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Full text of "The vision of William concerning Piers Plowman, together with Vita de Dowel, Dobet, et Dobest, secundum Wit et Resoun"

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it fisMit of William 

|to iU ^Immm^ 


tits &ti ^mt^l, g«m, ^t Jab^at, 

jSunnlnnn WH it J^ewntir, 

(aBOOI 186S — 1S98 A.D.) 



1 m.u>w Of CBUR^ couiaa, oinnpaii niroi or "ukiiuit of n 

In im $iitU.-|itrt III. 


BY N. TKlJBNEE & CO., 57 4 69, LUDGATE HUL. 



C^t fisins if Mllism 


gsw^l gtft^t and ^sh\%i 







Ittljarif tilt Wbtlts, 


€^t Cwbiidr ^iitg, 

(ItU A.D.) 





BT N. TfitiBNER & CO., 67 & 69, LTJDGATE HIXL. 






*,* The aatotype facsimile prefixed to this Tolnme lepiesents s page 
of MS. E (Laud 656), which differs but slightly from MS. Phil- 
lippe 8231, tiie hosis of the text. For a full explanation of the 
contents of the facsimile, eee the Frelace, p. xxviiL 

Pbxtaoe in. $ 1. The five shapes of the Poem. § 2, The mixture 
of C- and B-tezts in MS. Bodley 814. $ 3. The mixture of A- 
and C-texts in MS. T. S i. Date of the C-text § 6. Descrip- 
tion of MSS. xxTiiL MS. Fhillipps 8252 (described in the foot- 
note); xzix. MS. F ; zxz. MS. £; xzxi. MS. Z; xizii. MS. I; 
TTTTi (B) MS. T ; ixxii. (C) MS. Hail. 6041 ; xxxn. (D) MS. 
Digt^ 145 ; zxxii. {£) MS. B ; xzxiii. MS. M ; xxxir. MS. 
F; xxxT. MS. Si xxxvi. MS. G; xxivii. MS. K; ixirm. 
MS. Douce 104 ; xxxix. MS. Digby 102 ; xL. MS. S ; xu. 
MS. Doblin D. 4. 1 ; xlii. MS. BibL Rag. 18. B. xrii; xliii. 
MS Phillipps 9056 ; zliv. Maiquis of Westminster's MS. $ 6. 
Comparison of the MSS., and their sub^classes. | 7. Descrip- 
tion of Dr Whitaker'a edition; London, 1813. § 8. Brief 
Ifodce (rf Dr Whitaker. § 9. Character of the C-text. § 10. 
Allnsions in the C-text § 11. Dialect of the C-text. § 13. 
Method of printing the Text. § 13. Method of printing the 
Footnotes. § 14. Explanation of the Sidenotea. $ 16. Befer- 
ence to the Editions by Wright and Whitaker, { 16. Compari- 
son of the Three Texts, by Faseus. § 17. Additional Fassages 
in the C-text. { 18. Argument of the Poem (C-text) ... ix 

Pbitaox IV. EiCHUtD THE Redblib. S 1. The two former editions. 
S 2. Alteration of the title. § 3. Description of the MS. § 4. 
Latin quotations ncTer befora rightly printed. $ 6. Date of 
the poem. $ 6. Authorship of the poem; (1) external cti- 
dence ; (2) internal evidence. § 7. Argument of Richard the 
Redelea. i 8. Tbk Crowned Sjsq ciii 



Pasbds L (231 luies) ... 
PA88C8 II. (206 linea) ... 
FABsna in. (262 lines) ... 
Pabbds IV. (501 linefl) ... 
PAaacB V. (196 linefl) ... 
PABBna VI. (201 lines) ... 
PiflflDS VII. (441 linea) ... 
FABans VIII. (308 lines) 
Pabbub IX. (355 linea) ... 
Fabsub X. (351 lines) ... 
Pabsds XI., OS Pabbos I. db Dovkl (310 lines) 
FAssira XII., or Pa88V6 II. db Dowel (313 lines) 
Pabbus XIII., OB Passus IIL dh Dowbl (247 linea) 
FAflans xrV., oB Pabsus IV. db Dowbl (249 linea)... 
Pabbub XV., OB Passus V. db Dowbl (217 li 
pASBOa XVI,, OR FASBDa VI. DE Dowel (310 lines)... 
pABSoe XVII., OR PABana VII. db Dowel (371 lines) 
Passdb XVIII., OR Pasbds I. DB DoBffi (322 lines)... 
Fabsub XIX, OB Pabbus IL db Dobbi (293 lines) . 
Pabbub XX., or Pabbub III. db Dobbt (332 linea) . 
Pasbub XXI., OR Pasbus IV. db Dobbt (479 lines) ... 
' Fabsub XXIT., or Fabbub L db Dobebt (483 lined) ... 
Fabsub XXm., or Pabsus II. db Dobbst (386 lines) 
Cbitioal Notes 


Richard thb Fedblbs 


Fabsub L (114 lines) 
Pasbus IL (192 lines) 
Pabsub III. (371 linea) 
Pabbub IV. (93 Unea) 


Glossarial Index, etc, to tee Crowned Kino 




§ 1. BvoBS discoBsii^ the MS3. of tho C-type, it is neceesarj 
to refer once more to tke &ct alread; twice mentioned (Pi»f. I. § 2 ; 
Fret n. § I) that the poem of Pieis the Plowman assomea five 
different shapes in the MSS. Three of these are real, and due to the 
anthor, whence the three terts which have been separately pabliahed ; 
whilst the other two are apparent only, and due to the mixture of 
parts of different texts by the acribee. Indeed, some M33. present 
texts which are still fnitfaei con^ised, and belong exactly to none of 
these, althongh they can easily be oCcoonted for. It is necessary 
thus to draw attention once more to the five apparent well-defined 
shapes, because the C-t«xt MSS. require peculiar care. With respect 
to them, we are concerned with three of the above-mentioned 
shapes. Wefind (1) MSS. of the true C-type throughout j (2)MSS. 
containing a mixtore of A- and C-texts, as exhibited in the Trinity 
MS. B. 3. U (described in Fief. I. p. xviii), MS. HarL 6011 (de- 
scribed at p. XX of the same volume), and MS. Dighy 146 (described 
at p. xxdv of the same) ; and (3) MSS. containing a mixture of B- 
&nd C-textfi, as exhibited in MS. Bodley 814 (described in Pret II. 
p. xxv), MS. Addit. 10674 (Prof. II. p. xxvi), and MS. Cotton 
Calig. A. xi (Pref: IL p. xxvii). 

% 3. Taking the last of these first, it is only necessary to observe 
that MS. Bodley 814, Addit 10674, and Galig. A. xi leaemble each 
oUier so closely that one may be taken to lepreeent all three. The 
one chosen tat collation in the piesmt volume is tbe same one as 



before, viz. MS. Bodley 814, denoted by the letter B. This MS. 
exbibitfl a C-tezt dniing tlie fiist two PasBus, and dovn to the end 
of 1. 128 of Pass. iiL ; ' and ia therefora aTailable for collation near 
the beginning of the present versioa of the poem. Hence the letter 
B, BO often found in the footnotes to the B-text, figures occasionally 
in the footnotes to the first 34 p^ea in this Tolnme. But I have 
not cited it very often, for two reasons. The first is, that it is by no 
means a very good MS.; and the second, that its readings are in 
general almost exactly coincident with those of the far superior 
Ilohedtei MS., denoted by the letter I. It has, I believe, been cited 
as much as it deseires, and perhaps received even more than its 
fair share of attention in the footnotes to the B-text. In a word, it 
can only be used for a small portion of the text, and is not of much 
use even there. For a few further notes upon the character of it, 
see the description of MS. XXXH (E). 

§ 3. We will next consider the shape of the poem in which the 
A- and C-tezts aie mixed togethei ; a shape which is of considerably 
more importsjice and interest. Here, also, it is sufficient to take 
one MS. only as a guide, viz. the Trinity MS. R. 3. 14, often cited 
in the footnotes to the A-text, and always denoted by the letter T. 
It is &r better than the other two MS8. of the same shape, which 
have now been neglected, although oue of them (Harl. 6041) was 
cited for the A-text, with Ha for its symbol. Collation with T 
b^^ at the point of junction of the A- and C-texte, t e, at L 297 
of FasBos xii., p. 213 ; see &e observation in the footnote. As 
the readings &om it turned out to be often useful, the collation with 
it was continued down to the end of the text ; so that, after p. 213, 
the letter T occura in the footnotes throughout, down to p. 447. 
This MS. also proved to bear a close resemblance to the Ilchester 
MS., and this fact has proved of great assistance ; since it suppliea 
the probable readii^ of that MS. in the numerous places where 
portions of lines are missing, owing to its imperfect state of pre- 
servation. Hence, in the footnotes, the letters IT often occur 
together ; whilst the letter T alone (in all probability) often truly 

■ 3m the ptMags quoted at length from thii HS. in Critiod SdUb to B-(ex^ 



denotefl the eame combination (IT) in passages where MS. I is im- 
perfect. It lepreBents the C-toxt in an eariy rtage of reviaion, as 
explained in the description of the Dcheeter MS. below. 

The desmptions of the MSS. which are wholly of the C-typo 
will be fonnd fiirther on, in sect 6. 


In Pie£ IL sect. 3, 1 have efaewn that we must place Uie B-text 
at least as late as a.D. 1377, Scorn which we may at once conclnde 
that the C-tezt ia almoet anre not to be earlier than a.d. 1380, con- 
sideling the many Tanatinns hetween the two texts. It is, however, 
as well to shew, first of all, that the G-text is really latet than the 
B-text ; in other words, that no mistake has been made in the order 
of the reoensione of the poem. On this point the internal evidence 
is moat conclusive j given the B4ext, it is not difficult to see how 
the C-text was fonned from it, by various omissions, additions, 
traugpositions, and corrections. But it is hardly possible to tnm the 
C-text into the B-form, without the most improbable and contradictory 
Bappositions. The transition in one direction is siniple and natoial, 
but in the other direction is difGcult and unlikely. ThiB'will appear 
so clearly upon s careful perusal of the two texts that it is hardly 
vrorth while to go into particulate. The only reason for considering 
the question at all is that Dr Whitaker was of the contrary opinion, 
and this may in some measure account for the dif&culty which he 
had in seeing his way clearly, and for the extraordinary views, 
founded upon no premises whatever, which he formed respecting the ' 
respective merits of tiie two later versions. The one sole reason which 
he offers for the supposed lateness of the B-text, is that it contains 
an allusion to the bnimng of heretics, and must therefore be later 
than the second year of Heniy IV., when the statute " empowering 
the diocesan alone to commit heretics to the flames " was enacted. 
This point I have discussed already (Prel 11. p. v), giving the 
reasons, (I) that some of the B-text MSS. are considerably older 
than &.!>. 1400 ; and (2) that heretics were sometimes burnt, at any 
nte abroad, before the above-mentioned statute was passed. But I 


am nov enabled conaiderablj to streiigtlie& the Utter of these 
reasons, viz. by aaaerting that there ia evidence to shevthat heretics 
were bamt, even in England, at least as early as in tbe fourteenth 
century. When Mr Arnold, in his Introduction to his edition of 
Wyclif B Works, come to consider the question of the date of some 
of Wyclifs treatises, he found that the common opinion, tiz. that no 
one was burnt for his religion in England before 1401, is directly 
opposed to tbe statements found in bis MSS., and can no longer be 
sustained. Thus, in Wyclifs Sermon Ko. LXT (ed. Arnold, toL L 
p. 205) be complains that "symple men, Jiat been depid eretikes . . 
hen sonunyned and reprovyd many weies, and after put in prison, 
and brend or kild as -woree Jian f eves;" ■whilst in Sermon CH (p.354), 
L e. in a later sermon belonging to tbe same set, Bichaid U. is 
referred to in a manner which implies that he is still alive ; — " men 
|iat speken of Dure kyng leeven to clepen bim kyng Richard." To 
this Mr Arnold odds (Introd. p. x) tbe following important note. 
" Mr Bond, keeper of the MSS. at the British Museum, was good 
enough to point out to me a passage in tbe Chronicle of Meanx, 
lately edited by him for the Master of tbe Rolls, wbicb is much to 
tbe purpose of the present inquiry. Abbot Burton saya (vol. IL p. 
323) that tbe Franciscans, or a section of them, opposed certain 
constitutions of Pope John XXIL, who thereupon caused many of 
them to he condsmned and burnt, some in France in 1318, others at 
various places in France, Spain, Italy, and Germany, in 1330; and 
that among the severities practised on this last occasion, ' in AngliA, 
in quadom silvli, combnsta (ne) sunt viri quinquaginta qnlnque, et 
mnlieres octo, ejuadem ordinis et erroris.' This is indefinite, cer- 
tainly, but there seems no possibility of questioning its substantial 
trath ; and if it be true, then men and women were burnt in England 
for heresy before 1401." Mr Arnold also points ont the passage in 
Walsingbam (ed. Kley, iL 189), which relates bow tbe Bishop 
of Norwich threatened to hum or behead the lollords, a.d. 1389. 

It would probably not be difGcnlt to multiply instances of such 
allnnons. Thus, Herce the Ploughman's Crede is generally con- 
sidered as not later than a.d. 1394. Tet tbe allusion in it to the 
persecution of the Lollards is plain-spoken enough ; for we find tha 


■nonjuioiia author alluding to the proaecution of Walter Brate in 
1393, and declaring that, thoagh thoee iB power did not actnallj 
bum him, they would gUdlj have done so. 

" )>ei poTBne^ the poneie - & paase^ pursntes, 
Bo^ ^y wiln & fei wolden ' y-wor^en so grete 
To passen any mans niijt ' to mor^OTen be soules ; 
Firat to brenm ye bodye • in a bale of fijr. 
And syfen fe eely soiUe slen ■ & senden byre to helle " ; 

P. PL Orede, ed. Skeat, L 664.' 

And there is yet another allusion in the poem called the Plow- 
mans Tale (written, as I hold, about a.d. 1395, by the same author) 
to the severity with which religious persecution was carried out, in 
thepOBKige — 

" Thou shalt be brad in balefull fire, 

And all thy sect I shall destrie ; 

Ye shall be hanged by the swiie." 

We msy depend upon it that these and similar passages lefer to 
actoal and not imaginary eveuta. The allusions to brenning in 
WydiTs Sermons, in Piers the Plowman, in Walsin^uun, in the 
FlooghmaiiB Crede, and in the Plowmans Tale, may &irly be taken 
to be no mere rhetorical flourishes, but to refer to such things as are 
mentioned in the Chronicle of Ueaux, where the burning of fiity- 
Stb men and eight women at once is mentioned quite casually. 
The fact is, that the &moQs statate of Henry IV. seems to be 
generally misunderstood. It did not in any way provide for the 
bnniiiig of heietics as a new remedy for heresy ; it merely provided, 
as Mr Am(^ well points ont, for the application of the remedy 
' uberioB et celerins.' It is essy, moreover, to shew how this was 
efiected, viz. by empowering the diocesan, an Dr Whitaker says, to 
act on his own responsibility. Before the pasdng of the statute, the 
punishment could be inflicted (and was inflicted) only by means, 
as it seemed to some, of an nnuecessarily round-about proceduTe. 
If a bishop, as for instance the Bishop of Norwich in 1389, wished 

■ Mj note on thii puaage mji — ' Sneli > threat wm not mttM Mrf till a few 
Tean later, when William Santie wu burnt in Smithfleld, Teh. 36, 1401.'— 
(P. PI. Crtdt, p. 63.) Tlut ii, I adapted tliB eommon opinion at the tinu of writ- 
ing tlw not« ; hot now beUere that mch an opmion hu arimi from inatt«ntinL 
Ho donbt the threat >mi tometiDiea Gsnied oat 


to boin a Wetic, he had to go through the proceae of formally 
TiiLiifliTig over the said heietic to the eecnlar arm ; and the secolac 
aim could dispaae of the cnminal in any way that was deemed ad- 
visable. The statute did away with this troablesome necessity, and 
was passed, to use the very words of it, because the bishops ' per mam 
iniisdictionem spiritualem dictos peifidoe et peruersoa absque auxilio 
dictae maiestatis r^iae dufBcienter conigere nequeunt.' The whole 
matter has been made clear to me by the kind help of C. 3. Pearaon, 
Esq., author of the Darly and Middle Ages of England, who pointed 
out to me a decisive case in point, viz. the account given by Bracton 
of a man who, for the crime of wishing to marry a Jewess, waa 
handed over to the secular arm and burnt, as early as in the reign of 
Henry IIL* So that, as a net result, we find that the somewhat 
vague allusion to burning in the B-tezt, upon which Dr Whitakei 
BO confidently relied as proving that version of the poem to he later 
tiian 1401, proves no more than that it was latei than the time of 
Henry IIL ; and, as to dedding between the claims of the B- and 
C-texts to priority, it proves just nothing at all ; but lather did, in 
effect, induce Dr Whitater to decide wrongly. 

Then remains, however, one argument moro, which I have 
hitherto purposely kept out of sight. Keither Dc Whitaker, nor 
even Mr Wright, seems to have been at all aware of the existence 
of an A-tezL It ia mentioned in Warton (ii. 63, ed. 1840) in his 
lemaika upon MS. HarL 6041 ; hut no one else seems to have 
noticed it. Now, when we proceed to pkce the three texts side by 
side, it is at once apparent that the B-text is intermediate in form 
between the other two j so that the order of texts must either be 
A, B, G, or C, B, A ; but the A-tezt so evidently comes firat, that 
the C-text can only come last; and this settles the question. The 

' Braoten't longiuga ii tbtj eiplidt, Bnd hii tnthority ii decuiTS. " Cum 
autom dericQi uo de crimine connietui degrsdetar, non Kqaitnr alia psns pro mo 
dslicto, Tel plnribiu ante dqpradadouam perpetrads. Satii enim suScit ei pro 
p<ena degradatio, qon «at magna cqiitii diminnCia, niii forte conaictnl fnerit da 
apmbuia, qoitl tuno primo degradstnr, st portsa per (Nonun laicaUM amiuraltv, 
■eoundam qaod acoidit in condlio Oion., celebrato a boon memorue 8. CantaarieD. 
Arcbiepiacopa, de qnodua diaoouo qui n apostabuiit pro quidam Indea, qui mm 
e9««t per EpUcopum degradatua, Btatim fuit igni taaditiu per nuuDm layealem." 
Brachin, d« Legibui Anglii^ lib. iii. tract, ii. o. 9 ; ed. 1G69, foL 124. 



Opening lines of the poem -vrill suffice to ehew this, if the thiee 
fonns be compared. I cite a short passage hj my of example. 

TextofA.o. 1363. 

In a somei seaun ' vhon softe v&s fe sonne, 

I Bchop me in-to s schroud ' a Bcheep as I were ; 

In habite of an hermite • vn-holy of werkea, 

"Wende I wydene in f is world ■ wondiea to here. 

Bote in a Mayes morwnynge - on Ualneme bullea 

Me bi-fel a ferly ■ a feyrie, me ))ouhte ; 

I was weori of wandring ' and wente me to teste 

Vndor a hiod banke ■ bi a boume syde, 

And aa I lay and leonede ■ and lokede on ye watrea, 

I alnmberde in a slepysg ' hit sownede so marie. 

A-text; proL 1—10. 

Text 1377. 
In a somei seson ' vhan soft was the sonne, 
I shope me in shroades ' as I a shepe were, 
In habite as an lieremite ' vnholy of woikee, 
Went wyde in fie world • wondres to here, 
Ac on a May momynge * on Malueme bullea 
Me byfel a ferly ■ of fairy, me thoujte ; 
I was wery forwandred • and went me to reste 
Yndei a Inode banke ' bi a homes side, 
And as I lay and lened ■ and loked in )ie wateres, 
I slombred in a alepyng * it sweyued so merye. 

'B4ext; proL 1—10. 

Texto/A.v. 1393. 
In a Bomeie seyson ' whan softe was )re sonne, 
Y shop me into sbiobbia - as y a shepheide were, 
In abit >s an ermite ' vnholy of werkes, 
Icb wente forth in tie worlds * wonders to here, 
And eawe meny cellis ' and selconthe ^yngea. 
Ac on a may morwenyng * on Malueme hullea 
He byfel fot to slepe ' for veyiynesse of wandryng ; 
And in a launde as ich lay ' lenede ich and alepte. 
And merueylously me mette ' as ich may jow telle. 

C-text; Pass. I 1—9. 

Ifow that all three texts are in the reader's bands, he can piosecate 
tbe compaiison of them ae f^ as be pleases, in a way that could 
never have been done befoie. 

It will be obeerved that I have bene assigned the date 1393 aa 

t, Google 


Buitable to the latest veraion. I now proceed to adduce some leasone 
for tbis. 

We hare already seen that, as it cornea last, it most be later than 
1377; and an^ one who ohseTves the great care with which the 
poem has been revised, the curious changes in the arrangement of 
many paseagee, and other similar indications, will be prepared to 
allow several years as a not unlikely interval between the two later 
Tersiona ; especially as an interval of fifteen years exists between the 
two earlier ones. It must be observed 'also, that the poem printed in 
this volume, with the title of "Bichard the Bedelee," belongs obviously 
to the year 1399 ; and it will be shewn presently what condueive 
reasons there are for assuming that poem to have been written by the 
author of Fiers the Plowman. This at once places the C-text between 
1377 and 1399, with a probable interval of several years between it 
and the former of these dates. Wethusatonoeassign the year 1390 
as being probably not more than five or six years from the true date. . 

But a closer examination may bring us much nearer than this. ' 
Notwithstanding the occadoual anachronisms which occur, owiug to 
the poet's reluctance to alter some passages — a peculiarity which has 
already been explained (Fref II. $ 4) — we find trustworthy indica- 
tions of the date in some of the additional passages which occur in 
the C-tezt for the first time. In particular, there is a very remark- 
able indication of the change of popular feeling towards King 
Bichard. tha traces of respect are fever, and it is clear that he was 
rapidly sinking in the estimation of his subjects. Here, for instance, 
is a hold and outspoken passage, too plainly expressed to admit of 
doubt as to the poet's feelings. Addressing the king, and speaking 
of the prevalence of Meed or Bribery, he says — 

Beligion hue al to-raue]? ' and oute of ruele to lybbe. 
Ther nys cite vndei Sonne ' ne so liche reome 
Ther hue is loued and lete by ' }iat last shal eny while, 
"With-oute werre o^ wo ■ oper wicked lawes, 
And oustomes of couetyse ■ fe comuna to distruye. 
Tnsyttynge sufiraunce ■ hure suster, and huru-aelue 
Haue maked al-most ' bote marie ^e helpe, 
)}at no lond loue^ the ' and jut least ))yn oweue. 

G-text; iv. 203. 



Here lie plainly tells tiie king that "imaeemly Tolerance (of ovil 
men), vhicti u own slater to Bribery, in combination with Bribery 
hetself, have almost biooght it about, except tbe Yirgio. Mary help 
thee, that no la>id looeth thee, and least of all thin« own land." 
Sow, after Richard reaUy took the government into his own handa 
in 1389, he was at first in considerable favonr for some little time ; 
but in 1392, there was a very great qnarrel between himself and the 
Londonen, as related by Walsingham, and the feeling against him 
seems to have been very strong. The king's prod^ality was begin- 
ning to make his exactions eeveiely felt, and the qnarrel turned, 
naturally enough, upon the question of money. Under the title 
"De transgressionibus Londinensium, et ira Regis," Walsingham 
(ed. Biley, ii. 207) relates the story thus. " Sub eodem tempore, 
misit Rex ad inves Londiniuum, petens ab sis mutno mille libras ; 
cui procaciter, et ultra quam decuit, restitemnt, et pecuniam se non 
posse prsestare petitam unanimiter affirmsverunt ; sed et quemdam 
Lumbaidum, volentem aocommodare Regi dictam summam, male 
tractavenint, verbeiavenint, et paulo minus occiderunt." This is the 
TB17 story, I suppose, to which our author aUudee in tbe passage — 

"And icb dar legge my lyf • fat loue wol lene te auluer. 
To wage thyne, and help wynne ' fat f ow wilneet after, 
More fan id f y marchauns ' ofer f y m jtrede bisshopes, 
Ofer imnbardes of lakes ' fat lyuen by lone as Iswes." 

C. V. 191. 

Here he tells the kii^; that, if he wania money, he must not apply 
to the Lombards, but cultivate the love of hia people. If this and 
the former allusion be considered, we may see grounds for placing the 
C-(ext later than 1392.* These are my reasons for selecting the 
year 1393 as a sufBciently approximate date, althot^h I should not 
object to the opinion that tbe true date is later still. How it can 
be eariier, I cannot see ; the long additional passage explaining the 
difference between Bribery and 'Wages (iv. 287 — 415) shews that 
this difference was considered as especially deserving of notice, and 
the whole tone of Pass. iv. indicates the poet's opinion as to the pre- 

■« ocean slfo in Uie early draught of ths C-teit, 


valence of gross misgovernmeut, whicli he here lays U) the king's 
charge more direutl; than he had previoosly- done. The Teiy some 
tone is pieralent in the poem of " Richard the Hedelea," the date of 
which is BO cleaily 1399. 

From all this it will be seen that, although the year 1393 is only 
assigned aa a conjectural date, there aie some good leasona for tnp- 
posing that it is not far wrong. I beliere that we may eafely asenme 
the dates 1393 and 1398 as the eztiem,e limits between which the 
date of the C-teit can vary. 

Whilst disonssing this anbject, it may be added that, althon^ 
Pieice the Ploughmans Ctede ia an obvious imitation of the Yision, 
it ia not perfectly clear &om which text it waa imitated. It pro- 
bably appeared aboat 1394, and may have been immediately evoked 
' by the fact of its author meeting with a copy of the C-text, but this 
ia mere conjecture. The only passage I know of in which the Cieda 
resembles the C-text more than any other version of the Melon ia 
the following, in which the resemblance is not sufficiently close to 
make us feel certain upon the point. 

" Now mot ich soutcre his sons • aelten to schole,^ 
And ich a beggers brol . on fe booke leme .... 
So of |)at b^^ets brol ' a bychop schal worjien . . 
j)tj [viz. lorde] schulden inaken bichopea ' her owen brefiren 

0|)eT of some gentil blod ' A so it beet semed . . . 
For her kjnde were more ■ to y^Jense diches," Ac. 

P. PI. Crede; 744—760. 

This may be compared with the following : — 

" For-thi lefte fei hero laboure ■ beee lewede knanea. 
And clotved nem in copes - clerkus aa it were . . . 
Ac sith bondmenne bunes ' ban be mad Biashopea, 
And bamee bastardes ' ban ben archidekenes . . . 
Thnse l^-longe^ to labour . and lordee kyn to seraen 
Botbe god and good men * aa here degree aske^ . . . 
Hit by-come}> for cleans ' crist for to semen, 
And knauee vnorouned ' to cart and to woiche," &c. 

P. PI. C. I. 209, 210; vi. 70, 71, 66, 67, 61, 62. 


riWFACK 111.— TEXT C. xix. 

I have merel; quoted the most striking lines. In hotb poems, 
the whole context should be observed. In any case, the pass^es are 
worth comparing ; and, if it should appear to the reader that the 
pasB^ee are really connected, this will be an argument for placing 
tike C-text hefoie 1394, 1. e. about 1393, as before. 


XXTX.' MS. Phillippa 8231, formerly MS. Heber 973; men- 
tioned in Heber's Catalogue of MSS., part xi., p. 101. This MS. is 

< Twentr-iercn USS. dare beta already described. MSS. I.— X in PreF. I., 
pp. IT— HIT ; MS. XI. in Part l, *t p. 112* ; MS. XII. in footnote to PreF. II., p. 
Ti.; *iidMS3.XIII..^XXVII.inFTBf. II., pp.Ti— III. The t\r«itr-eighth HS. 
noM be dombed here in « Ioamot«, u it belong* rather to the B-dan tlkan to an j 

XXVIII. H3. PhiUippB 82S2, foimciTlj MS. Heber lOBS. Sr Whitaksi (Pref. 
to hii edidaii of Finn th« Flovman, p. iiiii) gpuaka of it tbiu. " Thia MS. ii a 
thick nctsTO volnme, bearing the antographa of Sir Henrj Spelmin, Dr Taylor, the 
editor of Demosthcnei, Mr Qongh, and Mr Heber, it> gneceBsive and disdngnished 
ownen. Pitiin the handwriting it maj probably be anignad to the leign of Bichard 
the Second [or rather Henr; the Fonrth] ; bat in addition to the preaeat work, it 
contains tha * TrSTela of Sir John Maonderjle ', (be poem of ' Stuaima ', already 
qnoled; a abort abiry in prose, entitled 'Joseph' ; 'Troiloa', in flTebooIi; and a 
strange satirical pioclamation from ' LnciFer, Prince of the depe Dominion of Dark- 
noee'." Here 'the poem of Snsanna' means tha piece oommonly known aa the 
' ISstjl of Sweet Susan ', or the ApociTphal story of Snaanna and the elders, printed 
from another HS. in the Select Bemains of Scottish Poetry, by D. Leing, 1822. 
The piece called ' Joaeph ', in prose, relates to the Tisit of Joseph and Mary to 
;^ypt, with a relation of the origin and rirtuea of tiie roee of Jericho, and an 
account of tbe growth, Tirtnes, and gathering of ' Bawme ' ; in fact, the same story 
ai that told in the l^cad of the Three Ktngi, printed from MS. Harl. 1704 in an 
Appendix to Mr Wrighfa edition of the Cheater Playt, p. 2B0, The 'Troilnn' it 
Chaucer's. The proclamation of Lucifer baa been printed &am MS. Cotton Veqi. 
B. IS (described below ; see account of HS. XXXIII.). in the Falitica], Beligiora, 
and Love Foemi, ed. F. J. FumiTsll (E. £. T. B.}, p. 12. 

The MS. is on paper, with a few Tcllnm leaTcs bonnd in. The copy of Pier* 
tbe PlowMan contained in it may be said to b« cbiefly oC the B-teit, but it is in 
(tot a miied teit, ooniiderably conAucd in order, and entirely misleading, having 
•cTcial isterpolationa from the C-text Dr Wbilaker ntade aonte noBll nse of il^ 
calling it his 'MS. B', hot it probably tended latber to oonl^ than to help him. 
He printed an extract from it (not woctii tbe r^rinting) which sufficiently ihewa 
the contnaion of matter in iL Thia eitract is 3B liuea long. The first 19 lines ara 
equivalent to B. v. 134— lfi2 ; the neit 14 are cquiTslent to C. Tii. 105— 1 19 ; and 
the laat six are a bad copy (imperfect) of C. vii. 119 — 128, 

The diritiona of the Poem are alao in some disorder, though they mostly follow 
the cider id the B-tcxt Pamu ziii., howarar, is made into two, so that tha 


denoted tlirough this volume by tlie letter F, and is printed in full as 
being the best lepreaentative of Toxt C. It is an excellent MS., of 
strong Tellum, written, I should suppose, be/ore 1400, and contains 
89 leaves, in eleven quires of eight leaves, and one over. The size 
of each leaf is about 11} bj 7^ inches (very nearly the size of MS. 
Laud Misc. 581), and each page coutaina about 43 lines ; excepting 
the last, which contains 23. The scribe's name is thus recorded — 
" Explicit Peerea Plonheman, scriptum per Thorn. Dankastre." 
Amongst the various notes scribbled upon it is the note — ' lohannes 
Meade me possedet (mc) : Prety iij, iiijf;.' It is certainly worth in 
these days more than Sa. id. At the top of the first page is a note 
in a late hand — ' Homo Sine pecunia est quasi corpus Sine anima. 
A man mthout mony is as a bodie without shouL* Most of the 
Latin quotations, and a lai^ mimber of the proper names, are writ- 
ten or painted in vermilion. It was long before I discovered the 
exact value of this MS. ; and, as the history of my experience may 
be instructive to others, I shall give it. 

This MS. is, in fact, the very one which Dr Whitaker printed 
in full in 1813, at which time it was in the possession of Richard 
Heber, Esq., of Hodnet, in Shropshire,, who lent it to Dr Whitaker 
for the purpose. His plan was to represent the MS. exactly, by 
printing it Just as it stood. He accordingly adopted a black-letter 
type, as coming nearer than Boman type to the characters of the 
MS., and printed the Latin quotationB in red. He did not punctu- 
ate the text, becanse there is, of course, no punctuation in the MS. 
He also endeavoured to print every mark of abbreviation just as it 
is written, so that there was no reason why hia edition should not 
have been an exact representation of the original in all points, and 

Pumu liii. of thit MS. endi at B. xiii. 214, «nd Pautu liv. begins at B. liii. 

21B, and is made to end at L iSI, joit three linei loo soon. Hesee iCa Pasiiu xr. 

begins tbaa :^- 

Thns baukyn te actif man ■ had fouled bia cots. 
Til conciena chaknged bjm )ier-of • in curteys manure, 
Whv he nad vaaahyn bit ' or wipid hit wi'tA a bmasbe. 
" I but one hole hatre," qusd baakyn ■ " y am )>e lu to blame," &c. 
Of coune this MS. connta aeccordingly XXI. Pasaus instead of XX. Taken 

altogether, it ia ooe of those H83. which are best avoided. A /ew notes from it are 

cited (Irom 'Whitakor'i cation) ia m; Criticat Notes. 



such I accotdingly anpposed it to be. When considering wltich of 
the nnmeroiu IISS. I should take as the best repieaeatative of the 
C-text, I thought it would be irell to avoid printing the same one as 
had been piinted already, because I considered that it would be a 
distinct gain to have two MSS. printed in full instead of one, and I 
rather disliked the look of Di Whitakefs text, as seeming to indicate 
s faulty source. Having decided to put it aside for a while, I tried 
what would he the effect of taking another MS. as the basis of the 
work, and the result of my experiment was curious. The most ob- 
vious one to select, at first sight, was the beautifully written Cotton 
MS. Vesp. B. 16, in the British Museum, and accordingly a tran- 
acript was made of the entire MS. by the kindness of Mr Kossiter, 
head-master of South London School, anthor of a Treatise on Trigo- 
nometry, Mr Brock, editor of the Alliterative Morte Axthure, and 
Mr Wood. Taking this as the text, I began to collute it with other 
copies. Bat this plan soon broke down, as I found that it was con- 
tinually requiring emendation, oi else that the readings were fre- 
quently inferior to those of Wbitaker's edition. My next experience 
was 'vith the Ilchester MS., of the existence of which I was kindly 
apprised by the Rev, C. W. Bingbsm, of Bingham's Melcombe, 
Dorchester. The value of this MS. was apparent at once, and, as 
the Eari of Ilchester was bo kind as to lend it to me for three months, 
I was enabled to make a transcript of it, mth the aid of Mr Z). 
Hall, of the Cambridge University Library. But this MS. would 
not do to print &om, on account of its incompleteness ; see the 
description of it below. I was next attracted by the beautifully 
-written MS. marked Fl 6. 35, in our University Library, and, in 
order that there might be no mistake this time, the whole of Fassus 
IL was set up in type &om this MS., and the resulting text collated 
irith almost every other MS. known to me. Then the whole truth 
came out at last ; it became clear that MS. F was the best of the 
serief^ in spite of a few peculiarities in the scribe's spelling, which 
will he noticed below ; whilst at the same time the conviction was 
forced upon me, that it was incredible that Whitaker's printed copy 
of it could be always correct Several odd readings could hardly be 
other than atisprinte or misreodings, and there conld be no way of 

^t, Google 


eettlii^ this bnt by going' all over hiB text bo as to compare it vitb 
the original thioaghout I accordingly applied to Sir Thos. Phillipps, 
Trho kindly pennitted Mr Brock to collate my copy of ' Whitaker ' 
with the MS. ; a task which >fr Brock accompUahed, with great 
care, as far as Pass. x. 1. Si, or the end of p. 148 in Whitaker. At 
a subsequent period I had the opporttmity of vbiting Cheltenham, 
and finishing the collation myself, carefully looking at all the more 
important readings with additional attention, and thus obtaining 
exact information as to the spelling of every word throughout the 
poem. From this eorreeted copy of Whitaker the present text has 
been printed, and the result is sufficiently satisfactory. Most of the 
absurd readings turned out to be Dr Whitaker's mistakes ; some others 
weie due to some marked peculiarities in the scribe's epellii^, easily 
lemoveable ; and the rest have been amended by collation with six 
or seven other MSS. The resulting text is a peculiarly good one, 
and is^ at any rate, ascertained on sufficient grounds to be the best 
that con be procured from the existing materials. For a long time, 
the state of the text was a great puzzle to me, and it baa be«n a 
great satisfaction to be able to find so full and clear a solution to 
that puzzle. I think it must have been nearly two years before I 
saw my way quite clearly ; and I have no doubt that the chief part 
of the difficulty arose from my assuming that Dr Whitaker's print, 
eo obviously intend&i to be correct, really wae so. Certainly expe- 
rience has taught me, as an editor, to put no trust in editors, but 
always to verify theii work by a reference, where possible, to the 
originals which they profess to lepreeent. 

In printing the MS., I found a few errors of misspelling by the 
Bcribe of such glaring impropriety, that I have not hesitated to alter 
them, cdways, however, making a note of the alteration in a footnote 
at the bottom of the page, but not maiking them by square brackets, 
because it would have disfigured the look of the text. The square 
brackets, however, are invariably used where the alteration involves 
any real difference in the «enM/ it is only where nothii^ could be 
gained by retaining them that I have ventured to dispense with 
them. The chief error of this nature consists in the use of initial 
teh. Although the scribe often spells such words tightly, he almos'. 

pupiOB III. — VBZi CL zxiii 

u.oftan spells them wronglf. Thus in Pass, i 186, ha viitee Wer 
iotWher; and converael/, in ii. 71, lie writee whitterly for icitterly. 
Littlie could be gained by retaining such spellings,^ and tbey wera 
sot worth a sqaara bracket ; yet they will be found duly noted in 
the footnotes, and I do not suppose that many leadeia will deem the 
liberty thns taken a veiy bold one.* His other chief error, a not 
ODcamnion nte with scribee at many periods of English, is the nso 
of o for e, as in Lomede for Lenede, xiv. 169 ; and, conversely, the 
nse of e for o, as in befa for hope, xiJl 73. This also is a pergonal 
tTKt, L e. it is not often found in the other MS6.' Another pe- 
culiarity ia seen in his use of ths initial k in such words as his and 
w, SB in ' Who-M hit trywe of ys tonge,' xi. 78. This would have 
been lemsrkable, if he hod shewn any consistency with himself in 
the matter, but aiace he quite as often writes hit as is when the 
possessiTe pronoun ia meant, it degenerates into a mere carelessness 
unworthy of much notice ; yet the error is always recorded. The 
gieatest liberty taken is in the substitution of trmoe (the spelling of 
oli tiie other M8S., including £) for trywe, the spelling most often 
found in P, and denoting, no doubt, a peculiarity in the scribe's 
pronunciation. This will be better understood when the descriptioii 
of MS. E (below) has been read oyer. 

But when the Scribe makes a downright blunder, as in veTilarvm 
for fteutrum in l 152, the use of square brackets has been resorted 
to, as absolutely necessary. 

This is the best place to notice at least two other peculiarities of 
the ecribe Dankastre'a writing. When he writes Mtte, he makes the 
first t very short, so that, at a hasty glance, the word looks like tute. 
Hence Dr Whitaker has printed tute for eitte, ndfie for gUthe, and 
the like, orer and over again. But the error is Whitaker's, not 

I The only giin U that ths £wt may bare Mmie rigiiifle*no« ; and by calling 
■pecUl attention to it in tha preface, I hua probably brooght it into prominence 
«*M more tfaan 1 ehonld otliannie baTo dona. It nmu to imply tiiat, to gome ewn 
at laaM, Ot» A in wA (like initial h) wu lilaat eTon in Iht fonrteentb oentniy. 

■ bpadally if it be boms in mind Oitt tbie error, Terr fieqaant in MS. P, does 
not ooMT, BieqFt porhapi TeTj nrdj, in mny oltitr US. vtaicb I have consulted. 

> nU BM of < Tai e ii an error in the aot ol wiitiDK ; Uie lettera ate m Anmed 
M to be very uikeh alika ; jnst u the n and « m at timei eonfoMd. 

^t, Google 


DankaBtrc'a. Also, vhea he wished to write a capital c in tha 
middle of a line, he always wrote it of rather a small size, so that it 
has a slight resemhlance to an s. This is why, in Whitaker'a 
edition, the word Cokst (ii. 328) is misprinted eoket; with a few 
more similar instances. 

The Tedeeming merit of this iiS., for which many small faults 
may be overiooked, is that its mistakes are commonly of a very 
transparent natuie ; we can easily see through them, especially with 
the aid of collation of other M8S., and hence perceive clearly enough 
tJiat Daniastre made his copy from a very good original, probably 
foom an early copy of the poef a own autograph copy,' and that we 
are thus brought as near to that original as is now possible. This is 
especially iat«ieBting, both as proving the general integrity of the 
text, and because Dankastre's copy of the true text is not the oiHg 
one, since there are two otheis. These two others are the two which 
are next described. 

For further remarks upon MSi P, see the account below of Dr 
"Whitaker'H edition of it. See also the Critical Notes, pp. 449—466. 

TtXTT . MB. laaA. 656, in the Bodleian Library, Oxford ; denoted 
throt^hout this volume by the letter E. 

The character of this MS. may be best perceived by turning to 
the fac-simile of a page of it, obtained by the autotype process, and 
prefixed to this volume. The contents of that page will be explained 
presently. It is a neat MS. on vellum, containing 124 leaves, each 
measurijig about 8} by 6 inches, with about 40 lines on a page. The 
contents of the MS. are as follows ; — • 

{a) A poem on the Destruction of Jerusalem, called by Warton 
(Hist. Eng. Poetry, vol. ii. p. 105; ed. 1840) The Warres of the 
Jewes. Begins (fol. 1 J.)— In tyberius tyme ■ fe trewe emperowr; 
ends (foL 19) — & hom riden to rome * now rede ous oure lord. Hie 
tcrminattir helium ludaicum apud lertwalem. Other copies of this 

1 But not from ths sut^nph itwlf, m may hsTe been the cau with H8. XXSI. 
There Uone pasMga which is corrupt, tiz. Pan. i. U. 107—123 (see footnote on p. 7), 
and which leema to haTe been SUed in by ^ess-work in ever; HS. eicept Lord 
Ilcheiter'B. HS. F also occaiioiiall; omits lines, one of the most rsmutable 
instBDcee being 1. SO0 of Pass, xiii., of which the former half onl; is preaerred in 
the Ilcbester U8., the latter half hsTin; been deroured by the rati I 

^tv Google 


alliterative poem are to be found in MS, Cotton Calig. A. ii, MS. 
Camb. UiuT. Lib. Um. 5. 14, and MS. No. cxzx in the posseesion 
of Lord Aahbaniham, described in P. PL Fref. IL p. zxL 

(b) Fiera the Plowman ; begins (foL .9 b) — In a eomere eeeon • 
vban Bofte vas )ie sontie ; ends (fol. 114) — & ei)> he grade after- 
grace - til ich gan awake. Explicit pas3u« eecundue de dobeat ' in* 
cipit paseiM tereiua.^ 

(c) On foL 115, a couplet, repeated in another place at the very 
end of the MS., which tuna as follows :- 

He that In yowught no veriu wyll vae 
In age all honur wyll hem refuse, &c. — 

The nest two leaves being blank. 

(d) On foL 118 (wrongly called 117), a seimon, beginnii^— gen. 
15 c°. Abraham bileued in god, &a. 

(e) on foi 124 6, some aentences of scripture in Engluh, which 
I here print at length on acconnt of the interest that attaches to 
such early translations. 

Hit is writen in Je boke of machabeus, fe viij, c". ; be wraf of 
god for aof now is toumed in-to mercy. [2 Mac 8. 5.] 

prouerbiotam .xviij. c°. ; who so answerefi to a man, or fwt he 
hajt herd bym speke, he schewitft hym-ailf a fool & wotjiy to con- 
fusion. [Ptoo. 18. 13.] 

Eccfciiasticonim .xj. c". ; blame fiou no man or fat fow haua 
herd hym speke ; & ben blame hym tijtfullioho. [.Eeo^ua. 11. 7.] 

ysaie .x. c". ; wo be jou fiat maken wicked lawes, & writen vn- 
ri^twisnease for to opprosse witA fadirles children, and modirles & 
widewee. [/m. 10. 1, 2.] 

Isaie .V. if. ; wo be to jou fitit bjnden houses to houses, Ss 
conplen feldes to feldes, & seyn but liit is wronge, & wronge is ri^t, 
[/«. 5. 8, 20.] 

Thebie .ii^. c°. al jmt fmi hatost pat any man scholde do to )>e, 
be wel ware pot pou do pat no tyme to non o\er man. \Tob. 4. 15.] 

Isaie .xlvij". c'. ; by wisdom & by knowyng hab disceyued be. 
[Ita. 47. 10.] 

prouerbiorum .z. c". : beie myche speche is, lackob no synne, 
[Prov. 10. 19.] 

pronerbiorum .xxix. c°. ; who so euer norischef lecherie, he echal 
lese his heritage yerby. ]Prov. 29. 3.] 

' As error at tbe icribo. Thera ii no indieatioa of aaj third Punu oC Do- 
Iwrt in any MS. bat Ihii; and eren here, the lowot half of the page it blank. 

t, Google 


Ecclw^ticorum' .ij. c*. ; I se bat also 0170)16 wisdom pasae^ 
foliei u lijt passe]) derknesse. [Eedeg. 2. 13.] 

Sapieneie ^°. c'. ; In a wicked saule may entre no wisdom, ne 
dwelle in be body fat is semaimt to synne. [ Wind. 1. 4.1 

EccJsnasticorum ,xii^*. c", ; he fat is wicked to hym-eUf, to what 
o^ man schal he be goode. [Eedta. 14. 0.] 

EociemaBticoram .xxviij", C. ; Jw stroke of Jie tonge forao^ btekeb 
hones. [Eedus. 28. 17.] 

Ecciwiaaticorwm .ixix". c°. ; close f yn almes in fo pore ina«nes 
bosom, & hit echal fi;te for ^e vppon W scheld & Vppon ^y spera In 
>e dfty of bataile. [Ecdtu. 29. 12, 13.] 

Sapieneie .i*. c". ; ]re moufie ^at lie^ sleeji ^e soule. [Wild. 1. 


Isaie xxii^". c". ; each as fe peple is, suche is ))e preate ; & sache 
sqayertf, snche lord ; & suche dunysel, such lady, fisa, 24. 2.] 

leiemie zlvLij. c". Coreed be )e Jwt don be workes of oaw lord 
gilyngliche & disceyuyngliche. [Jer. 48. 10.1 

leremie .ix. c". No wisman loie hym in bta wisdom, ne no 
stronge man in hia streng^, ne no riche man loie hym in his rich- 
esse ; bot for to wite & kiiowe me, aei^ oure lord. [Jer. 9. 23.] 

Michie .vj". c". I schal schewe to (le, man, what is god, & what 
god seche^ of Jte ; also fat fan do rijtwisnesae, & loue mercy, A 
biflili loue god. [Mie. 6. 8.] 

Fio\wrbioTum .xxj', c". ; who so stoppef h/s ere &o a pouw 
mannes crie, whan he crieb to god, god wol noit heere bym. 
[Prov. 21. 13.] 

ProuerbioTum .xvy°. c". who fat loieji hym of an oper mannes 
meachef, he schal nojt be vnptmschid. [Prw. 17. 5.] 

Prouerbiowtn* .xxy. c"; who so accuse|i a poure man for to by- 
nymen hym hia goodis, for to adden hem to his richesse, a richers man 
ban he is schal take hit fro hym, & he echal Mle to meschef. 
[Prov. 22. 16.] 

Prouerhioram .xxiij". o°. Take no)t awey Jie techyng fro a chilil, 
A foj Jioa smyte hym with a jerde, he schal nojt deie, bot bou schalt 
smyte hym with a jerde, & delyuere his soule fram helle. [P)-ov. 23. 
13, 14.] 

ProTiCT-biorum .xiij. c". ; he fiat spareji fe jerde, hatef his aone ; 
& he pat loueb hts sone, wole bisily teche hym. [Prov. 13. 24.1 

EccZenaattcorum .xvj°. c°. ; betej- hit is to haue o child dreayng 
god fan a f ousand wicked & nojt dredyng god ; & beter hit wew to 
deye witA-out childiea baa to leeue wicked children byhynde hym 
vntaujt. [Eedtta. 16. 3.] 

Fiouarbiorum .xii^°. c'. ; who so baji reube on a poure man, he 
schal be blessed, Sc who so bileueb in god, ne loucb to do mercy. 
[Prov. 14.21, 22, 3H] 

^t, Google 


FroaerbioruiR .xxriij*'. c*. ; wbo bo fat jynap to a ponre man, 
hym De sclutl uo^t nede ; he ^at dispise)) hem bat praiea hym, he 
Bchal falle to menclieL Also in ^ eame chapitre ; he bat bowe|) 
awey hu eren, & wole nojt huie goddes comaundementea, ais praiera 
ben aconed. Also in ^ aame chapitre ; who so take^ awe; any 
Jiyng fro his fadere oper fro his modire, & aaip ))ftt is no eynne, be is 
partynere of manslai^t. [Prov. 28. 27 ; 9 ; 24.] 

Frou«rbiorum .xxt^ .c". ; a fals tonge loueji nojt sojjfastnesse, & 
a slipiw moaji worchef myche sorwe. [Prov. 26. 28.] 

Prouerbiorum xxj". c°. ; be ^at kepe^ wel bis mou]) & bis tonge, 
he kepeji hia sonle ^m anguyecbe. [Prov. 21. 23.] 

Eiodij .ixiiiij". Numen .xiiij". c'. & lonas, Tu domuie ea 
paciens benigniM & innocena, clemens data & multum miamcors. 
[Ex. 34. 6 ; Num. 14. 18 ; Jon. 4. 2.] Expliciunt prouerbia sa/a- 

Oa a flyleaf at the begitming b written — 
Ete, drynke, alepe lasse ; 
Wake, wBpe, bide, faste ; 

X^ae tnasae j 
Lete lustes posse ; 
Be man, nojt hots no^er* asse. 

Also thia Latin astrological note — 

Uercmiu* habet iiij" cortdiciones ; legil cum virgine, domtnatur 
aqne, loquiiut facnnde, maue< cum sole. 

On the last flyleaf is written — 

Hafe y of My owne lambenea botte on, det« y nowte fore pa 
wylde wolfe to grene wood. 

Also this note — Sciant presentes et futuri quod I^ lob. cempe 
de parochia de ticeberet in comL Kanci« — which seems to indicate 
that the MS. was once at Ticebnrst in Kent. 

The most inteieating point about thia MS. is that it is almost 
a duplicate of MS. F just described. It mnst have been a close copy 
from the same original. Hence the letters PE are often found to- 
gether in the footnotes. Tlus may be best understood by comparing 
the passage in the facsimQs with Pass. vii. U. 196 — 240 ; pp. 106 — 
108. In order to assist those who are not veiy familiar with the 
MS. characters, I here print the exact contents of the facsimile ; de- 
noting, bowever, the contractions by italic letters. 

^tv Google 


Confcseio auaricle 

J anne came couetiae' ■ icA can nojt hym discreua 
80 hongriliche & 8o holwe ■ hetuy tjin silf loked 
he was bitel browed & baborlipped ■ wi'tA two bleri eyen 
& aa a leberen pora ' lolled hie chekes 
Wei eydder fare hie chyn ■ ychyueled for elde 
Afl bondmen bakoun ■ his berde was yschaue 
'With hie hode oa his hed ■ & hie hatto bofe 
In a toren* tabaid ■ of twelfe wynter age 
IcA haue be couetouee qitod J>e caytif • Ich bykaowe hit here 
For* eom tyme ich eerued ■ aymme at fe etUo 
& was his prentya yplyjt ■ his profile to wayte 
Furet icA lemed to lye ■ a lesyng ojiej- twey 
Wickedlich to weye ■ was my furat leasoti 
To wy & to wynchestre ■ icA wende to fe fairs 
WitA many maoer inarchaundises * as my maister hi]t 
U^e hadde ^ gfoce of gile * gon amooge my ware 
Hit hadde ben vnsolde bia seaen jere * bo me god bolpe 
Ich drowe me amonge drapers ' my donet to lerne 
To drawe ])e lesure alonge * )ie lengur hit eemed 
Amonge )ie riche laies ' ich rendied a lessoun 
To brochen hem with a batte nelde ' & bonde hem to gedres 
Ich putte in pTeeaonis * & pynned hem ^er Inne 
Til ten jerdea ofer twelfe ■ tilled hem frittene 
My wif waa a webbe ■ & wolien clofi made 
3o spake to fe spynuestiea ' to spy»nen hit out 
J)e pounde fat jo paied hem by " poised a quarter 
More pan myn auucel ' whan ich weied trufe 
Ich bo)t hiia barhch ' ^o brewe hit to sille 
Peny de & poddyng ale ■ jo poured to gedres 
For labourers & lowe follce ■ fat lay by hjm silue 
J]e best lay in my boure ' & in my beddo chambrd 
& so bommed fer of ' ho bo)t hit f er after 
A galon for a grote ' & jut no graife mesure 

' Properly ' Bonetife,' with long i. But I faare tlmnighont iieg;Iected the dis- 
tdnetion between the long and twiated >, because the printed long « is too cIom to 
an/, and only pvm tionbls. The twisted i occure at the beginning and end of 
words, the long i in the middle. 

> Written 'atoren,' tbeo being generally joined on to it« nooa. So also all- 
tyng, &a. 

* The capital F in Early £ngIiBh has two downstrokesi just its in the blurk- 
letler f. Bjs singular error, this symbol is frequently printed Jf, as if the /were 
doubled. Yet I hsve allowed^ to stand in the poem of ' Richard the Bedelei,' be- 
cause the soribe usea it so constantly that he seems to hare attached some jpwioi 
importance to it. See the remailu on the M3. of that poem. 


'Whan hit came in coppo mclo ' pia crafte my vif vsed 

Boso Jie rogratonre ■ was "^ rijt name 

3o h&p yholde bockerie ' ^'a elleue wynter 

Bepentest pen neuer quod repentaunce ' ne restJtncion madeat 

3uB onye quod jo ieh was yherborwed ' yriih an hepe of cbepmen 

Icb aros & rilled here males ' whan pei in reste were 

})at was a leofol restitucion ' quod repentaunce for BO^e 

i>ou wolt honge hey pertote ■ here oper in beUe 

Ysedest euer Jwa vsuiye ' in al fiy lif tyme 

Kay Bo}rlicIi he sede ' saf in my jougfie.^ 

This extract sufficiently exemplifies the close general resemblance 
between MS. E and the test. The chief points of interest arising 
&om collation are all duly noted in the footnotes. Thus, in 1. 200, 
MS. E reads Wei, correctly. It agrees with P in omitting IL 20i, 
205. In 1. 206, it has pe for pis. In L 211, it has viende for vmie. 
In 1. 212, it supplies the word maner, and corrects tnaUtrea to 
maitter. In 1. 216, it has lemire for ligure. In 1. 219, it omits the 
first hem. In L 220, it correctly has jerdes for jorde ; also iiem 
(wrongly) for out. In 1. 227, it has hym-eabie for henirgelue. In L 
229, it agrees with P in wrongly onutting w/io. In L 233, it has 
elleue for eleuene. In 1. 236, it has m for a. In L 238, it has honffe 
for hongy. The remaining cMef variation is an evident peculiarity 
of the scribe himself ; he nses y> to signify the, although that form 
is found in no other MS., the spelling of that word in F being al- 
most always hue. The most remarkable instance of its agreement 
with F is in 1. 235, where the scribe of F has accidentally put hue 
for he, an error easily rectified by comparing 1. 240 below. Hero 
the scribe of E actually follows suit by Bubstituting his favoniite 
form JO, not noticing that hue is wrong. 

The close resombl&nce of this MS. to the text has made it very 
useful to me, and enabled me to see my way more clearly in many 
places. It is worthy of remark that three of the best repreaentatiTea 
of the poem of Piers the Plowman in its various forma are all to be 

■ Tbia eitTMit maj uttb msD^ parpONt. It will sheir hov Earl; EngllBh naed 
to bs ictfullj written, and how the Tarioiu eontractione are to be eipuid»d. 
Obaerra the differeDce betwMn ■ )> ' and ' j,' the hitter being curled to the right at 
the bottom; note also the «h«pe of tlie metriflal mark in thi« HS.,the ahapc oF], 
large and waall ; the dh of the tame vpahcA (an n) ht n and « ; the running to- 
ptbei of a and torui ; the aepaiation of to-fiira, utd nanj other thiag^ 

^tv Google 


fomid in the Bodleian Libiaiy at Oxfoi'd; viz. the Temon MS., 
printed by me aa the basis of tihe A-text, the Laud MS. Miac 581, 
the baaia of the B-text ; and the Laud MS. 656, which ia practically 
almost a duplicate of P, the basis of the C-tezt 

XXXL KS. Bodley 851 ; not regularly collated, and not 
mentioned in the footnotes, yet of consideiable importance, as will 
here be shewn. It may, for couveniencs, be denoted by the letter Z. 

The contents of thia MS., which is of vellum, and measures 10 
inches by TJ, may be ascertained from the Catalogue of the Bodley 
M8S. The copy of Piers the Plowman begins on fot 121, and was 
entiiely unknown to me till quite recently. This oversight arose in 
the most natural way possible. When making my collection of 
"Parallel Extracts" (E.E.T. S. 1866), Mr Coxe, Bodley's Librarian, 
whose kindness to me from first to last has been of the greatest 
service to me, himself sent me copies of the passage I had selected 
fiom the various MSS. of Piers the Plowman under his charge. 
But he sent me no copy of it from this MS. Z, for the snfBcient 
reason that the passage is not to be found in it ; whilst at the same 
time it never occurred to me to make further inquiry, because no 
other MS. omits the passage, and I did not suppose that any MS, 
could omit it When however I at last lighted upon the MS. and 
examined it, this mystery was soon cleared up. The text it contains 
ia a mixed one, conaisting of two parts entirely distinct from each 
other and of different types, written out in very different hands. 
The first part exhibits an extremely corrupt text, mere rubbish, as 
it seems to me, and written out &om imperfect recollection ; but the 
latter parii exhibits, though in a late hand, a copy of the C-text 
which is remarkable for the extreme general correctness of its read- 
ings, and may have been copied &om an autograph or from an eorly 
copy of it. It is difficult to trace the exact point of junction of the 
texts, as the handwriting changes more than once, and the C-text 
portion does not settle down into its true form just at first. The 
net result is this, that the confusion of texts takes place near the 
end of B. Pass. viL, or C. Pass, x., i. e. near the end of the Vision of 
Piers the Plowman, properly so called, which winds up with two 
additional spurious lines in the following &shion — 



At b« doom fat v« ded«n ' k1 as he va bad & t&wthe. 

And jHit it so mote be * to god preye we alia 

To V8 & alle oristm * god leue it so be-fklld. Amen. 

This migerable attempt at rime is a clear indicatioii of the impoBsi- 
bility that the two added lines can be genoine. Heaoe tlie C-tezt in 
Z IB of no ralae before we begin Pass, xi, or the Vision of Do-wel ; 
but after that point its valoe is considerable, and will be explained 
more at length presently. 

The former port of the MS. approaches rather to the B-text than 
the A-text, as, for instance, in the line — 

Ant a-TOwed faate ' for eny hungur or Auste — 
which is liVa 

And avowed to fost ' for hangar or for thorst (B. 6. 388). 
lather than 

For hnngnr o]ier for Fnnt * I make mya. A-ron (A. 6. 218). 
Sat the text is greatly cormpted, abridged, transposed, and in every 
way altered for the worse; so that it is worthy of no attention 
except as a cmiosity. It will be sufficient to illoBtiste this by giTing 
the Teiy odd form in which fonr of the deadly sins, vix. Envy, 
Wrath, Gluttony, and Avarice, are described. The passage is abridged 
from B. 5. 76 — 391, by cutting down the 216 lines to 19, a consider^ 
able liberty. 

[JM-Ut-I Ennye ant yre ' ayther wep fkste, 

Fiejude font to ponel * ant tho {$k) petor alse 

To gete grace for here golt - of god that hem boughte. 

That nere wyked wylla ' ne wrath hem oueie-cume, 

But sends hem grace to snfEre ' ant synne to lete. 

And for to lonye ant be by-loued ' as charite wolde. 

Thenne com couetyee ' knoked ys brest,^ 

A haaed a noithfolk noee* ' y noem ful god hede, 

Ant swcff by ' so theyk I '*. ' that synne scholde he lete, 

> B. & 188. 

* This deioriptioo of CoTeti>iun«M hsTing ' a NorlOlk noM ' eontaioi ume oavert 
Mtira that k Irat upon me. Hanng retid«d two yetn in Norfolk, I may be lUowed 
perb^ to obaerre that I neTei niiiark«d any peculiarity in the noeea of the people 
there. Bnt h they are, in th«ee daye at lestt, ttnarkably ho«^labI«, thii may 
Bceonnt for my difflenlty I ! 

* La.«ii tMm ik, to may I thiiTe; O.E. (Am, Q. jtdiikt»,U> thiire, prcepar; 
•t K 0. 228—231. 



Aat nere woUe to weye ■ ne woretedee' make, 
Xe morgage manere ' yrith monye that he haned, 
But wenden to walsiDghom ■ ant my wyf alee, 

Ant bydde the rode of bromholm • hrynge va out of dette. 

Thenne gan gloten to grete ■ ant gret aorwe hadde' 

Al for ya luyther lyf ■ that a lyued hadde, 

Ant a-vowed laate — ■ ' for eny hungur or fiirate 

Schal nere fyech vp-on the fryday ■ defyen in my wombe 

Ar abatinence myn annto * baue yf me leue. 

And yut hath he hated me * al my lyf-tyme.' 

80 much for the first part of the MS. Sut on comparing my 
printed C-text with the hitter portion of it, I made the very eatis- 
factory discovery that thia MS., representing as it does a very purs 
text in spite of its rather late spellings, tended greatly to confirm 
the various emendations which I bad made in the text after collation 
with other MSS. It was, as it wore, an unexpected and satisfactoiy 
testimony to the correctness of my text, confirming many results of 
careAil thought, and shewing me that I had been working upon 
right principles. 

I give some examples of this from Passns xviii. ; see pp. 309 — 
320, especially noting the words enclosed within square brackets. 

In L 34 (p. 309), Z reads ^. L. 38 ; Z. he. L. 50 ; Z. hali/- 
k^ke. L. 65 ; Z. je. L. 66 ; Z. godM. L. 70 ; Z. inserta 
Jat L.80;Z. !«. L. 81 ; Z. inserts |ie. L. 109 ; Z. v^-sif/ye. L. 
112; Z. a (Znd time). L. 119; Z. Jxw. L.127; Z. A Imie-knolte. 
L 133 ; Z. diuer»ep. L 135 ; retained in Z. L. 143 ; Z. >i. L. 
160; Z. Where. L. 169; Z. soteUd. L. 177; Z. knelede. L. 
188; Z. prelates ; Z. pope. L.198, quotation; Z. noWff. L.211; Z. 
pan. L. 218 ; Z. )je. L. 220 ; Z. kerke. 

iNearly all the alterations throughout pp. 309 — 320 are thus con- 
firmed. Yet I do not hold &e MS. to be always right, probably 
owing to its being a late and harried copy. The satis&ctian lies in 
its pointing to the former existence of better MSS. than any of those 

' AnathBr Norfolk sHoiioii ; iiumoatiiig, apparently, that the makera of tiie 
wonted fabrics at Wonted did Dot pot in good irool and workmaiuhip. It ii too 
bad to mppoae that the couTenient pniiimitf o( the ahrine at Walsinghaia eaoied 
tham t4] be oarelea« of Iheii oommereial integrity. 

1 Cf. B. 386 — S91 ; obavre that line* 232— 38S are oniitted at one long jom^ 

^tv Google 

p&XFACK nu — TEXT c, xxxiii 

DOW extant, Taluable as it ia as furnishiDg collateral evidence, it 
did not seem vorth conealtiiig mucli further, since it contributes no 
nan results, but merely oon£rma the- old ones. Besides, there are 
the Qsoal clerical errors in it, such as bydea for htften in L 29, p. 
308; and in L 76, p. 311, it has fiere prenl /ut qfie ya iretee (much 
like the reading in F), which i» obviously false in tbe alliteratiou, 
and caught horn the line preceding. It also omits line 116, p. 314. 
One reading, in 1. 49, p. 309, is especially noteworthy, viz, cheld for 
child, wbich, placed beside the echeld of MS. G, looks as if the 
spelling cheld was the original one ; and may, at any rate, certify to 
us that the sense of the word is chSled, not child. The line clearly 
means — " And charity, that is chilled now, should grow warm (lit. 
ohafe) of himself." 

XXXII. A MS. now in the possession of the Earl of Ilchestei ; 
imperfect, but collated Uiroughout, and denoted in the present 
Tolume by the letter I. This is a well-written, early, and im< 
portant vellum MS., which no doubt once contained 136 leaves, of 
which several are now lost. The size of the page ia about 9 inches 
by 6|, and each page contains about 31 lines. Perhaps no MS. 
could be better devised for completely puzzling a critic nnfnmiliftr 
with the poem. The text hss been made np from two imperfect 
texts, an A-text and a C-text ; some of the matter comes twice over } 
several leaves have been lost; the renuuning ones have been 
numbered wrongly, and then bound up in the wrong order. 
Supposing the MS. complete and the leaves rightly numbered 
throughout, what has happened is this. Leaves 63, 81— 8S, 
95, and 113 — 120 have been lost. Leaves 73 — 80 have been 
inserted after leaf 32 ; leaves 89—96 follow leaves 97—104 ; and 
the last six leaves have been placed in the order 122, 133, 121, 125, 
124, 126. Leaf 126 was once .blank, bat bears a very distinct im< 
pression (reversed of coune) of the concluding lines of the poem on 
leaf 125, back. The MS. has been somewhat spoilt, particularly at 
the end, by damp, and much injured by the rats, which have eaten 
away, in some places, neatly half the leaf, so that sometimes the last 
half, sometimes the first half of a line is entirely gone, and many 
lines are more or less imperfect. The hardest case is in xiiL 206, 



where a line Teqnired to complete the aense occurs in this MS. only, 
and the lats have eaten the last half of it, so that so much of it has 
disappeared past lecoveiy. The order of the leaves being thna 
acconnted for, ve maj pass on to consider th» order of the subject- 
matter. Leaf 1 contains about the first 60 lines of the Poem, 
probably of the A-type, but now quite illegible except the loi^e 
initial /. Next follows a C-text piece (C. x. 75—254), which fills 
up leaves 2, 3, and a part of leaf 4. Leaf 4 (marked 3) contains, 
immediately after this, an A-text piece (A- prol. 55 — 76, 80—83) ; 
but on the back of the leaf the foimer C-text piece is continued, so 
that we thus get a second piece (C. x. 256 — 281) filling up the rest 
of leaf 4 and part of leaf 5. In like manner we find successively, 
next after this, the following passages, viz. A. pro!. 84 — 95, C. i. 
91-152, A. prol. 96—109 ; after which the C-text fairly begins to 
be consistent and consecutive, &om C. ii. 1 to C. xii. 273. Next, 
loaf 63 is lost, eo that the US. fails &ora C. xii. 274 to xiiL 20 ; 
it then gives C. xiiL 21 to xvi. 295 ; fails from xri. 296 to xviii. 
58; gives C. xviii. 59 to xix. 101 ; fails fkim xix. 102 toxix. 162; 
gives C. six. 163 to xxii. 78 ; foils from C. xxiii. 79 to xxiii. 81 ; 
and then gives the conclusion of the poem, of which very little is 
legible except a few words here and there sufficient to identify the 
text by. It thus appears that the passage which occurs twice over 
is C. X. 75 — 281, viz. once in its proper place, and once in ths 
middle of the A-text prologue. Strange to say, this second copy of 
the passage, a few readings from which are given in the footnotes, 
and denoted by the iiaJic letter /, varies considerably from the 
passage as it stands in the body of the text. Here, for instance, is 
a passage, which greatly varies from the text (C. x. 128 — 140) as it 
stands in all the other MSS. ; see p. 165. 

Alio maner menBtrala ■ men wot wel 

To vnderfonge hem faire ■ falles for fe . , . . 

And al for lone of be lorde ' to whom ))at )>.... 

Wliat |)ay . . . misdo ' al is [in] mer^ taken, 4 

And BOcffre . . for her lordee saKe * al |)at bay . . . 

And ther-to goldc men hem gyfe ' wif a glad chere, 

In worechip of fnt worfy lor<lo ■ Jat |)ay . , . 

llight 80 jc riche do ' and racier, I rede, 8 


Brmge in goddes bourdyoura * and at joui b . . . 

His oghne meiy menstrals ■ make)> liem .... 

Pe leedes ^at ben luuatyk ' and lepers aboute ; 

For ^th OUT saaeouis seal - her eyimee .... 12 

Ne bere pay do bagges ' ne botela vndei . . . 

\ie vbicb is lolleres lif * and lewed 

These lines do not lead to me as epuiious; it ia just possible 
that ttiey represent the poet's fiist cast of this carious passage, 
pocuHar as it is to the C-text. 

The succeeding lines are very imperfect; but the alternative 
reading in I. 141 (see footnote) is not a bad one; for whether 

Beste hym, and roste hym ' and his ryg tomc^ 
or. Bests hym, and roste hym ' by )ie rede gledes, 

we get a capital line either vay, and one in Lai^Iand's beat 

The following passage is also too good to be omitted ; especially 
as it is a very remarkable one. It answers to C. z. 203 — 281 ; see 
p. 169. 

Bot hennita ^t howsen' now ■ by ^ hie weye 

Werkemen bifore were • webbestere and taypoars],' 

Cleikea connyngles of scole * and carters rknaues], 

t»t Bomtyme were at mysese ' of mete and [of dryoke], i 

Laboured longe for hte good ' and atto last aspied 

How freres and o^r &ytours ' hadden fatte chekes ; 

And ^n ])ay left pair labour ' frese lewed lither knaues, 

Clobed hem in Copes • right as ^ay clerkea were, 8 

And ^tts agayn fe lawe lynen ■ if latyn be trewe ; 

Non licet nobis legem voluntati, sed vdutUaiem coniungere 

Eyndely, by holy crist * ben suche cleped lollen 

By heryng of onre eldies ' of olde mennes tech[7nKe] ; 

For he ^t loUe|i ia lame ' his leg is out of [ioynte], 12 

Or maynied on aom membrs ' Jiat makji him at [miaese]. 

So yiae lewed lollers ' as lame men ^ey walken; 

Jjey lollen al agayn fe leue' ■ and lawe of holy chiiche. 

For holy kirke comandefi • al fe comun peple 16 

■ Smlj 'Wnium wu iU-Rdriied, if he altered /maun to »ibfyeni at too, two 
linn beloir, tPHHj/mgln o/talt ii well uid. 

> The words or parts o( worda supplied between square brocleti ue coojectund. 
• I. •. beUef. 



In obedience to l>e • and buxiim to f e lawe ; 

p6 reule of rejigioun * he rede)i it be holden. 

On Beikyn' wys ^ seculera ' it certefiez also, 

Lewed men, hy labour lyue ' and lorde^ go to hunt 30 

In frith and in foreat ' bofe be for and ofer bestea, 

Jse woluea wilde fat wirye scheep ■ bofie wommen and children, 

Saue fe sonda; to cesee * fe sei-uice to beere, 

First matyns and masse ' and aiW noon also 24 

Ententifely ber eaesong ' enery man so agbte. 

]}ufi it longe^ for lordea ' to lered men and lewed 

[Ecbe hojly-day to here ■ fe holy seniico. 

And fast al fat our fader bidde^ * but in Infinnite, 28 

Or but if preue penauace * or pilgrimage it make. 

Vndor f is obedience ■ ere we echone. 
And w]ho-ao hrekef) it, be war ' but if he repent 
Amende] him and raersy aake * and mekely him scbryue 33 

''I drede] me sore, if he dye ' it bees ful dere bogbt 

And acoun]ted bifore crist ■ but conscience bint excuse. 

Loke] now fise lollers ' and lewed heremytes 

'But] if fay breke obedience ) ■ fay ben fer fro chirche ! 36 

^V^le^] ee we hem on soudays ■ fe sendee to here, 

Or meten] by )>e morwen ■ to messe be bygoune ) 

jot sekerly at euesong * se we right fewe. 

Or labour for her lifelode ' as fe lawe wolde. 40 

fAc at] mydday, at mete-tyme * I mete wif hem ofte, 
Comyng] wif her copes ■ right as fey clerkes were. 
A bacbeler, a beaupere ' best bim hysemes ; 
Bot for fe cLof fat coueref bim ' called be is a frere ; 44 

He wasschef and wypef ■ and wif fe ferate sittef . 
But whil he wroght in fis world ■ and wan his mete in tronfe, 
He eatte at f e syd-bord ' atte secound table ; 
J3er cam no wyn in his wombe ■ forgh fe woke long, 48 

Ne no blanket on his bed ' ne whit bred bifom him. 

7he rest of the passage, to the end of 1. 281, differs from the 
text but slightly, and most of the variationa are given in the foot- 
uotes. But for 11. 259 and 260 we find— 

For many waker wolues ' walken' in the feeldee. 
And fe barkers am blynde • f ot bringe forf f e lamhes. 

Line 268 runs thus — 

Jjat schulde fe wilde wolf wiry ■ fat fe wolle foulef . 

' Serhyn = wre kjn, i. e. diyeii kind. On »n-*y« icyi, in TarioM Borfi of 



And ioBtead of 11. 275 — 378, we have but this single line — 

[^y] moebles, and more * may not quite ^y dettes. 

Ketaming to tlie consideration of the principal part of the text of 
this MS., it ia necessary to say a few words as to its general cha- 
racter. It is, on the whole, not quite the tame text as that given by 
MSS. F and E. Just as MS. R (see Pref. IL p. sii) differs from 
the true B-text in being of somewhat later date and thos embodying 
a few afler-thoughts, so MS. I differs from the true C-text, but in 
the other direction ; for it is clearly an earlier draught of the C-t«xt, 
and does sot contain quite so many alterations of the text as do most 
of the other MSS. Its readings, in consequence, sometimes point back 
to the B-text Thus, in Pass. iii. 83, I alone reads feffe^ iotfeffed, 
and the B-text has feffetk; and in L 99, I alone (like the B-text) 
prefixes Awl at the beginning. These are but slight matters, but 
snch ia, in general, the case neariy throughout. Sometimes, indeed, 
this MS. rightly preserves some reading where all the other MSS. 
ara corrupt. Thus, in Pass, xviii. 94, even MS. Z, which is usually, 
as has been said, so correct, has the absurd reading Wonderwyee; 
I alone Iceeps the right reading Wedericiae, found also in the B-text. 
From such an example an this, the value of the MS. may be better 
understood. My best thanks are due to the Earl of Ilchester for 
his great kindness in lending me the MS. for three months. 

There is one peculiarity in this MS. which is of considerable 
importance, as it may give some help in tracing the author's history. 
The surname most commonly assigned to the author is Langland ; 
but in MS. I, at the end of Poesus x., we find the entry — " Explicit 
visio 'WilleZmi .W. de Petro le Plowman. Et hie incipit visio 
einsdem de DoweL" There can be no mistake about this, as I have 
since found the some entry in two other MSS., viz. in MS. Douce 
104, M. 39 6, and MS. Digby 102, fol 35. All three of these MSS. 
belong, not only to the C-text, but to the same suh-clnse of C-text 
MSS. ; see § 6. The signification of this mystic " W" is still to 
seek. Professor Morley suggests " Wychwood," in allusion to the 
note in the Dublin MS., printed io Prof. I. p. xxxv. My own guess 
is " Wigomiensis," from the connection between Great Malvern and 



the eee of Worcester.. But I fear that both guesses are wide of tlie 

XXXri (B) = III. MS. T, in the Hbniry of Trinity CoUege, 
Cambridge, marked R. 3. 14, already once described, in Fref. I. p. 
iviii. A few more words about this MS. are here roi^uired. It 
containa, as there explained, the whole of the A-text, except Fassus 
xii., followed by a portion of a C-text, viz. C. xii. 297— xxiii 386. 
My first intention was to collate this MS. from C. xii. 297 to the 
end of Passos xiL only, aa intimated in the footnote to xii. 297, p. 
213. But it turned out better than I had expected, and I therefore 
continued the collation with it down to the end of the Poem. Its 
chief Talue is that it is almost a duplicate of tlie SIS. last described, 
and hence supplies, very frequently, the matter which is lacking in 
X owing to the very numerous lacunee in that MS. Hence the 
combination IT is of li;equent occurrence in the footnotes ; and the 
letter T standing alone has frequently a similar significance, the 
reading of I not beii^ given because it is wanting, and so cannot be 
cerlainly known. 

XXXII (C) = V. MS. HarL 6041, already described in Pref. 
I. p. XX. It baa been explained that this MS. is little else than an 
inferior and later copy of T, and hardly worth consulting. It be- 
longs, accordingly, to the same suhnilaas as the Ilchestcr MS. The 
C-text portion be^ns, as in T, at xii. 397. 

XXXII (D) = X. MS. Digby 145, already described in Pref. 
I. p. xxiv. A late MS. (dat«d 1534), to which similar remarks ap- 
ply. The C-text portion begins at xii 297. 

XXXII (E) = XXIIL MS. B, i. e. Bodloy 814, already 
described in Pref. II. p. xxv, with further remarks in the Critical 
Notes to the B-text, p. 392, and in j 2 above. The C-text portion 
ends at C. iii. 128, and the B-tcxt portion goes on without any 
break in the sense and at a right point of junction, at B. il. 121. 
Though it approaches in character the Ilchester MS., and may be 
put in the same sub-class, it does not give much assistance. Thus, 
in the corrupt passage, C. i. 107 — 123, it does not greatly differ fcom 
the text, although in L 110, it has 

And chastised hem not ^or-of ' and noldc not rebuke hom, 



nrlten ehaitined not comes nearer to MS. L Aa thia MS. cannot be 
much depended cm, Tery few readings have been cited {xom it. 

XXXn (F) = XXIV. MS. Additional 10574, in the British 
SfoMtun. Already described in Fref. II. p. zxvi ; which see. 

XXXII (G) = XXV. MS. Cotton CaUg. A. xL Already 
described in Pref. II. p. xxvii ; which see." 

XXXni. MS. Cotton, Vespasian B. xvi., in the British Museum ; 
tiie earliest' and beat of the MSS. of the poem (in whatever shape) 
in the Brittah Museum, written ou vellum, before 1400 ; collated 
thioogfaoat, and denoted by the letter M. Each leaf measures about 
10 inches by 7^, and the MS. consists of 95 leaves. Each page 
contains about 40 lines. The copy of Pieis the Plowman begins on 
leaf 6, and ends on leaf 95 reelo. The metrical pause is denoted 
throughout by a lai^ red dot. The poem is divided into par^raplis, . 
which are denoted by paragraph-marks (IT) prefixed, coloured red 
and blue alternately, and every paragraph ends with a waved red 
line.* AH the Latin quotations are written in red letters. On the 
first five leaves, and on the last page, are written various pieces, 
some of them imperfect, in a later hand, probably about a.d. 1416, 
or later, as that date is found on leaf 5. These pieces are printed 
in Mr Wright's edition of Political Songs ; Camden Society, 1839. 
One of them, a Satirical Proclamation, will be found in Mr Fumi- 
Tail's Political, Heligioua, and Love Poems {E. E. T. S., 186G), pp. 
12 and 13. This is the piece which is dated a.d. 1416, but there 
are reasons for supposing this date a mere mistake for 1436 ; see the 
note in Mr Furaivall's volume. But all these pieces have clearly 
been written in afterwards, and the date of them does not affect the 
date of the copy of Piers the Plowman. As I was unable to give 
up my time to visiting the British Museum very frequently, my 
collation has been made by help of the transcript made for me, as I 
have already mentioned, by Mr Bossiter, Mr Brock, and Mr Wood. 
My thanks are also specially due to Miss L. Toulmin Smith, who 

* Unlta, u n^aidi the date, preferencs be giTCH to the ourious M3. H (Harl. 
S75) or the A-^pe. 

* I Rgret that the beginniDgs of the psrapraphi ais not marked in thia text, but 
it «ai not caar to do N. HMt M33. omit the matka, and those that have them do 
not alwaji agree. 



compared the TevUes of tbia volume once more vHlh tlie MS., in 
order to eliminate anj small errors that might otherwise hare arisen. 
£ye>7 reading of U that is of any coneeqnence has been recorded in 
the footnotes. 

Tbo MS. is not so good, as regards the character of its readings, 
as might have been expected. My attempt fo make it the basis of 
the text entirely broke down. In many places -where it di&rs from 
•MS. V, the variations are certainly for the Toiee, although it has 
always proved worth consalting, and is the only MS. which gives 
L 116 of Pass, zviii., thus completing the otherwise imperfect 
sentence. In the course of my work, I discovered a fact which no 
one seeios to have suspected, viz. that one leaf is missing, which 
ought to contdia the passage C. xix. 246^sx. 3D ; and in another 
place, the subject-matter has been misplaced in a very pazeling man- 
ner : so that, on these accounts also, it is very fortunate that it was 
not taken as the basis of the text. After C. xviii. 186, M inserts 
xviii. 288 ; then comes xviii. 187 ; then xviii 259 — 287 ; then xviiL 
188 — 258; after which comes xviii. 289, and all the rest of the 
Fassns, Ilothing is lost by this arrangement, but it is not easy to 
follow or to explain, and it considerably injures the sense. The 
completeness of the collation with M renders it hardly necessary to 
say more ; but it may be remarked that this MS. should not be put 
in the same sulMilass with P, E, and Z, nor with I, T, and B, but in 
a third class, along with F and S. An account of the sub-classes 
will be found below, in sect 6. 

XXXIV. MS. in the Cambridge University Library, marked 
Ff. 5. 35, and denoted in this volume by F. This is a neatly writ- 
ten vellum MS,, of the beginning of the fifteenth century, formerly 
containing 152 leaves, but now imperfect through the lose of two 
ijuires of eight leaves each. Each leaf measures about 9)- inches by 
7, and each p^e contains about 37 lines. It contains a copy (a) 
of the Travels of Sir John Maundeville, commencing on fol. 1 a, 
and ending on fol, 49 a, and (£) of Piers the Plowman, commencing 
on foL 49 i, and ending on foL 162 a, about half way down the 
page, the rest of the page being blank. The missing leaves are folL 
81 — 88, and 105 — 112. The missing passives are C. viii. 265 — 


PBBFA08 m. — ICST 0. zll 

X. 181, and xiv. 94 — xri 178. Votwithatandin^ ita imperfect state, 
I was at one time under the impression that it might perhaps be 
made the ImbIs of the text, and, in order to test this matter thoroughly, 
the wliole of Paeans ii. vas set up in type &om a transcnpt of the 
MS., and about fifteen copies printed, to enable me to collate this 
piece with all the other MSS. Then it came out that the readings 
of F are frequently peculiar to itaelf, and that its apparent smooth- 
nesB of metre and diction must he due to the text having been 
touched up. This is a point which cannot very well he exempliJied 
by special instancea, as it is necessary to collate or observe the read- 
ings of a long passage, at laatt 400 or 500 lines, before the exact charac- 
ter of the MS. can be cleady apprehended j the reader will he content, 
perhaps, to accept the &ct as the result of my experience, since I 
have collated it with the text thronghout, and give every Tsriation 
in the footnotes that is worth giving. Indeed, I believe that it has 
received mora than its fair share of attention, since, on account of its 
pecnliaritiee, the lett«r F appears ofliener in the footnotes than any 
other, as may easily be perceived if a anfBciently long passage be 
examined. Where its readings are not peculiar, they most often 
agree with tiiose of S, and frequently with those of M, so that the 
letters F8 or MFS are often found in conjunction. It may he 
further observed here, once for all, that the plurals of substantives 
in F commonly end in u«, a peculiarity I have not always noticed, 
thongb many instances of it will be found in the footnotes. For 
the feminine personal pronoun, nominative case, the forms used are 
ache and adiao, instead of the hue of ^IS. P. Except when sup- 
ported by other MSS., its readings are, in general, to be regarded 
with suspicion. 

XXXV. MS. in the library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 
now marked No. 293, formerly R. 17 ; imperfect, but collated as far 
as it goes, and denoted in this volume by S. There are three 
passages wanting, of which one has been loet throt^b the lose of a 
lea^ but the others seem to have been missed by the scribe in 
making his transcript. It now contains 64 vellum leaves, each 
measuring 10 inches by 6^. It is not quite clear whether it is all 
in one handwriting, as the size of the writing is variable, and the 



number of llnea on a pt^ variee from about 33 to about 44. It 
probably originally conaiBted of 74 leaves, 10 of whicli have (iisai>- 
peaied. One of these, the last of the tbiid quire of eight leaves, 
must have been cut out purposely at first, as there is no gap in the 
poem there. Another, the firat of the eighth qaire, is also gone, and 
with it the passage C. zvi SO — 166. Besides this, there is a gap 
from G. ix. 268 — xL 94,' vMch may always have been missing, and 
another involving the loss of the whole of Paaaus xvii. to xxi., 
which seems to have been accidental, since the colophon (in S) to 
Passus xvi is 'Explicit passus seztus'; and the title to Passua 
xxii. is < Incipit passus septimns do dowel ', as if that Passus were 
really the next in order. Later still, comes a gap of 316 lines 
(0. xxii. 6 — 323), which is probably due to the loss of a qnire of 
eight leaves. The lost passages are therefore ix 268 — xi 94, xvL 
80—156, xvii. 1— xii. 479, and xxiL 8—323. But what there is 
of the text is good ; the writing is probably not much later than 
1400, or may be earlier, and the readings do not vary much from 
the text. The Latin quotations are all in red, and the initial letter 
of every line has a red dab upon it. The metrical pause, on the other 
hand, is never marked. On a flyleaf, in a later hand, is written 
' Giod spede the plowgh And sende vs come ynowgh ', as in MS. T ; 
see Pref. I. p. xviii. Where the gaps in it occur, I have collated 
MS. G (the next described) instead of it, on account of the close 
similarity between these MSS. Its text abounds with plurals of 
Bubstantives in -us; other common forma are bup for he^, oua for ua; 
besides its shewing a fondness for the letter u in terminations, as in 
grayyuet for gray^esi, bryngup for bryngef, and the like. When it 
differs from the text, it commonly agrees with G, M, or F. 

XXXVI. MS. in the Cambridge University Library, marked 
Dd. 3. 13 ; sometimes collated, especially where S fails, and denoted 
by the letter G. 

^Hiis MS. is also imperfect, and ia written in a somewhat irregular 

' The footnol* to Ix. 2SS (p. 153) Mjri— Hen S hot loit ri^'ht leaTCi. I do not 
now fs«l quit* 10 mre about (hia ; the mUiing piece, about SIS linn, iroald hsrdlj 
flU a quire, except at the loir ret« of 27 lines to the pege, aud the catchword imme- 
diately below C. ii. 367 ii " Lordu )>at l}iie)>," ae it nothing were the matter. 

^tv Google 


haod, ttiongh probably of early date, not far from itbe year 1 400. 
It is of Tellam, and once contained at least 100 leav«3, of which 
Bome are now lost, viz. two at the b^inning, at leaet five at the ead, 
and two others ekewbera The missing paesagee are i. 1 — 163, liv. 
227— XT. 40, iri. 288— xvii. 41, and ixiiL 40—386. But, besides 
this, the scribe had a wonderful faculty for missing lines; be has 
frequently slipped a line, ot two or three lines at a time, as if he 
only strove to reach the end of his task in the quickest way. Thus, 
tnmii^ to PasBUB xvii., we see that he omits U. 66, 67, 69 — 71, 
75, 79, 89, 90, 125, 130, 134, 143, 171, 172, 176, 187, 190, 208, 
216—218, 227, 237—240, 245, 246, 249, 250, 257, 262, 266, 
281— 2d3, 301—312, 325, 326, 351, 365, 366 ; as is easily Teiified 
by looking at the footnotes. Of course these frequent omissions 
make sad bavoc of the sense. This is the more extiaonlinary, be- 
cause, at the time of writing, the copy was revised by a corrector, 
who has frequently written ' cor,' at the bottom of tho page. Yet 
the text, as far as it goes, is a good one, and differs from the text 
bat slightly. It also bears a close likeness to S, and has therefore 
been collated in passages where S &ile. In other passages, it has 
been collated oceaaionally only, and chiefly where there has been 
Bome al^ht doubt about the beet reading. In this way it has proved 
of considerable service, and quite as much use has been made of it 
as seemed to be advisable. 

The poem is divided into paragraphs, bat not, as it would seem, 
with much correctness. The dialectal forms are much the same as 
those in F and S, and the spellings of words often agree with the 
spellings of P in a somewhat remarkable manner. In some instances, 
its readings tend to agreement with I. The collation of the text 
with G must not be taken, to be complete, even where S fails ; as I 
have frequently omitted to record readings from it that seemed of no 
particular value. 

XXXVII. MS. Digby 171, in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. 
Imperfect, and only partly collated ; denoted always by the letter 
K. This is an excellent MS. as far as it goes ; it now consists of 
60 vellum leaves, and is well and clearly written in a bold large 
band on quires of eight leaves each, when complete. The metrical 



pauae is denoted by a maik like a colon (:), and tlien are marks 
sheving where each paragraph commences. Each page measurea 
about 10^ inchea hy 7i, and contains abont 34 limes. At least 
eight learee hare been lost at the beginning, and in place of them 
font paper leaves have been inserted, of which the two last are blank. 
On the first is wntten — "Bowght this book anno 1578, of harvy 
in graa etceet, the 1 1 October," followed by a price, erased ; also, in 
a large hand — " precium xvj d." On the second paper leaf, in the 
handwriting of Stephen Batman, once a member of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, to whom the book doubtless once belonged, is written : 
— "This Booke is clepped: Sayewell, Doowell. Doo better. & Doo 
Best / Souche a booke az disemeth the Beeding. Bookes of Anti- 
quiti are wel be-etowed one those whose sober staied miudes can 
abyde the reding ; but commonly fErantike brainea suche az are more 
readye to be pratlers than parformera, seing this book to be olde. 
Bather take it for papisticall then else. & so many bookes com to 
confusion. S. K Miuistei." Beneath this is a carefully executed 
drawing of a man sowing seed broadcast in a field; at the side of 
which is written — " Esaye 63 j \era. 10 " — ^probably with reference 
to the clause — " the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand." 
The extant portion of the Poem begins — 

Drede stod atte doie : and )iat deone herds ; C. lit 217 ; 
and ends — 

For a doctor at fe heie deys : drank wyn foate; xvL 65. 
It b remaikable that the scribe ended his work here ; no more 
was ever written, as the next page is left blank. "8. B." at- 
tempted to finish off the work, as it were, by an epigrammatic 
remark, the first line of which is meant to rime with "faste." It 
rons thus: — 

I wolde this vers were not y" laste ; 

Although this worke be harde to finde. 

Yet it is good for a christian minde. 

The owner evidently read the book carefully, and duly appreciated 
it. M!y collation with this MS. begins with Paasus xii., from which 
point onwards all the readings worth noting are given as long as the 

^t, Google 


US. holds out. I did not at first perceive the full value of it, or I 
would have collated it sooner; the general cliaract«r of ita readiuga 
may be conaidered to nisemble that of the llcheater MS. I have 
nevertheless read over the former part of the poem vrith K, and now 
supplement mj work hj hero noting down the few readings which 
are moat worthy of record. 

Pass. iv. 106. E clemyi^. 224. E knowe>, (u in text. 376. K 
omilt. 416. E leuth. 424. K retaint. 

Pass, tl 159. K has — Lederes of lawedaiea ' and londea 

Pabs. til 204, 20S. K retains. 408. thrumbled] throbeled K 

Pass. tiii. 251. K has — A fill lei ladj ■ vnleke hit of grace. 
278 — 280. K retains what P omits. 301, K synegcn. 

Pass. iz. 98, 99. K retains. 103. E He ia holdyng. 351. 

Pasb. X. 187. K hat — ^And alle holy heremytes ■ haoen schulle 
^ saoieL (So that, though this line is said in the footnote to be 
(bund in 1 only, it is reaUy in K also.) 194. K boUeres. 198. K 
has — Of lygnt^e ne of lettnire, &c 

Pass, xl 166. K. retains. 

It will be seen that these Teadings coniirm oi help out my 
KBolts in almost every instance. Indeed, I may say that further 
collation with this MS. will, I believe, be found merely to confirm 
my reunite, and not to give new information. It possesses, on this 
account, more interest for myself than for the reader. 

XXX.TIIT. MS. Douce 104, in the Bodleian Lihmty, Oxford. 
Apparently perfect; a MS. on vellum, written ad, 1427. It 
contains 112 leaves, each measuring about 8i inches by 8. Each 
ps^ contains abont 34 or 35 lines. At the end, ou foL 112 b, is 
scrawled — Eiphcit liber de Petro ploughman. Anno r. henrici 
aexti sexto ; et finiVrim (I) ante teslvm (1) Michaelis, Inceptunt tamen 
flgmin : — scarcely legible. Below this is written, in a later hand, a few 
lines about " Tutiuillua," printed in Keliquiae Antiquce ; i. 267. The 
chief peculiarity of this MS., which is wholly of the C-type, is that 
it abounds with very rudely drawn coloured pictuies, soma hardly 
finished, inserted in the margin whoever room could be found for 


xlvi 7BEFACB Ut. — TEXT O. 

them. A few of them are cnrioiis, and all Beem to have been diioctly 
suggested by a perusal of the passage opposite to which they occur. 
Thus, there are pictures of Lady Meed, on foil, 8, 10, 11, and 116; 
of Tom Stowe with his two Btavea (C. vi. 131), onfol. 23 ; of Pride, 
foL 24 ; Envy, fol. 25 ; Wrath, fol. 26 ; Lechery, foL 26 b ; Avarice, 
fol. 27 ; Gluttony, foL 29 ; Sloth, foL 31 ; a Palmer, foL 33 ; the 
Castle of Truth (C. viiL 232, &c), fol. 34 ; and so on. The later 
ones are very poor ; a few only are at all characteristic, and even 
these are but sketched in outline. In many places the leaves are 
considerably discoloured. As I have not collated this MS., I cannot 
give its peculiarities with certainty ; but it ia obviously an inferior 
MS. of the same sub-clasa with I and T. Thus, in Pass. iL the 
following readings of this MS. will he found duly entered in the 
footnotes, marked I ; or else closely resembling the readings so 
marked. 122. Euen fe. 134. toute. 147. to abate. 150. hit 
fyrst. 161. And in. 162. For of. 164. Lokeji on vs. 177. 
ohidejt aeper. 186. lewed >yng. 190. And omitted. 191. Thei 
omitted. 192. crep oute. 195, And a; as for. 199. carfuL 
202. saide ere. All these readings are more or less peculiar, and 
leave little doubt as to the general character of the MS. 

XXXIX. MS. Digby 102, in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. 
This is a copy of the C-text, on veUan), of perhaps about the middle 
of the fifteenth century, measuring about 9 inches by 6^, and 
forming rather a thick volume ; it contains many other pieces besides 
Piers the Plowman, which comes at the beginning, and ends on foL 
98. The striking peculiarity of this MS. is that oui poem is 
written all across the page, like prose, obviously with the view of 
economising space. But each line is well marked out, as the 
metrical mark, somewhat like an inverted semicolon ( '. ), comes in the 
middle of every line, and a down stroke (/) at the end of each ; with 
several paiagiaph-marks, alternately red and blue, in fitting places. 
Unfortunately several leaves have been lost at the b^inning, eo that 
it commences near the end of L 156 of Pass, iii., thus: — *'of 
notaries / To fette Fauel forth '. florcynes y-nowe / And bad Gyle 
to gyue '. gold al aboute / " &c. The readings of this MS. have a 
striking lesemblance to those of MS. I (Ilchester MS). Thus it 



agrees with I ia Pass. It. 140—142 (see footaote). So also in iv. 
389, it has— 

Such imparfit pepU * lepreuelh a] reaon. 

And agkin, in ir. 331, it has the onrions reading Si na is tlie gloie}- 
We may safely put it in tha same sab-claaa with I and T. 

XL. MS. Harl. 2376, in the British Museum. A MS. of thia 
Tellom, containing 124 leaves, apparently perfect; size of leaf, about 
61 inches fay Si ; contains about 31 lines in a page. Written about 
A.D. 1440 or earlier, in clear, good writing. Bed lines ate drawn 
round all the Latin qaotations, and round proper names, Ac. In 
some plficea it looks a little greasy, as if it had been well thumbed. 
On the top of the first leaf is a date — '13 August 1724.' 
The title is — ' Here by-gynnef ]« boke of Fyris Plowman.' The 
poem ends on foL 124a, the rest being blank. It is a most disap- 
pointing MS., as it looks so promising, and is yet so unsatls^tory. 
I bad intended to collate it, denoting it by the letter K ; but so 
many readings seemed to be corrupt that it proved to be no sur« 
guide, and is, indeed, best n^lected. Mr Fnmivall collated the 
whole of Paasus ii. with a printed copy from MS. F, and I here give 
a few cotmpt readings by way of example. 

Pabb. n. 12. toppe {for toft). 17. made he {for he het). 25. 
tyme {for lyue). 29. dronkkehede (Jor glot«nie). 43. byfanges 
{Jar by-longep). 78. teche {for kenne). 85. grefe {for ylle). 88. 
teche {for kennon). 101. take {for laccbe). 116. spare {for lacke). 
178. trewly {for leelliche). 200. rest {for lyase). It is, in feet, 
clear that the scribe has, as it were, glossed his words, by substitut- 
ing easy ones in the place of hard ones, regardless of alliteiation. 
Kor has he always done this correctly ; for, in L 1 1 6 for example, the 
word lacke means to blame, not to spare. He was clearly thinking 
of the other IcuJte, which answers to our modem lack, and even then, 
his would be a poor rendering. The reader who takes the trouble 

' Ai the lias lUndi in the feit, it meani that ' Qod giTei nothing witbont a 
clwiie of reTOcation on scconst or ii'n'; tha other rattling meant 'Ood giTM 
nDthmg wHhont an if (in I^tin, a «).' Thii ii lo moch limpler that it maj pro- 
habl; be right. In anj cue, tba M39. of the lame sab-olaaa as the IlcbMter MS. 
(hew an eariin draugbt of the C-teit, at has been already obesrred ; and in this 
particalat a»t, the nadinga of U3S. of an; other iub-«l««( may be eoirupk 



to look up the abore referencee will easily satisfy himself that the 
MS. is utterly worthless as r^ards its readings ; since it fails iu the 
case of all the harder words, just where help is most wanted. Oa 
account of these alterations, it is the more difficult to tell to what 
suh-clasa it belongs ; but it probably was copied from a MS. closely 
agreeing with F. Thus, in ii. 4, it has fai cattel, as F has ; and 
therefore varies from I and F. In 1. 5, it has the interasting vaiiation 
wiUiam, for mile; where I has »one. In L 4, it a^o has by name, 
as in P only. These and similar instances tend to shew its exact 

XLL MS. marked D. 4. 1, in the library of Trinity College, 
Ihiblin. On velluoi, written in the tifteenth century, not very early. 
This MS. I have never seen, but it is of the C-type, and I am indebted 
to Fiofeasor Dowden, of Dublin, for a careful collation of Fassus iL 
with a printed copy of the Pasaus as it stands in F. This analysis 
of the text shews that it probably belongs to the same sub-class as 
P, and therefore differs hut little from my printed text. Any 
small variations bom. the text are chiefly such as are found in S and 
G, particularly, perhaps, the latter. There are several glosses 
written above the harder words, in a later hand ; but they are of no 
Importance, since they are aa often wrong as right. Thus, over 
nempnen in ii. 21 Is written tak&; bat it means to najne; the glossator 
was thinking of nimen. In iL 29, the reading cheorlea (i. e. churls) 
occnis ; against this is the note ' dierdea, wilhovt chere.^ This shews 
that some one has long since read over this copy of the poem, and 
attempted to make oat the sense of it, bat with indifferent success. 
Taken as a whole, the MS. is nob a very good one, though it belongs 
to a good type or sub-class, 

XLIL MS. marked 18 B xvii, in the Royal Library in the 
British Mowum. A vellum MS., containing 123 leaves, the last of 
which is blank. Each leaf measures about 11 } by Si inches, and 
each page contuns about 38 lines on a page. Written not long 
after 1500. This is a very interesting MS., as it also contains a 
copy of Fierce the Ploughman's Ciede ; uid I have shewn, in the 
Preface to my edition of that poem, that there is no reason for 
putting this copy btei than the printed copy of 1550, as Mr Wright 



lias done ; neither ie it, as he bbjb, on paper, bat on vellum. In 
tact, it contuns, aa I sliewed fuither, five additional lines which 
irere <ffterwarda guppreased in the printed copy, because they were 
not acceptable to the readers of the day,' The Crede is contained 
on leaves 1 — 13; and is followed by Piers the Plowman, which 
ends on leaf 132, The Latin quotations are -written in larger 
characters than the rest. It is wholly of the C-type, and the text, 
though late, is not a bad one. The thorn-letter (^) doce not occar. 
th being written instead ; nor does the symbol j occur either. I am 
indebted to Miss L. Tonlmin Smith for a careful collation of Passus 
ii. with a printed copy of that Passus as it stands in. MS. F. This 
shews that its readii^ hardly differ from those of MS. P, i. e. from 
the printed text, though the spellings of the words are of later 
form. In ii. 123, for example, it has menen, as in the text. When 
it varies from F, it tends to agreement with 8. On the whole, it 
t«lls us nothing new, but helps generally to confirm the text. The 
scribe, unlike the scribe of MS. N (HaiL 2376), seems to have 
Duderatood his work; so that in ii. 18, for example, whilst dis- 
carding hjlyve as obsolete, he substitutes I0ode for it, and so at 
any nte contrives to preserve the sense of it. 

XLIU. MS. So. 9056, in the collection of Uts late Sir Thos. 
Fhillippe. A thin MS. on vellum, about the same size as MS. P, a 
good deal spoiled and ont of condition ; many leaves much ii^jured 
by damp. It contains 91 leaves, and is neatly bound in russia. 
It has several notes here and there in later writing, and in several 
places the old writing has been inked over, not always correctly. It 
is clearly wholly of the C-type, but not much can be made of it, and 
I have therefore set it aside. The last page is scarcely legible, and a 
note states (correctly) that the last 42 lines are wanting. I doubt 
if it was ever a very good copy. 

It is perhaps worth while to notice hero that the three M8S. 
formerly in the possession of Richard Heber aU. passed into the 

1 The ool; other HS. of the Crede ia the MS. mRrksd B. 3. tSmthelibruyof 
Trinily Cdlege, Cambridge, -which fuiniihes an eieallent text, and ii tbe one npon 
which nj edition of tb« Credo vm bued. Varioiu roulings ue ^Ten thronghont 
Am* MS. BibL Beg. IS. B. ivii, and are denoted bj the Utter E 



hands of Sii Thos. Pliillippa, and are still aU together. Thus the 
Heber MS. TSo. 973/ formerly in the possession of Sir B. Smyth, is 
now US. Phillipps Ilfo. 8231, and described at p. 125 of Sir Thos. 
Phillipps's Catalogue ; this is out MS. P, or MS. XXIX. Secondlr, 
the Hebei MS. 974, formerly in the collection of Martin, of Palgrave, 
appears as No. 1003 in Thorpe's Catalogue of MSS. for 1836, and 
was Bold to Sir Thos. Phillipps Feb. 16, 1836; it is now MS. 
Phillipps 9056, the one just described above. Thirdly, the Heber 
MS. 1088 is now MS. Phillipps 8252, and is our MS. XXVUL 
These 'MSS. are further interesting from their having been in the 
hands of Dr Whitaker. 

XLI?. A MS. in the possession of the Marquis of Westminster. 
EeferencB was made to this in an article in "The Academy," 
abstracted &om the Heport of the Historical MSS. Commission, 
■where it was further stated that the MS. differs considerably from 
the texts as yet published by the Early Ec^lish Text Society. This 
perhaps means that it is of the C-type. The news of the existence 
of this MS. has come too late to be of any sorvice to me ; aad if it 
is, as has been stated, of the fifteenth centnry, it is probably of later 
date than most of those which I have collated.^ 

Lastly, it may be observed that numerous extracts &om a B-text 
copy of Piers the Plowman may be found at p. 149, and the foUow- 
ing pages, of MS. James 2, in the Bodleian Library, Oxfoid. They 
are rather curious than valuable. 


In order to exhibit the relation of the MSS. to each other, and 
by way of recapitulation of the above descriptions, I here add a 
sketch of the sut^classes into vhich they are divisible. As in the 
case of the B-text, the agreement between MSS. in the same sub- 
class is often very close. 

(a) 1. Phillipps 8231 (P). Here printed. 

2. Land 656 (E). Almost a duplicate of F. 

1 See Heber'i C«td<ie:ue or USS. part li. p. 101. 

* On applioalion to the Morqaii of WeatmioiCer, I am courtsoiuly infonned that 
fail USB. are at prennt mBccessible, beiog packed aira; whilst conaiderable altera- 
tions are being made in the house. 



3. Bodley 851 (Z). Even mora correct in its readings than 

P, bnt of l&ter date, and imperfect at the b^inning. 

4. Corpua Christi College, Cambridge ; So. 293 (S), Imp«^ 

feet, bat an early copy. 

5. Camb. TJniT. Lib. Dd. 3. 13 (G). Imperfect. 

6. Trin. ColL Dublin, D. 4. 1. 

7. BibL Reg. 18 B. xTiL, Brit. Mnfl. Late, but not a bad text, 
(fr) I. Ilcbester MS. (I). Imperfect. 

2. Digby 103. Imperfect. 

3. Donee 104. With pictures. 

4. Trin. CoU. Camb. E. 3. 14 (T). Laat part only 

5. HarL 6041 (Hi). Last part only. 

6. Digby 149 (t). Last part only. 

7. Bodley 814 (B). Only near the beginning. 

8. Addit. 10574. Only near the beginning. 

9. Cotton, Calig. A. xL Only neat the beginning. 

(e) Digby 171 (K). Imperfect. A veiy fair text, interme- 
diate to that of eab-claas (a) and sab-claBS (6). 

(d) Cotton, Veep. B. xvi. (M), Nearly perfect ; much nearer to 

sub-class (a) than to sub-class (b). 

(e) Camb. Univ. Lib. Ff. 5. 35 (F). Imperfect; varies more 

Tridely from subclasses (a) and (b) than any other MS. 

Not classed are (1) HarL 2376 (S); (2) US. PhiUlpps 9056 j 
(3) the Marqois of Westminster's MS. 

It most be obserred that the MS3. of sub-class (6) represent a 
dightly earlier cast of the poem than those of subclass (a) ; as has 
1)e«i already explained. Bnt the texts of MSB. M and F are later. 


The only edition of Piers the PloTmum which exhibits the C-text 
is Dr Whitakei's. The Title-page of the volume is as follows : — 

" Kno SSiUi bt J^tbe J^lm^aaxt, |ttm ITiiioiui gnstrim it ^obul, 
Jobct, tl $obist Ci C^ Vuian ai SSiltrem tmtctnntig ^itn ^Imt^- 
nan, wab Cfji Smme of l{rt samt tamtxwm^ tlje Arigin, ^logitse, hrIt 
Snfutum of 1^ C^riftiRii ^iSx. Ascribed to Bobert Langland, a 
Secolar Priest of the county of Salop ; and written in, or imme- 


lU PBEFACB 111, — TEXT C. 

(liat«ly after, tile year uccclxii. Printed from a MS. contempoiary 
with the author, collated with two others of gteat antiquity, and 
exhibiting the original text ; together with an introductory dis- 
course, a perpetual commentary, annotations, and a glosBary. By 
Thomas Dunham Whitaker, LL.D. F.S.A., Viear of Whalley, and 
Hector of Heysham, in Lancashire. [Motto] Yatis hie noater in 
secnlo SQO doctissimua, et acerrimus morum vindex, clericis, quoa in 
onmihos satyris, ipso summo pontifice uon intacto perstringit ; cleri- 
cis inqaam utriusque nominis, quid propter peccata eorum, hypo- 
crisin, avaritiam, luxum, teirenomm cupidinem, defectum charitatis, 
beneficiorom et reditaum abusum, desidiam et turpem gregum neg- 
lectum in postero tempore eventurum erat, praedixit, Higees.' — 
London: printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street, mdccoxiii."' 

The Dedication runs thus ; — " To Richard Heber, Esq. of Hodnel^ 
in the County of Salop, this edition of the first English Satirist, his 
old and spirited countryman, is Inscribed," &c., &c. The Contents 
of the book are : — Introductory Discourse, pp. i — xlviii ; Errata, p. 
xlix i additional Noto, p. li ; Text, in black letter, with Paraphrase 
below it, pp. 1 — 412 (pp. 265 and 266 being unrepresented, owing 
to a mistake in the pagination ; since sheet LI ends with p. 264, and 
aheet Mm b^ins with p. 267); ^otes, pp. 1 — 18; Glossary, pp. 
21 — 31. Printer's name, John Harding, St John's Square, London. 

It will be necessary to say a few words more upon the varions 
parts of the book,* 

' Hickesii Thessanu, i. 107. 

' Together with tha particuUr oopy of tha woik in my poiwMion there came 
into my handi MTeral additional pai^inUaiB, indndiDg proapectiu, printei'i bills, ftc. 
It tbng appaan tbst itwa* pablUhed by sabscriptioo, the uumbn of inbxiribais 
(wboae utUDM ara gJTea) baiag tiro bundled, at five gnineai apiece ; inereued to 
teven guineas for aoeh copioa as came into pnbliD aale. It iTU got up in so ei- 
penaiTa a manner that tbe mete «oit of prindng, eiclnsif e o( woodood and bioding, 
was £401 6*. Id. It is of qnarto size, and printed on very stout paper. 

* The foUowing mandaeioni and ipiteiiil note upon Whitaker's edition appean 
(as a qaotalion) in Lowndei, and bai been lepiinted in bookiellen' catatognea orer 
and over again, and will probably often be reprinted in the ftatnre whensrer a Mpy 
of Crow-lay's edition occnrs for ade. " The value of the old editioni is not at all 
leaseaed bf the reprint of Dr. Wbittaker (tie), as he carefully supprMied all the 
pasaag«* relatiug td the indecent lives and practical of the , Romish clergy." The 
fact is that Dr Whitaker anppreased nothing bnt a very few coane lines which have 
no ipedal reference to the ' Bomish clergy.' Heithar is the implied chtxge againit 

PREFACE 111. — TBXT C. liii 

TiU^poije. This contains Beveial errora. There is little reason 
for calling the antfaoi Robert, since he ao often calls himself William. 
Again, the text viitten in or soon after jld. 1362 was the A-text; 
the C-toxt must be some thirty years later. Consequently, Whita- 
kei'a edition does not exhibit "the original text," hut the text as 
it stood after two recensiona. Neither is Whitaker's text really 
" collated " with two other M3S, j the readings cited in the Notes 
from his ' MS. B ' are not more than fifty, and those from ' MS. C ' 
Dot more than twen^. 

Introductory Dixotirie. The general contents of this may be 
thus anmmarised. State of England in the reign of Edward III., 
pp. i, ii; Chaucer and Langlaud, pp. iii — t; Dialect of Langland is 
' Itforcno-Saxon', pp. vi, vii ; Alliterative poetry, pp. viii — x ; Runic 
prosody, pp. xi, xii; Ctedmon's metre, pp. xiii, xiv; Runic rhyme, 
p. IV ; Ormulum and ' Moral Ode ', p. xvi ; ' Pistill of Susan ', p. 
xvii ; langland not a Wickliffite, p. xriii ; Dat« of Piers the Plow- 
man, p. xix ; Brief abstract of the Poem, pp. xx — xxx ; MSS. of the 
Poem, pp. xni— zxziii; Parallel Extracts from MS. A [Phillipps 
8231],' MS. B [Phillipps 8252],* MS. C [Oriel MS.],* and Crowley's 
print of 1550, the passage chosen being the description of Wrath 
[C. viL 103 — 128], pp. xxxiv, xxxr; lAngland's powers as a satir- 
ist, pp. zxxri — xnrix; Extreme obscurity of Langland'a diction, 
p. zl; Concluding Remarks, p. xli; Testimonies of Authors con- 
cerning Langland, pp. xlii — xlviii; Errata, p. xlix; ^ote on the 
Ormnlum and Jack Upland, p. IL 

Of this discoQiae, there is not much that is still of value ; the 
remarks on the Dialect hare been superseded by the labours of Dr 
Morris and others; those on Alliterative Poetry by Dr Guest's 
Histoiy of 'gnglinb Rhytluna, Mr Sweet's Sketch of the History of 
Anglo-Saxon Poetry, prefixed to Hazlitt's edition of Warton's English 

luglaDd 1 bii one, beMrtainljrvonldhaTeliBdiio Bympathyvith prurient hant- 
tn Dp of aith. 

> The correct Temon of thii extract wi)! be foand in the tart of this Tolamo i 
Fm. fii. 103—128. 

> The eilnct ihewi that this HB. ia a mere jumhle of iexta, and almost vith- 
ont anj TaluB ; it ii nat worth reprinting. 

* Coneetl; printed in Prel. II., p. xrui; which see. 



Foetiy, my own Eaeay prefixed to toL iii. of the edition of the Percy 
Folio MS. by Hales and Fumivall, &o. ; whilst a great deal more 
than was known to Whitaker can be leamt from the siuce-puhliahed 
editions of the Onnulum, the Moral Ode, the Pistill of Susan, and 
the like. The date of the Poem be put down as 1362, though that 
is really the date of the A-text only ; and, in considering hia own 
text as of earlier date than Crowley's, he is now easily seen to have 
been wrong. His remarks on the extreme obscurity of Langland's 
diction are of a piece with his own evident difQcuIty in under- 
standing it, utd were caused, in a great measure, by his misread- 
ings of the MS. The passages that ore really obscure ore singularly 
few. His concluding remarks contain the following interesting 
passage: — 

" He [the editor] wishes to conciliate no favour to the work, by 
lamenting Uiat it was undertaken in the languor of bad health, or 
that it was only prosecuted in the intervals of leisure which an 
active and occupied life allowed : both the facts, indeed, are true ; 
but these, if likely to have ii^ured the work in any material d^ree, 
were reasons why it ought not to have been begun ; if otherwise, 
they will not contribute to lessen its actual defects. In short, he is 
ready to confess that, for the space of two years, it has received 
from him attention auSicient to have rescued it ftoxa very gross im- 
perfections, and consequently, that its faults of this degree, whether 
more or fewer in number, are to be ascribed to a cause more humili- 
ating than the indolence or carelessness of the editor." 

The marks of an evident anxiety to represent the MS. with 
extreme exactness are indeed most apparent on every page ; how 
then are we to account for the iiequent amazing variations from the 
true text of the old scribe 1 Only, I believe, by the old observation 
that the eye only sees that which it has been trained to see. It is 
clear that, as a scholar, he frequently misunderstood bis author ; and 
that, as a transcriber, he often failed in deciphering the not veiy 
difficult characters in which the MS. is written. The two causes 
together are quite sufficient to account for such mistakes as, despite 
all his care, are certainly to be found in his edition. 

The most interesting and by far the best remarks in Whitaker's 



Introduction are those whicli relate to LanglaDd Mmself and to the 
general character of Ua poem. Whether we entirely agree with him 
or iLot, these passages are certainly worthy of perusal, and I there- 
fore reprint them here without further apology. 

" Dniing the reign of Edward the Third, one of the most splendid, 
but not the most refined in oar annals, yet equally removed iiom 
both these extremes, arose in this country two poets, the writings of 
one of whom contributed to enlarge the minds, and of the other to 
impiore the moral feelings of their contemporaries in a degree uafcit 
since the »ras of the great Roman satirists. The first of these, a 
man of the world and a courtier, at once informed and delighted the 
higher orden by bia original and lively portraits of human nature in 
every ranlc, and almost under every modification, while he prevented 
or perverted the proper efibct of satire by the most licentious and 
obscene exbibitions. The latter, an obscure country priest, much 
addicted to solitary contemplation, but at the same time a keen 
and severe observer of human nature ; well read in the scriptures 
and schoolmen, and intimately acquainted with the old language 
and poetry of his country, in an uncouth dialect and m^ed metre, 
by his saicaatic and ironical vein of wit, his knowledge of low life, 
his solemnity on some occasions, hie gaiety on others, his striking 
peiaoniticatious, dark allusions, and rapid transitions, has contrived ^ 
to support and animate an allegory (the most insipid for the most 
part and tedions of all vehicles of instruction) through a bulky 
volume. By what inducement he was led to prefer this vehicle, it 
is not difficult to conjecture. From his subordinate station in the 
church, thia free reprover of the higher ranks was exposed to all the 
severities of ecclesiastical discipline : and from the aristocratical 
temper of the times he was liable to be crushed by the civil power. 
Everything, therefore, of a personal natore was in common prudence 
to be avoided. The great were not then accustomed, as a licentious 
press has since disciphned them, to endure the freedoms of repre- 
hension : — authority was, even when abased, sacred ; and rank, 
when united with vice, was enabled to keep its partner in counten- 
ance. Above all, the great ecclesiastics were as vindictive as they 
> Printed ' contiaued ' ; but aarel; a muprint. 



weie corrupt : and hence the gatiriat was compelled to shelter him- 
self under the distant generalities of peraonification. 

" But, unfortunately, by this meaoe, whatever be gained in per- 
sonal aecmity, he lost in the point and diBtioctuess of his Batiie. 
Mere persouificatioue of virtues and vices, however skilfully and 
powerfully touched, are capable of few strokes ; the quahty is simple, 
but different individuals, who partake of it in a degree however pi»- 
enuDent, combine §nd modify it in such an infnite variety of ways, 
with other subordinate traits and features of charact«T, that while 
the abstract property is one and the same, in its actual existence, as 
part of the moral nature of man, it is capable in skilful hands of 
infinite diversities of representation. It is indeed fiur &om being 
necessary that the characters be real, but, for the puiposea of satirical 
painting, they must he pergong. 

"From this uniformity of appearance in his abstract qualities 
the author has been betrayed, by the necessity of combination in 
some way or other, into the fault of mixing his personifications with 
each other; as, ex. gr. avarice and fraud, qualities which, though 
nearly akin, have no necessary co-existence ; ^ and, for the same 
reason, wherever he deviates into personality, as in the coarse hut 
striking scene of ' Glutton's * Debauch, where the characters, though 
imeginaiy, axe persons, not personifications, he paints with all the 
truth and distinctneas of a Dutch master 

" "Wherever bom or bred, and by whatever name distinguished, 
the author of these Visions was an observer and a reflector of no 
common powers, I can conceive him {like his own visionary 
William*) to have been sometimes occupied in contemplative wan- 
derings on the hlalvem Hills, and dozing away a summer's noon 
among the bushes, while his waking thoughts were distorted into all 

1 I beliers this eiprenei s muapprebeoiion. I luppow that the idea of con- 
neotiiif iTuiM ud fnad it Done of Liiigland'i, but that he iru merely fallowing 
the oonTeutioDa] deMiiption of Amice coniideTed m one of the wren deidl; aiiii. 
We find tiie t«nte thing in CbanMr'i Panoaea Tale: — "of ■Tarice comelh eek 
iMjDgea, thtfu, and lala wituewe and /alt Ulm .... Ths aj nne of thefte is ... . 
in bonrpg o( thia neigheboni catel^ in entent never to pa;, and in umblabl* 

■ Eia ' WiUiun ' ii not ' Tiaioniuj * at all ; it ii simply and ulely kit mm 


PBXFACB m. — TEXT 0. Ivil 

the miBah&pen forma created by a dreommg fancj. Sometimes I 
can desciy him taking his staff, and roaming far and wide in search 
of mannoTB and charactets ; mingling with men of erery acceasihle 
nnV, and storing his memory with hint^ for future use. I next 
pursue him to his study, sedate and thoughtful, yet wildly inventive, 
digesting the first rude drafts of his Yieiona, and in successive 
transcriptions, as judgment matured, or invention declined, or aa his 
ohservations were more extended, expanding or contracting, im- 
proving and sometimes perhaps debasing his original l«xt.' The 
time of oar author's death, and the place of his interment, are 
equally unknown, with almost every circumstance relating to him. 
His contemporaries^ Chaucer and Gower, repose beneath magnificent 
tombs, but Langland (if snch were leaUy his name) has no other 
monument Uian that which, havii^ liumed for himself, he left to 

posterity to appropriate 

"The Keformers of the sixteenth century claimed aa their own 
the Author of theee Tiaions ; but surely on no good grounds. That 
he believed and taught almost all the fundamental doctrines of 
Christianity has no tendency to prove him a WicklifBte or Lollard. 
The best and soundest members of the church of Home have done 
the same. It is not defects but redundancies which we impute to 
them. .Of the predestinarian principles afterwards professed by 
Wicklifli Langland seems to think with disapprobation ; and when 
his visionary hero speaks of himself as belonging to the Lolleiea, he 
evidently means, not the religious party distinguished by a similar 
name, but, in the usual strain of his irony, a company of idle wan- 
derers.* Yet in the midst of darkness and spiritual slavery, his 
acute and penetratiI^; understanding enabled him to discover the 
multiplied superstitions of the public service, the licentious abuse of 

> In ipile of the Tact that Dr Wbitaker did not pere«Te uAicA wu the oldest 
text, be jet here eiprenei the true stale of the cue vith great deameea. Eiea 
the ebaige ol 'debaung' the text nuj be nutained; there certainly aaem to be 
NTenl paMkget in whieh the C-leit, b; being altered, has been weakened. But 
other psuagei hare been miich improTed. 

t Bat it maj also be uid, that he trie* to shew that the term latter might be 
allied with mote fitneaa to othen than the followers of Wyolit Though not quite 
• Wjdifflle, hii cjrmpattuM were mostly with that paity. 


Iviii FRSPAOB in. — TBXT 0. 

pilgrimagea, the immoral tendencies of indulgences, the bad effects 
upon the living of expiatory serrioea for the dead, the inordinate 
wealth of the papacy, and the UBUipatione of the mendicant oidera, 
both on the rights of the diocesans and of the paiochial cleigy. 
These abases Langland, with many other good men who could endure 
to remain in the commonioB of the church of Eome, saw and de- 
plored ; but though he finally conducted his pilgrim out of the par- 
ticular commonion of Borne into the univeisal church, he permitted 
him to carry along with him too many Tomnants of his old &ith, 
such aB satisfaction f or ein to be made by the sinner, together with 
the merit of works, and espocially of voluntary poverty ; bnt, above 
all, the worship of the croas ; iacnmbrancee with which the Lollards 
of his own, or the Protestants of a later age, would not willingly 
have received him aa a proselyte. 

" Neither was he an enemy to monastic institationa themselves : 
on the contrary, he appears to have sighed for the quiet and con- 
templatire life of the ■ cloister, could it liave been restored to ita 
primitive purity and order. 

" On the nature and origin of civil society, aa on most other sub- 
jects, he thought for himself; and, at a period when mankind had 
scarcely begun to speculate on such subjects at all, he boldly traced 
the source of kingly power to the will of the people, and considered 
government as instituted for the benefit of the governed. Indeed a 
strong democratic tendency may be discovered in many passages of 
hia work 

"Crowley's editions of the Visions are printed from a MS. of 
late date' and little authority, in which the division of i>he passus ia 
extremely confused, and the whole distribution of the work per- 
plexed.* Still, it must be confessed, that, with the advantage of 
better MS8.,* the investigation of the general plan of these Visions 

I "He deacribeait u bearing date a.d. 1409. Advert, to ed. lS50."^W/tila- 
kir't tmtt. Bat thii catml}' begs the whole question. Ciowley't irords (to be found 
in PreT. II. p. niii) diitinctl; imply tbat the date a.d. 1409 appeared in an ■ aun- 
cieat eopye ' which ' it cbaaoced bim to le' rather than in ttie one which he chOM 
to print &om. Betidea, the B-teit waa not written till a.d. 1377. 

* All pure aaaertion and aaanmptioa. I find nothing of the kind. 

> For 'better' read Mater', rather; aince the C-teit is later than the B-Uit. 
Beaidea, Whitaker'a ' M8. B ' (Phitlippa 6'ia2) ia reiill;r lite, confuaed, and bad. 



is not irithoat ila difficnltiee. The work is altogether the most ob- 
■cmB in tbe English language, both with respect to phraseolog^r,' to 
the immediate connection of the author's ideas, and to the leading 
diviaions of the subject. .... 

" All these varieties [of text], howeTer, bear marks, not of the 
same spirit and genius only, but of the some peculiar and original 
manner, so that it is scarcely to be conceived that they are inter- 
polations of sacCBssive transcribers. Whatever be the cause, however, 
it may confidently be affirmed, that the text of no ancient work what- 
ever contains, so many various readings, or differs so widely &om itself. 

" To acconnt for this phenomenon, however, in the penury, or 
rather in the absence of original information relating to the author, 
we are at liberty to suppose that the first edition of his work ap- 
peared when he was a young man, and that he lived and continued 
in the habit of transcribing to extreme old age. But a man of hi» 
genius would not submit to the drudgery of mere transcription ; his 
invention and judgment would always be at work ; new abuses, aud 
therefore new objects of satire, would emei^ from time to time : 
and as a new language began to be spoken, be might, though unwill- 
ingly, be induced to adopt its modernisms, in order to make his work 
intelligible to a second or third generation of readers.^ In this last 
respect, however, it is not improbable that his transcribers might use 
some &eedome ; for while we deny tbem invention to add, we may 
at least allow thenL skill to translate.* 

" The writer of these Visions had the first, thon^ perhaps not 
the most splendid, qualification of a moral poet, an acute moral 
sense, with a vehement indignation against the abuses of public and 
the vices of private life ; to this was added a keen sarcastic humour, 
and a faculty of depicting the manners of low life with an exactness 
and felicity, which have never been surpassed, but by the great 

> Kot often in pXrattolagy ; I^ngland ia plain-spoksii enoagh. The meanings 
of iMarlj bU thl harder wards vLich he am hsTB been well ucertained, 

* Thi> u rather ft bold inggeatian, but it decerraa eoniideradoa. There ccr- 
tainlj leem to be indiotioni of SToidRaM of QBumal fomu in the latest Tenion. 
Thn^ the Tord trMiei, which oocnn in B. proL 14, it BToided by a ehan^ in the 
teit; and ftnu in B. vi. 2G9 beeomo tUynleuetiiehi in C. ii. 324. 

* See, foi euunple, the deicription of MS. Harl. S37fl oboTe. 



satirist of the prasent day.^ His conscience appears to have held 
the torch to hia nndeistanding, rather than the revene. He judges 
of addons hy feelii^, more than by indaction. His caaaistty is 
sometimes miseiahly perplexed, and his illusttationa very unhappy. 
The first of these defects is to be ascribed to his acquaintance vith 
the schoolmen, the sacond to his ignorance of claasical antiquity ; in 
his Tiews of morality an understanding naturally perspicuous vbb 
olouded by the one, while in his poveis of adorning a subject, a 
taste perhaps natnndly coarse was left wholly unpolished by the 
other. He often sinks into imbecility,* and not un&equently spina 
out bis thread of all^ory into mere tenuity. But, on other occa- 
sions, when aroused by the subject, he has a wildness of imagin- 
ation, which might have deserved to be illustrated by the pencil 
of Fnseli, and a sublimity (more especially when inspired by the 
great mysteries of revelation) which has not been surpassed by 

" He had a smattering of French, but no Italian. I have en- 
deavoured in vain to discover in these Yisioos any imitations of 
Daute, whose Inferno and Puigatorio, in some respects, resemble 
them. But the boldness of those works, which the fiimiliarity of 
the Italians with the vices of their Popes rendered tolerable, and 
even popular, beyond the Alps, would have appalled the courage of 
a tramontane satirist^ and shocked the feelings of his readers, in the 
fourteenth century. 

"To the author of these Yisione has been ascribed by some 
Protestant writers an higher inspiration than that of the muse, and 
his famous prediction of the Ml of the religious houses has invested 
him with the more sacred character of a prophet.* . . . There is just 
enough in this celebrated prediction, compared with its supposed 
fulfilment, to excite a momentary surprise. 

"The erudition of Langland, if such were really the author's 
name, besides his Saxon lit«rature, consisted in a very familiar know- 

' A footoot« npUini tbit the leTereDM ii to " Dr Crabb." 
■ Hot " often," There ii ■ long punga in C. it. 336 —409, which we ahosld 
n«w oall rerj itupid ; it may ddos haTe been highly thought ot 
• B. s. 317—327 ; ef. Fraf. II. p. miT. 



ledge of tlie Yulgate, and the schoolmen : the first of which ho ap- 
peals to quote from memory, as he frequently deviates feom the 
letter of that Teision. . . . His citations from the echoolmen I am 
unable to trace." 

Text and Paraphraae. The text ifl printed in black letter, with- 
oat punctuation, the marks of contractiou uot being expanded, but 
represented as they occur in the MS. It follows his ' M9. A ' (the 
very one here reprinted, and called P) thiougbout, without any 
editorial emendations. The numerous mistakes (many of them of 
slight moment) are due to his having understood the text bat imper- 
fectly, and to his not always understanding the scribe's characters. 
Despite his evidences of care, there are some strange instonces of 
inaccuracy. For example, some of the proper namea and all the 
Latin quotations are written in red charactors in the MS. In 
W taitaker's text, most of the proper names and all the Latin quota- 
tions are printed in red letters. I confess I was much surprised to 
find that, in tbe case of the proper uamee, the words printed in red 
lettoiB are no sort of guide to the words written in red letters ; 
indeed, the deviations of the print from the MS. are so frequent in 
this reepect that the task of rectification became irksome ; and as no 
good result came of it (for the scribe is very capricious, and even 
writes words in red which are not names at all), I had no choice but 
to abandon all notice of this peculiarity. In a similar way, Dr 
Whitaker's use of capital letters is no guide to the scribe's nse of 
them. He also frequently puts c for the u of the MS., and vice 
vertd. He also frequently (by a misreading) tarns itt into ui, n into 
u, u into n, ni or ui into m, or m into ni. All this may be suffi- 
ciently illustrated by the line ending~"^eT comseji a myghto" (C.ii. 
162) ; the signification being — " there commenceth a might." This, 
in Whitaker's edition, appears in the form — "^erconise)* Almyghto;" 
where the m has become ni, the small a a capital A, an I has been 
inserted, and tiie new formation Almyglite printed in red letters, 
whereas the MS. reading a myghte is in black letters. The more 
important errors in Whitaker's text are pointed out in the Critical 
Notes below, pp. 449 — 466 ; the rest can be ascertained by collating 
his text with the text here printed. 

=dbv Google 


The ParajArase occapiea ttie lowest quarter of each page. It is 
R very full one, and might easily, by a little more expansion, have 
been turned into a verbal tianslation. A& it is, however, the side- 
notes to the present edition give very nearly as much help, and it 
is, &om the nature of the case, rather poor reading as compared with 
the original. Some of the explanations in it aie truly amazing, as is 
pointed out in my Critical Kotes. I shall only quote here, as an 
illustration, the explanation of the phrase " Jwr coniscf Almyght*," 
vrhich has just been cited. The paraphrase here actually recognises 
the words a myghte of the MS., and sajrs accordingly — " there teach- 
eth a mighty one." There is an entiy in the Olognary to the effect 
that eonier. means " to teach, ie. to cause to con or know." 

The Note* occupy only 16 pages. The most valuable ones are 
those which give readings from bis ' MS. B ' (PhiUipps 8352) and 
'MS. C (Oriel MS.). Many remarks in them are wrong, as is shewn 
in the Critical Kotes in this volume. The explanatory hints in them 
am very few. 

The Qlo»aary is by far the worst part of the book. It extends 
to little more than 10 pages, doable columns, of not very close type, 
and explains about 350 words ; but the mistakes in spelling and 
interpretation are very numerous. Moreover, there are no references 
given. The entry " Sfelsam, probably a bag or purse," for example, 
completely baffles me ; I con find no such word in Whitakei's text, 
nor, indeed, elsewhere. 

I cannot, however, close my notice of this edition without ob- 
serving that it is, in its way, a great work. The attempt to represent 
the MS. so exactly was well meant, and sometimes, even in the more 
obscuie passages, is closely carried out ; whilst the Paraphrase well 
brings out the general sense of the poem. However defident 
Whitaker's edition may seem to othen, I can truly say that to me it 
has been invaluable ; and but for the help it has afforded me, the 
difficulty of my task would have been at least doubled. From the 
first moment of undertaking the comparison of the three texts, I 
have always had it at hand to refer to, and have referred to it hun- 
dreds of times ; and many are the difficulties which a mere referaQce 
to it has solved. If there are numerous inaccnrocies, the desira to 


be (tccnrate u none the less clear ; and it is frequently in the hardest 
passages that the print ia most correct. I cannot conclude this 
paragraph without acknowledging, in the fullest and most thankful 
manneT, my very great obligations to Dr Whitaker'a edition. To 
have succeeded in patting forth a book in so expensiTe a fonn and 
involving so many difGcultiefl in Uie printing, at a time vrhen the 
general interest in philology was so shght, must have required a 
high degree of energy and perseverance ; two qualities for which 
Dr Whitaket was certainly remarkahle. 


A biographical memoir of Dr Whitaker baa lately been written 
hy iit J. Gough N^ichols, who has kindly made me a present of a 
copy of the same. The short notice of him here given is compiled 
from that work, to which I refer the reader for further information.* 

Thomas Cunham Whitaker was bom in the parson^e-honse of 
Bainham, Korfolk, June 8, 1759. His father, the Rev. William 
Whitaker, was at that time curate of Bainham, bat removed in 
1760 to an estate at Holme, near Bnmley, in Lancashire. He com< 
menced residence at St John's CoU^, Cambridge, in Nov., 1775, 
took the degree of LLB. in 1781, and commenced studying civil 
law. But in 1782, on the death of hia father, he succeeded to the 
paternal estate, and turned his attention to divinity. He wa« 
ordained deacon in 1785, priest in 1786, and in 1797 was licensed 
to the perpetual curacy of Hobne on hie own nomlnatioi^ In 1799, 
he qualified as a magistrate for the county of Lancaster, and in 1801 
as a magisliate for the West Biding of Yorkshire. In 1809 he waa 
presented to the Vicarage of Whalley, and in 1818 to the Vicar^e 
of Blackburn ; both of which appointments he held till his death, 
which took place on the 18th Dec., 1821, in the 63rd year of his 

His writings are very numerous, and some of his works are on a 
large scale. He was the author of many published sermons, a list of 

> Bii^nphkal Memoin of Tbomu DuDhun Whitaker, by J. Ooogh Nicholi, 
prtfli«d to m Dew adition of Whitaker'a Hiitorj of Whallef . Bee bIm ui aioellent 
■olioe of Wliitaket in the Engliih Cyclopedia. 



which is given hy Mr Nichols (p. iii, note 2) ; also of nnmetotis 
articles in the Quarterly fieviev, from 1809 to 1819 ; see Mr 
fTichola' list (p. xxix). One work of his is in Latin, in the style of 
Tacitus, who was his favourite author ; it is entitled " De Motn per 
Btitanniam Cirico," and treats of the famous rebellion of 1745 ; it 
was published in 1809. Amongst the works edited by him aie 
"The Life and Oiigioid Correspondence of Sir Geo. RadcUffe, Knt, 
LL.D., the Mend of the Earl of Strafford," Ito. 1810 ; the Sermons 
of Hi Edwin Sandys, formerly Archbishop of York, with a life of 
the author, 8vo. 1812; Piers the Plowman (C-t«xt), 4to. 1813; 
and Fierce the Plonghmans Crede (a mere reprint of Wolfe's edition 
of 1550), 4to. 1814. But his fame must rest rather on his anti- 
quarian works, collections, and editions, such as ' A History of the 
original parish of Whalley and the honoor of Clitheroe, in the 
counties of Lancaster and York,' 4to. 1801, reprinted in 1806, and 
agtun in 1818; 'History of the Deanery of Craven,' royal 4to. 1805, 
reprinted in 1812 ; a new edition of Thoreeby's 'Dncatos Leodi- 
nensis, or the Topography of Leeds,' foL 1816; 'Loidiaand Elmete; 
or, an attempt to illustiate the Districts described in these words by 
Bede,' viz. Aredalo, Wharfdale, and the vale of Calder, in Yorkshire, 
4to. 1816 ; Appendix to the same, 1821 ; also a part of the History 
of Yorkshire, comprehending Kichmondshiie and Lnuedale, pub- 
lished after his death, 2 vols, foh 1823. It is worthy of remark 
that the last of these, and some others, contain plates from landscapes 
by no less an artist than Tomer. 

It is clear that Di Whitokei attempted far too mnch ; his pro- 
jected designs were always on a grand scale, and the performance 
fell short of what he intended. The most defective of his topo- 
graphical works b the History of Bichmondshire, bat this may 
&irly be attributed to ite having fallen, after bis death, into in- 
competent hands. 

He was remarkable for great warmth and enthusiasm, and for 

restless enei^ and activity in all his duties, whether clerical, 

magisterial, or editorial He formed and carried out many plans for 

the benefit of the clergy in his district,' and it is recorded that " hia 

I Gsnt Haga. 1820, toL xo. pL U. p. iOi. 



extempore eloquence in the polpit vaa lapid, energetic, and impres- 
Bive." A apeech of his, delivered at Blackburn, Monday, Feb. 10, 
1817, is printed in the Gentleman's Magazine, yiA. Ixxxvii, pt. i. p. 
213 ; and stronglj expiessee his conservative opinions. Heiecetved 
a testimonial for his serrices as a magistrate in April, 1621, not long 
before his death. Of his behavioni in troublons times Mr Hicbols 
records the fdloirii^ anecdote. 

" Scarcely a year befbre his death there was a tnm-ont of tho 
colliers of Altham, Fadiham, and Hapten, who assembled in lai^ 
nambera at Padiham, threatening to march riotonsly into Burnley. 
Many parties recommended that they should not be allowed to ap- 
proach the town, but that they should be dispersed by the military. 
Dr Whitaker, although an invalid, drove into Burnley on the day 
when the colliers were expected, and declared that he weald not 
order the militaiy out, until he had tried, in person, to persuade the 
mob to return.* Accordingly he met them near Gannow, a mile out 
of the town, in a poet-chaise ; he was there helped into the driver's 
seat, from whence he harangued them so successfully that they agreed 
to go home quietly ; and such was the rtspect paid to him when 
he had finished, that the strong rough men lifted him down, like a 
child, and told him, ' Doctor, put your foot here ; we will take care 
that you shall not he hurt'" 

It was this effort that helped to bring on the attack of paralysis 
from which he never recovered. 

His chief amusement was in superintending plantations. His 
son iscorda that " he came into the poeseesion of a tree-denuded 
eetato, where there were not above six or seven acres of wood upon 
it, and he left it covered with thriving plantations of all eizes, and 
trees of various growth. It was the finest larch in the Old Clough, 
planted by himself, that was felled to form his coffin, which was 
hewn out &om its bulk like a canoe, accordii^ to bis own direc- 
tions given to hia bailiff William Edmundsou." Mr Edmundsoii 
thus narrates the stoiy. "On the 2lBt Aug. 1821, the doctor sent 
for me from the hay-field, to go with him into the wood'— and when 

■ Thii remindi oaa of Algernon HordBimt in Lord Lfttoo's norel of 'Dia> 

=dbv Google 


we got there, lie walked to the aide of a larch-tree, and said, 
' WUliam, I planted this tree with m; own hands, and intend to 
have my coffin made of it ; have yon your two-foot in yoor pocket ) ' 
I said I had. 'Then,' saya he, ' meaaure it.' Afterwards he tamed 
his back to the said tree, closed his arms up, and said, ' Will it hold 
my body when it is hollowed oat of the solid 1 ' I replied, ' It will 
be little enough ; ' and he immediately obeerved — ' The tree is growing 
bigger, and I am growing less.' " 

I hope this brief aocoant of a good and worthy man will not be 
deemed ont of place here. It seemed to me unbecoming to re-edit 
the latest text of Pieia the Plowman, partly by help of the 
materials which be has supplied, without some tribute to hia evident 
enthusiasm for his author,' or without an expression of sincere 
respect for hia memory. 


The following lemarka (like thoss in Fief. IL p. xxxix) apply 
only to the/orat of the poem, not to ita eui^eel-matter. The A-text 
shewed the poem aa originally sketched, the laat or twelfth Faasua 
being extant in one US. only. The B-text is frequently found 
perfect in the MSS., and ia distinguished by the cloaenesa with 
which all the best MSS. agree. The C-text MSS. are frequently 
imperfect, aome at the beginning, some at the end, and some in the 
middle. It ia just possible that, in the case of the MSS. from 
which leaves have been torn out, there may have been aome paseage 
which particularly attracted notice ; but thia ia not clear. Fassus 
xiv. — xviiL seem to have suffered moat in thia way. The agreement 
between the MSS. of the C-text ia not ao cloae, apparently, aa in the 
cose of the B-text ; but thia is chiefly owing to the uumeroua varia- 
tions in MS. F., and to the dlatinction between the MSS. of sub- 
class a and those of anb-class b. If we consider those of sub-class a 
only, we thus have several MSS. agreeing even in very minute pai- 

1 A letter propodng ■ nvw e^tion of Fien the Flowmui appeared in tlie Gentle- 
maa'a Magazine, for NoTember, 1787, dateiLNoT. 12,u]dngDedT. H. W. I hare 
no donbt, ft«m its conlmti, that it i^ WhitaksT'i, in ipite of the miiprint in the leoond 



ticulare ; and it ie, on the whole, true for this text also, that " con- 
jectural emendations " are, as a rule, entirely out of the question, and 
that the readings I have given are, aa a matter of fiict, supported by 
mnch stronger evidence than I have actually adduced. Those who 
venture to question a reading will of course, in the first inetance, ex- 
amine the readings of the MSS. which I hare not cit«d, especially of 
the better onee, and vrill commonly find, as I believe, that the few 
corrections introdaced in the text are more strongly supported than 
they had supposed. Besides which, reference must be mode to the 
two former t«xt8 wherever they furnish parallel passagea. It may 
Bometimee happen that a line stands the same in all three texts, and 
that there is no footnote recording any variation in it. The reader 
should endeavour to realise what this means. On the face of it, it 
means that the line occurs in the same form in some twenty M8S. ; 
bat it really means much more. For, in such cases, the uncited 
MS8. commonly agree with the rest, and thus the said line rests on 
the authority of nearly forty isther than of twenty MSS. only. In 
other words, there can be no doubt in such cases of the true reading, 
however ohacnre it may seem. Wherever difficult words occur, I 
have frequently recorded the spellings of several MSS., even though 
they do turf materially differ, in order to make it clear to the reader 
that the reading^ gives is no misprint ; and I have also often con- 
flulted other MSS. which I have not cited. Thus, if any one 
should suppose the word eyOie% in C. xxii. 373 is a mistake for 
sometiiiiig else, he is requested t« observe that it is spelt ej/tket, 
eipet, aithet, or ayfei (all much the same) in sixMSS. at least; and 
my impression is that it is also so spelt in at least six MSS. more. 
The beet way in such cases is to accept the reading as genuine ; and 
instead of saying, with Whitaker, that "this word nowhere occurs, 
and the alliteration requires ' that we read teyihs, meaning, perhaps, 
teeth ; i e. of harrows," I should prefer to subtest that it seems to 
throw some light on the mysterious word "Aitker, a ploughing," 

' Tbe alUtsration reqnina, on the wmtrary, tfant the word ahonld begin with 
a Towe), or • dipbthong ; the ' chief-letter ' is the o in oUt. Cf. O.Frie*. tidt, ■ 
kind of hanotr or hoe ; O.H.O. igida, a harrow, O. tggi, b htrrow. Sec tiii in 



vhioh is recorded ia the "Whitby and Cleveland Glossariea. The 
text of MS. P ia peculiarly good ; and it is most satisfactory to be 
able to point to many pages in which none but the most trifling 
emendations occur ; ae the reader may easily discover for himself, 
I believe that a sufficient number of MSS. (and those the best that 
can be had) have been consulted to leader the text perfectly £rm 
and certain. There are scarcely half-a-dozen passages in vrhich any 
doubt can be said to occur. 

The C-test ia inferior to tlie B-text in general vigour and com- 
pactness. On the other hand, it is the fullest of the three texts, and 
the most carefully finished. It contains the author's last corrections 
aflei a most careful revision, and is evidently intended as a final 
form, requiring no further touches. This ia best seen in the last 
two Fassus. At first eight, they stand almost alike in the two 
latest texts ; bat closer inspection shews that the author has gone 
over them word by word, making a few slight but clear corrections 
here and there, down to the very end. Only the eighth line from 
the end (6. zx. 377 ; G. TTJii , 379) has been almost entirely recast, 
in order to improve the alliteration. It is most satisfactory to per- 
ceive that he completed his revision with a high degree of care and 
attention, that he anrvived the work, and that in all probability was 
aatiafied with it, as there ia no trace whatever of any later revision. 
If we prefer the B-text as a whole, we must never forget that the 
C-text ia the heat possible commentary upon it, and ia often, indeed, 
much more, as it contains some additional passages which it would 
be a pity to have lost, and to which I shall more particularly direct 
attention presently. 


It is remarkable that aome of the B-text passages, which contain 
allusions to places and events, have been expunged in the revision ; 
but we gun, on the other hand, a most interesting autobiographical 

AUiaioni to himself. Of the allusions to himself in the B-text, 
ha retains the allusion to his name " Wille ; " see YII. 2. He 
speaks of his wife Kitto and daughter Calote, XXI. 473. He shews 



liimself acquainted with the mode of drawing up a l^al document. 
XrV. 117 — 120. Bat he omits, probably by intention, the allnaion 
to his nickname of " Long Wille ; " * the mention of his ^ j his 
ootward bearing ; hia knowledge of French. 

On the other hand, he now telle us that he lived in London 
many long years, XVII, 286 ; Tiz, in a cot on Comhill, VI. 1. 
He has a new aUosion to his wife Kitte, TI. 2. Lady Holy- 
chnrch no longer addresses him merely as her son (R i. 6), but 
calls him by his name "Wille," II. 5; concerning which substi- 
tution it should be noted that MSS. I and B retain the " aone," in 
accordance with the remark already made, that MSS. of sub-class b 
are earlier in form than those of sub-class a. And in more 
places than one he shews a knowledge of the law, particularly 
in his eipIanatioQ of a particular point of "Westminster law," 
XL 239. But most of all are we indebted to the long passage 
at the beginning of Passus YI, wherein he tells us that, when he 
was young, his father and Mends put him to school, VL 36 ; and 
that since his friends died, he has found no life so pleasant as one in 
the " long clothes " of an ecclesiastic, VI. 41 ; he lives not only in 
Ijondon, bat upon London, VI. ii ; his tools of labour being his 
Paternoster and Primer, his Placebo and his Dirige, his Psalter and 
his Seven Pealms, YI. 47. Thus he sings for the souls of them that 
help him, living now with one, now with another, welcomed wherever 
he comes, so that he begs, as it were, without the bag and bottle 
such as beggars generally carried, having no receptacle for food but 
his stomach only, VI. S2. He adds, that clerks should not be made 
to do the work of knaves, and that no deik ought to receive 
tonsuie unless he be the son of a franklin or free man, VI. 54 — 64. 
He regrets the time he has misspent, VI. 93. The whole passage 
{VI. 1 — 108) deserrea to be read carefully. 

AUasioTis to places. Of the places enumerated as referred to in 
the B-text, he retains hia allusions to Malvern hills, I. 6, 163 ; X. 
295 ; to "Walsingham, I. 52 ; Winchester fair, VIL 211 ; the pass 
of Alton, XVII. 139 ; Hertfordshire, VIL 413 ; St Thomas's shrine, 
VIII. 201 ; Dunmow, XL 276 ; Chester, VIII. 11 ; London, I. 83, 
' For Tcfer^ncei totbB B-teit, gee Pre/. II. p. il. 

^tv Google 


89 ; ni. 148, 169 ; TIL 96 ; Cock Lane, SmithfielJ, VII. 366 ; 
Tybuin, SV. 130; Southwatk, TIL 83; Westminflter, IIL 174; 
IT. 13; XXIIL 284; Weetminster Hall, XXHL 133; Court of 
AtcImb, IIL 61; XXIIL 136; the river Thames, XT. 104; 
Avignon, XXII. 424; Lacca, IX. 109 ; besides allusions to Eome, 
Gollicia, Bruges, Fnusia, Babylon, Alexandria, &c. ; to which com- 
plete leferencee will be supplied hereafter. 

But it is noticeable that he has omitted aeTeral of the more par- 
ticnlar allusions, as if he bad eome design of rendering his words of 
lesB particalar application. He no longer mentions Norfolk, or BioiU' 
holm (at least not in the same connection), Stratford, Cheapside, 
Garlickbithe, Shoreditcb, Normandy, Cahus, Roquemadour. Instead 
of Buokingbamshire, be has Banbury, IIL 111 ; and instead of 
Abingdon, the vague term " Engelonde," thus considerably spoiling 
hia famous prophecy, TL 177. 

But be has a new aUnsion to Tyburn, TIL 368 ; to Winchester 
fiiir, XIT. S2 ; to St Giles's down, the hill on the east side of the 
city whereon the said fair was held, T. 61 ; and to the Court of 
Arches, III. 186 ; also a particular allusion to London, XVII. 
286. He also mentions Coife Castle, IT. 140. 

AUutione to circumstances. The allusion which, in the A-text 
at least, was meant for Edward II., is now made almost equally 
applicable to Edward III. ; see IT. 163. Beferences are retained to 
the use of nobloB, IT. 47 ; the battle of Cre^y, XT. BO ; the 
peatilences, TI, 116; tiie storm of wind, TI. 117; and toWycliffe's 
traushition of the Bible, XI. 88. 

But the particular reference to the treaty of Br^tigny is done 
away with ; and ao likewise is the reference to John Chichester as 
mayor of London. The allusion to the fourth peatilenco is accord- 
ingly mods more vague, by turning the words " ])e pestilence " 
(B. xiiL 348) into " pestilences," XTI. 218. The retention of the 
phrase 'yf ich regne eny wbyle' (B. iv. 177; C. v. 171) deaervea 

On the oUier band, there appears what I believe to be an allusion 
to tbe quarrel between the king and the Ixindoneia, T. 194 ; an 
allusion to certain forms of injustice, T. 189; a dear and bold 

L;, .,,:t,C.OLH^IC 


nbuke (tf tho king's folly, XT. 203—313 ; Mnta on tbe iniquity of 
aelling a kingdom or duchy, IV. 2i5 ; ' an attack on false miracles,* 
L 100} and on the iroiahip of images, L 119. 

It deeerres to bo added here, that the C-text MSS. speak some- 
times of Jive oidera of mendicant friars, instead of the usual foor 
Olden of the previons texts. The fifth order is, I suppose, that of 
the Crutehed Friais ; but why they should have been counted in at 
this period rather than at any other is a problem which still remains 
nnaolred. For references, observe " alle fyue ordres," X. 343 ; " pe 
fyna meDdynanne," XVI. 81. Yet we alao find "alle fie foui« 
ordrea" in a passage very near the beginning of the poem ; I. 66. 

{ 11. DlALBCr OF THH C-TK2T. 

The various MSS. of the C-text fully bear out the opinions I 
bare already expressed (Fref. IL p. xli) about the dialect of the 
poem. They enable us to ascertain, beyond all reasonable doubt, 
that the dialect of the Vernon MS., choeen as the basis of the A- 
text because it was on the whole the best US. of its class, is not the 
dialect of the author, but has been Southemized by the scribe. 
Thus the Vernon liIS. is, compared wiUi all the test^ far too uniform 
and i^jular in its grammatical fomks, and represents an " improved " 
text, in a dialect superior to that which the poet himself would have 
used. I can now repeat, with increased confidence, that he certainly 
used a mixed dialect, one peculiarity of it being that the endings 
-tn and -eth both occur in the plural indicative, the former being the 
more common. The following are instances of plurals in -m which 
occur, not only in MSS. L and W of the B-tjpe, but in MS. P of 
the C-tjrpe also. Plurals in -en in Passus i j holden, 30, marchen, 
SI, partem, 79, lyen, 89, tertien, 90, tdlea, 90, eitten, 94, demm, 94. 
Kuials in -eth, at the end of a line, deelroyef, 24, pryoep, 34, eojinep, 

iTkelui^iui^utooTagaarorthepaTticulsralliMionlobetkUnnined. In 1 SOS, 
aeooc^sg to Wdiinfchan, CberboniK ma reatorsd to tb« iaag of Kanrre, who had 
plcdgvd it to Bicbard for 31,000 marki, but liad then repaid llie ism bDirnwed. la 
KaliCf, Biehard tlma only reeeived back a lum which he had lent, but it may 
nailj hara Hemed to hia diaaffwted people ti if he «u aattiog Cberboncg for ae 
naeh mone;. 

■ Walnngham narrates the perforaiance of miraclea at Wj^maodham, Bridlington, 
El;, Cambridge, and Bt Atbau'i, all about tj>. 1S89. 

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Ixxii PBBPACB m, — TEXT a 

30. We also find -en cut down to the umplu finid -e, as in choppe, 
64. The third poison singular of week verba ende in -eds, as in 
lenede, 8, waitede, 16 ; but also in -ed, as iapreehed, 66, ehasted, 
110, eostned, 209. In the plural, we find the endings -eden, as in 
likeden, 70, kndeden, 71 ; often shortened to -ede, as in lytiede, 70, 
pteynede, 81 ; and sometimes even to -ed, as in assented, iii. 68, 
parailed, iii. 221 ; although plurals in -ed are less common in this 
MS. than plurals in -ede. It ma^ be doubted, however, when the 
plural ends in -ede, if it is meant that the last -« is to be sounded ; 
for it is B common fault in this MS. F onlj (very seldom in other 
MSS. of the C-type) that Uie past participle is made to end in -eds 
instead of -ed; a fault which I have often not hesitated to correct, 
when all the other MSS. exhibit the true ending in -ed. See, fur 
instance, the form makede (in MS. F), iii 73, where all the otber 
MSS, correctly have maJced, a reading which I have accordingly 
adopted. For examples of past participles in -ed, observe auauneed, 
ii. 189, encombred, ii. 193, hasped, ii. 193, &c. Sometimes we find 
the ending -id, as in amaisMd, iiL 167 ; or -yd, as in yiermenyd, ii, 
93, lackyd, iii. 21. In past tenses of strong verbs, we find the long 
vowel denoted sometimes by its being doubled, as in tmerleep, L 
169 ; leep, iiL 69 ; but sometimes by the addition of e, as in skope, 
iiL 177. Sometimes the lengthening of the vowel^ound is not 
indicated, as in lep, iiL 225. In a similar manner, we find fote for 
foot, IL 119; but also fet instead of feel, iiL 193. I may here 
observe that the forms caJde, ealden, for " colled," are very common 
in the C-text MSS. It deserves to be noticed that the endings of 
weak verbs in the past tense are, in Old English, various, and 
depend in a great measure on the form of the stem. If we take -ecfe 
(dissyllable) as the standard ending of the third peraoa singular in 
the past tense of a weak verb, this ending may be abbreviated 
into -ed, or into -de, or may disappear altogether. In both the 
former cases, the termination is often written in the form -ede, even 
when only one of the ees is sounded, and it is not always easy 
to say which. Thus eaUede may be a dissyllable, but we cannot, as 
it stands, say which « is to be ^nored. But when some scribes 
continually write called or cnlUd or ccdUjd or eaUud, as well as 


eaUede, we know, that, to them, it is the final e that disappears ; 
uid when other acribea write eaUede or calde indifferentlj, 
we may infer that, to them, it Ib the medial e that disap- 
pears. Even in the case of the same scribe, the practice varies 
vith the stem ; we may sometimea fairly infer that the scribe who 
was familiar with the sound loifde (for louede = loved) may, in the 
case of some other verb (say callede, foT example) have preferred 
called. In some cases, the termination tends to disappear. Take, 
for example, such a stem as command. The past tease, normal form, 
is eomaund-e-de or eomand-e^e, which could be abbreviated either to 
eomawided or to comautul-de. The former is the fonn found in 
Piers the Plowman ; see, e. g. eomawtdid, C. it 20. But the latter 
seems to have been current also, and on account of its inconvenient 
shape, soon became abbreviated to comaund simply, as in L 2557 of 
the alliterative Troy-Boke. See, on this point, Sir F. Madden's 
note to William of Paleme, L 347. I have purposely thrown out 
this hint becaose I believe the question requires a much further 
investigation of a careful character ; it is not enough to give -ede as 
a past-tense ending ; we have to consider also the ways in which 
this -ede can be abbreviated ; and I believe it will be found that the 
method of abbieviation is very various, dependii^ as it does 
on three variable elements, viz. (1) the stem, (2) the dialect, and (3) 
the dat& 

Just as in Uie B-text, we find the contractions ryt for ridetk, 
rett for reefeth, L 186; and the like. One. very noteworthy con- 
traction is that of rat or ret for rede^, iv. 410 ; a contraction which 
actually puzzled the scribes in one passage, where two of them have 
turned rat into pal, xiv. 5. We also frequently find infinitives in 
-*e, -|M, or -y, as doeye, i. 133, aany, ii. 80, kongy, vii 238. I do 
not recall instances in which the prefix /- or ^ is used with a past 
tense, but it is common with past participles ; yet these are also 
used witlumt the prefix, as tried, it 81. The present participle 
almost always ends in -ynff or -iny ; yet, just as in the B-text, a few 
stray examples of the ending -tnd or -ynd are found ; as clogyndi; i. 
132, the infinitive being elosye, I 133. We still find plural 
adjectives (of French origin) in -e«, as in cardinalet, L 132. 



But there is one pecaliarity of some at least of the C-text liISS. 
'which deserres special notice, and that is, the tendency to tbs 
Weeten fomu in -w«. Some MSS., as F and S, abound with them ; 
and they occnr even in the text, aa eterkaa, L 141. Thej are also 
conspicaons in MS. H, of the A-type. Even &oin this we may 
canjectnre aomething. It seems not improbable that, juat as the 
author once came ^m the West of Sngland up to London, so later 
in life he returned from London to the West of England. This 
supposition explains (I) his mention of the Malvern hills ; (2) his 
familiarity with London ; and (3) his language in the C-tezt, in 
which he speaks of his residence in London as if it were a thing of 
the past. Hence, also, we are not surprised to find that, in 1399, he 
passed through Bristol; see Kichard the Bedelea, prol. 2. The 
present text abounds also with the use of hu» for lii», and hue for 
the. The forms of the feminine personal pronoun are singolarly 
diverse in the MSS. MS. F almost always has kite ; E invariably 
has ;o; I has«c/i«; F hasscAe, tckto, heo; G commonly heo ; see 
ii. 10, footnote. 

On the whole, the dialect of MS. L (the basis of the B-text) 
and that of MS. P (that of the C-tezt) do not much differ, and 
both probably represent, with sufficient approximation, the dialect 
of the author ; which MS. V (the basis of the A-text) certainly 
does not 


The Text is, as has been explained, mainly from MS. P 
(Phillipps 8231), but has a few alterations and additional lines fkim 
other MSS., enclosed within square brackets. The rejected readings 
of MS. P will be found in the footnotes. A few tUght variations in 
spelling have been made without the constant use of square bnckcts, 
but it is only in such cases as have been pointed out in. the descrip- 
tion of MS. P above, and there also the rejected spellings of P will 
be found in the Tootnotea. The additional lines from other MSS. 
are very few. The contractions that appear in P are not at all fre* 
quent ; they are denoted by the use of italic Icttci's, as in " somtro " 
in the first line, where the MS. haa " som'e," with the usual upward 
curl representiog er between the m and e. All the Latin words 


aad qnotatiooa, and one or two Frenck quotations (xiv. 205, 206 ; 
xviii. 163, 164) are printed in italics, but the contractiana in the 
Latin qaot&tions are not expressed hy any alteration of type, aa 
there can be no doubt about the readings. 

The metrical mark which occura in the middle of each line in 
the MS. ia denoted in this edition by an "inverted" fuU-etop. It 
marks the place where a alight pause occurs in Trading, and is 
frequently equivalent to a comma. In the Cotton MS. (M), it Is de- 
noted by a large red dot See alao the facaimile prefixed to this text. 

The lines in each Fassns are numbered separately. The Ijktin 
quotations are not reckoned as lines, except when in veree ; other- 
wise they are " set back." When reference has to he made to 
them, they are denoted, in the latter case, by the number of the 
English line which precedes them. The punctuation is wholly my 
own. Br Whitaker's edition, intended as a close imitation of the 
US., ia not punctuated at alL 


The list of M89. quoted in the footnotes may he hriefly repeated. 
They are P (Phillipps 8231, the text) ; E (Laud 656) ; I (Ilcheater 
MS.) ; M (Cotton or Museum MS.) ; F (Camb. Univ. Lib. Ft 6. 
25); G {Camb. Univ. Lib. Dd. 3. 13); S (Corpus 293) ; B (Bodley 
814); K (Kenelm Digby 171); T (Trin. Coll Camb. E. 3. 14). 
Brides which the italic / occura, referring to the passage which 
appears a second time in the Uchester MS., as noted in the de- 
scription of that MS. Of these, E, I, M, F, 3 have been collated 
throughout, except where gape occur in them. The collation with 
B ceases at iii. 128, and even before that only oetaaioncd readings 
are cited from it The collation with T begins at xii. 297. The 
collation with 'S. extends from xii. 1 to xri. 65. Readings from Q 
an cited only occasionally. The number of MSS. on which the 
text is based varies from five to nine, the most usual number being 
KX or seven. The readings of least importance are those of G. 
The MS. which difiere from the text most frequently is F. The 
principles upon which the various readings are given have been 
folly explained in Pref. I, p. xxix. 




The tbick nnmbers (ClaTendon-tTpe) in the margin refer to the 
pagei of vol. L and toL iL Those which refer to vol. i. have A pre- 
fixed to them; hut they necessarily cease to occur after p. 212, as 
the A-text extends no further. Those which refer to vol ii. have B 
prefixed to them as far as to the end of Pass. xii. p. 214. After 
this, the single namber is of course sufBcient, as the A-text has con- 
siderably less than 1 70 pages, and there can therefore be no doubt 
as to which is meant For example, if this volume be opened at p. 
119, the mark B 231 opposite 1. 430 signifies that the parallel 
passage to IL 430 and 431 occurs on p. 231 of the B-text j the mark 
B 77 opposite I. 432 signifiee that the parallel passage to 1. 432 and 
the lines following occurs on p. 77 of the B-text ; whilst the mark 
A 64 B 78 opposite L 436 signifies that the corresponding line occurs 
at the top of p. 64 in vol i., and near the top of p. 78 in vol. ii. It 
is impossible always to fit the marks so as to indicate the fimt lines 
on the pages, but thb has been done wliere practicable. 

These numbers funush a ready way of refemng from volume to 
volume, and can be nsod for any pair of volumes, or for all three, 
starting from any one of them. ~Eot example, let vol L be in band, 
and let it be required to compare the confession of Envy on p. 55 
with the same confession as it stands in the other teste. Open vol. 
ii. and look for 55 ; the number occurs on p. 60, and the confession 
of Envy is a few lines lower, on p. 61. Xcxt open vol. iii., and look 
for A 65 ; this occurs on p. 98, at the place songht. 

Again, let vol. ii. be in hand, and let it bo required to compare 
the description of Lady Meed, at p. 21, with the other text?. Here 
the numbers 17 and 18 in the margin at onee refer hack to the pages 
of the A-text. Next, open vol iii. and look for B 21, wliich is soon 
found in the mai^in of p. 27. 

Lastly, if voL iii. he in hand, then, wherever it be opened, the 
nnmbers in the margin refer back to the otlier volumrs, as has been 
explained. The principle of this armngeiucnt is tliat of rvfcrrir-g 
liack to what has preceded; but it will work both ways, and 
furnishes as ready a method of comparison between the texts as con 



■well be arranged It is easy enough in practice, except where the 
Tariations between the t^sts aie wide or total, 80 that no comparison 
caa well be institnted. In such cases, the reader will find a fuithei 
very convenient guide by obsemiig whether or not an obelus (f) ia 
prefixed to the side-note, as this invariably indicates the appearance 
of Deie matter. Thus, in toL iiL p. 96, the obeli prefixed to the 
first three aide-notes give warning that this passage has not occurred 
before, and it is useless to look for it in the B-tezt of A-text, though 
jnrt the one word wilnynge does happen to occur in the B-text, at 
the page indicated by the B 225 on p. 95. In the A-text, there is 
nothing like it at alL So also, in vol. iL p. 22, the obeli prefixed 
to the last six side-notes give warning that the passage has not 
occurred before, L a that it is not in the A-tezt. This simple plan 
of marking new iQatt«T will he found very useful in practice. 

I have only to add that, when a number, as B 43 on p. 65, is 
cmcloeed between marks of parenthesis, it means that it is repeated 
(see also p. 59} ; or sometimes it denotes that the page indicated is 
the nearest that can be assigned. 

I have also endeavoured, where practicable, to preserve i?ie eaine 
words in the wording of the side-notes and head-lines; as this 
ei^>edient greatly facilitates the finding of parallel passages. For 
example, turning to p. 40, the same head-line occurs in voL iL at p. 
31, and in voL i. at p. 27 ; whilst the side-notes are repeated in the 
same form of words as far as possible, the jifth side-note in vol. iii. 
p. 40 being a new one, as indicated by the obelus ; whilst the last 
jsjde-note on the page is an old one. 

The only difficulty that can occur arises from the tranapoaition of 
matter; though it is here also that the maiginal numbers are of 
most use. Thus, on p. 12i of this volume, the maif^nal notes direct 
the reader who compares this p^ with the B-tezt to turn &om p. 
82 to p. 232 on reaching L 70. But for this hint, he would be a 
very long time in finding out for himself what to do. In order to 
save trouble as far as possible, a brief account of the transposition of 
tnatter in the course of the double revision is here subjoined. 

We may first of all remark, in comparing the B-text with the 
preceding A-t«xt, that no real transposition of matter occuiSi as thq 


lixviii PBEFACB HI, — TEST C. 

numbon in the mai^in of the B-tazt an all conaecutive, though the 
ntimbeis 115, 116 do not occor, owing to the mattec on those A- 
pagea being omitted. The only number out of place is the 13S on 
p. 163 ; but this merely refen to the Latin quotation Super catlte- 
dram moygy. 

Bot, in comparing the C-tezt with the texts preceding it, tnns- 
poeitiona occur in several places. Looking at the B-numbets in 
the marginal notes to vol. iii, we observe this to be the order 
of them. 

Ckmsecviive; B 1— B S9. iTttertion {a); B 158— B 160,* vol 
iiL pp. 90—92. Cmseadive ; B 69— B 60. Truertton (S) ; B 225 
— B 887, vol. iii. pp. 95—97. Consecuiive; B 61. Iiitertum (c); 
B 827- B 228, vol. iiL pp. 98, 99. Conseeuiive ; B 83— B 67. In- 
gertion {d), imai matter previously omitted, B 80 — B 61, vol. iii p. 
104 ; immediately followed by iraeriion (e), B 226— B 829, vol. iii 
p. 105. Conteeutioe ; B 67— B 72. Insertion {/); B 229— B 831, 
vol. iiL pp. 109, 110. Consecutive {nearly) ; B 71— B 72. Inseriion 
(g); B82— B83, ToL iiL pp. 112, 113. ComeatUve; B 72— B 77. 
Ivtertion (h), only a couple of lines, B 231; vol. iiL p. 119, Con- 
teeuUve ; B 77— B 88. InseHion (i) ; B 832— B 284 ; voL iiL pp. 
124 — 127. Conxcutive; B 83— B 136, aU bat a break of a single 
B-page, viz. B 118 ; then cornea another break of one B-page, fol- 
lowed by B 137— B 139 ; then a alight recurrence to B 136 (voL 
iii. 191); after which oomes B 140— B 147; then a break of a 
couple of B-pages, followed by B 160— B 162; then a break of a 
page, followed by B 154— B 165. IiuerU<m {k) ; B 168—2 170, 
voL iii pp. 205—207. Ommouiioe; B 162—167, and B 170— B 
192, with a Blight transposition of the matter in B 172 and B 173 ; 
then, after a break of three B-pages, foUowe B 198— B 884; after 
which a considerable break ; then fcdlovrs B S37— 3 339 ; after 
which a bteak of about a p^, the matter on B 840 bearing a slight 
reeemblanoe to that a little further on in the C-tezt ; see toL iiL p. 
281; next follows B 241— B 272; then a alight break; next B 274— 
B 277 ; another break ; next B 281— B 283, fallowed by a few linu 
from B 881; next B 283 — B 308; a slight break; next B 310— 
> Which iuToka the iiuertioD A 1S8 aflat A H. 

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ntCFAOE ni. — TEXT c ]xx\x 

B 38$, where the poem enda ; eo that after page 208, in roL iiL, th« 
order of matter in the B-tezt aud C-tezt is mnch the same. 

On looking at this analysis more closely, ve see that the principal 
puaages inserted (cdl bat one) in on earlier pait of the poem than 
Wore are those marked as iruertiont (a) — (t). Looking at the <u£- 
f«eit of these, the result ia as follows. 

Inaertum (a). The saying of Pope Qregory about a fieh ont of 
water; the prophecy that a king shall one day come and reform 
religion. This is now made to form part of Iteason's sermon, instead 
of part of Scriptore'e discourse. It shortens the Utter, and comes in 
mnch more naturally as a part of the former. The change is a con- 
udenhle improvement, and skilfully managed. 

Inaertitme (h) — (t). Theee can be all explained together. It is 
qiiit« clear on what principle the poet made them ; and, if they be 
carefully examined, they will be found to be w tkUfuHy adjutted aa 
quite io exdude the euppomtv/n that any one hut himaelf could have dona 
it. This b a veiy important matter, as it asauiea us that the double 
rerisioQ of the poem is all his oum work ; and, although this might 
hare been inferred from the style and character of the writing, it is 
most satisfactoiy to have the proof of it brought home to us in a 
way that cannot well be mistaken. It is also tiie more necessary, 
becanse tliere certainly are indications that the poet inclined, at the 
lost, to the Bcrftening down and modification of some of his senti- 
ments. Mr Wright has drawn attention to Hiis in one instance, 
where he prints two short passages side by side, and draws the infet- 
enoe that " in this instance the doctrine is stated &r more distinctly 
and far man boldly in the first text than in the second ;" Wrighfs 
edition, Pret p. rar. That is to say, the poet grew more con- 
serratiTe in his ideas and more careful in his expreesions as he grew 
older ; a result so common and natural that it is not to be wondered 
at, but may be accepted as the fact. Let it not be supposed, how- 
erer, titat he in any way lost hie vigour of expression when he chose 
to exert it ; oheerve his graphic description of the life of the poor in 
London, C. x. 71 — 161 ; and his &ae attack on the revellers of 
Richard's conrt and his humorone description of the patted parlia- 
ment^ Rich. Beddes, iii. 190—238, iv. 1—73. The reader may 



pardon this digression, aa it is necessoi; to enable him to see his 
■way more clearly. "We can now return to the consideration of the 
xruertione [b) — (i), and easily understand them. 

The fact is, that in his B-tezt, the poet did, to some extent, 
enlaige upon the faTouiite and common subject of the Seven Deadly 
8ins iivice over ; once in the proper place, and a second time, in 
describing at length the character of Haukyn, the active man, a repie- 
sentative of the charactei of th^ Actiua-Uiia which it was formerly 
so much the iashion to contrast trith the Uita-Contemplatioa, in 
order to bring out the great dongeiB of a life in the world as com- 
pared with the life in a cloistet. But, on revising his work, the 
poet saw how much could be gained by combining his two sets of 
descriptions into one, at the same time making a few alterationa and 
additions ; and he has succeeded, upon the whole, in considembly 
bettering this important and characteristic portion of his poem. The 
mere statement of these alterations will now suffice to bring out and 
prove these points. 

Insertion (b) ; a description of Haukjn's prtde, now placed so as 
to form part of the description of the allegorical character of Pride. 
The reeult is that the poet now gives tteo examples of Pride ; one^ 
Pemel Proud-heart, a female character, and a second, named simply 
Pride, a male character. 

InserfioTi (c) ; a description of Haukyn's envy, now made to form 
part of the description of Envy. 

Insertions (d) and {e). The former of these is a mere removal 
of the description of Lechery to a later place among the Seven Sins j 
the latter is a description of Haukyn's lechery, which is nov made 
to supplement the previously very short description. 

Intertion (/); a description of Haukyn's cheating tricks, now 
made to form part of the description of Avarice. 

Insertion {g). This is a ramovaL A passage which formerly 
formed part of the character of Sloth, but which is rather a descrip- 
tion of Avarice, is now placed so as to form part of the character of 
Avarice. It cornea in very much better in its new place. 

Insertion {h). A few lines only, formerly descriptive of Haukyn's 
gluttony, are now made to form part of the character of Glutton. 



Jtutrtion (i); a description of Haokyn's doth, now made to fona 
part of the cliar&eter of Sloth.* 

The coutlnaoas design in all these changes mtist now be erideat. 
Pco'hape I may odd here, that, though the B-text will probably 
remain, at a tohale, the faTourite form of the poem (owing, perhaps, 
ia some messnre, to the fact of its being better known), there are 
seTend passages in which the C-text far snrpassee it. See tha 
section below on the Additions in the C-tezt. c 

To return once more to the aabject of reference from Tolome to 
volume, for the pnrpoee of comparing the texts. I have already 
shevn how tho comparison can, in general, be made. It remains to 
add a few remarks on the difficulty arising from the transposition of 
the subject-matter. 

When Tol. iiL is in htind, the difficulty doee not occur, as the 
marginal numbers are then a sufficient goide. Xeithet does much 
difficulty occur when toL l is in hand, if it be lemembered that the 
A-text passage about "the fish out of water" (toL i p. 132), not 
shifted in the B-tezt, it shifted in the C-text so as to come on p. 90 
of ToL iii All the rest of the A-toxt remains unshifted. 

But when yoL iL is in hand, it may sometimes be troublesome 
to find the corresponding passage in the C-text. The best way of 
doing this is just to bear in mind what the shiftinga mean, viz. (1) 
that Hankyn's failings are now mode to amphfy the characters of 
the Seven Sins ; and (2) that Lechery is made the fourth instead of 
the teamd of the Sins. In tact, the only references which really 
cause trouble have been already supplied, in the description of the 
intertioat above. I repeat them here, in the B-text order. 

(d) B. pp 60, 61 ; ct C. p 104 
iff) B. 82,83; et C. 112, 113. 
(a) B. 158—160 ; cf. C. 90—92. 
(ft) B. 168—170; cf. C. 305—207. 
(i) B. 225—227 ; cf. C. 95—97. 

(e) R 227, 228 ; cf. C. 98, 99. 
(e) B. 228, 229 ; ct C. 106, 

' The ehaiadar of Wnth hai been Bmplified lUo ; lint it u b; mesiu ol 
tnlirtlf anv linM. 



(f) R 229—231 ; ct C. 109, 110. 

(h) B. 23] ; c£ C. 119. 

(0 B. 232—234; cf. C. 124—127. 

This is all the help that can well be given, and will perhaps suffice. 
Yet it may very well appear, here^ler, that some portion of a B-text 
liDe has been again used, in the C-text, in a different position and 
connection. The process of revision can onlf be truly described by 
saying that the poet took his poem all to pieces, and Teconstmcted it. 
Even where he retains the some subject-matter, be variee the lan- 
guage ; whilst, on the other hand, he sometimes uses old expressions 
when dealing with new subject-matter. The nomber of minute 
differences between the Tereions is past all counting. 


Before refening to Mr Wright's edition, the place should be 
found in vol. ii The reader may then find his way oat of toL it 
into Mr Wright's by help of the directions already given in that 
Tohime ; see Pie£ IL p. ixxviii. 

Another very simple plan is to add to the number of the page in 
voL ii. its sixth part, omitting feactions ; this will give the pt^ in 
Wright's edition very nearly. Example : the qngtation Si luHnini- 
btu, ^c, occnre in voL il p. 227 ; but 22^4- 37 = 261, which is 
the page of Wright's edition Tcquiied. 

In WMtaker's edition the name of the Fassua is at the head of 
every page. Only he keeps to the separate divisions into " Piers the 
Plowman," " Dowel," " Debet," and " Dobest," The following table 
will serve as a help. 

PiEBB THB Plowuah ! Poss. L^x. ; the Same as in this volume. 
Dowel. Pass. L — vii j called in this volume Pass. xi. — xviL, 

which may be obtained by adding ten. 
DoBET. Pass, i = Pass, xviii. ; Pasa ii. = Pass. xix. ; Pass. 

iii. = Pass, ix, ; Pasa. iv. = Pass, xxi 
Dobest. Pass, i. =^ Pass. xxiL ; Pass. iL = Pass, xziii. 




The divisiaii into Passoa m tlie C-text differs considerably from 
that in the B-text, and, owing to the numerous Tariatioos it is not 
possible to shew the precise points at which the texto are equivalent 
at the commencement of each Passna. The following scheme is as 
near a representation of the parallelism of the texts as can well be 
made. Kote that tbe ttraight lines shew that the texts are almost 
identical at the points indicated, hut the waved lines shew that they 
are only approximately similar. 


Prologue. Prologue. Pass. i. 

Pass, i Pass, t Pass. iL 

Pass, ii, Pass. ii. Pass. iii. 

Pass. iiL Pass. iii. Pass, iv. 

Pass. iv. Pass. iv. Pass. v. 

{Not in A-text.) {Not in B-texi.) Pass. Ti 1—104. 

Pass. T. 1—42 Pass. v. 1—60 — „ 105—201. 

„ 43—221 „ 61—391 Pass. vii. 

„ 222— end „ 392—519 Pass. viiL 1—157. 

Pass. Ti. „ 620— cjki „ 158—306. 

Pass. Ta I, 2 ^Pass. vi. 1, 2 „ 307, 308. 

„ 3 — end „ 3 — end Pass. ii. 

Pass. Tiii ^Pass. vii. Pass. i. 

{Sere begitis the Fisitm of Dowel.) 

Pass-ix. PasB.viii. Pass. xi. 1—126. 

Pass. I. Pass. ix. „ 127— end. 

Esoa. xi. Pass. x. Pass. iii. 1 — 163. 

Pass, iii (jpeetdiar) Pass. xi. 1 — 42 „ 163 — end, 

^, 43—265 Pass. liiL 1—166. 

{Not in B-text.) „ 167— end. 

{Not in B4ext.) Pass. liv. 1—100. 
„ 278— mi — „ 101— end. 

Pass. xii. Pass. xv. 

Pass. xiu. 1—260 Pass, xvi 1—231. 




Pass. x \" , 276 — end^^Several pieces inserted 

in Paaa, vii,, viU.) 

Pass. xiv. 1—27 {Not in Oiext.) 

„ 28—131 — Paas. xvi. 2ZG—aui, 

„ 132— ««i —Pass. ivii. 1—157. 

(Hera begins Do-bet.) 

PasB. IV. 1—262 „ 158— end. 

{Here begins Do-let.) 
„ 263--end — Pass. xviu. 
Pass. x7i'v*™~"-'-~™-Pafla. xix. 

Pass. xvii. Paas. xi. 

Pass. XTJii. Paas. xxl 

(Sere begins Do-best.) (Here begins Do-best.) 

Pass. xix. Pass. xxii. 

Paae. xx. Pass, xxiii. 

This table will be found nseful for reference, and may serve to 
give some idea of the troubls taken by the author in revising bis 


Most of the passages which are peculiar to the C-text will be 
found in the Ifotee to ISx Wright's edLtion of Fiers the Plowman ; 
but as they are there printed in small type, it inay be doubted 
whether they hare received anything like the attention which they 
deserve. Moreover, they read much better in their right place, with 
their own proper context These additional passages may best be 
found by observing the numerous side-notea to which an obelus (t) 
is prefixed in this volume. To enumerate tbem all would be a long 
task, as some are but one or two linee long ; I here call attention to 
some of the more remarkable ones only. 

Pass. L 96 — 124.' The author introduces Conscience as accusing 

the pnests of idolatry or image-worship and of proclaiming false 

miracles ; they ate warned .to take example iiom the evil fate of 

Hoplini and Phineas. The following are remarkable linee, and I 

1 8m ttis obs«TT«tioii in tbe Bnt footnote on p. 7. 



give them in a modernized form. Whete vordfi are printed in italics, 
I have slightly altered the iangnage. 

" Consdence came and accused them ' (and the commons heard it), 
And said — ' Idolatry ye safler ' in sundry places many ; 
And hoxes are brought forth * y-bound with iion 
To receive ' the toll ' of untrue sacrifice. 
In meaning* of miracles ' much wax there hangeth ; 
All the world wot well ■ it mai/ not be true. 
But, for it profits you to purse-waid ' ye prelates suffer 
That laymen in misbelief ' live and die ; ' " &c. 

Pass. iL 108 — 125. Some curioua obeerrations on the fall of 
Lucifer, with speculatioas as to why be made his seat in the north 
(Isaiah xir. 14). 

" 'Lord, why would he then • tbat wretched Lucifer 
Leap [so] aloft ■ in the North side. 
Nor * sit on the sun's aide ■ where the day gloweth t * 
"Were it not for Northern men' ■ anon would I tell [you], 
But I will UaTne none living ' - quoth that lady soothly. 
' It is safer by Soutli ' where the sun reigneth 
Than in tite North, by many notes ' let none believe otherwise. 
For thither where the fiend flew ' his foot for to set, 
There he failed and fell ' and his fellows all ; 
And hell is where he ia ' and he there [is] bound ; ' " &a. 

Pass, iii 28, 29. " A briar cannot bear berries as a vine ; " &c. 

120 — 128. This passage is a good deal altered. 

129 — 136. A carious allusion to the martyrdom of St Lawrence, 
who is here said to have claimed heaven as his due, on account of 
his BoSeiings. 

181 — 189. Civil and Simony are to ride on the hacks of rectors, 
and notaries on the backs of parsons that permute often, &c. 

243 — 248. A passage directed -against appeals to the pope. 

Pass, iv, 86 — 114, ' R^raters ' or retail-dealers are pitiless, and 
expect full payment for short measure ; they provoke Qod to send 

1 Orig. midtr-lakt, "htm oied in the unie of rtetivi. 

* Orig. nunymgi; which maj beai the teaxB ot either (1) ugniBoatiini, or (2) 
lemambnnee, ntenorj, 

■ R'eMf ^^choto TBther than. 

* £mm<A, i. e. grom red, gleams, glows ; et la. 118. 

* Which iminmtM that the aothoi is Mi « Noitherner ; and that he eeuU have 
■pokeB to their diiadTimtage. 



fevers and fiie. Often fiies happen in a town thtougli the carelesa- 
neaa of biewors, oi from a neglected candle. Surely mayors ought to 
enquire carefully into the chaiactera of those vhom they make free 
of a city. 

140 — 145. ££eed is threatened vith imprisonment in Corfe 

203 — 213. An important passage, addressed to Kichard II., 
already cited and discussed in sect. 4 above ; p. xvL 

236 — 2S8. Another important passage, on the duty of a king 
towards Ms people. 

292 — 415. A passage of that subtle and simile^eeklng character 
which was no doubt once highly esteemed, but to us seems tedious and 
puerile. The author undertakes to establish parallels between the 
two kinds of Meed and the two kinds of grammatical relation. In 
tone and style it is much like another tedious passage in which the 
mystery of the Trinity ia exemplified by reference to a man's hand 
or to a blaring torch, which firat appears in the B-text (xvii. 135 — 
249). Any one who carefully compares these passages (i. e. if he 
thinks it worth his while) may easily see that the writer of one of 
them would be just the man to write the other. In other words, 
we cannot well put aside this passage as not genuine, because the 
author has already previously committed himself by penning a pas- 
sage equally duIL 

Pass. V. 60 — 65. Contains an allusion to St Giles's down, 
Winchester, where a great i^ir used to be held. 

187 — 196. An attack upon certain modes of injustice, and an 
allusion to the king's attempt to borrow money of the Lombards ; 
already cited and discussed in sect. 4 above ; p. xvii. 

Pass. vi. 1 — 108. The autobiographical passage already mentioned 
in sect. 10 above ; p. Ixix. 

187 — 197. There was perfect unity in heaven till Lucifer 
rebelled ; so also men who dislike unity cause trouble to a realm. 
The pope is entreated to have pity upon holy church. 

Pass. viL 14 — 29, 33 — 40, An amplification of the description 
of Pride. 

66 — 68. An amplification of the description of Envy. 


106 — 118, 143 — 150. An amplification of the deacription of 
WntiL Note the aU->aion to peirs, perhaps the earliest one in 
English literattue. 

" Among wives and widows * I am wont to sit, 
T-parked in pews ; * the parson knows it, 
How little do I lore ■ Letice at-tfae-Stile ; 
Because she had holy bread ere I - mj heart began to change ; 
Afterward at meat - she and I chid ; " &c 

176, 177; 190—195. An amplification of the description of 

258, 259; 291—293; 309—315; 331—333. On the sin of 

Pass: viii. 145 — 149. An addition to the prayer of Repentance. 

257 — 260, God will " charge Charity to make a church in thy 
heart, wherein to harbour truth ;" &c. 

292 — 306. Sinners begin with one accord to make excuse ; one 
says, * I have bought a farm ; ' another, ' I have bought five yoke of 
osen ; ' a third, ' I have married a wife.' 

Pass, ix. 136 — 138. "Your prayers might help, if ye wer^ 
perfect ; but God wills that no deceit should be found in folk that 
go a-b^^ing." An important passage, because it shews that the 
modem phrase to " go a-begging " was represented in Old English 
by " gon a-begged," " gon abeggeth," or " gon and beggen." It ia 
probable that the form abegged is not really a past participle, but a 
corruption of the earlier form aheggelh (which occurs in MS, I, i. e. 
in the earlier draught of the C-text), and that this form is an imita- 
tion of the form a huntelk in the phrase gon a hutiteth or riden an 
hunielh. Cf. the line (numbered 387) from Hobert of Gloucester, in 
Specimens of English; Part ii; ed. Morris and Skeat, p. 14. 
" As he rod an hontep ■ & par-atmtre is hors spumde." 

But this form hontep is the dat. case of a substantive, viz. of the 
A.S. Jiuntt^ or kuntdS. This sabatontive would easily be mistaken 
for a part of a verb; and particularly for the past participle 
of a verb ; just as many people at this day are completely un- 
able to dbtinguish between the verbal substantive hunting and the 
same form when used as a present participle. This mistake onca 



established, the.ending -ed vould be used freely after the reib to go 
and similar veibs. Hence the phrase in Chaucer "gon a blake- 
lieryed," vhich has hitherto puzzled eTery reader to explain, is a 
mere variation of "gon a hlake-berying," i.e. "go agathering 
blackberries," a syaonym for "go a-wandoring the Lord knows 
where." This solution of a long-standing difBculty has already been 
printed by me in Notes and Queries. Cf. " goap afaytyng " in C. 

198 — 203. Various kinds of agricultural work : — 

" In daubing and delring ■ in dung-afield-bearing, 
In threshing, in thatching ■ in thwiting* of pins," &c. 

279 — 290. The parable of Bires and Lazarus, and its moraL 

350—352. The "mysterious prophecy" here takes a new 
shape, as was lemarked more than three hundred years ago by 
Crowley ; see Prof. II. p. xxxlv. 

Pass. X. 71—280. Ifearly all new, and very curious. Tho 
subjects are : the pooi of London, poor lunatics, sham beggars and 
true ones, false hermits and true ones, 'lollers' and 'lolling' friara,' 
and unfaithful pastors. Compare the quotation &om the sup- 
plementary passage in the Ilchester MS-, in the description of MS. 
XXXII. above j p. xxxiv. ■ 

Pass. xi. 39, 40. When the righteous man sins, he falls only as 
a nkan who falls mthin a boat. 

Dl — 55. Free-will and Free-wit enable a man to row himself out 
of sin. 

94 — 98. Bishops should take courage and dare to proceed against 
wealthy lords. 

168—169; 175—181; 187—201. Sin hides God from man, 
whence arises despair. Wicked men believe more in wealth than 
in God. The foUy of Lot, Noah, and Herod " the daft," who 

" Gave his daughter for a dancing ' in a dish the head 
Of the blessed Baptist ' befora all his guests." 

We should love our enemies, and remember that the highest aim of 
man is to help in bringing about the Unity of Mankind, when all 

* Whittling ; i. & paintmg vooden pi^ with a Itnifa. 

^tv Google 


lands eliaU love each other, and heliere in one law. Especially 
aboulil this be the aim of bishope. 

" The chattels that Chiist had * three cloths were the;. 
Whereof he was rifled ' and robbed ere he died ; 
After that, he lost hia life ■ that Law might turn to Love. 
Prelat«8 and priests ■ and princes of holy church 
Should fear no death ■ nor dear years, 
But wend as wide ' as the world extends, 
To till the earth with [the] tongue ' and teach men to love. 
For whoso loveth, believe it well ■ God will not let him starve 
Li miiiluip, for lack of meat * nor for missing of clothes." 

208—210; 214—219. Illegitimate children. How Cain was 
conceived in sin. 

239 — 244. A point of Weetminster law. 

*' For though the father be a franklin ' and for a felon be hanged. 
The herit^e that the heir should have ' is at the king's wiU ; " &c. 

269 — 269. A rich man will not many a pretty girl, if she be 
poor ; but any squire or knight will marry the lowliest born, or the 
ugliest hag ever seen, if known to be rich or well-ient«d ; and then 
wish, on the morrow, 

" That hia wife were wax ■ or a wattle-ful of nobles >." 

309, 310. Two lines in William's best manner, such as should be 
engraved on the hearts of all true men : — 

" For the more a man may do ■ if only he do it, 
The more is he worth and worthy ■ of wise and good [men] 

Ah I that admonitoiy clause — " by so fat he do hit ! " 
Pass. ziL 21 — 26. On saccesBful cheats. 

61, 62. " For God is deaf now-a-daye * and doigneth not to 
And good men, for our guilta - he gtindeth all to 

76—80. None now follow Tobit's counsel (Tobit iv. 9). 

> If hi* wifa were tnnud to wax, the would be nieful for making wax-candlea 
for offering at tbeilUr. A "watelful" of noUet meuii abuketMot the coiai 



143 — 148 J 161, 162. Variona alterations are made here. 

200 — 203 ; 224 — 227 ; 233, 234. Becklesanesa is intoodiiced 
instead of the "Loyalty" of the B-text; which inrolTes eeveial 
changeB in Uie laiupi^e. 

Pass, xiii 17, IS. William here reveals the plea vhich the friars 
put forward for not complying with the conditiona of their letters of 
fraternity. They used to ask for on additional sum in order to 
enable them to moAe reatitution for the evil winnings of their 

1 54 — 247. Nearly all new. William mt^ the pituses of poverty, 
and likens all men to seeds sown in the ground. Those seeds are 
moat worthy which can best stand the severest weather ; so is it 
also with God's saints. Fruits that contcun sweet juice will not 
keep long ; so la it with those who are rich in this world only. 
Foulest weeds grow on the fattest lands ; so likewise vices spring 
up out of riches. Wealth often excites the cupidity of robbers, 
who murder their victims ; and so both muideiers and muidered 
come to perdition. 

Pass. xiv. 1 — 100. But Poverty may walk in peace, and fear no 
thieves. Abraham and Job were rich men, whom God tried and 
found patient. Yet Wealth is not evil in itself, though eurely 
Poverty commonly leachea heaven the sooner. If a merchant and a 
messenger gQ the same way, the former must needs be detained 
loi^est by his business at every resting-place. And whilst they are 
on the journey, the messengei may take a short cut across a wheat- 
field, as he is privileged to do ; but if the merchant attempt to do 
the same, the bayward catches him and takes -a pledge &om him. 
IF both go to the fair together, the merchant goes the slower, having 
more to cany ; and goes with the heavier heart, having more to lose. 
Yet the merchant may reach his home safely at last So likewise may 
rich and poor both reach heaven. 

188 — 192. Men are more immoderate in their desires than any 

other aniniala, 

Pass. XV. 3 — 27. Altered and abridged from the B-fext. 
30 — 32. A curious admission of the author's belief in as- 



"Clergy [Leainiag] cometh but of sight ■ and Common Senee 
[cornea] of Stan, 
As, to be bom or begot ' in sach a constellstiDii 
That Wit wazeth thereof ■ and other veirds aim ; " &o, 

37— <2 ; 72—74; 215, 216. Altered fiom the B-text. 
Paas. xvi. 78, 79. 

" It la loath to me, though I I^tin know ■ to blame any sect, 
For all we are brethren * though we be diversely cloUkad." 

138 ; 149 — 152. In the B-tezt, a speech which ia put into the 
month o£ Patience is now put into the mouth of Piers the Plowman, 
who ia described aa suddenly vanishing immediately after he has 
uttered it. The object is clearly to draw more attention to the 
opiniona expressed in IL 138 — 148 ; besides which, the emphatic 
direction that we are to love oni enemies is very properly attributed 
to Piera the Plowman, L e. to Jesna Christ. 

154 — 157. Christian love and true Patience might win all 
France without bloodshed. L. 162 is a singular addition. 

306 — 309. Rich men, after death, are often poor indeed. 

Fan. xvii. 21 — 37. Altered and abridged &om the B-text. 

156 — 182. Altered from the B-text ; with the substitution of 
liberom'Arbitrium in the place of Beasou. 

Faea. zviil 1 — 8 ; 12. Altered from the B-text. 

57 — 40. A curious quotation from the book of Tobit. 

47 — 52. " If religious [men] would refuse ' the alms of raveneiB, 
Then Grace would grow yet ■ and green-leaved wax. 
And Charity, that is chilled now • should chafe of 

And comfort all Chiistiaus * if holy church would 

amend J " &c. 

58 — 71. The poet drives home forcibly the doctrine that "charity 
begins at home." The following lines are good and weighty. 

" For God bade His blessed [ones] - as the book teacheth, 
Honour thy faiher and mother, ^c : 
To help thy father foremost ' before friars and monks, 
And ere prieeta or pardoners * oi any people else. 
Help thy kin, Christ bids * for tiiere begins charity ; 

^tv Google 

zcii rasPAOK iil — text c. 

And nAerwards await' • who hati most need, 

And there help, if thou haat [aught] - and that hold I charity 1 " 

82 — 93. Altered from the B-tezt 

124 — 158. A discussion of the hope that Saracens and Jews may 
be saved. 

233—219. The poet charges the pope, vhoee mission is peace, 
mth maintaining war, 'He argues that the pope ought to promote 
Christianity hy peaceful measures, just as Mahumet promoted hia 
leligion hy- meana of a dove. The line 

" Kot through manslaaghtec and man's strength - had Mahomet 
the mastery " 

involves an odd mistake, as the contrary fact is sufBciently 

239 — 294. Just as a king's daty Is to defend his people, fighting 
at their head at the risk of his life, so should a good pastor be ready 
to lay down his life for his flock. 

Pass. lii. 4—30 ; 51—108; 118—130. Altered from the B-teit 
The two descriptions should he compared. 

163, 164. " The Jews told the justice • how that Jeeus said [it] ; 
But the over-turning of the temple ' betokened the 

228 — 234; 238 — 240. Adam, Eve, and Abel represent the 
Trinity. Eve was formed from Adam, and Abel proceeded from 

Pass. zz. 232 — 246, An amplification of the paiahle of Dives. 
If Dives, who won his wealth without guile, was condemned, what 
irill be the &te of those rich men who have won theii wealth 
deceitfully! Make to yourselves friends with the mammon of 
nnrighteousnesB, by spending your wealth wisely and libeially. 

Pass. xxL 214, 216; 218, .219. The fact that things can often 
be best perceived from observing their contrasts is thus enforced. 

" Who could kindly ' ■ with colours describe. 
If all the world were white ' and swan-white [were] all thiI^^ 1 " 
" If God had not su&ed frvm some * othei than Himself^ 
He had not wist vmty • whether death were sour or sweet." 
' i. «. look round to sm. ■ natanllj. 


nusFACB ni. — TBZi o. xciii 

283 — 296. TMs additional passage is a great cariosity ; because, 
in lepresenting Satan as opposing otii Lord's entrance by the aid of 
ffuna, our antbor has anticipated Milton's use of them in Faiadiso 
Lost ; 7i 470. 

" But rise up, BagamnfOn ■ and reach me all the bare 
That Belial, thy bel-aire ■ beat, with thy dam ; 
And I shall let ' tbia lord ' and His light stop I 
£re we through brightness be blinded ' bar we the gates. 
Check we and chain we * and each chink stop, 
That no light leap in ■ at looTsr nor at loop-hole. 
And than, AshtaroUi, hoot out ' and have out om knaves,* 
Colting, and all hia kin ' our chattek to save. 
Biimstone boiling ' burning out cast it 
All hot on their heads * that enter nigh the walls. 
Set bows of bnke * ■ and brazen guns. 
And shoot out shot enough * His squadron* to blind. 
Set Mahomet at the mangonel ^ ' and mill-stones throw ye, 
With crooks and with calthropa * ' dog* we them each one." 

319 — 322. Additional linee about the temptation of Adam 
and Ere. 

329—330 ; 334^-337. Altered from B-text with additions. 

353 — 361. A digression, for which the author apologizes, on 
the awful punishment that awaits liare. 

386 — 388. The law requires an eye for an eye, and a tooth for 
a tooth. 

Pass. xxii. This Paseus contains eight new lines, viz. 66 — 59, 
152, 237, 336, and 439. On the other hand, linee 247, 366, and 
371 of B. xix have disappeared. 

Pass, xxiii This Paaaus contains but two now lines, viz. 36 and 

' L e. hinder. ' lerTanti, lads, 

' A " bnks " ii an old term for Tirions implementi which permit ^reat force to 
he enplojed; teun of irati aliDDst certninl; refer to aneh huge erombowi u ibOM 
emplojed bf the Genoese archen, which required a cnnk or wiach te wind them ap 
or " Ht " them. 

* Orig. tliuUiwn or $ehiltnm, from A.3. iq/ld-trnma, lit a trooo<ehield, and 
henee tn armed conpanf or battalion. 

* A war-engine for (browing rast etonea. 

* Inatnunenti formed bj ioierting fonr (or more] ipikei into a ball. Howerer 
thrown on the ground, one apike at leaat aticka np, and they mneh impede the 
eoeny'i approach. 

Orig. tloyt, i. e. eley, clog, or impede. 



261. But there are Beveial miuate alteiations, shewing that the 
wo^ of reviaion has teen carried out to the very end of the poem. 


The poem is distinctly divisible into two parts, the " Yision of 
Piera the Ho-wman," and the " Tisions of Do-well, Do-het, and Do- 
best." Of these, the former is again divisible into two distinct 
visions, which may be called : (1) The Vision of the Field fall of 
Folk, of Holy Church, and of Lady Meed, occupying Passus I. — 
v. ; and (2) The "Vision of the Seven Deadly Sins and of Piers the 
Pbwman, occupying Paasus "VT. — X., preceded by a discourse 
between the author and Season. The latter consists of three parts, 
viz. The Visions of Do-well, of Do-bet, and of Do-best. Passus I. — 
VII. of Do-weU form Passus XI.— XVII. Passus I.— IV, of Do- 
bet form Paasua XVTII.— XXL Passus I. and XL of Do-beat form 
Passus XXII. and XXIII. But some of these parts contain more 
than one vision, the number of visions in the whole poem amounting 
to ^even. 

1. Fien tb« Flowmsn. 


AND OP Ladt Meed.' Paesw I. The author describes how, weaiy 
of wandering, he sits down to rest upon the Malvera Bills, and 
there falls asleep and dreams. In his vision, the world and its 
people are represented to him by a field full of folk, busily engaged 
in their avocations. The field was situated between the tower of 
Tmth, who is God the Father, and the deep dale which is the abode 
of the evil spirits. In it there were ploughmen and spendthrifts, 
anchorites, merchants, minstrels, be(s;ais, pilgrims, hermits, friars, a 
pardoner with his bulls, and priests who had deserted their cures. 
[Conscience ^ appears, and accuses the priests of permitting Idolatry 
and the wonhip of images ; warning them of the fate that befel Eli 
and his eons.] There was also a king, to whom Common-eense spake 
-nrords of advice. Then was seen suddenly a tout of rats and mice, 
conspiring to bell the cat, from doing which they were dissuaded by 

1 9e« the w^iuueiit of (ha B-teit, toI. ii. p. xlTiiL 
■ The pungea irithm sqiuie bncketa are Dot in the B-teit. 



a wise mouse. There were also liaroiis, burgesses, tradesmen, 
labouren, and taverDers tonling for custom. 

PoMu* II. PresenUj, the poet sees a lovely lady, of whom he 
asks the meauing of the tower. She tells him it is the abode of the 
Creator, who pioTides men with the neceesaries of life. The deep 
dale contains the castle of Care, where Uvea the Father of Falseness. 
He next asts her name, and she tells him she a Holy Church, and 
instracta him how great a fareasnra Truth is, bow Lucifbt fell through 
Fiide, [with a passing remark on Lucifer's seat being in ths iNorth,] 
that Love is the treacle for sin, and that the way to heaven lies 
through Love. 

Paeeua III. He asks how he may know Falsehood. She bids him 
torn and see Falsehood and Flattery. Looking aside he sees, not 
them alone, but a woman in glorious appareL He is told she is 
the Lady Meed (i. & Bewaid) who is going to be married to False- 
hood on the morrow. Holy Cbnrch then leaves b'T" , The wedding 
ia prepared, and Simony and Civil read a deed respecting the 
property with which Falsehood and Meed are to be endowed. 
Theology objects to the marriage, and diBput«s its l^pdity, [referring 
to the Legend of 8t Lawrence ;] whereupon it is agreed that all must 
go to Westminster to have the question decided. All the parties 
ride oS to London, Meed being mounted upon a sheriff and False- 
hood apon a 'aiaour.' 3?hus all come to the King's court, who vows 
that he will punish Falsehood and his crew if he can catch them. 
On hearing this. Liar flees to the fiiats, who pity him and house him 
for their own purposes. 

PoMSM IV. Lady Meed is arrested and broi^ht before the king. 
The JQfilices assure her all will go weU. To seem r^hteons, she con- 
feesee and is shriven, offering to glaze a church-window by way of 
amendment; and immediately afterwards, advises mayors and judges 
to take bribes. [Here the author takes occasion to warn all &lse 
dealere of the vengeance of God that awaits them.] The king pro- 
poses that Meed shall marry Conscience and she is willing to do bo ; 
but Conscience refuses, and exposes h^ faults ; [adding an attack 
upon the king (Eiehard II.) for his bad government]' She attempts 
to retaliate and to justify herself; bnt Conscience refutes her argu- 



ments. [Here a long and subtle passage is inserted in which the too 
kinds of Meed, viz. Lawful Wagee and Bewards given for no good 
reason, are distinguished. An attempt ia made to draw a parallel 
between them and the Direct and Indirect Eelationa in Grammar. 
Hire (i. & Lawful Wages) resembles the Direct Relation, as when, 
& g. an adjective agrees with ita anbatantive in gander, case, and 
number. But Bribery or yeedleee Reward ia like the Indirect 
Relation, in which there ia no agreement in case.] Conscience 
then quotes the example of Saul to shew the evil of covetousneaa ; 
and declares that Reason will one day reign upon earth, and puniah 
all wrongdoers. Then aholl men think that Messiah has come, and 
the reign of Peace ehall be^n. Conscience concludes by advising 
Heed alwaya to read texts in connection with the context. 

Pasius V. Acting upon the advice of Conscience, the king oiden 
Keaaon to be sent for ; who comes, accompanied by Wiaeman and 
"Wilyman. At this moment, Peace enters, with a complaint against 
"Wrong. "Wrong, knowing the complaint is true, geta Wisdom and 
Wit on his side by Meed's help, and oOeis to buy Peace off with a 
present Reason, however, is firm and will shew no pity, bnt 
advises the king to act with strict justice. The king is convinced, 
and praya Reaaon to remain with him for ever after. |lt«BBon 
reminds him that Love will give him more money than the Loub- 
bards will lend him. The king dismisses all his corrupt officers.] 

II. Th» "Visios op thb Sbvkn Dkadly Sikb akd op Fibbs THl 
FiiOWUAH. Paaeua VI. [This Passus opens with a curiooa and 
intereating discourse between Reason and the author, in the course of 
which the author lefen to his own history and mode of life.] The 
author goes to church, and soon falls asleep again, and haa a aecond 
vision, in which he again sees the field full of folk, and Reason ' 
preaching to the assembled people, reminding them that the late 
storm and pestilence were judgments of God. Here ^ Reason intro- 
duces the remarkable prophecy that a king would come and reform 
religion, when the abbot of England ' should receive from him a 
knock, and incurable should be the wound. 

1 In the A-tait, it i« Omteimet who preuchei, * Bee B-lei^ i. 3IT. 

1 In (he B-I«it (x. 326} it i* the abbot o( AiiifiM. 



Paesus Vn. Repentance seconcU the efforts of Conscience, and 
many begin to tepent. Of tliese the first is Pride,* who makes a 
TOW of humility. The second ia Envy, who is described with mnch 
porticnUrity, and who confesses his evil thonghta and his attempts 
to hann hia ndghbonia. The third ia Wrath, a friar, whose aunt 
iras a nnn, and who had been cook to a convent, and incited many 
to quarrel The fourth is Luxury, who vows to drink only water. 
The fifth. Avarice, who confesses how he lied and cheated, and 
taught his wife to cheat ; and, not understanding the word restitu- 
tion, thot^;ht that it was another term for stealing. Bobert ^e 
robber also repents, and prays earnestly for forgiveness. The sixth, 
Glnttony, who (on his way to church) is tempted into a beer-house, 
of the interior of which the author ^ves a Ufe-Uke and peri'ect 
picture. He too repents, though not till he has first become com- 
pletely drunk and afterwards felt the ill effects of drinking. 

PoMUB VIII. The seventh b Sloth, a priest who knows rimes 
about Bobin Hood better than his prayers, and can find a hare in a 
field more readily than he can read lives of saints. Eepentance 
makes intercession for all the penitents. Then they all set out in 
search of "ftuth, but no one knows the way. Soon they meet with 
a palmer, who has met with many saints, hat never with one named 
Truth. At this juncture Pieis the Flowman "put forth his head," 
declaring that he kno^ra Truth well, and will tell them the way, 
which he then describes. [Some of the sinners b^^ to make 
excuse.] The pilgrims think the way long, and wont a gnide. 

Paggua IX. Piers says he will come himself and shew them, 
when he has ploughed his half-acre. Meanwhile, he gives good 
advice to rich ladies and to a knight Before starting, Piers makes 
hia will, and then sets all who come to him to hard work. Many 
shirk their work, bat are reduced to sabordination by the sharp 
treatment of Hanger. I^ext follow most curious and valuable 
passages respecting the diet of the poor, etrikisg for higher wages, 
and the discontent caused by prosperity. A mysterious prophecy is 

PatiitB X. At this time Troth (u e. God the Father) sends Piers 
■ Cf, B. FiM. Xni. foi tlie tvpplmtiitmy psH«g«*. 



a bull of pardon, especially intended for kings, kniglits, bishops, and 
the labooring poor, and even for some lawyers and merchants, in a 
less degree. [Here is introdncod a cnrious description of the poor of 
London, of "lollers," and of false bermits.] A priest disputes the 
Talidity of tbe pardon, and wants to read it. Tlie dispnte between 
this priest and Fiets becomes so violent that the dTeameT awakes, and 
the Foem of Piers the Plowman (properly bo called) ends with a £ne 
peroration on the small value of papal pardons, and the superiority 
of a rigbteons life over mere tmet in iudnlgoDcea, at the great Day 
of Boom. 

S. Tisio de I>oweL 

IIL The Vibion of Wit, Stddt, CLEKaT, and Scbifture. 
Faeeui XL In introducing a new poem,' the " Yisio de Bowel," 
the author begins by describing a dialogue that passed between him- 
eelf and two Minorite friars concerning the doctrine of free-will. 
After this, he again falls asleep, and perceives in a dream a man 
named Thought. He asks Thought where Do-well, Bo-bet, and 
Do-best live, and Thought gives bim aome account of these, but 
says that the best person to give faim further information is WiL 
After wandering for three days, tbe dreamer and Thought meet with 

Wit' tells the dreamer that Bo-well dwells in a castle called 
Caro, wherein also is enclosed the Lady Anima, and they are 
guarded by the constable Inwlt (Conscience), and his five sons (the 
seoses). [Here follows a discourse upon the effect of Sin in biding 
God from man], the duty of the church to protect idiots and helpless 
persons, [and upon the vtdue of Love.] Kext follow discussions 
upon the good that there is in well-assorted and lawful wedlock, 
and the evil of mercenary or ill-advised marriages, and of adulterous 

PasBus XII. The dreamer applies to yet one more adviser, via 
Bame Study, the wife of Wit. She laments that wicked men most 

■ Though this Tirion, Ulce the otberg that follow it, is, id iU fonn, tltogether a 
new po«in,the Mtthot no doubt iotcnded it from tiie Snt to lie a continDstian of Ihe 
former Viaian. 

' Here, in the B-teit, begin* Fau. IX. 



frequentl; obt^ this world's wealth. She inveiglia with great 
jnstiM and fcorce a^mst the way in which shallow would-be 
theolf^iaiis otU about the myBteiious things of Glod, and unworthily 
amuse thflmaelTes with vain qnibbles. She laments the lack of 
charity, and the increase of pride. At last, she commends the 
dreamer to Clergy and Scripture, from whom ho may hope to learn 
yet mote. Accordingly, he seeks these, and receives some in- 
stmction from Clergy, which is soon cut short by Scripture who 
so Bcoma the poet that he weeps and falls into a new dream. 

IV. The Vision or foRTUHS, IJatdbb, KscsLBSBifEaB, and 
BEAKfN.' In a new vision, William sen Fortune, with her attend- 
utt damsels named Lnet-of-the-flesh and Lost-of-the-eyes, who bid 
him rejoice in his youth. Here Recklessness is introduced, who 
discourses upon predeetination in language similar to that in the 
eouclnsion of Pass. X. in Uie B-text. 

Patnu XIII. But at the approach of old age, William finds that 
the fiiars, once his friends, avoid him, because he wished to be 
buried in his pariah church. Loyalty and Scripture give him good 
advicfl, and he is told why Tisjan was released from helL Becklees- 
nesa * cites Christ's example of humility, declares poverty to be like a 
walnut, enlaiges upon the value of poverty, [compares men to various 
seeds and their vices to weeds, and declares that riches bring men to 

Pasaus XIV. [Here the praise of poverty is continued, with the 
examples of Job and Abraham. Becklessness narrates the parable 
of the merchant and the messenger, signifying the rich and the 
poor ;] and concludes his harangue by saying that priests unfit tat 
their office are as bad as a notary who knows not how to draw up a 
charUir. William's dream continues, and he sees Nature, who shews 
him how all gniTnalH except man follow Season. He asks why this 
is ; Reason rebukes him, and he awakes. 

V. The Vision or Ihaoinative. The dreamer beholds one who 
rebukes hiTn for his impatience. He asks the stranger's name. 

> Hare, in tba B-tnt, beguu P*«. XI. 

* The long ipaeoh of Eecklemm nteuilB from XIII. 88 to XIT. 1!S. In ths 
B-teit, ths ipeakec i« Z^ally. 



Passue XV. The stranger eaya his name \& Imaginative, e^horts- 
him not to despise learning, Instructs him as to the telative chances 
of salvation of the learned and the ignorant, and tells him why 
wealth is like a peacock's tail After diatinguiahing between three 
kinds of baptism, Imaginative suddenly vanishes, upon which the 
dreamer awakes. 

VL The Visiok of Conboiexoe, Patienob, and Aotiva-Tita. 
Paggvjt Xyi. In the sixth vision, Conscience, Cleigy, Patience, and 
the dreamer go to dine with Reason.* At the high dus is seated a 
doctor of the choich, who astonisbea all by his gluttony. After 
dinner, the doctor, being well primed with vrine, is ready to expound 
theological subtleties. Conscience and Patience bid farewell to 
Clergy and Eeason, and set out ae pilgrims in company with the 
poet. Soon they meet with one Activa-Vita, whd is a minstrel 
and seller of wafers. Patience instructs Activa-Vita, and declares 
that beggars shall have joy hereaiter. 

Passus XVII. Patience laments that riches should rob man's 
soul of God's love, praises poverty, and enumerates its nine 

Til. Thb T18IOH OP Freewill' and op the tree op Charity. 
The poet next observes one Libonim-Arbitrinm, who reproves him 
for presumption. William next inquires the nature of Charily, 
which Free-will defines. 

3. Tiaio ds Dohet. 

Pasaus XVIII. Free-will quotes the Lives of the Saints, and 
shews that the friars are now far from being charitable. He alludes 
to the story of Mahomet's pet dove, to the fatal gift of Constantino, 
and to the miracles of Christ, ending with the charitable wish that 
Saracens and Jews may be saved. 

Pautue XIX. William is then shewn the tree upon which 
Charity grows, supported upon three props, the meaning of which is 

• In th« B-teit, (hey dine witk CUrgy. 

' In the B-teil, .rfntmo or Tie Said. TMi i* reallf B ntw Tiiion, dthoag)], in 
the C-teit, it ii immedintcly aubjoined to the preceding, without mention of ihe 
dreamer'! awaking and again lallini; uleep. The poet also mtkei Ihe " Tiaio de 
Debet" begin further on, instead of here ai in the B-teit. 


explained by Free-will.* Next followa a part of the histoi; of 
Christ, Hia incarnation, miracles, and betrayal by Judaa Iscariot. 
At this point the dieomer suddenly awakes. In hia anxious search 
after Free-will,' he meets with Abraham or Faith. 

VIII. Thh VisiOK OP Faith, Hope, and Charity. Faith 
(Abraham) explains how he became God's herald, and shews 
William the leper (Lazarus) lying in his lap, 

Paaetu XX. Next William beholds Spea, or Hope, who, like 
Abraham, is in search of Fiera. Spes and William journey towards 
Jemaalem, and behold a Samaritan riding near them. Soon tbey 
find a wounded man lying in the way. Faith and Hope pass by him, 
but the Good Samaritan (L e. Charity or Christ Himself in the garb 
of Piers the Plowman) has compassion upon him, and takes care of 
him, leaving him at an inn called Lex-Dei? The dreamer aaka for 
instruction, and leama &om the Samaritan how the Holy Trinity is 
symbolised by a man's hand, or by a blazing torch. The sin against 
the Holy Ghost is alluded to ; also the three things which drive a 
man oat of his own house. Once more the dreamer awakes. 

IX. The YisioH of the Triuhfh of Piers the pLowiiAtr. 
PoMiu XXI. This, the finest Passus in the whole poem, is entiioly 
occupied with the history of Jesus. With growing power and 
vividness, the poet describes the crucifixion, with the healing of 
LongeuH, the struggle between Life and Death and between Light 
and Darkness, the meeting together of Mercy and Truth, Bighteous- 
neas and Peace, whilst the Saviour rests in the grave ; a triumphant 
description of His descent into hell, [where Satan attempts to 
oppose Him vith " brazen guns,"] and Hia victory over Satan and 
Lncifer, till the poet wakes in ecstasy, with the joyous peal of the 
bells ringing in his ears on the morning of Easter day. 

4. Vialo de Sob«t. 

X. The YisioH of Grace. Paetnu XXII. But alas ! the poem 
of Dobest reveals how far off the end yet is. The Saviour, having 
earned the names of Do-well, Do-bet, and Do-best, leaves earth, 

> In the B-teit, not Frea-will, Lut Pier* the Plowmim. 
« In the B-tezt, Ux-ChHiti. 


Cii PREPACH Iir. — ^TEXT C. 

upon vhich Antichrist is soon to descend. Fiera henceforth denotes 
the whole Chriation body, upon whom Grace or the Holy Spirit 
1>eBtove Varioos gifts. Grace makes Piers Hia ploughman, and gires 
him four oxen (the four evangelists), and four "stots" {the four 
chief Latin " fathers ") j also foiu seeds, which are the cardinal 
virtues. Pride and his host attack the Church of Unity. All men 
are invited hy Conscience to partake of the oucharist, but an im- 
penitent brewer refuses to do ho, and an ignorant vicar reviles the 
cardinals whom the pope sends from Avignon. A lord and a king 
are introduced, who justify their own exactions. Then the dreamer 

XL The Visioit op Ahtiohrist, Paaaua XXIII. Before 
falling asleep once more, William encounters Ifeed, who rehukes 
and instructs him. He then dreams once more how Antichrist 
assails the Church of Unity, which is defended by Conscience 
against Pride and all his host. Diseases assail all mankind ; Death 
" poshes " to the dust kings and knights, emperors and popes, and 
many a lovely lady. Life, with his mistress Fortune, indulges in all 
kinds of excesses. He becomes the father of Sloth, who marries 
"Wanhope. Old-age appears as the enemy of Life, The dreamer 
takes refuge in the castle of Unity, which is beleaguered by many 
foes, especially by Sloth and Avarice. The friais craftily offer to aid 
Conscience. At last one Flattery, a fiiar, gains admission to the 
castle, offering to salve Conscience of all hurts vrith soothing but 
deadly remedies, till Conscience, hard beset by Pride and Sloth, 
cries out to Contrition to help him ; but Contrition slumbers, 
benumbed by the deadly potions he has drank. With a last effort 
Conscience arouses himself, and seizes his pilgrim's staff, determined 
to wander wide over the worid till he shall find Piers the Plowman. 
Again the dreamer awakes, and here ceases the still unfinished 
history of the religious life of man.'- 

' For a mora deUilsd and eiMt uialTiii of tlie po«m, u it itaadt in the B-teit, 
■M Professor MerUf 'i Esgliah WriMts, vol. i. p. 768. 




§ 1. This poem ia now printed foi the third time. It has 
already been twice printed by Mr Wrigbt, Tiz. for the Camden 
Society, 1638, and in 'Political Poems and Songs,' 1859, vol. i. p. 
368, with the title of a 'Poem on the Depoeition of Eichard II.' 
The edition of 1838 is the one which I hare most conaulted, and is 
alone referred to in the Footnotes and General Notea. 

§ 3. I have purpoBely altered the title, because it ia somewhat 
misleading. It is clear from the internal evidence that the poem 
was written he/ore Kichatd woa formally deposed j whilst the title 
given by Mr Wright is calculated to give the impression that it was 
written afterwards. The title 'Bichard the Redelea' (L e. Bichard 
devoid of conosel) is simply taken from what is really the first line 
of the Poem, since the Prologue may be looked upon aa a soit of 
pre&ce.* In that line — 

" Kow, Eichard )m redelea ■ reweth on jou self" — 
the poet very happily strikes the keynote of the whole poem, 
which is entirely concerned with the 'redelea'' character of the king 
and bis favonritea. 

{ 3. The MS. from which the text is printed is, unfortunately, 
nnique. It ia MS. XIX. of the ' Piers Plowman ' MSS., i e. MS. 
LL 1. 14 in the Cambridge University Library, which has been 
already described in Pref. II. p. xx, to which the reader ia referred. 
On observing the striking similarity between this MS. and the Oriel 

> CI. the Note to Fua. i. I. 

^tv Google 

cir prbfaok iv. — riohard thi redbles. 

MS. described in Pref. IL p. ivi, I liad at first & slight hope that 
some trace of another copy of the poem utight appeal in tliat MS. 
also, which is of earlier date. But the only trace discoverable is the 
somewhat significant one that a considerable number of leaves have 
been torn out of the MS., just where the poem ought to have 
appeared. There remained therefore nothii^ to be done but to re- 
prodnce the text of the Cambridge MS. as carefully as possible, 
attbongb it is, nnfortunately, a rather late copy, written, perhaps, 
towards the middle of the fifteenth c«ntury. A few obvious cor- 
rections have been made, but the actual readings of the MS. have 
been always recorded in the footnotes in such cases. I have also 
carefully collated Mr Wright's edition of 1838 with the MS., in 
order to correct the few errors which appear there. Thus I have 
corrected J'ordyd to ffondyd, prol. 60 ; y-lyste to y-lyfte, i 4 ; 
gettis to goatU, i. 25; neft to neat, i. 61 ; eariuge to curinge, 
i. 96; Ue to yat, i. 103; mah to maiers, i. Ill; And to As, iL i; 
roune to ronne, ii. ; ^itie to ii/te, ii. 96 ; ajul to in, iL 106 ; rabeyn 
to raveyn, ii. 159 ; tcovee to vionee, ii. 180 ; hio to Jiomo, iii. 32 ; 
broud to hrotui (or rather, bond, as explained in the footnote), iii 
94 ; vunuide to vumsiile, iiL 1 06 ; doped to elofed, iii. 1 06 ; hone to 
houe, iii 326 ; and bouet to bonet^ iv. 72 ; with a very few other 
slight alterations in spelling, not worth mentioning. I have also 
inserted the five I^tin quotations (viz. at i. 8 ; ii. 62, 139 ; iii. 32, 
128), which Mr Wright unfortunately omitted, owing to a peculiarity 
in the artangemeat of the text by the scribe which requires careful 
attention, as will appear &om the following explanation, 

§ 4. The copies of Piers the Flowmao and of Richard the 
Bedeles in MS. XIX. are in the same handwriting, and are similarly 
arranged ; and this amngeraent can only be rightly understood by 
examining the former carefully. By turning to it, we at once per- 
ceive that the scribe adopts the singular plan, apparent in no other 
copy of the poem, of writing the Latin quotations tn the margin of 
the MS., instead of leaving them in their proper place in the text. 
They thus have the appearanix of being supplementary, or added as 
a commentary ; they look like detached annotations instead of 

■ Mr, Wright nuko thia cairection (bnt do other) in liu editioii of IBS9, 


fonntng &q int^^ part of the text. Xot obserring this pecuUatity, 
"Mi Wriglit uiifortimately considered them as comments, and omits 
to mention any bnt one, -which he quotes in his Preiace with a mis- 
leading that led him to take a wrong view of the scribe's sentimeuta, 
as will be shewn fartbec on. If, however, these five quotations be 
considered, it will be seen that they all suit the context, and drop 
into their i^ht places. Thus, the quotation from 1 Tim. vi. 10 is 
correctly cited as authorising the assertion in i 8 ; that from Luke 
zi. 17 dearly lefers to the word degetieraunee in ii. 60 j that &om 
Psalm X. 17 comes in well enough after ii. 139; the quotation 
foUowii^ iii 32 is cleaily led up to by the words " as clerkis me 
tolde;" and lastly, the quotation from Mat. xL 8 completes the 
sentence to which it is subjoined. These appeals to Scriptoie or to 
the writings of " clerks " are exactly in Ijingland's usual manner, 
and the quotations are to he ascribed to the author, and not to the 
scribe. The only remark by the scribe is at iiL 381, where " nota, 
noAi, uo^a," appears in the margin. This remark Ur Wright 
interprets as expressing surprise or dissent on the part of the scribe. 
It expresses, in my opinion, the converse, viz. admiration or appro- 
haUon, and may have been aimpjy copied along with all the rest. 
The remaik " nota," expressing particular approbation, abounds in 
MSS. of Pieis the Plowman, and is not uncommon even else- 

Then are, however, a few marginal notes in a later hand, which 
nally are marginal notes and nothing more ; such as " Over- 
watchynge" against iii 282; "Eew-kaw" against iii. 299, and the 
like. Bnt all these were written in many years afterwards, and 
have nothing to do with the original text except as valueless 


The internal evidence enables us to settle the date of the 
poem almost within a fortnight. The followii^ lines in the 
Prologue — 

" I had pete of his passion ■ fat prince was of Walia 
And eke ours crouned kynge - till crist woll no leuger; 
And ffor I wuste not witt«rly - what shulde £all, 

^tv Google 


Wliedir god volde jeno Mm grace - sone to amende, 
To be ours giouie ajeyn ' oi graunto it anojior. Sec." 

ehew clearly that it waa vritteu after Eichaid hitd been token 
pnaoner, Aug. 18, 1399, and before he bad been formally deposed, 
Sept. 30 in the same yeai. Other indications of date are in the 
alluaion to the execution of Lord Scrope at Bristol, July 29, and to 
the release of the Eail of Warwick, who almost immedi&tdy after ia 
heard of at Nowcaatle-under-Lyne, August 25 ; see Kotes to iL 152 
and iiL 94. Allowing a few days for news to travel, and observing 
the author's boldness in rebuking Richard, as if his ehances of escape 
seemed but small, we see tltat the date ia restricted very nearly to 
the first three weeks in September. We may therefore put it down 
as belonging to September, 1399, without fear of error. 

The poem probably took at least some days to compose ; and so 
quick was the progress of evente at that time, when everything was 
in the hands ot Bolingbroke, who could act, when he chose, with 
amaang promptitude and unerring r^idity, that we may fairly 
trace an increasing boldness in the poet's language as he proceeds. 
In fact, the course of events must hare considerably interfered with 
the poet's plans. He b^ina by addressing the poem to Bichard 
personally, whose hand ho intended it to reach (prol 53), declaring 
that he would not publish it till it had been approved of (prol CI) ; 
bat he alWwards declares that a day of reckoning had come, and 
that God had judged evil-doers and restored peace (iii. 352 — 371). 
I here throw out the suggestion for what it ia worth, that the 
unfinished state of the existing copy of the poem may be due to the 
foct that the poem itself never wot finished ; that the course of 
events, in fact, cut it short in the middle. The news of Bichard's 
formal deposition would naturally put an end to it ; the announce- 
ment of this fact would shew that it was quite useless to persevere 
in addressing a poem to a sovereign whose power was at an end. 
The lines 

"And if ony word write be ■ fat wrothe make myghte 
My amitreyne, yat miget • I iliuide to be " (piuL 76) 

would already be out of date ; and we may well suppose, further, 
that the poem never was published after all, L e. that copies of it 



vers not tlieu multiplied. It ia fortunate that the present noiqae 
cop7 has sorviTed at all. Well might the poet exclaim, with credit- 
able sagtM»ty^ 

" It passid my pwceit " and ray preifis also. 
How ao wondirSnll wedda • wolde haue an ende !" (proL 17.) 


As to the anthoiship of the poem, I have not the slightest 
hesitation in ascribing it to "William, the aattior of Piera the 
Plowman. That it most be his, and his only, was saggested to me 
yeaia ago, on the first perusal of it ; and after considering the question 
-with the utmost care, &om every point of view, not once only, but 
many times, I am not only entirely vatisGed on this point in my own 
mind, bat conaiderably surprised to think tlurt there could ever have 
heen a moment's doubt abont it, or any place for a contrary opinion.' 
I think it is fair to say, in addition, that I should be the very last 
person to admit as William's any lines which are not his ; and that, 
considering the number of times which I have read over his famous 
poem in one manuscript after another, I should be the very first 
person to diiitinguish between his original style and any imitatioa 
of it In describing the various MS3. of Pieis the Plowman, for 
example, I have often pointed to spnrions lines, which are easily 
detected. Yet it is well known that Mr Wright, throi^h the editor 
both of Piers the Plowman and of the present poem, failed to see 
'their common anthorship, and has, indeed, given his opinion on the 
other nde. I think I shall best meet this difficulty by shewing how 
he came to be misled upon this point. I attribute it all to the fact 
mentioned above^ viz. that he mistook a quotation to be a scribe's 
comment, which reaOy forms an int^ral part of the text ; and, in 
addition to Hob, he entirely misread and misconstrued that quotation. 
Since this was his chief reason, if not his sole reason, for deciding 
against William as the author, the very same quotation, interpreted 
in a very different manner, now furnishes an oi^^ument in Williatu'e 
bvour rather than otherwise. The quotation in question is that on 
1 yean ago, in FreC I. p. 



p. 187. The author Bays that tlie White Hart (Kichard), in attacking 
tlie Hone (the earl of Arundel) and othera, had acted unnatmally. 
" So man," he says, " ought to desire to do harm to them that are 
near of kin to themselves, or to wish to take measures that an ally of 
theiis should bleed. Such conduct U contrary to nature, as learned 
writers have told me ; — Prober ingraiitudinem liber homo reuoeatui 
in eeruituteia, itt in etimulo eolapunatAonig et in lege CitiUi ; i, e. 
on account of ungrateful behaviour a freed man is degraded to a state 
of slavery, both according to the sting of compunction ' and in the 
civil law," The allusion is not quite clear, and I do not profess to 
make it so ; but we can see the general drift of it. The poet is 
citing some author to prove bis point, viz. that unnatnral or un- 
gRktefuI conduct is deserving of ponjahment, and that a man who 
does not know how to moke good use of hia liberty ought to be 
again enslaved. Of one thing, at any rate, I am quite sure, that the 
words liber homo can only be rightly translated by a free man or a 
freed man. And now see to what a cnriooa result Mi Wright's 
misreading of the sentence led him. It joat so happens that the 
word homa is written " h"," by way of abbreviation, the o being 
perfectly clear, smooth, round, and i^ulor. This he read as " h*," 
an abbreviation for hie. But this altera the sense of liber, which is 
no longer on adjective but a substantive ; we now get liber hie, 
meaning tAi» book. Ifext, because the quotation, like all the rest, 
(amounting to several hundreds in the course of the volume) happens 
to be written at the eide of the page, as already explained, he takes 
the whole remark to be a comment by the scribe, expressing con- 
demnation of the book ho was copying, as thus : — " On account of 
' the author's ingratitude, this book is hereby recalled into slavery ; " 
whatever that may mean. And being thus once turned into the 
wrong track, he seems, as far as I can follow him, to have put a 
distinction between a supposed unpopular poem like the present, and 
such a popular one as Fiera the Plowman. It is singular that the 
difference between the two readings "h°" and "h"' occupies no 

■ Ctn thii be a Teterencs to Eampole'i ' Priclce of CoOKience ' i I think it pro- 
bable. See U. S3— 61, 117—122, 16I-16S in that poom, ed. Marrii. Feihaps 
the euct Teferenee iii«f be found bercoTter. 



more space than might eiwily be covered by a pin's head ; never- 
theless this variation mi^ea all the difference, aad ahews Taow carefiil 
one has to be. 

Having thns cleared the way by getting rid of this tToublesome 
mis-reading, we may now consider what grounds theie are for sup- 
posing the present poem to be William's. 

And here, my only feai is that of overstating the tognmente ; of 
producing, that is, so many, that the reader may suspect that I am 
conscious of a weakness in some of them. The fairest way of stating 
the case is by declaring that there is not a single point of diaeon- 
tieetum between the poem of Bichard and that of Fiera the Plowman. 
In every point of evidence, whether internal or external, there is not^ 
that I can see, a trace of suspicion. If, for example, this poem had 
been found detached &om Pieia the Plowman, or in the handwriting 
of another scribe Irom that of the one who wrote out Piers the 
Plowman ; if it had been in different metre, or not divided into Paa- 
sos J if it had sh.ewn a difference in the rhythm or ring of the lines, 
or any variation in phraseology, or style, or mode of illustration by 
quotations, or in any other point, then in that point or respect some- 
thing might be said on the other side. I know very well how these 
arguments can be met. It is easy to say, for example, what is quite 
true, viz. that the mere fact of the two poems appearing together in 
the same handwriting in the same MS., proves no real connection 
between the two. But the right answer to this is, that, so far at 
least, it bars the disconnection; that it is an indication which, 
however weak, is yet right as for as it goes, and, taken in eon- 
neetion with all the other reasons, is really of some slight weight, 
inasmuch as it answers the suspicion of disconnection that might, 
under another arrangement, have arisen. So also, with respect to 
the internal evidence ; here I am reminded that mere resemblance 
of phraseology proves no more than that one poem is an imitation 
of the other ; to which I only shall reply that such resembtanceB 
are at times for more minute than any mere imitator could have 
attained to. With these pieliminory remarks, I proceed to shew 
what sort of evidence we have for connecting the poems. 

First of all, I bring forward one argument which ought to deud« 


ex narkCK rr. — bichard thb kedbles. 

the whole qneeticoi, viz. that the anther of Richard dUitnelly dalmt 
to have written the YiBion. Thia Tei; important point has hitherto 
been completely overlooked. 
He says (iii 31 fi}— 

For, as reason and right * rehearsed to me once, 

' The ben men of this molde ' Jiat most hanne worchen.* 

The former of these lines is merely a poetical way of saying — "as I 
have already remarked elsewhere ;" whilst the latter is a quotation, 
verbatim, from Piers the Plowman, A. 3. 71, or B, 3, 80, Very 
nearly as significant is the expression in the Prologue, 83, 83 — 

The story is of no estate [of menl ' that strive gainst their Inste, 
Bat [of] those that follow their nesh ' and their fiail thoi^hts. 

This may very well mean, " this story is not like my former one, the 
subject of which was Do-well, Do-bet, and Do-beet, or the gradual 
perfection of the Christian life;" for we could hardly better 
describe the general drift of Piers the Plowman than by using this' 
terse summaiy by its author, that it is "a story of the estate of 
mankind, represented as striving against all worldly lusts," and 
attaining to perfection in one instance only, viz. in the case of Piers 
the Plowman, i. e. Jesus Christ 

Of coarse this evidence was easUy overlooked as long as it was 
not perceived that iii. 316 is quoted verbatim from the older poem ; 
but now that I have once given the reference, I do not see how this 
very convincing aigument con be met. 

I shall now arrange the different points of evidence under the two 
headings, (1) external and (2) intemaL 

(1) £xlemal evidence, 

(a) P. PL ia in alliterative verae. So is Richard. 

{b) Both poems are divided into Paagiu. 

(e) These Passos are of variable length, yet not dissimilar in 
length in the two poems. 

Siclt. prologue contains 87 lines ; this is lather short ; but the 
ProL to A-text is not much longer, viz. of 108 lines. 

Rich. Pom. I. contains 114 lines ; only 4 lines less than P. PL 
A. 9, which has US lines. 



Rich. Pan. II. has 192 linea ; juat i lines less' than P. PI. C. S, 
wfaicli has 196 lines. 

Rich. Pom. III. hits 371 lines. 8o has P. PI. C. 17. 

(rf) The fiiBt line ot the Prologue to Richard begins with the 
■word And. It contains also the pronoun /. The last line of P. PI. 
also contains the pronoun /, and the one poem reads right on, as & 
continuation of the other. Thus : — 

" And suthe he gradde after grace * til ieh gan airake. 
And, as / paeaid in my preiere ' ^ prestis were at meese." 

The words about " passing in my prater " aie clearly soggestod 
by the lines in which Conscience declares he will become a pilgrim, 
-wandering wide all over the world, and never resting till be finds 
Pieis the Plowman. 

(e) P. PI. is written in a mixed dialect, bo that the present tense 
plural commonly ends in -en, but sometimes also in -eth. Again, the 
past participles sometimes have y- prefixed, and sometimes want 
that prefix, ^ese and other peculiarities appear in Richard. 
Thus we find the plurals fehlen, Jtarmen, in iii. 16, 18 ; but tteleih 
in iiL 21. So, also, we find the p. p. filled, loyned, in i. 36, 38 ; but 
ygraue, ydoutid, in i. iO, 42. In P. PI. we sometimes find /■ or 
y. prefixed to paet tenses ; ct I-knewe, Bich. i. 92. The dialect 
depends somewhat on the scribe, it is true; but we can sea the 
scribe is right in some at least of these points, by the rhythm of the 
lines. It is hardly worth while to discosB the dialect further ; it is 
BufGcient to observe that it is precisely the some as that employed 
in most of the MSS. of Piers the Plowman. 

(/) la P. PI. we find occasional I^tin quotations cited as 
adducing anthority for certain statements in the text. In Richard 
we find five such, as has been already explained. Bat I doubt if a 
eingle quotation, introduced in William's manner, can be found iu 
any other alliterative poem extant. Other authors introduce quota- 
tions by mftting them fall into the alliterative rhythm. William 
alone intiodaces quotations tn Laiin prote, just as freely as Hampole 
introduces them amongst his rimed verses. In P. PI the nu^ority 
of these quotations are &om the Bible ; in Ridtard, four out of tho 
five are from the Bible. 



Thus, in eveiy external point, in the form of verse, the division 
into Fasaus, the length of the Passos, the linking together of the 
Foems as consecutive, in the dialect, and in the introduction of 
quotationa, the two poems have ever; symptom of connection, 
and in each and eveiy of these points disconnection is barred. 

(2) Irderrud evidence. 

(a) William must have been an old man at the time of writing 
Richard. He seems to have been forty-five years old in 1377 or 
thereabouts; and if we put Ms birth in 1332, he would be 67 in 
1399. Bat he distinctly intimates his old age in the lines — 

" For it falleth as well to fodes ^ ' of four and twenty yeare, 
Or young men of yesterday ■ to give good redes,' 
As becometh a cow ■ to hop in a cage 1 " (ilL 260). 

In his eyes, a man of 24 years old was but a young man of yesterday, 
whose counsel was to be despised. 

(6) At the time of writing the C-text, 'William seems to havo 
retired to the West of Ei^Iand again, and may probably have seen 
once more his " Malvern Hills." We ara not then surprised to find 
him at Bristol (Rich, prol 2) ; though, had we heard of him at 
Xorwich or York, we might indeed have wondered what took him 

(c) The peculiarities of metre iu both poems are the same. 
Such peculiarities afford close, cogent, and positive evidence, of a 
character that it would prove very difficult to demolish. I shall not 
take the trouble to cany this evidence very far, though it admits, at 
the expense of tediousness, of considerable accuracy. Some of the 
peculiarities are these. 

(a) William seems hardly to care a tush for any roles, and at 
times daringly introduces lines in which the alliteration is imper- 
ceptible, as, e. g. in the line — 

" And plastred hem so esyly • bei drede no synne ; " 

P. PZ. B. 20. 377. 
Just so in Rich. 3. 137, 162 ;— 

" Out of Jie domes carte ■ as he fat f roff neneie." 
" But now |ier is a gyse ■ ^ queyntest of alL" ' 

1 ehildieii ; Uk fUKOt/ti. * paeet of adrioe. 



(0) William often omitB the chief-letter of the allileratioa, 
oontiwy to all rule, as in J". Fl. B. 2. 42— 

" And al is lyeres ledyug * ^at ahe is Jins Twedded." 
So also in Rich. 3. 113 — 

" CuisidiLaBse and combisunce * amonge fo yonge lordia," 
A few ainular inetances of coteless alliteration may be foond in 
other alliterative poems, as, e. g., m the fiist line of the Crede, unless 
hegymufnge be, as I suspect, an error for eomaynge ; bnt they are 
VKOtwj&y frequent in the two poems we are comparing. 

(y) William alliterates / with v. This is a very cnrions point, 
since similar instances tn o^Aer avihore are, at any rate, very few in 
number. I may observe that it was by obeerring this pecoliaiity that 
I first felt eare of my ground, as I then felt that I had laid hold of 
an a^ument which is a very strong one indeed, and will puzzle any 
one to set aside. Every critic must see the foree of this. 

I accordingly give several instances ; thq list, however, is not 
exhaustive. This peculiarity serves the farther purpose of liokiug 
aU the three UxU of Fiats the Plowman together. 
ExampUtfrom the A-text. 
And ^etten vr ritaylee ■ of |»o jbmicatouis ; 2. 166. 
Tilt Figilate ^ ceU ' ^tte water at his eijen ; 5. 223. 
And made a-rou bi/oie god * for his/onle slenjie ; 6. 230. 
Beoji Jrreo/aire mrtoes ■ and beoji not>er to/ynde ; 9. 70. 

Add to these two remarkable examples where the chief-letter is 
omitted or misplaced : — 

Whi )iat ceniaunce /el ' on Saul and his children ; 3. 245. 
And ya t>emicle bi-^re - ^r men schulde him knowe ; 6. 14. 

Examples from the B-texL 
Amfingfts/nuTB vertnes ■ )ie best of all oettnee ; proL 103. 
But /et hrm al with venesoon * dei^me we hym neuere ; 

proL 194. 
Jbtgoers and vitaillerB • and cokatee of )ie arches ; 2. 60. 
\)6D. for ani any certue or .^ireuesae ■ or any .free kynde j 2. 76. 
And apo.wod toj^t -./br hunger or /or thurst; 6. 388, 
I haue made WJwesjburty and /brjete hem onbemome; 5. 404. 
I msited neuere /ieble men ■ ne .ftttereil /bike m pnttes ; 6. 41 2. 
■ Bothe/lesche aQd/issche ■ and many other ritailles * 6. 443. 



And made avowe to-/bre god ' for his/bnle sleuthe ; 6. 457. 
Feniaance, Deniaunce -Jbtfixie be it neuere ; 17. 287. 
Tyl )« veudage /alle ' in fe vale of ioeephath ; 16. 367. 
And aUe )io ^aiie vertuea ' as oycea fm semeth ; 19. 153. 

And the folloviug, in whicli the chief-letter is omitted or mis- 
placed: — 

And tngUie8and.^Btyng-da7ea ' alle )>ise late I posse; 5. 416. 
And the cemicla hi/ore -/or men shalde knowe; 6. 630. 

Examples from the C-text. 
Amonges fonie Dortues 'most vertnoae of tfertaee; 1.131. 
The /erst of tbo ys/ode ■ and tvstoie Jiesecoande; 2. 23. 
And fo bat.^mdBa me my /ode ■ vouchen aaf, ich trowe; 6. 49. 
JVeres /olowen my iwre '/ele tyme and ofte ; 7. 118. 
Thecylanyeof my/oulemonjra'andof my/oulsmawe; 7.433. 

And the follomng, in which tlie chief-letter is omitted : — 
Fenged me /ele tymes * ojier brend my-self with-ynne ; 7. 74. 

Examplea/rom Richard the Sedelea. 
So/iill was it/ilied ' 'lilh tortuous stones; I. 35. 
For penym on fie valeye • hadde/oule with hem^re; 2. 150. 
And /edith him on ^ vonym ■ lue /eile to anewe ; 3. 24. 
And fiey/olweth ^e vois * at ^e/rist note ; 3. 66. 
At iche movinge /otte * tienyannce ^y asked ; 3. 108. 
So vertue wolde /lowe * whan vicu were ebbid ; 3. 206. 
DerouroniB of vetoile * ^at/a(^ten er ^i paide ; 3. 371. 

This alliteiation of / with v fomisliee a simple and convenient 
teat of William's workmanship. I most ask all who deny his 
claim to the poem of "fiichaid" to produce frequent instances of 
aimilar alliteration in poems hy other auifiors before they can be 
entitled to any reply to their aigumenta.'' 

> Line* ia vltich * ooonn Iliroaghout are Tsry hum. The following ii an 
eiainple ; — 

Thm ceniiance, oeniannoe ■ rerrej chuit* Mksth ; B. 17. 289 ; 0. 20. 271. 
Bat, 111 «Utir poani, inch ii the regolar Torm. ObMrvs, for exunpla, th« 
foUowing; — 

In detHjydyogB H rylanjs ■ ^t mtkqnfii hia ^ewM ; 

Aim. Fount, «d. Uorriai B. fi4t. 
)>ii mt] a Hingauiioe violent ■ ^at voided \iiaa pUoM ; id. 1013. 
Foi mora iniUncM in the mm Talnms, lee B. IBS, 544, fi74, 664, 744, 863, 
IlGl, 1280, 1288, 1311, ISfiS, IfilS, 1713i and C. 71, 166, 33B, 370; the aaij 
line which I obnrre to rnii npou /, *, v, ii C. 331. In William of PaUne, we 



^luUt treating of Qm point, it may he remarked here Ibat the 
scribe of the unique copy of the poem oses ff nearly thionghoat 
instead of initial/ This ff is merely the way of writing the capital 
letter, and is therefore inTariably used at the beginning of a line ; 
■ee note 3 on p. zxviii, I have retained the scribe's use of it, because 
it baa been sn^osted that he may bare meant something by it ; but 
I believe it to have been a mere &eak, as it is nsod by the same 
scribe in his copy of Fieis the Plowman. Some scribes have a 
special bncy foi the use of capital letters j the " Romans of 
Partenay," for example, abounds with words beginning with capital 
a (A) to such an extent as to have caused eerioua inconvenience in 
the printing. If it be absolutely neoeseaiy to assign a positive value 
to the fonu ff, the most likely value is that of the Welsh ff as dia- 
tingaished from /, that is, of the sound / as distingoished from the 
sound 0. If so, the practice of the scribe differed, possibly, from 
that of his author; for William seems to have considered the /- 
sound as sufficiently near to the veound fot the puipose of allitera- 
tion. In other words, he seems to have inclined to the Southern 
English pronunciation of /, for which v (u) is written so frequently 
in Kobert of Glouceeter, John de Treviea, and the Ayenbite of Inwyt. 
(i) But a still stronger argument remains, viz. in the use of 
curions words, phrases, and expressions. Many of these have been 
pointed out aheady in the footnotes to the poem, pp. 469~S03. 
Who but William ever used the word culorum (Kich. prol. 72 ; 4. 
61)1 Who else talks of congtrtdng a elauae (1. 83), of moving a 
matter {1. 84), or of eomsiitg [i. e, eommeneing\ wordt (4. 36) % 

find linn foanded on /, v, / (L 168£), and *, *, / Q.. tiil) ; bat * oocnn thTongh- 
oot in L S39, sod ws luiTe Uie eorioiu linkiDg togethec of w, u, v, in L 1121. In 
thB'Alexmdei' bagmmt ia the uune Tokme, we And « thron^hoat ia 1. 281; bat 
my impioBoa it that the author of tlMM two poem* kToided ths dm of « m bdag 
•u awkward Isttir to manage. 

Eeipeciing ths Horte Arthoni and ths Trof-boke, I am indslited to Hr 
DoDildMn for *cnn« Tilneble nolaa. It henea appem tbat « in Horta Arthnra is 
•ummon thninghant the line, u ia U. 41, 35S, 1SS2 ; Me eapeoidlf U. 2M7-ai and 
2570-3, whaie lereial lines rnnning haTs « for tlie rime-letter. So also in tbe 
Troj-boke ; Mt IL 19, 839, 1349, 2140, Z14S, 2432, 8«02, 4017, 7080. 7045, 7092, 
7121. Boteiuapleior/ alliterated with V are Teiyicaree; it i« dmibtfiil if anj 
mpp«nr in the Troj-boke, and in the Morte Arthore U. 773, 1983 Mem the beit 
; and perhapi we maj add U. S67 and SIO. 

^tv Google 


Where else are we to \o6k toi tnisekie/ u up (1, 29), for wrortos /As 
wind (3. 163), for t/liote truss {3. 228), oi foi bald reasons (4. 70) t 
Even such woids as for-wens (1. 27), and y^uggyd (3. 336), are not 
particiilaily common elsewhere. I quite admit that Bome of the 
resemblances are almost too doBe, as, e. g. in 1. 9, 1. 33, 2. 97, 2. 
139, 3. 263,' where nearly the whole of the lines in Kichaid are 
merely copied from Piers the Plowman. These instances are each as 
an imitatoT would easily have achieved, and they would on that 
account induce suspicion, but for our knowledge of the fact that it 
had for years been William's practice to rewrite much that he 
composed, working np old material and new together. But when 
we come to some of the other instances, in which the verbal 
resemblances are only to be discovered by one who, like myself^ 
happens to know thousands of lines of Piers the Plowman almost by 
heart, the case is altered; we then have internal evidence for a 
common author of the two poems of the strongest kind. Such, for 
instance, is the alliteration of bragging and boasting in C. 9. 152 ; 
Rieh. 2. 80, 3. 186 ; of clothing and quaintly, A. pr. 24 ; Sieh. 3. 
176 i of reieme and rain, B. 3. 207 ; Itieh. 3. 248 ; of stunUile and 
stand, C. 1 1. 35 ; Sich. 2. 82 ; of run and rid^ C. 4. 271 ; Bich. 
2. 58 ; and of rightfuUy and reasoii, C. 2. 60 ; Rich. prol. 48. 
Other atriking instances are these, which are rather beyond the reach 
of a mere imitator, who would hardly have thought auch imitationa 
to be worth his while. 

Two rtfsen rapliche • and rounede to-gedere ; C. 7. 383 ; 
And ros with him rapdy • to rijtyn his wronge ; Rick, pr. 13. 

Mueynge on ^is meteles ' a myle-wey ich jeode ; 
And meny tymes this meteles ' made me to studie ; C. 10. 296. 
This made me to muse - many tyme and ofte ; Ri<A. pr. 30. 
On god, whenne me greued ouht ■ and grveched of has sonde ; 

C. 7. 111. 
And not to gruechmi a grott ' a^eine godia sonde ; Rich. pr. 36. 

Ther treuthe is, ke trone -bat trinite ynne aittef . 
Lere it )niB lewede men ■ for lettrede hit knowe)). 
That treuthe and trewe loue * ys no tresovr bettere ; 

C. 2. 134-6. 
> Eioepting, of eouK, 3. 316, whieh prafteHstoIw, ai itii^aqnotation. 


Foi all is treeouT of ^ trinite ' ^t tumetli men to gode ; 
Sieh. pr. 46. 

To whom fcut William slionld tresour have thua auggeeted itself 
in connection with trinite f 

Or Poule fo apoetle ■ pat no pitee Jiadde ; 

B. 10. 424; C. 12. 268. 
By preyaingG of polaiia ■ pat no pete hadde ; Rich. 1. 17. 

Here the racorrence of a not reiy striMng half-line is well worth 

In like manner we may see great foice in such a coincidence aa 
the following. 

Iawc uithovien loue • leye bere a bene ; B. II. 166. 

For l^pance withottt loue ■ litill ^inge availith ; Bich. 1. 34, 

There is nothing remarkahle in a conple of words like mthout 
loiw. Bat there is an erbaordinaiy coincidence in the fact that 
the; come into the line in exactly the same place, and that they are 
foUowed by half-linea of almost exactly the same significance. The 
phnee l«ye fere a bene meana " lay ot stake a bean upon it, for it is 
worth no more ; " with which litill finge aoaUith ia a synonymous 

It seems hardly worth while to puieue this argament farther ; 
nnce any one who wishes to see more examples of such coincidences 
has only to look up the references given in the footnotes. It deserves 
to be added that the finding of these references was a tedious and 
difficult task. They may be obvioos enough now that they are 
given, but they were hard enough to find in the firet instance. 

(q) The last argument I shall adduce is by appealing to the 
evidence of originality in the poem of " Blchard." An imitator of 
William might have copied his phrases, bat how was he to attain to 
his geniusi It ia a great satisfaction to find, moreover, that 
William's power did not fail him. in his old age. There are some 
pasB^^ in his last poem which exhibit him almost at his best. I 
shall merely give the references to some of these ; the reader may 
then form his own opinion. See, e. g. Pass. L 1 — 19 ; 25 — 59 ; il 
162—167; 186—192; iiL 116—243; 324^-337; 352—371; iv. 
SI — 82. In particolat, the pasa^e iiL 116 — 189 is a well-wrooght 

^t, Google 


piece of lively and sustained Batire, whilst tlio contrast between the 
fashionalile caurtieTB and Wisdom in }iis homely gaih " of the old 
shape" (iiL 211 — 238) is excellent. The snppoaition of micb 
passages being written by a poet of less power than WilUam is Ulie 
supposing that there may have been two Shakespfiare& Few better 
things have ever been said than in his maivelloos and bold substitu- 
tion of the iitshionable dresses of the courtiers for the courtiers 
themselTes, as if the only part of the courtier that was worth 
mention was Ihe dress which he wore. When Wisdom's life waa 
threatened, it was not by creatures that could be called taen, it was 
by the ileevet ihemaelvea ! The severe and snpreme contempt of the 
satire almost evaporates when we analyse it thns critically, but take 
the passage as it stands, and what could be better t Wisdom at- 
tempts to come near Richard's court, and what happens 1 

He waa hallooed [at] and hunted - and yhote tTuss,^ 

And his dwelling ydemed * ■ a bow-draught from them, 

And each man was charged ' to chop at his crown. 

If he nighed them any nearer ' than they had him named.* 

The porter with his pikes * then put him outer, 

And warned * him the wicket * whilst the watch dured. 

" Let's slay him !" quoth the aleeaea • thai slid upon the earthy 

Aitd all tin beardfesa bums' ■ bayed on him ever, 

And scorned him, for his elaveyn ^ ' was of the old shape. 

Thus M'alaport was mightful * and master of [the] house, 

And ever wandered Wisdom ■ without the gates. 

Such waa the end of Wisdom's attempt to insinuate himself into 
Kichaid's coart 

Almost equally good is the description of the pocked parliament 
of Sept. 1397, in iv. 31 — 82. When we read that " some argued 
against right" (hr. 45), it is clear that the poet, with consummate 
irony, means that " they pretended to argue against wrong" yic 
against the wrongful imposition of inordinate taxes ; though thia 
actual wrtnig was a theoretical right on the part of the kii^ who 
expected acquiescence. The king demands an extravagant sum of 

' Uddea to puk off. * tmigaed. 

■ him nsmpncd ^ named far him, aisigiied fat bim. 

* forbade him, warned bim a«s; from. 

* Alluding la the \aag ileeTBi then worn, which CTen tniled npon the ground. 

* mon. "< mantle, cloik. 



liis people ; whereupon, their representatiTes iii parliament^ knowing 
very well what the; are about (for they will receive a bribe from the 
king on the ely) reply indignantly that they know their duty, that they 
are sent ttkete to protect the people, that they can only giant money 
foi a war or for some Buch emergency, and that, if they are fake to 
their constitnen^ they will not receive their salary for attendance 
in parliament But, alas I all this virtuous talk was only " for the 
manner, to make men blind" (iv, 44) ; and the result was that they 
were paid hath ways, by the people foi their services, and by the 
ting for not pressing their opposition too ior I And as for the 
tnembeia themselves, we might apply some of the Lines, I fear, to me^ 
of our own time. What says the satirist t 

Then sat some ' as a cipher in arithmetic. 

That noteth ' a place ' but nothing availeth .... 

And some slumbered and slept ' and said but a little ; 

And some mumbled with their mouth ' and knew not what 

they meant ... 
And some were so solemn ' and ead, of their wits, 
That, ere they came to the close ' encumbered they were . . . 
And some were so fierce ' at their first coming. 
That they bent on a honet ' ' and bore a top-sail 
Before the wind freshly ' to moke a good fore "... 
Some wist well enough * how it would end . . . 
Some held with the more * ■ however it went . . . 
And some dreaded dukea - and Do-well forsook. 

For my own part, I wish there were more of it ; and so commend it 
to the reader's consideration. 


Pnlogue.* And as I [L e. the author of Piers the Plowman] 
was passing through Bristol, I came to Christ Church, where I heard 
strange news. For whilst kii^ Richard was warring in the west 
against the wild Irish, Henry entered England on the east side, whom 
all the land loved, and rose with htm to right his wrongs. For 
myself, I had pity upon oar lawful king, and, not knowing what 
would be the end of the matter, determined to write him a poem of 



advice, lecommending him to take God's viaitation in patience. If 
it 1087 piea™ him to read over what I have -written, I Bhall rejoice 
if it does him Bome good ; and I vill undertake to aay that any 
piince in Chiictendom might learn from it, if he can understand 
Enf^Ush, If then, my liege, my book leaches yoar loyal hand, 
deign to peruse it ; for it shall not be published as yet, till wiser 
men have revised it. I hope it may profit both young and old ; and 
if any word displeases my sovereign, I pray him not to mistake my 
good intentions towards him. 

Pateus I. Now, Bichard the Reddes [counsel-less], have pity on 
yourself ! Loom that allegiance is secured by conduct quite differant 
&om yooi ovn ; not by exactions, lobberiea by youi purveyors, or 
imposition of heavy taxes. Youi courtiers are graceless " ghosts," 
that never wore armour nor felt a shower of hail. Yon came to 
your crown under most auspicious circumstancee. Your crown was, 
as it were, adorned with pearls, rubies, gems, diamonds, and 
sapphiiee ; it was powdered over with pity, and adorned with truth. 
But who can now tell what became of this crown 1 Your courtiers 
usurped the power that should have been yours ; your people dared 
not complain, hfen might as well have hunted a hare with a tabor, 
as have expected redress. Yet it was said of old time — 'Wbere 
grooms and nobles are all equally great, wo be to that kingdom, and 
to all the dwellers therein ! ' Thus was your crown broken, by the 
power you deputed to your favourites. Sad. it been preserved 
whole, we should not have heard of murders amongst the great 
But yonr counsellors were young and giddy men, who selfishly mis- 
led yon to their own advantage ; they cajoled you into setting aside 
your true friends, and loving false deeds. Had you but done 
as a pdwe should do, yon would have hung the first suggester of 
ialsebood high upon the gallows, yea, though he had been your 
own brother. But you encouraged knaves, and this greatly 
emboldened them. 

Patnu II. The worst matter was, that you dispersed so widely 
your badges of the " white hart." The wearers of this badge, your 
retainers, ran rife throughout your realm. But some of them stood 
in awe of the Eagle [Bolingbroke] ; and, moreover, the moulting- 


tima of these haite wu drawing nigh ; it waa nearly time^or them 
to loee theii horns. It ajoazes me to think that you ehould have 
Boflered yom harts [retaineTs] to be bo numenras as to be a plague 
to your people. They skinned the poor mercilesaly, and displayed 
their badges to silence complaints. So that, aa the townspeople 
used to say, for every hari that you marked on a badge, yoa mlsBed 
ten score of fiiithful hearts of subjects. These badges of yours spoilt 
all the bioth, and upset the pot amongst the coal& Hence, when 
yon wished to lean apon your limbs [the commons], they failed you. 
Though Beaaon warns me to speak respectfully, I must yet say that, 
in my opinion, no upstart of a retainer ought eyer to wear a mark or 
badge ; theee should be reserved for good and great men, as, e. g. a 
just judge. I fear you have sought merely to multiply the number 
of your badge-weareis, and to attach them to yourself personally. 
Had the good Greyhound [the earl of Westmoreland 1] been cherished 
as a chiafltun, you might have hod ' white harts ' enough in your 
service. Bnt no wonder though ' head-deer ' &iled you, since yoa 
had no pity on the ' rascals ' or lean deer. Meanwhile the Eagle 
[fiolingbroke] was fostering nestlings of his own, watching over 
them whUat their wings Tere growing. Then did this bird batter 
on the buihet [L e. punish Bushy], and gather men as they walked 
on the ffreea [i. & seize and imprison Green], till all the ' sorufF' and 
'scrope ' [an allusion to Scrope] was torn asunder. He so moulded 
the metal with his hand-mould, that theee men lost the dearest 
limbe they had, viz. their heads. Even then this Falcon [also 
meaning Bolingbroke] was not folly fed. But the blear-eyed 
scoundrel who stole the bag [L e. Bagot] made the Falcon flush for 
anger; and, ere long, this rascal was caught. Still the Eagle 
continued his hawking, till he had soon subdued every kite and 
crow. Many snares and gins were set in all directions, catching 
men wherever they went ; and evermore the Eagle hovered on high, 
and cleaily saw all the privy projects of the pies below. 

PoMU* ///. I return now from the Eagle, to speak once more of 
the harts, and how they came at last to miafortune. The worst 
of all laulta are those committed against nature. Let me shew how 
this applies to the htat». "When a hart cornea to be a hundred years 



old, he itdopts this plan for renewing his youth. It ia his Toat tc 
catch and kill an adder, and to feed upon his venom, hj which 
means he succeeds in renewing his skin.' tt is natural, then, for 
the hart to prey upon the adder ; but it is unnalural for him to 
attack a Colt [Thomas Pitz-alan], or a Horse [the earl of Arundel^ 
or a Swan [the duke of Gloucester], or a Bear [the earl of Warwick]. 
It is Uierefore becsuse of their unnatural conduct that the harts 
&iled of success. Now hear the story of the partridge. Th» 
partridge lays her eggs and sits upon them ; but very soon another 
partridge comes and takes her place whilst she is off the nest, and 
hatches the young ones. - ^Then the right mothei-biid ratums, and, 
at the sound of her call, the young birds desert the intruder and 
follow her.' In like manner, when the Eagle returned to bisyonag 
ones, they forsook the kii^ who had oppressed them for two-and- 
twenty years, and returned to their true father. The Swan [the 
duke of Qloucestei] had failed [was dead] ; the Horse [the duke of 
Anmdel] was sore hurt; but the Eagle released the bear [the earl 
of Warwick] and all hia 'bearlings.' Then did they 'goggle' on 
the green [i. e. attacked Green] ; they cuised the Earl Marshal [the 
duke of Iforfolk] ; and followed the Eagle everywhere, ready for 
vengeance. To return to lUchard and hia misdeeds. One great 
fault amongst his oourtiera was in the tyranny of fashion and the 
expense of dress. Such men keep no money that comes to them, 
yet they clip the king's coin and make it scarce. Except their 
sleeves sUde upon the ground, they cuiee the robe-maker. They 
even follow a litshion which may be described as cutting the clothes 
to pieces, so that they have to pay for Uie piecing of the cloth 
together nearly twenty times the price of the cloth itself. Surely 
snch followers of the &shion are not the men to be trusted. Yet 
"we find that lords bestow liveries on such meq, and choose them, 
npt for any goodness or worth, but for their bragging and boasting. 
If lords would drive away the ' dagged ' clothes and the ' Dntoh ' 
coats, and reprove robbers, and choose worthy men, the world would 
mend. Then I beheld how Wisdom presented himself at court, 
1 Thne BciiouiitB of the luUti of the hut and partridge eipTM) the received 
opinioiH of the period. 



eneldng ttdmittance ; irondarmg, as 'well he miglit, at the nmnber 
of the household retainers. But as soon aa ever his true name 
became known, he was warned off the ground. " Let's slay him," 
qnoth the sliding sleeres ; and all the beardless boys mocked him. 
Then vu Wisdom wroth, and said they should neret win grace. 
Coonsellors, Waniois, and Lsbonrera are the true pillars of a nialm j 
hut lads of twenty-four years are not those whence Couusellors 
should ha chosen. Rulers are chosen to uphold the law, not to 
spend the night in wakeful debauchery. But, fortunately, such 
misrule and riot cannot last for 'ever. Sooner or later comes a 
' kew-kaw,' i. e. a change of fortime, when the robbers at last go to 
prison. Yet even then Bribery fiiTours the bad, and mighty lords 
abet their evil followers. Tilting men titan Chester pleaded in the 
courts in their own way, viz. with violence and intimidation ; and 
those who dared to complain were in extreme danger. But at last 
the Lord of heaven arose in Hia righteous anger, summoned His 
archangels and angeb, His barons and His bachelors, and rode 
against evil-doers in royal array. Then fell a deep calm, and the 
heavens waxed clear ; and every man might see the moon move at 
midday, and the very stars pursuing after evildoers. 

faasus IV. "Where was ever a king who kept so large a house- 
hold 8S Eichard did ? So great were his expenses, that not even hia 
unprecedented taxations could repay the poor for what hie pur- 
veyors bad ezactod from them. But for credit, his men would have 
been drawn to the devil for the debts they owed. At last, when 
nothing was left but the bare bags, he determined to summon a 
submissive and corrupt parliament. When this venal assembly had 
come together, a clerk stood np, and asked them to vote supplies. 
Then some members pi«tendod that they knew theii duty, and made 
a shew as if they could not grant them ; others sat in their places 
like mere ciphers ; others were tsle-bearers ; others slumbered ; 
others talked nonsense, or lost themselves in argument. Then there 
were others, newly elected, who were for dashing on at full sail ; 
but the mast bant, and they were glad to strike sail to escape ship- 
wteok. Some ' knew how it would all end ; ' others held always 
with the majority ; whilst another set could talk of nothing but tlte 



money which the Vng owed to themBelves. Others feoied the lords, 
and forsook Dowoll, [Bere the poem breake off.] 


A eufficient account of this poem will be found in the pielimin&iy 
remarks on p. 62S. It is an early imitation of Pieis the Plowman, 
written at Southampton, probably in Jmie, 1415, and addressed, as 
I auppoee, to Henry T. shortly before his lainoas campaign in 



The "Parallel Sxtracts from twenty-nine MSS. of Pien the 
Plowman" (K £. T. S. 1866) will be reprinted, with additions, in 
Put lY. of the present edition. 

The method by vMcb it ie easily possible to refer from one text 
of " Fien the Plowman " to another is fully explained in pp. Ixxvi^ 
Ixxxii of this Tolnme. If, when the B-text is in hand, there he any 
difficulty in finding the corresponding passage in the C-text, see 
especially the table at the foot of p. Tixxi. For the comparison of 
all three texts by Passos, see p. Ixxxiii. 

Part L This part, pnbliehed in 1867, contains the Poem in its 
aarliest fonn (juD. 1362), called the " Vernon " Text, or A-teit It 
contains a Prologue and twelve Passos ; hut the leadei is requested 
to obsorre that Pass, xii was issued separately, at the end of Fart II., 
en pages numbered 137* to 144*. In binding, these pages should 
be inserted between pages 136 and 137 of Part L The MSS. nsed 
for Part L are Y^Yemon MS., the text; T = Trin.ColL Cam. 
E. 3. 14; H = HarL 875, Biit Mus.; r = UniT. Coll Oxford; 
Ha=HarL 6041, Brit Mus. ; D = Douce 323; and others,, 
deeciihed in Pre£ L pp. xr — xxiv. Pass. XIL is found only in 
US. BawL Poek 137, and (partly) in U. 

Obeerre that the text of the Yemon MS. (the best on the whole) 
does not represent the trva dudect of the poem. The scribe has 
introduced many Sovihem foims which do not belong to it, The 
true dialect appears in the two later texts ; which see. 

Several extracts from this text, with Notes and Qlossary, will be 
finind in " Spedmeos <si ^iIt EngUeh, a.s. 1298—1393 ; " by Dr. 



Morria and Rev. W. W. Skeat, Clarendon Press, 1872. These 
extracts comprise the Prologue, Pass, i, Pass. ii. 158 — 212 ; Pass. iu. 
1—162 ; Pass. v. 1—263 ; Pass. vL 1—45 ; Pass. viL 234—311. 

A fev Eirata hare been detected in Fart I. The only one of 
much conaequeiioe is at p. 66, I. 263, vhere lene sLoiild be leue. 
The following is a list of the Errata, scTeial of which are trifling. 

Page zxz. ]. 16. For rinwkUer read chief-UUer or elU^ rime-Utter, 

Page zxziv, I. 4. For begiua read begin. 

Page xzxvii. 1. 8 from the bottom. The metrical dot sbonld follow 
ffodU; see Part III., p. 495, 1. 260. 

Page i,foomoU to 1. 69. For Aim] DH om., read him^ DHz om. 

Page fi, 1. 78. iDsert the metrical mark after ha. 

Page 9, 1. 43. Insert the satae after whom. 

Page 25, footnote to 1. 172. For wola loke H, read wole loke H. 

Page 36, foottmte to 1. 192. For I batride on Jie bak UD, read I 
batride hjm on the bak UD. 

Page bO, footnote to L 133. Read & deo1>-ne it afUr U. 

Page Gl, L 154, For line read Ijne. 

Page 62, 1. 185. The central dot is " inTertei" 

Page 66, 1. 263 (both tact and footnote). For lene read leae. 

Page 68, foarlh lidenote. For cannot read cannot tell. 

Page 76, footnote to L 29. For sm U 221, 259, read tee U. 221, 259. 

Page 17, fourth tidenote. ^or jongleur read jougleur. 

Page 79, 1. 98. Insert the metrical mark after pilgrimee. 

Page 80, I. 122. The initial letter is not illaminated ; it should 
have been printed the same as the firat latter in the next line. 

Page 9S, footnote to 1. 26. Read hem (1)] hym T. 

Page 92,foolnoU to L 135. For catonistris U read catonistris H. 

Page 99, L 129. Add a full step at the end of the line. 

Page lOOjfootnote to 1. 144. Insert a long hyphen between nun and 

Page 100, 1. 157. Add a full atop at the end of the line. 

Page lOi, footnote to 1. ISO. Insert a hyphen in Idoubled. 

l*age IQ3, fifth eidenote. For at times, read at all times. 

Page 107, 1. 80. Bead pvt )ia [Br!] Auerous, &a. The word Erl 
should no doubt be inserted, though the Vernon MS, omits it. 

Page 108,/Doti)ote (ol, 96. The tnonW him V " belong to Hit end of 
the footnote to 1. 96. 

Page 113, footnote to 1. 62. The promised note to this line was 
accidentally omitted. It was merely intended to draw attention to the 
fact that the omUsion of the Latin words in HS. U is easily accounted 
for. They ware to have been inserted (in that US.) in red lettera, and 
a apace waa left for the purpose ; but the mbrioator forgot to insert 

Page lUffoolnote lo I. 78. For lo — >«, read to Booteit in }e. 

^tv Google 


Page 126,/oobioU to 1 79. For ue II. 73, etc., read ue 11. 74, etc 

Page 133,Jint sidatoU. For Where as read Whereaa. 

P«ge 139, headline, and I. 4. For 7G read 76. 

Page 146, nole to 1. 68. Add, the quotatioa iB from Pb. Ixviii. 29 

Page 146, note to 1. 85. Tranerer hto, eo aa to follow " haTe." 

Page lfi3, L 11 Jrom the bottom. Iruerl the in As vaearU tpaet, 
Tkne Una above, for commoDded read commended. 

Page 154, note to t, 303 SubBequeatly to writing tliie note, ttie v>hole 
of Pwe. xii was discovered, and printed aa kkjd «a practicable, viz, on 
pp. 137* — 144*, iasnod at the end of Part IL 

Fart n. Tbk part, published in 1869, contains the poem in its 
aeeand shape (a.d. 1377), and does not greati; differ from the text as 
printed by Mr Wright ; but it is printed irom a different MS. and 
contains more than 170 additional lines. The variations of Mr 
Wright's text from the present one are denoted in the footnotes by 
the letter W. The old text printed by Crowley also exhibits the 
poem in this second form. 

Ifumerous notes and a full glossary to the first seven Passus in 
this Tolame will be found in my smaller edition of " Piers the 
Plowman," published in the Clarendon Press Series, 1869. 

For notes and a glossary to the whole poem, consult Mr Wright's 
edition, and Dr Stratmann's Old English Dictionary. 

The MS8. used for Part II. are L = Laud 851, the text ; W =. 
MS. printfid by Wright (Trin. ColL Cam. B. 16. 17) ; O = Oriel 79 ; 
R==.IUwLPoet.38; C = Camb.Dd. 1. 17j B=Bodley814; Ca 
= Camb. LL 4. 14 ; T = Mr Yates Thompson's MS. ; and othere, 
described in Pret II. pp. vi — xxxL 

The pages at the end, numbered 137* to 144* belong to Part L, 
and should be ioBcrted between pp. 136 and 137 of that volume. 

The followii^ is a list of Errata. 

Page 5, 1. 93. D^ full stop at the end of the line. 
Page 36, 1. 89 ; and p. 89, L 161. for present nod presentc. 
Page 41, 1. 214. Far preaeati read prtsentz. 
Page 217, fourth sidenote. For Clergy read Conscience. 
Page 289, 1. 25. InteH marlct o/quolalioa before to. 
Page 360, 1. 363. Put a fall stop at the eud of tiie line. 
Page 398, note to I 168. In the quoUtion from Crowley, for tell 



Fart m. This part, now published, contidiis the poem in its 
third shape (a.d, 1393-4), and is printed from the same MS. as that 
&om which Dr Whitaker'e editioa was taken. Hundreds of cor- 
rections have been made In Whitaker'a text 

The MSS. used for Part HI. ate F = Phillipps 6231, the text; 
E = Laud 656 ; I = ITchestei MS. ; M = Museum MS. (Cotton 
Veap. R 16) ; F = Camb. F£ 6. 35 ; G = Camb. Dd. 3. 13 ; S = 
Corpus 293; B = Bodley 814; Z = (Kenelm) Digby 171 ; and 
others, described in Pref III. pp. zis — 1. 

Fot a reading of the contents of the aatotype facsimile, see Pref. 
UL p. xxviii. 

This part also contains the poem of Eichaid the Redeles (a.d. 
1399), by the same author ; also a short imitative piece by another 
hand (a.d. 1415), entitled The Crowned King. 

The following is a List of Errata, as far as known. 

Page 31. Dele f at the begiauing or the first side-note. 
Page 32, 1. 88, text and footnote. For hym read hem. 

Fart IT. This part, now in course of preparation, will contain 
a General Pre&ce, General ^Notes, and a full Glossarial Index. It 
will take, perhaps, two or three years to complete it. 

ambrid<ies Stpt. 16, 1673. 




yit mnpil inno ffiilldmi bi ^itio ^lon^m. 
[PASSUS 1.] 


IS a somere eeyeon ' whan eofto was ^ sonne, 
T sliop [me] in-to shrobbia ' oa y [a] sheplierde were, 2™^^™^ u 
In Abit as an Ennite ■ vnholj of werkea, IblJS'ta isT"' 

left wente fortli in fe vorlde ■ wondere to hure, 4 "■"^^'" >••« 

And Bawe menj cellis ' and Belcouthu ^jn^, 

Ac on a may morwenyng - on Alalueme liulles on Kiinn huii. 

He bjiel for to alepe * for weyrynesso of wandryng ; ib,, i [f i^j 
And in a launde as ich lay • lenede ich and alepte, 8 ,^ i ™*° 
And Merueylonsly me mette ■ aa ich may jow telle ; '"' '*'**'■ 
Al |)e wel^ of Jiis vorlde ' & fie woo bo)»e, Thm dnuu i ■ 

Wynkyng as it were * wyterly icb.Bajfbyt, thKti[tHwiu' 

Of trynjie & of tricherye ' of tresoan and of gyle, 12 

Obb. F = U3.PbtIlipa(thetext)i 6. An£} I H. <»Uw] oelte* E; 

E = Ha lAod 6G6 ; I = M3. II- wlics UP ; aellyi 3. 

chwter ; H =: HS. Cotfam (BriL 6. on] ia MF. 

MoHuiD} ; F = HS. Cunb. Ff. B. 7. /or] H mi. tmttidrfiig} iratk- 

U; Q= HS. Camb, Dd. S. IS; 8= ysg U. F Aat—Ue be-fel a fori? ' a 

MS. Corpiu (Camb.) ; B = Budley fa;T-e]rB me jioajt (o/. B-tezt). 

814, ko. See Prqfaee. S. Ani\ U om. bA«i« ieK\ 1 

A daggw (t) in a gidenote marks lenede ft-doun U. 

paMaget peoaliar to the C-tezt. 9. And] M oh. Merveyixnulyl 

1~U. atiMiiv ia I ; 1—158. niu- m«niayleB F. mm mefte] { mett« H ; 

% te a. mette of F. may] ecbal M. 

9. \m» HFS] PS Ml. tAroftftu] 10. Xf] Of al HF. F trantpote* 

Mhnibbes FS. [a HF8B] P im. we1)>e aiuf froo. norlde'] to i* E; 

«f — ivoro] a aeheimrd as I were F. world HF ; wordle PS. See tut» to 

S. AHt] an abjjt H <u] of U. 4/^ 1. 13. 

tit his F. 1 2. triekerye — treitnm'] trwoD* ' 

4. leh tMste] Wente t H ; loh tricberj' F. 0/ tretowt] (reson SH q^ 

wmdeK. norlde'] miemHteinroiWF, ^I«] gile HFS. 



M>*M] M tiH . Al ich saw al«pynge ' as ich ehal }ow telle. 
Esteward ich. byliulde * after |)e Bonne, 
And aawe a toure, aa ich troweda ' truths waa ^aV'Tiine ; 
t «d 0* tba Weatwaide ich waitede ' in a nhjle after, 1 6 

■)unD«(h And Bawe a deep dale ' da)), as ich lyuede^ 

Wonede in fo wones ■ and wyckede apirittu. 
A. s B a A fail fold, ful of fulka ' fonda ich ^r bjftwyne, 
ftiri*]ii,hiiDf Alle manere of men ' ^ mene & ])e ryche, 20 

Mk. °" Worchynge and wandrynge ■ as fe worlde aakef . 

Hnucfthnn Soniine putte hem to plow ■ and pleiden ful seylde, 
udwoiitdbiirdi Is settyng and in sowyng ' awonken ful harde, 23 

And wonne |»(t fuse woaters ' with glotenye deatroyefi. 
bnt (omt nn Somme putte hem to pruyde ■ & parailede hem Jter-aftor, 
^ipwi^ In contenHonce & in clo^yuge ' in Ueny kynne gyae; 

ouwi gnvad. In praieia & in penaunces ' puttcn hem Manye, 
■utan lib, uki Al for ^ loue of oure lorde ' [Ij-ueden] ful hatde, 28 
In hope to haue a gode ende ' & heaene-iyche Bljase ; 
As ancres & Eremites ' ^t bolden bem in hure cellys, 
Coueytynge nojt in contrees * to carien a^touto 
For no lykeiouse lyflode ' blue lykame to pleae. 32 
And aomme chosen cbefbre ' fey [cheuede] fe botcre, 

18. J^ii UiM folUmt L 10 in H. dtdrjali P; deBtrsijBii H ; dettreyui 8. 

teUal Hhew* M. iJG. ^] F an. paraiUiW] appo- 

14. tyfaiU*] lokede H. nfter}aa niled F i &-p<ireiIet> H. 

hy to F. £6. oonteiuainee] to in tl; onn* 

IB. Jwrf] I M. trentd«'] trowe P. tynauDce F [ coDtenuance P. ^ in} 

16. naitede] awKfted E; bihuld &F;ofMS. iyvu] kinF; kynDeiU. 

M. mhylt] mritt»» wyle P. 27. praieri^^MUMineei] penannot 

IT. de^"] witA de)) F. Ij/tteiU] leue and preierea M. in penauseet] p»- 

HFS. nauncc F. 

18. WeMde] ^t vroned F. )»>] liS. Al] &, T; H mn. llyveden 
fmt XF i ft S. mtT] wiU F. tpiri- ES] liueden U ; leoede F ; lyuend P. 
tta] goatm F. 29. a] MFS im. godt] le in F; 

19. ful] teiMl.2S; here iaad i* I goode B ; god H i goud P. 

22) ivrittan fol. SO. At] And F. ahotto] ankirea 

!0. AIL)} Of al HF. 1L; huikeni E. Aunt] hera EF ; M om. 

22. jrvt^] w i« B ; putten M ; put 81. Onuiytynfe} Couejtyng E ; M 

F; ivritttn puto F; </. 1. 25. /ar] oousltan U; & ooaeitatli F ; Cou^en 

but F. B. Airim] karien E ; oajTeD F ; 

SS. lonj/nff] M in ERH ; aowiug F ; oaren 8. 

Kritten uwyng P. i«] F cm. 88. Mv] and H. [^eiMieit] oheffed« 

M. mty\ mHttat nit P. de- P ; hut ebt«ne» cbeued B ; cheueued 

ttrvj/eyi destrorath F; dntniye^; (*I«) S ; cbeujd F: preneden H. 

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Ab hit seme^ to oure syght ' pat soche men pry>^^^- wmm wni* wtn 
And eomme murtbes to make ' as mynstrftls connc^, *" 
J)at wollen nejjwr awynke ne swete ■ bote awery grete 

opee, 36 

And fynde vp fonle fantesyes - and folee hem maken, 
And hauen witt« at wylle ■ to worcho yf Jwy wolde. JTSSlIZb-. 
Jjat Paul prechifi of hem - prouen hit ich myghte, a a 

Qui turpUoquium loqvifur ■ ya Incyfeis knaae. 40 b a 

Byddere and Beggers ' faste a-boate joden, but^r- toc^ 

Tyl hure bagge and hure bely ■ were bretful ycramrayd, J^H^^^'ilJ nr,a 
Faytynge for hure fode ■ and fouhten atten AJe. ImS'tiSISl''''** 

In glotenye, [god wot] ' gotb )iey to bedde, 44 

And aryeep with ribandrie ' tbo Boberdea knaiies ; 
8lep & ayn^ slentbe ' aewef sucbe enere. 
Pylgrimia & palmers ■ plyjhten hem to-gederea, piijrinii mt 

To seche seint lame ' and seyntys of rome, 48 thm, ■)» >tiii 

Wenten forth in bnie way * with meny m-wyae hwi \mn i« ii* 

tale[s], •""^■ 

And hauen lene to lye ' al hure lyf-tynie. 

Eremytes on u> hep ' wM hokede stauea, Bm ic wniing- 

Wenten to walsyn^am ' and bore wenches after; 52 »whHiriih 
Gret« lobies and longe ' [}iat] loth wure to awynke, la^bni >•» 
Clojtede hem in copia • to be knowa fro ojiere, JJ^, 

M. tu] Id H. tryveli] aehulde M. beddei F. . 

85. at — eotrne^} myiutrallea b»- 46. ary«:fi] rywn F ; Tjaup B. 
oomyth F. nUh'] vitA FSE : Tp wi^t H ; wit P. 

86. y<U] H Ml. irollm] nollen E. ribaiirie'] ribaudije H ; ribawdie F. 
nef\ier] noa^t H ; nau^t F. nt\ do the'] )>ea H ; u F. 

F. nveryl swerie E ; Bwera MKB. 46. ierr«^ nek*] foleire|> hem M. 

■ 87. Aid) H' M. /mU] H /rpi- 47. plyOtm] putten F. 

SB. tofj And \mt U. prtmen^ 4S. TcJFortoF. lecie] written 

pnam HFSE. slcbe P; Mohen E ; «eke MF. »/] 

40, tvrp. leg.'] tnuupeud in MP. at M. 

41. Wm] )ede MF ; jectStl BE. 49. n^mfint] t>«7 wente F ; (lel gon 
i2. MVf«3 baggea H. wmre] wu H. fritA] wit P. nt-nyiir] wiie M, 

MS. bntful UFE] bredfal P ; bre- t^^U$ UF] taltu S ; tale PE. 

Ad 8. ferammj/S] l.folled M. 60. JlaMn Inw] gotea a lioenoe F. 

43. atten Ale} atte nale F3E ; at |ie Ijif-tyme'] lif aftar H. 

aleU. 63. 6frete] l^i^ U; Lothly F. 

44. [yed tnet MF] tbo gomea PS ; [fwf M] k PF8E. 
tfao wreochn E. /alA') gon HFB ; go 64. drt^ede] |>ei c1o|>id F. iomw] 

f«fA — t«d^j >ei gon to here 1-bnowe MF; fkaowe B. 


And made hem-selue Eremj-tes ■ hare eUe to haue. 
■n Ich fond |)er frenis ' alle fe foure ordres, 66 

ant Prechynge J« peple ■ for profit of fe wombe, 

And gloB^Dge ])e godspel * as hem good lykede ; 

Tor couetiae of copes ■ contrariede eom doctors. 
ic had Meny of pia maifities ' of mendmaut &eres, 60 

' ^ Hure monye <& maTchanndiae * marchen to-gederes ; 
n ehwiu ^ Butth charite hath he chapman * and chef to shiyue 

Many ferliea han fallen ' in a feffe jeres ; 

Bote holy churche & charite * choppe a-doun Gwtch 

Bhryuera, 64 

)}e moste myacbif [on] molde ' Mounted vp faste. 
Ther preched a pardoner - as he a prest were. 
And broujte for^ a buUe ' wttA bisahopis selefl, 
And seide fat hym-selue ■ vayjt» asoilie hem alle 68 
Of falsnesae of fastingee * of towbb to-hroke. 
Lewede men lynede hynt wel ' and likedea Lus 

Comen & kneleden ' to kyssen Ms bulles ; 

itruigt (bln£i 

B6. uIm] lilue P ; ^U E ; self MF. 

66. Obs. Bere ieji«u tht HohMter 
M8. (T). Iek—p«r] J-w fond i M. 
frervM] ^ frerM FE ; of frerea IS. 
nlW\ or Alle M. 

GS. And ffleiynge} ^j gloeen I ; 
Aod glosea H; k gtonde F. gi^- 
tpel] w in E ; giwpd IMFS. goad 
^ifde] self IjlieD M ; good liken I. 

Q9. •otb] hercF. eontrariedf, fc] 
cxmBtrued a» ^7 wolde I. 

60. ef—freret] may clo)ie hem ful 
wsniie I; ben meiwtoiiioun of frerea 

62. Ae tuttk'] & eu^ E; Seth F; 
Sith I. hath be] trail I. 

63. ferliei] merueiles M ; wondres 

a-iiodn] chaste P. 

65. \m IFS] of PME. mUe] 
^U world H. Mmmtep'] it mountrog 

66. Ther prtehei]^afre<:1iede pen 

67. And) I mn. (rotntsM] broint 
F; broght 18; brate B; brouto P. 
hiUc] brod bulle I. 

68. And] He HFSE. )>(if] aurelj 
I. Iijfm-*elii«] he M. oiffjf*] myjthe 

69. fartingei] be^g IF : faltynge 
H. ^] and of I. vmvei] foues S, 
te-breie] I-broke F; broken L 

70. ieff^fe— ftjm] ^e lewed folc it 
leued L K0l] S inn. Kordei] apecbe 

71. GmtH — Jmtleden] (lel comen 
vp knelende I ; Comen knelTng H ; 
& comen vp knelyng F. (# kj/uan] 
and kJHed IF; and cuaaeden U. 

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He blessede hem with hus [breuet] ■ and blerede Imre MmamniBd 

eyg^n], 72 biind«iih>LrtT» 

And r^htc vitii has TagHman ' rynges and Groclies. rinitiud 
Thus je jeuefi ^ooie golds ' glotones to lielpe, 
And lene^ it to loielea * fiat lecherie hauuten. 
Were )» biaehop blessid ■ ofer worth bojie hut eren, 76 wm ibi tubop 
Hus eele sholde ao;t be sent ' in deceit of ]» pnple. thii wooid Dot'te 
Ac it ys ncgt by f>e bysshop ■ fat Jw boya ptechef, 
J)e paiehepreet and )ie pardoner ' parten fie eeluer, AS 

J)at poore pnple in parahea ■ sholde haue. yf f ei ne were. 
Fersonea & parsbeprestes ' pleynede to be bisshop, 81 Puiih-prtnti 

cotnplfciA thftt 

J}at buie paralien[B] ben poore ' sitthe |>e peatelence ihair iKriiMoiHn 

tyme, ibm im p^u- 

To haue licence & lene ' in londone to dwells, ^a uLondiB. 

And synge Jier for Bjmonye ' [for] eeluer ya awete, 84 
Biaahopee and bachilen ' bofio maisters and doctors, BUbof ua 
pai han core vnder cryst ' and crownynge in tokne, b s 
Ben chargid with holy churche * charyte to tulie, in LtmHan, ann 

jMt is, leel lone and lif ' a-niong lered and lewed ; 88 ,rai. m.) ' ^ 

T2. bUuede] bunchert I. [breuet 80. paort^part^i] (w pore peple 

IM] MoBtM 7 : buHes (jiroh. repeated in {k pareiwabes B ; ^ pore peple in 

by acci/Uttt) PE ; bulle S. ej/m F] pBrafaee E ; fro pore in the parecbe U ; 

tS/jm M ; yea 3 1 eye PE. |>e peple F. ^ bit )if M. 

73. A»d] He M. km'] list M. 81. 4^ parthsprettei] per primed 
rjptget — Brocket] brocbiu & irngeB feat and I ; & prestui F. plei/Hede] 
F3. Atuf] an P. pla]-ne|> M. 

74. je— job™] now gif je jour I ; 8a, partheiu] parscliones M ; pnre«- 
jo jenen jonre H ; gsF good men bere scbenes S ; parischene* B ; pkria^ee 
F, I; pariache F; psrshen P. ben] befi 

75. lau]i] leoea I; leued F, E ; were IH ; was F, ^0] IMF on. 
tarelet] IomIb I, kamtten] hauntcB 83, 7)i— 2^} Hy lorde, grannie 
I ; bMintede F. VB liceiue I, tn] at IM. 

76. Were^ But were F, eper] or 84, Aitd] To IM; For to E. fer 
IF8 ; and M. eren] w {« SM; eres /or] by F. [/«■ IMF] >e wjle Pj ft, 
IF; eyen B, wbjlea B; whyle 8, 

TT. $kolde] ne Khulde M; were T, B3— 91. I otaiti. 

be — of] eet ao to oayna 1 ; be sends 86, 6of>e] M em. ieator*] o^ere F, 

in the aiit of E. 86. cromnynge] ben crouned M. 

76 — 80, I emiit, and — tekne] criatendome to kepe F. 

78. Ao] F em. in toltae] to kenne S. 

79. (.«] Bnte f.e M. partheprett] 87, Ben] Bef- Bi & F. with] wit 
prest F. pardoner] be M. parten] Y; in F. 

dqMirten M. 



Thei lyen in london« ' in lentene, and dies. 
" Somme senien )ie kynge ■ and tua aeluer tollen, 

In fe chekkete and fe chaonceliie ■ chalengynge hua 

Of n-ardea & of wardemotea ■ wayues and atrayuee, 93 
Somme aren ae aeneachals ' and aenien ofen lordes, 
And bon in atede of stywardea ' and sitten & demen. 
Concience cam & acuaede hem • and f e comun« tit 
•^ And seide, "ydolatrie je eoffren ■ in aondrye placea 
perniirt'iiDiiitiT, mcnye, 96 

DitutH. And boxes ben [broght] foi^ ' [I-]bounden wi'tA yre. 

To vnde^take (le tol ■ of vntrowe aacrifice. 
In menynge of miracles ■ muche wer [fer hangeji] ; 
Al fe worJd wot wel ■ hit myjte nat be trywe : 100 
Ac for it profiti)) jow to porswarde ' je prelatea aoffren 
]]at lewede men in mysbylyue ' Icuen & deien. 
Ich lyue wel, by cure lordo ■ for lone of jonre conetyae, 
t All ihi wtrtd jjat al pe world be ^e wore ; ■ aa holy wryt tellefi 104 
Tourmruiin*- What cheste, & meachaunce ' to [fie] children of israel, 
Ful on b(?m fut &ee were ' parwe two falae preeatea. 

89. lym FS] lien E; leyea P; 98. tcl] m in lUFS ; tolls E ; lool 
ligKCD M. t» (1)] at F. P. 

90. SiMnme] And Humnie F. 99. [^ A^h^b^ MFI] hooge^ ^tn 
91—107, Matt of thete linet ocmr PSE. 

iiil,/ui««6ami{ii <^. nvte te I. 169- 100. bwU MFBI] wordle P. 

91. /•) Iw] At lie M J iQ F. and] 101. Je— hhv] But hit profijte »v 
and in M. J.e (2)] FS Om. chaleng. * M ; Ac for it prnfilafi F8 ; For profjt 
yngii] oliKlenge^ M. in I. toffriit] it luffra F ; of hoU 

B2, ^IMom. qflFSoM. itraywM] ohirehe (fttuf/y) M, 

to in HFE ; itrayuuK S. lOi. pat] pat >« E. Inun] bo^ 

M. Jittd ben] Summe nm M. and leuen F. 

(I)] Ucm. 103. ml] H irw. jdutv] own Bj 

9S. ^] F nn. Ban j*] 1 (mt. ^ F nm. 

— A.nn] to )w kyng M. atninn/;] 104. nNrrU] *>? in MF ; worlds ISB ; 

o»r»d B. Ai( itnie] herds hit PE ; stitiri-Ulen wolde P. leryt IB] writ 

hut UFS Jtntrg hit herde. F ; vry^t P ; wrijt H ; write E. 

97. X>id—he«\ ytaie boiea be P. 105, to] come to M. [Y' IUF8] 

[in-ffW I] y-set PME; Betle F; set — 
S. i%(iHii^«)i] ybounden E ; i.bounde 
MF ; bounden PSI. yn)] w in FF j 
Ireo M; ir^ St Iroel. 



For ^ eynne of ophni ' aifl of fiD44e hu9 brother, t RnnnnbeT thi 

)>ei were disconfit in bfttaille ' and loaten Areha del ; ud PhiiHitrf. 

And, for liure Byre sanh bran syngen ■ and soffrede hem '"'' *■ '^"^ 

don ille, 109 

And noit chasted hem b^T'of ' and wolJe noit rebulue t aod im su 
' '^ ' 1.11 b™ hi. 

hem, Dhilr. ud bnki 

A-non, aa it was ytold hym * Jiat ])e children of 

Weien disconfit in batoille ' and Areha dA ylore, 112 
And hoc sones slayen ' anon he ful for sorwe 
Fro htif cfaaiie ^aie he sat ' and brali boa necks 

And al was for veniaunce * Jut be but n<^t bus chil- tueuxhtdu 

dren ; 115 diudngi. 

And for ^y were preestes ' and men of bolycburcbe, 

Obs. The teant of alliferatUm Be^ war I wune jow witterly ■ for 

$ktw that the tru0 /orn ^ H. 107— god ml irr[af>)ran hyin,] 

I2S it Ivt; frvf we nay em^jecturt And Hende sorwe on ^ur-Belf ' sad- 

wliat il mu /nm the portimt ef it Iter to lalle 

fretened ta Lord Uobesler'B HS., pan fel on Offyn or FfDees - or on 

irJtieA u tu/oUoit* : — her fiuler awther. 

For )>« «)Tine of Oflya ■ and Fynec* •'"'■ (w— V*"*] ophiniM lunne U | 

bi« brojNir, ofnye* Bynw FS. of (2)] MFS «». 

bat beton were In tatailB • and /•««•] I*ynjea B. 

loaten areha dmniai : "*■ diMB»fit\ dtnounfltod M ; dla- 

And for J«ir BiTB waffreda ■ )>e cumfytud 8 ; ducumfort F. 

■ennea M ^ wroght, ^O^' -*'«^] « '«•■ Z"^] f"" P- 

And chailiBed not hia cUldren ■ of »!"«] *"der ("i-pnyZy) M. mwA] »l 

her euel chekkee, ^ '• *■*« F ; say B. ijcbjib.] Byngo 

[Ite»Ii«*.i«tin f : i-ynne M; |iy»ny S; .ynewe B 

He itombled dona fro hii stool ■ In q g j ^^-, {„ j^ y 

And brak hii nekke-bon in tuo ■ ,^^. bem rebuke M 

for »>« book tellaf.. ii2_ ^j^^,] disonmflted S ; die- 

[0%t line Znrtrj cunflted M ; diaonmat F. 
For ^ay wer« pr^sUavnpura ■ perea 113. tlage»\ weren l-ilayn H ; boH 

of boly chirche, aleyn F ; jalayn B. amon — Mra«] 

Wrong on )>e wT«ccbee ' wroken fbr aorwe b« Bl to groande F. 

was (>o harder. lU. oAnira] ae F (Jirt ebalre, j»w- 

For-tij mil prelates I preche ' and naunced ahair, a»»li>«rt the allttera- 

perea of boly chtrube, tiait). brak'] barat F. a-txej/iu] on 

pat Boeffra mew do Bacriftoa ' and twynne U ; a-tvey E. 

Bory mawmeta [bonoure] 115. fiat^ M ma. frvfj ta im %!; 

And je her gjovri vnder god * bet F'; beet B; bete E. but ne^t} 

Bobitlde doD heai go[od voroben,] ne bets B, 


Hut whicb fUl 
npoD Hbpbnlj 


God was wel ))e wr(i{)er ' and tok ^e ra^ere TenUnnce, 
For-^i ich s^, je preestes ' and men of holjchurclie, 
pat soffren men do gacnfice ' and worshepen Man- 

mettea, 119 

And je Bholde be here fadres ' and tecKen hem betere, 
God ehal take veniaunce ' [un] Alle awiche preestea 
Wel harder and gietUre * on auche ahiewede fuderes, 
)}an euere he dude on ophni ' and finS^s, oi [on] here 

fader, 125 

For joure alirewode auffrauace ' and joore ovene synne. 
Joure masae & joure matynea - and menj of joure 

hourea 12S 

Aren dou vudeuotlich ' drede ys at pe laate 
Leate crist in hus conetorie ' of jow a-corae menye. 
Ich parceuede of pe power ' pat peter hodde to kepe, 
« To bjnden and vnbynden ■ aa pa boke tellup, 
How be [hit lefte] with loue ' aa oiire lorde wolde, 130 
Amongea foure vertuea ■ moat vertuoae of vertaes, 
Tliat cardinalea ben callid ■ and cloaynde jatea, 
Thcr criat is in kyngdome ' to closye wi'tA henene. 

It greued god 131. [an SM] in FE. yrtetti*^ 

117. met] M 
mora greuousljr 
lake P. 

118. JVr-M F8] For-whi M; For 
t>at E ; For jwi P. n^r] Bei^e M ; 
Beys FS ; aej E. le] jow M. «!«»] 
prelatH* F (nhlek wnprovc* tht allite- 

119. nortkepen Xavmrttei] aewe 
mannietrye F ; mavmetei honoure M. 

120. AKd'\ M (KB. F tariet; tea 
neta htlon. 

121— 1S5. F amiU. The wluile 
patufa (117—126) U ikorter aad 
batter in F, ai falloirt .-— 

For-^t I Beje, jb preatnt ' k. pralatw 

of holy ohurehe, 
pat Buffre inea do Boci'ifiw ' k, seire 

k W Kchiil fader hem fro ^e feude ■ 

(q folve goddiu wille. 
For je do nat joore deuer ■ dreds ie 

at h lute, kc. 

fadres M. 

123. fttdaretl preate* M. 

123. euere'l H om. iifuf] ( 
[on MS] in pa 

124. ihranrede] wickede H. 

126. < 


127. LeHa^Fom. a.corw}a-cnTM 
H i aooray E. ef—a'-eorte] cur»e of 

128. /rA— i/] }io paroeyued I of F, 
../] f«- M. 

129. Ta'] For to F. and] and to 

130. [hit Ufte H] it Icfla F ; lofta 
PE ; hit lost » 1 lefte It I. n-ifi] wit 

181. rertuei (2)] ofxro F. 

132. ben] be^i F ; hem M. eUi- 
ymfe] cloeyog IFE; closede {« M; 
closynge |ie S. 

133. i*} In his H. elatya] m in 
E ; close t:iHF. Ammc] ^ heuenc F. 



Ac of f6 cardiuales at court ' ^at [cauit] Lan sadh a. bututoiht 

,-. Powtr of thl nM 

name, 134 nm niivi 

And power presumen m hem-Belf ' a pope to make, not dwj it." 
To haue pe power ^at petei hadde ' repugnen icb. nelle ; 
For m loue and in letterara * lith ^e grete eleccion ; 
Countiepleide it nojt," qaath Conscience ■ "for holy 

churches sake." 
J)anne cam Jiet a kyng * knyjt-hod hym ladde, NntibaiMlda 

The roucbe m^te of ^ men * made hym to regno j 1 40 
And {mine cam kyude witte ■ & clerkus he made, 
And conscience & kynde wit ' and knyjt-hod to-gederes b • 
Caste ])at po comnne ' sholde hure comunes fynde. cd^^-sIiThi' 

Kyndewit & fe comnne • contrauede alle crafles, 144 "I^'Mj^rt"™ 
And for most [profit] to pe puple ' a plouh ^i gonne TtiT^mnnnu 

With leel Ubour to lyue ■ whyl [lif] and londe laateth. ""■ 
Than kynde wit to fe kyng • and to fe comnne seide, Thm [f com- 
*' Crist kep fe, [aire] kyng ■ and J>y kyniyche, 148 eiW«iMid»iui 

And [leae] ^ lede so pj londe ■ ^t leante pB lonye, cnnt, iir kinn, 
And for ^y ryjtfnl luelyng ' be rewardid in henene." rnii wiii.~ 
Conscieiice to cleregie ■ and to )e kyng saide, 151 

" Sum rex, mm princepa ' \netitru'm\ /ortagae deineept ; Ktuai hi. 

134. H V <«•- of] at l>e U; of 142. And] UF am. 6 ffxttft' latt 

FE. fMt— ildoS] ttatchantban P; Ha(ft/\. Ul, and jirit haff tif \. H2. 

hao esut hsm M ; ^oau^lhaaeFI; 144. Kyndeirii] pe iijnde rtli T. 

fat kajt heM B. a] F ow. HE. Aiui /ar] And aa for |^B S. 

1S6. And] An P. to] for to IFB. Iprojlt F] pnfijt H ; proflte E ; pro- 

1S6. H U <n*. repngnnt] Id- ^Uble P8. ttf-jw^Ia] of fe oomuna 

pagD«D PS ; repojne ham U. H. far^^ple] hi for prvfflt and 

137. and in] and U j as F. )ta prow T. 

f rrte] )« lawe of |«t P. H6. WUh"] Wi|. MP ; Wit P. wftyr] 

4ft*>- 1. 187 I (lufrti— And he >at wyl P. [lif MPS] lyae PE. 

(aide me ^U tale ■ to olergia was US. fa!p]saueH. [riivUTIPFSB 

named. <•». Jiy] |>e P. 

188. fvofA] writtam qvaht P; 149. [tmi^ISUPB] Ijne POyue = 

quod DIP. eAxreJUt] chlrobe M ; leue ^ jwrmit). w ^] to ^ B. 

diD/vhe E. fo«Je] reme F. 

140. mielte HF] meohe P ; mocha ISO. >y] H mt. 

8; mfcheE. ^]))0E. BienjmaDP. IGI. I omit*. Coiufifnee] ^ tan- 

141, Jk({ fwiaa] lianne P ; ^er M. loience P. elrregU] ^e dergbe M. 
tfnJt] mUm-attn a kjnde P ; but 162. {nevtrvm IMFSE] inUwrittnt 
tee naxl line. " 

^tv Google 



[fasb. L 

imHd u» kin( qui I'ura rent's ' ehrieti ipeeialta regit, 
Hoc vt ageu melius ' ituhu, ^ edo pius I 
Nudum ius ale ■ vestiri milt pietate, 
Alalia via metere ' talia grana eere; 15fi 

Si seritta- pietas • de pirate metat." 
|A SI (B S) Conacience and ^e kyng ' iu-to )ie court wenten, 
bnniirvd HT- 'Where houede an hondred ' in hones of EiUke, 
E^ld,, i^«. Seriauntea hij semede * fiat srauen atte bane, 160 

To plede for penyea ' and poundee Jie lawe, 
And nat for [lone of oure lord] - Tnlose bora lyppB[8] 


J)ow mjjt bet mote Je mjBt ■ on malueme bulles, 
Jltm ^te ft mom of hure mouth ' til moneye be hem 
ahewid. 164 

Thanne ran ]ier a route * of ratonea, aa it were, 
id dIm na Asd smale mya wi'tA hem * mo ]>an a ponsand, 
* '° Come to on cotinsail ' for hure comune profit ; 

For a cat of a court ' cam vhan hym lykyde^ 168 

And oner-leep hem Ij^tlyche ■ and Isuhte hem at wille. 

And plaide iri'tA hem periloalich ' & putte hem ^ 

hym lykyde : — 

« lU _ " And if -we grucche of hya game ■ he wol greue oua 


IM. Hen MS. O begU 

IBS. Can^rietirt] te o 
arid ya\ to 8. im-fo] & 
EFO i»>. 

169. Here MS. I begiiu again, btit 
if a wen jumbU datctt to end of th» 
Pattttt; U e<mtai%* linat 84—95 of 
k-ietX,fBlimted by 91—167 o/C-teitj 
and endi nifi fiiMi 9S— 109 ofA-text 

159. JFSere] w i« 8MFGE ; WerP, 

160. Itij] hit HQ. ^t] to F. a«e] 
M f H OE ; ate 8 ) at )>e UF ; a»e t« 
(imm^Iji) P. 

162. .Iixf] M sm. [:iwff a/ ONre 
lonf SHFOI] oure tordei lose PE. 
entow] (^wn M, Iy;>jv>] m ijiHFai; 
lyppo PSE. 

163. wyjt] might I ; m7)test FOS ; 

RiitMt M. het] betere MFIO. ):e] IF 


166. it N-irfw] i Tvene M. 

166. irifi] s-mong M. malt— 
iev>] vttA hem Bmale myB F. 

167. a>iiie] ^Fot come F. on] o 5| 

166. ntttn'] «> tK 8HFE ; wen O ; 
wanne F. 

169. Ij/itl^ehe'] lyttlj-ichs P. ff(] 
at his M ; atle atte Q. 

170. A*m] gome 8FG, 

171. And] M am. o/J M <n». 
«>rrer]A>i«8; urre M ; fomQ; Yt 
lorere E ; alle F. 

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To hus clees clawen ows ' and in hyii cloclieB holde, 1 72 
J)at oua lo^tb )m lyf * er he lete ows passe. 
U7}t« we with eny wyt ■ bus wil with-eette, 
W* my;t« be Lirdes aloft • and lyue as vs Insto." 175 
Tho saide a raton of renouo ' most munsble of tonga, a nt of mwn 
" Ich hane yBoie grete syres * in Cytees and in touues hu ibw in 
Bere bjjes of bryjt gold ' &1 sboute bure neckes, miian m utdr 

And colers of crafty worJce ■ bof e knyjtes and Bquiere. ""^^ 
Were ^ a belle on bure byje ' by ie»us, [as] me a imu vifU u 
l-ynkej., 180 S^C""* 

Hen myjte wit« wher ^ wenten ' a»d bure wey ronme. 
By^ ao," qvuf fe laton ' " reison tne shewith, 
A belle to byggen of bna * o^ of biyjt seiner, > 9 

And knytte it on a colei ' for oure comune profit, 184 oBUvmBdMiaa 
And bonge aboute }e cattye bals ' Jntnne hnre we mowe 
"Wher be ryt ofer rest ■ ofer romyji to pleye. 
And yf bym luate for to layke • fianne loke we mowe, ^•l''"'* 
And appere in bus pn»ence ' [wbyle] bym pleye lylte), *^: "i"" 
And yf he wrattbe, we mowe be war ' and bus way mvit«iim<j 

172. nllD-loH) And wiUS: ft K2. ^eraUn} pat r»llL (i<-N<i(A] 

to P. cka^ oleon 8 ; clem M ; )ila\ep H. 

•tawMFB. riairni] clawj 1 clocbiD \B3. A—iftt'*l To byg^ a belle 

P. eloeHet^ clawei O ; oamptu F. G. fperl or SMF. 

ITS. b>t>«tk] Bhal ]o)>e Q. )m] oure 184. knytte'] honge H. 

H. «r] or FES; ar Q. (rai or invi 166. kmige} binds hit M; honge 

= H(.) hit S. taU} nekke (*>Uh bait abere 

m. JTr^l Bat mrjt F. intk] U) 8. ivra] here M ; heere F ; hytm 

wi^HFG; wiUBS; wi««rU(«swit O; bajre S. |iaaiw kin'] heere 

P. wft SU FQ] wItt E ; iptU irnt Huroe F. 

P. *rUA-«0»«] to with^ette PEFS; 186. Wker} VntertBOE; Whejier 

int UG tmit to. {y. B-text. UF; Wur P. ryt} Htt S; rijt M ; 

17S. mriftbe]wtnU. a»d]baH. ryit Q| ri>t F. eper (1)] or 8. 

Uitt KF] Inle G; liuteu (.nrxm/tf) eper (2)] or BUF. 

PK8. 187. for-] M om. ^nyte] nallcs E. 

ITS. rmnMibJ nsDAble Q ; na- leJie] here M. 

»l>le F. 188. appere— pretenetl in hiB pr»- 

178. tryit] greteS. af] G mt. Hnoe appera F. [irtyb 8E] wbil F; 

180. m] jD G. [at tJUFQJ PE )>e while MG ; »il P. 

»m. 1£9. *«] by* G. Krattktl wre>- 

181. jrm]HelL wUr]l<wlteH; pnp O; wrethe H; wnf> hyw E. 
wete F. ir*«r U] where FGE ; wer rmraM] rowmya E. Im— rMiM«] of 
P8. byi way iwne Q. 

t, Google 


Al fie route of ratona ' to pja reisou a-seotede, 
BiiahmUM Ac fo fe belle waa jbon^t ■ and [on] J» byje honged, 
B»<r ■ ru junt Ther was no laton of al Jm route * for al ]« reame of 
S^iiX"" fraunce, 192 

\Jpa,t dutBte] haae bonnde ]m belle ' a-bnnte ]» cnttes 

Xe haue .It bongid a-boute hus hale ' al engelond to 
wyilne ; 
to tMn <n* And leten hme labour yloat * and al bure longe trauail 
AmHHid- A moua ]iat mucbe good coutbe - an me ^ ^ujte, 196 
HTini, Strok for)> BtnmelJche ' and etod bj-for hem alle, 

And to fe route of ratones ■ rehercede ]nue wordes, 
"irwtkiiiiti* "Thaub we hadde yculUd fe catte • jnt eholde )w 

To craccben ous & al oure kjnde ' J>ouh we crepe vnder 

bencbee. 200 

Fot-pi ich coneaile, for comiine profit ' lete ^ cat 

And neuere be ire ao bold ' ])e belle hym to shewe. 
tadft^*^ For ich hnrde my eyre eayn ■ seoen jer passed, 204 
M9 'Ther be cat nys bote a kyton ' be court ia ful 

nipuu elynge ; 

'Witneese of holy wryt ' Tho bo can rede — 

190. H l>i> MQ. rotaiu] \>e |>oit E. 

ntoDB PS ; but MFQB i>nit )te. ]9T. /<ir)i] for)) )ni U. 

191. H M M>. ytoH^] tpftt 198. HMbH. 

yboiuth P. [nnSMFO] inE; Pom. 1S9. fmUid] culde F; culd SO. 

Jumped] boDgeAe P. )»] n F. 

192. >H(] ne wm U. ef] Id SMF, 200. irrarrlifn} w ia M ; obracchen 
iil|i«(l)] fntH. Pj oraccbeSFO; ontcchj E. ervpe] 

193. li-ai dtinte H] ),t,t dont F ; crope E. 

)iat dortte Si )>at derate QB; t>» 201. /)>r-H F] For-(<y BQ; Pon 

)icnte P. hwMJf] honget H. whi U; For >ei P. frnrft/'] 7-wort<e 

194. lfe—hMgU\ No hon^t hit OM. 
H; Ne tungid hit F. eru;ela*dl 202. Heyerr— 
togeXaanA P. £03. patreiT] ■' 

I9B. ^mT] t>«I M ; And fnnNe 8 ; F 
fiotteyQ. leten^ lebiw hy 8; letten 204. nyt'} U 8MFO. /Mr] wel H. 
al H. ttl] U Ml. tniHaO] studin i05. Witntue] Withneweti U; 

HO ; tyme F. WitneMith F. »/] liit M ; h<t wd 

196. ja(Bi]Oow, roMtAr] ooiiil« F ; |>erwitA Q ; >t 8. rafo] hit reda 

UF. t^jfv HFO] iy>flt ),ouU>e P ; H; wel rede P. 


Tisa. l} the ■oube's xxcellent advice. 13 

Ue terre uhi puer ett rex : Sdlamon. Eccua. i. j». 

Ich Bigge it for me," quaf (» mous ■ "ich seo so 

machel after, 
gh&l nenere ^ cat ne ^e kyton ' by my consaU, be 

Ke caip^i of him colers ' ^at costide me neaen ; 208 i do dm t*; 
And ^dIi it coetned me cfttel ■ by-knowe ich ne wuv. 

Bote aoSren and Bigge nouht ' and bo it ]k beste, 
Tyl myechief amende [hem] ' ^t menj men chustej). 
[For] rneny manaya malt ' we mya volde distrye, 212 Miuuiinu n 
And )«, route of ratons ' of rest men a-wake, h*]] u nu." 

Ne were ^ cat of )ie court ' And jonge Kytonea to- 

for hadde je latonea joore reed ' je couthe nat ruelia 

What thia metals by-mene|) * jo men Jmt buUi 

murye, 216 

Diuine je, for ich ne dar ■ by deie god almyjty ! 
Jut mette me more ' of mene and of ryche. 
As harouDS & buigeis ' and bonde-men of )iroupes, as bio 
Al ich sauh slepyng ' as je ehnllen hnie after ; 220 i, "■■■■■. Dond- 
Bo^ bakers and bryvers ' bonchere and o])ere, ^"^ 

SOS. tigge] seye 80 ; sei MF. i(] 21B. ratant*] ttXOit al V. rutlie} 

H em. taol w HFOE. luly B ; rule SQ ; revrele M j rewle V. 

SOT. ^— )>e] no cat n« Bf. )» (S)] 216. HXit SUFE] Wat PG. 

E Mi. ^—kYton] iiD)i0r )^e nt >e maaW] metela Uj meleliu 8F; 

kjtoan iio>«r F. greuei] gteuede P. metsui E. bf-neiuV] meaj^ O. 

208. dMtu&l oostad E ; ooetned S ; frktA] bu(> 8 ; be^ E ; b;)< G ; ben 

oiMtnede F; ocHtuade H; OMtnjIi Q. H; beF; niiM7-f««i» but P. 

S09. ee^iuiil ooata F. 217. Diuina^ Dema B. 

211. jyi] Tyl >at O. mfieku>f2 ^1^- 1"'] ^^ jat U ; k jIt F. 

Rod M. amende SUFG] unenden omHs SUFOE] met« P. m«] i MF. 
PG. [Jkm SVPQE] fajm P. 819. -ij] Of M. ^ hvrgeit] of 

213. [ Ar BHFQ] And PB, Bum- bnTgeEsea H. ^r»iipet\ ^rapus BF ; 

Kjrt] ntannes B ; a mannn F ; taeatt gropes HE ; thorpjra Q. 
H. «y( MFQ] mjN G ; mu;B B ; 220. ich m«A] taw I F. hare] 

m;M P. i-h«rB H ; hero F, p — Aura] I ichii 

81S. M fwa^] ^ lOwtiM F. onvls] telle B. 
wake B. 221. Bo^l U em. 

2H. Ne irere'i N«« F. 



ufcin. tu t ttM^ WebbesteiB and walkers ' and vynneiB wiUt handon, 
Mtani Rd Aa tajloDTS and tennerB * and tjlieia of erthe, 
III Utm, ud lb* -^ dikera and delueis ' Jmt doi^liere dedes ille, 224 
*"* *"'**' And diyne]) for^ hure daies ' witA ' deux miue dame 

osoiu nn o}- Kokes and here knauee ' crieden ' bote pyes, bote 1 
ud umn Good gooB and giya ' go ve dyne, gowe ! 
tbdr win*. TauenieiB ' a tast for noubt ' ■ tolden ^ same, 228 

' Wbit wyn of ooeye ■ and of gaacoyne, 
Of ))e Tuele and of fa rochel wyn ' ^ rosta to defya.* 
Al ^ ich aanb depynge * and seiiene sythes more. 

ExpHeii pa»mi» primtu. 

iSS. Wtibetteri} Ab webaten* F. dpier S. 
tutd] an P. haiuUn] m in B i honn- 2!8. foUmi] Jmi bild« F. |i«] |«t 

dwB; b(«tdeaH; huideeF; bandy* U; tne >e O. 
G. 229. WkU^ With M ; WitA white 

223. At] H «». tanncri] tmer- F. 0/ (2)] eke of H. 
neni* 8. of] )« {tie) SF. 230. (^] Ic oF F. rvele] niel E ; 

221. >lj] M on. diieri—delveri'] rule 80 j lewle M; rjns F. ^] 

dduen and dfken <}. t>af] Hil U. 8HF ox. f roohir] rocfael BUF. 

226. kure daUt^ ^ longe d^r M; wr«!l "G mi, fie (3)] E ph. 
^ deerne daj F. taiie] toiu aaue O. Colophon. Se in ether MSS. ; 

226. erieden] orien M. Bipliott TtueoM primiif de Tuione 

227. fMi—gry*] grilt and geci Petri le plouhnuM O. 
H. je (w] witA gowe F, d^ne] to 


russ. II.] 

THE vision OF H01.T GHUHCII. 

ItKxpit patmu seeundvt. 

WHat ^ montajne bj-mene]) ■ and pe merke dale, A } b ii 
And ^e feld fol of follce ' ich shal jow iayre miuiiw ortiH 

A looeliche lady of lere ■ in lynnen y-clo]>id, Aionij udr 

Cam doun fro J»at caatel ■ and calde me by name, 4 ^^^T^^^ 
And eeide, " wille, slepest fow - syxt ^w ^is puple, ^ "^ " 
Hov boey ^ai ben ' a-bonte po mase t 

The most portie of )« pnpU ' fat pasee^ on fia erthe, JJ3'°'i'''°^uid 
Hanetbei wonhipin^isworlde'^wiUennobetore; 8 iiitbitworid(ii«i» 
Of o^ heaene fna htm ■ ^ holden no tale." ■•u). 

Ich waa aferd of hiue fec« ■ thanh hna faira were, i w" ift*!*. ui 

And saide, "mercy, ma dame * what may fye be to ■hui, 
menel" II 


8, 9. ¥ trtmtpoiM tittt Imm. 

S. Have] te i» IFEQ; Haddcn 
8H ; Hftued P. t»] im Q. mrrldti] 
er^ O. Ji« — bttare] wolde [tej no 
betM I ; ^i wescbe no more F. Kit- 
Jni] irilDetr HB. 

9. hen] here i« IF. )wi lulden} 
holden ^ HIF. 

10. hue] lohe HIF8 ; heo G ; jo B. 

11, 12, 18. And nide, merci, ina- 
daiiM* Formarbe loue of hmeno^ 

pe loor OD )ie toft ■ what nui it 

pat tour, quod ^t ladl • tm^ U 

)>er-liine U. 
11. rekatl wat P. 

TtTLB. A> io IFB8; Hto inolptt 
MCiiadiM paMo* de uiiione Will^Iiiil 
de petrv pluuhina* H, 

1. bjf-mcneti'} meaoca L 

3. (■«.] al H- 1 

4. Cm*] Com hir L doHit] s-douu 
U. ^] of 0. |mK (MwegJ] m culel 
U ; >e olif FS ; )>at hal L eaJifa] 
elepeda H. tjr *«•■«] my name S ; 
lUn HIFS. 

6. teille} Moe IB. ty^] slut FB ; 
KMt H ; aeW B. jy«( ^] aetmtow 
L ^«0J fwa nat F.. 

*t. B<n»i k. how F. t>ai\ h^t H 
HIF. ^.bauU] si a-bo<uCs H ; and ^ 
ftboute I ; mt a-boate 6. 

7. jMrtitf] put P. )w] |>b MQ. 

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"intiHtanr,- "The touT vp-on toft," quaf Eoc ■ " treutUe ys f er-ynne, 
Trath, i!>. ood And volde |iat je wrouhte ' as Iius word teche^. 

For he is fader of fkith ' and formoor of alle ; 

To be faith-ful to hym ' he ^aoe jow fyue vittes 

For to Torahepen hym fter-wilh ' while je lyuen here. 16 
* • Wherfore he het fo elemantea ■ to helpe jow alle tymes, 

wtaofiTMnM And biynge forth jonre bylyue ■ bofe lynnen and 
natiai. wollen, 

And in meenie, ^nh hit muche were ' to make )ow 

at eae. 19 

ThM thingi an He comaimdld of his cortesye ■ in comane ^re ^ynges, 

B IS Aien non nndful bote ^ fro ' nempnen hem ich ^enke, 

^driik. And rakene hem by rewe ' leherce hem wher )n lyke^. 

The ferst of fo ys fode ■ and Testure fe secounde, 
Batbmnat And diynke pat do ^ good ' ac dryuk nat onto of 

drink, ud n- . n . 

■wbtrLoO tyme. 24 

'* Lo 1 loth, in bus lyue ' }iorw lecberouse drynke 

Wikkydlich wroghte ■ and wratthede god al-myghty. 
whkbnacuuMi In hiis dronkeneBBe a day ' bus douhtroa he digbte, 
iqr dnoktmiM. ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ • 88 [» bok telleji. 28 

In hns glotenie [he] by-gat ' [gerlee] pat weien churles, 

IS. vp-m] vpon >« ISO ; on ^ 
JfF. kti»\ sche IFB ; hso O 1 30 B. 

13. And] He M. ai-teeheti] aa 
hU wills were H ; after hji wordes Q. 

U. /flifil] (ej O. 

15. fait^T] feyful O. W] wyth Q. 

le. Ibr] M dm. lehile} w M ; 
wfajle S ; t>e whiles I ; whil jntt F ; 
wUe P. lytien] be F. 

IT. Wherfore'] Werforo P ; l^riore 
E. )m elnUtUei] m MB; ^lementi 
I ; pt element FS ; fit elemeni P£ ; 
)>at element Q. to] gohold Q; U nn. 
atU} at al E. 

18. iflgie] byleoe TEQ. lyitnea 
— nmlUiit] woUeM Jc lynneit 8F, 

19. O tmiU. And} HF mn. kU} 

50. ffx] Ion. 

51. An»] Ben M ; Wera 0. nnd- 
/b[_-^] m) nertful a» }io M. f"] 
F «M. ntmiiiteH] and nemene U ; ft 

netnne I; It ttempoe F; nemme S; 
nsmny O. 

22. wher] wet P. 

23. 7S«] Ther P. (/ |»] o( liem 
M : I on. aiufl an P. 

24. <A> >«] dotb )>e I ; )t dao|> F. 
«e] and IQ; but HF. dry*i} do 

25. Lo] Loks how H ; I om. 
MA] loot 8. irpnliei dreoke P. 

26. xn-i^Af^] he wroajte U. If (t- 
tydlich tvTvjMe] Wroujt wiUede* 
liche F. 

ST. drtni^nene] fo MI ; dninkeD- 
ean F ; dronkneue PSQ ; deriuene 
(I) E. a] on a FB. AnuUru] doutnn 
M ; doujtrjn G. 

29. [i) UF8] PIBQ OM. bg-fol] 
gat HF. [forbt I] gurlea HO ; gur- 
1k< FS 1 PE on. fficnm] niMH»ra 
wereren P. cAvrlM] t>rallw F. 



And al he wited J»e vyne ' hua irikked dede. 

Inebriamiu eum uino et dormiamus cum eo,td a 
teruare potsinuu de patre nogtro semen . 
Tborgb wyn and Jwrw wommen ' )>er was loth encom- ThuwuLot 

For-Jy died dilitable diynke • boje day and n^tes. 32 
Hesura is medecyna • f auh Jioa muche wjlne. 
Al is BC^t good to ^e gost ' )at ^e gut Aske^, ih^^bZ"^ 

Sf> Mode to )» licame ■ fat leof ie to f e Baule ; '^'"' "" *™' 

Lene nojt Jry licame ' foi a lyere hym tecbetb, 36 BdttnnMthr 

|}at is fa wreccbede worlde ' fat wolde )m bygyle j a o * 

For fe fend and fy flescb ' folwen to-gedeies, ondTiiiuitn 

And fat [aeef] Jw aaule ■ and [soith] bit tbe in herl«, *""*" 
And wissef )ie to be ware ■ and what wolde fe de- BIS 

ceynye." 40 

" A ma dame, meicy," qaaf icb ' " me lykef wel joure t oukid iwr, 

WOrdeS, whom lb* 

Ac fe moneys of fis molde ' fat men so faste kepef, TOWblSongtd. 
Telle )e me now to wbam ' fat trasour by-longef 1 " 
" Go to f e gospel," quaf hne ' " and see vbat god shi udt «• r> 
sayde, 44 MdhowChrut 

"Wbanne fe pnple aposed hym ■ of a peny in f e temple, *" ""•*" "^ 

80. mtei] wIttB hit M ; wytad bit 39. fiaf] P om. [wef EB] Mf S ; 
8 ; witte I; wjite (ocsr erature) O. sey)i PO ; s1e)> H ; sickith F (|»it »m> 
Am] ^tF; t>yt O. et dermiamui] = Moderation looks alter). [teit\ 
donniuniuque I. fenwre] raenuire 7] aei^ EB ; ae;^ gQ ; saith I ; letta 
FB. M j setth P. M An*— And |iat ele)> 

31. feom'me*'\ vooiniin ML lotK] ^i «oule ' and ^oyi sette ham in ^In 

lot SB. tneonhredy y-camerfd Q. faerte. 

B3. JV-ty] For-whi M; F ««. '" 

day} to IFEQ ; daiM U ; dajutu S. 

83. if] to a F ; tut MIFSEGB omit aeme. 
a. «Tb««] Mrne I. 42. qj^ on H. liepe^'] blholden 

81. gutl M HFSEBi gout Pi got H. 

a ; goat (»y miUaJu) I. 43. TelU\ Tellet* MI ; TeUith P. 

35. to (S)] I m. m] MIF ma. »y-Zi>iv«[>] ap«D<ie|) H ; 

S«. i>M FB] Ljef P[ Leef 18 ; MalUth P. 

Loue M. 44. Aim] wthe MIS; Kheo P ; heo 

87. p«(] Which I. W] a em. Q ; jo B. 

f« (1)] |iU M8B0. fat] UISO m. 4G. Trinniu] Wanne P. ^] wUAF. 



[pass. n. 

ihim* And god aakede of hem - whas was )« cojgne. 

' Cesarea,' f^ eeiden ' ' sothliche we knoven.' 
•roBia 'BeddUe eetari,' aeida god • '^aito ceaar by-fiillej, 48 
1). Et qua euni dei, deo ■ ofer ellys je don ill«.' 

n at Fot lyhtfulliclie reeon ' sholde raele jow alle, 
nia ,00." And k;nd« wit be wardeyn ' jouie wel^e to kepe, 

And tatoni of jowre tresoaie * and take [hit] ^w atte 
nede ; 62 

FoT hoBbonndiie and b.e ' holde^ to^ederea." 
HkHi hw Ich Iraynede hnre faire ^ ' foi hym ^t haie made, 
mat. " The dupe dale and duike ' vn-semely to aee to, 

What may hit by-mene ' madame, ich by-seche!" 66 
I " That ie ^ caetel of csi« ' who-eo came]) )ier-ynne 

a-an,' Uay banne )ut he bore was ' in body and in eoule; 
ifBMB, Ther-ynne wonye]) a wyjt ' fiat wrong is his name, 

FadOT of falshede • fond hit furet of alle ; 60 

—mi Adam and Eue ' he e^ede to don ille, 
I Conaailde cayme ' to cullen bus brofeT ; 

°' ludas he by-Iapede * Jiorgh lewene Beluer, 

And afterward he heng hym ' hye on an elleme. 64 

46. foOliBlf. 0/]atIF. KhatJ 
ta Q ; whoa IS ; whose H ; hooi F ; 
what E. 

47. RW tn^frffji] to Bay F. 

48. leid*'] quod MF. W] IFSQ 
on. bg-/alletr] bi-loDgi> M ; b»- 
houeth F. 

49. «%<] I on. 

60. fyftt/UIio&t] ritliful H. rwts] 

fil. wi^«] KHiles H. 

Bi. tMttmr] detovr 8. and] to H. 
[Ait HIQ] hTin B ; PE on. yn 
atte] out atle S ; at lonie U. 

GS. hetdet>] holden bojie M ; bald- 
1th hem F. 

64. jUr« (2)] me M. 

66. The—durie] |)at deAa dale 
■ad deop H. dirie] )<e derke IQ. 
mugmtly] ao TOtemelf L ts — to] of 
lilt U. tnttemelf — to] lo drtdfuk to 

»yjt F. 

66. ^t-imm] be lo imm F. ich] 

or F. 

69. pat] UFSO c 
i-hote M. 

6a -fiufn-] He it fitdet F. /end] 
he fond H ; & founded F. 

61. EHe] eue wiU enoye F. eg- 
yede] egede P. ta]Q nm. deit] IV 

62. OtTuailde] He ooneeilede H; 
And oounceilede I ; It oounwil (jie) 
cureede F. mUlmt] killen IF. 

63. An] a im. by-Zapede \ ispede 
M. imiyh] vifr UF. lexeKa] )ie 
iewes M, 

64. And] An P. ^ermird] aftur 
F. he keji^] anhanged I ; heo hoDg- 
ede a. hym] hini-eelf US. ok] vp- 
on IF. ellernt] eller I ; elrene S ; 
heldeme F ; elneHue Q ; hiner-bee 



He ja lettare of lone ' and lyetb alle tymea ; He hindan ior>, 

]]at tiyst is erthelf tresour ' he bjr-traie^ sonnest, tiui tmit in 

To en-combiye men with couetyse ' that is has kynde." 
Thanne hadde ioh womlei in my mt ' vbat womman Th«i i wmama 

huevere, 66 unjandhir'tD 

pat sache wyae wordea ■ of holy wryt shewede ; 
And [halBede] hare on fie heie name ' er hue ^nye 

What hne veie Utterly ' ^at wissede me so and 

"Holychurche ich am," qna)i hue ■ "^woghtest me "tjiScSj 

[to] knave; 72 »aiTidth«iB 

Ich Tnder-foDg ^e foimest ' and fre man fe made. in«tbi«ia* 

Jmv broghtest me borwes ' my byddyng to fuIfiUe, wati nv wui." 
To lene on me and lonye me ' al Jty lyf tyme." 
Thanne knelede ich on my knees ■ [and] criede hure Tb" r ("w^ 

[of ] grace, 76 laMia.em 

And preiede hnro pytonsly • tc preie for me to amende, 
A1-80 to kenne me kyndelich ' on ciist to by-leue, 
" And teche me to no tresour ' bote telle me yjs ilke, a II 
How ich may sauy my saule ' ^at seynt art yholde." 80 umi-i nintim. 

66. yt] ys s PE ; but HIFGSB F mi. 

Pviit a. lyeth'] Itjere U ; lis)) in B. 73. vnder-feng] vnder-foDg UFG. 

66. trthely truBUr] tresoar of erj.e /armett} ftirst M. 
HIQ. tonnnit^ Kmeste E ; soneat I. 74. bj/ddyag] wil II. 

67. MMKMtfrryg] oombre I ; oomere 75. 7b] I im. Ime'] to UIPSEQ ; 
O ; encombre FSH. W] his P. lyne P. mt] MF oni. louye] loits 

88. naniu] |>o MFO. hue'} tahe HIT. Igf 8Gj lif MFE ; lyfe I ; 

MIFS ; JO E ; yt O. Ijue P. 

69. pafi And P. tvrjff] wmt P. 76. katlede id,} 1 knelede MIO, 

70. [ialtgdt MIFB] hmliin«le SE ; [arid MIFSEG] F on. Avre] to ben 
kanilede F; halDesde Q. mt] in B. [»/ UIFSO] PE em. Aur« ^ 
HIF; TpoD Q. Aom] holl H. or] ofbeorH. 

or HIFSB ; ar G. Ana] eohe MIS ; 77. hure} to here FS. pgioud!/'] 

beoFO;joB. fwiRyj] IwidmUIE; pjrtotl; P ; meklf G. to— /or] M on. 

^ne F ; |»Mne G. 7B. Alte to} And also I. Alio — 

71. Aho] ache MiaF ; heoG; joB. imne} And kennefi H. to by-leBt] 
wUterly IFEG] -wytnrlj 8 ; whit- for to leuo E. Jy-ime] by-lyue F. 
erl; P. a»d tauhiej foira F. M liat 19. And] I em. teche} tecbefr H. 
— To (die me what wha were - t>at telle mo] telle)i ms H ; how I mav F. 
me w) (aire taa^ts. SO. tauy} to EG ; wue M1F8. 

73. A«] iM 1. 71 . [to MIFSEGB] art} Mt PB. 

^tv Google 


"Traih u til* " Whanne alle treaouTS ben tried," quab hue • " treuba 
b po heste ; 

Ich do hit on Deua cariias • to deme J« sof e. 

Hit is aa derworthe a dmweij ' as dero god him-selue. 
viuKTw ii in» For he, is trewe of hiw tonge ■ and of has two handes, 84 

In wort md wofk -> -o -> 

B IS And do)i po verkes ^m-wiVt * and vrilne^ no man ille. 

He is a god by Jm gospel * and grounty may hele, 
LoktTiu.M. ^mJ like oure loide also ■ by seynt lukys wordes. 

Clerkus )iat kaoven ])ys ' shoulde kennen hit a-bonte, 

For cristene and vncristeno ' cleymen it echone. 89 

KinKmuidkniBbw Eyngss and knyjtes ' shonlde kepen hit by reson, 

rtcbtnuij, ud Byden and rappe a-doune ' In reames a-boute, 

(nHsn; And take trespassoius ' and tyen hem faste, - 92 

Til trewfe hadde ytermenyd ■ here trespao to J>b ende ; 

And holdo -witli hym and wi'tA hure ■ fat ban trewe 

And for no [lordene] lou.e ■ leue J)e trowe partye. 
uiKidiiHii Trewely to take ■ and treweliche to fyjte, 96 

ofkikigbu. Ts J»e profession and fe [pure] ordre ' Jiat apendeji to 


Wbo-Bo passejj that poynt ■ ys apoatata of knyjt-hod. 

81. Whawu] K) T; Whan HIE; tranagresmres IQ. 
When Sa i Qwenne P. qva^ iw] 94. tmee] [w trewe MF ; ipelt 
ISFa ein. triwe F ; but teal. 95. aeeianl cause 

ea. ««] Tpon I. F. 

83. a] 3 out. dmwery'^ druri H ; S«. AiU] 3 om. \li)rdene I] lor- 
drar7 FE ; dnierie IG). Aitu] hem P. dyne O ; lordea ME ; lordkToe F ; 

84, Ad] M al*o BEG \ whoso M ; - ■ . ™ .. . 
ho 10 F ; who I. tretee] tiTwa P ; 
but tet 11. 96, 96. v. 

80. fid] his H. wUneY] wllle)i F. 96. Tren!ely'\ For trewljr p. take] 

86. o] U om. gravnty] w i» G ; take traiiaiie F, fs/lie] fyjeto P ; 
gnunte HIFSE. bvt tea 1. 100. 

87. I put$ alw b^ore like, tike] 97. Tt] pis is 8, [yurw MFESGB] 
lijk to HI. poure PI. )» (\)—ordra] ^e pure 

88. ))y(] hit wel M ; it Is (nu L profeniouA F. 

tJumlde] I DM. 98. Whe-io E] Wo-so P ; Eo-bo 

89. vncritUne] vncreatine P. 3 ; And who-so IG ; And wboee H ; 

91. reanei] reemea H; retunea I; & ho-so F, i^ttaia] aposfeta FG. 
icwmiu F i leumus S { remes G. of jtonC- W] in hia ordre M ; in >e 

92. A<»d] M in I ; And to PESO ; ordre F. 
k tiUy F ; Forte M. tretpaitourt] 



For ])ei shoitlde nat faste ' ne for-bere sheiie ; 

Bot« feithfullich. defeade ' and fyjte for truthe, 100 

And nenere ]eae for loue ' In hope to lacche scluei. a is 

Dauid bjr has daiea ' dobbede ku^tes, ForDirMdrtiua 

And dude hem swerye [on] here swerde ■ to seme trnthe Trmh. ""'* 

Whanne god by-gan heuene ' in ^at grete blyaae, 104 Aiidaod,iM>, 
He made knyjtee in hus court * creatures ten, ctitrubim hdA 

Chembin and seraphia ■ anche seaone [and] another; ^22^°^"* 
Lucifer louelokest po ■ ac lytel while it [durede.] 107 
He was an archangel of heuene ' on of godes knyjtes ; * LDdhr m u 
He and ofer with hym - ))at hulde noujt witA treuthe, hmnm, tm ha 
Lopen out in lojiliche forme ' for huB Mse wiUe ; .qu^ wub ood. 

He hodde Inst to be lyke * has lord god almyghty. 

P<mam pedem meam in aquilone, ^ ero mmilU ■ IS 
Lord ! why wolde he fo • fiulke wrechede lucifer, 1 1 2 t why iiionid 
Lepen a-lofte * in be north syde >uTe ■ hu m 

[)}an] eitten in )« sonne aide ' \er y> day rowe^ % 
Ne were it for nor^me men ■ a-non ich wolde telle; 

99. not] no^ 10. theHi\ serke L am. hMlde\ helde FBSQ ; faelden 

Wi. fS^U—tTvthe\ feithfulli fl;te MI. 
H. IB hactMdy tK» impfrfect Use 110. Lopen] )jBi leptoa U ; Jclopot 

—Bat fighte knd fende tniu^ F. k«t] beore M ; here F. 

101. A] ne M. j«ii«r] y(U» P. 111. lutf] a lust P. ie] hane be 

105. ItenuTI For daujd F. by"] in F. Ht—liat} |>»t lost hadde I. 
IF. daiei] lijfdues M ; daj S. doh- hut] oura H. goi] ^t waa I. 
fr«I«] dubbeds MF. 112. B entt*. mreehede] wikked 

103. And dude] Deda I. [on ISO ; Mm H. ke—l«e\fer] luciter ■ 
HIFSaB] in PE. luire] his HG. t«t lurdcTn of hells F. 

104. H^nn«]WaiineP. Whannt 118. a-lqfte SB] a-luf( 1; on 
fod] And god whan be I. a-lofte PB ; so a-lofte F ; out on lori« 

106. He] I om. tm] to MIB ; M. tn] in-to M. 

tenne F ; tene PESO. 114. [))fln IB] To PKMFS. (,ThU 

106. [anil MIFSEB] P mt. an- U clearly riffkt; wolds fiaa = ofaoie 
atlier] on o^t F3; o|>ere Mj o)>er rather than. To meet the d^ieulty, 
E. U Ant— To Bitte in f>e nor)> half ; F 

107. ac] and M. tuMle] wila P. Aa*— To sitte ^e |is sunns j (/l II. 
Idvrede HIFSB] laito PE. IIT, US.) r<m>«f] reire)) E. 

105. on] and on HF; & B. 116. f«Ue] jow telle HI ; aoheweP. 
109. Be] Bat ha F. M] DIFBO 116. (ctA^j MttUy P ; )«iui« F. 



" Hit ia aykerer by soutlie ■ for fe sonne regneth 
|iaii in fe north by meny notes ■ no man [leue] ofor. 
For fider aa fe fend flegh ' bus fote for to sette, 
Ther he iitilede and fol ■ and hus felawoB alle ; 1 30 

s per be ys ' and be f er yboonde. 
Euene contrarie eittef crial* ■ clerkus knowen fe eotiie ; 

t pmIbi di. 1 Dixit dominva dom'uu) meo, sede a dextria mete. 

Ac of f U matere no more ' meuen icb neUe ; 

t pnnnu Mk [Hewes] in fe balyday ' after bete wayten, 124 

dif ^ but on ]]ey care nojt f auh it be cold ' knaues, wben foi worcben. 

!• w)wn tbar In wonderwyse boly wryt ' tellith bow fei fullon ; 

""^ ■ Sonune in erfe, aowme in aier ■ aomme in belle dupe, 

Ludfer.tnbto Ac Incifer lowest ' lith of hem alle; 128 

Ua imrart In For pnido fat hym pokede ■ bus peyne bath no ende. 

wroPfdMi ihiiu Alio fat worcben fat wikkede ya ' venden fei abulia 
After hare def^4ay ■ and dwelle f er wrong ya ; 

BotuiBrthMdo And alle f at ban wel y-wiogbt ' wenden f ey shullo 133 

A 18 Estwarde to heuene - euere to abyde, 

"^ Ther trouthe ia, fe trone ■ fat trinite ynne sitt«f. 

Lore it fua lewede men ' for lettrede hit knowef , 
[Than] tteuthe & trewe loue ' ys no tre&our bettere." 136 

117. MniM] day S. 

118. Jub] For M. ly] 
[foM IFSEBQ] lODSt' M 1 mi 
lojne P. 

119. lu] >at 8E. JUffi:] % FSQ; 
fliMj fleyE. 

120. iwki] (lobeF. /»/] *peUt<M\ 
P; Su* 

Un het«n P ) m«t«n E. 

125. p«yj Ac t>ef L wAmt] wen P. 

126. in] I em. fulUa'] fiUen IF. 
• 127. in] in-to H (efttncn). «■>«] 
|ier)>e I. aier] >eir I ; >« eir If ; )a 
e;r« 8. tonme (S)] ic Bunme F. 

. , . 128. pmds] pride MIF. fiot] (wrt 

hat ful, and I A/it fulle, I. pei/ite] penaunce F. 
/er Mi &I F; M BQ; 180. AlU] And Me 1. ]>at mii- 
hede yt] wikkidnessa P. 

151. ^er — yi] wi)' t>at Bohmrs M. 

152. alle] t« M. 

133. Ettwarde'] Suene «atward F. 
Ul til lEQ. euere] >are wer FS. 

134. Ye] in inc) M. trone] tour 
IB. triftOe] |>e binlte MFB ; traute 
IQ. yime ritte^'] altte^ yone F. 

136. 2>rd] Lerna B. if] H am. 
it >uj] Jns 5. 

136. [TAan] ^an B ; That FMFIB 
{perAapi That i( r^U, but it U ob. 
icvrt). j(«] Jje« ia F. 

121. y«] 8 ma. {w (2)] Jw-inno 

122. Men«] ft oiena F; Eaeo ))e 
I. AtK^nwi] iTite)> I; kenne F. 

123. no] F om. meuen] $o in E; 
meue PO; the cthrr readingi are 

nempDB F; oeueoe S. aelle'] ns 
^enke M. 

124. {Seieei I] Heweo B ; Hebbvi 
FS; Hynen M ; He was (ffc) PE; 
HTne hewyB (_*ie) G. &et«] mimrit- 



" Icli h&oe no kynde knowrnir," qn&b ich ' " 16 mote B IT 
Kenne me bettere, nuimi knsw- 

Sf what wey hit wexith ' and [wheder] out of mj men- 

jng." 138 

"Thow dotede d&ffe," quab hue • "dnUe aren by "ti™ aiai," ■« 
... > ^ r cj j^-uurt, 

Vlttee, nUunl 

Ich leue ^w leinediat to Ijte ' latyn in fj jowthe ; uunmg jn 

Hea michi, quod tierUem • duxi tatam iuuenilem / ^^i^^^ittut 

Hit iB a kjnda knowyng ■ Jtat keiuie|) in Jjyn herte ^^ 

For to loaye py loid ' leaeat of alle. 

And dejre njMre ^an to do ■ eny dedlich synne ; 144 

Meliiu ett mori quam male uiuere. 
And bia ich trowe be trentha ■ who ao can toche be iiivmnttA 

betera, kuai 

Loke ^ow soffrie hym to ea; * and ao ^ow myght 

For treuthe tellej) ]Hit loue ' ja tiyacle for aynne, Truth hji [fait 

And moat souereyna aalae - for aaule and for body. 1 48 trm* ftir •in. 
IjOOo ia Jw plonte of peea * and moat precionse of yei- '« [•<>*• '* *^ 

For henene hdde hit ne myite - so heuy hit Bemede, Ham odqu 

not bdd 1^ iBd 

Til hit hadde on eithe ' }ot«n hym-eelue. uuitoanb. 

Waa neueie lef vp-on lynde * lyghter ))e^afte^, 152 

187. matt] moite U. ;« mofe] ;it Hi. dtye] to deje S- ("] HIS 

mote M I. ienne m«] ma teche M. on. 

IBS. wfcii] wBt P. {wkeder I] 146. J«<1 As B ; U om. ioh 

whid«r B ; wbodiir 8 ; wider H ; trimti trowe t F. nr] H iTm. 
wonder PB. my »tnyng\ menTOgea 146. {>«e (1)} to E. ^am myght'\ 

IB. Kheder — aimyn^J whedurward mygbt^uIO; mith|>ouH; maistow 

he drawe^ F. F. 

189. doUde] dotest H ; diwen {He) 147. /or] to abate I. 
I. hue] iche UIS ; soheo F ; lo E. 148. for (1)] bo^ie for F. lavle— 

iallo] dolle F. <»■<«] iim M ; ace IS ; body"] bodi and for soule U. /<»■ (2)] 

be F ; byf- Q. ty] jowr^ S. F om. 

140. !»«] M IFSEQB; Ifue P; 149. plants] m> ESGi pUoto UIF. 

trowe U. lerneditf] leroest U. fo] oiuf] MIFS om. 
fal H. h/te] litel MIF. j>y] ^e 8. ISO. Fvr] H m*. kif] it first L 

rtA« 0] iou)>e HISB ; tpelt ^wefw 151. ^ of L y>teit\ I-jotaa I; 

loughe^ E ; F hat Hue. jeten EO. AyM-M&a] bit-Mlue 18. 
142. ienne^'\ knowefi H; oumsetli 152. l^'[ placed t^er \jait in T^ 

P. in\ U on. anlj/. vp-tm] on MF. ^Ator] 

14S. IfMetf] luneet P. lygheter P; (lat wai Ulere U. 



But ixTinf As whfttine hit hadde of fre [folde] ■ flesch and blod ytaka; 

B 18 Tho waa it portatyf and perahaunt ■ as Je poynt of a 

wu H iiKht u ft uelde, 

May non Aramre hit lette ' no^er hye v&Iles ; 155 
Len i, k ladw For-bv is loue ledere * of onie lordea folks in henene, 
• Dwduiu. And [a] mene, as fe meyere ia ■ by-twyne f e kyng & 
fie comune, 

Ryjt BO is lone a ledere - and ^e lave shape)) ; 

Vp laan for hua mysdedes ' ^e mercement he taxe^. 

And for to knowe it kyndeliche ' Mt comse)) by 
myghte, IfiO 

In ))e herte, )ier is ^ hefd ' and {« hje welle. 

A. 14 Of kynde knowyng in herte ' ^er comse)) a myghte, 
Lm bodn wiih That falle^ to fe Fader ' ^t formede oua alle. 
■rhoWRiiSai Ou ous he lokyde wit& loue ' and let hus sone deye, 164 

Meekliche for ouie mysdedea ■ to amendy oas alle. 
And jut wolde he hem no vo ' ^t wioght hym al ^at 

ma u chrirt Boto myldelicho wiVt mouthe • mercy he by-sonhte, 
•amiA To haue pyte on )iat pnple ' )»t paynede hym to de)ie. 

Her myjt ]h>w see ensample * In hym-self one, 169 

163. ^«]AiidH; AcS. wAonn/-] 161. A] And in I. |>m-] U im. 

wanne P. [/aide IB] fold H ; Sod he/d] heaed lO ; beds F ; hed H ; 

PS ; Bode K ; flood F ; lee B-text. hefe 8 ; hefta E, 

IM. 7%>—U] Hit «M H. per- 162. Of] For of I. knOTvymg^ wit 

thaunt'] penauDt FQ ; perenund M ; H. eMMsfi] of oome[i H ; eome)i L 

p«rwnde L )ie] FGS inn. neld»'} to 163. >(>(] And ^at L fr] w 

U; nedleEFS; DedelsIG. IF5QB; iD-to PBU ; «m B-text. 

1G6. JVay] >er ne mai H. ;i» ou] luUF; te IE. 

lette] him iri^-iitts M. nofer] ae 161, 160. H amiti. On— and] 

none IF. Loked on tb with loue L anundji^ 

156. Jbr-jiy] For-nbl M ; For he amende IF8. 

B. U Imie] loue ia FMS. in] of 166. lemitt. mf] B om. na2ifd] 
UI80. ne wolde M. A«] S Mt. tons] teune 

IGT. [a UIFSQB] PE om. |w— P. 

j<] aa a m«r HF. ^ >s] Jc F. 167. myU^iiVJis] makeli MIQ. he] 

15S. a] I 011. and] whan F. hem he F ; he )>e (fin) E. 

eAapey] Bhappe^ PE. 168. en Jiat] of )« I. jMynctftf] 

169. Vp] Vp-on MS ; Of F. my»- pyned SO. 

Jrf»»] mjedede F. *«■«>] aieth F. 169. Rer] per E. myjf] may F. 

160. a] bjm BQ. eomie]i'] ooiae^ entaapU] euBamples L 
UL iy myghte] Id )ie herte U. 



That he iras myghtful & meke ' and mercy gan graunte, (nuittBfmHivw 
To hem ^at henge hym hye ' and has herte ^rledc. iii> hsut. 
Foi-yy ich lede jow ryche ' hane lenthe of fe pome; ThmibniidTiH 
jMnh^ebemj^hty tomote*faee^mBkeiii)oareworkeei pitr od ihi p»T| 
Jm same mesuie ^t }e mete^ ' amye o]wr ellys, 174 am, nuuun/ 
^ ehnlle)) he weyen ^er-witb. ' whanne je wenden bennes; 

Eadem mensura ^la menti fuerilis, remecietur Mutt tu. t, 
Tbaob M bo trewe of soure tonce ■ and trewelich wyane, '" ••™«'' f i" 

' JO J . !„, In wow uiil 

And be aa chaat as a chyld ' ^at nofer chit ne fygbte^, ^"^ *"i* v* 

Bote yf |je] lone leeliiche ' and lene |)e poure, ■ le 
Of ench good as god sent ■ goodlich*t parte, 

3e haue no more meryt ' in masse ue in homes, 180 a IS 

Than malkyn of hure maidenhod ' wham no man in^onrpnfwi. 


For lamys J» gentel • [lugge^] in has bokes, BtJ.iim.winn 

J)at feith with-oute fet ■ ya febelare ^an nouht, «■! "ork. t> 

And ded as a dore-nayle ' bote yf fa dede folwe ; 184 

Fides Hue operibui mortua est. Jun. h, t». 

Chastite witA-oute charite ' worth cheyuid in helle ; »tiiMii« 

_. . , , , , , ' wiumotohBiir b 

Hit IS as lewede as a lamps * {tat no lyght ys ynne. irn an uuchud 
Meny chapelayns aren chast ' ac charite bem iaile]) ; 

170. meie] meuk ?. & goodllche It F ; and trewllche M. 

171. h*m] hjm F. keng'} hangede parte] to parte 8. 
lf;hang«iIB. i]/M}ltm. perlede] 180, in] of M (tmee). tituie] 
M E3 ; H^ldeii M ; firUlede F ; liorlede 

172. Ibr-t>i/'] For-wbi H. ha«e] 
hwaeir U 1 ha F. rmitht] merci USQ. maw bir i. 
^ on MFS ; vpon I. >s] E on, 182. [Ivgge^] to ISBB ; mitxritte* 

17S. note] m«(eB. «iei#] meuk P. tmggep P; iu^ed P; lugede K. 

174. pe] For H> I- 183. /rt] feet HF i )« feet 1 ; fete 

175. «Mym] i-weied M. irAanu] B. 

wanneP. rewinetiir] remioietur Pa 164. rfeiTI asdedl. a] I om. )/] 

17«, tTMv] trywe P. dmye] PSG est. 

tongea IS. trmelich) triweliob P. 185. C%Mfi7«] For chastite V. 

177. »(+«■ chW] ohit nej^er 1. ciieyni^ i-chained H ; idhrined F. 
eJltf] ehid H. <u>} no F. /yghten 1S«. m (1)] U >m. Imede] lewed 
■triae> H. p\ag L yt] nj ■ E. 

178. [hHIPSEQB] Toot. Une'] 1ST. arm'] ben H. ae] but U. 
lane to PE 1 tvt UIFSQB imit to. hemfaile^-] is a-wd3e H. 

179. «■(] sent jow L goodliehe} 



xtof itAfitiiM Aren none tmrdur ne hongryour ■ fan men of holy 
tuTa DM ehuitr; churchc, 188 

Auerotue & euel-willed ■ whanne thei ben auaunaed. 
And vnkynde tc hnre kyn * and to alio oryBtine ; 
tiujF HI op iriiit Xhei chewen hare charite ■ and chiden after more : 

tlivihinMrlvt ' 

■n;, iKi (rt inr And encombred with couetyae ' f ei conne nat out crape, 
•wnnnbendvitk &0 harde hflth aaeiyce ' hasped hem to-gederes. 193 

And ^t ya no treuthe of ^ trlnite ' bote trecherie 
and eynne, 
Thta uwAwT And lii|)er enBampIe, lene me ' to ^ lewede puple. 
tmivMiBfit. For theoe aren wordes ' vryten in ^ euangelye, 196 
A 18 Date et dabilur uobie • [for I dele jow alle.] 

ocuiMi (Loki vi. And }iat is fe lok of loue ' ^t vnloseli grace, 
idit cooiibrt* )3at confortath elle ciistine ' encombred wztA sfime. 
Loye i/fti So loue ys lech of lyue ■ and lyeee of alle peyne, 200 

htrnm* "'" And fe graffe of grace ■ and grayfeat [wey] to heuene. 
B SO FoT-)iy ich may say, aa ich seide ' by syght of f e tixt, 

•Bd Truth If uh 'Whenne alle ttesoois ben tryed ■ treutb ys Jie beat ; 
tniuaiM." Lone it," qa&p [t>at] lady ' "lette may ich no lengere 

To lere ))e what loue ya " ' and leue at [me] hue lauhte, 
Explicii patsut sccundvt. 

1SS. Armi] per an M. and L tnloteY] vnlowkelti F. 

IBS. »ti»t) mitten vcufllo F. miU- 1S9. eonftrrtgih] oonftirtettli P. 

Mf] i-wllled H ; jrwllled B. wltawu] erittiiu'] o&rfullB I. eiuoKbrei\ aa- 

wanne F. thti belt] by bnt> B ; pel combred I ; aoombred F. 

b«|) FE. 200. Bel ^ >^t F. pejfne} peio* 

190. And] I ent. MIE ; parue SOB ; pejrQes F ; pfoe P. 

191. M«] I mi. 801. dmi] au P ; Imn. ffraj/^eit] 

192. And] |<ei ben U ; And ben I ; w IF ; graj^ust S ; gray^oBt P ; gnu 
FB mn. mtk] )>on S. )i«i] and M. oloiut H ; grawiU B. [ney S] wei 
out crejie'] crepe out L MF ; way IB ; FE om. 

193. Itatped] bapged L to^ed^ru] 202. Ibr-].y] For-whi M. may] 
lo-gedderes P. H am. leide] aelde ere L t>tf tiat] 

194. And \,at]]Mt1£; Hit F. H« >iit B ; F>ese taztut F ; fia tiies 

195. And] And a I. lent me] (tie) M ; ^ie teioGEUa (lio) I. 
leuethheF; len^meB; lejfmeF. £03. Whenne] Wenne P. ben] 
to] as for L betb F. tryed] I-tried F. 

196. arm] ben H; be)) F. nrryten] 204. [)iaf MIFBGB] ^e P. nuy 
l-wrllUn M ; y-writen I ; Iwrite S. ieh] i ne mai M. 

197. [>r— «««] from MIFSQB; 20S. Ure] lerne M; E oti. Jm] S 
PEon. om. m]iat] [meHlFSEOB] 

198. M]book(<pr<Mv;y)I. ]>tit{2)] V ewt. Aw] sehe UIFS | )o E. 



PASsus in. 

Incipit passua terdus. 

JTJl hure of grace, 
And Beide, ' ' mercy, madune - for marye loue of heuene^ 
t>at bar Jut blessede bam ' )iat boughte va od ^e rode, 
Eenne me by Bom ciaft • to knowe (le false." 4 to ttKh m* liwr 

"Loke Tpon Jjy lyft half," quatb hue ■ "lo irhar he ?«i»hood. 

standi^, n^ md ■» iiita. 

Bof« fols and fanel ■ and fykel-tonge lyere, 
And menye of hnie maners ' bo)>e men and vommen." 
Icb lokid on my lyft half - as be lady me tauhte, 8 i looM, mA. 
And saiib a womman aa yt wei« ' wondemcb nche ivMnuTar? 

[Hne] was purfild with pelouie - non pnrere in erthe, 
And coroned [with] a corone ' ^ kynge hath no betere ; g,^^ 

Bdbsic. So Ik FES. Hio inctpit 6. Bo^e] I mn. at\d fykel^emge'i 

tertiui pauoa da aisianfl Hg Fawus fikeltonge and U. 

•eouDdu3 de uisione, vbi prim I ; In- 7. be)ie] of I. 

clpit teroiuB F. 8. B amiit. lek to1iiS\ )>o lotted 

1. Ani\ M (m. to — qf] ot hnra I F. on] vpon IS. A<i{f ] hand H. 

U. 0/*] F OBt. e. HHft] I om, wommaii] wom- 

8. yat (1)] t« FS, tUttede] bUBRil moo P. ricie'] IF em. oU^«d\ 

MI. !»] E 0*. t-doM HIPO. 

4. £nMM] Aj keDnelh F. <m] 3 10. [ fiiM S] <Bt<n>rittm He P ; £»( 
M*. >i»oiii«] kenne H. iw I. G ; Bohe ISU ; Heo FQ ; lo E. 

5. vpeii] on HF. iaff] hnnd H. fntA] wit P ; in I. ut] on MEIJ. 
Ivr] BoheMFS; lo £. (HufA hve] 11. corinMii] coronate P. ^loith 
loM. lojaiulloli &kF. wAir] F] wi^ G; in PEHIS ; but ef. 
war P. B-tait. no] non I. 



wiaKxU/riBgt On alle hure fyue fyngrea ■ ryeheliche yryngwl, 12 

sih won nibiM And jjer-on rede rubies ■ and o^ riche stones. 

iA. IS) Huie robe was ryccher ■ fan ich rede couthe, 

I ounot dHDtn* FoT to telle of hure atyre ' no tyme haue icb nouth. 

Hure a-raya with hure rychesse ' lauessbede myn 
herte, * 1 6 

B sa " Whas wyt hue vere ' and what was hure name, 

"Whoiittuit" Lena lady," quftf ich fo ■ "layn nat yf je knowen." 
-Thatiiiiod ")}at j3 mede fe mayde," quaf hue ' " ^t iiath noyed 

(Brthwr)," ita* 

Mid.' who hH me one, 

(til And lowen vp-on my lemman ' fat leaute ys hoten, 20 

And lackyd hym to lordes ■ fat lawee han to kepe, 
In kyngea court & in comune court * contrarief my 

In )ie popes paleys ' hue is pryuy as my-selue, 
Ac sofinesse wold nojt so ' for hue is a bastarde ; 24 
""idtn'™ ^^ ^^^i was hure fader ■ Jiat hath a fykel tonge, 
tny] i uHt uu And selde Both seith ■ bote [if] he aouche gyle ; 

And mede ys manered after hym ' as men of kynde 

[Qualis] pater, talis Jilkis. 
t AtrriuUu* For shal neuere breie here ' beries as a vyne, 28 

15. Oa] U on, Tycheliche\ ful MIF. lemman,'] lemmen P. hottiK\ 
rioheli MI. 1-hote MF; I-botun 8. 

U.robe] robyng I. troi] was 21. laeiyrf] Isckef. M ; Ukke^ 1. 
rlbMied F. eratAe] ooude HF. 22. ^] IS om. in] UF am. 

16. noutK] now E. eaxH (2)] F ma. teehyTige] lore F. 
16. Hure] pe M. frUA] wit P. 23. Ann] scbe US ; he I ; heo F ; 

with ktire] of ^ai M ; for F. » B. pryiy'] as preuei H. 

IT. Whai] to BO ; WhoB IB ; Whose 24. to\neiie\ ButhfaBtiiewe F. u] 

M; HooB F; mwwHrtiii Wa« P. was F. 

*«m] (lat ache M ; Bcha 18 ; Bcheo F ; 26. On] Oon I ; Of (»m) E ; Sire 

10 E. fTtre] wae F. F. fci(A] had F. 

18. Utus'\ le UES ; Leeue I ; Leef 36. tilde MIEO] nilde P ; seelde 
F; Luue P. laiy\ dame S, layn F; ful eelde S. [i/ IFEB] UPS 
n<it] Uy nat F ; lie not E ; telle)) me om. tpvelul to IBB ; suche S ; Eeche 
M. FG, hete—iintehe] bute bit aowne to 

19. Ah«] who UFS ; lo B. ;i/a)> M. 

Aw] I am,. Jjof] MIF8 om.\ S7. yj] E o.». iymfr] miHrriff^a 

had 8. miyiNl] i-noied M ; nuyed S. kj^dea P. [^ulii FESB] Talis 

afU] ful ofte MIFS. PIM. /ftvi] filia IE. 

20. lowen] I-lowe I. op-ow] on 28. herit*\ bei7 I. 




Ife on crofeed kene fome ■ kynde fygys wexe ; 

Bona arbor bonum Jruetum facii. 
leb oulite be hem }>an hue * ich kam of [nj beteto, 
The fader ^t me forth bronhte • JiUu» del he hote^, Hftuiiethai, 
Pat neuere lyede ne lauhwede ' in Al has lyf-tyme. 32 
Ich am hus dere douheter - ducbesae of beuene ; 
What man ^t me louye]) ' and my wille folwe^, t whocvn imtu 

Sfaal baae grace to good y&ow ' and a good ende ; 35 (naa. 
And what man ^t loae^ mede - my lyf ich dar wedde, 
He ebal lese for hnre loue ' a lappe of trewe charite. 
That most helpe^ men to heuene ' mede most letteji, 
Ich do hit vpon danid ' ))e dovmbe wol nojt lye ; Bn <t1ui ditm 

Domine, quia habitabit in taberTiaculo tuo, e( ukgMHd. 
eeiera. (Vnipw). 

Dauid Tn-do^ hit hym-eelf * as f>e doiimbe ahewe)), 40 

^ wuper inruxentem munera Tion aeeejnt. t V—i- «ii. s. 

TomoTwe worth mede wedded ' to a mansed wrecche, m aa 
To on &1b feitblea ■ of Jie feendes kynne. M^irfu^.lJS 

Fauol (lorgh his flateiyng speche ■ hath mede foule 1^^"^^^^ 

And al is lyers ledyng ■ fat lady is J)ua ywedded. 44 

39. Xe] apparentln mUieritten No graen — good] good rijt V. 
P. iM>] on a HIFS. kene] kynde 86. nhat^ wat P. JnU] H em. 

iHe) 8. fygyii] fi^B I. /aeif] mEfert bue)) mede'} meda louiM M ; mede 

H. loaet- IQ. ieh dar] dar i MFG. 

30. Ae] tD be U ; ben I. hrrre'] lo 37, lete'] luse P. a lappe} and 
B ; wueivntten herrer P ; hejbere I ; lippa C*ic) I. a— charite} (w liit of 
heiera F ; hyur B j bet M. Aw] BChe ooiuaieuoe F. tretue} tryyiB P. 
US; he I; heo Fj 10 E. teA] for 1 S8. mott—maa} helpe|i men moat 
U. [a IFSB] t« U ; k;Dde PE ; H ,- helpet) naa most I. ««n] toan 
e/. B-lBxL IF. matt (2)1 ofte U. 

31. ■<«] on (n«) I. 3e. iimmhe} dombe lEO. 

83. lyeila] ne lei U. lavKtreJe} 10. AifjMmn. ifaiftn^] te MBFB; 

lawhede IF ; lawede E ; Uiuede S ; dombe lEG ; dombe P. 
UohedU. .^rj M otit. 41. aec'ded] maried ISFOj i- 

33. ZaA an] And I am I. dere- marled M. 
UIFEB] dare P. dvchetie] & daoh- 42. lb} HI F. /«Mifo(] deaelea 

erne F. MO. 

31. What} pat irhat 1. )>a<] HI 43. hit} iff IFBEO ; <■ P ; M on. 

Ml. to«ye>] louyjo M. /olnrli] tpecie} F iwn. /otito] ful F. 
folews M. «y— /ohc»^] wole my wU 44, Jjirf] F am. it] [larw F ; ^on 

bolde F. S. )xit] F-U IB ; )Hit ^at E ; t« F. 

3S. Sid^ He icbal T. to} at M. u {■("] Klial )iiii be M ; ys F. 

^t, Google 


SofiVe now and Jiow slialt see ' Buche as ben apuede, 
T»aiiR<>«T(« J)at mode ja fae ymai^ed ' to-morwe ^ov slialt aspie. 
^urUfiji Enow bym wel, yt fuw kuiat * and kep f>c fro hem alls 

Jjat lonyeji hure loidshepa ' lasse oper more. 48 

tatlathoMmdi Lacke hem nojt, bote lete hem worthe ' tyl leaate be 

And haue power foi to punyshe hem ' fien put for^ ))y 

Al* Forich by-kenne fe criat," quajt hue ■ "and hna clena 

tiiH to chfM." moder, 

£ncombre nenere fy conscience ' for couetyse of mede." 
Thni iha lilt ThoB left me Ji&t lady ' lyggynge a slepe. 63 

Aftimrd^i ' And ich saub how mode was maried ' metjng as it 

Habild ill* bridal. 

And al ^e riche retynannce * ])at roteji bem on fala 

Were bede to Jiat brudale • on bofie half Je contreie, 
xhitfair nn Of many manor men ' ^at were of medea kanne ; 57 
kniehta, dfrti, Of knyjtea, of clerkes ' of ojier comune puple, 
tS^mtaT*^ -^^ syeonra and eomners ■ shereyues and here darkee, 
muT oUiHi. BudelB and bailifa ■ and brokours of chafikre, 60 

B*« [Forgoere] and Tytailere ■ and vokettua of [J>e] Aicbes, 

iB. lum^IeM. MoAcjforBUobeF. i« F. 

47. nwf] HI DM. ee. bede] i-bede H ; beden I ; 

4B. puCjForherHtM. li>rdlAepi] boden E. ^^U'] )« IFG. brvdale^ 

IbrdKhepe MF ; lordceohlpe I; wor- bridale HIEQ; brojilale S; bndal« 

■chip E. 0^] (0 IBB; miinrriUen F. oii] a L 

o|»r ^e P. latte ofitr] ojw luxe or ST. m«n] of men UIFS. Iviim] 

M I boH luse and F. kjDoe HIE8Q ; kjn F. were— 

49. Laehe} Loue F. bete"] b F. twafM] of medeBkynns weie I. 

i« /m<(<10] t^ iaB7Btr« 9. GS. of (3)] k B. e/ (8)] aod MS ; 

60. haue'] haued M. /or] MIFSO b of F. »(■«■] |>e F. 

am. J<vt] put (mu F. 69. Ai'] H im. Anv] o^ H. 

61. Jbr] H mi. Am] acbe MIS ; BO. BvdeU] Budelet M ; Bndelui 
■ofaeo F ; )0 B ; heo Q. B ; Bedelea I ; BedeUiu F ; Beddi E. 

63. Encomire'] And aoombw ^mi I. oiul (1)] 8 mi. cht^ffare] chaflkRs 

63. « tlept] u a alepe I ; in my HIF. 

Bl«paP. 61. IfbTfeer* IE] Yorgbeoiin P; 

64. And] M OM, And — tpfli] {w Voiegoerug B ; & forager* F. Ibr- 
•aw I mede F. it were] I were F. foert tutd] AUe inaner of H. tviet- 

6B. And] M 10 ma. t«<n] H im. tta] voketto I ; Tocstee E ; a-uoketca 
on] of I; In FE. iiat—en] rotode M; felawea F. [|>« FESOI] FHmi. 

t. Cookie 


Ich kan nojt rekenje ))e route ' ^at lan a-lxiute loede, 

Ac eymonye and cinile ■ and sisoure of contreis 63 fofth«,BiiBMij 

Were most piynye with mede * of eny men, [me ptUhIpcl 

Ac faoel ww ^ fente ' Jtat fette huie [oat] of cliambre, tihh ruun? i«d 
And as a brocoor broghte hare forth ' to be iojuid with Faiumuii. 

Whanne aymonye and cyuyle ' saoh here boJieTea wil, 
Ihiij assented ]rar-to ' at ealaera praiere. 68 

Thenne leep liaie for^, and seide ' " lo J here a 

And pnjf cyuy le it to aee ' and sTmonye it to rede. 

Jjanne ajmonye and cynyle ' stoden forth hofe, 72 aiaimj and ciiu 

And Tnfaelda [)ie] feffement * ^at fals hadde maked ; 

))aime aayde aymonye • Jat cynyl it herde, 

"Alle Jtat louen & bylenen ■ vp lykyng of mede, 

Leae^ hit leelly ' thys worth hure laste mede, 76 

pat folwen falsneaae ' fanel, and lyere. 

And me, and ewiche men ' Jnt after meds wayten. 

Seiant preeentes ei futuri : et cetera. Cam. •naaw 

63. Ae'\ And 1. to rede it IF8. 

64. wtiit] wit P. mi|r] meaj B. 72. wtodeK] to MFQ ; atodB B; 
[w ^mafe UFSBQ] me ^h.Ui IE ; itaoden I ; itod P ; stop (1) a '. 
of |M routs P. 73. And] F mn. tiifeelde] m E { 

ae. Ac'] k tin F. /eMe] bron^ts Tnfelde SQ ; vnfaeld P ; Tiifolde)i IB ; 

H. lout MIFBaj oota B ; PE m>. Tnfoldede FM. [)>« HIFSBOB] t»t 

66. And oj] As H ; And L P. motei] mnkede P. 

h^kU] he broojte M. tfUA] wit P ; T4. Panne'] po If. )»f ] and H. 

to ^ I. 75. ieuen] liuen H. ty/ra«n] to 

^rbo^I; here bei)in- F ; li#r«bo^ 76. tntde] ende M. fAyi — inode'} 

SO ; her# bo^en E. wo is here last drrnke P. 

68. \Mr-io} It wers m IB (irJUeA 76. Aiid] I om. me] Heeds I. 

improwt tli« alUtemtioit). ntiche'] to MS j luohe IE ; ntmrtl- 

6S. nmiM^^lL iMf] lepteH; f«)t ihiche P. And — m«n] As beth 

lopp* I ; lepe F ; lept B ; leepe E, ^ae myttarut meo F. }at] as M. 

70. fytw] i^en* H. tii(l)] Htm. Oirbi] m FEQ ; Inoiptt carta F (*« 

to (3)] abo HIO. aiarTia) ; I odd*— Th« fDO&nietit of 

"" " ■ ijmonye and Heede. /irhiri] fntnri, qood ego H, 

71. If trattmoM* ijmonye and 
ej^^le. U—teoj to ee it I. it — rode] 



[Witen] alle and witnesen * Jiat wonea liere on erthe, 
>; pat mede ya y-maried ' more foi hure richesae 80 

(Mil for holynesse o^ hendeuesse ' o^ for hye kjnde. 
Fabneese is fayne of hure ■ for he wot huie riche. 
And fanel hath viith lals speche ' fefiJed hem by fits 

To be pijnces of prude ■ and pouerte to dispice, 84 
To bakbyten and to boaten ■ and here fals witnesse. 
To Bcomie and to ecolde ' aclaondrea to make, 
Boji Tnbuxom and bold ■ to breke fe ten heates. 
if The erldom of enuye ■ and yre he hym graunteji, 88 

WttA ^ castel of cheste ; and chatering-ontof-reson ; 
trot The countee of couetiee ' he consents^ to bo))e, 

Wi'tA VBeiye and Auerice ' and ofer false sleithos 91 
In bargejns and in brocages ' vitth fe boi^he of ))uf)>e, 
I leng^ and in 

Aa in workes and in wordea ■ [and] waltynges of eyes, 
In wedes and [in] wisehynges ■ and wi'tft ydel fouhtes, 
J}er ^at yiil wolde ' and werkmanahup taile^. 96 

79. [IFi(«t I] Wyten B; Wilten 87. Je^] MIQ em,. miSbx™] 

E; Wetya P; WeteD B; Wetith F; buxom F. 

Wlte je M. alle] HI on. 8S. and yra] eu^ F. A« A^] 

SO. hure] hure meohel P; hire hem he S. gmanteii] granate (_iie) L 

mychel S ; but MIFSQ emit meohel ; 89. eherU—reieH] care ' £ of vn- 

^. B-teit kjnde «peche F. 

ai./or (1)] F i«i». F traiupetei 90. «««(«<•] cuntesse FS. Wa 

holfnesse and headeneaae. igniW] rountee] Thej oo\mteii I. A«]aDdI; 

kynoe H. F am. to] to beni IF ; S (Hn, 

83. W] Ui P. teot] Frot F. 92. and] 8 an. iit] IF OM. in- 

"1. Aitd] M cm. Ja(4 tvith] Jiat caget] burgnges FQ. ye] B out. 

'""'"'' '' '■ beiyhe] bourh H ; bonre I ; boi F ; 
bon ES. \>i(fie] to EQ ; )<el>e M ; 

I. >efta IFSB, 

8*. pryneei] prinoesse M ; princa 93. F maiii. And] With I. al] 

F ; pTUTse ((io) L and] H im. itt B. 

85. baibyttn^ioS; bubite MIF; 91. and <1)] F em. m (2)] M 
bagbfteo PE. berten] boste wel F. mn, [anJ H] and in I ; in FESG ; 
and] and to H. leitneae] whitnSBM P ewt. traityngei] way^nges BO ; 
P ; iritboeaae H. waityng HIFS ; waitengM P. 

86. mornU—Kvlde] Kolde & to 95. and]UF8om. [InMFSEGB] 
BooniA S. telauiidrei] tc sclaundres PI am. ivUihi/ngei'] wlnhengea P ; 
FS ; and wlaundre I. nistching U. trilk] In H. 



Glotenye he genej) hem ' and grete ojies to-gedotes, oiotMaj i» 

Al daj to drynke ' at dyuerae tauemes, uwm, 

Thar to I&ngle and to Tape ' and luge her emcristlae, 

And &8tingdayeB to frete ' hy-for noon, and drjnke 100 

WitA cqpicerie, Bpek ydelneese * In reen speche, and spene, 

And snwye foif swych felaoshep " tyl Jtei ben fallen in "^^ **"*• "* 

And a-irake vith wanhope ' and no wil to amende, 
For he l^ue^ be yloet ' when he hn^ lyf lete^ : lOi 
This lif to folwie fiJanesse ' and folic ^at on hym letie)i. 
After hure dej> [a] dwelling ■ day wttA-onten ende •n* iiwj m n 

la Incifetee lordahnp ' aa )iys lettere shewe]i, ttur dKih.- 

"With al ^ portinaunce of purgatorye * And ))e payue 

of helle." 108 

In witneBse of ^ia fyng ■ wroj^ waa [le ferste, -*■ «* ■ •• 

And Parea ]» pardoner ' of paulynee queste, 'or* wnng, 

Bette ^ bndale ' of bannebnriee sokne, Pudomr, 

Beynald fa rene ' and Sedyngkyngea menye, 112 ^d nu^ ouin. 

Honde fa mylnere ' and meny mo ofiere. 

In fa date of fe denel ■ ^Is dede ye a-seled, Ttaa«*iw>iiiiM 

By aygfat of syre symouye ■ and cyuyles leue. 
Thanne [t«ned] hym thedogye ■ whenne he fya tale buithmIoct'"* 

herde, 116 '"°*'^"'* 

Vt. ie fK^] 1 1Bne H ; a gyue)' L vith lucifar I. pyt] fie MF. 

«m KIFBB] bjni P. lUS. al} F >»». ^ portinawiict] 

98. drgnkt} dijuk depe F. at} in )«porUDBQces I. And] Id H ; & al 
MF. F. pagiu'i pyne F, 

99. n«r] And fm I laiiflej 111. Betu] Bot I. budele'] bedil 
langly P. U (2)] Uem. I; bedel E ; bedele F. baniutruriet] 

100. A»d] M 0a. ftjt/if] a-fore F, baaburi MF ; BaQDebury L tokiw} 
tmd] an P. sok« H. 

101. ^ek} mni tpeVe M. aiul} to- 112. and] and )ie ¥E ; bvt IFS 
F. ^fu'] tpende HI. on. ^ ; U Ant of. H traiapatet 11. 

102. «MPy#] (uws MF; tewe Bj 111 aiiJ 112. 

MM I; nw^ E. *)rjrcA] wi> M. 113. Mnnde^HoDAj T ; TAvatAj&Q. 

101. bjnMM loneji H. b«] to be wybiers] multere M ; njllereli mill. 

HI. wAm] wen F. ward F. no o^ere] anoter I. 

105. I(^ F DM. ta] ii to UF. lU. yt] wa« U. 

fa«#t>] M> IF8E ; lened M ; lyae|> F. 116. Tlia*ne] po H. \tened IFS] 

106. [o HF8E0] y»j l\ P m. teneds MQ ; tene E ; tuenede {/or 
iwelUnf] dnelien L tneneda) F. irfteniir] venae P. ialel 

107. hoifera lord*htip] loidKhipe tale* L 



to [sMnonrt And s^de to ayre symonye ■ " now eorwe mot« [kjw 

haue, 117 

Such a weddyng to worche ■ fat wrathe myghto 

And er f is weddyng be wroughte ■ wo to al jouie con- 
sail ! 
tFocVnd'i For mede is moillere ' amendes was beie dome j 120 
Anundi, {}ou}i fala were hiire fadei ' and fykel-bonge liure ayie, 

Amendes was liure [moder] * bj trewe [mennes] 
t ui aha m>T WttA-oute huTc moder amendes ■ mede may noght b« 
wtthmikH wedded, 

no(bar*i 1kt«, 

For treuth plygbte hnre treuthe ■ to wedde on of liure 

douhteree, 124 

And god graustede it weK so ' bo pat no gyle wore, 

t Bai tiiini hu* And fow haat ygeue liure as gyle taughte ■ god jyue 

Miwbi tbH. fe soTwe ! 

For cyuy] and f y selue ■ seldo fulfilleth 

pat god wolde were ydo ■ wi'tft-oute som deceite. 1 28 

Ich tbeologie fe tixt knowe - and truwe dome wyt- 

fiMrnnn, \}a,t lauiens )ie leuite ' lyggynge on pe gredite, 

icHdinn, euinud Lokod vp to ouro lords ' and a-loud seide, 

diMnwird. ' God, of J)y grace ■ beuene gates opene, 132 

117. tyre} MIFS om. tt/monpe] doutien M, 

ciuile HF. WfK] M om. mote ^tw] 125. ¥ omiii. gravntfde'] gniunte 

to IE ; t^ow mote P; f>ow M. mote 18. it] J.ot it 8. yati MI on. 

— have'j <iD [li bokua F. I3G. ygeva — tavgkte] gan here after 

118. faf] to F. aratlui'] tene M, gjle F. god} now god I. 
tKj/ghte'] mal M ; vHh ^e F. traaye} 127. leUe] ful aelden je F. 
treub^ P. 128. torn'] M om. deoette} de- 

119. And] Hi»». aQ M cbi. al ceytes F. 

— conioif) low slle F. 123. See twte in B-text, p. 392. 

120. W] laaHF. moUlere] moilere tij:t] trstrtie F. and] yf 1. trexe 
IFS ; moiller M. flU4] I em. dome'] trew^e M ; textvf it F. 

121. pauh] A].|«gli I. tyre] bel- 130. Igggyngn'] ^at lay I. ^e (2)] 
mre MIO. U om. gredire] fyre F. 

122. Imoder MIBO] dame PEFS. 131. a-losd] al ^is he M. leide] 
[nuHRM HI] men PEFS. cride F. 

123. WiiA-cnte] And wi(>oute IB, 132. o^ene] ^ow opCDe M, 
121. hurt] ymte E. doviteret] 


PA3S. IIL] IB &DCH A 1T£DDi:ia LBOALt 35 

For ich, maD, of fy mercy ■ inede haae deseraed ! ' 133 

And syth^ man may an hey ■ mede of god deserae, 

Hit aemep ful sothly - lyght so od erthe, 

That mede may be redded ' to no man bote to treulbe ; v»d ihouM u 

And |>ow hast feffyd hure wt'tft fjJs ■ fj on soche lawe ! " " 

For ^nr leeynges je [lacchcn] * lai^iche mede. 138 TbcnHnniir 

JMt }e nemej) & notaries ' to nnnht by-gynne^ brynge 

Holy churche, and charite ' je che^re}l and detiourc^. 

3e shulle a-by^ bof« ' bote ;e a-mcade )ie aonnere. A«a 

For wel je vyten, wemaTdes ' as holy wryt telle^, iMd* n ii*»- 

put fala ys faithles - ^e fend ys hus syre, 

And OS a bastaivi ybore - byjute was h 

And mede ys moiUere ■ a maiden of goodo, tniwrj 

Hue myghte cusse ^ ^yng ' as for bus kynswwiman. bnt Hwi 

For-Jiy worchef by wisdome * and by witte al-so, kui uh unc 

And ledef hure to londous ■ wher Uwe may declare, 1 48 xbtn tak* )wr m 

Yf matrimoine may be ' of mede and of falshede. ir oh uw wiu 

And )kiw Iaetice[s] en-ioynen hem ' ^i^h lurers o^ies, 

Jat be var of ^e weddyug * for wytty ia treuthe, 

And conscience is of hns consail * and knoweth jow 

aUe; 152 

And yf he fynde jow in defaute ' [and] -witft ^e &]se irconxttnn 


131. man] a man U. E : And I. ngghte] maj' F. at] H 

IS6. /af] Tilt F ; I KM. in>] here tm. Ai'(] F on. 

OD H. 14T. I-br-py'] For-wht H ; For b; 

1S6. te (2)] IQ on. EQ. at-io} bo>e M. 

137. A] nowfjF, tuehK] H F; 148. hmtltmtt'] londen P. «^«r] 

■wloh a M. wer F ; ]^ere 10. 

188. ^nv] bi HI. [{ruxiAMt HIFS] U9. T/] WIie)<er Hj Where 10. 

Uuhte P ; lut S. may be] be may F. /abloib] fall F. 

IBS. 4-] and )« t. Sy-fyuMf] hit 150. )>m] ^h I ; >>(u 8 ; trewe 

wole Mw Hi gjnneti 1; gyuneth to U. Juttitei] to IF8B; iuetioe PM. 

F; IB gnnna^ 8. en-iffj/neii} an-ioTnen I; iojne F. 

Ul. a-tj/jfe} ab^gon it L b^ki] 1»wb F. 

1*8. /«!#] foule falB F, 151. Jirf] Bnt ^nt M. tej tiF cm. 

144. a*] ia H. fiore] born H. neddt/iig'] wedfog P. trevthe} dr 
inaf«] byieta IS ; bfgeta H ; be-ia- trew^ F. 

ten F. 162. And] M om. fi] F om. 

145. y«] if a H J wm« a F. a] 163. And] U on. i»] in enj S. 
udl. laitd HI] PEF8 em. |s] M am. 

146. Bm] Sche U8) ScUeo F ; yi ialde] to holde F3. 


36 finiLB BBIfiBS THE NOTUtlES. [PASB. til. 

It win Rs hirri Hit shal sitto jouie Bonlea ■ M soure at Jie laste." 
■Ht." Uer-to a-Bentf d cyayle ' ac Hymonie ne wolde, 

Tyl he hadde seluer for ^e seel ' [and] aygnes of notaries. 
A«3 Tho fette fauel forb ■ florevnes y-uove, 157 

TJim FlUlar 

f.ohia CM And bad gyle " go gyue - gold al Srboute, 

OiUi* gin 11 to Sfameliclie, to notaries ' ^at non of hem faille ; 

"■ And feffe falsnesae ■ with floreyuea ynowe, 160 

For lie may mede amaistren ' with hua myry apeche." 
owt wm th* Xho f U gold was gyuen • gret waa Je fonkynge 
tnnm. That £>ls and fayel hadde ' for here faire jyftes, 

And comen ful courteielich ' to conforte ])e falae. 164 
Thei seide to hym softeliche ■ " cease ahuUe wo neuere ; 
Til mede be f y wedded wyf ■ we wolle nouht stynte, 
Fc» we ban mode a-maiatrid ■ potw oure mjrye tonge, 
Bsa ])at hue graante]i to go ' with a good wille 168 

fa (0 Lmign. To loudoon, and loke ' yf laws wol luge ; 

To be maried for monyo ' mede hath a-sented." 
Tiw WM* Flit- Than was fauel fayne ' and falsnesae bly^ 
toad j[i*d. ud And leten Bompne alio seggee ' In echo syde a-boute, 
MiomwhT^ And bed hem alle ben boon ' be^eree and o)«re, 173 
BiiwMr. rjt^ wenden wi'tA Lem to westemynatre ■ bus weddyng 

to bonoure. 

164, *>«&#] Boule I. loure] bo™ I. 164. te — fie] a 
1S6. a-ie»tyd] uatate} J. ac} 165. T^ei] ii, FI. to hym] I om. 

bute M i & F8. tqflelielte'] Eo)>liHS; M>}«lf I. tAlUU} 

Itm. Miner] F#M. [awJMlFSE] acliulde M. 

m P. tygne* — witorira] DOtkriee 166. we fralle\ wite we H ; wille 

tIgOM H. itTi ft 8. we I; wole ve F. nawU] neuen 8, 

1B7. Tko\ To I. 167, ^d] I (MB. nede} here V. 

168. ;n] goo ft F; to HI. toxjg] ^>ecbe U. 

1G9. 2favuliehe\ And nameliche 169. luxifKim] louden P. ohJ] 

IE. fd] to |>e F ; |)« I. /aiiie] na and to L ]^ whe)w t>e F. <wl] 

fayle 8 ; do fiiile F. wil it F. 

160. faUnemi^ falswittnesM MG) 170. meie] formede F. 

fala witnessea I. mtk] wit P. 171. XI<m] po M ; But (iBNiie F. 

161. amajrtivii] maiitrija H. 172. alb] alb her 1; alle ^e F 

162. 2^] Ac ^ F. iMt — ^onk- »etft*) altonrs If. ^ 
ynge] were )« JiuikeB H; game )iei 178. &ei]«>PO; bodHIFj bjdde 
baddeF. 8 ; bede E (ftuf bed hem = bed* ]^ 

165. I trmntpott tab Aoi fauet. = bade hem). 
Tluit—htdde\ b. |>OQked Ma tc faael 171. Aew] him ISO. Au] H* H; 

/diiv] grete 8. the F. 



Ac hakeneyes hadde pei none ' bote hakeaeyes to byre ; rhn tbtj lu 

Thenne gan gyle borwe hora * at meny grete maiatres. 

And shope ^t a shereyue ' Bbolde bere mode 177 ami 

Softlicbe in Batmibuiy - fram ayse to syse. . ihRitr! buk^ 

Fala and ianel • aliolde fecche forth aisouM, "tT^SSl. 

And ride on hem & on leues ' ryght &ste by made. 

Symonye and cynyle * seidcn and sworen 181 

That pieBtes and piooisouis ' sholde prelates aerneu, t " PriM> nd 

"And ich my-self cyuyle ' and symonye my felawe HmiabanM 

WoUen lyden vp-on rectoure ' and riche men ndTiDiod 

denoutonn, 184 hd^^rM^ 

And notoriea [on] persona • ))at pcrmuten ofte. 
And on poure prouysors ' & on a-peles [in] ])e arches. 
fiomenonrs and soathdonee ' )>at tupmvedeat take^, 1 smuutiDm 

On hem ^at louye^ lecherie ' lepe^ vp and lyde]), 188 aua srinici<u 
On execntores and snche men ' come^ softlicbe after. 
And let cople fe comissarie ' oure cart sbal he drawe, a.»* b *« 
And fecche forth onre ritailes - of fomicatores. aonmUMrj, 

Make^ of Iyer a lang cart ' to lode alle Jiese o]iete, 1 93 ud mun « li« 
As fobbes and foitonre ' Jut on hnre fet rennen." 

ITS. kaiene^M (I)] boraniB H ; ISfi. im (2)] vpon I. a-peUt] apele 

bomu H> ?■ K ; ?eiorm H. [1h EI] of H8 ; on P. 

1T6. Thettnti] t>o H. fas fylr] ^--tn] h^ peleth to F. 

gile bigon H. bonre] to borven IM. I6T. S»menmiri] & samnotcrs F. 

ol] of H 1 & F. grete meittrei] a Mimthdenet] ao^eam B ; eodeuea 

{[ret mayitre S ; grete lirei F. IFS ; denee M. ^M] I Mt. 

178. <)( taumbuiyl Id hw Ssmburf 189. On^ pe E. ex«rvti>r«i] ae- 
B ; in chaimibre H ; in chambre IE ; cutowrs I ; lecatovrt F. eome^ uffU 
I-Hdeled F. lirhe\ Ic oomyth soft F. 

179. AI(] Falg Mbnlden H; And 190. Mcople'] latecopelFS; oart- 
fftl* I floUtf] IH om. fecelie—n- sadele); H. )>e] oure M. cum] )ie F. 
•Olirfj for|) tlsoures fette F. ^mn-e] dryne S. 

180. Ani\ To M. ou—reneil rijt 191. /ortA] I tm. af^ot Me M ; 
in ^ nwe F. ry^At] MP mn. and L fnnticmtorei] i» I ; foml- 

181. a%£\ an F. iaid«<\ ^Miden catore P; fornicatonn MFBE {but it 
F. U the Latin /itrw," hw B-toit). 

182. jnvIat«f«#r«mi]beprelBteBl:. 192. J/<ijl£)i] And make H; And 
188. ir*] F <m. fulatee] Ion F. niake|> I. i-/] a F; o* a L iflnj] 
181. WoUen] Bcbulie M. <{<wvj- , long IS. ffw F] (liM I ; )»ii HE ; >ei 

Mirl] M IH ; denotovr* S ; deuout- PS. 

R>nn B ; of (mpM F. 19S. J*] H mi. Mhe*} to IBS ; 

185. Atti] M OM. [«n IB] upon fobbenuFi Frerea M. t>«<— /at] let 

F { and FH8. bem on tot« U. 

^tv Google 


Th» in rtu Tbaane fals and &uel ■ ryden forth to-gederes, 

And mede in ^ myddea ■ and alle )>use men aiter. 
Ich liaue do tome to telle ' ^e tail pat hem folwefi, 19$ 
Of many manere men ' for medea sake sent after ; 
GaiUMiiw Ae gile was forgoere ■ to gycn ol fe puplc, 
eooOuiHiipDmd For to wisse hem )>e weye * and wit^ mede a-byde. 
■ - Sothnesse aeih hem alle ■ and seide bote a lytel, 200 

And prUed forth on pacience ' and passede hem alle. 
And cam to fe kyngea court ; * to conscience he tolde, 
And conscience to Jw kyng * carped it after. 
"Now by ciyrt," quath fe kyng ■ "and ich caccho 

myghte 201 

Fals o|)er fauel - o))er here felawe lyere, 
Ich wolde be wreke on Jio wrecches ' and on here 

werkns alle, 
And do hem hongy by |>e hals ' and alle ^t hem 

maynteneji. 207 

Shal neuere man on pis molde ' maynpryee pe leate, 
[But] rygbt as pe lawe lokep ' let tidle on hem alle I " 
He comaundyd a constable ' ^t cam at }ie fuiste, 
"Go atache fo tytauns ■ for eny tresour, ich bote, 
Let feterye fiist falsnesse ■ for eny kynnes jiftea, 213 

194. rfiea'] the! riden V. 
196. Audi U <""• "^1 ""'t^ ^- 

alle] HB om. )iiMe] ]>eae MIFS. rouca r . 

196. f(MH«] time HES ; loage F. 206. trreit] a-wreke M. on (I)] to 
/0l>EB)>] folweds HIB. 8. H )«tM 1 ^eES. ra (2)J F dm. 

197. manere] F <m. m*H] o( men aUe] ille F ; boJ.e M. 

MS. for — nnC] )iat mede uot H ; 207. do — hongj/'] hetnga hem hy F. 

for mede ■ )iat Buyd fast V. pat] H cm. Aeat] pej S. 

198. to gyeni to blgile H ; tc gieda 208. matt] Do man H. 

F. t>e]fal. 209. [J*«(MIF]AndPK8. rygii} 

199. hem] men E. and— mede] iii(i iH I : limn. 

mede (lat wolde H. 210. He] And I ; l;o F. a] he a 

200. Mi4] Bi Mi seyj S i BBji E ; F. at i:ej atto EI ; ale 8. 
■eithlj uetbF. aUt]tiiilSF. a] 211. Gu] To IF. fm] ^ EHF. 
MF8E i™. lyraunt'l tyntuntes MFS ; ^munls 

SOI. .JiMf] Half; ButF. ^lied} I. 
prikith F. and] an F. 212. feteryt] fetere MFS ; feoche 

202. JfuTlHeM. (0(2)]aQdMIF. I. /oi(/flij.n««e3 ftila taste M ; fal*- 
he] UIF 0in. tn-sfe faste I. itvNnrt] kynnc 8. 

203. .JniT] po F. 


PASS, iil] falsehood plees to TBB FniABS. 3d 

And gaxd of gyles hefd * and lete hym go no wyddcre, BSO 
And brynge meJe to me ■ maugre hem alle. ina. 

And if )e Ucdie lyere * let hym nat a-akapie 215 utmnLUr 

Er he be put on [f e] pnllerj ■ for any preier, ich bote ! " ""' 
Dtede stod at fe doie * and al ^at dene beide, nn«i wu it uk 

What ]ie byngss wil was ' and wygbtlycbe he wente, Oa [din], md 
And bad folsnesse to Bee * and bus feren alle. ft. 

Falsnease for fere [Jio] ■ flegh to fe freres, 220 th™ lud 

And gyle dud hym to gon ' agast for to deye ; anna; 

Ac marcbanns metten wt'tA hym ' and made hym abyde, inttntemm 
And shntlen hyia in here shoppes ' to shawen here k«p th>ir iiKiit 

And parailed hym lyke here prentys * pa puple to 

aenien. 224 

Ljghtlicbe lyere * lep a-way ^eimes, Um lopi ura^ 

Loikynge porw lanes ' to-l(^ged of menye. ihiqi nowiicn 

He was nawher wdcome * for hue meny tales, *" 

Ouer-al houted ont ' and yhote tnisse, 228 

Til pardoners hadden pitte * and pullede hym to Bnipirdoiini 


S18. furS] garde^ HI. i^d] bed 222. Aj/m (2)] bem F. wade— ■ 

EUR ; beede F. aiiJ] HIFS om. abyde;\ him abide made H. abj/de] 

iryddere] widen E ; whider F. to ab^de 3. 

214. bTynge] hriaget> MTF5. 22B. ihutten'\ biBohettsa I. bt] F 
•foirf re] roalgre L om, ikappes] schoppa 1, 

216. £/■] Or FBE. pvf] i-put H. 224. parailtd] apRrailede M. 
[>a HI] PEFS mn. preier] preior hym} F em. lyhe A«re] u a H ; lik 
P. iek luite] Htm. a F. 

217. lUd] stond fiov H. at fiaf] 225, Lyghtlifhe} Tbo ll)tliche F. 
al Hs S I Hi t« F ; )>at fw M ; I i™. a-iraj] B-way fio fro PB ; frwtUIFBQ 
deiU X] deon M ; done F ; dune S ; emit )»> fro ; cf. B-tezt, 

dnene P ; dnende B (dneoe =: dene 226. Jtenv'] in M. 

^ dlo). 227. triu] E ma. nawJter} nawer 

215. f» — tvoir] was ^ kinges wllle P. wekame] wulcome P. 

T. and]l<nit. ivyghtlgehe'] wbyght- 228. Oner] But oner F. ionted] 

lyche P ; wittilecbe I. I-hunted F ; 1-honted M ; honntyd S ; 

2ie. ftnTj I em. /atttieue] Me ef. B-teit o»f] I «». trvu^] to 

X. tti] forte M ; F on. /nvn] lESQ; to tniBae HF ) troBse P. 

feere* I ; fenu FB. 229. lU] M on. pitu] pite of 

220. IblMU'Ue] And faleneBse F. him U ; pitee on him I. pvlleda] w 
[^ IP] PEM8 mit. Jlegh] fli M ; EG; pulled I; pulde M; pelljd S; 
fly) S ; he flej F ; fleie B. putlen F ; poUede P, to] in-to L 

221. dud\ doth I. 



A *1 Thci woahe hrm and wvpede hym ' and wonde kTm 

WMHadblm, ' JC i J 

dothedUm, ID ClouteS, 

duTThwiui And Beste hym [on] Bonnedayea ' w/tA seelee to 
'*"^"' churches. 

And 3af pardon [for] pans ' pomd-ineel a-honte. 233 
■ 31 Tlianne lourede lechea • and letters ^i aenten, 

iig««*ibim la bat Ivet sbold wouv wt'tft hem ' waters to loke. 

dnll with thnn i 

•ndi|ii«n Mktd Spiceia to [hym] speke ' to aspie here ware, 239 

ibopkHpir. For he can on here ctafle ' and knowe^ metiy gommea. 
Ac mynstrales and meseagers ' mette witA Ijere one[s], 
And wttA-helde hym half a jere ' and elleue dayea. 
1 Ac Freres ^orw fayre apeche ' fetten hym ^ennes j 239 
cioUwd )£ u ■ For knowynge of comers ' ^i copyde hym as a Frere ; 
Ac he hath leue to lepen out ' aa ofte as hym lyke^, 
And ya welcome vhanne he comep ' and wone}) witA 
hem ofte. 
t Bjmmiy ud Symonye and uyuyle ■ senten to rome, 
uthaPope; And putte hem ^orw a-peles ■ in Jw popes grace. 244 
OM»HdiiiMii. Ac coDscience to )ie kyng ' a-cusede hem bo^, 

And seide, " ayre kyng, by ciyst ' bote clerkus amende, 

Thi kyngdom forw here couetyse ■ wol out of kynde 

wende, 247 

And holy chnrche Jiorw hem ■ worth harmed for euere." 

ennn for iMr!° Alle fledden for fere ' and flowen in-to hemes ; 

S80. mnie] woxbea E ; weschen uidleaeu I. 
18 ; weiaohe M ; wuBChen F. nypede] 239. Jwnr] wiU her« B, fvtt«ii\ 

wrongen F. ehutet] clofciuB F, fecchen I. 

231. [imMIFSOlIaPE. cAvrfAei] 210. I\>r\ And for I. eemert\ 
cUiwhe MI. cuntreea (ric) I. 

232. laf] laf hjm P ; laf hem 2il. Ae\ M om. eftt <u] P ow. 
E; tut MIF8Q omit hym. [for 2M. A<i£^ Ue T&. Keleime] mii- 
MIFSBQ] of F. patif] penes M; oomePF, iFAaniwJ wanne P. i%ni«l>] 

■peoB IF. wole P, 

233. Tkannel po M. 213. wafm] )« ■ )rel oaired F. 
23G. Spieert] And npicera PE ; 241. )>«-»] i» E, 

but MIFS o»« And. [hym EMIF80] 21B. 4«] And IS. 

hem P. 21T. kere\ F m. tftnde] wejnde 

287. Ael U im. onet] m MIG ; V ; but lee \v. 19. 

onwFS; one PB. -■ ' 


»m. III.] mxD wan vhkh takkh nuBOMm, 41 

Saoe mede [^J mayde - no mo darate a-byde. ud obIt Mad 

Ac tnwdiche to telle * hue trembleds for fere, 251 «« •»• w^ 
And bo^ wnng and wepte ' whume hue was «-tached. jriMMr. 

^tc exptidt pcuna AiJ^ 

150, [^ IFSEO] t«t PH. Jitrf — irrati/] Wrong hnra honden 

Sei. (rMMK0ika]b7W(lleheF;biilt M. «w^] wepe B. wtamw] waooa 

K. AtM] nhe KB ; nhso F ; .he I ; F. Aim] mi I 2E1. A-tociAT] a. 

&EL <rw>UM«] tnmelede K ; trem- tadiede P. 

P ; tramaldB U. Colophok. & to X ; Md In QSP, 

IBS, I<n«ttt/MMWiMiga«i wepte, «nUN<if Hie 



Inapit pawut qtiartua. 
A •« B Ki IVTOw is mede be mayde * and no mo of kem alle 

Sow li MHd, ill Xl r J 

■iDB*. brgofhi to X 1 ))orw bedelea and bailiff ' brouht by-fore be 
The kyng kallid ft clerk ■ ich can nouht hys noma, 
To take mede [{»] mayde ' and make here at ese ; 4 
■■idiidiukhir," *'Ich shal BBaje hure my-«elf ' and sothliche apose, 
" whom ih* ' What man of Jtys worlde ■ fat hure is leuest haue 1 
*iid pwhiia I And yf hue wirche wisliche ' by wys [mennes] counsail, 
"^ ** ' Ich voile fo^gyue hure alle hure giUtes ■ bo me god 
hdpe I " 8 

BoioiBt Cortealiche ])e clerk ^enne * as p6 kynge hygKte, 

tiM diuibR. Toke mede by f e myddel ■ and myldeliche here broughte 
In-to boore wltJi blyase ' and by hure gan sitte. 
Ther was myrthe [and] mynatralcy ' mede to pleaen ; 12 
That wenden to weatmynstre ' worshupde hure meny. 

Title. Sa i« EF8; Hio inciplt 
qiiartiu pauns de uiiiioiie M ; Powus 

TsrciuB de Tidoae, rt priuB I. jb mu. 

1. Jie] )>at M, and] MFS mh. 9. |i«tM] 1>0 MF. 

2. por»] Wif. MF. by-/era] to F. 10. myddel^ mydel P. trou^Ue] 
8. iallid] clepede H. iyi] js P. ladde F. 

i. [|:«IFSEQ] fatPU- II' t^r»1 \>e boara F. blyiie'] 

5. ivrr] at hir L MfUutAe] Boft- muohe blisse F. taH] gaa he F. 
liohe M. 12. ISer] Acjarl. [andMIFSE] 

6. WlUtf] Wat P. ^at—letteit'] she of P. aiedti} ^at maide for F. 

is leueat to H; here is leuust to 3; 13. rrtadente] wonenio M ; wente 

fiat scbe were leueit to T. it— have] to F. nwthMpiW] warechepeds F ; 

leuest haddeL honouren M; vorschipel; nonchup 

7. hue'] «oli8 MIS; heo F; jo E. 8; womchopiofi E. 
iy] and bf I. [mmnei F] meow H ; 



Gentelich TttA ioyo ■ lostices sonuDQ ni^ir uw 

Buslede bein to ^e borne ' ther ^ie berde dwellyd, ■« iiir, ud um, 

Confortynge hnre as Jei couthe ■ by fe clerktu leue, 1 6 ■* »• maa 

And Beyde, "mome nat, mede ■ fnel make bow no "n™™ 

' "■ ■■ ' not. Uml. «• 

Borwe; itniiHthH 

For we wolle wisse )>e kyng * and pj wey shape 

For to wende at ^y vil * wber fe luf 1yke)i, 

For alls consciences cast ' [and] craft, as ich trowe J " 20 

Mildeliclie mede fo • merciede hem alle Thn mwi 

Of bare grete goudnesse ' and gaf hem echone ud «■•• mm 

Coupes of clene gold ■ and coppes of seluer, ™™ri]!J^"* 

Kyi^es wi'tA rubies ■ and ofer riche 3ifte8, 24 

Tbe leate [man] of hero meyae ■ a moton of golde. 

Whenne thei had lauht here leue - at |jys lady mede, 

Thenae comen clerkiu ' to comfortye hure samen, Thm on» d*ri> 

And beden here be biythe ' " for we ben ^yn owne, 38 miuk, Httd. *• 

For to worche Jiy wil ■ f e while we mowe dnre," ■lu.- 

And mede hendiliche ' by-hyht hem )ie same, sha pmniKd lo - 

To lonen hem leellich ' and lordes hem make, nuke mim lordi. 

"And porchace jow prouendros ■ while joure pans 

laste)), 32 

SE. U*te] tDeneet F. ^man T] PB 
MFtj »m.,- but te B-text. ««^ii«] 

16. (!»] (tatM; Siwn. ftmirel borw 
U. H<] F'X: M ; [le F. ir»-i«J bunje 
ME; bu/rde I; beorde F; brede S. 
rfnvIfyiT] dwelle)i E ; 

28. H'Amm] WenneP; Andwhan 
F. Aera] UFmn. 

27. TSfUfut] po M. rovKnn] com 
«imily F. Moim] a " ' 

18. Q^n/erlfnge'] And conifort«de I; eone F; In BAine S; lame i 

&Hra] hem F. )ir] E mi. 

17. [m MIF] pes <wi. 

18. iMy] weieB S. (Anju] ahappa 

19. ite»de] wedde I. 
HF; lef S; Ieu« I. 

20. MiMoi»mrK»] oonolenoe 8. eait] 
cnift FS. [aiwj IFSE] or MQ ; a P. 
rrafl] «urt F8. 

81, nHWMtdf] ^nkede H; oiutr> 

^ fl«0 -" 

i.1. fliojvi] aot«f F. and] MI irille] » 


2S. ome FMS] ogbne I| owen E ; 

owe pa. 

29. M MFS om. tekili] ttile P. 
Ih/"] leaf »w«uTOo] ^Kiu might L dvre] en- 

dure MS. 

30. And:] Anda P; |>o F. a,eJ« 
hendiliche] hendeliche mede F ; meda 
mildelicbe H. ^] )iat M. 

S). onO MB B. hem (2)] to IF. 
32. Aad^ToF. }o»] F ih». jjro- 
'fl/fr^] an MIFSE ; proueoden P. 

rr] hate F. paru] 




[pass. IV. 


And bigge jov benefices ' plnrEilite to haae. 
And in constoiie atte coart ' do c^e jouie namea. 
Shal no leweduesae letto ' Jia clerk ^at Jch louye, 
Jjftt he ne worth feret auanced * for ich am [biknowe], 36 
Ther nonnyiiga clei^us ■ aliulloji clocke by-hynde." 
Thenne com ]ier a confeasour ' coped as a Ftere, 
To mode ]rat mayde ' myldelich he aayde, 
"Thaoh lered men and lewede ' had Uyen by ]re bo^ 
And falahede yfoonden f6 ■ aifio fourty wynter, 41 
B M*™** ~~ Ich shal B-Boily )ie my-selne ' for a eeem [of] whete, 
«k««.- And }ut be )iy beilman ' and hiynge a-douii conscience 

A-mong kynges and kny^tes ' and clerkus, if }« lyke." 
Tbm v«d kodt Thenne mede for hure myadedea - to |)ia [man] knelyd, 
•hron bw, and Shiof huTe of hcTQ aynnea ' ahameles, y leyue, 
'" * ' Told hym a tale * and took hym a noble 

FoT to be hure bedman ' and here wel hiue ereude, 18 
Among knyjtee and cleikns ' conacience to tume. 
Tbn ha hkim And he [asjaoiled huie sone * and setthen he acide, 
jr>)HinKtid(iB* "We baiie a wyndow a vorchyng * vol stonden oos 
fill hye ; 

33. y^iv'] bem F. plnralUe'] pin- felle H. 
raUlai I ; here bonohef F (_ieklek <m- 
prmet tie alliteratwn, bvtU ill tvp- 

Si. i>] In )hi L att*] at UIF; 
of H B. da] to I. ealle} knowe F. 

88. [iUnoiM HIO] I-knoire FSi 
knowOD FE. F iat — We wole auaun- 
«en hi" wel ■ for we beji I-knowe. 

SS. Thmuu} fo M, eeped] j-ooped 
MF8 ; yooped EL 

39. 3ii] JE to F. pat^ H ^^^ 
aaj/de^ lootede U. 

40. Ured} lewed IFS. Imvie] 
lerned me* I ; lered FS. iad] haue L 
bo^'] echon M. 

41. /aUhede] blmesM F; folke 
■eda iby mUtatt) E. x/bwH^m] i- 
folewed M ; folwed F ; by founda E. 

42. [of MEFS] PI OT»i. whete\ 

4E. Themtf'] po H. |»(] fiat U. 
{man HIFSG] frere PE. knelyd} 
loulede H. 

40. Stnifi And whrof UFE ; Sche 
Khrof 3. jyttiMf] synne L IryH«] 

IB; lee 




• P. 

47. Ibid} Bcbe tolde MS ; 
tolde F, taU] mery t»le F. 

48. iere] to here L erende EI] 
aieade F ; erunde S ; erode M ; emede 

SO, And] HF en. aueiled IFB] 
MoiledeHS; soiled P. (y.\A2. tone] 
Bone t^rof S ; )k> ful gone F. erttheH 
—teide'] seide )«t F. 

fil. We Aawr)] pliu;?^ at end <tf \. 
60 t» PBHF» i Ivt here <h I ; r/. B- 
ieit fl] in M; on I. werchynff] 
woroheng P. 



Wolde }Q glase )« gable ' tad grane fer joure name, 52 iIh Aaiddbo 
In Duase and in matyiu ' for mede we Bbnlle^ synge 
Solenliche and sothljch ' aa for a Bostre of ouie ordre." 
Lonelich ^t lady ' lauhjnge aejde, 55 stHBUtiut 

" Ich alial be joore freude, &ere * and faille jow nenere, »* ui nuai. 
The while je lonye^ ^ose lordes ' ^at lecheiye hannten, 
And lackie^ d(^ fuse Ittdlee ' ^ lonyep f>e same. 
Hit ia bote frelete (rf fleach * je ^den wel ia bokis, "l«ih>t." 
And a conn of kynde ' whe»>f we comen alle. 60 inotj ot th* 
Ho majr a^capie f^ aolaimdere ' fe acajie ma; sons be - 

Hit ya Bjime aa of eenene * non soner relesed. 
Hane mexcj," qoath mede ' "on men ^at hit hannten, BmMkvdn 
And ^ch] sbal keoery joure [kirke] - and joure cloiatre i>~ti»tt, m i 

maken, 64 wukSh!"'™' 

Bo^ WTndowes and wowee ' ich woUe a-meuden & 

And do peynten and portreyn ' who paide for fic mak- 

pat eueiy seg shol aee, and aeje ' ich am siutre of jonre as» 

Ac god to alle good folke * eoche gmujnge defendo^, a. si. 
To wryten in wjndowea ' of eny wel-dedes, 69 vtBdon! "* 

S3. >«] ^t EL Imt] )«r-inne H. may — te] U Knu HF; arglit soda Im 

S3, we ikMlhyi'] wolde we U ; moste L nandyi] ameiMled BHSP. 

Wfl F; wBwoUe^ E. 62. ai of] of H; of alio t« F. 

U. Splealieit^ Solempneliohs IB nen waer] nDDGEt M. reltted] rale- 

r ; Sollsmplich* H. irtUici^ Kifto- teds P. 

Uche HL /ar] W nt. a] F m. 63. foM] Ha machB F. ra] Id B. 

SB. lady] lad; H> ' witi F. «m] ham U. 

56. F emttt. 64. [let E] 1 HIFBO ; P am, 

57. nxvAUv] The wile P; Whiles Jletrory] eooere IF. [Urio tUFB] 
H ; ^r whiles T. >w«a] |ieee FS ; If ohurche PE ; B^itrrt tit allUeratieit, 
•M. Iww luriai] f>la lords L luMiUen} 66. da} I mn. k1«] wo P ; ho FS, 
liaiinte)> IF. wliopaiJe^ and pais IL /«<— waJl. 

58. Iwm] )>flW F T fiUe IS ; H m. yiv«] )'«rforfl F. 

UufHrj looeUi wel F. 67. «ir«ry — 1^«] eohe dwuf dial I- 

B9. if] njanoojt H ; ajt E. ia] «eoH; eche a aegh aohal I^ee F. and 

by L Kwl ia] hit be H. wy«] UFI om., nutrt} a met^r IH. 

80. mhtr^l wer-of P. miim ordra] ware* H ; ^at ordre F. 

61. 5d] Who IE; Whots H: Bo 68. A«] But F. /oJ'ta] men H. 

w S. «>«y a-MAjric] a^iohapud M. 69. ia] on I. met] goMe H. 



Leste prude be peyntid ^eie ' and pompe of ))B vorlde. 
For god knoweji Jiy conecience ■ and fy kynde wille, 
Thi cost and here couetyse ' and who Jie catel ouhte. 
chk thntgr*, For ^j Uue lordes loue ' leue]) auche wiytinges ; 73 
inn. God in ^ gospel ■ each grauynge nojt a-lowej, 

lummbw um N&Kiot einitlTa quidfaciat dextera. 

Let nat ^y lyft half ' ome lord t«che^, 
Ywite what fow delest ■ with fy rjht ayda 76 

tBniMwd Jut mede myldeliche • fe meyie [hue] bysouht* — 

thw who bta Bothe shereaas and eeriauns * and aache as kepeji lawen 
i^Xtn ud T^o pnuyshen on pillarieB ' and on pynyng-etolea, 
bOn on Ui* ^ bakers and brewers • bouchera and Cokea — 80 

(Diat nn ^For Jwse men do^ most haima ' to fie mene paple, 
A ss Bichen ))orw regiatrye ' and rentes hem byggen 

ntma With ^at Jie poure puple ' aboldo pnttea in hure 

womben ; 
Wirt ih(y tnu For toke Jmy on triweliche ■ they tymbrid nat so heye, 
not In H rich. Xo^ff* bouhten hem burgages ' be je ful certayn : 86 

70. Lette] An sunter L peyntid^ mede ■ tc do ^at resouD asku^. 
prended {tie) G ; i-peinted M, be— 78. Mriauiu] sergeants 1 i^pep 
prre] peyote bfm ^«rwlQi F. laiee*] kepe)> )« lawea I ; lawesk^>Go 

71, 73. tS omU latt half flf >■ 7'. U. 

aitdJSrHrui^qfl.7S. A«-B]hureM. 79. <.b(1)] vpon I oi»(2)]lnMS: 

78. Ibr (if] For-M I ; For-whl M ; vpcm I. 

For Htt F ; For fn> 8. Imie] IM D»t. 60. Ai] F on. 

bNdt>] leue F. nifTftn^n] writj-ng N.B. The whole of lines 77 — 118 i* 

U ; writtNt F. a single iong senlenoe, inciodiDg two 

74. funio-foirejj] defeodith F; ./. parenthsBea, vis. 11. 78 — 80, and 11. 
1. 68. tMUtra] deilera I. /aeiaf] 81—114; ths sentence begins again 
fadtF. dextera^iMiOtil; de^teia with 1. llfi, a repetition of I. 77. By- 
tua U ; dextrs mantis F. totihU in L 77 governs te taie in L 

75. haff] to E; bands IHFS. 116 ; whilst 7i> pHRyiJiMt in I. 79 de- 
tte^^l tei[eth F. penda on kcpe^ in 1. 78. 

78. Taiie] Wite M ; Wete F. Bt. pete MFIS] ^ees P. ipm*J F 

77 — 86. Thit it tluipatiof/e printed em, nuns] commune FH. 

iK Farailel ExtrocU from 29 HSS: 83. byggen^ l>egge^ L 

(E. B. T. a 1866) ; fehi^ik tea. 63. IftfA] Wliit P. iR>mfr«H] 

77. Jiif] But Jit F. myWsiip*!)— wombe MIFS ; women (1) B. 

nsyrvl )ie majr ' tByldeliche I. 64. en] al F ; so !i ; H mn. (yn- 

Myti&liiiA«] ^tmiUde H, [hue] nil- iruf] stiedeo M. 

inritteii hare P (&«< lee 1. 116) ; sche B.l. A7it><T— Aim] Notwr bigge F ; 

U ; beo F ; he I; )0 E ; and note And boajten hem no H ; Ne boghten 

(Jkit otkef M3S. have she, sobo, beo, none I; "Soper bojien ES. /hJ eti^ 

ko. 8 Am— )Qt men sobolde leue 'aya] wel sure M. 



Thei baue no fpitel of Im puple ■ bat parcel-mele mote t Boeh n« u* 

*■ ■" ' '^ "^ r r wWhonl pity. 

J)auh ^ take hem vntydy fyng ■ fei hold hit no 

And bauh bei fulle nat ful ' bat fot lawe fia eeledl 88 t Tiur «■>«• 

__.„ . Bill pujmral fcr 

He gnpe^ ^-iot as gret« - as for fe gtete treuthe; •hanmann. 

Meny sondj^y aorwes ' in cyte[os] fitllen ofte, 

Bo)ie fionr fnyt and dod ' and al foi false puple, 

That by^len good men ■ and greue^ hem wiongliche, t Thtw lun 

The whiche ctyen on hure knees ' ^t crist hem aueuge, ood-i nocHun, 

Here on Jys erthe ' ojier elles on helle, 91 

That BO by-gylej hem of here good ; ■ and god on heir 

Feneres of er fouler yneles " ojwr fur on here houses, t "•'i'* '^"'t' 
Horeyne oper o)ere meschannce ' and menye tyme hit nomin. 

faUe)), 97 

That innocence yfl yherde ' In heneue a-monge eeyntee, 
That lottten for hem to oure lorde ' and to oure lady 

To grannten gylonis on erthe ■ grace to amende, 100 t soomdmi ih« 
And hane here penaonce on pure erthe ' and noft ^ urn wocid. 
pyne of belle. 

86. [pU« MIFEO] pyto S; puCeye E. 

P. o/i OD M8. papUJ pore pepls B!. Tlial]iKyS. pomfJsogoodeB. 

H. aiDte HggeH'] biggeth F ; higgva Mnm^fioAe] wrongfulliM; wiUwrong 

M. T. 

87. pflKA] And tKigh I. Ann] Fom. 93, teA/cA«] wlcheP.; whiohe)>fltL 
|>#i— (««>■] no tresoun t«y ne ha1de 94. F om«». on (a)j in IS. 

it I; no tmoun )«! bit holden H; no 95. atul — lender ^^ EOd bei» 

tr«sim fief bolden hit 8 ; no trwpace »o1ds senden I. and} MF im. 
pal holde)) F. 96. liiieret] Feuer I. yueUi} to 

68. Joire] >e laws H. [I'l $tled E ; hyuelei P ; eueles M ; euelya S ; 

MIFE] is selfd S; ninrri^n j eueliu F; euel L /vr'] tyi IF; fear 

■eelde P. M ; fuyre B. 

89. HegriftY] H' tr^peo H. H» 97. mackatinee\ metehanoeH IH ; 
— ^erfor] )>«rfore gripetb he F. ]>er- myBchnunseit S. tynu'] tymet I. 
/ar^greta] a«gret« ^erfore 8. w (2)] 98. uyntti] [w seinte* L 

E M>, frete (S)] gniith I. 100. Ib^ I (rw. 

90. eyteei^ olIeM IFE ; c)-t«us S ; 101. And] To P ; And to M. pure'] 
titci HG; ofM P. afle'] ful ofte I. M 0m. )><] to I; in (« P; ivt MF8 

91. Jloi] Inirgh flood IF. dftd <2}] EG imlt ia 
I n*. /v] t>urgh I ) ^rw U ; fiorj 



And Jrenne falle]) fer fni ' on fiUsa meiuie honses. 

And good meii[ne] for Iiere gultes * glowe^ on fayr 

aftoi. 103 

* '°f°* y*! '— '' Al f ja hane we seyen ■ that Bom tyme Jorw a biewere 

Many boigagys [ben] ybient ' and bodyes ^er-ynne; 
tortrsmiiiudi* And forw a candel, clomyng * in a coned place, 

Fel ardoun, and for-brende ' for]) al f« reve. 

Foi-^ maynB ^t maken &ee men * me ^ynke^ ))at ^i 
onbten 108 

For to spnre and aspye * for eny epeche of seiner 

Wbat manure meater * ojier meicbaundise be vsede^ 
t Bifcn ■ nu ii £i he were Tnder-fonge free ' and felawe in jonre roUee. 
mtr.tiiiobuMHr Hit ys R<^t semly fono]) ' in cyte no in borwton, 112 
■uDiBtd IBM.) )}at Tsuren o]ier r^^toim ■ for eny kynne jyftee, 

Be fninnchised for a free man ' and haue [a] fala name) — 
M 3« Ac mede ^ mayde * fw meyie hue by-eouhte 

til* mw lo taki Of alle suche aellers ' suluer to take, 116 

Ofer prasentes witA-onte pans ■ and ofer pryneyo jyftes. 

And bane reuthe of ]» regratonrs ' ))at han rydie 
hondes ; 
tpLUT.ia In quorum matUbua itu'qtataiet aunt: dextera 

ewum rejAeta est munaibut. 

103. An^lSom. yer] )>eB. /wr] 109. ipwrv] ipere IF ; qteri^a M. 
1^ F ; feor H ; fuyr EL «uHfw] *» mn^l and to L 

aUe B; msn FB; menDea I; msnea 110. nt«r] of Fa vt»d«\ raeth F. 

M. 111. Ja-] Or EFS. joKre] oure HS. 

lOS. vmoimJ men PE; meniieB I; 118. eyW^ oil«ea F. barteteu] 

menesU; mennv* BF ; but tM latC borwtonn M. burgfa-toaii I; bon- 

liiu. m} a F. town S ; burwtM F. 

104. AQ And F. Kaiui mi] ws 118. ttxrif rj] vnirie I. a)vr]&FH. 
ban H. eny kj/mie'} eDy ikjiw (_tic) I {far 

105. [fteit] ntf/effe^iiiliaD b« H; enT* kjnnei). U^^] mawritUik 
bethF; PEISm^ MfUaP; (ofwelTllT; 126, \ti. 

106. e^miyiv] clsmyiig EQ ; oleu- 111. tawt] ben S. [a HIFSQ] PE 
yoge I ; gletnyng F ; ejeuyng or olan- #». 

yngSM. 115. wmyw] meyare P; iirf «m L 

107. a-dnm] ilonn I fer-hrendt\ IT. 

forbnntlF) forbnoto B; fnr-bntite 117. HiulpeDsI; penesH. and\ 
M. or& 

lOe. Ar-ty] For-whl H. mafTtt\ 
E m. wm] F («•. tT"M'] mU- 
wrteem f7nk«n P. }«< (8)] M dm. 



" Lone hem foi my loue " ' quath this lady raede, uhi (d mfhT 

" And BoSre hem aom t^e ' to aulle a-jens fie lawe." 
Salamon the sage ' a sarmon ho mode 121 Vai Soionoa 

In amendement of meyres - and o^ere etywardea, loinit mi 

And witnewyth what worth of hem ' fiat wollen take mdh. 

Igntt deuorabit tahemaada eorum qui libenter i<*,jj.u. 
accipiimt mvnera. 
A-mong ^ese lettrede lordea ' ])i8 latyn ys to mene, 124 ThULMin 
|lat fur ahal falle and for-bienna ' al to blewe aakes iiun couimw 
The honses and ^ homes ' of hero Jiat taken ;yftee. atbrUwr. 
The kynge fmn consail cam * and callyd after mede, a ss 
And aente for to aae hure * ac ioh aay nat hym ^at HcxtatyuZ 

laddehure. 123 

Corteisliche be kyng tho ' as hus kynde wolde, udKorusuir 

Lockede here a litel wy ht ' for ^t hue louede gyle, 
And wilnede to he wedded ' witA-onte hya leue, 
lyi tienth badde tolde hnre ■ a tokne fism hym- 

And seyde, "womman, vnwittylich • wroujt hast fow t"ih.™oftm 

oite; 133 bopaUHuwiuidM 

Ich haue foi-gyne pe nieny guttee * and my grace 

So^ to fe and to fyne * in hope )»w sholdest amende j 

119. Uu] )«t H. I ; Ful curUisli M. tho] I an. 

120. lai. S tmiu. A«] hae F. ISO. Laeheit'\ Lokede oo H. IIM 
Ifl. what] Wftt P. KIFM] lytul 8 ; lytil Q-, Ifto P. 

121. ^Mt IFHS] |>et P. Ml U om. 

lis. pot] I OM. /Kr] Feer I ; fim 131. to] forte H. Ayi] ys P. 
T ; teor H j fnyw 3. for-hranM] Uf 132. Tj/iy And til I. fram.] of E. 

bmine S ; eks breoDe F. hUwe] bio 133. wonman] tFOmmen {by mit- 

IFH ; broun a. atket] ucha I. take) P. Koaman vnaUtylieh] vn- 

126. VftcM] aeds H. trevelicba woman I; vnvithli woin- 

W,fram.]^iaiS. fraM — bow] man M ; wonun wikkidly F. 
earn bo ^ oonwll H. mm and] I 134. gultet] a gaW. SM ; a gilt IF. 

vm. leh—guUet] And man; a gilt I haue 

128, for] I om. «] but M. att— )>« forgyuo L jravntrd] ygraunted 

kym] I mjgfat not b« I. ladde \ure] " 
hwn ladde U. ae — knro] for here 

IS*. OrMtUoka] For coriajnllohe 



,And ay fe lenger ich lete ^e go ' ^e loasc treulhc ys 

wttA ]i8 ; 136 

Hfw hut «M)o For woTSse wrouhtest bow neueire ■ ban bo bow fala toke. 

OcDt mina tbu -' III 

now I but daw Jut ich foi-^^e ))e \\& gult ' godee for-Dode eny more 

))ow [tene me astl] treuthe ; ' and )kiw mowe be y-take, 
tiMUiaQbg In j,e castei of corf • ictslial do be close 140 

InqiriBHd In ' ' 

GorftCHUhoriB Thar Bs an ancre ■ ofer in a wel wore wono, 

i*>o<. And marre fe witA myschof ■ by seint marye my lady, 

))at alle vommen wantowen ' ehulle]) be war by 
|ie one, 143 

And biterliche banne )ie ' and oUe [>at bere]) ))y name. 

And teche fe louye treuthe " and take consail of reson. 
itaanikDifiit Ich haue a knyjt, hatte conaeience ■ cam late froo by- 
uiaicaiwiittiM jonde, 

Tf he vilne]) ^ to wyue ■ wolt fow hym haue 1 " 
Bai " Je, lord," quath J« lady • "lord it mo for-bede 148 

"1 will do four Bote ich be holly at ^yn besto; ' let honge me ellysl" 
A 94 Tbeune was conscience cold ' to come and apeere 

Cwndnica aiM, By-foT ^ kyng and hys consail * as clerkiis and o]«ra. 
uktd^'uoc'i Conscience knelynge ' to }« kyng loutede, 1S3 

■"'' To wito what hua wil were • and what he do aholde. 

" wDt uwB ns « Wolt thow wedde }p& maide • yf ich wol assente, 

138. iHt] )if U. \ch—\it\ forgif em. cam laW] |iat late ci 
IfvyiF. tiii]\>jS. fodM/or-bade'] US, te}^MiiE. loni (2)] god H. 
god forbede L my] a <tle) F. U9. helly} ta IMFS ; o better 

139. )kw] t>at)>ouF. [tene — muf tfeUitu/ than holicbe P; holioh B. 
IFH8G] mimritten Une & E ; tuen« let kenge] hangeti F. 

on P. 160. Then«e\ |)o H. oald\ I-oa1ted 

140—142. I lutt— I ; 1-catd M. ta^ I en. and] & to 8, 

Iq ^ oaatol ot Corff - 1 whal do 161. Ayn; — ^V'} I'iagnt F. iy(] 

close )ie M SD anker, 7a P. at] of F j M on. 

Or jn a wal worse won ■ by seint 162. Comeience knelynge] Knelinge 

m&i7 my lady. ooDscienceL knelgytge ~ loutede] vani 

141. m] to iM as F. oyer—teer\ to >e kyog ■ fc knelyng lowtede F. M 

or slltif Id F ; or in wsl M. nme] hcu — Eoelyng to )ie kypg * coDcieooe 

wones H. a-loiutade ; 10 alte Q. 

161. maide] meede I ; wiJt, qvntl 
he F. iek] heo F. woT] m IS ; bet- 

tkiiiU}f\ lohuUe US 1 tar than wotle FE 1 wile M ; wola F. 
n. «ar] !-«» M. 



For hae 7s fajne of ))y felaushep - and for to be ^y (hii<rimuuiP- 
makel" 155 "'^'^'^'•'^ 

Quath conBcience to fo kynge ' 
Er ich wedde aiiche a wif ■ wo me by-tyde ! 
For hae ya freel of hure faith ■ and fitel of hure -«■•!. ftiJi«na 

Bokle, and buIim 
apeCDe, - nun tin. 

And makefi men mye-do ' meny score tymes. 

In tiist of hure tiesoni * hne tenef> fal menye ; 160 

Wynes and wodewea * wantownesee hae teche)>, "»• tmcbm 

And leie^ hem to lecherie ' ^t lonyeji here ^yftes. wiutaam*. 

Jonre fader hue felde * fals and hue to^ederes ; sim aoHd ran 

Hue haji a-poisoned popes ' hue apeire^ holy churche; turmthoij' 

Ya nanht a beteie baude - by hym fsA me made I 166 

By-twyna heoene and helle * alio erthe ]ianb me souhte. 

For hue ya tykel of hure tail • talewys of tonge, "» '• ft*"!, and ■ 

Aa comune as fe cart-wey ' to knaues and to alle, 168 manmn - ■ 

To monkea and to alle men ; ' the meaelea in heggys a sa 

Lyggejt by huie whenne hem lust ■ lered and lewod. 

gysoore and aomners ' auche men hure preyaef), abum* md 

Shetenes of shires ' were abent yf hue ne were. 1 72 ■«> •hniib 

For hue do^ men leae here loude * and here lyf bojie ; an* nakei nn 

Hue lete^ passe prisonere * and paie^ for hem ofte, bss 

And geue^ ^e gailer gold ' and grotes to-gederes, ni»»' prixnxn 

15S. Ar] M nH. ty (1)] F an. 1R6. alU] and t. im] to alie FQ ; 

Mfl FSH on. mm ISME. 

1G6. if] Hon. for-bade] for.bude 167. i%r] B om. tgh-^ fikul S. 

P; hrft»L lie. talacyi SI] tale-vfs Y ; tale-wite £; 

167. Br\ Ar IP ; Or BM. Ulewije M ; lalwya P. o/] of hira K. 

158. ipeeke] tonge H. 168. Ai] And H. 

160. fi-Mf] tniat F. Ave] nit- 169. ondT] 8 om. nrui— nint] to 

OTTiMm he P ; JM fi«0t liM. f«w> JUMOwnT. tA<]tt»M. the—\eggyt\ 

161. Wfuti] And wynet F. kve\ 

169. Urty\ lemef- H. to] H om. 

16S. /«U«] afelde I. 172. Sherevti] mimntten Shereue 

16i. a-poUaned] te IFES ; ietttr P. «« rwy] nere IFEQ. 

Ma» B-poiaened P. Aa)i «-poimiied] ITS. iau] to lese F. 

npofieneli M. ilw] & FU. ^eireY\ 174, Into^] letu H. ani\ I »«. 

payred F. 17fi. ^o] to F. faiier\ gaiolera I i 

165. Fi] )w 071 M, gaylerKi F. 


52 oosaciESOE ExuwEaiTES ueed's misdeeds. [pass. IV. 

ivbrEba. To vnCeteiy ))e false ' and fie where bem lykefi ; 176 

Untui tnunuB And take]) trewe by fe top ■ and tief hem faate, 
lu iBMieui. And honge)> [him] for haterede ' Jiat liarmede neuere. 
To be coised in constorye ' hue coimteji nauht a nische ; 
Hue cope^ ^e comissarie ' and coteJ> bus derkus, 180 
aiHiiuHiM Hue ia aaaoiiid ^os sone * as hure [self] lyke^. 
Hue may ney aa nioche do ' in a luounthe one 
As jouie secret seel ' in sexscore dayes. 
■hiitinunuu Hue ys priuy wit/t Jie pope ■ prouisoura it knowe^, 184 
ud Mil bain. For symonye and hure-self ' seele^ huie bulles. 

Hue blesse)) Jiese hyshopys ' ]iaub )iei be iiegh lewede, 
Biw iM i n ni M Hne piouendre]) persons * and preetes hue menteyne^ 
auicsbiii^*. To holde lommaues and lotebyes - al here lif-dajes, 188 
A a» And bryngej) forf bames ■ a-;ens for-boden lawes ; 

Sunt infelicee ' quia matree aurti Tnerelrieet, 
Ther hue ys wel wyth eny ky&ge ■ wo ys Jms reome, 
For hue ys fauerable to fab * that defoule]) treuthe. 192 
BhtegRo^ By iesos, wttA hure levels ' fie lustices hue shendc)) ; 
jinb. Hue lytb a-;^ ^e lawe ' and lette)) hym pt gate, 

)}at fuitb may nat haue bus for)i ' hure floreines goth so 
thycke; 195 

176. Tt^etery'i'o^; better then vn. one] ooee IM. 
feterjeP; IFM8 Aae» Tnfatere. and] 183, teenfi «acre« M; tecre S. 

toF. »A«re]nereP. An»]hiinIKM. Mr] Beueoe HF. 

177—181. F imUi. 18*. i(] hnre M. 

ITT. taief] -> UE ; tak]) I; taku(> 186. $eele)i] selleUi I ; tt-Bclen M. 

B ; aitniHttm take P. trvw;] )>e 186. bleue],'] benefiseth F. fiete lU 

trews E ; tnafie L tie)>—/aite'i FS] tbeee P. )>ei] ^t t>ei M. negkj 

teohe)> him fal8t« I. uy I; Dyj S ; ri]C F ; nojt E ; M am. 

ITS. And] Boha H. [AtM IMO] 188. lemBianei'] to U ; lemmaoN. 

PES Oflt. kameiW] hw-mede hure FS ; lemipaiii EI ; mitwritten lem- 

U ; hut PISE emit hure. meoes P. dayetl tyme F. 

179. feiutoiye 8G] (« conatorj- I; 189. hynge)/'] bringen M; biroge 
ooiutorlje M ; con«tory E -, badlg S. a-^eiu] viUK F. Umei\ Ivne L 
*Htt»« oonstarya P. hi(e\ I cm. 191. myJfieF. [>«] fi»tJ. m™e] 
i;Mmf0>] aoompte)) I ; a^counte^ M. raumn 6 ; rewma F ; Beaume I. 

180. Hue] For he I. eamittaru:'] 192. thaf] >e whicli I ; and H. 

«• IMES 1 cOTDewBTie P. 193. ^e] jaure F ; 6 om. /u^iivj] 

181. irv«] And M. auoUidl Iiutica I. 

asoilid P ; auoylled in dade E. |:u(] 194. lyth'\ lilt ofta P. 

as M. m] ase P. [lelf BMQ] gilt 196. may] ne may PE ; ivflFSMO 

E ; lelue 1 ; lef P ; Mte B-teit. aaiit ne ; tee B-text. Aui] hirrt E 

liii. My] tnyd hjm E ; V om. for)il coura F. (Aycjio] wide E. 



And lede^ pe lawe as bnre liist - And louedayes make]), m* dineu ih> 

)>oroh which loueday ys loat - ^t leaute my^to wyune, ^^ ^^du 

The mass foi [a] mene man ' ^uh he mote eueie. 198 11^9 

The la we ys bo lonllich ' and loth to maken ende, Uw win bw 

With-oute presentea ojjw pans ■ hue pleseth ful fewe, wubou bciiiei. 

Trewe hnrgeia and honde ■ to naiiht hue hringef ofle, sba bring. 

And al ]>e comune in care ' and [in] couetyse ; BMcht. 

Kehgion hue al to-retie{i ' and out of ruele to lyhhe. 

Ther nys cite vnder sonne ' ne so riche reome 204 

Ther hne ys loued and lete hy ' paX last shal eny while, t sha <uh* wm 

WitA-oute wene o)»ct- wo ■ ojwr wicked lawes. 

And cnstomes [of] conetyse ' [f>e] comune to distraye. 

Tnsyttynge snfEraunce ■ hure euater, and hure-selue 

HauB maked al-moat ' bote marie ^e helpe, 209 ti>oiadi«« 

J)at no lond loiie]i the ' and jut leest fiyn owene. iii tUMDini. 

For mede hath knyt clerkes ' and couetyse to-geders, 

J)at al fe wit of fia worlds ■ ys woxen in-to gjle. 21 3 

Thns ^is lady ledeji [^y] londe ' now lord jeue hure SachbiiniTii 

For pore men der nat pleyne ■ ne here pleinte shewe, Tii»i™ra*»o« 

]». Aitd] Sche U ; Hue 3. Udep^ lady (I) B. 
1«U I. ^«] 7 »m. oj] at L 206. of"- (0] or i>f>er U. laitet] 

197. lekUk] fiich P. leiiedag'] lawe I. 

lonedaieiB. 207. mutomti] oiulemM P. [ef 

198. [a IMFEB] >e P. IMFSE] sad P. [)» 1MF8E] fiat P. 

199. Vie"] I im. loth'] a loth I. 208. tuffmviue] siutienance I. 
maimt] make enjr I; make an SH. 209. oaieiaJmiufjaliiiMtl-madeL 

300. WUh] Wit P. paiu} pens I ; 210. no Uyn^ no londs ne londe na 
|ienes M. /ul] wel F. («>, by nittaie') .1 ; no lond ne F. 

201. Treme'] Bo)>fl B. butyeit] to tlm'] V em. 

H; bnrgeyaF; bui^esl; burgefsiu 211. Jbiyt] knyt bo F. and] wi^ 

S ; borgeuea E ; looJu Kia burger* fn M. iwetpM] couelyoe P ; «m I. 202. 

P; bvt (M B-t«xt. h>n4«] bolde F. 1 hat— Tot olerket and oouetiae ' 

ta — hringeY] ihe bringe|) to nmtht I. meede ha)i knet to-gidn«. 

202. af] cast F; Son. [inlHFSE] 212. wit] w MF ; wiH B ; w^t S ; 
F en. witte I ; wblt P. |iii] >e IFM. y« 

203. ait£] M em. {Perhay* and rtoiren] woi is F. 

tlould be omitted, bvt tke ether HISS. 213. ^m— Itfifs))] lerelh (lii lad; I. 
retain it.) ta Ifbbe] dryuelh P. [_^y EG] \,\ IFM8 ; Jiys P. nem] 

204. ngi] ne is L ne] ne non lU ; oure M. lord] crirt E. 

ne noon B ; apparently irritten no 214. iffi-] dar IF ; dnr S ; dor E; 
P; iafFE Advene. deire U. pUfne'] pleds B. A«re] 

iOG. l«w^ allowed I ; alowed FB 1 no 1. 

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maiia tiidr Suclie a maistei ys mede ' a-mong mou of goode." 

knows." Thanne momede mede - menfng hun to fe kynge, 216 

unr, mi ukta To haue space to apeke ' spede jt hue my ghte. 

** *° * The kyiig graonted hate grace ' with a good wyll ; 

Tha kins Mda bar " Ezcuse [fie] yf ^w canst ' ich can no more seggen ; 

For conscience acuse^ the ' to congie )re for eoere." 220 
A. ST " Xay, lord," qua]) Jwt lady ' " leyue^ hym fe werse, 

cooHtaK^" w^a ^Vhen je wyt«n witerliche ' in wham fe wrong lygge]). 
' Ther [^t] myschief ya giet ' mede may helpen. 

And ^t knowe^ conscience * ich cam nojt to chidon, 
Ke to depraue [^i] persone ' witA a prout herte. 22S 
"torw.u knoTwi ■^gi ^„ ^ogt wytejly ■ bote yf fow wolle gabbe, 
Uimiiutbaiif Thow hast hanged on myn hals ' elleuen tymea, 
•tein umH, ud And al-80 grypen of my gold * and gaf it where ^ 
^^'"^ lykede. 228 

■\Vby Jow wratthest [J«] now ■ wonder me Jiynkeji, 
jut ich may, as ich myghte ' menske ^ wttA jyftes, 
And menteyny )>y manhod ' more ^an ^w knowest. 
■ni hut itbatt Ac fow hast famede me foule ■ by-fore )ie kynge here ; 
M*» For culde ich neuere no kyng ' ne consailed so to done ; 

u^ "* Ac ich saued my-self ■ and seity ^oosand lynes, 234 
Bo^ her and elles wher - in alle kynne londes. 

SIS. wienfMff^ mmryug F ; and 127. toll] half IH. <Um>M] en- 

mened I. leuen I ; enleue 8, 

aiT. ftf] for to F. SS8. «^] I ml aitd} >d P. fV] 

218. wUh'] wit P. taf B i gyoe IMS ; loue F. <(] H 

210. [>« IFMQ] PES OM. Mk »iUr«] were P. Igitide'} like> 

290. U tongit] to ctmge PS ; and IM. 

euaget H. S29. [^ IHFSE] P m. 

231. A'ay] Leue F. ItyveP'] leue^ 230. nt] k jit F. iek Mdy] mal 

FUE ; leeuG^ I ; leuu^ S. I H. nxnwfa] a-uauDoe M. 

222. iVAen] Wen P. K-lutm} warn 231. Ae} k F. kyitga hert"] kjDgwt 
P. ere P. 

223. [^ IH3EQ] u F ; )ie P. 2:13. Fhr r»I<Ie] Forgnlte B. 
Ther — gretl For ^er ai ^t meaobel eiilde\ killeite M. no] H cm. 

is P. Mpeny muohe beipe F. 234. tauei] haue saued I ; baue i> 

224. JtiKnrcf>] knowest ^ou IF. tol taued M. and] lUFS on. l^et] 
for to F. tymwi 8. 

226. [M FME] t; as ; )>e PI. 235. Bo^e] S m. irA«r] wer P. 

pront] pmule E ; proud MIFS. ailc j^niw] alte kfnne* M ; many 

226. Well ^"^ "»' P"- ""ytn-'y] t)nK«» F. 
wejre L «c«lb] woldest H. 



Ac ^ow ^y-self sothliche ' ho [so] it eeggs dorate, 236 t boi tiwn hut 
Hast arved meny hardy men * that hadden nil to mujiiud/ 
fyghte, ««bun,».». 

To bmuLen and to braten - to bete s-doun Btrengthw. 

In ^ contraia fa pe Vjag cam - conscience bym lett«, t it «■ co>- 

}tat he ne felde nat hue foes ' fo fortune it wolde, 240 pnrnud ttw 

And as has weidea were ordeinod * by wil of ouie lorde. amMtBg hi> hw. 

Caytiflyche fow, conscience * consailedist y« ^3^g leten 

In hna enemys honde * hys heritage of firannce. 

Vnconnyng ys ^t conscience ' a kyngdome to etdle, t it ii <rnni u> 

jMt ya conqueryd Jiorw comune helpe; • a kyngdome ttaehj. 

ofer dncha 245 

Msy nat be sold eo^ly ' so meny here part asken 
Of folk fat &aht ^r-fore * and folwed f^ kyngea wil. 
p» lest lad fat longe^ to hym ' be fo lond wonnen, tBTfi^uaiDiiM 
Loke^ after lordshep - ofer o))ere large mede, 249 •hmatUH 

Whep-by he may as a man ' for euere-more lyae after. 
And ^t ya fe kynde of a kyng - ^at conqneie^ of hys 

To helpe heyaliche al bus host ' o^eie ellea to grannte tiiiiiiginiihtia 
Al Jiat bos men mowen wynne ' to do Jrer-myd here taosmim. 

beste. 253 

■ 286. [*> HF8KQ] IP «». *y»] jg P. 

S37. anted] w I; srvwjA S; i- St4. fiot] It F. ^ eenMeienoel \\ 

ttewed M ; arvid R i I-had F. oongail H. mUa] Tulle E. 
■wny] T OM. kardy] m hanll H. 845. pai] For )mt I. yi eonq«eryS\ 

S3B. and — hmtMi'] aod to breaten conquered is F, ficrw] bi HF. a 

H; ft to breka F; in Brilaigne I.' Imngdom^] Yon. dtieiU] duohle I; 

te (3)] kod IMF. a dacha BH8 ; a duohnye F. 

. 239— 2il. Homift. 846. Jfay] It may IF. Aere] lom. 

. 239. |>«]IFi>m. roii(r0lf]ooiitreF. 247. folk^ fewe folk F. /nwU] 

MMutFimtea] ^ra oontcieDce F. Itttt] fotowede S. )«] FS om. 
letlCEt F. 248. pe] But >e F. longeY] lieth 

240. fh^] F Mk feWi] M IE ; F. to] yfi^ L 

falde S ; teld PF. ^] Jngh I; )« E. 249. 0f>rr] or FSH. oftfre] I <nw. 

241. nefdet] wirdw F; wordee I. 860, Wker] Wet P. for] IS »m. 
erdeinei] I-fiouit F. ty] at t>e L «oi-«] FHim. o/ter] )>«r-after P. 
onri] hours P. awB lordt^ goA 251. ii^<2)] on MIF8. 4y»] ys P. 
•Imyi^ F. 262. kej/elUilu] bOTgeliohe F t 

242. )M ly v] li"° ?• '"'«"] to l"Ve1l U. to] for to F. 

letenl; toletuoS; toleteF. 268. to] I om. io] B ow. wyi] 

248. Ixufa] bend E; hradea L wi)> HIF8. 



For-(ty ich counsayle do ijag ' enj cownsayle asko 
At CDDScience, yf he coueyteji * to conquery a reome. 
Foi eholde nenere ooDScience ' be my coDHUbls, 256 
Were ich a kyng yooroned ■ by marye," qaaj) tnede, 
" Ne be mareaobal of my men ' }er ich moate fyghte. 
Ac hadde ich, maris, be has marescbal ' ouer has men 

in iiatince, 
Ich dorst baue leid my lyue - and no laam wedde, 260 
He had be loid of ^t londe ' in lengtbe and in brede. 
And al-so kyng of ^at cnth ' hoa kyn to haue holpen, 
The legto biol of hua blod ' a baiones pete. 
Vnkyndely ^w, conscience - consailedest hym {rannen, 
To lete 80 hoa lordahup ' for a lytel moneye. 265 

Hyt by-come^ for a kyng ' ]iat sLal kepe a reame, 
To jeue men made ■ Jiat meklyche hym eeruef, 
To alienes, to alle men ' to honoury hem wttA jyfted ; 
Mede make]) hym [be] by-loued ' and for a man yholde, 
£ai]>e7'0urs and erlaa ' and alle manure loidea 
)}oruh jiftes hauen jemen - to rennen and to rydsu 
)>e pope and alle prelates ' preaentea Tnder-fongen, 273 
And }eucn mede to men ' to menteynye here lawea. 

!M. li/r-fij/} For-irlii H ; For 8. 
<ui<] to Bske H. 

265. jif !ur\ t«t I. MH«ytoti] 
ooueite HFESO. ctmqiigrg'] conqaera 
IHBS; w^DneoP. renviK] reume IS; 

256, 2ST. I Juit one fJM— For 
Boliutde neatr oonicieDce be my couh- 
ttable ' vera I ■ tiing, quod mede. 

SBT. yan-entd} I-oorowned F ; 1- 
orowaed U ; jcrouned ES ; ycoron- 
ODSde P. mars/»] si ftii tiroja F. 

268. (/] ouer IFE9. 

259. icAl r MH. 

2S0. leid] to MPS ; telde IE ; led 
P. wy] f^r-to my FM. Igue] bed 

2iil. He] je U. iad be] Behold jt 
liKue ben I. 

SS2. enlh] kith PS; oojn H. Ami] 
|Oure H. te—halpen] tot to b«lpe I. 

203. brgl F] broils I ; bR>|>U S ; 
Mitnrttten bral P; bnl S ; H dm. 
Juit] loure H. per«] tat B. 

261. Vnkfitdely] TncunnrnKlialM 
I. Iwni] I an, f/eiUM] )>aima IF. 

2SB. witmeiie] mede F. 

266. /*r] U> F. 

267. meklyeke] mecUyobe P. 

168. te aUe] Rud to alU IH. 
himoury] honours IMS ; hoDOar FB. 
})(/I«] jeftei F ; int tee II. 162, 230. 

Se9. Mede mate\i] pHime makilh 
niedeF. [te IFE8] PH im. yhoUr} 
K ES ; Ibolde PU ; be bolde I ) mic 
■KTitUit yolde P. 

271. ynejt] lo BFS ; ^omen I ; 
jtmmen H ; lemmeu P. renntn] 


73. to menteyxge] to meynlqiM 
F ; to mayutene I ; to tneynt^ne B ; 
to mentayne B ; )«t meyst^me^ H. 



SerUunteB for here Hrnice ' mede ^y tuken, a sb 

And taken mode of here maiBtres - as fai mow a-corde. 
B^gen ftnd bedmen - cranen mede for here prayera, 
KfDstials foe here mfiistralcye ' a. mede ^i asken. 277 a 
Mkisties fat techen cleikea ' crauen hnie for meda 
Prestes ^t prechen ' and ^e pnple techon 
Asken mede and maase-pana - and here mete bo^ 2 
Alle kyne crafty men ' cianen mede for here aprentya, Tnda ud 
Ibichanndiae and mede * mote nedes go to-gederes. uyKfan i ii« 
Is iio lede ^t leue^ * ^t be ne loae^ mede, nnid.- 

And ^ad for to grype hare ' gret lord o]ier ponre." 281 
Ho qnalh )ie kyng to conscience ' "by Cryat, at my "TbMVHdii 
knowyage, i^ ib* usc. 

Ifeda ys worthy, me ^ynke^ * ^ mabtrye to haua" 
" Nay," qna^ conscience [to fe kyng] ' " clerkea wyten "'^•j." old 

)M BO^ fOMrktbm, 

fM mede ys enermore ' a meyntenour of gyle, 288 minuiDir of 

Aj fre santer ahewe^ ■ by snche as jenen mede, "g^ Pi. m. h 

iMt vnlawfulliche [lynen] ■ haoen large honden, (Viiimij. 

To ym» mede to meo ' mon o)nr lasse. 291 

Ac ^ ys mede [and] mercede ■ and bo))e men deraen t Bu, ^MUt 

S7i. atrUmOtt] Bamuta I j Ser- P ; gnt lord and ot<er X. 
vwmtM M. 2SS. n»} Now F ; I <mi. Ojtl} 

ItTS. Sefftrt] Bo^ b«ggR« I, miti^rittgn Ctjett P. mt — htowj/nfel 

taimen] bedemai I7HB ; badrad B. u me )«nke> I ; H me temelli F. 

STT. MynttraU] And mraitnlliri F. 286. au] as me F. 

S78. JCiijfnM] Man F. ttektu'] S8T. JToy] Certe* F. [ta—ifnf 

kMiu I. (,wkteh inprevM tk4 allOer. FIHS] PE mt. Ryfan] wit«)> I ; 

nMmi). i«P# — M*^] buyre for b«ora know F. 

made K ; ban mede BF ; ^rfore 289. iim#t] with L at] ^t Sa. 
mede I. 390. ><if] ft B. [lyMit ISO] lluen 

ST9. ^— <MAra1 teotaetb )ie Uwe P. H; lenetb F; PB am. (of. Lat. 

280. jMiujpemF j penwU. kert'] quotation, L 118 above), tar^a] larfce 
hit K. or B (nirmtft]/). JiMrfea] b<mdut F ; 

281. orq^] etaftoi S. «jir«iity(] baades IMS. 

pmUf B j prentc* H ; prtatitea I ; 291. Th] Forte M. M<t^— <N«m] 

byre F. me* mede IS ; men of mede F. ta 

282. ntJf-l] nede BF&. ja] I «*>. m«ji] U on. wunt — loMt] ^e more or 

283. A] >«r is F ; ^ ii;b H. Jl«] ^re Ibim F. 

« EIFHS 1 hue P (fry mittaie). 293. y> moia] meede U I. axd*] a 

281. Aura] hire BI ; bere F J heora made H. [awi IF] anda U ; aPES. 
K. frvt — -^Mre] bo>e grete & male «««] of hem me F. 

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A deaert for som dojnge ■ deme o^i ellea. 393 

Mode muny tymes * men ;eaen by-for ^ doynge ; 
And ^t ya nofer reaon ne lyht ' ne no reame lawe 
pai eny man mede toke * bote he it myghte deserue, 
I And for to Tndertake ' to tranely for uio^i, 297 

. And wot neuere witterly ' wher he lyne so ionge, 
Se haue hap to has hele * mede to deseraen, 
Icb halde hym ouer-hanly ' o^er ellas nouht treire, 
\}a.t pre maiiibui ya payed ■ a)er elles paye aske^. 301 
Hoilotes and bores ' and al-so fala leches, 
Thei asken hare hayie ' er }iey hit haoe deserned. 
And gylonre gynen by-fore ' and goods men at fe 

When }« dede ys ydo * and fra day yeudyd. 305 

i> And }iat ys no mede ' bote a mercede, 
A maner dewe dette ' for ))e doynge ; 
And bote if yt be payed prostliehe ■ the payer ia to 
blame, 308 

As by ^e bok, ]iat bit ■ no body to with-holde 
Jje hure of bus hewe ■ ouer eue til a morwe : 

2M. nmjr — iniMi] Hue mmiij men 
F. (.«] hera F. 

295. sfi] Dys U. no] la no IFS. 
reante^ reomes VL 

SM. made tolu] whal mede tiOu F. 
t»yghte\ m«j F. 

397. And—tol Or trewTy F. 
traMeiy] traiutile IK. i trauarle E8 ; 
traukfl F. 

298. leitierlf'] to EI ; wittarlj F ; 
withturll H ; vf tarly 8 ; whlterlf P. 
tcherl m MI ; wer FS ; whe^ FB. 

299. Jft] Or F. 

800. ner] $o IHBS ; hi F ; badl^ 
$pelt own P. nimlU trtme] Tntreire 
P j out of traw|« E. 

801. pafef] ypaied E ; I-payd F. 
elUi] bis IHFS. 

802. Earleiei] As harlotvt F. 
SOS. iemmei] detennde (fiadly) P. 

irn^ U F. 
atte neend* 

805. yenJfd] ta PE ; l-txAjA 3 ; 
l-ende H ; eodede F ; endeth I. 

306,307. OMlln^iitVl; )«tlino 
mede but m«roede- It. dette for dojngo 
F; And);atiBiioiiieiIebutamA-cede' 
a mancj- due dette I. And Mf] Ac 
what H. tto] H am. j1] & a E. 
tHaner] maosr ot M. ian] to H ; 
dive P 1 due 6 ; (lywe (tie) E. |i«] 

SOB. t^] )ir E ; IMFS m. U— 
prettliehe] he prestlicha psyd FB ; 
pmtly be pnyd I. 

809. At—^af] ¥oT ai fie bolj book 
F. tol Bchuld F; 1MB «■>. <»<(i- 
Imlde') withholds P. 

310. lUrs] huyre M ; htn F. 
*we] M I ; bywe P ; byne EFM8, 
Miar— a] til it be o)>er F. 



Noa moivbitur opus mereeaarij [tttt\ apitd U t Lmt. dK u: 

And ])er ia reson u a rane ■ rawuding tieutbe, 

AnA bojw |ie lord and fie laborer * ben leelUche yaemed. 

The inede bat meny praBtfea] takeb - for masses bat bei a 4« b «• 

„,. PrlHUUutUk* 

syngen, dl9 uhhmj^uuiiu* 

Amen, amen, Mathon aeyth • mercedem guam reeipinnt. bm"*" 
In marchaundise js no mede ■ ich may it wel aTowe ; 'a^jL '^^ 
Hit ia a permutacion a-pertelich ■ o penc-wortb for ^^^^^1^ 

ano^GT. 316 *•«»■ 

And J»uli Jre kyng of hys cortesye ■ kaiser, ofw pope, t if tm lunj dn 
^oe lond ofer lordshiip * [or] ojier large jillea, daHfiioBtiit 

To here leelle [and] lyge ■ loue ys pa cause, '"'■ 

And yf )« leelle and ^ lyge ' be luther men alter, 320 
Bo^e kyng and kayser ' and ^e coroned pope 
May desauowe fat fey dude ■ and douwe fer-with fu<ih»tau 

ofer, Hxigiviitu 

And a-non by-nymen hym hit ' and nenere [more] after 
Nofer fei ne here Ayree * hardy to deyme, 324 

That kyi^ ofer cayser hym gaf ■ catd ofer rente. 
For god gaf to salamon ' grace vp-on eilhe, soianiai iiihM 

Bychesse and reson ' whyle he ryht lyuede, 327 Zia, 

merftMrij EHB] tpeU meraenoaiij SSO. >« (1)] t« H. fw (!)] WB 

PF. [tMi Fij] PBHI em. m. tgft'] liege I ; liohe E. 

811. a«] H em. fTNWrifiit^] to re- 82S. detatunve^ diialowa FA. 

warde F. trmtJW] tmx (1) E. dovict] dotre E ; dewg F ; do IH9. 

8ia. A»k\ pat IMFS. Jw-tvitA] |>er-wblt F. ojwr] an o|wc 

SL8. prt^l HE] preatia I { pnitai IFS ; a no^ H. 

B ; men F ; prat F. nxuHw— 823. anon — hit"] by nyme it hem 

jyafox] hsra massw syngTOg ¥. anon L Itym hW] hem hit B ; hit 

814. JKitJUv] Uttheot H. raj«] bem U ; it hem F. [w>r# IFUO] 

F m. rMipimt] noepeniat UFS. PBS em. ^ter] )]«r-aftar F. 

810. ft] ^ is F ; Dfi B. SS4. ^ m] euy of I. \ardy'\ ba 

81G. a^tfrfe/ifA] F om. p] toPEI; hardy hit F. 

a If F ; on Si pette-XBTth] peny F. 326. 7»<i(] Of ^t ^ F. Ayw] 

817. iyi] F out. hem IS ; F pjo. eatel eYer\ of oatel 

818. [pr IMFSQ] PE am. yftet] b. of F. 

nftea Pi tte\. 280. 3S6. Co] lU dm. fraw] gret graoe 

81». WUa] I ON. [owf M] and F. #rlbt] ^e ertha P ; itU BIUFS 

to I ; PBFS em. {put tee «mtC Hue), emit )«. 

l)§e 8] lige H; l^;e PIE {but tee 327. %0Amh] Bo)>e riaohcHe F. 

araf Jiw) i Ijge-mn F. y*] I mi. iriyb] >er-whil I. ryU] wel F., 


And aa Bone as god eeih ' Le siiwed noulit hua wille. 
He reuede hym of hya richeaae • and of hua ryht mjnde, 

(to' And Bo&ede hym lyue in myebyleue * ich loyue he be 
in helle ; 
So ^at god geuef) no Jiyiig ' pat eynne ne ya ^e gloBe. 

'Mb And so ryght sotUiclie ' may byng and pope 332 

Bofe gyue and grauntye ■ fer hua grace likef, 
And eft haue hit a-jeya ■ of hem fat don ille. 
Thus ys mede [and} mercede ' as two nuuiere relaciona, 
Rect and indyrect ■ rennyi^ hothe 336 

On a sod and a aykei ' semblable to hym-selue — 
[As] adiectif and subatantyf ' vnite aakcn, 
Acordaunce in kynde ' in cas and in numbre, 339 

And ayfer ys oJiereB help — ■ of hem comef retribucion, 
)}at ys fe )ifte fat god ;yuef * to alle leelle lyuynge, 
Grace of good ende ■ and gret ioyo after ; 

lietribuere dignare, tlomine dew, omnibus [nobin], 
et cetera." 
Quaf )» kynge to conscience " " knowen ich wolde 
What is Telacion rect ' and iudyrect after, 344 

And faune adiectyf and Buhatantif ' for englisch was it 

S28. («»] nr BF ; si U ; Mi] S. 

829. niudt] reft L J^t] 5 om, 

830. li/ve 8BI] t)u« H; leiie P. 
I«]nr«] bowe H. 

881. ]>at] IMPS ow. t^ni] al 
(fin) L ^at — ^] witA-outen any 

632. «rajf] >o may I ; ma; t>s F. 

3S3. ffrountj/e'l grnunte HIEB ; 
Kniunt eke F. 

334. e/f] to IMS ; efM E ; efl-ione 
F ; witKritten eeft P. h^m — dott\ 
men f«t do riit F. 

335. [<HiJIFa]aPEHS. manere-] 
man«r of H ; F on. 

836. J?«rf] Wheche b**!- recte F. 
Rect — ind^reet] Rjght b. vnrjght S 
(and in 1. 841). 

88T. and] ft on F. iimblahW] 
•emeliehe F ; Kmblanoe L hym- 

teltui] bem-Mlaen I ; bem-eelf F ; 
hem -Bel ue S. 

838. lAt MS] ka PEIF (Aj «aJc» 
the better (Mu«). etten'] t>ei asken F. 

339. AcordaKnee] And accurdanca 
IFS ; And «-cordeQ M. 

B40. retribnrii'n'] rewardjng F. 

34[. pat yi] And \Mt I. lifta] M 
B ; gifle IMF ; lefte P ; gefte S. 
leelU Igtij/Hgii'] inxle 1jub> F. 

342. Graee of] pe grace of god 
wili F. o/ier] >»r.aftur F. \nobU 
US] FEIF em. F emlti all the Latin. 

844. What] Wat P. relaeion reef} 
rente relacioua F. a/ttr'] ^oraftur 

34S. And] I mn. f^ne} ye M ; 
F em. tubitanti/] \>e niBtantijf U ; 
BuUantif (Jlere and in L 3SSJ F. 



"EeUcion rect," qaath eonscienu ■ "jb a recorde of t"iw™i* 

B4luk>o," kU 
treuthe, OoueUaM. 

Quia tttitelate ret at reeordatitatm, 
Folwyng and fjndjng out • ^ fonndement of strenthe. 
And Btjaeljche stonde fortli ' to atrengthe of ^ 

foimd«iiieiit, 348 

In kjmdeandia case ■ and in coon of noumbre; t"iiuii«iw 

As [a] leel laborer ' f>at by-leoy^ wttA htu maistre i—, m nontar. 

In bns pay e and in hyB pyte ' and in lias pure treuthe. 
To paye hym yf be performs)* ' and haue pyte yf he t •• «>» ■ 

fiiyUeJp, 352 " 

And take bym for toa trauaile ' al ^t treuthe wolde. 
So of bol herte come^ hope ' and hardy lelacion 
6eke)i and snwe^ ' bus [aubetantif] sauacion, 
That ye [god], ^ gronnde of al ' a graciaose antece- 

Anil man ys relatif rect ' yf he be lyht trewe ; 357 t amUo Mm 
He a-corde^ wttA crist in kynde * verbum can factum ctntnbifnidw, 

In case, credere in eedena ■ In holy [kirke] to by- ^'H^'mmib 

leyne; SUSSt'*^ 

In nnmbre, rotie and arysa ■ and remyesion to bane, ami»*i»ofii«. 

M6. a] FaM. arteortU] acorde «k. hardy relaeuiii] holy niUiotaT, 

(via) L reeeriatiuim'] te IPBQ ; 363. &l«t>] pat aekith F. [raft- 

apparfnilf nooi^attvaa F. ttantlf IS'] Mfbttantif E (m {» L 316) i 

S47. /t»dyng'] a fjndrng PB ; i«< aoBtentif F ; BUEtsn^jf H. kui^m- 

HCFSa e»it a. ^] of >e I. frit»d«- nocww] here Boum-artt by kynde 

mmt] ftudamMt F. «f] of ■ IH. F. 

VffmiUtlelattthre»mrdt^\.U7, 35«. {j/nd IMFSG] PB ma. Set 

»ndaU\.Wi. next line. 

S4S. ftoaA] to BtoDde H. ^] 357. Aitd} k M. treica I5B] 

laU ffiK. tiiwe P ; in ttew)>e F. 

S60. [aIHFSBQ]P(ni. M} UF 3£S. ottWa^] aoorde (fio) I. 

8 om.. bf-lmgt] leeneth F. )>at— iyiub] 7s kjiide P ; ha BIHFSO 

tri/A] bUeeue^ |iat I. »mit y. v^bnn] la *8rbuw F. eit} 

Sei. aiuf] E M>. in (2)] MF m. F mi. 

Ay( pytt] pitaunoa F. ia (3)] H 8G9. ereiere — BeeUtwi] witA oon 

om. leytltut F. [tirltf I] churcbe PBF 

862. per/afMe^'] parfonne L iana] MS. to] F wi. 

F Mk /lyO*^] fallet> H ; fails F. BflO. nrtu] rotiM M ; to roU F. 

3M. &] F A*i. A«r] holy I ; U and (2)] »»* 8) F am. 



Of oun eoiy ejnaeB • uoiled and dtiDBed, 361 

And Ijne, as onre crede oua kenne^ ■ wttA ciist wttA- 
onl«D ends, 
t TUi !• uta Thns is leladon rect ' tylit as adiectif and aabstantif 
asittuun. A-coidn^ in alle kjndea ' with hia antecedent 361 

t iBdiM Indirect ^yng ya ■ as ho bo coneited 

umtiHicw- Alle kynne kynde • to knowe and to folwe, 
■JuAv. WtlA-oat« [case] to cacche [to] ' and come to bo^ 

In which hef good and nat good * and gtaiinto here 
no^ts wiL 368 

tniii»i>init jMt is [ao]t] leisonable ne rect ' to reins; my syres soi- 
nfustsuamr name, 

■ nruiM. gj(^ y^ jjj^ gjjpg ,yj^ seraaunt ■ auwe for hia lyghte. 

For who 80 wol hane to wyne ■ my worldliche daoghter, 

Ich wol feffe hym witA hare foyre ' and witA hure 

fonle taylende. 373 

t iwurHt So indirect ^yng ys ' Inliche to coneyto 

^TM In lU To a-corde in alle kyndes ' and in alle kynne ntunbre, 

861. Of} k of F, *ort\ seueno M. I ; ne^flr &. ottd—wiT] gram to for- 

tftwai] lennea P. awilei] to be aa- sake F. 

■oiled I. elaiued M] oUiuede P ; 8«<). paf) Hit 7 ; Aixl (>at I W] 

olan^d ES ; I-olansed F ; j-denaed L Ttjt M. {turjjt E] nout H ; nat PSQ ; 

362. fyua] biloue M. erede^ ap- not I ; xto^er P. iw] M on. i-ert] 
parently cndo in P ; hit crade i* right 18. r^fy] refuse EMIF3. 
ElUFS. out] VB EFIS ; ua H. ien~ tym] sire HIB. tomame] eanwme 
iu[>3 telle)) F. B; lirenarae H; name L to-^tar- 

363. rAfij] Thia I. as] I em. ¥ rnunt] Bumame to refuse F, 
JUi-Aod fius Buwef. relacioua rect- 370. y] I am I ; F ins. *i» (1)] 
le («m) rewie of BusteutjUM. Ib P. and] and bia MI. 

SG4. A-eordtti] AooiiyngF. irith 371. wka BHl] wo P; ho FS. 

hU] whit U P. have] baue me ( 1) H ; S rai. world- 

36S. emeited] ooucite)i H ; oooeyte liche lEB] WDrdliohe F ; mitwrUten 

8, F ha* — Indirect U oontrariMj ' wurlicha P; worechepetul M, 

inliche to ooueyte ; ^. I. 873. S72. ml] wolde I ; F m. kurt] 

see. jtyiMM IES]k;iieP; kyn HF. al hir I. /aynf] fair face F. tafleitdo} 

i]/ndo] kyadea F. tailende lUEQ ; tall-eende F (mviiff- 

8H7. With-oute] And wiK'nte L If). 

{cate MF] oaiue PEIBa. [to MFQ] B78. indirect >yHj] retaoEoUK in- 

two PES ; I Ml. direct F. ^%g] IB on. 

868. which] wlch P; ^ whlche B. 874. hgnd»t\ kjads IHFS. oh^ 



WttA-oatc cost and cara ' in alle kynne troooile, gatAtn mi 

[WitA-onto roBoun U> rewards ' n&njt recching of ft 

peple]. 376 

Ac lelacion rect ' ia a lyhtful cuatome, t Mm* tuntim 

Ab, » kyng to cleyme ' Jw comnne at his wille nuti tKi-en 

To folw« bym, to fyiid« hym ■ and feccbe at bem hus goDmi^ 

cimaail, 379 

That liere lone fuB to [bim] * Jnrw al ^ londe a-coide. 
80 comnne cleyme]) of a Icyng ' tlixe k7nne Pjvgea, t Hm kina i> »• 
lAwe, loue, and leante ' and hym lord antecedent, nwi ud un(, 

Bo>e here befd and here kyng ■ haldyng -with no portie, SSHknlmtmrV 
Bote stande as a atake ' ^t styke)) in a muyre 384 
Bj-twyne two londee ' for a trewe inarke. 

Ac ^ moete partie of ]ie puple ' pure indirect eeme^, t Tit uut o( 
For ^ wilnen and wolde ' as beet were foi hem-selue, for lodini* 
Thanh >e kyng and [re comnne ■ al ^ coet hadde. 388 ''*""™ 
Al feeon reproae^ ' such imparfit pople. 
And halt bom vnetede&st ' for ham lacke^ case. 
[Ax] lelatife indirect ' locche]) ^i nenere t indinet 

Of ^ COOTS of fe case ' so ^y cacche solner, 392 netUDiitniitiM 

Be )e pecnnie y-payed ' ^anh parties chide. an'tiirtatsift 

He Jat mede may laccbe ■ make^ litel tale, ""'■ 

Kyme he a nuinbre ' of nobles o^ of shuUenges ; 

STS. aitd] m U. fa] sad IH. SSS. Bftttyu] Eusd bitwlz F. 

alb] eehe F. fyiuu UFBK} kjndo londeij lorda L 

P i kyn I. 306. f W] )>!* H ; I ml. pure} 

S7S. In ¥ imlf. nowe pure I. 

'8TT. a — eHttvme'] mte lenjnge I'. 307. i«tI««M — weltU] wesobe ft 

'878. «»]isP. wyllenF. 

ST9. to] sad H ; and to 1 /aoeht] 389. Ao tmoojc redily reprooeth ' 

aeche L and — eMuatf] at him ooan- suoh reochelea peple T ; Buuh iiipar< 

•eil to Mte 7. fft poapis ■ repreus^ Me reaoiM L 

880. H"l I* B- hM— 'tin] to hla 891. [^ EIFS] Ac P ; As ^ H. 
lawe I. [Aim HFS] hem PK. r#Ait^j] relatijf HE ; reUtjuui FI8. 

881. RnuM] eomanea M. ef\ at 893. )i« (1)] S (>». |m <2)] ben 
a. tfiuu] kToe H ; kfanvi 8. F8 ; I om. 

382. Itm] k leua (/or & loue) I. 893. pectme] $e IF8 ; pecimlM 
"^' " " W] 

383. A«n (1)] I (Wk V^if] bed H ; peocnnie F ; pMoanye E. 

EH ; hened I ; heed F. \aldfng~ ^ani ^ S ; ^ir ^ H. 

jNUfJe] with DO peatf to holds F. 894. make}''] telle^ H. 

SM. itaude'] itandyng 18 ; stande S9G. a|wr] or IHFS. iAhUmj 

atif F. a (3)] ^ IF. Bchulljmgea EB ; iofaUtnigcs lUF. 



How )iat clyent«8 a-corde ' mede a-counte^ lyteL 396 
t Bnt A4«dn Ac adjectif and Bubatantif * rs as icb er tolde. 


•rw)*"w> pat ya, vnyte, acordauncB ■ in case, gendre, and 
waW; uumbre; 

>u manDioaiii ■*•"! 7" [*"] mene in onie moutA ■ more ne mynne, 
Jllirtlr'or^uiii*. ^** ^''* *^^ mansre men ■ wommen, and childien, 
^"taw, Sholde confonnye to on kynde • on holy [kirte] to 
^'<^ ty-leyue, 401 

MmiirioBif Hu. And coaeite fe case • when fei coutbe TndeTstonde, 

To [sike] fore hure aynnea ' and >uffre harde penannce. 
For ])at ilke lordea lone ' ^t for onre loue deyde, 
iSJ^T*' f*" And coueited owre kynde • and be eald in oure name, 
Loni-. Hsmu />eu« komo, 405 

And nymen hym into ouis nombn ' now and enaie 
1 1 ]«. It. II. <3n( t'n earitate manet in deo maitef, tt dmi tn eo. 

f tku !• nun- Thus w man and mankynde ' in manere of a aubatantif, 
att, minirinf Ab kic ^ lux homo • [askyng] an adiectif 408 

" "" Of jire trewe termyaona ■ trinitat tutw* detu ; 

Nominatina, pater ^ Jtliua ^ apiritxu tanctu*. 
t Ma mmi nut, Ac ho BO nt of regum ' rede me may of mode, 
Hal (uad Hou hue absolon * to hongynge btouhte ; 

596. )M(] )>• H. wiede luiotimuy] 40E. and] m^ (no) E. 
acoanlat mede I. *0T, 406, 40g. P j(d«— And >una 

597. yij F rat. tr tolde] hare ye tnaa-kfo I-tnade ' a nutea^ of 
telle I trewK AcordiTig niU bis adleoUf ■ 

89S. pat] And )>at V. ; Ther I. of trinitat mhj detu. 

mftt] dene F. getidre} t g«nclr« I. 407. m^h] ha man I. a] IS rat. 

899. ri] M rat. [tv EIFHSQ] no 406. Ai] Ao L [atkyitf IHSO] 

P. mene in] nempne on I. and a hyng F (yehitk giMi m» mtu) ; 

400. ekildren] ohildra I ; ohildur F. E kat—& adinitif b a kjng. 

401. eenfomye] coaforme FES; 409. irre] )i> E. trtme BIK] 
Dottlonie ham lU. on (I)] o IFS. trew 8 ; tiyire F. ter*iy*ni«] w E8 ; 
[kirlu I] ohurahs PEFB ; chircha termisouwa I j tenninoan H. 

H. 410. -4«] And H. Jto] who IHE. 

402. eoueite] to eooeEte F, irJUit] Ae — ao] pat renk ^t F. rat'] m I ; 
wen P. ret 8; t*I«F; TaatU; fiatfnnvnflf^ 

408. [(tJb) EIG] (dken H; srka E. qT) in M. m] m> IE8; b* 

PS ; aakj P. ««ufV«] do M. 4arAt] MFO. 

■charp F; wiittvritten aido P. /nt- 411. Aim] he I; aohe H; )o B ; 

annee] penanoei L ^t hrae T. ienffnge] hon^rng II ; 

404. IZk] I rai. hongemeDt F. imJUt] a-brouita P. 



And sittte, for eanl ' ssiuede a kyng fur mede 412 AiHTom in t» 

A-geyn godca comaimdement ' god toka suche vsn- tm.»}i 

|)at sBul for ^t sTTina - and bus sons dejrd^ t ud lu* anfi 

And gaf fie kyngdome to hus knaae ' ^t kept sheep tint to i utm 

and lambren : 
[Ae] men [rat] in r^unt ' after [Ruth], of kyi^es, 116 a4i (b«s) 
Hon god eente to saul ' b; samuel }>e prophete, ^ UKingi, 

}>at i^ag of amalek • and al hiia lyge pnple g^i^l^'igM 

8holde deye delfuUioha ■ for dedeB of here eldieu. ^jJ^i^V" 

' Saol,' qoath samud ' ' god hym-eelf hote|i 120 (> s™. it. ; 

To be bcxome at my bidding ' hue bone to fulfyllo. B«nd Lu to 
Haste }» wttA al ^yn ost ' to ^ lond of amalek, ^°^ 

And al ^t lyue^ in fiat londe ' ouie lord wol ^at ^ov 

slee hit, 423 

rifon, voman, and wif ' child, widows, and bestos] ; 
Mebles and vninebles * man and oUe Jiynges, '"t n f mnTit. 

Bren hit, ber noaht away - be hit neueie so riche, uubimm 

for eny mede of moneye ■ al Jiat Jow myght spiUe j '^**'' 
Spar hit nat ' and fovf shalt spede ^e betere.' 128 

And for he coueited hyra catel ' and Jie kyng 


lis. litthe"] ntha I ; ■ctit'en H ; Ij- I. sUrra] eldrea lU ; sldrru F. 
ra)> E ; luji^e S. for] & em. taut] 421. 7b] F »». hime] loue IF. 

Ar tMl F. iynj] knjit E. 422. «f] F on. to—qfi in-to F. 

418. toie tuehe] took tatb a I ; 423. in] oa 1. *U» *tf] hem ileo 

gaf «n him F. M. 

414. A^de] dejede EI; dide F; 424. JVmi I; alMinHFSQ; PB 

dtdedan M. omit. I t<M — sad woidk* ; but UP 

416. iiulaF. |)dt]aDdI. I«pf] omit sod. eitUds iriifaicw] iredewa 

k«pe L l»Btbre%1 lambra I ) lunbiu child FS ; wjdewe child U. 
r. 426. Meblei] Sffam moebles I in- 

416. lAi lUFQ] Aod PE. [rof] tfrti—^t dadlet> ia amalek ; nkiai 

mUierittat f«t PES {bit lee 1. 410) ; U net isantti. 
rade^MO; rettal; redsF. [AuM I] 426. JrvM] Bern I. ber^lim. 
teu)ie Ma ; )« KDgthe F ; Tewe|i P ; 427. my; U] majr F. tpifb] I 

rede^ E {it auaiu the Book of emili, but itu Spille it tit beginttbif 

Buth). e/ next line. 

418. ^] & F. of] M en. lygt] 428. tut] iiaU]t I ; noujt H. t>1 

lisge I. aousrajnl}' t« F. 

" " 429. iyre] F Mt. >«] h«e F. 


Tt><u did M<MI 


Foi-bar hym and bua bute beates ' u ^ bjble wit- 

Ofterwise Jian god wolde ' by wamyog of Jw ptophote, 
God eeide to somael ■ ^t eaul sholdd deyo, 433 

And al bus foe ^t syone ' and efaendfullicbe ende. 
Tbos was kyng saul oaerconie ' for coaetyse of mede, 
That god batid bym for enere * and alle bos ayrea after. 
The euiorum of ^is caa ' kepe ich oat to shewe, 436 
All aunter hit nnyede me * noa ends wol ich make. 
For so ya ^ worlde went ' with [hem] ^t ban Jw 
w»o».i. power. 

That he [lat seith most sotheat ' sooneat ys y-blomed. 
), ooiiKiiDn. Ich coQscience knows bU ' for kynde witt me taubte, 
BauoaihiU }}at resoii abal regae ' and reames goueme, 441 

And ryht as agag hadde ' happen sbulle^ sotnme. 
Biini ih^n t» Samuel shal sle bym * and saul sbal be blamed, 
Mfid diodnudj And dauid abal be diademyd ' and daunton alle oure 
And on cristene kyng * kepen ows ecbone. 446 

tihal no mede [be maisterj ' neuere more aftei, 
rt!iitn*T^ Ac loue and loubnesae • and lfy& t<>gederes 

130. iybJt^ bille S. TrUociuf,] m IMFO] hrm' S; t-ulks E ; Pmn. Im 

EI ; whltnesseti P ; te11e> MF. —pmvar] power haue F. ^] 8 am. 

iBl. ^— ^i and warned him b; 488. mort tetieif] meo to|>eit IS; 

I ; warning F. mea bera Mfie F. leith — lolluit'] ot- 

4Sa. tfoi] So god L leida] unts te«t lei^ sop M. loimett ft] U tan- 

H. nest U ; aone U F. 

433. and] IMFSO <m. lieHdfvl- 440. f-ii] it wel F. 

licJU] acheDf ullioha H ; Bchamfullioh 441. nUIJjitwliBlP. andreatuM} 

P. ende^ aueende F. rawmtu to F. 

434. %ii^] F eat. fof\ |iaq 3. 442. A<ij>jwii] bap - »o F. ikuOep 
for ooMtyMt] ^urw schentful lohame temmt\ to HFES ; echal come I. 

F. 443. Sanuer\ For tamuel F. 

i^6. hatid hym:]loM. Aw] here I. 444. thai ht] F am. diadenyd] 

436. Tlie] Ao |>b F. mliirvm'] I-diademed FU. ani] ande P ; to 
colour M ; consequent F. to'] 6 am. V. daunteii] a-dsunte H. alle] F 

43T. hil'i ]if hit H ; leste hit B. on. 
nuyedr] uoiede H ; aooied F ; mifibta 445. en} o I ; a F. «rt] ooa 8 ; 
noyeo I. me] I om. non] an IMS, '" 

m>r| wolde E. 

488. t»j Ja now P. wnri] i-wend 
H ; Kbeat F. irtfA] nit P. [k^n 



Shullen be maistm on molde ' trewe men to lielpe ; HmruiiT, tal 
And ho 80 takefi ajen tientbe - o^r transuene^ ajans iiuu pimkk 

rsBon, 441 

liBante slial do bym lawe ' and no lif elles. 
Shal no aeiuimte for ^at B«nifse ' were a aellc hone, 
Ifa pelonr in hna paueylon ' for pledyng at pe barra. 
Unchel jwl is ^nr mode - meny tyme snflred, 
And lette^ pe lawe * ^onr here large jyilee. 494 ii 


Ac kynde lone ahal come jnt ' and conscience to-gederes, Bit Ogawia 
And m^e of lawe a laborer * aucbe loue ahal aryae, ntun, ud m>k* 
And snch peee among ^ pnpla * and a parfyt tienthe, 
))at leirea shal wene in here witt ' and wexe so glade, xbn Ata 
That here kyog be ycome * fro ^e conrt of heaene, 46 9 uomm v ii«>tih 
Uoyaes ojtei measLaa * ^ men be so treve. ""^ 

For alle ^t bere^ baselardes ' biyght Bweide, o^ bas 

lannce, UHtmoriiiiai 

Ax«, ojwr acchett - ofer eny kynne wepne, 463 ™.!^?Sni 

Sbal be domed to ]ie de^ - bote yf he do hit smythie 
In-to eykel ofer into aithe - to shar o>et to cnlter ; 

Cfmjtabunt gladioa mot in aomem, f lanceat iHtmu.*. 
mat t'tt/afeat^ 
Ech man to pleye wttft's plouh * a pycoyae ofer a spade, 
Spynneo, and apek of god ■ and spille no tjme : 466 
Fnrtea and pp«ons ■ plaeebo and dirige, wm«i •h.ii 

148. SkuOen] )« icholle L 457. and] wiU F. 

449. «|wr] or IFML trMwerif^} 458. thai] aohulle^ B. m] fal F. 

mE8; buMnetblUF. ajnu] Fm(. 460. JfiyMf] >e wbioh tDoyMa(«u) 

4G1. ^] nieh ? ; hit M 1 I om. I. M«Muu] mewie 1U7. )iat} B 

«] B Mt. trlh] seUen 18. ««. wien — treirt] be 

462. 7/e] m FUSS ; Na no I ; Ka 461. t«re))] berth 1; uenn a ; 

<0r No !} P. in] on 8. ftw juiwy- bere F. ftowlnrdei] baHlard L 

J^] partje F; his paailoua IM. 463. i^«r] k}-aDM M. 

•l«J«w] plelyng F. «* t*] »»e I i *63. yf^ T m». 

Ate S. 464. into] to B ; HF imt. (0 (1)] 

4B3. JfsoM] For mnebe F. fuel] or H. o^ar to] o>or MF ; or in-to E. 

I ML ewny] ofte B. (jfnw] tyme* I, nifl»] I »«. 

4M. A»d tatte^] Heo lettalh UUi- 46G. ^lyeoyw] plkou H; pikoorea 

nitj F, B ; plow (Ay «U«tiiia) F. 

46S. j0]BatF; AaL I<>«0]1oiq« 466. ciui (1)] or IFS. 

(I) I. 467. jifaM&oJ witA plMwbo F. 

4U. Ia>w] F oa. a] and I ; B inm. 



hrnit vnh Here sauter and here seuene psaliuia * for alle s jnjiil 

or loH ttiair preyen. 

Haukyng ofer houtyng ■ yt eny of hem hit vaie, 
Shal lese Jwr-fore hua lyue-lodo ■ and hue lif parauentnie. 

Kinx>u4 Shal noier kyng ne kny;t • constable ne mevre 471 

knlfhu thiU not /■ J o j> j 

opprwibt Ouer-cark )ie comune - ue to ^ court sompne, 

Nb putte men in pauell ' ne do men plighte here 

treuthe ; 
Bote after ye dede ))at jb jdo ' the dome ehal records, 
Mercy oJict- no mercy ■ aa moBt trewe a-corden. 475 
Th> kiiuTi Kyngee court and comune court ' oonstorie and chapitre, 

oonnniHii- oonit Al shal be bote on court ' and on heme be Justice ; 

That worth trewe-tunge a [tydy] man ■ ^t tenede mo 

VarihiUMH. Batalllea abulia neuere eft be - ne man bere eg-tool, 

And yf eny man [smyf ie] hit ■ be smyte per-wit/t to 
de))e ; 480 

MabiL*. Non lewibit gent contra gentem gladiwm, nee 

excereeVuithtr ultra ad prelium. 
Ac er Jiia fortune by-falle ■ fynde me ahal ^ worste, 
ngni ud By syx sonnes and a ship ' and half a shef of arwea. 

la MB.' And ))e myddell of a mono ' shal makye ]>e levea 

468. alU lyiffiit] syntul fo F. »chal be F. a} Ic E; F m». {tgdg 

469. 0]ftr} or IF ; and M. «H<] ISO] tyde F ; W)iynB H ; trene PE. 
ne DIFES. tmeJe EQ] tened IFH ; teuoeda P; 

471. trutyre] ofrur F. teau^ 3. sx] me jK F. 

472. Ouer-cark] Ouer-care L 479. M—laor] no egge-tocd aiaa 
tifrnpna] hem Bomene M. bere F. 

478. paneW] pauyloun F. mm (2)] 4B0. And} F eta. j/] but jU 8 ; 

hem MF. I i>iii. limyjne] Bmithie R(B-l«it>i 

474. ^er] as F. [>at] MF on. unrthi F ; anepi M ; amytha I ; 

47G. trenv] tr<]vr>e 8. tnnrt anypen {badly) VSSQ ; tee l.iGS. be 

aeorden] trufi« aseale^ M. imyte} be imete MF ; |)e cmrHi (*><) 

4TG, 477. H Aa$~KjDgta coart . U. UuaMf] leuabunt ii. nee] non L 

and comune court ■ at Bchal be but on 481. er] or EF. bf-falle'] falle I. 

court, CoOBlorle aod ohapitle ' and ou me] men U. pe ivarite] funt F. 

barn lustice. ehapitre} chapitle M ; 48a. and (I)} in I. iMp MS] 

cbapetle F. terne] buyreu I; bareu schipp< I ; Bchip EF; sbup P. Aaj/'j 

P; bam M. hnlwe L arwet\ barwe* E. 

478. That} And ^at MI. icertk} 483. AiuT] ButM. wtyddeO^len, 

^t, Google 


And sarasyns for )*at syght * ahullen synge credo in B«« 

tpiritum tancium. 481 

For makamed and mede ' shuUen myshappen pat tyme, 

For melius est bonum iiomen quam diuide multe." pw. tul i. 
As wroth aa Jie wynd ■ [wex] mede )>er-after — 
" Lo what aalamon eeith," quatb hue ' " in eapience be HHd rmiw 

byble, 487 Sorismn, 

' Jiat jeuep jyftee, take jeme ' ^e victorie he Wynne)), 
And moche worehep pet-witft' ■ as holy writt tellef : 

Honorem acauirii qui dot munera." rm.roi.t 

" Ich leue fe, lady," quaf conscience ■ " [for ))at latyn 

is trewe :] 
Thow art lyke a lady • bat a leseoH radde, "Tobihiih 

Was, omnia prohaie ■ [pat] plesed liure herto; 492 cooKi«e«. 
That [leef] was no lengere ' and at pe leues ende. h^irauit 

Ac hadde hue loked on pe lift half ' and pe leef turned, tiHiwtDiit 
Hue eholde baue yfonnde folwynge ' fele wordea ^^r, 
QuofI honum ttt ienete ■ a tyxte of treuthea makyng. 
So he pat sechep sapience ' fynde he ahal pat folwcp tht mt of vdht 
TristUich a tenefiil tixt ' to hem pat takep mede, 498 nndeniiitj'on.' 

484. wroiyRi E] lares^ria P ; iori- 
^ns 1 ; ursynea M ; taraceou F. 
tyfif] S em. fer—tynge'] »yng for 
pat »)t F. ertdo, ^f .] H am. 

48A. makamed] makameth 1; nia- 
Itcmete MS; makameet F. mede] 
mede hope F. titilleit] and (do) £ 
.Jbr] ^ia I. 

483. «.] y-wl» as F. |i«] enj S ; 
I em. [weB 0] to in B-teit; badlj/ 
ipeU waie FEIS j wax HF. ^er- 
efUrl aftur F. 

487. taUtmoK ttith"] «eip saUmoo 
H. Am] ache IH ; she S i solieo F ; 

SB. i« tapieace] aapiens in F ; 
■tplenoe In I ; in mpienoe in S. 
468. »)r«p ikT^'O V'^" J'^^^ ^i 
itftei imte^ I. take'\ takep IHFS. 

489. ivorthep] woncbepe M ; nur- 
tohepe F ; wonohipe I ; worechip E8. 
p*r.w«ft] )wr witA al F. acqairif\ 
ailqullit F ; ndqulret 18 ; quiret M. 

400. E omU: leue IUF8] leyua 

P. J>c] wei F. Ifor—ti-efre IMF8G] 
as holy wriit telleth P ; <•/ L 469. 

401. art IMFS] "ert PE. radde} 

492. TToi] That was PE ; int 
IMI'8 innii That. [pirf IMFSO] 
wiobe P; whuch E. 

493. [lerflFm] PME om.; tJui 
right ford i4'\yM i w« B-teiL Ka*[ 
ne naa M. ani^] but M. Ye\ a M. 
and— level] for hue was at S. 

494. Ac] But U. lokei] t-lnked 
U. on] to E. Mt— &a2/] In ^e lutt 
hair I ; on H>t oper lialf M ; a lef- 
bald itie) F. turned] l-lumed MP. 

495. ^ovnde] founds IFSE. 

496. tyxte] text IP. treuthet] 

497. ia— »ecJ«p] wbo-ao tecbe> T. 

498. Trittilirh a] TrustUich a F ; 
A lul. I. teixe/id I3E] t«nful M; 
teonful F ; tuenful P. tixt] text IF. 
ftt] of M ■ for S. 



The whiche h&tte, (as icli haue nd ' and o^ Jiat conue 
B 4V Animam aufert aeeipientium : 

(T«i^). ' Woishup [he] wytiue^ * ^at wol ;eue mede, 

Ac he pa,t receyue)i o^ recette)> hure ' ys recettor of 
gyle." " 601 

Hie explicit peuttu quartua. 

*99. whiekei wiche P. AoHs] |>nt Ml. h» yat] ho •» F. o^gr] or 

lutta I; hl)t T. TJu—hattii] fiei lUF. reeeyve^] Tecejue^ hira I. 

K^nlle bappe M. rofT] i-r«d H; raeett^p] neetUii ii. i reehe^ I. Inm} 

herd F. aitd—coiui«] ol hem ^at hirflB; heors F ; hit U. reeettor] 

oowde F. recettoure EI ; recetar U ; reotttr 8. 

BOO. Wonktip] Huobe wartohep« CoLOPnoir. Sn TQ; MI rmit. 

T. {he IHFSEO] hue P. ka tey^ Bie] FSB om. 
ns^l tatty he wynne F. 


P*BB. T.J 


Ineipit paemts quintia. 

"/~^EBM(t," saide felcyug '"ichaoffre )ow no longer; a«3 B«s 
V^ Je ahuUe^ sauhtne for eofe ■ and serue me bojie. Hid u^t'iti^ 
Koa hnre," quaf fie kjng ■ "conscience, ich hote." cowJook^'" 

"Nay, by crist," quaf conscience ■ "conge me ratherl -Notnnnu 
Bot« leaon rede me ]fer-to ■ rajrar vol ich deye." 6 dhhwio.- 

"And ich comaunde," quafi ^ kynge ' to conscience "ibanniiauii 
^tme, i„rm,- Hid at 

" Rape Jie to ryde ■ and reson Jiat |iow fecche ; "*' 

Comaande hym ^t he come ' my consail to buie, 6 
For he ahal rulye my reame ' and lede me ^e beste, <• b> ■i»ii giTg u 
Of mede and of ofer mo ' and what man ehol hure 

And a-counte witA )ie, conscience ' so me crist helpe, 
How ^ow ledest my puple ' leied and lewede." 

" Ich am fayn of ^t forwarde ■ 

Eio iaotpit 
e it; Putat 
quartUB de riilone vt priiu I. 

1. CeiMp] Heoetb now F; Setths 
((id) L 4aide} wi^ 8. 

5. i*itlb)>] nhulla M ; Bchal IF. 
mhUim] unglilea I ; mujM H ; 
Moitl* B ; lauitoe F. 

8. Xm] Kiiie I ; Kyi HF. 
4. Maf«] coDgeis I; ooDge^ H; 
eiiDga S. rathm-'] are I. 

6. raie] ntdde F. firr-te] ^tille 
L wof] wolda IF ; wild* U. 

6. iek} H em. 

I fey])," f quaf con- 

7. Eapt IHFSE] Bappt P. and 
— t>nr] and reaoQ )>o» M; resoao 
to F. 

8. Qmaundt'} & comaunde F. 
hure'] here MIF. 

9. Tvlya] reule IS; rewle F; 
rewela M ; ruin E. 

10. opM- mo] mo oper I. tftat 
■tan] ho F. icedJe] haue 6. 

11. a-ecvitte] coutiM B. 

12. puple — lenedt] loud ■ k (la 
leeus peple F. 

13. lek—fayii] Fuj-n nm IF. >M 
/«,fr] M «». HP <«<■ 



[p<ias. v.. 

And rod forth to n 

' and nmiied in hna ere. 

And seide hjm 

" Ich shal ft-nye me to rjdi 

H ^T^ aside ' and sitthe tok htu 

qnajp reeon ' " nst fmw 
• whyle:"— 16 

t^ kfa And caUed caton hoB knaoe ' cortejs of speche, 
nviM And al-eo tonune trewe-tonge. - telle-me-no-tales- 
^ Ke-lesynges-bvlaahen-or- * foHch-IoOede-hit-neDeie — 

» "And Mtte my sadel Tppon soffre- * til-ich-«ee-my-tyme, 

Let wuToke hym wel " wi'tA «-Tyse-{^]-by-fore, 21 
For it is ^ wone of wil ' to wynse and to kyke ; 
Let peitiel bym and pole hym ' irith peyntede wittes." 
Thenne conscience on bos capel ' comsed to prykie, 24 
And reson wi'tA hym ry)t ' lonnyng to-geders 
'Which a maister mede was ■ a-mong poure nnd riche. 
Then waryn wysman • and vyiy-man his felawe 
Fayn vero to fitlwen hem ' and fast tydeu after, 28 
To take red at nson - ^t re«orde eholde 
By-fore fe kyng and conscience ' yf ^ei eouthen pleyn« 
On wily-man and wittiman * and waryn wrynge-lawe. 
Ac conacience knew hem wel ' and carped to reeon : 32 
" Here comeji,'' quaf conacience - " )iat couetyse semen ; 

U. A»d] Ha HF. 

13. littha] iTDoea h« I ; lu^ B. 

16. »jW] T cm. te^retBx] quad 
Raoan to rids F. rM(] dow r«Bt F ; 
nate)i E. )m>ib] I« IF ; HSE oh. i] 
I pM. whgle] wrl« P. 

17. And] He M. MHffi] wm 
ourteyB F. 

18. iM UIFS] none P; noa E. 

19. JV"«] Nor F ; No M. letj/nget 
,IME] layngua FS ; laengca P. 

loiiede] tie louede M. 

21. Le(} And let I ; * F. trar- 
roie EUISQ] warrok F ; worrok P. 
AvH Ket\ fiat witi wel F; wil I. 
wUk] F iwi. \)t IFSQ] PEM 

32. if] hll P. igie'\ m EI9; kike 
a3. Let—igm] For-h- let pejlreie 

wil L jMb] pul L irttA] wit P. 
trittei] wcmrduK F. 

2«. ntnne] Now P. eoiueieitf 
— caftT] on his eapui concienoe H.- 
eemied] becomaetb F; tiiginu^ 11. 
prgiU] prike 1. 

!5. ™f] ritte I (f/. B-teit); riit 
U ; hut EFS /tare rilt or ryght. 

26. WTiUk] Wioh P ; Swicii H. 

27. Then] On L jpyjy] wyla P; 
wily IFSE ; will H. /elan>e'\ beotmr 

28. fait ryden'] riden fosle M. 
tyden'] wenten F. 

29. at] of IHSE. 
SO. ))« cavthen] fie comune I. 
Bl. nilg-man IUF8E] willimau 

32. to] tic to F. 



Rfd forth, ayre reeon ■ and recche nat of here lalea. 
For Jmt irntthe and wianglyng ys - ther fiei iroUa 

a-b7d« ; 35 

Ac ^ lone and leaate ys - bit lyke^ nat liere hertes : ud AuHMt 
Contricio ^ itifelieitat in tdU eorum, ^ ttiam Lonitj. 
jNKtf fum eognouenatl ; nan «( f t'nior tfei an^e (vb1(U*). 
oeuloi eorum. 
Thei gene^ nojt of good faith ' god wot fe eofie ; 
Thei wolde don foi a dyner ' o^ for a dosene capones "itv -lu da 
More ^an for oure hirdes loue ' o^ oure lady hn« ■»« 

moder." 39 ^^i2^ b, 

Thanne nsoq rod forth ' and tok reward of no man, "^ 
And dude as conscience kenned ' til he pe kyng mette. 
Ck)rte8lich Jre kyng ^en ' cam and grette reeon, TkakfacmiTH 

And by-twene b7m[Mlf] and his sone ' eette ^o ayre 

reeon, 43 

And speken fo wise worJes ' a long whOe to-gedeiea. a. 49 
Thenne cam pees in-to parlement - and putte Tp a KnurPw»,wiib 

bylle, wroof. 

How ^t wrong wilffuUicb ' hadde bus wif foi-leyen. 
And how he rauyschede roee * po riche wydewe, by 

And matgarete of here maidenhod ' as he mette ]iur« 

lat«. 48 

S4. (jnv] qno> die I ; qaod H ; 43, And] HF mi. ly-fflVM EH 

rijt F. See 1. 40. nat] t«w Doajt ITS] bitneo 1 ; bj-Mtiie P. [m^^ IU] 

U. PEFS em. lit] it P. utte] he tetta 

Sfi. 7» I, je/allmt ^i in T, it lU ; tettith F. pe] U em. |>o — 

/eBoKt wn^, ^ melte] wol ^ L reten] him taniie F. 

36. I* I, 7B /elUwt >er ; «> F, it 44. )»>] IMFS m. irAJIe] wile P. 

feUeiei lone. Q'. 1. 86. 46. Thennel And F«iine I ; H> U. 

SB. T^M] For |ie; L itelde] wole TA^niu— ;mm] Til pees cam F. ftyUr] 

F. /(V (S)] fore P ; IF 0». bulle U. 

89. «>tfr] or for U. »iu] goddn 46. ^lO I "^ i«Ala— m^] bit 

L lady— moder] ladia ow^r F. wlf had F. 

41. AiuTl But IF. latKed] him 47. niHyMA«if«^ntu;sed<iF ; rauj'*. 
kmnede IM ; him kjnde 3 ; bim obcd E ; nucKhede 8 ; l.ntieiiwd 
ksode F : kend* B. H. tyny^Ue] be mfjhi H; dou3tiir 

42. >«a] t>° MF. ;re»r] ouM«de F. 

^tv Google 


•'wt««{>MWi " Bo^ mjr [geea] mud ray giys ' and my graa be Uke^, 
•M* i^ rt*- £ch dar nonht for his feUweahepe ' in faith," pee« Beido, 
1 1 «H* >^ (D " Bere sikerlich eny hIdst ' to seint gyles doune ; 
oub'i4o«>. He waite)i fol wel ' whanne ich [seiner] take, S2 

What wey ich wende * wel jeme he aspie^. 
To lobbe me and to ryfle me ' yf ich lyde solte. 
Jnt he ia bold for to bonre ' and baddelich he pajre^ ; 
Ht hwiwiT He borwede of me bayatde ' and browte hym [horn] 

Ne no fer^yug ^r-fore - for nonht ich conthe plede. 57 
He menteyne^ has men * to morthre myn bewes, 
»««md mj j^jt^ foretalU^ myn faires ' and fyghte^ ia my chep- 

ftrtnqnnm And bieke[)i] Tp my bemca dore * and bere^ away my 

whete, 60 

And take|) me bote a taile ' for ten quarters O^er twelue. 

Jut he manasce^ me and myne ' and lylb by my mayde, 

Icb am noubt hardy for hym ' [mnelie] to loke." 

The kyng knew ^t be seido so)) ' for conscience hym 

t^dde, 61 

Bn How wronge was a wiukede man ' and moche wo 


49. yee4 IMEG] gooa PF ; go» S. M. ^«] For he I. {lum IF8] PB 

fiO. hi*} b P. i*—pfei} hy my tm. Jty« Aow] me bim U. 

railh he F. 67. fer^fng HEIP] ferl^eng P ; 

61. *ihtrliek—*eliieT] ■Ilun- il- fer^ S. nonht} oni^titie)^ 
kurly F. 68. Be} k F. hut} ray (!) 8. 

62. Be} And he I. waite^l a- ■ten] men B. ketra IQ] hywet PB ; 
waitef* UF. v)unite} wanne P. hynut F; bynnvi S; hinene X. 
[wImt HG] liluer IE ; siluur S ; sul- G9. Aiut\ F em. 
' - - ■ - 60. And] He Y. bmia)! IMF] 

brekDJi B; brekyfi G; breke PB, 
heriut iere] herne-dona I ; bem- 
6S. WJiaf] ft what F. weiidtl iloorwi F. wketr'] wete P. 
wjDda S. teel} Fnl I. Ktl urna} 61. talrf] t&k I. e^er ttctlm'] 
ful wel 8. ootit T i otes I ; of otM U. 

64. me <1>] F rat. and} or I. 62, Jxf] And lit IMF. Jto] I ra>. 
fw (S)] HE M. 63. [mu>).« lUFSO] viiet> Bj 

65. Jut} F DM. >« if] il he I. ownejie P. 
taddelicl] apparently baldelleh P ; 64. \at} lUF mn. 
6ae m jtiui bwldaliche IH ; badlicbe 6S. Ham] fat F. 


rias. v.] visDOu an'd wit bipe with veed. 76 

Tho wu wrong a-fered - vf adome he by-soulite ; ti» m w»nf 

On men of lawe wrong lokede ' and largelich hem pro- to triba wmob 

fad., ».^».~. 

And for to Imue of here help ' hAody-dandy pajede. 66 

" Had ich lone of fa lorde ' litel wolde ich recche A «• 

Of pees and of hns power ' th&uh he pleynede euere ! " 

Thomh wrong and hus werkea ' ber was mode yknowa, Tb« n-nof 

for wTadome and wit }k> ' wenten to-gederes, 72 udwittotik* 

And toke mede myd hem ' Mercy to wynne. 

Jut pees pntte forth hns hefd * and hus panne blodr, pkv •turn um 

kiBC Iili taloodj 

" WftA-oute gult, god wot ' gat ich Jiys sca^e ; bad. 

ConecUace knowe^ hit wel ' and alle po tiewe comnne." ^n woh ud 
Ac wylea and wit * weren a-boate faste 77 eonHtiHkiiic. 

To ouereome fo kynge ' ^orw cstel, yf fei myghte. * «■ 

Jw kyng SWOT fo by criat ' and by his corone bothe, wmig ituu 
that wrong fur hus workus ' aholde wo ^lie, 80 na w lua itm*. 

And comaundede a constable ' to caste wrong in 

Tber he ne sfaolde in seuen jere ' see fet ne hoiides. 
" God wot," quab a wis on • " bat were nat be besto : i wta «■ (An 


Yf he may amendas do * let meynpryse hym haue, 84 m fta 

C6. irat rrimff'] wrong tru F. a- iVi] wao )eue me I. ^*] fU ilka F. 

/m«n aferd MFSE; aferde I. tryj- 7li. ininreH knew P. (fWW 

dwne] and wladom IF. bg-nmhrt] rtmmiif'] coinune trewg I ; trewa 

•oshtoL fulkixF. 

67. On—Uiede] it loirted* to men 77. wif] wrong wit F. 

of lawe F. ktm} F <m. 7S. Ih] Forte H. Iiynge] curtey* 

66. B/3 IM oM. Mamdy-iUtiiif^ king F. h"^] ton BEI ; (oirw F ; 

handeli he M. wi|> H ; »UiBrUtai powF; qf. 1. 138. 

69. iek-] I q>KKl be F. |m Urde'] 79. )»•] 1 am. 

lordMlf. iwUr] wnl B. 80. M^"] Me F; ddje (!) S. 

TO. otuTl or F. eT] IHmi. Aiu 61. And eimanKdede] He com. 

jNMivr] powers E; poufHe F. lie] aundetiH. ntoii;] him UF. ymut] 

H UFS. pleffiade] pleyne L irai E ; itokkHf F. 

71. t^] fMi F. 8S. «M ilialde] nc Khal H; ichulda 

71. wU )ia] wrynglawa P. wtititH} not I. im] |)ie M . /ef] hii feet IF ; 

wenlcn (a F. fot H ; fnte E ; foot 8. «« IH8E] 

73. nyiTI wiU SI. mgd tew] ^t no •»■ ne P. » Ajm^m} onus F. 

maide U. 83. mi] oon F ; mi* B. 

7t. iia~-ptrtte] |ki pu' pecs F, 84. maj/ amfndet] ameuilex may I. 

t<f<] beoed I; hed KG; he«l F. do} make F. 

76, gult} gilte I ; gilt Ft', ^st 

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wnTOwHipw And be borw of hya bale ■ and byggen Lym bote, 

And a-mende fat ys mys-do ■ and euere-more )« betere," 

wii •uiidi am. Wit a-corded her-witb ' and mtnesaede }t same ; 

" Betere ys fat bote * bale a-donn biynge, - 88 

Than bale be [yjbete ■ and bote neuere fe betere." 

Tbvn MMd Thanne gan mede meken here ' and mercy by-eonhte, 

prHHtof pu. And profrede peee a present ' al of pure golde ; 

ud RiitHH D<u "Haue bis, man, of me," qnab hne ' "to amende by 

Wnnc ituU kaq, r • • . i r j-J 

a* gmct. Bcaf e ; 92 

For ich wol wage for wrong ' he wol do so no more." 

FHHiHRiwmiif Pytouslich peea fo • pteyede fe kyng 

him, line* MMd To haae mercy on fat man * fat meny tyme greuede 

hym — 95 

" For he hath waged me wel ' as wisdome hym tauhte ; 

A «• Mede hath mad myne amendes ' ich may no more asken, 

So alio myne claymes ben qnyt ■ by so f e kynge asente." 

Batoiikinf "Nay, by criat," quath fe kyiige • "for conscieucea 

Wniic ■hall not Bake, 

f«t attao Ughll7. 

Wrong gof nat ao away ■ ar ich wite more ; lOO 

Iionpe he so lyghthch ' lauheu he wolde. 

And eft be fe boldere ' to bete myne hewes ; 

Bote teson haue reuthe of hym * he shal rests in stockes 

8B. An£] J>«t P. fl/] for IPSE, hyt« greuad I; grimed E, ^at— 

Jtgt] j» P. and] to F. bj/ggeii] i^] had greued him so oft F. 
briDgen I ; brioge H. 96. hath'] I am. tr«r] F am. 

86. ^] be >e H. ST. Mede'\ And meeda I. njnu] 

B7. a-eariUi] aoorde): lU; aoorde m]> I; me F. amandei] tneodce I. 
8. *«r-»i(A] Ivrwitb I. iHtHetude\ 98. &] And M | But F. jmy*] I- 

wlthnesse)) M ; witneMS 8. qujt F. 6y w] bs so I ; M> b^t MF. 

88. Betere\ fiat better F. 99. eoHteitacet] eoDSctenoe E. 

89. ybeU 1] 1-bete FS ; i-beten H; 100. ar] or HFB ; er S. 

bete PE. 101. Zffv^w] Lope IH; Lape 8; 

90. aieken BE] melee H; mekena Lepe E; ForlepeF. ^/btr lyghtlich 
F ; to meken I ; muken P, ntrcy] PB intert a-vre;, repeated from I. 
nenuaoheHI. 100. •roUe] wolde aftiir U. 

91. j>ur«] pured U; ours pure E. 102. tft\ left 8. he—9vlder»1 fe 
98. ^ IHFSE] M P. of me'] 8 boldere be I. fum-n I] hjntt PB ; 

em, dneiub] tuende F. t=y] ^ hjant F8 ; bynep H. 

B. 103. «/] on IMFS. tlua rttte} 

94. preyede'] b<-eoi^to M. sohsl H; resteth jit F. *'•] in-to H ; 

9G. tyme} tfxaet tS. gftnede] ha|) in my I ; on SE. 
grened M ; greuyji S. grevede liy»t] 

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As longe as ich lyue ■ for bus luther werkee." 104 

Somme radde reeoo ^o ' to haue reuthe on )iat shrewe, nn Kim* 
And for to conBail ^e kyng * on conscience ^ei loked ; to uka piv oi 
pat mede myghte be menepemour ' reson )idi bj-eouhte. ■ $3 
" Bed me nat," quaf) reson ' "no reuthe to haue, 108 "stj.'ivt 
Til lordes and ladies ' louen alio trenthe, m lordi uu 

And baten alia barlotrie ' to hnyren ojier to montben ** " 

And pnmelee porfil ' be put in ^e whnccbe. 
And chUiben cberissing ' be cbasted wiVt jenles, 112 
And barlotes bolrnesse ' be an heT ferye ; rioter* ■» boir, 

eltrki rhrriuM* 

Til klerken couetise ' be clotb for ])e poure, u id* ^oor. 

Here pelnie and bere palfrayea ' pome menae lyflode, 

And leligious out^rjdera ' reclused in bere cloistree. 

And be as benit hem bad * domenik and fraunceis ; A «9 

3^1 ^at lerede men lyne ■ as ^ei lera and tecben, pnutt** wiui 

And til fe kynges consajl ■ be al comune profit ; ""' '™°'" 

T;l bisahopes [ben] bakers ' brewers and tajlouis, 120 

For alle manere men ' ^at ^ei fynde)> nedfol ; 

Tyl sejnt lame be sonbt ' |)er poure syke If ggen, 

In prisons and in pooie cotes * for pilgrynmges to rome, 

So jKkt non go to galjs ' bote it be foi euere ; 124 BunuS^ue^ 

IM. A$] AIboF. lei] 7 may 8. UR. Bert'] And ben 6L A«r«(2)] 

105. kaut mrfi*] rswe F. sn] I om. ptntre'] be por< B. Manit^l 
Tppon L men BB ; menDM lUF. Ij(/Ipibj 

106. H] *<:1>« ^- f°°^^ ^■ 

107. wiMttptmmr'] me;np«n)our 116. rtclutei] be leolaiid B; be 
HI. rrMM] Ueede I. recliia I ; be closed H. 

108. SeJ] Bid H. IIT. ienW} beoet MIFE. 
110. Jtufren} berei) it IH; been 119. til] E an. 

Ti huren E; heran S. 0^] or 120. T^t] And til I. bUiJupet} 
DfF. Ati] U am. appartntly biiwhepes F. [bg* IH] 

111. .AaJ] And til I. ;N>r^ pui 
fli UFB ; purflel I. li^ >«] fa-to U 
In blr IFS. nAuce^e] wuocbe F 
whioohe F3 ; wboohe E ; bucche IH. 

112. ehUdren'] dbiidieali. eherit- 

be F ; beo O ; and FEB. frrew«r«] ft 
bre*rua {tic) S. 

121. wieii\ lit men IMP. \»i 
fj/ndey] me fynt I. nai^ol] nedy F. 

""" TgT\ Andta I. 

»i»S\ otienms I*; chire;Dg E ; cbera- 123. in] H out. eetet] cottea B. 

foge B ; flberiBochlng I ; ehereaach- for] pe («w) I. pilytyauiget] pU- 

jnge H ; oberachinge F ; ef. B-text. grimRge FI ; pilgrimee H. 

eharled] chaatTDg B. 124. U ht] be go IB ; liTbe go F ; 

111. 7U] And tU B. jif hit be H. 

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And alle rame-reanera - for robbers in Dunnce 
UBCiHibianc Bere no soluer ouer see ' jtat kyngea sjgne aheire^, 
"^ Koi^r graue ne vi^nae ' of gold ne of euluer, 

Vp forfetnre of )re fee ' ho »o fynt hym ouerwarde, 128 
nDiwth^b* Bote it be m&rchaunt ojier hus man * o^er meegager 
B>^MD|*n, pn- wttn lettree, 

TMH^ or pnm. pj^Qj^^nj, jj^ prest ' ofa- penannt for has e jnnes. 
■ »* And jut," quaf reeon, " by fie rode • ich abal no renthe 

piiTwMiaXHi haue, 

Whyl mede h&th ^ maistrye * fer motyng is atte baira. 
Ac ich may Beye ensamples * as io see o^ere; 133 

Icb seya it for my-selue," qnath reson • "and bit so were, 
wmiMmr. » ))at ich were kyng wtVi corone ' to kepe eny reame, 
upnniDiid, or*" Shold neuere wroiige in pia worlde ' ^t ich wita 
EblT* ' myghte, 136 

Be ynpunyssbed in my power ' for penl of my sonle, 
Ne gete my grace forw eny gyft ■ ne glosyng speche, 
A «• Ne f orw mede do mercy ■ by marye of henene I 

tonpuiibid, For man, Htdlum maluvt ' mutte with impamtum, 140 
Mcrnduu*- ^^j ^^ ^^j nullum bonum • bee irremuneratum. 

Lete ^y confessonr, eyre kyng ' construe ])is in english. 
And yS je worchen hit in weike ' ich wedde bo^ mj & 
favt^Lwoidit That lawe ehal be a Uborer ' and lede a fi^lde donge, 

1S6. rebhtrt] nifflen I. IM. tt] it nat L /««— «<iIn£] Pot 

126. Bere] To bare I. ite] )>e le K>t>e I Bei« F. 

U. la/tiget tyg»e'] ligne of king I ; 13B. pof} And IS. eny] mj I. 
kjngea cojDs H. 137. <n] by F ; be H. xy] I om. 

127. JVn^cr] M om. (u (I)] nor . 138, yefv my] gniuate H. 

F. »«(2>] DorF; or I. 1S9. |»mp] for F. do] baue I. 

128. Vp} Tp.OD M. tw] |iBt IF. norye] miry loue F. 

ho to] vbo I. fi/nt] lynde^ I. tfst] 110. man] no man E ; wbolde F. 

hem I. tmtntardr] gilty F. «w» — Malum] nullu*! malum man T, 

1£9. it] bs I. wettagef] mtaca- inette] meete F. 
genu F. 141. bad )nit] bad I ; aUo F. hea] 

130. PnmiHiw] O^iur prenisMw F. wit* F. 

pmuiunti penjtaunt F. 142. in englUh] to >e F. 

131. mt] I on. 143. KOTCktn] ailttvrittf* woHen 

132. wij/l] Wyl P ; Whilei I, U] (/or woroen = worehen) P. 
hi* P. aUe] It t>e HSE ; at I. 144. he] be but L 

ISS. vyo] seljG M ; sein I. 

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TUB. v.] LOTl LAU0B8 HEED TO 800BN. 7' 

And loae shal lede ])f land ' as ]ie leef lyke^." 145 fo*ndiwt 

ClerkuH ^t were confeBsours ' couplede hem to-gederes, iiiDiiid nia ««t 

To ooibtiaB this claiue ' kyndeliche what hit menede. 

Mede in [fe] mote-halle ^ ■ on men of lawe gan wynke, "■•" H"* 

In sygne ^at ))ei eholde ' wi'tA eom aotel speche 149 iiwjan. 

Kehenw fo a-non T7ght * ^t myghte reeon stoppe. 

And alle ryghtful recoidoden ' ^t reeon treatfae eeyde, ■&• 

And kjrnde wit and conscience ' corteeliche ^ankede ; tbaaibt bmmn 

Beson for hua lyght speche ■ riche and poure hym *" 

lonede, 1S3 

And seiden, "we aeth wel ' eyre reson, by ^y wordes, 
That mE^esse worth mayat^r ■ ouer mede atte laate." 
Lone let lyght of mede ' and teaute jnt h 
d cry* 

"Who Bo wylnej hure to wyue ' foi welthe of hure "wim»r 

goodes, mnl/provn 

Bote he be knowe for cokewold * kut of my noae I " 

Mede momede po • and made heny cheere, 160 

For )n comune called hure ' queynte comune hore. 

A aysonr and a aomner ^o ■ aofteliche forth jeden ■* •o™>«"i* 

With mede ^ mayde ' out of fa mot-halle. Hvd' 

14B. b^MFSE] leranl; luf P. be F. attf] at )« UFS ; at 8. 

14& I luu MUy—Clerket Muplode IGfl. Zom le(] Tbo lets loue F. 

hCM togUrea. eoupUde\ oompanlede lyjrU] lild H. lyght— nedt^ of 

" tDMde llghte I. j«(j wfll U 1 Diuch* 

1S7. op-M] to I. Ait air^Afn] 

h IS. ' myght it I. ylmrt] hoM E ; huyre 

14S. 'Mtde] k nuds F. [(w HFI B ; hen 1LTF, 

6B3 >at P. ^] M om. gan iryiUte] 168. mgite] wTnoe F ; wjnoe qvod 

«7Dkeda M. he I. 

150. )w] satnwbkt F ; )>er L t">0 1B». iiwnva] 1-mad H. /<rr] for a 
what If. ttcppe IHFBE] gtope P. IS j U am. itit] outteji U ; kytt 

151. And] Ac L raem^edtit] rs- E. 

160. ^n] Tanehfl }« F. moifo] 

161. eaiud FSB] old P ; calde I ; 
ieliB B, calden M. 

IM. Mf A] HOD H ; MM a : teeyn* 163. )>«] );at H. mafd*} mayde 
[ i n F. rMMi] H «m. jii'] >a 8. ^ I ; maids moumyag F. 
lU. (Mr(A «uiyi<<r] lohal maitter 



A shereyuca clerk cryede ■ "al capiaiia mede, 164 

Et ealuo eiietodiaa • ged non ettm careerutia." 
The kynge to his consail tho ' tok conscience and reson. 
And [nKxIiliche] yp-on mede ' meny tyme lokede, 
And loiuede yp^n men of l&we * and lightliche seide, 
"Tlioi^ ;otiie lawe, ich leyue ' ich lese menye escheytes; 
Hede and men of ^oare craft ' mucba treuthe lette^. 
Ac reson shal-[rekene] witA jow ■ yf ich regne eny 

whyle, 171 

And deme jow by ^ys day * as je haue deseruyd. 
Mede shal nat meynptise jow - by marye of heueue, 
Ich woUe haue leaute for my lawe ; * let be al joure 

ianglyng ; 1 74 

By leel men and lyf-holy * my lawe shol be demyd." 
HT* Quath conscience to ^e kynge ' "wtth-out« [jie] comune 

■onrmltau. help. 

Hit is ful bard, by myn hefd ' ^r-to hit to brynge, 
And alle joure lege tedes ' to lede ^us euone." 178 

Bw« dtduM " By hym Jiat tauhte on rode " • queji reson to ^ kynge, 
" Bote ich rewely f ua alle reames ■ reue}> me my syght ; 
And brynge alle men to bowe ' with-oute byter wounde, 

IM. oryetla] )>o cride F. a] aa F. ianglyng H] ianglend {badlj/) P; 

eapiatitl oapiae I ; capiatis huho H. iangle EIFS. 

16S. Et—tmUodiat] In lalua cui- 1T5. ^— nun] And b; le«le I. 

todia F ; Et aalua cuetodLa S. tntm] be IMFSE] bj (»y mittaiie) P. 

B mn. earetratii] inoarciraUi F, 176, Quatli] Tho carped F. reith. 

186. iif] lie H ; I (flH. ovU^ whith-oule P. [^ EI8] PHF 

167. [mtiiauike UFSBO] moodi- mk. 

Ilohe I ; myldelfcha (fnvnjr'y) P. ITT. he/d\ heued I ; bed USE ; 

atoitl'] inaQy a F. heed P. >«r-(e] herto I. kit — 

168. Tj>.fnt] Dp M. hrynge^ hit for to bridge P; to 

169. TA^rj] >0T3 SE ; Thorgh I ; briogen it I. 

|>OTw M ; tiunr F ; Thone P. lane'] ITS. ^] now ^m F. 

lawesS. irAjaaiMIPa etiikayteil 179. ravhte] redle HS ; reet him 

cbete* I ; eheetua F ; oheytui S. F ; deled E. on] on >e F ; vp )>e I. 

170. Med»] For mede P. UUt^} 180. Bote] But lif S. ich r«re2y] 
lette F. iah rulf E ; I rewle F; I rule B; i 

171 . {relent] rekne t ; rikeae M ; lede M ; le reule I. alU reamet] )>1 
regne PEF8 ; ef. B-text. re/ne] reme F. reueii] ellei reue)i M ; hj- 
iTue U. ivkfU] wyle P. reuetb P. 

173. Maiye] Ua^ loue P. 181. And brynge] And but I 

174. be] and late I. at] I >m. bringe F. wvtmde IMPSE] wonde P. 

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■WitA-outa mercement ojter manslauht ■ anteuden alle 

reomes." 182 

" loh volde hit were," quajt Jre kyi^ ■ " wel al a-boute. rb« king aji b* 
Foi-}>7, reson, redel^^he ■ fraw ehalt nat ryden henues, a^^^amu^t 
Bote be my chyf cbauaceler ■ in chekyr and in parle- uu with idm. 

ment, 185 

And conecience in alle my couitea ' be as kyngea 

" Ich ft-eente," seyde reBon ■ " by ao f y-self y-hu jre, *• i ihii ^v tf 
Audi allavm partem • a-mong aldermen and comuners; iaMea an 
And ^at Tnsittyn^e snfiratmce ■ ne seele joure pryueie 

letteres, 189' 

JTe aende aupemedeae ■ bote ich asente," qnath reaon ; 
"And ich dar legge my lyf ■ J»at lone wol lene [jte] tLoTiwiupro- 

To wage thyne, and help wynne ' ^at |)ow wilneat after, ou.- 

More ^n al }>y marchanns ' o^ ^y mytrede bisshopcs, 

O^r lumbardea of lulces ' ^t lyuen by lone as lewes." 

The kyng comaimded conscience tho ' to cougie alle tTtuMrgbiiia 

has officers, 195 miuiiiccrnipt 

And receynen fo )>at reson loncde ; ' and ryjt with fiat bid di m 

ich a-wakede. 

Hie explicit paewis qiilntiig. 

182. merem»e*t — mantUaikt] mao- (or ajile) aueaCe witA ^e F. 
■lauit or meroaninil F. 191. leagel lej faono F. Ij/] bed 

IM. ^r-fif ] For-wU M. ryd«it\ M. [|w IMFSEQ] )wt P. 
veode H. 192. and] I mt. jeynnti] to wynne 

ISE. eAetyr] ohesquisT I. im (S)] M. ^] al jat If. triliMri] willeet 

Fm^ F. 

1S6. m] a I ; H F. kyns^l chef 193. o^er )>y] and F. 
M. 194. y^rf] or 1. tf] or PS. 

187. >y w] fo f«t MF. ^y] jou IujIm] luku* S ; 1uoh« o^vr F. m] 

P I lowe I, y-Avjrre] jhare E ; yhyM & F. 
8 ; i-here HI ; wole hare P. 196. eimgie^ congaie I ; conge U ; 

186. A^i\ Audlu H ; AndlatU I. cunge PB. nUo] F om. Ahj} H 

attnvn] allw U. a<»»iu>r(] on. 
eoiDimetM; ofwre F. 19«. lotwla] loue|> E; wolOe P. 

189. tetU] ucle B. fHM] wit P. anakede] wakede 

190. *aiufa 1H»B] n;nde P ; Mnde MIF. 

ontP. Mfwiv nrj>n-M{Mi] no iuper- CoLOE^OM, MIonU. £ir] FSEG 
•idiaa iMKle 1. Me—reteit] but stile on. 




Incipit pagsua aextue. 

tThmiiwoN, riXhuB ich a-wated, god wot ■ whanne ich wonede OH 

UTfan In Corn- -1- comehulle, 

ud I, ud I wH Eytte and ich. in a cote ' clojred as a lollere, 

"i.jnr,- ' And lytel [y-lete] by ■ leyue me for sofe, 

bkSC"wim.- -Among lollarea of london • and tewede heremytea ; 4' 

Jj^^J^U^^™* For ich made of [lo men • aa reson me tanhte. 

For SB ich cam by conscience ' with reson ich mette 
toiwhstiiu- In an bote hernciSt - vhenne icb hadde myn hcle, 

And lymes to labore with ■ and louede wel fare, 8 

And no dede to do ' bote drynke and to alepe. 

In hele find in vnite ' on me aposede ; 

Komynge in remembrannce ■ thue leson me aratede. 

"Canstow sernen," he seide ■ "o^r syngen in a 
churche, 12 

Oj^er coke for my cokeis ' ofier to pe cart picch«^ 

TiTLK. So ESFO; Hio Incipit 
pa»uB sextai de uiaione M ; Pawui 
quiotiu de viaione, vbi priua I. 

1. o-tmietf] baue waked F. ged 
Kot MFE] wot god P8I. WjUAoe] 
wanna P. <».] in L 

2. clot:*/] y-cloj7ed KI. 

8. An£\ And »V; but lUSE emit 
a ; ft ful F. [y-fof> IH6»] late P; 
iKiwrittat ioh let P ; icb leta B. 
Uyve] leoe ME ; leueth IFG ; by- 
kuuf> S. 

4. lolUrei] lollers EI ; lollardH* 
V ; lorelea M. Umien B] locden or 
london P ; londen EM ; londoun IF. 
bertngUt] hermites I ; ermigtcs H. 

5. made] rou]t(< F. 

6. For a*] & t:o P. kUK\ wit P [ 
U em, ieh] lae H. 

7. nlienne] wenne P. 

8. /ore] to fare MFS. 

9. te i/u] for to doo F. dryatuf^ 
to drynke 8. aitd te'\ and 8; wel 
and F. 

10. tnite\ inwitte I ; heto F. 

11. Romyn^e] ftromyugF; Bom- 
bljngs C= ramftiinj) M. 

12. CSmjtoir] Canst ^w MFS; 
Can ^u I. a] £ inn. 

13. mil«] cokenU ; loke(n-ratfIg>) 
I, (HyJ B om, eokBrt\ oolcarea 1 ; 
cokeruH F8. 



Kowe o^ mo^mi • ojier make bond to aheues, t or mwr, « 

Eepe ojiw be a repereyae ■ and a-ryae erliche, ""il^M* 

Oper Iwue an home and be haywarde ■ and liggen oute kX"^'f^ 

anyghtes, 16 """"- 

And kepe my com in my croft ■ fro pjkera and f ecuce 1 
Ojwr ehappe shon ofier clofwa • ofer ehep ofer kyn kcpe, t or mind iho., 
Heggen ofer harwen ■ ojjer swyn ofer gees dryue, «dri..TJin't 

Oper eny [ofer] kyna craft ■ f at to f>e eomune nodef, "*™* 
Hem fat bedreden be ■ by-lyae to fyndeJ" 21 

" Cartes," ich seyde ■ " and 80 me god heipe, 
Ich am to waik to worche • witA aykel oJier with sy the, t " i «m too 
And to long, leyf me ■ lows for to etonpe, 24 ■wv'.ndtm 

To worchen as a workeman ■ eny whyle to dure." tonoop, 

"Thenno baueat ^wlondes to lyue by" ■ quath reeon, fThmuno 

" opt<r lynage riche rich kiudndf 

That fynden Jie py fodel ■ for an ydel man fow 

A spendonr ^t spende mot ' o)ier a spille-tyme, 28 
Oper b^geet pj bylyne ' a-boate at menne bacchea, iiuiitumi'a 
Oper feiteat vp-on fiydaya ■ ofer feate-dayea in churches, chun*™." hich 
The whiche is lollarene lyf ■ |iat lyte! ys preysed, ''(i^'iSim'f 

H. flHMV*] mouwen M ; mowe F ; lodo M. I &at—pej I be betered pe 

mywen I (ninr = to put In a mow, by ' )>at by-leue >e fyodcD. ■ 
to stack). toniTlbeDdF. fn] forll. 22. CW-ffir] Certes nai Hj C«rtaB 

IB. reyereyva] reperene IF ; rip- sir F. 
nue U ; rippreue E ; rype-retie SC. US. rraili] woke E ; wow IL 

trlu-ke-] Tp erli M. 24. U-yf] lef f-ow M. /or] I m. 

16. have'] with T. and'] F nia. 26. a] 8 nn. Khyle] wylo P. 
d«] be an HE ; be a 8. eute] i:ir- 26. ha«eit] bast IMFSB. londet] 

oule I. a] on H. land H. g«ath rei&n] qvod ha F 

n. AnO] To F. fl-e] for MF. (in»ertrf o/(*r fiow). 
pyl^t} prtkieres U. and^ or M. 27. fynden'] fyndeJ M1F5. pc} t* 

18. thmt — clopn'i clofma opKr |ms F. an] F em. ydel] bydel P. 
achoon F. elo\)at] clo)>e M I. 28. ipende] Epena 1. 

19. Heggen IMF] Eggan PE8. 20. bt/lyuc] bylyf E. at] ate P. 
/lAiieen] harewen H8. iwyn] awjae menne] men ES ; mannes IMF. 
kapa E. geei] hoggea H. SO. M omiti. 

20. eny] E om. lo)>er MIF^O] PE 31. wkielu] wiche P. hllareiu] 
9tt. kfnt] kynnes UES ; kyn F. lollema I ; loUeivt F ; & lollenia 8 ; 
ftf] E in*, n^^ IME] nude^ P. lorelea M ; ainrritteu uill&Teile E. 

21. bedredfH] be^lradda F ; in tat—yi] and litel U. pivyicd] I- 
dreda M. bjr-lfue] by-Ieue E; lijf- preysed IMF8. 

^tv Google 


Pel rjghtfulnesse rewarded * ryght bb men deserae)), 32 

Reddit uniculgue tuxta opera sua. 
0\Br ^Dw art brote, so may be ' in body a^er in 

toriniM Ofcr ymaymed Jtorw Bom mya-h»p ■ wher-by fow myjt 

be excused t" 
t'wiitiiiwM '■ Wbanne ich jong vas," qnatb ich '"menyjerbeimea, 
-mjMuava Hy &der and my freudes ' founden me to scole, 36 
Tyl icb wiste wyteriiche ' vhat holy wryt menede, 
And what is best for {» body ' as )» bok telle}), 
And sykerest for Je soole • by so ich woUe continue. 

I ud, rim IDT And int fond ich nenere in faidi ' aytthen my foendes 
lut 110 uh tat deyden, 40 
riauttt. Lff ^t me lyked * bote in Jks longe clothes. 

Yf ich by labonre sholde lyue ' and lyflode deaeraen, 
That labour ^at ich lemed best * )iec-vith lyue ich 
sholde ; 

I I ct*. tU. Ik /n eadem uocalione [iti] qua uoeati eetU, [manete.'] 

And ich lyue in lo&done ' and on londone bothe, H 
tThtuoiii The lomes ^at ich labours with * and lyflode desenie 
Faitnaiur, Ys pater-notter and my prymer ' placebo and dirige, 
jnHg^' And my aauter som tyme ' and my seuene psalmes. 47 

ti^hr Thus ich syngefoi huie soulea * of snche asmehelpeu, 

And ^0 ^at fyndeu me my fode ' Touchen aaf, ich trowe, 

82. rfj/Ufnbieiit} u rbt P. SeO- 4S. bsit} font H. tier-mth} )ier- 

dUJ Beddet HF. wbU P. tholde] wolde B. [w U] 

33. aH IHFB] ert FB. hvh] PBIFS om. [mantta H] PEIP8 

eroket M. on. 

S4. irA«r-iy] wer-bj P ; wher«- 44. Aiid] And bo L londone HSE] 

tiDish F. londonit IF; loudens P. on londone 

SB, WlUnmt'] WuiDs P, gvath SE} dd loDden P ; bjloDdou»F; out 

iclt] I om. of londone H ; Tp-londe L 

87. nkaf} w>t P. «mmA] bi- 46. Yt] M in all. My] F mh. 

m«n«de H. dirigt] mj dirige F. 

8S. iviat] w«t P. U] wat Fa 47. teutnoptalmei'] psatniM wnene 

3S. An^ Jc alM) F. ty w] so fnt M. 

KF. tS. TUtu] t>lH L iy>VB] BigKB I. 

40. }«(] IF om. ioA] I on. Aam] |>e FS. m>«Jm] sonle 8. 

41: ^iM(] liked wel F. 49. dm] E on. voueion H] foachen 

4S. ]m nf MPSE ; Hvf P ; And JS i Toehen FB ; fooobe F. 


rsm. vl] tbb aitthob'b opimoit op "clbbks." 

To be velcome whaime ich come ' o^er-whjle in a 

Not with bym and now wiVi huro ' and ^as-gata ich 

With-outo bagge ofier bote! ' bote my wombe one. S2 
And al-Bo more^uer * me fynikaf, ayre reson, 
Men sholde constieyne no cleike ' to knauene werkes ; t nd eh 
For by lawe of leuiiiei * )nt ouie lord oideynede, uooam 

ClsAea ^t oren crouned * of kjoide vnderstondyng fi6 
Sholde nofer swynke ne awete ' ne awere at enqneates, 
Ne fyghte in no varmtwaide • ne hua fo greue ; t ow •* 

Non redden nu^ttm pro male. i ti»" 

For it ben aires of heuene ' alle ^t ben crouned, 69 
And in queer [and in kirkes] ' ctistes owene myneetrea, 

Dominvs part hereditat'a mee : & aljbi: Cle- tP*-" 

^ (Tnlgit 

mentia non coiutnTigtl, 
Hit by-comef for clerkus ■ criat for to aeraen, 
And knauea vncronned ■ to cart and to worche. 
For ahold no clerk be cronned ' bote yf he ycome were t Ro (iH 
Of franklens and &ee men * and of foike ywedded. 6i tonnn 
Bondmen sod bastardea ' and beggere children, 

60. ntleetu] woloome P. n-kanne'] S9. it ten'] It beeth FS ; )wl boi 

wanne P. nAyb] wjU P. o^er- M. airei] eires MB i heires IF. 

wJ^b] OODOB F. alle] and alle FE i but IMF8 enU 

CI. ani] lout, und — gate] oo ^!a and. ben] be^ F. eromted] oroun- 

wiu I. ede P ; I-erouned IFMft. 

62. Kembe] bodi H. 60. gve«r] qnere FIE; qDer HS, 

BS.AnS}Tavi. more-oner] mor^ [afuf in kiriee I] and in ohtrches 

otwrnowF. )iynJ(a)>] meenethwel F. MS ; In ebarohea PE ; fn UrkiH P. 

M. Men] He I. kiiavene'\ no mvene] I am, vtyneitret] mens- 

knauea I. iCrates H. 

SB. lane] |ie lawe IM. ordeynede] 68. j/] IFM em. jeame] come 

made F. IFS. 

ES, ^ arfit] I em. areii) am 61. and] or F (fniiee), yiredded] 

H ; ben B ; be F. ereuiui] i-crowned yweddede P. 
HI. 6S. B/mdnen] But boDde-men F. 

GT. lufier] noiut H. 66. Thvte] |>eae IMF. by-Umge^] 

68, MkN^ntrM] Tandwarde M ; 1ongG|> M. [tyn to UF] to (kjn 

faamirarde I ; famwarde S ; fawarde emitted) I; children sholda PKB 

F. Ah* /■>] here fooa F. redda»] (irhieA elogi the Hue) ; kyn sebolde 

reddeaF. Q. 



Bothe god and good men ' aa hei'e degree oakeji ; 

Some to syage masses * o^ sitten and wiyte, 68 

Bdde and recey ue ' Jiat reson oolite spende ; 
t For, i<ii« fAcl sith bondemenne bames ■ ban bo mod Biaabopes, 
ditu luvi bKm And baraes bastaides ' ban ben aichidekeneB, 

And sopers and here sones ' for seluer ban be knygbtes, 
t •ai lordi' Hu And lordene soncs here laborers ' and leid bere rentes 
•■i»««*^ to wedde, 73 

For |)e ryght of )>U reame ' rjden a-jens oure enemys. 

In confort of pe comune ' and Jw bynges worsbep, 
tindmonki' And moukes and moniales - ^at mendinauna sbolden 
Bui. kBighu, fyude, 76 

Han mad bete kyn knyghtes ' and knyghtfeea pur- 
tpdiHuid Popes and palrones ' poure gentil blod refuse]), 

imriniii* And taken aymondea sone ' seyntewarie to kepe. 
t uaui»u ind Lyf-bolynesse and lone ' ban ben longe hennea, 60 
irii'LT"*"^ And wole, til bit be wered out • or ojicrwisa 

Foiv|>y rebuke me rygbt nouht ' reeon, icb jow praye ; 

For in my conscience icb knowe * wbat crist wolde |iat 
icb wroubte. 
tPnraniinii Freycrs of [a] parfyt man ' and penaunce discret 84 
bHtUHHii." Yb ]ie leueste labour ' fiat oure lord plese^i. 

67. Bothe] I am. degree] gre H ; F. 
degreua S. TS. mendittatini] mendinatiAt S. 

6S. tH:ei-] & Bunme to F. 77. Ilan mad] I-:mBde I. knyght- 

69. owhte tpeitdel aujU diepende Am] feui S. pvretuutd EMFSO] 
H ; oweth to Bpene 1 ; rewaide hadde j-pimhased I ; purchue P. 

F. 78. gentH] geaUl men E. re- 

70. [Ac IMSG] And PEF. bonde- /««)>] refuBed IF. 

«M»n«] bondmena IF. lum—Bit- 79. teyntertarie] unctuaire F. 
thepet] ha be mytred made F. SO. and] \o F. 

71. battardet] baatard bora F. 61. or] and U. 

T2. lopeTM] Bory soperiM F ; Bchip- 82. tbr-fy] For-whl H. jmr] Jo 

herdes I. han be] be made F. IH. 

78. hrdem] iordea IMF8. \ef» 88. ^ai] IMF om. 

laborer*] ban b« boors men H. S4. Preyeri] For pfviera P. [o 

here] F om. rente*] Undce M. IMFBG] PS om. 

74. )>u IMS] ^ P; )ie EF. 86. Tt] tee 1. kh. lab^vr] lyng 

76. A»i\ k of F. ivorihef] bononr M, yleiep] aake^ M. 


7Afi& tl] thk a.i:thob laments bis iris-BFB:«T tiuk. S7 

Non de tola," ich seide ' " for so])e uiuii homo. 

Nee inpatie ^ pabulo ■ pe pater-nonler witaessef ; fMm.i-f.4j 

Fiat uduntat lua ■ fynt oua alls ^ysges." 88 

Quath conscience, " by crist ' ich can nat see this lye)) ; 

Ac it semcthnouht parfytnesae in cyteesfor tobegge, t-i'nu* 

Bote he be obediencer - to pryoor ofer to mynstre. " ug,- uid coo- 

" That JB soth," ich eeide - " and bo ich hy-kuowe, 92 

That idxhaue tynt tyma • and tyme mysspended ; fignmiiiiu 

And jnt, ich hope, as he ' pai oBie haueji chaffared, 

J)at ay bath lost and lost ' and [atte laste] hym happed 

He bonhte suchc a bargayn ' he was ^ bet enore, 96 i t^ > '"v 

And sette hus loat at a lef ' at pe laste ends, ndsmiui." 

Suche a wynnyuge hym warth ' ^otw wordes of hus 

Simile est regnum celorum theeauro ahaeondito tUtttriiLMj 

. I.ak*iT.». 

171 ayra, 4" culera : 
Mulier que inuenit dragmam [mam], et cetera; 
So hope ich to haue ■ of hym fat is al-myghty 
A gobet of hua grace ■ and bygynne a tyme, 100 

Jjat alle tymes of my tyme ' to profit shal tume." 
" Ich rede ^e," quath reeon f o ■ " rape Jo to by-gynne t "i "lifi** am 
J)e lyf p&\ ys lowable - and leel to Jie soule " — uk," nu 

formthe F. OS. pot] And IHE. laai\ I Mk 

87. ^] et in I ; Deo in HS. (f ] and loif] S om. [atU latte B1F8] 

M F. mt t« lasts MO ; at |>e laUtle P. 

BS. -Rof] For fiat F. tua EM] 96. Be hwAtr] Abonto I ; t«t ba 

Dal IFS ; nirtpritten tuM P. fynt] bieth F. noj] ia F. »ef] better 

Htt ^( I ; it findeth F. mu] toS; IM ; bet for F. 

ra IFHE. 97. Ah<] b1 his I. lott} lot L «t 

69. by^ )K> by F. Uh—lye^^ I —Iff^tioolB. at )>«] alle IFB. 

know ^at )<u gsbbea F. 88. hgvtj ^^ F. north] w PI % 

90. wwAt] no I. paTfyt%eue\ cad worji USE ; wurih F. werdeM IF8E] 

parfibieaao IF9. for] IS dm. wyrdes P ; werkas U. kK«] IMFS 

61. BoU] And H. aheiieneer] on. [eiuKs U] FEIF6 m. 

Tnbedimt^ (rie) E ; obedient F. 69. Aojw icK\ ich hope B. if] hi* 

9\er (e] or to ot«r M, mymtre] P. 

mTnjitTe 8M. 100. goheC] good gobet F. 

92. icX (2)] I am UF. 101. alU\ alle t« F. 

S3, tynt] loate B. iByt*pehiei\ 103. i^] leef I. limahl»\ looable 

nrBBpeode E ; myBdeBpendrd F. I ; loueable F. \e\ \ij BIF, 



Xtuoni-^ud "Js, and eontinue;" qiiath conscience ' and to be 
Hidc«iHi«i». [kirke] ich wente. 104 

t TiiBi 1 wmi to And to {te [kirke] gan ich go ' god to hononrie, 
pnjtdtiui !By-for ^e crois on my kneea ' knocked ich my braat, 
thi bicdvd Sykmge for my eynnes ' seggynge my pater-notter, 

Wepyng and vaiiinge ' tyl ich was a slepe. 108 

A sa B » Thenne mette me mocbe more ' |)an ich by-fore tolde 
Of ^ mater }>at ich mette fyist ' on maluerne hnlles. 
Ich sauh f e feld ful of folk ■ fram ende to o(ter, 
And leaon reuested ■ ryjt ae a pope, 112 

And conscience his crocer ' by-fore )>e kynge stande. 
Beson reaerentliche * by-for al po reame 
Frechede, and prouede ' fat fuse pestilences 
Was for pure syane ■ to punyehe fe puple; 116 

And f e south-west wynd ■ on saterday at eno 
m as Was pertelich for prude ■ and for no poynt elles, 

PMi-tivH, Firiee and plomtrees ' were pofFed to )ie erthe 119 

b«ch«, ind »ki In ensample to syggen oiis ' we sholde do }>e betere ; 
Beches and brode okes ■ weren blowe to fe grounde. 
And turned vpward here tayl ' in tokenynge of drede 
That dedlich synne er domys day ■ sha] fordo oua 

10*. [*irfo IF] churche PEMS, U3. eonteiMife hU] te aU. ctwct-] 

irmto] wende E. orowr IH ; oroycer F ; croj-ser SE. 

105. Andtv'] Vnto M. [iirfo IF] tiandtfl atoden M. 

churche PEMS. gan irA] I gan 1. 114. JUton] paoDB retoan V. iy- 

Junetiria] IB E ; boooure MFI ; hon- /or] tofore I. 

our S. IIG, 116. Prechede and preued (lat 

106. Jatoekti ieh'] kDOckfoge H. ^ii pestilence ' was for pur« lynne I. 
irfvt] herte F. >um] ^om HF ; ^es E. Wai\ m 

107. Sj/lnnge^ Siihlnge F ; S^- EI6 ; Weren M ; It was F. 
^ge 8; ScbryufUg-l. (]ii»m«] sen- IIT. in] on a IH; or S. 
nee P; cf. 1. 116. M^^yn^e] svngyng 119. prvdr] pride HF, 

KM; &ieidaP. ' 119. Piriet] PuriesE; PuiyulS; 

109. 7%Mn«] And jiaone I. mettt Pera-treea I. peffei] puffed FS; 
IMFBEJmetaP; anrfiBi.110. me\ poseed IE ; i-puHed M. 

i UFS. 120. fy;;m] Bchewe M. <(>— «u] 

110. fif] F om. icK\ ma I. |>ftt I. we iluilde) forte M. 

111. fre] a M. to-] til IM. o^er] 121. irim>n iZime] btewe I. blowel 
\n o)>er P ; tut IMFSE emit \f. blow F ; i-blowa H. 

112 rmetted] i-reue»led MIi ro- 123. ei-] "I; "MSB. ewnjlieml. 

neathed lyally F. 



Of fiis water ich myghte ' momely [ful] longe, 124 ^t anuwr 
Ac ich alial aeye as ich seih - slepTnge, as it were, vRnun'. 

How leson ladde al fe reame ■ ryght for to lynen. "™™- 

He bad wastours go worche ■ and wynna here soatiti- b™™ bw* 


JXiTW som tiewe tranail ' and no tyms spille. 128 

Ha preide pumele ■ here poriil to leue, »»* "^il^^ 

And kepe bit in here cofre * for catell at huie nede. •"v- 

He tanhte Thomme etowe ' to take two atauee, itagmHutoMdi 

And fecche felice home ' fcam wynen pyne. 132 rdi»iuidWai-a. 

He wamede watte ' hus wif was to blame. 

For hiue hefd was worth half mark ' and hns hod nat 

He bad bette go kntte * a bowh o)Mr tweye, BMuntabirt 

And bete beton ^e>niyd ■ bote hue wolde worehe. 136 
He chafed chapmen ' to chasten here childnn, cnupranmio 

And lete no wynnyi^ foi-wene hem ' f>e while ^ei ben cuunn. 

For ho 80 spare^ fa spring ' spilleji hns children ; ■ »• 

And so wiot Jm wise ' to wiseen ns alle, 140 JT^HUtba 

n. ■ ... J.J jii. ohlW (PioT. lilt 

Out parett mrge, oatr filtum. mj. 

And sitthe he preide prelates * and preates to-gedere, A a4 

lU.fumelj/'] momele HF; ma- 134. h^^ hede IF; bed HES. 

mele I ; mene S. [/ut IMFSEO] wel marH] a muk 8. Aoi] T mi. nafj 

P J Ff. B-tnt noujt vory M. 

12fi. ««tA] (i H ; B7 F. 18S. betW] will B. po] to IFa 

126. rygU /or^ rijUy F; I mii (iwy<] tweineM, 

Ifntn] hewme I. 13«. t/trr-myd] t>er-w\p IP. Je/«] 

1ST. f(i]h)ML iryiMM] gete M. bnt jif lU. Aue] teritten he P; 

129. BeJi Also he F. here] t>l heo F ; jo E ; eohe Iti; if. Phi. v. 

hmeM. 62. 

180, at *»«] ojiw F. %ei» IMEF] 138. AnS\ IF ow. fw-Kt»e\ for- 

nude P. w»iiyen I, ^ wAile] (« wile P ; ^^ 

ISl. «ftnM B] itaoe P ; itonne S ; whU I; while fiat HF. 

■townalF; ofstoweH. S»—tUme\ 189. Aoiojwhol. >7Hn;] tprlgge 

Tomne itowDe he teghte I. tvo} >« FI ; jerde E. tpi3ie\f\ he Bpille^ 

B. HS, Aw] hers L eKilAre>i\ beirM 

132./«wA«] fetle IF. /nun] fro F. 

|« M. «y«w«] wjfen Kj wjnene 1*0. ■>{«] wEee man M, nriwm 

JHF. IMFSE] wisen F. lu] hns P. 

18S. Ai>»— «nm] write ■ hia wif F. ja\>im\ filium iDuni F. 
to] 8<ni. 


UT*, 'u Oib die 


' That hij piechej) to ^ pnple * prouen hit hem-aelue ; 
" Lyue )e as je lere^ ous ' ve 3halle|i leyue jow Jie 

And aitthe [be] radde religion ' here ruele to hulde, 1 ii 
" Leste f% kyng and hus consail ' joure comuues a-peyre. 
And be stywardes of joure etedes ' til je be [stewed] 

Gregorie po giete clerk ' gart write in bolcee 
The ruele of alie leligioiu * ryghtful and obedient. 148 
Bight as flashes in flod ' whenne hem faile^ water, 
irhiomKr« Deyen for drouthe ■ whenne ))ei drs'e li^en, 
teamA. Eyght HO relijfioQ ■ roteji and stenieth, 

J)at ont of couent and cloistre ■ coueytef to dvello. 152 
ttb*nnb*oii For yf heuene boon ftyaerthe ■ oper eny eyae foraaule, 
■MMff. Hit is in cloistre o^ in scolo ' by mvny slcyles ich 

For in cloistre comeji no man ' to chide ne to fight«; 
In scole ya loue and lowneese ' and [lykyng] to Isme. 
t fiDtniH monk* Ac mony day, men telle^ ' bo])e monkes and chanouns 
BotkiwUi^ Han ride out of s-ray ' here ruele vuel [yjholde, 158 
' [Lederes of louedaies ' and landee puruhasscd,] 

U2. Ay] je I. luw] jow I. a»d in I. 160. hem'] t>ay I. 

143. Lyse] Lfueth IH; k lyue F. 130. drimthe] dreuihe or i]n>ullie 
je (1)J MF cm.. ]V (3)] >ei F. P; dnif* E ; drowJ«Mi dro^hjie I; 
thulU\i'\ Bohull« M ; «ohol S ; lohal drou^ F. dryt\ mirtrritten dryen P. 
IF. lejrNf] leuelSB; loua H ; leeue liil. »%uih] religious M. 

F. 152. and] and of I ; Or M. 

144. ike IMFSEO] P om. r»lU 163./(v nmb'] to M suule I; uf 
gtm] religlouB MF. soule M. 

146. kifng and} kyopu F. j<rare] 164. cfoufre] a tloialre P; but US. 

her F. a-peyre IMFSG] apeyere PB. FSB omit » ; w alto in 1. 136. »eny] 
146. ttyward^i} steward F8. o/] sundry F : E e». 

3«] he F, [tttmed F] 16E. chide— figktel fijta ne to 
IT!-. _...^j □. -. J I. ghiJe M. 

166. [lykyng EIMF] lokynge PS. 

167. Kt»g — wen] ne many man F. 
IM. ride\ ri.iea F ; t-ride H ; 

ridile E. curl] euel IMF. ykolde 
EG] l-boldeMIFS; holde P. 

159. From M ; aim in IFSG ; PE 
ML Uiuedaiei] iawedayua T&Q ; 
ladies L 


PE; Btuyd S; stowed I; 


0; turned M. 


Skb B. X. !i92. ffortl lete E. 

t»] I ,m. 


alle] F om. Ttliyiovt] re- 



Sight] Jiflt riit F. in] in a 

U; 01 

. te I. .r*«*«] we-ne P; 



And priked a-boute on paliiaiB ' &o places to maueiB, 

An Itepe of houndea at Iius ets ' as lie a lord were ; ud luh oiw 

And [but] has knaue knele ' fnt shal has coppe holds, ii«t isrd. 

He lokeji ol lomyug * and ' lordein ' hym cailef. 

Lftel hadde loidee aslo * to jeue loads fro here aires Lord>o1lg^tnD( 

To [religious], ^at ban no reuthe * )>auh hit reyne [on] ■!»• 

here autera. 1 65 

In plauas )wr )iel p«raons be^ ' by hem-self at ese, 
Of |ie poure ban ^ei no pyte ' Jiat is here pore charite. 
3e leteo }ow alle as lordes ' joure loade lyth to brode. 
Ac jat shal come a kyng ■ and confeese jow alle, 169 B<ii»wngti«n 
And bete jow, as pt bjble tellefi ' for brekyng of jottie K>ii«ica. 

And amende ;ow monkes ' moniales, and chanons, 

And putte jow to joure penaunce ' ad prlatinmn 

gtaium ire. 172 

And barons sad here hames ' blame jow and reproue ; 

jffi'j in curribus & hi in equis : ipei oUigati sunt, p»- ii». *, « 
. ., , ^ ^ i, ^^^^^^ 

^ ceeideruTil. 

Fieres in heie freitooi ' shulle fyade |)at tyme 

Bred witA-oute be^ynge * to lyae by eaere after. 

And eonstantyn shal be here cook ' and couerer of here 

chuTche. 176 

160. prUtt^ i-priked M. fro] to 1G9. Ae ritf\ Ao t>er I ; Bat jIt F ; 

B. to Df] & to EB t la-lo P. fro— And jut H ; Jit jit {tie) E. Iiyiig'\ 

SMHeri] to plucB Bb(nit« F. criatene king F. eoiyfeiie] ohutiss 

168. {M HFB] bat if Ij bit FB. P. 
lua] ^ U. 170. UUe)ri seyth F. nnilr} 

163. Ivaryng] lonreng P. lordti* rectes I. 

UE] lordBlD F8 ; lorden P. 171. monhet] meiy monktu F, 

164. aiT«i\ heiree IF; sires MBS. moniaUi} bo^e moQisIa I. ohantn*\ 

165. [reUiiimt IMFSE] religion P. lUle F. 

r«yiu] ryne P. [o* IHFSQ] in PE. 172. penaunce] pitaunce F. tta- 

166. plaeet] pisoa F ; mmnj' pIooES tvml gradum M. 

L t^] (« I. by] b««i M. ITS, Jmnui] baniDsase (rie) B. 

167. Of] On B. fmi] and M I. 174. /r«((wr] fretour P. 

{t] his P. pure] mitmritteK poore P. 176. eonila/ayii] ooetantyn P, 

>m( — okarite] t>ogb ^1 pjne ft aterue thai] S om. Bovrn'tr] ^eaemvr FB ; 

V. Dsuerour M. ckvTche] kyrks H; 

168. ^] Ao le L lyth] It Ijth F. ohirohee IQ; kychene S. 


93 Dom or xtkos uni popm. [pabb. ti. 

nm Mtb* For ^ abbot of engelonde , uid |m abbease hja nece 
nmnkkM^ ShuUen bane a kuok on htae cranneB - and in-ciuabla 

fe woonde ; 
>■•• CoKtriuU domtnut baetdnm impiorum, uirgam 

domxHoneium, jitaga iH-mtnabHi. 
Brtbrt ttMMy Aetzfat kyng come * as cronjcles me tolde, 
■kmu ivdgihii Clerkiu and holfcbnicbe - ehal be do^ed newe. 180 
[A Ml tB *•) A^^ aitthe be consailed fo kjng ■ boa nnnune to lonje ; 
iTTTftt™- P<>' ^ comnne ys ^ kyngea tresoni - cooBcience vot 
■™- ire]. 

And al-so," qoatb rascn ' " icb rede jow ricbe. 
And conLnnen to a-eorden ' in alle kynne trenthe, 184 
Let no kjnne consail * ne canetyae }ow departe, 
|)at on wit and on wil ' alle jonie waides kepe, 
t b kMTM Lo I in heaene an by ' was aa holy comone, 
BBBonniih, Til Incifer ^ lye» * Uyned ^t bym-eelne 188 

thiiniiit hiHiir Were wittyoor and wortbionr * Jtan he pai was hna 

Hold }ow in vnite * and [be] ^t o^ wolde 
Ye canse of alle combiannce ' to confounde a raame." 
TttpovfihsnM. And sitthfin be preide ^ pope ' bane pyte of ludT- 
'■™"'™ churf,,, 19S 

And no grace to graunte ' til good lone weie 
Among alle kynne kyngea - ouer cristene puple : 

ITT. ^e atietMe'] abbaoe F ; ablMa cmwfyw] conideDOe H. deptirtr} 

If. lift] ya F. parte I ; to puis U. 

17a luuf] knotto F. on] vpoo I. 1S«. m] o IFS (firiM). 

ft«r« orMMu] )« cToane U. irmiBik I8T. Imoiu — kf] to ^ hejebeoene 

tFSB] miQd« P. aiuf— mwiub] in> F ; bcoeo and in erfw L 

ombls ichnUB toi wende H. 18S. layvo^ leued IHFSB. 

U9.loaitt. «r]ert>aikH; arS; 190. ^eM] Hold^ H. ^oU— te] 

or FB, ttat] )^ S. HoUicfae holduth F. [JU lUSBQ] 

160. elmrelte] kirke mowM ftett«r MP, lu tiaf] ho bo F. oim-'] ho^«r 

mit Ma metre. P. «V(iU«i wills F. 

181. to] 8 Mt. 191. alU] oarefDl F. 0m»ratMu»] 

183. Jbr] F n*. )m>] F om. eo»- oombeiviOM I. 

JCT'aKM] •• ooMdence F. 192. rittA«n] ^ne F. .pa}w] 

183. ri«A«] tot be ricbs F. p«ple - to If. ^] od mFS. 

184.jl)u(— «.««rAM»]Aoonleai«it* 193. to] ne L 

^ eoiMM P. 194. l^>i«] oHRtene H. «««r] 

185. Ayaiwr'' fcyngce H ; cmrefol V. oneru F ; of B. 



" Comannde bat alle ccnfesBouTs ' bat enr kyntre ahrrneb, t Conboon 
Enioynye hem. peea for here penaimce ' and p«rpetael >!■(■ lo k«p 

forjenenesse 196 

Of alia manere aeciotma ' and eche man loue o^er. 
And le bat secheb semt lame * and sejntea of rome, ■ *• 

„ , . , . . , , WlfrtniitbMild 

Secnep aemt tranthe - m muacion of pore Banles : mk n mu*. 

Qui etim patre i^JUio ■ ^aX. faire hem by-fklle 

Jjot Buwe^ 1117 aarmon " * and )nu ended leaon. 201 

Hie explicit paasai aexttu. 

Amv] r Mk 201. ifieeti] thtwty S. «nS\ I am. 

197. Q^] Fori. mA^] eche k F. m<2«i{] ende^ IHF8E. «>ieJ rwoa] 

19a. q/'] at H. reaoux eendeth F. 

199. Seci^y] Selohs)! P, trmtJu] Colopbok. & PQ ; IM ihhU, 

tro^ at horn M. johm] her« E. Hie] FBE mi. 




Jneipil paeeue eeptinius. 

tA>4^ (■••) ^ntT'tli Jiat ran repentaunce ' and reherced bus teme, 
T T And made wille to wepe ■ water vitii hus eyen. 

I. run. PrniMi Pumele pTOute-hert« ■ platte hare to f e erthe, 

LoDge was er hue loked vp ■ and ' lord, mercy,' ciiede. 
And by-highte to hym ' pat ous alle mode, 5 

bid rvn ta war Huo sholde Tnsowen hure Gmok ■ and eette ber an 

■ hilTihln, '^ 

uidiotoiTR heire, 

To afaiten hure flesch * |iat fen was to synne. 

" Shal neuere [heigh] hert« me hente ' bot« holde ma 
lowe, 8 

And Buffre to be myasaide ■ and so dude ich neuere. 

Bote now wolle ich meke me ' and mercy by-eeche 

Of alle fat ith haue ■ yhated in myn herte." 
t EbptuUiK* " Bepente ^e," quath repentaunce * " as reson pe taithtu, 

And ahryf pe aharpUche ' and ehak of alle pruyde." — 

Tltlb, &t«PSEFO; HicinoipU M; onaewe S i vnsuweE; vn^we P. 

pauus iKptiiniia de uisioneH ; Passua tmok] »eA IMF; schcrte S. )>er'] 

■extu« de viiione, ka., I. pemn I; on hur« M. an] on 8. 

1, iri(A] Bight wi[. I. 8. neiiere'] no F. [keigh J] by 

2. tyen] eyes I ; eya F. FS ; hi M ; hyj O ; my E ; myn P ; 
Z. PiimeU]Aniiparai:lF. piviite] (/. B-text, 

proud 18 ; prowd F. platte] Datte 8. 10. Bole^ k. F. xalle icA] i wole 

4. Lenge\ Aud longs L tnri] F H. nete] muke P. 

en, «r] her P; or EUFS; sr I. 11. aUe\ alle hem F; alia )>iiig)i( 

Ixc] M 8 1 heo F ; ihe I ; 10 E ; ecbe 8, j/tutted] hated IFHS. 

H. eriedf'\ nhe criede U. 12. ^ (2)] me E. 

B. kym] him an hy F. 13. («] ^e now F. n/affr] h 

6. Hue] til ■ ■ " - '■ • ■ - - ' ■• --^- ■ 

Xll. tHtOH-tt 




"Ich, pTUjde, pacientliche - penaunce ich aske; 

For ich foraieet and fetst ■ to fader and to moder 1 1, PrtdD, [<, 

Eaue ybe vuboxome ■ ich biaeoJie god of mercy ; 1 6 obHii>Mii> aj 

And TnboxomB ybe ■ couht a-baiaaed to a-gulte p~~". 

God and alle good men * so gret was myn herte ; 

la-obedient to holy churche ' and to hcni ^at per tudiatwij 

Demed for hure ynel viuoa ' and excited o^ure 20 

|>orw my word and my wit ■ hure yuel woikes to 

ehcwe ; 
And scorned horn and oj>ere ' yf [ich] a skyle founde, tiHonuror 
L>auhynge al a-loude * for Icwede men eholde 
"VVene fat ich were witty ■ and wyser fan a-nofwre ; 24 
Scomer and unskilful - to hem Jvit skil shewede. 
In alle manere manere ' my name to be yknowe ; t ">a iimf* 

Semyng a souereyn on ■ wher-so me by-fuUe fimid. 

To t«lle eny tale * ich trowede me wiser 38 

To caipen ofer to connsaile ■ fan eny lered of cr lewede. 
Front of aparail ■ in porte amonge fe pnple ■ ass 

Ofer-wise fan ich haue ■ with-ynne ofer with-outc, a/TiJuS'^ 

Chnffiiin nperVie] ta in PEG; a1. ynfrj Tuel P; hut ue \. Vi, 

Sujwrbia F. yvel workei^ wikkMnea F. 

14. IeK\ In F. nrvydr] pride 32. ofrr;] Bam ohr F. [ie& E] i 
IMFE. pacUHtlirhe] pacientliche MIFS; y Q ; P<h». 

quod hro F. i>A] I rnu. 23. Lashy»ge\ WiU lanhlng F. 

15. (o] to ra; I ((Tica). te (2)] af ] E itm. m^ii] F em. 

T CM. 21. »>n«] FM put thit at end t^ 

16. 17. 8 hag Haue vobianm y-be, I. 23. nitty'] withtiere M; wittyer* 
oatittimg all lenrdt betxeen. B. a-tia}>er/] optr S. 

IB. fbe] be IF ; ben M. e^] EQ 26. St-ortier] As acomere F. 

Ml. 26. ylntem'] knows IPEdQ. 

17. And] Fill F. fbel l-be M; 27. Semyng] HemengP; TosemeD 
haue I be F. a-baitteil] abaiucht I ; F. on] F mt. tther] irer P. In/. 
abanched H; a-baachid S; a-gsste fiUU] belilleF; bi -fella H. 

E. nouAt a-iaUted] abewbed me 28. To] For to F. out] me fe 

nat F. a-gtilte] agilte I ; gilte F. EH; I was F. 

18. OoO] To god F. alU] I em. 29. UreS] clerk IF. eper U-nrit] 

19. tc (2)] F om. of ikoole F. 

20. Demed for her doyngvf ■ & 30. FrvKt] Froni USI; Prate E; 
dauuielde many ojrtire F. ft prowde F. in] ft F. 

21. F repeat* thii ling after t. 24. 31. A«>i«] hadde F. 
aiuf] and al PB ; but IMFK emit 



t miiwi nnM Me [wilnyTjge] Jiat men wende • ich were, [as] Inaueyr, 
Kiche, and tesonable ' and lyghtful of lyuynge, 33 
Bostynge and Bia^jruge - wyth meny bolde ojies, 

tMimrtbiM- Aoauntyng vp-on my veine glorie ■ for eny vnder- 
And jut 80 synguJer by my-self ■ aa to sight of fo puple, 
Was non auche as my-aelf ■ ne non so [popejholy, 37 

f fonutimHii Som tyme Fin oal eecte ■ som tyme fml anoher : 

iBwIpIt of one - L J u i J J - 

HAindHnw In alle kynne couetyae * contreuede how ichmyghte 

Be holde for holy ' an hondred eithe, by ^t encheison ; 
m %%9 Wilnede Jiat men wende ' my werkea were pe best«, 41 

And konnyngest of my ciafli ' clerkes o\er ojwie, 
I bouted otdj And strengeet TpKtn stede ' and etyneat Tnder guidell, 
food looki, And louetokeet to loken on ' and lykyngest a hedde ; 

And lykynge of such a lif ' ))at no lawe pteyse)), 45 
Bh Tgiis, Prout of my faire fetoun ' and for ich songe ebiille. 

udUbHuUtj. And what ich gaf for godes loue * to god-eybbes ich 

Thei to wene yaX ich were ■ wel holy and wel almesful, 

82. Jft toibtynjtl mek mutt be the /er] hy k. F, an—tithel ft honoured 

inu reading, iko¥gh wiUieritten He I. ail — MoAett^n] ill hope to hiua 

wynDynge I ; Me vilne^ M ; Me liftaa F. 

wilDed PESO; I wUlede T. It i« 41. MVaede^ Wilnyoge I; Aed 

merel]/ a rarvUun ef Hjm wilnynge irilnede M. 

in B-text, xiil. 280 (/ortwrte) ; ef. 1, iS. Aii£\ And )w I. ef ] m ol F. 

41. [of IMFE8Q] F fM. iin«yr] elertei—o^re] of >>e comMtte peple. 

auoir F (eerreetls') ; eomipted to an 48. ttede"] slede-bao F ; my Mede 

ejT« E ; noon o^r SO ; mouer I ; i V; but IMFSE omit my. Qf. B-text, 

Hm nauit M. xiii. 294. ttyuetf] cteffest I ; Bteuegt 

33. Riclu] Bot>e riohs B ; Bot>e F ; stiffest M. 

riitful F. rgfhfful — lyujinsej ryche 44, And lonehieit'] Loneliest M. 
wttA allu F. m] vp-on IMF. l^iyHgett] lykyng- 

34. KiytA] wyt P. gest P. 

its. AvauHtguf^ Taunlyng I. rp. to. lyhjfnge^ laikingio F. pat"] 

0H nji] vp my I ; in F. vnder-njim- as F. 
yitg*} vnder-nemynge P. 46, Prmtt'] Proudo lEM ; Prowd 

S6, jyfl^fsr I] Byngeter P ; lyngler F. feteuri] feturea lEMj fe>«ruB 

FB, to] to |« & H I o». SF. <e&] I om. iJtalU^ Bchulle E ; 

37. [pefMFjpopIMSG; poppe E ; aobflleFS; ahillM; «obrille I, 
pomp P. Sea B-tezt^ ziii. S64. 47. god-tybbet] goeBihbee IMS ; 

35. [j« on M] in o ISO ) on an E ; goesipea F. 

on 00 F ; on s P. teeta] sith M. 48. Thei] pey IFHSEO ; Ther or 

»(.«]* mm FM. [in IFMSQ] on PB, Thei P. nwl— a/in«(/U) wellyng ful 

40. Mde} holden I ; yholde EH, of almni F. ml Ct)l HESO tm. 



And non so bold beggete ■ to bydden and craue; 49 iw»ih«toMm 

Tales to telle ' in tauemea and in atretes, 

Thyng Jtat neuere was pauht ■ and jut ich Bwor ich 

sauh hit. 
And lyed on my lykame ' and on my lyf bojie. 52 
Of verkes ^t icli wel dude * wittnease ich tako, tuHUngiidar 

And ay^e to auche ' ))at aytten me by-syde, 
' Lo, yf je leyne me noulit ■ oper fat je wene ich lye, 
Aake of bym oyer of hurs * and ))ei conue ;ow tells 66 
What ich aoffrede and seih ' and som tyme badde. 
And what ich knew and couthe ' [and] what kyn ich 

kamofj' — 
Al ich wolde fat men wnste ' when hit to pruyde Mit*i 

BOUnede, know tU about 

As to [be] preised a-mong ^ puple * fauh ich pouie 
eemede : 60 

Si hominihia placerem, chneti eeruus no» essem. OuLL id. 
Nemo poteH duobua dominis seruire." km. *i. at. 

"Now god of hns goodnesse ■ geue Je grace to 

Quath tepentaunce ryght wi't/t ^t ; • And )ienne rooa 

49. »oU] bold a I. hfdd^-\heg. IHFS (tiriee). ^i. — ^'] tianne 
gOD S. «miv«] to craue IMF. eunne le M. 

50. to] HHtor lo F. in (2)] M 67. w/raiB] haue iiuffrad P. »»iA] 
OK. ffr^«<] itrete F. ei M; aayd Sj seith I; j^eye F. 

61, ISynj] (M [ling F. )iow/t(] and] £ om. tyme] tyraeB L 

^nhte P; y-Uioglit I; 1-wrouit U. 58. Ani\ M om. inns — coiithe] 

ieh (1)] be Ocrongly) L mvAj say coujie and knewe I ; knew k I cowde 

IS. F. land MP] anil of I» ; of PE. 

B2. lytd] H on. nhit) wat P. hiin] com I. 

B3. weriet] dedus 8. ntUtneita] GO. .il! icA] Of ^ he I, imrneda 

niteemet I. (oA tejle] toke I ; took S] xouned E ; aownede F j sonede P ; 

1 S i to take MF. aouneth I ; 1oDge> U. 

M. ty;;*] tigge IF j eyggea PH ; 60. M gmiu. Ic ^ua hane I lade 

^aa I aeyde S, mclie] Eucbe folk P. my lif - lord I cry ye mercy F. {be 

)m(] at H. ISEQ] P DIN. ■ieh—iemede'] be pore 

S5. IqriM] lene IPSE; leue^ M. seme I, rhritti litruvt] eenxiadeiF. 

me mimU] aoiut me U. oyer — lye] 61. qf] (or I. 

or t«t I lie oeoeii I. 62, mu] roe ES ; aroe lU. 

Se. .ifte] Adie|> IPa iff] at 




11. Eim, KoTj Enuye wi'tA heny hcrte ■ asked after Bhrifle, 
n.1.*— <■ And ciiede ' mea culpa ' ' coisynge alle has enemyB. 61 

t Hte ddthH m Hua clojiea were of coraemoat ' and of kene wordee ; 
nrdh He wroth hua fust vp-on wratthe • hadde he wysshes 

at wille, 

Sholde no lyf lynyo ■ fat on hua londe pasaede. 

Chidynge and langljng ■ fat was hna chef lyflode, 68 
■ •■> And blame men by-hynds hure bak * and bidde hem 

Ut bluMd moi V 

iMhtnd i>"i' mescnaunce. 

Hiuid wiu'i -^ f^^ ^^ wiste by wylle * to vatkyn he told hit, 

*"'" " ^"^^ And (at he wiste by watkyn ■ tolde hit wille after ; 

And made fooa of frendea ' f orw fals and fykel tonge : 

"Ojwr (mrw myghte of mouthe ■ ofet forw meny 

aleyghthes 73 

Venged me fele tyme[s] ■ ofer hrend my -self with-ynne 

m*** Lyke a Bhappestera sheres * and ahrewede myn eni- 

"Ifrtlmmlf . . 

ukimp^rcf cnstyne, 

''"*^ AjenB Jie eonsail of criat ■ aa clerkea fynden in bokea : 

PI.I.T. Ctiiua Tnaledietione as ptertum eet ^ amai'i- 

tudine [^ doloj : mib tfngua eius labor ^ 

PtlTi.i(TBigo. Filij hominum, denies eorum arma ^ aagith, ^ 

lingua eorum gladius acutus. 

63. Aeup] hi M. L faU—fyliet] fikel & fals I. attd] 

6S. enrtementl cDree-nen I. of E. 

68, JwirtA] IB aUe in 1FM8 ; wrong 73. M omUt. 0|j*r] k. F. menthel 
I. hadde he] he hadds M ; hadde moneys F. meny] maimes I. a^er 
I, wyuhtt] wysch F. — meng] & many mo F. 

67. /ywye] lyae IE. Am»] (lis M. li. fele]ye\el; tamyTO. tymei 

' eS. a«4] or I. tangiyftg FM] IMSG] tyms PEF. brend] m E ; 

langlengs P ; langelyng S ; yanglyng brent I ; Trede F ; Tiide B ; «re^«d 

E ; ohalangyng I. ^( wot] U M. M ; b«t the right irvrd U (ret ; i/. B. 

69. bidde] bad F. ziii. 330. my-iel/] me FMS. 

TO. Al] And M. wattyn IF9F] 76. *kajipetteri] ahapeBters F; 

watekyn P ; wadekyn M ; jn ta 1. TI. shepsteres MI ; eohyppesKrea ES. 

71. |>a<] a1 ]i»t IE. talde} he b>Me therti} shere ML etnor'utgne] eueo- 
HFB. kW] hit to PE ; but lUFS criBtene IF. 

«mit to. 76. [^ delo FSM] PEI om. 

72. fiiii—frendei} of freeodes foo» 



WLenne ich ne may bane ]ie maiatrie ' sucbe malan- mm t numnc 

colie ich take, 77 "cmrp gr'tiT" 

))at ich cacche Jie crarope ■ fe eardiaele eom tjme, '*°'' 

0|>er an ague in euche an angre ' and som tyme a 

J)at take)t me al a twdfmonthe ' til |)at ich dispic« 80 
Lecho-craft of oare lorde ■ and leyue on a wicche, 
And ei^e )>at no clerk can * ne crist, aa ich leyne, 
To )» sotLter of Bouth-werk ' euch is hus grace. ■»( then i ippir 

Foi god, ne godea wordea - ne grace ne halp neuere, 84 •h<«mL<r at 
Bote ))orv a clianne hadde ich a chaunce ' and my 

chief hele. 
Ich myghte nat ete meny jer * as a man auhte, B«a 

For enaye and Tnel wil ■ ys vuel to defye. 
May no eager ne awete fyng ■ A-ewage my swellynges, A »> 
Xe dareworthe diynke * dryuen hit fro myu hert«, 89 wnigi my 
Neyfer shame ne ahrifl • bote ho ao shiaped my mawe ) " "*«""™ ' " 
"Jna, redilyche," qnath repentaunce ' "and fow be Eipentnw* Wiii 

ryght Bory, 
For Jy synne aouetaynliche ■ by-sechyng god of 

" Ich am eaere sory," sayde enuye ' " ich am bote selde a Sm 

of er ; 93 oUiwwim," Hid 

pai make]) me so megre ' for ich ne may me Auenge. 

77. Wheime'] And whan I ; Wenne 87. fwr/] yuel lES ; euel U ; eujl 
P. tM may] ma[ nou^t M. tw— F. 

aiawfrttf] mny nat pe mauitrie haue 88. im] ne no I. tKeUj/ngei] awelU 

L Ing IP. 

78. M (2)] and ^ H; k F. 89. ^'e'\ Ne no I ; Ne non M. 

79. la meA«] witi F. an (S)] I 90. Jfeyt-er] Se Deilutr I. thraped] 
cm. (Ml — /mere] A feitotir aftUr F. Bohrape F ; schaucd S. 

80. txelfmentht] turelftnoDDtbe P. 91. Jui] lis F ; Thus (_tiey I. and] 
SI. a/] or F. legtie] leue IFS; jif F. 

bUme ME. «] G an. 92. tgim*] Bjnoea lUPS. hy- 

83. eon] ne can I. letwe] leae teckfng] and biseke lU. c/] B om. 
niFBE. merey] grace F. 

S3. 7b] Bate H. 93. Ich — mere] Euw am I F. 

84. <M (t)] and H, Kerdet] words layde] q»«d F. nm (,2)] nam I. 

I. M faiJp] balp me U i halp F { jit 94. pat] And );at I. ne (S)} P 
halpB me L on. Avense] venge I. 

8fi. • (2)] HIF o». 



Jut am ich btocor of bakbytyuge ' and bkme mennea 

A-mong mATchanns many tymea ' namelicbe in londoun; 
"ihmoflai Whanne iie Bolda and icb ncurbt ' b«nna was icb a-iedv 

UmI igiliiit my Of J 

HigUKiiiii bat To tye and to louiy ' and to Ucke myn negheboree, 
uBMoit? Here werkes, hsra woidea ' wbei-ao icb eete. 

Now bit a-thynke^ me in Jionbt * ^at euere icb bo 
wiouhte ; 100 

Lord, er icb lyf lete ■ for loue of Jiy-selue, 
B %* Graiute me, goode lorde ' grace of amendenieut" 


in. iBi. wnoi Xbenne a-vaked wrattbe ■ with to white eyen, 
wuui^H. With a nyuylynge nose ' nyppyng bus lyppes. 104 
t"imwnih- " Ich am wratthe," quaji fat wye * " wol gladliche Bmyte 
luo apno utf £o])s with stou and with ataf ' and Bt«le vp-os mya 
For to slee hym Blehliche ' slebthea ich by-f enke. 
Thauh ich aytte fya Benen jer ' ich aholde nat wel telle 
The harms ])at ich haue idon ' with' hand and with 
tonge. 109 

impkOnt, ud Vnpacient in alle penaonces ' and pleyncd, as bit were, 

95. ^t] And ^t H. am irA]i am 104. WitKl Whit P| And with 
a M. hak^tfag« SIMF] bagge- IMF. nynylynge\ njuilingBB I [ 
bjl^roge PE. lilame\ to blame I. Huyuelyiig SQ. 

96. tyn«j] tyme FM. naiHelicke\ lOS. 

and nameliehe IMF. weije ! 

97. IFl»»nw] Wanne P. **) hj wolda M. jWficAe] wilfullicho F.' 
B. (»-M<If ] «dj IF8. lOG. K\V^ ■■ ■" 

98. ievry aTii\ lours on him F. ttrle\ itote 
ta laekeX laoke H. nyn tieghehoTei\ fooian F. 
myiwiebore H; o^burhade F. lOT. For^ & for F; I inn. 

96. Sere\ k here P. nwi*r»] 108. jyrte] setle 8 ; aete IF, tytta 

werice I. kere^ and heore H; wttX — }«r] seuene lere sete F. irH'\ 

my F. wA«r] wer P. lo] fat L Boihli V-.tAon. 

wte] u alte MPE ; aette S; wtte I. 109. idon] do IS. with (I)] wit 

100. in] In my I. P. nith (2)] whit P. 

101. Ijt^] )ie li)r U. I<lc]leuel. 110. VKpaeiertt] Inpacient IS; 
lOS. of autg»denent'\ to ameode Nat pacient F. alU] F on. pen- 

F. aiiHcet] penaunce F8. aai] but 

108. mth] whit P. fa] tweie I ; F. 
two ful F. rj/tn] eybea I. 



On god, whenne [me] greued ouht ' and grucche[d] of »»<« t *iut 

hns sonde, 
As, Boni tyme in somer ' and al-so in heraeat, 113 

Bote icb hadde wedir at mj wil ' ich wited god ^ cause, 
[In] alle manere angrea ' }at ich hadde ojter felede. 
A-monges alle manere men ■ mj dwelling js som tjme, 1 1 aw«u wut 
"With lered and with lewede ■ ^at leef hen to huio 116 m hinuing 
Haim of eny man ■ hy-hynde oJ>er hy-fore. triHi 'm 

Froree [folowen] my vore • fele tyme and ofle, vn'"^ 

And prouen vnparfit ' prelates of holy churehe ; 
And prelates pleynen of hem ■ for fei here parehenea Tin pniit« ud 

ahryuen 130 wnUiwiihcm* 

"With-out© lycence and leue ■ and herhy lyuej) wratthe. dapin me 
Thos Jiei speke and dispute ■ Jat eche diapiseji ofer, "' 

ThoB b^geis and barouns ' at dehat aren ofte, 
Til ich, wiatth, waxe an hyh • and waike with hem 

bothe; 124 

0}ier til bo]>e he heggeis ' and by spiritnalte lybhen, ■ •& 
Or alle riche )>as ride ' reat shal ich nanht, wratthe, *idMd. 
)>at ich ne mot folwy ^is folk ' my fortune ys non ojier. 

111. [ma IHFEQ] men PS. 119. ^ovm] profranB. tinparfif] 
ffreugd} greueji S. grucched lES] pure imparBt F. 

gmccliud M ; gnicchlde Q ; grucche ISO. n/] on IU8. par$ienaj 
PF. paresBchenui S ; p>ir«dwae« E ; paria- 

112. At] And F. and—beniett'} ohenes M ; pariBOh F. 

In cevun of heruest-tyms F. 121. With} Whit P. and] ofivr 

113. niteil] witte IM. F; or H. 

111. [iit IMFSQ] And FE. Rtrdde] 122. eehe] ichon I. fvit echg^ & 

abode F. /elede] felte I ; felde E i F. di*pUt)i] episeth IE. 
hadde F, 123. hfggert — banrunt] beggera & 

116. With] Whit F. nitk] wit bischopiu F; barouns and bexgerFB 
P; IMF 3 Ml. iBTfd — lemede] lewed H. at — aren] ben at debate F; at 
and lered I ; lewed & lered bot>e F. |>e bale bu> M ; }pt bate areren E. 
iee/F8] lef B; lauB I; luf F. let/ I2i. ieK]F em. iiwJI*] wagge 8. 
ben] ban wille H. hnre] here 125. O^er] V om. ba\-e] )iai bo|ie 
IMF. 1 i bof* ot hem F. be] ftt E. and 

117. <^ eny] k. hate of many F. — $pir'UaaltB] and bj apirituel I; or 
iy-hynda] bl-b;nde him H. spiritual iter F. 

118. [/uZofcaAE] foIewenU; tol- 126. ^] and 1. ikaT] ne sohal 
wen I ; folwe)) 8Q ; |)ei folwe F ; H. And or I ride on alle ridie ■ 1 
flowen F. rm-e] fore IS ; toot F. reste me nea^re F. 

«y rare] me forf> Hj me bj-fore 12T. SMtJ moite U, H'l^tF. 



ona ornv uuiti Icli haue an Aunte to s amine ' and to an abbodesae ; 

wuKhH u Hem vere leuere evoun; ojier swelte ■ ^an euffij eny 
*"^- peyne. 129 

I na sock Id let taue be cook in here kvchene • And be Conent 

Uutr UUbiB. ' ' 

Keny monthea witA bem ' and with monkes bojie. 
Ich was (le prioreaae potager ■ and o^ poure ladies, 

I (St op ill And made here iontee of ianslea : * ' dame lobane waa 

klndiafHudal. ° 

a bastarde, 133 

And dame Clarice a knyghtes doubter ' a cokevold 

waa hure eyre, 
Dame pumele a preates file ' prioresse worth hoe neaere ; 
Foi hue hadde a cbilde in the cbapon-oote * hae wortb 

chalenged at eleccion.' 136 

Thtiiom Thus bei eitte, bo austrcs ' eom tyme, and dispnten, 

dlipuud tUl UuT r ' V J • 1-1 

fliijMi •ub MbH Til ' ])ow lixt ' and ' }>ow lixt ' - be lady oner bem alle ; 
And )ienne a-wake ich, wrattbe ' and wold be auenged. 
)>anue icb crie and ciaccbe ' with my kene nailes, 110 
Bo|)e byte and bete ' and brynge forth anche jiewes, 
pat alle ladica me lojran * ^at loaen eny worschep. 

I I lit In pw« Among wyuea and wodewea ■ ich am ywoned sitte 
wiiicmj. YparToked in puwea ; ' |ie person hit knoweth 144 

128. a] IMS cm. ««««<] monohen . EF ; oapeo M. hut — tlMcioii] 
E. te (2)] IF om. attedeue'] chalangeiible heo BcmsUi F. 
•bbeMe IFS ; abbaaga H. 13T. 7%ui—nrtret] Before i» 

129. Bern] Hir I ; Here M. eleccioim t>e uittnff utte F. ^« — fw] 
Imtre] certus leener F. jnwuny] aitte )>ey I ; sitten to M. nutre4] 
Hiuii;e P; iwony E; iwovne F; eusCeren H8. aiuf] £ fias F. 
Hirows I ; iwonD S ; to anouDe M. 13B. liait EIHPS] luxt P. lady"] 
ofier tn:elte} F <tm. ^n — pryne^ na ledere F. ion aZW] bo]^ H. 
■uffra eny penaunoa M. )S9. And] H mn. 

130. iatie be] irta E. 140. panne] And )>aime lUP. 

132. priareite] prioreBses US. kene] longe U. 

133. here'] hem IF. qf] wif. M. 141. .Bo^x *y(e] Byte I ; Bitebojw 
tanglci] ian^lynge IH. dame] >at S. bete] eke beta F ; smyte 11, 
dame F. lohaiu] ioae IFM; loo 142. lo^tn] lojiud B. ttWKiep] 
E. hele F. 

18B, Dame] And dama IMF. file] 143. jryvei] !« wyues F, ic» am] 

flUe M ; Bibbe S ; pile (t) E. hiui S] am i M. ynraned] wont to IFS i 

he PF ; Bohe IM ; 30 B, wonet to M. 

136. d] IMFSom. e^^a] capuun 144. |)«— Aif] at our pataouA F. 



How lytel ic louye ■ letice at fe style ; 

For line hadde haly bred ei ich ' inyn herte by-san to 1 1 foaitai wiih 
chaunge. iiw naiT«« ih* 

After-ward after mete ■ hue and ich cliidde, m 

And ich, wtatth, was war ' aad wroth on hem bo)), 148 
Til ai^er [cleped ojiere ' hore '] ' and of with Jie clo)>es, 
Til bo^e here heuedes were bar ' and blody here chekes. 
A-mong montes myght ich bo • ac many tyme ich ■•• 

For Ji«- be)) meny felle &ekua ■ myne afferes to aspye ; 
Jwt ys, fe priour and fe suppriour ■ and oure pater 

abbiu. 1C3 

And yf iek telle esy talea ' thei taken hem to-geders, forpiionua 
And don me faste fridaics * to bred and to water. doptnuiMier 

Jut am ich chalenged in chapitele-houa ' aa ich a childe 

were, - 156 

And baleysed [on] )>e bar era ■ and no breche by- 

Ich haue no loat, leyue me ' to lenge a-mong mookes ; 

145. u> Imfe'] it is )>M I loue F. 164—163. ^fbr theM,F Aat— 

at ^] atte FI. WiU-oute lous or leaate ■ & lye 

146. by-fan] g»ii IS. on hem witA taliu, 

147. Aft»r-mard — mete] After k make hun eaer ete fleadi ■ for 
mela aftirward I. hve — icA] AcDOt ech of hem ete o)rur. 

& beo F. pe wlkkedaeiw pkt I wieto ■ by 

148. war] i-war MP. nretA] any of )« route, 

irorj) H ; wBr)i I ; wax F. I eonhed it up in out dolitre - )iat 

149. loltped—km-e IMFSG] cleped al {w oouent wiat it 

ei^ o]>er (lie) E ; cliped ot>ere P. k jit I spali do qwehe * it iwal ao 

qf— elo^ei] cut of here hooduf F ; my breete, 

on «<t )« clawes L pat I ohenred It aa a cove ■ ^at 

150. Jure] M cm. here (2)] bojia ooda chewttl ofte. 

F. pan was I ohalanged in ohspitre ■ 

161. ntytM-be] I nighte be I. as I chiide were, 

ieh be] S m». ae] and M. myght — & balised on |;e bare en ' ft no 

^pare] I am ' laaDy a tyme & ofte F. braoh bitwene. 

IGS. Ar] H itm. fier bati] tier am 164. j/] BS <n». imn] E on. 

IHSiHiarF. (nenp /elJt] felle fers I&6. eA<ij>tt«b]onreohBpitrgI; )>e 

F. atyiM — to] ker fenu i F. ufiye] obapitele M ; chapitr« G. 

■pie H. 1G7. haUffied] bylaaobed E ; beta 

168. t<e] I M». (ffFUM). Dura] o)«r Q. [ihi IHFSO] in FE. 

U . F hut — It put hem to t>e pHour ' 168. leyue] leue IME ; lef S, 

or ellM to paler abba*. Uxge] longe I ; lyue M j dwelle E. 



For hij eteji more fisch ^ao Qeah. • and feble ale 

Bui vhniTeai Ac ofw-whUe whaMie wyn come^ ■ and whenne ich 
my loDTifl ninl (Jrjiike Ute, 160 

Icb haue a fiux of a fonl moutli ' wel fyf dayes aft«r. 
Al ^at ich wUte wickcde ' by eny of oure couent, 
Ich cowede hit vp in ouro cloUtre ' fiat al ^ ConQnt 
wot hit." 
-B*pBi,"nid "Kow repente fie," qnaji Tepentaunce ' " and reberce 
""""*"' neucre 164 

Wbat counsail fat fow knowest • by contenaunce no 

by apeche. 
And diynk nat oner delicatliclie * ne to depe nei^, 
J)at J»y wil ne J)y wit ■ to wratthe myghte tume. 
M*w Esla eobriua" be eeide ' aud a-^iled hym after, 1G8 

tAfdm." And bod hym bidde to god ' be bus help to amende. 


AM B«a Thenne aeide lecherie ' alas ! ' ' and to oure lady cryede, 
LacAufrnpnia, " Lady, to fiy leue aone - lowte for me nouthe, 

That be haue pyte on me putour ■ of bus pure grace 

and mercy, 172 

B •! With bat icb shal," qnatb bat ahrewe ■ " aaterdayes, for 

ud vowi hnit*- ^ , 

forth to driDk py lOUe, 

Sutk" Drynke bote W(t7i )ie douke ■ and dyne bote ones. 

Ich, gulty in goat ■ to god icb me shryue 

159. k\j ete\i] I ete I. (frynfen] ISa. F omUt. iepe'] dupe P. 
drenkeQ F ; hut lee 1. IGG. nei]>er'\ aot>er KS. 

160. trhilf nt/uinn;] wile w&nne P. 167. FE omit. 

trhenTte] wenae F. drynke^ drenka 168. he] y I. hj/m] hem S. 

P. lite] Ule an eua 1. 169. be"] of M. be-amnde} \,tl 

161. 0/] or MS. he were amended F. 

162. Aq And alle I. nicluide^ 171. ie] for M. 

wikke I. 172, putaur] putmur I ; F om. 

163. eontde] coujhede S ; Echewede ^] for MF. graM and] IHFS om. 
H ; oou^ie L hit] M on. ye] oure 173. Wah] Whit P. $atrrdayei\ 
US. (laturdity F. }py Ume] ^ moder loue 

164. ye] I am. I ; euM-e F. 

166. What] fiat M ; I on. yai] S 17*. bote (1)] M om. 
em. » by] no F. 176. Ick] For i F. 

^tv Google 

PASB. til] THS C0KFBB8I0N 07 LDXUBT. 105 

As in lykjnge of lecherie ' 1117 Ucames goltes, 176 fB»mi—m 
In Toidee, in wedes ' in waitynge of eyen. 
To echo miude ^t ich mette * ich made fanre a Bjgne M SS« 
Semynge to synna-warde ■ and aomme gan idi taste 
A-boate Je mouthe, and by-nythe ■ by-gan ich to grope. 
Til oure bofwra wil was on ; ' to werke we jeden 181 
As wel iaetyngdoies [as] frydaies ' and heye-feste euenea, ■ «*• 
As lof in Iraite as oute of lente ' alls tymes liche — 
Sache werkus wttft ons ' were neuere out of seson — wmii with him 
Til we myghte so more ; ' ]>anne hadde we murye tales DriMm. 
Of pnterie and of paramours ' and pioneden ^nr 
speches, 186 

Handlynge and habynge ' and al-eo ^rw ciissyng« 
Excitynge onre ai)»er 0^ * til oare olde eynne ; 
Sotilede songes ' and aende out olde baades ■ 

For to Wynne to my wil * wonunen with gyle: 190 t"iwoiii™ii«ii 

■^ . T , . , oMrwllhpiU. 

By Borcerye som tyme ■ and som tyme by maistrye, « Komrj. 

Ich lay by )« louelokeste ' and loued hem neaere after. 

Wheime ich was old and hor - and hadde loie ^t tin 1117 old «^ 

kynde, 193 L^"'^* 

Ich had lykynge to lanhe ' of [lecheiotiB] tales. 
Kow, lord, foi ^y leante ' of lechotuB hane mercy I " 

17T. wrdei] woide and I. <• (3)] 


178. 3b «H To eohe a P ; For 

khal. *w*J tohnreP; hrtlMF 



188. mire (1)] oaa S; TU em. 

179. fo* Jei] I gan I. 

tmre (2)] I on. olde IFSE] elds H ; 

180. H] F ow. by-fan] gan a 

holds P. . 

181. WW Sofw.] bo|>e oure IM. 

189. eenie] sente IMF. 

&>fw.] beifrw F ; teyres E ; bo|« 

190. For] I <»», 

MS. to] ft to 8 ; and to J« I. 

19J. mm^maittryel alls luche 

1S2. A* wel] r pn. [at IS] and 

slebtni F. 

PFBQ. M>¥Art«] U<m. i^,] 

192. *«.] hir I. 

eye P; heiB I; U M; hyB F. 

198. lore-] y-Iore I; i-loniM; lort 

<>] enet HFE. 

183. Jt]AndU. W\ lefE; lief 194. lmihe'\ lanie E{ laniie 8; 

I ; leef FS ; wel H. tym^t] tyme lije U ; lithe L [Iwfcmnu MF] 

IM. 2uJo] ylicha IMS. lecherye FIEB ; lecheTyeii O. 

186. and (I)] F Mt. protteden 196. /or] ot 8. qT] on IMF. 
pent'] peitAouM F. tpeetei] Bpeohe 



[pass. VIL 


Tbenne cam couctyse ' ich can nat hym disciyue, 196 
So faongeriiclie and so holwe ' hcruy hym-aelf lokede. 
He was bytelbiowed and baberlupped - with two 

blety eyen, 
And as a le^erene pore ' lollid lins chekua, 
[Wei] sydder fan hys chyn ■ ychiueled for elde : 200 
As bondemenne bacon ' bus berd was yebaue, 
Witb baa hod on bia heued ■ and bus hatte bof e ; 
In a toren tabarde ' of twelve wynter &gB ; 
[But jif a lous cou|ie lepe ' I leue hit, aa y trowe, 204 
He soholde not wandre on ]*at welch - ao was hit 

I " Ich bauo bo coueitous," quaf Jia caityf ■ " Ich by- 

B know hit here. 

For som tyme ich aenied ■ aymme at fe style, 207 
And waa his prentya yplyght • bus profyt to waite. 
Fuist ich lemed to lye ■ a lesyng ofer tweye ; 
Wickedliche to woye ■ was my furat leason. 
To wy and to winchestre ' ich wente to |)e faire 
With many [maner] marcbandises ■ as my [maister] 
heghte; 212 

196. T^miM] And fiaune P. 

19T. ionterliehe} hongri HF. 
ani] an F; I on. «•] lUFS tm. 
l«rtiy hym-ielf'} Hr beru; him I; 
■yr heruf hs F. htmy — loitde^ 
hemj was hie name H. 

198. m uKuJ F ott. bgt«aromid] 
Bittur-browed F. with] whit P. 
two] tue; a I. iUiy] blered IHFS. 

199. a] 8 m. 

200. [ Wei IMF8E0] Al P. *y«] 
yi F, fekiiuled] hs chyueleda F { 
i-reueled H. 

201. A«] As B M ; And u a L 
tendtm^nne] bedemones M. 

203. WUh] Whit P. 

204, SOo. iy<m S ; alto is IMFO ; 

201. 1 

«t^} I . 

Ait] IH < 

20G. net] I am. aandre] walks 
H. oh] vp I. neitk] walk I ; wetha 
F ; clo|> O, 

206. H* faityf] fiat caitijf H ; )* 
caftif B ; heo F. - 

207. at ^] atte F ; at S. 

208. ii*] Ib p. vpfyffU] tru^a- 
plitli H. itaite] away (« S. 

209. letyitf] lee* I a—tiveye] 
and leQyng b1 tni^e U. 

210. to] for to F. tney*] wynns 
M. /iirrt] 8 om. 

211. Kj/] ^e weo M. ieh mente] 
went i F. mentt] wends B. 

212. Inmner MIFSEO] F otn. 
marrhaHditei] raarchsudtM IF. 
Imaittrr Mlt'bEG] mniatrM F. 



So hadda ^e grace of gyle * gon among my vare, im bt wm, bj 

Hit hadde ben vnaold fys seaeu jer ■ so me god heipe ! 

Ich draw me among drapers ' my donet to leme, a &• 

To drawe ^ lisure a-longe ' }e longer it semed. 2j6 uu dnpfn. hiui 

Among ^e riche rayes ' ich lendied a lesson, mh mtuon. 

To brochen hem wi'tA a batte-nelde * and bond Jiem to- Tbm i ituit in 

. ' tVttD plfVM gf 

gedeies ; UdH legMhar, 

Ich putte hem in pressours ' and pynned hem fer- wu uii uwr 

,,, ••mwd iDsgar. 

Tyl ten ^erdea] ofter twelue ' tilled out ^rettync. 220 
My wif was a webbe ■ and wollen oloji made ; xr "«• nuiu 

Hue spak to ^e spynneaters ■ to spynnen hit oute. ud ii>m lorit 19 

)}e pound Jiat hue paiede hem by ' peysed a quarter 
More Jian myn Auncel - whenne ich weied treuthe. 224 
Ich bonhte hure borliche • hue brew hit to selle, sbib^iMd 

Peny-ale and podyng-ale ' hue pouiede to-gedeis, nadi 'mivA 

For laborers and lowe folke * that laye by hem-selue. teofn. 
The beste laye in my boui * and in my bed-chambre, 
And [who] BO bommede fer-of • he bouht yt )Mr^ter, 
A galon for a grote * and jut no gray)) mesure, ■ •• 

Wbanne it cam in coppe-mel ; ' fia craft my wif vsede. u ■ gmt w 
liose ye regratour ' was hure ryght name ; 232 hw nimi i> bdm 

Hub hath ybolde hockerye ■ ^is eleuene wyntei." ti»n»itm.' 

213. i>e] F am. And I. tpy»iiettgrt] Rpinnere U, 

ai4. Imddt—vtuoldi nod be sold hit euie] here oate U ; hit «ofte F. 
T. 223. iue] IF; cf. I. 222. 

S16. Z«k drttm ma^ pm dnigh I 221. Avitcel] Kuuoer HIS, Khmuu] 

me L amanf] to F. Ifroa] lere L wenne V. ffioWj way F. 

S16. lUura'} \eman B ; liate M. 226. hue'] ache'lUFB ; 10 E ; u> in 

8ie. htm (1)] 8 mo. iatt«-nelde-\ U. 226, 233. to telle] here selaa F. 
batnedelfl I ; poknelde H ; packs- 226. F omitt. pmrede'} putte U. 
nedle BF. Smijl] byde F ; baud I. 227. T emiU. iff»e/Dlfe] loojifolo 

319. leJi] And S ; IMF ma. H. hem^eebia] hym-ailue E. 
k»m (1)] B fo*. prettrntTt] a prmt- 228. The bette] Ao >« best ale L 
Knir I. pfiuieS] pennede U ; pyiiae 229. [mho IMF3Q] FE em. 
F. >#r-y»H«] wtU-Jtme F. 230. gray^'] gret M. 

220. lyrdei IMFSE] lorde P. 231. Klnnne] Waane P. {»] on I. 
(jwlix] mUieritten twlue P ; tewlue 233. Aa(A] hadde I, *«oi*ryB] 

8. tUUd'\ m FHSE ; tolde L eut^ hakkerye F; huckustrje S. ^u] al 

hen E. ^iaV ; |iea P. alruriH!] endeleuea I ; 

S22. Btte'\ JO B ; Sohe M ; Heo F ; eolBuene H { elleue E ; ealene 8, 



"Hinfon "Eepenteat fow neuerol" qna^ repentaimce ■ "lie 

TMiiDUim p - leatitucion madest ) " 

"ir\a, ones," qaap he, "ich vas yherborwed ' witft an 
hep of chapmen ; 
"Th; Iodm Ich a-ioB and rifled here males ' whenne bei a reste 

riAadiam* ' 

pBdUn' mokfc" were. 236 

"Jiat was a reufol leetitocion" ' qua}* repentannce, 

" for Bof e ; 
Thow wolt hongy heye ^er-fore ' her o)»er in belle I 
"DUljMtn*^ Teedeet ^ow euere vaerie ■ in al Jiy lyf-tymel" 
B >• " Ifay, Bothliche," he sayde ■ " eaf in my jou)»e. 240 

lonuJwhZ'i Ich lemed among Imnbafdes ■ a lesson, and of lewea, 
•untiocUpooiB. ^^ ^gjg p^j^ ^j.y^ ^ pgj^ , j^j pared fo heuyeste, 

And lente for lone of ^e wed ' )»e whiche ich let 

And more worth ^an fe moneye ' of>er men ^t ich 

lenede. 244 

iiNiii»HiAiK leh lenede folk ^at leee wolde ' a lippe in echo noble, 
tkdtmsmf- And wUh lombardes letters ' ich lenede gold at romej 
So what bem of me borwed ' he bouhte }e tyme." 
" Lenedest }iow euere to eny lorde ' for loue of men- 

teynaimcet" 248 

" Ich hane ylent to lordes and to ladies ' fat lonede me 

nenra after. 

284. H^enUtt f«r] Bepend««tow B**. Unede] lenede or lonede P ; 

I. madeit'] iDRde F. lened ES ; leenede F ; lenta M. 

£35. h* IM] bue FS; jo Bj heo 346. UiKdey lenede or lonede Pj 

F. nitlt] among M. lonede or louede F ; lene I ; lened E ; 

236, a-roi\ ros IS ; too* F. malei\ lonede S ; lente M. tcoldel wole I. 

^are S. n] oa H ; at I ; Id E. in eehe'] oi ich ft I. 

287, fl] F mn, « rei^eT\ m vn- 246, i^A] IS am. latede] lento 

tiitful M. FM ; lene I. af] to I. 

238. honffi/'] honge MES; hsnge 247, in-n] to E; barn USF ; 
F J be hoDged I. buym I. bar-ireii] borwe M. 

239. ViedeMt txnp] YBadeatow I. 24S. Lenedett^ Lentest HF8 ; 
^on eueT«\ ener txni E ; mere H. Leueet E. ^ow] I on. tn] I on,, 

£40. he IHE] hue PS ; heo F. ^] of hia I. mente^iiatmee] mayn- 

£41. among] of F; among }ie H. tenance I. 

242. pared] pare MF. A^«(t«] 249, ytaU] lent IFS. tit] lU om. 
henjre F. (timfe\ and — ladirt] F om. mr] 

243, Unto] lene F. M jm. 



Ich haae mad meny |^a] knjght ' bo^ mercer and ihnniudi 

draper, natn^p" 

Fayeda neueie for here prentiflhode ■ nauht a payre 

J)at chaffared with mj chyueBaniice ' dieuede aelde 

after." 253 

" Now ledelich," qua^ repentaimce ■ " and hj fie rode, ■ » 

ich leyae, 
Shal Qenere ezecntoi vel by-Bett« ' pa sulaer ^t fovr "ibgHntthut 

hjm leiiest, h>Ti ddJot irith 

He ^yn ayies, as ich hope * haue loya of ]>at Jiow wan. 
Foe ^ pope and alle hus penetaoncers ' power hem 

faylle>, 256 

To a-80yle fe of |ty eynne* ■ efne restitviione ;■ ■ M 

Ifvnqtiavi dimittifur peccatum, nut restiiutUur 
"With lalse wordes and wittes ' ich haue woune my fimidtnv 

gOodeB, gnil^" hU 1m. 

And with gyk and glosynge ' gadered )>at ich haue, 
Meddled my marcbaundise ' and mad a good ■•«• 

The wetst lay with-ynne • a gret wit ich let hit. 261 

And yf my neyhjebore hadde an hyne ' ojier eny beat "ifmrBristi- 

ellys wuud, 1 Ki^ u. 

More profitable yan myn - ich made meny wentea, 

S50. leh — aad] And 1 bane mad 2a5. ayrtt] ejrea EH5 ; heirea 

If SF ; And haue y-made L [a IF; a^eres P. tean] wonne HI; 

EIHS] PF am. weldest 7. 

2G1. Paytdt] >at pnyede B ; >>Bt 2B6. .Fbr] F ma, alU] UT on. 

mads F, oM^rtf] F cm, A«ra] bis 267. ii/nnet] ijiiDe I. 

I| H ma. imhjU] nat jeue (!) F. 253. trittet] weyhteal; wjritm F, 

jKigre] payers P ; pairs I ^ peirs ieh iaug] baue 1 1. 

UFSE. S59. gyle and] S dm. gadered'] 1. 

S52. ehuffarei] chaffanni H. gadpred HI. 

ehynetaiut^e'] cheuyuaDeea I. eke- S60. monttre] maystrs S. , 

Mtde] t-ryueii H. mU«] euei F. 2S1. a\ and H. let hU] bit lelta 

25S. leytte] leas IMFSK. M ; beeld hit 8. 

2M. aaeevUr] secntour I; aeke- 262. >ltt^ T otn. kadJe] haue S. 

Umr BF. iwl] F mt. rahter] litn^ an] eny M. 
IF i Mluer IIB. tym] MF mit. 



How ich mTglit Iiaue Mt * al my wit iuh caste. 264 
And bote Ich luidde hit by [ojwr wey] ■ atte laste ich 

stal hit, 
O^r prynyliche hus pors ehok ■ mpiked has lokes. 

■ as* And jf ich jede U> ^b plouh ' ich pynchede on hus 

In p;«igfalii(, I 

■aakipiMoT holfacra, 

^t a fot londe a^r a forwe ' feccheu ich wolde, 368 
Of my neyhjeboris next * nymen of hus erthe. 
And yf y repe, ouore-reche ' o|)n- jaf hem red )iat repen 
To Bese to me with here c^kel ; Jiat ich sew neiiere, 
AtiiMM,iaiiir In halydayeaat hoIychuTche'whenneichhuidemesBC, 
■T kHH. Ich hadde neuere [wil] witerlich ■ to by-eeche roeicy 

For my mysdodes ■ fat ich ne momede ofter 274 

For lost of good, leyue me ' fien for lycames gultea. 
Jjaoh ich dedllche eynne dude ' ich dradde bit nat so 
sore 276 

As wbenne ich lenede and leyuede hit lost ■ oJ>w longe 
er hit were paied. 

■ S31 And yi [ich] sente ouer see ' my eeraaunt to bmggea, 
mrnmiMtbTKi^ Oj«r into prus ray prentys ■ my profit to a-wute, 279 

To marchaunde with monye ' and maken here escbaonge, 
Myghte neaere man comforty me * in ^ meyn tynie, 

2M. Horn'] k. how F, Aif] hyin beseche F. 
8. tcA] I Bm. 271. after'] AtUr lEB (mvnfly'). 

266. An^ F no. hadde hif] it 276. totf] lossa I. Ifyvg] mora 

hadde IFS. [0)h>i- net/ IMF8Q] ofr^a leeue I ; leef MF ; lef S. leyaa nr] 

■-way PK ; tee B-tejtt, liii. 367. by lone (1) E. l^eavut] my lioam F. 

2G6. mpiked] and Topiked IMS. S76. pa«h] Whan H. dutU] to 

S67. And—^e] &. Btto F. on] vp- ESM ; dede IF. 
on F. 277. lenede] lente lUF. Uytiede'] 

3S9. nyvun] and nymen HF. leua 8 ; M eat. e^r — -paied] or hit 

270. And] Or F. repe] le EB ; were longe TDpaJed M. 
rope F ; raape I ; ripe M. ojar] and 278. {ieh ESIFG] PM on. tee] )n 

H. ^t I'eptn,] fo EH8 ; to repe I ; w H. to] iu-(o F. brnggei] bnges 

|iat im>Q]te<( F. (Bnt ire thimid 8 ; briggea HFE. 
rather read rope, ropen, at im B-text, 279. i*-le] in I. prtfi] pmyi-lonil 

siii. S74.) I ; ipruce FB ; epruys U ; apria 8, 

ini. nnr] neHwel, • a-icaits] auaile H. 

272. In] On MS. irkmne] wenae 280. 7b] So to I. mith] wiii my 
P, nette] ^ mam E. IF. here] ^en H. eiehaunge] H- 

273. [loU IKFSE] wit Q ; P aa. changet I. 

to] forts M. to — mercy] mrrcy to S8t. man — m«] ma comforte I. 



Kei^ matyna ne masse ' ue o^ere nutnere syghtes, i k«p( thtnking 

And neuere penaimse perfonnede ■ ne ^ter-noster seyde, (du (^ptvar- 
1ha.t mj mjnde ne was ' more in tnj goodea 281 

Jnn in godes grace ■ And has giete myghte. 

Ubi theaaurue tuus, ibi [^] cor tuum." iut.Ti.ti. 

"Now redeliche," tpiaj repentaimce ■ "ich haae Tenths 

of fy lyuynge. 
Were ich a &ere, In good faith ■ for al fie gold on erthe B n 
Iclt nolde cope me with fiy catell * ne oure [kirke] fHv.'-md 

amende, 288 wi»id ^"umdi ■ 

Ne take a meles mete of fyna ■ And myn herte hit wiste '*™' "f '"'•■ 
jMt ^w were such as ^ow Beiet ; ■ ich aholde ra^re 

Mdiut est mori quam male uinere. 
Ich rede no Mthfnl fiere ■ at >y feste eytte ; 291 >^ 

Jnt were me leuere, by onre loid • lyne by welle-carBe[9] 1 1 ii»i nuhn 
jMn hane my fode and my fyndynge ' of false menne »«»• tbu 

ncalri jBooty cot 

wynnynges : br duwinf. 

Seruua e» alierivs ' cum feivola pinguia quarts, 
Pane tuopoHus ■ ttescere, liber eris. 295 

Thow art an vnkynde creature ■ ich can f e nat aasoyle 
Tyl f>ow hane ymad, by ^y myght ' to alle men resti- ■•• 

tacion ; 
; alle ^at he 
Bee|> holden at fe bye dome ■ to belpe the restitue. 299 jom miuiP'iiiiut 

282. ■#] notxr B. o\iera] no I, faitthful P. 

283. Aad^ Ne lU. pater-neitar] £92. Jut] Hit M. Ij/va'] lene bI L 
H cm. earui KG] oirsua 3 ; carse P ; kermu 

284. (»] oa MF. goodtM] gooita, F; orawes L f^mi — cawt] sta 
in a dowte I. water^orasses M. 

286. i»] on P. godel grate] |rt 293. my (3)] F om. /j/ads/nge] 
gnoe of my god I. AiuC] or in H ; fedyng H. M«nii«] maHiies I ; menca ' 
or of F ; and hi L mygKU^ trewjie M. 
F. mi} Vbl •« M. [^ MFK] 
PSIQ em. fviMi] tuum est H. 

286, tci] I om. ieli^rtKtke] I 
iBWB F. fl/] on I. 2S9. JwH Ben EM ; li IFS. 

£88. *ol<U] ut wolde IM. {ijrfo kaldun] i-holda H ; haldyDg T ; hold- 
nCF] ohurohB PS ; ehurehea E. yng F. rtttitve] lo reatitue S ; re- 

390. paf] And F ; I «ni. Rtituen E. 

- 291. m] tat no E. /aiH/,1] 



Bimk* tHtiLDtiDn ' The pKeat fat pj tythe takeji ■ trowe ich non ojwr, 

Shal parte with Jie in purgatorie ' and help paye fy 
dette, 301 

Tf he wist fow were auche ■ when he reaeyuyde Jya 
Pi. 11. s What lede lejaeb bat ich lye ' loke in be sauter glosed 

a».Tni«.). ,, ' ., , ,., ... 

On ecee eatm ueniaiem auexisti. 

Ther he ehal wite witeiliche ' what vsuie is to mene. 
And what penaunce ]*e preet ehal haue ' ])at piout is of 
. [fitytlies]. 305 

For an hore of hnre era-wynnynge ■ may haidiloker 

■ tythe 
Jjan an eirauni vanrer ■ (haue god my treuthe !) 
And eieat ahal come to heaeue - by cryet )iat me made ! " 
A •» BM Then was fier a walishman ' was wonderlicbe sory, 309 

He highte ' jyuan jeld-ajeyn ' if ich ho moche haue, 

Al ))at ich wickeddehch wan ' sytthen ich [wit] hadde 

And ])auh my Mode lacke ' leten ich nelle, 

)}at ech man ehal haue has ' ei ich hennes wesde. 

For me ys leoere in this lif ■ as a lorol beggen, 

)Mn in l^se to lyue ' and leso lyf and aoule.' 

Boberd fe ryfeler • on reddiie lotede, 

And for y«r waa nat whet-with * he wepte ful sore 



300. Tliel Je )>e I. ta&t|>] took I. 
troK»\ ne trnvre M. 

301. paye'] to pale MFS. 

SOa. twnt] jiat )>ow M. )vA«»] wen 
P. ke\ H nm. reieyvydB] rece^uelli 


R04. Ther] And >er I, 
Bobal he I ; le mowe H. 

805. irW] 1 oia. provf] pnit K ; 
proud MIF8. [H tythei] (li ti)>ua F ; 
tfl tethes P ; >e te)« B ; hU UJiee 
MB ; ^. 1. 800. 

SOe. Fpt — iryntiyngel & for pu. 
teyneB of hero yud wynnyng E. 
K-j/imsngr] V om. 

SOT. a» «rrannt] acomNiieJ!; an 
itic) I. 

309, KaluhnaH'] walsch man IF ; 
walaman H. 

&10. fff'] liiTS <m, iyuait]nnan 
1UF8. w-A] I OB. 

81 1. man'] gat M. lirit 0] witt E ; 
wyt B ; witte I ; hit PMF. kaddt] 

812. X>uf] P om. lelen] lyuen S. 
nelle] ne wile U ; wills (I) F. 

318. pat] & F. timq oe «chs1 I. 

814. thU] my F. 

S15. lyw] liking F; bliwe B. 

816. rj/feter] riflere J« F, 

817. \,er} ^at ]:er S. nat] niw I. 
fill] wondw" 1 1 *el M. 



And jat ^at syurul shrewe ' seide to heuene, tion, ud pnjtd 

" Criflt, fat on caluarya ■ on Jie croys deidest, -chrin, tnu ' 

Tho Dismos my bro)ier ■ by-souhte fe of grace, 320 „ t^, aam. 
And haddeat- mercy on fat man ■ for memento sake, 
So rewe on me, Kobeid ' ^t reddere ne haue, hn« awtj apea 

Na neuen wene to wyune ' with craft {tat ich ~ 

For fj mudiel mercy ' mytigacion ich by-sedie, 324 
Dampne me nouht at domya day^or ]>at icb dude ■•• 

BO ille." 
Wbat by-fel of }a felon * ich can noubt faiie shewe ; whuxMUMof 
Wei icb wot be wepte iiute ' water witb bus eyen, yMinwnitMni, 
And to crist knowlechsde * has coape jat eft-aone, 328 
PaX penannoe bos pyk-staf ' be wolde poliache newe, 
For he hadde leya by latro ' lucifera aunte. 
" By fe rode," qnaf repentannce ■ " )iow romeat toward t 

benene, 331 

By so )>at hit be in fyn herte ' as ich hure )iy tonge. 
Trist in bis mochel mercy * and ]ut myght ^w be 

For al be wieccbednesae of bis worlds ■ and wickede ■ »• 

dedes Ood'i maiCT Ilk* 

Fan]* as a fbnk of fayi ' )iat fnl a-myde temese, is tn* nmJ^'- " 

And deide for a drop of water ; ' so dof alle synneg 
Of alie manere men ' fat with good wille 337 

818. Aiid jtft] Ac H j Ao jH I. 3S9. pmaimet] repeotaDoe L he] 

teide W] latde to the I ; orieda vp to H om. pcIuoA« J palache F8. 
U, to imMM] witi aoor berte F. 330. lucifart] was Inoifen F. 

880. WjouL 332. Bjf] MF m. t-at—bt] |»>u 

821. Ml] Tpon I. meneitto'] me- haue tt F; hit be 5. hwe] here 
UMtto hli L IH73. fiy] in M F. 

822. M— AtfimT] vcon Robert I. S83. aitS] an P. myght Jim] >«w 
aS8. ivUA] wit P. ert^] verk F. my^t HI ; mftislow F. 

inamg BDf FB] mitwrUtm kowe P. S31. nreechednatte] wrecoheds F. 

835. |Mt] H «M. S36. a\ F on. fOHk] Bonka I. 

826. ^ on P. yWyr] |>e fnyra F. fvf] fll IF. 

827. ivUA] wit P. «r«a] yea I ; 386, And deidt\ Deie^ M. /irr] 
yen B. wi[> I. ^] I on. w] and bo H. 

838. la — ]mOKleeliadt\ knowleohed 837. nfft] of men I ; men of moolda 
to iriit I. iM ooiifM] In cue P. F. nnti] witft a F ; iTit> a H. 



Coofesseo hem and crien mercy ' ahulleii neuere come 
in helle. 

Omjiia iniquitaa guoad miaerieordiam dd ett 
quati aintiUa tn medio maria, 
Sepente y> anon," qua]) repeDtanace * ryjt ao to )« 


"And hane bus meicy in fiy mynde ' and maicliaim- 

diae,Ieuehit; 340 

Pot Jnfw haeL no good, by good faith ! ' to by^e y> 

vidi a wHstall. 

■ The good ))at Jiov haaest ygete ■ by-(pn al with fiJa- 

Ab longe as ^w lyiiest ))er-wiU) ' ^ow jeldest nat, bote 

And yf ^ow wite neuere to wham * ne where [to] 

TCBtitne, 344 

Bere hit to Jie bischop ' and bid hym of hue grace, 
To by-eetten hit hym-aelue • as beet be for J»y sonle ; 
For be ehal answeie for |)e ' at )ie bye dome, 
For ^ and foi meny mo ' ^at man sbal jeue rekenynge, 
What he lerede ;ow to lyue with ' and to lette )ov &o 

Jjufjie." 349 

oiiitton loM to If ow by-gynnefi gloton ' for to go to ebryfte. 

And kayiea hym to-kiifce-ward ' hue coupe to shewe. 

88S. orlfii] erien him L erien 344. {to lUFSQ] >ow iholde P; 

■lerey] mrrcy orie F. Jiou ahalt E. 

339. ryit—vmrerl A rut bo go to 8*5. ]ie] thy I ; [.i M. hid IMF] 

■chrifta F. to\ IG mn. to )>»] \,mi & bide PS ; bldde B. 

840. PE plaee haue ^ter mjnde, 346. he] is H. f>y] >e BH. 

leae Ait] >ou leue F. 348. JMt — j»0] he lohal make F. 

841. hatf] DB hMt M. hyl in F. relteitynge} a rehenyng I. 

hygge] gete I ; tkit imprwet the 319. lerede] lefte F ; lemsde KS. 

aUiteration, hvt appeari ratlier to and to] & F ; to H. t't(fPe] |)efte 

beUmg ta tlie next line. >«] B on. JFS ; ajnna M. 

S42. Z^]For)>eI. yfstejgetel; 361. iayrei] oariej) M; osn«t I; 

getsD H. faliiede] EitnieaBe H ; kaiytiti B. iirjU IMF] cbnrchs PBS 

false S. (iviieh tivei th« allUerativit). Mvpf] 

343. Al] And as t. hate] bote eynnea U. 
^ow P ; hut IHF8E Mtit |)0w. 



Faetyng oil a fiyday * forth gan he wciide 352 but sn uh mj 

Bjr betone hoos ]w brewestore ' ])at bad hjm good bmnivhuUi 

morwe, °" 

And whoderwarde he wolde ■ J»e braw-wif hym asked. 
"To holy cbuTchB," quaf he ■ "for to hnro masse, 355 

" Ich haua good Ale, godsyb ■ gloton, wolt fow asaaye 1 " li^J^^ 
"Wbat hanest Jww," quaf he ■ "eny bote spices)" 
" Icb haae piper and pionys ' and a pound of garlik, 
A ferthyng-worth of fynkelsede ■ for fastinge-daies." 
Thenne go^ gloton yn ' and grete ofies after. 361 oiMtongcMiD. 

Seese }o sywesteM ' sat on )ie benche, ti»>«nprtn^ 

Watte f6 v&rynere ' and bus wif dtonke, Tom iha unker, ' 

Thonun« f^ tynkeie ' and tweye of bos kuaues, 364 
Hicke [^e] bakeneyman ■ And bouwe fe neldere, a si 

CLaryce of cockealane ' tbe clerk of p» cburche, dwitr, Hush uh 

Syre peeies ot piydie • and pnmel of flanndres, ci«im rfoC* 

An bayvarde and an heremyte ■ J)e hangeman of ^^'^^^ 

Daawe J« dykere * with a dosen harlotes fimj.™. 

Of portouis and of pykeporses ' and pylede tojj-drawers, 

555. Mene'] betone (>r beteoe P ; igweiterr] gowestar E; sewestare H; 
betoDH B ; betouiM I ; betonns FS ; seweetre S ; soustere F ; Soutera L 
betenei K. 363. wargiurr^ warner IMFSR. 

364. brerp-iv\f'\ goode wif B. 364. tineya — Aiii] and his twelue 

855. lb] Go to (ivreiigly) 8. he} M ; & hU two F. 

be t« F. /er—hKre'] to here my I. 365. [[<« IMFSQ] PE m». ,■ tee 1. 

556. ftlirime»] jaohreaea P. STB. AokimJ howe I ; have H ; hue 
tjfnwt] 10 in PS ; tptge MF ; synny B ; herny FB, ^] biii S. n^ldara] 
X ; Bynne I. Dedelere HFIS ; nedlera E. 

8B7. gcdtryb—^en] qiuxl heo ^o ■ 366. eofAwIflfK] coklane E ; kuok- 

gode gonip F. |>air] M (m, lulone M. the\ and ^ IH. 

868. What^ What herke T;lem. 367, peerai—prydie] perannt [« 

359. yicnyi] pjonye I ; pyonis pniwda F. 

qi«»d heo F. ^ I n™. 368. and] IF <no. 

S60. ferthjptf} fertheng P. fyn- 868. I mitt, deten'] iotejn at U. 

let] (mkel I; fenel HF ) fynel S. 870. H mn. imJ {l)] F m». qf\ 

iaiei] dajea y boght it I. I mi, pyluportet] pjkeporeMia P ( 

861. 7%0«ii«] h )mui F, and] on pikporeet E ; pyke-puiw 16 ; pike- 

P, pun F, and (2)] of F ; and of I. 

362. aeue] Ceue IMS ; & M«a F. 



■ riubfrpiirw. ■ A lybibour and a latoner ■ a lakere and bus kaaoe, 
nun; Dtbacm, A ropcTe and a ledyngkynge * and rose ^ disshere, 373 
QinttoB. Godefray pe garletmongera ■ and giifiyn fw valisli ; 

And of vp-holdera on hop ■ eriy by (te morwe 

Geuen gloton wiUi glad cbere ' good ale to hausele. 
ciHuniih* Clemment be cobelere ' cast of bos cloke, 376 

buuruaehMk, And to ^ novo fayro * nempned hit to stJle. 
himiiiMWhii Hicke )ie bakeneyman ' hitte bus bod after, 

And bad betto [^] boacbere ' to be on bus syde. 

Ther vere cbapmen y-cboae - )» chaEEare to preise ; 380 
s ** ))at be }iat badde \% bod ' sbolde nat babbe Jie cloke ; 

J)e betere pyng, by arbytonta ■ sbolde bote )« worse. 
Hwo iw« of x^o rysen raplicbo ' and ronnede to-gedera, 
tofKhm, ud And preysed fe penyworthes ' apart by hem-seine, 384 
diipntod. And )ier were o)>es an bepe ' for o^er sbolde haue ^ 


))ei couthe noubt by here conscience * Srcorde for treuthe, 
Bohin ih. Tyl Hobyn fe ropere ■ aryse fei bysoubto, 

A •• And nempned hym a nompeyi ' ]iat no debate were. 

™i> teddtd thu Hicke Jie bakeneyman ' badde ^ Cloke, 389 

Sidoiold*" ^ conenaunt Jfat clemment ■ sbolde Jie coppe fylle, 
uTboodm?!!]] -^^ haue {m hakeneymannes hod ' and bold bym 
"" "P- y-flerued ; 

STl, 373. B emit* latt Italf iff L 381. )u fuit] who so I, 

an, andfirH iU{f </J. 872. 882. p«] & |wt >e I. arftptowr*] 

BTl. and (1)] IMF oai. arbitroun HIFS. 

872. ropere] ropere or repere P ; 883. Tmo ryttii] po lysen two F ; 
dut>e«l. 387. unJ (1)] UF on. Twejiie sriaeD M; To risen vp 1. 

873. H" (1)] ^ ^^- triff^'] grU- raplicAel rape I, 
fltb IS. Kotui'] valoche EFIU. 384. )ie] (liie I. 

37*. erly} harly P. 386. And^ M om. /«■ o>er] for 

375. glal] good M. elure lUFSE] on IS ; for ood F ; for ^ oiier E ; 

ehire P. geod 1MB] goud PS. foorf whe>er M. 

— ianuW] galonvi of ate F. Jkiw- 388. a] for a T. nompeyr'] nonn- 

mIb] ansele P. pare F. 

B76. ClmnmtiU'i )>o dement F. S89. kateneyvmnl hostiler I. 

37S. [ix IMF8B] P «». *o] MF 
380. n»r'] po F. )>«] H* I- 



And who repentyde rajteat - shold atyee after, 392 

And grete Byre gloton ■ with a galon of ale, 

per was lauhyng & lakeryng ' and ' let go ^e coppe I ' xim cwh miuh 

Baigejnes and beuereges - by-gunne to aiyse, dtinkinf.uii 

And sotyn so til euasong rang ■ and songe Tmbwhyle, ,wrtiowtd mm 

Til gloton hadde yglobbed ' a galon and a gflle. 397 

Hus guttea gonne godely ■ aa two gredy sowea ; 

He pisaeda a potell ■ in i. paUr-noeter while, uiuii»«iim 

And blew hus rounde rawet ' atte rygbones ends, 400 

|)at alle Jnt herde |)at home - hulde here noee after, 

And wusched hit hadde be wexed ' with a wipg of bierea. 

He myghte no^m- stappe ne stonde ' tyl he a staf bv« 

^^de. •tud.udniiud 

Thanne gan he go " lyke a glemannea bycche, 404 ,umm'iMii 

Som tyme asyde ' [and] som tyme a-rere, A •> 

An ho so laith lyues * for to lacche fonles. otiiiiihihcui« 

And whenne he diow to ^e dore ' ^anne dynuned bus osm. 

eyen ; 407 

He [tbramhled] at pe fireshefold ' and ^rew to |)e erthe. HotumbMtt 

S9Z. «ho] he Ixtt E; wbo bo I; iOl. |>at O] ^n P; )« W FB ; 

whow H. Ta^tit'\ him ra)>er I. hit B. >mm] nostu F ; Timea U. 

398, niM] whit P. of] MFSE 102. hW] t>at hit F ; IMF8E vmit 

CM. ya.i. Keaed] i-vejed U ; jiraxed B ; 

891. lamkyng] la^ynge S ; lawyog wuche I. tBipt\ wepa E ; boflk U. 
If ; hanlyng (nc) BlT la}uryng\ la- lOS. vtyghte] ne myit E. <io)iffr] 

kTTDg E : likeryns M9 ; lowriiig I. uat )>o DOw)iHr F. ne] to in IMBE ; 

^ lalterji*g'] alowd F. ne m* no P ; no F, tto»de\ gtonade 

896. to oryw] )io to wake I. F. a] big L 

396. ^iMri Nl H. K^vii] (0 PE 1 104. riUtiUM] And jwuie IF. A«] 

uten M ; nttun S ; sele F. rang] I hna P ^lerimglji). 

«m, vmtieiylt] Tmbwjle P ; vmbi- 106. aiyAt] uyde ■ nUl (1) P, 

while UIB ; Tnbiwhila F ; eche {end lUFS] FE om. n-m-B] m> f« 

wbDe 8. tke rett ; a-ryre P. 

897. hadde\ adde P. lOfi. At\ Has P. loitA] letd 8. 
398. godeltl <0 PS ; to gosely I; lywi] l;meg F. lacehe^ oacobe H ; 

godele M ; to go>el E. Siu—godtlg] take 7. 

t«t his guttus godeled F. tne FtJJ 107. nhenne^ wenne P. 

tno I ; to (/«■ two) PH ; ^e E. 108. ^e] And I. {tkrumiled 1} 

gredy] grata B ; hoDgry S. thromlide Q ; trobled F ; trobelode 

400. Aim] He I. hut] ^ E. S ; Btomblede PE ; stomlede H. 

reieet EO] rjwett P ; Tjuet IH ; £iit lee A-tait ^eii^oU] firai;- 

ruet FS. afCe] at )« E ; at his wolde M ; treilifold E. ^rm SIF] 

HIF8 1 atle fe F> f>r«i P ; ^"^ l>ii>> M ; draw B. 



th( thntiKiid, Tho Clement ^ cobelere ' cauhto hyia by pe mydel, 
cugbi hiu ud Foi to lyfte hy m on loft ' he [leyde] hym oa liiu knees ; 
Ac gloton was a gret chetl ' and groiiyd [in] po liftynge, 
tonrUchMTTic* And couhed rp a candel ' in clementes lappe ; 412 

Ya non bo hongry hounde ■ in hertfbrde-ehire, 
|>at JtOTst lape of [jtat] leuynge - oo vnloueliche hit 
BUBiikpotiibD With al Jk wo of ^e worlds ' hue wif and hua wenche 
•bpt lU s^urJoT Bere h jm to hus bedde ' and bronhte hym ber-ynne ; 

ud BbbiIii;. • • • ■ 

And after al |)iB excesse ' he hadde an accidie, 417 
He slep Baterday and sonday * tyl sonne jede to leste. 
TbRi fai woki Thenne awakyde he wel wan ' and wolde hane ydronke ; 
wbin um cuh The ferst word fiat he spak ' waa " ho halt }» bolle 1 " 
B ii Hus wif and hya inwit * edwited hym of hua aynne ; 

HidriAud Hb wax a-shamed, ^at ahiewe ' and shrof hym al-ao 
Mbak* him. awithe 422 

To repentannce ryjt Jina; ' "hane lentbe on me," he 

" )}ow lord fat on loft art ' and alle lynea ebope I 
" I HHiftM ihu To fe, god, ich gloton ■ golty me jelde 
Mih., Of my trespaa with ttinge ■ ich can nanht telle how 

oft«, 426 

*09. M-J] And I. *17. M«] hU M. «e«ms IMP6K] 

410. -Fbr] And for 1. V] I om. eicmsoa P. aeeidie] acceaaa aft*r I. 
- lUyde I] leide MFO ; ledde PES. lit—arHdie'] an aoi^dle be ludde P. 

Aw] B om. *18. KHHie'] (>e Kxme I. 

411. ehrrl] clerk (I) 8. grencd] 419, taimkjide A«] be awakede H ; 
•greued I. [in IMSQ] on FB. ^e\ ptn he wake I. i«sr] ful F. mm] 
bu B. in—liftj/nge^ aa he lifte F. E mn. 

*12. And] He M. eoa/ufd] bou.- 420. |ia( Ae] )» freak F. iatf] 

bed FS ; cowed I. elemeittei'] de- ha> H. Iu> halt] HI HI F. 
ment 8. 421. Ay»] ys P. hut] F om. 

413. Tt]paH:frieF. hertforde^ 422. BomiU, (»< Mreir* j ^erwilb 
berfonlea E ; herforde H. F. and] an P ; be I. al-to\ aa 

414, pat] IFS nm. >iir«] dorgt IM, 

Ei Dorste S; durste IM ; Darat F. 423, Aaw] ha P. iw] of F, 

lape] to FIMFS; Inppe B. [^ot 424. lyuei] |>yiig U. 

IMFSEG] fie P. vnloHeliche.] vn- 425. ma] iohmo PB ; i me M ; iwt 

aemelioh ij, ISF omit ioh, wAuvA «miiu twptr- 

416. fre (2)] fiiB L hu* (1)] t-e E. /ii™«. 

416. to] in-to M. )>^-ynn«] witA- 42R. tay froK^ji] ^t I haue tm- 

yone F. past I, Kitk] of mj F ; v)> my 8. 


PASS. Vn.] ABD TOWS auhtduent. 119 

Swonn ' fy sank sad [fy] ajAea ' • and ' bo help me, 

God abajghby ! ' 
Wben fai no ned ma ' many tyme Ealslichn. 428 

And ouerflopede at my Boper ■ and aom tyme at nonea •"! ii»*t b» 
More pan my kynde ' myghte wel defye ; ■ «3t 

And as an honnde ^at et gras ' so gan ich to brake, 
And spilde ^at ich [spele] myght« * ich can nonht mn 

Bpeke for ahome 432 

The Tylenye of my foule moa^ * and of my foule maire. 
On faatingdais by-fbie none ' ich fedde me with ale, i druk twnir* 
Out of lesou, a-mong lybaudes ■ here lyhaudrye to diji. 

HeiM}^ good god ' gcannte me foi^enenaBae, 436 

Of al my lu^er lynyng • in al my lyf-tymo. 
For ich a-rowe to veirey god * for honger ofer for a«« mvm 

^Qine, tootanw 

Shal aeueie fiah on fiyday ■ defye in my wombe, *"""'^""'' 

Tyi abstinence myn aunte * haue jeue me leae, 440 
And )at haue ich hated hare - al my lyf-tyme," 

Hie ea^liett paami 8»piimus. 

437. Bvorm] Swore b; B. [fiy — wiyg^t] 1 in;jte haoB l-ipwed M. 

SQ] H H ; PS on. [f— jy<£«] ipeie) tells H. 

pxIdM wMile and hit ddeB I ; (oule 434. On] And I. bf-fert] afon 8, 

& Bidoi F. *xdeii ude E. and (3)] ieh] I em. •>'UA] whit P. 

F «■*. to'] alM> H. «4] M MI. 4S5. rj/bauJiye'] tH»\xdye IP. 

123. WAa* ^at] per I ; Wen fat kuyre] here HVL 

P. nei M8] nede IFK| nud P. 438. Ser-afi Now here.of F. 

«Mu] ne was I. tye'] BJthea I. good] E ml fravttie] gif F. 

menf—fiililicke] (alsl; man; a tjms 437. al (1)] 8 mn. lynyn;] Iff I. 

F. 438. a-wnte] yowe I; afowe E, 

429. «Me«] <mM 8F. /or ())] for eoy I. o^] ne II. 

- - -r(2)fl<»». 

439. 0)*] on )?e L WMiif] maw* 

429. nonet] <mM 8F. /or ())] i 

430. JVoiv] Huohe more F. /er (2)J I 
ignde] mawe F. iwl] I rat. 439. on' 

431. «( U] ete <a mn-M veiling-) 
PB i eteth IFS (et U eontraettifrtm 
ilatli). to] H o». 

432. i}>i2ii«] Ipilte 8. [f^b IF8] 
^ide P ; q>el7d Q ; aapelld E. i«k on. 

PB i eteth IFS (et U eontraet»d/rem 440. mm] t.^e H. 
elatli). to] H om. 441. Aaw« itrA] ;ch hane S. 

432. tpiUt] ipilte 8. [f^b IFB] CoLOFBOH. ISM mlt. £ia] EF 



PASSU8 Tin. 
Incipit piutus octauut. 



Iho cam eleuthe al by-slobered * with two slymed 


" Icli most dtte to be ahiyuen," qnath he * " or elles 

filial ich nappe. 

MbwouibKto Ich may nouht atonde ne stoupe ■ ne with-oute stoule 
•MDlnrnaiip. , ". 


Were ich brouhte in my bed ' bote my taylende hit 

made, 4 

Sholde no tyngynge do me tyee ' tyl ich wen lype to 

Hitaaia JBenedieite he by-gan with a bolke ' and hua bieet 

pnv«^ knokede, 

Baacled and remed ' and routte at }« laste. 

" What B-wake, lenk," qua)) repentaunce ' " rape the to 
ahryfte ! " 8 

. TnxE. Sa alia in F ; Hie Inoipit stoole I ; stool S ; stole EF ; ttol H. 
paHoa ootauus de uisione H ; Passus i. bete'] but if I. tayUnde'] *o I; 

nptimnsde vEsione I. tailendeH; telendeES; Ufl-eendeF. 

Obs. From thU point BTUBard, only 6, ryK^yt^o] Y\aso 1; o^ Vyog 

ooosaiODftl readingt are given frim F, B. ryte'] to riaa I. 

1. mtK\ wit P. (tw FSS] tuo I ; 6. »ri(4] wit P. a] H am. 
to PH. MlymecT] Ajmy M. 7. Ratcled] Bailed I ; Ha nxlede 

a. thryMMt E] shryue PSI ; 1- M ; Rasled B. reiitu'\ rutt« M j 

aoluiuen U ; qf.V 28. qnath Ae] I route IB ; roatede SF. ^e] S bm. 
<m. «A«Ii«A]iBoluaMiBcholdiI. 8. tCbit] Wat P. rani] >eDke E ; 

S, tttfuU] nat wel I. ttande"] ^uk M. rope] and rape I ; rake E. 
■toDnde P. vUk] whit P. *twle'\ 



"Sholde ich deye," qnath he, "by ^ daye ' ich drede 
meson, 9 

loh can nonht porfTtliche my pater-nosUr ■ as ^e preat ■ to 

Ich can lymes of robTti hode * and of Bandolf, erl of ^^ ,„ ^^ 

Ac of onre lord ne of outc lady ' )>e leat ^at euere was 

maked. 12 

Ich haue a-Towed Towee fourty * and forjut hem a 

Ich paifonmed nenere penansce ' ^at ft pieest me •inn«r 

hihte, pwuHM rifUi}'. 

Ke ryjt soiy for my aynnes ' ich Bey neuere )ie tyme. 
And ich bidde eny bedis * bote bit he in wratthe, 16 
That ich telle yiith my tnnge - ya ten myle &o my faerte. 
Ich am ocupied eche day ' baly day and ojier, i ub iiirv* 

"With ydel tales atte nala ' and o^«r-whyle in churches ; idw uia. 
Codes pyne and hns passion ' is pore selde in my 

thoohte. 20 

Idi visited nenere feble man ■ ne feterid man in 

Ich hadde leuere huyre of harlotiya ' oter of a lesyng ihidHioHT 

to lanhen of, ihuauthitnar 

Ojwr lacke men, and lykne hem ■ in Tnlykynge manere, '" "™^ 

». JCMAiicA] Ifiiehuldel. guath 19. atte ««2g] at )« Dsle EF; at 

Jb] I ne mi^ B ; I PM. m] me n t« >>« l^- "'V'] ^7^ P- *"] t 

P i me fnl H ; bia IB8F ratit k> or EM. eituniAM] obirahe H. 
tOL 20. ptne] pejiM IH. it] hii P. 

10. leffY] 'Vy K ; V'Vp lUBF. mU« IHSE] Mllde P. thoiMe] 

11. mU] HSF 0M. «rt] t» erl herta MF. 

BF. 21. «irif«i HFI] vinted P ; Tisided 

IS. m] or BF. )>g] nat ^ B B. /eUe] seek H. «uM>i»}>rtt<m«] 

(wAmA JnprPMj Ue y rannor). fnlk witA gyuM F. 

13. a-tened vdivm] a-fowed fouwea 22. ktiyre] hare E ; here IBF ; to 
B. a] on H. here H. of (1)] an L Aorlofryg] 

14— IS. U «mitt. harletrre P ; (m 1. 76. ^ (2)] IHB 

14. jta^ntmAfJ parfonned EB. mi. 

ftitamee'] penanncei I. 28. Otier'] And M ; Or to I. mm] 

15. jymMi] sjnne B. B dm. and] or to 1. IfkHt] llkene 
K. iot«] bat if I. IH ; liken S. 

IB. MA«]l(ihaI; eohe a F. 


1 23 SLOTH IB A PBnST, BUT OimOT 81K0. [PA88. Vni. 

))an al ^t enera marc made ■ msUiea, lohaii, other 
Incas. 24 

Tigiliea and hAjngdxyea ' ich can fbr-jete hem AUe. 
!■ L—t, I n* Icti liffge a bedde in lente ' my lemman in mrn annes, 

I- V-l .III "" 

It ow. Tyl matjuB and meeae be don ■ |iea haoe ich a memorie 

atte Frereii 
■ •• Ich am nonht ahirnen aom tvme ' bote ajkneese hit 

ImariDlnB , 

■imtMaiB make, 28 

'™* Nonht tw7e8 in ten jer ■ ^t tel ich nauht fe halaen- 

vi»^>>B Ich bane be preet and penaa • paasyng ^erty winten^ 
in^i $ni can ich nofwr aolfye ne aynge ' ne a eeyntes lyf 

brtimtBia Ac ich can fynda in a felde ' and in a forlang an hare, 
And holden a knyjtea cotut * and a-counte wttA fe 
reyno; 33 

Ac ich can noubt eonstiTB [catoon] * ne cleigiallicbe 
I iBr(«t wM I ¥f ich bygge and borwa onht ' bote hit be y-tayled, 
Ich for^te [hit] as }eme ' and yf eny man bit aake^. 
Size sithe o^ eeaeue ' ich fot-sake bit witA o^ ; 37 
ThoB haoe ich tened Irowe men * ten bondred tymes. 
ikHpi>adBT And Bom tyme my aeroaona ' here salaiye is by- 

•WTuI^ wtgm. 


at. lakai^^lufa*) Lao or Ion U. 83. a] E nt. t«} & B. reyiiej 

SS. foT-^ HBFjfor-jetM I; for- reoiiB U ; reoe lESF. 

0e E ; for-jnte P. 34. etnutrj/t'] coiwtnia 18. {emtimn 

28. JeA] And IH8EF. aty] aod HI] oaooD PES ; F Mt. rwfea] hit 

my IS. lemman IIIEF] lemnuDiw reda IC. 

8 ; mitieritU% lemen P. 3G. ati^ or JI. mU] it I. iote'] 

ST. anil or I. dim\ bI don 8. bat lif S ) bat if I. y-teytefj eo- 

i0l] t Ml. tU^ at H. tarlld 8F. 

58. I mtti, and tran^Mti 11. S6 86. /rr-iHe IF] for-Mte H ; Hot' 
ami 27. ikrru*\ jBDhrynm at B. n*« BSj tar-inte P. [At< HIT80] 
■wJb] made E3. FE on. ojiaf] uke ISF. 

59. }>tf] and tnn I. ^>] M om. 38. 7t«(] And ^oi I. fMMd U 
30. patf*g fvrfy] almost tweotl ES] tuned P. Anw— («iMi] 1 tene r. 

H. BO. *»i — Mertuunu] mj Mrnaonta 

81. w>Hr] Doat H. *»I)V] mU> torn tyme L «ilarya SBIF] nleira 
B ; M>lfe IMS. P i wlanie U. u] hia p. 

82. /v^aa;] m PIE; foriong Ha 



Reatlie ys to hnyie ^e lekenyng ' 'whenne 'we sh.alle^ 
rede a-countea, 10 

jMt wttA so wicked wil ' my w«rkiiien ich payo. 
If eny man dob me a byn-fet * ober helpeb me at inqmMi 

. ' ' wlU. ..-bl 

Ich am Tnkynde ajeyns courtesye * ich can nat vnder- ■■] 

Btonde hit. 43 

For icli haus and baue had ' Boindel haukea maneras, 
Ich am nat lured wttA loue ' bote ouht lygge vndei 

pe k}iidcnosse )iat myit omcristeRe ' bydde roe fern ifbrsatth* 


jcrc, 46 dots i». 

Syxty sithe icli elcuthe ' baue for-jute bit sitthe. 
In epeclio and in sparyng of apeche * yspilt [many] 

BoJk flesh and eke Fish * and vitaile ich kepte so longe, 
Til echo lyf hit lo^edo ■ to lokye fer^a, ofer nuylla 

hit, 50 

Bo^e bied and ale ' botere, melke, and chew iwHtoBmb 

For«Ieathe[d] in my seruice ■ [and] sette hons a fayre. 
And jcde a-bowte in my jontbe ' and jaf me to no 

)>edom, 63 

And sitthe a be^ere haue y-be ■ for my foule aleuthe ; 
Heu miehi, quod aierUem ' duxi uitam iuueailem I " 

40. yt]hUiiB. Akyrrt] hen tH. P;mrB. tyMCj] time UO. 

^] I «M. RAenne] wenne P. 49. fieik'\ In flesoh B. JtiJl] in 

41. pot— m] So wit I- im-iinM] flMhe B. viteU«] Titaytes IHij. 
mi»*mtte» workman P. ieK] ISF om. 

42. byi^et] bieufet I ; twDfeet H ; 60. aelul eclie a F ; »»( mKBE 
benefet B ; benfst B. tuds IMF6R] omit a. \U'\ H on. ttnylU] m PE ; 
nude P. amolls lUS ; amel F. o^er—kitl at 

43. ttiejpu] mieln his I. ieK] and at his neao Emelle H. 

I. WMivrtfMxfoj vnderstonnde P. 61. ani\ an P. nelke'\ t tueUM 

44. hoi] rhsde B ; l-had H. E. 

mumtm] fenu F, S8. /br-tbutJM IF] Far-BlBw|>ed 

4B. raU lyf^s] >«r ligge oght I. U ; FoT-ilew)7d Qt ; For-ileatlia PE 

>0wfr(r] )« ><niibe IS. S ; tM B-text. [mtd HIFBO] PB 

46. «M«riftmw] anenoristen L for» Mt. itoiu] ^ hoQS 8 ; an bous I ; 
\»re\ Set to lere M. houses U. 

47. AaMjE AM. 69. (>«(<<<>• HIFSB] Jiedsnt P. 
4B. [many FS] many a MQj myu 



A.«« "B«peTitQ fe," qoaji repeutauuce ' [and] lyjt witA ))at 

■niBtq^ bat he awouned, 66 

um. Til vigilate pe veille ' rette wat^r at bus e^ren. 

And flatte on hos foce ' and fast on hyiu criede, 
MiiMdt Un And Heide, " war &o wanhope ■ Jat wol Jw by-traye. 

' Ich am sory for my eynnes ' ■ Beye to f y-eelue, 60 

And bet |iy-Belue on )ie breet ' and bidde god of grace ; 

B •• For fer [is no giltfl bo gret] ' ^at hue goodnesee ne ya 

In «;|tt«a Jjanne eat slenthe vp ' and eeynede bym ofte, 63 

biniHi^ And mode a-TOw« by-for god ' for bos foule sleutbe, 

ud mni bi " Sbal no Boneday bis seuene ler be ' bote sycknesse hit 
■o (faoRfa atij make, 

' jMt icb ne sbal do me or daye ' to ^ dere cburcUe, 

And bayre matyns and masee ' as icb a monke were. 

6hal no Ale after mete - bolde me Jiennes, 68 

and ituiid Til icb baue hurd eueeong ■ ich by -bote to pe rode ! " 
■ •n Ao wUcha be |m braunches ' ^t bryuge^ [men] to 

(1,1k. slenthe t 

Ys, wbanne a man moume}i nat * for bus mysdedes ; 

J}e penaunce ^at ))e preat enioyne^ ' parfoumeJ> vuele, 

Do)) nan abnys-dedes ' and drat nat of synne, 73 

5fl. BspmUe (»] Bepentedeat ^ 64. a-rmre'] a-fowe B. bj/-/irr^ to< 

noght L [a«4 MIF] P8E om. fore IF. /Mf] niiwritte* good P. 

tmowud] avouiiede 81 ; awowenede 66. fiU — be] be (^is kua ^ I. 

B ; tonoed P. lu moiMtJ] 1-sowe- hotii] bat if I. 

uede U. 66. or] ar l!l 

G7. vette] fstte IMBB ; »vt T aito 67. huj/re] here lUF. 

Ibu vetta. at] foi H. Aw] fw E. 69. hvrd euetng] euoong ;-herde 

58. JIatte] flatU It L I. (»— nxb] )>e to rede I. 

59. mo'/tv] wv« f>e for I ; be war TO. [nn I8MFQ] me PB. 
of M. wal] wtdde I. 71. tehannt] wuine P. 

61. «»] vpOD I ; tn U. ^] M U, 72. pettauiue] p«usDiioeE I. M<- 
f«d] hiM I. cf] of fail B. *<¥«<)'] pntteth F ; lDne)i <t) B. 

62. (i»r] I om. [if — yrrt I] la gult parfimriuip] partonneji hit M ; pep- 
nooD ao ^ret BO ; ia gilt hood to gret foimed I. vuele] eael I ; euela H. 
F ; ny« no tynne so gnt H ; nya non parfotinuii tueU] performy be nelle 
BO gret ByoQe PB. nt yt] ajt B ; u E. 

IJI8F. 73. fuia] now (1) K. almyt-dede*] 

63. ep]hlmvpl. fopfle^] gygned almeg-dede IM. aitd drat] na diet 
B ; Mrrned (fcUA the gku L algoanlt) U ; diat him I ; tret« (I) B. qf] to 



Ljnaf ^ens )ie by-leyne * and no lawe kepe]i, 

And ha)> no lykynge to leme - ne of onre lord hure, t Tha hdu 

Bote hailotrio oper horedom - ofwr eUes of sum loiam. 

wynnyng, 76 

Whui men carpen of ciyst ' oper of clennesse of 

' He wext wro^, and vol aat huyre ■ bote wordes of 

Penaunce and ponre men * [and] ^ passion of sefntaa, 
He hate^ to huyre ^er-of ' and alls ^at fer-o! caipen. sa iMm u 
Hinse be^ pe braunclies, be war ' jiat biynge^ ni ftTi to iiiiiu 

wanhope. 81 

Je lordes and ladyes * and legates of boly cburche, 
)^t feden fool sages ' flatereis and Ijers, 
And ban lykynge to lyjien hem ' in hope to do jow 

lawghe : 84 

Ve uobis qui ridefit, [quia lugebitig,] el cetera : LokifLM 
And jese^ Buche mede and mete ' and poure men 

Jn joure dejt-deynge ' ich diede me soie 

Lest |>o manere men * to moche sorwe jow brynge ; 87 ■ sss 
As god wole ; Consendentes ^ agentet pari pena 
Patriarkes and prophetes * prechoois of godes wordes Pntoban i 
Sanen ^rgh here sermons ' mannes sonle fro belle ; 89 bat httwa 
Byjt BO flatcreTB and foles ' aien ^e feudes procnra- futun. 

74. £y««)>] And (lir) U. by- SO. itiyrel here MIF. 

legvr] bileue EH8 ; bUeeue I. 81. fie] E on. ifor] i-war H ; ;. 

75. ha)>] hodde S. onre] liaara P. war I. i>uiti\ a man I ; men HES, 
hmv] here M ; to hera IF. 84. fyfvw] liken I ; leuen E. lairgka 

T6. BaU^ Bot to I. b^ (1)} and I] laiue £ ; lanwhe M ) tpeU lawe 

"I ofiw (2)] ft I. P. [qKia Uigebitit E] PI8M mt. 

T7. Wkan] Wan P. of (2)] MF 

87. At—ieoU'] i» P only. 
89. maimet tovle] many soules M. 
m] beo HE ; be)> a /<nu{«(] 



EutTsen men ))oi:gli Iiera tales ■ to sytme and to 

Clorkna Jnt knowen Jiis ' eholde kenne lordes, 92 

What dauid aeide of anche men ' as pe sautn telle^, 
Fi.c >(▼■)■->■ Nan habitahit in medio domwg mee qui faeit 

tuperhiam, qui loquitur imqua. 
Bholde noB harlot haae Audience ' in halle ne in 
chaDmbTe, 94 

)}er {lat vise men were ; ■ (vitnease of godea wordea), 
Nojar a mya-ptond man ■ among lordea [be] a-loved. 
cinbmiNnw Clerfcus and kn^tea ■ welcome^ kyngee mynatialea, 
miiHinim. [And] for loue of heie lotdea ' lithen hem at feetes ; 

Bo iiB ma rich Muche more^ me ^enke^ ' riche men auht« 
b«|in. Hane b^gera bj-fore hem ' wbiche be^ godes myn- 

Btialea, 100 

As he aoith hym-aelf ■ aeynt lohan bereth witnesae, 
Lnk* ». M. Qui ttoi epemit, me edam ipemit. , 

T< rioh, ffitartatB TheT-fot ich Tode y>w riche ■ renalee when )e maken 
UHpoor, For to aolace jonre aonlea * auche mynBtralea to 

)}e poure for a fol aage ' ayttynge at )*f table, 104 

twTtiiMnwd With a lered man, to leie be ' what onn loid 
For to aany fy saule * f»m satan ^yn enemye, 

91. fittyMit] To entiM I ; Bd^- 97. ttBloomtfi IMSEF] wolocnae^ 

yng 8 ; ft tJMD E. talet] falee Ulei (7) P. 

I. tt <2)] EI OM. harUOrie^ har- 9S. [Jftl IHBFO] FE on. Aera 

letrieP; frirfJMl. 76. lordtt] heare lord H; cure lord < I) 

95. Imm] keDDS hit MS. IS. /ette4'] heore faates M ; fesCe 6. 
98. uide^milhlF. f ui (3)] neqne 100. trtuAf] f« which I ; |>at M. 

qui M. be)!] ben US. 

S6. iviMmMlUSEF](eri«MWfs. 101, /oJUtt] Ion EMSF. leUneiK] 

men P. witnettt E] whittteaBO P; whlttneeae P. me edam] eoiam me 

withne«ae U. itf] m H3F. imAi«M# E. edam] mSF mt. 

q/*] witaeiM^ I (m i« B-teit). 102. Tlur-fbr] For-fr L 

96. Mtier a] He a M) Ma no I. 1(U. >! lU] foole E j foul F ; M 
m.y»^a¥d IUS7] mys-pniut P ; 1117H- 8F. ^] )« U. 

pmute E. [be UIF] PESQ on. n- 105. WUk] Whlth P. fer«] leme 

limed 8U] a-Ionwed P ; loued IF ; & ti. 

lowed (I) E. 106. M)ry] hum EBIF ; hane U. 



And. fi^le the, vith-oate flaterTiig ' of goode liyday fe ■ X34 

And a. blynde man for a boidioni * o^ a bedreden iUkii blind mu 

VOnunan, 108 ortbudTlddM 

To crye a largesse by-fore onie loide ' joore goode looa i<>v«l 

Those ^le maneie myusttales ' maken a man to laohe ; 
In hns de^eynge ' thei don hym grel oomfort, 
jjaX by huB lyue [lithe)i] hem * and lone^ hem to bnyre. 
Those solace^ fe soule ' til hym-eelf be-Mle 1 13 timw KJiia a* 

In a wel good ho|>e, for ho wroghte bo ■ a-mong worthy 

Ther flatereis and foles ' with here foule wordes 
Leden tbo Jtat lithen hem ' to luciferes feste, 116 

"With turpHoqitio, a Jay of sorwe * and lucifera fifele. 
To p«rpetnel peyne * o))er ptugatoiye as wykke ; 
For be lithe]) and lone)) ' fnt godee lawe deepice^ ; 

Out hiairionibut dal, demonHua tacrifieai. PMwomari — 

Tho was repentannoe ledy ' and radde hem alle to bnele, b ss 
" Ich ehal by-«eche for alle synfnlle * ome sonyour of ^^^ *""* 

grace, 121 P-"^ 

To a-menden oos of ome mysdedee ' do mercy to one alle. 
God, of yj goodnesse ' ^ow gonne Jie worlds make, 
And of nonht madest ouht - and man lyke ))i-eelue, 

107. fi^eU EF] (;Hb S; fitayle 116. lUhe»\ leaeD B; liken S; 

P ; ritaile H. with-ovte\ wi|) a L lightede I. fetW] halts M. 
flatergng^ fliilfng M. {gtite F] fwto IIT. twpUaqHiii\ I Dm. fi^U 

PEH ; boBte B ; i^. atoire i» B-teit UIBF] Btele P i vi|>e1a E. 

109. imn lerde] Hiire Aad !£. 118. vrykke'\ nicked H3. 

110. JTuae] ^>eae SU ; |>lse I) 119. 1»A«|i] li|>e G ; lithedl. :m«>|>] 
^ E. mynttrdlet] man H. loued L <^i—taorifieat\ Duo hia- 

111. /a] And in IH8F. trioniboi MS; Dare histridnibn^ eat 
lia. \lit}ity\ toue|) PEH5 ; leaed dare demonibiu F ; rf.^. zv. 838. 

li leenBthF(fl«fwiHif;/(n-iy.),119, 120. rady] aredy I; ml redy B. 

aatd (M B-text). Itnu)'] likati M. tmt] hjn E. 

fmyre\ hsre MIF. 123. Jo] and do M. to] on M. 

118. I»««»]|>«e8I; jwlH; )wB. 123. e/] >»t of L )»« yoxiiv] 

l^falle] bi.faU« H ; be y-falle L gaxtaa HF ; (ww ganQiut B. >«] t>y 

114. iMf IMBE] wale P. foMl] I. 

IHBF DM 121. 0/ — m<iJm<] madeet of noght 

115. <pttA] wUOiP; andH. I. fii] )>« P ; ^' *«« L GO. 


138 chbisi'b pasbion and bcsdrbectioh. [pass. VltL 

•o(k>d,>ha Sitthe BoSredest hym do synne 'aaykneBse to ousalltt, 
to cemmti 111, And fot oiue beat, as ich by-leyue * what-euere ft book 
bwwfu d/iuD- tella ; 

Ofeiix culpa, o necestarium peeeaium tvU J 

For Jionv [^at] eyime ^y sone ' sent was tyl ertbe, 127 

•nd wmn mala ^^d by-catn man of [a] mayde • mankynda to a-meiide, 

And madeet ^i-aelue with ^y aone - ouie Boole and 

body lyche ; 

Ml'''*"'''* ^^ [*"] P^^^i ^ pater in meed; ^ qui uidet 

me, patrem meum uidet. 
■ »• And dttfae in oure secte ■ as hit semed, Jow deydeat, 

opin oiwd On a fiydsy, in forme of man ' feledest onre aorwe ; 

(Epb.iT.Bii Captiuam duxU eaptiuilaiem. 

wHdukMudit The aonne for aorwe ^-of ■ lees lyght for a tyme, 133 
"™"**" _ A-bowte midday whanne [moat] lyght ys ■ and meel- 
tyme of seyntes ; 
Feddest ^o with thi freeshe blod ' onre for-fadres in hella, 
(haiakiz.!)) Populue qui ambiUalxU in tenebrig, liteem mag- 

nam uidit. 
The lyght ftat lemed out of ^ ' lucifer hit blente. 
And btonghte ^yne blesaede fro ^ennes ' in-ki ^ b]yese 
of heuene. 136 

■Dd « u» lutd The Jindde day fer-aflei ■ thow ;edeet in oure secte ; 
■(•ini A synfiil marye ))o aeyh ' er seynt marie fiy moder, 

126. Sitthe] And «e)i)>e I ; Bi^^ 131. ii*] in )>t H. felti»»t1 b fel- 

)><>a 8. do\U> IH. datt S. 

126. o%T«] (>fl lUS. by-lefvel 
bileue M ; be-leue B. mtrt] to I. 

127. [_^at mSFQ] PB oat. tyl\ Utade (1) M. 
to IM. \U. 'po] B (MR. freuhe] flenoh 

128. [a lUF] PSE om. and IE ; flesBohly B. for-fadrct'\ 

129. madetl] medlet ()) E. H- fonne-hderes HS. T^jwliu] Populuj 
telita] nerUten ^-Belne P. hody] genet am S. ITtSV plaoe viiit hef ore 
oure body L eure — lyehe'] bof^ bodi luoem. 

and Boule i-1!obs H. [in IMSEFQ] 1S6. lemed'\ leepe I. 

P (xn. %idet} uidIt (tfrios) S ; 136. fnt] S en. 

Itecend time') I. patTtm—Midet] 137, ^r-^fter^ after Jt *Brf«] 

videt ft pabrem meum BHF. dit U. 

ISO. ininr]joure L uete IKF] 138. wyA] «l H. #r] or BUS; ar 

■" " ■' - -r iBorfsr] dame I, 



And ol to solace Bynful ' Jiow sof&edeet hit so were ; 

Non vent uocare tiufoa, ted peecatoree ad peni- tut. u. u. 
And al fai mans hath ymad ' mathen, lohan, and 

Of ^yne donhtieste dedes ' was don [in] oure secte ; 1 4 1 

Uerbtim caro factum eet. tt, i. it. 

And by ao mocbe hit eeme^ * ]>e eykerloker we mowe ■ •• 
Bydde and hy-«oche fe ■ yf hit be fy wil, 
|Mt art feist onie fitdei * and of fiesah ootb hro^, 1 14 
And aittheii oure saneonr * and seidest vith ^y tonge. 
That what tyme we «ynfdl men ■ wolden be sory t Th™ who 

dldA pnasiv Id 

For dedes ^t we han don lUe ' dampned eholde we be t^^y pniuiiu, 

neneiB, 147 

Tff we knewelechid and cryde ' crist ^-of mercy ; 

duandoeunqw ingemuerit peeealor, omnee ini- t ft. aii. u. 
gititates eius rum reeordabor ampliu*. 
And fbr ^t mochel mercy - and marie lone ^y moder, 
Haue lenthe of alle ^naa rybaadee ' ^t repenten hem <» pnr ThH, 

|)at euere ^ gulte E^ens ^, god '.in gost ojier in dede." 
Thenne heute hope an hom ■ of deiu, tu eonuermte ThMHopt 

uiuijieabia noe, 152 tm n; [i^W 

And blew hit with heati q^tonan • remuee tunt iniquita- yiifu.) 

tm, 4" cetera, 
Jjat alle seystee with aynfiil men ' songen with dauid, 

erfde] orlen H. ^bt-o/] ^r-o( ^i 
H ; fier-fore I. rtcordabor iaKpliii*\ 
Mt. recordabiintiir MS ; reoordsb«Hs F. 

Ita. Jokati] lonEBH. an<I]or8. lie. ^af] I not. nechel\ moobel 
141. doalUitttt} douiti UQ ; drmecbel P ; mochnl 8 j tnfcbel BQ ; 
dooi^keat {/or doiutrlokMt] I. muobel I ; mykel M. 
«RW] t>at WW 8. [in IHSFQ] on 160. <] on IH. fxri rtpemUnl 
FB I JM L 1S7. McU} ibta U. and repenteden I. A«m] M on. 
Uerham^ ^«.] H #». IGl. guUe\ agulte MS. ^] 8 om. 

144. art IMSF] ert PB. fertt] 1E3. ^ cetera] et qaoruin t«ata 
fonneit S. Mintpeecala IQ; et quonim tecta M. 

145. an^Mt] Mldeat it L 154. irMA] wit P ; for lEF. men] 

147. iMde] Mholle 8. dim S ; I im. longen lES] nugeo 

148. taeireUeUd] knowdechsn H. F ; aooge MQ ; tjoj^n P, 



Tm.%m.i; Sominea ^ iumenta aalnabU, domine, qtunt- 

admodum mtdtiplietuti miserie&rdiam tuam, 

Thn > umoud A ]K>iiBeiul of men Jio ■ f rongen to-gedeies, 

M«>ttw, hoiiiiif CiyTiig vpward to crist ' and to hns dene moder, 166 

To hane giace to go to tienthe ' god leyne f<at )>ei mote ! 
A •T Ac J)er was weje non so vrje ■ ))at }ie way ^ider conthe, 

uu wf. Bote blostiede forth as beetes ' oner baches and holies, 

AtiHtiiMTDet Tillate was and longe * |>at )«i a lede mette, 160 

pUgriiB-iwMdi, A-paiaild as a payuym - in pylgrymea wise. 
• ttrftohto He bar a bordon ybounde ■ with a brod lyete, 
bowl by Ui iidi, In a weythwynde wyse " ywryjie al aboate ; 

A boUe and a bagge ' he bar by bus syde, 161 

sanua In hii And an hondied hanypeles * on has hatte seten, 
viib ornwuLd Sigues of Byee ' and shilles of gal^, 
B «• And meny ciouche on hus cloke ' and keyes of rome, 

And fe femycle by-fore ' for men sholde knowe, 168 
A •• [And ae] by hua sygues ■ wham he souht hadde. 

Tiiw Mk^d him Thya folke frayned hym furat ■ fro whennea he come I 
■nd ht Bid, ' " Fro sinay," he aayde ■ " and fro J>e aepulcre. 
Bapuinbn, In bethleem, in babilonle ' ich haue ybe bothe, 172 

^tv'ioTk"'"'^ In ennanie, in alissmkdre ' and in damascle. 

Je may see by my syguea * ^t sitten on my cappe, 

dimiiiu] I om, 168, ftntyele] Terojcle KIS ; ver- 

1G6. Cryyng'\ Cried I. vpuKiTi} nacle M. tiuwe] ykDowe EI. 

OuUmrd E. 169. [_Aitd m IFS] & mo G ; And 

15T. triple] leuemSEQiKraanteF. sen M ; AbPE; msL 171. hia]t>e L 

158. nd>] ne wm I. tveye] wye trluim] what MF, kad4e'] 6 on. 
Q; wit E ; wht F. ytder'l M on. 170. fraj/ntd^furlt] furat frmine- 

159. tii«tM] balkes M ; buikiM S. den him M. (cAenrnf] weoDes F; 
IGl. i*] J( in S. wbanae )>al M. 

163. ir«y(J«yiide] wefi-wynde ES; 171. (ejmfcr«] aepalcM of otire lord 

we|ie.wy»de MI. pwryjie] i-wri^ I. 

HFj wi7|>e8. 172. ietkteeai] bedlem 81. i<t] 

166. AnS] I OM. Kondrei] hon- And I. yba iotlu'] be in bo)>e TUFj 

dretofH; hundred of L jUnyfVJr*] be in bode («u!) S. 

j» ate V ; hanyples S ; hanpera B ; 173. ermanie] annonje L dam- 

aoopoUes (tie) I ; hal^ieDeB (1) H. ateU^ m aim in ES ; dfuoMke FG ; 

166. tste\ B^BtB B ; atelle F. damasch alee H. and — dai)iateU'\ Z 
»kUlrt'\ MheUealHS. haue be in bo>e (rtp«aUd /rom UtU 

167. A»d\ M«M. M«)i]r] many a Urn) J. 

USF. omTI I vm. 174. My] ^ I ; S mm. on] in S. 



Ich hane ysouht goods seyntes ' for my aoules ttelthe, 

And walked ful wide ' in wete and in diye." 176 

"KnowBt J(ow [oo^t] a cor-seynt," ^na^ ich. ' " fnt men "Kiii>w«t tusui 

cUpe^ trenthe 1 TtMh whm 

Coathest ^w wiseen ous ^ way ' whoder out treathe 

wonyef I " 
" Nay, 80 god me helpo " ■ seyde J?e gome )>enne, «• unwm thu 

Ich Boyb neuera palmere ' with pyk ne with scrippe 
Aaken aftei hym, er now ' in ^ys ilke place." 181 


im PLoiriuir. 

"Peter!" quaf a plonhman ■ and pntte forth biu hefd, "Pflwi-gmuh 
'* Ich knowe hym aa kyndeliche ' as clerkus don hure ,^ "" "* 

Conscience and kyndewit - kende mo to hua place, 184 coMdma urn 
And maked me sykeren hym sitthen * to eeruen hym um dw wIw* ih 

fot eoeie, 
Bo^ to sowe and to setten • fe whyle ich swynko 

Witfa-ynne and with-oute ' to wayten hns profyt. a ao b ot 

Ich baue yhen his folwei ' al ^ea fourty wynter, 188 wiuiKdhii 
And aemed treuthe sothlyohe ■ eomdel to paye ; phSLwhta xu 

In alle kynne croftes ' ^at he conthe deuyse 
Profitable to ^ plonh ' he putte mo to lume ; 191 

ITS. amlet AoZfJU] wiula bele S. em. HU—FUihkman^ in PE anlff. 

ITT. JTmoir^'} Knowett IMF; 183. a] 8 om. Ae/d'\ heued IF; 

Knowlst 8. limit 08] auit F ; oght heed H ; hed E ; hese (lio) S. 
I; outM; PEoin. eor-ieyiU UliiE ISa. /c»] liob P. 
FO] oore-Bejnt P. *«*] fiej L ««•] IB5. Mated] made EMF ; maden 

nuut B. «bpef] dlBfi 111. SL hym] I am. m-Mm ISF] Berue 

ITS. OtntAett fnw] Coddedow I ; MEG ; mimrittea wren P. 
EaostouH ; Eaowiit^wS. -iriani] 186, trh^W] vy]e P. Here /oIIotp* 

teohe H. ^ ""'y] to^daj I. ychoder — & to (Forte M) wwen his seed ' & 

B] woder P ; who|nir 8 ; wheder L Mnren bl« beetus FQIH ; Khioh 

itltMUr out] ))lder )>at M ; whedur F. (tAmjiA in B. v, B.^) it teareelg 

wvnyep] koda^ I ; ironed B. ttanted. 

1T9. m] Kiiie iu H. god-nu] me 189. icrved] j seme I. tomdtl] & 

god ISF. BOtndel B. 

ISO. urUk (1)] whilli P. terippa 190. ie rtnithi] i conde MF. 
EIMSFO] ihrippe F; Mv ix. eo. \il. PmJUatU IMKEF] Prophit- 

181. #r] or KFQ ; but L ili^] I able P. to] u for 10. 

I. Google 


And Jiauh ich seye bit mj'-self ' ich senicde hym to paye. 
Ich baue myn byre of hym wel * aud ojier vrhyle more ; 

HepijinM He yB [jw] most prest ptdcre ■ ftat eny pome man 

He with-talt non hewe ■ h«s byre onere euen ; 
He ys loub as a lombe ' and leel of has tonge, 196 
And ho BO wihief to wyte ■ wher Jat treuthe wonyej*, 
Ich wol wissen jow wel • ryght to hua place." 

i^^iirinutiuB "je^ leue peers," quaf Jio pylgrymeo ■ and profrode 

whu ba nftuH. poeiB mede. 

" Nay, by fe peril of my aoule " ■ peers gan swere, 200 
" Ich nolde fonge a fertbing ■ for seyut Thomas ahryne ! 
Were it told to treuthe ' ^at ich toke mede. 
He wolde louye me fe laase - a longe tyme after. 



But t» Mill tbwB Ac who BD wol wende ■ Jrer as treuthe dwelleji, 204 
Mhhiku, tui This ys pe heye weye {lyderwarde - wyte)) wel ^e sojie. 
CtMtumet. je most gou Jiorwe meknesae ' alle men and wommeu, 

Tyl je come to conscience ■ knowen of god aelue, 
A ** That JB loue hym as lord ' leelliche a-bouen alle ; 208 

That ya to seye sothllche • je sbolde rajwr deye 

Than eny dodliche synne do ■ for drede ojier for prayere. 

And Jwime jouie negheborea next ' in none wyse a- 

193. MrH«i«] Birrue I. £03. AUtt—plavkiiuui] m alta B ; 

193. fcftple] ir;I« P ; whiles I. Notm vUm ad T*ritat«m F; Deoem 

191. [l>e mSO] PE mn. mo*t mandalaQ; IMS ow. 

jtreit] pfe«t«»te I ; moBto b««e M, 204. mat] wulde 8 ; wolde B. 

195. Atfnw I] hywe P j hjns EMS weitde^ wene S. lu] ^at H. ai~ 
FQ. dmelU)''] trou)ie ia I. I addt — ))U the 

196. IiTkA] aa lowe I. way fiiderward, and amiti I. 206. 

197. mlmr} wer P. Bwayef-l wono(! 205, Aoya] IM om. tvytefi'] wit« )« 
FIM. <*m) E. H (2)] for M. 

109. J0 Imm] I leuB 8. ^d] ^Im I ; 306. mart] mote I. 

i-e E9. ^ pylgiymei^ ^t pilgrim H. SOT. ta] In-to IS. iUotrnt — mImc] 

SOO. peril IQ] perel BMF ; pereil I-knowe of god him^silue 8. 

P. nvere'] to BwerB lO ; to iweriie H. 208. «] u a 8 ; u lours F ; I Mt. 

201. neldt} ne woUe M ; ne wi] I. 211. Atul] U o«. tuytoiorm] 

a02. to] I8F om. neghebovr it I ; Deihebore H. 



OJw-wjee fan je wolde ■ thei wroughte jou alle tjmes. bss 
And ao gof forth by fe [brok] ■ a brygge aa hit wore, ™ 1^"^' 
Tyl je fynde a forde ■ 'joure-iadree-honourejt;' 214 HoS!^,Ll^ii?'** 
Wadef wel in [fat] water ■ and waechef jow wel '^''*"- 

And JO ahnlle lepe f e lyghtloker ■ si joure lyf-tyme ; 

Honora patrem ^ matreiti, ^ eris longemis swper bma «. il 
Jjanne shalt fow [see] ' swery-nat- • botyt-be-for-nede- pw bj »■•«. 
Ifajaeliche^n-ydel' ■ )i&-naaie-of-god-al-myghty.' 218 iS'm^'ii^ 
Jjanne ehalt fow come by a croft ■ ac com [(wn] nat fer- *="'*-"'*! 

J}e croft hatte 'coiieyt«-nat- ' mennes-catel'ne-bere-wyueft- 
Ne-non-of-here-semans- ■ {lat-nuyen-hem-mygbte.' 221 
Loke fou bere nat fere aweye ■ bote [jif] yt be fyn 

Two etockea f er etonden ' ac etyut f ow nouht fere ; nu tj uk niKki 
Thei hatto 'stel-net' and 'alce-nat' ■ atryk forth by ^wij-imt."'* 

hem bothe, 224 

And leae hem in fy lift hand - and loke nouht fer- 

And hold wel fyn halyday ■ heye tyl euen. 

i\2. 0|)er] And a^r PB ; but pat me oalle^ 'halt |>jn hoUdal • 

IHFS onit And. wntugkiii] dude M. fro alle li|)er ded«t.' 

213. t>e] a MF. [tnii U] brook But this U interpolated: /or *ee I. 

8F; bok P; book lO; bok«, altered 226. 

U broke E ; i/. B-teiL 21!). panne] Jut U. on] bule M. 

S14. 3^1] For to I. fadret'] fader [>ra EIF] >o» M ; PS mn. 

L keiupnreii IMFE] honouru|> 8 ; 220. iaHe] h«tte|i M. 

hooouriefi P. 221. lernatu] Beruumi H; ter- 

215. irvfiB] inatl. [t^ClMFSE] Qauotn SSF; B^ruauoti I, nuyen 
pe P. wiue]ie^'\ vsBche PE ; wasKb httti] hebi nofje H. 

H; Jirt wasahufi S ; waaschaf. IF. 222. [)i/ MS] i( IG; PEF on. 

216. MlivlW] Bhuld S. Honera, JT.] pttm MSF] owe PB, 

H ««. ^ erU, 4-e.'] IS xm. 21>3. iti/ia ESF] itynte HI ; stinta 

21T. puniu'] Aod )>anDe I. [_$e« I] O ; stunt F. 
go br F i PEMS om. (f. B-text. 224. Aa^o] batteo H ; bat SF. 

yt] llf bit E3. n«iii EMFK] nude P. anif] ne H. hem'] I mn. 

218. JVamsIieAf] And namellche I. 22S. i»] on HFQ. )>y] )« I. 

Ber» M imertt— leie'] loke (jou B. biwM] I mn. 

JiauDe BCbalt t>ow come b! an hi 226. H omUi. See feotnttt to 1. 

hul ' be war ^ of {« weiie, 218. 

^tv Google 


Tumuidarrom Theime shalt foa blenche at a bei^li ■ ' ber-no-fols- 
fHH-niutu, wytneaae,' 227 

A VI He ys fri]»ed ya with fiorejnes ' and o^r fees meoTe, 

Loke J)ow plocke |wr no plauute ■ for peiyl of fj sonle. 
B m baotie ehalt bow fBeel ' aeye-sobe- ■ Bo-hitrbo-to-dono- 

•aa sd^boUi. In-no-maun-e-ellee-Dat- ' fot-nouianiies-preyere. 
eoihiUrtsniM So ebalt }iow come to a court ' as cleer bo ^e sonue, 232 
Willi If wn, ud The mot ys of mercy ' in myddes ])e manere, 
ciirMtsdom, Al ^^ vallyuge ye of wit ' for wil ne eholde Mt wynne. 
The kernels be^ of cryatendome ' ^at kynde to saue, 
And boteiaced with ' by-leyue-so- ■ ofier-fow-[best]- 
nat^saued.' 236 

iriUiiiaauatiiit AJle Jic liouaes bef heled ■ haUes and chambres, 
Lon. With no lode, bote with loue ' and witb leel-apeche. 

The barres oren of buxomnesse ' as brejioren of ou 
Th. Win I* The brigge batte ' bid-wol- * tha-bet-myght-Jiow-epede ; ' 
Echo pyler ys of ponaunce ' and preyers to aeyntes, 
The hokes aren almys-dede[B] ' ^at ^e jatee hongen on. 
kaptr, uid hi> Grace Iiatte ^e gate-warde ' a good man for so^ 243 
AmMd-yon, lo Hus man hatte amende-jow ■ meny man bym knowe^. 
whom giK 1 j,^.^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ tokne ■ ' treuthe wot Je eothe, 

227, ftrrjS] berwe I ; borw M; 236. And] 1 ma. bBt»raerd}'boter- 

borj 8 ; borgh Q ; burgh F. *«■] aeyd 8 ; I-belrased (/in- I-botrMed) 

ber |?ow M. m/fntue] wyttneMO P. L by-Ugve} bl-Iene MIE ; by-lef 9. 

S28. He} pie E; IMtiFom. /riped {belt IH] beeitO; wonthett (rio) P ; 

HIG] fryliud B; bepei P; yfrejwd worst ES. Q'.B-teit 

E. ivith] wit P. 237. AUe] And alls L Aotwj] 

229. tmr—platrnte} no plante pert huua I. heled] j-heled I ; i-heled H. 
I. 239. aren] ben H; be|i B. ef] S 

230. [tee I] go bjTi PBH8 out. em. hre^ea IBF] bretwryn B ; bra- 
Cf. B-text ; and lee I. 21T. Hme H ; brefireB P. 

232. So] And so L enurt] oot I. 2*0. briggt EIUF] brygge S ; 
ai] to MO. le] as Uia bregge P. haUe] hatte)! M. bet] 

233. in — monerB] in >e middes Ea betew 8. pim] >e I. 

fie maner M ; )« maoer is (tic) >e 241. Ecke'] Tchaal; On H. pen- 

nyddes I ; >e m»a«r In (« middea atmee] penances I. 

O. 242. aren] baj. E [ am MF. dedet 

2S4. .40 And al L yi] hjs F. IMEF] dede PS. 
,vU] Witt P. 243. Aatte] batte|) H; hat SV. 

236. temelt] comdw E ; csmetes 244. hatte] battet> M ; hat SP. 

-HIS ; caruelliu F. jov] bow (I) 3. 

^t, Google 

nsa. viii.] HAiir hath the key op thi qaibs. 135 

Ich am Bory for mj eyimea * and so sbal ieh eaere, 246 
And pufoume )w penaimce ' ^at )w preest me highte.' 
Rydeb to a-monde-iow ' [mekebl low to bus mayatei Aim 

On Is AnHBA-jon 
gnCfl, udpnjM., 

To openen and mdo ■ ^ bje jato of heueBe, 219 uugiM^*" 

That adam and eoe ■ ^enB oaa alle ahutte : Pmii-. 

Per euam ianua celi cunclis clatua eet, et per 
mariam uirginem Herum pate/acta eet. 
Aful peel] lady ■ [Tu-leek] hure of grace; 251 

Hue liaj) a keys and a clyket ' thauh ^ kynge slepe, B *0 
And may lede yn wliam hue loue^ * as here luf lykeji. in. 
And yf grace graunte Jie ' to go yn in Jiys vise, 
JWw ehalt se tieutlie sytte ' in ^y selue herte, 
And solace ^y soule ' and saue )>e iio pyne. 256 

Al-eo charge charyte ' a chnrcbe to make t chsiv ibMU 

In ]iyn bole herte * to herbergbwen alle trenthe, iriAiD uv iwrt. 

And fynde alle manere folke ' fode to bore saulea, 
Tf lone and leaute ' and owre lawe be tcewe : 260 

Qmdcumque petieriHe in twminn meo, dabitur tJniuiiTLH. 
enim twins. 
Be tror |*enne of viatthc ' ^t wickede sbrewe, Viktimitt 

For be ba^ enuy e to bym ■ \e,t in ^yn herte sytte^, 
And poke|) forth pniyde ■ to preysy thi-selue. 263 

347. patfovrtui] parrurme EMH; 2&8. wlmm.} ),xll. Am] lohe M ; 

parformed Wd. ha I ; lo E. here lit/"] hiue leef U ; 

2*8. Ryd«^} Bedet. VL [me*^)' M] ■-'- '-' ' " ■■'- -=" " 
toeek PSj meksG; Jc meke EF; lo 
paeke L aMy/tn*] maistres I. 

249. ondl & to B. jaf«] ;ate« (rim!] )iyn □«□» ju. 

PBHS; tet IF Aosfgate; 100 1.261. gu6. ;iy>ie] peyne ML 

350. iamva eeli\ ITASV om. 2G7. AUto'] And I. 

S5I. [beiFMSFO] Igle I ; bel P. 258. Afri^r^inun] herberwe I ; faer- 

[mi-lMi IB] vnlek j vn-Iyke F \ berowe S ; hecbonrea E ; berborawe 

TDlUte E ; fDlocket H; vnlowked F; M. treutlu] trewe L 

(vn-lcek = unlocked ; cf which vn- 269. foda EHS] foode I ; foude P. 

like U a eomtptimt). \»re] hiw E ; 2G0. otvra'] joure M, (r«w] trywa 

Mt MSQ ; It F ; ii I ; (At»v = her, P. dabUvr enim'] a patie, dabit & 

I. e. the eat«). 261. £«] Ac be I. 

252. Bue] Sohe H; 10 E j And be 263. pokfp fertlt] poked out E. 

L * (1)] t« EISFO ; M ««. a (2)] forth] foi 8. jn^jy] preyBe EIMFS. 
(« IQ ; MSV om. elgicf] olfkett P. 



The bolduesse of ^ byufet ' make)) pe bljnde Jwime, 
So worst ])ow diyuBU oat as deuh. ' and )ie doie doBed, 
Y-kejed and ydyketed ' to close ^ with-oate, 
Eapliclie on hondied wjater * ar ^ow eft entrie. 267 
J}ufi myght )»)□ less lius lone * to lete wel by ]ii-8elue. 
And geten [hit] a-geyu fiorw grace * ac ^rgh no [gi^] 

BM tfn in iiB Thei ben seuene Bustres ■ tliat aeraen treuthe euere, 
UHnitUwgitM, And aren porters at postemea ' ^t to^ place longen 
raiM AtKOiHDiii, j}at on hatte abstinence ' and hnmilite ano)rer, 
chuHjr, chiatitf, Cluirite Slid chastite ' ben bus chef msydenea, 
A T3 B 91 Facience and pees * muche paple helpen, 

LaTgenesae )iat lady - lat yn fill menye; 

Non of hem alle * helpe may yn betere. 

For hae paie^ for prisons ' in places and in peynea. 

And ho is sybbe to ^use senene ' [so me god helpe ! 

He is wondirlich welcome * & fayre mdiifonge. 
wiUxntiiMiT Ho ia iiot eib to Jtese seuene] ' eotUy to telle, 2 

gtiaKitnncamt Hit IS ful hud, by myu heued ' eny of jou alle 

To geten ii^ang at eny gate ' bote grace be ^ more-' 



264. ^] fie S. tyn/et'] beofet H ; 
benefet £S ; benfetca I. 

ffere MS. F Juit loit «ight Uaret. 

266. roorrt MS] worth PEIO ; ef. 1. 
286, foot-note. deHK\ te F6 ; dew 
Mi deweli del<(l) E. 

268. yelyirftfii] mwrriffan yoly- 
keded P. trWA] wit P ; lier M. 

267. on] & E. dr] er IMS ; or B. 
tr^Tiel K PB ; entre IMSQ. 

268. myght] myth M ; myghtuBt S. 
leie} leue B. to] Bod H. >i EM] 
Jiy I ; )ie PS ; qf.\. 268. 

369. [AiiMeG]-itI; PB om. ^rm 
— ^orgh] wi^ grace ' Bud wi|) M. 
\yifte EI] gift M ; gafte S ; gyw P. 

270. Ther^ Ao (jw I. iKjfrei] 
rastren U. 

271. ai-w] w P6I ! arn M ; ben E. 
at\o\ur^l; and (I) M. to-ltmg. 
m] to JiAt place bilongen I ; Vsagfia 

to |>e place VL 

272. \atte] hBttet> U. AwmUUe] 
hnmblele I. 

275. mdydmut IMS] msydonesPS. 
S7t. helper'] Y^j hetpe I. 

276. Zot] M PIMB ; Ute)> B. 

277. hue] sohe H ; ]o B ; hs I. 
priunu] prisaneres I. 

276. Ao] who EI ; ho M) B ; wlion 
H. P oniit latter half ef \. 178, I. 
279, avd former ha^ of 1. 280, tfkir\ 
are mpplied frovL S ; fmaid alte ia 

278. Be\ IMEG o«. 

260. Ho'\ Who IQ { Who k> E j 
Whose M. ^enr U] fits SIE. 

281. \entd\ bed UES. 

283. fetaC\ gete eny B. ingeng 
ESQ] ingange I ; in-gate U ; engiDg 



"Heich,"ijiiathanapewaid6'"byonlrt)iatiohknowe!" • 

" Wyte god," quaf a wafroBtre ■ " wist ich fe boJw, 285 w nindnd'ctan' 

Ich wolde no forJ>w a fot ■ for no fraree prechinge." 

"^tu," qoa^ peers plonhman ' and pokede hem alle to iiBtpmbiu 

" Meny is [a] mayde ^ra ' hatli m;gh.t oner hem alls ; .u iintu nw. 

And hue is sybbe to alle ayoful ' and hure sone bofie. 

And ^rwe ^ belp of hem two * hope pow non o^, 

Thow myght gete grace ther ■ so Jiow go by tyme." 291 

" Je, villam emi," quab on ' " and now moat ich badere, t Ou •iniur ht 


To loko how me lykeb hit" ' and tok hua lens at bna; (Loiuiiii. 


Ano^^ a-non ryght ■ nede aeyde he hadde tuwu»-,u<uii 

To folwen fif 30kes ' "for-thy me by-houe)i 295 jvkmicam; 

To gon with a good wil ■ and [grei}>Uche] hem dryne ; '' "" 

For-|iy ich piaye jov, peen ' paiannter, yf je meteji 
Trenthe, telle^ to hym * )iat ich be excused." 
Thenne was ter on heihte actif ' an hosebounde be ^ uothv. buh< 

' - - miM.UiitU 

semed ; bHjut w*diM ■ 

« Ich bane ywedded a wy^" qna(i he ■ " wel wantowen 

Were ich aenenyght &o hnre syghte ' [synnen] hue 

284. >y] for 8. intAt] noat H. 

ISfi. nVt«] B; B. m^itre] wa- 
friuten 8 ; waferer VL ^ w)is] for 
«o}ie SG ; ^\a foreot« I 

sea. Ieh—no'\ I wilde nout U ; 
Wolde I neoer L a] no I. 

287. Iw] lit L petri] psTM )« L 
jMiMfe EHsa] pokede P ; plokede I ; 
<^.\. 968. 

388. [« EUa] P8 Mt. 

289. Am— jyi»e] libbo ii » E. 

190. tN» B] too I ; to PM^. 

291. (tm] tjTom L 

293. ^ud^\ a* PE) lildere U; 
|>MBr I ; )«)Mr a 

293. Mtf— AU] bit like)> nte U. ot] 
of B. 

S»4. «A{e EH8Q] ne iHe) I ; nad« 
P. wyA] he iMde US. 

295. /alwii] Mwa with I. /w" 
(Ay] for-whi M. 

296. foUkl wit F. \srel^lU}u M] 
graithllche I ; grettliohe PESO. 

297. Jbr-fiy] For-wht M. 
29S. to Aym] him )>» L 

299. 7%«>iim] po H. A#iA<«] hi^ta 
MI; hi)t B; h;Bt S; heet Q. <»] 

800. gva.Y A«2 I ow. tw-r] ful I. 
waAttneeW] waDtonit I ; wanton 8. 

301. WeT»] Where P. tnmy^Af] 
■euB njrght IE ; *eamie nyit VLA. 
tfghtel alth H ; mitfrritten «yghit P ; 
I am. [lynmiii M] Bj'TiguD S ; suiefe 
Q ; taggea E ; Hggeu P ; ohideo I. 
hve] he P5 ; Khe M I ; lO E ; b^t tea 



And loure on me and lyghtliche chide ' and aeye ich 
lone anofere. 302 

Foi-)iy, peers plouhman ' ich praye J>b telle hit treathe, 
Ich ma; nat come for a kytte * so hne claue^ on me ; 

Vxorem duxi, et idea non poegum tiaiire." 

Qua]i contemplacion, " by criat * thauh ich care sufi&e, 

Famjn and de&ute ' folwen ich woUe peero ; 306 

Ac fe wey ys bo wyckede • bote ho [so] badde a gyde 

^t myght folwen oiu ech fot * for diede of mya-tom- 

™™ _ ynge." 308 

Hie explicit passue octaune. 

802. A»d] U on. ehide} MJe L 306. folwen — KolW] I wole folewe 
Mye] amide L I»«] loued SO, H. 

803. Ar-fiy] For.wU H. pwri] SOT. w] fol S ; irel O. [«o BISO] 
peres H L ^—Uf^ low tolle|> U. se M ; P om. 

8tH. /or] fro E. <tj EI Mi. Aw] 806. mA] ioh a I. 
]0 E ; aohe MIS. eUu«^ HISB] Colofhob. i% PO ; teaUoin SS, 

clfue^ P ; cllue^ Q. etmt^ — ne\ on enittitig Hio. 




Indpit pasaus N<mut. 

IHo aejrde perken ploahmaB - "by seynt peter of (A>4 B*S) 
roine, piUg itmo, <rh« 

Ich liane an half acre to eren ■ \>j ]» bye weja u, hau^en. 

Hadde ich eied Jnt half acre ' and sowen hit after, 
Ich wolde wende with }ow * and }ie vey tecbe." 4 

*' That were a, long lettynge " * qoa]) a Udy in a skleiie, "tiui wn in>( 
" What sholde we worTuu^u * worche )ie whiles ] " iwiii "ud irimt 

"Ich praye jow, for joure profit" ■ qua]) peers to \b domiuiwiiii.f- 

** })at Bomme eewe pe sak * for ahedynge of jie wbeto ; 6 
And je worfly wommen ■ with joare longe fyngrea, Pimuiiithm 
jMt )e on selke and aendel * sewen, whenne tyme ya, 
Oheayblee for cbapelayna ■ churches to honoure. 
Wynea and widowee ' wolle and flax apynne^ ; 12 

' Conscience coneaile^ jow * clo^ for to make 
For profit of ]>e ponre * and plesannoe of jow-eelue. 

Tftuc. So FEQ ; Indpit DODua S ; 6. fw] t>«T U. 

Hto Indpit puina nonna de nblone 6. mkete] wste P. 

H ; Puaui Ootaani, vt priUB L 9. nor^ly] worthely I ; worH MS, 

1. I*>— ywfcm] Quod perkyn >e ««*] wit P. 

t pm-tn*] perei H. ID. tellu] alike EL mkwi] to 

2. tc — If)"] an eiyng ■ k mote Mwen PB ; to nwe I ; btit MSQMtJt 
■owB hit aftw E. <y. 1. S. to. rAmm] wenoe P. tyau y>] 

8, toicen 8] l-«owen M ; j-Kiyie IQ. hit !■ tyme M. 
(Mwi— urter] by )>e hej- way K i ef. 11. Chetyblet] For ohe*yb1m S. 

1. 2. kemnin IHESG] honare P. 

i. ittiik] wit P. II. pmire'} poeple I. 



AW ■•« For ich shal lene hem lyflode ' bote yf Jie lond fnile, 15 . 

Afi longe as icli lyne ' for oure lordea loue in heuene. 
■ndioiuipiiH And allemanere men' bat by bis molde bub sueteyned, 

posrlmoQini. r J I r " 

Helpe^ hem to irorche wyghtly ■ Jat wynnef joiiie 

A hrifht dHduH " By cryrt," quaf a kny^t f o ■ " he kenne}i ous fe beste ; 
MKbsor. Ac on ]» toeme trevely * tauht was ich neuere ; 20 

loh wolde inh coatbe," quaj (« knyjt ■ " by cryst and 
hoB moder ; 

Icb wolde a-«aye som tyme ' for solas, as hit were." 
Plan nyi iw woi •■ Sykerliche, ayie knyjt " ■ aeide peers ])enne, 23 

UHkutoit niii " Ich shal swynke and awete ■ and sowe for as bojw, 
tram miUf^ Afld laboore for )ie while ^ou lyoest ' al ^y lyf-tyme, 

In couenaunt fat fou kepe ■ holy [kirke] and my-selue 

[Fro] wastouiB and wyckede men * |)at )iis vorldo 
■BdhntbKH And go honte hardilicbe ' to hares and to foxes, 28 
A ttt To bores and to bockes ' jtat brekefi a-doune menne 

B 9t And foit« ^y faucones ' to culle wylde foules ; 

urdj iriik For {lei comen to my croft ' my com to defoule." 

Corteysliche f9 knyjt fen ■ corasode foae wordes; 32 
TMkuvuKiBatr " By my power, peers ■ ich plyghtc fe my treuthe, 

To defends ]ie in faith ' fyghte Jiaoh ich eholde." 

IS. taM]jow H. yfllon. BIQ] me PMS. 

U. tyiMniBBO] leue T; biU ue 37. [ JH IMRO] For PR. <m4]*nd 

1. 6T. aurt] I mn. in] of IHtiO. fro I. pit IHSE] f>}-i Q ; |>ub P. 

17. )rit] fie L mrldt^ land H. 4f i-imii] etmyen E ; Ury«D SO ; Btroj'en 
tH|)] be|) S ; ben E ; is UI. I ; diatryeo M. 

18. ktm-\ him UIQ. to'] 18 M*. SB. kardilieke'i bardUeohe P. 
iPjiffWIy] whyghtlj P ; wyitly 8 ; /owj] uoxen M. 

wlthly H ; wittilicha I. 29. fcwi^j] bucVuB 8 ; bukk«s IG. 

!iO. en — teem«] one ty ma I. trejee- a-doune2 douD M8E. emtu] men 

ly] trywely P. Kj myn MO; ray 8. 

23. *«m(] knylitP; c/ 1. 21, 30. And faift^ And affftite I; 

24. m] huB P. Afnite MSO. tv] ¥« B. mI^] kills 
Z6, /wIm] Bon, ^e—l^Heit] po ;«I. 

|>oaloueBtL IfvettSUS'] liulstQ; 32. iny^t] knyltj (tie) P; kinm 

leuett P ; (f.h 67. fy] ray ISO, I. pen'] poW. cmKtede] conMvudlQ 

26. [»irJu I] eliiirahe PEMS. wy H. )ww MS] ^ise I ; ^ P ; fijs B. 



" And jut on poynt," qnaji peers ■ " ich prsye jow oner- pi™ ftrthir udi 
more; 35 tanut. to m* do 

Loke }e tene no tenannt * bote ;f trenth woUe assente. poor, 

"Whenne je amensyn eny man ' let mercy be taxonr. 

And mekuesse ^y maistei ' maugre mede chekes. 

Jjanli poure meo ptotie jou ■ presentes and jiftes, 39 

Kym bit nat, an aunter ' tbow mowe hit uat deeerae ; 

For flow shalt julde, so may be ' and somdel a-bygge. 

Mys-beede noobt pj bondemen ' J» bet may |Jh>u] toinianu 

Jjank he be here ^yn mderling ■ in heuene, paraimter, 

He worth raber receyaed - and reoerentloker aette ; 44 nDHmbBtni 

Amice, ascende fupm^va. ih.m 

At chnrche in Jie chamel ' cbeorles aren vuel to knowe, 

0))ar a knyght fro a knane ' o))sr a qneyne &o a 


Hit by-come^ to a knyght * to be cnrteys and heude, 

Trewe of hys tonge ' tales lotb to huyre, 48 b •• 

Bote pei be of bonnte ' of batailee and of trauths. laifut, 

Hald nat of barlotes * huyre nat here tales, 

Nameliche atte mete ■ euche men eschewe ; ™* ■" '"** 

' rltaUi. 

Hit ben ^e denelea disonis ' to diawe men to synne. 52 

3B. mi] M om. MJ o ES ; a I. 43. JUnt] |>ffr-In B. 
«N«rSa3 onereF; of li eiuw E; H U. $elte] iltta MISQ. Amiet, 

S6. tene lUSEG] tueae F. nH *S. t» f-e} or in H. oheorlei] 

13 am. RwUf] M om, oberke IMS ; cboriei E. otmi] b«^ 

37. W)ie*»e] Wemte P ; Aad wfaan S. v»eT} juel B ; eujl 8 ; «ael lU. 

L ataeregn] le P8 ; omenwD M % 46. knifgU'\ kyng M. fn (1)] or 

amerde^ E ; mercicQ I, L a^] M8 om. qufy%»\ queene 

88. •««<{«] medes M. EQ ; qnene IMS. qyeene] queae BG. 

39. pawi] And iKjgb I. pTete<faet\ 47. U (I )] for M. o} ^ ISO. 
presantM F. ^et IME80] jefm P, 4S. \yt\ )>]■. 10. tvyr«] hun B ; 

40. JIV*] «7i°e)i M. thow mema\ hers H ; heera t. 
M mai H ; |>od nyit BO. 49. «»<] or L 

41. tJkiU] nis7 B. vilde] lelde 50. of] wf(< none L At^n] hur# 
MBEO ; }elden It I. aKA] oi I. a- E ; her U ; oe heere I. 

^gt»\ abuggen It L 61. NaKtVie\<i\ Ao DBmeliche I. 

42. |iy] \t M. ftiMiJnNini ISB] <*«e] at )ie Df ; at B. eicl\eKe 
boondamcD P \ bondmnan HO. heC\ IU8Q] eacbjnre P ; eocbiwe E. 
bettote H. may] myght 8. [t<aN S2. Sxt—y,] For it beo L 
BUBO] >e PI. May)vi(]|>o<rm7]tH. 



Contteplede uat conscieiice - ne holy [kiilcej lyghtea." 
Thi knifbt ig^* " Ich assente, by seyut Gyle " ' seyde ^ knyght Jienne, 

" For to worche by fy witt • and my wyf boJ«." 
A VT " Ich shal apaiaile me," qoa^ perkyn * " in pylgrymes 

■wyse, 66 

And wende with alle ^o ' ^at wolle lyue in treatha" 
mm i*ri b* irU) He caste on hym lias clo)ieB - of alls kynne ciaf tea, 
ud uk* iru Has cok^«8 and hna cuSes ' aa kynde witt hym tanhte, 
' And hai^ hos hoper on has hals * in stede of a ecrippe ; 

A bonaael of bred-com ' broolit w^ ^-ynne. 61 

"For ich wolle sowe hit my-aelf * and sitthe wol y* 

To pylgrimagoa, as [palmen] don - pardon to wyone. 

Uy plouh-fot shal be my pyk-etaf ' and piccbe a two 
)ie rotes, 64 

And help my enlter to kerne ■ and clanae ]>e forwea. 
promMnc Out And alle ]iat helpen me to erye ' o^ ellee to veden, 
■bill bxi Ian Sbal haua leue, by onie lorde ■ to go and ^ene after, 
huTiN, -And make hym murye ]ier-myd ■ maugte ho by-gracche. 

B •> And alle kynne crafty men * ^at eoune lyaa in treuthe, 

^d lu thair fbod, Icb shal fynde hem fade ' ^at feythfullech lybbeu ; 
•loipt ju* uh Saf lack [^e] logelour ' and lonette of fe stynea, 
jwt<^^ And danyel ]» dees-pleyere ' and denote |k baude, 72 
Boom tiM Mf And al-eo &ere faytour * and folke of [^t] ordre, 

63, OmtrepUde] Ne ooaaterplede 66. /nrwet] forewea UB. 

L [Urie I] ahuroba PBS ; ohyrohe 66. xtedm'] wenda {mrougiy') G. 

H ; ohlrohlB O. 67. U*i! iy] loae of M ; leue of O. 

66. lek tha^ And I Mhal I. ta—anti] forte M. gimel olene 8. 

a'paraile] pat«ile I. in] in a M. ^ffer] afUr me I. 

6T. rifA] wit P. welW] wolden L 68. myi\ wit> Ha mangre Ac] 

68. Eel ^'"^ L '^y] ^ '"t- malgre wbo I ; wboae euera M. bg- 

60. ^etg] hyng M. ™] in lie M. jpixw**] by-gniooha hit 8 ; bygroeh 

61. tewwl] buBohal ESQ; buBocbel it I. 

U. 71. [I" IMG] PEB om. legehur^ 

62. ywnule;] m PE ; I irenda IMS. gogeler H. of ^e] of HO i at S. 
6i3. pylgrinafB*] pilgrimage H. ttyuM] Btywea I. 

Ipalm^rt SIB] palmerM KQ; pil- 72. |>r (1)] E ett. ienoU IH8G] 

gcjjom P (by nUtake). denete P ; danyoe B. 

64. plmK.faf\ plowbat 8. piecka T8. ol-ta] also fw H ; I o*. [^ 
— (wej putto a-wM K. IM8EG] )>e P. 



|)at loUers and loselea * for leel men. halden, 

And Eob}rii pe rybaodoui ' for hiu rusty woidee. 

For tieathe tolde me ones ' and bade [me] telle [hit] 

forthere, 76 

DeleatUur de libra utueneittm • lab aholde nat dele with 

For holy chnrehe hote)> - of hem to asks no tythe, 

Quia cum ivstU non seribatUur. 
Thei ben asosped good aontec ' now god hem amende !"• 
Dame woiche-when-tyme-ie ■ poen wyf hy hte ; 80 

Has donhter bihte do-rygbt-so- ' o^er-^y-damme-shal- 

Hub sons bihte soffit- ' ^y-BOuereynes-haue-heie-wil-, 
Deme-bem-nonbt-foF-yf-Jjow-do- ' tbow-ebaltdeie-abigge. 
" Consaile nat Jie comiine * ))e kyng to displese, 84 

He hem ^at han Uwee to loke ■ lacke hem nat, iob bote, 
Let god woiihe with al * as boly writ teche) ; 

Super eathedram moyri sedent, tt cetera ; TtiL mu. l 

Maisb«8, as ^ meyres ben - and grete men senatonra, 
"What }iei comannde as by ^ kyng ■ contrepleide hit 

ueuere, 88 

Al })ftt fey hoteu, ich hote • beylicbe, thow siiflre hem ; 
By here wamyng and worchyng ■ worcb Jww )wr-after ; 

74. paf] pat ben M. bUerj] 81. AUt«] heithe P (»«« J«1. BZ) ; 
lonlas M. /or] )>st H ; I mn. hiite MI ; hiit B ; hatte & d<mme\ 

Tfl. [«MEIUSa] Poo. [AUMS] w FM ; dame 1E8Q. 
it I ; PEG em. 82. hikte] tuitto S. 

77, 78. Mitarraaged in aU tks SS. /or] I mn. di>] doit I. ibrs 
eopit*, lehich put Deleantur — uiuen- oM^^eJ it dere abegge I ; hit dera 
clmn » oat lint, loh — hote)> iw a ft-bime Q. 
Mteond, a»d at hem — toribantur in a 84. nat] oat m L 
third; but mm B-teit. 86. lekt} kepe S. lacke'] lave (1) 

77. J/ter uiuGDoium E iniertt k B. kete'] hote in L 
cun iiutia no* soHbAotw (unaeeet- 66. nortke'] I-Hor)>e I ; worobe S. 
tarUyX leh] I ne U. Ami] him tMAdF>] t«:hGF< t>e I ; telle;* U. la- 
dent] aedebant E j B om. 
87. ben] 1 dm. men] H <rm. 
69. ^ lEB] |>el H ; mUaritten 
>e P i i/. 1. 88. hoU] hote )>« E. 

90. By] And aft^r 1. and] and 

^tv Google 


MiLixHi.t. Omnia qtie dhuni, /aeite ^ aeruate; 

Ac after here doynge do ^w nat ■ my dere Bone," qnaji 


pton Hfi ka ii " For now ich am old and hor ■ and haue of myn owene, 

BiktktowUL To penaunces and to pUgriinagee ■ ich wol passe with 

o|)6re ; 93 

For-thi ich wolle, er ich wende ■ do wryten my by- 



•■inMiHuiimj 7n dei nomine, amen ■ Ich make hit mj-se^f. 

•ooltoUlD thu 

bM dMKTH li. He shal haue my Bonle ' )>at alle soules made, 96 

And defende hit fro ^e feende ' and bo ib ray by-leyne, 
[Til ich come to hna aconntee * as my crede t«Ile^, 
B •• To haue remiseioun and relees ' on ^at rental ich lene.] 

tiM (iisTch, thu The [kiike] shal haue my caroyne * and kepe my hones, 
eora. For of my com and catel ' he ctauede my tythe. 101 

Ich payed hit preetliche * for peril of my soule, 
A *• He is holdinge, ich hope ■ to hane me in hoa maBse, 

And menge me in hus memorie * among alle criatine. 
My wih iiuii My wyf shal faaue of pat ich wan ' with treuthe, and 
wiiiaiB(i,ft>rBiT no moN, 106 

"* And dele hit among my douhtrea ' and my dere 

For 'Jtanh ich deyde Jiya day • my dettee ben quyted ; 
Ich bar horn Jiat ich horvrede * er ich to bedde jeode. 

81. do] ne do I 100. [*irto IM] chnrehe PESO. 

V2. old—lutr] hare k. old B. 101. and\ and of my I ; sad m; li. 

99. with] *<> \ia I. my tytke] ma ti>a I ; me tefie B. 

»4. Ibr-tki] For-whl M. rtr] or 108, «] hii P. haldinge] to PI ; 

US. do\ to U. Teitamenttm, ^r.] holdTDg EMS ; holden Q. 

in PB only. 10*. BMBje] mynge L 

97. fro\ BS fro I. by-lejpie] bileue 106. hit] M on. den] Icue M. 
EM ; bileeue I ; beleue S. ehUdren] ohildreg J. 

9S, 99. J^Vmt IQ \ PEU8 cm. ; ^. 107. d^de\ deied E ; deye ISO : 

B. vi. 91, 92. deije M. [lyi] to IG. dettet Sm] 

98. fc»l i I ; y G (•• oI»i> »■ 1. 99) i deUe ia IQ. qvyttd] y-quytod IB j 
ef. 1. 96. Am] hie IQ ; 5^. 1. 103. a-quttod O ; quite M. 

<M 01 ao I (ye^mgly). myT\\»Q. 108. Uh (I)] B (n«. w] or EHS. 

99. ani O] a I. reUei O] relM L yodel ^e EIUSQ, 


PASS, tx.] hAnt set to work; others shirk it. 145 

With ))e resydae and remenannt * by ^e rode of Jukes, vitb iiw miiiur 
Ich woUe Toreliape fer-with ■ treuthe al my lyf, 110 Tnith, 
And be a pilgrym atte plouh ■ for ]/rofyt of poure and »n* u nti 

Now pwkyn with be piLmnies ■ to be plouh is taren ; Pi«n '"^ "■• 
To eryen bus half aker ' holpen hyra moTiye. 113 pioogMng. mnd 

Dykere and delners * diggedea vp ))e balkes ; bHphLm. 

Ther-witb was perkyu apayed ' and paied wel here hyre. 
Ojier werkmen f er were ■ Jiat wrouhten ful jume ; 116 
Eche man in bus manen ' made bym-self to done ; ■•• 

And Komme to plese p«i-kyn * pykede aweye ])e wedes. 
Atte hye pryme peers ' let ]ie plouh stonde. At high prim* 

And oner-seyh hem hym-self ' bo so beat wronhte, 120 ohit ih< ■ork- 
He sholde be hyred ^r-after ■ when henieet'tynie come. a. m» 
J}enne seten some ' and songen atten ale, bu »•» htipwi 

And holpen to erie })is half acre ' with ' hoy ! troly I lolly ! ' drinking ud 
Quath peers [Jie] plouhman * al in pure tene, 1 24 

" Bote le ralryse be rabere • and rape )ow to worche, wi Pi«n 
Shal no greyn (lat here groweji ■ gladen }ow at neede ; "lUi hmXat. 
And ]iauh je deye for deal ' fie denel haue [)iat] recche ! " 
Tho were faitoura aferede • and feynede hem blynde, Thmtiwih 
And leyden here legges a-lyry ■ as e 
And msden here mons to peers ' 
worche : 

109. mtiJAndwiUL an^Jaod 
Yt IHQ. Ittkei] grace M. 

110. ««««] wuld & ^] lyf-^me 

111. pilfrym KIMSO] pulgrym P. 
«tt«] at )>e lUQ ; at 8. of] to IQ, 
prqfyt^-aiul] pore and for M, 

113. Now ia perliya and )iiBe pil- 
grimes ' to )ie plogh farsD I. 

113. iiM] )ds 1. Julpen] helpeu 

114. diggtdai^ dikked I ; dikud S. 

IIG. troV] wel hen I. 

116. /kI] welH. 

118. pylKde—^'\ a-felde plkede I. 


[leL mowe nat 



AtU-] Ki-EUS; 



whe«.-] WEH P. 


atten ale'i atte 

nale 0; atto 

ale I: 

ale 8. 


hei U 

att^ealeU; at; 

t>e nale E ; ale 

(»] ISO on. *fly] hay EG ; 

. 124! 

[\,» IMSO] PE <m. ; rf- 1- 

164. , 

«; U] ta a M. 
[ ; teane P. 

teiu EMSGJ 


aryte SIH] ryae PEG. 

126, here^ )ier M. 


J«.ndoileB; . 

lei G : do) M ; 

defaute 8. A»Nf] bangs M. [(:<.* 

EIMSG] ^ P. 



:; a-lerjF I. 


myjlcn MQ. 


116 raas tells the idlkrs of thbib dutt. [pass. ix. 

■^ aau ill tft<7 " Ac we prayeji for jow, peers ' sad for joure plouh bojie, 
r^ te ua, jMt god for has gisce ' ^ure giSTn maltiplie, 132 

And jelde )ow of joutc alaieeee - ^t je jenen ns here. 
^mma*rmtia "ft'e msy nay)>er awyuke oe swete ■ suche sykaesse tnw 
■* sylef ; 

VTe hsae aoue tymce to Uborie with - lord god ws 
Iwnkef." 135 

t'Tvapnjwt "Jottte pmiers," quath peters ■ "and je paiSt were, 
If 7( wm ctH Myght help, as ich hoj>e ; ' ac hje treuthe wolde 

|)at ao faiterye were founde ' in folk jiat gon s-begged. 
■ >•• )e bea wastours, ich wot wel ■ Jat wasten aad deuoureu 

mmun. jj^t leel Uad-tylynge mea • leelliche byswynken. HO 
A HI Ac treuthe shal t«cbe )ow ' hus teemo for to dryue, 

TOO to .iriia ua 0^ je shulle ete bsrliche brede ' aad of fe brok 
' drynke, 

Bote je be blyude ojwr brokelcgged ■ oper bolted with 
bat ihsH wtn an Suche pouro," quab peen ' "shuUen partye with my 

nillj bUnd I.UI 

i»iik goodca, 144 

Bo|ie of my com and of my clo)i ' to kepe bem fro 
defaute ; 
AiKiuiriia ud Ancres and heremites ■ bat eten hot« at nones, 


(tod. And freres ])at flateren nat ' and poiire folke syke, 

'What ! ich and myne ' woUe^ fyude hem Jtat hem 
needeb." 148 


B lOi Thenne gan waatoui to wratth ' and wolde haue fonhlea, 

131. Ac} And I. for (a)J fore P. 139. )>a(] aad I. 

mra] ^i M. HO. (yiynje] tjlyyng B ; tel^gge 

182. fer\ of U. mnUiplia ESI] M. Ueiliclu} leetUoh B ; lelli HS ; 

multeplie P ; mullepliie M. lelj I ; leelleche P. 

133. ylde EISMG] ^ulde P. yuei^ 141. /or] I o». 

w] mitKril/en jeuene hus P. H8. je] if he L trith} wit P. 

131. flay|»-r] neytixr I ; no(>er EMS. lit. partye} pule EIUQ. «rIM] 

135. We haue'] Ne I. wit P. 

136. prairri] preiere M. ic] hj B. 14S. Aiuret] And uikeres I. 
187. hajie] trowe 8. 147. /olluf] mea and M. 

^3S. failerye} faytrie IE; faitonr U8. troI£o|>] wul S. Imf] what 10. 

M3. gm} go|i lO. <t-b«gge4] to PQ ; Ans >at] al ^t H. 

abttgged E ; ft-begg}'d 6 ; ab«gge)> 1 ; 149. leattintr] waalOQiBH. frraff J] 

and be^eii H. w)«|i)'e hem M ; wrs^^ him I. 



And to peers plouhmaji ' proferode to Gghte, ntun ii«n u 

And bad byin 'go pisse with bus plouh ' pej'uesehe iudUirHU»d 

ahrewe!' 151 

A brytonere com braggf nge ■ a-boated peers also ; 
" Wolle Jww, ne woUe fow ■ we volle^ habbe oure wil, A. M 
Bo^ fy flour ood fy fleaah • fecchco when ous lykej», 
And make oos myrye ^r-myd - maugre ho by- 

grucchej!" 155 

Peers Jie plouhman ^o ' pleynedo to ])e knygbt, "in jnjts uw 

To kepe hym and bus catel - aa couenaunt was by- pnnnia^ 

tvyne hem : 
" Awreke me of )reae wastours ' |iat makeu )>ys worlds 

Thei couQte nat of cursyng ' ne holy [kirke] dteden ; t ddm nch n* 
Ther worth no plente," qua^ peers * "and ^e plouh aatm. 

• ligge." 160 

Curtealiche )« knyght |mii ' as bus kynde wolde, Th> knigiit 

Warned wastour ■ and wissede hym betore, tbm. 

" Oper ich ehal bete )m by Jie lawe ' and brynge )ie iu 

" Ich was nat woned [to] wircbe," qua)) wastour ' " and B !•• 

ich wolle nat now bygynne," 161 a>»dtUhiivi« 

And let lygbt of fe lawe ■ and lasse of j« knyght, ^^b"^ 

And sette peers at a pese ' pleyne bym wber be wolda ' 

160. I iMiUt. 1 1>9. fintiifff] a-oonatcD H. imriyiig'] 

Ifil. pegmenhe} peuysAie EHSO. cureynge* I. [tirit«I] ohnrchePEa; 

162. ami '^"a 1^^ ; came S. a- ohirohe M. 

i«ttetr\ t bmted EO; and aboaMde 160. T^er] For l^er I. plentej 

MS ; he bostede I. nittrritten pleynte P. 

1S8. Welle] y/MtU; Wult 8. tu 162. «ai(<™j-] wattOQre H. Ayw] 

frotte] oe wou' a ; njlt U ; nelle EI. hem M. 

Iiinv] too, qiiD)i he 1. vit] wi[liu S. 163. f»] lov H (dvliw). in] ia-Ut 

IM. Bo^] And I. when] wen M. 

P. 164. tamed EIMO} wooyd 8; 

1S5. An] wbou M. byfrHeehe]i] woDt(aUeredtewoad)P. [to IMSQ] 

b7-Bri»Mhe SO ; gruQcheti H. PEom. jwrfi] qaod a H. aii£]ii8Q 

Ift6. )»] H <m. to] him to I. m. ieA— norr] now wil I not I. 

1B7. Ayfiryv A«m] bi-fore U. 1S5. And—lygkt] He tolde Iltel 

I6S. 0/] on M. (wu; S] )>» HE ; H. 
>4ae I ; |>cs P. Hwrli^ EI] world 
HS ; irordle Q ; words P. 


rkinwMnh* " Xow, by crist," qua|) peers ' "yelial ajievre jow 

""*"' And hopeJe after hunger ■ Jiat herde. ptim] at f e fer^ 

"let praye fe," quath peers J>o ■ "pur i^Uarite, aire 

honget, 169 

Awreke me of Jwse wastours ' for ^e knyght wol uat." 

Huipr aaghi HoDgsr hente ia baitte ' waatour by )ie luawe. 

A. na And wrang hym by fe wombe ' pai al waterede bus 
boflMfd him n, eyen. 1 72 

He buSated fie bratener ' a-boute ))e cliekes, 
)}at he loked lyk a lantcTiie * al bus lyf after. 
He bet hem so bo)ie ' he barst aeih hure guttee, 175 

thit Km hid Id Xe badde peers with a peeso-lof ' prayede bym by-leae. 

pnv Huimr u " Hongor, haue mercy ot bem," quath peers - " and let 

""^ me jeiie hem benea ; 

And ^t yraa bake for bayarde ' may be here bote." 

mm u» thiriiKi Tho were fattours a-tered ■ and flowen to peorsses hemes, 

toUinih; And flapten on with flailea ' f ro morwe til euene, 180 

B103 )}at honger was nat hardy ' on hem for to loke. 

For a potful of potage ' ))at peersses wyf made. 

HamiUHiud An hep of eremites ' hentcn hem spades, 

Spitten and spradde doDge ' in despit of hunger. 184 
Thei coruen here copes ■ and courtepies hem made. 
And wenten as workmen * to weden and mowen ; 

167. peert"] pere« (« ploweman I. 177. n/] oa mSO, «*«] him IS 

16B. hepede'] houped lESO ; itvure). . 

faolrpede M. |Kif] and L [Aim ITS. bayarde'] bajerde f ; itit tee 

lUSO} PE an. at )>«] atte I ; ate K. I. 192. nay] it may I ; nuyre (!) S. 

ISa. pur] por S ; for H ; e/. I. 267. 179. to] in-to I. pearitet] pens 

17^ me]lon. ^ OQ M. Iwm] IMQ ; pen B ; perua S ; w altn ja J. 

tieese F. 182. 

171. heittB—harU] In haste )>o ' 180. fiap^*^'] flatten E. KitX\ 
hente I. trartmir] a wsster M. whit P. 

172. nrang] wrong IMBG, *y] so 181. oit—for] ones on hem M. 

bj I. 183. ^nj And an S. kentim] 

173. buffaiei] to PIM ; buffeted bonten M. 

B; bofeted B. hmUner^ bratooer 180. eorueti] oaruen IH. evprt 

IS ; bretener H ; britonere E. EIIlS] ooppea (nrtmgly') P. 

176. A«m] 6 m». to ho^e] bo|i so 186. nede* — n/>wen1 weden & to 

B. ««iA] DSr I. mowsn B ; wedjng and to mowjug 
176. tiitk\ wit P. IU8. 



AI for drede of here de^ ' eiiche djntas jaf [hunger.] 

Blynde and brokeleggede ■ he botnede a fwusoude, 168 P^''""'^ 

And lame men he lechede • with longen of besteo. i*" r«^"4 

Preeates and o^ p^ple ' to peers fei drowen, 

And IreTeB [of] alle fjue ordres ' al for fere of hunger. 

For Jiat Jwt was bake for bajarde ■ was bote for menye 

hungry, 192 

Drosenes and dreggr^s ' drynke for menj'e bcggeres. 
per was [no] lad {xit lyuede ' ^at i 


To be hue hole hewe ■ fauh he hadde no more 195 '"""*'" 
Bute ]yf-lode for hue labour ' and bus loue at nones. 
Tho was peers ful proude ' and pntte hem alle to werke, ^ 

In daubyng and in deluyng ■ in donge a-fcld berynge, 
In fresshynge, in Jiecchynge ■ in thwytynge of pynnes, tuinrticn*. 
And alle kynne trewe oraft ■ fat man coutbe douyse. entttngpiiu, 
Wafl no heggeie so bolde ■ bote yf he hlynde were, 201 
Jjat dorst with-sitte put peerea seyde ' for fere of syre 

And peers was proud Jier-of • and pntte liem idle to *""'Ji^^!l|, ^ 

And jaf hem mete and monye ■ as Jiey myght deseruen. 
Tho badde peers pite ■ of alle poure puple, 205 tum lud Pim 

And bad hunger [in] haste ■ hybe out of contre 

L87. .41] And L [Auiifrr lEHGS] hold U. Aetre I] hywe P; hjM 

169. lame] alle lune U, lededr] 196. Idm] mete H ; M Q ; PKI3 

leeboede H. vitk'] wit P. lonjeH} teem te hare \oue, net looe; rf.\.SS7, 

loangra E 1 longea IMSO. 197. Q onifi. peert] periiTn U. 

190. W] toward 1. /«/] I on. to irerie] a-nerke IS. 

191. .4»<| M<«(. la/ alle ESQ} 198. and in] and H. a-/eld} 
•lie te lU ; and alle P. /gae] foure aTelde EI ; on feld H. 

IL ol] and al M. 199. »/] S o»>. 

192. ^at pal) t».t IMQ. SOO. And] In IM. emthe'] can S. 

193. Droienft] Drowsen M ; Draunin 202. Kith-titte] wit-sitta P. 

a. drynke MI8G] wa» drj-nko E ; ao3. trrynke lEMSG] swynKB P. 

di«nke P. 205. 0/] vp-on I ; on H. alle] 

194. [mat no ISG] ne wwi no M ; alle )ie M. 

naa E ; waa P ! ir« 1. 201. lad] tede 206. [in lEHSQ] on P. J)yA<r] 
I. «<•] he ne H. bye E ; hije M ; bie hEm Ig ; hien 

IBS. keU) hool S ; bolde lEQ ; O. 


150 BEOQARS OnaUT to hate OHLT COAHSB pood. [pass. IX. 

jM fain (h( ■ Home in-to liis owen erthe • and halde hym per enere — 

whm Huunr " For ich am wel awreke ■ of wastoura f orw fy myghte. 
Ac ich praye ^e," qua)i peers * " hunger, er ^w wende, 
Of b^^ts aad of byddere ' what beet be to done ! 310 

B 1*4 For ich wot wel, be ^ou went * woTche pei wolle fal ylle ; 

mHknoich Mefichjef hit Toak&p ■ thei ben so meke nouthe,' 212 
And for defaute pis folke ' folwen my heates. 
Hit is no pyng for loue * thei labour piu faste. 
Bote for fere of famyu ' in faith," seide peers ; 

t ikij'itiT.tiw "Ya no final loue with bia folke ■ for al here faire 

■ut, ttamcli Ih^ 

■p^Mr. apeche; 216 

And hit [benj my blody hropren ' for god bouhte va 

Treuthe tauhte me ones ' to louye hem echone. 
And helpcn hem of alle ^yng ' ay aa hem nedep. 

■siMMta Now wolde ich wite, or bow went«et ■ what were b» 

un wiTio*. beete, 220 

How ich myghte a-maietren hem ' to louye and laboore 
For here lyflode ; ■ lere me, ayre hunger." 

A ss " Now herkne," quab hunger ■ " and hold hit for a 

Hniicir Mil Urn i r a 

to fHd tba lUt- wyBdome ; 

vithhorw-brad Bolde beggeres and by^^ ' ])at mowe here bred by- 

Bwynko, 224 

With houndea bred and hora-bred ' hele hem when pei 

And a-bane hem with benea ' for bollynge of here wombe. 

SOT. trthe] erd S; ^erde I. )>n- 219. ielfKn] tobelpe t. ajr] euera 

»lt«rt] pgriojie I. M. 

208. Jbr] I «n. atrreiel awroke 220, wide icA] y wultfe B. irite'i 

L qfiooU. white P. Kimteif] wendiiit I. irlut'] 

210. and <tf\ and IM. beH &t] be wat P. 

beat S ; Is best M. S21. <>«<] and to IH. 

211. ^] huDgvr I. 222. lufli^e^ owne liflotte S. ^nv] 
S14. no — Unte\ noght for loue, leua lem H. me] me now I. 

HI. ««] tat^eyS. 22t Bolde} And boWe Pj hit 

21S. Ti\ perisIM. final] (aPO; IMSEQ omit And. and bygga} ^at 

fynel E ; Uytttul 8 ; filial I; lei H. begR:e I. 

mUk^ wit P. 226. ,4<tJ] ISO on. hoa/ntt] 

217. hit] fiti M. [ben EM] hep bolnyng H. Kvatte] wombei H. 

B ; arsD PG ; are I i Me 1. G2. 



And jt ^e gromes gruccliQ ' bid hem go swyulce, andtanuiMtiuin 

And he ahal soupe fe swettere ' when he hath deseraed. 

And yf pow fynde eny folke ■ wham false men han Ji«iwiieh«.i 

apaiied, 229 ^iSta"™-" 

Comfort* hem with Jy catel ■ for so comaundej treuthe ; 
Loue hem and lene hem - so lawe of kynde wolde ; 

Alter alteritu onera poriate, osi. vi. ^ 

And alle manere men - pat ^ow myght aapye 232 dimuwd iiihim" 

In meschief oper in mal-ese ■ and )>ow mowe hem helpe, montj. " ' ' 
Loke by f y lyf - let hem nouht for-fare. 
Yf ]k)w hast wonne ouht wiukeliche ' wisliche dispentle 


Facile uohia amicos de mamrruma iniquitalin." Bioft 
" Ich woldfl nat gieuye god," quaf peers ■ "for al pe 

good on erthe ; 236 

Myghte ich synneles do as pou seistl" seide peers ass 

plouhman. know \t » ii rigUt 

")e, ich by-hote fe," qua(i hunger ■ "ofer elles pe „ort "" 

Go to onre by-gynnynge ■ J>o god fe worlde made. 
As wise men ban ywryte ' and as wittnessep genang, 
That soith, with swynke and with swot ■ and swetynge 
fac« 241 

liy-tolye and by-trauaile ' treuly oure lyf-lode ; 

In labvrfi ^ milore uallut tui ueiceris pane tuo. Gtn. iii. i«. 
And salamon ))e sa^e ' with )re same acordep, 

227. ^e] ^ 8. jo] go and lU. 236. nelde — grevye] wul not greue 

228. ^e^ IMQ tm. nlien'] wen P. B. on] in IG. 

jlirfA] It hB> I ; ha^ bit MG. 237. tyitxeln del ^o Q^neles 8. 

223. And^ Ac MIG. irkam.] warn peeri] pieres (« 1, 

P 1 t«C I. (MM] foic M. Aaii] hn>p 210. ytrryte] ywritte E ; writen U ; 

H ; hsue SG. wrytun S ; j-writen L at] I om. 

2S1. «>] and eo I. 241. $eUh'\ Bei> F<at M. /ace] ftxn 

2^2. men] otmen IMO. M. 

S.S4. Lote^ Loke \}0v M. 242. Bg-tulye] By-tilye 8 ; Bi- 

235, luitC] haue M. ovht] niut 8 ; telede M ; By tillyng E [ By-tuyl O. 

I an. irirteliche] wickedlich EIQ ; bg-travaile] bi-lreueilede H. mire'] 

wickedly S ; wronxfulli H. diipmde bU U. 4' tudiirt] I am. 

kit] trow hit Bpcnde M. 243—246. S imiti. 



The slowe oaytyf for colde ■ wolde no corn tulye ; 244 
In som«re for hue elewthe ' he Bhal hsue defaute, 
And goD abrybe^ snd be^en ' and no man bete bus 

Pf"- "■ *■ Pig^- propter frigut nduit arare ; mendieabit 

in hyeme ^ non dabitur ei. 

Th* iiDtiind ur- Matheu make)) mencion * of a man ^at lente 

Ml Ln. lii. u, Hub seluer to ^re manure men * and menynge ^at ])ei 

**■ sholde 248 

Chafikre and cheeue ])er-with ' is chele and in hete ; 
And he ^at best laboiede * beat vrae alowed, 
And ledeia for here labotynge * oaeie al ^ lordea 

Ac he ])at was a wrecche ' and wolde nat trauayle, 
The lord, for bus lacchesse - and hus lufiei eleuthe, 

■ iO« By-nom hym al ^at be hadde ' and }af hit to hus 

That leely hadde labored ; ■ and fanne fe lord seide, 

Mu. Mv. u); Ln. ' He fat hath sbal haue ■ and belpe Jer hym lyke)) ; 

And he Jat nauht hauef ■ he abal nauht haue, 257 

A. n And no man jut belpe hym i • and fat he wenef baue^ 

Ich woUe hit hym by-ieue ' for hua rechelesneese.' 
Lo ! what fe sauter seif ' to awynkers with handes, 
' Yblesasd be alle jjo ■ fat [here] by-lyue [byjswynken 
Jjorw eny leel labour ' as f oi^b lyines and handes ; ' 262 

Hi. Koldt'] he wolde I. tiilye] haue ' k no man )it helpilA hyw, 

tlly E ; telija M ; tilye 1 ; tylie Q. And >>at he wenefi wel to haue - I 

246. aliT!/liet>^ abribeth I ; sbribed wU it bim byreue. 

B ; B-bribid G ; a-buute M. beffs'i"} So M, nhich read* nout schal bau« ■ 

abeggeth I; a-begged Q. I'lger] I and no man hica heipe, iiruJaMJtf wel. 

om. hsBBie] estate (!) E. 257. A<iv«>] 10 PESO ; haf IM. 

248. Jire] Jie J^re I. aiuij w PEIO j 258. G omUt. ftai/e] to haue 8. 
in M ; Sam. t>at;\ I am. 260. X«] And lo I. 

249. rhele^ chelde E. 261. [Aere IG] beore H ; hur« 6 ; 
2n0. labartde^lahouretiE. alowed} be (by mitlaie) P ; E &m. by-lj/tir^ 

alowede P. bileue IS. [Aytwyiiteii E] bjBWyii- 

261, eiiere] uf M. ku^i S; bi-awynken U j by-swinklu G; 

253. aid} and for M. b)-8wyuke|> I ; Bwynken P. Iiere — 

234. to'} Al em. bgnrgnJien'] lyue)> byiiwynken (<ir) R. 

And bo t-at noght ba^ Bobal noght 

202. fee/] M mu. ftf^yi] w 



Lahorea manuum tuarum quia mandueabis; Fi.ditII.) 
[bealue ea, et bene tibi ertV:] 4* cetera. 
ThsBB aren euydonces," qviatli hunger ■ " for hem fat 

woUe nat ewjakea, 
That here lyflode be lene ■ and lytol wrath here clofea," 
"Bv cryst," qiiab peers plouhman bo * " bese pro- fPiminjiiH 

' „ . : , „„. wlUwnirUmirf 

neriKB woUe ich sbewe 265 omisntmtH. 

To b^cgeis, and to boyes ' ^at loth ben to woiche. 
Ac jut ich praye jow," quath peere ■ " pur cbarite. Byre 

)yf ;e can o^r knove ' eny kynne )>ynge of fysyk i 

For some of my seruauns * and my-eelue bo}«, 269 flhi mnpiHni 

Of alle awoke worchen nat ' ao oure wombe gronefi." dhd innnj* 

"Ich wot wol," quath hunger - "what sykneaae jow Hunger uyi it 

a>le> ; H^^X-""" 
3e haue manged onere muche ' ^t make^ jow be syke. 

Ac eet nat, ich bote ' or hunger ^e take, 273 rutj iii«id not 

And sende [Jie] of hua sauce ■ to aauerie with thi lippes. hunnrj. "^ "* 

And kep earn til eoper tyme * and sitte nauht to longe a. ss 

[At noon, ne at no time ; * and nameliche at soper] ■ >•* 

Let nat ayre sorfait ' sitten at by borde, 277 Th«r iii«id not 

IM sir SatMC M 

And loke ^w drynke no day ' er ^u dyne eom-what. banida uum. 
Jlenk )iat diuea for hita delicat lyf ' to ft deuel wente, t RimtnbH ii.* 
And lozai, ^e lene beggere ' ^at longed after cromea — ua luuw. 
And jut had he hem nat ' for ich hunger culde hym — 
And eitthe ich sauh hym sitte ' as he a eyre were, 282 

[btatm—frW] ix S only. 268. I^nne} UO em. Ivse^ 

263. Theu'] Theesa P (^and in 1. yrngen I. 
E66>. arm*] ben EHS. mlU »a<] ZT3. be"] to he M. 
tijn«t' nout M. £73. er^ er IQ ; or Ich B. 

284. it Isne] liileue E ; bi-leuen M. 

265. pnri'] peres ^e I. fv] H pnt. 
feit — ifA] |)u ptvoerbe I hqI I. 
leeUe u-A] H en. 

26«. Til'] For M (twice). 

267. Ae] And M. ^] ^ M. 

see. Here B ha* loH 8 Iraret. dmrn 
U xi, 94. Tkii foHim U eollated 
leitk Qt throHghmit. 



[t.<-IMG]PEBiH. AwJmyE. 

From M ; aUo in IQ ; PE omit. 

nat-] no L 

rf,».] ete M. 

ptrni] And t«nkel. Am] M 


iim] bis (ric) T. 
lUe] lette 0. 
tUtke] eu|> E. 

fcft] |>ulke 
a »if«] a. 



At alle manere ese ' in abmliamiueg lappe. 
oTnbnHd ■^"'^ ^ ^^ ^ "^ power ■ peers, ich Je rede, 284 

Alle ^t greden at ^y gate ' for godea lone, after fude, 
Parte with hem of (ly payn ■ of potage of «■ of sooel. 
Lane hem som of yj loot ■ fauh fou f e laase chewe. 
ttatMHni^ And baoh Iveie and lacchedrawere - and lollerea knocke. 
Let hem abyde tyl ))e boid be drawe ' ac here hem none 
cromes, 269 

Til alle fyn nedy neihebores ■ haue none ymaked. 
wm ami ihn And yf J)ow dyght p6 fas ■ ich dar legge myn okb, 
».«iu -a hit Jjat fysyk ahal hue forrede hodea ■ for bus fode aulle, 
tun-taiHinr. And bos cloke of calabre - for bus comunea legge, 

And be fayn, by my faith ' his fyeyb to lete, 294 

And lerns [to] labore with londe ' leete lyflode hym 

Ther aren meny lu^ie lecbea ' and leele lecbea fewc^ 
Thei don men deye ^oigh here drynkea ' er deatyne hit 
wolde." 297 

W"!* —** " By seynt panl," quath peers ]k> ■ " thou poynteat neih 

•dia. ^ treathe, 

And leelly seist, as ich lene ■ lonl fe for-jelde ! 
Wend now whenne ]wu wolt ' and wel be ^w euere. 
For ^w haet wel ywroke mo ■ and also wel ytauht roe." 

HucwHji^ "Ich by-hot« fe" quaf hunger • "fat hennea nel ich 

^>«0-*" wende 302 

Er ich haao y-dyned by fye day ■ and y-dronke bofe ! " 

pimwhthu " Ich haue no peny," quath peera '" polettee for to bigge. 


285. ffreden at'\ grat in L £99. ye] it ):e I ; hit fie O. 

286. wUh] wit P. D^ar] and H. SOO. irAinuu'] wenne P ; wher I. 
887. J(»/] lot EH 1 loue L ht too] H»> be I. 

288. bilUrn] loreles 11 801. yirrob] awrok« H; I-wreke 

290. (U>M«] noon H ; noen 1. I ) awreke £0. ytanht we] me taut 

S91. dyfht]AioU)ld; dieteO. H. 
202. hedei'] hood 11 302. nel] ne wil I. 

296. [fA lU] PEQ on. lenJe] SOS. y-iyn^] AyneA EUQ. 

bond O. «y»] hem I. 804. polettn] boteles H. 


Pass, ix.] how thb foob appeasxd HntfOER. l.')5 

No^r gooa no^ grje ■ bote two giene chsBee, 305 do bhh « pici, 

A fewe croddes and creyme * and a cake of otee, mnm muli, u 

And bred for my bamea ' of benea and of pesea. a.m« bios 

And jut icb aey, by my saule ' icli haue no aalt bacon ; udpLLt, 

Koubt a eokeney, by cryst ■ colboppea to make, 309 

Ac ich haue porett-plontes ' pn^ye and acalonea, iiioiwiiaT, 

Chibolea and chimyllefl ' and chines sam-rede, riiw ebtntm. 

And a cow with a calf ■ and a cart mare, 312 

To drawe a fold my donge ' )>e whyle drouth laat«)i. 

By Jiis lyfloda we mote lywe ■ tyl lammaase tyme ; "hi* ""»' ii^ 

And by pat, ich hope to haue ■ heruest in my crofle ; 

Tbenne may I dyghtc fy dyner ■ as me dere lykej." 

Alle pe poure puple ^o ' peescoddea fetten; 317 ThepnorpHipit 

Benes aad baken applea ' thei broohte in here lappea, baain, md 

And profrede peera thia present ' to plese ^er-with uungn'!' 

Hunger eet al in haste ' and askede after more; 320 Hnmterwuud 
Poure folke for fere ^ ' fedde hunger jeme br<>uj|ii[ t rrwn 

With creym and with croddes ' with carses and o^sr 

By that yt neihed herucBt * and newe com com to 

Thenne was )ns. folke feyn ' and fedde hunger deynte- a vo 

uooliche, 324 (JnnthifM 

806. Jfofrer] He Dot*r Q, tui^er'] 316, Jiy] my I. 

ne lU. 317. H O an. >»] I am. 

SOS. A"] And a I. Sia balun appUt] buson, appelea 

308. teyl taide I. O. thei brmthu^ U em. lappetX 

309. ffiruU a] Ne no lO. eollap. ktips IQ. 

pet] to PEMS; oolnppet lO. 319. rt«] ^t M. (i(ir.jr«i] wij> 

310. portU-ploMeii porettyiplont)-* MI ; wi)i ^r^ Q. 
Q. pertelye] pm^ile M. 331. fifl] fiey I. 

311. ciingllet M] oheiTUfllw E ; 822. eariei\ craswe M; cresses L 
ohlniullw I ; chlrueylles P; chiriaetlee 323. neihed'] neihed neyh I. ehep- 
Q. lam-redr] Bsm-ripe M. yng QEIM8] chipynge P. 

312. wilh] k Q. 82*. Thmtte] Aod Ratine IQ. nmt 

313. Jw] O em. whfW] wyle P. h*] I "«■ hunger] hem M, degn- 
drouth'] |>e droghte I ; deff* M. tnoiUahe'] dentcuousliohe ME ; deyn- 

814. Bj/] And by IG, tiflicbe I ; deynlfuUlohe Q. 

3IG. fn^e] oroftM t. 



HrnifH And gloton yo with good ale ' geite hanger to slepe. 

B !•• ' Tho wolde wastouT nat woiche ' bote wandrede about«, 

■nd <Mnin No^er bej^re eete bred - ^at benee were jnne, 327 
tba siwt biwd. Bote clerematyn and Coket ■ and of clene whete ; 

Tbd wolde uon halpenj ale ' in none wyae drynke, 

Bote of ^e best and Broimest ' ^at brewesters sellen. 
L>b«nn*m Laboreres ^at ban no londe ■ to lyuen on bote here 
handea 331 

Deyned [nogtit] to dyne a day * nygbt-olde wortea. 

May no peny ale hem paye * ne a pece of bacon, 
nd nnud fMh Bote hit be freesch fleesch oier fysch * fried obi?r ybake, 

HhIi ud Mtd I ' ' 

Aih, And fat ehaud and pluachaud ■ for chillyng of here 

tadgnmbud Bote he be beyliche ybyred ' ellea wol he chide, 336 

That be was a werkman ywroght ' waryen f e tyme ; 

Cortels Catonee consoil * comaeth he by-gracche, 
(cuo. DiiUdk. Paupertaiis oiitu ' pacienter ferre memento. 

And fenne ha coreej) fe kyiig ■ and alle Jie kyngea 
luBticea, ."HO 

Siiche lawea to lere ' laborers to grene. 
■ 11* Ac while hunger was here mayster ' wolde non chide, 

hiufrj. Ne stiyue a-}ens fe statute ' be lokede so stumo. 

A. 91 Ac ich wame jow werkmen ■ wynne wliyle je uinwe, 

wvAmn, 'E.tfT hunger hyderwardes ' hye^ hyni faste ; 345 

He shal awake forw water * wasters to chaste. 

. 32fi. glotoA >o] t«n glotoun IQ. S86. Botr^ And but T. 

(«] lUtfn. S3T. Thai] And >al I. n] lUQ 

820. Tka\ And |>o I. ivandrtde^ on. miryeii] wari«t> 1. 

WBDdren I. S38. f^brfrif] Ajeiia I ; Gow. ram- 

8Z7. jVofw] Ne no IQ. KeTfj/nn*'] letk A0I bi-comse)) he to M. bj/- 

Inne were I. grucehr^ b> gnicclie IQ. 

828. .8<?te] But of I. (tHff] and )>at 840. Ah^ U 01H. 

H. S41. Ifre'] lerne I. 

329. Thri KoXdel Ne IG. S42. mJiie] wile P ; whiles I. 

830. aiuT] and t>e H ; ft of H I- ^oide] ^et wolde I ; |:er ne wolde U. 

breKMtert] ale-wiujB 0. 84!). ^r] his lO. ttatvtf] stat G. 

332. [nagkt I] PEMG om. {^. B- he b-Smie] ne loke iKronylij) H. 
text nsghi] of n^t O. 844. rrigle] whiles I ; wyle P. 

333. paye} serue E. o] no IG. 845. Sjfdt^j hiutefp I. h^fp — 

334. /rMtek] I om. fatte\ fait hyn life|) E. 



At teyre jares be ^filled ' famjne bKoI aiyao, ■nAiprflfhwirot 

And so aeith Batitmiu ■ and sent jaw to wants. 348 

})OTwe flodea and foule wederea ' fmtes ahullen fails, 

Pniyde and pestilences ■ shal muche pupla fecche^ 

Thre shupes and a shaft ' with aa vra. folwyng, 35 1 a inx>uric«i 

SUal biynge baae and bataile ' on bothe half J)s mone. 

And fanns shal def with-drawe ■ and dsrthe be lustice, 

And dawe ^ dsluere ' deys for defaute, 

Bote god of hua goodnesae ■ graunte oua a trawe. 355 

Hie explicU pasme noniu. 

8i7. ArJ Or E ; Er H ; And ar I. H. ihafi'] schuff I. an m] a rin 

MS. J*^ An P. Matiimot} e»tur- M. vm] m PS; I teem ta have. viij. 

aea H ; latnnie I. jim] ts 1 ; diu O. Crowley gvetti thU lint thut — Three 

leame] wamyiig H, Bhyppes and a ebele, wyth an eight 

8*9. and] and |H)rgh I, folowynge ; lee Pnt. B, xxxlw. 

350. Pruydt] Prude E ; Pride lU. 856. Bote] Bot jif IQ. knt] E 

jmttiUnett] paetalanoea P. om. treire] tniwe B ; treujie M. 

861,36!. Qomitt. Colophon. So VQ; to alto E, 

861, thnpe*] ichypw I ; achippet onittimg Hie. 



Incipit pamu deeimua. 

A ** r I ^fieuthe heide telle here-of ' and to peers sente , 

Truih udi Plan J~ To take bos teenie ' and tulye lf% ertlie ; 
bmii^conw, Aod purchased hym a pardon ' d pena et d ctdjra, 

For bym and for hus heyres ' for enere to be asoiled ; 4 
And bad [bym] balde hym at home ' and erjc hua 

■nd pnimiagi And olle ))at bulpe hym to etye ' to setteii o^c to sawe, 
viwwipbimtD Ofer eny man«re myster ' ))at mygkt peera o-vayJe, 

Pardon with peers ploabjuan ' perpetual he graunte^. 8 
lam innp ud Eynges and knyghtes ' |)at hi>ly [kirke] defeuden, 
iighiii thnwch And ryghtfullicbe in reames * nielen |)e comune, 
^^^"^' Han pardon foiw purgatorie ■ to paasy ful lyghtlicbe. 

With patriarkes and prophetcs * in paradyse to aitte. 
Biihoin whs Bisshopes yblessed ' if pei ben 03 )iei ^holde, 13 

BomniudiBfnu, T^el oud ful of loue ' and no lord dreden, 

Merciable to meek ■ and mylde to |»e goode, 

7. myirer UEO] meester P. 

S. perjiettiar\ {Mrpetuel]; QI. tc] 

9. [Hrie I] churohe PEQ \ chirche 

10. rygh^fHaieke] TjgbttaWonho P. 

11. ta patty'} pUMD H. 
14, Q Qtnitt. no brii] ngne lordea 

a-nim u. M. 

6. aHe] >o H. hvlpe] holps I ; 16. Meek"] ^ meke 13 ; meka men 

holpen H ; helpiji O. Aynt} E om. E. 
Mfcg] M)we lUEO. 

■US deoimus da uih 

Konni, vt priiu J. 

1, here-tf] fier-of 

2. tMlye] tilie E ; 

Hlo Indplt pa»- 
ione M; Pafflui, 


tylienlQ; tollje 

4. for (8)] a 0M. 

6. \\yn 10] PEM om. at 




And bytynge on badde men * bote ji ^ei wolde amende, t va boMij ^ 
And dredeji nat for no iep ' to distraye, by tiere pon'ere, ma, , { 

Lecherie a-niong lordea ■ and hure lufer ciistomes, 18 
And sitthen lyne as ^i 1ere]i men ' oure lord treutbe 

hem gTaunt«)> 
To be peer«s to a-poateles ' alle puple to niele, 20 A 99 

And deme with hem at domes day ' bo^ t^nike and ded. lUwiui th* 
Marchana in (le margine ■ hadden menye jewe, aSniiZr 

Ac a pfiia ^ d culpu ■ treuthe nolde hem graunte ; Ult^^^l^''"* 

For tliei holden nat here halydaies ■ as holychnrcho JJ^ISui—k 

techef, 24 "t iuiUd»ir^ .iid 

And for ^ei Bwere by here aaule ■ and ' so god me mote 

helpe .' ' 
Ajens clene conscience ■ for conetyse of wynnynge. 
Ac vnder his secre eeel ' traatbe sente [hem] a lettere, TnibtedctiMn 
And bad [hem] byggo baldly ■ what [hem] bent 

lykede, 28 

And sitthen sellen hit a-^uyn ' and ssue ^e wynuynges, 
Amenden meaon-dieux ^-with 'and myeeyse men fynde, ud mod 
And wlkkede veyes * with here good amende. 
And biygges to-broke ■ by ^ heye weyea 32 •n^' fcr^™ 

Amende in som manure wise * and maydenes helpcn ; d«w*r miidmi, 
Poiire puple bedredene ' and prisones in stockes, 
Fynde hem for Godes loue ' and iauntekynos to scole ; A •« 
Keleue religion ' and renten hem bettere ; 3G KhcJim. 

16. b}itynge\ bitiv O. mt] to O ; £7. Mere] secrete IE. [ilrai 
Id I. M»i<fr] «oIe 01 ; wdIUid H. HIEO] bym P. 

17. A>uf] I om. naf] HG am, £8. [ham HEIQ] bfm P (fwice). 
ksra^ >i H. 29. uUeii] to nllen M. tave] 

18. cfutemeM HI] auatjme* PE ; haue E. 

etutumea Q. 80. O nmitt. Amrndm—ilielixJ 

20. td] of [le Q ; H am. a-peittltt] And to ftmende |ii mjiadedes H. 

^podtlea L allej al fn MG. 81. Hers'] ;ore Q. 

28. Ae a] Ac no I. treuthe ndde] 82. E estiti. io-breie} to-brakene 

DO lreu|>e irolde I. I, neyei'] vei^e H. trej/e*] weyes 

24. daiet'] dBj IG. (MFJIe^] hest amende P (iy mittaie); but IMQ 
hote^ L vnU amende ; Mi luxt line. 

25. to] 1 0m. ^(ul — mots] mot god S3. nuiy^eiMt IMC] roaj'doDei PE. 
neM O ; god mots hem I. fod^ SI. bedredmu] bedrede M. 
Helpe} helpe hem god al-nif]ti U. 



'And ich shal sende jow my-selue ' seynt Micbel mjn 

That no deuel ehal jow dere ' n% despeii in jouto 
■ lis And senJe ^oure sonles ' far ich my-eelf dwelle, 

ruck bHTu. And yere a-byde body and soule ' in blisee for euere.' 40 
Th™u» Tho were merchauns mnrye ■ somme wepte for ioye, 

fOrjoj. And preyde for peers ploubman ' |>at purchasede hem 

^ia bulle. 
Alle fe puple hadde pardon ynow * ^t purfytliche 
lyuedeu ; 
Li>T«*tiid Ifen of laws hadde lest ' that loth weie to plede, ' 44 

ICMt ptLTtiDII ; fee 

ihaf mih britiH. Bote ^ei pre mantbiia were payed ' for pledyng atte 

A •> Ac be fiat spene^ hns speche ' and epeke)) for pa poure 

ptHdaihisBH Thai innocent and nedy is ' and no man harme wolde, 
' ^°" ■ And confortef euche in eny cas ■ and coueytef nat her« 
jiftes, 48 

And for f« lone of cure lotde ' lawe for hem declare^, 
t (tuti gain tba Shal Uaue grace of God ynow ' and a gret ioye after. 
hvHftH. Be)) ywar, je wise men ■ and witty of J» lawe j 

Bll« For whenne je drawejt to fe def ■ and indulgence 

wolde haue, 53 

Hus pardon ia ful petit ' at hits partynge hennes. 
That mede of mene men - for here motjnige takef>. 

ST. Angel] srcbaDgel I. i6. tpenep^ spende^ H. 

88. detpeir in] deapeire jow io M ; 47. nedy IMBG] nudy P, 
dispise O. deyinge} dejenge P ; 48. G amitt. And} pat MI, 

doyng O- J*/*'* IME] jeftes P. 

39. tended aitUie aende 1. itcelb] 49. O anUt. Ann] hyn E. 

Bitto M. 60. Gad] good M. Gad gnmr] 

40. pere Hj ^ EI ; minvrttfen ^e good ende O ; a good ende I. a] 
(/or fiere) F ; Q m*. *w/y] in bodi MIQ <m. 

EM. )>erB — blitie] abida (w io toy 61. »riw men IHEQ] wigmen P. 
bliMfl ' body and soule L - fe] G em. 

41. tamme leepte] meny wepen I. 62. Pur] M am- tnhenne] wenna 

42. yew*] peres t>« I. A«m 1^] P- indulgence] lodulgeaoea ML 
l« Q. 63. *w] ^ M. 

44. UH] lecet Q; 1eft(t} E. B4. vune] )<e mene Ej meay Q. 

45. atte] at )w MEO. 



For hit ifl symonye, to snlle ■ fat eend is of grace ; 
That i8, witt and water ' wynd, and fuyr fa fuiihe, 56 wtm, •it, nn. 
These fooie sholden be ire ' tc alle folk fsA hit [nede^.] ntrar la^ 
Alle lyhbynge laboioure ■ fat lynen with here handes Librarm om 
Leelyche and lawefulliche ■ oure lord treuthe hem uumi'^im* 

giaxinteji " "^ 

Pardon perpetuel ' lyght as peers plouhman. 60 

Beggers ajid byddera ' l>e]» nat in [fiat] buUe D^Rutmnst 

Bote f e suggestion be soth - ]iat shapef hem to be^e. Mgn. 
For he Jat beggeth ofer byddefi ■ bote yf [he] haue nede, A •• 
He ya Ms and faitoui ' and deixaude)! )i6 [nedy,] Gi 
And also g>'le^ hym fat gynef ' and takef ^eyna 

hua wyL 
For he fat gyne^ for Codes loue ' wolde nat gyue, bus uea nmn «!•• 

Bote fer he wyste hit were ■ wel gret neede to gyuen, m lis 
And most meritorie to men - fat he ;euef for. 68 

Caton a-cordef fer-with ■ cut rfe» uideio; WMLttto. 

Wot DO man, as ioh wene ■ who b worthy to haue. 
The most needy aien oure neigheboies ' and we nyme t Th> mart 

uaedj' ■» 

good hede, priuntn ud 

Aa priflones in puttes ■ and poure foike in Cotes, 72 '"™ 
Charged with cbildxen ' and chef lordes rente, 
That fei [wif] apynnynge may spare - spenen hit in 


6S. tm^ HDt L tend— Iff] Is es. ib] by G. [A« MI] hi Q ; |>ei 

l-s«iit MM. P ; ^ E. 

SA. T^ut] And imi L myag] and 6i. [nedf IHEO] neede P. 

wjnde I. 66. And] HQMn. ;yb)>] bi-gile)<U. 

67. [)M&)>IME]nedi>e; needede 66. ^nlw] ^onkes B; fDuikes 

P. IMQ. 

6B. lybiynfe'] libb;rnda Q; tnive 6T. Mt] I em. nvl] Q em. to 

U. laborotu-i} laberoura P. gytim] to geue bit H ; I rat. 

69. lanefKliitihe] lawefulleoha P. 68. Mo/t] meat PB ; frirf imI. 71. 

Ann] G #•>. /or EQ] fore PI ; bit fore U. 

60. pem\ pores )« I ; to peres O. TI. arenl am ti ; ai Q ; t>e)i B. 

61. [InU 1UB6] tw F. bKlle} 72. /nUe] nefl Q. 

trills L 74. [iri)> HIQ] FE out. f/fentv E] 

62. Mr;; wtion] aogeetton P. ^ne lO ; spends H ; mumritUit 
sMapefi Bhappef P. hm} hln L ' spyneo F; but ueUa. in] on IG. 



t who luka mf Bo^ in mylk and in mele - to make with papelotes, 
diiidnn. To a-glotye with here gnrles ' ^t greden after fode. 76 

Al-BO hem-eelue ' snflieii muche hunger. 
And wo in winter-tyme ■ with wskynge a njghtes 
t iBd riM u To iTBe to be niel ■ to rocke be cradeL 

night u lock Ih* j r i • 

orudUL Bofie to karde and to kembe ' to cloutea and to wasche. 

To rubbe and to rely " rnsBhea to pilie, 81 

t It !• pUMfl) to )}at leuthe is to lede ' ojiere in ryme shewe 
womn (aolnv The WO [of] Jwse women ■ )rat wonyeji in Cotes ; 

And of meny o^r men ■ )iat mnche wo Bu&en, 64 
BoJ)e a-fyngrede and a-furst ' to tume ^e fayre ont- 

fwhtirtther And beth abasshod for to be^e - and wolle nat be 

ftum vai/a aknowe 

What hem neede|) at heie neihebores ' at non and at 

Thia ieh wot witerly • as f e worlde techeji, 88 

What ojter by-houef ■ fat hath many children, 

t Sent turn int And hath no catel bote hue ciafte ' to cloby hem and 

lit"*. :"'■'"» , , , 

bad muj. . to fede, 

And fele to foi^ f er-to ■ and fewe pans takef . 
!nier is payn and peny-ale ' as for a pytaunoe y-take, 

TG — 281. ThM pauage occvrt a Tvuhet] k liaschei Q ; and ressheg Z. 

eecoDd time in MS. I, Foil. S — i. pilie] piliie M ; pyt /. 

Ptculiar readingi from tM> copy are 83, [o/ lO] jiat PEM ; but tee 

tsarked I (itoJw). .Strf (m aim the next line. ^eU} fieese P ; and in 11. 

Critical Note. 96, 161, 1S3. nwmen] women baa E ; 

76. i»] wi|i a (MriM). papeUitet] woman h«|) M. monyey— Cole4] in 

her papelotea 7. Cote wonen /, 

76. To] Forte M. a-glotye\ 8*. »m»] mo I. 

glotye L 86. a-fyngrede] a-fyngred B ; a- 

77. AUto] k, al-BO 6M. Al-ta fiagrad Q ; of-huagret U ; aD-buogred 
Aem-MlufJ And faem-Belusn also I. I. u-fitrtf] $0 FG; a^urst EI; of- 

78. m] on G. tyme\ tymea L ^rst M ; in barde thunt /. fayre] 
Kith] and 1; on Q. makgitfe'] foiraat UJ. 

walkpige 0. a] In I; on MOZ 8S. ani] ftey £ alaiMiie EMO] 

79. ryte] aiuen U. nul] te FH ; aknowen I ; byknowen 1; jknowe P. 
rewel I i role EO. to] and to H. 87. of (1)] att P ; of H. 

eradd^ cbflde* cradel /. W, fede] foode O. 

80. lumtbe] combe wolle T. 91. pant] pens Iltf. 

81. riibb»] Tibbe IHO. ntuf] G 93. aie] ale alw B. «i]T£em. 
en. rely] mo PB ; rel« 10/; reols H. 



CoMe flessli and cold fyeah ' foi reneaon ybake; 93 
Frydayea and festyng-dayea ■ [al fertkyng-wortli of t to th»m, * 

fkrtlilDe'i wortb 

jttuaclea ariniHci«ua 

■Were a feate for suche folke ■ o(«r so fele CockeB. 
These vere almes, to bclpe ' jiat ban eaeha charges, 96 
And to comfortie soche cotycrs ' and crokede men and 

Ac Loggers with bagges * fe vhicbe breThonses ben tButt«wg»«. 
here churches, m bmhoiuaH 

Bote ^ei be blynde o^er broke ' ofer ellea be syke, 99 
)}auh he falle for defaute ' ^at faile^ for hus lyf-Iode, 
SeccUe^ neuere, je ryche ■ f auh suche lorelles steruen. t muT *» i* lo X 
For alls (tat ban here hele ■ and here eyen syghte, 
And lymes to laborye with * and lolleres lyf vsen, 103 
Lyuen a-jens godes lawe ' and lore of holy chuicho. 
And Jilt am far o)ier beggera ■ in hele, as hit aeme(i, t 8on». h<mewr, 
Ac hem wante^ here witt ' men and women hofe, iduuo, 

J>e whicbe aren lunatik lollera ■ and leperea a-boute. 
And mad as Jie mono eitt ' more o^er lasae. 108 

Thei caren for no cold ■ ne counte]) of no hete. 
And am meuynge after ^e mone * moneylce f>ei walke, 
With a good wil, witlees ■ meny wyde contreya, 

103. UUerei^ loreUea M. 
105. And] Ao I. ant] beo B. 

7-bake I. ' 104. Ac] But M. Agra] t om. 

94. [a IMEG] P im. lOT. irhielu'] wiche P. area] ben 

85. /«■] Willi, /oite] BfoJkeP; E. Wirri] loreles M. 

b«t lUEQ omit a, lo fele] at tele ot 108. mad] madden lUj E Mt, 

H. OooiM] u FEM; cDkkTB Q; lUt] sitttii a ; attea I. 

ookelM I. 109. Thei oaren] Careth ^ej L 

S6. leere] are I. helpe — charyei] for] of Q. eaunieii] a-oonnten U. 

cae ' and aIeo mtaj o^r I. amntep — iete] knows but p«n]i 

97. to] H OTO. eotyer$] cotereU fewe I. 

10. an^— uniTI [le oroked and |ie J. 110. arn,'] ben E. metrynge IE] 

93. Trith] wl)i here G. pe wjtie^] meuyng M ; meouing O ; meuenge P. 

^ wlche P; iwiche M, 111. a) I otn, K^de cotUrei/i} a 

99. trote] to-broke lEO. wilde ountrsije U. 

100. faUe]f—l^-lade] tor here 112. tav«—nat] if fmX )>e;p>«ehs 
foode byteo I. oon^e /. ^] Q mi, 

101. Seeehiiti] Beo<^ je 10. 



Ne niTracles maben; ■ at; meny tyiuea hem happe^ 113 
To pmphecien of ^ puple * jdejinge, as Mt were, 
And to owe sight, as hit seme^ - autbfie God hath fe 

To ^euea eche a [^ght] wit ' Trelthe, and hu hele, 116 
And Bn£&e|) suche so gon ' hit seme^, to mjn Inwitt, 
tirnirktOol'i Hit am as hus aposteles, suche puple ■ oier aa his 
pnuye disciples. 
For he eente hem forth selueiles ' in a somer game- 

With-oute bred and bagge ' as Jte hok telle^, 130 

t Liii« siL n. Quando misi uo» Hne pane et pera ; 

Baifot and biedles ' begge)i ^ei of no man. 
And ^auh he mete with ^ meyre * [amyddes] )>e 

He teuereQcej) hym lyght nouht ' no lajiei fian anojier ; 
tLoUti, Neminem salutaua\it]U per warn. 

tcr.ifit.i.tti Sucbe manere of men * matbeu ons teche)i, 121 

We sbolde haue hem to house ' and help hem when 
thei come ; 
t iHiib hiiL T. Et egenos uagosqite indue in domvm tuam. 

For hit area nturye-mouthede men * myustralea of 

And godea boyea, boidioora ' as fie bok telle^, 127 

1 1 Cm. UL is. Si quia uidtlttr sapiens, fiti etuUua ut sit sapiens. 

113. JV«]N«noneI. tgiMi] Uma 77. lamyddei 1} ln-myddssM B; 

U ; G em. in-mydeat P ; in-midde G i in )>e 

111. (<e] ^at O, pleyinge] pleigne middea H. fw] of )>e IM ; Ina PEQ 

I ; pleyoga B. omit of, and it ii net required; ^, 

lis. hatKl laf M. )>#] I «>». Poem on Biohard, 1. 3. 

IIS. »ehe\ ows (mrengly) Q. 123. Sg} And I. na] 6U ont. 

[icjlfht G] whit P i whtjl B ; wythg fwj-n-] more M. talvtauerUiM BUG] 

U ; body mfght (rttr) I. taluUueris FI. 

117. And] He L M gon] go so ISl. e/^Iim. 

lO. to] In H. 123. havs hem] hem haue O. 

118. am] ben B. lu (1)] M em. iau^^to] hem do I; hale to oure/. 
120. bred — bagge] bagga and brads iem (2)] 12 em, que] MG em. 

I- bagge o\ti bred I. and] or H. 126. Ait] )>el U. aren] ben BH. 

ISI, begge^] lit begge /, 127. Aajist] owae M. berdtaurt] 

122. Atf] ^y I; M /. mete] bordokra I. >0t] fist M. 

tntttt* Q. meyre] mefeM F ; ^. iv. 



And alls manere mynetrales ■ men -wot w%\ )>e so|)e, 

To Tnder-fonge hem faire ■ by-falle[f ] for Je ryche, 

For fe loides loue and ladies ' ^t ]rei with lengen. 

Men snf&en al ^t Buche seyn ' and in aolas taken, 

And ^t more to eache men ' doth er ^i passe, 132 tif«>(iT»RUi« 

Gyuen hem gyftes and gold * for gi«te lordes soke. uIimkIi. 

Ryght 80, je riche ■ lajwi je sholde, for soths, 

"Welcomea and iroisshepen * and with jonre goode 

Godes mynstrales and hue meBaaoers ' and has murve tsoiiBdHnid 

DOldlOUre; 136 Ood'i mlnnreti. 

The whiche am Innatik loUares * and lepeiea a-bonte, 

For Tnder godes secre seel ' here synn^ ben ykeuered. 

For ^i here)) no baggea ' ne none hotels vnder clokes, t wha u* m* 

The whiche ia lollaien lyf ' and lewede eremTtes, 140 tunnit^ 

That loken fol louheliche ■ to lacchen mennes almesse, 

In hope to sitten at enen * by ]« bote coles, 

Ynlonke has leggee abrod ' o)>er lygge at bus ese, 

Best« hjm, and loate hjm - and his ryg turne, 144 t<rhsnutiiMti 

Srynke drue and deepe ' and diawe hym Jianne to 

And when hym lyke^ and lust * bos leue ys to aiyse ; 

&>Uar«i] lorelet HI. 

1S8. »cra] ncnete EI. yJtetun-ei 
BO-] oonered MI ; jkenerede P. 

139. none] MIQ cm. iatelt] bote! 
M. eZol«i] a1ot>et S. 

140. nkieke'] wlchePM. Icllaren'] 
to PO ; lollen I ; loUeme E ; lorelM 

128. And] I tm. n«n] me L 
wrt] witefi ; wyte Q. 

124. by-/all^ Q] bifa11e|> E; It 
flOle)) I; faUe)> M ) UIm I,- bf-ftlle 

130. and] or |:e I ; or H. b>v<M] 
loDgen IHQ ; leuen or lenen E. 

182. detA] me do)> L 

l.<i3. Gyx^i He gif}i I; Men 
ilue|. O. fliiifl of a, 

IM. pot-w] lit ra)>er L /iw «tAc] 


135. WelMnen'] Woloomen P. 
foode] gold M. 

136. hut (1)] H em, bord'unirt 
EI] litre ivrUt»n buidlera P ; but tee 
L 12T, 

187. nJlicAe] wicbe PH. arn] 
ben EH. IvnatiK] luiuUkea I, 

111. Tkaf\ I on. /xf] wal Q ; I 
(Ml. Vnthalichey lowllofae HIQ ; 
lowjIiDh B. mamut alm«ue\ menf 
men almUees O. 

144. and — iuma] by ^ rede 
gledeg I. 

146. drve] drow E ; dryae I; 
drlite (filtered ta ofte riue) Q-; luroe 
M. rfrairo — IxiitfM] ymoat dnma 
him U ; ^«ne draire G. 

148, oii^ or H. argtty riae L 


ICS oONCEtontro shah bbooaxs. [fass. x. 

■When he ya ryaen, romef out ' and ryght wal aspiej 
t«na raped to Whar he may rarest haue a repast ■ ojter a ronnde of 
!•»». bacon, 148 

Suluer o^r Bode mete ' and eom tyme bojie, 
A loof o)Kr half a loof ' o^r a lompe of chese ; 
And cariefi it horn to hns Cote ' and cast hym to lyue 
In ydelnesee and in eee ' and by o^ers tninayle. 152 
tTiutKcinn And what &ek of ^ys folde ' fiske)> ^os a-boute, 
with tKK< lutad With a bagge at bus bak ' a begeneldes wyae, 

And can som manere craft ' in cas he woMe hit vse, 
))orgh whicbe craft he couthe ■ come to bred and to ale, 
And oueT-more to an hater ' to helye vith bus bones, 
t in mndnsiiid And lyuef lyk 8 loUeM " godca lawe hym dampncf. 158 
"Lolleres lyuyng in eleutbe ' and ooer-londe stryken 
Bee^ nat in fja bulle," quaji peeia * "til ^i ben 

TSo^ heggets |>atbeggen ' bote yf ^i hane neede. 161 
Bii« The bok blamef alle beggerye ' and banne]) in this 

manere, Junior fw- efenim senui, non uidi I'lulum dere- 

(Vol*.). ,. . 

lictum, nee semen eiua quereiu panem; ft 

tPLin.u aiibi: Jnjirmaiaeatuirlusmeainpavpertate. 

Hit neede]) nauht uonthe ' a-non fot to pteche, 163 

147. Wiai] Aad whan I. rvme^ IGS. ivticAe] wlche PH. nw/f] 
eat] rome for^ /. aipie}>'] upiea L G mu, to (2)] I em. 

148. IP^tor] War P. ra^/t] lfi7. ait Aoter] baae hater E ; haue 
nt^erest H. a r^ad] harpaet (tic) hatren H. 

E, rvumle] ronde lUQ ; pounda B. 158. loUtre\ lore) U. 

149. todel ewele L 159. LoUerei] Lorelee H ; For-tr 

150. A] IQ on. (tKiee"). half\ loUera L lyuyng] ^atljaii^l. over. 
*lf P. e^ (2)] or elles /. 0^] of Ivndel onerlood MO ; ouere-Ionde P. 
a Q. 160. buWi] bille I. 

152. lM]onI; UEQ om. 161. A'a^r'] Ne no I. 

163. Khat} wat F. a/] on I. )^t] 162. Mame)i] bBiiDe(r I. banite^'] 
^j Q. fii>uY\ *^ PB 1 ^">"P O : Ba- blame)! HEO (irronglg repeaied) % 
ecbith I ; fleoohe)! H. )w(] «> I; I blanie|> it I. th\i\ hii I. ttoa — 
om. jianfm] IMQ out. et—panpertatf] 

164. a (2)] on ilT. bej/fneUet] E om. <u paapertate'] paupertala 
begenild3^ O ; b^feuelles M ; be- lU. 

genelde I ; beggera E7. 163. tiouthe'] aow M ; moche Q ; 

155. *«m vaitere] enj IG. E em. 



And lere >eBe lewede men ■ what J»ya latjn menef, 

For hit bkme)> alls b^geiie * be je ful certeyn. 

For Jici ly\i6 in no lone ' [ne] no lawe ]rei holden ; [A os) 

Thei vedde non womon ' that ^i with delen, iw ud inriw, 

Sringep forth baBtaides - b^gera of kjnde. 168 wonxn. 

Ober be bak ober som bon ■ be! broken of here children, som* mik ■ 

' ohlU'i bom, and 

And goo)i afaytyng with here fauntes ' for euere-more (■■««*»«. 

}SaT am mo miBshapen * a-mong suche beggers, Thvuniiwiin 

Thaa of meny o^er men - |>at on fia molde iralken. 172 umdinu. 
Tbo fat lyuen ^na hare lyf ' leyue je non o^er^ 
Thei han no part of pardon • of preyers, ne of penannces. 
Ac olde men and hore ' ^t helplea bee^ and nedy, Bat tiw cOd wid 
And wommenirith childe ' ^tworche ne moven, 176 with chud, huai 
Blynde men and bedreden * and broken in here 

And alle pome pacientea * a-payed of godea sonde, 
As meaeU and mendinanntea ' men yMle in myaohef, ud'niienn'^ 
Aa prisona and pilgrimes ■ paraunter men yrobbed, ISO " " 
O^er by-lowe fiorwe luthere [men] ' and lost here catel 

O^er thorgh fare o^ Jiorwe flood ' falle to ponerte, 

IM. Ure'] lerne M. liaue^ G. pardoti] pnyvtm Q, 

166. IraeJ lawe I (nrenylj/ rt- ^(2)]neofI, preyrrt] pardoat d. 
peated), [m IHEO] P on. no] penaunaet] penaunoe HIQ. 

noQ H 1 E mn. ^ei (£)] I m>. 17G. )»it] E om. htlplefl heelplea 

167. Tkei] He IQ. rvamen] wTm- P. beefi'i bet> B ; ben MIO. 

me« IRQ ; wenunen M. 177. ne*] I am. badreden] bede- 

ISB. Sringaii] pm bringen M. rede Mg bedereden I. 

170. foe))] goD lEU. afayti/itg'] i7S. pamentet] paoient HIQ. «- 
fkitjag MQ ; aod fayten I. /or] G payed] 1-peyned M. ef] wip O. 

«m. 179. non] and men HO. 

171. am] ben B. miulmpeii,'] ISO, prUtnu—piltriBUi] pilgriaea 
mU-chape I ; mjechappen B ; mys- & pruoneB B. paraunter] and p«r- 
bapped M ; mEihappoa G ; tpelt mee- aunt^ IG. 

ihapeno iM P. 181. honee] firoi E; by O, lytiere] 

172. e*—maUum] walkyj. on Jiya lithar G ; false M. [m*« IMEG] P 
molde a, DM. 

173. G lutiU. I»o] And |io I. w] 182. Here F iegine agai*. fure— 
}« ma FB ; htt HIO onit me ; ef. B. h<^<'] Q am. /alW] y-falle I ; biji 
T, 303. faUe O. to] Into IM. ponerte 

174. Thei han] Je haua I; Ne lUFEGJ ponrte P. 



That taken feae meschiefee meekUclie * and Myldliche 

at Iierte ; 
For loue of here lowo hertes ■ ouie lord hath hem 

grauuted 1 81 

Here penatmce and here puigatorie ' vp-on fja pun 

And paidon -with peers ploubman ' a pena ^ a culpa. 
[^Vnd alls holy hermitcs ' haue schal ^e eame ;] 
}^ Ac eremitea ^at ea-habiten * by )>e heye weyes, 

And in horwes a-mong breveaters ' and heggen in 
churehes ;— 189 

Al )>at holy eremytes * hateden and despiaede, 
As rycheases and reuerencos ■ And ryche mennea 

t ttMnia aMj These lolleres, lacchedraverea ■ lewede eremytes, 192 

loUm, lln Uka _ , , 

«u«i Coueyten |ie contiane * as cotieis ])ei lybben. 

For hit be^ bote boyes - [boilers] atten ale, 
[Ifeyjer of lynage, ne of lettrure] ; ■ ne lyf-holy as 
t iicn Ilk* (iw That TTonede [whilom] in Trodes ' with beies and 
whodwrtt lyonee. 196 

ud iJou, Some had lyf-lode of here lynage * and of no lyf elles ; 

And some lyuede by here lettrure ' and labour of here 
bondes ; 

1S3. tww] t««saP; aniin IL 192, coterelsli: \ei] HQobi. 

201, 20S, 209. 191. Aif] )>ei M. ie^] ben lU. 

184. I emit*, hut n/} Q ma. [belltrt I/M] lollerea PEFQ ; but eb- 

1S5. vp-on ^(] here oa M. pwt lerve the alliteratlo». attm ale] at 

IHBFG] mitmritttM poure P. ^e bU 1M ; at fie oala EG ; aU ale F. 

186. peen] ^ IFQ. 196. [fl>y),er] in I only; but ab- 

187. In I only ; hvt it teem* tolutely neeetiary to the telue. [of 
clearly rtquired; tee next line. lyMOj^EMIGFJ here tpelt nf Ijugiaeo 

188. PM iiufrt hem aft«r en- F ; but tee 1. 197. [ne lUF] ne)ter 
habitao, mhieh IFEQ omU ; it ie lut Q; PEon. [n/ lettrure] here tpelt 
leaated. neyu] wsje IQ. of lettore F; but tee 1. 198. P kat 

190. Aatedea] hate)) O. (Ami tAe corrvpt rtading — ^Of lyn- 

161. rj/ciettei] TicbeiemT. relief- guage of letture. 
avtet] reuerenoe Id. menruii] men 196. manede] wooie)) Q. [ntilinw 

lEQ, IMF] wyle F ; while E ; Q «». ; ^, 

193. loOerti] lorellaa M ; lodels I. 1. 204. anif] Jc »i)> 10. 

103. aOforasI; &.asQ. eotUrt^ 197. ft«r«] bis I. 



Some badde foreynes to frendes ' Jiat bem fode eente ; 

And bryddes bioubten to some bred ■ vberby ^ei ttomuaf 

lyueden. 200 uronght skkl 

Alle Jiese holy eremytes ' vete of bye kynne, 
For^oke bude and loidahep ' and lykyngea of fra body. 
Ac tbeee eiemytes }>at edefyeu tbus ' by )» bye weyea, t timh iuh 
[Whilom] were workmea ' vebbos and taillouis, 204 »« worknua 
And caiterB knaaes * and clerkus witb-oote grace, 
Helden [ful] hungry boua ' and hadde mucbe de&ute, 
Lonff labour and lyte wrunynge ■ and atte laate t mi imy «pi«d 

aq}iden, udiHb: 

That iaitoius in frere clo])ynge ' bodde fatte chekua. 
For-thi lefle ^ei here laboure ' fese lewede knaues, 
And dofied bem in copes ' clerkoa aa hit veie, 210 tvhanapon 
Oj»r on of som ordre ' ofere ellee a prophete ; u .ai npsh 

A-jens )>e lawe he lyue^ * yf latyn be treve ; 

Non licet vohit legem voluntati, led uoluntatem 
If ow kyndeliche, by crist ' be)i eucbe callyd ' lolleres,' t swb mni m* 
As by engliscb of cure eldres ' of olde menne techynge. ioum°(idi«n). 
He fat lolle^ ia lama ■ o^or hia leg out of ioynte, «b™i uti ^ 

0^- meymed in som membre * for to meachief bit '*°^*' 

Bonneji. 216 

199. Samt] And some I. /iireifntt\ F. atte] at ^e 10. (Ufftdm] fiey 
M FEIi forTDDB F; floiyaes UQ. asplde I. 

U Aai— Summe floryne» baddea ■ of 208, faOimrt] fcyted (Jbadly) I. 

frcndes ^t aente hem fode. frere clo^nje] frerea olo{ieB M. 

200. to] I om. Khorby (rei] ^t 209. Fbr-tki] For-whi M. Ufie 
^r b; IQ. (Ml] ^\ leften H ; >el ]eft F. 

201. AlU] And IF. (««] frey I; 210. cle^d\ olokid F. eUrk«t] 
Yo H. \ye\ hU (invnglj/) I. %iiae] cherlys O. Kif] ^j QF. 
kyndeU. 211. H omUl. 

202. lyhynga} likTng ItW ; alle 212. h^ iytiati] fiei Iyu«n Uj of 
likeyngel. (.*] IMEGF on. leuey [I.e. Levi] I. treire lEFJ 

203. iBegei] veje IQI. truvs UQ ; trywa P. vobil} uobiH 
20*. [IVSiioM IMGF] Wyl«i P; oraobieP; Nrt TobU EG. 

WhUen E; ite I. 196. naii«t] Ic 218. JVon] I/mn. lolfnw] lorelea 
webbes E ; as webbu* F. U. 

206. BelUn EHG] Hedden P ; 214. »y] b; ^ L 

Holden IF. IfiU IMFG] PE nn. 216. it] bii P. euf] it oute U. 
mveke] gret Q. ^] of ^ P 1 but lEFG omit >e. 

207. tfte'] Ute EG ; Utel Tit; lalo 216. M»>nit)>] semlt> Q. 

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And lyght so sothlycbe ' suche manure eiemytea 
LoUen B^en fa byleyua * aad lawe of holy chuiche. 
tHotrOiiiTdi For holy cburclie hoteb • alio maneie pnple 
toHbmiitoUw. Voder obedience to bee ■ and bnxum to |ie lawe. 220 
FuiBt, reljgioua, of leliglon ' beie male to holds, 
And Tnder obedience to be ' by dayea and by nyghtea ; 
t Lordi iiioiiid Lewede men to laborie ; ■ [and] lordes to honte 
on wHk-itivii ' Id frytbea and in foreetes ' for fox and o^ei beatee 

That in wilde 'vodea ben * and in wast placee, 225 

As woluea )iat wyrye^ men * wommen and children ; 
t bni lund And Yp-on souedaya to cease ■ godes seruyce to bnyie, 
on Bmd^t Bo^e matyns and messe ' and, after mete, in chnrchea 
Te hayre here enesong * eueiy man onhte. 229 

Thus it by-longe)i for lorde ' fot lered, and lewede, 
t «d « bun- Echo balyday to bnyre ■ hoUycbe f e seroioe, 

Vigilea and fastyngdayea * forthere-moro to knowe, 
t ud keap all And fulfille ]K> fastynges ' bote infirmite hit made, 233 
Fouerte [ofrer] ojiere penaunoes ' as pilgiymagea and 

Vnder fifl obedience ■ am we echone ; 
t To mtiKt "Whoao breky|) Jis, be wel wai ■ hot yf he tepente, 
ptiuoaii. Amende hym and mercy aske - and meekUche hym 

shryne, 237 

Ich drede me, and he deye ' hit worth for dedlich 
SIT. And] I rat, tianere'] maner 230. ^g•Umfe^•'] bi-Ionged Q. 
of M. /or (1)] for a MQ. lemdt'] for 

S18. tame'] )» lawe I. lewed I. 

219. manere] maner ol M. 231. to] forte M. kellyehe lia] f« 

221. religiimt of] relipouoB and holi MJ. 

(icrengly) I, llerB'] a 1. 233. |io] ]ib EM. feityngei] fast- 

222. ny^Uu] nyihto O ; nyth H. jvg M. infimtiie} tiknes V. 

223. [^and MQFJ PIE inn. 231. [a)>fr B] or FO ; and IH ; P 

224. frythei] frith H. in] o|)er G. eta. ptnauneei] ])ei)auDce FG. m] 
/erettei] forest U. /ike] toi M; Qem. 

foiea a. 236. am] er Q ; ben B. 

225. otKl] or I. 236. Wto-io] And who«> L fii] 

226. tpj/iye^ I] irjAjeti P ; wirie^ peee H. tref] be wel H ; I oat. 

Q ; werien H ; werrie)> E ; wen' ^' ^^- -Amaidt] vtitwrittatAnMadat 

227. nr-on] a F. huyre] here P. 

IMF. 238. and] If F. /«•] ftU L 



A-counted by-foie crist ■ bote conscience excuse hym. 
Loke now where fese loUeres ■ and iewede eremytae, t 
Yf thei breke Jiya obedience ■ fat ben eo [fer] fro i. 

"Wlier see we hem on sonedays ' ]ie semyse to hnyre, 

As, matyns by ^ morwel • tyl masse by-gynne, 

0^ sonedaya at euesonge * seo we wel fewe ! . 241 

O^ere labory for [here] liflode - as pe lawe wolde 1 

Ac at mydday meel-tyme ' ich mete with hem ofte, t km it ths 

Comynge in a cope * as he a cleike were ; mot ui«a an«i. 

A bacheler o)>er a beaupere ' best bym by-eemeth ; 

And for fe clo]) ])at keuerc]) hym ' cald is he a frere, t And, bnoH 

Wasshe^ and wypeji ' and with fa fuiste sittefi. 250 ht iiu wim'th* 

Ac while he wrought in fys woilde ' and wan hua 

mete wt'tA treuthe, 
He sat atte sydbenche * and seconnde table ; 2S2 t (hmgh n* onr* 

Cam no wyn in hua wombe * )iorw pe weke longe, bench, ua niv*r 

So^ blankett in bus bed ' ne white hied by-fore ""' 

The caoee of al fya coitlfte ' comef of meny bis- tThguituiH 

shopes, lu thii. 

That snfiren snche sottes ' and o^re synnes regne ; 
Certes, ho bo fureta hit segge • Symoti quad dormii ; t ii«ik iii. «i. 
Vigilare wera iairoar ' for ^ow hast giet chaise. 258 tMu^iiT.n. 

240. nAtreJ were P. lolUrer^ t«>] mt Mm F. 
lorelM M. 251. TTitA] in II. 

241. Iftr ITFG] PBM om. £52. aUs] at t>fl MEF07. tgd- 
SiZ. iy-f^ne] beo bi-gunue Q ; benche'} gidbord MLT. and] atte E/; 

b« brgonne I. at (le FG ; f« (no) M ; and at ^ L 

24*. Ofier] On M. reel EFG] wol 263. >om] in al M, 
P ; ful IMi right I. 264. JVoJwr] Ne no UO; No M. 

245. Ikere IMFKOJ] oure P. in] on IMQ. 

246. nfj a-boute 10. metZ] at 265. af] FJQon. eaitifte] cAiteet- 
meele I ; at mete /. nes F. com^fi'] oora Q, bitihopat} 

247. Catnyitge HEFQ} Come I ; Ijisshepes P. 
mUieritten Conynge P. a (1)] his 2GS. letiei] secteB EO. 

lO. te] Q tan. 26T. (n] G on. ]Hintt'] dent BG ; 

248. ig-ttmetK] bisemed lO. durste H ; derate I ; dunt F/. hit 

249. i»] hU P. A< MEFIG7] mU- Itgge] sigRO it I ; say I. 

reritU% here P. *« A«] he is I. 258. n^iiore I/MFEG] Tigilalo 

250. WMtheYl WJuudMfi F. tit- P. ; r#f] a gret IMG. 

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For meuy vaker voluea ' bea broke in-to foldes ; 
Thyne berkeres ben el blynde ' ptA brynge^ forth ^y 
lambran, 260 

t Zedi. iiu. 1; Dimergeniur oue* • thi dofnre dar nat berke : 

Hvk Id.. «■ _, »=> . ' 

The tarte is Tntydy • jiat to fyno abeep by-longej, 
Hure salue ys of aupersedecu ■ in aomeaerea boxea ; 

tTi»iii»«iM« ThyHs aheep are ner ol ababbyd • Ja wolf aliitnf 

iir tiM ncu. -wooRe : 

Sub tnoUi paatore • lupue lanam eacat, et gr&e 
In-cuttodiiua ' dilaeeratur eo. 

t Hoi dMiiiiHdi Hoow ! buide ! wher ia f yn honnde ■ and |tyii bordy 

howHiF herte, 

For to wyrie Jw wolf • fat f y wooUe foulefi I 268 

t ThM loHrt Ich leyue, for pj laccbosae ■ Jjow leest meny wederea, 
And fill meny fayre flua ' falsliche wasahe I 
'Wben fy lord loke]) to haue ' a-lonatmce for bua beetca, 
And of ])e mouye fow baddiat ))«r-myd ' bua meoble 
to aaae, 272 

And |)6 wooUb wortb weye ' woo ys )>e Jieime I 

tLoiuiTi.t Jtedde rationem uUUcacioim tue " ojwr [in] arerag a 

258. ««*«•] wictede M. hen — 268. ipyrta] go weij I. t^] t« I/. 

in-te] am wroken vnlo I. /oldet] )iy Jenle))] defoule^ M. 

foldM BI; >i folds H ; )>e fold O. 269. leyve'] leua HIEOJ; leeue F. 

2S0. 7%yn«] p7 IQ; pi HF. lafekeud] akkoetM'B. leeit']*oVE; 

Sen] areD I. lambren] lambr« I; lestF; leaestlH; leuitO; losest /. 

lambtu F. teeitret] wepetee IMEF/j weJiBryB O. 

261. thi] !» IZ »<rri« IMFEO/] 270. /«! nwiy] many a I. JIl«] a> 
beerke P. FE ; flees IFO j fi,eia M ; volle-fleei 

262. ni] pi M. How] 111 MF ; J. /airiicAfl] U falaliche I; js ful 
>y E ; >e IQ/. *A«p hjf-leage]i] tripe fblslyche G/. wauA^] ywaschs EQ ; 
loDgetii F. i-wateche M ; wBsclieii /. 

263. <!/■] ira «». 271. When] pan F. /or] of lUFO. 

264. are ner] bea ny H ; be oy F ; hvt'] yl M ; )>eeB F. 

ben almosto B. thabbyd] schabbed 272. myd] vi]p QI. meahle] 

MI/; Bcabbed EFO. thilep'] ichent moeblei I. tavt} baue I. 
H; bliKhit IF; ehyt G. kooIW] yi 273. And] And vhan M. fr^y^] 

wolle HF ; ^ folde I. ywey E j y-weie FQ ; I-«eied M. 

266, 286. Ivpiu—Bo] IMF om. yi] wur^ie F, Jieiimi] >at time M. 
Jn-ctiHeditVi*—te] IQ ow. yi— ^fnne] pa bitjdej' I. 

267. .ffeiw] How MFO ; Howe I ; 274, twe] IFG on. \i<n IMFKQ/] 
E. F MH. /aI2e] |<ow fUlest H. 



Thyn byie, hoide, as icli liope ■ hath nouht to qayty fiy 

Ther as mede ne mercy * may nat a myte ausyle, 276 
Bote 'haue fia for fat • fa fiat jio^ toke t'H!>>«tiiM 

Mercy for mede * and my kwo breke, un.nrtit "* 

Loke now for Jji kcchesse " wbether lawe wol Jte bS?"'*' 

Fnigatorie for Jiy pay6 " ojwr perpetael helle 1 ' 280 
For shal no pordoune pnye for jow }>«■ - nofier princes 

" Peers," qnaf a prest f o ■ " fy pardoune most ich rede, (* •! ■>>•) 
Ich can construen ech woide ' and kenue hit ^b in •» pi«n' foim. 

And peers at faTis preyere ' fe pardon vnfolded, 281 
And ich by-hynde hem bobe • by-beeld al be bulls. "" ••'"" " ' " 

In two lynes hit lay ' and no lettere more, 
And was ywryte ryght fms ' in witnesse of trenthe. 

Qui bona egerunt itntnt in ttitam elemam : lanUA nm utt. 

Qui vera mtda, in ignem etemum. {inin«avcu 

" Peter ! " qua]) Jb preat ^ ■ " ich can no pardon fynde, ptoMMiir.j"*' 
Bote 'do wel and hane wel ■ and god sbal haue fy humpmS™ 

saole, 289 "'^ 

Do Tuel and haue vnel ■ and hope few non ofer 
Bote be f>at vuel lynefi ' Tnel sbal ende 1 ' " 

The preest Jraa and perkyn • of fe pardon langled. A»o Bllv 

Tbiogh here wordes ich awook • and waitede abonte, umiiwok^ ^ 

And Beih ^ Sonne in }e south ' sitte ]iat tjme. 294 

276. Tifn'] MiorrUtM Than P ; fio vnfolded F ; Tiifolde|> L 

^. L 26T. ;uyfy] quTte IMFBO. £86. H oniti, iei'] Q om. hiOt} 

276. nt} ft F. nay'] ue mai a. bills L 

2TT. SeW] For I. 286. lyuMJ \jneB as I ; lofet (!) E. 

2T8. frreio] brekeaQ; I-brake F. <u>] in ao F ; oat a IQ. It^dvIfaUia, 

2T9. laech«$tt\ ilaknean B. ^.] i» PM ; let margin. 

mhether] what I ; wher FO. £90. De\ And do I. vuel] ynal 

2BI. pn^f] pays Q. jiht] jowe P. IBQ; enele MF. anJ (2)] Q km. 

'tml'fr] nanoneQ; QBno FZ 298. Tkrogh—ic\] And I )>orgb 

283. lek earn] For I o«o L »eK] beie wordea L teaittds] a-waitede 

ech a F ; loba I. in] on H, H. 

iU. pr»yere]^rejtatl. vnfolded] iM. «ia>] dt^ng M. 

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w.nd»ringiiT«r Heteles and moneylea ■ on malueme hullea, 

- Ibllrini Mill, '' ' 

iinnHdoiiUiii Moaynge on |)iB meteles * a myle-wej ich jooda. 296 
And meny tymes this meteles ' made me to studle 
Of Jmt ich seih slepynge • yf hit so be myghte, 

■booi Ktn ua And of peers plouhman ■ [ful] pensyf in herte, 

And which a pardon peers hadde * the puple to gladen. 

And how ])e preest iupugned hit ' thorwa tvo pi-opre 

woides. 301 

Ac men setten nat by eongewarie ' men seen hit ofte 


caia (Diit. H. M} Caton couDtflt hit at nouht " and canonistroa at laeee. 

bidi 111 daplM 

dnuoj. Ac for fe bok bible ■ beref good wyttnease, 304 

A loo How daniel dyuinede ' and vndude ))e dremeles 

urpreiHi thil at Of kyug nabugodonoBoi ' ])at no peer hadda, 
(Beimbim). And sitthe after to hiia aonea * seide hem what ^ 

thouhte ; — 
jowph (00 hid And loseph mett« meraelooBllche - how Jie mone and 
"'"™' fe Sonne 308 

And elleuene stenee ' haUaede hym alle ; 
B l*0 Thenne lacob luged • loaephes ewenene : 

wldch lUi Mbor 

istupnMd, " Beau fitz," qua]) |)e tader * " we ehulieji for defaate, 

Ich my-self and my sones ' eoche [ye] for ueede ; " 312 

■ndHUnma git by^el as fo fadcT eeide • in [pharaoee] tyme, 
))at loseph was Instice * egipto to saae ; 

SSfl. 011] In H. H^] mUteritten ting kjrng >» I. 906. 

tmeuP; ita tee I. 297. yodt} loda 306. kadde] ne hadde H. 

I ; jede MEFQ. SOT. And] O en. te'] I om. 

297. And] la on. fymn] time $eiite'] and saide I ; told F. 

IMF. made'] ba]) maked I. 308. meUe IHFEO] mete P. 

399. peeri] peres ^e L [/kI IFQ] 309. elletiene] fie enleuenB I ; slno 

FEH om. : ef. B-teit. elleue F. taiiwifs] heilede H ; bei- 

300. ■tthick\ wicb P. a] I om. seden (jtie) F ; hail seida to O. 

301. (**rsre] witA F. 810. ISeane] And f>ei«ne Q. 

302. Aa\ And Q. ffisn (2)] for 311. B)taii\ Bew M. ^i] GltsU; 
men I ; vatrcritten mei F, \W\ H flz Q. rb — d^tvnte~\ for defaute we 
0». Bchal I. 

808. eauMey] a-eonQte|> H. SIS. [|m IFUEO] F om. 

80*. Joi] goode G. ?wrf] I «■. 818. H his P. [piaraoM MFB] 

805. •i>»A»de\ to FM; ndedG FO ,- pharoes Q ; PbarM I ; pbaiao has P. 

Tndide I ; viided E. dremeUt] 814. to] for to EF. 

dremes IF. I addt of Tcjagea, otiit- 



Hue elenene brofieres ' lijin for needa souhte, 

And bus fader lacob ' and al-so bus dame : — 316 

Al pia makef me ■ on meteles to studie, wtunib™ i ofun 

And bow fe preest prenede ■ no pardon to do-wel O uhi tua prmi. 

And demeda ^t dowel ' Indidgences passede, ibu Do-<nu 

Byeonala and tryenuals ' and bisshopes letteraa 320 b^liuon. 

For ho BO dop wel here ' at |« daye of dome A loi 

Worth faiie vndeifonge ' by-for god ^t tyme. 

So dowel passep pardon ■ and pilgrimages to rome ; 

}ut hath f« pope power ' pardon to graunte 324 ^* vv- ' ^*J 

To puple, with-oute peuaunce ' to pasaen in-to loye, pwdon. 

As lettred men ons lere]> ' and lawe of holj churcbe : 

QaodcuTtque ligaueris euper terrain erit liijatum lutivtw. 

^ in celU; Et giwdeuTique aoluerie super 

terram erit eolutum ^ in eelia. 
And so idi bj-leyue loelly ■ lordea forbode elles, 
)}at pardon and penaonca * and preieres don sane 328 
Saule[8] fiat ban synged ' senene Bithe[B] dedlicbe. 
Ac to tiysten vpon triennels * treweliche me tbyukep But b> uut to 
Ys nat eo syker for pe saule ' certys, as ys doweL tb? u»b. 

For-thi ieh rede jow renkes ■ fat riche ben on J>ys erthe, 
Yp triat of joure tiesoni * tryennela to bane, 333 

Be je ne\iere fe boldere • to breke pe ten hestes; 

: 81G. ftrw^rM]bre|>#re«E; brejwen S!6. Urc^'^ lered I. lame] men 

IF ; breams U ; bre^rea Q. HQ. Et—eelu] HIFO om. 

aie. /ocoi] IMMO (I) I. 327. bg-Uyve] by-ieue F (iWr«; 

317. meteUi] metlnge O. hit bj-leyoe eltenltere) ; ]eae EIG ; 

.SIS. prhiede 10] prouede UGF ; leece F. Urrdei] ^d6Aw F. lordet 

preeued P. to] but M, firrbodii] lord forbedo £1 ; lord me 

319. demede \€ti] ^e mede oC (I) E. for-beode F 

IiidvXgentei] indulgence - HF. jkm. 8S8. petu 

Mkia] puaeti L 3^9. Sax 

321. Ai^ «E«2 UEFO] dowelJ ; w«l Saule P. lytige^ im^ d ; i^iied 

do|> P. lEF ; i-synned M. *UAei IFO] dthe 

S23. ^Igrinuigei] pUgrltDage IM. PS ; times M. 

to] of Q. 330. ejwn] apon F ; Tp )>iB L 

824. A^A— jiyw] hall ^ pop«« F ; Vremelieht] trlwelicho P. 

ban \^ pop«e E {jaUene ihU read- 831. r»] Nys M ; It U L fer] to 

<■;). jMrwCffw] ^ pardone Q. I. ff] I (ikt) I ; M ovt. 

32S. j>»;to] !»• peple EP. (o] O 832. Jbr-iAt] For-wlii M; «»i«] 

M». lit-b>] to F. nileMa Q. 




And namelicbe, je maiatres ■ meyres and luges. 

That ban (le welthe of fb worlde ■ and wise men ben 
holde, 336 

To parchsce jow pardon ' and pe popea bulles. 

At ])e dredful daj of dome ' wben dede men abnllen 
■nniiurMd; And comen alle by-foie criat ' a-oonutes to jelde, 

Howe we kdde oure Ijf here ' and bus lawea kepte, 
A lot And how we dnde day by day " f e dome wol reberce. 

•■dKuLof A pote-fd of pardon bere ■ ue pronmcials ktteres, 342 

Jlaoh [we] be founds in fraternite ' of alio fyue ordree, 
iviii^muttia And haae iudulgencea doblefolde * bote dowel ons 
nniHi DfHnii helpe, 3H 

Ich sette by pardon nat a peese ■ nofer a pye hele I 

For-thi icb counsaile alle cristine ■ to crye god mercy, 

And maiye bus moder * be oure mene to hym, 
OodfiftugnM Jjat god jeue ous grace bere • er we go benneB, 348 

warka.thatDo- Sucbe workes to worcbe ' whil we ben here, 
will uy n did That after ouie de^-day ' dowel reherce 

At J)e day of dome ■ we dude as he tauhte. — Ainen. 

Hie explicit ui»io toillelmi de petro ploiiJiman, 

S36. keldt] i-ho1de M ; boldea Q, deere modur F. he] to he P. oure 

837. jotp] jonrB I. — hym] to him oure mene O. 

338. day if] I om, mttt] I «w. 848. go hennet] hennea wende L 
ryu] a-riaen MIO. S49. I omiU. mhil] while (mt F. 

843. [me IQ] he PMEF (oitertB 861. Af] pat at Q. day'] dredful 

oua in 1. 344). in] ia t« IM. fytie] day F. tavUe] ua tiiujte M. 

))« ffue HF. Amtn] M om. 

34B, Sy — nat] n<^ht by pa?^ou« I, Cowphon. JJic] EMIF (h». l^l^ 

rK>>n-] oe nat I ; ne M. iiela IMEOj Ulmi] WilUImi W. ((u;) I ; a mn. 

heele F ; hyle P. plotikmajt] le Plowman I. See Pre- 

846. For-thi] For-whi M. erye fac«. Tke title Incipit uiaio eiuadeni, 
/od] god to orije M ; crye god of F. &o. immediately follaw* ; lee Pas. zl. 

847. maryej to maiije M. m«der] 


Wm msbm WMtM k §!jM. 


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I. zi.] Tire author's search apteb dowel. 

Jndpit uivio eitadem WiUdmi de dowel. 

THoa robed in russett ' icli romede a-boate, aio3 ■■•» 

AI a Bomer seeon ' for to seke dowel, wnumi, u snd 

[And] frainede ful ofte • of folke Jat ich mette, ^""^ 

Yf eny wiht wist • wher dowel was at ynite, 4 

And what man he myghte be ' of meny man ich askede. 
Waa nenere wiht in Jiis worlde * ^t wiase me couthe, Neiukiiinaiiu* 
"Wher fat he longede ■ laaae ne more ; 

Til hit by-ful on a frydayo ■ two freres ich mette, 8 om Fnd«T. i mw 
Maisteres of [f e] menoois * men of grete witte. 
Ich hailaede hem hendilyche ' as ich haddo yleraed, 
And piayede pur chaiite ' ar fei passede forfiore, mduk^Uimi 

Yf foi knew eny contreie * ofer coetes a-boute, 1 2 DiMreii dnit. 

^her fat dowel dwellef — ' " deie firendes, tellef me ; 
For je aren men of f ys molde - Jtat moat wide walken, B is* 
And knowen contieiea and courtes ' and menye kynue owrwiMn." 

Bofe pnncea paleis ■ and ponre menne Cotes, 16 

And dowel and do-Tuele ■ wher fei dwellen bofe." 

l^TLS. 8e PEO ; H prvfiatt Hie. menovr {tie} I ; mfiioun E ; manow- 

WilUlKi] Tlom. mi Jc F. 

8. [And IHOF] FB om. fraiiudt} 10. lutiUe4«\ hsilede M ; askede 
a-frainede M. fella\ idgti Q. Q. ylemed E] ylemede P ; i-lered 

4. mhf] vith F ; hit we 1. 6. M ; Ured IQF. 
(oA*r] wer P. II. prayedel prajed hem I. pur] 

6. man (2)] man E. par B ; for M. drj er I ; or MPEO. 

6. )>{«] ^e 1. aritMnf] me wiaso 12. ei)ntreie\ contreis EQ. 

la. 13. dtctlle^-] dwellede L iBlh), 

7. tMt he^ )>)B L loagede] Tengede me] me teller B ; je me Utle P. 

' F ; l<«get E ; wonede Q. ne'] do I. 16. nenne] men IE ; menea H, 

9. [t>a ISF] PMS on. atenolol] 



'wBii M, it 111 " Sothliche," aeide be &ei« * "he soioomeb with ona 

A. !•« And af hath, aa ich hope ' and [ener] vol her^fter." 

" *"r" "W t, " Contra," qna^ ich aa a cletke ■ and comsede to dia- 
riRhiHumu pute, 20 

><iv. And seide aothliche * " aeptiea in die cadit iiatiu, 

(Pn>T. nil. u.) _ „ , , 

FaUynge fro loye ■ leaus wot fe sothe ! 

' Seuene sythes,' seith pe bok * ' syngej) day by day 

The alJmT-ryghtfiilleste renk - ^t regne]) vpon eithe.' 

And ho so eyngef," ich aeide ■ "certya, doj nat wel; 

For ho 30 Bynge)> ' aikerliche do]> Tuele, 26 

And dowel and do-vuele ' may nat dwelle to-gedeies. 

•o ha eumM Urgo, he ya nat al-way ' at horn among jow Freres ; 

7«L-- He b Bom while ellea-wher ' to wisse )>e puple." 29 

"mnpUiDthit " Ich shal sei Jie, my sone," ' seide |)e frera penns, 

rightKw mmi," " How Bcuene aithes J» aadde man ■ eynge]) on J>e day. 

By a forbuaenc," qua^ ]ie fiere * " ich shal ^e faire 

shewe. 32 

" Pot > rau Id ■ Let brynge a man in a hot ' in-myddes a biode water ; 

The wynde and Jte water ' and waggynge of }ie bote 

ndii>«wi«[ina Makeb be man meny tyme ■ to stomble, yf he Btande :«wm „ , , „. , . 

makabim Stonde he neuere bo styoiche ' ^orgh aterynge of ])e 

He bendeji and bowe|) - ]>e body is Tnatable, 

18. frtrct] bot* a. 80. *mfl] self M. 

19. [euer FQI] lot Ht ; VS im. 31. igngep] Brnnefi IMFE ; Bliige|> 

23. lyfArjEMFJBjthePI; wel.31. O. on] in O. 

tyngefi] 8yD^e)> Q ; eyanap HE ; maa 32. forbHtene] rorbisoe I ; fotbinoe 
synnelh F, by <iay] Bad njth M. (mc) G ; for-bUen H ; forbiun P. 

24. oifier] alder H ; I Ml. cjnm] ;vat>] seids H. ^e (S)] low Q. 

«a 1 1 on ^ G. 33. in mgddet] ainyddei I ; unyd 

26. ignfff]!'] ByTine|> IMEF ; sjnegif) F ; in O. 

O. dot''] be do>i I. 34. waygynge'] ^ waggTng UFQ. 

2I>. tyiiTv)!] EynDe|> IME ; Eynegelr iorc] Teasel F. 

PQ; in* »« 11. 28, 25. 36. tgtng] tymes I; a tyme F. 

27. liiiwUe] BU>Dde O. itontZv] lombly Q. 

28. y»] nyB O. at— among'] a-tom 36. fiKimjie] For Blonde J. itj[/lifhe'\ 
wiF> U. Btillich E. tteryngel atreng)>a EU. 

29. li] biB P. nrat wftt;!;] Tm- W«] barge F. 

while a i vm-»hllM F; Tnbiwhile ST. i«] ib bo 1 1 bfB P. 
H i ofiw-wbile I. 



Ac jnt he is saf and Bounde ;. ' so fitreth hit by )ie ryght- b i«> 

)}auli he falle, he &Ue)i oat * bote as ho fulle in a bote, t For, wbiie ha 
]]at ay is saf and BOunde ' )iat Bitteji with-ynne ])e horde, imu, h* b ha. 
So hit fareb," quab be frcre • "bj ryghtful maimes EnoMwith 

uulyiigei 41 mu. 

)}awe be ))OTgh fondinge falle ' he falle}> sat out of 

So dedliche synne dojt he nat ■ for dowel hym helpe^. 
The water jb likned to ^e worlde * Jiat wanyeji and A io» 

wexej. ; 44 

The godes of [jiis] grounde area lyke ' to J)0 grete Th(wi.»ii« 

Wawea, amitvULnirtobga^ 

[]}at] aa wyndes and wederes ' walwen a-boute ; 

The bot TB lykned to oure body ■ bat brotel ya of The boot uth* 


That ])orgh )ie fende and oure fieach ■ and fiis frcle 
worlde 48 

Bynge^ Beueno sithes - ^e saddest man on erthe, 
And lyfholiest of lyf ■ Jiat lyueth vnder Jie sonna, 
Ac free wil and free wit ■ folweb a man euere tBntfrMwUi > 

' and ftw wit 

To repenten and ryse ■ and rowen out of aynne, S2 eninia . mMa t« 
To Doutricion, to confessbn ' til he come to huB ende. tin." 
Bal>er haue we no leste ' til we Tostitue 

38. m/] lad H. w] and M> I. 46. Ipat I] For F ; FBOU tm.; 
iW] G (MB. ef. B-text nwZtsen] wawen B; wa- 

39. falle'] faile MF. on] I tm. ve^U; wsweu )>ei F. 

tie] who «o 1 ; bom F ; be UU. 47. lytned] lycknede P ; m) L 44. 

40 — 42. O emUi. hrattl] brokel EG; britel M. 

40. (a/]HadH. ffat}aDdI. lUlep} 48. and {!)] of I (nrimyZ^). 

dtte I ; lit H. 49. Sgngefi^ Seaegefi P ; Syi](^|i 

41. *j] by l>e I. G ; Synnajj IMFE; qf. 1. 26. lUlut 

42. yorgh} porgbe P. fondiiige\ IMFE] ^Iho P; qf. 11. 23, 31. 
foDdjngee J. 60. F omtit. lufholUtt] >e holieet 

43. he] 1 om. I. |»] MG inn. 

44. Uknei IF] liknjd G ; likened El. M trantpotet wil ani wit. 
EH ; liknede P. nanyey--wete«y] 62. ryte] to arise 1; to o-risen M ; 
iTeiet> and wany«)> M. arise FO. of] of his Q. 

4B. of] on M. [|>M IHFEG] ^e 63. 7)i] porgb 1. hti] fae beo O. 
P. arm] ben B. (o] low. H 64. iio).!"-] For ratiere IF. tw(l)] 
UBFQ 0M. G 0J>t. tt2] til jiat F. 




Our lyf to OHM lord god • for onre lykamea goltea." 
" Ith bane no kynde knowyug," quaji ich ■ " to con- 
g ceyae al pj speche, 56 

Ac y{ ich may Ijue and loke * ich shal go leme 

" Ich by-kenne fe Crist," quaj) be ■ " fat on Jie croice 

And ich seide, "]m same ' sane jow fro meschannce. 
And gyue me grace on )iia grounde ' with good ende to 
deye." 60 

* Ich wente forp wjde where • walkynge myn one, 
In a wylde wyldemesee ■ by a wode ayde. 
Bllsae of [])e] briddes ' a-byde me made. 
And vndei lynde in a Uunde * leuede ich a stounde, 
To lithen here laies ' and here loueliche notes. 65 

Murthe of here murye mouthes ' made me to slepe ; 
And meiueiloualiche me mette ' a-myddes al ^t blisse. 
A muche man, me ^ouhte ' lyke to my-aelne, 68 

Cam and caUede me ' by my [kynde] name. 
" What art f ow t " quafi ich ■ " Jiat my name knowestl" 
"That wost fou, wille," quaf he ■ "and no wight 
> " Wot ich," qua)) ich, " ho art fow ) " ■ " thonhte," seide 
hefenne; 72 

" Ich baue ^ suwed \ns seue jet ' aeih ^n me no 
rather 1 " 

66. *iw«y)lj] knowleohingl. yiioji 
icA] ! em. al"] of Q. |ry] fia IFEQ. 

67. IjfHf] go leuB O. 
59. yiiel t-e H. 

61. msn ene] me one U ; allone E ; 
al myn wine F. 

62. iryldf} O rnn. Ay] and by I. 
fTurJc] woodeg I : woHua P. 

Gil. [if IHFG] PB m. a-byd» 
me] roe abidv Q. 

64. (snde] a tynde M (citfy). ix] 

65. litheiil tustene M. 

66. MHFjrej I ant, me] me t>ere I. 


67. «w] i M. 

68. mvche'] mekel Jf. 
G, Ij/ie) yiike 10. mjF] n 

69. {kyTide I] ryhte PEFUQ ; bnt 
r^. B-teit 

70. art MF] ert PE. art f-oir] 
artow I ; ertow G. •ty] frou my I. 

71. tettif] I on, irUb] wd S. 
«ij«] man M. 

72. art IMF] ert PEG. 

73. ))«] B on. t' (VfCMTI sewed t« 
I ; y-Mwed ]ie G. )>{(] G om. M«(t] 
M bIw EG ; ieuen I ; senene HF. 
MTiAJumil; MwFG; sljeM; MfE. 

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"Art Jmw ^oiihtel" qua^ ich )>o ■ "fow eoujjeet me ""iiioiiihi," «ii* 

wisae ta Do-w«u." 

When f>at dowel dwelleji ' and do me to knows t" 75 Bis* 
" Bowel and dobet," qua]) he ' " and dobest ^ ^ridde 
Be) Jiie &yre Tertuea ■ and boeji nanht ferr to fynde. 
Wliixo is trewe of hyB tonge • and of hua two bandes, "wbo»«rta 
And Jiorw leel laboni lyneli ' and loae)i his emonstine, - hiB d»-wiu 
And ^OT-to trewe of bus tail ' and bait wel bis handea, 
Nonht dronkalewB ne deynons ' dowel bjm folwe)>. 81 a. i«v 
Dobet do^ al this - ac jnt he do)i more ; mon.udfirn 

He is lowe as a lombe ' and lonelicbe of speohe, 
And belpetb herteliche alle men ' of ]iat be may aspara. 
The bagges and pe by-guideles ' be bath to-broke bent 
aUe, 86 

That ^ eorl auerons ' beeld, and hns eiies ; 
And of manunonaea moneye ' mad hym meny fiendes, 
Aod is ronne in-to religion ' and Tendre]> bus byble, andnBintb* 
And preche^ to fe pople ' seynt poulee wordes ; 89 ,uSpn*Am 
lAbcnier mffiertia intipientet, aim &itU ipn aa- lotc.iLi*. 
' Je worldlicbe wyse ■ TnwyBO fat je tmSta, 
Lene hem and loue hem ' * thia latyn ys to mene. 


Dobest here sholde ' ))e bisahopes crooe, 93 b IS* 

And halye with [fe] hoked ende ■ ille men to goode, m^!u^'^' 

74. Art IMF] Ert PEG. fwi^] B3. Imuilieht'] lowelich L 

ulde H. eait(iMt] oondeat lUF. 6i. atpare'] ipsra IM, 
|nmb eoupeif] ooudeit ^mx 7. 85. l^-jurdel^] bri-gerdelea I ; 

76, Wiere'] Wbto P. ««] me Mm F. bregnnilM Q. ta-broie'] l-broke M. 

76. gvifi i«] Q mn. 86. heeld] helde IE ; held MO. 

77. Btf!^ Ann I ; Ben H. tetfi'] S7. mid] haf mad H ; 7-niakad 
ben IH ; be P. I ; y-mad OF. 

78. m] I on. i»] hid P. trgmi] 88. t»] Mont, potmw] yronne EK. 
trywe P. hyt'] ja P. two EF] tuo in-to] to EFQ. religion] religtooa B. 
I { to PHO. rendTef] hafi rendi«d I ; Tendred F ; 

7B. I amit*. ^n] ^orwe P. rede>> H. and TBndre)i\ to rendra O. 

l^veY] Q 0M. emerittine\ euene- Aw] f« I. 

erutane M. S9. aim, ^e.] IHQ <m. 

80. I omitt. treire] trywe P, ivel 90. ornyw ^] f« vniriM II. 
Ail] hii to H. 91. to menA trewe I. 

81. JVowAt] AndUnogbtL iegH' 93. A^If«] holde E. [t-i IH70] 
Mu] dedejuoiu I. P£ om. kaktO] «n>ked H. MjJ 

S2. ii0]aiidMF. nu»-B]welmooTeF. alls M. to] b F. 

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tiopmao-™ And with fe pyi pntte adoune • preuarieatoret legia, 
iiw. I.ordes ^t lyuen as hem lust - and no lawe a-connten ; 

For hero mok and here meeble ' sucbe men Jiynkeu 96 

That no Bieahop aholde " here tyddinga -with-aitte. 

Ac dobost sholde nal dreden [hem] ' bote do as god hihte, 
t Kjii. I. M. Nolile limere eo« gut possuni oecidere corpaa. 

Do-«ii, Dobrt, Thus dowel and dobet ■ diuinede, and dobeat, 99 

eroirutd ■ king." And ciounede on to be kyng * to culle with-oute symte 
' That woHs n&t don as dobeat ' diuinede and taohte. 

Thus dowel and dobet ' and dobeat )ra ^ridde 
"* Crounede on to be kjng ' and kepen ous aUe, 
A MM And reulen alle reaumes ■ by here fre wittes ; 104 

Bote ojier-wiae ne ellea nat ' bote aa ]>ei ]>ree assented." 
I Unnktd him, Icb [>ouked Jwuht ^o ' )iat be me so tauhte : 
whan uigH tbm " Jut saucre^ me nat ^i sawe," quaji ich. ' " bo me crist 

A more kynde knowyng ' couelte Ich to hnyre 108 
Of dowel and of dobet ■ and dobeat of alio," 

"OnifWttnn " Boto wit wolle Jie wisae," quaji fiouht ■ "wher fo 
f re dwellen ; 
Ellea know ich non fat can ■ in none kynriche," 

SoTboofbtud Thouht and ich thus fre daiea • to-gederes we jeoden, 

04. j>yi] pnynt (pter eranre) 0. G. 
putte] puIM I. 106. S omiitfroM tiole m )«{ ieten 

95. Here S iegin* agaim ; and to nat in L 107. 

eoUatiiM irUk O it leufvil. IOC. Ranked IwwAt] ti)cigbt|>oiikBda 

96. JbrJ mlHFSO; Aod fore P ; I; ^ankid muobe t^t F. 

& for K ; fna And t* tvperfinou*. 107. Jk(] Ao )Ut I. me •«*] nst 

KUjJil muk FS. dfKfl Hud for PB j me L «awtf] sKwea I. fua^ icA} I 

bat IMFSQ oviit tot. nMhWl or. Jpwb] heipe MF. 
moebles I. lOB. liytide'] kynders L 

97. Sohnlde no bischop be ■ hew 109. fl/(2)] IMFSG tm. iehufi 
biddTttgea to iTi(^Bitt« I. ho dol>eBt P ; who do brat B ; trko 

98. [hem IHFSQ] bym FB. not do> beet I; but HF8 hatt dobot 
. — heiit\ drede hem uoght 10. •"■ly, mhick u the timpleit readinf, 

99. dinin^iU] demed L afKf] a 110. Bute'} But if I. nolUt"} )« 
lUFB; at a. WDldeM) cunne >eF. ieAm-] wee P. 

100. VfilakynglBSG. (o]&F. W f*? 8- 

101. Ant] U OBt. diuitttde'] do- 111. tynrinA^] hynge-iiche H. 
miKl I. 112. ITUmhf] Thonib F ; M nt 

103. kyng'i a kTng lESQ. latt line, we] il im. togeitrt*— 

101. revUnl to reule I. by] after ^eede^l wenliHi to-gidere F. 



Dispatynge vp doarel ' daye after ojiere; 113 iwtMoBtmm 

And er we were ywar • with wit gan we mete. visi 

He wae long and lene ' lyke to noa ofier, 

Was no pruydc in bna apaiail ■ no pouerte nojier; 116 

Sad of has eemblant ' with a softs epeche. 

Ich [dorate] meue no matere ■ to maken hym to i «*•« TiuMghi 

Bote ax ich bad thouht bo ' be mene br-twene, 119 Aio* 
And putte forth Bom pnipos ■ to prouen bos wittes, 
What dowel was fro dobet ■ and dobest fro hem bo|)e. 
Tbenne*thouht in |iat tyme ' eeide fveae wordea, 
"Wher dowel and dobet ■ and dobeat ben in londe 
Her ia on wolde wite • yf wit couthe teche, 124 

And what lyuea tbei lyuen ' and what lawe ^ei vBen ; 
"What pei drede and doutea ' dere ayre, telle))." 
" Syre dowel dwellef," qna^ wit ' " nat a daye hennes, 
In a castle }iat Kynde made ' of foure kyhe ^ynges ; 128 
Of erthe, of aier yt ia made ' medled to-gederes, 
"With ^nd and water ■ wittyliche en-ioyned. 
Kynde hath closed Jier-ynne ■ craftilyche with alle 
A lemman fiat he loue)i wel ■ lyke to hym-selae ; 132 
Aninta line hatte ' to hure bath enuye 


Wllhln Ihla 

113. rj)} vpOD IHFG ; for B. 

IH. er) or IFQ; or E. n;ere 
yjoorj -were war* S ; y-war wer« I j 
woar were Q. «rif A] 8 em. 

lis. lyiti] Hike IQ; ft lik F. 

116. in] on L aparaiT] p&raile 
IFQ. %e\ ne no H. 

117. wUh] and wi(> IQ. 

118. [dorria IS] durat FE ; dente 
O ; oe durate M ; (junite P ; »ce 

to (1)] ne M. 

119. tJtevlal UtDUthP; MsLllO. 
»e] to be I. 

120. prouen lEF] preuen MSO; 
proouen P. Kittet] wH S. 

121. dorctl mat] was do-wel T. 

122. thauht] thouth P ; «u 1. 110. 
)>iif] \iaa P ; but it teevu a mere 
error, at M otlur USS. kavt t*t. 

seide MFO] le^eS; nide I; aeede 
P; sedeE. >«(e UF] ^ise I ) f-isB; 

123. Wher lUQ] War P ; Whan 
SEF. heii IHEFJ been P ; be S. 

124. ffiwUe] wUle I. Mte] I-wito 
I ; i-wilen H ; ywile E. yf vrW] ho 
to F. teehe'] bim tsche HF j telle Q. 

12B. iy«ra]lijr)>atM. lanf] lavea 

126. What} And what I. and] an 
P. deiiten IHEFSO] dauhten P. 
telUtt] tellel* me H. 

129. ef] and IS ; and of M. med- 
hi) and medeled H ; y-medeled IQ. 

130. en-ioyne^ eo-loyDede P. 
l.'il. eleiai] i-oloaad MF. 
132. trel] I Mt. 

183. Aui] ache IMBFQ; jo B, 
hMte} hMtefi U. 



vhm'UHiriBca A ptout pnkvere of fraunce ■ prinemt hviat muadi; 


tela. And wolde wytme hare away ■ with wiles, yf he 

nyght«. 135 

And kynde knoweth ^is wel ' and kepeth hare fe 

t>D-w*ii, Dg-tat, And dooji hnre with ayre dowel * dak of fee marches. 
hwippoUitoa Dobet ys here damesele ■ syre doweles douhter, 

To Beruu ^at lady leelly ' bo])e late and rathe, 
AUX Dobest ya arhoue bo))e ■ a biashapea peer, 140 

And by has lerynge is ladde - }iat ilke lady anima. 
■ 13> The constable of )iat caste] * ^t kepep hem alle 

uh luua im isirK Is a wys knyght with alio ' syre In wit he hatt« ; 

And haf lyue feire eones • by bos fiirste wyf, 144 

wboMniuin Syre aeewel, syre seiwel ' syre hayrewel Jie hende, 
nil, Hau-inii, Syre worchewel with )iyn hand ' a wight man of!'- ' strengthe, 

And syre godfaith gowel ' grete lordee alle. 

These fyne ben ysett ' for to aanye anuna, 148 

Til kynde come ojter aende ■ and kepe hnre hym-self." 
'WbobKiBdr" ""What lyues fyng is kyndel" quaji ich • "can[st] 

^w me telle ) " 
'• Kind !• til* "Kynde ia [a creator]," quap wit ■ "of alle kyne 
who Duda all fiynges, 

°*'' Fader and formour • of al J«t forth groweji, 152 

The whiche ia god giettest ' ^t gynnynge hadda 

Lord of lyf and of lyght ' of lysae and of paync. 

1.14. fnmf\ proud MISF. 149. lendt] teyaAo P. 

13e. wiUt\ whiles P. %f\ and I. 160. tgtiti\ to aUo KM ; lymu S ; 

186. H*] liit M. hnre'] hit M. leuya O ; kynDM F ; hTU L M*tt 

137, dm))] dot' B ; bath do IFS ; FHS] oanMt B ; can P. eamt >nr] 

I-do M. «yr«] H on. dvk] duchasse U. caostow I. 

140. \omit*. 161. [a ertater MS] creator P; 

Hi, Alts'] Ag I. lerya^a] lem- creatowrQi creature PEI (fnmifljf) ; 

yng IMO. )Mit ilke] )iis ilke I ; ^ke ef. B-teit. allt] I mn. 
U. ^at—tadf'\ eohe day ^( B. 162. i>r] H om. 

142. TA«] Ao )« I. IBS. tehicht\ wiche P. ^t—haidt^ 

lis. 7j]HeiaM. A<iH«] hote)> M ; begrnnrng had he I; by-guanyog 

hifchla I. had O. kadda} E mn. 

145. huyrtiftr] haAenawel it. 164. Isghf} U> E. 



Angeles and aUe |i;ug ' aien at hua -nil ; 

SlaD u hym moat Ijk ' of membres and of face, 156 i"" Mug nut 

And semblable is sonle to god ' bote yf Bynne bit lAxiaj ,^ 

And as ^w suxt )« sotme ■ aom tyme for cloudes t ai dsndi bUa >^ 

May nat shyne ne shewe ■ on ahawes on ertbe, bida> ood frooi 

Bight 80 lette|) lecberie ' and oper luther aynnes, 160 
jDat god Buwe]) nat syn^ men ' and ao&e^ hem mys- 

Aa aomme hongen hem-aelf ■ and oier vhile a-drenchcb ; t Som dniun 

kill IbaDiMlvu. 

God wol nat of bem vite ' bote leteji hem yworthe, 
As ]ie sauter aei^ ' by auch aynful Bkreves, 161 

Et dimiti eo» Beeundum derideria ieordit] tPn-bai-ii 

■- ■• (Tlll».). 

Loke ! Buche latber men • lome ben Tyche t wk*»d » 

[Of golde and of ofer good ' ac godee grace hem faile|i ;] rt°>>- 
For thei loueji and by-leyue)> ■ al here lyf-tyme 
More in catel ^an in kyude - ))at alle kyne ^yngea tTiMjiaiim 

wroghte, 168 ^i^q^ 

Tbe whiche la bojie loue and lyf ' and lastej) witb- 

onten ende. 
Inwitt and alle wlttes ' closed ben fier-ynne ; V 13« 

By loue and by leaute ' ^-by lyuej* anima; 
And lyf lyueji by Inwitt ■ and lerynge of kynde. 172 

155. and] of (I) E. arm] ben deBiderium PES. {eordU EF] PIU 
(leroMflt/) E. SO dm. 

156. ki/Mmori'] most him I. and 165. Leie'] lorn, lutktr] luther- 
o/^ 4 F ; In ('*") S. lyuj-nge I. laiHe] i.lome M. 

16T. in] most in M. 166. Prem 1; alto in HFSQ ; PS 

15S. (turi j silt F j Beist E9 ; seeet imit. 

lU ; sexst Q. 167. Ihr"] Ac for H. 

159. Hc] k S. ihawet'] shafles H. 168. in] on IMKSO (tnwe). Jtort 

ICO. Ai^At] I out. letuY\ letta T. —eatet\ On oatel nior« I. tj/iu] 

Z>i/*«r] liters MFSO. kynde I ; S i™. )ijTije»] [.ing 10. 

161. (KiceF<] Bchewet' I. nat] nat 169. frAicAe] wicbe P. lii\e\ I 
Buch L aAd\ but 8. on. and latteii} )>at lasts I ; lasU 

162. o-dmaeheii] drenohcfi MQ. jnge O. 

163. ie/etF] lat I; letM; leet G. JTO. wirtsi] whilt«a P. 
fiwrtlu] var)<e S. 172. Itt^Hgt} \etayaga MQ. 

161 tuch] I om. ietidtria IHFQ] 



iD-wHiiintbg luwitt is in ^ liefd - as Anima [in] f>e hert«, 
lu itu hnrt. And muche wo worth liym * ]>at Inwitt mys-epeyne^. 
For ^at ia godes oweu good ' huB grace and hua 
t sonuiDini, That meuy lede leese^ ■ tliorw lykerouse drynke, 176 
" ' - Ab lot dude and noe ; ' and herodes ^ dafie 

iaS hus douhter for [a] danoayng * in a dissb Jib hefde 
Of J)6 blesayde baptiate ' by-fore alia bus guates. 
t CnwiHiis ud Every man )iat hath ynwitt ' and Lus bele bojie, 180 
tnuDH. Hath tremui ynow in treutbe ' to fynde with hym 

A lis Bias Ac fauntekynea and foolee ' |)e wMche fauten luwitt, 
ba i>rciitcMi br Frendee [aohulden] fynden hem ■ and fro folye kepe, 

And holychuFche helpe to - so aholde no man begge, 
BlSt Xe spille apeche ne tyme * ne myspende neijrar 186 

artim*. Meeble ne vnmeeble ' mete nofiei diynke. 

tLonrnr And fianne dude we alle wel ■ and jut wel bet to lonye 

Oure enemyea entyreliche ' and help hem at here neede. 

And jnt were beet to bee aboute ' and brynge hit to 
hepe, 189 

t w* ihooid Htk That alle londes loueden ' and in on lawe by'leoucde. 

Bisahopes aholde be here-aboute ' and brynge Jiia to 

For to leeee Jiere-fore here londe ■ and here lyf after. 

IMFS. [inlMFEBQ] Pom. ^^IQ 188. [tcAuJini H] schold 8 ; Whal 

nn. I; ichul F ; achutleQ; auohe PE. 

171. nuche^ mykel H. Kortk] 181. helpe'] he]pe> E ; S on. 

wercbeB M. myj-^«yM«J)] mygpeoej) 187. -Jh^ Ao I. ira] 6 en. tut 

EBG ; mya-Bpandef. MP, — Jrf] wel bete ^ut I. te} is to B. 

176. lede] a leeds IF. [gJtermue] B eniti latt half ^ 1. 1B7 atid fiett 
aikenesM of E. liryiiJbt] dcynkg M. half of \. ISA. 

177. lot] loth lUF. and (2)] bd P. 189. tirf] rnt S. mere] hit were 

178. )«/] He nf L [n lUFSE] H. 

P«n. ifautwyn;] dauDoe F. )ig] his 190. O emita. loiiede» DCFE] 

S. A{Afs] heedHF; hed E ; hede S. loae^S; mUwrittai^jnedeaF. an^ 

179. Iw] >»t IG. guitet] to alee an P. o»] o 8 ; oo F. 

E ; gtmlxm I j gUtes UFS. 191. Q amiU. t>i$] hit H8 ; it F. 
181. in] of IB. wUh] IS OH. 




Tlie catel ^at crist liadde ' ]ire clofiea Mt veie, 193 tchiu 
TheiHif was [lie] ryfled * aad robbed er be deyede ; OMt, u 
After )iat be lea bos Ijf ' for lawe abolde lone vexe. ndnwi. 
Prelates and preeates * and princes of bolj cbnrche t p»i*i 
Sholde doate no dej * no|ieT dera jeies, 197 

To wenden as wyde • as J»e woilde were, 
To tnlien tbe etthe with tonge ' and tecbe men to ti«ipr 

lonye ; voru. 

For bo so loue)i, leyue hit wel ' god vol nat lete hym 

Sterne 200 

In myschef for lacke of mete ' ne for myssynge of 


omni hono. 

Ho so lyueji in lawe ■ and in lone dof wel (A 

As these weddid men ' ^at ]iis worlde susteynenl i^i 

For of here kynde tbei come ' confesaoura and ofi 

[maityrea,] 204 lu 

Patriarkes and propbetes ' popes and maidenes. 
For god seitb hit bym-eelf * ' abol neneie good appel 
jMtw no sotel science ' on sour stock growe;' 
And hit ya no more to mene ' bote men Jiat bath by- 

getyn 208 

Out of matrimonie nat moillere ' mowe nat bane ^ 


19*. S Bmitt. Ther-of\ ^er-tra E. 
[Aa IMFEO] P im. rjifigd] rySedo 
P. ryfied — deyedel robbtid and 
mSed ■ or he on roode dayad I, 

196. AfUr tmt] Afterward M. he 
In] he lefla H ; lees ha E. Jlfter— 
Igfi And I e; >e al hia lif (tic) I. 
Juns] loDge t (tin) 8. 

197. deuU'] nat dowte I. ne]>ar] 
ne none MSF ; ue no IQ. 

199. tiUiea'] tylye ISFQ ; telije 
H. erthe'] eerthe P. 

200. Itfym] lef MB; lens EQ; I 
OM. AU] him I. 

201. faob] ddante I ; no lac P. 

203. A(] And (I) S. thete} theeM 
P ; wise H. 

2(M. thei'] t'cr E. eej^fettotirt] |ie 
coofeaeouis M j bo>« Doateuoun 
I. Inartyrei UIFBG] roaistiea 
(Krengly) PE, 

206. naideyut HI] maidoneg 

KM. kit'] 13 om. 

207. m] OQ a H ; ia a S. 

Aftar I. 207, 8 addt—Vo^r a.a a 
bytHr brom * wex brouae beryuB. 

20S. \if] M8EFGI on. iMhl bef> 
E8F; ben HI, 

S09. moiUere] muleri^e H. 



That leella Ic^time * by lawe may clejrae. 

And ^t my Mwe be eoth ' ]k sauter bere)) witnease, 

pLifl.u Taif.). Coaeepii in dolore, 4" peperit imquitatem. 

Caym y& cnned cieatnra * conceyued was in synae, 

tcw^ahsn* After ^t adun and ene ' badden ysyoged ; 213 

«»ni«dii ita. Witb-outo Tepentannce - of bere recbeleenesse^ 

A rybttod ^i engendrede ' and a gome vmy^htfaL 
As an bewe ]iat ere]) not ' auntre)) hym to 80we 216 
On a leye-lond ' a-jens bos loidea wille, 
8o waa caym conceyued ' and eo been cnreed viecches, 
That lycaine ban a-jen ^ lawe ■ ^at oiire lord ordeynede. 

(A US) Alle ^at come of caym - caytyucs were eueie, 230 

And for J>e ^nne of caymes sed ■ aeyde god to iioe, 

o^tlt. Penitet me fecigm homivem ; 

Oat ladi Kiah And bad shape hym a scbip ■ of sbides and of botdes, 
'Tby-eeloe and ^y eoaee Jiree - and dttben jotue 

, wyuea, 
Buake ysw to )iat bot * [and] a-byde)i ^er-ynne 321 

fcr lb* Hood Xyl fourty dayea be fulfilled * and [Jte] flod haue wasshe 

Ckis'i iwL Clene away ^e cuisede blod * that of cayme ys spronge. 

AU*vu* Beates ^t now bee)i ' banne shulle)) ^ tyme 

mau aia for That euere Jnt cuised cayme ' cam on this erthe ; 22Et 
Alle shullen deye for bus dedes ' by doles and bnlles. 
And )« foules )iat flen ' forth with otheie bestea, 

HTiirfHobUBd Except onlicbe • of eche kynde a peyre, 

That in py abynglede scbip ' with the shol be saued.' 

210. Uelis'] ^ leel F. U 
l^timi F ; legityme men 1 
by ti8 I. om. 

211. le\ iB I. berey\ beiv S. 224. Btitke\ BuBlce|> 5UF. \tu>d 
SIS. ytynged] ;-sytmed IMFE ; IMF] PESO mn. . 

I-iyaeiryd S. 225. {^e H] PEIFSQ on. iBeulu\ 

214. reeheUtncue] reobilesanesse P, i-wasBche MFG ; ywrasche (jfc) I, 

215. o»d3 M om. I imif latt half 226. y»] 1 ™. 

tfftht Uit^. 227. innnetAWb)>]aohaIbuiDeIO. 

216. kave 10] hywe P; hyns 230. ;«cji] Syeth 1 ; flee^ F ; fleoD S. 
IHFEa iiuntre)f'\ & auntnj)> 8 ; & 231. echr] ech a I. 

awoCereth F. 232. )>y] M am. tekip UFE] 

217. a] an old S ; a lewed F. echippe I ; shup P. with — ta*ei\ 
- 222. tkapt] Bbappe P ; ga »tita:pea ooh^ be Witt ^ j-woed L 



Here abonjte ^ bam ■ h*a belaiies goltes, 233 

And alle for hare for-fadiee ■ ferden fe worse. 
The godspel ja her-ngeyn ■ as gomes may reden, 

FHiua non portabil iniquiiatem pair'it, \necpaier eu*. niiit*. 
in I'quiiate/n ^'y -] 
Holy init wittneasej) ' ^t foi no wickede dede 236 
That the eire hym-self do)i ' hj hns ovene wil. 
The sons for [pe] ayres synno • sholde nat he Je werse. 
Weat-mynater lave, ich wot wel * worche^ ^e c^ontrarie ; t WotmiHtv 
For Jtauh Jie fadet be a fraukelayne ' and for a felon be aMtr^.forU 

hanged, 240 umhonMiw 

The heritage ^t fe air aholde hane ' ys at )ie kyngee '*'™*^ ^^ 

Ac Jie godspel ya a glose Jiere ■ hudynge ^ greythe ■* 

trenthe ; 
For god seide ensample ' of snolie manere iaehue, 
That kynde folwe^ kynde ■ and contrariej) neuere ; 

Nanqiiam eoUigunt de BpinU vwit : ^ alibi, >iit, ill. u, it. 
Bmia arbor bonum fnietum Jacil. 
Ac whi be worlde waa a-drent ■ holy writ telleb, 345 ti>»ii<«««»im 
Was for manages of roan-kynde ' ^at men maden ^at —^ mwitod 

After ]iat caym fe cursede ' hadde culled abel, 
Seth, Adamee eone - eitthen was engendred. 248 

And god sente to seth - ao sone he was of age, B !*• 

238. aiotiite Q] abongbto I; 241. air] he[r I; «lre E; eir M; 

abooit EF ; boiute S ; boute H ; «u- Bone S; ejTQ; beim F. 
ttridm abonte P. Am] t« IHPQ. 242. giidtpel—a] grapelet U. kui. 

284. fur-fa^ti] form-fadres MF8, yV'l '"'^ hidefr L gre}[t}ie'\ grata 

286. portabit IMFSEQ] Importa- MfiO; graye (I) S. 
bit P. [nte—filij'] in M oxly. 243. mdde'] usj B. iuhve] TBOhne 

286. ^] 8 f>n>. B ; Issue IF ; luu M ; tbsu 8. 

237, 238. 1 AdJ— hit )« sire by 244. ooUvftK] oolllBit quia ] 

ow. tfnne] gilt F j gult 8. 246. Wat] Hit V 

239. Wett-myiuter'] Ae West- kynde] makyng I 

meniter I. 248. nttkeii] Mth {rtpeatet) I ; 

34a a (I)] B ma. a(2)]MSF0t». Be)>)>e M. fn^eadrxf] engendrede P; 

iiangfi] anhangnt I ; {-haognl U. endaogered (I) H. 


with Uun tea 


That — for no kyne catel ■ ne no kyne byheate 
SuBren bus seed seedea * with caymes seed has broker. 
And for pat setb Buffrede bit ' god aeide, 'me for- 
J.ynke> 252 

That ich man made * ofore matrimonye euffiede ; 
B i«o For good aholde weddeu good ' ^anh ^i no good hadde, 

Js. itT. a. For ioh am uia ^ ueritae • and may anaunce hem allc' 

Ac fewe foike [now] folwe^ this ' for thei jeae]i hero 
children . 256 

vm-t-iAjt. For couetise of catel ■ and connynge chapmen ; 
mMjPiitrj Q^ ^^ ^^ ^j kyniodena ■ a-counte(i men bote lyteL 
t No rtch mu Jjauh hue be louelicbe to loken on ■ and lofeom a beddo, 
pnuy gtri, If A mayde wel ymanered ■ of good men [yjsprongo, 260 
Bote hue haue eny oper good ' haue hure wol no ryche. 
tbntiwwni Ac let hure be vnlouelicbe ■ Tnlofaom a bedde, 
oiHiirrMi, A bastarde, a bounde <m ' a begeneldes doubter, 

That no curteaye can • bote let hure be knowe 264 
For ryche optr wel yrented ■ Jiauh hue reuely for elJe, 
ITier nya squier ne knyght • in contreye a-boute, 
Tiiat he nel bowe to ^at bonde ' to bede hure an hose- 
bond e, 
twdwiihnnt And wedden hure for hure welthe ■ and wisshen on pa 
morvre 268 

260. That] mperjltnita, hut in all ymuiGrede P ; ynorisobed E. of] 
MSS. (M] Da tor H. and of I. yiprongs EIMFSUJ 

261. Ssffren — leedeii] Suffre noiit spronge P. 

^1 seed schcden H. hiu (2)] ))i H. 961. eai/'] I om. hure irtil] vol 

252. /or— lefAJ Beth for he 1, hire I ; wole hure MF ; nel bare Q. 

263. man"} man on mooldo F. 262. hure'] hem I. a] in M. 

264. Bfl] mwoHtten ne P. 263. fe«5nie] bonde MF, fla] «i 
25S. and} 1 M. hem} I on. alta MS ; oon F ; E om. o] o^cr a 
26fi. Ae} For M, [nixB BUIFS] E itiriee). hegeneldct'] begenyldca 

P om. turn /altceii'] folwen now I. ES ; begenelea M ; begeiiildu* F. 

2B7. calei} hor? catel F. axd] to 264. caa} ne can I. bnave} 

F. chapmen IMFES] chapman P. i-knoireD M. 

268. a-fevKteti] coaDtet' IG). 265. reel yrented] rented wel I. 

269. hue} Bohe H ; jhe I ; lo E ; reuely} Tym\ E ; ryuele MFSG ; be 
beo FG ; miimrinen he F; but tee 1. reueled I. 

261. Icveliche—a} loaeBum to loke 267. nel} ne wile IM. fwfj Jie S. 
on ■ and alwi in M. to (2)] and U. ttaieboH^e} house. 

260. vel} and wel L ymanereiT] bond IS; huslionde FU. 


r^aa. zi.] ihb obzat evil or unequal HARfiuass. 193 

That hua wjf were vex ' o})«r a wUel-ful of nobles. tnnwd iiu wu 

In gelesie ioye-leaa * and langlynge a bedde 

[))ei Ifue here lif vnlonely til deth hem departe.] 

Ueiiy peire aitthe the peetilence-tyme ' han plight Aisa 

trenthe to lonye, 272 JlSi^SlkwI 

Ac ^ lyen pally] ■ hara nofcr loae^ opere. 
The frat ^t ^ bryngen forth oren meny fonle 

Thei hon no children bote chaste * and choppes hem ud fam » 

by-twyiie, uiift. 

Thaah )rei dou ham to donamowa ' bote ^ deuel hem nomfa iiw<r r> 

helpe 276 ibarHnrMch 

To folwan for Jie flicche ■ feocheji |iei hit neuere ; 
Bote pti bothe be for-awora ' that bacon thei tyne. 
For-thi ich connaeile alle crystine ■ coueite neuere be "" "* ■"» <" 

wedded miwij. 

For conetise of catel * in no kynne wyse ; 280 

Bote maydenea and maydenes ' marie)) jow to-gederee ; 
And wydewera and wydawea • wedde)) ayjwr ojiore, 
And loke ^t loua be more Ja cauae ■ fan lond ojwr MJ*! 

And eaerech monere aeculer man ' bat may nat con- i»i«i»««rt» 

mBJTT Uua buTB. 

tynoe, 284 

Widiche go wedda * and war Jie fro fat synne 

MB. mUeC] M PB ; walet IMF ; 279. Fvr-thq For-whl M. eryrtiw] 

watel iait. ta walet) ; aatm B. goode O. eoveite} ooueile^ M ; ooue]'- 

270. ioye-lMt] iewellat (wrao^Iy) tede (fie) I. ie] U> be It. 

H. a] in M. 280. 6 eniti. Jiir] For no I. <m 

271. I» F enl]/. tgnne'] non skynnea (tw) E, 

278. J/0ny]. MoDy a T. the] >Ii 281. maydeiui (2)] maydonei PB. 

IQ j M7 on. peaiUnet-tj/me] p«sti- mane^ HFS] mure I ; niffprUtM 

lanoea IG. mnrien PQ. 

ITS. iUUy SMQ] lely I ; leellj F ; 282. Kj/denert—wydeicei] widewM 

•Dthlichs PB. here] Deu^r E; MS and widevera I. ajr^iar] wan aj)i«r I. 
0M. ao)wr] De;|»r B; non IQ. 283. Into] loke). US. WoAIm] 

ilw> tu)ier\ for dood of hem F. nooblM P. 
IpMfi] like|> m. 281. notm-B] Q ma. emlyow] 

274. y™t] fruyt lUFOS. forth] £ ooDtejna MS. 
Ml. aire%-] ben ES. 286. ;a] to M. wrdde] wedda a 

27B. IXei Ann] Hmn }>ey L wif E. tcar^/m'] woroho for M. 

ns. th»H M DO U iwrtnflf). tat] Q vm. 



That lecherye is, a lykynge Jryng * and Ijm-jerde of 

And vial faw ut jong and jep - and fy ircipne kene, 
Aineke fe }>erwith on wyuTnge * ibr godee wark ich 
holde hit : 288 

Dum git tiir/ortu ' ne da tua robora aeortig, 
SeriUtvr inportig ■ meretrix eif ianua mortu. 
i& ftat han wyues, be^ woi * woiche^ nat out of tyme, 
Ab adam dada and eue ' ae ich whil er tolde. 292 

For eholde no bed-horde he ■ hole yf f ei hofe were 
Clone of lyf and loue in eaule ' and in leel wedlok. 
For ])at deme dede ' do no man Bholde 296 

Bote wedded men with here wynea ■ as holy writ telle^ ; 
Bonum eet ut unueipiigque uxorem worn habeat, 
propter fornieacionem. 
That o^ere-gates been gete ' for j^elynges aren holde. 
And fida foike and foundlynges - faitoura and lyeis, 
Vngracionse to gete good ■ o^eie good loue of pnple, 
A-waytynge and wastynge ' al ^at thei cacche mowe ; 
Mi^ A-jans dowel thai don vnele ' and ]ie deuel Bemen, 301 

And after here de]>-daye ■ dweiien shulle in helle, 
Bote God gyne [hem] grace ■ her goyuge to amende. 
Una, no-mn And Jua jb doyfel^jjx fissd-l t^ il" ■t" l«wfl ^JM-Tia[i 
Dc>-tiM,titi«aaii To lonye and to lowe Jie ' and no lyf to greue. 305 
tauvou. Ac to lonye and to lene * leyf me, fiat ia dohet ; 

Ac to jeue and to jeme ■ ho^ jonge and olde, 

266. Tliaf] For EQ. and] & a Q. pujrU] )>e peple HF3. 

287. art'] art PEO. 300. A-maytynge—vaitynge} A- 

2SS. Atrnit] Wnk 6. heidg hit] injtea and waHteo IQ. eaeelu'] gete F. 

hit holde MF. 801. thei] Q an. 

291. J«]Ai>djeL H^BSQjbe S03. [hem mFQ] hjm R ; PS am. 
F ; ben P. trar] i-wu H. (voroAeJ)] her] here ' such F. to] hera to L 
aod •rorche)) I. 301. de IHFSEQ] ninrrinM day 

292. er] ere ww L P. lu] u >e F. 

S93. bordf] Boiude IMF. SOfi. Zomw] lone I imronffly^ 

291. lone in] in ]ou« of I. SOS. Ae] B ost. Uiu] loue or Ion* 

2»S. ilteldt] ne Bchoolde F. I. legf] lef U ; leaf BQ ; leue IB ; 

907. gatet] gate U. far] Q »n. leeue F. 
«rm AoIAt} ben rholde E. 307. Ar] And 8. to (S)] S m, 

K)9. good (2)] gete 1 1 M (m. obb] holde P. 



Helen and helpen • ia dobest of all, 308 

For ]h more a man may do * by so ^at he do hit, t tiw more s 

Tbe more is be worth and worthi ' of wyse and goode nan w«tiiy bt 
ypreised." gj^, to.v*..»*t. 

Hie expticii passus primus de doiuel. 

808. B»lmt\ To helen Iiam F. de- wto(> i: worji (no) S. geade'] of god I. 

tiMt] baat B. COLOFHOH. lU emit. Hie'] FSB 

309. Far] Fore P. Ay] M em. em. Q ibu— Explicit Pasaos PrimuB 

SIO. {( A4] he is IB ; fg a. de vialone WiUglmi de dowel. 

wertk — KorllH] worth; and worth I ; 



niBi«a rpn 


Itwfpit patau tecandua [de dowdj. 

IHenne hadde wit a wif ■ was hote dame stodie, 
That fill lend lokede ' and Ijf-h oly aeinede^ 
Hue vna wouderliche wrqtii ' fa.i wit bo me tauhte. 
wio (Urnir Hid Al Btaijuge dame atudie • stomeliclio eeide, 4 

"TiiooutiriM "Wei art fow wya," qua]) hue to Wit ■ "auche wia- 
dome [to] ahewe 
To eny fol other flatorere ■ o^ to frentik puple;" 
And seide, " noUte mittere, je men ' margerie-perlee 
A-monge hogges ^t bauen ■ hawea at wille ; 8 

Thei don bote dreuele jieron * diaf were hem leueie 
Jpan al {le precionse peireye ' ^at eny prince welde). 
Ich B^ge hit by suche," quafi stndie ' " fiat shewen by 

here werkua, 
[)}ei] loue^ lond and lordshup ' and lykyng of body 
more 13 

Gut Dot p«uli 
tMEort tvist 

Obs. Tk» readingt narlied K are 
from MS. Digby 171. 

Tttlk. laolpitpMetuwonodaePB; 
Inoipit BBoundiia F ; H adit — da do- 
wel ; 8 a4dt — de eoden ; I hat — 
PauuB primus dc viBioae Dowel, IM. 

1. kita\ i-hole H. not hote] men 
oallid here F. 

S. SmI Bofae IM ; Heo FE. 
twnitrlichel wonder M. to me] me 


t. Harynje IE8] ttarjmgHF ; star* 
yenge P. tternstieht IE6M] stume- 
liobe PF. teidt'] iche «eide H. 

G. io Iftt] 8F mn. Kitdame] wii- 

domes EPS. [to IHFSEOE] P Mt. 

6. other} or to L 

7. Biin«r«] mittere in viam I. ^e 
mfw] tenmen li, E (nrmtglj/). 

8. hogget] swja M. Aaicw] hawen 
a af] at heore M. at triUcr] I- 

9. drtMle I] dreael E ; ( 
E ; drrnele F ; drauele H { dreaely 
8 ; dreuelyn P, 

11. hit] H Dm. wtvdu] witte I 
(_ivroiiffly). nn-Jht*] werk L 

12. [p«i M] That PKIFSK ; ef. B- 
text leuep} lonen but H. iodg 
mert'] heora bodl M, 

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Than holyneese oper hendeuease ' oper al ^t eeintea B144 

"Wyadom and Wit now ■ U nat worth a carae a i«s 

Bote hit be carded with conetyee ■ aa clojiers kemben bmukc now-*- 

woUa. ■ ■ 15 S?«i°i"'"' 

Ho ^at can contieeae and caeto ■ to deceyue fe puple, ^!I^S^ 
And lette with a loueday ' treuthe, and by-gyle hym, 
That can coa^te and caste thus - aren cleped in-to 

Out tapiuni nugas ■ ^ crimina lege uoeantur, 

Qui rede eapiunt ■ lex iubet ire foras.. SO 

He ia leuerenced and robed ■ (lat can robbe fe peuple t f»iii imjan 

poTV fallaa and false questcs * and Jjorw fykel speche. ntinDsd. 

lob Jm gentil and wys ' in bus gestea wytneseej) 

What shal worthe of suche * whenne ]iei lyf leten ; 24 

Dueunt in bonis dies euoi, ^ in fine deecendunt tJotuLu. 
ad in/errmm. 
The sauter eeith fe same - of alle snche tyche ; 

Ibuni in progenies pafrum luOTum, ^ utque in t p>. kIiIU. m 

elemum turn uidebunt lumen : 
m cUibi : Eece ipsi peceatarea, ^ cet. Pi. mu. ii 

' Lo ! ' holy lettmre seith - ' whiche lordea been theae 
shrewes I 26 

Tho ])at [god] moat good gyve^ ' most giene ryght and 
treuthe : ' 

11. enrie] onate H ; kene F. gucttei] enqueriM U. fylut] blae S 

IS. tanben] H em. fnilb] here (tervngly'). 

wolle L 23. and ir|i>] I em. hiu] a M. 

IS. Oi] He M. )>af} to 8. and] geitei] geatc EMSK ; geeat F. 

a F. pvpW] rightftil I, 8 irmUt/ran 2*. wA^nn*] wenns P, lyf] fie 

to deoejue to thus in 1. 18. I^jf U. fine] puucto S. deteendKnt] 

IT. Aym] IK om. F ibu— & letta deecendent W. mf] in KMF. 1«- 

traw|iB irith louedaiea ' & begile )ie /ffrnuin} infema 8. 

leel trewe. 2S. progenia* BIF] pnigenie PH 

IS. an^U HGEQ] coueyty F ; SK. vidtbunt] uideblt H. 

■ft in IS; F Aot coMJeoU^ nAu'A, Adir- 2S. holy — MJf A] Bai|) bolj letterars 

evr, lack* npport. a%d] an P, I. mhieht] wiche P; Bwtotie H. 

urM] ben EMS. eUpei\ i.oaUed H g fA«M HSFK] theei F ; )>iH I ; )>te B. 

called F. 27. [>iiiiIMF8EO]PBo)». n^)>] 

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1C8 saW'A-axTfi, men boopt at tbb tbchtt. [pus. zil 

Pi. L « ^Bif.). Que per/eeitti, detlruxtnait ; \ituhu astaa q^id 

ubiMomMiiad And harloUa for [hue] htriotrie ' ann holpea er nedj 
poare ; 28 

And ^t is DO lyght ne reson ' for ra^r men eliolde 
Help hem ^t bath nooht ' ^«n yo yaX hui no neede. 
Tt>cb« aTtioii Ac he ^t ha^ holj writ ' «;« in has monthe, 31 

uiuc isnd. And can t«Ue of treuthe ' uid of |>e tweloe aposteli, 
B i*» O^r of ^ passion of crist - o^ of puigatorie pejnM, 

Lytel is he a-Iowed ^eie-fore * amoi^ loidee [at] fwtea. 
A ■*« Kowe is ^ manere atte mete ' when mynaballeB brai 

J^jJ^*** The lowede a-}ens fe lered ■ ^ holy lore to diapate, 
And telten of ^ trinite ' how two elowe ^ ^ridde, 
And brynge forth ballede tesonea - And taken bernaide 

to witaesse. 
And putte^ for^ presompcions * to preonen ^ sothe. 
■ 14« Thua thei dreuelen att« deyes ' ^ deyta to kaowe, 40 

u^ddi,ud And gnawcn god with gorge - when here guttea fnllea. 
biitii»'>Md/ Ac ^ earful mid crie ' and quaken atte jate, 
bonturimi*. Bo^ a-fjngied and arfiust ' and for de&ote apille, 

Ys non so hende to bane hym ya ' bote bote hym go 
Jier god is ! 44 

Tbenne aeme^ hit to my syght ' to soche as so bidde^, 
God is nat in ^at hom ' ne hna help neither ! 

[iKriw— /ffcit 8] IubCub, Su:, H ; 37. Iim] tweyne H. 

iustuB autem, las. ¥; iustitiam P 38. ialUde rao»a\ %\m.\ieA T<xoa» 

(jemitglg) ; I out. K. imd] IK pb. witnate] wltt- 

28. And] I em. [kttre S] hera nesae P. 

lEG; hears M; her F; FE em. 40. aKe] at )« MF ; at >e (wrvivly) 

ureal ^ dm. *r] or FSE. nedy I^atS. ibyn] dee H. ^^] diete 

IMFdEK] nndy P. P ; detta (I) 13, 

30. \em] him lUFBE. )»] hem 11. irt«ii] while ^l H; whu ^i 
S ; bim U. F. here guttet] )« wombe F. 

31, oyr] at it were F. 48. a-/gngred] to PFK ; ^tjagejA 
■13. prynei) ^ pe;nes L B ; a-ffngered E ; of-hongret M ; an- 
Bi. dfun-irJ] loaed E ; loaedorleet hungred L a-fiirtt\ lo P^E. ; «-finit 

I. ^fr«/an;] herlore L [if lUFO] F ; afunte K ; a-)>nute I ; a-)>T«8t tf. 

ate a ; of PE ; E om. 44. y*] I om. Aato] bidde U. 

3fi. atte E] ats F ; at te IM ; at M^te Ayn] S om. 

BE; atte t« F. 4S. to (2)] hi M. m] |Nrt 18. 



Lytel loue^ he ^at lorde * that lento hym [al] ^t bliam, 
Tliat BO partej) with pe ponre ' a parcel, when&e hym 
uede^. IS 

Ne 'weie metcy ia mene laeii * more ^aii in lyght ryche, WhibcIU 
Meny time mendynane * myghte gou a-Qngied ; run, — -y 

And fto with |>e santer ■ ich sauh hit in memento, "" ' "" 

Eece attdiuimia earn (.i. MrUaiem) in eJfTaia; PLcxntt 

. ., CTnUJ. 

muaumtu earn tn tximptt silue. 
Clerkns and knyghtes ' carpen of god ofte, 62 

And haueb hym muche in hare mouthe * ac mene men a iss 

. , ' ' CtarkltaT, 

m heite. CMtt in ui 

Fierea and fEiitouTS * ban fonnde Tp Bucbe qneationes um m uh 
To plese with pioute men ' aitthe fo pestilences, 
[And preching at seint ponies ' in poM enuye of 

That folk is nonht ferm in fe feith * ne &ee of here 

goodes, 07 

Ne sory for here synnes ; • bo ia pruyde en-hansed ■ '*' 

In religion and al ^e leame ' among ryche and ponre, owwd dim 
That preyeres ban no power ' these pestilencea to lette. ponr. 
For god is def now a dayes ' and deyne^ nouht o 

hnyie, 61 

And good men foi onre gulten ' he al to^iynt to de{)e ; 

t7. [oIIUFSKEa] P«M. peitihneM] peetoleuoM F ; pestUanoe 

4B. oiosfM] wnme P. Aym] ban Ume H; ^.1. 60. 

L wHi^ DIFSE] nodefi P; Deode|> 56. Freml; aitoinKQa; iiuerttd 

K. to F a/fn- L (7; PBH mmtt. And 

49. ryrht] H im. prtehing'] So («1 pr«jhe P. in FBQ] 

50. tieu] tfmes L amuIynaHf] miferiiten and IK. 
mendTDaati I ; mendjnaniitiM F ; 67. nevhi] B om. ftrwi] la-ferme 
mendenaonttu 8, a-fyngrei] of- (t) E. ^J E mm, 
bongred M ; anhnogred t ; wa L IS. ----- 

CI. iqkA] sayh I ; lal HS i «aw F. 

*. earitatmiil F8 <m. fa 1 

52. fod«/re]goodb<»teel(tm>«;iy). 69. a«i] in U. oT] b al IE. 

es. hym] IK m. od] and H. 60. tkeit] theea P; Hon. ptitU 

mtK in] in her« I. hneti] pestelanoea P. lette] bete K. 

M. rp] F om. giiettienet] de- 61. tumht] BE on. Hvyra] bora 

WBUDdMf F. IKE ; here MF. 

66.j»^(*]protB;pTOudeMIBE! 62. TnUoi] giltF. A*]M*at. ^>« 

^ prowda F. H] ><• li MPS M>. IHF8EE] dy^e F. 

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And jot )iese wreochee of fya woilde ' is non ;-vai by 


Ne foT diede of «n; dej> ' 'with-diawep lieiu fro prajde, 

Um iiA ghuitx. Ife parte]) with )« ponre * aa para chaiyte wolde, 65 

Bote in gayeaesae and in glotenye ' foi-^otten here 


And brekef uat bore bred to f e ponre ■ aa )« book 


iHiih iittL T. [Frange emrienti panem tttum ; et egaiot vagos- 

que indue in domum tuam^ 

Tbamimonui Ac be more he hath, and wynneb - be world at hoa 

iw,a>.iwb. ' ' ' 

iit«. wylle, oo 

Aod loide^ in leedes ' the lasae good he dele^. 

Toble tauhte nat bo ' take]) hede, je ryche. 

How he tolde iu a tyme * and tanbte bus sone dole : 
lutti*-*. Si tibi sit copia, abundanter iribue: si autem 

exiguum, illud impertiri libenter atude. 

And ^Ib is no more to mene ' bote ' ho so muche good 
weldeji, 72 

Be Urge Jierof while hit last * to laedes ^t been needy. 

Yf )>ow haue lytel, leue aone ' loks by )iy lyue 

Get ])e loae ^-with ■ ^auh Jmu fare ^e werse.' 75 

t But now, BOD* j^c lost no lord ne lewed man ' of suche lore non to bun, 

Mki* TgUCl 

uodhL Bote lytben how ^ey myghte leme ' lest good to speue. 

And so lyuen lordes now * and leten bit a dowel ; 

6S. Yeu HFE] feei Pi )>U ISE. meDenomoTelFSK. h>t«— K>]whoL 

y-fsar IK] 1-war H ; avar F ; war E3 ; 73. Itut MFBE] laste F ; Ia8te> L 

mimrUtan whar F ; rf. B-tex(. Ueda] hem E ; men K. 

84. A«n] him I. 71. Uve] appitrentlg wiitieritttit 

68. in (2)] IMF8E dm. for-glot- lous P. 

fm] for-glatten F8 ; for-gl«(«n E. 7G. )>«] Mom. ^-nith'] |)er-«!)t 

67. naf here] no F. heteY] telle^ here H. fare — rvtjb] )>e werw Tani 

E, [Frange—tiiam.} from B ; net lUFSE. 

in P. Bt—tnam] IMSEO om. in— TS. ne] now ae L Intei] lettred 

tvam] f em. J; leered FK. man] men I. mm] I 

6S. hath — fsjiRfMji] wynne^ and urn. tajHnn. Aure] hu^ S ; hera 

faa|>L an^lorS. IMF. 

89. lardey] lord i« U. 77. lythen] leten U. Uit goMT] 

71. 4#b] to dele 8, ttude] B am. best her« goode E. itpM«] spende H, 

TS. ^] MFSK on. (u— wm] to TS. W lyMM] |:at lone)- loue^ («ie) L 

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For is no irit worth now ' bote tiit qf wjnnynge eoune, 
[And capped wifi dergie ' to conspire wrange.] 80 x ■' 

Fop-tJii," quaji hue to wit, "be wu -holy writ to'shewe twbmtof» 
AmongeB hem ^t bases * hawea atte wille, half thinga to 

The whiche ia a lyky&ge and a loet ' and lone erf po 

And whanne wit was y-war ' what stodie menede, 84 [jl !••) 
Ich myghte gete no greyn ' of wittes greto wittoa, ^it, hnrimi 

Bote al lauhwynge he loutede ■ and lolced Tp-on atudie, 5Swi " ^l^to 
Semynge {tat ich sholde - by-secben hure of grace. i«»«ii i»i. 

When ich was war of hus wille * to )>at womman ich a ist 


i BtDdji, ud uind 

And seide, "mercy, ma dame ■ jonre man e 

As longe as ich lyue ' bothe late and rathe, 
And for to worche joura wil ' the while my lyf dure^, 
With }>at ;e kenne me kyndeliche ' to knowe what ia 

dowel" 92 

" For thi meeknease," qoa)) hue * " and for thi mylde sh* add mm 

speche, nnul bh to 

Ich shal )ie kenne to clergie * my cosyn, ^t knowetb me), 

7D. U] Bja M. wtt] wjimyiig H poud. 

(icroitgly'i. bate] but if L Riurw] 83, nhicha\ iriehs F. anil a] in 

oome I i oaaae E. M ; and 8FK, Itat HFBK] louat P. 

80. I* I iHdg. 84. And] An P. oAohm] wurne 

81. Jbr-tAt] For-whi EH ; pare- F ; whan fiat H. tnu] i« E. y-mar 
fore I. ,qM»y — frit] witter quojitohe I. IE] l-«ac U; a-war F; war ES| 

82. Akwm] hawen 8. atte] at wbar P ; ef. 1. 63. 

heoTB HF ; at EE. 8S. nitUt (2)] ooDnynge I. 

82, 83. Jl»re I hm— 86, lavlaeyiiga] laweyngo I ; Uoli- 

To folea and Saterera' ^nt IreaUke ynge M ; lawhyng F; laiuyngs B; 

area of wittai, lawyngs E. Umted«\ lotede P£ ; hut 

AiidBaide,itoIit«nt<tnv 'margery- lee 1, 88. 

perlea, . 88. When] And whan 18. hv] 

^ done bat dreuely Iw-on ' liire IF. ^ nomman] hia wif B. 

draffe were hera ieuero, i«A iotttede] gan I lowten I ; gan y 

Among he^es (tie) t«t haa ■ knele 8. 

hawea at wille, 90. 8 amiti. 

tan alle )« predonsa porrya ' fn 91. Ai>d] FS om. the] SUF Pm, 

paradiBe growcth. diire\i] duyre^ P ; endureth F. 

ThtM line* an rotated from 11. 6 — 93. for\ H on. 

10 aim, lUui 8 and 9 being trant- 94. \:e ianu} krone )ra IBS. 


203 SHS commiMi hix to clkbqt ard Bcmprnsx. [pus. xil 

Alle kym konnyiiges ' and comsTngee of dowel. 

Of dobet And dobeat ' for doctor hs ia 7kiiow«, 96 

And of acriptnm pe skylful ' and 80171137069 wen 

For hue ia ^bb« to fa senen an ' and also m7 soster, 

2*J^ *" And cletegiea wedded wif • aa wya aa hym-aelue 

(Wiiita*. Ofloreendofiottemw -of Iflweandof rescn. 100 

80 vith ^t ^t dei^e can ' and coonaail of acripton 
Tho7 shalt conne and knowe * kTndelicbe dowel." 
Thenne waa ich al so faTn - aa foul of fair morwenyt^e. 
Gladder fnn gle^-maa * ^t gold ha^ to gTfte, 104 

And asked of haie pe heye way ' wher ^at dei^e 
dwelt« — 

Blsi "And tel me aom tokne," quaf ich ' "for tyme ia }ti 

ich wende." 

'•TUtwj " Aake be heye wey," qnab hne ■ "hennes to eattn- 

UiIUmt li Uiivii«il , •■ i < 

aaflkMir«i-ud- Bothe-wele-and-moche-wo ' yf Jk>w wolt lerne. 108 

And ryd forth by richesae * and leat nouht ^er-ynne ; 

pudntivBUM Yf bow coueite to be riche ■ to cler^e comat bow 

Bi»fc neuero. 

Bathe wommen and wyn ' wratthe, yre, and alewthe, 
Yf fiow [hem] Tse ofer hannte ' bane god my treathe I 
To clergie ahult fiow neuere come * ne knowe what ya 
dowel. 113 

AIM Ac yf fioaliappe,"qiiaJ hne ■ "^t ^owhitte onolergie, 

And hast Todeistondyng * what he wolde meoe, 

98. eoMifnga'] oomrrng M. 107. ftuifi Am*] I dm. 

96. ami] uid of HEFB ; of L 108. (nocA«] michel M ; mnebd F ; 

97. ^]ott«rIK. ilty!/ii:]vA\ttdt»t I <m. K/]jif)atUP. in>&]wcdl; 
H ; (IcTlbl F. trmrt'] tiywe P. wil F. 

98. ^] al |ie 8 ; H on. 109. jind] Ac H. aaiT] ao FSE ; 

99. cleregiei] olergiieB F. but H ; I rni. 

101. ^ tM>'] )«t t« F 1 )>at IE. UQ.SimiU. Tf\ ForiflK. Mueitt 

lOS. kyndelielie'] kendelichs P, HFEE] coueltett I ; ooadty F. 

103. al m] as IE. Mertemynge} 111. SetJie} But I; WiU B. mtt- 

mom I ; inorwen E ; morawe B. me%] ni'nrrU/m noTDtnott P. 

lot. flM-nan] a Kleman KS ; fie 113. M mOi. [Am FS] hit 

gleman F. PEIEO. o^vr] or ellee F. 

lOS. </] at BF8K. Acefts] dweUe)> 118. ihult fmr] achal 7 E. 

U i dnellaa L lU. A'Vff] hatte H. 



Sey to hym ^y-aelf ' ooer-eee in; bokes, 116 unuiauinai 

And oeye ich ^tte vel hna nif ' ich wrot hnie a l^ble, >u* ua puiur 

And aette huie to npience ' and io ^ uatet gloeed. iggic^oidiMib 

Logyk ich leredo htm * and al pv lawe after, 

AUe ]m mnsoDB in miuyk ' ich made hoie to kaowe. 

Plato be poeto * ich patto brm feiat to booke, 121 ituaUPiiM 

Aritrtotle and o^ere ' to argaen ich tanhte. 

Gnnunere for gnijea ' ich gttrt fuist yrryte, 

And bet hem 'with a baleyse ■ bote yl fei woldo lame. 

Of alle kyne craflea ■ ich contreenede here tooles, 126 

Of carpentrie, of keraeres ' and contreenede ft compaa, ■ ift* 

And cast out hj aqoiie ' bo^ Ijne and kuell. mu tn* w of 

Thne ^orw my lore be^ men jlered ' pauh ich loke 

Ac theologie ha]) teened me * ten score tymes, 129 sn Tbaioar bM 

The more ich mnee ^eron * the myetiloker hit seme^, nnuiif on » adr 
And ye deppere ich deayne ' the derker me ^ynke^ hit. 
Hit is no science aothliche ' bote a sothfbst by-leyne ; 
Ac for hit lerep man to lonye • ich by-leyne ]»eron |w Ttt, tor Uw inn 

bettere. 133 [t indten m lij 

For lone is a lykynge thyng - and loth for to grene ; a i»» 
Lame for to lonye - yf }»e lyke dowel, Lontonij.if 

For of dobet and of dobest * here doctor is dere lone." jco." y^' 

Tho wente iob my way - with-oute more lettynge, 137 ais*bim 
And to clergie ich kam ' as derkes me seide, ,^ c\mtj. 

116. to] I Ml. )>y-M{^] ti-atU 150. n«]For|wF. mmm] miuede 
^•mia 7, stitr'] oaeer P. wjr] malice H . wtyiHloim''] maiBtariikor U ; 
IK. myrtlokitr F. 

117. r^ttei grate FSE. f«A] for t L ISl, )>#] £ ox. iehjia Tt. ierh«r\ 
llS-MBoM. ;bM<r|gk>MdeP; daerkorP. )>yi*l«Mtt] It frntketh F. 

^-glond IM. 182. teintee^ ooaaoienoe E. w(A> 

lis. IfTMlo] lernede HI. /ojt] Bledefast M. iy-IiiyM] bj-ljraa 

1». AUe] And bUs I. to] tor to L P ; »irf *w iMst line. 

128. wrgti] to write MFS. 138. I«ra|>] lerede I ; lerne^ H. 
136, ^ kenteret\ tc kenienu S; mom] me H, ijr-bjnw] leue H; 

■nd of ooniTiig U. owd] < M. leene F. 

127. «*] mette L *y] by |« F. 136. h"] J"" M. dlMel] to dowd 

138. yf^tfi] 1-tenwd MF. i«f— ^^ j iut IHFBK Miit to ; ^. L lU. 

yZmKl} maa lerede E. d/vme} 136. ^(2)] IFUK on. 

holewe M. 187. nmte] weode S. 

129. Uimei] Utened H. 



And icb grette hjia goodliche ' and greifiliche hym told. 
How )iat wit and has wif * wissed me to hym, 140 
To [kenne] and to knowe ' kyndeliche dowel. 

tcteiTtaMB* "By ciyat," quaf clergie ■ "yf fow coueyte dowel, 

gaaudimi^ £ep ^ ton commaiindetueits ■ aad kep )>e &o synne ; 
And by-Ieyf leelly ' how godes sone o-lygbte 144 

t udtouikniB On ^6 mayde marie ' for mankynuea sake, 

DUko. And by-cam man of fat mayde * with-oute mannea 

And al ^t boly chnrche ' heie-of can ^e lere, 
By-leyf lelly ]nie-ou • and look Jk»w do {ier-afl«r. 148 

B ■»• HeiNof anstin fe olde ' made bokea and bokes ; 

booki (bnt tha Ho was bu8 autof ' and him of god taubte I 

Patriarkes and prophet«s ' apostelea and angelea 

And ]» holy triuit« - to aoetyn appeiiede, 152 

And he oua seide as he aeih - and ao ich Ly-leyne, 

tHtteHiMthut That he eeih be Bjra and be aone ■ and seynte spirit to- 

XriniV' gederes, 

And alle Jve bote on God ' and her-of mode he bohes, 
3e, busilicbe bokes ; ' ho [be)>] hua wytnesses I 156 

Jahiiir.),!*. Ego IM paire ^ pater in me [est ;'^ et qui me 

vidit, pairem meajn uidit qui in edit est. 

139. And] I on. ioh] M i 
grgi^liehe^ greiliche P. 

140. iriMFi] had wlued F. w r 
tym] him tilts H. 163. A«] y S. teih] mj I ; si U ; 

Ul. [jtMM IHFS] kowe (no) P; tfT;tKyi%; seiie B (aad i«LlM). 

kowEB; 0/*. I. 103. IM. jW] M on. fre] F on. 

143. Ei>»iifj. ery^f ] orist )>o FSE. itivuje). i^re] fkder I. tpirii] 

elergi^} clergi^ ]>(t H. eepirit IE8. 

14S. /i-o] out of M. kep—tyniu'] 1S5. made he] he made L hata] 

tate DO fo^t^«re I. >e bokee E. 

145. f/tankj/nnei] m&nkjrnde L loG. J0] Ao »F. ie—baJtei] lawt. 

146. trum] Sum. matinet kynde] Jk>] je M. [ft;|) IFKG] ben H ; btl|i S ; 
mank^nde IK ; makynde (fin) B. mitTtrritten but (for bath) P; bot E ; 

U7. forr] lemo MF. qf.i.160. [art IM] PEFSKon. m» 

lis. By-leyf — ^ere-on] Leeue it vidit] uidit me H ; yiiet me FS. 

leeljr I. leliy — ai] )i#r-OD lell; K. patrem, — vidit] nidrt & potrem me<u» 

149. Ans^n |« olde - bwe-of made S ; Tid«t Ic putrem F ; nfdif & pattern 

bakes I. U. ^i ii« — est] qui, bo. B ; FS 

160. Ma] But ho F ; Bche H ml. 
(,Kirongly'}. amf] J«t F3. 



Alle fe derkoa vader crist ■ ne couthe this asoile ; 

Bote ttus by-longef to by-leyue • alio fat lykef dowel 

For hadde nouere frek fyn vdt ■ \a faith to dispute, tiu ibhk ef 

Ife maa myghte haue no merit per-of ■ myghte hit be otvmt 

prooued; 160 

Fides turn habet meritum ubi humana raeio [pre- b. On^oni ii 
bet ea^fenmenium.] lib. u. hom. m. 

Thoe by-leyue and leaute ' and lone ia fe ))ridde, t BMtC, Lofiiir, 

That make]) men to dowel ■ dobet, and dobest" Dowtii. imhi, .^ 

[paiine] scriptuie Bcomed me ' and many ekyles ■■«« 

ehewede, (Compua mn r 

And contynannce made to clergie - to congje me, hit dudonorth* 

semede, 164 ai^STi.i 

And lakkede me in latyn * and lyght by me sette, 

And seide, "tnulH mttita tapt'unt, i aeipsot B.Dnurdi 

WtCiunt. cacnltlont hn- 

Tho wepte ich for wo ■ and wiajiede of [here] wordee, <«p.""° 
And in a wynkynge ich worth ■ and wonderliche ich Agiiniiiiptira 

mette* d»vD. 

For ich was raueshed ryghtjier;- fortune me fette, 168 
In-to p% londe of longynge ' and loue hue me brouhte, 
And in a mjroai, hihte myddelerd * hue made me to Fortnoi ude n* 

Joke, alM cbt Wortd. 

187. MutJtt} coude H ; co«d« F. congeie IK ; caoge F. iU] as it F. 
IBS. MN(]HBUFi^iuUI. Iy2«|>] 165. tne] I on. in] a IF. lyghf] 

liken to U ; 1oue)i B. lite E. 

159. kadJe] ne h»dde U. 166. ttraf^idf'] wra.>|>e ISE. [here 

160. Mjfffhfe (1)] moujUie L no] I] hoa P ; hii MKS ; t^ G ; ^ F ; 
IF put. luttie—ter-e/i merjt li»ue ef. B. xi. 8. 

^erot F. myghte (2)] monjt FK. IGT. nvrtt MS] wiirthe F; wraths 

firMRMfi] .pnonede P; prmied FK ; K;warthPI. iiHrf]anF. tfA(a)]m9 

f-prvuyd S; i-pnund H. ktrniatta 1; ESKon. nuffr EHIFSE] meM P. 

nteiti] hninanuBt M. Iprabet, J^c. 168. ravethfd'\ raueiihede P ; ruie- 

EHFS] poeaidet daium P ; E tm. sch^d S ; rauyBaohed IK ; i-rauelsahed 

161. ty-bytM — UmiW] in blleua M. fortune] for fortune I ; aa for- 
Isle (tic) I. tune F. 

162. naf] l«i F. men] EF «». 169. In.-ta] And in-to 1, fur] a M ; 
to] B on, dehet] and dobett I ; do- B otn. and lmir\ a-lone IM. hve] 
bet bo)^« F. beo FK ; wbe 1 ; he MS. 

163. [paniw UF] penne ISKG ; ITO. hihte] )iat bighle I ; hatte B. 
The PE; </. B. it. I. vi^ddelerg] rojddnler^e fit. hmi] 

164. (c(l)] OD L coHgie] conge MS ; heo P ; acbe IM ; hcIim) K ; be B. 



And sutthe seide to me * " het lajghta y>u aee wondreB, 

And knove ^t ^w coaeitest ' and come fer-to, por- 

aunter." 173 

Bi»« Tlieiuie hadds fortuno folwrnge hnxa ' two faire 

dunuii*. lumaa mBidenes, 

ConeupUMntia-camu • me calda ^ eldera maydo, 
And couetyBo-of-«yeii ' ycald was Jiat ofen. 
Audpniyde-of-paTfit-ljnyiige'piiiaewede[me]&ste, 176 
And bad me foe my contynence ' coimte cleigies lore 

(hiKupiaeentia-camig ■ comfortyde me in ^ya wyse, 
njoiutD And seida, "]iow art jong and jep ' and hast jeris 
"" ' ynowo 

For to lyue longe ' and tadyes to louye. 160 

And in ^ mJronr ^ow tn^t see * murthes ful menye. 
That lede Je wol to lykynge ■ al fy lyftyme." 
ThaHUdd The Becounde mayde seide ■ " ioh slial sewe }ii wil ; 

•rguM do iiu I Tiljtow be a lord of londe - leten ^e ich nelle, 181 
That ich ne shal folwie )>y felauebupo ' yf fortune lyke." 
" He slial fynde me hus frende " ■ quaj» fortune her- 

" That man ^at me lyke^ helpe ' mygbte nat mye- 
happe." 187 

ntRmtDnoMd Thenne was for on hibt elde ■ ^t heuy was of chere; 

171. timtit] Hnueahel; iy)i>e he 181. myjt MBBIE] may ¥; mjst 

S. iside] seide >us F. myghtg jmii] P. 

Y»<a. iDf)t F3. 182. ^] S i»>. ncl] wolde L 

ITS. kiuiea] i-knowe M. 183. *iayde teide] ealde ]>e same 

ITS. kitTe] H on. ISK ; mside aeide )>e same F. uice 

1T4. Ceiunipueentia-eantU IMFB HF] Mw S; Buwe K; tohewe I; 

KG] CamU ooDonpisoeDtia PE ; bat auwye E ; tyvie F. 

aM 1. ITS. Bw] ao alto S; men 184. 0] E oni. 0/] and haue 

lUFSE. calde] «• olw EI ; oaUad I. 

FBE ; oalledea H. moyie] F ina. lS:i. tv} 1 im. fylt] It like F. 

ITS. geald] y.oa11«d IMF ; B tm. 1S6. He IHFSEE] Hue <iy mm- 

1T6. [me IMFSK] in PE. (oA.) P. *,«■] t*r L 

ITT. tstht^ at lijte MF ; lilel K. IST. naf] pe M. h*^} to belpa 

amnto — tfg^} ooueyte olerkea teob* H8. stggAte'} mai M. 

lug L 188. ftUf] )»>t hjjte 8E. A««y] 

ITS, in — PVfw] of ^is maiwre I. muwrt/toi euy P. 
179. art] ert PEE. 



"Han," qaab elde, "mete ich vith be ' bj marie of buxom Aa*) 

, ' ' UmU»d ma, 

beuene] udbidgiub*. 

Thou sfaalt ^de foitnnB ' iaile at Jiy moate needB, 
And eoneupiKentia-eamia * clene the for-aake ! 
Byterliche abalt jKiir banne ^nne ' bo^ [dayas] and 

ayghtes 192 

Conetysfrof-eyeii ■ that euere ^ow bnre knewe, 
And pniydfrof-parfit-lyayiige * to muclie peril ^e 

"}e, reccha the neuere," qnab lecheleauess ■ stod forth "Vtmi^ha 

m laggede clojtee, bwUwbm. 

"Folire for)) ^t fortnue wol ' thou hast fulfei toddo; 
A Hum toay etonpe tyme ynowe * when be shal tjno f« ■ i«* 

corone 1 " 197 

Syie wonhope waa sibbe to hym ' as som men me tolde, 
For lecbelesnesse in bus rybaudrie * tybt Jius he eeide, 
"Go ich to belle, go icb to heiiene ' ich shal nouht fwiuUMrit* j 

[go] myn one ! 200 •■ 

Were hit al so^ ^at je eeyen ' thou scripture and dei^e, ofm 
Icb leyue neuere fat loide ne ladie ■ Jiat lyueji her on 

Sholde aitte in godes sete ' ne see god in bus blysse ; mMr ban?™* 

1S9. M«teIHFBBE]metteP. «iet« 200. 0»— i^unM] Qo y to henene 

ich] if I mete I. a/ JldiMxa] modtir go 7 to hetle SF. ga ieK] or L [ga 

mylde F. IHF8KQ] PE mn. ■(y» dim] alloDe 

190. /aUe] |is fktle I. E ; me-wlue M. 

192. SytiirUcAe'] WiAtorti U. 20i. Mf] iie». tlum'] Rim. and] 

hatine] cum E. [daj/tt Dl] a da;e and imi I. 

PE ; day E ; by day BF. nyglUu} 202. nevtre fiat] |iat no H ; fat E. 

nyite F ; be njjtui 8. ladie] ladies B. mi] in I. «rtlu] 

1»3. OmetyM} For ooueytiM B, eertbe P. 

Am#)t«] lya F. 203, littf] latte 8. la] on HFSE. 

195. reeeht IE] reobe 8 ; raohohe fedet] good H. Mts] sight L blgiM] 
V ; reoh H ; Tecohe)i PB (mrengl]/'). hoe B. impentitiia} 10 alto F ; 

196. /sr IHFE] fear P; fern B. poesiblle HISE. nynwm] regno I. 
/«!/»■] relsHTB 8. /cranmtiuTtM] IMFEcn. 8 A<u— Ita 

197. tinM] tytnea I. WiU)!] wen poseibile «at oameluta tranBin p«r 
P, )>«] hii HF. 0OTvn«] oroane UI fonuneaaciuEMtuldiuiteialtir^iiUM 
SF ; onxM E ) orone K. oeloruM ; E Aoj—FadliiM eat oame- 

199. rfbaiidria] i7baudrre 9 ; m-it- luw [)«r foTamnt aow latrare qaaM 
UTittva rybaufdrte P i riBaudia IFE ; dioiton ad regsuM oelomM. 
i^Modie B. Inu} }>aa Bum tjine J". 



t (Hut. Hi. M.) Ila imposeibUe eel diuiti intrare in regnum 

celorum, aieui eamelus foramen acut. 
For clei^e seith )>at be aeih ' in ))d aeynt enaugelie, 
Ai9«Bi«i J}at iclt man maked was ' and my name j-entred 205 
•af^ty m- ^^ t^ legende of lif * longe er iclt vex. 

Fredestinat thei precben ' precboois ^t ^ie sbewen, 
Or piecben inparfit ' ypult out of<grace, 208 

Vnwryten for som nikkedneaee ■ aa boly writ sbewetb, 
jotan iiL u. Nemo aecendU in celum nisi qui de cdo deecendit. 

[cb leyae bit wel, by oure lorde ' and no lettmie 
Boianiiui, vbo For Solomon )ie sage ' ^at sapience made, 
wuUMwiieBgr God gaf bym grace of wit ' and of good after, 212 

"^ Keuere to man so mucbe ' that man can of telle, 

To rewele alle reamea ' and rycbe to make, 
And deme wel and wialyche ■ wommen beref witnesse ; 
tiEinciiiLM. Non michi nee tibi, aed diuidatar. 

Ariitiiut uid h* Arifitotle and be - btj tauhten men bojie; 216 

am. Maistera ))at tecben men ' of godes mucbel mercy 

Witnesseu ^t here wordes ' and here werkea hope 
Weren wonder goode ' and wise in here tyme, 
A1S»B1«3 And holychurcbe, as icb huyre ' balde^ bo{)e in helle ! 
in htu t Tf we sholden worcben after bere workea * to wynnen 

Win m 10 do •• , _,, 

uht tvight, and ous neuone, iii 

impouibiUi] turn baek tn p. 207. no] Don M ; on no IE. 

\eih\ aey F ; se}^ 8 ; seyhj K ; 


d M i taith (ric) I. jfynO M an, 218. o/lfrr] auntur afttfr R. 

206. maked^ made IK ; I-maked 213. nan (1)1 erthely man F. 

F. y-entrrd KI] yentrede P ; entred won con] man coude M. 
HFSE. SU. rtmeW] m> Fl ; rewie FS; rule 

206. ieft] heM. EMK. 

207: Predeiti»at] Prodeatinal P. 216. de>ne\ denied I. Kimme»1 M 

thaiern] Bohewede S. womeiiF. JV^n, ij'c] HereXiCTimglj/ 

208. j/p«lfi pulte I ; pufU E ; i-put iiueiit the ryibrie abme (I. 20tf) — 
MFS. etif\ K om. Nemo, (to. Jft«] Neo E. 

209. ivikkednettel vnkyndeneMe M. 216. hij'] h>- E8E ; )>ei MF ; who I. 
Nfme — eelo] M om,; but rf. footnate 217. teehen mtn\ men precben L 
to I. 215. dt—deietHdii IF8] de- 318. Witneuen} Whitnesun P. 
ecendit de celo PEHE ; bat qf. B- 21S. fFue] winest I. 

leiL 2-2I}. huyre] hurs EK ; here MIF. 

210. Ich ^rywr] And I leue IE. 231. J/] And ii I. ia}toT U) F. 



That for hure verkee and witt ' wonye}i now in peyne, ;atp>uiMii. 
Then wroghte we Tuvisliclie * foi al jonre wyse tech- indad. 

Ac ich conntresegge pa nat, cleregie ' ne fj connynge, 

Bcriptnie ; 224 

That ho BO do^ by joore doctrine ' do]) wel, icli leyue. 
Ac me were leuoie, by oure Ibide ' a lippe of godea tBrutrmn* 

tncmal g( Ood'i 

grace gna uht iii th* 

Than al Jw kynde witt fat je can bofe ■ and connynge i,ookt. ** *"" 

of jouiB bokee. 
For of fele witty, in faith • litel ferly ich haue, 228 
Thanh here goat be Tngracioase ' god for to pleee. 
For meny men of fia molde ' setten more heie herte Bstmujiiiin 
In worldliche good yxa in god ' tor-fy grace hem faiUefi. uun ood. 
At here moste meschef - mercy were fe beste ; 232 
And mercy of mercy ' needes mot aryse, t ■■nr Ueuj 

As holy writ wittnesse^ ■ godee word in the godspelle ; 

Eadtmi meiuura qua merui fueritis, remedetur tiiit.»u. (. 
Byght wel ywittede men • and wel lettred clerkes, 
Selde am fd seien ' so lyne as ^i lere ; 236 

Witnease on godee wordea • |iat was neuere vntrewa : 
Super eathedram rrwyti ^ledemnt^ ^e. 

223. merieti woiL B. iritf] heore 133. AhJ:] But S. wot] moete M. 

wit U. 234. ffodet mard] god H ; holt 

223. we] i I ; 7 E. )m«r«] ours M. writ F. (A«] I om. Eaden, ^a.] tn- 

284. waittTetegge] oontreaynggB B. ierted in M after 1. 228. /veritU} 

maf] )>at (I) E. >y] te M. fueritiB ailji S. h<?»u] Jc vobis F. 

S26. ifer(i (2)] he do)! MF, 235. Jiyght] I om. lettred] y- 

226. lipye] Uppe H. lettered IK ; l-lettred MFS. 

227. mh] auane H. 236. Selde] Seilde F ; Seldom I ; 
2S0. of] In I; oaT. tetten mare] (ew 1. 301. am] aaii. mim] m PB ; 

more wtte L se;ii IHK ; seie F ; uyi S. n] (o IF, 

281. tporldliejte] I tm. fOT-\iy] 237. WUneue im] WitiiesK>> L 

for-whi M ; k, for-t>i F. grate hem] vordet] word MIS. t^treme] vn- 

bem grace I. triwe F. nnyti] S Mt, [tederttnt] 

233. matte EUFSE] meBle Pj mora tit F aulj/. 

I. 23B. [Jo IHFEQ8] And PE. 

^tv Google 


Tho )»t he shop ye scUp * of sMdes and of bordes. 
The Hood dt- 'Was ncuere ■wriglit Jiat ^r-on. wrouhte ■ us voikman y- 
Noth. sauad, 240 

Bote briddes iind bestes ' [and] po blessed Noe, 

And has vif with hus sones * and has sones wyues ; 

[Of] wiigbtes fat hit wroghten ■ was non ysaued, 
vij Hnir God IsToe hit fare nat so br folke ' that be fiuth techen 

Chonhpnintg ■' J r 

b* Mnh'i lA : Of holjchnicne, }nt sbolde kepe ' alle cristine saales ; 

For archa noe, nyme)i hede ' ys no more to mene 216 

Bote holycburche, herbergh ■ to alls fat ben bleesede. 
■ ISA The culffrum of this c[I]ause • curatores ys to mene. 

That ben carpenters Tnder criste ' holy [kiike] to make 

For lewede folks, godes foules ' and has free bestes ; 
n.niD.T Sominee ^ iutaejUa edtuahia, domine, ^e. 

At domes day a dyluuys worth ' of def and fuyr at 
ones ; S51 

Worchef, je vryghtes of holichurche ■ as holy writ 

liest je be lost© as fe laborers were ■ fat labored vnder 
JL is> A goode fiyday, ich fynde ■ a felon was ysaaed, 

tht aw w« That TnlawefuUiche hadde ylyued ' al bus lyf-tyme ; 
•hroi* him to And for he by -knew on fe ciois ' and to crist acbrof 
***" hym, 256 

389. pat] I 0m. ^ ichip IMFSE] ouratucrea IS ; craatotiPB (I) F. 

ihupPiMbupK. /if i2)i ISK ifm. 2i9. ira j E om. [iii-iel] ohnrche 

210. mnthf] mijurUten writ F; PEFSK; ohiro^ie M. 

but tt« 1. 248 ; WTl3t E3 ; writht M ; £G0. fouUi} lo\j^ I ; folua 8 ; 

wilt F ; I im. foolM F {icpimgly'). 

241. [and JUFBKO] f>at FE. M £61. Af^ A 8E. dylvnye] delful 

hat i» the naryitt — Contrk prflntoa. time M. /Nyr] of fujr FB ; tut 

248, [QriMP8Ka]ADdPB. noii\ IMSEQwiWot 

t>«r noD M ; nou of bem I. 262. at] to make ms S. ieeh^'] 

244. byua] leue IM6BE; leeue F. lov teoheth F. 

byl by >U I. "" '- '--'-■' 

246. nymt^ MFSKJ iieme|) P. 

247. herbergh] Is hsrbori E. nUo] 
S em. blettede] [-blessed H. 2U. A] On H. ^laveS] juoede P. 

248. elatae FSK] cause FB ; ijf. 26S. And] M mk ichro/ EHIF 
B-Uxt CHratoret] nrrittm in red t» EE] shroue P. 
UE(u«2t)tuiiRfnf); caratoun E; 



H« was eonnere yBaued ' ^an aeynt lohan fie Biiptiat, 

And er Adam oyer ysaie ' o^ eny of |ie pn^phetes. 

That hadden leye with lucyfer ■ meny longe jeros. 

A iol)ber was T-Taunsoned ' laber ban bei alle ; 260 ud •» ■ 

With-oute penaunce ojm- passion * o^er eny o]>er vatitarj. 

He passede forth padentliche ' to perpetuel blisse. 
Al-80 marie M^delene ' ho myghte do worsae who m wona 

As in lykynge of lecherye ' no lyf denyede 1 264 HifdiiK^ 

And dauid ^e douhty * Jut deuynede how vrye « D*vid, wha 

Highte BlUokeste be alayn ' and sente hym to werre 
Leelliche as by hua lok * with a lettere of gyle; 
Paul )ie apostel, ^t no pite hadde - cristone peuple to nPwir 

culle ; 268 

Xow beeb besa seintoa, as men seyen ' and Bonereynes B 1«S 

in henene, is hHran. 

Tho Jat worst wroghten ■ while fei weren here. 
By ^at ^at salamon seith * hit seme^ )iat no wyght 
Wot ho LB worthi ■ for wole ofer for wicke, 272 

Whether he is worthi to vrele ■ of er to wickede pyne : 

Sunt iiuti atque aapientea, ^ opera eomm in EMte. ii- 1. 
manu Dei eunt. 
Thus ich, rechelesnease, haue rod ' registres and bokes, 


259. fay«] ley EF j lye 8 ; i-leiie 

281. Bute] outhe P. c^r (t)] and 

262. He pauedt} PasBe)> I. f«] 

263. Al-io'] pm I. W\ lo B. 
oty^Ufl] myde ((u:) M. ilo] do no 
B ; ha do F. 

set. denyede MSIK] denojede P ; 
dmyed It F. 

266. And] Or I 

266. ililatettel slejlokest EISK ; 
djlikMt M. frcrre] worf« I. 

2G7. to*] book M ; boke« I. Znl- 
lUlie—lok] Slfltoh al witA sl;F>« »- 
Uftnv'] lyare I. 

2GS. )M(] IK inn. pitcl pieto L 

trUtene] onut«De P. eslW] kii:e 
F8 ; cnlle to depe I. 

269. JKw] And now I. ^eie M] 
|>isel; F>Ib BE; )iei F; |>eeBF. a.] 
by |>at I. and] as E. tavtrei/Het] 
aeynours M. 

270. Tha] And H> F ; I mu. 
nrhiU] wile P ; t>e irhUe (Hit I ; trhile 
)>at MF. iTKT*!) A#r«] here wera L 

271. ]^t t>at] )>at I. 

272. nrlcis] wicked J. SimUi/ron 
for (i> worthi i« n^mt lina. 

273. IJ] be F. wietede] wnlle in 
F. pyne] m PI; peyne EMFBE. 
ituti — tapi^ntei] k (apleotM iusti 
H ; tee note to I. 277. atque] et IK. 

274. AU^UtH in I, d^ien U xUL 
20. raJJy-rad&K; LreddsF. 



And fond ich neaeie, in faith ' for to telk treathe, 27S 
A 19« M That cleigie of criates mouth ' comended was euere. 
chiMniTV For crist eeide to eeintes * and to enche as he louede, 
d^^^nOi ■O"'" tteteritU aide regea et pretidea, [ndlite coffi- 

ut Muk mil. », ^jjj^ quomodo ant quid loquami'ni,] ^ cetera : 

•wTm"^ ' T****^ J^ come by-fore kynges ■ and cletkes of J» lawe, 

brooghi baKin goeji nat a-ferd of (lat folke ■ for ich shal jeue jow tonge, 
Connyi^ and clergie ' to couclud.e hem alio.' 280 

cf. Pi. otui. m Daoid make^ mencion * he apak among k^ges, 

And my ght« no kynge hym oner-come ' as in connynge 

Sothly," Beide lechelesnesse * "ich see by menye 
eaydencea, 283 

Bo Uwt wiidom That no])er wit ne wyghtneaae ■ wan ueuere fM maistrie 
wiUMHUOnitifc With-oute Jre grete gyfte of god • with bus grace and 
For he ^t most [seih] and eeide ' of fe Botbfast trinite 
Annniiw BTi Waa Anstyn ft olde * ^t euere man wiste. 

He eaide thaa in bus aarmon ' for ensample of .grete 
clerkea, 288 

(CoDAKUihtiu. Ecce ipn idioH rapiunt cdum, vbl noa sapieniea 

«.«>. ■ ■ f 

tn VRjemo mergvrauT. 

This is to mene no more ' to men |iat ben lewede, 
•wiiagierkiin ' Aien none rafere raueahed ' fro fe ryghte by-leyue 

Cominliche )ian cleikeB * most knowynge and connynge ; 
And none sonnere ysaaed * ne aaddeie in )ie by-leyue 

ST6. A%^ La F. trmthx\ of 28G. |>e] FS ok. grete} KQ tm. 

trsuthe P ; bid UFSEK tmit of. and] and big M. 

276. eomtndvd] comied M. £86. [nnA] pI M ; Bay S ; mimritttn 

£77. Dun, ^0.] S«r» H hat the *e<tb PEFKQ ; fmt tet I. \aA. 

ruhrie gtieted abgre, 1. 273. iteterUit 288, Se] KQ om. /or] la M. »•- 

FSEO] atetena FE. [nulite eagitart ptMpie] wumple F. idioti'] ;dioti 

EPS] PK om. [quomodo, ^.] in B E ; ydiol« UFS. rapivHtl npliuit 

ontp. nobis B. tapi^ntet] FS om, 

2Td. }>m] 8 <Mt. 290. raliere ravetked\ rauf ncfacd 

281. fluiie^] made M. A«]BDdM. nfur FS. ratauiai] l-raueeached U. 

282. tptcKe] of Hpecbe F. 291. OoninUehe'] Ckunenlioha S ; 

283. Mmy«] mya S ; F on, euy- Comuiiellohe HF. amd] of FS, 
ienet* HBEO] euedencw P, 202. Aitd\ Ne F, fu] F <»(, 

2S4, iu>^r'\ E urn. 



Than plouluuen uid pastoura * and ponro comuiie whiuipon 

people ; ' 293 ainiibHiii uuia 

And lewede leele laboiers ■ and land-tylynge peaple 
Fersen wiUi n paler-noifer • parades ofer lieaene, ■i«f 

Paesinge porgatorie penaimceles * for liere porfit by- ranr-noiuri 

leyne, 296 

Breuis aratio penetrat eelum. 
Solde falle)) ^e eeruant ' bo deepe in areragea Kot somnon 

Ae do)> )» leyue o^er fie conterroller - ^at lekene mot unud^hraaia 

and a-coimte 
Of al ^at ))6i hanen had ' of bym })at is here maister. 
Ac Jteae lewede laborers ■ of lytel Tuderetondynge SOO 
Selde &lleD so fouls ' and bo deepe in aynne 
Ab clerkee of holy churclie * ^t kepen stiolde and sane ^°^^ '* "f*^ 
Lewede men in good by-leyue * and lene hem at here 

'Homo proponiti" quaf [a] poete (lo ■ and plato he »!■• 

hihte, 304 OoddiipoM. 

' M (tetu dieponU,' qna^ he ' ' let god do hna wille.' 
Al ^t treuthe a-tachef) - and testifie)) for goode, 
Thanh thai folwe f»t fottnns vole ' no folie ich hit 

And eoneupiieentia-eamit ■ shal ^e nat greue 308 Tteinrtorik* 

293. pmtrt eonune] o^er pore M ; tioUonr TF; oonutsnollfln R. «• 
o^wr oomen B, eevitte^ aoompte T ; coonte FS. 

294. Fomtti. A%^TA?,Z. am. tyU 299. had TSEQ] hadd F; l-had 
yn^<] trVinge BE. HF. 

S9S. Perten\ ^\ peenen F ; PMs«n 300. )>«w UF8] |>eee F ; TK om. 

IL o|»r] afUr itic) E ; of KQ. lytel] lewde B. vnderttondynge] m- 

297. Obb. Here in tame MSB (T, durfongynga F ; Tndiratonde (rie) T. 
Ha, and Digb? IIG) the A-tezt and 302. sf] dooth of F. 

C-teit are pieced Urgetli^. See A- 308, geed\ rith M. neede] wflle T. 

text, pref. pp. iviil, zx, zxlv. ffead- 004. Homo] Je homo F. [a HTF 

i»gi front. T are hore given, to tbmv BSEO] (« P. >»3 T om. 

Atnv fft« Pumu endi. aremgei] nri- SOG. JS] Bet U. A<] be l^o F. 

ngBS E ; areragis 8 ; rerages F ; a- luit] al bia H. 

rerage M ; ararage TK ; aniragea P 306. a-taeke]^] techi^ T. 

(frut tee xiii. 6«). 307. J^til— /oI«v] pan >e folka 

298. i-«yB(rJ reue ME8TEG ; reeue (1) K. ttoU] wolde F ; T on. 

F. a^er] k. T. f>g (2)] a M ; FE ion, 808. And] No T. (bf— fr«M] 
eenterroUer'} cfiuiiteroller MB ; ooud- se shal notgrene ^T. 



iiHh will not Gretlich, ne by-gyly f e ■ bote yf fy-self wolle." 
Rin^iwiiMw " 3e, fkrewel, fyppe ! " qnath fauutelet ' and forth gan 

me diawe, 
saiTUtdMto Til concupiicentiorcamU ' a-oorded to alle my verkea. 
/^ I t"Ath«igtitpo or doirel DO of dobet ' no deynte me jHiuhte, 313 

hmjimL Clergie and hus coDsail ' ich countede ful lytel ! 

Hif explicit paeam aeeundua de dmnel. 

809, OrttlUh m] Qraithly to P. wordeg M, 

hy-S^ly] bigyle FK ; bj-gile nt najiKr SI2. ne] and M. m«] me ne T. 

((ic) S; begila T; greaen (repeated 313, CUrgie and] Of clergio 4 V ; 

/ttHn loft line) M. |t»] FS ont. nf He olergie na T. ioft eovnttde] a- 

fiy-M{r] Hi T. moUe] woldest U. countede H ; I eonuto It T. iytel] 

810. j#] Tho T. /aimf«bf] a lite H, 

fauntlet 8 ; a fauntekyn U. Colofbok. MT enU. ffie] BF8K 

^ 811. fpj tilTKQ; witftB. trsriet] im. de dmvel] FK em. 




Ittcipit jtaegue terdus \de dotoel.'l 

" A ^*^' ®^* ' " '^^^ ^^^^ ' ^^^ holyneese boft^ iPags qfB-i»xH 
XA. "J)at wit Bhol turne to wrecchedtiesBe • for owAgiMa 

welthe baf al hue wil I " 2™™^. 

Coueti86K)f-eyen ■ confortede me after, LBrt.of-u».BjM 

And aeidn, " recheleeaease * recche )« nenere I 4 

By BO )»ow riche were ■ tsue f ow no conBcience 
How ^at ^ow come to good; ' confeese ^e to aom freie, undiwitisi 
He elial a-eoile )« thus Bone ' how [eo] ^w euere wynne whu i pisHd. 

For while fortune is fy frend ' frerea wollen )>e louye, 
And fastne ^ in here fraternite ' and for )« by-secho in 
To here prionr prooincial ' has pardon to haue, 10 
And piaye for fe, pol by pol ■ yf f ow be [pecunyous ;] 

Pena pecwniaria non mifflcU, et cef." 
By wissynge of fU wenche ich dude ■ bure wordes nwuitm**.. 

were eo ewete, 12 

Til icb fot-jat jouthe ' and }om in-to elde. 

Title. Sa in K; Incipit passua on, ]m>ib (2)] T am. 

tarcliu PE ; Hio incipit terciua pBSsUB 6. pat} %o F. ^t — emie} t>ou 

de dowel U; Incipit tcrciuB de eodem comiet T. 

B; PaMUi «ecuadu» de debet (iBrony- 7. [wFTS] PEMKom, wwre — kit} 

Ig-) T. eui!?- it vynne F ; bit euere wonns U. 

1. fge} eyie U. 9. /aiine] foate T. 

2. nit} with P. Ktltie} welo 6K. 10. Tb htrel Bi-fora ).e M. 

*. teide} Beide to F (jckiah teem* 11. [yecwnyfluf EMFSKQ] pecu- 

tut ta be meant; ef. B-text). pc} nius P; pecuniosus T. Pena} Bed 

^w H. penK P. 

5. Bff} T on. (ww] >at Jiou F. 13. jorn TKJ joroe P ; ran U ; na 

ric/u mrre} were ricUo M. trere} T B ; ourne E f jam tast F. 



Thenne was fortune my foo - for al here byre by-heste, 
And pouerte pursuwede me ' and pntte me to be love, 
In mj old •(* (he And flittyngo fond ich f e jfreie ■ fat me confesaede, 16 
And seide, ' he mygbto me nat a-«oile ' bote ich sulner 
tuidntaHdiu To restitne reaonabliche ■ for al viuryglitful wynnynge.' 
" Owb I how I " qua)i ich ))0 ' and myn hefd waggede, 
iMdhtmiiaiinu *' By my laith, frere," quaf ich ' "je fare lik fe wou- 
widowi. were 20 

That wilnef pe wydewe ■ bote for to vedde here 
^ Byght Bo, by f e rode," quaf ich ■ " rouhte fe nenere 

Whor my body yburied were ■ by so je hadde my 
- ■ goodea ! " 

IM Thanne lowh leante * for ich lonrede on (« frere ; 24 

iiiniinM, ud "Wbi lourest fowl" qua)) leaute * "lene syre," ich 
^td14v- seide, 

" For this fiero flaterede me ' while he fond me liche j 

Kow ich am poure and penyles * at litel prys he set me : 

Ich wolde hit were no eynne," ich seide ' " to seye fat 

were treuthe. 28 

Its The sautet seith hit is no synna ' foi suche men as 

ben trewe 

For to seggen as thel seen * and sane onliche prestes ; 

14. Themm} k >aD FTE. noujt T. ii>t4d«} welde T. 

1 5. me] me faate P. 22. if A] j >o 8. revhte] ro;t E ; 

17. me — a-toiW] not Baoyle me S. rouiWTF; KuteB. riwiUe f>e] rout- 
5oft] but if F. est itow M. 

18. vnryghtful] voskilful 8; tor- S3. yiiirierfiFer*] werey-butied K. 
ful B. by'\ M im. jn] Jmu T, 

19. Orch toTti] Ow hoa E ; Ov how 2i. Thaane'^ And fwone IT ; po M. 
F ; How how B ; Ow ow M i Owhi 2fi. JoKrrirt] louridegt T. leue EM 
houiK;HowT. icft] 8 cm. J^n] [jo STK] leeue IF ; luue P, icA] ha MT, 
to hym T. Iir/d] hed EM; heiiitj 36- ^iilMFSETK] thees P. /o(<i-- 
TFK ; hand S. roujperfc] y-v/r^gyd S. ede] flatereji S. reAtie] )w whUe 1 ; 

20. M tinUi from le fa™ (o ioh in ^er whiles T. 

1. 22. 27. A-ow] And now IT. «(] K mpi. 

Obs. Here I htgita again, but i» let m«] me eelte^ M. 

damaged and imperfect thraugkoiit 29. K omiiM. 

thit Pftsflus. 80. fl'c] IT en. teggtn] »dje M. 

21. KUnefi] wUiie|> aat IS ; nilne)) and] Me M. 



Exi^iwtoHi iniqus quod era tut aimUia 
te, 4* tlatuam contra faeiem iaam. 
Thai wollen a-leggea nl-eo * and by }» godspel pieouen if» 
Ndlite iudicare qwmquam." nat. iii. i, 

"Wher-of serae}) lawe," qiiaji leante ■ "and no lyf 
Tndertoke 32 

Falneeae ne faiterie } * for sotn-what pe apoetel aeide, 

Non oderit Jratrent tttum »ecrste in eorde ['uo.] i*Tit lii. it. 
Thyng ^t al }e worlde wot * wheie-fore aholdest pow ]«a 

To reliercen hit by retoryk - to a-iate dedlicbe eynne T 
Ac be y}V nener ^ fiirst« - the defaate to blame ; 36 "BdMitw 
Thanh )idw see, aey nat ' som tyme, ^t is treathe. mii." 

Tbyng Jtat wolde be pryue ' pabUsahe pov hit neaere, 
Nojer for loue labbe Mt out ■ ne laclce hit for non 
Farum lauda, uitupera pareiue." 
"He seith sotli," qnab scnptuie fbol ' and slcypte an Bertptnn 

ny, and prechede, 40 

Ac )ie matere ]iat hue meeuede ' yf lewede men hit 

pe laase, as icb. leyue * lonye ^ wolde 

The by-leyue of onre lorde ' Jtat lettrede men techen. 

Of here teme and of here tales ' ich took ful good hede ; 

Hue eeide in here sannon ' eelconthe wordes : — ' 46 ^^Ju^i*!' *^ 

yalitt, ^e.] U 0^1. — tit] lone It aonit T. Aif] 8 mn. 

82. Wier-qf} And nher-oT IT ; •on] HFSTE on. 

Wei^ofP. *0. £e] A(»io)IT. Qn. ITFSKa] 

33. lltui F8T] PBUE m. PE en. 

84. njl«r»-/op«] whera-to & i when 41. Am] sob« IT; lie PUF8EK 

K. <<mH(^Iy); qf. 11. 49, 73. mwnAfe] 

Z6. tit] It at 1. a-rate'i rate F ; noeued B. xT] & T. 

relwte T. 44. <•/] FIK en. Jvq wel T ; F 

86. few n«««r] neneT-inorfl IT. em. 

the] F on. te] ioT to.F, 46. F enitt. Sue] Sohe H ; Heo 

37, tee] hit wo H j I «». tay] me K ; He PITE8 (m-enfly). kere^ 

mj T. tretaha] trnwe MPS ,- truwe K. beore H ; bia &. 

89. IfeJ^/er} Ne for no H. labbe 


218 Christ's blood batbs all hex. [pass. xiii. 

" Mvlti to a mangorie - and to ^e tnete were sompned, 

And vhan ^ peuple w&splener come * the porter vn- 

pynnede ^ gate, 

XM And plyghtt) in pattci piyiieliche ' and leet ^e remenast 

go rome." 48 

r fundnd iipoa Al for teene of here tixt ■ ttemblude mjn herte, 

(no*. And ifi a weei gan ich wese * and -with my-selue to 

Whejier ich were choae ofer nat chose; ■ on holy- 

chatche ich fmuhte, 
That vnderfong me atte foant - for on of godes chosene. 
"OhrMhuaiM " For crist clepide ona alle ' come yf we wolde, 53 

Sarrasyns and scismatikea ' and so he dude fie lewes, 
And bad hem aouken of hoa brest ' sauete for synne, 
And drynke bote for bale ' broiike hit ho ao myghte ; 
iu.tT.1. uoe omnee eittenleg, uenite ad aquae/ 

chrtatHVHiii Thenne may alle cristine [comej * and cleyme fier 
to entre 57 

By Jiat Mod ^t he boughte oua with • and baptieme, 
as he tauhte, 
ni(.«i.ia Qui eredidei-U el baptisaiwt fuerit, [saluut erii,'] 

^ eeiera, 
For thauh a cryatiiie man coneytede ■ has cryatendome 

to reneye, 
Eyghtfulliche to reneye ■ no reson hit wolde. 60 

"A rtmri mut For may no cherl a chartre make ■ ne bus cab^l aelle 

46. ii]^e9. >«] UFpm, implied} S4. teinmalilun'] mUirriUen bcU- 
yiompned E ; i-sompned M. maticyna P ; r/. B-tett. 

47. tchan] wan P. wfl»] were 8. 65. «/] al IMTF8K. tauete forlUt 
vapynnede] opeaed EH; opeynnede saue )ie f ro M. of—tj/muiy forEjiiDe' 
8; & openlde (>») T; vnpjiiQe^ I. «aue (sauf T) at hie breats IT. 

48. pavci] pauooa 8. prytielieke} G6. kii] MF out. O vom] F am. 

% <m. pn] F om. fwn*] rombe T; 67. [co™ IMTF8KG] PE mn.. 

plef e 8. {*r] for S. 

BO. AnSl Mem. to diipiae] dU- 68. ai] fiat S. [ultiu* erU MFE] 

pule EF ; d[q>utede H. hie mIum erit 8 ; PKIT om. 

61. Wkefifr'] Wefrer P. 69. aeueytede} coueite MF. to] K 

G2. vndetfoitff] vodurfeng F8K. mn. 
art*] at J« IMTF. eiciene'} ebildur F. 

B3. ftfptdej carteislj hept F. 



With-oute lene of be lorde ' no.lawo wolde hit iriaimte. i>"« ui iwd-* 
Ac he may renne in areiage * and rome liro home, (oedi; 

Ae a rechelee caitif - o^er reneyed, as hit seme)) ; 64 
Ac Teeon ehal rekene with h^m * and rebuke him atte 

And conscience a-coonte with hym * and caste lum its 

[in] axerages, 
And pntte hym ])eniie in prison ' in pur^torie to bnttu 

Kewardynge him per for hue rechelesnesse ' rygbt to Jie Z 

day of dome, 68 

Bote contricion and confession ' crye, by bus lyue, 
Kercy for hns mysdedes ' with mouthe and with heite.' 
" That is Bothe," seide scripture ■ " may no aynne lette scrfphm tmo* 
Mercy, Jiat hue nel al amende ■ yf raeekneeae here folwe ; mmj. 
Thei bo^, as our bookes telle^ ' aien aboue godes 

weikes ; 73 

Mittrieordia eius super omnia opera eiut." p*. oUt. * 

" Ye, baw for bookes 1 " qua^ on ' was broken ont of Tnju dHim 

■ belle — Ituad tma hM. 

" Ich, ti-oianus, a trewe knygbt ■ ich take witness of 
[a] pope, 75 

How ich was ded, and dampned • to dwellen in helle 
For an Tncristene creature ; ■ seynt gregorio wot Jie 

62. avte] ouhte P. («;] ))^ E. recchelesDesie remrde hTin ]iere TI. 
woUe] wole E ; vol I ; wil F. 69. Sets'] But jif T. ciyt £y] be 

65. Ao] Bnt T. arerage KMB] caceha in T. lyve] leoe a 
arrirage P (friri nw 1. 66) ; areregis T ; 71. totha\ )>e aothe PE ; imt HF3ET 
rersge T. rome] rombe T ; renne S. omit )ib ; cf. B-teit. 

M. a]&Toin. rseA^Ira] aherleB(J) 72. neO °e m>j KMF3T. amende] 
B. mende E. yf] and IT. 

66. Ae] ButT, himJFmn. arte] 78. ioM mimritten be]>e P. 

tX t>e IHFT ; at S. 74. Te] Ja T. broken} t-bnike H. 

66. [i« MirFBKQ] PE on. are- 76. treiantu'] ea PIK ; troianes M 
ragei] rengm F. T ; traianus SE. trane} trjwe P. 

67. ^ne] aftir T. t^f] at 8. [• MTFKEQ] (* S ; P 
6S. Bereardynge] Bewarde EF j an. 

And reiraTde K. ryght^ H mn. Be. 76. to] for to F j forte HL 
wariynge — rechtkneue] And for hU 



That al ^e ciistendome voder Crist ' ne mjghte 
ciacche me ^ennes, 

Bote onliche loue and leaute ' aa in my la^rea demynge ! 
"PopaOngDiT Grettore wiste bia wel ■ and wilnede to my eoule 80 
ni'-m." Saoacion, for Jra eotlmess ' ]rat he aeih in myn werkes ; 

And for he wilnede wepynge * )iat ich weie aaued, 

God of hue goodnesse ■ seih hue grete wil ; 
If* With-oate moo bedes byddyng ' hue bone wae Tuder- 

fonge, 64 

And ich ysaued, aa je may see - with-onte syiigyiige of 

Loue, with[oute] leel by-leyne ' and my lawe lyghtful 

Sauede me Sarrasyn ' soule and body bo)w." 
" Sh iww tUa "la, lordes ! what leaut« dude ■ and loel dom y-used I 
"n^S^Iii. ^^ auhte je lordes Jiat lawes kepen ■ fie leseoa to 
(••VPufciiT, haue in mynde, 89 

"T>kirdi,tuDk And on froiatuM treuthe to Jienke ' alle tymeeof joure 

Bpon Tt^ul 

And lonye fur joure lordes lone ' and do leaute eaere 

For lawe with-oute leaute * leys fer a bene 1 92 

»* Ofer eny acieuce vnder aonne * f e eeuene are and alle, 

out h>» i> praat- Bote loue and leaute [hem] lede ' y-loat is al ]m tyme 
Of [bym] fat tianelef feMin * bote trenthe be bus 
78. iw] H on. eraceke MFSEKQ] y-rstd BT ; i-vied HF. 

OTiMrriftfs osocha PT ; qf. B-tezt. 

89. ««««jf] 

ffracehe me E] me araoche MFBE; lawe L ^0] 

le OMolie X ; cac«he me P. yenTtet] 

\ienm M ; &o )>enne T. 

SO. nritta] wEst FE. met] H mi, 
Bl. ^ MfAfMw] raj so))f&Btiie8U B. 

Jxit] IT on. Jl«] K on. 
82. laiied] 1-Mued MFTK. 
U. WUh-oute] And wi)iouto IIX 
8E. iek jfiavadi i iaued H. Kilh- 

mris] wl)> I. nuuM] iDUBee EFK; 

mo menis T. 

. leute IMFTEB] PB om. and] 


D louye S ; For 

IS I. 

I. y-uied] to oiM E; y-Tied E; 

90. ok] in S. troiamu] mPIE; 
troiAQe* M ; IraiantM K. qf^ in 


joure lordtu loue f 
^ur lordnf loue to 1< 

92. fcye] lay me F. 

95. and] of (I) E. 

94. FS omif. [hem UETK] bym 
P ; it aiuKert to )iei in 6. li, 167. 

96. (Ayn SMFJTKJ hem FS ; ita 
ebtertt htafolioteijtg. 

^tv Google 


Lo, louB and leaute ■ been oare lordsB bookes; 96 X 

And cnateB owen cleiegie - lie cam tro heaene to tecbe 

And sitthe seynt lohan * seide Ht of bos tecbynge ; 
Qai mm dUigit, mcmet in, morU : 

helpen ; 99 

For god, aa ^ godapel eeitb ■ goth ay as in ^e pouce, 
And, aa ^ eoangeliat wytnesseji ' wban we maken its 

We ebolde nat clypie knj^tea fier-to - ns no kyne 

lyche, 102 

Cum /aeitis eonuivium, nolite vocare amicoi LnbiiT.ii, 
[dimtea,'] i[c. ; 
' Ac calle)> ]« earful fvei^to ' fie crokede and ^ poure. 
For eche &end fede^ oper ' and fonde^ how he may 

quite 104 

Helea and monsbnpes ' eche a rycbe man o|ier ; 
Ac, for }e ponre may nat paye ' ich wol paye my-self ; CEirM»i«7a 
^t louyeji and lenefi hem - largelicbe abal ich quite.' ihip«r. 
At caluarie, of criatea blood ' criBtendome gan apr3nige. 
And blod-bre^rene by-com we fier ' of on hody wonne, wa m in 
Ab quasi modo geniii ■ gentel men ecbone ; 110 used, 

2fo begger ne boye among ( 

96. Xff] So IT 1 Loo how F ; 8o lo to T. 

E. 105. .maiu>uipet\ manachlpMHST; 

98. titt\e — lehiut^ aent lohan mMucbepea EF. a]BB(w>. ryehe] 

aethen I ; aeiDt iDhaD a^ea T. Ait] T out. B^/frl to o|>«r S. 

hit ia P ; hd BUF8ET emit a. qf] 106. Jo] T ow. my] I mi. 

In U. lOT. loiife]i] lone)) hem U. ikal ^ 

100. f] B "»■ 1"] MF8TE Ml. ; ieh] t>er T. 

4^. B. xL ISO. 108. iUiod erittendome^ bod; ■ 

101. etianffelUt'] enangelfs 8IK ; criitwi blood F. 

EwangelieT. 109. blvi] blodl HFT. iy-ean 

102. IdiviUt] in K wUy. S omit* w«] we by-oomo IT. m] o FSIK ; ft 
Uttlta^tfl, l(a,andfiritlui\f<if\. T. Knne\ l-wonne MITK. 

108. 111. JV0] Ne B. Afiar ona (va) 

~ ■ ~ FBmfif ia.wAtiiAIHTFSKffnU,- (f. 
B-lext. kT— Ai(] ItejimBlT. 



Jotan tUI, m. Qui facit peecalurn, aeruus e»t peceati. 

vn In f6 olde I&we, as [fie] lettie telle]) ' meime sones me 

cald ous, 112 

[Of J Adames ysshne and eue ' ay til god-man deide, 
And after bus resuieccion ' redempfor -waa hxta name, 
Booi ridi ux And we has blody bre^ren ' as wel beggers as lordes. 
mihnii. Foi-thy loue [ve] as leue cbildren ' and lene hem fat 

uedef», 116 

And enery man help o^er ' for bennea sliuile^ we alle 
To bane ae we ban deserued ' as bol; chniche Wittnesse)), 
taw. HIT. «. ^ qui bona egerunt, ibunt in uitam etemam; 

[qui vera mala, in ignem etemum]. 
!•• Fot-tbi leme we lawe of loue ■ aa oure lord taubte : 

Lcani thaliir 

of Vm. The poure peuple faile [we] nat - wbil eny peny ous 

]aBte|i. 120 

For in here liknosse oure lorde ■ lome hath be knowe ; 

Lniiemi. It. Witnease in ^o paake woke * when he jeode to emaua, 
Cleopbas ne knew by m nat * )iat he criat were, 
For hua ponre aparail ' and pilgiimea clones, 124 

i.Bk( xAi.ti. Til J)at be blessede here bred ■ and brak bit by-twyne 

So by has werkes tbei wiste * ^t he was leans, 

Ac by bns clojting ^i knewe bym nat * so caitiiliche 

he jede. 
chriitMtui AI was ensample sothUche ' to oua synfnl here, 128 

113. [I^ITS] PEMKom. ^e M- US. J}n-.«0 For-whi M. lawo] 

tr«] lettere H ; lered men F. teUe\i'] )>e lane T. 

tache)< I ; Bsith MF8. <ntfRiu]nenE; 120. 7^] And T. [R-eMFTSEO] 

meonti* F5 ; maoea U ; menDes IK ; PE (hx. out laiteY^ lastu^ ri S. 

menia T. me\ le attc lUFK ; meit 121. Fori ^°^ ^- '™>o] fu' 'erne 

SE ; T en. eald] called S. F ; lambe S ; whilom T. 

IIB. [0/MFSKT] AndPB. ew] 122. ftoia] wouke FT; wite M. 

ofeeuesF, tr^rojwenP. ^eoda] yreniBT. anavs} 

116. blady] blod M. ronia>iie8 (I) T. 

116. fbr-thy"] For-wU M. [ifb 123. ne^Kam. 

MFKTSQJPBffm. aaflloiH. Jem] IBfi. (.o(] MF am. hfre] ^ M. 

we him S ; b;m K. ludefi'] nude[i P. by-tmyne A<nn] hem bituena IT. 

117. /fff] fro I. 12e. (Aei]hy6. 7«««] loid legna P. 

118. deterimd'] urwA F. [711, 127. hv4 ela^iiig'\ knowJDg T. 

^c] in S only. 128. Al ko*] And al »bs in T. 


' pumd cJHwj. 


We sholde be love and Icraeliche ' and leel, eche man eumpioac 

^ ^ homlllv. 

to ofet, 
And pacient aa pilgrimea ■ for pilgrimeB am we alle. 
In ^parail of a pilgrim ' and in a poure liknesse 131 Ul 
Holy s&yutea hym seih ' ac nenere in secte of ricbe. 
And seynte marie bus modei - [as] nuttheu bereth wit- tbt Tiriin lurr 

nease, ""' 

Was a pure ponre mayda ■ and to a ponre man ywedded. 
l^irtiia on marie magdaleue ' an Ituge pleynte [hue] > 

[And to oura Baueour aelue ■ saido f»e«e wordee :] 

Domine, mm eel tibi aire quod eoror mea rdiquit Lok* x. u. 
me eolam minUtrare f 
And here ai^res wil ' haetalicbe god a-soilede, 137 
And ai^rea werkea and wil ' ryght wel he alowede ; 
Ac God pntte poaerte by-fore ' and preouede hit for fie chriMpnjad 


Maria oplimatn partem eleffU, que non aufcrcier Lak>i.«!. 
And alle Jte wise |)at eaere were ■ by oubt ich can aspie, wi« mm pt.uw 
Proiaede poaeri« for beete ' yf pacience bit folwe, 141 
And bo|)e bettere and blessedere ' by meuy folde ^an 

Thanh hit be boot to Buf&e - ^er come)) a svrete after. i*s 

129. Wt\ pflt we T. IMTK. 

ISO. ont] ben ME i be S. I^IT. htre'] hure HS ; herd (!) E. 

131. \i€ parail] a-paraile MS ; (le ai))erft\ aifFere Y; but te« next linf. 
ajtarsil E. apii^rim] pll^imw U ; I eiait$ latt ka{f of \. 137, and firtt 
pilgrimeF. a (2)] MFTSK cm. lift- So {^ of 1. 138. 

' McMtf MIKT] licknuse F. 138. nvrftu] werk 8. he] STK 

132. Jtym] i«u F. tecte] sitb M. am. 

T if compt. 139. Ac} But T ,- And M. God— 

133. [lu UFTSK] FE tmt. jKvertt] pouerM god putte IT. 
136. magdoUne'] Maudeleyn MF3 preouede hif] pnmip T. 

IT. kuge'] hngy S. {kue'] he FS ; UO. F"<] S mn. 

heoKO; iche HT; PE on. (For Ul. /d/-] aafor F. /oftrt] folwade 

tie tpelling hue, tee I. 72.) U ; folewlde T. 

- 186. .fVowIKSTOMC/iirAndtoT US. J^uA] A!.>ogh IT. Ait] he 

hat Vnto); PB omit; F *fl»— * to I *wr] eorT. iitete] swetera M; 

our lanyoiiT him-Mlf ' hes leide jjeae iwetoeue F. 

woturAui; ef. B. xL 243. cHre] cum 



TbtntBDtiiHa As in a wftlnote, witt-oute ■ ys a byter barke, 144 

mil k*rnaL And after ^at biter baike ' be )>d shale aweye, 
Ya a cuinel of comfort ' kynde to reetorie ; 
So, after, ponerte and penaunce ' pacientlicke [y]take, 

sooi ti ponrij. Moke]) man hAue mjiide in god ' and hua mercy ciaue. 
The whicbe is cnmel of comfort ■ for alle cristene 
sanle& 149 

And Tel sykerour he slepe^ * ])e scg Jiat is poare, 
And lasee drat by daye ' o)wi in derk to be robbed, 
Than he fat y« lybt ryche * teeon beref) vitlneese ; 
Pauper ego ludo ■ dum (u divet medilaru. 153 

Eolicbniche wittnesse)) * ' bo ao for-sake^ 

t nitiut Hub fader oher bus frendes ' rfremdel obere sibbe, 

or mtnd for tha Other eny weltbe in ibis worlde ' hus wyf obcr hua 
children, 156 

For |ie loue of oure lorde ' loweji bym to be poure, 
He ahal haue an bundredfolde * of heuene-rycbe bliaae, 
And lif lastyng for eaere ' by-fore oure loide in heaene ; 

t M»t. ill. n. Quieuiiqite [rdiqii^il'\ patrem ^ matrem' ^e. 

Crist a-cordep eft ber-with ' clerkes witen ^ sothe, 
What god hym-eelf saide * to a seg )>at be loaede ; 161 

'■"J"^** " ' Tf Je lykef ,' quaji god, ' to lyue ■ ^ lit ^t is pai£t, 
Al ^t ^w hast here ' hasteliche go sulle hit ; 

Hi. tnl on ITFK; 8 <>». 156. o))iw] and M. [/rmde MT] 

145. thaW] «aa1e IT. frembe B ; frende PEIFKj (whirre it 

U6. Ti\ per 1b MF. retttmt] *b it clear that frenda atvie from nit- 

alia M ; rectore ITFSEK. readinf fremda ; fremde o^ere sibbe 

147. pouerte—penavace] penannce ^ whether unrelated or related). 
Ji poiurte IT. ytaMe EIEST] t-Cake 157. fbr] And fur F. Inweji kymj 

WF ; take P ; ejr. B-teit, logeth hem I ; loueth F. 6e] |:e M. 

14S. fume'} to haue IFS. in] of T. 159. Ireliguerit MFES] relioquet 

cmm] to omuo FK8T. P; relioquit IKT. ^] oe! M; ant 

149. Kkiehu'} vriohe P. u] is ])S F. 
IKT. ISO. eft} ofte ST. ktr} Jier U. 

160. A«] F mn. teffj man M. witon] whiten F. 

151. lane drat} drede laaae B. 161. hym-te^ laide} idde bym* 

drat—daye'] a-drad in dai-lith M. Mlf IKT. t/y} man M. 
iy] in T ; by [« P. ik] F em. derk] 162. )>« Iyi«|,] he likef. B j («w 

deerk P. robbed] 1-robbed M, like M ; ^ lilteat KT. 

162. rykt} M om. rcMn} re»on» 163. jo— Ait] Jwu it e«Ue F. 


naa. xiii.] mast adthohs hate fiuibbd potertt. 225 

Jeoe poore penplo ]>e paiks ' therof poise )k>w hods, 
Ac jeae hem forth to pome folke ' ptifor m^ loae hit 
aske]). 165 

For^^alce al and auwe me * and so is thl beste ; 

Si uie petfecfua eese, uade ^ uende omnia [gtM !>■(■ ^^ n- 

Huu oonsaile^ crist * in comon ous alle : — t tih eoDiHi u 

'Ho BO coueyte^ to come ■ to my kynriclie, 168 

H« mot for-sake hym-self * has sustei and has broker, 

And al |rat ^ worlde wolde ' and my wil folwen, ' 

NUi renimciatteritis [omrii'&iM] que pottidetia,' ^c. t IaIh iIt. h. 
Many prouerbis ich myghte haiie ' of meny holy seyntea, 
To testifie for treuthe ' ^ tale ^at ich ahewe, 172 

And poetea to preonen bit ' poifrie and plato : t varfbjrr, 

Flato^ Arllto'll, 

Amtotilo, ouidiua * and ellenene hnndred, onu, ui nhm, 

Tullius, tholotnoos ' ich can nat telle here names, 
Preonen pacient pouerte ' piyns of alia Tertues. 1 7fi 
And by [^e] greyn ^t groweth ' god oua alle teche^ 
[MiBcheifs on ^is molds ' mekeliche to HufTte :] 

Nui grarmm JrumaUi eadent in terra mortuam tJohadLM. 
fueril, ipsum aolum manel ; 
Bute yf [|w] Bed )iat sowen is ' in ^e sloh stenie, 179 
Shal neuere spii springen vp * ne spik on atrawe cume ; 
Sholde neuere whete wexe ' bote whete fyrste deyde^ 

164. J«Ke] JifME; Ana^ifF; )if 172. ttiiljie] tutefls PK ; teM«flje 

)m TB. pait*'] peu* M ; p«n}-i T. U. /or] Tom. theim'} tolde H. 
perMt} porse IFTS ; pnrce M. 173. parfirie} porpblrie MFIS. 

1G3. Ae inia] Bat ;if ISJ; Ao gif 176. tltoU>meHt\ ptbolomeua S. 
V ; Ao lif K3. Item] hym 8; it T. 176, prynt] pris M. 

to] to ))e T. atUV] aake IT. 177. [jfe MFT8K] PE on. 

166. wnre] haue S. it] It U F. 178. From. U-.alnin IKTF8G ; PB 

M>]'dPK; ^l\ t>e MTFSE. •;>" "»■ Hiiekei/t] MiBcheues H; bnt 

iaieti M S oalf. tea 1. 201. ox] ol F8. ^u] T m. 

16T. Tktu] jet T. melde] world S. terra] tern k P; 

IBS. tffCl)] loineE. (p(2)]ltiT. but BUITFkS omit &. ipium, ^c] 

169.w«t]n]<MUM. miiei^brnfim-^ UFISTS mi, 
broHsr Md hi» gisleor H ^vronglg), 179. [|>tf MGESFT] >at P? ifi] 

170. Al*!, ^0.] Nisi quia reDa»- on 8. 

^aiwit oiQHilnu qve pomidet, ko. F. 160. Dvnw] kerne ITFS; karaeEK. 

Itmnihu EFS] omnia PMIKT. 181. witte] mUtcrittm wete P 

171. Xeng] Ho ET. (hvlM). 

^tv Google 


[pass. 1 

lb In And ofer sedes al-so ■ in fe same wyse, 

■ That ben leide.on lout erthe ■ ylora aa hit were ; 

And ^orw pe giete grace of god ' of grejn ded in erthe 
Atte laete launcej) vp ' wher-by [we] lyuen alle. 185 
»> Ac Beedes ))at been sowen * and move suf&e wyntras, 
itai Aren tydyour and toTrer ' to mannea by-hofthe, 

Than seeded ^t aowen bee^ ' and moire nouht with 
forete[9], 188 

"With wyndea ne with wederes ■ as in wynter-tyme ; 
id As, lynne-eeed and lik-eeed * and lento^eedes alle 
duo Aren nouht so worthy as whete - ne so wel mowen 
In ^ feld with ^ forst ' and hit freese longe. 192 
Bygbt so, for so)ie ' )iat sufCie may penaunces 
■• Worth alowed of ouie lords ' at here laste ends ; 

And for here penaunce be preysed ' as for [a] pure 

Of er for a confessour ykud ■ that countef nat a rnysshe 
Fere, ne famyne ■ ne false menne tonges; 197 

Bote as an hoeebonde hope]) - after an hard wynter, 
Yf god gyue}) hym fe lif ' to bane a good beraest, 
So pieoue)) tbese prtfphetes ' ^t pacientliche eufire^. 
Myscheib and myshappes ' and menye tribulacions 

18!. And] ft M it ia of F ; Ron. 

1S3. leidt] t-leid BL m] in MITE. 
grtke] earths P. 

184. 0^(2)] Mid IT. iolonITFeS. 

]8G. Atte BE] At |>e M1FT8 ; Atte 
fe P (ntreugly). wi«r] wer P. [we 

IM, iryntrei] wjntur F. 

187. Amb] Ben B. Sy-V**«] hi- 
hoffie U ; Ij-hofto I ; bf-hous 8 ; 
behofT; b;hofE; bf-heftheE; be- 
hoaethe F, 

IBS. foritei EEO] fonfau 67 ; 
frostee HIT ; foffl(« P. 

189. m(A] No T. tntk} IT «t. 
(yow] tjmea IT. 

190. At} Ao E. JU] lek HT; 
leek IF. 

ISl. moMwt] dare move Fd ; if. 
L 188. 

192. ferti] to PBFE ; frwrt MIT. 

193. for lopt^ aotieij IT. (int — 
may] hefiattDaiauffreM. penamnceM] 
penaunoe TF. 

195.pmaNiue]pac\eoceTFKB. [a 
HTEFSG] PE em.; tre neart lino. 
puro] puyre P. viartir KT8G] mar- 
^r MF ; mimrUtn matir PS. 

196. ykuS] i-kid MT. anmte\''] a- 
oounte)! M ; countide T. rvywAe] 
nuohe EF ; rjFBshe ST. eetinte]t~- 
rvytiAe^ kuaiie)i Doit in hamjMha B 

197. litre n«] For do B. mamu] 
men ES ; menoei IF ; menet MT. 

198. an (2)] E om. 
19V.fyH«|>]gjueH. ilyn)>«]heD)E. 
SOO. theie MEFB] then F ; jiU IK ; 

^Im T. paeiontliehe'] pooienoe B, 
201. menft} B om. 



By-tokite) M trewelich« ■ in tTme comynge after 202 t-uiUa Man 
Marthe for bus mornfoge ■ and >at mache plente. '' 

For criat seide to has seTntea - ^ for Los nka 

Poawte [and] penaonce ' [and] persecocion of body, 

[Schollen hane more iroreclupe to wages ' 

jMn] Angelea — in here angre ' on this wise hem grette, 

' Trietitia uedra uertelur ingaudium: t'^Biii.M. 

^tue Borwe in-to solaa ' ahal turne atte laste, 208 

And out of wo in-to wde ■ jotire wyrdes shul chaunge.' 
Ac fwlio] so redeb of fbel riche - be reuers be may tBoiirWittw 

ftmrl iWlllUBotB. 

How god, as ^e godapel tellef ■ gyuef hem foul tow- 
And fnt bus gost shd go ' and bus good by-leue, 212 t ood *<ini(4 um 
And askep bym after - ' bo sbal bit baue, omiit wu uu. 

The catel ^t he kepeji so ' in coflies and in bemes ! 
And art so loth to lene * ^t leue sbalt needes ; 

ttuiie, Uta noeta anima tua egredldur; [que tLnk* 

conffregaati, euim eruntf] Tkesaurizat, 4" tPi-mTOLi 

ignorat [eui, ^.]. 
An Tnredy raue ' fA lesidae shal epene, 216 

S02. fuf] lET «■». tremlUlie] 211. MU]i2 set|> U. Am] bjin 

triirelicfae P. KTSF ; I on. font tow-name^ ful 

20S. hMi\ heora H. tow-nuoe FE : foul loiuune HT ; fo«l 

204. to iw] «> (o FS ; to IK. to name I ; fool to name SO (/«»; (om- 
SOE. [nai HIFTSO (fwure)] KFB none = evil DJokaaine ; fool to itanu 

om. patauMJt HIFTSO] peokUDcet = fool u ft name). 

PE. 313, hyna/tm-] hym hertaly T; I 

205. Tki* inperfeet line ii /nm I ; 0n. 

(&#» if »» acident »inUtu?n here in 3U. himeil apparftaly hernes P ; 

Ou etker copiet ; nv might iiuert — hut bemes in t\a rat. 

and worthier ben yholde 216. are] ert PEK. lew] lene ar 

SOT. (pa* I] panae T ; PEEH9 leue in the IfSS. I Am— And art so 

em. angra] owen degre I (fint anger lotb to leae ' ^nt lete sahal ^u nedes ; 

•warn diatren ; B. iv. 251, 260). *o T (rrith sbalt /er nchal ^mi). 

. SOS. atte] at Jie HFST. ihaU] Bohal ^lu I ; fmn icfanlt PS. 

208, togrdei] wirdes K ; wordaa tgredietur KG] egrediatur PITKM ; 

lETB; worldet MF (tut wyrd^ fate). rapietwrF; rapjetur a t« B. [}•"— 

210. A«] And UT. [«'*« EEMITQ] erunt] i% E only. [<«i] in 8 only. 
hoFS; Vfm. rAfa|>] nt I ; ret E. 216. «p<na] qModeX; hane M. 
[(M MIKTF30] PE em. Ar]IKT(>i>>. 



That menye mothjie was [rnaiste)'] ynne ' in a tnynte- 

Vp-holderes on Jra hul ' shallen hane hit to aelle.' 
Lo, lo, lordea, lo ' and ladies, take)) hede, 

tPntiawiui Hit lastefi nat longo ' ))at is lycout swete, 220 

■at ittf loof . Aa pees-coddes and pere-Ionettes * plomes and chiriea 1 
J}at Ijghthche lanuce^ vp ' litel while dure)), 
And J»at ^t la^t rype)) ■ roteJ» most sannest, 

troniwtwadi On fat loude and ful of douge ' foulest wedes groveth ; 
Kight so for sotbe ■ auche ^at ben bysshopes, 223 

Eilea and archedekenea ' and o^er lyche cleikes, 
That chafiaren as chapmen ' and chiden bote ]>ei vynne, 
And hauen Je worlde at here wil ■ of er-wyse to lyue. 
Bight as TTeodes wexen ' in -wose and in donge, 229 

t BsiUitwiH So of lychesse vpoii richesse ' [arisen] al vices. 

riAa. Lo, lond ouere-Iayde ' with marie and with donge - 

Whete fat wexeth f er-on ' worth lygge ar hit ripe ; 
Right 80, for sojw ■ for to aygge tteuthe, 233 

Ouer-plente pryde norsshe^ ' fei pouerte destraef hit. 
For, how hit euere be ywonne ■ bote hit be wel dis- 

tw«nhira.ita pended, 

U^T" * Wodijliche wele ia wicked f ynge " to hym fat hit kepef. 

217. PWtAytJ inow^eU; moujteF; 230. 5^] on T; tn F, ryoiewc] 
tDOu))e B5 ; man T ; oiUitvit/en nothe ricbe H. rjwn] of F j vp ES. [ariien 
(Jot molhe) I. [mairtn- MIKTFS] M] arlseli Q ; Brist PEIKT {rchick it 
PE IM*. yiUM] iiue If ; in T ; of F ; nngular, nliiUt wexen (_Itiit Una) it 
18 OM. mynte'] m alto MIEFS ; ^Znraf); neieth F ; wexu^i Sj w&ii^T. 
nynt T ; min^ (no) B. 231. marU—dm^e] donge k witA 

218. Avl] hU T. mftrt 9. 

219. Ze lo] Lo Id lo M ; Lo touelf 232. wexeth ^ler-mt] (leron wexi^ T. 
T ; Lo E. or] er T i or MEFK8. ripe EMIKTS] 

321. odJ (1)] EFST on. pore, repe P. 
loneUei] pyoniea F. 233. for totw] bo[jIj T. 

228. Mvtwft] M PES ; sen nest (/or S3i. lUH-nAe^J norescheti E; nor- 

■onnest) U; Bonnest IT; BoneaC E; iBcbe|i I; norisshit^ T; nanime^ M; 

Bona F. nur»che)i F. dettrwe^ hit} bit de- 

22t. ^I^]fou1T. ffiW(&j]wedU. gtroyeMI'; bit diatriie^ M. 

22s. for totht] EoHiche T. fiat] as 236. Ibr} And T. hit nere'] eaen 

FS. bit MF. ditpendal] i-ppended HS. 

227. eita^MMt] sohepmeo 8. bete] 236. Werldlicit EHF] Worldly 

botjifS. KTi WorliohB P; Wordly 8. *y«J 

2^. mete] muk 8. bem IT. kit] hit N F. 



For jt he be fer fei-bo ■ M ofte hath he drede 237 
That fala foike fecche awajr ' felonliche hus godea; 
And jnt more hit tnake)> men ■ meny tyme and ofte t 
To Bjnegen, and to eouchen * Boteltees of gyle, 210 ■ 
For couetf ze of faX catol ' to cnlle hem )iat hit Icepe^ ; 
And 80 is meny [man] ymorJiTed ' for bus money and 

And tho ^ait duden pe dede ' ydampned Jwr-fore after, t 
And he for hue hatde hoMynge ' in helle, par annter. b 
So coaetise of catel ' was combiuance to hem alle ; ti 

Lo, how pans purchasede * faire placea and drede, 246 
))at iot« is [of] robbers ■ ^e richesae with-ynne ! 

Bic explicit pasBue tijitg de dowel. 

237—241. T amUi. 
237. /er] feer P. SotSA*] beh*M- 
288. feeehe} vol feoohe E ; wolden 
feoche H. 

239. tgmt'] a tyme F ; tfmes I. 

240. 21j] K am. inttegeK] Bsnegen 
P ; syiiwen E ; BjneiiG S ; ^yimen U ; 
1^. Post. zi. 25, 26. j0iicA«n] aowcha 
bo^ F ; sewe U ; Botile S ; Boohen K. 
»atclite»\ Bottlteea I ; BOtultees F ; bo- 
tiles iiUs) U. 

241. ^ (1)] B inn. A«m] bim 

242. [nan HSIETEO] a idbd F ; 
men P. Aiw] M tat. amf] and hii 
MSIT ; and for hii K. 

243. fe] )«t L H <lAb] K om. 

244. ]u>ldj/ng0l£.\TFSE'S.a'\ appar- 
ently heldyngs P. kellt\ belle pjtw 
T. par annter} peraduenlura E. 

245. of] h K. eombraunee] a 

346. jwm] pena MI ; penjri T. 
pvrc}iaiide\ purcbaaeefi HIT. /nira] 
grete S. dredel brode 8. 

247.[o/MITFSKa]PEom. richem'] 
grete riobetae B, After 1. 247 H aiit 
—For he )>at gadereji io his good ■ 
god no |)rDg preUe)>. 

m>. EP havt — Explloit paasua (er- 




Ineipit pasma quartiu \de dmntl^ 

t But powtr A C wel worth pouerte ! ■ for he may waike td- 
^^^^ -^ robbed 

Among pilouTS in pees ' ;f pacienoe hym folwe. 
Dure piynce iani pouerte chees ' And fans apoateles alle, 
And ay fa lenger ^ lyuedeu ' the laase good Jtei 
hadde; 4 

1 1 Cor. •!. Id. Tatiqaam nieJiil habentet, ^ omnia possitteutet. 

t Abrihun iM Jilt men [rat (lat] abiaam and lob ■ were wonder ryche, 
Tiuii. And out of uumbre }io men ' menye meoblee hadden. 

tritAbniiBii Abiiim for al hue good - hodde mucbe teene, 
idu. when In gret pouerte [he] was yput ; ■ a pryns, as hit were, 8 

■wir hi> wih By-nom bym ya houaewif ' and heeld here hym-self, 
"' And abraim nat hardy ' ones to letten hym, 

' Ne for brightnesse of here beaute ' here BpooM to bo 
by-know e. 

Title. Sa in KT; U prefixei 7. Abrtuml Ao abrahom F. al~ 

Hio ; lociplt pasaus qunrtua PE ; to good'] bia <>u) I ; fait aujto T. 

which B addt da eodem ; Faeaiui untelie) mykel M ; machel F. 

terciiu de Dowel I ; T on. B. Z«] For in IT. [he HIEFST] 

1. -4r] Aj (irrongly') I ; But T. PS nn. ypuf] i-put M ; put KTF8 j 

vnrobbed'] Tnrobbeda P. putte t J'T'"] prisoun H {wronglj/). 

3. chrei'\ cbes MIESET. 9. By-niin—]ii>itine}f~\ A king bi- 

4. >iTJ (1)] ))at Hi F. Tliii^Hiins nom him bii wijf M. I mi/t tlif 
^p.] M om. 4^-pouidtntei] JKT !«( *ai/" fl/ linei 9 aiuf 10 ; T emitt 
am. latt half of I. 9. 

B. J«/] & jit F. [ra( (iflt MKT] 10. A^rdy] bo hardy F. \ardf 

rit tat I ; reedich t'nt FQ ; minvritteit tmei] oav4 linrdy B ; onea so hardy T. 

fat of PK ; we Paas. iv. 410, 418. (a- Ajff.] him to lette F, 
HtM — fiot] ret me |iat I ; mt me ^t II, iji»«ie — b>/-kiK»re^ Bpousebodlo 

T i 8 (W( b«luiowe T. 

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And for lie snf&ede and seide nouht ' our Lord sente t Oed Upid 

tolne, 12 futow. 

That ^6 kynge cride - to abrUm m«Kj, 
And d«liaeiede hym bos wif ' witlk moche welthe after. 
And also lob ^gentel -^rhatia;^ hadde be on erthe, fi<ibtimimk 
Hot Inttere he bit boubte ■ as pa book tellef ! 16 * 

And for he eonge in bas eorwe - 'si bona [ocMptmiu] a t JobiLU. 

Dere-VDrtbe dei« God ! * do ire so mala,' 

Al bus sonre to aulas * Jwrgb pat songe tumede, timiaadi*- 

And lob bf'«ani a iolif man ' and al bus ioye newa 20 tmiuH nriiii 
Lo, bow pacience in here pouerte - tbeee patiiarkea 

And broobte hem al abone ■ ^at in bale rotode. 
As greyn Jtat lytb in pa greot ' and ))0Tgb gntoe, atte t Unku nd 

laste^ rnlaUuitnm 

Spiynge]! vp and sprede^ ■ so spedde pa fader abrd&m, "^ 
And al-Bo po gentel lob ; ■ here ioie bath non enda. 25 
Ac leae^ noubt, je lewede men ' ^t ich laoke ricbesee, t tm i um* 
Tbaob iob preise pouerte fas ' and preoue bit b; 

Wortbionr, as by bolj writ ' and wise pbilosophereB. 
Botha two [bep] goode ' be je f ul ceitayn, 29 t Mdw ma 

13. t«] S #m. 20. d] M T. ielif} ioU IfF ; b«d- 

IS. oriib] OTide )m] F. U} B mt. til 8. sf] K m». 

menyl of m«nii HF. I Am— pat ^ 21. in here} and IT. tliaa] thee* 

kjnde (lia) cried him inercj ^ P. 

time ; T ktu—pat kynde oomelf 32. reteit] teitiall. 

kyng - eriede hym lagnsj. 23. Jj] A* a P. |i«] IEF3 Put. 

li. we/fjb] loye B. freer} grela B ; gret U ; gnl ESF t 

15. And]Kinit. And alto]TT em. grounde IT. 

16. Sate} And how IT. bonite'i 24. vp} IT rat. tpedde] iprad F ; 
aboghte IT ; aboiiiht K ; bonit aina dude M. f«— a^owh] abi^iam \a 
F. goode P. 

17. T JW»— And for he niftride so 2S. al-w] IT #)». 
mekly • his iorowe ou^rjede. A»d\ 26. ja] IKT *■». 

Ao H. in] K 0st. [aceepivmt ME 27. »iuiiihj>20i] enaample B9. 

FETG] Bccipidm (T) P ; iiuoepimw B. 28. at] H mi. 

IB. dsrel and dere I. 29. [}e)i ES] ben HIT ; been E ; 

19. tff—pmge] fonr ^at long -to be F ; ntiiwrittBii bnt P. foodt} 
tolaoe hit M. ful goode PS. /hI] wel T. 



i»Tnv*» And IjUBS bat oui lonle loaeb ' uid large weyea to 

t bnt porntr Ac fie poure pacieut ' purg&torye passB^ 
luami oni. Ba^eie ^an ^e ryclie * fuih tbei reune at ones. 32 

For yf a matchaont and a messa^r ' metten to-gedeiea, 
tiftiDwciunt And ocholda wenden o way ■ where both moaten 
TMAipiKs leate, 

' And rekene byfore reson ' a reeonable acounte, 

What one ha^, what ano^er ha)i ' and what hjr hadde 
bo)>e, 36 

tihiiMrdut-( The marchante mote nede be lette ■ lengeie ^a fe 
0D»p7 Um long I meaeagere ; 

For ^e parcels of has paper ' and o^er pryuey dettes 

Wol lette hym, as ich leyue ' the lengths of a inyl& 
tbHOtniM- The messager do]) oa more ' bote [with] hus month 

^m^tawai. telle^ 40 

Hub [etande], and has [letters] shewe}i ' and is a-non 

And thanh ]iei wende by fe wey ■ tbo two to-gederea, 
tuuHinw- Thanh pn messager make bus wey ' a-mydde ^e 
vbKt^Ui, DO whete, 

"* ' Wole no wya man wroth be ■ ne has wed take ; 44 

50. And] As B. tvejfM] wey T. 86. wAaf] ft what 8. <i)io|)«r] o|)«r 
t0]HucFitoU. HTEF; (xit o^m- S. kafi} T m. 

51. )«] B om. pmyaUrye] f^o Af] fyei MIKTFS. 

pnrgatorr I. 87. »e] by S. lette] I-lette I ; let 

SS. thei"] je F. UZFBT. Y» mett^ere] \»t o|wr F. 

S3, melten'] i> FIUK ; mette F ; SS. |<k] 8 om, paper] paupere B. 
meten ET ; mete 8. .89. Iryve] l«ue HESET ; leeae F. 

34 — 87. E amitt. In P, thrte 10. The] pen ^ ST. de^] ha 

lincM are furitten in the marfin, b^ dooth F. [«:ith EIMEFST] P om. 

bf tie lame uribe ; WUIaker omitl 41. leranda] ereode IK; amade 

ikeM. (tie) T ; lettere PE ; lettur* 3 ; 1ettr« 

Si. e nray] on wal U ; awey 8. F ; letteres JI. [iettere] leHre ET ; 

tMtten reite HIES] m08t« reite FG ; erande E ; enuode S ; ernde FU ; 

muBte rMt«n T ; written moat . . rest arende F. 

P {the narfin tf the leaf being evt 42. nende] n> PBEFT ; wend B ; 

off). wenten M ; wente 1. tha] fel MP ; 

36. a UEFT] net off in PI. )ie E. 

aceunte HIEF] aoompta T; tnii- 43. angdde'] iiayd« F ; amonge T. 

written aoouatei P. a—acovntf] irMe] fayre wbeU IT. 

•oouDte >at U rwoDsble S. 44. wroth be] be wroth £tEF8. 



Ya aon baiwarde yhote ' has wed for to take ; 

Neeeetitae non hahet legem, 
Ac vf be morchBiunt make hua way * oaeie memiB t bit um hij>- 

' "^ wud would it^ 

come, tilt mniAuil, 

And J» liaywarde happe ■ with hjm for to mete, 47 ofUB. 
OjifT hus hatt o^er hoa piode] ■ ojtere elles hus glouea 
The marchaunt mot foi-go ' o)>«r moneye of hoe poise, 
And jut be lett, aa ich lejue ' for ^ lawe aeke^ 
MJLTchauna foi here merchaundifie ' in men; place to 

toUen. 61 

Jut ^auh )>ei wenden on way * as to wynchestre fayre, tubotbgcto 
The marchaunt with hua marchaundiae - may nat go bo uh nuKHut ' 

swithe ' 

As ^ meseager may ' ne with ao mochel eae. 
For Jiat on bere^ bote a boxa * a breuet Jjer-ynne, 
Ther ^ marchaunt ledej* a male ' with meny kynne tKo-biiiuB 

no l«.T3( boi. wd 

fyngea, 06 iiindnutar 

And drede^ to be ded Jiere-fore ' and he in derke mete 
With robbonrs and reaeia * ^t riche men diapoilen ; 
Ther ])e messager is ay murye • hua moothe fill of trtiwun 

Bonges, UshtodHut, 

And leyue^ for has letteres * }iat no wight wol hym 

greue. 60 

K. Fi] Ne T. yAuff] hots I ; Ii E otn. m] o IK ; a FT ; (« U. 
hotan T, to] K om. tafci] nyine M. B3. hmj-] lie may F. 
Jtoit M3S. agree in making linet H 64. nochet] mycbel ES ; muchd 

and i6 end itearlji alilu ; frvt ITKFG FT; mykel M ; moche L 
inttrt NecesHitss — tegem hetveeen GS. |>dt on] )ie ona K. 
tkem : H mitt IhU qiielation aUa- 66. lede^] let IT ; lat KF. MMy 

fcther. lynfu] manf skenia T. 

M. K^] k 8. •umiw] *» PIK; 68. reawj] with reuere P; ha 

mennea F ; menea U ; menu T ; men HKFSET omit with, fmt] ft F. 
BS. eonui} oarnae P. 69. ay] eaer 8. ftwi] k bfi FT. 

48. {itide EE] hod HG ; hood 60. Sa PEHIK. The alliteration 
ITFS; bed (I) P. hat (8)] K urn. i* impeTfeat, vnleu tvt put lede /tf^ 

49. »M>(] he moot F. wight, atini; F hat— 

60. ]Nf] E on. Utf] i-lettod M. k leeueth lot bU lettrea ■ ay to be 

leyue'] leue ITUEBE ; leeue F. welcome, 

CI. in] E em. place] placei L ):at no wijt wole him grsDe ■ 

KEFS, to] KF3 o™. (olfcn TKSG] walkyng on weles. 

tolle IMF ; tullen P ; tellen E. B hat the tam», but nith euer/or aj, 

68. JnO ft jit IFT. ^auh] ^et I ; and omitting & Itifart |iat. 



tTatttiDR' Ac )ut, myghte ^ meicluimt ' yotgii monye and o^ 

i,i,*i, Haue hors and hardy men ; - Jianb. be mette feoMea, 

Wolde non enche a-eailen hym - fbr hem fat hym 

Am ufliche pnfnn as the meaBBger ' and aa aone at has 
hoatiL 64 

}e wyten wel, je wyse men ' what thia ia to mens, 
tn*iiHKiHnt The maichannt ia no more to mene ' bote men bat ben 

bwhUhiIiA ' 

wha k(v iht m ryche 

Aien a-coontafale to crist * and to pe Icyng of heaene. 
That holden mote )» beye veye ' snene [fw] ten 

Bo^ lovye and lene ■ fe leelle and f» vnleelle, 69 

And haue reuthe, and lelene ~ with bus giete licbeese, 

tw^^dl^rfL ^^ '*'" power, alle manere men ■ iu meachief y&Ue ; 

tumofuiiir Fynde beggais bred ' backes for ^e colde, 73 

Tytben here goodea tieweliche * a tol, as bit seme^. 
That onie lord loke^ after ' of eche a lyf ^t wynne^ 
With-oate wylea o^ wrong ' oper wommen atte 

tudpiTiiit And jat mora, to make pees ' and quyte menne dettee, 
Bo^e epele and spare * to spene vpon ^e needful, 77 

81. Ae] k BF. Mraya] hit moDe^ both in F ; !□ a S ; f«t in T. xfalir^ 

IT. «HHty« aaO ta%aj B. v^ior] V DM. &mi)> T. 

i^Km EIHFEfl] jeflet F ; lefUa T. 72. jyaAt] k tyndv F. tre^ 

68. *#■» ^J niohe aa ET. here breed F. iaeia'} t o1o)xu 6 ; 
/olmsfi] folwede M. A, bakkU T. t«] T em. 

61. ^>] And M IT. laflieAe'] m( S. 7a. l^h^j b. ti)«n FT ; Te|>en U. 

jnumIIKmi. tie]fv». at']in&. g«oie*] good IT. trareliclte\ tzy- 

hiiHi] hoatiil HK ; ostel SFT. weliche F. uawfi] were FB. 

66. u — HMte] meenetli na more F. 74. a] H F Mt. 

G7. Am] pei b«> B ; Area alle 76. wnmj'] wrongn IT. aft«] at 

lET. and~],e]^tiaiL (« IHST. (fxtnu] stiwra E ; itufuca 

M. )ie] )>M (*>«) B. nemi] eaeae E ; Bt}>ues US ; steimi F ; itenis T. 
to MS. [t«IMKFTG] FES on..- qf. 76, jnf] K ««. firy*"] to qajten 

f-M&rio fa Pan. Tiii. 204. L ncmu] fP PK ; meniittt F ; 

69. Inw] eke )«ene F. )w (1)] IT menes H ; menii T ; me* BS. 

em. f>e (2>] ITK8 em. 77. JoH And IT. Vtrt} eke 

TO. frete} IT cm. *pare F. «j>«<i'] spenden H ; ipeiKl* 

71. Bf—ftneer} I »m. in] )>«t ITF. tet^l} aeedj F. 

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As criet [himjself comannde^ ' to ftlle cristene peuple. 

Alter alierius onera portate, [^ ne adimplebiUt tod. ti. 
legom ekrigtt\. 
Tba mesBogeie aren fie mendinans ' ^t lyue)r b; meime t nu 

Be^ nat jrbounde aa be)i ^e riche ' to bothe ]m two p_,.,„ 
lawes, 80 

To lone ne to lere ' ne leuteneB to faete, 

And o)>ero piyue^ peoaiuiiwe ' ^ whiche ]>e pieest 
wot wel 

That |m lawe jeue^ lens ■ sache lowe foike to be ex- tn«j*n«- 

CUSed; ndiutsa 

Ac, none tjthes to tythen ■ ne clojie ^ nakede, 64 

Ife ilk enqueat«e to come ' ue amtumax, Jiauh he woiche 
Haly day ofer holy eue • hna mete to deserne. 
For yf ho loueji and by-leynef ' as the lawe t«che)i, 

Qui erediderit f baptaatut fuerit, [laltau erit,] fHukirt.!*; 
^ eeterOf 
Telleji ^e lord a tale ' aa a trewe messager, 68 

And shewef by eeol and sitthe by lettera ' with what tTiHFagrmu 

lord he dwelle]), UwinuRiiiii 

[Knoweleche])] hym cristene ■ and of holy [kirke] hy- 

Ther ia no la[we, aa ich leyne ■ wol lette hym ^e gate, fUnotiMihrt 
Ther god is gatvarde hym-self * and echo a gome 

knoweth ; 92 

78. [Afn MITEFSB] P mn. to] gea K. eft>))«] to olo)>e I ; IbrtooloH 
IT «m. l^—pkritt(] iit F onlf. P. (.<] none U ; F on. 

79. mettafgrt] mcMangen IT; S6. eii^[ii4itai] nooe BDquestM I; 
moBager E ; massager H. armt] nana qneBtas H ; no qneate T. fp] 
boi Sa. nrau] im 1. 76. for to F. 

SO. frifi F] by I ; ben T ; be HE ; 87. E omitt. |/] T rat. and} or 

beat> P; 8 im. |w (l)j to H. f ?- [*alHiii erit UF] hie uln^ erit 

(J)] K8 im. (««] I <«». >* (wo] to S ; PKITE «n. 

>e MFT. 88. hTii"«] triwe P. 

81, lere] leme ITE. lentaui'] to »0. [X»m«ifcAa)> KF] Enowe- 

lentenei E ; !a lentenfa T ; in lenlen lachifi T ; Knewlechuji S ; Enowleche 

U ; lentou* F ; lente S. te^toitoF. H; Eneweleche PB. ef] on MF. 

8i. H* (1}] KF Ml. [lirAfl I] churehs FEFS ; ohirohe 

83. M] KT «M. MET. iylggne'] bj-leneti 8F. 

U. Ai] VeU. U tytkaij letbe- »1. Ther ii] pat S ; pw nyi K. 


39S THE widow's Hin. [pass. xit. 

The porter of pme reuthe * may parforme fe lawe, 
In ^t he vilae^ and volde * ech vight as him-sell 
t Ab(ciWi(i»A For ^ wil ie as muche worth ' of a wiecche beggere, 
HAttul-tgm.' Ab al ))at fie ryche may reyme ' and ryghtfullicho 

And as muche mede ' for a myte |iat he ofirc^ 97 

t*Sl] As ^e riche man for al his moiteye ' and more, aa by 

pa godapel ; 
hh^iU-o. Amen dieo uobie, qaia hee vidua pauperada 

[mUit ptue ommbitt jui mieerimt in gaeophi- 
lacium ,-] 
So fat poure pacient ■ is parfitest lif of alle, 
. !•* And alle parfite pieestes * to pouerte eholde diawe ; 

h. nni. I For tpera-in-deo spekeji of prestee ■ fat han no apend- 
yngseluer, 101 

9ta prtaKi iomii That yf fay traoaile treveliche * and triaten in god 
Hem sholde neuere hickye lyflode ' nofer lynnen ue 

The title fat je takef jouie ordres by ■ telle)) je be^ 
[auaiutced,] 104 

PriatdbosU And needef uat to nyme seluer ' for masses fat ^e 
femiHw. syugenj 

For he fat tok jow title * sholde take jow wages, 

B3. rairfiU] trew|« K : Ipifre K. fiteitl parflith M. 

M. Here eight leaves an waiUiag 100. And] S out. And aUe] Eoha 

i« P, dem t« xv\. 1TB. wA] ech » ■ T. preegitt] praste IT. tkelde] 

IS ; eche a K. nl^hf] wf T. Am] ahulle S. 
miiitiri««H hem F. 101. tptra] speraui H. itltttr] 

95. S placet \a after worth, a] I tiluer lET. 

Ml. 102. in] UI E ; to U ; on T. go* 

96. ]pat'\ S 4M>. «uj>] E vm. almygkty'] almyghty god I. 
reyme] reome H ; rayns I ; rayme T. 108. iaekye] lacky E ; lakke IK 

97. at] also H. mede] me B. ST ; lacke M. lynnen] lynne P ; bitt 
>(it]t«rIT. As 0.^ti] oBred S ; ioh «<m H. 18. irelbM] wulls 8. 

offifl B. 104. titU lUTES] titel K ) Utile P. 

Sa hU] ii P. a*] ITS Dm. Atum f««] IKT mn. Wfef.] til 8 ; tElle K. 

— f Hia] S an. [mUit — osiKiftiij E] [aHauneed HT] auannBed IKEG ; 

p1«* onaibM miait 8 ; PHIET em. auaunstd 8 ; Bmanced F ; t/. B-text. 
IgKi—gatopMlaeium] In S only. 106. title HE] titel E ; titUe P; a 

»9. )»f\ )«t ^ Bi T Ml. par- title IT; (nit Utle S. 



Oper ^e bisshop pat blessed jow ' and enbaumede Tbabu»p 

iligiild PIT (hm. 

joure ffngeree. 
For made neuere kjng knyght ' bote Ke hadde catel 

to Bpene, 108 

Ab bf-fel for a knyght ' o^ fond hjm for hue is« 

For hit is a carfnl knyglit ' and of a caitif kyngea AwnKMi 

maKjnge, kv u hiui. 

That hath no londe ne Ijnage riche ' ne good loos of 
hue hondea. Ill 

The same ich se^e for so)ie ' by sucbe p&t hen preestes, 
J)at has aofer konnynge ne kyn * bote a corone one, PriminM 
And a title, a tale of nouht * to has liflode, as hit were, tomn ibr ii»it 
Yuele ben ^ei saSred - sache pat achenden masses 
Throgh hure lufer lyuynge ■ and lewede ynder ' 

stondyng I 116 

A charter is chalangabU ■ by-fore a chief Instice, * duitm ou u 

Tf Ms latyn he in [}>at letteie] ' pe lave hit enpugneji, m in uh uub, 
O^r peynted par-entrelignarie ' parcels oner-skipped ; 
The gome ^at so glose)i cbartres ' a goky he is yholden 
So ia he a go^, by god ' ))at in the godspel faille)i, 121 
In masse o^r in matynes - niaketh eny defaute ; 

Qui offendit in uno, in omnibue est reus. jiaMn.ii). 

107. bUiial] bleBse)) H; bteBse Uo. Keiniti. Pu^b] Euela HT ; 

(tie) E. ami] or K. eitbaumede] luel E. )>af]'asS. leheltiiait SllS} 

enbaume^ H. Bheoden Tj thyndea P. mauet] ^e 

lOB. knyghf] no knnt ITj Da idbsm T. 

knyjlit E. ipeite'] Aiipekie M. 118. [>a« lettere HIE8EG] f^ let- 

109. bg-fil KS] bi-fulla M ; befalls (re T ; ^a lattorea P. nymsTMji] in- 
I ; befel T ; hit byfelle E ; by-feel P, pugnefi S ; empusned I. 

/»«<1 (0 PIM8 i fonde EH. 119. par-mtrelignarie] or enler- 

110. Ait it\ ;iF (tie) M. ij] S i»». lyned M. 

a»r| |Mtt (fitr) E; M on. caitif] 120. (o^Jowli] gloKJiao IT. goiy] 

oarful US. gouky E ; gokow fj. a — ht] for a 

111. iwiuoyli^I; Do>>erT. litoi] goky ii T. A« tj) Ib he K. 
loaMT. 121. Jb] it IT; hit E. foty] 

1 12. )«( ben] as be> S. goaky E ; gokow S. 

113. Adn] I on. ijrn] ki> T. eo- 122. /n] 0|win T. In— in] Or 
rone] oroune ITE i oroae K ; croiroe fn a mesM or in a L 8 0»itt tit 
U. Tvirie ttiul 1. 12S. 


338 Yhe dbbaher sees the vosoess or natuki. [fasb. xit. 

And oner-skippera al-eo ' in )ie sauter seith dauid. 
Pi. iItI. t, « PtaMiie Deo nostra paalUle, quia rex tem deus ; 

ptaUiie •optwrfCT-. 

The biehop alial be blamed - by-fon god, aa ich leyue, 

pat coione^ anche clerkee * aa foi godes knygbtes, 125 
1W» Pat conne)) nat tapienter • nofer aynge ne rede. 

Ao nejjier ia al blameles ' ^ bisshop ne ^ chapeleyn ; 

For ignorantla nan exeutat • aa icli bane herd in 
bookea."— 128 

t Thu ail B«k- ^Dina recbeleaanesse in a rage ' a-rpanimilq i-lnrgin, 
wuta Otrfr- And ecornede scripture ' ]iat menf ekj^ sbewede, 
Hutnntiiidhtai Til fftt tynde cam ■ clergie to helpen, 
amttOawtM. And in jiemyrourof myddel-orde • m ade hym aft to loke. 

To knowe by ech creature ■ kynde to louye. 133 

And ich bowede my body ■ by-holdynge al a-bonte, 
i«r(iw<aii,flM And seih ^e Bonne and ^e aee ' and ^e sand after, 

Wher ^at briddee and bestes * by bere makee jeden, 
i»HU,*amu, Wilde wonuee in wodea ' and wonderful fonlea 137 
Diu md Ui "With fieckede fetheres * and of fele coloun ; 

Man and hua make - ich mygbte see bofw, 
19« Pouerte and plent« ' bothe pees and wene, 1 40 

pignif. Blisae and biter bale ' bothe ich aeib at onea ; 

And how ^t men mede token ' and mercy ref^iseden. 

123. Bvnifl. A»d]ToTTT. j«ia] 180. tconuda leriptyre^ Bcriphira 
qnl eit HE ; quooiam I. ^ia—ia- loanieda I ; Boripttire scomide it T. 
fitrOer] S on. piallite mpienter TS.'\ 1S2. «yiMer] mydel P. sr^] er^e 
psallite IT ; E cm. {repreiented in PE 1ST. rfi] ofCe T ; S oia. to] KT m*. 
Ay tht abbreviatUnt B.B., lehere i = 133. ech'] eche a I; iohes T. 
■alllte,/i?r pullite). 1S4. by-heldynge] hy-baldeK; bi- 

124. (XiiM.fl f-blamed M. T h«lds I ; & beheld T. al]Towt. 
tiKiU L 121, tuid nau U. ISO and 126 136. inA] si M ; ssf 8 ; Mthe I. 
into AM. laitd] lODde S. 

12fi. «0r«iMF>] cnraneMB; erone|> )3G. Kter] And where IKT. 

E ; crowDen H. eteriei «] IT am. wdm EHS] leeden P ; jeoden K ; 

126. tapimter} o tapieDcia M ; T ^ey jede IT. 

M. 1^. /etltgn$ EIME8] fetlhen P. 

127. ney],er] oofxr E ; neu^ 139. «««] i-ieo U. 

nerter I; mn nei^tr T. w] buf. M. 141. bittr} IT o«. $M] ti M ; 

«r) IT o«. ^ (2)} hU 8. «eys I. 

laa. herd] i-berd UE. 143. m««] I em. wudt} me (1) S. 

a-rami«^] a-mtede 6. 



Ileson. ich Kih Bothliche ' Buwen alls heetes imrthuBtHcn 

In etyngs, [in] drynkyng ' in gsndiynge of iynde ; 144 ' 

Aiter conn of conc«pcioii ' non tok kepe of ojmr 

As vhan pei hadde niteyed ; ' t-non ]wi lesten after. 

Manlea droireii hem to maoles * on morwenynge by miiawUbdnv 

hem-flelf, attic imniii^ 

And femeles to femeles ' heideyed and diow. 148 

Tker no was kow n« kow-kynde ■ ^t conceyoed 

That [wolde here] after bole - ne bor after sowe. 
Ther waa no [kynne] kynde ' ]>at conceyaed hadde, 
That ne leea ^ lykynge of lust ' of flesch, as hit vere, 
Sane man and hns make ; ' and ^-of ma wondiede. t Ho lou 
for out of reeon f«i ryde * and rechelesliche taken on, Bodmiion. 
As in dume dodes ' bothe drynkynge and elles. 
Briddes ich by-helde - in boashes maden nestes, 156 i w bMi 
Hadde nejera weye wit ' to woiche )>e leate. mmi.uui 

Ich hadde wonder at wham ■ and wher ^at ^ pye 

143. Aum] And tsioiiq L «#U] 160. limlde here T] wuld here B ; 

M«r» teritten lauh P (but tea IL 136, wolte beere (m> a natch later hand) 

141); «iU. M>tAIt«Jb] soHhliobe P. K; belwede M; beere P; het/er (1) 

I imUi latt iaff v/l. U3, and firrt E; notinl; ef. B-teit boU—Kurej 

\a.lf itf\. 14*. bora ■ ne «ow aftur bor« [nrongly) 8, 

114. [in EBS] and PTM. gen^ 161. w.a*\ ne wm KT. [ityniM 

drynge] eDgcadrrng If ES j eogen- MBS] kjne K ; kyn T ; kjni« P. 

durer I ; engendnira T. 1S2. (W HKK8T] apparently do P. 

145. ana-*'] |>e eoun H. kepe'} Zee>] w PEK ; Im HST. ft] B <m. 
bade M. Ivtt H1K»T] biut PB. 

146. All And T. rvtesed] roteyed 154. ryde] redde E. reekeletliehe] 
I; rotelde K; Trotled ET; i-roteied riohelieh B. taken] fokan IHESTj 
H. after] tj)>er I. toke E. 

147. XavUi] to PEKSQ ; Ualet 155. dume] derne HEST. hothe] 
HIT (fioiw). M(] io M; a T; o^rpormtly betlis P; bo^ tn T; E 
and (1) L mmirenynge] momjog I ; m*. 

morewnTDgea H ; morwnfuges E ; 156. by-kalde] by'b«e1de P. bft- 

moruwR S. Item] bjm S. lAei] busacbet I ; buacbw EKS ; 

148. herdeyeitj berdjede 8 ; her- boahea H ; btttkis T. nettei] nseiUs 
deiede H ; hentjyng B ; berdede E ; P. 

fardide T; fndedede {tie") I; hark- I ST. weye] we E; wiaK; wIjT; 

nada Q. and] an P. dron>] rowe wlthg H. nnKra reeye] ws neu«r B. 

B. 168. at — nker] wher - and at 

149,160. K omUi (,b»t the Hnet whan P (hat the rett hate tke 

are added in a «M>rA later hand), arrangement given ; pf. B-Uxt), 

t%e <vm] mm E. and — \at] whan and where I. 

^tv Google 


[pass. xnr. 

' ])at leyen in heie neste ; 
I ich vens ' aholde worche hen 

Leniede legge stjckes 
Ther is no wryght, ai 

nest to paye. 160 

Tf eny mason )rar-to ' makede a molde 
With alle here wjse castes ' wonder me Jiynkefi ! 
And jnt ich mmuaillede moie ' menye of po bryddes 
Huddeu and heleden ' dumeliclie here e^es, 161 

For no foul sholde hem fynde * bote bus fere and 

And some treden, ich tok kepe ' and on trees brodden, 
And brouhten forth here brjddes ■ al aboue fe groande. 
In mareis and in moras * in mjres and in wateres 168 
Dompyngea dyueden ; ■ " deere god," ich sayde, 
"Wher hadden fiese wilde suche wilt ■ and at what 

And whan ^e pocok caukede * ^er-o£ ich took kepe. 
How vn-corteialiche f e cok ' hns kynde forth stranede, 
And ferliche hadde of bus faimesse ' and of hns fonle 

ledene. 173 

169. Zemede] Lemede to MST ; 
appartntlg Lomede P. in} od IME. 
A«w] heora 91 i hia K. tuute EIKSQ] 
nest MT ; ne«B(es P {but j« next 

160. u] nys MT. tpryjif] wjrt 
8; wi;t £T; withg H. 

161. 162. I kat — . . . tnasouK made 
a molds ^er-to ' moche louder ma 
^nke): ; at iit B-tezt T has the 
tame, begirmiiig jif any muouit. 

Ifll. i<er-te maiede^ lier-to maken 
E ; make [ler-to M. 

162. here'] to PE ; hure g ; his & ; 
blM H ; (here cast«( ^ her con- 

163. ^t] B em. ich mervaillede^ 
ich merueile ^ £ ; me mfruaileth I; 
me merueilide T. ^] )ie IMKT. 

164. JTmldeit] Hiijclen ET. 
helaJfn] hiJeden I. dumeUcke — 
*ggei\ derwor|ilIche hure efiges M ; 
demeliobe hur« tieMKi & epgus 6 ; 
her* (SUM dernely IT. 

166. Aw] it IT ; E m. Am] hir« 
T. kj/m] hire T. 
I6T. at] ftalle S. 

168. fnarejt] mariea R ; aariia U. 
atid (1)] U om. iur«] moot^ I ; 
meores E. myret\ medes B. <k 
waterei'] watreB M. 

169. Botnpyngei'] Dumpyngea M ; 
DoppyngesE; I)oinp«« S. di/tirdfK\ 
dyuyden P; dyuede IT; diuyde K; 
dyu«d« in M. 

ITO. \ete MES] t«ea P; |;ia IE; 
tilse T. 

171. «■*.(«] how IT. iek («.*] lok 
y SIT; tokey K. 

173. HWI- A«»]hiaIMESKT; 
mitipritten bud P. ttrenrde HIK] 
be-tier tkan Btmiide T; Btrende Pi 
etrejiida E ; Btreweda i_p»t fer 
Btreiiede, a miitske for strenede) S. 

UA.ferUrhe ftorfrfe] ferkoyed (:> 
I; (erliedeT. UdeneVLKQ-] lidunS: 
leedtne P; leodene £; lenede (mi*- 
irritUn/or ledene) I ; lenlde T. 



And siji^ ich loked on ^ aae ' and bo foi}) on po Tbm i tookgd u 

Meny aelcouth. ich seih - oien nonht to seggen noatbe ; 
Ne what on flonree in feldes ' and [of] hnre Mie UHaDinn,ud 

colonres, 176 *™^ 

Hgw oat of greot and of graa ' grewe so meny bnwes, 
Sonuue soure and somme swete ' selcou^ me fiouhte ; 
Of here kynde and of here colours ' to carpea hit wen 

to longe. 
Ac ^t ^at [moste] menede me ' and my mod chaungede, b«bb nM tu 
Was fiat ich seib reson ' suven alle bestes 181 bu. 

Sane man and mankynde ; ' meny tymea me Jiouhte, 
Beson rewelede hem nat ' no^er riche ne ponte. 
Then ich areaonede Teeoo ' and right til hym ich seide, i ndud naBis 
" Ich haae wonder in my witt ■ so wis as ^w art holds, 
"Wher-for and why ■ so wide as Jiow regnest, 186 

pat ^v ue nietest ra^ ' renkee )>an oyer beestes. 
For ich see noone so ofte eorfeten * so}iliche bo man- fFniobHrn 

1™_J» TOO »""tn™«<^ 

Kynae ; loo (UMiuiikind, 

In mete ont of meenre ' and meny tymes in diynke, 
In wommen, in wedee - and in woides bo^ 

174. ]ie (2>] I om. 182. tymei] time MB. 

176. lelcmti} Beli»a)>M MET. 1S3. rewelede] reuled B; renledo 

leJt] io P; but tee 1. 174. ««iA] ■! &; rewlide T; rolede K; reuto (tie) 

H ; Mf B. ar«n] bra E ; be> S. M \ reaed cenelede (tie) L 

BimiUJ none T. »eggen] wyn B ; 184. aremnede] resoned t, tU) to 

aeie H ; se; t. ST. iek'] HI am. 

179. K*a( oa] to PEIK8T ; what 18fi. art TM9] ert EK ; taUieritteit 

of M. fcldef] telde HIT. [«/ li«rte P. hvlde] 1-halde M ; faoldea 

rrUKBG] on 8 ; P »m. T. 

1T7. SBtn] And bov IT. greot] 186. to] lu lET. 

to PK; greet E ; gret H ; greut T ; 187. ne} I oth. neUtt] luleat 

grut S; grith L <!f (2)] M im. KK; reuleet S ; reweledest I ; rtivel- 

ffrona] growe^ HE ; grave IT. IbC T. 

178. Snmte] And B0m6 IKT. tel- 188. Ibr] IKT3 em. tor/ete»} 
ee%ii] BBlooubt) P; leeV US. torfete E; surfaiteD T; gnrfele HB; 

179. of] K en. coleart] ootour eorfetaji O ; appareally forfeteo FBI 
IT. to] IT em. (bHt aUUeration deeidet it), te (2)] 

IBO. (Hri |hX] )>at at E ; ^ (lie) I ; as S. 
)Aa T. [nnife I] most SKT ; mocwt 189. tyiMt] time H. 
G ; man (fir) B ; PH om. 190. reerdei] werkes H. 

ISl. ir<u]Wbv>QeT. wriAJdU. 




Xliel ou^rdon hit day aod Djglit * and so do]> noon 

ofere. 191 

t ftitboogta Dun- BeetoB ruwelen hem al by reeon ' and lenkes ful feve. 

tbo ^fTuun And per-tote meruaile^ me - for man, as in [makynge,] 

^|^» Is moat yliche ^e * in wit and in weikee, 

Whi he ne loneJ> fj lore • and lyae^ as ^w tocheet t " 
188 And reaon aresonede me ' and seide, "recche po nenere 

aoi Ml nw. Whl ich Bof&e o])ei nat sofFro : " — ' " certes," ich seide, 

"Ech a seg for hjm-self ' aalamon ous teche^ ; 198 
Kaju. iL >. Dere que te non moleetat, fwli eertare." 

" Ho suJ9re]i more |»n God t " qua^ he ' " no gome, as 
ich leyuB I 

He myght a-mende in a mynt-while ' al ^at amys 
Btondea ; 200 

Ac he snf&e^, in ensanmple ' ^at we sholde alle suScen. 

Ye no Tertue so feyr ■ of Talue ne of profit, 

As ys BiifErance soueteynllche ' bo hit be for godee lone. 

And ao witnesseji ^e wyse ' and wysseji }» frenshe, 201 

Fuimea !• i ur Btle uoiue est suffTaunee ■ mat dire eet peHte ventaurux ; 

"*■ Bien dire e Hen tuffrir -fait ly miffraUe a bieit uenir. 

191. noon] cat I; not T, ofwro] leemi qvitt right, 

oyer beelifl T. 198. »bj] man M. noli] nolila 

102. BeHat'] pej IT. rtHMint] Kt; noU te I. 

rue1«a EKB ; rulen H; revale I; 199. nilfr^J auffred S. 

rewleT. link] aol; but T. 200. a] K nm. mj/nt] to PETj 

19S — 19G. I A<u— mjrnte IS ; myn K ; myte M. 

Add i>erton mtrntHetb me 'for 201. alU tuffrtn] soffren alia I; 

IDU Ib most yliohe ^e niffre alle T. 

Of wUle and of nefkea ■ why he 202. of (1)] ne of IT. o/— yro|S*] 

ne loueth [ly lora ; ne of profit neuor ^e mo B. ^(SjJ 

T hai the lamr, exoept lyk for yliche I am. 

t», and wjt/or wills. 208. A*] Bo IKT. 

198. [mah/nge KS] makyag MB ; 204. mitn^uti'] wittiieBae)> P. ^e 

manhynde pa. (1)] wel T; IK on. trywt>] wiase 

194. It BITEUS] His P. yliehe] B. 

i-lik M ; lyk T. )w] H> K; T em. 206. petite] petit MT; pety E. 

in (1)] of IH£Ti 8 on. nit] win S06. iifffHr^ euffrier I; aoOrtire 

P; wordeB B. in (2)] of lUEST. E; Buflrer PTMEQ; bvt eafftii leepu 

aeria] werkw bofie 8. ■ the best form. If] luy IKT ; le M. 

196. ne] 6 «m. lyvefi — techett] vmir IT] Teoier M ; veneir E ; uener 

leue> |ii techyng M. FEO. 

1U7. jrft (2)] he MIET; hit ich 



FoT-))i," qoa^ teeon, "ich lede the ' rewele fi tonge 

And er J>ow lakke eny lyf ' loke ho ia to pieiM. 208 
For is no creatun vnder ciyst ' f>i can hjm-«elue make ; vo atuvn na 
And yf chstene creatnra ' couthea nuke hem-eelae, 
Eche lede woldo be lacles * leyf ^ov non o^ere ! 
Man was mad of sache matere ' he maj' nat wet a^terte i»9 

That som tjmee hym tit ' to folwen hue kjnde ; 219 
Gaton fr^orde^ her-with - nemo tine erimi«s utuit." cuoi ugOA. 
Tho caohte ieh colour a-noa ' and comsed to be TiiniMnik*, 

And awaked f»T-wi^ ; - wo was me ^enne, 216 udnaniT 

That ich ne hadde ymet man ' so murye as ich alepte, mot*. 
And nyda a-non to my-eelf ■ "alepyngo, ich hadde 

To wite what dowel ya ' ac wakynge neueie I " 
And fwnne woa )ier a w^t ■ what he was ich nuete : — nuonwioM^ 
"What ja dowell" quaji fat wijt ■ "y-wyB, eyre," 

ich seyde, 221 

"To Bee mache and 8nffl«n al ' oertee, syre, ys dbweL" 
"Haddest ^w enfied," he aeide ■ "alepyng fo few whQn*i*t(im« 

were, fi uM fc 

))ow eholdeei hane knowe ^t cleiegye can ' and more 

eonceyuod forwe reson, 224 

20T. Fi)r-^ For-whl H. tke S16. iei] f a 8. 
reKtW] H>ir reule L 816. m>] and wo I. 

208. i»] who-M> E. 21T. jraMt] met KT ; mete 8, 

2W. i* ne\ J not 8. <ntatvra-\ 218. ioh htuUh} hvlda 7 8T; 

onnitow T (yvrvglf). bad 1 I. 

210. And xf^ For and H ; And K. 330. n^jC BI] wijht E ; wlthg M ; 

eritttH* erMtvret] creatores crist«ne wi^ T ; wbi)t F ; toinl. 221, tmtte^ 

IT. dtbM it ; ne wUte H. 

an. Eekt'] Bche a MK ; Eoli a I ; 2S1. Whaf] p&t M. iek^ he HE 

lobe a T. tvoUt] wolle B. Ude — {nrettgly'). 
ImIm] wolde lede lackei (fie)^. 222. tyre] t^tS; VC em. 

212. luoke'] luohe a KT. 223. lu/i^ Buf&ede P; l.«ulTred 

21s. tynei] time HT. tW] betft M. )io] t«ir M. 
I; nebetltT; tld B. 224. An«riM] Uknowe U. and— 

214. lur^itK] )<er-wl> HK ; ^irrnv] ^ oonsejaed moiv ^an I ; ft 

kyndel; ^#rtn> T. coaceyved moM Jiotuj ET. 



x*o For reson volde haue Tebeiced to fa ■ ryglit aa clei^e 

Ac foT )>jn entormetyiig ' her art ^ow for-sake : 
ctPnr.i.1*. PhUo€opk%u fuisses, H taoiisees; et alibi: 

Locutum me aliquando penUuit, taeuiue 
"Adua, whtii ha Adom, whiles he spak nat ' hadde paiadys at wylle ; 
ni Id ParwUa*. Ac whanne he m&melede a-boute mete ' and musede for 
to kiiowe 228 

The wisdome and p& wit of God ' he was putte oat of 

Byght BO ferde reson by fe ■ for ^i rude epeche. 
And for )iow woldeet wyte why ' of reeoasa piynete. 
FoT pruyde and preaompcion ' of ^y paifit lyuynge 232 
Beaon refasede ^e ' and wolde nat reste with the, 
JSe cler^e of has connynge ' kepefi ^e nat shewe. 
For shal neaere, er shame come ' a ahrewe we] be 
chaated ; 

ita Anuikia mu For let a dionken daffe ' in a diche falle, 236 

iMUDiiatixn. Let h^ lygge, lok nat [on] hym ' til hym Inste 


And )*aiih leeon rebuke hym ^enne ' recche^ he nenerei 

Of dergie ne of kynde witt ' counteji he nat a russhe ; 

826. M omit*, to] IKT wii^ B, of-^pryveU'] roonei praacde 

226. Ae-] T ont. JW] jm- E. art (tic) I ; neoua U prsujie T. 
HS8T] ert PB. art tKnr] artov I. S32. For'] IT imt. and] or IT. 
8 luu — Si taoaisBK, pbiloaophus 238. ttglde] wul 8. 

faiuea ; Us aliquando locutum fuiBse 234. hut] Earn. [«] I mn. mK] 

peaituit, eiluieM nunquam. )?m] est oot to T. 

(Trnmjiy ; /or rtae) M. 236. n>e[] K om. o\atte^ yohasted 

Obs. One leaf lott in Q, doira to EE. be ehatted] chaste IT. 

IV. 40. 23B. dUAe] dike L 

227. wAUcf] tie whiles IT; while 237. Let UKST] Late I; Leet P. 
H. Mt] oont M. at] att P. [vn lUKST] in PB. Iiwts] liste BT ; 

228. whanne] wanne P. vmme- luBte to M ; lust to 18. aryw] rite I. 
JmId] momelede S. ondlbeT. for] 238, And] For IMS ST. rabuk* 
T Dm. IMK8T] tebukj P. he] le a 

339. nrf<] witt P. 239. Of] Ne of IT. ne] k B. 

SSO. f^it] ^■^l> ^- f'ude] proude etran^ef] aoounteti HS. JW] I m*. 

|{, rvuhe] rlBche EER ; ruysBohe U ; 

281. leeldett wyta] wost ywile (n-c) resnche I ; riwhe T. 



To blame hjm. o^er to bete bjm Jienae ' ich halde hit 

bote Bynne. 240 

Ac irhen neede nymeji hym Tp • a-non he ya a-ebamed, 
And franne wot he whei-fore ' and whi he is to blame." k 
"Je aegge^ eof, by my aoule," quaf ich ■■"ieh hane " 

aeyeiL bit ofte, 
[Jier] emyt no pjitga bo amerte ' ne amelle^ so foole 244 
Aa shame ; per he shewe^ hym ' ech man ahone^ has 

Wbi je worden to me jnia * waa for ich atesonede 

" Je, certas," quaj be, " J>at is so^ " — 'and sbophjmto "rw."hti»pB«4. 

And icb a-rooe vp TYirht vith bat ■ and reueiencede i^" i mr^ 

hym fayie, 248 bb uau. 

And yf has wil were ' be wolde hns oame telle 1 

Hie ei^icU jxuiVfi quartut de dowel. 

S40. <>t>0t-] K 0)1*. iyM(2)]H0)». 248. uA] B on. ti.not\ a-roa 

AaU>] De holde T. htfa] bat a HS. UKS ; am« (^c) I. vp Tf At] rj'ght 

241. Ae] And H ; But T. a- Tp PT i »&< tAa rett trantpon tha 

thamed} a-^iamede P. itard*; </. B-tezt 

243. »*3gey\ seiaD M. omb] kUb 249. nane\ tale E. A«— <mm] his 
L *eye»'\ lae; E ; iMije MT ; 7-Mie name be irolde H. 

K ; Mj 8. CoLOPHOB. IMT PM. iHa] EEB 

244. [p«r IHEBT] Her FE ; <^. <m. de ienel] KB on. 
B-t«xt M] & T. 





Ineipii poMus qutiiliu [de dotcel.^ 

Teh am ymagiuatif," qaap lie ■ "jidel was ich 

Jjauh [ich sitte] by my-self ■ sacbe 18 my grace ; 
"iii.TtfciiMid Ich hane yfolwed fe in faif ■ more Jian fourly wynter, 
thu bnr 7~>. And viasede )» fill of te ' what dowel was to mene, 4 
And counsailede ^e for crietea sake * no creature to 
t ind hiT« ib- Kojjer to lyo noI»ar to lacke ■ Be lere fat is defendid, 
nnniDvuta Ke to spille epeche ' aa to speke an ydel, 
■pnteh or a». ^^ ^ ^^ tyme to [tyne] ■ na trewe f yng to teenen ; 8 
Lowe ^ to lyue forth ■ in ^ Uwe of holycharcho ; 
jKnae dost )k)w wel, with-onte diede ' ho can do bet, 
no foiee ! 
t cinki thu Clerkes f&t connen al ' ich hope f ei conne do hettere ; 
am aobMtr. Ac hit suffise)) to be eaned * and to be enche as ich 
tanhte. 12 

TiTLB. iDoipit pMSiiB qumtiiB PE ; ITE. an] on HS. 

H prtfitcM Hlo; MBE add de do- 8. An^ Ne IT. to (t)] T em. 

wel ; PaasoB qnartDB da Dovd IT. \tynt BMIET8] tone P. treite] 

2. [ieh n«e] ! sitte UT ; lob eiU trywe P. ta <£)] IT em. teenet^ 

B ; I Mle 1 ; ; sete EB { jseta P. t«nen E ; t«one E ; tene MIT8. 

5. yfaltned BH] jfblwede P ; 9. to] and to M i and ITE ; for to 
folwed IK ; fo1w7d S ; folavid T. B. lyve] )>e lynde (I) E. 

G. eaiia4aiUde] i-conaeUed U; 10. Pmiim] And ^ne IT. &rf] 

eounralede P. /or] ofte for 8. bett PI. 

6. nutxn'l ne EIET. ««] to I. 12. taveJ] i-taued M. !»•<] 8 m. 
T. iVe to] Notmr S. tpiche'] to (2)] UITE cm. 

qwohet E ; no speobe IT. m] as for 

^tv Google 


Ac for to lonye and lene ■ and lyne wel and by-leyue, 

Ys ycsllid earitag ' kyitde toue in engliah ; t ouri^ or hmt 

And ^t is dobet, yf eny sache be ■ a blessed man, \a!t, bMonpws* 

helpe) -iapti™.. 

plat] pees be and pacience ' and pome wlth-onte de- 

fantej 16 

Seatiut est dare quam petere. t am* n- *s, 

Ac cat«I and kynde witt - encombie^ ful menye ; !•» 

Woo is hym ))at hem velde^ - bote he [hem] wel dis- 

Sdenta ^ non facientet uariis jlagelUa vapula- cr. Luk* m. 

Ac comnnliche connynge ' and mkynde lychesse, t bm canning 

Aa, h}teles to be loideB ' and lewede men techeree, 20 atj op Do-irti, 
And holy chnrche hoieu help ' anerons and coueytous, Do-HHt. 
Drowe)i Tp dowel - and diatrnye^ dobest. 

Ac grace is a graa ^er-tam ' to don hem eft growe ; t But Gru 

Ac grace growe^ nat ■ til [goode wii] gynne reyne, 24 irawv^B. 
And wokie ^rwo good verkes ' wikkede hertee. 
Ac er snche a wil wexe ■ god hym-eelf worclieji, 
And sent for)> seint espirit * to don lone sprynge ; 

^ritu» ubi unit tpirai, ef cetera^ x»e 

a»d fty-Iay««] I bsleue L S3. T onifi. ^] of te K ; oR to 8. 

14. yeallii] j-oallyd 8 ; fcalid P ; 24. [sooda wU K] goode wills B ; 

yoald EHITK. in] aa I ; on MET. goud wille B; heUer than god vol 

" >uiA«] m&D nhulde T. Fl ; god wole H; god wile T. Th» 

aoalpore B 

17. eKcmibre^'] aooambre^ I ; SG. •m>lii«\ nakje B ; wak; E8 ; 
aoombre)i KS ; aocQmbriti T. b«t tee B. xt. 3S2. gao£\ godua B. 

18. [t^n UfKST] miMivrUtm hjm Ki\kluii\ (iIm wykkide T. 

FB. di*pey%i\ dispens E; deipene 26. nil MEBT] h^tr than will 

E; diq)eDde MT; dagpende I. wolP; wille wol B. ged — nwraJtA^] 

jlagtAlii\ penis M. SeivnAet, ^e.] wot«he|) good ulue I \ werohi^ good 

BoieDtf ft non teienU rariii flagellla johf aeluen T. 

vapulsbitnr IT. 27. unt EKBT] send PH. tAmf\ 

"' m] ft ao«K«w B. {pB mynt MKT. etpirit^ espimt 8. 



So grace, vitb-oate grace ' of god and of good werkes, 

May nat bee, bee pow siker ' Jnoh we bidde eoen. 29 
t Lwrniiif I. do. CleregU come)) bote of aiht ■ and kynde Tritt of stoires, 
«f lUn. Ab to be bore o]fer bygete - in suche consteUacioii, 

Tbat vit wexe^ fierof * and oJ«re [wyrdee] bo^ ; 32 
Uultut huitii aeeuli nmt aubieeti ufdiOna 
onotbkiia So grace Ib agyfteof god ' and kynde witt a chaonce, 

And cler^ye and connyng ' of kynde wittes techynge. 
LainiiBg K to ta And jnt u cleiegie to comende ' for crietes lone, more 

pan eny connynge of kynde vitt ■ bote deiegie bit 
ruwele. 36 

tvoHawit- For moTseB wittneeseb bat irod wiot * in stoon with 
wrou* i«r of hue fyoger, 

Lawe of lone oore lorde wrot * longe et crist wen. 

And crist cam and confennede ■ and holy [kiike] made, 
(I0ir) And in eond a eygne wrot ' and seide to ^e lewes, 40 

OB th> gmmd. ' Tbat see)) bynL-eelf aynnelea ' cease nat, icb bote, 

To etryke with etoon o]wr with atof - this strompet 
to de^'; 
tJohBTULi. Qui vegtrum sine pecoato at \tmHai in earn 

lapfdem,] ^ txtfra. 

For-tbi ich consaile alle criatene ' cleiegie to hononre ; 
199 For as a man may nat seo * ^at mysee^ bus eyen, 44 

min booti. "So more can no derkee * bote [if| bit be of bookes. 

28. wUh-mte\ witb S. <tf (2)] 87. iw («w)t] and oriet IT ; in a 
aleo I ; M£S oth. merkei] werk M. ston S. 

£9—33. M nmUf. 88. leMe] I on. 

29. btB (1)] boiTODe 8. be» tuxv] 89. [i>ri« I] ohuTcha PEIS ; 
to T. ehSrohe MT. 

50. etm«ti] oome not S. (rJM ^ 40. i^] I om. 

witA-outE. il.Gbegint again. e«M«} aeselST. 

51. 0^0)-] ft T. ty;«t«] b^ita E ; 42. ttrempet^ Etrompett P. [otU- 
gete S. nehe'] Buah a lEST. ttU—lapidem:] t» E onlg. 

B3. [^riej] wirdes E ; wyrdaa B ; 43. IW-tki^ For-whi H; For T. 

wordea PBIT (nyrdti = deatiaieB). einuaUe\ oonmi\j P ; but tm 1. 68. 

33—42. KvmiU. alle crittene] eohe creature KQ; ioh 

84. am(\ a 1ST. Uohyitge] tech- a creBtBni IT. 

iDgeaL 46. eUrluii\ olsTO IT. \if lEQ] 

S6. /<r] fore PU. jtfEMTiPSiw. ^] oome IT (icM^A 

SC. nmelt\ reule BIS ; role U. tuiu the aUiUratiott betUr), 

^t, Google 


And thauh men moden bokea ■ god waa here maister, 
And seynte epirit fie saumplarie ' and seide wliat men 

sholde wiyte. 
And ryght as ayht serue^ a man ' to see ^ hje sttete, 
Kyght so leie^ lettnire - lewede men to reson. 49 

And as a bljmde man in batayle - here]) vepne to fygbte, Likisbunimu 
And ha^ non hap wi^ has axe ' hoa enemy to hitte ; 
Ko more canakynde-witted man'bote clerkes hym teohe, " i« <*• with 
Come for alio hua kynde wjttea * ^orwe criateadom to batnnuught. 

be saned; 
The whiche ia cofro of criatea treaour ' and clerkos 

kepen ^e keyes, 64 

To Tnlouke hit at here lykynge ■ Jie lewede and lerede 

to helpe, 
To jeue mercy for myededes ■ yf men wolde hit aske 
Bnxumliche and benygneliche ' and byddeu hit of grace. 
Areha deiinbB olde hiwe ' leniteB hit kepten ; Lmutiupt 

Hadde nenere lewede man leue ■ to legge honde [on] ^at 

Bote hit were preeate ofer preeatea aoae • pakciarck '•• 

ofer prophete. 60 

Saul, for he aacrifisade ■ aorwe hym by-tvdde, ^uii du wnof 

And hns Bones for hua synnes ■ aorwe ^ey hadden ; n bml uu. u). 
[And alle lewede Jiat leyde hond feroa • loren lyf after.] 

4S. And thaMk] paw H ; Al-toui 66. vnlmtlte] vnloks EB ; vnlokkan 
BETO. AnJ—bcie$] I cm. I ; looken T. 

17. Aiid] And fe MSI. tpirU} 6S. O o»i«i U. GS— SS. /or] forhts 

•mm] me E. 69. to] T dm. Ugge] leyen U ; leyn 

18. a Mtitt. And'\ But H. tykf\ T. [on IHST] in PBS ; nf. B-tezC 
a ibht TL ttrett\ webe H. 60. prtetU'\ piest MK j pntatea 

19. Q until. brii)>Jlenie)> H. FEIBT. 

60. JnO For Q ; I iHA. 62. ^ey 1uidde*\ hem btUdde IE 

61. Jia)i] S an. mernji] enffly H. (repeated fromV GI); hsm bstaujte T. 
6S. elertoi] werk«a 1 (wrofijr^). 63. I'rotn I (wAidA liat hane for 
S3, /or] ^oro^ B. fnyttei] witte I ; houd) ; alio ift KT. 73i< uemt but a 

wyl T. toned] Moede V; tee\. T6. fragment of the three liut in B, zU. 

Si. The'] T om. Tie rrMehe] For 120—123, rtiMck are eorreetly pre- 

hit Q. U] IK on. ecfre] ^ oofre tereed in M8. S eniy ; lee B-tezt. 
I| ^ ooO&e T. 



For-^j ich conMille alle cn«tut«s - no deik to dispue, 

Ke eetto short by bert scieiiM - vbat bo ^ don bem- 

ealne. 65 

Take we beie wndw a worth * for hare wittneeses bcm 

And medle we nat mocbe with hem ' to meeaen en; 

Leate ebeete chaofe ana ao ' and choppe ech mui open ; 
And do we as danid tedie^ ' for doate of godes 

TeniATince ; 69 

Nolile ttmgen eritlot mtot, ^. 
For deragie ia ciistea vikeij ' to ccMiforta and to ctmn ; 
Bo^ lend and lewed were lost * -ji der^^ ne were. 
Kynde-wittadfl men han * a cleregie hj hem-aelae ; 
Of clondee and of cnabunea * {mi contienede menj 

fynges, 73 

And markede hit in here manere ' and mosed ^«ron 

to knowe. 
And of >e Bolcoa^s] ^t ^ eejen * heie eonee >«r-of 

^ tanhte, 
jMi helden hit for an hey acience - here aoleltes lo 

knowe. 76 

Ac ^orw here acience eo^liche * ma neoere aonle jaaned, 
Ne bnraht ^orwe here hokea ' to Uiase ne to ioje. 
For al here kynde knowing * cam bote of diuerae 

«. Ar-hr] PoT-irhi H. eIn-1] 73. ^ O nt. Mnfrmafe] eon. 

olerkea L tiMun H ; ooatrBiie^ S. 

66. a] at IT. iviMiMMM] witaene 71. aun-JtoA] makede M ; nat^ 

TKQ. tr«Kw] trjwa P. 8. t«r-»a] od B. 

68. olAi/e— m] cbutB Ti so ES ; 76. h'] M««. M)IM«|>M KEK8TQ] 
cannvBtoofaide I; ■chaofensaoHO; inkoDtlMB I; selooii^ P. wym] 
ohanofen tb in wo T. and— man] deii M. tamhtt] to Mobe K 

^ ech* aum cboiipe U. 76. JM] For )«y IT ; And O. B 

69. Sera H repwlf U. 30— 3S, 64, miti latt ka^^l. 76, ««d jirif ia^ 
68, and thM 69 dfatn. «/ 1. 76. 

70. vitttrr] Tlowe EO ; Tiou? I ; 78. >mw«] be T. 

nlooii H ; Ttoorie KS ; TfoM^s T. 79. al\ MS o». mot] tie cam PE ; 

to (!)] EO «>. M lUKSTa amU ne. 

71. «vr« (I)] we B. leH'\ t-lort H. 



Of briddea and [of] bestee ■ of bliase and of eorwe. 80 
PotrurbeB and prophetea • rapronede hen science, 
And seide here Tordea and here wyBdomea ' ne was 

bote al f olye ; 
As to ^ cleiegie of ciTst ' ^ conntede hit bote a 


Sapuntia haiua mundi gtullitta e^ apud deum. i Cor. ul m. 
For fa hye holf gost ' ehall henene to-clane, 84 

And lone shal leepe oat afliet ' in-to ^ia Iowa erthe. 
And clanneeae ehal cacchen hit ' and clerkes ahoUen 

hit tjnie ; 

Fattoret Joqaebantttr ad inuieem, et eet. Lni» u. ii. 

Hit spekeji of riche men ryght nouht ' ne of riohe lordes, 
Bote of clenneeae and of cleikes - and kepers of be«tee ; 

Xbant magi ah oriente, et cetera. 88 uittLi. 

Tf eny frere were fonnde fere • ich jetie [fe] fyue 

■hf Hinges I 
Nofer in cot« aofer in caTtyf hoos * was crist j'-bore, a. uu u. t. 
Bote in a borgeises bona ' fe beete of alle fe tonne. 
To pastonra and to poetes ' aperede fa angel, 92 tiw uad 

And bad hem go to bedlehem ' godea bur^ to hononre, •bmitm^ 
And [songen] a song of solas ' Gloria in exeeisia deo I *•! 

Biche men rontten Jio ' and in here reate were, 

SO. anA (1)] or I. [«^ IHESTG] domini. 

FE m. 89. feimde\ i-fonde U. [fv IMS 

B2. i^de\ B en. <mO tie I ; for KTQ] PE om. 

T ; Q m>. trjfdcmtt} wiadom HQ. 90. JV>tw] Na IT. mW] no oola 

n» noi] naa Ej wu 1ST. ieU at] T. i«i>>er 'in] d« in E ; ne IT. f^- 

al bnt H. afj a IKSTG. ty/] ctjtila IT. m« eritf] aiist 

88. At'] And HQ. eenittede lif] wa KTO. 

K-ooanten M. a] T im. tritflt] 91. inrtiHm} htagejt B; bot^ata 

trefale U ; trifle STG. eit] KT <m. H ; batgisii T. ^] in M. tUU] 

84. jAaU kmene] heaen Rchal ISTQ am. 

lETQ; t>e henene scfail B. 92. tn] K im. pt] m Q. 

8e. matter] iftw oat S. o/tar] 9S. brdlehemi betbleem HBE; 

T em. fiU] pe B. bedleem 1 ; bedlem 8TQ. 

es. and] u B. 9*. Ifengm M] aonge IT ; toag B ; 

8T. Bit] Hs B. 0^] lier of IT. ETngni PEE { tinge Q. 

rieht] grete 8 ; fe T. 9G. nrttO^n] Nutte E ; ratten M ; 

88. «*i<l)]Iwi. 0/(2)] ST mi. rotWI; rontenE; routed 8; nmtide 

Afttr eriente I addt—Do natiaitate T; rutte 0. is] Knk 



)}o hit shon to )ie Bhepehurdea ' a Bhewere of Llisse. 
Tha xifi. Clerkea knewen tlie comete ' and comeu with here 

presentes, 97 

And dude here homage honorably ■ to hym ^at wu al- 
I WT thia b«iw Whi ich haoe ytold ]w al }nB - ich took fnl good 
iiiviHd Dvn hedCf 

Hov ^w contrariedeBt cleregie ' with crabbede worde^ 

jMt is, how lewede men and lu})ere ' lyghtloker wero 

aaned 101 

)}au cotmynge clerkes ' of kynde vaderstondyng ; 

And ^w aeideat aof of somme ' ac ich eeye in what 


ThnvMsun Take two Btronge men ' and in temese cast hem, lOi 

And bo^ naked as a uelde ' here no^er henyoui J>an 

OM who « That on hafi connynge ' and can swimmen and dynen, 
WHO ovum ( That o^ is lewede of ^t labour * and letnede neuere 

wtdehiiiB ^Vhich is, ttowest ^ow, of ^o two * in temese moet in 
""*"" diedel" 108 

>•• "He ^at can nat ewynune," iob eeyde ' "fait seme^ to 

■wtaa," I Hid. alle wittea." 

"Kyght so," quafi pai renke ' " reson hit shewe^, 
"8o,"aMh«, That he fat knowef cIbt^q ■ can Bonneie a-ryee 

98. Aore] hem K ; Q OTH . honor- A<raiM):w] here cone IKTj and non 
ablf'] 8 OM. to] & to K. ieat\ ii H. H ; non of hem B. Jt^uj/aur} heae- 

99. t^] jow T ; M «». /ut] wel U. gour K ; beaegnr B ; h«ieg«re T. 
101. pat it] E BM. Iwjirfre] iBjiere 107. o/] ai of I. nevera nrfmme'} 

H ; lit>«re T. lygUlai^] nitnrtttmt bit Seoere M. 

lyghlokere P. lygktloka- were] wars 108. ^im] IBES em. )i0] jie S. 

Uthliker H. mm<] sauede P ; 1- two STK] tuo 1 ; to PEH. vuxt — 

Mued MEQ ; y-BBueds 1. drtde} ia In mocte drede I ; is moat 

103. t«ni] B Ml. m] & B ; bat T. in dred T (icAioi nnit ia ^fier 

teyt] «» PS 1 Bde E ; U7 E ; se IT 1 Which), 
li H ; wot O. 109. Mm«)>] Bemede L 

101. tw STQ] tQo Ii to PBHE. 110. jo] 5 on. t>at] )^ 6; Qom. 
tenna] tamas EH; themeas IQ ; 111. ttnmer^'] sennere M; saiiDKr 

tempM T. B. 

lOS. imUb] nedde IE i nedle M, 



Oat of aynoB, and be saf ' )h>w he Byit^7 ofte, 112 "anniguiud 
If hym lykefi and lust - ^an eay lewede Bothliche. iwa^ 

For yf ^ clerk be connynge ■ and knowe^ what ia 

And hon contricion vith-oate confeasioii ' conforte^ 

fie sonle, 
Ab we seen in [le sauter ' in pealmea on o)>«r tweye. 
How contricioii ia contended ' for hit cacche^ a-wey 

aynne, UT 

Beati qwmtm remiiee sunt imquUatea, \et p«.inLi 
quorum tecta eunt peeeata,} ^e. : 
And bat comforted ecb [a] clerk - and keaeieb tro ciaik* do nut 


In whiche flood fs feend ■ fondefi man hardeat, 
)}er ^e lewede lyetb etille ■ and lokeji after lente, 120 
And ha^ no contricion ' at he come to shiyfte ; 
And ^on con he lytel telle ' of on o^ of o^, irnirtWnd nua 

Bote as his loieaman lere^ hym ' he by-leyne^ and itw; ■» ungbi. 

And )rat ia aftei person oper poreshe-preest ' and par- 

annter bo^e bej) lewede 1 24 

For to lere lewede men * as luc bere^ wittnesse ; 

Si ceeut duett cecum, ambo in /oueam eadenl : BO* 

For muche woo was hym marked ' ^at wade shal with 

fe lewede, 

112. frn^y]SfnegeE0)>7iiireS; 122. And] U om. IT umit latt 
Bynny K i Bynne IMT. *d{f q^ (la lint. 

113. Umede\ lewed man M. 128. lere^ J^"*] liy* leTe|> I- 

116. At] And 8. i«] I DM. T oniitt latt liaff ^ th« 

117. eaeehet> HJKSG1 oaochl)> T; liiu. 

oliachfl^ P ; Mste^ E ; ue B-teiL 12i. permit o^er] his p^rsoan o|>er 

[rt—peccatalfron B. his I, bey\ ben M ; IT en. 

118. [alEST] FEUGiwk tiewsre)- 125. Far] IKTO on. lere] leroe 
EIBTG] fcoeuerat> F; keonere)) K; M. ;<«:] books I. 5>] Dum IMETG ; 
coaere^ him U. Cun 8. ducit ceevia] ceoo ducatam 

119. JUrifri] futoit U. prrotetE. ambo — ooiJrat] IE5TQ om. 

120. l^eth] UU U 1 li|> T. eadenf] caduot EM. 

121. Q omiU U. 121—128. ar] et 126. Fhr n«aA«] Fill mocbel I. 
ex ; or E : tU H. \e]^T (trrvng- iro.?] 8 on. 


254 TBB "bbnepit op clebot" at IYBVBS. [rASS. XT. 

w<u hr htm W«I may ^e bam bleaae - Jnt hfm to book sette ; 

That lyuynge after lettrura ' sauede hjm lyf and souk ! 
Pi. ». t (Vaicj. Dominue part keredUatU mee ' ys a muiye veiset, 1 29 

Hit ha)> ytake fro tybome ' twenty stronge ^ues ; 
BMdinchii ber lewede beeoea ben. lollid rp ' lake bow bei been 
tkniii Trbqni. sanede ] 

TbtpniUDt ]}e ))eef ^at hadde giace of god ' a goode &yday, as 

"^™""* (K)w toldeat, 133 

Waa, for he jalde hym creaunt to ciist ' and bna grace 

And god U ay gtaciooe ' to alle ^t grede^ to hym, 
He wol no wiokede man be lost ■ bote yf he wol 
Nolo mortem peeeatoris, sed ut magi* eonuertafur 
^ uiuat. 
tat hid ■ low And ^auh ^ ^f hadde heaena * be hadde non hye 
blisse 136 

Aa aoynt lohan and oj^er eeyntea * )wt ban a-senied 
Hiriwanto Hygbt as som man jyneji me mete ' and set me 
tiM luu to IK a-mydde {le floor, 

Icb haue mete more ]»n ynowe ' ac nat with so mucha 

Aa ^ )iat aytten at Jie ayd-table ' oJmt with fo Bouereynea 
in baUe, 140 

128. Tkafip^S. lynyngejljajuB H. gf']K3(lom. Md— uiwtt] IKSTO 
bat> H. fOHAitf] «M«^ U. ont. 

129. mtt] m. om. vn-M(] veraatt 186. ^tuT] AoHKBQ; But T. m« 
P ; nera H ; van T. %«] not eo b7 S. 

130. Hit] For tt T. 1H7. lahan] Ion EH. a-*trved 

131. lotlidi i-loUed H. taiude} EMK] a-aeruede P ; serued ITO ; de. 
l*aaiied M. Btrrujd S, 

13S. a] on Ht ; & (I) B. at— 138. man'] KQ otM. tst H8T] aett 
UUtH} to be I-Mued H. F ; wHe IKQ ; aettefi E. a-mjfdde\ 

.33. lelda BIKO] leld S ; inli 
IT; held Hi MS 1. lea. 

Id F ; inmrddM H. 

laid T; held H 1 MS 1. 163. Ay» 189. »at mtA] wttA n(»t B. •«] 

UIUKSTQ] mitKTitten hem F. anS] IT om. 

Bf> H. 140. a< ^] ate S ; at K- tahUI 

134. ay] btut B ; O 0>». aU> — bord H. t«l H rat. «0N««yiw>] 

A^a*} hem )>at to hiin graded H. «>a«re;nteea I ; toiurayn T. im Aalfe] 

136. Et\ And IT. ml] wile )>at S #». 



Bote, OB a beggere, bordles ' hj my-seJf vpon ))e groimde. S** 

So Mt ferde by fe felon ■ p&t a goode fryday waa saaed ; bo hi i. m* with 
He [sit] aoper -wiHh seynt loban ' witb ay mon ns vitb 

Ne with maydenea ne with Martris ' no with ntylde 

wydeweB, 144 

Bote aa a soleyit by hym-eelf * and aemed T|Kin ]» miivUiiiHie 

For he )>at ya ones a ^eef ' is euere mora in daunger, 
And aa )m lawe lyke^ ' to lyue o^ei to deye, 

De peecaio propieiato noli eaae sine metu ; Enhu. t. b. 

And for to aertieii a seynt ' and sache a ^eef to-gedeiea, 
Hit wera no raeon ne ryght ' to rewarde bo^ [y]liche. 
By^t aa traianut, fa trewe kny^t ' tnlde nat deep in imu twM 

helle, 150 "*'^'"'^' 

That ouie lord ne hadde hym lyghtliche out '.ao leyue]) 

of fa feet in heuene. 
For he ya ia the loweat heuene * yf onre byleyue heo ud uh tutri* 

And wel looeliche loUe^ ^ere ' aa by )ie lawe of holy- 

ohnrche; 153 

Et [reddef] tmieuique secundum opera sua. P(.ui.u(Vaic.]. 

Ac whi fat [one] f eef vp-on fe croya ■ cteannt hym jelde 
Ba^ fan ^at ojwr ' ^auh )iou woldest apoae, 

111, O omiU. a} Tom. vptm] on IfiO. Enf] Ajii right IT. tra- 

HITS. ianiu] troianus SETQ ; tnilansa HI ; 

H2. ■] on HT, »mitS] Banede P; t>e tnduiM (1) B. treiee] trjwe P, 

l-sauad H. tuUt'] to PBESO ; tilleda M ; tald« 

143. Se] Hit E ; A L [rif IHE IT. 
6TQ] Bltta B i Mt P. My«t] K m*. IBl. bytMt>] leoe^ E ; lene I HIES, 

AjUh] Ion H. ttUA tynnt] ne with e/ Fw] )Mt )<e E ; F>at IT { of ^ BS ; 

Sfinood I; ne wlfi 1710011 T. im oTH. byiid^— tw^] Iroe)) f«t)ief T. 
witlt] na wl> aeynt M ; ne IT. 1G2, Amimm] of heuene IT. traxe] 

lU. Ne] M om. ttywe P. 

146. a] B OM, \f».*a^ dlf a IDS. laielicha E] loiliche P ; loui> 

•Nifl I OM. t«m»d\ Hraede P ; lioh B ; Icnlich B ; lifliohe I ; looeliohe 

l-MTOed HI ; juruid T. vp-mi] on MT. )>e] U on. [rxifM SIEUST] 

T. reddlt PO. mnm^nw] iuzta IMT. 

148. for'] M> H. a (I)] (wloh • B. IM. |»ie] )« & [om I] o T ; 

149. fHehe lESEG] ylioh T ; i-llke PEUBEG irm. Vf-Pii] on HT. 
H ; llche P. 




Alle ]ie clerVe<i vnder Crist ' ne cou^ fja asoile ; 156 
• Quare placuit, quia uoluit, etc. 

And HO ict aeje by f e ■ Jtat aekeat after weyee, 

inq^BottBto 2^^ creaturoB [han] kynde witt ■ and clerkes comes 

to bokea, 

And hoT }e flonres in |w ftitth ' come^ to feyre heves - 

Was nenera creatura vudcr ciyst ' |iat knew wel ^ 

bygynnyi^ 160 

Bote kynde, )iat contreeuede hit furst ' of corteise wiL 

N(tii»tiii«u He taohte )ie tortle to tiede ' ^ pokok to cauke, 

ih* pncsak. And Adam and eae ' and o^ bestea alle 

A cantel of kynde witt ■ here kynde to sane. 164 

Of good and of wikke ' kynde waa ^ ferste, 

Re seih liit and sufirede hit ' and seide hit bee eholde ; 

t ri.eiMu.1 Quia t'^ dixit, ^ facta mmt ; ipte numdauit, 

^ ereata sunt. 
Waa neuere man vpon molde ' ^t myghte hit aspye. 

MM Ac longe-lybhynge men ' lyknede mennes Ij-nynge 1 C9 

To bryddee and to bealee - aa hue bokee telle^, 
|)at the fayreet fowel - fonleat engendie^, 

TixfurMtari And feblest fowel of flicbt ia ■ ^t [flee>] of>«re 

mgu Bwynimef). 172 

That ia, ^ pokok and po popeiay * with here pioude 

IM. (NW^] *hDld« U. >yi] it L RUBUC Dixit et beta auot 

IBT. ^] |>i-Belf T. ■TO'-'] N lESTO ; H om. 

wcjta f ; ^ wljes T. 167. wtre] 8 am. a»d] u U. 

158. [lUa IKG] b>dd« T; and Inye] laae EIHTO ; leoae E; be- 

PBHS. and] and liow ITEQ.. Una 8. 

1B9. T naift. ^] t«t H (tirice). 169. ^Uyv] l7UT»ge MST. 

jla«n»] foalet EQ. •>«>•«»] meane E ; mxa IS ; manes 

160. itfynmynft] g;nnrDit T. U ; tttmix T. 

161. hit) U OM. /■nf] I M». lTl.>^»Kr|fODleEIlIES;foiilTa. 
4^] of hii llrr ; or S. eorteitt E8] 172. /eUnf] ^e feUestttT. Jtieif] 
oottete E; oort^ HI; korteii G; flight 1; Siit T; fluht E; Bith H; 
wwrrUten oortade P : kjmde T. fljjt O. [JUeti IMJ Be)> ET ; flea^ 

16!. ^tai] pecok KTQ. S i aoeht P : fli^t E ; Hjjt G. 

163. tfer—allfl ■lleo^fr« bMtw IT. 173. pviok} peook KTQ ; pookoo P. 
166. Br] lETO *m. tik] si SI. wiY*] wiUu P. 



Uy.toknejt lyght riche men ■ fat regnen here ou er^ 

For ponewe a pocok ' ofter a pohen to cocche, n* iwd^i uu 

And haue hem in haste ' at jtyn owene wil ; 176 "'' 

For fiei ma; nat fleo fer ' ne fnl bye no^r, 

For here fefetee ^t fiure ben * to fle for hem lettef . 

Hds leedene is Tnloneliche ' and lothlicbe bus caroigno ; mi tdI« ti 

Ac for has peyntede [pennee] ' ))e pocok ia honoured t«z 

Moie fan for bus faire flescfa ' o))er for bus murye note. 

Byght BO men lenereace]) more )» rycbe - for hua aichmamn 

mucbe mseble 182 tbur ricbii, 

t»a for fe kyn fat be cam of ' ofer for hua kynde vittes. &» ui ml 
Thus fe poete pivimji - fe pocok for boa federes, 
And fe licba for boa rentes ' ofere rycbesae in hua 

[sohoppej. 185 

J>6 larke, fat is a lasee fovel ' is loneloker of lydene, tih ink hu ■ 
And swettui of sanoor * and awyf ter of wynge. iku uh ptetA. 

To lowe-lynynge men ■ fe larks is resembled, 188 

And to leelle and to lyf-boly ' fat louen alls treufe. 
]3us porfirie and plato * and poetes menye 
Lyknef in here logyk ' fe leeate fowel cute. 
And wbefer b^ be oaf ofer nat aaf ' fe aofe wot nat piin«Ti7ui<i 

clergie, 192 ^^^ 

174. rtgiuit — m»] dir«lle|) Tpon 8, kynde M. (mi(] IT wti, /or (2)] fore P. 

176. fbr} To E. 184. poeoi] pecok ETQ. 

176. iemi] hfin S. to] Id an L 18a. )w] & am. riche^ riohe man 

olVfita] I sa. IT. /or] fore P. nw&i] rente MT. 

1T7. >rf] he n« ML fir IMSTG] o^ws] orforlST. [«iop;w KMKSQ] 

feriw E ; feer K ; for P. fiif] wel ML!, ihoppe T ; ichoppea I ; gbeepe P. 

178. fir IHSTQ] term S ; feor K ; \6S. bnitloker] loneliker M ; lone- 
feer P. lokest I. Iffdent] ledsus IBM80 ; 

179. ImbM] leodene KE ; ledene leodene K ; ledon T. 
H; lethene I; ludana S; leden T. 187. tryn^e] wyngea I. 
mioueliche] mcomelich S, lotli- 188. nueiabUd] y-iemblid B. 
lioi^] lodll M. Aim] iatoS; TBhiaa. 189. Ami] Jd S. ImUs] lows M ; 

ISO. [pMHM IT] fejferea PEHSEQ; leoe T. to (2)] lUTG om. 
hrt obiervt the alliteratiim ; and ef. 190. parfirie] porphirie IS { pur< 

it ioNaKrAf] muiprinfn phlrie H ; porphorie T. 

IUb hoDonrede P. 191. ZyfaM)'] Liknede M. 

let. miiryc] bire T. witt\ notwi S. 192. «rA«)>«r] iralw P ; wber lEO. 

183. Am] he» I \ hura B. nueAe If;] hy E ; ^i M ; he lESTO. laf^ 

mieehl»\ moeblu I ; meble T. sad M ; aaufe I ; Muf T {.txiee). 

183. ^«] eny I i any T. Ayn] %at (2)] no 5. 

^tv Google 

258 SAi.TATiO!' roB the heathen POiiSiBLE. [pass. XT. 

Ne of Bortes, ne of solamoB ' no scripture can telle 

^Hiefwr ))ei be ta belle o^ in heuene ; * o^ere aristotia 

^ mae. 

Sod, Kko (*•* Ac god is so good, ich hope ' dttlie be gaf hem irittes 

la tadi ■, wfli To wiaaen ous weyes ^er-iritb ' fat wenen to be saoed, 

^1— . - And ^ bettere for here bookes — ' to bidden we been 

holde 197 

)}at God for bos grace * gyne here saules teste ; 

For lettred men were but lewede men jnt ' ne were }» 

lore of ^o clerkes." 

••• "Alle Jtese derkes," qua^ ich ^ ' "^t on crist by- 

Ij^^te leyuen, 200 

Jt<n,'miai. Seggen in here sarmons ' ]iat nafer samiayns ne lewes 

Witb-oale baptiame, as b; heie bokes * bee^ nat 

" Contra," qohf Tmaginatif fa ' and camsed to lonre, 
t PiL It. u. And seide, " uix etduabitur iuttut in die iudieii / 

£rffo edluabitur" quafi be ' and seide no more latTn. 
■TnOBn* "Traianiu was a trewe knyght ' and took nenere 
am bqUM^" crTstendome, 205 

And he is sa^ aeitb fa bok ■ and his soule in henene. 

IM. IFiU)w] We)ier P. M] ^y 19S. pdt] To Q. for} of H. gytie 

B ; ^ |i^ 1. ItlU—laiamal heoBoa MS] jpie E ; jeue I ; jiue T ; gyf P 

or in belle SQ. (nAuiA it bad grammar}. M addi — 

J/ter 1. IM 8 alims iatgrt* tXae nota tigumentirm prv InSdelibiu. 

jtOT Jifi*#— 199. Kert (1)] De were H ; nerv B. 

Job wM « tiaTiijm ■ ft pleeede god but] u IKTQ. me» (^)] T om. iMf ] 

a pTTB, let T : ;lt I ; B <m. H STQ m. 

And ariotele (dtf) aI-K> ' wwede pti] ^ IB. ))0 eferiw] boke« KQ; 

^ eune wcte, bore bokis T. na—elerhei] n{ ^t 

And lad taX holy \jt • >ft«<- lawe t«i ne were H. 

ofkynde, SOO. pete'] fweae P; |>« T. by- 

Wbeie-tare hit Kinat K^ly ' by UyuMt] leusn ITQ ; lyacn 8 ; leouea 

•ondiy ekyln* to eabewe E. 
pat be It Mf at wa« lob ■ I can 201. in] wiloate (I) I. 
not ieye )« aotre. 202. beefi'] ne be\> T. 

196. tittlu} t>at tefilie 1 1 t«t «i)>>e S(H. nH^] spw U. 

T. Ami] him L SOS. 9ViiidiiM]TrolaDntHEKSTO| 

lee. cm] ti IBT ; m H. iray«(] Trolanea I. Crtnv] taiwe P ; tat w* 

wyet ST. fttr-trUk] Q m. mnaI] 1. 211. 

nnede F; l-«aaed HO. 206. AU] it P. 

197. ioMe] y-bolde IQ ; 1-bolde H. 



Ther is follyng of font ' and foUyxig [in] blod-ahedynge, " 
And ^onr fuyi is follysg ' and al is feim bj-leyue ; ■ 
Aduenit ignis diuinus, non comburms sed 
Ac treathe, ^at trespassede nenero * ne transuersede ^ 

ajens ^ lawa, 209 n 

Bote lynedo as [his] lawe tauhte ' and Ieyae[))] ^i be 

no bettero, 
And yf far were, be wolde ■ and in suche a wil deye]) — 
Wolde jieuBTB trews god • bote trewe treuthe were 

a-lowed. 212 

And where hit worth o^ nat worth ■ f e by-leyue is 

gret of treuthe, 
And hope lionge^ ay ^ei>on ■ to haue |)at treathe 

deserueji ; h 

^ia super pauea fidelia fuisti, supra mulla te t 

And Jiat ia lone and large huyre ■ yf the lord be trewe, t am re"«rdi 
And cortede more lian couenant was ' what so clerkes h« promiHi.-- 

carpenj 216 

For al worth as god wole" — ' and frer-with he vanshede. ThuhiTuUiied. 
Hie explicit pateui quintus de dowel. 

207. Tier] And |>er I ; Ac \ier EG ; leue. 

Bat {i»re T. /oJ^y] fullynR M 212. Wolde] Ne wolde ITE. a- 

ittfioe). qf\ in 8. [i» IMESKTO] loTcei] a-lowede P. 

of P ; CM B-text 213. o]>er] worn it T. hat korth'] 

308. /»yr] tte I ; fare E ; feor M. wor>e nat I ; worth no^ht E. 6y- 

/eUynff] {\il\jTig EMI ; folewTSg T. teyiu'l bileue EMISQ ; beleue T. 

ii]Toin. /arm] berea (I) E. 2U. hi»tge\i ayl ay hoiif(u[' S; 

209. triaitnerude] tranenwde M ; cliaunge)i a; E. deiemei<] desire^' M. 

traueraed L |v] hia I. ^delii /vitti] fuisti Sdeiia IMSTG. 

SIO. lyvtde IT] leuede MO; leued tiipra, ^-e.] I tm. 

El leonede K; lyua); B; Mumt^itnH 215. h«yre] huiw I. ](f— fr«(re] 

lernedeP; (hit lyuede = iived here; of )>e lord of tn])>e M. 

^.B-text) [iitlMKSO] jieKTi P 216. (wrt*«w;] a oortesio ES; a 

0M. byu«t>J leue> HIS ; ieui)i T ; oartsBia M ; a ourteisie T. 

leoneti K ; lenede Q, mitmritUn leTse 217. nofuVJe] vaneched E ; vanya- 

F ; leua E. achad I ; vaneRBcheds MS ; Taniahide 

311,213. dmaiti. T; vaojBobede E. 

811. *#] a I. wetfo] te in all but Colophon. So FO; IM otiiU. i/tr] 

T ; wt Of in B-leit i T lUt— irolde EES am. de doKfl] ES em. 



Intipit paatus aextvt \de dou>^. 


i ich awakede ^er-with ' wittleea ner bande ; 
a &ek ya.i feye wen ' forth gaa icli walke 
^^^^T" "^ In m&nflra of a mendinaimt ' rneuy jeres after. 

ind mei^ tyma of }iiB metelea ' mache ^ouhte ich 
hadde; 4 

km rotaiM Farst, how fortune me faflede ' at my moste neede. 
And how elde manacede me ' bo myghte happe, 
)}at, ji ich lynede longe ' leiie me hy-hynde, 
And TaneMe alle myne vertues ' and myne faire lockes, 
ud Hui would And how ^at fteres folweden - folk Jiat was ryche, 9 
And peuple ^at was poure * at lytel prys setten ; 
ITe coTsea of ponre comune ' in here [kirke]-jeid moste 

TiTLK. So in'KO; S miift paamia ; 7. IyHa<foniEST0]1;iiedE;l«ned« 

H preJUet* Hio g FB Mttf de dowel ; Chadlg) P. lent, ^e.] te in aU tut 

IT JUc«— Pasnu quintua da visione, O ; to leue Q. 

Tt iapn. S. Q oniti. vaiukit] te PE ; tbq- 

S. A*] And as ITQ. /ege] fein ynche IKS; Tsniaahe T; taoMacbe 

M ; Tfiy E. frnlibt] tan S. M. /sirs] AUe E. locil't] lotwCp^r- 

5. A] In )>s M. jirroj] 3er ITQ ; \aptfar \oevi) I ; loLee T. 

MTfl E. -i/len-] Jisraf tir T. B. )>a(] M oth. /ohre^M] foleiride 

1. .i>»<r] In I. fyw«] tymei IHT. [aet« T. 
B. •uMfe] fsnte T. 10. Km\ irem T. uttm] )>el 

6. M — Kaype\ to ]oiige myghla ich Mtten T. 

liappe PB; h¥t IMKSa omit longe 11, JVo] KenoIT; NoM, (W«m] 

«il^ toh, ie\ic\ KBJH, to ^ve te«it aeei- oorps IK ; coon B ; con TO ; bodies 

dmtolly oavfAt/rnml. 7; T Am— BO M. q/'jofffeM. [lirie IT] olinreh« 

mt]^ tuip he hadde. PES ; cbircbe UK. moa«\ mid U. 



Bote yf tie qtiike by-quethe hem auht * oper wolde 

iLeIpe aqoite here dettes. 13 

And h.ow ^iB couetiae ouer-cam ' die kyimo sectes, ud nil priM* 

Am wel lerede as le'wede ' and loTd as ]» bonde. aui dooat 

And how Jiat lewede men ben ladde ' bote ome lord 

hem helpe, 
Thorow vnconnyngB cmatours ■ to incurable pejoee. 16 
And how [^atj Tinagmatif * in dremeles me tolde *u 

Of kjnde and of hue connynge • and what connjnge "n* tHght » 

he jaf to hestes, iruun iTf 

How loaynge he [is] to eche lyf - a londe and a 

For alle he wisse^ and )eue)> wit - fiat walke^ oper 

crepe^. 20 

And ich memtulede in herte ' how ymagrnatif saide, uui luw iw ipoki 
pai iuriiu by-fore ifrni ' in die iitdieii otHintiBn, nd 

Non ecUuabitur • bote Bia; helpe ; 
And, wfaanne be badde eeide so ' how sodeynlich he 

vanshede ; 24 

And so ich mused rpon ^ia matere ' )iat me liute to 

Thenne cam conscience ' and cleiegie after, ifSMnid ** 

12. tf\ mSSTQ tm. ha quUie^ mtea P. 
qnikke ha I ; qujk be ETQ. by- 19. Bate^ And bow IT. [u IHE 

gnetlu] biqiia)! IKQ ; bequa^ T. STQ] wh PE ; tet next Une ,- attd cf. 

«t<ar weUg] to T. aq^ite'] qnyte B-text. eelu] eobe a ES ; veh ■ I ; 

IBKTQ ; to quite VS. iohe a T, lyf\ man H. a] on M 

IS. Ion] n,unTitten oit P ; mil I. (_tKioe). atuTI aa E. 
9. )*<(] >(U K) UTO am.. tecUi'] 21. mervailede] in«nieyle I. te] 

tN&ca U. in inju M ; muohe in T. 

It. Ureie—lameie} lewed as lered 22, 23. Writteti <u one Um in M. 
B. and] H mm. 22. in] be muf in T. 

IS. »nt] B m. loAlg] 1-lad H; 23. Me] but lit I ; qtuxl hs >o ■ 

lad ESTQ. . bat lif )»it T. 

IS. G Mtif*. mrdtoura] oreatOHra 2l. iBld«ii«] waune F, Mule] 

E; oraaturei IB. ineurabW] vn- i-ieid M; yieid T. tmiulude'] Tsn- 

eurable EE. ached E ; Tanraaohede IK ; nanes- 

17. [><i<IETQ] PES on. Jmu- schedeHS; TanluhldeT. 

)m] derkencase M. 2B. rfM] on M. «m] 1 U. to] 

18. ^] 8. <1 o 8. »•*] 8T KO am. 

#M. eniMynge (2)] kynde H. to] 26. ZKmhp] And (laiine lETQ. 
lEBTQ PM. b»ttt$i mitm-itUn beat- tt/J^irr] f<erattir T. 



ConidHija and And beden me ryse and lome ' for with reson eltoldQ 

ClHgJ.who , 

old I ihooid mu ica dyne. 

And ich a-roB and romed fortli * witli reeou [ve] mette. 

We Teuerencede reaoii ' and romed forth softeliclie, 29 
Thanuwii Andmetto with amaTeter ' a man ylike afreie. 
want wiiti Cob- Conscteuce knew hym wel * and welcomede hym &yie ; 
' J>ei wiaafaen and wypeden ' and wenten to ^e dyner. 32 

PaciencB aa a ponre ^yng cam ' and preide mete for 
Pitttfiis uosd Yhke to peers ^loohman ' aa [he] a palmeie weie, 

Crauede~and criede ' for cristes loue of beuene, 

A melea mete for a poure man ' of w moneye, yf ^ 

hadden. 3S 

Cauoiam «u<d CoDBcience know hym wel ' and welcomede hem alle ; 

ns )}ei wisahen and wipeden ' and wenten and setten. 

Theinuurut Jje maister waa made to eitte flust * aa for be most 


Beaon stod and stihlede ' aa for stywaide of halle. 40 
itoenia uid I Pacieuce and ich weren ' ypnt to he mettes, 
tuiiii. And aeten by ona selue ■ at a ayd-tahle. 

Cleiegie calde after mete ' and )ienne cam Bcriptor^ 
And aeruede hem p\ia sone ' of aondrie metes menie, 44 

2T. beden\ to PEET) bede U; cm. ai — nw»] a palmera m he wera 

bed Q ; bode I. ryie] arUe KO ; B. 
risen vp I. /or] and L ikolde ieh] 
we Bcbulde T. 

38. And} K OBI. tvith'] and wl|> 
IT. [<r« EIHE8TG] ich P. 88. p«i;JlOmi. frtuAoM] «• PTQ ; 

30. ylHie'] 7lyche E ; like IK; Uk wiBMhenK;wesobenIHES. xipedeii^ 
UTO ; liohe S. wipteD It. and letien] to litte Q, 

31. wbI'] IKO em. nretawiMtrfa] wol- 89. to'] I8T0 mi. oi] t S. 
comede F ; but lee 1. ST. 40. iMlede'] etilhlede M ; adhjledo 

S2. iRtMA^nT] wiecbeoE; wemhen K; itiitlide T; stlehelede S; ni}led« 

IE ; weRshen IISQ; woggben P {hit Q. ttj/mardt] steward MET. idUoj 

tee 1. 38). tvypodea] irjpten H. alle E. 
[>e] liT om. 41. te*rffl»] waa I; prmQj waa T. 

33. Pacienee — cam] And )ier oom yput SO] i-put H; Tpott P ; patle X ; 

pacience aa a pore f>itige I ; And |M>re put ST, ntttet] menea B. 
come pacience & pore tiinges T. for] i2. otu] va E6 ; oa H ; oura IT. 

pur ITQ ; par E. 13. tuete] me (1) I. 

Si. Ylike] Uiche E. plevhman] U. hem] hjat S ; m. 

I.e pbweman I. [A* IMBTQ.l PKK 

^tv Google 


Of austyn, [of] ambrwie ' of alle fe foure enangeliea, 

Edentetet bibenies que apud illoe eunt. Lukex.;. 

Ac of lese metes bis maisteT ■ myghto nat wel cbewe j ti* mutn u* 
For-fy lie eet mete of more coat ' mortrewes and 

Of ]iat fiat men myswonne ■ ])ei maden liem wel at ese, 
Ac here sauce was ouere-soura * and vnsauerliche MtbdrwiH 

grounde, 49 

In a morter, poat-mortem • of meny bitere peynea, 
Bote yf ])ei synge foi )io sooles * and wepe ealte teeies ; 
Uoa qui peccata hominum eomediiie, nisi pro eis 
lacrimaa effuderitin, ea que in ddicijt coma- 
ditis, in tormentia \_e!aometii\. 
Tliemie leaon radde ' ryght a-non after, 92 

jMt conficience comaimde Bholde ■ to do come ecriptiire, CDudmHtHi* 
And brynge brad for pacieuce ' bytynde apartie, bwd ™ '^ 

And to me |)at was has mette fio ■ and ofier mete bo^e. ' '"' 

He sette a sonic loof ' and seide, " offiie peailmiiam," hu. ui. l 
And sitthe [be] drow ons drynke ' divrpeneuerane, 67 sis 

"As longe," quaf he, "as J» lyf ■ and Jie licame may •*■»■»*• 

"This is a semelicbe e«nuce ! " ' seide pacience. 

is. Qf\ Aod T. [n/ EIKSO] and euDm«H« T£; earm«tit IE ; nltmU- 

of H ; and FT. ambroiia] Ambroei te* sn emargitU F ; emergltiB E. 

K ; AmbTDM IMTO. ^] and of H. 62. retoit^ ns resonn I; u rasonn 

)>»^ K ont. «wingelie4\ eDaDgelittes T. rygU amoit\ a-ntai rnt« SIT. 

MB. tifcw] eof TO. 63. cthm] K m. 

46. )WM] |ie«« P. ^ttemetet'] fits 64. bj/tynde] to TK; bltyiide H; 
metelET. t^] ^e MS ; f<at IT. bitande T; brtpige IBS. apartU] 

47. Jbr-|>r] FoT-whi M. eef] etc lo PIHKT ; Bpartf E ; a pBity 
IK; eyt B. he eet] ete he I ; et he SQ. 

T. mete] metes M. 66. And] pat B (vrvnffly). tnefte'] 

48. pat iuU} )iat IKTQ. mel—eu] lo in aUbnf!; meta T. 
at ese wet S. 66. iette'\ sette forfi M. 

49. t»*awrlieh»\ m> FM; vn- 67. [t« IME8TQ] PB om.; iff. 
a»nerly EO ; Tmauerilioh K ; vn- B-tezt. ma] M om, Jiw] dia I ; 
sauorel; I ; vnnnouH]' T ; oner- Aya, T. 

s»u«rl]' S. gnmfide] j-groaait) IS ; 68. ^ (1)] >! M ; Jiy B ; IKO out, 

i-grmiDde M ; ygrounden T. >« tyf] I may lyne T. )m (2)] |)1 H ; 

GO. morter] mortel B. ^ri- |>y E ; IK8T0 om. 
mortem] >at mortem hlit T. 69. padtne*] pSrdeiiM fmuM H. 

61. {io]J>eIMKSTQ. [evonutU&T] 



Thtiime cam contrition ' ^t badde coked for hem alio, 

■ pittumotPL And brouhte for]i a pitannce * was pro-kac-orabit- 

oTnaii-mnclug-in-lempore-qporlitno. 61 

Conscience confoiiede oub ' bojie clei^ie and scriptme, 

p*. L 1*. And seide, " cor contritum ^ liumiliatum, detu, 

non deepiciee." 

Pacieuce was wel apaied ' of ^is propie aerajae, 

I Dionrnd to » And mad murye with bia mete ; ' ao ich moamede enere, 

(be docMr drink 

» Diiiah iriu. For a doctor at fie heye deys * drank wyn faste — , 66 
!"■•■«•- Ueuobis qui patentee eetis ad bUimdummntim — 

H* It* *u hhu ot And ete meny sondiy metes ' mi»tiewe and poddynges, 

Braun and blod of ^ goos ' bacon and colboppea. 
B14 Then seide ich to mj-self ' Jjat pacience hit burde, 68 

"OnirtdiTi "Jut is nat pre daiea don ■ tat bis doctor precbede 
•inat SI puu'i At seint panles by -for ]ie peuple ' what peuaimce ^i 
Mid L aimreden, 

Alls ^at coueitede to come ' to heuene bye ioje; 

And bow fiat paul fie apostle - what penaunce he fiolede 

For oure lordes loue ' aa holy lettruie telle^ ; 73 

1 One. ii. xt. In fame et frigore, ifc. 

"TiejmTtt Ac me woudrefi in my witt ■ whi fat the! ne pieche, 
Pmi'i *«rdi in As paul tbe apostel prechede ' to fie peaple ofle, 
Perieulum in falsU fratribus ! 

60. ^f] M on. eelei'] i-ooked M. 68. my] me H. ^ pacUnet] m 

61. orabW^ orabit ad le H. ift — psclent I ; bo paoienoe T. 
opoHmo] M om. 69. }Ht] Hit MO ; It IT. i«] qjb 

62. Cantdmce'} ThaQoe coDMieoce U. don^ goii M. )rij lUGSTG] mu- 
IKTG. eonfortede] confortufi 8. nrittem >M8 P. |>a(— ilorfor] fiis 
io\ie] & bo^e S. uide MIKSTO] »ti(< doctoKr ^ he ISO ; t>ii doctour Jxtt 
»riU»n Beiden PB. d€ipiaiei\ de- he ne T. 

spiciet M, 70. ««•<] IT em. Jy./or] to M. 

61. Rui^] made him H ; mads what] ^aX U. 
hym £, murye] mur^ie K. t>ii] bis 71. countedt] coueitoQ MS ; ooueTte 

M. IT. hweiie hye] heaene heie E ; 

GS. at — deyi\ \>al at fie heiie deii heuene-rlche U ) heumie kjune SO ; 

■at T. drank'] >at drouk M. eny k;ii IT. 

Obb. Here K endi. 72. ^at] H am. 

66. eU] eet MG ; sette T. 73. holy] ES am. iHtmre'] lettn 

ST. ^egaat] gen IT. bacon aȣ] M; wryt I ; ecripture B. 
baken In M. eolhippei] to PBM; 76. in] ert in ITQ. faltit fratri. 

ooloppes I ; coUoppua S ; colopis T. but] iratrlbtu Bliis S. 

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Holy vrit bit men be tu ' and wialiche hem kepe, 76 

That no lala &eie ' ]H>rw flatiynge hem hy-gyle ; 

Ac me is lo^, }»« ich latfn kuowe * to lAckjr eny sacta, t bu, ukkvIi i 

For bile we ben brethren ' ^uh we be diuenllohe iwitiikMbuu> 


Ac ich wiste neueie freek ' lat frere is jcalled 80 [Dfro'iHHda 

_. Mv pmcli froB 

Of ^ fyue mendynanne * and made enj sarmon, ummmi 

That took pia for [his] teme ' and told hit wttA-onte 

Thet prechen ^t penaimc« ' is profitable for fo sonle, 
And what meechief & what mal ese ' crist for man 

>olede. 84 

Ac thia doctor and diuinour ' and decretiatre of canon, Tki> tinttaii 
And al-ao a gnedj gloton ' with to grete chekes, pow.- 

Hath BO pite on ts ponre ' he perfoume^ vnele ; 
Jjat he preche^ he proue^ nat " ' to pacience ich tolde, 
And wisahede witerliche ■ with a wil f ol egre, 89 sis 

Jjat in the mawe of that maister ' alle ^o metes were, |ood diiba lud 
Dischee and dobeletes ' with alle ^ deyntes after 1 tefomi ™* 
" Ich Bhal Ian^7 to ^ys loidan ' with hns luate wombe, 

It. H*] bid 8. hem'] T <«. 88. >r] to ITSa. 

78. if] |>eiike|> IT. Uty»] M om. 84. tehat (1)] |>at H. wlutt (S)] 
jhiraw] Icnewe M. loty* kmnve'] know IMTQ mi, 

latrn K. tv laekf'] to taoken IQ ; to 86. Jo] fc E. tkit] mttwrUtf» 

iM^ H ; to Ukkjn T ; S mi. *Mf«] tha F, ditiiiuur'] diuinour quad 1 

msD H. IT. deeretittre DIG] (leOTctcstn P ; 

79. bnthrt»] bnjliam« F ; bn- di«irefiit«re (tie) B ; daoriitra (cie) T. 
)Mren lET ; bTet«rae H. tnt bre- 8S. fMify j K^d; ITQ, to] tuo I ; 
tkrtn] hn^erea ben B. dmtriUfht^ two T. 

dinvns ITQ ; dfuerH H. ba Jluwj- 87. trMla] eode IMT. 

lUht] dfiunlioh be E. elofiedei 88. O maiti. i«] and I. a<K] H 

f dofiad H, noDit T. to po^wiuw] oompadaiioa (1) 

Obs. ^ («tf lott iN S ; Am 1. 80 I. iek] he H. 

to 1. lee. 89. «>iMAAf«] whinliede P ; wy*. 

80. fiws] a frers H. yeoUe^ ohed E ; wijnohede U. a] IT m. 
yoaUeda P; dOled IH; <tald T. Zw 90. <ft']f«tL Oat] )>« TO. Jw] 
moryfi* 4^ H — oontra tratm, ^ MQ. 

81. A»] foiue H- nundfmuau^ 91. iXxiiM] Bofra diMhei nO. 
marudeiiBUtia H ; mEndeoaaiitis L tlobeltrti] dobelere EDI. irUA] wit 
and] and he U ; ^( O. amd—tar- F ; & G. (jtynin] deDtelxi U. 
num] IT inn. 62. laftglg] iangle IHTQ. \yi\ |>at 

62. far] ton P. [tif IH] hen H. lordan] jvidtLO I; lonUn T. 
PEIG. flou] a KlDM IT. with] wit F. A«t«] loity T. 



And a-pose hym [what] penaunce is ■ and porgatorie 
on eithe, 93 

And vM he ly ue^ nat as hs hnf ] >• ■ « let be," quaji 

Pitinni^th* And seide, "Jiow shalt aeo ^ua Bone ' whan he may na 

iiiBtoi vnld da 

panuei ■Da^ more, 

He shal base a penaunce in huB paunche ' and puffe at 
eche worde ; 96 

Ihenne ehuUe^ his gottes godelen ' and [he] by- 
gynne to galpe. 

Now he hath dronhe bo depe * he wol deuiny gone, 
uKi pron OM And preouen it by here apocalips - and by pe passion 
PMiiMuL'a ftud. of aeint aueray, 99 

)»t nojjw bacon ne braua ■ blammanger ne mortreuus 

Yb no^ fissh ne flessh ' bote fode for penauntes ; 

And take witnesse of fe trinite ' and take bis felawe 
to wittnease, 

What he fond in a forel ' of a frarea lyuynge ; 103 
ns And boto ^e ferste leef be lesynge ' leyf me nennv after I 

■nd uik Uh. And ^enne is tyme to talke * and to apose this doctoni 
•hmtDt^"" *3f dowel and of dobet ■ and yf dobet do ony penaunce." 

Ich sat Btille as pacience wolde ■ and thus Bone ))is doctour, 

63. V] <> "»■ ['"^^ IMETG] pofcallpgisT. »y(2)] ITom. dnemy] 

wich P. «o PEQ ; aueray HI ; aaeroy T. 

BG. ua] i-teo H ; se lETQ. fnu] 100. lilanm«nger} ne blamtoangm- 

now T. 1 ; blaomangar H ; blamyngsre E. 

96. O aaili. Tkaiiu] And ^aa I. vtortrmia] mortreiu UT ; moiirewee 

paHiuAe} fouls paoobe I. «ot<] eoh EQ ; mortrelx I. 

al; iohe a T. 101. Jt}Nya11. ptmtunUi} pen- 

: ikslleii} «ohulle K ; «cha] S 
" ■" ; Bhal T, hit] 1b P. po««" 

guttas HT. fodelen] godelen EL fie] a L Mi] is P. tak«—mitt»eiu] 

hil — yflitoirti] gothal* 
guldeteo (lio) his gattw T. [A« EM; 
PIT cm. if-tV^f] ETnne II 
goDDe B. 

98. iVo»] For now T ; & whenne G. 
drmtke] ydrooke E ; i-drooke M. lo^ 
fiusHiOont. te]aIi&T. deuiny] 
dyuyne IMEQ ; deajme T. 

99. preeumt'] proanti E. if] M mi 
here'} |)e U. apeealipi\ pooalipt I 

02. fai<(l)]take)>E. d/] at IBT. 

of his felawe bofie M. 

103. **] a I. Ijfwj/nga] leufng 

104. bote] but 

T woi 

lef M 1 lene ISTO. 

loe. talke] IB FMIO; teke IB (« 
In B-text). 

106. of] MQ dm. <20] be H. eny^ 
my I. 

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Aa lody as a rose ■ roddede li<is diekee, 108 Beai a,, a«ita 

Kowede and caipede ' and conscienco hym herde, ^^ 

And tolde of a trmite * and to-vardo me lie lokede — 
"What is dowel, Bire doctourl" quaf ich ■ "b dobet 'utt^bifu- 

eny penaonce 1 " 
"Dowelt" qua)) fia doctour ' and he drank after, 112 "Dh-wm," au 
"Do fj neyhebore non harme ■ ne [fyj-aelue no^, "laisdono * 
)3tamB dost ^w wel and wisliche ■ ich dar hit wel 

"Certes, sire," ^anse seideich * "hit Beme}> oat here, "iiiHijinido 
la J>at }e parte^ nat with oos pome - ^t je pasae]) dowel, -twjai hu* 
No^ louye> ae je leref ■ aa ouie lorde wolde, 117 JtSJ^- 
Ei ttieitavil ^ fecit redemptionem plebia gae ti.ak<L«8. 
And je fare pus with joure sike &ei«a • feriy me ^ynke^, 
Bote dowel endito jow ■ in die iudicH." 
Ilieiine conscience M cnrteialiche ■ a contenaunce he sif 

Than CoBKitiua 

made, 120 ukidbiinui* 

And pieynto vpon pacience ■ to preye me be stille, ™" ' 

And seide hym-self, "syre doctonr ' by so hit be 

jonre wil, 122 

What is dowel and dobet 1 ■ je diuynonrs knowej." 
" Ich haue seide," seide f o seg ■ " y can aeye no betters, 

lOe. roddtdtj niddede H ; roded lrn7e[> Q. pUbit, ^o.] DtTQ »n. 
wen) B ; ruddite T. 118. Ani] And ^it T. /rrl^] 

IM. Ki>Kede\ Kowbede E ; Cow- wonder MO. 
hede I; Conghide T; Hs cowhed« 119. ^ata AiWfff} p&t dowel wol I. 

H. mdite IMT] endit E ; endjt; P ^hut 

110. toUg] tolde him ITQ. a] yv it if not the ii^nitive hare}. 

T. !«] ET on. im Q mitt 11. ISO— 1Z8. >«] 

111. iobet BH] dobert PITQ ; but MX on. 

te« L lOe. 121. preyi%tt\ prengts U. vpo»'\ 

113. dranhl drank anon 11. Tp L faeie»ee\ psdent E. t«] to 

115. tv] tr°lB. [fiylEG] HUT; b« HT. 

|>e P. 122. iy] be IT ; U ost. ly w] 

III. a omitt. pAHiM] And ^nne jK E. 
rr. ioit |)0w] doatow L 124. Ich lav«] put hana 1 T. 

lis. MOt] BonlM I (irriMvIy). Mf<ja (1)] t-seid H ; r-wide I. 

116. <mt} ^ T. teida (2)] qao)> I ; E on. (m «vj 

117. Jt^op«r] He IT. IirNyet] louy- )iat e^ge IT; f^ doctor H. ftyt] 
ellt nat I; 1fae)iiK>ajt Tj luyB)>M; »e T. 

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"Do-wJi." uu Bote do as doctoura telle]) ■ for dowel ich hit holde ; 
bn uacbm'i Do- )}at tisueile]! to teche o^ere ' for dobet icli it holde ; 
udotaTL" And he }al doji ae he techefi ■ ich bakle "hit for a 

Mit ». i»- Qui faeit et docuerU, magtau ttocabitw." 

" Now J»w, deregie," quaf CQuecienc« ' " carpe what Ib 

dowel" 128 

t oiBjT a*diB«« " Hane [me] 6:£CUBed," quajr cleregie ■ " by crist, bote 


oplBion. in Bcole, 

Shal no aucli motif be meued ' for me, bote )iore, 
Tor peers loue ^ plouhman ' ^at enpngnede ones 
Alle kyne konnynges * and alle kyne craftes, 132 

Saue lone and leante ' and louhneese of heite. 
And no tixt teke^ - to preone fila for trews 

iut.»m.»T,M. Bote dilige deum ^ proximum • and Domine, qui* 
habHahit in tabentacuio, ^e. ; 
And pteoue^ by pxire skyle ■ inparfit alle fiynges, 136 

tKuki-u. Nemo bonus. 

Bote leel lone and tieuthe ' )iat lo)) b to be yfonnde." 

SIS Qua)) peeiB ^e plouhman ' "pacienteg uincunt. 

By-for perpetual peea * ich sbal preoue ))at ich seide, 

piowbubmm, And a-Towe by-for God ' and for-Bake bit neuere, 140 

ud Ion. 7bat diace, does, dilige • deum and thyn enemye ; 

12B, B«te] Forte M. Ulle^} teohe[' 186. pmeirnvm] patrem I ; proii- 

IT. niiiii tnutn T. and] et I. in taier- 

186. fiM-—lu>lds^ I ho1d« It for • fuiCTifc] in tabeniBcalo ttio M ; I em. 
dobetta IT. 'it lloldti'] holds hit H. 186. inparfif] Tnparflt BO. 

IST./in-] E <m. a dobett] k>-PE; 137.^o»iHia]foundeEnai fonndBO 

^butelUT. ma^nw] biomagnwfi. U. 

129. [me KIMTG] P oti. 188. vin^int] omnia Tinount T, 

ISO. meti/] taatyng M. nuHtd 1 39. jmwtut] praue TTQ ; proue E ; 

ITO] meuet H ; maauede P. bcta\ T prouen M ; badly tpelt preeou;e F ; 

0«. ^ere\ o^are (ferongm) I. «« 1. 136. 

131. Far] But for T. plonKman] 140. a-voKe] afowe E. 

palmiuv I; palm«re T. fxif] jent 141,142. MadainUrmaliMeinTf: 

fiat (tie) I : ^et Jxit pen T. en- {badly) ; for 1. 142, I Am— helpe 

pvgmde] enpyngtied B ; enpangnede emfotha (fUi^ ^y myght ; T ioi — 

H; Inpugned ITO. (>T.B. IT are heipe him for |)i mi^t. tmfertk] 

oom^t here.') euenforli B ; eaene-for|) M. mj^t K] 

1S8. lovhneua] lowneue EIUTG. n^te Q ; mljt T ; myght I ; niTlh 

134. Uh»Y] ne tak«> IT ; to take H. M ; myy.h P. 

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Heitely ^ou hym lielpe ' emfortli fj myjt, 

Cast [bote] coles on hus hefde ■ of alls kjnde specbei cui 0>«] « 

Fonde foigh wit and with worde ' has lone for to iDnv-iiiMi 

Wynne, 141 

And }if hym eft and eft ' eueie at hus neede ; 
Conforte hym with fj catel * and with fy kynde epeche, 
And leye on hym fvtg with lone ' tyl he lauhe on )re ; 
And bote [he] bowe for ^ betynge ' blyud mote [ho] 

worthe!" 148 

And whanne he hadde worded bus ' wieto no man after, t wiu pi<m 
Where peers plonnman by-cam ' so pnuehche he wenteL uuh Bid, hi 
And reeon nn after ' [and] ryght with bim jeode ; nnuwd. 
gaae conscience and cleregie ' ich conjie no mo aapye. 
And pacience proi^eUche spat * the peers was thna 

passed, 163 

" That looe^ l«lly." qn»J he ■ " bote lytel fyng cou^te^. i 

Ich wolde, and ich wil hadde ' wynnen al Fraunce awnHraii 
With-onte brating of bnmes ' ofter eny blod-eheding ; wtabid," i^ 
Ich late wittnesae," qnaji he ■ " at holy writ a portie ; '"'"" 

Pacientee uirtcunt. 
For, by hym ^t me made ! ' my^te neuera ponerte, 
Miseise, ne myschief * ne man with hns tonge 
Tens ^ eny tyme ' and ^w take pacience, 1 60 

112. Set ncU 9» latt pffe. mttivritUn wecte P. 

113. [Ji4tt« KIMTO] out P. WJtJ IGO. ^Imtsiiui] ^epIonhmanMrr. 
benedl; bed MT. tymb] kyne £ ; 161. oTtn-] f/en oft^ B. {and 
krn L DTTQ] PB om. 

IM. im-fk] wijj til M, wi(i] wiji 161 Aiul] Soue IT. preprelieJui] 

^ M ; la om. for fa] forte M ; to I. preueili M. ihB\ whuma T. pattel\ 

14B. G •mUi. An^ I (w. ri/^ y-pMsed IT. 

jaf M, <fl— ?fl] oft & e£t K. IBl. O omitt. 

14S. C(nifirn»^G'\ ComfOTte IHT ; 165. kaAde\ adds P. irpRMn] to 

Gonforty P {^t iiU tKf impenUiva wynoMk L 

wiood). 166. trttftnj] bnityi^ B ; bnit- 

117. Uyt] laahe H. lauhe] Iswhe teyDge I ; blitnyDB T ; brannTDg MG, 
I ; lawiGD (titr) E ; l«ue (ivrtn^Iy) T. btimet] beniet HQ; buyren I ; bom 

118. [*4t IMTG] je PM, S(km] T. 

knowefifll; lao^ on )ie T. tetyn;] 167. Obb. ffere B hegim ofaiit. 

leobrng T. mtta] bot (I) B. [Jb at] of I; on T. 

IT]iohPB; yQi iU. &« B-bext. 1S9. Jfi««iw] Hiaset^eH ; HyserH 

U9. niaiHM] wuine P. trordai] ne (I) I. nfiehirf] miBcbetie H. 

r-worded Df ; keda E. (ri(f« lEHTO] 16a j>ai;{«>iM] peoaunce H, 

faviii bkn who 



tudnniinuiir Aod beie hit in |iy bosom ' abowte vher ]h>u wendeet, 
wttb ub. [In ]w comec of a cart-wbel ' wij) a ciowe croane.] 

Stud nenere bume be abaisabed * ^t bath |)iB a-bonte, 
Neifer bete ne bail ■ ne belle pouka bym giene, 164 
Neif)0r fuyr, nofier flod * ne be a-fered of eimnje ; 
1 jskn It. u. Carittu expeUit omnem timorem ; 

Iher nia vjrgbt in ^is wodde ' ^t walde ^ lette 

To haue alle londea at Jty lykjmg ' A |)e here lord make, 

chiritr will And If aiater of alle here meeble ' and of hen moaeje 

of ■Una.' after, 1G6 

The kynge and alle ^e comnne ' and clengie to ^ 

As for here loide and ledero ■ and lyuen as Jwn techeBt" 
warn __ " This is a [dido,]" quaf ^is doctour ■ " a disonre tale ! 
tha dKur | Al ^ Witt of )ia worlde * ne wygbte mennes strengthe 

-DoaiHcu Can nat performen a pees * of ^ pope and of hna 
tnen Uw pop* enemys 1 73 

Profitable for boje parties " — • and put ])e bord bun 

And tok conscience and cler^e ' to connsel, as hit 
Mil Ac ich took kepe how conscience ' [congede] sone f>is 

^^XZ^ doctour, 176 

161. Q onittf. (vAor] wer P. 170. ledere] hers laderc IT ; bran 

162. From I ; aim in HBT8 ; PG ledere U. lyvMi] |)0« Ijue U. 
vait. n] □ T. onmlitf] tninrrietsJl 171. O innff. a] T om, {iidv 
tsraa-ox, E. I\ iha margin of M— ez- UT] dydo 8 ; dioo P ; d«da {tie) I ; 
pm^mentuix. tee B-text. a d\de\ abido (jtic) E. 

163. hinui] buyren I ; barn MO. 17S. t>a] )iis L ]!U'\ A )Ar T ; ^ 
hath tn*] beret hit H. a-bevte'] 8. Mm-Me] rrriffei* wordle P. tt^j 
abouten bym I ; abouta hjM BTQ. and IT. te}ighte'\ wy ity B. 

164. JVoifiar] Ne aeaert IT i Notier 17S. and qfi d« for S ; and UtRT; 
H. hail] ba)>el T : ohele Q. ne of Or. 

166. n<)))#r] ne L t^fered] a-ferd 174. /Van] fro EIHQ ; fram T. 
Sra ; afere B. 17G. eenteitHoe—eltregia] olergr* 

166. TAff wU] Na Iter is I ; Ne & conBoianoe ISTQ. 
t?»« nia T. wyjW] wij T ; wit G. 176. irh — iviuei«n««] ccmHcieaae I 

Its. aUe} SO out. mM»Ie] moeblaa tokekepalSTG. [0<Hiffi^SO]eoiig«d 

L *i«iMjw] msjnjeL T; coanelde P; couarted EIH (dU 

189. eonaitu] eon»*M E. iiliiuf*] eridentli/ oarmptiom qf congeida cr 

loute BIST. ocaig«de). 

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And sitthe he seide to cleregie * bo ^at ich hit herdo, 

" By cryst," quaf conscience • " cleregie, ich wol nat lye, 

Me were leuere, by onre loide ■ and ich lyuye aholde, •Bdu.j. h* 

Haae pocienoe par^tliche ■ |ian half fj pack of bokes I to iuira»n--( 

Lettrara and longo etadie ' lette^ fol menye, 181 

That thei knowe^ nat," qnaji Conscience * "what is 

kynde pocience. 
FoT-thi," qua)) conscience ' " chriat ich )« by-teche. 
With pocience vol ich paaee ' parftiiesse to fynde." 
Thus Jiei wente forjt here way - with gret wil ich 

folewede. 186 i 

Thenne hadde pacienoe, as pilgiimea hauen ' in here " 

poke vitailes, 
8obrete and eymple-epeche * and sojtfast-by-leyne, 
To comforty hym and conscience ' yf fei come in place 
Ther rnkyndnesse and oouetyse ya ■ hongry contreia 

hope. ■ . 189 

And as )ni wente by jre wey ■ of dowel gan >ei caipe; soontiMrmMi 
Thei mette with a mynstial ' as me )io Jiouhte. 
Padence a-poeed hym - and preide he Bholdo telle 192 piUnaum 
What craft |iat he conjw ' and cortesly he seide, 
"Ich am a Hynstial," qua}) pis man - "my name is 'latjeUH^ 

activa uiia, 
FeeiB prentys pe plonhman ' alle penple to comfor^re." 

ITS. Bere F beji»t ofoui, If^e] brinj ((hi) E, 
lyoe EHFBTQ ; leue I. 1B8. ciwtftriy] comforte IHFS; 

180. boitt BIMQ] bokU T; bokw ooxfori E ; oounforte T. 
B J book« F ; bonke* P. 1"" ■" ^ -■" 

151. Lettrvre^ For lettnue F. I ( 
itudie] BtudfDg B. ooaue a. 

152. thH] hi S. inemfi] ken F. 190. tmf«} vende B. gan] gunoe 
183. Ibr-tht] For-whl M ; And H; sonne T. tm(Z)']ja. 

torn y. {!«] Mm E. 181. Tiri] k F, 

IM. frUAj Whit F ; For witA 192. »-pBieS] opposed I (lent^lft. 

P. bUs] hin teUe O, 

IBS. Thut—forfi And wenten for|> 191. )>{i] Mimrltteu t>eea P. it] 

In I ; And wenten for^ on T. ml] 5 em. oeHvtk utta] vlU aotius F. 
Witt B ; iril two F. 196. tn)] M on. aUe] H> ?■ 'on- 

ISa. Aaw«] ban niFTG. Jt«n] m /ortye} comforte IHFB; oonfort Ei 

to PEIFBTO ; his M. counfbrte T. 

187. Bfbrtta] Sobemow ; 8o- 



t'wbiturtof "What manere mynBtralcia - my dere fiend," qaab 
jinii«r" conscience, 196 

" Haat ^w vsed Qfer haunted • al Jiy lyf-tyme 1 " 
"Mynstridcie can. ich. nat muche * bote nuke men 

"tnnknftr- Aa a vaffinr with wafirea ' and welcome godes gistea. 
botinutaf Of mj labour ^ei Unhe ' ^ lasae and ^e more. 200 

The ponre and f e riche • y pleee and payn f jnde, 

And fewe rohis ich fonge ' o^ foirede gonnee. 

Wolde ich lye and do men lauhe - ^nne lacchen ich 

Mantels dper moneye * a-mong lordes Minstiales. 204 
BwHijg I am Ich Can nat tabre ne tiompe ' ne telle faiie Reetee, 
UAou, (nuBp, Farten, ne fijwleu ' at feetes, ne harpen, 
"" ^ lapen ne logelen ' ne gantelliche pipe, 

Noper aailen ne sautrien ■ ne ainge with p^ giteme. 20S 
ifMnogifti, Ich hane none gode gyftea ■ of these grete lordes 
sss For no hred ^t ich by-tranaUe ' to bryng by-fore 

Ne were hit pai, |ie parishe - pTaye^ for me on 8on»* 

19S. manere'] maner of F. £06. O omitt. liirttk] Fallen I. 

19T. Ifiut {»«] Hastow Fj Hast jS)^liit I8T] fll«le MF; flfreljn P. 

H. vied — haunted] l-vaeA uid ne <£)] no^ir V. 
l-luuint«d M. 807. /ny^Imt T] logelyn P; logoleo 

19B. am iflA] i can U. (n«it] men B ; iogele IF ; logole S ; isDglea MQ. 
be F. 20B. Ifofmr] Nb Tuij^er I ; Ne 

199. TBuffrer] wofrer IF ; wair- nojiar T. *a»(rtm] Bauteijcn I ; 

tnte E ; wafer (n«) 8. naffTet\ tttaXeAea T ; sautran H. 
wafras I ; wafers B ; her waf rea F. SOS. geie'] gaaia P ; good 8. 

and] ay I. weleome] wolooma P. gyftei] gestea EUQ. 
godet] G an. giMet EHFB] gustea 310. SO omit. by-travaiU] by- 

P 1 geatM I ; gMtU T. Crauaily P ; bi-trau^le M ; bTtraueyle 

iOO. toMlui] laujed B. Imm— E; bitrauaiied F) traaaile I; be- 

•wre] more & ^ laeM 8, tranaiUe fent T. to hryng] ferat I. 

SOI . pleie] pleaed E, to — lordei] ne brloge hem bif ore F . 

203. o^vr] & B. 211. a emu. Xe mre] T]er« L 

203. lawliMi] oaoohen H. paritke I] pariMh T ; parescbe B : 

aol. ManteW] Mantel S ; Or parebe F ; parsche H ; pariBch-pr«cst 

mantel I ; Ojitfr mantel T ; MamlellM FS. o»] gn >e E ; a F ; H <?m. 

mtxtyver P. lordei] o)>«r T. »ont-daf»t] sone-daTi P ; aond^ F. 

2Qb. naf^vxi^etVi. faire\tAAjT. 


PASS, zvl] aotita-vita, thi wafereb and hinstrel, 273 

Ich am sory ]iat ich sew of er eette ' bote for myself one. 
Ac |)e prest and oper people ' praye)) for peers plouh- 

man, 213 

And for mo, actyf, has man * J>at ydelnesae hate. i hu* idunM. 

For loides and lorelles - luthere and goode, 
Fro myhel-maass to myhel-masse * ich fynde mete and 

dijnke. 216 

Ich fynde payn for be pope ' and praye hym ich wolde i ind bnrui fw 

tiw pop* hliual^ 

))at pestilences to pees ' and to parnt loue tunie. 

For foaudeicli fat huB blesaing ' and hua bullemyghte ifiHwoaidbnt 

Letten fis hifer eii ' and lechen ]>e eyke — 220 tur tLi pHtiitii», 

Aa Je booke beref -wittnasse ■ fat he bere myghte 

In has mouth mercy ' and amende tb alle, 

Super egroe niunus imponent, ^ hem ae fiabe- UukirLu. 
Imnt — 
nienne wolde ich bee bosy - and buxom to helpe am noid i 

Eche kynne creature ' fat on crjst by-leyue^. 224 

Foi Butthe he haf the power - fat eeynt peter hadde, a34 

He haf puieliche f e pot ' with f e aame ealue ; hu a,* pot'^ 

Argenium ^ aurum non eat mieki; quod autem amulV 
kubeo, hoe tibi do, ^e. 

S12. omit*, ttn MS] sewe P ; H ; folo I (t^mgly) ; T on. Ucken 

■owe IT ; le E. ^at~tem\ to sowo F. EMG] leohin P ; leche IF8 ; li))e T. 
Mtte\ sltte E iwrongly), eiu] alone 221. t>e] F mn. booke] bookea 

8; Imn. PEQ ; bakee M ; hodkvt i'; but I 

213. 0^'] |>e o]ier B. pntgeti] iat booke ; T hai book ; B hiU boke ; 

prache I. pe«ri] petes ^ I ; pien th« phrate u a eommen one. berey^ 

fie T. ben S. 

214. /or] eke for F. Airte] hatu^ S, 222, imjwwfnt] ponebant IT, w] 

215. IW] IT on. Igrellet'] tot MISFOT om. 

lorelles E ; loralg als F. luthere'] ^ 223. TAenne] And >antie IT. bfo 

lJ)iar F ; )^e lu)«ra I ; & lu^r»-e T ; bvty] be-sycb (I) 8. to] for to F. 
lyliere H. gcode SMTQ] ye goode 224. Eehe^ Eoh a IFa. bf-leyite^} 

IF ; goads PS. leuelh 1ST. 

216. mi/hel] to FM ; mjcbel E ; 226. mtthe] se^fia HI ; dth F ; 
pykel Fi mighel T; mjjhel SO; Buf- E ; si|i>aTG. the] E cm. «ey«(] 
muchel I {tjrice). to — meue'} F em. IT om. Aai^i«] hadde ^nnne I. 

2 IS. peitilenrei'] peBtileog tj. 226. purelieAe^ialueJ fiv potta 

to (2)] IT om. parjii] S om. -with ^ Balue ' bo^e tua togcdr« I ; 

219. feniide tch] i fbud U ^e pot wiUh |ie ealue T (nhich rmu 

(teranglf). 11. 226, 226 into one). ;hm1— A>] B 

2S0. /Bfer] lyfwe IF80. »irl jer om. 



' Ac yf myghte of miiacle bym liule * hit is for men 
bee)) nat wortH 
For to haue ^e grace of god ' and no gait in )« pope. 
For may no blessynge do va bote ■ bote yf we wol 

Ke mannea preier make peea * among cristiue penple. 
Til pmde be pturelicbe for-do ' and ))at Jiorw payn de- 

(•»•] JSx habutidantia panie et ut'nt turpiatimvm 

peccatum aduenit. 
Ttu dn If Bodon Pdie ploiite of payn ■ Jib peuple of Sodonq-e, 232 

cMiartiud." And reate and ricbe metes * rybaudes hem made." 

" Peea ! " qnaji pacience ■ " icb praye Jte, syre actyf ! 

For yvaii nenere payn ne plonli ' ne potage were, 235 
•St Prude wolde putte hym-eelf toTp • y&nk no plooh erye. 

" I «m pntUt Hit am icli ^at fynde alle folke ' and iiam banger saue, 
MM PMtaoh Xhorgb Jie heye belpe of hym * ^at me hyder aente, 

And seide, ' lo, here lyf-lode ynowe ' • jf oure by-Ieyne 

be trewa 239 

"MUtIsc For lent was ber nenere lyf - bote lyflode were yehape, 

thing! Iu« IMd .^^ ' •' ' J r t 

(irm ttaam. Wher-of o))ere wherfoie • and wner-witn to lynen ; 

The worme fat wonef vnder erthe ■ and in water fisshea, 
The crykett by kynde of far ■ and corlew by the wynde, 

227. Ae] F w». ST] M am. IFT. 

«mW«] I inuta T. /aiW} f«ilal> M. 233. iwuwe] nojw F. nc {2>] 

hit] M om. for'] for |>at F. hec^l peM ne F. 

be)) IT i ben H ; bu)> 8 ; ba F ; fuit 236. Pmde] to PB ; Fmyde T ; 

bet B. nertki] wor> T. Pride HIF. telf} E on. )Kt«&] Sc 

228. >br] ITotn. go^ mitmritten Jiov F. neploult] fie plow irere to 
good P. fftilt]gridT. iB]otIT, S (abmrdly). p&wS] ploinnw* K. 

S29. ]if]'^mn. ire] S mn. S38. heye] IT om. teitte] sends i£. 

230. preier F] preiere ME ; prejer 240, 211. 5 trantpaut theu tmt 

I ; prayer B ; preyour T ; iadly ipelt Hnet. 

preir P. oriitin/] fio oriitine F. 2*0. mtt—neuere] neuerwaaherel. 

281. prudo'] to PE ; pride MIFT. not fun-} wMter F. bote] but At M. 

2te] IT (MO. ythape] liym shape S \ shame (!) T. 

232, Pure] For pure F ; Forjte I; 241. oj-tfre] and MFS. anJ] or M. 

T em. 248. Tkel A.F. by (1)] by t* F8. 

238. And] punr P. hem] hjm q/"] E <nn. /«r] te fjre 1; t« fnyr 

8; were F. T;f«oTM. ank]Einn. cerltn] ^ 

SBi. JV#t] Peea now F, f s] jow cnrlu H ; >e ooilu S ■ )ie oorlew T. 

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Bestea by gnu & by greyn ' imd by grene roles. S44 
la menynge ]iat alle men ' myghte f6 same sa* 

Ljuen ^igb leell by-leyue - as oure lord wittnesse^, bj in* teinc"** 
Quodeun^e petieriti* patrem t'n nomine meo, Jdu 

dobitw enim uobU ; ^ alibi : 
Non tn tolfi pane utuit h^no, eed de omni uerbo, lU". It. *. 
qwxlprocedit de ore det." 
*' Hart Jow ay," qnap actyf ■ " suche mete with fe ) " 
" ?*i" I"™? Pacience, and hente ■ out of hus poke 248 Then PudanH 
A pece of ^ pater-noster ' and profrede to vs alle. pi«» or iha 

And ich lostnede, and lokede ' what lyflode hit were ; 
Jtanae was hit fiai-uoluntM-tua ■ )>at aholde fynde muLtlio. 

TB alle. 
"Hane, actyf," qUaJi pacience ' "and eet this when fe •Tiktndat 

hungie^, 252 hupT. 

OJmt whenne Jiow clomsest for colde ' o}fr clyngest for 

And shal neuere gyues ]ie grene ' ne grete loides 

Fryaon ne ofer payne ■ for — -paeientee uinctmt ; 
By 80 ]k>w be sobre ' of ayght, and of tounge bo]>e, 256 Onirbciiwaj* 
In ondyng, in handlyng • in alle Jiy iyue wittes. 
That ^w care for no com - foi clo^ ne for drynko, 
Ife de)) drede, se deuel ' deye as god lykep, 

244. Bt^ti] Beate I. ;r«y*] kU- 268. nehtitM] ircnns P. drouthe] 
writton greyen P. eny dn^hte I; an; drou)ie T; f« 

246. IffrO B cwt. Mim] HFS on. dro^to F. 

dabUMT — ttdfrU] I oM. ted — del'] 15 2GS. payne] peoautiosB M. 

on. de (1)] in EM ; T on. 266. By— be] Be t>ou B. «d] «o fiat 

247. Batt fww] Haatow I; What IT. be]>e] Ion. 

baatow F. ay] foUimt ac^ ia IT. 2S7. B mniti. ondyng] herTDBH; 

Mtte] manor mete F. etyng IT. yy] (« HT. 

248. Jo] )e pardo S ; je hardiliche 26B. Tiat ptm] Dar |>e nat I ; I)ar 
F. io)iio]/i'Uo)Mpoketn IT. ^— ^ S; par >e no T. no] ^ I, 
jwlo] his boke (fie) B. /or (2)] ne for L olo^] mete S. 

219. peer ITMFSEJ pice P. to] for (3)] ne ter IT. 

It to IT ; S on. 259, de^ drede] drede de|> M. de^ 

2G0. hulnede] leetenede I; 1e«t- — deuel] deuel drede ne deelb F. 

I^deT; ltuteda(l)8; Iwteiied |:o F. devel] &t)^is\i\) I. (foyo] & de7e 8 ; 

261. pnnao] And jianae IT. but dye F. 

262. (« kvngre^] ^ou hongreit E. 



■\Vht'Jier forw hunger ojier Jorw hete ■ at hue wil l>e 

hit 1 260 

For yf J)OW lyuest after hua lore ■ fe ehorter Ij-f fe 

Si qiiis anuit cKrUtum • vvtndum non diliffil ittum, 
[Std quasi fetorem ■ spemea illius omorent.] 
)»rgh hus bre)) bestea woxeu * and a-brode jeden ; S61 

Dixit ^ facia lunt. 
Ergo )orw bus [bie)i] bestes lyuen * Lo^ men and 

Aa wytnease)) holy trryta ■ when we seyn onie graces, 
Aperia tu manum tuam, ^ implea otane animal 
Hit is foande )>at four^ wjnter * folke leueden and 

nouht tylede. 

And out of flent sprango [Jm] flod ■ Jiat folte and 
heates dronken. 268 

HHnBwu And in elyes time ' beuene was yclosed, 
uouorBUH. ' That no reyne leynede ' }ius rede]) men in hookes, 

That menye wynter mea lyaeden ' and of no mete 


B«BiiaMi(»t Seuene alepen, [as] seith J« book ■ moro fan syxty 

HKinthuiN wynler, 272 

Lyuedei) with-outen lyflode ' and at Jie laste a-vakeden. 

260. {.OTW (1)] by F ; fore T. 289. And] Also V. «/y*»] heljus 
Yorm (2)] EIK on. at] tu S. 3 ; El;e is T. 

261. s/3 F on. lyiwrt] Ijue M. 270. reyneit) ne ron T ; ne roen 
263. JnEenly. (.tie} I; rej-nede t^nne F. ^xj— 
26*. p«rj*] For f<iw (»ic) F. men] thus rat wen IT; u cleitut 

Dixit] Ipee dixit F, iunf] fuernnt rede F. in] od I. 

JT. Dixit— lunf] U <■». 271. no(J & F. trynfer] wmliri 

265. £'Vi'] I on. [*r«fi SIT] E. »/] I om. *^Wm»] «> PES ; 

PKU cm. ,- iHt tee lait tiiu. km tolden H ; tooldcD F ; ne tiled I ; tie 

bre\>] bim F. «ra] tnaa H. tUlde T. 

267. fimtide] 8 am. /olie^ ^&t 272. liepen IMF] slupen PE ; 
folka P (.but EIMFS emit |»t) ; men ileptun S ; depte T. [oi EIUFS] iv 
MS. nmiit tyledey tylled noght I ; P ; T om. lyj^y] ^re humtreil E. 
tild« nouit T. 273. Lyvtdeii\ Leueden P {hut v« 

268. A>id\ Bat H. mtt] E am. next line) ; It. Ijuede F ; And If ueden 
JlcHf] |)« fleat S ; ^ flynte IT. [)># T. t«] S ow. 

IMFEST] P («. 



And jt men lyueden as mesure woIJe ' sholde neueie 

be defante 
Among cryaten creatures ' yf cryetes irorde be trewe ; 

Dabo tibi secundum petieionem tiiajn." fci p«. 

" What is parfit pacience 1 " • quaf Aetica uita. 276 
" Meeknesse and Mylde speche ' and men of on tril, im pwi 
)1B whiche nil lone lede)) * to otire lordes place ; 
And ]tat is charite, chaumpion ' chief of alle vertues. 
And )iat is poure pacient ' alle poiilis to soffTe." 280 
"Where pouerte and pacience ■ plese more cod al- "i"ii«u«i 

° p«Mjb>tt 

myghty ttau-tii.<|. 

Tlian do lyghtful richesBe * and lesonably to spende 1 " 
" 3*, quit est ille f " qoa^ pacience ■ " qnyk laudabimtia 

Thauh men rade of riche * ryght to ]» worldes ends, ■whitTicii 
[I wist nenere renke Jtat riobe was ' fat wban he rekne wm hi. ic 

Bholde,] 286 '^^"" 

And whan he drouh hym to Jic de)) ~ |iat he ne dradde 

hym earrer 
Than eny ponre pacient ' end y&i preone ich by reyeon. 
Hit are bote fewe folkc of theee riche ' )rat ne falle)i in 

371. K^] M em. dtfavte'} |ie rlohesK IMT. teorUet EIUFI^ 

fnute I. wordles P; worlns S. 

275. mmfc] wordes 1ST, treire] 285. Supplied frmn 'B-iui. With- 
trywe P. (warn] oordia tui E. out tliU line, the lente i« quite in- 

276. WMt i$] Wif. his T, egmplxte ; but I oa» fiU it in na 

277. en] 00 P ; o 1ST. C-text MS. 

278. whiche^ wEche P. KiT\ fat 266. And tvhan] Wliftn F; pan 
S. lede)i'\ latlT; lede H. whaol; pat wbuine T. in>KA] drew 

2TU. cA<«/] ic cheef F. ES; drogh I; dron M; dr«wF. Ayni 

280. f»i(] Jius 8. M]hiBF. peure'] (l)j I wi. dradde] AnX IL $arrer] 

pure S (but poure =: poor ; tee next larre H ; goiers £1 ; Borrer F ; sor- 

Itn<). paeietU'] pacience MS; tee 1. rare T. 

287. 2S7. [««] E (Ml. preove ich] i 

261. Where] Whe|ier HFT. and] preae H. 

or S. 2SS. Here one \ix£ U lott in O; 

262. do] dooth F ; IT am, tpeade] down to xvil. II. Hit are] per ar F ; 
diepende T. per l)en B. of] in T. thete^ thees 

283. ille] hie F. pacience] con- P) )>eH; |)ia IT. ne] hy hg S ; t>ei 

oleoce H. ^uiinh'm'r] Uudemua I. ue T.- arerage IMS] arir»gg PE; 

264. Thaah] For Jrogh F. riche] rerage F ; Hrrerage T. 

t, Google 


MS Tliar fe poure dar plede ' and preoae by pure reyaonne 

icjtmmnn. To haue a-lowannce of hua lorde; ' b; lawe he 
clejmeji ioye. 

That neuere ioye hadde * of [rightful] Inge he aske^ ; 

And seith, 'lo, briJdea and bestes ' ^t no blisse 
kiiowe>, 292 

3futiudMrdi And wilde woimee in wodee • ^rw Ttynter fow hem 
Urn urinur, greuest, 

And makeet hem vel ney meek ' and mylde for defante ; 
bothm After Jian fow sendesl hem eoniere ■ Jiat is [bare] 

■"■u- Bouereyn ioye. 

And blisse to alle [)>at] been * bo|)e wilde and tame. 

Ilien iqay beggets, [as] bestes * after blysse aeken, 207 

)}at al here lif hauea Jyned ' in langour and defaute.' 
Bin" irin Bote god sende hem [som] tyme " of som maner ioje, 
•ohmUbh. O^ei heer o^r elles-wher ' dies were it rentbe; 300 

For to wTo]>ei^hele was he wroujt ' pat neuere waa 
ioye ysbape. 

Angeles }iat in helle now been ' b&dden apm tyme ioye, 
tMrnhwijaT And Dives in his deyntes [lyuede] ■ and in douce 

289, Thar] pere IT ; par EUFa {kert IST] heore M ; her P ; hem P. 
dar IMFSET] der P. preaue] ap- 29B. Here eight leaTos are loit Ut 

poftntls prooue P ; Ifut *ee I, 2{IT. t ; dtijl^ to xvlii. BS. fn] also to F. 

890. *w— *«] t>e8 )>e laws {lie) 8. [f«i( UFSKT] P m». iriWeJ to wilde 

iaKe^ioye] pure lawe he claymeth T, 
IT. 297. [(M MB] as ;>o F ; and EST. 

291. Tkaf] Ioye t>at IT {iff. latt il^aei a bliue T. 
line) ; He f^t F. h^dc] he hadde 288. ti/] lyf-tymo S. Aavo.] han 

H. [right/al IFST] rilMul M; HKTS;haueF. Igued] lyaeie F ; 

Tight PE ; lee B-text **]!«». i-ljued M ; 1-Iedde F. 

S92. la] to F. bliue] hUue iie I ; 290. Bete] k but F. [(on] sum 

loie U. T ; PEMFS om. tymn] a tyme F. 

298. tradet] ]>e voodtit F. porw] SOO. were] where P. 

In It m/iaer] wynUre* IST. SOI. tmmjt FT] wroujlh P; w™t 

S9i. wei] ful T. neg E] neyo I ; E8 ; w^out H, yihape] shapen H. 
; ny F ; nei) T ; apparently ioye yiliape'] in ioye T. 

nei iuP (.but peuibly Bicaitt /or Dei); 302. in— now] Dow in helle MS. 
M om. 303. And] For T. kU] H im. 

295. (jfln] }>e» H ; |wt F ; JttB S J deynUi] lo PET ; deyntees F ; denty- 

yi on. After ^an] per-afl^r IT. nous M; denletnu 6- [lyatde T8] 

Kidfit] leyndest P \ bat ice ]. 299. lyiiynge PEMf . 

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And now lie buyef hit ful bitere • lie is a beggere of 
heUe. 304 

Many man hath bus ioye here ' for olle here vel dedes, has 

And lordee and ladrea ben callid ' foi leodes bat bay o<><i giim Km* 

■^ I r J rtoli nun ihslr 

haae, lawud ii«. 

And slepi^, as hit Beme|> ' and somere eaeie houi 

folewef ; 
Whan dejj a-wake^ hem of here wele ' fat were here tBnt,»fier 

80 ryche, 308 in pgrijUorj at 

J)an aren hit pure poure fynges ■ in puigatone ojjer m 

Bauid in ]ie sauter - of snche makef mynde, 310 

And Beith,. dormieruB/ \aompnum mum;'\ ^ Vt.iai.i 
nitihil inuenemnt amnea uiri ditiiciarum [in 
mambua suis ;] 
Etaiibi: Velut sompnum gargencium, i( cet. pi.1iiii. m 

Hie explUai patsut texfvi de Dotcet. 

904. fnX] FT8 on. bitere] bitturly 309. aren] am M { bt F j be)< 8 ; 

F. m] hii P. he—hesgere^ a beggar beit E ; haren P. Ai(] it T; hy E ; 

he ia F. if] in MT. >ei MF8. 

SOB. wan hath] men hao M. hu* 810. DaviS] & dnuid F. nehe] 

P8]hi*FBTt beoreM, shuche P. And teith] WitA F; S 

WX. ani] an P. callii] i-oalled est. [tempnum mum] mpplUd from 

F; oaldGHT. ImiIm] ledet H. ^y} F. omnai—diuiciaruvi] liIFST am. 

Ei om. \in — rail] tvpplied from B. alihi] 

SOT. euere—foleme^'] hem fa1w«th ll^rum H. Et alibi, ^e.] E em. 

eu#re P. Colophok, MT ontl. Mo] 

SOe. ^nan] Wan P ; But whanre EFS on. de doweC] 8 tut. 




iTicipit pasetu seplimui. 

• A Us ! )iat [richesse] ehal reae - and robbe msimes 
J^\. aoule 

[Fio] pe loue of oun lorde - at bus laste ende ! 
Thei Jut baue hure hyre by-fore ■ areu eueremore pome, 
And shulle nat deye out of dette ' to dyne er tbey 
desernen hit. 4 

When here deuei ia don ■ and hia dales ioume, 
Jjen may men wite what he u wor^ ■ and what he hafi 

And nouht to fonge by-fore ■ for diede of disalonwynge. 
So ich say by jow riche ' hit eeme^ nat je ahulle 8 
Hane two henenes ' for joure heT-be3'nge. 
Mucho myrthe is in may ■ a-monge wilde heatea, 
And BO forth whil somer laste^ ' heora solace durefi ; 

Title. Hio Incipit pauus «ept!- 
tniw de dowel M ; Incipit paseus sep- 
tlmuB FE; Incipit teptlmtit F; 
PwauB BBxtui de dowel T. 

Obb. B oiniti Fa!«sua zrli. ta xsi. 

1. iriehene EMF] ricchease T; 
riche P. andi or H. 

2. IFre ETF] For PM. hut] pe T. 

3. Thfi] Hewen T, have—aren] 
Dout ban bl-fom * and am iS. 

Ona. Here H hat leit two leaves, 
iaeludiHg 11. *—159. 

t. ihvUt nat} Bulde T. te <fyiut] 
Jyit dynefi T. *>■] or EF. th-i/ de- 

lerven'] he deserne T. 

6. iere~\ his TF. Jeyer} dyiMT 
ET i diner F (jcronffly'). 

6. may mfti] men mnf T- irile 
EFT] white P. dfterutdi desenieda 

7. And] But T. bf-fare} to-fo» 
T. drede^ feere F ; bHt tee B-lext. 

B. jr] yat, ,e FT. 

10. n-ilde'] ^ wilde T. 

1 1. forth BT] furth F ; niMtrittr* 
fort P. wMl F] while ET; Mi*. 
m-itten wil P. AecwJ & hew B. 



And muche myrthe a-monge ricbe men Is ' ^at ban 
meoble ynow and heele, 12 

[Ac] beggere a-boute myd-somere ' bredlees )>ei Boupe, 
And mt b wynter for bem wore ■ for wet-ehood bei bmbsrem 

A-fuTsti and a-fyngred ' and foule rebuked 
Of fese wotlde-iicbe men ■ fat renthe hit is to huyre. 
Kow, lord, send hem somer Bom-tyme ■ to solace and •*" 

to ioje, 17 Urnn >iinini« 

That ol here lyf leden ' in lowenesee and in pouerte 1 

For alle mygbtc8t fow baue maked ' men of grete welye, 

And licbe witty and wys ■ and lyue witb-oute neode ; 

Ac for ^e bcst«, [as] ich bope ' aren Bomnie poure and tBniOodmaM 

some ricbe. 21 udnDHpogr. 

Eyght BO baue reuthe of ona alle ■ fat on fe rode 

And amende oua of thy mercy ■ and make ous alle taodgi«oi«ii 

Loub and leel and louyoge ' and of berte poure ; 24 
And send ous contricion ' to clanse with oure soulee, n40; 

And confession, to culle ' atle kynne synnes, 
d satisfftcoion 

of heuene. " 

i2. And] F am. fnAifa] ineble F. jrrfe] muche T, 

ET; meeblH* F. ymm'] F am. 20. iiiSf] ylioL T. and EFT] an 

13. [-lo F] But T ; And PE. P. n.«*-o«(B] wliit-oale P. 

14, tret-tAood] wetohod T; wat- 21. Ac] T em. [at EIF] P am. 
Bchood F ; vele sbul E ; nhet-shood Mint] TF am. 

P. Iici] )>[in >ei F. joBjf n] gou ET. 2a. Aawi-] ha F. n/oN.JonvsF; 

16. A-/iir4f\ 10 FT; Afiwt F; on |ji reiikia T. ^t—di^ydrtt] t am. 
Aturst Z. rebuked] re>mkede F. rode £] roods F ; Tuude F. 

18. Jn»« F] yei F ; )iii E. srerWe- 23. of] of «1 PE ; but FT amil nI, 

rlche] tpritten wordle-riche P; irAicA it not Kanted. alia meeJtel 

worldelich ETF. Cf. B-text ; and meke ichone T. 

ebterve the alliteration of riche n:itK 21. iuuA] Lou)h F ; Lou) T ; 

reuthe. hit] Yt om. huyre] hure Lone E. 
E ; here T ; heere F, 26. iriM] whit P. 

17. to (2)] T am. 26. ndte] kille T. 

IB. leden] leddeo T. 27. the tehiehe] (wt ET. f«^«ll- 

13. myjiitett] myjtest ETF ; «u- eth] fulSlleth F. fadrei] toAnr F ; 

written mjghtes P. have] ha F. fadir T, 

ttaked E] m&kede P ; mnd T ; luaad 



And these iMeik dowel and dobet ' and dobest of alls ; 
CordU contrido ■ come]) of aonve in herte, 29 

And oris co^feeeio ■ ^at comeji of shiifte of mouthe. 
And operie aatu/actio • fat for eyiuiea payeth, 
And fot alle aynnes ■ aoueraynliche quitef . 32 

Cordis contrido, orU con/emo, operis taiUfadio; 

tTiMHtbng These thre iritli-outen doute ' tholen alle pouerte, 

And lete)i lewed and lered ' heli and louh to knove. 
Ho ^t dof wel 0^1 bet ' ojwr best a-bouen alle; 35 
And holichurche and charite * h.ere-of a Charteie maden. 

tDniwtha* Bote )iese fre Jat ich apak of ■ on domea day [vs] 

«*• EUea is in ydel ■ al ouie lyuynge here, 

Oure preyera and oure penannce ■ and pilgrymages to 

Bote oure spences and spending' eprynge of a trewe 
wille, 40 

an dM i> In nin. Elles IB al oare labour lost ; ' lo, how men wryten 

In fenestres at Jie frerea ' yf fala be f e foundement I 
airtao»» ■iio«M FoT-tbi criatene men Bcholde been in comnn riohe ■ no 
ecnninui. couetise to bym-Belne. 43 

For BBuene aynnea fat f er been ■ fat asaailen one euere. 

The fende folweth hem alle ■ and fondef hem to beipe, 

29. QtrdiM eantrieui] For ooHtrioio 88. in] kf an T. ydel] ;de1 I-«7B 
oordU F. wMMf.] it oometh F. i«] P. enrr] of our* E, t^vynge ET] 
of FT. leuynge PF. 

30. And] And also F. 39. P(nmii»««] penauncetTF. a»i] 
81, S2. OruT Mm in T— SatiBfaocfon &ouraT. pilfrywtej»i]pi\grim»geF. 

for soulu paie)i k alia synnea qujte^. 40. ipentet] apens F. and] tc. 

31. eperit uUi^actioy Mtiafoctfo oure T. ^paM^in^] q)end;Dgea E. 
K>|>1r F. tgnnet] synns P. a] E om. trewe'] trywe P. irtUeJ 

32. Cardii—iiUiffaetii!] ¥ em. wolle TF. 

38. Thete] Theea P ; Tho T. mitk- 41, ham mm] what eer me F. 

etit«»1 wWt-outeo P. ii. ^] faU F. 

84. lereY] leerad F. hred] eka 43. mrnt] TF on. eri*te»e—ieen^ 

lawad (tU) F, keh — imA] heye k echnld oristenB be F. no] non T; 

lowe E ; bet) & leu; T ; hy & low F. ne B. m eotieti*e] nat couetowt F ; 

S6. a}Tom. ne coueytise E ; db ooueit O. (oj for 

ST. Bate^ And but TF. )wi«] {>es T. A^] hem EFQ. 

P. on} at TF; ti a (_tU) S. [n 44. (.erlhareO. M (2)] l« "tid'O 

TF] P »n. ; obterre tkat E A« y8 a F. 

/vruB. 13. AfHi] fast hem F. 



And vith richeese tho libandee ' latiieBt men by -gylen ; 
For ^t J)at lycheeae i^ne^ - reuerences feleweth, 47 »*t 

And ^at is pleaanat to pray de * in ponre and in richo. r^fu, mtrMw* 
The lyclie [ie] yreaerenced ■ by reaon of his Hchesse, *'''°™ 
There )« ponre is yput by-hynde ' and can paraontra 
moifl 60 

Of wit and of wysedome ■ ^t fer wey is bettere 
Than lichaese o^i lemilta ' and la^t yhnrde in heuene. 
For ^e ryche hs^ muohe to rekene ' and ryjt eofte BUhiUb4h 

The he^e wey to-beuene-warde ; ' be halt hit uat fol 

There ]w pooie presse^ by-fore ■ with a pak at bus 

Opera enim iUorum »eq[u\itntur iUot. b«t. iIt, h, 

Bataontlycbe, as b^geis don - and boldelicbe be 

cnuef, 66 

For bus ponerte and pacience ■ perpetuel ioye. 
Also pmyde in richesse n^ej) ' rajier ))an in ponerte ; ^<i« »>(» 
O^or in )ie maister ofier in y^ man ' som mancion he 

ehewith. 69 

Ac in ponerte ^ pacience ia * pmyde hatii no myjte, trf p»u™« to 
Ne non of the senene synnea ■ aitte [ne may] fer longe, 
!Ne bane power in poneite * yf pacience bit folowe. 

46. ^1^ Bnt T. (bKA] whit P. 66. preiuji] preceth F. iviti] 
tke^ ^ EFT; of Q ; nittfriUtn to P. whit P. mm] TO am, llbnin] 

47. ^] sbF; Ton. reueTencetl eonm TO. tequtintir^ SMontvr 
raocraDM X. /aUmtK} bwt folwen FKQ ; lequntur PT. 

F. 56, B7. O omiU. 

49. n^] And ^« T; For ^ F. 57. aaO&hlBT. 

[if BFTO] P M>. yreuereneed B] 58. AUo\AiATQ. ^myA] prude 

jreDereneede P ; ieu«renced FT. B ; pride F, 

AmBFT] ibP; Oan. 69. in (2)] O Mt. me»eu>ii] tnm- 

60. }ipvt'\ pntte B ; put FTQ. oioD T. litmitk'] scfaewed E. 
MtBjaraNnfre] p«r-alintHr em FT. 60. Ae\ But T. ^] ^t Q, 

61. •riCFOjwj'tT; irittS; wbiit myit* BF] miit T; mrwht« F; 
(Sarfiy) P. /»r EFT] feer P; for Q. mijht Q. 

6S. (r>«r] & 0. aitS\ u P. 61. [m man BF] may T; no 

ihtirde^ Iberde B ; I-herd F ; herd man (1) P. ne—Yer] >er mal O. 

T; y-hurd O. 63, Ai(] biM F. 

63. ryj* G] ri)t BFT ; lyjth P, 



Tin poor iMD For Jie pourc is ay prest ■ to pleae fe riche, 63 

And buxume at hia biddyug ■ for bus breed and dryuke ; 
**• And bnnimnesBe and boat ■ aren eueie-moM at wratthe, 

And ayther hatef ofei ■ and mowen nat dwelle to- 
ne miiu DM Yf ivrattbe wraxle with fe jKHire ■ he hath f e worsse 

For jf Jiei bofiB [pleyno] ■ fe poure is bote fyble, 68 
And yf he ohide ojier chatere • hjm chyuyf |»e woisse. 
For louelicho he lokyf* ' and loub is bus Gpeche, 
That mete ofier moneye - of strauuge men mote begge. 

Khihu And yf glotcnye greue pouerte ' he gadere]) )» lasse, 72 

onij (be (sod ii^ For bus rentes wol nat reche ' ryche metes to bigge ; 

pAxih hua glotenye be of good ale ■ he gof to a cold 

And bus beued vn-heled ■ vneisyliche ywrye ; 

bm ftir «hn For when he streynef hym to atieoche ■ Jie straw is hns 
"" ■ ivliilel ; * 76 

irh< j\eu» u> So for bus glotonye and gretc sj'nne ' he hab a grenoiia 

■loth, he uOan 

Tor It. penaance, 

That is weylawey whan be awakef ■ and wepef for 

So is he neiierc more ful murye ' so meschief hym 


63. Jib (1)] a B. prett EFTG] 73. reHtei'] purs F. 
pre«at P, te] Tor to Q. 71. pavA An(] And |>ei^ his T. 

M. hi* EFTG] is P. and] k hia pavh — be] Hia itloteny ^ogh it b« F. 

FT. bediigng] l«dde F. 

65. mvltlw] werre T. 75. Q mnitt. heufd] bed E. m- 

66. moaen] mow E ; may T ; heled] vnheleil prr-with F. mnjy- 
ntoweth F. dmelle] coroe Q. lUhe] vneegiliohe F. j/irrye'] I-writhe 

67. tcrarle] wmcale G ; wrastle F ; wryo E. 

EF ; wrastli> T. wi(A] whit P. 76. itreynetk — to] wol him G. 

68. [pUyne FT] pleyn E ; p1f>y»n KhiUI] gBhetis T ; schelvn O. 

PG ; hut tee B-text U] hie P. 77. So] Si no F. Au*]' F om. anJ] 

fyble] felile EFTG. & his FT. on,*— «yiiHc] Q em. 

69—71. a emitt. 7B. Jiat i»] WitA F. wej/lairn/] 

69. ehj/uy).] cheuef. EFT. ye] wel lowe (I) T. atTaief,] vrakiji TG. 
wel )n F. ecldej liis cnide F. 

70. 4mA m] lowe^ E. 79. G oaiifi. A] & w F. /«q F 
"S. ffrene] greueji B ; greuifi T. cm. AyMi] nflur F. 

^tv Google 


)}augli couetyce wolde with ])e poure wrasle ' p^i mai Aoarif t*ni.<it . 

nat come to^den^, 80 u^uiir. 

By f>e necke nameliclie ' hei neijier may heuten o)>er. 
For mea knowe^ fat couetise ■ is of fid kene wU, 
And haji hondee and armes ■ of a long lengthe, tufiog iw img 

And pouerte is a pety fyng ■ apere|) nat to hua nauelc ; 
A loueliche laik was hit neuere ' by-twyue a long and for mt wraiimg 

a short. 85 

Tliauh auarice wolde angrye pouerte * ha hath bot« *4« 

lytel myjte ; 
For pouerte haf bote pokes ■ to putten yn hua goodea, 
Ther auarice h&p ahnaries • and yre-bounden cofrea. 88 
And whe^ier be betere to breke ' kase booet hit mukef, wiutii* 
To breke a beggers bagge ■ fan an yre-bounden cofrel uiinmoonirP 
Lecherye loucth none poure ' for he hath bote lytel £«bnYioiu 

Se dof men dyne dylicatliche • neyfer dryuk wyne ofte, 

A straw for fe atywea 1 ■ hy atod nat ful longe 93 

And ]iay hadde uon ofer haunt ■ bote of poure peple ! 

Thauh slewfe suwe pouerte ' and serue nat god to paye, h* ii and 

Meschief ia ay a men^i ■ and makef hym to f enke, 96 (dvmiv. 

That [god ia] hoa grettest help ' and no gome ellca, 

BO. paugk] And fwl} T; pan E. F. 

»aA] whit P. fin] FQ om. wz-aarle] 89, 90. FG omit, frt] yren T. 

wruUe E; wrastle FT; wrangle 91. Leeltrrye'] And leccherie T. 

G. none'] no FTG. bote—telver] Utel 

81. Bj/1 And hj F ; And be T. to upende G. 

htr nei^er'\ nere nofier E. tiei^fr'^ 92. men rfj«e] hem drinks Q. 

noon KG ; non T. drynk wyne] wyn to drynkeji F, 

82. /ui] » FTG. i«M wiO elen« 93, 94. Ona line in T— A straw for 
wyea (I) E. i>e BtewiB it stood ' hailde jiei no 

ai. s] but a F ; but T ; bote a G. hauat but of pore, itywei] elufea E ; 

jirty] petit F; pita (1) T. Btyue* FG ; Btewis T. Ay] tiei Pj 

BG. laiki toko E. a therf] icborte hit O. havnf^ help G. ^] of ^e 

F ; a Mhort one T. FG. 

Se. ThaHJi] And |>eii T.- avarteo 9I>. Thavh'\ And [leii T. mne] 

EF] auerice PG ; «n in L 88. angrye] seuile T. 

IB PB i angre FTG. my^te F] myjt 96. ay] T r«n. a] F om. and] 

BT ; mj-3the P ; myittH G. ^at T. 

8T. jmeerte} he t»ic) E. 97. [£od U EFTG] good P (omit- 

SS. almarUi] almarye E. and] le tiTig it), ktu] T out, 
EFTG J aa P. yre] yrene Tj yren 

■ DiqlizcdbyGoOgk" 


And hg ia saraaant al-way, he seith * and of htifi secte 

And whefflr ha bo of w be nat ■ he berijt J» aygne of 

And in ^t secte odrs aaayom ' sauede al mankynde. 
For-thi alle poore Jiat pacient is ' of pore lyght may 

After hare endyng heeie ■ henene-ricbe blysae. 
Much hardyloker ma; be aske ' j>at ber may baae bus 

In londe and in loidsbepea ' and lykynge of body, 104 
And fai goddee lone leaef al ' and lynef aa a beggeie. 
Aa a msyde for a mannes loue ' bere moder for-sakef, 
Hui« &der and hure frendea ' and goof forth with bore 

Macbe is auche a mayda to lone ' [of a man )>at aache 

on take))] 108 

Mote fan fat maide ia ' fat is ymaried by brocage, 
Aa by asent of sondiy bodyes * and seluer to bote, 
More for eoiletice of catel ■ fan kynde loue of fe 

fotkIiIm 8o bit faritb by ech a persone ' fat poasesaion foraakef, 

wwiih." And pnttef bym to be pacient ■ and to ponarta bym 

vaddef, 113 

ee. U] hit O. teeU] nito Tj IWt. and (1)] and alle T. ;«•>(>] 

■irete (1) Q. tareth F, irUk'] whiih P. jtara^ 

101. or\ by P. ytirt FO] pur T ; ««»f] pamnoun TG, 

potira PK (fry «Ht/««un(). 108. meka a] ^at F. lef—taiep 

102. jl/ler'] Affter F. fuv^nt- BFQJ of man >at suction taki|> T; P 
rieht] k iij heneoeriche F. hot — here moder for-eake^ (repeated 

lOS. Much] & mnche F. hardy- front I. 106) ; ^. B-text, 

IOil«r] liard«re T; bardiowO, may 109. naiAe ij] mafdena F. w 

(2)] mijte T. nag AaHa] hath maobs yoxiHAI] niaried is F. 

P. 110. ioiyw] B^RM P i penonifl 

IW. fomfe] lonnde P. lorMiepei\ TQ. twrf] & eeke F. 

lordaehlpe T. omA (2)] In T. Ill, eavetU!t\ kinds lone Q. )v] 

105. goddei BFI^ godw ; mil- FT mn. 

wUAtn goodM F. IIS. pvtte^l put F; putte T. to 

106. <i] T CM. /0r-Mt«f] for-auk (2)] TQ on. A^n (2)] hen fi ; TO 

^t, Google 

Pi33. Iini.] THE TRUE DBnSITlOil OP POVERTT. 387 

J}e whyche is sibbe to ciyst self ' and semblable bo})e." 
Quath Actyf )k> &1 angtyliclie ' and aigueynge aa hit ■wuib 

pDTtctjrf" mid 

" Wbat is pouertb pocient t " qnft|i he * " ich pia;e jiat 
>ou telle hit." 116 

" Paitperttu," quaj) pacience ■ " est odiJ/He bonum, s»t vii»«t of 

Remocio curarum, Posseano sine caltimpnia, ap«MiM^ 

donuM dei, ganiiatU mater j o,ti. ' '** 

Absque wlieitudine temita, sapimeie tempera- 

irix, negoeium sine dampno ; 
Jneerta fortuna, ahtque soiicitudine felieitaa." 
" Ich can nat construen al this " * qnath activa uita, "Whii i* tb\i 
"Farfaj," qnath pacience ' "propreliche to telle 119 
In engliah, hit is ful haide ' ac Bomdel ich abal telle )>e. 


Poaerta is J» firete poynte ■ fat prude most hate]) ; •»! 

' Thanne is pouerte good,' qna^ good akyle ' ' ^nh hit tataftii is piida. 

grene a lytel, 
Al fat may putten of pruyde ■ in place fer he legnefi.' 

Remoeio eurarum : — 
For selde sitt poaerte * pe sothe to declare ; ] 

As a lustioe to luge men ' men enioync]) fei-to no - 

Ne to be a mayre onere men • ne Mynistie vndet 

Selde is )» pome [ypnt] ■ to pnnysshe eny peuple, 

114. whyeJu] Wfche P. telf2 123- ;"<>)>] be T. guaf} — >kfle}k 

kim-Mlue FT. gOMtllche F. 

116. gua^ he^ V im. jiroyt] pnj 121. For'] TQ «m. telde EG] 
>e FT, seelde F; eeilde P ; Shalde ifvrongly) 

117. telieit*dUt»\ lolitadbe T T. Htf] sltte S ; Biltetb F ; Mtte 
(fniee) ; ■olittudine Q (fteiae). (mranglg) T ; sit Q. 

118. al} wel al F. 1S5. 6 omitt. At a] Or as T, 
Ilfl. gtiathi) ^ quod F. propre- M«tt(2)]meT. Muy«)i >#rfii] I0711- 

lieU] k pmptirli F i piu^Uiche Q. ath bo F. 

UtU} telle it T. 126. a] T oni. 

120. J«] Al >i« tn T. hW] T on. 127. Ailds ETQ] B«ilde P ; Ful 

«r] but T; te P. temUQ E oi». Beelde P. f«] any T. Igput TO] 

UlU Im] achewe F. IHttinatit}, ^c] I-pat F ; pitt P ; potte E; but »e0 

*» in FEF ; TQinm, ]. 60. 


288 IBS EXPOSITION or the dbfisitio:!^. [pass. xtii. 

Ergo poneite and poure men ' parfoiirtieti ^ comaunde- 
ment, 128 

Nolite iudieare quernqtiam. 
». Tilt poor ao Poaaetsio sine calumpnia : — 

»i"ir. Selde is )w pouie lyght riche • bote of tnfl [rijtful] 

He vyimefi nat with wyghtes fals * ne with vnseled 

Ne bopweji of Ma noyghebora ■ bote Jiat he may weJ 

Aud lyghtly men leuejr to fewe mea * aad men [wene] 

hym poure. 132 

i. Fanrtf i> th« The feortbe ia a fortune ' bat floiisshib be Boule 
■iaofOuL ___ 

With sobrete [from] alle synnes ' and al-so jnt more ; 

Hit defendeth ))e flesah ' iio folyes ful menye : 

And a collateral confort ' oryates owea sonde ; 136 

■»■ Doman dei. 

I. II u tb* Jut hit is moder of my^t • and of mannes helthe, 

bHitb. AndFrende tnallefondynges * andof foulevuelesleche; 

Sanitatia mater. 

a Tha poomuj The syxte, hit ia a pab of pees ■ ie, borw be pas of 

walk unrobbod p . * , * ^ 

(hmaib Oh fm [altoun] 1 39 

Pouerte myghte passe ' with-oute peril of robbynge. 

129. ftWe HTG] Seelda P ! Seilde 13*. 6 emiti. Willi] Wliit P. 
P. ryghf] F am. [rUtfvl FT] ryght Ifrom FT] aien E ; whith P ; </. 
PE ; O em./ rf. B-teit. B-teit. 

130. a omiti. He nynneYI Wyn- 133. drfendeth FKT] derendifi O ; 
ne|) ha T. wi/4] whit P (twii-c). deferdit P. f»l] rijt YQ. 
wsgktcil whyghtea P; wijtes EF ; 126. And^TQ on. con/Drf] com* 
wyttes C»Bwij/j) T. vnuled EF] fort is F. 

TiiBelide P. 137. ^«f\ & )it F. hi(\ T am. 

131. lorweji] borowe B. fti*] ia my;( EFG] mbt; myith P. kellhe\ 
P. hele T ; hefp O. 

132. lyghtly'] mimHtten Ijghly P. 13S. i«] of (n-rongly) T. aniT] P 
Igghtlg — to] aelde roe lene)) Q ; me ent. vsclfi] jiielp!< K ; eueles FI'O. 
lenifi lljtly T. .iJui— men (2)J Nat 139. pat] paies T. {nltmin EF] 
liitly me leenelh to a man F. tu] aufltone T ; auKone Q ; haullone P. 
bot to B. aad] yt P. nun (3)] ma 140, Pouerte myghte] For fere 
TO. [irene EFTQ] Foin, ftym] Jiem mj-it pourrt <«■« L lil) F, rif*] 
EQ; hebeF. whit P. 

1S8. U] it ii pa. 



Tor ^ei as ponerte poese^ * pees folwe^ commenliche, 
And euere fa lasse Jat eny lyf lede]i ' the lyghter hoe 

herte is )>eTe, 
As lie Jiat wot neuere with wham ■ in [nyghtee] to 


Paujpertat eet sine BoUeiludiite semita : Seneca. "> p<"«t7 1« » 
The Bette)>e, hit is a welle of wyaedome ' and fewe i. ie ii k loiirM 

votdes shewe}>, 141 

For lordea alowef hym lytel • ojier leyth ore to hus 

leisone ; 
He tempre^ hua tonge to-treathe-ward ' ^at no tiesoui 

coneyte|i ; 

Bapiende terriperatrix. 
The eyhtejie, hit is a leel labour ■ and loj tc take more «.it««iiiuiir 
Than he may BOthliche deaerue ' in somer o)ier in 

wynter; 148 

And )>aah ho chafEare, he charge^ no loa ' mowe he 

charite wynne ; 
Negocium sine dampno. 
Jm ny ethe, hit is swete to aooles ' ]is\ no snger awettere ; «. it u iwhi te 
For pacience ia has paneter ' and payn to pouerto 

And aobrete jene]i here swete drynke ' and solaceji 

here in alle angles. 152 

HI. eemmeidielul oonam'ij T. \i6. AmI fw T. lear^Qtm, 8a- 

peti — commenlieht] folweth pees oft pieiieia, ^AJ BTO om. 

tyme P. H7. «^A(«H ^^ T; ofw Q. 

142. JMt any] a F. Ij/] Q tm. Ait] EQ inn. 
e*^~Udey^ on lede T. H9. Ira] lost B. 

143. a 0mUJ. nmiere] nare T. 150. pe] Ne (I) T. nye^e) ttj)i» 
witK] whit P. in] on T. [nyglUai] EF ; neit>« T. pe-Mt} Anot»»- O. 
ny^tes B ; nutet tf me T ; nliU tjtna titete] ao gwete F. «ohI«] booIb F, 
((u;) F ; mygbtea P. Taupertat eit] [b T] Jicr iB F ; PEQ on. 

Fam. fiN«] abiqoe EFQ. tolieit*- 161. Am] TQon. jututcr] pahbr 

ifi»«] loliludlDe T. Smeca'] F on. EFT ; paoittfr O. payn—poiierte] 

141. TA« iinM)M] The seueoethe F ; pouert pafn he T ; poa^rla pajn O. 

It aemi)> T. Ait] F nn. Kellf 1G2. A«r« (t)] heere P; tier* 

EFTO] weells P. EF ; hire T. djyniel dr^ilcw V. 

I4e. loytA] l«i^ E; lerea F; lig- Awe (2)] beers P; hire T; hent B; 

ge^ T, F on. alle angret'] aogn O, 



sss Thus leryde me a leiede nuii * for ouie lordes louc, 

seiut anslTQ, 
That pure ponerte and pacience ■ was a louh Ijuynga 

in ertlte, 
■niiUoiriaii A bleasld lyf with-oute busTnesse ' bote oneliche fur 

wlOmatmn." ^ , lee 

fe Bonle ; I3a 

Absque KtUHtvdvne feliciias. 

Now god fat al fynge gyueji ■ graunte haa sanle rwte, 

That wrot fris to wisse men ' what ponerte was to mene !" 

(as<) Thenne badde actyf a ledere * lut heylite Uberum 

tTbeolMWdU ... . 

whowiuauiMi arbitnutn, 

irum (FiH-vDi). That bnewe conscience fol wel ' and clergie bofe ; 

"He Jat tiiji londe and lordahep," quaji he ■ "at the 
laate eude 160 

Shal be ptrarest of power • at hue partyng hennea." 
fluked Thenne ich wondrede what he was ' this Lilmvm 

FsHHCairi 1 ,r, ■ 

BiitM lA ita Arburj um, 

***' And prayede pacience ' fat icb a-pose hym moste. 

And [be] suf&ede roe and Beide * " assay hns ojier name." 
1 1 iiwi lAti " Lene Uberum arbilrium," quaf icli • " of what londe 
■^ * aryel 165 

MS Jif few be cristee creature ' for cristes lono, tel me." 

GbiWiBHtan^ "Ich am cristes creature," quaf he * "andcristine in 
menye place, 
And in criatea court yknowe ■ and of hua kynne a 

154. Vy«#'] ^ i"^ ^"] on FT. bot<« M 
1o5. kUA] whit P. Abigue toliei- 161. kaina] ellei O, 
tudine'l Solitudine T. 162. kK] T am. wondredt"} hodde 

• FW'] "^ '"'*■ ^ placet god miDdir T. tkii] n 

after saule. ^t T. 

167. \Ai\ )>as EtJ. 168. praj/ede'] ptrfde to F. m*] 

158. ledert EFTG] apparently Hon. T it eorrvpt tiera. 

lodere T. heykte'\ Iii3te SFT; het 164. [A* MFTQ] PB m>. meJFi'M. 

O. N(#nm orMMim] art)itriun 166. ^i^] And ii( T. Ul n«] telle 

libeniM E. hit me E ; me Ulfe^ H. 

, ie9. ThMI He TFO. 1ST. pla4)e] to FTFO ; a place B ; 

160. Hari H hrjiiu agaitt, Pe] places H. 

pe IS. l^ade] lonnde P. londe 16B. yibiMtw] kh fcnoir (mvnglg') 

audi Q om. lordihtp'] hndscbepe B ; Ikoowe wel T, 

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la nojier peteT Jm porter * ne paul with ina fanchon, mi kmm to 
That wolde defende me heneue dore ' dynga ich aenera 

so late. 170 

At myd-nyjt, at mydday ' my noise is bo yknowe, 
}>at eche creature Jwt lonef criste ' welcome]) me faire." 
"■Wher-of seme jel" ich eeide • "eyre libemm arbi- t-mttaajtm 

triumf" 173 *""'"***■ 

"Of 8om tyme to fyghto," quab he • "ialanesee to de- t "Sonmin™ i 

Stniye, Unwllnlbr. 

And som tyme to sofTte ' bo)ie sorwe and teeoe, 

Layke o]>er letie * at my lykjnge chese, 176 

To do wel o^i wikke ' a wil with a reyson, 

And may nat be with-onte a body ' to here me wher tisoibaaivUk 

hymlykej)," ; "uii . 

"Thenne ia frat body bettere fan fow," quaj ich • t "tj™ n th«t 

" nay, quaf he, " no betere ; ttm," mu l 

Bote aa a wode were a fure ' {reime worchen [)iei] 

And ayfer is ojieics heete ' and also of a wil; 181 
And so is man {lat haji bus mynde - myd liberum 

And ]« whyle ich qnyke fie cots ' cald am ich eaiima ; hOm jitima.- 
And whenna ich irilne o]>er wolde ' animwi ich hyhte, -.boiutau, 

169. 7>] Nil H. >«] M (t) E. wile (irrvo^Iy) T. 
tria]whitP. *ij]^eT, 178. «A«i-— lyfasfi] abonte P. 

ITO. weidel wole MO ; wile T. Jyin] me O. 
rfore] dere M. 1T9. bettere (1)] bet MP. 

171. G omitt. vmt EF] niit T; 180. 0(1)] P«n. a /««] on fuyre 

nylh M; n«th P. af] ne at M. M; in fire T. [^ei M] PEFTQ 

tH>u«] Toia ErT ; tojb M. emit ; bat it nake* the tente clear, 

17?. a omiU. wlcomei^'] wol- 181. heete} belp H. a] od M; o 

ooiiie)< P. EFO ; T im. 

174. ly] MF im. A«] 7 G; he)>0 162. myi]ni7)>T; witkF ; wi[> 0. 
V. 188. F omiti. >B inhgle] white 

175. (vjfrf] Buffre bIbo P. tonet HO ; whiles T ; )« wyle P. jiry/'«] 
— (WMJ tene at sorawe T. am qnyk in T. egri TG] corps M ; 

176. G amitl. Uue] bl-lene U. ooura P. eoM— if A] I am cald T. 

F Aof — Where Iwol Iftike or leue'at 18*. tthennt'] wenneP. e^#»-] and 

hi; tilcTiiR I ohese. HTQ. hyhte'] bijte MF ; hatte T. 

ITT. iFiite T] wicke EH; wike animv— hyhte] cUd am >- AnlniMf 

P ; wik F i wlkkedo O. a frJI] he G. 



wju, ' And for f>at icb can and knowe ' cald icli am ' mannjs 

Jtouht;' 185 

mtmoru^ And wlian ich make mone to god -tmemorla ich hatt« ; 

And wLen ich deme domee ■ and do as treuthe techef, 

'"'<<>. Then is raeio mj rrhte name - ' reson ' in englissh ; 

And iTlienne ich fele Jut folks Ulle^ * my furste name 

-*!—, is eejtsus, 189 

And pat is witte and wisedome * the welle of alio 

And when icA chalange o))eT nat cludange ' chepe o|ier 
mugiflUta, Paane am ich cotwetentia cald * godes clerk and has 

notarie; 192 

And when ich wol do o^er nat do * goode dedes 
ofer ille, 
iHiinm Then am ich lihenim arhitrium * as lettiede men 

"*""^ teUen ; 

•»• And when ich loue leelly ' onia loid and alle o)iere, 

—or. Then ie ' leel lone ' my name • in latyn Jat is amor ; 

And when ich flee fro fe body • and feye leue Jw 
caroygne, 197 

toAiMtm,." Then am ich a spirit specheles * and spiritva |ieiuie 
ich bote. 
Aostyn and ysidonis * ay^ of hem bothe 
Nempnede me }>is to name ' fiow now myght citeeae 

ISR. H omiU. And] F em. koI nojt E. dtdet] dede T. 

kiume\ eke kuove F. enU— on] I 191. Uttitth] l«red MO. feOm] 

cald am In {lie) T. numnyi] F om. ve teUith FT. 

IBS. wSan] whanne |jfltT. mone] 196. And] E om, 

W PBMTO ; moone F. hatte] to 106. )"><] bit M. in— if] & in 

PEUFTQ (Bof 11* *» 1. 184). latyn T. 

187. <miU thit and I. 190. 197. bcdy] flescli F. /eye] fei M ; 
techcti] telli). T. Tey E. fege tme] fajle O. Jw (2>] 

188. in] on T. my M. 

189. whennt] wenna P. («(] 198. a] FQ mi. i^)te] hoot« P 
nhftt F. viy—ii] tsD am i F. {net at in U. 181, 186). 

191. nat tAalanga] chalenge nout 199. ay^er] eifiar ofiw T. 

MFO. chepe] «> PEMFG ; ohese M. 200. me] am. H'] ["■« *". name] 

192. oni icA] 1 nm U. eon- names O. ^om n»rc] now t>ow MQ ^ 
f«i«n(ta] coDcience HT. k now ^ou F. 

193. mot] wel Mj E am. naf] 



How )k>v coueitest to calle me - now knowest ^ow alia 
myne namea. 201 

Anima pro diuersie aeiionihus diuersa nomma Hm udgn, 
sortilur; dvm mutJUat corpus, amma eat. ti. 
dum unit, animus est; dum recdlit, memoria 
est; dum iudical, racio eat; dum eentit, 
seneua est; dum amat, amor eet; dum de- 
elitiat a malo ad bonum, liberum arbitrium 
est; dum negat uel consentit, conacieiuda est; 
dum spiral, spiritus est'' 
"Jebonasa bischop," quaf ich ■ al botdynge jjattTuie, "tmIimsm 
" For bischopes blessed ■ thei here]) many names, Mihop,- uu l 

Preml and pontifex • and metropolitanus, 204 

And ojer names an hepe ■ episcopue aadpanfor." 
" That is sotli," he aside ■ " now ich seo f y wil "i nipi™. r™ 

How bow woldest know and conne ■ be cause of alle whu ncy 

' m«u.?"uidlu. 

And of niyne, jf fow myghteat ■ me }>ynke^ by Jry 

speclie ! " 208 

"Je, syre," ich seyde, "by so • fat no man were -r-.'-ai. 

Alle ])e science vnder soune ' and alle sotile crafbes 
Ich wolde ich knewe and coathe * kyndeliche in myn *it 

"Thanne art Jiow inpariyt," quaj) he ■ "and on of "TiimTMim 

prydes knjghtea ; 212 "Wi* 

201. now] MO om. 1i*tmett (wr] 20(t. ieide\ eeide Jw ■ & F. 

fiow knowest HTO. tortitur'] uo- 207. Hok^ T on. eaute} olaaBe 
naXur M. a male] de malo T. T. ft«r«] H (m. 

202. ien] baw (1) H. hlieknp 208. QiwiUt. 

EF] bUshop TQ ; bueabop M ; iadlg 209, a-jiwwifl a-greneda P. 

spelt biheshep P. bordyngel louiyng 210. laienee] eoienoea HQ. alle] 

T : bourdyng F. alle )>e T. 

203. biichttpes E] biaahopea QT; 311. fraUg] wold |>at F. anS\ or 
bischopsF; buEshopesH; ladlytpelt F. %tt^eZi<rA«] «o)illch G. 
biiiuhopes P. bleued] i-bleseed MO; 212. art UFT] ert PEG. fitpdr*- 
fmt Iieth blessed F. ^«(] O ani. /^f QT] inparfyt M; iopsrfyjt Pj 

204. i'c^iiir] All prffiul F. vnporGt E ; imparfit F. 

205. an] a grct F, 



For Buche a luste and lyk jnge - lacifer fel firo henene ; 
inhh iiT, li Poitam pedem meum in aquUone, ^ ero amiiit 

"No on* an Hit wew a-goyn kynde," q«a]> be • "and alle kpne 
tmpiiiet. reeoun 

That eny creatore eholde conne al ' excepte cryst one, 

A;eiie alle sache salamon speke^ ' and dispise^ heic 

■wittes, 216 

fm. ht. it. And eeith, sieut qui md eomedit muUum, turn 

ei hoitwn ett : Sic qui ecnUaior est mage^aii*, 

Ojynrimatur a gloria. 

Too modi luHMr To enfflisBh-men tltis U to rmenel ' bat moven speke and 

dofMh 111* mur. " L J r r 

Tlie man )>at mnche bony eet ' hia mawe hit engleymt^ : 
The vyttiour tliat eny wight is ' bote yf he voicbe 

' ^r-aftei, 
The biterour he sbal a-bygge ' bote yf he [wd] woiche ; 
ccJahniULiT. Boottu, seith seyut bomard ' qui seriptunu legit, 2S1 
Et verba uertU in opera ■ emforth his power. 
Couotise to conne - and to knowe science[s] 
Putte oute of paradya ■ adam and eue ; 22i 

213. liutB'E] lustMFTi lousto P. T. kU] ia P. kit engleymet,^ ia 
and] & a T ; of F. fill mufrrMm engleymed E. 

feel Pj ful M. ^ ero, ^c] MTQ om. 219. wyHioMr] whjrttionr P ; irilti. 

214. retoun EFT] regon MQ ; rel- tiere H. iri^U] nbight P ; withg 
wuhbP. (ric)M; wit Qj wjT. BwrcAt] do 

2ie. ooitM] knitneE; cnaae FUa. U. 

one'} al oone F. 230. UteroHr'] bittnriokttr V. {ret 

21<l, Q omitt. Aiene} Ajena ET ; H] wot PETO ; bvt tiU it tea ehtt 

A-» P. alle\ T om, dUpUe^fl to 1. 213. bote^nitrehe] whan he u 

sploeth V. Ai^ uithi For wi)> eala- brou^t in gnue F (o remarlaile 

moK H" Q. eicit — e»t] Q om. mel variatUn). 

—turn MFT] oomedit mnltum mel & 221. »«i(A] quod M. 

P ; M aUo B, omittint mal. ett] put 222. M] Vt M. evffbry} encne- 

he/ere ei in MF ; T om. opfiri- for)) M. 

Butur] M in dll; rmJ opj)rimetur. 223, 224. One Ziii« j» T, omiiiin! 

a gloria'] tu:. M. aod to knowe^ corn;] ounae VE. 

217. Gomift. [m«na MFT] meta [leifnco* EHTFO] acienoe P; >mL 
PE. huyre] bate E; here MT; 226. 

heere F. 224. Putte EM] Pntfl P ; Pnl FTG. 

218. a omit: 7%f] pat T. Tlu adam] bo|jB adam F, [jloria MFT] 
— iHit] put ho M F. orr] to PH ; gloriam FEQ. (jwliaaitj expoliauit 
oleji B ; ette F. Aongeefi honiefi (I) B. 

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SHeneie appetitia hominem immmialitatie Ltutnrkn 
\glorid\ apoliauit. (wl 

And lyght so as bony ' is vnel to defie, 225 

Ejglit so sothlj sciences ■ swellep in a mannes sanle, 
And do) 117m to be deynous ■ and deme [lat beth nat 

Nart plua aapere ' seide Jie wyee, 228 

Quant oportet aapere • lest synne of pmyde wexe. 
Frares fele sitbea * to ^ foike Jtat f<ei precben Frf*n nbd 

Menen mati& meny tymea ' Insoliblee and fallacea, muun, u 
That bo))e lered and lewed ' of bere by-leyue douten ; ammuidi 
To tecbe |w ten commamideiuenB * weie ten sitbe 

And bow [Jwt] folke folyliche ■ bere M vittes 

myependen, 231 

As wel &ere8 as 0^ folk ' folilicbe ependen 
In bousyng and in belyynge * 

More for pomp and prade • as J?b peaple wot wel 
That Ich lye nat, loo ' for lordes Jwi plesen, 238 

And Teaeience^ )>e lycbe * )e rather for bere eeluer, \,„ u„ j^V 

2SB. id] TG oDk nwl] jaA EQ ; ten ^>e war it F ; ton (lio) a\]>B -wtra 

euel MFT. T; taw Bif« went O. 

226. %fA<— fof%]SoothUr^tio 234. [)>at BHFTQ] ^V; qf. 

■F. mthly tai«itea'\ Utel icienoe T. B-text mj/^ndenl di^odea M ; 

leieiieet] acienoe O. in] MFTQ ms. spenden F. 

2S7. a omit*. And do^^ Don H, 236. /cliliehe ME] folliliche PQ 

Ayn] hem T. (ftuC («0 la$t Ime) ; foUioha T. /aO- 

22s. J^^va] For nan F. liehe tpenden'\ It feel of hem wane 

229. lynne—prvyde] proTds of F; fttrt e/. B-teit »j>Mirf«»] lynon M ; 
■fane E ; pride k Bjnna F. 0/ worchon 13. 

pmj/de] Q om. 236. ami] U «». fn AeZyjmf e] Id 

230. li'erei] For fals freruj F. Iieliy ugga M ; In lielljmge B ; in he- 
lUhet] tymcB T. [.e] F oiu. /oiie] Ijng F; heljngB Q; T «», in (2)] 
pepla O. >at] N*)^ T. k B. AiA] hi M ; h; F 1 her E ; haij 

231. m^i/i] motjmgeo U, fysMi] T; bji G. eleregie th«tvgng«\ h«rta 
time HF. mtmy tj'in^*] O on. Jm- of prkle F. 

tolibia] iAcollible F; k (olibles (!) £37—240. Q omiU. 

E. falUieet] fftlaoes E; &I1bb HF; 237. and] k. for E. and prude'] 

InTallaee (1) T, of Jjat plaoe F. pevple] peple MF ; 

232. IwftTl oto lawod V. dmtteTi] pepe (I) B, 

dotan T. 28S. F imit$. lye] 1^ T. t>e)] 

283. mera} when P. were— tithe) j« T. pleten EH] pla«e X; ple^n P. 



Ajena fa cooosaiL of crjst - as holy cler^^a vitnesse^ ; 
Ne gitis €uxeptoret penonarum,' 240 

Loo, what holy wryt -wjitawee^ ■ of vikkod techeies ; 
As holjneas and honeato ' out of holy clmrche 
Sprynge^ and spredeji ' and enspire^ )ie peaple 
jioTgh porfit pteeat-hood ' and prelates of holichnrche, 
Byght so out of holychniche ' al vnel sprede]), 245 
Ther inparfit preeet-hod is ' prechoara and techours. 
And Beo hit hy enaample ' of trees in somer tyme, 
Ther aomme bowee bere^ leaea ' and somme bereji 
neaiB ; 248 

The bowea^t berep nat '.and bee J) nat grene-lenede, 
Ther is a myschif in ^e more * of euche manere atockea. 
Eyght BO pfrsones and preestes ' and prechets of holy 

Ta fo rote of [fe] lyght feiflie " to teuwele Je people ; 
wii«ik*TaM Ac per )>e rote is roten * nson wot )>e sothe, 253 

••• Shal nenere f onie ne frut weie • ne fiiir Icef be grene. 

iMA^ ^or woldo ^e] letteride lane ■ the lechorie of clofinge, 

wauMhM -And be conrteis and kynde • of holypdike] goodea, 
HotadothiDK Parte [with the] ponro ■ and jonre pruyde leua, 25t 
And ^rto trewe of joore tonge * and of jonie tail also, 

240. Ajenii] AgeTit U ; Aje F. 2S0. Q omiU. 
eUrrffi/e] ohirche M ; writ F. mU- 351. pernmei and] in persones & 

nem^ E] wUUiieese^ P ; leUeth F. In B. 
J^o] Nod M. 262. Ff] w PETO Qprelahly by 

2il. nhaf] -Hi]! il)T. hsly—W]/tt- intentuin) ; Ben M; Belh F. [p» 

neaeti'] witneiMtli holy writ F. MTF] PEG om. ryghf] ryghit P. 

teckeren'] tecobea M. remeele'] reule Er ; rule MFQ. 

242. Aoneite EMFTG] mUterUten 264. i«] ne F; be and M. 
honeetBte P. 265. [je MT] t>e (_tvnmff£y) PEG ; 

244. par/tt] T om. F om. the — b/} lecheiie ■ and jouro 

246. OomiJt. ar|a«(l) G. v«eT] gai M. 
;ael G 1 euel HFT. 256. E tmitt. [Mrie T] ohnrche 

246. QimUi. 71UrBMFT]Th«er PO ; ohircheBM; chnrchea F. 

P i w aUo in II. 248, 250. in^rfit] 257, Q etiiiti. Parte'] To parte P. 

In (1) T. teeiauri] opure F. [vdtA the EMFT] mitnmtten wMthe 

247. And— by] Tak (lou O. o/] P. 

on MG. in] a G. of— tyme] in 268. [>«■(«] O om. trtice] tiywo 

aomer tyme on tres T. P. ^ovre] here G (tivice). teU} » 

249, G ("Hit: TTie] pn F. nat] in all USS; but F turn* taU also 

now E. Uiu'dfi} i-leued MT. inia tailosse. 



And haten barlotrie * [aad] to vnderfonge ^e types 

Of vaereis and of hoKB ■ and of at vuel wynuTiiges, 

Loth were lewede men * bote ))ei joure lore folweden, aniamed mm 

And a-menden Iiem of hete mysdedes ' more for jonie 

ensamplea 262 

))aii for to fueche and pieneii hit nat ; - ypocrisie hit 

Ypociiaie U a brannche of pruyde * and most among H;paat^iim 

clerkeB, 264 dui^biii. 

And [ia] ylikned in latyn • to a lotbliche dounghep, witunii. " 
That were by-anywe al with snow ■ and enakea with- 

[Or to a wal wLit-Iymed ' & wei« blak wttA-inne.] 

Byjt BO meny preestes ' prechours and prelates, 268 BowtpiiMta 

pat hep enblauDched with bele paroles • and with hele Mcwarit^ 

clo|)e3 ; 
And ae lainbes ^ei loken ' and lynen as wolues. 
Zo/umnes eruoatotrau * karpeji Jiub of clerkes, 

Sicui de lemplo omtie bonum progredilw, sie de Mi 

iemploomne malum proaedU. Sisacerdocium Aunnd 
iviegrvm fuerit, lota floret eecleeia ; ii anfem ■ aoniuiini 
corruptum fueril, omnium Jidea marcida est. ' 

Si tacerdocium fuerit in peccatie, tolus pop\t- 
lus conueriitur ad peccandum. Sieut cum int, >■ ■ 
uideris arborem pallidam 4" marcidam, intel- n* m ■•ii n»i, 
ligis quod vicium hahet in radics, Ita cum p«piaibiwa 

SGy. Ani] & also Q. haten} hale bisnewe F ; besnenid T ; i-snewed 

al F. [and MFTQ] P& est. fe] Q H. nun] snoui T. nuiieij smstte 

m. Jre] no M ; G cm. M. 

260. and (1)J Ji eke F; TO on. 267. In T only; lidieeB-teiL 
and (2)] T om. of (3)] MEG em. 269. 6*).] ben MT. mhlavnekeS] 
oT] ¥ om. vxef\ euele MF ; euile encumbred M. bele (2)] faire M. 
T; Tnolene E. 2T0. And} Q tm. at (2)] as do 

261. tterv} were J>e F. fcre] wU F. 

a. 271. T prefixet J-oo. J-uj] rijt Jjui 

262. omitt. amendtn A*in] F. preetdif] cedit G, M omiti 
ainendit T. mrrt] j^e mora F. fuerit ^/ter corruptum. tacerdveimn 

266. [u MFT] PEG om. in] ai (2)] Raoerdoa T. peceatit'] pecoato T. 
In F. a] E on. lothlicke} lodli M. tanum} mlegram vol sanun Q. 
266. a #mt{f. bjffngnv'] to PE ; 



■DDMoani videria populum iaditeiplinaium ^ irreligio- 

( eum, tine dubio taeerdoeium eiiu mm e^ 


Alas ! lewedo men ' mnclie leese je )nt fyndea 272 
Vntynde creatnree ■ to boo kepets of jonie sonles ! 

Thing! wiektdiT Ac ffug yot wikkedUcbo ia wonne * snd Trith £Use 

BHo. aleithes, 

Wolde neuere ofer-wiae god ' bote vicked men hit 

ses As imporiit preestes ' and precbera after aeluer, 276 

Secatours and sodenea ' eomners and bere lemmsnnes ; 

EiflfMUiTii And ))at witb gyle -was gete ■ vngraciooaUche be 
dispended. 278 

c<R(t«ud*rk* CnrstoniB of boljchurche ■ and clerkns pat ben aoaious, 

whMi pnAiRita Ligbtlicbe ])at ^i lene * loaeles bit denouien. 

tun ■pod. Leyuef hit wel, lordea ■ bofe lered and lewede, 281 

)}at Jiua go^ bere godea * atte laate ende, 
[l^at] lyuen a-jens boly lore ' and ^e loue of cbarite." 

"WiMntj "Cbarite," quab icb bo ■ "bat ia a biiK for sothe 284 

Chultjr-MldL „ ' 1 r r r t -o 

••a That maistres comenden macbe; * vber may bit be 

founde 1 
"HvmiindioDE Icb bane Ijned in [londou] ' meny longe jeres, 
nidii-ini And founde icb neoere in faith - as frerea hit precbe^, 
•iiDiHtj. Charite, ^t charge)) nat ' no chit, pauh men greue bym, 

272. «#»] men alas V. 

2T3. ereaiuret] amtoun 

ieper*] l«dere E. 281—283. G <mitl. 

27*. mkiedlieii'] wifi wickedsesae 281. Leyveii} Leue^ MT ; Leeoeth 

H. F; LfoefiE. 

275. PE intert f*t after neuere, 282. atte'\ at ^e MTP. 

nhieh MPTO fntit. ttffe] bate }&t Q. 283. [pat UFT] And PB. 0.mim] 

276. (f/ter} for M. B-)e t>« F. 

277. todeaei] soudenet H ; aonlh- 286. wi#r] but whare F. kW] ha 
dcnU T. toianeri] gomenours E; F. 

■OTDnoursMFG; sompDOura T. 286. ^wh] aae P. lytitd} i-lyued 

278. gete~} geten M ; bigete F. M ; lyuede P. {lendoK M] loudouK 
ba dupended} h« dispend it F ; mfg- F ; tuudoon T ; londen P£Q. 

peode T. 287. icft] i hit MF. 

279. Ouralowi^ For curatouts F. 298. fial] f^i (lie) T. ekaryefil 
avamut] aueroug PO. chaungeji G. [>at(A] JSl G, mm] ma 

280. t«(] G om. AW] to G. de- TG. gr«vt »JM»] Um grave F. 



Ab paul in a piatele • of hym 'bere^ witnesse ; 289 

Non inflatur, noneet ambidoea, non gverit que ic«.iiii.4,E. 
eua nmt. 
Ich [^new] neaore, by ctyat ■ clerk iio])er lewede, au whom i luvs 

That he ne askede after Lub ■ and ojer-whyle coueytede coyiuhu." 
Thyng fat seedede hym nat ■ and nyme hit^ yf he 
myghte ! 292 

[For ^j men sojt al aacXea * of suatren & of bre)»eren,] 
And [)>OTr] fynde hym, bote figuiatifliche ' a ferly me 
Hie in enigmale, tunc facie ad/adem: — "' ic« 

And 30 ich trowe treirely * by tliat men tellen of 

"Charite is a childish thing * as hoUchnrche wltt- "ciiHi^/'uid 
nessep, ^yo thing. 

Niei effieiamini meui pantvli, [non intrabHie in 
regnum celorum .-] 


As proQd of a peny ' as of a pounde of golde, 

And al-so glad of a goone * of a grey Tusaet ««4 

Ab of a cote of cammoka ' ojier of clcne BcailetL 299 

He is glad with alle glade ' as gurles ^nt lauhen alle. 

And Boiy when he see)) men sory * as fov seest children 

Lauhen fer men lauhen • an loure far men lonreji, 302 

2B9. ;>aur| wint pool F. a] bis T. 89u. And to] AI«o H, to] E em. 

pittele'] pigte[ EUFQ ; pista T. noa men] me Q. of charite'] ^er-offa F. 

yuertf— MiK] MTG im. 296. oAiiiuA] ohildlicli M ; childes 

290. Ihune EMFQ] kneuj T ; FQ. lievt^ ut M. [nM— oelontn] 

knowe P. eferi] muwrtrtea olek /roui E ; F hat — non intrabitia, kc. ; 

P. HTQent. [iK«tt»i<rfto, ^e.] /rra M ( 

£91. lekyU] wyle P ; whiles T. FEFTQ im. 

292. needede Ajw] hym nsded EF. 297. (^ (2)] Q «u. 
and] to H. 29S. aJ-io] aa TFO. 

293. Fnm E ; alto i* HFOT ; P 299. ennunoia] cammoca E ; 
etitite, leetei] >e BektU T ; folo M. cnmaoa M ; camsks FT ; cantmaka 
qf (2)] T on. G. eUne] a dene T ; reed F. 

294. liioK M] [xm F; PKTQ <m. 301—812. Q omitt. 
hytn] hem M. bott] Q am. fgvra- 301. ehildren^ b&bea F. 
tl/ticke] fnntif (1) T ; fugjTifttyf (J) 302. an] and HEFT. oi*n lEtovfi] 
M. afcrly] wonder M, Sic] Quia o^en loaren T. 

bi0 per ipecKlum F, 



A»d when a man swerej) for bo)i ' for so^ he hit trowe^ ; 
tHitnuuuut He weneb fjiatl no witi ■ wold lyBhe and sweie, 30t 

noDa vUl tMKSlla / 1.1 J i jo ' 

him. Ne Jiat eny gome wolde gylen • ojier, ne greue, 

For diede of god ^at ia ao good ' and ^u8-[gates] ons 
tecbeji, QModcuTtque ttaltis vt vobis faciant homine*, 

faciie eU, 
He liath no lykynge to lauhB ' ne lyghe, men to ecome ; 

H* unpu Alle Biknesses and sonres ' for Bolas he [hem] taksf, 

Hdua." And alle manere meschifs ' as minstracie of heaene. 

Of def ne of derjie ■ drad was he neuere, 310 

Ne mysliked, [lauh be looie ' o^er lenede to ))at ilke 
p&t neaere payed peny aje ' in place ])eie he borwede." 

"WboproTiiiM " Whofyndef hym his fodet" qusji ich ■ "o^ what 

•Md. frendes hath he, 313 

Rentes ojier richessea ■ to relene hym at hus neode 1 " 

"wtrtrmnai "Of rentes ne of richesses," qimj» he ■ "recchef he 

[A &end he ha^ ^at fynt him ' fat failej) him neaere]. 
tPi.oiii.M. Oa aperie-ttt-7nanum ■ alle Jiynge hym fyndefi; 317 

803. F omitt. Btralsie M; nlnBtracIeg T. 

30i. Be] For he F. «mep} leue)) 310. drad] a-drad M. 

M. Si flWBeli] Weniji he T. [pat 3U. loorei w PF; lore MET. 

MFT] nat PE. roijt F] whiit P ; ofer] & T. lenede] leate M. (e] T 

withg M ; wij T. Iggke] lie MEF. om. 

306. F omiti. gylen'] bygilen E ; 312. a;e] ta PEF ; aien T ; a-geyo 

bi-gyle M. »m] M out. IL place] places T. 

""" U] T cm, ta] E om. and] 813. /!/iidefi] fynt T, Sym] F 

guire it. oui] us MF ; VB T. M 3U. rtehetiee] richeHse qtwd he F. 

eiidi the Kna— and >at us ]>\xi teche|>. hi/m] F em. hut] MT mn. 

til] k eU F. 316. F imiti. ne] G em. af] T 

zm. Be} Horn. (o(l)]fortoF. on., qm^ ke] tQ o«i. recchep] U!) 

ne EMF] ne to T ; apparently no P. recchif- T. 

lyi/he] tpelt Ij-ha P (,but lee 1. 30i) ; 316. From M ; nUo i« FTG ; PB 

liien E ; Ij-ke T ; likiie F ; likene St. omit, fi/nt] fyndeth FG. failep] 

ta (2)] ne M. (^Ob/eme that the failide T. pat /ailep— neuere] & 

order of nordt diger, frost B-text.) fail him he nelle F. 

308. [A*™ MF] hit PET. 317. On] Don F ; On jb G ; 

309. meiehife] inyBcheues M; of Domiae T. manuin] maoum tuaH> 
mcBohiefa T. at] for F. miattrae'ie:] U. alie] fiat (i>w) Q. 
tnynstralcie E ; mynstralHye F ; men- 



Fiat-voluntiu-iua ' festef hym echo day. ¥it.ri. w. 

And aleo lie can clergie ■ eredo-in-deum^pairem 

And portreief [wel] po pater-nostffr ■ and peyntej» hit 

witli auees. 320 

And ofrer-wliile hns vrone ia ' to wende in pOgryinageB, 
Ther ponre men and pryaonns be)) ■ and payeji for here h« i!i<u men in 

Clotheji hern and comfortefi hem ■ and of criet prechej 

What Borwee he auffrede ■ in enaample of ous. alle, t He taiii men 

That pouerte and pacience ' parfitlichs ytake 325 •mnrino. 

Yb mache merit to J>at man * ^at wel may sufiren. 
Whan he ha)> thns visited fetered folke ■ and o)ier adX 

foUce pooie, 
Then he jemeji in-to fonht ' and ^epliche he seche)) 
Pruyde, witli alle f e portinaunoe ■ and packe)i hem to- 

gederes, 329 

And laueb hem in be Ijinandiie ' laboraui-tn-gemitu-meo, hb watk, m tu 


And hoiike^ hem at h^3 hieat ' and beteji hit ofte, Fl it 7 (TbIcO- 
And with warms vatet of hna eyen ' woke)) hit [til 
hit] white ; 332 

Lauaiis me, el super niuem dealbabor. fn.L >(▼>!«■}• 

81B, Fiaf] And fiat G. eehel iche M om. vinted EF] vidtld TQ ; 

a T. ache day'] en»nnore F. 1-Tiaited M ; Tiaetfd P. /etered] 

820. And] He M. po>treiey\ por- Taterad P. o)'er folia] EG om. 

treya T. [roel MFTG] PB mn. --- - - - 

peynteii] peynte T, hit] it wel .F. 

aneet] to FEFO; auea MT. x>-h»i» 

321. in] on T. 329. ^] bora O. partinavnBe] to 

S22. paye^] paje T. Igfiodt] fode FQ ; 4>ortenMiai)e U ; portenauacee 

TO ; table F, E ; purtenaunoea F ; appurtenauiices 

823. hem (2)] F om. preche)i T. piuiieP] pekk (fie) E. . 

kern] to ham tocheth F. B30. hen] bynt E. ^«] O on. 

324. A«] fiat he F. entample] lawandrit] lannderie T. 

saumple F. oui] ua MF; ya TG. 331. And] T oin> Aim] H tm. 

323. G wni/*, jiflcieiw*] penatince iete^i] beete)i P, Sit] hem G ; it 

T. parfitUche ytake] pscientlicbe ful F. 

taken T ; ^at parfiU:r be take F. 832. marme] wharme P. ryen] 

326. G omiU. Tt] Wor|> T. eijea T. itoke)?] to FEH ; weoketh 

miuhe] gretM. to] for F. weV] it F; werkitiT; ireti)iG. Ai(-Ai(M] 

T. nay] may hem H. ben til bit Q ; it til he F j bit be 

827. Wkuu] And whanne T. thyU] FT j hit H i**") B. 

^tv Google 


J^aime synge]) he Thanne he so doji * atul eom tyma 
PlLw(TiiI(')- Cor eontritvm j- kumiliaiujn, deua, ntm de- 

" Were idi with hym, Iqr ctist," qnaj ich ■ " ich woltle 

neuere fro hym, 
Jjftuh ich my by-Iyue sholde begge ' a-boate at menn« 
haccbes. 335 

Wber clerkuB ksowe hym nat," qua]) ich ' " |rat kepen 

" Peats the plouman," qna^ he ' " most parfitlkbe hym 
tnowefi ; 
Hid.ii.ti uik* El uidit deue eo^itcUionee eorum. 

SM By clo))ynge ne by karpinge ' knowe ahalt thffa hym 

neuere, 338 

Ac Jorw werkes Jwa my^t wite ■ whet forf he walke^ ; 
t iiiai I. m. Operibut credits. 

He ia ]ie muiieat of mouthe ' at metes fet he aittefiv 
And compellable in companye ' as ctist hym-self tecbe^, 
«•* Nolite trUtet fieri, eiad ypocrite. 

Ich haue seyen hym my-self ' som tyme in tossett, 343 
H* mm both Botheingteye audio gieys ■ and in gylt hameyB, 

And al-so gladlicbe he gyns)) ■ to gomes ^ hit 
Kdnnndud Eadmtmd and odwaid ' ayjrat wete seyntss, 345 

kiii«*udBintL And chief cbarite with hem - and chast al here lyue. 

83S. paiMt] And jjanne T. he (1)] pansble EH ,■ oompaTiiable T. 
F (Mt. nhanne^ wanufl F. (o rfo^] 3'12. leyM] mjd S ; sei^e T ; aep> 

dof ■» TQ. FO - i-Be7ii M. 

83*. qua^ ickl Qi <m.. W3. jreyi] gris EFTj gry* G; 

335. bylj/ue} bileue Q ; bileene F ; grees H. and] Jc oLbo Q. 
lljBode M. nmiM] mcDnea F j tnenes B14. f jf(v)>] it gat T. ^mu*— 

U ; men ET. fteede^] hem fwt ban nede G. Itt 

S3S. TfArr] Wbe^n- EFT. A^m] needef] ben nedi M. w«dc|>] MdiU 

hit Q. Aym luf] nout him M. T. 

337. (Ae] M on. hyvi] hit Q. 345. ay^er\ bo^e )iei U ; bo)« F. 

339. Operibmt, ^.] MF pm. S*6. B omitt from with ham (• 

840. t«] HF <>«. at] atte Q. chaxite in next Une. otu/] O •■. 
nvt«(] mete IL al]in mile Q, 

841. MMjwMiU*] •» FFG ; ooai- 

=dbv Google 


Ich haoe eeyen cliaritfl al-eo ' syngen and rede, 

liyden, and rennen ■ in raggede dojres, 318 Chmtfum*- 

Ac biddyng as a beggere ■ by-beold ich hym Qeaere. nnaddotuM. 

Ac in riche robes ' i%)>e6t he 'walketh, 

Y-called and ycrymyled • and hua cronne shane. 

And in [a] freree ftocke ' he was yfonnde ones, 352 H«(mD>«<i»i 

Ac it is fer and fele jeres ' in fiaonceya tyme ; long i«d. ' 

In that secte sitthe ' to selde he ha)) be founde. 

EJche men he comendefi ' and of here tobes take]), 

Of Jio Jiat leelliche l3meQ ' and lanen and by-leyuen ; 

BeatuB ent diues eine maevla. 356 Bodoi. mi. s. 

In kynges court he come^ ' yf hus connsail be trewe ; 
Ac yf conetiae be of bus connsail ■ he wol nat eome 

Among ))e comnnes in comt ' be come)) bnt selde, n*Hid«o»diM 

For brawelynge and bacbytynge ' and beryi^ of false a«8 

vittnesse. 360 

In coustorie by-fore ^ comissarie ' he come]) nat ful ofte, He u Kidn> lo 
For here lawe is ouere-longe ■ bote yf fei lacche seiner. 
With bissbopes he -wolde beo ' for bcggers sake, 
Ac aoarice obei-whilea ■ halt hym ■with-oute be gate. inHe* t«i" 
Kynges and Cardinelea ' knowen hym som tyme, 365 fu*. 
Ac f orw couetiae and hia conaail ■ congeied ia he ofte. 

317. teyeit] i-ae1e H ; seie F ; se^e SS8. koI — cornt] eonie|i nat O. 

T ; oeyie G. 859. commut] oomjne O. »eld» 

8+9. 6y.AOTW] iDl-hnlt M. EMTO] Beilde P (Sirf tee 1. 3M) ; rljt 

860. m^etf] ra)>ereBt M. 8«elda F. 

351. G mnU*. Y-callei] Cald T, S80. braxelynge imrf] G om, 

thAua] i-diBue UB. 361. ftf emnitmrie'] oonmiseariea 

353. [a EMFTG] P <m. fTere$\ 0. fuT] M em. 

frere FQ \ fair (I) T. 863. ]iere--limge'\ Oiurlong Ii here 

863. i»i wM M; T <M». /ef FTG} law* T. fi?i] ha F. 

feer P ; ferr* E. /«■—)»««] fer & 363, lFi(A] For G. hUthopet\ 

fele lere goa F ; fele )er ago M. bihubopea P. 

3(Tei]3erMTO; jero F. /raviueyi} 364, auariee'] anerico P. wAifci] 

fmanoeBKa M. while MFG. Aj™] hem G. )>e gate] 

354. tecW} aiite H. &)] tnl UF ; |re gates B ; gatei F. 

welO. 3fi6. O omiti. tnamrn] w PMj 

355. eomendtfi'] recomanDill^ T. knewen EF ; kneu) T. 

856. l)y-leyuen\ bileuea MBG ; 866. G omitt. eengeiei] conged 
belenett T ; bEIeeuea F. ItF ; cunged T, m A«j he is US. 

867. Am] li OM. 



And ho so conej^Ji to knoir hjm ' sach [a] kynde ttjn 

Ab ich tolde ye with tonge - a lytel tjme passed ; SCS 
B. niithH b^ For nofer he be^e^, ne bidde> ■ ne borwe^ to jelde ; 

He halt hit a nycete ' and a foul ahame 

To be^en ojwr to borwe * bote of god one ; 371 

t Lokt n. t. PaJiem nostrum eotidianum [da nobis hodUy 

Hie explieit pcueug eeptimu* ^ vlttm.u» de dowel. 

367. E omitt. [a MFT] P <wt. twn). and] & eke P. 

«KcA— ipm] Q omiti. 871. lb] For to F. to] loiJo T. 

368. tyme] wbUo O. jxwW] hrfe] but it be P. Fun^m, ^e.] U 
a-passed MQ ; in^aasid T. «miU. {da — A«d{«] tvpplied frtm 

869. ke heggeY] lie ne beggi^ T ; ^ F. 

beggera (jtie) M. m (1)] ■">' F. CoiOPHOH. & PQ ; M •iritt 

870. Be] For be F. A«] )>at F. -Hie] EF om. MjrtimM ^"j E m. 
a «>i>rfB] /or a vioe T (•nAioA i* pre T Aim — Fouob septiiiiw de dowd : & 


Wm mkm MMm k gc-fot. 

. DiqlizcdbyGoOgle 



Incipit pasgu» primus de dobet. 
"ft ^her ia no auche," ich seide/ "bat eom tyme ne t-Tbmtano 

■ , ., OB*,- bM I, 'tat 

JL borweth, kwimiiiib 

Ofer b^geji o[fet byddeji ■ beo he ryche ojier poare, Jl^"""" 
And jat ojrer-wliile wrof ■ vith-onte eny Bjnne." 
"Ho BO ia wro)i and wolde beawreke ' holi wryt,"qua^ I "Hiibuii 

he, "prouef - 4 eimttj. 

He passe}) chief charite * if holichurche beo tiewe ; 

Cariiat omnia suffert. ticar.xiu.T. 

Holy writ witnesaeji ■ f er were snehe eremites, (•••) 

Solitarie by hem-aelf ■ and in here selles lyueden 7 t Oow Uw» mr* 
"Wi^ute borwynge ojier beggynge ■ bote of god one ; 
Excepte )>at egidie ' an hynde ojier-while iBa Bgiduu, 

To hna selle sehle com - and sufbede to be melted. ''o 

Ellea fonwelea fedden hem ' in frythes pet ])ei woneden, 
BoJ>o antonye and erseny ■ and oJier mo fele. 12 t Ambony.un 

Paul primus heremila ■ hadde pairoked hym-aelue, PMiui*a™t 

Tm-K. Se PFQ ; U preJUei Hie ; nesseli M. |wr wct-«] )>Rt G. 

E anUt puBua ; T omiU. T. anrfj UT om. ulUi] celles E. 

2. fycAa— posre] uenere SO richo 8. Wi^'] Whif. P. 

H. S. egidie'] Kgide T ; seint egidie F, 

B. mith] whith P. 10. teiu) ceJIa B. teldt EMTG] 

+, *i] T cat. j«a>— jfntw)' j prral^ teilde P ; neelde F, to^Tom. 

qnmiheT, 11. &!ni] himM; hymTa./rjrfJ*/] 

B. He'\ pat he F. cAi^/] F m». te\^ M. 

VI ;i( FT; and H; nitrtritien hit 13. ^rwnjr] arsen^ T; BToeDj U. 

P. (r«BB BMFTG] tiywe P J #n ai»o mo/ni*] fulmaoje T. 

inn. 15, 33. 13. parrokei] i-parroket M; -par- 

6. K^MWfM whltnene)* P ; with- lokkid (lic) T. 



It tmai^ That no mAn myghte se hym - for mnche mos and kne^ ; 

Fovelea hym fedde • yf frere Bustyn be trewe ; 

For he oideynede ^at ordre ■ other dies Jtei gabben. U 
ni (Bi* Paul after hia prechynge ' panyeres he maile, 

And wan with has hondea * al ^at hym neodyde. 
tvUHi. Peter fysshed for hua fods ' and hua fere Andien; 

Som thei solde, and som thei sode ' and so J>ei leneJ^n 
bofe. 20 

' HMd>i<B irorie magdalene ' by mons leuede and dewes ; 
»■ Lone and leel by-lenja ■ heeld lyf and soole to-gedeie. 

rroCEsn* Jfano fffjfp/ioca ■ eet in fyrty wj-ntar 
fc Bote f re lytel lonea ■ and loue waa her soneL -* 

Ich can nat tekene hem ryght now ■ ne reheree here 

That lyneden (tus for oure lordes loae ■ menj longe jeres, 
With-oute borwyng oper beggyng • ofer pe bot lye>, 
And woneden in wildemesse * a-mong wilde beetea ; -^ 
Ac dorst no best byten hem ■ by daye ne by nyghte, 
Boto myldeliche, vban (lei inettea ■ maden lonh cheie. 
And feyre by -fore fo men * fiiuhnede with f» tayles. 
Ac bestca brouhte hem no mete ' bot onliche ^ 
fouweles, 3^ 

14. MHclf] TO Mt. Irtiw] for 
laoM TO, 

16. I\nrrlri] And foulii» F. frerf} 
If nt. nMf^jTB] aaBtj-Ds F ; atutjnes 

le. >«ir] her F. gahiem E3ITG] 
Sablifn P ; fowle gabb«n P. 

IT. Ai*] U P. 

18. n-ir*] whjih P: amd in 1. 31. 
mendfde} nedede MPO ; neded E ; 
Mdite T. 

19. a emitt. ii.t (2)1 for his E. 
An-] Mo. F. 

30. a pmitt. a»Ur] 9ode T. todt'i 
*cntv M: »fatU F: M>lde T; loke E. 
lmf,lir»'] IjuedPD EU. 

ai. by — ifirftj be moTca ' lynede 
Mtes and daiea U ; heo lenede ' bi 
nooTMi and M Jewe* F ; by neri* 
lajik Ijiwda t Bwk (.:> T. 

22. Zeuf} Her loue P. JnfO k« 
kel F. Jt^M] held TO : bait U. 

23. trti n PUTQ ; ete E ; «et but 

2*. tnft} n PEMQ ; »o«d F; 

S5. ne] nor F ; & O. - 

27. U'Ui] Whit F ; and i» U. T^ 

38. <rtU«nwur] vildrmesBitT. 

29. «•] oorF; Dof^TlC 

3a Q amU: InA] k>w H ; lo*e 
EMF. rAf»EHT]dM*reFicbiicI'' 

31. O amitt. h'-/*^] bJ-fofD ^^ 
|»] f« UT. met'] folk P. /avAM^] 
faujDrd B i faancde M ; bunide II 
favnede F. t'] heore M. 

'33. Jc] ft F. /ntm-Iet] foiJt* 
BUO; foDlbTj foa]>r« F. 



lu tokenynge fat trewe man ■ alle tymee sliolde 
Fynde honeate men [and] holy men ■ and ojrer ryghtful 

Fot wolde neuere feithful god ' fat &eres and monkea 

Lyflode of lufer wjnnyBgea ' in ftl here lif-tyme. 36 
As wytnessef holy writ * what thobie aeyde t Bnnmiir 

To his wi^ whan he was biynde ' [he] herde a Iamb blete; to Ui wib. 
' A ! wyf I bo war,' qnaf he ■ ' what je haue here-ynne ; 
Lord leyue,' qnaf fe lede ' ' no stole fyng be here ! ' 40 

Videte n« furiunt sit : ^ alibi, meliug est vwn \ iiMit u. ti. 
quam male viuere. 
ThU ia BO more to mene • bote men ot holychurche 
Sholde receyue ryght nanjt • hot fat ryght wolde, 
Aud refuse reuerencea ■ and ranenerea offrynges. 43 
Thenne wolde lordes and ladies ' be loth for to c^^te, LordinoMBM 
And to take of heie tenanns ' more fan treathe wolde ; uumn twik »> 
And marchanns merciable wolde be ' and men of lawe totibm. 

Wolde leligioose refuse ' laueneree almesse, 
Then grace sholde growe }ut ' and grene-leued wexe, 4S 
And charite, fat child is now ' sholde chaufen of [him] t -nm iiHiiid 

And confbrtye alle cristene - wold holy[kirke] amende. 

S3. tia%] men H. tgtn^i} time Q. 42. nau^t MFT] nauth P. 

84. Ittiui MFXO] In PE. mtfa (2)] iS. offrjfnget'} ofbTiig HF ; con< 

Tom. KB (1) G. 

M. god BMTFO] goad P. (aim] *4. /er] TO on. 
taken B. 45. And] Or F. to] forta IS. 

ST. writ EFTQ] mitt F ; writh tauitnU] tenauDtea HEFQ. 
H. tvkal] wbattntF; Bi U. i7.relifiovie]rtiiiglo\uiK.alinette] 

38. Tb—mif] at end of 1. ST in T. almMEM H ; almw F ; oSringet T. 
Aif] IB P. biynde] blynd as a b«til 48. riif] F om. ImmT] leviu F ; 

T. [la MFTQ] PH an. loue (1) T ; leaM O. 

89. J] T <»>. .1 wyf] Woman F. 49. eAi;ir| js PET ; cold UF ; 

M Jbiva] haue we T. here-yiuu] )ier- scheld O. ohaufaK,] ohewfe F ; chafen 

iDDe E. E J ohaunee I. [Aim UF] hent 

40. Uyne] to PE ; leue UTQ ; leeue PETG. 
P. )>b] >at EMFQ. no] (mt no T. 60. eonfoHye] ooofoit E ; oomforte 



lob ^ parfit patriark ' ^ia prouerbe wrot and U<ili(«, 
To makye a man louj'e meeure ' ^t monkes beep and 
Fieies; 52 

•ts Nunquant, dieit lob, rugiet onager cum hahwrit 

herham, aut mugiel hot earn ante plenum 
pretepe ttelerit f Brutomm aninudiam nalura 
te etmdempnai, quia aim pabulum mjieial 
commune, &e adipe prodiit iniquiiat. 
rniBntdmi Y£ lewede men knewe tliis latrn - a litel bei 'wolde 
lorn Id (In kH auiaen nem 

Er thei amorteisede eny more * for monkes o^r for 
Whj ibuniii Alas ! loides and ladies * lewede connaail haue jje] 
HUT taK ibdi l>at founded beji to fdlle ' to feffe sache and fede 56 
■With ^t jonre barnes and jonre blod ■ by goode lawo 

tnaf cleyme ! 
For god bad bna bleesede ' as ^ book techeji, 
fisaa.a.u. Hoaora patrem ^ matrem, \ut longeutu tu, j'c] 

To belpe ])y fader fonneet ' by-foie &eres and monkea, 
And ei preatee ojier paidoneres ' o^r eny people ellea. 
tchariifb^tai Help }ii kynne, crist bit ' forjterby-^ynno^chante, 61 
And aAerwarde awaite ' boo ha^ moost neede. 
And )>er help jf Jion haat ■ and ^at halde ich Charite. 
M Lnme* dtd. XiOO ! lanience for hua laigenesse ! * as holy lore telle]), 

62. Te] ft T. nakge] make UFTQ. foaiide bl)i atte Aille O. 

« nun] men UFO. Icvye^ n PB ; 67. IPtaiBeT. if'\tri^Q. auiy] 

looa MPTQ. ante'\ ante eum PET ; njrjt G. 

ifA UF on. earn, itifficiat commanA 68. iiu] )>« HP. hletuie UFO] 

oommana tufficiat MFQ. iniquitat] bleaalde P ; bl«ntd chUdir T ; bleaee 

inlquitat lua T. (wrongly) E. ioo]i\ book ni F. UcKe]i\ 

63. }ataie»—Uity*\ fit* la^ knew tollef) HF. [««— #^d.] id F only. 

V. t«i] E mn. B9. ^re I befitu ofain. and^ <v 

61. JJ-J Or KMFO. amcrteiude} T. 

cnmorteidde U ; mortefBede O. /or 60. ^nd] Or ITG. er] or MB ; mr 

(2)]FQ>)n. FI; ToMt. er juvi^m] o|)«rpc4>la O, 

65. V iratiti latt hab!e$ e/n. 55 and 61. /or] & F. ^r} h«r M. 

Be. [j« MFTQ] we P ; ef. B-teiL 62. T omitt. onuUe] awhaita P. 

66. To feffe iwloha and fede ' ^at 63. T omiti. and—CharUe'} b ^an 
fouDden ben at |>e foUe M ; To feffe hadde icA charite E ; for charite I it 
niche Ic feede ' (>dt founded be to ^e balde F ; & J'at halt cbarite 0. 

f nlle FI ; To Teffen snche ft fynde - )>at 64. I»ro] writh U. 


Visa, xvni.] olbbes bpbkd homey tabtrfullt. 31 1 

jjat bus mede and haa man-hede ' for euere-mote fihal 

Itieticia eiiu man^ in etemum. t pl a. t 

He gaf godes men [godes] goodea ' and nat to grete ' 

And fedde ^t a-fyngred were ' and in defaate lyaedeti. 
Ich dai nat carpe of clerkea now ' Jiat criatea tteeoure tdartftiutkHp 

kepen, 68 >i»id mnur oa 

That poore peaple by par© ryglit ■ liere part thai ^JSimIl 

myghten aske ; 
Of Jat [fat] holychnrclie ■ of f e olde lawe cleymef , 
Piieatea on aparail ' and on purnele apenen. 
Men may lykne letterid men ' to a lusaheborgh, o^ avA 

frerGe, 72 

And to a badde peny * with a good pieynte. 
For of mache moneye ' ])e metal le ryght nauht, orooiminMt 

Jut ia |»e prente pure trewo • an paifitliche grane. 
And BO it fore^ by fiilse criatine - here follouht b trewe, 
Cnatendome of holy[kirke] ■ fe kynges marke of 

heuene ; 77 

Ac fe metal, }iat ia mannes saule - of meny of fese 

techeres inn'i hui !• 

Is alayed with lecherie ' and o))er luatea of eynne, 

66. I>oifctMG]goddeBl; godiaT; 73. And] & eke F. preynW] 

his F ; FE on. to] I mn. pieeota I ; prenla MFT. 

6T. a-fyngred] to PEFG ] tt-tyugrit 74. Ibr] IT dm. tnonoge] Hione 

T ; uf-hODgret M ; snhungred I. fmf ia mad T. rj/ght] IT om. tumAt] 

68. dar IKFTQ] der P; derr« E. febla F. 

In tie wiargin of M — coatn olerioiH. TS. jtri] & ;it IT. w] foUew* 

69. tkei] IFTQ nn. prente in T. an] and MI ; k EFTQ. 
TO. Of] And of F. [|>at MFITO] fraud] i-^nue HFITO. 

FE 0m, of (w] by G. 78. /j«o«W1 foUoujt K ; fullynge 

71. on (I)] Id heore M. tpenan] HI ; fQlewyng T ; proeaU F. ttarn] 
speoden H ; tpeDdeth F ; now gpene trine F (but ie» 1. 7G) ; ful trewe F. 
I ; noir qwndeD T ; now qnoe^ O. it tTume] y trowe L 

72, Men] He L may] may now 77. [Hri« Y] churohe PEFG ; 
IT. lykne] Itkue FTQ ; likens MI ; ohtrabe MT. )i0 kyngei] ja oi-Mm Q. 
liken B. a] TO om. luttliebeTgh] 7S. MOfiRM] nuay (I) T. ouoy 9\] 
luhaiheborgh F ; InBcheborgh E ; I on. ^tte] F «m. 
losacheburgh I ; Iiuscbebnrne HFT ; 79. It] Hit ii F. fynxo] qrnnei L 
luschibora O, rrcm] b worw F. 


313 AU. TQisas ABE sow OCT OF JOi:fT. [pass. xniL 

That god coneitef nat [fe] coygne ■ Jat crist hjiu*lf 
preatede ; f 

And for syime of [fe] sonle ■ for-«ake]i fans owne coygnf- 
t Bad BM •!• Thus are fe lithere Ijkoed ' to Inssliebonie sterlinges, 
•bIl That faire by-fore folke ' prechea and techeo. 

And voTchen nat as |>ei fjnden wyteD ' and wisteo }e 
pewple. &1 

For what ^rw werte and wrake ' and wycked hyfJes, 
t xo mjm Dsw May no preiour pees make * in no place, hit seme)* ; 

Lewede men hanen no by-Ieyue * so letterid men enen- 
t n* (Villi DC Xeijtet ^ see ne ^ eande ' ne ))e eeod jeldej) S3 

AU. As ^ woned were ; ' in vham ie defante 1 

Nat in god, ]»t he nys good ' and )ie grounde bo^ ; 

And ^ see and fe seed ' the sonne and fe none 

Don her deaer day and nyjt - and yf we duden also, 9? 

Ther sholde be plente and pees ' p«rpetuel for eneie. 
WMUitnrtM piVedenriae] shnpmen now ' and ojier witty penple 
■u^uboii. Han noby-leyne to fe lyft ' ne tofre lood-stene; 

Aftronom^ens al day ' in hen art faiUen, 96 

so. [tig EMIFTO] >«t P. eoygiu] 88—93. O untf*. 

OTPK;coyneUFIG;coynT. prtu- 88. J.«(l)] ITFo»i. Ji»C»)]nirT 

fedt MltT] preeDtedaPE; preju- eat. H (3)] no 1 /• ■Ufyteq/'U 

led Q. ^-defecttu popult. 

81. Aftd] But F. «yaiie] ^ Bynne S9. Ai] As )iat 7. tooMATl I-woned 

IT. [|>0 BMIFTO] P mi. ceyjiu^ F ; I-wont T. u] ia )« M. 

marks F. 90. Hyj] ne is F. good DfFT] 

83. t>e] Hk H ; le J. lyiMiT] gaud P. 

lyhnedeF; liknedEFO; MlkenedUIj Bl. tW\ and |>e L 

f likned T. luuheborve] luhathebonie 92. dever\ Ajwa U ; denyer 1 

luaohebomes Q. MterU»get\ star- olto] dede wa so also IT. 

iTDgM FQ I Btarljrng T. 98. t!u>lde\ ich holde B. mmd\ lA 

sa. /ail-*] BO fair P, »y-/flr(r] U- M. /«■] ITma. 

tOm^M. 91. [WttdamxMe I] WondentTN 

81. Ani\ T out. )>«i]je I. nrf- FBUFTO ; but gee B-(ezL tkmpmn] 

tfii] i-writeu M ; j-write IT. »nd} ne lohlpmen IFQ ; ohappmen M ; Aup- 

MP. iriMsm] wisae nat F. pen (tie:) E. iritty] wUo F, 

8B. Jir— (xww] What so jroDrgh Q. 96. l^ff] lijt F. I«>d-rt«rr«] lood- 

Ajf/ifei] heuedes MTQ ; hedai EIF. shnres FEIT ; tnt MFO Adr« lode- 

86. j>ew Bkijl^] moke peei F. sierra, irhieh U t^ eimrtt rigU, 

87. F mnitt. Lemede) pat lewede 96. doy] daj now F. 
M. 4p] and L 



That whilom n'amed men hy-fore ■ what ahoulde by-Mle 

Shupmen and ahephuTdes ' by the eeuen sterres 
Wisten while and tolden * whenne hit ehoulda 

Tjliers J«t tyleden fe erthe ■ tolden here mayBtres 1 00 Tium amid ong* 
By |)e seed ^at ))ei sewe ' what Jiei ehoulde notye, jiiidoruiaigUi 

And what lyiie by and lene ' fte londe was so trewe. 
Sow faille^ |)ia folke ' bo^e aowera and ehapmen, 
Nofer fei knowef ne conuef • o conre by a-nojier. 1 04 •*» 

Aetronomyens al-so * aren at here wittes end ; i»>- 

Of Jiat was calculed of fe dymat ■ the contiarj-e fey 

GiSTnmere, |iat grotmde b of alle ' by-gyle}) now 

ohildien ; 
For ]>er is nouthe non * who so nymef> hede, 106 iiiminiiHH 

That can [versifie] feyie ■ ofer fonneliche endite, ••nUf. 

Ke ]iat can conatruen kyndeliche ' |>at poetes maden. 
Gowe now to eny degre ■ and, bote gj'le be halde a 


97. KkiUm IFTG] wbilen FB ; ealatUi\ t>ei calcis F. 
wel lome H. by-falle'] fallen F. 107—110. Q amUt. 

98. SKupmeW] BahipmeD HfTO i 107. ^—W] fiat Is groond H ; |>e 
Bchepmen £1. grounds L now] now^ MF ; DonUie 

99. nhilrl wel I; wel ofte H ; I| now |m T. 

mm tyniE F. AU] )>at hit H. 108. ^ u] !h ^ H ; Is L noufAeJ 

100. tyledtn^ tiliede I ; tilled F ; now B ; now of 1 " — 

109. Tka(] T on. [yertifie IFT] 
lereeli^ M ; versfy B ; nersie P. 

miita T. vert\fit fayre] faire venifle F. ofiw] 

102, Kat\ whasP; ytfynTOngly^Q. ne U. fBrmeliclie] foomiBlly F; 

103. New] Bat now F. ()w] our fonnaly T. Obs. T wrongly vuiket 
F. Mn»rt\ teldera F; folwen I. IL im,\Va into oat lin« ; anilmake* 
ihvpmen] Bchipmen MFITEG. IL lOS— 110 inte two linet. 

\iH. kiume^l ne knowaji I. eon- 110. ^t w«] I im. [mi (2)] fat 

■«t>] knnne)) E ; cunos M ; t>ei can F. fw U. maden] haue maked F. 

e\ on U. a-no^er] an o)icr EMQ. 111. 6inBe\ to PEI ) QoweHFTQ. 

105. aren] ben ME (iaJIy). aUta nn^ F on. hote^ I inn. iaiifa] 
ar«a] arn alto - alle F. here wiUeM] i-holde U ; holde ITG ; hadde B ; F 
mitm/^tten era whittes P. on. a] M om. 

106. oalevUd] l-calknled M. fCM 




And a flaterer for hiu TBsbere * [a] feiiiche me ^ynke)) I 
Doctotus of decree ' and of djayn mayabes, 113 

That ahonlde pe aeoene us conne * and a^oile ad 


Bote ^ faille in fyloeophje - — and filoaopfaers iToeden, 

[And wolde wel examene liem — ' wonder me Jiynke^ f] 

Lord lefue )nt ^ese preeetes ' leelly seyn here maaoea. 

That ^i oaerhappe nat for ha«t 1 - as ich hope thei 

do nat, 118 

[|}ogh] hit snffise for onre sanacion ' Botfafut by-lefoe ; 

Aa clerkna in eorput-ehruii feste ' eyngoa and reden, 

iiinUdi,ti^ That «o/a /(2m fu^i'f 'to sane with lewedepenple. 121 

'"' Ac jf preegtes do her deaer wel ■ we ahnllen do fe 

t Kna SnciHa For BoresynB mowe be saued so ■ yf ^i so l^-leynede, 
mnd. In ^ lengfhynge of here lyf ' to lejne on holychniche." 

t Hdu-cjiiiii* I* " What is holjchoiche, Irend t " qnob ich ■ " cfaarite," 

ehirtlj, lift, tort, ' 

tnUi.iBOH . be seyde, 125 

bsU«f ud Imw. 

" Ly^ and lone, and leaute * in o by-Ieyae [and] lawe, 
[A loae-knotte] of leaute • and of leel by-leyne, 

112. «—>r]t»lae flaterer P. /or] 119. [piy* I] JXq B; powhF; 

Gms. a]Ioin. vuhtre T]Ttao\iera ph«w H ; p&Oj U ; }>e^ T; That P ; 

B; Tichere IF j vuebw M; huBshera rf. B. iv. 380. mffite EETJ auffioe 

— [a FT] and PKI ; MQ on. 10 ; (office M j Buffuse P. /«-] to T. 

118. ^ (1)] now of F. decru^ to 130. 181, 18*. 
PE; decreUFI; d^n 1% decreets 122. ifetutr] djner 

114. art] arts F; H (Ml. ixr] a 123. Q miUa 'by~h!^tic\ bilene 


lis. /dUb] fftilede H. tti] Id )« 124, O emUt. len^kyage'] tetyog 

T. and] E em. and—li/neiU*} a I; let^gT; (fKU nay teem better ; 

Urlj me thinketh F (from 1. 112). but fl/". Lyf i» L 126.) fcyiw] leue 

116. Fren U; not in PEIFTO, EMIT; leeuc F. 

nhieh leave tke lentenee ineoBt^leU y 126. frend] deie ftende IT ; F 

(/. B. XT. 376. <m. 

117. ieyve] m PE ; leoa MFTQ ; 126, Zj/"] Lone (mrMi^Iy) T. o] 
lets L nuutei] masse HIT. od H ; oo F. [and H] & oo F j a 

US. not )i«] And nat to F. ov^r. PEIQ ; of T. 

hiippe] N> FO; owrWppa EPIT; 127. [A— JiwtteMFITO] Andloue 

ouerlippe M. a knotte PE. 


nas. xvui.] the value of truth, lat, and chabitt. 315 

Alle kyime criatene ' cleuyuge on o wyl, 128 

With-oute gyle and gabbynge ■ gyue and Belle and 

Loue lawe with-oute leaute ■ lowable was it neuere ; 

God lere]i no lyf to lone * witb-onte leel cause : 

lewea, Kentiles, and BatrasineB * lusen hem-selue 132 t'*wiuid 

""irtiH llilnfc 

That leeliche ])ei by-leyuen ' and jut here lawe umnMiMia 

[dyneise])] ; 
And on god ))at al by-gan ' with goode herte fei 

[And eifer loue^, and hileni)> ■ in on lord al-myjti.] 
Ac oure lorde louefi no loue - bote lawe bo ^e cause ; t L««un ion 
For leobouis louen ^on ))e lawe ' and at fe laste beep pgd^; Mitu 
dampned: 137 ama,i>iH* 

And tbceuea pouen, and] leaute haten ■ and at fo laate ^"'^ 

beej> hanged : 
And leelle men louen as lawe toche)) ' and loue Jier-of 

The which is befd of charite - and hele of mannes sonJe. 

Dilige deum propter deum ; id propter ueritalem t Lon ooa, • 
est. Ei inimicum tuum propter mandatum-; tnui,- mdToor 
id propter legem est. Et amicum propter JhTtoi; m™'' 
amorem ; id e»t, primer earitatern. ^li si^iirttf 

Loue God, for he is good ' and grounde of alle treutbe ; 
Loue ]iyn enemy entjerly *godes beete to ful-fille; 142 

128. cleuynfe E] olBuyng TTQ ; cm. eH-Br} ty^er IQ ; aither o}^r T. 
oleuernge I ; a beUer tpelling than frU«u«t] leeueth F. 

cl;DrDge P ; cleTinTDg ivronglg) H. 136. limey] illowa^ L 

#■] in L 1S8. {lout* and T] loajen and I ; 

129. AMi (1)] or H. and (2)] O PEHFQ on. (,B«t ef. 11. 137, 189.) 
om. and (S)] T om. Intu] lene k fkeeuet — at] lurdeynui fxit l«wto 
loae T (tghieh imitt Loue in 1. ISO). hate - at F. hangei] i-bauget H. 

130. ImabU] allowable TI; alow- 139. And—ai] Ao leel loneth Ic F. 


men] Q om. 

Icven] lyoe I. 

132. gmtilei OMfl and 


i k 

140. htfd] 

hed EMFO ; )>( 



\Di heuid T. 

tW id, MITO have i., 

133. [<ly«rw> KMIFTO] dyuai 

and omit est 

{thriee) ; F ft<w id e.t 


th»firit time 

only, and i. aftomaTat. 

ISt. MloITQi 00 F 

; ofB. 

; enteriy 

m. RvmV; alto in 



BQ. ' 

^tv Google 


tLoirtaMMnd Loae fy fread fai folwe]) fj wil - ))at k \yy] faire 
tuMowiiHid. soule. 

For whaime alle freades faillen ■ and fleen a-wey in 

deiynge, 144 

Then suwef f e f y soule • to sorwe ojer to ioye, 

And ay hopef eft to be ■ ■with here bodye atte laal« 

t ChuitT ii fai to In murthe ofer in momynge ' and neaere eft to departe. 

•auL And ^t is charite, mj leue childe ' to be chei oner tbi 

Houle ; 148 

Contrarie bure naubt, as in conscience ' yf ^ou wolt 

come to benene." 

" [Wher] sanasyns," ioh seyde • " seo nat what ia 

charite 1 " 

fSuuBiiun "Hit may be bat sarrasyns bauen ' a sache manere 

(Or umt love ood coante, 151 

Louye, as by lawe of kynde ■ oure lord god al-mygbty. 

Hit is a kyude Jiyng, a creature ■ bus cieatour to 

honoure ; 

For fer is no man fai mynde hath * Jut ne meoke]) hym 

and by-eeche)> 154 

To )iat lord ^at hym lyf lente ' and lyflode him sende^. 

t Bnt ouaj tor. Ac meny manere men Jier beoj ■ as sarrasyns and lewea, 

Louye)) nat ^at lorde a-ryght * aa by ))e legends 


118. [|>yBIG] )>iUFT; )<e P. {nron^^/) M. naf\ now H. aec] 

144. alle] ]ti F. deiynffe} $0 PB ; 1-se L 

Aerj^e Q ; deijug H ; dyyiig F j 16t. F omit*, be] be bo ITG. a 

deynge I ; doyng (!) T. tualui'] swioh a M ; such a ITQ. 

145. t«] K> Q. )y] IT on. 162. Lavye] Louen T ; To lone P. 

146. ejt W] for to FTO ; forte M. by] be fe H. 

mth] wbit P ; and iit 1. ISS. here] ISS. a kynde] kende F ; kyndely 

F OM. aUe] »t |>e MTQ. IT. a] for a U ; euei? T ; IQ m>. 

147. eft] Vaat. to] Q om. 

148. my] IT <m.. Uug\ V on. 1S4. For] P am. w] nys FT. 
ehilS] Bone M. cher] oheer F. euer] mytide] kynde III. na] M mh. 

IBO. iWher] Whera IG ; Whara sente T; sej^defi P, 
P ! Were P {/or Wher, eo*tr. form 16T. Lauye^^] Leuif' nat oa 

of Whefier) ; Wliefwr ET i For onte T. 
(jerongly^ U, ieh teyde^ seiden 



And lyuen oute of leel liy-Ieyae ' for thai leyne in 

a mene. 168 

Aman^tMhtemakamede'formeasyetheihymheolde, (■**) 

And after hus lerynge thai lyuen • and by Uwe of kynde. "»p»" M«bMMt 
And when kynde liath hufl cours ■ and no contrftiye Hmrtih. 

fyndeth, 161 

Jjenue is lawe loat ■ and lewete vnknowen. 
Beaide laum bounte ■ blessed wEia bit neuere, 
S'e kynde iau«z corteeie • In no contreye preysed. 164 
Men tjudef Jiat makamede ■ was a man ycryetned, Uihonutwuk 

And a cardinal of court ' a gret clerk vith-alle, mud wuud to 

A»d porsuede to baue be pope • pryns of holychnrclie ; aiw. ' 
And for he was lyke a lussheborgh * icb leyue oura 

lord bym lette. 168 

For-thi eoubte be in-to snnre ' and sotilefdl boa be Ha ihn w*iit u 

mygbte odon. 

Beo mayster oner alle fio men * and on fia manero 

He endauntede a doune ' day and nyght bere fodde ; 
In aijwr of bus eria ' prynelicbe be badde 172 Hfawdtapat 

Com, ^t ^e coluer eet * when he cam in places. 

1G3. And] But F. in] on 16. lyb] lik to M. limluiborgi] lonhs- 

1S9. kihte} be he^te E. viaiapiedf'] rbeborgh P ; lusohebon E ; lOBache- 

nuJiemed B; mukameta HF ; maka- burgh I ; luaiobebunie MPT; liushe- 

me^ I ; maoume)) T (Aere and elie- bonis Q. 

K\er»). huolde] helde E<? ; boolds 169. FBT-tU] For.whl M. tmi\ta] 

F ; hotdeth IT ; holdea H. sonjte EMFIT ; southte P. A«] I 

IGO. Uryngel lernyng Q. and'] as om. fouAfa ha] he eouite H. in-to] 

H. fry] bi )ie HF. la E. turrye] lurye IQ ; sorie H. 

163. E OKtitt. taw] fat lawe F. totiUd I] Botilide T ; loteleds G ; 
iMf] l-lmt MF ; y-left ITQ. va- B0t«1de M ; mintritten eoUte PE ; 
ijuwmt] vDknowTTi P ; rnkDowe aliuled F. 

MIFTQ. 170. wrer] of M. amf) F om. 

168. wuiti] saaJli (!) T j and »a 1. Before wroughte MIFTQ intert he. 
lei. 171. dovue] dowue m- doxne MO ; 

164. Ife] Ko T ; And M. preyed] dona IT ; coliur Ipter an eraiure') E. 
I-preimd HQ ; is j-prewid IT. day] and day IFO. 

ISS. JftJt] He I. fvnde].] fyode 172. In] pan in F. 

wri I ; fjDt wel T. 173. M fie] I mn. jnif] Q em. 

167. .4i»d] Ho H. faJinPEMFI; Jw] T om. coIiin-] culnur F. wf] 
beo O ; ben T. w PHPIO ; ele E ; eC T. in] in-to 

168. And] Ae I. inu] wbaa F. F. j>;<tB«*] pbcs G. 

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And in what place lie prechede ' and ^e peuple tanbte, 

iiuiitiitdon Then eholde ^e coluera come - to the clerkea ere, 

fiirtkaoora. Uenjnge as after mete ' thoa makamede here en- 

channtede. 176 

And whan |ie coiner kam fas * fienne [knelede] ]h 


vn For makemede to men Bwor ' ' hit vraa a messaser of 

JbfaonM ttn 

oai uiu >h« don neuene, 

HogB of ood. And sothly god self ' in sache a colaere lykneese 

Tolde hym and tauhte hym ■ hon to teche fe people.' 
Thuiumu^ Thus makamede in mjnbyleyne ' man and womman 
''*^' bronhte, 181 

And in hue lore thei leyuen )at * as irel leied as 
stDMBor sitlMi And Butthe oure aauyour BnfTrede ' snche a fids crretine 

Deceyae bo eatrasyns ■ sothly me thynkef, 184 

fMfmta Holy men, as ich hope ' thorw help of )>e holy gost, 
oinnn Oum Sholdo conQetten hem to crist ' and cristendom [to] take. 
••X Alas ! fat men so longe ' on makamede by-leyuen, 

BHhovnuBj So meny [prelates] to preche ' as fe [pope] makef , 188 
OMkm r Of Nazareth, of Nynyve ■ of Neptalym, of damaske. 

That thei ne wendef f e wtj ■ as holy vrit biddeth, 

17*. he'] |>athe F, —goH'] god nlmjiti F. 

176. mete'] liua mats PE ; her 186. and] F am. [to IHFT] PEG 
meetsF; huremetcQ; but 'ii.l't omit om. 

huBni-heri qT. Bteit Mu*] bo F. Obs. After 1. 186, M iiuertt 1. 

177. {ktieUde MIT] kneled F j S88 ; »m nete belem, to 1. 1S7. 
kuelde O ; knewele P ; knewlen E. 1S7. en] in ^ hy-lej/Ken] belenid 

178. Jbr] F om. mon] hem M. T. 

to — ncpr] BiTDoc to men F. hit] ha ObS. Sere tho mlgect-iiuitter it 
G. ef] fro E, miiarrangfd i)t M ; 1, 188 appear* 30 

179. pod] ^&t god I. le^f] him- linet/urtioT on. 

BelfMF. iuclu>']Qom. 188. [itreiata* IFT0],prie9tes PE ; 

180. to] he Bohulde M. preetes M ; c/. B. xv, *85. preeho] 

181. man — tronnuin] mea and preobie F. [fope EUIFTQ] penple 
wemmen M. (I) P. 

182. it] to PBMFG ; on IT, o* in 189. of (4)] and of M. 

B-text Uyuen] leuen lECt ; leuB T ; 190. Keade^] went* IT. }j» wey] 

lyuen U ; lyue F. Id irorld T ; I om. oi] |nit G. hid- 

IM. m] BO )» IFT ; JK G. deth EFM] bidditli F| bydde^ Oj 

180. ich hop*] ^ pop* (1) E. ]i« bitte I ; bit X. 


PASS, xtiil] the moblb pbefbbuxd to the cross. SI9 

Ite in universura mundum * eutthe ^e wilneji ^e name XhIeitlu. 
To be prelates, ami preclie ' |ie passion of Iheans, 192 
And as hym-Belf eeyde ■ bo lyue and deye ; 

Bonut potior animam mam ponil pro ouibtu JaSntii. 
Hit is renths to rede - hon ryght hoi; men lyneden, oood bh of 
Hov tbei' defonleden here fleessh - for-eoken here mujiunf*. 

owen wil, 
Fer fro kath and fro kjn * Tuel-clo]>ed jeoden, 196 
Baddeliche heddyd ' no book bote here conscience, 
Xo^«r lichesse bote fo rode ' to reioyeen h.em inne ; 

Ahtit \nobii\ gloriari niri in cruee domini noitri o^ ti. it. 

And ^o was pees and plente ' a-mong ponre and liche ; 

And now is lentfae to lede ' hon )ie rede noble 200 TbanobitiiBair 

Tb yienerenced by-fore fve rode * and receynyd foi ^ on*. 

To a-mende and to make ' as vith men of holichorche, 
Than cryet, ojwr croya ^at onercam ' de|i and dedly ••• 

synne ! — 203 

And now is werre and wo ■ and ho so ' whi ' askeji, 
Foi couetyse after a croys ' }>e CTonne stant in golde. Anmnhsum 

191, 192. T nuilut mtlbe— Ihemit 198. 6 miiitj. JVb)iiir] ITe no IT ; 

into one lino; I iegiiu a n«m Una NoH. richetni] ricbe I ; rioboheiMa 

rrilh BitUie (/m* Sutthe), and mwi^Iy F. rgwyien I] relojesen F ; reJoyM 

K; TBiosche F ; mioUshan T; reloia 

H. [MoftiilO] TobU T; aot PEU; 
mielii F ; <if. B'teit, Abtii nobUi] 

193. jo] M to I ; to aa. dq/e"] to Hiohi antem absit F. 

deien H ; to deye O ; T pnU poait 199. )m] E oin. 

Je/bra animam. jwnif] dat M. 200. jujw] Q em, (p] for to F. 

19*. rj/gM] F om. 201. rceeyvyd] reuCT^naid (rt. 

195. for-ieJim'] It fotsoke FTG. peated) T, /or—irortii«r} as for 

196. iiir HITQ] Ftre B ; Feer P. betxre F. Kertkier'] voraohtpOKr U, 
.FV/m] & fro lure F. kHth] oonthe 203. G imUt. tvitft] wUt P ; T 
I j kjfi M ; tith FT. fro (2)] F om. om. 

vtut] euel IF; ene1e H; juel E. 203. Thanl In t. >))i#r} on U; 

el>\^ i-clo>«d ML iMdnt] t>et lede fiat (I) B. etyH uyer] ciiEtes IT. 
T; h7»deO. 204. .Jn^ H om. 

197. BaddtOeiaJ Fal baddeliche 20S. Ibr'] For f« F. «] |i J" ! 
P. teddyS] ybedded BIT ; i-bodded Q am. tfaitf] te PEFO ; rtande 1 ; 
II. M>]&(!)a. BtBDd H; ilanditT. 

^tv Google 


Bo|ie ricbe and religionBe ' that rode ])ei honouren 
jMt in grotcB b y-graae ■ and in gold nobles. 
For conetyee of Jiat croj'a * clerkea of holyduuche 20S 
Schullen oneitnme as templera duden ' ye tyme 

apioche)) faate. 
Itfyime je nat, lettered men ' hou fo meii hououiede 
Hon tresour [^n] treuthot ' ick dar nat telle }e sothe 
Styw fo coTBede crystine ' catel and richesse vror- 

ehepeden; 212 

Reyson and Bijtful dome - fe religious damnede. 
RigM BO, je clerkoa, jonre coaotise ' er come anht longe, 
Slial dampno doe ecdetie ' and depose jow for jonre 

Deposuit patentee de »ede. 
Tf knyjt-hod and kynde wit ■ and jie comnne and 

To-gederes lonen leelllche ' leyue)i hit wel, hisahopes, 
Bithi>pa iiuu [)}e] lordshnp of londea ■ leese je shulle for enere, 

And lyuen aa leuittei duda ■ and as oui lord jow 

cr, Dfot nil. t. Per primiciat et deeimae. 

Whcnne conatantyn of hus cortesye ■ holy[kirke] 
dowade 220 

dame — religima] (>o fraris of religloD 
of golds M. ' " 214. le] EFO am, tonre] )iorui 

208. )>at] )>a IF. T. «r] ar I ; or EHO ; le lit or (4i«) F. 

209. iScAvUm] Schdde I ; Sohal 21S. «>a/cr] F en. 

F. Umplm^ tie templeria T; H> !!«■ 1/1 Hyf F; jif GHFIG. 

temple (I) I. dude*) to PMEG; Snyjt] knyitht P. nit F] wyt TO; 

dedSD F ; dede IT. ajproche^^ comi^ witt« I; witt S ; wbit P ; willi U. 

0. ami (2)] MFom. 

210. ^niw] MyneiTeT; MeneM; 217. To-gederei\ at tnd e/ 1 21T 
Wjte 0. nui] I em. letterei\ le in T. leueri] louyan I; louys F; 
lettredMF. >it] jiatO. louedea MT. Ait] F cm. wet] wel 

211. [(■a» IMETG] ^an fe P ; P » F ; I »«. 

on. »otke EHIFTQ] soDtha P. 218. [ps EHITQ] To (Kronglg-) P ; 

212. |k>] )ie EFO. F pm. foRitrf] jour londeB F. »} 
218. Beytori] pat reMuit F. anif] )>ey O. fiuUc] whulde M. 

asB. ^0] (0PEIT; )>oHF. religioni 219, nur] Mura IE. ^ow] H am. 
EMFT] religiouae I ; mUm-Uten re- 220. [tir*« IT] churche PEFG ; 
llous (hj/ a mere <Iij>) P; m; I. 206. cliirche M. 



With londes and leedes ' lordahepea and rentes, 

An ai^l men burde ' an Mh at rome crye — 

' Dos eeelfisie this day ■ haji jdronke venym, 

And tho ]iat han petres power - aren poysoned alle.' 

A medecine moste }er-to ■ }>at myglite amende ^ irtbBth 

prelates, 225 T" 

That sholden preye for ))e pees ' and poeaession hem , 

lettej) ; [! 

Take)i here londes, je lordea ' and leet hem lyue hj 
"dymee, 227 

Yf }e kynges coneyten ' in cristene pees to lynen. 
For yf posession be poyson ' and inparfyt hem make, *■ 

The heuedes of holychurche ■ and tho Jtat be Tnder hem, (m "i™ t™ 
Hit were eharite to deachargen hem ■ for holycharcbes 

sake, 231 

And purge hem of )ie olde poysoB ' ere more perel falle. 
Forwerepreest-hodmoreparfyt'Jiat is, ^epopeformeet, iifthepopa 
That yrif moneye menteyna^ men ' to verren vp-on nmnuiB i»r, 

A-jena f e lore of oiire lorde ■ as seynt Ink wytnessef, 

Miciti uindictam, [^ ego retribuam, dieU do- i 

„.■«»,, M 

Hua prayers with bus pacience - to pees sbolde bryi^e tuipnTm 

221. Wit\\ Whith P; ami in 11. coueyte I. itt] od Q. erigfmf] 
234, 286, 246. crisl«s FITG. 

222. hvrde'] herde MITF; herd E. 229—232. Q omit*. 

li*] hay I; ha^ E; hyF; hi M; 229. inparfyf\ inparryjt P. in- 

hei^ T. at] aboute F. erye'] ))0 par/yt hem] hem inpnrSt F. 

criedeM. 230. hevedet] hedea EF, thg~~ 

22il, thW] tis like F. html ho bo is hem vndui F. 

224. oKitt. the] I urn. petrei 231. ehurchtt] churohe F ; chirche 
If IE} petrvt FT ; petris P. area] I. 

ben E 1 b« F. poyianei] apoysoned 232. )>«] heore M. elde HIT] old 

BIT ; I-poyftoned F ; enpoiBened E ; oolde P ; F em. 

11. 233. parfyt] partyit P; and in 1. 

225. A] M om. mcite] ^er most 261. )iat] ^ait O. /A margin if U 
F. tie] F (W>. ^De popa. 

227. Y MEIFTQ] mimriUei j (»,>) 236. [*— ^c] in F only. 

P. Uff] late F ; lat I ; letip T ; 236. prayeri] pees (tic) F. with] 
lette)i M : lete O. for 0. pafienfr] peoaunce H. 

228. ]« — eoHeffen] tie kynpa 


. D«t.iiicu.a. 



miihtbrioi Alle londea to loue ' and ^at in a lytel tyme ; 

The pope with alls preestes ' pax-vobii sholde make ! 
t obHrn hn* And take bede kou makamede ' borwe a mvlde doue, 

Mlhomil pm- 

nuad bf nunn He hald al Bunye as hym-self wolde ' and saraayns in 
qayete ; 240 

tBotiiTDiigb^ Koukt borw manslauht and rmannesl strenijEtlie ■ maka- 
mede kadde )>e mastrie, 
Bote Jwrw pacience and piyuy gyle ■ he was prynce 
oner hem alls. 

t Bo AooU til* In sDche maneie, me bjnkeb - moste be pope, 

papa ftmj ChiW j i i - 

lo hda hii Dovi, Prelates, and pieestes * prayen and hy-aeche 244 

Eeuowtliehe day and nj^t ■ and wij)-draw6 hem fco 

And crye to criat Jat he wolde • hiw colueie eende, 

totiichiith* The whiehe ia be holy gost ■ bat out of heueue de- 

Holj Ohort. who ' ' " ' 

mikmftm. BCBudede, 247 

To make a perpetuel pees ' by-twyne ^e piynce of heneue 
And alle manere [of) men * ])at on ^ia molde lyhbe)i. 

Yf preest-hod were parfit and preyede thus ■ the penple 

eholde amende, 
That now coutrarien cristee lawea ' and ciistendom 
despisen. 251 

•SI FoT Butthe ]>at Jiee sarasyus ' acribee, and Jiese lewes 

£37. AOtl And alle M. to} in-to 
MIFTO. a] MIFTom. tjtne] while QT. 

238. pam-tiebi*] B om. make} 
wjtigt M. 

239. Aow] on 1. )w-w«] witft FM. 
A>H«]dairueHIF; doui]« T; domeC!) 

2*0. Ha MIS] HehaldeE; Hadde 
HIFTQ. kym-ulfS he F. quyete] 

211. a»d\ ne U. {rnannet I] 
mania T; PEHFQ inn, makamede 
hadde'i badd« he M. 

242. jryay] Q cm. over'] of P. 

248. tuchej Buoh a IFO. ne] as 

244. Prelatfti Prelatie P ; WtU 
prelata F ; Bof« pivlaUs T. 

24S. anf] T tm. fro] fro henf O. 
24S, i.aC] n om. (nw^ EUlFTaj 

24r. wSktI*] wloha P. I.*] )« hj« 
I ; t>a heije T. (2«csn<ieiie] descends 
F ; descende)) I. 

24B. by-tnj/ne] bitwii F ; bftwene 
EIMO. prywe] kyng M, 

249. [o/MFT] FBIG (>«. )n4] his 
T; JieM. 

260. Tf—and] Parfit prxslhode 

251. wmt] T out. nem etmtrarien] 
contrarien now IQ ; contiarie t>iu T. 
laivei} la«e H. 

262—262. O (xnt^f. 

262. leriiei] tribw (wrongly) T. 
!>«»} t>es P ; )>e U. 



Hauen a lippe of oure by-leyuo ' fa liglitloker, mo 

The! sholde tume, [who ao] trauayle wolde ' and of ft 

trinite techen hem. 
For alio paynymes preyeu * and parfitliche by-leyaen <SS 

In ^e grete hcye god ' and hua grace asken, 256 lo a«i ud 

And makott here mone to makamede ' here message to 

eh ewe. 
Thus in a faith Ijuef pat folke ' and in a false mene ; 
And fut is reuthe for ]» [ryghtfol] men ' f>at in fe 

reame wonye|), 
[And perel foi fie prelates ' ])at pe pope make)> ;] 260 wUcb !• > pmi 
[))at] here)) name of N^eptalym ' of Xynyue and of ui pninn. 

For when ^e holy kynge of heuene ' sende hns sone to 

Meny myraclea he wrouhto ■ man for to tume, oirtitwrongM 

In ensample pat men ' aholde aeo by sad leyson, 264 
That men myghte nat be sauede ■ bote Jorw mercy and 

And poTW penatince and passioun ' and parfyt by-leyue ; 
And by-cam a man of a mayde ■ and metropolitanus. 
And baptiaede, and busshoppede ' with )io blode of hua ud aminmt 

herte 268 S^."'"""' 

254. fwrne] IT am. [wAo M IT] 261. [pat IMFT] And PB. name] 

fiat PEMF. ken] F on. tach^ ^ oame T. and'\ 1 on. itf (S)] F 

il«a] hem teche M. om. 

256. preyen] prrchef' (1) I. aiti] 362. holy] hsjo I; hetje T. teti4e\ 

pat F. parfitllehe'] pai-flte I. ta PFQ ; seote IHT. to\ til I. 

256. jUye] hj F ; hie M ; of (rio) ertk»] eerthe P. 

I; Tom. tfod] god orheueoe T. 263. As] >o be F ; a I. mim] 

257. to ihtme\ for to lawe P. men IK. manfor\ to cri«teae lawea 

258. a] T om. (fwice). faitli] fa; man O. 

F. f-flf] )>U F. in (2)] F om. 266. *o(e] and but I. 

259. M intert, ir. 269—287 after 266. parfyt] parfyjt P. 

1.187. t-aCl)] JifltTi Fom. [rjijAt- 267. a (1)] M im. mrtrvipoiiiaiiHO 

/vi IFT] rithful H ; ryght PE ; tf. B. metropolanua {tie) IMTO. 
XT. 636. te (2)] )>at IH ; FT om. 268. JtuI] He H. oni] an P. 
" " buitknppede'] liusshopodo M ; bus- 

abupedfl G; biscbopede EF ; bi>- 
shopid T ; bittbemed {tie') t. 



Alle fftt wilnede ofer wolde ■ with inwit by-lene hit. 
*** - Meny seiut eitthe • suflrede def al-so ; 

dHUKmunr For to enfoime ]m bithe ' fol wyde-wheie deyden, 271 
In Inde and in aliaaundrie ' in ermonTe, in spayne, 
And &o mysbyleue ' meny man tumede. 
KTiioaiHdiad In aauacion of mannya saule ■ aeynt thomas of 
Caunterbuiy 274 

Among vnkyude cristene ' in holychurche was sleye. 
And alls holychurehe ■ honoured for fiat deyinge. 
H< b ■ pitun i« He is a forbnsne to alle busehopes ' and a bryjt myrour. 
And sonereyneliche to alle Bucbe ' ^at of eurrye bereji 
name ; 278 

And nat in engelonde to huppe abowte ' and baleweu 

menne aut«Ta, 
And oiepe in a-monge [cnratonrB] ' and confessen a-jen 
pe lawe; 
cr. DeBLnUi. Nol'tte mittere falcem in messem alienam. 

Meny man foT crystes lotte ' was martred a-raong 
Tomaynea 281 

269. (>[>«•] Bad IMFTQ. irifA] ode P. /or] poraj T. 

whit F ; and in 1. 26S. inwit FQ] 2TT. /oriuMu] ta PB ; forbinie T ; 

Imryt T; inwitt EI; Inwkh H; forbieen T; forliismeO ; forbiuin HF. 

badly tpelt inwhiit P. hiC] TO im. alW] F am. biuthopft^ ta PEH ; 

270. JHeny] Many a FQ. leinf] bteschopes IT ; bischopa F. bry^t} 
MfnteE II. Muffi-ede'j hath luffred )« bryiihe P. 

F. al-$o EIMPTOJ al-soo P. B78. to a&] of IT. name} |« 

271. en/ome] eaterrae PO ; but etx- name IT. t^ — iera^] beere of Eany 
forme SM ; enfoHrme T ; confenoe F. 

F ; . . . ferme I. /ul] Hojh. dq/den} 279. nat] )>at (1) I. eagelontfej 

^ dede F ; \>ei deiedea H. engelounde P. hvppe] to PBI ; 

272. uni] I om. in ermanye} boppe T ; hop F ; lepe M ; Ijrppe Q. 
aatrimonye (I) I. ermanye] er- aTUt] bd P. tneniu^ meonea F ; 
monye MT ; hermooye F. in C*)] menea M ; men EITQ. 

and In MEQ. 2B0. in] Q mn. {cvratoiiri MIFT] 

273. And fro] And bo fnun her F. curatures G ; creatoura (trroHgly) 
suio] men MI; n man F ; men by PE ; rf. B. iv. 558. eonfctten MT] 
B ; no G. confeBsOQ P ; confesse F ; fottfesaja 

27* — 276. Theie Unei an much Q ; confeBsion (nnmslj/'} EI. [le] O 

rubbed i« l!L and I. Ca>interbiiry\ em. BMWffm aiieiMBi] Mi» MIFTO j 

Cauntelbocy P ; caonUlbuiye G ; b«t alienam mcsKm PE. 

DauntarbiuyMTGi kaunl«rt>uryF. 281. oww] a man F; men U, 

^ „ 'V'^ *" '^i ■"awe IFTj w*]werenMT. flMrtreifH-martyred 

riejrp E ; alayn M. U 

27«. G oMiU. lumoKre£] hoaonr- 



Er cristendome were knowe fer ■ ofer eny croys 

Euericlie busehope, by fe lawe ■ aholde buxnmliclia Bi»hoim™ 

wende, tiHdr phv i*. 

And pacientlicbe, Jiorgh hue prouynce - and to bus 

peple bym shewe, 28i 

Fedea bem and [&Uen] bem ' and fere hem fro eynne ; 
In baculi forma ' sit presid hec tibi norma, 
Fer, Ira/ie, punge gregem • seruando per omnia legem; 
And enchauiito bem to charite ' on holychurcbe to 

be-leyue. 288 

Foe as the kynde ia of a knjit ' obei for a kynge to t '<«>>> 

, . , knight MMngta 

be take, iiibi* u apuritr 

[And] among here enemya * in morteils bateles dlfe^^7^ 

To bo culled and ouercome ■ pe comune to defende ; '**'*' 

So is ^B kynde of [a curatourj ' for cristea loue to t»iiKnidit(M 

preche, 292 '"*'^"^ 

And deye for bus dere children * to destroye dedly 

Bonuepaetor; t'l^i'ii- 

And nameliche ))er as lewede lyuen * and no lawe 

Ac we crystiue coune)> ye lawe ' and bauen of oure- hs 

tourige 295 

283. £r] Or EMFI. KtrtSIUFT} 290. [.dni MIT] Al FG ; PE mn. 

wberP; wmO. tttoiEeli-kDowe MT. marUili] mortell E; morUle JFQ ; 

my] p« Q. hoiumrfd'] hoDour«de P. mortail T ; marbit M. bateleM] ba- 

2S3. butthepe'] bisabop EFIT. tayle 0. 

mitde EM F] weynde P ; walks ITG. 291. evlUd] i-kalled M. anf] or 

286. fWm] Fenden T. Ifillen M] MT. 

follea I ; fullen T ; fulle FO ,- folwen 392, [a ovratmir EMIF] curatou^ 

PE. A*in(3)] hymB. T; ouritour O; oreatour P ; W« 1. 

2S6. forma tjt] eit forma (jerongly') 280. prcclie] techa E. 
T. Hornm] forma M. 293. dere cKild7ieii\ children der« 

287. pnnge\ pasoe O. E. dettroye IHFT] dUtrje P; d«- 

288. Thit line it plaeed i% iS. nfter tm;e EQ. 

\. I^a, 04 already noted. 294. oi] jxtt IT. iiumwi] ne knowp 

289. Rera M irttertt II. 188 — 258, I ; no knoweD T. 

already collated, hny^f] koj^th P. 296. ccnRdfi I] kunne)i EF ; canDe)i 
#ftfr] and M i I en. for'] ot UTO. U ) mitieritteH oomeji (Jiy a mere tlip) 
a (2)] )ieT; Finn, faiffj i-take M. P; come T ; oonne O. t«] 10 T, 



liusshopes aDd bookea * the byteyue to tccbe. 296 

j(wi iin luwes lyuen in be lawe ' bat ouie lord tanhte, 

■Mordli^ to ibt ,, , , -., 

■••r, lai inw u Moyses to be maister ^er-oi ' til messie come, 

And in fiat laire ^i leyue ' and leten hit for the beste. 
Thtrknow And jut kneve ^ crist - ^t cristendome tauhte, 300 
propiMt, And for a parfyt prophete ' ^at muche peuple sauede, 

And of Belcon^e sores ■ sauede men ful otie ; 
bKaoH Ht did Sj pe myiacles ^t he made ' messie he semede, 

Tho'he lyfte vp lazai ' ^at leyde was in graue, 304 
■•• Quatriduanve cold ' quik dude hjm walte. 

Luuui. luwea seyden, ^at hit eeyu * with sorcerie he wrouhte, 

And [stodiedenj hou to struyen [tiim] - and struyeden 
lU, mm. hem-selue, 

And hero power thourh hue pocience * to pure nooht 

brouhte. 308 

j*n lun tusk And [jut] thei seien so^Ucbe ' and so do^ )ie soirasyna, 

propbK. That lesuB was bote a logelooi ' a lapei amonge Jie 


&nd a sophistre of sorcerie ' and p«eudo-prop}/eta, 

And hus lore was lesynge ' and lacken hit alle, 31 3 

296. Btttthoptt'] Bisohopea EBT; P. tareerix Q] apparently sorcerii 

Biaschop I. P; bvt tea find Borcery FT j wrserie 

£98. ia he\ ^ T. (w-^ of hem I ; Minmtlen Bowrie M ; scorcerie 

H. tiTj til )iat HFT. E ; <f. B-tezt, and tee I. 311. 

299. Ami] F om.. in] en IT; Q 807, [rfoiwfrtirr] fondedenPEM; 
mn. I^at] ^e T. Zoyse] lyuea MFT ; fondede FO \ Jmt ohurte the alliler- 
ijna E ; leue I ; leuen Q. atioti, and tf. B-text A<nt] H em. 

300. mf] F .Till, kneice] to EHT ; vtrvyim] tn PE ; destreie U ; deHtroye 
kaowea Fj knowefi Q; koowe PI. I: Btroya T; •troyn F. [*i» MF] 
{HnjfatF. tanhte'] made Ot. hym T; hem PEIG (imni^/y). 

801, JdiT] AbF. jwKjffc] foloM. ttrvi/edeH] ta PB ; deetroieden 11; 

302. emitt, tanede} Mined F. atudiedea (!) I ; Blroiedaii FT. 

/ul] wel M. 808. And] F 9i». Am] ben I. 

303. Q emit!. By] And bt U. irovhte] tumede M ; he broU}te F ; 
myraclei EIFj miraclU T; myracte mitntrittenbroahitaP, 

M ; meraclea F. 309. [^t MG] lit IF; let T ; PB 

30i. TAo] Lo F. lanar] pe lazer an. idum] aeiden U. <j(>>] dede U. 

U. in] in B I. 310. mu] nu M. a-mmige^ of Q 

SOB. eeld]&oo\dF. ^ii]£quike 311. a]Stm. amd] uid a I ; a 

0. dude Aym] be made M. italte] T. ptetide-prepheta'] prvpheta teudo 

to waike F ; wake I. U. 

806. MPyit] say I; sy F; Mien 812. And] And Jiat UIFQ. 

EU ; teija T ; qren G. irifA] whit Utynge] lesynges IT. 



And hopen ^at he be to comynge ■ |)at shal hem releue ; 
Moysea ofier Mokemede ' here maUtrea deuinefi ; 
And haue^ suspecion to be eat • bo]ie aarrasyns and 

Thorwe Moyaes aad makamede ' and myghte of god ^at 

mad aL - 316 

TSow Bytthe ]iat these Barrasyna ' and al-so )>o lewes Aum oot fanw 
Conne |)e fersto clause of onre by-leyue ' Credo in afibmrmii, 

deum 2>titrem, 
Prelates and preestes * sholde pieoue, yf the! myghte, 
Lent hem lytulum and lytulum ' ^ in ietum ehrietum, UHTiimiU>» 

filhim eiue, 320 hbwi. 

Til ))ei cou^e epeke and epelle * ^ in gpiritum lanctum, SST 

Becorden hit and landteu Mt * wyth remiationetn uiu." 

Camis reKurrectionem, ^ uitam ef^mam ; amen." 
Hie explicit paseua primui de debet. 

ai3,3U. n-aiuptised iit T. 

313. JMit] F on. to] IS on. eon- 
ynje] le FEMF ; come ITQ {htre 
comTnge = coaene^ tXe gentmd), 
heM releae] releue be» alle Q. 

314. o(wr] & F. here] or T. 
detiineY] )>ei diameth F. 

315. kaue^] hui a MIT ; hane a O ; 
ban EF. 

816. gad\ him F. of] hem F. 

817. JVW] And IT. tyUhe] sei^ 
T. >»(] HQ om. thete] tbuese F; 
jie ; Em. aiwf] an P. )m] ^ica 
T; HbB. 

318. ^ferite] a F. 

3K). preoae'] preue hit U, 

SSO. Ltn ken] And leren H ; & 
lere hem F. lytulum— ltitulvm'\ 
liteluffi & litelun £1 ; litlum & liUum 
T ; litel and Utel H ; lltel ft bl litel 
P ; mitmrittm lytulhum and lytulum 
P; lytQiimt (oniy) G. 4 MTEO] 
Muirritfen aad PI ; (iut it meaiu 
et) ; F m». eiui] eiu vDicuw M. 

821. t^ils] to MIT; Bpele FFQ. 
^' MIFET] et O ; mliwrifton and P 
(but it meaiu et), 

S22. hit] him Q (Aotw). m^rni] 
reden HI. Cbmi« retiirreetiMten] 
£ camia rGmrrectiomim ^ar-to F. 

COLOPHOtr. So FQ; H (Wk Amt] 
EF vm. Blc ixplidt] IT om. 




Hie Incipil F(ueu» Secundue de Dohel. 

JM«) ^^ " T Eue libervm arbUrium" quaf ich ■ " ich leyue, 
■HCbuiirr'- JLi as ich hope. 

Thou cou^est telle and teche tne ' to charite, ich leynel 
Then lonh libervm arbilrium ■ and ladde me forf with 
V f Thm h( M mi Til we comen in-to a contree • eor-!iominis hit hyhte, 4 
Mu-*-u«n, Herbei of alle piyuytees ' and of holynesae. 
Euene in ^e myddes * art ympe, as hit were, 
J)at hihte ymago-dei • graciousliche hit gtowede. 
Theune gau ich asken what hit hyhte ' and he me sone 
tolde— 8 

t wiwn f«w tiH " )^ tree hihte trewe-Ioue," qna^ he ■ " the trinite hit 
)}orgh lonely lokynge hit lyae)i ' and launceji vp 

The whiche hlosmes bumes * benygne-speche callen ; 
tTiHfniita And ^eT-«f comef> a good frat ' ^e which men callen 
werkea 12 

TiTLG. Bo PUO ; lodpit passus ee- growith FO ; I-graued L 

ounduiEFi IT om. 9. kUOtl hattef) MT; hatttflG; 

1. Uyuel leue EHITQ ; leeue F. hit F. 

2. cffH|mt] coude«t MFI. Ulle\ 10. leiynge] likfug T. 
t«llemel. <<<& byu«] i leue ME ; as 11. whiche'^ viche P. hlimui'\ 
I leue ITO : as i leeue F. blo«ma F. bnrnet'] bome* H. eall- 

3. IdhA] loiue & ; loui T; louib eii] it calte)) ITQ; hit callen X ; lE 
FQ 1 low H ; lowe I. calde F. 

S. Herber'] Erbew B ; Berbarwe 12. gooS] grete I, frut} fruyt 
U. anS] k also O. MIFTQ. wAicA] wlch P. meW\ me 

H. ^imilt. «yiU«(] m;dd»t ii F. F. 
7. hUite'] V om. kit srmvede] it 



Of Lolyuesae, of tieudynesee ' of }ielp-hym-]iat 

The whicbe is callid earitas ' cristee owen fode, 
And aolace)) alle eoules ' eoighful in purgatorie." 
" Now, certee," ich adde . and aykede for ioye, 16 

" Ich f onke [jow] a fowsend aythea ■ ]iat je me hider 1 1 onut him 

kende ; Uh tna. 

And Buffen fiat je fowchp-saue ■ to seya me what hit 

And he fionked me )>o ' bote ]Knne took ich hede, 
Hit hadde shoriers to shoue hit vp ' ^re ehides of o itninpperud 

leilg|)e, 2JJ «Um.pnpi 

And of kynne colour ' and o kynde, as me jKiuhte, 

All pre jliche loi^e ' and ylicLs large. 

Muche mernailede me ■ on what more thoi growede ; 

And efte askede of hym ' of what wode fwi vrew % 21 

"Thees Jtre shoryerea," qiiajt he ■ "fat bereji vp }ia +Tii«»propi 

plonte, Trtnitr. 

Thei by-toknef trewely • fe trinite of heucne ; 
Thre persona in-departahle ■ perpetuel were euer.', 
Of wyl, of o wit ■ and here-with ich kepe 28 

The frut of Jjia faire tree ■ fro {ire wjkkedo wyndes, 

13. of lundj/jtetie'] of hendenesse BchToya I ; ehyue T \ sohule Q. o] 

IFETG; aodheDdeneageM, o/help] on M, (rtif Jie] lBng^^Je <w leogjfjie P. 
to help* M. 21. CU] on M. o (2)] IT tmi. 

U. tvhielm^ wicha P. eallid 22. and] II alle O. 
caritai\ ooritaa ;-called IFT ; caritu 23. fAri] )>»t ^ei U. 
called O. 24. ^la aiiede] I asked efte F ; 

IS. JnOftheF; pat Q. askide eft T; aeked ofle I; eft y 

le. («<Jo] Mlde t>o F. and}uiP. askede O. n/(l)]Bta. ^(2)] » 

ryiede] ugbede I. Mn. 

17, lMieMIT](wPEFa. ]iBiPieni] 26, plonte] te PEF; planntel; 
hoodred H. *t/tluii] ^)ie MIFX ; plante MT ; plente Q. 

Hide 0. kende] tauite F ; broujte Q. 26. Thei'] IT am. 

18. tuf'^en] aithF; forM. foicrhe- 27. in-departable] Tndepartable B, 
tanel foucbensaf E ; fouchGBaaf F ; evere] for euere F. 

Touchen saf M; TOuch«-uuf IT; 2S. n/] and M ; It of TO. 0(1)] 

foweobe-Mue P; fucheds aaf 6. on M. mif] whit P. leith] whtth 

nriflt] as IT. hikte] botel> IT. P ; and iit I. 3*. 

20. HU kaJde'] I hadde T ; He 29. /rut} fniyt MFITQ, fiv] loT 

hadde O. iharieri] Bcboiares I ; O, )rre} )ie Q ; M mt, 
wjhulierra G. to'] I em. lAoiie] 



And fro fallyng of atok ' hit faille nouht of bns mygbte. 
-Ths-iiorici," The wotlde ia a wykkede wynde ■ to hem bat wolde 

Hid Libsnm-Ai- it r 

tiitriDm, 'iim treuthe : 

wind Ibiit biovi 

igiiiiu thi Int. CoTctyae comef of fat wynda ■ and [cariiag hit abiteji,] 
And for-freteji (tat frut ■ witft manje fayw ayghtea ; 33 
Tba flcit prop ii And with |)e ferate plaunke ich palle hym doune ' 
iBi«hi. polencia-dei-patrit. 

s*tt banne ia flessh a fel vynde ' in flouryns-tyme ; 

Xiktf llHh If ftlu ft ^ rf o rf » 

Ml wind, (Jorgh lecherie and luates * so loudo he gynnejr blowe, 

))at hit uorische^ nyce ayjtea ■ and eom tyme wordes, 
And menye wykkede wormes ' workes of aynne, 3d 
And al foi-bit earitag ■ t« |io bare stolke ; 

Th< HMid prop Thanne sette ich be eecunde plaunke * tapienda-dei- 

UUuBaii.i)rtht ' 

nuiv-tWiidoD. pafrie. 

The which ia fa passion and penaunce ' and fa parfyt- 
nease of ihesas, 41 

And Jier-with ich warde bit ofer-whyle ■ tU hit wexe 
Thi- third imtwj Tlienue fonde^ fa feende ' my frut to deetruye. 

And leith a laddere Jier-to ■ of lesynges be fa ronges ; 

30. qf (1)] Of f* MFO ; f* U"') 87- P"'] M on. JSit] O on. 
IT. Ait— of] pat he nat fails F. twruchep JEG^ norijaaep ti ; nurscb- 
i(f (2)] FQ am. eth F ; norisshiji T ; (_aU pre/eraiU 

31. Korlde] wordle FQ. nclde] te iiorcef. P). R-onfej] oae wordes G. 
woUelj wnlleth F. S8. Itrantpoieiwonoetandiiittkea, 

32. iryfuie] whyndo P. learitai 89. /or-bit] n PEM ; forbiUe I ; 
—abiUp ITO] hit abitef. caritas E; forhitlc (»ie) T ; forbitethF. earita*^ 
hit abite)! (oiHittiiu/ caritas) Mj cbariCe F. to] r^t to FlTj iioujt to 
charite it abideth F; bit bete)> caritaa (!) O. wtalke] Btocke M. 

P. 40. tette] a M. platmke'] planke 

S3. T omitt. fi>T-frete]f\ forfrele L MFIT. patrU] 1 ma. 

J«f] f« Ua, fmf\ fruyt IMFQ. 41. wAicft] wich P. \e (1)] MP 

ir«4] whit P ; >orgh I. inn. [w (2)] F om. of Me«u] T 

34. Atii\ Hont. rrtVA] nhith P. om. 

plavkke\ planke IPTQ ; ptaute 42. And\ Wl <m. nwnlej war- 

(»wvij) M. jMi^B] fal F; piBlla deda MF. Art(l)]FG«». 

H ; pallede G. ivnKi\ a-ilouD H. 43. Tke*ni\ And ^oe IFT, 

poteiuria—patrU] M on. fondep BUIFTQ] f oundetr or foDUde^ 

85. U JUttK] U In fleasche ITi P. /ntf] fniyt MUTG. 

fieyBoh is H. fel MFTQ] felle EI ; 44. Uitk FBU] laitb I ; le;)> O ; 

feel P. iit\ iH his F ; ti.\n IT. leilhe P; Idie T. IttfKfet] lesynge 

3fi. Porgh.} Wi|j M. m] M wm. 0. 
blaiof'] to blowe E. 




With alle ^e wyles ^t he cau ' wagge^ |)e roote 45 
)jorw bak-bj'tera and braweleres ' and forwa bolde 

And ahakef hit; ne were hit vnder-shored ■ certea fait twhoih 

sbolde nat atande. 
So Jiesa loTirdeinea litheren ^r-to ■ fat alle Jia leuea 

foUan, 18 

And feccheth a-way this frat Bom tyme ■ hy-fore bof e 

myn eyen. 
Thenne palle ich a-downe be pouke ■ with be bridde _ «»l 

shoryera, n» iwj ohort," 

The wbiche is spiriiua-ganetiie ' and so)>-&3t bylcyue, 
And fat 13 grace of fe holy goat ; ■ and fua gat ich fe 

maatiye." 62 

Ich totide vp-on bat tree io ' and benne tok ich 1 1 lookid apon 

hede, trM, 

"WTief er fe frut were feire • ofer fool to loken on. 
And fe frut was wonder fair ' non fairer beo myghte ; 
Ac in ])te degrees hit grew ■ gret ferfy me fouhte, 56 
And aakede |>o ' yf hit Were ■ al of on kynde t ' + "^^^ "" 

"Je, certes," lie eeide ■ "and aotfalicbe few leyue hit. u»4. 
Hit is al of o kynde ' and fat ehal ich prouen ; 

15. IFtCA] And wi)> IT. na^f «)>] gets I ; ge«t F ; kepe T. 

be wigeth F ; he waggefi G, 63. Mide] totreda M. vp-on} vp 

16. ehyderat] chidynge F. in I ; on H. )>a<] ))e EFTO. 

47. Aitd iha]iey\ pei whaken F. 5*. f.e] ^a.t F. were] wberP. to] 
vtUUr-thorei] yoder-flhorede P ; for to EIT. loken mi] be-ho1da M. 
■choried F. ne — thered} yi ii Tttn 66, And] M om. mmder] low. 
Tudirshorid T. eertet} IFT om. nat^ And—nrai] po was )>e fruit F. 6w 
uat leagrr F. myghte'] be fier jnyjte FO ; niyit b« 

48. Qrmitt. fieie] )>ees P. lovrd- E. 

(hw*] lordeynea KIM ; lurdeyuw FT. 66. G emifi. Ae} M I. |>r«] fit 
lUAeren'] ntberetr IT ; iiOiui P. t>re I. prew] growe(i B- /wly] terll 

49. (*«] Hi IT. l« F; wondera E. 

60. Thenne'] A.itA\>u\Den. palie'] 67. (UJtfiia] I asked at blm V ; j 
polle E ; pintle M ; falle T. a-dotme'i atkede G. |n< gf] efta |io wlieM I ; 
douQ UXQ. osIowiM— jmild] bin eft po tihepar T, al] F em. e/] I 
•doun F. mn. 

61. «r&vi«] wiche P. it] I on. 68. keiei^] mnttpiodhoF. pot] 
mnO] a M. IT on. leyve hU} tut leue MQ. 

62. ;ni««] \M, graca U. anO M 69. o] on U, 
«n. fat] to PH ; gaat O ; gate E ; 

^tv Google 


^c somme ar swetteie pan aome - and sonuere woUen 
rotye. 60 

t " w« «• dwn^ Meji may seo on an appul-treo • meny tyme and ofle, 
■use Dw, •ami Of kynnc apples ' ar«n nat yliche grete, 

Xe of aewynge smale ' ne of [o] swetnesse swete. 

The j)at sitten in Jw sonne-syde ■ aonner aren rjrpe, 6* 

Swettour and Haueriour ' and also more grettoure 

Than [jto] ^at selde hauen ]ie sonne ' and sitten in ^ 
north-half ; 

And BO hit fare^ sothly ' eoae, by oim kysde. 
I *'^a™ m ■^'^'"11 ^^ ^ ^""^ ■ '"^^ ^0 *'*° "s hue apples, 68 

Uwippio. Sonune of ows sothiaat ' and some variable, 

Somme litel and some large * like apples of kynde. 
t wtiici mm, ^g weddcde mcn and wedewea ■ and lyit worthy 
and monkt m maidenes, 

tTH, uii HMira t^ whiuhe ^e sei/nt esprit [sewe])] ' the sonne of al 
heuene, 72 

Conforteji [hem] in here continence ' f>at Ijuen in con- 

As monkea and monyeles ' men of holichurche ; 

60. or] be> K. mummv] sannera M; bj some G. iy] be MT; of 
F (,but tee 1. 64); xonere E; some O. 

(KTongly) I. rotye'] rote FTO. 6S. Adam] Our alder adam F 

61. alen] Uan E; He IF. on] in a* (1)] a EHIFO; |>e T. arm] 
I, onJny] many a F. were* E ; beo EM. oi (2)] MF 

62. 0/\ pat of F. iynne] kynde «m. 

EIGT; kjnde of F. arcn] be)> E; 69. oirj] vs IT ; vs be^F B ; ts bu|i 

ben M. «d(] nat alle Fj & ((m!) U; n be F. F traiupctei D. 69 

T. omf Ta 

68. Oflwiif*. ^(t)] ITwn. »*«- TO— 76. 6 onifj. 

yn^EIMT] ■jwynge P; o Buyng F. TO. oarf] HIXcm. lym^] o kynde 

[o KIF] PMT cm. FT. 

S4. in] on F. )>e nmne] isuvnae F. 71. Ai] Among P. teedereei} 

tenner'] gone fiei F ; son or eoflt E. vedewee or wodewes P (bat let 1. 76) ; 

«r«»] ben E. -wydeweB MIT ; widue» B ; wyniw F. 

66, taverimir] of more sauour *^'J ryjth P; rith M, 

M. ^etti™™] grettere MEI ; greW 72. «)iieke\ wiohe P. >«] EH o»i. 

F. (Uprit] spirit IT. [mtrii^ MI] anelh 

66. t)>o MIFTG] PE om. lelde F ; maecb T ; PE m.. 

IM] setden ETO ; seelde F ; eeUde 73. amfortep'] And oomforte|i I, 

P. [A«« MEITF] him P, 

67. Kthly] Bottbly P. MM IFT] 74. bum] and men MF. 
Kwoe P («Hj eone = son) ; eumme 



These haueu hete of Jie holi gost ' as crop of tieo pa 

Wodewes and wedeweres ■ bat here owen wU for-saken, t Th> Hniam- 
And chaat leden here lyf * ye lyf of contempkcion, ood mon uum 
And more lykyng to oure lords ■ fan lyue aa kynde 

askef, 78 

And folwe )Hit pe flessh wote * and firut for^ brynge, 
That lettered men in here hmgage ' aetiua-uita collen.'' 
" JSi syre," ich aeide, ' ' and sitthen ■ ber area bote two t Jrffco vua ind 

lyaes mm. 

J)at oure lorde a-loweji ■ aa lered men ous techeji, 
That is aetiva-uila ■ and uita contemplaliua, 
Whi growef thia frut in J»re degreee K • " for a good 

skyle," he seide ; 81 

" Her by-neojie ich may nyma • yf ich neode [hadde,] "BtomUi, bUn 
Matiimonye, a moiate &nt * ]iat multipUe)) fie peple. XtinaaBj. 
Thonne a-boue is a betere &ut * ac bo)ie two ben goode, 
■Wodewehode, more worbier ■ ban wedlok, as in heuene. t ai»« u h 

...., ^ i t ■ ^ ■ WWowhoodi ina 

panne la Ti'ig'nite, more vertuous ' and lairest aa in aboratiKtii 

heueae, 89 "'«^'»- 

For })at is euene with angeles ' and angeles peer. il*9 

Hit was )e fuiste frnt * fat fe fader of heuene blessede, 

TS. luta] t« beta T ; ^e lifte I. 83. That i»] po b«t}i F ; IT M>. 
crop] h.a.Y )« crop I ; ban (jid) ^ and\ et I. nita ctintemplatiMa'\ con- 
crop T. of treo] bath of F. treo] templaUua vita IT. 
H> Ire IT ; f e tree K. M. (Sii] >i F ; |>e T. /or] IT vm. 

76. hare] F on. a] UF om. 

77. fcifon] leten M. yi] aa M ; i« S5. {Aadda MIFTO] habbe PK ; 
P. y» la/"] E est. cf. B-teit. 

78. (o] of F. IffUK] life I J lil T ; 86. muUipUet. IFTO] mullapliel> 
1{JF H. at] of T. PM. 

79. And} Or F. /ii2ie«] folewet> 87. T^niu] And t<cnne IT, n] 
U. |>e]t>atH; Om. *w0l«] wolde HIFQT on. Mu ET] tuo I; to 
IT. biynge] to brynge M. PMFQ. 

60. uita'] lif MO. IT haTO—f-at 88. rot>r)ri«r] worriers <« T ; wuiibi 

Ottilia lif letb-ede men ' in b«ta Ian- F. , . 

gags it callc^. B9. i«] M om. ' T placet la after 

81. 4»nO |>o M. a,rm\ be|j B. virginito, more] looost GT. ai\ i* 
(iTO FG] to PM J twoy E ; tweyc T j T. \eaent\ bliwe G.