrT"" VIRGINIA? as a volunteer under Caot 

Cunningham and by him directed to taice char .e ofa waggon 

and team. He set oatv;ith the array then for the sie,jO of 

NINETY SIX and they marched for Ninety Six until the army 

reacied Salsbury, North Carolina, he then joined militia 

under Col Robert V;iliiams, and continued , when Ma.iorRose 

took command of the army, ho thenreturnod to his own 

McKaw or 
neighborhood and was employed by Major m/McRaw ? who was 

at that time acting comnissary for tiie army, he remained in 

t'le empxoym^^int of the com-iissary for sometime hauling from 

thenceto Pittsylvania town a place of deposit for the baggage 

of the army, he was then employed by Baron Pteuben as an 

express bearer from Boles Ferry in Halifax Co Va to 

some place not now recol.ected j^ear the Sea Coast, on his 

returned to Coles Ferry and ret-irnedto Major McKaw 

-He was then ordered by John Clark, ttie t^'^.en Comdssary of th 

the army to take charge ofa bag,^e wagoon and go on to 

YORK TOV/N under Capt Fleming Baits and Col Petar Rogers. 

He went to York town, v>/hej3' he remained for sometime, when 

Page 2- 

he was sent back to Halifax with the ba-^ja.^;G of some of 

the sick troops, amongst Wxiom was Colonel i-eter Rogers. 

Shortly fter ne returned home, he heard of the sarrender 

of Cornwal^is and v;as never afterwards cal ed into SGrvjc-3 

-he never received any discharge from the service and tne 

reason was thathe was never home when he heard of the treaty 

of Peace and he ret .rued home without on his com and- 

ing officers for one. He knows of no person hv whom he can 

prove his services, and his name is not on any pension 

roll of aio^: of the departments -he hereby relinq.aishes ever-- 

claim to any pension exce.t the presenti- He has a record 

of his age kept b.\ his father in his family bible, bat 
has lost it. He 'liVAS BORN 10 January 1765 in Halifax Co Va 
and lived in Halifax Co Va. where he " entered 
service and has since lived in the state of North 
and South Carolina, Georgia andlennessee and now lives in 
JArKSON CQTr^TY ALAHA'A, where he has 11 . ed for the last 12 
years. He is acq.uainted with James Turk, andBen.lamin Rector 
Esq_uir . of this count by whom he can prove his ciiaracter 


AlvD l'.rARG^RET S " " " W 610 

bounty land warrant No 16151 for 160 

acres 1855 . 

Deolaration was made in Wilson Coanty Tennessee 

183E September 25, by Abraham Vaa^han age 69 who applied 

under the Act of June 7 1832 . 

He states he entered service by substitutin ; for Janes 

V/iles, ibn Easter Mond-y 1779 Vi(ho had eight months of his 

t^me and served in comjany of artili-ery under Ca t Peter 

\/right and i^t Wm Fowler, which company was attached tc 

the reoi-ieat of Harrison of Porterfieid, he entered service 

in Dinwiddle CoVa aad marched to Taylor's Fort om old 

magazine Ileckleubujrgh Co, left them and returned home, 

after he received his discharge eitner in Oct or Nov 1779, 

Wiiich was about 9 months, the company of Peter .Vright belonged 

to the Va StateTroops . He again substituted in place ofW.;. 

Thivait? in DinwiddieCo Va Llay or June 1780 under Capt Geo 

Pegrara, Lt Peter Ep^^s, and \i.. u/alker, Bosweli Hutchings 

ensign, was marciedfrom thence to Hillsborough, N C where 

he was attached to 3rd Va regiament of Va, State troops 

under Col Falkner of Kownman? Marched from tuei'S to deep 

river to ^'edee river to Masse;^''s ferry, thento Ridgley's Mill 

in South Carolina near Camden, after thebattie at Camden retre 

retreated to Hillsborough, where the troops were rallied 

and marchea to Guilford Court House, N C from therewas 

marched to New Garden Canip and then bach to Guilford court 

house and t -ere received his discharge in Nov 1730), 

after serving about 7 months. In 17ol in Jan he substituted. 

PAGE 76 


and Margaret S " v;610 
page 2. 

in place of Lody Faliy in Amelia CountyVirginia under 

David Crawly, Ca^it. aftervvardswas transferred into the 

compauy of Capt Ened Askins.and attao'iedto rejimentof iVm Eric 

Brice of Col Falkner, was sent as a fatigue guard tothe 

ridge at S..ffolk in Nanoymond CoLLuy Va, joined the regiment 

again atMud llil^s marcxied to Bibbs Old Field, Crow Old Fie 

Field, Broadwater Bridge, jPrmce Geor es Courtyiouse 

andPetersbur.jh, thence withthe waggosn at the time of 

tliebattle, and received his dischar^;e at Chesterfield co'jjrt 

house in Va, under Ca t William Lewis, in April or Tla- 1781, 

having served about 4 months. Again he sabstit ited in place 

of Anthony V.'iles in Chesterfield Co Va June or July 1781 

under Cajt Arohd vn'c^^thel and was attachedto the regiment 

at .Vhitleys milis in Gloucester Co Va, under Col Dicks, 

marched to Gloucester court House, Middlesex Co, V/ uiting 

Milxs, Gloucester Chirch, Boili-4g springs, was engaged in no 

regular battle but had a little skirmish at Gloucester cou 

court house and in Oct 1781, having served about 4 months. 

He knows of no person excet Charles Easter by wiiom he can 

prove his ser ice . 

Declaration made in Wilson Co Tennessee July 5,1853 
by Margaret Vaughan who ap^jlied under Act of Feb 3, 1853 
widow of Abraham Vaughan; that she was marriedto him in 
WILSOII CO'JTITY TEi: TSSEE APRIL 30 183S by Thomas Jopling 
J P ; that her name before marriage was Margaret S Gold ? 
T.iat iier husbanddied in '.vilson Co Tenn July 31 1836 and she 
remains his widow. That her husband resided in Brunswick 
orDinwiddie Co Va the time he entered service 

xiBRA^'A": Vii .tHN also made declaration Jan 7 1832 stat 
stating he was BRorn in AmeliaCo Va 1764 Jan uary. He came 
to Tenuessee in 1807 where he has resided ever since. 

PAGE 77 

DECLrJlATTON was made August 16, 1832 by Almond Vaughan 

while a resident of Culpepper County Virginia. (He died Ilay 

21, or 22, 1842. 

It ap ears from the papers m the fcev olutionary war 

pension olaim vi 6342 that Almond Vaughan was BORN Aoril 19 


k'/hile Residing in Culpepjer county Va, he enlisted in 

1776 and served one month as a private in Capt James Thomas 

company, Col ^im Thornton's Virginia regiment. 

He enlisted August 1777 and served 4 months as a 

private in Capt v/augh's company. Col James Barbour and 

Crawford's Va regiment. 

He enlis ed in 177b or 1779 and served one month as a 

private in Captain Bradley's Va regiment. 

He married February 1, 1784 in Culpepper Co Va to 

Joanna Harris, the daughter of Isaac Harris. She died May 

6, 1845, leaving the following children. 

Amelia; x^oi-y, wife of Reuben Vaughan, Nancy Stone, a 

widow, Harriet, wife of ueroy Cooper; Sally, wife of 

John Coppage; Fanny, wife of John Herring; Martha, wife 

of Augn Coppage. 

PABS 78— 


W 6343 

Deoiaration was made in Dinwiddle Coanty Virginia 

183E SepteraLer i7th by Absalom Vaughan aje 69 on 19th Oot. 

last, who applied ander the Act of Jane 7, 1832. 

States he entered service in the militia 1778 and 1779 

the first tour being ander Ca^ t v<m E^.^ es and ot'ners, one 

month, tiie 2nd tear ander Ca^ t Ba,.er Pegram and others one mo 

month ar:d a half. Tae third to^or ander Capt Peterson 

G-oodwyn and one month, the 4th tour under Capt John Nichols 

and others, one month and a half, tlie 5th tour under Capt 

7 months, 
Wm Lewis 2 montas -^ ' ' "• -'^"^ that in 1781, he .joined 

t^ie anay ;t G-oochland court house under Col Charles 

Dabney, Capt aibbs, Lt ".vo dson and ensign Slaughter and 

marched from there to Little Yorl: and joined under 'jen 

George v.'asliington. After the taking of York and the army 

under Ccrnv^allis, he was marched to Richmond as a guard to the 

prisoners and disciar.ed Marah 1782. 

^iffidavit of Is ham E ■■ Hargrave a clergyman, 

residing in DimaiddieCo EH Pegram in same county statethey 

are acq.aainted w.-ti^ Absolom Vaughan taat the believe him to be 

age 69 on 19th Oct last. 

Declaration by Martha Vaughan March 28 1843 in Dinwid 
Dinwiddle Co Va. States she is widow of Absalom Vaughan deed. 
; t:iat s:ie was married to him in at Petersburg Va by Parson 
Harrison about December 1789 and he died inDinwiddie Co Va 
April 15, 1839, and she remains his wiaow. T..e Marriage Bond 
was filed by clerk of Dinwiddle Co showing Absalom & Martha 
Vaughan spinster were married 1788 Oct 1st. and Henry 
Vaughan endorsed said Bond. certificate showing Martha 
Vaughan died 18 Sept 1843, leaving 3 children; namely Rebecca 
who married Hartwel.. Ivy, Mary who m.arried Jociah Farlow 
and Hartwel- Vaughan. This statement was filed 1845 18 June. 
Several affidavits v/ere filed. 


DECLARATIOII v^as made m Dinwiddle County VIR'^IFIA 

1832 October 15 by Ejhraim Vau^han a,-:e 64, who ap.jlied 

under the _^ct of June 7, 1832. 

He states he entered service under Ca.-t John -^licholas 

Ca t Boswel^ Goodwyn, Cajt Mm Lewis each of whom resided in 

Dinv;iddie Co Va and ever sincy has, and from v;hiGh count. 

his services were porforied. He served under 3 caotains 

-he recol^ectsGolo David V/alker having been the commander of h 

hisrej^iment durin^^ the portion ibf tne service, T lat he 

served occasionally at Petersburg in desterfield about the 

Coal ?^ts at Bottoms Bridge below Richmond. j^aFayette v>/as 

m CoEi:and at Pater sb org. T,.,.e„ had a skirmish tiiere under 

Phillips and Arnold and he assisted in firing on ?IRS 

BOLLIIJG'S HOUSE in which ^o^eral Phillips was believed to 

beo That he was BORN and has always resided in 

Dinwiddle Co Vc^ and enlisted from said county. 

1834 Jan 31st age 76 states sometimein sum.ner of 
1778 E^hraim Vaughan and himself were cal.. _ed into the 
service , tne said Ephraim Vaugban a private in Capt John 
Nicholas Gom^.any andCol Jose,;h J:;nes regiment of Va militia 
taat Ephraim and himself were in the battle which was fauyht 
bet\.een tiie J S j.t Hoods on J.:>-es River Va andEphraim cont 
continued in service for daring six months and at battle 
at Petersburgh, on Appomattox s river Va,and afterwards 1779 
17 79 was again called under Cajt Lewis of Va, believed to 
be in Col David Walker's regiiient , . . 

PAGE 80--- 


■|//ARaAK"T no S'SI for 300 acres 
as surgeon mate 
IDECLARATION was ni8.(3e in Kershaw District South Carolina 

May 28, 1814 by uilliam Langley Esq.uire Judge of the 

Court of Ordinary of said district, a resident of the town 

of Camden, S C and stated that during the Revolutionary 

war he was personally acquainted with Doctor Glaihorne 

Vaughan, of tae Virginia line, who this deponent has 

understood and verily believes has departed this life v/ithout 

having any lineal descendants, this de -onent fLirt^ier states 

that he has been for about 14 years welx. acq.uainted v;ith 

VAUGIITT, resident of the town of Camden in state, fornt 

formerly of Virginia and that has always underatood from the 

records? of his family and general report and does verily 

beliee that the said "v'lilie Vaughan, a brother and heir at 

law of said Doctor Claiborne Vaughan. Signed v.'m Langley. 

for 300 acres on account of the Revolutionar war services 

of a captain Claiborne Vaughan, Va line. Was issued 

Hay 29 1792, to Robert iJeans, assignee. 

There are no papers for t;ie above, as papers for warrants 

issued prior to 1800 were bujrned in the war office 

fire of IIov 1800. No means of ascertaining whether 

t.;ere were 2 officers of this name. ' 

BOUHTY ^iU'JD w'ARRAlvr NO E271 for 300 acres as 

Captain. Issued May 29 1792 to Robert ^'^eans , Assignee. . 

(No papers, .just a plan larE;;e card in the files) 

Note: There was a Surgeon's Mate of 

this nai ie whose heirs roceiv d ^/arrant 637 (See l^apers) 

No means of ascertaining whether there were 2 officers 

of this same name from Virginia. 

PAGE 82 


DECLARATIOH was made in Marengo Coanty Alabama 

April 8, 1834 by Ingram Vaughan age 75, who applied under 

Act of June 7 1832. 

That he first joined the service September 1776 at which 
time, he was residing in Mecklenburgh County Virginia. 
He entered as a sibstitute in place of Moses Overton 
and was commanded by Capt vv'm uucas of said i-.Iecklenburg Co 
; that he was cal^.ed for the term of 3 months on a tour to 
Norfolk, but the company was dischar^.;ed before reaching 
its place of destination and he returned after ten days. 

That his next term of service 1st of Aug 1777, when he 

served as a substitute for Clarainy ? Coleman, under James Anderson, and was this time in actual service 3 m 

months, all of vs/hich he served as Corporal. He was attached 

to the brigade under ^eneral Kelson and Col Frederick 

Macklin. He marched for Mecklenburg to x^ortsmouth Va 

and was discharged with the company'- there. He afterwards 
entered service as a volunteer June 1 1780- was appointed an 
order j.y sergeant under Capt Benj Ferrel,. and marched to 
Hillsboro 11 C, where Ca t Ferrel was discharged and he was 
transferrea to co under Capt Binns Jones, attached to 
Col James Lucas regiment; he then marched to near Camden 
S C and was engaged in the unfortunate battle at that place 
in August. in which Gen Gates was defeated. He out.ines 
much service. 

(He understands there is a record of his age in 
POY\JHATAH COUNTY VIRGINIA, but was living in Mecklenhurg 
when called into service. -he moved from Mecklenburg Va 
to Granville Co North Carolina.; thence to Halifax Virginia 
, thence to Madison Co Alabama thence to Marengo Co 
Alabama where he now resides in Alabama . 
Tiiere is no family data in the file. 

VIRGINIA SERV'C:^" OF JMES VAUGHAN S 7779 ^^^^^ 83--- 

DECLARATION was mads in Brj.riswick coanty V^r^inia Decembr 

24, 1832 by Vaaghan a resident of Saint Andrews 

Parish in said county, a^e 76, who ap^-lied under the Act of 

J^e 7, 1832. 

He stated he entered service in 1780 under V/illiam 

Colj-ier as a drafted militia man and served for 4 months 

- Col J.^..ies ijj.cas commanded tlie refjiment ander which he 

was marciied from said coanty, to Cheraw Hills South Carolina 

andon their wa;- to NINETY SIX, and were met on the way 

by Ge.eraj. Morgan, who had several prisoners and they were 

ordered by Ge eral Steuben to guard the prisoners, to some 

..lace at this time. He served six weeks as a drafted man 

under Capt John Clayton of Brunswick Co and marched to 

Portsmouth or Swan Point, field officers Col Ei^-iott 

and Ivlai Potts?. Ho served anot ei tour of six eeks under Ca_t 

House of said county and marched to Chesterfield Co and 

crossed Appomattox at Bavil'^ Brid_;e and thence to Mineral 

Springs near wlisre Gv^^-israi 'uVashington was stationed, when 

histime expired and he was discharged . 

Affidavit by John Pritchett, clergyman in Brunswick and 
Jolm k7 P \^ Paup? are acquainted with this soldier. 

VIRanilA SEi.7-CE OF JA ES VAUGHAN S 37497 ^^^^^^ 84--- 

DEC^ARATIOK v*as made xn Fayette County Kent cky, July 1, 
1818 by Jaraes VAUailAK, ( pension IIo S 37497) a^;e 73, 

Tiie data whiGxi follow were obtained from papers on 
file in claim for pension S 37497, based upon service of 
James Vau^han in the wevolutionary war. 

The data and place of birth of James Vau^;han, and names 
of his parents were not given. 

James Vaughan enlisted in CARCLTNE C0::rnT'^VIROTI\TIA x775 
served as a private in Capt Long's com,yany, and in Col Davies' 
14th Va regiment; he was in the battles of Banter 
Rill, Brandywine and G-ermantown, length of service 3 years. 

In 18S1 he referred to his wife and then stated that his 
children were all Grown and left him. The names of wife 
or w children were not given. 

The papers contain no further discernible data 
in regard to his family, nor the date of death of this 
soldier is not shown. 

I.:, order to obtain date of last payment of pensio 
name and address of person paid, and possibly the date of 
death of this pensioner, youshould apply to the Comptroller 
Gc-.eral, Ga„eral Accounting Office, records Division, 
'rfifashmgton D C and furnish the following data: 

"Ja;ies Vaughan, Certificate Ho IIOOO, issued 
May 24 1819, rate ^ti per month, comm.enced July 1, 1818 
Act of March 18, 1818, KENTTCIT A'"EWCY", 

PAGE 85- — 


DECLARATION was made Aj,.ril 8, ldl9, at which time he was 

a resiaei-t of Dinv\riddie County Virginia, where he had lived 

daring the Revolutionary war and a^;e 63. In 1821 he referred 

to his wife Sarah a^e 53 and his daughter Patience age 18 

- L-ter in life he resided in Brunswick county and he died 

about 1836 or 1838 leaving 2 children, whose names are 

not stated. 

From the pajers in the claim No S 38450, it appears 

t.iat Jesse Vaughan enlisted Decemher 1775 and served 2 years, 

in Cat T.^omasRuf fin's company, Col Mordecai Euckner's 

V^r^-inia regiment, and Vv^as in the battles of Trenton, 

Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown and I-Ud Fort. 

C December 1775, in Virginia in company of Ca;.t 

Thomas Ruffin, under Col B.*ckner in line of state of Va 

on Continental establishment; continued to serve until Dec. 

1777 when ha vjas discliarged at Vaiiey Ford Penns'^lvania 

by General u'eeden . that he has receivec" ,, , • 

1^177.03 up to 4th March last, under pension certifi ate 

which is dated Nov 26 1319 and signed by C Vandevertes 
Acting Secretar; of n/ar , ; that he has is family a wife 
Sarah Vaughan age 53, a daughterpatience Vaughan, A^e 18 
and no other .arson, signed J.^n 15 1821. 

Me made anoth .r declaration 1819 April 8th in Dinwiddle 
Co Va before Peter Randolph and stated he was at the battle 
of Trenton, Gernantovm, Brandywine, Princeton and 
M^d Island. 

VIRGINIA SE:f7IGE OF JOTffi YAj^^R^I' S 7788 PAGE 86--- 

DEC^ARATIOIT was filed in S^.ar tanbarj District, South 
Carolina 1835 October 3 by John Vaa^^han, who applied 
under the Act of June 7, 1832. 

Ti.e following data are obtained from the papers 
on file in t'ae Revolutionary war claim for pension S7788, 
basedupon the militar: service of John Vaue:ian in thatwar. 
John Vaughan was BORII 1760, in Ilecklenbur^ih County 

v/hile residing in Mecklenburg County Virginia, he 
enlisted January 10 1781, served as a private in Gapt 
Jessee Saunders' Company, Col Dick's Va regiment and was 
discharged April 10 1781, he again enlisted the latter part 
part of June 1781, served as a private in Cajt Whitten'a 
Com^:any, Col Tucker 'a Va regiment and was discharged 
October 10 1781. 

After the Revolution, he moved to S.jartanburgh 
District South Carolina. 

T.iere are no data as to his family. 

PAGE 87 

Virginia Half Pay 

DECLARATION in Adams Count- Mississippi December 15, 
1830 by Samuel Ltartin, and -viary Ilartm his wife, late 
Mary Vaughn, Henry Gosney and Jane his wife late Jane Vaughn 
of tne county of Adaras Mississippi. Do constitute and 
appoint Hon C/iittenden Lyon of Kent 'clcy, our true and law- 
ful attorney to -ask-demand and receive of Virginia or 
proper officer, or person, our portion or pe.rt of any 
money Vi/hich may "be due and owing to us, as heirs at law 
of John Vaughan or Vaughn late of KE'TUGKY deceased, who 
was an officer on tlie Virginia state line in the army of 
the Revolution and to grant acq.uitances t.^erefor as tho they 

were present m person, signed Samuel •'■■'■artin, ^'■ar ■ Iilartin 
Henr ■ Gosney and Jane Gosney. 

Affidavit of John Dale in Shelby County Kentucky 
1833, May 7th surviving administrator of John Vaughan, deed 
andone of his heirs and Jane -.^emherton widow of V/illiam 
Pemberton and one of theheirs of sa^d Jhn Va..ghn, 
who served under Col Geo Mute? and ap oint Gecre 'ifi/oolfolk 
of Ky and lawful atty fortiem to receive pension and etc. 

AFFIDAVIT OF RUBEN SALE .^uardian for Andrew Thomas 
Vaughan - on tins day appeared Geo vVoolfolk, his attorney 
to ask -receive from State ofVa or the I S any land or money 
that may be due the heirs of John Vaughan, late deed, Lt 
in State Garrison troops of Va under Col -eorge Muter? or 
Martin? for h:.s services as ^^ieut nant . 

this da. ap ointed George rtoolfolk of KENTUCKY his attorney 
in fact to receive of state of Va or u S any money or land 
to which the heirs of John Vaughan of tliestate forner-.y of 
Va a= d etc. 1833 June 15 . 

FA "IE 83 


Virginia half pay 
Pa,je 2- 

Treasury to John Campbel treasurer of the ""nited ^tates, 
Greeting; Roloert Herd, attorney of Eiram Hord, 
administrator on the estate of John Vaughn, a Lieuteua-t in 
the State Garrison Regiment on theVirginia Line, oommanded 
hy Colonel George T.Iater in tJie Revolutionary war. 
or order, out of the appropriation named in the Fiargin 
One thousar.'d eight hundred and fort" five dollars and four 
cents for the amount of his half pay from 22 April 17b3 to : 
1st Nov 1794 pursuant to 3rd Section of an Act of Congress 
to provide for liq.uidating and paying certain claims of the 
state of Va, approved July 5 1832. 

3rd Section Act to provide for liqui- 
dating and paying certain claims of the state of Va 
ap .roved July 5, 1832. 

Agreeable to a certificate of the 
Comptroller of the Treasury No 66,410 dated 19th Nov 
1634 recorded by th^Register. For so doing, this 
shall be your warrant. Given under my hand and the 
seal of the Treasury, this 19 Nov 1834. 

signed Jas Anderson, Comptroller 

another Treasury Department No 663:10 (66410) 

Auditors Office Nov 19 1834. I hereby certify that T have 
examined and adjusted an ace mt between the U ? and 
John Vau^han, a Lieut, in the State Garrison Regiment in 
the Va line, under Col Geore ITuter,in the Revo war 
and find that the s xM of ;ipl845.04 is due from the ■! S unto 
ROBERT HORD attorney of HIRAT: HORD, administrator debonis 
non on his estate, being the amount of his half pav from 
Apr 22 1783 to Nov 1 1794 and etc. signed R Harrison, Auditor 

A letter in the file dated V/ashington DC Apr 23 1834 
to t:ie Secy of theTreas, stateshe filed a request that claim 
of John Vaughn for half ;pay should not be allowed until he 
had the opportunity of investigating the claim of John 
Vaughn, who was his late father-in-law, to th.esame as he had 
reason to belie etaat heirs were the persons entitled fo the 
benefit of the act.- states John Vaugn was the brother of 
RUSSELL 'hUIGHN .-signed Chiltt Lyon.. 

pAprp DO 



DeG_arat^ n was made in Hawkins Count Tennessee J'ane 

2nd, 1858 by Nanoy Vaughn, tiiat slie was married to J?hn 

yau: hn in Halifax Co Va by parson Ilayse a cler^-^yman , she 

cannot give theexact date s e was married, lliat and 

John weie from Charlotte Co Va and went to Halifax Co Ta 

to marry, t.iat it was aboat October 1794. that James 

Vaughn heroldest son was BOH!" October 15 1795 since her 

previous declaration she has found in possession of her 

sonBenjarain Vaughn of HANCOC ' COiJl^T'" TETvHJESSEE a part of 

an old da book containing records of her children ' ages 

towit; the day and year of each birth whichshe 

certifi s to be true, that she was living and raised in 

PRTHCE EDv7AitD AL'D C^IaR^OTIE CO VA and her husband John 

Vaughn was BORIv in Va t .atthe first time she ever knew 

her husband wasin Charlotte Co Va when about a -e eleven.; 

she recollects hearing her hustandupeak of his service at 

High Hij-ls of Santee and Fort ; that they 
moved from Va about 1800 and came to Hawkins Co Tenr, and 
settled on or near Clinch River 5 or 6 miles from here where now li es, then Hawkins Co now Hancock Co Tenn, where 
her son Benjamin and Samuel Vaughn now live, and that we 
lived tliereali tie while until about 10 years ago 
before his death in 1832. and moved to Poor Valley in Ha 
Hawkins Co Tenn where he lived until he died July 14,1842. 
-sne lives with her daughter Poliy ; that at his death 
he left a wilj. in which he divided his landsand tenimen 
raentsamongst his children, generally, he left the place 
we settled when we first came to Tenn to his sons to wit 
Benjamin Vau hn , Samuel and John Vau_jhn and left the 
place waere he died to his youngest son G-eore W Vaughn v/ith 
with a provision that he was to take care of me, my 
life tirae , he notwithstanding has sold the land and 
moved from here, tlie last account I had of him he lived 
nearllashv'ille Tenn and tliat he hasbeen gone from here 
aoout 14 ears, that she still remains his widow. 

HALIFAX COUTJT' VA Ilarch 30 1858 stating he had searc!ied 
his file fortae marriage of John Va ighn and Hancv Collicott 
(Cal^icott) and did not find same. 


The data following in regard to Thomas Vernon were 

obtained from papers on file in claim for pension S 39112 

based upon his military service in the Revolutionary war. 

The date and place of his birth and names of his parent 

are not stated. He enlisted, place not shown, on Dec. 

6, 1776, servedas private in Capt Jose^^h Ilichaux's company. 

Col Charles Lewis l4th Va regiment, was transferredto 

Capt Nathan Reid's company, Col Wm Davies' tenth Virginia 

Regiment, he was in the battles of Brandywme and G-ernantown 

but not actively engaged in either battle on account of his 

sickness, was in the battle of llonmouth and at the siborming 

of Stoney Point in Col Fleury's regiment, and was discharged 

Deo 6, 1779. 

Thomas Vernon was allowed pension hn his application 

executed Oct 4 1831 at which time he was age a^out 77 and a 
resident of Bledsoe Co Tenn. He stated that he was residin 
with his children, with whom he had lived about 12 years. He 
did not give the names of his children, nor is the names of 
his wife shown. 

One Harrison Vernon testified in the case in 1831 in 
Bledsoe Co Tenn; his relationship to the faraily is not shown. 

The papers on file in this claim contain no further discer 
-ible data in re ard to the family of Thomas Vernon. 

In order to obtain date of last payment of 
pension, name and address of person paid, and possibly the 
date of death of this pensioner, use the same address of 
The Comptrolxer General , General Accounting Office, Records 
Division, ./ashington D C, citing the following data: 

Thomas Vernon Certificate No 20372, issued Dec 16 133^ 
Rateof $8 per month, to commence Dec 16 1831, Act of 
March 18, 1818, East Tennessee Agency. 

PAGE 91 


It appears from the papers in Revolutionary war 
pension olaim S 22030, thi>t Thomas Vaughn or Vaughan, 
enlisted in Caroline County Virginia, February 5, 1777, 
as a private in Capt Camp's company. Col George Gibson's 
Virginia regiment, was at the battle of Monmouth and was 
discharged January 4, 1780. He enlisted in the spring of 
1780 in Capt Pendleton's Va company and served 6 months. 
He enlisted in 1781, served under Col Johnson in the Va 
Troops, was at the surrender af Cornwallis, and was discharged 
soon after. 

He was allowed pension on his application executed 
September 28 1832, while a resident of Spartanburg District 
South Carolina age 71. 

There is no data on file as to his 


DECLARATION was made in Culpepper County Virginia by 
Thouas Vaughan August 16, 1832, who applied under the ..ct 
of June 7, 1832. 

The record of Thomas Vaughan is furnished herein, as 
found in papers on file in pension claim, S 6298 based upn 
upon his service in the war of the Revolution. 

Tuomas Vaughan was BORN August 11, 1758 in Caroline County 
Virginia and at an early age, moved to Culpepjer Co Va. 
The names of his parents were not given. 

'J^fhile a resident of Culpep er County, Thomas Vaughan 

enlisted, no date given, and served 4 months as private in 

Capt Richard vj'augh's comuany. Colonels James Barbour's and 

Crawford's Va regiment. He served a short tour at Hunter's 

forge, no details of this service given. He enlisted sometime 

in May, 1781, served 2 months in Capt Staanton's Va company. 

He enlisted in Aug or Sept 1781, and served 2 months in 

Capt Yancey's Va company , was in the Siege of Yorktown. 

He died Sept 9, 1835. 
One Almond Vaughan was a resident of Culpepper Co Va in 

1832; it was not stated that he was related to the ± soldier. 

T e papers on file in this claim contain no 

reference to wife or children of the soldier. 

His certificate is Ho 3067, issued Dec 12,1832 

Bate -rt'26.66 per annum, commenced March 4, 1831, Act of June 


PAGE 93--- 


AiNn ELIZABETH " " ¥ 2708 

Bounty land warrant 29019 -160 acres 
in 1855 

DECLARATIOII was made by ./illiam Vauighn in Grayson 
County Virginia September 24, 1832 who applied under the 
Aot of June 7, 1832. 

He stated he was BORj^I November 18 1760 in Hanover 
County Virginia. 

While residing in Bedford County Virginia William Vaughn 
served as sibstitute for V/illiam Vaughn "T"!E ELDER", from 
the latter part of 1780 six months in Capt Phillip 

WEBBER'S Virginia Company. He served 3 months in Capt 
Jeremiah Pate's Virginia company, and was at the Sie^.e of 
NINETY SIX. It was not stated that William Vaugn "Tiie 
elder" was a relative of tlie soldier -of sar:e name V/iiliam 

vJilliam Vaughn married May 8 1794 to Elizabeth 
or Betsey Fielder. She was the daughter of John Fielder 
andwas born Feb 17 1777, place not shown, nor is the name 
of her mother given. 

The widow Elizaeth (Betsey) Vaughn was allowed pension 
on her aplication executed Jan 27 1851 at which tiee she 
was living in Grayson Co Va. She was allowed 160 
acres of bounty land on her ap lication April 19 1855, stiil 
living in Gravson Co Va . 

page 94 


and Elizabeth " W 2708 
Paje 2. The folloing data in regard to tho children of 

v/iliiam Vaaghn and wife Elizabeth (Betsey) are shown in 

theclaim. : 

John Vaughn or Vaughan born ilay 25 1795, died 10-16-1809 

vViliiam ■' born Nov 30 1797 

Nancy " born March 15, 1800 

Robert bornl^Iov ember 13 1801 

David b rn Jaly 30 1804 

Clarke born Ivlarch 17 1808 

?ol-ey born Nov 13 1809 

Halday born Feb 19 1815 

John, 2nd, born September 30 18i6 

Son David Vaughn was living 1851 in Grayson 

Co., Va. 

John and Dennis Fielder were both living 1832 in 

Grayson Co Va. John Vaughn in 1833 was a clergyman in 
Grayson Co Va. J or I . VV. Vaughan gave his post office 
address in 1869, Independence, Grayson Co Va . In 1867 
Stephen B. and Joseph 2 Vaughan were living in Grayson 
Co Va. The relationship of these persons to the family 
was not stated. 

If you desire information relative to the 
location of the land referred to herein, you should 
apply to the Commissioner of theGeneral Land Office, 
v/ashington D C and furnish the following data: 

v/ARRAI'T NO 29019- 160 acres in 
1855 under Act of 1855. 


DECLARATION was made in C'Tarlotte coanty Virginia. 
April 6, 1830 at which time he was a.,^;e 80. He relinq.uis- 
hed this pension and was allowed pension under the Act of 
June 7 1832 on an ap lication executed Oct 20 1837 still 
a resident of said county. 

The data which foil >w concerning ¥m Vaughan were obtained 
-tained from papers on file in claim for pension 3 14754, 
based upon his service in the Revolutionary war. 

»/hile residing in Charlotte Co Va Wm Vaughan enlisted 
Feb 5, 1776 served as sergeant in Gapt John Brent's Company 
in Colonels Isaac Read's and Robert Lawson's 4th Virginia 
Regiment; he was in the battles of Quibletown, Brandywine, 
Germantown and was disoiiar^ed Feb 5, 1778 at Valley 
Forge, Pennsylvania. 

.■«m Vaughan 's wife, Pattey or Martha, was age 65 in 1330 
There are no further data in this claim in regard to her. 
Wm Vaughan died Aug 18 1838, leaving two children, a son 
William Vaughan residing in Charlotte County Va, and a da'oght 
-ter, her name not shown, who married a J/Ir . Featherston, 
she vms living in Tennessee 1838. 

Archibald Vaughan in 1830 was living in Charlotte Co Va 
he referred to tMs soldier as his uncle. 

PAGE 96 
VIRGINIA SERVICE OF HMRY VAW' bounty land warrant 12636 

issued July 14, 179E to Robert Ileans, assignee. 

The inforiiation ooncerniug the issuance of warrants carded 

on this form is found in volumes 2 to 4 of Land vVarrants 

issued prior to 1800, v^/hich are registers of bounty land 

warrants, issued to non-commissioned officers and 

privates under congressional resolutions of Sept 16, 1776 

and subseq_uent dates. Other records relative to the 

applications for warrants appear to have been destroyed 

in the vv'ar Department fire of November 9, 1800. Information 

concerning warrants surrendered to the Federal Government is 

to be found in General Land Office records in The 

National Archives. 


Declaration made in I-'lttsylvania County Vjrgi.nia and states 
he was EORN September 20, 1750 and while residino- in said 
Govrty enlisted 1779 and served 6 months as a private tmder 
Capt Vifilliam Wltcher (no relationship to soldier is shovm) 
Company of Col David Mason in Virginia regiment, was in the 
battle of Stono and was discharged Julv 23, 1779 ard he again 
enlisted in the snnmer of 1780, served 3 months in Cq^t 
George Parr is h company under Llajor Cloyd, in the Virginia 
troops, was in a battle with the tories at the SHAi.LOW FORD 
of the Yadkin river and was discharged October 23, 1780. 

He was allowed pension on his application executed August 
1330, v;hile residing in SMITH COUNTY TEN^OSSSEE. 7^here are 
no data as to soldier's family. 

He was age 81 when he aoolied in 1833 


The discharge certificate of James Witcher from Capt Wm. 
V/ltcher's company of Pittsylvania co Va m.illtia uzider Col 
David Mason, Va Brigade signed Wm Witcher, Captain, dated 
CAMDEN JULY 23 1779 and discharge certificate of 
Witcher from Capt George Parrish Company under Major Cloyd 
signed George Parrish, Capt dated October 22, 1780 have been 
removed from this case for safe keeping and may be found locked 
looked up In the Record Division.- signed 1910 Aug 4 by 
initials ''L H " but the following may be these papers, sig ed 

"Pittsylvania Co Va, '"'Oayh of allegiance of ^ James Witcher 
affirm.ed before Wr.i Witcher 1777, Aug 23, and another paper 
which is very difficult to read; states: 

Sirs I just now received an express to Captain on No. 
678910 of my com.pany to meet at the court hoT^se Monday on 
order to march to headquarters. Please give them all 

the notice y 'U possibly can. Also collect a]] the ? 

and ammunition that you possibly can and take all tHe 
delinquents . INTER .RETER ? BRYANT WARD; Mpw;om Dprset 

al the singt? to do a"" in their power in warninrr the men 
and collecting the arms and e tc. 

Signed Henry Conway Se -t 12,. 1738. 
(very hard to read and possibly did not read it correctly, 
but the best I could . (On the back of this pa,_er was the 
name of Lieut Jno Vifitcher.") 

Note : Does anyone know whether this Bryant ?/ard was 
once the husband of the Famous Indian Woman of Tennessee; 
whose nam.e was NANCY WARD. If so please corresoond v/ith 
the compiler. 

WAR OF lol2 ^^Se 98-- 


SO 9183 SO 5483 v/0 27161 \/C 18241 

Bounty land v>/arrant 52849 for 40 acres in 1850 

and 31566 for 120 acres in 1855 

He served ander J T Fishback in the V"ir-^;inia 

DECLARATION was made in Rich Valley, SITT"^ 00^™^'' 

VIRGINIA A^>ril 6, 1871 post office; Salt 'works, Va. T^e then 

stated he was age 78. In 1850 he stated he was a-e 

58 and in 1855 that he was age 64. 

The data following we. e obtained from the papers on file 

in the war of 1812 claim for pension V^C 18241, based 

upon the military servic of Daniel Walker in that war. 

He was BOM in Virginia. He volanteered in Wythe co Va 

and served from May 11 1814 to Aag 6 1814 as a private 

ander Capt Jacob T Fishback of the Va militia. 

After the war he lived in Smyth Co Va except 2 years 
when he resided in Burkes Garden, Tazewell co Va. 

He died Jan 27 1878 in Smyth Co Va . 

He married , date not shown, to Unity Bell. She 
died about 1834, and he married Aug 1836 in Smyth Co to 
Elizabet Gilpin. 

His widow Elizabeth was allowed pension on her ap ;j- 
lication executed June 10 1878 at which time she v/as age 
65 and resided in Smyth Co Va. In 1887 she was residing 
with her son, BYRD V/AL'"ER about 4 miles southeast of 

v7 S \7alker and Jeffrey A Wa_ker were 
residents of said Smyth Co Va 1871 but relationship to 
soldier is not shown. 

PAGE 99—- 
VIRGINIA SEKTIC^ '"'F EDVv^ARD V.^A.L"TR, Bountv land varrant 

IJamber 12651, issued Hovembcr 5, 1789 
1789 to - name not stated, 

Fote; On file, "not delivered.'' information concerning the issuance of warrants 

carried on this form is found in vol'umes 2 to 4 of " 

'Land 'Jarra.its issued Prior to 1800" which 

are registers of bounty land warrants, issued to non- 

Gommxssiorjed officers and privates under Congressional 

resolutions of September 16, 1776, and subsequent dates. 

Other records relative to the ap ;l;LGations for war-ants 

ap -ear to ha\'e been destroyed in the \/ar De,,iartment fire 

of NovemEer 9, 1800. 

Information concerning warrants surendered to the Federal 

Governi.ient is to be found in Oeneral Land Office records 

in The ilational Archives. . 


(lvIASSACHUSSl?rTS - born) ^^Se 100 


BO'JTir' LAND \/ARRi7T 425 for 160 acres, 1912 

T Z.tJ IS ONLY our rape:-: in T'T:^ file w ilch reads as 

f o_lows : 

B'J Joiin Rothrock, Captain Commandinj the First 

Battalion 38th ro,-jiment, United States Infantry tit 

Or any Island, Va. 

Be It Known: 

That Edward V.'alker, private .in Ga^jtain Jaries "Smith's 

company in th.e 3dth Re, i.nent U S Infantry, having; served 

faithf'-il-y d.irin^- tue war tne t^me for wnich the 

said Edward ,,"ai.:er was enlisted; he is hereby honc-rably 

dischar.jed from the service of the United '^'tfltes, and 

tiiat he is entitled to milea^je for 40 miles, it being 

the distance from this place to Elizabeth, his place of 

residence; and to prevent any ill use thfit might be made 

of thiS, by its falling into the hands of any 

other person, here follows a description of tha said Edward 

i.'alker, viz, 30 years of age, light hair -hasel eyes, 

light complexion, five feet six inches high, b" occpaticn 

a farmer, born in IIaSSAC" ^^BTTS : 


(iiven under my hand at Crany Island, this 15 ^rlarch 1815 

sijht John Rothrock captain 

commanding Battatlion 3d Infantry 

F0:T NOTE; ST.-.T:..3: WA^]TR EULI3TED JUTIE 24, 1314 

PAGE 101 

V/AR OF 1812 


Served under Captain J. Hannah Af^r^^inia Militia. 

DEC;.ARATTOII was made in Preble County Ohio April 4, 1871 

by Frederic!: v/aiker , a resident of Monroe tov/nshi^..' in 

said county states he is married to ?hebe Ji^iison ? 

to whom he was married in said county January £7, 1851; 

tnat he served 60 da^-^s in war of 1812. t lat he enlisted 

in Harma or Planua's company in the brigade division at 

BOTrETOLTRT COJIITY VIRailJIA and was dischart^ed at Holly 

Sprin^js, Virginia 1813. T;iat he was a private, and served 

principal part of time at Richmond CaT,p, Fairfield and 

Camp Holly Sprin^jS, Va under said Ca t Hanna. under Col 

McDov;ell .-and appoints a power of attr-rnev--, Robert Mil -er 

of Eaton, Preble ^'o Ohio, to prosecute his claim. He v;as 

age 82 at this date of declaration April 4, 1871. 

Report from Third Auditor shov s that Frederick 

Walker served in Ca-t Jas Hannah's company, Virginia Militia 

from Sejt 29 ldl3 to October 10 lol3. Bounty land 

Division shows serviee from :jejt 20 IdlS to October 10 1813. 

x^ength of service but 21 da./s . 

WAR OF 181E ^^g° 102 — 

YIRCrllSIA S'ERVIGI. ''F HEIJRY V/A1.13CR SO 23077 anu SO 1-^,570 

Served as private andor Jos Hannah's company Vir,;inia militia 

DECoJVRATION was made by Henry v.'&lker in Morcer Oou ty 

;;est Vir^jinia 1871 Aagist 1st, a.j;e 81 a resid :nt of said 

said coanty states he was married to !Iary Snider (or) 

Snidow?..::'.rried on New River, in Giles Comtv Virginia 

May 25 1819, that he served six montt^; that he volunteered 

m Ca_jt Joseph Hannah'^ com any, in 4th Va ref;±meat, at 

Armstead and Eotteto.irt county Va on da y of 1812 and was 

honorably disc:'ar^;ed at Camp Rock Orchard, near Norfolk 

10 Jraa 1814 o t at his post office is at PRtttci-TO^' 

coanty of liurcer i,estVir;^^nia. 

PAGE 103--- 
WAR OF 1812 


and \'G 20238 

DECL:ulA.TIOK uas made in Macon Cointy iennessee ?e itember 

25, 1878 iDv- Cnarlotte <J. V/alker a.;e 70 a resident of 

said coa.ity a d widow of Jaiaes v/aiker wuo served as 

private ander Capt Campbell, and Col Moses Green in war of 

1812; that he volanteered in Hockbrid-i^e Cotnty Virginia 

last of Aagj-st 1814 for 4 months and vjas hon rahly dischd 

at Charles C:i.ty, Count, Va 20 Deo 1814, Tnat she married 

James i.alker in McMIWII county Tenn (spelled as ^lacmin) 

Ootober 12, 1824, by Robert JlcClary? a J ?, that her 

name before marriage was Charlotte ^ DEAF, that she sti..„l 

remains his widow, that James V-alker died in I.iacon Co Tennesse 

July 12 1867, tliat the following have been place of resideace 

of herself and husband since his discharge --: KNOX CO TT^TN 

McTilNN AND MAC N CO IT^T'ES TSTT^tesseE. She raalies this declara- 
tion for the purpose of obta ning a bounty land y.arrant; 

IN ALLM CO^Wr^ K'lJT'^C/IY affidavits were" made 

b>- V/m Vv' Pipkin and S E Hudson 1879; state they arc resi- 
dents of Aj.len Co ICy age 31 and 32 respectively and veli 
acquainted with James Vi/alker, who died about 12 Jul' 1867 
and welj- ^jted with his widow Charlotte C Valker . 

Affidavit of Sarah Pipkin in Macon Co Tenr 1878 25 ^.e .t . 
age 70 resident of said county and acqua nted wich Charlotte 
C states she was resent at the wedding of James Walker 
and Ch&rlotte C Dean in McMinn Co Tenn at V^m \'eavers, b - 
Robert I-IcClary J P 12 Oct 1824; t_:at she has been acquainted 
with James and k.'ife ever since their marriage o that they 
raised a large famil . 

WARPJPIT FOR 160 acres issued 8-5-1856 No 36,311 who was a 
private under Caot Gam-.-.beli. in Va militia in war of 1^12 

WAR OF 1812 "^S® 104 — 

VIRrrlNIA SERVICr 0? JESSE ' AJJTn A'^L ELIZA?^!!'^ WA" 0>7 

V'O 15243 V*C 9327 

DECL^^RATICN was made in Cit^/ of LvnchLarg ViPv-jinai 

March 27, 1878 b^- Eiizabetii walker, a^ie 60, a 

resident ifif L.ynchbartj Va, states she is a widow cf 

Jesse *«aiker deceased, who served ander Ca,.it B. Johnson 

in the Virginia militia, under Col Austin, that he enlisted 

in Camjibel county Va 3e;t Idl^t and served 4 months and 

was honorably discharged at Ellicotts Mills Maryland or 

or about 20 Dec 1314. ihat he was a^^e 23 when enlisting, 

BORN in Rockinghara- County Va 

(or it may be Buckingham Co)? tiiat she was 

married to Jesse '.n' in Campbel Co Va July 30, 1852 

or 185 ? by minister? t .at her nama before marriage was 

Elizabeth Elliott, and she still remains his widovK that he 

had been previously married, and his wife died before 

their marriage, died at Lyncbb^org Va, that Jesse V'alkeri 

died in BEDF. RD COJITTY VA Nov 20 1872 ' t:iat since his 

dischar_.e they had. lived in Bedford Co Va, 3 years, Lynchb-urg 

' a and at Joolins in Bedford Co Va. 

Certified copy of marriage record from clerlr of 
Campbell Co Va showin^ tlieir marriage license Jesse I'aiker 
was married to Elizabetii Elxiott July 20 1852. 

AFF'DAVir OF MAR-' A. McGHEE in Lynchbur-g, Va 1878 
Aug 9th age 33 a resident of said tov7n, was well acquaint- 
ed with Elizabeth Walker widow of Jesse vVa.„ker deed, 
had known her for 23 years, and knew her husband 17 years 
t idt ^esse '..'alKer died ITov 20 1872. and the widow remains 
single . . 

PAGE 105--- 
VIHaiWIA SEE7IGI 0? JOEL »;A.J:ER SO 11578 ^0 7256 

Served ancier Cant Thomas 311313 's company of Vir.-^inia 

DECLivRA.TION was made in FLTTVAN A CO^^^r^ V^R'rlNIA 

April 24, 1371, by Joel './alker a^^e 80, a resident of 

said CO inty states he is not married, tliat his wife's 

name was Polly Isbell, who is now deceased, to whom he 

was married in LOUISA CO'rr^TT':' VIR ITIJIA ; that he was 

drafted in Captain Thomas Bibb's company in Louisa Co 

Virjina, Jan 1814, and dischar^;ed at Norfolk Va May 1814 

(1814) t .at he received a boanty land warrant. 

Two witness to his si-_,natare 

we-e James H Harlow and George H n/ebb in Fluvanna 

ooa.nty Virginia. 

PAGE 106 
w'AR OF Ibis 

(Boanty land record in separate file) 

DECLilRATION of John i/alker in Norfolk Coutty Vlr^^inia 

1872 April 26th, w'lo states he served as private under 

Capt Thomas McClandistie in th3 Virginia militia as a 

volunteer in the war of 1812. t.iat he enlisted 1812 ar.d 

was dischar ed in X''ir^inia. 

He applied for land warrants No 33771 for 

80 aoros and is inf rmed a warrant ITo 979 for 80 acres 

issued in his name, but he had never received the same. 

Tnat he only received 40? acres. 

WAR 0Fldl2 ^"'^ ^°''— 

Boanty land warrant in separate file 

Private under Capt H Timberlake, in the Virginia 

Declaration was made in Fluvanna Coutitv 7ir_;inia 

July 24, 1871 before Abraham Shepherd clerk of the county 

court of Flutoanna Co Va by Ann V/alker aje about 74, states 

she is the widow of John ..alker who was draftee under Ca :t 

Va re^jiment, at 
'loraoe Timberlake in 7th/Fluvan,ia court hoise on the 

26th August ldl4 at Gamp Carter. Ttiat her name before marriage 

wasAnn Flannagan to said John -ialker 28th Decisis by Richard 

Sharp at the residence of her fatner; Ambrose Flannagan in 

Fluvanna Co Va, and he died at his residence in said Fluvanna 

Co Va 17 April 1871. 

affidavit of Richard H «/iiiiams J y atates in Fluvanna 

Co Va that Horatio F Magruder and Shepherd Wondson 

made oath thatthe late John \jalKer, husband of T^rs Anne Talker 

who is an applicant for pension, deoartea this life Ajril 

1870 (sometime in said month). 

The county court flerk of Fluvanna Co Va sent 

certificated copy of marriage record showing John ' alker 

and Ann Flannagan married according to the rights a, id 

ceremonies of Methodisal Episcopal church, Se,t 4 1814. 

AFFID.-iVITS OF J E vVA^JCER A^D J L V'A:i::ER in Hay 10 1872 

that John v.alker husband of Ann V^'allcer died Spring of 

1870. The.v made the affidavit in Flunanna Co Va. 

Wm OF 1812 ^^^^ -08- - 

WO 27766 and V/C 14043 (Bounty land warrants in sep-^rate file) 
Served under Gapt S Carr in the Virginia militia. 

DECi.ARAT''ON was made in Pickaway ounty Ohio 30 March 1878. 

■by Elizabeth V:'alker age 80 a resident of said county; 

that she is the widow of John Walker who served 22 days ' 

in the militar;' service of V(/ar of lbl2 t .at he was a 

corporal in Gapt Samuel Carr's company in the 88th rejiment 

of Va militia brigade Aug 29 1814 and was honorably 

discharged at Norfolk 20 Sept 1814; that her late husband 

obtained 2 land v^arrants of 80 acres eacli for his said 

service; that she was married under nam.e of Elizabeth 

Eestenbaker to John w'alker on 23 June 1816 by Richard Sharp 

at Charlottesville, Virginia and her said husband died at 

Pickaway county Ohio 22 Nov 1861. and she remains his widow. 



marriage of John '/alker and Elizabeth Wertenbaker June 21 

1816. The clerk filed this Apr 29 1878. 

AFF'D.^^^T IN PICKA'WA^" CO OHIO by Geor.-e Van Houten 
of Circleville "^^ickawa/ Co Ohio states he was acq.uainted 
with John v/alker late of said county and his widov; 
Elizabeth, states he knows that John V/aiker died 22 Nov 
1861 in Pickawav Co hio; that he attended the funeral; 
that his widow has not remarried since his death. 

AFFIDAVIT IN ALBETi'vRLE GO VA by Wm Wertonbaker age 81 
in 1878 r .siding at the University of Va, in Albemarle go Va 
and states John Walker a soldier of the war of 1812 was 
married to his sister Elizabeth V/ertenbeker , daught-r of 
CHRISTIAN v/ERTENEiJCER, at her residence in Albemarle Go Va 
23 June 1816 by Richard Sharp a minister of the Methodist 
denomination by license issued by the county court clerk 
of said county, bearing date June 21 1816. That he was 
personally present at said marriage and witnessed the 
ceremony. Tnat he is now the onxy one living. 

AFFIDAVIT OF M..R'"' GOODllJJ age 7« at same time & place 
states was acq.uainted with John \*alker and v;ife Elizabeth 
fornerly Elizabeth v.'ertenbaker in Charlottesville . 

V/AR '■^F 1812 ^'''^^ 109--- 

viEainiA SEP.vicF CF jo^^n^ wal'tk avd ame v'aitce:; 

V/0 10H63 and '<!C 31675 


He vms a private ander Capt John Gray, in t'le "irsinia 

DECLARATION was made in Roane County Tennessee July 

4, 1872 by Anne Walker a :e 78 in the 3rd district of 

Raone Co Tenn, states she is the widow of John V.'allcer 

WHO served as above shown, and was drafted ander Lieat 

John Gray, in the rejiment of "^lajor Abraham Bradley at 

ABINGDOLI VIRGINIA January 1814 and disohar ed at Seven Mile 

Ford, Virc^^inia, March 1814 ; that he was drafted for the 

Lake of Canada as a private in the infantry , his 

discharoC is sup osed to be in the pension office, V/Tshinrton 

D G. She thinks her last land warrant was issued Jan 25,1855 

(1J55), that she married under the name of Anne Michael 

to John vj'alker 18 October 1810 by W:a Baxter, M G in 

ROCKBRIDGE COITIT'" ?A, t lat her said husband died 

in w'ashin;5jton County Tennessee Jan 30 1822. (One of the 
witnesses to her signature was a John \v'alker, and also 
Isaac Eblcn . In 1873 Anne .ialker filed declaration in KNOX 
CO JNTl' TE^ ESSEE Jujyx2 12th aje 79 a resident then of 
Knox Go Tenn. States Sii.e had 2 land warrants, one of them 
bein/; No 94507 dated 1-25-1858.. 

x^CtE 110— 


VifO 27159 and \1 C 149 74 Boanty land warra t in saprrate 
He was a private under Ca jt Jonn E Royali, in the 


DECoj^iRATIO-i wasffl made in Ap onattox County ''■irj;inia 

■by Ilartha S wailcer age 78 in ib7cj May 2Ist, in said county 

andstates she is a widow of John v aliver deceased •'•'-.o was 

a private under I ri Royali, in thefirst co^v anded b-' Lt 

Col .' M Holoo lb Va militia, tiiat he enlisted at it ifax 

count Va 30 A o 1^14 ai.l v;as nonorably dischar ;ed at Gam) 

Fa.:rf^eld Se^t 21 1814. f;!.at she married Johnl-'aiki '^ in 

Buckingham Co Va Se )t 28 18150, by Rev TiiOMas Burye, a minist?r her maiden name vjas ..laitia 3 i^ean, tnat s^^e still 

remains his widow t lat her hujband had bee previously 

married, that Joan vV-Aiker died in Charlotte Co Va F;;b 6,18S6 

t at since his discuarje they lad resided m Charlotte and 

Ap omattodl co nties Va ; t.iat -he received land warrant 

No 58962 for ICO acres under Act of llarch 3,1855, dated 
A_ril 6, 1857. 2 witness to her signat'.ir-e were Jas.A.Wa. ker 
andvvm A Thornhill. 

PAGE 111- 
W'AROF 1812 


V;C 15986 

DEC. ARAT^Ori v/as uiaae l^y :anty V/aiicer a-;e 71 in 

Farmer or 
1878 l[i.y 10th a ras^deut of/Fasner City 

Delutli cointy Illinois, the widow of Joseph '"alker, who \"as 

enlisted ander narne of Jos3 ih u'alker at Moorefieid, ''a 

asa priv-A^.e in the Va ..iilitia, ^nderCaot Danel Yanlicters, 

andwas discharged at Norfolk Ya, that her name hefore rnarria:;;e 

was !{inty Stonebrafeer, thatt.iey married Harch 25 1849 

by v'/n .'/eich, at ^larnpshire county Virjjinia, that he died there 

October 1854. That he drew land warrant No 98245 for 80 

acres and No 20439 for 80 acres Jaly 1 ld59 , that her oost 

office is Far.ier City, Dev.itt Goanty Iii^inois. 

Affidavits of Sli T-u.cker in Farner C^ty, Illinois 

in De.vitt coanty aje 45 states he became acq.aaintcdv;ith 

Minty walker doceaoodaloat 25 ye^:^-rs previous, she waa 

his grind mother. That she was a pensioner , that she 

died Dec 17 1885, here in this said tovm. 

T at her f.meral expense receipt is dated Dec 19 1885, 

She died 2 days previous. 

A^SO AFFIDAVIT OF ANN ?NELL Aujj 17 18d7 in - 
T:i' t her name is Ann Shell., age 43 was acq.aaintod vith liinty 
■«;aikcr deed, when she was a girl, near Greenland, Nardy 
Coanty Va. T lat she lived in htr "my" house \ith our family 
for near.i.y ayear before she d.ed, T:i''t she died on the 
18 Dec 1885, hero in this to..n. 

She stated she was not related to :Iinty "falker . 



The data following were obtained from the papers 
on file in Pension Claim o 39117, "based upon the Revolution- 
ary war service of Samuel VJalker. 

^he date and place of his birth are not given, not 
are the naries of his parents stated. 

SAI'aJE-, WAi.!CER, while a resident of Botetourt County, 
Virginia, was appointed September 11, 1775, ensigh in Ca t 
Matthew ^rbuckle's Virginia company and served until March 20 
1777, when he was commissi on ---dd captain and served in Colonel 
Nathaniel Gist's regiment, and in Col James 'Vood's 12th Va 
r3^iment, he was in the battle of Monmouth and served 
until September o-i October 17 7o. 

Samuel i-.'alker was allowed pension on his apolication 
executed April 26 ldl8, then a resident of Roane County, 
Tennessee , 

In 1822 he gave his age as 72, and at this time 
referr d to his wife, Susannah age 56, to his daujhter Polly 
age 30 and to a grand son Henry or Haney (an orphan 
aged 7) 

Samuel Walker died July 5, 1830. 

There are no further data as to family. 

PAGE 113-- 



DECARATION was made Jane 15, 1833 in Orange County 

Virginia by Thomas u'alker who ap died under the Aot of June 

"7 1332. Me stated then that he had resided in same house, 

located on this same spot in Orange county ever since the 

Revolutionary war. Tue records of said soldier is given 

helow as found tn the pa lers on file in Revolutionary war 

pension claim W6405, based upon his military service in that 

war . 

Thomas v'«'alker, was a son of James Walker and 

Joyce 'rialker, and was horn November 25, 1760 in Orange Cou 

county Virginia. 

While a resident of Orange County Virginia, he 

enlisted April 1780, served as a private in Capt Robert 

Daniel's oorapany. Col George Stubblef ieid 's regiment of Virginia 

troops, was in the battle of Gates' Defeat in which engagement 

he v;a& severely wounded by a musket balj- which fractured th3 

bone in his left arm and wrist, and was discharged October 

31, 1780. He died April 2, 1834. 

Thomas vifaiker married August 1783 or 1784 to 

MIS3EMIAH POv/Eo.-., who was Bor Mav 17 1766. 

She was allowed pension on her application 

executed December 8 1841, at which time she res. ded in 

reene CoL^cnty Va. She resided there 1848. The names of 

the following children of soldier and his wife are shown: 

Page 114--- 

Pa^e S. or Messanah Vi/6405 

Names of Children: Gontinaed: 

zabeth V/ail:er born Jane 4, 1786 

Joice or Joyce walker born Feb 22 1788 

Jai.ies »/alk:er born Haroh 24, 1790 

Thomas V/aiker born Feb 2, 1792 

Betsey V/alker born October 6, 17 (illegible) 

Sali.ey w'aiker born Feb 3 17&,?&& " 

Polley Walker born Feb 13, 1799 

Misseniah v.'aiker born Feb 17 1801 

Sabra Waxker born Feb 17 1803 

Their son James vJalker, resided in 

Greene county V r^inia 1847. 

At the time Thomas «'alkei^, the soldier 

made application for pension he referred to his half 

brother, WILLIAII L. PO.\'ELi,; no other reference is made 

to him. 

Page 115 

WAR OF 1B12 


WO 14162 WC 8060 
rie served under Cayt Leftvack's Yir>-inia militia. 

DECLARAT":ON made in Knox Coanty lenaessee luaroh 20, 

1878 by Anna .v'aiker age 76, a resident of said cou.ty 

a _:e 76 m.o states she is widov; of Thomas" alliGr , 

deceased, wo was a private, she thin<-S, in company of 

Capt :^eftwich in 6th re_;iment of Va militia, 

t lat he enlisted or was drafted 1814 for 6 months and 

served o months and discharged i814. 

That he was a,^e 28 when enlisted, A'^'D '■•'A? 

BORN IK HALIFAX GOliliTY VIRGINIA . That she married Thomas 

Walker in North Carolina, 1818, that her name befrc 

m.arriaje was Anna \lade » Tiionias »»alker died in Knox Go 

Tennessee 24 December 1862, since his discharge their 

residence had been in Knox Co Tenn. 

Witness to signature were M A "'alker age 36 in 

Knox '-^o Tenn and Henry Adc ock age 50 in said county. 

2 affidavits of Thomas Henderson age 63 and 

Bartley Giffin age 58 state Thomas ^.a^ker 
died in 

Knox Co Tenn Dec 26 1862, and Anna 

"Walker remains his widov;.. 


V/O 4983 
Served under Capt Thomas Miller in the Virginia militia. 

DECLARATIOn made by Faniy ^alker in vaiitley coanty 

Indiana April 21, 1871 a.;e 76, a resident of Union 

township in said coanty, wiio states she is the widow of 

Thomas ..aixer enlisted 1812 and honorably dischd 

at SoathHampton Va 1812, that he enlisted in spring 

in March, for six months, he served at South Hampton 

Va, wasfirst under G-sneral Taylor and Gen Houstr^nl t.iat 

she was married under name of Fanny Anderson, to T'lomas 

I'.'alker on first Dec 1814 (or 1819?) hy John Garnet, at 

GRANGE CO^niTY VIRGINIA, that her husband died in Union 

township, uhitley Go Indiana on Dec 9, 1869. 

Her pension certificate was dated May 10 

1883 at Columbia City, uhitley Co Indiana, and on the 

back side of said pa^er was the following: 

"The I.Irs Fanny k/alker, died Five to seven years ago, 
The post master P H V/oodvi/orth, 
stated he could not give exact date but that she is deed.' 

2 by Samuel A Miner and Christopher C Minor of said 
coj-nty at Colmbus, Ind, state they were acquainted vjith 
Fanny w'alker vjidow of Thomas deed.- which was im lediately 
after their marriage about 1841. 

AFFIDAVIT OF mi P WA.uYER in Whltle^^ Go Ind 
mentions that Fanny and Thomas are his parents and were 
married n Orange Go Va. that when he was quite smal^ 
tie moved from taere to Jay Co Indiana and resided a 
few years tiiem moved from there to »»hitely Go Ind. ■ 
His moth r was then residing with him.- AFFIDAVIT OF JOHN 
V/AGNER in ■'liitely "^c Ind. acquainte with soldier and wife 

w'uen he first became acquainted with them they had a 
large family. . 


Virginia Half Pay 

The data which follow were obtained from pension claim 
R 18767 based apon the service of Thomas V-alker in the 
Revolutionary war. The date and place of birth of 
Thomas \/alker are not shown, nor are the names of his 
parents given. 

He was a Captain in Colonel Crockett's Virginia 
State Reoiiaent and served daring and to the close of 
the Revolutionary war . 

There are no farther data on fii-e^ relative 
to his service. He was at one time Delegated to 

tie State Let,-islatare from PRINCESS ANT?E CO mT"' V]"Rr"rTNIA 

Thomas walker died leaving a widow. Her name, 
date of marriage and dates of their death are nov; shown. 

John V/alker, administrator fcf the estate and 
one of the heirs, made claim in 1850 for Virginia Hal Pay 
on account of service of Captain Thomas V.alker in the 
Revolutionary war. His relationship tp Cat-t Thorias V/aiker 
and his residence are not shown. 

There are no papers on file which 
show a final decision as to whether or not the claim was 
axlowed . 



1-. "bbevil^e Diat S C 24 

Adams Co Mlssisslp.i 87 

Adama Co Ohio 64 

" George 51 

Addaxns, George 51 

Adcock, Henry 115 


Albemarle Co Va 61-54J 108 

ALIEN CO KY 103-36 

Alleghany Co Va 71-70 

Alleghany Co Maryland 39 

A labaugh, George 62 

Alshiller Henry 33 

Alphin, Elizabeth 12 

Amelia Co Va 76 

Amherst Co Va 53-63- 67 

Ambrose, Henry 62 

Anderson, John 70 

Jame s 88 

. Fanny 116 


Appomattox Co Va 110 

Arbuokle, Watthew;6 Va 112 

Asklns, Ened 76 

Augusta Uo Va 1,18,18, 61 

Page 118 


James & Sarah 3 

John 4 

Philip R 6 

Wm or Barkley p 7 
BIBLE, Adam & Magdalen page 1 
Bacon, John Thomas 12, 13 
Baits, Fleming 73 
Bavill Bridge 83 
Bartlett, Edmund 2 
Barbour, James 77-92- 

James General 26 

Barnett, Alexander 51 

Barnett, James 53-63 

Baltimore, Maryland 29 

Baxter, Wm 109 

Bell, Unity 98 

Betts, Anna 20 

BEDFORD CO VA 4-21-104-54-93" 

Berkeley Springs 62-37 
Berkeley Co Va 37-62 

Bibb, Thomas 105 

Bibbs Old Field 76 

Big Whitley 37 

Big Moocason Gap 51 

Big Beaver creek 55 

BIBLE, /'darn 1 

Magdalene 1 

John 1 

Bledsoe, Isaac 50 

Bledsoe Co Tenn 90 

Blue Licks Battle 27 

Bolting s House, Mrs 79 

Boles Perry 73 

Bottoms Bridge 62 -36 

Booker, Jane 29 

Botetoiort Co Va 70 -5—112 

Boone, Daniel 51 

Bourbon Co Ky 59 

Bowen, Reese 51 

Braddocks , Trail 55 

Bradley, Janes Wilson 10 

Abraham Major 109 

Brandywine 90-84-48 oattle 

Broadwater Bridge 76 

Brent, Jolm 95 

Br ice, Wra 76 

Brittish A rmy at Phila- 
delphia 26 

Brunswick Co Va 76-83- 

Bryant, Hetty 43 

Buckingham Co Va 44-104- 

Paf^e 119 


Buckner, Mordecai 85 


Burge, Rev Thomas 110 

Burgess, Benjamin 53 

Burgoynes troops 68 

Buster, Claudius 61 

Byram, W 58 

page 7 


Carothers, Thomas 2 

Caroline Co Va 84 

Carter Camp 44 

Carr, Richard 52 


Garden S C 75 -80 

Campbell, David 5 

Camp Holly Springs Va 101 

Ca-:.pbell, Col Arthur 51 
" John 88 

Campbell Co Va 104 

•' William 21 

Caroline Co Va 77-68-92-91 

Campbe 1 ^ , Wm 16 

Canton Illinois 45 

Carr, Samuel 108 

Callahan Joel 22 


CAT.LOWAY, Charles 25 

John 25 

Callahan, Joel 22 

Callahan, Dinnls 65 


Charlotte Co couj-t House Va 

Charlotte Co Va 89 

Charleston, Siege 7 

Charleston S C 8 

Charlotte Co Va 95 

Charles City Co Va 103 

Charlottesville, Va 108 

Charaw Hills S C 83 

Christian, Wir. 16 

Chesterfield Co Va 12 

Chesterfield Goirrt House 26 


Chissels Lead Mines 21-922 

Chota 51 

Chumley , Daniel 8 

Circleville, Ohio 108 

Clark, George Rogers 66 

Glaihorne Co Tenn 47 

Clark Co Ky i 7 

Clayton, John 83 

Click, V/m 29 

Fage 120 

CLICK, Wm 29 

Clinton Co Ohio 15 

Clark, John 73 

Cloud, Nancy 9 

Cock, John H 44 
Brigadier General 44 

Coker, Michael 33 

James M 12 
or James H 12 

Cocke, John H 3-45 

Cornwallis surrender 31-62 

Coleman, Frank 2 

ColumlDia city Indiana 116 
or County 

Collicott, Nancy 89 

COLLIER, mi 83 

Conway, Henry 7 

Coppage, Augn 77 

Harriet 77 

Martha 77 

Sal> 77 
Cowpens 47 
Crany Island Va 100 

■ . Crane y Island 42 

Crawly, David 76 

Creel, John 66 

Cropp, Lucy 47 
Warmer L 47 

Page 121 

Cropp, Plavena Stapleton 47 

Crow, Old Field 76 

Cross , John 37 

Crutchfield, ^Molly 47 

" Mary 48 

Robert 48 

Culpepper co-art House Va 26 
35—66-27—66—77 — 92 

Cvmborland Court Hcu! 
67— 28--33 

Va 65 

Cvirmnlns, Alexander 16 



Dale, John 87 

Dabney, Charles 78 

Daviess, Wm 90 

Davis , VJn^ 69 

Jesse 70 

Daniel, Robert 113 

Dandridge, Jolin Capt 9 

Davidson - 

Denton, Agness 9 

DeLuth, Co Illinois 111 

Dinv;iddie Co Va 85-78 
76--79- 78-75-79 

Dean, Charlotte 
DeWitt Coll 



Donaldson, Jolin Capt 57 

Duggin, Wni 69-68 

Dunkard Creek 55 


Falmouth Va 10 

Fairfleld Va 101 

Falls of the Ohio S 66 

Farmer City 111 

Farggle, John 14 

Fauntleroy, Samuel 15 

Far low, Joslah 78 

Mary 78 

Payette Co Ky 84 

Fielder, Betsey or Eliza th 
Elizaabeth 93 

Dennis 94 

John 93 
Fitsmiller, Capt M 29 
Flannagan, Ambrose 107 
Flncastle Co Va 16 
Fleming C^ Ky 58-59 
Fishback, J T 98 

Jacob 98 
Fluvania Co Va 45 
Flanders, John 79 
Flannagan, Ann 107 

PLUVANIA CO VA 3 -105-107 
Ferrel, Benjamin 82 
Ford, Shallow 97 
Port , Huston 50 
Port Fltt 37 -30- 
Porrester, Nathaniel 12 

Elizabeth 12 
Powler, Win 75 
Powell, Joshua 67 
Prank; in Co Va 41 
Franklin C^ Missouri 25 
Prazerj, John 51 
Fredericksburg 62-59- 
Prederick Co Va 7-15 
Frederick Iowa 4''- 
Prederick Co Va 39 
Fredericksburg Va 26 
Fulton Co Illinois 45 
GARLAia), JAIv'IES CA.;T 60 
Gallatin Co Ky 49 
Garrard Co Ky 46 
Garnet , John 116 
Genessee, County 7 
George, Robert 72 
GorruantSwn 90-83 battle 95 
Gibson, George 91 

Page 122 

GILL, Wm 51 

Giles Co Va 102 

Gilmer, Co Ga 11 

Glddens, V^m & Prances 68 

Giffin, Bartley 115 

Gilpin, Elizabeth 98 

Gloucester Co Va 76 

Grainger Co Tenn 47 

Gist , Nathaniel 112 

Goochland Co Va 3 

Go ode, A C 13 

Goochland Co 68 

Goodwyn, Boswell 79 

" Jr-eterson 78 

Goochland Co Va 45-78 

Go dman, Mary 108 

Gold, Margaret S 76 

Gosney, Henry 87 

Jane 87 

Gratton, John 1 

Granville Co N C 82 

Gray, John 109 

Robert H 54 

Grayson, Cq Va 93 

Graves, John 66 

Grissora, Wm 60 

Greene, Co Va 113 

Greene Co Penna 38 


GREENE CO F E.^' A 38 

Green Co Tenn 31 

Greenvlle Dist S G 21 

Greenbrier Co Va 70 

Greenland Va 111 

Gregg, Wm 13 

Greenup ^o Ky 16 

Green Co Penna 37 

Green, Moses 103 

Grigg, John Major 59 

Gwinnett Go Ga 23 

Guilford Court House NO 10 
479 25--32-35 

Helton, George and Mllly 14 

Howe, James & Margaret 15 

Hawkins Co Tenn 89 

Halifax Co Va 73 

Halifax C Va 82 -67-74 

8- 88--110-115 
Hall, James 69 
Hampshire ^o Va 111 

rianover Co Va 9 

Hannah, James Gapt 101 

Joseph 102 

Hancock Cq Geor^xia 10 

Hannah, ^apt J 101 

Hancock Co Tenn 39 

Hanover Cq va 68 

Page 123 

-Hardy Co Va 19 
Harding, Vfe 11 
Harv/ood, Matthew 68 
Harlow, James H 105 
Hardy Co Va 111 
Har grave. Is ham E 78 
Hauley, James 5 

Isaac 77 
Harrison, Parson 76 
Harrison, Benjamin 72 
" R 88 

Hartwell, Rebecca 
Hatcher, Benjamin 28 
Hawkins Co Tenn 30-47 
Hajrse, Parson 89 
Hicks, Rebecca 13 
Higgason, John 68 
Hicks, Harry Cant 26 

Isaac 23 
Hiesta, John 33 
High Hills of Santee 89 
Hillsboro N C 82 
Hillsborough N C 75 
Hiwassee town 51 
Herring, John and Fanny 77 

HENRY, Patrick 46 
Henderson, Thomas 115 
Heistant? Mary 34 
Helpenstein, .eter 66 
Henrico Co Va 6 
He man, Alexander 60 
Henderson, Richard 21 
Hendman, A Parson 26 
Henry, Patrick Col 16 
Hestard, Mary 33 

John 33 
Holston river 51 
Holt, Christiana 54- 
Hord, Robert 87 

Hiram 87 
Holy Springs Va 101 
Holston river 57 
How, Joseph 17 

Rebecca 17 

Eleanor 17 

John Nelson 17 

Sarah 17 

Daniel Lanham 17 

Wm 17 

Marv Ann 17 

Elizabeth 17 

Hog, Island Va 16 

Page 124- 

HOW. Thomas 15 

John W 16 
Hustons, Port 51 
Hudson, S E 103 

Mary 9 
Hull, Peter 65 
Hunt, Nev/ton 28 

James 27 
Hughes, General J. 65 
Irvins Old St ^re 61 
lowa^ Monroe Co 41 
Isbell, }"olly 105 
Iron, Banks 66 
Irvin's Old Store 60 
Ivy, Hartwell 78 

Rebecca 78 
Jay, Co Indiana 116 
Jackson Co Alabama 73 
Jackson C^ Ga 11 -24 
Jackson Co Alabama 74 
Jamestown Battle 53 
Jameson, John 35 
James, Vu'i:: 68 
James ttjwn Va 16 
Jones, Blnns Capt 23 

iroEx TO voLmffi 52, v-rginia 

Jones, Wm 15 

Binrs 82 
Joseph 79 

John 3 

Jones"borour-'h Tenn 31 

Jarretts Fort 37 

Johnson, Capt B 104 

Johnston Co Indiana 87 

Jillson, i?hebe 101 

Jefferson, Thomas 69 

Jefferson ^o Ky 49 

Joplln, Thomas 76 

Kentucky Resident 25 

Kentuc]- y Agency 84 

Kings MoiT tain battle 16 

Kincaid , ;.rchibald M 71 

Joh- S 71 
Keller, Sar^el 18 

Charistena 20 
Kelsick, Lieut 15 
King, George Co Va 48 

Robert 29 
Kershav/ District S C 80 
Knox C'' Tenn 109- 5 115 103 
Keller, George 18 -20 
Lang ley, Wm 80 

Page 125 



Lamb, Catharine 1 

Langdon, Jonathan 64 

Laurens 37 

Lambert, George 16 

Lavender 4 

Jefferson 4 

Launtz, John 55 

Leftwich 115- Capt 

Leftr'dge, Ca-t 2'' 

Lezas, Susannah 56 
Lev;is, Andrew 70 
Lewis, Em 76 

Wm 79 -78- 
Charles 90 
Lea, James 68 

TeesburR Va 2^ 

Little, VVxlford G 20 

Lifner, John 43 

Ligare, Susannah 56 

Line Tn Go Ky 26 

Little York 53 

LONG, Island -Holston 57 

Long, Lewis 33 

Long, George 30 

Henry 31 

Levi 32 

Mathias & Mary 33-34 

Robert 35 
G. 35 

Gabriel 7 

Paee 126 


Louisa Co Va 68 

Loudoun Co Va 7 

Lord D^onmore 9 

Louisa Co Va 105 

LYON, Chittenden 87 

Lynchburg Va 104 

Lynchburg Va 54 

Lynch, Charles 25 

Lyon, Chiltt 88 

Lucas, James 82-83 

William 82 
Morries or Morris, Amos 37-38 
Morgan, Evan 39-40 
Moss, Francis & Mary 41 

George 42 

Green 43 

Stephen 44 

Vifm and Susannah 45 

Macklln, Frederick Col 82 

Macon, Co Tenn 103 

Madison Cq Alabama 82 
" " Ky 53 

Magoffin Co Ky 14 

Manchester Va 65 

Manasses, Ga'^ 2<^ 

Madisonville Tenn 29 

Marengo Co i^labama 82 

MARTIN, Samuel 87 

Mary 87 
Martin's Fort 39 

Charles 39 
Martinsburp; 62 
idartin, Br ice 50 

John 50 
Martin, Charles 60 , 

Jane 60 ^ 

Huds jn 60 

Elizabeth 50 
Martin, Br ice 52 

V.'m 52 

John 52 

Joseph General 52 
Marengo Co Alabama 82 
Mason Co Ky 59 
Marshall , Thomas 10 
Maryland Born 57 
Mason, David 97 
Masse y, Charles 61 

Betsey 61 
Massie, Gideon 45 
Matthews, Sampson 70 
Mcintosh 5- fort 

" General 55 
McDonough Co Illinois 45 


Mc Gland Is tie, Thomas 106 

Mcintosh fort 37 

McGhee, Mary A 104 

McClure, Bottom 37 

McGee, John 51 

T'icClary, Robert 103 

IicMlnn, Co Tenn 103 

McDaniel, Anguish 39 

Mc Clary, \¥m 38 

Merriwether, Thomas 2 

rieans, Robert 80 

Meoklenburgh, Co Va 82-75 

Meade Co Ky 72 

Means, Robert 96 

Mecklebbtirg Co Va 13-23-86 

Michau, Joseph 90 

Miner, Chr?"stopher C 116 

Miner, John Capt 38 

Miner, Samuel 55 

Files, Whiting 76 

Miller, Robert 101 

Mineral Springs 2 83 

Moffett, George 18 

Monday, Easter 75 

Monroe Co Va 42-27 

" " Tenn 29 

i-age 127 


Monroe Co Ohio 101 

Monks Corner 57 

Monmouth Battle 9-90 

Monongalia Co Va 39-389 55 

Montgomery Co Va 17-16 
" Go Ohio 33 

Moore fie Id Va ' 11 

Morgan, David 39-62 

Morgan Co Va 62 

Morgan, Edward 7 

Morran Gc Ky 58 

" Go Va 62 

Morris, Amos 37 

Morris, Georr-e 38 

Morris, Lewis 33 

Morrison, George 15 

Moccason Creek 50 

Morgan, D R 40 

Mowry or Moirry, Sophia 18 

Moss, I/eon F 45 

Reuben Vi/' 41 

Lydia 42 

Muter J George 88 

Muhlenburg , Peter 65 

Noel, Taylor p 46 

Richard & Mary 47-48 
Thomas 49 

Page 128 


Nichols, John 78-79-83 

Ninety Six S C 93 -35 

Norfolk Co Va 106-108 

Nansemond Co Va 76 

New Good Hope Illinois 45 

New Kent Co Va 36 

Nelson Co Va 54-60-63-61 

Noel, Alfred 47 

Mary 47 

Lucy Taylor 47 

Rice 48 

Alfred 48 

NORFOLK VA 111, 66, 113,105 

Nunn, Whorton 48 

Ogle shy, Richard & Sisan 


Elisha 52, Jesse 53 
Orange Co Va 113, 116 

Overton, Moses 32 

Parrish, George 97 

Pate, Jeremiah 93 

tatrick Co Va 14 

layne , Nicholas 2 

Pendleton Co Va 65 

i-enick, Jospeh A 44 


Wri 87 
Page , Oo Va 33 
f^eyton, Barnard 28 
Pegram, E H 78 

Baker 78 

Petersburg 79 

Phila Pa 26 

Folk Co N C 9 

Portsmouth 83 

t'ickaway Co Ohio 108 

Pittsylvania Co Va 97--57-52 

Pipkin, Sarah 103 

Portsmouth Va 82 

54 Powell, Misseniah 113 

Wm L 114 

Powhatan Co Va 82 

Prince Edward Co Va 89-4' 

Price ss Anne Go Va 117 

Preston, Wr.i Co 16 

Preston, Francis 42 

James ? 28 

i-rice, Bowen 25 

rrickett, Fort 39 

Preble: Co Ohio 101 




Rev 83 

Prospect Depot va 44 

Pulaski Co Ky 67 

Putnam Co Indiana 41 

Piles, Zachariah & 

Susannah ^55-56 

PREWITT, Zacheia 57 
Point P easant 70 
RAMEY, Archibald 58-59 


Rector, Ben,]' 74 

Read; Isaac 95 

Re id, Nathan 90 

Richinond Go va 15-70 

Richardson, Holt 46 

Richardson, Sarah 36 

R inker, Absaloin 20 

Jacob 19 

Roberts, H^ram 27 

Rockly, Va 41 

Rockinghsm Co Va 104 

Rockbridge Co Va 103-63 

Roane Co Tenn 109 

Robinson, J 6 

E ockingham Co Va 1 

Rockbridge Co Va 109 

Page 129 


Roberts, John 26 

Wm 26 

Rock Springs Va 53 

Roane Go Tenn 112 

Romney, West Va 55 

Rogers, Peter 73 

Rothrcck, John 100 

Royal, T B 110 

RobiBon, Charles 21 

Rodes, Charles 60 

Robinson, James Capt 16 

Royall, John B 110 

Ruff in, Thomas 85 

Rnssell, Geor,^e Carjt 57 

Ruby, Philip 20 

Russell, George 21 

Russel'^ Co Ky 67 

Rutherford Co N C 9 

Ramey, Archibald 58 

Rainey, John 47 

Rader, Michale 30 

Randolph, i^eter 85 

Ramsey, Henry Lieut 51 

Rawden, Lord 22 

Rate 1 iff , Vi/ni 36 

Ray, James 23 


S: ITF, Wm & Elizabeth 60-61 

Vto 62-63-64-65,66, 

Vta Sr Elizabeth 67-68-69 
Wr;i and Mary 70-71 

Sprigg, Leven 72 

Smyth Co Va 98 

S;.'ith, Jarees 100 

Smith Co Tenn 51, 97 

Smith, Margaret 64 

Qui Her 64 

Jacob 64 

Elizabeth 64 

Elias 62 

Daniel Major 51 

■Tillman 51 

Thomas 16 

Wright 71 

Bui lard 71 

Rebecca 71 

Davnd 71 
Edward 65 

reter 71 

Charles 60 

John M 60 
John 62 63- 

Hlckerson 67 

Obediah 67 

Cassandra 67 
Jolin M 61 
Charles of Albemarle 

Page 130 


Saltvilie 7a 98 
Saunders, Jesse 36 
Sale, Ruben 87 
SalyersvT He, Ky 14 
Saint Marys Co Maryland 35 
Sals bury N C 73 
Salmon, George 22 
S aint Clair, Alexander 65 
SCOTT David 55 

Charles 16 
Scotland, History 17 
Schuyelkill river 26 
Scrlven, James 23 
Seven i^'ile Ford Va 109 
Sevier, Jobji Col 57 
Sellener, Hoses 71 
Sea, James 68 
Sharp, Richard 108 
Shell, Ann 111 
Shepherd, Abraham 107 
Shannon, John 5 
Shelby Go Ky 87 
Shoemaker, Ge^r^e 1 
Magdalen 1 
^ ^Jiank, George 62 

SHANK, George 62 
She It on, David 63 
Shenandoah Co Va 19-20-30 
Shaver, rolly 20 

x^hilll 20 
Sharp, Richard 107 
Shelby, Evan Col 57 

Isaac 57 

Sifner, John 43 

Slaughter, Georp-e 66 

Sleepy Creek 62 

Spartanburg Dist S C 26 

S pi Her, Wra 10 

Spottsylvania Co Va 2 
48- 47- 

Spier, Joserh 68 

Spears, Jasrer 30 

Spicer, Jose, h 69 

Springer, Zadoc 39 

Spartanburg Dlst SC 91 

Snider, Mary 102 

Snead, John 63 

Hannah 63 

Southampton Va 116 


Stephens, Edward 35 

Stafford Go Va 59 

Page 131 

STAFF lRD CO va 58 

Steuben, Baron 73 

Stout, John 20 

Stone, Nancy 77 

Stonebraker, Ninty HI 

Stubblefield, Gerce 2 

Geor-e 2- 113 

Sumi'aer Co Tenn 52 


Sullivan Co N C now Tenn 
i;age 57 

Suffolk Va 76 

Sumter Dlst S C 35 

Sussex ^o Va 32 

Sweet Springs West Va 

Swingler, Samuel 37 


Taylor, Francis 63 

Talladega Co Alabama 12 

Taliaferro , Richard 63 

Tankersley, John Caot 2 

Tellico Town 50-51 

Timber lake , Horace 107 

Thornberry, John 20 

Thornhil^ , V/m A 110 

Thomas, James 77 

Thornton, V/m Col 77 

Tipton, Jonathan 21 


age 132 


Trenton Battle 48 

Trumbo , Jacob 1 

Troop, Sarah 3 

Tucker, Ell 111 

Turk, Jaipes 74 

Tuscaloosa Co Alabaira 24 

Trigg, Daniel 16 


Abran 75-76 

Almond & Joanna 77 

Absaloi- & Martha 78 

Ephra-;-rri 79 

Claiborne 80 -81 

Ingrahani or Ingram 82 

James 83, 84, 

Jesse 85 

John 86,87-88, 

John and Nancy 89 

Thomas 90 

Vaughn, Thomas 91 -92 

Wm & Elizabeth 93-94 

Vta 95 
VANN, Henry 96 

Union Missouri 25 
Vaughn, Almond 92 

Nancy 94 

Robert 94 

VAUGHAN, Nancy 94 

David 94 

Clarke 94 

Polly 94 

Hulday 94 

John 94 

Joseh 94 

Henry 78 

Mary 78 

Rebecca 78 

iatt 95 

Archibald 95 

Amelia 77 

Reuben 77 

Nancy 77 

Harriet 77 

Fanny 77 

Martha 77 

Willie 80 

Mary and Jane 87 

Sarah 85 

Patience 35 

James 80 

Andrew Thomas 87 

Russell 88 

Sarauel 89 

Ben,1 89 

Vaughn, Amelia 77 

Polly 77 

Reuben 77 
Valley Forge en>-a 8 95-66 
■ alley Ford i-enna 85 
Valley Forge 33 
VanMeters, Daniel 111 
VanMeter, John 61 
Vernon, Nathan 30 

Harrison 90 
VanHousten, George 108 
Vier, Elizabeth 67 
Witcher, James 97 

Edward 99-100 

Frederick 101 

Henry 102 

James &• Charlotte 103 

Jesse & Elizabeth 104 


John 106 

John & Ann 107 

John & Martha S 110 

Jos eh & Minty 111 

Sam.uel 112 

Thomas & Messanah 113 


Page 133 

WALFER, Thotras &: Anna 114 

Thomas cc Fanny 115 
Th-'mas 116 

Wm and Sarah 36 

Wm and Harriet p 13 
Wm page 117 
Vl/ALI<ER, Elizabeth 114 
Joice or Joyce 114 
James 114 
Thomas 114 
Betsey 114 
Salley 114 
Polley 114 
Sabra 114 
Susannah 112 
roily 112 
Henry 112 
Dr Thomas 21 

David 79 
Benjamin 13 
Jeffery A 98 
W S 98 
Ann 107 
James 113 
Joyce 113 
M A 115 
John 117 

WALIyER, Wm I 116 

John 117 

J E 107 
J L 107 

Byrd 98 

Susannah 45 

Wllllalfl 75 

Wagner, John 116 

Wallls, James 68 

Vfeshlngton Col Geor!2;e 33 

Washlngton Go Va 50-51 

Washlngton, V/m 32 

Washington Co Tenn 109 

" Bailey 58 


Ward, BRYANT 97 

WARE, Richard 26 


War nock, James 17 

Warren '^o Ohio 15 

Yi[ade, Milly 14 

Walthel, Archibald 76 

Vfeshington C^ Va 50 

Watts, Wm 21 

V/EBBER, ihili:- Ga t 93 

V/ehb, George H 105 

Pare 134 

WEAVERS, Wn 103 


V/estmoreland Co Va 3 

Whitley Co Indiana 116 

White, Annie 29 

Walte, J .hn 2 

White 1 la ins 48 

Vfcrtenbaker or 
V/estenbaker, Elizabeth 105 

Wm 108 

Christian 108 
Widemeyer, Sarah 62 

Michael 62 
WIGGINS, Archibald 55-56 
Wiles, Anthony 76 
Williamsburg 16-53-9-19 
Filkin, rhllip 20 
Williams, Robert Col 73 

Richard H 107 

Wiles, James 75 

Wilkes, Co Ga 24 

Wilson, Wm 18 

Wilson Go Ten:-. 76 -8 

Winchester Va 37-3 


Lemuel 24 

Lucre tia 24 


I-age 135 

WINN, Sarah 24 
Elisha 24 
Richard 24 
Witt, Conny 54 
Celia 53 
David. 53 
Witoher, Wm 97 
Wood Port Va 16 
Vifoods, James 60 
Woodson, Shephard 107 
Woodworth, x H 116 
Vi/oolry, David 56 
Womack, James 17 
Woolfolk, Georre 87 
Woodstock, Va 30 
Wood, Janes 28 -112 
Wright, James 7 
Wright, leter Capt 75 

Wythe, Co Va 98 
Yorktown 31, 25 

Young, Jolin 22 
YearJ:, James 69 




1 <(' 

K's n't ':<]n\\m