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Full text of "The vision of William concerning Piers the Plowman in three parallel texts [microform] : together with Richard the Redeless"

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j>r :tj 

— 1^ -- 


' >. 







' k 











(AVOCTT 136a — 1399 AJ>-) 




BLirrHGTOK AND loswovnr PVorusoR or anglosaxdh 


VOL, r — TEXT 

[ All rights rtjrrvtd ] 




Explanation of thb Method of Printing the Texts 




B^ Peologue; 

C. Pads us I 

3| 3 

A. Passcs I; 

B. Passus Ii 

C. Passus II 

>o, 11 

A. Passus 11; 

B. Passus II ; 

C. Passus III . 

40. 4' 

A. Passus III; 

B. Passus 111; 

C Passus IV , 

6a, 63 

A. Passus TV ; 

B. Passus IV; 

C. Passus V 

100. lOI 

C. Passus VI , 


A Passus V; 

B. Passus V . 



0. Passus VTI . 


a Passus VIII . 


A, Passus VI . 


A Passus VIT; 

B. Passus VI ; 

C. Passus IX . 

J9'» ^93 

A. Passus VIII; 

B. Passus VII ; 

C^ Passus X . 

116, ja? 

Vita de 


A Passus IX- 

B. Passus VIII; 

C. Passus XI . 

2Sh aS3 

A. Passus X ; 

B, Passus IX , 



A. Passus XI ; 

B. Passus X ; 

C, Passus XII , 

384, a8£ 



B. Pas&Us XI; 

C. Passus Xn {continvtd^ 

330. 33^ 33J 

C. Passus Xlii 



C. Passus XIV 



K Passus XII; 

C- Passus XV 


366, 367 


B. Passos Xlllj C. Passus XVI 386, 387 

B. Passds XIV 414 


Vita db ho-bbt.' 

B. PAS5U3 XV; C. Passus XVII {eonHmud) . 436, 457 

O. Passus XVni 4S3 

B, Passus XVI \ C. Passus XIX 47B, 479 

B, Passus XVIl; O. Passus XX 49^ 499 

B. Passus XVHl; a Passus XXI 510,531 

Vita de d&-bbst. 

B. Passus XIX; C, Fassus XXU 55c>i 5£i 

B. Passus XX ; O, Passus XXIII n%, 57g 


Prologue ............ 603 

Passus I 606 

Passus II 609 

Passus III 615 

Passus IV 6j« 

In th« C-text, the VUa de IhAa Upia with Pua. xviii. 


1 hnc found it difficult to aatat periect accutbcj In the texts. After cmfol 
cmnJaation of tliem, 1 here iDppljr vhat T hope is ft tolenbly complete lilt of 
crn>n, lomc of them beiog ttivuL The most imponuit tre the erron in 
qielUo^ which come finL 


F^S5- Civ- 176- ^crhtdmvkrtadhcAMom. 

F. 111. C. vL 87. ToT^aiu lead^tw, 

P. 13&. B-teit. In the Ldtu qnotAtion, for t rcmd et. 

T. 156. B-tcEt (t. +75). Fffr we rtad i;e. See p. 17a. 

P. 160. B. *. 313. J'br rtdjmkyojj rtad redyngkyng, 

p. 344. B- Til 131. Fer Bat raW By. 

F. 3fi[. ColophoD to A-teiL For t/e Ftftv dt md de J^iM ft. 

P. 411. B, xiv. 131 ; T^ti "- For d miru reid dbnivf. 

P. 517. C. la. 170, /iTTOure rtadora {ntfamnffoa). 

P. 545. Footnote, last line. Jvrch PE nro^ich P£. 

P. 62a, R. iiL A£6. ^^ pasne no^ pauc 

UsB OF Capitau* 

The MSS. ■eldom Die capitBli in the middle of a line for proper aacoet. In 
minj places I have lapplied them, to make the sense clearer. Sometimes it 11 
hazd to tell whether icch a word as ' truth ' is osed ms a name or not. The 
woid'crist"Ufl*ii»nyleftwiiha>mallletter,asinihe MSS. Theworf'god' 
is inTariahly so viilteD. 

To be consLstcDt, I should hare pnt capilals to may, C. i. 6 ; rome> B. pr- 48, 
C- L 48 ; peter, B. pr. ID9, C. i. 136; malueme, C. L 163; treuthe, A. L TJ, 
B. i. la, C. iL ijj wionge, A. L fit, &c. ; fryday, B. L 99; lucUer, B. i. IJ4 
soaendayes, A. ii. 197 j atid perhaps elsewbefe. 

Expansions op CoNTRACXiONa, 

The words are all printed in the fbll form. I pidcr the form 'Tetu* to 
'Ihesn*; but I have left the latter in B- proU 165; and 'Ilusiis' in B. iiL 154. 

^nii ERRATA. 


There u DO pmictnAtioD in the MSS. Perhaps the following are impro^'C' 
P. it. A. L i6. Omit thp ajirr him, 
P, 41. C. ill. 16. Aft€r htnt tidd a semiiabn. 
P. a^. A. iii. aJ7. Supply m foil clop af^r 4^f. 
F. 14S. B. T, 317. Biii step after mart. 
P. 197. A. vii. 4], Add itmiiPhn after defienica. 
P. ftiB. B. vi. 277. i»/^^ 1 0/ffr wDidii. 
P. 144. R vii. 117. /W ^ d/Ar sflw^g. 
P. 354. B. viiL 35. Tlif step after ^txt should be a comma, 
P. 170. B. in- S4. Supply a eemma after lowct 
P- 3J3' C xii. 189. Suppiy a £omma after YAAc. 
P. 336. A. xiL l6 (footnote). Bring hit eloitr^ so 9s te rend log- Rawl. 

iJM. hit. 
P. 344. B^ li 319. T^ stop after eten j^tEW^ be full. 
P. 378. B. xii. >00- Supply a comma after halle. 
p. 513. B. xviL 335. The step after ms^ shffu^ be a <emma. 
P. 513. R rriii. 35. Snpply ' *flcr f^a. 
P. 537. C. ui. T34 (foolnole): Supply ) d^fr hue. 
P, 533. R xviii. 195. T^f j/i?/ d;?<r bothe should be a eootma. 
P. 533. C Di. 317. Supply a f^l stop after metit, 
P. 339- C. xd. 310. Supply a full stop i^^dampncd. 

Metrical Mavks. 

P. 14. A. L 43. Supply the mark after whom. 
P. 153. R liiL 375. Supply the mark after (ikeL 
Not«a]» the 'lowered' dote in C-ii 164; A. It, 78. 


Compound words ire uiiwUj wiitten as two. Insert hyphens in lyftime, 
C- ii. 73 ; tutm-cristene^ B, ii. 94 ; pynnyug-stoles, A. Ui. 69 ; pynynge-itolet, 
R lii. 78 ; Ltehe-eraftj C, vit 8 1 ; iVith-out, R, iii. 1 ?. 




[Ili iie t>Uuw^e pAee« in tbm TcnicmK of ihh Tom an rillbLlcd ta 
fVtM Uiti. Hifr A-tOT. or t«r1int ttman. tipj^xi% at th« il]>rifl f'srl of 
Ihe pBK**< u &r u it i;«i, B«inj; tnvdi Hh^rWr tbAn (he olbcn) il dii- 

T*« fUnl, *r *«o™j TTninti, upppin nn iKe lower par' of the left-hnntl 
pigWj towftrii th« 9ii. it «<u(tict t^t wholf of cnch tcfi haiiJ P*E*- 

71c Ddctf, « UtBl 'viijuii, tfppcAfk oij (lie 1i>«c] |ntr1 uf [}tc li^Iit-liaiLd 
fifei : lovftillt Ibe «nd, LE occhitioi (ht whcjir nf rich rl^hl^hinfl itngi^- 

1^ A-Int i> prinltd u i1 vccurt id V - Vfmrjn MS. (in ihv BoflletaQ 
Librvj), AH dcTUiioDi frani V vc iIh-hu in ihc roQt-u«tc», vd ut 
talun from otbaHSS, ill. T-Tnn.C«]].Cftm.K. |. 14; 11«HarlA;j;, 
BriLUvKiDi U- UnU. Coll. Oxford; H,- Ihrl 604I : D- Dodcp^SJ 
<Bo4Mia lilrv}). V b bipciiVul, cuiriui: il Fitu. XL i8o;>hc f«t of 
lib PUiUt b ff dm T. PMfc. XII ik irum MA, Rawl. I\>ct, E^j^ coIlLtol 
vilfa U IliRMghml Ubh i-ifi Iht tavt of that Fiviut cicun in tbc 
lUn&noa M& wd in tha li^thr MS, au/^. Obtcnc ib&t \ht tax in V 
■bwwdi wUi J^wclmi ramu. ilut to the icdbe. 

T^ B-tm it fcioi&l irfim L. - MS L*ui! H51 ^Bodleiiui Ubnry). All 
de*udcai ffcm L Art (li'^ftJ in the foul n&lo, uid mrc taken from clhcr 
USS^^tIlW - lit US. lUiiiEcil by Mi.WhijM (Trin.CoIl Cum. B. 1.^. 17); 
O-OriH 79; K-Ka«1 P«I. ^K; C-C«inb. Univ. l.iK ])H, 1. 17, 
B-fioairyfta4i C;-CubIx UnJT. LiL LI. 4. 141 aadV-HrVfto 

The C-icvl !■ pRTiiffl from P ^ MS, PhiiUppt V>.<t- All dcvUi^on^ from 
P veihcfv Intbv fool nolri. uan> Icioi; TntfccoT7miaQ>(ilucEacolUflDn) 
«f ilciaitTv >tKl]ii]|Ei- TUe uilicr M33t aii: E - Laail fJ^&; 1 > lUiniEr 
BIS: M*Moi«m MS. ^rniTwi, Vr*p. R ift); K - TamTi. Vtiiv. UU.VL 
^ jj ; G - CaDV Univ. Ut, Dd 3, 13 j S - Coipoi Cfcriiti <:oU, CimbL 

TrtL Cell. Ctffl. IL I. 14.J 




IN a. itoincr acaun ' wbon aofEv waa tbe sonnc. 
I scbop me ia-io a schroud - \ achcrp a« I vct«; 
In habile of ^in hGnnilo ' vn-holy of flp-erkc«, 
Wende I wydcne ii> ihia wcrld * woikIics to here. 
Eolc in a ^3»JVS niorvnj'ogc ' on Mducrnc hulJcs 
Me bt'fd a fcrly * i fc^Tie mc thouhte; 
1 va£ weon of ^ajidhnge - md -wenlc mt lo i«£te 

IK a Gomcr scion - M'bon ttoft vras the 90nAC, 
I shopc mc in sliroudcs - as I a shcpc vcrc, 
In habitc AA an hcrcmttc * vnboly of wotkcs, 
W<ni wydc U this world ■ wondres Lo here* 
Ac ou A May mornyngc ' un I^Talucrnc huUcs 
Mc bjrfcrl A frrly ■ of fairy me il^oii^te; 
1 wat tt-pry forvandred ■ and v/^m me to resw 
Vnder a brode banke ' bi a born» ^de, 
And as ! lay and lencd ' and loktd tn the watered, 
1 alombred in a tltpyng ■ il **cyucd *o mtryv. 

Thanne gan 1 to mrttii ' a nitm«ilou»e iweueiie. 
Thai 1 wis in a u'ildemeftse * wt«t I ii«uer where. 
Aa I bihelde in-lo iho eai ' an hlegh to tlic sonne, 
I et'tgU a toure on a toft ' tncUch ymnkcd; 
A dcpc dak bincihc ■ a donjccon thcrc'tnnc, 
With dq» dychcs and dcrkc * and drcdful of ^ighL 
A fairc fcldc ful of folkc ' fondc 1 tlicrc lytwcnc, 
Of allc ctancr of men ' ihc mcnc and die richci 
Worchyng and wandiyng ' as d]c worldc aakelh* 



A. I^ irtjvlj T; Irirly U; wondtrlicle VH. 

C, J. mcMFS; P< 

A. PROLOGUE, fl-iy. a PASSUS t i-ii, t 

Vndor a brod bonkc - bi a bourne a/de, ft 

And ai* 1 Uy AE^ looticdc ' uid lokcdc on the w&tres, 
I thunberde ki i ^Iq^fng - Mt «0WDtde ^ mtiri^, 

Theiuic gon I mcc(<?n - 3 neraclons sweucne, 
Tliat 1 «u in ft frildentrssc " vu«tc I ncurr where, a 

A&d ti I bo-brold m-io tlic csl ' an-hcij lo Lhc >onoc, 
I %xvh a tour on n loFc ' irijoLy i-makcii 
A dcop dale bl-ncoihv ■ & diing;iin tbvr-infi«, 
Wah deop tUth nrtd dffk * ttnd drcdful of fiEhL i4 

A feir fcid ^ of folk ' Fond I ifjcr bl-cwcnc, 
Uf Edto BiJtncT of iTMTi ' the mcttc and the ncho, 
Worcbitige and voodringe ' as ibc world uketh. 


Hic iMariT visio willelmi or. petao ptotrnw*?*, 


IN ft MSCicrt ecjrvoR ' *li*n &oftc vaj the aonnc, 
V tho^ me tA to BhrobbiA ' as f 4 shepherde vercj 
fin ahh u ai) «nnftc * vnhoTy of urrkps, 
Uh Acriic fonh in tfic worklc, ^ vrondcrf lo hurCi 4 

And lAVc tiKny cdlia ^ and ickouihc thpi^c^ 
Ac on ft paty morwonyTi^ * on Milucmc bullet , 
^^^^f byfd for to Uepe ' for vfytyn^tstt «f wandryng; 
And in ft bninde it irli by - Irncde ich ind nleptc, S 

And mcnicTtoa»ly me n^ciic ' as Jch may }ow icUc; 
Al tJie vclthc of this worldo ' and ifac "oroo boiiw, 
Wynkyn^ 11 il were ' wytcriy ich taw hyt. 
Of iiyqtbe anil of iricht-rye - of tr^ioun ami of gyk, 11 

Al kh Mw tJepynge ' asi ich idul 30W tellc- 
Estcuard kh I>yliu1de ' after the ^onne. 
And nvt a louie, u ich irowede ' Uuitie was ih«r-ymic/ 
Weftvnrik ich vrait«d« - in a whyl* after, 16 

Aud »we a deep lIiIc - dnh, us ich lyucde, 
Woncdc io iho v^iics * aiid vyckcdc spinto^ 
A tur fdJ. ful cf follE« * fonde ich ther byLwyne, 
Allc mancfi* of men ■ ihc mfnc and ihir lyt.he, to 

Woccbycgc ftnd iruidryngc ■ u ihe worldc a>kcth. 

aWWi rM 

4, nrUP. 16. *rj1tfP, t^Uaifirtaiyr, 

a a 

-4 A. PROLOGUE- 20-1%, B, FROLOGUE. 20-4%. 

Saminc putien hem to ihe plou} ' and pleid^n hem Tul strident, jo 
In cringe and in 40wyng« * swonken fu] hirde, 
Th*l monic of ilieon wanlurt ' in gloionye dlstrueii. 

And summc putlcti bctn 10 prutdc ' app&rnyldcn hem iher-Bficr, 
In cuntinttuiice of doihinge ■ qaemleliche de-py^el; n 

To preyere ind to penaunce ■ putien he&m monye, 
For lout of vr lord ' liuedcn fu] Imrdc, 
In hope for to hjiuc ■ hcucnc-richc bUfS«; 

As ancrcs und hcrmytcfl - Iboi boHeth hem in hcorc cclles, iB 
Coueyte not in cuntre ' to carien i-bouc^. 
For non likcroiis Ij-flode ' hcorc Ucitn 10 plcse. 

And aummc chosen chatfare - to chccnen the betEre, 

Sorn^ ptiiten htm to the p1o^v ' plc)xd ful seMo, ■» 

]n wtiyng atrd m sowyng ' swonkcn ful harde^ 

And wunncn tliat waslours ' wilti gl^jEouyc dcsiiuycth. 

And some puUcn hem to pnayde * apparailed hem there-after. 
In contenttUQce of dodiyng ' com^n disgised, 94 

In prayers ^nd in pc^iancc ' puttcn bciti manyc, 
Al for loue of owre lordtf * lyucden ful ^treyie, 
Id hope forio h^ue ■ hpiicncriche btisse ; 

As aiicres 4nd hciciuitea ' tlmt hotdcn hem In here tctlea, zS 
And coueiten noujfht iti contrc ■ to koirea aboute, 
For no liktroas lifTodc - her lyk^im to plicae. 

And somme choicn chiifFirc ' they chcucn the bcttcre, 
Ab it senicth to owre eyjt ' th&t Buche men thryueth; 31 

And «>mine mufthcn lo niakt ■ us niynsLrallcs tonnrih. 
And g^icn fiold wuh here glcc ' synneka, 1 Icuc- 
Ac iLipera and iangelers ■ ludas chylderen, 

Ftyncn lurm fanu&ir?! ■ and foW )jfni makclh, j^l 

And hin fccn; wiite al wille ' to worcbe 3ir thci sholdc. 
Thai Poiile proehulh of hem ' 1 rcl nought preiie il here; 
Osi' /urpiloyumm ifyui/itr ' is Lutlfcres hjiic. 

Bidders and bcggeres ' fast ahoul^ i^dc* 40 

Wiib her bL'Uc* and litT b:iggi;4 ■ of bred ful ycrommed; 
Foyledcn for here fodc - fou^icn Btic ale; 
In gloiotiye* god it woie * gon hij to brddi?, 

A 14. TAhtintif/iOm1\ also iH H\:itiV min it. ^i-bntftilT: 
brctfiil II,; LrHlftil Uin : faile VH. B. 30- puttM W- putL; f ^^ I ^j. 

j^. A'Airf £i[t]«, CI m T«i A. 39. ii— hyne W ; L *«. 41. bclia W ; 
bfly L-» b«g£« WCO; b4£|£« L. C. jj- puts P> aj, uwyng P, 



A. PROLOGUE. 3»-<3- O. PASSUS I. it-44* 

Li hit setntfth to vr* *ihi ■ Ihal «uchc men Kholdec; 51 

Ani) si:inmc munlihci la xnakm ■ ?t iniinetnia cunar. 
And gctc gold with here glc " gillies^ I uowo. 

BoC« itpfta oad isnseltn ' ladas children, 
Fonndeo hen fiuiUcj^ * and footer hem tniadon, ^5 

And habWdi wii ai l>eor willc ' tu wordjcn ytC horn luite. 
That Poul prcchcib of hem ^ I d^r noc prcoucn hercc; 
<^' iop/ih^ htrfilcf^'vm ■ hcc is LucifcfCft hynt. 

Bidderii and beggers - faatc a-boole coden, ^ 

Til hcoi lagg« and hcorc l^rs ' werefi hraifu] I-crommci; 
Fejnedeo bcm for bcorc fo^Kie ' fou|tcn a[tc alltr; 
In gloconjrc, God vol ' gon lico to bcddc. 

Sommd purse hem to plow ' »nJ pleiden fuJ oeylde, 

In wUji^K and in sovyng * twonlen ful h^e,^ 

And WOtttic Uiit itiUM wasters ^ MJth gluk^^e de^LruyclfT' 14 

Sonune pultc hem lo pnofdc ' and psn^iledc hem ihct-Ahcif 

In contenaunec and in cbth)'ng« ' in mcry bynnc gjM\ 

In prai«fa and in penaunfm ■ pmien Hrm Tnanj'**, 

Al Tor ihc UiUc of ourc tordc ' lyucdcn ful h^ifilc, iS 

to bop* 10 hiuc a eodc cndc ' and hcucnc-rychc Uywc; 

Asaocres and eremites ' thai holden hem in Imre ccJI}^, 

CbmjijTkge iiojr in ^ontree* • to arit'n n-bntite 

For DO lykeiouse lydcxte ' burc lykaaii? [o p!cv- ^j 

And Mmme cbofco chcfTare ' they cheuede the bctcic. 

A« hit semeth to oiue cyghl ' thiL ioche men thryucih. 

And somme munhcs to miVr ' ^% mynatrda conneih, 

That wolteii ucyther awjnke ne swcw ' bote swcry ga-ic oiheit, |6 

And fyndc vp foulc fantc^jxB * and fo]« hem makcn, 

And bikucn witic al wyllo ' to woKhe yf lhc>' wolde. 

That Paul prrdtith of hem ' proueri hi: ich myghic, 

Qui /urfitlofm'um it^'fitr ' ys T^iiryfers knuir. 40 

Bjddcfs acd bcggcra ' Taste a-boulc |odcj, 

Tjrt htat boicice and huK bely ' were brclfuf }cnunQnyidi 

Fayiynge for huro fode * and fouhtcn atten dc. 

In ffMirnjt, god vGt * goLh ±ej co bcd^Tc, 44 

14. vb P. dituyrth P. j4. CMiienujinc* T. >8. lytittlvu F^M : 

tjnmd P. 19 gocvl {fir godf) V. n. chrffcde I': (Ticud 8. 

^r tirMM UFK; fc«ciUul P. 44- j^ wolMF; Ihogoiftrtr^ 

6 A. PROLOGUE. 44-**- D. PROLOGUE. 44-68. 

Ani lyscLh vp with ribaudyo ' ibta Roberdes knauc»; 
Sleep arid Ueu^lh*; ■ suwerb hem euefe. 

For lo scthc *ciiit Icnne ' and wintcs At Koomc; 
Wcnlcn tonh in heorc w*y ■ wiih raony w>-*c Uks» 
And h«ildvn Uu* 10 lyjfjn • al hcorc I)f aHir, 
EnnyLtA on ah bop ' with hokiilc «iauc^, 
Wcuicn 10 Walsyngbiun - & here wcnchU afdr; 

Crete Icbrca and Icn^c ' that loth wcorc to swynlc 
Ctotbeden hem in copc» ' 10 beo knowcn for brethcren; 
And suQimc sdinpcn hem !□ lictatyu^ - beore ese I0 buie. 






And risen witb ribaudyc ■ tho RobcrJc* knaueaj 
SIcpc and sori alcuthv ' sevrctb hem <urc. 

Piigrymes and paTmcis ' pU5lcd hem to^def* 
To seke scynC Limt'S ■ and scynii:* in rome. 
Thci went furlli in Lvie wcy ■ wjih many wUc i^lc^. 
And haddcn Icu^ to lye ' ol here lyf aTicr. 
I seigb fiomtnc ihftt Eeiden ' thci had ysou^t se^iiiei; 
To cctie 3 talc that ihcl ujMc ' here longe was tempred to ly*, 
Morc [hdn to Tiey M>lh ' It ncmcd bi here ^i>£Lhc. ^ 

H<^rcmltcs on &n hc^p ' with hokcd staucs, 
Winter lo Wilajqigham ' and here wenches af\er; 
Grek tobyts and lorgr ' itiat loih were Lo £wyn1cf, 
Cloibcdcn bem In copis ■ to btn Vnowen fram olhere; 
And ebopcn hem licrcmite^ ' here esc to hauc. 

I fondc ihcrc frcria ■ ille ibe fcjurc ordrci, 
Prcchcit the pr-ple ' for profit cf beni-scluen, 
Closed the gOi:i|)cl ' as bcm good lyked, 
For GOuciltsc of copis ■ conetrucd jl «is thei woldc- 
Mary of thi* maistres ffcris ' mowe clotlien hem at Ijkyng, 
For bi^re TnoTK.7 anil marclianOise ■ tnArtben logii.Tcre*, 
For wth cbarilc liaili be uliapman ' aud thief lo »bryue lorde>. 
Many ferlis han fuTIen ■ m a fewc jcris. ((5 

But holyehirche and hij • ho!de better logtderei, 
The mofite myfichief on moldfr ■ is monntyng wet faste. 

There picthcd a pardonerc ' as be a presi were, 6a 



A. ^g. iflirT}]Vni lymft V, £0,£i. Tiw/^f dt^yWi TtU,D - VH 

A, PROLOGUE. QS-^s. C PA55US I. 45-^6. 7 

1 lent there frcrr* ' aH ibe fbure ordics 
t^tdungc tbc pcple ' fon ptclyt of beorc womUs. (<( 

GlOAjn^ the gotpd ' as hem good blccth^ 
For <KHKl>v of copt4 - ronianitfth hit i]\e\ 
For nCQje of ihb iQAbtro ' cnowcn clothcn hem at lyking, 
For moneye and becrc msirchaandic ' mfCEcti oftc lo^ficderc. £0 
5etliih« cbuite haiih be cbaf men - and cbccf I0 «chrtiicn lordc8, 

Dut bot>'iilur<:hc bi-giimt; ' Ixjldc let [i>KeOrrr, 
The mostc nii»checf on oaoldc ' mountcih vp Task. 64 

Tber pr«cbcdo a pudoner ' as hv a profit were, 


And aryscih with rtbaodrit ' tho Rcbcrdcs kiuucs; 

Sep uid ayiUd sktitbe ' aevcth fiticl>e cucic. 

fflgrimlft and palmen < plnhien bcni to-gciJcrea. 

To Sictbc Kinl liiAt ' and sej^niyi of romc. 4S 

Wcmcn forlh in huic way ■ wl:h men/ vn*ft j5c lale3» 

And haucn leuc lo l/e ' al huic lyf-([inc. 

F^re<npc» o« an hep ^ wUli tioVcde ^uucs, 

Wentcn lo Walsjnghiim - suid hure wcnclici af\cr; %i 

Giete lohicn and biijc^ ' ^hai loih ncre lo swynkc, 

Clo'-hedc Hero In ^o\i\\ ■ lt» be knoxc fto otijcrc. 

And made hem*K^luc eremyitfK ' hure ei»; to haiie. 

Id] food iher frcnu ' alle the fouie cnltv^, §6 

Prech>iige the jupk - for profit or Uie wombe, 

AemL globjTiKc the god&^d ' as hem ^uJ l/lccJe; 

Poc coucti» of cope« ' contrariede torn dociors- 

Meny of ibb mal^res ' of inendtnant frcr^^, 60 

Hure morje and nurchaandi:«c ' marclicn io-gcJcre« ; 

Ac nitlli cbartlr linlh be chftpman ' And chef to shrjnic lordei. 

Many feiEes ban fallen - in a fcwe ^trrcs; 

Bote holy cbmhe and chiHic ' choppc n-duuti iwich shryuerii 

Tbe moSbe myschxt on molde ' raoiuuedi vp {a*\c. t§ 

T\\rt pnxJird a pardoner ' u he a prcsl were, 

11, Aai Jf ; tad F. fj. beoi^loer. ^ mi IKS; of?. 

« A. PROLOGUE. 66-75. B. rROLOGUE. 6y-i»4. 

And bfcxi^t vp a. bullc ' with bisschopct scica, 

And ceido thiE h^m-adf mihtc ' ft-»o}*len hem ^Ik 

Of falsfiesse and fasiinge ■ and of vouwea I-hroken, 

Tiic \cnfdc meiL Kki^de liim wcl ' atid lecucth bis sprihc, 

And comcn vp kcjclynge ■ and cutecilcn hia boUcj 

He boiicrhcde hem with liiu breuei ' and blared bcore cijen, 

And raulire wiib lii^ ragemon ' ringes and brochtf*. 

iTiua je jiutflh ourc gold ■ %\oionyc 10 litlpcn, 

And Icucih liii to loscb ' ihii kchcrie hftimtcn, 

Weorc Ih* biMCbop t-bleesot ' and worth botbe hifi er«s, 



BrMqbc forth a bulk ' with blobopc^ ^\t% 

And G#tde thit hym-sclf m\jt.y • issoilen hem iJb 

or fakhed of fitsijng ■ of vowes ybrnken, 

Lcvcd men Icucd hym vtcl ' and lykcil hb wosdca, 7a 

Comcn v^ Vnclyng - to kbsen his hulles; 
He boncht^d hem v-iih hts breiiei ■ and btercd hurt <yc6, 
And mujtc wiili his ragman ryngcs and brrtdjcs. 
Thus they geu^n here ^Idc ' gblone? to k^pe^ 71I 

And kucth such losclca ■ that Iccherye haunlcn. 
Were ibc biscboji yblisscd ■ and worth botfic his eres, 
HU seel shulde noujt he seni • to decpyuc the p«ple, 
Ac it is naujt by tbrr lii$chop ■ that the boy prfclieih, 8q 

For ihc pirbch prcst and the pardoncie ' puiricn the sJluer, 
That the [Xiiaillc of ihe parjsch • shoJde hauc ^if thci nerc. 

Pwsooes and pariach pi^ftiee 
That here pariBshca were pore 
To hauc A lyccncc and a leuc 
And syngt'U there for symonyo 

Bisc hopes and bachelors ' both? maistrcs and doctourii 
Thai ban cure vndL.-r crwie ■ and cfounyng; in lokne 
And tignc ibat ibci *holdi;n ■ shr>"uen here paroechicncs, 
Pnchcn and prey for hem ' and tho pore fcde, 
Ligg^n in London ' In Icntcn, an dies, 
Soinnjc »ciucn the kjiig ■ and his siluer tellen, 
In cbckcf and In chancvryc ' chalciigtn hb dcUes 
Of wardcs uid wardtaotcs * weyuea and strvyuvB. 

pleyned hem to the bischop^ 

siLh ihe peniilencc tynie, 
at London lo dwcUi:, 

fOf wluCf JB SWOIC. 




2>. latuct IM, buUo r. cy« FMS; eye P, 7^. ui (/pr and) P, 

A, PROLOGUE 76-^3. C PASSUS L i'j^t, 

Hco »choidc noi bco sc lurdi ' to dc^cjuc «o ite p«p>> 
Saoe kit nb noi bi the bimchop ' ihit itic bo>« frccbdh ; 
Bote tht p»nf<b jtrta and be ' dc-ponc the uAwr, 
Thai tiAUiC tc1iifth1# (be pore pinadi^nt ' )if th«l h«o nc veore. 

PcrKODCf^ Aral pan«cH pmLcK pl^yncth to hcutc b(f>M:ho|>5, 
Titit bccfc pariKb hith bco pore ' acthibc the pestilence tjioc. 
And ft^etb ^e and Ijeeftce - ftt Londun to dw«llep 
To >roge tber te fimooye - for selu^r is svete. 

[Cpia|aar< A- PKOi. QO^^S* P- '^1 

And broQjte fotih & b«iUe < wiib batubopis votes, 

And tdde ibit b)ii>-telue < ni}-}ie oioitie hem jJle 

Gf Talcixsie of ruiinget ' of vovres io-brok«- 

Levcde mea Itiiede bfin vel ' Aiul liLcdeu bus wocdn. 

Coroca and kDcteOcn * 10 kystcrt bi;^ Uillcs; 

H« Uowte h«n M'tth bu« brniei ' and t>]«rcdo bun tytn^ 

And r3ght« iMdi hiis ngpniftn ■ jyng" ind brrxbc^ 

Tbut }e jcueth joure go!de ' ^loioiwft 10 bripe. 

And IcMib fii \t> lorclcs * ib>t Iccbtfie bauntcn. 

Wcr« th« btsabop blc«&id - Olbcr vorlb bothe hus erent 

Hos Mit tholdt n^ b« Mnt * in df<tix of ihc puplf. 

A£ b )^ fK^ by the hp«hnp - ihAi ibr boyt prrrbcih, 

The pvibtpfcrt arril the p*r(JonrT ' parim the wlucr, 

Tb*1 poorc pupic in pi*riho ' »boldc biue, jf ihci ne were. Sd 

Pmoae^ suul panheprftie« ' ptejiiede (o 1h< bUfthcp, 

Tbii hare panhen* ben poore - tnUh« tbe pe«ielence lymtt 

To luue lk:aic< tt^ Icve ^ ip Loidone :□ dnelk, 

Abd sj^ige iher for ^}lnonfe - for veluer p trvete, 

Binbopei and bachilcfs ■ iKvtbc maiifterd ind doctors, 

Tbai tun cure Vftdjtr cryvL ' and cro'vnyngt in tokne, 

Ken cbRr§;&d «^h holy churehe - charyi^ 10 lutfc, 

Thai i>p led kfUe and \i£ • a mong Icrud aiid tcw^d ; 

TM l^t^ in Londonc * la knlcnct and cllci, 

Sonne wnten ibc kyn^*^ * (^ ^v'^ ^cluef ic^Icti, 

In ibt cbekkcre oiid ihc chmncelric * chalcngynge hui deitr«, 

Of vandct and of vardcoiocrt - wayuex and Mra^ueic yi 

ta, pw*te r. &4. rorlMF; tU«3UP. $7. wil P. S> Irn FHj 

10 B PROLOGUE. 95-io». 

[AW m A.-Uxi.\ 

And some Bcnien aa seruantz * brdea and ladyes. 
And in stede of stuwardes ' sytten and demen. 96 

[Compare B. x- 180-383.] 

Here messe and here matynea ' and many of here onres 

Am don vndeuoutlych ; ' drede is at the hste 

Lest criat in consistorie ■ acorse M manye. 

I parceyucd of the power ■ that Peter had to kcpe, 100 

To bynde and to vnbynde ■ as the bote Celleth, 

How he it left with loue ■ a5 owrc lorde hight, 

B. 99. consistorie WCO ; confitorte L. C, g5. herde hit P. 97, broght I 
y-«t P, bouadcQ P. 9B. lol IMFS ; tool P. 99. ther haugeth MFl 
hoDgcth tliere P. loo. wordI« P. 104. world MF ; wolde P. wi^t IS 
wiyilP. los- thelMFSj ? em. 109. fort P. 118. FoMhi FS; For 
tbei P. 111. oqSM; in P. So in L 113- 130. hit Id^e MF ; lode P. 

a PAS5US L 93-130- 




tiKii« tr«B u imiesch&lt * ftod serum others lonJ«4, 
And beii in ttLede of aiyvtutdt^ ' 4ti[I xiiLcn ;liu1 dc-meii. 
CoodcfKC cun and ocuMde hem ' aad tljc (;oi»unc biL hcrde^ 
Ancl »rid6, 'rdoUtrw ^ K>ff'rto ' in fiondryc pbc«5 tiktD}-c, «£ 
And bo«9 ben brcghl Ibnh ' t-bouoden with yre. 
To vnLlpT'iake the loJ ^ of vntrew* «iki:r{rK'e, 
In thcaynffi v( mua^lci ' mu.<)x wcx ito tiaig^cUi; 
Al the world vol vcl - hit cay^tc iiaI b« irywt : too 

Ac for ii pfoAt^th ^w to porawftrdc ■ }& ptoktcA fioffren 
T\m Irwwlf mm m mysbylyuft " Inirn antl dr-ii^n. 
[ch I711C wd. bj ourc loidc ' for louc of jouic couetysc. 
Tkit U tlhc *r«r!d be Ibc vrorsi ■ « holy wryt tcIScth 104 

\^lnt cbettCf and roc«cbaunce ' to tbe children of Unci, 
FuJ on hem th;»l Tfec were * thorwe two false prpe^ic*, 
Poc ihc «7ruLc of Ophrd - and of Fin^i him bmthpr, 
Thci were diaconfit in batAille ' ind Icotcn /^rt-^tf dti; lofl 

And, lof btire syre tauh hem AjTipjen ■ and Kofifcdc hem don tile* 
And noy cbiied hem iher-of ■ and wolde nojl rebutie hem, 
A-bOB^ M it vnat ytold h/m ' lh;U ihe children of hntd 
Weren dbconb in baUuUe ' and An/ia Jci ylote, 111 

And hua »ones Bbyen ' ano^i he H for »orwc 
Fro hm chjilrc thore he lu ■ lod hrak hue necke a'tvej'ne. 
And aJ ini» for vrnjavnce ■ tlmi lie bu: no^r tui4 diikFren; 
And ^ they were prcc^tes ' and raoi of iiul^'thurchc. 116 

God va9 vd ihc wrothcr ' and Eok the ratticfc ^cni&unct* 
For-ihi icb tvy:, ^ prc«ste« * and men of hoiychurchc, 
That wfTrm Ji\eti dn Kacrifice • and wnrshrprn maiimwieSi 
And ^ ikoldc be here f:«dic» ■ and leciipn hem hctcre, lao 

God ihH take Tcnbuncc - on allc swWhc precsici* 
Wei btnSer and Kreitcrc ' on sDCfae iihrcwcdc iaderes, 
Th^ui cnerp he dudr on OphnL ' and Finecs, or on here fader. 
For |oure ihrewcdc nufTraiinrr • and jonre nwcnc nynne. 114 
}iCHire ausftc and jonrc matynn - and mcny of pure houres 
Aren don mdeuollich ' drcdc ys at the Ivitc 
Lefte crtet in hui comiorie ' of jou- a-con« menye. 
Ith parceiicde of the power * thai prler hadd^f (o kqK^, riS 

To byndcn 4nd YobjTiden ' at the Iwke lelltth. 
How he bii kite with louc ' aa ouic lotde wolde, 


B. PROLOGUE. (C3-ij3- 
{Noi in A-ArjTi.] 

Amonge» Toure verta«s ' the b«Bt of alle v«rtu«0, 

Thil c^irdinaln b«n called ■ HTid closyrg ^^ds, tc« 

Thert ciiM ia in kyri^om* ■ lo clogc anil to sbulie, 

And LO opTic it to hem ' and hvu«Tie bIU>c shcwc. 

Ac of the cardlni^lcs altc Couric ' thiE caugi of ibai Tianit» 

And power prcatinicd in bcm ' a pope lo maVc, to* 

To han that power ihat peter hoddc * inpuRiicn I ncllc; 

For iri Iciue and Ictlerurc ' the eleccioon bilong^h, 

FoT-ihi r can and ran nau^lc ■ nf rouflc iprkc more. 

Thuine come tbc^rc a l^yng ' kn^lbod bym Udde^ 1 1 1 

Mijt of the comimci ■ made bym to »cgne» 
And ihuine <Ain kyndt? wytCtf * and clerked ht made, 
For to conftPiLle ihe kyng ' and I1I1& comune satie. 

The kyiig aiiJ knvjltiode ' iind cler^t' bo:he iid 

Cuten that the comunc ' slmltk licm-aclf fyndc. 

The comuEi^ conireued ' of kjnde utlte crnries, 
And for profit of aU^ ih* poeplt ■ plo^vraon ordcj'gn^d, 
To iilie diid tfaiiallc ' ns trcwo lyf askrch. no 

The k}']ig<r and llie con^iKic ' and kj^nJe \viUC tlie ihndJe 
Shopc Iftwc and Icvtc • eclie man lo knowo liis owne, 

Tlianne loked vp a Innatik - a lene ihing with-aile. 
And knelytig to the iyng ' d<?rgealy he seyde; 1*4 

'Crifii kcpc the, sire kjng - and itii kyngiichc-. 
And Icuc ihe Icde ihi londc ' ao kuic ibc loii>'C 
Arid for thi rijtful rcwljug ■ be rewarded in heueneT 

And «Jthen in the eyre an hicgh ' an atigel of beiienc ii3 
Lowed to &pcke in latyn — - for Icwed men ne coudc 
lacgle ne i«gge ' that iuiiifie hem shulde, 
Bat juffrt'n and seruon^ ' for-lhi Eoyde the angel, 
*Sam UfA't rum Pr/wfps ' ^mitrum forlaae dtimtpr ;— ij> 

O ^ f'ltra regis ' Vhrhti s/^-ia/i'a rfgis, 
Hec ftiod ifj^uj tatlius ■ i»tftu <J, ftU pint f 
Nadum ms a it ' t€tfin vfdt pidaii i 

Qualia vis meters - fatm /:rttjm ure. i}il 

Si ius nudaiur ' nuilo ik t'ure mttatur^ 
■Sr itrilmr pidat • tie pktak mftas / ' 

C. Ji4- iaoil MFl ; diaut P. 
1^. mucfap \1Fj mechv ^. 

ij£. Ati i/ar And) P. 138. ^naht V. 

a PASsus 1- 131-157- 


Ainongei iome vcrtuvi ' meal vc^rii^rar o( venco. 

That cardinaJa bco tailed ' and clo^jndc )Aica» lj> 

Tbcr <mt u in krngdoroc - to clottyt wiih li«tteiiCi 

Ac of the canrui:il«> at court - that cau3t tiin ttuch a nvn^ 

And power pi^Mimr^i in hc^TTi-'trlf a pojie 10 mAk«, 

To itxae the povtxr that peter liaJdc ' lepugncrt ich ikIIc; 1.(6 

For ia k>u« ind in lcU«rurc ' lith tl^c p'ccc clfccion ; 

Counutplfxle u nojt,' quiktb Consc(«nc« ■ ' for hoi/ church«& tsio/ 


nine am tbcr t kyng ' kfij}t-hod tym lidde, 
he mocSe aay)i« of llie men • mode hym to rcgnc; 14^ 

And Lhiotie cam kyndt Dtiite * and ck-rkut Ive made, 
And consfipfiCF and kjnd? uit - and kii^^c-liod lo-gLHlcra 
Ca»lc tJut the (onnune blioldc hurt toicuiKft ^iide, 
KjmdcTJC and the comunc - contreuedc alic crafic^. im 

And (or noct protit lo the papU ' a plouh thei gonnc riaUo^ 
With Wl labour 10 lyiip ' wtiyl lif atid lordr tastedi. 
Tbaa hjodcttil Lo the kjiLG luid to iLic Lomunc wide. 



'Cmt kep the, aire kyng ' and thy kynrycbe. 
And Jeue the lede so Ihy londe - that lva.uW the louye, 
^-And (or ihy ryjtful nulyng * Lc njwurdiil in lieu«fie.' 

" CoQKieikn 10 ckrcffi* ' and to the kyng saide, 
' Smm rtXf t$at primttf^ ■ nrylrun /ortiisst dtmupt / 
O ftu inra Tfgh - ihriui rpt^ich'a rrgit, 
//a vi 4%-A MrAiM - itaiaa, tt tsic fii'tti f 
AWaa iHt ^ k ' vttltri tiJ/ pitiak, 
Qtta/M vis Mfftrt ' M/ia grana Htt ; 
Si Mn'ha- pitka ' iU fJfAti/ w»fht/ 

^5. P««At niC . pnrf}t>Ut p. 146. Wil r. ^71 (M *vo ^ li' mts ; 




B, PROLOGUE. i39-i;i. 
iJ^9£ in A-Uxl,] 

Th!mii« greu«d hym a ^liordcys " a kIoEqud of wordes, 
And to the angd an hvii ^ answered aDcr, 440 

' Dtm rtx a ngm - dkeittr kckmi fiit5rrf, 
l^^mtft AaSfi line rt ■ nrJi //»(£:/ wr^ ttitfre^ 

And IhAnnc gin atlc ihc ccmune ' crye tn vers of lifiB* 
To ih« kyngct con^e-iTle ** construe ho-M trolde — 144 

' PfiirptA Rigii ■ sunt mh^s vinmia irgis.' 

With thai lan thcic a louic ■ of raEonc» «l i>nci, 
And :;niak mp myd hem ' mo then a thouaandc. 
And comen to a con»cii)« ' for here ccmtiiw proSt; 148 

For a cal cf a cnuTle ■ cim whin hym lyVcd, 
And oucrlcpe hem l;^t)ich ^ aiitl Udjlc hcni al bi» willc. 
And plcydc with hem pcrtlou^ych ' and poracd hem aboutc. 
'For dout« of dyuc»e <lrec]c« * u« dtr noujie wd loke; 191 
And jif we gan'cho of his gain«n ■ he wil grrti* vs iHe, 
Ct^ccIic v^ 01 ^lowc v!i ' ifiJ in h\% ctochfK liolde, 
lli&i V3 lothcth tbc Ijf * or he IcK vs p^aw. 
My^tc we with any u'itE« ' his m'JIJ« withstondet 
H We myjle he lordcs aJofl ■ ard tyticn %\ o^TC cee/ 

A ruion of rcuon ' moEl r^nablc of ton^, 
Scidc for & Kjucrcygnc ' help W hym-scloc; — 
'I haue yEdn seg]a:c&; quod he ■ Mn ihc ciu of London j4o 
Beren bij&s ful brijie ' iibouten here rekk««. 
And son^c colcrs of craf^' "'^"''^ I ' vmrnuplc*! ihci wendcm 
IkJthc in vrarcine and in w.utc ' vrhcrc hctn Icuc lykclh; 
And ocherwhilc thci arcn cUcs-whcrc * ixa I here telle. 164 

Were there a belle on hvrc bei^ ' H IhcjEU^ ai mc thjukcth, 
Men myjle uite wht^re iliei went • and aw^i renwl 
And ri^t w/ i|itod il^at niEoun ' 'rewn me shewelh, 
I'c buggc JX bcile of brtissc * or of bri^Cc sylucr, 168 

And kniiten ob a coltre ' for owre comune profiCp 
And hanger it up-on che caites hala • ihann? here we ntowen 
Where lie rill or rc5l ■ or rtrnnulh to playrfn 
And yi him liat for to laikc ' thcnnc lokc «■< moweo, i;i 

n 140. uii*crtii C wo j aiuwciQ LK. 147. myd W; wilb L, 151. 
(j>u/)h«nCOR; lyj 991- C^ ifrg^ WcrF. lAo. inrGtJS; iLlhtMF; 
attff (hp P- 16). Icicp— lord 5MF0I 1 onie lordw loup R IjTpM MFCI : 

lypp^r, t(j3. Mhaa SMKti; wanner, lOg, Ij^tlylche P. 174^ inu 

a PASSUS I. isB-iSj, 15 

(C*mfiari A. nou ^4-^)9 ; B. prol* >io-3I5; p. 18,] 

Concieiice ml the lyng ' !r*lo ihc? i^iarl wentnij 

IVkrc honcde an hoodrc^l ' in boun of dike, 

Seriiunica bij Mxatdc ' ih&i Kru<« aitc birri;, 160 

To pMe for pcn^M - ind poundes the laue, 

I And m Ibr \oae of ourr loM ' vn]a»c hurt- l/ppr^ onefl. 

{ Thow m^-ji bci mclc ib« mynt ' on mtibcfnc liullcs, 

I Thm i^cK a mom of hurc tnouth ■ Lt moncjrc be hem ^^ht^wid, 
Tbut&e nn ihcr at rouie ■ of nion«f, as ii were, 165 

And SEinstIc myv wiih hein ' mn tiun 3 tl^ouiand, 
Cooc 10 on coun^ ■ for burc comunc profit; " ^^,, _^" 
For ft cat of Ji court ' cum whAn hpn Lykyile^ ||8 

And Q<jer-l«ep bcm ly^Uyclie ' and laiihte ht>m it n^«, 

I AimI pbidf irtih ]i«tn {icr^oa^ch ' adiI [niixc li«m iher hjni 

~ 'Aod if wc i^nucbc of hyi g^mc ■ he woJ grcuc ou» somr, 
To ho« cl«<« <U«<n o«L« * and in h/s cloches holde^ ];» 

Th3i o«t k;chdh the tyf ' ^ he Inr ovn pa&sp. 
M>}ic «^c vilh cny wyi ' kui w;) willi-seUCi 
Wc tayi{<: be 1okJc« ilofi * and lyuc as va laite/ 
Tbo «dtNk ft mion of rcnotin ' lOOKt rc^nnbic of tongc, ir6 

'Icb bme jr£<io grck syrea - in cyteo »d in lounve 
Bnc b}y« cf l€jrii p>1d ' al ihoute boro n«ck«e, 
And colm o\ ondij vcrkc - bodre l^ny^ies nrnl si^ulers. 


Wen ihcT ft bcUc OD hurt byif ' by Ic^s, aa mo iliynkcih, iSo 

Iklcn myj!* *i*c *hcr thei wcntcn ■ and hure wcy roame> 

Ky^l Hv' <}«tth ih^ raion ' 'rcjeor] wt thcwidi, 

A bcOe to by^cn of bnu * other of br)^l tcber, 

A&d knytce it oct » colcf * fo^ cure comune pro^t, LB4 

And kong« abouic the eati)'s bsds ' ih^nnc hare ue mowe 

Wber he lyt odvr r«( - other romyili to pli^j'c. 

And yi bym lotfc for to Uyke ' tbannc Ickc ire mo^'e. 

PES. ita »S«FG; fEffK. l9l. ttlcr M ; wa ^x iM. 


B. PROLOGUE. i:i-to7. 
[Nat M Jk-J>j/.l 

And pcren in his presence ' ther while hym pliic likclh, 
And jif him wnitthcth, be yvrv ■ ard bia wcye ahonj'c/ 

Alle this roate of nioncs ■ lo this leson ihei aasented. 
Ac iIlo ihc bcHc kh!^ jliouit ' and on the bcije hanged, [;6 
Th«rc nc wba r&loun in aIIc Lhc route - for allc the rcwmc of Fmancc, 
Thftt dorst h^Mc yboundcn th« bcUe ' about« the caitis nekk«, 
Ne h*ngen it aboute the cattes hals ' al Engelondc to *ymi«; 
And ht'LiIffTi hem vnharJ)' ■ iuid here con&tiUc fcble, iSo 

And Ictcn here libourt lost ' md ollc here lorge studjc. 

A mous that niochc pood ■ couthe, i& me ihou^Ee, 
Stroke fonh sternly ■ and siode biforn hem ille. 
And to the JQMie of nilon^s ' rehticcd these wotJ^k ^ ifl^ 

'Thou} wc cuUcd the cattc - )ui sholdc ther come another, 
To cmcchy vs and il ovre kynde ■ thouj we cropc vndcr benthw. 
For-ihi I conseille alle the cotnune ■ to lat the calte voitht, 
And he wc neucr so bolde ■ llic belle hym Eo sliewe ; 138 

For I h«idc my sire seya ■ U seucnc ^erc ypu^ed, 
There ihc cntle is a kitoun ■ the comtc is ful eljTg; 
That wtUiiiiwlh holiwrii« ■ whoso wjl it rede, 

Vf Irrrt v&i Jmer rex t^, ^. 
For may no rcitVe there rcitt haue ' for iatonc3 hi n>3ter iqj 
l*he while he cacchfth tonynges' he cou<:ilc.h nou^i owro cjiroyac, 
But fet hym al with veneaoun ' defame we h}m neuero. 
For hetier is a litel lossc ■ ihan a longe sorwe. 
The ma»c juhujj^c va allc ' thuu} we iiiya&e a schrcwe. 196 

For many mnnnus malt ' wc mys woIJc dcstruyc, 
And also ^e route of raioneg ' icnde mctinoa clotj^os, 
Nere that cat of that tonne ' thai can jow oucrlepe; 
For had je ralles jowre willc ' je couihe iioujL reulc pwrc-sdue. 
X iey for mc>' quod the mous ■ 'I w bo mykcl after, 
Shal neucT tho cat ne the kiioun • bi my conseille be £T«ucd, 
NV rurpyng of this CoTf-r ' that costcd mo neure. 
And thou; it hud uo)»ic iiic cutd ' biknowcn it I nuMe, r04 
Bui CTilTic as hym-sclf woldc • to do as hym likclh. 
Coupled and \iKcuplcd * to cacch^ what thei movp'e^ 
For*ihl vche a wise wijte I wame ' wlto wcl bis owne.* — 

B. 179, le WCRO; L 9m. 1S6. crof« R ; ctopen WR; cioupe L. 

a FASSirS I r8d-tis. 


And flppi^r^ in bu« ^rt^tnct ■ uhylc hym p^^* lyteb, iSS 

And y{ hv uraiitu^ iai! nmwr he war ^ aulI Iiiu wii} rounir/ 

AI the rovtc of nlon* ' to th>'s itaon a-K:ntcclc, 

Ac tho ih« btllo «&« Tbou^i ■ anJ on the by^ hon^cl, 

Thff v^ TtCk mon of ai ih« roui« ' for ill Ehft r«ame of Fnirncc, 

ThK dorait haii<^ bourt^e i}ic turllc < a-li^iute tlie cait^ ncck^^ 

Nc banc It boQin'il a-bouic lii» hih ■ al Engclo:i[l 1o wynnc; 

And Ictcn hjrc kbour j'bsi ' And ail h^irc ion^c xrnuaiL- 

A iDoan (fall muchc good couthc * ft( m«r it'O (Iloujic, 196 

Sirok Umh at2rt\e\khr - and %ic<\ h/'rcr bm nITo, 

And 10 llic route ivf ratonrA ' rchcKcdc thuM ivonlc?^, 

'Tiniili "Tt hiddc jcdiid ihf caUc ' }iit aholdc ther <omc 

To crscclifa 00 ind al oare kyivde ' tbouh we crep« viulcr 
bmcbn. »o 

FoMh! kb coouilc; for comune profit ' Icte the cat vortbc« 
And br^e^e btf ve «o bold ' tbo belle hym to »hc\Te, 
For kb hujde ny *jTe sxyn ■ deucn ^tr pwi^J, 
"Ther ibe i-^t nj-s hoiv a kyion ^ i\w t<mn b fut etjQ^;'' 
WitocsK of bolf »Tyl ' who so csni rcd^^ 105 

Ich ficgc il lor mc/ qmlh the moos - 'kh sco »o mnchel ofler, 

SkJ ii«oif* tb© «t D« lh« tnoo * by my conaai), be ffreued» 

Ke caq)CD rf bnrc o>Wrs ' ibai ccstidf nie neurre; jcS 

AemI thAoh h cOblMd nbc cjticl ' by-kuowc jlIi ik; ui^ldc, 

Ik)Cc MfTrcn ind n^-:;^ noubt ■ Jiiid »o ia the beaic^ 

T^ mj-Mkicf afD«tbdc hem ' that iacn>^ men chasicLh. 

For n»my nunnyi mtli < nc Tn)v void* diM:7e, gu 

And je, rma:« of rataiis ' of r»t mcii a^^akci 

Ne vere tbe nt of tho court ' and jortf^ k}ionca (o-wftrde; 

For Indde je nuooe» |0U» reed ' je couihe nai ruc^e ;o«:*kcIi»/ 

C iBfl. vbfbSE; wit P, f^e. >r nT»4PS: fiu/ ^XVCtT. /tmL' ^. i()r. 

1^ nifttoMit r. 196 loqlhc P. tw^ diiBfchcn P, aoi. For-titF; 

IjnP. «!>. ForSMrO; And Fix 1171 MFC j nya P. . 


18 A. PROLOCtX S4-96< B. PROLOGUE. toS-a^e, 

Tbfr 1ion«ih an htindrK ' \n honuri« of w\k, $4 

Sciiftuns liii KDMtTi ' to KHicn atic btrrc; 
Plcdcn for pon» * nnd poiini^<^ ibc lawc. 
Not for lone of vr lord ^ ^-n-lowtfa hcorc Uppc* one«, 
Tiiov mihtei^: b«t«T metcn ihc Tnyti - on Ttlilucmc hullci:, st% 
Thrn gctcn a mom of hcorc ntoutlj ' til inancye wc^ore xticncil. 

I 9Auh ihcF bmchops boldc ' and bochifcni et diujn 
Bi'COOcnc cl«tkcE of o-counle - th« kj'nf; fcr to seiuca; 
ETchc<kkeT»c* %:id dckne* • ihat digniie ti;iii«n, 9* 

To prfthc ibc jieple ■ and pore nn^n to fccilc, 
Beon Idpcn to londun ' bi Icuc of hcorc bisschopcs, 
To ben clerlces of ih« kjngee bench« ' the conLrc lo scbendo. 

Sjtronn^ lind bu'geis ' uid bonile-men ako ^ 

WhM ihU meiclr* licmencib ■ jc men ihat be mcije, loA 
Dcoinc )c, for I nc dAr ■ bi <Icre gad in licucnc [ 

^Li hooicd there ftti hoTKlrtih - in hoituca of sclkc, 
Senauni^ it ficncd ' that tcrucden aiie barr«» 
FlcdeJt;ii for pcu>cs " and jiouiictca tlie lawe, 111 

And Eiou^c tot louc of owrc lordc ' vnlc^c hcrt U^cs onlt. 
I'how m^^ictd belter mcco the ruysi« ' on Mabtrnio bulUt^ 
Tban gete a momme of lii*re xnouihe ' but cnonoy vr«n ih^vwL 

[C^m/j^r^ B, rooL. 87-94 ; p. S.J 

B^rQnt« an bLir^is * and bonrlo-mrn ^k tiA 

I scij in Ehi* assemble ' as ic shul here after. 
BoxE^tcrct and brcwcsterea ' and br>chcre& mfinyt, 
WoUewebuJcrw ■ and weueres of lynnen, 
Tailiount iind ijukcrcs ' and killeips in nmrketci, do 

M&sons and myntJUis ' and many other cmfics. 
Of olkin libb^Tij; hborercE ' lopcn forth si>rame. 
As dykor^ and deluere* ■ tbai doib here dcdes ille. 
And dryuen forth the longe dxy - with 'J7'<7J i^ovi jj»r/, Auiv 

jCokcs nnd hero knaue& ' cricdcci 'bote plet^ hotel 
grift and gee* ' gowe (Jj'ne, gcwel' 
'auemers \7^-til hem * folde the aume, 
'Wliite wyn of O^teje • wtwi ftti wyn of Giiscnigney »A 

Of ibe R^nr ind of tUc Rocbd ' Ihc rtirfc 10 dcFye/ — 
Al tliifi sct3 1 slcpyng - and acuenc tjthca more. 

L PROLOGUE. $7-109. O. PASSUS L tiS-t^t. 19 

1 t^a^ in Ibat ftnnble ' as )c tchul licrcn ber-:iftur. 

Bakcn, bi^dicrt ' mid brciwtcn* mnryc, 
WolkDC wcbaicris ~ and wcueri* of lyncti^ 
Tsilloors, ttnficm ' A lokkeris bolb«, 100 

MaAont. Enjnoun ' and c^ony othtr cnficCv 
Dykcn^ iivl <Ielucn * that rfon h^orc drdL^H ill?. 
A]uldnucUirorLLlhcIoTisc(Ia>' wk!i'4!cuvoti!< ^u«h damEromel' 
^Cookes and hcore knati« ' crycc 'hole pics, hotc 1 104 

Gowto gM« uid grj9 * gow« dyn«, goweT 
T;uwn»«n to bem * toldc th« »vne ule 
Wiib gooJ wj» of Giilojnft - anO wjn of Oseye, 
or Ru^a awl of Bochd - the rost to dtfjK* 106 

W ths» I Mig tkpfT^te ' ft tcuc sJibcs raore. 

Whm iJik imtak t'^-iiK^cih ' jc moit ilut tiinh muryc, »i6 
Hvmc )Ct for kb nc (Jat ' by dcrc ji^cd aln))-)ty I 

[^n^tirvO. 1 iS^t^i; p. 15,] 
(0«B^x^ O. 1. 85-9* ; p- 9.] 

j^tt rocttc fD« more < of naene ind of rycbc, 

A« barottn& *ad bur^t ■ and hnrdc-rapn of ihroupet, 

AI kh fauh jdcpyttj/; ' u jc ihullrn Uetc after; >» 

[Joihc bflJtcw AtuA bf3rwcr» ■ bouchcr» and oihcre, 

W^bbtttcn uid «^hcn ' and ^rynncrs with honden, 

A> txyUum ind tinncin < and t/licrs of ^rthc, 

Ai dikcrs xiul drlucru ' tbjt iVjh here drdrii illc, 114 

And dryueth Jorth hurc diics ' miU * lAfio.' iJiuf fili^n^ ^rnme J ' 

KolcA and btn kniii«s ' cricdcn ' bote py», bote ] 

Good gooa uid gr}"! ' f^ v« tHynty }^owcI' 

Taocmera 'a taa for noahl" ■ tolden thp same, »a 

'Wbat *yii of 0«ye ■ and of Gucoyne, 

or ibc Rode and of tbe Rocbd n^-n - th« ro«tc to dcfyel 

A] Ibu kb (Mb Bl^y&j-« ' und fvu<;ne tsythe% more 

V (m/f^iw). tOtimAlfi^utt) V. 1G9. /4'f /xf^ ^/wv TCD; V 

WKO; aL. OL >iGl ^'M P, but (yjrbaUi^ P, 3lTf, ravtcP. in. 


A. PASSUS L i-T- B. PASSUS I, f-i^ 

Primtit f^tvt de vut&nt. 

WHAT iblfl mounicm !jc-cncneth ■ sti4 iliis iltikt dafc. 
And this fcire fcid, Tul of folli ' fcirc I schtti o^ schcwc. 
A Souely liJi on Veor < In linnenc i-clcthed, 
Com a-itoun from ihe d/F ■ and clcpte ne feine^ 
Ami wido, • ftoiic I slepcsl thou? ■ Si^tl iliou iliis prpic 
Al bou bisv [hci ben ' a bgutc ihe mase? 
The inosT« parti of ih« peple ' thnt passeLb nou on COrtL«, 



Poisus Primus ^ vt'stom, 

^HAT tbis monUigne byracneili ' and the merkc dole, 
And Ojc fcJcIc ful of folkc ' r ihal jcw faito ech«w«, 
A JoHeH Imli cf Irrc ■ In ])HJici> yclotlKxl, 
Come down fram a cartel ' ftnd called me fAire, 
And setde, 'Spno, tlcpcsto^ ' ficsiow ihis po«pk^ 
How \i\iX ihei ben ' about^n ih« masi;? 
The moste partif of ihis porpir - ihac pnssrlh on this crthe, 
IlftLic tliCL worschip jii Oiis uoilJc ' ibci viiljic iiQ bcUtrj; 
Of other hcucnc ihnn here ' holdc ihw no ulc." 

I WHS af<?rcl of her face ■ thcq she f^irc wtTCi 
Ami wide, 'mprrv, Mndamc ' vhai w ihtK lo mfrnc?' 
*Thc Ujure v\> ihe toft,' quod she * ■trcuihc » Cherc-Innc^ 
And t^oldc ihfti ^e mcTsjtc ' iti hi* wordc ecchclh; 
For h* ie fidcr of fciih * fourracd ^ow allc, 

Ihe with Tel nnJ \i'ith fice ' and jaf jow fyuc nJttin 
worschip hym iluT-wich ■ tlir whilr ihai ^ hen hortt. 
And ihcifofc he hyjtc the crchc ' to help jow vchonc 
Of woHen. of lynnca ■ of lyflodc at ncdc, 
In me^uriUv mun«re ' to make )o# at esc ; 


A. 4- c1>rimH«^ Ion VH; TUUl Sh holdc TUD; ^itbV; Ijee H. 

A. PASSUS I. 8-19, a PASSUS tL i-ip. ti 

Uatttti hco worsdiupc in this vorLd - kcpc tbcl no bctcrc; S 
Of other bcuene then hccr ' holdc Ehd no tale.' 

Ich vlut a-ferd of hire hcc ' tfaauh bra fcfr wcfir^, 
Ajid scidct ' rncrd, ma dotiic ' uIjaI U thi& to mcnc?' 

'Tbis (OUT and this toft,' ciuod hco ' 'lf>:uLhc ia thcr-ionc, i« 
And vol(l« Uiat je wroujtca ' a« ius viord tccheth; 
For ht M faJCT fif tei ' that formed ow alk 
DoiKc with fcfl and with £Lce ' iuid }&f ow fyuc wJtira, 
Forte worschupcn him, iJicrwiih ■ whil^ )c bcoih hc«c. ttf 

And foe h« bihtc ihc corthc ' to ficrucn Qvr vchone 
Of volbnc, of Ilnncne * it> lyfloctc At neodc, 
to meaurabic mancr ' to makcn ow it tie; 


Inciitt patsJts unmans, 

PHAT llie mOnUyn« bjr<in«nckh ' and the mcrkc ddci 
Afid ibe fdil fill of folk* ' JCh ahal jow fajrc »hcwc. 
A tonflichc tail)' of ]ere - in lyuiitn y<lrXhic^ 
Caia do<iD fro that cutcl ' and colde me by niime, 4 

And Krkle, ' WUCh altpC5l ibow ■ »yxi ibow this puplc^ 
Hov btuj ihaTTcD ' 2'bouLe the mueP 
Thr fnn«i [unio of the fiupl« ' thii pa&sfih on ihik erih*, 
lUuc thci worabip in iliia woildc ' ibci vrQIvn nu bcteie; 9 
Of oihcr hciKtiG than here ' tbci boldcQ no talc/ 
Idi WM tferd of hurc fice ■ thauh hue fairc wer«, 
And ttidc, 'tncrcf, mi d^mc - wh^i inay ihyft be to mene?' 
'The tour vp-on toft/ quath hue ' 'iriruihc ys tlicr-yDoc, i> 
And Molde ttui jc wrouhte ' ■» has word iccbclb* 
For b« 18 fader 0^ f^iih - nnd formour of nllc ; 
To be &kb*ftt1 to hym * be ^jiue jow fyvc wiites 
For In wonbqifn hym thrr-with ■ ubilc jr lyam hrre. iA 

niictfbrc he hci the clcoicntcs ■ to bclpc jow illc tjmcsr 
Aad bryngc forth fourc by]yt» ' boihe lynncn and noUcn, 
And tn mfrture, thoub htt muche nere * to m^^Jt jow ai ete^ 


fo-tg. B. PASSUS L 10-4*, 

And comaundct of his cortciyt " in comunc ihrco thiaset; m 
Ifcorc nomc^ b«lh neodiul ' and n^mpncn hem I thccke, 

Bi nik ami bi icsun ' rphcrarn hem hrr-afuir. 

That on dothbg Is ' from chcic <jw to kqqc : 
And tlml otliui mete &i mcd for nic»cisc of tbisducn: 14 
And driiik when thou drui^cst ' but do hit not out of resun. 
Thai thou wonhc ihe wnric ■ whcm thtm worchc scholdest. 

For I-ot in hi* Ij-f-ilaycs ' fnr l>liing ijf ilnnkc, 
Dude bi his douhlrcn ~ Uui ihc dcucl loucdc, aft 

Di]}'ti:Je Liim in drinJu ' aB ihe d^uel woldtt, 

And comaundcd of hiu curteU/e ' In comune three thinges ; 30 
Ame nonis nedfu] but tbo * aud nempne bein 1 thinke. 
And TpVnc ii^ra h\ rtstnjti ' reherce tliow hrm a^^r. 
Tkat one a vaiurc ' from chdc ihc lo uuc, 
And xncto attc rode ■ ior mysciac of ihi'ScZuc, h 

And drynke whan thow djjeet ■ ftc do nou^t out of rcsoun; 
Thai ibow wonh the wcree * whan ihow u-orche ihuJdcjt 

Fur Loih. in hia lifJaycs ' for ttjuj^ cjf dryi^c, 
Dcde bi his dou3lrM ■ tliai il^e dcuci lykcd; aB 

IX'lited hyro In drynke * as the dcuel vtoldc*, 
And Icchcfyc hj-m Ijuji ■ and lay bi hem btfdw; 
And a1 he witi it uyn ■ dial lA'ikkeil (tale. 

Iitthri\tfnH4 fHfiJ I'l'fiif, iht miiimt*iquc eum frj, 
Vl wtiare pouiirim d^ fia/rr n^^/ra stuKU. 
Thorw vjn ind ihorw women • there was Loth acombredi i> 
And there gal in gloionye ■ 0eHi» diat veie cherlls. 
Forihi drcdc dclitiblc diyntc ■ and \}io^ *bili do iJic bctteic; 
Mcsurc ia mcdcync ' thouj ihow mochc jcrncn 
II it nat;)t al gode to Lhc goaie * thac the ^tte axcthr 
Ne UfloLk- 11) thi lilcain ' that lecf ig 10 ihi soul?. 
Lena not du lilum ' for a Iyer blm ffchcth, 
Thai is the wrccclied worldc " volde die hiimye. 
For the TcnJe iiid tlii ficscb ' folwcth the to-^idcrc, 
This and ihat sa«h Uii movie ■ and seitb iL in ihio heile; 
And fur iIjow »hcilde»l 1>en j/imr ' I wIsac ihr ibc bcsir:' 



A. PASSUS 1 30-Ho. a PASSus n. 70-40. 23 

Add Iccbciie hin laubtc ' tnd by M l^cm lxr:hc; 

And ft] he vitcdc bit v^n * that wikkedc dcdc, 

Drec<J« dtlibibk drinie * »fid thou schak do Lfae bcLtrr; ji 

Mesnre it medldne ' ttetuh thou muche ^^om?. 

A] nia Dot good to th« ^oti - lliat (lie bodi \ykct\h 

No Wflode 10 tbc licam * thai kof ia to the sojTc. 

Leef not tfai lic&ni * lor tyjcK btm tccbctb, 36 

TlWrt Is iIjc vikkrde aord ■ x\\e 10 hl-iraye. 
Foi tbc TciiJ jriJ Lbi n«Kli - folcwcD io-jcdcic> 
And Khcndctli lbi toulc * aco hit in thin licrLc; 
A&d for lhc« Bcholdtet boo vaif ' 1 wisM the ihc bcttrc/ ^0 

H* conuundid of !«* corteyt - in comiin« tire changes, » 

Arm noQ nudful bote lljo Ihrc ' netuimcEi b«u] tcb thebkc. 

At»d rcktDC hem by rcfrc ' rchcrct Ijem vrh<T the fyhctb, 

Tht fern of tbo y% fode ■ and vwtuie ibe sccouiidc. 

Acd drrnk^ thai ito ibc good ' oc dr^tik nni oute of Ij-mc. 14 

Lo! Loili m htt* IjTii; ' tliciv-' letWiifusc diynko 

Wtkkydlich vrogbic ' nnd wfitihcdc god al-tnygbty. 

1b bt» dronkcncMc a day - hu» douliuea bo dightr, 

And by by bem boEhe ■ u tl^e bok ccU^ih. ,s 

In hus glottiiif be by-gui ■ gerlf* iliai wtrcn churls, 

And al tc witcO t^ic vttic ' h^s wlkkcd dcde. 

di fij/rf iKsfra jfifn . GfHttif, 
Thofgb wyn and dior*- wommcn ■ iher was Loth encombr«d; 
Toc-<by died diliuljlc drynkc ■ butlir thy ittul nyjtcn. 31 

M««urc b mcdircync ^ tbaub thou muchc irybc. 
A] is no)t good to (h« go«i < chat lL« gut ;L?kcth, 
Np Moik 10 ib« IJcxmc - that leof k 10 (he taulc; 
Lcsc nojl ihy hcime ' (at a \yi:Yt \\ym lecheih, j6 

Th*l ii ihc VTCCChfdt worldo ' ^lat woldc the hj^ylc; 
Fof ihc Tcod tnd thy 13c»h - folwtn lo-gcdcrea. 
And ijut $«<th itic £uj|« ' ^ad scith hit ih& in h«f1t^ 
And vivitfsh tbr 10 br wni^ ' vid vhai wnlde ihe dcovryu)^.* 49 

ft5.dtt^cr. »7» (InaktngM Ml ; dmnbic«M T. 19. hvMFSj V rm. 


4i-S»- »' 

r: ^3-fi5- 

Bote thtf iQon«}-e on Ibis molde - LhAL tncn to fASie hddcn^ 
Tel me 10 vhotn thai ireeovr nj>ji€tii1e:1k M 
'Go 10 ibe g06pc1/ quadi lico ^ ^iLaC gti(I soith himnclacii. 
Wlign the pcplc him a-poscdc ' rtlth A pcny m the temple, 
Jif heo schulden wo«cliupc thcf-wiih • Cear heorc kyng. 

And he ^ked *>f hem ' cif whom qiac the U^iire, 
And whrun The jinii^c was lyfc ' th»l T-bcr-itinc sloJ- 

"Ccesir" ihci scidcn ■ "we scoih wtl vcbonc," 

Jif^iU fr^ fut sunt uteris tnari, tt qm iuni tXrt Stfi^ 
•'Thennc HfthUur quath Gol * "ihai to Cewr faJlclh, 
Ei fut suni dti ilfo ' or eUcs do jc Slla" 


'Ma^Lime, nicrty/ quod I ■ 'mo hlwih wcl ^owrc wtffdc*, 
Ac tlie moneyc of ihte molde ' that mea h> Httce holdeth, ^ 
Telle mi? 10 wliom, Madame ' ihai lrc^ofc fti*|ie(Hleih ? ' 

'G(j Lu ilic gospel/ <\uod ih*: • '{]iA\ ^od seiJc hjui-brrluai. 
Tho Ihc pocpic hym apposed ■ wiih ft pcny b ihc lcmpic» 
Whether thci «hul(k tJicr-^jth ■ wornchip tiw kyng Sc<ar 46 

AtuI god atrd of hem ' of uhomc fpakc ihc Ictire, 
And ihc ymagc flj^kc ■ HyaI tJu-rconnr Mondcth? 
■■ Cc»ari*/' ihcj scitic ■ "wc jicn hym wcl vchone-" 

"JUddi'k Oiaj'it" quod f^od - "that Cfid/-/ bilaUcthg £i 

-Ef yr rwn^ Ai, Jfc - or dtms )c tkicc Hie." 
Foi lijlful rvTtua ' !»hu]dc icwic 30W ollc. 
And kyiiLle wiuc be wardcjiic " yjwrc ii'cllhc lo kcpc. 
And lutour cf ^ouro tresoro * and t^ko il 30W ax nod9; ^4 

Fnr liGUsliondpr^v and hij ■ holder Ki^dcr^n' 
Thannc I Trained hir faifc ' for lijm thai hlr made, 
'That dongcono in ihc diic ' iJiat drcdful U of aijte, 
Willi may it be to TOcrjc ' ma'd^mc, L 30W biwche?* 6q 

'That is the caticl of cirt ' who-Eo comcih iherinne 
May hiuuc llut he homr wtu ■ lo body or 10 soulc, 
Thcnnnc wonicth a wi^tc ^ iHaL wrongs is yholc, 
Fidcr of lUlshed * and founded it b}-m-sclu& "C^" 

lam and Kue ■ be egged to ille, ' 

iseillcd Caym ' to kullen his broiberj 

A- FASSUS I. B^-H^ 0; PASSUS n. 4>-6»- ^^ 

For rtlufollchc rcwan ' Kholdc mien ca ftlle. &« 

And kvyndc vit be wardc)ii ' ourc wco]ch« to kcj». 
And EcuT of vr m«oiu ' lo uk« bit jow it ncde; 
Foff hufibomdne and be ' boldcn lo-gedere.* 

Tbcuoc 1 fiayncdc hire fciie - for him Ih^l hire midc, ^ 
'That duDRUft is ibat dcopc dole ^ thit drcdful is of sihc, 
What nuijr bit mcitCf madune ' kb the bi-^chc^* 

'TTui b UiP ciiiel of tJU'e." quod heo ' 'hose comeih ther-icnc, 
Mai bannc ibii be born «jl£ ' to Lxidi or to bouki Co 

'Ricr-iji&c woncth a wibi ' ihai wronft: is j-hoic. 
Pidirr of fiUim« ' be fbundrdc it bim-wlucTij 
A(bm and Euc ' he cggcdc lo don itlo; 
Couttteilcdc Ca^in - lo cuUcd bU brother; ti4 

■A mx dame, mercy/ quaih ich ■ 'm« lykctli wcl jourc worses, 
Ac tSr raoTteyo of thia molde ' itat men ao fuit Upetbj 
Telle je ific non to wliam ' ihat itvsoui by-lonj^^th?' 
'Go lo llkc gob|]e1/ (jLuJi hue • 'auO hx wli^it god »ayde, 44 
Wbannc il^ |.<j}^[c s^otictl hym ' of ai pcnjF' in tttc (onplcj 
And god lalctdd of twm - whae wat tbe coygne. 

"C*«JW," tliei widen • "soihlicho we knowen." 

' ffcct/A CrMrfJ* ^ide God ' ''diac 10 Ccs^ir b/-falk(li, 4A 

^/ y«f /o«/ At; i£r!> ' otbei *lly» jc don illc-" 

Foe rr^ufuUciic re^ii - aholdc ru<lc ^ow alle, 

And kjAdit vnn be ^sn^vyn ' |ouiv writlie 10 kepe, 

And iwoLir of ;owre ircsoure ' and ttke Mt }Ow otie neJe; ^j 

For hOftbouiidfic aikl lie ' buldeib tu-^t:Jere»-' 

Icb fnyncdc burc falre ilio ' for hym tlut bure made, 

'The dupe dnJ* anil durkc ' vn'Semcly lo sec lo, 

What may bii hymcnc - madiine, ich bj-wcheT s6 

'Tha« i> ihr cand of <aic ■ *bo-w) conit^h ilirr-ynni; 

Maj bin.-iv iW be bore wa» * m bodjr and in soulc; 

Thcrjufle irtystycth a vij^t ' that wronx is his Hflmc, 

Fader of £dtbcdc ' fond hit foi%t of allc ; 60 

Adam and Hue ' hr (<g^ri:Tr tn dan Hlr, 

CoEuatldc Cajuk to cullcn bus bnjthcr; 

Q, jf. WipoflP. £^ hilUIi;^ fEtn. tn. egfdtP. 

m A. PASSUS I. 65-76, B, PASSUS I. 67-S9, 

ludu he upifde ' niih the Teacv veker. 
And on an cJIcme treo ' honj^tdc bim ^cr. 
lie is a lctLcr« ol loue * vtd h'^r^th h«m £J1# 
TbaL iftJsioth in h«or tmotir ' tlicr no trxihc it inrc' €R 

Theime htdde T waodor la Tn)" wit ' ultiit nommon hie wcorc. 
That sucbc uysc warJ« ■ of holy writ m« »cbcivc(k ; 
AnJ ha]sc<It hire in ihc hcijc nomc " cr heo ihconne jcode. 
What b<-u weori? wiEcrly ' ib^t wissedc me sd fcirc. p 

'Holi cWche ichara/ qi»nih fieo ' 'thmi ouh6»i mc lo kfiom- 
[ch lite vntfuifong fui^E ' and llit fcilb the Uujlc- 
Thow bro<u)lcst mc bonvcs ■ nty biddyii^ to \v(»^C| 
And to loiM me leeLly < while ibi lyf dureJe.' fi 

ludis he Uped ' hUIi Iuwcil siluct. 

And sithcn on an cller ' honc^^d hyra after. €% 

He ia leiicr oi Umc ' and fycth hem aUe, 

That tniKien on hi* irc*ior ■ biiray*-!!! he wnne»t/ 

Tliaiioc baU I woudci in my wiu ■ wbat woiuaiaii ll vcrc 
That inch wise w*ori3c5 ' of holy wrft shewed; 7a 

And A8ked hir on the hic^ name - ar hco ihcnnes 3G0dCi 
What sh^ wtfC wJttcrIi * that \d^ed me to hire? 

'HoHchtTche I am/ quod »hc ■ 'iIm>w oujlcsI rnc 10 knoirc, 
I vndcrrongc ihc firaic - arul the fcylli lau^lc, ;6 

And broujtcst me borwc» ■ my biddyng to fiilfilk^ 
And to loue mc icily ' the white ihi tyf durcth/ 

Thatn;c 1 onuflK-d on my !ir*vn ■ and cryM hir of ^mce, 
And preyed hir inlOLt*c]y " r'^ f^ my syniies, Bo ^ 

And a]^ keane me kyndcU ' on critic to hileue. 
That I mijte woj^ben his w-ille ■ that wroujtc me lo man; 
'Ttfcht mt" 10 no iresore ' hu: lc\k me this ilfce. 
How 1 may muc my ;taule ■ that xyni tux ybolclcn?' Kt 

* Wban aJlc trtsorcs arcn tficd,' quod she ■ ' trcwihc is the be*! ; 
1 do it on d/ns mntai ■ to dcmc the soibe; 
It i* as derwonh a drcwcry ■ as dere god bym^uen. 

WhoMi b tn!we of bb longc - and idlitth none other, SS 
And doth the wcrkis therewith ' and wilneih tto man ille. 

JL T>> ikiufdeTir,; wjied D; irclKlliV. B- ftr. kritne WCRO 

fceodeL. O, 6<, An T&r Airf) I*, A^. yi*?; MIFGSiJfw.i. 67. 
WKyfr/- bj P. fip. wiyH P. ;os halwlr MirB; htiulc<[« P, 71. wiHwly 


A. PASSUS I. Ti'tr a PASSUS U. 6j-8c- ST 

Tb«fiiK kndeifr 1 on my kii«oi ^ and crijeJ hire of gr>c», 
And pcvirtk hire jiinti»3y ■ Ui \Jtfye fiir vr siBinc:*, 
And ckc to tcchc wc Iniycdcljr ' on ctiri to bi'lceuc, 
Tbcu Icb bu nille nulik worcbf ' thiu wiouhlc mc to mon. to 
*Tech Die to co trecour ' boI« tcl me thii ilke^ 
Hdu 1 maj »:iuc mjr loule ■ ihil icinl an l-hciMc^* 

*\^*hijii ollc Irc^our ;» iH/ijal ' Ercuthc ii llic bcite; 
I <{o hit on /Vttr Cari^t ' to dccme the Mthe. 8f 

Uil tt OA JervorUw a dmne - oA dcOM god hini-«clutn. 
For bote ii tre«t of Wi toage ' leRetb noi <ll«. 
Dolh bu wcrkca tbcT-willi ' nud clotti no luon lllc. 

lodu be bT-i»pedo - chorgh Icwcnc uTuer^ 

And slV^ward he hcng bym ' h^e on in dlcrnc. (4 

Hf i"s Wtii^r of i>ut ' and lyi-th allc lyme*; 

Tlui lr}'3t m athcl/ trcsour > he by-ttaicth »onnM<, 

To cfl-comb;7« (dcq v^iJi couctysc - thoc [» hus kyUL^Tc, 

'ninikc h^dc ich vondcT tn rny wtE - vhat wommin hue were, 

Thu (iwhr wy?r wordcs " of holy wryt shcwrdr ; 6y 

And Eukcde hur« on the hclt name • cr hue ibennyt vcnlCi 

U'hoi hue vcrc wjiicr^;v * ihni ^wisscdc tjic 30 xr\A tiuhtc. 

' ligjrchc^ibc Kh nm/ quath hue ' 'thcv oghtcst mc Lo knawc; 

Ich iDder^fciig ihe fbrmc^C * and fn min the ntade. 

Thow bro^huTM mc Ijotwcs ■ ray fjyiWyng tn fulfillc, ;< 

To Iccc on mc ind louyc mc ^ iJ thy l/f tytncn* 

Thjuuic kncbdc ich on my knees * and cricJc hure of p^cCt 

And prexde htjrc p>touK]y ' to prde for m^ to amende, 

AI*«) la lu^nfic nu: kyndclicb - on cfiit to ty'I[ruc% 

'And icchc QIC to no inrj^oiir - b<:)tc Eellc mc tbyi like, 

Jio* ich wAf sujy ray Hiuk ^ th:it vizyui irl yholdc' fo 

■ Whanoe afie tncioimi lien tried/ quatti hue ' 'ircathe ii the bcuc; 

Ich ite hit on Dttts ^ariSas - to demc the loilw. 

Hil i!i u» dtiwwdje a diau^- ' 1:1 dcte gcid Idin-wlue- 

Por he, b trcwe of h«» loD;e ' and of hua ttn> bandes, fi« 

And doch Ihe vtiktt ihenritb - and wiSn<!th no tnnn illc, 

;>, W'^J^ ^' to. crt Ph 01. Q^fCntw ?. S|, bEm-«(iap f. S4, iryvc 
P: iMMvlLg&tK^ 

iTTASSUS L SS-pS. B. PASSUS L 90-111, 

He a ft-cauntcd 10 the ^oapcl * on ^rou^^ ^^ on loftc, 3S 
And cb« J-ljkn«C to vr lord ' bi tcini Lucun wordcK. 
Clcrkr* (hiE knowrn ht: ' whoTJe tcchcn hit abnuif;, 
For Crigtcnc and vn'criHicnc ' him ^Icymetb vchonc. 

K>nKcs aiul LniEiU» ' scholdc kcpcn hcra bi tcson, 91 

And rihtfuJichc ra^incn ' the reclines u-bt>uten, 
And take tre<|mnour» ■ xud ieij<>n hem faste. 
Til tiruclic l]i.-(U1e !'icmi>'iiL-i ' ile ircspas to Lhc emic. 
For Dauid, at his ilaycs ' he dubbcdc knihlcsi 96 

Dude hem awere on hccr ewerd ■ lo serue trvuihe *upw. 
Tha^t is iho perte professioii * thac i*pmdcth ti> kiiibiea. 

He is ft god bi the j^spel ' agroundc ind olof^ 

And ylikc 10 oftTc lorde , hi ttynic« worde*. 

The fIcrkcE itL.ii knoncch tins ' ithuldc kcniic il aWaLCt 91 

For criftCcnc anij vni;ristnc ' d^fneth it vchone, 

Kyn;;cn and kiii)tc.i ' shulde kepc it bi resouD, 
Ridcn uiil rflppc down ' in rcume» about«, 
And T.Tkf'Ti trangrtsscfts ' and lycii hem fasten 
Til treuihc liad jLcrmyncd - hci Irtajias 10 llic cndc< 
And that h tlic profc»ioim ap|jvrtly • tliai dppondeih for kny^tts. 
And noujt to fwien a fryday ■ in r>'iie scoit wynier; 
Bui holdt-n with him and widi hir ' that wald<?n iil treuilie, 100 
Aiul ii«uer kiK hem for k>ue ' tie fur bicj;h/ag of tylucr. 

Ttjr Djiuid in his davcs * duhbcd knijtcs, 
And dk] hem ^vrerv on h«re awenJe ' to etnio trevrtho eucte ^ 
Anil whoso passed ili^i poym^ ' wns aposiata iti the ordre. 104 

But t'li^ic kinyrni- k>Ti^'c ■ knl^totl ten, 
Clicruljyii and ^crai^ljin ■ ^uciic acucnc and anothrc* 
And ^ hccn nii-^ic in hia m.iic-Ak ' the murycr bcm ihou^te; 
And oucf \\a. m^^nc rnj^ync ' made hem arfhangpIcK, toa 

Taujic Iicm hi die Trinitcc ■ irniLhr Ui knowe, 
To he buxomc at hi» biddj-ng ' Lc bnd hem noujCe dies, 

LudTcr 'with legiouncs ' Icmcd it in hcucne, 



A 94. lel}eAT: tycn)!,: l«fcnD; linden V. roy T'^if JVw, t*»i>4 

V trmiri. it A ft^aM up ^jw/'aw H mtd U. 'J'kt rt^Jins* ■«t--Kor <iiil 
Ic^ni-e of l(E7)tvt ' khvtlci i*oiii(ynic H i And Ccyni;, l&ynj^nc kyDj; ' knyhlidq 
tcDC LT ; And cn^l kin|; of lEin|-pi ■ biii|tid« t«(]fi TH, ; Ukd orinL kyn); of 

A. PASSUS 1. 99-109. C. PASSUS 11. 86-108, 29 

And tun la fjuitf a Fritbjr ■ in fvui? score jptcs. 
But holJen with hem ui4 mih hcorc * thai aAkcn ihe IicuLIjc^ 
And kutn Tor no [oge ' nc hcchiog ot ^Siias; loi 

AmI be thu p(U(«iTi ihat pojnt * is a-posiata In the ontrc. 
For CTi*i, kfngene tyng • kn)'h»ite tene, 
denibin and Senpbia ^ in al ihc fourc ordra, 104 

And iftf bcm tnajrsthe and miht ' in hiB maieato. 
And ODtr h1« m*jw * made b«in archaungclift, 
And t>u3te hem thorw the Trinity ■ (rcT«ho for 10 knov^, 
Alid two bomoi al Ijis LUdyngc ^ Ijc bu.d hem not etk^ reA 
LocUcr vith k^ouno ' krcdc hit in hcucne; 

H« is a god by the gcspt-l - and gnunty may hcle, 

And like ouro Lorxle aNo ' by st}nt I.ukyi^ word^s- 

Gecktt» that Looacii tbys ' shouldc kcni^cn bit a-boulc, KB 

For oincoc and TncrisCcnc ' ctcynacti ii ccbonc, 

Kysgte aaeJ kn^^t«9 * ihouM« k«pon hii by refon, 

Rjdf« ^nd nppe a-donn^ ' In rcamei abouie. 

And ukt trespauDim ' and lyrii iivm Hi^tf. 91 

TU Ucwlhc hiddc ytrtmcnyd • here ircipis to the cnde ; 

And bold« frith hyra ind with hurc ' thai ban trcve &cdon, 

And ^r no lord«ne kru* - Leue the trew« p^riye. 

Trcw^ly 10 ukc ' and irpwi»Hdif fn fy;n?, ^6 

V* ibc profrtsioD and itic tmic criire - that apcinkth ta kn>3t»; 

Wbo-so ptwcih ih&l poynl - ys «po«cau of knyiC'liod, 

For ib« iboukic nil h&tc ' nc fur-bcro ahorte; 

BOCJ^ frkbfnilrch *»rfn;rfr ■ aiifl fy^i^ for iruihc, uw 

And ncuCTc kuo for loue ' in hope to lacvhc sckcn 

Diuid by hui daici ' dobbcdc kny3tei, 

And dudti bcm twcrje on here svircrdo * to 4cnK tnilhc cucrc. 

Whanne ^1 hy-gati hcucnc ■ In Ibftt gnjte btyesC) 104 

He mtde knyjtcf in bus court ' crcitutos ten, 

Cbcmbin at>d tcr.iEibm ' suchc scucnc and anoiliert 

LDcirer 1oocto4;ew the * ftc lytcl while it durcdc. 

He «u an aKibflngel of hcucnc ■ on of godcs hny^icftj toB 

91. A«>d]; AoitcPBSG, 94. triwv [*. 9;, To^)fDc I; lordn MKi 

)oi4irDf P. 96. rj>KT« P; « I- io»> 97. pufc MFESGC . pou™ PL 

9S. WfMoP. iif<n«ca P, lot on VTIK5fiB: la P. JO^* Wuinc P. 
i«^ r m. uL to;, vik P. duic-ic Mlfbbi luto P. 

go i, ?ASSUS t ii*>-ii5. B. PASSUS 1 iia-ljK 

H* was louololwRi of *iht - aftuf ^t lord, 

TH hf? brik hoiamnrs ■ ibtirw buit of Idm-^uco. 

Thcnc fd he nith lii% fcUwcs ' and fcmikfl b^com<D, lu 
Out of hcucnc into hcKc ' hoblcdcb fame^ 
Summc m Ihc dr, and summc A the eorthe ■ and siimm^ i» 
helb clf-npe. 

Bole Ludfcr buwot ' lijlh of bcm aUc; 

But for he bnk? buxtimneiv« * bis bil^e gan b« tyn«, lu 

And Tel fro thai fcUw^up ' b u ft^iiili^ likI]l^Sl 

In-:o a dcpc tlcrke hcUc * to dwcUc there for cure; 

And mo IbijvvtiaTidctt villi him ^ Lhan m^in couUi« ootmibre, 

Lopcix out «-iih Luciftr ' m lotljchch fcrme. ii6 

For llid Ici^od^n vpon hym • iha[ lycd Ir ihi« inarere: 

And all« lliai bathed it mi^ie be so * none heucne mijte hem 
But feller cut ill rend^a likiic»»e ^ nyne djivc:^ toj^deres 
TiJ go<J of hid goocln^tec • fjar atiblc and stjnk, uo 

And gan« the hcuene Lo %\jt\Lyt - and ttcnden in quicte. 

Wfaftn ihitt ^tikkcd went out " wonderwij* ihei fellcn. 
Somine in cyrc, Fommc in enhc ' ind w>mmc in hcllc dcpc; 
Ac lucifcT lowcit * \\W\ or htm allc ; \a\ 

For pn-cjtf ihat ho pull out • h\% pcync hath none eude; 
AnJ allc diat worrlic wiih wrojige ' wcndcn hij almlle 
After her Jclh day ■ and d^cUc wiih that iWwe- 
Ac tlio tliat worche wc! ' as holiwriu IcUeih, \a 

And «nden ai I ere seide ' in ireuth&, ihat is the bec^ 
Z^wc be siker ihnt her «ou1e ' shal vcnde ro h^^u^itier 
Tiler trculhc is in Tiioitee - &nd tionirlh liem o^ 

C. nj. ona-loftcP, II4.I1UID: ToPEMKS- 116. noTthty P> 

118. leucIFSEllG: loyneP. no. fiid (>- fulj P. jij, mtocnE; 

PASSUS L II6-I33. 0. PA5SUS ir i09-r34. 31 

For prokle ih^t ho i>W <raE * lib pcyrL« hith non cnd«; 
And fllti* ib«i mTtmg v<yTrhf^n * wri^rfp th-H ^cbulin 
After bccfc tkiJiKlax ' uid dwdlcu vrliti llai ±4:bf?wc. 

Ac tico thjtl worchcn ihoi iKird - tb»C lioli vril icclictli, 
Ami dVcUlb ft» Ich CI wide ' in profitable wE^rkeA^ 
TklctiwcQ be akcr thii h«ort soule'* • ^chullcn to hfrucne, 
Tber trcuite » in Uinllc ' and torouncLh bcm allc 



He fttid oiber with hvm ' thii huMe nou^ ui;h [icuthe^ 
t.opeD out in luihlklir formr ' for hii; fake willrr; 
Ife hodife 1u?it to be Ijk^ ' huH lord god alirjghiy. 

J'Mum f^^cm mnrm in a-iuihn/f rJ /rit simHtr atJiutma. 
LoHl «hj woMe he iho - tbulke wrecbcde luicifer, ii» 

Lq«a u-loUe ' m ihf north fcyt!e 
Tbao siUco b the »onr)t: ^de ' iter (Ije d^iy rtJWclhP 
Ne were it (cr nortlicmc mco • anon ich woldc telle; 
Ac icit wotle bck« so lyf * quaib Uiat Itidy ar>Ehl>-^ it6 

'Hii is «yk?r*r by louttie " i}i<?r the sotne ngtieih 
Tbkn b ilic iioith tiy tzieiiy ijuiea ' no mun leue oilier. 
F^ thidcr as xht fcixl ^b ' bua focc for to acttc, 
Hmt he tbilcdc and fu] ' and bus fcJa^reft alio; 119 

Aod k«IIc b ther be y% ' and h« thcr )hoiundt. 
Ene&c contraHe <^i]ifih Cri^ie ' lIo;1(uh knovrcn \ht «oll>e; 

Ac of ihb rQ«i«rc no moK ' mcucn ich DclTc ; 

Hv««« in the bUyday - xfitr bet« wa)ien, 114 

Thtf CMC iiojt t^aiih 1: Ijt rold ■ Itnince, when ihei worchcti- 

lo voodcrwyK hol> viji - Itlliiti Iiow iJicI fdleii; 

Sootcic in crtbc, somme hi &icr ' ftommc in hcllc dupC, 

Ac Uscircr lowctt * litb or hem allc : iiB 

For pnidc that hytn pokrdc ' hiK pcync hath rio cnrlc. 

AIW thil votdica ih^l wikkriTe ys ' acriilcn ihci sbullc 

AAcT hive delb-diy ' and dwcHc ther wrong ys; 

And ftUe 1^ ban wel y-wrosht ' wcndcn Uiey shullc r^i 

Estvvilt to beucne ■ wwrc to abyde^ 

Tlicr tnnithc b. the uone ■ that IniiiLe rniie ;&ilteth. 

»&, VOL Pi 

32 A. PASSIS L 123-115. B. PASSUS I 132-156. 

For I si^gc sikttll * bi Bihl of the icxtcs, 
Whon allt trotor ifl I-tri)«t - iwilhe is the 1ieat«. 114. 

h^rrih hn ih[s kwrd m«n ' for I«irre<J? hU knott«th, 
TUil ircutfjc is urwmr ■ tilcvlcst on eonhe.' 

'Vii h*uc I no kuj-Ddc knowitig/ quod I ■ 'rtiou raoftl icthc 
mt bctcrc, 
Bi what craft in my cofpfl - Hx cumfierb, and wh*re." tifl 

"Thou Hoimi (TaETr," i;vAlh lico ■ 'duile arp ihi wiit^^s, 

FoMhi I 4cy as 1 siride tre ' hi sijte of thise icxiix. tjv 

Whan allc irwores ame ylried ' trculhe 13 the bcsic 
Lercih it tbisi kwde mon ■ for k-ttrctl tupti tl knowcn. 
That Irtutlie H iresore - llic T^ie^l or eiihe.' 

'Jcl haiie I DO kyude knoving,' quod 1 * 'jd mole }c Vesmc 
m< better, 156 

By what traft in my corps • it comseth *nd where/ 

'Tiiow doled dafT*/ (juod she ' 'dulk ame ihi wUtes; 
To liu^l luLvM thow lernrziiisL ^ 1i^l1l% In itii ;imLlif: 

ffat mkhi. quf^J zteriian tFuxt vifij/n luatKikmi 

It U a kynd(> krwwyng/ quod ht ' Mliat kecnclh in thine bcrte 
For to looyc thi lorde ' leiier ibati thi-sclue; 
No'Jcdly syniic tn do ■ dcy ihouj thow sholdcst: 
This I trowc lie trcuihc; ' who can kchc ihc bclltr. 
Lokc ihow RUffre hym (o sey ■ itid sithen lcr« il aflcr. 144 

For ihufl «-iiiic£seih his worde • \vorche ihow ibcrc-aficr ; 
For Trrwjhr irMelh thai bue ■ U (Hicle of heuenr; 
^lay no »ynne be on him kuc ' ih^i v&cdj that spl^. 
And olle bis wcrkcs be ^tou^ic * with louc as bint li»lc; 14S 
And lered it Moi«e« Tor the leucft thing ' and mostc like 10 boucno, 
And al*o tlie jjlente of |>ec^ ' moste pnwious of vt-rmeit 

For hcucnc my|te noujEc lioldcn il ' it was so hcuy of hym-sclf, 
Tyl it tuukJc of iho crihc • yetcn his fyllc, 15J 

And whan it haoed of thie (oLd« ^ acstbe and bJodc taken. 

Anil ixiiui^r and pcnani ' as the pojiit of a nedit!, 

Thai myiic non amiurc it Icilc - nc none heii w.tlies, 156 

A- 137. rTKhcH In TKH,r); prwbt! Ihe Y. B> ij(>. The MSS have 

O. 134^ Tfa^n S: Thai FHPie. 138. W4t K vhftlcf I: wiiulnS: 

PASSUS L ijo-ij;. C- PASSUS IL <3J-I55- 33 



is a lupde knouk')'ng« - that kenn«tli \be in bene 
'or lo louc tbi )ciui:ilJ ~ hftictv tiit^ii ihi-H^lucn; 
Kc dcAly Ruuic te> do - dv;c iKuu; ttiou »choldc^t. 131 

Thu I iTouwe beo irouth«l ' hose con t«ch« Ehc beE«re^ 
Lokc ihoii mffre Uim lo iey^ ' and sethtbe leChe hit forthtare! 
For diuA Ktbeih uf liis vorii ' (uorch (]>ou thfr-^ftur) 
TluU looc U the Ictic^E thing ' thai vr loiiJ Askcili, 13^ 

A&d oke tbc pUyni of pce& ; ' prcchc it in dun harpc 


Lcrc ii c^ua ktrcdc men - for Ictircdc hit knowfiU, 

TbMm trcutbc And tr«w« louc ' y^ tu> ucsour l>eitcr«/ 136 

'Ich hstcic no fcyndc knovryng/ quAtti ich - '3a mow kcnn« me 
By vIiAi wcy hit wcJiiih * and nbcdcr oui of my mcnyngn' 

'Thov dotcdc daffc/ (juMh hue ' 'duUc ofcn ihy wiucs, 
l<h Icve ihow kmcdisE 10 ]yic ' Utyn in thy jr>wthc^ i^o 

/Av 0u>i/, j^fKAi skntem ' duxf uitam iuuemhtn ! 
Hit ia a kynde knoir^tig^ - thit kcnncth in Xhyn hcftc 
For to kxjye ihy lord ■ kuciAt of alio, 
And deyc ruhcre than to do ' cay dedLch synae; 144 

AftUus tsi n^^i ^naia malf ui'utfe. 
A&d tUs kh tiowe be treuihe ' who m can tc;:hc the bctcce, 
toic tbov aofftit liym Kj say - and 50 ihow myght Icriic. 

For Ltvibe tdletfi ihit loue < )-g tryide for synne. 
And moU suucfrync salii? - for «au]c and for liody. 



Lone is the plonu of pec« ' and mott preciouse of vertu«s; 

For hrociw holde hit nt my^te ' ^o hruy hit afmciU', 

Til Iwi hadtk on <flhc ■ 3<itoi hjm-aduc. 

Wu Ckcucre )cf vp-on l^ndc ' IvM^lcr Uicr-oft<t, m 

A* whonnc bit hjbddv of Ihe f61d« ' Ocich and blod )iako; 

Tho WM « porui)f *ntt pershiUmT ' as iho poyni of a nfl^te. 

May non tfiniifc lit Ivltc imilwr bye wall^; 

■fco hf S; iiidca U I wudtr ?. 139. d«ll« P. I4«i lyiu ?■ |ow«>« P, 
14^. lannl P. 151^ l^i^bdu T. 15^^ HUtDC P. foUt tBj fold M j 


34 A, PASSUS 1. tift-tifi. R PAS-^US t T57-178, 

Tlicr thou ^ri rouric fti ttu mcbe ' vhoti mc U4<lcth llic )«Jde; 
For bi ku)'nd« knowyn^ in htne ' corasfUi tker a ^iul 

Thai fallHh to iTie fader ■ that formed* vs all*. i^o 

He ]j.iL^i]e on w wkli loue ' ind Iriic ltl» Kin« tfyti 
Hckdichc for vrc mt^ciSc^ ' forte amende V9 aUe* 
And )it woldc hr hem no wo ' that wrcugtc him that pjiic, 
But mekdiche with nn>mhc ' mird htr bj'-tjouifc, 144 

To hiuc pi[c DTI [hi*t pr-plp ■ i)iai pjTirdr him ftj drihc. 

Her ihou miht scon ciiMiuinplc ' in bym^cir« ooCt 

FoT-lhi ifl louc ledcr ' of the loidc* Wkc oT hcurnc. 
And ft taenc, &« the nuiK b - InLwcne ilic Ity&g and the comunc ; 

RI5I eo is loue n l*>dofC ■ find ihe liiwe shapeih, 

Vpon rr\An CiM hlti niy^lrrlps ' thf Du^icimcni lie Uxeth< if^ 

And foi to Likowe i; kyiidcl/ ' it com^th h\ myf;hu 

And in the hertc, there » the hcucde ■ and ihc hcij wcllc; 

For in k^ic knou^^iigo in herie - there a m^-^ie hJg^iuiclh. 
And that fjllcth Co the fader ' thai fbrmcd vs ^llc, 164 

IxjVcd on vs witii loue ' and Irle liis sorie Jc'vc 
Mckcly for owrc n^jMlcdcA * to amende vs allc ; 
And )el M'oldc he hem no wod ' Uiat wi^u)t« hm that pejne, 
Btii mekelich with mouthe ' mercy he bisoujie ibe 

Til h;iuc pile cjf tbit [«w]Ji-" ' thfll jirj-ncd hym to dcth, 

HcN myjlDvr aec eiuimples ' in hym-sclue one. 
That he wau mijtral and meke ' anJ meixy gan prctunte 
To hem that hougen him in hei^ ■ and hU henv thirled, ir* 

For-thi 1 rt^df 30W rit'hif ■ liiueth reuihe of ilw pou^re; 
Tliou} 3c be myjliul lu mote ' bclU mckc in jowrc wcrkci. 

For ihc same me^urea that |e meie ' am)-3 other eIJe«» 
J« ehiillcn ben "tyen ihcr-wyih ■ wbati p wendc h<?nne*; i;6 
EtJ/tfm mmsura fna mfnsi/ttfritis, mnfuffvr ififcrj. 

For iIjouj jc be trewe of jowre louge ■ and Uewliclie vrynne, 
And «a chaste as 4 cbildc - thai in chcrdic wcpcth, 


THUD. i4y wronjitTMUD: aoMe V, l^O, hymwlfe TLiI); 

m^\i V. 149, 150. 7\iitiiHaBTifn*K rnUD; VjSarKor thi I red* lh« 
nLliiral of nuyit be nu:b« of ih\ prordn. 7*4/ i^^'it pteuttau » en H ak^ 

A, PASSUS t i47-"5<- a PASSUS It 156-177. 3S 

lloa lie WAS imbdul atid mckc ■ that mcrci gon gmmlc 
'To b«ra tiat hMogen him hetfe * and hits IktIc tfiurkdeik i^t 
For-thi r red* the riche ■ h;\vie reuthe on (he pore: 
Tlicg jr l.«ti tiJ^Tj 10 iijutr brill mvkv of jrjur vrrkis; 
ScJim tK^sura 7tfi» menst'/Hfn'tisi rtmccittur v&his! 
For Ihe ftimc ncsUTc thai ji: mci«n * a-mia Mher cElca, 
jc Rchul lie w*]'cn rbcr-irith ' wlion 3* uv-nden hoaius, %i» 

For iliavj jc Ifco ucirc of longc And Lrirweliche tttnnci 
AtiJ eke 05 chad a» n child ' ttiJtl iq cliJdic v^^Lb, 






Foc-tby U Icuc Icdcfv ' of oufc lonTn fcdkc m heucne^ 
And A Acne, fta the mcycrc is - bjtvkjnc the Vyng and 

R)3t 10 if Liue 3 h-^e ' And the lave shftpeth; 
Vp mm for huK tnT^dc^cs - ihc mcrcemcni he luclh. 
Aod for to knov/c it kiniMiche ' hit cciikKih by m/ghte, 
In the hctte^ iher b ihc hcfd • anil the hyc *cllc- 
Of kfodtf knonpg in hene * thcr comseth a mj'ghte^ 
Thu fallfih tfi ihi' riflrr ■ thai formcdc ous allc, 
Oa CU5 be lokjili- i^itli loue . and let huh K>n<- deye, 
Mecklicbe lot OUTV mjsdcdcH - to amenJy cus i^llc* 
And )Ut wokle he hem no vht» ^ that vro^hl hym al that Lene, 
Bote mj'IdeHche with n^ouhic ■ mercy he hy-^otihtt. 
To hfttw jivtc on ihar pn;ile ' thai ^layrmtir hym to cTethe. lAS 

Her mj^i tboTr jcc enuni^jle " in hjm-*clf one, 
That htf ttaa >nj;ghtM ^nd rneke ' and mercy ^xt% j^tautkltf, 
To hctn that heiJgt hym hyc ■ and hoa hene ilierleclf*. 
Fof-lhy k'ii rptle jcivr /ychc ' hauc fcoilic nf the pourc ; 
Thaub jc be mjghtj to nat^tc ' bceUi mckc in jouie workes; 
Tho «aa« m^vure that je mctcLh ■ amy? otIitT cllyfl, 174 

je itattlltih Iw tt^T^eo ihcr-mih - u'haime yc vend^n hcnnes; 
JTtf^M raffttttra jiat mmrf /uerifit, rtvirtttfpr mhis. 

Titaulk le be uei^e of jourr longtf - and irewdicii wpynne, 
Axkd be u ckut aa a chyld - thai nother chit nc ffKhtcih, 177 

O 157. f Ml. %. 

tftA. loner. 



36 A. PASSUS I. iES-'*5 B. PAS5US I. 1^9-1^. 

Boic jc liucn ucwcly * and <Ke louc ihc poi^ 

And ttuch j;ooil 13 god scr^t ' :rcvclichc ponen, ij4 

Je naue no moro mcril ■ in maivc De Iti bourcs 

Thtfii Mallt)!! (if hire miij'dfnhotl ■ ihat no mon de^jreth- 

Fur Uuica tlic fcnici ^ bond Jut in hhi U^uk. 
That fey wtilu^utcn f«it ' in fcbclorc then noujt* 1(0 

Ajid ded a^ a dorvHiiyt ' but \hv di;«<l« foLeure. 
CWiEtp wiihcuceii chiiriic ' (wite thou formthe), 
Is as kwcd as a Uumpc ' iljat no liht h iiute. 

Moni chaprlcyns ben chiLSl ■ bui chariie is avcye; tfi+ 

fieo no men hari^re then thei ' vrhon beo beolb ivcLunsci; 
Vn-tuynde (o hcore knn ■ and [o alle crisicne; 

Bui if ^e loucn leliivhe ■ imd lene Uie poure. 

Such goail as god 30W sent ' godclicb pirterli. iso 

3c lie liutic :ii more meruit ■ in masse nc in hourc*. 

Than Milkyn of hiro maydcahodc * thai no man dct^rclb. 

For lajrc! the gcntil < iugged in his bokes, 
That faith viih-€utc the faU« ' Is ri^tc no thinge wonhl, iM^ 
And as dcd as a dorc-lre * but jS l^c dcdes folwe; 

For-lhi diaatuc witli-ouk' charite * worth cheyncd in hclit; 
It IB as Jeiwd ae a laumpc < ihaE no li^te :s inne. 

Many clinpi^kynrs ^ne cliA&te ' ac diariie U awry; itt 

Aicn no men aoorouserc than liij ' wban Lhci bcQ auuiKcd; 
Vnkyndc to her kyn ■ and t*> alle cri&tenc, 
Chew&n hete cbariie * and chid^n after more. 
Such cha^lite with-outen chaTite ' worth eheyned in helle! ^^t 

Many curaloure;^ ke|itn honi ■ cleiie of iiert^ bodies, 
Thci ben acombrcd with coucilisc ■ lhci konpc nou^t don it 

inxn hem, 
So haTiie haih auarice ' yhaspcd hem to^fleres. 
And [tiat h no ircmhe of the tnnitc ' but liecchetye of tielle, r^G 
And Icniyng to Icwdo men ' the latter for to dele. 

For-lhl this wordes ■ ben wiyten in (he gOBpel, 
VaJt ff dabiiftr vdis • for I delt jow alle. 
And ihal hi the lokke of loue ■ and latcth oute my grace, loo 

A, 16O4 V mitrti^iit'- trtutfir whhaiitfn Ifj. For trculbr, D hoj !&]■, ahi/ 
THU 4«w Wib. /-]»/■ fey. TH, -law JnJi, rt"rf D hIat fwt. ifi^. V rtantjutut 
clujttitfaif^chuiLe: itf L lAi- t;ti'iS£, Tfuje litus are nor m V . Lum 

A, PASSUS I 1*7-178. C. PASSUS U. 178-198. 37 

Chrwcn hrorf churirc ' anH chidrn ftfipr iron? I 

S<ach chafAllc wJlhouUn chiinie ' vor^ ch>Tnci3 in Iicllcl iCS 

CtvntEMm ihut tfchuldcn Iccpc hem ■ clcnc of hcon; bodioi 
ThH bcctb cumbml tn exrt ' and cunncn not oui-crfpe; 
So hanlt hco Voih with anarice ■ i-haipei ta^gvdert. 
Thai tih aa ircuihc ot Xtinilc ^ bui itichcric tJ belte, i;i 

And a Iconifrts for Icwed men ' tJ^c htcrc forte dele 

Fo* Cieo* b«h wofdet i-wrten ■ in tbe ewoi^gdye, 
/Xi* // (Mitur vaHt ' for 1 rifle- ow allc 
3«>urc s'!^<^ ^"^ l^u>^ i;i>^ biLppc - juuK wcUlc fof to w>iuie^ 
And ibcnHih Knowcth me kpidcl)' ' of ibai T )0U scndc. ij} 
That i» the lok of lo^^c ^ ibfti kinh out my grace 

Bom j"f 5« loue JccUichc - and Icne ihe pourt, 

Of siKb good 11 god unt ' goodliche part«, 

}e huie DQ more cneryt * to m^^e nr in liourea, rAo 

Tlun Milb)ti of hurt tnaidcnhod ' uham no m^n dc^irelli. 

For lamn the ffcnicl ' iug^ctb in bus bokce. , 

TInic kitb vith'ou^e fcl - y« fL^b^lore tbin nouht, 
And dod *K ft HfiTc-raj'lc ■ boic yi ihc dede folwc; 1H4 

Cbwtke vitb^outc cbaiiic ' ^of(b che^nid in hc31e; 
Hit is nn lewcdc as & lompe ' that no lyghl ys }^ne. 

Hcny choj^eU^TUi oren choM ' ac cbarltc hem fuilrib ; 
ArcD done bAntur nr bongryour ^ ibvi nic^n of hc^l/ church^. i9^^ 
AncrouM and eu«l-wilTc<l ' uhannc thci ben Au^unscd, 
And vnlyiulc to hurc Vjsi ' ani] to alle cryititu; 
Tbw chcwcD here charile ■ and cbiden after more; 

And enconibrcd wLib couetyse * thci connc nat out cr<-pc, igj 
So hirdc bilii flccrycc ' h»spcd hem to-scdcrt^ 
And thai y« no irviithc of the trinite ' bote iredierie and synne, 
And luSier enamplc, Iciip me ■ 10 ihe ]puedp jiuple, 

For iheci arm wonles ' iiT>len in the cuaiigrlye, 19S 

D^ d dihitvr uAii ' for I dele }ow alle. 
And dut 9 the Jok of louc ' Lhal vnloseth grace^ 

'74 "IJ *'' "" n ff^^V; ''*' '■fJ' art /rtitn TDlIj, 

«0E*> (^ T>|X<t> t*. >^ TTocle l/w eucl} P. 
z^;. V ffv. for I <1p]v )ow MlTe. 

if I. wtm r. 1^1, 

wiutnr P- i^%- 10- 

38 A. PASSUS I. 179-183. B. PASSUS I. sm-207. 

To counTorte the earful ■ acumbrid T^ich sj-nnc. 

Loue is the leueste thinge - that our lord askith, tSo 

And eke the graith gate ^ that goth into heuene. 

For thi I sei^e as I seide er * be si;[e of thise tixtes, 

To conforte the careful ' acombred with Gynne- 

Loue is leche of lyf ' and nesCe owre lorde selue, 
And abo the graith gate ' that golh in-to heuene; 
For-thi I sej as I seide ' ere by the textis, 304 

Whan alle tresorea ben ytryed ' treuthe is the beste. 
Now haue I tolde the what treuthe is ' that no tresore is bettere, 
I may no lenger lenge the with ■ now loke the owre lorde I ' 

A. PASSUS I. 183-185. C, PASSUS 11. 199-205. 39 

Whan alle tresouris arn trijede ' treuihe is Ihe beste. 183 

Now haue 1 lolde the what treuihe h • that no iresour is betere, 
1 may no lengere lenge ■ now loke ibe cure lord/ 

"Hiat conTorteih alle cristlne ' encombred with synne. 
So loue js lech of lyue ' and lysse of alle peyne, icm 

And the grafTc of grace " and gnjlhesl wey to heuene. 
For-thy ich may say, as ich seide ' by flyght of the tilt, 
WheoDC alle tresoui^ ben tryed ' treurb ys the best ; 
Loue it,' quath that lady - ^ lette may ich no leng&re ^ 104 

To ler^ the what loue ys' - and leue at me hue lauhte^ 
Explicil passus secundus. 

C. 199. confortctlh P. 100, pyne P. aoi. an {/br snd) P. 

gnjtoit P. wey S ; w«l MF ; waj IB ; P em. 305. Wcmic P. 

Jof. ^ {Jar thit) P. 305. W4l P. P 0m. rae. 


A, PAS5US U. 1-5. B. PASSUS IL i-io. 

Pmtui sectff%dta de viaione. 

YW kut^Ecct I 00 my knees - vid cricfl hire of ^cc. 
Anil BciJei *fn^CJ| TnadAm« ' lor I^l^met) Iolic of he«WM 
Thiil bar ih* bli*ful liarn ^ That bou)t v(( on ihe rood^, 
Tccho ra* liie kuyndc crjll ' forle kno*e l!ic Fftlsc.* 4 

■Lolc on the luflhond/ quod hco ' *aiid sco whcr he stondcthi 


Passus suundus dt visisne, v! titfira, 

\7ET I w3iLrbc(l on my knrrs ■ nnd cn-ed hir of grace, 
Anil seicltj 'iiKrn:y< iiiiwbme - far M^iic !ouc or licucnr, 
Tbftt bar thai blisful bunic ' tbil bou^k va on Lhc rode, 
Kcnno me bi iommc crafto • to knowc the FiJSv' 4 

*Loki; i^ppon thi l«fc h^f ' and to vhere lie siaridetii, 
Boifie Fxtfl and Faud ' and hen fefv^ ma[i)rer 

1 lokerl on my Icfi half ' aa tlie Wly me Uugblc, 
And wjia war of a womman ' vorilicli yclothcd, S 

fuihJrd v'lth pcliirc ' lhc fin^i;! vpo:i crLhe, 
Y-crouticdo with a corone ' the kvng liaih nnn hciicf. 
Feti^hch \ai fyngrcs ' were frcucd wiili irolde wyrc. 
And iherC'OO red mbyes ' as red as any glcdc^ u 

And diamajitz of derrest ptis - nnd double mancrc GofTerca, 
Ortentiile^ and ewagw ■ eniienymes la desiroye. 

Hire rt»bc wiis fu! riche ■ of red scailcL engrcyncci, 
WiUi ribancs of rtd goldc ' and of lidie stonc»; 
Hire am/e m« rauysshed ' tuche ricchcsae saw I neuere; 
f had woTidre whil she was ' nnd wima vyf ^hc were. 

"Wbal i^ ihU wominiin/ ijuod I ' '^o woithily aiirud?' 
' Th»l b Mcde llie maydc,' i^uod she ' ' h;iLh noycd mc ful oft. 10 

A. S he TCDi iwo V. CI f. vmrP. 9, ttommoa F, 10. H0 

(Jttf'Unt); Mrlf. wit P, 11. caronxfeP, villi KC^: iaPEMrS. 

A. TASSUS !L fi-i6, C - PAS5U5 HI 1*19, ^l 

Bothc FaIa And Fiiuucrt * and al hb hole meyTLcl' 

1 lokedc on ih« hifi half - 2s the la<1i mc Uiuhtc ; 

Tbenoe i«a I mj of a wommon ■ wondcrtichc dmhc<l, S 

Piirfylci wiOi prfun? ' the ricr-hr*l vp|inn ronhf?. 

I-corounc(1 with a cornun? - die ky^S ^>'^''^ i^^ 1>cttre; 

Alfc hif fjiit fyngrci ' wcorc frcitcl wiih fyngc%i 

ibe prcdou&eii p^ut ' thai prince wered euere; u 

Tn reJ warfrl hi»o rod ' i-rybitmr idrli goVl; 

Xlirr IM» no ijwfciir quvjulurrf ' [hat (juik U ilynv. 

'What b li^ wommoni' quod I ■ "thus vonJcrlichc a-iyxcE?* 
'Thdt 16 Tkfecde the m^^^cfen/ quod heo ' 'that haih me maned 


/na'pi't passuv ffrriits. 

tbaime ich kndc^c on my knca ' And cjcde to hure 
of ^rftce, 

And fdde, 'merest*, iRtulAnic * (ot TlTarje Icoic of hcuene, 
Thai bar that ble«cdc bam ■ thai houghft^ vs on the rocle, 
Kcnne me b; sam cniA ' to knowc the false.' 4 

'Loke t-pem thy I)'ft h&lf,* (|uath hue • 'lo i;vhsir be slandilh, 
Boibf F«b ind Fauci ' and r^-lcd tonge Lyerc, 
Atid irwnye of htre nuner* ■ boihe men and tt'otnmen/ 
Id] lotiid uci my lyl\ li^ ' u.s ilu^ Uily me Uiulite* s 

Aftd SKih 1 womman i> yi were ' wondcrlich richc doEhcd. 
Hoe VAA purfUd vHlh pebure ' hod purerc in erthei 
AtkI COTOned with % corone ■ the k>-nge haih no beiere; 
On allr htirc fyur fyngi«?« - rychf^tidifr yrynged, j> 

And ihcr-on rede rulxca ' and oibci lichc Hiones. 
Hure robe aa* nxdier ■ thun ich rcdc couil^e, 
For lo Idle of hvrc ^ityro ' no tyme haue kb nouth- 
Hurc a-rive with burr ryrhMie ■ raursshrdc tnyn bcrte, i5 

'WluA yr^i hue were ■ and ^vhflt Wis hurc Onimc, 
Leue bL<]j,* qtutb ich iho ' 'Uyn nat yf ^e bnowcn.' 
* That yi Mcde ibe mayde,' c[UiLlti liue * tbul bilb i^oyed mc ofle, 

17. W»i 0*^ WhM] P. i8< Uue O^i' Um) P, 




A. PASSUS II. 17-1^ K PAS5US 11. 11-44* 

And i'Ukhcd iny lore ■ 10 IoMct abouic- 
In the pcip« palcj's hco ih - ak priuc ait inf-aclu«a; 
And nn sr.hiildt^ hrrt nfioji - for Wrong wm* hir (yrt; 
Ooi of Wrong hco vrojc ■ lo wroihcrlicic monyc. 
Ich cuhlc ben hcrrc ihcn hco ' I com of A bcUrc. 
TO'inorwe worth the monagt i-niul ' of M«c<k Aruil of Folsj 


And jrlakked loy Icmman ' (hat r>ewte is hoien, 

And Ulowen hice (o loiJrti ^ iliui Uac» hau 10 kcpe. 

In ibc popia palcyj the ia iir^-uc as my-scir 

Cut eothcne^Q wolde nou^l to ' for she is a bkstard«. a-« 

For FaK was hir* fader ' ihat hath a fjkd (or^g«i 
And ncuerc *io(hc soidc ■ slthco he come 10 crrhc. 

And Mcd« IS mancrtd ftficr hyin ' rijK av kyndc tx«th j 

Quail's p^Jttt Sotiit filita; i^na ar^ hcnum /tttctKm /oHi, 

I au|to ben hcrre ihon she - I c^m of A better. j4 

Mi fader the grete god b ' and grcoindc of allc graces^ 
O god M-jUi-ouic gj-nrj^Tige ■ cini 1 his gode doubter, 
And liaih ^oue me m^rcy ■ 10 marye wvJi my-self; 
And v\hat nun tic merciful ^ and Idly mc lone, ^ ji 

Schal be my lorde and 1 hb tcef ' in the heiie hcucne- 

And vhai man tokcih Med* ■ mj-ne hcd diir L leggft, 
That h« <hal le^ for hir lous ' a ]a]ip« of (ariiatit. 
How ccnatrueth Datiid Oie kyngt ' ofrntti thai Uiketh mcdc, jfl 
And men of this molJc ' ihal mcynieneth Ijcuthc, 
And how ^c [^hal saiic ^owsclf ■ thv biiuUt bcretii witnc&ae. 
/ypfrfmt /wj htjiti/ahit in hibirr^xcttlo Ivc, ^r. 

And Tiow voriti ihit ^^od^ >inaiie(1 - al Eo a maniscd schrewe, 
To one Fala Fikcl-Longe ' a lendcft btjck ; 40 

FAuel (horw his faire spechc ' hath this folkc cnchfiuntcd. 
And ad la Lyeres ledyng ' ihul ehe is Ihue yweddcd. 

To-moTwe worili yraade • the irny denes bray dale. 
And djerc mijlc lliow aiic^ If thovs' wolt ' ifvhit:h itiei ben allc 44 

A. "h Out or THUD; In^lo V. j;. w^t^THUD: sw V. B. 17. 

^dC; &fiwtLWO. C. a». lemmvb P. 3G. aeUdc F. Pm, It 

jf. LyniloQ P. ^tfd.^ HF$B: TWfV PIM. 30, hivrcr P, a 1FS8; 

A- I'ASSUS IL J3-S7- C. PASSUS HI. 80-47. « 

FauiM*] ffiih fnr tpcr.hc ' huh braii)E lirm U)-|;?^li;rc, 
Aud G>fc hath bi^^on hire so ' hco graunicth al hi» willc; 
And al tt Uteres Icdfnsc * that hco Icucd to-£e<Ier^, 

To-tnorw« worth the manage j-maJ * «OLh as [ the lelle, 
Tbfll thrill mHit w\ie, jif ihou wnU - vrhuchfr ihei ben alle 


Aiid,lov«Q vp-on my lemraan ' that t^auic yft hoi'^n, so 

Aiul lukird hjni lo Tonka ' tb^ Unca haJi to kc^» 

In kyngcs court and in ccmunc court ' contraricJi iny icchyn^t. 

In tbt popn |iftl07« ' bu< is prj'Uy aa my-sclue, 

Ac srchm^c^ nrolH no^i co ' for hnr tt a liiu^irde; 14 

On F«ucl WAS tiufc r^er ilj&t b^ih a f>kcl U>nj{e. 

And Kidc »oth jc-ih ■ bote if he sonchc xyU't 

And Medc }i mincfcd after hym * a« men of kynde kArpvn, 

For thai ocucrc Ixeic bnrc - Lwriei u a v/ne, ji 

Nc on crokcd kcnc ihome ' k>'nde ^ygyi wcxc; 

jRwa tf^Aflr Somtm frit^ium fatii. 
Ich oohte b* bcrrc than hue ' tch kam of a bif[er«. 
The fader Oj;ii me fcmh broubtc ■ fihm dti !ic Uutelh, 
Tbftl ncucrc ))^c nc Uuhwcdc ' in tX bu3 lyT'tymo. 3« 

Ich fun hu& dvrc douheter ' ducheuc of heuene; 
What man ihai mc loujclh ■ and my wille fvilwtih, 
Sbtd hxuc gr?u% lo good jrtovt ^ and 1 good cmlc; 
And what nun ihat Icucth Mcdc ' my lyf kh dor weddc, ,^fi 
He shal Icse fot hofc tone ' % 1ap|ic of trcwc chante^ 
TliftI incoi hdpelli mrn to hrtieiic - nictk- n]o>t IctlcLh, 
Idi do hk rpon Dauid " the doucnW wol no^t lye; 

Ihr^im^ pat h^httatiit in ta&frnatnh tu^, tt nl/ra. 
Dauid ra-dDib bit h}'ni-^1f ' a» ihr dumhc tJicweih, ^o 

El sttfitr bukamUfa mttittrit son aatpti. 
To-iDorv^ ft«nh Mode wedded • to a manKd wrccche. 
To on Fala Faitbki ' cif the fccndci kynne. 
Faorl ibocgh his fUtvyng spcchc ■ bath Mede foule cnchaniiJ. 
And aJ u LjTrs Myog - that Iwly ik ihut yurdded. 44 

Soflre now and thow shall ace ' suchc a« ben apaiedc, 
'rbai~M*de yi ilm* ymarycd"- lo-mor^ve :how shall a»p1e. 
Know ttjKi Kir], yf ihow kaavt ■ aeuI kc|i (he fru hrrn alle 

Ijsik PE. u- don: (;tr ilnu) T, 36. wal P. |7- law C/w- Uw) P. 


A. PASSUS 11. 38-35- ^ PASSUS II, 43-S7- 

That longiTh to ihat lordf^cMp^ • tHp lastp and thr more, 3» 

tuitjw b«ii] ll^erc |ir Lhou caiist ' &il(J kc^c xhc fro hem elJc. 

]if thou wilncit to wone * witU (rcuihc id his bliu?; 

Lcme h)^ lawe thai u^ tto 1«-1c ' An<3 f^iihlhc tcche it further, 

r mnv no Icngnrc IfUc " vf tofd kh Ihc iH-lifnii*^; 

And tiJ-comc a good mon - for cny cnuetyse, tch rctle.' 

When ho was mc f'O ■ 1 Inked an<3 byhclilc 

AUc this richc rctcn&uncc ' Ihat rc;;ncJcn witti Fals 

Weoreii bede to the hmjt-ak ■ on bo iwo the syde* 

Sit SiTTinnjp is of'T-ent ■ lo asswilc the cliaiiicn. 

Thai Fils othur Fauuc) ■ bi cry fju hcokkn. 

And TcB^c Mccde ther'w:lb ' in marriage for cu«ic- 



Thai longcth to that loidcship ' ihc Ifuisc and the more. 
Know« hem there tf thott^ c^man - a.nd kcpc thi tong?, 
And lakkc htm noujr, but lat hem wonli ■ til lewte be iustice, 
And hiiuir powtTc lo purij'sdjcn In^iu ' lliunne put fortJi thi rvsoun. 

Now I bikctjnc the Crifttc/ quod ahc ' 'and hi* dene modcr, 49 
And kt no coimdenct acombre ilie ' for coucitise or Mede/ 

Thti^ left nie ih&t lady ' Jlggyng as1c^p«. 
And how Nfrde wis ym;*ricd ■ in meieles nie ihoiijtc; $t 

That alio tlie richc rcicnauns ■ iltai regncth viirh the false 
Were bodon to ihc bridale ' on bothe two fydes> 
Of M1« maner of men ' the mene and the riclie. 
To m.irir* this maydcnr " wai many man assembled, ^6 

A4 of kniiics and of clcrkif ^ and oiHcr comune poeple, 
Aft ^ysoura and (ompnours ■ shircaeii and here cicrkcft, 
BedcUes and bailliucs ■ atul brokourc* of ch&ffarc, 
Forgoeres and viiaillers ■ and -vokait* of the irchff*; 6c 

I rin noujt rckctic the route ' thai ran aboule Mede* 

Ac Symon)c and Cyuilc ' and lisourcti of courtes 
Wwe moste prjue wiih Mtde ' of any men, me thou|re. 
Ac Fauel wa« ih^ fir^t ' that Teitf hire out of boure, 64 

And aa a brokour broujie hir • to be with Fals ciuolgacA 
Wlian Symonyc and Cyailc " sci^ here fcclrc *ilkf 
Tliei assented for ailuer ' to sd as both* woldot 

A- *fl io. T^tn iiMti iir( frem tTTft^D ; V Acw m/^ 1. ^o, ihrn : Bole »V 

ikoTf irilot to wore will] ticiiitie b hJ* lh**c, 31, 7'JHt Ufu ii lo It eKif. 


PASSUS U. 40-51. C. PASSUS 111. 48-68. 


Bote ihcr DA* htlle nc hou» ' LhU Biihi hcrborwc the pcplc, *9 
Tbat vctc tctd EVU ful * of io\k al a-t)Oule. 

In irtJddH on a ETintiiLiaync ' ar niiilmorwc lydt 
VfiA pEljt vp A pauiloii ' a prouJ for the iioni;^; 
And k& thou^bcnd of icnicf . l-iilkd bcsydea, 41 

For kmhtd of cunue - uid conacn^ aboute, 
For iciocrfi, for vumnon * for viillcra, for buggers, 
Fof Icwtdc for liTTctlc ' for Uborcm of tbropcs. 
Aad ibr the l^ilcryiigc frcctiH - ilk the fouie ordcra, 45 

Alk to vitoctisc wcl ' what the writ wold?, 
In what marwre ihit Me*(l« - in niari:;gc wiis i'feff«d ; 
To bro ^Alncl villi Foil ' ihp fjri was -^xtrtcii. 

Tbai loujedi hure tordiheps ' latie other more. 




Lftcic h*m no)t, boC« Ic(9 hem vortbe * tyl 1>ai]!e be liDiifcc, 
And haiic pow^r for U> pjn^'^bL' ^cm ' ilien pur forth ihy rcson 
For ith hj'keniic il^c CrUC quuilj hue ' ' Autl bus cicnc modcr. 
KncoiDbrc neucrc U3> conscience ' for couct^'sc of Mcdc.' £i 

Tliitt left ai* thai lady ' Jypgyngi? a steps. 
And ich tatih how Mcdc was imricd - meiyng as il were; 
Aiul d the nchc rL-iynaiincc ihai roloih hrm on f4l^ 1yu>'rtge 
Were bcde 10 ibai bnidile * on hothe hulf the contrrU;, s^ 

Of many miner men ■ Lhat were of Mcde£ kunne; 

<K ki^>3l«Cf of clerkes - oF other comUDe pup]e» 

As fyacian nnd Kcmnori ' ^hcTryui^q ^incl here clerkes, 

Bodcb 4nd iAiVid ^ad brokcuj& of cli^fTArc, 

ForgDcn and vyta^crt ■ and vokclius of ihc archca, 

Ich kxQ nojt rckenye the roulc ' lh;vt ran a-botzic Mnle. 

Ac Sj-monyc an<! CiuEIff ■ and BiioutK of coiitrci* 
Wtn moti pryu^c with Medc * of Gtty men, mc thoujtc. 
Ac F^yel vu ihc fcntc ' that fcttc huris out of chambrc, 
And a£ a brocour broghte hurc forth ' to be io^md \\\ih 
Whoane Sjmonyc and Cyuj-le ■ anh here boihercB wit^ 
Titny asiciiled l}ier*io - at 3ii.*luer5 praieic. 





k^ TU1>; V Ml, B 59, tbii^fT L- C. 4^- oT>ei >t eiiok. ftl, 

r«>]GOtfntEi Vonctie'>un» r. I'^ai i-L^. 64* wiv P. tne ^u)ic 


A. PASSUS IT. 5^-59' B, PASSUS H. 68-91. 

Thimnr FauuH (ei hire fuiili ■ anJ lo Fali uVetli, ji 

In forw'^irilc ihit lut.-^cjHc ■ »cb*l fjndcn hirt for cucrc. 
To be boxuro and boun ' hU bjddrng to folfuUcv 
In bedde ftnd at borJ« - boxum ^rd h«ndc, 
And as rir Simony^ wol lijjgp • to iu*m liJs wHlc. 16 

Now Simt>a>-c and Slujlc - siondcili fozth boihc, 
Vn-foldyng the f^lTenicDi ' thai FnUnc^ made. 
And UiUB hy^nrtcn ih« gomc« - and ^^adJcn vcl hvje; 

Hiannd kpe Ljcr foflli, and flcide ' Mo herd a chartrc. 
Tliai Gjle wilh his gr^l othm * gaf hem tugicktrr/ 
And jjiridc Cyuilc 10 k ■ and Symonye to rede JL 
Thtnnc Sjmonyt and Cyuik ■ «onden forth bothc. 
And vnrotdeth the kflcmcnt ' that Kok haih ym^ked, 
And thufi bigynitrth the* gomes ■ to greUen fid hdj: — 





Wiicih and uitneisvih ■ wonicih vpon ihii prthe. 
Thai M<*de Is )'-maried ■ more for hcrr gfjodt*. 
Than for ani vrriue or fairpncAw or any fice kynde- 
F^»enG9»c U fainc of litre ' for lie vote hire riche; 
Fauci Willi Iu3 fikc! spcclw ' fcfieih bi this chartre 
be prync^ii in gfjdc ' and pouertc lo dispise^ 
To biikhi:c, and to bu!;tt?n ' and here f^b wiiiiehsc. 
To scorne *nd to Hcoldc ' and acl^underc (O make, 
Vnbdxoine and bolde " lo brtkc the icn heflt*fc; — 

And the tridome of couje ■ and wratljie logiderea, 
W\\\\ ihc chiLSlelet of chesi ■ and t'h:ittfr)'ng'OUie-of-resoun, 114 
The countc of coudlifre - oud .tile the costca abouk. 
Thai is, vsuic and auorice - oUe 1 hem gnrante^ 
In bargain^a and in brokaget • with a1 the borghe of iheft ; — 

And al the lordeshTji of lecher) c ' in 1i?r»the and in hiedc, 8K 
Afl in ^ve^kes and in noidcd ' and w^iilynge^ with c!cs> 
And in ntdca and in -a-i&shyn^a ' and with jrdcl thou|tes, 
There as wiJIe wotde ' and uerkman'shrp fLullolh/ 

A- 5G- lOiUrteo HTH,; UneWfiii 13: stbcvin V, j^j. Frtfm UTUB; 

\ 9tniii t Ait tint, B. S;. bor^iTit l„ yi. L mvffi^ rrutrf j nc ^r/vvf 

wjWc. wprmanihip L C. 7J- MoiJm MFC; ttod P, 7J- rnlwkl P. 
|ni {/9r tbc) P. mikfde r. ;£. byl>-iien F. ;ft. ihJcbt P. 79. wnen I ; 

PASSUS IL 60^6. a FASSUS III 69-96, 47 


' Hii mtcn And wimc^^os ' ll>At woticih vppon corlh«. 
That I, FatiucI, fcffc Fals ' to Ihai mAyd«n Mt^eJe, 

for pnfr or for rlche, 
' cucr for 10 la^c, 
of IcnjcEhc and of brci^c, 
liVith the king<lom of ccructitc * 1 crouno b«tti bo-gcdcra; 
Wih the jle of vmre ■ and iiurice the falw. 

To be prcirji: Ir pni^c - 
Wth ihc aMjkm of cn^yc 
With allc (he lordschupc ' 



Tljc&ac Iccp Litre forlK ^nd sdile ' 'bl beie ■ chulie, 
Tli&t G^lc haUi Krae to Fal^titssc ' arul graunicd 10 KTcdc/ 
And prcjth Cjvyb il to see ' and Symcaj'« it to rede. 
Tlaftibp Sjmotijie and Cyuylc - aiodcn Torth bothe, jj 

And vnrcclAc the nfffcmcni ' tliax FaI* Iiin.l(Ic rudked; 
Thftan? Mydc Symonyc * that Cyuyl it hcidci 
*Me that loitcn and by[«ucn ' vp lykj-ng of Me^Ici 
l4iMth hie kclly * :hyi wcirth 1iur« lisle mede, f« 

Ttifll folwcn raliic5*c ' Faufl, and Lycre, 
And mc, and twichc iricn ' that after nocdc Mayicii. 
SitattJ f^nenUr el fu/ur\ .- d akm. 
WHn iHc uul a-Tinctcn * that woincn here en eftho, 
That M«dc jn y-m.irJal ■ morff fof hure ridicsse f« 

Than Jot hoTyncsii: otiicr hcndcnc^w ' either Tor hyc ky[i<Ic. 
FabncMC b fayne of hurc ' for he wot hurc richc, 
And Faud hifh 'niEh fals spechc ' rcfled hcra by tbiR IctLerc 
To be jiTvncc* of prude ■ ami [Mnierte 10 dinpice, £4 

To faakbyieii and tci boslcn •■ aud 1)ere falii witiirvte^ 
To xornie aod lo scdUc ' sclauridrcn tc> mikc, 
Both fobOKom and bold - to brekc tUv Cvn liesiea. 
The nldon of enujie ' and yre he Iiym grautiieth, ss 

Wiib tlie caaccl of dm^e ' and diairring-ciut'Ofxreson ; 
The cowittc of coueluc he consented] to boibc. 
Witli vicryc and nuedce ' and otlier fabe frlciihce 
In barge^iiv and in broc^^s - vith th^ borghc of tliufibe. 91 
And a] the k>r<1d*ep of lecbrij^ ' In li^ngihe an.i in brede, 
Ka in MOiLet and in ucidcs ' anJ ^ailyn^ra of c>'Hi 
In wcdcs and in wlt«hjii|:<a ' and uiib ydcl thouhtcs, 
Tbcr that «U voUe - and verkmangt^up biktb. ^ 

WtMi II ; WH*ft r. fo» P ^fijf^rf mechf] v^/' h^irv. Si. bit (/v ii) P. 
f^ bfC^^la P. vlilivcue P. ^- P «■; Mif and ttaiungn V. 

48 A. PASSUS n. 67-76. B. PASSUS II. 93-117- 

Gbionye and gr^ie othus ' Jch jfup h*Tn i^fwre. 

Will] 4IW llctjiC!! m^^ lUbtCi ' tllC OcUcl fof lO ft«IUC» 

la &l the »cfUT«c oTalouihc ' 1 «cac hem io-^cd?rc; 

To liubbcn AdJ t^ hoMcD * and fll hcore hcj^res aftur, 
With the puttinioncc of purgiioric ' *n-to ihe pjiie of hellc ; 
J^ldyngc for ttiis tiling ' at Lhc ]Cf» ende^ 
Hcorc bOMlcs to SathanA« ' to scndcn h 10 pync^ 
Thcf 10 woncn with Wfong ' whil Rod is in hcucncp' 

Jn witTicase of whuche thing ' Wrong was the fufste, 
Fera ihe [lordoner ' Pttulynea ilocUir, 



Glolonxc he gaf hern ckc ■ and gtele oLlics logj'dcrc. ^t 

And Mxy to drynkc ' at dyuerse uuvrrt^. 
And there Lo iangttf and 10 iape ' and iugge here euene criiitcne, 
And in fiuJiyrg-dajes to frele ' ar ful lyme were. 
And th;inne In silten mid sou]jeii ' til &tc|ii? Iieni uaoillc, 9A 
And brnkn as burgh-svyn ^ and bcddcn hem caily. 
Tyl sleuth ant^ ^Q\te ' Uyken h^a sides; 
And ihanne v-irbope 10 awake hym so ' with no larille to amende. 
For he leutth be lofit ^ this is berc 1^1 ende* im 

And ihci to kiue and to lioldc " and here eyreji after, 
A dwelling with ihn di^ucl ' and dampncd be Tor eurc, 
WiEh al the purienaunces ofpurgaiorie ■ in-to the pyne of tielle. 
Jeldyng for ilil* ihinge ' at oik? }eri^ en'le, 104 

llcjc soulcb to S^Chan ' to b'uifre with hym pejucs, 
And with him to v^'onye with wo ' v-hil god \s in heticnc* 

Jn wtmci^fie of vhich tiling ■ Wronge was Ihe finti 
And Plrrri the p.irdnncre ' of Paulyui^* doctrin^ loV 

DcILt; lIjc bcdcl - of Bokyiigltani'sbire, 
RiLinaldc the rcuc ■ of RotUnd sokcne, 
Munde the tnt-llere * and many moo oLher. 
'In tlie date of the {Icnel ■ this dede T assele, iti 

Bi iijte of mic Syiiionye ' and Cyuyles leue/ 

Thennc kncd hym Thcologye ' whftn he tiii» tale hcidc. 
And soldo to Cyuile * 'now eorwe moi tbow haue, 
Such Kveddyngr-s 10 worcbc ■ to wratlhe wllh Treuilie; iiG 

And ar tlii8 weddytrg be wrou^tc ' wo the bityilel 

A. 76* dMtocTH,j4oct«Ufc D; UonbterT, 

B. 97. brciiuL. lit. 


A. PASSUS Ih 7;-^«. C PASSUS ni. 97-119. <9 

BtfU llic budul - of Dokyngliamc^ bdiirv. 

Rofidulf die rctic ' of Koicloncjtcs eohciic, 

Taber« :ind Lomblert ' and t^pctlcn (e\o, 

Thtumic iJie mulncTR - and mnni mo oihure. . I» 

In the dale dt Jic deuel - the ilenlc wil« i-ftclel^ 

Be ttibt of sir Sjimoni ' and notaries ai^cs. 

Tben teone<I« hiTQ Teologye ■ tvhon he this \^e berde, 

AdJ »ritle lf> Siuyli^ - 'Sl^rwp an ihi Toklc^ifif I4 

Soch wcililjiii; 10 wcjtvUff - to wiathtlic wtih Truilie; 
And ir this wcd<!iyng bco wroujt - wo the bco-tydcl 

Ctotcnyc be g<U9ih h«m ' and gr«1c olives lO-gedCrts, 

Al dajr 10 diynlce ' hi dyuerse uuemes, 

Thcr to tangly and 10 iape ' and luge her cmcrUiinc. 

And fiitineiii(>xa to frclc ' by-for noon, and drjmke 100 

With cpicerict Kpek }'d«Tnc(Ae ' in vccii ^pcchc, and )pcnc, 

Asd vuwire forth swych felausbirp ' tyl thcj ben fallen in tlcwibc. 

And 4*«r^e wuh WAiiho|ie - and no wil Ifi uitienilr, 

For he \cj}itih be yki^t - when he hus lyf leC<th: 104 

ThiA hi to lolwic Kattnetsc ' a^d fcjk that on h>Ti> leueih, 

After bare dcth a duLcUng^'^diiy u-Ifh-otii^n mdc 

In LiKifcTct bidihiip ' a* ihy* Icnerr ^hcACih, 

Wiih fll the poninauncc of pur^Ioryc ' and ihc paync of hclk/ loS 

Id witncMc of this thjng - Wrong wi« the ferate, 

And P<re* the pordoncr ' of Pnulynpt que^tc, 

ikuc ihe bndelc * of Baancburieii ujkn«, 

RffiUiil ihc nue ' and leclyngkyngcs inciiyc, iii 

Monde die mjlnere ' and mcny mo oiherc. 

la Ifae due of ibc dcucl ■ iUa d^dc yi n ^cM, 

By tyght of lyrc Sj-monye " and Cyuyirs leicc. 

ThMUi^ leocd hym Tbeologye ' wlirmtc he ih>'s talc hfidc, 
Asd MTde ti> vfK Syoionyc " 'now *i>twc moic Lhow haue. 
Socb A itcddyiifi to wo^Ik ' that wraihc myKhtc Treuihen iti 
And er Uitt ^ir«dd>iig be wroughte * no 10 al joure consaiL I 

9fn^pitr* L C< 97. hym 0^ luaa) P. too. flo (/rr utA) F. 

104, Tcti l\ »Pf. 1jW!^P- 106. P#«v K. iii> *nil fc (/0r ui(J) F> 

Mft uHd IK- icnfde MG; tonnnleCnr) F. wmntP. 117- >Qir 
;t*P, ilV, Mii^P. 


so A. PASSCS Tl t-j-^i. B, PASSUS H. 118-133. 

For Mcfde is a Tuwder ' a maydcn cf goodc. 
God irrfivni^ v« t^^ ^iuc hire * thcr Trcuche vrot o ^i^nc, 83 

And thou hsEt ^iucn hire to 1 g:nour ^ god )iu« Lh« tcn^c! 
The lixt iHleiH not «f> ■ Trmihe woi the soibe; 

Dignus tit operariux merttdt Jtea ; 
Worihi 15 the ^rcrkmcn ' his hure to haue ; 
And thou hast fcffei hire **ilh FaJfi - fy en thi hwet 91 

For lechour* and lyjers ' lihiliche thou Icetieftt, 
Siinoiiic and llii-^IT achcitd^n boliclLirchi:; 

For Mcdc is moylcre ' of Amendes cngcndrcd. 
And god graunielh lo gj-f • Mede Co Treuthe, 
And ihow hasi gyucn hire to a gyloiire ■ nm* god gyf the Sorwe ! 
Thi tixl Icilclh (lie noujt 90 - Tieuihe wok llic aotlic, ui 

For 4igmts tsi oferariia ' bb hjre to hone. 
And thow hji^i Teat hire to Fala * Ty on iht lawe! 
For S1I by If^yngCT (how lyucsr ■ anil techrroau *eA«, n* 
Syiiioiiyc and thi-sclf ' ftchcndcii holichcfthe, 

The noUiics iiid jce ■ nayclh ihc pcplc, 
3c »hu] abipgcn it bothe ' bi god that me made 1 
Wei ]€ wii^n^ wernardes " bui if |owrc will* fjullo. 
That Fate U faiihlep* * and fikel in ht« werkea, 
Atid was a ba^Urd? y^borc ■ of Bclsahubbes kynntL 
Arid Mcdc i* moylerc ■ a maydcn of gode, 
Ard my^io kisse tite kyi}ge * lor co&yn, an the woldc 
For-ihi worcheth bf wisdomo * and bi witt adio, 



A. 3<|. to THLTD: V f^^f . g^. 96. />Mf II ; V ertiti Mk tiun. ^. 
JfatkrfoV. R iiSl aigndrfth L. C 191, moder MIBU; damir 

PASSD3 IL 95-103. C. PASSES III. isi>-t47. 51 

sc1nl« abyjcxc H l^othc * b^ god ih&i mc maiJe, 
At 00 ysrii gndc ' wfaan )• r^hin AchuJ ; 
lie ftftd lliH^Kr rtfiUriK ^ ftn]])'^rn ihp f^qj^ 
Tor wtl )c nilcn, wcm^rikftl ' bui ^if 01 wit tiyht 
That K»ls u a favixir ' a Ctylcrc of vcrko, 
And k butord Uborcn ' of JicUnbubbca kunne. 
Ami Miwde it a luwclcr ■ a madden fid gpot; 
Hco oiiicc cuvie the kyng ' Tor co&pi, jif hco schulde. 
Worchclb bi wUdam ' and bd wit a^r; 


For M«de is aodlkrie ' Amendea tru her^ dAtne ; iio 

Ttiou-h Fnis *rerc hure r:ulef ■ and Fykcl-tongc hiue syrt, 

AcictidcTi wav burc modci ~ bj^ Utivc mrniLc^ lokjng. 

WitbH>uie hiirc moder Amcndcs - Mcdc m^y ncghc be wedded, 

For Treuih plygbtc hufc Ucmhc ' to wcddc on of butc <Souhtcres. 

Atid god gnuiil^le it were %o ■ »o ihit no ^Ic were, i>5 

And tbow luM yg«ue bufc wt Gyle Uughte ' god ]yuc die Hoiwe! 

For Cyu^ and ihy Sfluc . addc fblfitlcth 

Tbat god volde werr ydo ■ wuh-oute torn dcceiie. ttt 

Idi Thcologle thi? tlsjc bnow^; • and trtwo dome w)"tne*Mih, 

Thai Laurens tht' I^-uEir ■ lygg^Tigf on ib^-' gr-dire, 

Lokcd v^ to Oiirc lordc ' and a-loud scide, 

'*God, of thy ^ac« ' bcueni; ^tc» opcnc, tit 

For icb, man, of ib^ ni*^fcy ' tivdc bane dcicru^d ! " 

And lytblbe imui mny an bey ' medr of god dcsE^nie, 

Hit wmirth ful »oihly • ryghi mj oS~chhc, 

'iluU Alcdc may be wedded < lo po man hou to Trc^utbe; tj( 

Afltd tbov bul ^^]^ bare wiih Fals ■ fy on suche Uwel 

For Uiorw let^ngrt fe laccVen ■ Inrgrlicbe mede. 

That je semvlb aiu3 noUfiei - to ii^idil by'syuncth brynge 

Holy cburcbe, and ohohtc ' )C cbeweth and dcuouredi. i^ 

Je thullie ft'bj^gc boibe ' bote ;e amende tlic vonncre. 

For wd I* Tfytefl», *^nardM ■ as boly vtjt itlkih, 

Thai Fab p £uiblas ■ ilie fend ys bu& iyie. 

And » ft buiard ybore ■ b^ule vu he ncucr^ 144 

And M«to J* B)otIkf« ■ a maid^ of goode, 

Htw vBj^hio citffte the kyng ' as for hus k)Tiivonunaa. 

Fcff^y vorcbeih by w{sdc>n^ ' and by viitc a\ to. 



HI; mear^f'S. t^S. UedicnMIES; Uabie P, 

t > 

is A. PASSUS U. rcM-iis B. PASSU5 IL 1^4-157. 

I^ifrth hlic fn Lonilotic ■ ihcr lawc is i-hnntllpt. io( 

Sf cny IcUlt »x>l If ken ' that tlici llggcn li>gciicre, 

And ^if the lustlse wol luggc hire ' to be loynct wiih FaLi. 

5il bc-wif of the u-eddjng ' for wiiti is Trcuthe; 

For Cciicif^nce Is of hi^ council ' ::ii(1 knowirth ou vchonf ; 

AnJ jif he tyixdc such dtfauic ' lliat }t wiUi Fala holdcn. 109 

Uii whal bi-aitten ouic sodcs ' aor* alio la&ic.' 

Hcno aiivniid Svtjle ' Lrtii Symonjc nc woldi 

Tyte h^ had «ylner ' fi:»T hK lawc^ antl his selyii^, iiv 

Thcii fci Fiiicl FortU ■ flwe>'ncs i-rowr. 

And hcLd Gyle go to - :ind ^>'Uc gold abotilc, 

AniJ tiAindy :o [his notaries ■ ihai hem non hcL«d; 

AnJ lodcih htie 10 Londoun - dacic lawe is yslicwcd, 

If any Usi^- wil lokc ' ilci liggc fogcdcr«. 

And ihou^ lustiocs iugge hir ' 10 b« ioign«d with FaU, ij6 

Jet beih vrar of weddyng " for mtty U Tnithe, 

And Cotiscitntr is of bis conscille ■ ami knowctli jow vchonc; 

And if he f;nde jow In depute ' and with the f^U liolde, 

It «hal biGitte ^owre &i:mlcs ' ful fioure alte ]4el«r t4» 

Here-to as^cnicth Cjuile ■ ac Symo^yt nt wotde» 
Ty] he had ^)uer for his seniist^ ' md also the notiuics. 

Th;«me fcitc Fauci forth ' Qorcyiics yrowc. 
And b£^d Gyle to g^ue ' gotde al abouEc, ua 

And nam^ljch I0 the notaries * ihii hcnv none n« faille* 
And f^ffe F;ilse">v lines ■ witJi flcreines ynowc ; 
'Foi he may Mcdc &niaJatiye ' and mikcn al iii> wille/ 

Tho this jcoldc nas gyuc ' gretc i*a£ the thonkynge 14S 

To Fa1:i and to Fauel ' for her faire jifies, 
And cortien to conforte ■ fram care the F;i]s, 
And seldcEi, 'ccitis, site ' ccstc xhal we ncuere 
Til Mcdc be Ihi wedded wyf ■ thorw wilds of vs ilk. 151 

For we haue Medc afiiuiairi*:d ■ wiili owrc mery apcche. 
That *he gnuniflh to gon ' with a gode wille. 
To tAnidoun, lo lijke ' jif that the lawe woldc 
l^ee 30W loyntly ' in icyc for cuerc/ i$6 

Thjtnn« was FolaenesM faync * and Fauel as bliihe. 

A- loft- of hU <oom«U TUD: oa of hb V. iii-it?. ^Wm II 1 aJm 
{tjiit^ \. 1 16) w TVD, V i;jn^ sMie ftrui^ CL 1 **. louden l\ wer P. 

PASSUS 11. Ii5-ia8. a PASSUS III. uS-i;!. S3 

Afit) kSt FIU>^-vitTleGS« - with florens I-iunr^ ii6 

For lie may MvtJc a-ina>'il<rrrt] - .it\i\ mnVt^ liir ai ins w)']1r; 
For vilscic fa]3CDC4 h ofi foi^ndca ' thcic fciih faylcth, 
'Jboo ihe gt^Jd wJB |ouen • jwie were th* ihoiilE«« 
To F*Iw an<t w Fauci * for bor fejTc jyflus, lao 

MamjT comcn, from c%rc ' ta counfon^? ihe Fala?, 
And Aworcn on iLic hooTjdom - that 'ctatc kcIiuI wc ncucre 
Or Hedo be thi tvcddad vrjf < ihorou) ^Tictc■ of va altc. 
For T»« hail Mt<Jc i-mnTrtcrd ' wiih *>uro m/ri woidiB im 

Th»l bt-J gmuniprb to goo - vlth a. good mllle. 
To LotvJon, to lokc ' iT the Inwe wole 
luiEfte f<>u loyotcly ' to be Io>nGd for cucr.' 
TbOTLii* WAS FiLlft fajm ' md Faujel aUo blithe, laS 

And U^rili hnrc lo Loudoun ' wlier Iawc may (TccJiire, 14S 

Yf nuL-imumc maj be ■ of Mcdc and of Fabbcde» 
And ihovi ittstiocfl cn-ioyoca hem ■ thoigb iurcre oihea, 
JtU be w of tbe wedt^'ng * for w)1iy is Treuihe, 
A»d ConKlfTTCc 1e of hiis crttifcill - and knowrrh ^nw allej i^i 
And )^ liic fj^itdc pvr in dcfnutc ' and v^icU the fulse holdcr 
V llii iJta] ahCc' ^rc GOtilcs ' ful ^oiirc ai ibc Ln.iLc-' 
Hereto o-fitTstj'd Cvtij-lc * ac Sjtnonic nc woldp, 
Tj) bo lll(i'1^ «rIuoT for th<^ ceel ' and «ygneii of noiarict, ij6 
Tho feWe Fnuci fortJi ■ ndcryncs y-nov^v^ 
And bod Cjk ' go s^Mc ' >Told nl a-bouter 
Kuncbclic, to no1ari» ' that non of hero faille ; 
And ftffe Foknebc ' witJi flcreync* jnowe, 1*0 

Fnr he mjy Mt'i!c imaiitien ■ xvitli Iius myry sjifclie.' 
Tho ib» Bold T13 gyucn ' grci wa* the thonkyrgo 
Tbat Fall and l-'aucl liaddc * for here foire jyjtca, 
Atid cott»en ful couneiihch ■ 10 conform the FalMr. 1^ 

ei adiW 10 hym wfteUchc * 'oir^^e «hullt wr^ neucrc; 
U yicdc be thy vtdded wyf ' wc irollc nouhi »t>Titc. 
For we ban Mcdc amajatnd ' \horw ourc myTjc W"fi*^» 
Tbai buc gnuvi^*^ 1^ go ' ^<l^ ^ good ^ville 1(8 

To LondonfU and Tol* ' yf Uac wol iuge; 
To be manrd foi moii;e >fcdc hach a'^ertcdp' 
Th^n ICIU Faocl foync ' and Fal^iicfew blyiiie. 


a (/h* Hid} P. 1(0- «it P. 169. Lcmdrn P. 

t^y P jn mcIh 


a-4 A. PASSUS n. ia(j-M^ B' PASSUS II. ifiS-iSo. 

Anti ln:r snmpnr nITe mm ' in ctinire a-boute, 
To ar^ycn hem rcdi - boihc burgcp *nd schirrcuc*. 
To wccn<Jc with hem to Wcotinun«t«r ■ lo tvitneaea the dwd«. 
TticTinc carcd«n heo Tor ciplef * 10 cahon hem ihidcr; i^i 
Bole Fauucl r*titf foril] * foles of ihe \iesic, 
And sutie Mcvdc on a ttchirreu« bak ■ i-sc^>ood al ntwc. 
And Fala en a 9yoour« backe ' Ihai sorily Irotlcd; 
(For faba«« ajc^ti th« feiih ' tisour<« h6 dcfoulcili, 13^ 

Thomj comburance of conciyse ' c^jmbpn sjcyn iruihe^ 
Thftl Ebc f«k^U ifl dffouici ' &nd falfrly dcfiimcd. 
And faluicd fis a lord i-woxe - And lyucih us hym lyketh): 
FftQOl on ft fcyrc tpeche - ful feyntly n-lTTed ; t^o 

^or Jctrc tpcche ihat it fciihks ' is ^Itncj brotheT; 

And leten tonipnc ilte si-^es ' in sch!r» abouie, 

And bad hem ille be bo\va - beggcrcs And odicre. 

To wcndcn wyih hem lo Wc3tmyn*ire " to wimcMc thia dcde- t6o 

Ae Uionue cored Lhei for cuplus - I0 kaif^n hem ihider, 
Ami ¥xw\ fetie forth ihtnni^ ■ folus ynowe ; 
And hcuc Mcdif vpofi a scbyicut " sJioddc ul iicwe^ 
And Vala vat uu a »ibOurc ' thiil Aofl!i<h trcUcd, 1^4 

And Fauci on a flfllcreTo ■ fctialicb atitcd, 

Tho haued i^oianc« none ' ftnncycd Ihci u^re. 
For Syrnonye and Cyuile ' s^bulde on hire fete ^ngc 

Ac tbannc swore Symonyc ■ artd Cyuilc bothe. i65 

Thai sompnourcr* shuldc he cudlcd ' and seruc hem vchonc. 
And Ul Appaf;iL)lc ibis pirouUourcG ' in jiiirrcta yvyse; — 
'Sire S^munyc h3'm*^9e1acn ' shiJ idne vpcin here bokkcs. 

Dercs aitd suddenes ■ dniwe jow togideies, i;i 

Er<;hdi^kcnos nnd ofliciifca ' and nllc ;oivrir fCffy3t'<^''C5, 
Lft] sadcl bem ^T^th sduer • ohtc aynne to £iiflr^ 
As iiioiiirie and dpuorsei ■ and deme vsufve, 
To here lii^cbojjcs abuuie ■ nbrode in visyiynge. t^ 

Paulyncs pryucs ' for pleyntcs in ibe consistorie, 
Shul serue my-seif " ihal Cyuilc i^ nempncd; 
And caffeaadi.^! ihe eomissane ■ onie carle tba^ be lede. 
And r^cdien va vylaidea ' ^i /brmaxtares. iSo 

it U ffiiiy. V ftoj 9ulj the vru /j>h— Antl Fauud «u a Fdi ipcibe Pcrnl* 

llchc Atytct. T en/ D 4av^ tm^tAtiw Imti— 

^^ssus iL 148-135. 

i7*-i9i. se 

And iliu« tyWMtt^ b«a «ompned - the faJic to scnic. 
And l^«ir«-Efcdia Fiuel • Uiat moctie lolkc dcsccyuclh]- 

Thciinir nocarifs none hore t)«<Ideii ^ nnuyed ihei weore, 144 
ThM SymoAJc and Stmlt- ^lIiuMcu gi3 dii f<JOlc, 

Th>CTinc Kidc Siuilc ' %ad bwor tn iKic roodc. 
That nompncTs schuldv ben eftdcLct ' and ^rucn hem vchonc i 
•And Icttc apparaylc prcvlfiours ■ on palfrcis wysc. m® 

Siic Svmon/ir Uyms^lfc ' &ha1 sitle on here lialkf^i, 
An<i illc dciic£ and »odcnc» ' at dcilrcrcs dihici\ 
>'or tbci schullcn bcrcn binchops ' and brioj|:Gn hem to rcatc. 

Piufin«« peple ' Tor pUjmea m coimiGrie i^g 

StIxaI %rrucn my-Kclf ' ihi: SiitWe hctte; 
Let caft^-wdclc VT commisMiie ' vr carl he schal driw«r 
And Tcttca vr vitaj'Icf - cf the fomicaiours; 




And IctCQ ioonpnc aUc ^cg^es ' in cchc syde a-bouter 1;* 

And bet! hem all* httt \Kivm ■ K-irgcTM and oihen-. 

To wi^ctL »ititb hem 10 Wcatcmjo^ttc ' hus wrdflyng lo !ionourc- 

Ac kikcaef^ bidde thei none ' bote bakcncyca to hyre; 

Tbennc gac Gyle borwc horu ' at mcny grclc maxsires, 

And »Hope thai a tbcreyuL' ■ %hold« here Mede 

ScifUicbe in siumLuij • fnm iyne to ay*.e. 

Fab and Fouel ' sJiuldc fctchc fiirUi ^iwun^ 

And ride ca hem and on rcud ' ryghi favte by Mcdc 

Symoaye and Cyuyle ' ttklcn and t^oren 

Tbai presies ind |irouU<nart ' a^hoUIe piduie» wruen, 

'And ii:li inj-sctf Cyuylc - utid Symonyc my fchiwe 

W<^lcn ryden rp-on rcclotim ' and richc men (tcuoutonn, 

Akd mMon>B on pertcns - thai pcnnulen oiit. 

And on pourv proujiOTt ' and on a*petp^ in ihp arrhc^ 

SoflVnoura and aouiIjdeiK^a ' ihat sufxTsniios i.Avx\ 

On heca (lul tuuyclli leclicrle ' lcp<:th vp and rydcth. 

On ueccuoas and auchc men ■ comolh sofiJkhc afttr 

And let copte tlie cotni^^ri« * cure cah EhaJ he driwe, , 

And fcccbc Torth cure vUntles < o^ /ormntions. 

Aul r«lt K4T nn ft ^touT ' ptti icftclidie liultide. 

And fiarl vpon Uli ipecbc ' fciiflllchc aliiid. 
C a«i rAi tfw. Hi^yM^bT; Ela''*"^" /«ia n'MfAi'- Aw». 149. fren 

TULO; V t*tniiM* !wm- R 165, e*tCH U l7ft- d«io»<i 1™ 

C. t^A- ca J£iUcll'Bda t^ UlE: of MS; da P. 


56 A- FASSUS n. i56-[<;8. B. PASSUS 11. 181-20X. 

Anii malio Ujcre ft lonp cart • to leden ftlle this i>lhtire ts^ 
b~:ib^\^n and fayiouru ■ tbai on foit renneii,* 

Now FrU ftnil Fauuci ' JArelh forlli eu'K^^*^'^- 
And Mccde in the midJel ' anil al the mcync ftfbir. 
I htnc no tome to telle - the laj'l that hem folwcib, i«o 

Of so mony maner men ' thil on molde liucn. 

Bote G>'I« was for-goere ^ and gjrnlc hem &llc. 
SolHnessc aauh hem wd ' and fltiie bole lUftCp 
Bote piikedc en Iila piilfrcy ' and pA89cdc hem ntlc, 164 

And com to ibe kyng^s court * ind Concicncc told^ 
And Concience 10 the kyng ■ cuppdc hit n^nr. 

'Now be Crisi/ quod the kyng ' *}jf I mihte chacche 
Fab otUor Ffiiiwd ' or en^ of his fccrcs, j(8 

And tnak^ili or L)'«r a longe cflrt« ' 10 kd« alle ih«s« oiher«, 
As freres ani] luitiwre " ibai on hcic fete reiincnJ 

And thus F^lLs ^hI Fftud ' Eiredi fotlh togidereiip 

And Mode in the m}-ddC9 ■ and allc thbc men aTtcTn i9* 

1 houc no tome tt> telle ■ the laille that hem folwelh. 

Of many maner man - iTiai on tills molde hbl)<ih ; 

Ac GjIp vas forgoer ■ and gyed tiL^m alle. 

Sothcncase aer) hyin wd - and acidc but a UccL tM 

And prikcd his palfrey ' and passed hem aJIfl, 
And come to the kj-nget coiine ■ and Conaclenc* it toLd«, 
And Conacienee lo die Ityn^ * carped li aficr 
' Now by Cry*i/ quod the hyngc " ' ixad 1 caccbc mj|tc 191 
Fala or Faud ■ or any of hia fcrcs* 
1 wolde be wroke of the wrecches ' ihat i'orch«th $0 lilt. 
And df>n hem hangt by the hals • and alle thai hem mcyritencih f 

Shal ncurc niuii of tnoldc ^ meynpii^ the lesie> 

But ri^te as the lane wil loke ' laic Talle on hem allc' 

And comanded a constable ' that come atie furai. 
To 'aiiLiche iho tyraiintz ' for eny thynge, I hote. 
And (clLetelh fwl Falscnesse ■ for tnytynnes jifiea, 
And gurdeth of Gytci hed ~ and lat hym go no fnrthcrc- 



And ;if )fl lacchc Lyer * late hym noiqt ascapea 

A. 160. icimeT; lynwfbrR; hnveUDj wtlleT. Tf>. gy«d«TUD; 

A. rASStrs n. ifig-iso, c. tassus nr 192-215- b^ 

I wol^ 1>* wre\fn ot this wrecchcs ■ that worchpn so Itle. 
And doD hcnn liongcii bi ihc hiJ!] ^ and al thai ljc:ni itic>iiCf!ncii ; 
Schfll ncucr mon vppon moldc ' mc^rtlcnc ihc kslc, 
Bat nht sis the Uwo lok^lh * Ut Tailed of hem alien 

And comaucdc the ctmxuhle ' f^^ii ccm at ihe furste. 
To a-lsicbc ihc tri)ioujt ' for tny liesoui. 
Ich boie> )c fctcrc FaIi fiistc ■ for cny kunncs jifius, 
And gurdcih of Qy\ct hcd - Ul him go no fortherj 
Acd brirkgcth Mecde to m« ■ maugre hem alle. 

SjnnmjT ;inil Simlc • 1 secmlc h^m to wmne, 
Thai bolichirchc for hem ' worth harmct for cuerc. 
And fit ^ chacchc L)')«rc ' ]«t him noi i-skape, iSa 



M>k«ih of Lfer a lan^ can ' to lede alle thcs« othere, t^a 

As fobbcs and f^uioiirs ' that on hure fcl n^nncn.' 

Thaimc Fall :ind Fauci ' ry^cn ianh lo-gcdcrc^ 

And Mcde in the myddcs ' and ailu ihiise men afW. 

Ich hcuie tto time 'to t*lle ' ilw iaU i}m hem folwcth, 396 

Of many maiierc men • fur MciIl-*! xike sent afkr; 

Ac ^t waa Ibrgoerc - to gjxn il the puplc. 

For 10 wisae hem the weyc ■ and wjih Mcdc a-byde. 

Sothnwig ftdh hem alle - and beide \>oxe a Ijiel, 100 

And pdLed Ibnli on paciei^c^ * and puiSL-dt hem allf. 

And cam lo llic kyngt* coun ; ' 10 Coiucicncc he toldc* 

Aikd Comciencc to ihc kyng ' carped ii after. 

'Nov by Ctyii,' (^uatli ihv kyng * 'aiid ich cacchc myghtv jo^ 

Fal* ofhcr Fauel ' G\\vr here Mawr t-yerr. 

Icb uohlc be :vTc!Lt oii iJio wTccches ' aiid on hcnc werkuf allc, 

And do Item bongy by the htils - and nllc that hem maynu^neth, 

Sfaal rwucTc mrtfi 00 Uiia moldc • maynprjic the fcale, ie« 

fini tygtit at; the tawe loketh ^ Ici Tallc on ficm atle!* 

He comnmdyd a coDhiabTe - that cam at the rurttc, 

' Co aiactLC tto l^raons • fof cny ircsoor, ich hotc. 

Let fciefye Tmi Falsncf^ ' for cny kvnnw vft«&, 111 

And gnrd of Gykv hefd - and l«te hym go no wyddere, 

And bfynge SIcric to m(^ ■ maugrr hrm alle. 

And if ^ la«hc Lycrc ' let hym nat a-^apLc 

171. nun THD ; qm i/^ mon) V. C. 191. yae T;^lvli 

Ki. an P. 70> fiiLi MUt; And FES. 

$a A. FASSU5 n. idt-t93. & PASStTS n. )<»3-JiS. 

To ben act od the piUori ■ for cn^ prejcrc ; 
1 bydcte UiM aimjle hem wc]« ' ]«l non of hem atcape*' 
Dfef>il« a( ih« doT« stood ' and tlie dune herde, 

And nilitlJL-ht? wriitc ' tr> vrirnr lh« FLilnr, 1A4 

And bhd htni fuic to He ' tut} hia (<tttA ckt, 

Tbcniie Fals for [crc ■ flclh 10 the frecroa, 

And G}-lc ilolh bim ro go ' A'ptu foi to ^ly^c; 

Bole marchuund^s mriKn with him ' and maadcn him to ab)'d(ii, 

I3i*»ou)l<:n him in bcorc schop^pcs ' lo aullcii hcorc nure> 1^9 

Apparayledcti him ns a frcntis ' the pcplc for lo wruc. 

Ltjiliche Lj^erc ' !eop a-wcy th<nr»efi> 

Luikf^dL- ihorw lonci ■ lo-ltiggt^d uf inoii)c; i<ji 

Er he be put oti the pilorye • for eny preycre, I hote ; 

Ami bryng^lh Mede to me * niaiigw hem \i\\v' 104 

Dpcdc *ttc Jorc aloJcr ' and llic dt-me lienlf. 
And how ihfl kynge comaundcd ' consUbW and BcriAiUi, 
Falsenea^ and his f«laiMBchip * to r«tLren an lo L>ynd«D. 
Thannp Dred* tt-ert wi^thche ' and wnm^d xh^ Fil*, loW 

And bad Iiym flee for fete ^ and \m frUwta alli^. 

Fa^scnesfrc for fcrc thanne ' flcij to the frercs. 
And Gyle doih hym to go ■ agasi for to dye. 
At mafcbania mctic with hym ■ and made hym abide, >ia 

And iiishcllt-n hjiin in here *hopr ■ to sin-wen here ware, 
And appHraillcd hyn Bs a prctitUe ■ the pocple lo «eTue. 

Li^ilichc L3'er - Icpc awcy ihannc, 
Lotkynge ihorw Unes - to-^Tngjcd of manye. j(6 

He was n^iwhcre wclcamp- ■ for his manyc ufcs, 
Oucr-al yhowlcd ■ and yhotc truasc; 

Tyl partlonerca haucd phe ■ and pulled hym m-io house. 
They wesshen bym and wj-ped hym ■ and wonden hym in ckmieiB, 
And leofe hym with seles ' on sondayes to chetches, iii 

And gaf pardoun for pens ■ |n?undmcl aboute, 
Thanni; tourcJ leches ' and kttrc^ thci sceil, 
That he aholde uonye with hem ' M'atereB to lolct. i>4 

Spioeres spoke with hym ' to »picn here ware, 
Foi he covtlb of becc craft and knewc fnawy gommet. 
Ac tnynKlrallcs nnJ mcssagtrrca ' mctic vilh hym one5, 
And bddcn hym an half-^ere * and eUcuene daye*. iis 

A. iBj. Jlu titu U im H tfw^. 

joo. wvDcIllUDi bcnV. b<ai 


A.PASSUS TT. f9J*i04. C. PASSUS III ii6-3j3. 5» 


He rtas ttouiwhcf wcl come ■ for bis mony la]<^ 
Bole cuLir-al i-humcd - and hot« to tmssc- 
Pardonent bfililcn pHc? ' and puurn him u^ hcti^, 
Wo«acb«Tk him and vron^rcn him ' and wouiujcn lum in clouted 
And scrdcn him on (onendaj^ca ' with xcaTca to churches, t^j 
And jaf parvlun for pon* ' pountlmelc aboute. 

This 1«urntlen ihfjt lechttt " ami lettrc* him «mlcn 
For lo nopc nith hem - walrc» to lokc, icxi 

Spic«T9 spcdEcn with him ' 1o a-:;picn hcorc vrarc. 
For he k«an«de him in Iwore crari ' and knpiai mony gummcsv 

Minwmla and mcHag^s - meit^^n vkStfi hrm on^ 
And with-bcoldc bSo; half s ^r ' and elleui^ne wylu^^ 104 

£r he be put on the pullery ' for cay prcia« ich hotel' ji9 

Drede siod at the dore • and a! that ducne horde, 
Wbii \he kynga uril was ■ ami wyghllychc he nentc. 
And bad Fal:^eMe lo fiee ' nnd lm« fctcn &llc, 
Fabnci^ for fcrc tho ■ flcgh to the frcwi, «m 

And Gjle dud hym to fion ' ugati for to deycj 
Ac ma/chaom meften with hjm ■ and cnndc hym abyde. 
And iliulleii hym m \\cnt shoppei ' Uj *ln^wen here wiirr. 
And parailcd h>'m Ijke here prentys ' tlie puplc lo ^cnicii. jm 
L}-gbdJchc Lytf* ' kp a^ay tticnne^, 
Lork)Tge Iborw lanes ■ to-Jogged of roen^^. 
He WM nau'Iier welcome ■ for hu* foeny lale*, 
Obcir-^l hcjiiicd uui ' and yhuW Uusji% aaS 

Til pardoncn haddco pilk ' anJ pullcdc hym to house, 
Tbei voiht hym wkI wypode hym ■ and H-onde hym in cbule«. 
And f^tntc hym on BOnneclayw ■ wiih secb» 10 ehurches, 
And p^r pardon for panr> ' juund-nieel a-bouu*- 
ThaRne loorcdc leclics - and Tcttcn ihei scnlen. 
That Lycr ^hold wony villi h«m • w-iicra to lokff. 
Spjccrt to hym spcke • to i»pic here n-urp, 
Fnr be can nn here crafle ' and knowt^th meny gontma. 
Ac mymtrftlca and mesaigers - melte with Lycre ones, 
And vith bclde hyn half a )cre ' and ellcue *\ayts. 



T1ID: bin V. 304 vUhhcoJc V. B. ttj^ mrn^tiUcs I- C ti6. 
Pom. Ifc*. pniot P, *iS. whjuhTljdie f. lio I' &n. Ibo. »afr. iiw>y 

>3i. oaHlFSG^ur, ajj. pJhjm r, for MttSlG: of F. iji- 

h«ni (ji^ fajA) r, 337. c«ca UIG ; «iu P. 

60 A- PASSUS IL 205-208. B. PASSUS 11- 229-236. 

Freres svith feir spcches ' fett«n htm thennes; 305 

For knowynge of comers ' kepteo him as a frere; 
Bote he hath leue to lepen out ' as ofte as him lykech. 
And is wel-comc whon he wole ■ and woneih with hem ofie. 

Freres with fatre speche ' fetten hym thennes. 
And for knowyng of comerea - coped hym as a frere. 
Ac he hath leue to lepe out ' as oft as hym likeCh, 
And is welcome whan he wil ■ and woneth wyth hem oft. 331 

Alle fledden for fere ' and flowen in-to hemes, 
Saue Mede the mayde ' na mo durst abide. 
Ac Irewli to lelle ■ she trembled for drede. 
And ek wept and wronge ■ whan she was attached. 336 

A. TA&SUS II. iD$-ii3. a PASSU5 111. >S9-'5>- CI 


And aJlc flcddon for fere - and flowen in-to tiuini«fe; 

Sftur ^f^^.^* :hiT madden ' m> mon dor^ir ahjdc; 

Dui Ucttcly 10 telle - hco ;fcmblL^tie fgr fc/c. 

And ckc wcpcc and wrong hire hondei ' vthon hco %Tit:t a tichct. 

Ac Tr^res Lhorw fa)te specbe * fecten bym Ihenncs ; 

For kiki>ir^g« oF comers " ihei copj-tlp hym as a frere ; 

Ac he huh Icue lo Icpcn ouL - a^ oftc a» liycn tykclh. 

And p welcome whuinc he comcth ' and AOnctli wiili hem oflc 

S)iacn>-e and CjUflc ■ eemea to Ronn«, 

And jnjcie hem iJiorw a«pele* ' in ihp pop*?H grace> 

Ac Coii^ieiicc tu itic kyij^ ^ a-cii»Jc Jicta Lothe, 

And tKi^t, 'ayre V^ig* by CryM ' bole clerkus Amende, 

Thi kjn|;dom ihorv^ here ccueiyiiC ■ wot oui of Icyndc vwniV, 

And holy churchc thorw hem ' vnrch hvm«d for caere/ 

AHe fledilen fur ferr ■ iml flc>won in-to hemes; 

Save Mede ihc ma>de ' no mo dorsic a-bvdc. 

Ac Ircvelichc to telle ■ hue irernblcdc for fere, 

And bothe xmn^ and weptc - whinnc hue uos a-uehed. 

ffk txpikit f-assus t'if". 





C' *4a. woIoocDt P- ^-aJinc P. 147. wcynil* P ; >et f. i*. 15. ^fo. 
pmA {for :bc) P. iji, Hpuliclitf P- asJ. vuiijc P. aludioJcl'. 

62 A. PASSUS UL 1-5. R FASSUS UL t-i%. 

Patttii Ttrtms di Vtitom. 

NOW ia Me«de the m&^den 1-itomM * uid bo mo of hem 

Wiih bciiclekft and baylyfs * i-Lfoubi m the kyng. 

The kyng cle^^ct a cicrkc ' (1 ki^owc not hia Eionie), 

To uke Mccdc the maydcn * and mELkcn hire at c»e. 4 

* khulle AJFsayen hire roy-self ' txt6. sochliche flposcn 

Paxsta krfiut. 

NOW ia Mecl« the mayde * and n&mo of hem alle 
Witli b«dcllue &ii<j wtLh hayllyucs ' broi^ji bifbr the kyng. 
Tlie k)'rg called a ckike ■ can 1 nou|[ \m name. 
To ukc Mcdc the niiiydc ' And make hire ax ckc, 4 

*1 etiol aasay« hir my-ftcLf ' nnd soLhebch appose 
Whflt TCiXti of lb[« moldc * ihal hire w^re louesie. 
And if *he wntrhp hi my wiitr - and my w^llt folwe^ 
1 ^1 forgyuc hii dii» giltc »o tne god hdpT t 

Curteysliche the clcrkc thnnn^ < is the kyng Mfrht, 
Tokie Mede bi the nalddd < ind broujic hir in^co chiurabre, 

Arid there w;i6 niyrihc and mjnstialcyc ' Mcde to pIcK. 

They thit wony^ih in WenmjMstTe ■ worachipej hir nJle; tt 

G^ntcllichc wiih ioye ■ the iunicet somme 

BuUed hem m the boure - ihere the birde <3u<lled. 

To cunforlG hire kyndely ' by dcrgi^ teue. 

And seidfn, 'nioumc nought, Medc ■ nc mike ihow no sorwc, 16 

For wc wil ntBKe the Itynge ' and Ihi wey shapo^ 

To be vended at thi ville ' and where the Icue Ukeib, 

A, 3. cJwIceTHUD; d*rV. B. 17. wil R. vrolWj Lm- 

O- 5. yfi U6r bj*) P. 4, ^\ {for t&t) r. 6. W« P, 7, mrnnc* F ; 

A. PASSU5 m. iS-17. C. PASSUS IV, 1-19, 6J 

What moQ m this ikxirld - that Kirt ucore Icoucsc. 

And yf l]«o worche b« my ml - and mj wiL ibl^we^ 

1 Kbal fof-3iue hitf^ xhe giilt - so rac god hHpel' ft 

CcftcialidiC tLc Licri tbo ' as ilic kjng hihie, 
ToV ilic in,irdcn bi lie middd ' and brouhtc hire to chaumbre. 

Thcf vu murtbc and munfitraUyc - M«cdc with to ptctc; 
Heo thai woneih at WwtmcfiKtPc ■ war*chip4Mh liire aJle, t» 

GcotiLlchc wjth lo}v ' tlic luiitiic ux)nc 
Buokod him in-to the bour - thcr the bujTdc was tcncr 
Cumrortcdc hire kuycdel^ * and mode hire ^(DfKl chcre, 
And* wide, ' Moumt thou not, Meed^ • ne mike ihou n9 iffvt, 
Far viv wolen wjsrn iht tyij^ ■ and tin wey dch^ipcii, 17 


IndpU p<iistis ftmriut*. 

NOW U Mf'(r [he mayde ' and no mn of hom all* 
Thorw bcdclcs and b-iilifs ' brc^iuhl b>-fofc ilit kyngc* 
The kjTig k*llld a clerk ■ idi can nonht hy^ name. 
To take Mcdc ihc mavdc - and make here ai eie; 4 

* Ich ihul a*a)v Sure my'sclf ' and sothliche apnse. 
\Miai mm of ihys wi>rlde ' Ihat hure is icui^fel haue? 
And ^ hue wircbc wia!iche ' by w>? mennes counsaiT. 
Idi voile Ebr-gyue hure aile burc gulte^ ' stj me god bclpel' t 
ConedSctte tb* clerk ihenne • a« ihe kynge hj^bte, 
Tuke Meile bj tJie ni;-ddirl ' anJ HiyklcHtbe he»« biouglite 
In-to bourc wiili blj-wc ■ and by hure gin >ilic. 
Tbcr w^ m)Tihe U)d m>i^!ilralcy ' Medo to pteaen ; 
bt wenctcn to WnLmvn((rf ' worshupd^ hurt mtny. 
tIIc^i viih iojc ^ iusLiccs aommc 
Bu^cdc ban 10 ihc bourc - ther this hcrde dwclljdi 
Conron^-nge htJrc as Uiei c«uthc ' by the clerkus Icue, 
And tejde, *mame nai, Mcdc ■ ne make thow no jonve 
For we wiJlc U'irar tlie k>-ng ■ atirl iby wry shtti* 
For to ncnde ai Ihy wvl ' wher Lhe luf lyketh, 



\4m. £«.ibiippcP. 

II. jtoiMii-^^: oip. 

i;. neMll'; 


A. PASStrS lit iS->9. B. PASSU5 IH. )9--4«- 


Fur alle Ooncicikci; craft ■ fltnl cwiicn, as I trvjiiwr, 

T\vM lljou Bth*lt hauc bothc ravjt and majalryc ' and make 

what Ihe hk«ili 
With tlie Itynge and the comj-n? - and Ihe court* bothc' 

Mildifllclie ihrimt- Mti^de ■ mt*rcjtde hrm alle 
Of licorc greic goodcu-sftc ' and jAf hem vchonc 
Coupes of dene gold ■ and pecco of eeluer. 
Ranges with rubjes ■ and richestcs l-nouwc, 
TIk ktip roAii of here marnc ' n muioun of goM, 

Theunc laujtcn tbci leue ' ihia lordjngest at mccdc, 
With that ihcr come dcrliei ' to cumforle ihe aamc: 
'Wc buld'^th the be bliUic ■ for we beoLh ihin ownc, 
Forl*f worche ili: wil ■ whife vr Ij-f durecli.' 


For 3l1 Coiiac[cnc« casit ■ or craft, as I frowe!' 

MjMel[cUu Meik Lhdnne ' miT^yt^d hem alle m 

or ihcirc s^rcL ^^oodncsse ' and gaf ticm vchone 
Coupes of cJ«Ti« ^Ide ' ajid coppu of &i|uer, 
Ryngrs with nihies ' and Hcchesses manjc. 
The IcMc man of hrfe nu^ync: ■ 4 moioun of golde- 14 

Tljannc lau^tc ihci leue ■ ibii [oidej, 9X Mcde. 

With that ootncn t^ierkie ^ to conforlc hir the same, 
And beden hire be bliihe ■ 'for we both ibine ownc, 
For to wofclie thi wiUe - thr while ihow myilc \nsxc' iS 

Hendclichc hco than^ic ^ bJhighl hem the »amc, 
To * tone |0w lelh ' and lordct to makei 
And <n the consismrie aite courti? ■ do ciile io*rv najnes; 
Shal no lewdnt-sw ]eUv • (.he leodc thai I huyf^ a> 

That he nc worth firat auanccd ' for I am bikaowen 
There kontijng clerkes ' shul dckke bihyndc.' 

Thfttine come ibere a confeasoure ' coped as 4 frerc. 
To Mcde the mayde ' he meUud this worded, |4 

And scidc ful softly ' in sbrif^e as JL were, 
'Thei^ Icwcd men and Icred men ' had lc)-ne by the boibc. 
And lalsenesie haut-d jfolwed the ' xi this fyfry wynire, 
I Kful aNSoilk the fny-^lue ' for a seme of wh^-Le, 40 

Urn. >fi. Ua^tcnUC; liujicTU^ lok V. C, jo, iCA^AiidJP. 

A. PAS5US 11!. 30-4U 0, PASSUS [V. 10-42. 65 

Hcndclichc Uicnnc hco ' bc-hlhtc ticm the sftmCi 
To loucp hem Idly ' xud li^rJes to mAben, 
And in coxii^tnrltr ai fiourt ' to trilfn hcore nam^^. 
'Sdai! no lcwcdnc}6c ht^m IcUc ' itic Lcwcdc»lc itiM I loue 
tTIm lie nc vFOrtb .iv.\unscl; ' for ichflru i-knowc 
ciuut)'ngc cLcrkcs * Kchul couchc bchjudc/ 

Thenne ccim iher a confwfioar ■ i*copct u a frcrf ; 
To Mcvdc ihe maj^cn ful mcVdichc lir It^Jlcde, 
And tMe fd toHe\j • in sdurill aj hit ^core, 
'Thftuh lercde ;ind Icwcdc ■ heddcn lc)en li lh« nJe, 
And ihAU3 Fuls h«dilf; folew^d lh« ' thi« fifl^ne winter. 
1 kIuI «k>j1c llic Euy-M:lf ^ fur a xmujiic cjf wLctc, 



For alltf Consdeiifti ca« ' and crifl. jim icli [rowel* 

MUdcIic^Lc Mtd<; d;o ' mcrdcdc Ijctn alle 
Of hiit« grcie goudnc^M ' and goS htm cclionc 
Conpn of clrue gold ' and coppei of f.«lucr, 
Rytigr^ with mblea • and otiicr richo 3!^^ 
The lci>tc mui of licit uj^yiLC ' a lutJLuii ot goldc- 
V^'hcnnc thci fiad Uuhi here Icuc ' at xhvi kdy mcde, 
Tbenne come-n clerkus ■ id cor.forlyc hurc lamcn. 
And bttkn here bt bljibc ' ' for ap ben ihvn ownc, 
For to uoichc thy w!l ' the white wc mowi; dure.' 
And Mcdc bendiUchc ' by-hyhi bcm the 9Am«, 
To iouen hem Icel^ich ' ind lordcn hem make, 
' And porchdcc jow proucndres ' white jourc jjans Us:eih, 
And iA^gt )ow bcnriirct ' [ilumlLie to hAiic, 
And in coniiorie atEc court ' do caIIc jotirc naniCK. 
Shot no Leaednnae leltc ■ the cltjk Uiat ich Ic-uy*, 
That ht &e ^vonb feni auanc^d ^ fur ich im biknowc, 
Thcr <onn)nf*«.- ilrrkus ■ ilmlleih clocke bj-'hytnti?/ 

Tttcnoe com i\va a cotifcsitoiir - i:o\tcd as a tttrt. 
To Medc ihxt niA)<dc ' xnjldcLich bu ^aydc, 
'TIiKuh lercd men and lewcde ' had layen by the bothe, 
And fiUdicctr ffoimd^n the ■ fil ihiR (fjotiy wyniet, 
Ich ahal ft-ioil/ ihc my-Tcliic - for a seem of whele, 





*5, Buft I; ?l3lFH«v, a6, W«og# P. 9S, euma FMS; owe PG. 

>9. *flt P. JO, Aftd«P, ^1. ivOiifBdFvMIHSIw |>rt>U0rM^*n P, 

■nl4i'. i6. lflok9«tUlG; l(iM<r<fi P. 41. ofMLt^; P m. 


A. PASSUS Itt. 43-iCk B. PASSIM UL 41-67. 

Anil cl^c b( ihi baLt:d« - and bcrc wd thin cmdc 
Aimong clcrk*B and kiitht*tt ' concience to JaLIb.' 

Tliei^ne M^« far hlr^ miedcdf ' to ihai mon Inrfedc, 44 
And ftchrof hire of hir surmc'i ' ichomfltchc, 1 trouwe. 
IIco cdiie liiin & ulc ' &ni lok tjtm & noblc^ 
For tc ben hifc bcodc mon * and hire baude afier. 

Thrrc he aaojicdc hire sonne ■ oiicl mih to hire scidc, 4S 
'Wc lian 4i nymlaw In worchmg ' «rol ^tQnJclt vs ful hci^e: 

And sdf^ be thi bcdcman ' und bere V4l thi message, 
Amonges ItnijTes and clertrs ' conscience lo lorn*,' 

Thnrne Mrdir for here nijsdrdofl ' to llifti man knHrd, 
And aEirouc liirc of hire shrcwcdncaac - &})AJDCk>CSi I trowc, 44 
Toldc hyin a iqIl' ' nnd lokc h>m a ncblc. 
Fotto ben hire bodcman ' and htre brokour a!s. 

Thannc he assoillcd !iir sonc ' and sitben be *eyi^e, 
*Wc ban a wjndowc a wiiclijng - ^vil aincQ rs ful hdgh: 43 
Woldc^tow gbsc thai gtiblc ' and ginuc thcre-innc ihi imme, 
Siker jholdc ihi soule be ■ bcuenc to hauc/ 
■Wilt T dim,' qnod that womman ■ T wtilde noajt m^tv 
Fof lo be jowre frCTidc, frerc ■ anJ iaille )OBf ncurc 51 

Whil ^c louc lordcB ■ tbac kchcrj- haunlcih. 
And i^Lkke^h nonjt bdis ' tb^i ioueih wel ih« umt- 
II Is ffclcic of fl'-fth ' 3c fynd* i« \n Twkfs^ 
And a couisc of kyndc ' yihct'oi wc komcn allc; s^ 

Who may ksij^c ihc ahkimdrc ' ihc akailx is aonc amended; 
It IS synnc of tbc geuene - sonnest rc)c^ed- 

Haup mercy,' quod Mcde ■ "of men thai it hsunte. 
And I atui kmrc pwre kirkc ' jowrc clo^'slrc do maken, 60 
Wov'cs do whiten ' and wyndowcs glascft. 
Do ptynien and purrraye ■ and paye for the roak)"nge, 
Thar eury segge shal wyn " I am siistr« of jowre hout* 

Ac god to allc good Tolkf sudie gnLuyngc ddcndetb, 6^ 
To writen in wyndowca ■ of here wcl dcdc». 
On auenture prtjyde be pc^-nicd tbere ' and pompe of lh« worldc \ 
For Crist knoweih thi conscience ' and ihi kynde uUle, 

A, 4«, tlth H : BJtben TL^ ; MrtheQ D ; V #«. B. ^S. ful Vl'CRO : 

wt\L. 53, the WO. LCftW, fri, whiicnC; whirtso L. C. 44. 

knysthH P. 4}, m&A MJFSG j fren P. 4S. enodc hi j cmcdc F. 

A. PASSUS III. 50^55. C PASSU3 I\^ 43-7>- 67 

Wol<hitlciv ^iM the jc^hle ■ onii f^me thcrinnc thi nomc, 
^kcr fcbuMc thi floui« b«a ^ for to dvrellen in hcuene/ 

'Wui4 1 that,* quod Lhe wommDH ' *iher nls nouitmr wy:t(!bu 

DC AnUTt fi* 

That I nt ichulflc maken otliur m<;n<le ' and my norae wHic» 
TIml vcbc mon schalde sey* ■ ich were EtiSier of house,' 
Bole £Od lo i!Ii? good (oVa ' ^ch grau>i>gv dcfeiiLlei, 


And jai ht ihj bednun ' and br^-rigc a-doun con^ieTic« 
A-mong kjugn and knj-jics ■ arid cl<?rfcufi, if The lyke' 

Hiennc Mcilc foi tjuvc my^dolcs ' \o iIiih mm krc)yd> 
^rdf hurc d here s^'iincfl ' ahamclcs, j Icyue, 
Told brm ft tale • and took h^m a noble 
Fof li> h* bore b^man ' and bcr« vit\ hun* ^rende. 
Among kny^tcf And dcrku» ' ctiniicicnce [i> lurne. 

And he a:isoLlcd hurc sone - and scuhcn he »cidc, 
■ \Vc haue a wyndow a worcbynff ■ wol stcmdcn oo» fill hye; 




Wolde )e jlai* the guble * anJ gtau* iJier jour^ name, 

In mcac and in iniLynt - ibr Hf^i^ ve sIiLilli^ib synge 

Solenlichc and SOlJilicli ' a» fcr a 5u»ln: of ourc ordrt.' 

Louelicb Ib&l lady * lauhyngc scyde, 

"Icb thai be yxin* frfndc, fffr^^ - and faille jow ncticrv 

The wbllf jc louycih liiusc lordcs ' thai Icchcijc hnunicn, 

And Uckictb nogit thi»c ladks ' thai 1oi]y<nH the same. 

Hit it bote frctcic of Rcgch ' ^e Tyndcn i^-cl in bokis, 

And 9 couffi cf kynde ■ whtr-of wc comcn ailc. 

iTo may a-m:a|ue Ihv sclaumlt^rt- ' the vcnthr may wmt; 1% meiidyd. 

Hit ys synnc 34 of seu«nc - non sooner rclc^d, 

Hmx Biercy/ qimlh &1c<l« ' 'on men Ihat hit hauntcn, 
And kb «bal k«u^y pure lurk« ' and pure cfoUlre mokcn, 64 
Bodie nyndoAes and wovrn ' ieh wotle i-nienrlen and j^ln^u^ 
And do peynten and poitieyn ' \\bo pazde lor tlic m.ikyr]^e 
Tbil fcty Mg Bhal aw, and acye ' ich atn sustrc of joure onlre,' 

Ac god to alk good fotlco ' &xich9 grauyng« dcfentkth, 68 
To wrjirn in wyndowes ' of eny wcl dedi**, 
LcMc pjude be pejntid there ' aud pompe of ilic ^oride. 
For zod knowctb ihy conscience ' and thy kyndc wille, 

£0. iB^ilM TFC; luTcd P. 51 vorchmj; P. f;, wilp T. fio.4Vr<tfP. 

r a 



PASSUS ill. 55*65. B. PASSUS III. 68-S6, 

LiCLc tiOi ]hi [ufl bond ' late nc mthc, 
Beo WIT what thi nht hcmd * wofchcth or deletb; 
Bo(<? pane hit so imurli ■ that pniiJe 1m!o noi sf^en 
Niiutlicr iji hilil, nc i:i t^Qulc ■ for god blm-stlf kiiowclh 
Ho is ccrtcis, or ku>ndc ■ civuctous, or cllcs. 

For-thi 1 Icre jou, lor^yngtt ' such wrilynge je kuo, 
To writeii in Avj^jJouues ' of joure iatI Jcd*^it, 
Oi iL) gicdcn ^flur ^rjJua full whon 3c jlucn or dolci^; 
ParaucniUTG ^c hun - ourc hurc ihcfforc bcrc- 

For VT Aaucour hil toith - md hiin-se)i:ii7n prer^Eicth, 
^flim A'f9 Wi!fr rrctfifrttnS mmi^tm luam ; 



And till coate ami thi couciliK ' and who the cacd oujtc. 49 

For-thi I hrt ji>w, lordcs * Icucth auchc wcrkoa, 
To written in w;'nJowe* ■ of pwre "w^X dede*. 
Or m gr<*(1en after goddia men ■ whan 3c dflen doW; 
An aucitttifc y: \\au jow^c Imv ticrc ' and ^ouic hcucnc tls^ ;x 

Lflt novate thi left haif ^ Utc uq raihc. 

Wyte whac thow worchcsi ' wiih thi ri^t side; 

For tJios bii ibe j(Oh|wl ■ godc nn:n do here almcssc- 

Mcifcs aud maccrcs ■ Uiai mcncs ben bitwcnc jC 

The \iyTt^^ nnd th« cotnimc ' to kepe the Ltwea^ 
To punj-schcn on pillories ' and pjnynge Etoles 
Brewi-slcrci ajid h;ikrslercs ■ iKKrhercs :*nd cokrs ; 
For thbc area men on Lhls molde ' tha^t rnostc harme worcheth 80 
To ihe pore pepk ■ that parccl-mele bo^cn. 

For tliey poyeouri Ehe peple ' prjueliche and oft, 
Thei fycht'n thcrw n^graler^v ■ and rentes h*-m bug^n 
With that Lhc ^rc people - »huldc put in here wombci 64 
For lokc thci on tfo^Ey ' thci tymbrcd ncujt 30 hci;o, 
Ne boLi)!^ non burgages ^ be 30 ful certeytUi 

71- rcs*l^rte V, B. yj, q« WCfc ; do LQ. G. 77. hu* ^ tuc) T, 

PA5SUS in- 6(-7T< C- PASSUS [V. 7J-94. id 


M^lics and niuistrcH ' itiJ ^t? thai b^odi fii^ue 
Bitwcnc Oic kyng and ihc comana ' to Lcpc the Uwc5, <i8 

At to punieschvn on pillorle* * or on pynnynj? biolea 
Brew«stvr«, bikcn ' bochcrs ^nd cook«s; 
For tlicoftc be mtn vpfjon moldf ' itiat mosi liarm worchcn, 
To ibc pore people ' ihot pcrcd-mcl bu^gcn- 71 

Thd puTii£9chcn the pq>lc * priuclJchc and ofic, 
And rtclipih thonr f*^aiori* ' and rcntcB hctn buggcih, 
Wiiii lliiit Ihc (Ktrc ptcplc ■ ^itlmTdr puirn in lirtwc wombe. 

For loke ibci on ircwclj ■ tbd timbrcdc not )0 hj-c, j6 

Ne boujAe none borgagos ' I>co )e ci-rtejne. 

Thi cost and here couetyie ' and vfho rh« (^At«1 ouhb^. 7* 

For thy Itue lordc& lone ' leueth suchc wr)'LiDgrs; 
God in the i;:oipcI ' tuch fi^muyn^cc no^t a-Ioncth, 

A'tietoi tinuim quid fad^t dtxhra. 
Let lui Ihy l>-ft half - oure lord ctchtth, 
y»ke «hai thuw ilelcsi ■ widi ihj' ijht sj'ile. jff 

^nE ?k1<de mylddkhc ■ ihc mc/rc hue bysouhie— 
Botbe ftb«reue» And Ewruune * uhI tuche as kepeth lawci 
Tc p*myihen or pillori«« ■ and on pynyn^-fitoles, 
As bokert mil brvvrr^i " Inudjcrs and i:okea — id 

(For tliec9 men doth moat liArmc ' to llie inriic pujile. 
Ricben tfaof^ rtgroiryc ' ord rc»tcfl h«m l>'^|Con 
With ihil [he pourc papio ' sholile piuie:^ in hui^ M^omb^ ; 
Fof lol* thry rtn iriwflichir ■ (hey tymliriil xtw lO he)V, K4 

Kocher boutiica bcm bufg^cv ^ be jc fu! ccftayn: 
Thei lukuc no pite oT t&e pupk - that pirccUmdc mote tȣgcn; 
Tbtnfa (h«i like hrm vnh-ily thyng ' thei hold hit no treaon, 
And thaah tbd CuUr iiat ful ■ lint for law*? \% wiet!, rk 

ijlc gripe:b tl)cr*ror u grctc ' u for ihe grcb: ti^uihc. 
Ueny »ndry ftorwea • in cvlecs falkn ofte. 
Jk>the iliorv fuyr and flod ' and al for false puple, 
That I'j'-gyl^ri gonri men ■ and grtiicih hpm wranglich?, 
The wliicLe ayciL on liurc kiLcc& - thai Crist bcui auenge. 
Here on th)^ crihc ' other clle« on hdle, <J4 

r««ldff ?, yo, otf r ^ diEo IFC. vJ- "italic P. 


TO A. PASSUS in. 78-83. B. PASSUS IIL 87-95- 

Qoic Alccdc the mAydcn * Ihe mcir hco bi*sou3tc 
Of ftUc 8U^c mllcK ' sclucr to ukcn. 

Or [^rcscnicfl uiihouien poiM ' a« pcccfl cf scluer. Be 

RyugfS wiih nibyc* ■ ihc rr^riiciur to faiiere, 
* For my louc' qu;>d the ladi ' ' louc hem wel vchonc, 
And so^r« hem to Bollc - suxndc) o^cyTt resoua.' 

At Mnje lliir maytie ' the mairc 1j;ith bi^U^Lc. 
Of allc *iut^< sellers ■ >vlucr to lake. 
Of presentE witb^ouLe pen^ - a^ pecos o^' ftlu«r> 
KingcB or other riccliessc ' Jio regraterca to mnjncicne, 

"For my louc,* quod tha[ hkdy ■ 'louc hem vchonc, 
And «offrc hccn to ^cUc ' somdcle a^cIrLS rcaoun/ 

Solamon the aagc ' a sarmoun ho m^de, 
For to amende mairog < and men ihnl kepcn hues, 
And toltle hem this teme ' ihat I telle ihjnke ; 



B. j5- ifaynlro L. O. g6, ywlcf E; bjndn P. loi in Jc l^t^ f«) P. 
to^. mm P ; jw ]. 101. toj- brn; ttag^ited by bcib F; turn tir M (fKlA 

A. PASSU5 III 84-86, a P.VSSUS IV, 95-113, 71 

Bote Silonon the »afce ' ct !«ifmoun he mEutc, 84 

To a-DQtnde mcire* ' and mfft thai ktpelh the lawc; 
And loIUc bcm ltiJ5 letrinc ' th4i 1 wul telle nuuUie: 

That ao hf-gyhih hem of here good , ' und god on hem sendeth 
FcucNB other t'oaler juefea ' oiher fur on here hou£c£, 
Moreyne other oihere mdchiwnce • and meny^ lyme hii falTf-th, 
Thai innocence yi yherdc ' in heiicnc i-irongc sr^^-nlcj*, 
Thai Uflilr^ for horn m ourc lordc - and to oure h(\y bothe, 
To gr<(un:«n g}'If>ur(; on enhe ' RTOce to amende, 100 

And hacc htre pemunc* on pure crihe * and iJ03t the pyne of 

And ihennc fjklklh llicr fur ' on false mennc housra. 
And good mcimo for here gulte^ ~ glovcth on fii>T after. 
Al thyi hflue w« wftn ' ihAi ftom C/me ihorv a brei^ere 104 
Mcny hnrg^gj^ hen jrhront ■ and hodvM thcr-jTine; 
And ihonv ft c^uidel, doiri^ng ' in a coned pljicc. 
Fd a-doun, and for-bmndc ^ forth al the r^Wc; 
For-lby nuyrcE thai ciiken free men -.iqc thjniketh that thci 

ouhici^ |«B 

For lo nputc and wpye ' tor en^ epcche of »clat?r 
Whit nunere ccc»tcr ' other mcrchaundlM: he v.icde, 
Ex ht were vnd«r-ronge free ' and fcJawe tn ^ourc rolled- 
Hit j^ noji icmly for»oth ' in cyle ne in bonnion, iii 

Thai vBUicm ollH^r rt^grjiour* ' fur rny kytine 3) He** 
Be fnunchibcd for n free man ' and haw a foil nunc) — 
Ac Al^do lb* ma>'d« ■ ihe meyre liiw l>-iouhie 
Of dl^e tucl^o cflters ' suluer to iake^ ut 

Other ))n;M-nie» wlth-ouic pans ' anJ oiher pryoefc 3J'^k. 
And hane reollic of the rcgrAloura ' ihal han rychc hordes; 

lit fH^Kin mmiiM imi^itaits smti : ifi.xUr<a e^rum rtpUia 
tti rjtuufhiut. 
* Love lieoi ht my Itmtt' • ijtinih ilxh lady I^1cd<?, 
'And soflVe hem soni tymc ^ to fiu)]c a-jena the k^rc' uo 

SaUxDon Ihe »gc ' a tarinon be madd 
la l.m«1td^me^l of in^ef ' and oihere iiyvardes, 
And wluneftsyth wh:it worli of lir^m ' th^t uollen uke mcHe : 


72 A, PASSUS m. 87-^e. B. PASSUS HI. 9ft-lll, 

TLjLt fuir acbal Tallc ' &nd brcnDc attc lA«bs t8 

The housM »ict ih« hoinc« ' of hem that tUsjreib 
Fcr \o haur jlflcs ' in ^ouibc* or in dde. 
Now ticoili 3c wv, if jc wole - 3c mayKlur^ of t(jc Uvc; gi 
Fcr the Kitbe »chalc be sou^l of loure houIcs ■ so mo god hclpct 
The wffiMunce Ihal 3c luffre - rach wronga* 10 bt «TOu^t; 
ttTiile ihe ch;tunc« is ii» joure cho>sc <beo&e ^e llic brtL 
The king cum frum c<Juii!»ejl ■ uiJ clc^jcd Afiur Mecdt, 
And of-senlc hire a-switho ■ sciiauna hire lo fciic, 96 

Amongt this l«it^r«d led« ■ this latyn is lo iDenft, 
Thai fyre shal falle, and bienne ■ al lo bio asket 
The houses and ihc homes ' of hem thai dcaircth 
jifie^ or |eres))'U£s - bi-Cau&e of here oj^ces. 

The Icynge fro conidlle cam ■ and called arier ThTede^ 
Am! ofsriit hir pilswydir ' wkh srri:tunics m.inj'c. 
TKal bmujicu hir to hovtc • wiih bli^^c and with iojrc. 

Curtei^lJche the kynf^ thannc ' combed to teUe, 
To Mede the mayde ' indleth ihlse wordei; 




*Vnvitll1/, M-omrQanI * wroi^tc hnsiow oh, 

Ac worse vroiijtcsiow noure ' ihar iho ibow Fsik lokff- 
Bot I forgjii^ the iJiat giltc uid gfautLlc ihe my ^race; 
Henncs 10 thi deth day - do fio nainorcl 


I h^uc a knA-^le, Cotiscienee • earn late Fro bijunde; 
JiT ho ii'ilneih ihc lo w)'f ■ wjlto"' bym haiie?' 
'3«j lorde/ quod ihal lady * "lorJe forbede eUesI 

A, 91-94. 73/jr/iJiujdrf M 11 0ri^, 9i.wu|lel!, gS. /« II fflfiOr. 
leoi. roelit ihUe TH, ; nouctb Okcie U : tatlo/lya (rrret- /irr mdctb tbccie) V . 

lei, Uii*illil)r3vrp Ti Ccrti* unv%7scly II ; Qwcviilclichc, qutth ihc )*racV. 
107- lofd (*) TUU , c"d V. B. 9;, bnuijc WCOi bcrac L. y*. llwl 

A- ?ASSUS m. y:-ioj. C. PASSUS TV- 114-148. :3 

AntI btctijtc hire to boarc ■ with blisw and ttiili f^ye; 

With myrlh« and wiih mjnstnwye ■ Ihci plcacdcn hif ychoone. 

ConcUlich? Ihr kyng ■ cumiclh 10 Idle, 

To Mcedc itiF iiiuyOcn ' mi^lrih lhcD?«? wonlciL: 104 

'Unwillily, yvys ■ ivroiiht Itulou oUc; 

Bou worac v^TOuhwui thou ncuerv - thon whon Oxoa Fab lokc 

Ac I foi^iiM tb^ tbifl gvlE * nrd gmunce i\w my gntco; 

Henrc6 10 ihl drtb day ' do 80 no nioro. 104 

Icbaw A kniht hcttc Concicnce ' com Uic from bl-jonde, 
Jtf hpc wilrtc ibc 1c wyf ' woli (hou him hAucT 

'5^r l<>^i' (iu;i>tb ihii ladi - *lord for-bcodc hit oll^tft 

A-nong th««« li»trcdo brdes ' tbU hiyn ya lo n>?nc> Ji4 

That Air ehil fillt^ and for-brci;ne ■ al 10 hWe aik^s 
Tbc b^usfa ^nd ibf homes ' o( liein vhit uLen ^^lles. 

The kynffc fi*ni consiul cam ' and callyd iSict Mcdc. 
And *enic for to tec hurc ' ic \ch sny nil hjm thnl bddc hurc, t«e 
Coriiat!kli« tho kyn^^ iho ' as hu» kynde wokic, 
Ljukcdie here n hid wyhl tot Uuit hue loiu-dr gyb, 
^'.Aud vilnfdc to be veddcd ' with-outc hyv Icuc, 
Tyl Treulh hadde toMc hura ■ a tokn? fr;Ltn hymseluej - i^j 
And scyde, ' ■^■oininin, vnwinylich - wrouji tmat ihow ofic; 
Ich banc for<g)iit 1^1^ Tn<^ny guilds ' and my grjcv grAunced 
Boibe to the and I« tliync - in hope ihow bIkjUc^I stiiKiitdc; 
And fty ibe krigCT ich ktc the go ' Iho InRscr iri/uitic }^ mth ihc ; 
For voTHt ttToulnwi ihow neuere ■ ihnn iho thow I'al* toke. 
jni ich for-yyuc iho ihis guli ' godc* rnr-T*mlr cny more 
Thow ttnc me Aiid Treuthc; ■ *nd lliow iiivwc bt y-Uikcj 
In the cartel or Corf ' ich ihtil do the cIom; 140 

Thcr ai ftct ancrc ' other in a vrd vor» woric. 
And marrc the wUh myscher ■ by leint Maryp my hdy, 
Thn alle wonimen waniowrti " r.huUcl!i lie Wiir by the one, 
And tAtcrlicbc hjinnc the - and ille that bcrcth thy name, J44 
And tecb« the louye treuth« ' and lake consail cf reson. 

Ich lawe 1 kr}^^ luUe C<inscience ' cim ble froo bi-jonde, 
Vf lie witnelJi ihe lo w)-uc ■ x^oU iImjw hym iiaue?' 
'Jc, kml,' quaih ihe lady ' 'lord it me for-bede 148 

WCROi Lm. 1*;. ibttO R; ih«\VO| L*«. O. u^ tht« TKMSi 
ttcaP, I JO. liUl EIKM; lyifl K 13'- y» CA*'!"?*; *^' '2J- v*™j»i» 


74 A. PASSUS UL ioJ*-ii9. fi, PASSUS 1!I. iia-iii- 

Bow ieh hold* me to oure he4W • honge nK «)iwl' iv$ 

TlLtrtiiic wji*i Coacit^ui;c i-clri>ci ' lo cornea sad tpccnn 
To-fort the l&yii^ ^nd hia cotini^l ' clerkeK and othurc 
K&co]yng« Conct^cc ' lo tbo kyng U>uLed«, 
To vyic what his wHIe were ' and what he do tchulde, in 

*\Vt>]tau wcdcjc iliiswommdn/quodlhckyng ' 'jif I wolasscnlc? 
H«0 13 fiyn of ihi fcUwRchupc • for to beo Lhi make/ 

'^Nay,' quaih Concicncc to the fcyrig - 'Crist hit me forb^od^] 
It ich ttcdde tuch a M-yf ■ wo me bityd* ! ti6 

H«j is frtle cf Uirr i\ciich ' fike] of hiit (onj^; - 
IIco fnikcth men roisdo ' motii score tjincs; 
Id tnut of hire trescur * ttoneih ful roonyc 

Dm I be bolcly ai jowrc hcaic ' kl htuigt mc soncr m 

And thanno was Conscience caldc ' Eo com< and appiere 
Bifor the kj"nge ancl his conscille ■ a» clcrkd* and oih^re. 
Kitt^tyngc CciTixciencc ' to die kynge Ifiuted, 
To wile what bi« wille vcic ' and what he do sliuldc. nti 

' WoUow ^vdJe thia wominan,' quoU Lbi' k^-nge * yii 1 v'il nseontv, 
For she Is tuynt^ of thi felavahlp ■ for (o be thi makoP' 
QuoJ Consdcucy lo tbe kynge ■ 'Cryst ii me forbcdel 
Ar I wcddc suchc a vy( • wo tnc biiydel uo 

For she is frele of hir f<jilh ■ fykcl of here sj>cch*, 
And maketh men mjido ' m:ir\y score tymes; 
Trustc of hire ireiure ' trctt^th ful moityie. 

WyuM and wiJcwca ' wantdune? she Wchclh, 114 

And leretb liem IcLCherye ■ that Louelh hire jiftes. 
)owre fadre she felled ' tborw fila biliesie. 
And haib apc>'sot;TL(Ie iio|ii» ^ and ^idred hollchcrehc; 
Ifi naujt a bcLler baude - bi bym that mc made, laS 

Bitwcnc heuenc and belle ' in erthe tbcugh men BOUfte I 
For she ts lilcil of hire laile ■ talwis of hir tonge, 
As comune as a anvicy ' 10 eche a knaue thai walketh. 
To monkcs, to myn&tiallcs ' to mesclcs In bi.'gges< 151 

Sisoures and aonipnourca ^ £uchc men hir preiselb i 
Shireues of shires ■ were sbent jif *he ncre; 

Ah III. 7'Aii Urn it /rtm Hi TUD ^«» a amiUr Urn; V «>iuV> if. 
154. Wl3i wollcP, 156, fttf-ljudcri /«l. 14S, i4o, hcOrbuc)F. 

A. PASSUS m. I30-IJ0. C- PASSUS TT 14^1;*. 7B 

Wjiaci vid vidcwu ' -(VAatouncMc lico tccticth, 
I,#i«th hem Iech«rl« * th^t loueiii liirt ftTEv*; 
Vr Tader Adam 1i«o &ld» * with feiT« bi)ie9t«; 

Tbcr Mi w> bdcr b&udi: ' (bi him iImli mc nudcl) 
Bicwcnc hcucnc ind hcll« ' in coithe iJiEiU) m«n souhlc> 

lice in likcl of hixc tayl < inkw^s of birc longe, 
A» comujn as Uic cui-wci ' 10 kti:iu(:ft and to alLc; 
To preoaks U> mmitrala ' u» mocla in bcggcs. 
Sisoiin ftnd sunpnoiira ' sucht^ Tncn hire prci^cn; 
SchirreiMs of fidiires ' weore acheat ^if heo nere. 

I to 



Bok icb be holly ai thyn be€i«; - Jet honge me elly&r 

Thenne was Conscience cM ' to come flud specie 
Bj^or llic kyng ajid bys corball ' ah deiku^ and oil^cre. 
Coikaci«iicc knc]>iige * lo ihc kyug loutcdc, t^t 

To wU« wIisE bus vi\ were ' nnd wlicu he do bboldc 
' Wcit ihow wedd<! till* maidt' ■ jf ich wol i*4enie, 
Foi buc fn fiijne t>f Hiy febo-shep ■ a.nd for \v W lliy juake?* 
Quath Coik^icncc la ihc kyngc ' 'Cri>t it me Csr-bcdcl i^t 
£1 tcb voddQ ftucbo & wif ' wo mc l3/-tj'd<; I 
For hti* yp frecl o( hurc faiih ■ and liltel of hujy* cpecbei 
Aud nukeili men rii;>'do ' mrny hcdfc L/nH.-s> 
In tritt or btire ocsour ■ hue tcnctli ful mcnyc ; 160 

Wjucfl utd wodcvcs ' wontowncsec hue tcchcth. 
And lerelb hem to lechehe * ihal loujclh here jj'ftcfi. 
Joure fatkr har felde < FaIk and bne [o-j^edrirs; 
Hue haxh a-poi>oncd popes ' hue ii|}ciictfL bolj' cburclie; 164 
Vft nauht a bcterc baude ' by hyta that me made 1 
By-Tajnc beuene and belle ' olle cnhe IhiVit me E^uhtb 
For line yi tykrl of hure rail ' talewj'^ of toige, 
As comuoe ts die citt-wey ' to kn^iucs and 10 alle, 16I 

To aonkce ftcid to allc men ; - the mocica in liegg>Y 
Lyggtch bf htit^ v-bf>iin« Itm lu&x ' ler«d and l«H'cd. 
SyBOUtv and samtien ' uicli^ m^n hur^ proy^^cib, 
Sheicttcs uf ^hita ' were blieiil /f liiie iic wcie. Iti 

IVM^IFUE; IDTM^P. 164. >poi9catdP. l&J,UitwytSi} ft1«7i P. 
170. VMiicP. IJJ- SbvrcoeP. 


Tfi A. rASSL'S tn. 131-MO, B. PASSUS HI. 135-160, 

Hco «3oih men Icostn hci^rc loni ' and hcorc Ijraca aJicr, 
And Ictclh p^ee pruons ' and pnjvih Tor tkcm oltc. ijj 

Heo jcueth thp uyler gold * and ^Ice to-gr^clerie. 

To tn-fclcre the filifcc ' and firo wlicrr hcrm Ivkcth. 
Heo Ukcth ihc Uxwc bi Ihc lop ' and li^^th him Faale, 
And liongtth hini tot haW ' ihat harairde ncucre^ 15S 

Heo llial I^n curtrf in consrorie ' counirlh hit not ai n rusKche; 
For h(^ CDjffiti ihe coiiu!i!ia.Tie ■ and cotclb ihc tkrkw; 
Ilco is asoylcd JLS sone ■ it hirc-Mlf lj-t«Ui. 
Hto maj as much« do ' in a mooneib ones, 140 

For slir doili iiirii Irwr h(rr<r k:nd« " Wid hert l>f 1-othe. 

She Icccih p3»ac tJfttioitcrca - vcd p«rctli foi hem ofte, u& 

And gyncib ihc gailers goldc ' and groins togiJercSf 

To vnfctrre the f-ih • flc whi^re li}^ lytcth; 

Am! Inkelli ihc iTcwe bi rhc tojipc ^ and tictti l^ym fa^lCr 

And hangcth h>Tn for hatred ^ ihaE harmc dcdc ncurc- 140 

To be cursed in conslaionc - she countcih nou^ic a nift^lie; 

For »hc copelh tlie comiEsaric ' and cotcth hi* cicrliifi; 

She is ai&oilkd us sdtic ' as hir-su^If 1iki-th, 

And m.iy nei|c as mociic: do wn a iiioncth one, 141 

As lOvK secret seel ' in syi score dayes. 

For Blie is prioe w:ih the pope ' iirouisourcs ii knovcth, 

For sire sjtnonye and hir-selue ' seltth hire bullc». 

Slic bicaaelh thise !)bahopc3 ' Iheijc thtry be lewed, 14A 

ProucnJrcth pcraoncB ' and prcstcs mcynlcncih. 
To haue Ictnmannes and lot«bi«A * olJe li«rc lif-daycSi 
And hrlngrn foah harncs ■ aj^in forbode lavre& 
Tlicrc she is wd wiih the kyn^'e ' wo is rlie itwmc, i^> 

For she tA fauorahic 10 ihc Uh ■ aud foulctti ucwilic ofic, 

Bi Ihe^ut, vjlh here icwdes ' y:v,7e iutliccs she &h«nd?th. 
And liih ajtin the lawe ' und l^itah hym ihe gate, 
Thai feiLh may ricujte hane his forth ■ here florcines go so thikke. 
She kdcth ihe lawe a.^ hire li«t - and Lotieday^s makcth, t£7 
And dotlj tnen iese Ihonv hire loue " that lawe my^te wyrme, 
The mase for a mene man ' tliouj he raoif hir eure, 
Liw? IB so lorddiche ' and loth to inuk* *riide, i£o 

A, l^l- jonre TH ; v™ V ; (he U, 

C- ijfi, «ifoieryH; vnfcteiyeP- 
I fS- him JMCj r F #m. 1 79. 


A. PASSUS m. 141-149. a passus iv, 171-199. rr 

%<yaie tccrc seal ' m tctxn score dayctL 
U pHve with the pope ■ prouiftour* hit knowcn; 
Sir Sjxuuiiic :md hife-sdf ■ iissi^ltfii l!ie LuUca; 
Heo blcMcdc Uic bi^M:hcpc^ - ibou} thii ihci ben Icwcd. 144 

Rrouendrcrts pcj«iiEi£ ■ prcostcs b<o mcyntcneth, 
To liokk tenuQOiu &nd loubj^es < sd heor lyf-daj^ 
AimI bringrili forih harnes ■ ajfjTi forlKxIene lawcs- 
Tbcr bco is vd with ihc k>tij: - wo a the rc^me! 146 

For bco tt ^uerable to FaB * and foitleih Trcuihe afic. 

For hue dolh men ]c3G here londc ' and ^icrc lyf bolhe; 

Hu« ktvUi pi^iitc prifioQcrs ' and paicth for hem oflc, 

And ^eut-ih Uic gallcr ^!d - and ^nm lo-f^i^dciv^ 

To mfeierj ihc fiiUe - and tic where hem lykclh; t?^ 

Aod ttlelh tre^vc hj the top ' and tielh hem Ta^to, 

Acd hong«tb him fur h^Iercde ■ liiat harmedc neucrre. 

To be coned iii coasicrye * hue cDimleth [ijuiit a n»chc ; 

Hoc copelh Hic Lujiuaurie ■ und cuu-iii lijjs L-lcitua, **o 

Hue U afKfllid ditu tronc "■ aa hurc sdi' lykctli- 

Ha« tmy sey m moche do ' in a mounihv onv 

As jofttr »*cnn «cl ' in *rt§corp dayps- 

Hue pi priuy wtch [he popi; ' projihouis it ttitjweilj, i>4 

^or S}-iiaoiifc and hurc-«clf ' scclcih hure bullet. 

Hue bimeth thee:; bydiopyt ' ihaxth ihci be negh t«u'cde, 
Hae pmuendrcth persons ■ prt-*t« hue mtnteyrieth 
To hulde lemmatu?! and luicbyen - al Jitic lif-d,iye», 1*8 

And bryngcth forth bamcA ' a-jcrs (or-bodca iftwcaj 

Thrf hiJr ys w**! uyth ony kiTigr ■ uo ys ihc ryowr, 

Foi hoc y\ (ttUcraMe 10 Vaitt ■ dial iA-fuuluh Tirudir- i^t 

By lews, vith huic iewela ' the iusljcea hue ^hcndcUij 
0u« Ijrh 1 ;cn ibc live - and IctEclh hym llic i^ate, 
Thai faidi may rat hatie hu* Umh • tiure tlorrint?» godi nrj ihycke; 
Atid Irdeiii ihc hvitc aa hurv lu?it - fttid louedayi^i mnketli, 196 
Tborab vhich louedi/ y» lost ' that Uautc my^it: ^ynnei 
The EEose for a m<ne man ^ tluiuh he mote vuert-. 
The lane j^ so torJIicb ' and loth to timkon crdc, 

cointaiTF P. |8o. ccnifwarie P. lAi. aioitiJ ?. sm P> vcir^SkfC; 

Itl K tM, Eemmenet P. 195. may ItMSG; m mij f . 197. wich P. 
19H. alUF£5; >t P, 

7a A. PASSUS la i60-i6ck B. PASSU5 in. 161-177- 

Barou]i5 and burE«'>* ' ^'^ bm»iie:h la serve, 
Hco bu;fKelh mth heore tuwclci; ■ vr luiUnpi li«o schcDdeth. 
Hoo lihth ayeyn the Uwe ' and letwth io fiUte, i5> 

That fcicb may not hari Itln fofib - hir Horins ^ofi so lMVk& 
Hco ledeth Uic Uvrc as tnrt linlc ' and touc-diycs maktlh, 
The mise for a mcne mon ■ ilinii^ he mots eucre. 
Ldwe is io lordlich - and loili Io makoi tndc, t^ft 

Wi[h-ouT*n pres^ntc*i nr prms ■ hco jilcselh ful fcwc. 
dcfgyc All couciisc ' heo coupldh to-gcderCp 
This is ihc \yi of the Indi • vr lord pf hire scrwel 159 

And all* Uial nwynieneth hire ' ray?clijuuice hem byiiie! 

Wilh-oute prcscntH trr pens ■ she plcselh v/c\ fcwe. 
BEirounc^ and burgep ' she bryngeih in serve. 
And allc ihe comune m Icare ■ that eoiuTten Ijtjc fc trtwthc; 

Tor der^ ftn^ cotieitlM ■ die couplctU torero. iei4 

Thxn in ihc lyf of that Indy ^ nctw lorde )if hir sorwel 
And aUc tliat mc)iiten«th here men ' meschaunce hem bitydel 
Fo^ (Hire uien mowc hniie n« i»werc ' Io pteytic hern tljuuj 

Oici smcrtc ; 
Suche a maistre it Mede ' amonge men of gode/ irt 

Tlianne raomed Made ' and mcmed htrt to Lhc kjiigt, 
To liaue »pace ro ipeke ' »pede Ef «he m}')te. 

The kyn^ graunccd liir ^ncc ' 'tviili a gxidt wille; 
'Excuse thcr jif Ihow cnnet ^ I cui namorc aeffgeD, 171 

For ConicieTic« ncufieih ihe * 10 congey tb« for cuer*/ 

■Nay, lorde/ qnod ihai lady * 'leueth hym the worse^ 
Whin jc wylcn wittcrly ■ where lhc wrongc lifegtlhi 
There that myschicf Is grctc ' Mcdc may hctpe. jjfi 

And thow kncwest, Conadeitcc < I cftm nou^t to chide. 

C4n Vh i6t. tbv EI ^ V em. d aeo> Wit F. Kit. V vm. im^Vi. t^j. 

.. fASSUS m. iCi-i7r a MSSITS IV. a<to-t94. 79 

Fcf ihc pore majr luuc iio pouwn ' to pUync, lluu^ licna sBieriCv 
Such ft mayfltr i? Mccdc ' a-monp men of gootlc' 

Thciuic tncmedc M««de < and mcnede hire lo the )i.ytig 
To luue flpao^ in iqirkfii ■ npnlf jif beo mible. 
Tbmnc dii: kytsg K^unicd hire gr^icG - wilh a good w^lle: 
' Eimav Ibc, )if ihoij const ' I coa no mojc ecyc ; 
For CoQCi4oc« hitU i-cuiseL th* ■ to congeye fw cuerc-' 
*K«j, lord/ qusLli that lad! ' 'kef him the u'or^ 
Wbcm jc witen wiurlicbc ' whcr llic wrong lihth. 

Tijcf mi^lKf is gret lord • Mccdc may liclpc. 
And iho« bi]0\ve>(lt Concicnce ' 1 cod not 1o chyd«i 




Witlvoulf prvwnlrs cither pans ■ hue pleiclli ful fewe. 

Trcwc burgct? vid bondc ' u> nauhl Luc bringctJj otic, 
And ft] tho comuce m ciirc * aind in couccy«e ; 
Rcli^on hu« al lo-iyaeLh < And out of ru«Le 10 lybbe. 
Tb<i nys die vmipr noniip - ne si> rklio r^omc 
Thcf tuc y» loucd &Dd Ictc by - thai la^t ^hal cny while, 
WitltH>tiic ^Pcrrv other wo ' other wtcki^d tan'es, 
And cvitavnet of couetysc ' the comune to di«Iruye, 
Vn»)'t[yajr SufTmunoc ' liufc suater, and burr-svbe 
Hu>c nioked J-nioit ' bote Marie Lbc helpc, 
Th« DO toeid loucUi the ' and ^ut tcc&i Uiyn owt^nc. 
For M«de hath knyt d«rkc« ' 2iid <:cru«iy»e to-gcdcri:, 
TEiAt al ilic wh of this worlde ' yti vioien in-io ^yTc. 
Tbu« thb lady Icdclh [hy bndc - now lord ^uc hure Aonvel 
For pore men der nat picync - nc here plclnte fihew^, 
Snche A nuittcr y* Mede ' a-mong men of goode/ 

Thutnc momede Mcde ' mciiyng bure U> tlic kyn^. 
To b»ic irpacc 10 Apcke ' apedc yf hue myEhic. 
Tbe kjTig graunted hurc gmce ■ witli a ^^ ^y^^ > 
'Elicu»» the )T ihow canat - ich can no more t^gg^>^> 
For CdDfidcncL* acuspth ihe ' to coiigie (ht fo: cucrc.' 
*Niyr h>n^' ijiuth Ui&t Udy ' ' Icj iiclL h)iii the wcrae, 
Wbcn jc wy\cxi witcrhchc ' in vihnm the wrong lyggeth. 
Thcr thai mj^chief yA grot - Mode may helpen. 
And that kimwrih Consci^nct^ * ich cam nojt la chidc^n, ti4 






M9.P«H.tbc. lai. W«nK wim ?. »j, ^i IM5EC ; >v P. 

80 A. PAS3US rn. 173-176. B. PASSUS in. i78-i«7. 

Ne lo cLcpniUc thi pcraonc - ^-iih a prouJ hcrtc, i;t 

Wei ilioti woflt. Coacieoce ■ ^bui pi" ihou woU l)3c). 
ThCfw hx^ bongnl on my n^kke * enl^uo Tyin«s; 
Arid vkc i-gr]pcn of my gold ■ anJ jiucii ther Ihc l^kedc, 
Wlu ihou MT'iLhthcsl tl)c now * wonder mc itiinkcthi 17$ 

Ne deprtinc thi perwn* ■ with ^ proude herte, 

W*;l thow woM, wtfru*fd ■ bui ^if (how wol( gabbr, 

Tll0^v liLiAt hjTi^\l Oil iJLjiiu li^r ~ d1ruc:ni: L/nics, tSo 

Aud alio ^ipcd my goldc - ^-yuc it where the liL«d; 

And wb iJiow wratthe^c the now ' wonder mc thynltoih. 

J\l I may at ] mv^ie ' menske (he wiih jlftcn, 

And mayntcnc ihi manhoile - more than (how knowcstc- 1S4 

Ac ihov hftsi fftmcd tnc foolc ' tnfor the kynicc here. 
For kultcd I ncutre no kyngc ■ nc ccn^cillcd Ihcr-iftcfj 
Nc clede u ihow demcst ^ I (to it on tlic kyngcl 

S. 187. il WKUi LCw. C. j>}. (>iFME:: [^ F. »3, aii {/r 

and) I", wer* P, jig, P ?«. tUc- jjy rrei ?, 136. Ptf«. ». 

140. fcitlt It; ftUP. 141, LouPoP, 1^3. jBty&^hi^iJP; HMt/^ 

L t^t. igb. W«r P, 1^7, ycoronulc [". 

A. PASSUS nt 177-181. a PASSUS IV, aas-a^S- 9i 

Fur jU I DUiy dA I tnlhtc - mcn^kc tlu! willi ;i^i:«, 
And mcynECnc tbi monh^dc ' mure then thou knowevt, 
And Ihoii IttAt JiLifi«d me FouL« ■ bifore the kyi^g hccrc 

For ciiW« 1 n«aor« no Vyng • d« counsellede iberofter; iSo 
Sc dude I n^Ufic ss iIjou duj»l ' I clo hit on the kyn^l 

Nc (o dcprauc Ihi per^wnc ' with a prout hcrtc. 

Wd ihow wost wyieriy ' bole yf Ihow wollc gibbe^ 

Tho*' hilt hftn^d Oh myn bila * ell(tii-n iyin«s. 

And t\-nt t9<>l>vn uT mx $M • -4xv\ g^if it wljt^rc djc lykcde- jiE 

Whj ibcw wratthcfil liic ooyr ■ wontkr rnc thynkcLh, 

Jut ich may, as ich myghto ' m^nRkc Uie ^itfi lyfleSj 

And mcfttfyny thy manhoi - more than ihow knowcst- 

Ac ibow hut famcilc mc foule ' by-forc ilje Icyngc here ; iji 
For culdo icb ncucrc no kyng ' nc gqd»u1c4 so to done; 
Ac )di SHUed mj'Sclf ' and sczty thousand lyws, 
Botbe her and cltosi vvhcr ' m aUc kynne londea. 
Ac thow ihy-wlf sothlichc ■ lin ^ il sc^ge doretp, »jii 

[£u1 iiweJ riieny hardy men - Uia: hidden wil lo fyghtc, 
To brcfLacn And to bnilcn ' 10 bete a-doun strcDgibe». 
la tiw contJcis ihcr the k^-ng cam ' cociG^ience hym leCte, 
Thtt be DC Telde nat hus foes ' tbo rnriune l( wolde^ 140 

And u EiUH vcfdett ^^'er1; ordained - by \\l\ of ouie Ic^rde, 
C^jCiflyche tho^, Conscience ' consailedist the kyn^ Ictcn 
In bus ertemys bondc ' hyt heritage of Frauncc. 
VnconnjTig ri thai conscieiice ■ a kyngdome to sulle, t+4 

That }Tt cuEi^ucryU tlimw i:i:iTijuije hi^lix: ; ' ;l kyiigdciuie otltirr duche 
May oat be KJd aoiiily ' »j mcny here p&rt lakcn 
Of folk tliat tuiliL Lfacrforc * and fotwcd the kyiigt:) vU. 
The left lad that longetli to hym ' be the load x^oimen, ifS 
Lok«th aticr lord'Jx-fi ' other othrrc krgo nicdef 
Whcr-by he may ad 1 cnaii ' for tuerc-morc iyue after. 
And tiiat ys the kynde of a kyni^ ' thftt conqnerclh ofhya cncciyc9» 
To bclpfr b«ycUch« aL hiu host ' othere ellcfi lo graunte v^a 
Ai that htn men mowrn wynnc * to dn ther-myd here bcsic. 
Fgf-tliy icti couoaaylc no kyng * cny counsaylc aakc 
At Conacicttcc, yi he coticytcth * 10 conqiiery a reotn«, 
■mVcr sholdc neucrc Conscience * be my constable, 156 

Were kb a kynj )^coroned ' by Marye,' quath Mcdc, 
' N« be muoctj] of my men * ibcr Ich mosLc fy^htc^ 

E2 A. PAS5US lU. t8*-t94 B. FASSUS UL 188-113. 

In Nortnandle nna be not * n-mi};^ for mj t^e; 
Ac thou rbt*a*If soTliliche ■ schomedratt bim thrrr, 
Crepl(.-6t into A cabin - for coWe of ihi naylc». igf 

Wcndc&t that aynter ' woldc hanc last cucfc. 
And drcddest to haue bcri dcd ' for a dim cXo^id^^ 
Anil liastetei ham^i-ard ■ for hunger af thi u'r^mbf>l 

Wjilioulen fjjlc, piltnir ! ' p<?rc tneD tljoiu robbcdcftlt 11^ 

And bccrc bcor bran on thi bac ' to Calcys lo tul]e. 
Their I Infte wiih my lord ■ bis lyf fotto satie, 
Maadc him murlhc ful muche ■ Tnourn}"njjc lo l«te, 
Baitfde hem on tlie hilkrit ■ to boMcn hciirc henes, 191 

Duclc hem hoppc for hope ^ to hme me at wilte. 
HcJde 1 be mtxrcbal of his men ' {\m Marie of lieuenc)! 

Ip NoTTOinfl)* was he ncigte ■ noytcl for twj sike; la 

Ac ihow ilii-6(iir soibely ' ibametlobl hym ofte, 
Ciopc iii*to a liaban ' for co1i3e of dii HhuUcs, 
Wendcst ihat wyntre ■ wolde haue lasted eucre. 
And draddcbt to be dcd - for a dym oloude, tf% 

And hJcdesi hOTneward ' for himgr^r of (hi womb*. 

Willj-oot jiite, piloure ' [»orp men thow robbedrstp 
And bcrc bcrt bnw hi thi laVke ' lo C*leys lo kUc. 
There 1 hfte with my lords • his l>f for lo sane, ty^ 

1 made his men merl ' *nd momyng lelie. 
I baicred hcin on the bnkke ' and bolded here hrrrifi, 
And dcdc hem boppe for hope ' lo hauc me at willc. 
Hid 1 ben Tnarschal of hir> men ' (bi Mnrie of hcucnc)! >oo 
I dursi hxae leyde my lyf ' and no latse wedde, 
He iUMc hftue be lorttr of iJal londc • a Icngthe and n brede, 
And aho kyn^' of ihil klillic ' his kynitc for lo hcljic. 
The Ic£tc brolle of bU blodc ' a barouncs pere t 104 

Cowardlicbe lho^v, Conici^nce ' conseiledest hym thenne*, 
To leiien his 1orde*hip ■ for a lilcl lilucr, 
That is the ricbest tcrtme ' tlmt rtync ouer liinitthf 

It l^icometh to a kyn^ ' tliat kcpclb a Tcxfvnc, »o3 

To jiue mede 10 men ' that mekelich hym serueth, 
To alienea and to aHe men ' lo honourt? hem with jiftei; 
Mede maketh hym biloued ^ and for 3 m»n hulden. 
Empcrourcs and erhn ■ and ;lI maucn: kfrdca 11 v 

For 3ifLCB ban ;on^ men ' to rcnne iLnd 10 ride. 

A. PASSUS ni- 196-207' C. PASSTTS IV. 559-371. M 

I dtirMc hauc i-ldd mj Ijf - and no ka»e htc^, 

He hedde l3«o lord of thai lend ' in ienkih« and in bred^; 1^ 

And elc« k^g of th^r cuthih^ ' hit cun Tot 10 help? ; 

The kfttc Ifiiiii of Lis l^od ' ■ barouiLH jjere- 

SoclUidic. Ifiou Coiicicncc • iho\i counwildcsi him iJicnnc*. 
To LcQ« (i^t lordactmpc ' for a luitel scluor, j«o 

Thi: it the r[cch«ai« rearat ' thai rcyn quo- houeihl 

Hii bicotwMh for 1 kyng ' t}iai kspcEh a reacnc 
To yMc mcedc to men ' ih&i cnckclichc him semen; 
To ftBcns, to *Hc men ■ to honours hem with jiftea, :04 

llAetk nuhoth him Ixso bilouct * %nd for sl men i-holden. 
Emp^rours and eorlcs - and alle mnrtor lordes 
Thorw |iiiiG» lian jonge fi>en ' to rcnnc nnd to ride. 

Ac hidde icb, Med«, be has miitsdial * ouer hus men in Fraunce, 
kh dont hane leld my Ijnie * and no l.\5se wed<Ic, uo 

!!c tiad U lord vt tliat loinlc ' in ItiigJie an-l in brede. 
And ol-BO lyn^ of tliat culii ' hus k)T lo hauc ln>l|)cn, 
The Ic8l« brol of hufl blod * a barci^ci pere. 

Vnk)-ndcl^ thow, ConBc^nce ' con^ikdcst hym thvnnes, JA4 
To letc fto bus lord^Iiup * for a lyiirl moni?;-f. 

n>t by-comcilj for a kjng ■ dmt shiiJ kciw a rcime. 
To ]euc iTLcn nicd« ' tJ^at mckl)'ch(; hym ecruc-lh, 
To olieno, 10 allc men • to honoury hom with lylUs; *68 

MeJc ouktii liyui be by-limctl ' and fur 'a msm yhnlifc. 
Einpcroufft «nd crlcv ' and nllc mancrc lonfc* 
Thomh yfLefc luuen )cm««i ' lo retmcn &nd to ryde. 

C. t69. IddMFS; krl P. ,63. tuol F; b^tillc I : brirl P. aOy. 

inadUi^P. i6«, ititT*?: ml itfi, t«9. U lEFS; F ^n. yhoU1« 
ESl foMeP, j;^' lOKnEKS; Stunmcii P. 


64 A. PASSUS IIL J08-JJ7. B. PAS5U5 HI. 114-333^ 

The pop« and his fircbt«i ' pmcnicft vTide^ron^en, 

And mcedeLh mrn hcna*«e[uen ' to nicvnlvriv ht^ore huf-s, 

SeriLtufiF^ for limrer moraine ■ (jp jwon wcl ;JiC wllic^ 

Tnkplh nnre(]e of lieorc niay^Ues ' as llid. moiAcn a-corde. 

BcgK"^ fof licorc biddyug ■ biddcih men mecde; 

MuDKrob for hcor murthe ' meede thei n^V^n, 

Tht k)"ng mct-'deili hi* men ' to mateti ptes in kmdc ; 

Men iluE k[iow<fiIi tlcikcb ' nurcdc hem craoclh. 

FioLtft ibai i-Tifdieth - ihe ppplc to goodc 

Askclli mccdc &pd ffiiaaae pons ' and hcore mete eke. 





The pfipe and allt? prclaiis " pr^senu vnderfongea. 

And medcth men hem-seluen - to niejiilenc htre Uwca. 

ScnuunU foi Lcf acniiK ' v« »olh W llic Aotbei at6 

Taken mcdc of here mai^irc ■ as llicJ move tkcordt. 

Beggeres for here bwldj'nge ' UJdcii men mode; 

Mjnstralles for Iwnr murUii; • medc ihel askc. 

The kvngr hath iia-Ue uf bis men ■ Iti iu*kt jwea ii) loivie; 

Men thdt tedie cliytdrca ' crauc of hem mcdc- ui 

Presiis thtti prtchtlh iht* |K)tpl*i ■ to godi. ;Ltkni m*ide, 

And masse-pins and here ine:e ■ at the melc-tymea, 

AJkytuies crafty niou ^ ;:[auc^Q medc for here preiitis; 114 

Marchaunii And mcdc ' mote ncdc go togidcres; 

No W15IC as 1 weac - wjib-oute mede may hbbc.' 

Quod the kynge to Conscience ■ 'bi Cti&tel as mc Ibynteih, 
Mcde is veil HOithi - lUe tnaj-sityc to haur^T irB 

* Na^/ quod Consckncc to the k;-ngc - and knded to the erlhc, 
I'i'hcre arcn two moncre of mcdcs - my lofdc, wtih ;owre Icue, 
Tbat oise, gocf of his grice ■ graunielli in hi* blisiC 
'To tlwj that wcl wortlirn ' whil Iht^i lien here. aj> 

Tbe ptuphctc ptecheih thcr-of ' iciU put ic in the imulcn:, 

A. aia> medeTHD: mtieV. aip. ncrlpTHtn): noi V. B. 117. 
<Jnwl ^^lCkO; Qiuwj L C iKj. hue P. jSj, CrjtM P, *<;. 

Ptfui. ta^ ><y°tf- 3y^' fyucn JbU» V pm. i^t. aad iF| a PES, 

39s. vblterly P. wor ['. 

A- FASSUS III ai8 217- a PASSUS TV. 372-299, 8S 

AJle kunne cnhe% m«i ' craueth m«de for hfOr^ prentyS; 

Mtfcilr and marcl 1:111 nJif^ ' tnot nnle gu kj-yeikre. 

Thcr may no rfit, is [ wcnc ' witb-oukn mccdc libbc.' jio 

' Now,' qvod Uie kjns I0 Uoncienc« ' ' be Crtfit, aa tne iiunk«th, 
Uwde iff »onhi ■ muche maj'strie W haucT 

*Na/,' qiiof! Coiidfoce 10 ihe kyng * iin<! knel^^ lo gjounde; 
•Ther bcorl twcy mzncr of mccdcs ' in/ loid. bi tlii Icuc. jj^ 
Thai on, ^-ood 1^ of his gnce ' ^hieth, in Ma blis^, 
To liem lliat wfll wor^^oii ' ^hll Jhiil ihtil bon hcrr. 

Tbf prnphciff h\: iiTi.-chede ' nni put bh In the psaiiter, 



Tbc |K>pe and &llc prcJat<^» ' prcscntcs vnder-rong^ii, 171 

Afid ]«u«ft Qii«d« to m«n ' to nenie^nye fi«rv lawes. 

Sefiwrdrt Tor litre *emice ' meje i\v-y asken. 

And taken mcdc or licrc ltla)^trcl ' ^^ iIjci muw a-cgrtk. 

Bcggcn CLnd bedman ' craucn mcde for ticrc prayer). t-jc 

MynatnJ« Tor here mynBiriUcye - a medc tbt^i avkeri. 

Mtbim tliat tc<cb«ft clerkpft - crati^n hurt for mede. 

PrtMo ihaE prechtfu ■ aiiJ ihc imjili? tcclieti 

Askoi ntcdc and m»9C-p:ins ' and hvtc mete bothe. >fo 

ABc kyn* crafty men ' cr^uen Tiicde for here aprcnfy?!, 

Marchaundise and in«de ' naoce nedea go tc^gederea- 

la no lede tliAi IriKdi < tli:it li^ nc lou^tli med^i 

And glad for 10 grypc Lure ' jfrct lonl oUter jicmre.' aS^ 

Tlvo qUAihllic ky»j5 loConacicncc "by Cr>-aT, al my knoivy-rgc. 
M«de }% nonliy, n» iJiynKi^tfi ■ the nmiuiiyc 10 haup-' 

•Nay/ cjiiaih Corwci^^nce to i\w kyng ' "clcrlts wyien tlie Koihe, 

Thai Mtdc ja wKTjnotc ' a mt-yrltinjur uf gjte, 
Ai tibe santcr sJwwrtL - b^' .sudif aa jcucn mcUc, 
That irTklawr«Ilich« ])i>cn * haucn luf^c liondcnp 
To )cac mcdc to men ' more ctlier Ufise* 
Ac tbrr y^ mtdt and m^T^vd*^ - aiul bofhr men dr*men 
A detcU for sooi doj'iigc ' Ui^rnr uthcr file*, 
Mcde cncny tpne* ' men ^cucn by-for ihc dpj-nge; 
And ih*t y< nodicr rcson ne ryht ■ ne no ream* lawe 
Thai rny m*n mode lote ■ bott^ h* it rn/g:lrte de*erue, 
And for 10 TndenaLf ■ 10 irsiiiHy for inotlier, 
And vol ntoere bitterly ' wbcr he lyuc to bngc, 
Ne Jmue bop to bus liclc ' meio (o dcMfuen. 




86 A. PASSUS III. 3iS-03^ B. FASSUS !IL 334-t5& 

Tak DO m««ile, ml lord ■ of men that bcoih iie»^; tsB 

Louc hem, &riJ Iccim hem ' for vr lordca louc of hcucnc ; 
Codes meedo and hi« mcrct ' thar-viidi tho« tnoiiit wianc 
Boia lli*r IK fl mtede in^ftirclcs ' that maysirie dnjrcth. 
To mcjpnU-nc ini5(ft»ei* ■ mtcdc ihcJ Uken ; jji 

And tberor ftdth the pouter - in ihc panlmcfl crdc, 

/fl fu?r«jn manibm mi-juiiaUi sun/; dtjcUra t^mm rtpif/^ 

Thflt hrfp ri^thcmd U hejiid ' ful of jcfii*, 

AiuJ hco ibu gripeth beoir jiltoi ' (so mc God hclpc 1) 


*'Lotde» who aha] won>c in liii wones - and ^^'vlh ihine toli Acyntct, 
Of r^Vtffn on thi holy hiDcsT' ' thii uk«(h Duiid; 

And Dau}'d a,uoilcih ii hym-self ' as thi- ^iauirt lelleib, ijiS 

Tho that cnt:tn of o colovr - uid of on wille. 
And han wfou|te werkii ■ uiili riiw ard wilh teeon; 
And he Ihai r* vwih raiijt? • the !)'f of \^urye, 
A(hl eiifuuimf-'ih poic men - a4]d puiauirLh ueuifu;; ifa 

Qui fftumum juam ncn titbit aJ vsuratrt, W mantra iuper 
laaocmUrrtt ^£. 
And alle Uiai h«lpcLh ch« innocent ' ^ind iiilt tvith tbe ri3tful, 
Wtih^uie mede doih liem godc * and the irewLhc helpeili — 
Sucfie mancrc men, my lorde ■ shal liauc tlii* furat mede 
or god ^x ft fretc ncdc - whan thcj ^nc hcnnc^. a^ 

Th«r« ifl an-other n^ed« meeurcWe < that oi&ifcirefl de«ir«th ; 
To meynlene mysdoer? * mede thei tak*; 
And tliere-of ftdlh the ^aut^r ' in a fl^liiiea oidci 

/n ^aafitm m'Tm'ltn t'm'^tl^ifS sun!, dfx/cftt wnm Tf^ttm 
/j/ mutitriifut ; 
And he diAt gripeth her goMe < «o m« god helps I >43 

Shal abie ii biutre ' or the bokc lycUt 1 

Prc&tes and pcrsonet ' ttiat plcsjnge de^ireth* 
ThSLt uheth tncdc nnd monc * for n>cs»c» that thei s)rng:tth, 

Takcth here medc here * au Malhcw va (e<;hcth; 

Aiiifttt amm» rttefurunl jnerifdtm nttim, 
Ttiat Ubortzcfi and lowe folke ' ukcih of hci maistree^ 
ll is no roanere mcdc ' but fl mcstinible \\\tz. 

In tnarchandibt is no nede ' 1 maj' it vel a-vowe; 
It la a permutacioun aperily * a pcnyword: far an oihre. 



A. PASSUS ni a3<5-*43' C. PASSUS IV. 300-316. 8? 

Tbei KhoUcn 4-bu(Kc bitterly ■ or the bok Ij^cih! iii 

Vrto^tcs. and pcnonu * that plcsyoj: dcSTrcth, 

And uketh mcc<lc laJ moncyn - for moEBCO that Ihoi syngvn, 

5khullen han mcRle in l}ii* ma]i}c • that M.ilhi^u hath i-gmiintei; 
Atntn thio I'olu. rtte^runi mtnedrm suam. 

Thit laborers and buh folk - taken of hcorc mnystrcSi %^ 

Kis no maticr meede ' bote mcsomble hwyie. 

In maicbaundi^c uis n^ meede ' I may hit wcI avouch ; 

flit lA a pcrmuucion * a pcni for anothc^r. 

Icb hftl^t hym oucr hardy ' other clJcs noubl trewe, 300 

Thi! ^^ maitihus ys jiayr<l ' oihrr riles payc flskeih. 

Ituiotcs AJid lior« ' and aI-so fal* Icflies 

Thci ttLtn httrc htiyrc ' cr they bit hnuc dcsciucd. 

And gylourt gyucn by-ror« ' and gioode tnen at the cndc, 304 

^Vlwn the dede y* ydo " and the day y-mdyd. 

And tliat y« no incde ' bote a meKcilc, 

A rwinef dcvrc dctic ' for ihe doynjc; 

And bote if yt be payed presiliche ' the payer b tc blame, ^0% 

As by the bok, thai bit ' no body to ^tb-hoMu 

Tho hnrr of htis hcuc ■ oner cue til a tnorwc: 

^^<Mi m<tfi]^/Airr f/fcj m^itnarij tui afniii ft intjut mam. 
And tiitr i> twon as a rcuc * rcwurding trcuthe. 
And bothc the lord and the laborer - ben leelliche y»cnied. 511 

Th* mec^ that meny preiics laketh ■ for ma«eK thai Ihei syngen, 
Amtn^ amttit M^theu seyJi ■ ncfinitm uuim rrci/iitrnf. 
In inarctaundi»c y» no tncdc - tch may it ncl avowe; 
Hit b A percnutacion & perlclicb ' o pene-worlb for anotlier. jit 

A^ jjl. dHjnrl V, ajs- cbikJi; V, 134, T^u tint if in H ^nty. 

M, Jji. rtfo^icrvnf O: rYfy/if^ETfr/ LWCR. C. 300. oacrc P^ JW.1- 

3t«. h*v« t; h]rv« P; hynchF^I?^- jio. PAO-/«r. 313, [itntn 



\Noi in B-/f;r/.] 

C, 31S, P fim. OT. 319. P om. and ; j« L 310. l^e P ; reel, 310. 

331. ter-whit P. 313. P Art. mora. 316, crtheEIMFS; J* erth* P, 

3.V>. IjTie SEI ; lene P. 334. «ft P. 335- ^^ IFG ; a PEMS. 338. 
As MS ; Ac PEIF. 341. jefte P. 34'- P o"- 'w*"- 344- W" P- 

347. fyndyng IMFSG ; a l^iidyiig PE. 350. P irn. a. 

C, PAgSUS tV. 317-352" 


And ihftuh the k)Tig of hyt con^ye ■ kiUcr, <flhtt pope, 

Jeuf kind other Icmlshtip ■ or nthcr Urge ^iftds 

To lierf Iccle and I>xe ' lr;uc >"> llic cause 

And jrf ibc Iccllc and the Ijs^ ' ^ luihcr men dlcr, ^m 

fiothc tyitjc and kaj^scr - and Ihe coroned pope 

Ma^ ricttnou'e thai ihcy ilude ' and dcuwe thef-wiih other. 

And x-no(i b)--r;mcn hyia bit ' nnd neuerc more ttRcr 

NoUicr thri nc here nyti^s ■ hariJy to tlcyfnc* 114 

Tluu Vyng ether ciyser h)-m yaf • ciitcl oihor rtntOi 

For god gif TO Sabmon • grace vp-on enhe, 

Rtxlieuc iiid rc»-on ■ whylc he ryht l^iinlc, 

Aod 1^ ftonc u god sclh ' he auwcd nou}^! hus wtllc, fit 

He reocdc hym of hys richesse • and of hiis ryhi mynde, 

And lolTredc- hym lyue tn mysbvtc;ie ' ich leyne h& be in hdU; 

So ihai god geuclh no ihyn^ ■ that sjiinc nc ys the glo*e» 

And «o rxght ^olhlklie ' may kyng and pope iji 

BoThc giiic and (jratinlye ■ iher hug grat-e \iks\h, 

And eft bate bit %-ityn * of hem that don ille- 

TtH» yx meifc and merceile ■ a* Iwa manere reticii>n*, 
Rcct arri) indirect ' rcnuyo^ V^llic' ii6 

On a Md and a ftyker * Bemhlablc lo bj-m-wluc — 
At aifieciif and subfiantyf * vriLe a&ken, 
Acordaunce in VyntJe ' In cas and tn iimiibre, ^ ^. 

And aydier ys olbtfreti hel^^ of licra cornedi lelr^utloiiv 340 
Thai ys the jifk iliai god ^yiicth - 10 alle Icclk Ij-0)Tig^ 
Grace of good cnde ' and gret joye after; 

Qti.ith ihe kynge to Con*iLieni:e ■ *fcnowvTi \*A\ v^L^ldt^ 
What \f< tcU^^ion rect ' and inJjrcct afkr« 14« 

And Ihanne adicctyf and «ub»iantLf * for Engliach was it ncucrc' 

■RekdoQ rect," quaih Conscience ■ "ys 1 recorde of ircuihc,- 

Fcilvyng and fyndjn^ ^jjI ^ iIje fuundcn^cui of HUcDlhe. 

And *t>-vdycbc atonic forth - to ftrcn^ihc of ilic roundcmeni, j*a 

Id kyndtf and in case < and in cotim of noumtire ; 

Ai a M laborer - ttut by teuytb with bus tnai^^tre 

In bus paye and in hy% p}te < and In bus i>urc tTcuihc^ 

Tc payc hym jf lie pcrformeth - and hi^tie pylc yf be tijllvth, j5> 



[Not m A-lext] 

[AW in n-Ux/.] 

C' 355- sosteDlifP. ^iS. Fom.goA. 357, trine P. 35B. in ys 

kynde P. 339- chnrdw P- 3*i- senna P. cluuedc P, 364. 

wbil a P. 366. kjoc P. 367. erne MF ; cauw PEI5G. to MFC ; 

two FES, 368. wLch P. 569. Dc^ E ; nont M ; nal FSG ^ not I ; 

no>« P. 370. for LS P. 371. wo P. worliche P. 37*. kyne P. 

375. kyndc P, 376. TSw liru is in F ffH^. 378. U P. 380. him 

MF5; bcmR 

[JW in A-/' J.-/, j 


Ati<1 uke hjm for hiis uauaiU * ^1 that treutlic voLjc. 
So of hoi hejt& eotntth hope - Ami hariiy rclai:]on 
Sekcth aniJ >nwclh - hus Miljstamif *auacion, 
Thii p ffi^df the p»undc of aJ ' Ai g^r^iciou^c onlccc^cnt 15G 
Aiul 11UT1 )ii reliLCif roct - }i he be ryhi trexie ; 
He >ccinle^h with Crirt m kyntlc ' v^bum tarrt /actum af} 
In Gtftc, trtdrrr in adesm ' \i\ holy kirke Co bylcyuc : 
In Qumbrc, toiic juid arj^c ' iml rcfn>i»cpn to haue, |fe 

0£ ourc K>ry oynncfi - nsoilcd aikI clan»d, 
Anil lyu^, » onre crcde oiih tcnnrih ■ wiih Crisi wliliouicn enclc. 
Thus U fcUcion rvct • rjliL ^ sdiccilf ani^ tvibtuniif 
A-coii5clh \ii alk kj-odca ' wilh his antcccdcnti 364 

Indirect th^og 7« * aa bo >o couched 
Alk kyrnc t^rndj; • 10 tnow^ and v> Tolwc, 
Wiih-€o;c cii«c to cacchc to ' anJ tome to l^otlic nnnibrea* 
In which bcth f;0cid and n^il ^ood ' &nd gr^iunic hcie liotlins wil. 
Th^l t« no)i rcitoT^flbTc nc reel ' 10 rcfusy m)' eyrci wmamci 
Sitth f, hiA none sknd tcniauni * nliwc for hU r)'gl)Lc. 370 

For vho wi ftii! hiiii^ eo wjxic ' my vorliJIichc clau^jhier, ^^.^i.* 
Ich wol fcfTc hj-m wilh hure [jjtc ' and willi hure foult laylendc. 
So indirect ihynjc y% ' inlicEc'^ coucytc irj 

To ft cordc ui alk tjiiicics ' md in dlle tynne Tittmbrc. 
AViib-oii:<^ oott and care * in alio k)-iitie imuaile, 
Wtih^outc rr«nL]n to Tcwirdc ' mau^t rccching of the prplc. 374 
Ac rcUcion rcct ' n x o-hiful customc, 
Ati a kynfc to clcymc ' ihc comunc at hU willc 
To fblwc bym^ to fyndc hym ' and fccche at hem hat considj 
Thti here k>u« thn* 10 htm ■ thorw xl ihc londc a-cord*. 3B0 
So comunc Glc;ynii-lh of a kyng ~ ihre kyiine thyn^Si, 
L4VC, lcuc> and IcauEc - and hyia lord antecedent. 
Boihe here hefd and here kyng • hjild}!!^ with no paiti*, 
Bole stxnde as a «take ' thai siyketli in a mnyre ji^ 

B/*lvyne twu Inmka ■ for a ticvu my,rke- 
Ag 'ikc roosic panic c^f tlic {lopk ' [lUrc indirect ttcmeth. 
For ihffi vrtlnen and '^Me ' us Iw^t wer< Jor hem-selue, 
Tliau}^ th« byng and ih« cod3ujd« - al El>e co«c badde. 3!i3 

Al roon rfpTOueth ' such InipArnr puple, 
Aiid bait ban vnotcdcfost - fur hem Uckclh caK. 

92 A. PASSUS IlL 244-246- B. PASSUS ITL 257-261. 

But raddest thou neuer Regum ■ thou recret^ede meedc, 
Whi that veniaunce Tel ' on Saul and his children? 345 

God sende Co seie ' bi Samuels mouthe, 

Ac reddestow neuere Jitgum • thow recrayed Mede, 
Whi the veniaunce fel ' on Saul and on his children? 
God sent to Saul ' bi Samuel the prophete, 
That Agage of Amaleke ' and al his peple afire itio 

Shulde deye for a dede ■ that done had here eldres. 

A, 944- ihouTUD; thai VH. C. 391. Aa EIFS; Ac P. 39.V 

p*ccimie P, 399, no {for to) P. 40T. church* P. 40a, wen P, 

403. &ikcEIG; asky P. fore F- arde P. 408^ tukynglMSG; md 

A. PASSUS in. 2i1-249- CTPAI 

391-41^, H 

Sc^ulilcr dje for n ricdr , that lion hcMf* liU cldn-n 
Ajcyuco* Israel iinJ Ai/oii ■ aoJ Mojwa Lis bivLlicr- 


A« rclftiirs milircct ' iccchcLh tbci neucR- 

Of tbc court of the com ' so ihcy cacclic sulucr, §9< 

Be U)c pecutiie jr payed ■ thaah parties dude. 

He lh*i in«lfl maj Lirchc ' makoth liicl laTe, 

Pljin*" He a nntnhic ' of uolil« nihct of shullcngps ; 

I^OT" l^«t clxcQlcs A'Cordc ' mcda a-eountcth l}lcL, jv^ 

Ac kdwctif and «i;ibeUntif ' j-s as scti «r totde, 

That 7*, »rijrie, acordaiiDC« ' In caw» gendrv, and nunibre; 

A«l ys to tnenc in ouil- mouth ■ more ne myniie. 

Bole that allc coapctc men ' wommcn, and cluldfai. 400 

Shold« t^nformye to on kyndo • on lioly kirke to by-lcjuc, 

And KCXit'M ihc cis« ' u'hen thei couib^ vnderSEOnde, 

To tike foT hure «yitTie« ' ami sniTfe liarile pc-raiince, 

For lliat Die [ortlca lutic lIjuL foi ourc \o\ac dr^de, «94 

Ami cou<]tcJ ourc Itjndc ' and be cald in oure nanic> 

And njvien hym Imo Otire numbrc ' row and euere more; 

Qat\ in €ori:<^if tmmts in Jfo manrt, H iUns in o- 
Tboft b man aiid miuik^ndo b n^aucrc cf x aubstaniir, 
As Mic 4/ kt^ Amb0 * fttkyn^ ati adicetif 408 

Of ihre trewe iwrnjions ■ /n'm/at utim <ttus: 

NsenimaJitf>, pafir // Jltiux tt sj>ititttt x-tfiflua^ 
Ac bo K> nkl oi RrgHwi • icJc me may cf mcde, 
Hcu htK Absolon ' to hcn^ynge brouLtc; 
And faitihe, for Saul ' eaiieda a kyng for rnede 4ri 

A*gcyn godes comatirtdeiyieni ' god xokt: fiuche venuiince. 
That Saul for that synnc - and hus ^ac dcjdc, 
AnJ gaf ibc Lvnt;domc to hu^i knaue ' tliatkcpL bliccpand Luitbrcn: 
A» men rat in H^wn * after RuiU of k^gos, 414 

Hoo god 4ente 10 Saul ' by S^ixniiai the prophetc, 
That Agng of Ainalet ■ and al hus lyge pupic 
Sholdc dcyc ddftmiL-bc ■ fw deJca of here cidren. 

ft Vftt P. 409, tM«^ F. 416. A) mf G i And P. HO- At) Pf 
«M I- iro. E>tb t i n»>c> P. 

M A. PASSUS in. S50-»S8- B. PASSL'S UL ai>->W, 

Samuel 5C](k O Snul - God ȣiidelb the and liolcth 
To bco txixum and boun • hi« bidding lo wDrch«f 
■W*nd Ehider witli thin host * iQymm«n to cuUe, 
Cliiklrcn and cheorif s ' chop hem ro iIi^lIk. 
Lcle iliow cullc ihc Vyng ' toucvtc not lib t^oudcA 
For miUoua of moncye; ■ mortiicr liem v<;hoiw, 
Bcrnes and b«c£te$ ■ brf^niv; \ivrtt il co fLsk«e.' 

And t*.'i he culde not i)* Ityng ' as Cfi«l hlrn'wlf bibic, 
CoucjrCcdc feu cacel ' aitid culdc noL his bccttu^ 



■FoT-dii,' ^id San^ucl to Siul ' 'god h)'m'«cU hoLciti 
The, be boxome n his blddynj^ * hia willa co ful^lle: 
\Vj>[ii1l' ti> Ainalec vviifa ihyn osw ' and uliat iliow tyndem there, 
site il; 1C4 

Bicmcb tnd be6t«a ■ brcnnc hem lo dcd; 
Wydwes and wy\i*s • womnien and chJdr«n, 
M<»hlcs and vnmochlcfl ' and al that tliow mv)te fynde, 
Bicium: it, belt- u uuujic awcy ' Lm; tl ix-Utrc Bt> liclic, itf6 

For m«de ne for monc; - Inke thow dcaiiu^t tt, 
Spillc il and iparc it nou^tc - ihow shcilt vpcdc tb« bcCl«re.' 

And for h^ cooeyred her citel - and ll>c kynge spared, 
Forbore hym and his bcslcs bothc ^ n» tiic bible u-iUicKtcJi, i;j 
Olhcrwyse ttian he was ' ntuncd of the prophele, 
God &eid? to Siiniue) ' ihal Saiit ehuld^.- dnyCf 
And ;xl his seJe for lh.1t Q'nne ' ^^-iifullich ende, 
Sudi a mj-schief mede made ' Saul llie kyugt; to haue, 476 
That god htUcd hym for ciicfc ■ and alLc his cyrcs tftcr. 
The tuhrum of this c^ ' ktpe [ noti^te to &hcwe; 
An fliienture ii noycd m^n - none cndc uil ] make. 
For 50 b Uils Hdilde vxnt ' vllh hem ih^Li liaji |)owcrCr aJo 
That who-so scylh hem solhes ■ is stinncst ybbixcd. 

I Conscience knoA^e ihi^ ' lor kytide ^itt me it uu^ 
That re^oun shal regne ■ and rci^-rae* goueme; 
And H)Ei: ds Ag<Lg h^LlJc ' happr >h^x\ «ommc. i&( 

Samuel ^hil sken hym - find Saul ^hil be bbtoed. 
And Dduid shfll be diademed ' and damitco hem alle. 

i1ouhV^«tb»II. igo, Sid! THUD; Sunucl V, 164. ckiMtfTIIi^ 



PASSCS in, 559-J6S. C. r,\SSTIS TV. 4ao-4U. B5 

Bute bn>iilitc uriib liim llie bccaica ■ nt ihc bible icllcih, 
God Mcd* lo Kjc ■ ihat Siul achuldc Aye, j6o 

And iJ liis s^ed tor Uint buiw« ' tch^ndfullichf ondo. 
Such a iAiKh«f itiefde * made iht kyng in hsiue, 
That god haicde him eutro ' anti Hs helrcs afuT. 
The (ttJarum of ttiib cIausc - kcpc I noi cc achcve, ^ 

In lucnLurc hit mi>-)rd mc ' 4n ondc ^ol 1 mike? 
And rihi as Agn^ hcddc ' hapnc *chii!le immm*; 
Sonmd MiUal nlrn him ' and Saul scIj^I be llanicd, 
Dtuiid schAl ben dyadcmcd - and dftuntcn hem illc, ifi8 

'3aut'<10^ih Samtid - 'god hym-Klf hotclh 4J0 

To b« boxome at my biddiog ' hos bono to fulfylle. 
Ha«t'tli« vlth «l thjn o«t - to the lond of AmaTeb, 
And ^ thai lyneth In iliai londc ' ouie lord vol itiat ihow kIoc hit, 
Mui, womin, and v£f 'child, vridowc » and bc^cs; 4)4 

Mtbk* and v&inchte» * maa and fdlc ihynf^es, 
Bwi hit, ber novht Jtu-iy ■ be hit tieucrc so richc, 
For my tnrdr of monryc " tl ihat ihow mygbt ^pillc; 
Spar Ini ntt and :liow - »1uU H'<^^c 'Ii^ bcicrc/ 4^9 

Ajid foe he <ouei(cd hpc <flti.":l ' and the kj-ng spared, 
For-fcar hvtn and bus bctie bc-ctcs • a* ibc b>-blc witnesn^tli, 
OthcrwUe than god u-olde ' by wamyng of the propbctt, 
God acttlc 10 Samix'l " ihat Saul *htildc dcyc, 4t* 

And al bu^ for thAl synnc ' and flhcndfxillichc cndc. 
Ibua wa« k>^x ^^1^1 ouercome ' for couciyiic of medc. 
That god haiid hyna for cucrc * and olle hus ayrcv after. 
Tt* mhrurn of ihi* ran - kcpp ich r»at in ibrwc, ^436 

An ftuntcr hit nuycdc mc ' nnm tndr wcl ich ntakc. 
For >o yt the vorldc treni ' with hem that hin the power, 
Thit he that Rcith cioitt »oihetc * sonnMC y\ y-bbm^^^L 

Ich Consirirncc knowc iHb ' for kynde uiit me Eauhie, 440 
That rrson nlinl rcgne ■ aiul rriincs gouprne. 
And lyht OS Agog haddf ' happen <huUi:th fcmme. 
Somoe! aha) sle hym ' aJid Sad ahol be bhmed. 
And Dinid «ial be diadcmyd ' vid dacnten alle ourc cncmyes, 444 

IMl-^SC. 4|0. vhiUBM^ P. 4^e. hem XVl'G ; P mv. 44^, ude P. 


PASSUS HL 169-J76. B. PASSUS lit. 187*316, 

And on Cristcne kjug - keptn vs vchone. 

Coti<icnc« knouvtti tZiiji; ' for ku)TuJc wit me taujIC 

Tlut rcsuii »thnl n-'giie ■ iiml rcflin« gooerne; 

Sclol no mote MctJc ' be ma/itci \-\tyvQ corihc^ «;i 

Bole loue aiiU louhDc^sc ' and kuie to-gcdcrc. 

And hec that tretpatMtb to Uouthe ■ or <loth ajtyn hts wilfe, 
T^etili? ^chaJ lion him lav» ' or kosen his l/f i;!!*^^. 

And on* CrUicno kj'ngo ' kep«& hem alle. 

Shfll ra more Merle ■ iw maistro, as she Is nwiihr, lAB 

A< \g\k und luwciic^fic ' and Icwlc lugcdricN 
Thise shul be maj^tres on moMc ' trc attic 10 stuc. 

And who-so trespoa^th SLyein trciaEhe * or Ukclh ajein bift wijle, 
r^etite iliiil don hym kw** ' and no ]y( cllcs. 15a 

Sbal :i[) &eii2un.i for here »oru/«c ' ut^rc a Kdkc howuc, 
Ke no pcLurc in his clokc ' for pfctlyng aitc bAtn:. 
Mcde of mys'doercs ■ mukcth mtmy lord«£. 
And oucT lord« laue* ' reuletli die rextmes. ^ 

At- k}tn!c ItJUe »Iul cvtme jii ■ and conscience tngiVlrres, 
AnJ m^kc of lawe a hborcrc ' suchc louc sbal atLac, 
And BUch a pees amon^c the p^plc - and n pcrfkl trc^c, 
Tliai Jcft-es thai wene in hcte witte ' and wa::€n uondcr glade, 
Tlui Moises or I^Iessie • Le come in-to this enhe, joi 

And hsMG wondei In liere hctlk ' thai men t>cdj ao Irewc. 

AUc Lhat bcreth bad^iTdc ~ hrodc swcrde or launce, 
Axe other hachei ' or cnj^ wcpnc cilis, 504 

Shal be deined to ihe deth ■ but if be do it smj'thye 
In-lo sikiil ur Mi silhe ' to stdure or lo kulter; 
ConjiulaHt Qiadics suos tit XfOffieres, ^V. / 

Echc man to plcyc \Hlh a plow ' pj-koya or spade, 

Spjnnff, or fcprpde donge ' or apille Lym-sclf with uleutbe- joS 

PiCTilrs and pcrxOTii^s < uilh placebo lo liiint?, 
And dyngcn vpon D^uid ' cche a day til cue, 
Jluntj'ogc or hatikyngc " if any of hem vsc, 
His boste of his bonofye ' wofili bynomc hyra after* ju 

Slial TieJthcr kyng*? ntf kny^ti; ' consiabte ne meire 
Oucc-lcdc die coiiiuut ' ue lo ihc courie souiptie, 
Nc put hem in pAncl ' tu doii hciu plijlc here trcuLhc, 
But after the dede thai is doa * one dome shal rev^^dc* ^iti 

A- 9Kq. Vokuyn J«se (qV) V, >Sl. Ac TUP; DacUj Aiul V. 

A- FASSUS liL I'ji^m^ a PASSUS IV. 445-474: 

for Khm 9€niirie ■ wer« a selk liouue, 976 

Mocdc of niiAiJocre ' mikcth men so richc, 
ThAE lawe U lorJ Uwaxen ' in<1 leute le pore. 
VnkuyD(lefi«u« U comflundour ' and ku/ndencsae is banesdiL 
Ac ku]m<!e wil kJisiI came }it . and concit^nce to-gcdere, tli 
An^ maltc of Uwc a Uborer ■ audi louc schal ar/^el' 

And on C^^lcIK: kjng " kcpen ows eciione. 
Shal DO Iblcdc be mjiistcr ' ncucrc more afLc'r 
Ac k)ttc cuid loutinessc - and Icautc to-godcrcs 
ShttJkn be itui)HTrc& on mold« ' Irene Tuen to heTpe ; 44a 

AqeI bo u> inkclh ajcr; treiithe ^ other trin&uc-rKih Ayetis tvsaa, 
J^u tc >hal do bym hwc ^ and no Lf dies. 
SbaJ no icriauntc for ihAt scmyac ' were a sclk houc, 
Kfi pelotir in hu£ paucybn ' for plodyag at the bure. 451 

Much«l jTJcl i« thorw mcdc ■ menj i}"me sjiffred, 
And Icllcili the hwe ■ iImjiw here lajge jyfies, 
Ac kyndc loue shal come )ut ' and conscience to-gedcrc*, 
Ajid make of lil^vc a laborer ' suche louc thai ar)'!ie, 456 

And suck pe«« amcng the puple - and a ^nu^yi treutlifr, 
That I?«c!i sicJ ftene in liefc witi ' and wexc w* gljule. 
That bcre kyng be ycume - fro the court of licuenc, 
MojMa oibcr Messiaa ' llut men be so trcwe, 4^0 

For aJie ihit b«r«ilJ bas«lardes ' hryghi swerdcr ctlier Uonc^ 
Axe, othei ictJieW ■ other eny Itj^inc wepne, 
SJial be difuxrd lo ihe dtrili ' bole >T he do hii smylhie 
lo-to aykel other into Mihe - to sAus otbcr to cutter ; 4S4 

C^^aAuaf giadwt suos in utftatr^s^ tt ianctas suar in /alctt / 
Ech TOin to ple)^^ wUh 1 ploali ■ i pyccjse ottier a spade, 
Sp^'Mwr, and iprk of god ' anil spille no I>me: 
Prea(« and ptr=cii6 ■ >W3? and i/jr*fi-. a^j 

Here aiiilc-r and lierij aeucno {iJ^lmia * for alle ^yniul prcycni. 
Raitkyn^ other horiyng ■ j-f eny of hem hit vaie, 
Shal kw ther-fore hus lnie-!ocle ■ ard hug Uf paraummre. 
SItt] DotbcT kyiig DC kniji - Loniitablc ne ineyic 
OucT'Ca/k the comunc ' nc to the court ^omprie. 47* 

No pmu men in pandl * ne do men ptighie here treuihe; 
Bote after the dcdc that y$ ydo * the dome shal retorde. 

B, 304. cnh<t L. 



B. PASSUS in, 317-30- 

Mercy gr no mercy ' as ircuAc «il acordc. 

Kyngc« courto and coirune courte ' con^^sCorie and cbapiLcle, 
Al thai be but on« ccurtt^ ' and one baroun be iuailcc; 
TliiDne worili TftwC'tongCf a lidy nun ■ tliai leni^j foc ncuerc- 
BaEai1]c^ aha^ non be ' nc ro irtan bcrc wcprte, 311 

And wbfll AQiytLi tliat ony smy^cth - l>e sm^ie ibcru jth lo doEli«, 
AVff !ttictit gfiis itnfra gens^m ^fa^w/n, ^. 

And cr this fonufic feltp • lynde men shal tbe wcnte, 
By ajs sojines And a fcclkipfw ■ fljid hiJfa jhcf of ai*c!; 114 
And (he myddel of a nnonc ^ shal m.ikc the lewcs to tomci 
And ^flraccnea Tor that sr^te ' shulle iyn^f: gioria in rxctlsit^ ^e^ 
For Iklakoti^ei and Mcde ' nj-^Jiapjie shal ihat tvmpj 

For^ mtiius tit bonum numin r/uam diuicie mtjfij 

Alac wroih as ih* wynde • wcx Mcdc in a while, stB 

'I can no Latyn/ quod she ' *clcrlciti M-'^tt Ihc wihc. 
Sc vhsiL Siiamon seilh ' in Sapience bi>L:e«, 
Thai hi] tfuL jiiicrli jifics ■ the vuttjric wynnedi. 
And mochc vorscbip hnd Iher-ivilh ■ as holiwryl lclklb> iii 

ihnortRi adquirH gtii da/ mttntrat 4ff- 

* I Ictjc wcl, bdy/ qvod Conscience ■ * thai thi Lntyne be Irewc ; 
Ac ibow art Hkc a lady ■ ibat reilj« a lestoun cncs, 
Was, Gmnia probate ' ami Ihdt picked here hcrlc, 

(hal lync wa» no Icngcr ' atle leues ende. ijti 

«hc loked that other halT ' and Ibc Icf lomed, 
She fdiidde haue foimden fele vrordi* ' folwyng therailer, - 
Qnvd hifttum tit itmU ^ ireiiOiC dial Leile m^ef 
And 90 fcrdc je, tnadamc! ' jc couthe namorc fynde, i^o 

Tho )e lokcd on Sapience * titlycgc in ^oure studi*. 
This line !hai je ban tolde ■ were gode for loidefl, 
Ac ^ow faillcd a cunnytig derke ■ thai couiiie ibe Icf hauc lorncd 1 
And if |c sccbc Sapience cfl ' ^dc ahal jc that folweth, 344 
A ful tcneful tijiie • to hem thai takclh mcdc. 
And that is, a/imiam avf/fa aufiri * acttpimixumt J/., 
And ihai is the taille of ibe liilr • of ihni thai y schptvcd, 
That thcije wc ivynnc wcrschip " and with nicdr hauc viclorie, 34S 
The Boulc that ihc scmde tahcth * bi »o nioche is bonndc* 

B. 31*, imylticlh WOi tmltMcRi raytclh IX. 3^7-338^ ihc WC; 

•cb« ROi )eL. O. 476. iTdy I3G; licwt ?» tuteJe KG ^ tcned IFMj 

a PASSUS TV. 4?5-SOi. 


Mercy other no rnercy - atl tntxt trowo a-coTd«n. 

KvRgc» court And codiulc <ourl ■ con^torie and clminire, \f6 
A1 «hal be bote on coun * cind on bcme be losticc ; 
Thai vonh Trcwc-tange, a lyd/ man ■ thai toncdc tn« neuerc. 
B;iLiineK *hnlle ncuere efr be ' nc man here eg-iool, 
And j'f tny man ^rnj^lhie Ltl ' be sinyte Uier-wiijh (o ilclhe ; ^fio 
AVff kt^tt gfHj cfttifra gtniem gladium^ tuc txicr^thuniur 
uUra ad prtlium. 

Ac er IhU fortune by-fallc • fynde me shil the lA'orste, 
By sjj sonnr* ati[l n »!iip ' anil half a shcf of anveit. 
And tic DQjddcl] of a mone ' shil makyc the lewct lum^. 
And sarat^Tis for ihal sy^iht ' sbullcn sj-n^e trtdo im spiritkm 

Fcr Makunied and SMe • ihuUen my^Uappen ibat (ymc, 
For miiius tit ^enum ncmm qitam ifmitrit muUe* 

A> wrotli as the wynd - wcs Mcdc Uicr-iiRcr — 
'LpO whal SaUaion seiUi,' qualh Ime < 'm Sipiencc tb« bybl«, 
"Thai jeueUi jj'ftw, take jeme ■ ihe victorJe he wynnetb, 40V 
And moch'? wotslicp ilicr-wilh" " as \\\Ay writt IcUelh; 
J/cnorna m^amt qut dai munna^ 

' Ich Ictjc the, bdy/ quaih Conscience ' ' for thai L&tyn \i trewe : 
I'how art iykif 1 bdy ' tlut a lotion radde, 
W*i> ffwwp'^i prohatf - that jilci^ed liure hette; 
That Tecf wan uo K-iiijcrc ' and at the Icucs cnde. 
Ac hidde hue lokcd on the lift half ' and ilic Iccf lumcd, 
Ho* aholdt haue yfounde folwyng^ ' ttlt worde« After, 
Owrf ^iWMBV /</ ftTB/if ■ > ryxte of ircHrhes mflkj-ng. 
So be tliat ftecljifili Sai^icncc ' f^nde lie t^\va\ ihal folnctli 
TriMiHcb 4 ttncTuI dxt ' to hem ihat takclh medc. 


The »1uche liaite, (ss ich hiuc rad ■ and other that canne rede,) 

Afiinam au/irt a<ttpi*t\tiujn .- 
" XVof^l^up he wynnnh ' fbfti v^ol jcuf tnedi^ 
Ac be lliat rccc>ueth otlicr jecetieih huie ' 75 reccttor of gjlc'" 
/f/ic txfJieit jmsim gmtr/us. 

leancder. 480- ttef^T: set\. 4^3. 4^1. sJiup F. 484- rtroyn*?, 
4*6. «r«iEc P, 496. Irpie P for— Trtwc IMFSG ; a*! holy wt'nt Iclleth P- 
491. «nP 49J. }iallMt^G: wichff ?. 493. lcd~IFSti; Pnw. 4^9, 
tcmMl^; tKufbir* foo. bu* (/«■ bt) f . 

H t 


too A- PASSUS IV, t-5, B. PA3SUS IV- 1-^18. 


' ^^SETH/ sdde ihe kynj - 'I sofre goii no mi.r*. 

O Jc sicUullc saujicnc forsollie ' and ae^ac rac boUic. 
Cuisc hire/ quaSh ibc k>Tig ■ 'Concicace, ic^ liolc.' 
*Nay, be CHa,* quod Coiicience ' ■cone«>e nw raihcr! 
Bole Reson rede me iher-Jo ' arst wol I dye I ' 


'^^ESSETH; ■«iih the kyngp ■ *1 nufffc jow no lengew, 

V^^ }c slial f^itijlnc for lOlhr " and aetuc me bothc* 
Kifiac hir," quod the k\-nere ' 'Conscience, 1 hole/ 

' Na>\ bi Crisle/ quod ConECience ' ^ coiigeye me for cuere 1 4 
Bui ResouTi rede me iher-lo ■ raiher wU 1 dcj'el' 

' And I comaunde ilie/ quod the kynge ■ to Cotiaticncc tharuie, 
'Ra[>c ibc to ndc * and Bcsoun thow fecche; 
Coiiiaundf; liym ihat he come ' tny conseilte to hert. t 

Fof ho shil fL^iile tny rewrne ' and rede me the beare, 
AnJ acounie wilIi ihe, Conscience ' so me Crysi lielpe. 
Haw iliow Icrnc&i tlic pc^ilc ' the Icrcd ond ibc lewcdc' 

■I om fayne of tint forwarJc' ' suyde llic (rekc ihannc. 11 
And nil ri3te xo Resoun ' and rowreijj in hJa ere, 
And aeidc as the kynge badde ' and BJihen toke \\\3 Veil^. 

' I sbal arrayc rac 10 lidc/ quod Resoun ' ' rtaLe tlic & wUk *— 
Ani cnlied Citoun his knauc ■ cuitciae of speche, iS 

And also Tomme Trcw'e-longe- ' te^le-me-no-taUs- 
Kedesyng-todiwje-of- ' for-I-loucd-hem-neuere — 

A. II, CrirfTiff>dVHVD. 

14. Roon THUDi CoodcAM Y. 

A. PASSU5 t\\ 6-17, C. PASSU5 V. i-tp. 


Lftd I c^mmndc iKc/ qvo^ the krngf ' to Conclcncc Uiricnt. 
'Thtt thou rape the to rde ■ and Rcson ibou fcttc; 

- m)' coun^eil to here. 8 

^ snd retle inr Ihe bciir 
and wliat mon scti^] LIr ncildr; 
' £0 mc Crist Uclpcl 

Cotnaundr him (hat he come 
For lie sella] iculc my rcamc 
Of Mcciie* and r^f other mo ■ 
And ft'Countc with Coocicnco 
How ibou Mfti mj peptc 

*I am fajn of that fo^twArit' ■ iMv the freEke ihenne. 
And lod riht to Iluon - And rouncd \n his cte, 
S*yde as the kjiig sende • and »cihihc lok his kuc, 

' I $chal iraye me to ride,' <iiiod Rcson ■ * reste the a fthiie '— 16 
And clrpii? Calm his Innnr^ ' ciiTtcia of speche— 


Tnfipii pas^us ^mha. 

JSSETH/ ^de ih* kyng ■ 'ich soffr* jow no l*nj-er; 
5« thuUi?th siiulitric for ^orhe ' and serue me boihe^ 
KuH hure,' qujidi the kyng - 'Conscience, kh hoLv/ 

'Nij, by Crisis' quath Conscience ■ ' conge me ralher! 4 
Bole RtsoQ rtde xne thereto ' ralhcr wol ich deyc/ 

■And ich comaundc/ qnath the tynge ' to Conscience ihcnnci 
'Rajv l)»e CO ryde ■ and Rrson ihai d»ow [i.'tche; 
Coixumidc hjui lljat ]ic come ^ my con^Ai] lo hupc, 8 

For he ihal njl>t; iny rcimc ^ Bnd rcdc mc i)jc bcstc, 
Of Mcde and of other mo ' and what man shal hurc weddc, 
And fl-counir with ihf, Cnnsdrncc ■ so mr Crist hdpc. 
How ihow Icdc^t my pupic ' lercd and leuedc' \% 

' Ich am fjiyn of ihat forwardc ' in faylh/ Uio quaih Consciencct 
And rod forth to Kt%c/n - and rouned in lius ere, 
And sddp hiTO M the kyng saidf^ - and siilhe fok hu*i Icue. 

'IcIj »haJ a-fayc tijc to ryd<f ,' (ju;Ldi Rvwn ■ 'rest ihow a wliyle;' — 
And called Caton haik knauc ^ coite}^ of spechc, tj 

And a1 so Tcmme Trewe longe- ' telle -mt-no'tales- 
NedevyngG»-lodmhen*or- ■ for-ich-louedi'-hk-ncui^rc— 

19. IfK^^or. 

i(. wyltF* >8^ noMlFSi now P. 

r02 A, P.\SSUS IV. iS-i^, B, PAS5U3 IV. 19-15, 

*Seitc mj- sadd rppon Soffrc- ■ til^I-seo-my-iymc. 
\nd Joke ihoii warroke him wel " wjlli sviLh« Jccle gimii^icB; 
Hong on him an h«ui bridel ' 10 bere h\3 hed lov^, 10 

^ vtol he niakt^ fi^onl A whl ' «r tie come Ltiere,* 

TlieniLC Concicncc on hb o&pul - cariciU fofth fastCi 
And Realm wilh him ridclti ' rappyoge flvlihc ; 
Bole on a wajn Winy ' *nd Wisdame i-feert 34 


*And scttc my *atlcl vp|nin SulTrc- ■ lil-I-sc-my-Iymc, 
Arid Icic w-airok it ifl<I ' ^-itli Willy-worJrt gcrtbcs, 
And hang;!* on liyiu iha Iwuy br/del ' to lioJdc hU Ued iow«, 
For be wil tniko weti« * tw«ye er he be ihore* 

Thanne ComtieiK^e vppOTi liU tiplc ' kaireili forih faste* 
And Rcdcmi -nidi hym lit ' lO^MiyofiC logidcrfi, 14 

Whichc maialria» McJe ' mtLkcth OQ thj« crthe. 

One Woiyn Wisdom * and Wiity hb frr« 
Fol^ved hem fi^i^ ■ for ihel haued [o done 
Id ibe cheker anil lil ihc dmuiiccije ' tu he UiKdiarged uT llun|{«; 
And ridcn Lsu for Rcsonn ■ bliuldc rcdc hem tlic hcslc» *^ 
For to saue hem, for ailuer ' fro shame and imrtt harmcs. 

And Conscience kncve hem vet * ihei loued <ou«itiiic% 
And bod Rcsoun ride faste ' and recche of her noithc^r, jj 

■ There aren uiks in here itordcs - and *iih Mede Uici dK-ellcth ; 
There aa wrailhe and wranglyng ia ■ ihcrc wynnc thci sUucr, 
Ac Uiere is loue and hvie < iliei ni] nou^te come there; 

Ccruricio ft in/trtiriiat in tvjg fonim, ^f, 
Thej nc gjnelh noujle of ^ih1 ^ our giue ^jnge, jft 

A'«i ejJ /tmar dci aa/e ocuhs torurrt* 
FoTj wot god, thci wold* do more ' for a do&^ine chickcnci, 
Or as many capone* ' or for X seem of oiea, 
Tiian for loue of owie larJr^ ' or alle hise leue seynEctt. 
Forlhi, Rcaoun, Icic hem ride * iho riclic, In licru-wluen, 
For Conscience knovicih hem ncujie • ne Cryat as I uone,' 
And liunne Retoitn rode fieie ■ ihe rijle hcijc Kite, 
As Cunstiencc hym kenned " Eil ihei come 10 the kyngc. 

Curlcwlichc ihc k>T]fie thanne ■ tome ajttii Rrsoim, 
And biLw-cnc hym self and his sone ■ aelLo hyin on bcnclie. 


A, a*, wiiTyTH; wyttyU: wjd V. B. J^. rU BO: f>dc»Ci riUc L. 
17. Ebrlket WOllj L«w, C ji. wgrrtA P, T m. the. «■. iui 

A. E>ASSUS IV. ss-39, a PASSUS V. 10-43- 10^ 

Kbrtdtn hem fist^ - for thci hcddcn 10 don* 

In WSChrtrr and thaunr^Irlc ■ tn lirr dcsrhargrl of th!n^; 

Aud lidca fialc, for Ecboa ' nKaldc icdcu hem iIh: br»le 

For lo Sftucn h«oa-scir ' Iron schoroc trtd from bar&K. if 

Boic Concienc* com arrt ' to coort bi si myle, 

And roni«d« forih bi Remn ^ rihl to the k)tig-, 

Corlcisliche ihc kyng ^ thcnne com to Rcsoun, 
BUvcnc himKlf ind his sonc * kUc him on boi]<fi«, ji 

•AftJ wito my Kidel vppon Soffre- ■ iilich-Bee-my-ivnnc. 
^ 1*1 warTokf hym wcl ■ with Avj-sf-the-by-forf*, 
J ] For II i» liic woiic of \Vi] ' to wynsc anil ^J kjke . 
Let i>ci[icl hym and pole hym ' vilh iKyntcdc «icir»/ 

Thcnn* Coniicicncc on bus capel ' comscd to pry^Oi 
And Rcton ^rirh hym ry^t ■ founyrg to-geders 
\M:icij 3 nuIsEcr Mnic wis ■ a-mong poure flnil riclie- 

Then Waryn Wy*m*n ' and Wjly-mftn his fclawc 
FajTi were to folwcn hem • ind fist ryrfcn ftllcr. 
To take red al Retort ' thai Kcorde sholdc 
By*fnrp liir kytig and rrn*rirnrr ' yf jhci couthi?n plr-yti^ 
On WiJj'-inan and Willimpin ■ and Warjn \Vf>Tigc-Uwc. 
Ac Conscience knew hem vcl ' ftud carped to Rc«on : 
*ilere comctti/ quatb Cooscience ' Mhfit couctyiic ncraen; 
Rj^ forlh, tfyK Rcson ' and recche nal of here ubs, 
For thct viaU!»c and wranglyng ys ' thci ibci woUe a-hyde; 
Ac ih^ louc and Icaute ys ' hit lykcth nat bcrc hcries: 

C^ntfiiia ti infdkii^s in %m c^rum^ ti mata pacts mn 
ff^ouerunt ; rtfin tst tim^r 4it ^n/f 6atht r^rum. 
Thri griipih nf^r of gnod faith ' gnd u-ot the stitlir; 
lliei woldc don foi a djucr ' olher for a do^cnc: caponeit 
More than for ourc tordcs louc ' other ourc lodr tius modcr/ 





Tfaannc R«son lod fotth ' &nJ lok rtwud of no naAn, 
And dud« a^ Conscience L^nuvd ' til li« ttte kyng nicitc. 

Corlffihch ih* kyng t^»«i ' cam and greti« RcMin, 
And by-lMcnc hym»clf and hiEt wrn; - »vttc iho s^rc Rcson, 

(y>r ill P. *ft Wkt p. »r, wilt IFSE i wyU P. 51- willimtn P. 

H A. TASSUS IV. 33-4». »■ PASSUS IV. 46-66. 

And v'ordeJen a grct while " wxtliche lo-g*d*«. 

TJ^cne P^s com to pnrlcmrnt ■ ant! |>ut vp a Irille, 
Hou ihal Wrong 3i9cyn his >Hl!c ■ hi* wjf hcddc i-iakc. 
AnJ iicru he rauischcde Rose " Rtj'naldtH Icmmoti, jS 

Aiid McrgrcLc of hire roayJcnhod ■ nuiigr« hire chckrt. 
'BoLhe my g«s and my grys ■ hin giulfflynges fettcn; 
1 <lar rol for drccJe of hem ■ filiLc nc cha^C, 
He boiwctlc oF me ba^-jaid • and brouliLc lum ncucr 0|cjii, 40 
Ne no fertbing him fore ' for iioi^l that 1 <on plcde. 
He meynteneth his m«n < to monhere tnyn own«, 

AnJ wordcdcn wcl vj'scli ' a grel ^vhilc logideres. 

And tbaDne come Pecs in-lo p^Tlcmenl ' and put forth tMlIc, 
How Wronge si^cines his wille ■ had his wyf tflkcn, 48 

And how he rauiashed Ro«e ' Reginoldes lone, 
AiTi] Miirgflrt'ti; of hir nia)'jL*nI]fi(le • inaugre here thcVisi. 
'Bothe my gcca and my gr>'5 ' his gadeljuges fccchcth; 
I dflf iioU|te for fere of h)Ta ' fyjte ne chydc- s» 

He borwed of me ba>'an3 ■ he broujte Kytr home ncune, 

Ne no fcrthyiige tlier-fore ' for naujtr l touihc plwlc. 

He mc>'ncleitcth \us men ' to monhcr mync hewen, 

Forstalietb my feyres ■ and fi^lcth in my chcpynge, 56 

And breltcth vp my bernes dore ' und bcrclh awej-e my whole, 

And lakclh me but a tivile ■ for len qujrttres of ole«, 

And jct he bet me Cher-ia ' and lyth U my mtiyde, 

J nam nou^ie hardy for hym ■ vncth to loke/ 60 

The tynge knewe he seide Kolhe " for Conseienco hym lolde, 

That Wfon|;e was a vikked luft ■ and wrou3tc morhe aorwe; 

Wronge was aftreil ihanne ' and Wisdomc he sou^lc <!j 

To make pees niih lus pens ' and profered hjtn manyc, 
And seide, * had I loue cif my lorde Ihy kyn^ ■ litei voldo I wcche, 
Tlidje fees and his powere ' pleyned hym eurel' 40 

A. 36. bonTHirOi Vflflj, ifi. hii TIIUD; IhcV. a 44. wilcP, 
47. raii}icdc P. 49h £cti IMEG i £«?» P. ^t. vraanc P. BcUn MG ; 

A. PASSUS IV. 43-5^. a PASSU5 V. 44-70, 105 

^■KnCan^ih fny fcire ' fihleth in my chepynges, 
Bfplrth vp my hrme-dorp ■ ant] berech wwei my whcte, 44 

Anvi UkctJi me bote a lajlc ' of Icn (quarter otcn; 
Aftd jTi he bal mc thcrto ■ and li^lh be my mnydcn, 
1 natn not so hardi for him ' vp Tor to toke,' 
The kyti^ Lnt^uh be seijle toolh ' for Conctt^ce Idm toU!e. 48 

Wfcn^ Wis a-fcit iho * ifiJ Wkdam aoulilc 
To nuk« his pvca with pons ' and ptofcrdc fc>nh mon^yo, 
And widtf, 'Hedde I lour^ of ih« kyng * lulie woldc I reecho 
Thauh Pws and his pouwer ■ playn^den on mc etcre T jj 

And Bpchcn lJ;o wiac worded ' a long while {o-gcdcta. 44 

Tiicnnc CAm P^j ta-io piirlcmcm ' and puitc vp n byllc, 
How that Wrong wiltfullich ■ hatldt hus ivif fof-kycn, 
And how he nuyschode Rose ' tlie riche wydewe, by nyghle, 
And ftfargarcic of hvie n.^idrnhod ' as he incite- hure Uic. 4I 
'Bo4ht my ft« and my grj"* " ^"^ ™J' fi^'** ^'"^ utcih* 
Ich dar rouhi for bia ftlawcshcpc ' in faiih/ Pees seidc, 
'Bcrc nkcrlich cTiy Geluer * to semt Gylc« doune; 
fTe WAiirlh fill wrl ' whanne icji tclupr late, jj 

What wty ith wciide ' wtl ifmc he aspietlt. 
To robbc mc and to ryflc mc " yf ich rydc joftc, 
Jut he is bold for eo bonr* ' and baddclich he payeih; 
He borvcdc of m* bojaide ' and browic hym horn neuere, 56 
No no fcrlhyrig thcr-forc " for noubi ich coulhc plcde^ 
He nitntcjneih bus men ' 10 moithrc myn hcwcv. 
And J<>r'ataI1c:h wyn fjurcs - and fyK:hCfth in my chtpfU^eSt 
And brckclh \p n»j' bufnca dor« ■ and berelh away my «h«te. 60 
And lakrih me hoi^ a laltc ■ for wm qitarEers other iwclue. 
!ut he tnaiuv^cili tnc and mync ' and lyih by my mayde, 
Ich am ncuht hardy for hyia * vmiclhc to lokc/ 
The k>Tfr kTww chat lie acid* boUi * for ConKicnce hyra toldc, 
How Wrongc wat 1 uickcdc man ■ and mocbe wx) m-ouhic. 6| 

Thu vas Wrong a-fcrcd ' Wysdorrc he by-schtihic ] 
On raea of lawc Wrong lokcdc - and iargcVcli hem profrcde. 
And for lo hauc of bcrc help ' handy d'lndy paycde. 68 

'Had kb loop Of Uie lordc ■ litel uolde ich Mcch« 
Of Pert and of bus power ■ ihauh he pleyncLle cuerc I ' 

^8. faynrMp, 60. brOtP, w«1e P, 

106 A. PASSUS IV, fi3-«s, B. PASSUS t\\ 67-^1- 

\Vis<hm wcntc ihn ■ ami srt iludc Wit, 
And for Wrong; hcdik i-do ' »o wlkkcti a dcdei 
And wamcdc Wronjj Iho • with ftucti a wy» tdc; 
' Whose worchcih bi v/d ■ wraththc makcth oftc; j6 

I siggp bli bi ihi-wlucn ■ thou *cbali hiT tone fynde. 
rBotc 31/ Mcc^c niukc hit ' Uji miKbtf u vppe. 
For boltic llii Ijf and ihi bnd * lijih in Ihc kyngcs grsxct' 

W'long ih*;un<o ^'ppon Wisdom ' v«pi« Lo bclpe^ 60 

Him for bii lundtJanjJt ■ redillche be payetfc. 
Tlicne WisJam anj WiL ' vcuEc to'^ilcrc^ 
And nomcn MccJc ^ilh licm - mcrci to wyanc, 

V<:c& puttc lorlh his bed * and tjis ponnc blodi: ^ 

■ Wiihout*n gull, gi^ij w^ot ■ gal I this »calh«/ 

Tbo wiTi Wisdome ■ and sire Waryn ihc wiiiy. 
For that Wrcrge had j^rouji ' w> wibkcd si ded?, «■ 

And warned Wronge tbn ■ with such a wyse tate; 
' Who-so woixhcLh bi willc ^ wraiilic mahetii cflc; 
I scye U hi thi-^f - tbow shall it -v&l r>ndc. 
But if Me<Ie ii make • thi mj'schief is vppe, yi 

For bothe ihi Ivf and ihy londe ■ lyth in his gfacc-' 

Thannc wowed Wrongc ' Wbilome fu) jemc. 
To make hi* pc« with his pens ' handi-dandi paj'ed. 
WUdomc and Witte ihaniLe ' wenlon Logidcres, ji 

And tokc Mcdc mjd hem ■ mercy to winne. 

rem pur fcirih bis bcrd ' and his panne blody ; 
'VVyth-outen gilte. god it wqIc ' gai 1 thU skaibc, 
Coiiaciencc and ihc comune ' knowcn ihe aothc/ 9» 

Ac Wisdom and Witt ' were ttl>oui fasie 
Tft ouercome the kyng ' ^iib caiel, jif thoi mj-^te. 

The k}Tig^ biwnit;, by CrlsL ' and by his crowne bothe, 
That Wrongc for his wcrkis ' aholdc wo iholjc, - 84 

And comaunded a constable < to caaCen hym in yrensj 
■And U:c hym noujlc iJns seucne ^erc - seen his feet ones,' 

*(jnil W£H,* Ljufxl Wj'sdom * 'ihat were naujie die besic; 
And he amende* mowe make ' late nieynpriac hjrn hauc; sa 
And be bonvgh for bia bale ' and Luggen hym bote. 
And to amende thai ia myido ' and eucrmore the betters' 

WUi icorded llier-wliti ' and Wide ilie same: 

A. 6a Wreg V. 69. wEd TUD ; om^c VH. B. «S. ywrouito L. 

A, PASSUS IV. 66-78. O. PASSUS V, 71^7. »07 

CDnci«nce acid llic kyng ' kii«wen tho totho; 
Wits;<?'n v^\ ihat U'Tfing ■ was a sclircwc fiJprr*, 

Bui WiAiUin and Wit ' wcuicu louruc &buulc f^tc 0$ 

To oucrcomc th^ liy^ • wiih catcl jif lico irihtcn. 

The king swor tho bi Criat ' and bi his coiroimc botlie, 
That Wrong for his wcrltcs ■ Khulde vo iholc, 
An^j comaLiixIcdc a con»iat)lc ' lo ca&Lon him in iiens; t' 

* He oc acbal ihla fit^ucn |cr ■ Mon hi£ feet ones/ 

*God woe,' qMXih Wiedtiin - 'ihat n-ccrc not the beslc; 
Aik^ lie aiacndc^ make * let mcynpri^c hitn baue; 
Anil bcD iiorw of [iii bak ■ nut] bug^gen him lx>tc, 74 

And &-mcndcn his misdctlc . md cue(*more the bctueJ 

Wit a-cordcdc hcrwith ' ami Kidc him the same : 

Thomh Wrong ind hus wertes ' iher was Mcdc ykoow^ 
For Wytdomi- and Wil dio ' wriiirn if>»gctfcrf». 
And lokc Mcde ckjrd hcin * mcity to wynoc 

)Ul Pecs puitc forth 1ms hcM - and hus panne blody, 
'Wuh-Ctt« gtilt, god wol ■ gat kh ihya McaUi^j; 
CoMclenn* kitoweih hti vt\ ' and alle ibe trevre comune/ 

Ac Wj'k't ^mO Wii ' vt-j<^ij u-lvjuie fxiie 
To ouctconic the kyngt * tliorw caicl. yf thci myghlc. 

Tht kyng swor tho by Criai ■ and by hiu corone bcthe, 
TIttI Wrong for huB u<>rkufl ' sholdc ivo tliolii*, 
And contaandede a considbTt* - lo ca^lr? Wmrg in yreiieSk 
TbcT be ac ^lolde in Kuen ftre "■ ace fct nt bondee.. 

•Cod wot,* quaih » wis on • 'that were nal the hc9Us; 
Vf ha may amendes do ' kl m«ynpryb« hym hane, 
And be borw of by* bate • and byggvn hjm bfA^. 
Aftd A-Eocride thai y* ui>"vJi> ■ and euerc-moie llxe betcfc/ 

Wi: AKOtdcd bcf-«ilb ' and viinascde llie A*nic ; 



C. 7t. P6rw h mintrHtm ptm HtV. JI5, }« P. 

IW A- PASSUS IV. J5-90. B, PA5SUS IV. pi-iitf. 

'Hit is bclerc thai book * hsAt a-^onn bring« 

Then bale bo beton ■ and boot« n^uer ihv btit^r* So 

Thciuie Meeje uitoItcJi; luri; ■ jliu) mttKi U-wmble^ 
Ami pfofrcdc Tcca & present ■ al of jmrc reJ golj; 
'Hauc this of me/ quod hco * 'lo amende «iib tlii ecatfac, 
For ichul wage Tor Wrong - h» wot do »o no mort/ St 

pLf* [hemic pilouhly ' preycdr ibt kyng 
TtJ liftLLC ii^cTci on ihAL mon ' that mis-dudc bira ofte: 
■ For be hnlh v^agcl mc a-mcndea ' as Wisdam bim Cauhic, 
1 fc>r)iue bim thai piii * with 1 good wille ; SB 

So ihai ^e as^nlcd bpo ' I con ro more sigge ; 
For J^rccdc hflib maad mc amcndes * I may no raotc aake.' 

'Bctiere b that bole ' bale adoun br>Tge, 91 

Tban tale be ^b^tle ' and bote iieucre llie beltere." 

And ibiinne gan Mt^de 10 Ecengen hvre • and mrrc/ she 
Aiid ptofrcd Pecs a preacnl ' al of pure goIJc: 
<Haue Ihie^ man, of m«,' quod she ' Mo amende thi abathe. ^ 
For I wil wage for Wrongc ■ he vJl do «o nimorc' 

Pilrmsly Pees ihannc ' pra/ed to ihe kyngc 
To bauc mercy ot) tliat man ' that m>£-tlid hym so ofle! 
*For be haih waged nae wel * as Wysdomc h^TH uu^tc, 
And I ro:g>"ue bj-m that gill* ■ Hiih a goode wille; 
So that the kynge ;issciil ' I l-^h stje no beiieie ; 
For Mcdc hath made mc amended ' I may namorc axe' 

'Na)V quod the k)^!^^ Iho ■ 'so me CryKi belpel 
Wrongf uendtMh notijte so awaye ■ arsE wil I wile more; 
For Ifflipc he so lijily ' laughen he vohit, 
And efw the balder be ■ to bcEc myne hcw-ca; 
But Resoun hiiue rcuJie on hym ' he sha} rest in my «loklw4, 
And lljat as lon^ as he lyueib ' but lowenense hym borwe/ 

Sommt iijcn icddc Rcecuii iho ' to liauc nrudie on Iliac 
And for TO con^ille the Itynjgre ' and Conscwnw after, 
Tlul M*^dc mostc be meyupeTtionr ' Rcsoun thei HmiujIc, mi 

'Rede me noujte,' quod Resoun ' 'no rcuthe lo haue^ 
Tfl lordea and ladiea ■ louicn allc ireuthc, 
And haitn at harloirye ■ to hcrcn il, or to moutben it; 
T/l PerniHea purfil ■ be put in here hncche; n6 




A, PAS5U5 r\\ 9(-tO*, C. PASSUS V, gB-iii, 109 

'Naj/ quod iJic kyig UiO ' 'fo god yue me Uifi*cl 
Wrong Vital not » awci ■ til ich wiic more; gi 

Lope h« to lihtlich« 9.*k-oi ' hixyihtm he wokfe, 
And eft be ibe tjaldore ■ forte bctm mjrc h^nen; 
Botr I^eson luue rtuihc of him ' he rtstcih in ihe ^lokkc^ 
A]»o luT.^c a» 1 lyuc ' bote more )cuc bil m;ikcp' 96 

Thcnnc ftumme radde Rcton ■ to haue naXhs of ihat schrewe, 
And 10 ooun^cllc the kjiig ■ and Conclrnc^ bothe, 

Thai Mfififc mrmte hv TJiejnpcmour ■ Reson heo bl-^oujle, 

'Et«dc mc \iO\,' quod Rcson ' ' rculhe to t-LUc, loo 

Til brdc«, and i{idic9 ■ loucn allc ircuthc, 
Afwl Fonwlcfi porf/1 * be pui in heore vhucche; 

*Bcwre ys that bote ' tmfe a*doun brjnge, 8B 

Than bole be /bclc ' ai^tl U>lc ncucic tLc bctcrc* 

Thannc gim Medc mekcn here ' and mercy by-souhie. 
And profrtde P^a a pr«8«m ' aJ of pure goltle; 
•Haoc tbU, man^ of mr/ qnaih Im^? ■ *to amt^nde diy scaibe; 
For ich wol viA^ foi Wiuijy " he wol do sfj no luiire.' pj 

Pftouiilich Pecs dio - prcycdc tbo hjn^ 
To hav« mercy on ihat mm ' Uiit mvny lyme greuede liym — 
'For he haih waged mc wcl • la VVlsdome hym t;Luht«; 96 
Mcdc hnih mad mync amcndcs ' kh may no xnoic aslten, 
So ^1c nync cbvmcs ben quyi ' by bo die kyn^ abciiic,' 

'Nsy, by Cnst,' quaih the kyng« ■ *for Conackncca Gahc, 
Wrong goth nai so iway ' ar icli wiic mcnaj i« 

|yK>|ir he M> ty^htliirh ' lauhcn he \^olde. 
And eft be (he bofdcrc ' 10 bclc niync hcve»: 

Rcaon hatic rcuihc ofhym ' he shal rcsie in stoclics 
long« la ich lytic < for hUA lather werkes/ 104 

Somme nidde Rcsnn tho ' to haue renthe on ihai shrewe. 
And (nr to c^1E;^A^ the kyng ' on Con^n^cnce \he^ liikcd; 
That Illctic myghtc be mcncpcmoiir ■ resoti ihci by-iouhie, 

'Red me nai,' quath Rcson * 'no rcuthc to hauc, loS 

Til lordes and Uiit* ■ louen all* ir^uthe, 
Ajui ba^irn ;i1!c harlniru: - to buyrrTi odirr to mojthen hit; 
And Pumeleti porfil ' be put in the ivhucUiCr 

bete P, 93, ttmkra P, 93. ^vb (/*r Ji»^ V. i«t. -|A*- lyfllHlich P 

4mtfti ^vttj. 10). hciro Ij hjwcs 1'^ byuiu FS> in, vuctbc l\ 

110 A. PASSXJS IV. to3-ii3. a PASSUS IV, II7-U0, 

Til chlklren d^crttchm^ - tw cbaftet ^Ui ^trdes^ 

Tfl harfoi^s holytirtip ■ ho hnlfVn for an hyne; le^ 

Til clcikca and knihics ' ben a>nciH of (icoiv mouthe^t. 

And hatcA to don licor harlotiic ' &nd 'I'^un bzi no mort^ 

Til pr«fitcs h<!ore prechyng - pitucn IM in hoTn-uclvcn, 

And don hit m di^de ■ to drawrn va fo godp; i«B 

Til *dnt Ume 1>cq i-souhi ' ihci I *chal a-^ignc, 

And no nun go to GoJys * bole be go for tucrc \ 

And aJie Rome 'runners • lor robbecunt ol' bi |omIc 

Bere no selu^r ou*r *m ' thai bervih signe of the kjng, lu 

Nouthcr grotes ne gdJ i-^iaue ^ viUi tlie kpigcs cotcunc, 

Ard childrjn chcrisyng ■ be chastjng niih jerdea; 

And h-irlotcE holynessc ' be ho!den for an hyne; 

Ti] clcrton coudtiw be ■ fo clothe ihe pore and to ftde, 

And Tcligitius romares ' mardiirt in heic clfasiicf^ ijo 

As scynl Bcncl hem bad - Bcrnarde md Frauuceya; 

And lil prcchourefi prcchjrng - be preued on hemiwliic:! 1 

Tyl ihe kynpet cotiidlle ■ be Ihe comunc prof/iej 

Tyl bisschopt^s biiardes ■ ben beggere» tbai^ibres 1J4 

Here liaukes and ber huundo ' Iiclpc to pure leliglnuSj 

And li! 5tyn\ lamss be sou^Lc ' there 1 sha! nsfigne, 

Tljat no man go lo CAlia " bul if he go for eoerc; 

And &llc Romc-rennere* ■ fof robbcro* of by)Ondc uS 

Bere no siluer ouer ^e ' that signe of kynge sheveihi 

NojlJier graue nc vngraue ' goldf nofih'T slluer, 

VppoQ foifeiure of tlj^ fee * who ao fyni li/iu ai Dotiere, 

But ifil be marchaunt or his man ' or mcafta^re with IcilereSi 131 

ProvysouTv or prest ' or penauni foi his tynnn. 

And jel,' quod Ketoun, 'bi the rode ' 1 fchal no rcutfac haue. 
While MeJe hath the cnaistTye ' tn this mooi-hiLle, 
Ac I may shewc ensautnple^ - as 1 s? oihcT-wMIe; i^ 

1 ^y it by my^bclf/ quod he ' 'aud it bo iierc 
Th« 1 were k)'ngc *ilh crcmw: - to kcpen a rewmc, 
Shulde n«iierc MTong^ in this worlde ' thai I wite my^ 
Ben vnpunisshed in my powre * for peril of my (Onle I 140 

A- IT^ />*ni UTi VU tmitiMiUm. B. 111. t>^CfidcL. 

A, PASSU5 IV, ii4-tJ3. 0. PASSTS V, 113-137. 1" 

Vppon forfct of that fe ■ hose hit (yndc at Doucrc, 

Boi* hJE bco mfttcha^nd oihar hj* tncri * or mcssagvr with letlws* 

Or prouiKoiira or prcesies ' that popra a-vaBtiaoi, u6 

And jit,* qtiod Rcwn, 'hi ihc rooJc ' [ sclial iiu rcuil^ hiuc. 
WhiJc Mctdc haih cny fna>^tric lo mooicn in iliJa liallc; 
Ac }' niai Bchcnv ^ow onsmiplM ■ y sew be tnyscluc> 

For ! Kfla^ hit for my sotile ' »nd hir 10 weore tio 

Thai ich vkcoit kyug viLh crguie ' to kepcn a reani(^^ 
SchoMe ncucr vron^f in this vorld ' thftt ich i-vkiic nvhcc, 
Ben vnpuiuinched bco my pouwcr ' for peril of my fc&lc! 

And children ch^riishg • be chflsted wiih j»rdc9, up 

Til VIctLcii couetiM ' be cloth for the poiirc. 

Here pclurt and hcrv palfraycs ' poure meant lyQodc, 

And fcUgiou* <*ui-ryicrt ■ r^clu^cd m h^rr cloistrts, m* 

And be as Brnil lifin Ixtrl ' Domcnik anti Frauncds; 

Tyl iliftl Icrcdc incn lyuc ' as ihci Icrc a;kiJ tcchcn, 

' be a] comunc profil ; 

brewers ftnri UyTour*, 


A»d m chc kyn^s consAyl 

T7] bfsAopOB ben bakers 

For allr mancTr mem ■ thai (hd fyti^cih ncHfoT; 

Tvl ecyci Umc ^ic soHil ' iher poure sykc lygg^n- 

In pruoTis and b poorc colc» ' for ptlg^/yuugca xq Rome, 

So liai non go to Qiiy% • bote it he for enere; 

And ftHe RoTne*renncT« < for robbers in Frounce 

Befc no lulufr nner «*• ■ that kynires s}-gne shewcih, 

Kcitlicr j^Tiue nc ^Tipiiuc * of gold nc of sducr, 

Vp forfcdtrt of ilic fee ■ ho so fyrii h>-m oucrwarde, 

fioW it b« mirchiunc other hus man ' other meuogcr 

ProtdsoHT other pre*l ■ other pcnAuni Tor hu» Wynnes. 

And |Ul,' quiih Rnon, ' by ilic rode ' ich shall no rculhc haue. 
Whyl Metk hath the nnaif>1ry« * ther molj'ng U nite borre. 131 
Ac ich may feye emamfleft ' » ich stfs cthere; 
Ich »tye ii for my^aclue/ (jiKith Rcson ■ *and hit so were, 
That \<!t xcre kyrg with <oronc ' 10 kepc eny rtamc. 
Shold ocuere wrongt in thia worldc ' tint ith vile nnyglilSp 136 
Be \Tipunyi»lieii in my power ' for peril of my &oale^ 


Q, in. bWhipwP. benlMi bcF; ukdf, ijl. Wyl F. U>P. 

112 ±. PAS5U5 IV. Ifl4-i3a. fi. TASSUS IV, 141-167, 

Ne 8e(<? gnci^ thonw y\(i ■ %o mc go<1 hHpel la^ 

Kc tor iii4^«Jc luUL- iJicrLL ' bjl mcbcnr&K liil otakt. 
For nuJhim /n^i/itii liic mon mcitc ' wi^ inpuniiuntt 
And b^d nuUtirt ^fmum ' be irr^munfralum* 
Lot ihl cJcik, Bin* kyng ■ conEirue ihis in Englisch; lafl 

And jif iliou waftJ*e*i hit in wii ' klx vnMc boihc myn eres. 
That Lawc schai ben a Uborcr ■ and Ictlcn a-fdd dgungCi 
And LouG achal leden ihi loud * 9£ the leof tyketh/ 
0«rkc( that were confessoure ■ ccpupled h«in to-gedcre, 1^1 

Nc ^te ro/ f^ce for gifies . &o ma God stiue I 

Ne for no iii*Je haue mercy ' but mekenesse ti mate, 

For nuifum malum the m^n * mtrlie wich (Kpuniiurfi, 
And biulilc Hidium Umati ' he irrnnaner^ium. 144 

Late (owre conft^sioure, sire kyngc ' construe i\m vngloacd \ 
And )if ^e work«n il in w^^rke ■ I wedde myne ere*, 
That Liiwe fchal b<^n a Ubor«re * and lede a-felde dorge, 
And Loue i&hal led? dit loads ' as the Uef lykethi' 14S 

Cl«tkcfi that were confcssourcs * coupled hem togidcrcs, 
Allc to coni^lrtie this clause * and for the kynge;; profit, 
Ac noujie for conTorle of ih^ comune ' nc for ilie kyny«s souICh 

For I s*ije Mode in the moot^halle ' on men of lawc wynke, 151 
And ttici U^vghyng lope to hire ' and lific Rcscun maii/c, 

Waryn Wisdoinc ' wynlted vppon Hedc, 
And seidSf 'Madamej 1 am 30WK man * what so my mouili 

langleih ; 
I fallc in flarciucAi' quod thai freke * 'an faile J^poi^e oflc/ iit 

AUe riitful recorded ■ that Rcsoun Lrcudac tolJe, 
Aod Wilt acordcd ther-Nvith ' and cotneodcd h;s worde9, 
And (he mc>g[c pople in th« liaUe ' an<l manye of the $reie, 
And k^icn Mrkcncsse a maistie ' and Mc^k a nianseJ tchrcwe. 

Louc Iclc of bir li|te ' and Lcwi.e jiL UsaCi 
And seidc it w hci^e ^ thAt a! the hallc it hcrde, 
'Who-so wilneili hir 10 wyf ' for wclih of her godia, 
But be be know? for a kokC'U'olde * kut of my tiOAel' 

Mcdc mourned dio ' and made hcuy clicre, 
For the mosle coraunc of that ccfUrLc ■ called htrc an horc 
Ac a sysoure and a sompnoure ■ 6Ued hir fii»ic. 



1(4. sCHlTllUDrgold V. uG, wJtbTVDi wllh-initGD V, 

JL PASSUS IV. 133-140. 0. PA&SUS V, 138-163. IIS 

FciTtc cunsUue xlia ciatuc * uid rli^iitiklr Hi aftrr. 
When Rcaun to Uu> tcypkcn ' rchcrscdc ibco»c wordw, 

Nm non in that mooi-haUc ■ more ne laHse, 1^15 

Thai r^ h*Jd R*s«n a mavider tUo ' and Mcede a muche wrecdic. 

Louc k[(c of Mwtte luile • and louh hire 10 icorn, 

Atitl wide hil so loudc ■ tlial soilinessc bit Iw^rJc, 

' How wiJncth Lire lo w^tjo ■ for weolthc of hire ^ode3. 

Bote htf boo a cokvu^ld I'kore ' cut of bothe myii cic^!' 14^ 

No gtfCO my gr[K« tborw cay gj^ ' ne K^t^'^nj; ipcchc, 
No tborv ined« do mercy ' by I^l^rye of heucne I 
Foff mau, nuilum maium ' iiieile wUb impunflum, 140 

And bod that HuHtoH lonum - bee irttmuieraJunt. 
Xofe thy comrcstour, nyn: k>Ti^ ' coniitnjc ihU ir Kngli«b, 
AmI jif 3* worchtfn hir in wcrke ■ ich neddp boihc myn handcs, 
TliAl lawe »hal t>c r laborer ' and lede a Teldc dongc, 144 

And loue abol Icde thy land ' as the kef lykcth.' 

CIcrkus that were conks&oun • coupledc hem lo-gcdcrcs. 
To consinie IkU clauie ' kyndaliche wbaE bit menedc. 

Medc ia the moic^hallc iho • on men of lawc j^ufi wynke, 
In ty^^ that ihci tholdc * wiih K»m soLcl spcchc 
Rtiberce tbo A-non ryght - ihai mygble Rc«>n ^toppe. 




Aiul a11^ ryp;htri1 rr^^ofdcden - ihfli Tte^fiii ireudie i^eydc, 
Aiul Kynifc Wit and Conscience ' coriciUclje Lh>4fikcdej 
Rcfon for hm ry^^hl i^pcchc ' lichc and pouiY hym loucdci 
And tddm, 'vc ftclh wel ■ tyre Rewn^ by ihy wtjfdn;, 
_Tlm mrlncw wnnh tnajiHler ' ouct Mcdt alle lft*if\' 
Loue let tyght of Mede ' and I^^cauic )ul i-i«Kc> 
And crycd vp-on ConKicnce - the kyn^c bit roygbt: yhure, 
■Who •© wylneih huro to *yue ■ for wclthe of hure goodea, 
Bok lie br kiK)U'e foi cokewold - kut of my uomT 

Mcde moriiedc Hhj ' And m^ide htfuy clii^crc, iG 

For ihe eomutic called hurc - quc^ntc comunc licre> 
A *y»OTir and a lomncr tho • softeiichc forth ^odcn 
WUfa ^fedo thr rnkyde- • ou( of ihc nun^hiillr. 

0- I4S- "vtcij Urrvrfir wcicinea) V, f4f^. Icvf MFSK^ luff. 147. 
«u Ph 14I. K MM:>H j ^ai P. i$c», itopc 1*. l4j. ulLcd I^E ; u^d f. 


114 A. PASSUS IV. ui-t4T- B. PASSUS I\\ 16&-191. 

Ww noulVr Wi^m tho • nc Willi hh f«fv, 
Thai cotilhe v^^ipcn x nord ' to with-M^^a Rcbon; i^a 

Bote atarctlen for ^rudiing ■ ami vmv]pu a* licsrr%. 

The kyng acoixictic, bi crist - to Ri^aoiis conujiLgc. 
And TclicracJc Ihat Rrson hcddc ' riht(olkhc l-achcvcl: 
'Bole hJt U hard, be m>n heJ ' lier!6 bit tmng^^ 146 

At TTty lige leodck - to tcdf ihuk cuciw/ 

And a schirctica clcike- ' by^chrewcd \\ the rcutc» i48 

*>or ofie liauG 1,' qu<xi he ' 'holpe jow alte bure, 
And jlt ^cue ^r me tieiiere ■ the wonhe nf a rush^' 

The kyitgr c^lrd Conacicnce ' and a.ricrwardc& Rcsoun, 
And Kcordcd ihu Rcsocid ' had ti^tfullich schcwcd, i;i 

Atid modilich vppon Mede ' wiih my%ic the kynge loked, 
And pan wax wrcilhe wUh lawe - for Afed* almosie bid thent it. 
And ad^lc, ' tlLorw ^owrc lawc, ju I Icuc ' I kae roati/ dicies; 
Mcdc oucr-mabUictb bwc ^ und ^nochc trcuttic Ictuth. 17'' 

Ac Resoun ^hal r*tcrw wiih jow ' jif I regne any whiltfj 
AnJ demc jow, bi ihia day ■ as ye han dewrucl 
Mcdi" shil nou;tt mt><HJiisc jtjw bi die Marie of heueiie! 
] wi] bauc kutc in lawe ' and leic be al ^cuiv langlyiig, 180 
And as mcstc folke wilnc^seLh wel ' wronge thtil be dcmcd.' 

Quod Conscience lo the kyixge ' *bat the comunc wit assent, 
It is fill hiird^ bi inyn lied ^ hcre-lo to brings il^ 
Alle ^owrc ligc kodes ' to lede thus eucnc.' 1S4 

* By hym thai rau^tc on the rod« * ' quod Re«oun to lh« kynge, 
•Bui if I reiilc thu* jowre rewme ■ rende oui mjguues! 
3lf jr bidden buxoiiines ' be cf layac assenle/ 

"And I iis*cni,^ scitli ihe kyngc ' 'hy sc>nt Marie mj lady. 
Be my ^oDseillc conicn - of cLcfki^ and of crlis. 189 

Ac tedili, Resoun ' ihow shall nou^re fide fro me^ 
For as hn^c as, 1 lyue ' leic ibe I nelle/ 

O 167. BiudihchclrlFSKG; myUelicbcP. (£9. Tboner. IJU 

nknr i_fir rtktnc) 1 j ftkcoe M i ricnc F, vylc f' 174* luKlend V. 


A> PASSU5 IV, 143-154 C. PASSUS V, iJ^-rg*. 115 

*Bi bim that niuhic on the rocMle/ - c;uod Reson Ic the kyn^, 
'Bote I nik; Ihu* thi rran*^ ^ r*nd oiil my fibbesl 
Jif hil bat no tial hoxwnnesse bcif xi inyn \ii^nC ifto 

'Ich ftMcntCp' quod ihc kviig ' ^In acinte Made mi hdi, 
Jko my counaciJ iconic ' of clcrkea ai3il of erica. 

Bote rcdiltch^t Re^n ' Ihou rydc^c not hecnnee, 
^ir is longic a« I Hue - kttc llic I niilte/ 154 

A ^'r?)'ue3 ckrk <rjt:t!c * 'al oaptuJis Mcde* i6| 

Jf/ taiu^ etiitffdiat ' ttd n&n tVM farctrtiU'u' 

Tht kiTige to hiK tonaail ibo ■ ick Coiwcience and Reson, 
Acid mcKUIkbc vp-cn Mcdc ' mcnj lyme lokcde. 
And lourciic vp^on men cf Uwc ' and llgbilkJiG flciJc, 16S 

'TboT) )Otire lawc, icb Icj'uo ' ich Issc mc&ye efichcjnce; 
Ucdc an^ m^PoPjoure craft ■ muchc ireuthe ktteth, 
Ac Roon ^Lil rckcnc ^vidi 30W ' yt ich tcgiu: ctiy wh^lc. 
And dcooc )cv, bj lhj3 dav ' as ^ hauc dcKniyd^ i;i 

ldc<k aJml not mcTripmc 3^^^' ' by Mar)'e of hcucnc, 
](b woUe fcau<^ bautp Tor my liwe; ■ let be aJ jouri; langflyng- 
By led mtfii and lyf*ho]y - my kw* afml In: (Ieiu>'d.' 

Qualli Conidcncc to the k>-nEc - ' vriiii-ouic llic commune help. 
Hie is ful h^rd, by myn ht-'M * thcr-10 hit eo t^cyngc, 
And alio ycm^ lege l*de> ■ 10 IcJp iho5 tiifn*.' ijs 

"By fcjm tfiflt rauhie on rode" ■ quath Refcon co ihe kyngfe, 
'Bo(c ich rtwely tbu£ alk rcamcs ' rcticib inc my eyght ; 
AniJ br)iijcc allc men to bowc ' wiih-ouLc bytcr wounde, 
Wilh-ouie mercemcnt oiher mun^iuhl ■ amcnden lUe rename*/ 

"Itb onlilc lit were/ quaih tlw.- kjiig - 'wd al a-lHiuie. 
For-tby, Roon, redclifche - tbow .ihali nat r>'tfcn hcnncs* 184 
Bote be my chyf chaunccler ■ in thckyr and in poxlvmcnt, 
And Conscience m alJe my Goun«8 ■ be aa kynges Iiutice." 

'1th i-&crjk%" seyde R^^n ■ * by so iby-fccif y-huyre, 
Attdi a/Uran pijrUt* " u-moiig aldciiiicn &lk] comuncrt ; 16$ 

And that \Ti£iit>-n^ SufTrauncc ' nc sccle ^ourc firjiicic LctieiCf, 
Nc ncudt ttif^tftftus ' bot« ich niicntG,' tjtuth Rcson ; 
'And k\\ dai Ipggp my l)f ' ihai Loue wol l*ne ihe sulucr, 
To wigc thync, and help wynnc " iluit ihow wilncst afl*r. 19^ 

170. wMthnntB P, 

P fm, ihf, iSt. voDdc p. 190. tcynile F. 


t 1 

IIG A. FA55US IV. 15^ 156. B. FASSUS IV, 191-195. 

'Icham red!/ qnod Reson - 'to reste wilh the euere; 155 

So that G^ncience beo vr counseiler ' kepe I no betere.' 

'I am aredy/ tjuod Rcsoun ' 'to reste with ;ow eucrcr 191 
So Catiscience be of owre conseiUc * I kepe no bettere.' 
*And I graunt,' quod the kynge - 'goddes Torbode it faile, 
Als longe as owre lyf lasteth ' lyuc we togideres.' 195 

A. PASSUS IV. 157, J58. C. PASSUS V. 193-196. 117 

I graunte gladly/ quod the kyng ■ * god forbeode he fayle ; 
And also longe as I lyue * leuc we to-gedere.' 15B 

More than al thy marchauns ' other thy mylrede bisshopes^ 
Other Lumbardes of Lukes * that lyuen by lone as lewes,' 194 
The kyng comaunded Conscience tho ' to congie alle hus 

And receyuen tho that Reson louede ; * and ryjt with that ich 

S'^wakede* 196 

Ifu txpUdt passus qmniut, 

O. 196. vit F. 

a PASSUS M. i"»5- 
[AW m A to/ <y B-toA] 


Iw^ panuf stxt^, 

THUS tch a^waM, god wol " wbannc kb wonedc on 
K)ii« and Lch in a cote ' clothrd u a lollerc. 
And lytcl y-lclc by ■ Ic/uc mc for soihc, 

Among lollajea of London ^ and levcde bcremytet; 4 

For ich midc of ifw^ mt*n " as ruon me tauhte. 
For as fcli cam liy Ccuscirtice ■ wiih Remn tch nwite j^ 
In an hotc hcrueil ^ whcnne i^h hiddc myn hclc. 
And t>'ra«i 10 labore with ' and louede wel larCt 9 

And no dirfe lo do ■ bott dryrik* yiiJ lo sl'.'fn*. 
In hele nnd tn vnJItr ' on njr ;i[ici»i.'i]l : 
Rom>'iige m rcincmbraimcc ' tlius Rcson mc aralcdc- 

'Cflnetow Bcnicn/ he «klc ' *otlief 5yn^'n in a churche, u 
OliMT coke for my t^otcrs ' odwr 10 ihe can picchc. 
Mowc oihiTT mowcn ■ (ither make bnnd 10 sfenea, 
Rcpc olhcr be a rcpeicjiic ■ and a-iy*e crlitliCf 
Oihcr banc on home and be hayniirdc * and liggcn outc n 
nyghLca, 16 

Ard k<rptf my corn iii luy ct<\h • Uq pykers and tb^euM^ 
Odwr fthappc ahon other doilm ' odicr i»hep nihci Vyn kcpe, 
Ueggen other harwcn ■ other 5wyr other gcca Atyv^. 
Olh«r eny oitier kyns craft " ibai 10 the conwne nedeih, » 

Hem ttiat bcdreden l>o ■ by-lyiie lo Jyndc?" 

'Ccrlcs,' ich scydc ■ "and hO mir god hdpe. 
Ich am Lo walk to worchc ' wiiti sykcl other -A-itb ajUie. 
And M> long, leyf me ■ lowe for to sioupe, «« 

To worcljtn a« a workcman ■ eny whyle to dure/ 

C. ], wol Eftl P. wannr P 3, An* a lytel P y-lpie IMSG : Ich 

Ift iwrani^fy) P rt, wit 1". 7. wnwie P. ij). Kggtfi P. lO. o|>ef 


a PASSUS Vl, a6-54, 
[yd in A-kx/ or B-^.v/; ;« p. ti8.] 


'other l.vnagc richc 
Tb»t f)'nd«n ihc ihy fod*^ ■ for an )ikl man thow scrncsi, 
A >p«nJour thii ipvndtf mot ■ other a ^pJic^^lyroe, it 

OihcT l^ifgfU iJiy L>>'l)'i]i: ' a-liouir^ ul meiinr hucih^i^ 
Other f*itrti vp-on riydays " other fcatc-d&yca in diuichcs. 
The whichc U lolIaKHc lyi • ibat l^icl ys prt/9e<L 
Thcr ryghilLiliieoQ rcvrardcrh * r>-ght as CDon (JeserudEii, ji 

Rftfdil umrtttijUf iuxf/i oprra nsa. 
Other ihow *[i broke, so may Ijc " iii boJy oilia in mctiibre. 
Other ycuyracd ihroff »ot» my^-hAp ' wrbcr-hy ihow m>jt be 

*AVharneich ^ong wa*,' quiih ich ■ ' mcry ^cr hciiMi, 
My r<ider atid my frcntles - foumlen me lo «cqIc |6 

Tyl ich wistc vryicrlichc ■ wlinl holy wryt mcnedc^ 
And what lb bwi lor Utc body ' ati Ihe bok wU<?th, 
And sykerest for tbe vduIo ' by ^ ich wcll« condim^. 
Antl }ul foiiJ icb iieuetc iii foiilt ^ (^rttlicn my fiviuics deydco. 
Lyf dial mc lykcd ^ bote in dieft loo^ cloilica. «i 

Yf jch by labour* sholdc lyuc ■ anti lyflodc dcscmen, 
Thit Uboar that i<:h Icrned hf^si - thr^r-iinih lyuc icb ?holde; 
In 4ttdtn ttaiiUi<?r*e in qu<i ao^ati fs/is, nmrmU. 
icb lyuc in Loiidonc ' and on Loni.1gnc bothc. 4ft 

lonnc»~lbai ich labourc wilti - oitd lytiode dcicnte 
Yf /sjiir-BfijjVr and my prj-mer ■ piaubo and tiir^ft 
And my jtiiner ''ni lyme - and my ncutne jBabm-'. 
Thm icli Avuge for hure soulea ' of suthc ai mc hcii-cn- 48 
And tho that ip)d:n mc my fodc ' vouchcn ^i, ich irov^, 
To be «-elcom« whinne ich come ' olh^f-wliylc In a tnoniltf. 
Now wii)i hym and miw will: hiife ' And ihus-gaio (ch bcggc 
Wiili'CuCc biggc other botr:! ' butc njy vhoin1>c one, 51 

Add 4d'M> morc-oucT ■ mc ihynketh. *yn: Rcson, 
Men tboldo conetreynt no c[«rkc ' to knauertc werket; 

C. 17- M*l P. ag^ at* P- ji^ wtd» R n. art F, j|- •••-by P, 
y,. WuiDc P. ji:, 3I, wa» P. ^a. llyf T. 4^- |H:r.tthil P. m M i 
Mcr«/r#*r«V. MmflfZ/M; ihe rM atit. 44- loodencW^E; ImJcim P' 
^ vccbn P. ^ wulojuu I'. wmnz V. vyk P. 



C. PASSUS VI- 55-8J. 

Fcr hj Uwe of Zfiu'iift ' ih&t ourc lord or^oiicde, 

Ucrk«s that arcn croui)«d - of kyttdc vndcrHondyng 56 

Sholde nothcr ^wynbi? nc- ftvctc ' nc %v!en^ ni «rjqa«si«A, 

Ne fyghlf ill ro vaunu-ardL' ■ nc bus fo grcue; 

AWi rtJdit mtiium pr^ mah. 
For ii ben aLrce of licucnc * ollc ihnt hen crounede» 
And in queer and in ktrkci ■ Crictcc ow*nc injimtr*s, to 

Doninui fvtfs hntdiiatis nut; jr ah'hi: CUmen/ta mrt 

Hit by-cometh for ckrkus ' Cribl ior to ocnicn, 
And icnoues vncrouncd - to caTi and to wofche. 
For shold no clorlt b* croiiiitd ■ bot* yi he ycome wer* 
Of fnnklcna and frrtr men ' and or folke ywrddedo. 64 

Bondniii^n and buLardt-s ' and bcggcis children. 
Tbu5c by-Iongcih lo labow ■ and lordes kj'n to semen 
Bothc god and good men ' as here degree a.skeihi 
Some to 5ynge masses ' other sJUcn and wryLe, tS 

Rcdr and rcccyue ' ihat rcson ouhlt spcrnlc ; 
Ac ^ih bondctncniLc bamcs ' ban be mjid bis&bopesi 
And bnmes boEt&rdes ' ban ben arahidekencrs, 
And sopers and here sures ' for selucr hun be knygbles, 71 
And lordcne sones here laborers ■ nntl leiiJ bete renUrs lo wedde, 
For the rygbt of this reamc ' rydcn ii-jen.s ourc tneltljs. 
In confort of the coioune ' aad the kyngcs worshep. 
And morik^ and nnonia1e& * ihut meDdln^Lun; sholdcn fynde, 76 
llm mad beie kyn knygbles ' ^nd knjghifces purcbaKqd, 
Popes and patrones ' poure gcniil Mod rcfuMth, 
And taken Symondes soi;e * scynicvitiric lo kepe. 
Lyf-boiynesae and Inue ■ han ben longe henn*?a> So 

And wole» til hit be wered out ' or oiherwisc ycbaun^ed. 
fFor-tby rebokc me rjght iwuhl ' I^eson* icb jow t^niye; 
[For in my conscience Jch knowc - what Crist woldc that ich 

O- 59. lafl allc E*. 
chilitrvn sholclc P. 
77> puiUkueP. 

60, inJ— Lirkn 1; in chbn^ut P* 64, kjn to MF; 
70^ Ac IMSO ^ Aud r, n. tL» IMS ( |a P. 

C PASSUS \T ^4^108, 


prefers of a parf^ mm - tnd |>«t)»iince di:dcr«t ^ 

AW at /o/f.' ith wkle ' "for 60llic mutf Aomtt, 

/Vfl/ *tf/i/»Ji:* ftAi - iyax ous ftltc tliyngct/ CS 

QtuUh Consclmcc, '\>y Crist ' Ich can nat tee tlit?4 lycih^ 
Ac It lem^h viouht parfytncsse ^ in cjtccB fui lo br^^. 
Bote he be obcdicftccr * lo pryotir other to myu8(rc.^ 
'Th*! yj loib/ icb *dde • *and so ich by-know^ j> 

. TIui icb Imnc Ijmt (yme ' and lyme myaspendcd ; 
I And Jilt* ich ha|ic, as he ' tha: oflc hautlh clmfTarcd, 
That ay bach Iom and lost - and Atic lasic hym happed 
He boubce tuchc ^ b;irgayn ' h« was the bet euere^ ijA 

And A^itE- bu« )usi al a lef ■ at ihe lute t-rde, 
Suclit; 4 wjrmynge Jiym wiuth - ihnrw wiinW or hus gmce; 

Stmik isi rfgjium ethrujn fAanurv a&scondUtf in ^fi?, i 

J^ttFier fue iitu^t dragmam Tnajn, ft ttfer^ ; 

Ebope ich to haue ' of hyin ihai \\ ul-mygbt/ 
gobcl of bulk gtftcc ^ and bygyune a tymc, loa 

Al allc tytac« of my tyme ■ to proSi iJul tume,' 
'Ich rede the/ quAih ResoTi iho ■ 'rap« ihv to by-gynce 
The lyf ih^ yi lowciHe ■ and kd to the soule* — 
'jc^aod cofllinuc;* quath Conscicacc ■ aud to the lirkt icb wentc. 

And (o Ujc kirkc gin ich go ' god lo honcunc 
By-for the aoia on my knevB ' knociicd icb my brcsl, 
^1 SyHnge for my synnes • s^gj^ynge my pattr'n<ysier^ 
Wepyng and wailing ' tyl tcli wis a tdepc. 



[CmA^u/j/ oa p. 193^7 

O. B4. P M». ft, St. /Mj p. 9£, «Lie Tutc EIFS i at |« htiite P. 

9S> WTT^dP- nfdf« M; Pool lOf. 10^. tdikcIF; «burdLe P. lOf. 


A. PASSUS V. 1-7. B. PASSUS V, 1^0, 


THE kyng ami hh knihtr* ■ to the churche wcntcn 
To hccrc miityra iiid hu-vbc - and lo ihc mete oAui. 
Thcntie wakedc I of vny wink - mc vn* wo ih-itli allc 
That I nedJe sadioker i-Blepi • ami i-st^e mor*, 
Er I a furlong hodd* i-fare ■ a fr/ntiie mc henif*. 
That forthcr nuhj iu>t ft-folc ' tot (Jcfuutc uT Ucc[Jl 
I 3&I soficlichc a-douD ' Acid sddc mj' bco4ccue, 

Parrvf quinttts dt Vititrm, 

THE kyng and Lih kMiglucs ■ 10 llic kiikc wane 
To here malynce of the day ' &nd the niAsac After. 
Thannc wakeJ I of m^ «)-iik>-nge ■ and wo \vas wuh-dlc, 
Tha: 1 ne hadde bleped sadder ' and ysei^tn more, 4 

At er I hfldiie farcn a fourlongc " fcynri^c me henle, 
Thai 1 &e my^tc fcrtlicr a-foot ' for dcfautc of ^cpyn^; 
And ^ai foflly adown ' and scidc my hilcu*:, 
Aod 50 I bat)cled on my bcdcs ■ thei brou)ie me a-slep*, * 

And thanne ^iiw I miu:!ic more - th;uj I Hhre toldc, , 

For 1 ;.i- the fclde ful of folke ' that I Uforc of seytlc. 
And iioi*' R<&ouii ^in armyen hym ■ alio ilio rcumc 10 preeh^ 
And niih a crosso afof the kynge ' comae<i ibua to ttcbciiH n 

He ptcurd (tm iliiw jicsiilenceft ■ were for pure synne, 
And the southwcai wynde ■ on S^lcrday at cuenc 
Was pertliche lor pure prydc ' and for no poynt clTcj. 
Pines uul plorot-tees ' were puffed to the ^rthc, 16 

In ciisample, y^ Neggcs ' je shuldcn do tlie bctlerr, 
Dccoca and brodc okcs ■ wcie blowcn to the groundc, 
Tomed vpwartl her laillea ■ in lokenynge of drcde» 
Thai dedly ^yune at dooiebday ■ fibal fordOD liem alle. se 


A. PASSUS V, 8-ja C. PASSUS \'L 105-113. 133 

Anrl «a r hhlvTYlr on my beod«9 ' ilui brouht« me a-«[c|>e. % 
Then uuh I niuclie noore - itico [ bcE^fon' u^de. 
For I Mttfi the fcld fill of folk ■ i\m ich of bi-roro achcwcdc, 
And Concicnu itiib ft crcMa - com for lo pr«cho, 

Ifc prdd* ih* p<^p]e ' haiw pic* of h*m-wluc, 11 

And jncucilc th^ iliis pcsalcTiLr^ ' wrtirr for fiiiirc synnr* 
And this south- western c wynt - on a SctcrrUy at cucn 
Wu ft-p«rtelicbe for prvtiJe ' and for no po^Tt dies. 
PiriM ard |)bmtrtt - vt«ore passchet 10 the fp-ounde, i& 

la ai^auiiiplc lu men ■ ihaL we schedule ib iJie tciiic. 
Bccbcs And brodc okc* ' wcorc blowcn (o ihc conhe, 
And nirTt«d vpw;u<t the layL ' in Coknyng of drcde 
That drdly «;Tino or domesdi)' ■ schuldo fordon hem all«, jo 

[C««AivW/iwi p> 111.] 

"niemw meCte me mocbo more ' than loh by-fore lolde 

Of the malcr lliat k.h tnellr fyr^t - L>n Dilalurrur hullcti. 

Id) aaub ibe fcld ful of Tdk ' fram cndc to other. 

And R«M>a reucslcd ' ryjt as a pope, uj 

Aod Conicieooe hia croctr ■ byTore [he kyn^ *(t»nJe. 

Reson reocrcndiche ■ by-fur -H the rcanic 
Precbedc^ and proucdc - tiuc lhu»<e pcalilcDCta 
Was for pure »yniic • to punyshc ilic puple; ii( 

And ihe Mutb-^eEi wynd * on Satcrday at €u« 
Was pcrivlich for pnidf; ' and for no poyni dies. 
Pbicb aad plou^trcc^ ' wcfc poifciJ ia lIic cithc 
En cnmmplc 10 kvkkc'^ ^^ ' *^^ aholdc do xhc bcierc; t<o 

BMt»< uid ttfodo okc« ' wcrcti btowe LO the grounde^ 
And mmed rpwunl bcrc layl - in Uikmyngc of drede 
Huu dedlkh ^^nc cr ilomy* (by - shal fbr^Jo ous ilie. 

C, 10), ita. iHter. It I. Liiteo>aPp terlMFSEfK- pe. 


1» A. PAS5US V. 31-T3. B. PASSUS V. al-^5. 

or ^ malcrc I mlhlc ' momclc TuJ lon^^ 
Bote I siftr^c A3 I tauh * (so ttic j^od hc^pc) I 
How Cond«nc« with i croJi ' comsedc to prcche. 

He bad w^isi^r* po worche " what ihd bvtt couihc, 
And uynnc thaL ihrl vk'^t^ilcdcn ' aich sum manci crafL 

He pfrgcde Pcmd ' hire poffi! t& leuc, 
And Iccpen hil in hire cofrc ■ for catel ac neode. 
Thomas be iauj;<^ ■ lo Uke twej' staues, 

Of thfe matere I my^te • mam^ly fill fmige, 
Ac 1 ihal soyc as I saw ' ao mc god hdpcl 
How pcniy afor ihc pocp^ - RcAOnn gan lo picchc 

He bad wo^toure ^ norche ' what he best couthc, >* 

And ivjTinen hU vntyng ' %v-ilh somme manere craftc- 

AnA preyed Pcroncllc ■ her purfyle to Icte, 
And kepc it in hir co&c ' for catcl at hire n«de. 

Thommc Slowuc be taujte ■ lo lake Iwo etauee, if 

And Tecche Felice home - &o the wj-uen pjmt 

He warned Wail ■ his viyi was lo blame, 
TliAi UUe hod was n-orLh haluc a markc ' lua hodc nou^c 

vorlh u grotC' 
And bad Belts ktit - a bow other t^cyne, 31 

And bete Betoan ther-wiih ■ but if she wolde vorche. 
And ihdnn? he diarged chapmen * u> chasten hct cbildcrcn; 
Laie no wynnj'nge hem fonvcny 
N« Tor no pouste of pefitilence 

nesoun. j6 

' My ayrc seyde so tc mc ' and so did my dame, 
Thai the kuere cbildc * th« more lore bihouetb^ 
And Salamon %e]d« the same ' that Sipience mad^, 

Qui par (it virgf, tulit filivnu 
The Englich of ihia lalyn ia ' wlio-ao wil it knowei 40 

Wbo-so spareth the sprjngc ' spallcOi his children/ 

And silhen be preyed preiaia ' and prestea to-gidcres, 
^ Thai je prcchcn to the peple " preue il on jnwie-Belurn, 
And duth it in dcde - it shaJ drawc 10^ 10 good; h 

If jc lyiicn as 3c Icrcn vs ■ we shal Icuc jow ihc bcttcfc,' 

whil ihci be joTige, 
' ple9« hem ncm^tt 


%%, ttna^THU; iiAtiens V. B. 19. RLim L. 

A. PASSXJS V, »9-36, C PASSCTS VT- lai-i-ij, 125 

And fcfte hnm FclJte ' rrom wyueiie pjne, 

lie wontcdc Waite ■ his w)^" wjuj to blame, 
Ttut hir« h«d was worih a murk ■ and hie hod worih a groit. 

He chOLTgede chapmen ' lo chasten heor« ohlldres; ^j 

Ift hem wonlo non l'I^ ■ while [hat thcl be(» jonge. 

Uc |ite>'cdc pretoica ' aud prelates to-gcdcrCn 
Thai ihci prcc^n the pcplo ' lo prcucn hit in hcm-«elucn— 
*Axul libben %i je lereib va ' we wolen loue ow th« b«t«re/ j6 

Of thi« i&aeler Ich myghu * raomcJy ful longe, i«4 

Ac ich ^hsLl wyp as Ich scfh ' slfpyngr, u ii were. 
How Rc«oii f&dde al the tcamc ' lyglu for to l^ucnn 

He bftd wvcouf* ^ woichc ' atid wjnnc here su&tinauace 
Tbonv soin trcn'^ irauiil ' and no ryme spdle, nt 

He prdde Pumcle - here porfil to bue, 
And kepe bii In here cofre ' for catcll at hurc nccle^ 
He i*uht« Thommc Stowc - to ukc two «tauo, 
And fccchc b'elice home ' fram wyucn p/oc. ijj 

He vamede Walte ■ hm wif was lo blame» 
For hurc hefiX vm vrortii Imlf iiioik - ;uii1 hm hod nal a ^mie. 
He iad Belle ^^ kolic ~ a bovli other twcyc. ^ 
And bcce Bclcn thcr-myd ' bole hue woldt^ worche. ijG 

He charged chapmen ' to chasten bore children, 
And Uie no w/nn)ng« for-wtne hem • die while tliei ben 

For ho 50 spareth the ^p^ng ' spitlcib bus children; 
And >o vrot the viae ' to wisscn ua allc. 
Qui purai uirgt, odit (iiium. 


And ritihc he prrld^ prdates ' and prestet lo-geders. 
That hij prcchcih lo ihc puple " proucn liic herH'Sclue; 

'L}n» ie u )e lereih ous * we sliulleth leyue jow the betcere.' 

C. 1H- fullMFSEG; w«l P. 139, iiudE R 151. ibcnic £j ttOOeP. 
Iltf> be Or boc) P. ]jS» wdc P. M<>' ^'^*^ liui P. 

126 A. FASSUS V. 3T-39< B, PASSUS V* 46-4S- 

And f^ilithc ht rftdde rclijcioun ' th« rale for lo holde — 

' !x)iic ihc kyng and his couiueil - ^or comune^ apeire, 

And hen idwurd frr ourc «ludtf ' lil }e be «Uiuwei lutlcit- ;9 

/Wm I rCitx^nr the ercU dcrkc - A good p^pc m Hu tymc 
A' li. lor rrll^dun rbr VtfVFlt - he rrhrnMe in htt m'>rals« 
toi-iOi. I Ami B«idc it ia ciuaiiDnple * Uui Iha ihvlde do Ihe brten: 

And sjilicn be riJilc religiojn ■ here rciile to hold* — 
'Lcstc the k}i]ge knd Uts coii3cillc ' ^owrc con:uii«s App;iyr«, 
And hon Kiiiwird^s of jowTe iledes • til 30 be ruled bfitrp,' 4B 

[Cregoric tbc grrtt clcrki ■ «id Ibe eo<J pope >^l 

Of nlifioan rhr reulE rchfr^rth ia his niomla, 

Ancl wvth h in «riu[jmjLtf ^ for ihci tetivl^l^ do th^r«-*ftR, 

'^^'h?anc 6sBch« {kileii the ftodc ' cr the fr-csiihc watsr, 

TTui dejicn fui Jroottc ■ whtnut ihcl drio liiJE*i ■9* 

Kl)t BO, quel CfTT^ark- ' Hhglonn roUclh. 

SicriLdh ud ttplicth ' azie! rrdctb lordd iilmaHi. 

Tb*( ouw of <Diicai aittl dov*:rt ' iijuc)t«i l*> U[*bc/ 

For if hf^Tii^c tv na Ibii rnhi* - infl rv Ifi any toulCp 300 

It H in cloUiort or b icole ' bf tnAiiy ulciUrj 1 f^fdc; 

I'm in t-lowln ujuicih uu nun ^ ^ diida bC t? &\tt, 

BnT illc 3& butumne^u there anrl bnlbtv ' ti? mir and (0 1cm«. 

]p Kole rhcrt U ncome ■ but ir a derlEe wil leme^ 304 

AriJ iptlt liiuv uii! lykyuj^c fot fchc of hem loueth ether. 

Ac now It ftlij;ioim a rjtln ■ * rowmcf ti slrelOj 

A Icder *>t \0iifday9* - aad a loude'tiugger, 

A [jriLer ol a p4lfri)r - fio mancir to muieic» JBA 

An heep ol hounds ai hli m ' u he a forde wrre. 

And bat tl bit knauB kaele ' thai thai hii cufipe l>n^B?. 

He lirtiTctb OD hym nad uclh hyiTi ■ <>vh« tau>E( h^m curtcbjx' 

lMt\ hoil luiila ED limit ' (o lyut Londe frnm hex hcijo jif 

Tn trliglmu, Ihal hai« nn fbithe ^ though it jvyivr on h«r aiiMOL 

In DiAii; plaufl Iher h^ ]icnfmea bcji ■ be hem-K-ir at c«c 

or the poie haoe ibei iic pile ^ cud that ia her vhuiu;; 

Ae ihei leLen hem at lc^1« - her londe Liih *o brode. 21A 

Ac there shol ccmc a kjing ' and coafeaM |«w reUfloiucv 

And btlv tuw li [he hiblc tcllcih ' for bickvti^c %>( tvwTc tculv^ 

And arriEDde monyali?^ ■ mciulrt i^td chinouTih. 

And patten hcia to her puuuDOs * aJ fnttijtum ttAhim irtt 316 


O. 144. Fffm.he. 145. ftpq«reP. 146, ftcvedF; anedcFi BtajdSi 
BtTWcd Gi atuwcd I. 144. wcuiic V- %^, drycn 1\ 154- ii^ * 

doiiLre P, iftfi. lykTDK EIMI-" . \*^^t\^ P, i^e, jhulde LC ; holde P, 
159. rAf:^jVHr ij/'i^'n MJF^i ?0fff. i6g. tolM^ in-toP. i£j> hut 


a PASSUS VI, ;44-i79, 

VihUffit flMhct f*Hc fh* flood ■ cf the fnuhr wntif, 

Riit lu hn rcli^ujuti ii i-^jlUUl ami ittctuilH^ 

Thit ant nf fYiiiPn' nnrl i-lnuirr ' cnupii^ to lihh«i,' 

Ac tow U ft^ipi^an A I^4ttv ' iviii & rsmtre abotilf, 



And fiilthe he radde r«li^n * bere rude to hdtd«, 144 

*Lciw ihe k}-Tig *nd hus consai! ■ ]Our< comnn-^^ a-povro, 
Andbr sij'wardcs of jjure sicflca ' til je be stewed beicre. 

GrcgoHc ihc grctc dcrk ' gart write in bokc» 
The rude of ftUc religious ' nT^^^l ^^^ obccUcAt. 14B 

Right fts fiKfhfi it) floti ' whenne hem faiTelti waier, 
Dp^'^n for drouthe ■ wlifnt^e ititi tlryt^ l^^cn, 
Ry^hl so rdigit>n ' roiclli and atcrtiicth. 

That out of coucnC ^nd cloieiro < coucyiclh CO ilvfllti i£« 

For j'f hou^ne be cv, ihjs erthe - other ony eyw for MuIe. 
Hii U in rIoEhtrr nlher In ^colc ' l>y mery tLyles ioh fyndci 
For in cbUtn comcih no nun ' to chide nc 10 fightej 
In Kolc ys louc and lowncs^ ' and iykj'ttg to Icrnc. 156 

Ac fii«ny day, men tcUeih ' bothc mcnLe^ and cfaanouna 
Hsin ride out of Ji'ray ■ liete rude vuel yholde, 
LeJcrea c»f bued^ici ' aitd Undci tiUfi.-^iLi^^'dH 
And prikcd a-bou!c on paJfr;ib ' fru places 10 riancre, ibo 

An b«pe of houndcs at hm erv ' M hft ft lord were; 
And but hus kriavn' ktieb - thai ehal hug coppu hoMe, 
EIc lukctli A haiyng ■ iuiJ Morddn ' h}^ c-illeih, 
Lrtcl baddc loidc^ a-do ' to jtuc londc fro here aires i4« 

To rvligicu«, that hon no rcuihc ■ ihwh hit r«yne on here 

In places iticr the! pcrxins ticlh ^ tiy hcm-^clf nl esc. 
Of ibe poure hnn thci no pvie ' that in here pure charite. 
3V leKti )ow allc a> loHes ' joure londe Ijth to brode. 168 
Ac )Ut tliil come a kyng ■ and confesie ^ow alfe, 
Aod IkCc jdw, as liie byble tcUcth ■ for brckynj of pure reule. 
And amende jow monkca * moniale^ and chanons. 
And pune ^ow to ^oure pcnaunce * aJ pnittrtum ttafum irt, i;j 

MF5, Ul P. 163, burtng ?. li>Mcin l^dE; loiOea P. 1^5. ictif.'ivu* 
lUfSE; nlke^on?. i>uc?, an IMF^ ; ia P. jO;, hu (/^r it) P. 

128 A. PASSUS V. 40, 41. B- PASSUS V. 49-60. 

And yt ihAl («ch?Ui tcjnl Lunc ' nn6 sdnics ai Roccne, 49 
Sechciti seiui Tteuilic ' for he may much ovir aih; 

Adtl boromiMwiih crld htlCQ hem ' chumeb ^W/w vi*f^ tcchyni^, 
Thil here Lwucs clHymcu ' And bkinc |c»w hvUi 

Anc! ihuine irvn:t m hour ffcilotire ^ Jul ^<lcb m luj'v 

Of Con^CuiltDci GoLlrQ ' ia whicb 'n (h? catct 3^4 

S, K, And thantt thaX the tl^bol dJ Abyndooo - mud alle hu JMD (br «UCr< 
5>[-33|}^ llkuf A koQl&lic of ft kync ' tod iD^ui^bk Ibc wDuruJe^ 

Tint tbii wordi aoji. icLc tc ' iliat oft o^t^•f Ifie bihlr : 

(^fhA/j fiuauit t^i^tar, fvitMf /pi^/iff* ; itmtnuil 
4tmimn ^^fidum i^/^mm. ti virgtm Jt/rtimaiHinm 

Ac » that kpfft come ' Cajidb iIi*I ■w»k*J 1*9 

And Hiihcn he conBcilkd the k^n^ ' the comunc toTouyc. 
U IB ihi tre^orcj if trcsoan ne vtrt ' and niaclo at ihi ned«.' 

And althen h« pruned ili« pope * haue pile on huUcherche, 
And cr Uc g>iic an/ grate ' goucnic Grsie hjm-scluc, 
'And ^c ihal hfln Uwe3 lo kcpc * late ireuihc be 

More iban golde or other gyAea ' if je wi! god f*leae; 
For v'ho-so contiaiidh licuilie ~ he cellcth in ihc gospel, 
Thai god kncwcih hym nou^tc ' tic do aoynLc of bcucac, 
Amm dkc rcMSy nesao voj. 
An(3 je that seke seynie lames ■ ani sdni^s of Rome, 
SekciU seynl Tieullie ' for he may iaue jow allc; 
Qui cum pain tt fiiio ' that fcirc hem hifallc 
Thai suwetb my iemion;' ■ and ihufi styde R«fioun. 



C 1J4. frctoni P. i7fS. to*Unl)Ti P. 177- j* (Jffrhji^T. I?8. 
woadeP- iBo. /'m^kirkc. 190, LcU15EG; )C P. hoJiCfP. 

194. cHiert. igg. 5ddu:|> P. 


A. TASSUS V. 43. C. PASSL'S VI, 173-Joi. 12^ 
Qm titm fKttrt tt /iit* ' h\it taoxc you fdllc/ 

And haroi» and h?:* bara«» ' bUm« jow tnd rtprouc; 

Ha in fvrrfhis ei hi in ffufs ' ipsi obOgali' s$ini, ft 
Frerc* in lic« frctour ■ ^hoUe Fyriclc thai tymc 
BrwJ uitti-oiiEf bcggyng^ ■ 10 Ij-ue by «ii*r* after. 
And Oir'.«l;inlyn fJiftl b^ hrrr c^olc * nnd Cfinorfr of htn 

churchc. t;6 

Fcr Ihc nbbol of Enitclonde ■ nnd ii>e ftbbctac hyt^ nccc 
Shiill«^n hauc i. knc^k on here crounes ' and in-curabl« th« 

wmiTid* : 

Ctfi/riuit ihmiims &acuftiin impiontm^ uirgaiti domi/taTtcium, 
ptdffa in'tanahifi, 

ct Ibat tyng come ' 09 cronjclw me tolde, 
ClfrrltM* and holyrhurcfip ' !(lnl he cloihed newt iSo 

And hiuLc hi: L:oiisatlcd t}ic kjn^ ' hj» corauac lo louyc; 
For ihc conuTJC p the kyn^tcs ircsour • conscience wot wcl, 
And a[-«o,' c|uath Rctcm ' 'ich rede |0W rich?, 
An4 comnncrs to a-rordfti ■ in allr kynnr? ircuthr. 1K4 

Lei DO lynnc cohmiI ' nc couetyw jnw dcji:ule, 
Tb«l on nic ind on vit ' die ^oun: v^tdc* kcpc. 
Lo r in heuenc ctn hy ' vit an holy comiine, 
Til Lucifer the lyere ■ leyued that hym-sdue in 

Wmv winynur and wurlhiour ' ttiun b« Iliac was bua cnattttcr, 
ItoW jav In vniie ' and be that oibcr vrolde 
y* tauK oE aUe combranno* ■ to cunlotinde a r«vn«.' 
And iitiben lie pteide tht pope - haue pyie of holy-church^, 
And no gmce irt grjiiTiti; ' ill ^oil l^ur were jf»j 

AmotifE alle kyi^iic Lyiigo ' utier crUtcn'? [jupic: 
'Coroaucde llmi a1!c confeadours ' (hrkl eny kyn;^' flbiyuctb, 
Enioyn)^ hem pen for here penaunco ■ and [wq^ni'^l for^cucneis^c 
Of alic manere acrlrnm*i ' and rrhe mi;n Inuc mh^r, 15; 

And |e lliai »ix1jctb »ciikt Tune ' Ami fcyntea cf Ilgmc, 
Scdtcih wni Trruthc ■ m ^uncjon of ^curc sanies: 
^j fum f^tre 4/ Ji/ic - ihxi faire hem by-failc 900 

Thai »uwoih mj ^irtnim* ■ and ihia« cniint Rcsun^ 

J/u txpS^ii passta ttxitts. 

130 A. PASSUS V, 43-48^ B. PASSUS V. 61-71. 

/ Thenne ron Repentauncc " and reherscd this teemCt 
And made WillEani to weope ' wator with hia ejen, 

Perael Proud-herte ■ pktte hire lo ^ounde, 
And lay longe ar hco lokedc * and to vr ladi criedc. 
And beo-hijt« to him ' that vs alle maade, 
Hco wolde VQ-souwezi hire smok ' and setten ther an here 


Thannc ran Repentance 
And gert Wille to wepe 

and reherced his tcme, 
water with hh eyta. 


Peronelle Froude-herte - platte hir to the erthe. 
And lay longe ar she lolced - and * lorde, mercy I ' oyed, 
And byhijCe Eo hym ' that vb alle made. 
She shulde vnsowen hir serke ' and sette there an heyre 
To affaiten hire flessbe ■ thai fierce waa lo synne : 
' Shal neuere heije herle me henle ' but holde me lowe. 
And suffie to be myssayde — ' and so did 1 neuere. 
But now wil I meke me ' and mercy biseche, 
For al this I haue ' hated in myne herte.' 



C. N,B. 73* irrtfi-j in P, invohing misuu ofh, are heiueforih titently 
iOrrecUd. 6. vosywe P- 8. heigh I; hy FS i hi M; myD P. la 

muke P. ji. mid al my wit P. fuel (y^yuel) F; iu\. 3D. 

II. P om. ich. 

A, PASSUS V. 49-53. C- PASSUS VII, t-?6. 131 

Folic hyi^a hire flcsnh ' thtt frctc w^ 10 syniic: 

'Sdiftl ncucr liht hcTtc mc hcntc " bok holtic mc lowc, 

Aad eu6r« to bto mi^-tcicl — * and »o dode I ttouere- 

And rou I con v/c\ meUe me ■ arid merci be-sccbe 51 

Of bI that jchauc i-Lad - cnvyc in in>'ii hcrtc/ 

PASSUS vri, 

WITII that ran Rcpcnuuncc ' and rcbeic^d hus umc. 
And mode Willc to vq>e * nater wiLh hu« cfen. 
Fumck Proair-hcfie - pUltc bure to the «9the, 
Longc WBK 41 buc bkcd vp ^ ind 'lord, mercy/ cricde, « 

And t^--lLtghtc Eo hym ' that ous allc m^idc. 
Hu« ^loTde tTisc%v*n hwre smok ■ and oette Ihcr an hcire. 
To alftitm lmr« fl«?ch ' that fifrs iva« 10 tyane. 
'SLkil iieucre bdgb heite mc licntc ' boLc liuldc nic luwc, s 
And auffrc to tjc myM&idv ' uid ao dude icb iicucrc. 
Bole now wolle ich neke mt ^ and mercy by-»c<he 
Of aJle that kh hauc ■ yb;iicd in myn htrie/ 
'Repente the/ qu:Uh Rcpcnuuncc ' '^« Recoil the Luhle, 11 
And tihryf the »harp1iclie ' ^nd ahftk of otic pruydc' — 

'Idi, Pruyile, padendiche ' pcoaunce icb uVe; 
Fo> kb fbnnol and ferit ' Eo f^ider and Lo mudcr 
Uauc ytw iTtboxome ' Jcb bbccbc god of njcrcy; 16 

Aftd vnboiooif jbe ' nouhi a-bLUBsed to a^gulie 
God uid allr good tueii < so ^tl'I wa^ tnyn hrric: 
Li-obcdieiii 10 Iiolj thurclic " ai/d 10 hem ihai iticf acrucn ; 
DeTn<d for lure yu<l vices " and excited othctc »tt 

Thorw xay word j^rid my wit ■ hwc jiicl workc« to nbtwo; 
And Kcorapd hem ajid nchere ■ yf ich a ^y\c foiindi!^ 
I^uhyn^ aj a-loudc ' n:>r Icwede xn^n Shholdc 
WcDC that kh w«c wiCy ' and wjrscr ihan ak-nothcrc ; h 

Sccnwt qmI A-nakdrnl ' to hem thai tkJ :;hrwede. 
In dlle nanere nunent ' my iiune ix> be yknowe; 

k a 





[jr<i/ m A'iexf.] 

[Aa in ojptLnlle viJ in finrte ■ prou^ Ainon|;^ Ihv p^t> 

OlbeJVTVc tbuL be Wh - aj^h bcitc of ij^ic ibewyucc: 

Hym wjlljufpe thit ftllf mm vrndf ' bf trrn ihAt he l« noutt^- 

FfiT vby li« bMivth And brnQf^h ' with ^^007 bolilc otbOi tVi 

Aad Iif-obcdicnt Id tm vnilcrDcriDc ' <tf uj Iff Ijimyif^ 

Ami so lyugnlere by^hymidJ ' u la Pj^ie of the p^fplr, 

Wu none niche t* hyn'CeU ' em qm« b> po|w>bo)f-] 3K4 


{WUfij^ llill ihoi wcndc . tii irilie nrrro t£ie bnl:, 191 

Or for hli cmn^ kunniTi^ - or cJ ctprln Th« ttit«El. 

Or >lF«Lfdi (jR itcilc ' 6r i(^v«sl tTiJer gvrdcl. 

Ajxi loucluLcKL III lukcri tm uhI Iflol uf vcfke^ 

Ami mm wi hnty a^ h* - nr^ of Jif cfvTinrrR. i^ 

Or JvfTMt cf Arytarct ' of fgurtn* ud «f Kbaft*, 

Anil mDsI aoE^I of tonj^c ~ otlicT ilcyot of honiin. 

And lAfgp lo Ime - Imv Ibrre-by to cocchr; 

And tf bft t7t;e(b oufie pon eemei - Uiik wh*C he dddbi 300 

l^urc of iwintiDux] ^ iix pane Aud id calTrc, 

Aiiil ju a [yor oil 10 1:^g ' and lorlcUdtc of ipccbe. 

Ki](|«t at h«£^rv( - a bAtlaui thit ttcta^ balA, 

In |[}wnc And m EDUcrnct ' lalct to icDc, 30i| 

AjiiI W£Cv ihins^ IhaL he ntverr »rib:1i ' Ami foi tcth ivn«o 14: 

("tf (Iftlr* fhflt hr ftrirfir' ilyi\ ■ <1rm*n Anil hml*n, ' 

And of Wfrkn IbAl he twl d^ ' »itD«w vid HQicn— 

' LaI if ic Ituc me DfHijt ~ or th«t I Xyt wnaa, ao0 

AvpEh jii hym or ai hjin ' uiJ he |ov eui telle. 

^^ hm I foHred iPf] HJgbc ' ond tome lymcA tiAdde; 

AaJ vrtut I outhc oQil kocwc utd whii kynac 1 cone ot' 

M he wold^ ihal mcii vitia ' of v^rUrk inrt of wondM. |tl 

Which Rij^le ploc the pepic ' tmd pnjscii h^mieluenj 

St hvftirtif^iti fiitnttm, ChrUti strtttt^ m»ff rufjn; 

/.J fl^jAi ' rjfms JWfttt liuo^Hi domtiiii i/rmrr.\ 

r\i rrtiA'i/ */ RySir HyTft villyngc it li. miL jSo -. mirtvri//tit M* «7TuiynKv 
I; Mt Hilaed PESG, Pe^ai. aa. 35. ncdij'iagc f. 36, lin^kr T- 

^7. ^j< y ; pop IMSG . pomp P, 38. Ln OD M ^ on ■ P, oa um^ P, 

4j, nr ktoJc l\ 44- bhrnjC£»tP. 51- t^i^fite F. ftL inclMKi 

■jul of IS ; of P. 60. F «n. be. 


C PAS5US Vn, »7-52. 


[yet in A'^JsL] 

Sctnynff & soucfcyn cti ' vhcr-v> mc by-fliile 

To iclk oif UIg ' icb ln>w«i!e me wucr iS 

To cmpm wh^r lo counsaile ' iban cajt Icred other lewede. 

Prout qF aponti} ia jk^Hi: Amon^'C tlic pupk 

Olbcr-wiae ikin ich haue - witb-yrn* oihci witlj-oulc, 

Me "i!iiji»g(* ihai men wcnde ' Ich were, ju in ^ueyr. j* 

REcbf, anil rtf«oriab]« ■ anJ ryfjhlfut or lyuynge. 

Bosivjigc aiid brni^'jiyasc ■ wjlli uicuj' buldc oiJiea, , 

Auduntjng vj>-on uiy vciiic ylotic ' for tiiy hiSciayinynKC', 

Aiul ^tit 60 i)n^<T by my-ftotf ' aa Eo sight oi tl^c pu}jJtj 3A 

Wis non sue he as nij'sclf ' nc non 10 jwpc-Wy, 

Som tymc in on wttu ■ wrei lymr in another; 

Ib ftlle kyonc couoi^rsc ' coiilrcuc^e how kh vnj-filiic 

Be holtle for holy ^ nn hgndtcd tithe, by thai eiicheitoft; «» 

Wilnctle that men ^vetide ■ my verkcs were the beste. 

And knnn)'ii{;fKt dT my irail ' dcikcjt other otherev 

And >ncnf^^i rp-on 9tede ' &nd sityuefll vndcr g^Erdelln 

And loudokctn 10 lakcii on ' ami lykyngesl a bedde; 44 

And lyk)Tigc of such a Uf ■ Itai no lit*e pfpyteih, ^ 

Proui of iry fnire fetfrnn* ■ and fur ich songy shuUe- ) 

And «iial icb g4£ for godcs luue ^ la t<uj-}jbbc?( Icb (olde. 

Thei to Ktnc that kh were ' ^cl holy and wcl almetiuli 4IS 

And non fro bold begg«r« * to bydd«n ind craue ; 

Tllei w telle ' in tauerue* and In stretps, 

Thynz ikti ntuci« hji» Ehouht - and )iit ich nwor ich iiuh hit, 

And J>^d on roy lyfcamc ' and on my iyf botbc ^t 

Of iKfkefl that ich vrei dude ' wittneitte icb like. 

And iiTgge 10 luche ' that i^'tten me by-nyde, 

'Lo, yf 3e Icyue mc noulil ' other that yc v/ene ich lye. 

Axkc of bym other of hure ' And thei conne )0w telle ^ft 

WhiE kJi Acflfrede and «db ' and som tyme hadd^. 

Ajid whrt* ich kne* »nd coiiihe ■ And whM tyn ^rh feam of;'— 

Al ich mMc that men wuHte wLlcii hit lu ptuyJe !<:iunedc, 

As to be prcised vmong the paplc " ihauh ich poure nemede: 

^y j^Mwa/^ ^actrun, Chnttt ttruus uQtt tssrm. 

Nfmfi /fl/f// dm^^ dortitnu utuirt* 
'Now god of hoi goodiLctftC ' j{t-nc the g^icc to amende/ 61 
Qu»^ Rcpenuuncc ry^X with th.^t ; ftnd ;hcnne rooa £bi^- 

m A. PASSUS V, S4-6i. IL PASSt'S V, 7t-^s. 

L«cbour •eide *b1uI' ' Ukd BO rj bed cnede 
To ***^*'* Un hut hktci ' for tua r n'—.V^T?. 
Dktcdc god almibd ' and hi) pocc vMik. 
Witb-that be »chuUc ^ht SeUnJay ■ MUttk |<f after 
Drittk«n bow *itb dw <Ioli« ' anJ djncn but ooo. 

Eavje wiKh b«dB hertt ' ukct afkiu idirift. 
And ^rctfidw hi» pillua * bt-giiVMtl) lo Kbcwc 
Af [Mic AS a pciM ' in a p^lesrt ht t«<attcd«t 
I'^lOftbtd ia a cattfiaaari - J cowbo bivi not 
A k«ftll ukd a coutttpf ' a kn^f be fala ride ; 

TbiofK Lcccboure sejde 'tHaal' 
To lOAbe mercy for hie mis-dtdca 

VTah dial he tliuldc ihc Satcrday ' KUenc |crc dcic-ifWr, 
Drfnke but mfd the doke * and d^nc but cn«a. 

and on owre ladj Lc 

biiwtnt god and bb 

Dnufc vith hcvj berte ' a»ked ofier echrifU, ;( 

And carefulUcb inta nif/nx ' he coimed lo £hewe. 
H^ waa ai pale ati a ixrkt ^ in ihv pul^yir hv Hined. 
Aod clothed in a caurioiaury - ] couihe h noujle ditcrcue; 
In kiiiel cmd konrteby ' and a knyf bi lus >rd^ Bo 

Of a frerei ftokke ■ were tlie foraleues. 
And aK II Ickc huddr J'irye ' loii^ in the sannr. 
So lokcd he with Icnc cheket ' k^i^iige foule. 

His bixly v-(i» to-boILc Jor wraiihe • thai he bote bi» lippes» 
And wryngynge he jede with the fisie to wreke hyrwcif be 

With werkcs or vith wordea ' whan he scighc hh E/tnc. 
£chc a wordc tliat be warpe ' wu of an adtlrcs tonse, 
Oi chydyngT- and of -^halatYgynge ■ «:ia hia chief lyllode, »S 
Willi hAkhlr^nge ^ind bismer ' and 1>er)'ng of (aht wiirurMe : 
Thb ira» al his cuileih^c ^ where tlmi euere Ue ttlievrcd hyiu- 
' I wold« ben yaliryuc/ <tvod tliia achicvrc - ^ and I for fthaokc 
I voUe be gkdder, bl god - that Gfbbe had meachaimctf, ^ 
Than thouje I had tblf^ woke ywonne ' a weyc ofEvsrz cheat- 

JL FASSUS V. 54-73- C. PASSUS VTl. flj-<8. 135 

Of X EkHs frckkc ' were Ihe forc-flfcv^ £4 

Ai « leek ih>i hed^ i<lci)cn ■ lorgc in IhQ Mnn«, 

So lokcd hr TJdi trnr rhrkr^; - lourrflr he Toule. 

Ilh bodi KAA UiUcd ' for wrjihthc lie boL lils li^jpe^ 

Wroihlkhc lie wTOnjc ha fust he ihouiie him a-wrcke 6S 

With werket or wilh Tordcs ' whoa he sei^ his Eytne- 

'VcniiB or vfmificb ' or vincgre, I tnouw^, 

Wdllctl; in mj wombc ~ or wAXctiit ich wenc. 

I DC mihte roony daj^ don ' u a mon ouhte. 7a 

Sucla w;*nt m my ivombc ■ ^^'a^c^b, cr I dvne. 

C Tti. 

fnrcDc irfrle t«hcnt * iImT' ■ a.nd to our* Wf oyHe, 
*Li4v. to thy lenc tone bnt« fof ne Douthe, 
ThAl he hue pjte on mc pnlonf ' «| k«a pare gntK and merer, 
VTiUt ihm ich (JuU.* quAlh Dul Sihrevc ' ' SuirrflATCA. for ih^lnav, 

Itrynkt bole Vffb the doukr ' and fipe liotc anrt.] 

Ertuj'e ^ilh bcDjr hcrlc ' aakcd after bhrlHc. 
And trictk 'iwd ^a^^' ' corsyn^ iJIc hui caemy^. 
Ht3s cloUufl ncft of coTMmcnt * and of h«nc woMei; 

k wfoili bii4 fu^t tp^n Wratth^ ■ had<le he vyishe? »t wHlc^ 
Shokl« ijo l/f lyvy*: ' Uai on bus Ljridt- p;iMcdc 

Chadyngc %nd langijTig , ttmt vri% hus ch(^^ lyHodc, 


A. 5». djtt« TV ; «(«ii V II : r^/t dyn*o. 
/ItfM ir4«f. fj. ^jt ^/Sip dps) V. 

13€ A. FASSUS V. T4*d6. B. PASSUS V. 94-11^ 

Tchnoc a ncibfcbor me iai«Di • 1 hjiut :uitiy)«d fcm ofte, 
AbttTTici him hr-hyntic bU bak • la hniigtt him in iliBd^Uiidic. 
Aiiil pelfcd him bi my pouwer ' t-pmuucbcd him ful olit, r6 
IH'lowcA him 10 lordcs ' lo mo^E^ him IcOBe Hclucti 
1-don his frendei bcii hit fen ' witii i»y fil«« umg^! 
His grase and his good hap ' gr«u(th mc ful kiiv. 

BiLwcnc hiui and hi^ rocync ~ Jchauc i-mftd wriit.bthc» 80 

Uothe bis Ivf and lii& Icome - n-AS loat iborv my lon^c 
WlM>n I rD«tte him m the ciarlcol ' that 1 most hatc» 
Ich tcUtde him as h^nilely ' 3A I his Tfecd weorc> 
Ht h Uou;tiort then I - i 1U1 non lium don him, 8« 

Bole hcddc I numric and nuhl - I mortbcrdc him Tor ea^ct 

Whoii 1 come 10 tbe churchc - and knele bt foic tlie roodc, 

I hauc a neigfabore nej^e me ' I haue ennuyed hjtn otltr 
And lowcn on hym ta lordra ' la dnn hym \cyie tua ailucr. 
And tuadc hi» frcndcs ben his foon ■ ihonv my faUc tongc; g5 
Hb grace and bis i^ood happes * j^eueih m« ful eore. 
Bitwen^ many and many - I muke debiiie ofE«, 
T!i4l ixillic lyfiucil l>iut; ' it losi Ojoiw my apCL-he. 
A;id wbau 1 mcic him iii mark«L ^ thai 1 mgsi« h&lc, iw 

I haiUe bym heii<]olicli<: ' as 1 hU licnde wcru; 
For ht l« dou|il(?r than I ' I dar do non other. 
Ac haddc 1 majstrye and mj^v ' goil wule my willct 

And Khaa I come lo ihc kiikc ^ and sholde kncTc to the 
rode, 1*4 

Afi<l pteyt for the poeplc ' 3s ih^ prwi tecbeih, 
For pilgrLonc^ and for palmcf^ ' for aUe ihc pocpic sfWr, 
'J'hannc I cryc on my kncci ■ that Cry^U jif hctn ^orwt 
That bercn awey my boLic - and my broke «chcie. ic4 

Awcy fro ihc autcr thanne ■ lumc? 1 myix eyghcn, 
And bihciTdc how Elcync ' halh a ncwc cote ^ 
] wi9:ihc thAiiiLC it were myne ' nnd a.] the wcbtK? aftor. 
And of incnii«9 k^yn^^c 1 laui^hc ' iha: llfccth myn herte; 
And for her wynnyngc 1 we|Tc ■ and waillc ihe lymc, iij 

And dcme llmi hij dnn IQe ' there I do wd vone\ 
WliO-»o vndcmynicth mc hcre*of ■ 1 hale hyro dedly after* 
I WOJU0 ihai vche a wyght ■ were my knaue, iiA 

For who-«o hiLh mow Uian 1 ■ iiai angrtfJi me »or«. 
And Ehiu I Jyoe hjueltfes - lyke a luiher doggt. 


A. PASSUS V. 87-98. (NOT IN C-TEXT.) 137 

And scholde prei^e for the peple ' as the prest vs techeth^ 
Thenne 1 crie vppon my knes ' that CKst jiue hem senve Hd 
Thai hath t-bore a-wei my bolle ■ and my brade schete. 

From the auter I tumc ■ myn eije, and bi-holde 
Hou Heyne hath a newe cote ' and his wyf another ; 
Themie I wussche hit weore myn ' and al the web aftur. ^t 
Of his leosinge I lauhwe ^ hit hketh me in myn herte; 
Ac for bis vynnynge I wepe - and veile the tyme. 

I deme men that don ille ' and jit I do wel worsCf 
For I wolde that vch a wihl ' in this world were mi knane, 96 
And who-so hath more ihanne I ' that angrith myn herte. 

Thus I hue laueles ' lyk a luther dogge. 

[No/ in C'Uje/.] 

A. 83. as— frtndTHU; hiifrtndialV. 97- FrsmTHV; V omits this 
tint. S. 105, popLe L ; ste ntxl lint. loS. bcreo W ; barcn C ; h$x 1» 

138 A. FSSSm V. 99-toi* B, PASSUS V. tig-ijcx 


Thu U n; brecu boCk4b - Tor bttur of nif p^W ; 
Mjif PCI nugrr so stttte ' 3LSwig«fi lik morthc, 
Nc no ^hK^^tMImw ' diyue lik from myn hcrie; 

That r1 mj bodj^ botncth ' for Ucur o' mjr p^^ 

B. KJti. 

tAnd Uuhe aica,t4bTui1c lia laklcc ' u>il t^nUcm bci* vcKtmocc i 
An/i ih9t hr v^«t tii Will* * ItflM ft Warn, 
Aod (btt W^« ttiftf - Will* vtiri* it Katr, 
And Bmlc of ffcaiic* fw» ' thunifh * faLt tatttt^ S>B 

■Or wlih mjiit cf oiouthe * or ihonich nuoMB tmofTbc 
Auntc mff id« lyviea ' oth«r fr«(« m^«dDe 
Vr7tb-tf]nc> m a kticfBTcr kbrrc* ' l-ihreiiioJ noi and cbm4 f 
Cuitt] ma/tifi^-/inu fit /Jcnum ni. f/ ajmaritaaJimf ; 

Si *iM: /Uij J^smmwtm, JnU* «^vm a*vM ti J«fAAr, 

Sf tiitpM tarum itOtUm Amfm -^ 
'Iberr i< no Ijrf xknt 1 1«u^ - Uttyng uf vtul^. 133 

For ifllet lh*i 1 icll* ■ so miB IruBreih to me; 
A]|e3 wtuu I may Jiau|t banc the iuiti>lE7c vitfi itidvijculjc I Xi^. 
Thn! I nificBe (b* cmm|V ' Ihn fanlisr^r mm* rrm*. 
Or AA ■giJC ui nEkff AH an^re ■ and ncpmi trmc a icurv, jjS 
TbM laketli nw al a iwrlftntniflTi ^ Ijl \haX I <iliipTic ^ 

Lfchecraftie Af owre lorde ' 4;tA lew on a vlcrb^ 
Anl »c|s«, that no dtike be caji ' u CT7«ie, u I Icor 
Tci Lhe Kjutci ^r SouthwcrU or of Slti>j-rl>dic dime Emme t J40 
Am! '•'tfT, thsl no pfidilf* wordc ' ir*f mc neutw botc^ 
But Lhcnt ft chunH hsi! I chiuDce ^ ud my cbivt helcl'J 


I my>tc nou^td eel niaiiy 3er«» * aa a m:in ou)(«. 
For enuy* aud yu^l willci ■ la yuci co *lpryc; 
May no migre ii<? swtrie tlSngc ' as&wagc my swtllyn^, 
Nc no iiap<Ri^soH - diyue It IVo tnyne bcilc, 
Ne noythcr bc1ui1~ie nc ehame ' but ho-ao Achnape my d>wqP' 

'3us, r«clLli,' cjuod Kep«ntaiiiice ' and rodde bym to fbc beiu, 
■Sorwe of <}^rmes * is Ktrmf^iEiun of aoiilt*^.' 

'f im sofi,' quod thai srggc ■ *! am bul kIJc other, 
And ihflt mnkclh me thus megre ■ for I ne may mc veag-e. tjs 
Among** burgevseH hme I be ' dwcllynge 11 Londouo, 
And gen b%ktiliEiigc be & brocourc ^ m bUme mcanes WArc 

A. %t», idkrit V. 

O. 7T, UttovtllrF, 

74. times IMSO; 


A. PASSUS V. 103-106- a PASSUS VIL 65-96. 139 

' Jaft, rcdilidw,' quod R«pcntnuncc ' and radde lum to gocd^, 
■Scrw fnf hrnrp winnr* ' Kiucih men ful rnouji"-' 104 

'kttiin aon,' quCKl Knijc ' 'I nc am but ^ddcQc otlicr. 
And that mokcih nt so mod * for 1 tic aui}^ mt vtn^' 

And blame men by-hjitde hurc Ink ■ md btdde Jn-m m*fi- 

Al Ihal he wiTile b>- Wjlle ■ to Waikjn he lolti hii^ 
Anc! that he wiJrtc by Wsitkyn • loldc hii Willc after; 
Aful made foo8 cd frend^s ' ihorw TaU a»d fyk^i tor^ct 7* 

'Olher thorv mfghte of mouihc ■ whcr ihorw mrny ulryghihr* 
VcMgcd mc fclt i^jQCA ■ other brend mj-sclf wlib-ynnc 
L^kc a dliapi^rsicrt ^xcrti • and ?pbfcwcde mvn emcrblynei 
A|Cft3 ibe consail of Crifi! * a* cJcrkcs fyndcn in botes; jf> 

Cviut ntj//ifirri/jrte fis //nrwti frf // amarittidmi tt £otf» .* nfS 

^tlij Amtmtim, tfenffi atrum arrna d rOffiUtf tt Af^Hit rarwit 

Wh*ttn* Tch ne mny baue (he manlrie ■ miche mitftnenlc ich take, 
Tlwt ith ctci^he ihc cramj)e - ihp cardiide *nm tymr, 
Other u igw i:i AUche 4n anirc ~ ^utd nom tyme a fcucre* 
That toJteih me at a tfrtirmonlhe ■ til thcil icH tiupkt 8a 

hcthts eraft of our« lordc * ud I«yuc on a wicche, 
Aikt fil^gf that tio civrk can - tie Cri*il, i« ich leyue. 
To iljc houicr of South-werk ' ftucEi w tm* gmtc, 
For god. nc i^odea ^(rordca ■ nt er^e no halp ncucrc, 8« 

Bote thorw t charme hatldt) kh a ch^mnco - ^nA my chief htlt* 

Teh myghte niti etc meny yr ' ^% a lu^avhie. 
For cKuyc u\d vucl wil ' y^ vu<l 10 dciyOB 
May no sogtr tjc swctc thyng ■ a-9wAfi:c my »^|pclIyllgc^ itB 

No derevoTthe drynkc * dryucn hit Tmi myn hcrte, 
Ntnher $hame tie shrift ■ bote ho so thnped my mure?' 

' >iLi, tedjiyche,' i;u;4th Rri>cnLiancc ^ ' and thf>w ]>c rr^ht sor^; 
For ihy synne aoucr^ynlicl^c ' by*icch)'it|f Kod of mcjc>'.' 91 

' Ich am cuere sorj/ Tiiyde £niiyc ■ ' U h im bote oeldc other ; 
That noafcech mt so msRrc • fof tch ne may me awen^. 
3ut am icb brocor of hiikliyrynffr - aiuI bUme menne?! ware 
A-nion; majchauns ^nony lymn ' naineliche in Londouo: 96 

9£ *««rbrrv iv 

;€. r Mft. M A/». to. lv«TrtnonnLh« r. 

To l/c w4 to burc on my ncighborc - atid t^ Ukkc hb cbaiTArc. 

I wii junende this, pt 1 may ' thorw myjtc of God almj^i;/ 


Now awakelh Wntthe " tdth iw& whj-Lc cren, 
And nyuelyn^ wtUi ibe nose ' and his nckkc haxif^yngC' 

'I am Wraih," quod he - '1 wan turn tyrai; a &«r«, 136 

And ibe cou«ut» gar(lyn» * fur to grjfTi? yiTi{)e>f j 
On liuHloufCb and liHLrei' ' Icsytig^a I ymp«d, 
Ty{ iti^'i bcrc ]cuc» of low £pcchc - lo^^Jct to t>lcK, 
And «itbcn Lhci bbemcd oUodo ' in bour« lo h«re shriR^. t^o 
And now Is fallfn ihrr-of a fmxe ' thai follte han wj*I Icncro 
Si]icwc» titr iiclutTECb Hi hem ' ilmii ^hfyu? hem lu licr |>cr&otic«- 

And nfiw isctsnnwi him jarcrjniet! ' ihai frercs |iflre wiih hrm, 
Thisc poMCHioncrct prct:he ' and dcpr.iue frcrts, 144 

And ircTvt fyndcth hem in dcfautc ' a^ iolWz bcrcth w^tno. 
That wban t)iti prechc tbe pocple ' m ttiiiiy place aboule» 
I, Writli, wAlVe with hem ' and wissc hem of my bak^i. 
Tliim Ihci apckcn cJ" HpirituaUc - ihat cyiher dcs]ijsclh other, i|l 
Til Lbci !>: Lxjihi.' bcggcr? ' ind by my spirltuollc lihben, 
Or cllefi all« hche ' and rid«n thont^i 
I, Wrafh, rf^i nfUf^re - ihai I r\e mo!<te folwc 
This wykkcd folkc ■ fof »uchcr ia my |;tacc, 151 

I hauc An nunte lo nonnc ' And an abbc&M bcilhc, 
Hir were leuer« svowc or »wdlQ • than aocSre any peyn^. 

B- i45< lum> W; L. pii. 

C, Jii. aelMFEG, oea P. gioubc*! 


C. PASSUS Vn. 9;-i39. 


[Xfi/ IS A.-*r/.] 

Whtanc he »oMc and kh iio^^l ~ l^cjitic w^s tdi a-rcdy 

To ly« ftnd to loury ' Lni to Ucke myn ncKl^<;bofcs, 

Here werkcj, here vdrdc» ■ whcr-fio ich scic, 

Nov \ui n*th}iikcih me in thnubi •■ thai fiwre kh w iwouhte; 

Lord, a ich lyf Idc - for louc oT Jiy-icluc, loi 

OnuDtc mtt fioodc lordc ' g^^^ ^'^ amcndcmcnt* 

Thcnnc 3-walcd Wnlihe ' wiili Lo white even, 
Wiih a llJ^lyIy^p^ note ■ iivpi>)-ng bus Ijppea* 104 

'Ich atn Wriuhe/ quaih that *}•« ■ 'vol glidliche rmyte 
Boiht wilh filcn and uiih aiaT ' And side vji-oii myn ennny ; 
For 10 bire hym jJclilicllc ^ »tc1jilic& ich by-tlicnke. 
Thftuh ich syiit ttiys ecuon ^cr ' ich t»lioldc nat >vel telfe loS 
T^c lumtc Tha: icLi bauc iiten ' with hanti smd viih tongt. 
Vnfodrn: in aHe prn^nnfTs - nnd plr)Ticdj .in hii iieren 
On god, wbcmie iiic ^r;rucd ouli( ' And ^rucchcd of hue Honde. 
At, torn tymc in corner ^ and ^-tc m hcrucnt, ttt 

Bole ich h:Ldda V*f^Lr nt tny wil < ich wiled j^d ihc cfiuse, 
In nlle mflnere ftngre* • thai irh haddc either frlede. 
A-mcnues ftlle manere mrn ■ my dw[:lUnir ys *om lymCt 
With Icrcd and wiih Wcdc ■ thai kef bcA 10 hur^ 116 

Harm of cny mmi ; by-hyndc other by-fore. 
Fn-re* folowtn my vof* - kk tymc and ofbe. 
And pn)uen vnparfit ■ {irrlaietf laf boly t-hufchc ; 
Altd preiilet plcyncn <if bcni ' for the! here p.imhcncs ihr)ueii 
Wiib outc Ifvencc otid kuc ' and hcrby l^uctti ^vratthc. ut 

Thus Ehei apeke ind dispute ' that eche ditpi«th other. 
TTjii* Iwggerf and barounfi - ai debar aren ofte. 
Til icb. Wr^th. VAXc in )iyh - and traJke Miih hem bnlhc; m 
Other td bolbe be beggero " and by [ipLntii:Llle Jyhbcn* 
Or &lk riche tbufi nde ' re^i $hal ich nauhi, WraiCtie, 
Thai ich fie mot folwy thJ^ folk ' my fortune? ys noti other, 

Icb If&ue lit aunlr lo a nunnc ' and to in ubbodnK ; ut 
Hem were leucrc twouny other ^i^dic ■ than aulTiy cny pcync 

118. folowenE^ fiotrwrvM: fulvoi I: QoniinP. 

tifi^tvefFS^ kfE^lafP. 


B, PASSUS V. isS-iJt- 

I buK be cook in hir kkhpic ■ and ihs couffic eenwd 

Many naoDthM with hem ' oact vdtb noakM boihfi. if6 
I xs^ the pnf)[ir»v^ potag^n? * and oiher pouii? Uityn, 

AdH niAcIt: licm kmicfl of iaugcLrngt - thfti dune lUiianc wa^ 

A bojtard. 

And Oimic Chrice « knrjtCi doa)i«T - ac a kokrffold* «u hire 

And JiJikc Pcrouclli^ a pastes die ^ priourcuc worth abc 

ncucrt, >*o 
Foi ^ had chiick m chirityme ' d cwre clupiterfr U wUt^ 

Of wykktd wDfdos I, Wrath ' liere woties i-madc, 
Ttl 'Oiow hJLic' and 'iLow tixtc' ^ lopen omc Bl onct, 
And cyihcT hitlc other ' vnd«r ihc chckc: rA4 

Hftdde tliei h^d knyuesr ^ Cr^si ' bcf eyibcr bad killed other, 

Scpi Grrgftric iv-aa a godo pope ' flnd bad a gndr fnTwlT, 
Thai nu prFOiifrt^^ vcie pir--«t ^ for thm he ordei^iurd' 
Thci tiad tli^iinc bcc infamu tlic fiialc dnj ' chci caa to jucl 
hclc c«n«ilJc- »6S 


Amnnffi* monkrs 1 mtjlr hi* ■ AC many i^c I *bonyf-; 
Fci iht.Tc ben man; fellc ffckia ' mj fcnrs lo a«pyc, 
Bwhc pfiovire an wppriourc ' 4nd owt< /nAr aM^: 
And if i tcLle any ulci ' thci tAkcn h&m logj'derie*^ 
And do me hstf^ Fr^idayei ■ lo bred and lo water, 
And :un chiil^ngL'd in Jie chiiuidhous ' as I a ciiLldc were. 
And balci^d en the bare era ' and no brcche bitwcnc; 
Kvrilu haue i no Ijkyng * witb Iho leodcs !o wonje. 176 

I ei« ibeie VFjihendv fisshe * and fiebie ale dr^Tike: 
Ac ctlicr uliilc^ wbttjj wyu cumclk ' nhun £ dryiikc wyii ai e<ie. 

1 hxMts a Auxe of 1 Toulc inouihe - wel fyue day^g aflcr. 
a ijA. be i/fr hm) Vi itt 1, )}«. tj8. lUt £IM^3 ; luA T, i«». 

C. PASSUS VII 130-161 


vie be ccok in here kychenc ' and the cotEcnt icrucd 
31cn>' mcrtlhc^ vriih hem < &nd irih moixhei^ bothe. 
Icb vxi ^e prit^mK pou^r ' and otli«f pdur^ ludteft. ijtx 

Aru] mi-ile h^re ium« of iuEk^lt^; ' 'dame loTmne w;t4 :k baAiartJr, 
And ikine Clotice a Vny^hicb douUtei ' a cokcwdit waa burc 

DvBe Punode a prv«Lce Mft ' prlorcese voitb tiuo ii«ucr«; 
Fcff hue badde 1 chitde in iLe cfiapon-riie - hue wonb chaleoged 
It clet^on.' 136 

Thus ihcj z\iw^ tbo busuca * aom lyniCi and di&puicn, 
Til 'Ihow lin' and 'thow li«' ■ he lady ouer hem alk; 
Aritf llicnne t-u'akc ich, Wratlhc • and wold be nucng^d^ 
Tbatine Icb crlc and crac^hc ' wiih my kenc n^es, 140 

Botbc b>tc and bctc ' and l>r>Ti]CC forth nuchc ihcwe«« 
That aiit Indies tne loihcn ■ chat kiucn cny uor^^clLep. 
Among vyues and wodeves - icb am yv^on^d uite 
Ypurnked in jmivci;; * ihe person hxi ktiowctli 144 

Plow lyiel ic Toujc ' Lciicc at the »:ylc ; 
For hue baidde holy bred cr ich - inyn berte by-gaa 10 cbaun^e. 
Aftcr-w^rd iifter mete ■ hue and Jcb chidd^. 
Ard kh, Wnuh, uu war ' aiid wroih on hem hoih. i^S 

Til ailhcr c!cptd oibcre 'horc' - arid of vilb llic duLlics* 
TU toihe her« hcuei^les wen? hat ' and bloiLy hcrtj cbekca. 

A-mong inoak«« myght icb be ac menj l)Tno icb tpaitt 
For thrr Iwb mery fdl^? freku* ' myne ifTf.T^» ro ai^pye; i^i 
That yit the priour ami tlir? i^upptiuur and uuil' /^MVr a6iiu* 
And yf icb telle cny calca ' thci lak^ii Hctii to-Kcdcn, 
Aiul don rue fxiAc Fridai«s ' to bred nnd lo vaier. 
Jul un icb cb:;ilenged in chaplicl^-boub - as ich a cbilde were, 
And bijcyMNl on tbe hax en ' and no biccbe bj'iwync t$j 
Icb houc no lu^C, )cy\ic mc ' 10 Icrgc a-monji tnonkcx; 
For U| eictb more Bncb UuD flcih ' cind fcblc ale drynken. 
Ac oib«i-v-hile whonre «-yn cometh ' nnd nlionne ich diynke 

Jch lutK a flax of 4 foul mouth - vre) fyT dayc^ artcr. 

'£?. tn O^ 0*) P. 



R PASSUS V. 180-187- 

Al the wikkednesse that I wote ' bi any of oure bretheren iSo 

I couth it in owre cloisire ' that al owre couent wote it/ 

' Now repent the/ quod Repentaunce ■ ' and reherce thow 
Conseille that thow cnowest ■ bi contenaunce ne bi rijie; 
And drynke noii)te ouer delicatly ' ne to depe no)ther, 184 

Tliat thi wille bi canse ther-of ' to wrath iny3te torne. 
£sh so&Hust he seyde ■ and assoilled me after. 
And bad me wilne to wepe ■ my wikkednesse to amende. 

(P- i34>- 

[Tliune Lecchoure seyde 'altiA!' ' and on owre lady he cryed. 
To make mercy for his mia-dedea ' bitvcqe ^od snd fait soule. 
With that he ihnlde the Saterday ^ Kucne jere there-after, 
Drynke but myd the doke * and dyne but oocl^ 

B, xiii. 
344-35 ^■ 

[With lykyDg of lecherje ' as by lokyng of bis eye. 
For vchc a maydc that he mette ^ he made hir a signe 
Scmynge Co sjnne-wajd - and Kome tyme he gan taste 
Aboute the mouthj or bynethe * begynnefh to grope, 347 

Tyl eylherea wille waieth kene ■ and to the werke |eden, 
Aa wel in fafityng-flftys and frydaycs ' and forboden ny^tes ; 
And as wel in Lente as onte of LenCc ' alle tymes ylyche, 
Suchc verkes with hem - were neuer onte of sesoon; 551 

Tyl thei myite uamore '■ mid thaane fajid merye talo.] 

C i56.dupeP. 178. made to hure P, 
leeherons MF ; Lecheiye P. 

181. mIE; ftodP. L94. 

C. PASStTS vn. ifia-igs- 
[Gm^t A.. V, 54-5B: p, 134,1 


A] that icli oifte vickcde ' by en^ ofourc coueni, i(>^ 

Ich cou-ci1(? bit v{> in oiirc cloi^re ' lha[ al i1i<^ roucnt wor tiil/ 
*Kow (qicnlc the,* qualh RcpcnLiiinrc ' 'and rehcrcc ncucic 
Wbal counaaii that Ibow kno^-csl ' by conUnaancc nc by spcchc- 
And <!r}-nk tiai ou«r dehc^Qichc ' ne to dcp« nrithcr, i64 

Thai ihy wil ne thy wii ■ m wraitlie myghte tumc, 
iS/ib jiT^rtUi' he seide - uiil a-itf>i1e<l hym «ftcr, 
And bad bym bMt to god ^ be hu& help to Amende. 164 

Tbenne scide Lechenc ' alu [ ' - and 10 ourc lady cr>'edc, 
'lady, to thy l«iie aone ' lo«l« foi ni« nouthe, 
Thai he haue pyie on me {MJtour •' of hus pure gnce and 
tocxcy, 171 

Witb that kh shaV quaih ihii shrewc ■ 'Saicrdajrcs, for ihy loue, 
DrjntcD bol* with ih* doulte ■ and d;'n< Iwtc ones, 
Irh, giiily In go*-x ' to gfxl Jr^ me Bhr)-iio 

hi in lyhyj^^'e of kcTicric ' my licaQLca gultcfi. Iffi 

Jn vordcf, in vedea ■ in w4il)'ii(fe of cycn> 
To echo mfude thai ich mcttc ' tch made hure a ay^e 
Semynge ic lynnff-^-ardc ■ anrl «mnme gan ich taaie 
A-boutc the mouthc* and by-nythc ' by-^iii ich to grope* ila 
Til Ottn bothers wU wii 0:1 ; ' 10 vctkc we jcden 
M w«l bstyogdaief a» KryJaies ' and hcye-feste euenes, 
A^ liir in kale ai oufe of leme ' alle t)mes* licbe — 
Suthc wukua Willi oust ' ytett neuere out of seaoit*- tB4 

Til vc myg^hie no more ; ' tliunne hadde we murye tales 
Of puteric ^nd of panmciura ' and proucden thorw $pcche«^ 
Handlyngc and haUynge ' and al^so iTiorw cus^ynge 
Exdtynge ourc: aiihcr other ' liL ourc olile »yniie: iflS 

Sotiktk tony c» ' &nd Made out oldc baudca 
For to wyiinc lo my wii ' womnicn with jjylc; 
By torccrye %om tymi; ' and torn tyme by maiitrye^ 
Ich by hy ihe loui^lokcidc ' nod loucd hem neuere after iga 
Whcnnc icb w^w old and hor - and badJc lore that tynde, 
Ich bad Ijtyngc to Uuhe ' of kclicrous Uil^a, 
Now, lord* foi thy Ifraoie * of lechours haue mercy 1' 

146 A. PASSUS V. 107-115' B. FASSUS V. i8S->it. 

Thennc com Couctyse ' 1 couihe him not discrcne. 
So bungri "JuJ so Ldewe ■ «7<f Hrrui him luktd, lol 

He mus bitrl-li rail wed ■ with (wci blercd i-ijirn. 
And lyk ^ IcLhcrrc pors ' lulkJr bib thckct; 
In a lorcn LLbart * of twclut; i^ynkr ng< : 
hut )kf ^ lous cou(hc Icpo ' I con hit not i'h^e in 

Hco schot(k w&ndrc on ihai walk ' hii \v&s «o thrcd'tarr. 

' IcbAUc ben cotKious/ cjuckI thi» cftit^rf - ' I bckT)0wc hit heCTC; 
For sum tytnc 1 rLcnicdc - Sirame itic nokc, 

And th'Uine cam Coueyiiae ' cin 1 b/m dodj(c dcKcryuc lAS 
So hun^lichc and holwc ' sire Hcruy hym tckcd. 
He was biklbrovcd ' and baberlipped also, 
With two blertd e/ghen ■ a* a bljmdc ha^e; 
And as a Icdifn^ti purs ■ luHctl hin clii^kc^. ift 

Wcl fcyddcr ihua hia chyn ' thci cbiuclcd for clde; 
And as a bondmim of his Lacoun ' hja b«rd« was bidraudtd. 
With an hodc on his h«d ' a tousl harw aboue, 
And in a launy ubarde ' of rvduc wynicr «gCf 196 

AI totorne and baojy ' and fol of lya crcpyngc; 
But ir ttiat n lous cmiihe ' haue lopen the betcie, 
She f^holdc nciu^te haue walked on that welche ' fio wu it 

'I hiuc bcti coueytou5c>' quod tb» caityue ' 'I biknowo it 
here ; J04 

For some tyme T sexu^d " Sj-mme alic stile, 
And v,a3 \\h prentis ypUjttr ' hh prolit 10 wayie* 
Firft I Icrncd to I jo a JoeT other iw^yat, 
Wlkkcdlkh to vfcyQ ■ was my fursl ksaoun. »^ 

To Wy and to Wynchestre * I went to the ftiire, 
Wid) muny manerc msrchandi&e ' as trty mai&ire me bl^te; 
Nc had ihc grace of g>lc ' ygo amongc my waie, 
II had be vnsoldc this ii^ucnc |ere ' so mc god hcEpel lofl 

Thanne drowe I me amonges draperes ■ my donct 10 lerce, 
To drnwe ihe l>-ser alonge ' the lenger it semed; 
Amonge Lhc ikltc rayes . I rciidred a Icssouti, 

S. 189. HuMy WO; Henri 1, C. i^^. any^BiulJ P. aoo, Wd 

A. PASSUS V, nfi-iiS' C PASSUS Vn. iyi5-ai7, IIT 

And -Kta IkLs plJht prcntjs ' his prorjt io loke. ti4 

Funit 1 lccmc<fc to ly^e ■ a Icssun ot tvtynCf 

And wikkcJIichc for to wcie ■ was myn other lc9i;uii. 

To Winchfstnp uilI ift Wych ' ich wcntc Ui lt«" fciri; 

Willi moiiy nuitcr cinirchauiidiM - as my mayster hihte ; i^^ 

Bok ncdtk liic grace <*f gjlc ■ i-gon a-mong mj" ware. 

Kit bcildv ben vD-soTd ihi« 4t!ii«n ^n < ^ me ^d h^lpe 1 

Th«iine I drOLi; me a-niong this drapen ' my donei lo looine. 

To diawc tlic iyato wd along - the Icngore hii scmcdc; 114 

AiDOQg this Hchc nycB ' Icmdc I a kssur. 

Thcitnc cwi Ctjuetyse - ich uin nai hym dltcryuc. 196 

80 faofigcrlichc and so holivc ' Hcmy hytn-^lf lokcde. 
He WBS bytelbrowod and babcrlup|icd ' ^itia two blery eyen, 
And IS % letherfne pons ' lollid huit ch^km, 
Wd i^ddri ihaii hya diyn ' ychiucltd for tlh: mo 

Aa bonddMimc bacon ' bus bctd ww >'jh*iic, 
W4b hue hod on iii& heuM * and bus hitie boUie ; 
In ft loren tibvdfi ' of l*due wjrnier agp; 

But jif n lou* comh* Icp* ' I leue bii, a* y trowe, 104 

He acboldc noI wvidfc on that wclcb ' so w%k hit tlircdc-biirc, 

'Ich hau« be coudious/ qtiatb this cuityf ' 'icb byknow hit 
For tDtn tymc ich wmwl ' Symme at ih<^ styl*. 
And was lib ptcutyji jp^^^Iu " bus prafyi lo waiie. 
Furat icb Icrncd to lye ' ft lcs)Tig otttcr tvtcyc^ 
W>ck«dliche lo »cye * v';t£ my riir^t ksKm. 
To Wy And to Winchcstre ■ ich wente u> the fiiire 
WItJ] tnauy mancr ntaJchandiKcs * as cny icHi^ia hcghte: 
Ke b*d.1c the sTMc of gA'le ' goi* among my ware, 
Hit iudtk ben vn&old ihya acuen )er : 30 me god helpel 

Ich drovr n« among dmpen * fry <fohei to Itm^, 
To dnw l}ie llstuv 4-1t)iige ' ihe liniger ii scnieO ; 
Atoong iho ricbc rayca ' ich rendered a ksson, 




TUFNKG; At P. Mf, ttif. Tk/u tf^ntvr/ram hiy^FG ; F.^m, 111. 
Phi. naovr, maiitrr MJFl>KCr; mutuM P. 

148 1. PASSUS V. 136-135- B. PASSUS V. dia-9:}4- 

Broc1i«de hem with > pak-ti««1d« ' uul p1«tede ttm toged«'r«t 

Puttc hem iti ;k prcMour ' »itd (>ii]ne(lr hi'M\ ilH^r-inne 

Til ten jerdc9 other tweltic ' tolclcn out thrcttenc. ijS 

And my n-yf nL WcsuntJtifiire - thai wollene doih made, 
Spak to tli« ftpiotten ' lor to spinne hiE solV. 
Th^ ^louru.l thai hco pcyv^^dc !>/ ■ pcisede a qua.rtnin more 
Then myii auoccl dude ' whon I wcjcdc trcuihe. ijj 

I bouhlc hire iAi\y - hco brcuh bit to sulk; 
P«iu-a]« and piriwhil ' bco pcurcdc lo-g^rfcrc 
For laborers and loiih fc^lk - thsu hnrn he hrTn-«cli]ffi. 


To brochc bwn wiili a pak'ncdk ■ and plaited hem togydcres 
And pui hem in a pre&w; ■ Jind pynncd litni llwrnne, Jij 

Tyl i«n ^^des or twclue ' haddc iotic<l out thre(i«ii«r 

Nt/ ftj-r wai a wcbl* ' *nd woUct> cloth made; 
She &pak 1o 8pjnne»(eres ' to apynncri il oucc. iiC 

Ac the poundc that she payed by ■ poised a qa^tneroun more. 
Than mync ownc aunccre ' wbo-so wey^d ItoucJm. 

f JkhijIp hlr harly^malte ■ *he hrrw? ti (O sr-lle, 
Tcny-alc and pod>ng*a1c ' &he pouii^d logiJcrea jjd 

For laborers and for low folkc; ■ ihit lay hy hym-scluc, 

The b<?si nie lay in my bounfr ' or in my bcdcbambrc. 
And vho-so tuimmed ther-of ' houjie it thfrr'alU^ 
A galoun (ov a grole - god vrolc, no lc«c: «M 

And jit it cam in CQpcne) ' ri)t* cmftc my wyf vscd- 
Rose the re^^tcre ■ wafr hir ri^lc rinmc; 
She haih holdeii holtkerjc ■ al hire lyf-tymc. 

Ac I Kwcric now, »i tite ik ' il^t »ynne wil ! Icte,- fttft 

And neuerc wikkcJIicbe we)"e ' ne vtlkVc chaSjin: v>e, 
Bui wcnden to WalByngham ■ and my wjt als, 
And bidde the todt of BrorD^holme - brynj^e me ouie ofdette/ 

* Rcpenltdt'sUm- the euere,* quod RepenUnce ' "ne reHtitucioun 
midi'SL f ' ill 

*Jua. otica I wM herbcrwcd/ quod he ' 'with ao hep cf 
1 rooi wbun ihei crere aresi ' and yrified here male^.' 

A. 13". HrTUi vn**. 

J14. l]KJdcWOC> L«fli. 

'««, M4bd]f ItTU; V#iH, B. III. 

tiX- pyoncd C; pynriodc Oi pfticd L- 

JI4. tu L. I3i. lUpentoitttQw W ; 

A, PASSUS V, 13C-145H a PASSUS V[L fli8-J3<i. 149 

Thp \rstp in ih«j brfl-fliAiimbre ' Iky W ibe wowf, 
Iloac bummcdc JiCfOf • boujtc Jul lljcr-Aftcr, 
A piloun for & grotc ' god wot» no lusc, 
When hU com in cupfcmd; ■ such crafics mc VMd?. 
Rose ihe legniiour ■ is hire rihte name; 
Keo lull] hulJcii lioxicjyc ^ this cUcuciic wjrntcr. 

JJok I 8wer< ncMJ sotbely ■ ihit sunnc wol 1 !ctc, 
And yieuero wiltkj*dli<:tie weye ^ nc tils chaflfire ^"sea, 
Bore ir**ni5c lo WaUj-ngham ■ anJ my wyf jl»f, 
And biddc ilic rode of DrunibDlm ^ Laiij^i; riir ^nxi o( deltc/ 




To brochcn hem vrith a balEc-ncldc ' »nd bond hem tog^cfct; 

Ich putt* hfm ill presBUQri ' and pynned hem therynne, 

Tjrl ten )erdc4 other iwi^iutf ■ liilt-d out threujuc. n^ 

My wif »'iiA a webbe ' and wollcn «]oih made; 
Hu* jpak to ihe &pyni;catcTe • to spynrcn hit ouie. 
Tb« pound that hue- pilede hem by * pcj'^cd a quarter 
More thar mjn aHncel ■ wh^mw ich weied rreuthfe ^34 

[cli buulite huic Lr^lichc ' hue brew hit to aelle. 
Pcny-tlc tnd potlyng-iilc ■ htic pourc^Jc lo-gcdcjs, 
For laboTfre and iowo fotka ' (hit layc by hem-selue. 

The hifstc Uye in my bctir ■ and in my bc<I-chamhrc, :s* 
And who *o Iwniincik thereof ' be bouEu yl thci-aflcf, 
A gtkni for a inoic ^ And )at no irrayih racvurc, 
Whanne it cam m c^^ppcmel; - thi* craft my wif vMde- 
Rote the rcffratour \vi$ h^r^ ryghl name; sjj 

}]ue haib ybddc bockcrye ' jhh dcuene wyulcr.' 

' Rcpcntcsii diow ncmerc ? ' quatb RrpcntiuncG - ' nc fCltituctOR 

'3u£i one«/ quaiii be. ich was yherborwed - ipUh an bep cf 

Ich a-roa and rUlcd here males ' wlienac tbci a ^e^te vrere.' a,)6 

P #H. wbp, »3^^ pa {fn >i>) F, J15- hw t/^ be) F. 


a PASSUS V, 135*161. 

'Thil wi» no readme ioun,' quod R^pemanc^ ■ ' bat » ro&bti«s 
TIlow J^addcM be bcucr wonhy ' be hAnf[cd ihcrTorc t^A 

ThftD for aX that ' that thov hctti here shewed.' 

*I urcndr ryflj-ngc Vk-eit rcsliiucioiin/ quod he ■ 'for 1 Icmed 
tirucrc r«l(f <ni IkjIic, 
And I caa no Frcnchc in fcith * but cf the Tcnhcat cndc of 
'V&«dc«iow euere vsurie/ quod Rcpeniaunce ' 'In atte tU 

'Na^, aoUily/ he scj'dc ' '&*uc in my ^outhc. 
1 krncd iinioTigG Lumbardes ^ And Ic^vci: a. Idwoun, 
To wcy pcnff with a ptvi ■ tind pare ihe heujTJi^ 
And Icpc it for love oT the ctossc ■ to Icgge a wcdde and loc 

it; '•* 

Suche dedfr* 1 did v-'ryte ■ jif ho his day brete- 
I haue mo mar>cr*» ihofw rcrages • than thorw m'urttur ei 

I hauG lent lordes * and Udycs my cb^i^iirc, 
And ben her biocour after - and boujL^ it my-nclC 148 

Esch;4Ungcfl and chttiesnnces ' with ftuche chafTnre I ddr. 
And lenc folke lh-*i Icsc «ol ■ a lyp[>c at cucry noUle. 
And K-iih Lumbardes Icttrcs ' I laddc ^oldc to Rome. 
And loke it by laiUc here ' and tnldc hem there la&se>' ijj 

'Leniestow euere lorde* ' for touc of her mayntenauiice ? ' 

'Je. 1 bme Icni li^nlesi ■ bucd rac neuere after, 
Ami haut yiiuJe mLiiiy a kiiy^ic ' lioihc nicft^tc and drapere. 
That paytd nL,'Ucre lor hifi prcntisliodc ' iioujic a pcirc glouea/ ij6 

■Ha»low pile on poj*e tncn ■ that not* nedos borwe?" 

't haue as moche (^t« of pore raen ' 2a jicdlcrir haili oT 
That woldc kiUc hcm^ yf he cacchc hem my^te - for coaciti»c 
of here skynne*.' 

'Aflow manlji^he amonge ihi nrijhofcs ' of tin mete anfl 
ilrynkcf ^ >6a 

*l im holden/ quod he, 'an hende - a« hoimde ia la kychytie, 
Amongeg my neighborcfi. namctich * Eueh a name ich hauc.' 


a PASSUS Vll. t3T-»5»' 


iiiSii nufbS icsdUidoa' ' quatb RvpenUunce, *ibr »oUic ; 
Thow wol! tiongy hejt llwr<forc • her other in hellel 

VRedeti ihow ciiert vvcnn ' hi t1 ihy lyf-iyme?' 

'Nfty, sothlicbe.' he raydi; ' *sar in my puihc> rio 

leb kriMd ftinong Lumbinlci ' a lemon, md of lcvrc», 
To *cic pan* wilh a pcie ' and pared the hcuycslc, 
And leme for lou^ of ihr wfd ' ihe wbiciw-" it:h lt( bctere, 
AqJ more voilli Ihin Oie iiioncyc ' oiher hmq Lhat ich Icnedc. 

Icb fcncde f<>lk ihti l«e wolifc * a lipj* in echt noble, 145 
AqJ widi Loinlrardcfi IcIIcrs - Idi leiufJcr ^^dIJ ui Rome; 
So irhii bcm of mo borwcd ■ he bouhlc ibc Lyme/ 
'LcnedMI chew euer« to ifny ioide ' tor loue o1 mpnteyniunce T 
'Ich haue ylcRf 10 lord«9 and 10 ladkft - (hat louedr mc nciire 

Ich hiuic mftd menr a kn^'flhl ' bote mercer and drApcr, 
r&Tcdc ncucrc for here prcntii^h^e ' nauhl n pajre gloues; 
Thai chafTafcd with my chyucKaun« ' chcucde MjWe allCT-' ijj 

bite ifir te) P. ifo- P 9m. B. 

C^ I4O. 




*Now god Icuc ncure" qood Hcpcntuicc ' 'but ihoi* ;cptnt 

The gra^c on tha groundc ' thi good wcl lo biftcttc. i^ 

Ne ihine jsue after ihe ' hauc loye or ihat ihow wynnc^t, 
Ne (111 cxcccutourii \^c] biacil ' [he silucf that ihcrvr hem kucsl; 
And ihiit wu Tvonnc with wronge ' wtib wikkcd men be 4e!i- 

(And mM^ed hit aaarehiuriilysc ' toA omde t cfiod ixMnttrt;^ 

Tie mntc nrJlh-ta wm ■ girct w[«c I Ulc liit i jAj 

Aaci if my nrijfhhoFf hiul my hjr« ~ or uif htsTf eltn 

Mor* profiTabI« tfaaa Tnyn« ' uuny <t«ighid [ si4d«. 

llaav I my|tc hAue it ' %\ aty wiLlc I uAc. 566 

Aad bill [ It h*il b; aher wtye AUe luic 1 lUlt I1, 

i>t pryalliche tut puno ihok< ' vapikcJ bit lukkct,] 

[Jif 1 lede to ibe ftio* ' J p]mcb9t «o okrw*, 
TfcdH ft foie lond< of a forwo ■ fcccbcn 1 wolde, 
Of my itoUc ijtli^hlioit ' nyuwxs <jI bJi crthr ; 
And if I rope, ftow-reche - <a laf hem wd ihst ropm 
T« scid to ne ipith bcr slkcl that I nfi ^pwc dcuk.] 




[In huLydnyH at ftctidwrtlie ' ivh«D icli bcrd* ttrnm/t, 

ITimIJ* I neiKic willcj wot god niltcjly lo bbcUte 

Mewye for my mysdcJu ■ thai I cc momrf mcffe jfl6 

y^i lows o* gode, leue rae ■ ihan for my l^katoA {iltBSi 

A», if I )iad dcJly ayuuc done ' 1 ^xtA nou^t tlul so aok 

Aa ubcD I Lfocd ud Icocd U loil ' 01 IgJi^c «r il wccc p>yn^} 


[And if I lent an« ic« ' my kentnunti 10 Bni^, 3^1 

Or in-(o rnulondc my prcui^i ' B»y jjiofil 10 VBytea» 

To uurcliiiunileQ wiih nrnnttye luiil mokm Ixer '«diAiin|^ 

Mijte neuere me ccflfort^ ' u the men? lyme 

Xo^thcr XDDK DC lutyna ■ ne uotie mjiDcre aiitc^ ^C 

Ne ntocrc pcnauuw inrrfoumcd ' oe /^Wfr-s^Jx^^ wyclcp 

Thiit my tnyijd* ne wk mcire ■ on my gode, m » iloaw, 

Tllu io U]« £THc or gbd ' vid hia ^rcLc help^ai 

G. 3^ Ajnet P. ftS$ o|«r wy tMFSG ; o^ liny FE. 


■Now rtdclJcfa/ qoaih Kcpentaiincc ■ 'and by ihc rode, icb Icyuc. 
SbAl nctjcre ex«cuu)r wd by-Acite ' the vulocr ihat Ibow bym 

Nc Lb}'n lyrcv, =u( ich hope ' luuc inyc cf that llipw wad, 
For dw pojw ind alk Ima ptiicULunccfs ■ power bcm fayllcih, 
To 4-«jl* the of (li7 ^yitJiCS ' tin* rttUfufiOftf ; »57 

!\^iatptitfit ift'mi'JfiOir ftfctafum, nixt rrMittiJur chhivm, 
*W\x\x h\ifz wccdcs and wiltrs ' ii.h h^uc woimc my guodcfi, 
And wilb ij^ylc and s[o3>'ngc ' gn^lucd thai ich haijc, 
Meddled m/ m^Lrchaundisc * ind m^ a f^ood nioustr«; lAo 

The wcr*l hy wilh-ynne ■ * grct wi: idi !tt hit. 
And jT my ncylijcborc haiidc oii hyiic ' oiljcr cny best cllya 
More profimbie ihan myn ' ich mhAc cneny vcnicaw 
How ich myght hnue hit ' aJ my ^t ic:h ouLe. t^^ 

And bolt ith h:iddc hit by other wey ' aite liite Jch stnl hit. 
Oilier inyuyliche hii» por» xhok ' vnptked bus kikeiL 
And yf ich ^edc to ihc plouh - ich pynchcde on hua half-^ure, 
Thit a (ol londe oih*r a fcjnAc ' tecchen ich woldc, j68 

Of my n«yh^boria next * nytnen of bus enbv. 
And yf y repc, oucfc-rccbc ' oihcr ^af hem icd thai reptn 
To KS< bo mc villi here sykcl ; thai Ich sew ncuerc. 
In balydAyc» ftl holy churchc ' v^hcntic ich hurde mcssci )i« 
Ich hodde fieaere wil viierlich ' to by-acche mercy 
For my tny&dedrs < that ich nc mnmcde ofLer 
For Ion of good, Icyuc mc ' then fof l)camcA gullet. 
I'hauh ich dedlichc :;ynnc dude < kh droddc hit nut ao &cre 
As vhenoe icb knedc and leyucde hit lost ' other longe er hit 
were p^Jed^ *jj 

Arjd yf ich scnlc oucT ace ' my acnianni lo Bru^gcs. 
Other in-io Pra» my prcnij's ■ my profil lo a-woite, 
To mireliaunde with monr<r ■ and mikc-n htrc cschaunge, jSo 
MygbtG ncucrtr miLU coiufurty mc ' iu llie meyn lyme, 
NfJibcf mM>7is DC msAso ■ nc othcre maocre nyghici^ 
And ncufifc pcruunsc performede ^ ne paitr-nati€r seytl*^ 
Thai my mytwle nc wag - more in my goodes 9I4 

Tb&n in 20de« grKce - aud Itu? grt-Ee irLygblo. 
t'hi thi^aurm ium^ i&i el tor iuurn^ 

173. F ^m, wii. xit. V tut. kh, ^5. P om. a. 


B. PASSUS V. a«8-t89. 

For were I frete of tEktt hous ' ihcfc fiodc fftilL and cWIlc b, a^ 
! noldc tope %-9 with ihi cfitcl - nc owrc kyrkc ftmcndcr 
N« hoLttc a pcDy to my |iiiitince - or thync, bi my soulc h«le, 
For the bettt bake in owrc bom - thei^e brent gt>1d« were the 

And I wyst wynerly ' tltow vera siicbc as thow tclksl, jji 

Or cLcfl thai I kouthc knowe it • by anr kyncie« wiM. 
Sirrwtff /J itltfTiut • fum /rrevUi pir^ia qurrit, 

Thow arl an vnk/ndc crcACutc ' I ca& ili« noa^lc Atsoillc. 376 
Til ihow make rc^Eituciouii - and rckncr vith hom ^tlc. 
And (liihpn ihat rowan rollc it • in \M rcgyeir* of hettenD, 
Th*t iIkjw liasi iniilc vclir man ^fnod ' I may ihc nou^^jc acsolUc: 

For oJlc that hauv ol Uai good * baoc gad my Qoutbcl jto 

Ben holden at Ibe b^igtxe dome ' to hdpc ibe to rcstituc. 

And who so I«ueth nou)te this be voth ' loke in the Hiitcr gloK, 
In miurtrt mti dtm - where I menc irputhe, 

JTiYf tnim ivrifiaian diiejkiiii, tie. 
SbAl DCQcrc wcrkman in this worLdc ' duyuc wyth that thovr 
w)'nncst ; >a4 

Cum iamlQ santhis trts ■ construe me Ihni on EngHscfce,' 
Thaiunf wc* that siirewt in wiiJmjn' ■ anil wiilcle haue banged 
Ne hudde Rcpcntauncc the rfither - rcconCortctl liym in tbi3 

'Haue niercye in iKI ntyiide ^and vlth thf mouth biw^clie it, Mft 
For gtiJJes mertye m rniwc ■ Uiaii aUc hific other %vctkc«; 
Mi^tricordut tiui tupfr omnia Optra tint, tie. 

I [And ictc wil t )eldc Mela - U I to vochc haiie, 
'S'^^ A1 that 1 vrikknlly wcui ■ titbtii I nylte tuidJc. 
464-464.' ^"'^ Jhoiifih my lifl«lr ItkX* • Ictftj I Mile 

1 lluE «cfa« mftQ bfi vlIuI luw hi* - ir 1 hoinM wwSc] 


0- PASSUS Vlh 386-3t<j' 
[Off<^ar/ A, V. 136-339.1 


■Now redcliche/ ijuiih R^pcniannre ' Mch haue reuthe of ihy 

WtTt ich a frerc, ia good faith ' for a] the gold on cnhe 
Jch Qolde cope nie vith ihy catell ' ii« oure kirke iimcade^ jG« 
Ne uke a nieles mete of ihyne ' ind niyii htrte hh wisttr 
Tbat ihov ^ctv such a> lljuw scist; ' ich tlioldc laiiicrc stcruc: 

Mih'us Hi mfrri quam maU uittcr^. 
Ich rede no fatdiful frere ' il Ihy f^3t« fjtte; 
Jul were mc leuerp, hy Oiirp lord ' Ijrue by wetle-carufi agj 

Thvi hauc in>' fodc ^uid my fyudj^n^c of fiilsG mciujc ^yonyngca : 
SiFtaii a a/ttriat ' tnm /treuia f-tnguia qttcntt 
Pom tHO pohut ' Ufiifrr, hfar tris. 

Thow art an vnkjiidc creature ' ich can the nat Msoyle 994 
Tyl thow hauc yCDiu!, by diy myghl ' lo die men rcxtitudon; 
For oUc that hoaen of thy good ' (haue god my uculhc !) 
B«eth hold«n ai th« hye dome - to htlpv the restitue. 
Tfcif preest thxr thy tyiho tiktTh ' irow-e ich ron other, 300 
Shal parte viih LU<r in piiniatorie ' mitl hel|t p^/e ihy dclic, 
Yf he wLSt ihow Vk^rc auchc ' when tic rc^cyuydc tliyn oflVyngc. 
Whsu Icde lc>'U<!th thai ich lye ■ lokc in |hc wutcr gloscd 

On <vf^ «i« urritatem dilfxtiif. 
Thcr be iJia! witc wiLrrlchc ' what vsuic is to mcnCf jia4 

And what pcnatncc ihc pfcst thai hauc ' that j^rout xn of ihi 

For an bore of htirc fra-^'j'nnyngc ' may hardilokcf tythe 
Than an rrraiin: vsiircr * (haiir gnri my irniihcrl) 
Arid erc« ^iial come to hcucnc ■ by Cryst ihat mc made 

Then vt^u thcr a Wolishman ' wax wcndcrlicbe sory« 
He hightc ' ^uah }e[d-i}«yn ' if-ich-to-moche-hatie, 
A] ihal ich wickeddelich won ' nyiihcn ich wil hadde i 
And thank my hftodc lacke Itrtcn kh ticUc, 
That cch nun aha) have bus ' er Uh hcnncs M'cndc. 
Kor me ys l<ti«Te in this Uf * as « lorel begg>!ii, 
Than In lywe to lyut ' and lesc lyf and ^oulc." 



C- S88. hirke IMF; cburchc F. ft^l. ftiitLlUul P. 19'- cutM EC t 

ti>«iri biititMriMSn ^ict^ciP^ nn/^Hytliat. Jll. *ilC; 


^m us B. PASSUS V. 390-999, ^^ 


^^^^^ tlUlvt tiM robbov - oj] ^P^fA he luL^c, 


And Av Uier nu not wher-vltb - he vrpic tal urc 


Bar Jit ftie innlol icriicwe ' leidfl to Jum-rtltwn : 

H4 ^ 


■Crist, ibil v[rpua Citlvanc ' oa tbc c^c* tliK^Sul* 

^^H A. v^ T^v> Dbcndii nty hroihcr ' tutouscr ibf of Jl^cr. 

^^^^ i^>-i5a 

And h«d'lnl tnctci oS Ihkf nnn ' for m4W£H/f uXjB, 

Tbi wktlc worth v;^pon mc ~ *i kh h^ac urd iJoctuct 


To bauc hcUc kn eocic ' sif itui boiic urarc- 

So nwr «n tnw, Rob«r1 ' (hut no mi hftd«. 

[Robert tbc rolit«fc ' tM rMift lukcde. 


And for llwr »■* aonjie wher-of ' hff w*[» nviihe Mr*. 

Ac Hi thc^tynful idi'cwe - tty^lc lo Htid Hlur, 

< Ciyktj tli4t on Ca1uai>i: vpr>™ (^c aonK lity^i^W 


TIki Dinnmt my liEcthrr * hiamur: tow of grac?» 

Aixl hft<4i1fs( Tnc<rc}' on Thii m4n ' Inr ■//M/v'd Bk4^ 

^^^T J^rtviv 

So rcHc QiA ItiLi n>bb«rf ■ ihfit rn/t^ft vt huK, 

N« ncucJC wcne to a^tuic ' wiii aiTte that 1 o»e. 


Uut lor thi m^cl mcK/ ' mil^cioun I biaeche; 

Nc di-mpnc me ooujtc At domcvdfey ' for iJui I did m illc* ; 

1rVhn( Ifilcl uf lliib Moun 1 ctM ilouiCc fuir scJiew^ 

Wvl 1 wDiv he wppte Tutf ' vata with bolht kit fjtn. 


And knowlcchet) hit f-olt ' fo C1731 |cte efisoikc^ 

Tlut ftftilerKia hit pykc ' tic xtuldc potKhc ocnct - - , 

For hi? had Icjiw bi ia/m ' Lucifcin lunie-] 


^^^^ And lA tbt vilikedneBM in thie voflde * thai m^n 


^B wdtcbf or thjnke, 

^H ^ Nc is no more 10 the ntcrcj'c cf god ' th^n in ihc »cc a 


^^^^^H Omntr ifa^uiUu quantunt ad misiri^ordiam dti^ tsi 

0urjf 1 


^^^^H ipUiiia in atniio marts. 

^^K FoT'ihi hskMC m&cy in Lhi in)]idc ^ xnA marchandiMf 

t Jctie 



^^^^L B. 191, ^nvJvWCOR^ L««. 



a PASSUS VTf, 3HU34C, 



?f* TKfler* ^■MtJp 'n wynn^ ■ for troft Ihit I liDOWe- 

Bott for Ifai iQiichcl moFtJt ' mJtigiciDn [ brAocKv i t$t 

DtuiyiK luB not ixi ilumca ^> ~ for I Ouitc 'mi UIc' 

Ak whif fel of ihli Wonn ■ 1 con not fclr* hchrwf; 

Bui wd ich w<l be vtpio £■«( ' wBlcr with bit *lt«>i. 

And knobhWhcdc hit j^ult - I0 Cii»l ^il cfb-ai^nca, 156 

Tlial ffniifnrta is pltp * he icIiuI'Ip poljsuchf npwt, 

And lepe vi(fi him niicfloH'i ■ ■! hii lyf-tyme. 

For Uc b^lh Tclicn bi Latr^ - Lncifcn bfothcrO 

y Robwyl t>ie fj'felcr ■ on niAiSt loked*, 

And fof thfff wax niii wbcr-wiUi ■ he wcpie ful sore; 





And ^ut ibat ayrful ihrcwc ' ttcidc to hcucnc, 
*CriM, thai on Caluar/« " on the croys <teide&t, 
Tbo Diitmii my t^roih^r ' by^BOuhle th« of gnce. 
And liu(l(1m ra^rcj on ilia: man for memcnlo sake. 
So icwc oa mt. Robcrd ' tliAL rtMirt nc hi^uc> 
Nc acucrc wcne lo wynnc ■ with crall Ihai ich knowc- 
For Ehy mLichc] mcrc> ' mytig^cion ich tiy-seche, 
Dftinpu^ mt^ nmihi ai ricimys (Uy ' for ibai ich dude to illc/ 
WL^ Vy-fcl of tliifl felon ' ich cin nouht fairc shcvrc; 
Wcl ich woi he wcpEc fii^te * wnier »iih hua cycn, 
And to Cnsi fcnowlcchcdc ■ livs coupe jut eft-son*, 
Thit peniunce tins pjk-suT ' he >voTclt [uliHche newe, 
For fat luidck Icyc by XaA'0 ' Luclfers aucile. 
* By the rode,' quath Kcpcniauncc ■ ^ ihow romcst lowiu-J beu«ne, 
% so Ihai hit be in :hyn htrt* a& ich hur* thy iong«, jij 
Tiist in liifi mochel mercy ■ nnd y\\ myghi ihow be saoed. 
For al the wrvtLhcdiJC&Hc of iLi^ worldc ' and wi(.ke<l dedei> 
Farcth u a fonk of fuyr ' ilmt ful a-mydc Tcme»ei 
And deide for a drop of vaicr ; ' so doih alie aynnca 536 

or sille mAncfc men - ihAl wilh good <x-lI)c 

Cojifesser hem and crkn mercy ~ shullcii ncuere (onic in IjcKe, 

OomUi fmqmiat quoad ntu^urdtam da ui gutui nMJia 

in mfdic maris. 

Rqwnle ihe nron/ quath Repentatitce ' ryji so to tli* vixirtr, 

'And huur hus mercy in thy ni/nde ' and mirchauiuliae, kuc 

hil; .140 

O- 3»| Iron O^ knowe) P. |3^. *a P- 34O- F /HTf hine 


PASSUS V. 146-153, S. PASSUS V, iM-3'T 

Nou giinneth ih^ GTokki ' for to go 10 vchrf^ 
And i:aricL}i tiim 10 cliirchcw^nl - hh aduift fonc telle. 
TbcQEic Ikiuii iIk brcii^icrc ' bid him |^>dc montc, t^S 

And sclhLhcD hcp ftskcd of hiza * 'vhoder ihat he wolde^' 

■To hoM chirche,' quod be ' *for to here mutxe. 
And «etlulwn I-chule ben T-^chriucn ' ^md aungc no more.' 

' Ic hftuc good a\z, gOEsib,' quod hto ■ * Gloten, woliou t»ayc ?' 

For Ihow hut no good prcmnde ' to fl^cic (i^e with a watiel. 
But if it vcjv wirh ihi tnnp- ■ or rllii i^-iih iln iwii Ijomfcs. 
For ilic good that ihovf hiul gclcn ' bl^an ol wiUi fiilschcdc, 
And u longc oa thow lyucit therewith ' chow icldcit nou^te. but 

borweiil. 196 

And ir Thow vnte neu^rr to whfctif - ne whom to r^dtue, 
Bere it to tbt; IhabJ^op ' and biddt; liym of Ills grace. 
Bbcttc it hjTQ'ScIuc ' us best w for tiii tiodc. 
For he Ghal an^ivcre lor ih« • at ibo he}'gh dome, 300 

For the and for many cno ' thai mar shal ^(f a rekcriyngic. 
Wh^l he kmcd jow lei Icnte ' Icue ihow none othcTi 
And vrhai he lenL )0w of owrc lordcs ^ood ■ to kttc )ow fro 





Now hif^-nneih glotoon • for !5 go to echnfU, 

And kSiics lijrn to-ltirk^-ward • hi^ coup* to schrwr, 

Ac IkLon iIjc L[c:w<:fetcic ' bjid bytn ^'ood morwe. 
And axed of hym with 0^ ' whidcward he woldc. 

' To holi cfiGTchc,' quod he * ' forto here masse, 
And sithcn I wil he shryuen ■ and synne namorc," 

' I hauc gode s^le, gos^ib/ c^uod she - ' Glotown, wiltow uxayc f 
* Hastow au^fc in thi purs - any bote spicc£?" 

'1 haue prper and pionefi/ qaod she ' 'and a, (>ounde of 
garliLe, jtt 

A ferthyngworlh of fenel-seed ' for fiistyngJaye*,' 

Thanrn: golh GloioQn in ' and grctc odica afltr; 
Ccese th< souCereeBe * sic on ihc benchep 
Wane ihe wamet " nnd hk vryt hoihe, ji( 

Tjmme the lynkere ■ and tweyne of his prentish 

3. 3I>. the W; itheOR; he L. C. J43. bole ^iw R 344. 10 

IMFSG; fov thtAde P. ^45. bid IMF; hidde Ej bide P. 351. 

A. PASSITS V. 153-160, C ?ASSUS VTT. 341*361. IQ9 

'Hutou ou}C i Oii pors' <iucmI Ik ' 'cny Lolc apicca?' 
' ?c, Glotun, KOssip/ quod heo ■ *Kod w^x, ful g<xfAe; 
I hanc pcper and pionc - and 1 pound of garlch, 
A fpriliirg-worih of fi^iiel-sertl ■ ftir ibis fasryng dnyt?*-' i^tt 

TUcne gcth Glolon in ' otid grctc udiuA ^ifiei; 

Sc«M the aoutcrs wy'^ " **' ^^'^ ^^^ bcrchc, 

WMt« tl)e wirinar * stnd his wyf bothe, 

Tomk>u the tiokcrc - aiiJ iweyne of hia lunaue». i^o 

Fcnhow hasinofiood, bf £X>od Taithl Lotjg^cttu: Miihu wa*i[cU, 
The if^od ihfll Ihow haucr^t jgcic ■ by-gan al with r&lahcdc; 
Am longc as ihow Xyue&t ther-with ' ihow ^eldest nit, bolt; borw- 

And >^' ihow wile neuere lo wham - nc M'hcre to nestilue, 344 

Bert hit to Ihe bi*chop ■ and bid hym of hu» grace, 

To byjcucn hit hymselue ■ as bc*t be for thy soule; 

For he sdial an^wete for the ' at the hjT dome. 

For the wd fhr mt^ny mo ' thu man slii) jcue rrlceryng^, j^^i 

What be lercdc pyn to 3>i]e with ' and to lettc jow fro thoAhe.* 

Now hy-gynneth Glo!on - for to go to sbryftc. 
And kayrc* hym to-kJrke-«ard " hut coupe to ftlicwc, 
Fastynie on a Fr>'day ■ forth gin he wcndc y$i 

By Belong hcti« the brewestere ' that bad hym good dorwe, 
And u-hrdpFWardr he wolde * the brrw-wif hym ttlccd. 

"To holy chuiclic/ quaih he ■ 'for to hure m*3»e, 
Aftd licihcn doc and be yahriuen ' ind synwc numore/ 3^6 

•lib hauc gocKl ale, god=rb ■ Gloton, wolt ihow aiaiaye?' 
■What haunt :how/ fjuafh he ' 'tny hole spic^fs?' 

'Icli hkuc piper and pionys - and a pound of garlik, 
A fcrlhyng'tt'orth of ryukclacde ■ for fialinge -dales/ 360 

Tbemie ^th GLoton yn ' and gTet« oth«s after. 
Sess^ th< tytt^eiftf*' ' stt on the benche, 
W^tLe llu^ wuyntrrf and bus wif dronkCr 
Thonttnc tlic t>iikerc - and twcyc of hua knaties, sfi^ 

Idfke IMF: chur^he P. 

I^tf. yichieiisi r. 36o> f^ti^og P. 3A1. 


ISO A. PASSUS V. t6i-ni, a passus v. 318-339- 

Hfltk* the liflkeney mon • ind Hcggv the neldcne, 

Cl4nK«« or Cokk«s Icme ' nnct th^ flerk of (}i« chiirche, 

Sie Pcfs of Pridyc ' iunl Pcrnd of FlLititulni^ 

Duiwe tlie diaadicrc ^ &nd u doKyn oihcrc. 1&4 

A ribibor, a mtoncr ■ a r&k^T« of Chcpc, 

A repeal a redyng-kyng ■ and Rfi«r thr <^l&9c1wri^ 

Godfref of Garlesscliirc - uid Gnif\n Lhc Wilscbc; 

And of vp-holdc» ftfi bcp ^ erly bi ibc tnonre lA 

^ivc ihc Cloton wiih f;or>d villc * good aIc td toitKL 

Thcniw Clement eHp cobeltre ■ ca^ic of his cbli^, 
And ailc newe frirr ' he 1e>xle hire la sulle; 
And Hikk« (he ostHcr ' buitc h\% hod aftur, 17* 

Hikkc the hakcnefmin < and Uugh« the ned«ler, 

Clarice of Cokkc*lane ■ and the cterkc of ihe cherche, 

D^A\e ibe djkcrc - ind a doicinc other; jm> 

Sire Piers of Pridic ' ajid Pcronellc of FUundres, 

A ribibour, a ratoncre ■ a rakyer of Chcpc, 

A rofwre, a Rj>Tik)nff ■ and Rose the dissheti», 

Godfjty of Garickfbitiie ' and Gryfia ihe WalsUe. |i^ 

And vpholdctcii »ri hc^jc ■ criy bi ihc niorue 

Ccucn gloioun «iili g]ad cher« * good ale to hanaci 

Clement tlie cobel«re * caet of his cloke» 
And arte rn^w HLire ■ h« Dempn^d 11 lo setle; jjR 

Htkke the hakciieycaan ■ Iiitlc Ills liood after, 
And btddc Bcttc tlie boclicrc - lien on his side. 
There vere cha[>men y'Ctioae - ittis cbafiare to prdfe ', 
Who-30 hau«ih tho hood ■ Ahuld hauf amerdc^ of the dokc ^jj 

Two riacn vp in rape ^ and rouned togtdcr», 
{And prei«ed these pcnyworthes - apart l» hem-tduc; 
Thei couth iiou)ie b^ her coTi*iclerjc<; ■ acorden in ireuthc, 
Tyl Robyn the ropac ' aioie -bi ihe stiutlv^, jjC 

And nerapncd hym for a notifnpcrc • that no debate nere, 
For lo trye this chafiare ' bit^'ixen hem thre. 

Hikke the ho^lellcre ' hadde tlie cloke, 

A. t<;. A TU : And V. k TU [ ifac V. iS«. TT^di AW ir /■ H #«i^, 

A. PASSUS V. iT3-t83- 0' PASSUS Vil 3«j-3Sfl. tCl 

And bad Beit« the bochor ' bca on IiIb bi-sy<l^- 
Tlicr wtoit l1;ji|>:ucii i-claiac ■ ihc ttiaffaiL- lo picisc; 
Ho^ hccldc ihc hod ' achutde baue omcudca. 
Thd rificn ^ niply * and roimed«a lo-g«dere, 176 

And prd»cilpn the [* ' iiid pniEi^dcn W hemRrfuen; 
Thcr wcorcn oth» tn Iic^j ^ hoy: ilut hit hcrLltr. 
Thci couihc iK>t H hcon; concicncc ^ a<ortic to-scdcrc, 
Til Kct^n the roi^jTe ■ w<?ot« nd forte a-ryse, iSo 

And neinpn«d for x tiouiiipere ■ iJiai 110 d«'bai ncorc, 
Fur lie H-l3u!Je picisc ilie iM.'nywi>nli» - as hjm g^xjd lltOu^L^ 
Tbcmic llikkc the oitilcr ' hcddc the clgkc, 

Hjclic the lakcntyman ' ind Ilouwe the nclikrCi 

Clarfcc of CcckcsJinc ■ ihe clerk of ihe churche, 

Sjre Peon;* of Prydic ' ind Pnrrel nf Fhundrci, 

An 1iA)*u^rdc and ui hctcmytc ' the liangcmaii of T^bornift, j4t 

Dnuvic the d>kctc ' vith a. do?en harlotci 

Of poitoLtrs And cf pykepoivrs ' oniJ pyJcdc (oth-drewtn, 

A fjbSboat uid a nconer ■ ti nlttrc and htis knauc, 

A ropcrt and u redyu^^ky]]^:? ' ;iiul Ra:>e th? L]iv%hcre. ir> 

GodcTnty the gulck^mongcrc ' And GrifTyn the Walish; 

And of vp-boldcfe an hqi ' crly by lh« morw^ 1^ 

G«u#i\ ClolOn with glad cli«re - good aZ« 10 hdStelk 

Cl«nni«r)£ ilie cobrlc^re * c%Ai at hint eloke, gj^ 

And 10 ihc iicvc ffljre ■ ncmpned hit 10 selle. 
Hitkc ihc bakcncyraui ' hitic hus liod after. 
And bod BdW tb« boacher* ' 10 b« on hu« ey<i«, 
Thw (Ptrc chs3pinm y-chnsr • [hr chuffarp lo prc[*c; ^ 

Ttttl l»c thil hAddc the hod " shoMc lul hflbbc the clokc ; 
The brterc thing, by orbjiiiun ' ^holdc bote the wcrsc. 
Tvo rjMn rapliche ' and rotincdc co-^cdcn. 
And prcj*?d U» ptny^tiriheii ' dpart by hcm-»eiue, 3S4 

And ibcr v,cfc oCxa in htfc ^ for other sholdc haue the wcnc. 
Thci cDUlhf nouht by here conscience ' a-cordc for ucutbc. 
Tjil Kobyo the ropere * arysc thci b^-souhtCi 
And nempiieJ hym jl nftmpcyr • Oixt no debit* wefe. 388 

HilLc the huli'utyiiuu ^ baJJe llic dokf. 

B, };t, AvhOCi L «fltj// /Air A«^. C ^«|. P jm. >? n/f^ Kick*. 

J70. pTktpoiatt P. j;i- chirc J*. jt7r- ^y^ I'- 3J9 N IMPit ; r rrt. 


162 A. PA5SUS V. iS4*i9« fi- FASSOS V. 340^3<t. 

Ill oiucfutint ihit ClcmcDl ' Kbnldc lb« cuppf fdle. 184 

And UM^ Hikkcs ho<l iht o^tilor ■ and hoU htm w«l iMnwc; 
And hr ihir rrprnirih rni}i<*6i ' ecltuMc 4ryf«n a/icr, 
And grctcn sir Glotcn ' wlih & gAlun of sle, 

Thcr van lautwhing aad loicnng ' And 'let go l}ic cuppc^' 
Bar^cynK and bcuctngc* * bi-g^knnc to irysc, iS^ 

And Hvim »o lil euenson; ' xmi songcn lum while, 
TtL Gintcn hvthdc i-^ioup^ - a galoun inJ a giltc. 
He piaacdc a poicl ' in a /tf-Vr-w^/ir-wIjik, rgi 

And blcuh llie rondt; ruw«t ■ alte ru^i^bonca esid«, 
Tlui ftlle ihai berde ih? born ' beolden h«ore A«o«e lifter. 

In coucnauDie that Clcmcnl - sbuldc the copjw fi!1c, j^o 

And liiuc HikJtc* hoUc liottcllcrc ' and liolJc bym jrscrued; 
And wbo Bo r cpgnw d nthesi - Uiulde ^h%9 nlkr. 
And grrie sirt Gloioun ■ trUh % g^oun aJ<^ 

Tljcrc Avah laogliyng iiad luuryn^ - snd ' Irl gi> \ht cuppf/ j|f 
And MCcn 30 til ctscnaonf^c - uid songcn VEQwhib, 
Tyl Glcioun bad y-glcbbr^d - 1 galoun an a liUe, 
Hfs ^ilUs gtinn« 10 goibfly ' as two grcdy Bowea; 
l'I« pi«8cd A jfoicl ' in h /tf;*T-nrtJ/fr- while, j4» 

i\nd blew biA lounde niwct " at bia riggc-bon cade, 
Ibat nllc that horde ibai home - beld her nose afur, 
And wiinhcrtcn \z had be weised ■ wirh a wlspe of ^revB. 

He mj-jff' n**itbcr steppe nr stcnde ■ ef he to* siaiTp hAddc; js' 
And Ihannc gAJi he £0 ' licbfi A ^Icwmannea 1>iccher 
Sommc lyttit^ xi^c ' cind ftonime lymc arrere^ 
At vtbo-10 leyih lyjies ■ fotio lacchc fouler. 

And whuTi be drowgh lo the dore ' Ih^nne dymmed bis 
cigbcn, 3,16 

He stumtilod on the tbrcAbcvoIdc * on tlircwe to tb« crtbc 
Ciemont the cobelvre - caudle Uym hi ihe mvddel, 
For 10 Hfie hym alofle • and li?yde him on bis knowea; 
Ac Gloioun voA a gicl ct^lt ' and a gT>in Jn the lifrvngt. ^ 
And copgbcd v^ a caudci ' in Gcmcnda tappc; 

A. 199. laciht TV i Cliche Vllt mj-io;. That Umi Art m\^ jwJp'. 

WCOi tmnblrtl L. C, 400. rTwcltl\ ftlM ]-e P. 401 t^C* >«i 1*; 
)^ IMFEi hl> Sh 40J. >iit hit bddile J'. 49^ seootidc P. 4O4. hoe 

A. TASSt'S V. 155-JOS. a PASSUS YU. 390-411, 163 

And vcAclicc tliat bii vtoiv i^wipcl ' with a v«5p of fif^eih 
He ticddc no strcrigiJiG to stondc ' til he \i\i tiaf hcddc; t^S 

Tticnnc gon he for to go ' lyk a gko^monncK bicdWr 

Slim ijmr flsip'iji? ■ ani sum tjmo bictp, 

As hose Iciih Nnes to hccbe wich foiiloa. 

Whon he diouli to ibc dorc ' ilicn dimmcdc his vi^cn, joo 

He thrompcldf alte ihrcsu^otde ' ^d thrcuL to the ^rounde- 

CTenwnt tht cobloTo ■ cau^te Gloioor hy the m\"die, 

AimI foi' TO Ijpfte hym aloft ■ leid? hym on hl» knew; 

And Glotouu waa a gret cb(;r] ' and grym in the L/il}iigc, 104 

And covbcdc vp a cawdcl ' in Clcmfnlis lappc, 

In couemunl that Cleramcnt ^ fiholde the eoppe fylle. 
And liaue iht httkctieyrnaones hod ' and hM hym y-seiued; 
And wht) rcpcntydr mhcil ' \hd\ti iq'kc ^cer, |9t 

And grcte syrc CloEon ' with a hiilIqii of a)e. 

Tl>er vu lachynff A lokcryntf ' and *lcl jc^ the coppd' 
Eargeytirt and UuCTec;*^ ■ by-gunne to aryac, 
AaJ ftdyii so til ruc%(«ig ning ■ und snnRr vmhwhyk, jfC 

Til Clobon hodde yglobbcd - a gnlon .ind a gylie. 
Hue guues gDime goddy ' oa tvo gredy aowo ; 
H« pstt«de i poteli ■ in a /Jicr ««///■> uhile, 
Aiul blew huH roimd« tf^vrt * nitc rjgbones cn6t, 400 

Thii alle that hcrdc ihal home - liultlc here note after. 
And wuflchcd liii baddc be voWccl ■ wiih a «ipa of brcrts. 

He nyghio noiber suppe ne stonde * tyl lie & st^ hadde. 
Thinne gan he go ■ lylw 3k glemantwt byoche, 404 

Som IjTM ujdc \,i"d aom ijiiii; ii-rere, 
r^A> ho »o liiih fynea ' for to lacchc fouJes. 

Aod vhcnnc be drow to Ihe dore - diMnn^ dymmed hot cycn ; 
He thmmblrd a the ihrcthcfold ■ and threw 10 itie erth^. ^oi 
Tho Clement the cobelrie ■ c*uhtc byrn by 0)c nij'dcl. 
For to l)fie bjm on loft ' he Icydc b)Tn on bus knees; 
Ac CHoloa VAS « grct ch^rl * and gronyd in the iiflynge, 
Aad coubed vp a cmidel - in Clementes Uppe; 41* 

r£. >ii?«SlF; fnoP. ^iOl Icpfcti tdtlc HKC, Ivddc P£& 4II. 

H 3 

1€4 A. PASSUS V. »<-»io, R PASSU5 V. s^t-jSo- 

ThAL ihc hungricEt hocmd * of Ilcnfordc rehire 

Nc ilunii Upc of lEnt ];4Ucyne ' jo vn1o\cli k ^mftkiih. 

Tlui with al the wo of thi* world ■ his *fyf and hb wciKhe *ot 

&NTC31 him hem lo hia bed ' and bfouhccn him ihcr-iiuie. 

And ftfler al thi^ ^urH?! * in acc^^sc he h«ddc, 

I Is non ao huagh houndc ' m HerUord schire 
IDurai lajk* of th« leujiige* • no vnJoucly ihd smiajt<r. 

With a1 iIjc wo uf thiti worlite - hU nyt and liiii wcnchc 164 
B^rcQ hjm bom< lo hb bcddc ' and broujic hjm ihcrinnc. 
And Jtriet a] thiB e3GC«»M ^ bij tiad an acadic, 
Hiftt bt slope SAtcrday And Sond^y * til fonne }«d« to r«itc^ 
Thannc waked he of his 'wynkjng ' *nJ wlj-cd his tvghcn; jiW 
The fyrslc ^i(X>rdc thAt hu warpc ' wi^, 'where b ihc hoUc?' 
Hii wif goft «d^-ll€ hym the - how wikkcdlich bo lyucd. 


And Repentance rijte so ' rebuked bym thut ^^e: ^jt 

* As ihov ^th vorde» and werkes ' hasi wioujie yuel Id ihi lyiw, 
Sbryue ilie and be shamed llicr-of ' jLud ^fjcui: ji vricJi ttu 

'1, Glotoun,' quod the gome - 'gylti me ^cldc. 
That I haue ucspassed with my tonge • I can notijce tell* how 

Sworcn 'goddct ioalc ' • aiid So god nic bclp and hilldoDi,' j^A 
There no node nc wiu ' nync hundrcth tymea; 
And ouer-ieye nae ti my copcrc * md seme tyme it noxtos, 


"B. vilf. [And nott meto <lt «iBd di«nke • then kcnde mill defie,] 

Thai I Gloionn prt it vp * cr I haddc £onc a mylc. 
And y-sptJtc ihnt my^te be spved * U3d upended on Dommc 
hungric ; jSa 

S, ^70. «rwo;fltici«t. o, 4i|. 

lUFSB; tnftMMiP. 4», >A 0^ 




A. PASSUS V. m-jig. C PASSUS VIT. 4'3-«33 l<W 

Ttflt lie tltjJlc SclLirvUy n.ni3 Soncndfty ~ til lOnnc wcntc to fClic 
Thcnnc he wokcdt; of his W)Tik ^ and nypcilc bis ciicn; jii 
TTie fxirtic word ihat be spac wis ■ *whcr ts ihe cuppc?' 
Hi* *}f wnrnrdc him tho - of wikkciliicise and of tinne: 
Tlmuic wii he a*sdioiiied, ihat scbienc ' and schiapc^d hh crcn, 

Yk trcn :io hongr}^ lioundc ' in Ilcilfordcshirc^ 

Tho! ihor,Nt kpc of slut Icuyr^^^c ' no vnlGUclIchc hii smauhtc^ 

With al the wo of ihc worldc ' hus mi and bus wcnch« 
B«re bym 10 bus boJde * and brouhw hym th^r-june; 415 

And aflct ill ibia eit«\s[; li« li^tik- 411 ;L<:cidt<;, 
He slcp S^tcrdax and Sonday * lyl scnne ;cdc Eo rcstc- 
Tbonnc a^rakyde he wd wnn • and wolde Imie ydronke j 
The fcnl word ihat ha ^pak ' vjl^ 'ho haJE the boU^T 4J« 
I!ii*> wif And hjfc invit ■ ^uiLcd h/m of hus syniie; 
ne w« ft-tliAmed, that »hitvc " and shfof hym aVao swilhe 
To RcpcncaancG i^i' '^u^; ' 'baue retithc 00 mc/ he scyde» 
'Tbow lord thai on loft art ' and allc l^'ucn ehopcl ^14 

To ibe, god, ich Gbian ■ gulty mr ytde 
Of m; lrcH>&s wiUi lungc ich c^in nauht kllc how ofW, 
SwortB 'thy siulc ind ihy ^ydcs* ' and 'to help me, god 

almyghly \ ' 
Whc-n thM no nnl tA-114 * mtny tyirte r;LU]i<:hp. 4tM 

And oucr-topedc it tuy s^pci ^ ^nd som lyme al none» 

More than my kyndc - invgliU Wil defy« ; 

And aa an houndc thai ci gnts ■ 10 ^iin icli to brnkt^ 

And tpildc thAC jch tpck- myghi^ - ich c«n nouhl «p«kc for 

The Tytnyc of my fodc mouihe ' and of my (bule nuwe. 

IFB; »»dP. 4ii. heK 43a. ipclell'S, «|wlidcF< 

. PASSUS V, 2x6^11% B. FASSUS V. 381-403. 

Aikd gon to gTfdf grimliche ' and grct deal 10 makv ii4 

For bin u-iLkctli; ]>f ^ Uai he Mjucd bvUdc. 
'For hungui ether for fiinc ' 1 make myn a-vqq, 

/> OuerdeUcatJy on htXyng-d^ytt - dnxnkcn a&d et^ boih«, 

And Ut tomt tyme ta longe lli*w ■ dial [ ftloj* ami vie x. oo«- 
Fot Ipuc of ti)c3 in ttneiiKa ' (o difTibc ifcie more, I ilyiKd, 
And l^j'cd to the mdc 9 none * vhtn fMtjrn^-dajrcs were/ 184 

''J'liis BlitfAjug «hhfte/ quod Rfpcnunco ' 'UuU be meryit 
to iv; 

Aiitl ibunuc gin Gloioun gfCK ' and grct docl to mak« 
For liifi LthcT l^'f ' that he Ijvcd haddc, 

A:id «\'owcd 10 fiitl— ■ ' for hun^r Of for Ibiiret 3W 

Shal rtcucrc fiuhc on :he Fryday * (tcflcn in my vombc, 
Tyl AI>8tJncn(.e myn auritc ^ bauc jiuc ou? t<ruc; 
And ^1 hauc I haled hir ' al my ]>f'i>[nc-* 


Tliocnc come Sleuthe td bi&hlx-red ' widi two tlymy ei^n : .19* 
•I mo*l sitif,' wryde the lippje ■ 'or dlra fthuldc I nflppe; 
1 may nmijtc Monde nc nLoupe - rtc wiilj-outc a Role knek. 
Wtre 1 brou^tc abecldc ' bui if my uillc-en^c it made. 
Shuttle no ryng^iigc do vac ryj* ' nr 1 wtfc type 10 dyne/ 396 
He liygan btntdrtdt wiili a bolke ' and hift br«t kjiockcd, 
Aiid loxed uiJ ruTvd ' mid ruiEc attr lustc. 
*\M)ati awake, rcnkel' quod Repentance ■ 'and rape the to 


'Jf 1 shuldc dcye bJ thU <tay ' me liMc noiijie to loke; .|oo 
1 Cfin noujie ])crflt1y my J>al£r-nailfr ' as the prMt k Myngi^th, 
Biu I ca.n ryme* of Robyu Hood - ajid Raudolf erk uf CheAttc, 
Ac neither of own lordo ne of O'atq Lidy ' the Icsec that eiierc 

I taiir tnadr vowrK foiiny ■ and for-jeie h-rm on the mome; 

I parfoumeil ncuic pcmujice ' ah lLc plot iiic liijic, 405 

Ke ry^ic son for my *yxme« • ^t va* 1 nciicr<- 

And |if I ilclde ^ny bedes ^ but if it bo in wrath, 

Thti ! trlle wiih my longc ' U two tnylc Tro myn« heriif- 40S 

A, 119, ^wiiimri v#fl». a j88, (o^-oOiL^w. 


A. TASSUS V. at^jn. a PASSUS VIL 43<-Vl!! 17. IGT 

Sdal ncuer fincli on Fr>xtu ' dcfycn Id mf mane, 

Er Al>GitncrLcc m}-!! aunLc < haiic i-^iuc nc Icue; i» 

And }it icbauc L-h&ted hitc ■ al my lyf-tjmc' 

On rivEiTig'!ais hj4orr nonv ' ich Mde me v.-\\h n\f, 
Out oT tcfron, a-CDOBg rjbauilci ■ here rybaudryc Co hum. 

Hcr-of, gooi god ■ paunic ma for^cuc^ccs^, 436 

Of ■! my luthcT Iniyng ■ m al my lyftymc. 

For kh ;i-vtiwr u> ycxrt^y btkI ' fiff hongvr other for ihante, 
Sb>I ncucrc S»h on Fryday ■ dcfj-c in mf wombc, 
Tjl Ahitincncc myn auniiic ' hauc ;cuc mc Icuc, 4^ 

And }Ut huUie idi haled hun.- - u] my lyf-tyow/ 
ZTi.' txpticit ffosstis tf/^iffitti^ 

pAssus viir. 

Intipii piissus Oi'tauus^ 


THO cam SIctith** al by*KloJ>rrpd ■ wiih iwo ilymcd eyen. 
'Ich niO»l »Llc to be ^hr^'Ucn/ qtuih he ' ^ar dlc% shd 

icb itdpiic. 
ic^ may nouht ntondc nc ttoupc ' nc u^th^outc fitoulo kneTe. 
W«Tis idi brouhre in my bed ■ bote my tnyWide hit made. 4 
Sliolde no t>i;^ngc do mc rrsc - tyl ich urte f>pc Ki dyne.' 
Batedkiti he by'gao with a m!kS ' and hua bivM knokcdc, 
KvscJcd amd remcd - ond rouite at the la^te. 
'What a-uihe, renk,' qtiaih Repentance - rape the 10 ri^ryfiel' 
' SlioJJe ith dejT,' tjuulU be, ' b>' t3u3 dii}v - icli drede nie sure, g 
Icfa cm [VJUht pir^ttkbc niy /u/tr^rtcskr ■ aa ibe [ircst hH 

Icb can ryone* of Robyn Ho(3i> ■ 
Ac of onrv lord ne of ourt^ lady 
Ick haue a-vowed vowe» fouity ' 
lefc piriounKd neiicrc pcn^uocc 
Ne ry^l sory for my <ynt>f8 ■ icb «y cictMre thi> lyxoc 
Aiul ich bblde my ExdU ' bote bit hr in wratihr, id 

Tlial ich telle *riib my umpr ' jb ben myfc Tro my hcrte. 

O. i.toOrtn«)rM. 
9. BcWMveP. 

and of Randolf. til of Chestre,. 

dud f^jt-jut hcDi * taot*ftc\ 13 
* tlut ibe prccvC mc hihcc. 

J' thryVD Bt tliryvc T- 5, KOAAde I' 


B. PASSUS V. 40^-44! 

With yS^\ talo Aite ftic ' and olhcrwhilc in cKcrchcfi; 
Godd» poync and Ht passMDvn - ful ^i^l^ ihynkf 1 thcre-cm- 

1 vititet) n«iifrc Achlc men ' re feti«rrc1 follc;^ In purie«; 411 
I liatic IciJrrt hrrc an harloLnc ■ or a wmcr-gamc of uut^c)^ 
Or ]c^yngc^ 10 taughc al ' ami bcljrv my neighixirc. 
TbAD ol thu Gnerc Markc made " Mathew, lohn, and Lucas. 
And \iffilic» ind Ontyng-diijt* ' alle iluse laie I patw. 41^ 

And Mfigt itliciklc i;i triiic^n ' nn my kmmxn in myn Armrs, 
Ty! mutytifs and masse he do - inJ iluiinc go to the (rerc»; 
Come I 10 tJe, mii^a tsf ' 1 holdc mc yscmed. 
1 nam nonjle shryuen sonie iym« - but if b^keufSie it nuke, 4>a 
Nou)t Lwd<ry in Ivo ;prc ' nnd lliiniM? v\y gvftse I ^hryue mt. 

1 hflue bf prcB( iud parfcoun piMjJig* ilirctU ivynlcr^ 
Jete can I ncitlicr solfc nc »>-ngc ■ nt Mynlca lyucs rcdc. 
But I caa fynd« in a lelde * or tn n four1o»ge an hare, 424 
Betwr ihan tn ^Ar^ p^V ■ or in Mift rtwu/j 
Construe 0011 clauAC vcJ ' an^ kcnne il to my paiOLliicnes- 
1 can hotdc loucdaycs ' And here a rruea rckcnjogc, 
Ac m conoun nt in ilic dt^orcialci - 1 can notijtc rede a lync. 

Jif 1 bigge :md br>ru« it < but yX \i be yxatlkd, 419 

T fotji'lr it q» }crne - and jif men mc il nxc 
Slae filbcn or ncucnc ' I forniikc it with othcs. 
And thus tcnc 1 treve men * len hundrelh t>'men. 4^1 

And my sertiauiUK some Ijme ' Iwr wloiye ia Hhynde, 
Eruthp H icj littr ttiL' ickeuyrige ' *v1mu wc sbul reUe aoorapte&i 
So with ^vikkcj «illc aiid wratbilic • my workmen 1 piycn 

^f any mnii doth mc u bcnfaii * cr hdjjL^Lh m« at ncde, 43^ 
I am vntyndp ajein his ciirtdaj'c" and can i^ou^ie vndcrstondc It; 
Foi I hajJr arfd hauv ImJdi? ' some dele Itfliikoi* tnanprcs 
1 nam noii^ic lured with loue bu; iJicre li^gc aujic vndcr the 
The kyndcQoste that myne eu«ne-criGtene ' kidd« mc finnyew, 
Sixty tythes 1, Slc^Ltthc - haue fotj^te il sllb, 441 

B^ 4^, IW WCQ; !-««- 44O. feniy«R WCR; feni^jtrO; fftrnnvL. 

O- PASSUS Vm. i8m3- 


Jch am ocupted eche day • tialy day and other. 

With ^c1 Uk9 ui« lul^ - uid oiher-whylc in churches; 

Godc« pync flod hnt ftii^oit * is purr uldtr in m;* itiouhtp. i«» 

Ich vbiLcd ncucrc fcblc mun ' rje Tcicrid niaa in piiioiic; 
Ich hoddc kucTc tiuyrc of harlotrj'c ' oihct of a Icijnf; to 

Uah^n of, 
Other bckc mm, iinti lyknr hem ' in vnlvkyngp mancne. 
Than i] ibftl cucrc M^c made ' MAihcu. lohan, other Liicas. 34 
Vij^Iics and fttfltynffdaycft * ich ctin for-^i^k hem Alb, 
Ic^ lig]^ a bcddc m Lente ' my Icmman in oiyn ormcc, 
Tyl raaiyct and metse be don ' then haue ich a mcmortt^ attc 

kb am tiouht thiyucn Mom tymc ' bole EtykncHC Idl make, if) 
Nccbt tv'm in un )?r ■ jut tel ich naubt the bnluendek. 

Ich haue be ppc« an^ person ' pawyng iherty winters, 
jitt can ich nodw-T solTtt nc sjilge " up ii wrnws lyf rctlc. 
Ac Icb CA13 ^iidc in a fcldc ' and in a forUng on bofc, jj 

And holdtfn a knj'^ir-? court ' arid a-ccuniv with tlm n?yue; 
Ac kh cui nouhl coniuye Cj^ioud ' ne cki^vit lithe nedcR. 

Vf fch byggc and fioruc oulit Tiolr Ml be- y-t^iyled, 
Tcb ibr-jclc hit a> ^cmc ' and jf cny man Uil a^i^kcth. j,t 

Sb(C sithc other tJ^icnc ' ich forsake hit with oihcs; 
I'hns bauc kb IcikkI tiv^^o mon ' i^^ti hondned tymes. 

And som l)-nic my a^mannB ■ hero wlarye \t, \\f\\yT\^t-, 
Rcutlic p Lo huyit ihc rckciiyi^g ' vlicuuc ve shuUctb ledc a- 
countc3« 40 

Thai with so vicUcd wT ■ my workmen i<h paye. 

[f ery man doih mc a hyn-fri ■ other he)p«h mc at ncdc. 
Idi am vnkjikde A}cyns coortcsyc ' Ich can nac viutc-rstondc bli. 
Por ich hauG and biuc hud ' vomdel hftukca niAiJbrcs, 44 

Ich an not lured vnxh louc ^ bote oaht tygicc vnJcr thombe- 

Tbe kyKlcrctec thai myn cmctiaicnc * kydtk nac fern ^crc. 
Sr(t>- nJic ich Bkutbe * haue for yxit hu sillh«. 

fdr-lBie P (findin \. afi). '4. IcniEium MICK : kmcn P. 34- utomi MI : 
anoftffl^, ^, Pffin^ u/hlL ^4. EeJ)«d Mli:^: tanaiP. 3St- uiciyv ]'. 
4J^ acdvIMFSE; nude V 4J. mdcrUomulc P. 

170 A. PASSUS V, taa-130. B, PASSUS V. 44*-^^*- 

Skutbc for Bcrwe ■ fcl tloun i-taou*tne, 
Til VigHah the vdl - fciic uiUcT u< hu «i}«rzK 
And Gatte on )iu ficc - and fiste on Itim cnjcdc. im 

rfVnd wide, *ww the fcr vonbopc ■ ihax »<*l ihc bl traj*, 
" fch^EQ «ori for nii- minw«'' ' sci lo thl-M-lurit, 
And b«t ibi-fi^ir on ih^ brrste ' JtrnJ bkltlc god of ^acc 
For nia iiio suit her so grct ' bis mcrci na wcl more.' t>1 

Thccnc Ml SIcLithc \'p ' and likcdc fore, 
And nude a-^'ou to-fore god * for hit fouEc slcaibe; 

In Epccbe and in sparyngc cf iqirchr ■ )-»pilTc itiiuij ft Ijme 
BoLhc dcArbc ^tjJ f^scbe ^ md man} oilict viuUI»; 
Bothc bred smd olc ' batter, mclkc. uid cbcM 44i 

Forsleuihcd in mj" seniyse ■ til it myjtc svnie nomjm, 

1 ran aljoute m jonihc ■ nntt jaf me doujI* to leme. 
And ciictc sJlh haiii? lie bcfc'^fcic ■ for xuy fouk blcuthc; 
Hm muht, ^uod skrikm rifam ifvxi mmmltm' 44ft 

'Rtpenk«ow ihe nau^te?" cjuod l<*pcnianc* ' and ri^t* wiih 
tbal he iwowned. 
Til Kf^iiCf llic vcille ■ Telle water a1 lib i^j^n, 
And Hatle il on hi> Cicc ' and &3le on tiym cnede^ 
And aeide, 'ware ihc from wanhope ' wolde the bitra)ne. ^\ 
" I im iori for my tynnei" ' tey go to ihi »«Ine, 
And btie tlli-!l4;]u1^ on ilie brwie - and bidde hrm of grace: 
For is no gull hcic si> gi*^Ir ' thai bis g<]CK!ne5se nx* more/ 

Thunnc Mt Sicullic vp ^ and scyncd h)'m swithc 45^ 

And tnoiJe Avowe Lo^loro f^ ' lor hiv loule sleuthe, 
Shal no Sandflye bo ilii* aeuene jere * but *ykcne»4c it lettc. 
That ! nc shal do me er day ■ to the dtrre cherche. 
And bcrcn maimer 4ud m&»ac * as I a mouVc svcre. 4^ 

Shal none ale afler tnetc ' hold« mo thennf^a, 

I haue cucnson geji erde^ ' I bchote fi :h' _ 

And jeW wil I ^elde njwn Mf I so moclK" ri.ui<.-, 
Al thai 1 wj'ktcdly wan * Biihen 1 wyUc haddc. 4^4 

Ard though my lifiodc lahkc ■ Ictt^n I nclJc, 
Thai echc man n« shaJ haue hts * sir I ticnnot vtodt: 

A.. *ji. l«TUi V#«, j^a. dAfv{^J««ni)Vi ^ewT, B. +4:, 
FSi ttjnP; DiyE, 50. «dica F. ji, »a t/w^ uwl) P. Ji. For- 


A. PASSUS V- a3i-J39- C, PASStrS vm. 4J^69, 171 

* ScImI no SoncDci^y bo iliia acucn |cr - (boEc ackncax htt make), 
Thftt I no actiol do me 4r day * to Eh« deor« cUurctie. 951 
And b^rr mattm And mASse * as I a monk u-<>re. 

Sclial Don alt after meic * liulili; lii« llii'niicti, 
TJ kfaaue cucnsong herd ■ ! bco-hoic to ihc rode. 
Add ia [ chullc ^ddcn a^oyn - ^iT t iO muche hau«. sj6 

Al tliat I wikkciirich^ won ' sethihc I nfc hA(4«. 

And diAuh mj lyfTcKlc Ulihc ' Iccicn I nullc 
That vchc mon schal bftbben bia * cr ich hcnnc wendc : 

In speche and in sparyng of spedie ' }'!ipJt many tym«fi 4! 
hothe fltfih ind *k* fish; • and vltail* ich k*pw so longe. 
Til edw l)-r hit ]oLlK-(tt? ' to lokye Llit-i-on. udicr smyLle hit; 
Bothc bred nad nb ^ boterc, (ndkc. and chcac 
Fortkadicd in my wniicc ■ and stlte boufe a fuyrc. 5' 

And }ede a'bo^^e in my ^oviibe * and jif me to no ihcdom, 
And •i'v.tiit 3 btfgg^'rf haijc y-hf " Toi my foule aJeutbe; 

'Rcpcntc ihcV quath Rcpcnu«ncc ■ and r)^! wiih tbait he 
ftwovctd, tfr 

Ttl VigilaU Uu «[llo ■ vcuc wawr at bus cyen, 
And ^Uo on hus face ' and £a»i oix bjm cricdc. 
And 0cidc» 'war fro wanliopc ' that vol tbc by-uaje. 
" Ich am lory for my a)Tin««" ' scj'e to iby-wlu*, *o 

And bet thy-Mluc on the t>rc«t ' and blddc god of ffrac«: 
For Uicf w 'nn gilrr i4d grrt ■ ihal h»s gt^odiicsse nc y* more,' 

Thannc wi Sjctidu: vp ■ and scyn^lc hyra oTte, 
And mode a-vowc by-for ^od ' for hua Toulc rilcuthc, 54 

'SluJ so Soneday ihiA ceucne fcr be ' bote tr)'ckn?«w luL mak«, 
Thai ich ne ibal do me or duye ■ to ili* dcrc churcht^. 
Aid huyrc nul)i].*i nr<l moKtc ' ax ich a moiikc iffcJC 
Shal no ale ttftcr mete ' holdc mc thcnnca, 69 

TU ich hau« huid euctong * ich by-hou 10 the rode : ' 

e rL 

Al lliBl idi wickFfMelich vAa - fiytlhm icfi wit bar1r1«, 

Aad (huib my Uludc UcLc ' kice Ldi ncll^ 

Tlul «iii iLvi »h]il liiae buA ' cr idi htuuct «tnde^] 


b— am 1 i it r«lt oooa ■» KM SG i bti noa co rrci «na< PE. ^4. good 

172 A, PASSUS V. a40-«49- B- WSSUS V, 4<7-4«<- 
And vSih i1i« r»tihJe and ibc rroicDaunE ' (H ihe roilc of 

1 Khal scdw sqnt Treiilhe - cr I aco Rome!' 

Ro-bon ihc robbour - en RtdthU he kkcde. 
And for thrr los not wh^r-with * he ^cp(« ful wre. 
But |ll ibe mofol idifewe ' sciclc to bim'seluen : 144 

'Cristi Aftt vpF^^ Coliurie - on the cro» di^cdcftt, 
Tho DumiLs m^ brother - ba Kittle Itif of gr:K«, 
And bcddest mcrci of tbat mon ' for mmftint sike. 
Till willr Vi-orih vppuii imr ' x^ itb lane wcl dcseiuct J40 

To bauc hdk for cucrc ' jlf ihai hope neorc. 

bi ih« rod* 4>r 

And with the rendu« omd the rememnmi 

Chesirc 1 
T shiJ iicVc ucuthc tir^l ' ^ir T k Romcl' 

Robert the robbcrc ' on mixiiit lokede. 
And for tlier «tu noii|te «ber-of * b« wepe swithc sore. 
Ac ^et the s/nrul shrowc ■ «yde to hym-sclue, 
* Cr/at, Uxai oil Caluaijc • vt^pun ihc aosac dcj dc*(» 
Tho DUoQit my hiotbcr • bUoiijtc jov of grftce. 
And hftddoet mercy on UiAI mnn ■ for Hummie nk^ 
So re«e on ihii5 robhere ■ thai r/iM/rr iw baue, 
Nc neuere wcnc 10 wynnc - with craflc that I o»^ 
But for ihi mykcl mercy ' miiigacioun I blscche: 
Nc dampnc me nou^Ec at domciday * for EhAi J did so lUe-' 

What bifrl of this fdoun ■ I ean nou^te faire ichewe, 
Wc! I wntt: hp ^^'cplc fflstc - watrr wi;h boihr h» cj^en. 
And kno^lcchcd hii gult ' to Cry^t ^ctc cflAoncVi 
TLai ftm'Uncia his pykc ' he shulde pol^che newe, 
And Icpe with h}'m ouer londe ' a1 hit lyf'tyme, 
For he had leyne bi iMro ' Lucifereit aunte. 

fWJiich bto tlic bmuiithcji - tbat brjDj^th 4 tnut lo *!ruA? 
h whaurii: k mou moiiiclli aou;!^ fgr hit mpdcJcs ~ air mnkcth no 

Ac peanaacf ihtl ihe picil cnioieneth ' pcrfcumcEti ytid. 
Doth iiojjc dljucb-Joic ' drcL hyin irf a<j ayonc. 4Jj 

I^rrh ur&n Thr Hinu: ^ mn/1 no Ucre baMrlh ■ . . . 
AnJ if he Lb)L« wdIu here ' K b tn hvlc'icf tong^ 







4 10-4! It 

A. g£7. pD^beT; pykeC;pmc V. <e«>«TL'j his ikw V. 

A. PASSUS V. 150-359 O PASSUS VIH. 70-76. 173 

So revc en mc, Robert ■ lh« no red hauc. 

Ne iittiero v^cne lo w^nne ' for cr^il't that 1 knowe. 

Bote for ihl n^uchcl mprcl ' mIcl^[icion I be-sfch«; a^i 

Dampac mc ool on <foDic£ tiay ^ Tor 1 <]uUc %o ilk/ 

Ak ivhiU fcl of ihi? fcloun - J con not fcirc scbcwc, 
But wd ich vot he vcpl« iaaW ' wntur vith Iilh ci)«a, 
And knouhkchccle hi« gull * 10 CtIki jit eft'Sonei^ j^ 

ThiLt PmlitHTa is pike ' be M:hu]dc poiuitclie twwc, 
And lepe with him oucrlond ' al hi» lyf-tyme, 
Kor h« luUh E«i}«o tri Ztf/r« ' LuciEers brother. 

[RobcifJ Ihc ryfclcf ' on reJUiie IdUcJci 1i4 

Aiid for Ihin ua« fuf wbcr^wlrli ' Br wrplit tvX inrr; 

Aad |bl tbftt lyaful ibrsw* - »«idc lo b«ii*ji«v 

•Cri»t, thai on Cftluirjre ■ on the croji doitlat^ 

Tho Diimojt my bivtlicr ' Ui^bduIiec (lie of i^ikc. 310 

AnrJ h^MnX merry on ihof man ' for tufm/nfa vakp, 

So rcwc uii QIC, Ku^eid ' ibnl r«iiMfrr nir baui, 

Nc ncucff went tu wyii/ic wJth cioft ilut ^h kiiovic 

Kof thy modipl mercy ' nyTlKiK^ion icb by-Mfcho, 3*4 

thinipnt ra« noubl »t domya tfiiy ■ far th>t ich ilutte «o illc* 

Wh«1 liy-fpl of thit fckin ' icb csa nouhl ^rc ihcv«i 

W^l icb t*oi hp wr^it^ fu^ vfDtirr ivitb hai cycij. 

And in rri^r knfwltobrrie ■ Hut coape lul cil-saoe, 33S 

Tliat pnmicc but i^yk-tXxS - ha w^ado pofudifi rwwe^ 

J'of Im ludds Ivyc bj Zd/fV ' Ludfcn ftunte.] 

Ac vbicbc be tlic braunchcs ■ ihAt bryngcth men lo slcuthe? 

Vs, whoRQC a mu mountciti nat * for hiu roy«lcd(;s ) 

Th« pciiAUncc thai tfic prcst enio^iieili ' pdfourntflh vwAq, j» 

Deyih nort almj-^^drilrt ' und ilni n4l of ijuoe, 

L^ucth *jcn-i the by-le>Tic ' and no lawc kcpclb. 

And hath no lykjiih'* to Iem<j ' u« ot cure lord burc. 

Bote bdulctrio otter t)CT«doin * other elle« of Bom wyrnyng. 7A 

C 7& ofBlSMtG; me P. 



[Fron R FASSUS XUL 4iT-445*] 
[XcJ ht A Ml] 

B. x»L 

VT^u Bi^ ciffpcth ef OtvC ' or ^ clwiacat of >«Ii. 
He i*cuUi visik ^ «rU noa^t bcir ~ bui woidci of 
FnaflDoe ind pitM nun ' 4ad tti« paHkron of Mfnta 
H« hAEcA to b<t« ihm-oT- ud aDc i^i i< icUcth. 


TUjc bcu tlic bciurtdicih belli ww ' Ihal li(>nccll « (UD to 

vaabopt I 
}i lords ud Ud]n«t - u<f lcf«tai of bolichot^ 
Hwl fedilb foln tf|:tt ' flftitrcrtB Mid tTTicot 
And hiQ hkyD£» to T)iiliai hmi ' to do inn tr> idtr^hc: 414 

Au'S fjucth hrfn owtc and ncdc ' «od port mco icTuji^ 

In town; ilflh-JrjIiifr ' I droJc mc M wrc* 

Lfvt Ibn Ihrr nun'r mm ' m niachc «anr* |cnv liryrt^B? 

PatEUfla Aad |iidiJic1<i irii) prcLhuuri* <;f t^ddo MorJn 4^ 
Snarn thfirw hrr ^rmrtmi - tiLCinnpv oniil^ frqjn hfltv; 

To cqiEm mco lharw bcr tftlts ' to i>iuic And b&ilotryc. 

Ar dcrkrt iriAl kiMvni hoLj^riTt ' iholdr kmae loH*!*^ 4jj 

WhAl IHhid Kith of tvcha raffi ' u tb< Eiuter teUcth, 

Hhalilo nonp hirlotc bflne ^odienrc ' iit Tull« ne In dnuftim*. 
Him ivuc men were witocvclh foddet w^rdcsi 

Llrrbn dni{ kniiT^n - wrUnmeih kyngM mlnUtnlfa* 

And fof lout of Ihv lord* ■ lithHb hftn at fisMi 

Mutbc uei'JCh me ihrokclti ^ riJir tneii ichaTdc 

HaLit Ivf^ci b^fotr hm ' the whichp hm goddn nloiUnla, 44O 

Ak ti« wyth himwif ' sfpi laTiati bemfa witrKKi: 

Forth! I Ecde low ridic ' jcwIcs whan K nikvili 

Fcf fo iiolan 301m utiltf ' niche nLiaiMiiiln to hMOS 

'Ric! (»it. far 1 fbt sofc - >fllynj^ At the hcyi taUr, 444 

And a L«nd mxiip lo Icfc tlx i«UaI oure IdeJc hifT^vil 

C 7^ »dEl PMSCFtfAV. S4, Uvtbcli Uwv?. / md Aw^A> Bi 
PISM tfM. gi. hulc»ii:P. 95. wik moi IMSEF^ wpflnsr. 96, 

C. PASSUS V1[I. :7-io5. 
f JW in A.-kxi:\ 


ifi men cnrpen «f Cryst • other of clennesse of «iule. 
He wcxt wTOth, and *o! nat buyre * bote wonlcs of oiuMhc. 

ttmce and pcjure men ' fttid the po-uioa of icyntci. 

hftlcUi lo hu}Tc tbcr-ct ' ani alJc thai iber-of car^>cn. 8e 
Thu» belli lh« br;iiinch««, be w;ir ' itut bryngi-'tb man to wnn- 

hope. ^ 

5c lorJcA and bd)«i ' and Icgalfs of hoi/ churche, f i 

Thai f«dc3 fool sagM ' Ualcrer? and lycnij \^ 

And han lytynpe lo Ijthtn h*m ■ in hope to do ^ow 1airgh«: 

Vt uo&is giii ritftffs, ^ta'd tugthiiis^ li aiern: 
Atid ^cUi tiucbc medv Atid meld ' and pourc men rcfiucn, Bj 
In 50*if« dclh'dcyrgc icia drcdc mc 6ora 
Le^i tho man«re men ■ to moche iorwo jow brynge; 

As gud wole : C&mtitfirHlfS fi f%'fnfrt pari prna pummftir. 
Patriaikcs and proplictca ■ prccbours of ^odcs worJcn £H 

Saticn iborxh here aomion-^ ' manncs solIc fro hcUe; 
R>3t ao tUicrcr^ and IqIcg ' Arcn the fondcs procuratofM, 
Kniyien rn^n thorgh hrrc uirs ' in *ynnc nrd lo harloOte. 
Ocrkua thai knowen lhJ» ■ sholde kcntic lordw. ^» 

Whai Duiid ^cfdc of !tici>c rncn ' ns the jAutcr tcllclt]. 

SlioTde non hafloE luue aiuficni^ ' In halle ne In chADmbr«, 
Thcr thai viae men wcr«; ^ (wiLucsbc of ffodc^ wordci)» 
Notbar a frys proud man ' omon^ brdcs be o-lovrcd 96 

C3«tfrui and knj^irt ■ weloomtlh kj-nj|[e* myn:(ira]c«. 
And foe Umc i»f here lurdr^ ' Uihcn hrm it fr^ilri; 
Mudit mere, me iheiikelh ' richc mrn ;tiih[c 
Haoc bcggcrs by-forc hem ' whiche hcth i:odci m)ik£trA]G«, 100 
At ixt fteitb hym-ielf ' sMvnt lohan bcrcch ^vitnctsae, 

Qin UM spernit^ m/ rrMW tptrnif. 
Tficr-fur kb rede }0w richc icuclcs wbcn }e maken 
For to foJaoc jourc soak* ' 8uchc mKnalralcs to hauc; 
The pouic for a foi sage • BftQiige at thy table, i«| 

With ;i letPil maiir to Icrc the - wh^l ourc lord lutTrede 

lOf, fciL HI; loot*lv; f«UPi wli3. 


B, PASSUS V. 4S$-499- 

[AW ni M.^M.] 


For to ntnK lU vchIc - tnm SmIw Ub cocvr- 

1^ eric ■ U(icc»c hf-lat «vc lofdc - kor Eood !»«• I0 t^cwvl 

AmI, ■» bn dtf^^crast - tbd d« bim pM oeaibcta, 

TkaL U Ut tfM lathed &n» ■ wd loMd be* U bM. ^^i 

TUv MliKih tkt *o(ik - tU bgrm-Mfeie bv-bib 

Is ft t>«9 f*de iKfc; far b« krfod»i« i* - anaa yi ■oiifcl mjisIm. 

JUbtotra ud folM - 1]k«rv k<te f64e wMdc^ 

mtb IwMftltfmt, 1 by df ■orw< * and LnciiMa BlM*-] 

And itunnc bad Rrpenunce miilic ' md ndtfr hem Alle 10 

*FoT 1 shal biscchc for al sjnful ' owre saucoure of gncc 
To asiendc vi of cwre mj^ikdcs ' md do mercy to v» tile. 
Now god,' quod be, 'IhcU of ltd goodr««sc ' goon# the 
worl<ltf make, 4IC* 

And of nau)tc madciit au^ * and roan moate lich< to iljl-wtuc. 
And Biiben sullf«de»i tor to ByriCL« - a aikcnCKc lo v» alte, 
And al for ihe hr-st, u I bilruc ' ^hai twre ihc bokc tcUcth^ 

ffUx tuipuf V mctJitiToim peaafum Adr/ 4"^. 
For thourgh thaL tjnnc dii kiiic - eciiC vl^ to ihU cilbe, 491 
And bicam mnn of a xnaydc ' m^nkyiidc to iaac. 
And maitci^ thi-solf ivith Ihi k»do ' and v% cynful ylichc, 

F.iiu!rrjus homirum tid ^'vny^innn ti sirniti'rudman nastram ; 
Kt itU^i : 'ji4% tfhifiet in mriiaif, tn dto narttt, ti deui in m/ 
And Kth with iht self »onc ' in owrc siiic dcydc^i 
On godcrr^xlfly for minncG «ako - at I'uJ tynae ol ilic dnyc, 495 
Tbcic thi-?iclf nc tbl Knnr ■ no *0Twe in deth ftledcst; 
But in owre sccic wm the »orwc • and iW sone \\ latlde, 

The lOfino for *orwc thcr of ' kt syjle fo< 4 ^me 

Fcr la Muy thy sniiTe ■ friiu Saun tbyn cnemye, 
And ftihde the, willi-oule flAtcr^nji ' of £<todc V^ry^ay the gctte. 
And 1 bl/ndc in^tn frir a bcrdiour ' other a bcdrcdcn womman 
To cry« n Lirgc»c bj^-fcrc oufc lorde ■ ^ure goods Joo« to 
*h«we. 109 

Tbu9c tlirc matiFtc mynntralcN ' ULukcn a man to lauhe; 
In hus tkib-dcjTig* ' Ihei don hym gret comfort, 
ThM by hu3 lynt Hthcth hem * and )ou«tl] h«in to huyrc. m 
Thuttft ioIiLftth [he loult? ■ til bjm-wlf bo-falle 
In a wd gi«jil hope, fo: lie wio^btr ho • a-inoii;^ worthy itcyiiieji; 
TIkt AiLcrcn ADd fclrs ' vitb here foul? «oidc» 
1-cdcn llfO liiai lichen hem ' 10 Lucifcrtra foste, fi4 

With tar/ite^i&, a lay of sorwc * and I.ucircrs Aibele, 
To prri)ctucl pcvnc ■ otlici purgaioryc as wyVke; 
Foi he lithctb and loucth ' that ^odca Uwe dcspicetli; 

Tbo VfiLM Rcpcnt:iuncc Jcdy • nn<:l raddc hem allc to knd«, 
'Ich )iha] bj^'RTchp for allc synfuHc ■ ourc sanyoiir of grarc, [>i 
To A-mcndcn 0U9I of cure tiiysilc:d» ' do mercy lo ous alle. 
God. of ihy poodncusc ■ thow gonnc the worldc make, 
And of nauht inadc»t Duht ' and man lyke thi-w^uc, 114 

Sitlbe wiffrrdcM hym rio nj'nne ■ a sykrirs^e 10 on* ille, 
And Jbr ome bn&t. as kh hy-Icyuc ' wlut-cuete the book telle; 

Irot Ihorw U^at »jTine thy tone - t*iil wAa lyl erlhe. 
And b}'Cain man of a mayde < mankynd^ to a-mende. us 

Aud tiGLde»t thi-acluc wiiU ihy aune •■ ouie :»oiiIe and body lycUc; 
S^o in pctie. ti paier ra mi $it; f' tf*« *«'''' "-i'. fiiUrem 
memm uidtL 
And sitih^ in ourc «cie • at hit (wmed, ihow dvydcsi. 
On a Frjdayn In formp of mstn ' felcdeM ouic aonvc; 

The Mfme for aorwe iherof ' I«e5 lygbt for a lymo, 1^1 

0.107. fthlcEF; GWyk P- ficmiiF; fntcPrAt; 1<iicS. ti>. /^o/ 
lliheXtf/ KrFKiU laDr> 1'EJilS: Emcil T ; 1?rurth F; (/. 1, u^. 11;. 

Aider. 114, >e [/d*- (1) J': wet Oa, i?;. V\L^m.}^t- lift ft IMF: 
P>C ttt, I »j), )v t/iw jnj P- F wo- tf« bddrt patrt. 13*. wdw P; 

t » 


178 A. PASSUS V. 260, a6i, B. PASSUS V, 500-519, 

A thousent of men tho ■ ihrongen to-gcders, itio 

Weopyng and weylyng ■ for heore wikkede dcdes, 

Aboute mydday whan most Ujte is ' and mele lymt of seintes; 

Feddest with thi fresche blode ' owre forfadres in derkncssCi 501 

Populus qui ambulahai in teruhris^ vidit lucem nu^num ; 
And thorw the lijte that le^ oute of the " Lucifer was blent, 
And blewe alJe thi blissed ' In-to the bliaae of paradise. 

The thrydde daye after ■ thow jedest in owre sute, 504 

A synful Marie the seighe ■ ai seyntc ^^arie thi dame. 
And al to solace synful ' thow suffredest it so were; 

Nan vaii vocqtc iusios, set ptccatorfS ad peniienciam. 
And al that Marke hath ymade - Mathew, lohan, and Lu^") 
Of thyne doujtiest dedes ■ were don in owre annes; 50S 

Verbum care /adum esi^ ei habitauif in nobis. 
And bi so moche, me semeih ■ the siberere we mowe 
Bydde and biseche ■ if it be thi wille, 
That an owre fader and owre brother ■ be metciable to va, 

And haue renlhc on Ihise ribaudes ■ that repctite hero here sore, 
That euere thei wratthed the in this worlde ■ in worde, Ihoujtcs 
or dedes.' 51 \ 

Thanne hent Hope an home ' of drm-^ iu connersus viuificabii 
And blew it with ^\rA' guaram • remisse sunl iniquitaits^ 
That alLe seyntea in hcuene ' songen at ones^ 516 

Homines fi iumenta saluabis, quimadmodum multiplicasii 
misericordiam iuam^ dtus, tk. 
A thousand of men tho ■ thningen togyderea; 
Criede vpward to Cryst ■ and to hia clene moder 
To haue grace to go wiih hem ' Treuthe to seke. 

B. 514. ruj R{ L om. 

A. PASsirs V. afij, 163^ c. PASSus ^^!L 133-1B1. n» 

Cn;tnf;c vjjijirAnl to Critt ' And lo his dtoc motScr 

To h3Mi« £»<« tc *ech« teiru Trcnuh* * god kue ll)«i »o ino(«! 

A'buRtr Qildtby Mlunne mval ly^hl y^ ■ znd mttltyme of 

F«ddeet tho wiih ihi &«ssbe blod • oure for-fadrM in JicUc» 

P^4tim$ fta aathuJ^il^J in /-/JU^nV. /atmn naj^m i^hAA 
The Iji^Ki th&i lemcd o<it of ch; - t.ncife-r hU bfonie. 
Aju3 bfouglitc \hyac UcaKde fro thcnno ' in-Co the Uyxse of 

Tb« ihriddc di/ ther-afwr ' ihow ^Ic6t in oitn scct«- 
A STfefitl "Mnryc ihr sefh * er scynt Marii? ihy mod^r. 
And al 10 aolncc synful ^ thovf ^ofitcdrM hit Mr> wrrr ; 

And al tkai Marc haib j-inad ' Mciihcu, Jobun, and Lucu, 140 
Of thyp* do<aht]r«e ded« ' was don in oure %ifcie; 

And by K mochc hit tiemclh ' the ^ykcrlokcr wc mowe 
Bjdilc vidl by-wche Iba ' yi h\i ha Uiy vil, 
Thii Art r«f«t ouie ftdcr ' and of fT»>fh cure brother, 144 

Antj sLtihcu OUTC auucour ' ^llcl ac«lt-bl witli rlkjr longc 
Thftl vlut trine wc sjilfu] men ^ voldrn be for)r 
For d<dc« that wc han don ille ' dampncd shaldo wc be neiMfc, 
Yff we knewdcchld and crpic ■ Crim ihrr-of mrrcy; T4H 

OttufdWjim^ur m^muifii ftttctifcr, fimn/j imquiSaiet tins 
man rtew^ier amfi/uu^ 
And For that mochcl meicy ' luid Marie loue thy roodar^ 
Htue rtnilvt of ollc ihuie rybauJe* ' [hit rvpt-nien hem wre, 
Tbu eoeie llici guhe vqi^im Hk, ^iiJ ' in goal ulber in dedc' 
Thence henlc Hope an txorn ' of Jai4, Ht tomitriuj uaiifita^'i 

Afid blew hit vriih bfiiU quorum ■ rtmuit xtmt tmfuita/fSt rt ftttrOt 
Thai allf leyntrs vitli ^^yrftil men ' ^ongcn wEih T>Aiild> 

//§mvt ti tutH<H^ salitii^iSt ihfiiin<, ^ft^rtn^tm^dttm multi^i^ 
*wi/ mutnctm^am Juan, rfttu I 
A tbouscnd of lAcn iho ' throngcn to-^dere«, 
Cfyjrtg vpwnni to Crist * and to bu« dene moJcr, 156 

To hinc gniicc to go lo Treuthe ' ^od Icyuc lUsx thci raodel 

C. 131. V *m, moA. 

i4t,tnlMSFC: oi J'E^ HtV 137- i«4-«t 

K > 


PASSUS Vl. 1-10. B, PASSUS V. S>«-«4^ 


NOW Hden ibJB folk * and vmlkpti on tolt 
To xcht tJi^L tciiil ' in ulcTjutbc btidii. 
Bo<c llicr were fcwc men 90 T»r* " *^ couthc the wci thidtf. 
Boiij bustclynfc forth as he$ici * ooer vakfc« and huHcf, 4 

For while ihci wcnic here owcn wille ' ihd weitie alle amjj. 
Til hk vr^ifi LiEr and kmgt; ' ihai ibcj a koit mcUi^n, 
AppatajTcd as a palmere ' in pilgrtmn ircdcs. 
lie bar a bordun rbounde ' with a LTod ly^it, ft 

In a wetlv'bcm^^ wv'M * i-whihcc abouLc, 
A ba^ge and a bolle ■ h« bar hi hJa ajrde; 

Ac ihcfe wa* *>"J''^ ^f*"^ s*^ ^y " 'be ^^ thitler couihc, 
Bui btu^tJcUcQ foilh a^ bt^ts ' c\xi ti^^iikcs arjd hillesv 
Til blc waa and Icn^ ' thai thci a Icdc mclLe, 
ADfiratiltrd a& a |aj^nm ^ in pyigryint^ij »>-»«. 
bar* a burdoun ybounde * wiih a brode Uite, 
1 wilbfTAjndrif wine ' ywounik^n aliourc. 
A bollc and a bapgc ■ he bare by Lis sj'dc; 
An htindrcth of ampullr^s < on his hail scicn, 
S^gneft of Synay ' and ^hcllcs of Galice; 
And many a t^tuchc on his doJcc? ' and \pycA of Rome, 
And ihc vcrnkic bifore " fcr men ghuldc hno'wc. 
And «c bi hin xf^ncs ■ vhoni he ticuyic haddc< 

Thtv folke fjayncd hym Jtrstc - fro whcnnca he com«? 
*Fnm Synay/ he tcyde ■ *nnd Frnm ov/tp lordes <ppi:lCTe; 
In Bclhleem and in D<Lbik>yLic - t h^uc ben rii bothe, 
In Ermonye, in AliKuindrc ' in inany other places 
Je may m bi my signea ■ ihfftl aUttn on myn hatle, 
That 1 haui» w^^lkL-tl fu! vytl*; ' in wele and In drye, 
And soujtc godc aeyntes ' for Tny loulcs hclih/ 

'Kncrwcsiow on^e a concint ■ ihai men callc Treuthc? 






CoudeMow au^tc wimch -n \ht yveye - where thnt wy dwcllcth?'|4o 

A^ t, », S* 'J't^M Uittt mrt im H «h/j. . i,^HRt V *m. 


4, PASSUS n. ii-»*. C, PASSUS VIII- 158-178. It^l 

An hunlmf c^f atnpollcrs ' on his hnt K(?rlcn, 

Sij£nc9 or Synny . and >chdlcA of Ca]yt; 11 

Mon^ ao« on his ciohe ' and IwijcH of Ron>«, 

And :hf vernicTf N-fore ■ for men srhiilde him knoM-e, 

And Ko be hu ligncs ' wlium he Mjulit l>cdik. 

Th^ folk frajn^de hint h\ie ' Oom ^Iwniic that be ccotDc? 
'From Sjnay/ he scidt, • 'and from the iirpulcrtj 
Prom RcifJccm and BnUloyne ■ I \\mk hc-ii In boihe. 
In Ynde and in Assyc ^ and in nmay ctitcr pUces. 
Jc mousvc SCO b« my tigncs ' diat siiicth en myn hat, i^ 

Thill I hnuc walltcd Fu3 vycfc ■ in weetc and in druye. 
And smihi gtKMlt >fjTnr^ ' fi)r my Hiulr hclc," 

■KJlt>wc^^ thou ouhl a cc^rscyni ■ men t;illclh scynt Trcinhir? 
ConA thou wisooi vs ibc wcj ' whcx that he divcllclhf' 14 

Ac thtr W4S «'e|e non so vi/yt ' thai the way ihld^i couth«, 

TViw Wohtrpdt" forih as be*tes ■ oner haclies and hullei, 

T1I loCc vta« and louj^c ' tlml tlici a Icdc lucUc. ifo 

A-faniild as a puynym ' b pylgTymc* wise* 

He bar a borkfon ybdunde ■ with * brod lysio, 

In a wpyih«7Tjric wyse ■ ywiyihe a1 aboute ; 

A L>oI]c Mu\ a hiijf^ ^ he bar by hua aydc, 1I4 

And an hondrcd hanypc1c» ' on hiaa haiic tctcn, 

Signcn of Sy^ • and «hi1la« cf Gfllya, 

And meny crouche on hii» <lokc ■ and kcyca of Rome, 

And iliV fefiijtir bj-fofe ■ for men shdldt konwr, lia 

And sc by bu» aygnea ' wham he totibt haddc. 

Thya foike frayned hym Furtt ' fro whcnn«a he come? 
■Fro Slnay,' h* sayde ■ 'and fro ili* «cpulcr«. 
In Iklhlfrin. in Balailonie ■ cch haitc ybe boihCj ijj 

In Eniunie, in Ali^aundrc - and in Dani:iM:!c, 
)t niftj see by my nynKC* ' tlial aiacn on my capT>ei 
Ich haue ysoulit goodt wyntcs ' for my -iOMlcs hcUhe, 
Anil walked ftil wide ' In \vei« and in diyt.' i;6 

' Knc)W£t Jiow ou|L a cor-scyut,' quaib ich ■ * iJial mtn clepeib 
Cduthcct thow wi^on ous ihc wiy ■ whoddr oui irflutbe wonycibT 

CL 1A9, AndvTFS: AiFE; avI. 

PR i9*L ourT'ifjni P. 

74. r;;. oaii GS{ tuitFi 9£bi ] ; 

182 1» PASSUS VI, 15*35. B- PASSXJS V. sil-5«4- 

■Kaj>, »o |{vil gimle onci' * bdile Uic ^oi&e thcuivc, 
* Sauli I ncucTC pilf&crc ~ ^b pf k nc w4(h tdirippc 
SQcti & Btfifkt &ecbe * bote now in this pbcir-' 

'Peieil' quod 1 plou)-mon ' stkI prnic forth h« Iwl, 
'I Lnowe Itirn a& kujrndrllchc ' as clerk doth hU lK>k«; 
Ocnc concicDcc And wit kendc me to hb place. 
And dtid« cnscurt mc tcclithc ' lo M:rw: him for cucrc. 
BoUm to «owcn an4 to fcltco * whOe 1 ivynk« mihte, 
1 tuDr brn hts fdau^ ■ ihiit fifcrnc wytitei; 
DijLhc i-80«cd tiis «ccd ' and mncJ liis bccftcs, 
And ckc i-kq>t hb com * i-ccri«d hit to hcusc^ 



'Ka^, ^ BW god heTpel' * seide (he ^me ihfliiM, 
'I »pjgh nccerr palmere ' vdlh plVr tkt with scrippe 
Axcn tficr h>-m er ' tH now in ihU plact/ 

'Pclerl* i^nod 1 plowmvi ' and put forth Iu« bed, 544 

* I krmwc li)!!! a* kjfuldy ' a« cicrkc doth hia UAci ; 
Conwiejicc aad Kyadc Witic ' k«Tiixcd me to hb place, 
And dedcjj mc Hurcn hrm wkcrly ■ to seme hym for euere. 
Bothe to sowe md 10 seite ' the while I ftwjcrik* m/ghtt. 54S 
I liflue ben liis falwar ' al ihi* fifty wyn[re; 
Doihe >'^\Kcn Uh aedc ' and sjcd h&» lictic»k, 
WUh-inne itnd iniih-cuicn ■ waytcd his piolyl, 
I dyke and 1 de1u« - I do that Incuihe hotctb ; ^ji 

Scimi^ lynic I unwr ' mii some t^ine 1 ihrc?:ehe, 
In uilourcs croflc nnd» <.iaftc ■ Mhut Ticudie can deuy»e, 
1 wcu« an I wyndc ' and do what Ttcuihe boieth. 
For ihcuyi 1 ncyc it my-self ' I serue hjTn lo p;iye. 5^6 

Icli hniie inyii huirc of h\in wcI ' and oiheiwhilc* morc^ 
He ia ihc pfc!itc*l payct ■ that pnTc men kiiowcth; 
He nc wiik-halt non hevc hi» hyre ' thit he ne hath it at euen. 
He i» a« low aa a lombc ' and JoucUche of tpeche, }6« 

And ^If je wilneih 10 wile ■ where that he dwelleUi^ 
I blial wisae jow willerTy ■ tl^e wcj'c 10 h\% pl-4ce,* 

' 3^. Icue I^eres.' quod thii pilgryiueb ' and profcrcd hym huirc 
For to wende with hem - to TrevlhcB dvellyng-pbcc. j4t 

A- ^; kadeTU; UblEvVH. 

B. SO ^fly WCO; roortxt-R. 


A. PAS5US VI, 36-46- a PA?5SUS Vin. i79-i«. 181 

I-U>kct a:id i-di>lutu ■ i-flon wliat lie: Ixiliie, jft 

Wuh-inncn md ^vitbouicn * i-wiykd hia profvt; 
Ther Titt no Lal>or«r in this kod ' thai ho louctli mere, 
F« ihfliib 1 tlggf hli my-ficlf ■ T wrac hini 10 paye. 
T banc m_vn hiirc of liim wrl ' antt otberuhllc mort; 40 

He fa the pKblfstc pAvcrc ' thai pore men liabbcth; 
Ho with'-hall i^on hync hia huirc - tliat he hit iiAih at cuon, 
He U ftj louh aA a Jomb ' ioufikh oJ speclic. 
Ami jif jff wollfnh t-wtii^ ■ whrr (hat hf tJw«lle(h, 44 

I wol wiasen ow ihc ^ty ' hom Co bifi place.' 
'Ye, Jcue P<rs/ quod this palmert ' and pro&edcn him huirc. 

'K«y. to god me helpe' • sej-de the gome thcrine, 
'Tell seyh in^uerr palmere willi pyk ne wit}! Hcrippe t<o 

Ahkca aflcx hym, cr now in l(ijh like place/ 

nir ritvrp roHp^Kitr pfti^us flouokwav- 

* Peter t' qiuch a ploughman - md puctc forth hu% hc(^, 
'Icb kpowe hym oi kyndcliche ' as clcilua don hurc bokefl. 
Conscience anJ Kyndcwii ■ kendc me to hut place* 1B4 

And mtked mt \ykcren Jiyni »ilth^^n ■ la ienicn hm Tor eiiere, 
Bo;hc lo 9WC ind to sciLcn ' tbc whylc icb svynkc myshic, 
Wiih-yfine uid M'lCh-ouic ' lo waytcn hu» proTyu 
Idi haue ybcrt his folwer ' aI thcA fbtirty ^ynter, i6> 

And tenied Trcuihe notfalyche ' fomdcl to p*yc; 
In allp kynnp craflrai ■ ihat hr rnnchc driiy^e 
Profii4hlc 10 the plouh ■ Ijc puitc oc lo Icmc; iVasi-s' 

And Ihauh ich «cyc hit my-9clf ■ ich scrucdc Uyra to pAvc- 191 
Ich hau« EVLyn hyrc of hym wcl ' und other whyle niore; 
He y> Ih* ctosi presi paierc ■ thai any poure man knoxti-th. 
He wiih-hiili noft hewe ' bu^ hyfc oucrc eucn; 
He >Ti loub sfi a lombe ' and leel of hus ccmjcc. 196 

And ho so wilneth to wjlc - wha thai Trcuihe wonyeth. 
Ich vol wipsen ^ow wcl ' ryght to bus plocc-' 

'je, leue Peer*,' qiiaih iho pylgijmcs ■ and profiedc Pecis 

nr- vfkyto R; I-.- O. 180. ihrippeP. 

1^. PE/«i^ the. 

fR4 A, 


iSSrS V. 5«5-5«3- 

' Nai, bi ihc peril of my souTc/ quoJ Ten ' «nd Hgoa to swcre> 
'1 ncjd* tbng< a fprlliiEig • for wyai Thcwmaa schnocl «0 

Trcu^ u'old* !oue mt ihe lasi* • 9i grci u-hik aflerl 

Bol«r |c ll^ai wrtidrth Lo him ' ihls ib tlw wci ihliJcr: 
Jc inotf ti? iliorw Mckciic&se ' boibc mon u^d w}i. 
Til )C come iQ-to Concicncc * ihM Grid knowe the Mihe ji 
Tbaf ^e toueth him leucre * tbcn iho lyf in oiirc hcrus, 
And ihenn^ oure rtihebnrs next ' in imnr wyse apoirc! 
OlbervrtyA tlicn lliou voidest ' men wrou^ien lo thi-»ducn. 

' Nay» bi my BOuks helth/ qu(?d Pierea * and g^ fcno «wer«, 
"I noltl* fangi; a fenhynge ' for seyni TliOTnas shryne t 
Tftiithc wolde loue mc ibe lai^c - d longc lyme ihcrcaflcrl 

Ac if je trilneili lo wendc wcl ' This is thr ie,-eyc thijlcr, ^fid 
Th»l I sHa! say to yew ' and sctic yow in the »oihe. 
jc moic go ihourgh MckcncA?e ' boihc men And wyucs. 
Tyl je come into Conscience * tJiai Cryst wiic the iothe. 
Thai je louen owre lorde god ■ leutiil of nHc ibinget, ^yj 

And ihanne jowie ticighbofcs ncnc ■ in non wise ape/fc 

Olhctvysc than ibow voidest ' he wrou^lc to thi-^iclue. 

And so bowelh forth bi a broke ■ Bclh-buxunn-of.fl>«che, 
Tyl |e (ynden ;i forth ■ Jowre-rttdfcs-tjtniDurcth, C^;"*^ 176 

ffimora puirem ei matteni, rk. 
Wodelh in thai -ivilcr ■ and waachelh jow wel there. 
And je 4hul kpe ihe lijiloker * al jowre iyf-lyme» fi^ 

And so shallow se Swrre-noujle- ■ bin-ir^j-be-ror-nede* ^ 
And-naniflith-an-ydcl" ' ihe-ndme'of-god-almyjli. 

Thaiine shaltow come by 1 croltc ' but coroe lho-« 
That CTofte bar Coteji^noujie- ' mennes'<;itel-ne-her-wyu*s- 
Ne-nont-of-hcr-fleiauntcs- - that.noyen-l>em'myjle ; 


A. 57, />0j» UTD : V miti tkii iiftt. B- £^9. Fffn CO ; LWR miT 
ihtUmt. C. 100^ percil P. tT>. And o]<r-v7« PEj Aw IMFS ^aaT 

And. Ji^ hrxAi M; brook 5F; Iwk F. ii4. honoun«> T, ilj. 


A. PASSUS VL 50-6«. C PASSUS VTIL aoo-«3i. \$5 

So Ixxiwcth forth bt a brok ' nrti-boxum-of-sp€che, s^S 

Foith til tc fyxidc X (ordc • ^ciUT-fxircf-honourelh ; 
Wadeth in tbai whe«t ' unuichech dv «r«l Ihere, 

And yt %fhul Icpe the Uhtlokw ' al oure lyf-iyme. 

Sonc schaiLtm ihcnnc i-seo ■ Swcrc-iiul-bm-Uiou-hau^'Dcoile- 

An<l-noiD<liche-tn-idcl- ' llic-ncmc-of-sod-almihti. 

Thenne uchul |e come bi a croft ■ but cum 3* uoi iher-inn* ; 
The croft hcttp Couej'te-noi- ■ mennes^catel-ne-hedrc-wyue*- 
Ke-UiJii't^f-bt^jiL-'K'iuaunH- • liiit-nm^eii'bcin-mililc ; 6i 

'Nay, by the peril of my scFuIe' ' Peers j^an svreic, 
'Ich noIcW fonge u fenhiug ■ for seynl Thomas ^r^ne 1 
Were it tolil to Trcmhi; ' thai ich loUe me<k, 
He WolJc louyc me tljc lassc ' a loiigc tymc &flcr. 



Ac who «> wol wentfc ' fti^r ss Trcuihc dwcltctli, 1*4 

Thrt yt the hcyc weye thyderwarde * wytcih wcl ibe toihe. 
3e muHl gon tbome Meknesee - 9.\\e men and worameti, 
Tyl je tome tg Conscience ' know<:n of god sclue, 
Tbai jc Ictic hym is lord * IccUichc a-bouct* allc; to9 

That y* to seye sothlichc • ^e (hoMc raltier dcy© 
Tiwin eny dedlicbe s>tine flo ■ for ilrt^ile odiet fof prey*re. 
And thconc jciiic ucglieborca nciL ' »:» none ^Vf^ ntpeyre, 
Oiber-wyK than ^c ivoldc " thei i^rouuhic ^on arte tymes. m 

And *o goth forih ty ihe brok ■ ai ^fvgge u hit wn, 
Ty\ jr fyrdc a fnrrio ' ^oTire"f.idrri;-honwrr*rh ; 
Wattctl^ wcl In thai wGTor ' and wasclirtb ^w wcl Etiere* 
And K sihullc Icpe ibe lyi^htlokei ' at ^oiirc lyf-^mc; >ift 

JJvncfd po/ffm ef matrrrt, li tris Joitg^mt mptr Urram. 

Tliannc <h^t thow s«« Sncry-nAi' - bot-yt-lw-for-nede- 
NamrHchc-iij-ydcU • (h<-l>ame'Or"gnd-aT-myghiy- 
Thaniie sbalt iliow come by a troft - ftc com thou nac thcr- 

The croft haiic Coucj-ie-nal- ■ menne^-catd-no-hcrfswyues- sn 
Nc-non-of-hcrC'Wraans- ' tbat-nuyeti-hcm-myghic ; 

(jW^ Mdr) P. tif. PS #fiv- ibou- 

A. PASSUS VI. &•;--:<> B< PA5SUS V, 58|-«96. 

Lok^ thou hn?k« no boti) tliere * but yi hit b«o thin owre. 

Twti stokkcs lliu stonilcth ■ biii sluuc ihi>u noi il«ir. 
The! bctten, Slc-not, Kc-vicl-oot ' Mrjk forth bi hem botlie : 
Ixf hem on ihi lufi half < lokc hem not «l\ur, AB 

And hold w^t Livn luly-day ■ tiitrt til «FU«ri. 

Tl>rnne bch&liou bUnclien at a brok - Bvr-nO'ffiU'Vitnesw, 
He it frcticl wiih-inurii widi flore/iib - and oihc» wcl monje; 
Lolcc ihou plokkc no ploatc th^ ' for peril of ihi soulc i> 

Tbenne KhaJiou »cr Sei-»oth- ' ^hLt-boo-to-done- 
And'loke-thai'iboH'fi'^^noi- ■ ror-no-nonnef-Ndvng. 

Thcnnc Khakoa come LO a ccurt ' clc-ei as ihc K>nDC» 
The mot b of Mcrci - the ntaacr .1] abogtcn, H 

hokt je bnckc no bowci ihrrc * boi if it be ;owTC ownc. 5*4 

Two slokkM tlicre aioiutcih ■ a< styrrt': )C nou^lc llicrc, 
Thev hatie S[elo-noi])«-, Nc-ftlccnoujT* - sirjk* forth by both*; 
And !oiic hem on thi Irft halfi^ ' ani loti? nnujto tht*rp-af[pr ; 
And holde wcl ihyiic lialidav ■ bciirbc til cucn, hv jSI 

Thanrc shaJiow blenchc at a bcrghc ' Bere-no-falflc-iritnca«, 
He is frilh«d in vith (^orcincft ^ and other f«e8 mtfty ; 
I^kf ihow jilukkt no planum there ■ for peril of thi «>ulc- 

Thannc ahal jc se Scy-soLh- ■ sQ-ii-bc-U>Hlonc- 591 

[n-ni>-mancrc-clJi5-iinu;tc- - for-no-mannca-bidd^rifc. 

Thannc shaltow come to n couric ^ as cicrc 03 the Sonne. 
The mote is of M^rcy ' the nanere abcoite. 
Ami atlc ihi? wA\is ticn of Wirr ' 10 bolden Willc outr ; ^ 
And kctnelcd wi:h Crysiendomc ■ man-kjiidc to muc, 
fcoienicd x^^Ih liilcuc-ao- ■ or-lhow-bccat'nouj'.c-ysaucd. 
And tile the hou^^r^ ben hiEed - baJIcs and cbambres, 
Wirh no lede, bur wJUi T*ouc ' and Lowc-sppche-as-brrthcret;. 600 
The bniggc is of BiJde-wcl' " dic-betie-injy-li»uw-a;)cdc ; 
Eche piler is of Penaonce - of prt^cics to scyntea, 
Of Almc^dedes nr the iioke.i ' thai the gates bang«n on^ 

Grac* futbe the g;iteward ' a gode man for *othe. &>* 

Hys man h^rie AmrnLlr-pw - for many man him Vno*eih; 
TcUclh hym this tokcnc ■ that Trcuthc wile the sotlie ; 



rr«t WCK; iottU CiM. Wit I^ C. )li. lirSM^ kllGj ?EP » Jd. 

owne U.SF; ow ■ PR. 315. Uynl £5F; lEufit P, asfj. fti^ MIG ; 


PASSUS VI. 77-«7. O. PASSUS VJlt a»»-»4S. IS7 

AnH alle ihe WBllr* Iwih of Wii - tE> hotflr \Vil ihrmotr; 
I'hc CAtTLcTi bcih of CristcndAm ' th« kupicCc lo sauc, 
BnitAfd wiih the BUct^eic ' whcr-Lhorw vrc nnotcn bco uqcl 
Alk the hou%r« b*olh i-hul*t ' halk* and chwmbpe*^ 
Wilh no leil, boit^ vitti Loue- ' as-Brtiher^n-oT-o-wonibe' 
The tcuT iher Treuthc is inne - i-set h alxiuc the Miniw, 
He may dci v'itb ihc day-sierrc - what hiin dcore lyketh; 
Dcth dar not do ■ ihing thai be dcfcndeih- 

Grace li«ue ihtf )llle-^^'ard < & good moii tonotiie, 
Hh mon hvUe A-mendr^-tljou ■ for moiiy men him knoweih: 
Tel lam thu lokcnc ' Ibr TrcuUic wot ihc aodic : 



Lok« thou bere nai there ftw«ye ' bote ^f yt tx th^ owne. 

Two siiickes thcr 5toiiden ' ac stynl ihow tiotihi thcft; 
Thei hatle 5tel-net and f^l^r-nat ' sti^k foriU tJ} hrm bothe, 1^4 
And leue hem in thy llll huid ' And lolic nouht th«taftcr. 
And h^d wd ihyn hoJydjiy ' heye tyl eiicr, 

Tiicrme ilial! thou bknche at a betgh ■ Bcr-no-ftd*-wyEnc*fie, 
He yi fritheil yn with flnrrynn* ■ and oilier fees tiicnye, sib 
Loke thow plocke ibcr no pl.iunte - for [«ryl oflby Kruk. 

'J'lumic shall thow »ee Seye-wthc- ' fto-hii-bc-to-done- 
In-no-maiwre-elkit-ncLl- ■ for-no-mftDDcs-prcyere. 

So ihaJt ihow come tr> a court ■ as cleer sa the ^nne, »3> 
The uiot y» t>f Mercy ' in myridrs the manerc, 
Al thewaliynsc y» of Wit ' for Wd nc sholde hit wynnt 
Tbt^me&'Mh of Cry&tendome ' that kynde to ^ue. 
And boKnFed wiih By-leyiie-»o- - oiher>thow-be»t-nat-*aued, jj* 
AUc tin; Ijoum^i t>eJi heWd ' lidlei aiul dumljr^N 
Wkh DO Icde, bole vith Louc - mJ witb Lecl-apecbe, 
Tht l>arTOi 4ftn of BuiumncMc ' as brcllicrcn of 00 wombc. 
The bHgge haiio Bid-vcU - ihe-ltoi-mj'ght-thow.tpc4c ; J40 

Ecbc pyler y^ of Pcnauncr? ' and pir-yt:'r« to kjiitcs. 
Tfce hokea vcn AlmyA-^Jes ' tliut the )&tcs hon);cn on> 

Gr«ce hatic the tpdc-midc • a Kood nuut for Kiihe, 
Him tmn \xiXVt Amendo-)Ow - mcny man hym bnoweih. >^4 
TH hym ihy* Jko tokne ■ 'Treuthe wot the fothr. 

PASSUS VL 9B^. B. PASSUS V. (oj^b^. 

'1 pcffcmwde the penaunce ' that ih* prwi me m-ioi'fttfdt; If 

I vn tori for my sunnes ' and bo uhni I ^irrr 

Whan ] iticnke ihct-on ' Uiau^ 1 wpoic & pope.' 

Diddc A-mcndc-lhou nrtckcn bim ' to hii: m.iyitcT on««r 

To Wynne vp the wlkti-|Bt ' that the wcy jchutt*, ^t 

Tho th%l Adam ftn<1 Hue < cclcn hcon^ bnrw; 

For hi' h^Jh the Vcjt: of the cliket ' Lhao) the kynft iJcpc 

AaJ jif Gf4cc the ^trauntc ' ic gon in in thit ryse. 
Thou schall SCO Trcuthe hlin-self ' Kitten in Ifain herte. 96 

* I pufonmed the penauiice - the pre««t me enioyned. 

And «m ful soH fur my aynneB ' ind so I friial i-wrc, aob 

Whan ! thiiikc thcre-oa ' tlicighc I vcre ^ pope/ 

Bid<J<;th AmcnJc-^ow mekc liiin ■ til hh maiatrc ones, 
To wjL>iie vp lite v^Uot ' that the Aommin theiie, 

Ptr Euam tunciti tiiuaa eUt ti f€r Afartam vtrgtnem i/iruM 
p<Tif/hcfa <sl; 
For h« luth the keye and tha clHtet ■ thou) the kyn^ eJepe. 

And if Gntro gnurte the ' 10 go in i& thiB vlw, 
Thow shdt sf« in ihi-)i«hif - Trouilte slEie io^hine faerte,^ 
In a che>'nG of charyic ' a^ thow a cMlde wcrCi 6i<t 

To lOlTre hym and ficggc nou^ic - njein Chi sires wille. 

Ae beww ih.inne of Wntih-ihe ' Ihm if a wikkcd «hrcwc, 
He huh cnuyp 10 hjia ■ Uiai ia ihine hene tiiieih; 
And pukkedi fonh pmydtf - to pr^yH: Ihi'Seluen. <io 

The boldnenc of ihi bitnfcici ' makct^i the btynJc thajine. 
And thannc worsicw dryucn outc as Jew ■ and ihe doie clOKd, 
Kayed and cllketed • to kepe the u-iifi-outen j 
Ha]>pily an hunJreih • ■ ar thow i?^ entre. Cj^ 

Thus myghi ihow lescn his luuc ■ m late wtl by tbisdite. 

for ^CE1a V, 99, ia— utlethTtl>; lillelh hi thya herte V. i0^lc«p«TD; 
lidJdfiii V. B. 6ri. «tync«*' •va.ynt. 613, itrrtim ; ui R oblf. £ij. 
c1ifc«t L. C»3, dilulfxi ]„ O. P4S. mcki;^ M ^ iHCk PS. t^Q. ^c* 

A- PASSUS T.T g7-i<ss C. PASSUS VTH. a^fi-ifiS, 189 

'Jiicnnc lokc IliAt ihou loue him wcl ^ Atid hi» lave holdc; 
Hole bco »'d i viT of Wmihrhe ■ thai uykki^lc achrcwct 
For he hath etivyc ro inm ■ ihai in thyn lienc uLi«Ui; 
Am! jjuicctli !onh iwuiJc ■ Ui iircUcn tln-sducn. too 

The botJnc^e of ihi bciifcs ' blendcdi Uiiu eijcn. 
An*! so worihcs^ou idhucn cui ■ arnJ ihc dorc i-closcl, 
I-kei^et and i-khketvd ' to L«p« Uj« thcr-oute; 
HLi[>1ic)ie, an liu»dr«d }« * er ihou cl\ enim 104 

Thus roaililou leosea lua loue - to keen ircl bi tlit-sclutn, 

I^h ani icory r<jr my vynnc« ' and to itlul kh cufrcr, 
And parfoume the pcniuncc ' thii ihc pit<ii mc highu/ 

Kydcih (o Amcnde-iow - mel:?th ^ow 10 hui maiKlcr iiwcv. 
To dpcncn and v'ndo ' Uie liyu jaic of hc-Utrnt;, t<4 

7^41 AifjiJi ju>d Hue * n^ni oua ulle ^lutle: 

/V/- J^Aont iantai (t/i cuntrlis tfama tif, ti ptr Mamm 
uirgtrUfit UiTtim pakfatha tti. 
A fill kcl hdy ' vnleek hure of grace; 

Hue haih a kr^r flii<t 4 civics: ' th:iiih ihi* V/ngr Klr|tn, 351 
And maf Icdc jn wh^in hue loucdj ' aa licic luf lykcth. 

And jf Grace jrrnunic iIk ■ to po yn in ihys wise, 

ho* ihah K Ticuihc Bjtie ' in ihjr scJue herto^ 
Aud 4olace It^y sotiJe ' ciruJ taue the fro pyne. i|tt 

Al-'O charge Ouir^ie * a c^likIv l^i mukc 
[n ihifn hole here ' lo hcrbcrghwcn allc trcudie^ 
And fjnde klie manere folkc - fode eo hjrc aaulet, 
Vf loue and leame ■ and owre lave beirewc: stfo 

OftraUiw^* pititHtn in aomint tnio, tZn^itvr em'm mo^a. 

Be war ibcane of Wraiihe ' iliat wickcde shrewe. 
For be htiiit enu)-e lo hyni < ihat in lliyn herie t^ytteth. 
And pokeih forth pnij-de ' to ^t^y^y thi-wlue, 
The Iwltinos^r of thy hjofcl ' niatclh iJie tliennc, 9^4 
So vorit ihow dryueu cui zi deuh ^ uud the dorc closed, 
Vkc}^ uid yclykctcd - lo dose the wah-oule, 
Hapfkhc an bondrcd wynicr ' ar Show eft enirie, 
'I'hiu mjgh: ihcu Irw bus loue ' to kie vt\ by thi'M^be, itia 

PKMS; i*y c*te IFi if4 1. as'' ij"' W KMSFC j bel P. vn leoW \S ; 
^UkGi fu-tykcPj tnlKkelM. i<Lf. dykcEl P. fff.foJ^EM^; 

Ibvic P, #69. iij^t P. >6|. vonE SU ; woitb PEIU. «6i. 

TcifktOtd P. 16B tB O^ thj} rS, 

190 A. PASSUS VI. 106-M5. B. P-\SSUS V. 61^^47, 

Jiaie K^ic hit a^eyt> ti gr^cc ' aqJ li no jift eUc^ 

At ibtf beoUi «iJ«i SLfitrtn * thiLt ieru^n Trtvibe «lHtf^ 
Aiul bcti port^n at po&t^nica ' that to thr pl^c^ longrn. roK 
Tliiit on hfite Aliuln^rice ■ and HurnSKife a-notlicf. 
Chanbc and Cba»litc - bcoLli iwcync Tul dkope DBAidanCf, 
Picicooc and Fete • rawbc pcpU hdpm, 
LirgMtc th< Udi * Mmh in ftiJ inon)x;. m 

Bole how i* »ib to ihm siirfmi ■ mj mf god tidpcl 
Is *oiidcilitliC >fc'cl-comfii ■ And fcirc v^dcrfcrgc. 
And bole |C Un ubbc * to suramc of Uicos seococ, 

And ncDcre liippilich^ ortc cnira * but grtcc tbow hfluc. 

Ac tlwre oren wuont wMwn ' ihat seruen Trcuihe eucre. 
And wrn ponerct of the po&icmcs ■ U^iH to iK- pbtr longcth^ ert 
TIl^ oitt h&x Ahbitti^ncc ' Jtnd Humilitc nn other, 
Cbahie and Chsi^iiic ' bon hia chief maydcncit, 
Pacicnce ftud Pcc« ' tn^hc pocple ihrri hclpeth, 
Largpnesse the lady ' hrn Irl in ful njariyr ; 6jj 

Ilco h^Lh liulpc 2 ihouundc ouic " of the dcuclcx fonfoldC' 
And ^ho b sibbc to thin vcucoc ' to noc ^pA hclpcl 
He is wondcrliche vrelcomc ' aod faire vndtdbng^n. 
And buL-if ^p bt !*»b ' lo sunine trf" iliise wutnc, l^afi 

I[ is ful Irardc hi tuync hcucdj' q(KK.I Per» ' *bt any of jow 

To getcn ingonge %\ any gate there ' but gnce be the aioreu* 

•Now, bi Ct>*K,' quod a cnipun ■ 'I haue no kyiine there 1" 
'Ne 1,' ^uoU an apcvardc ' 'hi ;iugtc th;iL I kiKwe!* 6|0 

'Wile i-odp' quod & waficstre ■ 'visi 1 thia for sotbe, 
Shuldc 1 vicucrc forihcrc a foto ' for no frCTOs prechyDge.' 

'JoK,' quod PicrcB the plounnan ' and pnlilc^d hem alle W 
'Mcicy is a maydene there ^ bath my^ oucr licm allc; 644 
And «he b Eyb to nllr synful * and her sonc Eilso; 
And thorujc the helpe of hem two ■ (hope ihow none oiUer)^ 
Tbow ni)3(c gtfie griuc there ■ Im so ihow go bitytne," 

A, iJfi, go TUD ; come V. S Ki?- ubi R; >* L; w I 6>a. 

O 31^. hit MSU; U It I'E «». C^no U; ^^m M| i:cReS; cyu f. 

Hil 15 ful hud, U myn hcJl ' cny of ovr aXlt iiG 

To jtcic injc^^y^K^ ^ ^^^ V^^ ' ^^^^ j^rncc beo ihc more.' 

'Bi Cnrt/ <iuaih a cctie-pon ■ 'I liauc no kun Iherel" 
■No,' (juiilli uii *prwurd • *tot ouul iliac I knowcT 
'I-wb/ qu4tli A v^crcr - 'wusc t :his for Molhe, no 

Schul-ic ] ticut^fc foithcrc a fwc ' for no frcfc* prcchinge/ 

■Jus/ qtisih Tcm tin* pi<r»uj-tin]ri ■ And prcchftlp liire !o gootfe, 
' Mcrci b a iii:i>ijcn ihcr ' and lidtli miliL ouer lictii ftllc ; 
Hco ii aib to ollc iifnful men ' in biro «onc aIm ; 114 

And thorw ih« b«E|] of h^m itro - (bopo tiiou non cih^r), 
Thou mai^I g*te grace iht-r ' to that [hou go bl-ijrmt/ 

And gcirn hit a-gcyn thorw grace - ac tUorgb no g[ftc eU^. 

Thcr ben Ku<nc susErcs ' thai sefucn Treutbc cuerc, 
And aicn porters at posi«ni«« ■ that lo iJie plact loiigeti ; 
TttM on hattt? Ab^linFTitir ' ariil Htimiliu- Jinodicr^ aji 

OuTitc and Cbua^te ' licfik bun tlicf nu/Jt-ncs, 
Pftcictict and Pcca ' muchr puplc Jjclpcn, 
Largo^]ic<^i« ih^l lady ' lut yn lul m«xiy«; 
Non of htm aU^ ' beige ciajr yr br(<rre. *j& 

For bue jiaierh for itrL^ona - h places and in pcynfri. 
And ho it £^bbc 10 O^uac !?cucik ' ho mc god l^clpel 
He iit wcndiiikh welcome ' and fityra vudirfongc* 
Ho tt not uib :o ihc« wnonc ' sotMy to tcU«, i4o 

Hie b( ful hard, by myn hcucd ' tny of jou alls 
To getcn ingan^ ai cny ifAlc boic grate be ilic Uioic' 

■I*y Cn-ii,' <jHflih n kiii*^ pors ' -kh banc no k)-n :h<rc/ 
AN^^cbj^' guaib an apewarde • -by ouM ibal ich know«r t$^ 
■Wjic goo,* quaih a wafrp*ifc ' 'viw i<:h ihc «nthc, 
Icb wolil? no iortbcc a foi ' for no fifrr» prvcliingc' 

' ^bt' quaih I'ccrs ploubman ' and pokcdc hem ivllc lo goodc; 
■Mercy U a mty^Ie ibtffc ' Hxh myfrbt oucr hem qIIc; 194 

And hue- in tyTib^ co allr ^ynful * ;uid burc »on« boibc. 
And llKir^^r ilic bclp of Ucin i«o - bofc ibc»w non uiber, 
Thow my^bt gcic grace iha - » lliow go by lymr.' 

jffS. A CUIG ^ rs (WL «s& t«u E 

192 A. PASSUS VII. I, 2. B. PASSUS V. ^5^8-VI, 9. 


Passus sepiimut Jt vis^me, vi prw* 

■'T^HIS weore a wikked wei ' bote hose hedde a gyde, 
X Thai mihte folwen us Tch a fote ' forte that wc come 

'By aeynt Poule/ quod a pardonere * 'perauenlure I be 
nou^te knowe there, 64S 

1 wit go fccchc mj box with my brcuettes ' and a bulle with 
bEsshopes lettres I ' 

*By Crjst,' quod a comune womman - 'chi compaDj'e wil I 

Thow shalt sey I am thi sustre * I ne wot where thei Ncome.' 



Faxtus Sexius. 

HIS were a wikked way ■ but who-so hadde a gyde 
That wolde folwen us ecbe a fole ; ' * thus this folke hem 

Quath Perkyn the plouman ■ 'bi seynl Peter of Rome, 
I haue an half-acre to erye ' hi the heighe way; 4 

Hadde I eried this half-acre ■ and sowep it afteii 
1 wolde wende with jow ■ and the way teche/ ^ 

*Thia were a longc lettynge* ■ quod a lady in a skiayre, 
*What sholde we wommen ■ worcbe there-whilea?" S 

B. 3. Qoali L. 6. wolde WO ; wil LR. o: 394. ande i/tr nede) P. 

>96. gr«>licbe M ; griiihlichc I ; grcttiichc PESG, 30I. lyehit {for syfihte) R 

A. PASSUS VII, 3-a. C. PAS5US VUI. 7p?-!X. 6. 19i 

QiuUi ?eikyii lilt; i^lou^mofi ' 'bl ?cter die a^poalc]. 
t bftuc an hjilf ji)<cr to hcric ' bi the hd^c n^cyc; 4 

Wecra h« w<l i-erMd * Ihcmw with ou woldo I vtUhle, 
AnJ wifiseti cu the Tihie weye ■ tfl j* founden Treuthc." 

'Tlui weoi<^ J long Irtlynge ' ' qualh a ladi in a sklcir, 
"Wliai Kbul wc wimmcn ' worchc ihe wWie?' S 

' )«, i'tV6ft /«<j'/ (^Wit^ on ' * flJid now most icb Uiwlere, 191 

To lol^ hnv u\p lykfth hit* ■ nnil lok hus leoe M Pcew. 

Anoibcr a-con ryght ■ in;dc scydc he haddc 

Ti> Tolvp-eu fiJ joteft * *■ Tor-lh/ ms b)'-hoiwtb 

To gan wllh a gocxi wil ' ani ^rtdlhliche hpm dryu**; i^^S 

Foi-lhy ich pr»yo jow, Tccrs ' paiaontcf, yf jc mcicLh 

Treuth«, tdlcifc to hrm * thai ich be cscusod,' 

ThctiDe wai thtr on bejht« Actif ' an hosebouridp he aemed; 

'lirh hsuc >ttTddct1 1 wyf.' qualh he ~ 'wcl wnittiivrcn of miners: 

Were ich KuenjjEhi ho hurc ajghtc ' syoncn hue woMc, ,tci 

And Lour« on me and lyghtlichc chide ■ and uryc ich loue 

Fur-ihy, PeCfb pluuLiuan ' icli pmye the telle hit Treuthe, 
Icb m^y nat come foi a Kyi:e ' so hue dcueth on me; 

Quaih Conicmplacicn, 'by Crt^i - ih^uh ich care nifTre, 
Famyn snd dcfAULe ' folwcn kh wolle Pecra; joft 

Ac ikc wey y» to wyckc^ ' bole ho so haddc x gycle 
That myjflii folwcn ou* cch foi - for dfcdc of mys-lomyngc." 
^k txpitcii fautit ocimoii. 

Imifiit ^utu Nmns* 

TIIO »eydc Tcrken pbuhiruti - 'by seynt Peter of Romei 
Ich haue ati halfierc to owii • by Ibo h>< wave. 
Hsuldf ich cTprl th;il h*If-ac7c " *n*l bow<*r hit afiir, 
Icb ttoldc vcndc ^t'llli ;ow ' and ihe wi;y tedH.-.' 4 

'Tliat were a lonj; lctiynji;c' ' quatli & ladf in a sklcirc. 
'What aholdewe wocntnon ' voichc the vhiica?' 

vpmDi V : tT^ijfua S; ilnct^cG: icei^en V, ^04. i:icucj> MUil^; dyucjt F, 

307- r^Ai- Wki, IX, 4. w&ip. 

i. PA5SUS VIL 9-»©< B- PASSUS VI. ^a^. 

'SuTDTitc scliul ttdutrc lakkcfi ' for *chec!^g of whete, 

And jr UTUn :hil habbctb wultc warthcih hit tube, 

Spyoncth i: spcdily ' ^oicth iM^gbl )out ft-ngm. 

Bote Itf hit bco hdy da^ ' <*' ^^^* ^^7 cvcfk » 

Lokdh forth or linncnc ^ ind bbvrcLh ihef*on fiasl*. 

Th* ntodi and the nakerfe ' njrm j^enw Itou ihd liggm. 

And cvt on hem cKuhcit ri>j ci>lde - lor so wolde tttnilLc; 

For 1 Kchal Icne hem l>-£odc - but fif Ibc bod byit* i6 

As lon^ OS 1 Itiw - for vr JotdM loue of heucne. 

And ^e, loueli tadies < witli ourc lon^ ^'iigres, 

TIal habbrih sclTt, ajid acndd souweih* *hoi3 lycoc U, 

Ches)-ble3 for clmpcle^ufi ^ ind clkurcbcs tc honourc; m 

*Somrac 9hal sowe the eakke/ quod Piers ' *for sh&dyng of 
the ivhete; 
And ^Cf Xmjciy bdvriL ■ with ^irc longc fjiigrps, 
Thjnl ic han alike ^nd Kndal ' lo fowc, whan lymc b* 
Chcdblcs for chapclIc3'nG« ' chcrchcs to hotiourc is 

W)-ue£ and vydwct ' voile and flex spyntieth, 
Makeih cloth, 1 consdllp yow * and kennerh to jowre doujtr«; 
The n^dy znd ihe n^tkcd ' rt^ninicllL hcde hftw hlj liggcUi- 
And cisiclh hem clothe* ' for so ctmiaundrth Tretithc. lO 

For 1 ehal leite hem lyRode ' but ;if the loTide faille, 
Flessbe And bred boihc ' Eo ncbe and to pore, 
As hmge as 1 ]yie - (or ihe Ionics louc of hctirne. 
And alle mancrc of men - that thorw mctc And diyake Ijb- 
beth, »i> 

Helpiih hym lo worche wSullch* ■ that tvynneth jowre fodc/ 

■Bi Crifrt,' quoil a knyjie (ho ' 'be kenneth v* the best; 
Ac on the tcme Irewly ■ Uu^ic wi» I ncuere. 
Ac kenne me/ quod the kny)Lc - 'and, bi Cryiit, 1 vril ftmycl' 14 

'Bi ieyni PonJe/ quod Pertjn ' '^t profre |ow %o faire, 
Thm T flha) svyrike and swete ' and howt for v« boihe. 
And other laboum do for ibi loue ' ;il iny lyf-tytne, 
In coucnaunt thai ihow kepc - hohkirkc and tnj'-oelue >S 

Fro w^tstourei. and &o ^ykkcd men ' Ihac chht worlde etrayeth. 

WCRO ; L *w(. Q «. wetc P. 9. wii F. 10, 10 wvnn PE; MSG <wb. to. 

A. PASSUS Va Ji^i. C. PASSUS IX. ;-n< 105 

Ai^d &Ilc mancr i)f men * that bl irctc liucn, 

Htlpclh him worche unhtliche ■ that winncth ourt fodc-' 

'Hi CriiiL,' qu^h 3 knihl tho ' 'thmi krrmoM vb lIic bd^ic! 
Sauc o lyrac trcwcl/ ' thun Uuhc wu I itcuere I 14 

Bote kcnnc fnc,' quod the kiuhc ' 'and I-chuf connc eric} 
I wol bcipe Lhc« to bborc ' wbil my [>T liuuth.' 

*Bi weint P*ter/ <|ilOil Pera - 'for thou profresnE the $0 low^, 
T *ch«l flwynkcn And s*clcn - antl auwcn Tor utt boLhe, *fl 

And *kc labrc for thi louc ■ al mj* Kf-tymc, 
In couenaunt ihaE liiou k^pe ' holi chiri;lie and my-Bdu<:n 
From wastors anrl wikkcdo men ■ thai woliten v* de^truyen. 

'Ich pnyc pw, for jourc profit' ' qiiath Peers it> the l4d>tv. 

' Thai Eommc fl«ve iho 9$k " for th«dxn|:tf oF Ihe ^-hcte : 8 

And )e wonW)' womnwn ' with ywrt tonge fyngn». 

Thai je on wlki' ami >cndfl ' scwcn, whennc tymt ya, 

Cbaj'bks for ctapclajus ' churctics lo lionouic* 

Wyuc3 and widovc^ - wollc And flajt 3pv<)"^th; ii 

ContcKnc* consajtcth jow • cloih for to miku 

For profit of ihc pmirr* ' aT»<! plesaunce of )Ow-*plti*. 

For kh *h*l Icnc hem lyflinte ' bole >f die lond failc, 

At lonXG ft« Icb )yuc • for oiJrt brdo louc in hcucnc. 16 

And fllU maoerc men < thnt by ibjE moldc huth i^ui^teyned, 

Helpet]) hera to wofchc nyghtly ■ that wynncLh joure fode/ 

'By Cryv),' quaLh a hnyji tho ' 'he kcnncih ouk the XttjMi; 
Ac on the (6!me trew^Ey ' iniuht vnui ich ncuerc; jo 

XcU volde jdi ccutbc,' quith tbc knyjt < 'by Ciyvt and huft 

Icb woldc a*«yc »om lyme • for solas, as hit wtre." 

*SykcHicbc syrc kny^t" - jciJc Pecfs iJicnnc. 
'Ich sbaJ Bwynke arid twetc ' and ma^c fof us bothc, i^ 

And khourc for ihc while ihou lyuett ' al thy lyf-i)Tne, 
Is coucrouni ihil thou kcjw ' hdiy kirke >arl iny-sclLr 
Fro wulours and wyckcde men ' Ihjit ihis norldc Mruc»i 

wCMcl*. El. homuvf. )«L lyae IHSEG i IviM ?. i>> 

WbffhllrP. JO. liywdjr P, 1^ knyi^i P< 94. bis P. 

>}. Ifuot EMS; laaniP. >(>> kiikcl; cfaiijxhc FEMS. 017 EIO ; 

M PUS. j;. Pfo 1M5G i Ffi* Pn tba 1M3K ^ tut P. 

O ft 


PASSUS VIL 31-40. B. PASSUS VI 30-54, 

Atii! ifo lUou huiik Ijaidil)^ ■ 10 tihics and (o foxes 
To bcorcs And lo bockcs ' tliai brckcth cncanc htgfics, 
Aod fecGh« the horn f^iucuns ■ tho foulee to i^uolU ; 
For iliei ccmm in-io my crofi ' an*l cropp*tj icj' whet*/ 

Pul cuffcUikhc the kniht con^ciucil Lhcomr worJes; 
• Be my pouwcr, per* ■ I pliblc the my iroutfac 
To rolfiiU49 th« f^rfrward * vh:]« Ihat I may stoniJcr' 

'But )il o poyn'/ <]Uod Pers ■ ' I pr<ryc the no more; 
I^ke ihou icunc no imaunl ' bote Trtuihc wi)l iSMrn^: 



And go huntc liardi)ichc ' to hircf and to foxes, 
To borcB and to brockes • tliai br*keEh adown rtiyne hegg^fi. 
And go atTaite the Taucones ' wilde foules in kUle; 31 

For fcxiclic tomi'lh to my croft ' and croppcth ray vheic/ 

CurtcisJich tl^jc kny^te thanne ' comscd Ihise worde», 
'By my powef^ Picrcs/ <iuod he ■ "I plijK Uie tey trcuthe 
To fulfillc this Torward ' Ihowj I fijt*- sholde; jb 

Ats tonge ns I lyur ' I ihitl the ntiiyiitciH;.' 

'^, and jit « poynC quod Picrca ' 'I prcye joir of more; 
Loke ^e Icnc no tcnaunt ' but Tr«uthe wU aift«iit. 
And rhowgh )c mowe amtfrcy hetn late M*rcy tw uxour*. 4> 
And Meken^sB^ thi niaj^ter ' nuti^e Mcdes chelies. 
And Uioia^^Ij poce men profic 30W ' prcscnliA and ^llia» 
Nym it ulauv^. a^ auenLure ' )C mowc tE n:iLtj)tc de^cniC} 
For tliow fthall )«lde it ajein ' at one ^eros ende^ 44 

fn a ful perilloiit plare- ' jinrp^amrie ii hatit. 
And mjgbcdc noujic thi boi^de-mcLi ' the bcUer mfty thow 

apcde ; 
Though he be tbyn vnderlynge here * weL may happe in heucru. 
That he worth worthier set\& • and with more hhssp, 4B 

Than cliow, hot ihou do bctLe - and tycie a^ ibow Nliuldc; 

Amue, asctnde sup^tius. 
For in chamel alie chirche * cherlcs ben yuel lo krtowc, 
Or a kni3to fruni a knaue there ' biowe tln'a in thin hf^rte. 
And tliai lliuw Le Lrewe of thi iciige - ajid tiUcs thai ikow 
bslfC, 51 

But if thel b<iJi of wiadottt« or of vitt« ' thi verkmdn to chaA*. 
Holdc VLth none harlotry - ni> here nou^te her ulc8. 

m 49. Frtfm C ; tWRO mit f>hj Urn. 0. iH. bu<IUcc^ P. 11. 

A. PASSUS Vll. 4t-4fi. C. PASSUS IX. a$-^^. 197 

And jif ftoir men pjurictli ou jjicst-iiifs or jirtra, 

TAkct>i hem not, in aucniurc ' jc mou>^«n licm not dcscruen 

For Itkou schalt 3eld«ii hit a-joyn ' 4i one jeerw eud«, 

In a wel perilous jilace ■ cbni piirf^atone htm. 44 

Ati(1 mi»-beodc ihoa not tlij bondi-'-mrn ' the bcrcrr ihcu Khftlt 

And t^ ihi-sclf be irewc of longc * and is\i:» thou ^alo, 
BoiG hit bco visdam or wit ' ihi workmen 10 chmu. 
Hold not ihon vilh hnrioks ' hcrr not hrcirr tain;, 48 

And go home hardiliche ' to haren and to foici, jB 

'Jo Ix^res and to bockev * thcU brckvth ft-doune mcciie heggts; 
And hitc iUy Ti^ncoaeB ' 10 cuilc wylde foulct; 
For tlid conim ro my croft ' my com lo dHuuli*/ 

Corieyslich*? ihe Xiiy^t iJien ■ con^acdc ilicw vxirdc*; ^t 

'By my power. P«ra - ich plyghtc the my trcuthe, 
I'o defends the ui Hutli - fyghte ihauh ich shold*.' 

'And jut on poynt/ qiuth fccn ' 'ich pmye jow ouenuorc; 
X^kc jc tene no icnaunt ■ bote yf 'i'rcutli wolltf aatcnie, j6 

Wherne je amertj-n cry man ' kL Mi^rcy be uxour. 
Anil M«kn»9« thy miisccr * rnaugri? Ttl<^:lc ch«li«-s. 
Thmh pourc ricd profre jou ■ pre»cnic« And ^ftcs, 
Nyi& hit nal. ^n aunttr < tho\v mowe hit n^i defcm^; 4« 

For U>ow (hill juldo, BO may tut ' %nd tonidcl a-b>^ge. 

Myvbctdc Qouht thy twndcmen ' the bet may thou spci^c; 

ThAuh he be here thyn vndcrllng ' In In-uene, pnunter, 

He wtjnii TBihcr icccyucd ' tuid reucrcntloker octte; 44 

AinS^t tst^mit tuptfius. ' 

At diurdw in the ehamel ' ehcorle* ven vuel to kiiov^. 
Other a knyght fm n knaur ' (uher ;t qut^yiiF fro i ijuccnc. 
Ilit by-conocth to a knyghi ' to be curtcya and IkhUci 
Trewe or hys tonge ' takt loth to huyte, ^B 

Bow ihfl be of hounte ' of IxiiJiile^ and of trf'Tnh^. 
Hak) ttat cf hatloin * huyrr nai beri.- ta1e«. 

liwscP- J7. WcnneP. 

2^ pnuntatr. )tfb?tP. 4> liOiiiidtin«i P. 


tO« A. PASSl'S Vir 49-^9 1^ PASSUS VI. 55-77. 

Add fiumdichc aitc mcic ' nicW i&cn »chuiAt:, 

For ilici ben ihc dcnclca <lisoun ' t do die lo vnduTHOndc/ 

'Uh a-Mtiie, be toint IcmT - ccjdc the bniht Ehcnnc, 
'For 10 woTchc M ihl w(?rd * vhWe my 1)f durc-rh.* • 51 

■And T »ch»l n'jinrnlc^ mc,' quoJ rrtkin ■ 'in irilgrinu;* wjwv 
And wcndc *ilh cu ihc rilile wd ' 61 k Tfcuihc fjtidc' 
He CMlc on his clotht* - i-ctouicd ond iholc, 
HU coLcerc« Jind his cofTui; ' for coldc of bin tiaylcft, ^ 

fic hm^ nxi ho\Kt on his tuc - in stiidrr of 1 scrrppc, 
A bBsJichel of brcd-com " he bringeth thcr-iime: 
• For I wol scrtiwca bit myself " iLnd acihthen with cu wende. 

Afid nameliche aiie mete • sucbe men eschu*; 

For it Ixn iLe deuelea di»oures ' I do lite to Tttdcratondic.' 56 

*I uoentc bi seynt lame' ' vcyde the kniilc thhfinc, 
*Fwio worebe bi thi wcfdes ■ llie while my \yt durelb.' 

■And I shal apparaill* me/ qood Pertyn-'in pilgrim« «i»c. 
And weuUe willi jtiw I wil ■ 111 wt fjiiJc Trculbe; te 

AtiU cast OD mc my clothe* ' ydouieJ and hole. 
My cokere^ and my cofles ■ for colde o! my nuUeB, 
AtkI h^nge myn hopei fit myn hats * in Uede of a acrippe; 
A huMhel cf lireclconie ■ bjynge mc ihiT-tone; 64 

For I Tvil sowc ii tiiy-sclf ' aoi aiithciics wil I waiik 
To pylgryoio^c oa palmers don - p&rdoun forto haue. 
Ac v/ho eo holpeth mo lo eric ' or ^wt^n her« v 1 w^nd4^ 
Shal haii/> Iriir. hi fiwrr lorde ' to loM hi^rr in hj^rueit, *H 

And uukc hcta mcry thcic-niyiJc ' mau^rc who-ao bi^rucclieth 

And ilkjTL erafiy men * that Itonnn Ij-acti in ireuthe, 
I thai fyntltti hi^m fndc ■ that frithfulMchc lihbrrh. 
Saue Iikke the iogeloure ' and loEicl of ihc ntucn. -jt 

And Danyel the tlya-playefe ■ nnd Denote the haude^ 
And frere the liytcure ' vid folke ol hib ordie. 

And Robyn tlio rybaudourc ' For bkt n^ werdo. 

TreutliL* to!d« me onen ' and bid me EeLlen it after, ^ 

DtffaitiUT tft fi&ro vittfntaan ' I *bulde noujte dele with h*m ; 

Ej. Lirktl; chanhe PES. >>7< wi( T. 63, pa1mci>EU5: pllfiyma P. 

A. PASSUS VU. <o-M- 0. PASSUS IX. 51-7^, 1» 

For hole helpeth me io htrtn * or eny thing to Awynkcn, «o 
He *chnl h»[3P, tx^o vr li>rtl ' UiP morp hinrr in lirnir^c. 
And moke him muric with li^c corti - hoK hit cdcrc bigfucchctli. 
And olle kunne^ cnflutt men ' tijai cunne Ij^ucn with trculhc^ 
I kIva] fjnd^ htm heore f^e ■ Ihii fdthfuSichc l>Tjcn; 5* 

S:iu<^ tacke ibr iogvlour - unJ Ioii«[« of the wiuyun, 
AaJ Robetl ihc riliaudoai ' for hla ruutiti ^ocdnt. 
IVculIic tuuhie bit mc on« ■ tnd l^d mc tolle hit fbrthcr, 
Dikanivr rff /j^rs ■ I ne shuldtf not dfll* wjth hemj 69 

tfaniHich^ irte mct^ - niche mpn Mchewe; 

Ilil ben the (Icuclt-'b tliaou/^ ' to t]i:i\vc wvax to xytLiit^, 5^ 

Contitplcdc tiAl conscience ' nc holy kiiic lygluc.^' 

*kb aoenEc, by tscynt Gjte' ' leyde the knyght theime, 
'Koc to Trorche by tliy wilt ■ nml my *yf bothr." 

' Jch nhdl aparitilc mc:/ quatli Tcrkyn - ' in pyljcryini^^ vkytc, \% 
And wciulc with allc t)io ' that wolJc lytic in i/euihc-' 
He cgi^ OTi hpn huv clothes ■ ol illc icynne crafie«, 
Hu* fe^TOt and but c^ifTw ■ %\ kyndo \4'iil hym uuhte, 
And hc-ug huK hft|>cr on han bil* ■ in slrdc orasctippr; f^ 
A boii:acl of brtd-ccm ' brouht tiw ihcr^yat^e. 
' For ich u'olle aowc bit my-MlT ' end Bittho wol y-vcnde 
To pylgrimogcSi M pilinen don ' ptrdon to_^'¥nne . 
My plouh-roi jJifll be tny pyk-auf • and piccJie a-cwo the robn/ 
And help my culcci to kcme ' and cbnae ttuf forwet. 
And allc thil hclpcn mc 10 cryc ' other cllcs to \rcdm, 
ShftI houc ictie, by cum b>rde ' to go and gl«ne tHer. 
And mcUte hym murye rher-myd ■ nnau^ ho by-gniocb*. m 
And die kynm? cr4{iy lueii ' dul cuiini; lyuie in trculhe. 
Ich »lkii fyndc betn fodc - th^i fcythrulkcb lybbcn; 
Sftf Uck ttic iogclour - «id loiivtie of Lbc ftt)vc9, 
And Danyd ihe deei-pleyenf ' and Denoia lh« baude, ^i 

And al-ui frvre rfl}ttMir " and Tolk^ of that ordfc, 
That lollcfs aind lowks ■ fof Ivcl men balden. 
And Robyn ihc rybaudour ■ for hua niaty wordc*. 
For Trcutbe tald« o]« oima ' and bi^c mc tcMc bit fortbcru, 76 
DeUaniNt Jf tibrc UiHrru'ium ' icb thnkV nai [Irk? ^lUi bem; 

Ti, (»/^i:btf IMG^ r^^ 71. iltncur. 7J, tUlIMSEG; KP- 7*. 


300 A. PAS5US VII. 69-76, B. PASSUS VT. 78-93- 

Hoti chnrchc is holden of faem ' no tithe to taken ; 

El£um iusfis rum scribanhtr ; 
The! ben a-acaped good thrift ' god hem amende!* 

Dame werche-whon-lynie-is ■ hette Pera wyf, 
Hia douhter helte Do-rihC-so- ■ or-thi-dame-wol-lhe-bete, 71 

Hi3 sone hette SofFre-thi-sonereyns- ' for-to-han-heor-wQle- 
And-deeme-hem-nol-for-jif-thou-do- ■ thou-schalc-hit-deore-abuggc 
' Let god worthe with al ' for so his woord techith ; 
For noil Echam old and hor < and haue of myn owne, 76 

For holicherche is bote of hero ■ no tythe to take. 

Quia cum ms/is turn scfi&aniur ; 
They ben ascaped good aueniure ■ now god hem amende ! ' 

Dame Worche-whan-lyme-is ' Keres wyf hi^te, 80 

His doubter hi^te Do-rijte-so- ' or-thi-dame-shal-the-bete. 
His sone hi^le Suffre-thi-souerejTics- • to-hauen-her-wille- 
Deme-hem-Doujte-for'if-thow-doste- " thow-shalc-it-dere-abogge. 

* Late god yworth with al ■ for so hi3 worde lechelh ; 84 

For now I am olde and hore ■ and haue of myn owen, 

To penaunce and to pilgrimage ' 1 wil passe with thise other. 

For-thi I wil, or 1 wende ■ do wryte my biqueste. 

In dci nomine, amm * I make it my-seluen. 88 

He shal haue my soule ' that best hath ysenied it. 
And fro the fende it defende ' for so 1 bileue, 
Til I come to his acountes ■ as my credo me telleth, 
To haue a relees and a remissioun ' on that rental I leue. 91 
The kirke shal haue my caroigne ■ and kepe my bones; 

A. 71. wwchcTHU; V tf«. 75. FromTiK; V omits Ihij iiru. 

A. PASSUS Vn, 77-84. O. PASSUS IX. 78-100. 201 

To penauncc and to pilf^mnj^c ' 1 vol pof^c nntb Ibis otbure. 
For-chi 1 wolc, ar I wcnde ' wnie my I^uiamenL 

/n y/fl FTomin^, tfffrrt ■ I make hil mi-^elHtn, 
He «chi) hftoc mj aoqIc ' that best hath dnerucE. *« 

And deFcndc hil from the fend ' for so I txO'locuCt 
Til I come 10 myn fli<ounlrt • as my crede mv i*llcth. 
To h% relcs aiid reTnisuon ' oti thai rpniLiI I bv-lecue. 
The chirdic schaj biue nay CAicync ' and k«pc ml bortca; 84 

For ttolr churche hoicth - of hem U> Ei»kc nc tythc, 

Quia turn imfis hcm nrfhanAir/ 
ThH ben asi>ap<*(l giio<1 simcir "* now god h^m nmmdrr 

D^cne Wart-hc-wlicn'tymc-iu ' Pccre w>f hjhtc; (o 

Ilua douhtcT hlhtc Do-r^icht'So- ' othcr-ihy'dammc-ahil-lhc-bcK ; 
Hiu ftonc hihtc Saffrc ' ihj -soucrcy res hauc- here- wit- 
Dcmc-hcm-nouht-rof-yf-tbow-do- ' thow-shalt-dere-abiggc, 
' ConKalTr nil ihc mmiine ' the kyng 10 (Ji.tplcst, fl< 

Nc hem iLiLi han lawca to lolic ' hckc hem not* kli hotc. 
v^L«t g(Ml vcirtlic wiib il ' aa holy writ tech«tJi; 

Sufitr fothf^rum Mcyti Sftftnf, it ctlrra; 
Maittm, AA lb* rtifyre* brn ' and grete men srnalourrik 
ftlial Ibd comaundc ju hy the k)iig ■ coulrcplriJc IiJl ncucre, 
Al liui llwy ]iotcn, kh Lolc - IicyliLhc, Lhow sufTrc hem; $9 
Bx here vunjng and worchyng ' vorch ihovf ibcr-ftftcr; 

Kt ftftpf h^np drtyngf do (liow nat ■ my dcre sonc/ <iiiflih Prrtn. 
'For now ich kcd old and Lot ' and hauc ijf myn ovpcne, yi 
To pcnatmc<s and lo pilgrimafEca ' ich wol pasec with othcre; 
Fo^-lhJ ich u'olJo, er Ich wendc ■ do wryien my by^uysic 

In dii JUMi'Vtf, ^n^ * ich mak« hit my-aelf, 
H^ ahftl hiii« my »oiil« - thnt allr wul^v mad^t 
AikI dcfcrtde hit fio ihc forndc ' and k> in my b^'-kiiie. 
Til iefa come to ha» acountcb ' as my crcdc tcllcth. 
To haiue rcmicdouti and r«l««8 ' on XmX rcniAl ich leoe. 
The klrkc shal han^ my caroyn^ * ind kep« my hones, 


209 X. PASSirs VII. 35*97. B, PASSUS VI. 94-iiB< 

Fur i>r my corn siud oilel ' lico creiwlT] dw titlK. 
I pajedc him prcslly ' for peril of rar wuk. 
He b boMen, icb bo|>e ■ \o havt mt in tnu>iid«, 
Ant] tauiLg« in« in hift tnemont* < amoTig all« Cri<iene. SS 

Mi \yyr schal bauc ihai I V3n ' with [fcuibe, and do more. 
Ami dele a-moiag my frtndcs ■ and my dcor? childnii. 
For thauti 1 dye this da/ ' my d«Lm beoth i-qnic} 
] ba/ bom th^Ll 1 borvyido ' «r I to 6edd« eode, 9a 

And with ihe residui^ ami ihi? n^Tucnanni ■ by the rode of Chl^al^e! 
] wol AOi^Lupe iljcr'uiJi Trcuiljir in my Ijuc. 
And bc& [th piljcfym «ttc plou; ' for pore mcnr^cK sake. 
Mi flouh'|xite schal be nay pyk - and pcftflhcn axw rooto,* ^ 
And heipe my colire to kcnic ' and cIo«e tbe vorwex.* 

For of my coriw and cai*l • b* cnixC ibc lylbe, 

1 juycd ii hym i>rcslly ' fur jieril of my iwute, 

Ftir^by U lu- hpldt^ii, I liu|)e ' tu luur me Ui bi» uuiah^* ^6 

And inen^o in \xa tocmorye ' amonge aUe Cry^^^^- 

My wyf fibal hauc ol Liui 1 wan - ivLtb treuihe. und nomore, 
Ard dele onionge my doujtres • ind my dert chHdreo. 
For thovrghe I drye Lo-di)V ■ my drtle^ at quillr, 109 

I bu^ Uaiat ihal 1 burwcd - ar I kr bcdilc ;cJc. 
And v'lib due residue and the rcmcnaunie ■ bi ihe rode of 

Luke« t 
I wtl wonjchip iher-*iih ■ Treuihe W my !yue, 
And Ijen hh {Jil^ryiue aile {Ai>vi - for pore mcnncs sakcp 104 
My plow-loic alul be my pyk-suf ' *ml picchc ntwo ibc rote^' 
And hdpe my cutter to Leru« ' and etenw the forwcs,' 

Now Ig Ferkyn and bia pilgrymeA ' to th& |3lowe £ir«n; 
To «r[cr ibis balue-acre ' holjiyn hym mftnycp lof 

Dikcreft and dclocre* - digged vp the balkc*; 
Thero-wilh was Pcrkyn apiL>cd * And preywd hem DusEe. 
Oibef workeman ihcrc were ' ib^t vroujEcn ful jcrnc, 
Eclie mstn in hh minrrr ^ made bym-ja^lf to dune, ir> 

Aud 9omc [o picac PerLyn ' piked vp ihc wc\]ci. 

At lici>fhe prynic Peres ' lete the plowe slonde, 
To ouersen hem hj-mself • and who-so best wroujte- 
He flhiildc be hiijTfs! iher^after ' whan herucstiyine come. tt6 

And thymic wlen siimmc - ^nd Mjngcn ocic nole. 
Anil hidpt^n eric ha half -acre ' with ' bovt I trolllToUi I ' 

TpASSUS VII. 9fl-t9g. O. PASSUS IX. roi-i03< 20S 

Nov h Pent anil thi> pilj^mve to if\f pbub i-fai«; 
Ti> bcrcn ihii lulf-icre • hirlp^'ti him ful mwyc 
Dykcnt «:ii1 Uduen itikciJcii v|> ihc baikcft; too 

Tiicr-wiil *4» Pcrkyn a-pi.jcd ■ and prtiacdc hem jcfnc. 
Othur wcrk-mcn tfaer ^^'(^rc^ ' that vrou^lcn ful Tnon)Ti 
Vche mOQ iQ hiK oasmer - m^ him lo licHic; 
And summc, to ple^e P^rkyn ' |iy1<i:drii vp ilic wi^odcs. i^ 

Ai hei? piimc Pakju ■ Iciic the piouj sioudc. 
While that he oucr-ac^c hrm'sclf ' ho ih&t bcal wroiihtt; 
Ho »x;tfUMc hen liU)'rcd thcr-aJ\ur - whoti hcrtJc4t-tym« come, 

Thmnp scffii mmmr ' anrl smngf-n ^[ur ah*, roi 

Ami holjKn him lo Ijciicn ' with "ticy! troUx-lally!' 

For of mj corn and cnlcl ' lie cruucde my tyihe. 

Ich f»ye(l liU prettlicho * for [ictil of my »oulo, 

He i» fioMtngi* ich hrjpc ' lo h^iiir tnc in hUA rniuu;, 

And ujcikicc tut ta Imb mcmoric ' among allc Craitn?* loj 

My wyf ahflltiAUc of thixi ich vm ■ viih ircuthc, And no more, 
And dab Ml ^monfc my douhlrcs ' find rtty dcrc childrcti. 
For ih^ah ich dcy-tc Xhyn day ■ my dern^ ben quyiedr 
Ich b*f lioni ihai ich borvcdi? ' cr ich to bctidtr jcotle. io« 
With the r«yduc and rcmcnAiini ■ by the rode of Luke*. 
Jcb Tvollc wonhiipc Ihcrwiih ' Trcuihe nl my lyf. 
And be a plSgr^-m attc pbuh * for profyi of jiourc and rychc.' 

Now Pcrkyn aiih thr pilptmr* ' ic ihc plotib Is fiuen; iii 
To erycn hu» half-akcr ■ holpen hym tmenyc 
i^ker« And dekcrt ■ digi^len vp the txUkrs; 
ITwr-with wa» Perkyn apLHiyed * and paiMl vel here byre. 
Olfaer wcrkmen iher **fc ■ that uroutuen ful jurnc; ii& 

£cbc nun in bu^ manerc ' made bym-:ieir to dime; 
And &ommc lo plesc J*crkyn ' p)'kc<lfl awe)"c the vcde«. 

AUc hye pryrae Peers ■ let ib* picuh AConde, 
And oupF'Scyh hem hym-*f!lf ■ ho so br*it wmirtue, no, 

llr ^loldc he hyied ihcr-Afkr - ubeu bcfUcM-iymt coiPc. 

Theimc Ktca ^oiiie ' and »o«igcn Alien ale. 
And bolpcn lO «rie this h&IT-acrc ' vitb 'hcyl itoXyl ]ol\y\' 

*CrCla.4<|j pbi99- C io^ba(^a)P. If I. pulgrymP- t>i. «Cal'. 

S04 A. 

f to^i>t, 


'Now, be OiC pnnce of p*radyt' * qiuth ^tn iho tn wntHUw, 
'BoEc )ff i)9on llio nth<r < fkrxj np^ )ov to u<»rcb«, 
Schal no greyn that hw-r growcih ■ gladen ow ai nfO^r, lu 
And thauli je dj'cn for dc-f4U(^ ' ihc iltuel ))a\ic that rccchcT 

ThcnDc wcore the r*ytor« i-fcrd ' uad £eync<l« hem b!jnde. 
And Rimrnc Indcn the \tf(g^ a-Uri * aa fiuchc loscli cuiuie, 
Anrl pUynPdm h*ni in pcrs " wiih michc piounc worrlf*! ti6 
■ We haiir no lyinn t*i khon* uilh ' vr loril wr H: llionket\ 
Bote we ptcyeth for oa, Pert - »nd for cure j>louh bothc, 
That gad for hU ^»cc ■ cure g^cyn muI^iplyc^ 
Ani jt^Me ow for ourc a!mus ' that }« ^iucn vi: h«rel ii« 

Tor we Tuowc nouthur *w)-nkc ne sweic ' tuch wknes v» ciletK.' 


'Now, bi the peri] of mjr soulet' quutj Picrcs ' ol in pure 
'But je arifc ihc rather * And ripe ^o* to worchc, im 

Sli^J tin grejiic that gmvfth ' gJa*1p jow at rirflr ; 
And though ;g deyc for dole - Jic dcucl li^ue tliai rcccl^thl' 
vcrc faicource ftfcrdc ■ &nd ft^ynci^ hem blyndc, 
leyde here Icgj^ei aUri - m Kuchc loficlcs coTLncth, 1J4 
madL- htT mcinc fo Pippes ' nnd prcydo hym of grace: 
'Fcr wc hauc no lymcs to Jabourc widi ' loidL% y'gnitcd be ^1 
Ac vat preyc for pw, Piercs - uttd for jcwrc plow bothc. 
Thai god of his grace ■ ^owrc graync multiplye, iiS 

And ^Hd* jow cf jowre almcsse ' that je yue va here; 
For we iiuiy imujie swynke nc sweiP ■ luchr njkrne^ue vs rylctJi/ 
Mf L[ be !ioth,' quod Picres. 'that )c acynt ' I sbd it M>nc 
awpye 1 
3c btn w;moureB, I vote wcl ■ and Treuthe wolc the soihcS 

And I am hj^ old<? hyne ' and btjie hym 10 wurnif 
l\'hich iIki *erc in this wortdc ■ hJH wetkcmen a^ijeyrtd. 
5c wtsten tJint men iijunen ■ with tiMuaille xnd wiili tcne, 
Ac Trtulhe fchfll lecbe jow ' his icmc to dt^-ue. 
Or je *hal oie burly bred ' and of ihc broke drynte. 
Bui if tie Lt blyudc ot bicike-leggt^d ■ of Ixjlk-d wilii yrneSi 
He shfd etc wlicie bred - and dr>'nkc with my-wluc, 
Tyl god of hia goodncsae ' amvndcrfncni h^m H^ndc. 




\ mUtt rJiit ^m. ben; miswritttit hfmT, B, 138^ <u/)oiWCROi 

A- PASSUS VI!, IJ3-I33. a PASSUS IX. ta#-i.<5. 205 
•Jf hit b«i Wth that ?* wyen/ quod Per* ^ '*one I schal 

)c bcoth wa«tor3, I iroi ' aad Trcuihc wot the aolhcf 
Iclum his hokle hy&e ' And ou^te him to wame 114 

Whochc waHwrs in world ' hia ncrk-men diatruy^en. 
3c eien (hat lEjci schulden etcn ' thai lii-ren for vs all<^; 
Bote Treuthc schal Icchcn ow ' hi^ (cemc ^vi lo diyue, 
Bothc 10 sowcn ind to Kcttcn * trnd sau^n his tttthc, itS 

Gflite cronen frE>m hU corn < atid hepen his be«%tea, 
Or |C &cljullc tiv \nii\y bicd ' and of the Lrok dtynk& 
Bote hco U-o blende or brokc^sclioakci - or bcdrcdcn liggcn, 
Tbri schul haue ae good ^ I ' so me ^d hdpe^ 1^ 

TU god of his gnu» - gate hem to ajiie, 

Qaaih ?ccr« tlii; plnuhiiiiin ' a! lji j>uic Lcne, u^ 

'Bote jc AFVic the rditherc ■ *nd rape pw to worche, 
5hA] DO grejii ihni here ^oweih • gkden ^ow at ncado; 
And thauh ]c dcyc for dcul ' the dcuci hauc ihAt rccch^l' 

Tha ucrr fniwjiire afcredr ■ Eind Tcytied ■ hrm hlyndcr, 118 

And Icjikn here legg^ A-l>ry ' as HUche lorcL1c» conneth. 
And madcn here monc to Peers ' hovf ihct move nni worchc: 
■ Ac we pniycth for jow, Peem ■ and for ptire plouh bothe, 
Tint god for hu* fiiTO-'e ' joure gnyn muItipHc* ij> 

Aixl jelde |ow of }ouic jdmc^^c ' that jc jciien u> hcte. 
We mciy naydier n^vynkc nc 9wcie ' «uchc sykncaftc om aylcth; 
We haue rddc lymes lo laborie wAh * lord god vrc thonketh/ 

')oure pjaieri,' quaih Peers * 'and )c porfit were, 136 

Myght help, OS ich hope; ' ac hye Treuthe wolde 
That no fiiwtyc were founde ■ In folk that gon a-beggifd, 
Jc ben wa.-«tiiur%, Uh wui ucl ^ that v;L»ten and dcuouren 
That IccI iand'tylynge men ' leellkhe byitwynken. 140 

Ac TietJthe %hal techc %o«f ' hus leeme for to dr3iie, 
Other je ihulle eic barlich^ brede ■ and of the brok diynke, 
Bote jc \k biyndc other brokclrggcd - otlit-i lK>lted with yren, 
Suche poure/ quaih Pecr.t ' ShitUcn partyc vith my goodcs. 
Boibe of my com sTid of my cloth - to kepe hem fro defauie; 

■ndU a lis- ujwSlMi lywP. tij. Cbit nfSEG; t^P. 131. 
fnritm/eimtyT- 1^)- tn))lt?[t1le P. ijj- iu1^ I'- wwu hu« P. 

t4a IfcUecbe P, I43. I44- wU 1'^ 


205 A. PAS5US \'ll 133*140. B. PASSt^ VL 141-1(3- 

Ancrcf and h<nnyics ■ ihstx holdcch hem in hcore celUs 
Schukn ^ubLx'n of tnyn Mmun ' al :hc iiUlc I lint*. 
]-notth vch« day iti non - kn no morr lil a munwr, 
l-t*ic tlitf fcnii and bi'Ofc flcscli " foulcdcii beocc Kiuks; 
Ones at nooi) la i-nouj - ihat nc werk nc vseih, 
Uc abfddlh wel ihc bet ' that bommvth not lo oFte/ 

Tb<nD« waistotirt gunrc firlfir - and urakSen hu i*fouhlc; 



Ac yf m^te traui:I1e ia Tr«uihe woUe ' im) take met^ And 

To kcpc lync in Ac fcldc ' ihe come fro the b«Atei, 
Diken or dclucn ' or dvngen vppon sbtvcs; 
Or Itelpc make morler - or b«re oiukke a-felde. 144 

In leohwye and in lawngerye ' jt Ijuni, and in <leulhe, 
And al ia thorw ituiTniiice ' llut vcniituncc }cnr nc ukclh. 
Ac cincrcs and hcrcmy^cii ' ihat cLcn nc^ii buL ^i norns, 
And nomorc er morwc ' m^^ne nlmofHC filiul ilicj haw:. t^S 

And or my cald to ccpe hem ui4ih ■ thai l^an cloisires and 

Ac Robert Rennc-aboulc ' ahal nowjtc haae of myne. 
Ne poBLclc^i but Vticy prccbc coonc ' and baue poivert of the 

Tfaf^y aha] haue puyrw and pot^e * aod make hcm^felf « 

cac, i£i 

For it Ifi an vnrcsorublc rcligioQn ■ thsti hath njtc nouitc of 

And ihannc gnn a wftsiaure 10 wrath hym ' And wold« haue 

And lo Vkrci iht; pSo^^-roon ■ he profered his glouc; 
A Brytonere^ a braggere ' a-bciiced Vitttn aJa, t$t 

And (larl hym go piswn with his plow ' fnr-pyncd schrewet 
' Willow or nclu^w ■ wc nil haue owrc wtllc, 
Of thi Howrc and of Ihi QcwkKc ' fccchc wha4i V9 likcili* 
And inak^ vi munc Chermydi: ' rnauffrc t^i chckcaP 160 

Thanno Plrr^ the plownian • plcyncd h}TO lo the knj^te, 
To kcpc hym, sa coucnnuiite waa - frani curtrtl ihn^eH, 
And fro ihia wosiourca vrolucabynnes ' iJut nukcth ilic iroridc 


A. PASSira VII, MI-M9. C. PASSUS IX. 146-%$^ 207 

To P*r* (he plouh-mofi ' one profrede hi* gtcuc, 

A BrudritT, a braggery ' ii-l)o»ltdc liiin abe. 

And bad go pisse him wiih hi» pltiub ■ pillcdc achrc'A'c 1 14J 

*Fof wc volon liibbe of ilu Hour - wol thou so nulle thou^ 

And of ihl flcsch ffCfhe ' whon ilai vs Ijk&ih, 

And make V4 mcryc therwirb ' miugre thE chrkPtP 

TIjcmic Pcrs plouh-mon - pla>ncdc liim 10 itw knihu 
To kcpcn him, a? coucnfluni was ' £rom ctirMde Aclircwea. 14S 
From mbon that waj-icn < wmnc» 10 nchcndo. 

AncrM ind hefemiiti • (hat eWn bote W nonei, t^fi 

And fjrcrtA thai flatcfcn nat ' and pour« folkc ayW, 
Wbocl ich And mync - %voUcLh f^ndc hem tliat licm nccdeLh*' 

TLenne f^n Wulotr to wraith ' and woTdc 1iau« fouhlcn, 149 
And to r«ent plouhTnan ■ profered* !o fighle, 

And bad hym 'go ptaec with hus pTouh ' pcyucf^he fthrtwol' 
A Biytioncr* com braggyngo " ft-bo«€d Peer* al-so; iji 

'WoUc ibow, nc woUe ihow ' wc wollL-tb ItAbbo oupf ifllj 
Botbc thf flour and :hy flewh ' fcci:Lcn when oua !_vVcih. 
And make oua myryc (hcr'Hij-d ■ maugrc ho bj'^Tucchcih I ' 

Vten the ploubmnn iho ' plcyni?de o tbe kn)'^ht, is^ 

Til kcpc bym and hus card ' as coucnawni was hyiwyne hem: 
'Awrckc mc of ihcfic waaiourb ' tb^i jii^kcn Lljy& woildc dcrc; 

B. m:- ut>t% WCO; LR i«. 

O. 154. ra P. 

208 A. PASSUS VIL 150-^51^ B. PA3SUS VL t64->83- 

Cuneislidit? tlte liiiUt ' a^ Iiih kujndc "olLte, 
Wuncdc ^Miors - and wispcdc t»cin do bcicft; ifti 

<0r ^« ectml Abugge hit bi the la«« < U the crdrr tluE I berc!' 

•I wai not wont to vorche,' <juod a waiioor ■ *yt »xil I not 

AnJ IcLtc luykl of ihc lawc " and Us>c of ibc kniht 
And cottiit^tk Per? at a poOM ' and his plouh bothe, ifs 

And m!Ln;i&cdc bim ^md hi« men ' whon thit ihci Den mettm. 
'Kou be ihc peril of mj *oiil*/ " c|uaih Pcrs the pbuli-iuon. 
I M:b«J a-^iKU uw allc ' for ourc iiroudc worde^l' 
And faopcd aftnr Hunjccr dio - that hcrdc htm ittd Tunte: 159 

' For tho wusle and wynnen nou^ie ' flrd tfcat ilke ■•hile 164 
Worth ntucrc plcntc amooge ihc pocple - iher»»lule m| plow 

CLitei^ly the lcR>3tc Ih^nnc ^ u hb kynde woldc. 
Warned W.-vstoure ■ and niascd hym bctlcre, 1^7 

•Or Uww «haU abiJgg* by the bwe ■ by the Ofdre thai I btrcl' 
'! *aa noujt won! to uxJtchc,' qmiJ Wssiuur ' 'and now 

wil I iioujl bigynne I ' — 
And Icte li^te of the Jawc ' and lassc of the kn^itc, 
And *etie Pn^res ai a pees ■ and his plow boibe. 
And menaced Pieres and his men - 3if diei rnedu dl eoae< ijj 
' Now, by ilie peril oT my soule 1 ' quod Fierce ' ' I ilul 

apeyre |0w allc!' 
Atid bouped fLiEer Hung^ ■ that herd h)m vx\* firei*; 
*A.wreke me of ihlse wastouf^' quod he ' "ihai thi« xvorlde 

Hcbciidcih I ' 
Hunger in ha^lc tho ' hent WaMour bi the miwe. 1;^ 

And wronge h>in ko hi ihc wombc ■ that bolho hU eyon waiicnid ; 
He huffeied ihe Driioner ' ftboui« llie chek^s, 
Tlial he Icked Uke n Umerne - ftl Mf lyf nfter 
He bcltc hem no boibc ' he barsic nerc here guUcs; jSo 

N« ImddB Pieres wiib a pese-Icf ' preyed Hunger to ce^*, 
They badde ben dotucn boih^ * ne deni« (how non other. 
'Suflie belli lyue,' br »«yde ' 'Ami X&t hem eic wiih hog^s. 

^ iBi. [i^ tb«TBU! Vm. 
fMrfw»tcr. lAs- -SmL 14», 

161. vutoui-THU] TTAitortVi 
brctofier TEI ; brTtoiiei U i bojc V. 

' A-wKk me on tbis W4«tcr3,' quod Pcre - 'Ihal this world 
&chf?nd«-rh T ite 

lloo^i in Laaitf ■ htnle Wastor bi the mawcp 
And wronij him so be ihc wombc • thai boihc his c;cn watrcdcn, 
And bufTcCcdo Ihc Brutiner ' nbouic bothc hm chtke^; 
He lolted« lyk a IflnEcm*^ • al lis Ij-f aftdi. 164 

He bool w the boyca ■ he barnt neih liwiie riljhc*^ 
Nedde Pcrs with a pcosc-lof ■ i-prcjcd liim to Icue; 
And with A bcncnc bat * E-bot hem by'twcrci 
And bmie llongur thcr-wiEh ■ a-middc hoth^ hU lippcfl, i6> 
And lie bleclilf? in-to the Ixxliward ' a bollefbl of gnivc); 
Kcddc the fifiidcn fur&t - dercndet him TAtex 

Tbd counic nal of cufs)iig ' ne holy kiike dn?i1en; 

Ther vorUi no pbnte,' quiEh Peers ' 'and ihc ploah hggc^ 

Cvitetliche the knyght then * i« hus l;>-nde wolde, iCi 

Winied Wntkinur ' and vtftsrde hym hetes^. 

'Olher icli Mtia! bule 1\k by the bw - and btynge the in !(lfM;kes.' 

*Uh w»9 nai woncd to wSrchc' quuh Wasionr ■ *and ich wolle 

nal BOW b)"^ynne>' 164 

Ajid let Ifght of the lawe * and [a«se of the bny^Tit^ 
And Mite Ptcn at » peso ' pEcjne liym whtrr he woldo. 
"Now, by Crisi,' quaih Peers ' *y *Jial apeyre 30W *Ucl' 
And hopcde &Aer Hunger < Ihnt hcrdo hicti ai rhc fer^tc. 168 
'Ich p^y« ihc/ qtuch Pccn tho * 'pur chariEe, sire Hongcr^ 
Awrrkp mc of ihmc w»ionn> ' for ihn tny^^hi wol ruiL' 

llon^ct hcntc in hA-tic ' Wutour hy the mawc. 
And wrang hym by Ehc wrmbc - that aX waiercdc hns eyen. 
He buBTatecl the Bnitener ' a-bome the ch«kea, 173 

Thai he ]okeA lyk a luntt^mc ' al huji Ijrf after. 
He bet hem no iKuht ' he ha'>t iicili huic b't;liev, 
Ne haddo IVck with pc*K-lof ■ praycUc liym b>-)eiu. i;* 
' Honger, hane merq* of hem/ qiiath Peeri ' 'and tei tne jtue 

hem t*rc*: 
And lli&t wa£ bdkc for Da>w^c - tniy be here hctc' 

C. iffl. liirkcli cbarclicrEa i6g. pic I'm* P. 1*4. wwid ?. 14 LU>>C ; 
P ffx, c66^ «cf F, [«S. hiia IMSG < ^ mh, i;o, K«k P- 176. vit P. 

210 A. PASSUS Vn. 171-1;^ B. PASSVS VT, 184101. 

To ahaU ^ barfi-brnl ' snd tbc bencs tfiooode, 

Tbei bcddea b«o 6td hi ifaU d»f ' vid dofaen aJ vam. tj» 

Thevtit lijrtoct for fer« - Ihwta eo b«mM, 
AbJ QafjCeD om with flcQn * frum &onrc lit cuen, 
TlM Honker di» doc hsHi ' vp for lo lokc, 
Fcff t potful of peooQD * ihai Pen beitd* l-Oid. i|i 

An bpp <^ Iwi pj us * beDun tfcoa ^a>d«ft, 
And doltwD drti and donge ' to dutu Honger cote. 

Bljndc uid bcdiadcB - veon botaed t ibo wW , 

Dr eUcfl bcties and brcn ' jbokca to|pdere«, tl4 

Of clle» te«Ik^ i&d m^e ak ' - thiu pr«7«ij Piert« Tor hesL 

FaitourFs for (ert ^ter-ot ■ flowen tn-u> bera««. 
And QaptcD CD wUh llA>kd ' &un morwc til tucn, 
Thftt Huojcr lius ncv^t »o h^y ' on h«m for to lokc, i9$ 
For fl potltL of pewj - that Pues hadtW Y^akjtd- 
An hf^ of hcremitcs ■ hcnim hem !cpadeft. 
And kcttcB here copc« ' and counptcn hem nude. 
And vEcntcn a« werk^mca * wilb »pfldca and with t<faoucl<«^ 191 
And dolucD and dvkeden * lo diyoe avcjc bungtf. 

Blynd^ 2nd berircdeo ' were bolened a rhoufixnde, 
That Ktcn to bcggc sjlucr - 9oac ncic tlici hckd- 

For xhta was bake for Bayarde - v^ bot« for muij bvag'?, 196 
And muny a begg^re for bf ne^ - buiome was to swjnke, 
And cclic a ix^re qi&ei wc^l apayed ^ to hauc pe%n foi lui buyrc, 
And what Pierce preyed hem Co do ' as preit aa a spcrhaulbe. 

And tbere^ was Peres p-oude * and pm hem 10 werke, too 
And jaS l:ero mcie at. he my^Xe ak>jih - ^nd mcsin-fiblc huyre. 

4. iHfi, AirHL-j Vam. 

C. iSo, »hif P. iSf. eop««KlU5j 

189. wiE F. 191. of KsC^ ; vid P. 


A, ?ASSUS VIT, 18^-1 88. C PA5SUS TX. 179-104. 211 

TU« lyjcn for blvndc ' and for brokc-kgg:rt iSo 

Vppon toftc Soncnday ' bi Ihe heije wcye; 
Hungur bcm hckdc ' uith an hot caVe. 

T^EHf mcanps liaw* ' veorc Ijtiici ilul lymo. 
Anil bi-comc kiuucs ^ to kcpx Pets becaicN >S« 

And prc>cc]Gn for diontc • with Pc« for 10 dwcllc, 
AI far coueijree of hit <om • to casie a-wey Hunger. 

Pm was froud iher-of ' and puL hem in otTys 
And 3;if hem mcle and moucyc ' aa thcl mlhtc dcscrucn. i63 



Tho were fpuluurti a'fered ' a-nit flowcn lo Pt-erwes beriws. 
A11J Jlftplcu on ttith M[c5 ^ fro morvre lil cucnc, i%9 

Thai Hoi^cf xTA.^ nil hardy ■ on hem for 10 [okc» 
For 1 po(fuJ of polHg;ii - that PeeriRM nyT made. 
At] hep of crcmiies ' henien hem spades, 
Spioen and apiaddc donge ' La dc^gil of Hunger. 
Tbei comco here <X]pc9 * and (furU^ics hem made, 
Ai:d wenlert tu: %rarknicn ' 10 uedcn And mowen; 
AI for drcrlr nf hrrc dcih - surhp djnies y.\f Hunger. 
BIynde and brokcle^g«dc ^ he bnincd^ a thousnUidc 
And loinr: men he Uchcdc * with longtii of bcAei. 
Pnwlei ai^d other pcplc ' to Pecra tliei drowcn. 
And &ete* of alle tyue ordre* - ol for fete of Hunger. 
Per ihat thai was bike for Biyardc - vrss bole for meiiyc hungry, 
Ditiocnea and dreg^es - drytke for mciijc bcj|;c"«s- '9J 

Ther was no bd chat lyucde - tJiat ne low«do hym to Peer*, 
Tci hr hiM hole hrwp ■ (haiih he hadiTe no more 
Bube lyf-lode for hus labotir ' and hu& lone ai r)one& 194 

Tho WW Pccri M pfoude ■ and putlc hem illc to wefke. 
Id dMibyng and in deJuyng ' in donge a-JcId hciynf^t 
In llire>shjnge, in ihirochynge ' in thwjiynge of pynaea. 
And ftUe kjimfi trewe traft ' \iv4i raw couthc deuyic. loe 

Was no be^gCK so boldc ■ hotcyf Ik blyndc were, 
Thai dor«t with-BiLie that Peerea aeyde ' for fere of eyre Hunger. 
And Perns vis prowd rher-of ■ and puiic hetn Alle to awynke. 
And jaf hem mctc and monye ' as ihcy tay^y>i duenicn. J04 

1^ drtnk* r. I j>4. P tm. no ; Mf ]. k» > 

hynt CMSG. xa. wU^c^tle K toy wjt^ ?. 


[9s- brwei; bywe?; 

312 iu PASSUS VII. i89-i()9. B. PASSUS \h 2Ci-tn- 

Th«&n« hcdde Pefrs pit« ' ftAd pr«bdo Hnng^ Eo v«ad4 
Horn lo M» ounc liurrff - and holiWit him ih<^ Tor ^a^r*. 

'And ^t I preyc ilic/ quod Fcr^ ' 'cr (bou p&uc Ijcgiu; 
Of biddcffc and of bc^rffcrv ' what is best to done? igj 

1 wot wcl whon thou an i-w«iit ' tbd vol worchen fd Hte; 
And miacht^f hit maki?ch ' th«i Imlh sa mrkt* nnuih^^ 
And ftjt dc-lkutc of foiidc ' thus fi^Ec tiici wnrdtcn; 
And hco beoLh rny Uotii brctburva < for god bou)te vs aIIc t^ 
Trcut]i« tniuhLt? mo cncfl ' lo lou^n hem vctiorte, 
And li«l|«ii hem of alio thyng ■ aftur that hem neodeth, 

^it vrokic I wEtcij )if tliou wusicst ~ whai uric the UiAc, 

Ttonno hadd« P«res pile * and preyed Hunger lo wend« 
Home in-to hj« owrtc crde ' and holdcn hym ihcrc. 

*For I am wd awroke now • of waaiotin?*, lh<>r" thi mj-jtc. 7^ 
Ac 1 prt>e tilt-, »r ihuw j}aji8c' ' quud Pirrcs ii> Huiigtr, 
"Of bcggcfcs and of biddcrci ' what best be to done? 
For 1 wotc wel. be ihotf? went • ihei wil viorchc lul ilk : 
Foe oiTsehier il mftketh • thei beth so meke nouthe, aa^ 

And Ibr defaiUe of li«r tode • ihit relict i% at tny wiJk» 

They are my blotly bretheren,' quod Piere* ■ 'for god bot^ce 

\% nIIc: 
Treuthe uujtc mc onei ' to lou^r hem vchonc. 
And lo bd[>«t] hem of alle thinge < ay au hvm nedeth. «ii 

And now wolde I wll*n of ihe * whit ^^vh? the beil. 
And how I nijjlr: aniAiEsuicrn hem ' and make hem lo vrorche.' 

Here now/ qaoJ Iluiigcf ' *and holJc it for a uibdome: 
Bohle begRereg aod bigge ■ that mowe her bred biewynke, 116 
With houndci bred and hors bred ' holde vp her hertis^ 
Abulc liem wUh bcpts ■ for boUyng of licr wombc; 
And jif the gomci gni^che ' biddc hem go ^wyrkc, 
And he vhal aoupc swettcre ' whan he it hnth dcscruid. jio 

And if ihow fynde any freke ' that formne haih appeared, 
Or any uianer Eds men ■ fande lliow sodir lo cnmrc; 
Conforte licm with thi catel ■ for Ciystcs louc of bcucnc. 

H ao<L loWCRO; L«», 914. Ai^ifif And) I.. itj. htfaHO^ 

byaiLW, C. ao6, InlAUEC; on P. A16. wit r tij. b«a EU ; 

A. PASSUS Vn. Joo-309. C. PASSUS IX. 505-230. 213 

And hou I mihic a<i:n:i)^tren bcm ' unA mikcn hem 10 vofdiCp* 
'Hrrr nou," <ni™i Hungrr ■ '4nJ hnJcfc hU fnr wwlam, joi 
Eoldc Udders and brggejs ■ that mowen her mctc bL^winkc, 
With faoandcs bred and horau bred ' hold vp heor hcrcca, 
And bftmme htoi with bones ■ for bollj-ng tif ittoi^ womfrea; 
And jiT the gome^* gfut'chen - bidde ht-iu gti iwjiit*^, soj 

And tfaci acLulc soupc Uic swcttc^rc ' wlion ibcl h^ti bit dctcruct. 
And jiT ihou (yndcdi cny fioik ' Oiut roruinc batb a-f>tirci 
VVttii luir, or with fate folk ' fonde eucbc lo knowe- j«s 

CmnTone hem with thf caiel ■ for CrisTo^ lono of bewne, 

Tho hadde Peers pitc ' of alle pome puplc. 
And bn,d Hunger tn haaie ' hybe out of contrc 
Home in-to his owen ^rtbe ' and ludde hym ther euere— 
'For icb \.\ra wd AwivVt • at wasioura ihorwtby irLygbre- >oft 
Ac ich pmyc Uic/ ciu&tfa Pc«rA * 'Hunger^ et iho^ wcndc. 
Of bc^^cra and of bidders ' vhat best bo ui df>ncf 
For ich wot wel, bo Ihou w&ni ' wr^rctio ih«i woUe lul y\\6i 
Me»cb!rf hJi makrih ■ ihH ben so mi^ke noutbe; in 

And for dcf^buic ihis foltc ' folwcn niy beatcs. 
HiE ifr no ih)rn£ for bue ' thci labour thus fastc, 
Boic for fere of funyn ' in ftuth/ veida Veer^ ; 
'Yfl no fltu! bue with thiJi folkc ■ for x\ here faire speche; ai<i 
And bit ben my h\oi\y broUircn - for god boubic vs tWe. 
Trcuihc uuhlt me ones - to louje bcnj ecJione, 
And hclpen bietn of ;Ulc Ihyag ■ xy as hem nedeLb. 
Now wolde fch vrlie, or tbow wpiitest ' what were the bevte, 
How icb niy^lile A-maialzi^n hem ' to [tntye a:id bibuurc ssi 
For here IjficKlc; ■ lerc me, &yrc Hunger/ 

'Now hcrknc/ (^nath Hunger - 'and hold hit for a wjadome; 
Boldv bcggeri'^ and byggc * thai njow^ here bred byt^/nke^ 
With hounde)* bttd and hors bicd ' hrk- hem ^hcn (bei Imngren, 
And a-bane hem viiih bcnci ' for boHyngc cf here wombc. 
And yf ihe gromes gmcche ■ bid hem go swyrtke, 
And be tbil soupe the t^-sUere - when be tutb dcsenicd- uV 
And yf tlicrw fynde cny fdke ^ wliam false tiLi:n liTin opniircd, 
Comforte hem with thy catel ' tor r-o ccnnaundcth treutbe ; 


J30- whilf y. 

314- Aodlxikltr; IMSEGiUB.AAJl II8. 

J^ J 

914 A, PASSUS VIL ii^-ti?- B. PAS5US VL 234^14' 

Loii« bem, iivi l^n? h«in ' so ihc Uve of kayndt vo1#. 

And Jillr niiiiere of mtn • ttal (liaa aiJij-)t a^yc. 

ThAt Modi bttk* cr iuk«t ' aiid nou;l lume to spetidCt 111 

Willi tDOte or with moncre * aiak bcic Care ibc betcf«. 

Or mish word or vttb wcrk - vMt thu tbou trt b«cie. 

Mak the fiendtfi tlicr-iritli • for so seint Mai1]<^u Wxheih, 

' I tooldc not gtcue god*' qi»d Pen ' ' for tX the gold cm 
ground ; >i( 

Mlhi 1 sunn^les don &■ ibou 9^V - «eide Pen thetine. 

Loue hem uid knc hem - to Uve of god vtcMh: — m 

Aihr ^frtm mrra por/aie. 
And allc mancr of men ' ihot thov my^xc i«ipjv» 
7^4t ncdy bcc, und naujC}' ' bcipe hero with ihi godii^ 
Louo hem and hkkc ti^m nou^i? ' Uu^ god ukc the veniAuncc; 
Thcigh thel ddiw yud ' Ulc Uxcw gud y-vonLci— * i>t 

Miihi vmd$€iam, d t(e rtin^m. 
And if thow vili be grtciouw to ^06 ' do u the ^spd tcchcth, 
Aad bilouc ihc ftinong<« lovr men ' so Bhoitow bccbc gmcCt 

Fctitt vobit amirpt 4* m^tmcna mipiiiaiis' 
' T wolde iwi^t grruc god/ quod Piers < ' for al ihe good on 
grown Jc; 
Mi)lc I £ytinclcc3 do ftfl thow scist?' ' ocydc Picre^ thianc^ i^j 

'3c» 1 biho:e Ihc.' quod Hunger - "or clli* ihc bdblc licUi; 
Co CO GencKU tho gj'auni ' the engcndrom? of ^"a alle; 
' in Mdtjrt ind Kwynkr; - thow AaU thl mete tJIyc, 
And Iftboarc for tbi Ijfloflc' ~ and %a owre lorde by^te. t^ti 

And Sapience jacfth the suae ' I sdfih it m the bible ; 

* Pf'S'^ P'^ /'V^' ■ "0 'c^*^<^ nolde tilye, 

And thf^rforc he ^^al Lcgge and bidde ' and no nun bete his 

Mathcv with mnnnea fitcc ' mouthed ttuac voides, 1^ 

ThiL frrifuf fitpiom bstd & tum ' ^d for h« woJde nou|E« 

He hod maugiB or hia m^iic - for eutrmone aflcr; 

bilou« \V'CO; tiUow Lh C Afio. ilowedc P, 

A^ PASSUS VU, aiB-3t7- C PASSUS IX, 031-351- 215 

'Je, I be4inti! the,' quod Hunger ' 'or ellcs ihe hihlp l}<}(*th; 
Go to G«ic5« the Iciuiit ' €n£cft)Jrtirc of n allc; 
Jn ttniffre Mid iVpiW • thou ^hah thi mete tilie, Jto 

And Ubrc for Ihi lyflode" ■ for k> vr lord hijtc. 
AjiJ 5apb?[i3 H(-ith tlii* saime ' 1 vaih hii in the blblf ; 
' /^^r finfp(€f /rigiis ' no fcld noltic he Ulic, 
He ftchal go bidJe and begj^ ■ tmcl no mon bcctc his htmgtr/ 

M^itheii thcr monDC« (a':« ' he mommeth tli^oae v^rde«, 115 
' Srmut nf^ufim hedcfo npnam ' and for be noldc hic vwnt 
He hcddc mau^'Tc of \^ lUiuat^r ' cuck; more aftur; 
Aufir/c ab iiio mnaift, <i dak iUi^ tk. 

Loue henfi and lenc hem • so kwd of kynde wolde ; 

Alier aiUritts onrra poriatf. 
And ille niinrre men * that thuw ii)v>;hl a^jc ij> 

In niesctiicf other in mal-cse ■ anil thov mowc hem hdpe, 
Lokc liv Iby Ijf • let hem nouht fOT-forc, 
Yf ihow bait worne ouht wiclcclkhc ■ ukliche ditp«nde hit; 

Ftiirile Mobt's amj'fos *it marnmornt imquitaiis' 
'Ich iirolde xut grenje God/ quoth Fecra - 'for id the food 

on cnhe; t}fi 

My3t4c icb spnelee do as ihou fteisiT * telde P«er! plouhmftrt. 
'3c» kh by-botc ih<r/ quaih Hunger ■ 'other dies die bjblc lyeih; 
Go to onr« by-gynnynge ■ thu god the norldc m&dc. 
Aa wise men ban ywryic ' and a» witrnc^Bcth f^etwtr^ 140 

That neith, mxli ^wynke inA with gwoi ' and twciyng^c face 
By*tn1jv and liy-tranailr ' irmly oiirc lyf-]o<Ie; 

Jn ia^r€ ct Jtufort uuJ/ur /ai utjctrir ptvtt tM^ 
And Salomon the sage ' with the ctame a^cordcth, 
The Uiw* caytj-f for colde ■ vrotde no corn lulye; 144 

In «onm« for tius alewlhe ' be shal }iaiie ilefaute, 
And gon abiybedi and beggen ' and uo m^a letc bue hunger. 

P^tr pr^pkr /ri^ noluti arar€i irunAfM^it ttt ^ytvu ft 

Mathcii innke[h meneff^n * of a mui that lenle 

Htt> Killer (o lljTc nitAnerc oci^ ' ani mcn>^£c tbai tbci abokfe 

Ctaffue and chcc^c thcr-whh * in chelc uid in hete; n^ 

And he that bett laborcdc * besE nus alowed. 

And ledefH for here laborjngc - oucre a1 ihe lordei goodes. 

tie A- TASSUS VIL it8-t}T. B. PAS5US VI. uz-a€». 

He bi-nom him bla npnsLm ' Tor be ncJde not worche, »B 

And jnf hit him m hu^r ' lliai hr^ile ten bL-Hirc; 
And scihLhrn be thQ» acidc ^ his iwniiun» hit hcrden, 
lie tiiat hath schoi hauc ' lo h«!rc Ihcr nctid is. 
And he thai noujt hilh, noiijC Kchal hauc ' u« no mon hjn 
hdpe; 931 

And he thit hopcth Tcne haue ' hit Hm beo hi rtucL' 
For Kujndc Wit wcliic ■ lliai vchc icon wrouhtc 
With U<liin|:« or mit tilyrg« ' or ir!iiu)-1)'nge of h(»id«A| 
Aciyf lyf or conipmphiyf ' Crist wolile hi: alse, 136 

Tot so MLih ifac b^utcr ' in ps^lm of £f<j// fwarj, 

And binam hym his mnrnn ■ for he nc wolde w<-rche. 

And 3af ihxi mnnm to hym ' that ren mnames haddc, t^ 

And willj that l;c scydc ^ thai liolicberchc it hcrdc, 

'lie Ihal hath sfial hauc ■ and hclpc there il ncdcth, 

Atui ht! that noujL Liuih^ shai noujt Jiau« ' luid no man hym 

hrfpe ; 
And ihat he wtnc^lh wd to haue ■ I wil It hym birpue.' i4fl 

Kjndc witt woIJe ' ihttt echc a vyk^ht wfoujtc 
Or in dykyngc or iit deluynge - or tTauaiII)'ngG in prcycroai 
Contcmplatyf lyf or aciyf lyf • CryKt voldc tncn W'foU)te. 
The tauttT >ieyth in the pKohne vf dfofi omjui, jji 

The freke that fedeth hym-self ' v[th his fcylhful laboorc, 
He is blessed by the boke ' in body oiid in ftoulc: 
Laborfs tnmjmtm htarum, iU' 

'Jet 1 prvy )0w/ <]t]od Fieres ' ' fxir t^an'ft, and je kaimc 
Eny Iwf of K^ticcnfl ' lere it me» my derc, 456 

For somtne of my seninuntz ^ and my-eeir botli^ 
Of al a wyke worche roujt - ao owr* womlie aketh/ 

'I woic vcl,' quod Ifangcr - what s^ktue^se yrw eyTelh, 
Jc han maungcd oucr-mochc ' and that moltcth iQvr gronc. tGo 
Ac 1 hote ihcj' quod Hunger ■ *a3 Iho^v thync hcle vilnest. 
That thow drynke no day ' or /how dyne somuhaL 

»i7, rWZdi>jri«f/rmTKj Vtf*, B. 143- hymWCROi L#». 

A. PASSUS Vn. a3&-J47 C. PASSUS IX. 252-17*. 217 

LaSortf m4ittium iuarum quia maaJu^aifit, *U. 

He th^i get hm To^e licr ' with tmuaylingc in (reuthc, 
God jiuclh him his hlp-wyng ' that bis lyflo<!r no nwynkeib." 
* Yit I prcjc tbc,' quod Pcrs ' 'par chsLritc jif ihou ccmnc J40 
Eny l)i of lcchccTp*Ii ■ Icie hit mc, my dcore. 
For £Limm« of my ^erununs ■ beolh iwke ciher-whil«, 
or jlI1« llie wik« htro Morchelh nol - so hffir \vofnb« akeilu* 

*I vol wel/ (jUkKi IIwLgur - 'wliit Kkucwc hem tikih, 144 
Thd han i-maungct ouur muchc ~ that m^ikcili htm i;rcnt oHe. 
Ac ich hot« Ihfr/ quod Hungur ' 'and thou thin hd« wylnc. 
That thni] drynkr no dai < til thou hau« d^net Kumwhai; 

Ac h« th&t TU k wrcccfac ' and wolde nat tranayle, »g« 

'I'hc lord, for hun laccheEse * and hus tuther slcuthe, 

By-nom hj-m al ih^t he hadde ' and ^af hit to hus frlawe 

ThtLi Icvlj hiddc Ubnrcd; ' and thcnnc the lord »cidc, 

Mle that hath shal h.iue ' and hdpc ihcr hym lykctb; i^C 

And he that Dauhc haucih ' he »hal nauht hnuc, 

And no man jut beipe hym; ' and thai he wenrth hxMt, 

Ich »tjlle hit hyni by-rruc ' ftir hiia rrchelcwieittt/ 

L0I wbtl the mjter scilh - ta nvynki;t» witli baiidcs, itjo 

'VbleiMd be alio iJio - that here by lyiio byawynkcn 

Thorw cny leel hl>our - i« thorgh lymcs and handM;* 

Lahortt moKuum fuarum yuia mamiuct^^ Itaim it, ti 
itnt iihi (Tti.- it ifitra. 
TbcK tucD cuydcnccft/ qiiath Hunger ' * for hem that woUe 

nai ftw)-nkea, 
That h«c lyfliJilr be Icne ' and ly^el wanh herr cloihts.' 364 
'fiy Cryst,' quaih Peer? the plouhntaa iho - 'theac proucibea 

woUe ich ahcve 
To b«g;«n, and to boyes ■ thit loth ben to woroh^ 
Ac jtil kh pmyc pw/ quulh Peers ' "jmr charity, tyit ntiRtEer^ 
3yf jc can oilier knowe ■ cny kynne thjTigc of fysyk i *6S 

For some of my wniauna ' and m^'-aclut; bothe, 
Of allc 1 woke worchcn n*i ■ so oure wombe groncih/ 

"Ich wfit \ic\,' <iuaih HuDgeT ' 'what syknes?r jow diclh; 
3e haue mangcd oucrc muchc ' thai maketh jow be tyke tya 

C, »&i , her* IG ; t^ (v'tw^) f. byivyak^n EMG I loonka P. J&L 
^Wm— W t'^Arif li in 5 only- i&j, J&|. 'J'hcc«c T' 

918 A. PAS5US Vn. t4^H$. 

B. PASSUS Vt. aiS3-aT9- 

Etc not, kb bote the ' lit hunger Che Uke. 
And iftficli* the Kum of bis kauct ' to s^luct ihi* the belere; 
Keep Djm til sopcr txime ' And lit ibou not 10 longt. 
A'T* ^ ^ ftppctyt ■ babbe i-jcicn his fullc. 

Let not nr Surfct ' EJilen it ibi bord; ■}■ 

Loue bim not. for be t* t lecbour ■ tad liki^rDiift of tongp. 
And aftur m*>ijy mcta ' lii^ mnwe b i-lougcL 
And pf ihou djjcu tlic thus ' I tUr Itggc botbc mrn crc*i 

Eie nou)te. t bote the * ar htmger the take, 

And fciide ilic of but NTiiice ' lo ^ouourc with Ibi lippt^; «fi4 

And kcpc some tvl AOpcr^tycne ' &nd siue iiot^l lo lon^. 

Arise vp if appetii ' bAu« ct*n his fullc. 

Lit nou^t 4ir^ Surfiit ' iiuen at ilii borde; 

Leiur him not^. for he is l4;cb(.'rou>t ■ itnd Ukeitua oftCtngt, vM 

And aftcf matiy mancje mctc* - liia maw is afjrS^iSJL' '" "j 


And lif ibow dieU ibe thus ' 1 dar Ic([^ mj-n^ erc». 
Tbftt PhiGik ahil his furred bode» ' for ha fodc oclle, 
And hie dok? of Cfllabre - wiih aJtp th? knsppcEOf go1d#, a^i 
And be fsjnc, bi my ffiih ' hb pbEsik Uk btc, 
And Icrne to bboarc viih londc * for ])^odc it sw^c ; 
For roortbereres arcn mort}' leches ' lorde bem amende I 
Tbd do men deye thorw here dr}Tikes ■ ax destine k wolde.' ^76 

'Bj sej'iLi Poule," quod Fieres ' 'ihise uftH profiuibfc wnrdb 
Wendc now, Hunger, nhan thow wolt ' that wel be tbow cuere 
Forthifi is a buely lessoun ■ lorde il the rot-^eldel" 

A, 350- »itTU. fdsteVH, 3i*, ftudcTHtT: lyfloJc V. C. 174. 

19}^ to IM i P «m, jooh wnme P. 

A, PASSUS VIL a56-a<4, C, PASSUS IX. 373-301. Sl« 

I'hit Kityk %cha.\ h» forred bod ' for his foode sialle, i^i 

And tkc hi* clok^ of Calibre ■ wiili knappes of gold, 

Aiul beti fuyn, be niy fifiib ' libt {axyk 10 leic, 

And ItorQQ lo labrt vitli lund ■ lc*lc Ijflodc fpiilc; 

Ther beoth mo 1)itn then l«chca * vr lord hem amende I iti^ 

Thtfi don men d)3en ihonq heor dtinke • er dwkpye wolde,' 

'Bi ftriiit Poi»l)' liuod Pers ■ 'ilieos bfoilj pfophitable wor[l«l 
Tliib is a loucli lesson ' tT lurd liit tin: fui-jcldtrl 
Wend noil whon thi wtllc la ' wc] ihc bcc for ciacrel' 164 

ich hole ' or hunger the tnkc, 
the of bus fiauce ■ to sauene with ^i lipp^a. 
And kep mwu til scper-tyme ' and sitie nauht to Icnge 
At noon, nc M no timtf ; ' iind namclicbc at loper ti5 

Lei iiai tijTC SfjrfaJi ■ sittcn at thy bordc, 
And loke thow dr/nke no dxy - ec iboo dyne ftomwlmt, 
Tbcnic that Ih'ufi for bus dellcnt Ijf * to the deuel ^ttite, 
And La£Ar, djc Iciic bcggcn; ' ihai biigt^l uflirr cromct— >B9 
And )Ut had he hem n^t - for ich Hungi^r culdc hym — 
And fittfac ich saub hym eitte ' as be 4 syre were. 
Al aJle manure cm ' in Abr^hammcs lappC', 
And }f ihcm be of [>ovcr ■ Prcr*, icb tbc rede, 0A4 

AHc thiE ircdcji Eit thy ^c - for godes louc. afWr fodc, 
PiTtc with hem of thy payn * of potflfce other of jociel, 
Lene hem iom of thy 1or>f ' th^uh thou the 1u«« cbcwe. 
And thauh lyi^ts and Ucrljcclrawc** ' and Inllcrcs kriDckc, iM 
Let hem abyde tyl the bord be drive ' &c bete hem none ccxmicf, 
Til alle thyn aedy neiheborM ' hauc none y-mnked. 

Ard yf ihow J)'B^t the thus ■ kh dar legg« royn eres, 
Tlai Fysj-k lAvil lus forredi? bode* ' for bu* Ibde wUe, flfla 
And hua dokc of C^iLbre ' for butt ccmimes Veggc, 
AtkI be ^yn, by my faith ■ bis fy^yk to leic, 
And Usms to Ubore viih k>nde - leec« lyfiode hym fiile. 
Tbrr arpti mcny luthfrc Irches ' and leele Icrhp* fcwc. i^rt 

Tbci don men dc>e thoi^b here dijiikcn ' cr destyne bit woldc.' 

' I}y ncyni I'xul,' <^iLnh Peer? tho * ' thou poyntnt neih the 
And ledly selst, aa icb leuc • !ord the for-jelde ! 
Wend now vrhcniie thou volt - lad wcl be thow euere, ioo 
For thow boat ^r^l ywrokc me - and oJio wcl yiauht me/ 

220 A. PASSUS VJL 265-178. R PASSW VL tSe^-jo^ 

'I bMv>5oic ihe." quod Hana:ur ■ 'heocirL«i nul I wende 
Er [ houc i'dj'jict bj tlus J*y - aad i-iUoakc budic' ' 

'1 luuc «o pcnv/ qutxl Pen ' 'p^ctcs 10 bugge, 
Nouthcr i-tfcu ne gryj ■ bote twcy granc <hcM«fl» M 

AnJ u ffw*r cnidrJ« and cnym ' and ft xhtxt <atc, 
Aru! ft b( df bcnc» an<l bren ' i*l»lijc for my children. 
And 1 ^g^, bi my soulc ' I hauc no utt b&coiii 
Ke DO o^keneyes, bi CnM ^ cokputi to maluEt. ftp 

Bo^ 1 haue j>on?it<s and perc>'l ' »iid moni colptoaict, 
Aud eke 4i cou, juid k« calT ' s^nd a cut'cnvr 
To dnwo *-fcld my dongc ■ whil ilic droijhthi; UateLh. 
Bi thia lyflod^ 1 tool lyucn * til L&rcmas^ ^y^t] t^ 

Bi that, kh hope forte hatJt ' hcrui?si in my croft; 
Thcnitc ina;^ I dihcc thi dyner ' as the dccre l/k^h.* 


'B>'hot« god,' quod Hung«r ' ' hentca nc wU 1 wcnde, jBo 
^il I hau« dyned bi tlii« diiy ' and ydronk« both«.' 

• 1 h»oe no pen)"/ quod Peres * poleiea forto biggc, 
Nc iwjUwr gccft DC £!>» ' but iwo ^icm: lIic!i(^s, 
A fcwc cruddca &Tid crtcm ' and ui haticr cake. 1(4 

And ivo louca of benes ind bran * y bake for my Tauntls. 
And jet I scy, by nty soule ' 1 haoc no fi.ilE bflcoun, 
Ne no kokeney, hi Cryst ■ coloppcs forto mAken, 
Ac I hauc pcrcil and porciEcs ' And many kolc-pUntes, a88 
And t^ic a cow and a half ■ and a can marc 
To dfawc a-fddc my donge ■ the whil* th« drought U>WUl ' 
And H tlijs lyflodc we moL lyue ' til Lamma^e lyinc; 
And bi that 1 hojke to hauc ' hetucsi in my crdPi; a^ 

And ihannc may I di^lc thi dyncr - as mc d«rc llkfth.' 
AUe the poT« p*ple ihr> ' peyecoddcs fcllen, 
Benei and bakrn apples ■ thei broujte in hrr U|>]:>m. 
CtubollcH and thciutlka ' md ripe cliirics tnanyc, »giS 

And profrcd Pcrcii tliit prctscnt ' 10 plcsc with huQgCf- 

Al Hunger ect in ha&l ■ and ax«d aTier mora. 
Thannc pore foike for fere • frdde Hunger ^cme 
With grcDc porct and pcscii ' to po^toun Hunger thci thoiQCic* 
B>- that it ncigbcd ncrc hcrueai ' ncvc cornc cam 10 chcpynfc; 
Tharme wsu Tolkc faync * and fedde Hunffer with tht befit, jd» 
Willi good ale, a* Gloioitn laiijCc ' ami gcric lltingfr go slepe, 

(^d [ho wolde Waittour nouji wctchc * but wandtcn aboute. 


A. PASSUS Vn. 175-^9©, C. PASSUS IX, joa-3a6. 22! 

At ihc port peple ' pne^oddcs fctlcn, 
liakc bcr«tt in bred ' Ihci brouht^n in hcor Upp«j^ ifio 

CJiilwlle*. clj*<f mete ' atjd rip* chirita moi^ye. 
And piufcrde Ttxs iHn prcf^iit ^ to pl<r^ ujdi ljut:^Eir, 

Hunger cct this in ha^lc ' and ashed afkur more. 
Thonn* (tih Folk for fcrc ■ feiten him raonyo 184 

Porrlcs, iinl pcnscn ^ for thei him plese wolden; 
Froin ibflt Lyme thai ihulkc wcoic ctcn ' lake he schulde tiis Icuc 
111 hii to hcrncst hijcdc ' that ncwe com com to clicpyngc. 

'Ihcnnc vTh* that folk fayn ' and fedde Hun^r )eomc tBS 
Wiih good *!e, and glotonye ' and gart him to slepe. 
And tlio oolJc Uie wasior worcho ' buL wandren ahtmle, 

'kh by-hotc Ibc/ quBth Hunger ■ *ibflt hcnn«a ncl ich wcndc 
£r ich haue y-dyned by Ibys day ' and y-dronbe boihtt' 

'Ich haiK no pen)-.' qtrath Pwrs ' *po!citci for 10 b1gg», 304 
Noihrr jrnos noLlicM giyi ■ bote two giene clien^^ 
A fcwc <rodd« and crcymc ' and a cake of oies, 
And bred for my bamea ■ of b«n« i^nd of peses. 
And jtit kh se>\ by my wule • ich hauo no wdi bicon; jef 
Ncmhl 9 cotcucy. by Cijst ' toUioppt-b to inalce- 
Ag idi h9tx porclt-ploiiie^ ' pci^clyc ^nd ^Laloncs, 
CUboEei oad chiru}'lle« ' and chiiJea SAm-rcdc, 
And 1 cow u-itb ft calf ' and jl cart-n^airp, 311 

To dmwe a-ffli.! my donge ' i\x whyler drouEb laaieth. 
By tlji» lyRodc wc mote Ijuc ' tyl Lanmuste tyoie; 
Acd by tbii, icb hope lo hauc - bcruc^^t in my croftc: 
Th«ikna may I dyghie thy dyner • m mc dcre lykeihJ ji* 

Alle ^ ponre pnpir tho ^ pecucoddrft fettcn; 
BcDts and Wken aiipic* ' thei bmubic in here lappei^ 
And profredc Pccn \h\% present ' to plcte ther-wiih Elungcr. 

Hitn^r eet al in ha>ie * and ^iikcdv after CDOre; j» 

Ponnr folke for fere iJio ■ fedde Huii^r 3erne 
Wilb c:re)in and witfi troddea ■ iviib cai^es ami olhti herbes. 
By tbrt yt ncihcd homcst * and ncwe com com to chcpyn;, 
Tfa«iin» wae this foike feyn * and fedde Hunger deyntetio^bcht. 
And Gloton iho wUh good ale • gettc Hunger eo sfepe. 31$ 
Tho woldc WAstour n«E vforchc ' bote wandrcdc alxmic, 

S2& A. F^SUS VIL 991-300. S. PASSUS VI. JOS'I'T- 

N« no beggcTo cun bred - thar hvntf inn« «oome, 

Boi? Cfilw; iind clrr-maitn ' on of deiHf ulieie; »^i 

Nc won halfpcnj ale ■ in none vyx drynkt. 

Bole of the bcfttc utd the brounoM - tlut brcwc£tera niU«o. 

Laborers (hat hiue do lond ' to liuen on bote hfon- hondro, 
Drytie nol to dyne a <Jaj ' uitjt-oldc wortcK. 
Mil no pcny-Alc hcna \^ye ' nc no pcc« of bacun, 
EoM tut weorc freKh llefch ' or eU«« fitch i-lr^i, 
[Joihc f'&ijf/f/ aad pFvuAai/^ ' for chd^ of heor« miwe. 

B0IC he btfo lidhlichr; i'hurci ' dlt» (vol lie cliuk* 



Nc no bcp^r «te bred * lh«t bon«» Innc vcrc, jc5 

fiut or ook«i or cleremai/n * or t\h^ of c]«nc vhoU ; 

Ni^ none h^l{:ienj ftle ' in none wise drynlr, 

Bui of ihc bc0t &n<l of the brounc»t - lliat m borghe is to 

LAbor«r«fi that bauc no land? ' to (700 on but h«r hmdesi, 
Deynod noujT m riyrp a-day ■ ny^t-oldn wofws- 
May no pciiy^alc hem payc ' 11c iicj piece of bakouuit 
Bat If it be frcsch Bach oilier fiecbc - frjcd other bake, 311 
And thAt thauds or j>/<u ^'tjju/ ■ Tor chillyng of bcr inflv«. 

And bui-if he be heighlich hnyicd ■ cUin wjl he chyJe, 
And Uuit he wu wcrkman vrou^l - waiilc Ehc :ymc, 
Ajcinca CitoiMs conxille ' comKth he lo langle i — 31ft 

J'auperiatis 0tms paeitHUt firn memmi&, 

He (jreueih hym ijeinet god ■ tmd gmccherh a^pines resouTi, 
And ilmiLiie curaeth he (liif kynge ^ and ol lii^ ccni^eiSlt; uAer, 
Suchc lAitc9 to loko ' Uborerei to greuc* 
Ac vhiJcB Hunger wtft h^r maiewr - there wolde none of Nm 
chyde» 3» 

Ke ftryue ajeincs hU statm ' so tiemellcht* be loked. 

Ae I warac jnvr, veiVemen " wynneUi while 5c mowc, 
For Hanger hidcnvard " hiL^teth hym fftsie. 
He %y^tA au'ikc nith wat^r - waKtonrec lo chano. 1*4 

Ar f>'ue jt'te be fulfilled ' Midie fiimyii sha! arj-ie, 
Thflrwgh flodcfl and ihourgh foulc wcdcrci ■ fnilcs ehul fiillCi 
And fto SAydo Saturne ■ and ocnt )ow to wanie; 

A, i9£' MataifB Ull -, lUttua V. 

jii. Sflluntc HIT; Saluioa V, 

A. PASSUS VU, 30I-3"' O. PASSUS TX. 3a7-34S. 223 

That he WAS wcrlstnon inrou^t ■ ^-aric the tyme. 
And corse ^croc Lhc k)-ng ' and ol hi« coun$«il al^ur, 
Sucbr hwo Ki loitr ' hihnrcis lc> chujsce^ 

Ac while IlMnecr vis iiiajstcr hccr ^ wcJdc th<r itod chyde, 
Ne frthuc a^cjn the t^tatu:cs * so 4tconi<lichc be lokcdc, ^oj 

1 wamc joo, oUe werk-men ■ winntih wtille |^* mowe. 
Hunger hidcrwarj n'^eyn ■ hijelli hirn jconi^, 

lU ncic a-wiilc ihorw walur ' ihc waMoura allc; acfi 

Er fyue ;er bco folfult ' such famyn achol i-ryec, 
Thop*/ flodcE and foul wcdei ■ fniitos achul fayk; 
And %o tciih S»mrne - Mid ncni vc to waml^ ju 

Kotber 1)cec?eTe ecte fared ' tlhJit bcoes were jmnc, 

Bot« ckr^main^ ojid cck«t ' and of dene whele; 510 

Thd vrolde non lialpeny ^« ' \a rone wyse dryrikc. 

Bote of the bexi and broun^t ' ihnr lii^vkv^ters Mlleit. 

Laborere» iliil han nij tonde ' to Ijucu on bote hcic haodc» 
Pcyncd noj^lit to dyne a-d^^ - nygbt^oldc wortcf. 531 

May no pcny-ala bem p^ys ' ne a pcc« of bacon, 
Bot* bil tn? frcewb fleeg^'h other fyBch " frird oth« jbake. 
Arid iljut c^(iud aud plkSih^ud • for cbil]>n^ of licfc mawe^ 

Bole be be licvlichc yhyrcd * ellea wol be cbidc, j,i6 

Th« he va» ji wcrkmsia ywrog^bt ■ u-arjen the tjmMj 
Conei* Catonc* consail ■ <omseth he hy-gnicche; 
PaaMf€riiiiis onus ~ patunier ^tr ft incirtcnfe. 

AdlJ dienne ke corscdj tbe kyng ' &nd Ehllc ibc k)iigt^ luftlloe^r 
Evche tawe» to Icrc - laboren 10 Rrcue. 541 

Ac vh3l« Hunger wat here m:iy»itcr ' wolde Don cbidv, 

Ne «uyue a-^ens the ecaiute ' he lokedo so Btunte. 

Ac tch woTTf^ }0w werlcmen ' tvynrre wliylc je mov^t ^ 

For MungrJ Il)'de^rtilJxlc^ ■ bjeih b>m f»»Ie; 
He ahal awuke thonv water - wasters to chaatc 
At fewe ^trtt be fulltned ' Iamyn« shal ar)W^ 

And so seith Saftirfim - and tent )0w ic wtmen 34B 


S34 B. FASSUS VL 328-33". 

[Noi in A.'iext} 

Whan je sc the Sonne amys ' and two monkes hedes, 318 

And a mayde haue the matstrle - and multiplie bi eight, 

Thanne shal Deth withdrawe ' and Dertbe be iustice, 

And Dawe the dyker - deye for hunger, 

But if god of hia goodnesse - graunt vs a trewe. 53' 

a FASSUS IX. 349-355- 236 

[Nfff in A'ifx/.] 

Tbonve flodes and foule wederes ■ fnites shullen faile, 

Pnjyde and pestilences ' shal muche puple fecche, 

Thre shupes and a shaft - with an vm. folwjng, 

Shal brynge bane and J>ataile - on bothe half the mone. 35J 

And thanne shal delh wilh-drawe ' and derthe be lusticej 

And Diwe the dehiere ■ deje for defaoCe^ 

Bote god of hus goodnesse ' graunte oua a trewe. 355 

ffic explicit passm nonus. 
C. z^o. peslelentca P- 351. viij {f&r vm) I. 

Sl$ A. PASSUS VllL 1-7. fi. PASSUS VIL T-17. 

Paitus cetamu dt vmoM, vi praa. 

TREUTHE hcTdc telk ha-ot • and to Pen »n4?. 
To uken hU I«me ' and \\\ycxi ihc conhe; 
And purcbascde lum * ptrdouta ' a prna t! a <ir//ia 
For him, ixnd for hU hcircs • tucr-morc aftur. 
And bad bolden hem at horn - :ind hercn heof<e ley^es, 
And al that euere htslpen him ' 10 b^ren or to sou-cn. 
Or cny maner iiirsln ' thai TiiihCc Pcra Srlpcn. 


TREUTHK hceJc Iclk hereof ■ and 10 Pero be Bent, 
To Ukcn hb tcmc ' and (vlycn ibc crtho, 
And purchAced hym a pardoun - ff pma <t a cnifa 
For hytOt vid for his heire* ■ for fwrmor^ after. 
AiTtl h-xA hyni hd\i\t Uyai ai hom^^ ' and eryeii hl^ leyfs, 
iViid allc ilial liiilpT h)TQ to ciw ■ to ftcitc or lo fcowt, 
Or ai3j other tnysicr ' that in>^Cc Picrcs auaiUc. 
PirdouR vith Viet&s plowm;in * trcuthe hath ygnuni«d. 

KyngTs and knyjtci ' lii;U krpeu lialychcrche. 
And ry^tfullych in rcume:t ' rctilcn the pcpic, 
Han pardoun ihourRb purgatoric ■ to pasac fiil bitly, 
With palriifkes and propheit-s ■ in panJise to be fcUwcK. 

Bisshopes yhlr>ii<e<l ' jif [hW ben ^t ihci shulden, 
LegtsCret of b^llic ihc Uwce ■ llic kwcd lUcrc-witb tn prcchc» 
And in a:^ moche as tlici mowc ' amende aile aynful, 
Awn perea with the apostles ■ thh pafdoun Piers sliev^eifa, 16 
And a* the day of dome • atic heigh deyw to ^jcte. 


B 16. thift WCO : thij> I.Tt , O, £. hfrn IG ; P tfn. *. m^fir 

MEG; mpwipf P. g. Icirlcr I; dxufdwPtC. 10, Tyglitfiillcdie P^ 

A- PA5SUS Vin. 8-19- C- TAl 

i-*i» K7 

Port in Ihal pardoun ' the pc»pe haxh tf^tzunUil. a 

K}*ng<4 and knihc«» ' ihat k^p^n holi ohLirche, 
And nblfultchc nilcu ' ihi; rt^ime ^nd tlic* |)e|jli*, 
llaci p^Lidoun tbf>r>v pur^tohc ' to pairacn i^l none. 
With patriarkea m paradje ■ to pleyen Uior-nliur. it 

Buatchdps Uiu bleesen ' ftnd both« the hwti cunnen« 
LokrEh on (hat on Uac ' ari(1 lerErLh men ihai othcf, 
And IkicOi bcm boihc en hcor« b&c ' as hcore baner schcwcib, 
And prcch«th hcorc persouns - tbc peri] of *4unn«, i6 

Hou hcoro fictubbcde £chc[) ' achal hcorc wollc £flu«, 
Han pfLrdonn widi li;r' it[i<>>[lcA ' vhon lliri piuen henn«a, 
Aiid atlt; day of dom - with hem on dcia settcn. 






TREUTHE herde klle hereof • and to Teors «ol« 
To take hus lecmc ■ nnd (iilye ihe enhe; 
And puichwcd h/m r pardon ■ d pctta tt d cbJ^j, 
For hym and for hun hc>Tcii ' for cucrc lo ic fuelled; 
And bod hvm bilde byni ai bomv ' and en-t hus ky«s, 
Anrf alle ibai hviipe hjri to eryt* ' ro sMIph r\fh<^r to siw^f 
Other ray mftncrc njjalcr ' lltU niysbl Tecrs ava^rlc, 
Paidon with Pccra plouhman - pcrpctuil he grauntcth. 

Kpgts and kD7ghu>« ' ihil tiol/ kirkt- deCcndcn, 
And fjghifiilUchc in rramfs ' nielen the comune, 
Han pardon thorw purgvodc ' to paaftj ful l/ghtlidic. 
Willi patnAfkcB and prophctcs ' in parndjtc to iilcc- 

Biwhopes ybkKfLcd ' ii ihci ben m ibd 8hold«, 
I,ecl and fol of loue ' and nn lord drcdcn, 
Mcrciabic to meek ' and myldc lo the goodc. 
And bjrlyngc on baddc men ' boio yf ihci w-olde amende. 
And dr^lcth nAt for no detb ^ lo distruy«. l^y Jjori^ pow^rc, 
Lcchcnr i-mong lorded ■ and hvire luthcr aisiomr**. 
And uithcQ lyne as ihci Icrcdi men ' oorc lofd ircutlic hem 

To b^ p««rcs to a-poftc]c£ * alle pupic lo rucle. 
And deinc? with hem at dcme« day ■ hn^ <pike! and d^d, 




m A. PASSUS MU. ao-3», B, PASSUS VU. i»-39. 


Mucliuunii iii this mnxgln ' lifilckn nionj jl'Ick, 
Bote non n pena ti d f^M ' ihc pope ooldc hem gnunte, 
For th<!J holJeth not heoro holy day ■ ui holy chirche IccheUi* 
Aiuj Tor ihei iYroftn bi becr« ioule ' —'so god hem x»osi« 

Afcyii tifore dene cmdence ' h^orie catel to BallK h 

BoL<? ^-ndur hia Mcrc msJ - Trcnihc aeode » lettra^ 
And tiad bem bugge boldely * mbat hem beet l;rk«d«, 
And ^ihihrn snll'-n hti *'3c>n ' and mu^ rh^ wynnyn^, 
Aii(] m^c mmm-drnx ihcT^willi ^ nn-^cybe lo ticlpe, id 

And viltkede woncs " vihilv to amcade; 
Bcetc brujrge* a-bouie ■ ihat lo<hrckc were. 
Mane mftvd&n? - or matrcn hem nontics; 
Pore wirle^eb (hnt woldc beo " none vj'uei Afiur» jt 

MaTChftunti in the marg^nc ' hadden mnny jctm, 
Ac nonr a pma ff a cui^^i - ihc pcpt nolrlf hrm gmunte. 
For ihel holdc [iOU3t her halid^jes ■ as holichcfchc Icchcih. to 
Aad for thci sttctc by her soule • and *so ^ mosic hem 

Ajein clene conscience ■ her csoel to selle, 

Ac vndei lil^ secret »ce! ' Treulhc seni been & Icltrci 
ThU they sbulde bu^^ bcld«ly - that liem beat tihed, 14 

And Bii}icrje« ^Ue il a^etn * and «auc it>e \vynnynge, 
And nnipnilr raesondteux theromyde ' nnd myvysc folkc hrlpr. 
And wikkcd waj^s ' wijtiich hem amende \ 
And do bote to bruggcs - that lobrckc Nverc, >S 

Mirien maydcnp* ■ or maken hem nonnet; 
PL»rc pcple and prisounes ■ Tynden Ijcrii liere fode, 
And Krite eicoleief to scole ' or to aomme other craflci; 
Rclcue rdigiomi - and rcntcn bcm bcltete; — jj 

'And I fthil Bcnde yyw my-selue ' £eyni Michel myn arcbxngcl, 
Thai 00 detifl shal 50W dera ' ne fere jow in jowre deyingf, 
Aod iriten |OA fro w&iihopc ' if ^e utt dius vvorch^. 
And fcnde jowre Govlea in aafic ' to my acyntcs ia loyc' 36 

Tliitmc vprp mnrchaunlit mery • many nepten for ioye, 
And pre/aedeii Pierces ihc plowman ■ ihat ptirchaccl xH% bulle. 
Men of Uwc IcBt piitdcuD liadde ■ di;tl plctcilen for mcdc, 

A. 9». Muduat C^h'^ V. !«, ^'u T , W/hx H ; Jta V. 45. loih II ^ 


A, PASSUS VIU. 33*45- C. PASSUS X. 21-44^ 229 

Fyndc suchc hcorc foodc ' Tor godo louc of bcvcne; 

Seitc ftoolvrs to scolc ' or 10 sum other craifk, 

RuIp rHi^ion ■ ani ri'iilr hem Iwtcfp; 

'And I schi] senric ow my-sclf ' ssinl Mihcl myn aun^l. 

That no dcucl schal 30U dcrc ' vrhoti )c dye ictiijllc, 

Th&t I re Kchil Bend« 3or soules ' aaaf ui to tieuene, 

And bi-fortn tlu' Tact of my fidtT ' rounnoii or ^vcimh 

Vsurc and auirice ' and oihes I dcfcuJc. 

That no gile go vilh ou ■ boti; die gr*cc of treuihc/ 

Thcune were marchaUTidce rniifnj ■ Uiei wopen for ioye, 
And j<'0Ufn Willc for his wrltiTgc ■ woUen? clothes; 
For tic copicdc \lius Iicoic uiu^c ^ diiri Luudcu lam grct thoiik' 
Men of Iawc hcddcn lest ' for lieo bcoth bih 45 



Mircham m th« fnar^nc ■ hiuld^ menye |ereSr 
Ac ^ ^flw */ d ct^pa ■ TnfQihe noUe Jiern gTpiunt^; 13 

For tlici liuldcii iiai Iiirrc buJydiiios ' :u( liolychorcbe Icctieth, 
And for ihci sw^rc by licrc satilc ' and 'ao god mc mote htlp:l* 
AjiMu d«T)o coneci«nce ' for cou«ly«e of ^ynryngc. 

Ac vnder his wcri^ wl ' Trtiirh* ^cMe hem ft Ictrcrpj 
And bai horn b^^c bakllj' ' u^jli lient 1}o»4t tykt^ik-, iS 

And silihcn kUch Lit a-jcyn ' and ^uc tlic wjnnfng«9, 
Amcndcn mrtm-dirux ihcr-^itfj ' and myBcyec men fynde, 
And witkwlr wpyi-i • with htr^ good ftmcnde, 
AimI l>n'g|fc« :o-tifnkp ' hy thr hryr wpvps |a 

Amende in »om m^crc m^ ■ amd maydcncs belpcn; 
Fbure fuplc bcdrcdcnc - and pn^mcA m tiocke:!* 
Fyndc hem for gode* loiw ■ ind fauntckyncK to icole; 
Ri^Icuc rrKgitiri ' and reriivu lit-m bcEtcrc; j6 

'And iub ahal aende jow my-bcliie ' aeyat Miclicl myn uigd. 
Tbftt CO d«u«] 6lial )Ovr dcrc ' nc dcepdr in fourc dcyinge, 
Artd >«ttde joure toul^s * ihvr ich in)'«Mir dtvelle, 
And ifitre 3-b}rd( body >od soule - In bli«ie Tor cnprr/ 4a 

Tlio wcic mcLLlidUiJb DiLUyi: - boiiiioi: ^cple for toyr. 
And prG)dc for P<:cra plouLman ■ tZiai purchftscde hem thia buUc. 
All* Uic papl« hadJo pardon pow ■ thic p!4ffytUche lyucJcn; 
Men of lawff haddir lesi ' dial loih were to pkdr, 44 

Itft^TTi! allr V, Bl j^. w>-uoyjc (^ C »7, aS, hym (/sir bcm^ F, 

A. PASSUS VUl. 46-54. B. PASSUS VH- 40-<i- 
To mote for in*ne mm • but jlf ihei hoddv mon«y; 

So M^lh lliir Baulirr ^ a.TiJ Sa^i^iKL' boLlif. 

/•i£<uj tril mtrtit tffrmm. 
Of princea and prc^liicus - hcor pcncion fichuTdc ftryst, 4S 

And of ihc pore |*plc ■ m> prrirwonh 10 Ukt 

Ac he iliat Hpcntkth hizi spcchc - &iid npckcxh for th< porc 
That h innocent and neodi ' and ito mom hath apcrrcl, 
Cumfortcih htm in h\% Cfti« ' coueiletb not ht« goodes, £> 

Bole for vr itJiUcH Unic ■ lawc for Iiim schcweth, 
Schft] DO dcud at hia (kdiMJa/ ' deren hue wonh a myte. 

For the saulcj ^uctli hem oou^tc such as ukelh ^ftes, 49 
And namcUch or i&nocenu - that none yuel no kuQMtb; 
Syf>rr inti(*£tntm muntra n^ ofcifitt. 

Pledouri^s Hhiild** pr>T]rti hrm ' fn jilrdr? for »iich, an helpc^ 
Phucc» and prcUtcfr shuldc p^yc for her trauaillc; 

Ac many a Insiko on iuroare ' woldc for lohan do more, 44 
Than pro dri pieiiitt • Ipuc Uifjw non« other i 
Ac lie daL ipciidoLh his gpedic ^ and ^|ickftli for tlie |>ofc 
That i» innnccnt and ncdy ' and no man appcirelh, 
Confortclh hym in thai cas ' wiih-oui^ coueylise of jiftca, 4S 
And «chcu'«ib lau« for owre lori^es louo ' as lie il htrh Icmed, 
Shal no dtuel ul Ids ded'day ' <!^tifC tym a myjte. 
That he oc vorth sauf and hia eowlc - die »utcr bcrcih vic- 

Ac to bugge i^vtb.T. nc w>ndi^ ' ir- uiiie, nc fjrc the fierlhc, 51 
ThUe fourc the Htdcr of hcuciw ' made to this foldc in comtmc ; 
ThUc ben trcuthc!^ trcaorc« ' trcwc ioLkc to hdpo, 
That ncucfc shal wax ne ivanye - mth-outc god hym-aelup. 

Whan thd tlrawrn nn 10 deye ■ ami mdula^ncen *»oldc haue, 
Ilcr paidoun is ful pclil • at her part>-ng hcnncSf 17 

That any mcdc of n^cnc men * for her moiycg iak«th« 
]e kgitirea and law^-crcK - holdeth thiA for trcutb«, 
That jSr \\v\\ T lye ■ NTathtw is 10 btamt', 6« 

For he bad t«c make jow thb ■ aiiJ ihiit proucrbc me tolde, 
QuoJtuMfw vultis vi /octant vclis Affmina, /a^it ns. 

A. PASSUS VIIL 55-*3- 0. PASSUS X. 45-5? 231 

Thai he nc vonh sib^r taaf - &nd so aeith the psauter, 
Qm /atit hee, rtnn mowlitttr fn titrmtm. 

Ac lo bu^Rc wilcr, nc w;[it nc wii, (ia Ute thriilde), 
Noldc pcuct holy wril ■ god wot the KUhcf 
Theo( thrco for thrilles ' b«o ihriuen among vs alle. 
To wrix^n 01 t^ \ronirn ' whether god lylceih, 
\\l% fiorduun in puigitoric - u pcLit, 1 Cnjuwe, 
Thai cny mccde of mcne men ■ for mctyngc rcceyuclh. 

Jo l«gi£Ere£ and lawyers ■ 5c witen wher 1 Ij^e; 
Seihihe 3e seon that hit U so ' 4eru«th 10 the besEc. 



Bote thci ^Tf^j&uffte ifir^x i>ajvd 

for ]jK'd>iJ^ aitc Wic. 

Ac Itc thai *pcncih hui^ spccbc ' an(3 f^pckcih for the point 
ThiE innoccni And ncd) is ■ and no mnn harmc voldc, 
And conforicth nuchc in ctiy Cfls < smd couc}tcth nat here %^it^-, 
And for ihe lone of ourc lorde ' bwe for hem declarcth, 49 
5Ti3d kiue ificirc of god )-ikiw - and a gret io/c afler. 
Bclh ywar, jc wiic men ' and witty of the Uwe; 

For vrhenftfi |e dnwt& to the dcth - iuhI Ittd&lgtiice wolde haue, 

Hiu pardon U ful pet^t ' ai hua panyn^ beimes, 53 

Till mrte of mene men - for het« niciyii'^ takcth. 

For hit is iyuuin^F, lo sulle ' tli^t sttiid is uf grace; 

Thai U, m-jU and water - w^nd. and fuvr the CiirtbCf f{ 

Thcw fourc shctden be fro • Ic allc folk that hit nedeth- 

A. 46. ZtiJ £au u m H jh^, 47- V omlla til lircr AV/ihu, if, 

T; orH; Vwb, C. ^J, nodjlMEC; naiJy P. 4'' icftci P. 5i< ■(■« 
msiIMEG; vkcuc P. fi). venne ?. sr nedi^lMKj oMdedcP. 

^^^23fi A. PASSUS vm. 6i-67- B, PASSUS Vlt 6l-96. 

^H Lzbbinilc labcren ■ tiiat Ubbcti bi hcotc hondcA, 64 

^^^^ That trtulichc ukcn * and imillcbr lithcn, 

^^^^H AjiJ tiueo lu luuc &nd in lave ' lor bcoic bwc hcrtcs» 

^^^^ Heddc tlic azLmc absolucion * thAt MUt vu to Pcn- 

^H Allc l/bbyng liburer« ' tliut lyucn with 1]«r hondcs. 

^H That trev'Iich tiikcR ' 4Ad IrfwUch wynncn. 

^H And lyuni in Iou^« and In lawe ' for lior low« IwrciB, 64 

^H Ujuitfih ihe mne nbgolucloun ' thai «cdI iva« 10 ?crcfc 

^H Beggcrva lie biddcrcs ' iic belli uou)t< iu tlic LuUc, 

^H But if the suggcsiioun be solh ' ihiu ali^pcth hen to bc^gc. 

^H For he tliat bcggcth or tit ' but if ho h.tuc node, AB 

^H He U fflU with tbc fendo ' and dcfnudetb th« nedy, 

^H Ami also be bi^leih the ^yucrc ' agolnc^ hia vQ. 

^H For if lie vtM he «xrc noujte ncdj ' he n-olde %lac that an-otbct, 

^H That vrcTc more nedy thin he * fio the nedte^ shuld be hulpc. 71 

^H Catoun kenncth men thu£ ' and the ekrke of the ttones, 

^V / And if) the rXont^ he techcth to bisCowc thyn alines ; 

r^^iE^ ^V/ ^tm^iina /ua in muHU fwx, donee sfudtj au da* 

Ae Gregori was a gode man ' and bad vs gynen alLe 7G 
That asketh, for hia loue ' tint vs aile leneih: — 

jVcwi efigiis cut misertans, w forte prtkrtoi itiiem qui 
merftur aeeipere* Qm'a incfrfum est pr& fw Ik& magis 

For vile yt neiicre ivho ffl vrortht - ac god wote vho hath 
In hym that taketh is the trecchcryc ' iT dsiy treMun wawe ; 
For he th&t )iucth, joldcth ■ and ^nrketh hym to reetc. fio 

And he thai biddc^h, borwrih ■ and bryn^ih hjTn-soIf in dcUC- 
For l)cggL-rcs boiwen eiicrmo ■ and her borghe i» god almj^ilt 
To ;cldcn hem that jiucth heni ' and |ct vjure more: 

Quari n&n deJufi fieeewtiam mfarji aJ mtnMm, ti ^gp 
tvHsVjts turn vmrii exrgisitm rJlami* 
For*lht biddt'ih noujt, jc be^g<T["t ■ bui if jp Iianr gret nedc; 
For whoao hatli to buggcn hym bred ■ the liokc bciclh wit- 
ne«e, 85 

He haih ynough that huih br«d ynough ' [hough he liaue noujt 
Satu dmt ai, fni ircw tndisrt pane. 


A,. PASSCS MIL 68-V3. O. PASSLS X 58-70. 2J3 

Eiddrn artit loggers ' beoih nor in the hulle. 
Bote itic aug^slion be soth ■ ihac »chapcih hem to bcgge. 
For be th^i beg:^th or t^ddc!ih ' bote be h&bbc ticode. 
He u fals u-iib the frnd ' nxd dtfrauJeth the neoJi, 
Aud eke gyleili thv juiere * at ujcyrt hi?t villf?. 



AUc l)bb)T>f:c 1aborour» ■ that lyucn with here handes 
Loelych? and la^cfultichc * ourc lord ireuthe hem f^nujiiteth 
Pardon pcrpetucl * ryghi zt Pecn; FtouUman. 60 

Be^^ia Mad b>dder» ' betJi nal in itui bulb 
Bote the suggestion be aoEh - (bat ahjipcth ban to bcg^. 
For he that bcggvih olh«r bj^ddeih - bobft yf he hatit a«d«, 
He ys lUfi artd faiiour ' and defrfludeth the ncdj, ^ 

And a!>o k>'!«i'' ^y^ '^'^t gyuclh ' and tokcih agcyijJt fans 
For he that i^yueth for godcs loue • ivddc nat g}-uc, 
Uoic titer he vy^c htE were ' yvd gret necde 10 g)'aen. 
And moEl merJtorie 10 men ' that he jeueth for. U 

Catctt a-cnideth tiicr-uldi ' cut dii uitkio j 


Woi no man, as ich wenc • nho U worth/ !o ku». 

tB; ttiftrtm U The M:?>. om« i//rtiw. O, ><, Ubeniuii P. £(i, U»c» 
b«HI;^iP. 64. Mdy lUILG: MalAf". &B. mot P, fon P. 


The niuA needy ntch cmrc uci^licburtt - aoJ vc nvme good ttf^. 

Aa pn»oiiC3 in paUts - Aad t>ourc folkc Ln ootcs, ;< 

^Ch&rgcd ttiib children < and ch<f kK^ca rente, 

Thaf ihei wiiij 9|>iTyjjT»g* may spir« ■ Kp«icD h-i to how^yrc, 

Boilic in xnylk aixl in iud« ' lo nuke with pi|)CH>lcK 

To A-jflolj'c witli licrc (iirk» ' ihAi gfodcR After Todc* f4 

bem-Mluc - suflrcn nuchc hun^, 
And vo in ^^ntcr^^miM * wkh wahyiig« a n)'ghtei 
T« r/se to ihc ftirl* ic roclc ihc crfldel, 
Bathe to k^rdc and ti> kemW ' lo cloiuen Atid to irattcfae, >o 
To rubbc And lo rely - niwhe* tc pffle, 
Thit reuihe u Lo rede ' oihcrc in rycDC chewe 
The wo of lliew women ■ ihnt ^onycth in cotes; 
And of (Qciiy inhcr men ^ th;il muchc un luETren, >« 

Bolhc a-fyrigrtJ* and a-Tdr^|- lo ttime the fajrc ourv&rde, 
And beth abasfihed for to bo^^ - wd woU« nat b« ^:ro«^ 
Whai hem needeth ui here ntihtborea ■ it non md al cuen, 
Tljit ich wiJl wiLerly - as llw ttoilde tccbelli, W 

AVlmi other b>*boucih - ih&t hath mcnj cbfldrcn. 
And hnth no catcl bote bus craAo ' to clothy bcoa uid lo lede. 
And ielc In forigr thcf-:o ' and fcwc pans c;tkcih, 
Thet is p^yn and pony^alc ' as for * pytauncc y-uic, 9* 

for Tcncson jbake ; 
a fcftbyn If- worth of muiclfl« 
■ oiher so fei<r iockes 
thai luvn MicUt; djaugcs ^ 

And to comfortie such cot/crs ' and <rolwdc men and blyndCi 

Ac be^^'rfl uith ba^^s ^ the whidic brcwhouec^ tciL ticrc chtuche*, 
Bote thei be biynde otlier broke ' ether elles be syhc, 
Th^ul he fatle for ddauk' * thai faii^-'th fur bus 1yf-loi3i?, loo 
Eci;clicili ucucre. jc i^ulie ' tliuub iii(.hc lorctles slemcn. 
For oUe that hin here hcie ' and h&re e>-en sy^bte, 
And IjTne* lo laborye with * and loUerei lyf vsen. 
L/ueii a-jena gocks lawc ' a^Tid Icire of )ioly cburdie- 104 

And 3UI am Uicr other bcggcro ■ in hele, as tiit eencth, 

Colde ileJtsh and cold fpub ' 
Ffjdaj'es and iiulyng-dayen • 
Were a fwte Tot suche folke 
ThifSe were ahuesi, to J^lpe ' 

94. a1M£G; PffTi, M. ftfalkcpj ^IM£C!a>t^«. ii(. uTfiblGt 




D. FASSL'S X. 104^136. »W 

' \N(it (n hSext fif ^-^fXi: ter p. »34.] 

Ac hem vimcih here ivitt ' men Mid women botlien 

I'bfr whichc ftrcn luokLik lollcrs - and )cpcrc» 4-boutc, 

And mad &s the mone Eitt ' mor? other lussc. 

Thei carrn for no cold ■ ne couniei]i of no hfle, 

And arn mcujngc aftci dw monc ■ inotKylcs iliti walkc, 

Wttfa a good wil, witlccs ' mcny wyde contrcyfl^ 

Rjghl OE Peter duJ? and Paul - sauc that Ehci ptcchc lUI, 

N* myracle* muten; ' ac mcny irmes, hem Jiappeth 

To pnjjjhttieu uf llie |nj]jlc - plejint^. oi Tui' «cfr. 

And to ourc «iebt, &» bit scmcUi ^ sutb^e God hath the Tnj£:hic 

To ynwSL «chc u vyght wit ■ uciUie, oni hii heic, ii« 

Aftd fUlTwh fiuch« so gon * tiit s«mvili, 10 myn inwiii. 

Hit am as bus ^poslelcSj. Cliche puple ' och^fr as hin pntiyi^ disciples. 

For he ACiitc hem foiih selucrlcfc ~ in a b^ucr ^fnemcni, 

With-^tite bred and bafin^c ' na ibe lx>k iclklh, 114 

Quandd mitt ues vm pom ti ptf^S 
Baifot an<l hrndlcs ' heggeth thei of no man. 
And ihjiub he mete sviih ilie mejfc ^ aniytldc* ihc sErcte, 
He reuef«nc«Lh bym ryghi nouhi ' no rather than another; 

t^mtifu^ saluSautfihs ptr viam. 
Suchf mancic of mrn ■ I\Ulhcu mis t*eh*(h, 114 

We [dioldc hauc hem Lo hnui^: ' and hirlp hem when IIjcI comc; 

A7 4sttt\fi tut£i>s^rt{ indttc in domum ti*am. 
For hit aren muryc-moutbtde mvn - niyiiiitriJe* of heu«ne, 
And gode» boye*, bordiouf* ' as ihf hok i«Ueih, 

J?i f^NU miditiir sapiens, fill stulius nr/ sit tapitm. 
And allc nunere royiutnilc^ - incn wot wcl ihe »otbc, ta 

To voder^fon^ hem fair« ■ h/ftJJcth for the ryche, 
Fof the Ic^rdcs loiM and bdiei - thai ih4l vrith kn£:en. 
M^n »uSren t\ thai audie seyn ' and in wUx taken, 
And jut more 10 *uthc men ■ doth er ihd pawe» 13* 

Gfiien hem SjfEei and gold - for grcte lot<ief eake. 
Rygbt »4>, 3« rich* * rather je shotde^ for so:b^» 
Wflconien ftnri w^^^sshe[ien ' ami wUh joure goodc helpcn t^$ 
Godcft myastia1c& and hus mesaageia and hus muryc bordlounj 

tfh^l L; wbiE P- III. mcycrt P. 

ialvt^uerkii KM(#i luft/inKfu VI. 

236 A. PASSUS VITl. 73. 74, B. PASSUS Vn. 87-91. 

Thei libben not in loue ' ne no lawe holden ; 
Thei weddeth no wommon ' tha.t thei wiUi deleth ; 

Late vsage be jowre solace ' of seyntes lyues redynge. 
The boke banneth beggarie ' and blameth hem in this manere: S8 
Junior /ui, timm senui; ti mm vidi tushtm dtrelictum, 
rtec Sfffun eius querens pamm, 


For ^ lyue in no lone ■ ne no lawe holde; 
Many of jow ne wedde noujt ■ the wommen that ^e with delen, 
f But as wilde bestis with wehe • worthen vppe and worchen, "^ 
And bryngeth forth bames ' that bastardes men calleth. 91 

A. 71. not— nc UT ; in do Uwe • that V. 75. wilde— with TH ; be«sto 

A PASSUS MIL 75, 76. C. PASStJS X. 137-168- 237 

Bote aa wilde beestes wiib wo ' worclielli to-ge<Icre, 
And brhgctb fortb barces ' ihat bularcks bcon hoidcn. 


The wJiichtf am lunaiik loUar<<« ' And leperes a-boute. 
For vndcr godcs were sccl ' hrr^ tj'nncs hen yk^uertd. 
For Lhc[ l>i:frifi no t>a^:gc& ^ nc none boiel£ vndcr cloke^. 
The whichc i» iDlUrcn lyf ■ 4n4 kwc<lc crcmyrcs, 140 

That lokcn Tial louhct^chc - to l&cche;i m^nnes olmcfsOr 
)n linpe 10 «ititfn at eaen ' by the hole ccdfs, 
Viiloukc hus 'pffH'^ abnid ' (Hht-r lygge at litis e»r, 
Rnit hym, and ^o^tc hym ' and his ryg turne, i4« 

Drynkc druf and decpw ' and drawe hym Ihinne to bcdde; 
And when hym lyketh and Iubi ' hui lone ys 10 ary^ie; 
When he yi rysen, romcth oui ' and O'fi^^ "''^^ ahjjieih 
Wh&r he nt%y txihct-i haiic a rcpiJ^t - other a roandc of bicon. 
Salvor oliicr wdc mcLc ' and eom lyn^c bothc, 149 

A loof other hilf a loof * other a lompe of cheae; 
Atiri cariirth it hnm 10 bus cow ' and caar hTtn 10 lyuc 
Id ydclnc*« and m cie ' and bv olhcrs tmuaylc. i^j 

And what Frck of thys foId« ' li^th ihus n-bpuic, 
Witii a bijjgc at bus bafc ■ a beg'encldes wj^, , 
And can som rr:inere croft ■ in cua i»e woldc hie vse, 
Tlujrgli wbichc ctdl he coutl^ ' come to bred and lo ale, 1^ 
And oucr-mor? to on later ' to helj-c \nth hua bonc^ 
And lyucih lyk a bller* ■ godei hu-& hyin [lampueifi- 
"y'LoJIorei I>i*p>5 in sfciithe * and oucMonde «[T}kvta 

B«tlj nat iu this bullc/ i|uaili Petfts - 'iil ihei b^ii auicnJid, 
Nort*cr b^((j,-tra lliat bcggcn ■ bcic y( ihcJ hauc nccdc. 161 

Tht bok blamcth alio boggerye ' and txinncth in ctue moncre. 
Iftnier JUi, ftmim smut, n<m ufdi tutfum dfrfhitum, nfc 
tfmeit rtus ^rmr pantm ; ti alibi: Infirmaia «/ 
tar/nA m/a in /\ju/vr/atf. 
Hit nccdcth nauhl nouihc ■ a^non for lo prcche, 
And 1cr« thc£c 1ewcd« nnen ' what thy« Laiyn mencth, %k% 

For hit bhmrih alb bcggeric ' be ^c ful ceneyn. 
For lltci lyuc in no loue ' ne no Uwc ihci bolden; 
Th«i w^dc non womoa ■ that ibei «ich delcit, 
Bdngtth forth bastardei - beggcrs of kyiide. t€g 

ihilV. R U.^MrimjfiammOC: LWRi>«. O. U*. jkcuoodc P. 

138 A, PASSUS Vm, T7-«»' B, TASSUS VIL 9J*io5- 

Or bt& bftc, oT bi» bon ' heo bceketh m beore ^utbt. 
And goth, Ta^th wiih bcore fiuiDtcs ' «u«r-more oit^. 
Th*r b?n tno mii-happi^i amongus h*m ' hoio tak*th hee^. 
Then of itlp utluire ineti ' ihat oii raiiMc wAndr^n. to 

Thci timi lyucn thus hcuTC !yr ' mouwc lothc ifac lymc. 
Thai cucre tlict wcorc men i-wrot^t - vhon ih«t schul hcnne 

Or ihft hokkir or fom^ hone tie breki^th in bis |ouibe, 
And Altbc goik fiiEcu nUb )ourc fiiunk% - for cucrmorc ttict- 
There a moo mj^abapc! pcplc ' amon^ lbi»c beggcres, 
Thau ot oM* mancr men ' that on ihis mcJde o^allwth; 9ft 

Ant) thrt that lyue Lhua here l^^f < mowe luthe [lie [jme, 
Tlmt cucrc lie vu uiAn wroujt vibun be abiil htnacs fart. 

Ac oltle men and horo ' ihil Ldplo«ft ben c»f KirCDfthc, 
And women wiih cbilde ' that worche ne mowe, too 

Bl/ndc and bedi^rt^d - anri broken bere tnembres 

That ukctb tb[£ myschicf mekdych ■ u in(sdc» And otbere, 
Hin a^ pkyne pjirdoon ■ as the pilowmjin hym<«cb'; 
For louc of her lowe hertis ' owe lortte hath htm grauni^d 104 
Here prnaUTicc and ber pur^ioriEr - here on ibis vrthe. 

A. 78. ivutt V. 88. lone of THU ; V om. B 9^. A ^/er And) L, 
C ITI. mfvhi^eF. 173. j^mtFl':; Av/ MIG^^T/mc- i;£. hH^pb^P. 
1R1. mm IMKG; PdH. 1K9. poi»»fte IM EG : poun* P. i>j, 191, Ac ; 


A. PAssus vnu e^-s^ o^ passus x. 1^9-196, s»9 

Bale Okie men a»d hc» * tfait b«lp1«^ bM± of ttrtvigtlke, 
Alkd W7nne« wlA dillde * ihat «orcb«o d« noven, I4 

Bljvde «Bd bodceikfi ' lad lifokcB heon mcoiLiiCK, 
TlttL taken xncsclMr Taekclicbc ' 49 mescks or oliicrc, 
Hin u pityn pardoun ' u the pkxih'ni<>n him-KJocn; 
Fof looe of heore bwc henw ■ tt lord hath bcm grtuntcd ffl 
Heore penaunce and heore purgMorie ' is her Tppon eorthe. 

OUier the bak other »om bon ' tbri brdcen of here children, 

And gooth ahiTtyn^ viib bere ^iiatrt ^ for euere-mcre Alcer. 

Th^r am mo nttfihsLpen ' a-nno:ig[ siche be^gen. 

Tluui (]f uieiiy oiljcr men - iliat on llus motde vnSktn. 171 

Tbo thai l)i»Ti thoA hure Ijf ' le}ve je non gihcrc. 

Tbci hiiJi no part of pardon * of prefers, nc of pcnaiuuM- 

Ac olit^ men and horc ' thai helpSes beexb and ncdy, 
And wommcn ''V'ith chHdc ' ihal wofchc nc inowcn, ijt 

BIjndc men and bcdrcdcn - and broken Id bcrc membrcfr 
Aad alle ponre pacicnlcs ' a-fEa^4'^cf Apodca soVLdc," '*' 
Aa meMta and roendirwunte* ' men y^sMc in m)^ch«f, 
Ak pti?«n» and jHlgrim™ ' parjumrr men j'tobbt-d. ifto 

Oihcr bj-lovc tborffe luihcrc men ' and loat here catcl after, 
Olhcr thcrg:h ftire other thorvc flood ' falle I0 poucrle. 
Thai liken ibrt* mciuchicrfs meckliche - ind myldliche at herte; 
For loue of here loac herla ■ oure lord baOi hem graimted 
Here peniuncc ancl here purgautric ' vp-on thys p«r« crthe, iS; 
And pardon with Peer* Pbuhman ■ a pnn ei a as/fiii. 
And nllc holy hemutM • haue «chal the »m« ; 

Ac rrrmlti?a that en-habiten - by the he)-e ^eyea* lifs 

And in borvcs a-fDcaig biewcsitn ' auJ beggcn in churchc»; — 
Al ihas holy crcnijtci ■ haicAn and d«^bcde, 
As rycbctiefi and renerrnces ■ and iTcht monnca almcase. 
The*-- loUerea, Ueehcdra^crot ' lewode «r«inyu<, 191 

G>ucytcn die conlrarEc ' u cot (era tlicl lybben. 
For hit bctb bote boycs ' bbltctS lUtca ale. 
Neylher of lyonge, nc of teilnirr; ' nc lyf-holy as eremites 
That wODede vhilotn m wctdca ' with berei and lyonct, 196 

tkii Uv. IBS. aj-hibi(<A tkem ?M; Ut raf 9mii bcm- 194- bollera [M ; 
Iolki» tnTrn^> PErO 1915, or }>ni:uEie^ cfletlurc V: Av/ 1 %m<rti tivj* 


0. PASSUS X. i97-*ia8. 
[Act m ±-hxt «r B-farL] 

Sotnc had IjModc of here Ijna^ ' xni of no Iff dies; 
And K>rac lyuic4c by hen leltrnre ' and labour of here hondcs ; 
Somme hadd? forcynea to rrenJe^ that h«m fode tente; 
And brydiloH brouhcen to aDTn« bred - wb^rljy ilsei 1}ru«deii. 
Alic thcie hot/ cfrmjles ■ were oT hyc kynnc, joi 

For-Boke landc And lordshcp - and lykyngca of Ihc body. 

Ac these eremytcg Ihal od(*fyon thus ' by Iho hyc weyca, 
Whilom ^err workmen ' vcbbcs and uillours, >q4 

And waiters knauc^ ' and dcrkos wlth-outc grace. 
Hcldcn fuE hangry houG ' and hiddc mach dcfauEe^ 
Ij^tifi hbcMi and lyle wynuyngc - and aitc littc atpjden, 
Tlitil fttitoura ill frenr tlolhyngc ' hadde ffttte chcklia. loft 

For-tlii Icfie tlici here hbourt ' t1ic»c Icwcdc knjtuca. 
And clothed hcci in copca ■ clerkun ah til were. 
Other on of eom ordra ' oilier* cUes a piophoU; 
A-}eiu tlie lawe he lytieih ' yf l^jyn be irewe ; an 

Ntm iittt uvi/ii ie^tm uo^iffMt, tnf uoIuitAAAm t^niaa^gm 

NoMr k>-ndeliche, by Crist - bcth suchc callyd *IoIi«re«,' 
As by Eiigl:9ch of otiic eldres ■ of oldo mcnnc techjuge. 
He thai lolleili is lanie ■ nihcr \m leg out of ioynlc, 
Other mcjmcd b vom tnenabre - for to mcachicf hi< sounctfa. 

And ryght so GOthlj'chc * suchc mancrc cicmytcs 

Lollen ojen the byTe)-ue ' and 1a«« of holy chuKhe. 

For holy church^ haipili ' nllc manrrr pnpic 

Vndcr obedience to bcc ■ and bmcum lo ;hc lawe, 

Furst* rcliffiot:s, of reli^n ■ here rucle to holdc. 

And vnder obedien<:v to be * by dayes and by nyghtes; 

Lewede men to laborie ; - and loidei to honic 

In &ythcs aiid in forc^tes ' for fox and other besles 

That m wildc wodc* ben ' find in wast places 

A3 collies that VLyr)elh men ' Acmmen and children; 

And ip-on Sonedayes to cesw ■ godca serayce 10 bujTe. 

Boibe maijiis and mci^e - and, after mclc, in diuicbes 





C- 304. Whilom IMGF j WyI*B P. 906. H«eldcn P, fnl IMTC i 

PEm. air tiiwelliF; IrywcK J15, ofl^yC; ofl>cR >flj. 

and MFC: FlEtm. iKi. wythyt^P. =^4. «>cr£i ocFGj P Mv. 


a PASSUS X. 319-361. Hi 

[Xc/ ra A-i^xt or R^/xt; sn p. 94O.] 

To hti/r* Iwre eu««of)S ' euery aftii otihte. 

Titus U by-loftgelb for loMe - Tor kifd, ar<t 1«vr«de, 

Echc halj'dsy 10 faupt ' hoDych« i)i« ^ruicc, 

Vigfles ftnJ faAijn^dft^ ■ rorOicrc-niorc lo krout» j^a 

And fb]6IIc tho teQugoi ' bote KnCinaite lui madv, 

Pmicrte orh«r 4)thcre poiunncn ' as pflgrynD^Lgcs and tniuy>«. 

Vndet ihU ol>p(li^nc*? ' ain wr cchonf; 

Wb>«o brekytb this* be ncl vai - Lot yfhc rcpcate, 136 

Amende bjrm and nncrcj uk« - and mc<h£chc b/ra »bryuCj 

Icb drede m<, and lu> dcyc * hii WL>nli for d«dlich »yniu 

A-t.T>jiit-[l hj^^c Crai ■ bote coiwripn^o citnv hi-ni- 

Lokc no^' wnere thoc Inllcrcs ' and Ic^x^dc crcrnyicii J40 

yr th«i b<ckc thj3 obedience ' Ihat bcc »o fcr fro churcbc? 

W»r »** u't h«m on Soncdajfi ' Ihc wruvte to huyre, 

A^ mai^'ns hy the morue? ■ ijl mai^v by-gynne, 

Olhcr SoDcdajs tt vucauii^c ' wo we wel fewcl 144 

Othcrc kbory for here LGodc - u the bwc woldo? 

Ac at m/ddi}' mccl-ijioe • ich ineie with hem oO^, 

Com)mgr In a cope ■ as he * clcik< were; 

A bachclcr oihcr a btinipere ' l)e*t hym by-t^mi'-lh; *^s 

And for the doih thai keucicili lijni ^ cald is he a frerc. 

Wa4tAiclh ani wypcih ' and with ihc fursle siUcth, 

Ac while he wrou^t in ihj-s nxirlde ' ind wan hut mete ndth 

He »t atte ajdhcnchc " and sccounde table; ajj 

Com no vryn in Iius %i'ombc * ihonv ihc wckc lonf[e, 
Notb«T bitnketi in bus bed ' ne white bred by-fore hym. 
The taoi&t of al thyi cjjtiftc ■ comt-th of meny bfssho^ios, 
TiAt BOfTfcn sudie toito - and otJtcrc nynriov rt-stic; »5ft 

CctTCC-, ho 90 ihuiote lit deggc ' Sjtnim ^itan <iormifi 
V^tiivt Ttif £iirour ■ for thow ha»t grci charge. 
For xhrny irak^r wolne* * ben broke In-to foWcs; 
Titync bcikerc» ben al biynde ihiii Lijniccdi fortlj tbj l4mbrcri> 
DiipcfgaUur mtet ' ihi dog^ dar n&t bcrkc; itii 

jjy. A«k«ftdeoR »4*>. v,mP, 141. fttlFCi PEM tf-. j« »*1 HFC 
woir, a44> teicIMKIiCl. cure P, i*:. C^ajm*:* MEFCi Ccnyop? P- 



242 A. PASSUS Vni, 90-95. B. PASSUS VIL lofr-iig. 

' Fers/ quod & prest tho ' ' tbi pardon most I rcdea, 
For I wo! constnie vch a clause ' and knowcD hit in Englisch/ 

And Pers at his preyere ■ the pardon vnfotdeth, 9a 

And I bi-hynden hem bothe ■ bi-heoM a1 the buJle. 
In two lynes hit lay ' and not a lettre more. 
And was i'Writen riht thus ' in witnesse of treuthe: 

'Pieres,' quod a prest tho ' 'ihi pardoun most I rede, 
For I wil construe eche cUuse ' and kentie it the on EngUche/ 

And Pieres at his preyere ' the pardoun vnfoldeth, 108 

And 1 bihynde hem bothe ■ bihclde al the bulle, 
Al in two lynes it lay ' and nou;t a leef more, 
And was writen rijt thug ' in witnesse of treuthe : 
^/ gui hma tgeruni^ ihunt in vitam tUrnam : 
Qui v^ro rna/aj in tgrum tternum. 

'Peter!' quod the prest tho ■ *1 can no pardoun fynde, iii 
But "Dowel, and haue wel ' and god shal haue thi sowie. 
And do yuelj and haue yuel ' hope thow non other 
But after thi ded-day * the deuel shal haue thi sowle ! " ' 

B, 115. BulWCO: Th»lLR. 

A, PASSUS Vllh 96-99, O- PASSUS X. a^i-a^i. U2 

Et qui lo/ta q;erwi/, I'^un/ in vtUm tUrnam ; 
(Jut Vfrc mj/'Jt in iffwm <isrirum. 
■Peicr!" <iuod the prcoil tlio ' "I con no pardoun fyiMle-, 96 
Bote "ilnwr], nnil haup wri ■ am! god »thal biiuc Uil sulJc. 
AnJ do vuci, anil bauc tucI ' lM>pc thou non oiliur, 
ThiU iftur thi deth-day ■ 10 belle schuUou wcndcl"' 

r *"" " -'■ -■ 

The t%rrr K vinj-il/ ' ihat 10 tJ>JTiQ slietp by-long<'ih, 

iluTi; Siui: jFs ot tufterstdtos ^"Mi somcnirrt* boici: 

TJi>-nc --"Jiccp arc ncr aJ slubbjd " the wolf ^hiktb wooUe : 164 

iiiih motii pasUrt ' /»;>«/ ian<im ta^aJ, si frtx 

In^aiiioditui ' thlactraJur tf>, 

Hixjwl burdr! wlicr U ihyn hnundc ' and Ihyn lattly beitc;. 

For 10 vfrjc tbe wnlf ■ that )hy w:>d1I<; fcmlctlt ? lAS 

Icb kryur, for thy licchc?;^ ■ thow Ict-st mcny wcdvrca, 

And ful mcny fayru flu» ■ fikliclw ^vuihvl 

WhonrtivlMJJoktftb 10 haue ' a-IouaLncc for bus bcslev, 

And JT the luotjyc Lbo<* )uJ^ ibcr-iiiyJ " bos mcoble to sauc. 

Aii<) ibc moqUc worth vc)r^ * woo ys ibc tSiL-iuicI j;^ 

J?f<£/« rtit)C9fm Mj/itMtMit tut ' othflr i n arorag» falltj^ 

Thyn hyrp, hiirdf, n» tch bope ' baih nonhi 10 quytv thy (T**tie, 

Ther au mcilc nc mercy ■ may iiai a iiiylc au^ylc, 176 

l^tc 'hAuc tlu« for ihai - tho tbai thow lollc 

f^crcy for mcclf? < and my Uwc brcko, 

Ldkt now for ihi Ucchc«^ - xrheihcr hw« wol th« grsutnic 

Puigatorie fiir thy juiyc ■ other prrpciucl bcUc?' >So 

For shflJ no pardounc prayc for 30* [her ' nolhcr prince* Icltcics/ 

'l^rv/ quath a prcTit iho ' 'ihy pardounc moiic ich redo. 
Itb eta CDn«ru*n ech wordc ■ and kermc bit ihc in English*." 

And Pttfs ut hu* preyurr ■ the pardon Ynfc!dtH3, 1^4 

And kli by-bynde hem bothc ' by-h«UI bT ilic bullc. 
In TWO lyiKr* hit Uy ■ inj no Icticrc more, 
And tt-aa ywrylv r)'gt]i ihua ■ m wiEncitc of trcuibe. 
Qtti &pni3 fgtruni I'buttf in ttftajm tttm/tm ; 
Qui mra ma/a, in ign^m tlernum. 

'Peter!' qualb the prcit iho ' Mcb tan no pardon fyndc, *»ft 
Bote "do ^-^1 and haue wel ' nnd god that haue thy Ktiilft, 
vu#l and haue viifl ' and hope thow non other 
be [bat vuel lyueth ■ vuel sba) cndtJ"* 

C jTt iiifMF£0:riim. 

iflr |owP. 

21^ A. PASSUS Vm, loo-ioS. B. PASSUS Va 116-135. 


And ?fT% Tor pulre (©one ' polleile hil Or^ondcr, too 

And faitlithc \ic bciilc 10 hen; ^ Utcfic kgicIj tavrifl, 

* S* amhuiatura in medi*t tmSre mcr/it, »<m /imtS^ 

I schaJ Rwc of my lowxnge,' quod Pent • 'ncd nrjntce 
so h'lrLlci 
Kc Aboutc my- lyUoHc - ao bisy bco no more I 
or pt«ycrc flnd of pcnauncc ' my plouh cchat ben hcrancr, 
And In-loure ihax 1 b«o-louh ' t% my Ijf fayle. loj 

Tlicr propheic hia payu ect ' in paiiauijcc unJ wepyng; 
Ai tbc psaoicT vsi wiih ■ ao dodc moiii othcxc; 
J^hii kjui'th Uoil kily ' hi^ Ij'tEodo )» wel muchc; i«t 

And Pierce for pare icnc - pulled it ntw^ync, tiA 

And wvdc, 'Ji' am&u/attfro in niidt'a vm&n mflrttf, k^ 
tiptihif ma/a; qwmiam tu putum ti. 
1 shfll ccsjeii of my lowyng, quod ?ieici» ■ *«nd iwjtik nouj: 
so hofdc, 
Nc about my bely-ioyt^ ' 10 bisi be namcrer 
Of pfe)pra and of iwnainici- ■ my ploH- still ben benTcer, 
And wcprit whan I »hu](Ic a1f|ic * though Avtictr-brcd nic tid\]c.. 
ThL^ prcphctc hb payn «tc ' in pcnaunu and in sorwc, 111 
But thai iixt viuier »«itfa ' &0 ded« oUier mcinj'e; 
That lou(?lh grK\ Iclty ■ bi* lyfloJtr h ful c*y; 

Andfc but i/ Luke lye ■ he Icrcth vt hi fodes, 114 

Wo ehuldc noujt be lo bfny - ftbouc« the worides bUsee ; 
Nf sfilftati xi/i'r ■ he wy(h fn ihe gO*p*lj 
And slicwcifi \9 bi ensamplcs ' v» scluc lo wisw. 
The foulc* on the feldc ' ^vho fyni hem mctc at *ynUf? 11* 
Ilaue thci no gernerc lo |r^ to ' but god fyttl hem alli.\' 

' What f" quod ihp prtit (o PcrVyn ' 'PcicTi a«int think«tb. 

^■^mw an lirlired a titd ' who knwrd the? nn liokc?" 
'Abatbdicc the abbeuc/ quod Picrcs ' 'mj-nc a. b. c. mc 
And Consrirrcff come alterwArd * and kenned me mocbc more," 
'Wcic ibow 11 pTcst* Piercs/ quod be - 'ihow mijie pr«clie 
where thow sboldrsi. 
A« dcuynoui in dcuynytc ' vitb dixi/ intipuiu to ihi tcme/ 


A. PASSUS VIII. 109-122. (NOT IN C-TEXT). 2-15 

And bote ^if Luke lyje ' he lereth vs a-noiher ; 
That to bisi we ne schulde beo ■ her vppon eonhe, 
While we woneth in ihis world ■ to make vs wornbe-ioye. 
Nt soli^iii siiis • he seith in his godspel, iia 

And scheweth hit by ensaumple ■ vr soules to wisse. 
The foiiles in the firmament ■ who fynt hem in winter? 
Whon the forst freseih - foode hem bi-houeth; 
Haue the! no gemer to go to ' jit god fynt hem alle.' i[6 

'What?' quod the presl to Perkyn ■ *Peierl as me ihinkeih, 
Thow art lettret a luyte ■ ho lered the on boke?' 

'Abstinence the abbesse ■ myn a-b-ce me tau^te, 
And Concience com aftur ' and kennide me belere.* t3o 

'Weore thon a prest/ quod he ■ *thou mihtest preche whon 
the liiste, 
Quoniam liia-aiuram mm cogrumi • mihie be thy (eeme I ' 

A. 101. Thij line " in H enly; VTU Aavi md wide, iit tnd {f\- 100. 
V omits all aflfrr timeho, 106. prophe[c*-cc1 U ; prophctet pcynedea hem V. 
109, )ini>k«UT; lukH; the bok V. 114. who fynl THU (j» 1. 116)1 

heo fccdelh V. jjo, kflinidc TU; tanjle VH. I33, thy HTU; my V. 

?« A, PASSl'S Vlir 113-133. B. PASSUS VII. t^^i^^ 

'Le-wtiSc JcHcl *' quod he - 'luiic lokcslou on ihc bibk. 
On SabEDOEics »4wcft ' Kldom thou hi-hol^lcie; i>« 

Sljtlg* awsy lhc«c («mcrs be fceith ' wilh here shrewid flili:!^* 
For v\th hvm wWy y kcpc rot 10 rwt ; 

£^ AtixfFfj 4i inrgia oat tu, Jv crtMimL' 

The [)re»l ^i Pcrkin tho - apf-oKdcn cither other. 
And tlkOi^ hcorc wottlc* 1 a-nck * and wjutidc skbovie. 
And SAuh thfr mnnc litte vuili ' eur^nc Uiac lyme. 
MrLtIr( anil mnni^jrle* ' oa Mutupmc hutlr*, 
Mas>^g <jn this mi^ctcUs ' a mylc-^'CJ teh jcode. 

Monr lyme ttije mewls ' h^n made m« lo sludb 
Fcr Pers loue, the ploiih-mon ' ful pensyr in tnyp hene; 



•Ltwcd lofcll ' quoi PK-rc* ' Mild loltritow on ihe bible, ij6 
On Salomoucs si««» - Kldcn thow biholtkal. 

£K'/ difttQtu ft otTfsta cum tit, It* ffftr^nJ^ ^»' 

The prest and Pcrkyii ■ nppotcdoit ryiher 0(her, 
And 1 Lhorw lierr wordci ;i*woke ■ And waited Abouie, 
And Ki^hc ttic vonnc in Lhc aouih - nttc [hat lyiur, 140 

McidceR and mondees ' on Mahemc hullcsf 
Muiyng on Ihia met«lea; - and my v^yv ich jcdc 

Bfanjr lynn: ihis inctrkr<» ' hath mMLrd me to f^udj» 
Of thdii I k'i^\\ »lcpyrg - if i; M) be ni>^le, i^ 

And also for Feres the pIovMiinii ■ ful pemyf in hcrlc, 
\t\d winch a pardoun Pere* hadde ■ alle the pcplc to conTorle* 
And how the pTfsi in^pngned It ' vitii tnio propre uxtrdca 
A< ] htuc no eavouic in AUilg^^v^ric ~ for I v ii n^e fiiille; 

Caioun And c^nciiiLsirca ' consdilcth va to kue 

To **lte tftdncGM in aongtwanc ■ iw, iompnia nt rwrj* 

Ac for [he boke bihle ■ bereih vitne^^e. 

How I>an>tl driiyticd - ilic drotiie^ «f ^ Iiynge, 

TTial waa NabuRodonosor - aemimcd of clerkly 

VsmiM aejde, 'wrc kyiige ■ ibt dremelcs biU)kneih> 

That vnlmiTh km-jtts slid come • tlii kyn^oin to clone; 

Amongca luwdt^ luid» - tbi iondi* thai be departed/ 

Am) u Danycl deu>7ied - in dcdc it Telle afttT, 

The kpige less hia brdihip - and lower men it haddc. 




A, 114. Midoatr; luUdV. i»s> ja*. 7Xm AW w m Q en^. for 
fk/ VTIIU tur« £a/, fff fnrAoHf TU^ mwr iT»rintr Y. u8. WAlllde 

A. PASSUS VUt 134-144' C. PASSUS X. igs-jo;. 217 

For citti I ttnfa eSrfiTV^ ' ^If ha eo b« idAim^ 

Bc4c CakXim cooauuBcih lai baj ' an ctnocnOa bcxbe. 

And sigsta bi bcoi-ocbKa ' sm ^ttia m fmnt, tji 

Ac Tor iho biUt * bemb wttMCS* bo« 

Dudd dcujiietk * the dremck of a lipig. 

T^ KnbugodonOKX ncmpae Uurf« dcrkcs. 

Dtnicl tekk, ' &r kyng - thi »vcuci>c >t to aiCK^ 149 

Tbfll vnkouthc kTutii«£ scbuJ come * thi kiii$4ttt to cbjino; 

Among letter IcEfdes ' tbi lond tidial be ckponcL' 

As Dantrl diuiiiede ' hit fd in dede afEer, 14I 

The krng Uific h^ lord^ape ^ Ukd la£se men bii hauiklcf). 

The pr«rt thus and Pcfkjii ■ of ibc p^trclon Lmgled. v^i 
Tbrogb liere uonSci kh Aivouk - «Eid wailrde ibnute, 
Aad teih tbc sormc in tbc acuth ' sittc ihal t>-mc, 
M«wi» tad moDcylei ■ on Maloenic hciilc}, 
Mu»ynge on dite mtttUs ■ a mjle-w^- ich jeode, 

An<l mcny lyntra ihU mciries * maJe mr 10 aitidie 
Of tti&i )cli Kiti Bkpjngc ' yf lui so be mygbtc. 
And of Pccn Ploulunui ' ful pcn^f in bottt 
And which n pir<k»n FccfB hadil* - ib4 pople to g]a4«n. 
hnA hfjw the pjcr« inpi(^-;TicYl hn ■ iborvr iwo p*oppe wtirdr*. 
Ac racct xticn nat by sonxcwaric ' men seen hb orlc fiilc, 
Caion counicih hit at nouhc - And cftnoDittt«a %i Inaic. 

Ac Tor the hc\ hiVtc betclh goty] wfUnc»e, 304 

How DnnKl dyumc<j« ' auid vndude the drcmdec 

Of kjng Nabngodcinowr ' that no jnrcr hiuldc. 

And dtllv afhet^ (O I1113 fwnr^ * Mriile hem wbai ihd thouhtc:** 



THUs EcJictlcV. 131. MpijnjE'''l<U? Mcnjrrf)ii(e V. 135, ftempn^- 
derkcftUT; Vm. 141, kiadiiin V. B, 137 SurOi J'n^LWKC. C. 
i$6. f«<« ?i jM L J97, 19^ ful II G i P M>. 301. lecl P O^ »</ niMh 

2*8 A. PASSUS\nn. i45-»55 B- PASSUSVI!. 159-178- 

And loKph mrtie meicli - fu! okcniilottii ilvc. 
How the Sonne and ihc ntone ' and entfucnc Bicrrcs 
FaldfB bt-br<- hm feci ' ajid bdleden him allc. 
* B^ /it,' quod hii fiidci " *for dcCiuir wc schullc, 14ft 

1 m>-*c!f, And my »oncs ' aechc ihc for imwIc.' 

Hit kl A% the fidcr Kcide ' m Pbiroono iymCj 
Thcr Io«e|ih wan lustuo ' £gipC« to kepen, 

Al th» rmktih me ■ on racMcU to ihenkca if* 

Mony ijmt at miduiU ■ aIiuii lucn sdiLilJc iJcpc, 
On Pers ihc plcuh-moii ' and ifvbucli a ;>udoun he hcddc, 
And hoQ the pr«oftt inpugik«d9 hil ■ al bi pure rteomi 

Ami losFpti nwtle merDcHloiirif ' how ilie mun^ and [lie 

AiuJ ih^ ct!<^uciLC blcrt^a ' hail»cd hyn allOi i6» 

TMnno lacob iuggf'd * lotcpbos fwcum«: 
* fifaa fi/f!,' qiicxl H>i fadtr ' "for drrintc wr i^hullrnj 
J lay-M^i and iri> >onc> ' ^tccbc the for ncdc*' 

It Hfct as hut fader ttydc ' tn J*harxoe» tjmic^ 164 

Tbflt loftcpb %-aK lusiicc ' H^tc to [o):cn, 
It bifel a« bit f;i(Irr tolOr - hU Trti^df^t there hym KOujtC. 
And b1 this makcd; me ' on thiii mctcln to Uiyuke; 
And how the ptai preued ' no pardoun to DonvcI. itt 

And demcd that Uo^^'el ' indulgcncee paesed, 
Biennalei and in^nnales ' and bts$chopcs l^'itrcfl, 
AciJ bow Duwrl al ihc diy uf dooat - h dignclich wiHcrfongen, 
And p^awtb al ihc pardoun - of »e>'Q: PeUcs chcrtbc* 171 

Nov bath Ihc pope powcrc * pardouD to grauititc the pepte 
Witb-ouicn cny penaunee ' to passen in-to hcvtene ; 
TI1U la owre biteue ^ as trtlenHl men vs Ct^chcih, 

Quodivm^tu UciHicris jmfitr kmatit crti iigtttum tt m 
«rAf , jv. 

And £0 1 leue Idly ' (lordes forbodc cilia 1) 

Thai pardoun and pcnaunce ■ and preyercs don aaue 

Sdulct l|]4l haue synned - seuenc tiches di^dly. 


A. 153. naT; I VU. C .';q9. metUlMFKC; nivt« P. ai>< K 

MFI^.Pw. 3lj»pfaftnociMF£i pharao Jiui P. jil prcciMd P. 3*1, 

A, PASSUS Vlll. ifid-t65. C, PASSUS X, 308-51^, 2« 

And diaincdc that Dq\\«\ ' indu]g«tc« pUMde, f£6 

Blrnil* ami [fir':i:i!s ■ iiTul Uuwicliopi'H leiiren. 

Dowci on domwday ■ is (lignclichc i-prcisci, 

He p3^4i;lh ol liie parJouns ' ot a^Dt F«iru3 churche. 

Now hni^ (he pcpe pouwer ' pardoun to graunte^ )4» 

Tti<* |>«pl(r wiltKjtite pcnuunce ' in pA.^u^ 10 toyc. 

This ia ft Icf of vr« bilceue ' m IctEict men vs tcchcili, 

QiHXJrvn/vf /"tfcjiuru jr/^ /errtrm, ifit lignum it in aiu. 
Add io blloouc I IcUy ' (\t lord fofbcode liif cUck !) 
Thai pArdoiin an<l prnaiincr ■ and pfrji't* don fi^ticn i(^ 

Soulo thAt hu ningct ' Kucn xiLbcs dcdiich. 

And Io*cph mcttc meniclotisl^chc - }ioit the monc and the aonne 
And «lkui*ne Bterr^ ■ hailsedo hym alls; 309 

Thenne lacob Iijgc<1 - lo^^phf? su^ucne: 
' Btau /fA/ qiuih [Ic fader - 'wc »buUclh for dffuitc, 
Ich DQj-flolfftad my souce. ■ eccho ihc for nccdc;' 3>> 

Hii bf-f«] as the fader ^eide - in PharaocB iyEn«, 
T^al lc«cpb wst^i Tusiice ' l^ipte to Bauj>; 
Iliis clcuci'c biotlicics hjm Toi uccdc Koulitc^ 
And hu» fader I&<ot> ■ and also bus dftmc: — 2>^ 

Al tilts En&kcih me ■ on Tnclelcft to eludic, 
And hott' the prcci;i prctied*' " no pardon to Do-wel; 
And dcmcde ihai Dtjwcl ' indulgciKcs pMscdc, 
Byrrniab ' and trycnrtolii " and bissbopcri Icttcrcs. po 

>'gr ho &o doib wd bcrc ' at the dayc of dome 
Wonli fiife inJerTongc ' by»for god that lyin^?. 
3i> Dowel pasacUi iKinltm ■ nnd pilgrinugcs to Rocnc ; 
Jm batb tbc pope power ' pardon to graunk ^14 

To papltf, witl^oulc pcnauncc ■ to paattcn inlo loy«, 
hi itittred men cu!t lereth ' and lav« of holy churcbe: 

t^ffidnmque Hgautris tuptr lerram tri! UgaSttm et m ctlis / 
£1 quodcunqm sotmris svptr terram trit sctutnat e/ in 

And BO ich by-lque leelly ■ lordcs fbrbode dice, 

Thai piirdon Jind penaunct^ ' and preiirres don saue 31B 

Saulci lliat ban syngL-d ' aeuenc sillier dtdlitbc. 

ilu> vrttMEFQ; wcl t^o> P. 12^. by-IcucF (f/jrW'^frf ty-louc). 


2$0 &, PASSUS VIU. 166-170. B- PASSUSVIL fj^-'Oo. 

Bote iTusitcne to tJieiuLc ' u<n\y in« thmketli 
ht noi 10 tyktr fn the taalt - imrte% ta Do-wcK 
PoT'tbi 1 ttdc )ow rcnkcft ' i'hxi ilchc bcti on corthe, iM 

Vppon Injal of oiirc ircnour • trieiul* to hauc, 
Beo )« netKT the boldorv < to brake the lea hcniet ; 
Atiil noniflicht:. jf mr^rri ' and }e iniii!i(« iugi^ 
Thai Ijan Che wclthc of tb» world ' for *yx uicq ben boklcri, 
To |iqrchA«cii pardoun ' and the popw bullw. 1;$ 

At ibe dr«dfuJ diiy ot dotn ' Lher ilede ftchuUtn A^rytvOi 
An^ com^n alle bi-rore Crisi ' and &-cotiiir^ ^eldctti 
How ihuu UJJc:*it itii \y( ' aitj Lu» Uvrc k^[>tc»tf 17^ 

WhsLt (hou JudcA dAy bi day - Uic dooEn tbc «ol refacncn ; 
A pcwhe-fiil of paidoun tli«r ■ with pioulncUls kcirtflj 

Ac to troin to ihise trirnnalt^ * tr«wl/ mir ihinkcil^ 

Ia nojjl so lykcr for ihc *oule certw, «» is Dowel tfo 

Foi-Uii 1 rcdc ^v, tcnkcs - iliit n<;hc iMrn <m thifl ctth^ 
Vppon trust of jowrc ircsoure ■ Inennalrs 10 liaiie. 
Be 5*r ni'iicrr rJu' b^ld^r ' to brrkc ihc ten hcslfs; 
And namclkK k matstrc^ ^ mayics and iuggcs. 1&4 

That hin the wellhc of tlu3 worldc ■ and lor wjBe men ben 

To [lurchace jovr pardoun - inil ilie pupi^ ballfrt. 
Al iSc dfftkful dome ' wlwn dcdc sbullcn rise. 
And comcn alJc biibr Cryat < acouniift to jMc, iGS 

How thow ioddc^i thi tyf hvro ' a^nd hL» lawcT» kept««E, 
And hnn- ihow dedeti day hi day ' lh& dome vf\} reherf^; 
A pokc-ful of pfti-douii ihcrc ■ iic piouiiiciik-a ktires "^ 

Thciffh 3c be foundc in llic fratcmcu ' oraUc the foHrc ordroi, t^t 
And haue kdul^noes doubJc-rolde - but if Dowel yyw help, 
I wire jowre paietites ani |Ourre pArdoimv * ar one pc* heiel 
Foi-lhi I coiiMTtllc allc Cnsi^'ne ■ (o civc RO^l racicj'» 
And Marie his modcr - be owrc mtnc bitwcne, 196 

Tliai god j*)'ue vi grace here ■ er wc gone herme^i 
Sucbe werkt'* to wercJi^ ' wMIe we ben tiere, 
ThiL afw: owre dciti-day ■ Dowel irlierctf, 
At the d&y of dome ' wc dcJc aa he hijEe. aos 

A. 1S7. ColopboD/mvuTUD; VdABiff i/. 

R 163. nnCftO; 1 L 

A. PASSUS VIII 179-^187^ C. PASSUS X. 330-J5<^ 251 

Th^uh litou be foundcn in rmkmlic ' a-iDon^ the fourc ordrct. 

And lutiba mdulg»inc« l-doublcd - bote Vovt^] the tielpc, 1S0 

I nutde jcue for ihl pajdnun ■ nnc pye-hclcl 

Fuftlii I coiin9r:i1c; allc Cfistcnc 10 crie Cmt mcrci. 

And M*fic hia naodcr * lo beo mrnc bitwenc^ 

That god ^iue vs grace - er wc gon hcllnc^ 184 

Such \i'ofkes 10 worchc ■ white that we hen here, 

Thdt nflur VT dffih-iUy ' Dowel rehcrcc» 

Thai ailc dxy of dcm ' nc <!udcii as he tia hijle. 

£xpikH hit Viiia WiUeimi de Ptirc dt Phu^m^H. Ecicm 
mitfiit Vila 4i Do-wtt^ I^t^/, ft Da-tttt tmm/tutn ttyi 

Ac to tryiten vpon LncnreU ' ircwcliclic me ihynlLcih 
V& AAi SO £>'ker for the sAule * CertySf \i ys UowcL 

For-thi ich rcilc jaw, rcfil^cfi • that rirhe ben on lhy» erthe, 
Vj» tnM <if jonrr irrfloiir * iiyrnnnln tn h^vf. jji 

Be )c rcucre the boklerc ' lo brckc the ten hc»tc»i 
Arid niiitt*lichc, }v mmtirci • mcyres ord iugtit 
Thai lian the welthe of this worlde ■ and aiif men ben hoMe, 
To purchice jow (urilcm ' and the popes bullrth. tjy 

At (he drcJful d»y uf dome ' when dcdc men shnllcQ ry»e> 
Arid Gonien atlc bT^fore Crist ' a-countca to ^eldc', 
Honv we bddo oure tyf here ' »nd hus fawe* lc*r«'. J** 

Anil hnw we <!ni!r diiy liy day ' die ilijin^ wol lehi-f^ie, 
A pokc-fdl of (KtrdLin tljcre ' iie prouJEituI^ Iciicrca. 
Th:iuh wc be foundc in frAti-rnitc ■ of allc fjuc ordrcs> 
And hjaue mdulf^cncca dobklblde "■ bote Dowel oiu hclpe. .T44 
Ich wltr hy patilon imi n peese ' nollicr a pyc-bclfl 
For-tlii Wh <:rju)L.\Ai[e &Ilc Cii^tinc ~ lo ctyc god mercy, 
And M;uye hat modcr be ou/c mcnc (o hym, 
Tlut god jeue ouk grace bere - er ne go hcnncs, 548 

Sntlie wfirt« to worche ■ wbil ^-c b^ here, 
Tliat aAcf oure dr[h-i!ay ' Dowtl nrhtrve 
At ihe day of dome ' we dude as he i^uhtn.-^Anftt, 
iJU txpUdi uiih WiUrlmi *i Prtta Plouhman. 

i«7. -Ifdc VLCK; ded L O. 330, Bpoti O-- vpon) t. 543. w« IG ; 

b« J'MlfFi '/ L M4- 345- ^t« t^^^l^^ ; h^Lc P. 

233 A. FASSUS IX. i-fi. B. FASSUS Vlll. 1-19. 

JncipU hit DmtU ^Ot>hti. anJ Dthttt, 

THUS i-fobcd b rus»et ' romcd I ;i-bout« 
Al It sOfn«r ««fOiia * for to vcclie Do^tcl, 
And fraynkk ful ofte ' of folk thai I meue 
^if aciy wi)l wisie ■ whcie Do-»eJ ^*s 11 inrve. 
And tthai man he mijLc b« - of many man I askidc. 



IniipU ite*/, D^U 

THUS yrobed in rtiBSCt ' I rameil alxmie 
Al a wuiCT acBoun ' for to »ckc Dovvl, 
And ^>itcd ful oJl ' of fdlkd that 1 mctt«. 
If ani wkjio vtSEo ' vhor^ Dowel was at inne, 4 

Ami vhAL mnn tie mijLO be ' of luiitiy nutii I &ifd. 

Was Dcucrc vljU, M I wccii ■ ibai mc wis4C couthe 
Where this Icdc lengcd " ksec nc more ; 
Tj'l it bifel on ft Friday " two frores 1 mctle^ < 

Mai&lie* <jf the mi^tJuuren - men cif i^rctc witbc 
I hallacd hem Jtendciy ■ as I hadUc Icmcd, 
Afid preyed hem par chahiee * ar thei pissed forlbar, 
If ihci tnpwe my centre ■ or cosies, «a iboi went, is 

Where thai Dowel d^sellcili ■ doih me to wyirne. 

For ihci ben men on tliis molde ■ thai mOBtc wydc Ts-*tkeD, 
And bnowea contrcca, and courice ' and many k)ticcs pUcev, 
Boihc prjiwe* palcyjcs ■ and pore mennes coic% 16 

And Do-wcl and Do-yucl ■ where ihei dwtllc bothe, 

*Amonges vs,* qcod ihe menoura ■ 'that man is dvcIlTVlffC. 
And euere hath, u 1 hope ' and cuere sbat tiere-afier.' 

A. Ap fiB>nids TH, -. kJecJc V. fbOE TVH^ : Men V. ^ f . 7:i^/< /kv 
lifti$artf'*m'Vl aitt it Ul!,j V^nf, 11. V Ao/ fur* p«MC«ki rundc 

A. PASSUS rX. fi-15 C. PASSUS XI. 1-19, 253 

Was ntut-'i ^v^hl as I v^cnie • iliat mc wimc couttw 

Til hii r^l on a Fnd^iy ' xvf^i irttt^ I mtfll«, S 

Mai&iTOt t>f thp inL*nniirsi ■ mm of grcie Wili*8. 

[ch hcilctlc licm licnilcli ' as kb licililc i-leorned, 

And prciccfc hc^m, p«r chnHic ' cr thci puactk furrc, 

'Jlf thci kniswcn my cuntrc ' of coo«(cs a-bouU tj 

ttTirr thai Dowffl dwellcih ' <lo mc 10 vricu/ 

'M=iri," quciJ till- incnotir ■ 'i-niong v» he tlwdlHh, 
And cuer hath, as ich l^pc ' Aad cucr ^chol hcr-Allcr.' 

Intipit uim nuidtm WilUlmi 4* Dmtttl. 

TFIUS robcil in niAsctE ' ich romcde a^boute, 
Al a sooner fc«h>n ' for to ficke Dov«J, 
And fraincdc ful of)« * of folke that Ich meiie, 
Yf *ny wtJit wi*t ' »li^r Dowtl ivs* at yniif. 4 

And vbai num h« mj'ghlc be ^ uf mciiy man ich ukcdc 
Wfta tteuet« wiht in thl» woridc * that vki&»c me <:outhl^, 
Wbcr thai ho fonged« - tau« n« more ; 

Til Wi bf-fiil on a F^itayo ■ twro fircrps i<:h mette, ,, s 

Mablcro of iLc mcDouis ' men of grctc witte. 
!cb hAilKdc hi:m bcndilfchc -aa kh haddc >kmad. 
And pnycdc pur cluuiie ' ax choi paj^de forthcreH 
Yf tl>d knew enj- coniTffie ■ other coseck a-Abuuee, 11 

Wbcf that Dowel dwcilcth— ■ 'dcte Ticndc*. (cllcLh tnc i 
Foif )c orcn men of thp molcic ' that most wide walkcOi 
A&d ki^owen vontreic^ and court«t - and xntiiyt bynne placet, 
Boihe princes pal^ii < and poure menne coi?4, lA 

Aiid Dtjwel aiuJ Do-viitrle ■ whei ihci ilwctku bodic' 
'SolbLchc/ ^idc the ^rc - 'iiv >oioumcth with ou* frtfrca* 
And oj hath, as ich hcpo ' and outr h^oI hcf-oAer/ 

vlhor. i™*-. 9. >«lEy; PWSm. 10. ^trxivddF. 19, ■DarFCl; P«»- 

254 A. PASSUS JX. i6-»4' B> PASSU5 VTH. 7t^~^. 
* C^rOra,* quod I u ft clerk ■ kxtd coiaxdc Eo ditjmitc!, 

Srac %i\ht^ a 6%y, seith ihc bok - cimgcth tho nhiful moo; 
AatI how ifungf(h/ 1 wide " 'cc-nei^ sis me Oifuk^b, 
Thar Dowd Niiit Do-vuetc ' mowc not dwdle logederp, 
^r^^, tic ]ii» tioL alw«y ' fti hoin amon; ow Crerts, 
H« is other while «llo«-whcr - to wine the p«pT<>' 

'I ftchfll Mto the, my «*nr* ' scidc the frrr* tbemtr 
'Hou fieuen eirh^n ihr ^xMc mou - Min^ih in a th/; 
Bi a fofcWBcnc<' wiiie ihe fjcre ■ * I schaJ ihe fcire kIkwc. 

' CotUral QUod 1 as a clcrkc ^ and comatd to diipuicn, 
And Bckk hem Kilhli, ^ s<pa'is ■ in tUt tadit iiu/tu; 

ScucEW ^1\k^, £ciib the boke - Gyoocth Ihe i^tfiiU 




And wlni'S] !t)init[lj/ 1 Kjde ' *doili juel, 4ia mc ihiuketlv 
And Do^irl and Do-yacI ■ mow nouil dwcllc to^Jcrcsb 
£>/^c, Iw nys Hiiuji ftlwaj ■ amongc 30W ircrwt; 
He is ol^<■^llhlTf rllLs-wh^rr ' in wIm»* th"* pcplc," 

'1 *hal *cj the, my sone' - scidc iJir frcro tliannc, 
"How scucnc silhcs the Mdnnan - on iJic iJay ^ynncih; 
By a forbiscncj' <turx] the fverc < '1 ihnk the fnitc fJkcwc- 

Lat brvngc a mnn in a hole ■ amydde a brodc wflter. 
The wyncip and ihc wafer ' and Ihr tar waggynge 
Mftkclh H\c man many a tjme ■ to falle and 10 stondc; 
For Monde he reu^^rc so styl " he ttombltlh "iit he mocuc; 



Ac yt 1« he eauf and sonnde - and %o Hym bihouoLhi 
For )^f hr np arise the rather ' and ranjic lo ihc sticrf; 
The wyriLk voldc, wyih the water " ;.lic l«)ie OJKrrihfOWc; 36 
And thannc were bb lyf loitc ' ihoufch Ucchcuc q5 hyin-eclf. 

Arid thus U fnlleth/ qiiod ih* frere ' 'bl folVc hereon cnhe; 
T\tc ualrr I» liknod lo llie vvorldc - d>!4l wai))'cl]i and wexirlli, 

A- iff. f-a/in /rfun TVHt\ V vm. 10, ntTinmTH,; 1 loni V. 

»it uJiPf TH,; orV. ^. «foicbii«ne TL'tli; eutumple V. 

A, PASSUS IX- 15-3-4- 0' P.VSSUS XI. ao-4^> J55 

ind thf w^eej'H^ of rhr hot 
to iiombic and to f^llc; aj 

he smtnblclh in the waKfcy"ic)j 

and KO him bi-lioucth ; 

L«t brm^ :t mon in a hot 
And ibr wmt and the w>imr ' 
Mftlcib ibc mt>n tuony ij'mc ' 
(For »tGnd« he ncucrc sc» ttif 
And pt he ill saaf ind lound 
For |if Ite nc rwp ihc raiher " antl rviiihte fo ihc sTMrac, 
The wynt vvoldc wilb tl;c waicr - the bot oucr-Uirawe ; ji 

Thcr weorc ibc monncs lyf i-loat ' ihorw lachcs^e of hlmxchie. 
Kihi thUK hit fiucih,' quod Ujo frcrc ' 'U folk bet on conhc; 
Th< watur ia liknet lo the world • that worJeih and wiixeih; 

' Cmtra* quath kh as a clcrke ' aud comscOc lu dbpulc, lo 
And scidc aolMchc ' ' scpim in tiie (odii trnfuj, 
FftUpiga fro ioyc - Ic^us woi the Aoihc I 
^■SfiitiM «yihe«." Bffiih ^e boV - *'Byngoi^ rlAy by day 
Tbr akhcr-rjghirulli^c renk ' ^al rcgncih vpon *n1it." J4 

And ho io ftyn^-clh,^ icU tcldc ' 'ccriys tJutli nat vcl; 
For ho to synKcth ' *ikcf!ichc rioih vudc^ 
And Do-wcl and Do^vuele ' ra^y C9t dwclic u>-gcderea. 
'ErgOy ht y* nat aUway ' at bnm ^-unnng jnw Frrrcs; in 

He i^ >om M'liile cllc*-w-licr ' to wb^c the frnplc.' 

*Ich thai sci ihc, my sonc/ ' jieidc tht frcrc thcnnc, 
*Hcwt stucno «£hc* the sadcle man - ayngeih on ih* day. 
By 1 ToihustiK'.' qujilh [lie fr^re ' 'icli sh;i! the faire sbewc 1% 

Let Ijfyngy 4 nuu 111 a bol ■ iii-niyddes ;t bnidc vrai":r; 
The wyndc and the water ■ and wa^gyngc of the bole 
Moicoth the man m^ny tjTc* ' to fitomble. yi he Biand«; 
Swinlr hi* nfiirrp an ^xy^\<:hf ■ Iborgh stcrynge of ihe bott 3ft 
He brrdcllr and bawcih ' iho body i» xiistabltf, 
Ac |iit he is Mf and xcundc ; - so ^ih bit by tfac O'^^^^* 
Thimh he fallc, he fal]cih nat ' T>oic a> ho fulk- in n bow?. 3^ 
Thtti ay ill aaf and toiindc ■ ihai siirotb ftilh-jTine :b^ bortle. 
So hit fftrctli/ qnstiJi ih^ ^rr ' ' hy rygbifiil msirtncH fftUyngc; 
Thflwc be tborjtb fOncllAs^'fAUe * he fiHclli n-ii aui of charitc; 
So dedtichc ft)-nne doth he nat ' for Dov^cl hym hclpech^ 
The water y% tikned 10 the worlde ■ that wanyeih and wwceih; 44 

1909^ F, «. kb O- U: P. 4*- J«ri:k* P. 

S«€ A. PASSUS IX. 3fi-+4' B. PASSUS VUL 40-^4, 

The good«« in ihifl world ' ben lyk thix grct« tt^v^, 
Ribt an w)^^-* ii'kI voirta ' M^ifrwcth aboutc. 
The boi i* likncl » ibc boili ■ that hwuccl it of fcoriMk; 
And thonr the fend and his B<sch ' and the fa\tc world 
Suo|;«[h the ladde mon ^ leiK^n tJlhes in the d^ty. 

But deilU' *unne doih he not ' for Dowel bmi hdppth, 
Tbot iv, Ch^cc the champioc; ' cheef licrlp a^cyn ininnc; 
For he dtrcp^Lctb \he to itondc ' he Murcth thi m>u1c, 
Th;U ihcLU) llii l>odi bijuwe ' as u boi 10 the \raler, 
£uer is eht soule Kuf ■ bote jiT tlji-s«lf wolle. 



The godis of ihia groundc men like ' to the grc:e wawes^ 40 
That as wynd«« and wcdcres ■ walvreih abouLc. 
The bole is li>n«l to owre botly - That bnitcl is of k)'nde, 
Thai tliorujch :bc fendc lad the flc^he ^ and tlie frelc worldc 
Syonctlk the sadinan - a day, fcuene syihcs. 44 

Ac dcdly &)'ruie doth he nou^t ' for Dowel bvni kepith, 
And that is Ch.ifiw the champiotin - chief help a^ein synne; 
For he sin-iigtlieth rnaa to lEondr ' und wieTrttL niAiintTsi stiiulc, 
And ihowgb chi body bow ' 3a bote doth in the water, 4S 

Ay ifi ihi sonic aauf ' but il tfai-Mlfwole 
Do a dcdly synne ' :ind drenche «o tbi soule ; 
God woIp iiufFre wtfl iJij vli-uthe " |if iby.self lykelb^ 
For he jaT liie to jerc^jj-ue ^ lo jenie wel thi->cbe. st 

And th*t JH wiiic and frc wilic ■ to cucry wy^tc a porcioun. 
'Id Geghyng fou]«s * to li^cfaetf & to beates. 
Ac men hath moite Tbpwof ■ and movte It to blam«. 
But if ho wojche wcl dicf-wlth - ni, Duvd h;ui tei:bc;tb/ jA 

' J banc no kyndc knowyn;,* quod I ' * to conccyuc aUc jovnt 
Ae if 1 mftjr lyue and loke ' I &ha! go leme betterc^' 
'I bikennc the Cryst/ (;iii>d be ' ' that on the cio«c dcydc-' 
And I scydc, 'ibc same • saoe jow fro myKhauncc Go 

And ^iue ^ow grace on thia grouadc • good men 10 wotthe/ 

And thus I went wide-where ■ wulkyng m}"nc one, 
By a wililc wiklemesae ■ and In a wiMle-sydc. 
Bhf^e ol tbo briddes - abyde me nuide. 64 

A- <7, Jii«:l^mu:4inc TH,; Jwo ai* pin owiie tmyitor V- fo. Jc TL'H,; 
VflH. & 43, CMrf^J f* ViCUB; fi Lit 49. iJWCOBi l.h am. 53, 
a(/wAod) JL. f^^ t^uod hv Vr'i LCUB^Ai. Oif. ai^jdt mc made R ; 

A. P.\SSUS fX. 45-55- O. PASSUS XI 45-63^ 257 

Fotcwc ihi Gc«»ichc« nil ^ and eIi« Icntlcft aftur^ 
And do cicdiich sunnc ' And drrnchc ihi'«chj«n, 
God wol aoffre the dj« w> ' for thi*aelf hiiirt the miidrie.* 

' ! haur tn> kjndff knawjng/ miuU I ■ ' U> conceyuc Uii wardi% 
Dut |if J may liucn And loltcn ' 1 actutl go Icnic bvtcrc. 49 
I becytokf ?ou to crisi ■ thai on the croi& dijcdt' 
And ihti w&den the aatnt - 'God tt&u< ibe from mischaitncf, 
And jiue the gradt vpjion groondc ' In good lyf u> cmJc-' j* 

Tliua I tttntc wydcii-whcr ' Dowel lo scchc; 
And 48 1 wcnte bi a wode ^ walkynR myn one, 
Blisse of the hriddu ' mftdc me 10 abyde, 

The godra of this grounds aneij ]ykc ' tf> the gr?Ce ^vave^. 

Thill ;;! wyndca aud wcUcrca ' wJwcn a-bouk^ 

Xbc bo: ya Jykned co ourc body ' ihit brolcl ys of kyndt. 

Thai tborgh the (cm^ n.nd aare dmch • imd thu lirdi: vorlde 4II 

Sfti^h iwurnt siiho ■ ihc wddcil in:"i on crihe. 

And Ijihclicjt of tyf ' thit lyuctb vndcr ihc oonne* 

Ac £rcc wil fti)d tne nil ' fulwei]) a man cucrc 
To rcpcnkn *nd rjrsc " and rowcn out of s>nnc, 
To co:iiriiCJon, to confession ' tif he come 10 huft endc. 
RaibcT hauc we no neae ' tU ve readme 
Oiu lyf lo ourt !ri«l god ^ for oate tykames gulicf.' 


/ich h&uc DO kjnd^ kimvyiig/ l^iuUi Ich ' 'to cODCfyuc ol t\iy 
apcchc/ S4 

Ac yf Kh foxy lyae uid biw ' ich shal go kme bettero' 
' Icb by'kcnnc ihc CriKt/quaLh he ■ *ihat on the rrdi.^ ddde' 
And khc Midc, *itif same ' »»ue jow fro nacKh&urkca 
And gyuc mc sr^c on tht» gioundc ' wlih ijood code to de>^' ^ 

Icb wcnte Ibrth wydcwhcrc ' wnlkyn^ myn one. 
Tn * wylJt* wyldrme*5c ■ by a wodc-tydc, 
Biitac of the UritldF^ ' ji>byUc me tnade, 

brouH* mtf blfpt LWCOB i f/ L 67. O, 45. \U VAFW I l« P- «^ 

TbAlli ForP; Pav. 47. ]>diTiodcPi «uL44. 4^. Scvt^^^ P. 

2fie A PASSLS IX. 56-67. B, PASSUS VUJ, 6j;-8r 

And vcd«r a Ijiidt, vppoD a knnde - l«oiiedc I oi HODode, 56 

For 10 leornr? ih« byes ' thai loady fiiuln rajuka. 

Blinr of iIk- liiJdc8 - broujica mt a sicpe ; 

The mcmilOTtt mcctyripj ' mctcc I ne Ui«nnc 

Thai cucTc drcmcdc dnhi - in diwcbyag*, 1 wew- (9 

A muchc mon, m'* ihouhie - lyk (o my-i4*!iicn. 
Com an^l clcpcdr tnc ' be mj kuynOc nomc. 
*WbAl trt thod/ quod I ' 'tliai my nomc knowcit?' 
*Tbal thow wotJt wet,' qood hi? ' 'And no wi^i bcter«.* 64 

'Wot 1/ quoJ I, 'bo sut t^uf' ■ 'ThouKhi,' aride he ihcnTW, 
'I lium; suwi-d iitc iUii stucn 3<i " wjc ihtju mc no wlhcr*?' 

'An ihou ThoU|t?' quod I iho • 'codsi ihoi) mc Cclle, 

■ And ndv t ^)Vd« vppon a \Aur\6r ■ Icncd l 1 stounde, 
^To Ijlirt tbt lajres ■ ibt louely foules made. 
Muith^ oT her monihca * made me there u> alq>c ; 
The tnerii€]]lou»tit mctctti; ' inctte mc thonnc 68 

Thai euer drcmcd wjjle ' in worlds, a» I wcne. 

A moc}i<r miiTt, u mc lTiou;ic ' itiul lykc Lii mf-ttdue 
Come and called mc ' by my kyndc name, 
'What artow; quod I tho ' "thai thow my nam^ knon-esiP' 71 
*That Iho* wost wel,' qiic»d he ' "and no vry-^lt L«[*re.' 

'Wote I wliai ihovf artT ' 'Though*,' wyde ht [hutoe, 
'I h&uc puwcd ihe (his acucnc jcrc ' Bcy ihow toe no rAtlicrf 

■ An thow Thought ! ' quod 1 iho ' ' ihou couthcsl mc wiwc 76 
Whetv ihai Dowel dwelleih ■ and do mc thai lo knowe?" 

'Dowel Hnd Dobei ■ and Dol»ei»l die llindtlc,' qtiod he, 
^Artn three foirc vcrloes ' and beth nau)te fci to fyndc. 
Who-H is trcwe of tiia tonge - and of bia rwo hnndea, 80 

And thonigh hJs Uboure or ihorugh hie Londe ' hie ljdod« 

And is liLsli of bis uilcndc ' ultcOi bui his ownci 
And )A nou^t dronltenlew nc dcdfignoutt ' Dowel hym fcJwclh. 

Dohct doth ry^i thus - nc be doth moche more; 0^ 

FTc in lu low A% A lombc ' anil louoliche of specbr. 
And helpclb alle men ' iftcr thjl hem nedclh; 
The hoggcK and Lhc bi|;;urddca ' be hath to-broken b^m ftlle. 

1 me acitie 1 ^nc. 6&< V fim. txtu. ;t. JU ijirr Uq) V, 0> ijh 

A. PASSUS IX, 68-79. C. PASSUS XI. 64-85. 259 

Whcr ihiH Dottd d^vdWi - do me lo wiiiser 68 

'Dowel/ qucd he, 'Aii<( DoUl - and Dc^beat llic thiidde 
Beoth Ihrco fairo voriiicb ' and bcoth not r<tr to ryndcn 
Ho is mctcc of his momh - myklo of hi* a^wcli^, 
Ttcwc of hia tonge " aiicl of \iU iwo boiiJ^n, 71 

And bi hia Ubur or bi hifi lond ' bis ]>flodc vrjuucLb, 
Ar^d UuEti of his taylcndc ' tsilccth bote tiit ownc. 
And js noi dtionkrlouh ne iloynntJK ' Dow*l him foleweih. 

DoUfi doih dm» ■ botr he ilnlb iniirhc morr ; 76 

He IS as loub »s « ]omb - loucUch of frpcche; 
V?tu\is ht halh ou^t of hU ownc - he hi-lpcth Ibcr ncod t», 
The bagge» and the bj-giirdclc« * he hath brob«n hc-m alle 

And vnder Ijndc In a lAunde ' knvdt \ch a Mounde, 1I4 

To hthcn here bi« and here loucti(;hc notes. 
Moilhe of here maryc mouchej, ' mode me to alepc; 
And menieiloufclicbc me mette ■ a-myddes al Thai blisw, 

A muclic uiiicj. nic iliouhlc ' lykc lo mv-sdtie, fis 

Cun and CAlTc^lf: mc ' by my kynde name. 
'Willi art ihow^" quaiti ich ' 'dial my name kiiowust?' 
■Thai wosi ilicu. Wille," quaih he ■ 'and no vigbt bcwr^.' 

'Wd ith/ quaib Ich, "ho an Uraw?' ■ "Thouhie/ scidc be 
L^icnnc ; 7^ 

* Icfa hauc the huwcd this aeiic ^-^r ■ t«ih ihou roe no ralbcr?' 

■ An thou Thouhtc? ' ^tiath Icb iho * 'ihaw couihcrt me mtve 
Wberr dui Dowrl dwrI!cTh ' und dome u^ knowc?* 

'Doncl and Dobct/ quath be - 'and Dobcsi the thii^dc ;6 
Bctb thre fajre vcrtucK ' and bceth nauht fcrr to fyndc. 
Who-to 1* trvwe of hya tonge ■ and of hut two htinde*, 
And thorw leel Uboiv lyiKlh ' and loti«Ih h\% tmerUiiiw, 

Artd ther-io trcwn of hw tall ' anil bolt uel his hand^;*, ft* 
Nouhl dronkrTev'c nc dcynoua ' Dowel hym (blweUu 

Dobct doth a] dijx ^ ac jut be doth more ; 
He i$ lowe is a k^mbc ' and louttichc of tj>eth«, 
And helpetb hertelKlie alls men ■ of thai he may a.-piire- ft^ 
The higgci anil Hk hy^atMfts h« baih Lo-brube hem alle. 

Ljnde [ ; i^hu FEI'UG- 70. 71. Cfl I*. 74. E«1 F. 

two EF i to R j^ tonre P. le. tf)-** P. 

;»- uyiveP. 

a6l> A. rA*^SUS IX. i^o^x. B. PASSUS VIIL S$*io$. 

That the Auctous h<Adt ■ or «nf of bti bcir» ; $9 

And wiih Mammoti^ aion«y« * hiLh cn«ke<] him Irrndet, 
And U ronnen in-lo r^ligiun - and hM\i TtnArtt tl)« bLblc. 
And prrclifrlli iJj(* (^i^^^ ' ><'Ui( Puuk's nurdcft, 

"Je wyae. toffftth ih« vn-wv%c ■ wiih ow for 10 Hbbe," »* 

And vilh girid viltc <Ictih hcno ^Aod ' tot eo god himfieir hi}te. 

Dobeat Is a-boui: boibc ' 9Jid ber^^ih a iHJvicliopcs cros. 
Ia liolkct bCc cndL; ~ to bo]<kii hem in jeocxI lyf. 
A pyk 1.-4 in thai potctit * to punifC a-doufi the wikkcdc, Vt 

Thsu wayrcn etiy wikkcdncfisc ' Dowel to tconc. 
Antl ** I>n«'cl and DijIhI ' dudim hrm lf> vmlrfilonii;, 
Thci Ian i-cotouii«d 4 kyiig ' to kcpcii bcin a11<^ 

Thftt th« erl Anurous ■ hcklc> ukI hia licir«e; M 

And ihufl with Mntnmi^n^n moncic - ho hiilh madt^ hvm Irmdr^^ 
Aad U lonrur m^Ui Rc-ljginun ' and haih n-uilrrd the bitklr. 
And ijrcchttli to the [Kx-plc ' Bc>nl Toulcia wuiJca, 

LibtntiT sufffrth intiptntfa^ *^vfi titit ipji Sixpimift. 
'■ And eaQreUi ih« vn*isc ' widi 30W for to hbbc/ 9' 

And with gjadde willr doih hem godc ' for lo god pnr hoieth. 

D(jbnl la aboDc bothe - aJid 1ictt.-tti a brv^i:ho[ic« croue, 
la hokcd on that on? udO« ' to hdic o^cq fro hcUc- 
A pykc U on that potcnie ' to pulte adown the wiLkvd. ^& 
Tti*l wajien any wikk<:ri.hws»e ' Dowel lo Wnt. 
And Dovrd und Dubcl ' AiiiOUgta hciD uii^cl^icd 

To croanc otic to be Vyr^gt • to rculc hem bc}thc; 
That ^if Don'cl or Dobct ■ did ajcin Dobwi, too 

ThAtinr *hal (hr kynge cnmc ■ anti ratir-n hrm In ynrm, 
And but if Dobcsi bedc for hem ' ibci to be there for eucft. 

Thus Dowel iind Dob^T ' :iiid ['oIkt*;! iJie thridde, 
Crooned one to be kynj^c - to kcpc[t hctn ollc, 104 

And to rculc the Rcumc ■ bi her tlirc \f\ii^. 
And none oiher-w^sc- ' btJt as ihci ihie assented-' 

[ ihonkcd Thnn^C iho ' thtii hr mo itius tnu^ie; 
'Ac jetc nauourcth me noujt thi scggyng - I couciic 10 krnc 

A, Sj. liciiiU;hiaV;menTH,. SS. lu M potetiC Tll.i V4via^c»dc, 
t9^^y mut^ Jnrm 1.3;. vJ, 7%is Hnt hfrvm'X \ <tlwin UH,; V#h. 
^bonTUUi; tUiu V, v^, bcmTlJIU; V ^m. lot. thuujc— dial THt j 

A. PASSUS IX. 9^-103. C. TASSUS Xl. 86-108. 26L 

Thai j[f Dowel or Dobct ^ dnde a^jTi Dohcai, 51 

And wcfc ^nbtt&uai &t Lis biddings and boM to don illc. 
Then !i<)iu!dc the kynjc comcn ■ And ca»icn hem in prison. 
And pmt(Mi hem thcr in pcnAtinco ' with<ou:en pile or jfmcc. 
B(ite jif iVibcvi bpcdc foT hpTti ' a-byde Iher for eijcrct yft 

Tbuft Dowel a^nd Dol>ci ^ and DiiIkiai ihc llinildc 
Crouaccic on to bco kyng ' and bi hcor couru^cil worchc, 
And riiltf the reimc ■ bi rwl of hem alle, 
And oili^iwyn; eUei not ■ buic a* Ihct threo avsenieiu' tc« 

t tJioakcdt Thoujl Uio ' tbat he mc »o Uu|le, 
'Bot |i( saiicrctb not mc tbi ^iggjii^ " jo me God bclpe. 
More kuyndu knowynge " I coucyte lo here, 

Tbat the eorl Auerous < heeld, and hue tirea; 

And of I^bn^mLinjrs f»onrye - mad li)-m meny frendts. 

And ia rontic in-io religion ' And rcndfcili bus \yybk. W 

And pre^hctb to ihc pupk ' acynt Ponies wordc«; 

LiUnier tujftrtn insipitnitt^ am tiiit tftt ta^mi4$ ; 
" 3r vorldlirhr w)'*p ■ vnwiiir ihftt jr luflfbe, 
I^nc bcm and louc hem" ' LhJs LaLjn ys Lo nococ- 

Dobcst bete fboldc - the bift-hopc^ crooCp 91 

And "hxlyt with (be ho^ed rndc - ille men to qocxl^. 
And wiOi ihe pyk putle a^lnune ' prtuark^tArts ftgis. 
Lx»de9 thsii 1^-ucn 05 hem bjat - and x\o law<; a-cuut^lco; 
For bere mok and here Tneeble ' suche men itiynkcu ^ 

That no bifitliop ahoJdc ■ litre byddinire vitfi-iitlc- 
Ac DoWst aboldrr nat dreden ben - bc>te do oa god hlbie, 
ytiiiiff fmftt ^i- qui pesyunf mcifitrt corpus. 

Tbus Dowel and Debet ' diuinede, and Dobcfit, 
And cronncdc en 10 he kyng ' to cdic wiili-otil* tynnc »» 
Thai wcilde nat don as Dobcst ' dniincdi? and tauhtc. 
Tbu» Dou-el and Dobei ' &fid Dobe«< the iliridde 
Crouncde on lo be kyn^ - and kcpcn ona alle, 
And rculco alle Kaumca ' by here thre willed ; i«4 

Bote oth(^<wtse n« clles nat < bote u thei tluee aaaenied' 

Ich ihnnlwd Thonhi vhn ' thai he me !k> taabtc; 
■Jut sfLUCfcih roc !ul \\\\ wwe,' quath ich * 'so mc Crist apcdc, 
A more Jt)ii*ie know]ftig ■ eoueiie kh Co huyre loB 

3d2 A. TASSUS IX. 104-110. B, I'ASSCS Vill. 109-1^6. 

Hufl^ Do««l ind DobM - tad I>ob«;i b«th on ^3rlh«.' 104 

'But Wtt con wIsM ih«r/ qnod Thnujt - 'wher th«cs thfe 

Elks 1^1 no tnon ■ tt^al nou is aI^-iic-' 

Thus Thoii)t and 1 nldo ' throly ve totkA 
Dispolyng or Dowel ■ Any aftiir other, loM 

And cr wc wcorcn war - nith Wii conne wc meetcn. 
He was long And knc ' lo lokca on ful s)'mp)e, 

How Dowel. Dobci. Aifd DubcEtl ' Jon jiiiiontjcs llie |)«ple.' log 
'But Witx ooniic wbsc the," quod Tbou)i - 'where Uio tkrc 
ctwtllo ; 

HIHs wotc ] non? thai can * ihat now U flIyiM.' 

Thoojic anil I ihufi ' llirr day* wc ;cdcn, 111 

Dispjiyng Vfpon Do^cl ■ day ifkr other. 

And or we were ywar • with Witte ^n wc m«tc. 

He was longe and len< ■ lichc to none other, 

Was no piEijilc on Uh ipjumzlle ' nc pontile noyUier, nft 

Soddc of his ^cmUaunt ' cuid of soft chicre. 

1 dorslc mcnK no mature ^ to makv hym lo Uif^lct 

But ts I bad Ttiou^l tho ' be raone buwpne, 

And puE fortlj »omm« purpm - 10 proutn hh wittrs, tso 

What VM Dowci fto Dobct ■ and Dol>r*i fram hem botlic. 
Tliannc "niou;! in Ihat iynte ' Midc ihiec wordcflf 

'Whcr* Dowclr Doti«t ' and DobcftE ben in londi^. 

Here ifi Wills Wfililr ywyic ■ )1f VViite crtiiih** icche hym, 114 

And whcdkcr Kc he tnaa or no tnan ' ihb m&n f&yiic wolde 

And wo^<^en as ih«i tbre woldc * thi^ U hifl entente^ 

A, 111, T^'i iiti it /ram t : aliC iti lit, '^' ifm, H^. Sttt u f bad 

^u)C >o ' be locitc bcit^rnc TI1«U; V Aat >duiI I>ai], tfmif/jkfl ii0. faym 
TE!|U: Vffff. B. 115. Ltfm»iKi. O. I0(^ dci!ic»t MF3; todobeuF: 
vliuilobnt £i whodu)>bcB[ L lu. ThOBii P. ii»v donte 15; 

A. PAS5US [X. tiT-ir@, O. PASSUS XJ. 109-116, 2$S 

WaK nn pride on his apparail - nc no pou^n noiher, 
S&d cf lii* scmblftLitiil ' utd of sofic spcchc. 
I dumlc mcuc no mntccrc * (o mnl^c him to ianjclc, 
Bo(e AB I bad Thoujt iho • (o beo racne bi-twene. 
To putie forth sum porpos ' to preuMi !iis wttt^s, 
Tbcniw; "I'boujt ihjt iyxnc - scidc ihcosc woulta, 
' W\kt Dowel and Dobct ■ anJ Dobcat boolb in Ion4c, 
Core Wille wolde j-wit*ii ■ ^if Wii couihe hyia techen/ 


Of Donxl uid <ff Dobct - and Dobett of aUe.* 
'Bole Wic wolle ibe wbae/ quath Thoiihl ^ ' wher tho Ihre 
riwdlcn ; 

ElJen know ich non tlidi C4U ' in iioiic k/iirldic-' 
Thoulu and ich tliua ibrc daicB ■ l>-g«clcrv» we ^codcn, ni 

IXipuij'nge vp Dowtl ' daye after oihere; 

And tr wt* viptv yvi\r wtlh Wit g;in wo melc- 

Mc w;(a lotig and Icijc - l;'kc Lo null other, 

W^ no pniyde in bus apAFfttl ■ nc poucrcc noUier; 116 

Sid of huf^ H:mt>]ani ' with 1 cnfcc (])cch<. 

Teh dof^w mcijr no mairrfl - in makfti hym 10 langle, 

BoCc Jtft icb bad Thoubt th(j ' be mem; by-twcnc, 

And pvitic forth torn purport ' lo proiMn butf %vilte3, i» 

Whftl Dowel wna fro Dobtl ' and Ucbeat fro bcra bothc. 
Thtnne Thouht in thai Cyme ■ wide Itic^e worde^ 

'Wlicr Dowel ind DobeC ■ and Dobp*i ben in loudc 

lltf b on woldc wiic • yf Wii coulbc icchc, 114 

r_r*-^j. And what l/^es tliej lymsfi ' md what Jaw* thci v*cn; 
i''' iVhftt ibei drede and dou:«n ■ rtrrc syrp. idkth." 

iiy. III. t^onth P. 

^ttseP. tty \\Ticf IMGi 
ilouhUn P. 

T%< Pftuu* u t^rttinf^ tn fn afj' 


/L PASSUS X. 1-7. B. PAS5US IX. 1-10. 


Paitm primtts dt DtifftJt i<. 

' QlRE Dowel dwelfili/ <\\nA Wil • 'not a da/ heniu^ 
O In B cwtcl, of Hu)ii(lc i-inaj ^ of fourc kuanc thin^c^ 
Of «rthfi Mid cir hii i» mad ■ j-meJetot to-gcdcrc, 
Willi wynt and with waior * ful vriOtltchQ i^mciai. 4 

Cuynde halli cloi^i t^L^-ln * cnAtUche «riil)-&Di^ 
A Ifnidi Irtnmon - lyk 10 Iiion-Klf, 
/1m>fd bco b<itc i - (o hire hatb cnvyc 


SIRE Dowel dwdkth/ quod Witte ' 'nou|t \ day hcnno. 
In a casi«l that Kyndc made ' of foure k^nnes thingfK; 
Of cnhc and cyrr w ii nudi- ' nwdled iogidcrr«. 
With w)'nde and vttii ^rutcr ' witlcrly ctuoyned , 4 

Kyndc badi dtw^d thcrc-moe ' cro^r vllh^allcT 
A lemnaan thai be loucth ' lik« lo bjni'Selue, 
Anma she lialic ■ nc Enuj^ htr bnt^Lli, 

A |Jroude |iijkcr of Fiauucc ■ frptcepi hmui muniii, S 

And wolilc winnc liir awcy ■ vitb wjIcHh and lie m)^!*. 
Ac Kyndo knowoili ttiia w*! • anU kq>cih hJr Ihe beltero, 
And liath do hir vlih sire Dowj^l - ie dute of this rairches^ 
Dobei Ib hir danioJ«le - bSre Dow^lrs dou^lirr, n 

To SCJ1IC thb lady IcUy ' boilic tale aud nillic. 
DobMt u abouc bothc ' a bisfichopcti pf^rc: 
That b« bit, mole b« do ■ he reukth hem oJIe; 
/Ini'iVJi (hai kidy ' U la^dr? bi his l^rynge. i( 

Ac the Gonnublc oi ihal ca^^d ' iiviX kc[)Etli ^ the wacidic, 
U a wy» kni^tc wiih-at " mtc tawittc he hatte* 
And hath fyuc ffyre soncn * bi hi» Ftrsl wyf; 
Sire Sjfwd and Saywel ■ and Hercwel the hencte. 


A.i. loTim,; V«. ,, mihtiV. 11,13. Di™d-il«>«i C; 

A. PASSus X, 8-15. a PASsus xr, 137-145. afift 

A prcnid prikcre uf FmuDCC ' princtps Amiim mundi. S 

And woldc wjnncn liirc i-wci ' witb wile* ^if lie mihtc. 
Bote Kuyh<lc kno^velh hit v'cl ' unci kopoth lure iho t>cidr«, 
And ^aih l-don hire to a^r^ Dnwcl ■ (1iik<^ of Ihefi? marches. 
Dobct f* hire diim^^de • siie Dowelc8 riow^icr, ri 

And senictli thii Iftdi Icllj ' bothc Uu ftnd r^chc. 
Thus Dowel and Dobct ' and Dobcst the thfidde 
Bcoib majT-tfct or ihis mancrc ' that maycbn to kcjv^n. 

Bni (hp cunstnblc of the? castpl ' th;iL kcpcLli hrm allp, iri 
Is 11 ^^s knihi wiih-alk ' aire IawiI h« hctU, 
And hnih fyuc feire sones ■ bi his fursk wyf; 
Sire Scowt^l and S^ywel ' and Heiewel tlie hend«. 

[71ti> ?si($ut j!f fdHtinu/d /rt>m p. ^63.] 



' Byre Dowel dwclleih/ <iu*th Wit • * nit a dayc henoea, 
In a ci^icl ihal Kyndc made ' of fourc k>'nc ihyn^a ; 
Of erihc, of flff-T ji U mfldr < rnodl^d iD-grdcr«s, 
WUh vjTid and wnicr ■ witivhchc en-iojucd. 
Kjndc h^Lh diMcd ihcr-ynnc ' crariily^iiic wjih-allc 
A Icmnoiv thai he loucth wcl ' lykc to hym-Klue; 
Afoma hue hatte ■ to hure hath enuye 
A pujiit prikycrc nr Kuunti" ■ fvinctpt hvrus niajtift\ 
And woldc vynne hurc away ■ with wiles, yf be myshte. 
And K}-nde know«ib Ihiti vel ' and kcpcth hurc the bctcr«, ij6 
And dooth bore with ayre Dow*! ' duk of ih« marchei. 
Dobei ys hcii* dim^l^ ■ nytt Dowclet dtnjhl*-r. 
To unic tlal I^dy Icclly - boihc btc and riLhe. 
Dobcst ys o-boue boihc ■ a bi5»hopCtf peer, 
And br bus lerynge n bddc ' ttuU Uke Udy v1w>Td. 

The coHKUhlc of that ctncl ' thai k«prth hem »U« 
Is a wys kn>Khl WLth>il(fr - syit luwit he WtG; 
And biih f)-uc fairc aoncs ' by hij» funt^ wyf^ 
Syre Secwcl, *yT« Sciwd • ayrc Kayr«wel tbe hcndt, 



ijo. tt-k7Mdc P. 

19, hc-Qi!e TUHi : V 4«j en4c- 

266 A.. PAS5US X, 30^a«. B. PASSUS VL ai-47* 

Sirf Worrhr-vnl-wleh-rhin-hoiul * a ufhi mon cif vfrr^gihr, ta 

Afi«l tkiie Goilfici Gowcl ' grtlc loidca allc. 

Thcoflc sixc t»cn i-sci ■ lo wtic the ca^icl; 

To kcp< thU tt'ozuTnon ' Ihifi wjtc ni«Q ben chargct, 

Til that Kuyrule com** or lenJ* ■ *nJ Vtpe liire himJiclucii/ 14 

* What ljIIl' ^e tbt- tiisitl" qjuJ I ' thai Kuj-mJc bath rrnokct. 
And whfll cuunci thing b Kii)^!*!^ ■ con ;■; mc isikt' 

*KujrnIc/ quaih tw, *ii cr«fUoar ■ of aUe kunci- be«ftce»i 
Fad«r nnd Toormerc ' ihr fursi^ of aJte ihing; w 

Sire Worchewd-wyih-ihinc-tundc ■ a wi^tc man of strcDRthc, 
Anti sire Godfrey Gowd ■ grct lordc& fot jothc. 
Thise f>i]t b^n seric ■ to sauc this lady Artma, 
Tyl Kyiidc curnc or ^ndc tc ^uc hir for cuctc' 14 

'Whit k>n(ica (hj-ng b Kyadc/ tjucd I ' 'canslovr me lolled 
'Kynd*' quod Witre, 'is a cr«tour ■ of alle kyiiHes thing;^; 
Fsider and foiTrnnour - of al thai cucre wa< Tnak«d^ 
And ikiE b Um: gict god - iliat gyiuiyiiKe bid iiciieiCi ft 

Loftle of Iji ATid of Ij3tc ' of ly^sc and' of pcync* 
An^cl«« and a J ihinR ^ aren ai hi* wille, 
Ac uiJ^n is liym mo^^te lyke ' of murkc And of 9clufU; 
For ihofU^ii the wordc lliat lie sjialte - veieii forth bciCc«T J' 

Dixif, tt f^iia suttf; 
And mado man likkoai " to hym-sclf one* 
And Eue of his nbbc-bon ■ U'ltb-ouien eny mcne. 
For he was syngnlfr hym-seJf ' and ^yAc Jheiamtit, 
As who scith, 'niun: mote herc^to • Lhaa m/ woidc one; jA 
My myiie mote bclpc ' now with my spcchc.' 
Ri)te x^ ^ tordc sholde nuEw t«tlrc« ' And h^ Ukhcd po.rch«Tnyii« 
TIjough lie couth write neuere so wcl * jif he had no penne^ 
Tlic letlics foi a! the 1ordjsh]|> ' [ Iciic, were neiicrc yitiiikcd- 40 
And 30 It fciticth bi hym ■ «£ the bihic tcllcth, 
There be seyde, dixit, €l faei^ smtkt ; 
He inoflie worthe with hi^ worde ' and his wiUe idiew*. 
And in UiEa m4in&rc m^a man mactc ' iliurugh iiiyjlc uf god 

Wuh hiH wordc and weikcmanschip ■ and witli tyf lo lMt*> 44 
And tlius god %id bym a goost ' of Lhe godtied of h«ufln«> 
And of liiti greie grace ■ gr^unted hym bliise. 
And dial i» lyf ttmt ay shat last to al hb l>iiagc after* 

A. PASSUS X. »9-3:' O. PASSUS XI. 14^-157- ^67 

That ifi the grele ^od ' thai bigjnnyiig htdd« ii*uffc. 

The lord of lyf vkI tif liht ' of lisse untJ uT peyiw^ 

Angcica and :kllc thing ' am aX hi» willc. 

ho\c nion i& liLm iriOKt tylc ' of iiiarkc and of schlp; 3* 

For Vfiih word Llut ho warp ' woxcn forth beesits^ 

AnJ aMc thin? ar his wJIc wa^ wiouji. isiih * s[ieche, 

Saue mon thai he tDadc ^ ytmffc \o hira-selui;n, 

>if bun goofi of bit ^odhcdc ' and gr;iun:«dc him bluise, 36 

Lyf thiE cucr adial luicn ' and aL his lyuage aPLiir. 

Syrx! Worchcwcl wjth ihjn hand " a wiglii mfiin of scrcngthe. 
And &yr« Godfoilh Gowcl ' gretc lorded olle. 
Thfs* fyue brn yseil ■ for In snuw Animo, 
Til KjnJc LOmc oilier tcndc ' and kctic Iiuic 
'Wliai lyut'd lli>]ih' ia K/ndeJ' qunth ich 

'Kynde \i ft cf«lor/ quath Wii ■ "of alle Vyne ihyng«a, 
FiuJci Aiid fufmour - of-il Uai foith graweth. 
The vrbichc 19 god grciEcai - ihal gyniiyng« hftddi: ncucrc, 
Lord of lyf and of lyght ■ of ly»*c and of p.iyne, 
Angeles and illc ihyng ■ xtcn at bu* wil ; 
Man tb hym motl lyt ^ of mcmbrc^ ind dS face. 
And tcoilUblc in soulc to god - bote yf i/utc hil mikc. 

'can^t thow me 



A, >7- iJHLour V, bcsriitTlT; V ntA/ br;ii; ^J ja- l },y 30- liucTIf,; 
trliHcVU, 3K amTUH,; ben V. S. 4LJ IcitnO; Icllrc LWCRtt. 

^7,bUWR; UOJlflfl, C, I49, Bejuile P. 150. cami FMS; izaa P. 

ifti actuior MS; cftttnrrl'. 


JftS A, PASSUSX. 3S-47. B, PASSUS IX, ^8-65. 

Thai is Ibc c^atel tlmt Kujude utJidc - Car^ bll liclte, 
And in fts muclic to mciic ' «:) mon wiih a aoulc, 
Thit ho \vrouhie wiih tv^tk ' And «4tt word t30th«; 
Thorv mlhi of ht» mLf4T9E« ' mon was Umafcei, 

tnvM tnd alJc witlcs ' ben closet thcr-lnnc. 
For loa« of thai l:Ldi * that Lyf is i-ncmpnci; 
ThnE IS Anima, Ihar oiwr al * in die bodi wAndureth, 
Bill ill llie Iicrtc is hitr bom ■ hijffst of ullr ; 
Hco la tyT and Icdcre ' and a Icmmon of hcuene^ 
lawil ia die help * Uui Anima dc^j^Ttih; 

And tbal IB the castd thii Kyadc made ^ Cara >i bittt^ 
And ii z.% moche 10 mere ' as nan wiiti a soub; 
And Eliai h« wroujl with werke < and with v-onf« bothe, 
Tborugh luy^lc of ^vc malc^tc - man was ymakcd. 

Irwit and alls tviitrji ■ cfox^d ben ih^^tnoe; (i 

Foi louc of the Udy Anma - ibai L>f la j-ncinpn«d: 
Oucr al in manncs body ' he nollteth and ^s-andreth, 
Ac in the herte ir hir home ' and hir mottu r«ift^. 
At* TniAiiit it in the h<?<i ' and 10 th'^ heric he lokedi, j4 

Wlul Am'ma is Ifcf or lolh ' he bt hii at his wUle; 
For af^er ifae grac« of god ' ihe grettest is Inwittc* 

Meche wo worth that man ' Umt mya reuleili his XnwiUft, 
And IhtU be gloiouns gtobbire^i ' her god \h her worabe; fin 

Qmrum i/eus venirr «/, 
Tot ihct aciiJCEi Sathan - hei souTc shal he hauc; 
Tliac liucth Bj-nful lyf here ' hcf bouIc is liche the deu«l> 
And alle ihat l/ncn good Ijf ■ artn like god almijii, 
Qui marvt in trtri/atf, in Jttf piuntt, ^<- 
Albsl that dfjnkc «h!il for-do ' that god dcrc boujtt, 64 
And doth god forsaken hem ■ that he chope to his iitnctw; 

AmiH dicit tobitt nfsno vet: ti atihi : it tti'miii «r 
seewtdum desidtria tanxpi. 

A. 41. fiiiamKj—wjfit^ i inm V. S^ k bepl TV ; h* cUpc^ V 

imiiruAt /or Iv \tvtV) ^ ial 16, £■- i>e *i^t 'ud bdBt«t V^ «^>^lt - 

umI tcr>i.KC Til,; ere to ilghtc " aoJ hpjyoKe l'. /■ V, t>c it frtMt^ 

A. PA3SUS X, 48-57. 0. PASSU9 XL 158-181. 2(W 

After Ihc i^acc of god - the frKtte^ic b Inwit, 4$ 

Inwit in die hcd u ' unci helpeib the (outc, 

For thofw hi* ctitnij-oge he kejjetJt ' Carff tt Aru'ma 

In nilc And in r«»on - bote rcchelei hit roakc- 

Hc f^^th ihc cijc-siht ■ and bcrynge lo goodc. 51 

Of good upeL'Ji* ind of cunnyng* ■ h« is Uic bij^nnetv, 

In monnea brayn 1t« is mosi < and nnlhti«st eo k[iow«. 

Thtr he ia trcnir^t ' but lif Ijlod tul niabc 

For whonTic Nod la brcmorc then brAyn ' (hen is Inwit i-bounde, 

And eks n-antoun *ftd wj'Ide ' withouten ^ny neoua, ij 

And xs thon suxt the sonne < som tjme for cLoude* 

M»jr nat ahynt- re shewe " on shnwes on erche. 

Right so letieih lecheric ' axA oihei htthcr sj'nLies. ifio 

Thai god ^ijvcth cxLl arnful men ' and lu^rcth hem mfsfare. 

As iomme Uon^'tfn hem-«eU - and other while A-drcncivrth ; 

God wol nat of hem wite ■ bo(e let^th hem yworlhe, 

A« ibc fejutc: »cUb ' b/ sucli ayiiful hhrcwcN *t4 

Loic I eucho lulher men • lome ben ryche 

Of golde and of other good * ic godcs grace hem fiilerh; 

For thel bucih nnd hv-lcj\icth ' .il hrrr !yf-ijme 

More in ailcl lh»n in Kyndc - ibai allc kync thyngcs vrrcghle, iCS 

The M^hichc is boihe loue and lyf ■ and lastcth wiihouten cnde^ 

Inwitt and alle witlc» ■ clijicd ben ihrr-ynne ; 
By Imic »nd by Iraulr llier-by lyueih Atiima; 
And L)f lyucch by Inwitt ' and lerynge of Kynde. ij« 

[nwiit i& in the befd - as ^»J'tta Ln the herie. 
And mnthe uo worth hym • that Inviii mys-'ipcjneih. 
Pot that Js godci ot«i-n good - huA ^tAce and hiia uesouie* 

Tbot mcny Icdc lce»cth ■ iliorw lykcroubc diyiikc. 
At Lot dude and Noe ; ' and Htrtdts the dalfc 
3af fans douh(er for a diunnyn^ * in a diitb the hefde 
Qf the MpKvdr- hnpilsi** ' hy-fore alle hu* guiles. 
Efcrr man iSaI h^iLh Ynwiu - lod hu hcle Wtlie, 
Hath trcsour ynow in tietithc ' to fjnde vicb hyni-Eelue. 



270 A. PASSUS X 5»-«5- B FASSUS IX. 6^-91. 

In ^origp faiiniffi and foolfJt ' wlili h^m fAjTprb Tnnli, 
AnJ clbc in »cltt» ihou mihi sco ' lliAt ^ucili acic ale; 
Thci licldcth aLc in hcore bed ' ttl Inwit boo fl-^rcyiiU 6a 

And ben brivn-wcile a* t*t*tf* ■ to heore blod WAxeth, 

Ourr suche maacr oien ' uuht in In^tc injiAc%. 

Jlote in fountee no in fooke - tiic Tcntt hath no mibt 64 

For no ««rk iboi th^ worchen * vrtkke<l 01 c1L«s; 

F;)k» iljjii Tauicn loHittc ' 1 fynJe lljit liuliclirfdic 
Sbuldc r)-iidcn hem ih^t hem fautfLli - ztid ta^cttlcc^ cha\drta; 
And vydn«fi thfit han ncu3te wher-wilh ' Lo utjrnn«o bem ber 
fodc, 6« 

Tkladdv men, ftnfl maydcncft ■ thai Ticlplw^ wer^j 
Allc thi»c bkkcn Inwltie - and lore biboucik 

Of ihi» inflter« I my^tc ' make & longe tale, 
And fyndc fcl* witii*s*m ■ amongcs the Tonre dociourt, 7* 

AnJ thut I Ivc iiouji i>f tlial I iete tlic ■ Lnkc bfrmih wiinctee^ 

GtHltiJcr and godmodcr ■ that sen her go<ichiKlrcn 
Al mytci&e sind at mischief * and mowe hem nm«ndv« 
ShsJ hnur pcnjiuncfr in i^urgnionc ' but jif thei hem hdl>e- r6 
For moTc bllotigrlh tc> ihc lilcl bsiTne ' nr \w ihr Uwc knoukc. 
Than ncini)n)'ng of n name ■ and he ncucrc ibc wiwrl 
Shuldc no CJ>eiene crwiurc ■ crien alte ^atc^ 
Ne faille p;ivn tic [ii-ilngt? ^ ;(nd pr«rlaT«s did a> thci shutden. io 
A luise wuldc iiounc w u luwe ■ gu Lnigelyug foi dL-fautc, 
For allc ihc moeblcs on this moldc • imd he amende it mijte, 

Alla&t thai a Criatcne creature - «hal be vnkynde til on oUier^ 
Sinhcn luwes ihaL we lugge - ludas felawes, it^ 

Ayihcr of hem htlpeth oiber of ihai ihsil hyni n«dcih. 
Will rcl wc Crisicnc ' of Cristcs good be na kyndc 
As luwes, ihal ben owre tores-men f - shamo 10 v« aIIoJ 
The comnne for her vrikyndctiesse ■ I drede me, shitl ab^t. st 

BisadwiiiCH Bhul Ijc bkimed ■ br bcggercs sake; 
lie 19 worse thAo ludxia ' that jiaeth a lapcr »]ucr» 
And biddeth the begger go - for his broke cblhefti 

Proifii^T ft) pr/hiur cum /uJii, ^w' ^rritrMm'ttm Chriitf 
mtntit tfixtriluif: ei ah'&fr 

iikr t^mumiU 

A. PASSUS X. 6fr-73. a PASSUS XL 183-184. 271 

BtAe the fadres and the frendes - for f^untea schul be blamet 
Bote thei wiien hem from wantounesse ' whil that thei ben ^onge* 

And jif that thei ben pore or catelles ■ 10 kepen hem from iUe, 
Thenne is holy chirche a-signet ' to 4telpen hem and sauen 69 
From folyes, and fynden hem ■ til that thei ben wysore. 

Bote vche vijc in this world ■ Chat hath wys vnderstondinge, 
Is cheef souereyn of him-self ' his soule for to ^eme, 7] 

And cheuesschen him from charge ' whon he childhode passetb, 

Ac fauntekynes and fooles ' the whiche fauten Inwitt, 

Frendea schulden fynden hem ■ and fro folye kepc» 

And h<^ychurche helpe to ' so sbolde no man begge, J84 

A. 59. KottH UTH,i wnccha V. 61. b«aTU; V em. 66. Uoottt 
TU; hatts V. 71. wi»f T; wight U ; raoD V. 77, ofH.j ouerTU; 

V pm. B, 67. fantclh RCOB ; faqtoi LW. 83. crntaie L. O, 183. 
■c2iQld«DH; KholdS; Khali; ichuUeG; (chulF; ludie F£. 

A. PASSUS X- 74-S3. B. PASSUS IX. 9*^106- 

Sauc him-Mlf from tunne * for so bim bt*J^ouclh : 
Fnr vcirchr hr wri aLhrr wmng ' llic nit is hh mix^ 
T^idic ii Dowel 1 dtijk ^ ihai dUtruieth vice*, 
And :«avcth the touk ' that nunnt; huih no nuhi 
To route nc Co roi« ' no to rootea in tho hertit ; 
And that 11 drede of god < for Dowe't bil makdli. 
Hit u tnginiiyEig:e of goodaoK ' ^d foi to drcdo ; 
Silamon il a«iOc * for a soih \ak. 

For dout*. men do:h ih* bci ; - Dredo U such a mai-iior 
TImI lie m^ciEi incn mcokc ' and myldc of licorc spccliCi 
And ftllc kanrc scolcn ' in scolci forte Icmc ; 
Thcnnc is Pobci 10 bco var ' for l>ccyngc of ierdc«, 
And llicrof ^fMh ihr* «:u]Ecr ' thi-iu-lucM) thoii miht reden, 

Virga /Uii tf buiului /vor. if^sa mt ^tmntta/ii Jiatt. 
Ac }if cicnc constcncc icorde ' thAt ihl-sclfc dosi wd, 
Wilne Ihou ii«uere lo thU world ' forie Dobcterc: 



He doth noujt ffcl that doth thus < nc drat nou^t god almiily, 
Ne toucih roujt Sal;imone« »awa« ' that Sapience liugte ; 93 

/DVi'uBg sa/<ifMtit, trmor domrm\* 
Thai tlrcdcth gi^d, he iloth wel ; ^ ihit drcdclh hvm for lone, 
Ard noo|t for drtd* of ^^nimncc * doth thcr-forc ihc bcttew ; 
H« doth b«ftt. that wrth^drin'eih hym ' hj dav ind bi n}3t« ^ 
To ipillr any Eprche ■ 01 any spare of lyme; 
^r offcwiil in vno^ in cmmbits tii rmJ, 

Leayng of tymc ■ trcuthc vrotc the soihcl 
Is inoGie yhaicd t'p crihc ' of h«ni i}iat bech in hcucno, 
Ami iiithf Ii5 ipillc speciic ■ ih*; spj-re'ia of grace, 100 

And goddra gleman ~ and n punc cf hcoienCj 
Woicic ncucrc the faithful fadtr ' his Jiihc! were imtempltd, 
Ne hifi gkman a geJcIyngc ■ a goer to lauernesl 

To aUe (rpw tU]y men ■ thai tiuiwJJle dcsyren, 104 

Ovrc loide louL'lli hem and lenl ' Iciude other «lille, 
Gnce to S[C lo hem ' and agon her lyflodc; 

A. 0t. Tkij tint ii/rfm T. 9t>^ ft—nmJ', from TV: V on. ftf. 

Ttihs tine ii /rrm T; V Aiu a itrtMfi ii\u, llftt* dfp* conoetice iMirdt ■ 
bote >t'Mir Dowel. ftS- 'AiVarAiniPf/HTUlti; V unOjniMrT. 9*. pwi 

PASSUS X. 89-103, 0. PASSUS XL 185-aoi. 273 

For, Intmtfn indicai Aamt'tun. 
Di CDtjnscil of Concicncc a-cofd>Ttgc wiih holy churcht, 
Lolte thou wi^!^« thi wit * and ihi wcrkc:i tiftur; 
For jif ihou comest ijdn Concienc* • Ihou cambreai ihisclwn, 
And so wilnesselh godffs wurJ ' untl Iioliwrii borbf ; ^> 

Qui agt'i ctmfra (Gnicftrtiiarn, nfifitiit aJ (ehennam. 
Bote )ir il)Ow worchc bi godua >vurd ' I w^mc the for the bote, 
Wh»i «o men woiileti of the ■ wr^Ltlhe (lie nttU«re; 
Catouii coutkavtltll] ao ' t^ kcpr uf his Terlitng, 

Sole sulTrc and aliic stillc ' and sccli lTlou nu furrc^ 
And beo gl^ of llk« grace ■ that god hatJi the J-sfiit; 
For |if thou cwmac to ctymbe ■ and coHcyi^ horrc. 
Thou mjht Iro^c thi louhntrsMt ' for a hiitd pruydi?. 
1 hauc Icmcd how Icwcdc oicd ' han Icrcd hcorc chUdrci^ 
Thai KfrMen moseilj the marbclston ' tliat men i^flc trcden; 

And ii'hi SG walkrr^ ' Lhac wilken a'-t>oiitpa 
From jtUgion to r«1igica ^ recheks be:i t}iei vuere. 



Nr spillp Hpcch« ne lyme ' ne myspenrie ni^iihcr 

McT^blc nc i^okccblc ' ractc noihci dr>uk&. 

And thftnnc dude wc aUc wcl - ojid ;ul wcl bcl to louyc 

Quic cncmycfi cniyrcliclic * and help hem at here nccde. 

And jtkt Wf re be*: to bee alwrnte ' iml bryrge hit to htpe, 

TliAt nllc londcH ttiucdcn ' and iil nn bwe b/-lccucdc. 

Biuhopcs !thi)]de be her^stboutc ' and br/nge thi.H !o hcpc. 

For to Uijt* ilitre-fore here londe ■ and here l)f aller, 

I'he catd ihii Cridi fiaddf ' thre cioihc« hit were, 

ThciHif wsa he rvflcJ ' mul tobbed ei he dcvcdo^ 1 

U-J ^■*• "-•-» 




After that he lea hiii Ijf ■ for Uwe aholde louc wexe. 
PrchtcA Aiid pfec«le» ' and princes cf Itcly churcbo 
Sboldv dMft no dcih ■ noiber dcrc ^ercs, 
To wcTidcn a* wydc • as the woilJc were. 
To IiJien the enhc with longe ' ami lechc men to louje; 
For bo M> lotietb, leyue hn vt;! ■ god wot nai \kXv h)'m Bieiuc joo 
In myKhcf for latlte of nn^lt ■ ne for mysaynge of clodirs; 
In^uittnits taikm dcfnmum nvn rttinumittr iftnni lono^ 


ivfl^ LEL; jtf< E. li 59r- C, 1^. luueJoi IMFt^i lyuedcn F. «ft g^ 


i7i A. PASSU5 X. id4">'3 B. PASSUS IX 107-tti. 

And mcQ Uiat ciinn« mony cniA«s ' d«Tgie hit tcllcth, 104 

Tbruik or tIic(Hb.m wiJi licm ' wlrlm U i-spyp; 

PCrul the a,pcat«l ' in tus [rifltd vrot 

In c-n>aun]pl« of suchv ' muiuv ji*bou£e, 

And for WL»(1un la wri(«n ' as wiinesMit clerk^i, mS 

Jif thou bco mon i-maric-t " monk, oEhur ctianonn, 
Hold ihc Elablc aLn4 smdcfai;E < vtd BErer^gthc thi-«clutfll 
To bco bilcssci for ihi bery^ ■ j^, ^EZ^^'^ i^iatth ihoa Wfortl 
Lokc ihou gracche not oo god ' iIjau^ lie ihc jcuc luyid. iti 
Bco p.-iycd with thi porcion * pororc or rcchorc. 
ThuB in dredc lyih Do*cl - and Dobec 10 KrffrcE^ 
For ihorw salfraiun<:e >eo thoa miht ' hou «oucrcynts ariseih; 

And *o Icrci^ v» Luc ' that Ir^cdc ncucrc. itC 

And ihUH of dr«dc and liisf dcde ' Dobcit arysctb, 
Whuch i« flour acd Tmit ' i-fosir^ of boihe- 

Rilit iH Llie mve ' ih^L red is and iwuLti 
Out of a ra£^d rooic ' and of rouwc brcrca IM 

Springcih and 8pr«deih * tliit spicera desyreth. 
Or 4S whct« cui of a weod ' wsix^ih vppon coriht, 
So Dohcfi oui of Dowel ' and Dobet doih springe 

Trewe wedded libtHng folk ' !n this woHde Is Dowd; 107 
For Ihci mate wordie znd wynnc ' stnd the worldr iiiMeyne. 
For of her kynde thci come ■ that confcsscufcs ben nennpncd, 
Kyng«s utid kni^les ' kapcres and chcrlcn, 
MaydcTi^s and ni^iues ' out of o maii come 
The wyf wa* made the weye ■ for 10 help wOTiclie, tii 

And lliLia wha wcdioke ywtcugt - with n. mctic pcrsonc; 
First bi the faiferes willc ■ and the frcndcs conaeiiiv. 
And syilhencs bi assent of hem'Self ' *» thtfi xvco xnyye acorde. 
And thus was wedlnke vwrou^t ' anil god hym'sHf u madr; 

Tn cnhe the heuene is ~ hyin-self was Lhc wiLncue. 

Ac fflls folkc faithlces - ihcucA and licrca, 
Wastourea and wrccehcs ' out of vedloke, £ irowe, 
Conceyued ben in yuel tyme ' ah Caym was on Eue. 
Of such sy[ifu1 shrewcs ' the saucer makeLh m/Eidc, 



A- PASSUS X. 114-145' O. PASSUS XL 30i in. 37S 

A-mong men of ifau moldc ' that cncke ben, or Ituynde; u^ 

For lour of hrorc luuhncsNe ■ vr lord jjucch hem grace 

Such wcrkc^ lo wokIic ' ihAi he is with apftycL 

Fci^t and torcw:ird ' to folk that ten inc<j(lct> 

And libbeth a* h«orc la^^ wok ■ hit Ukcih God almihn; ut 

Fur thorw wedUc tlie wuHil Kioni ' liose wol hit i-kiiow«. 

Th«i ben riccbc^t in rciimc ^ ahJ the joic of Duwcl; 

F« of h«orc tuyiido tiwi tomt ' that confciaourH beih ncnipncd> 

Both« maitl^ne und manir^s - monk«8 and uicrcs, i^j 

Kyngcs *nd knihws • and alle cunne clerkes, 

BArouu:> uuJ Lui^cU ' and bonde men ot louncis. 

Fils folk and fciUiks ' iKcoucs and ]>^er» 
lien MnscryueE in cutf^ Ijmc ' fts Ca/i^ was on Kue, ijt 

After ihai Arlam ind Eue * hidden eten of the appel 
A^e)n tlic lie^Lc of him ' that hem of ntiiijt made-. 

An angel in haste ' ihcnnes hetn tomdc 
Into this wrocchede world ' to woncn and to llbben i^o 

In Ictie and in tnuaile ■ to here Ijiiet cnde; 
In that cofsedc con&icllaciLm ■ diei knewen to-gcdcre, 
And broujtjcn forth a bam ' that muche bale wrou}lc. 

Ciym men cleped him ' in eurscd tyme eng*nJrct, 144 

And io ^eith the auuter ^ &eo Jul v/\wt\ ill's liketh, 
Ccntfpii in doUn^ ei fitprrif tni^ntfit/rrfi. ^t. 

Ho «0 lyueth m 1au'« ' and in loue doLb ^vel 
Aft ihrsc treddid men - ih^ ihis vorlde susteyrunP 
For of here kjnde ihri come ' confeuoura and martjrea, 104 
Patriarlccs and prophclci^ ' popes And cnaidci^e^. 
For god »tih hit hym-telf ' "<ha1 tietier^ good appel 
Thorw no loiel Kcicnire ■ on *our tiock gro««; " 
And liit VH nn more to mcnc ' Ixitc men tliat tiuih liygctyn loB 
Out of inatrimome nat moillcre ' mowe nat houe the rticc 
That teelle legitime • by law* may cle>-me. 
And ihat my *awe be soih ' the ft^uier bereih wttneMe, 
Contrfiif m Mt^rt, ti peptrii ini^ai/ti/tm. 

A. i<t£. ttfiliivi—gfiuriiV-. V *«, loS. /it—/<'vtan^arii V-. V *«», 

r I f , MMfvjii V ; taiunyne TU, ^Ai/Jd^i/wr, ^, u ficm T- 1 1^- mai^lv TU j 
wmH V. ijj, an l^/>r4i]Ltj V- 141. Tkh Hm U /r^m V - ifj.ahfcrnTU] 
b«nic> V. wiciu}lc TU ; wrowiten V ; f/ «*>/ ;/*. * 4^, *rf — -h , from T. 
0- f^j* Ibccse r. M4, mkrlyrct MIFsO : riiaj>lrc> TIC to|. Eniidvnu T. 
AfUr i. aa^, S ^Jd* x Noliiiu ui a If rm hfQia ~ w Wuoc Lctyuk 

T « 


PASSUS X. 146-158. B. PASSUS IX. r-ij-i*!. 

Ard iLll« thai com« of that Ciyni ' Crifll hero bat«<lf afuir, 
And mor\y miHoniv mo ■ of men and or wymm^n 
Tlul of Scili And bis stibtcf bcthtJicn forth cuom^; ; 148 

For ihci mnricdo] 10 corKd men ' ihai comcn of Caymcb kujnik. 
yar iMc that comen of thai Qaym ■ a-cuircd Ihci wcrcn, 
And -aWc ihar ccmplcde hem lo that kun ' Critt hern haicde dedfichr 
Purihi he rcndc to ScEh ~ and Kciilc him In an ;uigcl, r^i 

To kcpG hi.i ccti from Caymci ' that thci coupled nol to-gcdcrt. 
And b^thtbcn &th and hi^ tuik-r bcd ' wcren spoufcd to Cayraa, 
A-j^ya ^de* hc«c ' gurks ilid g^^tien. 
Thai gull w-4^ vriaxh with hw>r wcik - uid nuche wordes seidr. 

Pettiiei me /taut h^mimin ; 
And itt chufi muchc lo ni«ne ■ »-incn^a |ou (die, i>t7 

"Thu I m&k^de mon ' nou hit nn« for-ihrntoh ;" 

And olle thai come of thit CAym ' cotnc (o jiicl cndc. 
For God sent 10 Secra - and seydc bi an angel,' [^f.ii.aTaO 
"ThjTie isfiue in iliync ieeiw ■ I wil Ibat thei be w*ddod, n^ 
And noujt ihi Vjndp uthh Cayme^ ' ycoupkd ne yipouaed/' 

)*;i some, ajtfin lUe sonde ■ nf ovie s.iutoure of licueiic, 
Ctt)'iucA kyodc and bia k/ndc ^ ci^uplcd togidcrca. 
T>1 god wnitlh«d for her wcikia ' and aiKhc a «ordc sc)'dG, 
"Thai I makcd ' now it me aLhjriketh;" 119 

And conic ic Nuc anon ^ ajid UkI h^m uojji Ictlc: 

" Swiihc 1:0 hh&pc ft shjppc ' of chides and of border. 

Thi'^lf and thi sonoii three . and Hthtrn jowre wyues, i^i 

Unske jow 10 that bole ■ and bidcth y^ Mii^t-Inne, 

Tyl Iburtv da/c« be ftilfilde ' cljal tlic HckIc hailc ywu^ea 

Clcnc ancy the cursed hbde ^ that C)i>Tii halh ymakcd 

liesces that no^v b-n ■ thulle bannc the t)'me, jj* 

Tliat euere dial cursed Caym ■ come on thin enhe; 

Alle shal deye for lus dcd« ■ bi ihdrs wnd bi hulttt*. 

And liic foulcs tha,! flccghco ■ forth with t>tbcr bcjtca, 

Kxcefilc onviiclie - ol «c^e kynde u ecuple, 140 

Thai in thi shyngird shippe ' ^hnl ben ysaned." 

A. igi. S«ih: V Aur Sfftn. ^>' Mijft^ ; /» I 14H. 154. Seih; Son VT 
TH4 AtfTV ^1, Av/ itBiV J«, 16^ bADM TUB,; cuiD V. B, 134. ^ IV 


A. PASSUS X. 159-171- C. PASSUS XL sit-is>. 277 

And com 10 Noo anon ' and bod him not kiie 

Sni[h(! to ftGhjii>rn a u^hup ' nf Kchidn and bord«s; i«a 

HiiD'^cir anil hiA ^oiica tbrc ' and Acththcn hcorc vryucSt 

Bhngcn hem lo the bot ■ anj byden ihei-innp, 

Til fourtL d&wtf« ben fclfutd - Ihat Iho f]<>d hiue i-wassclic 

CIcnr ivicy ll^ic curicdc bftx! ' thuL Cajm Eulh i-mitel. 1A4 

"Eccrtcn ihai now beo ' mcuwcn bannc ihc tymc 

Thai cucre that cuncde Cs,ym ■ com vppon conhe; 

All* *c}iul^n fty*? for his flc<to* ■ bl doune* and hulles, 

Bothe Ijbcli ^iid foulcs ' foilh witli uiher bce^Lt^ lAe 

Out-ukcn cihtc eodc« ' and of vchc bcc^c & couple. 

Thai tn the Bcliyngkdo Bchup ' sc^viUen ben j-^ued; 

FJtcK «chal ftl dye ' and 10 hcllc we^nde" 

C»)Tii the curacd creature • conccyacd vt^ in sjmie, ju 

Aticr ilnE AdiLin and Euc ' haddcn yayngcd; 
With-Oiitf rcpcniauftcc ' of here rechc-1eene«so, 
A rybaud ihfi cngendrede ' 3i;d a gomp vnryghiful. 
jAfr ui hcwc that cictb nat ~ auatrclli hym lo howc fi6 

so mw Cayni conccjited ' and go been carted vrccche*, 
Tlial lycame h^ui a-^en the lawe ■ that otire lorric orde}Tede. 
AIlc tlul come of Caym ■ cayiyucs were cucrc. ijo 

And for the nynnc of Caymcs scd ' acydc god to Noe, 

i'em'kt me ficisse Acmintm; 
And had ihipc hym a schJp ' oF ihide* and of borJeip 
"Th/'wlut iitid ihy ^ane% thtee • aiul siHlicn jotire wyten, 
Buakc %<m to that boi ■ and a-bwlcth ihcr^ynne 1*4 

Tyi fourty dayta be iulHlk'd ' antl Ihc Hod haue Vroas^tm 
Ct«nc away ttje cur^^de tiJoJ < thai of Caynie yi tprong«, 
Beslts that now bt-eih ' hanni- ^hiulletli tire tynie 
That cucrc that curKd Cayme ' cam on ilin crthc; itii 

Allc shullcri ilcyc for hus dcdes ' by dales and hul1c«. 
And the foulcs that flee - fonh with othcre beiitev, 
KxL-rpt onlir.hc ■ of ccht kyndf a V^}'^* 
Thai in tfiy shynglcdc ^chip - vith the shal be Aaucd-** 131 

LCKOUtfnr. i;^. rotih, C^VKun; for U 0< 114. rt^WWw I*. 

at6. bcw«)C; hywc P. jji, »tliip tMh'Sl^; &bup P. If4< Md IMPi 

2T8 A. PASSUS X. fjt-ns B, PASSUS IX, i4>-i63- 

ThuB ihorw cunvit Capn ' com cat* v^ppoa alle; 171 

For Stih ami liii ^uMer cbiMfcri ' spousedcTi tlxUer Ollwr, 
Agcjti lilt bwc of VI loiil ■ Ij^cil (u-gcJerr. 
And wcorcn marled ^C iniKticf ' aa men dcth nomr lKor« 

^ ^ ^ I il ^^ ^ 

HfFc abou^te llic tiftrnc ' lh« belsymguTl^ 
Ami iilk tot bcr foifftdrtft ' ifaci fcidea llic n-orvc. 
The goopcl 13 hcrc-flgcinc ' in o dccrc, I fyndc, 144 

Ac 1 fyiidt, if the Tader ' be tulte and a ihrcu-e. 
That ftomd^l The ^n«- * «lial hau« tl^ q1r«fl t^cchn. 
1n)]« D11 in t^llcriie ^ 111J if diine apple be &w«ip, 
Mochcl mcmcile mc itij^kcth ■ and more 1/ a vcbrew^, 14^ 
That bT}'ng«th forth xitiy barne - buL if lie be the ome. 
And haue a ftanour^ sifter the ^ire ' ^Ido (ce^tow other; 

And lhU8 thourw cuncd Ca>ni ■ cam care vppon crlhc; 

And at (or Ehci urouil wcdlokct - a^ein goddis wille. 154 

For-lhi hAuc ttiei Tnuugre for here martagea ' char marye so her 

cliildereu ; 
For some. a£ I m now * aoth Tor to telle. 
For coueiiise of cal«l ■ vnkyndtliche b<n wedded. 
As careful concepcbun ' cometh of flucl>e marlagefti iff 

As bifcl tif ihc folkc ' that I bifore of iclde. 
For goodc ^hutdc wrddc eooJe ihouuli hij no eood haddc; 
■'1 am via 1/ urr/oj," Bcith Cryet ' '^l may au^iurce aJlen" 

It Is 3U1 oncomely couple * bi Cryst, as me thihiceih, 160 

To jyueii a joiigT- %vencbe ' to itn olde foblc, 
Or wcddcn mj' rtitlwc ■ for wclth of hir goodis. 
Thai neuere shal t>anie here - but if it be in arme&l 

A. T*^. Sethi Scm VT^ wl i^&. B- 14J, abouite WCRU ^ ftboii|i U 
150, .Wligx'ifnu COVi ; r*//*^Aw LWR. C iJ3. (ib*vl? P. 135. iW- 

A, PASSUS X. 176-183. <X PASSUS XL aj^-flsS. 279 

For nimm?. as 1 wo dot ■ aoih ttvr m wllcti, 
Fof coucCiae of caiel ^ vnkuyndcKcKi: bcoth maiictl. 
And careruJ conccpcicn ' ccmcth of such wcdJyniTi 
Also bifd of that foil! " Ihit I beo-fore gch«wfsie> 

Hit is an «i-comeEy couple ' be Crysl, as me tl^mki'th, 
To )i?Liea A y^^E *^^"*^1j£ ^ ^o an old fctile aaou, 
Or u> wcddcn an old widcwc ' for wcollhc of hire f*;oodc3. 
Thai neuer schal child bcre ' bote hit beo in hire armost 



Here abou^lc the barn - hus bcbirei giillc^* 
And alle far here for-fadrcs ' ferdc^n the worse. 
The godspcl js bef-agpjii ' as gt^meis may rcden, 

Holy writ wlltnossedi - tboi for ao wickcdc dedc t^h 

Thftt the nre bym-sclf doda ' by bos oweae wil, 
The borw far Ihe syrc* eynno ' ihoWe nai Iw Uic wctm. 
V)>«i-fcjiister iawf, ich woi *^l ■ woroh^Lh t\w concrtrie; 
For tliaub the Ud^t be a frunkdayne ' and for u felon b« 
hanged. I to 

The htjntag^ lliat the air ^oldc hLuo ■ ya al the kyn^^s willc. 
Ac the godapf] ys a gio« there - hudynjc^ (he grevihe ireuih* ; 
For god scidc enittiiipli.* ■ of luchc: manerc i»Jiue, 
That k^n^ folwcth Ityndc * and contrarielh ncucre ; tu 

Mm^tuim eoiUffMJ de fjnitis vtta^ ^ ti a/iSt, Bona t/rfiar 

Ar whi ihr Warldr M-at a-drent ' Iioly vrii ktletbp 

Wa» for mariagc.*! of nui^-kymlc ' thai men mudcn thai tycne. 

After thai Caym th« cur&odc ' haddv' cullvd Ahcl, 

S«ih, Adameh «on« ' lUtilicn ti-a« engendnd. tfS 

Aral god n^nie to Sfih ' so *ionr b<? was of age,' t"^' 1^ ''•'] 

Tha* — for no kync caicl ' nc no kync byhcsle 

Suffrcn hua ^od BNdan ' with Caymc^ feed hua brother. 

And for Ihai S*Tih «Ql¥Ved« hit * god *eiJe, "me forih^-nkcJi i|i 

That Irh man madr - otJirrp mairimonyc ^iffrwle; 

For good rfjoldc vcddcn good ' ihnuh thd no good ha^I'^c. 

For ich am ma it t/eritas ■ and may auauncc hem allc" 

Ac fcvc folkc now folvrcdi this ■ lor iliei jeutth here iliildn^n 
For eoiietiflf* of caitl ■ and connynpft" chapmen ; ifr 

Ofk/n nc of kjnrcdcne - a-courkte(li incn bote lytd. 

2ao A- PA5SUS X. 134-1B9. B. TASSUS IX. 164-1B3. 

In leleaye lo/eks ' and langlyngc in bcd<W 1^4 

Mony peSr^ s^ththfn ihp pfiiiVnc^ ' ban pllhi hwn u>-g9it4ft; 
Tlic fruji itml Lficj bringtm fonh ' ben tnony Tl^uIc «ojdc«. 
Han ttici none children boi« chcstes ' and chopper hem bitvcnc, 

Thau) ihci don hrm to Doamow« - bu[ ih^ dcu«l helpd its 
To folcvttn ifhjr the Hmxhen ' ffxche tbei hit ncixrt^ 

Miny a pciro sithen ihe pcttilcncc - han pli;t hem togiderts; 
Th« fniii that the! bryngv forth * ir«ii Toulc n-cirJev, tAj 

In Iii3i»usj'e loyrU'S ■ iintl Unglyng on l*dde. 
HiDc ihci no children but dicste ' and chopping licm Utwemc, 

And though ihei 6on hem eo Domnowe ■ but if the deii^l help 
To fdwcn ikeT [h« flicche * fccehe tbet it n^aerc ; 16*^ 

And bill ibci bodic |jc forswornc ■ thai bscoun ihci tyrte. 

For-ihi [ con^lle alte Crystcnc ' coueitf noujC be wcddcJ 
For coueiLise of Citd ' ne of kynrcdc liche^ ij* 

Ac maydenefl and muydeneA ' oiacchi- ^ow logideres, 
VVldwcs and Hidwers ■ worcbetli the tamr. 
For no kindcb. but Tor louc ' lokc ye he wedded. 
And thannc gcLc ^e the grace of god ' and good y-nogh to tyuc 
vith, i]i 

And cxmry muncr aeculer ■ ihjtt may naijjf ronilniir, 
rWysly go wtddc - and wai hjm fio *ynne ; 
TcT Jeccheryc ca likynji ■ is lymc^t^rdc of hcllc. 
Whiles thow art )onge ' and Ihi ^cpne kenc, igo 

Wroki! thf^ with wynynge ■ jif ihow will ben evcu^od. 
Dum jfj vtr foriis - fu da /wu rubom m^iriis, 
Stribihtr in partis • mtrtirix ts! I'antta moritt. 

A. iSX. iloixEDO»e«-bdpt, /;*ff> U; V A*j dooc ' d ^t t^i fnc^ui whivj 
tlflfkc on</tnowtti a/t •Mmtpttii fr^m dflnmowc- 19O. thai— -(jec TUHt^ 

ud curwn ih»i tymt V, igj, maj^^ciiia truxcvJic jDv* yxiuac T ; V hut 

vuQinyJtDfl - dcjico^v lavc- 194, HCfchjltiiil T^ V ^ wjfKttipc^. 

B- 167. tnE>rajia>L. iSih wHi O; wnli WCB ; wil L. C afio. 

jrinunrrcde ?. yirf^^^ee ^IMFSG: <pfonirf P 169. war«1PEi ^nleilMF. 
JTi, Tkitli*4Uti'V awiJy. ajj l*lly SMG: *oThliche PK S«t. 


A, PASSUS X. 19^195. a PASSUS XI. >S9-»9^ 2*1 

IkKc ^If ihei bothf hen forKU-orp * ih&t bacoun cbci tynf. 

Forthi 1 iXiunAcile alfc CrtMcnc ' coucile not ben i-wcddct 
For couctysc of cnicl ■ nc of kua richc; 191 

Bol« maydcns and m^ydens ^ m^cchelh ou ysamme, 
WuJewers und widewp* ' werthcth rijt also. 
Aud tbeiuic gladc jc god - thai allc guodct ^rulcAl 

Tb^uh hue be loueiiche 10 lokcn on ' and lofiom ± Ixrddc, 

A mardc wcl )inanered ' oF good men Viprongc, j6* 

Bole hue h^ue cry oihet gpod ■ biuc bure vol nr ryche, 

Ac l*t huT* b* viiloUicliobe ■ viiloGKHn a bpdd«, 

A baaUrde. u bumidi? atx ' n lirgrndiloi douljlicr, 

Tbal no tUftc»yc cin ' bole Icl hure be kiiowc atf^ 

for rychc othir wcl jrtntcd ■ ihauh hue rtucly for eWfl, 

Ther ny< *quier n* knyght * in conircy* a-boai*, 

Tha: hr rel bow^ [a ihjiE boiiitcf - 10 bvdtr bjrc an hosebonde, 

And wciIdcN bua- fur bmi^ vf^lLlie - iiid vib^ibcii on cJic monve 

That bus w/f were wca " ol^l^.'^ \ 'n-aicUful of nobler. *&9 

Ir gcleAic loyo-leaa - and langl^Tige a b«dd« 

Tlird l)Tir hrfp \\f \nlou*ly " til drib hrm drparte. 

Meiiv pcire siiibc Uic pufrtilcnct-lxnoc ' ba[i pLghl Ercuthc 10 

Ac Ihci lyen Icily * here nothcr loueih othere, 

Tbe fnir ihai thci hrjngpn forth ' arcn mcny foule wordes; 

Tljci hati nti Lliililren biir chr^te ' and cUtitHM^s hem by-l*y[ic. 

TbAtih ihci don hctn 10 Doncinowe - bote tbc <Jcucl hem hclpc 
To folwen (or th<" tiicch« ■ feccbeth thci bit neucre; *jr 

Bnif (hci boihe be for-iworc - that bacon Ihei tyni?- 

For-ihi kh cDunHeile alle Cry»tine ' toueile ncucre be wtridcd 
For couctlBc of caiel - in no k>i]De v/yac ', 180 

Bote mnydcno* atid maydeoes ■ maiielh ^ow to-gederca; 
And wydewpTS arnt H'ycikves ■ weddeih ayiher otherc, 
And lake that fnue he morv lb« cause ' diAn lond other nobStti 

And eucrcdi maiicrc scculcr man ' ihat may nat contyiwc* 
Wiuliche 50 ^vcddc ' and w^r (he fro ihnl *ynnc a*S 

That [i^cherye U, a lykyng* ibyng • and lym-jerJ* of hdte, 
Aitd wltit tliciw art ^nng and yp * and tby wepiie kf^iur. 
Awrckc tlie ihenf^iih un vyuyngc ' for £odcs wcrk icb boldc hit: 
Jhm ui m> firht * m des fita ro^ara Korfu, i<9 

Sirriioar in f^tii ■ v^tirix ttl hmta mcrfiL 

1«2 A PASSUS X. 19^-204- B. FASSUS IX. 184-106. 

For in vti-tvmc trcwda ■ tri-twcnc tnon ind wonwnon "9* 
Schulde no l>e<l-^oufdfl bo ' bot« boihc v«ore cIcqc 
or Ijf an<1 Eke in loni* ' anil in Iftvr aUr, 
Tlifll dc«tle dcmc ' do no mnu ^clioldc, 
A« U vaci, bi-twcnc ' tcnglc and *cnj£le; >» 

ScUiAcn h^^c hdih i-loket - that vcbe mon hatt« % ntiko 

Am] wnrdic thni wiih hlit w>-f ' and iffilli no womnton cllcs. 
That oihcr-g»te» ben i-^tcn ■ for gidcljA^a ben boldcn> »« 

Whan 3« h^utf wyoed, bewtr - nnd worcheth in tymc; 1H4 
NiMijt as Ad^m and Eue * whan Caym was cngrnttitd- 
For in rniymc, ircwli ' Utwen? man and ftomnian, 
Nc stiulde DO bourdc od bcddc be; - bui-if ihci 6otl>c were 

Boihe of lyf and of sonic ■ and in yiarfvtc chiriCM. ift» 

Thai tike dprnr il^rdc ' do nfiman nc liholdc. 
And if ihui Icdcn thua her tyf ' It likcih god sJm^ii ; 
Kor be n^e wedbke ir^tfi ' uid him'«eir it ftckte; 


Aod llici thiL otljcre^lia liai gcteii - for gcdcbiigcft ben boldcn. 
A$ blM folk? fonddjngrs ' failourcs and lyirs; i9j 

Vngradom w gct^ goodo ■ ur loue Df the poe^*!*, 
Wandrcr* and ^L^asrm ■ what ibtl cacciiP raowe. 
A^c-incft Dowel lljcJ don yuci ' jind die dcucl seme. 
And ftfter her de^h-day ■ aliullc dwdic with the same, 
Bui ROd gyue hem gr*c« hf^re ' h*m-eclf to amrnde. 

Don'el, my frende^ is - 10 don a« liwc icchtOi, 
To louc ihi fiendc and ilii Too ' Jeuc Rie> thai ia Dobot. 
To jiuf^n ^^nd lo ;cmci> ^ bothc ^ongc And nidc, 
To heLpn and lo heipen - is Dol>«4t of nllc. 
And Dowel is 10 dredc god * and Dob«l to miTfe, 
And so coiai^th Dc3lx--^t of boihf ' and biyngrth adonn tht- mod/. 
And ihat U wikkcd Willc - that many wcrke ^n^dccli, JOf 

And dryueil) ftway Dov'cl ' ihonigh dcdlicbe i-ynna' 

A. J04, 305, V A«i #i«^ OH Jlr'fif, p*t utagitet ben t-^ea - ben lysdlfiifM 



A. PASSUS X. ao5-ai3' C, PASSUS XL 391-310. 29J 

Th&t ben False TaEkc and Talac hcirt8 * fyodljmgca And l»cr»r 
Vn-graciw to gele lone " or «nl good oUes, 
Bole wandfcn as woIuch - arid wasr^r ]ir ihrl moiiwva. 
A^tyn Dcitfcl llici dtni ifudc and iIji.- tlcud i^lt-stn. aoV 

And iTiur hcorc dcih-day ' schul dwcHc wjih ihc Khrcwc, 
Bute god ^iue hem grace - heer to n-mfrtide. 

Thcnne ia Dowel 10 dredrcn ' and Dob« to *uffrffn, 
And »o comedi Dcibr&I alioulc ' and tin^grth adouii modi, jij 
And dul ii wikkede WH - Ihat mony wcrke :ich«ndeth.* 

Je ihai hin w/ueB, beth war ' worcheih nat oui of lyme, 
Ai Adam 6116c and Eue ' as ich whil er tolde. 991 

For sholde no l>cd"»borde bt ' bote-yf ihei boihe were 

Clenc of ly' and buc in ?;nule ^ mid in loci wcdJok. 

For that d^rnc dcdc ' do no man «boIdc 

Bom w«ddeJ men \niU here vryuca ' na holy wril Ull«lb ; 196 

Sttmm at %i unus^uisque uxfirtm suam habtai, pr^Ur 

That oihere-gulra bew: gel* ■ for ^itk^lj-n^'* itfn holde, 
And &la folkc juid fonndIyngr» " ftiitoum and 1)t:ra, 
Vftgndouw I0 g«tG |!:ood ^ oiJivrc ;;ood loui^ of puple, 
A-vm^tTngo and waatynge ' al ilinl ih^l cat'cli* mowe; joo 

A*]rnK Dtiwrl thri don v«elc ■ and ihr* driw-l wmrn. 
And after here dc(][-da>c ' dwelleit shiiUc in litllc. 
Bote K^d Ryuc hem ffflcc ' her kojtirc lo omendop 

And Ehus yv Dowel, my Trend ' Eo do flc liwe lecbcLh^ 504 
To louye and 10 bwe jhe ■ ond no lyf ro grruc;. 
Ac to louye and to lenc Icyf me, thai i» Dobct; 
Ac to leuc and to }cme ' bothc )on^ and olde^ 
n^Iefi and help^ * '\% DoLe«t of all jaft 

For thf mori: a man may do ' hj' bo ihat hf do hlc» 
The more ia he vporlh and wi^idij of wyv.' j^euI goodc yprciMd/ 
//(ir fxpUcil fstsius primm /it JMtf/. 

DIFG ; F ML JEM ilo fMSEG : day C<w^^> P- y>9- Po™ F-* 



28* A, PASSUS XI. !-:■ 3. PASSUS X. i-«, 


TUENNE lif<!iit Wil !^ vryf ' 9ni Jioicn ilam Siudic, 
Tbai Idic w« of Uch ■ tnd of buh chere. 
Uto wofl wondcrlichc wroih ' ilut Wit mc ihui muhlCp 
And il £tanndi; dara Studic ^ iltorneliche scid*, 4 

■ Wd anon Willi/ ([und heo ' *wiwbm ia iclle 
To fajtun or u> foclcK thai frcntilt ben of wiUcsf 
And blbme<l« him for his bcoc ' and bad him hfo stillc 


.^ 'T^HANNE hadde Wiiw ^ wyf ■ ww hole datiw Stttiye. 
i That lene was of lew ■ and of Uchc? liolhe. 
She Wii» waiidcilj- v^Iul^l ' lUai Wiiic me ihus taiqte. 
And al blaryngc damu Studyc ' sicmclicb soydc* 4 

• Wei aitow wys*,' quod sho to Wltie ■ ' any wysd^ime* to lelle 
To flaiCTcrcB or to folia ' ihui framyk ben of witicsl" 
Add blamed tiym aiid banned b/m ' and baddc hym be siyUe, 
W[ib nuchc wi!<< worded ' to wiAscn any sotlc«; t 

And «yde, *no!i mtfitre, man • raargerye-jierlil 
Am;inges hogges, \\xn ' hawes at wilte. 
Thci doii bul df)uclc iher-on - dFafTi^ were hem leuexe 
Than ul ibc pjccbai perrc ' that in pamdys wcxelli, la 

1 sty it bi suche/ quod she ■ 'that sJie*ctb bi her verk*«, 
Tliat hem vere letter loti[le ■ nnd Icardsliip on erihe, 
Or licLhes^e 01 replis ' and rcsle at her wijle, 
Than alk the sochc sau<9 - thaL Salamon scydc cucTC* 16 

Wludome and witte no^v ' iii no^)t v.'orEb a cano, 
But if ii bo carded with coueytiae ■ as efotheres kemben here wolle. 
Wlio-xj CAti i-Cinlreue deceylcs ■ and consjiire wrotigc8, 
Arid fcdc fonh a louc-day - to lalEc wiili trcuthe; ao 

A. 9, lew-^ichTH,; euer ^rA« Miche V. t% cardilTMi; eukd V. 



A. PASSUS X!. S-ao, C. PASSUS XIL (-17, 283 

With &uchc wysc wordes * w wisuc cny Tooks. I 

Arid fieidc, '«^/ mtl/ere " margcri-perlcft 

Among hogget ihnt hsn - hHWr>i ;iL bmrc wHIr; 

Tlici <lon bot drauclc iheron ' diaf wcorc liem kucrc 

Then si ihc prcsciouEc pctrlca ■ th&t in paradyi was;cn. la 

i Hgge hit bi ihulke/ qaod h«o " *thal bi hforc wcfk« schcwen 

ThiLl Iwm wcore leuerc lond - and lonhctLUiw on eonhe, 

RitlKZSSC, rciiics ' or rcslc ai bcore willc 

Then »t the Ktth »awce ^ ilial SaUtnon scide euerc. i4 

Wisdom md w^i rou ' U not worth a nissch^ 
But hit beo cardet wiih cnurtiftt^ ' fts cloihcrs doih heor wollc^ 
ThftI GontcHeicih disscitcs ' and con^pirct wiongcs. 
And Icdcih fcrth a loucday ' to Icttc ihc trcwthc; lo 


THENNE hadde Wii ft wif ' wm hole dcimc Sludic, 
Thftl fill Icne lokede ■ and lif-holy Hcnwdc; 
Hoe wa* wondcriicljc wnrih ' ihai Wil vo me uuhte. 
Al stujRfce dame Sludic ~ >lcrncllchc wde, 4 

^Wcl &r1 tbcjvr ny^/ quaib hue to Wil ' *Kuche ^^iidome to 

To *n)r fot othei flflterere ■ oiher to freniik puple;' 

And itfide, 'nv/i/e mit/rre, je men ■ miLrK^^'^^^'l^'^^^ 

A-nongc ho^ca thai haucn ' hatutt^ at willc; S 

Thei don bote divaele Uieroi: ' draf ware bem Icuere 

Tluti al ihr preclouae perreye ' chai t-ny prince wi^lilcEh, 

Idi 9eggr IJt b> ^uche,' quAth Studie - 'iliii fiheM-fTi by here 

The] loticth lond find IcrdtJiup ^ atid lykya^ of body more u 
Than holyncsse other hendctiease - other al that sdnres tccheiii. 

Wjsdom and wit now ' it nst worth a curse 
Dote hit be cjkTdcd vrith aiuetyte - u clotlicis kcmbcn vo\\c. 
Ho that e«n contreeue and cosle ' to duceyue ttie puple. l£ 
And lette with a loueday ' irc-utJie, and b>'-syle hyrn. 

«0 iHifl^lic V. B- 19. AD i/f/ u^^i) I,. C 4. *iMytin£« T. ttprnclitbc P. 
5. (»ii/)ti>lMrSEG; Pm, 9. dicudm T. U. Tbci Mi Thai rElFSK, 

see JL PASSUS XL ^t-^^. b passus x. ai-44* 

That niche craftet cimnm - lo connitdl beoth i-ckpt, 
Anil ben icn^cd ns syta ■ ibai w-tucth ihe tIcueL 
lob ibc Icntcl ^ in his IccaICA icidc. 

Ac he that Ijoly wril hftili ' cucr In his mouihe, m 

ITc (hai Kudic cmRca c^n ' lo consf^Illc Is clepid ; 
Thci Icdc lordM with icsyngcn ' and bilj-^th Ucuihc 

lob ihc fccnt^l * in hb gesles wit^icuclhf 
Thir A^itktd nwn, ibei welden ■ ihe wtWie of Ibis wofldc, 14 
And ih^tl liid brn jordcs of ecbe 1 lundr ' ihui outc of hwr lib- 

The tauter »!yili tbc wmc ' lij suchc ibftt <Ton file, 

Eitt ipsi ptaoiQfts halund&nkf : in sttuh i/pttnuerurt/ ^i^ 


"Lot" seith holy tokrrure • "wbicbe lorde* bedi ihU ihfcvcar* 

ThtUr (hat gT>[l niuiW gyucih ■ Icsic gfKid ihci deleih, jw 

And nio»lc vnlynde la tlie comimc ' thai mo^tc caid ^elilcQi; 

QtK fierfiti'tJi, dcstruxtntHt : ius.'us iiuiVm quidftdt f 
Hdilotes for h«T hfiiloLr^'e * mix/ bait^ of her god». 
And Ijiperes anit Itjgeloiir^A ' and lan^ekis of grstei. 

Ac be ihitt badi boly ^riuv ' u> in hia mouih, ji 

And CAn telle of T<jbyc ' &fkd cf the Cwclu< apostles, 
Or precben of iJie penatinee ' that Pdat ^^rou^t 
To lew the gentil ■ iliai !*wes lo-drowc: — 
T.ilcl \% hr loucd thj^ suthc % Tc»M>un ^bewcdit gtf 

Or (Jaunlcd or drawe Torth * 1 do it on god hyin<«ciri 

But iho that feynen hem Totis " and wilh fatlyng libbethi 
A^ein ihe Jawe of owre lordc ~ and lyen on hetfD-Aclu^, 
SpitLen and spewen ' and speke faule wordex, 40 

Drunken and diyuelen ~ ind do men for to gape, 
Licltnc men and lye on hem ' tlmt lenclh hem no |iAefl, 
Thei conne namorc tnj-nstrakye ■ ne musyke, men lo ^ade, 
Than Munde ihe mylncre ' of muUa/etit diut! 44 

a }fi. All the MSS. «nul r^firU. 


A- P.VSSUS XI. 85-30, C, PASSUS XII- iS-)<, 2S7 

An<l con lellirn of Tobic ' antf ihc twcliie apnsdes. 

And prcchcn of ihc peuauncc ~ ihni Pilatus wiouhic Jl 

To Icsii ihc Icniil ' that Uwcs lo-drowe 

On crott vppon CaJujuie * aa dErrkes v? IcIL^lh;— a 

Ltiytel Is he loued or leten bi ' Ihal such a Jessun rcdcth, 

Or daiinMled or dridwen forih ' ihi^ ilisour^ wiLen eIic HOLh«; 

That c:m couriie and cnsie thus ' :irrn c^^ped Jn-lo coun«il. 
Qtui sixpiuni nugas ' et crmfrta fegt uxantar. 
Qui rtcU s^mnl ■ fex itthti in /firof. ao 

He ia reur'cnced Mid robtd ' thil <jaii robbe the pcupl* 
Thorv faPit nnd fal^e qu«si^s ' »Tid ihonv lykel 4pf^cb«. 

lob the gpniil and w)^«i ' in hu» gcstp« w>tnrr«»cih 
What aha! woithc of buchc ' whcnnc thci l^f tctcn : 14 

Zhiiunt (n horns Jiis tuot, ^ in firu Jfutndunf aJ infimmn. 
The sanier s^ith tlie same ■ of alle suche ryche; 

uitkluni Ivmen ; 
El alibi'.' E<et tfisi /bvoiAtw, ^ ^ff. 
■' lo I " hoJy lei:rure seilh - " whiche lofdes been Ihese shrew« I" »A 
Tho ihu god mosE good g^aeih - Trust grciLc ryght and 
ircuthc : 

(V per/i£isU\ datritXfruftt ; iushts auUm fttttt fml? 
And baHot«t for hure ha/lotric < arcn holpei cr nt'dj' poufc; iS 
Ajid that U no rysht ne rcdon ■ for ralln^r men sholde 
Hdp bem tha: haih iinuht - than ihu that ban iiu ni^etle. 

Ac he that h&lh holy writ ' aye m bus muutbcp 
And can tcUc of Treuthe ' and of the twelu* apoflels. 3* 

Olbcr of the pulsion of Criai ■ other of purgaiorie peynts, 
I<)1el \% he a-loweU ibere-fore ■ among loidcs at fcaio. 

16. (ticc»p. a;, god IMFSKG: PEww, /«jM/<-^vitr; AvSmfr. 

j«. hnn.S; bm IK<;; P<vflf. nudy P. i|, ■! IMFG : olF. 


FASSUS XL 31-44- B. PASSU3 X. 45-^8. 

Kor tif hirloiric na holpt htm tbe bat - (biuc god my sculel) 
Mor« ihcn Triiuyk ' or makyng nf Crist, ji 

Woldc ncucr k>ng nc knihi ^ nc cftiioun ul scyiit PouIcm 
;ciKn btm u> hcorc ;»«» )iiic * the vxive of a groi^l 
Bote manaimltye rind munhc ' &-mong men is noulfac; 
Lechcdr ami Icwcngrie ■ iinJ Joaelet Uki^ 36 

And gelcn gotd will^ grctc oUiea ^ bcoth gam us nou a <Ia)T^. 
But )if thci cArpon of CrisI ' (this ctcrkcs and thi^ Icw«dc) 
Auc tnctc in htoi murthe ' whon tnuriilralft bcoth st^llc, 39 

Thcnn« t<?Il<!ih thpl of ihc iTlnIt? ■ hou iwo ibwcn ibc ihridde. 
And bringcOi frwili ballc-dc [l-*iquu3 ■ Uk IlrraarLl to viinncfte, 
Adii puylcih fonh pr«3umpciun ' lo prcuc the soihe. 
Thus thci tJrmelcr on bcorc tlcj* ' ihc (loiljc lo ktiowe, 
And d^'tn^th god in-tx3 Uic govge * trhon hvore gouui foDen. 44 

Nc W4TC here v^lc harbtryc ■ hauc god mj- ircvthc, 

Shiild« neuere Wyng nc Lni;t ' nc clortoun of bcj-eu Poulct 

3):uc hfm to her ^erwjW - the |tr* of a grotcl 

Ac: iiiLirilie uiJ niyiitiLnilcycr ' aiUDngri men j« Routhe 4R 

Lccchcryc, Ioscnpcr}-c ' And toHCtca tsltt; 

GIoloay« ^nd groi« otbfs * this murihe thei louicth- 

Ac if ihci cirppn of Cryst ■ ihle cicrkli iLnd tins lewyd, 
Arte mcic in hci muithc* » whan irjynMralles brn Ut]h, jt» 

Thaiinc icllclh ihci of ihc irinitc ' A talt oih*r twcyne, 
And brLnjccn forth a balled rcnoun ' and taken I^rn:ird 10 niincBK) 
And puilcn forth ^ prctump^ioun ■ to prcuc the Kitho- 
TbiiK thd dryurlc at bet elcyw ■ the drltc tt> knnwr, 56 

And gnawcn god with the gorge ' whan bcr g^xitc b fuUc- 

Ac the coreiuJ may crye ' and carpcn uttc )ale, 
Bothe ifyngred *nd A-ihvm ■ and for cht-lc quak*; 
Ik none to nymcD byiii iiere < hi^ noyr 10 itmriidr, 60 

But bocn on hymi^ tn hoimdc * and botcii hym go thcnncs. 
Lite] loucth he t)iat lordc ' that lent hym al that blisoc. 
That LbuE parieth with ih« pore - a parcel n-baii Jiym iMdeUi. 
Nc uene mercy in mrtir mm * mfjfp chan in rich<*, 04 

Mciid'manlE tnciek* ' mijtc go to bcddc. 
God is moche in the gor^^e ■ of lbi*c k'cIc mayittrci^ 
Ac amonges men? men ' biK mcrc^ and his ^t^erkta; 
And so settle the tfniier ' 1 h^ur yucyc H ofio, 6S 

A. PASSUS XI. 45-55- C. PASSUS KII. 35-51, 3ft9 

But cArl\iI mot) may cricn ' and cIcpCD aUc jate 
BoEhe of hungur and of ihurgt < and for cttck quikc; 46 

Nift nn mnn him nelh ■ his niiy 10 amerrj*?, 

Bole ljunfSh<K"i» hlra a^ an hcund ■ aiid Hotcn him go tijcnnc*! 

Lu^Ec loucth he Ihat lord ' that Icncth him that blJsac. 411 

Xbac Lhufi pnrtcih wiEh the pore - a p^cet whon him ncodcth- 
^Thorp mcrci b tncttt men ' more iben in richc-, 

With mony drftuti mcdc^ ' mililc ihei go lo beddc. ^j 

God » rouchc In the gorge ^ of theo^ gret^ maysircs, 
fSBoEc a-mong mcne mtn * hie mvtci and his w^rkcs; 

And so scith ihc psauief " aech hii m ' Mmoifo* 

Ecu Qudiuimus aim tn Effrata, inm-mmufi cam in fjmpts 


Now 1h the maixcn; aiic nietc ' when mynstr^LIei ben bi/lle. 
The lewcdc a-3cna the Icrcd ' the holy lore I0 dlflputc. i6 

And bellcn of ihi; trlnice - liow two ft1ovr« the tbridde, 
Awl hryngc forth IxUlcde rrsoiie* - und utei Beruirde to 

And putlcth forib preMmpctons * to prcoucn the sothe. 
Thni thci drcuelen arte dej'es ' Ihe deyit tc knowe, 40 

And gnan'^^ri god vriEh gor^'e ' when h'.^v^ gjtt<s fulli^tL 

Ac djc caiful utoi trie ' aiid quLtkcxi atle jatc, 
Boihe vf>'ngred ind a-furai ■ mi for dcfiulc spjllc. 
V« non so hcndtr to bau« hym yn - bote bote hym go lh«r 
god 1ft I 44 

Tltfrnne 'iemctJi hit to my »yghi - lo sucht- u so bLdd^-'di, 
God ifl njt in that hum ' nc hus help Qciiher \ 
L>if1 loocth he th^it lorde ' thai lente hym %\ that blieso, 
TI1BI to parieth «riih the pourc ' % parcel, ithcnnc hym ncdcEh. 4» 
Nc were cnerty in mmc men ' morr- ihun in ryghi ryche, 
Meoy time mcnd^TianK ' myghte gen A-fyngred : 
And »o leith the niuier ' ich souh hit in ^emml^, 

Etft auditiimut earn (.;, carttiitrm) iff Efff^Ui; ifmmimm 
earn m ^artpiJ stint ^ 

A. 5J_ ttmrVUf] tmX. C, Ji, fttBe)« *'. 47, UlMFSLKGi P**r- 


290 A. PASSUS XL s*. SJ- B. PASSUS X. 69-*$. - 

Clcrkta and Xcic men ' cArpcn cf kc<1 of^Ci 56 

And hftn him muche m h^ore mouth ■ bu« mcnc men in httto, 

CIcrkcK nnd nlher kjnnes men ' c;trpeii uf gcxl Ciste, 
And li4Uc h)iD niuchc in (he mcjuthe * uc edcdc men in liertc- 

Frcfct and fjutourct ' hnr ftmndf njche qubflifiun* 
To pkfc wjjh (frttudc men ■ stEbcn the pciiilcnce ijme, ;« 

And pnechen nt »cint Pouica ' lor pure cnuyc of dcrkiit 
That fblkc i? noufie Icrmcd in the leith * ne Ire of bei jpoodcs, 
Nc lori for her hjnncs ' to is ptydt waxen j^ 

In rc%ioui] acid m ^Ue Uiv re^mif ' amimgn lidw and pore, 
Thai piTcjcrta liAue no power ' Uic pestilence to IcTtte. 

And ^eite the wittdMS of Lhis worldo - U none /u'ai bi oifapr, 
Ne foi drcd« of the d«lh - nitbdrawc noujt hci prydt, 
H< bctU picnt^DouA to the pore ' aa pure charitc wcldc, 80 
But in gayn^atc nnd in glcLonyc ' for-^Ioricn her good-» hem-ficiu«. 

And brvkm noiijTf ii> ibc beggar - as the bok« lechcih. 

And the mor« he wyimcth and vidt - vcltliea ^nd nccheaN:, 
And tordcth in londcB ' Ehc tnsGc good he ddcih. 84 

Thob)'c lelloih pw nou^i bo ■ tak* hede, j< riche. 
How the boke biblt ■ of hym t>creih wJmesse: 

Si iili ti'i ivfiiii. hiibunJfinier twibuti si tiatea txupaim, 
ilitai impcrtiri tfvM hf'entr: — 
Who-«o hAth mochc, apone m;inhc^« ' so racoetb ThobM, 
And who-Kn \mc\ weltfeth ' reul^ him thcr-iftcr; IS 

6j. iJg)< mn^K ; 'Xyyc R 63. ^ P. ywf IK ^ vhu V. 6^ 

/FdHfT-ftmiw E i faaf « P. jj. Lute P. Sa Tlir JIuv m « I *w/|'. 

03, JmlMFSK^ ki^Lp. 

A. PASSUS XI. 38. 59> C. PASSUS Xll. 53-83. 29t 

Frcre* and hyiars * har fbund^n suche question* 

To plcsc wiih ihia piouJc men ' stUxthc pi-siilcncc tyrac 


ment men Id 

IClerkn* and Itii}'glite« ' csup^n of goJ tifte, 
And Imueih h)?!! muche in huft moutlie ^ ac 

Freres ^J TaitDurs - hui founde vp auchc qucaciones 
To plew wilb prouu men • sitihe the pesiilcnce«, 
Afid prfohEng it sefnt Poules ' tc pure cnirye of cleikes, ^t 
Tlitti folk IS DQuht fcnn in Uic (cith ' nc Ftcc of Itctc guodc», 
Nc sor>' for here aynnca; ' so is pruydc cn-lunacd 
In relig^toD and nl the rea^me * Among r}'che and poure, 
Titflt pre)^rc9 h:in ro pow<-r ' these pc^iiloncvi 10 Utbo^ te 

For gocl is dcf now a ihjts • and dcyncth noulU ous to huyne, 
And goal men (or ourc guUcs ■ he ft] lo-Kivjii 10 dclliC ; 
And yxx these vrccchcR i>f ihys worlde ■ iv non y-vfw by oiher^ 
Ne for drttk of cny dcih ■ whh-drawcth hem fro pniyde» 6^4 
Nc pulclJi with llic poore - a* pjip ch^-tc wnlile, 
Bole in giyeiicsfc And in gloLcnyc ' lor-glottcn here goode?, 
At^ breketh nat hcfc bred to Ihc poure - as the book hoLeliu 
^ru"y/ ttwrun/i puitfm tuvm ; ti i^s^s va^os^ut indut in 
ifonmru tttam. 
Ac the niorc be h<ith, and wynnctli - the world al hus rtyMt, 60 
Arid lo^dvth in ie«dcA ' the la&ae good he detcth. 

Tobie uuhic rat to - uketh hede, je ryche, 
How he tnldp in a tyme ' and inuhte hus aone d*leT 

^^^ A'Jf aii tapia, abttmhrUtr tr^ue: si tmiem txigtmm, 
itlu4 impcfitri Ultnkr tlitdt. 
Andlhin is noroorciomene ' bote*' ho soEQuchegood weldctb, :• 
Be large ther-of while hli Iwt ' to teidM that be*n needf. 
Yf lliow bauc lytd, Icuc sonc ' lokc by thy lyoc 
Get the buc thcr-with - th.iuh thou fare the wcck/' 
Ac Ittii no lord nc leved min * of suchc lore nou CO hure^ 
Bote lytben bow tliey myghEie Ir^roe ' Icti good to ipetic. 
And so Jjrueu [orde& t^uw ' und kten tiit a Drrwcl ; 

I For i£ no wil *oilb now ' bole hit of ttrnnyagc w?unc, 

I And capped wuii ctergie ' to cotwpLie wronffe. 
For-Ai,' qusnb hue to Wu, "be ww • holj writ to thovrt 
Amonfccfi hem that hstuvn ' haves atie wiTIi^ 
II1C whiche \t a lykyujc and a Jtut - ^nd Loue of the voride.' 




293 A. TASSUS XI. 60-67- B. PASSU5 X. 8y-ii6, 

Tboi d^foulcn vre fey ■ 01 featcs thcr ihci fttlcn. 
For nou is vche boyc bold ' broihel and other, 
To utken of ihc irinlto- ■ 10 beoa hoMrrr n syrr, 
And f/iidcili fofth faDUsycs ' vr fdth (0 apcytc; 
And ckc ^dc-f-imclh ihc f«i3cr - ih.\t ^-s allc made, 
And ctnken a^cjn the d^rgic ' crabbvde woirdesv 
"Whi «o]de ^d vr saueour ' suffr^ such a t^orm 
In such n vmng w>^e ' ibc wommon to bi-gyle ? 


ui^ haoe no tetiTP of owir lyf ' how Ii^ngr it shfti dnfp_ 

;bc kssouiLcA lordoa ^hdde ' \cm\c lo here, 
And how he mj^c mo^tc mcync ■ manlichc fyndc. 

Nou}l to fare 2s x ^thdcr or ft frcrc * for Co seke f^iXts. 91 
HoiRclich ai oilier mcnncii houses ' and htttytn her owne. 
Elyng is tlic hiUe - vdic daye in ihc w>kc. 
There the lorde ne the lady - Ukcih nou^tc to nyxu. 
Now haih vche nche ix reule ' lo ^ten bi hym-selue 96 

In ft pryue parlotire ■ for pore meiim-fc *ak*. 
Or m a cliatnbre wilh a ch/nineyc - aijd Icut Uic chief Imlkj 
That ^-aa made for mclcs ■ men lo cUn inne; 
And al to spare 10 spille ' that «p«ndc th\i.\ an oLh^^r. io» 

I haiie yherde hiegh men ■ ciyng atte tabk, 
Caipr^n a^ ibd cU-rkcs Vpcre ' of Cry^ic and f:ir hEa m{)t«6v 
And leydcn fauies vppon the fader ' thai fourmed vs aIIc* 
And carpen ajeinc c!erlwi ' crabbed wordcs ,^ 104 

"Whi Isolde owre raueoure stiStc ' «uchc a vormc in hii> bJiei^, 
Thai bigjled llie wonunan ' nn6 dw? nrin Bfirr^ 
Thorw whJchc wyta aad wordci ' ihd wenten 10 bdlCt 
And ft] her ocdc for heru Gynnc ' the some dcth auETrcd^ tdt 
Here lyah jowre lorw" ■ ihise lordes ^-nnelii difpuie, 
"Of that 3c clerkes vs k^nnelh ' of Cry^l by the gospel i 

/^'/jWj flffii porials£ m'ftiiia^/a fia/ris, Jt. 
Whi »huldc wtf that now ben ■ for tJio ift^kcs of Adam 
Koien aiLd lo-rendeV * resoun wolde ii neuere; tu 

Viars^M'r^u/ f>ortahit onus suum , ^Jv," 

Stidic iiiolyucs Uid niot-uc ' tbi^ maislics bi bcr gloria 
And nnk<n men in my^bilcuc - that muBc moube on her vordcsi 
Vmaginfityf hcr-aficrwajd ■ tihal anewcrc 10 pwrc purpos. 
Augusiytie 10 louche argu«re6 - he (elleih hem this temc, ii4 

A. PASSUS XL 68-73. 2OT 

Bothe hir bosebonde and beo * to hclle thorw him wenten, 68 
And hcore seed for that suimc ' the same wo drien," 

Suche motyues thei meuen ' th« maistres in heor glorie, 
And makelh men miabilecue ' that musen on hcore wordes- 
But Austin the olde ' for alle sucbe precheth^ 71 

And for sache tale-telkrs - such a teeme scheweth, 
Nbn plus sapere quam oporUl sapere^ 

[Not in C-A^/.] 

A. 61, an {/irr and) V. 71. mosoi oa T ; leeoea in V, B. 93. booses 
WCROB \ bouse L. T07. wentcn CRB ; wmt L* 

-94 A, PASSUS X!. 74-85. B PASSUS X, 117-141, 

Tbis wiliicili jc uvUKi 10 vriic ' whi tluL ^oi woMc 

Soffrc Sailwm ■ his «J to bi-gT^^ : 

Bui k«jeth oti tliai lore ' that !*TCtfi holtchircHo, 7* 

And prcyc hiin of par^ocn ' and pcnaitncc in thi lyUQ, 

And for his muchck mcrci ' U> ttme^nilcn vs hccT?. 

For bJIc thai wilnetb 10 v'Mt ' die «<c><c« cf (tod ahnlhti, 

1 voldc bU C^ vcore in his ert ^ And his bc«te .iTivrj !?o 

That cner eft wilneth to v\te • vhi ihnt god wcldr 

Soflff Snthiin ■ his wed to hi-gyle. 

Or [ttdos the leui - Icsu bi-irajc; 

Al was as lie woldc ' lord, i-bcricd be ibou! 64 

And al worth as ihou woll ■ whal so iw lelten I 

Wilncib iwuere lo wiic ■ wbi thai god woMe 

Saffre Sathcin - bla &t-dc tc bi^ylc, 

Ac bileuc lelly ■ in the lore of holichcrche, 

And \^teye hym of pardoun ■ And j^i^nauDcc \n thl lytw. rio 

And for his moche iiicrc;« ' lo amende ;ow here. 

For alle that wilnetb 10 wjte • ihc wcj^a of god almi^t/, 

1 wolde his ej^c were In bis <rs ' and his f)-ng;er :if:cr, 

Thai eupre ullnetb lo wile ■ whi that god woldc 1^4 

Suflfrc f^athan ' bis sedc to bigilc. 

Or Judaa lo the luwta ' Icsu bylraye. 

Al WM a» thow wolde • lorde. jwor&cliiped be Uiou-, 

And al worth ^^ ibow wolfe ■ vhit ao we di^pu^ef ti* 

And ibo ibai v>4clh thiA ljanf:IoiiiJci ' (o blonde rucnnes Vhiuc^ 
Wbai is Dowel fro Dobct ' now dcf moic he *vonhCj 
(Sitttie he wiUietb to wyie " whiche thei ben loth«}, 
Bui if he Ij'Ue in ihe Ijf ' Ihai longeth 10 Dowel; ijj 

For I dar Eicn bis biTiMc bmrgb ' ihai Dol%L vliI he ncucfCi 
Tbcigh Dobcst dmwc on hym ■ day nfici oiber' 

And whan thai Wille was ywax ' what dame Studyc loldc^ 
He Income so confus ■ he comh noujtc lokc, i|6 

And as doumbe 35 dcili ' and drowe hym arrere ; 
And for no carpyng f conth afttr ' ne knclynjc to ihe grounde. 
I my^lc g«le tio groyne ' of his f^tte wittia. 
Rut al Uu^yiig he louied * and toVed vp^L>n Srtidye, r^o 

In signe thai I shulde ' bifteche hit of grace- 

A. 79. tc wite teUTHii ttro Vi Mf II. ;j, 81. SS. S5. vor» Ttni,! 

A. PASSUS XI. S6-98. a PASSUS XIL 84-87. 29a 

And nou comctb a conioun ' and wolOe cocclicn of my vitlcs. 
What U Dowel from Dobet ! ■ nou dalTe mot he wonhc^ 
Stth«ii he wllneEh 10 v^iitt ' whuche ihei b«n nllel BK 

Bole hr liuif in [he lesle ilt-gre ^ llial longeLli In Dowrl, 
I Oar ben Itis U>rw - tlist I>obct duI he ncu«rc, 
ThcLU^ Dobc^E dra-vi on him ■ liay nftur oihui/ 

And whon xh'A.r. Wit was i>war ■ hou his wyf toTdc, 9> 

He bl-coni so confounifei ' he couihc noi mcle, 
An^ as doumbc &5 a dorc ~ drcu; him dL^ydc. 
Bote for no crafi that 1 couihe ' ne lineli^ng lo gronndi:, 
I luihle gele no grejn ' of his grete wittes, 96 

Bui fl] laujwhinge he Irjuiede * and Inkiede vppnn Sitirtlr, 
In ^gne thai I schuVk- " lii-scchcn hire of grace. 

And wbatme Wii vft9 y-<jnr • whai Sm<tic nwicde, 
Ich myghte gcte no grryn ■ tif Wiuea grei* wines. 

Hole bI lauhwyngc he louicdc - And lokcd vp'on Studie. 
Spoiyrific ihai ich iholib ■ by-«chi^ hure of grace. 

TUII,: m*(T]«V- ^, bilTUH,; Htc W A IS9. hiiu«!hui:<i L, 

3(^6 A. PASSU5 XI. 99-110. R PASSUS X. ua-ififi- 

Antl vrhon 1 witic of Ua wQ ' 10 hi» vji con I kticle. 
And 9cidc» 'tnccci, mfulanic, ;aurc mon schol 1 wcrthc, im 

'I'o vorcljt'n ^oorc willc ' while my lyf durclb; 
Keiwc me knynilr^ly ' tn kntiwc^ what is DnwcL' 

' Fur ihi mckcncAM:. nicn/ ^uod hco ' ' ami for ihi mildc spccbc, 
I Bcbftl kctuic the to my cosyn ' thoE CIcrgye ia iboicn, 104 
He hath wcdclcti a wyf ' w:tli-iiine Ehb wik^ft eiie, 
1« «iti tf> ihc «nipn in ' fhit ScKpliirr U f-mrmpruft; 
Thri vwi\ an ich hoi»c ■ after iiiy Ix^'ju'ihyiig, 
Schul WLft9C the to Dowel ' J dir vndcrukc.' loe 

"I'hennc wns 1 oa fayn ' as foul 00 Tcir rooru-en, 
GluliJon; Item ihe glco-mon Is ' of his greie jiftcfl. 

And whan I s^'Ab ivAr of hia wlHc * to hti ivyf gon I Ionic, 
And ixydCj 'mercy, madirno ' ^owrc man ehfll 1 ^orihc, 
Aa longe as 1 lyae ' boihe liUe and rathe, 144 

Fono worche jowrc willc ' tlie vhllr my lyf diireih, 
Willi tlui ;r? LcnEic mc kyu^cly ' Lo knowv wtmL U DqwcI/ 

' For thi mckcnesse, msw,' quod nhc * ' and for ihi myldc ttpcchc. 
1 sba3 kenne the to my cosyn * that C\cTgyc U hct«n> 149 

He haih weJdcd a wyf ■ wiih-innc thJa syx monethoa, 
Ik s>bl« lo the acticnc aitz ' Scripture is hir name. 
Thti two, as 1 hope ■ aficr my tcchyng. 
ShuLlen wissen the to Dowel ' t d^ it vnderlnke.' i|a 

Thanne vins I also fayne ' as foule of faire morwe, 
And gla<lder than ihe gTtinati ■ that goldc futh to jiffc. 
And axed hir ihe hctghc wcyc ■ where that clergyc dwcllc* 
'And t;IIe me Pome token,' quod 1 '*for t>'mc Ja that iwendc/ 156 

»Axe iho hci^he waye/ quod »he ■ "hcnnes to Sufl^ 
Bcpt]iE>wd-and-wo • jif that thow woU lenie, 
And ryde forth by Ricthc?*sc ' it wat ihow natijl ihcrinoe. 
KoT if Ihow coupk'&l Itic thcf-with ■ to Cicr;;jy« comcatow ncucrc. 

And also the llkftrcue^ iaund« * tliat Lcccherye hatte, 

Lene hym on thl left halue ■ a large myle or more, 
Tjl ihow cume 10 a wjuiil' - KcpL--\^ cl-l)ii-Loiige- 
Fro-ksyngca-and-hlhcr-Bpcchc- • aiid-likc rouse -drytdwa- 
Thantie shallow e^ Sohreie • and Symptei«-of-«peche. 



ioo.HK*^TUH, b«iV4W4l,Bj. t>i. K«nn«TCH,i TedkV. 


A. PASSUS XI. Ill-Ill. O. PASSLS XIL dS-no. 297 

And askede hire ihe h<-]y v/cy • whcr C!ctgye dweiteth, 

'And Icl &1C Mim tjktic lo Mm ' for lymc b that I wcndc* iji 

■ 1 achjil lechc the the hcijc wcy/ quod heo ■ ' fm^ffi hctmcs 
to So^K- 
Bothe-ftf>olc<'c* ■ ^if thai ihrrn woll leome, 
Ahd i>'d forlli bi Richt^'^c ~ teste the nou^i iber-iitne; 
For pf thou couple ihc to him ' to Cleric comcatou ncucrc. 1 16 
And ckc ihc longc hundc ' Lcchctte hcLtc, 
L«ue him on thi hiTi half ' a lar^^ myk or Tnoroi 
Fono thou com* w a coun * Kep-w^I-ihi-ionge* 
FfoiH-!c6yiige»-and-l>3er<^s-sticchc- ■ aiuMykrruuK-dnilke* i» 

Thcnnc Khaltou gco Sobrc ' and Symple-of-apccbCt 

WbVD ich was war of hus wfllc ■ to that womman ich Icutfido. HS 
And Mide. 'metcy, ma dam* ■ ^ourc tnan Bhal ich worlhe 
As longc as Ich lyue - boihe late and raihe, 
And foj to wuiiht; jourt; wll ' t1lj<; wUlc my \yt durcih> 
With Llial jc fecrir^ mc kymlcticbc ' lu knowc what is J^wcl.' gj 

*Fcr ihi m««knfftM/ quath hue - ':L(id for ihi myldc apcchc, 
Ich tM the kwine :o Cl^/gio ■ my cc^yn, thai Itnowcih 
Allc kync kumiynges ' and comsyuj^cs of Dowel, 
Of Dobcl and DobcAl ' for doctor he t$ yknowc, ^i^ 

And of Scripture the skylful ■ nnd scryuayncs were ticwe. 
For hue h «ybbc to the sciion An • titid ^bo my ioftttr, 
And ClrrrglfTH inrddcd uif * ak vyii an hymo^Jue 
Of lore aud of kttciiirc ' of l^^ue and of rcton. too 

So vith th4t that Clcrcccic can ■ hn<\ counMil of Scripture 
Thow sholt conne ind kno«o * kyndchchc Dowel.' 

Thcniw? vas ich al so fayn ' as foul of Mt morvrenyii^, 

Gladder than gJcoman ■ thai gold hath to gyfte, 104 

And asked of h^ire ihc hcyc way ' whcr that Clerugie dwcHe^ 

'And Icl me &om tokne,' quath ich ' 'for tyme ib tliat Ich 


'Askc thi! Iicye wey/ t\\iAih hue ■ 'hcones to Suflre- 
BoUiC-itclc'And-mochc-vo ' yf thow uoli Ecmc. ie8 

And lyd forUi by Richcs±e ' and rest nouht ther-ynne; 
Vf Ibow coueiltf to be riche ■ to Cler^gie comsi ihow tttuft^ 

I04- kcBfjc TVJI,: I*cli< V, O. 91- ^vytty P- 97, 4kyfnl (w) V, 

njmV, i^i. kcaJclidicP. tie. ooutiicUF£K| ^encityP. 


2U A. PASSUS XJ. t«-ija- B. PASSUS X. 166-187. 

That cchc wj^t bco in wil * hie wit the to >cfac»c. 
So adult ihou ccme to Cle^v ' Otut con moi^- thingot ; 
Sol bvm tbi« aigne * i>iM 1 setre him to ceolc^ i>( 

Ami iliut 1 ^4fLlL- wd liin viyf ' for I vrot hiic a bullc, 
Aad 8ctk hire to Sapience - and to hire pnuief i-gToset. 

Lol logyk I krod hire ' &ibd al the b-iro after. 
And nllc mu^oftB In mua^k - I made bin- to know*. ux 

Plalo the poyete ■ T put hinj furste to bote, 
Arifitotic and o:her mo ' to ^r^en 1 liu^te; 
Gr&mcr for ffurlcs ' 1 fon fume to write, 
And beet hen vith a ttftleys * but |if thei wolde krnen. *t^ 

That efht< wi}te he in wille ' his wittc the lo ^hewe/ 

And thu!> ah^ilLow conie lo Clcrg>'e ' that can mazi)^ tliingca. 

Saye hym ihi^ ^gne ' I nctte hym lo veolci itt 

Am) that I grece wel his vyf ■ for I wrote hir many tx)kefi. 

Ami !*tiic bir la Saptcnce ' aatl in ihc samei gloae. 

Log^kc t lefiied hir - and ciAny other hvtes, 
Avid &Ue ihc musouns in musike ' 1 made hir to know*, i;j 
Plato iht poctc - J put hym fj^r^to to Lx^ke, 
ArisioLlfi iiiid oihtf moo ■ to nrgue I Liujie. 
Cr^inmcr for gcr)« ■ I gartc firit wryic. 
And bcttc hem wiih n bilcb " but if thci wolde kmc. ij* 

or alkmriea craftcs ' L eontreued lolee, 
Of carpentrie, of keniert-* ' and conipaised masoun*. 
And Icmed hem k*uel and lync ■ ihouj^h I bke dyruaie, 

Ac Theolo^c hath icrrcd me * ten acorc tyn^ca, i9o 

The more I maec thirre-inne ' the mistier it ecmeth, 
And the depper I denyne ' the derker me it thinkeih; 
It is no science for soihe ' forio sotyle inne ] 
A fill kihy Lhinge it vcre ' 31/ that louc ncre. 164 

Ac for it Icl best by Loue ■ I lone it the bctircj 
For there that Lone ia leder ■ ne bckcd neuere gnue. 
I^ke tJiow loue Idly • jif the lykcih Dowel ; 

A, tit, «che wy)l UTH, ; euri mtm V, ta^. ftdGHC TUK,: lokeat V. 

ig;. BiiueTCH,; tAa/^in V. miilloLcrcTUl ttcrUrc V, 13^^ dcrkoto 

(/mt rtfft) I dcrrlsvrcT; miiliL>kct V> 14!. Ut T^ V<^Mt. B. 169. f^t^ 

A, PASSUS XL I33-M3' C. PASSC5 XJI. 111-135. 29^ 

Of alle cian*r cr^m • I con fountctftlcn hcor (ooles. 
Of carpunters anJ kcnicrs; ■ I lteiid<" fiirst masouns, 
And Icrcd hem lluci arid IjTic ■ thau^ I bite dimme. 

Boic Tcolo^c haih iconed me ■ len score tymes; ijo 

?0r the more I muie iheron ■ the mifililoker hii scnurlh. 
Ai^d Uic <1ep[x^jrc 1 diulncdi:; ' tlic di^koii: mc thoujic- 
Hit is no science forsolhc - to sotJIen ther-inni:, 
N«or€ the loue that l)*hth Iherinne ■ a l<w(?d ihmg hit weofe. i^ 
Bcic for hit lai best bi Loue ■ I Ici^ue hit th* bet^n?; 
Yor ihai I^jim:^ U the lord ■ ihxi lakkttie nruer grace: 
Lccf n'«] ihcr-vppon ' jif thou thcnkc Dowel; 

Bothe wommcn and wyn ' wratihc, yrc, and slewihe, 

Vf thow hem vsc oiher hAunic ' have god injr Ireuthc 1 uj 

To Clcrgw thuli thow ncuere cc^mc - r»e knowe what ys DoireL 

Ac 3^ thou hflpfK*," qu^ih hue ' *ihai thow hittc* on Clcrgw, 

And hwi vn<Irn.trjniTynpr ■ what he w^Uh* fuenc, 

Sey to hym ihy-wlf oun ^cc my bokcjs 116 

And iieyc icK ](TcItc wel bus vif - ich wrot bure a byble. 

And telle bure to Sapience ' and to the tiUEer gksaed. 

Logyk kh ttrtnle hurt ■ and a1 the law^ after, 
Alle llic niuaoiLS in maiyk ' ich mailc hurc to knoue. 120 

PUlo [be pocte ' ich puiic hym km to boolti:, 
ArlfitOt]« ajnd others ' m urg-a^ti ich uulite. 
GnunTnerc for gurli^ - iLh yiiri furs! vryif, 
And bet hem witli ^ h^ley^ft- - kjie yf Ujei vuldc lernc- i>4 
Of ftllc kync cnficfl ■ ich crintrccuedc here toolcs, 
Of carpeiitne, ol kofucn;^ ' and contreeuede the compos, 
Ami out om by tquErv < bothe Eyiit- And kuelT. 
Thus ihorw my loie both men )!ercd ihauh idi loVe dymriie. 

Ac Thcoloiric halh tcciied me ■ ten uore lymes, urj 

The tnorc kh muse ther-on ■ the m)'fltiloltt:r hit scmifth, 
And the depf^re idi deuyns * the darker Tne ihynkeih hfL 
Hit i% no icicnce «oihMche ■ bote a nrnhfaKl b)*leyue: 1,1^ 

Ac for Kit Icrcih men 10 buj« ■ ith by-lcyjc ihcr-oa ihc betterc* 
Kor Louc is ft lykynge thynjf * ind loth for lo greue ; 
Lerne for to louye * ft the tyke Dowel* 

VrCDi fiiettc LiiO. 171. mule i/cr miulkc) I» 174. Artn^^tie L* 

Ui. bj^I/oeP; ml. 153. ij*. dowrllMKSK ; lodcnrtl PE; d. 1,141. 

300 A- FASSUS XI. t44*i5<>- B. V^SSVS K. 18^-313- 

For Dobet 4nd Dobest ' bccth drawcn of Loiic uole> 144 

In oOttr «dc^nce liit with - mc» hii io Ciioua, 

Qui ttftiufat vtrhfi^ nf^rerdt tiifidut amitt/St 

7a ^uoqui fd< simiit. sic ars ifrhitiimr ortt. 
Ihit Thcolo^ic cccbctia not so ' hoac ukcth kcpCi 
He kcnndh lis Lhc cootrino * ai^tyti CatoiiB vfordc»> 
Aiid hiddeih vb brn a^ bro!hcr<n - nrd blcH^n vr cncmys, t^% 
And Ifiurn hwn iTi«i l)^<*n on vs ' li-Hyche at hear nwidc, 
And da good a^cxn vuel ; ' god tilm^f hoEclh, 

For Duliet uiJ Dubeat ' Iwd of Luues kjrrmc 1I6 

In oiZicr ^Icna- it Hyih ' I Hc^i^'H it in Caiouiip 
Qtti siirtuLiJ Vff^is. m^ torde tzi fitius itmicus, 
Ta ^uo^ui f&t sj'mtfi, sic art dtiuditur jrU, 

'SO gloscih as gyIouT« don ' go me to the ume, ivi 

id so shaltow (i.[^ folkc ■ aiid faytUcca bigylc, 
This is Catomica hennyng ' to clcrki^s ih*i he Icreth- 
Ac Theclogj^e lechelh nojjjl bo ' who-eo tiiketh ^enne. 
He kcnnrrh V5 the cr»T>traryo ' a)**ir Cfttonn* wnrrics; 156 

For he bit vs be a^ breiln-jcn ' juid biddc for cvrc <-ncnny», 
And loucn hem ih^t lycn on vi • jiud knc hem wlun hem ncdcth, 
And do good rtjeines jiiel - god hym-eoif it hotcth, 

Dum temf\its hafumHs. opiTfrnnr hnum ad emntt, maxtrnf 
aukiH ad tiinneshc&s fidtu 

Tculc prcchcd (he pqjle - tbal p&rtitncHc Loui:d, ska 

I'o do good for goddcs lone ' and ^^en men that juk^. 
And namelu-'he 10 «uche ' that suclh owre bileue- 
And ttllt^ tlut Iikkdh vs or lyeth \^ • owrc lorde lecbetli vH lo luuye. 
And noujt to greucn hem that grcueth vs ' god hym-sctr for- 
b;iddc it, 104 

Miihi vindieiam, tt tgt rtiribuam, 
For*l1il loke? lliow IdLiye - as longe as ifiow durc-st. 
For is no Bciencc vnder sonnc ■ so soucreync for the >ou!c. 

Ac aAlronomye 15 an Ijardi; thyn^-c ' and ytiel forto knowc. 
CeomeLrJe and geome^ye " ia ginful of apeche ; aoE 

Who-so thenkcth wfKh; with tto iwo * ihryucth fill tAte. 
Fof *orcpr>t IK ibc scmcreyne Uikc ■ llial 10 the science longetL 
3ct ftr there fybicchcs in forccrcs ■ of fcic mennc:> makyngc* 
Experimenta of alkenamye * the poeple to deceyue, %\\ 

If ihow ihirte to Dcwel ■ dele ther-wllh neuerc 

A. PASSUS XL JSt-159- O. PASSUS XTL 136. 301 

And seidc hit him-self * in ensaumple for the beste, 
Nicesse est vi veniant scandah. 
Bole astronomye Is hard thing - and vuel to knowc, 15 j 

G«ineQie and gemensye ' is gynful of speche, 
That worcheth with theose threo ' thriueth he late, 
For sorcerye ia the souereyn hok ' that to that science longitb, 
Jet am there febicchis of forellia ' of mony mennes wittea, 156 
Experimentis of alconomye ' of Alberdes makynge ; 
NigTomancye and perimancie ■ Che pouke to rise maketh ; 
Jif thou thcnche Dowel ■ dele with hem neuere- 

For of Dobet and of Dobeat * here doctor is dere Looe/ 136 

A, 144. loacscolcU: lomsskileT; lore in icale V. \^$, Jidus t\J \ 

fiiela y. Tu—artti VTUH,tf*fl., bstt gWM in D, 147. k«nniJ»T: Iftchep 
V. 148. YsTUHii V am. 155, ijfi. bok— fmllii^w T; alia 

inVUti Yam. B. 189. leighCWOj layeL. 190, nmiitUl^ n^ COB; 
w/LW. III. dkciumje WC; iilk«mye L. 

a03 A. FASSUS XL t6o-i8Q. B. PASSUS ?C >J4*ia9. 

Alk thcosc sciences ' sAicr, 1 fcy-fclucn tfe 

H*ue i'fountled hpm hirvt ' folic to cImcj^uc. 

I bc-[ako ihe lo Criid,' q:icn\ hro ■ 'I con uchc Ihc no beccrc' 

1 «dde» '^rauni mcrci, m&d-vuc' ^ und mckclichc hit grcRc, 
And trtntc forth on my wci - vilhrxitcn more Ictlynfce, if^^ 

Add Toad as hvo rorc-iolUv ' and ianh gtm I iveodci 
Aod ^T I cccojK lo Clcrgye ' coulbe T neocT vionie. 
[ ^citc the goodc nrion ' fia ihc ^o<lc w>f me uo|le, 
And atkrwftrct hi» wyf ' 1 wonchupci hem boilic, i4S 

And colde hire; the lokenea ' ibai me t-iauji were. 
Was npuer j<oinc vpjion grounds ■ ^cthihct; god madr hrucnc, 
FciJOJc vndurfongc ~ ti? rrcndbkcr m^i^d at cse. 
Then 1 my-sclf ioihli ■ so sonc as hco wth^c i|i 

ThcLt 1 w^w of Wittes hous ' and with his wif dun Smdic. 
Curtpislieht Clwgye ■ duple me and cusic-, 
And ukcd hou Wit fcrdc ' anil eke his wjf SlLitUc. 
And [ »cidc K>tblyche ' 'ihci scndc me hidcr i^C 

To leom* at 30U Dowel ■ and Dobel arter, 
And seiihen aflurw.ird 10 ^eo ' sumwbai of Dobesi.' 

'Hil b Ji wel fai lyf/ ^uuU tco ■ 'among Uic lened peplc, 
Aciif it !£ i-hotcQ ' hobebondea till vseu; 18a 

[//rr/ MS, V ^nds; thi rut o/tht PastM Is /wtm T.] 

Alle thioc sciences I my-BcK ' willed and urdeyncd, 

And founded hcni formcai ' foUtc lo dcccyne, 

TelU CJcrgye thi&f tck^noa - and Scripture dter, w^ 

To ciinflE^ine ihe tvndel)' • to knowe what Ib Dowel/ 

I acidc. 'graunl mercy, madamc' " and mckelicljc Lii gicUe, 
And went wijtiich ancy ' viih'OUtc more ietljnfic 
And 111 I come to Ckrgye ' I couthe ncLen; fityoie. 3ja 

And ^eiic tlie good man ' :is Siud>e me liiiijie^ 
And aAcrniirdcs thf: ^^yf ' and vorahiped hem hotht. 
And (i;»Idc hem the lokcncs ' ihai mc tO-Liitc were. a^ 

Was neiiere gome vppon this grounde ' slih god made ihs woilde, 
Fmrtr vndcr-fongen ■ ne frcndrlokcr at €te, 
Than noy-sclf sothly ■ sonc so he wist 
Thai 1 was of Wiiiia houa ■ attd with hia wyf dime SluJye. 
fj'de 10 hem soUicly ■ Ihal sent was 1 thider, siS 

I and Dobci ' uiid Dobesi u> lernc- 

rs XI. iSi-ioo. 0. PASSUS XIL 137-141. 303 


Trcwc tilicm en erthe ' tdlbun and souietis, 

An<i alEc kj'nc cnfiy men - thit cunne here foode vycmt, 

Wiih an}' trcwc ItAUAillc ' loillr foi hete foode, 

Dlkcn or dclucn ' Do-wcl it hauc> 1&4 

Tc brckc bc^2:cH9 bred ' and bakkcn hem with doihu!, 

Counfotte Che earful * thit in costcl iten Teilend, 

And seken out the sckt? ' and licndc hem thai hena ncdlih; 

Obedient aa breihcrcn ' ;ind Mislrcn lo olhcre; t!Si4 

Thus bed ihe Do-bcl ' 50 bcrith wiinesse ihc umicr ; 

£f/4 ^utm d^tmm ti quam iomndum^ kabifarey frains^ in fmrn. 
Sik* wiih lb* 40iy ■ ttitige with chc glade, 

Gamirre atffi gatuUtiUhiu, tt fiat aim fletUibus^ 
Drcdlci b Dobet ' Dobcst «ol the soiticT 
Sire Dobosi both txrncficos ■ so ie he boat wonbi, i^j 

Be that god in (ho gospel ■ graunUib and lircbilh; 

Qui Jaa! tl df/cHfrif. viagTuty voca^rJur t'lt rrgfkf ceiontfa. 
Forlhi ib Dobesi - a bir^Abupia pere. 
Prince ouer godi» peplc ' 10 prcchcn or to chaste. 
Dobet doib fuJ \tcl ' and do^^'id he is alao, itfi 

And haih possessions and pluraliics ' for pore mcnts aake. 
For mendynaunu at niacbi^Q * tha men were d«vridj 
Ar>d ihat is rijtftil rclig;io"n - none fcnneris aboutc, 
Ne no Icperia oner Lond ' ladiL^ Lo ehryue 


Tho vcnic icb my wav - wilb-ourc more Ieuynjt» 
Aek] lo Ckfj^c icb kam ' aa dcrlcc^ m« Kidc, 
And ich grctic h^-m goodliche ' ftni3 greilVilichfr hjtn told, 
Hair thai Wl: and hus wif - wf^sed me 10 bym, 140 

To kenne and to knovc - k>ni.iclkiie DowcL 

A, \tt^. A<:i!diVT\}l>. h\fl{nffm^ty)X. 19I. 7%it ^mi itfnmH^ 
llatl. J9H. 'ol- 1^3; TIL^UD kmn fnt^, Goil w«l. ^b li d«b«L 194. tUDi 
Til, M. B. 114. *cjen«iWKlt; »ci»iec LO. BJt. erctbtWCItOl 

gnt L. O, 139, i;rciljchtt (u> P. 141. kcnac IHF£> ; kovc {J§r 

kaov*) r. 

B. rA5SU3 X. ijo-i<Si, 
[^0/ m A4exi,] 

' li U 1 comnne Ij^' quod Cltrgj»? • ' on holydwrche lo b3ne, 
With uU« ihi? artikl«s of the Teithif - that fiUelli Id hr knott«. 
And tluil b to Ulcue Icllx * boUic Itrol and Icttcd, tja 

On the gtcto god ' thit ^jTiDyiog ha6 ocjcrc, 
And on ih« fioihfano laone ■ thai taued mank)-nde 
Fro iJic <lccily Hcih ' and the dfi»'lf» powfr, 
Tliorn^lt Ihc hdpc of ihe boly fco«tc ' the whicbc goslc n of bothc ; 
Three proprc pcr^ncfl * oc nou;l Id plurcl Dounibrct jji 

Fof ft] i« bnt on god - uid cch« is god hym-eclue; 

God ihe fsdcr, nod the tone ' god hcJtgoste of bothc» 

Mokicr of aitnk>-ndc ' and of b<^lC3 botho. 140 

Atuiyn the old* • twre-of be made boke^ 
And [jym-«e1f orJcyneJ ' Eo fticlde va in trileue. 
Wtit] M.-iS Ilia luiuuf? ' alk tl^c faure cuaiit^liMei ; 141 

And Ciy^t clcpid hyni-Bclf so * the c>van^]]aic« bcr^^th ih'ilncASC : — 
itjfff in ftairt tt paltr m mt tU ; ii, qui vnUi mt^ vtiU r/ 
patrfm mnim. 
AUe thf clerkes vnt^j Crj'si ■ nc couthc this fi^sollli^, 
But thuA tt btlongeth to bitcuc ' lo lew^d tli^i iviHen Dowel 
For had ncuerc freke fjne ^^-Ltc ' the fcjth lo dispute. 
Ne man h;td no mente ' mj^te it ben yproiicd! i^M 

/Vt^jr fWR ^c^ mniiittri, v^i kumana radh pnh^ tx* 
Thinne i» Dob«i to miIIw ■ for thi kouI^a hclih, 
Al that the boke Hi ' by holycherche wchyn^; 
And thai h — ''mani h\ ihi fnl^k' ' for int-reiE» sakir, 
Loke ihow worchc it in weikc ■ Uiai ihi vorde sljcwethp ija 
Suche OS thow ^cmcst in ay^lc * he in a5&ay y-founde; 

And ffli rio boiiy be • bd ilii bcrjTig bygyled, 

Gut be »uche in thi aoulc ' &b iIjow ^mt-ai ^iUi-ouLe/' 

Thannc is Dol>c5i to be bolde ■ lo llawe the ^)ty, J5A 

Sithcnct th<?w uceai thi'&elf ' && in Boule dene; 
Ac blumr iliow neiicre body ' and chow he hlame-wonhy: 
Si ev/f>iir4 veiii ' iulpahih's esSi cnuf^u, 

Dt^gma /itttm sffrJet • turji tt ttia <uipa rsnionkL jtfo 

God in Uie gospel ' grymly reprcucth 


C. PASSUS Xn. I43't6a, 


■By Ciysi," quaib Clcrgic " *yf ihow cOTcyte Dowel, 
Kcp ihe ten ccmmauitdcmens ' and kq^ ihc fro synne; 
And by-l«yf kel!}' ■ how god^s sone a']y[;;hle 144 

On ihe mayde I^larie ' for mAtkkjiine^ nak^, 
Axid by-com num of that niaydc ' willi-ouk m^nno Ityjidc. 
And a} iliat holy clmrthe ■ hcrc-of can ilic Itfc, 
fiy-Iv>r Ivlly iherC'Oii ' and look thow do ili«r'&f(«r, 


Hcr-cf AuMin the oldc ' matie botes and bokci; 
Ho was hm ntitor ' and him of god tauhic? 
PalTtOJkcs and prophtiei ' apoiater^a and angcles 
And tlic holy trinilc ' to Ausiyo ippeirede, tj.t 

And he ous icidc u he scth ' and so Jcti by-kyue, 
Thai be jcih the ^yrc and ihc sone ■ and s<!ynte spirit tOffcJefCS. 
And atle thre bole on God ' and her-of made he bokcs* 
Je, bu^liche bok*s; * ho bcih bus wymeswt? i|6 

^ff fff /«/r* r/ ^fl^'^r jii» mt est; tl ^m' me vitHtt painm 
mfuiti **(■(/// gut in ctiii est. 
Alle Ihe ct«fL«ft voder Lh^ ' ne couih« ihi& a^ite; 
Bot« ihua by-longeth to by-]*yue ■ aLL« ihat lyfeeih dowri. 
For hadde ncuerc fn-k fyn wil ' ll)e faitli 10 ilisptjICn 
Ke man rayghic hauc no mcrii ther-or' myghlc bi: be prcoued: 

Ftd(i H&n h>xbit nurifurn, ufti huniiiHfi radc pnhtt tx- 

Thuq By-l<-y(ii^ ^nd Lr^uie ' and Lour is the ibridde, lOi 
That makcth [Lcn lo Dowel Dobcl* &nd DoboL' 

ifir bblL) F. mtoIlU. V om. ttt. 160. praoucitc F. ffittt m- 


B. FAS5US X. 161-187. 

ADe duit lakkcA ftnjr Ijf ' vid hUus ban bdn-Mhc : 

Wfa^ Rktii^stovr ihi mo(fe ' foe 1 mole in ilii broihem tyt, 
Sithcn a bccm to iliinc ownc - ^/lulcdi lhi-»duv ? 164^ 

£kt pritno tffihim 4t ^c^c ir?, ilc,, 
Wbidic kcictti tbc 10 lokc - Iium oibtr more. 

1 ruiltf cclie a bljoilc bossxnk ' t\t> \xttr to byro-tclue; 
F<»r abbotu anil hi priourcs ^ and Tor allc roancK prdtic^, 
Aa panoQe« ^nd fanuiLt; prcst«« ' \hal pivche sbulde and ieclj«^, 
Alle miners m«n ' to amcntJen by h«fe xn>')i<; 
This dxt^ waa XoVW 30W ' 10 ben w^i, ir )<^ taujf^ 
That )fi n«rc AiKbc as jc scyde ' 10 taJuc >viLli oiLuc. 
For goddia vordc voldc nou|i bv Jostc ' for that worcholb tKvnt 
If ii auailled iiouji the comunc * 11 m^i* loaille pwwJueru jfj 

Ac ii *emetb now soihljr - In thr wotI.Ii's tyghl. 
That gr?ddca wordc worchcth nAujtc ' on Icicd nc on Icwedc, 
I(Qt in suchc a moncrc as Mnrkc " mcncth in ihe gospel, >;( 

iTim fecut rfwfj> (YfttJST, ^ijw/*' in foitiom a^mt 
l-ewetl men mnv likne jowr ihus ' that the beem liihe in jowre 

And the fcfttu is fallen - for ^owre dcTautc, 
In atlv Dianere men ' ihourj^li nun&ed prestiee. 
Th4^ bib1« beretli u-jines^e ' thic ;(]le ihe folke of larael jSo 

Byiterc alxji:^ic the gvhe^ ■ of two badJe picsiet, 
Offyn and Fjma 1 ' for her coucytjsc. 
Artha dn myshapp«d * and Ely brake hia nekbe. 
FoMhl, ye corectoureB, claweth ber-ou ■ and cortcieih fjrst 
^ow-sducn, as* 

And Uiafinc mottc jc eaufly seye - aa Dauid made the sauter : 
Exutimatti ini^te iju^ti tfra /w' iimtiUi arguam U, rf; 
slitfti^m roHtra /anem tuam. 
And thannc shal bor*! tlerkes l*n abaschcd ■ 10 blume 30W 
or to pcuc, 
And carpcn noii;t(! a^ thci curpcn now ' and ca]lc )ow dounbo 
houndes, 187 


[Nof in A.-Ifx/.] 

[Noi in C-itxt\ hut compare C- Pass, i 11- 104-114 (p. 11), Jxtiih 
B. Pass. 3E. L 280*383.] 

I t 

30a Jl. PASSUS XL aoi-*05. B. PASSUS X. 16S-316. 

GrcjTory ttic jcrcte cicrlcc - a good pope in his tyme, 
Of rcTigioan the rcwcl* ■ he rpherside in his morals. 
And Hciilc iL in cn^^utnplt? ' ihiii Hivi iliuEtlc Ju ihc bctere: 
'Wlunne ^Aaha fmle the flood - or the fr^Ashc waiir, J04 

Thci dijc /or the tlroujle ' whannc Ihci drci^e Icngcn; 

AnU dwJe lo wraiihe y>v in any wortlc • jowrc wcrkemansbip 
10 Idle, ."^ 

And be pmLJorc at jowrc pftycrc * ihan for ft pounde of nobka ; 
\nd ol for )Owrc holytieAse * hajc )C Lhis in hcrtc. 

Amon^ei Hjiful rcli^ouf« - this rwHe Ecbuldc be hoLde; 
Gtcgoric the gffie clcrke ' and (hi: goctJ pnpe i^t 

Of religioun the reule ' rehersi^tl: m hi* morales, 
And ^7th it In er)5mm|>!e - for tlici st^tiuMc ilu tliert-^fler. 
' Wht-nnc fisKhcs faikn ibc fiodc ' or the fresche W4icr, 
Th«i ^t:ycn for droutlie * uhanne iliei drl? tigge ; rj^ 

Rijl so. i^uoJ Giegorit* ■ reTigiouu roiJelh, 
Steiuclh ujid slyokedj ' and 4ldL!Lh Joidi^s ^tuir»eai 
That ouic of cou-;nt and cloystf^ ' couc^icn to lil>bc.' 
Fcr if heuene be OQ this erthe ' and use to any «oule, j« 

It Is in cloisiere or in scole ' be m^iny ^kJlL^s I tyr\6Q ; 
For ill irloisue cometh no man ' to chkU^ nc lo fijle, 
Lui alle is bujnimne^^ there And bok<s ' lo rede and 10 Iemc< 

In £oole there is scorne * but if a clerko wU leme, 104 

And grete loue and tykynf^e ' for cehc of hem Icuetb other. 
Ac now is Religioiin a ryder ■ j. roviincr H strcie>, 
A Icder of louedayc^ ^ and a londc'liuggcr, 
A priUer on a pLilfray < fro mancrc to noncre, jiefl 

An heep of houndts at hi* ers ■ as he a brde u-ere. 
And but if hia knaue knelt] ' th^c ih:Li liK cujipe bryn^, 
He lourctli on h/in and ^ixclli hyui - wh(j lau^ic bym curtebyc? 
Lilel had lordcs to doti* ■ to ^UC lontle fram her hcircft jr* 
To f^Iigtoue, chiti haue no reuilje ' though it ttytK on h(fre auEere« I 

In many places rher bij perBone^ ben ■ bu hem-self ai ese. 
Of llkc pore haue tliei no pile - and thai is ha chanic; 
Ac thct Iclen hem ils lordea ' her londc liih io brode. iift 

Ac there ihaJ <ome a kyng - iuid confesee 30W roligioaeos, 
And bcie jow, nn the bible tclletb ■ for brekyngc of jowre reiUe, 

^^^P A. PA5SUS XI. 2oti'iiou 809 , 

^H Kjfi so b« r«]igiotii> ■ H roileih aru] eteniith, 

^H Thnr out of couirnE and clQittre * fou^iien (O IJbbvn/ 

^H Ac novf \i ReUgioiin a ridcrc ~ ant) & rcnncre itIxjutCi loR 

^H A Icdcrc cf loucdnycs ' sjid a lond-biggcrc, 

^H Poperith on a pELlfrvy ' 1o tonne and to loune, 1 

tGrcg^r ihe |;TPtt ctrrie ■ B»tT wrtu la hofcea 14; 

TTifl njek of all* i»]iEi«"* ' lygbifnl tnd oJ*Hltn<. 

Ri^Kl 4x liBhBt in Bixl ' whcnne hem foilcib wntcr, 1 

Dcym /or droutlia ^ whcniic ihti dry? li|X"ii 

Ky|Fhr (a^ rvlijjion ' rnlH^i atn\ (Imidh, 

That «ul ar oLitnt &ri4 afoiaire - coiityicih li> ^ivd1«. i^a 


For yf hcumc U: on ihyi cilbc oUttr cay cyv; foi snulc. 

^^^^^1 1 Hit H Id cloitirc othrr In Ko]f ^ tiy mcriy skjifa kh fyad<!- 

^^^^^^ 1 For in cloittK conieib na man ^ (lt cbute nc id fi];hTe : 

^^H 1 In SDolc ji luuc aad [uni)i;iac ' ahJ Ivkjui; (u Icnvt, Ijfi 

^^1 ^'Vi Ac mcnr il&y, mr;i Ecllclh ' Irutlic imiEikc^ niid iLUiUkOOiit 1 

H»n ride our flf t.^ray ■ h^^ tu^ln vuel yhoWe. | 

Leid«|i& ftf Inutdaif* ' und livncJei piirchaE«d, 

Aiiil p-ilictl H'ljtjulr p|] fAlfiaie ^ frn i^Ulca Lo nutiicn. iCo 

An he^ie 0I hmtnrlri ft Init tn - ij, hp n l^nl wprr ; , 
And bul huB Lrianr kncle ^ that fhal ho» ccpp* holdtf, 1 
lie lokdh fll loaring - and 'lor^ein' h>ill csll^b^ 

Lyiel bul'lc lonlB ji-<to ' 10 icur londc frc bc'c alrci lOi 

To rtli^Loui. Thnt ban no rruihc ' i^auh hit R/n« «fl h«r« APltn, 

la place* tiiri ihcj |x:r>uui bctla - b> lictb-tclf «t Cic, 

Of ibt jioiire hut tlict no ^yir ' thai u b<Tc ]»uic diulEc- 

ft leTan jov i-Utf u ^onla - imirv Umilc Ijrili ro bmcic- l(i# 

Ac iDi ahal cOTBf a Wy^ ■ «nct cmifeue |4w illc> 

And bctc fow, U lb« bjblr IdkUi - Tor brckyiii; of pyntv rmk. 

^B 1) AACJ*rf fft K <-«>>, r/. Tcil A a'lJTaiC jai- no/iwi TcxiCs 

^^k K ni: Jii- (}tx« Rbi doA U 

310 ^ PASSUS XL Aii^-tifl. B. PASSUS X. :it9'3ii. 

A bidowo or a bttscUrd ^ lie bcrtth be hit «i(k; 
Gtid^ti i\t:uh and hiK fbi - ^nd Insu^ fvur wnufidis an 

Am iROic in hit mynik - than ibc mcmoiic of bb (basdours. 
Thifi i£ die lif of this lorils ' thai iyttin sbuicle with XTo-btf, 
And wcl-^wey vers ' and I stLtiJd« il telle^ 

And amcmJe monyalct inonte« an-l dianouns, 
And puttcn hem to her pcnaiincc * wi f>rhhtmm thfnm tre. ^ao 
Aodbftronnesvithcrlcftbctcn hem ■ Hir^-rxiyih Stti/tU'Virrfj icchjugic, 
ThftI bere bames chyntcn - and hltiine jow foulc: 

fftj in mrrikia tl hfj m e^tj; ipsi ^btt^ati omit tic., 
And ^uumc frtrcs in hctc frcitourc ' shal ^den « keyc 
Of C08ttUMT&«t coiffce ■ in which ii the cukl 3"* 

ThftI Gr^gorics god-chiMrrn ■ han jxiel difpesded. 
And thaiinc thil the ahboi of Abyndoun ' and alio his Inu 

for cucro 
lliijc a knokkc of a kyn^c ' and incurable tlic woijndc. \tj 
That ih:u worth Fotli, vckc ^ ' thtt ofl oucT'SO ih« bibl«: 
Quomadii ifssami fjcatior, quifuU tnhutum - fonirxttil dftmi'ntit 

huiuium imjrio/umt 
tl virgam t^mvia/KiitiH {tdenaum fi^trga iwcwliit, aAt. 
Ac ar thai kyng? come ' Cayme shil awnke. jt9 

^Ac Dowel ihal ilyngL'fi hym mloune ' and desiniyeo his my^rc- 
j *ThDU3iic U Dovrcl ami l>jbct/ quod I ■ 'dtfminui and krujlliodc. 

:.^r -,!^ 

P'tiuibc Scdpturv vcmcd mc ' ud i ikile io1dc> 
And ItUird mtf in liipe ' antl ILire by tne ^ «tte. 

And icydc. ' mmii mtrita ivitmi, 4f Jeiftai tUKtivtt.' 
Thn wrpir t for wiy ■ and wraltli of her sptdlv, 
And m n w)<nk)tij; irrafCh ' vfk 1 uttpc, f 

I-'rflin <^ EDcnicUloUK idfIcIgi ' uiztXa mc thnimc, 
B- xi- Tlidi I Au TsiEktohcd riit ihcie ' wiJ Foituoe 91c hl\t. 
i'lt* And tnta the lao^e at Longyngc ~ allone she mc liroujlr. 

And ID A myroim; diAl bi)l MydlcH - fhc mid pid id biTia^dC- 8 

,Siiil)cii she Hiyiit; lo luc ' 'licit; inytTtJU tr wuiHlm, 
Awl kjin*-e Jhat iTiflii crjjfjlttt ■ and enn» [*irt-tn, |paF Annlrr' 
Tbfnnc hncl*li! Fortune? foluyng hit • twft Ckin d«ni»yHlMi 

B. Jia. «f WCkOb; L om, ^j6. hii WCKUBj L f<M, O. >6i. 

A TASSUS XI. 3i6-aja C. PASSUS Kit 163-174, 311 

I wmdc that kin^icU and knijthc^ ' nnd caix^riA wilh crliu Jid 

Wem Do-wd and Do-b<C ■ and Do-J>e5i of hem allc; 

For I hiue sei]* il mj-selfe - and j^iththen red it aftir, 

Hew Crivi cuuiiseilli[h Ihe comune and kennelh hem tMs taJc^ 

tSft^ <Qiht^ram Moiii sederunt prmdprrs. 
FoT'ihi 1 wcndc ihat llio wjcs - wcrn Do-bcsl of allel 



Aud jiiuniLjc ^Qw monka ' laoitjiiln. uiJ c^uigti^ 

And pttUr iow to joure iwrnuncc ■ ad prist intrm uniy^m (tt. lyj 

Aad hiTfLDS irnl here baind - hlatnp ^h anrl rrproUf' 

Tnrra Id bus fr^itoar * i1iiill« fynJe that tyrae 

And ComtPJirjn aliol b« h«rc <ooL - uiJ coucicr of ticrc chuKhc. 
For the hMhh ot CnjclQiitic ~ Hud tlic tbTfcuc byi iirce 17; 

SbuTTtn Fiuie 1 Lnok on btre iTonim ' ami tn-ciiiiUD ihc wanmlt ; 
Ccntrinit Jcm*im* ^cnlnm irK/ttmin, utrgajn JamitMteittnt 

Ap *r that kjug wnnp ■ ■> rnyiyfliH m^ Inhlf, 
Cldkui ud holydiiircbc ' ihol Ik ctotbed hbwcl] 

Thann« Sor^ptun soorned me ' JinJ many «Lk)1e» Khewed«, 
And cortynaunce made to Oergie ' 10 congle me, hit Mwied^, 
Aud UVVl-Jl* iiic III Lutyn ' and lyghc ly nic bclLc, la^ 

And Kidc, ' nT«/A' /yju/fj tiif-it/ni^ el scips-jj rusa'strti' 

Tho Wirptc jch for wo ■ and vmthodo o( here vordcs, 
And in X wynkyngc ich worih ■ nnd wotld*rliche Ich mcttr. 
For ich vm raHc^licd ryghi djcr ; ' Fonune mc fcnc, iM 

I(v-U> the londc of lonjtyuicc ' and louc hue mc biouhK. 
And in 1 in>TOur^ hititc Myddclcd ■ bue made mc lo \oVt, 
And tuitlie sdd'; to mc ■ 'h'^r mjphtc tJiou see wontln:*, 171 
And tiMivi^ iliaL ihcw r.omaiCTJt ' aiiJ coini? ihtr-io, parauntci/ 

Thcnnc hadde Fortune folw/ngc hare ■ livo fairv maidcnca, 
(Unettfaeen/iaeamn ' me coLdc the ddtrre nnaydtf-, 


313 A. PASSUS XI. aai, lis. B. PA5SUS X, 33»-3J5. 

] nite not sconne/ quod Scriptiir* ■ 'bui vctyaeyn% llje; 
Kinghot) aiid kni^iliod - for au|1 I can as]ric. 





Prri1t-of-jiiiTiyir"lyiiynEe ' puriweil hfm biiChf, 

And badJe ehf, for mv cctilcniiiiJacd - HCoiinf<f CXnj^w liito. 

C^Hf4t/ititwia**a*iw • cotlid mc abciatc the ncltc 
And wy^K. *thoa irt icm^c tnd ic^ic an J hut icm T^Q^'V 
Forto lyoe Iwig* ■ and U4)-rt lo lOQrf . 
And Jb this aymun thou my|tc >e ' inyrtlici ful miare, 
Tim: IcJrn the wil i« lykyojfc ' «l IIil lyf'iyme.' 

Til thow be * ionJe ami haos Ionic ■ Iclen the I otUc, 
Tlidl I no ahkl folwc Ihi ielnHdJiip - if rurtuiic it lykr.' 
'He *hil fynde tot hit Irende' ' cjiiod Foniinp EhrmftPr ; 14 

■Th« ftekc that Mwcd my Aille ■ fuJtled nctier blid*.' 

Thwine wi ihcrc one Out hi|(c LMc ~ Ihil hcuy vaa of d^cRt 
* Mnn.' qiiofl he, ' i( 1 mttt with the ' bi Mnric of hmcec^ 
Thou khixH /^Dite Fortune the Uillc * al thi inc4tc nt'Tfr, 
Antl Cpmti/iifffJtii-*^itrmi - ctenc the foeVc I 
lllttprhchc ihiUow launc Ihanric ' hoLhc tiaya unl iiiiUA 
Coutytiw^-^yghe ' tbLi eun ibov hir Irntwe' 
And Pr>de'<irp»rfTi lyoyngt ■ to mochc piril the Ivync*.' J> 

'Irti rt^i^lic ibc neuerc,' quod Krcuhcltaacfic ' ttiAe Amh in 

'Fo1w« ferth that Forlonc V(>]* ' Ihov had vel frr III 4^9t 
A man inay itgupe tymci jddw whuj heabnl tyne the CKiooc P ] 


' I net nnuji scoriien' quod Scripluie ' ' bul-if Bcjyaeyncs Ijc; 
Kynghod ne kny|thoJ ' by itau^t I can awaytc, ju 

H^lpclh noujl to ticueneward ' one herti endc, 
Ne riccbcs^e rijl 110U3I ■ ne TCiiuTo of lowT***. 

0. 176 mtlMFSKi inPE. ir9- tt P. i9i. nyii MESIK; [djtK P, 
tSji, »crtcHFH *ywc P, l96, Uuc (/"■ He) I', iSfl, euyt/W hcu>; P> 

A. PASSUS XI. M3, 224. O. PASSUS XLI. i75-«3. 515 

Helpilh nou^i to heuene ' at one ^eris ende, 
Kr Hchttse ne TemEfi ' ne realte of lordls. 


And CouclyHC'of-eytn ■ ycald was that othere. 

And Pniydt-cf-pirfii'Jyu/nfic ■ purscwcdc mc faslc, ir£ 

And bad me Tor my coirtynence * count« Clergies lore l^ghl. 

Conct^itrfTifi'a^amii ' comforjtte mr in ihy* wyse. 

And 3ciiJe> UUi>w art }ong and }c;p ' and tiaat jf^ris ynowc 

For 10 I)Tic lonffC * ind ladvcfl lo louyc. iSo 

And tn tli[B mirour L^ic>\v tnx'^t Bee ' murthtes ful men}'c, 

Tha: lede the woT lo IjkiTige • nl ihy lyf-ijTne* 

The Kcouiidc inaydc ^de ' 'ich aliaJ senr ihi wU; 

Til thow be a lord of londc ' leteii llic ich neUc, 1^4 

Thai ich ne shal fuhMc ttij- fckushupe ■ yf Fortone lyke.' 

*He shal fj-nde me huB frende' ■ <|itaih Fonunc hcr-af(er; 
'Tha! man thai mc Ijltedj hi'lpe • my^htc nat mpitiappc' 
Thcnne va* ihei on hihi Eldc ■ tliat hcuy vas of chcrc; lAS 
'Man,' <iuiiih Elde * mcie ich vilh the ' by Marie ol heuenel 
Thou shall fj'nde Fonune * fade fit ihy mi>«ic necde. 
And Concufiitcm/in-iamss - dene the fiif'Nakr! 
By(cr]Ii::lic shall ttiow boiinc dionnc - Irollic dayes and nytE^tes 
C<ivetyac^f-cj"cn " ihat cucnc ihow hurc kncwc. 193 

Aad Pfuyde-or'par6l-lyu>-nge ■ to muche peril the brynge,' 
' yc, recche llie neuere,' qiiaih Retlitlesness ■ sEod forth In 

rag^edc cloilies, 
*FoI*c forth that ForUiTic ncil ■ thou ha»l fcl fer lo cidc: Xfl6 
A ETun may tioupe lymc ynowe ■ wlwn he ahal lyne the cotoikI ' 
Syrp Wanhnpr wa§ sibbe 10 hym • xt tt>m men mc told^. 
For Rcchclc*nci*r in hus rybaudrie ■ ryhl thua Ijc seidc, 
' Go ich ta hcllc, %o ieh !o hcucne ■ jch shal nouhl go myti one ! 
Were liit a1 sdh ih^i jc seyeti ' thou Scripture and ClcrgiCj 
Icb leyae neu^re thai torde ne ladle ' that lyucth her on crthc 
Bliolde HElU^ in godcs snte ' ne see god in bus hly£««; 103 

/At impossihilt tit rti'ui/i irUrar^ in rc^'num ithmm. uati 

vUvwq^). '96, few P. \r^. ryhsunlrieF. 

iwd.e IK; TKchehfE 

114 A, PA5SUS XL »t5-'54- B. PASSUS X. 33^360. 

Pool prooit)) it 14 TnpOidUe ' Hebe men ia b«i«D^ 
Ac pofc men in puknce - uid pemunce Id^dere 
Haiks ttxuxt in bcucoe ■ oc rkhe men nfjn/— 

* C^ira; quod I, ' be Critfl ■ that on I ihe viasc. sjR 

And pronen 1I be the pa*ld ' Ui3l Peiir it nenaj>nid ; 
Qui iridiJtrii tt Sit^i$aliit /iuri'l^ tahuti triC 

'Tbil u IA txfratU^ quod Scripture - '&» Suiftincs ajul Icwia 
Mowa be Muid m - «nd M i« Mire beleut ; 
I'hiU on vncrUtme in ihal cu ' may eHnien^ an heih«ne, «3i 
Anrt for his lei* beleue ■ whantic he hi« Uf ijrncih, 
Hfluc criuge \n lieuene ' aa an hci) CnttcnCi 

Poulc prcaedi it bposttible - riclie men to haue heocne, |j6 
SaJamon »eiih oibo * thic iiluer U «Dm 10 louye: 
Nieht'i rmfufiu ^wtrri amart f/ffruiwum. 

And Cftian kczinclh v» Lo coucitcii it ' nau;l btil O!) ncdc Ictliclfa, 

And pvmibeB and proptietes ■ &nd po^iei txith^ ^o 

WfyWn to wJWPTi vs ■ lo wJTnc no ricrhc^^r, 

And prcyscdcn pojcilc wJih paLlcucc ; (be apo^tk-^ bciLHh wiCEic!»e, 

Thai thci han hcrila^ in hcucne ' &nd bl ircvc rijlc. 

There nchc nwn no ri|ic may clnymc ■ bm of rouihc and gracv.' 

•Cmtra,' quod T, 'hi Cry*te ' thai can I rq>T*Ufr, 315 

And prcue it lii R-tcr - and In Poule IhhIic:. 
Th&l is bipticcd bcih »auf - be be riche or pore.' 

'Tbat i» in fxtf/nis,' quod Scripture - 'amonfres Soroccne^ 
and lewen; j^u 

Tliel mowcii be saued ito - and \\vM iv owrv l>yTrae. 
Thiit &xi Micriaicnc in that L^aa ' n\Ay crptcn nn hcdicD, 
j\nd for Ilia lele bylouo ' wlian he the lyf lyneth, 
Hau« thr herUag« of heueni^ ' is xwy miin CryjitenCi jj> 

Ac Ciy«cn rnfii wUh-ouie more ' may noujt come to heuene, 
For thftl Ciy%\ for Crinli^ii aieix deyJtf ' xxui tjunlenued the kwe, 
Thi'il who-ao *oldc awd wylnclU - with CrysEe (0 Aiyse* 

Si ,-utfi CAricJo swrtjeniis, eii., 
He *hiiklc Inuye and loue ' and the lawe fidliir^^. ^5 

TtiAt b— ^'IrjLic thi kjtdr gutl ^ Icucsl alxiue ullt, 
Aiid after, allc Crvftlciic cfc^tiuc* ' in comuiic, ectc man other ; " 
And thuH bilon|{cth to touye - that IcuL-tii to be Mued. 
And but wc do ihuA in ded< ■ w the d*ye of dorae, 360 

A. PASSUS XI. 2^s-^42. 2|fi 

Ac Cristene men, god wot ' comith not so to heuene; 

For CHstene han a degre - and is the comunc speche, 136 

Diligt deurttt eU^ ti proximum tuum ticut ta'pium. 
Godis word wjtnesaiib we abuln jiue ' and dele oure enemySt 
And alle men that am nedy ' as pore men and suchCt 

Dum iempus est, operemur h&num ad omrus, Tnaximt au/tm 
ad domisticos fidei. 
Alle kynne creatures - that to Crist beleuith 
We be holde heijly ' to herie and honoure^ 140 

And ^uen hem of oure good ' aa good as oure seluen, 
And Eouereynllche to suche ' that sewen oure beleue; 

[Not in O'Uxt.l 

A. 33], That ODD U ; That am TH^ ■ read Tbat aa. 13B. aa H,ir; 

andTi Horn. B. 336. to WOB; LRC m. 

3ie A. FASSUS XL 943-^5^ ^ PASSUS X j6i-36^. 

Thai U, tch^ CdittTu* nijui ' be Icyiul^ to oiher, 

And aitbcn htm lo hcipe ' in hope hem lo aiiicml«. >44 

To harni« hem ae slcn hem - god hi)fe vn ii«u«re; 

For he leith ii hjm-ielfe • in hia ten hvsm. 

Nort mftaSerd, ne ale noujt ' la the kymie Engrfssh, 

For, d^tithi vfnJitJam, rt tgn r^irihtfjm: 
I shal punifl»hfn in purcsiory ' or in the put ofhelLo i^ 

Eehe man for his raisdede • bui mercy it malee' 

•Joi am T nrnere ihc ner • for nowji I haue villtid 
To »,vie wh*t is Do*:*d ' wincrly m hcitc; 
For how I werche in this world ' wronj^ other ellif, 15* 

It ihal UfliiUn ve Tul BOur« * the siluer ihac we kepcn, 

OWTC bakkes ihaL moth-^en be ' and sen beggef« ^ nakcdp 
dclyie in wyn and wyldc foule ■ and wotc any in ddaute- 

For euery Crislcne creniura ■ shulde be kynde til other, ifi+ 
And sithen hcihen 10 hetpe • in hope of amerdetneiit. 
God hoiclh boihe lieigh and lowe ' ihai no man hurie ftlher, 
And seith, " sicc nou^I that ^cmblable Is ^ to mync owcn likne^^c, 
Jtut if [ sendc the sum tokne"; ' and scith, non mecaStrif, j6S 
Is, &te? nau3t, baL eutfrc - and al for ttie bcstc. 

For. Aiichi vMictttm, tl tgo rtiri^am, 
" For I shal pjny$shen hem zn puigatciric ' or in the ptiCle of hetle, 
Vchc man for his myedcdcs ■ but mercy it ktte,"* 

■THa is a longe lessoun,' qijod 1 ■ 'and litel am I the wywr; 
Where Dcwel U, or Dobei ' derltplich je fthew«n; J7a 

M4111J ifllcs jc iclleii ■ ihal Theologyc Icriietb; 
And that I man midc was - and my nimc ycnLrcd 
In the If'^ndc of lyf ' longe cf I ^vo^c, ^^5 

OrcUc* vnwriien for Romme vikkednease ■ as holywrit wytncwclh, 
N^m oxrfTuff/ ad celum. msi qui 'tt teh 4fsrfndi't. 

lleucitvrel.'qucdl/liowic Ionic - and on no lencrurc heltcrc. 
For Salamon ihc sa^ ' that Sapience laiqte, 
God gal h^m grac« or witie - and alte hia godes afitr, 3f& 
To reuTe ihe reiime ■ and ricbe to make; 
He denied wel and wysely ' as 1jo1> writi« (cUethp 
ArJFioOc and he • who wissed men bcllcrc? 
^laiaties itiniL oi ^oddit mercy ' tcchifn men and prechen, ^f 
Of here worde* ihri wissen vs ■ for wismI as in heie tyme, 
And nl holicherche - hokleth ]jem botbc ydampned 1 

PASSUS XT. 251-163. C. FASSUS Kit io4->it>. Sir 

I waa mirkid, wilhoute mercj ■ and myn namo tntrid 
In rhp Icgcndp of lif " longe er 1 M'rrc; 
Or dli* kTidi/-vfi«n for wykJdd ■ as vjinc^.^ith the go:(pcl, 
j\Vwr? astfTnf</ Oii fffuffi nisi ^ni de cch dactrtdit. 
And 1 Icuc oa oure lord ' and on no leiLiure Ulere; a^fi 

For Sulamon th^ aa^e ■ thai Sapieiic* made, 
Ood |af hya^ t'^^^c ' ^^ n(;tiea«« tO'gtdcrc 
For to rewk Ju» rcaum ■ n^t ai hifl willc ; 
Pe<le he not wel and wisly ' *b holy chirchc lechiih, 460 

Bnthe in werke and in woord ■ in world in ht* lymc' 
AriMOtLc and he " who wroiijte l5clcre? 
Artd ft] holy chircbc ' haldcn hem in heUc I 

For Clergie seith ihai he fteih ' in ihc ^ync eaan^i«r 1^4 

Thai ich man cjakcd was ' and my name y-emrcd 
In ihc Icgc^ndc of Uf ' longe er ich wcic. 
Predciilinat ibci prcchen ' prcchoun thai this eJic'ren, 
Of pMCt«n inpiirlit ■ ypult out of ffrate, loB 

VnwryLtn for njiti wikkedne»8t ' as holy wiii :riffW«h, 
Nemo asttridit in teltim nisi </ui dt cr!o dtsctttdtl. 
Icb Jcyue hti wcli by ourc brdo ' and no Ictlrure bcUerc- 
For S&lomon Ihe aagc ■ cha: Sapience made, 
fiod gaf hym grace' of ^dl ' ami of good after, ii> 

Kcucrc to man k tnuchc ^ that man can of lelle« 
To Tcwclc aU« re^mcs ' and lyche to fnak«^ 
And dcm« wd and ^vtslyche ■ wonini'jn bomh wUn*««e; 

A'*«i mi^hi tti^ iihi, std diuidatiir. 
Arittojllc aud be ' Inj laulUcu men bothe; jtiS 

Maist^rj that tvchen men - of ^cs muchel mercy 
Witn<t^>n titat here wordeu - and h«re werkes bothe 
Wereii wonder goode ' and wiae ir her* lyme, 
And lioL/L^buicbCt a^ tch huyrc ' haJdeth boihc in ludlc! «» 

A« »47. A"fl« tD; n* Tll^. wf^a/v"! [■o in at] MSSJ jfS. wMng 

CD; TH^*«. »as, bymL'D; Iimi Til, B. 361. Ii WtkOI*i IL 

5^' dWtfiiA> L. 3dt. 7tUf /mw a M K etHj. CL >0j- ycul/oik P. 


318 A. PASSUS XL iU'^6^. B. FASSUS X. 387-4EO. 

And na« there neuere in this wyr]d - to vpjsere of verVii ; 
For alio rnnnj'ngc clerkis ■ Mlbllie CrbC jttle tm crthc afij 

Taicn cnuumplo of here sawLs ' in sftnooniB ibat tbd oaftkcn, 
And be bcre vcrkia and here ivonliA ■ MriAKC va 10 ik)vol; 

And If 1 chuldc uork« bi here vr^rlEes ' to wynnc me h«n«n«, 
Thftt for her wfrrkrii And wltie * dov vronyrlJi hi p>yn«, 3«! 

TTiftnnc wroujic I wiwyscly ■ vIui^sh? cucre jc prccbe. 

Ac ur Mfr witi} In feith ' liicl fcrlj I haue, 
Thougli Ucr gosic U vngraciousc ■ god for lo p]e«. 
For xnary men on \\\ii molde ' more 9Ci:o here berdt i(4> 

la good than in god ■ for-thi hem grace fiiilleth, 
Ai here mosie myschier ' whan thd shoJ \yf \eyt. 
Ab SaIuiikjil dcdcn jLnd such other - that shewed grei wittea; 
Ac her wcrkcs, as holj' wryite te)ih ' was cncre ilic contrtTfC. 
For^thi wy«c witted men ' and wd yleicrcd ckrkcs, 397 

A* ;hei tcycn hem-aelf ■ widen done tber-aftrt, 
SitJ^r tiiihedram Moysy, tk,, 

Ac I wcnc it wonh of mflny ■ as was in Now tymc, 
Tho he f^hopc that £hip|>c ' of shidcs and hordes; 400 

Wfle ncucre wrijie taued that wroujt ihef-on * ne oihcr wcrkman 

Dot briddes and besles ' and the blSi^ed Noe> 
And his wyf ^^'ilh his sones ' and also here wjuca; 
Of wri^le^ thai ii wroujtc " vis none of hem ysaued. 4^4 

God leue ii fare noigt so b[ folke ' thai xhv. frith techen 
Of holicbeirhe, thai hcrbcrwe is ' and ggddet hous to Baue, 
And sheldcn vh fram shame thcf-inne ■ as Noes ahippc did bctt^; 
And men that maden it ' amyddc the Hodc nt^rcyntcn. 40^ 

The at/i^n/m of this clause ' curaiourcs is to inene. 
That ben c^ipcntcfcs ho^yliirke in make ' for Crysift* owne bnttK, 
Homirus et iumatia ju/tfjiw. ditmiw, e/i\ 

S. 3g3, m/Jc;Atf LWCB- 406 lifibrrvc WCOB; IcbcrweL, 0. ijB. 
incite P. Jifi- Sfildc r. asj. *BirincF, tetlcrynti iu F ioilf. ft|t, 
AclMFKtiS; And FE. 3jg. idiiplMFSE: ah up P. 9^ wrii Pj 


A, TASSUS KL. tGS^vO' C. PASSD5 XII. aai-tso. 310 


And ^If I nhal wcrke be here verkis ' u> wynnc me bcucnc. iA8 
And for hcr« wcrkb and for here wjl ' wcndc to pync, 
TKantM' wroujit' I vnwisJy ■ with allr ibr vyi that 1 Icrel 

yr wc sholdcn uoichcn after htrt? workcs ~ to wyiuicn ous houenc, 
Thai for hur* werkca and wici ' w<>nyclh now in peyne. jja 
Tlien wroghi* we vnwialiche ' for al joUfC wyse lochynge, 
Ac icb con ntrr «.£■£« ihc nat, Ckregic ' iw ihy connynge, Scriplure; 
That liu so dcth ty |Oiitc docirinc ' dolli w<rl, ith Icyue. »is 
Ac mc were Icucre, by cure lorde ■ a IJppc cf godcs gr«C 
Than al Ihe kyndc witt that je can boihc ■ and connyn^ of 
^nure bokes. 
For or (e\c wiity, in f^th ' Liel fcrly kh hauc-, aiS 

Thaub here gosi be N-ngracicJUSc ' god for to picsc* 
Fof mery men of this molde ■ seiten more horc hcrtc 
In worldliche good than if) (ifod ' for-ihy grace hem failleth, 
Ai bcre tnoalc mcschcf ' u\r^vcy were the beate; «ji 

And mercy of mercy ' ncedcs mot iryse, 
Aa holy writ wittncȣcth ' godcs word in Ihc ^^spcJlc ; 

Eitdtm rjf/nsiera qua mmri /afrttis, rtmtdelur a^ir. 
Ryghl w^l ywiuede men ' and wel leitred cl«rkea, 
Sddc am tlwi vien ' w lyuc as ihei lerr: >^6 

Witncssc on godct wordcs ■ that wna ncuerc mtrcwe: 

,Styvf tfithtitram Moyti stdifunl, 4tc. 
Ac irh wrnr hil worth of mrnyr • a* was in Noi?^ lym?, 
Tbo thai lie ahop iIjc sclJp ' of chides and of bordca, 
Waa ncucre ^fright thai ther-on wrouhtc ' nc workman y-saucd, 
Dote briddcs and bestcs ' and the ble&flcd Noe, s^i 

And Jms wif with hu* sonc»^ ' and hus loncs wyuca; 
Of WTLghtcs that hit wroughtdi • waa ncm y^aucd. 
Cod kyijc hit fare not so by folkc ' that the faith icchen j^ 
Of holychurchc, that sholde k^pe ■ allc Crwiine SAuJe*; 
For crtho JVV, nymeih hede ' y* no more to mene 
Boic holythurthe, hcrljorgh ' to aIIi? lliat Iwn bltascd*r_ 
The cui^v^ of tliiit clause - cumtoncs ys lo menc, i*s 

Tbat ben carpenter* vnifer Criaic ■ holy kirk« to make 
For lewede folk*, godes fotiles * and hu8 free bcsica; 

Homims it fumtnfa rafuak's, domittf, ik. 

tu L 143, t4i. and the 1MF5KG : ^^\ tbt ?£. 34J- Of IMI^SKG : Aad 
VZ. *+*. oemeh P. »48- e*u*c P. 149, kirk* I ; cboidie P. 

320 A. PASSUS XI, 3:1-177. B- PASSUS X. 411-4^. 

A Goode Friday, 1 Ondc - a feloun was lauid 
That haddc \yucd d hi» lyf * wiih kdngcs ond llicfkb; i;t 

And for he kncu^ on the crois ■ and to Crist shrtt Iijin, 
Sonnere JwiiUe he saliturbn ' ili-^nnr <t-iiii lun tbc baptbt, 
At Adam or Vsajc ' or iniy of the jiroj^hctiN 
That hiidUe 1^)11 wiili Luci£:r ' manyc longc jcria; if* 

A robbers liadd« reuii&aion ' mher« ihann^ tli^i tl]«. 

At domes-day the diiuaye worth ' of detli and fyr ot oiuui *, 
Fof-ihi I conseil jow clcrkes ' of holy cherchc the uTljtet^ 411 
Werdicih )c wcrkcs as 3c seen i-wnic ' leal ^t woitb iim^t llit^r-iniw. 

On Godc Fri<Iayc 1 fyndc ' a fcloaa vna yaaucd, 
That had lyued ol his lyf • witli Icayngc^ and wiih ihcflc; 
And r^r b« bikne^re on (he crosM * and 10 Crytl« tchiof hytn. 
He was sonn^rc slued ' than ftcyni lohuii the tyLplisten fif 

And or Adam ot Ve^yc ' or cny of the prophcks, 
That haddc ylgine yviih Lucyfcr ' mnny bngc ;icrc3. 
A rol>L>cre was yraunceouned ■ rather than thci allc, 414 

Wiih-outen any penaunce of purgatorie ■ to perpriiicl blUse. 

Thanuc ?^arye Mag;dalcyne ^ what womiiian dcdc wor&c? 
Or who wot»c than Dauid ' that Vrics deth conspired? 
Or Poule the apostle - that no pitee hadde^ 414 

Moche (ly^lene kynde ' to kyUe lo deihf 
AulI now hen ihiae a& loucrcynes - wyth seyntes jn heuenc, 
Tho that wroujic wikkcdiokcsl ■ in woridc tho thci w«ic, 
And iho that wisely wortled^n * and ttrykn many bokcs 4^3 
Of wiiic and of wisdome ' with dampned soulea wonye. 
Tlial Salamon trciili, I Uowl- be autli - and icrieyne of vk allr, 
Sttni i$tUi afqae mpitnits ; r/ optru fomisn in m^um ^i 

There aren winy and wtl^lihbynge ' ac her werkcs ben yhudde 
Tn the iHiitdcfi of almijry [^ - and he woie the fiothe 4^j 

Wlicr for lotte a man wunb albwcd ihtre ^ and his Icle werkca, 
Or ellc» for his yucl willc ' and cnuyc of hertc, 
And be uilowQd as he lyued «o; ' for bi ly-lhcr, men knowclh 
ilw godc ; 435 

A, 39,1- non«U; non DH,; nowT. »%^ jg6 Thtst tv^ ii»fiiti^ ttr. 
rn^ly £ivrn ra ail tht AfSS. I wirect tbem. B. 4:1,41^. TJk^fi iimi 

art m Komff. C/. C-Tmt dihayc, y^-ff^i MS. Cimh. Univ. Uh, Tf, 5- jji 

A. PASSUS XI. ■78-1S5' C. PASSUS XXL 9st-a75- 331 

Withoutc penauiK* of purcalonc - 1o hs.iK piradis for ciwre, 
Thnnnc Marie the Maii(tH(*yn ' who mijic i\o wets? 

Or vklio dcdc wctfe iti^nne DauM ' th:il Vrtc dcstra)cdc ^ j^o 

Or Poulc the Bpostil ' llifti no pile nc hadde. 

CriEl^ne kyrde < 1o hilJe to decho? 

And am none for sathc ■ spueievtics in tieucre, 

As thiAc dial A^rru)tc wjkkk!!)' ^ lu noild whoimc tZici vac* 
And ^ ] forget fcrthcrc - of fyuc vryiti? tcchmgic, iBa 

At dome» day a dyluuyQ worih * of d«iti And fujr at ones; aft 
Worcheih, ^ vtyglxfi of boltclmrche ' ai hoJy writ tectwOi, 
LefA }c br bhtc us llit- lul^uiciH irriv' lliat l^boTvd vnder N<M- 

A GouJc Fo^ay. kb Tyndc ■ a felon was yanucd, 
Thai vnlavefuUiclK: hadd« yljued - d hua lyr-lytnc; >|£ 

And foi ho bj'-Itncw on ih^ croi* ■ and lo Cn« »L^hrof hym. 
He uas vottnere y^iiiccl tlian eryoi lolian ihe Ba|itMI, 
And cf Adam oilier Ysaic ■ nlhcr cny of Uic pTOphcEcs 
Thai haddcn kyc with Luqfcr - meny bnjre ^crc*- 
A robber unt£ y-raunfioncd ' ra.ihcr Lban ihei alio; >6o 

Wiih-ouiP prtiflUTirc (illinr poKsbn ■ Pthrr rrty athcr iM:ync 
Tic jiiu^Mdr fodh iiaricntliuhc ' to pcrpcLucI bliax. 

Al-sc Mtirio Maj;Jcl«nc ' bo myj^te do worMC 
As in Jylwnge of lecherye * no lyf d<nyede? J'4 

And thiuid ihe doubiy - thui ilcuytit'dp how Viye 
Miglib! Aliloke^te Iv Jayii - &iul ticniiT li>iii lo ««ITC 
LecUidic ae by bun lok ' widi a Icilcrc of jcyli:; bCj 

Paul the npwtel, that no pile badde ' Cri^ttne peiiple to ctU*; 
Kow be^i the«e winEes, as men seyen ' and souereynea In lietienet 
Tlio lliitt woiT-l «'foghien ' while ihf^i weren hcrr. 
By tliAi ihai Sa^Anioii «ci[b ^ hJt »cineth tbu no svy^hc 
Wot fao if wortbi ' Tor wclc oih«r for wicke* a;s 

Wbetber he i* worthi lo vch ' other lo tiicke-dp pyne: 

SuHi j'usa' at^tte M/iininr, ei ifjfm ranm in ranmt dr/ sunt. 

Thiia ich, Rcchclcantsic, banc rid ■ rcgi-virca and bokot. 
And fond icb neucre, in fiiLih ' for lo telle treuthe. 

L§m. 4>e.D0WCOB: LR0M. 4^0. JlMM/R: nVIXOW. 

C. t^t, ef Ih^ F: Akf IMSKG #fl. oE. f£^. yidOrV I'. jfA. Khnf 

cf^KUnt P. 169. |«*P, flJJ. oftrrathcP; **/ M I StK «». Cf. 

$22 A. P-\SSUS XL 186093. B- PAS5US X 436-*S9- 

Thii Clergie of Crlstfa monih ' comendii wa.« «uer; 
Por be scuSc it h/io-adlc ' to VJinuic uf liu i]i»ciplb. 

And [ft 03 fuuch« <o m«ne * to raen tlml b«» Lc'viid, fStr 

''Whclhef 3^ ben apoaid of pnnceft ' or of pi^scis of Ok lawc. 
For lo &n&v«r(- li«ni - 1i&u« ^e no douie; 
foi I ahal gr^ublc pw j^rAcc ' of god dui jc ftcruc-n, 
Tbe help of ilic holy ^si * 10 answcfc hem at viltc." i«j 

Th? dcu3Uc«t dociour - or dy-uynouf of the truiiic. 

And wtierby u-ore men whlchc U whyu? - If alle tilings bUkf wfl*. 
Anil who were el goJc wian * buL if ilicre nr<Jc tmuc sJircvfc? 
For^thi lytic vc Forth ^ith lithcr men - I Icuc fcwc ben code. 
For fan/ '^r^JHrar p>v«/ « J>(aie ' yf riy ad qut P^rt, 
And he thai may x] amende ■ huue merry on vt all^f 41© 

For sothnt vordc thai cucre god i^/dc ' vris tho he aeydc^ 

CIcrgyc tho of Cryatet mouth ' conunendcd was it Utcl, 
For he seyde to acyni Feter - xnd CD >uche oa he loued, 

Ihtm stekriit't ante re^s ti prtiifkt, eU^ : 
^'Tbcugh |c tunie bifot kj-tige^ ^ ji'd clcrkcn of the !awe. 444 
Beth noodle abOEclied ' for J ehal he in ^ouro mcuihcs* 
And yp^ y^'^ wittc xi wfU? ' and kuDnyngie to conclude 
Hem allc ;Lai ajcincs pw - of Crystcneiloroe dispuiciL" 

Dijyd m^kctii mcncioun ' he s^itikc amonge?^ hyn^cfi. 44S 
And mijtc no kyn^c oucrcomc hym ' &s hi hunnyng of f pcch& 
But wjttc nc wtifidomc ' wan rjeuere the tcixj^ixy^. 
Whan mat! w;is nl myscbirr - wiih-omc ihc mcjrc grao-, 

Tbc doughiienC docEour ^ and dcuynnurc cf the trinitcc, 44J 
Was Augu^Evn the oleic ' and hci^hcftt of the roure. 
Sflydc thu6 in a earmoan * I seigh [t wnten oottf, 

mergimur .' 
And i* 10 mciic to Enpli&shc men ' more nc lane, 
" Arcn non^J raihor yrauyeahcd ■ fro the ri^u- Ijyieuc 4^6 

Than ar ihis tunnyrige clerkf* ■ lliftl conne macy boka; 
Nc aoiv: bontici aducd ' nc sadder of bileue, 
Thvi pbwn^en and pasiourts ^ aud pore comune laborcrct." 

18;. Cum C; /?um TH,D; fittd l^uamim la V only. 

A. PASSUS XI. 294-300^ C^ PAS3US XH, 3f6-j^j. 3S,1 

Th*l Avstjm ihc clic ' ind hijcatc of llic foutc, 
$«icle ih\s for a burntouEi < (fo me god helpfl 1) 

JTw /^J' ^^/fl/i' ropfunt filum, v&f nor ^pt'tnift fn inftt' 
nam mtrgtmut; 
And b (o mcnc in ourc mouth * more nc Ic«»e, »^ 

".\m none ralhcrc yTAXiififihid " fro the rijtc belcuc 
"nanne tim \h\AC gn^ic tbrlclv ' that coniHr many t)okis; 
Ne nonr sonnerc y!i*uid " nc indclrrc of conKience, 
ThiDTic poie pcplc u plou^cn ' 4ml (>utoura of bcstis.'^ .100 

That Clergic of Crbit* mouili ■ comenckd was tueren 176 

For Oiet aeide to &rtntcs ' and to eucfio a^ he louodo, 

i>nm strtfrffii ttnft rr^r tt frrndt^, ndti^ r/jgtljre quomoda 

"Thftob jc come by-forc kj^ngca ■ and clcrkca on the lawc, 
BmUi ii2t aferd of thai foitee ■ for ich shal jcuc jow tonge, 
ConnjtLge and clcrgic ' to c^Dncliidc b«m nlle." bBo 

Dauiit m;ikclh mcncion ' be sp^ nnKing ^yugcn. 
And myghlc no kyngc hym ouer-conc ' a^ In connyngc spech«. 
Sothly/ ^^i: Rcdicktmcssc ' 'ich see by munye cuydencc^i 
That Dottier wit iie wyghme*se ■ wan neuerc- th* mai&trle j«4 
Wiili*oii(e tlie gtcle E>'ne of jjcd - with has yr.LLc 4nJ fiirluiu:. 

For be tbat mo»t acih and ^de ' oi the Aothi&Bt trmiLc 
Wa3 Aiutya the Mc - tbat cuerc mail wisLo. aB; 

He >inde thus in Uvh ssLtmon ' for «t\«amp]e of grcie clcrkcs, 
JFr« */j'' "/jfWj' f*i/>tun/ Cfium, vhi not taptntifi m (ff/ifrw 

Tbia ia to menc no more ' to men thai ben Icwcd^ 
"Ann none ratherc rauethfd ^ fro the ryg:htc tiy-Fcj'ue 
CocftTnU^h'- ihan flcrlcrs ■ mtKi knrrayn^ im! connyngc; 
And none sonncrc j^saucd - nc uddcic in the by-lcjuc jijs 

Tl^an plouhmcn and pa^tourt - and pourc comunc pcuple:" 

G. ajT- Wi«, 6-'. EFS ; P «*t, 1?^ cucdsnob P. %U. xilh O^ xib) 

V > 

324 A. PASSUS XI. 301, 30a. B. PASSUS X. 4^0-414^ 

Souteris and seweris - suche lewide lotds 
Percen with a paUr-ms/er ■ the paleis of heuene> 

Soutercs and shepherdes - suche lewed lottea 460 

Percen with a pai^r-noittr ' the paleys of heuene, 

And passen purgatorie penaunceles ' at her hennes-par^ge, 

In-to the blisse of paradys ' for her pure bjleue, 

That inpaifilly here ■ knewe and eke lyued. 464 

3ee men knowe clerkea ' that bin em^ed the tymef 
Thai euere thei couth or knewe more ' than crtdo in dtumpah-em ; 
And pryncipaly her pater-nosier • many a persone hath wisahed. 

I se ensaniples my-self ' and so may many an other, 4A8 

That semauntes that seruen lordes ■ selden falle in arrerage, 
But tho that kepen the lordes catet ' clerkes and reuea. 
Rijt so lewed men ' and of litel knowynge, 
Selden faJle thei so foule ' and so fer in synne, 4-7> 

As clerkes of holikirke * that kepen Crystes tresore, 
The which is matmes soule to sane ^ as god sdth in the gospel : 
2te vos in viruam meam' ^ 

S, 460. ihfpherdcs W; shcperdei L. 
[' /iw the c&utinuiUum of the B-tCKt, at p. 330.] 

A. PASSUS XL 303. C. PASSUS XII. sgi'^o^- 325 

Withoute p«naunce, at here partynge ' in-to hei^e blissel 
Sretiis oracio pfTiefrai €tium* 

And lewede !eele laborers ' and land-tyljTige peupic 
Pcrsen with a pakr-nosUr • paradys other heucne, 
Passinge purgatorie penaunceles ■ for here parfit by-lejiie ; 196 
Breitis oraiio penetral celuni. 

Selde falleth the seruant ' so decpe in arerages 
As doth the rejTie other the conterroller ■ that rekcne mot and 

Of at that thei hauen had ' of hym thai is here maister. 
Ac these lewede laborers ■ of lytel vnderslondynge 300 

Selde fallen so foule ■ and so deepe in synne 
As clerics of holy churche ' that kepcn sholde and saue 
Lewede men in good by-leyue ■ and lene hem at here neede,^ 

C. 397, aniiage^ P. 199. badd P, 300^ t««« ?. 


pASsos xn. 1-19, 


'y^^RlST wet," quod Cltfgic ■ 'knowe hit yt the lyltc, 
V_/ 1 haiip rto rnj d^nnr ' ihr Dowel Ki lecbe; 
AibJ vhoM* coucytcilt don bcicrc ' ibiui liic t^tc tclleth, 
lie paweih the apostolis Ij-f ' and put him to au^sd/sl 
But ] t>t now, ftK I KC)i? ' ju mc soth Ihinl^th, 
The were Icf to leme ■ but lofh far to siodic. 
Thou wo1dc^I kounc thai I c->iii ' and carpcn H\ after, 
Frc3iuinptU(>W3)y. parnucnmrc ' apow so moDyc, 
Thit hit iDy^thc cunie w/n to tent* - and Tlieologie bcttht. 
3if I wine wiiivTly ' lliou wolJe*! don lt»r-4dttr, 
Al ihiii lliou askt-sl ' ii-soylcii I wwtdc' 

Skornfully tho Scripture * ect vp here brcww. 
And on Clergw crj^do ■ on Cri8(c« holy iwinK;, 
Tl]£Li ht ahuwc* mc hit nc t^hotde ' but yX \ Klirtuvn were 
or (he kynde cardinal wit ■ Rnd critinod in a font; — 
And acydc hit so loude ' that ^anie me ttiou^it. 
'That hit were boihc akaihc ■ And aklaundre lo holy chcTciiCi 
Sittbe I'hoologic the ucwe ' to teltcn hit dcfcnd^di; 
Dauid godcs ilerlJiLg ■ drren<1ytb hit aI-so; 
ViiU firfvan'tuft/es ti tahuctham : 



\Kot M B'/w/.] 

A. 3. coiielie to Jon U ; couctjlh bent Inc. 4- U »«. Ihc, per^lh l>r 
puT him) tug- y thlnkyUi Ini;^ \ chlnkyli K&wl. fi. Icut^ Xat 10 lAfi. 

II flmi^j tkit /int. 9. Il U : K*wl, lirp, jwif, ni^ liifi. If ; lUwU men 

t*u»fliiji^), i», tlic* Itij;- U; ^c KhwI. hrl vp hrrr IT; irhpr vp h**! Tig,; 
thprtrTp hii v!) K»»^l. ij. rrynl* U; irnyrt Ing. ; (T>*^ KfiwL if 

I wlinriak lag, ; li %trji U : ilryf ><;ivr1. i/t^rvftiy). 15. LI^m. kyn4«. 

lfl|f.«vr, wjL lb, /(I'- hll U ^f it; l4£- Kiwi. <«- hjl. Choijitfaff Ei«l. 

17. big, 17 tfm. tiolhb 1nj£, tnitHi \\ h^r lialy, i8* tHit tiOM i» Ui 

that Inie in \t\g. (/tr tke trcvre), iijr. /rruf nr**/^ In;;. U i /r-nm'iftfUm* 
R*wi, {(iftufiflyy {y cqJj with the woni AtJui-fAiH, whl^i ihc iothor cv»' 
(lent])- conitnits u if it wire Ai^rABw.) n. pTtchrth ItawL ; juoliod Taj;* 

A- PASSUS xri. 30-4*. 


"I Mw synfuV" he seydc ' *'ihcr-forc I scydc uo-tlibg." 
Ti] tho UTcechc* bon in wil ■ how b}'iui« lo ]ti». 
And Poul i^rccheih hit o/rra ' prrsirs hir Tfcfjti, 

AuJiUT itrchirt./ urtha, qtir nfm t-^ri hunitif Jin^ui : 

'^l ACi nol liudyi" quod he ' "Uut I liciii; v^itlt cry^i 

Tdle hii *iih lounge ■ to flynful wrccchcs/' 

And god graiintetl hu nwiprc ' the ^onprl hil witursscih, 

In rbc pHi^iouTi, vhnn Pflai ' ft<|>n!;ri] grid Al-mj^d, 

And a^kcd Icta on hy ' diat hcrdcn lill ^n buiidndi 

''(^I'l/ fj/ tteritas?'' Cfuod he ' "vcrilych^ \<X vs;" 

God gaf him non anEWcrc ' but gon hvi lounge ho1d«- 

Ri)i »o I rectc," quod «he ■ 'rede ihou no fenher; 

or Lhal he wolde ^vite ' yAs liim no betcfc 

For be cam not by cause ■ ir> Icrne lo Dowel, 

Bui i» tie B*yih, such I am ' when he witli roc curpcth.' 

And mfivri Scripture e1:<? «ko]de ^ fuiildr? this dkiJe y-sheued, 
Clcrgi? ju-fco ji ciibaii ' trepie anon itfler. 
And drow ihe dorc tti<s him ' and had mc s^ Dowd. 
Or wyckf, yf 1 wold« < whftber me J>b«d[ 

Than hcUl I \*p myn hindea ■ To Scripiurc ih* wl«, 
To be hnrc Tnan, jif I most ■ for outre-more after, 
Wlih ibjil flhc volde me wii»G ' wJicr ihc ioud w^rc. 
Thai Kyndc Wit the confcKflour ' hurc co«fii, vii* lane. 
TTnt hdy thftn law - ami lauf:c me in here Armo, 
And »yilc, 'my &^t\ Kvn*ir Wil ' kmrwen ii wel iHilr^ 
And bit log^vng^ u mih i/yi ' thii lord ix of eithc. 
And 5i^ thou dr*yre ■ with liirr for to n-byde^ 
I «hat tli« wvisf \t\nlyche ' uh^rt^ thai he dwcdeth,' 






(A'dtf tff C-ifXf^] 

Ihkt, t^, wrcuhn Kii«l. \ bcTlicw^i Ie^, 15, hif^. m. uf hit, 16- whan 
RawI.j how It]|[. jA, 'Diyilhi lUwI. t^. thnt Kawl ; thcr lac. ^o. red 
lUvl, i reJc Inn- t/KW)- 31. Holilc Rknrl-i itmjili lo ln|*, wivRiwt. -, 

wrw? lae- J1J. Ida nudih be uait In£< ^X- «i^ Ho lac- ^ u be JUhL ; 

icole Inff. (pAh/lhii ikilc). ^B' Iiti.'. 'A. a, ijt|« [114,'. ,^6. tci Tdij, 

(y^*n»>- 37' vyk]y Ing. (jwrthirttm^ luc Inf^ 41. Thai laj; ; 

IU«L-0nr- tho iDf. ; hiipe Rawl (n^rwi^i. co«^ Kau^l : tjmtrjvmui ]n£. 
4J, roahr nn mt Ir^ IbeiiiIip liiwl, ; Iftwlii Iriij. j,i. wd Knwl. : ful Ing. 
44. Km 1oj£i;yDg ■■ KjtuL ; ii iisgyng I n^. 4(- a-byde Riivl. ; dwrlle \ng. 

4& vynlychc hif^L fUvl. wv. 


A. PASSIJS Xn. 47-7<- 



And [liAnnr 1 kticbd en mr kncs ' 
And ihankcU hurc a ihousand syihci 

And kv4te her ««t »cinc< 

with throbboDt hot^. 4S 
She called [u> keo] me * ft cleriottn th«i h>-)ie 

Thou shall uccdc *ritli \V'\\* quotl she ■ ' vhil« UmL iuni Ijrkjtli. 
Til (c come 10 ihc bar^bc ^ qtt(?J-btmit*it-eii-i<nttt. 51 

Ken him 10 ni)' cosen«s hous ' thai Kmde Wa hj^te* 
Si.*^ ] ^vnic )dni ibk si'g]^' ' an^l cIiai hr nlirwo bym Dovkfl,' 

Hiua wc Iau;lc oure Icuc; ' lowtjnj^ ai onys, 
And vcntc forth on my ^viv - wilb ^rrmr'a-^r^aift |6 

And ere 1 dm to the cotin ' ^tto4'hcnum-4sl-Untk, 
Ma]]> fcrlvt mc by-fcl i« a few* jcris- 
Thc fvnitc fcfly 1 fmid - a-fyngnd me ma;3c: 
As I (tde Ihuri^h ^oulhc ' a-icn prime datirs, 6» 

[ Ntode siiTIi- in a 4Lodi« ' jiiid stared atbo^^te; 
-Al Ir^yl.' :;uod 011 }\v}, and [ anbwc-ri:d 'v'rtu>mu * and vitli 

'I Am dvcllyi^^ ^-iih Puih ■ and Hunger [ linttc, 

'i'o l-r' l'> *'i8 lordflhep?- ' longyth my weyc, &| 

To Vyllyn him ^f \ c^n ' rbrigh Kyndr Wii hrlpc; 

J slial fi:l](/ thai frfkc in a fewc dfljc*r 

'I woldc folvc ilic fayn/ quod J ■ 'bul fcyniisc mc bcnlcih. 

Mc folweth fuch a fcyriti^ - 1 may no fcrthcr wnike/ 6A 

'Gc we forih,' quod the fcf^mr ' *I h*iic a grci boy*te 

Al my V»*k, nf broke lirrd ■ ihi Tirly fiir 10 Jylle ; 

A I'.'VKfie fu!, of n licpi^cfc ' I bnujtc hil ai ony*.' 

Than manned 1 v^ith liim - v|> 10 the lulle, 7> 

[-Vfl/ m B'/i-.Tr/.] 

A. 4;. wcE Ka«1.; fcic Ufi- 4^. A Ibotrirtijf >0 1 jwv I tfuokyi Mm 
Willi ilifotibyin: lictt lufi, 4,*i, I »««'/ to ken {n/huA httk MSS, wvi^ «r 

,em/itU 4At ifat ariJ vnf'V. li^it Havrl. ; hilc la^' ^i- >vhilH tb4( KawL i 
qwyt Injf »J. bowhc i/vr torwMji;) Iiit- ^S byiih Rb*1. i liitt tii^- ij. 
Inuil't liAWl. Crff/c^ iBuitc^: hiK- cm. ^'Air ^iirt. 56, Ami Hawl.; I Iej^:, vn 
Kavl : Ln Ijig. 17. And Rivrl. l Id£. fvi. cuutt Ra^l ; cuiitnryyi tic. $> 
ft-rrn^ri'l Riwl, ; an hunecr-li ln|r^ Da Ai 1 ;^r? KdvL. ; And I (hui lue. 

lai;, <Sj, 1id(t« UawI. ; hy1# In^. f^. in RiwL ; oDrl !(i|e, Ifui^yth Ini*^ ; 
iorigyt Riwl. Ar, /v-^w ]pf-, ; Ktwl. fmi/t- F^ thrigh. Iji|;- Ani thfi 

E>4^% 4;. qaod t Iskg. E KawI ^t*. ftninjt Ravi : fiyntii In^. ; m»/ 
fajTiHv*. ajtuA. y. f,, 3, v, <i- heuiilh lni;,; h4rhl«|i kavL; rvd^bctiEHh. 

A. PASSUS S[L n-^tt. 


For miTTftjng of mcto ■ no metour I coudc. 
Bill: rtc us, ITimpTT mr hnc ' xlX my b("ll> »we)l)-[l. 
Thei y>^A nic Huii^ci ' Eiiiijc godc dayT ^ bm J hcMc mt stillc; 
gronyrig of my guiiya ' 1 durat fron no fcrthtr, jfi 

With that cam a kniue ' with a confcsaoures face, 
Lcnc nnd re*lyche ■ with leggj-s ful sm;ife. 
He lidlscd uic, 2Dd I ~ asked Mm after. 

Of whcnncs thai he were ' ind whcdcr thii he woldc, 80 

■Wuh Deth i duclbp' quod he ' 'd^ycti And nj-^taa; 
Ml nam* it Fcuerc; on the fcrlbe tlay * 1 an a-flrsi cUfrc; 
I 4E11 nnsKiger of Drih ■ nicn liauc 1 tw*jiitH 
Tbftt on Ja culled Cotidbti ' a couroui of ourc bou^, fi4 

Tcrtbn th.xl other ■ trcwc drinkers bothc! 
Vr'e ban leLi^rcv of Lyf ' he thai hi* Ijf tyne ; 
Fro IXnh, tbai ii onrt duk ■ Kwydie dcdi* we brjTiffft' 
' Myjie I »!?/ quml I. ' gixl vol ' jtiurer gate* wnlile I holifen.' KB 
♦Nay^ Will' quod thii wy^l ■ *wcnd thou no rcrlhcr, 
But lyuB OS this lyf ■ is Orde/Tied lor Ihe; 
Thou u>mblest with a treps«t * ; if thou my iru Tolwi^: 
And mannes mrrihe uroujic no mor ' ihin hr deneruyih bcre, ^i 
\VTiii hia lyf and hi« lykhamt • tcsicEi to-gcdcrc. 
And thcr-fore do after Uo-utJ ' whil thi dayc^ duren. 
Thti thj play be pli^nLGvous ' in paradye wiih aiirgel}^? 
Tbon lihali he lati^c Inin \y^i ' vich loMn^ of an <^y4-, qA 

So ihaL thou wcfkc ihc wiiid - that holy vitji trdicUt. 
And \k prcst lo prcycros ' inj pr(»fiublc wcrkcs!' 

Wille [wisic] iJmrgh in-wil ■ (ihou wo»t vd dw eolliell 

[iWr M O/tjri.] 

A$, goaw Id;-; eom Kanl. 70. Of bacipoiid bmkca LmJ Ivi*- Ing, 

»«. for. 71- bom>? Hiiwl. : dciwlit Inu. ji. wtLh bbi lag- l wi( RavL 

bcodely ' mcl ft^^d ^Lra ftft«r Id^' Go. wlien kuwt ; rjwenup Ing. ; rtivt 

KantL; mciAwn^r lng,[ >iNh^ mcuAgcr, £6, lyn« |rf>,; lyiu (vw^f:^} 

itavL SS. >o kfl^l I wirtfrt/^rtf ac Iiif, *i'0O<I he t^wtf/ rrfw/*f ^Bhj I' 
lot- ; luvl f«T, MS, Ine, nM^r nv'M I Hfl^ SB. Mf^Lh ^vl ; rt*/ Unic- 

rttdbmvt, lykU Qfl-roo. LTrildi Ibc tL(«k LcnpuiLoiu. chcv arc the duiW« 
Q*n wcHiU : he klllx ttlniKir nfl. by way uf riiitehcnf bii poem, bill be Ured Um 

330 A, PASSUS XIL loo-toj. B. TASSt'S XL t-ig. 

That ihl» spechc tvit« f|wHeltcb ^ ind Apod Mra ^ fuc«, ido 
And trronjtf ihai )i(*fr is vryirn ■ and ailirr wc-rke* bothe 
or PcrvA llic Plowmmi ' iiicj iiHK:ljc'l pu|jK- uJ'Ui; 
And wImd Uu> K'crk vra» ktov^; ' arc WiJJt m/^ic a-a|Ae, 

[CtfriAWAifi.Av«v p. j»<,] 


TIIANNE Scripture icorncd mc ■ and \ skilc lolde. 
And bkkecl me in I^tyn« " and li^ie hy tm ^t KiiCr 
Atid wydc, 'riiu!ii muila uinnt. ti jfips^i nfseitinl.' 
Ttio vrpLc 1 for irtj ■ and wmtlh of Ittr bficchci 
And in a v-'vnkyng vmLixh " ^*cx 1 ajlcpc. 4 

A mcrvoitLouBc nr^ielca ' m«U9 ma ihanne. 
That I wa« riariwhrd H^t ih^rp • ant! Fnmmp mc Teltr. 
And In-to ilic londc of Lojj^>ngc alhnc nlic mc braujLc, 
And in a tnyrourc thai hi)t Mydlcrd ' she mad nc to biiiofdc. 
Sinhcn ih« «aydo to mc ' *hcrc my^low k? wondref, q 

And liDciivc thai ihow cDUPj-te*t ■ and come ilier-w, par aun^er/ 

Thaiinc haLldc ri>r]unc folwjng hii - twu foirc dimoj'sclcs. 
dfrnufifSceHM-camu ' men called Ihc ctdcr nuiydc, ii 

And Coue^tiiw-or cj'CB ■ ycalletl was that oUwr; 
Prj'dc-of-pirfjt^ljuj'np-* " pursued hem IxMhrr, 
Afid L;idde me. fur my coutenauiiLir ■ iicooiitc Cfcrgye IJjle. 

ConcttpisccmiU'Csrms - colicd rnc AbouL<; itic nckkc, 16 

And flcydc, ' lliow art ^ongo and )c'pc ' And tia«t ;cr«s ynowc, 
>'orto lyue bnge ' aind ladyeft I0 lonye; 
And in iliis mjroure i)kiiw x^yfit bc ' mjithc* Tul manyc. 
Thai Icdcn ilie wil 10 l/kyn^c ' al (hi lyfaymc.' 

Tl)c «cc<kundc acidc ilic same * 'J shal suwc tbi wille; 
TtJ thow bo % lord* ftnd liauff londe ' leten the I ndle, 
Tliar I ne shal Tolwr :hi frk^Hhip ' if Fnrtune il lyke.' 
'He »h*il Tyndi: mc hi* ficndc" ■ quod Foftunc thcr-o^er; 
'The frckc that lolwed tny vilic ' TaiEIcd neuere bliBKi' 



Tlla dc Dowel l3ob«t, H noljni, /Af ^uirWicf^f ?icn IhcPlowiiuji. Aflci 

A. PASsus xrr. ioi, job. 


Dcth drU him a dcnc ' and drof him to the erthe, 
And r5 <losc^d vrdcr cktm • Crist banc hin ^cnilel 

ExptiiH DmeL 


\C^ntii%urii /rem p. J15.] 

Tbapnv Sciiprur? vonir<] mc ' ami inuty *kytn hhiwrilr. 
Aad «in()^Jiui]fe rnflile tc Clcr|;;i0 ' to cnn^iir nu^ hit Mtneda. 
And tiklude me la lA<yD ' ari4 l^ttL by ri« ncttv, iff 

Anil icidcv ~ mf^Ai ttm^ta tapiuni. it ttipuft rUJfftUU' 
Thit wepTF ich lor wo ' uid wrathnte of hti^r wor^leL^ 
Aad In k wynkynfe kh wiutb - fuid wcJitlcfUchc icb melt«' 
Fw icli with i^uckbcd ly^tht tbrr; - Fojlimc uie fclU, tdS 

In-to lh(» XnnAp of Ijificyrtge ' lod Jjiflt liuc me lifonhie. 
And ID a m^TOPr, bible Mj<ldEkrd * hue niadfl mc io I6kt, 
And votilic ricidc to me ' *het mj^bic thou tct wnndm* l^t 
And knnwr t!iot thow c')HpSti.-»l ' anil c^inc ^licr-io. piraunt«.' 
'|"htrine hflM* Kortun* (oIwyTigf hnre - iwn faift maidtmtt. 

A1J1I CciucTj*c*ofc>cTi ■ yciM nu ilial o(berc> 

Arid I'myi1t"of-pijfi['lyiipj^ ' pnneiv&le nw Iwtc, ^76 

And b^ ma lor my conLjiitnot ' »Ufit» CkrgJO Ion lyght 

And idde, ':bcT irt ;onjr ud ;cp ~ uid haai itda yuuwc 

For to lyne long? ' vnd Iai1y« to louye. 1A0 

Aad in thU niifout itiow rajit k< ' mttTtbo fol mtnye, 

Tliat Ifde ihc wul to lykynbjt ■ at Hiy Ijf lynw,' 

Tht *«ounde mayd« irmltf ■ "ich ihul icwe ihi wil ; 

TH Chow hf a Inrd of lomfo ' Icbco dio ich n«llc\ 1^4 

That ich i>r ihil folwic Uiy fclBUibuiic ' yf Foitvnc I3W 

' H» ibfll iyea)^ mc hu« frpinrte ' ' t^ujith Koriunt hpr<An«i : 

twrlVE more Itiici aic iJtIril hy 1 witftin Johu Kiit, nha ncnuoat 
king Ridiud u belufi iiiil aliv«. 


B- PASSUS XI. «5-fi^. 

TKannr win thprc ore ihu h^ft Kk3e * that httiy v%k of dim, 
'M&n/ quott he, 'if 1 mcic vkh tbc ' bi Matic of hcoencv 
'rho*v Htiolt ^d« Kortitn« the fnitZc ' xi ihi mo^e ncdc> j4 
And C^v^>rnvn^-«%7r«i> ■ clene the fomkc^ 
Bill^rhche ahallov tianTie ibanne - Ixiihr AAy^ An6 ni;(f4 
CouctyM-of-cjfhc ' ibu cuere thow hir kncwc, 
And Pryde-Cjrpiufji-l)'uyDgc • lo niocht [H'riJ the Erfyng*.' 31 

'}•#, recch« the neuere," quod Rec<:h«1ein» * «iode forUi In 
niggril cToihcs, 
' Folwc foith ih^t Formnc wolc ' thoa bui wcl kt ttl cMc; 
A man may eioapc lymcs ynow ' whan he ahal lync Uic crounc- 

"/fww* /rj>/o»i/r"' quod a pocK " and Plato he hy^hl, j6 

'*And ^etis dispomt'' f[ood he ' *' Ul god doriL' hi* ttil!*." 
If Trcwthc wil witnc^«c it Ik wcl do ' Fortune to fblwc. 
CoiKUfiiscffiiia-tiiriui ' nc Couciiyneof-cycs 
Nc »lia] naiijt greu« the grctly * nc bigylc tl»> but Ihow vxAt' 

'Jee, farewd, Phip[wl* quod Faimielie ■ and foith gnu mn 
dmwc 41 

Til Ccmupisajhio'tarmt ' acordcd oUc my wcrk^. 

'Alla^ eyel' quod ElJe * and Ho[>Twaifl bothc, 
'That wiltc ihul tome to wrecchednesse ■ for wille to haue hift 
lykyngel' 4« 

CtJueilj'«-of*tTElics - cotifoilcJ me aiiou afler, 
And folwcd mc fouriy wynl^;^ ■ and a fyfte more. 
That of Dour?! n« Dobei ' no deynti;« m« n« cho(i3i<; 
I hud no lykyiige, \t^m me If llif If^slL- ^ of lirm au^m to Itnowc. 

Cuucyty^'-of-cyc*! ' cam uftor in iiiyiidi? 49 

Than Do*cl or Dobct * amon^ my dcdc» aHc- 
Cf>ucyt)6c-or-<y«fi < confort«d mo o(^£^, 
And firyde, 'haiic no conscience ■ liow thow com* to fode; 
Go confcNA: the to »uin frcrc ^ snd shew* hym thi synnc«.* %% 
For whflca Fortune is dii frcrdc ■ frcfcs wil the loayc. 

O. PASSUS XIL 304— PA55US Xtll. 6, 

Tbtm* ^•to thrc 0* hiht EIJc ' lUt bcuv wu* uf dmci iSG 

'MW qtttth Eldc, 'mew kh trtih itie ■ 1/^ Mirip *.f hniirii'T 

Thou ihilr fjtwlp FCBlime ■ itiU it Ujj maita att^ 

AlA C*HHf/rjtni/r4 cfrjff* ' dene the for pake I 

BjlciUclir thalt (hn» iaitar iTicnnr - ?ioihf dflyn snri ny^rn 

Cai^ntyt^of-^rn ' (hni epmp thn* Titiw knwt, inj 

And PnjTik-of-rftrfii ljT»p(<T ■ Ici mucbc peril i[ie bryuip' 

'>:> jTtcha (be ncucir.' qujilli RctLflcmcid ' i^od ruitE^ iii If^l* 

'Pcilwv foilh thai Fortune wol - ihou but fu] fci tt> cldc; j(^ 
A lou mayitoapq tfrnc rnowe ' wIklh be iW l^bc Ibe tun^ic!* 

*'£r d^*j ditf'Sfiii;' quash he ■ "Icl firod <iG hus willc." 

Al IbU Tr«ulhc a-tadi«ih < and kitificth for g<iodc, 

Th»3h tliei folw* ilmt Fortune wolc ■ no rMie ich bit holcte. 

And Ci'noififctniiii-iiirnu ' ^hlU ihe nnt ktcuc J»* 

GrctUch, nc b}'-syly llic ' bole jf lliy-sdC HyiUe/ 

' Je, fuYwe^ }<}-pp«I' quatl] Kaunlekt ' and forth ^n not Arwc, 

Til Cenru/'/SfiP/ra-^arriit * KCKfCd to flJle my werke*. 

Of Duwcl uc of Di>bi'i " no tleynic iijr i!iotihie, ju 

Clcrgic and liua ccruail ■ kh counlcdc Tul lytel I 


Imdpii poisus leraui dt Ihttatl. 

' A LAS, fj*'* <piaih Tlldo ■ And Hci(yn*«t bothe, 
Xi 'TluL wii filial tiune lo wKuthedjic*!* ■ for w 

uvcUbc hath 

&I buA rviir 
Couctiae-of^jtn • «nfcrtcdc mt after. 

And fcidc, ' Rccbclcsnc^M ' rccdic ihe ncucrel 4 

By so thow richc were ■ bfluc ihow no conscience 
How that tbow come 10 gw:jtl; * confcK*c the to som frerc, 
He sha! x*<ioi1& the ehm *one ■ how »o ibow tucre wyniie htL 
For wtJIc FnrtuTic is tliy frcni ■ fictei uoUen the louye, * 

a j«4, iM!-^EG; ^ P. 

F,iJLL;. mFIS; F#«, 


n, PASSUS XL 55-66. 



And recch« ib« to fc«r fratcnUif - and for tht biMke 

To brr priocr prouyndad - a paMo^in fono hflur, |6 

AiLd prt^<^n for iLt^ ;nj1 bi pot ' ^if d^ow be pcfvm^ttii,* 

Sci fiertii pccwm'arAi non tufici'I pro if^iri/ttatHtu dtUtHt. 
by wiBAynge of this wonchc I vroigce * here voniet wcfe 16 

Tjl I format )aiid)c ■ »nJ jarn m*lo cldc 

And th&nuc wu.s Fortune nrtf Too ' f(X aI Mr rilxc biheale, 

And Poucflc puoucd me ^ and put rac lowc. 

And tho fondc 1 ihc frere af^rde ' and flyttyn^ \xXbib, 

AjciTicK nwtr firstc fntwird ■ foi 1 wjdc I noUlc 

J)c biuj'cd At hci liDUX ' bui at my paxiiahe chcrchc. 

For I bcrdc onr» ' how Conftcicncc it boldc. 

That there a man were crjviened • by kynde be ahutd« be burycd, 

Oi wher'? he vrre piriashene ' rijt ihcrr he thuldc Ife graucn- 

And foe I K>dc thus to Crcteb ' a fooE iliei me helden, 49 

And loucd mc the laaac ^ fcr my kk spcclic. 

Ac }et I cryed on lay ccnfeseouro " Eliai helde hyoi-Mlf >o 

'By iLiy fcidr, frcrc/ quod \ ' *y: httti lyke thiM wowcrce. 
That vcddc rone wydwci ' but forto wclJc here godU: ;« 
Ri)TC »o, by tbo todc ' rau^t« ^c neuer? 
Wherp my body were buryed ' bi so jc haddc my bEIiwt^ 
[ch liaur riioclw mcracUlc of ;ow ' &iid »o hath man) an other, 
W\y ;owjc couciit coueytcth ' to confnftc &nd to buryc, ;6 
Kntlicr than to bapciic bmicfl * that ben calckjmclynj^cs. 
Bflpiiiytig and buiytitg - botbc b?n fol ncdelul, 
Ac mocbc more tnrrytorip ' mr iliynkcib il U to hoptiw, 
For a bapit^ed mAo may ' aa maiMrca tclkth^ 
Thorugh contncioun c©me ■ t^ the heigh hcutnc; 

Ac a barne wiib-ouEc baptcme ■ may noujt sf> be »ued; 

^iu giiir roijfn^ /iutnt tx ayua, $c./ 
Loke> ic ktlrcd men ■ wliclhcr f lye or do tioujle.' 
And kwlfl loLcd on me • and I kaured afttr. 
'Wlierfore kutttiowr qtiod I>wie - and loked on me harde, 
*Jif I duiblc/ quod I, 'araougcs men ' ihis mekW anowrr 


B. (7. ^Mrwitrd/tti ]~ /rruHiarn L. 7^, |iynl(# 1.; I^nkg^ WOR. 

C. PASSUS XllL 9-a8. 33.1 

And fastne the in here fraternite * and for ihe by-seche 
To here pnour prouincial ' hus pardon to haue^ 
And praye for the, pol by pol ' yf thow be pecunyous; 
Ptna p€cuniaria mm sufficiff €t at* 
By wiasynge of this wenche ich dude ■ hure wordes were so 
swete, 11 

Til ich for-jat ^outhe ' and jorn in-lo elde. 
Thenne was Fortune my foo ' for al here fayre by-hesle, 
And Ponerte pursuwede me ' and putte me lo be lowe. 
And flittyngc fond ich the frere ' that me confessede, 16 

And seide, 'he inygbte me nat a-soile ' bote ich suluer hadde 
To restitue resonabUche ' for al vnryghiTnl wynnynge.' 
*0wh1 how!' quath ich iho ' and myn hefd waggede, 
* By my faith, frere/ quath ich ' *5e fare lik the wouwere *o 
That wilneth the wydewe ■ bote for to wedde here goodes. 
Ryght so, by the rode/ quath ich ■ ' rouble the neuere 
Wher my body yburied were ' by so je hadde my goodes I ' 

Thanne lowh Leaute ' for ich lourede on the frere; 14 

*Wbi loutest thow?' quath Leauie ■ 'leue syre/ kh seide, 
■For this frere flaterede me ■ while he fond rae riche; 
Now ich am poure and penyles ■ at litel prys he set me: 
Ich wolde hit were no synne/ ich seide ■ ' lo seye that were 
treuthe. iS 

C, 1 1. pecunyous EMFSK i pecuniui P. 13- 50m TK ; lome P. 35. 

Icoe EMSK ; luue P. a6. thees {for Ihi*) P. 


B. PASSUS XL 8T-iit- 

•je, bl Pelcr *ud W Potifc; Qiiod be ■ 'an4 Ukc b«n boihc lo 

Aon cdifi4 Jrolrtt mrtt^ ta ttrit ttic, ui f*^tkt ftrpti 

'Thei wol allfggeti also,' quwl I - 'am! by llic gOEpd prcuca. 

■And vrhcr-or serQcth lawe,' quod L«vtc - 'IT r>o Ijrf vndcf - 
toko it, ^ 

Ftlwnesse rr fAyirye? ' fnr soimwlijiL llic s^oKlc mj^c, 

Nm cdtris /nttrtm. 
And In tbc uutcr (lIm> - scithc Uduid the proph«ie^ 

£xiiAmt7iIi ittiqiu quod ero tut n'mi/ix, ^. 
II to Neifmn for lewcd men * to »fggc tli<- sothe, 91 

Tf hem lykrth at)(! Ic^tc - cchc a \ayfC \i grauiiiclh. 
Exccptc pcrK>nc« and prcatc« ' and pr«)aka of ho-)y ch<T<lit, 
It lallelh nou^te for ihat folk* ■ no uica to T^H*?. 
Tbouffb tlie laJe wf^w ikiiv* - and U iJ^iichtxl syiiTic> */* 

Thingc dial al ih*^ worldc wotc wlictfofc fchuUcfltow fpait 
To rcdcn ii b rtion'kc ' lo ^nil*? dcdly syanc? 
Ac he oeuer>: more th* (jret* ' the d«faiito to blanu; 
Thouje Ibow 9t yucl. sey ii nou^ie f)*rew * ba soij^ H nere 
iimtiidcd !•• 

No Uiin^c tbul u pryue ^ publicc tbow it ncvcre, 
Neyilicr Tor \ouc Uiid« it nov)t ' nc Jakko ii lor cc(iy«; 
I*artm iauia. vHtipera fHirriu^.' 
*H« »eith 8oi1ie,' quod ScrJpmrcr ilto • and aklpte &n hHgh, 
and tircclied; 
Ac tbc muEcrc that sht? mcucd - if leved men it kncvrt, 194 
The Iwee. aa 1 leuc ' louj^n it that vold^ 
Thib waa her t«m« and her tyxtc ' 1 (okc fal goda hede; 
* Muiti 10 a TTfliin^trye ■ an J :o ihc mttc wer*- sompncd, 
And whan the pcpic waa piciicrc <on]cn ' the iJOilcr voj^ynncd 

the ^tC, lOA 

And plukked in pauti priueliche ' and leie the rcmetatuii f;o 
Towmr 1 * 
Al for IcTic of her lyKic ■ trembled myii hcrie, 
And in A were gUi I waxc * suid vilh niy-sclf to di^Stt, 

B 9S. To W I And LCROH. 

C. PASSUS Xin. 39-50. 337 

v-3 The sauter seiih hit is no synne ■ for suchc men as ben iiewe 
'^ For to seggen aa thei seen ' and saue onliche preates; 
f.* - ,^ Extstimasii imque quod era iui similis ; arguam ie^ ^ staiuant 
\'' ctmira Jaciem tuam. 

Thet wollen a-leggen al-so • and by the godspel preoucn hitj 
NoiiU iudicart quemquam.' 
if^ • ' Wher-of senieth lawe/ quath Leaute ■ ' and no \yi vndcrtoke 
' Falsnesse ne faitene? ' for som-what the apostel seide, 3^ 

Nan odtrU frairem tuunt stcrete in ccrde tm. 
Thyng that aJ the worlde wot ■ where-fore sholdest thow spare 
To rehercen hit by retoryk ■ to a-rale dedliche synne ? 
Ac be thow neuer the furste ' Ihe defaute to blame; 36 

Thanh thow aee, sey nat ' som tyme, that is treuthe. 
Thyng that wolde be pryue ' publisshe ihow hit neuere, 
Nother for lone labbe hit out ' ne lacke hit for non enuye; 
Parum lauda^ uiiupera pardus' 
* He seith soth,' quaih Scripture tho ' and skypte an hy, 
and prechede^ 40 

Ac the matere that hue meeiiede ■ yf lewede men hit knewe, 
The lasse, as ich leyue ■ louye thei wolde 
The by-leyue of oure lorde ■ that lettrede men techen. 
Of here teme and of here tales ■ ich took ful good hcde^ 41 
Hue seide in here sarmon ' selcouthe wordes: — ' 
' . '*-MuIti to a mangerie * and to the mete were sompned, 

.I'And whan the peuple was plener come ' the porter vnpynnede 
^ ' the gate, 

And plyghte in pauci pryueliche - and leet the remenant go rome/ 
AJ for teene of here tixi ■ tremblede myn herte, 49 

' And in a weer gan ich wexe ' and with my-selae to dispute 

C, 33. /M FST i P om. 40. tho ITSK i P om. 4*- he {/or hue, 

lyrfhT^^)?; f/: II. 49, 7a, 45, He (^r Hue); irt dAwtf. 


nt B. PASSUS XI- i»-l|0. 

Wbiriher t vrre dvHct) nr nciuy clwen; ' on HnUrhcfcfat I 

lliat voderTooffC me axtt fooie ' for one of ffoddii cbovcn ; 
for Crrsie deped vi &lle ' coaw iT we voJ<k, 
Sometv* a»d tdsmuikcs * ^nd to be dj-J the- lev«s, 

vol ommt uMfnAs, mi>, jc./ 
And tKkdde bcffA vouke for tjnttt * smifij 4t his brcste, ij( 

Aod drrnk* bole for bal« < bKinle ii who 90 mt'^tc- 

Thannc may a,1k Crrmenp come/ qaod t • '*rd ditymt 
there G^c 
By ihc blodc lh*l he boujic vb witJt ' and thofxigh bapusme 4ilcr, 

For though a Cijucik* man coiMjtcd ■ hi* Crfftcnodoim *o roQ«}*c, 
Rijirullichc to nrocyc ■ 00 rcKiLjn 11 woldc. uj 

[■'or may no dierk chortrc naakc - nc htx caicl mUc 
Wilh^outen l«tM of his lordc ' qo liwo wil it urtu&ic. 
Ac ho may rcnn« in irrcra^ ' %M rownw «o fro bOsWi 
Ard u ft Tmrypil niiiyf ' riTchj^lrsIr gon ahoiiu^- r>} 

Ac Rc^oun al^l rcknc wkh h/m ' And ictiukca hyni at the Ustc, 
And Conscience ft-counic with )\yai ' and casicn hym in vrctRgC 
And pulten him ;iricr m a prUonc * tn purgaioiu to bretine, 
For hi* arrcry^gc* reu-arilen hym there ■ to ^ dayc of dome. 

Bat if CowrlcSouti wol come ■ and crye, bi h]» lyue, ija 

Mercy for his mysJcJea ' wiiL UMjudi or with herla' 

'Tliat is BotV acydc Scriptorc • 'may no »yiuie Uttc 
Mercy al)e to amende * and inekenefiBe bir folwe, tji 

For they beih a« owr« bokei ifllctli * ahoue goddes werke^ 
Afirrrt'rfirtXd rtWrn^ owaAi ^/vnt n'uj,' 

'^ec! bAw for bokesT qaod one ' va^ broken ouLc of hcLle. 
Ili^to Trifcmut, bad t>cn a trcwc knj-jtc ' tokc nitnesav at a pope* 
How he vjs di'd and dampned ■ 10 dvHIen in pyi>e, 137 

For an vncrisrp-nc cresilurc; ■ — *r-|prki¥ wyten the fo;he. 
Thai oJ the ckrgyc vndcr CrysCc ■ nc mijtc me ^,u«he fro hcllc. 

BiiE onLichc buc cmd Icaute * and my lai^ful domes. !«» 

B. i»S, 117- AadrebDkefi--acoiint«Kl&^finAvlL«M^- ijB. bjm 

0^ PASSUS XriL 81-70- 


Whether ich were choae olber tifit chow; ■ on Holy-churchc 

tch ihouhte, 
Til*! mdeffiing trc »«e foum ■ for nn of (pdet rhotrnc- ^j 
*For Crist clcpMc OU5 alle come jfve wdilcr, 
Sarravyiu aa:1 5djmatrkc» ' and fo he duilc tlic levcA, 
And bad hem souken of I>us bre^I ' aaueie for tynne, 
And dr^fikc bofi^ for bale ' brouke liit ho lo myghte; |* 

Thcnnc may liQc CiistiiK come ' and clejmc thcr to cnl/c 
B/ th^t blod Ih^i Iw boughic ous wiUi ' and baptisme, ofl he 

Qui ff(4idnii tt la^itaiui /kn^U^ lalifus trif, ^ tittra. 
For ihauh a Cf j^tinc man raucjtctle - bus Cty^ieiiJomc lo Tcrejc. 
Ryghifulljchc to Kni:yt ' i:o khox^ hit woldc. &o 

Vf For mzy no clicrl a chaitro m;ik<! ' ne huft catel selle 

^^^''^■^Tfc'hh-ou:c trriir of ih*- lorde no la^vi? wol(J« hk graunce. 
Ac he widty it'iiiic ii; fircrigc ' anJ ruoio fitj home 
As ft rcchclc» c&itif ' oilier rcncycd, as hii Koncth; £« 

Ac Heson thsU rcbcnc with h^n < and rebuke him Atio Ufttc, 
Afid Convcbncc a<-counr« with hym ' and cftitc him in nrt^mgct. 
Aiid jiuite hyin llKtniic m priuin ^ In purgaloric Co Iknritnc. 
RcwurdjM^o him tlicr for hua rcclielcsneft^c * ryghi lo iho d»y 
cf dome, t» 

^If CfintrUiovi and Cotifcswon ■ cryo. by hui Kuo, 
Mcrcjr for lju> ni>»dede6 ' wilh uioulSo anJ wlih hcUC.' 
' Thiu k TOthc/ aclde ScripLorc * ' may do »ymjc Icnc 
Mercj, ihii hue ncl al amende ■ yf meckrtotw here fok-c; 73 
Tbci Inlhr, an nur iHink'*^ trlfoth ■ ^r.*n ahniif gn-li."'^ ivcrkc*; 
AfiirfKerdiii ti'us ju/vt Gmni'a &ptra ttus^ 
.^ ' Yc. hiw for bookcs I ' riunih on ' wju broken out of hclk — 
*Ich, Tr^'ismtt, a treiAc knj-gbi ' ich lake witneisc cf a i>op«, 
How Icti wa.s lT^J, iTuI (lampncd ■ to dw^lbii in brlle r* 

For an vutrialcne crcaiwe ; ■ iieyni Grcgorie wot ijw: Kitbc 
Thai al the CriBtcndcmc vndcr CnK - re myghtc eracchc me 

Bote onlJch^ loTi^ and lenute - itft In my laves ifrmjmge! 

0. 57. coQielMTFS; P««. 58. jAMMfrrV MF£l Pmv. «l< 

cfantl r. fii- WfUuouhlr P, Gj ■^i>ir KUS; irdnft T. C^. 

UHtTSF; Vam. 71. P£ j^t^/ Tliv .V>" »(hc. 7J, bc>e<yW bo>e) F- 




UO 3. PAS5U5XI. i4r-TT£> 

Gffgorip wist [his wcl ' anil wilntx! m my amh. 
S«uftcIouii, for 5oth«ic5ic ■ ihal he «^ih in my trcrkcx 
An^j, After thai he wepte ' cmd wUncd me were K^mtntcd 
Gmce, wyth-outen any bede-b^ddyiige ' h\% bone ttaa vadcrfongen, 
And I sautti, as je tnay le ■ wJlJi^uiff *yngjng of niaRAe«; 145 
B/ loue, UDd b/ !cti]>nge - oJ my lyityng Ln trcudie, 
Brou^te me fie hitler pcyne ' tb<:rc rto bidfijng mjiic.' 

^Loy 3c lordfjft, what Icuce did ' by an emperoure of Rotii«, 
That WM «n vncryfitpne creaiufe ■ as clerkes fyndeih \n bot^L 
NuL]}L t^Hjxv/ ytttytit of a po^ * but fur Iijh puic Licullic ifo 
Waa tbai Sorascnc saacd ' &} Kjni Crc^ric bcrclti ^ilncssc 
Wck ou^tc )o lordes, ibai lawes hcpu ^ lhi8 Icfsoun o hove Ui 
nyndp, i^t 

And on TVfUrTHffJ ircuih lo thenke * and cTo trcuthc lo ibe pcpk. 

This matir is mcrkc for Tnani cif ^ow ■ aCf men of holy chcrchc^ 
The Lcffcnde ^'daaorum )ow Icrcih ' more laxRcr than I ^ovf tdle J 
Ac thut Ide bue ' and lyuynge in treulhe 1^6 

Pulte ouic of pync ' a payiijin nf llcnin?, 
i-blesscd be trcuiitc ' that no br^ hcUc-^atcH 
And sAUbd the Samsyn ' Iram Suthun:ve and hi£ pi>wer, 
There no clergie ne coutlie * rt« kunn}iige of Uwca, 160 

Loup and kitctf - it a Icl^ sdence; 
For thai is the hokc blctscd ■ of bliwc &nd of io/c; — 
God itToti^c It nrd wrot hit ' wilh hii on fynt^cr^ 
And toke it Moyits vpon ilie mouiiL ' alle men to lere. 164 
. "Lawe wjlti'ciul'^n lone/" iiuod T^ofafius • "Icyc there a benr. 
Or any sdcncc vnd^J^ »otxnc ■ ihc Bcuenc vU and allc, 
But if thei ben lern«d foi ov^re lord^a tone ' lonte its olle the 

For no cauae 10 cacchc silucf therc-by ' nc to b^ railed a mayster, 
Cut lE for louc of owrc lordc ' and the bet to louc the peplc. tGg 
For seynte lohnn «cyde it * and floih ana bin word«St 

'* p«r rjon diJis'i, mimJ in morff — 
Wlifi 90 buirlh roujlcr, Icnr rat: * he lyiif^lh in delh-dryingc **— 
And thai al!c nancrc men ' encnriys .ind frendcs, i;j 

Louen her eytber other ■ and Jcne hem as her-scluc. 
Who *o lirneib nou30>, h« louetb noujie ' god woie the (olhe, 
And coinAunikib eclie <.iraiiir« - Lo confourioc bym to louye, 


a PAssus xin. Bt^t. 


SauACJon. for iKc »otbnc:is ' lliat hv itciti in myn wcrk«s^ 
And Tor h« wilncUff wvpvngc ' thut i^-b w«tv $auecl> 
God of tiua gcodne&s« ' a^^ih liua grf!io wil; 
Wilh-ou(e moo bede*-hytlJjTig ■ hus [>on* ^va» vndrKon^ t^ 
And kh y^ueil. as 31: ma> sev ' wlih-outc Byngyngc of nraMtr. 
Louc. wi[liouic Ice! by-lcyuc " and m^ l*wo ryahtful 
Soucdc mc Sarraayn ' bouIc 4nd body tjothc.' 
'Lo, lordcal what Lvactc dudi; ' find led dom y-uciod f 68 

Wd luhte jer lorded ilmt 1aw« k^pen ' Lliig kBSoii lo baue in 

And an Tr^ianus ircutJic to thonko ' alio cymes of ^ouro \yw:^ 
And lou/c for 3otire lordea Ic^ae ' and do tcautt^ ritcrEr inorc^ 

I For la^e wiih-ouie IcauEc ■ Icye thcr i bcn<-" ! t> 

t I'Otbcr eny sckace vndtr aonne ■ lb; wueno aia and 4II0, 
f y'^BoTc Iou« ind leautp hem lede ' y-losi Is j^l il;^ ijmir 
'■' fc' Of lijni Omi irjutldili tbcr-on ■ bole trcuilK- be lius 1yi>yngc- 
^ Lo, loue aiid IcAutc ' been ourc lordcs bookcf, 9^ 

|k And Crieics owcn c1<r«gic ' he cam fro hcucnc ti^ lacbj hU, 
^H And sitihe f«pi loKan - «eide bii of huf» r«ch)-ngc: 

312 a PASSUS XI. IJ6-90S. ^^^ 

Attd srHicrcjnrlychp porr pacple ■ ;iTid hirrr enntmjrs afiti. i-6 
For hem that h^tcth vs ■ ia onrc merjtc to lou^ 
And pore peple to plfWf ' here pra}^er« maj ts bidpcb 
Fcr cvrr ioyit and owre bcfe ' I««ii Cryst of iMueiU^ 
In a pore mannrf^ appanillle - punueili vi euere, i»o 

And loVcdi ori vs in her likrcsjc ■ ind (fial with loucly di«re> 
To knowcn v* hj owre kyndc hme ' and ciistyng of owrc cj«n, 
Whether w« \o\te ihc lordc^ he^ ■ byfof owr« lord* «r UlM ; 
And fTcliech Vfi I^L thr riiar^grlj^ ' ihni, vhm urr m^Ven fintn. 
We ^LuIOc [ici^jic dcpc owrc kyiinc tbci'to ~ ikc none kymta ridic : 

Ac caUcth Ebc c^ircftil ihcr-lo - the cTokcd ;intl the p0fc> iS& 
Fot 30wnc fterjdcs \/\\ feden yiw - nnd fondc jow lo quite 

^^■ligHJlAjj^tap And jowic fnlrc ^iftc i ' vclic ficndc quytcih no other. 

^"^^BmBEt™* 1 ibal po)* ' and pure \wl qujte her iriuiiiUc, 

ThflL jiui;tb hem mete or tnonc-ye - and loueih hem for my (nkc.'* 
For Ihe hcfcl Itn •omne rklie ■ and aorcnie beffgen and pore. 
For ille All: ac Clj^lCb uCALUieb ■ anii of his ttiRfrs riclie, 
ATid brctlicrcn u of o Uodc - u wcl bc^gvea u crlo. tvi 
For on Catuiryc of Qryu^ blodc ' Crysiercdome REin Bprynge, 

^^ And blodj hreihercn we b/comt there ■ of c body yvrooat. 
Am ^uasi m&do grniir ^ ind geiitil tncn vche on«, tg6 

No bc^jccrc nc boyc amongcs va * UjI If it Ayunc nude; 
Qui fa^if ^i^ahi/rit rtraur es( peteafif ^. 
In the olde liwe ' a« holy IcEtre iclleth, 
Mfunr* simr* ■ men caiftJ vs vtlmne, 

Of Adamci i»uG and Hue - ay til god-niAn deyde; loc 

And after hit re-^urretxit>un ■ HfJemptor was ]jj:i name. 
And ve Ilia bretlieten, ihourgh hyrr ybouji ■ bothe riche and pore, 
Fiir-ilii luite we as feut brtihervn nhal - and vthe man Uaghe 

vp other. 
And of Ifiat cchc man may forbcre - amcode there il nedeth, to\ 
And «u«7 man heipe other * for hennes fttuki we olle; 

Aifirr a/trriu-V rmrra pdfUitf, 

And be wc tioujLe vnkjiiUc of ijwre catel ' re of owre kunnyngc 

For noot no man how nclp^e it is ' Co be ynome fro botho- 
For-tlii no lyf other ■ though He more Laiynr tnowe, »M 

B, ifij. WhiT>«f U J07. coot Oj net C i soft Lit. 

a PASSUS XIU. 99-118. 343 


For god, ai ibc go4sp«l with • goib a/ u in the poured im 

And as the tuai3cr:Ii»l Tr^tncMcth ^ vhan wt makcu fc&tcfii 
Wc tdioldc ftoi clvpLc knyxEitcn ibcMo - nc no liync rychc; 

•* Cum faofis ftrnwiumriy tiolit/ u€^afi amicot Jiviirty^i,; 
Ac i^aUeiJi the cnifiil thrr-io - the crokcde and the poiw. 
For cclic frc^id frilcih oUitr ' ind fgnili-ili hgw he may t^uitc 104 
Mcic4 And iiianj(hupc3 ' c.hc a ri'cSc man oihcr; 
A«, for ilic pourc maj' nil payc < kh wol payc iay-«elf; 
T1»l louyeih and Icticih htm ' hiTgdiche th%] Jch (^uite/' 

At CaJuarif, of CHstri blood • Crisiendome gan *pr>nge, lov 
And blod-bit^tlirtfric by-cuiii wi* tliirr ' of i)Ci budy wanne* 
As quoAt fr\<jdo ^m'ti ■ gcQicI men ccUonc; 
No boggcr re boyc among ous ■ boco y( tynnc hit make; 
Qur/aii/ f>ec<atum, struux rtf pt^att^ 
In tlip litilf lawf. as ih^ triif'r irllctli ■ mciiiic soiift mc CflKl ous. 
Of AdamcK ^»shu^ and £ue ' ay til god-man dcJde, jij 

And after hua rcRareccion * JieJe/nfitcr -ma bus nam^ 
And ix« hus blody brethren ' as vol bcf^cr^ tm tardUi 
For*Uij loue we m Icue chUdrcA ' and bnc ban ihat necklti, 116 

Ai>d ^ery man bclp o:bcr ' for hennea «hiiUvtfi we alle 
To liaue a^ we ban dc-scrutrJ ' ai holyclurclie wEitnesteLti, 
^^if^y ffM' ^nd tgtrunt, %bun( in taiam f^trmiM; ^ui itrp 

Mr. wc, mid«Lb(/,>rnc4«lh)P. Ill, fw-v'f nwuw ia ii 0017. 


B, PASSUS XL >09-t43. 

Sc vnder'U^ni aoufic foiilc ' Tot !s none with-outc r^utie- 
For ia1i:v( cucre clcrkis carpc ■ of Cryitcnc^iomc or cllw, 
Cry^l u> a cotnune womin scyde * in comui» at z f<r&ie. 
That/j^f uh? ^hiiMr iiaiirii hir ' and lulnrn hir oTiiIlr sfnne*. >*i 

ThuiDc i» bylcuc a !rlc hfl]>c ' alwiic lo^kc o* Uve; 
Of lo^kc nc cf Uu^ ■ in iMffendi y^jwr'AnMBf 
1e litcl Allovauncc rnodc ' but if bHeue hem hdpe. 
For ii *s oittjriongc sr ^ogykc ■ *ji>- I^sjoun amoiIIc, til" 

Ar\<\ tawf is Inib in Iniiyr ' bill if br Ucclie syluCT, 
Bothc lo£rkc And U^c ' that loueth nou^U to lye, 
I tfon^cillc ftllc Cn-ftttnc ' dcue uou^le fcr-on lo fcOr«. 
For *um wofdts I fynd* yviTytfn ■ were of fiith^* tediyn^, 
Thai «aupil synful men ' u *eynf lohan berecli wyin«8«; ttt 

Siidim tneiisitrj qua mmst /atri/is^ rantct'etur vo^a. 
For-thi Icrnc wc Ihc lawc of louc * a» o^tc iordc iau)t«t 
And at ^ynie Greg^y aeide ' for manner coul« heUh«, 
.-' Affliut tit tcrufftri trrlfra nf>rtrit^ *ptam ntJiurat rrrvm. 

Why 1 mow LhU iiultre ' a luuaLe for ihc [juic, ««4 

For in iicr lyfcncssc owrc lordc ' oftc haih bcu y-kno^^* 
WiincsBo in Ehe Paah^^yke ' whan ho jcdr to EnUQi; 
GcopbsM no tnowc hym n^ujic ■ thai he Crynto were. 
For hU pore paniU*^ ■ and jiylgfymo»( wrdos, ii4 

Tyl he blewcd and br&k iLc bred tbal ifici ctcn. 
So bi hi» u^kea thei u'Utcn * Ihai he waii leans; 
Ac by cloihyng tlivL knevv« Itjrxi iK>U3iff ' ne b\ cu'pynge of longc. 

And ftl ".-ft* In ctiwitnple ' lo vn nynia] horo, »3» 

Thai vc »huldc be low ■ and louliclic of spcchc. 
Aii^ apparAJlk vs nou^tc ouer proudlj- * for pylj^ryirx^^ it wc alle; 
And in ilie Apponille of ft pore ntin * ind piljtryrnoK lykne»e 
Many iym<- ffod haih hrn mctte ■ amongc refly peple, i|6 

There ncucre wkG* ^*y^ seijfb " In secic of ihe riclic. 

Seym lohan and other scyntcj ' were «vne in pore clothynj^ 
And ofl pore pilgrymcs ■ preyed mennen godia. 
letu Crysie en i lewtra doujier alyjte ' gentil woman though ahe 
Here, X40 

Waa a pure pore n^aytfe ' and lo a pore tnati wedded. 

I^lartha on Moryc Magdolcyno ' an bu^ pl«ynie sh« niftde, 
And li> owr* «iv«oiir self ' xyde chise wordpfl. 

Dwn'n*, jww ^ ^' firrt tuod satvr mea ulifmi me to/am 

a PASSUS XIII. 119-136. 345 

For-lhi lerne we lawe of loue " as oure lord tauhte; 

The poure peuple faile we nat ■ whil eny peny ous lasteth. uo 

For in here liknesse oure lorde ' lOme halh be tnowe; 
Wiinesae in the Paske-woko ■ when he ^eode lo Emaus; 
Cleophas ne knew hym nat ■ that he Crisi were, 
For hus poure aparail ' and pilgrimes clothes^ 114 

Til thai he blessede here bred ■ and brak hit by-iwyne hem. 
So by hus werkes thei wiste ■ that he was lesus; 
Ac by hus cloihing ihci knewe hym nat ■ so caitifliche he jede. 
Al was ensample soihliche ' to ous synfal here, uS 

J We sholde be lowe and louclichc ■ and leel, eche man to other» 
•' And pacienl as pilg^rimes ■ for pilgrimes am we alle» 
In the pirail of 1 pilgrim ■ and in a poure liknesse 
Holy seynles hym scih ■ ac neuere in secte of riche, i,?a 

And se)'nte Marie hus moder ' as Malhen bereth witnesse^ 
Was a pure poure mayde ■ and to a poure man >-wedded. 
Manha on Marie Magdalene ■ an huge pleynte hue madCj 
And to oure saneour seluc ' saide these wordes: 1,16 

Domine^ nm tsi iibi cure quod soror mta rtUquit me solam 
minis/rare .-* 

B. 343. Jo/J L. C. T30. PE om. we. 131- liclinew* P. 133. as 

MFTSK; PKem. i^f. PEflffi.hue. 136, />pwlKSTGMj PEom. 

ihii iiiu^ 


B^ ?ASSUS XL fl44->73- 

And hasfiUth? god auiwcrcd ' ind eythewfl *rtlle folww), tt* 
Boihc Marihsif* and Maries ■ ^^ Malliew bereiU wIliicMC, 
Ac pcucrte god pui bifore - and prq^^cd h ihc bcHrr; 

Mun^ optimum /arjem '/^yA f''^ '«"' au/trt/ur al «. 
And all* the wjtw ihat «»ere were ■ by au|i» 1 can asp)^ 
Pre>sen pouiTlc fur liest Ijf ' tf pacientTr il folwf, ><» 

And boibc bcticrc and UiMcder ^ by m^nv foUic tLan licchcnc- 
Al though U be bourc lo «ufffc ' there coracih cvretc ofLer; 
As on a walnoL wicb-oute ' le a bui«r ba.Tk«, 
AnH nfcrr thai hiiior barker ' (he rhr «hr11c ^wcyr), ^f 

I9 ji l^irncllc of coDforlc ' kyndt 10 rotorc; 
S^ ui, oiler, poocric or pcnauncc ' p'^kntlvchc ytike. 
For il nuketh a man (o Eiliuc m^iidc in f^ixic ' and a grete wflle 
To wepe and lo wel bjildc ■ wijcr-of w*%c(Ii TneTey, a^* 

or Ahich Cryst u a kltncJIc ' lo ci^nfcrtc the m>d)c. 
And y>^i syltercr be ftlcpyllj ' the *cggc thai u poic 
And laase he dn^deib dcLh ^ and in dcrte 10 be robbed. 
Than be thai is rijie r)-ehc ' retoun b^reib U'jrtnetse ; 360 

Al though SaLimon wide - a* folkc siccih in ihe Inbfc. 

Wyi*r ihan Salamcn was ' beredi wimwsc and taujte, 

That fftrfyte [loui-n was ' no pos^t-iiviiiun to haur, 364 

And \yt moiU: \ykyaj;c lo.gvd 41 Luke lietcth witnesse, 

And » to mene to men ^ xhu on Ihis moldu lyucn. 
Who so wii In: |)urr- p^rfyi ■ mote prtsv'isioun forsakiC, 
Or sellc iu as seiih ihc bokc ■ and ihc sj-Incr dele i« 

I'd beggcrcs thai j^onc and bcgge ' aiuJ bidden g;ood for g^oddes 
For friilled neucrc man mete * thsu my^cfu) god seru<d; 

Non vi'th' iusium Jfrf/iiMm, nrt srwta rim ^/rmt fimeai; 
As Panid tcith in chc ixmci - to sut;hc thai ben in ^i\k 
To seiue Rtxl godclichc ■ re grcticih hj-m no pcnsuncc, »i* 

Xithfl tnpfitsi&ik volenti^ 
X« lakketli neuere lyflodc " l)"nn(in nr wcillm, 

Inquitift/ts auitm eftimi'aitr/i tion minuealur eirtm b&tifi. 

a I4O. am/trttur—fA CO^i j^S. tt^ei R; nun LWCOVi 

(t ]. 1^;, 170, Ada— /a«rvi in O emij. 


a PASSUS x[i[. 137-163, 


dhmnw vw^et and wll ■ ty^ht wel li« alowcdc; 
Ac god ^mtc pouiTic hy-titit ■ aiitt prcuuttk hli far iht- liciivrt ; 
Afari'ii opfimam parttm ttrgiit que nan niifertUr a6 €0, 
And Eillo the wi^ ihaE cucrc wer« ^ b/ oulit ich can lapic, 
Prdscdfr poucric for be&ic - yf paci^nce hit folv««, 1^1 

And boihc bcttcrc ami HIcwcderL- ■ by mmy folde rtian rfchesa^; 
Thaub flit L« tour lo fufffc ^ iticr comcili a bwcic ificr. 
Ai in a voJnotc, with-oute - ya a bvlcr barke. ■«« 

And a^f that biicr barlcc ' (be [he shnle awf^ye), 
Y» a mmd of comfort - kynde to Tcsrorie: 
So. aftef. pouerte anil pcnajincr " pacicmliclie yukc, 
Makcth nuin hdue myudc in god ' ^nd hus tacrty ctauc, m^^ 

The U'hlcbc it) cufne] uf conifcrt ■ ibr alle Cribiene sanies, 
AnJ wci sykcfour he sk'pcih - {he &cg ili^kt ia puuri^. 
And ksst; drit bv dayc ' other in ilcrk to b>c r>>bbcd, 
Tban h* that }'« ryhi fyclie ■ rcsoa tier«Lh u-liinoBec; 153 

HoHchurchc Mitm^secih - •' ho ao rof'&.ik<th 
Mils f*dcf oihpT hiu ficnilrs ' frcnido fiilirr*^ sibbr. 
Cllicr eny vclthc in this worldc ' bufl wyf oEbcf hus children. 
For the Ic'Oc of cure !ordc ' lowcih bym to be pourc, 1^7 

He Kha1 hfluc an hundrcdtbldc ' ol hcQon^rjche blitse. 
And Ur liuiyng for cu«re ' by-fore oure lorde in heuene ; 

Qiiiiuaftif r<ii^utri/ fmlrtm tl ma/rrmj* ijr, 
Criat a-eordctb cfi hcr-with ■ dcxkc^ wllcn the »odie» 160 

WluL g-:nl Lyai'ztili «aule ' to o Mf? that he louede; 
"Yf the Jykeih," qiinrh gcxl, "10 lyue * ihe Uf that n^ patllr, 
Al Ih^l Oiuw baal iiL-re liuLcli^hc (fu &ullc hit; 

C 137, BiThrr? t/M- aiTheml P: w#/if /i«. 147, ytakr KIKST; 

]|^ ftii^tiftit \ir^^- niiMfuar. too. wbitmP. 

848 B. PASSUS XL ^74-277* 

If presies weten parfyt ' thei wolde no syluer take 
For masses ne for matynes ' nou^te her mete of vsureres, 
Ne neither kinel ne cote ■ thcigh they for colde shulde dej-e, 
And ihei her deuoir dede ■ as Dauid seith in the sauter, 177 
ludUa mt, deut, ti discenu camam meam. 

[Continued im p. 356.] 

B. 277. dcaoirWCOB; deuor L. 

a PASSUS xiH. le^^ios- 


poure peuple ibe pans ' thpr-or ^»nne Okhv none, 1^4 

i^ac lieiu furUi lu ^oujc folkc ^ iLai fv: tuy lo\x hiia&kclti. 
FcT'Sakc al and »uwc mc ~ &nd so b thi bcttc ; 

Thus cons&il«tlt Crist ■ in comiin oua allc : — 
"Ho so coiicjieih to come ■ to my kjnridiCj jM 

He mot ror-ankc l^^n^-aclf - has i\i%ict ^ni] bus Irttberi 
And a) lliat llic worldc woldc < and my \^'il folwc^i, 

Mcriy prnnrrhis kh my^hre ban*? ■ of mrny holy scyntes, 

To te^iZHc: for ticuthc ' ihe lalt: thaL icb thcMfCi ijj 

AdcI pocic? to prcoucn Ini ' Pjrfirie and Plato ; 

Arifitotile, Ouidius ' .ind elCcucnc bundi«d, 

TuHIuk, Tholoncns ' ich can ni*i :cllc htrrc names, 

FrcoucTi piicit-nt poucTic ' prjiis nf alli; vcnia-s. ij6 

Aod by the grcyii ihnt growd^i ' i3;od oua aUc tccbclh 
Ubchcifa on itu:: mok3c ■ mtkdichc to la^ifiFrc: 

AVff grsntim /tumnih icdmt in Urra mofitatm ftttrii^ 
ipsum ii^Ium manti ; 
Bote yf ibc 9c^ that suvcn is ' in the slob atcmc, 
Shfti ncnerc spir ^pringco vp - nc re^k on ntr^wc cumc , ifto 
Shold« Qcucrc wbcld v>-cxc ' bote wbcU fynt< deyde. 
And other ftcdni :d-w - in ihc >ame w}^, 
Tljat ben Icidc on louh t^« ' jlore ai& bh were ; 
J^ tliorw the grctc n^^^ ^^ S<^ ' ^ Cieyn dcd in ertbc iBf 
Atle 1(i»tc bunceCh vp ' uhcr by wc lyucD alle, 
Ac seedet tb« bwu 4o*en * ;in<l mowe siiffy« wynires, 
Area tyJjuur and ti^wcj ■ tj jaannes by-^lioHlic, 
Than »eedc* tl«it i^owen becih ' *nd aio\*e noulu >titli foistet. 
With wyndc* tic with wcdcica ■ as in wynli^r-lynie ; iSg 

As, lynne-t^ifd v^t Uk teed * and lente'S^cdee alh> 
Aim nouht ^i wtirfhy a^i wbt'tL' ■ rl* so wd moweii 
In the fdd ^idi ilic foisE jujJ hit fjircK lon^o i^j 

Ryi;hi so* Tor sotlic ' that AXifTfc may pcnaunccs 
Worth fitov^d of oure icrde ' iX here Iftsto ondc; 
And for horr* prnniiTice hr prcj-vd ■ as for a pure minirt 

17J. laicAeP, 177. rCirq.thc. ipS. /V^mMIKTCi PEmv. '^i;f AV. 
IfQ. Ihsl {fir uttht) r. i8£. AtU the I'. VM^tm. W€. t$K fowc* 

£KG ; iontc P. 19^. PB fim. %. 


sac a PASSUS XltL i96->i6. ^M 

Oihcr TcM- A confeuDur yltud ' thai coimteiJi uii a mpiibe 1 1^ 

FcTc, ne fimjnc ' nc f^lx mcnne longct; 

Bole 09 an hos«bonde lio|>«ih ' ^ivr as hv^ wjnkr. 

Yf god gyucth hyiQ tb« Uf - 10 h&iM a good Iwtximi, 

So prroueili ilwse propbrics ' ihai pacjcntliche euffrelJi. loo 

By-tolincth fuL ircv'eltche ' in tjme comyngc aSltt 

Munhe Tor hux morDyn^ - vid that inuche pifnte. 

For Cmi Ki^idc tu hui wyntcs ^ tliL&l (vr hui sake lliokden J04 

Foucrtc and pcn^tuncc ' &nd pcKCUcion of kodj. 

SchuUenbauc mure wcii^Ghjp« to u^gvs ' [oind worttii«r b«nyholde) 

Than ftng^]c« — in ht-rr^ angri? ' on iNs vise hem gr^u-, 

•■ TntSittti U€ttra turietur in ^auJium : 
y^MXK HOrwc in-to «olfts ' slukl lumc &Uc Ustc, lofl 

And out of wo in-lo v«lc * |ouno wyrdc« shul cbiun^.'* 
Ac vrho 90 roJt'th of iho riche ' th« rcu«rt ^« may fiiidc. 
How god, a* ihe godfipfl EHIoih ■ gyucili horn fwd tonuairw, 
Ami tli;U liua ^'Obi sttal go ' and bua good ly-ltoe. iia 

And uk«tli hrm afkr ' ^ ho ohal hit hoQe, 
Th9 cdU! Uat ho k^cth so ' in cofTnw ar<1 in b«mtf P 
And art fo loih to Icuo - rhai Irue «h&lt rt^dei: 

tuius frttnt/ Thaioah^si, ^ tgnorat aa\ 4^- 
An vnrc<ly rcuc ' thi residue shal spcne, ji6 

TliAt mrnye mothlhc u'tu mu«lcr ynn« * in a mynte-rhOc ; 
Vp'|jnld<TfC» on the Iml ■ ihuUrn hnur hil to jurllr-." 

Lo, lo, lordct. lo ' and Udi», lakcih hcdc. 
Hit bsieih na: longc ' that k lycour svkctc, no 

A» pee»'COtl[!e» and perc-foncti<'s - ploiii«« and cbiriesl 
Thai lyg^itlich^ inunceUi xji • Urd while durrtb, 
And ttul lU3£ radirst rypcth ' rotcth mosi saunc^t. 
On (at londc and ful of doagc - foulest wodca growctb; «J4 
Right »o for tcUie ' suche ihai ben by&^hopes, 
Erie* and archcd^kcnes ■ and oth^r ryche c:[efkes% 

C, 30a ThcK MKFS: tbMAP, aof, uri MtPTSG; KPF. dn, </avfK 

peruumu MIKING; pennun^^M PE. joS. ^j^uIIcd — b^i^vt I (/iU hmMiif 
tm/er/trf : ^hrr ftfiii pmit tkj ^m). (imd — j'holrt*] ifi^pitfd/rrm {t/t^iNnrw^ 
36;. Thaol; ThflJine Tj PEKMS *«. jio. PtfH.^ho, VKtm. Itflbo. 
aij. <rt(/(VBfO PKK- fw— fpttxi LP R only. w in S mly *■"- 

PlC^n- tonulcr. 


a PASSUS XUL 9*7-349' 


That chalTaf^ti ai rhipmcn ■ anrl chlttpn hort? ihr-l wjmw. 

Aud hiuen ihc worldc at here wil - (Xbcf-vy^c to \jik, iis 

Riglit ft« wcodcrf ti/cxeti ' in vok and in donjrc. 

So of rychttsc vpcn richeuc ' anficn al vico;. 

I.o, tonJ rucfislnjilc - n'iih marlc And wJlh ilongc. 

U'bctc Ail vcxcEh iber-on ■ wotih iyggc ar liii ripe; 131 

Right »0t for eothe ' for to sfstic trcMthSy 

OncT'plcnic pryde poruhctb * tbcr pou«rl« dMCrueth hit. 

For, lio^ hit «iiere t» yr^onnp ^ boie hri be wel dispcndcd, 
WoHdUchc tfclc ia witlicJ tbyiige ' tu liyin tint hit ki-ppth. ij* 
For yf Im be fcr ihcr-fro ■ ftj| oflc biLh he drcdc 
'flitt fJLU folkc fcccho away ' rdonlicha hua godcs; 
And )UC mofe hit nuketh nun ^ mccy lyme and o(te 
To lyi^^gen, and UJ suuchen ' soiellces of ^ylr, j^ 

For couciyjoc of that c^icl ' to cuUc bcni iJui hit kcpctb; 
And eo i« mmy mux yonorthrcd ' Tor hu» mo^^- and g^odcs. 
And iho that dij'if>n lh» dedt > jdampned therefore aJUv, 
And he for bi:« hardt' holdj-ngr ' hi hcllr, par auntfT. ^| 

So couttif« of caid ' sv^ combiaLincv to Ixm^ alle; 
Lev l^w pana purcliAK^ ' faiM ptaoca and Jrcdc» 
That role ia of rohb«n ' ihc richc^ac with-^nne T 
For he that gadcreth so his good ' gcfl no-thjng preiteth. ■«$ 

C^ ijOl viun M ; uiteth Q j sml PEIKT (Aid;f^J, sjj. ic^ (/br 

ii|>e) K J3«. Woflichc R 143. nn {fir maa) T, i^r- P£ «««' oC 


C- PAS$US XIV. 1-30. 

TASSUa xtv. 


Iiuipi/ /lUjB/ piof/M dc IhnvL 

AC vel wonh Pou^rtel - ht he may «alk« vcrobbed 
Among pllrjur^ iti \^fes ■ yt paclence hym folvkc 
Ourc prynLL' Icsu puuiitc ibcca " aiKl bufl spo*idcs illc. 
And Af the Ungcr Uiri lyucdcD * the ltf«c fE<?^ ihci k&<l<lc; 1 
'J'a/tftiSm mi'hit AabtnJit, 4' *«"'* fcitid^niij. 

Jut men rat ihat Ahrnam arid Tob ' wrrr wmiiicr lyche. 
And out trf immliTi' liio men ■ mcn/c mcobli.-* buldcii. 
Abr^m for al hUA fto*^ ' Ji&ddc muchc tcriK, 
In gict F^OUCTtfi he wflK yput; < 4 pryDfi, nn hit vrcie, S 

Bt-'ikom hrm ys hoiwewif ■ and hcdd hrrc h)-n)-wir. 
And AhnwTn nil hardy ' ones 10 Irtxcn hj-m, 
Ne for luii;hmcj« of here bC4Utc " here spouse to be bf-knowe. 
And for he sulfrcde and Mi<]« nouht ' our lord scntc toknr, it 
That the kyngi? cHde ' 10 Abraam morrj* 
And (Wliucrrilc hyiii biu Aif ' with iDu;;hc vcltltc afLcr. 
And also iLjb the gciitcl ' wlkat fo/c liaddc he on tn\kc, 
How bittere he hii bouhtc - && Iho book lellethi 1$ 

And for he songe in hiw sorwfl • "**" bona ae^t^nut a domino, 
Dprc'Wonhe dt-Tc ^jmH do w(.> so rmta" 
Al bus sorwc to «o]a5 ' tbor^ti [lial aoagc larncdc* 
And lob by-cam a lolif mnn ' and i.\ h\ii Xoyc newe. io 

Lo, bow pacicnce in here pouc-rtc ' these p.-itn^rkcs releuedc, 
And brouhte hctn ,i1 aboue - thai in hiic roin^r. 
As grcyn that Ijdi iq Ilir ^i^ot ^ Aud ihorgh gr.ici^, Hie la«te, 
Spryngcth »p and sprcdcih ■ jo spcdde the Cxder Abmtn, J4 
And al-KO Lhc g<.-mcl lob; ' here loie Lith non ende. 

Ac leueih nouht, jt li-'U-etJe men ' lliat icH lacte riche^^^ 
Thauh icb prebe (lOLerte thus ' aud prrniir Idl by ensumplcs 
Worthiour, aa by holy writ ' and wij^e philoKjpbetes. aB 

BtAhc Lwo beib goode ■ be ^e fal ccruyn, 
An^1 l)'ues tlm our Jorde loucih ■ *od large wcjcs to heuene. 

C. I. vbiobbeiJcP, y nilUt MKT: nllbati; i«cdiUi Uut FG 

thm of iivtanglj) P£. 8. TE »m. he. 17. aafftmma MKF£TG 

^ai/iMn P. 19. Ixth ESi bcii NtJT; nitn^ieirf bul ?, 


a PASSUS XJV. ,11-^4. 



pour? parlcni ■ purgiitorye passi-ih 
Rftlbcic ll^uu the ryLlic ' iliuub ihc^i :?iiBie xi ouc^. ji 

For yf & manliAuiit and a mcaaa^r ■ mcUcn to-gcJcrc^ 
And MboldQ wfliiden o wii^ ^ whtrc both nio?ii«ii r«tc, 
And f«lteDe bjibrc- tc%on - a rrtonable acou:il«, 
Wh&t one liitchj wbat iincithcr haih ' aml-wli^t liy liailJ^ boUie, 
Tbc m<krcbarLtc mote node be IcLtc ' Icngcrc ttica i!ic mcw^ijcrc; 
For (lie parcel* of hii^ pnpcr * sLnd other piyucy delU^ 
Wcl lelte hyrHf i£ tch l^yue * zhe Icngihe of a myle. 
The me*s3fier doth n» mciro ■ bole wiJh boa mouth telleth 4a 
Hu^ cr-inde. aiti hu-s kttere shcwcUi ' and b a-ikou dcl)UCfcJ< 
And thauh the: wende br the wcy ' tho iwo to-gcdcrc9, 
Thauti ihe mo«&agcr make hiu wcy ' a-mydde iht whtw, 
Wolc no uys man wroili ^e * ne bus wed i^ka ; 
Y» aozi haiwifde y!»'>ic Ijua wcU for to take; 

Ac yf tb« maj'chaunt mnko bus way " ouvre mcrtne come, 

And ih** h*ywardp hnjijip ' wlih hym for x<y ifioie, 

OihcT bus batt other hun bode ' odicre cllc» lius ^^^'^ 

Th« marchaant mot for j^o ' ether moneye of bus pors^. 

And )ut l)« lett, as ich Lcyue ' for Ibc k^^-<: avkcth 

Marcbaun^ for her* mtrLliaundiw- ' in meny place to tolltn. 

Jut tb^ub ibci vcnJcn on wuy - a.>t to Wyiicbc>ire fayrc, 

The nriArchaunt with bua marcbaundiM: ' mtiy rut g^ so iiwitbc 

A« the messager may ' iit with tio uiocbel eoc 

Per that on bvfetb boij* x bote * a br<.'iitT i]iJ?f-ynne, 

TIfcci lliu iiiartbuuLil k'dtili ii mate ' whh iiieiiy \y\\u\: ili>ijgca. 

And dredcth to be JcJ tbcrc-forc ' and be in dcrkc mttc $1 

Vf'\\h robboor» and reuert ' th^C rrebo men diopoilcn; 

Tber th« mtnagef is ay tnuryo - hu« mouthc fu) of ^ongeF, 

And leyueth for biw IcUcres ' tbai no WLgbi wol hym greue. (b 

Ac )Ui, myghLe ibc merchaurii < ihorgh inonyc and other lifkea, 

Ifatic hors and hardy men, < th^uh he mcitc chcoucs, 

Woldc non suche a'S:ukn hym ■ fo* bem Uial hyiu folweth, 

As nfltclic pisiic » ihc ujtsMgi^r ' and as Mjne ^1 lu5 hoKtif. 



C. 3£. aeoualcMlKF; afouDlci P. ^. ?«■. wlib. 4t- ervoUe IK: 
KK : hDOtl ITFS: Eird (0 P- fi^ tollca TESU ^ luUtu P. ^. P /-vWi 


C. PASSUS XIV. 65-9«. 

yt vijWd vti, y vryst nwn ' whu lUt te ro mrif. 



TIjc ni4xcli«um b mi mofc lo nkcne ' boie men ihat bcfi rjcbe 

ArcD a-comUbJt (O Crisi ' tad to ibc kvt»x of hcwnc. 

That hMat mole ih« bcjc v«irt < «ttcn< the ten liecaes, W 

Boihe twsye a&d kne ' ibe Icclte tn.l ibc vrdr^Ite, 

And huw ratMhr, tad rrlcue - uriih tiM gictc ndicue. 

By biu povcc, alfe ouncrc i»ai ' fai i»e«cUd' >iUk ; 

Fjnidt bc^igvf bnd ' fcockcA for ibc coldc, 71 

Tvlhm here fE*^^^ trcvt&chc ' a tol, u hit MtDMk, 

ThAl rure Innl Inkrib afirr ' ^iT cchc a Ijf tluu vyiiBdli 

Wiibouic vyle« oibcr irrons - other mnamcQ alxc svawca ; 

And )ul more, lo make pctt * and qufte mesne dettet, r4 

Botbc vpd« and «pare ' to sptne vpon the Mcdiul, 

Am Criit liiiriA^lf contKimd«tli ' to »lk* CrUEeii« pojiile. 

y4//iT atkriui onera porSak, e/ jjv mUxi^^'U's Itgrm Chruti. 
The rocsea^^crs irtn the rocndiooni ■ ih;ii iyucth bf mcDoc 

Be(b ojI ybomide av b«ih ihe rWw ' to bwhe the vkq Uwc*, 80 
TiJ IcDc uc to krt: ' ner buitrn?!! lo fu&tc. 
And oilicrc poucj pcnaunca • itc wLicbc the pRC«I »flt ifcl 
'Hini thi,- lawo |ctjcUi ]««« * eucbc iovc folkc to be exc«icd; 
Ail, none lyihcs 10 tyihon * oe clotbc th« nalu^, ^\ 

Kc in crji[ue«K?i to com^ ' n^ amhtxiax, ibauh Iv vnrcbe 
Half day other holy cue ' bus mete to docnic. 
yor )-F he loucUt &nd by-lc^-uctb * an tlic Uwc techcUi, 

Telidh ihr lord a i:tlr ' as :^ xitit^ incs^gcr, R 

And ftbcweth by accl and »jlLhc by leucrc ' with wlml lord lie 

Knoweltcbfrih hym Chsicnc ' ami of holy kij-ke by-l^jTit, 
Ther h no bwe. a* ich leyiic ' wol Icuc hjm the gai«, 
Tbci gcxl is i^-iUTp-ariJc hym-Mlf - and ccbc a gonie knowech; 91 
l^c porter of ;>ure reutbe ' may pajforme ibe Uwe, 
In that he wibetii and wolde ' «b i^'^gbt iis him^^ 
For Ehn wtl fs 3LS muche v'onli ■ of a v-recche be^^cr^ 
Ai al t^«Al Ibe Jytlie ma/ reyme ' and ryghLfulliVbc dele ; ^ 

tt^^k^^h\x^ F only. Bo- U<lb P. 8j, lotavtf^UF; r»«, 

90. Kftowelcchclli KF ; K-Bcwibsh* PK. Lirkt li cJinrehefCP& 

C. PASSUS XIV. 97-100. 355 

And as muche mede ' for a myie that he ofTreth 
As the nche man for al his moneye ' and more, as by the 

Arfun dice uo$is, quia kec uidua pauptrmia muit piut 
omnibus qui miierunt in goiophilacium ; 
So that poure pacient ■ is parfitest !if of alle, 
And alle parfite preesles ■ to pouerte shoMe drawe; loo 

\Coniinutd on p. 357.] 

C' 98. ifi {for hu) P. misie--^mHibus £. qui—gnmphUanHm S. 

A a a 


B- PASSl'S XI- jj^-3<>8. 

[C^frnufJ/rfim p, 348.] 

Sfitnt-mdia sprkcUi uT fumes * that luuie ao spcivJji^-sjrlucr, 
Tbit }if ibd'tnoa^k ircwlkb ^ and tni^tcn in god alsujii* 
Heta »hulde bklM no l^flode ' noyltwr «o)kii im Ijnoen. *Sd 
And th« ink th«i jc tik« ordrrft bf - IcIWth )c ben fttuaoced; 
Ttuimc rtrdcilt noujlc |ow to uke 5)l«tr ' for nuswA ilxLt )c 

For he ilMt tohc ^n? ^ovrt tytla * iiiu)io Ukc ^w )0«re «a^. 

Or th< bkulxip (hat blctfictfa yov ' if ih%t je bctt inor^jr. *<4 

For miclc ncurrc kjngc no knyjte; ' buj be haddc caid to 

A5 Tnfcl for a kni^tc ' or fofide bym Tor hii Arenqthe ; 
h h a ciTcful knyy.^ ' oTid of ai cjyijue kj-ng*^ nwkjtig*, 
ThtU hath no lontlcr [ic^ l^n^igr? rich- - cf good lou^ of lii« handc4. 
The aamc I stg^fc fof vjibe ' Ly oUe svtlic prcslcs. iSg 

'ItiAt ban no/Llur kunnjT>^'« nc k^iine - but a crounc on^, 
AfiiJ a tjU#, a til* of noM3l« ■ to bib Ij'flocJe at mj-nchiefc, 
(!<■ bath more triTfUc, m I Icue ' 10 la^chif Ihorw his cruunts 
Cure, Iban for konnjng - or — 'knowcn for *Teiic of bcryngc' 
] hauc wonder for wh^ ' ^nd whcr-forc (lie blsabop 
Makclb sucbe pre«tc£ ' Ihal Icwed men tijtrayirn. 

A ch^irire ii chalerig^able ' b}Tor « chief iivciice ; igit 

If Tiltc Laiync be in the lettrc - the l^wc it inpusnclh, 
4Jr ptyntcd part nterl baric " or paicclc* ouer-fkippcU ; 
Iht goaw ihat glo^'th *o chartree • for n goky U lioMtn. 
&> i< It A gokj^, by goi] * ihai in his gospel Tj^iEteth, « joa 
Or ill uiAiic Of ill ujiilyiit's ■ iiukcili any dcfuulCt 

^irfi affmdii in vn<t. in Gmnihui «/ rtxtj, dc. 
And aTso in the muicr ■ fcylh Dauvvl to cucwkippcrii 

Puiltitt dfi) notfro, ^aJfiSj ; ^umiam rtx irrrr dtut firMij 
fiXiiiItU .wfiiinkr. 
The biubop shal be bl.-imcd ' blfcr god, a» I Icuc. 
Thai croun«ili auche goJdc« kni^ ■ thai comncdi nou)t tafiemkr 
Syngo 11* psalme* reJe ' n* iW'^g*^ ^ mevse of \h^ day. jaj 

Ac ncuei :icylijcf ib ILLiin.-kc's - ihc bissliop tie iJjc cbapk>i^c, 
Foi her tylhcr is cndiiccj ' And that of * ignar'i'Ki* 
A^4)9 ixn^tci *f<u(^ * ntc idiotei pr«Bt«fr/ jos 

B. iMi. ytWIt; (^ IXOft L;5v >//|e>. »Sj, l^kfngvMoL 9^ fof 

C PAS5ITS XIV. lor-iiS. 


[ConfiHUtri /rom p, 355.] 

'or sf^a-m-Jeo spekcili of prestea ■ that han no spentTyn-nclucr 
Tliat yt thay irauall* trcwellcti* ' inO iriiLcn in goJ almyghiy, 
Hem fchol<le nfucri* lackyi' IvlToile • noihtr lynntn ™> wolle«. 
The vx\c llai jt Uticih jourc ordr» l>> ' IcUclH jc btth 

fuiaunced, to* 

And nrei!cT)i nil (o n^me scluCT ' for TnaiBtS thai 30 &yng<n ; 
Ftu- he thai tot jftw liib * nhnlrV lAf jow wflg'fl, 
Oihcr tlic bi^ihopth^t blessed ;ow ' aniJcJi1j;huiiial<:|Ouic f/ngtrtfri 
I'cr m.adc ncucrc kyog hD^ght < bote he h&ddc caEcl to 

A* by-ftl for ^ fcnyght ■ mhw fond Hym for h«B eircng^th^;; jog 
For hit IS a caiful l»nvj;ht ' and of X caJllf kyngc^ mikyngCt 
Thiit hitU no kjiidc nc lynijt;<^ ri^'^c ' nc good Iooa of but lion^M- 
I'he lamc ich Erj'? for ^thc ' by mchc thnt ben ptco«tc», iij 
That Ian noih^r tomijTig* ne kyn ■ bote a corone one, 
And B dtic, a llTc of iiciulkt ' to ]iil< liflodc, xs !iii wrrc-^ 


Vuqie hen ibci lufTred * liuchc' thnt gchen^fn mawH 

Tlirogh hurc luibcr lyuyngc ' and tcwedc vmJrT-fiioiulyiig ! ltd 

A charter i» chahnfcablc * Vy-fofc a cliirf lusticc. 
Yf FftU Lati'n be in that letterc * ihc kwt hit oii]iu^nctl]t 
Oihcr pe\Tjtcd pflr-etitrchgnarle ■ por^elfl ou«i-Bld|>pcd ; 
The- gotnc ilmt sa glcMclh chiirtrps ' fl (fnky he U yholdsm. 
So is he 1 golcy, by god ' that in (he {ochtpcl ralUcih. in 

In massse ether in nintynen ' makeih cny dcfiulc; 

Qui dJI'fintil t'n uno. t'ri <fmtn'('t/i tit rrus. 
And oiii*f-»Ll;[Eiper& al-so ' in i\w *v\i\itf \3t\0x Uauid, 

PsM'ft Jfc ttostro, p^allite, gma rrx Urrt drut ; ptailik 
Tbt bteJioji ihal t« blamed ' by'foro god, 3b ich kytio, 1^4 

That fonnmrth si:chc elfrte* ■ as for godcs tnyghies, 
Thai conncth nai j<t/n'faf<r ' licttjcr ft>'ikgc ne rcdc. 
Ac rcyiher is ilI blamclcs " the bifr3ho(> nc ihc chapclcynj 
For f^noranSia non txtusaS * as Kh hauc herd in bookeSL*^ iif 

O- 10^ T«(t. liti]« r. 104. anauncfH MT i Auavntti IKEC^ 1 anuciDd P, 
114 titilc r. 115, KhcndcnEMS. thyDhlm T. itS. ihM Icrttrc 



B, PASSUS XJ. 309-341. 



Tbto lok^nge on Irafd pnetes ' haih rton n\c Irpr Tram (loucrtr, 
TItc wliicbc I pnjK dwrc |)aocDC< Is ' mere pirr^i tluti 

Ac moche itaore in ni«tynji[c ibu« * wiA Boe 0ui one dupute, 
And tlcp^-ngc I wigb aJ thi> ' and *fthen cm Kj^iide, ju 

\And RL-nipncJ tnc tiy my name ' jliiJ bad mc njmcfi lieUc. 
\j And ibonr the wondm of ihift worido ' ^yicc f:>r lo take 
f And on a mounUugne Lhii M/deiord hv^(i> ' ^ nno Ihu tlioujtie, 
I uvas r^Eie forth * by ^nsaumptcs 10 knowe, jib 

Tlionigli rtbc a crcatu/c «ELd K>k(!c ' my CTcau>urc Ui l^u/Ct k 
1 Migh the bonne anJ tlie acG ' iknd the sonde after, V 

And wlicrc that bryddea and belles ' by br-rc inak«a tluS jcdc-n, 
Wyldo wormcs tn nodcfi ' ind iromderfitl foulcfl, t>o 

WiOi fl^kkcd fcdiaca ' and of fdc colourcs. 
M&n and his nuke ' I myjie boibc byholde; 
Poucrie and plcnlo ■ botbc pocs and wjrre, 
Blltnc and bilc ' bothc I ncigli at oneja, 3«4 

And hnw men tokrn mrdi? ' ;»iul inprry reAi(cd- 

Ref^unc I scifihc sothly ■ »ucn aIIc bcatca 
In ctynf^, in dr^nk^'ngc ' and in crtfifcndrynffc of kjride ; 
And Alter course cf concepeicun ' none tok< kepe of other, ja9 
As whaTi ihej Kidde rydc- in r tttt'y-iyme ; ' anon ri^te iher-aHtr, 
Afalcb droncn bcin to maiea ' it mornyngcv bi hcm-tdf, 
And in cuenynge^ oIao ' )«<Ie males fro femelea. 
i'hcre nc was cow^ nc cowkyndi- ' thiit conc:c)'ucd hadde, jj» 
TImi tvolde belwtf after bol^-s • ne bore after iottc; 
Bothe ]ioi?tt and huundex ' ^nd alk* cUier bctic* 
Medlcd nou^te wyib here makea ■ ibal with folc irere. 

Briddes I bihctJc ' that in bu^cs made nctfcs; 316 

Uaddc neu«r« wye witt« ' to worehe the 1e«aL 
I haddt wonder at wIioid ' and wbcie the pyc lemed 
To Icggc ihc »Eykkc» ' In (vhlchc she leycch And bicdcth ; 
There i)}'fi vri)tG as I vcnc ' ahuldc worchc hlf neste 10 pAjt; 
ir any nusoun made a molde thcr-Cc * mochc wonder U wtra. 

B- 31 9- mikcA W i nuke LCKO j itt L ^. 

S$i. Btd«K;|eL. 139. 


C. PASSUS xrV, 139-163. 




Rcciiclcsuwafic in & rage - a-rcsone^i; ckrgic, 
Lad scorncde Scripture * that m^siy tkyics shcwcdc. 
I Tl! ihai Kyni.1o cam ' Cicrgie to h?lp«n, 
And in ihc mjrour of JMyddol-etiie ■ mi^o h/m eft 10 lolte^ fji 
To knowc hy cch creature ' Kjnilo lo louyc, 
And kh bowcdc my hody ■ by-hold^ngc al a-bouic. 
And Acih the vonne ami tlie see - And ihc s.^iid aftt^r, 
\S'her thni brkldes and beitcs ' hy hci^ niAkos jodon, 1^6 

Willie urnmieK in wtttlpit - and wonderful fotilen 
Wiih flcclicdc fcthcrcs ' nnd of fclc colours; 
Man and hus make - ich myj^htc ^co botb^ 
?Ouert« and plenU ' boihe p««3 and werre, 146 

Bliwte and bi(er hik ■ boi^ie ich seih al onw; 
Ai:d hon Uiat men mede Eokcti ' ami mercy refuscdeiL. 

Rcson ich Miti 8oUdicbc - »uacn idle bcslcn 
In •tyngo, in drjukyng • in gondrynge cf kynd«; 14-1 

After coure of confrpebn ' non tok kepe of other 
A> x^licn dici b^de rmejed; ' viioii lWI lealcn Aflcr. 
Mankd drovcn hem to mauJcs * on moiwe&yn^^- by hcm-aclf. 
And fcmclce to fcmdca ' hcrdesfd and dfow. 148 

Ther re was kow ne kow-kyntle • thai eonc?yiied hadde, 
Tliai wolde berc aftc^ bole ■ nc bor after sowc, 
Thcr WIS no kynne kyndc ' that conccyucd haddc, 
Tli« nc kts ihc lykj-nRc of lusl ' of flt*ch, as bil were, i^a 
Ssmo min and hui make; ' and ther-of me wondrcde. 
For otU of rehon itiei r)ile ' and m^helecltehe taken oil. 
As In durnc dcdcs ■ hoihc drjmkjn^e nnd elks. 

llriddeA ich by-hcldc ' in bos»hes mndcn nc^tes, 154 

llKlde n«nere wcyti vit ' to w-^rche the teste. 
Ich hadde Bonder at vfiam ' and wlier that the pyt 
Lejoede lugge iljUics ' ihai le^'en in lierc tie^Le; 
Thcr b no wryghl, as ich wene ' sholdc norchc hero nftfit I0 ytiy^t 
Vf eny ma^^n dierto ' makede x niold« thi 

Wlib ally here wjse casies ' worder me ihytikciht 

O. tji. mjdd P, ij*. jcedn P. 13*, feithon P. 143^ nab (/rr 
•VLh)P; «h1L I35t ifL i^ltblli^hc P. I44' in (Ar>rf <lrjiik)nij;) KBS i 

aod ITM. 150. inJdr Uk T -, wuU Unr ^ ; l>KrG ?. 151* kjnae 

ME3; k7iiJ« f. 151. Ut MIKST^ b»t P. 156. l>y^liccLik K 

neataK ifj. wber aadii vlum iMiw^); tAt ft$t at in »iit. 159* 


B. PASSUS XI. 349-3«7 

And yei mcr mcfoctlled more ' ho« mdn^ oltitr 1iru!dcft 
lladdcn and hilc^ " her qtf:cs fui dcnw 
In nuirc^ and mom * for m<n shol^le hem nouji Tynde, m 
AimJ huridcn her* t^ggi^ ' wlian ili*[ ihtr*-rro u«ni«, 
Fcr fcrc of oUici foiihs ' anJ for wy!tlc bc^Li^ 
And foac irod<?D h«r tn&k«« - and on trees breddcn, 
Aikd broujE^n forih her 1}r)'ddcs fo ' al abcuv Ui« grounds; 34) 
And iomc br^fdclrt Ai tJie hlllr ' thorwgh br*thjfngo conc^jtied; 
And sutne luukcd, I lokc kcj-c ' hww jickoke» brcddcn. 
Tktochc nicrucillcd mc - what maialcr ihci haddc, ^51 

And who mu^te hem on ircoft - 10 l^brc eo hot|;be, 
TlwTf nolihrr huim nc ^^sle ' may hpr briddcii rcclicn. 

And sytbcn I kited vpon iIjc wc ' and bo forih x))on the 
rtcrte*» ji4 

Mnny eelcouihes I e«yfrTi ' ben notjf^ht I0 fieyc nouEhe. 
I seigh flourei in ibe frtthe ' and ber (xne eolourefi^ 
And hcTft' Amongc thf> grfne grasse ' grewv eo mnny hevps, 
And )onim< fcure and some »wctc ' adcouihc mc Lhou;lc; 
01 her hynde and hfr coloure ' 10 carpc it wcrt ic longc- 

Ac iTcil mosre mo«iied m« ' and tny moJ^r cbnungcd, jto 
Tint ReaouTi rcwafded ' and rculi.-!] ;i)le Iw'si^s, 
Sftue mm and hift make ; - many tjmc and ofte 
No rctonn hem folwed ■ and thanne I rcUikcd 
Retoun, nnd rijte < ctl bym-ucluen t scyda, ^^ 

'T haur wotiikr nf the/ quod 1 "■ Mhti wiuy art holJeo, 
Why thow ne vxv,xH mm and his make - ihil no inysfaii liem 

And Ri'^oun anted mc ' and seyd^j 'reccbe ihe neuere, ^; 

aPABSUS XIV. ifij-ifl?" 

>. VJ- 


)Ui ich mcruoillcdc more • mcnyc of tho bryddea 
FtKRcn and bclcd«n * dnmclichc ticrc fggvv, t<i4 

Fnr no fmil ihodlr hem fyndr ' boic hii* few iiiul hym-iicir. 
And Mune Ircilcn, icli lok kcpc " aad (in trees tjrc^Jcn, 
And brouhEcn forth here hrjxldefl ■ nl abouc the grcunde. 
In mardt unJ in mores - in jnynt and in fratff^ i48 

Dompyrige* HyueJen; - ■ ihrerv g<H!." ich ut^'ilc, 
'Wljcr hitUni lliesc wildr auche v-Ju - ^tml ai what avolt?' 
Ard whan ibc poco\ caukctfc ■ tbct-of Uh took ltq)c. 
How xTi-^coFlcisliche Omj cole ' hu« kyndo forth eireiMile, >?* 
And frrlicbr hadd^ nf hii'* falnic*«* ' an*i of htls foiulc Irdfnc. 

And ftithihc kh lotcd on ibc wc ■ anil »o forth on the Mcrres, 
Mcny wkcjiilh ich adh ■ arcn noi^bi to Ka:«:cn noulhc; 
Nc ^vhal on ftourcii in foldcs ' atid of hurc fairc ci>]our«s, 176 
How r»ul of grpoi and oF gru * gFc*i* *o mrny hitwef, 
Sommr tourr and tommc mxic ' iGcIcouth mc thnubl« ; 
Of here kTnde and oF here cotoun ' to CJtqien hit were to hngt, 

Ac thaC that moUe meuede mc - and tny mcxl chaunged^f iSo 
,W« that ich «cih Rcson - Kutt-en ille hestc* 
iiic man arid mank/nde; ' invny lymea mt; lliotibte, 
Icaon rcwckdc hem lut ■ mother tithe ne ;KJurc. 
'n«-'r icb artsonedc Rcaon ■ and right til hytn ieh scidc. iB^ 
'Ich hauo viondi-r in iny witt ' to wU t* Ibow art holde, 
Whfr-fof arid vhy - so widt- s« thow repneW, 
Thai thow fAe ludc^t rjiiher ' renki.'a thiii (ithcr bccstefl^ 
For ]<h ac< nootic ao olW aorfirtcn ' MihUclic 30 tnank)'ndc; 
In iMlt out of m«»iiro • and mcny imc^ in drynke, iffj 

Ic wofnmenj tn wcdr* ' and in wnidcs hoihc 
Thci ouerdori hii day and nygbt ■ and so dolli noon olhcrc. 
Bettcfl ruwckn hem al hy reaon ■ and renter fd fc«c< t^j 

And thcr-Fore mcruadcth tnc ' for man, a^ in mnkynge:, 
]« moec ylichc- thr - In wii and tn urrk^it, 
Whi he nc Tnuei}k (hj Inrc ' and lyncih aa ihow Irclirst?' 
And Re«on arcivoncde me ' and «eidev 'rccche the neocrc ig& 

C i5g> drnydra P ; d>i»da IT i dtujde K. tp>. thr«eMKS; tbcviP. 
ijr hikd (/^ lmt> P. ttmwdeMIK: iinnder, r;^, Iccluie MKG; 

COdhlliF. ila mnilc 1 ; matt SKT; miort G; ? ftW. ilj, hcfte 

</Wan} P, 1^, laiikjngr Ki^; makjni; ME; fnankynde Pti. I94. 

]|HUW'I*}P. flrttlP, 

Whi I wfffe or oou^t »uffre ■ E]ii*4eir lusi nouji lo Jogc ; 3M 
Auitfiidc iho'f* jL if Uww myjte ' for mjr tjifuj b lo atjyJe, 
SulTiaUACC lA ft 60ucrcTgEic ^xrluc ' an<i ft Awjrrtc ^'cntnancc* 
Who suffrxth more tiun ^df ' quod be ' ^do gom«, fts 1 leucl 
He rni^ic imcnde in a minuu-^nUk - a] thftl zttyt itftndeiti, };■ 
Ac he ftiilTrrtti for fiorrjmc ni:irtnn gooil ' uid bo ia owre bcttrc- 
Iloly vT^t,' <iLiixl tb*t Vk<>< ''wlucth men 10 mJTrc; 

Frcnchc men ind fre nncn - affcrtcth thijt her childcroe^ 
Stii VfTtm <s! s^ffrtinu - mai dire /4f TvvtWfitf, jj6 

ffieit Jift t( tof ffffn'r '/tnt hi iojfr^ a iim wwr. 
Foribi I rcilc/ quod Rc«oti • 'rewle thi longc bcttcfe. 
And ftr (how Inktc «n>- Iff - iok« if thov be lo preyse I 
For ia no crcaTurr vniler CiUtc ' tan fomjfrn byni^aen ; ate 
And if n man mi^u? m<dic ' Ljiu-ndf gord lo the poqilc, 
Vch ft lif wold l>c laklc^ ' leuc thow nun oLhcrt 
K* thow sch^ll IjTide but fcwc ■ fajDc Iw Co here 
Of hefo dd'auteii foulc ■ b>-for hem rebcned. iM 

The wyiu; aiid die witty - wrote tlm* in the InUc. 
J3f rr quf U Ktn mdaiai^ noli' ttrian. 
For bt; ft man imc^ or foulc ■ h fdkth nouitc for to Ukke 
Tbe thnppe n* ilie ahaflc ■ that ^ sImsjw hym-Klu? ; 
?or aL Lhm hr did w:t>i wH )xto - xh liotywril wiiiirfeAf^th. jftS 

jSV vidsi deitt tuiaJti ^iie/tteraf, it erauf ta/dt It^t^ ; 
And bftddc cucT)' creatuic * in lua kynie cncTCC9i 
Al lo Tnurihe wilh man * that mo&t v'oo Uiolye 
In foTiiljTigr of ihc fiegshi? ' arid of th? fenrlf hntbe. 
For man was mjJc tjf suclic? u uiaLcie ' lie may nouji ucl asicrt 
Thai nc some lymrs hyra biiit ' to folwcn \m kyrt^; i^z 

Cwoun flcordcth Iherv-ivith ' ruitt'> nw ^riintw viuit' 

Tho caujtr I L^louiv anon - and comsixl 10 bc& atcHvned. 
And av^ulccd ihcr-vjth; ' ^-a wu mc iliuine St6 

Tliftt 1 ii; mttclcs nc my^te ' roore hauc )'knowcn- 
Anrl Lhanno scyde 1 lo my-selT ' and cbiilde that tyme; 
"Now I woie whsi Dowel is/ quod I ■ "by dctr god, *5 me 

And OS 1 casic vp myn cyg^hcn ' one loked on mc, and jixcd 

B. J74— 3S4- T'Aftf 11 tifm an it % 0ify. \ 



a PASSUS KXV. i97-*io, 

Wh\ ich Miffrc other nai suffre; " — ' ' ctrl«»' ich $d^, 157 

'Edi ;l »eg for hjTn^sdf Sivlamon ou3 twhctlT; 

J[fe fr ^tif if non moltitui, mfi ttrfartJ 
MIoMifTiclli mor« ch:in god f* quatb bs - 'no gomei as ich hjuc t 
He m)s^i\ Sfincndo in a m^t-ivliik ' al Uut un>'3 8ioiicl«d;- 
Ac he ^dffeih, in cnsiumpfc * ih^ cvie ibolde alle suCTren. tf^i 

Vs no vr^rtut lo ftyr * of value [ic of prcd3i. 
As ys auJTr^ici; aouerc.vnlklic ' «u lijt Lc fcr gcdcs but- 
Atd 10 wimcMcth the wysc * nnd wysacth the Frci^tc. to* 
Btft turtut Hi mffrausne - jn^} dire til priitr Jv/ni jivjiuv , 
fSi<n ffir/ / furn tu^rtr fait fy suJfrjfiU u lim wni'r. 
For-thi/ quath KcMin, *i^li ^^^ tJic ' rcvkvle ihi lon^ eucrc; 
And ef Ibow lakkc en)- \y( ' loke bo i$ I0 prciK. vA 

For tt DO creature rnd^r Cr)'st ' thni cm bym-(cltic nnakc; 
jAnd yf Cristenc creaitirei ■ coinhen TTV*fce bcm'teluc, 
Ecbe IcJe woldc be locln - Iryr Lhirw iicin nthcrel 

!hfan vu mad of vuchr mntrre ' he may rrAt wri I'ltrrle jii 
Ttial >rhm iymc« liyrn tit - lo foJ^^en hui kyndc: 
C^lon a-GordcLh hct*nith • mm9 atiu crimint m'mL' 

Tho cAuhte ich cnbur A-nf>n - ind comBed to be atbamed^ 
Atul aw;iktd ther-with; ■ vo ^i-a* me Ihennc, iifl 

Thut icb lie hitdclr? ytnet moa- ' !«> inurye a« kh ^Itple* 
Aod s&ydc a-non to in>^Mlf - ' ik^o^, ich hadtk grace 
To itite what Doviek y« - ae wakjnge neucr^ ! ' 

And ihenne wa« ther z wi^t ' 'n^bat he vu ich niiitc — no 

wriiV IT; wntr PGG. 3>o, wl^ P. 


S64 Bw PASSU5 XL 401*431- 

or me, ffhal Itiin^ it were? • 'j^ssc^ sfrc/ 1 *ddc, 

'To w modie ami mffrc mort ' ccrtc*/ quod I, "U DowcU' 

Thovr sholdnt hauc kuawcit ihal Qcrt7c can ' and concciutd 
more iborv^li RcKmn; 40« 

For Itcsoun wolde t»u« reherccd Ute * ^(31^ a) Ovrf^ye eilde, 
Ac foi tldnt entf!nnetyrig ' hn^ snow forsake; 

Adam, wHIc he tpak i]f>u]ii ' h&d pamdv^ aL wiQc* 407 

Ac vrh^ ho tnftcn^lcd aboute iDeco - and enlcmioi^ to knowe 
Thp wfftJom and iht n-fwe of god ' he was pm faim Hiwc; 
An<l nji »o firnlr RrviUM U \\\v; • iliow wSih mile spcchc 
LakkcdcsC, «iid lo»cdc«t iMn^ ' i\tai longed nou|i co be done; 
I'ho hadd? he no lykpigc ' Tono kre th« moK. 41k 

Pruidc nr>i\r ar;t! premimpcifjun " prr-fl«cntii», wolc the ftpp^le, 
Thiit Clcrgji? ihi coinpni^n^i: ^ lit ki-[)V(h noujt to sue. 
Sh&l rttucrc (h^Urtj^yTijic nc cb>djnec ' chn.%i< n matt !io sonc 
Ae shal Sliomt^, itnt! shcndcn hym ' nnd i;tmpc h}in lo amende. 
For lai a dronkcn daffc ' in a dyke tdlc, 41T 

-^L^Lc liym liggP, Ifikr nmijlr on hym ■ trl hj'iti IrW to fr>e; 
^^Ttir Lbougb RcKoun (cljutcd hym lliinnc ' fott!*cth he iicucrt« 
L/ Of clcrgiu ne of hi» coniicii ' lie countctb nou^L a msche; 4*0 
. jT To lilanie or for to Ijcit' hym tbanne ' it wurt' but pur? s/nre. 
V# Ac U'lian Nede nymelh hjtn \"p ■ for tloul^ Itst hcf *ilpfLc, 

f And Sliamc ^biapciil) liia clothes ■ and lu» aJiynt* witoheih^ 

Ji' Tbannc wotc ihe dronkcn daffc ■ whcrforc he Je to blame.' 
\J' 'Je eeggilti sotV Rucd 1 ■ *ich Jiaue wj-di? U ofto, 4B5 

There smlt no il^tnge 90 nnerte ' nc Kinelloth so sourt, 
As SIian)c, ihcre be sheweih Wra ' for *ucry mAu b^'m tpbonytth! 
Why jc wissc nic ibuK" quod I ' *waa for I rcbuVrd Hcsoun." 
*CcrteK/ quod be, *tfMit 18 ectb ' ■ and ahopc hym for to 
tvalkcn ; 4S9 

And 1 aros vp ri;E 'wiih tbac * and ft^lued bynri afli*r, 
And preyed hym of hia curtdsyc ' to telle mc hh namCi 

B 407. whhilci L. 419— 411. rcahcih—hvinthannc/'r R«K^, A i« 
rrccb^b hym \Jiifr trcchfth br), aHtitmUi Tu blanKr. 4J6, unStlc L> 

C. PA3SU5 XIV. 3> 1-949- 


<*To ace mutbc and sufTrca il ' ccrte^ syrc, y» Dowel,' 

* HadJ^ji ihow tEunreJ/ ht uide * 'elcpj-rtif tho thow were. 
Thow sholdesj haue knowe thai Cler«gye can - and more con- 
ceyui-d thoiw Rc^-k^n. 114 

For Kciicn vliMc hnuc rchfri^cd la tlic ' ryglit as CIcrrgic wjdef 
Ac for thyn cntcrmciyn^ * hct art iliow forsake : 

P/tihsf>phtt4 /iauttt ti Mfumrti tt ftli$i: LofulH/H mt 
a/igtamiftt ffHi'Jui/, liiruisXf mtngnij/a^ 
Ad^m^ "Atulct he bpik ua\ • haJdc iiAidU>b ai wytic ; 9^; 

Ac ^haii:ic he mani«kdi; a-bouLc mcEe ' Jtnil nu^dc for to knovre 
The wi^domc and the V!\l of giyX ' he v:is putif oui of blidsc. 
Ryght lo ftrtk- Rfitciti liy the ■ for thi rude spcchc, 
^nd for Ujow woltlcsC wyic wliy ' of Rcaonra [trynctt. 

For prujdc euiJ prcwmpcton - of thy p>-krfll Ivuyngc 131 

Rctoa rcfUMdc ibe ■ anU n^^lde out rcfic wjth the, 
K« Clw*^!* ofhu» connyngs ■ k<.'|jcih lUc nal shew*. 
Poi ulial ucucTCp cr sliiuui; come ^ n nlimv/is wcl be cluuied. 
For Ui % dronkcn dadTc - ii^ a dichc fjlic, i;6 

I-cl hym l/frgc, lok nat on hym • til hym lusle arysc; 
And thauti Rcton rebuke hym thenDi? ' rocch^ih he n«uere, 
Of cicrgio ne of kym^ \tju ' courklt^lh he nut a ruishe: 
To blame b>-m othei to bc(« hym thcniLc * ich liildc liit bote 
synncn i4« 

Ac when Nccdc nym^th hym vp ' a-non ho ye a-fiham«d, 
And thL-nup woi he whrr-fort* ' jnd whi he in 10 hlimrr' 
')C ac^gcLh loth, by my souk/ quaih icb ' ' i^h itaue Mjen 
hit ofle, 
Ther nnyt no ihynj^c no tmcrTc ' nc smclloth fio foulc 144 

Ak Shiiirir; the^r he ^hcwcth hym - ech man ihoneih hua 

\nd |C vofdcn to mc ihua " was for kb areionede Rc*on-' 

*}c, ccrtcst' qu'Mli he, * that is ftoih' ' and &hop hynt to vilke; 
And ich a-roos vp ryght vr\tti thai ■ and reiierenfrde hym fayre. 
And yf huM wil rttii? ■ he wMe htm jiiiiic telle? 349 

//lie r^p^itiJ ftuum ^i4u/Aii Ji DawtL 

Ul MKST 1 U^l P, en IKMST i in PE, 436. lebuk^ IKMSr ^ nUkf P. 
■41. L'thuiEiJc P. M4. Thc( IMKST i )lec FL, M. ijffal ip 1". 


B. PASSUS Xn. i-f9. 




Passut dtfOffffimta. 

AM Yfflagynatj'f/ quod he - 'idcl ^-at t nwicre, 
Thoujc 1 siwc h\ my-ficir ■ in fi[krnc-K»r nc in heltbp. 
1 liauo foWrd ihr- In frllTir ' ihU (yw nnd Irtuitjr vyntrr, 
AnJ many Ivrnt-s liauc iDOCticd the ' iCr ihlnkc on ihinc cndc, 4 
And tiov fcic fcrn^CTC!^ arc farcn ' fitid so fcwc to come. 
And of Ihi W)'lde n<flTiCouitci«c ' Lho thoA' )oitg^ were. 
To amrndn h In ilii mvddd age ' bst icijic ibc foyllcd 
In liiyiic oldc clilr that yiiz\ trin itulTrc 9 

Pouctic or pcnannoe ' or prtycrcs bidde; 

Ainendt? ihr whi3c Uiow mj'^u^ ■ thow heist hen wartiN! ofie 
With p[HU(tt■c^!t of pcxiilnu't^ ' whh ptiurric nitcl with 4ngrcs; 
And iffith thisc liitter bolcysci ' god bclcth bb dcre childcrcn, 

And Dauid in ih« tauter aeith * of flicbe thai 1oii«th I«U4, ij 

'' f^iV^'tf fua ti liicufuf tuus, ipsa mt r&mohta tUAl, ^c. 
AI-Lhough cliow btryke mc^vctti Oii ^UvlTc ' wjiL aUklLC or uiib ^crdc^ 
It is buc Tniirth a» for tno ' to amende my aoulv.'^ 
And ihnw mcdiciit the Wkih malcjug^ft ' and my;iC4L go )wy thi 
ijimt-r, 16 

And biddc for hem that jiuclli the bicd ; " for there at boke^ ynowe 
To kliu mccv whnc Dowel i? ' Dobct, and Oobct bothc, 
And [irpchoufes 10 prcu* what tt is ■ of many a peyre frereB.* 

I tcigh ^vel he sayde m« fioili - and, MJinurhKl mif to c^icuar, w 
Scidr, ' Calrmn conforl^ hh wne ^ that, cleric thc^ugh lie were. 
To «olaccn hjm sum lytne * w I do whain 1 niake; 
/n£rr/i)nf hits ittiirifum g&ttdta tun'i, rte^ 

Anii of htilv men 1 hprdc/ quod 1 ■ 'how tJjci othor-whila i^ 
ricydt-n, \\\t purfilcr to be ' in uiiiny |ilAi;e:4. , 
Ac if there vcrc any wj^lil ■ llut woldc mc telle 
What were Dow^I and Dobct ■ and l>obesl atte la«o, 
Wolilc I neuere do wcrltc ■ bwi wende to holichorchc, »* 

Aiid there h/dJe my boles ' biM whan ich cci or slcpc-' 

C. PASSUS XV. 1-16, S67 


Indpil pasms qm'nius dt Daivel. 

* T CH am Ymaginatif,' quath he ' 'ydel was ich neuere, 

A Thauh ich sitte by my-self ' suche is my grace ; 
Ich haue yfohved ihe in faith ■ more than' fourty wynter, 
And wissede the ful ofte ' whal Do\vel^as to mene, 4 

And counsailede the for Cristes sake ■ no creature to by-gyle, 
Nother to lye noihcr to lacke * ne lere that is defendid, 
Ne to spillc speche ' aa to speke an ydel. 

And no tyme to lyne ' ne trewe thyng to tcenen; S 

Lowe the to lyuc forth ' in the lawe of holychurche; 
Thonne dost thow wel, with-ouCe drede ' ho can do bet, no forsc I 
C^erkes that connen al ' ich hope thei connc do beltere; 
Ac hit sufliseth to be saued - and to be suche as ich tauhte. 11 
Ac for to louye and lene ■ and lyue wel and by-leyue, 
Ys ycallid Cariias ' Kynde Loue in English; 
And thai is Dobet, yf eny suche be - a blessed man, that belpeth 
That pees be and pacience ■ and poure wilh-oute defaute; 16 
Beaiius «/ dare guam pcUre. 

C. »- ich silt E; iskteMT; yscte P. 3. yfolwede P. 5. counsaledc P. 
8, IjneEMJKTS; lene P- try we P- 10. belt P. 13. za {/er iiul 

and) P. 14. ycilid P. 16. That TMKST ; And P£. 


B. PASSUS XIL ^0-6^ 

'Poole la hifl itijtdc' quoil lie - '(waeili wbu h iHavxl: ja 

Feitb, hope ^luJ chsuiLoc - and sill^ ben gocd, 
And fiiiir^ men mndry iymc« ' ac none so wn4 u cluricc* ja 
For he doth vcl wiili-ouic dcjute - th«( doili as testie techeib; 
Thnt is, '\{ ihov be man maricd - ihi m^kc thow louye. 
And Ivuc rorih ai f4wc wulc ' while jc J>Aicn boitie, 

Riji *n, [/ ihow be ffligicui ■ rennc ihow ncucrc ftrihw 36 
T[> Rciine ne lo Racheni^Jorc - hui 1* ihi tcule irchcih. 
And holdc the vrtl^r obcdj-cticc ' ihit hcit^h wcy li to beucor- 

And if tbow be uuyden ti> miuy^ ' and ini)k wcl coiufnii?, 
5«te Ihow ri*«ofO Bcyiu Tonh^r * for no »oule hchhe, ^ 

For wh^i iiiidi:- Lucyfrr ' to frrsc ihr lieigh luMii^ne, 
Or S^amou his ^apiciiLC ' or Suitipaou hb atncngihc? 
lob tlic Ic^^'o hlA ioyc ' dcrc lie it aboujic, 
Areitotle and othtr mo ■ Ypocraif ft Virgyk; ^ 

Alhaundrr ihal al wan ' elcngelirh Vml*il, 
Ciitcl and k)udc wUtc ' ^^^ conibrauii4:i.- \^ Iieui die. 
Fd>xc hir fayriic(s« ' ici hir d to «khuiitlrc \ 
And Roumounde rjl «o ' rcvlul]}' bj'tcRe, 4! 

Th» bcww cf hif Ixuly ' in tiadnc«u? *hc diipcndcd 
or many »ucbe £ may rede - of men ard or wcHxi^ncB, 
' Thai w>« v'orde* woiJc *hewe ■ and worclie the contnryc, 
sSuhS homtnti ntrjuam Uttt ds vtrlute ioqutnlesj |i 

And riche renlcet H31 90 " goderen and tparen. 
And iliu men LhJi ibci luoste h^ten ' mym^tren it MXVt laale; 
And, for thci auffrcn ft se - «o many ncdy folhcs. 
And louc hem nriu^r ai owrc lorde bj't ' IcRcci h«r (Otalc«; 

/Jd/^ €i tfabi/nr vobh, fk. 
So cSilcl uid kcndc wii ' ocooiibrcth fal mdny; 57 

Wo i> hym ihit hem wcMeih - but if he hem wel dcq>cnde; 

Sapience, «eUh ihr hokp * iwelleib a manner soule. 

And ricchcacK ri|t so but if ibc rot< be trewe; 60 

Ac grac« t& a £ta«ae ther-of * tho greuauiKea eo at>ite. 
Ac grace nc g^mweih noujie ■ but amortges lowe; 
Paclencc ai:d poueitc ' die platx- is ihere it grouetl^ 

B- 5:'£9^ 7Meii Mmi4 an i/t a. nt^, aiU m C-iat. £«. «tAH;»itlL 

C. PASSUS XV, 17-35. 369 

Ac caid and kymle witt ' encombreth ful menj'c ; 

Woo is hyrn that hem \\ck!cih ' bote he hem wel ^lisjX'yrn? ; 

Scii'Nfes fl nm faiknks uariu fiogtUis Hapulobimt. 
Ac comunliche conuyn;^e ■ and vuk)'ndc rychcssc, 
As, lorcles lo be tordes ■ aTn.1 lewcdc men leclieres, jo 

And holy cliurchc horcii bflp ■ iivicrous and coiioytuus, 
Droweth vp Dowel ■ and diilruycih Dobe;iU 
■^c grace is a gras ther-forc ■ to don hvm cfi growe; 
Ac grace groweih nat ' til goode wil gynne reyne, 14 

And wokie ihorwe good werkes ' wikkede lirrlcs. 

C. 18. hym {for hem) PE. 34. goode wil K; goode wille E; goud 


370 B. PAS5US XD. 64-95. 

And in l«1e-lyuj*nge men * and In I]rf-Ui1]r, €4 

And Uiorugh Uic gyfie or tlic hulj^iiste - m Uk gOf!j)c1 tetltlh, 

Spirifut Hi luif ipir^it tic. 
('Iergy« and Kyndc U'ltK ' comtb of si^te iind icchjn^, 
Ae the boke bereih vnnefse ' lo boirrca that can redr. 

Of ftf^ siintat comcth clcrj^K^ ' "^^ connyn^ of hcucAc, 4B 
And of ^tte<i fitfmin comcih k^nJo wiUt - of tl^tc of dyocne 

Ar grocr U a gyffc of (^t1 * and of givi l«uc ^prrnj^lh; 
Kncwc Dcucrc cUrke how it comclli forth ' nc kyiidc wiLte the 

NttiH alibis vvdr vrmi, aui fUP Pii//^, tic* 
Ac jil fi clergyc to comen<!c " and kyocle wiile both*; 71 

And lunKly dcrgyc, f<>r CiyMci louc ' Ihu of cltrgyc » roic. 
For Moysfs wiCDctiHlh that gfmA i^folc ' for to win? ibc p«plci 
In tlie olJc' iawc, ob lliv li^Ur^ tclkth ' thai tra» tbe bwe ol kves, 
Tli^t what womitn wcrt in uuoutri? tak^n ' vrerf shf- riche or pore, 
Wiiti sionL-s mrn slmhlf^ Uii *Ir/ke ' and atone bir lo dethp 77 
A womman, as vc fj-niJcn ' i^iB guUy of tliat dcdc, 
Ac cry^o of his curif^iajn^ < lho^^v dergyc hir fanvd; 
For ihorw caivcnjfi tha* Cryst wrot ' Uw fow« ktifwe hcmBclu^n 
Gulcirr as afor jcod ' and ^rt-iicr In »ynT)« 
Than the vvomftn thai there ivaa ' and wcnEcn 4ffey for bctmiac^ 
The cIcTicV^ ^^^ ihcrc wa* ' conlbrtcd the wofntnan. 
Holykirkc knowpih Ihin * that Ciyktcn wriiyng cjucd; %^ 

5a tktgyp ih cnnforic * In trc-uiirp* lh:il n'iimicn, 
And to manned men ~ myi^liicf at her cndc. 

V^i goddci body mj'jic nou^ic be ■ of bred, vithoulcn clcrjyc, 
TJi« tt^hich bodv i« bothc ' bole to the rj|irul, ftg 

Afid deih afid damjuiucioun ■ lo htm ihai dyt-rh yuci. 
As Cryaica carcLlc coitfoilcd anil boltic ' cniiiinble shewed 
The womman ihat the Icwca brcuglc • that Uv^z ihoujte to «uc ; 

Kslrit ind)i<ir4^ tS non ttjiUcithmini, eitr, 
Riji »o gnditf; Ixrtiy, brr^iheron ' but ti be worlliily taken, i>j 
DAinpncih vs altc dayc cf don^c ■ as ibc caiirctea iMxi ttie kwes, 
For-lhi 1 consciilc the fcT Cristes (akc ' Clcigyc thow lou>«, 
I'or Kynde Witte iit of hiE kyn ' and neighe cosyui^j t>OEhe 

C, PASSUS XV, afi-43. 

Ac er sudi'^ a wil wexe ■ god Iiym-sclf worcliPth^ 
And bcM fortli scint cspirit ■ lo dnn louc spT^ff^i 

So grace, wiih-outc grace • of god and of ffood wcrke«, 
M^i)' tiai l*c, U.r thoA sili-r ^ iliauh wc btdtk eiiere, 
Clcx^ic comcch bole of ulit ' &nd kjrnde miEi of slcnta, 
A« to be borer Other b/gt'W ■ in suchc contldlocinn, 
Thai wit wcjccth ilicr-of ' ind oibere wyKlcs boOic ; 

f't/Z/ut hutuj si<iJi stml mhfffii utiitibtts feJtttttus. 




So ginc^ is A gyfle of ^d - ind k>ndc win a channel 
And cU'EV|o~c and corwjiig ' of k)'ndc ^mxu^ tcchynnc. 

~Aa4 lUi i« dpropp to comcnde - for Crialca louc, more 
Thftn ti\y coonjnge of k)ndc \^-iit • bow clercgi« hit ravele. j6 
F«f Moyws wiHne5»tih th;i[ gnd wrot ■ In sioon wiib bui fynger, 
Lawc c^ lutac ourc lorilc i^roL ■ lui^c tr Crint were. 


[And Crisi cam and confenncde * and \^c\f kirke made, 
r And in ftciTid i sygne vroi ^ und fevSiIi* lu (ia- K-ntis, 

' Thai scclli li>m-ftclf sjnnclcs ■ cciw nit. icli hole, 
1 LTo »lrykc with stoon other with st*f ■ ihis «rotnpct to dciht-;" 

For-ijii icb con^aile »\k Criaicnc clcrcgic to honouce; 

C. i6. wiLMKST; i«m vol P. 17. unt EKl-T; vnH PH, |*, 

w^i^mSi w^id«Ki wi>nJ<» (**/!» rErr(Tfj-/./«-Jcitiftiwl. a? low 
V. 39- ktrlic I ; chufthc PEFS. 41. bl(OB»|«« P. m^tW—Xt/iJrm lit 



B. PASSUS Xll. 96-139. 

To iivtK liJixlc. lout uici ' ftji-iiii louc Vm, I tcOe; f# 

For lothc hcfl u Tiiirourc4 * lo &mcndcn ovTt dcfauicd, 
And W«r«a for l««cd mtn * and for lour«il botlie. 

Ne countrepLedc clerkcs ' t conaciltt- ilic for cure, too 

Fm as ft man ninf nojjt rc ' tiiat mi-ssclh bis cvglici). 
N^moro can no kkrkc ■ bui if he c«u}f ic (iTbt thoruj^h bokci- 
AI-i)iough men mack Uiktt - god was the tiulfirc, 
Ami KryniKpint ihc ^JTiumiJirj-r - and vieule what men «1ia1de 



And ri^^ aa sy^tc tcnicth a nan ' Eo xc ihc hcighc strctf, 

Ri^l 10 Icdtlh IcUcnirc ' Icuwl men Eo r«»ouii- 

And ns A biynfle mun tii baLiillt ' lirrplb wrpne to fi]le# 

And Iiadi tionc lujip mieI; liis uxe ' lui cncMnvc to hitle. loS 

Nimorc kan a kynJc-wiued nuiD ' but clcrkc5 hym l^hc, 

Come for al hih kvrtde vitt* ■ Eo Cryst*oJfjm« jinJ be laufd; 

WhiclM? is the colTie of Cry*»9 trvwrt ■ »nd Gkrk«« k*j)C ibe 

To vnlouhcn it ai her lyhyn^ ' and to the IcwcJ pcpic in 
3yuc mercy for her mjsd«dc» ■ if men il wolo iske 
Bnxomolkh and heny^tlichc ' and bidden il of grficc. 

Anhii'dei in ilie olde lawc ' Lctdlcs \x kepten; 
Iladdc ncuerc Icwcd mao Icuc ' to Icg^^n bondc oti that cbot, 
But he were [irei^te or prealts scnc * p9:r:LiTkc Or prophets 

Saul, for he sacriliscd ' sorwe hym bc-iydde. 
And his sotits Jil-so ■ For thai synnc mjsclk-utiJ, 
And miny mo cdicr men ' thai were no Lcuilc^ 1*0 

That with anha-det ^cdcn * in fcuettncc nnU in worchapi>?< 
And k:ydcn honde thcr-on to lifEcn it vp - and lonn hir If after. 
FOT-tJii I con*ei! alle crt-'iiurn ■ no clergie Uj dispiftc, 
Nc ncLtc ithtirt he here aticncc ' whit so thei dou bcmseltlit. ii* 
Tako wc hcf wordca at worths - Cor here witncsw be trow«i 
And cnvdlQ we DUU3t mucho with hem - to meuen any wrathe. 
Lest cbc'Si^ tfjafen vs ■ to cho]*pe vcl»e man otlicr; 
AV/ift i\t'^tre chtisivt nitx's, tk. 

For Clcfgyc is kepcK: * vndcr Cry*l of l^cnc; 1^ 

Was It^ra neurre no kny3(« ' but Clcrj^ye hym made. 

a PASSUS XV. ^4-7» 


Tovnioukc hi! fli here l^kynge 
To i^uc mcffv for mymtedw ■ 
iSijxLimtiohc^ anrf IwnygriciJche 

For as % nun may nat sco ' tliEit inyiscth hut even, 44 

No more can no clerkea * bote ir liit be of booke«. 

AnO Ihauh men maden twtw ^ god was here maivur, 

And wyrLic mitti ihc ^iiuTripbiric ' atnl itkh v/hai men «ho)r1« 

And lyfiht a:; $!)ht Ewnieth x man ' lo vee Uk hyc strcic, 4$ 
Rj-K^t »o Jereih Idinir* • Jewcdo men 10 refton. 
And :i?i :t b]yii<tc niu.n iTt but!i)'](f ' beretli wepne lo fygble, 
AueI h^Ltli noli hx{i wjili liuj uAc ' hut enemy lo Eiitic; 
No more can a kynik-wiucd man ■ bole derkes hym wche, 51 
Come (or alle has kyiido wylte« * (horw« Crlstendom to tic wtK-d ; 
T^ wbkhf K cofrr of Crisics infBOur ■ and derket kepi'n (be 

the Icwcdc ftnd Icfede to bclpc, 
yf men woldc Hi atke 56 

and byddirn hli ftf grace. 
l.tulic:* hit kejitcn ; 
HaUdc ncuerc li^wcdc man Icuc ' lo Icgjic honde or tl^At cbesie, 
Bole hii verc prccrtic olhqr precstosaone * patrinrck oilier prophet c. 
SauJ, for he aicfifi^cde ' sorwe hym by-tyddir, <9i 

And hufi Kine4i for hue synnrs ' sorve ihry ha^^n ; 
And iiHc Icwcdc itj-ai leydc bond dicron ' rorcu lyf ificr. 
For-lhy ieh consaille allc qreaiures ' no cbrk to dl^pijic, t^ 

tie mcU tbcnrt by here science ' what »o ibei don bcmKJu^. 
Tike ue bcre wnnJL-i a v^irili ' for here n-iltnej^tes ben tPcwp, 
And meille v^t; uat uioclm \vUb hcnt ' to meeucn city uraiLhc, 
Lc^ cbcMC chaufc 011& 30 ' and clioppc ech man othcre: 6S 
AaJ da u'c £13 UaukI tccbcth ' for doutc of gode« veniaunee; 

/I^Mr tJHgire CrittCiff mios^ ^J'*"- 
Foi Ctfp^i*? is Crifcic* vikcry - 10 i^onfune und 10 curcn; 
Dothe lervd and Icwetl were lost ' yf dcregic jk were* 

O. 45. if IKfi; lirHMT: P^m. ;.|. uuedeR n, dd JMKT; 

M, |ry*« P- 

374 R PASSUS XIL I3^>gI' 

Ac Kvndc WiEic comeih * of &lkjmiC8 titles, 
or bnildcs anil of besks ' oT luiei of trcuihf, &nd oT dettftts. 
Lyuerei U>*fom vs ' vtedfti en xttmltv i3> 

Tbe veikotuhv^ chat theL Mighcn ^ her kitlcs for Eo trchc, 

AnjJ hcMen i: an iKigbc icicn<c ' her wiUca u> knowc- 
Ac thorugh her pcitncc lotlicly ■ was ncucrc Do joule y«auc<l, 
tin bruufte by lier bck«fl ' to Ui«se no lo ioy«; 136 

For all« her kyrdr kno^pg^ ' eomo but of dyu^rw slght^A. 

PiiCriaJ'kca and prophctct ' rcprcucd her science, 
And scidcn, b?r wordrt nc h«r wi&domcs ' ^^^ buE 1 fol>«; 
A* 10 tb* clerjjT fif Ciyit ■ cannied \l bui a inifle ; t40 

Stipiencia haius mundi, slidiiiia tti a^ud dium. 
For the hcihc hoHgoilc ' hcvcEic ^haJ lo-clcuc, 
And loue tbil lepc out after ' m-to ibis bw^ cnht, 
And cknnM*c <hal cacchfn il ' and clrrtr* ihullwi it fynde; 
Fatiorci ivqttebdttttir ad inuiiem- 

Hc ffpckclb there of Hcbc men i^l non^t ' nc of ri^t inrittj, 
Ke of loide« ihAt were b^ed men - but of the iKxte leUml oiite, 

/jtjiv/ w^i ai cr$fitUt tic. 
If iny frcK vert rouiide th^re ' ich iJf ihr fyue vhillyngi^A; 
Nc in none befgaixa cote ■ wai llwl tumc borne. 
Hue in a bargeyfl place ' of BiahL^m ibc bfiij t«8 

5r/ non trtii if>cut fit nt drutrj^ria; it p&uper MOft kchtf 

To [Fislours auJ to tKicich ■ dppicrcil lliat aungd, 
And bad hc^m go to Bethlem - ^'cddia burth to bonourc. 
And Bonge el songe oi solas ' ^otta ifi tXftUii dtp/ 
Rkhe men rutn> tho ' and in hero resb? v^w, 15* 

Tho it sthon U) ilic schcpberdi:!! ^ a nljet^cr of blisse. 

CIcrkce kncwc it wcl ' and ^omcu ii^ilb bi^rc pre«eiiu. 
And dedcn her homage honourablcly ' lo hym iliat w&» almy)ty. 
Why I hauc tolde ihe ai this— ' 1 (oke hil gode bed* 1^6 

How ihow cohtraryedesl Cfergj* ■ wJih crabbed woffde*, 
"How ihat lewed men liidoltci - Uan lelticil were Eaucd, 

WCB; IRQ Btn. i^H. /f^ from lie Valfinici LCOBoir. ij*, 15J, 

TM4iihf»itiH KflB^; jfl^irt Clwtl. 1*3, >tMi R «», jt«, 

C. PASSUS XV- ?*-ioi. 




-wittcde meTj h;in • a dewgic by licm ac]ut\ 71 

'3oiiilr-i and of (u.sriimos " ihot contwiicdc meny ttipgee, 
And mitrkcclc hll in hcfc mancr? • anJ inuNc'd tl)cr-oii to knowr. 
And of ilic KlcouiiicA ihui lljci acycn ' here zom% thcr-Qf ihci 

Thcl holcTfrn hi! fot an hey science ■ here *ocdie5 lo know*. 
Ac ihcrw Iicrc science ?olhliclic ■ wan neucfc soulc jsaucd, 
Nc brouht thorwc licrc bokc5 ' to blisic nc to ktjc 
For d here kyndo tnow3'ng ' cam bole o£ diucrse »ighLca 
!,'0f hriiidc» anil of liesws • of bliss* and of torue. 
FaLiiuiLth ^iid pro;>iitfles ' icprcjuedc bete ^vicncc, 
And >ciJc here wordes and hcfc wjsdomca ' ne w*b boic al 

folju ; 
Aft 10 the cleregit of Crysi ■ iheS courteOe hil bole x tnille; 

Sii^wifia huius rfiundt s/ulfilM tsi apuif drum. 
For Ihe liyc lioly^eiL ■ sLall hcucnc to-cleuc, h* 

And louc ^bal Iccpc out aficr * in-Lo i\\\A lo^e crthc. 
And cbrLnetiw ^h^\ r^rihcn hit ' itnd clerk«« shuJIen h^1 fynde; 
Paxtar/x ittquth^ntur ad ittutnmt H <"//. 
Hit ^[ickcLli of ricbc nwn jyght tiouht ne or ric)ie lofdta, 
9oie of clcnncssc and of clcrkcs ' and kepcrs of botes; %% 

llani magi Qb ^imh, tt <ftira. 
Yf eny frere were founcle there • ieh jcuc the fyuc BhylHnges! 
Nother in ccrfi' noibcf in tfljiyf hou* ■ wns CiUl y-bofe. 
Bote in A burgcJK^ l>oii» ' the bctlc of ^llc the ioudc- 

To pa^toure and lo ptjcich ^ »|x-[oi]e the angel, ^\ 

And bud hem go to Bcdlchcm * sode« burthc to honoofC) 
And frongt'n a eong of solas ' Qhria in <:titim dt^f 
Rlche m*n routtcn ibo ■ and in here resie were, 
Tho bit sfion 10 the slicptbunSr* ■ t* ^hcwcic of bliwe. $( 

Clcikei knciACiJ iLc comulc ' anj comen with here prescntei. 
And dinif here homngc honorably ■ to hym that was alm}"ghly. 
Whi tch haue )loId the al tlii£ ' ich took ful good h^d^. 
How iho^' con:nricdcsi CIcregie ' wttli cnibbede wc^rdt^ loo 
ThAt is, bcw Icwcdc men And lutherc ' Ijgbtbokcr were eaucd 

C. 75, lelooulhci MEK£TG \ tclcoutht P> T«- fE im*n nc ktfttt um. 
So. PbtfA- iWuf. Eg. PHtfA/, ibc. $|, tonceo U; •ongl IT^ •yv(<s 



B, PA55US Xir 159-15K 

Than tkrltcs ur k>iii!t*wiUcii axa of Crjilcnc pcpfc." 

And tliow MJdc^ Mill of aomtnc ' ftc s<in whai muicrc: — 16a 
Tak* 1*0 ttrongc men ■ and in Tbcmcw c*Rtc hem. 
And both? nakc^J as a ncrit ' ivr ncwip wykcrcr (ban o(hcf, 
Thai one tiaih conriyngc - and can swjmnirn and djru^n» 
That other U Icwcd of thai Inbourc ' lcrtwi3 ncucrc avjmne; 
UTiicb tro^c»tcv of iho tvo < in 1 hcmeiie is in modo drede? 
He ihnt neuerc ne iljucd ' nc- noujc can of fwymmvn^. 
Or ihc* iwynimrre th;il i* auf ' bi so J^jm-trlf Ijke, 
'I'bcrc ]ii> fcUiT (let forth ^ a^ ihc Ao^lc l.Tkelh. 168 

Anil in in drede to dreoche ' iLit nvu«rc dcde Knyinmcr 
' Thai iwftnme can nouji; 1 i^At ' Mt seemoth to my wilicft" 
'Rij[ lij," ijuod ll:t r^iikt ' *rfaoun it thewjcih, 
Th.^l lie ki^owcth clcigjrc ^ can eonncr uvm; j;i 

Out of syiinc and be wuf • ihoa^i he ajnne olW, 
If liym tykcth and l«8t ' than any lowed Idly, 
KoT if (hr rlrrkr he konnyngr ' he knotttfh what h synni", 
Aiid h*>w comdLioun with-uuic tonfi-toiLjmi cuiifuleth ihc houb, 
Aa ihow »cGSt in the sautcr - m pMiIme one or {yKjnc, 177 
How coniricioun is cofnmtfiidei] • lor il cacchetli a*vr«y tynnc; 

And ibis conforicth \i:h a dcikc ' And keuertlh hyW fram wanhope. 
In which tlodc (Jic fendo ' fondctli a m^n hivdcac; if^ 

There the fevcd Jtih ttillc * and lokcth after knic, 
Ai^'l hath no [-omridnnTi xx hp- cfimi* to shryfie ' ^nd tbintir can 

he liiel leHc. 
And ofl bis Icrca-rnnn Icrca hym ■ lwlci;ci>i an*i tfovcth: 
And tttfii \i .^flc^ person or parisch J^reei ' nnd, pamucnturc Ixjihe 
VncontijTigc to lere leweri men • as Ltik bereih uiineisc, fS| 
Z^m cf^(f.( [/uL'r/ tt^itjn, iimAii m /iiuf/ivi ttiduni. 
Wo waa hytn marked ' thtiL wade molt uith the lewcdT 
Wcl may the bame blifise ' thai hym lo boke fKtte; 
Thai ]yuynge nfttr letlerur^ - waited h>-in \yi and soulel ■*• 
JJomtrms pan Afre^/i/jtiy mee - is -^ nieri versel, 
That hu take fro Tyboume ' twcnd ^Ironge thcucft; 
There le^i'eJ iheut-s ben lolled vp ' loke Jiow thei be vaued t 

B, i6>. eykfrf Li HStrrsr WCOR 
hotlie K [ LWCD am. ; ^T. O-un. 

T^- J^''^/^ '"> K only iSf. 

189. <f«t^ iH^Rwaw iaOCi tmlTi 

PASSUS XVri03-i3r 

thow ^ciJctt Ncth cfKommc * nc kh ffiy^ tn what nuiure^ 
Take two »LK)ii^ mrti ■ and in T<-mnjr fM*i hrm, lo^ 

That on liAth conti>'nt'« ' and ckn nnimmcx^ and dyucn, 
That 0lh«r l& IcwcUtf of ihal labour ■ and leraedc neocrc fwymTne; 
Wtikh in, tiowt!H Ihow, of tlio two ■ in Tc^mrst mi>*[ in ilref1<r?' 
* lit that Luii nai s^^jmmc/ idi iwydc ■ -hii sn-meth to alk 

■Ryght Ao,' quaili ihat rcnke ■ 'weon hil shcvrcth, 
That he ^^JT tuovrcili dcrcgie ■ cjn ^^onticrc a^ryae 
^•" ^ Out of ayniie, iind be saf ■ thow he syni^gy ofte, 143 

^j^*VH hym lykciU aiid lusl - than cny kwct!e soihliclie. 

For yf [he cltrk be coiin>Tisc ■ and knowcth what is synnc, 
And hoii codincion wiih^outc confetiion ■ coDforklh the soule, 
A» *c **en in the uuier ' in pnalmfrt on other Iweye, ir* 

IIow ccntikiuii b artnentknl ■ for hit i-ncUiFtlL ;i-w'cy ^yiinc; 

AiT/r quorum remifif Jti/U iniqw'^iits^ <t ^uonm kc/a smU 

And that comfoncth cch a clerk ' and kcucroth fro vk-fLt^hope. 
In whiclH! flood (hi; frcnd ■ fmidrih m:in hird^i, 
Tbfi iIk Icwcdc l)i:t]i Kliilc ' lUid bkctfi afcjcr Icnie, Jio 

And hach nn coniricion ' nr be coinc to nhryftc; 
And lh;Ln can he lyicl tr-Uc ■ of on- oiber of oihcr. 
^Iteie Oft bit lcmniii:4n Icicth hym ■ he Ly-k^-ueih and rroweih; 
IV^^' !Abd tliMt M after peruin otht-r paiesbe'iirfexl - und parauiiici 
*' bothc beth Wedc u^ 

i'or to Icrc Icwcdc men * Afl Luc bcn?ih wiilT)Cf»>e; 

For mLfhe woo wa^ hj-m markrtl ■ 1h.1t wnde shil uUh ihe 
Wd maj the bflm blcuc ■ that hym W book s<'tlc ; 
IhaC ])'uyngti kftcr k-ltrurc ' sauedc hym lyf «Lnd st/a\t\ 
Dpftiaut pars kfrtdffaiis mtt • y* a muryc v(*re*;t, 
Hil iMih >t*ke fki Tyborne - twrniy sirongc iheeucs; 
Thci kwcdc Jiccuc» ben loIUd vp - lokc Jjow thci been aauedc t 


a le^. iwuSTG; ro]'K3IK. icS, iHoSlKi lo PEM. 1)7, Cdbc- 


3rft B- PASSUS X[l. 191-118, 

Tlie tbef thit had grAce of gix) ' on Godc Frytia; afi iliov s;i^ke, 
Wu, Tor he |du hym crcauni Lo CryiJ on ibc croMe ' And knew- 

lechecl hjm gvlty, i9j 

Anil grace ateJ of gud • Uiai to ^rauoron \l U rcdy 
To hem that boioEocUchc Uiddcili ti anil Ikmi In will? u> 

aTnc-ndvti hf^'n. 
Ac ihoiigh ihar ihcf had lieu«Tio ' he hi66e none hei^h bhtM, 
A* wynt lolun and oihvr «rvnLCfi * tliai iiwrued hadde bett«re. 
Ri)l u sum man jcuc mc mcic ' and scuc inc 'iinvdOr ilm Jluic* 
Ich hauc mctc more than ynough ■ fic noii^t su niochc vroralup 
As Ibo Ehat tcCen AXte syiic-lahlt ' or with i)k> »ou«r^Jgn«« oT 

the tiniilc- loa 

But siltc a» A beggcE boidclri^ ' bi iny<4cir on ibv KTOUndi?. 
So it larcth bl that fcloun < that 0. Code Frfday vu »aticd; 
He lil neither uiih ttjijl lobun ' Symonde, nc luilc, 
Ne wjlh riLiydt-iii^ ne wilb mar:ir« ■ confesHUirei iw ^vyd*ie*, 
But hj hyiu*;cir aa a wlcyne * and scrued oit ihe enhe. ni 
For he Omt t» ones a ihcf ' 19 c:uc:rirorc in daun^rc, 
And a^ bt\\v lyWHh - to lyue or (o dc^e; 

Df /vfcith /^rfipiciafa, itaif eisr situ mftn. 
And forirj &crtif?n a soyni ' and bueh i ihcf logydirrcfi, J<>* 

It were needier ic»oon ne ri^t ' to rcwaulc hem botb« tlkk-. 
And n\\ as 7Marmi tho Lkwc kny^t * bide noU|i dcpc in 

That owr? lordr n<? hftd hym ll^illch onie * f« hac I ihff ihef Im 

in hcuene. m 

For he ifi in the lowest of hcueno ' if o^rc bilcuc be irewe. 
And wet loselyche he loilelh there ' by the tawc of hoiy<<hercho, 
Qm'a ttddif \muniqut ikxfn rtjura sua, ik. 
And why tliat one dief oil ttie crgsMr ' cimunt hym jell 
Rather than that other ihcf - though thonr wotde appose. 115 
Alle the ckrk^^ vnder Cryst ■ ne couihc Ihe «kil aiftoill«; 

Qmirt piiiiitil, quia voluit. 
AiiJ ftu 1 ticy by ihr - that !»ckerti after llic whyes. 
And arcK»ncdc3E Rc«oun ■ a rebukyng as it were. atfl 

B. i9t. f^at— ii/>rf« W , andbfl l»*Q<Tr LCOII. 195. To be«yfrw)i» W> 
LCKOUtw, ti^;. /h margin v/ L—$n i£iMt rf*t^ mtiUt mn > 

iOj, tit WC i littc L» 


C. PASSUS XV. 133-isi 
l'h« ihccf ihnt haddc f nice of r^ ' a Goodc VryAny, ■» diow 

Was f*!' ^"^ K^'*^ '^X'" Cfwtine 10 Crki * anrl hi« pace wk^tlt, 

Anii god u av gmciVius ' i{> allc iliat grc^cth Lo h^Tn, 

He wol n^ M-iclicdc man be lo*i ' bote yf he wol hjin-sclf; 

And IhauJi ihc fhf*pr hadde hfiitiir ' lit hiitl*!* nnn hye blitic 
A?i sej-m [ulun mid oilier sejciits ' tlml Il4ei a-scmrJ bcUf^ri-. 
Rjght as »ora man 3;)i]cl}i inc mclc ' and act mc a'lnjdJc ihr 
tioor, lifl 

Icli IkAue meT« more ihan ynoue ' ac nat wiili so rnuctie wornhufi 
As ilio tliAi %jmi\ ai ihc f-ydHibl^ ' oLh«r wUh ihe soucreyncti 
Id liallc* u*> 

Bo(r, ns A bcggore, bordlea ' by my^scir vpon ibc groundc. 
So hii fcrJc by ilie fulon ■ di:ir a Good« Frydiiy wai aaued; 
He sk noihcr aiili M^yni Irlisn ' wiih Symun ni* wlih ludf, 
Nc «ilh iit.L>\JciLcs DC vilh marUls ' 117 wilh ni^tdc wydcTrcs^ 
JJoic AS a aolcyn hy hjm-icif ■ and ncnicd vp-on ihc groundc. 
For he (hit ys ones > theef • h cuer^-fDorc in ^aungcr, 14^ 
^nd as ibe lat^'l^ lykcth * 10 lyuc oihc-r 10 6cye, 

Dr Jffu-tftf /'ri'/'ieifrio noli ixtf situ uitiUi 
And for to ^cra^n .1 scytit ' and &uchc A ibccr lO'Acdcrcs, 
Hie ^ver« no rcKon nc ryght ' lo rcwardc bothc ylichf. 

Rj-^t a« 7>j/t7fl;jj, the tre\ie Icnvghl * tiilde rai deep m iKlle, 
Tluil uutt lurd nc liadde liym Ivgiidirhr oiu ' *o li^yuelh 0/ ihe 

thecf in heocnep 
For he ya in ih« lowest hcii«nc ' yf ourt bylcyut beo trcwe^ i.m 
And wel loiifUcfu? 3oIlrth ihcrc ■ as by ihc lawc of holy-churchc ; 
^/ nddtt urti.vtpti sftantium optrn sua. 
Ac vtii thai ouc ditc-f vji-on ihc cioys ' crcauiil Iiym jcUIc 
Rather than thai oibcr ■ ihauh ihoa woldcst aposc, 
A!|c ihe clorktfi vnder Crial ■ nc couthc ihys asoile; ijft 

Qufiff ptaaiit, ^ma no/m'/^ tir. 
And SO ich &c>c by [he ■ dial H:ke?(l tftcr wryca, 
Ilow creatures han kyndc wilt ■ and clcrW^ <omcii lo bolcci, 

145. yliditf [KShx; : |jeb« P. 150, i^J- liywc ? if^, lo^Tirhi' K ; 

lo^JJchflL'; roiJtJiohl^; lotlidi};: llrtkhvh lgueli?h<; MT. m/^^/ l^JKMST : 


B. PASSUS XU. '19-953* 

S the (lourps \tt \ht frytfi * and of h^r fHrc hrwt^, 

Wbere-of lliti t^*ccU: Ircr coloured ■ so dcic atid to br^, »^ 

And willcM of bddtJcG uid of bcA6» ' vtd of hire brcdyng 10 

Why flomroo be aTowc snd sommr fOofcc ' thi lykfng it vez^e, 
Anil of [hv filoncft and of thr fctrni-* ' llmw KludjcA, bk 1 !cuc, 
ITott eucK b«tc Of brydtic - hatb k) brcme «iUc«: ih 

Ci^rjcyt^ nc krnde uitle ' ne kncwe neu«rc tbe nui^ 
Ac Kt-ndc knoweih tlie caui^ liym-'ielu^ ' ind no cmiuft dleo. 
Hr It* thr pyr.* pjiimiiii ' uiid puUt^tli il in bin; crc. 
Thai th«rc the itiomc 19 thtkkcat ' Co bu/Idcn ind brcdc; 
And Kynde k^nn^d lh« p«cok ' to caukeii in a^ictt a ky&d«. 
Anil kenned Adam * 10 Imo^vi- lil« jt^u« mcmhrc-i^ i;ifr 

And imyt livm und l?uf ' 10 hylirn hcni ntih Centra, 

he^-^t} mc-Q nuiny t>incs - n\i.\sii.t^ tHci sppoicn, 
Why Adam nc hikd nt^iijic ftislc * hit' mouth that «ct ihc a|^le, 
Ralhcr than hU lykim a-low ' Icwed ixcn ihui clcikCA; 1^4 
Kyndi* knn^rth whi hr dede »> ' ac no clftkc elkft. 
Ac of briddcc and of bcito ' men by cide tymc 
EnuLinpIc^ token and tcrm«.s ' as iclhih chi» poetMp 
And ihat lh« fair«i foulc ■ foultiit cngcndrcth* »j8 

And reblrat foiile of Tyghl U ' iJiai fl«!ghctb or wxymmcth; 
And tlat b the pckok and llic pohcnnc ' prgudc ndie men ibei 
bttokiKih. 1^^ 

FoT lb« jwtok, and men pumtie liyin - may nou^le flaghe hcigba ; 
For ihr- tralllypg of bi^ Uitk ' r>Uf^ft^k«n i» he Mne, 
And hit llc^bUc u> louic Hosbc -Aud Ua ttxl IxAiic. 
And vnloudicb of lodcnc - and l^iuh for to here, §44 

Rtji m> the richc * if he his ntthcssc k<p*, 
And dttrdi ij noti^i lyl hit dpih-<lay ' tiio uuKv of al 9orw«. 
Kiji as die jxrniics of ihc p*'cok ' jieyncih hym in hh flj]ic. 
So is posscAfioun payoc ' of pens and of nobIc« ^4^ 

To ail« hem that ii holdcLh * u[ bcr Uille be plukkcd 
And ttkough lliL- riche rcpcnic thanno ■ ami biicwc ihc iym^j 
Tbft! cucic he g^tdrird 10 grciv - and j^t tlicrc of ui litrl, 
'i'bongb be ciyc to Cry^t th^nne - wiiti kcrc wdlc, I Icuc ift 
His Icdnc ba in ovrt kirdcn ere ■ lykc & pycs chilcryng^ 

B. itC. uul WCOO^ Litem, 

747. pryDtth WOU; pffTOcd LIL «S3. 

O. PASSUS XV, 159-i^S- 


Aeicl bow the floured in the fttctli ' comcth to fcjrc 1icwc»; 

Wm ncocrc creature vndcr Crysi ■ tlial luic!\v wcl iht hyjtynnyngc 

Bold Kjitilct that coiiirecuedc hJl fuTil < of corlclsc wiL i4^i 

He laiihie ibc torile U) irtnle ' ihr prikok Id caulcc. 

Anil Ailam iiid £ac ' juul oUicr licntct aile 

A CAntcl of kjndc will ' l^crc kyndc lo siiiic. tOif 

Of good ;»nd of wikke ■ Kyndtf uaji ttie f«nte. 

He wUi liil iind -iiifrrcJe hit ■ awl whic Jatt 1)«« tliolde; 

0*M tpnedixif, ti/att^ mnS ; ipse munAiui/. ti ereata Jttmf, 
Ac whi he woUc ihal wikkcdc w<rc - kh wc-nc arid ich Icjruc, 
Wa!( ncuerc man ^pon cnotcjo - ifa^t naygliLe li;t ot^pyc. lOS 

Ac lOTifie-lybbynge men ■ Ivkncdc mcriuies hniyngo 
To tiTjildes anJ to hesits * a* ht-re bokea lelkrik, 
That the fiiyrtai fowcl " foulrit c-iiu^cii^rcih, 
iVnU fcblcat fowcl of flicht i?= ■ thuc flctlh othcrc awymmcthH i;i 
Tliac U, ih4 pokok and the pcpci:xy ' nr^Lh here proude fcdcrcs 
Bjf-toknoih ryght rirh[? turn ■ ihflt nrgnrn hpre on trtlie. 
Fof [xujtfivc a jiocok ' olher a pobcL lo cacch?, 
Ajiii hauc hem tn hd^lc ' at thjrk owcnc uil; 
For ihci mnj fi«o fer • nc fid hyc noEher, 
For hcr<* ft'ihcr***; thai ^rc bfn ' fin flc fcr hem Iccieili. 
Huft Lttknc U vnloudidic ' ami liihlldic liuii onrign? ; 
Ac for Itus pcjnicdc pcnncit ■ the pocok ia boaourc>1 
More ihAn for hiu faire flench ' other lor hiu muryc note. 
Ryghi HO men reuerencech more llie rjch« - for htu muche mceble 
Than fnr iln' kyn that he c»n of ' other Tttr hiiK kynde wittet. 
Thu« tlie ]H)ebe prdaeth ' ibe pocok for 1ju:( fedcrcis. 1^4 

AjmI liie lichc for hiu renter ' olhvrc qxheiic in hits Khoppe. 



77. f^r [MSTti; fur P 

■% fri IM^'t^;; f«cP. *So. penrLeiITi 

ISA- foioP. sd^ppeEMK^c;; Oivrpcl-. 

iSj. foic*/ftri-/fo01'- 



B. PASSUS KM «54->8fi. 

And vhan hit ciroigiM »hal covic ^ in out lo be biujnl, 

i ]«iM it daiunbc All rode ■ Ihc folde ftl a1>oa(c« »^5 

AnJ alle the CEber Iher ic Irth ' eniMiifinuh Uiorgh Ua ;mere. 

B/ tlic pa frri ii V[j(krsEontk ' ix I IVMC lemcd ttl AvjIkCl?, 
ExincctiloiireK fiib frendcfr * th«l fuirillr uouil \m uQlc 
Thai was wntctit tnd Ihei wiiiie«»c ■ to vorchc ti^i n it nol^Ic. 
Thufi tb« poeto pr«UM thaii ib« j>ecoJc - lor his fcthcrcft ii^ 

Rijt u> i^ ihc riclie ' Ui rcsouii or bib godiau 

Tile Jark(.\ tliat U a loaac fouJc - b fnorc loudich of Icdnc, 
And wcl avey of wengt ■ av-tricr tints Uic ]>«ci>b, 
An<1 of flcfifh. hy f^le folcic - faiTtrr euiiI teener- 164 

To lowoljbb^ng cien ■ liiir larltc is rc«ciDblenj; 
ArcMoilc the i^rclc i;]cH£c ' suchc talcf he t<1lclh; 
Thua he IvkncLh at his logyk ■ the Icttc foule ouie. 
And when? he be saiif or nouji luuf ' the toihe woie no clergy*, 
Nt of S{Tmc» nc of Sabinmn ' m scnpiure can tc]y. ifut 

Ac god i> M> good, I bc^ipc ' tbii ntth he ^ hem wiia» 
To wisBTD vs 'ft'ej^a thi^re-with ■ (dial wissen vs to be aaued, 
And the betier Tor her boktf«) ■ to liidJtn \ie ben holdcn, j;j 
Tlwt god fof his gTiici.' ' g>-oe }ier w:;ijlfi rr^k-; 
For Iciirtd mcl^ were le^t'd men |Ut ' nc vcrc lOft of bcr boTte^.* 

'Allc Ihiic ck'rkc6>' quod I tho * 'that en Cryet Icuen, 
SejgfTi in her Kirmono^ ' ihat nojiher SArfttene» ne kwoB, 
Nc nn rroaturr of CriKies lytni*wr ■ vilh-f»urn CryEimdome 
wonh saufd/ *;; 

^Centra,' <taoc) VniOj2>iiaiyf iho ' and cotABcd for to Lotirct 
And i^^de, ' sa!uabtttir tvx ius!ut in dia itidiftj. 
Srgo tatuatintr,' quod he - and sey^Ic n;itnorc I^rync, 
'I'mianuH vn« n irewc knyjtc ■ and lokc neucre CrLrtcndcmc, 
And he l» ^Auf. ao seiib the boke ' nnJ his H>u1e in heuenc. 
Ftjr there is fidCyng uf fotilc - and fullyng in blode-ihodjoge, *fl< 
And tliorugh fuire iit fulling ' and thuE i» fermrf biirue; 

Adttirn^t ignis dmifms, mu comlmrtm, itii iiiuminuru, tU. 

Ac trcwih that trctpaiwd ncucrc ' nc tianflucwrd a^cincs hb 

lawe. 9S4 

But Ijiieth US hift la** techeth ' and leueih tb^re be no berncrr. 

And if ihcre ui;h?. he \;Mti wiwewdv ■ and irt «uche >ville deycih, 

B- lifi. cjtuca^rtiie]! WCOB; ecucnynni LR, ti^. poieei VTK: Fn»< 


a PASSUS XV. iSfi-iii. 383 

The Urkc, that i% a Lifivj fowd - ik louclokct of lyLlcnc, 
And *wrimr nf <*umjr ■ iml swyftpr of wynge, 
To li:i«c-l>'iiynflc tiitii ■ tfic larkc in rrsetnhlcd, iSA 

And to Iccllc aii<f rt> l)'fhoIy ' chat loucn ilJc ltcuiVic. 
Thus I'orfirie and Hito - a&d i^oetct mcnye 
Lyknrih in hcry lo^yk ■ Eh<^ lei-urt- fowcl t^uw. 
And wlicibtfi liij Ite s;if olljet nai siiF ■ iJit witfit- wot nai clffgle, 
Nc of Sortcftt ne of S^ftmon ' na Acripturc can telle j^j 

Whether ihei b* in lielle oihor in heuenc ; ■ oltitT Aritloik Ifac vise. 
Ac god U «o good, kh hope ' slrih^ he gaf lic^n witEcs 
To wi«6«n ou» ftt^'(§ ilicT-wEih ' that weii^n to fre s^ued, 196 
And tbe bciicrc for here bookcs— ■ to bidden we been holdc 
That (;od for h\K grAcc ' gyac here sauIoB rc£ie; 
For kurerl m^ri were but fcwcdc men jut ' no were the iore 
of iho cit-rkes.' 

-^^'Alic these tlcrkes,' qualh ich iJio ' 'that on Crist bykyiKU, 
t 1/ SeKgen m here ^oimonr* * that Higher S^irruyns n« Icwca »i 

t\Viih-oute baptisme, a% by here bokcK ' bc«tb tifli ysAaed.* 
^ContrttJ qtiiilt Ymaifiiuiir jIid ■ and f03i*<d m lourr, 
And ieltlc, ' ft/A saluahilur ittr/ut in dk iw^eii; 
£rg^ sahahitiir^' qunth he ' oni aeidc no more I^tyn. 994 

>TnLanu» wai a trewe knyghc ' and took neuere Cryiitendomc> 
And he 14 yjif. veJili ihrf bok ' and \\W «ou1e in hcuene. 
T^ei b futl>ns of li/ui ■ aud fullyiig in blud-nlitclyngc. 
And thorw fuyr i3 follyn): ' and al it) I^nn by-leyue : juH 

\^ Ac ireiiihp, ihai irrajmtrilir nnicrv ' nr iransn^r^CflL* aj-n* (lie 

|_ii, ._ Bote Ij^icde la hi» lawc uuhic ' aiid Icyuctli Ihcr be 110 bcitcrc, 
Itr"^, And jf ihi-r werr, he woldc ' anfi in Michc a wil dcyeth— > 711 

G, lya vcdicr r. i<M- ^^'ctUel r. Jl/iv 1. Jim 5 i^nerti Hktf/wt 

iiiti$, v/iiuh V ■r d/jv M Mf Duke v' Wol miiDlcr't ^IS^ ;-^ 
lob wai I pajnyiTi - and ploHv |<wl h [rry^ 
And Miitcle [ik} al-io ' ac"^ilc H um*! KOte, 
Anfl ]A4t fill haljr lyf ' Kftm Uwp at kymle. 
Whrre-rnie hif trnjej* mply ' hy fconcliy ikylui to adlMr* 
Jvil h* la ttf At \rsi Jj^Fj ' E cin not trjt ^ lO^ 
ede r. 19B. Kyvc M^ ; }yu« K: iviie I ; (lurT; ^i^ti^ P. 

I*. 3*5. tfiw* I*. no*. Jt (/»f hn) J'. fl^T- «f CA* ") J*' 

384 B. PASSUS XIL 187-393. 

Ne vrolde neuere Ircwe god - but treuth were allowed; 

And where it worth or worih nou^t ■ the bilcuc is grele of 

treuth, jS8 

And an hope hangyog ther-inne ' to haue a mede for hb trcuthe. 

For, Deus dicitur quasi dans vitam ekrnam suisj hoc fs/, 

Jideh'bus; et alibi; 
si ambuiaiitro in medio vmbre tnoriis, dc. 
The glose graunteth vpon that vers ■ a grel mede|to trouihe, 
And witt and wisdome/ quod that w}e ' 'was somnie lyiiie 

To kepe with a comune ■ no kaicl was holde betierei vyi 

And moche murth and manhod : ' — and rjjt with that he 

B. 3S9. 6^f. CROB ; L\V, om. 

O. PASSUS XV. 2i2-ai7, 386 

Woldc nenere trewe god ' bote trewe treuthe wese a-lowed, m 
And where hit worth other nat worth ' the ^y-ieyue \s gret of 


And hope hongeth ay ther-oa ' to haue tha-t treuthe desenieth; 

Quia super pau£a fidelis /uisii, supra multa ie (onstiiuam: "' 

ii And that is !oue and large hnyre ' yf the lord be trewe, 

3 And cortesie more th&n couenant was ' what so clerkes carpen; 

For al worth as god wole' — ' and tber-with he vanshede, n; 

Hie txplidt passus quintus dt DoweL 
C. 4i>. A'lowcdc P. 



S- PASSUS XUL i->4- 


And tU a ftckc iliAt fie »crc * fodl) gui I ivolke 
In nuncre of a merM^ynAimi ' monj a jcrc af:ci. 
And of lUlB Diotyng man>* t>Tae * cnoch« thoa)l 1 hidde. 
Flr«i. how Fomin? mc Tail]^ ' ai my nio<ie nfde, 
Aod tuw tliu Hdc ni&iijccd mi: ' m^^l vc cucrc mttcn; 

And how that frcri* folwcd ' folkc tti&l was ricfap» 
And r^tkc that \ru pore - at lllcl pry« thti kL(c, ft 

And tto corp« in hrr tirke^^rdc ' dc in her kyricc was bufy«d, 
But quikk« lie fciqueihe hem attjte ' or fhuld« lidpe quji^ her 

And how tills coucUisc oucrcomc ~ dcrki^s and prriitc^. 

And how thfti Icvcd men ben Uddc ' hut owce lordc hem helpe. 

ThorugK vnkonnyngc cumtcures ■ Lo incurable pcyn^a. ij 

And how thfti Ymngynaiyf ■ in drcmele* mc toldc, 

Of Kynde and ci his conujnge - and how curlt isc he is to bcites* 

And hiw lotiyneu he L? lo bcstca ■ on londc ami on >v4ter: 16 

Lmcth lie no \yt ' Uflsc ne more ; 

1'he croitarcs Ihat crepen • of Kj-ndc ban ^ng^nlr^d. 

And iUthcn how Ymagynalif seydc ' vfx tustui mitajinibr , 

And whan ho \\^A seydc so ' how »odcynclicb he paased. 10 

] lay down longc in this thou^tc ' and &tCc laslc I aleptc, 
And, an Cryetc wolde, ihere cotnc Conscience ' 10 confonc mc 

that tyme, 
A[»d l)ud in(! tome lo his taurle ■ with Clergyp nhoTdc 1 Ayr\p. 
And for Con^icniiC of Cicrgyc spake • I come 'ncl the raiher. 




Itidpit fmssuj sext$ti ^ ^i/wit. 

AND ich ftwsikede ther-widi * wiillect ocr tundc; 
A> A Jrck thai Teye were ■ forth gan icb wilkc 
In niaticjc of a ineniliriaLiiU ' meny ^eri-i uficr. 
And tncny tymc oT ihia mckUa ' mtichc thouhte ich hjtdd?; 4 
Pursl, how Fortune tii« futkde ' ixl my mc>£t« nocJe, 
And how KJtlo manacedtf me ' so my^'hi^ ^uppe, 
Tto, j'f ith lyurdo loogtJ ■ IfUf uit bj-Jiynile, 
Ajid vanahic alle fn>tic vcitucs ' and myac t&hc locko. S 

And hovL* tImE frcrca folwcden ' folh that tv^s rych«. 
And pcuple ihnt was poure ■ at lytd prj« seLten; 
Nc cor;c« of poiirc comune ' in here Idrke-^erd mosir llgg^j 
BoCc yf Jic quJkc by^qiiclhc bcxn auhl ' other voldc hdpc aqulte 

here dctica. u 

And how thu coociiflc ouer-c4m * alle kynne secies, 
At wel lerede a* le*erie ■ and lord at ihe bondc. 
And hoxv [hai Ic^ucdc iiLcit bcii [addc ' bole omc lord hem hUpc, 
Thorow \-nconnynp: cur^toui's ' to incujAbIc peyncs, 16 

And hov th^l Vmaginilif - in dremcle:! mc tolde 
m' K)Tkde Lind of hue ccnnyngc - ind what connyngc b« jof to 

Hutr iDuynge hf h la ccUe ]>f ^ 4 )c?m1e and a wktere; 
For aILc he wisscth ^ind jcueth wit ' tbtt waikcth oLh«r crcpcth. 
And ich oicruailcdc m bene * how Y'nuigyriiilif aaiije, ai 

Thii /wJAff by-fore Jesu • m <tii iwtim 
l/oa laituibiriir ' bote uix helpe; 

And. wlianuc he haddc ^idc »o ' h-^u Aodf^nUch be VftB^ioda; 
A&d ao ieh muacd vpan thia maicrc ^ that loe liMe to flkp«*>s 

Thonn* cam Conficwnct * ftnd Cleregic aAer, 
And hrden m« lysc and romc ' for with Rcson sholde ich dyne. 
And Ith ft'JOb and romcd forth ^ vitJi Koon wc mcltc. 4% 

CL tf. f4f— luppc IMKSG I u louiY myifhu icK luppv TE. ;, Ijwcdc 

X7. ihailKTU; Fi^jWh jg. JalMK:STU; vu l-i:. il. vc^MX^TG; 

C C J 

ns B. PASSUS xnt. 15-56, 

And there T K^y a rraUtrc - what rain h« v^ I tttot, 

Thai lovvc liiuicd ' and loudichc to Scrtpture- 

CoDscbncc Incwc hym v^l - and wckomciJ hym bire; 

Thci wcifthcn and wypcdon ' and wcnlcn to the dyrtcr. >S 

Ac Pacienc« in ihc palciR viodc * in pilgrjmee ctoihts. 

And prcydc mi^ic for chaTltc ^ for « pore liemnyte. 

O^iadeiicc called h}iu Id - &nd curuialichc add(, 
*Wdcoine, wye, jco And vawhc ' thow ahatl «ilt« eODi«.' 3> 

Thift maifttcf wan made tillc * afi for the mosilc worthy, 
And ihanite Cler^e and Conscience - and Faciencc cam aft^r. 
Pacitncc and I ' vcre put lo l>c nuccbcs, 
And acEcn by owrc scluc ' at a syitc-borde. j6 

Conscic!Ti<e cdled aUcr mete ' ard (hfrnn^ cam Scripture, 
And serued hem [hu5 sone ' of tondry mttes manyc, 
or Austyn, of Amliro^c ^ of allc llic Jbure cuangcHska; 

Ac this moEGter n^ liin man - no mancrc fl«*shc cicd, ^d 

Ac tliffi eie mtie of more coiw ■ mortrevrci and pomgcs; 

Or ilial rot^n niyi-woiuie ■ tliei niailc h«ai w^I at esc. 

Ac her sauce was cii«r-tourt" ■ ft Misiutmrdy groundc. 

In a moricr, post-mcrtfut • of many Liner pcync, 44 

Bui if ibd ^ngc for tho »oul«« ' and w«p« salt t«r««: 

rpJ qui pfcaiiii hormnum cometJtfis, rtnf firo tii fatrintii ti 
cratwnfs ffunticnJit, ta gut in <kli(r(js tvmtdiSh. in lor* 
nuniit mamiiit, 
Coiitctoncc ful cuncUly iSo * comatindcd Scripiur« 
mfi>r Padence hred to brynge ■ anrl mr- tiui was his msicche, 
H? btLJc a feourc lof lo-for vs - and scydc. '%r/< ptmUnttam^ 
And aith he drough va drynkc ' diu-prfsftitr-itm. 49 

'Afi lortge,' quod I, 'is I lytte - and lycmne trifty dure!' 
'Here is propre seniice,' quod PAcience ' nhcr farcih no prynce 

And Uianne he Lrou^t vs forth i, mces of other mete * of 

Al/£trFre-mn-{kus ; 5« 

And he hroii^ie vs of Bra/f-^uorti/n * of Beahis*virrtT nakyngc, 
El-^uorum^kciii-tunh ' JXtta/a in a <\mhe 
Of demc iihriftc. Dixi • and ^enJSkhr /iSt'/ 
'Brynge Paciencc some f iLaunce ' ' pryueltchc quod Consdoioe; 

a PASSUS XVI. a5K6«. 



Wc nuerence^c Rcaon - and romcd fonh sofldichc, 

Anil mclce with a may^ter ' a min ylitc a frcrc. 

Conscience knew hym wel ■ snd wclcotn^de hyva fayre; 

Th^i wis>»b*n and wjpeden ' and wenien lo the ilyncr. 31 

Paclciicc as a pou:c ihyng c^iii and prcidc iDCte for cJiiriLr, 

Ylike to Veen Plouhinan * ^ be a palmerc were. 

Cnued« and cncde ' fur Cri&tcB bue of heuene, 

A meles mcic (ot a poure man ' oiher moneye, yf iM hadifen. 

CoLiKtcncc knew hym wcl ' uid wdccmcdc hen) alie; j; 
Thci wi»hcn and wipcrfcn ■ and wcmcn and scllcrii 

The muster wiJi midc eo fiin* furet ■ as for lh« moat worUi^ ; 
Re«on «tod and «ihlcilc ' u for stywardc of hilkr ^d 

FacJencc and idi wcrrri ■ ypii: lo be mcUcs, 
Artd sclcn by ous scluc ' a! a Ayd'Ublc, 

Ckregic caldc aflcr mete ' £uid Ihcnne cam ScripturCi 
Aod «enjedc hvm thus sone ' of sondric mens mema, 44 

or AtiAtyn, of Amlirofiic ■ of alle dir foure euangcUc*, 

£dinks St likniei ^nf apuJ I'Uos iUiif. 
Ac of vhttt mctcs this mai^ler ■ mjghtc iial w(fl chewe j 
FoT'thy Iw ect meie of more co«l ■ morlrewes and poiage», 
or lliai tbai men rny^wonui? - ihd madtn \\tiiti wel ai eie, 48 
Ac bcre nucc wav oucre-sourc ' and vjibaucilcltc ^roujidc, 
Jc a mortert poslntorkm ' of mcny bitero peyne&r 
Boi« yf ih«i «ynge for tho %o\i\'i& • and wepe SAlte uercs; 

(Us ju* pf^foinx Aoniirium fem/diliit nisi prs fit lairimtiSi 
^ntltrittSt fti qnt m delu^s ixmtditis, w (oitatntit tuomtiii. 
"ITsennc Rtaon raddc • jyght anion *ftcr, i> 

That CoDscicnco comaund* BhoLde ■ 10 do come Scripture, 
And br)ikg« t>rrd for Paidtnco - byiyride stpanie. 
And to cte ili^ was hus tnetic iho ' and oLhf-r mcie Lxjihc: 
He sctic & «oure locf ' and acidc^ * agitt ptntUntiarti,' ^ti 

And sinhc he dfow ous dr)!)]^^ ' /fm-ptrawraWt 
■As longe,' qiiath he, 'as tti« l;'f - and the hcame may dure.' 
»"Thia te a scmelichi* wruJcel' ■ s-?lde Pacience. 

Thrnnr cum Contrition ' th;4t luuldc^ colced for hr^m allc. 6a 

4!^ jpaltP. 45- of EJKSU: iDdK ^6. tit 

3|. b«lM^G: P^. 
P. it. Ht^mOiJSTi 

390 B. PAS5US Xni. 57-d3. 

And tliAiinc b&tl Packflcc ft piiaimcc ' frv-k^c-^n M t td A §m MU ' 

And Conocienca coitfovtwi vs * tnd cflq>c<l n nft^ bleti 

Fadmc* wis proude ' of thai proprc i^c-niice; 
And nude tiym mairth with his nicic ' ac f laomcd cixrci 60 
Fof thi» dodour* oq the heif;h dciae - dnmke v^a so fjulo ; 

He ert manj' BoTidrf mcira ■ roontrwns and pudHyngr^^ 
WomUr-cIouica And if>ide bnumc ' ft CEKo y^ycd willi frocc. 
'J'hftADc sdde 1 to nj'-^f ' so Pacicnce it herdc, A^ 

'It \% nou^i foitre dares that this &ctc ■ btfor the den of PoukE; 
Frechcd of penatuices - tbai Foale cbe apoolc soSncd, 

In /ami ^- /ngi/rt ^ iuid flapper of scourges; fy 

Trr <ttm surt^ U a ttttkit ^utHgtatt fttadraffvicajt it, 
Ac o vLXirdc t^jci ou«rhuppen ■ al ech a i^mc thai Lhei prcclic, 
That Foule in hLs fAsxtl - 10 9.\ the p4?pEe lolde; 

P^itulvm eii in faUit fr^iit^fUi. 
IIoI>writ liii men be war * I wll noujl >vr:te il Jierc 70 

On p]jigUach, ait aiicnLurc ' U shold« be rthnccd lo ofte, 
And grcue there-wiih thai good men ben ' ac grirun*re« thuJ rcdej 
Vnmquhqu/ a//iUft st <ta(«dMt, ^tua^ U diaftir, frriaJum 
ui in /ttUis /ra^i&uf. 
Ac [ v^&t ncucre freke that as a frerc ycdc ' bifbr men on 
TflVf^n it for her teme ' And telle it vlth-ouien glosynge. 
The] piechen that |H:nnuiicc ' i« proHuMc Co ilie toule. 
And what myschicf and malcK ' Ciy^t foi fuaii ibolcd; j^ 

Ac this goddcs glotOQ.' quod I ' 'with bin grct chdccv, 

Haih no pyW on vs pore • he pcir^rrteih yucl; 

ThaT hf prrchcrh he preueth nmijt* ' to P^^cience I told^ 

And wisshcd \«tLtcil; ' witli wiltt iUI tgrc, s« 

TbftI disai^s and <3oblcrc3 ^ bifor thb iJkc doctour. 

Were molten Ltd ui hiB maw ' «bd Maiioun amyddea! 

A fS. hmmHiiatwmls, ti. and H^/ilAUii « i* Lv Bi. aoltca 


O- PASSTJS XVT, Ui*^)r» t§) 

And brouhte ibrth a pituuncc ' ivaa /r^W'Ofi^^'^anif^avrAEf- 

rM- Umport-t^pcf iunoy 
CoAioience confbriede ous ' bo[be Ctprpgie and Scripttm, 

An J fttkK ' tar ccnfniuiK A ^ajntftu/um, tints, nun disfScks' 
1 P&ciaicc vi* wcl apaicd - of ihis proprc fccru^tc, 
And mad tnurye with this roeu; ; ' sc tcli moumcdc ttxxt, 64 
[For a 6occor ai thf heye de/a ■ drank wyn fa«o — 

Vt tt^ix qui p&t^ntts art's ad hihemfusi nmtwt^ 
And «e mcny sondry meles ' moruews and roddyiia;eB, 
Bracn and blod of the goo3 ' bacon and colhoppcs. 
Then tetJc ich to my-^\i ' tbut Pici^nc^ bit hurde, 64 

'Jl* i* nat ihpe dnies don ' ihai Ihis doctor prech^de 
Al »eirl Paiilcs by-for the pcu^ilc ■ what litnauiicc ihci suflTrfiitTi. 
Allc that cout^itcdc Xq come ■ to hcucne h>-c ioyc; 
And how that Px^il itie af>ost]i^ " whit p«Diunc« he iholcdc 71 
Fof OUK lordes four ' a» >tol^ kunire lelleth; 

Ac mc wunJwih in my witt * wW ihftt tbci nc preche. 
Af Pftul the apo^tL^E prechedo ' lo the pfupLe 0^ 

Pfri<tiium in fatiit fraiwt1>ui i 
Ilolj wrJt bit mfn be wai ' and wislkbe hem kepp. 76 

Thai DO faU fr^rc ' thorw QnlrTitgo hem by-gylc ; 
Ac mc \% ioih; ihow ich Laiyn knowe • to lacTiy etiy scclc. 
For allc n-« ben brethren * ihauh wc be diucrshdie doihcic 

Ac tch *i»ir ucucre freck ' that frcre is j-callrd 8a 

Of the fvoe mcndynautia ' and siade cny sirmon. 
Ihal took this for his tcme ■ and lold hil ;\4th ouW glOM. 
Th*i prccheti tlint p^raunc^ ' 11 profitable for the Boule, 
And u'hai meschirf und what mal e^ ' Criat for mini l!ir;1ffde. 
Ac cilia doctor axid diuinour ' and dccreii»trc cf caoou, %h 

And al-so a gncd)' gloton ' with to grete chckc«, 
Hath no pit*? on v\ poare ■ he pCTfounicth ^-iwle; 
That hr prrchrih he proucth nai' - to Pidctice tch CoMe, BA 
And ni»hcde wllcrlichc ' with a wtl ful egrc, 
XJttI in the m^kwc of thnt mmsEcr - aHe tho metM wurVt 
UBchct and dobtlcres - with all* the deyntea afttrl 

O. «J. icidtMIKSTGp t«dra TE. 6ij. diuIMESTG^ thga 1\ ;^, 

bi*>th(TtteP. So- >c*lkder- »J. fore P- bj IM i JM:rr PETC 

a^, (Lb i_/^ ttiii) fr ikcmiiU lUG; dcacicsuc P. 8^. whwJiok IV 

91. w(E(/wmib)P. 

198 & PASSUS Xin. 8J-114. 

' I slul l^a^ 10 tbiE lurdu < with hii lust w<Hab«, 
To telle me what penaonc* 11 ' of which ht pr«bt<l nUi«r/^ 
Padcikci* peTrT^iicfl what 1 thim^t - and vjnkcd i>n me In 1:^ tiUlc, 
Add icydev *ll)OW shall ae thus sone . wbaa be ciaj 110 tDore. 
He ahal haue a peniuiDce in bis pauDcbc *and puffc atcchavorde. 
And tbiBM ifaiillcik his gutiU god«le - and be sbal galpva aft«r; 
For now lie hath djook^o so dq>e ' ht wil t^uyne wne, S9 
And prcoen il bj licr Pcc&lip* ■ and pu»oun of K^t Auck^ 

Thac nrhhrr hacxiun ne braune ' Uananangcfc nie morUewc^ 
la ooithcr fiasbe ne fleabe ' but fode for a pcnoiinCc. gj 

And tbanne ahal be tc«ttfje of a lrinit» * Aod tak« bis tclawe to 

Wliai he fond* in a fteyel ■ afrt* a Ircres Ijuynge, 
And but If the fyru Jjrnc be lesyng ' Lcnc mc neucre aTicrl 
And thajinc » tj^me to take ' arhi to appose this doctourc 94 
Of Dowel and of Dobei - and if Dobcst be any p«iiaano«>' — 

Ami I sett- vitillc, as Paricncc sevil? ' and thus KOnv dllfl doctOUT, 
Aa lody aa a rose - rubbed his chekc*. 

Coajl^bed and carped ' and Confidence bym hcrdc, 100 

And (olde hym of a ihnite ■ and toward t-s be loked. 
'Whai ia DoweP rfre dociour/ quod f ■ 'is Dowel any peoaunoe?' 

' Dowel ? ' quod lbi» rfociour— ■ and loke the euppe and dranke — 
' Do noil yut-l 10 ibine euenecn^lenc ■ noiijt by thi fowcre/ 104 

'Bk lliis day, iire doctour/ quod I 'LhannebcjCDOujt inDowd; 
For 30 ban harmed v% two - in that ^c. etcn the pLddynj, 
MonrfWrR, and other mete ' and w-e no morael hade! 
And if jc fare ko in 30wrr r^imorie ■ fcrly tiic iliinketh. loB 

But ebest be thoc cbantc *huldfl be ■ and jon^ cbildem dorttc 

pleyne 1 
1 wokle permute my penaunce with jowre ' for 1 am ia poynte 
10 Dowel I ' 

Thannc Conscience cufteiAllche - a coniematinc* bo made. 
And preynie vpon Paciencc ■ to preie mc to be stilk, ii« 

And seyde hym-^lf, '«jre doctour * and ii be jowre wtlle. 
What h Dowel mid I>obet^ ■ jc dcuynoura knowcth* 

CROB; DoL. loj. nioiiBl YiCH: iDnisel LRO. 

a PASSUS XVI. 9a-T*#. 

'Ich fihal luTtgly lo thn lordan ■ wUh biu lust^ vombCi ^ 
An<l li-po^e hym ahai p«naunce \% ' ant! purgntorie on «Ttb^ 
And whi he Ijncih nat aa lie Icietlt ! * ' ' Id bt» qualli^^ciwittr. 
And vcidc, ' thow <ihAlt aco ihua bouc ' vflian he may na more. 
He »hjd haue a ponaunce in hu£ p&unctu * aod ^uffc lE echo 

worite; 95 

ThfTTinc sliulleth hU goiies ^wlelen ' and he by-gynne to pil['e. 
Now he h*th dronkc so dcpc ' lie wol dcdiiy sone, 
And prcMcn it by here Apocalips ■ and by the passioti of scint 

Tiiiit noiW hic<m re braun ■ blamtnangcr ne mortmn]* if» 
Ya noihcf fisih nc flcssh - bole /ode fot pcn^iuntes; 
And lake witncsou of the trinitc ' and take his fclawe to witmeSM, 
What he fond in a forel ■ of a frcree Ij-uynge; 
An«) tioie llie fcrsle Ict-f !» Iciynge ' leyf me neuere iiFler T x&i 
And ihrnnc is ijme Uj ulkc ■ and lo aposc tiiis docloui 
Of Do^cl and of Dobct - and yf Dobcl do cny jicnaunce-' 

Ich r^Jil Btjiie as Ffttirucc ^olde ' and ibus son« tbb£ doctOUTt 
Ai rody as a rose ' rodtlede hua chekes. leA 

Kow<de and Cftrpcdr ' vid Curisc-iecice hym herde. 
And loldc of a trinlte ' and to-vardv ire he lokedc. 
'WhfLl U Dofw^l, idre doclourr quath ich ' 'is Uobei eny 

pen&Lincer ' 
'Dowel?' quaih ihh dfidour ' and he drank after, 111 

'Do Ihy neyhebor? non hLiriue ■ iic thy-seluc Jioihcr, 
'J'hinnc doit ihow wcl and wi^iclic " icb dar \ni wcl a-vouwe/ 

'CcrUfi. Bire," ihannc s^jide ich ■ 'U: icmctli nal hei^, 
Tn Uiat )e partcth n^t with ni:s pmirc ' ihni ^e pixwlli D<iwel, 
KoLhcr lauyclJj us jc lercth ' ax oljic lorde wcildc, 117 

And )& liuc thus viih pure sike frerei ' fcrly me ihycketh, 
Bole Dr^wel entliti? jow ■ jj* dt\ mdirii,' 

Tlicitiit CmiHtieiuit: ful turtdftldie ' a contcnauncc he madet 
And pr^ynto vpon Pacience - to preyc me be atfllCi 11 1 

And fl«:do hym&elf, 'eyr» docEour ■ t>y 90 bU be joure vil, 
What U Dowel and Dobei? ' 3e dkiynoHr* knonnh.' 
*ldi bane »idc,' aeide the seg ' 'y can seyc ro bcticre, lu 

C- Jl- whil TMETG j with P. 97. he EM : PIT om. lOj. \\ fj^ 

hii)P. 113, thy lEG; Iht F (SM^ i!rj«ir)> 119^ endittlMT; rndyty P. 


S94 B. PASSUS Xia 115-14^ /^^" 

'DomcL' quod thii doctour - 'do tt derke* Mcbeth, 
Anil Dabci is Iv- liut tcdicflb ■ and tratniUclh tn Irrhr oihcr, 
And DobcM (ioth bym-AcIf ao ' u kc Kith uid pfcchclh : — 1 17 
ijtif /^'U et 4ocmertX ma^ut r^sbihir t'n rr^Hi? ctlontm,' 

•Kow tbow, Clerp)-tf/ <luod Coniciente ■ 'caqwrt wb*t isD^i*tl." 
■ I liaue wucnc sonc*/ lit wyJe ' 'wruen in a a^si^y 
Thac the lordc of Lyi wooyetb ' 10 Icrcn bjm «!nt » Dowel ; 
Til I ao tho scaeoe ' &nd mr'self acordenk i>i 

I un vnhgLrdy/ quod h< ' 'to siny wy^i to pretw iL 
FoT Cine Pleres the rkjughtnan ' haih fnpi]gn<*d vg ^Ic, 
And scUe ftllc acicncts U a ftoppc ' sauc loue one, im 

And nc tixLc d« ukclh ' to mcnitcnc hia catitc, 
But 4b/i^f i^lrwH ' and doaxjai, gmt iu^'taiH, ^t. 
And seith ihaE Dowel and Dubrt ' arm iwo infinite*. 
Whidtc iufuiiLcSh Tiith n tciiii • fynden outc DobcitU ii^ 

Wbich f)ho\ mac mvioet em>u]« ■ thus scith Picr^ the Ploughman. 

'1 can nou^t heron," <quod Conficitnce ' Jic I tiio«< w«l Hi^rfe; 
He uil noujt :i|rin holy writ »pekfl^ ' I dar n«l vndctukc; 
Thariric p!U» we uutr til Flai ctnnc ' wid preut.- lliis in dcdc. 
P«icncc haih he in inanj place ■ and pcraumtc cnowcth ijj 
That no ckfke no c^ ' as CrjU bcrcih viuiciee; 

' Al gowrc fir<'ycrc,* quoil Pacycncc tho ' *so nrj Tnan displese bjm; 
Dutt' quoJ he, V<*rt ■ liiii^t i/iimkot* >i6 

ZJf>ff, ftnd Dowel - ^[w, and Doixt; 
DiUgt, and Dobe«t ' thus laujto m^ onefi 
A Itmm^d ihat I louad - Louo wi* hif n;iEnc. 
'' Wiih wordo and stith ii-erkes.'' qaod »hc ■ "and inllc of ihj-nc 
hcrtc, 140 

Tbow Icrne lelly thi Eoule • al thi lyf-ijme; 
And «u ihow lere ihe lo loi))ie ' fur tlitr brdn lotie of hciicnc, 
Tlune cncTUjt m al wysc ' cucnc-foilli willi ihi-bcluc. 
Cast coics on his hcd ■ and il kynde spechc, 144 

Jia;li>> wjih werhfs antl ^ilh wordea ■ fondc his loue to wynne; 
And Uy on hjm thus with inue • til he laughft on xhc; 
And but he tiowc for ihit bciyn^ ' blyndc mot£ be vonlic I 
Ac for lo Tatc ihufl n^th thi Irende ' foly it were, 14S 

Kor he that loueih the leily * lyte of Lhync couciLeth. 

a PASSUS XVI, ias-164' 396 

Bote do as doctoura telleth * for Doirel ich hit holde; 115 

That traueilech to tcchc otherc ■ for Dobet icb it bolde ; 
And he that doth as he techeth ' ich haJde hit for a Dobest; 
Qui /acit et docuerii, magnut ticcabifur* 
' Now tbow, Cleregie/ quath Conscience ' * carpe what is Dowel.' 
*Haue me excused/ quath Clercgie ■ 'by Crist, bote -in scole, 
-Shal no such motif be meued ' for me, bole there, 
\ ' For Peers loue the Plouhman ' that enpugiiede ooes 
\^ . Alle kyne komiTnges * and alle kyne craites, i$% 

^ ^ue loue and leaute * and louhnesse of herte, 
' And no tixt taketh ' to i>reoue this for Crewe 
Bote dilige deum ^ proxtmum ' and domne, guu habiiabii im 

And preoueth by pure skyle ' inpu6t aUe thynges, 136 

Nemo pontiff 
Bote leel Jooe and trenthe * that loth is to be jfoonde.' 

Quath Peers the Plouhman - 'pccimUs mncunl. 
By-for perpetual pees ' ich shal pieoue that ich seide, 
Anda-vowe by-for god ■ and for-sake hit neuere, m° 

That disc€^ doce^ dilige ' dtutn and th^ enemye; 
Hertely thou hym helpe ' emforth thy my^t. 
Cast bote coles on bus hefde < of alle kynde speche, 
Fonde thorgh wit and with worde ' bus loue for to vynne, 144 
And ^if hym eft and eft ' euerc at has neede; 
Conforte hym with thy calel ' and with thy kynde speche. 
And leje on hym thus with loue * tyl he iauhe on the; 
And bote he bowe for this beiynge - blynd mote he vortHc I ' 
And whanne he hadde worded thus ' wiste no man aAer, 149 
Where Peers Plouhman by-cam ' so priueliche he wente- 
And Reson ran after - and ryght wiih him ^eode ; 
Saue Conscience and Cleregie ' ich couthe no mo aspye. 15^ 
And Pacience propreliche Bpak ' tho Peers was thus passed, 
* That loueth leliy,' quath be ' ' bole lytel ihyng coueytedi. 

O. 119. me E1MTG; V om, 130. mmiedc V. 139, precouye P ; 

tte\. 136, i^i. faoteElMTG^ oale F, 14G. Conforte EG; Conforty F. 
14B. helMTG; ^^^{ut Hmr). b«IT; idi P£ (an^/i'nf), 149. 

wc6te 0*^ wUie) P, 151. jmd IMTG ; P em. 

ft96 B. FASSUS XllL 150-184. 

Kjmde loiie cniiHirrh nniijte ■ nn catcl but qmbe^ 

Wilh half a Uumjic lync in liCjne ■ tjc ei iruru&ivrA" I 

I bcre tfaerc^innc aboulc ' fut yboundc Dciwcl, t5> 

In A lEt^e of Ibc Saierdny - ibu tiCtL« Qr^ie die kiit«ndare. 
And aJ Uie iriHf^ of the Wednesday * of i\\t iittw wyks after; 
Tlic mydtlcl of the laonc ' is ilic mi^tc of botlic, 
Aitti hcrc'A'iih am 1 welcome * then i hnue it vf\xh mc/ 15^ 

■ Vndo ji, JAt« thift doctour d«in« * if Dowel be ihcnnne ; 
Fop, bt hym ihac me mad^ - mfjit n*uere pouMie, 
MisciMr nc mjscLicf ~ ne nun uiih his longc, 
Coldc, nc cjirc - nc compdgnyc of thctics, i4» 

Ne noilher hcte, nc h^uMe - nc non hellc pouke, 
N< noither fuire ne flode - ne fere Gf thine tnemj 
Tene the cny Lyme - atid ihow take i; with the; 

And eek, Xyxxt E,-od my soulel - tnJ ttiow v^lt ic cnne, 164 
There ny* noyihir empeiour nc cmpercssc ' crl, kynge, nr b»n>im, 
Pope, lie juiriifch ' ihai piiyre rewiu iic sdial luakc 
The meysicr of allc iho men ■ thoru) roijt of U^s rcdcka; 
Noijji ihoruj wiccii«'CriiR, hut ihoruj wtl ' {and Ihow wilt thi-Mltie) 
Do kyngc and qiien« ' »n<l ^lle the comnnc after 169 

3yiie itie alle ihai ihci may ^ue ' as for the best jemere, 
And, as ihou dcmcsi, wil ihei do ■ Jillc hcrt dayca after; 

'II is but a DidOf' <iMod this doetour ' 'a dysoures tale- 17) 
A] Ibe witt of this worlde - and wijie mennes slretigiltt? 
Can nou^i confourmcn % pecs - bytwcrc the poj^c and his CEiemya^ 
Ne bltwene two Cristenc k>-npc3 ' can no wi3ttt pec& make, 
Profitable to aylhw p*;ple" ■ and put Uie table fro hym, ijti 

And lokc Cler^ye and Conscience ■ to conhtille, an it weie. 
That Pflciencc iho mosie pasac ■ for pilgtimea kuijnc wel 1>^. 

Ac Conactcncc carped loudc ' and curteifltch soid^, 
•Frendes, farelh wel' * and faire epake 10 Clergye^ i«* 

' For I wil go wirh this gome " if god wit ^iiic me grace, 
And be pilg:ymc widi PacJeiicc * lil I haiic proucd more' 

' Whai^' quod CIcrgyc to Conscience ' <af ^coucitoose nonihe 
After ^etef^yuea or ^iftce - cr {emen to rc4e r»dctesf 184 

my CMjtt^ttrt iKAv^ tar. 

a PASSUS XVI. rss-i^B- 897 

tch ttfJJe, and ich nill bnddc ■ wynnrn a] Fraimcf* 

Wilh-outc bruliiiji ot bunics ^ olhcr cny blod-shcding i li^ 

Ich take wiuncsw,' qii»ih be ■ *ai ho!y writ a panic j 

For, by hym ihat me mnriel ■ xnyiic ncuere pooerlie, 
AftedM, lie iTiyschlcf * dc man wlLb bos lonf^ 
Tcnc ibc cny tyrnc ' and thow take Paciencc, i6o 

And bcrc hit in thy bo^m ' abov^ie wher Ebou -W«nd«sti 
la ihe corner of a c^t-^vh«l ' with el crowc croune. 

Shal neuer& bume be abaissbed ' thai bath ibis a-boute, 
Neitber heie ne bail ■ ne belle poalte liym greue, 
Ndlhi^r Tuyr, nodicr flod ' nc be i-fcrcd oretictnyc^ 
Cariloj txpeiUi omntm timortm; 


Thcr ni& wygbi in th)5 worldc ' that wolde the lottt 
To hauc alle lordcs at thy lylcyng ■ and Uw here lord malic. 
And maister of alle bcre mccblc ' and of here mcncyo after, i^% 
The kyng^e and alle the comune ■ and cicrcgie to the alouic 
Al for here kirdc and Icdcrc ' and lyuen as [hou techcsU' 

■This ia a Dido* quatb tht« doctoiir " 'a diaotira tale I 
Al the wJtt of ibis worlds ■ ne wya[hle mennea strengths ij» 
Can tial iic^rTQimcn a |>crK * of thr pope and of bus uiemys 

PiofiLablc for boihc pard«a' — ' atid put the bord fram bym* 
And tok Conscience and Clcrc^ic ' to couodd, aa hit were. 

\. iss- addcP. tdj. />vMlMETS; tm^tkii^m. 171. iW» 


$9S K PASSU5 Xlir iS5-a9i. ^ 

1 ahil tir>n^ |uw it bible ' a buke of the nl^ bvt?, 
And Icre joir, if ^onr Jjrkc ' the \ttai pofnte to kikowc^ 
That f uiea» Lhe pilgTyna« < p«rfiil;- kucve neucre.' 

' Nny» bi Cfy«c/ quod Consdence lo Clergye ' ' god ibe foi^dde. 
For il that Packnc^ me profftili ' proude ajn 1 lUel 1S9 

I Ac U» wiljc of the wjc ■ Aiid ihc wilb of folkc here 
Ifbih mooucd my naodc ' 10 moume for mj synne*. 
The goo<l vill9 of % wljM ' w%s neure boujce to the fuJle; 193 
For there nys no irewrr theno ' lo a trewe wtlie. 
Ilaued noQfi Magdclclgac more for a bo^r of ^luc. 
Than 2&chcua for he scidc ' ^imidium Aoncn/nt nu^um do p<m- 

And the j>orr vndwc ' for a f>eire of rayics, 1^ 

Tlian allc tho ll^at olficdea ^ in-Lo ^aiiijiffi^ium .^' 

Thus curtciHlich CoDscicncc ' coi^geydc fyrsi the frcrc^ 
And sWhvji ao^iche be £cyde ^ in C^'terg^-e^ ere, 
• Me v/^Tt letier, by ovrc lonle ' axid I 1)1^ Khalde, too 

Haue paciencc pcrfillidi ' lUaa half diy pikke f£ IxiVeaT 
CIcrgyc to Cooackncc ' no congcyc woldc take. 
But Bdde iai sobreliche ■ 'thow shall se the tj-mc» 
Wlian thon an wery for^walked - wilne tne lo ccnis^Liile.' J04 

'Thai is ftoth/ scyde Cooiiclencc ' 'so me god li^lpel 
If P^gicnce be cwrc p«rlyBg feUwe ' and pryue with vt botbc; 
There ny^ wo in thift worldo ' that vrt ns shulde amende. 
And confourmeTi kj-nges to pees ' ard aJ Jtynnes loud**, mS 
Saiasrrnes and Surre ' and so fordi alle ihc lewcv 
Turne in-lo iIac ircwc f^^ithc ' and in-iil one bylcue-* 

•That ig soLh,' quod Clcrgye • '1 K what Ihow mcncst, 
I cho} dwelle as I d(} ^ my deuore to shcweni aia 

And conibrmcn feunictyne* - und olher folkc ylercd, 
Tyl Pacicticc laus pTcucd liie - and iiarfllc ilic tnikcd.' 

Coaadeace tho with Facieocc passed ' pllgrymea as it were. 
Thanne had Pactence, oa pylgrymes han ' ia hts poke vittaiUo, 
Sobrele, and aympl<>'«pechv ' and &oihf^sie-b)Ieue, >i; 

To fonfone hym and Conscience ■ if they come In place 
There Vnkyjidcncssc ajid Coiicytisc la ■ hangiye coiiiroe* botliC. 

And ns ihci went by the wcyc ■ of Dovcl ihci cMpcd; j** 
Thci metic with a mynsiral * as me tho thoujic. 

O. PASSUS XVL 176-191. 39d 

Ac icb took kepe bow Conscience - congede sone this 
And Bitthe be seide to Cleregie ' so tbat ich hit berde, 177 
* By Cryst/ quath Conscience ■ ' Cleregie, ich wol nat lye, 
Me were leuere, by cure lorde * and icb lyuye shoide, 
Haue pacience putitliche * than half thy pack of bokesi iSo 
Lettnire and longe studie ' lettetb ful menye, 
Thai thei knoweth nat,' quaih Conscience ■ 'what is kynde 

For-thi/ quath Consdence - 'Crist icb the by-techej 
With Pacience wol icb passe - parfitnesse to fynde-' 1S4 

Thus thei wenie forth here way ■ with gret wi\ ich folewede. 
Thenne hadde Pacience, as pilgrimes hauen * in here poke vitaiJes, 
Sobrete and symple-speche ' and sothfast-bylcyue^ 1B7 

To comforty hym and Conscience ■ yf thei come in place 
Ther Vnkyndnesse and Couetyse ys ' hongry contreis bothe. 
And as tbei wente by the wey ■ of Dowel gan thei carpej 190 
Thei mette with a mynstral ' as me tho thouhte. 

C^ 1 76. coDgcdc SG i cooged T ; coaocidc P. 1S4. Wliit {/fir Wttb) V. 


B. PAS3US Xm. aM-154. 

PacicDCC apposed hym fyr^tc ' And prcjxd hym he tholtdc lion ttHc 
To Conecicnc?, vhai cnfie he couthc - Axt lo what contra b« voLde. 

'I nm 3 mynKimV <[uod (h;U man - *my taitic k dciitia^viSA.* 
AHe >dd kt Kaljt ' for of atijf l« my name u} 

A wjJrcrc, wtl ^c wile ■ and scruc manj lordcs, 
And Icwc robot 1 fonge ' or furred goanct. 
Couihf I lye to <Jo mfn laugher ' tlannc loocbcn 1 thuMe >fS 
OllkCf m^nicl or inoncj^ ' iuiioneci kjnlci myiuttioDcn. 
Ac ior ] C4I1 noiUKr tabrc ne Irompc ' ne LcUc none ercsteSi 
Ffliten^ ne lytlivlen * ai f«fiL«H, iie harp«n, 
Iftpe ce logly • n* genilych pype, a3> 

Np noydici saitly ne muIc ■ uc sjiigt wiJi tlie ^Leiite, 
I hatic none goiJc eyfU:« - of ilibe greie lonie^ 
For no br<:d thai 1 brynge forth ' sauc a bcnc^on on th« Soodoji 
Whan the p«6i prejvih ihc pcplo ■ h*r /w/fr-nw/^ to bid(te 
For Perea ilip Plowman ' and dial liym profile wayten. 1^7 

And llial am I, Actyf ' thai ydclncssc l-iaiyc, 
For aUc Cr^we irauallLours - ^nd tiI[Grc3 of the crUic; 
Fro IVlycbelme&se lo B1ychelmes£« ' I fyndc h«in with vafnt. 940 

Beggere* and biddcrcs ' of iry hrrd oraiifn, 
Failourcs and frcies - ind folkc wiili brocb croiirR'*> 
1 fyndc paync for ihc pope ' and f^roiicndrc for his palfrey. 
And 1 hadde neuere of hym ' hiue god my trsuihe, 344 

Noilher proucndre ne parsonage ■ jut of the popis jifte, 
Sane a pBrdDiin with a ]»eys of leci ■ 4nd two poKis amyddel 
lladde Iciic fL clerkc ihat couthc wrke ' I wcpldc cuic hym a hiSe, 
Thai he sent mc vndcr hU tcel ' a «aluc for the pcftlil«ncc, 14S 
And thai hit ble£S)'ng and iiin buUct ■ bocchcs m^Ec deairoye; 
/;i nomine meo demonia ruttiU, d sjtfier tgros manus imptmtni, 
ti iene hiiklunt. 
And ihannc wolde I be prest to the pqile ■ paste for to mak^ 
And buxom* and busy * abome bred and drynke 
For hym luid for alk bia ' fonde T thcti his paxdoun sjj 

M^Le Itchen a man ■ as I beleoe it slmlde. 
For silh ho baih the powcrc ' thai Peter bym-aelf hodde, 

B. *4S»H *!<««/ WCROB; tkiatntU k^. pe^^X:ROn; Ltm. 

C. PA3SUS XV!, i93-iaj5. 






r^Lcncc A-poKd liym ' and piddc he %hMf^ (die tgt 

Whftt crcifi ibfli he couihc ■ &nd coficsl/ Ik »cidc. 
* Ich Am fl Enjtifitriif,' c|UAih thiK maa < < my n^uoe u Aftiva-uifa^ 
i?«ra prcrtjTi ihe Ploiihman ■ alle peuple to cotnfor1^«J 
' ' Whal TWAntic myristr^iKic ■ my dere frtnJ,' <juAih CoEisclenc^t 196 
'HflsC lliow vscd olhcf bjtumcJ ■ al ihy lyf-iymc?' 
' Myrtslrolcie can icJi nat muche ' bol« make men muryc. 
Ait a walTrcr uiih va^res ' and weLcotne gcxiirs giiitfs. 
or my labour llici buHe ' ihe hsse and the intin-, mo 

The pourc and ihc richc ■ y picae and payn fyndc, 
And fc*'c robjs icli TtjTtgft ' othflT Ibrredu goudCft. 
Wokle kb lye and do mt^n buhe ■ tli«nn« lacchen ich diolde 
Maniela oilier nooneye • a-mong lordcs cnineiml^iL lOf 

kh <«ii luc tabre re crompc ' ne iclk fairc ^^ica, 
Fartcn, nc fttliclcn * at f(r»loe, no li^iqicr, 
1»pcn no If^leii ' ne g«^te]UcIi« pLpo, 

Nothi^r wntn nr sfliiir^n ■ rp singo with ihc gltrrne. io« 

IlL hauc iioitc ^odc ^lici ' of lltcic i^rclc lujJcs 
For 00 trcd tlint Ich hy-lrflunilc * i-:* bryng by-forc lordct. 
Ne wcrr hit thai the panthc ' praycch for mc on SoncdayCF, 
Icb am *ofy that irh tew other setrc ' boi** for my-wlf one- 
Ac the prcsl and glher pcuplc ' prajclh for Pcciu Plouhoian, 
And (or tno, Actyf, hus mail * that yddrc»ie halc^n ti^ 

Fof loideB and torellcs ' lufheic and goodc, 
.FrO'Myhcl-masiie lo ^Tyhel-massc ' ich fjmdc mein and drynltc. 
' Teh fyndr payn fgr tht- pope ' and prajc hym ich volde jij 
That pcsiiilencca \o pcos ■ and to pftrfii louc mtnc. 
Fcir foundc ich thai hun ble»inff * and bus bullc myghie 
I^ilen this Tuthcr cir - and Irdicn rhe *yt* — )» 

A* the l>onkc berclh w]ltni?s»ic ' tliat iac here myghlc 
In huji mouib mercy ' and amende vi allc, 

Super f^rfis manttt impanfrtt. *t Itm sf ha&ehtmi — 
Thenne wolde ich hc*^ busy ■ 4tid baicum to helper 
Echv lytmc creaiiue ■ thai on Cry»t by-lcyaclh. >i4 

Fof «uLthc he hath the power • tliai scynt Peter hadde. 

O. t^, thotfl {/or Ihli) p. n>5> vokooie ?. fiirtci EMFS : kiu(c> T. 
106. litbclfTi tST; lilhclvii r. 307, To^^dyn ?, loy- goudc [yt^rf^vJc) P^ 
a la. bjrtjiiuiljr f. jti. (tAridjc 1; pahmb T^ |iarv|it P. lu, kw ^15; 
Mw« P. iiA. G°u^« C/'' v<>odc] ]'. Jiv^ Iccbiu P. aji. booke ] ^ 
IwltcS; bookT; bwkoP. 


He hatb the potK wiih th* mlup ■ *oth!y, as me ibinVeUi'. 

Ar£trtJuM <i liU/Ufit fion £ti mt'hi : gucj ttukm Aal^o, A#f 

Ac if mijtc of miracle hym fuUe - ii U for men bcro aoa)i 

To Jinuc iJic jriaoc of goU ' and oo gylt« of itc pope- 
Foe may do blj"w>Tiff done vi bok ■ but if wo wfl amende, 
Ne m^ncs miitve make p«e« ' iinong«« CrifilpiK p«p]e, 
Tyl pniyJe be purelich fordo ■ and ihat thorir^h ^yn rWuitf. 

For ar I hiiuc bred of uieli; ' ofte moLc I fcwe», /Si 

Atid ar ihc comuce hauc tornc ynou^b ■ manv a coldc momfnjre; 
£oi or my wairca b*n ywroujl ' moche vo I Iholye, 

Alle Londoun I kue ■ litrrh wd mv wafres. **4 

And lowren vhaii ihri laVltra hem — ■ it Ja nnujl longc ypMwil, 
Tl^crc vu & earful comunc ' vhan no carte coroc to toane 
Wjih bake bred fro SireUotth * tho gan bc^^f^s wcpc. 
And vcrE^rncn were agnste a lite! ' this tvil be lhou)Cc longe. sAS 
Tn the <!;*Ut of owre dryjte ' in a dryp Apprile, 
A thouxandc and thre bondreth ' twcis thrctty and ten, 
^ly wafrer. ihcfc were ge&cn ' whan Chichcatre W4S maire/ 

I loke gode kcpe, by Ciysl ' and Conscience botbe, ijj 

Of HauVyn ihe at^tyf man ' and how he was y<loth^H 
lie haddc a cote of Cry^tcnclome ' as liolykLrke bilcuclb, 
Ac It was mokd in many pkccs - with many soadri plotter. 
Of Priiyde bere a pJotle, and there a plotte ' Of vnbosoioe 
Bpeche, 176 

Of ivcciijyiit' luid of HcoETyng ' anil of viukilfiil berynge. 
Aft in aparaillc and in portc ■ proudc amotgcs the pcplc. 
Othcrwybc than he baih ■ wiib hurtc or sy^ie ftbewyngt; ijg 
Hym willyngc thic ille men ^vcnde ^ he were thai he is noujte. 
For-why he bosieih and biaggeib ' with many Mde o(hes. 
And in-obcdicnt to bcfi vndcrnome ' of any lyf lyuyngCi 
And so syngulcre by hym-self " Ofl to ay^ic of the pocple, 
Was none suche ^ hym-aelf ■ ne rcne so pope-holy, A^ 

V-habitcd a« ,-in hermyte • an onire by hym-selue, 
lUli^oun sanx reulc ^ and rcsonable obedience; 
Lakkyng lelEred men • and lowed men botbe, 

LWCOB om. {hit it imfnnci tkt /an/). j8+ pope ft; pcunpc L. 

C. PASSUS XVI. aa6-»33. 


He hath pureliche the pot ' with the same ^ue ; 

Argenlum ef attrum nan esi michi/ ^uod <mUm haUo, hoc 
iibi dOf tk. 
Ac 3^ myghtc of miracle bym faile ' hit is for men beeth oat 
For to hane the grace of god ' and no guJc in the pope, 918 
For may no blessynge do vs bote * bote yf we wol amende, 
Ne marines preier make pees * among Cristine peuple, 
Til prude be pureliche for-do ' and that thorw payn defaute; 

Ex hahmdanUa panit el utni iurpissimum peccatum aduenit. 
Fore pleute of payn - the peuple of Sodomye, 13J 

And reste and riche metes ' rybaudes hem made.' 

[C&tUwuedon^ 415; ampartX. 332 ahovewtthV 75 on p- 4 16.] 

O. vii. 

[Tronl or apanil - in porte unonge tbe pnple 

O^er-wise than ich banc - wilh-yim^ otfaer witli-<mt«. 

Me wilnjoge fbat men wmde ' itfe were, as in *ue7r, 33 

Riche, uid rcsoaable ' and ryghtM of lyujnge. 

Bostynge and braggynge * wyth mcny bolde othei, 

Auftnutyng vp-on my veine glorie ■ for eny vndemymynge ; 

Acid Jul Ko BjDgulei by my-aelf ' as to sight of the paple, 31S 

Was Don KQche as my-fclf - ne noii bo pope-holy, 

Som tyme io, on seete ■ »m tyme in aDothcr ; 

In ftllo kyone coaetyse ' contieoede how ich myghte 

Be holdc for holy '■ an hondred sJthei bj th»t encheiuui ; 40 

O- 3jS. good C/(?rgod) P. 

330. preto Fi preiere ME; prcii P. 
Dd 3 


In lyi^Tiijf of Mt \jf ' md 3 l^r bt toule ; M 

Willi tiiwiL dikd wilh oulwtu ' yiiufc^iF^ii anJ Mudfc* 
A3 bcK for hi8 body bo - lo hauu & bacldc nunc, 
And cnlcmctcfi hyrn oucr-3l * Ihcr ho tuLlh noujt to done-, 
Wibjmg ihat men wcnde ■ hie wiiic wcr» lh« b«et, ij^ 

Or for h[« crafiy kunnyTigc ■ gi of ckri^-s tho wl^tsitr 
Or sircrijECSt OD *ict!c ■ or styucrt vndct irD''dc1, 
And louclokcEt 10 loken on * and \e\ttt of wc^es. 
And non ]t<^ hoty as he ' nc of lif c1«nner«, 195 

Or feyiest of ft>iijips - of fijutm*^ anii pf n4:h[dle. 
And most aoCyl of Hong« ' other alcjcst of hondca. 
And large lo \tnti ' lomt thereby to cacche ; 
And if he gyucih ou^w pore gomes ■ telle vhxi lie deletfa ; 300 
Pore of posse^sioun ' in p(n>G and in ci^fTirp 
And OK n \yoxi on to lake - and lordclicbc of »pcchc, 
Dftldcsc of bc^^geren ' a boatour tbil nou^l hath, 
In towne and in uuem«« * tAltfS to t^llo* ,104 

And iie^ge ibinge that b« ncuere vi^h * and for totbsweren it; 
or dedci ihil be ncucfc JyJ ■ dcnicii and Unlev, 
And of vrcikcA that be vcl dyd - wiinc?^ itnd Acggcn — 
*Lol if i< ICTUC me nou^t ' or that 1 lye wencn, 308 

Aztib al hym or at hym * and be ^ow can lelle, 
Wbai I siifTretl anil scifrbe - and »onie tj'ine* luddr. 
And wlut 1 couth and kncwc ' and vhat \yntic 1 Lomc oC 
A] he «c^dc that men wbte ' of werkcA and of wordcK ii> 
Which my^tc picse tbt; peple ■ and praysen hymBClucn: 
Si hamimf/u.^ pfiUfrfm, CAn't/i seruus nan /ssfm ; 
Et alitti ; fitmo pukst duo&us domtnis strairt. 

'Bi Cristc/ quod Conscience tho ' 'thi bc»t cotc, mnkjn, 
Katb many mole^ and spotted; ' it mosie Ixsn y^rjasbe.' ^ig 

'Je, who so toke be(!e,* quod Hatikyn ■ 'byhynde and hiforc, 
What on bakke and Vihai on bodyhalf - and by tltc two %ydc*. 
Men sbolde fyndc m;iny fr«uncc;t ' and miny foulc plottes.' 

And he lorned hym ns lyie ■ and thinne (oke I hcde. 
It wai fouler by fel^^fotde ' Ihan ir f;fale i^med^ ^10 

It was hidfoppt'd wiUi Wmtihe ' and wikkt-U willc, 
With Enuyc and yucl »p«chc ■ tnlysyng to fyjte, 

B. »93->9> 7%itt Minr in ^ ^Jy ; fri /ttand Ui^e C-Ua^l im ^ ^i^ircmi 




WJIpiHe lb*t men wcn^ ■ my vctkw wne tlw bntcv 

AatI kgnny[LG«T ci my crnfi ^ clerk<« otliCf ollicrr. 

And iiivpi-Hi vj>an ilpde ' in4 ilyirnl rDdcr guMell. 

And IbudoLcit 1o lokcD on ■ uwl tytfyiigal b Lvldej 44 

AuJ 1>1(>ti|,;c uf nui^h « Ijf ' ihtf iio Uwe lutyKtb, 

PrtitJl <if »Ti/ ftiiift frtoara * mxt foj leh sonfje (.hullr 

And what ich gv! for ^^odn tone ' to ^-od-iiybba ich t4M& 

Tbflj to wcoe that tch weie ■ wcl holy imd wel ilmesfnl, 46 

And □)>□ >o buld l>ciu*ert ' Lu b>0t1ea ajhJ cr«iic ; 

Tfttn I0 IfMp ' in taiiemn «id in sUeft^ 

Tbyn^ thut ncuci« wai thouhl ' a,nA )nl ich ev« icli Muh hit. 

And 1>d1 ou my l>kume - and on my lyf botbc- 41 

GC uTrfrcii that ich wcl duile ' wit^noH iph 1iilc«^ 

And sjgge to aiiche ' (hat bjHta me by *yde. 

'Lo» yf 3E leyuc mc notiht ' other ibu K wen? ich lya, 

A^k* of hym other at Imtv ' mifl ihd eaaar jnw (rile 56 

^VliAl ich safFrcde and kiIl ' and vom tyti^c hnddt, 

Aad vebfk.1 kh knew and coifthf < And what kyn ich V^m o'i' — 

A1 Idi wotdc IhAt m«i vriiitc ' wlicii hJL to piuj^c wunoL?- 

Ai to be pieised n-mong *he puptc ' thaijh yrh jionre wni«det 

AVaitf fvti^t tftie^HS tfcmindi ttntirt.'} 

4W B, PASSUS XUI. 3»3-3S<' 

hyinjtc xnd liughyngc - &nd Icdc :^JCC to chyde; 

Al iKil be wi»t wyltl«J ■ by a»y uijle, icHeti i^ 

And blam« m*n bihyndo her hokke ■ and tiyiMcn ban 

chduiicr ; 
And ibal \k wist H WiDc ' (clkn it Watic, 
Aud lh,it Walto wtstc ' VViKe wist* it afier, 
And ma^k of frendea foes ■ ihorugh a false longe, j>s 

'Or vnth my^ie of mouihe ' or thoiugli mannra stien^c 
Auengt me fdc ljcfn:s " oUici freic my-sduc 
Wyih-innc, aa a shcpstcf ihcre;' — ■ i-shrcwed men imd cunedl 

y/if^Rbi fiux later ft daiar : 
El aiiSii fiiy hontimtm^ tknfa torum urma rJ ia^'ifit, <i 
iingua t&rum giadius aathis : — 

■ There i& no lyC \\v^\ I louye - in^tyng any while, 3J« 

For tft!c< thai I telle - no man misicth lo me. 
Atul whan 1 may iiou|t fiauc tbc maLbtrye - wiih m&lcDCoIyc I 

Thdt I coccbe ttic crcmpe * ch* cirdiacJe soru tynw. 
Or nn aj^ne in *uche an nngrr " and some (yme a frnne, ^ 
That laktnli mc al a iwclf-nioncih - lyl \\va.i 1 dc&p/te 
Lecliccraftc of ovrrc lordc ' and Icuc on & wicchc. 
And ^^p^Cr that no cbrkc ne con < ne Cr^'aie, as 1 kuf. 
To the soutcr of Snuihwcrkc ■ or of Shordyche <Iame Emujcl 
And scggc, thai no godclcs worJe ' gaf mc ncuerc boDe, J41 
But thorw a charme had I chaunoc ' and my chief hdcl' 

1 wayted wisloker ■ and Ihanne was it soiled 
With lykyng of LecTierye ' a* by lotyng of hii eye 3+4 

For wd\\c a maycte lliat he mettc ' he made htr \ iiJgiie 
Scmyngic Lo'Sjnne'waid ' and some tymc be gan (asto 
Aboute the mouih, or byncihe ■ bygvnncih to grope, 
Tyl eytheres wille waxelh kene ■ and to the werko 3eden, 34S 
As wel in fa«iyng^aya anJ Ptydayea - and forTiodcn ny^t^s; 
And as wd in Lente as ome of Lcnic * allc l>mcs ylyche, 
Suche wcrkcs with hem - were ncuere oatc of tcsoun; 
Tyl Ihei my^ie namore . and thanne had merye tales, j£a 

And how ibat lct:hour<;s buycn • lau^en and iapen, 
And of her harlutryc and horcdomc - in hci eldc tcUcn. 

a 338. fllWCOBig^LR. i^x. ivtrc ^'KCdi wuL. Hh U L. 



[AuJ UiuLc ibOL Ly-bytklc bnrv tak ' and bldde hem rms> 

Al llml he wintc by Wyllr ' t* W*tkjra he (ol.i hit, 

Aud tb*t he vtlilc by WaUc^ik loUc Ijit WJUc ofler; 

And nuiilt fctOH of frtndn ^ rhorv (ilft ami fyktl tun^f : 71 

■ Uthoi thorw myffhre of uoutht ■ orhcr thorw cncoy ilftyi;hlh« 

VengcJ iiur fdc tirmcB ' u\\j,o Wciid m'-ftclf willi-rniic 

AiCJU tbe cDuuil of Criil - at cbfkM fyndcni in Lok« 1 fS 

J-yi/ *ffMi«Jiw, ^tHfii HsPhM irna ft Mgitfr, 4t tmgua 

WhnuLc ich Dr tuny h^w ihc otautilc tuclic moUntoltc kh lake. 
That ich car^cbf the ftatnp^ ■ tbe tar^ini^le tooi CfmEn 
Ochef nn a^< b tucht u ugrr ' ud kOtu lyme 11 Feiwn, 
That ukeOi pte «1 « twdfmctuthc ' til iliAr kh dia|iji;o 8.> 

LedUH^ran ol oufc IJxUe ' urnl l^yue on t wicchr. 
And ij£gv Ebai no clrrk <aa ^ n* Cf]*l. ju ich IcyLtf, 
To ihc •oater of Kciuih wctk - tatih n tkoi C^^- 

Bote tborw a chune haddv Kb « ctiBunM ' euiJ my chLcf fa«le,| 


A» in lyliyfUftf of lechfrie ' my llciinfci gnittu IjS 

In wvjdu. lu weJ<* ' ia vmilynija of cyen. 
To 4chc inmUc ihx( kb inctlc ' li;b JoniJc bmo ■ btijiw 
Srraynj^ to spnt-wirrft ■ and tnniTiM (nn ich tj»ie 
I A-boQlc [h« iiioulb«, Hnd by-oylbe ' by<|*&A ii^h Ir) sr/^f^ I'o 
TU OUK bo(hci> wi] HAA oa i ~ lo ircikc hc )okn 
|I7 |M ' Ak vel fuiyDgJiilH u Fiyilaia ' and heycrteyic cuciL^ 
Aa luf m IcAtf u auif o( Lenrc ' filt« t^pr< li^h^^ 
KucEc vcrku* wilb om ■ were umtJt out ni itflon — 1^4 

HI wc tn^i;hti; iiij mure ; ^ Ihuiuc bailtk wc oLuiyc uIm 
Of pitltrir tnil of pirAfUDun ' ud pfMiedcQ Ibon* EpcdiC^ 
tlA^Lyu^v and haUyn|^ - uid aL-» ibonr CBVfn^fl 
£uiEya£v ovi« a^ibcf otW ^ til vun oUe hyuuc-] itS 


B, PA5SUS Xin. 355-39'' 

Thinnt Ptcitncr p*i«yuttl " of poj'uCcs of fcis coW, 
Wa* colmy lijorw Coucity»c ■ ftnd vnkyndc dciyryttfjc: js* 

More 10 gooJ ihoji to god ' the gnm« his louo ciAie, 
And ym^^yned how ■ hP \l myyir haur* 
With false nie^un-tN anJ ttHIc ' ainl wilh fiilrsc wilrcssc; 
Lcncij Tor louc of ihc wcddc ' and bih to do tncuthc j«o 

And a>»&iled ihor^^h which ■ wey to bdgile, 
And menged his mirchaundvTH* ' ind fnad*? n gode mou«re;^ 
'The woisie wiih-in vn* ■ st grrl wttle i klc: Irii, 
And if iDy nctghborc had any hync ' or amy bcit« dies, ^6^ 
More profitftble Omn myne ■ many Kleightcfl } made, 
How I myjlc IvAut ii ■ nl my wilt* I caste. 
And but I it hatl by otlier wa)v ■ a«e lairte I staJe ft. 
Or pryuiliche his ijurwr thoke ' vapikcd bis loVkes, |W 

Of by njH or by tiny ■ abouic was ;ch eucre. 
Tbopjvgh ^Iv to gidrfn ' ihe good Chat ich haii«u 

Jif I jedc lo iti« plow ■ 1 pynclied so naiwe, 
That a fotc-lonJc or a fonvc ' frcchen I woldc, ||j 

or nay ncxtc nci^hborc ■ nymeo of his crthc; 
And if I rop«, ouer-reche ■ or jaf hem red that rc^>«ii, 
To 5e[M lo me «-iih her sykd - ihnt 1 ne scve ncuie. 

And who so borwcd of me ' abiujic ihr lymc, 576 

With prcBcntcs prjuclithc ■ or payed ^ommc ccrteync. 
So, walde he or nou^t wolde he ' wynncn 1 wolde; 
And bothe to kyih and to kyn ■ vnkynde of that ich liadde^ 

And who so chepcd my chaffare ■ chiLlen I wdik, jto 

But he profrcd to paye ' a peny or tncyne 
More than Jt was worth - and ^ct walde I swere, 
That it co*ie me moche more ■ swotf: manyc oih*-»- 

In hnlyilayes aX hoEkiherche ' whan ich herde nuuse, ^S^ 

Haddc I neucre willc, A'ot god ' wiUerly to bisochc 
Mcrcyc for my mj-adedes ' llui 1 ne morncd more 
For loss* of gode. leije me ' [Jun for my Jykaroos giltea; 
Aa, if 1 had dcdly synne done ■ I dred noujt thai ^ sore, ^u 
As when I leneJ and Jeued it lost ' or lonsc ar it were pajed^ 
So if 1 kydde any kyudcncsae - myn cucO'Crbtcnc tO helpc, 
Vpon 3l cruel coueiiyse ' myn bene gan hange, 

B. 3S5- LRi.«, jfli/flf. 35O. ikyndcL. 37^, 1 WCOB; L ra. 



And with ^!« aiut glosynge - gidcrcrl \hat ich hftue. 

The wtfft iny wlih.jrnne * ■ gnt wll Uh Ici hiU 
And yf my nEyb^boff bodde an bpe ' <»thcr coy bnt ellyi 
More ptufiubk iknti mya ' ich made moijr woiU*, 
Ifnw ikih nty^hi hme hJl ' al my wk idi ruEe. 3A4 

And bol* ich haElilt^ hit hy other wvy ■ itte lute icb ttil hil, 
Otliv pryuyliijhc hiLs pom ibak ■ vnpikcd hub IoIlcsh 
And yf idi ied« to tbc |i]oDh - ich i^yjivhclc en liiis bilf^crv. 
Thai ■ fnl'[otiit# ofh^r a fnrw? ~ fwchpn icb wolrl^, tfti 

OF m^ DcyhftborJs ncKt * ayram of bus «rthc. 
AjiJ yf y «(>t oudc-iwhc utbcr jaf hem reJ ihat itptn 
To tuf In me wirh h«» «yLf[ ' \h*t jch »w nrufrr. 
I» hoIytlAyo al holy dinrcbi; wbtnni; ich liurJc maM. >7' 

Ich hocMf ticucrc vd nilcrlidi ' Iq bf-xUic mcfcy 
Foi my myHilFi1« - ihal jfh re tnnrnffilc nftcr 
Fear ]i)<t nf gffod, leyn? me ■ then ior |yeflid« {[ultA. 
T]uob kb dc^lidic ayniif cTudc ^ i^b ilnddc hit a»X to van 
Af whrDJif i«h ]«icdc uid Iryiicde hil lost ' olbci Idqgc ct bit 
BTfrp paierj tjj 

110 B. FA&SUS XUL 392-4^9- ^1 

And if I *ciic oocr kc ' mp wraaunu to Bnigt*, j9> 

Or in-b> PruEloodc my prciUys ' my prpfit to v^jvn. 

To marchnunirn ttith mnnn)^ ' And in;i)i«n her r^lttungCSr 

Mi)tc ncucTc nic confbrtc ' lit the Encnc c^mc, 

Koitbcr mcuc nc aaal^ncs ' nc none muierc ti}lcih $9$ 

Nc neucre penauncc pfrfotim«<] ' nc p^jiirncsUr Mjde, 

Tlut mj in}'nil<^ iie vmi more ' 011 my godc, in a doaWv 

Tlun in the gtitc of god ^ autS hia grcEc heZpcs: 

rJt' iht4aunii htux, tii W far Aman.' 
3«t ihe Uloioan wiih gr^M oth«G - liia garneme&i badde •o>-lMl, 
And foul* beHobrrrd ii ■ x^ vith faU *ipoche; 401 

Theic uo ucdc QC «^ ^ tok ^odc^ a&mc ui itkl 
Swore ihcrc-by sviihc ofcc * iind al by-&waitc tis cctc- 
And more ractc c(c and dronkc ■ then kcndc min dc6c— 40^ 
'And kaiijtp «ltncs*e mim-tj'mc ■ for my Borlctcs ofic; 
And ihnnnc I draddc 10 deye - In dedlich syraic'— 
ThJU in-lo wanhope he wotthe ■ and wendc naujl 10 be uocill. 
The whicbc b Sleuthe ra slow - Ihil may no sIiUici hclpe it, 
N? DO mercy omenden ' the man ihaE to deyeEh. fO^ 

Which ben ihe bnunctics ■ chii bryngpth % man to SItvlh? 
h., whiumc A man moructh noujte for hu mjsdcdo ' ne raaketh 

no sorwc, 
Ac pctiaunce ih^t the preu enioJgn«tb * p<;rrouf&eib yu«i, +0 
Doth non« almei-dcdc ' drei hym of no ^yun^?. 
LyueCh djcui tlic bilcuc jiud no lavtc buldcLb; 
Vth day Ja haldfty wiih hym ^ or an heigh fcryc; 
And if he aujtc wole here - u ii an harloles icmgc* 416 

Whan men carpeth of Ciysi ■ or of clcnnesi^e of wiulc, 
He *cKcth w(otli and wil noujie here - but wofdc* of mynhc. 
Fcnauncc and pore men ' and (be pasaioun of scynieft 
He hal£th to here there-of ' and oJlc ihat it tellctb. 4B 

Tbisc ben the braunches, beth war ' ihat bryn^ih a man to 

Je lordcs and ladyes - and legatee of holjcherche. 
That fcdifUi foles sages - flatereres and ]ycr«'!. 
And ban likynge 10 lyUien hem - to do jow 10 lavghe; 434 

y^ vuk's qui rideiis, <k.: 
And liuclh Licnx mctc and mcde ' and pori; men rcfn», 

B. 400-409. /» lCifr(/r'a'"^ ^'^ '"fi*^ frv/', 400. ibc «4>i->f Af iMMr/o/j 



And yf ich «au ou^t ma ' my wnuual la Bni££«i, 
Ocbor iti'lo Tfut tny pToilTi ' my ptoftt lo K-m-Ailc, 

fit^m MygMe rvn^n- man riimforl)^ tnp ■ in Tb** mryn iym#, 
C. ^. Neither mAtyni oc mUK - at othcn niftikcrc lygbtcii 

|Tbjit m> ui^mlc cic wiih - pvcK Id my Bocuki >t4 

llhnn in ijocln |fT9» ' nnJ hni (T*t« nij|[bl». 

OL vii. 

[Tii tiw, goJ, icb Cloton " gnUf n>c jcldc 
Of oLjr tjtspu willi ibi]|^ ' j(;tL L»i uAutil tcHc lnjnr ullc, 
Sttorea 'fhy uuIp juhI iby iyJK' ' ftiul *u bd^i mr* ged 

When ibat ri<j jinl wmi ' nidiy tyiBC ftLUIJtbr- 4d& 

And oupr-sopciLc at my tnper ' juhI wm (yme at now 

More than m^ kyn^ie ' mj'ghle w«l defyc; 

And Ai ui boiusdo tbdl vt f-t^i • to g^ m± (o brakes 

Anil Epllde tbai idi tpcle tDychLr - icb nn roahl f[cke for ttutue 

fhe vyloijv ol my foqlc movtbo ' lad ol my ivalo Enbwcj 4,43 


[Ae Wtalcbc be ihe bnunchei < thai bryn^tb mcFi to tleutbe V 

y*i Vvbumc 4 uiim mvuEiicili nut ' fot fan* m7«dvilc» ; 

The pearkLucc that Ehc [jtbi tnjo^aeCb ~ i^Brfgiunclh nidCi 7) 

Dnth Hon fl^ys-deds ' uid drol nar of ^ynne, 

Lyulh aieu Ihfl by-lcyae ' iwil no l»vte kcjwtfar 

Ae^ halh (Lo lirkTni,^ la Icme ^ ne of iiuic loiU hnrr, 

Uort hftrlfiTrii* "(htr howJom " other tils at sftrn wyrin>n|;, 76 

Wbu mm CArjvn of Cryi( ' othET «f clBiuiBfle of uuZnv 

H« iTnt wioth, «ad vral iijlI buj'ic ' bote vordca of marlhc^ 

iVjauncL' and poui? mai ' and ibt pauiaa of iVTiitn^ 

Hj> hATFih Co hvyn Utar-of - onLl atle thAE tbtr-o\ cnrpcD. Ho 

TbuK bcth the brabucbei, be w«r ' clukt bryncclJi mui to wui- 

Jr lords iitti lnily« ' uifi ]r^ioi itf italy chLirche» 
Tluc Ic^ui f^al u^ ' Hflttfrcn uiif Ifcn. 
Aful hull lykyn^ lo Ijihcn liriu iJi ho^ptf to do Kjvr Uw^be ; 

1^ hdAr'r •fui ruirtti, fuia iu^rMHt, ft fttrm - 
And )CD«th ndic ncde utd infft« ' «nd poan rDoa nAjatn, $5 

imurUd; R ««. 407- wofthv ; minrntt€» vTitb* K, 411. Ii wbaoat 
A maa O ■ UtC ^dW Mf txtr^erdinarj/ehf rtaU/rj Hit w«inu ; m4 Clott. 



B. PA5SUS xm. 416-460. 

Leal tbo thr« iriAtirr men ' to tnoche aorwc }ov brrtngc ; 

CrxufTtrfVn/rj */ Oi^nrJts pan pena pimifnJar. 
FaLrisrk«s and propIi«c«i ■ amid pnKhourw of goddcs wordci 49* 
Saucn iJiorw h^ uj-intiitn ' m^miM «oul« Craru hc\\e; 
I^ijt Ki fiaLcrtrc>i mid toh* • iutn llic fccdcft diadplev. 
To enLic< men ihont h<^r lat^t ^ tc 9jiriii« and hariocryc. 
Ac clcrlu^ thai knowen holywr^t ' ihuld« kmne tonl^ 4tt 
Wbu I>ui[d ftirlih of sucho mcii ' flS ihr miilrr icllrih: 

Awl fm&tliilff in mttit'j Jamui ntet, qut /txiit jitfitHt'am ti 

Shuldc none harlotc han« aadi«noe ' m hille ne in chamlxn, 

There wise men w«rc ' wlinessetli goddw wordts; 

Nc n<} myhproudc iiian ' Rmoi^gcf lories ben allowed. 4^ 

Ctcrkcs 4nd kr^i;tca ' wclcomcUi kyitfl«3 nunistnkfl. 
And for loue of the lordc ' tithcth hcra at fc&t«i; 
Mucl)« tiior*, mc ihenkcih ' richc men icludde 
Hauf bcggtfm byf<icc hrm - thr wbiche bcu gcxIJca luIaLstraks. 
As be aqrtb h)'iii-Kir ^ scjnt lohan bercth nicncsK : 44> 

Ow' rw tpemi/f me spermt. 
For-ihl ] rede jow riche - reuvleft whan yt makeih 
For lo flobtir joure soules - sucbe minlsiralet 10 bftuc; 
The porci /or a fol aigc ■ Bjilyngc at ihe hcyj table, 444 

And a lered n^n, lo lerc Uic ' vvhat oUTC lorde vuffred. 
For to eaue ths soule ' frim Satbam thin etiemyj 
And fidicl the, wiih*out flaterj-ngc - of gode Fridiiy die sioryc ; 
Arid a hlyjid tnin for a bourdi-oure ' 01 a boifcde wommaa, 
To cri« a largesse by-ror o«rc lordc ' ^ourc fiode looft to Kbew« I 
Thisc liiTO manor ininiatrtlts - mikclh a min 10 lawbc, 
And, in \\{a deih-d«ylng* ■ itiei dnn him greie coffifafte. 
Thai bi hl& lyut' lyiht-d hem ■ and loiictl hem to here, 451 

Thj9c aolaacth die aoulc ' lil h)-m-^uc be-roUe 
In a wcl godc hope, for he wrou^K so ■ amonges worthi myntea. 
Ac flalcrcres and foles ' ihorw her foule worJe*. 
l^drn iho ihat louen hem ■ tf> Luciferes fesie, 4s4 

Willi iurpiioquiti, a lay of aoivc ■ and LuciTcrca fithclc. 

Tbu8 ITaukyn the aci>f man ' haddc ytoiled \m coic, 
Til Conscience aeouped hym iherc-of ' tn a curiciBe manure. 
Whi he re haddc wasshen it ■ or wyped ii wbh a brosshc. 460 






III fonn dctli dcfii(*« - \A drcJe tttfi u>r« 

Lol tliij riiiUicrc iucll ' lu uivdit konvc tow hiyu^ » 

Patnirkn aiid pEopheEes ' pTcchocd of f^v< woid«< 8$ 

SftUcD thori-l) bcic sermons ' mftmin huI? f^o Lrllc ; 

Uoiytca incii ihor^'li bent talw la ijnne idd lo birloUte- 

Clcrhua E-hjit kiaoHcn Lhin ^ ilioldc kcuic Ititilc*. 91 

WhiL 1>4uUl hfh]a iti iiicht mrn ' hv ihr uattr [flitch. 

Sfaoldc non hjirbE huac iDdimec * io hallrr ae in chnDiutim 

^^c^ Tbst WISP rneu were; ' (witncflc^ of jjorle* wonlrtj, 

NolhcT A niTJi-proii<l man ■ ttnioni: lojdci Lc a-Iuwcd. ^ 

Aad for loq« of htw rottld ■ lilhen hpm at jvfiti-t; 

Hutc DdiCj mc thcnketh ~ richf nten iiatitc 

lUuc lo^nm byforc hem - wliiclic trth gcjJci niymtnlci, 100 

A4 he tcirh h^nt'Vlf ' vyrif lohurL bcreth wiinme, 

ThtP-lo! ii:l* rede iciw licUc " icpdt* whirn |c iiiakcii 

hfif ta «dIdcv itiun? i^nul^^b - buche Eryrihrmlfx in hoo^i 

The pouro for fl fol nag* ' *y<tvngt at thy Idhle, 1^ 

WiUi ■ Icrcd uiui* tt> IcTc the ' ^^but ourc loiJ wiflCrtdt 

Fof 16 *auy thy huIp " fmm iSirin ihyn mcfryp. 

And ritbclc E-he, with-ouu Hjiceryi^j ' of ^^<kM!« KiyJay the ge^ltn 

And a Hyudc mut far 11 borUiuui ^ ollici a birilicvlcii wvniavi. 

To cfye a lar^r^w by-f<)j^c ouiv lofde ' inun? i^niKlr luo> to lUicwc. 

TbtiR Thr« mEUtere ntynbtnl«B ' Ditl(«Q a snxa to Unhv; ItO 

la hai dclb'clfryii;^ - iHcL dgn bjrm f^ fOUifaR, 

Thai by hns lyne liOicifa hi^ ' lh-I lounb hem tu boyrc- m 

Thus boLftctih The io^le ' til ^yfTi-»tl be-lille 

lam urel (OOiJ bope, fof hewroghle «u - ji laon^ vrttttb* scfnboci 

Thst HtlKnn jirid A1I9 ^ ivilb licic funic wuitlcit 

l-rtlrri Tim (hiE lilhrn Ucm " tft Laeifi-rp- fnitc, llA 

With tHrfiU^it. H lay of kOrwe ' ami Lacifan ^Lbetc^ 

To pOJjxatuoL i>cyuD - oLbcr puiEftlon^ u wylLkcJ 

B. 43A. ItaMltftL. 43;-'4H- 7X/itf A'H» j>rK «■>; Awf /^W Vit C-I«rt. 


JB. PA5SUS XIV. 1-97. 




HAUE but one liool Imien?/ qood Haukyn ■ 'I am ihe Inn^e 

Though it be soiled and aeldc cicnc ' ! skpe there-ionc on qqIcs » 
And bIbo I hauc on hoaswyl ■ iiewen and chUdren — 

ThiE wiileii bymalen ii many lyiiitf ' luiiiigfc ui>' tbeli^! 4 

It UftUi brn kucd in Uaic ' and ouk of tcnie botbe* 
With ihc fiopc of sjkcncsM • ihoi Mketh wonder dep«i 
And villi the ]o«fie of catel ' lc>lli forto agti1t« 
God or 'Aiij gudtr maij ' bi aujte that [ wiste ; ft 

And vas shrjucn of tlic prcbtc ' tliat g&uc me, for my sirnne?*, 
To penatmce pac^cncc ' and pore men to fedc, 
Al for coueiiise of my CrytMnedome ■ in clenne«He to kepen it. 
And couihe 1 reDcrc, by Cryvte • kepen ii clenr sin hoiiff, t) 
That I nc ftolled II wilb »y^le * or sum ydrl apcche^ 
Or ilK>rugh wcrkc 01 ihorugh wordc " or wiUc cf tayn hertc. 
Thit 1 tit: i\ohGt it fouls ' fro morwe Tyl cue/ 
*And I *faa1 kenne die/ quod G^ncience ' *o^ eontricioun 10 
make, tit 

That fihal cUwe tbi cote - cf alkynncs Jilthc, 

Cordis fonJrkiCt ck. r — 
Dowd Shu] wAssben it aaid wryngen it ■ thorw a wy» confessour, 

Oni c\}n/isiw, efc. .• — 
Dobcc thil bcten it and bouken h - w lri|Le as Viy AcaHeu 
And engreynen it with good wiUe" and goddefl grace to amende ihe, 
And silben s<nde the 10 f^ttsfaccioun ' for to sowen it afler, 

Sfjtis/accut dobesl. 
Shal pcuere mysEc biniolcn il ' nc motli after bitcA It, 
K« feiide nc false man ■ defoulea it in thi lyuc; 
Shall none lienude ne hirpoure ' haue a fairere garaement 04 
Than Haukyn ibe actj'f man ■ and ihou do by my icchyng; 
Ne no mynstral be more worth - amongcs pore and hche> 
Than Haukynnc» T?yf the wafferc ' with his trcttoia-vii^,' 

a. I. bftOl WCOB: LRm, 

la, iTui w: tduao: iXKiM. 

a PASSUS XVI a34-!»35' ^^^ 

'Pecs!' quaih Pacience ' 'ich prayc Ihe, ayre Aclyfl 
For chauh neuere payn ne plough * ne potage were. 


B. PASSUS XIV. >8-57- 

' Aad I ahal purucyc the paste/ quod Pftcycncc ' ' ihougb no 
plow orfOj il 

And flourr tft Mr fnlkr vUh ' as hfsi V for the nouTc, 
Tlioiigh nnicic gicync growcd ■ iic gnipe vppoa vyne. 
Allc that lyucth ^nd lokcth ' lyfloJc oroide I fynAtt 
And ihat jDougb sliol none faille ' of thmgc that hem iud«tK. 
Wc fihultb noujt lit' lo busy ■ a-bcuiL-n owrc lyflode, jj 

.Vr solhitfi sM, tJtr. : wfttcra ttii dttti p^HU tU. i pM'tnk* 

Thirai« laughed Haukyn i lilcl ■ and lively gan swerye, 
' Who sa kur[h ^nw, by own; lordr ' [ Icuc noii}(c he be 

blissed [ ■ 
' No/ quod Pacycnce pacicntly ' and out c^T hia poke hcnic i«l 
Vitailivs of fc-rcte v<?rluu* ■ Tor a) maner*; bi;»teB» 
And seyjtf, ' lo ! heft lyflnde yiiouj^li ■ If owrv hyleatf bt tJCwel 
For knle neoere x^-au lyf ' bul lyfludc uere sbjipcii, 
Whw-of or whcrfore ■ or whcrc-by 10 ijhbc. 4» 

Vkut the wylde u'cr[n« ' voder wr«t crllw* 
Fisith Eo 1yu« In iht Hodc ' &nd In th« tyre the cryksii, 
The corlui; by kyndc uf tbc cyrv ' fiUMUf deniKit HcMch of 

And bcstee by grae^ and by greync ' and by grcoc tou«, 44 
In menynge ih^L alle men ■ my^te the somi; 
Lyuc thtiiw Icle bylcuc - and loiic, aa gtxl wiD]c»«th; 

Non tm toio paw viitU Hmo, st! m tfmvi vrrtc^ fwd pr^ 
cfdit dt ore tid* 
But I lokcd whai lyAodc it wai ' thai Paocflce lo pTCystd, 
And thannc wu it u pccc of thf p^ier-naiier ' fi^i vohmS^r JW. 
' Hauc, Haukin!' quod Paqence ' 'and tit U^ ivh^n the 
huiigrcili, 49 

Or whan ihow clomAe^i for coldc * or dyn^il for dryc. 
Shd ncucrc gyue» the grcuc ' nc {;rctc lordcft wrAlbj 
Prisons ne peyDc ' for — ptitinttet vinn/nL %% 

Bi sa x\vaX rliuw be sobre ' of syjco anri of longf. 
In clynge and in handlyngc ' and 111 ullc di) fyue vriitis, 
DEirsLow neucrc care for tornc ' nc lynncn clolh nc wollen, 
N* Tor dryolttf, nc dcUi drcdc ' but deyc a^ Rod lyketh* ^t 

Or ihotw hco^vr or ihonv bete ' at hii vriUs be it; 

a PASSUS X\T »35-a6o, 417 

lelroMo puilp hym-sHf fonli ' th^iiih nr» plouli wye. j;fi 
Hit ^m icli ibal fyiidc aIIg folkc ' aiiJ friLu hunger saac, 
Thoigh ihe licyc hclpc of hym ' that mc hydcf scnle. 

And flcidc, ' lo, here lyMod* ynowe ■ jf otirc by-k/u* be irowc- 
For lent wo* ihrr nttirre lyf ■ IkjIc lyflodc wpr^ yshapc, s|* 
Whcr-of oihcrc ivherfoic " nini 'whcr-with to lyucn. 
The vofmc Uint vonrih vndcr crlhc " und In walcr ii*sbc!» 
tell by kyncl^ rf fur and corltw by Ihc wyndc, 
gnw and by greyn ■ and by grcne rotea. J44 

In mcnytiBP thai alle men - m\^htc ihe same 
Lytien ihorgh Iccil by-lcyye ' as ouic lord w iltnesscth, 

Qufdrtin^t pttieffia palr^m in munr^ mto^ dilHtir enm 

Non in tola pan/ uitiii homa, ifd iif omni verho, ^mtS fro* 
ctdfi de urt Ja.' 

La*it thoiv ay,' quaih Aciyf ' ^-tuche mctc wJth the?' 
'yCf quaih l^acitf:icc. and hentc ' ouc of hua poke 14S 

A pece of the pter-noster ■ and profrede lo vi alle. 

And kJ] iLBliiL'Jtr. and lokeJe - wlmt ly^twlr hil wcfrj 
Thai^ne ^^■aa liii Ji<ti-tvfitmiii£'luii • ibat ^bol(ic fyndc vs allc. 
■ Hflilf, Aciyf/ quaili Pacio&cc * * vtd cot this when ihc hun^^rctlu 
OLhff whfrnrc ihow cbm*Cfll for colde ' oiber cJjiigtsi for 
drouthc ; »^> 

And sbal nciicn: g^ucs liie grcuc ' nt |;tcte lonlei wmtibe, 
PfVion ne othct payee ' for— ^2i^««,W uintuni ; 
By «o Ibow be soLre ■ of sj^gbl, and of loutigi: bothe, 254 

In ondyng, in Iiandlytng ' in aHi- lliy fyur •m\\c^. 
Thai thow care for no corn ' for c)oth nc Ibr <Ijyiike, 
N« dcth drcde, nc dctict * dc)^ as god lykclh, a^g 

Wb«Ui«r Ihorw hunger olhcr Ihcrrw hMc - at bus vpil be hit 1 

C V44- gTeyen ijBT grejn) p. 349. p«e ITMKSK ; piw P. 


B. PASSUS XIV. e8-67. 

For ir ihott lyiiett after liU lore < the shorter tyf the better 
-Si ipuM> tfw-j/ Cr/jtom ■ mundum ma diltgit itttim^ 
For tluirw hlit liri-ih IhtaIcs wcsc^ ' oiid abrode }eden, 

Z>/j^ tt/tuia sunf. tk^ \ 
£rg<t Uiorw bis brcih mowcn - men and bc^tcs Ij^ca, 6i 

Ai bolywht wJincBtcih ' wbon men k^c her g^Lccs^ 

Ap^it Av mamtm tuam, tf impUs tmm animAl iewfditdttm, 

II U fnuncIrE) ihal Touriy wyntct- folkc lyiml niib-nuleti tuljingc. 

And outc of the tl)-ntc ^prongc ihc Qodc ' ihoi folkc And bcates 

dronkc. 64 

And in £]yc« Ij^me ' h«u«ne vav jdwed, 
TluL no rcync nc run*- : - ihus r^tlc men in bfjka, 
Thic man)' wynircn men lyurdcii ' And tio mt-tc tic tulycdcn. 
Scucnc sicpc, M Ktth the bok« ' >cucrte hundrerh wynter, 68 
And iyuedea wirh-(>ut« lyflode ' and alic hsi^ Ihci woken. 
And if men lyueil ai m gmre wolJe ' iliukle neiicftf more be 

Amongcv Criatcne creatures * if Crysics worses bcQ trcwe. 
Ac vnkjiidneise mn'rita makeih ' omonf^ Cryittnc pcple, 7* 
And oucr-p]cni« m^ikeih pruydi^ ' imonga pore and riclie; 
Ac inesure k so mocht* worlFi ' zt raay noujte t« to d«te. 
For Hie mcschicf vid ihc meKliAUncc ^ aniijiigc^ men o( Sodome 
Wot thorw pknto of |)iiyn ' and of pure skuihci 76 

C*rtw»/jj f/ hd&undancia partis p^tafwn tttrpimpmn 

For (hei misuicd iiou^t licm-fcU ' of Lhai Ibei etc iiud drouke, 

Didcn dedly synnc ■ ilat ihc dcuci lykcd. 

So vcng«Aunc? fcl vpon horn ' for h«r vyl« sytuie«; 

Tboi fiOTiken in-to hcllc ^ tho citeeii vchone. io 

Foi-tUi incbufc wu vs wd ' and make owrc fdtho owrc schel- 

And thorw fjiih comcih conin'cioun * eonseieaoe vote wcl, 
Whiche dryucih awcy dedly =ynne ' and doih it to b« venial 
And llimigli u mnn myjte noujte spekc - conirtfiniin my^tt^ bym 

3auc> 84 

And br}'nf^ h\% soulc to blin^e - by 30 that fcith bcrc wiine»«c, 
Thit, whiles he lyucd, he bileiied ■ in the lore of holy^chcrchc; 
Sfgo contricioun* fi^irh, and conscience ' ta kyndcJlch Dowel, 

B. 58. iborler WCj Jiotur L 7s. frUtic RCOB| wviAU L. 

G. PASSUS XVL zfii-aTS 419 

For yf ihow l>-uest after hus lore ■ the shorter \yt the betere; 

-Si' ^fs amat Christum ■ mundtim mm diiigit isium, 

Sed quasi /e for tm • sperrus illius amorem. 

Thorgh hus breth bestes woxen ' and a-brode ^en; 164 

Dixit et /acta sunt. 
Ergo Ihonv hus breth bestes lyuen ■ boihe men and fisshes^ 
As wylnessetb holy wryle ■ when we seyn cure graces, 

Aperis tu manum tuam, et implfs emru animal b^nedictiorf.^ 
Hit is fouTide that fourty wynler ' folke kueden and nouht tyleuc, 
And out of Aent sprange the flod ' thai folkc and bestes dronkeTt* 

And in Elyes lime ■ heucne was ycloeed, afig 

^ That no Teyne reynede ■ thus redeth men in bookes, 
That menye i^ynler men Ij-ueden ■ and of no mete telden, 
Seuene slepen, as seith the book ■ more than syxly wynter, »7> 
Lyueden wilh-ouien Ij^lode ■ and at the lasle a-wakeden. 
And yf men lyucden as mesure wolde ' sholde neuere be defaute 
Among Crysten creatures ■ yf Crystes worde be trewe; 
Daho Uhi stcundum peticiontm tuam^ 

\Ste note &fr p. ^03,] 

C. 163. Thij tint ii in E Pnfy. 366. breth ITS ; PEM em. 367, P rt- 
featJ that. 36S. P cm. the. 373. Bkpen IMF ; ilnpen FE, a {fir w) P- 
a7j. Leaeden P; «/ I 374. j;^. itywo P. a 


B. FA3SUS XIV\ 88-1 J I. 

An<I suTHficncG for dcdiy Sfnncsi ' %rhAn fihrilt^ of moutb GullMh, 

Ac thriiic of mouth more worthy i)^ ' if m^in be inliche contKt ; 

"Fnr sliriftr nf momh *IrPlh sj-ntic ■ br ii m-ui^rc so dcdlj; 50 

Thcr« concrkicun doth but d^'uctb it doun ' in-io a ircnuil sjBuc, 

Ak Duiid »:iih in ttir muter ' ti pt;rum i^ia simJ f>itvata, 

Ac xaiixfaccioun ukiMb ome llic ruUt ' ^tv\ lioibe skeili aDd 

And. aa it ncticrc had jbc " lo oou^t br»-ngcih dcdijr b^iinc, 
Thai it neu«rc ef^ i» »»n, ii« »Dre - but ttitnvth 1 woun<l« yMe^* 

'Where woii«th ChwUe?'^uod Hauk>n ■ '1 wieie nflnew 
iti ixty }y\ic - 97 

>Uii ihdt »j:b Ti/m spake " a» wjxlc u I liftuc iia»d(\l] ' 
. *Tiwrc paiCc Ircjlhc nnd potier« htrle b ' ind pacit»c« 

of tonge, 
Thtrc is Chariwe, the chief c.haunibr«T<: ' for god hymsduct'' 

' Whciljci {kHciciiEc poucilf,' quod ]UdV>^ ' ' ^ more 
picsauntcto owrc dri^te iot 

Thsui ricch4«60 r^tfullicho ycvonn? ' and rctonabl«1ich yvpcndcd?' 
• ^^* ^ixfxtttli ?' rjuod Padcncr ■ "qHtk Jaudalimu-t tumi 
Tbougb men rede of fEthiht-^sc ' rijt lo ihr worlilc* ciidc, 104 
I wirt ncu<rc rcrkc ihit richc w4» ' ii;nt whan be rtktw sAioldc* 
Whnr it drnw to his dclh-day " ihut he nc ibcd hytn sore. 
And thfti ntiff rekcnyng in nrreragc fd - rather than ouic of detlo. 
Thffc Ihc pfiTc dflf plcile ■ und ]>rcuc by jiurc rejcnun^ loA 

To hiue Exllowaunte of his iordc - by ibclawc he it cleymeih. 
ioye that Deuerc loyc Imddc • of ri|ifui lug^ he oxelh, 
A&d Keith, " lo 1 bnddet and b«tes ' thai no blis<& rc knowcth. 
And wildc wonne^ in wod^s ' lliorw \LyntTe^ ihow hem greueftt. 
And makest hem vcliiyegh lueke ' and mylde Itix dcfauic, n^ 
And aficr thow acndcfit beta sotficr * ihat is her soucrcigne loye, 
And blifsf to allc ihaE ben * boihc wildc and lame^ 
Thanne may be;g<Terpq, as be<j[es ■ aRer boJe waiter], iiS 

Thai Jtl her lyf lian lyu^d - in luugour iiid In dcfauic 
But god sent hem some Eymc ' some msincrc toyCi 
Other here or elies where ' kyndc wolde it neucns; 
For to wrotherheTe wo* he wroujte ■ thai nenere waK loye shaped. 
Alleles that In hdZe now ben ' bidden loyc stmic tymc, lu 

C. PASSUS XVI. 576-30*. 



,-x^fuoy*^^i^j "T-^SO 


'What ift pftrAl P teience f' * qnsirh Attft^^ uiia. >;i 

M«ekn»5c and myMe speche ' ancj ujcrt or on ivil, 
The mhictic wil louc kdcih ' (o outc lordcs pUcci 
And thiii \% ChAritftj chaumpion ■ chief of aJlo vcrtiKe, 
AikI thur in pouie picient " ilJe penlis lo tuflrp," iKo 

*Whcre poufrrte and pacicijtc ' picsc more (foil atm^ghtj 
Thim do ryglitful richcsie * and rcsonablj' iq spcnJc?' 

Thanh rn«Ti redi? r^f ritb^ ' r>'ghE 10 th« wortdvt r^ndc, jS| 

[ visi iLCUCtc rcukc tiiat rittic wiW - lltut wiraji lie n-ktie? iJml^I^p 
And wbui he drouh hyta to the clcch * tluL he nc dioddc h)-m 


Than ^n^ pour« pacj«ni - and \hM precipe Ich bj Kyson, iSj 
lilt Arc bote fcwc fclke of [he«e rlchc ' that nc fa-llcih in ircragc, 
Tbftr ihc pourc dar ptcdc ' and prcouc by pure rcpounc 
To bme a-Iowauncc of hus lorde ; ■ by lavo he deymcth Ioyc» 
Thai ncucTc !<))% hidde - of rightful luf^e he ankctli; 191 

Anil Miih, "(d, brklilcH and Iwisits ' ihiii na b]i\*c kunwcili. 
And fl-ildc imrmcs in wckIcs ' ihofw wyntcr ihow hem ^rcncM, 
And nriflkcT't hem vcl ncy meek ' ind myldc lor dcl'autc; 
After than thow icntei Uvm noaiere ■ ihat is htit tioutreyn loye, 
And blisue to alle ihar bePii ^ bo^he \\i1de Aiiil tame. 196 

Then mny ht^^vt. .n !>eit« ' after blywic askeii, 
Tha* ol here lii' hauen Ij-ucd ■ in laagour rLiul dcfautc." 
Bolt god bende htm Eoro lyme * of 6cm r^annor loye. 
Other hee' other ellc*-wher ' tWi^ wcrp It retirhr; 300 

Ft)( to vWiei-hcIe UJ.S hi- wiotiji ' that iieucrc ^n> loye y>iiape. 
An^lc^ thai in hcUc now been ■ hadden som lyme loye, 

O. iBf. 74i~i /uu- it tufpUfJ fr^wt iAf B-tcxt, f<t fCmftkU tAf jhh ; <t// N« 
C-text MSS.^wVi/, jH«, Thwt P, WTrtjre r. j»v. dar IMFSET; riw P- 
191. riuhlful IFST: lyhiibt VK. 9^^ tty E; tuif tttt V. a^B "Y^' 

dcttP; <ivl. ^99^ here 1ST; hem P, 196. V f^^ thftl. 197^ M Mt:; 
tnd PSTp 199, nun ^lA/^mtOT; FEMFS^w^ S^i. '■rrogtib P, 



B. PASSUS XIV. i*»-ii54- 

And Diit/s in dcjmioes h-ucd ■ and in dourt vyt ; 
REjtc so lesotin iTirwrlh ^ ibai t}» mm ihAl wcrr riche. 
And licf iiiaic^ klso 1/ucd ' her Ijf in marthc. 114 

Ac god IB of k wonder willc ■ bf th*i kfijdc wittc shcwcih, 
I'o |iuc many tncn hii merc^inonye ^ ar he il hiuc UcjEcrticd. 
K^ 10 &reth god by %omc^ rtche ' muh« me It Ihinkcth, 
For tlici hun bcr byte bt^rc - ;in bcueiw as it vkccc ij8 

And ix gfci Ivkyng Ci> l]ruc ' wiih-ouie laboure oX bod)-; 
And wbm be deyethi ben diBoJovrpd ' u Uatiid eeitb in the aoutcr. 

And in an ollici Mtdc aW ' rf/a^ stm^itum snrgfndam, 
tfnijift "* *^itiiitxlf Au7, f/ iT<f m'fii/um rtdigts. 

Allnsl ibal ricche^sc eh&l ftuo * and robbe nmnnc« «Quk ii^ 
Fratn ihc Icue of owrc lord* ' at bi& Xst^v ?nJe! 
llcwpn ihiit lisin \\tf lijrre afore ' arrn rurrncore ntd/, 
And sckkii dcieth Lc oui of dctlc ' thai Jj-nctb w bt^ dcwcnie ii. 
And til he tinuc done his dcuor ' find tiift dayc» bume. ij« 
t'o» *han a wcrkman hath wrou^l^* ■ thanne may mvn *w the :sDthe, 
What \\^ wrrp wnnhi fi>r bis wrrtcr ■ anr! whai b* haLh de^UUed ; 
And noU|t to fongc biforc ■ for drede of disalowyii^. 
So I scggc by jow riche ■ it scmcib noujl llial ^c sIujIIc 140 
Haus heucnc in jovre herc-bcyng ■ and heiicnc htfr-aftcr; 
Rijt fis a seniauni [ak^th hi» snloryt; biforc ' ^nd ^icth wold* claymc 

As be ibal none bulOc ' and haih huyre attc Iftttc. 
It may noujt b«, ^e richo mvn - or Matbcu on f^od lycLli; 144 
7>^ itMiJs gA ifth'itiif, dipnit tsf tramire, 

Ac if yc lichc bant rcuibc ' auU rvwafdc wcl Tbp pOTC, 
And lyucn a^ Uwc lechcih ' done leulc lo alie, 
Crisie of bin curk^&ic ' sbaJ confurie y^w fkito taste, 
And rpwarde alle dcwble ricchosso ■ that rcufuJ beriea habbeib. 
And ,is nn hjnc lUai baddi^ Ijis Irj'ie ar hf bygoune, it^ 

And whan he bath done hiftdtiuor vd ' men doiL bym ulhcr Unuitc; 
Jyuclb bym B cote abouc bia coue&ftuQLc - f^lc 60 Crysl inicih 

Botlic tiJ riche aiul tn nonjtc riche ' thai rrwfiilikh tybhr^b; i£» 
And alle ibat done ber dcuor wel ' ban dowble byre for her 
, traodillej 
Herf for^yuenesae of her synncs - and heucne btvaee after. 

144. ^ij^iiie \S'CKOB '. drjin/k L. 145, yz WCKOU ; tc L. 

c. PASSXTs XVI 303— xvn. 5, 


And Ih'vei In hisdcynics ]>i;c(!g ' ^nd irt dvtut u^t; 

And row he buyclli li:l ful bricro lie ks B bcf:|rcfc of hcllc. 

Many man iuuh hus love licrc ' for allc ticrc vcl iJccTc^, ^s 
And lOrd'ja and liJy^s lj?n ciLliiJ * Tor leodes Ihnt Lhay hauc, 
AftJ filtfpilli, as hil ^«tncLli ' and «om«Fe tuere Wm folcwrth; 
Wlun dclh a-wjkclh bcra of here wclc - iKai were here to rychc, 
'I'biii iiKn hit pure pourc Lhyngcs ' in purgalorie other in hcllcl 
DiuLd m tho ftauicr ' of «uche matu-Ui ntyndc. jto 

£t aith: Vtlui tomprium lurj^rtcwftt <i ui. 
Hk txptitil passuf uxfus dt DatxtiL 

Incipil patstts stphmus. 

ALAS! that Richer? tihall rcue ' ;tud rohZ>c manncs soalc 
Fro the loiw of cure lf>rile ■ ai hu» laaio wctel 
Thci that liiiuc hure hyre hy^fort' ■ aren eUL-rp?njote poure, 
Aid jjbulk rrAL dcyc oul of dctrc ' 10 Urue vf ihcy descnien liiC- 
Whcn here dcucr is don - and hi* daica iournc i 

Then may mt-n wue x^hai he a wortti ' and i^'hai he bAlh 

di?»*nied : 
And tioubt Uf foiijcf by-fuic fur Jic^lc of Jisilounjiigr. 
So icb say by yytt riche ■ hit iirmcih n&l jc ebulk 8 

IJaue two heuenca * for pui^ b«i-h«>ng«. 

PtowiftXVIL L. richcricEMKi ndic i>. J. t'roLTK; ForPU. 

6« Thii» <;W* wili^ P. ckHTuedf P. 


B. PASSUS XIV. i55-i8g. 

Ac ]l nya but acldc yxytt * fl« by bolf xynEcA bokc», 
I'hai g<Ml rG^3fd«(t double r««te ' to any nchc v}«. i^i 

For mncho miinhn h Atnnr%'Cii rich? ' ajt in mrtff ;tnd clochyngt^ 
And mofJw munhc in Majc b ■ amon^e^A wildc bcMce, 
And M> forth vhil aomcr lattcth ' her solace dureth. 
Ac be^gcret aboutc Midtomcr ' br«dle<a ihci soupc, i6q 

And |!l w wjTiier (or hem vtynt ■ for wttc-iJinddc did giwge, 
A'fyiKt sote And *fjii£rcd ■ and fouii- yrctmkfd. 
And anued of richc cucq ' iKal icutlic i» U> hcrc- 
Nov, lorde, •eni!v htm fiocner * an^ tornt; niini?rv loye, iS+ 
Hfruene after her hennpft-goynge > ilut here ban suche dehme\ 
For alle Eiij^rrst llruw )mui: iiiaile ^ i^oiic iiiriirr iban Olbrr, 
And yLchc witty Aud wj'^c if the vtcl bat^dc lykcd. 
And htaa rciilhc on Ihitc richo men ' diot row&rdc oou|Ec ibl 
prIeoncKS ; tU 

or the ^ood dial thow bcirt gyuest ' tttgnifi ben manye; 
Ac, god, of thj gcodnc»»c ' gyuc hem ^fact 10 amende. 
For may no dcrth ben hctn dcrc ' drouth, dc wcct, 
Nc royiher hctc oe hatllc ■ houe thci here hek, 17* 

or diMl dwri wilne and wnlde ■ wardelh hren noiiji hrrr- 

Ac |iorc pcplcp ihj pri»oiicrc:i ' lorJe, in Ittc put of tnyscbicC 
Conforic tlio crti&lurcB ■ iJmi tnochi; cAre atiSren 
'n>orvr derLh, thorw drouth - aIU her daye^ her«, ijfi 

Wo in wynier lymizft ■ for w^nt>n^ of tloibw, 
Ai»l En Kimer lyme Kidc ' soupcn 10 tlte fuller 
Comfortc thi cftreful ■ Cryit. in thi ry^c^ 
For hew thow oonfoTtcst all? creatures - derkes b«T«th vratneBM^ 
CmufriimiTt£ ad m/, et Kittit ifiiCi 7 

Thu*, in gtfitrc of \i\> Kcntiice " It-su Crysl seydr» i8f 

To robbcfcs and to rcucrca ' to rjthe And lo pore. 
Thow laujccst hem in the thnitce - to take bai)tcRjnc, 
Ard be cirne ihorw that cryiicnnynge ■ of allc tynnc* Kyniie«; 
Ami if va fel ilmrw folye ' lo fallc in synnc aficrp iSj 

Cor^fcsaioun. and knowlechyng ' and crau)-iig thi mercy 
Shulde amende ve as nuny sidies ' lxs mLLQ wotde desire, 
Ac if Ihe poulcff wolde plcde btrt^-iijeine ■ and punysih v( in 

RCO; tynnc WB; I, em. iS^» ifWR; LCOB I'-q. ifi^i. Iini>irl«Ghks 

COAB; knck^riKL. i^a, pouLc R ; pgpc (I] LCWCODi ^ L 190. 

C. PASSUS XVri. ro-ii. 



Much tn/nhc- h in May ' i-innnKc tvtidc Ivcsitf, 
Atd %o forth whi! aomcr k-*t(^ih ' hcorc solace duiclh ; 
And mucbc myrlhc n-mon^ rictu? tncn is ' ttut han nwoblo 
ynow iintl hwle^ t> 

Ac Iwgjjcr* a-Ijtjuic Myd*spmt:re ■ brcdlfp* ibci iinii^r, 
Ard jui is wyiHer for hem wots ■ for w«(-»liood (hei gan^en, 
A'lurftt uQ(i a fyngted - aeuI foule rebuked 
Of Ehea« worUe-riche men ' that rcMlhc hit is to htiyre, i4 

Now, loni, send liem somer sorn-Iyni« ■ to solace and to loy^ 
ThfLt jil here Ivf leUen ' in Iowceicam: ind in poucrh; I 
For shUo niirghtcsl tlicw hMic iiukcti ■ men of grcK wclthc, 
And liche vitiy and wys * and fyue with-oale ni;roile ; jo 

Ac for llii^ bvvie, a& ich hoprf ' UTvn somm^ poirrc nnd ^mo 

R>'gljl so blue rcuihc of ou* allc ' lljat on tlic rode dcjdcsi. 

And aiii^ndti oiu oE i}iy mt-rcy ' and muke ou9 ^lile m^ekt^, 

Louh ijind Ictfl and loujiige * ^nd of h^rtc poure; 94 

And KDd ous coTLtdcion * to danse wirh onrc «oulcs, 

Atul confct&ioii. to cullc - allc V.viinc ^yiinc^ 

And saiisfacciofi, Ihc vhlth^ Tultuileih - Eh« fAdrex will of hcucnc. 

And ihctc been Dowel nnd Dobet ' and Dobc«t of lUe; 3S 

Cordis: mntfuia ' comedi of norwe in hrriP, 

.\xtd <^f/f cQiifthsh ' ihai comcih of shriflc of mouthe. 

And efi^rit sdhffactrc ' ihal for a)T»ric9 paytth, 

And for die i^ynncft • Koucnynlichc qutlirLh- 31 

Gvrfrf tontfiiia, orit nn/nm, i^rris satix/acth; 
Tbr?< thrc ^vjth-ollton doiitc ' Lholcn allc pciucric* 
And Ictvth Icwcd and Ectcd ' hch and louh to kno«^, ' 
Ho chat doih wd oihci bcl • othar beil :k-boucn alle; 
And li;>lJchurcbo and charitc ' her«-of a divUre Qiaden> 30 

CL ri. rorthET; fdiihFj f^it P. n^hdF; wblU£T; v^a P. I J. 

AcK; BatTi And PE. 14. irhctthwd P. i4, ihsi R vwrdk P- 

(fl. myjrhiMr, tn*li«lff P- lo, aikdKl^, to P- *r. wETF; P*w. 
1 J H rvu je P. ti. P iw4'ti il iM/Ur vX, ^^. llica P. vbit^ulen P. 



E- PASSUS XIV, iS9-fl9©. 

He slititck [ate Uic iicnjuiUiTitc i^ tjuik ' m«I lo llir cjucd ».1tc^VhT jf, 

Attd puiien of «« the pouke ' luic) pr«u«ci ra vn<ler bonrc 
Ac the ptich^m)!) or ihift pUent ' cf pouert^ b* moftio, 
And of \t\irp pAckiur ' and pHlt IijIvuc, 191 

Of pompc ftnd of praydc ' tlic pajcbemfn <kcorrcib., 
And pnntjpahcht of 4lk pcpic - but Ihci be pore of bene 
EJlk it at ELD ydd ^ aJ ihai eucrc we writcn, 
P;«pr'tiosirrs ;inJ pcTiauni:c ■ and jiitgrimajre (o Roimc. ijfi 

tJiii owrc spcticcs and ^pcn^/ngc ' spTyngc oF a trcwc vrille, 
KIlea b ol owrc kbi^urc \05tc-, • lo! how men «-htcth 
In ftncBtres xHt frercs ' if t\h be ihc foundecaciu^ 
For-ihi Cry-sicnc &hoL1e ben in coinune Hebe ' none coudlotue 
fof hym-scluc. mm 

For s«ucna «ynikcs that tlicrc b«n ■ Mi^hn n «uere, 
The fend* fo]\A^ih hem a.II« ' and fondech beB CD helpe, 
Ac wlrh HcchfSse ihat ribaude ■ rarhest men blg^yleih. 
Fcr ll^rc didt iicLkt^c jegruriJi ' Kinreiite fulwcih, 104 

And Lh« i* plcMunic to Prydc ' in pore and in riche. 
And ihe ricbc is referenced ■ by resoun of fata ricbchccse. 
There ihc pofe in pui bihytidt- ■ and par auenture cao more 
Of wiui- Aiul cf wvddoni ■ thai Ter awey ia belter lot 

Than Hc^hc^sc or refute ' and raihcr jheidc hi hcucne. 
For (iie riche hath mochc 10 rchcne ■ and rijie «»fie waIlK*h, 
The heigh wajc to-hcucnc-ward ' oft ricch«fise letletht 

There the pore tircscih bifor ilie ricbe ' >*iih & pakkc u hU fugge. 

Bntiunilidic, ai beRgerea done ■ and baldellchc he craueth, )ij 
Fur bis [»oucfie am! his pacicncc- ■ a perpetnci hhssc; 

Sea/i paufKTts. ^onJa/i tj/soram tti rfgnam ctiorva* 
And Pryde in ricchc^sc rq*nctft - ra:hcr ih»n in poucrte, 
Ani in ihe mai&i^r than in the man - aomc miLnhioun he haifa. 
Ac tn pcuerte there pacyence h * Prydc hath no rayye, «if 
Ne none of ihe *eupnc synnes ■ tinen ne mow^ thr^re longe, 
Ne hftut; powcrc in poucrte ■ if pacjcncc it folwc. 
For the pore U ay pre^t ' to plcie ihc Hchei aw 

11 J. AffbWWrLCRfi. 

Jli. tfV«/j^4^W^/njjVit&U:KOB. 




I fidCeihesc ihte thai ich t\iak ot • on domes day vg d«tcn^«ii, 
ElteB 'a ill yJcl ■ al oure Ejuvnge here, 

Cure jja-yum trnd outc pcnauncc ' and [tllgrymagcs lo Rotnr, 
Bote outc spcnr.cs and spending - apiyngc of a trcwc willc, 4c 
KUTeti i« al ouic labour lost; ■ lo^ how men vjyicn 
Id I«n(sir«» at the frcree ■ yf Tals be Ihc foundcmcni ! 
FtH-'ihi Crihitnc men scholde been in comun riche ■ no couetise 
lu hi'tn-Kclut;. 

For ftciictii.' ^)'tmea that ther been ' thaL at^-^aiLcn ous eucrc, 
The fei:Jc' fol^cth licm olle ■ and fondcih htm to hclpc, ^ 
hr.i\ uiih ticlirtMT iho ribauJe* ' ntlhett men Ly-gjien ; 
Fm Jier tlml r)'cl»CTf.c rrgiieih ■ rrttrirnrcs rf>)ci\e'JiH 
And llaaC i» picsaum to Tniydc ' in pourc ^nd m riche. 48 
The rj'^^c i* yrcuertnccd ■ by rcion of bis richcate, 
There lire picui* a yiml by-fjvTide ' aiiO <an panuntre more 
Of wil aufl of wysL-doine ' ibiu Irr wry [a Iien^rn? 
Thaji richriM other reaulie ' and ultici yliurdc in heucnc. n 
For ihe rycht batti mucbc lo rckcnc ' »n<I rjH sofrc walklih 
The heye u«y to-heuene<wai<l«; * he bait hii nai fu] i.-u<*ne | 
Thric ihe pouTe presseih by-fore • wlih A pak ai hus rygge, 

Ofifra mim ilitfrum aeyuun/ur t'lhs. 
BalaunLf>c1te. M bc^cn Ucn • and boUEclichc he crauetb, 54 
For bus poucrtc and pAcience ' pcrpetufil [oyc, 

Also Pmyde tn rlcho««« regneth ' rattier than in pouerte; 
Other in ibr maisirr otW in tbc man ' »OTn mandon he hhewith. 
Ac ia poucrtc thcr paciencc is - Pryiidc hiih no mj^te, <o 
Nc lion of the B<?uonc a^^ncs ■ *itie nc may ihtr longe, 
Ke baut power in pouerlc ^ yf pacM-iiC« hit folcwe. 
For the pourc H ay pre« ' to ple» thr richr, 

O. ,<t7. Uui F. n TF i r tm 38. 1jfu]pb£C ETl Uoj-nec FP* 40. 

tijwtP 4<^ i« KFTO i P 4w f ieucf««Jc F, uO^rhbjP. fi.wflFG; 
wm£; wLild'. friEFT; fccr P. 51. lUi (/&rraiiJ> P. ^ ntlh P. 

li. wbif t\ jf^Hnnw- i*, Cio, iii]ri|;tLlD P. <»l. Etc QU17 1£P , maj T ; 
no man i!) P. *j. |jrc*t KFTC. ; pmrrt P, 



B. PASSUS XIV. **i-jsj. 

And buoEome at hia byddyng - hi tia broke toucs ; 
And btixovMDe^ec and boalo ' arrn cucr-more at w0rr«, 
AnA ayjhcf hatrrh other • in allc manure wcik^s. 

If Wriuhc wrft^icl with ihc jinrc ' he hitib the vnoiic cndc; 
for if they boihc picjnc ' the pore a bui ficblc^ 1*5 

And if he chydc or chatrc * hym chicucll) tho vorMf 
For loulich he lokcih ' ami louclicbf in hi( flpechc, 
Tfiat nii-'lP nr mtHw ■ of niher mm motf ajtkcn. iiA 

And if Glotoric gieuc poucric " he R^tdcrcth dte hsx, 
For his rcrLtes nc wot tiaujitj rcchc ' no riche mclcft lo bugge; 
And ihou} his gtoEonye be 10 gode ak - he goth to cold 1)«ddynge^ 
And hjs Ijeuetl *n-Wpd ■ vii-p«lirlic i-wryr; jjt 

For whan he strcymrtU Itym to 5lrctiic - the Mr«iwe U liis Khetctt; 
So for his gbtonic and hi:» grctc scteuthc ' be hath Jk ^reooUfl 

Th4L is Mtlawo whan he wakeih ■ and urq^eih for collie^ 
And tiiun lyuie ri)r hla nyimes ' rto tic 1% rieuerr muiie, aj6 
Widiouie mornyn^c amon^ ' and miecbicf lo bow, 

Aiid if Coueiu&o wo[iJ« cacch« tlw f>or« * ih«t m^y nou^t come 
And by ihc nokkc namely ■ her none may licntc oilier. 
For men knowcdi wc\ that CouciUac ' is of a kcnc wLllc, na 
And bath honde^ and armca ' of a Lorge Icngdic- 
And poticTtc nis but a petit thinge ' appcrcth noujt lo bU tiaoele^ 
And Imiely Uyke waa It nenere ■ hiiwenc the longr and rh^ 

Ard iliough Auaricc woldc an^re the pore ' he haifa but lit>el 

Fof (wuerte harh but pokes • to piuren \r\ his godia. 

There Auarice hath almaries ' anvl jrrcn-bounde cofTrcs; 

And whether be lijicr to brckcJ ' laaK boste it maielh, 

A bcggercs bag^re ' ihaii an yren^bounde <x)^rct 348 

Lecherye loueih hvm nou^t ' for he ^cnelh but lytd Ayluer, 
Ne dcih hym uoujfe dyne delycatly ' ne drynkc wyn nd. 
A auawe fur thv Muvre^t ' it kIoJc noj|i> 1 uovc. 
Had ihci no thyng but ot pore nicn ■ her houses were \Tit}iedl 

And ihoiif;h SIcuihc suwe pouerlc ' and tenie nou^t god to payo. 

B. 8>r'l3T" TAtii hrtts are ifi 9ir*i^. ^9» Bfitd* WCR ; naol* L. 

35a. tiO EkTnf WCOB ; aoiMt L. /iw viityle<l, O A«f vntolexi ^^rJka/t Mft¥^ 

a PASSUs xvu. 64-95. 


l.tuxume fit his hWHyng ■ for hus l»rw<I an<^ drynk^; ft# 
AnS'tilixiiinncue and bobt ' aicn racrc-inoa' ii wraiih*;* 
Antl a>'ther haitih other ' and mowtn nat dwcllc h>-Kc<lcrcs- 

Yf Wratllic wr^ijily wi* ih* poiirc ' he hath llic u-orsRc <ndc ; 
Fof yf tin.*! lioihe pleynr* ' ijic paure m hore fyhl4>, 6)4 

And yf he childc odicr chatcre ' hym chyuyth the wors^c. 
For louclichc he Iok>"tb ■ and lauh U h;i,i ipc*:he, 
That TUflic oihcr moncye ' of straungt men mole bepyfc. 

And y( Cloienyc grfue pout-n^ ■ he glderelh ihe L'lssej ;a 
For bjs renitn wul niiL rttlic ■ ryd)e mcies 10 bigge; 
Thauh hus glofcnyc be of g:ood ak ' }\e jutli lo a cold bcddyng, 
Ahd hus hciicd vn-holi^d ■ vtiHsylic^hc yvryc; 
For when he airryn^th hym ;c> ii(ri?cchc - the »ir4w Is htit whilel ; 7^ 
So for hiis gloUiTiyc and grclc >>nnc ' he hath a gr<.^iiuus penaunce, 

Tluil is weyUwcy whin l;c awakeih ' and vrqtcih for colde; 
So ift he neacre more ful rnuryc ' so mctichief hym folwcihp 

Thaujch Ccuciycc? woldc with the pourc wfjixlc * ihci mai nat 
come to-gcderin, ^ 

Hy iHe n«ke nAmclIche ■ her tietther may henlen mher. 
For men knoucdi ih^t Couetixc ' i» of fu) );eDC wil, 
jVnd hath hunUcs and arm» ' of ii Jong lensUic, 
And poueric iit 1 p^^ty thyng ' ipereih nai 10 l^us navde; 84 
A loutHchr hLb mn h\i neucre ' by-nv^ne a lon^ and a ^orL 

Thaul* AujLiice *dtle aiigrj-c jKJuerle ' be balh bole lyicl myjir ; 

For poucrlc hath bole pok« ■ to puttcn yn hus Koodct. 
ThcT Auaricc haih nimadcs ' and yre-bountkc cofrcji, SB 

And whether be bctere 10 brcke ' Jum boost hit mikctb, 
To brelce a beggei* bagge ■ Uion nn yre-bounden cofre? 

LechttjTT !j*ur!lli tiune |>oiirt ' for he hiilli bote lytcl sclucf, 
Nc doth men dyne dyjicatlichc ' iicyllicr drynk vyne oftc. v^ 
A eWaw for the ftiywesi ■ by tiod nai ful longc 
And ihay haddc i^on orher h^tim ' boie of pi^ure |>l^pTet 

Thaiili Sloltie tiiwc poucrte " and »eruc nai gwi 10 pa>e, ! 

U P- «0, iriiil (jlfiw with) P. «6, *a. *iMri« R Dty;lhe P. %». 

B. PASSU5 XrV. «44-j8a 

ICnachier U ha muAer - and tnakctb hjm lu drnikc. 394 

That ^od ja fau fntUM bdpc ' ami »o gome clk». 
And Ui tenaont^ » Iw with ' ind crfj^^fli bodi^ 154 

And vlwre be t» or b« mn^ * he btvfth th» vlgiif of pown«. 
And hi that lecic ovrp ttueourc ' usrd 2I nuukyndc 
FoHhi al poft doc pacKnu b ' bbj dajmcA tod i^cn 
Afi«r htr cndyn^ h«ro ' hmcne-ficbe bliSM. afta 

Mwh« binlirr tna^ hr %xtt> * ihai hrrv mtye huiff hU wUb 
In londv and in lord«hi|i * niid fikyn^ of hodjw, 
And hr £od£< touc Iciietli aJ ' and lyuctb u a begccfe; 
And u a nurde for nuniKa kfuc - her fiKtdcr TonalECtb, J64 
Hir ladcf and allc her fr«Tidc4 * and Cblveth her makt. 

Moch« tt iuch« a mi)^ to ktm or h^-m ihai uich one uk^. 

More ibaji a maj^rn \a ' lliil ii inari«d rhonr brr.Lkage, )6; 

Aa fat aaoent of sondr^ jiirlfes ' ard aylutr Ua bote, 

More for coacitiK of good ' th^tn k^^de k>uc oF boibe; — 

So i\ faftth In eche a pe^^onJe - thic poiftflsioun tonaketh, ija 

And ptJt hjin to be pncient ' and pouenc ^rvddoih, 

The wliicti ifi fi/lbe 10 |:ud h^uMclf ■ aud so to hia wtftOxA,' 

■ Haac goi my Iroiithe,' quod Ilauk^n - ' )c t»ej^ fasic FOiMrie; 

What ^ Pouerte vith pacienc^' qdi>d ho * ' propndy to moot ? * 

' Panftri^,' quod Padence ' ^/f/ ^kif ^vx. 

Rtmdd^ rartfruia, ^ssfFii^ tw c^ia^afa^ ihmmt Mj 

Aljqxie sohciiudine temildt Npieiuie imperofrix, fugocium 

sine dampHo ; 
Inurta foriuna, abtqnt iQUdSuiim ftlkiUa.' 
* I tan nouji construe al ihi*,' quod Haukyn ■ 'je moaie kenne 
mc itiis on EiigUsch/ v^ 

'In Knglifich/ quod Pac/ence, 'il is wel har^e ' vel to cxponnen; 
Ac tomdel I shal Gcyne it - by so Uk>w vndervtonde. 

(i) Pouene is the tirsi po^'nte ' ihat Piydo moato haleth, 
TtiKnne ik it good by ^dckI skU - a1 ihac ogai^irih Pryde- 


S^ 363. aaO&f-udj L^ J7rt, nic WK^ LfM. 


a PASSUS XVII, yt-iaa. 



'4«<liScr la ftV ft mcne ' and makuh tiym lo ilicukci gA 

That god is hvs grouci^i hcLp ' :Knd no gorrtk^ ?l1c0> 
At;d he is setu^iimi al-wny, he *iHrh • And of tiifc «tIi» bfiihc. 
AekI wtjt'lhrr tic \yc <^^\it:r \ie nat ' lie bcrltli Lltc>>|fnc of JjouctLc. 
And in that sccic ourc sauyour - floucdc a] mAttkyndc. too 

FoT'lhi iUe pourc lliit pncienc is ' of pure ry^hl mxy cfcymo 
Aficr heic tnd}'nff heere ■ hcucne^cb* blywie. 
Much borJylokn' may he a&ke ' (h.-Lt her may Iinue ha^t will 
In [ondc ind in brdahepcs ' and lykyngc of l>ody, 104 

And for goddci louc ku<^tb ol ' und lyucth 05 ck bcf^cre. 
As a niAyde ibr 4 rainne* loue ' her^ tnod^r (br-nlieih, 
Hurt fiiik'r aiiU bure frendcH ■ irid gooih forth wWi bure p&ni* 

Muchc is euchc & nijiyde to louc * of a mJiD ibut sucHc on taltoth 
Mont ihan ihii maMv ia < thit la yniaried by broi:^^'?^ ■*■> 

As by ascsti of sonJry Ixxly^ - and s^liicf 10 Uw^, 
More for coucikc of catcl ' tban kyndc louc uf die mariagcu 
So hit foriih by cch a pcrsonc ' UiaE posacision foraakcEh* irt 
And puilclb hym to be pftcicnt ' and lo poucrie hym wcddolh, 
Tbr nliytJic \% tlbbr m C-tviE nrlf ■ ;ind RomM.-ihlc Iwilhr,' 
QtuJ] Aclyf ibo a Ajigrylich?; ' and ar^ueyngc aK liil wcrcp 
• 'What ia Toucrte pAcicni?' quAih he - '\di prayc that thou 
^^ ^, M(e biu" n« 

%Pauferta^,' cjuath Pacwnce - '«/ oJiWt hrmum^ 
H^ Ji€Oucitf atrarum, posstsm ffm cahtmpma't litrnwrt dd, 

tine damfmo ; ^ 

'Ich can nsn conarucn nl ihid' ' quaih ^^ff'fij-(«j^. 

'l^f&y/ quftth Padoncj; ' * proprcUchc to telle 

In EnglUb, hit U ful hardc - ac somdcl ich idial LclLe the, t»n 

(i) ?OUcri< 18 (he Ijisic \ioyali: thM fniydc most b^itcih ; 
" Thannc is poucric good," quath Good Skylc ' " ihituh hit greuc A 

C ^7. K«! U EFTC i K<f^ i^»- '^) ^- '*<- pnrt FGi pvT; poara 

TE i^ ifl^M/idni. loj. AlTtci P. lo^- ]«uidc T, iC^ tMf t-WTi 
£4da Gi co^c* r. ig6. lif^—ttUifh VXC ; P r<-jSd/i here irjutlci £»r-»4LiUi, 


B. PASSUS XIV. iSi-'Soa 

ft^te a« cotii/^ciotm is coDfortaUc tbicf^ * ctoiicientt note 

An<1 a ROTwe nf hyin»*c1f ■ atit! a ixtI^u:^ Id the mottle, 
So poucTlc propTirUchc ' pcnociKc, ixnd io>e» 
It 10 the hody ■ pure tpinlvJiL Ijclihc. jiif 

And rnntnc ioLiii t4:>[irorl ' nntl £>rri7 invjFffirfrja. 

(a) Scbk ni poucttc - the ujthc lo declare. 

Or OS lust^c^ to luff^ men ' cdioigncd \i no pcve, 

Nc 10 be d mdirc abcuc men ' ii« mynyi-tre vndcr kjngififl; 

Scldcn is &ny pore }'pul ' 10 pun)'i«li«n any p«ple; ilf 

Remoa'o atrantm. 
ErgG pourHc nnd jKitc men ' pcrfornen ibc coinaunilcincnt, 

A'o/r^ it^Uitn qitem'jtutm. The thriddc: — 
(^) Sclde u any pore ridic ' but of rijirul heritage; 
Wyrmeth he rau;i with vrrghiew Tals ■ ne ivith vn*eltfi1 mr«iarcc, 
Ne bontriJj nf hii urgTilxirra ■ but ilitu he nay *t1 paye, 193 

(4) The Herihe is a fortune ' that Horiinheih the sotile 
WylJi lobrei* frain nl Bynnp ■ rtnH nl*o ^ll more; 
Ii afTaiteth ihe flf^«»he ' frani folyes Tul mai^yc, f^ 

A cDllaicntl conrortc " Crystcs ownc jiflCi 

Ddnvm <ift\ 
[S> The fyfte i& iTHXler of htlihe 
And for th<? Und cuere a Icchp ' 

Suriifiiiii: !na£<7. 
[6) The 3CX1C i» a pnlh of pecs 
Pouerie m)3t< pasw ■ vith-oute (wnl of robbjtipe, 
For there that pouertc pasieth " pcc^ foiweth ELfter, 
And fucre the lassc rhat he bercrh ■ ihe hardyer he Ss of berw ; 
Fur-lhi wiih Stiieci " pauprrLix tt! tih\^juf rniicitTidvtf sntiitit. 
And an hflfdy mnn of herie • omongc aii bcpc of thcoes; 

CcHialil pttupn (Oram /airow vialar. 
{7) The teticnprh \% welle of wisdcimc • and frwe wordes ahflwcili, 
F(ir Icinlns nlltiML-Ji iiyttJ litcl ■ or ly^imrth to hU rc^oti, ijo; 
lie tcmprcth the tonge to-treuthe-^vard - and do ircsoiccoutiCeth; 

Sdftt'fjt^if hmptrsinx. 

■ a Tr^nde in alle fondynges 
a lemman of at clenoestte, 

* Itt thot^v the |>a» of Altoun 

B i?tt9. ^ii\\R; 1.111c: 1X0- >90. rr f T* Ttinhrfm^ifcCt I 

C PASSUS X\n. XS2-X46, 


Al tlut may ^utlco of rmjde ' ir pU» tber He regnctli-" 

(j) For Belde sin pouerte ' Ihe sothc to dcckrc; 1*4 

Ah a luslice Ici luge n»en * men enioynefli thcr-tC5 ro poure, 
Nc 10 Ic & mayic oucre mcu ' nc nijniflirc inder Ityngia. 
S^kle is rhu poure ^jml • to punj-eshc cry pcup[c» 
£rgr> («u«rie and poure mpn ' parfoumen the comaun dement, 

(j) SeUc is :bc pourc OK^t richc ■ 1:01c of hua rijirul heritage. 
He wynreth nil wiih wyghtct fnla ■ nc wtlh vnaclcd mcwm, 
Ne botwffih of his ncygJirhfirc ■ hc\Xt: ihfti be may wol payc. 
And lygtitly men Iciictli lo fcwc mirn ' uiil mru wcnc li>ia pwiro, 
{4] The r^orthe ia a Fortune - Iliac £oru!ihfth ihc 99ulc jjl 

With t&obrete frotn all* fiynnw • and aJ-so jul more; 
Hit dcftndeth ihc flf«li ■ fro folyea fill m^nyc: 
And IpI colUiirrdI cuiifojL ' Ctj'iitd cweii smKk; 13d 

Dtmum dri. 

(5) 3^1 *"t is moder of myji ■ md of manncs hclrtie, 
And frende in alle fotidyngos ' and of fonlc vtielea Icche, 

SttHi'UiKs maStr. 

(6) The ayxte, hli (9 a pnih of j>ec9 ' |C, thonv the pas of Altouj) 
PoiKrtc myghtc ptvssc ■ vith-outc pcnl nf robl>>"ngc, 140 
For iher au pouerie puscUi ■ pee* folwcih coinircrdiche^ 

Ard euenc ilii; la-s^ tli.-u cny lyf Iribtfi ' tlic lygliEcr Iiux Ut;ri« 

b lllCTC, 

As he tbat vol neu«r« with wham ' in nygbtes lo m«t^ : 
Paupfrtat «/ #w wUciUuhnt srmtta : Smrco. 

(7) The wucllic, hii is a wcllc of wj'sc<]onic ' nml fewc wordcs 
shcMYlh. 144 

For lordea dowcih hym lytcl ^ other Icyih ere to hiu reiione ; 
He Eempreih bus rongi* to-tr^uUte-vunl ■ Uui no tttaour cooeyuth ; 
Saputide kmpfra/Tix, 

G 19^- (rMt £1;; HiLite K IJ7, S^Me £Tn ; ScUd? T. rpM Tti : 

I pul r 1 ^kt P ; w L i;» J 39, S»l-Je KTr. ; Srildtf F. rjiifttl Ff; ryghl 

PE. ly). whygbte* H. rii. »<>' bit) P. 131^ lyjilily (*/ miiAthy P. 

t Ff 


B, PASSUS XIV. 309-33r 

(t) Tlf t\pnh is a Irio lab<w*w ■ imH toih in take mor^ 
I'h^ui l« ma/ V'tl dc^cruc ' Ln somcr oi In wyiilcr, ^iv 

And if he ch&fr^rclb, be cWgcth no loose ' mcvc he charily 

Wynne ; 

(9) The njnrth i^ (iwclc 10 ihe kjhIc ' no nugTc » Kweilere; 
For pocycncc n jiayn ' for pnucrtc hfiti kIuc, jij 

And (obrctfr vwciv drynlic ' aad ;^od Icche in vykeoetMi 
Thus lered me a leicrtd mia - for owre lofde« loue» 
Scynt Auscjn. a b1i»ed lyf ' widi-tmlcn by^jruewe, iid 

For body and for soulc ' a^jgttt ivtiahtdint ftluit^. 
Now god, Uiat al f(oc>d ^yuc(h ' gr^unt hts 9oul« mtf, 
Thai ihua fjTst wroic lo wj^ti^n men ■ whati Poatrtt vx( lo mener 
'AlluT quod ITftukyn ihc aclyf man tho ' "llatr aflex my 

Crysicndoire, ^ 

I ne haddc ben den and doluen * for Dov^clcs soke ! 
So barde ii i«,' quod Haukjn " Mo lyuc and 10 do sjimc 
Synnc stiwtlh w cuetc," ijjiod be ' and wri gan wcxc, 
And wepte WAlcr wiih bis cygben ' and weyled the lyme. 
That «iiorc he dcdc dcde ' ikiE dcre ^k>-\ displescd; 
Escrowed and sobbed ■ ajid t^ked ful ofte, 
Tliat ettere he hadde loiitle oi lortt*hip ' tvue Other more. 
Or niayatrye oucr any man ■ mo ihaii uf hym-aclf, 
■1 wtrt" no\j;i wonhy, vow god/ quod HL^ukyii ' ■ 10 vert 

Nc noyih(?r ^herte ne sbonn ■ Miie for shatTK? one. 
To kcufc itiy uioi^rnc/ quod lie ' ^\A crydc iiaL-rcye fssle. 
And fl^cpic and vpcyhd * and tbcrc-wtih 1 awaked. a3i 




C. PASSUS XVII. M7-i57< 435 

(8) The eyhtethe, hit is a leel labour ■ and Joth lo take more 
Than he may soLhUche desenie ' in somer other in v/yntei; 14S 
And thauh he chalTarer he chargeih no los - mowe he chariCe 


Negodum sine dampno. 

(9) The nyethCj hit is swete to soules ■ is no sugcr swettere ; 
For pacience is hu3 paneler ' and payn to pouertc fyndeth, 
And sobrete jeueth here swete drynke ' and soJaceth here m 

alle angrcs. 151 

Thus leryde me a lerede man ' for oure lordes loue^ seint Anstyn, 
That pure pouerte and pacience ' was a louh lyuynge in ertbe, 
A blessid lyf wiih-oute busynesse • bote oneliche for the soulc; 

Ahque soiicitudine filicitas. 
Now god that al thynge gyueth ' graunte hus satile reste, 156 
That wrot ihia to wisse men ■ what Pouerte was to mene T * 

Q. 150. (jn^i3T;thcrLiF; PEG om. 1 5 1. tmrc P (ftcw-/). 

r fa 


R PASSUS X\\ i-sT. 


AC alter my wikyng * il vsts wonder loiis«i 
Ar I eonth t/nddy ■ know whai was ftoVfl. 
And M> my witic west ftnd w^ikjcd ' ill 1 & fob were. 
And 30R1DIC Iftkicd tny lyf ' ailloved it fcwc, 4 

And Ictcn mc fo« n lord ' and loch to reucrcncco 
Lordcs or hdyti " or any lyT flic*, 
At penancK in pcUorc ^ wiili |>ca±iunm of sjlua; 
To semunta ne 10 auchc ' ocydc nou}^ ones, 

•^ God lokc |OWr lordcift I " * ne louted fair« ; 
That folk* fy>Idn nw & fole • and in Ihii folye I nued^ 
Tyl Rrwruii Inukle icuihe on ait ■ aii^ rvkktd rat; nj&!e|«, 
Tyl I Ki^b, as it scrocrye wck ' a no^l tbingc with-al, la 

One witfi-Quion longc and lc«lh < toMc B3C whyd4:T 1 ffbuldc. 
And wlwr-or ) cvn and of what kynde; ' E conlur«d faym Aiie 

U be were CryS<» crcAturc ' Tor Cr/»tca louc mc TO tdlca. 
1 [Lm Cry«tc3 aoxture/ quod he ' 'and Cr>sicnc tn ffuny 

a plEtCi;, 16 

In CTp\c% count- i-knowe wd ' and of his kynnc a pfinye. 
Is Doyihcr Peter the porter - nc Poulc with lus ftuchoune. 
That wil defcndo me the dorc " dyhgc icb nctjrc so late. 
At mydnyjEf at mydduy * my voiec so '\% yknowe, >• 

Thai cchc a creaiurt- of hi* courte ■ wckoraeih me feyre/ 
'WliaE ar \z called,' quod I* ^in djjJ courLc ' amongcs 

CryslC8 pcple?' 
*Th« %vhi!«s I qiiykkc the coip«,' quod he ■ ' ciUed im I Amwi^ ; 
And nhan l wilnr and woldr ■ Animui ioh hail*?; #4 

And fot lliai J call and knowc ' calJed 4111 T Mm^ i ' 
And whan I maJcc monc to jcod ' Mou&ria is my name; 
And whan t dczne domes - and do as treuiiie lecbeib. 

B.|.imWRB; LCOmi, ig. Tht (j^ tlvij L 

a PASSUS XVTL ifiS-iffi. 




That kntw< Coiiicit'UL'c fill wcl ■ aiij Ckigic boiljc; 
*Hc ttuti Isftds londc and lordAfai:p/ quaih he - ' al the kfltc 
cndc 160 

Shfll be pourest of power ' ai hua panyng hcnnc*/ 
Thentic icEi wtmdrcilc vlint tic wa^ ' li^is Litrrum-ar^'Sriitm, 
And praycde ricieticc ' thai ich npow hym motttC' 
And be tiuErcdc me and ficidc ' 'amayhuA other nAmc.' ifi^ 

T^m? fj^uffi-crht'tnum; qnarh kh ■ 'of what lond^ ar ye} 
Jf lliow be Cii&Lca LicALUfc ■ foi OisLca Jtiuc, Lcl iik.' 
* Idi urn CrUica creature/ quath be ' ' and Critline in menjrt 

And fit Cri^teK court yknowc ' ind of hufi kj'nn^ a pariyc-; i6S 
I« nothcT Pcicr Uir porlcr ' nc Vst\X wlih liU faudion. 
I'hat woJdc dcTcitic mc hcucnc dorc ' d>ngc Ich ncuerc so 

Al inyd-rj'jtH OT mydday ' ra}' uniuo u ^o yknove. 
Thai edit citiluio llwl loutlh Cri«c ' wrU*micllj mp fairp.' tp 

'Whei-of wrue |e?' kh »eide " 'tj-re UBfrum-firSth'ium}' 
*0r ei-^ni tymi: to fygbtc/ <|ucith he ' 'falsncMe I0 de^tiuyc, 
And ftom ipht to Bliffre ■ tolbc torwe and teene, 
J^yfcc other l«ue ' at my Ijkynffe chtat, 174 

To do wci olhcf wiltkc ■ a m\ willi ^ reyion, 
And may nat Le with'oulc a hitdy ' to bcrc mc vhcr hyia 

'Thpnnc U that body betters than thow/ i^naih kh • 'nay/ 

<ji3(uh he, *na bcterc; 
Bote An A ucdc wci'L' 3 furc ' tbenDC worcbcn tlici botlac, if(o 
And a}ihcr ifi olhcrcs }jccte • and also of ft ^1; 
And %o U mfln ihal hath liuft myndi' ^ myd rj^truv^-^rlitrium. 
And ihc wliyk L-h quyko llie <ors ■ cald am icli Antma; 
Aiid ^hcTinc icit wiliic (jtWr wuldc ' Ammm ich byhtc> 14^4 
And Tor thai ich can and knowc ' CaliJ kh am " numnys I'houht;'' 
And ^han leh make mono to god - Mtfrrori*? tcb hatte; 
Anil vh^n kh 6cm'^ donm < ami do su ircuihe ledu^tb, 

C. i6e. tofiA<J< P. 161. th«M C/tfr dui) T. 1^. he MtTG : PC fim. 
171. Djjib r. ip, wolcttmetli r, j;;, **ikkcTi *klM EM; ink* P, 
iBa-lbclM; rEFTGpM, i hii it h vfiiUo ktif U. 1 1^3. Con TC ; oettraPj 



A PASSUS XV, 38-st. 

Thaime U Ro^p mj- riji tixmt • Rnsoiin an Kng:lU>ti(- ; tfl 

Aiul ttljAA t ttic thu folkc icllclh ' my lirMc nimc i5 Setuvj, 
And ihu is wyitc ftnct wisdome ' ihc wcl^ of elIIg cniA«f ; 
And whan 1 ch:iUngc or cbaboge qoujlc - cbcp« or rcfuw, 
Thannc *in I Cotwclcnre }Ta](le " jpjJJU chrke and \m nfttrie; 
Anil wban I kflic IdJy ' owrc lordc mil aUc oltier, 33 

ThKQne U k!e Low ray a^mt • txiA in Latjn Amor; 
And vbm I %c fro Uic ilcuh^; ' ftnd formic ihc <aroigii<» 

AiwtfD and Yfodonu ' ftyifaor cf bcm both^ 47 

K«iDpn«d tn« thus to mmc; ' oow thow mj^le cbese, 
How iliow coiidtcat to uOc mc ' now tliow knou<9l aDe inf 

/I jr/jBiT /r? ifiKtrm ocfieMvt diia/rta wmt9j icrtitur : dam 
fiMifit^i artpa, Atsima tsi; ^tn vatt, Animau fU; dum 
idi, Mats al; ii§M rtitJlf, Jftpmni nf. Dmm Mh^S^ 
Jiant t$i; itm srvHi^ Stm^ aJ; Jam um^U, Aaw ai; 

*3c bcQ u ft ^Hhop^' quod I al (jOurdjTi^c ]hit tymc, 40 
*yor bushopcfi jblcsiicd ' ihd t<rclh tnmy nunice^ 
Pnipi find l-nttli/tsc ' aod Kfffef»ftJarruf^ 
And vlhct tiLtmti 411 hc^ic ■ f/f!ft^iy*j and /sti/ttr' 

■Thai ii soiV 9cjd« he ' 'now I k lli wHIel n 

Thow ^dUeat knowc and kunnc - the cmik of allc Lcr nuDc«, 

And of JoynOt if Ihow mj^tcst ■ me tliinlcclh by Lhi vv^chcl' 

'Jc, Ryrv,' I *cydc ■ ' by eo no ffiaa were grctitd, 
Alle the »ci?nc« vndcr sonnc ' md :k!k' ih^ sr^ylc cnXies 4ft 
I uoldc 1 knck^c 4nJ couUi " kjtildel> in taync bcnrT 
'Thaiuic Aflow inparfii/ quod he "iind one of Vtydcs knjjtcs; 

For Aucb a Insic and Ljlyn^ - Lucifei fcl fmm Ijcucsk: 

Portt^m //Aj« mfwn tit a^/Uw, ii 4(m'lit ertt a/Zimm^. 

0. PASSIM XVn. iS8-it> il9 

Then U J^ofic my ryhte nn^mc ' "Rtfiou'* ir EngK^sh; jtt 
AulI wJif imft :di felc lli^tt foil;!; ictlctii ■ tijy furtflc Hitmc ii .^irjAr, 
Aiti tliAl is wilL« Aiul wJMstkirac ' the wcllc of aIIc crAftci: 
And when kh chiUn^ other nai cholEiDge ' cb<pc other refuM, 
Thinnc Am ich Conuttntia culd ' gocI«A clerk. And hui noUrie; 
An*1 when iih wol ^o i>lh<-r uai do ' goodi- tledL'^ ot^Mrr iJle. 193 
Then am ich Lilirnm-ariiittium ' ift Icttrcdc men kllcn: 
And when ich lour Lcdly ' uutc lord anci alio OLhcrc» 
Then U " Irel Loue " my nft-mo ' tn Latyn chat is Amcr ; [96 
And vhcn ich flee frn the h™1y ' atid fryr Imr thi? cftroygrn-, 
ThcQ am ich a ^piriE *pcchcle& ' ^Lnd Sfn'ritt^ thciuic icb bote 
Avstyn and V^idcinj:) ' ;t>ther of hem boEhc 
Hcapn^'k- luo this to mime ' tbow now inysht cheese jw 

How tlji:'W coui^ic^st Eo calk' ^n^^ ' now kii[)Wi:<^i tluiw nllc ni)n<? 

-Iff/nj //-tf 4it4ersn af^i}tti$M itttifrsa ntfmiin j(^tx%r ; 
<tM/u uii^Ju\*i t9rf^4s, Aitima ut ttHm tmJ/, A/umtu 
«/,- i^/m ffrolit, Jiffmoria tt/ ; duia t'aJfe/ti, Rasi^ tti i 
cfW/n itnlil, Srmtti tsi ; dtt'a firnai, Am^ (tS : riu/n dr- 

Htgtit ufi t^tunhf, C&n9tien£Ui t4i i dam ^raf, Sftrihu 

'3e ben as a bii^cbop,* quaih Jcb " fll Iwidyngc th^tt lytnc, 
'For bischopcs blc^cd ~ llici bcrcth mcny namea, 
Pr^mi and pcntiftx • and mtir^tiianu^t jq4 

And olhtir names in heiue ' epfuefmr iml part^* 

*T\u\ in Mith," ht M'idi? ' 'xmyf itli aeij thy wil 
How thow wo]dc:»t know and conne ^ the caue»c cf alle hc^re 

And o( m_viit% yf (how myghtett ' me ihynketh by thy Bpechel' »oS 
: . 'Jc, ^yrc' ich wyde, 'by so ' thM no mun were a-grtueJ, 

V-^^'W ^^ '^^'^ science vnder *onnc ■ and adlc *oiilc crai^ca 
, ' Icb voldc ich kncwe iuni couihc ■ ky^dch'chc in nirTi herle-* 

■Thaiuie aJi ihow in^iarryE, qUAth he " 'and on of Prydei 
L. knyghtei; >«> 

Fw auclte a luate unci lykyn^'C ' Lucifer fel fro bcucnc; 

Punam ptJim mmm in d^niAvH, tl tto iimiiii txitiUtmo. 

feci (/jif frlj V. 



B. PASSUS XV. 5»-8t. 

Ie were ajcyncs Tt>i>Jc/ quod lie ■ 'and alkjriUKS ivtoim, st 
Ihxi any creature fthulde kunnc al * cxe<;>ic Cry^ one* 

And uith, f/ra/ ftf/ wr/ t»mttit't mufttan, non fit fi U^mmt 
sir fm' ttntfiUor ni ma/cifjJu. f/frmi/irr a gli^rStt, 
To Ep^luch-mcn i1l» it- lo in<i>G ' Ihat mouxn speke and here. 
The man ih;u mochc hony ctolh ■ hi* maw* it ongk/mtCb; |4 
And the mor* ihai a man ■ of good mnicr hcroib, 
Bui he do thcr-aftPT ' ii doih hytn dcniMr urathc: 

£t Ttfha T4r/ii in ^ptr^ ■ fuUich to his powcrc to 

Coucytiac to kuorc ' and U) kiKxre ictencc 
PuUc out of paridji ■ Afbm uid Eue ; 

Sciemie app(tiJfii ftemtmrn iHrnertntUatit ^mn jpoHatat. 
And ri)t£ n.<i honjis }nicl lo di-^fyc - und cn^Tc^-mcth tbc ttAwe^ 
R;)t Eo Lhat thoiv refouA - woldc the rot« know^ ^ 

Of god and of his gret* myjics • his STac«A it lAteQu 
l-'nr in ihu lykyni; lidu a t^r>'de ' aiiO a ]yrami-H roudtiae, 
Ajcin CryfttCd conecillc " and aUc citrkct kchynff. 

That is, iwji pUit sapfre fuam cperM tapirt^ 
FTtrcs and fclc other maiE:rc« ' that lo lh« leased tn«n prech^n, 
^e mofuon materch ii^nkc^unihW ' lo tcllcii of s^t irintie, &y 
That oftc tymcft the Icwcd peple ' of hir bL'Icuc do&lcn. 
BcUore byScuc were mony • doctoiirc« mich UKlirn^. 
And tc[]cn men of tli« ten comaundemcntt - and toucbcii iht 
fncucnc AVUtie-1, yi 

And of the buunches thit burgeoaneth of hem * and biyn^eth 

men to h<Ue, 
And !iou^ that follto rn folyea * myiptnvlen htr fyuc w:tic»t 
Att wel freres aw oiht-r fclkj* ■ fo!i!ic:h spcrcn 
111 housyngt m hatoyuge * and in*to hicgh clefgjc fhcwytiyc, 
More for ponipe ilian for pore eharitc ■ the poei^c vole the fOlh« 
That I lye nou^l, lool ■ for lordca |e pleacn, 78 

And rvopiTpncm rhr riche - the ruher for her cyluer; 

Con/untfiiniur omi^z ^ui athrani sculpijUa ; et aU&f; 

Vi ^id dihf^iiit VQw'ijJem, ei ^utrtfis mentfadn/n? 
Go to the glosc of ilic verse ' ^ greie clorkca; 80 

If I lye on ym to my Icwcd wiiu ■ ledeib me 10 breonyngel 

B. ^. £ttri0Vi,-O; t^tri^LCm, 79. f^.'aUtL. 

e PASSUS XVU. ti4-a3j^ 


HU wtrc a-gtyii kjnde,* qiuuh ht ■ 'and ullc kyniic iracmii 
Thai tny cfcaiurc nholdc cornc it ■ cxccptc Ci^al CDC. 
A}ciii? fitl? sucho Snlamon epek«th ' and diepi^cih hct« wiitcB, 116 

AntJ strith, r.-rt/j' f»r mti romf^'l muJ/um, n^tt ti I'cnum fU :^ 
jjl- qui sir$iJ\ift}t (Xt magfsfiitit, c/^rivf*/»r a g/oria. 
To £DKl^«^h-n)cn ih\s t» to mccc ' ttiAt niowen »pckc and huyrc, 
ITic nun that muchc hcny cci ' his mawo his cnpkj'mrth: 
The wyiiiour thai cny wjght is ■ bote yf he \por<Lc ther-afterj 
Ttie btltfour he nhftt n-liygg^ ' boir ff hc! vrl worcbe; AJd 

Bi^ilt3% »cich N^ynt Dcrnaid ' ^xiV Knjtittriu i^U, 
Si wr&a lurM tn cfier^i • cTnlctrili hia power, 
Coottiw to coiin« ' ftudSto ktiowe ftcicncc* 
Puite oute of parades - AtTiim tind Eur''; ^t^ 

Siitfttit <ijffit/i/sfs ii\?mrfKm ifRmorlaiHaiia gkritt ^oUauif, 
And rj'ghi so as liooy ■ is vuci to ckfi«, 
Ryght to Aothly sciences ' awcll«th in a mAnncs s^inle. 
And doih hym to he dirynous ■ acd dcme ibiu bfth nai Icrcde; 

A'on f}im suptn ■ «nde ihc wysi% tsB 

Ouam optfrM titficn ' l«t synne of pruydc weic. 

Ffcrc8 fcic sillies - to the folkc that ihci prcchcn 

Mciicn motiff mtny t_\mes ' iiiBoUblcS and Htltuc^, 

Thftt bothe kfwl a»il Iew<*U ■ of htre by-teyiw? doutcn; ijf 

To trctic the trn commaiindrm^ns ' vere ten dthi? hnicn^ 

And how thai foTkc folylichc ' hor>: fif witiM aiyKp^mlcc, 

A« uxl frcrca an other folk ' fgilllLchc ipcndcn 

In hounyri); iind in hcl.v>-nsc ' ui liih clcrcj^c shcwynse. 

More for pomp and prutk ■ cw Ihc pcuplc *cit weJ 

That ich lye nir» loo ' Tor lordcs tiwi plewn^ 

ATid rcuetcniellj the rycbe ' iho tailier An ticn; t>ducr. 


C, at^. feiuiiirv P. iT^- MSS *i*/r*iwfl/«*- ; hut rrtd ti^rtmintr. 

11;, umifiMFT; mel* I'K. nH. ii t/rf hi*) V. J19 whjltioaiP. 

whigMP- >iO. wpl M; w*] PKTC, asj. «.i(mc« EMTKG; KlnMrP; 

w L J16. t*^. Put* V. gi^^ MHT: ^trum PKG, »Jv ihit 

I^ltTC; the P. ijj. ionitichflP. «3«. plct^P. 


B. PASSUS XV. 81-1 IS- 

For Of It umeili, 3c TortakcEh ' no Tnanat^i i1ineai«» 

Of vaurcm, of huces ' uf nu^rniui clui>mrrii, 

And loulcn to lhi» tontea ' tliii movcn Imc )0« uobkSi #4 

Agvbu I'^wK r^olc aiuJ religtoun - 1 uku rccor^lc oi Inas 

Thai atido 10 tilB disdplw • av «j"jr ptrsv*i^trtitn M^JiJOrrt, 

or ibi« inat«ic 1 my^ie ■ make a kmjfv bible, 
Ac of cur^iouita of cry»tciic pcpic - aa chrkcft bcrcili wittic«K% 
1 Ahal idlcn ic for ticuiJi SAkc ' lilcc hcdc who so lykeih 1 8^ 
At holfocttc and hnncmc • oiXEc of hoUcherche (prtdeih 
Thtirw ble Kbbyng natti ' dutt gntlilcx hiwc kclcu. 
Hi)^ M> out of hnlkhcrchc ' alic yu<)c9 tiircd-^ih, 
'rticrc inparf>'l prc^ihod in ' prcdiourc* and wchucfl* 
And w it by cnitiiiip[« • in somcraynitf on irowv*. 
Tlie^rtir sonitfic hnvttn hen Iciicd ' vid Miinnie beretli dodc; 
Tbcrc 15 & m;^(;lucf in iIlc mote ' of SFUcbc nuucrc bowtdi 
Rifl &o pt-noiics and pr«3Ua - and prccbourcs of holy cbordiOi 
That Ar4Q rot* of lUe njtd faiib * 10 r«ulQ tho peple; 
Ac ihcrr chi^ roic fs ror<?ri ■ fcson wor^ ihc *othf, 
Sh3.\ nciirc ^durc nc fiutc ' iic kiic Iccf be (^irEic. ia> 

For-ttu, nddc 3c IctUed Icuc ' the Iccchcryc of cJothyn^, 
And ba h}iide> lis biftf J for c;kf kc« ' and cunci^c oE Crystcc (^d«^ 
Ttcwc of jowre (ongc ■ and of jowro tiill*> boiho, 
And hftik-n lo here luilatrjc ' and nouji to vn^crfon^ 104 
Tythca of vntrcwc tlAngc ■ ylilicd of ch&^arcd, 
Lctbe were Icwcd men - buc Ibci ^ovvic lore fol^rcd* 
And lEiicnJL-n hem iliit uiyRdon ' more for ^ovrn eniunple^ 
Than Uitlo \ici^i.]ipn and preuc l( noEiji ' )-|)ni:r)'Kic k ?cc^intdi. lefl 
Hor ypocryaic in Latyn ■ h lykncd lo a dongchuL 
That were bysncvcd nkh »na^c ' and snakes wyili'inne ; 
Or to ;i ^val chat ncrc whiilymcd ' ind were Ibule wylii-tnnc. 
Kijt to many pmErt - prrchoiirc« nnd preUiei^ lii 

3g lu^ii cnbbuiLched with Ar/r /Htrokt - .md with clallics ^ao, 
Ac lovTC wctkc» and jowrc woni^i ibcrc-vndcr ' aren ful vziloaclicb* 
ioha$mea Crysoslomus * of clcrkcft spekech and prebtet, 

Si*r»^ dt Simph cmne bonum progndtlurt sk de Um^6 tffliMr 



B. 90. boaal[c^VCROB, honateicU 

C PASSUS XVU. J4d-»7i- 


Ajcns the counsai) of Cryst ' as holy clcng/c wi[AotM4b; ^9 

Loo, whai hd/ wtyt wjiineiiL'th ' of wikk«d tvtlwrcb; 

At holyncatt and iioucftte ^ out of holy chwchc 

Spryrji^cth and ^pruJcth ■ and enapiicd] the pcupk 

Thor^li p.-Lif]: prec-st^fciood ^ aitd preC&ies of holkhuKhc, Ji^ 

Kvt;tic Ki out oT holychurclie ' al vufi spr^cleih, 

Thcr tmpftrlic prcc^L-hotl ih ' prc^^tiuurs and tL-L:houn^ 

And SCO hit by cnr<impk ■ of ircea in eomcr-iymc» 

Ther tommc bowcv bcrcLh kucs - and aommc bcrciti rone; i*^ 

The txjwc* dial hcfrili nai ■ antl hcrih nat grmr-lrucdp, 

Thicr b a m^acliif in die njoi^ - of snchc maiie^ic i-iotkcs. 

Rygbt 30 pcr^onca and prccstci ' nnd prcchcm of holy churchc 

Yi Ifce roie or the ryght fvithc ' to rcowclc the peuple; s^i 

Ac iher itie rote ti Toicn ■ rciOTi woi ihe toihe, 

Slidl ncucjc iloiirc ne fmt AVtfxe - uu fair lecf \ic grcue. 

Fui wUdc )e IfttcHdc lt:uc ' ll;« Icchctic of dothin^c, 

And tw couitcis and kj-ndc ' of hoLykukc goi>dc«, b5< 

Pane wlih the pourc ■ and joure pruydc ktip. 

And ilierto irewc i^f jourf tonge ' ;ind of }Ouje iMl also, 

And bdica h^irlouie ' and to vndarongc die tythea 

Of vicrcf* and of horcs ■ and of al vuel wycnyngw, a6o 

r,oih uv;rc- lo^cdo men ' bole tL<;t ;oiire lore folvedeo, 

An*1 a-mondcn horn of lion? my*idt'd« ' moic for }OilTrf" rnsampW 

Th*ii fot to prc;;hu aud pieucn liit iiau ■ ypocusic lilt «cmcih ! 

Vpocrisic is ft braunchc of pruydi; * und most amonj; clcrkc^, 4(4 

And it ylikncd in Laijn - to a iotlijictio dounghcp, 

Tliil wctc tjy»Knywe al wlilj *now - and siikc* wllh-ynne. 

Or to a wal wliit<]ymi:^1 - and were blftk wiih^nne. 

R)'jl ao mcTiy prccsics ' prcclionrs and prelates, !6fl 

That btth enblauitchcd wjih iah f^ar^a * and widi /«■// clothe*; 

And OS lunibet ihci Joken ' ind lyucn as wolucf. 

lo^amnes Cri^asiomus ■ tif|icth ihun cf cittkts, 

SiiUl dt kmpk Qmnt huiikm pragrtdihtr^ S9C de kmpt^ tmm 
malum prvudit. 

afS, Jfo, Th*TT (/«w TTier) P- afi». ('■»'; i^icM'TF; FEti jw. ryshi;,!'. 
^h% I? Ml; iricl'EG. 156, IvtrktrT: diiER^i? 1'. 157' with iIlv 

EMl-T; wbitimP. JiS- nywcF, flSp, imilMlTG; PEpWh afij, 



Si uardocntm Afl y ra i fiarit^ tota'JItrti tetiaia / si ntkm 
€tn/fiAim /t^errJ, mhumi JSJa turcM tii. 

ad fivrtmdum^ 
Sim am tidrrii aricrtm pa^itiim a murxi^m^ v»ifU^ 

^mod nflirNM hal^i in r^ditt, 
iU €mm vidtris pfi^/xm nd/ui/hmaftim ti irT^hjgrM^m^ iim 
lAflMt Mtrrdocjutn am »» tsi fOMiflv. 
If k*uct! Jticii wni ' ttiiat itih Latvn nicnelli, 116 

And who u-u mjn itictor - mocbc \v-9iidcr mc LhinlLcth, ^ 

Dui if niiny a prest beri^ ' lor here bdift«Ur(9ta ind here brocMS, 
A pcyn.* bcdcs 1q her liuide ' and 1 boke \nder her ainne. 
Sire lohaii and aire GrETn/ ■ hiiti 1 geriel or h;rhjer, wo 

A bucllArdei, or \ b&IlolOLtiyf - with botcmea outr^ltCt 
Ac ft poHoiis thai shuldc be tiifi plow plactH 10 seggt, 
Had(l€ h* neuiv teruj^ lo siuu «yluer ther<(io ' seLth h vi^ yvcl 

AtLaal 3e kved men ' incche Icec \t on prcrtes* IJ4 

Ac Ihinjcc UiM wykkcdlich ia vcmne * and with ^«e sleigthes, 
Woide ncucrc wiite of witiy pod ■ bui wikked men il hadd«; 
The which iren jircslcn inparfil ■ anJ iireditjures aJler vylu^r, 
Scctnuics and audeucv - .tniniiou;» sind her Iciniiuuines, uS 
This that with gyle wu getcn ' vngradouslicb iji itpcoded; 
barloles and horct ' or hulpen with *uch goodit, 
goddes folke for defiute iher-of ' forfaren htkI splllen. 
Cunioum of holykirkc ' is cbrkuH i)j^ bcu aucjoiuc. isi 
Lijtlkh that ihcy Icticn - loseUcH II habhcLb, 
Or dycth intestate ' and Ihanne the biHahop enlnib, 
And makelh murUie ihere-wiih ' and hia men boche. 
And ^ggen. "he^xv;L<i '.i nygatile " [hai no good m^jlc aspAro 
To frcndc: tic to fremmcd ' the fend? buuc lua soulc I tsj 

For a wrccchcd hous lie helde ' 4I hie lyf lymo; 
And that be spared and buipervd - sp«ne ue in iQurthe." 
By lered, by lewed ' that Joth is to spi*nde, t«o 

Thus gone her goilea ■ be the gosie fajcn. 
Ac for good men, god wotc ' gret dole men TnaUcAi 
And bymeneth good mcit-iyuercs ' und in m/nde baudh, 

B. 119. MS^O CuAiVji fq 1. lis ^Ii b«i>rlsc) ^u a AM^ Jtfftt^ 
Hiu h€rt. p/i. Scbuklen go lyncc KnijMla ' vi'Ji >iit fiuBp the ipuwe. 

C. PASSUS XVII. 373-»8a. 4M 

Si sacfrdocium integrum fuerit^ iota ficnt eccUsia ; siau/em 

corrupiura fuerit, omnium fides marcida est. 
Si sacerdocium fiterit in peccaiis, totus pepulus comurtitur 

Sicut cum uidcrir arborem paltidam el marcidam, intelligis 

quod uicium hahet in radice, 
Ita cum uidtfis populum indiseiplinatum et irretigio&um, sine 

duhio sactrdocium eim mm est sanum. 

Alasl Icwedc men ■ muche leese je that fyndon fjt 

Vntynde creatures ' to beo kepers of joure soules 1 

Ac ihyng that wibkedlLchc is woqdc ' and with false sleithes, 

Wolde neuere other-wise god - bote wicked men hit haddc. 

As imparGC preestes ' and prechers after seluer, 276 

Secutours and sodenes ' Gomners and here kromannes; 

And that with gyle was gete " vngraciousUche be dispended, 

Curatours of holychurche ' and clerkus that ben auaroiis, 
Lightiiche that thei leue ' loseks hit deuouren. ato 

Leyueih hit wel, lordes ' boihe lered and lewede. 
That thus goth here godes ' atte la^te ende, 

C. 77£. FE imtrl that ajitr ncuae. a;^. Mwrou P. JBo. denourea 

EG ; deuoreD P. 


B. PASSUS XV. 144-170* 

la prtfen and tn pcfunnecfl ' and in parfyt charte.' 144 

'■ 'What U Ch^riicr (]iiod I iho - 'a childinli iWngt,* be »ekfc; 
'j\a'' fjiaitmifit 4Hui p^MMtt^ ncn tnifinUiis in r^prvn 
cthrum ; 
With-ouien faunEelte or folj * A fre Itbcml xviileL' 

' Wherr vhuMr mt?n fynilc^ such 1 frrndc ^ viLh flO Trc an brttc ? 
1 blue \yaed m londc.' quod I ' 'mjr name is Longa Willc. i«9 
And Tondc I nmcre ful chorite < bifore n« bihyndol 
MoR bctti m«rcvab1« ' to nn«nd]mftru «rd ic tM>rc, 
And wolrn Irno thfr* the! kiii^ ■ Idly lo hrr p^vril, 
Ac charilc UiiL Povk jJTc^scth bt^l aad ino»i pUnvnte to 
owrc nofrourc, <5> 

Ai^ AM iaftahir, wm tsi am&ict4sa^ ifw« fitfr?^ ^ mi ncmt^ 

I sdg^ neiicre luch « man ■ «o me god help*. 

Thai lie ne vroltk a%kc aflcr hia - and oOicrwb3« coucytc 
Thirgc ihal ticdcd hym nou|t ' and nym? it if ho my)tol 
Qerkm k<tiiio tn« ilmt Oysi ■ is in aUe places; ifiC 

Ac 1 wygh hym neuere aotlily ■ but a* my-«ir In a miroune, 

And so I Uowc lrc«ly ' by that men tcllctb of tharite, 

II is noughi championcs f)iic - i\e chifiisv, tat 1 trove/ 

' Charii«,' quod he, ' ne chalTarerh noujie ' nc ch:£lifng«rih, ne 

A^ proudc of a pcny ' as or a poundc of ffoldc. 

And is as ghddc ot a ^onnn ' of a graye rt)£Mt 

As of a lunklo of Tine ■ or of Iry* scarlet. 

He In gladiic wldi -lHc gludde - and guud tyl die wyLLc^i lO^ 

And Icuclh and loucib alk - that ovrrc brdo made. 

Cuitcih he fio cipature ■ ne he can here no wrauhc, 
Nc no lykyngc bath 10 lye ^ uc kuglie rncn Lo income. 
AJ thaE men ^iih, he let il aocb - and in solncc taltcth. 
And all« man«re mehchiefs * ia myldene^sf h« suifrtch; 
Coudtcth he non« «Tihly good ' but heuene-rlcbe bJiftc.' 


/*U 164.13^1 WCRO; \yU 


C. PASSUS XVII. 38J-309. 



Ttiat \ywti H'p:tis holy lore ' Aod itic louc of cliarilc/ 

* ChATJlC,' (jiiath irh iho ■ ■ ihai U n thing for sothc vSf 

TbaTmaisirM (cmciulcn muclic; ■ wIim mny bit be foujidc? 
Ich ^al]c lyucd iti London ' mcny lor^c ^crcs^ 
And Fi>anrfc ich ncucre in faith ' i* IVeres hii ptechcih, 
Chsinic, that chargerh nai ' ne chit, Lhauh men grciic hjm. i*k 
Ax Paul in a pistclc ■ of hyiii bcrdli wilnnsc ; 

N^^n in/aiuTt nen tsl am&icm-i, Hon qmrit qui jueI sunK 
Ich kncir ncucre, by CiyBl * cJerk noihur kwcde, 
That he nc aikede ftftef bus ' and o(her-whyt« toueyt<d« 
Thyng itiul nr-eJeili? I:ynk itat ' and iiyrnr ItiT, yl I14.- iny^t«E >9> 
Foi llioj men aoji aJ scclcs ■ of suhUcii and tjf brciiicrcn, 
And iliow fyndc hyta, bow figuraLSfliche • a foilr me thinkcili; 

HU in tnigmah^ tune /fi<U ad/seiim: — 
AnJ so icli Crowe trcudy ■ by jhai men E«Ifcn of Chariie/ 

'Chantc ia a t-hildisli ibing ' a£ liolii^hurchc wUuiMiieili. 196 
JVm* f^ciammi titv/ p.truti^it mn m!ra6tfis in rf^mtm 

nisrrxmo oarTATis, 
Ai proud of n pcny ■ as of a pou:idd or goldc, 
And nl-Ko gbd «f a goijne ■ of a grey n\vtex 
h% of a coEc of cammoka ^ other of cicnr scarletL 
lie it E^od with uUc gladc ' a.s gurlc* [hat lauhca aJtc, 500 

And ftory when ia- teeih rneii eory ' au ihow ijecst chjljrcn 
Liuhcn ihM men linht^n ■ and luure ripr men louicih. 
And whcLi ji niLUi fcwercUj fur m^Ji ' fcjr lUMh he bic rrcTurdi; 
He wcncth thai no ttlji - wold lygljc and swcrc, 304 

Ne thv <ny gomo wolde gylcn * other, ne greuc* 
For dred« of god that te ao good * iind ihua-gaifs <fiu Wchetb, 

QuoffiUH^Uf Uititis ul nobis /acioni himififs. /ante tit, 
lie baib no lykytigc 10 lauhc ' i\t lyj^Tie. men to ^corne; 
AUc sikncsacs and sorwc* ' for jolai be ticm lakctb, 3^ 

And al1c mancre medchirg ' a^ TninstTacie of htriienc. 

C. J*^. "nuiEMFTi AnarE. J»6. «* (/►<- Uw} K 1yiuJ« R loaJda 
Mj IcDdou&F; luodoftfiT- loi.Jrft tEO. 190. tnc« EMFC : kocrwe P. 

cl«k Pi %^i. /T*m SMPGT; Ttiv/, dkit hnt. t^^. tbon M; ihouFj 

PETG #M. A^. Hta-ifltrram K. Uiirimfr't, ^t. hi. 30J. mu <ypr 

■nd) P. a^ Out MtT . loi I'£. wbi)t R ig6. cAti> T (nWfiia); 
P£MF#m. 307. av OIF ; no f , dc to T. lyhe P {m L. io^y io», Wo 


B. PASSUS XV. i7i-a«i. 

*Haih ha any rom«8 or Hcchcauc ' or any riche Irendcsr 
*0r Ttnits t\v of ricchpi^ic ' nc rpcrhcih he n«)ert i;i 

Foi 1 frrndc tb^t fjiidcth liym ' TiilLcd hym nenicrc u iic<lc; 
fiaf'V^tiiuJtit Ant < firm hym cucr-more. 
And if he Eoupcih, eet but i toppc ' (^ sp0FO^-4to. 
He c^n punrcyc wel th* f^rr-neattr ' aiul pryntt il »nih ffjmrf. 
Anil otbrr*whilc » biit none - to wcnde in iMl^tymagc, xfl 

There [lorc men ard priraoEKii liggicth ' her pordour to bau«. 
'Jhcu^h he bcrc hem ho bml - he btr«h hem c«r«iter iy(lo<t*, 
Lourth Tieni xi owr« Icrcle bidd^th * and lokcih hov tliel farc- 

AijU wb4n hi; in wciy uTih^l wciKc ' Uumic wit tic Kimc tyuic 
Labory m a iKucndrye . wd ibc Icngtbc of a myl«, ■»« 

And ^mc into ^oiithe ' and ^pliclM ftpckc 
Prj'd*^ li-iih al (he appnnenaunc* ■ aritl patlicn htm logyderci^ 
AtiJ Ixtiiktn hem ac hl^ bro^ ^ and bcicn hem clene^ lAs 

And lejOt^rt on lonf^o ' iwiUi ia^ram'^in-^fmila-Huo, 
And Willi w;irTnc wnLer at hin cysc^^^ * vrauhen hem alter. 
And (hanne he syngcth irhan he doth no ' and some lyme stiih 
wcpyng, IN9 

*By Cryat, 1 woldc LhaE 1 knewc hym,' quod I - 'no cnature 

'Wiih-«uten )ieTpe of Piew Plowman,' <juod he * "hU pervone 

fcccsltjw ncuerc/ 
' Where cicf kc9 knowcn h>Tn/ quod [ ' * that kcpcn ho!]rkiHcc ?' 
'Clerkes hau« no knowyn^%' quod he * * but by wcrkea and 

bi winJos, ig« 

Ac Tiers ihc Plowman ' pafccyueili more Ocpprr 
What b ihe wille and vrherfore ^ ihai many wy|(c lufTrcth, 

For there are fal prondt-hencd men • padenic of tong«. 

And ticaomc a^ of licQu^e ' lo buT^()'s and to ionSc*. i^ 

And lo pore pejJc " ban pcpei in llic nose. 

And as a lyoun he Ickcth ' there men lokketh Lb wcrkes. 

For dwre ar beggeres and bidJcres ■ txrdemen a» Jl were, 
Lokelh x^ lambrcn ' and seint^n lyMioly, mo 

Ac it i« more to have her mclc ' v-hh ^uch an c5^ mauvrc. 

a. Iff. rtiK; fldhVT: ctieL. 
[p;. bcdcmra WKOB; bedmm LC» 

ipfWhalVTiTItttlJtj WhctCOa 


0. PASSus xvn. 3io-3jr 

Of dcth DC or dcrthc ' dmd wli he ncucrc^^ 

Nc myslikcd, thauh lf« loore * othcf bncdc lo Ehal iike 

Thai ncucrt p^yeJ jieny ajc ■ in (Jirc thtre he lM>r^n!t/ %i3 

'Wio fyndcUi hym his Fodc?' quatli icfa ' 'olhcr »hal frtndci^ 

hath be, 
Rentes olher richtssea ' to TtTcue hytn ai hua neodef 
Of ^ente^ ne of ritlicflses," qn^lh htr ' * recclitflh bt* neuere, 
A frencl he hath ihjvt fyni liim ' tljaL fajJclli him uciiert, jifl 
On Apirtf-iu-mmum ' allc ihynge bj^m fyndeih ; 
Ftaf'Ualrm/ar'Jmi ■ Teftloih hym cchi? day. 
And aleo he can clcrgie ' trtf!f>^tn-i!fb9n'pit!rtrn. 
And poruclctb wcl ihc paUr-noiltr • and prynicth hit wiih 

And other-whtJc hii» ^one is ' to wc-ndc \u pUgrymagce, 
Th*i pourc men and prj-souns bcth ' and payplh for hrrc lyflode, 
Qoilicth hf^tn Jtiitl cnrnforii-ih hrm - anti of rrii^t picchoth hem, 
iWhat ?onvcs be Mjffrcdc ' in cnsamplc (if ou> nlk, 314 

nThat poucric and pctcicncc ' padilKche ytakc 
fVt muche meril lo that man ' tliat wcI may nilTren. 
'Whan he hath thus vhdicd frterrd Tolkc ■ anil olUer fdke poure, 
Then he }criielh Ui-to ttioulil - and ^i-|ilichc he Mct.hclh ^aS 

Pniydci with alio i\\c portinauncc ' and poAiUclli hvm toj;c(kreA» 
And laaeth hem in the lauandiic - ialorantiit^fmifU'm^, 
And lionl^tli hriii iH hu!i hrrrt - and bclctJi hit oftt, 
And wilh wiuiiit- w;ttci i>f huii ryen ' w^iktfh hi: til hit while; i3S 

Lituahis me, tf sti/ur niuem dtai&a^F. 
Thann^ syng^th he whaiinc he so doth ■ and '^om tymc wtpyngf, 
Cftr tim/ritnm it AufftfJta/um, rffUJ, nfifi ditpkta* 
'Were kh wiih hym. by Crist; cjuaih ich ■ 'kh woide neuere 
fro hyir, 
Tbauh ich tny by-ljrue aliolde beggc ■ n-boiuc nt mcnne hacchcs- 
Wbcr dertiK knowe h)Tn nai,' <iuatfi ich ■ 'Ih&i ktipen holy- 
church r ? ■ j;ft 
'Peas ihc Plouman/ guaih he ' 'most parfiilkht bym kjioweth; 
E4 tttc/i/ *A«j c^ifu/iona fantnu 

3*7. vtwLid P. jji. bccUlh P. 351. nbumc T. bjl lit Ul M \ ben 

Lil hti C i ii til U F; bii h« PT. 


B, PASSUS XV. «>M36. 

Than for p«Qaunce and ptrfitnenc - the poumc tfitt luch talwdi. 

TVre-foro b)* coloure n* by clergfe *kiKMr« thtlBow hj 

Nojthcf liicrv nordca uc worlua - but ibom nillc qiic. 
I And (liat kDowcih no ckitte * Ae cr?4lurc in mhc, 
• But Piers th« PiDwman - P/Jnix, ij ttt, Ckritlm. 

Far hv DC is noujte io loUriw ' ne in UnJ^]c^p«r«i liereijt««, 

K« ftt R&oca, then a box h&ngcUi ' ulk socbr tbei Tftiicn. )o« 

Pf on fartourcfi ' ajid m /anhrft mat / 

For ctvu}'T« js goddis champioun ' >n<l u a ^ood clijldc hctiilci 

And i)w nvrynt of mouth ' n met^ «her« be tjtteth. 

Tlir Idlk; thai liili in \tn lirrtt ■ irntkrtli liyin \}y:e of specbe. 

And is UJmpaiiLiblc auiI conforULyf ' u Crj^ bi; b/mKlu^ jij 

For T hftuc spyn hvm In syllCB ' ftud Bomme lyme ia rtUMt, 

Bothr in grvjr anj in grj^ ^ anJ Id ^cc hrm^yv. 

And ^ glainitU he it gaf ' u> gomc^ liat it DitlciL us 

EdTnondc nnd Edvnrdc ' c^ilkcr were kTo^a, 

A»d eeyi)i<^< yscKc ■ i>I chiribe hem folded. 

T hfloe vf^iK^ Cbnrit^ nUn ' f^jnfcTTi suid rrdcn, 

RTiJer* and rcniirn ■ in ragjrcd wyclc*. 

Ac biddyn^ aa bcgg^rcs ' bihcldc I hym ncucre. 

At \r\ Tichc robes ' mtbest Iw vulkcth, 

Ycallril and ycnmilcd ' and hia crownc ihaiie. 

And dmlich yrloibnl ' in cipm anil in Tvtiirync. 314 

And in x frcrc^ Trokkc ^ he uiu yfoundc onsi, 

Ac ii ta fcrrc ogoo ' m scynt Kraunccyv ijnne ; 

In that sccte mtlhe ' to wlJe haib b« bo knowm, 

RIchc men h& rrcoTnt-n^Trth ' und of h«i robes takeiK 

Thai wUU-outcn w/ics ' Icdcii Iwr lytiw. 

In kyngei courte he comoili ofl< ■ there Ap ccnflfillc is t«we^ 
Ac ir coueiiy*^ be of ihe conseiUf' ' hf wJl noujr fcim/' thi^r^inno. 
In cuurli; iimoTig? !ipc?rei br conicdi but scldc, jji 

For bradyng and bakbytyng " ftnd bcryn^ of fnb vtiincsic. 
In Lhv consiorit' bifot the conits&ario ■ ho comcih noujt ful ofle. 
For her lawe durciii oiicr-longe ' b»l If thoi Ltcrchc^ sylucr; 
And nmiirfmnignc for monyf]- - ni»tcn and vnmaken. »j6 

IJ4. /WiivOCDt LVR 

O. PASSUS XVtI. 3.i8-i«a. 


B/ cloihyrg« M by karpinge ■ know* shcUi thou hym n<^ii?p*, ^jft 
Ac ihorw ircrbcB itioii my^bi wiu* ' wher fortli he walketli; 

]Ie U thv murie^t of mouthi? ' m mei^i ih4!!r he ^ittcih, 

And comf«nab]e in cDmpanjt ' aa Crist hym<s«lf tccheth, 

Noti/f frtxtfs firri, simt j/pixrifr^ 
Icb hiuc scycn Ij-ci my-Mlf ' eom lyme in ru!i?Lelt> 34' 

Bothe io gfcyi: and in grys ■ md in ^ylt Ijorncv^* 
Aud al'fto j^ladliche he gT^ell) ' x.^ gomoa that fait needetti. 
Eidmind and Fdward - ftyiber wcr^ wynifs, 
AijU clucf i-ljHittc vJtii Lcm - ajid tlju^ al bcrc lyue. i^ 

Idi bAue scy<:n CIiaflic aJ-so ' syn[i:cii and red(, 
Byd4D, uid renncn ' In rn^gcdc cblhcs, 
Ac blddytig as a hcggcre ■ hy-hcoW kh hyir ncuffc- 
Ac In ricbr robins lAthwt he ttfllkdh, jiio 

V-callcd and >'crymylcd ^ and hu» i.ruunc stuuc 

And in A frereft frockc ' be wa» yroande ontn, 

Ac it i» Icr and Jcic ^cre* ■ in Kraunccy^ tjine; 

In thai >i*ct& titihc? ■ 10 !i«td« he hatli b« Tisundc, 354 

Rich^? m'-[i 111' fOirentTtih - nnd of hfjv rohe^ iiikeLh, 

Of tbo tlint Icrlliclic lyucti ' diid buci; and by-kyucn; 

Bc^ttts tsi diuis st'm maenAr. 
In kyTig«« court he coni«th ' yf bui council be tfewe; 
Ac yf couetiBf be of hus counsail ' hp wol nat romc ther-ynaf. 
Among i]ic comunca in court ■ he comctU bui aelde, ^59 

For brA^cTyrjfc and biitcbyiyn^' find bcrynjr of fa]»c vritincsM. 
In constori« by-rorc the <cn:tiisario ' h« comcth nai ful oHv. 
Foff here lacvc ia ouere-brtge ' bote yf ihel kiccbc «elucr. 

frr Fix; : tttr P. 35 j. nrldt KM TG : inlde K 



B. PASSUS XV. 937-4^1. 


And thAt rcnidukoe and Cryit - hath yluiEtw fajt^ 

Thci viidoa Ii vn»ortHlj' ■ ito dociimi!) <jf Uw-l^ 

Amongcs ercbcbhxJicpca and oihtf bbcbopes * and prcluca of 

holy chcicht?, 
For 10 ttouyc wiih hpm ' his vfmc vas sum tyiw, §4^- 

And Cmtfs pAtn'monyc lo the por? ' [larccl-mel dele. 
Ac aucricc haih ihc kcyci now - ind kcpclh for bi» kyiuKainoiit 
And for his ^kcEourcs and his senukats - tJid flommc Toi bcAi 
At 1 uc iaHc nu \yi ■ bul lutde, unnrmlc vs nJle, 
And pyuc *^ grtar good god ■ chuilc 10 folwcl 
i-'or who to inj'^tc mcic wiib hjm ■ rfucb maocr^ft hym cylcth, 
Noythcr h« blim«Ui ti« bAnn^tli ' bosi«tb, ne pniyKth, 
Lakktthi ne loseth * nv loVt^ch vp sEerne ; 148 

Oaucth, re coucilcdi ■ iic cricib after more. 

In poit in id-iptum di/rmi^im^ ^k. 
The m«ic lyflod« tint he lyueih by - is lou« jit ^oddi£ [lAssioiin, 
Noytlier hi? biddi*th, po boggcth ■ ne boniieih 10 jrlHo; 
Misdoih 111; no Euuii • ue witb Lib uiouLb grcutth. i$% 

Anionics CrbLene men - ihia mj^ldncssc shuldc lasie; 
In fllJe mflncre angrc^ ' hauc this at bene— 
Thai (hough tlk^i suffr^d 1I ihis - god guffired for va more, 
In eusant[)Ic we shtilde do so ■ and talr no wnUuncc 7$^ 

Of owrc foes iba: doth vs falscncssc ' ihni b owrc fadrcs wnic- 
For wcl may cucry man wile ■ if god haddc woldc hymsctucT 
Sholde Tieuere ludaa tic Itiwe ■ haue lesu doii on rodc^ 
Ne ban martlrcd Peler ne Poule ' uc? in prisoun litiUlr-u. 160 
Ac \k BufTrifd in cnsample ' thi: wc sbuldc auffre alvo* 
And scide lo sucbc that suffrc woldc ■ UuU fucimUs vincuat, 

Vtthi gr^liii^ quod lie ■ 'and vtirey cnawnplei nianyt. 
In Ltgtnda S(tncfcr$im ' Ibe lyf eir hoJy sryntea, i6{ 

What pen-iuoLc and pouctlt ' and pasaioun Lhci AufTred, 
In hunger* in h^lc ' in al mancre iingres. 
Antony and Kgidie ■ and other holi fadrea 
Woncdcn in viidernt-sse ■ iinonge wilrie b*ate*j 
MonkpH ;ini] iiifndj"naunta ■ men bi btm-ftcluc. 
In »)>ck» .tnd in spclonkea ' Aclden spckcn logidoca. 
Ac noythcr AiUony ne £^dy ' ne hemiiie thai tyme 

B, %if-i^i^—rkin Una an in R mlj, t^O. «a ^/br »bJ) U 

O. PASSUS XVU- 363— XVllL S, 


WEih bisshopes he wolde beo ■ for bcgffcr* >alt<, 
Ac fluarice nlfu^nwliiles ' hili hym wiih-onfr the gate. 364 

Kjftgcs iod taidiuclcs ' knawtn hym nam lytixc, 
Ac tborvr coucli^ and hiu connul ' corji^icd h he ofic. 
And ho so couejteih lo know hym ' mch a l^ndc hym folwcth, 
Ah ich wMt i!ie with tonge ' ^ iyitX lyme put«d; 
For nothcr he bcggclli, ne LidJcili ' iic boi^cth 10 y:\dc : 
He bale hit a nyccic ' nnd il foul nhamc 17a 

To beggcn other to borwc ' bote^of^jodjino; /t- 
Parrem nos/rum ctiiiditmum da ftMtHodif.' 

Hi< txfimt pattvs stptimut tt ttltimm dt IhWfh 


iM^fil pctsn^ prmui is Vc^ 

►HER U Tio niche/ ich eeide ■ ' iha: scm lyme m bor\wcth, 

OihcT beggeih other byddcih - beo he lyche other poure. 

And JUL otbtr-while wroth ■ wi[b-outc cny synnc/ 

'Ho 50 is wroih utd woldc be 4wrcke * holi wryi,* <iaath he, 

* proneth 4 

He passeth cliier chnrite ■ if holichurche beo trewe; 

Carita^- irmma suJ'erL 
Holy wril witiiesMth ' tlicr were auchc crcTiiitca, 
SohUrie by hem-fell ' and in h«fe K-Uee l)njedcn 
Widi-ouie bOFwyng:^ other hcggynge ■ bote of god one : s 

C, ^64. AucruicP, 367- A MKT; ^ an- j;&. ARyMlePj T imt 

for a 'E« <tl^^v4 j^chw i^^/iVr). ^71, Ja—^fdu F lM{r)< 
FaMui XVIIL 5, tuf P. cr^wt P, «. wbimcM^ P' 


B. PASSUS XV. 37S-303- 

Or liourK nr of Irciiicnira ' nti Ij^llodt' nc lokc. iji 

llut of foulcs i1j« flccih ' ilius fyni men in bokca. 
Kxceptc thai Egj'dii; ■ afier an hjncW cr)"«<l«f 

ihOTH' Uie mj'lkc of thar en/ldc best - the m;in wm viutcyned ; 
fUy by da^ lifl^ he hir noiqt * hb hunger fotto «Ukc t^ 
\vi »rldc[j anJ soiidric tyiuca ' a£ uJlh ihc bokc fttid tochclh. 

AuiODV a dayL"* ' ftbouk nonc-Ijtuc, 
Hid a bhddc ihai hrou^te hym Ived ' tlut he by Ijiwd; 
And Ihongh the grimf* hciddt! i gcstrr < ^1 fondr hem bodw. jHo 

Penile fifimuA Atrtmt/d - had ponokcd hj-m-Klue, 
I'hdl no man mi)tc hym k ' for moi^ and for leue^; 
Foulci hj"TO fcddc ■ fcic uynierei wiih die, 

Til he founded frere* ■ orf Auxiinet cnlre. 1S4 

Paulc, after hln |>redijttg ' pan/era he made, 
Ard WEUi mih hb bocdea ' that biv wombe nedcd. 
Peter fished for hit fode ' and hi* feUwe Andrew*; 
Some thei soIJe aud some thd loilie ■ and so ihi»i Ijiied boiW. 
And ulao MiiHe .Maj^delcjne - bj mores lyiicJ aud dcwcs. i^*p 
Ac mostc ihorw dcuocbun ' «Dd m)'ndc of god aUii^tj. 
I fthuJde nouji tlu» E«M3«ne dajws ' aegg^a b«m4Ue, 
That lyuedeo ihu^ for own lordea loue * man)"* lon^ ^tra. ifia 
Ac therf^ ne waa }youn ne l(!opan ' ihit on hundra wcnien, 
Noythcr bcic. iie bcr - nc other bcjit wtldc. 
Thai ric fcl to her ff^ol - and faanci v-ith ihc lAiHcc, 
And if ihoi couth han ^'carped ' tiy Crpi, ax I tro^ve, )9£ 

Ther wolde haue fcddt? thil fotlcc - bifrw wilde fotdm. 
For allc ihc cuncisic chat bcstcs kunnc ■ the! kiddc thai folkc oftc 
In likkynR and in Lowyngc ' there ihei on laundet )ede. 
Ac god icent hem fode bi fouler ' ;tiid by r>o Tierce bevter, 500 
In mcnynge that mete Ihinge ■ mykle tinngc lihulJe fede; 
As \^'lit> with, religious - lyjlful men yJiuldc fyEide, 
And luwful men to Ij-f-hcly men ' lyBodi: bryngc. 

B. 176. And Li AiCR ifitftkafii Mtrr). 11^8,199. TJuitHnamntm R ji^. 


a PA5SUS XVIU. 9-41. 




thai Fjriclic ■ .nn hynde ortirr-whilc 
To bus Bcilc kMc c^tq - And sulTii^dc u> be mclkcd. 
EUc» fi>uvkx;lM fcddcA hem ' in fryihi^ ihcr ihci ^ronccfcn, 
Boihc Anlonye und Erjctiy ' find other mo Icle. 

TauJ /iriiKMJX A/remifj - luddc [J.irroki-J t^m-whae, 
Thit no mun m^^ilc ac \iym ' ta much? mos and Icuev; 
Fowtfica h>-iii fcddo ■ yf frcrc Auftl>'n be trctt«; 
For he ordcjncde Lbii ordrc " cUier elicft Uiei gatiben. 
Paul after bis jirochynge ' pmyerefl he mide, 
Aud W4Q Willi hub buiLjcfPi ' ill iljjit liyti] iieodjdr. 
Pclcr fywhcd for bii* fodc and bus fcrc AtiJrcu; 
Sor& ilict bo\dG, and ^oni Ihct sudc ' and ao Ihei tcucdcn bOib«. 
Mari^ MAgdalcnc^ ' by mores Icucde and dcwfg; 01 

Loue and feci by-leyuc ' liccid lyf and soulc to-gcdere, 
Marta Eg}ffta<ti ' ccl in ihyily wynicr 

Bot« iJire lyUl loucs ' and lovic wil* her sottcl. a^ 

J«h can not rckenc hem ryghi now ^ n« rchcKc here tiAmcc^ 
That lyriy^dcTi ihun for n^ifp lordc* Tnudc ■ mrnj Itingc Jft^ 
Wiih-ouic bcjrwyng odicf bcgjyng ■ other the bok lyeth. 
And wonedcn in wildcraeMe - O'laonf^ wildc bcsies; j8 

Ac doril no bou b)'i*n hem ' by daye m? by nyghte, 
Boi^ mylddiclK'. ivh^n Lht-i nR'Lion - rinidtn louli dieff, 
And icyrc by-fort tbo men ■ fiubnciEc wiUi iJie taylca.. 
Ac besics brouliic bcm no mew ■ boi onliche Uic fon^-elrt, it 
In toUi-nyngo thu trewo niait ' all« i^tog^ sbold^ 
F^Tide boncsf* mm and boly nvn ■ ard nihrr lyghiful pciiplCr 
Fof woldc ncucrc rciilifid god that frcict Jiiid mookcB Lokcii 
l<ytlodc of lulbcr w>iinyTigt§ ' in al here lif-ij-mc s^ 

A9 vyitioieclh l^cty writ ' whai Thr»bic fvydc 
To hla wff, vhan hr wan bijndc ' be hi'Mc a lamb blcte; 
•A I uyf» be war/ t)Ualb he ' 'wlml ^c bauc lirre-ynne; 
Lord Icyuc/ qioUi the Icdc ' ' no slote tbyng be here I ' ^o 

KnataiV ne /ttrhtm 41J; U ^t&i, meiius rsJ mtm ftiam «Mir 
Tliln is EKi more to Tuene ' IjfHe men of bolyclitiicbe 
Shotdc reccyue rygbt ruu)t ' boi lljal rygbt woldc. 

O, io» lehk EHTG ^ ve^e P. i5. tf*bbcii EMTG i s^^/fn P. Vf. 

liCZ-rbii^r. io.dicfctJtfT; ciurcP, 3*. i^r ui'i MFTGi in PE- 

PErw, 4a, ntDtt MfTj mulh P. 


B. PASSUS XV 304-33**- 




Ami xhvuK \foUe \or^ uid lailyes - be loth to a^Ttt, 

And to Uik( of her Icnftunti ' more than trcuth woldc, 

Kondc thd Ihai frert* ^ wolde (onakv her aJmww*, 

And bidden hem Ixrc it ■ there it v^M ybamwL 

Fof we bfii goddL-« foules ^ and sliiLh-n Rlvtty^ 

Ty\ briJdca hrjnj^ vs ' that ue abuldc lyric bj. 

For hud )tf potage and payn jmougfa - tnd peDfHde lo drynkcp 

And ai nwsse therc-mjrddo * of o cnsintr«r kynde, 

Jo lifld rljT ynr>[ighf ^i* rtliginus ' and so ;owfr rriiV nw [oTd<^! 

Nufhjttiifn. Jkit loif^ rugUi onu^fr ^um Arr^Pt h^ht^i^^ 
ttu/ Btu^'i/ hj atm a/tie pi^mttn prfitpt ^kdrit^ 

Jfmfi'rriM am'ntijh'xim natvfa tt ttrndfrnprntl, ^nia ofSK hf 
pehtiium iommunr iu^ciat/ fx {rrftf>t ftrtjffijt TKt^r'tji iMi. 
If Icu^d men kitcirc this Lftiyri ^ thei woldc lolcc whom tluri jcxic. 
And au)'H« hem bilorc ■ a f>'uc dajts or ftotc 
Or thei nmortefed 10 monkei ' or ch^nouos licr rente*. 
Alh»? lordes and ladye* - lewd consedle haiw ^ 
To jyue Aaiu ;ow:c cyrea ' lliat }owrc ayclcfi jow kllt> 
And jiueth to biddc for ^ov ^ to tuch that bco richc, 
And t«n foxindcd and feffed eke ■ lo bidde for other. 
Who [>crfoumftb ibis jir^phecye ■ of ihc pcpk ibai now lybbeCh, 

If any pcple perfoarme ihaC tcxtc ' it ar thi» pore frcm! jii 

For tfiat tbei bcggcn nboulcn ' in buildynge thei ipcxie, 

And on hem-seir iium ■ and iiich as iwn her lnSorcrc*, 

And nf hem [hai liLxbljelii ilici U-ken ' and jyur hem llmt ne h;ibliedi. 

Ac clcrkcs ind kny^tc» ' and comuncrct that ben richc, jj^ 
Fele o\ 30vr fareih ■ u il 1 a forcat hadde» 
Thai u«ie ful of faire ireet ' and I fonded and catte 
How 1 my^tc mo dur-lnne ' among^s hem »eue. 3111 

Ri|l 80, ^c fichc ■ jc robcth ihuL btn riche, 
And bdpcEh bctn that hdpcih jow - and ^iucth ibcnc no nffde fa. 
As who «o fUled a lonnc * of a frefishe ryuer, 
Anfl wt-nl rnrth with ihitt warrr ■ lo woke xdth Themese, 3^1 
RiH 90, )c rkhe ■ je rolxih and fedcth 
Hem that ban afl ^c ban; < hvm ^ rnjtke SE ese. 

Ac r^bgicus that richc ben ' ahulde rather fe^te beggiercA 
Than bur^ys that richt^ Iwn ■ as the bokc lecbcib; ^36 

B. 311. fivp^ (^ MuAUr) I- 

And reiijsc rcutrcriccj; ' nnd raacncrxs ofiryoffca, 

Thcnne woJde lordes and todica ' be loih for io agulv^ |« 

Anil TO tflkc of here ittiauns ■ more ibin Ucuthe woMc; 

And iDftichauns mcrtialjlc woldc t>c ' and men of Iftwc botbc- 

Woldc fcligiouac refuse ■ raucncres aXtacsi^, 

Then gract sholde grovre 3UI ■ a.nA gT*nc-IeacJ wcx*, *« 

And Charii*, thiit child U navr ' sl»ik!i^ fliaufcn of him-wlf, 

And cQtiTorL^e alle CrifiLeae ' wolJ huly^ikc jtmcudc. 

lob the parfit patriark ■ ihia prcucrbc vrot and tnuhtc, ji 

To makyo a man louye nin>*Uf« ■ thai montfii bccih and frereu ; 

mit fntfgit/ fm fiirn anJe ftltnuin pfeirp€ ibkrit? Drui^ 
tnvm am'maliuftt notura tt tondempnai, piia cum paMum 
tuffiitvi/ ternffiuHfj tx cdipe prodit/ iniquitas. 
Yf l*wpric men knrwc ihis^ • a Htel thd wohle auispn hem 
Et ihd aTnorlfiwdr cny morr ■ for rnonkcs olhcr for diinon*. 
Alasl lordci and bdiu - Icwcdc coim^aj] hauc y: 
That foun<!cd bclh I0 fullc < to fcITc gucIk; and fed« fA 

Wiih thai jourc bani«i and ^oiirc blod ' by good? !awe may clejtne I 
For god btLd hus bleucde ' ai the book techetlit 

I/otiara pair^m tt matrtm^ ut kngruut ji>, tk,. 
To hclpe ihy fader formcBt ' by-loie frcro and monkca, 
And er preeies other pardaneres ' oUi«r «ny peuple «l1e». 6o 
Help tbi kyniie, CHsl bii ■ for iher by-gyrneih (barilf. 
And aflffwarde awaiu: ■ boo balli mocBl nctdv. 
And ihcr help yf ihou liaat ^ and thii haldc ich cbarik. 

Loo J Laurence for bus largcnrsse F ^ as buly lufc Lclklb, 4^ 
Thai bos mcde ;ind hu^ man^hcdc ' for <:ucrc'morc shal Uate; 

lusJi^a tins mamt in t/crrtum. 
He fpif god^^ m«n godes goode^ ' and oat 10 gr«1o lordta. 
And feddc tliat ii-fyngrt-d were ' and in di^fainc lyuedcn. fiy 

Ich dAr nftt i:ft[p(.' of dcrkcs now - di&t Ciiatcf trcsoure kcpcti. 
That pourc pcuplc by pure ryfl;bl ' Here p«l the! my^fbicn askc; 
Of that that hotychnrcl^ ' of the old? tawc deymcth, 
Priesici ois apsrail ' ^nd on Punieli^ Hprnr*!!. jr 

O. 49- him MF : hen PKTG. 50, iirkr T; chuixbc PEFG, 55- W 
MFTG i we P. 5B, ut^-^t. U in F only. Oa. iL»baiu T. 6fi. 

J0> pit P>t MFITG; |at PE. 

B. PASSTO XV, 337-364. 
Qma JomlpAaT tMf rrt fctfmrm mm /aai^cr^atf 'Cw- 

Si atrttm m^n t^n, ti a€<^'s, rapix. 
Fvrro, nan imtigeS mmofftus^ rr' kalttii ^tvxt titihi*r imfitii^ 
Tor-iU I consdllc allc Crlsttnc ' to ccnibunaen Um 10 clivite; 
For charitc mth-ouic cboloogpigc ■- vncbaritcih ihc foulc, 
And muiy % ^ftKiono frua purguone ' thorv ht« prcycret h« 

Ac there i? a defaute in the folkc ' that the ^di kcpcth; ji+o 
Wbcieforc folkc is thc^ Tehlerc ' and nov^l C^nne of bilieix. 
As in Lii68tjtfbonvr» U a lyiher ally ' and 3et 1olt«Lh h« Ijlie a 

The racrkc of [liat inoDe u good ' ac the mclil is £cUe ; 
And »o li fareth by aoihc folbc novr ■ ihei h^in a hite epccbc, 
Croune and Crystcndoire ' itie kynges roerko of h«ti«)e, ^5 
Ac Ehi* meuf, thai i$ manner soufe - with synne Is foiik ahyrd: 
Bothv Icltri'd aiiil lew«lt - Ixnh aUaycJ how wil!i *>iiiic, 
lint no lyf loucLh other - ne owrc Jorde, 0.% a ocmeiK j^ 

For thorw werre and wykked w^kcs ■ and wederes vnre^onabl^p 
Wcderu'iiie shipmen * ami witti clerk« aUa 
Hun no bilicuc to the 1i[\e ' nc to ihc lore of phik)»&efl> 

Atsln'myiLnes nlday - in her arte fiullcn, i$t 

Tb>t wlulum warned birone what «hulde faUf oHer^ 
Shipmeii ami 4hc|ilienle»i ■ thnt vt'iih sliipp and *h«pe wemcn, 
WisLcn by the walkene ' wh-tl nhiiUlc bityJe; 
As of wcdercn And wyndes ' tbci warned men ollc. is/S 

TUiertB thit tiled the erthe - toldcii her mAistrvs, 
By ihe »de that ihei sewo ■ wliar ihei «lle mljte. 
And what to lene inrl what to lyu* by • the londe voa bo trcwc. 
Now f^uUeih dte folk? of the ilode ' and of the bndc both^ 
Shepherded and ehipmen ■ and so do this tilivcs; 3G1 

Neither ltj«i kunntith nc know«ih * one courB bi-for another. 
Afitrymyarcs al&o ■ arcn at hw wines ende; 
Of ^al was calculcd of the ek'Tntiit ' ihc contrarie thci fyndc. 

ft 33g. dclfuemh WOR; detjruKfh L. 354. ihcpetdcsL. 


C PASSUS XVin. yt-tct. 




Mer may Ij'knr Irrirrid men ' lo a Luwhcborgh^ oiher vif:m, 

AiiiJ to A bitdiJc \Kny ^ witli a good prcxn;c. ji 

For of muchc vnoneye - the mcul La T)>:ht nAUf^ht, 

3ut IE the prcnic pare trcwe ^ and psuiiit^chc ffr.iu«- 

And so it fnreih by filw Cnsline ' hrrc folloubl ik irewe, 7* 

Cri^lcndomc of Ijolykitke - the kjTiges nurlcc nf licucne ; 

Ac the metal, ihat h manner ^ulc ' of men/ of thcbc lccbcr«a 

U alay^d vrith Icch^ric - and other lustc:^ or ^'nne, 

Thai god couateih iiai ihc coygnc • ihit Cri^i liyn^-tclf pn.*nTi?de; 

And fur syiint of llie ikjuIc ■ ffJt-saJLdh hya uwuc loygoc. *t 

Thoa are the Uihcrc lykntd ■ to Lusshcboruc Blcrlinjcc*. 

Tha[ hiTQ bV'fore lolkc * prvchcn and tcclicn, 

And vrorchcn nat 1V8 l}]et /)-nden wr>'k»n ■ and wisscn ihc pcupk. 

For whai ihorw wcrrc aod wrakc ■ and w/ckod hyfdcSj Sj 

Maj no prciour pec* make ■ in no place, hit scmclh ; 

Levvcdc racn haucn no by-lcyue ' so kitcrid men errcn. 

N^tl^«r the Ve« ne the sande ' nc the seed jeldcUi SI 

Ai tlid wtinLtl were; - in wham is default? 

Nat in ^ckI ihal he nya good And the groundc bolhc; 

And the see and the sstid - the fionnc and the nicne 

Don hor deuer day and nyjt ' and >'f w« duden abo^ 91 

Thcr siiolik" bf jilftilv and peca ■ peqjeluel for euerc. 

Wedcf»'i*c slupnien now - and other wllty pcuplc 

Han no by^leyue 10 the lyft ' ne lo the loodHUirre- 

Astrononifen« il dav ' in here art t'aill«n, ^ 

That whilom wnmrd ni«fi by-for« ' what shonldc by>ru1le aller. 
Shupmen and ;i|jcp1;afde!t by the seu<fn iiierres 
yji^it^ white and loldcn - whennc hit ahouldc rcynen, 
TybKTt thai tylcdcn lite erthe ■ toldcn here mayiire* io# 

By the seed ihat thci sewe ■ what ihei shoulde not)-e. 
And whit lyuc by and Icne ■ the londe was &o irewe. 
Now faideih this folkc - hoihc ftowcr* and shupmxrn, 
Nother thvi knoweih ne conncth ' o coura by another. lo* 

A^tronomycDfi al-to ■ aren ai hew wittes end; 
Of that \vaa c&loiled of the dymat - tht contrar^e the; fyndeth. 

C- 7», loJ^uboboTEh P. 75. as P. 76- thwc P- 7;- tlrt* 1 ; «hiirotke 
PEKt. 80- JeEMtfTCi J*i P. rr«i^tcJ* ^- ^i, tcEMIFTC: P **.. 
8j. Ixihiiheborai! P, 50. fi^ IMFT; fioud P. 91, ny|Ui ?. 94- Woiw- 
virtl^ WomUivTK rtlMFOT. 9^. luoJiteriaP. $7. whilom IFTGi 
trhileu PE. J9J. whu !"< 

4 GO 

B. PASSUS XV. 365-:sSi. 

GniMf, tike grouode cf d * b^jfetb now cbOdr«n ; ^ 

For b none of this pew derko ~ who na njmieUt bode« 

Tlut on ip cnify e fiirc ' ek forrmfich cotSi'xn: 

Nc DMfL OB »mon^ an himdrtiti - that on vuctonr CMn cooftUue, 

N« re<U 1 \efXTt in any tt»gag« ' but ia Latya or in EnftiMh, 

Go nov to any degre ' and bui-tf Gyla b« maysier. 

And Ftucnrrc lib &kv« - Yiider hym to loonneo^ 

Moctic vender mo ibynkcUi ' Knoaffe« v« ftlW* ut 

DocuMftt of decN* * uid of dioiii^ic mvitre«, 

Thai hhalJc kontitT and fcncnrc - alkynnM rlrrgyr. 

And an««cie to orgumeoti - and alio lo a fwJZrSr^ 

fl dir ootql aeggcD it for shame) - if tacbc v«km appoccd, 

Tliei ihiUde linen in her pbiloeorye ' and in pb«jk boihe. 177 

Whrr-foFF T am afcml - of foJk» uT hoZikir^, 

Lest Lhci oucihnppen as other i\on ' Ln uflicci and in bcom. 

Ac if ihei ouerlmppe, ae 1 hope noujlc - owre b}'lcue suffiselh; 

Afi ctcfkcs m C:>rpitt-Ckr9tk' f«bte ' aingen and t^den, jAi 

Thai tefd Jiftrt ittfia'r ' 10 saue vith tewed peple^ 




Craimncrc, Xhax jroundc is of all* - by-gylclh now cVuldrcn ; 

Kcr thcr la nouih« doli - who so nymcih liede, i«9 

Thai can v*reifi*? fayre ■ other formfllctie tnrlire, 

Kf ihut can tonstnicn kyndcluhe " lliai jioftcs miden, 

Gove iiow to cny t^cgrc ' and, bote Gyle be haldc a mayatcr, 

And A flalercr Tor bus ussbere ' a ferlicbc mc thynkcth I ti> 

Doctoiir^ of decrr-e - and nF dyuyn maysires, 

That shoulde ihe ^eiiene ats cotlt^t ' aiiti a-soiZe ad ptodlihei. 

Bote thci riille in Moaopbyc ' — and GIo»ophcri tyticden. 

And wtjIJf ncl examcne hcm^' wonder mc thyukcihl itS 

Lord kyu* that these prw*tvs ' li?elly ^y\i here ma»iesit 

Thai Ihei oiwrhuppe urn for bast I ■ as icb hojpe ilici do nat, 

Tbogb bit suPIJac for oure ftiuadon ■ aothJasi by-kyuc ; 

As cEcrku^ in C^rf^ui-CI'nsU km - syngcn and r<jdcn. >jo 

l^t w/a /Aj sujjint • lo saue with leivcdo peuplc. 

Ac yf preestcft <to )ht dcuer wi-l ' we shulltn do ihe Iwlkre. 
v'For Sarcsyns luoivc be tautrd 10 yf ihci m> by-lcyuedc, 
Id tJie Icngihyngc of here lyf " 10 leyue on holychurchc^' 1*4 
. . , ' Wbii is boIychurche» frend ? ' quoth ich ■ ■ Chanie/ he wydft 
LI"''' j-'Lyf, and Lou^, and Leauic ' in o by-lcyue and lawc, 
A louc-knoilc of Icaute ' ami of Iccl tjj-lcyuc, 
Alle kyncc criatcn« ' clcuyngc on o tij\. iit 

Wich-oulc gyle and gitbbynge ' gyue and ftcLle and Jcnc. 
Louc kwc wiih-outc Wutc ' lowable was kncucr^; 
God Irfcth no lyf to lour - witli-uulc Iccl cansitr: 
Icttc^ Gentiles And SATtnsincs - lugcn bcm-nduc ij> 

That leelrchc tbd by Icyuen ' and |ut here bwc dynerKth; 
And on Kod that al by-gan ' with goode bene thci honouretb, 
And ifiiher loueth, and biletiiih ' In or lord ul-myjti. 
Ac oure Icrdc buetb nc louc- - bote lawe be tlie cause; ijfi 

Foi kchourb loui^n a^cn the lawc ' and at the laistc beeth dampncd : 
And theeues loven, and leaut« baten - aad «t th« lute bctth 

d lefi. IcdcEMlTi hetc P^ 109. vcrn5c IFTj uttbEc P. iit. !uj»- 
ibcft P, » FT; uU PEl; MC *«- Jit, 'Ditt Him u ntffittdjr^m M, 

PglF TG -:nf iV, 1 t<j, tin(;h K Wl ^ i t^^^^ P - V^^ ^1 ' 1'li«t P- nfBK 
SBTi larBcclGi iuITukP. 1*6, CJ^^^^fcflJ^f i ^90 P; a PEIG- u*- 
A— kogtif MFITG ; And loue« kuaue PK 138> clyuyik^ P- i^^. 

^lyucnc^KMlFTG, tlyucncn I', \%h- 71^*j iiiu is /nm H , n^nr in ITQT . 

462 B, PASSCS XV. 383-390- 

And so may Sarasenes be saued ' scribes and Jewes ; 
Alias thantiel but owre loresmen ' lyuen as thel leren vs, 3S4 
And, for her lyuyngc, that lewed men ' be the lother god agullen. 
For Sarasenes ban somwhat ■ semynge to owre bikiie, 
For ihei loue and bUeue ■ in o persone almijly; 
And we, lered and lewede ' in on god bileueth. 388 

Ac one Makometh, a man - in mysbileue 
Brou^te Sarasenes of Surre - &nd se in what manere. 

B. ^B. After thU R add4 a Hm, tvhith tetmt jv^j^h»u— Criitenc ud 
TDcrittaie ' on one ^od bilenetli. 

a PASSUS XVUI. t39-ififl. 



And Iccllc men loucn it* law*? kchcth • ind louc ihtf-of arysclh. 
Tbe vliicb ifl hcfd of Cliiriic ' u\d hclc of mAnii^B eouic. i^o 
Dr'hgf iffutn pra^tr dtt/m / id pnfJirr mrifttUm tst. Si 
invnicum hium pr^pkr m\indatum ; id pntpfrr /fg^m eft. 
Et amuum ptspitr ttmerrm ; iJ <it, pr^pkr trxritaktrtm 
Louo god, for ho it good ' and groundc of allc ucutlK; 
Loue ihyn enemy tniytrly ' godcs htstc to ful-fille; 143 

Li~»ui* tliy fmiil ihut ful^rih thy wll ' iJint r« thy f^irr loulr, 
J*or Ahatiiic allc fccndc^ r^illcn ' and flccn a-vc> in dciyngc. 
Then iwclh lIic thy sotilc ' to sorwe other to I'oyc, 
And ay hi^pcth eft to be < with here body(^ alte lasie 146 

In mtinhe other in tncimynj^e ■ and iieuerr tth to tTcparte. 
And that Ik Chnritc, niy Itrur; cliildc - to be dier i/u^r liij iCFtib; 
Contnuie hure nciuht, 09 in corucience ' yi thou ^I'oU come to 

'Whi'f Sinaayns,' ich aeyde ' ' seo nat nvhai 19 cliMlieP' i^i* 
'Hit may hv thai Sanasyna liaucn - a suchc mincrc cliarile, 
Louyc, t& by Uwe of kynde ' ourc lord xod nl-myjchty. 
Hit U a kynd« th)'ng, a creature ' hos crcaiour to honours; 
For ihrr \n no man that mynde hnih ' that ne meokrih hym 

:in(J tiy-ticcbeih 154 

To that loid ibRI hyoi lyf Icnic ' tnd lyUodc him Kiiileth, 
Ac meny monerc tncn thcr beoih ' a* Sarraeynfl and Icwcw, 
Louyrth nat that lorde fl-ry^bt ■ ax by the T^g«nck S^tniforum, 
And Ijnen nuie of leel by-lcync ' for Thel tryiie in A mene. 1^ 
A man thai hihlc Makamcdc ' for Mcisyc ihel hym hcotde. 
And after huH Icrynge tbci lyuen * und by lavrc of kyndc 
And when kynde hath hua count ^ and no contrvyc fyndeth^ 
Thiriinf {•& Tawr* \q\X ' and Trrvrtt- inknowrn, i6« 

DtaMU sauns OQunte ^ blevted wa.i hit ncucrc, 
Ne kyrde sumhs cartene ' in no contrcye preysed^ 
Men f}ii<]«th that Makamede ■ wan a man ycryauieJ, 
And a cnrdinL^t r>f co\iri * a grei dvrk with«aire, ifi« 

And jjoTAUcdc to hauc \k pope ' ytyint uf holyLhuichc ; 
And Tor he was lykc a Lusalicbor^h * ich Icyuc cure lord hym 

letie. m 

O. 14 V Ci^*) fr^ElC ; 1-iMFT; ^V. 150. VTha (jftr *ht>«) ; \vrilifM 
Wbcrt IGi WhiK Ki M'm P; V\hcr/r ET. iJS- •tt^f KMFCi 



B, PAS5US XV. }9i*4'l' 

TVilUttMdi v« sCr]r«CM mam • and G>r fee moitt oo g|» 

bet pope, 
In^ SofTc be voo^ - ittd tkirw bii mxJI wtticft jpi 

Dauofted a done * and daj lad ojilc hif Ccddc; 
TW cent fhm ite cro|ipod - bf cane ii in U» crt. 
Ajkd if b« ataoa^ ibc psofl* prv^td ' or fca phccs cocaa, 
Ttame voUr ibe colvct come * tt> ibc cktkn en, 
tfeo^acc u After imci * tbu MikonacA tnr tiKfcanafted, 
And dUe folkc thaniu? Cdfe ce kttcef * for be nvcfc m 

Thi; tbc ro1ii«f that conir laa - cmw fram god nf beaene 
Aa i*t ** i b " ' tD MAkonctb ' men i6fV> iccbc 
And tbv dionr «7k9 of bi< viuc ' ^od a irbyte downe^ 
MabcmMtb in mf»bO««e ' men and vPomnMn broiqu^ 
That Icred Itwre uid levcd ^ ' Ijocn on hii bweiL 
Asd aiub ovrc aiooourc MiSrod the Smscnat so bi^kt^^ 
TbOTW a ujittcne derke ~ aconed m bU scale ; 
Ac for drede oT die detb - 1 (far DOfqt telle trcudic, 
How £og1it«h tkrkt* a eoliier Teden - Ibat Couo^ae haat. 
And ben matx-'rcil aTca TkfuLocueth ' thai no tau %<9edi UeUb, 

Aaac» aiid Lcna^tcs ' a^d monko and ^tica 409^ 

l^cron to npo^c» ' thorn- her parfU Ifura^ 
Wcl<ir hcucrc the fuihrul fader ' thai his Talnlgntfi iMde 
Of t^rAtjnu Eh«t icmih tfcwc men ' ukcTi any ahncfw, 41, 
Tut done as Antony did ' Domlnik and FiavDccTfi 
benci and IJemnrdc ' the vhicb hctn limte lAU^le 
To ]jt)c bi lilcl and in low« houftcfl ' by Ick m«nnet aJmesae. 
Grace ihnlde {fmvE An<l b? gmnc^ ' thorw her good IpijrngC* 
An<] foUtd aboklc fyrnle ' thiE ben in tlyucrx «ykene»c, 4%fl 
The IxHkT for her byddyngej ' in body ind in «otilc. 
Her preycn^ and her peoiunw* ■ to pe« sinilde brynge 
A]le llui ben ^i debLiie * nnd b?demen weie liv^te; 

Sab aaiicU) cacci - acgfcn this wyiic»i 

Vet isiit 4ai terr/t tk* 
The heu^fn of hnlichcrchp - and ihd holy aero, 
Crpe. cftllelh hem aaIl ^ for Cryttciie soiilca; 

m 3|A. A (^ And) I. 411, mlDlitTVftVrC; mirulm LK, 

C. PASSUS XVIIL 169-186. 4G3 

For-thi souhte he iii'to Surrye ' and sotiled hou he myghie 
Beo mayster ouer alle tho men ' and on this manere wrought^. 
He endauntede a douue ■ day and nyght here fedde; 
In aiiher of bus eris ■ pryueliche he hadde ijj 

Com, that the colucr ect ■ when he cam in places. 
And in what place he prechede ' and the peuple tauhte, 
Then sholde the coluere come ■ to the clerkes ere, 
Menynge as after mete ' thus IMakamede here enchauntede. 176 
And whan the coluer kam thus ■ thenne knelede the peuple, 
For Makemede to men swor ■ 'hit was a messager of heuene, 
And sothly god self ■ in suche a coluere lyknesse 
Tolde hym and tauhte hym ■ hou £0 tecbe the peuple.' 180 

Thus Makamede in mysbyleyue ■ man and womman brouhte» 
And in bus lore ibei leyuen ^ut ■ as wel lered aa lewede. 
And sutlhe oure sauyour suffredc ■ suche a fals Crysiine 
Deceyue so Sarragyns ' sothly me ibyukeib, 1S4 

Holy men, as ich hope ■ thorw help of the holy gosl, 
Sholde conuerten hem to Crist ' and Cnstendom to take. 

C. 169. Bouthte P. sDiUed I; satilide T; soTeledc G; lotelde M; ^uTile 
(afl'*H^)PE, 176. hqsmclePE; AvthilT om. hus. 177. kntlplu 

MIT; kuded F ; knevele P. i&f). {md) to IMFT; PEG om. 



B, PASSUS XV. ■4>4^99- 


Ac At«&h« flMshc oihCT flnhe - vhiQ I: uii Mkth, 

It b tcnauOfr. for «xb ' ^ntxlie or ^ke. 

So b tDJUBCt look KJtbly " OM aoeth no food cpswippfe 

Uf bcm of holjxhcrcbc ' Hut tbt hc«gb wejie «fauide teche. 

And be gyde, tnd ^ bdforc ' u & good btt««ar^ 

Aiid ItAfdy brtn dttt b>ti>Tidr hen ' md )boe hm good cajnknce. 

EHoicnc hoir »» ^ b1 the «orkfe loraed 
Ib'Io Irie byktie; ' the li)tkilLcr, loe ihrntob, 
Shulde a1 siaocr m^n - wc hin so iikMi|4 Kiilsivei^ 
Pmtffl anff prtchourrt - and a pop« ftboiM, 
That goddcfl hJi ihaldc b« ' lo uuc louuica sjiilc 

Al Wfts hctbc&cssc some lyooe - lAg«]o&d And Wok^ 
TU Gregory genf ckrkea ' lo go ters acij prc<:bc. 
ADBtjn ftt Cfiuniieriucy ' crystercd ih^ ^Tngt, 
And ihonr nijmcin* as men tsuj rede ' al Ulu inarclic he 
To CrjM and to Crysicndotsc ^ and crocic 10 hooourc 
And fulled folkc faste * and the fiith lao^tc 
More ihoTV mintclcs ' Ihan thorw mocbe predijngt, 
A* wrl [hnrw his werkci ' ^ wiili bu holy iionkfi, 
Atiii acydc hem wh*t futl)-ngc ' and fjudi ^-45 10 Dicnc^ 

Cloib ih^ corocib fro tbc wcuyng ' is oouji cotnly to vtce. 
Ty] it U fulleU voder fobe * Or in ruIlyng-stokkM^ 
Wa«h*n wel wiih water ■ and wilb LftseJes cracdied, 
Ytoukcd, &tid ylcxiL^d ' ^d vndcr taiUoiires lixndc. 
Am) so il rucih by a bune ' that borne is or wombe, 4^ 
Ti itbe cryattnediD CryBLcs name ' and confermed of Ihcbisthop,, 
It 14 heihene as to hetiepeward ' and hrlfielfi^ to ihe u>ule. 

Hetbeue ta 10 mcne After bcth ' and vntilcd eiihe; 
As 111 wildc wildcmcssc ' vcxcth vildc bc&tts, 4|j 

Rude and vnretonible ■ renncng* wiih^oui cropcreft. 

3e myi^nen vd how MiJthcL seLth < bow 1 main mide a fette; 
He fcddc bcm widi no vcEiysoim ^ nc feuunre^ ybake, 
Dut vrjih foulcs ihai Tiam hym noldc - but fotwed Utt wliiAleUyngc ; 

AVtfu- a/Jifhi rrifa cl cwiwm par^ta sunJ, fie. ; 
And vcyth c^ue^ Hesshc lie fcddc - the folkc thai ho lotitd 45] 
The n^fc hytakcneth dcnntrae - in hrm thai kcprth Une«. 
Frir \i the cow ihotw kynde mylkc - (he calf uofiuhetb 
an 03ce, 

B- 4f^ ODpena C ; craperb It ; cro|« O; ovopiMi 'Vi ; 

(NOT IN 0-TEXT.) 4^7 

[A'fl/ in C-Ttxt.\ 



B. PA3SUS XV. 4ifio-49t- 



So lone and Icwu - Iclc max KStCTTwUii 
Awl naydeocs ind n^Ue meo ' mttcj dearcn ; 
Rigl u tbe cow*cair ' couejtetb twcte nylkc. 
So don njrfbl mcrn ' nvfC^ aftd imtlbc. 
^And bj Ibc bondc-fcilde Ibndc* ' bis folk voderttood^^r _ ^ 
*^'Thtt loth bcD to louye ' vitb-onscB leriijitc« of cQuumplcfi 
R^ u capoDM ia a court ■ cofla«lti to tiwciM^ vtiittljrnjfc. 
In fncB/ngv afier owte - rolwcih navn A>t vhoitlen, 
Rt|t 90 nide men - thxi tltd itaua coiuicUi, 
Loiwa and by-kixn - b^ IctUcd meaMii dojn^, 
And tj Imtc ^'OnJd And w«rk«« ' v«n«n and Irovto. 
And. »i iho foulct 19 lyndc - fodc afifr wUstlyogVi 
So hope th^l lo luoc ' heao^K thoni| hc-r wtisdynjei 
And bj ihc man th«t made Lbc kale ■ the mascetc bynucuiJi; 
Thai isi ^ of hu ^r^cc ' j^fxn^ih aJ men blisoc ; 
*With vtdcfCt and with trondrcfi - be wsmcih v« with a wtusde 
Where th« hit m\\e ht ' co ffromd^ipcn \% allc, 
And fcdcn vs and fc«tcn v* - for cucrc-more at ona.] 
Ac who bdh ihat cxcusctb hem ' thai arot pcrsoanc^ and 
That hfrue<!pfl of holj-cbcrchc ben ■ that lian her wHle here, 
Wllli-oule inuaillc, ibc lllbi; <kl ^ tliat Ircwcxncn btBWjnkyn, 
Th<ri *il be wroih for 1 wriic thvi» ■ ae lo ni(ncM< I take 
Boilic MfLthcw And MoHcc - and Mtmtnio-iiamine-Diudd ; 

E£(f tjudiumut fitm iti Effrata. tic. 
Wwl ^j(j()c or prelilt nuw pcrfuuinetb Oiat Cryst biyle, 

//if Iff ttuutrjum mttmfum tt prcdu^iit^ tU^f 
Alias I tliat m«n iO longe ' on Makomelh ftholdo t^lvaer 
So mary prclaies to preche ■ ae ih* pope makeLh, 
or Naiareih, of Nynytjc - of Kcpialim, and Damaske, 
Thai ihci nc treat as CrpX viaacQi ' aithcn ;ha wilnc 
To bo pafitout^ and (iiredie ' ihi; pas^iotin of Ic&tift, 
And as hyiU'iclf scjde ■ to lo lyue and <Ieye; 

Bonus /kJXiffT aniwiam luam ponit, rU. ; 
And tzy^Q (i m sauacioun ^ of Sarnsenrs and other. 
For Cry&Iene and vDcrisCcne ' Cry^; 5cidc co prfchouite, 

lU vot Iff I'lttiam mtam. 


kif<—£/r^J* b K imly- 4S;. wUdc a E j wlI a L j wilk bane Wj wol 

lunc C; wolcu tune OB; iut K liry^. 

O. PASSUS XVITL 187-193. 469 

Al^l that men so longc ' on Maltamede by-leyuen, 
So meny prelates 10 preche ■ as the pope maketh, 188 

Of Nazareth, of Nynyve ' of Nepialym, of Damaske, 
That thei ne wendeth the wey ■ as holy writ biddeih, 
Ik in uniutrsum mundum * BUtlbe |e wilneth the name 
To be prelates, and preehe * the passion of lesus, 193 

And as hym-self seyde ■ so lyue and deye ; 

Bonut pastor anmant suam pom't pro onihus suis* 

a 18S. preUta IFTG; prieata PE, pope EMIFTG; ptuplc (I) P- 
190. biddith P. 


B, PAS9U3 KV. 49^$t$' 

And «Lth ihftt this Sarascncs ' scribes, and lavti 
Han a lippc of owrc bylcac ■ :he Ujilokw, nw thynk«lh, 
Tbci shulde tfime, who 50 irauatlli? woldc ■ to icchr hem of 1 
the triniic, 

Qtttrik it ifMtemi/u, tk. 

\i U rcuth lo reJc how rijtvis mtn lyued, 
Hoir ihi^i d^fouled her flesAlt < for^ke her owiu wille, ^96 

Per Tip kilih and fio kynoc - jrixtl-j^clothed jcden. 
UicUj- ylxddcd ' no boKc tjuc conscience, 
N« no richchceae but the rode - to reioyse hrtn inne; 

Ahiit KflAii glorivi, niti im tnut domini iKUfri, tk. 

And tbo w flJ plente and jiccs ^ ftroonges pore and nchc; 
And nptft b routhe to rcdc ' bow the icd noble |,di 

I* icucrccoed or the rode ' reccyued lor the worthier 
Thun Ct^'iilr^ cTOsvf, thai ooer-cnin ' d^Lh and il«dly lynoeF 
A]}d now 13 ^erre and wo - and ^ho \o 'why' juieth. ^4 
For coucityi< after ctoaac ■ the crotmc sunt tn goldc. 
Bottio rlchc anJ religLous ' ihni rode 1h«i lionour«p 
ThAl In gTOtcs ifi ygTHUc ■ atid In goldr nnWe*?, 
For coucii^sc of Lliat crosse ' men of hol/klikc 
5huJ lournc JV3 TcxnptcK? did ' the tymc approchcch Cute. 
Wycc ;e nou^t, wy«c men ■ how tho men honoured 
Moiv trestirfT than ircmhc? ■ I dar notij: telle ihe sothe; 
Reauun And Hatful dome - tho religious demed, |i. 

Ri)i so, \t ckrkea ' for ^wrc coueityse, ar ionj^, 
Shal thei demcn dos tf€Utu ' and jovre pi7de clepoM; 

}ir knyjthod and kyudc wyue ^ and tomunc conscience 
Togii^cKs loue telly ' kcucth It wcE, jc bi&shopee, |i( 

Th« lordcifaip of londca - for tuete ebal }c lesc, 
And lyncn w I^fhitiri • nit owre lorde ^ow lecheih. 
Per primicias fi dttim^. 
Whan Costiolyn of curtcysyc ' holykirkc dowcd 
With londcs and ledes ' lordeshipea and renter, 
An angeL men herde ' an heigh at Rome crye^ 
' Ihs teekat this day ' both ydrc^nkc ^^cnym. 
And tho that ban Fctrcf povvcre ' am npoyAoacd ftlk.' 
A medccyne mote thcr-io ^ that may amende preUl«8. 
Thai Gholden pr«y« for the p«e«; * poneB&tODn hem ]eii«th, 

C. PABSUS XVTIT. C94-s»6. 

Hit ia rcuihe to rcdc - hcu TyRht holy wicn lyucdcn, 
Hovk- tb«i defouleden here flcCKfnh ' Tor-aolcrn hen owcn vU, 
Fcr fm kuch and fro kyn ■ vucl-ctrilied jcndcn, iqft 

DaJdcliche bcdJjd ' no book bote \iete conscience, 
Nothcr richcsie boto the rode - to rciof^cn hem inne; 

j4^w> ncl^'t g/oriari m'si in truce dcmmi nosfri ItTU CAns/i, 

And thn wa* pees and jilente ' n-mong poure and ridie; 
And now is eeulUe in rede - hou the rede nolle too 

y» yrcucrcnccd b^-fore the rode ■ and reccyuyd for the worthier 
To i<inend« and to ni&ke - jli with ni«n ol holichurche, 
Than Ctj-rI, oihcr croy*^ That ouercim ' dcih and dedly synnpl 
And now 1* wcnc and wo 
For <oucty8c aft^r a croys 
Bodie richo and rdigiouse 
That in ^oic* in y-g^au* 
Foe cciiet)-?«j of thai croys 



• And ho so *whE' aakrib, 
the croane stant In j^oldc* 
thai lode Ihf i honourcn 
and in ^fd nob]c^3, 
dcikc« of holychurchc 
Sdmllcn out^rturne as Tcmpkrs duden ' the tyme aprochcth fuic. 
Mynnf ^e tmi, i«ttered men ' hou tho men honouredc 
Mor« tresour than treuihtf ' ich dar n:H telle ihe soihe 
How dm corsette Crystinc ' catel and riciietse woi^ieprden : 
Rey^on and rr^lful dome ■ the religious damncde* jij 

Eight ^t )e cicrku^i )OUrc coucLiwr ' er cocnc oulit Iodj^* 
ShaL dampnc dor tftiisU ^ lUid depose pw for jourf pruyd*; 

Dfftaxuii fHittnffs iff sffif. 

Vf kny^t'hod And kyiidc wii ' and ^c comunc ftnd conscience 
To-ficdcrca loiien Icclliehc ■ Icyucth bit wcl, bisshopc>, tir 

The lordthup of bndea ■ Wse ^e shuilo for eucrc. 
And tjupn as /jvi/jn Hndf' ■ nntJ as qui lord jow icchrlh, 

Whcnnc ConilAntyn of hus coTtc«ye ' holykirko dowcde ti^ 
With \on<ki and Iccde* ■ lord^hcpw and rentei, 
An angel mtn fmrde ' an hih m R<ime cryc-^ 
•/Jfj ttiUtie tbiH d*y ■ Imh yJrutikc venym, 
A»d tho that ban Petrcs power ' arcn po)-«oncd ollc,' <«« 

A rocdecinc tnosie ther-io ■ that myghte amende the prditea, 
Tliai iholdrn prryr for ihp jh^h ' stnd possession liem Iclteib; 

0. 196. Fwi P. igS, icivrwn P. ludu IGi wft> T; ub PEH 

ail. InalMGTG; ^om. 3Jj. (clkni^ C/^ icUsEoui) T. jttS- Uyf 

f/WVf)P. knyilhtP- wblltJ^irltjP, »i». |JC EMTTG; To t»«iinrt« 

P. 330. klrkfllT; dwrcte PBFG. 


472 B. PASSUS XV. 3?6-534. 

Take her luides, ^ lordes ' and let hem \yue by dfmes- 

If ]>os£es5ioan be poysoun ' and inparfit hem make, 

Good were to dischargen hem ' for holichcrche sake^ £>8 

And purgen bem of poysoun ' or more perile falle. 

3if prestbod were paiiit ' the pepJe sholde amende. 
That conCrarien Crystes lawc ' and Crystendome dispisc. 

For al paynymes prayeth - and parfiily bileuelh 53a 

In the holy grete god ' and his grace ihei asken, 

And make her mone to Makometh ■ her message to shewe, 

B- 550. solde {/or shoUe) L. 53a. papymes WCROB j paynym L. 

a PASSUS XVIII. «7-i6j. 


Tnkctb here lnndc*> jf lixilcs ■ Anil Icct hem lyuc liy djrmc*. 
Vl )c kyngci coucjton ■ in Cfiatcrc pecs 10 \yacn. iiS 

For yf pcMWiioD be ppyeon • anrf iniiarfyi hem make, 
Tltf heut'Oci of hokthuTcho ■ and iho ihai tw ^mlt^T hem. 
Hit were thiiiilc la (lesthargcn hem ■ for boljclmiUici sake, 
And purjt^- Ijcitl of Ihe oltic poyioti ' ere more pcTOl foile* *j< 

For wer* priest-hod more parfjl ' thol is, ilw; pope Ibrmcfit, 
Thfli wljh moueyt* nit'inej-in^ih men ■ lo wfrrcr vp-on crirtinr, 
A-jcn* Ujc loJX" uf ogjr lojde ' an scyul Luk uyiiwaACTli, 

Huv pra>crf with hus paciena^ ' lo pecA fthofde liryngtt ij6 

Alle bndcs :o lone * and ihai in i l)tel lynic; 
TIji: pojw nith fttlL- prwy<"S ■ pnx-ttuhts sholili: make I 
And lake hcdc hou MakAmc(3c ' Oiorwc a myldc douc. 
He hafd -il Surryo a*; hym-^'if »-oldc ' and Snrnsjiis Jri quyete; 
NoiihL ilicrw m:iii»<]ii;ihE and manooa strongihe ' MakauteEti? liadile 
(lie mjuiHc, fl4> 

Bote thorw pAcicnce and p'>uy ^yJc ' He was prynce oucr hem 

Tft stiche mancrc, me ihynkcth ' moste the pope, 

Prclaie*, diid prepitot ■ praycn ard by-seche a^ 

DeuofrtUcbc day and nyjl ' art! wilL-t!iiiwc hem fro »yime, 

Ard ^ryc \c Crint ihai he wolde " hus ct>luew !icndc. 

The fl'hiche ih the holy gcBt ■ that out of hcuetie d«scendedep 

To make ft pcrp^mtfl peei ' by-lwyiw ihe prynce of hcutMir t^R 

And ollc maht'fL- uf n\ci\ ' thai on \Xxa tnuMc lybbetli. 

Yf precni-hod rvcrc parfii and preycdc ihua ■ ihc pcupic sholdc 

'Ihol now contrftricn Crittea lave* ■ and Crislcndom dcapisen. 
For iiilEhe that Uio* Sonuyna ' *cribc4, and ihc* lew<rfi >£> 

Iknen a lippe nf ourr hydeytie * ihe lighllokcr, me ihjiiteth, 
Thci iJioldc (urnf, who so irauayle woldc ' and of ihe Trinitc 

tec be Li l^eni. 
For allc pnynymcs prcycri ' nnd porfitliehc by-lcyuen 
In the grcie hcyc f^od • ind hus grace asker, 954 

And itinkcn here monc 10 MakariH^ilc - bere met&agc 10 sbcwe. 

C. JI9, bi«rfyit P- J^i. ooWc P, »3i p<»^fill P- '55* "-^W. 
a*G. icjwdi: i/or teoJe) P. j^. gf MFT i F 0«, »i4. ffho w IT i 


& PASSV5 XV, S35-sii. 

T^n IB t &kb }jwA tkM kmt - t»l a ft bke 

Awl thu ii ro«^ fer r^rfd 


And » poi 10 Ike pope - tad prcUi Att be 


be wnmjftc 

Ibr lo tome 

to giihe^ 



1 Ib 



BO«yt he 

And item^ 

bM ibon^ BMft^ md sT3c^ 
(■a |Mfli bfln^ 





Awl hf-am ava of a a^rdt - ud 

Aad bif-ted i^ fettbofxd * «tt tbe blode of ba bene 

AJk that vxlMd, aad votde - «kh nab-vit bjf koi iL 

UiDj n «eint ijubm ' Imli toitnd to deye; 

Al far to enfariBe ike £Mfa ' n felt cn a m r j fca dqreda^ 

In Yitde aad b Alinaa^ - ia Erwovijt and fai Sp^nM, 

Ift MM d«(k a«rfd«a - for ihm iMoh sake; 

Ib fir^f*** of At ^ib - «7Bt Tkooou wtt jmntrrd, 

A«tfii«tt «iH%aidc CriAcac - for Criffca kiBc be dcrcdc, 

.^ad Ibr ibc riit of tl tbia rtiSD« - aad tJ rcuoci Cntua«. 

Holf cfaerdK u fcooo or e J * btfjfadic tbon^ fat* d e yag a. 

He n a forbftet^ lo aUf ttsboi»« - ind a far^ mji o u f g . 

And aooacTSC&cbe to lacbc - tbat of SatTj« berctb ihe aaae.] 

Unt b3pp« abowe ki Eogdoade - to bahre ekeoDca aalerei^ 

Aad Gfepe ttaoBgct cvaione* - and c o nfeo co *6<7nB dw Ine, 

AV/tf miOftt /^frm m wutt/wi oNmam, Ht. 
Uanj maa foi O/nca k)uc ' wu manircd in Roiaaaje 559 
£r any CrTvtcndomc «» kaowc ibcrc ~ or aav croac boaoar«L 

Eaerj bMbop ibat benck crOf»r - bjr Efatl b« » boU«&, 
Tborv Mt pFOBjrace 10 pane ' and fo Ids pcple tt> akevv b)iii, 
T^lka bcQD and techen hem - on ihc tiinite CO bikne, 
^Xad fcdcB bem vkk gootli^ lode * and nedf fe^kA to fyadcn. 
Ac Yak or |0« ipekdk - aad O^ras boUie^ ^ 

Tkai DO man schold be tascbope - bat if be biflde bo4he, 
Bodil/ fiiJe and goadj iode - aad gjoe tbere it ocdedi -. 

B. f 39-»^ nue /«W/. /BWKt im R m^, fnftr^ *''^*V ^ '^ &«Dt. 
HV R 'te' t?lcj^ t7^. ^ mijtaAf. j4£- bMdilaed Or Usboped) K. 

At K^ Kr V LC- Iftt-ftf. ^nm «m1 D«dr <£««) i^ibd*(jfiT)>J n Km^; 


Thiu in a faith lyucth that folic? ' and \n a fil^ mcne; 

And ihai ix rcuiht; fnr the ly^hifiil men ' thai in tho rca&w 

And pcrd for the p«tla.kft ■ that the pope malcc-th ; aCa 

Thftt henih name of Neptaijm ■ of Nynjuc and of D;unaak<?. 
For when ihc holy kyngc cf heuen^ - *«ide hiu mnc to cnhe, 
itcny inyratlcs tic wrouliUi ■ man tot tti turnc. 
In cnsanipic thai men ' fiholdc ttco by sati tcyxtn, tGi 

Thai ncm myghio na: bo saueds • boK Ihoiw mercy and grace, 
And diorv prnniiTifo and pas^lonn • and prfyr by-leyue; 
Aijd by-cam a man of a niayde ' md meirapotiiamts. 
And bnptirKdc, and biis«hoppcdc ' with tl>c Mode <if btia heric 
Allc ihfti nilncd* other woMc * \iiih in\vii bj'-kuo hii. ^69 

M«ny teini *itthp ' tuffrcde deth fli-soj 
For to enformc ihe faJlhu ■ ful Myile-'xbcri^ dcyik'ti. 
In Indc and in Alisaundric ' in EmiAnyc, in Strajiic, J7« 

And fro mynbjleue ■ mcny man itimcdc. 
In lauacion of tnanny* ianlc ' nej-nt Thomas of Caanierburj' 
Anvnig vutyiidc Ciblrnn ' m hnlychiirrhr was slpyi*, 
And alle holydmrche ' honoured for ihal deyingc. a;£ 

He is a forfauanc (o allc buBshop^ ' ivnd a htyiX myrour, 
And «ouer«yneliche lo alle bijcIw ■ that of Sunj-e bcreiti naAiej 
And nat In Engelonde co hu]»{)e abowie ' and li:i1cwir:i mennv aticer^. 
And cicpc In a-mcnj^c cu/aioiirs ■ and confciiit'n i-^cn The lawc; 
Ndtk mi/Ur< /afcfm in tn^sstm afknum. iBo 

Wcr>y man for Crysies lou« ■ wafi mortred arnong Komaynes 
Et Crlsieadome wctp knowi* iher ■ otlicr eny croys honoured, 
Enenchc buwbopc, by die lawe ■ shtildc IjiwuinUdie weude. 
And pacicnibchc. ilwrgh huu protiyncc ■ and 10 hua pcplc hym 

EhcWCf jB* 

Feden hem an<l flllcn hem * and fere hem f^ sytine; 

/ii Imn/i Jerntu • sif prrmt fitc fiAi nontiu, 

Ftr, frahe, purttit ^^fgtm - sertmai/i/ ptf timm\t Aynn ,- 

And cncbntinic hem to charite ' on holychurche to be-leyue. »^ 

a *i5. rjghlfulIFTi r>5ht l*E. >6c, TAi'j /w* ii /'vm U ; a/t^ivlW, 
P£ m;/. i*l. |J*t IMJTj Ana PE. Jts. oath* P. *66. p*rfyn P 

»M. mt {/or SD<1) ?, iCrj. uiwiL t'G j invrbiit l\ 174- Omatdlrary P, 

>;4. boaon/rde P, 177. bryittv l*> ^79. c&Ki^oiffiiJc P, t8o, cunl^uo 
MIFT; i^ftatuuii PE. cwifdw* P- aCatnam mtasm P, jSj. wlrtf O&r 
were) P- hcuiwrvJc P< Jf^3. weynd< P, iS^. 1^L[ea M ; f<db» Ii 

fiiUto T; fDlle FG; folwvn PC. 



B. PASSUS XV, £4^-599- 

Oxiaft ccith lor iDch ' ihxt s^fct ben and MA<j fM 

/it/erJr Mtnei d^imat in iv/ienr *uim^ vt tii rt&tts m Jbno m. 
Ac wc CryMcnc acaluro * that on ihc aoase bxlencni 
Aren fcnne «> is the Uash • flrodde« forbode dl«e t 
ADd bin d«k«t to kqxc rs tli«r-tiuw * aad bena thu dml 
come after VL 

And Icvca lyuco in Ick Uik ' ovrc brdc vTOt« ii hymtcloe. 
In tunc, lor it tijdiasi wis * uid stcndc £hoklc <fuc^ £73 
IX^ffe dnm ii f^^xinium ' ifi paf£t I^vta lave — 
And lokc ii Mciysn in tctbt men ' Ul Ue«aje ccxnc; 
And on tbat hvc ibd Ijiwn jit ' and kicn it the bCMC 53^ 

And lit kncvc ihet Cryst - that Cry^tcndoine Uigtt, 
For 1 prflt propbct« ■ ilut mocbe p«p1( fiAU«d 
Of wlcfHitb Ktrw ' ihn apyen It ofte, 

llotbc of myndcs juid mcnuUlcG ' and bow be men fettcd 5S0 
With two tiS(b<-« ftnd frvc Ichm * fyuc tboufla,nde pcple ; 
And bi ihit mating cij-e men mi^tc wcl m ■ thai Messj-e he semed. 
And «h;m hr lufi V[i Lazar ' thai bydc ftas in gnui^. 
And vndcr »lone dcd and Mankc ' with *tjf vo}^ hym ca^kd, 

D«d« hyna n*e and rovme - Hjt bilbr the lu«-«. fSg 

Ac thd svidrn and aworcn ' vLth wra*rye be vrouytc, 
,\ii(I fiiudjrcdcn 10 siro)<ii hym ' and alKijiku hcmaclf; 
And (tiorv his pac>vnoc her povir<Tc ' to puzv nou|( he broujto; 

Piuunttt virtitmL 
Danycl oJ brr viidnynp;<r ■ Hciiyncd and ^y^^, 

Otm iandUA iaiKiomm rem'^f, teisn6ii vnxuf vafra^ 

And ^E wcncn iho wrccches ' that be were ps<itd'>-pr9pk4idt 
And thai hi« lore be lcsynj;«5 ' and bhlicn it alb, ^^ 

And htjpen iliat he be to come ' thai ihal lit'ra releiie. 
Mo>"-"h:s cfl. or Mcasjc ' here maislcrt* ytX. tlciijnelb. 

Ac Plmrc!(cwGS and Saraacnics ' ^cribc^ and Grckit £94 

Aren folke of on fattb ' the fader god thd honourcn ; 
And altfhen thai iho Saraseree ■ ard also iho lewc* 
Konoc ilic fimLc i:);iuw; of own: Uleuc ' Cr^ile in drttm palrtm 

Prelfltcfl d Cryex^ne prouyncce ■ shuldc preue, if ihel m>3tr, ^9* 
Lrre hem Iltlum at;d lytlum • ^f in Ttwm Chrhfum /Iium, 

ffti. Bfi (j&rAtidj L. 

57j}, ttycb K3^ kjm L; 1C5Q C 

a PASStis xviii. 189-310- 


For ft* ibc kyndc in of a kii^jt * QtJicr for a k/nge Ui Iw ttk«». 

And ArnonK here cncmjt? * in mortdh baicIcA 

To be culled and oucrc[)me ' the comun* (o <Iefend«; 

So i( iht kynctp of a curaiour ' for Criti** buo xct pwcht, i^j 

Anil Licyc for hu* cfcrc thildrcn " Lo dcsiinyc dclly >iyimci 

And namcliche iher ai lcw*;Je lyuen ' ami no lawe knovcfln 
Ac w9 Cryslini; ronnfth [he Inwe ' and liiiuen of otirv Eouni^ 
tSiiafitiopc?! 'iud UnAt^h ' llic tiyltyuc 10 kilj?. rr)5 

lu^vCH lyucn in the lawc ' llmt ourc lord Uithtc, 
MoysM lo bo mai6i*r ih«r-of ' bl Messw come, 
And Jn that lam? ihcl Icjrue - and ]cipn hit for the be«w> 

And yvt kiw-wc thci Crixl ■ ihai Crisicmlnttw tatibu.-. 300 

And for a pariyi prophcic * thai muchc iicuplc uucdc, 
And of tttcoulhe h-orcc < mucdc men ftil ofic ; 
hy tin; myracle* that he micb ' Mc*sic he wmede, 
Tho In- [yiie vp Lit£^' - Omt k-ydc Wiu in gmuej jft4 

Qmi^'riJimnuj coTO - c)uik dude h)'m walke. 
luwt's ^^f^Stii, tlvu hit 6^11 ' u'lth HOrc«rie be vroubte, 
And siodieden hou to ^ruyen him " and ifniywlon h*m-**clik\ 
And bcrc jiowr iltouili hiis pacience ' to pure noulu brauhtc, 

And )Ut thci 5cicn soLhlJchc ' &nd ^o do(h the Sarru/nA, 30^ 
Thftt Jesiis wAft bote !L Lo^iour ' n laper n-rnongc the coEnuncH 
And n soplusrre of Rorcerie • xn{\ purudo-prophtta. 
And hu!> tnrc wns Ifvynge ' ind tickrn hh aUi-, 311 

And hflpcn ihai he be lo comynge ■ thnt inlul hem rcleuc; 
Moysett olber Makemedc ■ bore mLtiilrc* dctim<?ih; 
And haueih tuapecion 10 be saf ■ boihe Sarmayna and lewe*, 
Thorwe Mo^'^et and M^tkuiriffdi' ' xvoS myghle of }^r>d th»l ni:u1 aL 

Now sytllie ihii ilies; San'asyiiB - and al-so llie Icwcs 31 j 
Conne ihe fcrW« clause of cinre by-ltyuu - CrnA /« ^(ttm f^^<m. 
Pr?1aieB and pr«eBtf>i ' «hotdo pr«ou«, )f Lhel myghtc*, 
LcfE hem lyridum and lytulum ' €t in Itvum Christum^ fiUi^n 

C. 1II9, knyjthP, >i>o. And MIT : Al FT.: ?Kah. 3QJ- a eanf aor 
EMIF ^ er«lotir P. s^j. *ir*tioy^ IMFT t tl^tryf P. 39^. corno^ (y>r 

coiiD*^) P. ifio- kn*we tMT; IcDOwc PL 30J. myrfcrJei EIFj 

rrLeri4]» P. 30;. ttodiolEu IT; raadHen fl^M. h&m Ml^ ; bvni T 1 h«n 


47* a. PASSf^S XV. 600-XM. »s. 

Aikd fCDdrcft it md ncordea it * vt± r^vuthmoi pnt^hnm. 


Paum xvf", 9i f>rm$a dr IMtf. 

' XTOWUiicEiDejo*!" qtiod I Uio" "for jowrc fairt ahewyBgc, 
±\ For Hiukjimet louc the tci^f n^ftii - cucnc I ahal fow lca>« : 
Ac )« I tm In 1 were - vhu cbor^ w 10 nxtw.' 
* !l ia a Tul trjc ifcc,' quod he - ' irew)/ to idle. 4 

Mcrcj b the n>or« ibcr-cr ■ ibt mydckl ftoUcc b Rciidic 
The lcu«G tm Lck'Worda - the bve of Hcdfdkerche, 
Th« blocmctt betta Boxomc Spcchc ■ aind Bcnygrw-Lol^rBfe; 
Pfldcnce haaw ihc pure trc ' and f^irr ^ymplr nf hrrxr, » 

And to, ihonr £0<t and thonr gcod men - growctb ibc fn^ic Clorllc/ 
' 1 vokk InuoiUe/ quod I, ' Urn trtt to bc ' tvrnif hundrcch nyfet 
And foTto hAue my (yWt of ihat rmie ' fomikc al other miller. 
Lordr.' qutxl I, '1/ any v.i^ie *}if ' ulii^r-ouie il gmweih?' ti 
' It gioweth iu A ^-vdjuc/ quod he ' ' that god midc hym-^elaeo. 
Amjddes marnicb body - the nnort is of that HCokkc; 
Herte haite iho bcrber - that it m growtli. 
Anil UUrtim'Arfiitrium ' haih ihc ^onde 10 Icrm?^ i4 

Vudcr Picn die riovmaiL tu i>fkc& :i and 10 ^tJcB iL* 
'PicTf ibc PlowiTu:^!' quod 1 iho - ftcd aI for puro ioye 
That 1 herdc ncmpnc his nime ' juione t sn^cun^d ificr, 
And bjf bnge m a I<j(ic drctnc - uid Atte U^ir nic :hou}lc, i^ 
That Hciea the riowntan ' aI the pl^ce me Khcwcd^ 
And bad me toten on the tree ' oa toppc and on fotc. 
Wiih ihre ^y\v& was it vmlerp^te ■ I perccjued U sone. 
■Piere*/ quod 1, ' I preye the ■ whi stoude ihiw ptka here?' 14 
' Fuf wyiidc^ willow wjk,* qiKtd ht ■ ■ to mitn k fraca fa}ljnge ; 
Cttm cefuifrii tust'tu, ma <iillidtlur ; qmi Ihmirmt iupptmi 
marmm ittam; 

8. 11. mvtlQciigtfw^^jtdaliim^ ly & WCROB; htm. i(, baha 
WCO| (rUr LR ; IcfbcT^b D. 

0. PASSUS XVni, 311-XIX. i5. 


Til \hr\ ccnithr sprke and spello ■ tf fn spiritam sdnttuvt, jji 
Kc^ordcn hit (uid rcndir:i hv. ~ y^yi^i n/nismmrm fitftatvrnMt 
Carnit rtmrrtciiQaffm^ tiuiicm fttrnam. Amrn?^^^ 

Hit txpiicii jiossut primus G*r Dohtt 

I : 


■ T HUK Lihtnm Arhtln'um' <^iiaili Ich 
1 -* hope. 

Ich leyue, fts ich 


Thou <ouihc«l telle and icchc rac ■ n> Chariic, Ich kyuc?' 
Then louh Li^rrum Arbiirtum ■ and Inddc mc ionh wiifa laJes, 
Til we CDmcra in-to a contrce ■ Cor'homimt hii hyhlc^ « 

Ilcrlicr fif iije j]ryuyrrc* ' and nf hdyncmir. 
Euenc in the myddcx ' an ympc. on hit ncrc. 
Thai hihtc i'ar^j-rfr/ ■ gradoutlichc hit Rrowcd^, j 

Thcniw gainffi~aiTtcn^what hit \%yHt - and Iw me «oiw told* — 
*The ITO" luhte Trewe-louc.' quatli he ' *i\vc triiuic hit sPiie; 
Thoi^h loucV 1ok>'iige hit Ijuclh - and buncctti «p bloaacmc^. 
TTie vhicbe blosoics bumea ' Bt-nygncapechc ciUcn; it 

And ihenor com«ih a goo<i frut ■ the which jr^x\ callcn Wcrkcs 
Of lifilynri»c, cif lic-ndyncsn- - fjf tw^lphym-tlwl-iitodiilh, 
The u'hithc i» callid Citrt'ias ■ Cnstca t>wcn fodc, 
And solaccih allc fiotilcs ^ aor^hful in pun^atoric/ 
'NoWf c*rt«/ icb »dde ■ and sykcdc for ioye, 16 

*Tch ihunke 30W a ihciwwml ^ytiics - th^t jr mc hider ktndc:^ 
And aultillicn that |c foWLhc-St^uu: ' io acyt mc wbi&l lut hiJilc/ 
And he Lhonhcd mc tho ' butc thc;inc took ich Jicdc, vg 

Ilk hadd<; ihori<?r4 u> *houe hit vp ■ ihrv Bhldf* of o Ic&^c, 
And of o kynnt- colonr ' aiul it kvnde> iU mc itwrnhif^ 
AU llm? >licl;c Ullage ' axnd ylidxe lajj^c 
Muchc mcnia)1cd« ac * en ^ht\ more ihci growedc; 
And €(1* siskcdo of hym ' ol what wodc ihd v-crc? m 

J*Th«s thw ibor/crcs/ qiuih h*> ' "thai tiprfrih vp this ptontc^ 
iThci l]^-tokneih ircwely ' iIk Trlniic of hcu«i»-; 



C jji, ipdIeMlT;»pelcPFG. 
i^'fPtuusXIX. ij. low MIT; >c ^EFG. 

e/ ; miivtiiiat an J P- 
18. fowcche F- »- IcDEh* ^- 

4G0 B. PASSU5 XVX zC-s9. 

And, in wawyn^VfTati Mw the floufte ' but if ihia pilcK helpc. 
The WcrlO* is a w/Uted wyode • (o hem thai wolden iwtthc, 
Courityite cuincnli uf ilmt wjiide ■ aiid crvpttli a[nongc iht- l«j», 
And Toffrct iicifli il^^ Crutc ' dicirw man/ f&trc atik^, jy 

Thanoc wilh the 5rslc fyk I polJc bysi down ' Ihat i», /s^iwm' 

The Fk'ftshc is a fd wjiiiic " and Jn flourvngc-iymc 

TIkk-w lykyns ^^*^ \jata • so loudc he sjrcncth btcwc, jj 

Tlttt it ncrif-i'hcth nice iiiXts, ' and r.^mc lyme wordc*. 

And wikked wctltfi ther-of ■ wonnc* of ijrTin*^^ 

And forbiif Eh llic LIuauLcK ' ri^t lu Uu: hnrtt Irun. 

Tlianikc sellc I to ttic ticcoucdc pile ' ^apieniia-Dti-pdtns. ^ 

That is, the piLssioun and (he power ' cf ovrc prync« Icm, 

Thorw prcjvnfs and ihorw penauncce ' iiu) goddtfc pMooim in 

I jpauc it til I ac il rjpen ■ and soTodfl y-fniitcd. 
And thnnnc fondcib the Tcndc ' my U\it\ to dcfiimyc, 40 

With allc tho ivy]e« ihnt he cin - And waggcth the rote, 
And casicih vp to the ctcpiH; ' vnkvtiiTc iif?1gh(v)n», 
BwtbilctL'i brckc-clicste - brawlcrc* ond cliidcicN 
And IciiU a laddrc ihcrc-to - of Ic^ynftCK ftrcn (he roogcs, 44 
And fccchclh away my flourci luniiymc ■ afor bothc ifiyn cyhoti 
Ac Uhfmm'AfhifritiJn • Iptttih hym »ome ryme. 
That is licTjicmuit to bkcn it wcl ■ by Icuc of oiy-sducj 

Vitiediis qui puciii « spiriium mnt/um, nuttquam rtmU- 

fitkTf tic.; 
/r« ai I'd/irtt qui p9((Qt pn lib^nm etrhilnum non rt^ugftal, 
Ac vhan the Fende and the Fle^c ' fuith with thn Warldr 4I 
Manasen bybynde me - my fruit for 10 fcccKe, 
Thume Liberum-Arbitrium * lacclicth Iht' thriddc pJanie, 
And palleih adown the pouke ' purehch ihonv grace 
And )\i*i\y*: of dje holy gtrsic ' anil tJtuH haiie E i\vt tnay^Lric/ji 
*Now faijc fftUc pw, Piercs,' quoj I ' *sc» Ciire je dibiT^-uen 
The pov«crc of this pontes ' and her proprc tny^ic. 
Ac 1 have ihoujtes a Lhreve ' of this thre pilcfc. 
In what vodp ihd woxen • and where that thei growfrd; ^6 
For aUc ai thri altche longe ' nooc los&c than othcr^ 
And to my Tnyndc, as me thinkcth * en o more thci growedi 

O. FASSUS XIX. >r-S9- 



Tbrc pcnoEU mdepnnablc ' pcrpchid were cuck, 

Of o wylj of o wii - and hcrc-wiih ich kcpc oS 

The frm of thi* fdre trtx • fro thrc wykkrHc u-yntlrfi. 

And iixi fiiU/ng cf »tok ' hit faSIlc nouhc of huR m^htcn 

The Worlde is a wykkcd* ^yndc " la hem ihal woldc irctitbc ; 

Covelyie comclh of ihaE wj^idc ■ ;md Caritax hit abitcih; 3> 

And for-frrtcih ihat frui ■ wtih mnnye fayrc i-yghlc*; 

And with Ihc fcntc pUunkc ich fiallc hym dounc - Pofnuia-tlit- 

Thaime is Fleesh i f^l wyrwk ' m tlcjuryng^lyme ; 

Thorgh lechorte and tuMes ■ »o loud* he gjnnelh blowe, j6 

That hil norisdn_'tli nyvM hyjU^B ' rtud boiii tyme wordct^ 

And mcnyc wykkcJc vi:ifuica ' worker of ft)-iiii?i 

And al Tor-bit Caniat • to the bare etolkc; 

Thanne ««n« loh ih£ aeoinde pbtinke • Sfipitnna'dft-p^trit. 40 

Tbc vhkh U c^^ imf^i'Jii and iicN^iincc ^ and die Li^rfytncsie 

And ther-widi icb warde hii olhcr-whylc • til hit T^citc lypc. 

Thcnnc foTidcih :be Fecnde ' my fnic to dcsiniyc, 

Am! tdlli :i huUIcTC tlwrr-io ■ of IcEiyngn ht the fonj[cs; 44 

With alle th? vrjlc^ tiiat he c&n ' vAgi^lh djc loolc 

Tbcrw bcik-byt(?rB and hriwdcrcs ■ amd ihorwe bcldc chydcrcs, 

And ih&keth liii ; ne v^re bit vnder-fthor^d - oertcs hu ihold« 

nac ^TAndc- 
So thetic lourdcLikca lUlicicn tlicr-to - ih^t allc thi; kucsMeii. ^n 
And focchcth a-wfiy this frut 5om l)'mc ' by-forc bothc myn cycn. 
Tbenne p^1c ich i-do^nc ih? pouk« * with tlic tljiidib ihory^r*, 
The whicbe \^ SpirifuS'Xanrtus ' and- soih-fsul bylf?yue. 
And diau i» £i2ce of ihc Holy Gmt; ' and thus gAt Ich tkc 

Ich Totidc vp-on thit tree tho ' and thennc t^^k ich hcd«, 
WherhfT ibe frut wwe fiir* ■ 0(hirr fouJ to tok«ii 01. 
And ilic fnu ivas woodcr fair ' non fiirvt beo myghli;; 
Ac in ihrc degrees hii ^rcw ' grel fcrly nic ihoubtCi 55 

Atid a^hed^ tio 'yf hit ^^'«^l> < ai of on kyndof* 

• Je, certes,' he wide ■ ' and sothllchr ihow Icyne h!l- 
nil i« rI of o kyndc ' dJid dmi s)ial tch proucn; 

C. 31, wordlc P. 3J- ^aW/d/ hit *bKe> ITG i hlf betc> f^rifmi P. 

£0. fcL MFrC ; f«l P. 17, D»;iKbe)i IC<; | aor«> P. 43. loEtndc> F. 
44. lo^tha P, 47. tbondc P. ^S^ >#c« P. 54, vbn (j^ wtt*) P. 


482 B. PASSUS XVI. 59-73, 

And of o gretnesse ' and grene of greyne thei semen/ 

'That is sotb/ seide Pieres ' 'so it may bifdle; 60 

I shal telle Ibe as lite ' what this tree hatte. 
The grounde ihere it groweth ■ Goodnesse it hijte. 
And T haue tolde the what hijte the tree - ihe Trinite it meneth ' — 
And egrehch he loked on me - and ther-fore I spared 64 

To asken bym any more tber-of ' and badde hym fu] fayre 
To diacreue the fniit ' that so faire hangeth. 

'Here now bineth/ quod he tho • *if I nede badde, 
Matjymonye I may ryme ■ a moiste fruit witb-alle. 6S 

Thanne conienance is nerre the croppc ■ as calewey bastarde, 
Thanne bereth the croppe kynde fruite ' and clenneste of alle» 
Maydenhode, angeles peres ' and ratbcst wole be ripe, 
And swete with-oule sweUyng ■ soure worth it neuere-' -2 

B- 69. calcwcyO; caylewcyR; knyUweyW; calawey Y; cilwey L. 

C. PAS5US XIX, 6o-g7. 


Ac iotamc ar Bwcttcrc llim some ■ and soncjcrc wollcn roiyc- <o 

M«n mty seo <m an ^ppul-in-o - rneny lynn: xmi ofio. 

Of kj-nne app]f« ■ *r*n nai ylichc grct<?i 

Ne of scwyiigt ymile * ne of o swclncsw swci*. 

Tho ihsiX sittcit in tljc «cmic-£>xlc ' sonncr ivrcn nTCf '^^ 

S^eiionr and sauoriour ' on^ aleo more ffrctiourc 

Thin [ho tha: sckie hniirn ihc nonnc ' an<1 «ti«i in ihe nonh- 

And M> Viil fircth soihly ' sonc* by oure kju4e. 
Adam v'fls us ircc ' and we urcn as hu:: appltU;, 4$ 

Sttnme of owti ECithfaEt ^ and 9ame varivible, 

Stniunc lilrl nnd Home lirge ' Hkr? ap|>l'-t of kyrufe. 
Ad wcdUcdc mrEi iind wedcun - and ryjE vnrlhy loaldGnca. 
TJl« wJiichc th* i^fyir/ £sfiri/ wweth " ihc sonnc of a\ lioticno, jj 
Confcnvtl] hfm in here coniiii^nce ' that lynen in conitmplacion, 
Afl monki^v and rnonyelci mirii t'f tiollcliurcli^ : 
ThcK Jiautn liirltf uf ilic Hdli Gosi ' as crop of treo lUc sonnc. 
Wcdcwcs &nd wcdcw'crcB ' ihat !jcrc owcn wil for'Sakcn, 7* 
And rhost f«d«n httt l>f ■ ytt Ij'f of cont^mplacion, 
And more ^ykyn^ to cure lorde ■ ilian lyiip »>* kyrdn aikcth, 
Aikd folwc ikat i!u? fle^sli vole ' and fiui forth hrjiigc, 
Thai Icticrcd mtn iu iierc Uu^Agc ■ At/iua Ui/n callcn.' Be 
'J*, Byre/ ich wide, • and sinlicn ■ Ihcr arcn bwc two lyucs 
Thai cure lorde a-loweih ' as It^rod men oha techeili, 
Tliai lit Actiua Uita ■ and Uiid Conirnijthfiea, 
Whl ^nrcth this fna in ihrc dcgrc« t ' - Tor a good nkylc/ he 
6eid«; 84 

'HfT hy-neoi)i« ich may ryme - yf ich ticode hadd*, 
Matrintonyr, a tiitjiirc- frui - thai mulitplirtli the prpte^. 
Thcnnc a-bouc ia a bt-icn: frut ' al boilic iwo ben goode, 
Wcdcnchodc, more vortliicr ■ than w^dlok, &i in hcuvno. M 
Thcuine it Virgmif*, more v^niuou« * and fairost as in hcncne, 
For Uiai k ri^rnr wi(h angele* ' and argfTfi pofr. 
Ilit nan ihc farttc f:u: Oiai Hjc fader of licucnr MchccTc 
And bad bii be of a bat of «Tthc ' a oiaa and a mayde ; gi 

O 60. unjifr«P, 6|. Kwynj^v FlMT ; lyi^Oiiirv I- n F.EF; PMTnt, 

«fwr|iMl: (urh K- PBfH- 75- b«n MtlTK: h\n I'. At. IkoFG; 
to PW. S5. »ub(» P, 86. mvlU|Lhff^ H, 8;, mo Kl ; !r> P- 9I- 


484 R PASSUS XVl. 73-9*- 

I pra-jred Piercs Co pnlle adown * an apple, and he volde, 

And suSte me to assaje ' vhat saoonre it hadde. 

And Fieres caste to the croppe ' and thanne comsed it to crye. 

And wagged Wjdwehode - and it wepte after. 76 

And whan it meued Matrimoigne ' it made a foule nofsej 

TbaC I bad reuth whan Fiers rogged ' it gradde so reofullicbe. 

For enere as thei dropped adown - the deucl was redj, 

And gadred hem aUe Cogideres ' hothe grete and smale, 80 

Adam and Abraham ' and Ysay the prophete, 

Sampson and Samuel ' and seynt lohan the baptiste; 

Bar hem forth boldely ^ no body hjm letted, 

And made of holy men hia horde ' in lymlo infirmtj ^ 

There is derkenesse and drede ' and the deuel maister. 

And Pierea for pure tene ■ that o pile be ]au3Ce, 

And hitte after hym ■ happe how it myjle, 

Filius, bi the Fader wilte ' and frenesse of Sptrihts Sanclif 88 

To go robbe that raggeman ' and reue the fruit fro hym. 

And thanne spakke Spfnius Sanc/us * in Gabneles mouthe, 
To a mayde thai hijte Marye ' a meke thinge with-aUe, 
'That one lesusj a lustice sone ' moate louke in her chambrc, 

menynge thai the TtiresEe 

And the ctcnnciit creaJure ' crcalout Ccrsic knowc 

In kynges coun and kn^£:bies ■ Ihc clcnncil men and faircw 

Shullen serutf Cor Uic lord selu« * eo faretli god alonyt^hty. ^A 

Mnlr.tene^ aiii! ninrreTts ■ ministred hym h<*r in crthe, 

AnJ in hc^urni; buUi mo^l pijuc ^ and next hym hy rnon, 

For ihc laifcjt frui ' bj-forc h/m aa of conhc, 

And Bwvk- u'iUi-ouk swelLnge ■ e^urv worUi hil nctterc.' loo 

"Thift fs u propre pbnTf.' qiisuh ich ■ *ard prrueliche hil blovreth, 

And liiyuyt'iL foiili fiire &ut - fulkc t>i all niL-ion, 

Boihc par£i &Dd inptr^L; ' pure fnyn tch woldc 

A-&ayc what ^hIUout hit hodde' ' ich Midc that ijini:; io« 

'Lfue JLtfift-uni'Arhitn'Mm ' Iccl SOTn lyf hit ihike.* 

A-ngn be bet Eldr; ^ an liih for lo dymbc, 

And abokcn hit ^Jiarplf ■ tbc ripen sholdcn Tallc-. 

£l(lc cUm tonnrJe tli*; crop - Lhui comFwdc hit to cnc; lot 

He trt^g^dtf W«lcwoh<xle ' and hit wepie aficr; 

He tncucdt^ M.ttriuiofifc ' liil uiutlc a foulc noj'av- 

For eucri: At l^Ldc h^iddc cny doun ' tbc dcud was vtcl redy. 

And ge<Eende hem ^Ic io-gcd<MiE ' bolho jajotc and smalet iii 

Adun and Abraham ' and Ysayc the piopheie^ 

San)|>s<]i] unJ Samuc-l ami Bcynt lohan the tujilisf; 

And bar hem forih baldcly ^ no bod)' iho hym IcUc, 

And made of holy men hus bonic * in /jjn^ tf^^w', uti 

Ther b> tlerkne^se aod dredo ■ and the deud maisttr. 

Thenm: raeiutk bym mod - (n mt^usiatt de£, 

' lauhtc the myddct vlioricnc. 

' happc hou tit myglilG. im 

■ and irwf hym \tm applOy 
That f>isl w,in dcccyuede ■ iXvQt^h Tiul ud false by-hcate. 

AQd tlicnnc apakc Sfiirifw Sarins * in Gabriclia mcathc ti^ 
To a Tnaytle that hihle Marie ■ a m«fk thj-ng vnih ttl]^ 
That on lesiit, a lumicc sone ' moste Toukj^n ifi hire thHllfnhn^, 

CnV)P. tiH, mconcilf ?, tt^. my^fl P. J»i. Acrtibl If^ flqth) P. 
iJi. Jiiit EMKTG; ptV. 115. ToiEMfrC; To^itP- Pam, wrfa- 

That Li^ra-VoluHtfiS'Dti 
And hiitc af^er the fcncle 
Fi/tvi, by xht! fadcra wil ■ 
To raTiBakc that ra^cman 


»AS9US XVI, 93-113. 

T)4 pi^ttitd^ kmport's ■ ru]]>' comcn were, m 

'lliat Pierfi fnut floured ■ i^ml frl to be ript. 

And iharnc 'JiuHpi Irw* I«*i^ th<?rr-fofr ■ b! Fu^^gmiPiit /jf ames^ 

Ulicdicf slmldc fonpr ihe Fruil " \hc fcndc 01 hjniaduc/ 9$ 

TLc i»a>dc mjldclichc Iho ' the mcuoRcr grcuirnai, 

And £cydc hcndelich to b}-ri - 'lo mt, hit Jiande^mayden 

For 10 worchpTi hb; wille - wirli-outcn iwy *ynne;" 

iVf^ annfk domini ; fiat muhi secMfuntm vtrhnm l$tvm, tk. 
And ID the «^mbc of ttmt wcnchc * vraa he fourty wokes, 100 
'j'yl hft iivfrx 1 launt Ihorw hor (li^^hQ ' aotl of fijiyog couUw^ 
To Kauc y-foU3ic whh rhr frnrte - ar ftil ijme come. 
And Tirft* chf Plo^ni.iii ' (".iiccjiki! plrnciv lymc, 
And Icfcd hym Icchccr^iftc ' his lyf for t*j sauc, Wk* 

That ItiQvrgh he were ^rI>u^dod with his «ikcmyc ' to warisshc 

And did him fut^ayt? hi« AUfgrt)ic ' rm hem llial lyki; wen', 
7'U he 'A-ns pariit praciiaourc ' if any peril Tclk, 
And acu^te oute tht.> sjke - and syntuE boihc, 108 

And Kdued syke and syni^l ■ both* Wynde and crokedo, 
And cciin\i[jcr wcjiinini tunurrteJ * iltuI to guod tomcd; 

BoLhc mcseles And mute ' and in the mcnysoun btody, 

Oftc he hcird niche * he n^ hcldt U for no mitetrye, n^ 

Saue Thrj ku^ Whril T,fli:Af ' ihAC haddr yieye En gmutj 

QiAift'iduaHus quell; ' cjuykkc dJd hyax wftlKc 

Ac as he made the moirttryc ' m^slut tepii ts^^ 

And wepte *oier :iiih hi» eyghcn ■ there scycn it manye. 116 

Souie that thi? sjjte »ryi;n ' suiife that lymr. 

That he wLLs Ic^Ttc or lyf ' and lotdc of heigb hcnene. 

lcw<;a lanj^dod ihcrc-ajcync ■ and lugged \awtf, 

And seido he wroujie ihorw wicch^fcratie ' and wiih tJic douek» 

'I'honnc ai |e chcrlc*,' quod lesus ' *ind jovrc diUdrcn bmhc, 

And Salhan 3owro aaafroufe ■ ^ow-adue now 3c witncSKo. 

Fof I hauL- sailed |Ow-gd^," sefih Cryst ■ 'and }o«rf« BOtl«« oftcrf 

B^ ^^, fdOff WO J r«Tide LCKII. 99, f^imWuM— /uhu u in B oolv. 

107, if WCI^OBY: of L. IfUc CHV 1 fel Oj filk Wj hille LR_ tio. 
i>^'intsO\ tfaemuV. fu. >| WkOll; LC^w*. 117. tc^ixc L ; jm 

C. PASSUS XIX, I3r-I33- 




Til pltm'/udti ttmporh " iymc ycome wprfr, 
Tbal EUlc fclilc cfic ili,^i (rui oLhcr fullc lo U f>l>r. 
I Thai Jcsuy ahoJdc lujtc thcr-iorc ■ in lugcmi^m ofamws, 
V5\"ho &hoU# fcccht ihii* fitii * tb« fccTiJ oiher Icsur self. 
Tly ni^Erlir rnj-kldidit llio * ihe mf^swigcT hue i.nsrt'eretk. 
And >3JJc ticnd;'licbc to him ■ Moo, cii:, lm» luindmajilf, 
For 10 worcJicn hus wil ' wuh-outc vny aynnc : 

JfiY/ anfil/a dowiMi, finl michi u'cvndym t^rirnm /yaw,' ek. 
Aiul in the wombe of itiat wrnche ' hi? wa« rourt;^ wok««, 
Apd mar by-c^m of ihat mi^jdc lo «auc luaiik^nJci 
JBys ard abyctynRc ■ and bold in hu» bAm-hcdcr, 
Tc liaiJ«n fouhtcn vith the Tecnde * ar fill t>mc coitlc. 
Ac LibfTum'Arl/ifnum ' Teche-crafte hym UutiU-, 
Til pUm'iMilo itmfiffrii ' Mli tymc a<prochcd?, 
Thai Huctic a surgcyn Kithcn ' >iieyc wa» thcf ncucrc, 
Ne »on eo faitbrol fyiicum ; ' for, ollc that hyin byaouht^i 
H^ Icch^'de htm of here Ung^nr*^ ■ Ifliart and hJjnde botlie; 

Crtt tu'dcal, claudi am^uknt, If^od mtmffanfar : 
And comuDC wymmcn conucrtcdc ' iind cl^uiscJc hem of .^yimc 



And he lyA vp Locftr ' ihM lay in hu» tOEobe, 144 

Qtm/rtJuatiut coLd - quyk& dude hym romc. 

At er ht made tbal miracle ' i««fl*r rfpif rsxr 

And wcptc water wilii bus c)«n ■ (he whi witcr fewe, 

Ac thoo that scycn that icicouih ' ^cjdcn that lytnc. 148 

Thai he WIS god oilier godes sone for ihai grete wonder- 

And fonime Tewf-s wiilen ■ with sorcefie he wruuhte, 

And ibofwc llie mygliLc of Maboii ' and ihorw myvbyleyuc ; 

' Thonne SiUi:lti lu jouro a^iuyour/ qualh lc«U£ - * and hath s^ued 
30W ofte; if 

Ac ich sauede |ow sontliy tymcs ^ and Abo ich ffdde )ow 

a IJ7. 7wmc ETC i conui P. Il3. lyp* MKCT; f>-py PE. iJj, 

in Ml »6d PF J & Ijy FC ; & b« in T- 1 jj, /^-JMnm ii in F only. 

I4l. hjTD EMFGT; P*w, 14;. whiten P. ij*. M*tjrflw F, U*it*lfl P. 
15J. iuJMPTGi Ptffpw. 



lowrc bodycftf yyvrrt bcsCCfi ' tnd biynde men tiolpen, 

Atid fcdde |0»' M-ith fmhes ' an<l wit)t Tj'uc lotu*, 

And Irfi baikctics ful of broke tnete brre 4wcj' whoao woldc;— ' 

And myueidc ibe Tcvfs manliclte ' Ami fn^maud bcm ui beic. 

And kookkc^l on hem wUb a cord« ' and cA«Ef: B<lown l^cr vtollca, 

II1CU in cberch^ cluffared^D * or cbAtifl^et^Q smy monejVj 199 

And veyite !l in sljt« of htm alle - 60 ihai slle herdeo, 

'I -din] uucrWunic ihift lemplc ' and adciwa ibiove^ 

And m tlirc da^ct af^cr ' cdif^Y it ncwc, ijis 

And maktf il ts moche other mort ' n aIIc manere poybM. 

As euere It wat, and a^ wydc ■ wher-rorB I hoiP jow, 

or ^c/crcft and of parfiLncAse - this pU(c ib^t |e caDcn; 

Enuyo and pic] <witle ^ wu in Ebc lowos; 1^ 

Thfi cAstcn and cnntrcaedm - to kullc hyin whan the! mifte, 

Vcbc djiyc uticT other ' thciic tyitic thci awA;lcd. 

Til il blfel on a Frjdty ■ a liicl bifbrc Fuke, 

The Thor^ay byfore ' there h« mEidc his inftund««T 

Siiij'ng oUc sopert ' he Stidt' tbi^e wordes — 

*r am Mildc tlitJTH oMc tif jow ' he slial llu: tymc rcwe 

Thai cucrc he bis Biucourc soldc ' for ^lucf or elltfji* 

ludiis langclcd there a^cin ■ ac lesua h}m toldc, 
It TH hyni'Sctr soihely ■ and wide, 'M tftnj.' 
Thaniio went forth that vrikked man ' and with the l«wes metic. 
And loldc hem a loknc - how to knowc with le^ua. 
And which loknc to this day • to mochc is y-vv:d. 14S 

That 19^ kifi^yng and fdre contenaunce ' and vnk/ndc v/iiUt; 
And «o was^ ^:tb ludas tho * tbac ictM% bytrayfd. 
'/Iftf. rif3vp* L|Uod llLal libiude ' And ri;t to h)m he ^cde« 
And kisie bym, 10 be caujt thcre-by * And kullcd of the lc^Ptt> 
Thunrt? l^us to luJas ' and to the Uwes seyde, ij| 

' Fed^nesse 1 fynde ■ in ihJ fatre speche, 
And gyle in iIlL gUdde chere ' unU galb m in tlu lawgliynge. 
Thow ihalt be myroure to manyc - men lo deceyue, i^i 

Ac Uie word and ihi wikkedness- ■ »hal worth vpon tbiselne; 

NfCft^f 4St vi veniani Sfondti/j; vf kanim' iifi /*r ^utm 

Thon J bi trcsoiin be }take ' ai ^onrt o\vne ^Ic, 



B. ijp. bilbrL. 

145, hyra-wirwCBOB: bfrn L, 


O, PA5SUS XIX. 154-177. 


Wi(h flssH^s anH wrih fyf loues ' fyfc ihoiHond fti ohm, 
Aud ihcr-of Icfic baskcutfr fal of biolc uieie. 
Bfokc brc^. lo bcrcn hit ■ a-wcvc hoo so woldc. ir6 

Vnkyikdc and vnknowingl' qnath Cn^t ' and vvitti a rep tmol 

And oucr-tumcde in th« temple - heie tables uid here itallejt, 
And drof hem out ulk ' thai tJ^cr bowicu and solde, 

J£Vfln/ emtniM ti I'tndmia A /^ra///?, tic. 
And «dd^: 'this (^ an bou; ' of oritoum and of bol}'nefide. itto 
And vrlii^iHic dial («/ ivil is ' k:li wtj till ouei'thiowe. 
And er thre dayca iAcr - cdcfyt hit ncwe ; ' 

Mr<t tridtium rtNtifii't&o i!M. 
Th^ leffcs tolden ihe luaiicc ' how ibat Icsus Sfj^tle; itij 

■*Ac die oucrturnynp of Jic lcm|>Ic ' hy-tol^ucd tb^ K^rcccIonJ 
Enuyc otid vucl will jom in die Icwc», 
And pomxJc bym piyuclicho - utd for puu bym boubic, 

Ke ferif ttmmltm fitrti in pt^/'ulo. 
Of ludii [be Itfwc ■ leuus owene diwiiple. 
This b/'fil on a Fryday ' a litcl by-forc Faikc, itt 

That ludaa and Jcvcs ' le»wi ih«i met[c. 

■ Jtt^, rui^/;' quaih that ribaud ' and HKht til hjm he jfdc. 

And cuate lesuM, 10 ht^ knctwe [her-bj ^ :iiid k.Jubt of ihe lewes. 

Tbwioic Icaue to iLido^ ' ind lo the Icwcv veyJe, ip 

'Fafant«M ich ^dc * in tii^ Toirc apechc 

And k«n« car« in thy co&syngs * and combnumcf to thific1u«. 

Thow sbalt be myronr to mcnye ' mer lo dccfyiir; 

Wo to licm fbat Uiy wilva vscn ' lo ihe worldea e»dc? 176 

1% homirfi iUi per ^ufm tcand'oiuat timif. 
Siilhtf ich by ir^son am tAke - uid to joure wiile, Jcvn, 

— itfWiiiD Fonlj. 166, |i>TaT! him MFl j hrtu ["K. tjl. baable P. 
174. 0MI3>M PK. |<l>c1ue EfTi >>tdBc IC ; h icLue I*. 1^, wcHLc« PC 
177> vilfetiXi wUF: wtlaj; P£^, 


B. PASSUS \VX. tfi^iDfl. 






SufTreih my potties In pjys ■ ind ii pee* gauge/ 
On a Thor«9daf in ihestcmcssc ' ihwi wiu b^ uJeca 
Thorw lufLu uid kwec ' lesus von his name; 
Thai on the Kryday folwynge ■ for mfljilyn^le a»k< 
— tufltcd lu Jemulcm ' a loye Cc vi iJk. 
Qn CT0M« vpoa Caluvyc ■ Cr>'st toke th« biUiille, 
^«in?a deth and chc dcu«l - de«tm)^ tier boihcna myyo, 
j ^ y df> and itcih fordiit ' and ilaye of ny^lc made. 
"^Aiid 1 awaked thcrc-wtih ■ atiU wypcd jxtyrtc cyghca. 
And kficr ficrs (he Plowmtti - prycd and sured 
Efttwanlc and wcfitwarite * 1 awsyted ftfter faste, 
And ^I'de forth a% an fdiote * In coniTc to aipye 
A^cr Tlcic^i tlic i*bwmAii; - inan^ a pk::c I ^cniiU- 
And [htnnc mcttc I vith a msui ' a Mydlcntea So«HUy«, 
As hor* as an Jiaweihomc ' an<I At<rahaTii be IHjie, 
f rra)'nFd hym linl ■ fram whnnncs he come. 
And of whtnnes lie rtt-rt ■ inil whidrr ilml he llioujlc^ 

■I am Feiih/ quod ihat frcke ' *\i fiUelh noujW lo lye. 
And of Abrih&mcfi houe ' an h«raad 4>E armcsn 
I seke afiCT a wgg« ■ (fiai I *eigh oo(?*, 
A fill boldc liathtler I knewe hym by tiis blaicn/ 
'What bcfcih tljai buiin?' quod I Uio ' 'w> Uiaw the bilyde!" 
*Thrc \eodci in o li(h ' non lengi:f dian other, i<i 

or one mochel and my^ic ' in mcsun* and in kngthe; 
Thai one doth, alle doth ' and cchc ilr>ih by his one. 
Tlic fir^tc haih mi)te nnd tnaJr^lcc ~ nuLkcr o( alle ihin^; it^ 
/'aUr is his proprc name ■ & pcraonc by hjin-scluc- 
The Mcounde of that sire is ■ scthfit^me!^, ^//iw, 
Wardcyne of that wtite hath ■ wai eupf<? ^irith-oute gynn/nge. 
The Uiriddc hacic the ITolygoo»^c - a pcrsone by hyra-acluoc i$l 
The Ujie of alle that lyf haih - a bnde and a watre, 
Confortoufe cf crvamrefi ■ of hyra comelh al bliiie- 
5o ihiv bjtongeth Tor ix lorde ' that lorde^hip ciajTnfrih, 
Myjle, jiiid J uieiie ' ti> knowe hLs <]WTie iu>ilt, ipi 

Of bym and of his scruaunl ■ and what ihci suiFrc bothc- 
So god tliUi sy""3""ff hnddc neurc ■ but tho hym gcod ihoujie. 
Sent fonh hU sone ' as for aeru^Luni that Eyntc, 
To occupien hym heie ■ dl issul- were sprongL-. 19! 

Thai Sb, tiiildrCQ of cbarilc ■ and hoUchcrchc ihc modcr. 
ratriaibcs and proplielcs ' and apoalelcs were the chyldrai. 


a PASSUS XIX. it8-*w). 



Sn^reih xnyne apo^tlcn in pecji ^ ind in pccc gnngen ; ' 
Stnift hos ^tire, 
. Tbua Icwc» \o ihc Justices ■ Icsus ihei ladden. — 
gJP'^, ^ With miiche tioyse Ihai ryght ■ ncr frcntik (ch aw&k«de» 
^'^^ In inwil and in aJle witic* ■ aft<fr Ltbtrum-ArUtrium 
rt'^'^T^^ waileiit' wyleH/, ac ne wisie ■ vhitler lit wenk', 

And itunnc mciLc kb wtd) a man ^ «n Mydlcnlctis Sozicdfty* 
-*"'^4^^ hor aa on bawcthom ' and Abrjum be hilitc* i94 



^.^f wh«mi<jft arc tbow?" quith ich ' and hencldictc bym gretie. 
"^^"^■Icb am wiih faith," quath ibat fwi-k ■ 'hit fallejh nat mc in lyp, 
Vul'^Aa licmudc of anncs cr cny Liwe wctCh" 

'Wiat i» bus tx)iiys.iuncc.' qubtb kh ■ 'm bus colc-amiurcr iftS 

*Thre perBoncs ui o pcnecl,' quatti bo ' 'dcpatublc from other; 

O speche nnd r> spLrlE ' «pr)'nj;«th ou[ of sdjc, 

or o wi^ of on wl] ' were neuere a-Lwynno; 

And sondry to eco >pon ' itj/tfr i/rvi^ he Ijotcih/ iih 

' Sithibcn chci ben surlcpcs,' qualh ich ' ' ihci han aondry noiscH-' 

' I'hat :s *tolh/ «cude he ' ' the syre hattc Pdifr / 

And liie !«.'[:uih1c is a srnic ■ of the syrc, Fiiim: 

The thriddc 10 tlut ball al - a ihyng by hym-Mrlutr, 196 

Hobgost U bun name ^ and he ix in aUc' 

'Thw i* mtfk ihyng for uio/ quath kh ■ 'and Toi m*iiy other, 

Hew o lord mygbie Ijtit a Uirc ■ icli Ityuc hit iiai/ ich wydi*, 

'Muac not to uucbc dici-on,* quaib FajJj ' 'tyl iliow more 
knowCr fto* 

Ac lootc Ehow Icyno bii loelly * aI thy ]yf-tym<v 

'Wax thrc hy-lnngcih 10 on lf>rdc • thai lygauncc dpymcih, 
MigEite, and a incnc ' 10 sro bus owcn mi^bto, loi 

Of bym-aclf and of bun scniauni ■ and what wiflrcih hem botbc. 
God that (^''^f^yi^E'' baddc ncucre ■ bote Lho h>Tn gode tliouhic, 
SenEe forth bus sonc ' aa for *«njauni ihal lyme. 
To okupieii hyni here ■ til is^ue were ^prongc, loj 

The vhicbc arcn children of charitc ' and holichurcbc ibc modcr. 
Patriark^e and prophetct - and apostles were the children; 

O^ i;3, SiHitt—^c. L» b F only, \%\. wbiilci MFIT; weilu P. !$£. 
artMTFT; frt FKG. 1S7. Afid (/*r Ap) P, i^ iurtipro C/ir *Ufk- 

pnj PE; Burlppuf P ; viirtrpti T. t{|il m«rk ?, wj. a MFTG : 



B. PASSUS XVI. t9^*aM< 

Anij Crpt axid CrysEciicdomc ' and CryMctic bolj'chciche. 

In mctiftiK'^ ihat mELti moslc ' on o god biloue, ioo 

And there hym ]yk«d and loued - ut Ihrc peitonc« h/m ftifvcd- 

And that Tl may be *o and soth ■ manhole ii ahevvth, 
Wcdkjkc and widwcljodc ' "vriUj virg>'n)1c yncnipncd. 
In toknyn^e of ihc TnniCe ' vuA utken ouk of o num. «04 
AdJim owr« allex btder * Eue vu of hyra^elue, 
And (.lie iiitur tliat the! bidJe ' rt was of biMri boih^, 
Aod viiLct ia Tjihcfva luye * ia ihit Mndf> (icrhDCM^ 
Ami m licucac «nJ berc * OQc syogulcrc nunc; lod 

And thus n rmnkynde oi Bioiih^* ' of matrimOLgno ytprang^^ 
And btu)kii<^ih the Trinitic - md incwr bOcue. 
Iklijtc U matrimoigne ' dia£ inulLJ|il[rth ihc cfUic, 
And bitokncth trc^rly ^ telle if I dor»ic, tl> 

liym thit firslc fourmcd al ' tbc fader af hnneiie. 
The ncne^ if I il duni »cyc ■ rcscmhTcth wel the wyihrc^ 

That ivt crcatoiir wa crcatturc - lo Lni>wc whAt kdb bothe; 

At widvre vritb oute wcdlokc ' ^tha ncurc v^tc y»cycr at6 

Na more; iny^Lc god bv nun ' but tf be moder hiddc; 

So u-ydwe wJlh-ouie wedloke " maj" nou^te wcl «Eand«j 

Nc iJi^iuiiQaignc wub'OUlc maillcryc ' ia ti»U}t mocbc to (jrcTSe; 

Afa2cifu/M hotno ^ui turn r^igta'/ s<mea in IrrMi tlc^ 
Tlm« io tlirif persones ' is perfididiv nmnhcde, ajo 

Tbat U, fiiAn and hi£ maic^ ^ and moiller^ ber children, 
And b noujt but geodic of d geiicruciuun ' bifor Icsu Cjj^t in 

So is tho Fader forth vith th« Sone ■ and &e vill« of botbe; 

SpifitU! pfoceimt a pafr4 tt fiUe ; 
Which is Llic tluL^gosiL' of alle - and alltr is but o god, u^ 

JC9, mWCOfiV; M»I', VII llrmWO: UcLCRBV. 

O. PAS5U5 X[X- 310.240. OS 

narnsi and Crisis nibme ' and CristCTie Iiolichunrhc 
By-tolicncili the Tritiiic - *ud Uzwe hy'lcjuc, 
O god ulmyt^hty ' tlml man mude ftnd wrouhtc, «i> 

S(f0il>Ul)l* lo hj'm self ■ cr eny ^-nn* were, 
A thre he i* ihtrr he ifi ' ami hereof bereth witlnease 
The wcrLcs ihal liyra-sclf vrrouhlc ■ and ihii woildc bolbc; 

C*// fnarr^nt fiorium dfi\ ft Optra m<muum titi£ amwneiitJ 
That he is ihne pprtone* dcpariabk* ' Tch prone hii by tnan- 
kyudc, lid 

And o god nimjghty ■ yf sdlc men bco of Adam. 
Eac uas of Adotn ■ and oui of hym ydmwe, 
And Ahel of hem hochc ' ^nd siUc thrc o kynde; 
Ac ihe^e dire thai ich carpe of ' Adam, and Eue, via 

And Abel, here issue ' aren bncc on in man-inle, 
Mairimonic wilh-onte tnoillc^rc - is rat mucbc 1^ preyw, 
The bible bereUi wttrecBe ' 1 book of tbe olde bwe, 
Thai a-rcimcd ^\\r. rijuple* ' ih;Yl rtj kynifc farih hronhte; 

And a man wiih-oute a make ' myghlc nat wel of li)iidc 

Mulleplie, nc more-oucr ' wiih-oute a make louj'c^ 

Nc with-ftme 1 luiwere he luche <cede ■ tills we seen alle- 

Now go wc 10 gtK-l-hcJe \ ' in got], Fader of hcuene. jjfl 

Was the Sone in hymscluc ■ in a iimiU. as Euc 

Wafij vrhanne god woide - out of die M've y-drawo. 

And M Abel of Adam • and of hua wtf Eu* 

Sprang forth ajid spak ' a npirc of btni Iwejue, aji 

So out of die SjTc and of ihc Sone • the Stynt B^pirit of bolhc 

Y?, and \y was ■ and worth with-outen cndft 

And as ihre perBOoes palpable ' \% purolicha bole man-kynd«, 

The vhiche Ib man and hua mak^ - and moil)prc-is Staue* agfr 

So is feod yodcs soJic ■ in ihrc |>er9oncs ihe TTiniie. 

In mnitin:LL>nie aren ibrc ' and of o man cam alle thic, 

And to godhcde goth ihro * ^d of o god is alle ihre ; 

\jyiX tn-ys encoiinirc tre^/ qnaih he ' 'm godbcdc uul in man- 


O. 3i(, Ir^veP. lao, AcM; And tFTC ; ^VkTIL Jii, ^u<?E^'G: 
liccr P i hrr F, J15. ««||p V )j«, eci ttr TCI ; ip>»c 1 : i^oo we* P. 

^3"^ wye F^ ; wi> T : wy F; weyc P. 13a, *i>iw EfT; <lih P» nvcyncP. 
934. vuT; v«^enPE^fFXS, 


B PASSUS XVI, aȣ-355. 

Tbofl ill a saoier I hym scigh * as I talic in my poffche j 





I ros vp and rcucrcticcd hym ' iii*l rijt Tulre hj-m gretic; 

Thre men to my sy^tc ■ I made wcl ftl c*c, 

Wcsi^lie lL«r fc^L and vrypcd Iimq ' luid siltcrwArd Ihd etat 

Calue* flesslw sntl caiebreA" ' ancl kneuT what I thou^i^; 

Fill tTFwe ic>1ufiip» LUwi^iicr vh U to teWe whan mc lykdli. 

Firnic be fonJcJ rnc ' if I !oui:<l bcltcre 

H)'iiit or Vaaak myEi ajTe ■ ib« wliicU lie hijtc m* kulle. 

He wiste my wille by hym ■ he wll m* It allow*, 

[ am ful syker in swilr Uffr-of ■ and my foue bothe, 

I CLKCinciscd mr hoac ' siuhcn Toi lii^ sdkc; 

My-aclf and tny inrT)'i3c ' tind allc thai mate were 

bledden hicdo for ihnt lordci; Toui> * and hopv lo bll«s« the tyine> 

Myn affiannrt* and my h'nh ■ h frrnip m thin biliriic; 

For ti)^i[]'bclf bihk)tc to mc ~ and to niyne Iasuc boil^ 

Londc and brdship * and lyf with-outcn cnd«; 

To mc and to myn Utut • more ^tic he mc graunied, 

Mercy for ou-ri* mytc!cd<n ' a* many Jymc as nc atkcn; 

Quam ohm Aliahi firorsisiiii, U srmim tit$t. 
And rich he fcnt mc Lo seyc ' ) nhouldc do Mcrilise, 
And doric hym ^'orshipe wiili bred ' and wiUi wyn bothcj 
And callt^d m<f the fote of his faiih * hi* follie forto laue, 
And ilefcndc lieiu fio ilic fende ■ fulke ll:at im mc Iraeilen. 
Thus hauc I btr hia bcra,udc ' here aod in hdlc. 
And conlbrted many a careful • that air<r hi^ comyn^c waj'Ien. 
And thus I seke hym/ he sfEd« ' 'for I herde wyne )ai« 149 
Cf a 1>3me chat baptised hym ' lohan Baptists vaa his tiame. 
That to pacriarlccs and bo prt>phctea ' and 10 other peple in 

Seyde that h<- sieigh here ' that sbolde saue vs alle; j^a 

Ikce agnui do, tic' 
I haJdc wonder of hia wordes ' and of his ^vydc <1othcs; 
For in ilia bosome he bar a Ihyng * thai he blisscd cuere. 
And T loked on his lappi? ' a latar lay tbere-inne 


B. w-^f^c^CROBi LwL 

C PASSUS XIX. 34i->;3^ 495 

'Hftuese thow styen this?' ich scidc ' 'illo thrc» ard tf godf 
• In a somer ich seyh hym,' qualh he ■ ' as ich liai in my port^c, 
^Vhrre pod cam goynge a-thre ■ lyghi by my gate; 

TVts siidit it umtm adiirauit. 
Ich ros vp and rcucrcnccdc ^tyA ■ mid ryjrlit hyxt hym jfcut^ 
Wcsh here fet^ tied ^^-ypcdc hem ■ and aft*r ihci tlcn, 144 

And whal ich ihouhle and my wyf - he oaK n*! lolde. 
He ly-hihtc ous if«niF and heir ^ ind in cuic oldc age, 
Ful trcwc loknc by-lwync oilh ia ' what trac djat ich mctle hytii ; 
How lie fondede cne f«r&l ' my fairc K>ne Vfoac, ««q 

To make eacriflc* of hym ' he lice me, h)*™ to honmirc. 
Icli wjtIi-sMi iial liUK lirilr ' ith lio|Nf and by-leyue 
Whcf icli v-allic in t]]i!» worldc ' lie wcJ hit dc a-towc. j^i 

Icb circumey«edc my fcne ' and U-so, for bus nke, 
My-self and my meyne * and alle thai mstutv ww* 
B!(\Wen M<rtl for dial lordcs louc " ich hope lo bleaw the lymt 
Mji^ aRiftUiicc aad my fciih ' U ftrtn in hus by-lcyuc; v^fi 

For hym-scLf scidc ich r«hoIdc hauc * and m>-n itMJC bothc 
Lond and brdshup ynow ■ and Ijf with-omcn cndc, 
Ti) uic ancj to myn i,s*iii* ■ more h( hy-hihie, 
tMctcy for ourc iiiybiicdcn - <u mcnj tymcs ifto 

As we wilncdc and wolde ' with mouth and hcrlc atiken. 
A:id silthcn he smde me to wj-n ■ and wide thai ich aholde 
WonJiupPii hym with wyn ■ and with bred hothe 
Al <iues on an ;tuler ' in woi^liup of die TrinlCe, sdf 

And make sacrifice so ' H^m-w!iat hit by-toknclh ; 
Ich kytic that thWkis lorde thcnke ' 6 newe bi^c ID makej 

Fut ufihm Duiif eS itnut pastor. 
Thus hitut ii^h U^o hu4 hfrniuile ' her and in lielle, ifi; 

AntJ nomfurtcd mitiiye c^ful dicrc ' ihaJ, Aflei huo comyng Ifikcn. 
For-tha ich veie liim,' he neiele ' ^ for seynt loh^tn the biptiit 
Seide lint he- «dh hym her • tliat sholde »au« 011a adle; 

£{<t cgnus da fidt toltit p/rom mundi: 
Thcnnc hvUlc ich wonder of Ijus woitkt ' toid of Jiua wide 

For in hus bosom he bar a Ihyng ■ and tliat he birtsede oft*, mjt 
And ich lokcd in hue lappe - a laar by ther-ynne, 

C H*' mtlttKFr. : mrta PT. 1S>- WonlleP. *id. in IFT; PCm. 



B. PASSUS XVI. J56-<75, 

'Whflt awayir»tow?' quoii he ' 'inJ wh*i i^-Qldeniov hsue?' 
'I woidc wylCp' quod 1 tbo ' 'v-b*l 19 in jowrc Uppc?' 
'Lewr qood he, and Itw tn* >« ' 'lortfe, mcKyl' 1 •ddc, 
'This b a prewm of moctip prys - wtuu piynce alial it kauef 
' Ti is a prcciou»ie prc»coi/ quod be ' ' ac tbe pouke it halh 
uttacbcdi j.Jy i6t 

And Di« there-mydf / quod t^l nan * * mijr fio mw vi quite, 
Ne no bnym bo out* borvgh ■ re hrpg n frann bfa duingtre; 
Oote of ibc {^ukcft pondTolde ' no mcj'Djuise may vs fecdw, 
Tyl be come I carpc of ' Cryu ia hifl name* »<5 

That shal deljTire va nomc dayw ' out of th^ dcQ«lM pov«fe. 
And beHcre wpdde Tor v* bjgc ' than we ben alio wofth/, 
TliAt is, lyT for l>f ' m Kkjsc iIiim cucrc iCS 

Lollj-n^c in oi}' bippe ' lyl »uch a lordc vx fbccbc.' 

'AHtuI' I Myde^ *I}iat lynnc ' to tonjifc i:hal lctt« 
The mj-ji* of ^ddrt mercy - Uiai myji vs allc amende t ' 
I wppre for hi* wordes ■ wiili lb*c *awp I am nihcr ly* 

Rjipclich renne forth; - ihc li^te waye he vtcnt. 
I ttffrayncd hym fyreic ■ Iran whtnnes he come. 
And tvhal he hi^te ind nhider he ^^olde ' and w;gbilich he tolite. 

C. PA5SUS XIX. 2U-^93^ 

Wiih palrlftikcs and propbctc« ~ plctyngc- (o-geiIcrc«. 
' Whai wD>ic3t ihov,' qaaih Faith 'and what voidest thou hauc^ 
*Ich welds vryie,' <]Uftth ich tho ' 'trtiEit i» id thy lapped 376 
'Loo!' qujuh hf. ami leet me *«> ' 'lord, m^cyT" kh ftcidf, 
'This i% u prcscnl of muchc ^^tv^ ' v>\\^i p[>ns sliu) hit hjiucf 
'Hit i« A prccioujc pfeacni." qunlh he ' *flc ittc poukc hU b«b 

And mc (licr-wiLh/ quaih the wj« - 'may no wed ous quiu, 1^0 
Nf no lieru bcif imrr Ijorghc ■ nc ljr>'nge otis oui of ilaiingi»r. 
Fro ihc poukcs poundfildc ' no mainprise may ous fccchc* 
Til he come ihi^i ich cnrpc o( ' Cript i» hus munc, 
Thai fihol deljTWff on» «om day - out of the deuelcs powx?rc, i«^ 
And btfiere wed for uui wngen ■ Uiuu allc we beon woTEhi, 
And ihti is, llf for \yl • other ligge thus cuctc, 
L^lyngo in my lappe thu« ' Ul auch a lord oi» fecche/ 
AJasT Lch scid^r 'thai Bymi« ' flo longe «hal Wte >U 

The myghi of god^ mercy - ihAt myghte ous alle amendeT' 
Aud **cptc for huft woidc^; " «ith ihal icb aeyb un ollici 
EU^plicbc rc:inc ' the riffhce w«y wc wcntc; 
Aitd ich Irayncdc hym furit ' tro uhennoi he come* 191 

What he hihie, and whider hn wolde ' and wyghiliche be on* 


ffic txplifit ^tut uamdus dt Dobet. 

O. ijf, £iiht P, 179. Allidiedc P. 387. Lall^^ IT^ Uxk^yn^ 

PEFGh *93, vliidcTlT; whcdfv^P, vbodfiuE^ irvdti P, 




B. PASSus xvn. i->t. 


Pasttts xvij^t ^ Sftuftditt de De^Sct. 

* T AM Sjvi' quod hi;, 't apye ' &nd ^Art Jtfier a krij^ie, 

Jl ^^but tokc mc :i mauDJemcnl ' vpou the niounU of Synayt 
To rculc aUc rcwraca wiih; ■ 1 bcrc the while licrc/ 

'Is k assdcd?' I K)'dc - 'may men ik thi Icrtrei?' 4 

■Nay,' he- anytfe, '1 seke h>Tn - that hith Uic ec1« to kepc; 
Atid ibat i«, crosse and Cfysicnedomc * and Crjriit ih^rc'Cii to hange. 

An<3 whan ic in aswTed so * 1 woir wd thr^ siMb^, 
Thill Lutyfcrw lordc^liip * h^ic skil no ledger.' 8 

'Late w ihi IctErc*/ quod I ' 'wc nii^lc ihc bwc knoirc/ 
Thfinn« plokkc^ lie iocih a patent ' a p^^« of an bard» roclMi 
Wher-on wcrr- wriifn nvr> word^s • on thfs wjrsf y-^oec(^ 

Th)9 Has tlic tLxtc ircwt}' - I icltc ful Kodc ^mc; la 

The gkse lA'aE g^k^ricuBcly writen ' wiEfct a |(;ilt^ pcnn<r, 

Tw fty> /htofius m/indafis tota Ux pmd'f tf pntphttia- 
'Ben here die Ihi loitlea lamrsf' quod I ■ ^jc, kue mc wcJ/ 

he >c>de, 
'And who so worchetb after tbitt wntte ■ 1 wil vndertakcn, 
ShaJ neuffre deuel hym dcre * ne dcih in toule grcue. 16 

For though I nvyr: il luy'^lf ' I tmue suued willi lliiii clumie 
Of mcQ And of wornnicn ' many ttoic ibunsandcs,' 
'He seilh soih/ ee^dc iJiia hcraud ' 'I hauc jfoundc it ofte; 
Lo h«re in ny lappe ' that leued oa thai cliarnic, 19 

loJiur and ludilh * and lucks T^Tacafieus, 

Je, and &czty thousande bi»yde Ibrth ' th^t ben ndii]t aejCK 


.a ?ASSUS XX. i-M. «s 


Mie trta'pti pttssvs imm de Dohtt 

< T CH &!□ Sprs, a sp^e/ qual3i he ' ' snd ^plrr aric-r a kny^t, 
t\J J. Thai icokc mc a inaunLifEnciit ' vp-<Ka the mounic of S/nny, 
To niclc aJlc Kiimw ihc/M-itii ■ in righl and in rci^on- 
Loo, here the Iccierc/ quaih he ' 'm Lfliyn fird in Ebrew, 4 
Th«l ich spye it soThe * seo ho so lykfth.' 
' Yt hit a»wltd^' ith scydc ■ ' ma/^ mm sco ihc Icltcit"?' 
'Kfty,' he seydcn 'ich sckc hjm ■ ihai haili ihc seel lo Xcpc, 
The nhiche is Criste and Cristendome ' and a croys thcr-on lo 
ho1lg1^, B 

WcTf htl tbcr-whh n-wclcd ' ich wol« wd ihc sothCt 
Tlui Lucifera lonbhup ^ li£^ ihoJdc ful lone/ 
'Ii<«t s« Ihi Icltcr^r' (JUAlh ich - 'wc rayghic the lawc knowe/ 
He pl}-ghte forUi x jatcntc ' a pecc of an horde rochf. \t 

Wliei-ou wail wrilc iwo wonlc^s ' in tlu» wiw gkisictlei 

Thb wiA ih« Xyxi trewciichc ' ich loke ful ffcxxl gome ; 

The glow gloryouslithc wai wnle ' vryih x ^\i penrw; 

/ff his Jtiolrus mundiiA's pendtt tottt Itx tt prt^heit, 

'Y» her stl ihy loideH Iciieref' quiilj ich ' '3«i Icuc nw,' he 
?,tydc, i4 

■ AnJ ho 60 worchclh aft^r Uhs write ' ich wol vnder-uke, 
Shal DcDcrr Jeouel hym Lle-nf ' ne <^lh In »miV grc-uf*. 
Fot lEiaub ich ^yc hiL my-R'lf - ich hauc saocd with ll^U channe 
Of iT>en and of wymmcn ' mcny Rcorc ibouacnd/ 20 

^Hc s«itl) soUi/ scidc Kijth ' 'ich hnuc foundc hit Ereve. 
hoQ, her in my lajipfr,' cjuath Faiih ■ 'that h'yucdc \-p-on ihc 

Bcihc losuc and ludith ' and ludiL» Mahabcm, 
And siic thousand tno,' qoath Faiih < 'ich can nat seye here 
names.' tt 

O, I. ■•prctC; a tpi«FT; PE jk. ipjiit T; ipfA 1 ; «fHtr F, 3. En 
(a) EJFT - rC 9m. *. ■i'«e1edc F. ij. two KT; lo PFQ. Awivi T; 

PHIU 9m. H. triwtbthc F, I J. ^fn^Mttt EK[ I'JTG w. I*. 

lcua»« h« £ITj !«>£ U mo P. j^. hc^v Fj «eJ|c T^ *«yn I; tdlc PE. 




' Jowtc wordM arcn troncfcrftil/ quod I tho * ' trhieh of |0w 

A&d klcit to Icue on ' for \yf and for aoule ? m 

Abrahojn «iih Ihot he »ci^b ' hol>- ihe TriniU. 

Tbw per!90ii*s in parc«II«B ' depuiUbk^ fro other. 

Anil zX\e ihfp but o got] * thus Abnthani ttl- tiujEc, 

And h«ib Aaued Uiit bll^ucU su * and (cny ior her »^qdc3, j$ 

Ho can nou^te m^^ ibo sommo - and ftome vcn in h&i kppe. 

Wliai rwdfd It ihuin« ' a now« bwo :o bigyniw^ 

Sitli thf f^rsE ^ff!c*ch ■ to raoactoun anj to bWmot ji 

And now comcdi ^^j. ^id spckcdi - dial h&th aspitd the live. 

And kUcth nouftc of ihc Triftitt>e ' that Coke >iyni hla kttrcs, 

< To bxleuc ftnd ]otij'< ' m o lordc nLtmy^ty, 

Aftd fiiiihv rKp ti my-nelt * bo loijy? sS\t f'^plf' 

The gome iha: goih with o staf ' hr wmrth in gncftcr bde i* 

Than he ihnt goth wiih t^^o stiac?^ ' 10 fX^c of ti lUc. 

And H^ 50] bj tbc rode I ' rcnOTin tnc ^hc^ncth. 

It is Ivjicr to Icvcd men - & Icuotin to lcno«c. 

Than for to mhrn hrm mo ■ am) lo hanle lo lenie the teit! 

Ii is ful hu-dc foi an/ man ' on Abfiiham bylctic, 41 

And wcla^cy worse ^t ' ^ to loue a shrcwcl 

It is l[|ter to leue * tn thrc lonely penonu 

Than for to {cAiyv and leue ' a-< w^l 1c^tvIIf« at lele, 44 

Go tlii gate' quod E \o Spet ^ *^o me god hdpcl 

Tho that lemcih ihi lawe ■ wil litel while vwn ill" 

And as ^e wenwn thus iu tlie wcye ' wordyng tof^crM, 
Thann^ wy* w^ a Sanmrltan • ^[n^nde on a mule, 4I 

Rydynge ful raf>dy ' ilic rijt weye we jcden. 
Comyniic fro a ciintrc ■ that wen called [erico : 
To a lu^GA m JhcruKilent ' he chaced auey fasEe, 
Bothe the heraud anrj Hope ' and he men* it onet 5a 

Where a man wa^ wx»uiiJed ' anil villi dHrurs laken. 
lie myjEc neither Dieppe ne «tonde ' nc sii-ie ToLc ne haDdC9> 
Ne hclpc hym-self sothcty ■ For lemrayf he scmcd. 
And AS naked a« a nedle * and none heipe abouie hym. ^4 

Feldt tuid fiDit sijtc of hym ' ae he Aegh on $yde. 
And noide nou^t tieighen hym ■ by nync lundL<>i leii^lhe. 

Hope cam hjppyng aHcr ' (haX luddc so yboslcd. 

O. PASSUS XX. 35-S5- 

And leel to bt-Ic)-ucn on ' 
Abru^ni with i\m he *cih ' 

And 4Uc thrc hotc o fc^; 

' Jourc M-on1c« i«n wonderful/ ^uuU lih ' ' «h« cny uf jow be 

(or t>ody other for souie f 
holicho ih« Trinity, 
dcp^utablc from other. »s 

■ ihuv Abra^Jn bcrdh «iitn«»ac, 
And ysau«d<< that bj-'k^-ucth to ' and »ory for her? fjtuict, 
He can rto certiyn summc Idle ' and xommc aren in hus lappc. 
WhaL ncoJnli Uil tlidi;n<; ' a nrvn; lawe Eo bryn^, 3> 

SuEtlic the fuDic auQiMdc ^ w 1)r-k>'ue iUiH be vKaucd? 
And now cometb ber ihie ^/ ■ and Jiatli aspicd liic lawc* 
Thfli oT Lh« Triniiv ne icUcih * ne tiluUi mo iienonei 
To god'bfde, lK>Tt o god ' and o go<I almvgbty, ^ 

The ^hithc allc men lurn btildc ' ouere aUc lti>iis lo Wnourc; 
And uiU>c to loiu; and tu Icuc ' Tor that iordce uk« 
All* laancrc of saea ^ ^ naiciif as ous B«tf. 
And for lo louye and to Irnii* ^ frt o Tort) alm)'gl|iy. ^ 

Hit is lygbt fof lewcdc ^ and for Iciedc butlic^ 
Ac Tor lo by Ie>iie in o lorde ' ihni lyucib in thrc pcrsoncB, 
And lerclh that \rc Ictiyc aJxoldc ' or wel lycrct fL« Icck — C^^vilt 
Go ihy gat/ cjuaili ich lo A'/*i - ' so mr flpod hcljK*, ^ 

TLkj that leoniell^ thi Uvic • udHc IlLcI while bit vwnf 

And w wc wcntc in the way ■ thua worxlj-ng of Ibi* oialcrc. 
Then soih we a Sfunariton ' cam syltynge on a mule, 
RydjTige M raply * the ryghl »';iy Thai wc weme, 48 

Coinyng:- fhiin n cxiuErdc ' Uuit uieu callidc fericPp 
To lu.<itcn in ItrusKdcm ' he laecdc lAcy fut faale. 
Bochc Abman^ and S/'Cs ■ and ho naetten to-gederM 
In a wiLdtf wildvniesBe ' wbt^r lh4^oucft hidden bounde 51 

A man, aiv m« ii:o iliouhte ' to muche caiv di«i broulit^. 
For be nc myghie ^^eIJ^>c tie utandc ne fctct^ Tot ne hoiKlea. 
Nc betpe hym-Rlvic Bothlidu ' for ifmuiuta \k bemede. 
And n^«d M a iK^ldc ' and non help flbouu; bjm. 5^ 

Tallh on h}Tn havldi* furti a *igJ^( ' ar he flrih ft-tj"dr, 
And voldf nal ucylile ]i)m ' b> n^-ne londcs ler^Llic. 

Hope cam hippyn,!- aTicr ' thai haddc io rbosCed 

C. >f. trr^P. lA. Attdftl?: AurFtFT^vkal, 3s. hitG: it IKT; 

hKim, 33- piU«deP- Jifl, murheMKTi aeehe P. 4<. loEMIFTC: 

^ P- 4&, WDntjff oTIHKIlv; woadrTiig* la R |J- and UtKTG; 
add« [iir> P. 



bH^assus xvn. 60-^3. 

II0W he uftli Mcjftc^ maundcincnt ' h^ck- mfttiy men j-^liolpe: 
Ac «hui he haddc bi^U of Ibat >«g^ ~ a-«y<]c hr^ gixt hym drav^^, 
DrfdTuIly, by this dsjT aa duk * doih frtm ihr fa»roiirr, 

Ac tio sone ra thc^m^riUEi ' haililp sijte nf llils Icdc, 
Ik lijtc adown of JyO?'^ and bddc hym in hL» hinde, 
And 10 llw ^rye he vent ' his womide« lo biJioJde, 
And j>iifcfyxit^A hi his pouc ■ he wrw m jTcril lu tty*, 
And hui-tf hr badilc rrrour<crc ihe niher ' Lhil rl>4C shuMc^ lie] 

And brcrde to his^ bolc1c« ' aii<l boltic he aUnwdc; 
Wjtb Mfa and viih oylc bin wound« he vaiahed. 
Enbflwnwd bym anil bonde his h«l " and \n Ws lippe bjm Ujde, 
Aiui kddc hym 90 fuitli on }yvd ' to Uj('<hriUi. a gnungc. 
Wcl sin mylc or itcucne * biaidc the newe market; 
H«rb«rved hym %i an hostrye ' and to the hofiellere calle<U 
And 4uyd^, 'liaui^, kcpe thi^ man ' til I oome fro the luiites 
And Vi hcK aylucr/ Itc seyde ' * fur s-^uc lo Iiis uuuudn,' 
And be tohc ^tym two pan« ' eo lyflodc as it were. 
And scidc, * whfli he spetietb more * 1 make Ihe good hert-aft«rf 
For 1 may noujt te:ie/ quod ihai Teodo ' and lyarde be 

And raped h)-™ lo-Ihcnisalcmward ' ihc rljlc way* lo ryde. 

Fiuih folwelh after foste ' and fended lo mctc hym. 
And Spft spaklich \\ym ^pcdde ■ »pede if he my^ie, 
Ti> oucriiikc hycn and Lilkc 10 Xxyxn ' bt ihri lo mnn come, 
And whan I scy) ihb, I soioumcd noujEc ' bui «bo|>e mc 

And suwed ibat Samariian ■ ihai iwas » ful of phe, 
And jjr'Atinied hyni lo ben hEa grfwne ^ 'gramerry/ he sejxie, 
'Ac llii frenJe and llii fclavc>' quod he ' -tljow fynde^t mc; 

at nede.* 
And I ;hankcd hym tho ' and fiiih I hym lolde. 
How that FcUb Hr^gh %^ey ' and 5/to hifl felaw bothe. 
For aljie of the sorweful man " ihiU robbed was wiUi theuca. 
' H^kic hem cacuj^d/ quod he ' ' her help nuy Eitel aaaOle ; 
McLy no medcyn on molde - ihe man to hele bryngev 
Nf^iihcr Fcitb ne fyn Hope ' so festrtd bea his woundi^ 
Witl^-cut the hloJe of a bani ■ borne of a mayde^ 

Hou he witli Moj-srs muundcnient ■ hulc mcny mm hnlprn; *<» 
Anfl wbumc he h^tli^ »]ht of thU ;iike ^ nsyde he gAU di^^c 
And tlredfulliche wiih-drow hym ■ and dorstc go no norrc. 

Ac a» »one BO Iho Sanmntan ' haddt *ifihL« of Uiat tyke. 
He alyghlf? a-non of l^ardrf ' iind 1^<1iIf hyTn ir bu« liomlc.^, r>4 
And to this wye })C wcntc " hub woaiku lo bcliolUc. 
He pcrccyucdc by his pouB ■ he wns in pcrJ to (kyc, 
And bote he haddc rccounr the nthcr - ihAi rtse ahold« h» neu«n;. 

He vriboVelcdc bus bottles ■ unJ bothc hl^ a-t4rnci1«; 6A 

With wyn and with oilc ' hus wotidcs he can lithe; 
Enbaumod^ hyra and bond hua hcucdc - And on bayardc hym 

And Ifddo hym forth (O Irua^um ' ifx-dvi, a gnuiige, 
Ift Jilaq myle other wucnc " b/'tydc Lhc newc uiiirkclC, 7* 

And tefle hym thor* a Icchingc ■ lo lyucn if he niy^htc; 
And took two to the hotteTer ' to take kepc to hjm, 
* And that ^nth mor for husi medidne - ich cnftke ihr goml 

ftjcnwirdc^ 7( 

For ich mar ^^ lette/ quath that lede ' and lytudc he byKiydeth, 

And rapede hym to ryde • the righie wy to Tertisalpni, 
Bothe Faith and hus ff^hwc 5;vr ' folwedeti fiisi*^ after; 

Ac ich smwcik ttw Samaritan ■ and stiJc \\o\x ihci bothe 
Weren nJcrcd, and flowcn ■ fro llie maii y-wondcd. $9 

'Haw hem ^Kcosed,' qurilh ihe Samilriun ■ Mierc he!p yt^W. 

Ti:it vaillo, 
Ne medcciiie vodei moldc ■ the nuti to hclc bryngc, 
Nothcr Faith ne fyn Hope ' so festered arcn hua wond»«; 
WiUi<om< the bJod of a bam ' he beoth nouht yti^^nrd, «( 

I The whichc bam moi neoilcs ' be burr of a maydc, 

ti^o]d«)P. 76.UhEMMirr; r^iH. tulEJMKT; peF. ««. 


B. PASSUS XVH. 94-i»8. 

Anil be he tattwil in ibtu hhde • txptaed, u k yctrt. 

And tb*nnc f Uiucd vith pdiuince - and pgrnJooa oT thtt 

He tholdc ftond« uul s(«ppe; ' skc vUlvofth worth he ocuTCt 

Tyl he baue cCen aI Ibc barm - uwl hi* blodt jdronkc. ^r 

Fcr veni ntuere wf in ihift w«lde - Ihonr thu wUiJcmcnsc; 

TtuL he IK was robbed or rifled ' rude he there ot jcdc, 

Satic Fiith, jmd bb f^hv ^ £^-', smd toj^wluc, loo 

And ihi«;lf n&w, oDd racb * m suven ovre wcviii. 

For cuihwe* in ih« t^-ode - ami vr)L.1er tanlte loi^vCh, 

And may vch nuii se ' aud ^^ode iiierLr uke. 

Who u bihyodc and who bifbre ' uid who ben on hon, 104 

For he hali h}Tn hardyOT on horw ■ Ihan he ihal ie n lote. 

Kor he «eigh me. that am SAm^nUn ' stiwen Ft-trh and hk fekv 

On my ISffle tbtL hftlte Citr^ ' (of nunlcyrKle I tcike it). 

He vrftft vn}iardv, thflt hvlol ■ and huddc b^m nt it^rrm^ io« 

Ac ar this dny thre dajee * 1 dftr vnd«rtah«n, 

Thai he worth ffrrtr&d, ihai fcTonnf ■ fast wjili cheynM) 

And neiirc eft gnrue j^nme ' ihai goth thta like gaK; 

(7 jmyf, tro mart itia, tit^ 
And ihannc ^1 I-eiih be Tcre^iei here - and In thisfrteb 
And kemen out comune men ' that knowcth notqM tfw dWtre, 
Which ifi the wcye ihu ich went ' and vherforth to lhem«aJfni. 
And Hn[>t ihc hojitellercs man Khol be ' there the mui lidi an 

hel>-nge 1 
And oJle that 6eble and faynt be ' that Faith may ncu^t techc, 
Hope sbfll ledt' hem forth with loue - at his Ictiic icllcih, 117 
^ Anil hnstel hem and hcle - (lintw bolichertJir btfcue, 
Ty] 1 haue ulue fcjr aUc syko ' and thonnc Kho] 1 retoumc; 
And come a}cin bi this eontrcc ' and conTort die syke ijo 
Thai craueth it or coaeiteth it ■ ard crycth ihere-ttJ'Wr. 
For the iKirnt wa* bom in Brthtp^m ' that wEch hi* blode thai 

AUe that lyuclh in faith, and foiwcth • hia fclawcs iccbynge,' 

'A! awete eyrel' I acyde iho ■ " wher shul I byleue^ i»^ 

A* Feith and his felawe ■ enfounupd mo l»oihe ? 
In thre prrvonea depaitable ^ thax |>cr(ietuel verc euer% 
And oik thrc but o )cod - thns Abraham mc taujte; — 
And Hope oficrwardc ' he bad m« lo buye i>i. 

B 111, D-AuinRcmly. 114. ^i*l 1 VCB; 1«h«lLW9L 

C. PASSUS XX. 86-98- 505 

And with the blod of that bam ■ embaiimed and bstptiied. 
And thauh he steppe and stande ' right strong worth he neuere 
Til he haue eten at that bam - and hua blod dronken, B8 

And jUt be pk^tred with pacience ' when fondjnges hym prykieth — 
For wente neuere man thie way ' that he ne was here rifled, 
Saue my-selue sothlicbe ' and suche ae ich looede — 
And jut be-leyue leelly ' vpon that lite! baby, 91 

TbaJ: his likame schal lecben ' atte lasCe ous alle.' 

' A 1 syre,' ich seide ■ ' shul nal we by-leyue. 
As Faith and hus felawe Spes ' enfomiede me bothe, 
In thre personea, a parceles ' departable from other, 96 

And all thre bote o god? * thus Abraham me tauhte- 
And Hope afierwarde ■ of god more me lolde, 

C. S6. embaumcde P. baptiiedc P, 68- hctea {/or eten) P, 89. 
plutrede P. 90. nun MIT; men FEF. riflcde F- 91. P im. to 

Ufirt heltyat. 93. sdul EM1FG ; F ar, 94. weyc (fir we) P. 


B. TASSUS XV1L i^^-ifi^- 

O mad «jib b1 tnf good ' &nd allc jtotnc* tSUr, 

Louy« hem tylM nav-fdui; ' itc o«tv Jordf ftt>ou« ftlle/ 

' Aftrr Ahnham/ quod he ' 'ihai hi*raiu1 of mm*, 

ScUc (asiic thj fiith ' ant! lame bllcuo. iftt 

And, ai IIir»pe hijtc the ' 1 bote th^ diov loujrc 

Tbyn eiwofr<i}-*lcnp cuermor* • eucnc-forth wilh ihUctf- 

And if coiwcifiic* carpc l}]tn^:i)piii ' «r kyndf wltie oylher, 

Or hrrctykcs wiik argumcnlz ' ihia bondc Uiow hem »lievc; 

For god is iRcr jui hjLiiJc ' yhcrc ucivr anii kcowe il, 

llic faJer via Jj^t, as a fj-st - with o tyrgtr foldyngei 138 
Tyl hym loued and Jeat ' to vnlown his fytig*r. 
And jiiofn- it fcilli as with ft paumc ' 10 wbai place It s^ldc* 
Tht: paumc is purely ihc handc * and (tfofrttb fonh dw lyngict 
To mjny«rc anrf to make ' ihtu mj^ic of handc tnortth, 
Acd bltol:neih irewli' ' idle who so IJki^th. 

THr holygoisl of hrucac; ^ he Is as 1I11? paiime- 141 

The fyngrcs lliAi fre ben ' lo folde and to scrue» 
UitokncLh 60ih]>- the sonc ' that 5«nL vas til erlb«, 
That toctcd and u^ted ' atie tecii>Tige of tiw poume 
Scync Marie a tps^ydc • and niaiikyiide Uujie; 14S 

Qm coHftptus cii dc spirits sanctn, naitts, ek* 
Tkt fftdcr i» IhatuK a^ a fust * with fyt\gtx io louche^ 

Quia <mnia traAam ad mt ifsun, ftr., 
Al tliat Ehe paiime parc^/ueih ' proficabt^ lo fdc. 
Thus ar HkI al)e bat one ' ^a it an hande weic. 
And thrc sondry ^\ytci ^ in one »hcwync:e. 151 

Ttie paume, for he puiteih Tofth lyngT«s • and the futt boibe, 
Rijt so redily ■ reson U sheweih, 
How 111? l1iai is ho]ygofi[i.' ' Kire ajid sonc preuetli. 
And as the haiidc halt haidc " and x] ihyngc fa.iie 156 

Thorw foure fyngrea and ft thotnbe ■ forth with ihe paume, 
Rijte so (he fadijr and the Bone ■ and se)'nt spirit the thridde 
Halt al ilie wyde worlde ■ wiih»in hrm ihr*^, 
Bothc «clknc and th< wyndc ' vaicr and ertbe. t6o 

Heuene and hclle ■ and al Uurt there In inoe- 
ThUB it la, nedcth no man * to irowc non other, 
That ihre ihinjjes hilongeih ' in owfe lordt- of hirucne, 
And flien strclcpes hy licEn-sclf ' ;uondry were ncure> 164 

B, liC, twm MTE ; h>m LCR. 14^ naiw CB\" l LWR m. 164. 

C. PAS5US XX- 99-199, flOf 

Aiid IcfcJc mc fur Uan Itiue ' lo Juuyr al luiiii-kytide, 
And hym aboucn lib ' and bem a>i my-M^luc; 109 

(itfoth«r lackf D« aJoi« ' tic Ifryue thiiC thvr wero 
r Eny uickcdcr in this worklc ■ ihan y i\-eTr« m^wjlf,/ 

And most iniimrfir of allf ]>f.^rsonr^ ■ ami p.-uicntlitlic sulTrc 
, Allc niaacJc of uicn ' :ind U^uh ich iny^hcc mc ^ngc, 104 

I aholdc Iholic ntiii thonlt<^n hern ' ih^t m^ vuol wotdc/ 
*lla »idc soth,' qiiAth the Sa-maritan ' 'ai^d to ich rcdc ihealGo. 
Anil ftK Ahrsmm the o\de - ot o god ihr iDiighic^ 
Loke thow louyc and ^jf-kjiir ■ al thy Ivf-Lj-mc. loS 

And xi kynJc wilt tarjw hrTr-a^m ' ojiH other kynnc thouhks, 
Oih«r h«reLbes with argvmuiis * ihyn hond thou hem shew* 1 

For god ihai aJ by-gan * in gynnyngt of the worlde, 
Fcictc fursi a» n fust - and |ut is, ait kh Icyuc^ 11 ■ 

As wirh a fust with o fyngier ' yfoldc to-g*d*re*, 

Til hytn tikfd anii Itiaie ■ ro vnlose ihe f>rigfr, 

And profrcdc hit Ibnli as wkL the paunic ' to ivhEil place it 

Tht! paume JN the pJUi of the hondc ' u^d profreth forth the 

fyiigr^s itfi 

To mynysifc and to make ■ thai royjcht of hond kno^reth^ 
And bylohncth tr&wely ' leLIe ho aa Jikctb* 
The holy post of heucne ; ■ he is »s ihe paume- 
Thc fyngrcs ihut freo bco • to folden and to clycfhcn no 

O/'Cckncth toihtiche ihc soue ' ihal sente waa lyl eithe* 
I'ouchcdc and cojitc^lc ' xi icchj-njfc of the pnumc, 
Seynte liUnv, a majdc ' and msLnLcyndc lauhte; 

Natui fx Afarm uirgtrif. 
The fader i& thcntic u tt^c fiut - with f>^ger and with piutne. 
To budcn 4nd lo holde ■ ^1 hnly viit tclloth; 115 

Al that ihe fyngor gropeth - gmyilily he gryptlh, 

Boic yf diat iliai he gro^ielh ' greuc llie piuine. 

Thufl Eire thct allc butc on - as hit an hande yft:ttt >)9 

A fu«t vnth 3 tyng«r ' and n foil |}aume> 

O. lej, woxdlo P- 107, tmheW P. ilj. myneitrt P. iiB- hy- 

tMknf^P. i», foUcnE: fcldcMIFTG} fcld^nP* 111. totAlktHp. 
1)5. vi1|tL(/tfrihtit)P. 



B, PASSUS XVn- i65-t9». 

Naoiore lliw myu hamlc ma/ ^ mew: withniuicc f/nscrca, 
An<i &a ny fiiat b fuT hoodc ' yfijltie losidcrta, 
So ifl ^ fader & ful god ' fomK'our ind flli«pp«t, 

And al ihc my^Lc myd hym \s ' in makyitg ciT th^ngea. iM 

The r^itjfrts fourmen a lii] htnilc ' to punrcyc ot ptjiucn 
Kcnijngc and c€impsEAyDgc ' aa cnTtc or liio rjri^reij 
R^t fo ^ rhc son& ' th« »cipi3ce oT itw r^der. 
And fiif ^o(\. M It ihr fad«r ' no firhlrr nr no better. 

The pRumc i» Lhc bimk- ' liath po^cr bi ]ijxn:(c1ac 
OttacrK>-M than ihc wTjlhcn fiiaW " Or wcrlccniUi«chi{> of fyiigm; 
For th« pqumc halh pow^re ' to pui ouic aUc ifae ioynies, 
And to vnfoldc tbe foklcn fBile ' for hym ii bilangcth; !;• 

And rcccTUc itial ibc T/itgrcs rocJicih ' and refuse botlie, 
Whan he fcleih the fiist - and Ch« fynfrcj vilk. 
So U tb? holj-go&te god ' noibcr grctler at lasie 
Than U the %tTV and the sone * xnd in tlifr iillll« mj^l(, ift> 
And uile iu ilicj bm o goJ ' as h myn huudc and uiy fyngtUt 
VnfblcSen or folden ' my fuste and myn paume. 
At is but OQ handc ' hnw so ] tome iE. 

Ac who IS hertc m Uie hstade ' encnc in the mydd«t 
He miy reccyue rijt nou3te ■ rcsoun il ftlaenwiji; 
For iIk fyngrcs, th;xi foldc ihuldc ' and ibc tusU make. 
For peyne of ibc panme ' powere hem Uillcth 
To cluccbe or to clawe ^ to ^^TPP^ or to hold^. 
Were the mydde! of myn honde ■ ymaymed or j-perflshpil, 
I jihuldc rrccyuF njle rjotjjie - of Uiat I rccljc mj'jtc- 
Ac though my tbombc and mj fynprca " boihc were to-(h«Ilen, 
And tbt- myddcl ol nayn tiande * witti-ovilc mole cse, i^j 

In many kynne* manervfe ■ 1 my^w iry^f hclpc, 
Itoihtf meue and anit^nJe ' though alle my fyngiOE oLc. 
Bi tliis bkil, me diynketlj - 1 ae «u cuydGOce^ 
That wlio ao synneth in the «cynC spirit - aaftoilJcd vorth he neure, 
NoUher here ne tll«ft'Wber« ' aa I li«rd« leik, 197 

Qui /wear in ^irilttm lantinmt /majfuam, rif^. 
For he prittirdj go\\ mt iu the paumc - iliat fiac^ ia jj^riium 



B. 176—17*. for hyTF—failflrid«i- Rmjy. THfi.dn«*it WV: dacbe R ; 

a PAssus XX. tz^i^s. 




as tile fust is ful hand ' yfoldc lo-gcdcrc^ 
So is the fader a ful xod ' the fur^c of hem alle^ 
And u mf TuBt is funl ' or ich m/ rpgtra Bhcwc, 
So U he fader and former ■ ihc funic of allc thyngM; 

Ard allc the myghic wiih hjm bi ■ was, and ttorth cucfc 
Thfr fytigrc; is ful banr] ' for, failEcd ihci here thombc, 
Portrcy nc jwynie ' parliilichc, ich fc^me, 
Sbolde ii(» wn'3t worrhr - wrrc he awryc. 
R}3t KO. fAtitcdc the aone ' the ^ytc be nc myghtet 
Nc bolde, nc hclpc - nc hcntc that he toiicdc; 

Vextre Jn tu digitui. 

The p^iuTni.' \-*. |>urpliche tlie hondf " and hath power hy h)n-»ir 
Olher-wi>e thin the wrythen fust - other weikmnnMhup of fyngrei. 
For the paume haih po'^cr ■ lo pijlten ooic the loynteSv 
And Lo viifoldc ihe fust ' for hym hit bylongeth, t^j 

And rec«yiien that ih* fyngrea rechcn ' and refuit?, jf hym liketb, 
Al diiiL lilt fynfe-rts and lit fust - fdcn juid tiiuchen. 
B<o he grciied ""fJih here pipe ■ the holy goat Id fillc. 
Tliua L« tho holigOBt cod ' noifaer f-r«tlour« ne lasM 147 

Thenne is the syre other the aone ■ and of the *anie myghi*. 
And alle Lhrc nya txile o gcd ' jis my hund and my fyngres, 
Vnfoidc other yfoldc ' a fusi-wyse other cUca, 
Al is hit bote Oft hanJ ■ hou so y lume hit- 
Ac ho sc U hurt m the hand ' etienc in the myddet, 
He may recvyue ryght nouht ' rrson hit nhcwrih; 
For the fyngcrcs that foldc iLhpideh - ind the fiut make, 
For peyne of the paume ' power hem failh^th 
To ducche other to elawe ■ lo clupfc other to holder 
Were the myddr^l of myn hand ■ with-cjutc ma! e«. 
In rocnyc kynne manere ' ich myghb: my-iclf hclpc. 
Both* nsetic and amende ■ lliouh allc my fyngrei okcn. 
By this timiit,' he eetdi* - ' ich tvo m tfuid^nce, 
Thctt ho «o «yr)rgrth in thc^ tr^nf rspirij - aiollled tvorth he neuere, 
Nolhcr herrnc cilcvwhci ■ as iLh hcide telle: 

Qui fi<4CJf in spirHum ^anc/um rttptf ffmitifhir it\fte. 
He prikcth god aa in the paume ' thnt fif^^i m rpinrum tawfum. 

O. ijo^ yfwldc P. l^^. vx [frr and) P. 1,17. wry^th V. 138. 

RyiflbtP. 14(1. ^'ixueucdl*. 1^}. hemMlFG, hyoi PET 1(1. «•- 





B. PASSUS XVIt 195-533. 



Tw t^oJ ttit f^tt iA ail a fustc ' die aoiic ia sa 1 fyngr-r, 199 
The lioly jcosic of heu<nc * b. as it wcix, ihc pawmc. 
So "^'ho ao ajnncEh m wynl cpirlt ' iC eem«tb ili4t be grcucth 
Cod, ibai he PTpcEh wiih ' and wold<> hlB gnce quencbe. 

And to a ;otchc or a UpR ' ibc Trbitce is l^kned; 
A> wcx •Tjd II wckc ' were twyncd tosiJercs. 
And thann« el iyrc flaumcndc ' iorih ouic of boEb*j 
And flK w«K and wfyk^ < and bole fyne togjderes 
FcHtrm fcirdi a f1iuml>c ^ and a fcyrc Irje, 
So dotb the flic and ibc soite ' and al^o spir^ut jomita 
yo«trrn Ibrtb antoD^» Iblkc ' loue and bilcue, 
Tbnt alt^n Crysienc ' clemaeth of tynae*. 
And as ihow !i«esi HOmfr tymt * HndtrynlJche a torcbCj 
Ttic tlosc iberc-of yblo^ic oul ' jet brcnaccli itic vvc/kc. tt. 
WUh-ouu le^ic or bjk ■ tbat tli? macch<; bicnnclh. 
So 1» ti» holygCSt god ' and ^-rAC« wiili-ouie mercy 
To flJIc vnltyndp cr^anirc* " th^c cotj^ite lo desCTVjre 
Lck touc oihci \yt • ilmi owic l<jrJe sUapu, tu 

And as iclowandc i^lcdcs ' ji^ladicili DOiqtc ibia ncrkmcn. 
That wcrcbtn and wak4D ' ir wyncr^ft mi^tM, 
A« dotb a bd or a <^and(?l ^ that ci^iit halh fyre and blaa«ib, 
Kimore do(h sire nc sonc * iie tcyiit splrii logyderes, uo 

Gmuntcib no grace ' nc for^jfncssc of synncs 
TiJ the holi pj&te gytine ' 10 g\ovr^ and to blast< 
So (bat ^c holygofite ' ^loweib bui ae a gledftj 
Tyl ibat We louc ' )iggc on hvm ami Mowr, »i\ 

And tiiatinc flaumbcib be as fjie ■ on fader *nd on^/taur 
And mclicth her my^te in-to mercy * at men may m m wynCK 
V^kelcs in cuc5«3 ^ thorw bt^tc of tlic 3ionn«t 
Mtlt«h In a mynul-while ■ 10 mytt and la watrej ij 

So KUte of llic holygoslc ' the grclc myjtc of the Trinite 
Mdtcth in-to mercy ' to mercyablc, and to non oib«r« 
And 00 vrex witbouten more - on a wana« gUdfr 
Wil brennvn and Unsen ' be tbeJ lo-gydores, ttji 

And ao)4ccn han iliai niuy ae ' thai uUcu bi deikcuc&«e. 

C^ 1A7- que^eho P. i63- ILltcnerlc P. 1^- were twyoed 1 i wt 

IweThe^l M i vcrc Iwynnyd Tj ibd wbnnclor (/^^ rm/Bjj'ffn riY/4 L 171) PEG. 
■ 71. »ad nuiu fiiTi MG ; ftJid ^vjume ivie 1; vrcrc Ivpicde P {ttt I. 169), 

O- TASSUS XX. i(^4-i9p. 



For the fiiiScr is aa the fust ■ the sonc ie as the fyngr^s. 164 

The holy gott of bcuene < he ia a» ih<- piumt^. 

So ho BO syrege(h ajens the s^ynU trpitii • hit sem^-lti that he 

God, Cher he gripcih ' Eind woldc hua grace qucndic. 

Fcr to a tarcbe other to a taper - die I'rinitc is likonedj 16S 
As w'ex<" and a weke ■ were iwytied to-gederp3, 
Ami fuyr /litumcd ■ farih of hem boihc; 
And ju ^"cx and wckc ' and ^irm fuyr to-gederca 
FoBtrcn forth a tiaume ■ and a Jaytc lyt, ijj 

Tliit ««ruetfi thea*; BwyoJt^res ■ to seo b> a nygHles, 
So dolh the syre ind the sode ■ and i/yr/ ts/'iril tO'ge<lcrci, 
Foslreu forth a-raofig folltc ' fyii louc and by-lcyuc. 
Thai allc kynne CryslcM ' clariBcth of eynntj. aj6 

And %% ihou suxi flome i>ine ' sodenlicho, of a lorche 
Tlic blase beo blowcii out ' jut trcnnrth ihi' vrkc, 
Wiih-outcn lye and lyght ' lilli.^fayr id ihe niacclic» 
So i* the holy jfoa: god ■ arid grace with-oute mercy lio 

To illc vnkyndc creatures - that coneyten to disiruyc 
Txvl lycamc, mid lif ' that oure lorde vhiiplc. 
And as glowjiige gledes ~ jjladed:i iial iheae wofkemeu 
That worchen and waken ■ in v>'niercs nyghles, 18+ 

Av doth a kyx other a candele ' that cauht hath fuyr, and bloseth, 
No mone doth the syre ne the sone ■ ne ^tynte ttpirii lo-gcdcre» 
Qxauxitrn cny gnu» ' nc for-gyucacxse of »yniie»> 
Til the holy gosi by-gyni»c ' to glowcn and b!a«, iM 

So that tlic holy goBl ' gjowtlb bott- as a giftde, 
Til that bu« and by-^1«yue ' le«llich« 10 hym blowe. 
Thcnne llanifneiTi \w as Tuyr ' on fader and on /iiittt, 
And mcltcth mygljtc In-to mercy * a« wc may sco a vyiU«fi 
l«yk]e« in cuc^yn^a ' thor^ hctc of the votino 19a 

Melieth in a mynt-while ' to mysl and Eo wnb^r; 
So grace of the hnly goal ■ mclleih a1 tfi mercy, 
The grete myghtc cf ihc Tnnilc ~ to mcrcyiUle, and to none othcrc. 
And a± wcx with-oine more ' vpon a norm gled« 197 

Wol brennen and bk^n - bco thw to-gyderes, 
AikJ sold^Q Item tkit luowe nat sfou ' ^yuyiijf In dtorlmeui^ 

1:9. liatlFMTG; ly«btr. 

1I3. gU^P(Mf L iVfl, 

191, w*y 


B. PASSUS XV[l. 334->(M- 

So wole the fader fbqif ' folke of mflde hfrtw 

That rrufiillitihc rqirHtcii ■ iuhI rcsdiluciciua TDnht. 

la a> mocbe as thci mowcn ' ifnendcn uad pn^^n. ti< 

And if it suffice dou|IC for as&ets ■ xhax iik Buch« a wtlle d«r«Ui« 

Mercy for hi» m^Xeti^sie ■ wll mak« good th« rrfn«nai]n:«. 

And as ihe vrrylur uid fyre ' wil make n vtnrK Hatimbt 

Fo« lo Bi}Tthc men widi ■ dm in mcrkc sk:cn, J40 

So wil Ctyii cf his cmioiftj^ * a&d ttten cryc h^m racrey. 

fi<ilh« Ibr^iuo and fofjvt? ' irtd ^ bidde for v« 

To ihp fa<lrr of Vicurnc - fnqyurncvMr i» hAiir. 

Ac liGw f^ at A flyrrtc ' Towtc hundrcth wytrtre, 444 

Boi tfacw hnoe towc to bike it with - londre or hrocbM, 
Al tbt kbourr is lottc ' and al thl lon^c mtiuiUc ; 
Tat may no fyre 6aunil» niate - 6iillp i» hi* kyndc^ 
So la die holy gcoi god ' and ^ricc Mfidi-outcn mercy 94%- 

To allc vnkynde crealurea ' Cryst hynk-»lf ^mtticvscth. 

A mm d$tf tnt^ii. ntrfii? re^, tic. 
Be vnkynde 10 thin ^ucne-cHtfene ^ and a] tfaM tbcnr caiut 

Dckti and do pvnaoncc • day and nntc cucnr. 
And puTchacc al tho pardoun - of Paiitpiloua and Rome, J51 
And tndulgiencea ynovc - and t» tngr^fm to tU kyudfr. 
The holy goste hereth the nouji ■ ne heipe ntiy die by lesoun; 
Foi irnkyndcnessc qucnchcih hym - that he cin nou;tf iJiync, 
Nc brenne ne bhae clerc * for blowynge of vntyndcncasc i^S 
Poule ihe apostle ■ prcucth whcr [ lye, 

Si Unguis himinvin ioqvsr , fU. 
Kor-tby bcib war. je wyac men ■ ihaL wilh ihc woildc dclcib, 
Thil Hche ben and rcioun knowclh ' rculcih wd pwre soate- 
Belli noujte vntynde, I conieille ^ow ' lo 30MTC tucttc-ctystcnc 
For nuiTiy of y.\\f ritJic men ' bi my wulc, men telleih, tfii 
3e bfVDiiCt but ;e blajclh tioujtc ' chnl b a Myndc bckene; 

N&n cmnrs ffa dia't ti&mifK. domine, rit/raAt/t tU. 
Uiuti deyed dompned ■ for hit vnfcyndencMc 
Of his mettf ajid his moneye ■ (o men that J neded ^64 

B. >5«. tt«dd«WCRVBi wcrldtt. 

0. >»3< wile V. 4tyn V. 104. /'rtm I i ahi in EUtTG ; P tmif, 

tU^ fint. >05h P #«- M. 1C& mccrk P. 11 j^ PH nw, no Mirrt ffona*, 
JI4 >c£UU-TU; Pfl«, 115. v^ttucwsT. j*g. talUFTGi PB*^ 

C PA5SUS XX, aoo-ft$i. 



So wol llw fader for-jyuen ' folkc of mylck hcitcs, 

ThAE ruIuUiclie repenUri ' iLnd rt*«Llucion in:iLtn, 

In AS muche as ihel mowc-n • stmcnden and payen, 

And yf liJt ^oifTiciili iiat for a-seth ' thai in sudie wille de}vn, 

^fercy» fcr lua mekcncB^c - wil mike good the TrmeniuiL ]04 

And OS die wiche And the warmc fuyr ' wol niikfl a (a)T Homme 

For to munhen men wiiJi - ihat in merte syti^n; 

So wol CrisI, of litis cuitesye ' and wen csye hym mttcy, 

Bottc for-^en md for-jutco - And |Ut hyddc (or oua lol 

To the fader ot hcuenc ' tor^jyueticsse la haue< 

Ac bewe fuyr of a flynt * four hundred wynierj 
Bole tliou hauc biihc lu (jke hit wtdi - mnder and broclic-«, 
Al thy kbour lb loot and jX \i\y bug irauayli >ti 

For may no fuyr ULimmc mukc • iuxllc hie hua kyndc. 
So is the hohgoftt god ■ and grace wiili-outc mercy 
To lll^ mkyiuk* crrLUurea ' aa Cvisi liym-self wiliTie^wt]! ; 

Amtn tli'co urj^/j, rKJtin vox. 
Beo vnkyndc to tliyn emcrysiene - aitd a^ thftt thow cust bidde, 
D«]e and do penAunce - ^ky tird ny^ht eui^re» »7 

And porchasc a1 »hr jiardDun - of Paumpelon and of Rome, 
And mdulgencrs ynowc ■ and Ijc mgr>U lo diy kynde, 
The holygost hujrcdi Lhc nai ' nc hclpcdi the. be ihcw ccrtayn. 
For vnk)'ndenea£e <;uencheih hym ' that he can nat shjne, ^ai 
Nc bretine, ne blase dccf ■ for blowyngc of vntyndcncsse, 
Seynt Paul ihc a|xm1cI - prxiurdt ^hrr Ich lyrj 

Forth! bcoth ^\Ar, )C wysc men ^ thAi with the worlde ddeiti. 
That ryche beon and reson knowen * reuteth weL ^ourc rou1«. 
Beoth nat vnkymlf, ich consatle jou ■ w> joure emcristcne. »6 
Tgr menye of }ow rythe men - by my »auLc» icb lye na^i, 
^ brcnnelh, oc )c bbucth nAt ' And thU b a blyndc bcknc; 

JVtw ^mnis fui duit mitAi doatw, domttu, irtftabH in 
rtgfmm cthraun. 
Mynne ji? tiat, riche lucn ' lo lAhidi u mcsch^uTice tag 

That i?mj dcycd, and dampned wii4 ^ for hu5 vnLyndcncase 
Of bus mete and qI buH moneye - lo m«n diAt hit nfoded« f 

>jS, Niifii in F only. J^c. vuTG; nM; VhXom. 


». PASSUS xvii, tt^2$u 

Vch a Hc)i« I Ttdt * rc«ard« al hym take, 

And 8)iitih jowr* good lo that gM " that grace of uis«ch. 

For diri ll»ni 1>ra vnkyndc to hjft ' hope T iionp ivh^r, 

But itiei Jwtllc iLcre JTiafj b ■ day« irithnjulcn cndc. si 

ThuB is Mikj-ndcficsftc tho conirairic ■ thai quca<hcth. u il yfttt, 

The gract^ of tlic hoty gooii« ' godd«» oniic kynd«- 

For ihfli kjiidc dothe, vnkynde fordoch ■ » thtw ^urwrf iheoed, 

Vnkyndc cu^iciic men ' foi LuuclL>ec ^d enuy?* «7ij 

SIcelh ft man for his moeblcs ' wyih mouih or wyth hanik*. 

For that the holygosic hath w) k«p« ' iho hirlol^n de*iro)«th. 

The which is lyf and loue * the hyp of mannwi bodye. 

For cuery niaiivrc good man ' juay be llkncd to a torche^ 176^ 

Or t\U& 10 t. wprc • 10 rcucrtnoc :hc Iriaitec; 

And who monhcretb a good man ' n9« ihynkcih, by myn iw 

He fordoTh iho leucst Jyjte ■ that owrc !orde louetb. 

Ac jut ia many mo mancres ' mm uflcndcn the holy goite;j 
Ac this h the worsic «ysc ^ that uiy wijCc myjtie jSi.^ 

C. Pi\SSUS XX. *3i-a<3. 


^ut \jpMn be hit nat wiih wrang ■ nc with queyTile %]cyihc%, i^» 
Bote rj'jtfulHche, as mi^n rat ■ al Inis t^rheKu- cam hj-m, 
And on liym-belT, seitli iIk book ~ soiclctJc hou he m;jrht« 
Mdsl lordliche Irucn ' an<1 ktt btLs lycnm« «r«nc < 

Ctoihcs cf most cofit * CL'i cEerke^ bcreih nillncae; j^ 

Jisw] for he vm a iijg^^rd ' to Lhe neGcirul [hjut^, 
For godcs ifeilour he is tcMe " for al bus trc^ve catcl» 
And dampncd n and tlwelltlh ■ with the deuet in heU^ 
Suchihf lie wiih<ctit« ttilds wan ' and «-&) myghtt a-mrj^ 7^ 
LtmlliLliif fur to lyuwn ' anil likyiigliche be ^rutltO, 
And IB in licllc fur al ihtit ■ bow wolc tiche iioutbc 
Eacuse hctn that hcth vnkynde ' artd ^uc here coiel ^^^cmn« 
Wiih wilofl and with huher wines ' and jiit ^'olicri nai *lcfnji» 
To gon sf-mlkh^ ne sittt- ■ »iilt holy vvrfi ictheih, j4b 

That that ^tkkcdlichc is ivonnc ' to waMcn hit, and to make 

Echr a richc mun^ irh ri'-flc ' rrwanl hnr-of t.Ttc, 
And ^cvdh jourc jzood to thai god ' ihat Rnicc of atiMtL 144 
For ^ ihAt l>cn vnhcridc to hyiK ' hope )c none oiber, 
Bo(« to d^^ello iher £hvis ie ' dayes wtth-out«n ^nde. 
Thus is vnkyndi^nessc kkl * and aqurnchc^Lh, as hit wcrr> 
The grace of the holygcst ' godea Otf^nc kyndoj tt9 

For that that kyndc doth ' vnkytidc for-iJolli. 
Aconscdc ihcoucn, vnkyndf: Crisloni^ men ' for coueti« and enuy« 
Slcfih ;> man fnr btis tnfnhlo?4 * with mnnth nihrr uith ham(n; 
For that ihc holy eo*i h.^tli to kcj^c ' PUt^hc hailotcs dcitruyenf 
The Tvhirhc is lyf and louc ' the l>ii: of minnca body, ijn 

For cucry maner good man ' may be lykncd to a torchc. 
Other el!e* 10 a taper ■ 10 renerence with ihe triniie; 
And ho so mortlicmh n gooil man ■ mc lliynkcth, by tnyn ;n-^^ilt^ 
He for-doth the light ttiat ourc lordc ■ ItJwth to hauc worashep cf. 
And }Ut in mo maneres ' men olfendetb the holy goet; «ia 
Ac this f* the worsfe wise ' that etiy wight mjf^hte 

^ >Jt2- ry^thftilLcheF. nt EMIT ; miirj'ntfnt ^t P. 1^4, infilriede ?. 
»40.wbilci<yW^wiI«)P. 9^5- till fi f*. H^ gntidP, t^t. IddT; lEMV] 
^•f. nqiuyticb^^ P- J54, vnkcBcIc P; ^W /^r I. ^53, 1,1^5, ^ech^ P. 

Rieobl<4KF;in<h]c«MlC;n«b]cir. J5fl, lytkijcdrP. ijj^toCiyEMFTCi 
Vt^m. t^. iDor^i^^V. £OudP. bjUtG^ bt MT| b P. ^3, 

whl(l.t P, 



a PASSUS XVIL »8t-3ii. 

Sytmm i^cSn the ftevnt spirit ' >uenl«n to ^Jcttnije, 

Kor couciljM of an}' kynuM Ihin^ ' iheit C'ry&t (I«re boujte. 

How EQ>y« he «c mercy ' or 1117 nwrcy hym helpc. 

Thai wykk«(IIifh and vircfuUich ' wolcle mercy ftoynre? 

Innocence i^ xkxIc god ^ anil ny^ic and day a ctictk, 

' Vcniauncci vcniaunco ' for^u^ bo it acucrt. 

Thai fihent vi aucI sbadde owTit> Mode ' forshapte v-a* as it were; 

Thu» * vcmauncc. vciuiudoc' * vcircj c^&riCc aakctb: 
And ^th holichcKhc and chaiilc - ch^jcctb ihb ao sore, 
Leuc I ncurc that owrc lordc wU loue * that chant« lakl»Mh, 


NV hawr pile far any pffryeit- • thrrc ih;n hr plcjTicih/ 

' I IK19C ] ho^lde s;^ned m ' and i^ulilc row i^cyc. 
And novr un sory, thm to ' the a^nt spirit apnlle, 
Ccnfe«^ rne, and crye hi^ grace ' god, that oJ mndCr 
And mykllichc his mercy axe ' myjie I noiqie he saued?* 
' Jus/ ftciik titc SamxHun ' 'so wel djow my)te tvjiente, 
Tliat ri)Cwisn&»c ihorw repcaUnce ' to rculbc myjte tome. 
Ac il ifl but widen yeeye ' ihere eotheimae ber^ih wunccK, 
Any creature itini is coupabli* ' afor a Ecyrig«s JuNicc?« joa 

Bp raunsoneil for his rci»rniaiincc ' Llwrc allc reaoun hjm 

dampncth. r^., ^i, 

Fcr there that paityc pursueth " (he pcic is so huge. 
ThstI the kynge may do no mercy ■ lil bothc men acorde. 
And fyihfr hane (^qultc ' iw holy Mfrii trltrlh; 

NttrrfiHttfit i/imiliiitiT /lenafutn, d&mt fuftfmifur MiJum. 
Thus it fftjeth bi sucbe folke ■ ihnt falwly nl her lyiics 
Euel lyuefi and tet«n nou^te ■ til lyf hem ror«:ik« ; 
Drede of dcapemcion ■ dryueih a-wnye ihmne prace, 
Thai mercy in her mymle ' may nati^t thanncr l^illc; 
Good hope, thai helpc ahuldc ■ to wanhopc totncth^ 
Nou^t or th« nounpo'nerc r»f god ' thai be ne is m}*)!!!!! 
To amende a] that amys iu ■ and hii mercy grcticie 
Than aJle owre vykked wcrkea ■ as holiwrit trUnli, 

MUtriiOrdi^ ttui super tjmnia cpcra uus. 



3. 304. dentc 11 tb V only; the twu vonb follDitiujc tR tapplic4 fr«mF&M,j 
T, J jfl. 307, 30S. TSitt Unti on m R pn^. 

C. PASSUS XX. a64-a9<. 817 

Syncger a^jena (he itynl fsfifrti - fts*ePicn ro Hf^imjT, ibi 

For couclysc of cny kynnc thyng ' llmt Ciy*t dt-M- buugliie. 
How mfp:hic ho take mercy ■ other cny mercy hym dt-fcrdc, 
That wikkitUichc and willulliche ' nolcie mercy anycni*? 
Innocence ii next (fod ■ and nyghc and day hit crj-eih, s6S 

'Vcmaoniicl vdLtiuncc] ' for-jeui? be hit neucrc, 
Thnl ?hcndc ours and shriddc oufc blod ' for-sliuptc om, as l^i 

Thus 'vtniimncc! vmaunrc!' ■ vrrray charitc asleih; 
And ftuthcn choritc. that holychurchc is ' cbargeth thia sc aorc, 
Lcyuo ich ncucrc that oure lordc ■ ailc !aatc cndc jji 

Wol louye that lyf ihaC lone • and leel chaiite destniy^n," 
' [ch ]K>ae Iclk hiidde syncgcd so,' quath idi ' * and ^old 
Douihe dt^^ 
And now am ich aery that icb so * the sejvf fjfitWi a^iJCc, J7* 
Confeese me and crye hus gnce ' god Ihjil nl made, 
Anil mylJpltche has mercy aske ■ myghtc ich nat be wrnrd?' 
*lix\' seidc the Samaritan ■ "so ihou myghtcst rtpcnlCf 
That ryi^htaisncssc ihorgh repcntauncc ■ to rcuihc mygbtc tumc. 
Ac hit is bote selde wyn - thcr sothnes*e beretb unttncKSc *fli 
Eny creamri' be ccKijinble ' by-for a kynges lustice, 
Be ynutiMiticd for repcnLiuiJCc ' thci al rcson hym dompnrib. 
Thcr that panyc por^uctb ■ the ipocl b so huge, jft4 

May no kynpe mercy f^raunt ' til botbc men a-cordcUp , '.'^ ^^ 
That ayther partye haue e<juite ' a* holy wriit vltneueth; ■■ 

Nunquam tlmiiittur pNcafum. rfc. 
Thu8 bit fi^ih by tni^hf fcikc - that folwcn here owcne wil. 
That vuol lyticn and ktcn tiat * L;l hem fof'Sake syi^ne, iiin 

Drede of deepcracion ■ ihenne dryueib a-w*y grao*, 
Tlial mercy In Yterv mynde ' may nal ilicnnc fallc; 
For good hope that lit-ic bct|% sholdc ' lo w^nliopc lurticlh. 
And nat of ibc nounpowcr of god ■ tfiat he nys ful of myghte 
To unenden al that amys is ' and hus mercy greitour 193 

Than aJle oure wikkede werkus - as licily writ lellclb, 

JUiteruordiu n'h4 taptr trmma pptra ttut. 

lo^^Wak'ohr. jSo. tow (/ur to) F- iSi- kjM P, jtfjl' jmonHiidc T- 
jM. njBilc BITG: k cjuyle P. vitQcwQ P, J91. n-buDbopc (/ifj F. 


B. FASSU5 ICVIt 313-3^. 

Ut* ionr« ts Micbccioni ' C^ b jn tfaiA mjr ncct^ pa)r«. 

Tbn thingiM itwtv bta ' tbai doth a mut b/ lomgilie 
Foflo Iktti bfa oviK boBft ' ■> holjrwiTt Aewctb, ]i4 

Tint 00c b t pikkcd w)f - 4hAt vil ikm^ be chattel ; 
Her ficrc dodb &o bjr * far fm of ber tonffc 
Abd if bis bous be tnhokd ' and rtytx oq bix bcdde, 
He nckdh suid K^cib ' tB be ilepc ib)^ po 

And vhaa siiwkc >ad vmolikr ■ 511171 in bis %yy^ 
b doth hym won« ibui hb w)< ■ cr vcic to skpfe 
For uDokc And t^moh^ ' imjieth to bit Q'en, 
Til 1« be btrrp-nyn! or bl)-n<fc • auid bora Sn ibe ibroce, 3x1 
Coughcth, KEid curveili ' Unt Ciyst gyf hem aorw 
1'hat shoidc brynge ia beti^r wode ' or bJonv it lE it brcwk. 

TtiM thre tbit 1 tdl6 oT - bm thus to vnderttonde ; 
The vjf l» ovne «ikk«d flesahe * that vi] nouji be cbattPd, 
For kymli- ctiniFtb on bym ewic ' lo coultait^; the ^uW. 339 
And iliowi^b it Tallc. it T/at alulcs ' tfatt (rcbtc it nude ; 
And ttul ift li^tly foiiouien - Mid forftten boib«. 
To fiiAn ibac m«fcy ajAk«th ■ uid amende tbeolMCh. 33*' 

The re>'i)e lliat rtynrlh - there vtt restt ihoklc, 
Ika aikciic^K^ aiid M>nvc» dm vc »uffr«i ofl, 
A» Powic the apostJ« ' to \ho pq>L^ uujle. 

Ami thciffgh ihac m<'n maic ' mocbc deol \Xk ha *!0^tt, 336 
And bca iikpacicnt in bcrc peimunix ' pure rcsouo koowcib, 
'j'bot Lhci ban cause to corktraric - b^ k>Tik of her £^k<nea»e; 
And li)Uich owr« lorde < at her l/ucs «nd«, 

Hiilh nicrcy on fiuclic men ■ ihai »o yuet may fuffre. 3f»; 

Ac tbe imokc and the sm<jtdcr - ih^ii ^m^ in owic eygben, 
7hat is coiicil)^ and vnkyadcnc»c " that qucncbcih goddcs 

For vnkyiiden»se is the contrarie * of alk)Tiiies rcsoun; 
For there njs sj'ke ne sori ■ rr m>Ti m> iinx:l>e wrccdie, %^ 
lliat be nc may louyc, and hTin lykc ' and Icnc of hia heitc 
Good ^^ille and good worde ' bothc wiatilicn and vrillen 

eTASSUS XX, 395-328. 

A* et bus rightwbnesM ic rcuthc lumc ■ rcaLiluclon hil m&kcth ; 
A» fictni'e of herte U ^attAfncctOTi ' Tor eucho >a may nil pays- 
Ac tbre ibj-n^s thcT bcodi * ihar i\ath a man 10 s:*ne- 19; 
1 ^p Out of his owene hous ' as ho\y vriu ^icwcih- 
'-'^ That on u a fdkkccle nif ' that wol nat be chiuitcU; 

Hure Tcre fle«tb fro hucre ' for fert of huere toung«. 300 

AnJ yf lius hous be vnheled * anrT r^j'ne on hu* Iwilde, 
He s<?kcLh and Bckeih lil he sli?pe dtyc^ 
Ac when *mok« and amorthrc ' smjt in hua cycu. 
Hit doth hjm wors ihan hua vyf ' other viettf lo &l«|^«* 304 
For chorw Bmotc and smorihro ■ sm«rteih hm syghi?, 
T/l ho be blr-r-cyod oilier Myndc ' and the borre hi hus throte* 
Kovtcih and cor&cth ' thai Crist ^yuc hym BOrvk'C 
Thai fchoJdc brynjfc yn bcllcTc vrodo ' other hlowc tl hit brcni^- 
Tbose thre thai ich lelle of ' ihue beoih to vnderslondc; 309 
T)je wif iit oufp wikkt'de fieahe " ih^t wot nat !» ciia^ti^d, 
For Kyndc clyucth on hym <^cre ' to coniiaric the aoule. 
And thauh he falJc, he fyni styies ■ tbat frclae hit mndcj yi 
And thsLC is lyghthche for-jjue * and for-jute bothe 
To man, thsii mercy askcth - and amende ihenkeih, 
Ac ihr Tcyn thai icyiitth ' thcr wr resie sholdc, 
Ikoth s^knca^s and oibcr norwcR ^ that wc 5ufFrca oJ^e, %tC 
Ai seynl Paul the apotlel ' in hue pintles tecbelhr 

Virftdi ia inJirwifaU perfieitHr. 
Am] tbauh men niaktu - niudtr Ocol in tiere angre, 
And beo inpacicnl in here penauticea ' pure reson ktioivcth, 
"I'hoi thei ban cioae to tontrarien ■ b>" kynde of here Bykncssa; 
And lighilicho onre lOTdc ' At her* lyuet ende 311 

Haih mi.Tcy of i^ucbe men ' diat vuel may SQJTr)'c- 
Ac Uic smoke and the smortLrc " that amyt in ourc eycn, 
Thai ift couciiw and vnkyiidcncssc ■ which qucncheth sodcs merey, 
For vnkyndncMC u conirarie ' of a!lc kynnc tcson ; %%% 

For ihcr nc ii xyk nc sory ' ne non so muche wrvcche, 
Tlui be nc may louye, and hym lykc ' and lene of bus hevto 
Good wU, good vorde ' bothe wuwhen and wylrwn jaS 


O. J9Q' ti»*tp!cP, aoi.TiilicldJ* P. reyneEFTG ; rync VI ; Jtr{.^i^. 
cu EMIFTG ; io P, ac»j, v\ IFTG i cr f. 3<^4- •»^cW ?■ 30$^ blctt>de P, 

i7n*>P. 316. ol^ MK1\ OLihi r. 317. P hLL A^an befoJv JYi'An. 

jij. myii P. 1^3, Geodo P, s<^ ^- wbtutticTL P. 



B, PASfiUS XVri. 347-XVUI, 24. 

AJIc m^ere mai ' inercy and for^iinesw, 
Atitl Icuyc bwii licJit! hx'U'WlT ■ and lus lyf imeiwle.— 
1 may no kngtr Ictk,' qu«>d he - and !yu<k be pryked. 
And vL^Dt away as VL'ynde * and thcre-vich 1 avraJmL 


PASSUS xvni. 

Pattut xviy^y ii itr£iu£ it DottU 

WOLLEWARD and vctc-ahocd ■ i^cal 1 forth after, 
Aft a nrcchcles renfcc ■ ihftl of no wo recdieth, 
And j*de forth lykc a WH * al my tyf-iymc, 
TjJ 1 wex wery of ihc wx)Tltlc " ind vyincd eft to slept, 4 

And leDcd mc to a Icntc:) ' and longc t^rmc I alcpLc; 
And iA Crr3lC3 pasaioon and pcrwuncc - the peplc that of-rauitt, 
Rcsie cne Ehere, and rune faste ' ijl ramii-paimamm ; 
Of grrlis and of^/orrii Iums - greilj me drcmt'*!, % 

And how ivr»Ad by crgonje ' oldc fdke longen. 
One scmblabic to ilic Sdmoritan ' and bomc'del to Pkn the PloivniaD. 
Baifot* 00 jh flsse baLk« - boielws cam PO'^^y^t 
Wyih-Dutt spores other sperf ' apaklicbe he lolwid, i % 

K% is the kyndc cf a kyn^cc ' thai coracth lo be dubbe^ 
To j^cEcn hem prylic spores ■ or galochcs ycoaped. 
Thanne wa^ Faith in a f^cestre ' and cryde '«/ jW DcatidV 
A& doih an hcrnude of armos - whan Qun^rous conneth to iusiM. 
OJdc Iuiw& of lenisalcai ' for loyc thuj songCD, ij 

BtntiUeius qui v<nii in nc/nin£ domint. 
Thonnc I frayncd al Faith ' wbat al that hit bc-mcntc, 
And wlio sholde lousie in iherusilera ■ 'lesua/ he aeydc, 
'And fcccfac thai ihc fcndc cl-iymelh ■ Piers fruit the PlowmaJL' 
*Is Piers in thb pEacc r quod 1 ' nnd he preynte on me^ 11 
'This lefitis of hU f^trice ' woLe luste in Piers armcs, 
fn his helfoe and In his haberioun " htmana nafura; 
Thai Ciyst be riuu|l Uitiiuwe here ' for comummaiut dmt, t% 

B. 7. RKleWCOV; RbtaI LR, 11, prikTuWO; pnkieitj pnke LC. 

16. aiintKDc RO ; aartt«rf>ai C : Aii«ntnnLa W - aunti*'^ L. it- bcmMCr 

AHc manure of men ' mercy arid fbr'icuciict»C', 119 

And \ov,ye hem ylicho hjm^Gylf ' ihM hun l)f A-mcnde. 
Ich may no lerper !ette,* quaih he ■ and lyarde lie prylccdc, 
And wenle away as the vynde ~ and ther-with idi awikcdc. 

ffjf fxph'fH passus fercius dt Do&eL 

Hk itKtpit passui quarim de Dohti. 

WO-werie and wetachod ■ wenic ich forth after. 
As A rechelcs renke ' that reccheih nat of sorwe, 
And jeodc forlh lyke a lorcll ■ al my lyf-(yme. 
Til Ich WEui very of ihi* worlile ' and wilnedc cfte to alepe, 4 
And fenede me til Icnten ' and lon;^ iyme ich slcpte. 
Of guTlcs and oi g/orui ifmi ■ pmli^zhe tne dreniede, 
And how osanna by orRonc ' oldc folk longc. 
On wu femblabic lo Ehe SamnritoD ' and ^mdcl to Pe«rs Plouhman, 
B^foi on an asse bak ' booU« cwn prytye^ 7 

Wi(h-ome spcire* other Bpere ' and spraktiche he lolsede, 
A* ia ihc kyndc of a Knyght ■ that comcth to be doubcd. 
To gelen hU3 gitte spores ■ and g:aJochc» y-conped, 11 

Then was F^tb in a feneslre ' and cryde, *a f filij DamJt' 
A» dnth an herand of amies < vhen aumrous cometh :o TiiR[ei<. 
Okie lewca of lenjsaleni ' ibr loye thei Kingen, 
BtH^dufus ^i vfmi IH mtniw dominr. 
Thcnne Ich fnyncdc at Faith ' 'what al that fare by-menie. 
And ho aliolde Iiuten m leruiialem^' ' 'leitus.' lie ttride, t; 

' And fcc<hc thm the feond ckytncih ■ Peer* frui ibe Plotihmar.' 
'Ya Peers in thiu place T quadi ich ■ and he prq-nkie vpon mc, 
' Lihfrum-dfi-^htrtum' quaih be ' 'for loue hath vndcrtate 10 
Thai this lesusof hu* geninw * fihal Ioduc In Pwrs aime*. 
In bus bclme and in huti Imbviion ' hmtiana TtoAtra/ 
Thai Crisi be rat knowc ' lot c&mummahtM d^j, 

C, I, imv^odpP. *. rkhel^t]*. 4, t*> IMFTG; PE#bi, 7. 

oigrioe K; oiRfne IT ; ^pgne FE. folk FTG; men I'EM J J, yconprt 

IMKr: T.oo|«l pa. If. unimi ^f^) PC1MG; «Dninu.r F; annciirKj T. 

t«. f niyimedfl I", at iMhT ; ofGj PE^jh, )1, >ifi htE; ^ G ; ^ I'. 

GMiivnH P. ». ID meX; PPG cw< t^. pi (yW* pat) F. 


B. PASsus x\in. »$-$&. 

In Vkrs pollok the Plnvnian * this pnker shat rydt; 
For no clynle slu! hym dcre ' u m 4£rrVf3// patrir' 
'Wlio shal lusie wiih IcMi>?*qutiJ I - *Iuwes ci mattes?' 
'Nay,'qt)oJ \xt, 'ihe foule fende ■ aiid Fila-domc acd Dcth. »» 
Dcrh fccilh he ahal fordo • And adown bryugc 
Al thit lyu«tli or lolccih * ta londe or in M'aiert. 
Ljf se)i]i iti^ he l&th - inJ Ic-yih his lif la wcJ^, 
liiat for al that Dcib cm do - with-ii) ihrc d^yes, j« 

To iFitlkc and fccclic frc ihc fendc ' Piers fruiw ihc PlownKO. 
And Icgg^ it Lhen; h^m l;'kel}i ' md Lucifer hjiide, 
And forb^ic and Admvn bryngr ' bak suid (Tcth for eucrc: 
£) mors, trc mfrs tua f 
Thamjc cam Fihtus with inoche pcplc ■ jfJ<r>«j /« /ri^tm^i. 
To 9e how doughtilich Detb sboEde do • and elenw her bolb^rcs riilt. 

The luurn and the fusiicp ■ a^Eiif l^wi thei were, 
And al her toime on liyin trydc ' tmctfige Hlurpcn 
Tho put hym forlh a pilouic ' biJot PiUl, and Mjrdc. 
'Thifi kflua of o^t'r« I«we« ttmple ' [aped and dKpilwJ, 
Tn fordone fl on o day ■ and (r thrr dfl)f*8 aft^f 
Edcfyc k eft newc ' (licic he Mant that 3^cydG ii) 
And jit mnkei^ ll lu moche ' in sX m^incrc poynio* 
Bothe a« lonK^ and ns lar^c - hi lofl utd bf ||roimd«/ 



' Cntci^gt,' quod a caodicpollc '] wAr^mic bym a wicchcl' 

' 7V/r. hIkJ' quod an other ■ and trAc of kcne ihoracs. 

And bigan of ken^ ihome ' a gorclande to nuJ», ^ 

And seiie ii aort otj tiU hrd ■ and sryflr in on\yc, 

'^ttf» ra6fyf' tjuod thftt rlhaudc and itucw rcdc» ai hyiDr 

Naillcd hym wiih thrc nuillcs ' naked on Ihc rode. 

And poysoun on n pole ' thi^i put vp lo h» lippec, ja 

And lieje hym drynkc hi» dcih-yucl ■ hi* dny« were jdooe. 

'And ^if dmt ihcm ^itl t>c - help now lhi-!ic]ucnr 

If tbow be Crysi, &nd kyngts sone ' come dcwD«.cf Ihc rode; 

B. 35. ^Q OY ; LWCK om. 46. Cfufiit U 4^,<t{firot)U 


0. PASsus xxr. u-$6. $» 

Ift Pccrcs plfttcEi the Plouhmiui ■ ih:a jTykiore shal r^xie; ^4 

For no dim shsS hym derc ■ as t» ddlaU patris' 

• \\<i shal lotnitr with lesus," (juuih icli ' 'Icwes, other sci>bc5?' 
' Naj-,' quulli FaiUi. ' bole llic fcoiwJ ' and Fjla-doui-lo-dcjc. 
Ddh seiUi he wd fordo ' and a-doun bryn^o >6 
Al that lyii«ih other ioketh - a Jonde ;ind t watere. 

tyf seith timr he lyplli ■ and hadi leyilt.' Iiun lyf 10 w«dde, 
Thai for al ihal DeLh can do ' vitli-Linit.- due duycs* 
To walkc and foccFic fro ih? fcondo * Pccra frut ibc Plouhmanj 
And [egg« hit thoT h^Tii Ijkedi * and Lucifi^T liyndcsf 33 

And forl^ii^ and bringe adoiin ' baJc anjl dcih fo' eiicrc; 

Thcnnc cam Pi/afas wiiii mucbc pcuplc " wdtw jVv irxlunaii\ 
To *co hou douhiilichc Dcih tholdc do ' and dcmc here bcycr ryght 
The luwcs and ihe lusticea ■ a^i^ns lesus they were, jj 

And a!lc llic covm crycck? ' ' crurifyr* lowdr, 
Thcnne pui hjm fonh a pcloiu ' hj-for Tilal* irn:! scydc, 
'Thys Icsus of ourc luwen temple ' lapcdc and dcspucdc, 40 
Tc fot'don hit on si day ' and in thfe dayes after 
Edefien Tiit efcc newc — ' her he stani thai seydc hit— 
And )m make hit as miiche ' in allr mancrc poynlcf;, 
Codic as loHKC and ba Uigc ' alofl «iid a-irroundc, 44 

And i» w}'dc as hit cucrc was ' llw we VEitnc^vcn atle.' 
'Cr^eifigg,' quatb a tachepol ■ 'he can or wicche-craftc/ 
' TdU, lofk^ quiilli another ■ and lokc nf kctie tlitjmcfi. 
And b>^gftn of a grerne ibomc ' a garlaunde to m&kc, 4S 

And s«ite hti sore on hus hcfd ■ and Buthe scj-de in cntiyc, 

* Aut, rahhi,' qiiQih thai ribiud ■ and rcodci *hotk at hua t^yen:^ 
And nailtxJe hym with ihre navies ' nakeii on ihe fode. 

And with a pcle pnyson ' j^uiCcn to hu» lippc*. f) 

And tfedcn hym dryi Jlc, bus dcih to ]i.-tlG ' and hus dnycs lengthen ; 
And seide, 'yf he gothfast beo • he wol hym-SL^Lf hclpen; 
And now, yf thow be Crisre ' ^:od« sone of bencne. 
Come a-doime of ihi^ rode " and ihcnia' wol >vc Icyuc fd 

C, aa- liitMCiUirT;hrraPE. i^totUttUU fc»rt«krEFTG. uid 
btinecafltjujiMFG; ndoua uid biyii|£e PET. luJ U) MF ^ VtVTO am. 

tn-^fmi EF ; ota tro man W ifi- Jcyoie V. jS. lowtdc I". jg. fonh 
IMFTG ; PK tm. 43- bit MKG ; ii IIT ; P ww, Ai- *h[i£ici«o P- 

4». onKMIFTOi in P. io, tiUiM; nbJ PITG- «iU MEirTOi • P. 
53, bedEm iMTj bid fE. £4. MEibtaM I*. 



B. PASSD5 XVm 56-ftT* 

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Tbiaae i^iil we k«e dui Ljl tbe loueih 

' CatuatvmaJum at,* qood Cc>M ' and cmmpfl fortn 
FScoQiliche Bfid lole ' u ■ prisoun chfti dcji:ili ; 
Tbe lords of IK nd of li|bc - tbo fefcd his «rcn u>s*derc& 
The dijre for dnede «nibdro<B« ' iitd <lerke bkun Ibe tonne, «o 
The «n1 vaggvd an! clef - ud al the woride qnaiied 
Dcd inra for ihat djoe - c<mM out c4 dep« p«M9t 
And tokk whi Lhai hnpcn - n longc tjniM durcd.