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Full text of "Visits to Jesus in the tabernacle : hours and half-hours of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, with a novena to the Holy Ghost, and devotions for Mass, Holy Communion, etc"

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Take ye. and eat: Tbis is My body." — Matt. xxvi. 2K. 

tiMsits to Jesus in tbe 

Hours and Half-Hours of Adoration 
Before the Blessed Sacrament 






&eb. jf. X. Haaattce 

Author of "My Prayer Book," etc. 



New York, Cincinnati, Chicago 

B e n 3 i 9 e r Brothers 

Printers to the Holy Apostolic See 

W*<-' <3b6tat. 



Censor Deputaius 


Archbishop of New York 

■$■>*** ^ork, Dec. ?, 1S97. 

Copyright, 1898, by Ben-ziger Brothers, 

Printed in tbe Ur.:ted States of America 



The use of this book is fourfold: 

1. It serves for short visits to Our Lord in the 

2. It is designed to serve still better for long 
visits to the Blessed Sacrament. By means of it, 
half-hours and hours of adoration may be spent 
before the Tabernacle in the most fruitful and 
interesting manner; hence the sub-title has been 
affixed. It is indeed specially intended as a vade 
mecum for those pious souls who, as members of 
Eucharistic Leagues and Confraternities, are ac- 
customed to keep the weekly or monthly Hour of 

3. It tends to inculcate and to foster devotion 
to the Holy Ghost, in connection with devotion to 
the Holy Eucharist. 

4. It is finally a Prayer-Book for all ordinary 
occasions and devotions, especially for Mass and 
Holy Communion. 

Our little book follows the suggestions of Pere 
Eymard — the venerated and zealous Apostle of 
the Holy Eucharist — for making the hour of ad- 

4 Prologue. 

oration. The pious adorer is never permitted to 
lose sight of the four ends of sacrifice or of the 
obligations we have to God, as our almighty 
Creator and supreme Master, viz.: 1. Adoration; 
2. Thanksgiving; 3. Separation; and 4. Prayer. 

The plan and scope of these " Visits " should 
he studied carefully by the pious adorer, so as to 
gain the most benefit from the use of this book. 

Here is the scheme for each :< Visit " : 

1. Prayers before and after each visit, beginning 
with the hymn to the Holy Ghost — " Veni Sancte 
Spiritus ! " 

2. Acts of Adoration, Thanksgiving, Repara- 
tion, and Petition. 

3. Prelude of three points, bearing on the life of 
Our Lord Jesus Christ in connection with the 
Mysteries of the Altar, with pious reflections. 

4. Considerations or Meditations on the Blessed 
Sacrament. (Read and examine the Index to as- 
certain the scope, variety, and practical utility of 
these meditations.) Our Lord's Hidden and 
Public and Eucharistic Life ; His Passion and 
Death; His Virtues are constantly held up to 
view for study and imitation. The aim of this 
book is to give honor to the Blessed Sacrament, 
and to aid in the sanctification of souls. 

5. Each Meditation is concluded with a prayer 
or an invocation to Mary — Our Lady of the Most 
Holy Sacrament, and to St. Joseph, the foster- 
father of Jesus and the patron of a happy death. 

Prologue. 5 

6. Then follows a prayer to the Holy Ghost. 

7. Spiritual Communion. 

8. Thanksgiving or Fruit of the Visit, i.e., ex- 
hortation to the love of Jesus and the imitation 
of His example. At each Visit a. particular virtue 
is suggested for daily practice. 

9. Eucharistic Gems, i.e., quotations from the 
saints, psalms, and hymns; Eucharistic legends, 

This book is a bouquet of eucharistic flowers, 
gathered from many and various gardens, under 
the direction, as we prayed, of the Holy Spirit, 
and offered in the name of Jesus, Mary, and 
Joseph to the pious adorers of the Blessed Sacra- 
ment for their spiritual refreshment. 

By the use of these visits for each day in the 
month, in combination with the other devotions, 
litanies, aspirations, acts, and prayers so plenti- 
fully supplied in this volume, the devout adorer 
can, according to his love and pleasure, easily 
make up innumerable hours of adoration. Be- 
sides, the meditations proper for each visit are 
sufficiently long and varied enough to occupy one, 
who is not altogether a stranger to the habit of 
meditating, for at least a half-hour, especially if 
the regular acts and prayers before and after each 
visit are recited slowly and with devout reflection. 
Foi visits of five, ten, or fifteen minutes, a judi- 
cious selection of acts, prayers, and spiritual read- 
ing can be made at random by the pious adorers, 

6 Prologue. 

according to their time, devotion, and inclina- 

It will be noticed that the prayers to be said 
before the visits begin with a hymn to the Holy 
Ghost, and that, together with the Act of Spiri- 
tual Communion towards the end of the visit, a 
prayer to the Holy Ghost is directed to be said. 

This may be considered a unique and peculiar 
feature of these visits; whence they might be ap- 
propriately styled: "Visits to Jesus in the Tab- 
ernacle and to the Holy Ghost;" yet it is hoped 
that this will become popular, since, on the one 
hand, there is an intimate connection between the 
Eucharist and the Holy Ghost, which is brought 
out clearly in the XVIIIth Visit, and, on the other 
hand, the Holy Father, Pope Leo XIII., in his 
Encyclical .Letter for Pentecost, 1897, has ex- 
horted all Christians to a higher appreciation of 
the goodness and power of the Holy Ghost, and 
has decreed that an annual novena should be held 
in preparation for Pentecost in all the parish 
churches of the world, and in all chapels, at the 
discretion of the bishops. Being the Spirit of 
Truth and of Love, as the Vicar of Christ assures 
us, the Holy Ghost helps men to know the truth 
and to love it. 

He is the Sanctifier of souls and will especially 
help the faithful adorers to become virtuous and 
holy, through their devotion to the Holy Eucha- 
rist and through the following of Christ in the 

Prologue. 7 

example of all virtues that the God-Man gave us 
while on earth, and still gives us in the Most Holy 
Sacrament of the Altar. 

The Incarnation of the Son of God and the 
sublime Mystery of the Holy Eucharist are two 
parts of the greatest work for man's redemption 
and salvation which the Holy Ghost has accom- 
plished. The Mystery of the Tabernacle is a con- 
tinuation of the Mystery which St. John revealed 
when he wrote: " Et verbum caro factum est" — 
" And the Word was made flesh." 

The Holy Ghost, Who overshadowed the 
Mother of God at Nazareth, overshadows the 
Tabernacle of God from the rising to the setting 
of the sun. Hence it is eminently proper that 
the faithful should cultivate a particular devotion 
to the Holy Ghost in connection with the adora- 
tion of the Blessed Sacrament. At the same time, 
Mary, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, and St. 
Joseph, the dear foster-father of Jesus, are not 
neglected or forgotten. After each meditation 
in these visits will be found an invocation to Mary 
and Joseph. It will require only a cursory glance 
over the titles in the Index to get an idea of the 
plan, the scope, and the practical value of the 
thirty-one meditations on the Holy. Eucharist in 
this book. 

These meditations are not merely pious affec- 
tions, sentiments of the heart, or reiterated ef- 
fusions of love, which, however good they may 

8 rrologut. 

be in themselves and agreeable to certain de- 
vout souls, are found by many to be monotonous, 
distasteful, and unfruitful of devotion by reason 
of constant repetition. 

The " dulce " and the " utile " together were 
aimed at in these visits — solid instruction, useful 
information, and practical reflections on the 
virtues are mingled with pious affections and de- 
vout colloquial ejaculations. At the conclusion 
of each visit, together with the spiritual com- 
munion, some virtue is suggested for practice and 
a prayer is recommended to obtain the gifts and 
fruits of the Holy Ghost, besides other virtues. 

To carry out this idea we drew largely upon 
Rawe-Lercarr' s " Eucharistic Month " for mate- 
rial.* The life of Jesus enters largely into these 
visits — His life, His character, His virtues are 
studied for imitation, and for the purpose of 
drawing the faithful adorers nearer to the divine 
Lover, Who is hidden in the Tabernacle, — nearer 
to Him, Who was the " most beautiful among the 
children of men." Our blessed Saviour's life from 
the Manger of Bethlehem to the Cross of Cal- 
vary is reproduced in the mysteries of the Most 
Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Pere Eymard once 
addressed his faithful followers thus: "Adorers 

* We are also indebted to " Eeflections and Prayers for 
Holy Communion " for many beautiful thoughts and some 
short extra/ts. This is a book we highly recommend to 
p:ous adorers and frequent communicants- 

prologue. 9 

of the Blessed Sacrament, to you I say, adore al- 
ways, but vary your adoration, as Mary varied 
hers- Enter into and revive all these mysteries 
in the Eucharist. Without this you will # fall into 
routine, and if your adoration is not regulated 
and varied by some new thought or motive, you 
will become stupid and weary in your prayers. It 
was thus Mary recalled on the anniversaries of the 
mysteries that had been accomplished before her 
eyes in the life of her divine Son their circum- 
stances, their lessons, and their graces. She re- 
minded Jesus by them of His great love for us. 
We do not always speak to a friend of the present, 
we recall pleasing events of the past, and we con- 
template the future. The Eucharist is the 
compendium of all these mysteries and renews 
their graces and their love." 

Of late years there has been a wonderful spread 
of devotion to the Blessed Eucharist among the 
faithful under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; 
there has been witnessed a holy, happy rivalry 
between the clergy and the laity, between the 
high and the low, the ilch and the poor, in their 
zealous efforts to extend to our divine Lord and 
Master in His great Sacrament the most respect- 
ful homage and to present Him with every token 
of the deepest love, gratitude, and veneration; 
there has been a revival of the most methodical, 
most apnropriate. and most fruitful devotion to 
the Blessed Sacrament — that beautiful service, 

10 Prologue. 

suggested by real faith and burning love, of 
Adoration, Thanksgiving, Reparation, and Petition 
— which is embodied in the " Hour of Adoration" 
and which corresponds to the obligations that we 
have towards God, as between the finite and the 
Infinite, the creature and the Creator; there has 
been introduced, by means of the Priests* 
Eucharistic League, Tabernacle Societies, and 
other Eucharistic Associations, into parishes, 
monasteries, and convents, the custom of keeping 
the Weekly or Monthly Hour of Adoration; and 
for these reasons we believe that this book is op- 
portune; we hope that it will effectually serve the 
object for which it was prepared, viz.: the greater 
glory of the Eucharist, which it strives to unfold 
to its devout readers, and the sanctification of 
souls; we pray that it may become a cheerful and 
helpful companion to many adorers in their fre- 
quent visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle. 

Francis Xavier Lasance. 
Cincinnati, Ohio, 
Feast of the Immaculate Conception B. V. M., 1897- 



Prologue . 3 

Pere Peter Julian Eymard 23 

The Priests' Eucharistic League 31 

The Hour of Adoration 32 

The People's Eucharistic League (Archconfraternity 

of Perpetual Adoration) 33 

Virtues of Pere Eymard 33 

Method of Adoration According to the Four 

Ends of Sacrifice 38 

First Quarter of an Hour— Adoration 38 

Second Quarter of an Hour — Thanksgiving 40 

Third Quarter of an Hour — Reparation 42 

Fourth Quarter of an Hour — Prayer 44 

v isits to Jesus in the Tabernacle 46 

How often ought we to Visit Jesus in the Tabernacle 53 

Spiritual Communion 56 

An Act of Spiritual Communion 56 

St. Thomas Aquinas on Spiritual Communion 57 

St. Alphonsus on Spiritual Communion. . . 59 

A Short Act of Spiritual Communion 60 

How to Employ the Hour of Adoration and the 
Time of Our Visit to Jesus in the Tabernacle 

most Profitably , 61 

Acts of Adoration, Love, and Thanksgiving 62 

Acts of Reparation : , 63 

Reparation for Ourselves . 64 

Reparation for Others 65 

Acts of Petition . . 66 

Pious Reflections ... 70 

Resolutions 70 

Acts and Prayers to be Said at Each Visit 71 

Recourse to the Holy Ghost to Invoke His Aid 71 

Veni Sancte Spiritus. 71 

Adoration 74 

Another Act of Adoration .... 75 

Peculations 76 


12 Contents. 


Thanksgiving 76 

Acts of Adoration and Especially Thanksgiving . . 76 

Tantum Ergo 78 

Other Acts of Thanksgiving 80 

Reparation 82 

An Act of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of 

Jesus Contained in the Adorable Sacrament 84 

Ejaculation to the Sacred Heart 87 

Petition 87 

An Act of Admiration of the Divine Goodness, and 

of Imploring Graces for Ourselves 87 

Act of Petition for the Same Graces for Our Neigh- 
bor 91 

Act of Recommendation to Jesus in behalf of the 

Holy Souls in Purgatory 93 

Prayers for the Church, Ruling Powers, etc., in the 

United States 94 

Prayer for the Priesthood 96 

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Mother, 

Model, and Advocate , 97 

Sub tuum Prsesidium 99 

Prayer to St. Joseph 101 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost 101 

Prayers for the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Ghost. . 102 

Spiritual Communion 104 

Prayer for the Short Visit to the Blessed Sacra- 
ment 105 

Visit I. Jesus in the Tabernacle Emmanuel : 

God with Us 107 

Considerations , 107 

Fruit of the Visit 113 

Eucharistic Gems 114 

Visit II. Jesus in the Tabernacle our Merciful 

Saviour 115 

Considerations 115 

Fruit of the Visit 119 

Aspiration 1 20 

Eucharistic Gems 120 

Visit III. Jesus in the Tabernacle our Friend. 121 

Considerations 121 

Fruit of the Visit 126 

Eucharistic Gems , 1 27 

Jesus Our True Friend 127 

Contents. 13 


Visit IV. Jesus in the Tabernacle our King. . . . 129 

Considerations 129 

Fruit of the Visit 134 

Aspiration 134 

Eucharistic Gems 1 35 

O Jesus ! King Most Wonderful 135 

Visit V. Jesus in the Tabernacle our Physician 136 

Considerations . 138 

Fruit of the Visit 140 

Aspiration 140 

Eucharistic Gems 141 

Visit VI. Jesus in the Tabernacle our Good 

Shepherd 142 

Considerations 142 

Fruit of the Visit : 145 

Aspiration 146 

Eucharistic Gems 146 

Visit VII. Jesus in the Tabernacle our Divine 

Master 147 

Considerations 147 

Fruit of the Visit 150 

Eucharistic Gems 151 

Within Thy Sacred Heart 151 

Visit VIII. Jesus in the Tabernacle our Judge.. 153 

Considerations 1 53 

Fruit of the Visit 157 

Aspiration , 157 

Eucharistic Gems 157 

Visit IX. Jesus in the Tabernacle our Hidden 

God 159 

Considerations 159 

Fruit of the Visit 163 

Aspiration 164 

Eucharistic Gems 1 64 

Peace, be Still ! 164 

Legenda 164 

The Blessed Sacrament in the Catacombs 164 

Legend of St. Xystus, P. M 166 

Legend of St. Tarcisius 167 

Visit X. Jesus in the Tabernacle our Conso- 
lation 169 

Considerations 1 69 

Fruit of the Visit 172 



Eucharistic Gems 178 

Visit XI. Jesus in the Tabernacle our Help in 

all Necessities 174 

Considerations 175 

Fruit of the Visit 178 

Aspiration 179 

Eucharistic Gems .... 179 

Visit XII. Jesus in the Tabernacle and the Mys- 
tery of Faith 180 

Considerations 181 

Fruit of the Visit 183 

Eucharistic Gems 184 

Adoro te Devote Latens Deitas 184 

Visit XIII. Jesus in the Tabernacle our Hope, 

our Confidence 186 

Considerations - 186 

Fruit of the Visit 190 

Aspiration , 191 

Eucharistic Gems 191 

Visit XIV. Jesus in the Tabernacle Our Love. . 192 

Considerations 1 92 

Fruit of the Visit. . . 195 

Aspiration 1 96 

Eucharistic Gems 196 

Four Visions of St. Mechtilde 19C 

Anima Mia Che Fai ? 19!S 

Visit XV. Jesus in the Tabernacle a Model of 

Poverty, Humiliation, and Self-Denial 20^ 

Considerations 200 

Fruit of the Visit 208 

Aspiration 20^ 

Eucharistic Gems 204 

Heart of Jesus, Hear ! 20r; 

St. Felix of Cantalice, Brother " Deo Gratias ". . . . 205 
Visit XVI. Jesus in the Tabernacle a Model of 

Obedience, Meekness, and Mortification . . 207 

Considerat ions 207 

Fruit of the Visit 211 

Eucharistic Gems 21 1 

Tp Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament 212 

Visit XVII. Jesus in the Tabernacle a Model of 

Purity 213 

Considerations 213 

Contents. 15 


Fruit of the Visit 216 

Eucbaristic Gems 216 

Anima Cliristi Sanctifica Me 217 

Visit XVIII. Jesus in the Tabernacle and the 

Holy Ghost 218 

Considerations 218 

Fruit of the Visit 223 

Aspirat ion 224 

Encharistic Gems 224 

Horse de Sancto Sacramento 224 

Veni Creator Spiritus 226 

Origin of the Churh of the Holy Ghost at Slavings, 

in Moravia 227 

\ t isit XIX. Jesus in the Tabernacle and His 

Most Sacred Heart 230 

Considerations 230 

Act, of Reparation and Consecration to the Sacred 

Heart of Jesus 234 

Fruit of the Visit 235 

Encharistic Gems 236 

Promises of Our Lord to Bl. Margaret Mary 236 

Hymn to the Sacre 1 Heart in the Blessed' Sacra- 
ment 237 

7 isit XX. Jesus in the Tabernacle and His Most 

Precious Blood 239 

Chaplet of the Precious Blood 239 

Fruit of the Visit 246 

Eucharistic Gems "246 

Ejaculation 247 

The Eucharistic Pelican 2-17 

Invocations to the Precious Blood. 248 

Devout Aspirations 249 

Visit XXI. Jesus in the Tabernacle "The 

Memorial " 251 

Considerations 252 

Fruit of the Visit 258 

Aspiration 258 

Eucharistic Gems 259 

Petitions to Jesus Crucified 259 

O the Mystery ! 260 

Visit XXII. Jesus in the Tabernacle and the 
Prayer and Agony in the Garden — "The 
Holy Hour " 261 

16 Contents. 


The " Holy Hour " in the Gospel. . . 261 

Considerations 262 

Fruit of the Visit , 270 

Aspiration 271 

Eucliaristic Gems 27 1 

Adoro te Devote Latens Deitas 271 

Visit XXIIL Jesus in the Tabernacle and His 

Sacred Passion 273 

Considerations 273 

Prayers to Jesus by the Merit of each Particular 

Pain which He Suffered in His Passion 277 

Fruit of the Visit 281 

Aspiration 281 

Eucliaristic Gems 281 

Viva. Viva Gesu ! 282 

Visit XXIV. Jesus in the Tabernacle and the 

Blessed Virgin Mary 283 

Considerations 28.4 

Fruit of the Visit 292 

Aspiration 293 

Eucharistic Gems 293 

The Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady 295 

Visit XXV. Jesus in the Tabernacle and the 

Angels 297 

Considerations 297 

Fruit of the Visit 301 

Eucharistic Gems 301 

St. Dominic Assisted by Angels.. , 303 

From the Lauda Sion 304 

Visit XXVI. Jesus in the Tabernacle and the 

Saints 306 

Considerations 307 

Fruit of the Visit 312 

Eucharistic Gems 313 

St. Philip Neri 314 

Jesu Dulcedo Cordium 315 

Visit XXVII. Jesus in the Tabernacle and the 

Holy Souls in Purgatory 317 

Considerations 318 

Fruit of the Visit 324 

Eucharistic Gems 325 

St. Augustine 325 

Verbum Supermini Prodiens 327 

Contents. 17 


Visit XXVIII. Jesus in the Tabernacle and Bene- 
diction op the Blessed Sacrament 329 

Considerations 330 

Legenda 336 

Apparition of Our Lord in the Host 336 

Apparitions in a Crucified Host 338 

Miraculous Deliverance from Painful Scruples. . . 340 

Fruit of the Visit 341 

Aspiration 342 

Eucbaristic Gems 342 

Prayer for Benediction 342 

Hymns for Benediction 344 

O Salutaris Hostia ! 344 

Ave Regina Ccelorum 344 

Tantum Ergo Sacramentum .... 344 

Devout Acts of Praise 345 

Visit XXIX. Jesus in the Tabernacle and the 

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass 346 

Considerations 346 

Fruit of the Visit 360 

Eucbaristic Gems 361 

Ave Verum Corpus Natum 362 

Visit XXX. Jesus tn the Tabernacle : Holt 
Communion and Frequent Holy Communion . . 363 

Considerations 363 

Prayer 372 

Fruit of the Visit 373 

Aspiration 374 

Eucbaristic Gems 374 

Jesu Nostra Refectio 374 

Visit XXXI. Jesus in the Tabernacle and the 

Viaticum 375 

Considerations . . 375 

Prayers for Those who are in Agony and for the 

Grace of a Happy Death 379 

Words of Jesus on the Cross 379 

Fruit of the Visit 386 

Eucbaristic Gems 387 

Last Communion of St. Teresa 387 

Hymn of St. Teresa 389 

Miscellaneous Prayers for the Hour of Adora- 
tion and for Short Visits to the Blessed 
Sacrament 392 

18 Contents. 


Prayer to the Most Holy Trinity for the Exaltation of 

the Blessed Eucharist, and for the Wants of the 

Church 392 

Prayer to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament: An Act 

of Faith and Adoration 396 

Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament 399 

Act of Self-Accusation of Grievous Sins against 

Jesus 399 

Act of Perfect Contrition, of Hope, and of Confidence 

in Jesus , 401 

Act of Gratitude to Jesus 404 

Act of Love to Jesus. , 406 

Act of Offering to Jesus of His own Sacred Heart. . . 408 
An Act of Protestation to Imitate Jesus in the Divine 

Sacrament 410 

An Act of Consecration and Reparation to the Sacred 

Heart 41t 

An Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart for the First ■ 

Friday 412 

An Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 4K 
A Universal Prayer for All Things Necessary to 

Salvation 415 

Acts of Conformity with the Will of God 41? 

i. Prayer for Final Perseverance 418 

Prayer to be Preserved from Sudden and Unforeseen 

Death 419 

Short Indulgenced Prayers Applicable also to the 

Souls in Purgatory 420 

Visits to the Blessed Sacrament in Honor of the 

Sacked Heart of Jesus 424 

Acts of Devout Affection to Jesus in the Blessed 

Sacrament, and to His Most Sacred Heart 426 

The Crown or Chaplet of the Blessed Sacrament . . 427 

Oevotion to the Holy Ghost 435 

Novena to the Holy Ghost in Preparation for the 

Feast of Pentecost 435 

Humble Application to the Holy Ghost 436 

Prayers to obtain the Seven Gifts of the Holy 

Ghost 438 

1. To obtain the Gift of the Fear of the Lord 438 

2. To obtain the Gift of Piety 438 

3. To obtain the Gift of Knowledge 439 

4. To obtain the Gift of Fortitude 439 

Contents. 19 


5. To obtain the Gift of Counsel 439 

6. To obtain the Gift of Understanding 440 

7. To obtain the Gift of Wisdom 440 

Meditations on the Holy Ghost 440 

1. Love is a Fire that Inflames the Heart 440 

Affections and Prayers 442 

2. Love is a Light that Enlightens the Soul 443 

Affections and Prayers 444 

3. Love is a Fountain that Satisfies 445 

Affections and Prayers 446 

4. Love is Dew which Fertilizes , 447 

Affections and Prayers 448 

5. Love is Repose that Refreshes 449 

Affections and Prayers 450 

6. Love is the Virtue which gives us Strength. . . 450 
Affections and Prayers 451 

7. Love causes God to Dwell in our Souls 45£ 

Affections and Prayers 454 

8. Love is a Bond which Binds 454 

Affections and Prayers 45G 

9. Love is a Treasure Containing every Good .... 456 
Affections and Prayers 458 

10. On the Means of Loving God and of Becoming 

a Saint .. 459 

Affections and Prayers ., 460 


Mokning Devotions r 463 

Adoration and Gratitude 463 

Good Intention 464 

Act of Faith , 464 

Act of Hope 465 

Act of Charity 465 

Psalm LXII 466 

Prayer to the Guardian Angel 466 

Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. . . . 467 
Prayer for Grace to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.. 468 

O Jesu, Vivens in Maria 468 

Salve Regina 468 

Morning Hy inn 469 

Evening Devotions 470 

Short Lesson for Compline 471 

Confiteor 471 

20 Contents. 


Contrition 472 

Psalm XG 472 

Prayer for a Happy Death 473 

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 474 

Sub Tuum Presidium 474 

Prayer to Mary for the Grace of the Last Sacraments. 475 

Prayer to St. Joseph 475 

De Profundis , 475 

Prayer to Jesus in the Tabernacle 476 

Evening Hymn 477 

A Rule of Life 478 

The Means of Arriving at the Interior and Per- 
fect Life 481 

The Week Sanctified 482 

Consecration of the Whole Month 482 

Devotions for Every Day in the Week .• 484 

Sunday. — A Prayer to the Holy Trinity . 434 

Monday. — A Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory 485 

Tuesday. — A Prayer to Our Guardian Angel. 486 

Wednesday. — A Prayer to St. Joseph 486 

Thursday. — A Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. 487 

Friday. — Prayer to Our Suffering Jesus 488 

Saturday, — Prayer of St. Francis de Sales to the 

Blessed Virgin 489 

Devotions for Mass . 491 

A Method of Assisting at the Holy Sacrifice by fol- 
lowing the Ordinary of the Mass. 491 

A Method of Hearing Mass by Way of Meditation on 

the Passion 510 

A Method of Assisting at Mass for the Souls in Pur- 
gatory 519 

A Method of Assisting at Mass in Honor of the 

Blessed Sacrament 551 

Devotions for Confession 575 

Before Confession 575 

Act of Adoration 575 

Examination of Conscience 576 

Prayer for the Examination 576 

Offering of the Examination 576 

The Ten Commandments of God 578 

The Six Precepts of the Church 578 

The Seven Deadly Sins, aud Opposite Virtues 579 

Motives of Contrition 579 

Contents. 21 


1. Greatness and Sanctity of God 579 

An Act of Contrition 579 

2. The Benefits of God 58C 

An Act of Contrition 580 

3. The Presence of God • Judgment and Hell 581 

An Act of Contrition 581 

The Best Contrition , 582 

After Confession .... 583 

Special Devotions for Holy Communion 5S4 

Before Holy Communion 5rf4 

Prayer for Help 5B4 

Act of Faith ,.564 

Act of Charity , , 5>*4 

Act of Humility 584 

Act of Sorrow 584 

Act of Adoration 585 

Act of Love and Desire 585 

Receiving- Holy Communion 585 

After Holy Communion 585 

Act of Faith 585 

Act of Hope 585 

Act of Adoration 585 

Act of Humility 586 

Act of Love 586 

Act of Thanksgiving 586 

Act of Offering 586 

Prayer for Yourself 586 

Prayer for Others , 587 

Prayer of St. Ignatius af cer Communion 587 

An Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart 588 

Resolutions 589 

Exercises for Holy Communion 590 

Preparation for Communion 59J 

Acts before Communion. ... 592 

Act of Faith. 592 

Act of Confidence 593 

Act of Love 593 

Act of Humility 594 

Act of Contrition 595 

Act of Desire 595 

Thanksgiving after Communion „ 596 

Acts after Communion 598 

Act of Faith 598 



Act of Welcome 598 

Act of Thanksgiving « 599 

Act of Oblation 600 

Act of Petition 601 

Memento of the Living 602 

Memento of the Dead 602 

Final Reflections, Acts, and Petitions 60-5 

A Petition „o Overcome your Faults 604 

A Special Request 606 

An Act of Praise 608 

Promises and Resolutions to be made after Confession 

or Holy Communion , 609 

General Promises and Resolutions 609 

Promises to be made by Frequent and Daily Com- 
municants 611 

Litanies Approved by the Church 616 

Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus 616 

Litany of the Blessed Virgin 620 

Litany of the Saints 622 

Litany of the Sacred Heart 632 

The Holy Rosary 686 

Mysteries of the Holy Rotary 638 

Eucharistic Rosary 639 

Various Prayers 646 

To the Infant Jesus Asking for Our Heart 640 

Indnlgenced Prayer to the Holy Name of Mary 647 

Dedication of One's Self to Mary 647 

Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help 648 

Prayer to Mary theTenderest of Mothers 649 

Prayer to the immaculate Heart of Mary 650 

An Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Mary. 651 

Novena to St. Joseph ". 651 

The Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of St. Joseph. . . 651 

Responsorv of St. Anthony of Padua 654 

Prayer to the Angel Guardian 656 

Prayer to St. Michael de Santi 6o« 

ftere peter Julian )££mart>, 


PAre Eymard was a French priest whom God gave 
to the Church in oar own times to quicken the faith of 
her children in the Holy Eucharist and to reanimate 
devotion to the grandest and the most stupendous 
mystery of our holy faith — the Blessed Sacrament of 
the Altar. On account of his great zeal and untiring 
efforts in propagating devotion to the Most Holy Sacra- 
ment among all classes, he is entitled to the proud 
distinction of being called the Apostle of the Holy 

He was born at La Mure dTsere on February 4th, 
1811. From his infancy he manifested a special devo- 
tion to Jesus in the Tabernacle, and was irresistibly 
drawn to pay frequent visits to the church of his 
native place. His mother, whose piety was as enlight- 
ened as it was fervent, found great pleasure in assisting 
at Benediction, and perhaps the first intelligent looks of 
the child were directed towards the monstrance. When 
he could barely toddle, he would always try to follow his 
mother in her daily visit to the Blessed Sacrament. 

One day, when little Peter Julian was about five 
years old, he said to his sister, who was ten years older 
than himself : " You are very happy to be allowed to go 
to communion so often. Do offer it some day for me.' 

24 Pere Eymard. 

" For you ! " she exclaimed, much surprised. " But 
what do you know about it ? What do you want me to 
ask for you?" 

The child answered : "Ask Our Lord to make me 
very good and gentle and pure, so that I may be a 
priest some day ." 

To become a priest— that was the one ambition of 
this child of predilection. Another instance proved 
how early the child had understood the two principal 
duties of piety towards God hidden in the tabernacle, 
viz., to keep Him company, and thus honor His 
Presence among us; and to unite one's self to that 
great sacrifice of reparation for the salvation of men. 

On one occasion the child was missing for several 
hours. At last he was discovered kneeling on a lktle 
stool, which he had dragged close to the high altar of 
the parish church, with his hands clasped, and his eyes 
fixed upon the tabernacle. 

" What are you about ? " exclaimed his mother. 

" I am close to Jesus, and listening to Hinij M replied 
the child. 

He was "listening" — the part of Mary at Nazareth 
and at Bethany ; the " better" part, optimam, as de- 
clared by Our Lord Himself. 

His little heart was already inflamed, as it were, with 
the love of God. One day he passed a cord round his 
neck, took off his shoes, and, fancying he was quite 
alone in the church, came with a candle in his hand to 
make amends to the Prisoner of Love. He was sur- 
prised in the act, and laughed at for his folly. But Our 
Lord is said to hunger and thirst for souls thus pure 
and innocent ; and the child preserved during his 
whole life the untarnished brightness of his baptismal 

The happy day of his First Holy Communion was the 

Pere Eymard. 2h 

one that he spoke of most frequently and looked 
forward to with vehement desire and eager expectations. 
Regarding his first happy intercourse with the divine 
Master and Lover of souls in holy communion, these 
words fell from his own lips: "When I received 
Jesus for the first time in holy communion and pressed 
Him to my heart. I whispered: 'Lord, if it be Th^ 
pleasure, I wish to become a priest.' " 

Thirty years later the remembrance of this blesset 
day was wont to bring tears to the eyes of Pere Eymard. 
"Oh ! what graces the Lord showered upon me at m} 
First Holy Communion," he said ; "my conversion to 
the Lord and my consecration to His holy service then 
became complete." At this time, also, he was enrolled 
as a member of the Confraternity of the Most Sacred 
Heart of Jesus. "This devotion," he once remarked, 
" saved me." When thirteen years old, his spiritual 
director permitted him to approach the holy table once 
a week. At the age of seventeen, he had lost both father 
and mother by death. On this occasion he cast himself 
at the feet of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of 
God, and, choosing her for his own mother, he prayed 
to her most fervently that through her mighty interces- 
sion at the throne of her divine Son he might reach the 
goal of his ambition — the sacred priesthood. He subse- 
quently entered the seminary at Grenoble, and he was 
ordained a priest in the year 1834. He labored for five 
years in Chatte, and later in Monteynard, as parish 
priest, where his memory is still held in loving venera- 
tion by the poor, among whom he "went about doing 
goody But he felt a higher call, and entered the 
Society of Mary. The Oblates of Mary had just been 
founded. Pere Eymard was to share in the trials which 
are inseparable from all beginnings. Later on he was 
t± pass through similarjrials, no longer as a follower. 

.26 Pere Eymard. 

but as a leader ; and, remembering his past experience, 
he was never surprised at the storms which at one time 
threatened to overwhelm both himself and his work. 

He rose to eminence in his Order and was made 
Provincial, but neither honors nor varied and engrossing 
responsibilities ever weakened his love for his divine 
Master. But now the graces of his life were to bear 
greater fruit. His life-long attraction pursues him. He 
longs to bring the whole world to Our Lord in the 
Eucharist, by preaching and by interior direction. He 
promises henceforth to devote himself to this end. 

" One afternoon in January, 1851," relates Pere 
Eymard a few days before his death, " I went to Notre 
Dame de Fourvieres. One thought absorbed me : Our 
Lord in the Blessed Sacrament had no Religions Order of 
men to honor him in this Mystery of Love, no religious 
body making the Eucharist the one object to which their 
lives should be consecrated. One is needed. promised 
Mary to devote myself to carrying out this idea." He 
added, with indescribable emotion, " Oh, what hours I 
passed there ! " 

"Did .you, then, see Our Lady, that you were so 
strongly impressed?" some one asked. 

This was a vital question. He had not expected it. A 
"yes" rose to his iips, but was half repressed through 
humility. They dared not question him further as to 
the particulars of this vision, but from that moment, as 
he continued to relate, he devoted himself to the labor 
of founding an Order expressly devoted to the Blessed 

Four years were to elapse before the foundation of the 
new Order — years of painful suspense and trial. On 
the one hand, Pere Eymard was restrained by the rules 
of prudence, of religious obedience, the fear of delu- 
sion, the thought of his own unworthiness, and frail 

Pere Eymard. 2? 

health. On the other hand, he was drawn by an irre- 
sistible attraction, and feared to be unfaithful to the call 
of Divine Grace. He submitted his plans and a draft of 
the Rules of his Congregation to His Holiness Pius IX., 
who blessed and commended the work, declaring that 
his idea came from Heaven, and that the Church had 
need of this new Society. His hopes were soon to be 

First came, however, to Pere Eymard, the greatest 
sacrifice of his life. He must renounce his vocation as 
Marat and break asunder the ties of seventeen years ot 
mutual toil and religious affection. His nature was in 
'ihe Garden of Olives. When the final moment came he 
Was sent by his superiors to make a retreat in order to 
decide the question that had cost him so much painful 
mental struggle. Three bishops were to judge the 
matter. Pere Eymard put himself wholly into the 
hands of God, submitting to every possibility. The 
three venerable prelates declared unanimously that 
Cod's will was too clearly manifested to admit of any 
further doubt, and that it was Pere Eymard's duty to 
devote himself to this work alone. He had at first only 
two companions — Peter and John, but the "supper- 
room " was ready. The Archbishop of Paris, in his kind 
anxiety for the immediate establishment of the work, 
gave them a temporary dwelling in a house formerly oc- 
cupied by some Religious of the Sacred Heart. 

Here the "Religious of the Most Holy Sacrament 1 ' 
began their work like true apostles, sharing the absolute 
poverty of their divine Master. 

Their first yearfe were marked by trials of every kind, 
but Pius IX. blessed anew the work and 'its author, en- 
riching it with precious indulgences and signing the 
laudatory brief with his own hand. 

In a sketch of Pere Evmard's life, found in the Oath- 

28 Pere Eymard. 

olio World for May, 1896, we read of the end and pur- 
poses of his work : 

"The object of the Society was to honor the Holy 
Eucharist by means of the perpetual exposition. The 
Religious lived to adore, to honor, to serve Our Lord in 
the Blessed Sacrament, and were It taken away they 
would cease to be. They were not to refuse all ex- 
ternal apostolate, but were to confine themselves to 
those works bearing more directly upon their one noble 

"Jesus Christ, though annihilated and concealed 
under the sacramental veils, is yet King of heaven and 
earth. His children, therefore, should seek by their in- 
terior sacrifices and external honor to restore to Him 
the homage He has sacrificed for our love, and continue 
upon earth a service that corresponds as far as possible 
to the glorious adoration of the saints and angels in 
heaven. ' Our Lord will be taken from His tabernacle. 
He will be exposed. He will reign. His Religious, 
therefore, form His court upon earth. He is the Master, 
and they are the servants whose sole occupation will be 
to minister to His divine person.' 

" They are not to share the toils of the missionary ., or 
devote themselves to any absorbing ministry. ' They 
"only serve the Royal Presence, and take care that the 
Master is never left alone. ' 

"Pere Eymard's Religious meet in common, without 
any privileges, following the model of family life, and 
united solely by the bond of divine love. 

"Adoration is their distinctive duty, and all others 
are subservient to this. Each Religious devotes two 
hours during the day, and one at night, to adoration, 
the Blessed Sacrament being perpetually exposed. 

"The Divine Office is recited standing and in choir. 
There are no severe penances or fasts, but the spirit ol 

Pere Eymard. 2$ 

the Order is that of entire self-annihilation. One must 
be always and everywhere at the Master's service, must 
refer to Him all personal honor, talents, and distinction. 
The Keligious are ever encouraged to give to Our Lord 
in the Blessed Sacrament the homage of a love that 
reaches the heroism of self-sacrifice as a natural expres- 
sion of duty. ' To think always of the Master, to work 
for the Master, with one's eyes ever upon the Master, 
and not upon earthly things.' 

" To the silent homage of the heart is joined an apos- 
tolate of zeal for the Religious of the Most Holy Sacra- 
ment. They are to spread throughout the world the 
incendiary spark lighted in their own hearts and to 
bring all classes of society under the influence of the 
Sun of divine love. 

"By the work of the 'First Communion of Poor 
Adults ' Pere Eymard brought to Our Lord numbers of 
children and yomg persons who had passed the age 
when they could have entered the parochial catechism 
classes, or were unable to attend by reason of the long 
hours of work in the factories and shops. 'The number 
of persons who have not made their First Communion 
is very great,' he used to say; 'and a young man who 
has not this safeguard is in great danger. He has no 
restraint over his passions. Later he becomes a bad 
father, and often a dangerous citizen.' Pere Eymard 
sought out these poor souls, and after developing their 
stunted intelligences, and teaching them the truths of 
religion, obtained from their employers a short holiday 
(a few days) and gave them a retreat. Then, dressed in 
holiday apparel, provided by charitable hearts, they 
made their First Communion, and after a little feast for 
the body, went away rejoicing. This work has borne 
most consoling fruits. The children, later, bring their 
parents, or an elder sister or brother, for the blessing of 

30 Pere Eymard. 

a communion, and are encouraged to return every year 
to perform their Paschal duty in the chapel so full of 
sweet memories. 

"By means of the ' Aggregation of the Blessed Sacra- 
ment and the Guard of Honor,' Pere Eymard opened a 
vast field for cultivation. By these associations the 
laity were led to share in the Perpetual Adoration by 
giving an hour weekly or monthly to this gracious duty. 
These adorers were further sanctified by means of ser- 
mons and pious leaflets, and encouraged to devote 
themselves especially to Eucharistic works, to assist in 
preparing the poor for First Communion, and to provide 
for the becoming administration of the Viaticum. These 
associations have already found favor in our country. 
Besides the members of the Aggregation, as represented 
by the House of the Fathers of the Most Holy Sacrament 
in Montreal, several prominent New York churches 
have already joined this 'Eucharistic League of the 
.People' ('Archcon fraternity of Perpetual Adoration '). 
There is promise of its being established in many othei 
cities of the United States. Pere Eymard founded in 
1851 a Religious Order for women under the title of 
'Servants of the Most Holy Sacrament,' with the same 
end and rale as the Priests', and sharing the favor of 
the Perpetual Adoration. It is, however, a wholly con- 
templative Order. But the ' Priesthood ' was ever his 
first and dearest affection. Besides providing a shelter 
in his religious houses for those whom he called 'the 
veterans of the sacred ministry,' and giving retreats to 
the clergy, he longed to secure to consecrated hearts a 
means of keeping alive the spirit of prayer, the divine 
food of recollection, which, amid the labors of parish 
duty, they are so seldom permitted to enjoy. 

" Thus was founded the ' Priests' Eucharistic League.' 
The American members held their first convention at the 

P&re Eymard. 31 

University of Notre Dame, Indiana, in August, 1894, and 
this meeting resulted in a Eucharistic Congress at Wash- 
ington. The association unites the priesthood in the fra- 
ternal bond of Jesus Christ, requiring them to spend one 
hour every week in adoration before the tabernacle, lead- 
ing them to come from the Eucharist as Moses from Sinai, 
or the apostles from the Cenacle, full of fire to announce 
the divine word. 

' ' Pere Eymard died in 1868, worn out with his labors 
and his zeal. His body rested in death before the very 
altar at La Mure where as a little child, coming to ' listen 
to Jesus,' he had been won to His service forever. But 
in thirty years his Order has spread throughout Europe 
and found a congenial soil in America. There are five 
houses of the Order in France, and others at Rome, Brus- 
sels, and Montreal. 

" It is consoling to be told that in Paris, where wicked- 
ness and infidelity so abound, the stone steps leading to 
the Chapel of the Perpetual Adoration are continually 
worn away by the thronging multitude of adorers, rich 
as well as poor, who haunt the sanctuary, and that gen- 
tlemen of rank and fortune share the nocturnal adora- 
tion with the poor artisan." 

Pere Eymard sleeps in peace, but his spirit lives on in 
the Congregation and in the works that he has founded. 
What could be more impressive than his almost dying 
words to his 'loved children: "What does it matter if I 
am taken away ? Have you not always the Holy Eu- 
charist V 

Gbe jprteets' Bucbaitstic ^League. 

The object of this pious association of priests is : (1) 
To respond to one of the most ardent desires of Our Lord 
Jesus Christ, viz.^ to be visited by "His friends "—the 

32 P&re Eymarci. 

priests — in order that they may be drawn nearer to Him- 
self in the Holy Eucharist and learn to draw life from 
the life-giving sacrament — the beginning, centre, and end 
of the priesthood. (2) To unite more closely the priests 
of this association by the bonds of brotherly love and by 
a life in the same spirit, so that they may edify one an- 
other by the mutual example of faith and charity towards 
the Eucharistic God, and participate in all the prayers, 
merits, and good works of thousands of associates in the 
whole world. (3) To make the priests zealous apostles of 
the Holy Eucharist in their strenuous efforts to inculcate 
upon the faithful greater devotion to the Blessed Sacra- 
ment. (4) To sanctify the priests as well as the souls 
under their care. 

Gbe 1bour of Booration. 

The chief obligation is the Hour of Adoration before 
the Blessed Sacrament, and its purpose is to honor Our 
Lord in the Holy Eucharist ; to meditate ; to make acts of 
faith, adoration, reparation, and thanksgiving ; to plead 
for mercy and grace ; in particular, to lead the adorers 
to self-knowledge, to the correction of their faults, to 
the practice of virtue, to the perfect conformity to the 
will of God and to the faithful following of Christ, so 
that each one can assert with the holy Apostle, " Vivo, 
jam non ego, sed vivit in me Christus." 

Pope Leo XIII. blessed and approved the Association 
by a special Bull. From that time, especially, dates its 
marvellous growth and success. The names of many 
thousands of priests from every part of the world are 
inscribed on its register. 

P&re Eymard. S3 

Zbc people's Bucbartettc Xeague. 

(ARCHCONFRATERNITY of perpetual adoration.) 

All Catholics may become members of the Perpetual 
Adoration by promising to make an hour or half-hour's 
adoration weekly before tne Blessed Sacrament, either 
exposed or enclosed in the tabernacle. 

Those who make the hour's adoration weekly or even 
monthly, can be affiliated to the Society of the Most 
Blessed Sacrament. The affiliation entitles them to a 
share in all the indulgences, and the merits, prayers, 
and good works of the priests of the Congregation, and 
of the pious associations connected with it, such as 
the " Agreges du Tres Saint Sacrament," the "Pretres 
Adorateurs," etc. The members of the Perpetual Adora- 
tion who are affiliated may obtain a plenary indulgence 
for every hour of adoration, if holy communion has 
been received in the morning, and seven years and seven 
quarantines if communion has not been received. This 
indulgence may be gained daily. Those who make the 
faalf-hour's adoration, while not entitled to the indul- 
gences, share in the merits, prayers, and good works, 
etc., as above. To obtain the affiliation they are required 
to register their names at one of the houses of the Order, 
27 Avenue Friedland, Paris; 320 Mount Royal Avenue, 
Montreal, Canada; or 184 E. 76th St., New York. 

IDictues ot fl>ere BgmarD. 

It is always a pleasant and profitable stud\ to examine 
into the dominant virtues of the saints and of those whc 
have died in the odor of sanctity. Pere Eymard himself 
has written something about the virtues that he strove 
most eagerly and constantly to acquire. The Eucharist 
was the dominant thought of his life, aDd, of course, his 

34 Perc Eymasd. 

chief characteristic virtue was zeal for the eucharistic 
kingdom of Christ. 

"I do not seek to be eminent in virtue for myself," 
Father Eymard writes; '\:ut my service exacts that I 
should do everything in the most perfect manner, and 
especially that I should acquire such virtues as are most 
pleasing to, and most in sympathy with, the heart of 
Jesus. First, then, modesty, which is as the etiquette 
of the royal service of the Eucharist ; then humility, 
sweetness, bearing patiently with others ; little virtues, 
which, like violets, thrive best in the shade, are nourished 
with dew, and which, though not making any show, do 
not fail to spread a sweet smell. Our Lord was the es- 
sence of modesty ; His life was a perfect pattern of it. 
The Christians in the first centuries looked upon this vir- 
tue as one of His distinctive characteristics, and St. PauJ 
exhorts them per modestiam Christi (2 Cor. x. 1). It i& 
a quality equally dear to the heart of Mary. It should 
be the distinguishing characteristic of the servant of th( 
Blessed Eucharist. Interiorly, modesty honors our Mas 
ter, preserving us, in a religious respect, at His feet ; ex 
teriorly, it exercises us in all virtues, for it is a constan, 
mortification of the senses. It makes our tongues loving 
and charitable, our looks pure, our appetites temperate ; 
it involves, likewise, the constant practice of humility. 

"The way to acquire it, and to keep it, is to live con- 
tinually in the presence of Jesus, remembering that His 
eye is always watching us. 

" How few people have I found, even among pious per- 
sons and Religious, who were thoroughly modest tete-d- 
tete I Modesty in the streets is easy enough : one fears 
scandal. But to maintain modesty on every occasion in 
private life is difficult, because it is the immolation of 
naturalism in our daily intercourse. To be thoroughly 
modest, one must be supernatural with everybody." 

P&re Eymard. 35 

Father Eymard possessed this virtue in an eminent 
degree. By dint of constant watchfulness and hard 
fights, it had become a second nature to him. Even in 
speaking to others, it was remarked that he rarely seated 
himself very close to them, or looked them in the face ; 
but generally fixed his eyes on some pious picture, 
though without any effort or affectation. Every one felt 
that his presence inspired respect and a certain reserve • 
his very look made one recollected. He used to say to 
his young priests, "Become shy. I was given that ad- 
vice when I was only eighteen by the General of the 
Grand Chartreux ; I have never forgotten it, and it has 
been very useful to me."" 

One day he was reproached for not having acknowl- 
edged an intimate friend whom he had met. He said 
simply, "I am very sorry; but I never saw him. In the 
street I never look at any one closely enough to distin- 
guish one from the other." 

" Chastity," he would say, " is the crown of modesty. 
By it one becomes the friend of the King— Qui d digit 
v.iunditiam cordis, habebit Regem amicuni {Prov. xxii. 
tl). Jesus, then, loves in us Mary His Mother, the 
purest of all virgins. ... To be humble is to love Jesu& 
Christ in His humiliations. It is to receive from God, 
with thorough submission of heart, the humiliations 
which fall to our lot, and to look upon them as a bless- 
ing. It is to accept our state and its duties, and not to 
blush at our condition. If I love Jesus, I ought to be 
like Him, love what He loved, do what He did, what He 
preferred above everything. . . . How easy this humil- 
ity of heart is! It is only a question of imitating Our 
Lord Jesus Christ and of loving Him. Our Lord does 
not ask us to love humility for its own sake ; but to love 
Jesus in His humiliations. . . . 'The sacrifice,' you will 
say, 'is the s;'me ' Yes; but sacrifice for the sake ol 

36 Pere Eymarcc. 

sacrifice alone is difficult ; for one whom we love, it be- 
comes light — witness the mother who immolates herself 
habitually for the child of her love. The humility to 
which we must aspire is not that alone which consists in 
transferring to God all the honor of success, and which 
we can practise in the time of abundance and prosperity; 
but when assailed by temptations, by interior storms 
which overwhelm both heart and mind, by outward 
trials which threaten the very existence of our most 
cherished works, if then we can say to God, ' My Lord, 
I thank Thee ! I deserve all this, and give Thee thanks 
that I am not fallen even lower,'— that is true humility, 
the humility of Our Saviour and His saints." 

Father Eymard's humility was of this stamp ; but he 
wanted every one to forget that he was humble. He ap- 
peared to accept men's praises ; but would say after- 
wards to his intimates : " When I am praised, I feel that 
I am being insulted, or that they are laughing at me. 
But I would rather receive praise in silence, than protest. 
Sow many, while protesting humility, do it in reality to 
place crowns on their own heads ! 

"Humility begets gentleness, sweetness. He who 
knows what he is, is gentle with his neighbor, gentle and 
patient with himself. If he is tried, he knows that he 
deserves nothing else. The contrarieties, the vexations 
of others are only, after all, God's instruments. As for 
himself, he knows what he is at bottom ; and without 
murmuring against his miseries, he bears them with pa- 
tience, as the poor man does his rags, or as the little 
child allows its weakness, knowing its mother's heart. 
To become gentle, 1 shall not try and reason with myself, 
nor struggle too much against my nature, nor rouse my- 
self to penance or vengeance against myself. All this is 
too militant, and would awake feelings the reverse o£ 
gentle. But I will look upon Jesus, in His sweetness and 

Pere Eym-ard. 37 

gentleness and meekness. I will think of His wish that 
I too should be meek and gentle, loving and humble. In 
Jesus all is love and light. 

"But especially I will contemplate the Blessed Eucha- 
rist. I will eat of this divine manna, and thus every 
morning make my provision of sweetness for the day. 
In the heart of Jesus there is no indignation, no desires 
of vengeance towards His enemies. He is all tenderness 
and compassion. He is gentle by nature, gentle by His 
mission. The little child, the grievous sinner, do not 
fear the Saviour ; the poor, the little ones in this world, 
all love Jesus. But, besides all this, it is my duty to be 
gentle and meek. Am I not the servant of the servants 
of God ? Of what use is severity ? or harsh and cutting 
words ? It is Our Lord Who is Master." 

This was the keynote of his life as Superior. "Let 
others be fathers," he would say, "as for me, I only as- 
pire to be your mother. It is the custom of little minds, 
the moment they see a fault, to wish to correct it. As for 
me, I prefer waiting till Our Lord Himself makes the per- 
son conscious of the defect : then I speak or act. Other- 
wise, it is I who see what is wrong, and not the person who 
is to amend it. Of what use is it to go before grace ? or to 
flatter myself that I am wiser than Our Lord, by wanting 
to do that for which He has not yet found the fitting 

Such was Father Eymard. Loving, gentle, humble, 
modest ; but with a goodness which had no limit ; a 
gentleness which never varied ; a humility which was as 
genuine as it was attractive ; a modesty without stiff- 
ness. Such were the fruits of that "death in Jesus 
Christ," of which he was always speaking; such the per- 
fumes with which he daily embalmed Our Lord's body 
in the Blessed Eucharist. 

flDetbofc of Hfcoration Becoming to tbe 
font lEnfcs of Sacrifice* 

Explained by the Rev. Pere Eymard.* 

The Hour of Adoration is divided into four parts. During 
each quarter of an hour we are to honor Our Lord by on£ 
of the Four Ends of Sacrifice, that is, by Adoration, 
Thanksgiving, Reparation, and Prayer or Supplication. 


1. Adore Our Lord in His Divine Sacrament 
by, first, the exterior homage of the body. 

As soon as you perceive His adorable Presence 
in the sacred Host \ genuflect profoundly and 
with extreme reverence as an evidence of your 
faith and love. Adore Him in union with the 
Wise Men, when prostrating themselves to the 
earth they adored the infant God, cradled in an 
humble manger and wrapped in swaddling- 
clothes. After this first silent and impulsive 
act of homage, adore Our Lord by a vocal Act of 
Faith. This Act of Faith is needed to awaken 

* Extract from his beautiful work "La Presence 

f In the houses of the Congregation of the Most Blessed 
Sacrament there is continual exposition. 

The Fou. Ends of Sacrifice. 39 

the senses and render them susceptible to the in- 
fluences of devotion. 

It will open to you the heart of the divine 
Master, and the treasures of His grace. Be faith- 
ful to it and make it with simplicity and devotion. 

3. Offer now to Jesus the homage of your whole 
being, specifying the homage of each particular 
faculty of your soul. Offer Him your mind to 
know Him better, your heart to love Him, your 
will to serve Him, your body with all its senses, 
that each may glorify Him in its own way. 

Offer Him your thoughts, that the Eucharist 
may be the dominating thought of your life and 
may reign over your heart and its affections ; 
calling Jesus your God and your King, and desir- 
ing no other aim in life than to serve to love, 
to glorify Him. Give Him your memory, that 
it may dwell on Him alone, and thus desire to live 
but for Him, in Him, and through Him. 

Since your adoration is in itself so weak and 
imperfect, unite it to the adoration of the Blessed 
Virgin at Bethlehem, at Nazareth, in the Cenacle, 
on Calvary, and before the Tabernacle. Unite 
it to the adoration of holy Church and all pious 
souls who are adoring Our Lord at this moment, 
and with the heavenly court, glorifying Him in 
heaven, and your adoration will share in their 
merit and holiness. 

40 Adoration According to the 


1. Adore the immense and personal love of 
Jesus Christ for yon in the Holy Eucharist. 

That you might not be left lonely and orphaned 
in this land of misery and exile He comes Himself 
from heaven to abide with you and to be your 
Consoler and Comforter. Thank Him then with 
all your heart and with all your strength. Thank 
Him in union with all the saints. 

2. Wonder at and admire the sacrifice He 
makes for you in His sacramental state. He 
conceals His divine and human glory that you 
may not be dazzled or blinded by its splendor 
and effulgence. He veils His majesty that yon 
may dare to approach Him familiarly and speak 
with Him as friend to friend. He restrains His 
power and holds it captive that He may not 
punish or affright you. He hides from you His 
wondrous perfections that your weakness may not 
be discouraged. He tempers even the ardors of His 
divine love, the love of the Sacred Heart, lest you 
could not support its strength and its tenderness. 
He permits His divine goodness alone to escape 
and to radiate from the sacred Host as the rays 
of the sun shine through a light and fleecy cloud. 
Oh, how good He is, your sacramental Jesus ! 

He receives you at all times, day or night. His 
love knows no repose. He is ever full of sweet- 
ness to you. He forgets your sins and your im- 
perfections when you visit Him, to testify only 

Four Ends of Sacrifice. 41 

His happiness, His delight, at your visit. It would 
seem that He needed you to make Him happy. Oh, 
thank, then, this dear and loving Jesus with all 
the effusion of your soul. Thank the heavenly 
Father for having thus given you His divine Son. 
Thank the Holy Ghost for this new Incarnation 
of Our Lord upon the altar by the ministry of the 
priest, and for you personally. 

Invite heaven and earth, angels and men, to 
join you in thanking, in blessing, in glorifying 
Our Lord for His marvellous love. 

3. Contemplate with wonder the humiliations 
of the sacramental state which Jesus has taken 
upon Himself for love of you. He is poorer in 
the Holy Eucharist than in Bethlehem even, for 
there He had His Mother, and here he has her 
not. He has brought with Him from heaven 
only His grace and His love. How obedient He 
is ! He yields a sweet, a prompt obedience to 
every one, even to His enemies. 

Admire His humility. He descends to the 
borders of annihilation, uniting Himself to the 
common and inanimate matter of the Sacred 
Species, whose frail elements have no consistency 
but that given them by the word of the Almighty 
which preserves them continually. His love for 
us keeps Him our prisoner forever. It is the 
chain that binds Him until the end of the world 
in that eucharistic prison that should be our 
heaven upon earth. 

42 Adoration According to the 

Unite your thanksgiving to that of the Blessed 
Virgin, before the Incarnation, and, above all, 
before holy communion. Repeat with her in 
joyous accents, the Magnificat of your thanks- 
giving and love, and say continually: "0 Jesus, 
how good, how loving, how lovely art Thou in 
Thy divine sacrament ! " 


1. Adore and console Jesus abandoned and de- 
spised by men in His sacrament of love. Man 
has time for everything except to visit his Lord 
and his God Who waits for him so patiently and 
thirsts for his love in the tabernacle. The streets, 
the theatres are crowded; the house of God, alas ! 
is empty. " poor Jesus, neglected Jesus ! 
how canst Thou abide such indifference from 
those Thou hast purchased at so great a cost ; 
from Thy friends, from Thy children, from me ! v 

2. Weep over Jesus betrayed, insulted, mocked, 
and crucified more cruelly in His sacrament of 
love than in the Garden of Olives, in Jerusalem, 
or on Calvary. And it is too often those whom 
He has most loved, most honored, and most en- 
riched with His gifts and graces who offend Him 
most, who dishonor Him most in His holy temple 
by their irreverence — who crucify Him anew by 
tepid or even sacrilegious communions. 

divine Jesus, couldst Thou have believed 

Four Ends of Sacrifice. 43 

that the very greatness of Thy love would fur- 
nish man with an object for his malice, that he 
would turn against Thee even Thy most precious 
gifts and graces ! 

And I, alas ! have I nothing to reproach my 
self with ? Have 1 ever been negligent or un 
faithful to Thee ? 

3. Adore Jesus, and seek to make reparation 
for the negligence, profanation, and sacrilege thai 
He meets with so frequently. Offer with this 
intention all the sufferings that you must endure 
during the day or the week. Impose upon your- 
self* some penance for your own sins and those of 
your relations, or for those whom you have dis- 
edified by your want of devotion in church, or 
even by your distractions and levity. 

4. But since all your satisfactions and penances 
are so few and so worthless in reparation for such 
great sins, unite them with those of Jesus Christ 
your Saviour on the cross. Gather up the pre- 
cious blood that flows from His sacred wounds and 
offer it to the Divine Justice in reparation. Offer 
the prayers and sufferings of the crucified Jesus 
to the heavenly Father, and beg in return grace 
and mercy for yourself and all sinners. 

Unite your reparation to that of the Blessed 
Virgin at the foot of the cross, and you will 
obtain all that you ask through the love of Jesus 
for His immaculate Mother. 

44 Adoration According to the 


1. Adore Our Lord in His most divine sacra- 
ment, pleading unceasingly for yon, showing His 
sacred wounds, His sacred heart pierced with the 
lance to His heavenly Father to win mercy for 
you and yours. Unite your prayers to His and 
ask what He asks. 

2. Jesus prays His heavenly Father to bless, 
to exalt, to defend His Church; He prays Him 
to make it better known, and better loved and 
served among men. Pray for Holy Church so 
tried, so persecuted in the person of the Vicar 
of Jesus Christ, that God may deliver him from 
his enemies, that he may convert and bring them 
humbled and repentant to his feet. 

Jesus prays continually for the sacred priest- 
hood, that its members may be filled with the 
grace and unction of the Holy Spirit; that they 
may grow in all virtues and be consumed with 
zeal for His glory and the salvation of the souls 
He has purchased with His death on the cross. 
Pray earnestly for your archbishop, that Cod 
may preserve him to you, that He may bless and 
console him and grant success to his zealous de- 
sires for God's greater glory. 

Pray for your pastors, that they may grow in 
the virtues of their state and may be enlightened 
and strengthened to lead and sanctify the little 
flock confided to their solicitude and direction. 

Four Ends of Sacrifice. 45 

Pray that God may grant to Holy Church 
many and saintly vocations to the priesthood. A 
holy priest is the greatest gift of heaven. He may 
bring down the blessings of Clod upon a whole city. 

Pray for all Religious Orders, that they may 
be ever fervent and faithful in their apostolic 
vocation, and that all whom God calls to the 
Eeligious life may have the grace to answer the 
divine call and be ever faithful to it. One saint 
may save an entire nation, and his prayers are a 
surer safeguard and protection to his country 
than the might of armies. 

Pray for the fervor and perseverance of pious 
souls in the world who are vowed or devoted to 
the service of God. To the tender charity of His 
sacred heart they, too, are Religious, and have 
greater need of prayer and assistance, because they 
must face greater dangers and greater sacrifices. 

4. Ask of God the conversion of some great 
sinner, and in an appointed or definite space of 
time. Nothing gives so much glory to God as 
these marvellous manifestations of His mercy and 

Then, at last, pray for yourself, that you may 
become more holy, and may spend your days in 
a manner pleasing to God. 

Pray for the holy souls in purgatory. 

Make a little bouquet of your prayers and your 
sacrifices, offer it to Jesus, and ask Him in return 
for His loving benediction. 

X&isite to Jesus in tbe XTabernacle. 

We all believe that the Blessed Sacrament is 
the true body and blood, soul, and divinity of 
Our Lord Jesus Christ, under the appearance of 
bread and wine. Yes; we all believe it, but — 
do we eealize it ? 

We can imagine your indignant asseveration, 
that you do; but have patience and think a little. 
When you discuss, say, over the breakfast table, 
some terrible railway accident, earthquake, ex- 
plosion, or any one of the calamitips which some- 
times startle us in the morning papers, you doubt- 
less feel great sympathy for the sufferers, and, if 
the account be in a reliable paper, you believe the 
report of the accident. But do you imagine you 
have realized it ? If you could properly picture 
to yourself the mangled limbs and the agonies of 
those unfortunate people, crushed past recog- 
nition beneath, say, the debris of two express 
trains, do you imagine you could dismiss the sub- 
ject from your thoughts at a moment's notice, 
with a mere : " Dear me ! how dreadful " ? 

Why, if, in cutting your bread, the knife 
slipped, and made but a slight wound upon your 
hand, that insignificant occurrence would make 
more real impression on those present thaL 

Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle. 47 

half-a-dozen accounts of wrecks or of col- 

So it is with our belief in the Blessed Sacra- 
ment: we all believe in it, believe in it without 
the shadow of a doubt; but we realize it so lightly, 
that hours and days pass by without our think- 
ing of its presence in the world. Indeed, many, 
perhaps, who would not dream of missing their 
Sunday Mass are .actuated, if they would but ex- 
amine themselves, not so much by the desire of 
coming into the presence of the Holy Eucharist 
;;nd of assisting at its sacrifice, as by mere habit 
of obedience to the Church, or through fear <v ( 
becoming guilty of mortal sin by culpable ab 
sence. Xot that I depreciate for one moment 
either of these motives — God forbid ! Only, if 
ive realized what we profess to believe, we would 
require no command from the Church to make 
as hear Mass, arid no threat of incurring the guilt 
of sin by failing to do so. 

There are many persons who wish they had 
lived at " the time of Our Lord." Now, this is 
ten thousand times more the time of Our Lord 
than when He walked the earth in His visible 
humanity. Then He was corporally present in 
but one place at a time, and, comparatively speak- 
ing, but a small number of men were blcssec: with 
the sight of His divine countenance. But now, 
in every place where His word is preached, He 
Himself abides, not in figure, but in reality. 

48 Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle, 

Many of you live quite close to a church; you, 
perhaps, pass it daily in your walks, or as you go 
to and from your work. Do you think of it ? 
Do you realize that He Himself is there, as truly 
present as He was present in the Holy Land 
eighteen centuries ago ? Do you realize that the 
same pierced hands are waiting there to bless 
you, the same gentle eyes to gaze upon you, and 
that the same adorable heart is calling you, loving 
you, waiting for you to give it some little sign of 
love, or at least recognition — if nothing more than 
a genuflection ? 

Oh ! do you think that if Catholics realized 
what they believe, it would be possible to go into 
a church at any hour and find it empty ? Do 
you think that people — aye, and good people, too, 
who go regularly to their duties, and, perhaps, 
hear Mass daily — could pass and repass churches 
without seeing or feeling the necessity of enter- 
ing, even if only for a moment ? 

Again, others, after five minutes' prayer, seem 
to find nothing to say, and, if they have not come 
provided with some book of devotions are at a 
loss what to do, and what to think about. Now, 
supposing you had lived centuries ago, and, by 
some happy chance, had dwelt near the holy 
house at Nazareth: if our dear Lord had given 
you permission to go in and speak to Him as often 
as you wished, would you not have found some' 
thing to sav % 

Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle. 49 

Would you not have wished to discuss with 
Him every daily joy and sorrow, to seek His sym- 
pathy in every disappointment or contradiction ? 
Would you not have entered sometimes to thank 
Him for gladdening the earth with His presence, 
to acknowledge His kindness, to beg some gift, or 
to ask a blessing on yourself and others ? And if 
any one insulted or denied Him in your hearing 
would it not be an occasion for you to hasten and 
assure Him that you, at least, would always show 
Him love and veneration ? Even supposing that 
at times you had nothing to say/ would you not 
still have loved to enter, and to stay near Him, 
blessed by the mere fact of His sacred presence ? 

Alas, people will cheerfully undergo endless 
pains and fatigues in making pilgrimages to holy 
relics and holy places, and yet they will not turn 
down the next street in order to visit Him from 
whom both relics and places derive their holi- 
ness ! 

Truly we " have eyes and we cannot see, ears 
and we cannot hear/' I am afraid we have also 
understandings and we cannot understand ! 

Perhaps you will object to me that in His sacra- 
mental life Our Lord does not speak to and con- 
sole you as He would have done in His home at 
Nazareth ? 

Your very objection proves how little knowl- 
3dge and experience you have of the Holy Eucha- 
rist. God Himself has said, u Come to Me, all ye 

50 Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle. 

that labor and are burdened, and I will refresh 
you; " and none can go to the Blessed Sacrament 
with faith, with earnestness, and, above all, with 
love, without experiencing the infallibility of that 
divine promise. Go to the altar when you are in 
grief, and at the feet of Jesus you will find resig- 
nation, if not consolation; go to the Blessed 
Sacrament when you are beset with worries, 
doubts, and discouragement, and in the silence of 
the sanctuary you will remember that a faithful 
friend is near you, one Who has said, " Behold ! 
I am with you all days, even to the consummation 
of the world." Go to the Holy Eucharist simply 
out of love; and oh ! with what divine peace will 
your hidden God repay you, filling your soul to 
overflowing with the sense of His awful, yet most 
gentle, Presence. Even if to try your faith and 
affection He occasionally withdraw all sensible 
consolation, so that you find yourself filled with 
distractions, and apparently deprived of all de- 
votion, why should you fear ? He is none the less 
there because He does not see fit to speak to you. 
Say to Him, in the words of the saintly Father 
Eymard, the Apostle of the Blessed Sacrament: 
" my God, when I loved Thee with tenderness 
I was very happy; now, my heart is cold and 
desolate. . . . Well, I will love Thee more than 
the sweetness of Thjr love ! Does my heart tell 
me I do not love Thee ? I will love Thee in spite 
of my heart — ^with my will I " 

Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle 51 

Oh, if we only learned to realize that the 
Blessed Sacrament is our God, what a sense of joy 
and 'protection would enter into our lonely lives ! 
God living here with me; God living here for 
me. We would haunt our altars at every unto- 
ward circumstance, at every grief and trial that 
crossed our path. Instead of which I have seen 
good, pious Catholics, who, when oppressed with 
sorrow, have shut themselves up for days, con- 
sidering that the bitterness of their woe dispensed 
them from their daily Mass and visit ! Poor 
souls ! How little they know Our Lord, to think 
that, because they are unable to go through their 
usual prayers and devotions, it is useless to come 
in before Him ! They would not have acted thus 
in what they are pleased to call " the time of Our 
Lord." They would have known that the mere 
■sight of their tears was prayer enough for Him. 
God, the eternal, immutable God, is the same now 
as then, and now, as then, He never sees His 
children weeping in His presence, without being 
moved to compassion. 

Finish these considerations with some practical 
little resolutions. 

First, then, let us resolve never to pass by or 
near a church without entering it. If we have 
plenty of time surely we need not grudge Our 
Lord a few moments, while we make a quiet little 
act of adoration at His feet ? If we are pressed for 
time, let us still enter, if only to make a genuflec- 

52 Visits to Jesus in the 'rabernacle. 

tion, and hurry out again. For, even if we do not 
say one word with either heart or lips, what does 
that genuflection mean ? It is in itself an act of 
faith, and a proof of love: an act of faith, because, 
by that reverent bending of the knee we acknowl- 
edge the Divine Presence; a proof of love, for 
surely, if we were indifferent to that Presence, 
we would not have troubled to come in and pay it 

And, supposing time does not permit of even a 
moment's visit, let us at least salute our Master 
in our hearts, and not be ashamed to acknowledge 
Him as we pass His door, reverently raising our 
hats, or quietly making the sign of the cross — ■ 
Protestant smiles and astonishment notwithstand- 

Above all, let us always remember that every 
time we set foot in a church where the Blessed 
Sacrament is kept God does us an immense favor 
and condescension in allowing us to enter His 
presence; and let us beware of that feeling which 
sometimes creeps into our hearts (after, say, turn- 
ing a good bit out of our way to visit the Blessed 
Sacrament), a feeling that we have been very good 
indeed, and that, in fact, Our Lord ought to be 
grateful for the trouble we have taken, and the 
attention we have paid Him ! 

Adoremus in eternum Sanctis simum 
8 acr amentum ! 

Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle. 53 

f)ow ©ften ougbt lie to Digit Sesus in tbe 

We cannot visit our blessed Lord too often. 

Love and devotion will determine the frequency 
uf our visits. Time will not fail, where there is a 
good will. Our love of Jesus will draw us in- 
sensibly to the Tabernacle; we shall find our su- 
preme happiness at the foot of the altar; we shall 
find the "Courts of the Lord." most attractive; 
we shall cry out with the prophet : " How lovely 
are Thy tabernacles, Lord of hosts ! My soul 
longeth and fainteth for the courts of the Lord " 
(Ps. lxxxiii. 2, 3). But, alas, how often the 
" courts of the Lord " are lonely and abandoned ! 
The palaces of the rich, of kings, and of princes 
are thronged with visitors and courtiers who pay 
them homage; and shall the palace of the King 
of kings, the Lord of lords, be deserted and for- 
gotten ? Jesus is in the tabernacle, how few visit 
Plim ! Jesus is in the church, and the church-^ 
oh, how lonely ! Jesus is on the altar, as on a 
throne of love, to receive all, to bless all, to bestow 
His grace; yet how few come to receive His bless- 
ing, to ask His favors ! 

" His delights are to be with the sons of men," 
yet how few men find their delights with Jesus ! 
May the Lord forgive us our past ingratitude and 
forgetfulness, our coldness and neglect ! Iv the 
future let us not be among the ungrateful; let 

54 Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle 

us visit Jesus in the tabernacle often. How often ? 
St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi used to visit the 
Blessed Sacrament thirty-three times each day. 
Blessed Margaret Mary, St. Teresa, St. Mechtildis 
went to the church as often as they could, and 
never grew weary of praying before the tabernacle. 
St. Aloysius wished to remain always in presence 
of the Blessed Sacrament. A sainted nun being 
asked how she could spend so many hours day 
and night before the altar, replied: "I could re- 
main there for all eternity." Poor we, how un- 
like the saints, how far from God, and still God 
so near S If we have not the love to spend hours, 
to spend even one hour once a week or once a 
month, let us resolve, in gratitude to Jesus, to pay 
one visit of a quarter of an hour every day to our 
beloved Lord; and let us resolve that when we are 
prevented on any day from going to the church 
we shall make our daily visit at home in spirit, 
and with our face turned to the nearest tabernacle. 
In these daily visits, never fail, whether in the 
church or at home, to make an act of spiritual 
communion. We call your attention to the next 
chapter in this book on "Spiritual Communion." 
A visit of a quarter of an hour can certainly not 
be called long. How much time is spent every 
day in idle conversation ! How much valuable 
time is frittered away in doing or saying what 
amounts to nothing ! Alas ! that people should 
complain of ennui and of not knowing what to do 

Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle. 5o 

" to kill time " I How little, after all, is a quarter 
of an hour for Jesus in the tabernacle, Who re- 
mains there for us the whole day ! 

The hours before the Blessed Sacrament, the 
hours given to God, how precious, how consoling, 
they will be at the hour of death ! " Taste and see 
that the Lord is sweet; " yes, taste and see the sweet- 
ness of the love of Jesus in the tabernacle and you 
will find the happiest moments of your life are 
those spent at the foot of the altar; you will find 
yourself unhappy and disconsolate, if only one day 
in the year you were deprived of the privilege and 
blessing of visiting your divine Lord in the sacra- 
ment of His love. " Blessed are they that dwell 
in Thy house, Lord: they shall praise Thee for- 
ever and ever " (Ps. lxxxiii. 5). What a consolation 
on our deathbed it # will be to be able to say with 
the pious Eoyal Psalmist: " I have loved, Lord, 
the beauty of Thy house, and the place where Thy 
glory dwelleth. I have walked in my innocence: 
redeem me, and have mercy on me. My foot hath 
stood in the direct way: in the churches I will 
bless Thee, Lord" (Ps. xxv. 8, 11, 12). 

Spiritual Communion, 



" My Jesus, I believe that Thou art truly pres> 
ent in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I love Thee 
above all things and I desire to possess Thee 
Mathin my soul. Since I am unable now to. re- 
ceive Thee sacramentally, come at least spiritually 
into my heart. I embrace Thee as being already 
there, and unite myself wholly to Thee — never, 
never permit me to be separated from Thee." 

Note well that such an act of spiritual com- 
munion should be made at every " visit " to Jesus 
in the tabernacle; at holy Mass, when we do not 
receive the Sacrament; occasionally during the 
day or at least at morning and night prayers. 
The pious adorer should live in constant union 
with Jesus. 


St. Teresa was wont to say to her spiritual 
daughters: " So often as ye hear holy Mass, al- 


Spiritual Communion. 57 

though ye be unable to communicate, you can 
make a spiritual communion, which is of great 
value." Now, according to St! Thomas Aquinas, 
the Angelic Doctor of the Church, spiritual com- 
munion consists in a lively desire to receive the 
Most Holy Sacrament of the Aitar. " For," saith 
the saint, " he who believeth in Jesus Christ, and 
conceiveth the ardent desire to receive Him there- 
in, spiritually eateth Him, so far as He is veiled 
under the forms of this sacrament " (Ott, " Eu- 
charistie-Bueh," p. 356). 


A.D. 1274. 

This is the difference between the corporal ali- 
ment and the spiritual, that the corporal is 
changed into the substance of him who eats, and 
so cannot avail to sustain life if it be not taken 
in very deed; but the spiritual aliment transforms 
a man into its own self, as Augustine witnesseth 
(Confess. 1. vii., c. x.), who heard, as it were, the 
voice of Christ saying to him : " Nor shalt 
thou change Me into thee, like unto the food of 
thy flesh; but thyself shalt be changed into Me." 
Now, one may be changed into Christ, and made 
one body with Him by a desire of the mind, even 
without the receiving of this sacrament. 

58 Spiritual Communion. 

In this sacrament Christ is contained, not 
under His own proper species {outward sensible 
form), but under "the species of the sacrament. 
"Now, Christ may be eaten spiritually in two ways. 
One way, as He is under His own proper species; 
and so the angels eat Him spiritually, forasmuch 
as they are joined to Him in the fruition of per- 
fect charity, and in clear vision (that Bread which 
we hope for in the heavenly country), and not, 
as are we here below, by faith. Another way- 
Christ may be eaten spiritually, as He is under 
the species of this sacrament — to wit, insomuch 
as one believes in Christ, together with desiring 
to receive this sacrament. And this is to receive 
spiritually, not only Christ, but also this sacra- 
ment; but does not pertain to the angels. And 
so, although the angels spiritually feed on Christ, 
it does not belong to them spiritually to feed on 
this sacrament. 

Though one have not received this sacrament 
in deed, he may obtain its effects, if he have 
the sacrament itself in his desire. And so, as 
some even before they be baptized with water are 
baptized with the Baptism of Flame (Baptismo 
Flaminis) through their desire of Baptism, some 
likewise do eat this sacrament spiritually before 
they receive it sacramentally. 

But this happens two ways. One way by the 
desire of receiving the sacrament itself; and thus 
are said to eat, or be baptized spiritually, and not 

Spiritual Communion. 5 i 

sacramentally, such as desire to receive this sacra- 
ment now, since it has been instituted. Another 
way by a figure; so saith the Apostle (1 Cor. x. 2) 
that the fathers of old were baptized in the cloud 
and in the sea, and that they ate the spiritual meat, 
and drank the spiritual drink. 

Xone the less is the sacramental eating itself 
not without avail; for that the reception in act of 
the sacrament itself bestows, in more fulness than 
does the mere desire, its proper effects. 


A.D. 1787. 

The holy Council of Trent greatly praises spirit 
aal communion, and encourages the faithful to 
•this practice. Hence all devout souls are accus- 
tomed often to practise this holy exercise of spirit- 
ual communion. Blessed Agatha of the Cross did 
so two hundred times a day, and Father Peter 
Faber, the first companion of St. Ignatius, used 
to say that it was of the highest utility to make 
•spiritual communions in order to receive the sac- 
ramental communion well. All who desire to 
advance in the love of Jesus Christ are exhorted 
to make a spiritual communion at least once in 
every visit that they may pay to the Most Holy 
Sacrament, and at every Mass they hear; and 

60 Spiritual Communion. 

it would even be better on these occasions to re- 
peat the communion three times, i.e., at the be- 
ginning, in the middle, and at the end. This 
devotion is more profitable than many suppose. 
and at the same time nothing can be easier in 
practice. Blessed Jane of the Cross used to say 
that a spiritual communion can be made without 
any one remarking it, without being fasting, with- 
out the permission of our director, and that we 
can make it at any time we please — an act of T ove 
does all. 


I believe that Tho'd, Jesus, art in the Most 
Holy Sacrament ! I love Thee and desire Thee ! 
Come into my heart. I embrace Thee. Oh, never 
leave me ! " May the burning and most sweet 
power of Thy love, Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech 
Thee, absorb my mind, that I may die through 
love of Thy love, Who wast graciously pleased to 
die through love of my love." 

— St. Francis of Assist 

t>ow to Employ tbe 1bour of Hfcoration 


Saints and ascetical writers have offered man} 
valuable suggestions on this subject and the best 
fruits of their thought we find embodied in the 
following chapter from " The Dove of the Taber- 

In it we are directed how to employ the time oi 
our visit by making acts of Faith and Adoration, 
Thanksgiving, Separation, and Petition. 

" As in hearing Mass, and in thanksgiving after 
holy communion, so also in visits to the Blessed 
Sacrament, each person does best to follow the 
inspirations of grace, and to adopt the method 
best suited to his capacity, and which best excites 
his piety and devotion. The acts we are about to 
suggest will be useful to all, and ought to occupy 
more or less of the time of our visit. We kneel 
reverentially and modestly before the altar; we 
excite our faith; we make an act of firm faith in 
the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Most Holy 
Sacrament; my Jesus, my God, I believe Thou art 
really present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the 

62 How to Employ the Hour of Aaoration. 

Altar. Our first act is divine firm faith. We 
then make a spiritual communion by inviting 
Jesus Christ into our hearts, and when Jesus 
comes into the soul our second acts are 


" Adoration, love, thanksgiving to Jesus ! What 
thoughts crowd upon the mind ! God, so great, 
so infinite; we, so little, so worthless. God, so 
pure, so holy; we, so sinful, so cold. What shall 
we do ? We invite heaven and earth to join us; 
we offer to Jesus the adoration, love, and thanks- 
giving of the saints on earth and blessed in heaven. 
Thus united with holy souls so dear to Jesus 
we take courage, we look with more confidence but 
deeper humility to the tabernacle; we say in the 
very depth of our souls: My Jesus, I adore Thee in 
the Most Holy Sacrament. I pay the homage of 
my understanding to Thee as my God, my Creator, 
my Redeemer, my AIL We love Jesus; we offer 
to Him our hearts, with their affections now and 
forever; we never get tired repeating: ' I love 
Thee, Jesus, with my ttL&e heart and soul and 
strength and mind.' 

" What shall we say of thanksgiving ? Thanks- 
giving to Jesus ought to end only with our lives; 
we owe Him everything. Before the altar, in the 
silence of the sanctuary, is the place to remember 
the benefits of God, and to thank Him. We first 

How to Employ the Hour of Adoration. 60 

thank Him for giving us Himself in the Mass for 
our sacrifice, for giving us His body and blood in 
holy communion as our food, for remaining day 
aud night in the tabernacle, for permitting, nay, 
inviting, us to visit Him. 

" We thank Him for all the graces we have re- 
ceived from all the Masses we have ever heard, 
from all the holy communions we have ever made, 
from all the visits we have ever paid Him. We 
thank His patience, that spared us when we de- 
served hell a thousand times; we thank His mercy, 
that gave us life when we were dead in sin; we 
thank Jesus for His secret hidden graces, of which 
we know nothing, but on which, on the Day of 
Judgment, we shall find depended our eternal sal- 
vation; we thank Him for the faith, the true faith 
of Jesus Christ: in a word we will desire to thank 
Him as He deserves. No prayer, says St. Augus- 
tine, is more beautiful than * Deo gratias/ 


" A .spirit of reparation is an essential part of 
devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. We cannot 
love God without being pained by sin even in 
others. We cannot love Jesus without being 
wounded by the insults offered to His sacred 
heart in the sacrament of His love. Of this our 
blessed Lord bitterly complained to His chosen 
servant. Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque. * Be- 

6*4 How to Employ the Hour of Adoration. 

hold/ said He, ' this heart which has loved men 
so much, that it has spared nothing, even to the 
exhausting and consuming itself, to testify its 
love; and yet in .return I receive from the greater 
number but contempt, coldness, ingratitude, ir- 
reverence, sacrilege, in the sacrament of My love." 
To encourage every one to a spirit of reparation, 
our blessed Lord added, f Upon those who will 
render Me this honor [that is, reparation], or cause 
it to be rendered to Me, I promise thee that My 
heart will expand to diffuse upon them the influ- 
ence of its divine love.' This promise of Jesas 
Christ, what a strong motive to induce us to .the 
practice of reparation ! 


" We all, even the very best among us, have 
sufficient reason to make reparation for our own 
sins and ingratitude to Jesus Christ. Kneeling 
before the Blessed Sacrament, the soul in peace, 
alone with God, the noise of the world hushed in 
silence, we shall see our sins in the light .of the 
sanctuary. Our countless sins — the sins of our 
youth; the sins of our maturer age; the sins of 
our gray hairs; the sins of thought, word, and 
deed; the sins of omission, the sins occasioned in 
others; what a multitude rises up before the soul ? 
and each sin a direct insult to the Sacred Heart 
of Jesus. Again our coldness, our irreverence at 

How to Employ the Hour of Aaoration. 6C 

Mass and holy communion; our neglect of Jesus 
in the Blessed Sacrament — shall we say our sac- 
rileges ? May Jesus save us and all Christians 
from the greatest of sins — sacrilege. Here we 
find sufficient matter for reparation. The trut 
reparation is to weep before Jesus over our sins, to 
beg of Him tears of sorrow, that He Himself may 
wash away our sins in His precious blood. ' I will 
recount to Thee all/ says the prophet, ' all my 
years in the bitterness of my soul ' (Is. xxxvii. 15). 


" The pious soul will endeavor to make repara- 
tion to Jesus for the sins of others. The sins of a 
wicked world, the insults offered to the Blessed 
Sacrament during the last nineteen centuries, 
would make an angel weep; all these Jesus fore- 
saw, when for us He instituted the sacrament ol 
His love. Let us try to make reparation to Hire 
for all the sacrileges ever committed — sacrileges 
the greatest of all insults to His sacred heart. Rep 
arntion to Jesus for all the outrages, irreverences, 
impieties, and blasphemies of heretics and infidels; 
to wish to make an act of faith in the Real Pres- 
ence for every heretic and infidel that ever lived 
and for every moment of their lives; to believe in 
Jesus for the poor pagans who never heard His 
sweet name; to love Jesus for the cold, bad 
Catholics who believe in Jesus, but do not love 

6Q How to Employ the Hour of Adoration. 

Him; finally, to travel in spirit round the world, 
and in spirit kneel before every pyxis and taber- 
nacle where Jesus is alone, abandoned and for- 
gotten, and offer Him the praises of men, angels, 
nnd of the holy Mother — such is reparation: may 
Jesus inspire our souls with it. 


" e Of all kinds of prayer,' says St. Liguori, 
""'that of petition is the most indispensable: it is 
as necessary for the salvation of adults as Baptism 
is for infants/ Without the grace of God we can- 
not be saved. i Without Me/ says Christ, i you 
can do nothing/ And God does not give His 
grace except we ask it. He has again and again 
promised to grant us what we ask. ' Ail things 
whatsoever you ask when ye pray, believe that 
you shall receive, and they shall come unto you ' 
{Mark xi. 24). Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament 
will grant us all the graces we stand in need of. 
Let us beg, in the first place, pardon of all our 
past sins — ' Wash us still more from our sins, and 
cleanse us from our iniquities ' — and the grace 
never again to wound the Sacred Heart of Jesus 
by mortal sin. Let us beg of Jesus an increase of 
the love of God, to love Him daily more and more. 
Let us beg the grace of a holy life, happy death, 
final perseverance, and, lastly, an increase of love 
to the Blessed Sacrament. If we be fervent, Jesus 

How to Employ the Hour of Adoration. 67 

Christ will make known to us what we want, and 
inspire us to ask it. 

" When we have prayed for ourselves — when we 
have obtained our petitions for ourselves — let us 
think of others. Let us not forget the interests 
of Jesus in others. If we love Jesus tenderly, we 
must desire for God's glory to banish sin from the 
world and to make all mankind love God. Our 
first prayer is that the Sacred Heart of Jesus may 
be never more wounded by sacrilege — that sac- 
rilege may be banished from the Church of God. 
We pray that outrages, impieties, and blasphemies 
towards the Blessed Sacrament may forever cease; 
that the light of God's truth may shine upon 
heretics and infidels, to believe in and love the 
Blessed Eucharist. We pray that the love of Jesus 
be enkindled in the hearts of cold, bad Catholics, 
to venerate as they ought the holy mysteries. We 
pray for the poor pagans, that the seeds of Chris- 
tianity sown in the blood of the martyrs and labors 
of holy missionaries, may produce the rich harvest 
of souls; that all nations may know and adore the 
true God; and w recommend to Jesus, in the 
Blessed Sacrament, our Holy Father the Pope, 
the Universal Church, and our own dear country. 

" The soul thus occupied with the interest of 
Jesus in herself and others, how fast time will fly ! 
A half-hour or more will appear only a moment, 
so sweet is the society of God. ' His conversation 
has no bitterness, His comnany no tediousness' 

68 How to Employ the Hour of Adoration 

(Wis. viii. 14). How happy the soul in the pres- 
ence of her Beloved ! How many looks of love to 
the tabernacle ! None but God sees the secret 
currents of grace from the Sacred Heart of Jesus 
to the heart of the pious penitent. None but God 
and the pious soul know the silent inspiration 
from the tabernacle. i Give me/ says St. Augus- 
tine, ' a lover, and he will understand what I 

" The blessing of daily Mass, frequent com- 
munion, and daily visits to the Most Holy Sacra- 
ment, is the privilege of those living in towns. 
May they avail themselves of it ! Those living 
in the country, far away from the church where 
the Blessed Sacrament is preserved, are deprived 
of these heavenly favors. How are they to mani- 
fest their love and gratitude by visits to the 
Blessed Sacrament ? In the first place, they have 
an opportunity of satisfying their devotion to the 
Blessed Sacrament on all Sundays and holydays, 
both before and after Mass. On these days the 
priest carries in his bosom to the chapel the Holy 
of holies. The lighted candle reminds the faith- 
ful of the real presence of Jesus on the altar, and 
there He remains in all His love. Here is a good 
opportunity to pay a loving and fervent visit to 
Jesus, to make up for one's absence during the 
IVeek. Again, people from the country often 
come to town on business. They should never 
lose so good an opportunity of looking into the 

How to Employ the Hour of Adoration. 69 

church to pay a visit to their beloved Lord. To 
come in specially to pray before the Blessed Sacra- 
ment would be time not lost but gamed, time well 
spent, time precious at the hour of death. 

" Besides these and other occasions of actual 
visits to the Blessed Sacrament, the pious soul can 
supply all defects of opportunity by visits in spirit. 
And this holy practice will draw down showers 
of grace upon our souls. The devout Christian 
in his humble home, whether by the bleak moun- 
tain's side or far away in the bog, can enter the 
closet of his heart, and kneel in spirit before his 
Lord. With the eyes of faith he sees Jesus on 
the altar; he adores and loves Him; he begs His 
graces and blessings; he elicits the very same acts, 
and derives the very same advantages, as if he had 
been really in the church in the actual presence 
of the Blessed Sacrament. These spiritual visits 
can be made at all times and in all places, and are 
recommended to all, but especially to those living 
at a distance from the church. How the Sacred 
Heart of Jesus will dilate to diffuse His graces 
upon those who thus far away from the altar of 
His love still remember Him; who thus make their 
hearts living tabernacles of the Blessed Sacrament 
■ — tabernacles more precious th tolJ . Ihose of marble, 
silver, or gold; and who concert, so to speak, their 
modest dwellings into churches for the Holy of 
holies ! Sacred Heart of Jesus ! grant to us all 
the grace of this holy practice. 

TO How to Employ the Hour of Adoration. 


"My soul, consider the infinite love of Jesuft 
in the Holy Eucharist; His love in the Mass, in 
holy communion, in the Blessed Sacrament: for 
thy sake Jesus remains day and night on the altar, 
to hear thy petitions, to cure thy diseases, to bless 
thee, to make thee happy, i to refresh thee.' How 
often hast thou been irreverent ? How often hast 
thou forgotten thy God ? In love to Jesus, and 
in reparation to His sacred heart, make and keep 
the following resolutions: 


" My Jesus ! ever present day and night on the 
altar, full of mercy and love, I resolve, first, never 
to pass by a church in which the Blessed Sacra- 
ment is kept without uncovering and bowing my 
head, and saluting and adoring in my heart the 
Holy Eucharist. Secondly, when I enter such a 
church, to genuflect to the ground in profound 
adoration, saying: ' I adore and love Thee, Jesus 
Christ, in the Most Holy Sacrament.' Thirdly, I 
resolve tu pay a visit of at least a quarter of an 
hour every day to the Blessed Sacrament. And, 
lastly, when from any cause I am deprived of this 
blessing of every day kneeling before Thy altar, 
I resolve to make amends by visiting Thee in 
spirit. Jesus in the tabernacle ! grant me grace 
to keep these holy resolutions.' " 

O Sacrament most holy! O Sacrament divine! 

All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine. 

Bets anfc praters 




In the name of the Father and of the Son and 
of the Holy Ghost. Amen. 

•h Deus in adjutorium 
meum intende ; Domine ad 
adjuvandum me festina (Ps. 

•J* God, come to my as' 
sistance ; O Lord, make haste 
to help me (Ps. lxxx.). 

Confirma me, Domine 
Deus, in hac bora, et hoc 
quod credens per te posse 
fieri cogitavi, perficiam (Ju- 
dith xiii.). 

Strengthen me, O Lord 
God, in this hour, that 1 
may bring to pass that which 
I purposed, having a belief 
that it might be done hjl 
Thee (Judith xiii.). 

Veni Sancte Spiritus. 

Veni Sancte Spiritus, 
Et emitte ccelitus 
Lucis i;u« radium. 

Holy Spirit ! Lord of light J 
From Thy clear celestial 
Thy pure, beaming radi- 
ance give ; 

14 Acts and Prayers for the Visits 

Veni pater pauperum, 
Veni dator munerum, 
Veni ftimen cordium. 

Consolator optime, 
Dvlcis liospes animae, 
Dulce refrigeriuin. 

In labore requies, 
In sestu temperies, 

In fletu solatium. 
O lux bcatissima, 
Reple cordis intima 

Tuoruru fideliuin. 
Sina tuo numine 
Nihil est in homme, 

Nihil est innoxium. 

Lava quod est sordidutn, 
Riga quod est ariduni, 
Sana quod est saucium. 

Come, Thou Father of th* 

poor ! 
Come, with treasures which 

endure ! 
Come, Thou Light of all 

that live ! 

Thou, of all consolers best, 
Visiting the troubled breast, 
Dost refreshing peace be- 
stow : 

Thou in toil art comfort 

sweet ; 
Pleasant coolness in the 

heat ; 
Solace in the midst of woe. 

Light immortal ! \,ight di- 
vine ! 

Visit Thou these hearts of 
.And our inmost being fill 

If Thou take Thy gra©<» 

Nothing pure in man will 

stay ; 
All his good is turned to 

Heal our wounds — oil! 

strength renew ; 
On our dryness pour Thy 

dew ; 
Wash the stain 3 of gut 

away • 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits 
Flecte quod est rigidum, 
Fove quod est frigidum, 
Rege quod est deviurn. 


Bend the stubborn heart and 

will ; 
Melt the frozen, warm the 

chili ; 
Guide the steps that gc 


Da tuis fidelibus 
In te confitentibus 
Sacrum septenariam. 

Da virtutis meritum, 

Da salutis exitum, 

Da perenne gaudiuin. 

Thou, on those who ever- 

Thee confess and Thee 
In Thy sevenfold gifts 
descend • 

Give them comfort when 

they die ; 
Give them life with Thee 

on high ; 
Give them joys which 

never end. Amen. 

Ant. Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy 
faithful, and kindle in them the fire of Thy love. 

V. Send forth Thy Spirit and our hearts will be 

R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the 

Let us Pray. 

God, Who hast taught the hearts of the faith- 
ful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant that we 
may, by the gift of the same Spirit, be always 
truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolations. 
Through Christ Our Lord. Amen. 

74 Acts and Prayer* for the Visits. 


most adorable Jesus, dwelling in the taber- 
nacle ! prostrate before the throne of Thy veiled 
majesty, I, Thy unworthy servant, beseech Thee 
to receive my profound adoration. I firmly be- 
lieve that Thou art really present in the Holy 
Eucharist, as powerful, as amiable, and as adorable 
as Thou art in heaven. With the angels of heaven 
I adore Thee. Thou hast mercifully hidden the 
splendor of Thy majesty, lest it should deter us 
from approaching Thy sanctuary; I believe that 
Thou dwellest on our altars not only to receive 
our adoration, but to listen to our petitions, to 
remedy our evils, to be the strength and nourish- 
ment of our souls, our powerful Helper, our 
Refuge, and our Sacrifice. 

1 hope in that boundless mercy which detains 
Thee a Prisoner of love in the tabernacle. I love 
that infinite goodness which induced Thee to in- 
stitute this Holy Sacrament of the Altar, in which 
Thou dost communicate Thyself so liberally and 
so wonderfully to Thy creatures. I thank Thee 
for so convincing a proof of Thy love and ardently 
wish that I could worthily acknowledge all the 
blessings I have ever received from this fountain 
of grace and mercy. I sincerely regret that this 
precious pledge of Thy love is received by many 
Christians with so much coldness and indifference. 
I wish to make amends for my own ingratitude 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 75 

and for all those sinful acts of my life, by which 1 
have wounded Thy loving sacred heart. I adore 
Thee, my God, present in the Holy Eucharist, 
as my Creator, my Preserver, and my Redeemer. 
I recognize Thee as my only Master; I offer 
Thee all that I have, all that I am, all that depends 
on me; I offer Thee my mind to think of Thee, 
my will to serve Thee, my body to labor and to 
suffer for Thy love. I am Thine; I give myself 
to Thee; I consecrate myself to Thee; I abandon 
myself to Thee; I wish to live and to die for love 
of Thee. 


Jesus, my God, my Saviour, with that lowly 
homage with which faith inspires me, I worship 
Thee, true God and true Man; with my whole 
heart I love Thee, enclosed in the Most August 
Sacrament of the Altar, in reparation for all the 
acts of irreverence, profanation, and sacrilege, 
which, to my shame, I may ever have committed, 
as well as for all those which have ever been com- 
mitted, or ever may be committed in ages yet to 

I adore Thee, my God, not indeed as much as 
Thou deservns f , or as much as I ought, but ac- 
cording to che little strength I have; and fain 
would I adore Thee with all the perfection of 
every rational creature. Meantime, I purpose, 
now and forever, to adore Thee, not only for 

76 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

those Catholics who adore Thee not and love 
Thee not, but also for the conversion of all here- 
tics, schismatics, Mahommedans, Jews, idolaters, 
and wicked Christians. Ah ! my Jesus, may all 
men ever know, adore, love, and praise Thee, 
every moment, in the Most Holy and Most Divine 
Sacrament ! Amen. 


I adore Thee at every moment, Living 
Bread of Heaven, Great Sacrament ! 

Jesus, heart of Mary, I pray you, bless my soul. 

Holiest Jesus, my Saviour, I give Thee my 

An Indulgence of 200 days. -Pius VII., Jan. 21. 1815. 


Adoramus te, Ckriste, et We adore Thee, Christ, 

benedicimus tibi. and we bless Thee. 

Quia per sanctam cruceni Because by Thy holy 

tuam redemisti munduin. cross Thou hast redeemed 

the world. 

I adore Thee, eternal Esther, and I give Thee 
thanks for the infinite love with which Thou 
didst deign to send Thy only-begotten Son to re- 
deem me. and to become the food of my soul. J 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 77 

offer Thee all the acts of adoration and thanks- 
giving that are offered to Thee by the angels and 
saints in heaven, and by the just on earth. I 
praise, love, and thank Thee with all the praise, 
love, and thanksgiving that are offered to Thee 
by Thine own Son in the Blessed Sacrament; and 
I beg Thee to grant that He may be known, 
loved, honored, praised, and worthily received by 
all, in this Most Divine Sacrament. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the 

I adore Thee, eternal Son, and I thank Thee 
for the infinite love which caused Thee to become 
man for rne, to be born in a stable, to live in pc 9 
erty, to suffer hunger, thirst, heat, cold, fatigue, 
hardships, contempt, persecutions, the scourging, 
the crowning with thorns, and a cruel death 
upon the hard wood of the cross. I thank Thee, 
with the Church militant and triumphant, for 
the infinite love with which Thou didst institute 
the Most Blessed Sacrament to be the food of my 

I adore Thee in all the consecrated hosts 
throughout the whole world, and I return thanks 
for those who know Thee not, and who do not 
thank Thee. Would that I were able to give my 
life to make Thee known, loved, and honored by 
all, in this sacrament of love, and to prevent the 
irreverences and sacrileges that are committed 
against Thee ! I love Thee, divine Jesus, and I 

78 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

desire to receive Thee with all the purity, love, 
and affection of Thy blessed Mother, and with 
the love and affection of Thy own most pure 
heart. Grant, most amiable Spouse of my 
soul ! in coming to me in this Most Holy Sacra- 
ment, that I may receive all the graces and bless- 
ings which Thou dost come to bestow on us, and 
let me rather die than receive Thee unworthily. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the 

I adore Thee, eternal Holy Ghost, and I give 
Thee thanks for the infinite love with which 
Thou didst work the ineffable mystery of the In- 
carnation, and for the infinite love with which 
Thou didst form the sacred body of Our Lord 
Jesus Christ out of the most pure blood of the 
Blessed Virgin Mary, to become in this sacrament 
the food of my soul. I beg Thee to enlighten 
my mind, and to purify my heart and the hearts 
of all men, that all may know the benefit of Thy 
lcve, and receive worthily this Most Blessed 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the 

Tantum ergo sacraraentuui, Down in ado ation falling-, 
Yeneremur cernui ; Lo ! the sacred Host we 

fit antiquum documenturn Lo ! o'er ancient forms de- 

Novo cedat ritui ; Newer rites of grace pre- 

vail : 

Acts and Prayer h for the Visits. 


Praestet fides suppiementum Faith for all defects sup- 
Sensuum defectui. Where the feeble senses 


Ger.itori Genitoque, 
Laus et jubilaiio; 

Salus, honor, virtus quoque 

Sit et benedictio, 
Procedenti ab utroque 

Compar sit laudatio. 


V. Panem de ccelo pree- 

stitisti eis. 

R. Omne delectamentuui 
in se babentem. 

To the everlasting Father, 
And the Son Who reigns 
on high, 
With the Holy Ghost pro- 
Forth from each eternally, 
^e salvation, honor, bless- 
Might and endless majes- 
ty. Amen. 

V. Thou gavest them 
bread from heaven. 

R. And therein was sweet' 
ness of every kind. 


Dens, qui nobis, sub Sac- 
ramento mirabili, passionis 
tuse memoriam reliquisti ; 
tribue, qusesumus, ita nos 
corporis et sanguinis tui 
sacra mysteria venerari, in 
redemptions tuae fructum 
in nobis jugiter sentiamus. 
Qui vivis et regnas, etc. 


God, Who, beneath this 
marvellous sacrament, hast 
left us a memorial of Thy 
passion : grant us, we be- 
seech Thee, so to venerate 
the sabred mysteries of Thy 
body and blood, that we may 
ever feel within us the fruit 
of Thy redemption, Who 

livest and reignest, etc. 

Indulgences: The Sovereign Pontiff, Pius VI., Oct. 17, 

1796, granted : (1) A Plenary Indulgence to all who, after 

confession and communion, on the first Thursday of the 

uaonth. shall visit with devotion the Blessed Sacrament, 

80 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

and say these prayers, praying moreover for the Church 
and the intention of the Holy Father. 

(2) An Indulgence of 7 years and 7 quarantines, on all 
the other Thursdays of the year. 

(3) An Indulgence of 100 days on any othsr day of the 
year, to those who shall say them with a contrite heart. 


I. I thank Thee, divine Redeemer, that, not 
content with having for our sakes come upon the 
earth, Thou hast instituted this divine sacra- 
ment, that therein Thou mightest remain with us 
unto the consummation of the world. — Onr 

II. I thank Thee, G glorious Jesus, that Thou 
dost veil, beneath the eucharistic species, Thy 
infinite majesty and beauty, which Thy angels 
delight to behold, that so I might have courage 
to approach the throne of Thy mercy. — Our 

III. I thank Thee, Jesus most loving, that 
having made Thyself my food, Thou descended 
upon this tongue, which so often has offended 
Thee, and dost enter within this body, which, 
alas ! has too often deserved to be visited with 
Thy anger. — Our Father. 

IV. I thank Thee, my dear Saviour, that in 
this ineffable sacrament Thou unitest me to Thee 
with so much love that I therein live in Thee, 
and Thou in me. — Our Fathei. 

V. I thank Thee, my Jesus, that, giving 

JLcts and Prayers for the visits. 81 

Thyself to me in this blessed sacrament, Thou 
hast so enriched it with the treasures of Thy love, 
that Thou hast not a greater gift to give me — 
Our Father. 

VI. I thank Thee, my good Jesus, that not 
only Thou art become my food, but also in this 
blessed sacrament offerest Thyself a continual 
sacrifice for my salvation, to Thy eternal Father. 
— Our Father. 

VII. I thank Thee, divine Priest, because 
every day Thou dost sacrifice Thyself upon our 
altars, in adoration and homage to the Most 
Blessed Trinity, and dost supply for our poor an<5 
miserable adorations. — Our Father. 

VIII. I thank Thee, my Saviour, because, 
renewing in this daily sacrifice the very sacrifice 
of the cross offered on Calvary, Thou dost satisfy 
the Divine Justice for us miserable sinners. — Oar 

IX. I thank Thee, dear Jesus, that Thou hast 
become the priceless Victim, to merit for me the 
fulness of celestial favors. Awaken in me such 
trust that their abundance may ever more and 
more descend upon my soul. — Our Father. 

X. I thank Thee, my loving Saviour, that 
Thou art immolated in thanksgiving to God for 
ail His benefits, spiritual and temporal, which He 
has bestowed upon me, and which I yet hope t«? 
receive. — Glory be to the Father. 

62 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

Ye angels lend your heavenly tongues, 

Come, and with me in praises join ; 
Come and unite, in thankful songs, 

Your sweet, immortal voice to mine. 
Oh, that I had your burning hearts, 

To love my God, my Spouse most dear 
Oh, that He would with flaming darts, 

Raise in my heart a heavenly fire. 
Dear Jesus ! now my heart is Thine X 

Oh, may it from Thee never fly ! 
Hold it with chains of love divine, 

Make it be Thine eternally. 
Vain objects that seduced my soul, 

I now despise your fleeting charms ! 
if vain temptation's billows roll, 

I lie secure in Jesus' arms. 





Most adorable Saviour, by the most wonderful 
prodigy of Thy love for us, Thou dost shut Thy- 
self up in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the 
Altar, in order to be the perpetual Sacrifice of 
the New Law, the innocent Victim of our sins, 
the celestial Food of our souls, our kind Physi- 
cian, our good Master, our powerful Mediator, 
and our loving Father. But, alas ! with what in- 
gratitude on our part Thine infinite kindness is 
repaid. Prostrate before Thine altar, where 
Thou art as really present as in die highest 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 83 

heavens, we come to make reparation for all the 
injuries and for all the ingratitude inflicted on 
Thy loving heart in this sacrament. 

divine Jesus, grant us to make a fitting 
reparation for all blasphemies, for all profana> 
tions, and all sacrileges ever committed; for the 
want of devotion and neglect of preparation for 
holy communion, for the little fruit we have 
drawn from it. 

Pardon, Lord, pardon for so many Christians 
who know Thee not, and who offend Thee; for 
so many heretics who insult Thee; for so many 
impious men and apostates who persecute Thee. 
By the fervor of our love, we would wish to make 
amends to Thee for all their contempt, and for all 
their sacrileges. 

How happy should we be, Jesus, could we 
but make reparation to Thy glory, by our respect, 
by our zeal, aye, even by the shedding of our 
blood. At least, most adorable Saviour, grant 
us the grace to love Thee in the Most Holy 
Sacrament of the Altar, with the most tender, 
the most generous, the most perfect, the most 
constant love. 

Virgin most holy, by thy holy and immaculate 
heart, make us enter into the adorable heart of 
thy divine Son, Jesus Christ. 

sweet St. Joseph ! obtain for me the gift 
of prayer and of perpetual union with Jesus and 
Mary. Amen. 

84 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 




Most amiable and adorable Jesus ! always 
burning with love for us, always sensible of our 
miseries, always burning with the desire of en- 
riching us with Thy treasures, and of giving Thy- 
self entirely to us ! Jes'iis, my Saviour and my 
God ! Thou, Who, through the excess of the 
most ardent and most extraordinary love, hast 
deigned to be our Victim in the Most Adorable 
Eucharist, in which Thou offerest Thyself daily 
in sacrifice for us upon thousands of altars ! 
What ought to be our feelings, when we see in 
the hearts of the greater part of men nothing 
but forgetfulness, ingratitude, and contempt for 
Thy favors ? Was it not enough for Thee, my 
dear Saviour, to have chosen the most painful 
of all means to procure our salvation, while it 
was in Thy power to manifest Thy love in a way 
which would have cost Thee much less ? Was 
it not enough for Thee to have endured that 
mortal agony, into which Thou wert plunged at 
the sight of our sins, of which Thou didst consent 
to bear the entire weight ? Why still expose 
Thyself to all the indignities which the malice of 
men and demons inflicts upon Thee ? Ah, my 
God and my Kedeemer ! what must have been 
the sentiments of Thy most holy heart at the 
sight of so much ingratitude ? How great must 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 86 

have been the bitterness which so much insult 
and sacrilege brought on Thy tender heart ! 
Penetrated with the most lively grief at the sight 
of such ingratitude, behold me prostrate and 
annihilated in Thy presence, to make Thee, in all 
humility, a reparation of honor, for all the in- 
juries which Thou hast endured upon our altars 
since the institution of this adorable sacrament. 
With a heart humbled and pierced with sorrow, 
I earnestly beg of Thee pardon for so much 
malice. my God ! why can I not wash with 
my tears, or even with my blood, those places 
where Thy heart has been so horribly outraged, 
and that precious pledge of Thy immense love 
go little esteemed ? Why can I not, by a new 
sort of homage, of humiliation, of annihilation, 
repair so many profanations and so much sacri- 
lege ? Why can I not even for a moment be 
master of the hearts of all men; that, by the sac- 
rifice of them, I might repair, in some measure, 
the negligence and folly of those who desire not 
to know Thee, or, who having known Thee, love 
Thee so little ? But my adorable Saviour ! 
what covers me with still greater confusion, and 
still more demands my tears, is, that / have been 
of the number of those ungrateful souls. Do 
then, Lord, Who knowest my heart, behold the 
sorrow which I feel for this ingratitude, and the 
unworthy treatment which Thou receivest fron? 

86 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

Behold this disposition in which I now am, 
of doing and suffering everything I can to repair 
them. Behold me, then, Lord, with a heart 
broken with sorrow, humbly prostrate before 
Thee, and ready to accept from Thy hands 
whatever Thou pleasest to impose upon me, in 
satisfaction for all these outrages. Strike, 
Lord, strike ! I will bless the hand which shall 
inflict a punishment so deserving. Why am I 
not a victim worthy to make atonement for so 
many insults ? Why is it not in my power to 
wash with my blood all those places where Thy 
sacred body has been trampled under foot, and 
otherwise profaned ? Oh, how happy should I be, 
if at the price of all possible torments I were 
able to atone for so much contempt, so much 
outrage, so much impiety ! Accept, eternal Fa- 
ther, this reparation of honor in union with that 
which was rendered to Thee on Calvary, by the 
most holy heart of Thy divine Son, and with that 
which the most holy Virgin made Thee at the 
foot of the cross. Deign to hear the prayer of 
this divine heart, pardon me all the indignities 
and irreverences of which I have been guilty, and, 
by Thy grace, give efficacy to the resolution 
which I now form, of never ceasing to love Thee 
with all the ardor possible, and of ever seeking 
new opportunities i of honoring Thee. my 
Sovereign, my Saviour, and my God ! I believe 
firmly that Thou art really present in the adorable 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 87 

Eucharist, and I desire in future to testify my 
belief, by the respect with which I appear in Thy 
presence, and by my assiduity in adoring Thee. 
And as I protest that I wish in particular to 
honor Thy sacred heart, contained in the Most 
Adorable Sacrament of the Altar, I desire to fix in 
it my dwelling for the remainder of my life. 
Grant, my God, this grace which I beseech of 
Thee most earnestly, that at the moment of my 
death Thou wouldst receive my last sigh into Thy 
sacred heart. Amen. 


May the heart of Jesus in the Most Blessed 
Sacrament be praised, adored, and loved with 
grateful affection, at every moment in all the tab- 
ernacles of the world even to the end of time. 

100 days' Indulgence.— Pius IX., Feb. 29, 1868. 



my God, how shall I contain my astonish- 
ment when I meditate on what Thou hast done 
for me in this sacrament. Thou, my Eedeemer, 
Christ Jesus, art content to descend frem heaven, 
to place Thyself within the consecrated Host, and 
to dwell within the tabernacle, day and night, 
solely to exercise Thy love towards me, and to 

88 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

communicate to me the abundance of Thy graces. 
Oh, what bounty, what mercy ! There appears to 
me, that in the Divine Sacrament, wherein 
dwells the Author and Giver of all good, I behold 
the King of glory, Who, with gentle courtesy, 
calls me, and invites me, and expects me, that 1 
may go to receive His graces, and be consoled. 
Courage, then, my soul; come, let us beg for bless- 
ings, and not be weary, but be confident that we 
shall receive them. " Let us go, therefore, with 
confidence to the throne of grace, that we may ob- 
tain mercy, and find grace in seasonable aid " 
(Heb. ii. 10). 

If I look into my own heart, to discover its 
needs, that they may be supplied, I find that I 
am in want of all; for all fails me, and I have no 
sound virtue, for vice alone predominates in me. 
My wants are without end, and Thou, my God, 
discernest them far more clearly than I can do. I 
am blind, and without light, and this is the first 
grace I implore from Thee : " Lord, that I may 
see" (Luke xviii. 41). Illuminate me, true 
Eternal Light, Who didst come into the world to 
enlighten every man; make me to see and to 
know my vileness, my poverty, my extreme mis- 
ery, that knowing myself, I may learn humil- 
ity. Want of humility is the great cause of my 
evil; I esteem myself too highly, and aspire to be 
highly esteemed by others; and hence I fall, and 
fall at every little occasion, without ever amending 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 89 

my faults. All my sins are the effects, the punish- 
ment of my pride. 0h ? if I were but humble of 
heart, as I am under obligation to be ! my Jesus, 
Thou Who hast so abased Thyself in the Blessed 
Sacrament, almost to nothing, and dost dwell 
there, hiding within the sacred Host all Tfiy glo- 
rious gifts, I ask of Thee a true and holy humility, 
for without this I have neither capacity nor dispo- 
sition to receive any of Thy graces, and this alone 
can lit me for them. I know not even what hu- 
mility is, but I well know that I greatly need it. T 
ask it of Thee by that stupendous humility which 
brings Thee to dwell within the Blessed Sacra- 
ment. God of all greatness, and of all humility, 
humble my pride, and give me a humble and con- 
trite heart. 

With the grace of humility I also ask of Thee 
ever to increase in me the graces of faith, hope, 
and charity. These virtues are of necessity for 
my salvation, and yet how negligently does my 
heart make acts of them! How often do I allow a 
long time to pass without making so much as one 
act of faith, of hope, or of charity! my Lord 
Jesus Christ ! Who, in the Blessed Sacrament, hast 
deigned to leave us a mystery of faith, a pledge of 
hope, a bond of love, give me grace to acquire the 
good habit of frequently practising these virtues 
during my life, that they may avail me in the hour 
of my death. Make me worthy to live and die in 
Thy faith, with the firm hope of living and dying 

90 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

in Thy love. Give me, Lord Jesus ! en increase 
of faith, hope, and charity. 

But, besides all this, my God! I beseech Thee 
to give me grace to live in holy charity with all 
my neighbors. Thou hast commanded me to 
love them, but I am neglectful in observing this 
law; some among them I love from inclination, 
some from interest, and scarcely any purely for 
Thy love. I love him who treats me kindly, but I 
do not love him who offends me. Sometimes I 
intend to love all men, but I have too much rea- 
son to fear that in truth I do not love them with 
that Christian charity which is my duty. But 
Thou, in the institution of the Blessed Sacrament, 
Thou hast left me a model, an example of charity; 
grant that by Thy grace I may holily imitate Thee. 
I resolve now to love all men sincerely and cor- 
dially for Thy sake, and particularly those who in 
any way have offended or injured me. All that I 
most desire for myself, I pray Thee to bestow on 
them, and to unite this my petition with Thine 
own prayer upon the cross, when Thou didst in- 
tercede for Thy enemies. Grant, dear Lord, that 
I may ever live in charity with all, that I may so 
live as never by any act of mine to break the bond 
of charity; that I may ever love my neighbor as 
Thou dost love me. Above all, I humbly beg of 
Thee the grace to live, in all and through all, re- 
signed to Thy all-holy will. I accept whatever 
Thy divine providence shall appoint in my life. 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 91 

and in my death; may Thy will in all things alone 
be done, not mine, Lord! I desire all that Thou 
wiliest, and because Thou wiliest it; and in all cir- 
cumstances I unite my will with Thine. There- 
fore, my dear Redeemer, to Thine I now and 
forever unite my will to that adorable will which 
in the garden Thou didst, in perfect submission, 
offer to Thy eternal Father; and I beseech Thee 
ever so to retain my will in unison with Thine, 
that nothing shall again disjoin them. Thou Thy- 
self hast taught me to say, in the Pater Noster, 
" Thy will be done/' and daily I repeat it, but too 
often I say the words only with my lips; now at 
kast my heart pronounces them for all time, and 
id all possible occurrences — " Thy will be done on 
<?arth as it is in heaven." To-day, and in all the 
days of my life, may Thy most holy will be done 
in me, for me, by me. Teach me to know what 
pleaseth Thee, and give me grace to follow it. 
Grant me, Lord, to discern, to will, to do, that 
which pleases Thee, as it pleases Thee, and because 
it pleases Thee. 


Not for myself alone do I implore these graces, 
my God, but for all the souls Thou hast re- 
deemed with Thy most precious blood, and espe- 
cially for all those within Thy Holy Catholic 
Church, and chieflv for those who have been, and 

)2 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

are, the most devout to the Adorable Sacrament, 
For this, dear Lord, I recommend them to Thee 
with most tender affection. Give to us all one 
united, fervent spirit, zealous to prevent the of- 
fences committed against Thee, and ever active to 
promote devotion to Thy glory in the Blessed Sac- 

With the intention of receiving the indulgences 
and participating in the merits of Thy most sacred 
Passion, I commend to Thee, my Lord Jesus 
Christ, the Apostolic and Eoman Church; and I 
beseech Thee to extend her bounds by the extirpa- 
tion of heresy, the conversion of infidels. I com- 
mend to Thee [N.], the chief Pontiff, Thy vicar on 
earth; and I beseech Thee to assist him clearly to 
discern, efficaciously to will, and powerfully tr. 
perform, all that is most for the honor and glory 
of Thy divine majesty. 

I commend also to Thee all Thy priests, des- 
tined to the tremendous ministry of Thy altars, 
and I pray Thee to clothe them with Thy spirit, 
worthily to consecrate, to receive, and to administer 
to the faithful the Blessed Sacrament, with the 
faith and solemn reverence, the purity and devotion 
which it demands. Also I commend to Thee all 
Catholic princes, and all authorities, to whom 
Thou hast confided temporal power, that they may 
live in peace and may be united in zeal and 
strength against the enemies of the Holy Catholic 
Faith. I recommend to Thee all sinners, for whose 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 93 

salvation Thou didst deign to become incarnate, 
to remain three-and-thirty years on earth, and at 
last to die on the cross; and I beseech Thee to be- 
stow upon them Thy powerful help, that they 
may repent, and be converted, and may enter and 
remain in Thy holy grace. To Thee I commend 
my parents, my friends, my enemies, my superiors, 
spiritual and temporal, and all those to whom I 
am under obligation, and I beseech Thee to bless 
them, to give them grace to make a good use of 
their temporal goods, that so they may attain eter- 
nal felicity: " Ut sic transeamus per bona tempora- 
lia ut non amiltamus (sterna." — " That we may so 
pass through temporal blessings, as not to lose 
those which are eternal." 


my God, I recommend to Thy clemency the 
holy souls in purgatory, and especially those to 
whom I am most indebted by the bond of charity 
or of justice; and chiefly I implore Thee in behalf 
of those who, during their life, have been most de- 
vout to the Blessed Sacrament; as also those who 
have most loved the Blessed Virgin. For this I 
offer Thee, my good Jesus, Thy wounds, Thy 
agony, Thy death, and all the merits of Thy 
most bitter passion. I know that it is Thy pleas- 
ure I should pray for these holy souls, who are 
worthy of Thy love. Hear, then, dear Lord, and 

94 Acts and Prayers for the Visits^ 

grant this my prayer in their behalf, which I 
present to Thee in the words of Thy holy 
Church: "Requiem cetemam dona eis, Domine, et 
lux perpetua luceat eis." — " Eternal rest give unto 
them, Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon 


We pray Thee, almighty and eternal God ! 
who through Jesus Christ hast revealed Thy glory 
to all nations, to preserve the works of Thy mercy, 
that Thy Church, being spread through the whole 
world, may continue, with unchanging faith, in 
the confession of Thy name. 

We pray Thee, Who alone art good and holy, 
to endow with heavenly knowledge, sincere zeal, 
and sanctity of life our chief bishop, [N\ N.], the 
vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the government 
of His Church; our own bishop, [N. N.], [or, if 
he is not consecrated, our bishop-elect] ; all other 
bishops, prelates, and pastors of the Church; 
and especially those who are appointed to exercise 
among us the functions of the holy ministry, and 
conduct Thy people into the ways of salvation. 

We pray Thee,0 God of might, wisdom, and jus- 
tice ! through Whom authority is rightly adminis- 
tered, laws are enacted, and judgment decreed, as- 
sist, with Thy holy spirit of counsel and fortitude, 
the President of these United States; that his ad- 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 95 

ministration may be conducted in righteousness, 
and be eminently useful to Thy people, over whom 
he presides, by encouraging due respect for virtue 
and religion, by a faithful execution of the laws in 
justice and mercy, and by restraining vice and im- 
morality. Let the light of Thy divine wisdom 
direct the deliberations of Congress, and shine 
forth in all the proceedings and laws framed for 
our rule and government, so that they may tend to 
the preservation of peace, the promotion of na- 
tional happiness, the increase of industry, sobriety, 
and useful knowledge; and may perpetuate to us 
the blessings of equal liberty. 

We pray for his excellency, the governor of this 
State, for the members of the assembly, for all 
judges, magistrates, and other officers who are ap- 
pointed to guard our political welfare* that they 
may be enabled, by Thy powerful protection, to 
discharge the duties of their respective stations 
with honesty and ability. 

We recommend likewise, to Thy unbounded 
mercy, all our brethren and fellow-citizens, 
throughout the United States, that they may be 
blessed in the knowledge and sanctified in the ob- 
servance, of Thy most holy law; that they may be 
preserved in union, and in that peace which the 
world cannot give, and after enjoying the bless- 
ings of this life, be admitted to those which are 

Finally, we pray Thee, Lord of mercy, to re- 

96 Acts and Prayers for the Visits 

member the souls of Thy servants departed, who 
are gone before us with the sign of faith, and re- 
pose in the sleep of peace, the souls of our par- 
ents, relatives and friends; of those who, when 
living, were members of this congregation, and 
particularly of such as are lately deceased ; of all 
benefactors who, by their donations or legacies 
to this church, witnessed their zeal for the de- 
cency of divine worship and proved their claim 
to our grateful and charitable remembrance. To 
these, Lord, and to all that rest in Christ, 
grant, we beseech Thee, a place of refreshment, 
light, and everlasting peace, through the same 
Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour. Amen. 


Jesus ! protect, preserve, and sanctify Thy 
priesthood. Preserve to childhood the priest, the 
guardian and friend of its innocence. Preserve 
him to youth, whose guide and counsellor he is; 
to the poor, of whom he is the providence; to the 
afflicted, whose consoler he is. Preserve him to 
the orphan, who finds in him a father; to the dy- 
ing, whose last agony is illumined through him, 
by the divine light of faith and hope. Sustain and 
console, Jesus, the Holy Father, the earthly 
head of Thy Church, whose life is so embittered 
with the ingratitude of his children; protect him 
and deliver him from his enemies. We believe and 
know truly that Thy Church cannot perish and 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 97 

that the priesthood is immortal. Hasten, then, 
divine Lord, the coming of Thy kingdom, 
that Thou mayest reign, conquer, and overcome. 
Adveniat regnum tuum! 

" Jesus! give to us holy priests — priests of 
fire/'— E. P. Eymard. 


incomparable Mother of the most high God, 
Mary, whom the eternal counsels destined to be 
the admirable instrument whereby the eternal. Fa- 
ther should give to men His divine and sole-begot- 
ten Son ! Truly thou art that holy virgin, that 
admirable Queen of angels and of men, whose 
soul, possessing the fulness of divine gifts, has 
continually glorified God, and ever been filled 
with joy and love in conceiving and beholding the 
fruit of thy womb, thy divine Saviour. I vener- 
ate thee, Lady, with true and duteous affection, 
as the Queen of earth and heaven; and I honor 
in thee thy deep humility, and all those singular 
graces wherewith the Holy Ghost enriched thee, 
making thee blessed above all mothers, purer than 
all virgins, highly favored among spouses, who 
wert true spouse of the Holy Ghost. The sacred 
flesh that was to be immolated in the cradle, on the 
cross, and upon our altars for our salvation was 
taken by the wonder-working power of God from 
thee, Mary 1 His name of Jesus, which thou 

98 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

first didst call Him, that name so sweet and so tre- 
mendous, proclaiming His holiness, how has it 
been glorified by thy praises, respected through 
thy meekness and submission ! 

To thee, then, most holy Virgin, daughter be- 
loved of the eternal Father, Mother of the King 
of kings, living ark of the Holy Ghost, fair as the 
moon, shining as the sun, terrible as an army in 
battle array, star bright with all virtue, rich treas- 
ure of celestial gifts, channel of all graces, advo- 
cate of sinners, refuge of the miserable, model of 
the just in all holiness and perfection, to thee, 
Virgin most holy, I come, beseeching thee with all 
the earnestness of my heart, to look on me with 
the compassionate eye of a loving mother, though 
I am so unworthy; for, from His cross, Thy divine 
Son gave thee to me for my Mother, and thou 
didst accept me in the person of the beloved John. 
Therefore, I beseech thee to offer me wholly to 
Him Whom thou didst bear in thy most chaste 
bosom, that from His throne of majesty, where 
the eye of the flesh is blind, but where He is seen 
by the eye of faith, He may pour upon me His 
salutary fear, His infinite mercy, His looks of 
sweetness and of favor. Beg of Him to put forth 
His strength and fight the enemies of my salva- 
tion; to dissipate in me every thought contrary to 
His law; that He may help me to dispossess and 
drive forth those guilty passions which have 
usurped His throne within my heart; that He may 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 99 

give me His profound humility; and that, built up 
thereon, He may raise me to be partaker in His 
graces and His merits ; and that He may 
inspire me with an ardent, heaven-born longing 
for His divine banquet, so that, being there filled 
with the pure delights of His blessings, He may 
never permit me, through any hidden attachments 
to the goods and the pleasures of this poor life, 
ever to return empty from that sacred feast, or 
barren of its richest graces. Mother most ad- 
mirable, powerful advocate of all who hope in 
thee, obtain for me from Him, thy beloved Son, 
my dearest Saviour, Christ Jesus, that in this Sac- 
rament of His love, He may receive me into His 
protection, in the inestimable triumph of His 
mercy; that, with His help, my virtue may be- 
come sincere, my life holy and obedient; that my 
perseverance may be faithful, my death precious, 
my judgment favorable, and my eternity all- 
blessed ! Amen. 


Su!> tuum presidium con- holy Mother of our God \ 

Sancta Dei genitrix. To thee for help we fly ; 

Nostras deprecationes ne Despise not this our humble 

Despicias in necessitatibus But all our wunts supply, 

nostris. O glorious Virgin, ever 

blest ! 
Sed a periculis cunctis, Defend us from our foas ; 

100 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

Libera nos semper, Virgo, 
Gioriosa et benedicta. 

From threatening dangers 
set us free, 
And terminate our woes. 

Tota pulcbra es Maria : 

Tota pulcbra es. Maria 

Et macula original is non est 

in te. 
Et macula originalis non est 

in te. 
Tu gloria Jerus&lem ; 

Tu laetitia Israel ; 

Tu bonorificentia populi 

nostri ; 
Tu advocata peccatorum ; 

Maria ! O Maria ! 
Virgo prudentissima ; 
Mater clementissima ; 
Ora pro nobis ; 
Intercede pro nobis ad Do- 
minum J esum Christum. 

O Mary ! thou art unblem- 

ish'd ; 
Thou art all fair, Mary ! 
And the stain of original sin 

is not in thee. 
And tbe stain of original siD 

is not in thee. 
Thou art the glory of Jeru- 
salem ; 
Thou art the joy of Israel ; 
Thou art the honor of our 

people ; 
Thou art the advocate or 

Mary ! O Mary ! 
Virgin most prudent : 
Most merciful Mother, 
Pray for us ; 
Intercede for us to Our Lord 

Jesus Christ. 

Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, 
Mother and model of adorers, pray for us, who 
have recourse to thee. 

Deign to repair all the faults that I have this 
day committed against the adorable heart of 
Jesus, and particularly during this visit. Supply 
the love that is wanting to me; and let me not 
leave this sanctuary without carrying away a 
spark of the divine ardor of thy heart for God 
and for my Saviour Jesus. 

Acts and Prayet o for the Visits. 



Ant. Ipse Jesus erat in- 
cipiens quasi annorum tri- 
ginta, ut putabatur, filius 

V. Ora pro nobis, sancte 

R. Ut digni efficiamur 
promissionibus Christi. 


Deus, qui ineffabili pro- 
videntia beatuni Joseph, 
sanctissimae genitricis tuae 
sponsum eligere dignatus 
es : praesta, quaesumus, ut 
quern protectorem vene- 
ramur in terris, interces- 
sorem habere me ream ur in 
ccelis. Qui vivis et regnas 
in sascula saeculorum. 

Ant. Jesus was about 
thirty years old, being, as 
was supposed, the son of 

V. Pray for us, blessed 

11. That we may be made 
worthy of the promises of 


God, Who in Thine in- 
effable providence didst 
vouchsafe to choose blessed 
Joseph to be the husband 
of Thy most holy Mother : 
grant, we beseech Thee, that 
we may be made worthy to 
receive him for our inter- 
cessor in heaven whom on 
earth v»e venerate as our 
holy protector. Who livest 
and reignest world without 
end. Amen. 


Holy Ghost, Thou Teacher and Sanctifier, 
Who givest light and strength to my soul, bless 
me that I may be more faithful to Jesus, my 
Saviour and my God, Who is hidden in the Blessed 
Sacrament, and that I may love Him more and 
more. In the light of the tabernacle I ask of 
Thee, Holy Spirit, to fill my heart with pure 

102 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

desire for Jesus, the Living Bread. Give me 
grace to adore Him with the zeal and humble ven- 
eration of the holy angels; grant that His will may 
be done on earth as it is in heaven, and that His 
will be done in my soul. Help me to thank Him 
for all His gifts, and, most of all, for Himself. 
By this Holy Sacrament He strengthens souls on 
earth, gives rest to souls in purgatory, and glad- 
dens souls in heaven. . He is the hidden Manna, 
promised by Himself to all who overcome them- 
selves and love Him. May I taste the sweetness 
of Jesus ! Set up more and more Thy kingdom 
in my soul, that I may keep my body under and 
bring it to subjection, lest I should be a castaway 
from Jesus and from Thee. 


Holy Spirit ! grant unto me the spirit of 
Wisdom, that I may despise the perishable things 
of this world, and love the things that are eternal; 
the spirit of Understanding, to enlighten me and 
to give me the knowledge of religion; the spirit 
of Counsel, that I may diligently seek the surest 
ways of pleasing God and obtaining heaven; the 
spirit of Fortitude, that I may overcome with 
courage all the obstacles that oppose my salva- 
tion; the spirit of Knowledge, that I may be en- 
lightened in the ways of God; the spirit of Piety, 
that I may find the service of God both sweet anr! 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 103 

amiable; the spirit of Fear, that I may be filled 
with a loving reverence towards God, a^d may 
dread in any way to displease Him. Seal me, in 
Thy mercy, with the seal of a disciple of Jesrs 
Christ, unto everlasting life; and grant that, car- 
rying the cross upon my forehead, I may carry it 
also in my heart, and confessing Thee boldly be- 
fore men, may merit to be one day reckoned in the 
number of Thy elect. Amen. 

Holy Spirit, Eternal Love of the Father and 
the Son, vouchsafe to grant unto me, I beseech 
Thee, the fruit of Charity, that I may be united ta 
Thee by divine love; the fruit of Joy, that I mscj 
he filled with a holy consolation ; the fruit of 
Peace, that I may enjoy inward tranquillity of 
soul; the fruit of Patience, that I may endure 
humbly everything that may be opposed to my 
own desires; the fruit of Benignity, that 1 may 
willingly relieve the necessities of my neighbor; 
the fruit of Goodness, that I may be benevolent 
towards all; the fruit of Longanimity, that I may 
not be discouraged by delay, but may persevere in 
prayer; the fruit of Mildness, that I may subdue 
every rising of evil temper, stifle every murmur, 
and repress the susceptibilities of my nature, in 
all my dealings with my neighbor; the fruit of 
Fidelity, that I may rely with assured confi- 
dence on the word of God; the fruit of Modesty, 
that I may order my exterior regularly; the fruit* 
of Continency and Chastity, that I may keep my 

J.04 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

body in such holiness as becometh thy temple, so 
that, having, by Thy assistance, preserved my 
heart pure on earth, I may merit, in Jesus Christ, 
according to the words of the Gospel, to see God 
eternally in the glory of His kingdom. Amen. 


Jesus, my Saviour, Who art truly present in 
the Blessed Sacrament for the nourishment of our 
souls! since I cannot now receive Thee sacrament- 
ally, I humbly and earnestly beseech Thee to re- 
fresh me spiritually. I love Thee above all things 
and I desire to possess Thee within my soul. 
Come into my mind to illumine it with the light 
of heaven; come into my heart to enkindle therein 
the fire of Thy love. Unite me so intimately 
with Thee, that it may be no more I that live, but 
Thou that livest and reigneth in me forever. 

" O Sacrament most holy ! Sacrament divine 1 
All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine! " 


For short visits the first Prayer of Adoration 
simply and solely may be said, omitting all the 
other acts except the Spiritual Communion, in 
connection with the meditation proper for each 
day; or, the following prayer of St. Alphonsus 
Liguori may be recited occasionally before the 
shorter visits. 

Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 105 


Lord Jesus Christ, Who, through the love 
which Thou bearest to men, dost remain with 
them day and night in this sacrament, full of 
mercy and of love, expecting, inviting, and re- 
ceiving all who come to visit Thee, I believe that 
Thou art present in the Sacrament of the Altar. 
From the abyss of my nothingness I adore Thee, 
and I thank Thee for all the favors which Thou 
hast bestowed upon me, particularly for having 
given me Thyself in this sacrament, for having 
given me for my advocate Thy most holy Mother, 
Mary, and for having called me to visit Thee in 
this church. 

I, this day, salute Thy most loving heart, and 
I wish to salute it for three ends: first, in thanks- 
giving for this great gift; secondly, in compen- 
sation for all the injuries Thou hast received from 
Thy enemies in this sacrament; thirdly, I wish, 
by this visit, to adore Thee in all places in which 
Thou art least honored and most abandoned in 
the Holy Sacrament. My Jesus, I love Thee with 
my whole heart. I am sorry for having hitherto 
offended Thy infinite goodness. I purpose, with 
the assistance of Thy grace, never more to offend 
Thee; and, at this moment, miserable as I am, 
I consecrate my whole being to Thee. T give 
Thee my entire will, all my affections and desires* 

106 Acts and Prayers for the Visits. 

and all that I have. From this day forward, do 
what Thou wilt with me, and with whatever be- 
longs to me. I ask and desire only Thy holy love, 
the gift of final perseverance, and the perfect ac- 
complishment of Thy will. I recommend to Thee 
the souls in purgatory, particularly those who 
were most devoted to the Blessed Sacrament and 
to most holy Mary; and I also recommend to Thee 
all poor sinners. Finally, my dear Saviour, I unite 
all my affections with the affections of Thy most 
loving heart; and, thus united, I offer them to 
Thy eternal Father, and I entreat Him, in Thy 
name, and for Thy sake, to accept them. 

An Indulgence of 100 days when said before the Blessed 

A Plenary Indulgence, once a month, on the usual con 
ditions, to all those who, every day, for a month, shall say 
this prayer.— Pius IX., Sept. 7, 1854. 

Disit I. 


Emmanuel: <Bofc wttb us. 

In answer to the two disciples who followed 
Jesus, saying: " Master, where dwellest Thou ? V 
He answered: "Come and see" (John i. 39). 

" Come and see " where He dwells now in the 
Blessed Sacrament. 


Poor was His dwelling-place in the stable, in 
the desert, on the cross — in Bethlehem, Nazareth, 
and Judea — and still for love of us how poor is 
His abode upon our altars. 


And, alas ! how poorly is He lodged within our 
hearts ! 


The home of Jesus is the tabernacle. Our dear 

Lord and Saviour dwells among the poor as much 

108 Visit J 

as among the rich; He abides in the noisy, 
crowded city as well as in the lonely, quiet coun- 
try; in stately cathedrals as well as in the poorest 
churches and most dilapidated chapels, hidder* 
away in rural lanes, on the mountain-side, and in 
sequestered districts, seldom visited by Grangers. 
There He remains that all may be able easily to 
come to His dwelling-place, to converse with 
Him, to obtain graces from Him, and to enter into 
the most intimate communion with Him. On the 
night in which the Redeemer \ook leave of His 
beloved disciples to go to His death, these faith- 
ful followers of Christ shed tears of sorrow at the 
thought of being separated from their divine 
Master, but Jesus consoled them, saying sub- 
stantially: My children, I am going to die for you 
in order to show you the love vhich I bear you. 
But at My death you will not be left alone and 
separated from Me ; I will remain with you 
in the Most Holy Sacrament ; I leave you My 
body, My soul, My divinity; I leave Myself en- 
tirely to you. " Behold, I am with you all days, 
even to the consummation of the world " (Matt. 
xxvii. 20). 

Truly, the Gentiles have invented many gods; 
but they could not imagine a god more loving and 
generous than our true God, Who remains so near 
to us and assists us with so much love. The Jul 
that loves Jesus need not go far to find Him. He 
can be found in every church in which the Blessed 

Jesus our Emmanuel : God with us. 109 

Sacrament is preserved, and there the King of 
kings, our Lord, our Saviour, and our God, is con- 
tent to remain shut up in a tabernacle of wood or 
of stone, often even without a lamp burning be- 
fore Him and without any one to keep Him com- 
pany. And yet from His humble sacramental 
home we hear His voice: " This is My rest forever 
and ever; here will I dwell; for I have chosen it " 
(Ps. cxxxi. 14). 

" My delights were to be with the children of 
men " (Prov. viii. 31). Oh ! how is it that 
men show so little love for Jesus and do not visit 
Him more frequently ? From the tabernacle the 
pleading voice of our kind Father comes: "My 
Son, give Me thy heart " (Prov. xxiii. 26), and 
we turn a deaf ear to His cry of love — the gold, 
the favors, and the pleasures of the world hold our 
hearts enthralled. We hear the cordial invita- 
tion: "Come to Me, all you that labor and arc 
burdened and I will refresh you " (Matt. xi. 28). 
and yet men run hither and thither for help in 
their distress before they think of Jesus in the 
tabernacle, Who holds in readiness there all the 
remedies for human woes. Eeal faith and ardent 
love are wanting to men; else they would show a 
greater appreciation of our divine Saviour's pres- 
ence in our midst. 

How tender is the devotion which pilgrims feel 
in visiting the Holy Land, the holy house of 
Loretto, the cave at Bethlehem, the hill of Cal- 

110 Visit 1. 

vary, or the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem — those 
hallowed places where Our Redeemer was born, or 
lived, or died, or where He was buried ! But how 
much greater and more tender should be our 
devotion in the actual presence of Jesus Christ 
upon our altars ! We read of saints weeping at 
sight of the palaces of princes, filled with syco- 
phantic courtiers, while churches, in which God — 
the King of Heaven — dwells, were solitary and 
neglected. Oh ! if the Lord remained only in one 
church on earth — for example, in St. Peter's at 
Rome — and only on one day in the year, how 
many pilgrims from all parts of the world would 
endeavor to have the happiness of being there on 
that particular day to pay their homage to Jesus 
Christ, Our Saviour and our God ! If Christ, 
Our Lord, in the excess of His love, had not in- 
stituted the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, who 
would have thought of such a favor ? But, alas ! 
where is our gratitude ? 

Let us ask ours'elves whether we in reality, by our 
conduct, display a living faith and show a proper 
love and veneration for this great sacrament ? Do 
we always enter the house of God with appropriate 
interior dispositions and a respectful exterior de- 
portment ? When we come into the presence of 
Jesus, is not our soul immersed in distractions, 
earthly affections, and worldly desires ? Let us 
not approach the tabernacle without profound re- 
spect mingled with holy fear and confidence 

Jesus our Emmanuel: God ivith us. Ill 

Christ is holy and we must be holy to be pleasing 
in His sight. Let us remember that at the mo- 
ment when Moses looked closely on the bush that 
was on fire without being consumed, a voice criei? 
out to him: " Come not nigh hither; put off 
the shoes from thy feet; for the place whereon , 
thou standest is holy ground " (Ex. iii. 5). The" 
Divine Majesty hovered over the green yet burn- 
ing bush. Jesus is present in the tabernacle. Lei? 
us go to Him; but let us put off our shoes, that is 
to say, let us shake off the dust of the world; let 
us fall upon our knees in respectful homage and 
ask the Holy Ghost to animate our faith in the 
sublime mystery of divine love and to give us 
humility and true sorrow for our sins ; let us 
recollect ourselves in holy thoughts and pious 
Acts of Adoration, Thanksgiving, Reparation, 
and Supplication ; let us make protestations 
of the most fervent love, saying again and again: 
My Love, my Lord, my God and My All ! Let 
us promise to visit Jesus in the tabernacle more 
frequently and to ^hink of Him often during the 
day; let us seek, in the hour of adoration, to rival 
in fervor the adoring angels, who surround the 
Altar and we may rest assured that the sweet per- 
fumes of our piety will ascend to the throne of the 
Lamb of God, Who, from His sacred heart and 
pierced hands, will shower down graces and bless- 
ings upon ourselves and our families. Let us also 
be generous in giving alms to poor churches and 

U2 Visit I. 

foreign missions; let us aid, by joining either the 
Tabernacle Society or some other Eucharistic As- 
sociation, all efforts to enhance the beauty of the 
house of God and to spread devotion to the Blessed 

Jesus ! My Lord, my Saviour and my God ! 
How much has it cost Thee to remain with us 
upon our altars ! This sacrament of Thy bound- 
less love recalls to me Thy bitter passion and cruel 
death. How much hast Thou suffered and how 
much dost Thou suffer still in this Most Holy Sac- 
rament from the negligence and insults of men ! 
But I also have been guilty of unkindness and for- 
getfulness. I also have been slothful and care- 
less in visiting Thee. From this day forward, 
meek and humble Jesus, I will visit Thee more 
frequently; I will approach Thy holy table with 
greater fervor and better preparation. Infinite 
Goodness ! I love Thee. Grant that henceforth I 
may die to myself and live but for Thee, wholly 
occupied in pleasing Thee. My Lord, I will not 
forget the Garden of Gethsemani and the com- 
plaint that Thou didst make to Peter : " Simon, 
sleepest thou ? couldst thou not watch one hour 
with Me ? " In the future my great pleasure 
shall be to visit Thee often and to linger long ar 
Thy sacred feet. " For what have I in heaven ? 
and besides Thee, what do I desire upon earth ? 
Thou art the God of my heart, and the God that 
is my portion forever " (Ps. lxxii. 25, 26). 

J&ras our Emmanuel : God with us. 112 

Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, 
Mother and model of adorers, pray for us, who 
have recourse to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for me, that like thee, I may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart, as a treasure- 
house of infinite goodness; regard thyself as an 
abyss of miseries, receiving of His bounty every 
perfect gift. 


Desire out of love to hold Him fast unchange- 
ably, that thou mayest cleave to God with thine 
understanding and thy will, and that nothing may 
be able to separate thee from the charity of 
Christ (vide Eom. viii. 39). 


Ask of the Lord a constant " Sense of the 
Divine Presence," that thou mayest walk before 
Him, and be perfect; and that, as His delights are 
to be with the children of men, so thy delight- 
may be with the Son of God. 

Lord, we have all things together in Thee 
alone; Thou art the light of our eyes and the com- 

114 Visit 1. 

fort of our life; we ought not to let Thee go from 
us {vide Job x. 4, 5). 


The life of Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sac- 
rament is an interior and hidden life, although 
He dwells in the midst of creatures; a life most 
pure and holy, though exposed to the impiety of 
sinners; it is a life, noble, excellent, and divine. 
Such should be your life, if you would live accord- 
ing to His Spirit. — Notjet. 

Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All ! 
Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All ! 

How can I love Thee as I ought ? 
And how revere this wondrous gift, 

So far surpassing hope or thought ? 
Sweet Sacrament we Thee adore ; 
Oh 1 make us love Thee more and more. 

melt II. 


©ur /ifcerctful Saviour, 


<c Come to Me, all you that labor and are bur= 
dened and I will refresh you" (Matt. xi. 28). 
Does not Jesus still address these words to us from 
the Tabernacle ? 


He who labors, needs nourishment. He who 
is weary, needs comfort and repose. 

The Holy Eucharist is at once refreshment and 
rest to our souls. 


All human lives are condemned to labor and 
none are exempt from grief and pain. Either 
physical sufferings or mental sorrows — perhaps 
both — will be your lot. 

" Thy fate is the common fate of all, 
Into each life some rain must fall, 
Some days must be dark and dreary." 

— Longfellow's " Rainy Day." 


116 Visit II. 

Your life will be marked with trials and trou- 
bles, but these may be accompanied by many 
graces. Look at Jesus— the Man of Sorrows ! 
Look at Jesus in the tabernacle— Jesus Suffering 1 
Look at the Saints ! And learn like the saints to 
consider that day the happiest which brings you 
most trials and griefs, because therein you can ap- 
proach more closely to the divine Pattern Whom 
you are striding to imitate. Afflictions trace in 
us Our Saviour's image. You have suffered much; 
you may have more to suffer. Look upon it as a 
special predestination to have been in sorrow from 
your youth up. You will see one clay how much 
love there has been in the share of trials which the 
good God has awarded you. Sickness and worry 
and disappointments, trials of the body and trou- 
bles of the mind keep our hearts detached from 
the world; they remind us of Jesus, the merciful 
Saviour, in the tabernacle and warn us to fly to 
One mightier than man for help and consola- 

The great God is everywhere, in Him we live, 
and move, and are, but the great God, in the per- 
son of His Son, has become incarnate, He has 
taken on Himself the feebleness of our nature, 
with its cares, and sorrows, and pains, and de- 
relictions; He has been a child, a boy, a man; He 
was a priest, He had a Mother. He had tears, and 
sighs, and blood. He placed on His beating heart 
the young apostle He loved; He embraced chil- 

Jesus'our Merciful Saviour. 117 

dren in His arms and blessed them; He had His 
friends; He looked sadly at them when they 
wronged Him; the people were weary and He fed 
them; they were sick, and He healed them; He 
pitied :he widow who followed to the grave her 
only child, and He raised him and restored him 
to his mother; the adulteress was brought to Him 
to be condemned, and silently He wrote words of 
mercy on the ground; there was another, and she 
had fallen utterly, but with tears of loving sor- 
row she bathed His feet, and she arose justified 
and His friend; He found His apostles sleeping 
in the midst of His agony, and with plaintive voice 
He appealed to them to watch with Him if but a 
single hour. What consolation to the sorrowful, 
what hope to the broken-hearted, what mercy to 
the penitent, that the same Jesus incarnate, in 
His own sweet human nature glorified, yet the 
same, is ever present in our churches, in the 
humblest Catholic chapel of the sequestered vil- 
lage, or in the midst of the crowded city, there is 
our Jesus — " Come unto Me all you that labor, 
and are burdened, and I will refresh you." " Be 
not fearful, ye of little faith: It is I." " Cast 
all your care upon Me." " It is I Who have borne 
your infirmities and carried your sorrows." " I 
am meek and humble of heart." (i I was the man 
of sorrows and acquainted with infirmity." " My 
look was hidden and despised and they esteemed 
Me not." " But. I am the mighty God, and the 

118 Visit IT. 

Father of the world to come." I heal the sicx 
I speak to the dead, and the dead arise to bless 
Me; I pardon the sinner, and the sinner returns 
to serve Me. 

Exhaust the treasures of your wealth and the 
devout inventions of your soul to surround with 
beauty and with love your Jesus in His altar- 
throne. On Him your ail depends. He is now in 
your hands: a time will come when you will be in 
His: He is a generous giver — but He is God. 

Jesus ! Thou knowest my desire of serving 
Thee with the purest intention, and of living but 
for Thee. Make my life a continual act of resig- 
nation and of love, so that it may proceed con- 
stantly to perfection in Thy sight. To use the 
words of Pere Eymard: "I resolve to submit my- 
self entirely to the will of God; this shall be my 
mot d' or are for the year: To abandon myself and 
my future entirely in His hands. With what 
divine love has God ever led me where it was 
best for me, and always given me what suited best 
my state." 

Thou, sweet Saviour, didst leave to Thy apos- 
tles a heritage of labor, suffering, and tears, and I 
ought not to desire a better fate than that of the 
best friends of my Lord. Thy spirit, gentle Jesus, 
in the Blessed Sacrament is still the same. Thou 
hast placed Thyself in the tabernacle in a state of 
humiliation, of annihilation, and of death, but yet 
Thou art my Hope, my Strength, and my Life?. 

Jesus our Merciful Saviour. 119 

1 will seek not so much for consolation as for the 
grace of a greater love towards Thee, my merciful 
Saviour, and for strength to suffer courageously 
for Thy greater glory and my own sanctification. 

Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, 
Mother and model of adorers, pray for us who have 
recourse to thee. 

St. Joseph pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ, the merciful Saviour, seated in 
thy heart, to pour the balm of consolation and 
strengthening ointment upon the wounds of all 
thy woes. 


Desire out of love to burn sweetly with 
love for Him, as a whole burnt-olfering; that so 
thou mayest resolve to do to thyself spiritually 
what was done to the victim — it was separated 
from the flock, was bound, killed, washed, divided 
into pieces, and burnt upon the altar. 


Ask of thy Lord the spirit of " Devotion," that 
outwardly thou mayest show all worship, honor, 

120 Visit II. 

and reverence to God, to Whom thou aost alto- 
gether belong; and that inwardly thou, mayest be 
entirely resigned to His holy will ana mayest love 
Eim with all sincerity. 


The Lord ruleth me; I shall want nothing; He 
hath set me in a place of pasture, and hath brought 
me to the waters of refreshment; He hath con- 
verted my soul (Ps. xxii. 1-3). 


When we partake of the body and blood of the 
Lord, by eating His bread and drinking His chal- 
ice, we are taught to die to the world, to have 
our life hidden with Chrisi in God, and to crucify 
our flesh with its vices and concupiscences.— 
St. Fulgentius. 

Jesu ! our only joy be Thou, 

As Thou our prize will be ; 
Jesu ! be Thou our glory now 

And through eternity. 

ViStt Hi. 

tBsus in the tabernacle 

©ur jfrtenD. 

* Behold I am with you all days, even to the 
consummation of the world " (Matt, xxviii. 20). 

These words, spoken by Jesus to His disciples, 
before He ascended into Heaven, are especially 
s«veet and consoling applied to the Holy Eucharist, 


He is " always with us " by His word in the 
Church, by His grace in the sacraments; yet this 
were still too little were He not also with us by 
His presence in the Blessed Sacrament. 


Jesus is " always with us.' ; Why are we so sel- 
dom with Him ? 


St. Teresa tells us that Jesus has clothed His 
majesty in the Blessed Sacrament with the ap- 
pearances of bread that we might approach Him 

122 Visit IIL 

without fear and ask favors of Him with confi- 
dence as we would of a friend. " He desires/' as 
St. Thomas a Kempis writes, " that we converse 
with Him as one friend does with another." The 
Redeemer, to use the words of St. Alphonsus 
Liguori, chose to be born in an open cave, without 
a door and without guards, in order to be accessi- 
ble to all at all hours. The same happens in the 
Sacrament of the Altar. The churches are al- 
ways open; all can go to converse with the King 
of heave" whenever they wish. Jesus Himself 
has said: "I will no longer call you servants but 
friends," and in the tabernacle we find our divine 
Friend ready at all times to receive us. His 
friendship is always the same; it is constant, not 
changeable nor selfish like that of men. His friend- 
ship is so genuine, so sincere, that we are ever in 
His mind and ever in His heart. There is not a 
thought or action of ours in which He does not 
enter; not a joy in which He does not participate; 
not a pain or sorrow with which He does not sym- 
pathize. Could there be friendship more sterling 
and true than His ? Why do we not visit this 
best of friends oftener ? Why is He not more in 
our minds and in our hearts ? Why do we not 
confide our troubles to Him ? He is not only a 
kind Friend, He is an all-powerful Friend. And 
He wants, He expects, He even pleads for a return 
of love from us. The Sacred Heart of Jesus 
craves for the love and gratitude of our hearts. 

Jesus our Friend. 123 

Here on the altar Jesus Christ daily offers Him- 
self up in sacrifice; He heals the sick soul and 
strengthens the infirm will; He releases the cap- 
tive sinner from the bonds of sin, and feeds the 
hungry souls with His own body and blood. But 
why, after He has lavished His favors on us, does 
He still linger here ? Why does He still tarry 
during the lonely and still hours of the night ? 
It is because He is our Friend and He loves to 
be with us. He waits here, silent and patient, 
willing and anxious to help and to heal us, yet we 
fail to go to Him and tell Him what ails and 
troubles us; He is ready to listen to the griefs that 
we shut up in our own hearts, and nights and 
days pass, and our places are vacant at the altar, 
The author of " The Love of Jesus " thus ad- 
dresses our divine Friend in the tabernacle : 
" Dearest Jesus, let us no longer remain so cold 
and reserved towards Thee; let us resolve that we 
will not wait till some terrible convulsion breaks 
up the calm surface of our souls, and casts us here 
at Thy feet, because all else has failed us. Let us 
come day by day, and pour out to Thee the story 
of our daily life, and deem nothing too low for 
Thy notice. Let us lay all at Thy feet — the sor- 
row and the joy that others would not care to 
hear, the hopes and the fears that would weary 
the most loving earthly heart — and then, in the 
stillness of the sanctuary, do Thou, dearest Lord, 
gather tenderly all our words in Thy loving heart, 

124 Visit III. 

solve our doubts, soothe our troubles, and unravel 
the tangled skein of our conflicting duties. There 
is nothing that can draw off Thy attention from 
our wants and miseries. It is enough for Thee 
that we suffer and that our hearts are oppressed; 
for Thy care, love, and interest for us are far 
deeper than our own. Would that we could feel, 
when we are crushed and humbled, when the hope 
that we have lived for has withered, when sorrows 
and trials that we dare not reveal to any one make 
our souls sick well-nigh unto death, when we look 
in vain for some one to understand us and who 
will enter into our miseries, when the wild flowers 
are growing over the graves of our best-loved ones 
and when all who hold a dear place in our hearts 
are withered and gone, that there is One on the 
altar Who knows every fibre of our hearts, every 
sorrow, every pain special to our peculiar natures, 
and Who deeply sympathizes with us ! Would 
that in the days of darkness and grief we came 
iiere, and, as friend to friend, told Thee the bur- 
den we can no longer bear, the sorrow that is 
wasting away our existence, and the perplexities 
that entangle us ! When we have done so from 
time to time, have not the comfort and consola- 
tion we have received more than counterbalanced 
all we have suffered ? Oh, what foolish and in- 
consistent creatures we are ! How many of us 
are so pining and thirsting for sympathy, that we 
gladly receive it from a stranger, a pet bird, a 

Jesus our Friend. 125 

dumb animal i But, though we can have sterling 
sympathy, such as the world knows not, such as 
no human heart has the power of giving, yet, mar- 
vellously strange, we neither value it nor care to 
receive it. But it shall be so no more. Hence' 
forth we will come to Thee, truest and most sym- 
pathizing of friends, and without a thought for 
our language, in the simplicity of our souls, we 
will tell Thee what is uppermost therein. If life 
is an unclouded success, we will come to Thee, 
because no one will rejoice more thereat than 
Thou. If all our schemes and plans wither in our 
hands, we will come to Thee, because no one will 
give us truer sympathy. If we have to leave our 
homes, for a while, and those who are clear to us 
fill us with anxiety, we will come here and put 
them under Thy care, because no one will guard 
them better. If we are perplexed and harassed, 
and surrounded with difficulties without hope of 
escape, we will come to Thee, and Thou wilt en- 
lighten u B -, and Thy help will make us surmount 
the greatest obstacles. We will come to Thee, 
when we begin any important undertaking, be- 
cause Thy blessing alone can make it prosper. 
Wherever we are — in whatever new place our 
abode for a time may be — the first visit shall al- 
ways be to Thee. Compassionate Jesus, our 
hearts crave for syrni athy, and to suffer seems 
nothing to tli3 bitterness of suffering alone. 
Grant, we implore Thee, then, that we may never 

126 Visit III. 

weep, never suffer, without Thee to comfort us. 
If ever this dreadful calamity befalls us, it will be 
through our own wilful blindness, because we 
know that Thou hast no longing greater than to 
help us, and no task dearer to Thy heart than to 
soothe and comfort our own. Jesus, our divine 
Friend, grant that we may always live in union 
with Thee, that our time on earth may be only 
a longing for eternity, where the friendship Thou 
hast lavished upon us here in this vale of tears 
will be consummated, and where Thou wilt be our 
Friend forever and ever. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart as thy divine 
Friend, ready to hear thy complaints and eager 
to help thee in thy difficulties. 


Love Him as your best and truest friend; trust 
in Him, speak to Him with unwavering confidence; 

Jesus our Friend. ±2/ 

resolve never to wound His sacred heart by cold- 
ness or neglect. 


Ask Him for the '* Innocence and Simplicity of 
a Child," so that thou mayest merit His fatherly 
favors and blessings. God loves simple, humble 
souls, and reveals to them His kr- and the secrets 
of His Heart in preference to the wise and great 
ones of the world. " Suffer the little children to 
come unto Me, and forbid them not; for of such is 
the Kingdom of God " (Mark x. 14). " I confess 
to Thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, be- 
cause Thou hast hid these things from the wise 
and prudent, and hast revealed them to little 
Ones " (Matt. xi. 25). 


The manner most pleasing to God for keeping 
ourselves in His holy presence is to enter into the 
heart of Jesus, and confide to Him all care of our- 
selves. — Blessed Margaret Mary. 

Jesus, Our True Friend. 

There's naught on earth to rest on, 

All things are changing here : 
The smiles of joy we gaze on, 

The friends we count most dear. 

One friend alone is changeless. 

The One too oft forgot, 
Whose love hath stood for ages ; 

Our Jesus changeth not. 

128 Visit 111. 

E'en friendship's smiles await no\i 
To cheer us here below, 

For smiles are too deceitful, 
They quickly ebb and flow. 

One smile alone can gladden, 
Whate'er the pilgrim's lot i 

It is the smile of Jesus, 
For Jesus changeth not, 

mstt iv, 


©ur frtng. 

The Wise Men were led by a star to Bethle- 
hem, where they found Jesus. The lamp of the 
sanctuary is the light which shines for us and 
shows us where Jesus reposes. 


" Venite, adoremus." " Come, let us adore 
Him " in union with these fervent worshippers of 
Jesus, with " exceeding great joy." 


The Wise Men offered "gold and frankincense 
and myrrh " to their Infant King. What gifts 
have we brought to the God, Who dwells on ou* 

altars ? 


Jesus is the King of kings — the King of heaven 
— and yet there is no trouble for either rich 01 

130 Visit IV 

poor to obtain an audience with Him. Let us go 
to Him frequently; let us adore Him in the spirit 
of the three holy kings and in union with the 
angels that surround His altar-throne. Alas ! 
how many Catholics do not even come to visit 
Him on Sundays; how many even among practi- 
cal Catholics run eagerly to amusements instead 
of going to church for evening service to attend 
the solemn reception of the heavenly King, our 
blessed Lord in Benediction ! how many even 
when present at the Exposition of the Blessed Sac- 
rament do not adore Him devoutly, but lounge 
upon their seats, instead of kneeling properly, and 
gaze with curiosity around the church, upon the 
people and the decorations, rather than at the 
good and gentle King, Who is there waiting to 
receive their loving adoration, so that strangers 
might question the reality of. their faith in the 
Eeal Presence. 

Let us also imitate the three Holy Kings by 
offering to Our Lord in the Sacrament of the 
Altar the most becoming gifts: 1. The treasures 
of the hearts, i.e., the gold of charity, the frank- 
incense of prayer, and the myrrh of mortification; 
2. The treasures of the purse — gold and silver 
or any other donation for poor churches and es- 
pecially for the embellishment of the sanctuary, 
and of the tabernacle, that now takes the place of 
the manger at Bethlehem. We may place our of- 
ferings in Mary's hands by means of her repre- 

Jesus our King. 131 

sentative, the priest, the guardian of the eucharis- 
tic Babe, and we may be certain that Jesus will 
accept them and will smile upon us, as He smiled 
upon the holy kings when they adored Him and 
poured out their treasures at His feet. Let us re- 
solve, moreover, that Christ shall be oar King in 
truth, and that He shall rule over us with abso- 
lute sway. In holy communion Jesus enters as 
King into our hearts. But when does He reign in 
us ? When His doctrine is our guide of conduct 
and its divine truths form our rule of life. Christ 
reigns in us, when we live His life, so that His 
virtues supplant our vices and take the place of 
our imperfections. The Kingdom of Christ, 
when once firmly established in our hearts, will 
make us inexpressibly happy. It is mild and 
beneficent in its rule. " My yoke is sweet and 
My burden is light." Christ is the King of peace. 
Meekly and humbly He enters our hearts as we 
adore Him before the tabernacle or receive Him 
in reality in holy communion, to enrich it with 
the peace, the rest, the joy of Paradise. And when 
you go to the holy table, or when you kneel be- 
fore the tabernacle, in the presence of the divine 
King, ever remember that you speak to your Lord, 
Who is infinitely rich and infinitely good, Who 
loves to be implored, because He is all love and is 
ever pleased to give. Therefore beseech Him that 
He would give you His spirit, the spirit of pro- 
found humility, of willing self-abjection, and of 

132 Visit IV 

humiliation; the spirit of perfect obedience, of 
delicate observance; of entire self-abandonment 
to His mercy, and entire self-denial; the spirit of 
utter self-abnegation, even in the smallest things, 
of a generous indifference to reputation and the 
affection of creatures; the spirit which instils a 
supreme esteem and a perfect love of the cross, 
interiorly and exteriorly, and which moves the 
soul to lead a life wholly intent and sacrificed, to 
desire only the divine pleasure, homage, service, 
and the divine glory above all else ; the spirit 
which wisely guides and persuades the soul to 
purity of intention in every action, conducting it 
to sincerity and simplicity of operation, with a 
perfect love of the hidden life; a life unaffectedly 
retired, with gladness, with, gentleness, with sweet 
condescension, and fraternal charity. This is the 
spirit of Our Lord Jesus Christ, liberally granted 
and bestowed by Him to whoever shall ask it, 
especially in the precious moment of adoring Him 
in the Blessed Sacrament. He never suffers that 
soul to depart from His presence disconsolate or 
empty-handed which has come to Him in filial 
love, and has entirely confided in Him. Consider, 
then, yourself at the feet of Jesus in the Blessed 
Sacrament, as a poor ill-furnished lamp, devoid 
alike of oil and flame. Beg of Jesus in this ador- 
able sacrament that He would bestow on you the 
oil of holy virtues, the living flame of His charity; 
protesting in His presence, with all your heart, 

Jesus our King. 133 

your desire to struggle and be consumed for Him 
alone, through a life which shall imitate that of 
the same Lord Jesus here upon earth, which He 
led for the glory of His eternal Father, and for 
iove of you, and which now He lives in the Divine 
Sacrament — the life of humility, of obedience, of 
sacrifice, of love, of unalterable constancy, faith- 
fulness, and firmness in honoring and glorifying 
God, His eternal Father, while dwelling in this 
sacrament, wherein He has of His own will placed 
Himself, to make us partakers of the ineffable 
treasures and inspirations of His divinity. To what 
great perfection and holiness may we not arrive, 
by the good use of this one hour of adoration, 
spent frequently before the Blessed Eucharist. 
What fearful remorse, what regrets in the hour of 
death for him who in his life has abused such 
signal grace ! Approach, then, humbly and per- 
severingly, to the Light of your holy faith; there 
you will find all sweetness, there the fruit of life 
in the heavenly manna of the Adorable Eucharist 
Jesus, be Thou forever blessed. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for me, that like thee, I may 
/lie in the arms of Jesua and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 

134 Visit IV. 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart, as thy divine 
King, who demands thy whole heart and thy un- 
divided affections. He shows thee the pattern of 
His life, that thou mayest look closely at it and do 
in like manner. 


Desire out of love to be perfectly conformed to 
His likeness; that so thou mayest be clothed with 
all the perfections of God, as far as is possible to 
man; and mayest imitate those virtues, which are 
specially shown in the Most Holy Sacrament — His 
charity, humiiit}', and obedience. 


Ask of thy Lord the most perfect " Conformity 
to His Divine Will," so that God may be able to 
glory in thee, and say: " I have found a man ac- 
cording to My own heart, who shall do all My 
wills " (Acts xiii. 22). 


" With Christ I am nailed to the cross; and I 
live, now not I; but Christ livcth in me " (Gal. ii, 
19, 20). 

Jesus our King. 135 


King of angels ! Who can tell Thy worth ? 
The angels round Thy tabernacle know how far 
too short eternity will prove to exhaust the hymns 
that should enumerate the wonders of Thy Sacra- 
ment of Love ! — Faber. 

Jesus ! King Most Wonderful. 

O Jesus ! King most wonderful ! 

Thou Conqueror renowned ! 
Thou sweetness most ineffable ! 

In Whom all joys are found ! 

When once Thou visitest the heart, 

Then tru'h begins to shine ; 
Then earthly vanities depart ; 

Then kindles love divine. 

O Jesus, Light of all beiow ! 

Thou Fount of life and fire ! 
Surpassing all the joys we know, 

All that we can desire ! 

May every heart confess Thy name, 

And ever Thee adore ; 
And seeking Thee, itself inflame 

To seek Thee more and more. 

Thee may our tongues forever bless J 

Thee may we love alone ; 
And ever in our lives express 

The image of Thine own. 

Disit V. 


©ur lpbEStcian. 


Jesus lived a hidden life in Nazareth until He 
was thirty years old; then He left His quiet home 
and entered upon His public life in Judea; so He 
leaves the tabernacle, that He may dwell within 


He " went about doing good and healing all " 
(Acts x. 38). In holy communion He comes as 
the Supreme Good, as our Physician, to bring 
health and life to each individual soul. 


We cannot remain in church all the time; we, 
too, must leave the tabernacle, but let us show by 
our good works that we have been with Jesus and 
that we have been healed of our infirmities. 


Whithersoever Our Lord entered, says St. Mark 
(vi. 56), " they laid the sick in the streets, and be- 


Jesus our Physician 13? 

sought Him that they might touch but the hem of 
His garment; and as many as touched Him were 
made whole." Lot us cultivate the spirit of faith 
displayed by these sick people. As soon as they 
heard of the arrival of Jesus, they desired to be ir. 
His presence; they believed in His divine person. 
Faith is in us the principle of divine love; it is 
the star which precedes the rising of the sun ot 
grace, that dissipates the darkness of our under- 
standing, and calls every virtue into life. These 
sick people only requested permission to touch the 
hem of Our Lord's garment, believing that from 
His sacred robe some divine virtue would descend 
upon their infirmity. We are so much more fa- 
vored than they; we can come to Jesus whenever 
we please, and we may not only touch His sacred 
person, but even receive Him — true God and true 
Man — in holy communion. They merely hoped 
for their cure through the mercy and goodness 
of Our Lord; therefore, from all parts of the coun- 
try, they thronged into the streets of the town, that 
they might see Him pass by. And Jesus, the di- 
vine Physician, in that land of faith, passed through 
with pitiful compassion. If our blessed Lord re- 
sponded readily to the desires of those who looked 
only for physical health, simply because they were 
humble and felt the need of His almighty power, 
how great will be His mercy and kindness to us, if 
we humbly represent to Him the many needs of 
our soul. By sin we are cast down to the lowest 

138 Visit V. 

abyss of nothingness; we have wandered far away 
from God, and lost ourselves amid the miserable 
deceptions of vanity and pleasure. How vile do 
we appear in the pure light of His holiness ! 
How greatly we stand in need of mercy ! The 
Holy Eucharist confers its benefits under the veil 
of silence and obscurity, but this only- enhances 
their sweetness to the loving soul that receives 
them. Behold, these poor, sick people were so 
eager to see Our Lord pass by that they were not 
afraid of cold or darkness, nor hesitated, even in 
their suffering state, to wait long hours, exposed 
to the inclemencies of the weather. How hum- 
bled should we be for the coldness and indiffer- 
ence with which we await the moment of holy 
communion, and for the dissipation of our minds 
during the adorable sacrifice of the Mass ! Does 
not this conduct seem as if we supposed that His 
sacred body were possessed of no more virtue than 
the hem of His garment ? When we hasten to 
the church, it is not now in uncertainty of Our 
Lord's coming or as hoping only to contemplate 
Him for an instant. We do not go there expect- 
ing to touch the hem of His garment for the cure 
only of some corporal malady. We know that we 
shall find Him in the tabernacle, ever ready to lis- 
ten to us, to feed us with His adorable body, to 
sacrifice Himself upon the altar, to communicate 
His life and His strength to us. 

ever-blessed Host, bounteous Physician of our 

Jesus our Physician. 189 

souls, true and living God, most loving Saviour, 
we praise and adore Thy goodness and Thy mercy. 
Thou didst come to seek and cure the weak and 
wandering sheep, and in Thy mercy and love to of- 
fer them health. If, while Thou wert on earth, 
there issued from Thy body such divine virtue 
that the sick who approached it were healed, as- 
suredly now Thy power is not weakened. I know 
that I am all unworthy, but do Thou, the Son of 
David, have mercy on me ! If Thou wiliest that 
I should be clean, speak only and I shall be 
cleansed. Say but the word, and my pride shall be 
destroyed, my unruly will restrained, my guilt 
washed away. I am ready to do Thy will, my 
God. Here shall be no false tenderness. I will 
cut out and burn every inordinate earthly affec- 
tion, that my malady may be cured, and that I 
may be saved through all eternity. Yes, dear 
Jesus, even so I hope. I embrace Thee; I bind 
Thee to my poor, but loving heart. Grant that T 
may always love Thee, that I may ever be loved by 
Thee. This is my hope, to love Thee, Who art 
the God of r,?y soul, and to enjoy Thee eternally. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 

140 Visit V. 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart as a kind and 
compassionate Physician, pouring forth from His 
hands and feet streams of His precious blood, as a 
bath in which thy soul may be washed ; regard 
thyself as the sick man by the pond called Beth- 
saida, lying there in thine infirmity for many 
years (vide John v. 5). 


Seek to love Him purely and strongly, by with- 
drawing thyself from all created things; and as one 
who hath learned wisdom from his sickness by 
turning away from those things that pleased thee 
before, turn thou now altogether from unlawful 
things, not holding thy head high in thy pride, 
but lying low in thy humility. 


Ask thy Lord for the virtue of " Fidelity to the 
Inspirations of Divine Grace," that thou mayest 
imitate Him, Who for thy salvation humbled 
Himself and became obedient — even to the death 
of the cross (Phil. ii. 8). 


Lord, behold, he, whom Thou lovest, is sick. 
Say unto my soul, I am thy salvation. 

Jesus oar Physician. 141 


Examine and see if, after having eaten this di- 
vine food, your heart is more detached from all 
that is not God; if the life He has produced in 
you has penetrated to the exterior — your senses, 
habits, words, and works. — Tauler. 

Food of life ! Thou, Who dost give 
The pledge of immortality ! 

1 live ; — no, 'tis not I that live ; 

God gives me life ; God lives in me. 
He feeds my soul, He guides my ways, 
And every grief with joy repays. 

IDistt VI. 


©ur <3ooD Sbepberfc 


Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is the "Good Shep- 
herd" (John x. 11), Who, in order that His 
sheep may know Him better, comes Himself to 
feed them. 


But, perchance, we may have wandered far 
from the Eucharistic fold. 


Let us hear His voice, and He will lead us into 
"a place of pasture" (Ps. xxii. 2), and nourish 
us with a divine wheat, even His own sacred flesh. 


"I am the Good Shepherd. The good shep- 
herd giveth his life for his sheep " (John x. 11).— 
The title of shepherd, which Jesus here assumes, 
presents Him to us under an image most peculiar- 
ly fitted to excite our confidence, because it de- 


Jesus our Good Shepherd. 143 

picts His love for us so admirably. It is especial- 
ly at the altar and at holy communion, that Jesus 
shows Himself our Shepherd, and acts as such to- 
wards us. But He does more than any shepherd 
has ever done. Instead of feeding upon the flesh 
of His flock, He feeds His flock with His flesh and 
gives them to drink of His nrecious blood. With- 
out the Holy Eucharist, something would have 
been wanting to the reality of that title of shep- 
herd which Jesus has assumed. The sacred Host 
endows Him with a character so touching, that, 
in meditating upon all that Jesus does for us, the 
pious heart is melted into tears of love and devo- 
tion before the altar. The divine Shepherd abides 
with us always; the tabernacle is His tent. Dur- 
ing the long hours of the day and night He 
watches and guards us ; He protects and defends 
His sheep. From the quiet sanctuary He extends 
His vigilant protection over each one of us. His 
look of love follows us, and when, our prayers 
ended, we return to our various occupations, He 
blesses us, He accompanies us, and soon His gentle 
grace brings us back again to His feet. Jesus, 
give me grace to remain near Thee, and like a 
sickly, feeble sheep needing Thy constant care, 
take me close to Thy sacred heart. " Let us en- 
deavor," said St. Teresa, " not to wander far from 
our dear Shepherd; for the sheep that keep near 
the shepherd are always the most caressed, the 
best fed, and they often receive some chosen dainty 

144 Visit VL 

from the shepherd's own repast." Let our fidelity 
entitle lis to receive some tender caress from Jesus. 
The world intervenes to entice us away from our 
Shepherd, but the faithful sheep know not the 
voice of strangers. 

" The good shepherd giveth his life for his 
sheep." Jesus did not flee from the face of death. 
His iove led Him even to the cross, from whence 
His blood has flowed upon His sheepfold; that is, 
His Church. He embraces with .joy upon the al- 
tar the daily sacrifice of His whole being. He does 
not hide Himself from the humiliation, insult, 
and raillery which have too often been His por- 
tion in the tabernacle. Even now, were it neces- 
sary, He would give His life again for the conver- 
sion of every sinful soul. But He can die no 
more; for His one perfect sacrifice abideth forever, 
and we can apply it to ourselves, by means of the 
sacraments, especially by means of holy commun- 

" The good shepherd walketh before his sheep." 
Instead of driving His flock before Him, Our Lord 
draws them gently after Him. But where does 
He lead His sheep ? He leads them to heaven, 
by the " upper chamber " and by Calvary. He is 
with them — leads them in sufferings, so that they 
are joyfully endured. He pays frequent visits to 
the sick among His flock. He walks before us on 
the path of perfection, for He is Himself the per- 
fect Example and Pattern of every virtue. 

Jesus our Good Shepherd. 145 

sweet Shepherd ! how great a price hast Thou 
paid for me, Thy poor sheep ; how hast Thou 
wearied Thyself in bringing me into Thy fold, not 
once only, but many times, when I had foolishly 
strayed away from it. I am sorry for Thy suf- 
ferings and fatigue. I will follow Thee, wherever 
Thou shalt lead me. I will never more wander 
from Thy ways. my Jesus ! Remain with me 
always, and I will walk with docility in the path 
of love and gratitude, though it be marked with 
my blood. 

Good Shepherd ! Do Thou calm all my 
sorrows ; do Thou heal all my wounds ; do Thou 
feed me often with the " food of angels," that 
nourishes my soul and gives it life eternal. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that, like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com,' 
munion, p. 101. 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart as the " Good 
Shepherd," calling thee to come near to Him, that 
He may caress thee and shower His special fa- 
vors upon thee: behold thyself as His unloving 

A 46 Visit VI. 

loved one, ever wandering away from the true fold 
and running after the flocks of evil associates, 


Love Him more than the senseless and unsatis- 
fying pleasures of the flesh, that so thou mayest 
crucify thy flesh with its vices and desires. 


Ask Him for the virtue of " Temperance/' that 
thou mayest rule and restrain all evil desires, and 
mayest know how to observe moderation in all 


"I found Him Whom my soul loveth: I held 
Him, and I will not let Him go " (Cant. iii. 4). 


Our Lord, the Good Shepherd, gave His life 
for the sheep, that in our sacrament He might 
give us His body and blood, and that He might 
feed with the nourishment of His own flesh the 
sheep whom He had redeemed. — St. Gregory. 

From sinful wanderings I return : 

No more, no more, from Thee to roam ; 

Thy contrite child ; ah ! do not spurn — 
Sweet Jesus, take the wanderer hoine 

Pure, meek, and humble let me be, 
And guileless as the simple dove ; 

Thyself in others let me see, 

For Thee both friends and foes T'll love. 

Visit VII. 


©ur Divine faster. 


Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is the divine 
Master Who will teach us lessons of heavenly 
wisdom if we come like Mary, the sister of Martha, 
and " sit at His feet ' ' (Luke x. 39). 


Let us prefer to every other science, the 
" science of the saints," and to every other school, 
the school of the Holy Eucharist. 


Say with St. Peter : " Lord, to whom shall we 
go ? Thou hast the words of eternal life " (John 
vi. 69). 


Consider the delight with which Mary and 
Martha learn that Jesus, their beloved and divine 
Master, was approaching to honor and to console 

148 Visit VII 

them by His sacred presence. When thou dost 
kneel in the presence of Jesus, Who is in the taber- 
nacle, and especially when He comes to visit thee 
in holy communion, take care that every power 
of thy soul, together with all thy interior and 
exterior senses, unite to render Him the most pro- 
found and respectful homage. Jesus arrives at the 
dwelling of Mary and Martha, and the divine 
sweetness which beams forth in the heavenly coun- 
tenance of this most beautiful " above the sons of 
men" (Ps. xliv. 3) was already to them a source 
of the purest joy, and a sure pledge of the ineffable 
delights they should taste in His sacred presence. 
With what reverence do they behold Him ! With 
what respect do they salute Him ! With what 
gratitude do they conduct Him into their house r 
But, above all, w ith what tenderness and benignity 
does Jesus receive their lively demonstrations of 
attachment ! They place themselves at each side 
of their God, like two soraphim, one offering her 
love, the other her eagerness to serve and minister 
unto Him. They lodge Him, not only in their 
richest apartment, but also in the centre of their 
hearts, where they lose not sight of His adorable 
presence, nor a single word of His heavenly in- 

When thou dost kneel before the tabernacle, and 
especially when Jesus comes to visit thee in holy 
communion, let thy soul be penetrated with joy, 
let thy faith be animated, thy hope enlivened, and 

Jesus our Divine Master. 149 

thy charity inflamed. Eeceive thy Redeemer with 
ail the zeal of Martha and the recollection of 
Mary. The two sisters, though occupied in differ- 
ent ways, had but one object in view, namely, the 
service of Jesus. Martha busied herself about 
" much serving " and prepared the corporal nour- 
ishment for her divine Lord; but Mary eat at His 
feet, and heard His words (Luke x. 39, 40) ; 
she remained at those sacred feet, where she had 
once received the pardon of her sins, and is now 
prostrated with as much tenderness and joy, as she 
then was with contrition and anguish. With what 
delight does she now enjoy the real presence of this 
amiable Saviour ! How attentively does she listen 
to and how carefully does she treasure up His 
sacred words ! Martha complains to our divine 
Lord, that her sister leaves her alone to labor in 
the arrangement of temporal affairs. But her 
ideas are rectified by these admirable words of 
Jesus: "Martha, Martha, thou art careful, and 
art troubled about many things, but one thing is 
necessary " (Luke x. 41, 42). There is but one 
thing necessary — one food, one support, and that 
is, the faithful, fervent accomplishment of the 
divine will of Him Who has sent us into the world 
for this sole purpose. The science of the saints is 
to know and to do the will of God. 

my soul ! lose not the precious but fleeting 
moments of this life in running after imaginary 
enjoyments, but listen to the voice of thy Re- 

150 Visit VII 

deemer, who this day tells thee, as He did Martha, 
that thou art solicitous about many things which 
are useless, perhaps destructive, to thy present 
peace and eternal rest. Jesus ! I will learn of 
Thee to do the one thing necessary — the will of 
the heavenly Father, that I may thereby save my 
immortal soul. my Lord ! My divine Master ! 
with Mary I kneel at Thy feet, humbly and con- 
tritely. I adore Thee and I beseech Thee to teach 
me and to direct me, that like Mary, I may always 
choose the better part, always serve Thee faith- 
fully and love Thee most fervently. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to Thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart as thy divine 
Master, ready to teach thee all virtues, as He prac- 
tised them in His life and inculcates them now 
upon the altar. 


Desire out of love to remain always at His feet, 
and ever to choose the " better part," as Mary did. 

Jesus our Divine Master. 151 

Consider the words of Martha to Mary: u The 
Master is come and calleth for thee." " He is 
come/' He is here, now, upon the altar. " He 
calleth for thee." He calleth thee to-day — to the 
church, to thy duty, perhaps to some special work. 
Do not hesitate to obey. Be faithful to thy voca- 


Ask for the virtue or grace of " Perfect Con- 
formity to the Will of the Divine Master," that 
so thou mayest become perfect and always ready 
to speak the words that Mary, the virgin Mother 
of God spoke: "Fiat mihi secundum verbum 
tuum " — " Be it done to me according to thy 


Dearest Lord, teach me to be generous, teach 
me to serve Thee as Thou deservest. To give and 
not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the 
wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labor and 
not to seek reward, save that of feeling that I do 
Thy will. — St. Ignatius. 

Within Thy Sacred Heart. 

Within Thy sacred heart, dear Lord ! 

My anxious thoughts shall rest ; 
I neither ask for life nor death ; 

Thou knowest what is hest. 

152 Visit VII. 

Say only Thou Last pardoned me ; 

Say only I a:n Thine ; 
In all things else dispose of me ; 

Thy holy will is mine ! 

Ah ! why is not my love for Thee 
Unbounded, past control? 

Alas ! my heart obeyeth not 
The impulse of my soul ! 

Ah, Jesus ! if love's trusting prayer 
Seem not too bold to Thee, 

i?lace Thy own heart within my breefifc; 
Love Thou Thyself for me I 

Wait VIIL 


©ur 3u^0e. 


Our Lord in the tabernacle is the same God 
Who will one day be our Judge. 


Let us go to Him with contrition and love. His 
heart is full of mercy and compassion for the 
penitent sinner. Does He not Himself say: " I 
desire not the death of the sinner, but that he be 
converted and live." 


By a holy and penitent life, especially by fre- 
quently coming to importune Jesus for mercy and 
pardon, His just anger will be converted into love 
and He will receive us with the smile and benedic- 
tion of a loving and merciful judge. 


How terrible is death ! How awful and alarm- 
ing is the judgment which follows ! The poor 

154 Visit VIII. 

soul, standing alone, with its whole life unmasked 
before the Judge, awaiting the sentence that is to 
decide its lot for all eternity. Who can think of 
this without trembling ? Who can realize this 
truth and not quiver with fear and anxiety ? Yet, 
why fear the Judge ? If that tabernacle were to 
vanish, if the veils of the Blessed Sacrament were 
to be torn apart, that altar would be a throne of 
judgment, and we should be in the presence of 
our Judge. We are now kneeling before Him, 
and who is afraid ? Who can fear the heart that 
has loved us for so many centuries, the eyes that 
have wept over our sorrows, the hands that have 
removed the rocks out of our path lest we should 
stumble and fall, the tongue that has never ut- 
tered a harsh or unkind word ? Why, then, fear 
our Judge ? No, dear Jesus, we do not, we will 
not fear Thee, whatever character Thou mayest 
assume, provided Thou remainest our Jesus. And 
our Jesus Thou wilt always be, unless by our im- 
penitence, and hard-heartedness we compel Thee 
to assume the office of an inexorable Judge. But, 
alas ! our sins and ingratitude terrify us the more, 
because Thou art our Jesus, and because Thou 
dost love us so dearly, and we are sore afraid when 
we think of the answer we are to make to Thee. 

When we kneel before the tabernacle in the light 
of thy countenance — our Judge, — all our omis- 
sions, our bad communions or at least our cold 
and indifferent ones ; our irreverences in Thy pres- 

Jesus our Judge. 155 

ence, or rather our total forgctfulness of it; our 
neglect to visit Thee often; our diffidence, distrac- 
tions, and eagerness to bring our visits to a close, 
when we did come occasionally; our carelessness in 
not attending at Mass on week-days, though we 
could go to church so easily; our guilt in neglect- 
ing to hear Mass even on Sundays; our folly and 
timidity in not defending Thy name and Thy 
honor, when they were abused and scoffed at by 
Thy enemies; our cruel coldness in not offering 
Thee any consolation or reparation for the insults 
and injuries inflicted on Thy divine heart in the 
Holy Eucharist; — all this grieves and confounds us. 
'Tis not that Thou wilt judge us without mercy 
or love, but because Thy love and untiring pa- 
tience will magnify these sins and make them ap- 
pear as mountains on our heads. But there is yet 
t : me to amend. As yet, dear Jesus, it is not the 
lime of judgment; and though Thou art our 
Judge, Thou art also now our Saviour, our 
Brother, our Friend, and our Companion. Com- 
passionate Jesus ! touch our hearts before the time 
of judgment comes, that there may be a real and 
permanent change effected within us. Thou hast 
made us realize what we shall experience if we 
continue sinful and negligent, as we have been; 
give us the additional grace of a contrite and hum- 
ble heart, of sincere repentence, of a firm purpose 
of amendment, and of an all-absorbing love for 
Thy honor and glory in the Most Holy Sacrament 

156 Visit VIII. 

of the Altar. Make us now do what we shall wish 
to have performed, when we stand before Thy 
judgment-seat. Let us resolve to visit Jesus in the 
Tabernacle every day, if not by going to the church, 
at least in spirit; let us regularly, once a week, 
make the " Hour of Adoration " ; let us assist at 
daily Mass, so that the precious blood of the sacri- 
fice may wash away those sins which will so alarm 
us at the last day; let us go to the holy table at 
least once a week, to nourish and strengthen our 
souls with the Bread of Eternal Life; let us seek 
to be present at Benediction, that the blessing of 
Jesus may be our support in weariness and tempta- 
tion; let us do this and then we need not fear the 
coming of the Judge, whether it be at the sixth or 
at the ninth or at the eleventh hour, because then 
we shall hear from His own sweet lips: " Euge, 
serve bone et fidelis, quia in pauca fuisti fidelis, 
supra multa te constituam; intra in gaudium 
Domini tui " — " Well done, good and faithful ser- 
vant; because thou hast been faithful over a few 
things, I will place thee over many things; enter 
thou into the joy of thy Lord." — Adapted from 
" Love of Jesus." 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Jesus our Judge. 157 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart, as a merciful 
Judge, ready to give thee pardon and peace, if 
thou wilt come to Him with a contrite and humble 


Love Him with anxious love, as the saints have 
loved Him, that so thou mayest shim all careless- 
ness in thy spiritual exercises and to the perform- 
ance of thy duties. 


Ask Him for the spirit of " Mercifulness " ; that 
thou mayest obtain eternal mercy from thy divine 
Judge, Who knoweth how to have compassion on 
our infirmities (vide Heb. iv. 15). 


" Wb have received Thy mercy, God, in the 
midst of Thy temple. According to Thy name, 
God, so also is Thy praise unto the ends of the 
earth " (Ps. xlvii. 10). 


They, who frequently receive their God hidden 
under the eucharistic veils, and who at the same 

158 Visit VIII. 

time do not endeavor to reproduce Him in their 
own lives by making them conformable to His 
divine life, do not fulfil the end Our Lord had in 
view when He instituted this sacrament of union 
and of love. — Abbe de Brandt. 

My dearest Good ! Who d st so bind 
My heart with countless chains to Thee ; 

O sweetest Love ! my soul shall find 
In Thy dear bonds true liberty. 

Thyself Thou hast bestowed on me, 
Thine, Thine forever will I be. 

Wsit IX. 


©ur Ibifc&en <5ofc. 


The disciples of Jesus were afraid when a great 
tempest arose in the sea because their Master was 
asleep. Within the tabernacle He seems to sleep, 
but " His heart watcheth ? (Cant, v. 2). 


In every tempest of trial or temptation, let us 
seek Him there, and call Him to our aid. 


Though He is a hidden God, though He seems 
not to waken or to break the silence of the taber- 
nacle, still to our hearts He whispers: " Peace, be 
still" (Markiv. 39). 


When we meditate earnestly on Jesus Christ, 
His birth, His life, His death, but, above all. His 
Divine Eucharist, we are struck with the force of 

J60 Visit IX. 

the expression in the Canticle of Canticles. "I 
sleep and my heart watcheth." It explains to us 
Jesus Christ entirely. In the fulness of time the 
Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. He 
was born in a poor stable; behold Him an Infant 
asleep on the bosom of His Mother ! Scarcely i 
motion announces life, scarcely a sigh or a tear. 
I sleep, says the Infant, but fear not, My heart 
watches — " Ego dormio et cor meum vigilat." His 
heart watches; yes, truly; for already what love 
in this little Child; what love in this humiliation; 
what love in this Mother, who is to be ours; what 
love in this crib, in this first sigh, in this first 
tear ! Already His heart, which watches, has 
gathered around Him the rich and the poor, the 
great and the lowly. The voice of the angels, 
which calls the shepherds, is His heart, that 
watches 'and says to them: " Peace to men of good 
will." The star that conducts the Magi is His 
heart, that watches and guides them. Jesus 
Christ passes thirty years of His life— a hidden 
life — in the solitude of Nazareth; there you might 
believe that His life, thus hidden and obscure, is 
a slumber. I appear to you to sleep, does not 
Jesus Christ again say to us; but see how My heart 
watches; I know that obedience is repugnant 
to the independence of your nature; I know that 
meekness and humility are opposed to the pride of 
your heart ; it is not too much for Me to pass 
thirty years in giving you examples of these sub- 

Jesus our Hidden God. 161 

lime virtues; I do not sleep so profoundly, that 
My heart does not watch to say to you: " Learn of 
Me, because I am meek and humble of heart " 
(Matt. xi. 29). In His public life, Jesus one day 
embarked with His disciples on the Lake of 
Genesareth; a tempest arose, the waves threatened 
to engulf the fragile vessel; " But," says the 
Evangelist, " He was asleep." The terrified 
apostles surround Him and waken Him, crying: 
" Lord, save us, we perish"; and Jesus answers: 
u Why are ye fearful, ye of little faith ? " as if 
He had said: " I slept, it is true, but My heart 
was watching over you — Ego dormio et cor meum 
vigilat." Then He arose and rebuked the winds 
and the waves and there was a great calm. 

When, finally, the Saviour of the world, to ac- 
complish the will of His Father and to finish the 
vvork of our redemption, is raised on the Cross of 
Calvary, does He not seem to say to u»: " I sleep 
and My heart watches " — " Ego dormio et cor 
meum vigilat." But this death is a slumber, 
which reaches not My heart; all My bones are dis- 
located, a lance opens My heart, and from this 
heart, thus opened, and always watching, gush 
forth for you, two fruitful fountains of salvation 
— water and blood — Baptism and the Eucharist. 

All, The Eucharist ! Let us draw near to the 
tabernacle; let us contemplate Jesus Christ under 
the eucharistic veil. What annihilation ! W^hat 
uninterrupted silence ! What profound slum- 

lt>2 Visit IX 

ber ! Be not deceived, lie says once more to us. 
The more I annihilate myself, the more I love 
you; the greater My silence, the more I listen to 
your voice; the more I conceal Myself under these 
veils, the more I discover Myself to you; the more 
I seem to sleep, the more I watch — " Ego dormio 
et cor meum vigilat." 

men ! whosoever you may be; how great so- 
ever may be your desolation and your misery, your 
anxieties or your pains, your infidelities and your 
faults, before the altar and in presence of the 
Eucharist, be consoled, be calmed, be reassured 
In the tabernacle Jesus Christ, the God-Man, -is 
hidden; He sleeps that this lowly slumber may 
soothe the terror that His majesty would excite; 
here the heart of Jesus watches, that this vigil 
may give you confidence. Weak, unhappy, sinful 
though you be, fear not, in the Eucharist the 
heart of God watches. Here is your strength, 
your joy, your salvation. my Jesus ! grant 
that I may never be wanting in that confidence, 
which Thou seekest in Thy faithful followers. 
Heart of Jesus ! watch over me; give me grace to 
love Thee more and more. — From the Meditations 


My God and my All ! may the sweet flame of 
Thy love consume my soul, that so I may die to 
the world for the love of Thee, Who hast vouch- 
safed to die upon the cross for the love of me. — 
St. 'Francis of Assisi. 

Jesus our Hidden God. lt>3 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com 
munion, p. 101. 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart as a blood- 
stained Spouse; regard thyself as one very un- 
grateful, for thou hast never yet learned to die to 
the world, though thou dost daily, at Mass, show 
forth the death of thy Lord (Ex. iv. 25 ; also 
1 Cor. xi. 26). 


Love Him with a brave love, as the holy mar- 
tyrs loved Him; that so thou mayest dare to say: 
"Who, then, shall separate us from the love of 
Christ ? Shall tribulation ? or distress ? or fam- 
ine ? ... or the sword ? " (Rom. viii. 35.) 


Ask Him for "Health-Giving Sorrows," that 
as the sufferings of Christ abound in thee, so also 
may abound in thee the greatness of His com- 
forts (2 Cor. i. 5). 

164 Visit IX. 


"A. bundle of myrrh is my Beloved to me: He 
shall ever abide in my understanding, and ever 
direct my will " (Cant. i. 12). 


Our tabernacle is holier than the Holy of 
Holies, yea, than the Ark itself; for it contains 
the most sacred and life-giving flesh of Our 
Saviour Jesus Christ. — St. Nicephorus. 

Peace, Be Still ! 

Sweet Jesus ! by this Sacrament of Love 
All gross affections from my heart remove ; 
Let but Thy loving kindness linger there, 
Preserved by grace and perfected by prayer r 
And let me to my neighbor strive to be 
As mild and gentle as Thou art with me. 
Take Thou the guidance of my whole career, 
That to displease Thee be my only fear : 
Give me that peace the world can never give, 
And in Thy loving presence let me live. 
Ah ! show me always, Lord, Thy holy will, 
And to each troubled thought, say ; ' * Peace, 
be still." 


The Blessed Sacrament in the Catacombs. 

Without the walls of the city of Rome there 
exists a subterranean city, belonging to the first 
tfges of the Christian Church, and kaown to us as 

Jesus our Hidden God. 165 

the Catacombs — the city of the Christian dead. 
Their ancient name was cemeteries, or sleeping- 
places. History has handed down to us the names 
of many noble women — e.g., Domitilla, Lucina, 
Priscilla, Cyriaca — who made use of their proper- 
ties as Christian graveyards, and received into 
their own family vaults the bodies of the blessed 
martyrs. In many cases the name of some specially 
distinguished martyr has been given to the ceme- 
tery which gave him a resting-place. As, for ex- 
ample, that of St. Prsetextatus, St. Agnes, and St. 

This city of the dead comprises a series of long 
corridors or streets, intersected by certain little 
rooms or vaults for the use of private families, 
called for this reason " cubicula." In many of 
these is to be seen a vaulted niche or arcosolium, 
under which, upon the flat ground, stands a 
raised stone coffin, covered with a stone or marble 
lid. In such a coffin one or more of the bodies of 
the holy martyrs would be laid; and its lid or slab 
was used as an altar, where the cubiculum in 
which it was placed served as a chapel. 

In times of persecution the faithful were wont 
to assemble in these sacred hiding-places, in or- 
der to assist at the divine mysteries and receive 
the " daily bread" of holy communion. 

Here, too, the Father of the faithful not unfre- 
quently lived, concealed from the eyes of the 
world; and here, too, from time to time, the blood 

166 Visit IX. 

of the martyrs flowed in the very presence of the 
Most Holy. 

Legend of St. Xystus, P.M. 

It was the year a.d. 258, under the persecution 
of the Emperor Valerian.* The imperial decree 
had for the first time forbidden the Christians to 
frequent their cemeteries, and the satellites of the 
emperor were employed to watch the entrance to 
the larger ones, of which that of St. Calixtus was 
the chief; for this reason, on the 6th of August 
of that year, the holy Pontiff Xystus selected an- 
other (afterwards called of Praetextatus, one of his 
deacons who suffered with him), wherein to cele- 
brate the divine mysteries. His deacons, Felicissi- 
mus and Agapitus, prepare the altar, while Prae- 
textatus and Laurence vest the venerable Pontiff. 
The Mass proceeds, the faithful have received 
from the hands of Xystus the Bread of Life, and 
he, seated on the stone chair beside the altar, be- 
gins to address the faithful. Suddenly the cry of 
alarm is raised, as the clatter of arms and tramp- 
ling of many feet are heard approaching. A traitor 
leads the myrmidons of Valerian into the recesses 
of the catacomb; they seize the seven deacons, and 
lay their hands upon the sacred person of the 
Vicar of Christ. 

On reaching the city the guards are about to 

* Butlers " Lives," August 10. 

Jesus our Hidden God. 167 

separate the Deacon Laurence from the rest. " 
Father," cries he, in an agony of sorrow, " whither 
goest thou without thy son — whither, priest, 
without thy deacon ? wherein have I displeased 
thee ? " "I leave thee not, my son," replies the 
venerable old man. " A more glorious victory is 
in store for thee. Within three days thou shalt 
follow me ! " 

Once more the cemetery echoes with the tramp 
of armed men, but the Deacon Laurence is no 
longer by the side of the holy Pontiff. The ven- 
erable man is thrust into his episcopal chair; a sol- 
dier strikes off his head, so that the seat is dyed 
with his blood. Felicissimus and Agapitus re- 
ceive their crowns at the same time, afterwards to 
be buried by the faithful in the chapel where they 
have fallen; but the remains of the Pontiff were 
transferred to the adjoining cemetery of St. Calix- 
tus, where so many of the martyred Popes already 
lay. St. Laurence, as we know, did follow his be- 
loved Father three days later, through the glori- 
ous death which awaited him by fire. 

Legend of St. Tarcisius. 

The day following the martyrdom of the holy 
Pontiff St. Xystus it was thought expedient to 
send the Holy Eucharist from the secret altars of 
the cemeteries to the faithful in the city, in order 
to prepare them for the threatened trial. Tar- 
cisius, a young acolyte, was chosen for this high 

168 Visit IX. 

commission, and the Blessed Sacrament, wrapped 
in fair linen, was concealed in his bosom. Being 
met by a party of soldiers, he was seized, interro- 
gated on the nature of his errand, and bidden to 
show them what he carried so carefully in the 
fold of his tunic. In obedience to the rigid rule 
of secrecy, Tarcisius held his peace, and answered 
nothing. Thereupon he was furiously assailed, 
and fell almost immediately under a shower of 
stones and blows, thus yielding up his young life in 
defence of the Blessed Sacrament. The soldiers 
turned his dead body over and over, and searched 
in vain through his garments; they found therein 
nothing. Thus did Our Lord Himself vindicate 
His honor, by concealing the sacred mysteries 
from the eyes of His enemies, to their great terror 
and confusion. 

IDisit X. 


©ur Consolation. 


Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is verily a " hidden 
God" (Is. xlv. 15). 


But He would have us follow Him into His 

solitude that there He may speak to our hearts. 


" The sparrow hath found herself a house, and 
the turtle a nest " (Ps. lxxxiii. 4), and the faithful 
soul a hiding-place in " Thy altars, Lord of 
hosts, my King and my God " (Ps. lxxxiii. 4). 


Pilgrims to the Holy Land love to tarry in the 
blessed places where every pathway bears traces of 
the feet of Jesus, where every stone has a tale to 
tell of Him. We long to have dwelt in Nazareth, 
to have seen Him, spoken with Him, watched 


170 vim X. 

Him, followed Him, and to have kissed the print 
of His feet in the Galilean soil. We say : " I 
should indeed have been happy to have sat at His 
feet on the mountain, or in the olive-grove, or by 
the seaside, or away in the loneliness of the desert 
where He went to pray. Not a wish of my heart 
but I should have told Him, not a sorrow 
but I should have laid before Him. And surely 
He Who fed the hungry and gave sight to the 
blind, and forgave the most abominable crimes, 
and even raised the dead and gave them once more 
to the arms of the mothers that mourned them — 
surely He would have given me all that I stood in 
need of; and how holy and happy I should have 
been ! " As we thus muse and long a voice 
seems to come reproachfully from the tabernacle, 
and to murmur in our ear: " Am I not always 
with yo-u — the same Jesus Who dwelt at Nazareth 
in Galilee ? " Jesus is near us still. In the soli- 
tude of the lonely church, where the lamp burns 
softly, and all is still around, is the same Jesus 
Who was on the mountain and in the olive-grove 
and by the seaside and in the lone desert: and He 
has the self-same loving heart to offer us conso- 
lation, and the self-same divine power to aid us 
in all our necessities. You do not see Him, it is 
true, but neither did the blind people Whom He 
cured; they only knew that He was there and 
they followed Him. What does it matter if He 
is hidden from our view ? We know, we believe 

Jesus our Consolation. 171 

that He is there. And He is always ready to im- 
part comfort to us in adversity. Too often, how- 
ever, we do not listen to Jesus in the tabernacle 
as we should. Too often we enter the presence of 
Jesus to pour forth our own troubles and require- 
ments only, and after perhaps a few hurried acts 
of adoration in which there is little love or devo- 
tion, we take leave of Him, and go away from 
Him, without giving Him an opportunity to speak 
to our hearts. If we will but tarry a moment 
longer, and, after telling Him our needs and 
showing Him our poverty, or confiding to Him 
our doubts and fears, pause a while, gently and 
calmly, words will take shape in our hearts, as 
plainly as though they were spoken by mortal 
lips, and we shall find that the doubts which trou- 
bled us are suddenly cleared 'away, that the sorrow 
is lightened which pressed so heavily, that a new 
impulse is given to our failing energy, and our 
soul filled with so bright a light that we feel as 
if a sudden ray of heavenly sunshine had burst 
upon us, illuminating every dark corner and 
changing the very features of our lives. Such 
lights as these, however, — lights of grace, consola- 
tion, hope, love, and union with Jesus, — need 
quiet — the quiet of the home of Nazareth, the 
calm of an interior spirit. Solitude and recollec- 
tion are required to quicken our hearing and to 
awaken our perception of spiritual things. As we 
kneel before the tabernacle, pouring out our woes, 

172 Visit X. 

our heart-aches, our loneliness — telling our 
dear Lord that our trials weigh sorely upon 
us and that they seem almost more than we 
can bear — do we not feel that comfort comes forth 
from the tabernacle, that an indescribable consola- 
tion sinks gradually and gently into our hearts, 
that a fresh proof of the love of Jesus has come 
to fill the void left by that earthly love — that 
worldly wealth and honor, the loss of which we 
are mourning so bitterly ? Jesus, Thou Thy- 
self hast taught me how to bear sufferings with 
submission to the will' of the heavenly Father. 
Grant, my dear Lord, grant me the grace no more 
to lose, in idle complaints, regrets, and murmur- 
ings against Thy will, a portion of the time that 
Thou hast given me to suffer for Thy love. 

Our ,Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold in thy heart Christ seated as the thorn- 
crowned Saviour, teaching thee how to walk the 
Way of the Cross that leads to eternal life. 

Jesus our Consolation. 173 


Desire out of love to follow Jesus, that so thou 
mayest endure with patience and even with joy 
hunger and thirst, cold and heat, and every suf- 
fering (2 Tim. ii. 3). 


Ask of thy Lord the virtue of " Mortification 
and Self-denial/' that so thou mayest not run, as 
if at an uncertainty ; mayest not fight, as one 
beating the air; but mayest chastise thy body and 
bring it in subjection (1 Cor. ix. 26, 27). 


Never cease from giving thanks to Jesus Christ 
for the infinite love by which, in order to be your 
support and to load you with His benefits, He 
wills to give Himself to you as food; love this 
generous Benefactor more by actions than by 
words. — Lancisius. 

Oil ! see upon the altar placed 

The Victim of the greatest love ! 
Let all the earth below adore, 

And join the choirs of Heaven above. 
Sweet sacrament, we thee adore ; 
Oh ! make us love thee more and more. 

Disit XI. 


<S>ur 1belp in all IRecesaitteg. 


We read in the Bible that the disciples of Onr 
Lord, being hungry, were once permitted by their 
divine Master to pluck the ears of corn in a field-. 
Not only does Jesus now allow, but He com- 
mands, us to eat the divine wheat of the Eucha- 
rist ; moreover, by His divine presence He 
appeases the hunger of our souls for help and 
consolation in the vicissitudes of life. 


Vainly our soul tries to appease its hunger with 
the husks offered it by the world. 


But Jesus will lead us into the field of the Holy 
Eucharist, as in a " place of pasture " (Ps. xxii. 2). 
There alone can we satisfy the cravings of our 
hungry souls by frequent and fervent visits and 


Jesus our Help in Necessities. 175 


Jesus in the tabernacle is always silent — so si- 
lent that He might be supposed to have no being 
therein; yet the work of the Blessed Sacrament is 
unceasing. If we consider some of the offices 
which are the special attributes of the silent 
Dweller of the tabernacle, we may well ask our- 
selves : Where can we find a type of more uni- 
versal labor, and where among creatures, where in 
the wide world can we find a help in our trials and 
necessities like that which comes to us through 
the Blessed Sacrament ? Jesus in the tabernacle 
is to us (1) a light in darkness; (2) counsel in 
doubt; (3) help in all undertakings; (1) solace in 
suffering; (5) strength in temptation; (6) joy in 
opprobrium; (7) our resource and protection un- 
der all calamities. When our hearts are heavy 
with an undefined dread, when the clouds of fear 
gather round us, when we feel as though God and 
man had forsaken us, as though none of our sup- 
plications were heard, and the heavens had be- 
come as brass, even when we cannot pray and we 
kneel mute before the tabernacle, have we never 
felt the gradual dawning of a soft light in our 
souls, lifting the weight of the cloud which was 
oppressing us so sorely, until we begin to discern 
the silver edge of its lining faintly gleaming in 
the reflection of the Blessed Sacrament ? — 
*' Lumen in tenehrisT 

Who is there who has not felt the weariness of 

176 Visit XL 

spirit engendered by an unceasing round of irk- 
some daily occupations, insignificant in them- 
selves, but which, nevertheless, occupy the greater 
part of our time and leave us scarcely a moment 
to ourselves ? We feel fretted, perhaps, by the 
very number and monotony of our good works. 
We come before the Blessed Sacrament with this 
feeling of weariness, and almost of discourage- 
ment, upon us, and gradually a sense of peace 
steals over us, and the calm of the Blessed Sacra- 
ment works a calm in our hearts — trifling wor- 
ries and vexations fade from our minds. We feel 
refreshed in body and soul and we rise from our 
knees ready to begin anew, ready to smile at the 
trifles which we had found so hard to bear. — 
" Auxilium in negotiis." 

Again, temptations crowd upon us — tempta- 
tions to anger, pride, revenge, sensuality, as the 
case may be — we have resisted manfully, but our 
strength is well-nigh spent, and, despairingly, al- 
most hopelessly, we come before the Blessed Sac- 
rament in spite of ourselves, as it were, when, as 
our lips murmur familiar words of prayer, it 
seems to us as though these words were invested 
with a meaning which they had never had before. 
A new strength fills our hearts, and we turn to face 
our temptations with fresh vigor, confident that 
the grace which we have brought from the taber- 
nacle will put them to flight. — " Rdbur in tenta. 

Jesus our Help in Necessities. 177 

Again, we are humbled to the dust; calumny is 
busy with our name, friends look coldly at us, 
enemies jeer at us and triumph over us ; good 
people are doubtful about us, the worldly shun us. 
We take our sufferinrs to the feet of Jesus, and 
it seems to us as though a voice came from the 
tabernacle, asking us to remember the sufferings 
of our divine Master, and bidding us look round 
the world and try if we can count the number of 
insults, the calumnies, the affronts, which are 
heaped upon Jesus in the sacrament of His love, 
and reminding us that if we will be glorified with 
Him we must also suffer with Him. — " Gaudium 
in contumcliis" 

In fine, there is not a difficulty, not a trial, not 
a sorrow, not a calamity, which we may not lay 
down before Jesus in the tabernacle, confident 
that He will either relieve us of its burden or else 
give us strength enough to bear it joyfully for His 
sake. — " Subsidium in quibuscumque necessitati- 

Jesus ! grant that in all necessities and 
eventful moments of my life I may turn immedi- 
ately my heart and mind towards the tabernacle. 
Sweet Mother of Jesus ! By the thirty years of 
loving intercourse with thy blessed Son which 
thou didst spend in the holy quiet of Nazareth, 
teach us, we entreat thee, to value an interior life; 
teach us to know Jesus better in the most wonder- 
ful of His sacraments, quicken our understanding, 

178 Visit XL 

that we may readily hear His voice, and detach 
us from the love of earthly things, in order that 
our hearts may be wholly His. — u Emmanuel." 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart, giving thee 
the hidden Manna which no one knoweth but he 
who receiveth it: regard thyself as sweetly and 
graciously hidden in His bosom (Apoc. ii. 17). 


Love Him more than all honors and all digni- 
ties, that so thy glory in this life may be nothing 
else than to be hidden in His love, and to be 
despised for His sake. 


Ask Him for the gift of " Fortitude; " that 
thou, looking not at the things which are seen, 
but at the things which are not seen, mayest 
despise all earthly things as utterly worthless, 

Jesus our Help in Necessities. 179 

mayest overcome all difficulties and all dangers, 
and mayest always strive after what is great and 
high (2 Cor. iv. 18). 


" Who will give me wings like a dove, and I will 
fly, and be at rest ? Lo, I have gone far off fly- 
ing away, and I abode in the wilderness " (Ps. liv. 


Sweet is Our Lord in thought, sweet in the 
pages of the holy Gospels, sweet in the shadowy 
symbol or the devout picture, sweet yet more in 
the holy crucifix, but sweeter beyond comparison 
in the Adorable Sacrament of His Love. Where- 
fore the Church sings, in the words of her saint: 

Jesu ! the very thought of Thee 
With sweetness fills my breast ; 

But sweeter far Thy face to see, 
And in Thy presence rest. 

— (Mkely. 

IMsit XII. 


Gbe flbystevy of ffattb. 


" Now Thomas, one of the twelve, who is called 
Didymus, was not with them when Jesus came " 
(John xx. 24). Is our absence from Mass, from the 
holy table, from Benediction not reprehensible ? 
Could we not be present more frequently when 
the sacred mysteries are celebrated ? 


"When Our Lord again appeared to the apostles, 
and this time also to the doubting Thomas, He said 
to the latter : " Be not faithless but believ- 
ing, . . . blessed are they that have not seen 
and have believed" (John xx. 27, 29). 

We do not see Jesus in the sacred Host with our 
bodily eyes, but we know that He is really and 
substantially present; we see Him with the eyes 
of faith. Do we always conduct ourselves before 
the tabernacle with that devotion which the 
reality of faith suggests ? 

TJie Mystery of Faith. 181 


With Thomas let us vehemently protest our 
faith and give evidence of it by our self-sacrificing 
love. Jesus ! Thou art my Lord and my God. 


" The Holy Eucharist is called the c Mystery of 
Faith ' at the most solemn moment of the Mass, 
when the priest at the consecration of the Chalice, 
pronounces the words: ' This is the Chalice of My 
blood, of the new and everlasting testament, the 
Mystery of Faith, which shall be shed for you and 
for many unto the remission of sins.' 

u This name imports that only the light of faith 
can let us see the body and blood of Our Lord on 
the altar, where the unbeliever sees nothing but 
bread and wine. The Eucharist is a great secret 
of divine goodness, revealed only to simple faith — 
Mysterium Fidei. 

" The Eucharist is more than a mystery; it is the 
epitome of all the mysteries of our holy religion; 
for Transubstantiation and the Eeal Presence pre- 
suppose the Incarnation of the "Word, of which 
they are the continuation; and as the Father with 
the Holy Ghost is in the Word, and this August 
Trinity is the inexhaustible source of all the mys- 
teries of grace and glory, so the whole supernatural 
world centres in the mystery of the Eucharist. 

182 Visit XII. 

Blessed is he, who has faith and in faith adorer 
God in this mystery ! 

" For, though the heavenly bliss consists in see- 
ing God face to face, yet here on earth blessed are 
they who have not seen and have believed, because 
all our happiness here "below consists in meriting 
heaven, not in enjoying it, and merit comes by 
faith, not by sight. The laborious merits of faith, 
however, are never without their unspeakable joys, 
even now in this life, because in believing, al- 
though we see not God, yet we feel Him, we feel 
God Who surpasses our knowledge (Job xxxvi. 26). 
When God speaks, man must believe; what can 
be more reasonable ? Now the God-Man, in bless- 
ing the bread, said, ' This is My body ? ; and in 
blessing the wine, He said ' This is My blood/ 
Who am I, that I should refuse to believe Thee, 
my God ? I believe firmly and implicitly. I 
cannot fathom the mystery of the Eucharist, but I 
can perceive and taste it, since it is not only a 
mysterious truth, but a miraculous food given me 
to eat; a food containing in itself all sweetness, 
better far than the manna of the wilderness. The 
Psalmist says: c Taste and see that the Lord is 
sweet ' (Ps. xxxiii. 9). It is necessary to taste this 
food to know its sweetness and to appreciate it. 
The spiritual perception is sharpened by faith and 
love more then by science, and so it will often 
happen that while the theologian g6es on coldly 
speculating concerning the mysteri?s of faith, he 

The Mystery of Faith. 183 

really understands far less than one who in holi- 
ness and simplicity of faith partakes with relish 
and love of this miraculous food. It is by tasting 
that we tell the flavor of a fruit and not by chem 
ical analysis of its acids and sap. precious sim 
plicity of aith ! I give thanks to Thee, ' Father^ 
Lord of heaven and earth, because Thou hast hid 
these things from the wise and prudent and hast 
revealed them to little ones ' " (Matt. xi. 25). 
— " Names of the Eucharist." 

God ! enliven my faith and strengthen it with 
Thy grace, that it may be a living, acting faith — 
a faith, through which that which I do may never 
contradict that which I believe. Thou, Jesus, 
art my Redeemer, the tenderest object of my love 
and my All. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
lie in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart as the Bright- 
ness of the eternal light, revealing the hidden 
things of Heaven; regard thyself as that blind 
man whom Jesus ordered to be brought to Him, 

184 Visit XII 

who besought Him and said, " Lord, grant that I 
may see " (Wisd. vii. 26; 1 Cor, iv. 5; Luke xviii. 


. Love Him more than thine eyes, and more than 
everything that is pleasant to thy sight; that so 
thou mayest resolve to turn away thine eyes from 
vanity (Ps. cxviii. 37). 


Ask Him for the precious gift of " Faith "; that 
thou mayest see the things that ought to be done, 
and mayest have strength to do what thou hast 
seen (Wisd. iii. 14). 


The real presence of Our Lord in this sacra- 
ment corresponds to the perfection of faith; for 
we believe not only in Our Lord's divinity, but 
also in His humanity. Hence we read in St. 
John's Gospel: " Ye believe in God; believe also in 
Me " (John xiv. 1).— St. Thomas. 

Adoro te Devote Latens Deltas. 

O hidden God, devoutly I adore Thee, 
Who truly art within the forms before me ; 
To Thee my heart I bow with bended knee, 
As failing quite in contemplating Thee. 

The Mystery of Faith. 18* 

Sight, touch, and taste in Thee are each deceived j 

The ear alone most safely is believed ; 

I believe all the Son of God has spoken, 

Than Truth's own word there is no truer token. 

God only on the Cross lay hid from view ; 
But here lies hid at once the Manhood too ; 
And 1, in both professing my belief, 
Make the same prayer as the repentant thief. 

Thy wounds, as Thomas saw, I do not see ; 
Yet Thee confess my Lord and God to be : 
Make me believe Thee ever more and more 
In Thee my hope, in Thee my love to store 

O thou memorial of Our Lord's own dying! 
Bread that living art and vivifying ! 
Make ever Thou my soul on Thee to live ; 
Ever a taste of heavenly sweetness give. 

O loving Pelican ! O Jesu, Lord ! 
Unclean I am, but cleanse me in Thy blood 
Of which a single drop, for sinners spilt, 
Is ransom for a world's entire guilt. 

Jesu ! whom for the present veii'd I see, 
What I so thirst for, oh ! vouchsafe to me i 
That I may see Thy countenance un foldings 
And may be blest Thy glory in beholding. 

Dteft XIII. 


©ur 1bope, ©ur Confidence. 

" It is I, fear not " (Matt. xiv. 27). Thus spoke 
Jesus to His disciples when He came to them at 
night walking upon the sea. 


Jesus in the Eucharistic Veil is, as it were, hid 
den by the shades of night. If we would behold 
Him only with our corporal eyes, we shall not 
£now Him. 


But to the ear of faith He will make Himself 
known; and from the sacred Host we shall hear: 
u It is I; fear not ": * It is I; have confidence in 


The apostles, were naturally weak and timid. 
They were little, according to the world, without 
power or honor; for God " chooses the weak things 


Jesus our Hope, our Confidence. 18? 

of this world to confound "the strong/' and hence v 
in His communications with them, their divine 
Master often said: " Fear nothing; confide ii 
Me " — nolite timere, confidite ! 

These words should inspire us also with hope 
and confidence in Jesus. Not to His apostles only, 
but to all Christians Our Lord says: "Fear not; 
I am with you — Ego sum, nolite timere" What 
could be a more unshaken support, a stronger as- 
surance of safety amid the dangers by which we 
are surrounded, the trials to which we are exposed, 
than this pledge of His love, this promise of His 
abiding presence among us ? The honor, the 
wealth, the pleasures of the world cannot be 
trusted. They are deceitful — " vanity of vanities, 
all is vanity." But how about my friends ? If 
they are weak, they cannot assist me; if they are 
powerful, they forget me: one is terrified at the 
difficulty of serving me; another is torn from me 
by death, and in the end I find not one who can 
say to me: "Fear not; rely on me — Ego sum, 
nolite timere.' 7 

Jesus Christ, on the contrary, addresses to all 
this consoling promise and He keeps the word He 
has pledged. " Fear not," He says to the sinner; 
" it is I — Ego sum": I, Who am the Lamb of God, 
immolated on Calvary to blot out thy sins; 1 
Whose heart sighed for thee; I, Whose eyes wept 
over thee; I Whose feet are weary, running after 
thee; I, Whose hands are stretched out to thee; I, 

188 Visit XIII. 

Whose blood has flowed for thee. " It is I; fear 
not — Ego sum, nolite timere." " Fear not," He 
says to the timid and doubtful soul, " it is I, — I, 
thy Saviour, I, thy Light and Salvation. Of whom 
shalt thou be afraid ? If enemies trouble thee, 
they themselves shall be weakened and shall fall; 
if armies should encamp around thee, if battle be 
drawn up against thee, fear not, I am with thee 
(vide Psalm xxvi. 1-3) — fear not, it is I." 

" Fear not," He says to the just soul; " it is I— 
I, "Who try thee sometimes, it is true, but only to 
increase thy merit; I, Who chastise thee often, but 
to preserve thee from evil, and because I love thee 
and desire thy love and therefore draw thee close 
to My Heart; I, Who in heaven will be thy reward, 
exceeding great. It is I; fear not — Ego sum, nolite 

The Blessed Eucharist is our hope and our con- 
fidence. The voice of Jesus comes from the taber- 
nacle: " It is I; fear not." Fear nothing; for be- 
hold the humble veils that conceal Me. Here I 
am more lowly than in the crib of Bethlehem; and 
the shepherds did not fear Me. Here I am more 
docile and meek than in the house of Nazareth; 
and Mary and Joseph did not fear Me. Here I 
am more destitute than during My mortal life; I 
had not then where to repose my head; and now I 
only ask to rest in your tabernacle and in your 
heart: — "Fear not; nolite timere." Fear nothing; 
for in this Sacrament I have concealed My power, 

Jesus our Hope, our Confidence. 189 

yet I bring with Me My grace and benediction. 
" Ask and you shall receive; seek and yon shall 
find; knock and it shall be opened unto you/' 
I listen with delight, my God, to these consol- 
ing words and I do not hesitate to yield to this 
appeal for confidence. Yes; when I approach Thy 
tabernacle and hear Thee say to me: "It is I; 
fear not/' I praise and adore Thee; I humble my- 
self profoundly; I love and I thank Thee, but I do 
not fear. I gaze calmly on the enemies of my soul; 
I despise them and fear them no longer; I resign 
myself to the sufferings of life, the storms of the 
world, the tribulations of the flesh, I resign myself 
and I fear not. I find that this sweet confidence 
renders it easy to avoid sin and to practise virtue; 
and I say often to myself that as the fear of the 
Lord is the beginning of wisdom, so its perfection 
and consummation is a blind confidence in the God 
of the Eucharist. 

Jesus ! strengthen my hope; fortify my con- 
fidence. my soul, how canst thou fear ? fair 
hope, last refuge of the miserable, already thou 
cheerest me ! If my God be with me, whom shall 
I fear ? " If God be for us, who is against us ? " 
(Rom. viii. 31.) my God, I thank Thee for so 
much good; I love Thee and I will love Thee for- 
ever; and this love shall be the child of that sweet 
hope, wherewith Thou inspirest me. Strengthen 
this hope in me with Thy fatherly benediction, and 
may it be a benediction of mercy and sweetness, 

190 Visit XIII. 

enabling me to serve Thee; a benediction of grace, 
which shall enrich me with all blessings; a bene- 
diction of power, which shall strengthen me and 
prepare me to receive the fulness of Thy glorious 
benediction consummated in heaven. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us. who have re- 
course to thee.. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart, watching over 
thy journey to the Promised Land, and raining 
down manna for thee to eat: regard thyself as a 
wanderer in the desert, gathering this heavenly 
manna, day by day, until in that Promised Land 
itself thou shalt eat of its blessed fruits (Ps. lxxvii. 
24; Jos. v. 12). 


Love Him more than all aromatical spices and 
than all the fragrance of flowers, that so thou 
mayest run after Him always to the odor of His 
ointments, that is, follow His example, until He 
the King, shall bring thee into the cellar of wine 
(Cant. i. 3; ii. 4: vi. 1). 

Jesus our Hope, our Confidence. 191 


Ask Him for the gift of unwavering * Hope," 
that with all confidence thou mayest say: " In 
peace I will sleep, and in peace I will rest; since 
Thou, Lord, hast marvellously established me in 
hope " (Ps. iv. 9, 10). 


" I rejoice at the things that were said to me: 
We will go into the house of the Lord. Our feet 
were standing in thy courts, Jerusalem" (Ps. 
cxxi. 1, 2). 


" It is I, fear not." — Here is another of the 
sweet words the Eucharist addresses to us in its 
mysterious language, and while it is a tender ex- 
pression of the love of God for us, it is at the same 
time a motive of that unbounded confidence He 
invites us to place in Him. 

The Word, within the Host, 
Gives me the pledge of peace: 

The promise, well assured, 
Of joys that never cease. 

IDisit XIV. 


Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is a " consuming 
fire." His desire is to enkindle this fire within our 


But how often we come before Him like those 
tepid souls tha t are " neither hot nor cold " (Apoc. 
iii. 15). 


Let us adore Jesus in the tabernacle, and beg of 
Him that we may no longer remain insensible to 
the ardent flames of His divine love. 


"Just as selfishness severs and puts men asun- 
der one from the other, so love is a unitive power, 
which draws and binds them together. Charity is 
the social bond of the Christian family. Chflritv 
towards God and man is a fire that burns b"ip-hto«t 

Jesus our Love. 193 

on the Eucharistic hearth, and for this reason the 
Eucharist is called the i Bond of Charity ' towards 
God and man. The Eucharist is the bond of di- 
vine charity. How could human love ever have 
soared up to God, the Infinite Being, unless His 
divine majesty had first lovingly stooped down to 
us ? This makes the apostle of love, St. John, 
cry out: ' Let us love God, because God first hath 
loved us' (1 John iv. 19). This same cry comes 
to us from the tabernacle. Could God, indeed, 
have stooped any lower in order to make us love 
Him ? In the beginning, when He created the 
world, He veiled His likeness under the creatco 
gloiy of the universe; later on, in the Incarnation, 
He well-nigh disappeared under the obscurity of 
the human form; last of all He was, as it were, 
buried out of sight in the Eucharist, under the 
material and lowly appearances of bread and wine. 
This self-humiliation of the Godhead is the origin 
of our greatness and it is also our chief incentive 
to love God. 

" The Holy Eucharist is likewise the bond of 
fraternal charity. It makes all men neighbors, 
brings them near to one another, or, at any rate, 
gives them power to become brethren in Jesus 
Christ, as St. Paul says: 'Now, in Christ Jesus. 
you, who sometime were afar off, are made nigh by 
the blood of Christ ' (Ephes. ii. 13). This fellow- 
ship is created by Baptism, but brought to perfec- 
tion by the Holy Eucharist, in which Christ min- 

194 Visit XIV 

gles His sacred flesh with ours and makes us one 
body with Him. Wonderful thing ! The Divine 
Word, in becoming incarnate of His virgin 
Mother, took upon Him only one human body, 
but in the eucharistic communion He takes upon 
Him the flesh of us all, appropriates it, makes it 
His own, and so draws us near to one another at 
the Holy Table, more so even than the members 
of one family, even like the members of one body: 
' For we being many are one bread, one body, all, 
who partake of one bread ' " (1 Cor. x. 17). " 

— •• The Names of the Eucharist." 
most sacred Host, wherein I humbly adore 
the Incarnate Word ! from the depth of my noth- 
ingness I raise to Thee my vows of gratitude and 
love. In Thee alone, my God, I acknowledge 
my life on earth and in heaven. Thou art my 
nourishment, my preservation, and my comfort. 
Ah, my heart, how cold art thou beside this fur- 
nace of divine love ! Give back, my soul, with 
thy fullest measure, the affection of thy Lord; turn 
to Him thy thoughts and thy desires. He is the 
bread which satisfies; He is the spring which 
quenches thirst; He is the treasure which forever 
enriches. Most foolish art thou if thou sufferest 
thy love to rest on any other object. my Jesus ! 
I will indeed greatly love Thee; I will love Thee 
with my whole heart, because Thou art the In- 
finite Good; I will love Thee with my whole soul, 
because Thou art the true God; I will love Thee 

Jesus our Lord. 195 

with all my strength, because to Thee I owe all 
that I have. Jesus, my Love, my Lord, my God, 
and my All ! 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101, 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart, and giving 
thee food which endureth to everlasting life' re- 
gard thyself as satisfied with this most sweet food, 
and yet out of love hungering for more (Luke xii. 
37; John vi. 27; Ecclus. xxiv. 29). 


Love Him more than all sweetness, more than 
all pleasant foods; that so, restraining thyself from 
all excess, thou mayest begin to taste and see how 
sweet the Lord is (Ps. xxxiii. 9). 


Ask Him for the gift of most fervent " Love," 
that God only may be sweet to thee, and that 
everything which is not God may be distasteful. 

196 Visit XIV. 


Who am I, thy servant, that Thou hast regarded 
such a dead dog as I am, and set me amongst the 
guests at Thy table ? (2 Kings ix. 8; xix. 28.) 


ISTo tongue can express the greatness of the 
love which Jesus Christ bears to our souls. Hence 
that His absence from us might not be an occa- 
sion of forgetting Him, before His departure from 
the world He left us, as a memorial of love, this 
Most Holy Sacrament in which He Himself has 
remained. — St. Peter of Alcantara. 

Four Visions of St. Mechtilde. 
(About a.d. 1300.) 
One day when St. Mechtilde had received holy 
communion, after contemplating the Sacred Pas- 
sion of Our Lord, He said to her: " Wouldst thou 
see in what manner I am in thee and thou in 
Me ? " But she held her peace, considering her- 
self unworthy. In the same moment she saw the 
Lord under the form of a transparent crystal-, and 
her own soul like clear, sparkling water flowing 
through the body of Christ. As she marvelled 
great] y at the unspeakable goodness of God to- 
wards her, the Lord said: " Remember that which 
the Apcstle Paul hath written : ( Iam the least of 
the apostles . . . but through the grace of 

Jesns our Lord. 19? 

God I am what lam' (1 Cor. xv. 9). Thou also 
in thyself art nothing, but whatsoever thou ar^ 
that through My grace art thou in Me."* 

Another time when St. Mechtilde, after holy 
communion, desired to know what God would have 
of her, she received the following reply: " Let us 
go out into the fields." And it seemed to her as 
though she were in a great field in which many 
plants were to be seen, e.g. roses, lilies, violets, and 
others. By roses were to be understood the 
martyrs; by lilies, the virgins; widows and the 
Test of the saints were represented by violets and 
other flowers. In this field sat the Lord, as it 
were, surrounded on all sides with wheat heaped 
up; and it was revealed to her that the field repre- 
sented all those fruits which the Church gathers 
in out of the Incarnation of Christ. Nightingales 
and larks also flew around the Lord, singing in- 
cessantly with sweet, glad voices. Now the night- 
ingales signified the loving holy souls, while the 
larks were a figure of those who perform good 
works with gladness and singleness of heart.* 

Once ; when about to go to holy communion, St. 
Mechtilde said to the Lord: " My sweetest Lord, 
write my name upon Thy heart." Then said the 
Lord to her: " If thou wiliest to communicate, 
receive Me with such intention as though thou 
hadst all the fervor and all the love by which a 

*Ott, Each., p. 226. 

198 Visit XIV 

human heart was ever inflamed, and so wilt thou 
offer Me the highest love which it is possible for 
a human heart to give. This love will . I accept 
from thee, not as it is in thee, but as thou desirest 
it should be in thee." 

On another occasion when about to communicate 
she said again: " Write my name in Thy heart; " 
and thereupon it seemed to her as though the 
Lord bore certain golden letters on His breast, 
which were adorned with seven precious stones; 
and she saw the first letter of her name, and un- 
derstood the signification thereof. After which,- 
when she sought for the names of some whom she 
had recommended in her prayers, she found the 
first letter of their names also, adorned with the 
seven precious stones. The first of these repre- 
sented purity of heart; the second, steady con- 
templation of the Consecration; the third, hu- 
mility; the fourth, increase in good works; the 
fifth, patience; the sixth, hope; and the seventh, 
divine charity. She understood therefore that one 
who would worthily communicate must be adorned 
with these seven jewels.* 

Anima Mia Che F 

a% 7 

My soul, what dost thou ? Answer uie, 
Love God, Who loves thee well, 

Love only doth He ask of thee, 
Canst thou His love repel ? 

* Ott, Euch., p. £29. 

Jesus Our Lord. 199 

See how on earth, for love of thee, 

In lowly form of Bread, 
The Sovereign Good and Majesty 

His dwelling-place hath made. 

He aids thee now, His friendship prove, 

And at His table eat ; 
To share the Bread of Life and Love, 

His own true flesh thy meat. 

What other gifts so great, so high, 

Could God Himself impart ? 
Could Love Divine do more, to buy 

The love of thy poor heart ? 

Though once in agonies of pain 

Upon the cross He died, 
A love so great not even then 

Was wholly satisfied. 

Not till the hour when He had found 

The sweet mysterious way, 
To join His heart in closest bond 

To thy poor heart of clay. 

How then, amid such ardent flame, 

My soul, dost thou not burn? 
Canst thou refuse, for very shame, 

A loving heart's return ? 

Then yield thy heart at length to love 

That God of charity, 
Who gives His very self to prove 

The love He bears to thee. 

St. Alphonsus. 

IDtsit XV. 


%. /nbooel of poverty, 1bumiUt£, ano SelNfcenial 


Jesus in the tabernacle, as in the crib, wel- 
comes with an equal love the lowly and the great, 
the rich and the poor. All may approach Him 
to pay their homage. 


When we draw near to Him, let us be lowly, as 
the shepherds were, by humility and simplicity. 


Be we ever so poor we may " come to adore 
Him," and join in the angels' song : " Glory to 
God in the highest." 


Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is the Model 

of the religious soul and of the perfect life. He 

teaches us poverty, obedience, chastity, ar> "* these 

Jesus %r odei of Poverty and Humility. 201 

include meekness, humility, charity, self-denial, 
and all other virtues. In this visit let us consider 
the virtue of poverty, as exemplified in Our Sav- 
iour, together with humility and self-denial. 
When Jesus Christ was born there came into ex- 
istence an incomprehensible alliance between His 
holy humanity and poverty, in virtue of which He 
chose the latter as His inseparable companion 
through life. Our Lord had no lands, nor gold, 
nor silver; He never used valuable furniture; He 
lived by alms. He had no powerful friends or 
relations to defend Him against the persecution of 
His enemies; He exposed Himself to all their fury 
and yet was never weary of doing good. He was 
entirely stripped of Himself — and this is the most 
sublime degree of perfection. In becoming man, 
He laid aside every appearance of His perfections 
and assumed our weakness. He submitted to be 
acted on by the elements, by creatures, by demons, 
and, in a manner, depriving Himself of strength 
to resist them. Consider the poverty of Jesus on 
the cross. There, separated from every person and 
from everything, dying while deserted by His 
Father, He becomes to us the Model of perfect 
deprivation of all things. Consider His poverty in 
the tabernacle. It is voluntary poverty, cTiosen 
out of love. He deprives Himself of everything, 
even to the appearance of existence, and does not 
so much as retain His liberty of action. He allows 
Himself to be taken by the priest to the homes of 

202 Visit XV 

the poor as well as the rich, to be exposed upon the 
altar, or enclosed in the tabernacle; to be given to 
the worthy or the unworthy communicant. He 
gives up all that He has in giving us Himself — 
His open heart, His pierced hands can no longer 
keep back any graces. But in order to receive 
them, your heart must be empty of creatures — 
free from any voluntary attachment to sin and 
imperfection. " The perfect soul," says St. 
Jerome, " has nothing but Jesus Christ; if it have 
anything beside, it is not yet perfect." Enter 
deeply into these thoughts; nourish your soul with 
them, knowing that the Heart of Jesus is an in- 
exhaustible fountain of grace. Seek also to re- 
lieve the poverty of Jesus somewhat in the taber- 
nacle. Let us, like Mary and Joseph, remain near 
Him, and minister to His wants, as they did in the 
cave of Bethlehem and in the house of Nazareth. 
Too often carelessness and slovenliness in His ser- 
vice take the place of Mary and Joseph's minis- 
trations. Too frequently withered leaves, soiled 
and dilapidated artificial flowers are deemed a suf- 
ficient offering for the Creator, Who has clothed 
the earth with all her beauty. 

Let us take an example of the lowly animals 
with which Jesus took up His first visible dwelling 
on earth, and as they are the types of patient, will- 
ing labor, so let us imitate them in making it our 
happiness and pride to work for the Babe of Beth- 
lehem, by helping to raise fitting tabernacles for 

Jesus Model of Poverty and Humility. J03 

His dwelling-place, by doing what we can to have 
the churches kept clean and attractive and the 
altars duly provided with vestments, ornamentSj 
and, especially, fine linen — thb new swaddling- 
clothes of the Eucharistic Babe — by laboring in 
behalf of poor sanctuaries with our own hands and 
by seeking to draw other souls to the practice of 
greater devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. 

Jesus ! teach me to become poor in spirit as 
Thou art poor, humble as Thou art humble, and 
by Thy utter abandonment of Thyself to the 
wishes of Thy creatures, teach me to give myself 
up unreservedly to the directions of Thy divine 
will. Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my 
heart like Thine ! 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart, breaking His 
bread for thee, who art perishing of hunger; re- 
gard thyself as a poor outcast, asking for the 
precious and life-giving crumbs. 

204 Visit XV. 


Love Him with changeless love as the holy con- 
fessors loved Him; that so, being holy in thy life, 
thou mayest continue in wisdom as the sun, and 
not, in thy foolishness, be changed as the moon 
(Ecclus. xxvii. 12). 


Ask Him for the true spirit of " Poverty;" thct, 
renouncing all things, thou mayest run more swift- 
ly along the way of perfection, which ieadeth 
straight to the heavenly kingdom. 


" Thou didst feed Thy people with the Food 
of Angels, and gavest them bread from Heaven, 
prepared Avithout labor, having in it all that is 
delicious, and the sweetness of every taste " (Wisd. 
xvi. 20). 


Eeceive Him without fear, yet without pride: 
without fear, because the God Who comes to thee 
is meek and humble; without pride, because thou 
hast not deserved to touch Him so familiarly. 
Open thy lips to eat the flesh of the Son of Man, 
and to drink His blood; for thus He Himself in- 
vites thee to the banquet. — Pere Lacordaire. 

Jesus Model of Poverty and Humility. 205 

Heart of Jesus, Hear ! 

Make me, Jesus, wholly Thine ; 
Take this wayward heart of mine ; 
Guide me through this world so drear — 
Heart of Jesus, hear ! 

When I draw my parting breath, 
When my eyes shall close in death, 
Then, sweet Jesus, be Thou near — 
Heart of Jesus, hear 1 

St. Felix of Cantalice, Brother " Deo Gratias." 

a.d. 1587. 

This amiable saint was a lay-brother of the 
strict Order of the Capuchins. It was his office 
to collect alms for his brethren, in which work he 
was engaged every clay for forty years. But in 
spite of this occupation, carried on humbly 
through the streets of Rome, he attained to an 
eminent degree of sanctity, which was acknowl- 
edged even in his lifetime by persons of all ranks. 

It was to the exercise of two supereminent 
graces that his great virtue and influence with 
others may be ascribed — viz., a humble, uninter- 
mitting devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, and 
an overflowing spirit of thankfulness, which pro- 
cured for him the title of Brother " Deo Gratias." 

He was in the habit of rising at night when 
the Fathers slept, and, taking his place before the 
Blessed Sacrament, he watched and prayed until 

206 Visit XV 

dawn, when he rang the Angelus; he then served 
the first Mass, which was said at that hour, and, 
with tears of pious devotion, received holy com- 
munion. After this he made his thanksgiving 
until it was time for him to go forth on his daily 

When abroad, his only greeting was " Deo 
gratias;" and his delight it was to collect the little 
children, and to hear them at his bidding praise 
God repeatedly in the same sweet words, so that r . 
seeing him afar off, they would run to meet him, 
crying out, " Deo gratias, Brother Felix — Deo 
gratias ! " He then with tears in his eyes would 
reply, " Deo gratias ! Bless you, dear children ! 
Deo gratias ! " 

St. Felix lived until he was above seventy years 
old. When about to receive the Viaticum, he 
exclaimed with a loud voice: " Sacrum Con- 
vivium," etc.; and shortly after receiving it he 
turned to the brethren around his bed, begging 
them to say with him and for him : " Deo 
Gratias." As they did so, he peacefully closed 
his eyes as one about to sleep; and so did he in- 
deed sleep in Jesus on May 18, 1587. 

tittsit XVI. 


B ZlRooel of ©beoience, /flbeefcness, anfc 


Consider, at the foot of the altar, the words of 
Martha to Mary: " The Master is come and calleth 
for thee." 


" He has come." He is here, upon the altar, 
not only by His immensity, but as the Man-God in 
His body, blood, soul, and divinity. 


" He calleth for thee." He has called thee from 
all eternity: He calleth thee to-day. 


a Obedience," says St. Augustine, " is the 
greatest of virtues; it is the mother and guardian 
of other virtues." It is possible that we may not 
find it hard to give up all our possessions, but it 
is impossible that we should find it easy to give 

208 Visit XVI. 

up ourselves. Thus the Holy Spirit says: 
" Obedience is better than sacrifices " (1 Kings xv. 
22). The measure of the love of Jesus Christ 
towards His Father was that of His obedience. 
His whole life was one uninterrupted act of 
obedience. Learn to love obedience in meditat- 
ing upon that of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Behold 
Him at Bethlehem, in Egypt, at Nazareth: does 
He not go from one place to another in submis- 
sive obedience to His Father ? During thirty 
years, what wonderful docility does He not show 
to His Mother's voice, to her slightest wish ! 
When the awful hour of the Passion arrived, He 
said to His disciples: "Arise, let us go hence. " 
He rendered obedience to a heathen judge — to 
the soldiers, who loaded His hands with chains, 
who commanded Him to take off or put on His 
garments, that they might inflict upon Him new 
sufferings. He allowed Himself to be bound to 
the pillar of flagellation. On Calvary, when He 
stretched Himself upon the cross, when He tasted 
the vinegar and gall, He still obeyed, and death 
was the consummation of His obedience. In view 
of this picture, how can I hesitate to submit my 
will to those, who stand in the place of God to 
me ? When a painful sacrifice is required of me, 
let me recall the last cry of Our Lord: " Father, 
into Thy hands I commend My spirit " (Luke 
xxiii. 46), and like Him, let me resign myself to 
the sacrifice, were it even unto death. 

Je»u,j Model of Obedience and Meekness. 209 

If I desire to serve God only as seems right to 
me, I show hut little love for Him, and I shall 
have to hear the entire responsibility of my ac- 
tions in His sight. Let us be faithful to duty, no 
matter how hard it may be, and let us for the love 
of Jesus Christ cultivate the spirit of the most 
humble submission to our superiors and of sweet- 
est meekness towards all with whom we come irs 
daily contact. 

When our blessed Lord was upon the earth He 
was " obedient unto death, even to the death ot 
the Cross " (Phil. ii. 8). In the holy tabernacle 
He becomes obedient unto the consummation of 
the world. He renders immediate, universal 
obedience to every priest who pronounces the 
words of consecration — a free and voluntary obedi- 
ence, which exposes His adorable person to the 
outrages of perverse humanity; an entire obedi- 
ence, without regard to the worthiness of the priest. 
During all these centuries, no interruption hag 
ever occurred to this meek and humble subordina- 
tion, which, on account of His love to us, is more 
dear to Him than His glory. Jesus Christ ha? 
solemnly engaged Himself to continue this great 
subjection of Himself, not for His own sake, but 
to console us in our exile, by filling up the inter- 
val which separates earth from heaven, to which 
He again ascended after His death. How differ- 
ent are our lives from this life of Jesus in the 
Blessed Sacrament ! How impatient are we of 

210 Visit XVI. 

control ! Scarcely does the respect due to au- 
thority, age, or experience suffice to silence our 
petulant murmurs when our will is thwarted. We 
fret and chafe under opposition or else we in- 
wardly resolve to obey for a time only, and certain 
persons only, for whom we feel affection or es- 
teem. We think that we have made a prodigious 
effort when we have managed to hide the struggle 
which it cost us to maintain a meek, submissive 
behavior under provocation for a few moments 
only, whereas Jesus is here in the tabernacle, week 
after week, month after month, year after year, 
submitting unreservedly to the wishes, to the 
tyranny, and to the neglectful caprices of His 
creatures. my Jesus ! I will treasure up in my 
heart this sweet and earnest instruction. Lord ! 
I consecrate myself to Thee without reserve. Ee- 
ceive my soul with all its faculties, my body with 
all its senses, my thoughts, my desires, all the 
days, hours, and moments of my life, that they 
may all yield a perfect submission to Thy will in 
all xhings. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 

Jesus Model of Obedience and Meekness. 211 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart as a kind 
Lord, Who hath made a friend of thee, His un- 
worthy servant: regard thyself as a guest at His 
table, or rather as a hired laborer, since thou dost 
love Him when thou receivest consolation, but, 
when thou art scourged for thy good, dost grow 
cold in love. 

• II. 

Love Him with thy whole strength, that so, in 
union with His strength and senses, thou mayest 
offer to God all the strength and pow r ers of thy 
soul, all the senses and members of thy body, and 
mayest resolve to use them always in obedience to 


Ask thy Lord for the virtue of " Obedience; " 
that thou mayest imitate Him, Who for thy sal- 
vation humbled Himself and became " obedient 
to death, even to the death of the cross " (Phil, 
ii. 8). 


" Learn of Me, because I am meek and humble 
of heart " (Matt. xi. 29). 

Bear patiently the little contradictions which 
come to you from your neighbor without showing 
any resentment; for that is contrary to the Sacred 
Heart of Jesus. — Bl. Margaret Mary. 

212 Visit XVI. 

To Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, 

O Jesus, dearest Lord, I cry to Thee ; 
With all the strength I have, } worship Thee ; 
With all my soul, I long to be with Thee ; 
And never fear to fail nor fall from Thee. 

O Jesus, sweetest Love, come Thou to me ; 
Come down in all Thy beauty unto me ; 
Thou who didst die for longing love of me ; 
And never, never more depart from me. 

O God, most beautiful, most treasured Onef 
O God, most glorious uncreated (Jhe ! 
O God eternal, beatific One ! 
Forever loving ! ever-gracious One ! 

Oh, melts my heart receiving Thee, my Own ; 
My eyes are dim for lack of Tliee, my Own ; 
My flesh doth hunger, needing Thee, my Own ; 
My soul doth faint apart from Thee, my Own. 

Where in the height of heaven is light like Thee ? 
Where in the deep abyss is strength like Thee? 
Where in creation is there bliss like Thee? 
Where among creatures is there love like Thee? 

Free me, beauteous God, from all but Thee ; 
Sever the chain that holds me back from Thee ■ 
Call me, tender Love, I cry to Thee ; 
Thou art my all ! O bind me close to Thee. 

O suffering Love, that hast so loved rae ; 
O patient Love, that weariest not of me ; 
Alone, O Love ! thou weariest not of me ! 
Ah ! weary not till I am lost in Thee ; 
Nay, weary not till I am found in Thee. 


Disit XVII. 


B jflfcooa of puritg. 


The first sermon of Jesus was that whict? M* 
preached on the Mount. 

Let us draw near to the altar, as to the holy 
mountain, and there meditate upon His h&cred 


Among the first were these: ''Blessed &r? the 
clean of heart, for they shall see God " (Matt, v 


Purity of heart is the necessary disposition foi 
approaching Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. 


"Chastity," says St. John Climachus, "is a 
participation of the angelic nature." " It gives 
us beforehand and in a certain manner," St. B^r- 

214 Visit XVII. 

nard adds, " a foretaste of the life of heaven." 
" The chaste soul aspires to the likeness of God," 
the Holy Spirit informs us ; and this grace of 
chastity unites the religious soul to her heavenly 
Lord and Spouse. The guardians of holy purity 
are : watchfulness over our thoughts, because 
" every action," as St. Augustine says, " takes its 
rise in the thoughts; " humility, for St. Paul tells 
us : " Wherefore he that thinketh himself to 
stand, let him take heed lest he fall " (1 Cor. x. 
12); modesty, for the pious soul should make a 
covenant with its eyes, and, forgetting earthly 
things, behold Jesus Christ alone. The love of 
Jesus in the tabernacle for purity is constantly 
before our eyes. Every detail of the sanctuary is 
stamped with purity — the whiteness of the Host, 
the unleavened bread of which it is composed; the 
wine, which must be free from any adulteration; 
the virgin wax of the candles which burn upon 
the altar ; the spotlessness of the corporal, 
and, last, but not least, the chastity of the priest 
who celebrates the sacred mysteries and whose 
pure hand has alone the right to touch the body of 
the Lord. And the pure angels hover round the 
tabernacle in perpetual adoration. Jesus loves 
the pure. Are we at pains to render ourselves 
pure, as He desires us to be before we enter His 
house ? It may be that our lives are blameless as 
far as their exterior is concerned, but are we pure 
in mind, in heart, and in will ? Do we carefully 

Jesus Model of Purity. 215 

remove images and impressions from our minds 
which lessen our sense of purity — and this not 
only at church, but at all times, avoiding books, 
papers, journals, and magazines of a sensational 
or immoral tendency, loose conversation, ac- 
quaintances of doubtful reputation, and all oc- 
casions of temptation against the holy virtue, in 
order that the mirror of our soul may remain 
clear and shining and that thus we may see 
God the more readily ? O Jesus ! Thou art pu- 
rity itself, and if Thou dost desire purity in those 
who visit Thee, Thou wilt give it to all who pray 
for it. Therefore we beseech Thee to give us 
grace tc fight against the insidious enemies lurk- 
ing in our bosom, and to receive Thee in holy 
communion the more frequently the oftener we 
are tempted to sin, in order that by pressing Thee, 
Who art purity itself to our hearts, the demons 
of impurity may fly from us, giving place to 
angels. Jesus ! I will serve Thee all the days 
of my life with a clear heart. 

" Who shall ascend into the mountain of the 
Lord ? Or who shall stand in His holy place ? 
The innocent in hands, and clean cf heart " (Ps. 
xxiii. 3, 4). 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

21Q Visit XVII. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com' 
■munion, p. 101. 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart, washing thy 
tobes in wine and thy garments in the blood of 
the grape, that is, cleansing thy soul with His 
own blood: regard thyself as brought into His 
cellar, receiving from His hand a chalice of wine, 
the wine not of His fury, but of His love (Gen. 
xlix. 11; Cant. ii. 4; Jer. xxv. 15) 


Love Him with chaste love, as the holy virgins 
loved Him; that so thou may est be without spot; 
or wrinkle, or any such thing, holy and without 
blemish (Ephes. v. 27). 


Ask Him for "Cleanness of Heart:" that the 
eyes of thy mind may be purified, an; »at thou 
mayest be drawn to contemplate His beauty. • 


The Eucharist demands of us purity, because 
of the immaculate splendor of the God Who re- 
sides there; it calls forth humility, because of the 
veils under which He conceals Himself; it asks 

Jesus Model of Furity. 21? 

for our love in return for the love that retains 
Him among us. — De la Bouillerie. 

Anima Chris ti Sanctifica Me. 

Soul of Christ, sanctify me ; 

Body of Christ, save me ; 

Blood of Christ, inebriate me ; 

Water from the side of Christ, wash me. 

Passion of Christ, strengthen me ; 

O good Jesus, hear me ; 

Within Thy 'wounds hide me ; 

Permit me not to be separated from Thee. 

From the malignant enemy defend me : 

In the hour of my death call me, 

And bid me come to Thee, 

That, with Thy saints, I may praise Thee 

Forever and ever. Amen. 

St. Thomas Aquinas. 

An indulgence of 300 days every time ; seven years once 
a day to priests who shall say it after saying Mass, and to 
the faithful after receiving holy communion. A plenary 
indulgence, once a month, on the usual conditions, to all who 
say it once a day for v. mouth.— Pius IX., Jan. 9, 1854. 

Visit XVIII. 


Zbc 1bolE <5bost. 

I. , . 

" The Holy Ghost, Whom the Father will send 
in My name, He will teach you all things, and 
bring all things to your mind whatsoever I shall 
have said to you " (John xiv. 26). 


The Adorable Sacrament of the Altar is part of 
the greatest work of the Holy Ghost. 


Let us pray to the Holy Spirit most fervently 
at every visit, that we may increase in the knowl- 
edge and love of the Holy Eucharist. 


"It has been well said that the Most Holy 
Sacrament of the Altar is part of the greatest 

The Holy Ghost. 219 

work of the Holy Ghost; not that the Incarnation 
of the Son of God is His greatest work and the 
Blessed Sacrament His next greatest: they are 
rather two parts of the greatest work that He has 
ever wrought. The sublime majesty of the altar 
is a continuation of the mystery, of which St. 
John writes: ' The Word was made flesh.' The 
Holy Ghost, Who overshadowed the Mother of 
God in Nazareth, overshadows the tabernacle of 
God from the rising to the setting of the sun. 

" The mystery enacted in the remote Galilean 
village is repeated, in a manner, daily in our 
churches. In place of the humble chamber of the 
Virgin Mary, there is an altar and a priest in the 
act of saying Mass. Five words fall from the 
lips of the priest — ' Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum,' 
even as the live words: 'Fiat milii secundum ver- 
bum tuum ' fell from the lips of Mary — and the 
Word made flesh dwells amongst men. These five 
words of consecration by a creature bring our 
blessed Lord Jesus Christ down from heaven to 
dwell in the little round host lying upon the cor- 
poral, even as the five words spoken by Mary in 
response to the Angel Gabriel's salutation brought 
down the Son of God to take up His abode in her 
bosom. In both mysteries the motive cause is 
similar — the operation of the Holy Ghost and the 
co-operation of the creature. ' Conceptus est ale 
Spiritu Sancto ex Maria Yirgine? — ' How shall 
this be done ? ' asked Mary of the Angel, and he 

220 Visit XVIII. 

replied: ' The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee 
and the power of the Most High shall over- 
shadow thee ' (Luke i. 34, 35). 

" ' In like manner/ says St. John Damascene, 
\ if you ask me how is the body of Jesus Christ 
produced upon the altar, I will reply that it is 
by the power of the Holy Ghost, Who, by His 
ineffable virtue, operates that which is beyond 
our understanding.' In the liturgy of St. James, 
first bishop of Jerusalem, we find the following 
invocation: ' May the Spirit of God, by His sweet 
and glorious presence, sanctify this bread and 
cause it to become the body of Jesus Christ.' In 
our own liturgy equally, the celebrant invokes the 
Holy Ghost, saying after the Offertory: ' Veni 
Sanctificator, Omnipolens ceteme Deus et benedic 
hoc sacrificiwn, tuo sancto noniini prceparatum ' — 
' Come, Sanctifier, almighty, eternal God, and 
bless this sacrifice, prepared to Thy holy name." 
Thus, at the solemn moment of consecration, the 
Holy Ghost descends upon the sanctuary in 
which the Mass is being celebrated and covers the 
chalice with His shadow, in like manner as He 
descended upon the little chamber at Nazareth, 
covering the humble Virgin with His shadow and, 
in an instant, without a sign, without a sound, 
without the slightest outward manifestation, the 
body of Our Lord Jesus Christ is produced upon 
the altar. Let us beseech the Holy Ghost — the 
divine Operator in this wondrous mystery — to be 

The Holy Ghost. 221 

our guide in meditating thereon, to illuminate our 
understanding, and to enkindle that divine love 
in our souls which it is His special attribute to 
bestow." — " Emmanuel." 

Let us pray in our visits to Jesus in the taber- 
nacle for the gifts of the Holy Ghost, which are: 
Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, 
Knowledge, Piety, and the Fear of God. Let us 
also make earnest supplication for the fruits of the 
Holy Ghost, enumerated by St. Paul in his P^pistle 
to the Galatians (v. 22, 23): Charity, Joy, Peace, 
Patience, Benignity, Goodness, Long-suffering, 
Mildness, Faith, Modesty, Continency, '>nd Chas- 

These fruits, according to each one's state, 
should be visible in the lives of the pious adorers 
of the Holy Eucharist if they wish to be true fol- 
lowers of Christ; for thereby it shall be known 
that the Holy Ghost dwells in them, just as a 
tree is known by its fruits. Holy Ghost ! let 
my life be hidden with Jesus in God. Give me 
grace to live for God only and to use creatures 
only in Him and for His glory. Let the beauty of 
God blind me to the beauty of the world, and let 
the light of God blind me to the light of the 
earth. Thou, my God, art brighter than all 
things and sweeter. Take away from my soul 
all the dross and purify it, giving it light and 
strength. To Thee, Holy Spirit of deathless 
love, I turn for help. Take from me all human 

222 Visit XVIII. 

respect, for wrong regard of creatures blights the 
soul, so that its fruits are withered. Help me to 
be more faithful to Jesus, my Love, Who dwells 
in the tabernacle and comes to me so sweetly and 
lovingly in holy communion. He is my life as 
Thou art my life and as the eternal Father is my 
life. May my soul be kept by Thee very bright 
for the coming of the Spouse. 

Holy- Ghost, I thank Thee for the Bread of 
Life which Jesus gives. It is His gift to me; it 
is Thy gift to me; it is a possession forever. I 
bless and praise Thee for the miracles which Thou 
daily workest in order that Jesus may be the 
food of His people. In a hundred lands, in 
thousands of churches, in the heat of summer and 
in the winter cold, in the midst of the morning 
dew and when the sun is high, a pure sacrifice is 
offered to God, and a banquet of heaven is spread 
for all. Hungry and thirsty, our souls faint 
within us; but we cry to Thee, and Thou leadest 
us in a right way, a way that brings us to Thy 
storehouses and to the garners of Thy grace. We 
kneel before the altar, and Thou dost satisfy the 
empty soul, and dost fill the hungry soul with 
good things. We wander in a wilderness, but 
Thy springs are always found in it. Jesus has re- 
deemed us from the enemy. Thou art the Com- 
forter Whom He sent. Thou dost gather us from 
all lands, from the rising and the setting sun, 
from the north and from the sea. Thy mercies, 

The Holy Ghost. 223 

Lord, give glory to Thee, and Thy wonderful 
works for the children of men ever show forth 
Thy praise. 

Holy Spirit, divine Consoler ! I adore Thee 
as my true God. I bless Thee by uniting myself 
to the praises Thou dost receive from the angels 
and the seraphs. I offer Thee my whole heart, 
and I render Thee heartfelt thanks for all the 
benefits that Thou hast bestowed and dost un- 
ceasingly bestow upon the world. Thou, Who 
art the Author of all supernatural gifts and 
Who didst enrich with immense favors the soul 
of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, I 
beseech Thee to visit me by Thy grace and Thy 
love, and to grant me Thy seven-fold gift, in 
order that I may with constant love and per- 
severance walk in the way of my eternal salvation. 

For other appropriate devotions, see " Novena to 
the Holy Ghost," p. 435. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Spiritual Communion, p. 104. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart, as thy 
Teacher, Who doth teach thee the way of perfec- 

224 Visit XVIII. 

tion, and doth instruct thee in all that thou 
shouldst do or not do; regard thyself as another 
Magdalen, sitting at His feet, listening to His 
words, and learning from Him that one thing, 
which alone is necessary (St. Luke x. 39, 42). 


Love Him with thy whole mind; so that 
thou mayest always cleave to Him by holy 
thoughts, and mayest always seek from Him for 
that purity and tranquillity of mind by which 
thou mayest gain the reward of Heaven. 


Ask Him for the spirit of " Knowledge and of 
all the Gifts of the Holy Ghost " that thou mayest 
know how to discern the true from the false, and 
mayest unwaveringly obey the dictates of faith. 


" Show, Lord, Thy ways to me, and teach me 
Thy paths " (Ps. xxiv. 4). 


Horce de Sancto Sacramento. 

Of the wondrous body, my tongue, be telling, 
And the blood most precious of tbe Crucified, 

Whi?h to quench the dragon's fiery fang came welling 
For the world's salvation from His holy side. 

The Holy Ghost. 225 

With the twelve He sate and gave a mystic token, 
Teaching their true hearts with word and holy sign ; 

For His body, saith He, is the bread thus broken, 
And His blood of healing fills the cup of wine. 

In His sacred hands He took the bread and brake it, 
Likewise took the cup, and sanctified the same ; 

Whoso shall presume unworthily to take it, 
God shall of a surety bring that soul to shame. 

Whosoever drinketh of the cup of blessing, 
Whoso nf this bread partaketh not in vain, 

He shall bear true witness, worthily confessing 
Christ's most holy Passion till He come again. 

But the unbelieving eat and drink damnation, 
For their hearts discern not Jesus Christ the Loid ; 

And they spurn His blood of reconciliation 

Which from out the spear- wound for our ransom poured 

Lo ! the Word Incarnate is the bread from heaven ; 

Lo ! the cup is filled with Jesus' blood indeed ; 
Precious is the food to faithful servants given, 

They who feed upon Him Christ's commandments heed, 

Christ herein sustaineth all the faithful-hearted, 

Yet his body is not torn in any wise ; 
In the smallest morsel is the whole imparted, 

God is truly present, veiled from mortal eyes. 

And the hours shall find me still devoutly musing, 
Lord, on Thy dear body's awful mystery ; 

That Thy sacramental graces rightly using, 
With a faith unchanging I may worship Thee. 

An Ancient Hymn. 

226 Visit XVII L 

Veni Creator Spiritus. 
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come, 

From Thy bright heavenly throne ; 
Come, take possession of our souls, 

And make them all Thy own. 
Thou Who art called the Paraclete, 

Best gift of God above ; 
The living spring, the living fire, 

Sweet unction and true love. 

Thou Who art sevenfold in Thy grace 

Finger of God's right hand ; 
His promise, teaching little ones 

To speak and understand. 

Oh ! guide our minds with Thy blest light, 

With love our hearts inflame ; 
And with Thy strength, which ne'er decays, 

Confirm our mortal frame. 

Far from us drive our hellish foe, 

True peace unto us bring ; 
And through all perils lead us safe, 

Beneath Thy sacred wing. 

Through Thee may we the Father know ; 

Through Thee th' eternal Son, 
And Thee, the Spirit of them both : 

Thrice blessed Three in One. 

All glory to the Father be, 

With His co-equal Son, 
The like to Thee, great Paraclete, 

While endless ages run. Amen. 

To all who say the above hymn is granted a plenary 
indulgence once a month on the usual conditions ; also 
an indulgence of 300 days on Whitsunday and during 
its octave, and an indulgence of 100 days on all other days 
of the year.— Pius VI., May 26, 1796. 

The Holy Ghost. 227 

Origin of the Church of the Holy Ghost at Slavings, 

in Moravia. 

a.d. 1280. 

The " Bauern Feuerfest." 

Near the frontier which lies between Lower 
Austria, Bohemia, and Moravia, is situated the 
town of Slavings, in Moravia. Some hundred 
paces outside this town, the traveller may see a 
venerable church dedicated to the Holy Ghost. It 
is very near a small monastery, which stands alone, 
under the shelter of a friendly hill, removed from 
the noise and bustle of the world. 

Upon the very spot whereon the church now 
stands took place the following remarkable event, 
of which the story is to be found in the annals 
of the Moravian Church: 

Early in the year 1280, it came to pass that on 
a certain stormy night the parish church of Slav- 
ings was broken into by robbers, and the sacred 
vessel containing the Blessed Sacrament was car- 
ried away. The perpetrators of this sacrilege were 
never discovered, but great was the distress among 
the people on account of the dishonor done to the 
Most Holy. Now it happened in the spring of the 
same year, as a cowherd was pasturing his kine 
near the spot whereon the church now stands, and 
certain countrymen were laboring in a field hard 
by, that there appeared suddenly a flame of fire 
rising from a little heap of stones overgrown with 

228 Visit XVIII. 

bushes, whereupon the cattle which were grazing 
close at hand knelt clown as if in reverence, and 
the cowherd, full of amazement, cried out to the 
nearest laborer, " Fire, neighbor — fire ! " 

Like Moses of old in the wilderness, these coun- 
trymen desired to examine more closely the cause 
of this supernatural fire, when, to their joyful as- 
tonishment, they beheld the stolen Host lying 
among the stones, enveloped in a heavenly light. 
With all speed they hastened to the city, and 
brought out a priest, who most carefully gathered 
up the sacred particle in order that it should be 
conveyed back to the parish church, amidst the 
great company of rejoicing townsfolk which had 
assembled there. But when the procession arrived 
at the gate of the city, tradition affirms that the 
Most Holy Sacrament disappeared from the hand 
of the priest and returned to the spot where it 
had been found. This miraculous occurrence took 
place no less than three times, after which both 
priest and people, perceiving that Our Lord had 
chosen it for His dwelling-place, resolved with one 
consent to build Him a church upon the spot, 
after which the priest was allowed to carry the 
sacred particle without further let or hindrance 
to the parish church. 

The church thus built became an object of great 
veneration, and the shrine was richly indulgenced. 
In the year 1423 the heretical bands of the Huss- 
ites appeared before Slavings and wasted the sur- 

The Holy Ghost. 229 

rounding country. The privileged chapel was 
razed to the ground, but the little heap of stones 
where the Blessed Sacrament had reposed re- 
mained undisturbed. 

IDisit XIX. 


Ibis dfoost Sacrefc Ibeart. 


"It is the heart of Jesus which spoke wheri 
He said: i My Father, I wish that where I am, 
My disciples be with Me/ " — Bossuet. 


" How pleasing to the heart of Jesus are those 
who visit Him often and who love to keep Him 
company in the church where He dwells in His 
sacrament." — St. Alphonsus Liguori. 


" Since the Sacred Heart has no more cherished 
law than meekness, humility, and charity, we must 
cling to these dear virtues." — St. Francis de 


Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and devotion 
to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, though distinct and 


The Most Sacred Heart. 23i 

separate, one from the other, are nevertheless most 
intimately related. When we honor the Sacred 
Heart our eyes are fixed on the adorable heart of 
Our Saviour pierced for man on the cross, and con- 
sumed with love for us. When we adore the 
Blessed Sacrament we see with the eyes of faith 
the body and blood, the soul and divinity of Jesus 
Christ, whole and entire. In honoring the Sacred 
Heart we look upon it as a symbol of the love 
with which the heart of Jesus is inflamed towards 
men; in the Blessed Sacrament we are the posses- 
sors of the main effects of this love. Let us 
remember that this adorable heart, which is the 
special object of our worship, has its dwelling-place 
in the body of Jesus Christ which is really and 
substantially present in the Blessed Sacrament. 
Love makes us desire the constant presence of the 
object of our love. It is this love and this desire 
that makes Jesus Christ reside with us in the 
Most Holy Sacrament. It is in this sacrament of 
His love that He shows His heart to us as He 
showed it to Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque, 
and here it is that He calls us more earnestly to 
Him. The object of the devotion to the Sacred 
Heart is to make reparation for the injuries the 
heart of Jesus constantly receives from ungrateful 
men when He is exposed in the Blessed Sacrament 
upon the altar. That it is His wish that devout 
souls should, by their adoration and prayer, make 
reparation for these injuries is evident from the 

232 Visit XIX. 

circumstances and the words o_ the revelations 
concerning the Sacred Heart. It yns during the 
octave of Corpus Christi that Jesus Christ ap- 
peared to Blessed Margaret Mary £nd displayed 
to her His loving and amiable heart. He un- 
folded to her the inexplicable wonders of His pure 
love, and to what an excess He had carried it for 
the love of men, from whom He had received only 
ingratitude. "Jesus Christ, my sweet Master, pre- 
sented Himself to me," writes Blessed Margaret 
Mary. " He was brilliant with glory; His five 
wounds shone like five suns. Flames darted forth 
from all parts of His sacred humanity, but espe- 
cially from His adorable breast, which resembled 
a furnace, and which, opening, displayed to me 
His loving and amiable heart, the living source 
of these flames." The Sacred Heart was sur- 
mounted by a cross, and encircled with a crown of 
thorns. Then her divine Master said to her: 
"Behold this heart which has so loved men that it 
has spared nothing, even to exhausting and con- 
suming itself, in order to testify its love. In re- 
turn I receive from the greater part only ingrati- 
tude, by their irreverence and sacrilege, and by 
the coldness and contempt they have for Me in this 
sacrament of love. And what is most painful to 
Me," added the Saviour, in a tone that went to 
the Sister's heart, " is that they are hearts conse- 
crated to Me." Then He commanded % *r to have 
established in the church a particular feast to 

The Most Sacred Heart. 233 

honor His sacred heart. " It is for this reason 
I ask thee that the first Friday after the octave of 
the Blessed Sacrament be appropriated to a special 
feast, to honor My heart by communicating on 
that day, and making reparation for the indignity 
that it has received. And I promise that My heart 
shall dilate to pour out abundantly the influences 
of its love on all that will render it this honor or 
procure its being rendered." 

Contemplate most earnestly, Christian soul, 
this picture of the Sacred Heart; meditate on the 
plaintive words of the Sacred Heart in the sacra- 
ment of love, and resolve to respond most fervent- 
ly to all Our Saviour's wishes. The Church her- 
self in the Divine Office shows us the motive of the 
worship we render the Sacred Heart when she de 
clares that the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 
was established " in order that, under the symbol 
of the Sacred Heart, the faithful honor with more 
devotion and fervor the charity, the love of Jesus 
Christ, which led Him not only to suffer and to 
die for the redemption of the human race, but 
also to institute the sacrament of His body and 
blood in commemoration of His death." May the 
heart of Jesus be everywhere loved I 

234 Visit XIX. 


Sacred Heart of my living Saviour, how sensi- 
ble to our miseries has thy charity rendered Thee ! 
my God, what goodness for Thee to place Thy- 
self a victim for us in the Most Adorable Eucha- 
rist ! And yet what dost Thou see in the hearts 
of the greater part of mankind but rebellion 
against Thy will and ingratitude for Thy benefits. 
Was it not enough, my Jesus, to have abandoned 
Thyself to a cruel agony in the Garden of Olives, 
when Thou didst bear the weight of all our sins ? 
Was it not enough to have bought our souls at 
the price of Thy blood and Thy death ? Was it 
necessary that Thy ungrateful and perfidious 
children should dare each day to renew the tor- 
ments which Thou didst endure in the course of 
Thy Passion, and by fresh wounds to tear open 
Thy sacred heart ? Where can we find hearts so 
hard, that they are not touched at the sight of the 
outrages inflicted on Thee ? Prostrate and an- 
nihilated before Thee, my Redeemer, permit me 
this day to make Thee some reparation for all the 
injuries with which men do not cease to load Thee, 
and for all the bitterness in which Thy divine 
heart is immersed. I wish I could water and pu- 
rify with my tears all those places where Thou art 
most offended, and by my sentiments of burning 
love, repair the abuse and contempt which is 

Tlie Most Sacred Heart. 235 

shown of Thy graces by the scandals, profanations, 
and sacrileges that are committed among Thy 
children. Would that I had possession of all 
hearts to offer them to Thee in sacrifice and to 
console Thee by this homage for the guilty in- 
sensibility of those who will not know Thee, or 
who, knowing Thee, have not loved Thee. At 
least, Lord, I offer Thee myself; immolate me, 
consume me as Thy victim, grant that I may 
now begin to love Thee alone, and that after hav- 
ing once consecrated my heart to Thee, I may 
never take it back again; grant that I may find in 
Thy heart an asylum in this world, peace at the 
hour of death, and my blessedness for all eternity. 
Heart of Jesus, mayest Thou be known, praisod, 
adored, and loved by all creatures throughout the 
universe, now and forever. Amen. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament ! Our 
Lady of the Sacred Heart ! Mother and model of 
adorers, pray for us, who have recourse to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart as the Giver 
of grace, with His sweet voice calling thee out of 
darkness into light: regard thyself as one dead, 

236 Visit XIX. 

bound feet and hands with winding-bands, lying 
in the sepulchre with a stone laid over it (John 
O. 38, 44). 


Love Him with tender love, as the holy apostles 
loved Him; that so thou mayest not be able to 
bear to be torn from Him for a single moment. 


Ask Him for the spirit of Meekness; that, 
learning from Him because He is meek and hum- 
ble of heart, thou mayest be converted, and enter- 
the kingdom of Heaven (Matt. xi. 29; xviii. 3). 


Promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ io Bl. Mar- 
garet Mary Alaccque in favor of those devoted to 
His Sacred Heart. 

1. I will give them all the graces necessary 
for their state of life. 

2. I will establish peace in their families. 

3. I will console them in all their afflictions. 

4. I will be their assured refuge in life, and 
more especially at death. 

5. I will pour out abundant benedictions on all 
their undertakings. 

G. Sinners shall find in My heart the source and 
infinite ocean of mercy. 

7.. Tepid souls shall become fervent. 

The Most Sacred Heart. 237 

8. Fervent souls shall advance rapidly to great 

9. I will bless the houses in which the image of 
My sacred heart shall be exposed and honored. 

10. I will give to priests the gift of moving the 
most hardened hearts. 

11. Persons who propagate this devotion shall 
have their names inscribed in my heart, never 
to be effaced from it. 

12. I promise thee, in the excess of the mercy 
of My heart, that its all-powerful love will grant 
to all those who receive communion on the first 
Friday of every month, for nine consecutive 
months, the grace of final penitence, and that 
they shall not die under my displeasure, nor with- 
out receiving their sacraments, and My heart shall 
be their secure refuge at that last hour." 

Hymn to the Sacred Heart in the Blessed Sacra- 

Heart of Jesus, pierced for me, 
Pierce with thy love this heart of mine; 

Let me with humble trust in thee 

Within thy sacred wounds recline ; 
For, O dear Lord, I love that heart, 

That broke for me on Calvary's tree ; 
Temptation ne'er again shall part 

My Saviour and His love from me. 

1 love on those sweet Avounds to think 

"Which Jesus bore for my poor sake, 
I love of that dear » lood to drink 

Which Tie from Mary's veins did take. 

Visit XIX 

I love with solemn thoughts! to con>» 

To meet my Monarch on His throng 
In this His lowly, earthly home, 

To love and call Him all my own. 

How little, oft, am I inclined 

To come and kneel where Jesus lives. 
How feebly I desire to find 

The blessing He so freely gives. 
Too easily my thoughts will stray 

From contemplation of His love, 
Too soon my mind roams far away 

From thoughts of my bright home above. 

Collect, dear Lord, each wandering thought, 

Help me to fix my soul on Thee, 
That soul, which Thy sweet wounds have bought, . 

Shall never wander far from Thee. 
Then, oh ! my Jesus, Thou shalt be 

My soul and body's all in all, 
From this world's tempting bondage free, 

Before Thy presence, Lord, I'll fall. 

Oh ! give me, Lord, the grace to feel 

Still more of that devout intent, 
Which loves its happiness to seal 

In Thy Most Holy Sacrament. 
Inflame my heart, by Thy sweet power, 

With ardent, burning love for Thee, 
Increasing, daily, hour by hour, — 

Still on to all eternity. 

" Sunday- School Hymn- Book of Sisters of 
Notre Dame." 

IDtsit XX. 



Ibis /Iftost precious JBlooo. 

. I. 

Jesus, addressing the sons of Zebedee, said: 
"Can you drink the chalice that I shali 
drink ? " (Matt. xx. 22.) 

Lord, the chalice of Thy Passion is bitter, but 
the blood of the Eucharist is sweet. 


Let me drink often from the chalice of the Eu- 
charist, that I may have courage to drink also the 
chalice of Thy Passion. 

V. Deus, in adjutorium y Incline unto my aid, O 

meum intende. God ! 

R. Domine, ad adjuvan- R. O Lord ! make haste 

dum me festina. to help me. 

V. Gloria Patri, etc. V. Glory be to the Father, 

R. Sicut erat, etc R. As it was in the begin- 

ning, etc. 

240 Visit XX. 

First Mystery and Meditation. 

Our most loving Saviour shed His precious 
blood for us, for the first time, on the eighth day 
after His birth, when, to fulfil the law of Moses, 
He was circumcised. While, then, we think on 
all that Jesus did to satisfy God's justice for our 
wanderings, let us excite ourselves to true sorrow 
for them, and promise, with the help of His 
powerful grace, to be henceforth truly chaste in 
body and in soul. 

Our Father, five times, Glory be to the Father, 


V. Te ergo quaesumus V. We beseech Thee, 

famulis tuis subveni quos therefore, help Thy ser- 
pretioso sanguine rede- vants whom Thou hast re- 
inisti. deemed with Thy precious 


Second Mystery and Meditation. 

Jesus, in the Garden of Olives, shed His blood 
for us in such streams that it bathed the earth 
around. This He did at the vision He then had 
of the ingratitude with which men would meet 
His love. Oh ! let us, then, repent sincerely for 
the past, considering how poorly we have met the 
countless benefits of Our Lord, and resolve hence- 
forth to make good use of His graces and holy 

The Most Precious Blood. 241 

Our Father, five times, Glory be to the Father, 

V. Te ergo quaesuinus, V. We beseech Thee, 

etc. therefore, etc. 

Third Mystery and Meditation. 

Jesus, in His cruel scourging, shed His blood 
when, from His lacerated skin and wounded flesh, 
on every side, that precious blood flowed in 
streams, while our gentle Lord kept offering it 
to His eternal Father in payment of our impa- 
tience and our wantonness. How is it, then, that 
w r e do not curb our wrath and self-love ? Oh ! 
let us henceforth try to be more patient in our 
trials, to despise ourselves, and to bear in peace 
the injuries men do us. 

Our Father, five times, Glory be to the Father, 

V. Te ergo quaesumus, V. We beseech Thee, 

etc. therefore, etc. 

Fourth Mystery and Meditation. 

The sacred head of Jesus poured forth blood 
when it was crowned with thorns, all for our 
pride and evil thoughts. And shall we continue 
to nourish haughtiness and to foster foul imagina- 
tions, and the evil thoughts of our mind ? Hence- 
forth let there be ever before our eyes our utter 
nothingness, our misery, and our weakness, and 
with generous hearts let us resist the evil sugges- 
tions of the devil. 

242 Visit XX. 

Our Father, five times, Glory be to the Father, 

V. Te ergo quaesumus, V. We beseech Thee, 

tc therefore, etc. 

Fifth Mystery and Meditation. 

Oh, what streams of blood our loving Jesus, 
laden with the heavy wood of the cross, on the 
mournful way to Calvary, poured forth from His 
veins ! Then were the very streets and ways of 
Jerusalem through which He passed, bathed with 
His precious blood. And all this was done in 
satisfaction for the scandals and bad examples 
by which His own creatures had led others astray 
on the way to ruin. Ah ! who can tell whether 
we, too, are not of this unhappy number ? Who 
knows how many our bad example has thrust 
down to hell ? And have we clone nothing to 
remedy this evil ? Alas ! let us henceforth en- 
deavor to do all we can to save souls by word 
and example, making ourselves to all a pattern of 
a good and holy life. 

Our Father, five times, Glory be to the Father, 

V. Te ergo quaesumus, V. We beseech Thee, 

etc. therefore, etc. 

Sixth Mystery and Meditation. 

More and yet more blood flowed from the Re- 
deemer of mankind, in His most barbarous cruci- 
fixion; when His veins pud arteries were rent and 

The Most Precious Blood. 243 

broken, and the saving balm of life eternal, which 
blotted out all the crimes and enormities of a 
whole world, flowed in torrents from out His 
hands and feet. What man is he, that still will 
choose to continue in his sin, renewing thus the 
cruel crucifixion of the Son of God. Bitterly, bit- 
terly will we weep then for our bad deeds done, 
and at the feet of God's minister detest them; 
now will we mend our evil ways, and henceforth 
begin a truly Christian life, with the thought ever 
in our hearts of all the blood which our eternal 
salvation cost the Saviour of men. 

Our Father, five times, Glory be to the Father, 

V. Te ergo quaesumus, V. We beseech Thee, 

etc therefore, etc. 

Seventh Mystery and Meditation. 

Last of all, Jesus shed His blood, when He was 
dead, when the lance opened His sacred side and 
cleft His loving heart; and with the blood gushed 
forth water, to show us how His blood was all 
poured out, even to the last drop, for our salva- 
tion. infinite goodness of Our Kedeemer ! 
who will not love Thee ? What heart will not 
melt away for very love of Thee Who hast done 
all this for our redemption ? Our tongues want 
words to praise Thee: wherefore, we invite all 
creatures upon earth, all the angels and ail the 
saints in paradise, and, most of all, our dearest 

244 Visit XX. 

Mother Mary, to bless, to praise, and to hymn 
Thy most precious blood. Yes, glory to the blood 
of Jesus, now and forever, throughout all ages ! 

At this last mystery, say the Our Father, three 
times, to make up the number of thirty-three, and 
the Glory be to the Father, once. 

V. Te ergo qusesumus, V. We beseech, Thee, 

etc. therefore, etc. 

Then say the following 


Most precious blood of life eternal, price and 
ransom of the world, whose saving streams nour- 
ish and cleanse our souls, ever pleading man's 
cause before the throne of heavenly mercy ! from 
the depths of my soul I adore thee; fain would I, 
were I able, make thee some compensation for the 
outrages and wrongs thou dost ever suffer from 
men, thy creatures, and, most of all, from those 
who, in their rashness, cease not to blaspheme 
thee. Who will not bless this blood of infinite 
value ? who not burn for love of Jesus, who shed 
it all for us ? What were I but for this blood 
which hath redeemed me ? Love, assuredly love. 
boundless love, which gave to us this saving- 
balm beyond all price, welling from the fount of 
immeasurable love ! Give to all hearts, to all 
tongues, power to praise, hymn, and thank thee, 
now and forever, and throughout all eternity ! 

The Most Precious Blood. 245 

V. Thou hast redeemed us, Lord ! in Thy 

R. And made us a kingdom to our God. 

Let us Pray. , 
Almighty and everlasting God, Who hast ap- 
pointed Thine only-begotten Son the Saviour of 
the world, and hast willed to be appeased with His 
blood: grant us, we beseech Thee, so to venerate 
this price of our salvation, and by its might so 
to be defended upon earth from the evils of this 
present life, that in heaven we may rejoice in its 
everlasting fruit. Who liveth and reigneth with 
Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, world with- 
out end. Amen. 

An indulgence of seven years and seven quarantines, 
once a day, to all who shall say, with devotion, this 
chaplet. A plenary indulgence, once a month, to all who, 
having said it every day, for a month, after confession and 
communion, shall pray for holy Church, etc. — Pius VII., 
Oct. 18, 1815. 

The Sovereign Pontiff, Gregory XVI., by a rescript of 
the S. Congr. of Indulgences, July 5, 1843, granted these 
indulgences to all who shall say only the Our Father thirty- 
three times, reflecting at the same time on the mysteries 
proposed for consideration in the chaplet. 

It is, moreover, stated, in the same rescript, that persons 
incapable of meditating may gain the indulgences by merely 
saying the Our Father thirty-three times. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

246 Visit XX. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart as a wounded 
and blood-stained Spouse, pouring forth from His 
hands and feet and sacred heart the streams of 
His most precious blood for the health and salva- 
tion of thy sick soul. 


Love Him with a brave love, as the holy martyrs 
7 -wed Him, that so thou mayest dare to say: "Who, 
then, shall separate us from the love of Christ ? 
Shall tribulation ? or distress ? or famine ? or 
persecution ? or the sword ? " (Rom. viii. 35.) 


Ask Him for u Health-Giving Sorrows," that as 
the sufferings of Christ abound in thee, so also 
may abound in thee the greatness of His comforts 
(2 Cor. i. 5). 


" By this chalice the martyrs were inebriated, 
when on their way to martyrdom they did not 
know their own kinsfolk." — St. Augustine. 

The Most Precious Blood. 247 

Glory to the Blood of Jesus, now and forever, 
and throughout all ages ! 

The Eucharistic Pelican. 
the mystery exceeding 

All the shadows of the law; 
God the Word, Whom angels worship, 

Whom the seraphim adore, 
Comes on earth to found a Kingdom, 

There to reign for evermore. 
He Himself is King and Kingdom, 

And, within that Kingdom, we 
By the Eucharistic union 

Are His memhers verily — 
Are the true though lowly temples 

Of the Godhead, One in Three. 
'Neath the veils of earth-born creatures, 

Undiminished and unriven, 
Christ, through ages past and coming, 

Is the ever-mystic Leaven ; 
Christ, the first-born of the Virgin, 

Ever is the Bread of heaven. 
As the pelican her bosom 

Pierceth that her young be fed, 
So the children of the Passion 

By his wounds are nourished ; 
For that blood forever flcweth 

From Him undiminished. 
Daily, hourly, every moment, 

Be the great, unchanging Word, 
Be the ever-glorious body 

And the precious blood adored. 
O ye children of the Kingdom, 

Praise and thank the living Lord ! 

e. m. a 

248 Visit XX. 

Invocations to the Precious Blood. 

Precious Blood of Jesus, shed in the Circum- 
cision, make me chaste of mind, heart, and body ! 

Precious Blood of Jesus, oozing in the agony 
of Jesus from every pore, grant me to love above 
all things the holy and adorable will of God ! 

Precious Blood, flowing abundantly in the 
scourging at the pillar, inspire me with a keen 
sorrow for my sins and a love of suffering ! 

Precious Blood, falling in profusion from the 
crown of thorns, grant me a love of humiliations. 

Precious Blood, fructifying the way of Calvary, 
fill me with the courage to walk unfalteringly in 
the footsteps of Jesus ! 

Precious Blood, shed so profusely in the cruci- 
fixio of our Jesus, make me die entirely to self- 
love ! 

Precious Blood, shed to the very last drop by 
the opening of the sacred heart, give me that gen- 
erous love that sacrifices all for God ! 

Precious Blood, sacred source whence flow all 
virtues and all graces, apply thy infinite merits 
to my soul ! 

Precious Blood, whose virtue animates and vivi- 
fies our actions, apply thy infinite merits to all 
our works ! 

Life-giving Fountain, in which the sonl fully 
slakes its thirst, saturate it with pure love ! 

Divine Blood of mv Jesus, I adore thee from 

The Most Precious Blooa. 249 

the depth of my heart ! Thee I ardently invoke, 
for thou art my salvation, and by thee I hope to 
obtain the joys of paradise. 

Eternal Father, be merciful, through the name 
of the blood of Thy only Son; we conjure Thee, 
show us Thy mercy ! 

Most Precious Blood of Jesus, cry for mercy for 
us, to thy divine Father and deliver us ! 

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the precious blood 
of Jesus, in satisfaction for my sins and for the 
wants of the holy Church. 

Devout Aspirations. 

Glory be to Jesus ! 

Who in bitter pains 
Poured for me the life-blood 

From His sacred veins. 

Grace and life eternal 

In that blood I find : 
Blessed be His compassion, 

Infi! itely kind ! 

Blessed through endless ages 

Be the precious stream, 
Which from endless torment 

Doth the world redeem. 

There the fainting spirit 

Drinks of life her fill ; 
There, as in a fountain, 

Laves herself at will. 

O the blood of Christ ! 

It soothes the Father's ire,, 
Opes the gate of heaven, , 

Quells eternal fire. 

250 Visit XX. 

Abel's blood for vengeance 

Pleaded to the skies ; 
But the blood of Jesus 
For our pardon cries. 

Oft as it is sprinkled 

On our guilty hearts, 
Satan in confusion, 

Terror-struck, departs. 

Oft as earth exulting 

Wafts its praise on high, 
Hell with terror trembles, 

Heaven is filled with joy. 

Lift ye, then, your voices, 

Swell the mighty flood ; 
Louder still and louder, 

Praise the precious blood ! 

An indulgence of one hundred days, once a day, to all 
those who say these aspirations with at least contrite heart 
and devotion.— Pius VII., Oct. 18, 1815. 

Disit XXI. 


"Gbe dftemorial." 


" This do for the commemoration of Me." 
"As often as you shall eat this bread and drink 

the chalice, you shall show the death of the Lord > 

until He come " (1 Cor. xi. 26). 


These words of the Holy Spirit remind us that 
the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar is a " Memo- 
rial " of the love and of the passion of our divine 


Foster a great devotion to Our Saviour's Pas- 
sion and remember that the same love which 
caused Him to suffer so much in Gethsemani and 
on Golgotha still subjects Him to many painful 
injuries and irreverences in the tabernacle, for 
which thy love should make reparation. 


152 Visit XXL 


The Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar has been 
appropriately called the last effort of the boundless 
lo^e of Our Saviour for man. Consider the Holy 
Eucharist in this visit as a memorial. Every taber- 
nacle is surmounted by a cross, because the Blessed 
Sacrament is a memorial of Our Lord's passion and 
death. " As often as ye shall eat this bread and 
drink this chalice, ye shall show the death 
of the Lord, until He come." Why ? First, be- 
cause it was given as a parting gift on the eve of 
the Passion, and, secondly, because it contains Our 
Lord and perpetuates Him as the Victim of the 

The author of " The Lover of Souls * beautiful- 
ly discourses on these two points in the following 
words: — "Let us recall the touching episode of 
the Last Supper. Jesus and His apostles are 
seated at the table for the celebration of the 
Paschal solemnity. It is the last meal they are 
to take together, for He is about to leave them. 
They have lived in His company for almost three 
years. He has been the kindest of masters and 
truest of friends, and now He is to part from 
them. Their hearts are rilled with sorrow. Our 
Lord is sorrowful too. He knows how they will 
miss Him. He knows their weakness. '■ You shall 
all be scandalized in Me/ He says to them. Every 
farewell makes a pathetic scene. He is going to 

il Tlie Memorial" 253 

meet death; to-morrow evening at the same hour 
He will be in His grave, and they will have shame- 
fully forsaken Him; their head and chief will have 
even thrice denied Him. Jesus foresees all this, 
yet He will not cast them off. ? Having loved His 
own, He loved them unto the end.' Even in those 
last hours of His life, when His soul is sorrowful 
unto death, He will give them a token of His un- 
dying love. He will give them a pledge of affection 
which shall compel them to remember Him. A 
death-bed gift is always a precious gift, more 
especially if it be a souvenir to which the 
heart of the dying one clings, and around 
which entwine all the tenderest memories of 
the dear departed one. What gift will He bestow 
in that last hour ? The Father had so loved 
the world that He gave His only-begotten Son. 
What will the Son bequeath to us — He 
Who is not only God, but also man, Whose 
kind human heart with all its human love is 
shrinking from the impending separation, and 
bleeding to leave those He loves, alone, like poor 
sheep, scattered without a shepherd ? ' My delight 
is to be with the sons of men V ' Lord,' we may 
exclaim, ' abide with us.' The greatest gift Thou 
couldst bestow would be Thy lasting presence in 
our midst ! Alas ! that cannot be, since Thou art 
to die and to return to Thy Father. But lo ! The' 
loving pledge we hear: ' I am with you all days, 
even to the consummation of the world.' " 

254 Visit XXL 

" Yes, love makes all things possible; His pres- 
ence among us is indeed the gift He is about to 
confer upon His children. He is to die and yet 
to remain living amid these scenes, until the end 
of time. Listen to His words: 'I am the Living 
Bread that came down from heaven, . . . 
whosoever eateth Me, the same shall live by 
Me. . . . Take ye and eat, this is My body. 
Drink ye all of this, for thr is My blood.' And then 
He adds: ' This do ye for the commemoration of 
Me' — this do, as you have seen me do. You also 
take bread and wine and consecrate them into My 
flesh and My blood, and do this in memory of Me. 
And, ' as often as ye shall eat this bread and 
drink this chalice, ye shall show the death of the 
Lord, till He come.' 

" Lord, is it possible ? Is this indeed Thy 
dying gift ? Ah ! yes, we, too, shall be Thy 
guests. Blessed be Thy holy name. Thou hast 
fed us, as Thou didst feed Thy apostles and 
disciples, and Thou art still as truly, really, and 
substantially present here on the altar as Thou 
wert that blessed night with Thy chosen ones in 
Jerusalem's ' uppe?' room/ 

"The Blessed Eucharist is a ' Memorial,' because 
it is the parting gift of Our Lord to the apostles 
and to us. But it is also a ■ Memorial,' because it 
contains Our Lord as the Victim of the cross and 
perpetuates Him, as it were, in that state. How 
does it do this ? First, that Divine Victim of the 

" The Memorials 255 

Cross was silent. It had been prophesied of Him: 
' He shall be dumb as a lamb before His shearers, 
and He shall not open His mouth/ He was re- 
viled, but He did not revile; He suffered, but He 
threatened not; He was curst d and blasphemed, 
but He cursed not His guilty blasphemers. And 
when He was dead, His ears did not hear the wails 
of His Mother and of the women, His eyes did not 
see the tears of the dear ones around Him; a corpse 
feels not, hears not, speaks not. Such is the state 
of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. He speaks 
not. Day and night there reigns perpetual silence 
in and about His tabernacle. He never breaks the 
stillness around His altar throne. In many a 
church and chapel He remains a whole day, some- 
times a whole week, without receiving the homage 
of a single heart, but He utters no complaint. In 
some churches — let us blush to acknowledge it — 
He is neglected, His tabernacle is enveloped in 
dust, yet no murmur falls from His sacred lips. 
He sees His children frivolous and irreverent even 
during the celebration of the divine mysteries, still 
He does not rebuke them. He beholds some be- 
fore His very face polluting their souls Trith mortal 
sin, but not a word of indignation escapes Him. 
The unworthy communicant approaches, opens his 
sacrilegious lips, receives Him and hands Him over 
to the demons of sin in his Judas-like soul: but 
Jesus is silent, excent, perhaps, for a whisper of 
reproach breathed to th&t conscience stained 

256 Visit XXL 

with the infamous crime committed against 
his patient, long-suffering Lord. It is night; 
all is peaceful in the church; the little 
lamp alone sends a few trembling rays of 
light into the dark aisles. Suddenly the 
gates of the church are forced asunder by lawless, 
ungodly men. The tabernacle door is ruthlessly 
opened, the ciborium seized, and He is made a 
mockery of, He is cast upon the floor, He may be 
trampled upon amid diabolical laughter, and then 
He is left alone to be wept over in anguish by His 
angels, His priests, and His people: but He is 
silent, for He is none other than the Christ Who 
died on Calvary, the ancient Victim of the cross. 

" Again, as man, Jesus was, until His Passion, 
the most attractive and the most beautiful of the 
children of men. But behold Him on the cross, 
behold Him dead in the arms of His weeping 
Mother. All His beauty has departed, the light 
has vanished from His sacred brow. Was ever a 
body bruised and rent as His ? His face is dis- 
figured with welts and blots of clotted blood, ashy, 
pale, and haggard beyond description because of 
the terrible agony He has endured. His whole 
body is disfigured by cruel blows, by piteous falls, 
by lash and scourge, by hunger and thirst, and 
by the sharp wind blowing that day over the 
mount of sacrifice. The words of the Prophet Isaias 
have found their fulfilment: i There is no beauty 
or comeliness in Him, and we have seen Him, and 

" The Memorial." 25? 

there was no sightliness in Him that we should 
desire Him : . . . He was despised and the 
most abject of men. 7 Poor, outraged Jesus ! Now 
glance at the Blessed Eucharist and behold Him 
there. Where is His beauty ? Where His 
strength ? Where His awful majesty ? Where 
the splendor of His glory ? He is so concealed 
that He does not show the form of a human being. 
At the foot of the cross, in the arms of Mary, we 
do not see His divinity, we see at least His body, — 
mangled, horribly disfigured, it is true, — still it is 
His body. But here He cannot be seen at all. We 
perceive a little white veil, — nothing more. Faith 
alone has power to penetrate the folds of that veil 

" silent Dweller of the tabernacle ! Thou art 
indeed a hidden God; Thou art here more than 
ever the Victim of the cross ! When we look at 
the sacred Host, let us recall that pathetic word 
of Our Lord : ' Eemember Me ! ' Let us reflect 
that the Blessed Sacrament is a Memorial of the 
greatest sorrow men ever witnessed, a Memorial of 
the greatest pain a creature on earth ever endured, 
a Memorial of the tenderest, most faithful, most 
unselfish, most heroic love the world shall ever 
know — the last gift of a heart, that fears to be for- 
gotten. Oh, yes ! Lord, we will remember Thee ! 
May my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, 
and my hand wither and rot away, if I should ever 
forget Thee/ " 

Our Lady of the Moai Holy Sacrament, Mothe; 

258 Visit XXL 

and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart, as thy Lord, 
Who hath bought thee with a great price; and re- 
gard thyself as His runaway slave, ever desiring to 
return to new fervor (1 Cor. vi. 20). 


Love Him with thy whole soul, so that thou 
mayest be one of those who say: "None of us 
iiveih to himself, and no man dieth to himself; for, 
whether we live, we live unto the Lord, and 
whether we die, we die unto the Lord " (Rom. 
xiv. 7, 8). 


Ask Him for the spirit of the "Fear of the 
Lord; " that thou mayest fly from the very smallest 
sin, and with chaste love mayest fear Him and 
only Him. 


Lord, put my feet into Thy fetters; put my 
neck into Thy chains (Ecclus. vi. 25). 

" The Memorial:'' 259 


Petitions to Jesus Crucified. 

Ah ! my crujified Jesus, look on me with the 
same love with which Thou didst look on me 
when dying on the cross for me; look on me, and 
have pity on me; give me a general pardon for all 
the displeasure I have given Thee; give me holy 
perseverance; give me Thy holy love; give me a 
perfect conformity to Thy will; give me paradise, 
that I may love Thee there forever. I deserve 
nothing; but Thy wounds encourage me to hope 
for every good from Thee. Ah ! Jesus of my soul, 
by that love which made Thee die for me, give me 
Thy love. Take away from me all affection to 
creatures, give me resignation in tribulation, and 
make Thyself the object of all my affections, that 
from this day forward I may love none other but 

my beloved Kedeemer, what gratitude da T not 
owe Thee ! Into Thy pierced hands I commend 
my poor soul. Make me well understand the ex- 
cess of that love which made God die for me: 
would that I could die for Thee ! But what 
would the death of a wicked slave weigh against 
the death of his Lord and God ? Would that I 
could, at least, love Thee with my whole heart; 
but without Thy help, my Jesus, I can do noth- 
ing. Oh, help me ! and, through the merits of 
Thy death, make me die to all earthly uiZeciions, 

260 Visit XXL 

that so I may love Thee only, Who dost deserve 
all my love. I love Thee, Infinite Goodness. I 
love Thee, my chief Good. Mary, my Mother, 
intercede for me. Amen. 

" ' Having loved His own, who were in the world, 
He loved them unto the end/ That is to say, 
the love He showed His disciples in instituting the 
Holy Sacrament on the evening before His death 
surpassed the love He had shown them in keeping 
whem near Him during His life. " — Lallemant. 

the Mystery ! 

the Mystery, passing wonder, when reclining 1 at the 

" Eat " — Thou saidst to Thy disciples — that true bread with 
quickening stored ; 

Drink in faith the healing chalice from a dying God out- 

Then the glorious upper chamber a celestial tent was made, 
When the bloodless rite was offered, and the soul's true 

service paid, 
And the table of the feasters as an altar stood displayed. 

Christ is now our mighty Pascha, eaten for our mystic 

As a lamb led out to slaughter, and for this world offered ; 
Take we of His body broken, drink we of the blood He 


Christ to all the world gives banquet, on that most celestial 

meat ; 
Him — albeit with lips all earthly, yet with humble hearts 

we greet, 
Him the sacrificial Pascha, Priest and Victim all complete. 

St. Andkew of Crete. 

Disit XXIL 


ftbe prater anfc B^ony in tbe ®arfcen. 


Jesus in the Garden of Olives reproached His 
disciples that they could not watch one hour with 
Him (Matt. xxvi. 40). 


Could He not still address the same reproach to 
us from the tabernacle ? 


Jesus desired His disciples to watch with Him 
and console Him in His sadness. In the Holy 
Eucharist He would have us watch with Him and 
console Him in His solitude. 

The " Holy Hour " in the Gospel. 

from the Gospel of St. Matthew, Chapter xxvi. 36-40. 

' v Then Jesus came with them into a country- 
place which he called Gethsomani, and He said 
to His disciples: Sit you here, till I go yonder. 


262 Visit XXXI. 

and pray. And taking with Him Peter and the 
two sons of Zebedee, He began to grow sorrowful 
and to be sad. Then He saith to them: My soul 
is sorrowful even unto death: stay you here, and 
watch with Me. And going a little further, He 
fell upon His face, praying, and saying: My Fa- 
ther, if it be possible, let this chalice pass from 
Me; nevertheless not as I will, but as Thou wilt. 
And He cometh to His disciples, and findeth them 
asleep, and He saith to Peter: What ! could you 
not watch one hour with Me ? Watch ye, and 
pray that yt> enter not into temptation. The 
spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. 
Again the second time He went, and prayed, say- 
ing: My Father, if this chalice may not pass away 
but I must drink it, Thy will be done. And He 
cometh again, and findeth them sleeping : for 
their eyes were heavy. And leaving them, He 
went again, and He prayed the third time, saying 
the self-same word. Then He cometh to His dis- 
ciples, and saith to them: Sleep ye now and take 
your rest: behold the hour is at hand, and the 
Son of man shall be betrayed into the hands of 


Behold .Tpsus goes forth from the supper cham- 
ber with His apostles. Whither is He going in 
the darkness of the night ? He directs His steps 
towards Mount Olivet, passes over the Valley of 

Prayer and Agony in the Garden. 263 

Josaphat and the brook Cedron and now is as- 
cending the side of the mountain and enters the 
Garden of Gethsemani. Alas ! our dear Lord 
knows well that the traitor apostle, assured that 
he will find Him in this garden, to which His 
divine Master is accustomed to retire for prayer, 
Mill bring the soldiers here, to deliver Him into 
their hands. 

I: Jesus takes with Him Peter and the two sons 
of Zebedee, James and John, and passes farther 
on into the Garden of Olives, and begins to have 
fear, and to be sad, and exceedingly sorrowful. 
See, my soul, how thy divine Lord gives leave to 
fear, weariness, and affliction to come upon Him. 
How strange ! The Man-God, Who is omnipo- 
tent, is afraid ! He, Who desired so earnestly 
the time of His Passion, now is weary. He, Who 
is the Comforter of the afflicted, now is full of 
sorrow. Oh, the refinement of the charity of our 
divine Master ! He will suffer these things be- 
fore I suffer them, and for love of me, that I may 
learn to suffer them for love of Him. He will 
never permit that I shall be overwhelmed by these 
passions to the degree that He was, but will make 
a way that I may escape. He, on the contrary, 
permits these pains to burst upon Him as a flood. 
And turning to His disciples He says: "My soul 
is sorrowful even unto death — stay ye here and 
watch with Me and pray that ye may not enter 
into temptation." He exhorts them to watch and 

2U Visit XXII. 

pray. These are the two means I must em- 
ploy, especially in time of temptation. I mus« 
watch over the affections of my heart, and over 
my senses, that the enemy who fights against me. 
may not gain an inch of ground. I mus; 
moreover pray with diffidence in myself, putting 
my whole confidence in the grace of Jesus. 
Christ, which will always be given in greater 
abundance to my prayer. Uut Our Lord Jesus 
doing violence to Himself withdraws from His 
disciples, falls upon His knees, and prostrates 
Himself with His face to the ground and prays. 
Thus He teaches me to pray with reverence. 
Now if He, Who is by nature innocence itself, 
prays in such a posture, what should sinners do ? 
What shall I do when I pray ? With all humil- 
ity, which shall be shown externally, I will con- 
fess to my Lord that I am dust and ashes. I will 
accuse myself before my divine and tremendous 
Judge of the iniquities which have made me so de- 
formed and abominable in His sight. 

II. But hearken, my soul, to the prayer which 
Jesus makes to His Eternal Father. " My Fa- 
ther/' He says. " if it be possible let this chalice 
pass from Me; nevertheless not as I will, but as 
Thou wilt " (Matt. xxvi. 39). What is It that 
Jesus asks in this prayer ? He asks that the bit- 
ter chalice of His Passion may pass from Him. 
And why ? Because He sees that after so abun- 
dant a redemption there will be innumerable souls 

Prayer and Agony in the Garden. 265 

that by their malice will be lost. It is this, which 
more than His ignominies, pains, and death, 
afflicts the most loving heart of our Redeemer. 
One drop of His divine blood was enough to give 
satisfaction of an infinite merit to the justice of 
God for the sins of men, and He will shed His 
blessed blood to the last drop — yet, to His inex- 
pressible grief, He sees that so many souls will 
not profit by their ransom and will be lost for- 
ever. Oh ! who can comprehend the most cruel 
pain which the tender heart of Jesus suffers at the 
loss of so many souls ? Jesus wishes all men to 
ha saved: but He who will not glorify the Divine 
Mercy in heaven, will glorify the Divine Justice 
in hell. And therefore Jesus adds, that not ac- 
cording to His will be it done, but according to 
the will of His most just Father. He, then, 
would be much mistaken, who should presume 
on security in trying as it were to make a com- 
promise with God, and to draw His will to his 
own. See, my soul, with what resignation to the 
Divine Will thou must pray. Ask for what thou 
wouldst have, but remember in every request to 
imitate the resignation of thy divine Master say- 
ing: " Heavenly Father, not as I will; but Thy 
will be done. 7 ' 

III. Having made this prayer, Jesus rises, goes 
to His disciples, and finds them sleeping, and says 
to Peter: " What ! could you not watch one hour 
with Me ? Watch ye and pray that you enter 

266 Visit XXII. 

not into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, 
but the flesh is weak" (Matt. xxvi. 40, 41). 
charitable solicitude of our divine Master ! He 
interrupts His prayer, and although His heart is 
plunged in a sea of anguish, as if forgetting what 
He suffers, He is wholly occupied in comforting 
His disciples, and preparing them for temptation. 
Thus my heavenly Master teaches me, that neithei 
for the afflictions that I feel nor for the desire of 
prayer, should I ever neglect works of charity, or 
be wanting in due vigilance in the care of those 
who are committed to me. Reflect well, my 
soul, on the words which Jesus has said, and thou 
wilt find them full of holy instruction. First, they 
contain a just reproof which I have so often 
merited. Then, a command, in which is declared 
to me the necessity of prayer and watchfulness 
over my senses and affections. Lastly, a warning 
not to trust too much to myself lest I be betrayed 
by my passions, which in my members war against 
the spirit. But, above all, compassionate our 
dear Lord, Who in so great affliction has no one 
to speak to Him a word of comfort. 

IV. Jesus a second time retires to pray, say- 
ing: a My Father, if it be not possible that this 
chalice pass except I drink it, Thy will be done " 
(Matt. xxvi. 42). Keep well in mind these last 
words, my soul. These must be thy consolation 
whensoever thou findest thyself afflicted by any 
pain. Then remember thy divine Master, and 

tfrayev and Agony in the Garden. 267 

after His example recollect thyself in prayer, and 
with Him repeat to thy heavenly Father, " Thy 
will be done/' Nor must thou be content with 
having recourse to prayer once only, but thou 
must imitate the perseverance of Jesus in His 
desolation. See how He returns to His disciples, 
and finds them sleeping, for their eyes are heavy, 
and they know not what to answer Him. He 
leaves them, therefore, and goes to pray for the 
third time, repeating the same words. But now 
behold He falls into an agony of grief, and prays 
yet more earnestly, and breaks out into a sweat 
of drops of blood, which run down upon the 
ground. Ah ! we cannot comprehend the great- 
ness of the grief and the cruelty of the torments 
which He will have to suffer until death, since 
the lively representation of them to the imagina- 
tion beforehand makes Him fall into an agony 
and a sweat of blood. Jesus, my Redeemer, 1 
bless and adore Thy most precious blood, with 
which through the desire Thou hast of sufferings^ 
Thou dost water the earth, even before Thine exe- 
cutioners shed it by the torments with whijh they 
put Thee to death. Grant, my King, that 7 
may imitate Thee as a faithful follower hi Thy 
sufferings and humiliations. Give me graoe to 
carry into effect the desire I entertain of suffering 
willingly with Thee and for the love of Thee, 
since Thou, my dear Saviour, didst suffer foi me, 
that I might follow Thy example. 

268 Visit XXII. 

V. My Lord Jesus lies prostrate with His face 
to the earth — He is in agony — and sheds in great 
abundance a sweat of blood. most sorrowful 
sight ! eternal Father, do Thou give some com- 
fort to the most sacred humanity of Thine Only 
Begotten, Who groans, and is in agony, and is 
sweating blood beneath the heavy load of the sins 
of others, which Thine innocent Son, through an 
excess of love, has taken upon Himself. But see ! 
an angel appears from heaven to comfort Him — 
and what comfort can a creature give to the 
Creator ? Oh, the humiliation of my Saviour and 
my God ! Learn, my soul, to receive with hu- 
mility comfort in thy desolations, and advice in 
thy doubts, from him whom God has given thee 
to govern and direct thee in the way to heaven. 
The comforting angel says to Jesus that it is the 
will of the eternal Father, that He satisfy the 
Divine Justice for the sins of men. He shows 
Him the multitude of those who by His merits 
will be saved, He tells Him that the reprobate 
will glorify the Divine Justice as the elect will 
glorify the Divine Mercy. All which things al- 
though Jesus knows better than the angel, yet He 
listens with the greatest humility to His com- 
forter, as the representative of His heavenly 
Father. And here we must reflect that the angel 
does indeed comfort but does not dp.l.iver my Re- 
deemer from His Passion, which is at hand. And 

Prayer and Agony in the Garden. 269 

I would ever be delivered from every suffering. 
Ah, my Lord Jesus ! comfort me always by Thy 
grace in my sufferings, and I only ask Thee to be 
delivered from them when Thou seest that it is 
for the greater good of my soul. And how can I 
be so impatient of every trouble and sorrow, when 
I see my Saviour in agony for me. He Who did 
no sin suffers for us sinners, that we being dead to 
sin may live to justice. How just it is then that 
I by interior and exterior penance satisfy the 
Divine Justice for my sins. Ah, yes, my most 
amiable Eedeemer, trusting in Thy assistance I 
will make satisfaction to the justice of my God 
for the offences I have committed against it. Alas, 
how many they are, and how great ! Yes, my 
sins are more in number than the hairs of my 
head, and in grievousness are as deserving of all 
hatred as the Sovereign Good against Whom I 
have offended is deserving of all love. Infinite 
Goodness, I repent of ever having offended Thee ! 
Would that my eyes were a fountain of tears, that 
I might weep for the many sins I have com- 
mitted ! my Jesus, make me a partaker of that 
intense grief that Thou didst feel for my ingrati- 
tude. Oh, that I could here die of pure contri- 
tion, prostrate at Thy feet, for having thus of- 
fended Thee ! But since of Thy mercy Thou still 
dost preserve my life, I will satisfy the debt I owe 
to the Divine Justice by the mortification of my 

270 Visit XXII. 

senses and by resignation to Thy divine will. Do 
Thou grant Thy blessing to this my resolution 
and make it effectual by Thy grace. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
coarse to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 


Behold Christ within thy heart as a most beau- 
tiful and most fruitful Vine: regard thyself as a 
branch drawing from it the sap of grace, by which 
thou mayest bring forth the leaves of pious words, 
the flowers of good desires, and the fruits of holy 
deeds (John xv. 5). 


Desire out of love to labor ceaselessly, that thou 
mayest miss no opportunity of growing in grace: 
lest, when the Lord shall in vain have looked foi 
fruit from thee, year after year, He shall com- 
mand thee to be cut down, and cast into the fire 
(Luke xiii. 7), 


Ask of thy Lord the virtue of unwearied 
"Watchfulness;" that, having thy soul always in 

I'layer and Agony in the Garden. 271 

thy hands, thou may est never cease from purify- 
ing it from vices and filling it with virtues (Ps. 
exviii. 109). 


" I sat down under His shadow, Whom I de- 
sired; and His fruit was sweet to my palate " 
(Cant. ii. 3). 


How pleasing are the meek of heart to the 
heart of Jesus ! Yes, He loves hearts full of 
sweetness, who know hpw to bear affronts and 
injuries without resentment. — St. Alphonsus 


Adoro te Devote Latens Deitas. 

Godhead hid, devoutly I adore Thee, 
Who truly art within the forms before me ; 
To Thee my heart I bow with bended knee, 
As failing quite in comprehending Thee. 

Jesu, eternal Shepherd, hear our cry; 

Increase the faith of all whose souls on Thee rely. 

Sight, touch, and taste in Thee are each deceived, 
The ear alone most safely is believed ; 

1 believe all the Son of God hath spoken, 
Than Truth's own Word there is no surer token. 

Jesu, eternal Shepherd, etc. 

God only, on the cross lay hid from view, 
But here lies hid at once His manhood too ; 
And I, in both professing my belief, 
The same prayer make as the repentant thir ), 
Jesu eternal Shepherd, <tc. 

272 Visit XXII. 

Thy wounds, as Thomas saw, I do not see, 
Yet Thee confess my God and Lord to be ; 
Make me believe Thee ever more and more, 
In Thee my hope, in Thee my love to store. 
Jesu, eternal Shepherd, etc. 

O thou memorial of Our Lord's own dying, 
O living Bread, to mortals life supplying, 
Make Thou my soul henceforth on Thee to live^ 
Ever a taste of heavenly sweetness give. 
Jesu, eternal Shepherd, etc. 

O loving Pelican, Christ my God ! 
Unclean I am, but cleanse me in Thy blood, 
Of which a single drop for sinners spilt 
Could ransom all the world from all its guilt 
Jesu, eternal Shepherd, etc. 

Jesu, Whom for the present veil'd I see, 
What I so thirst for, O vouchsafe to me, 
That I may see Thy countenance unfolding, 
And may be blest Thy glory in beholding. 
Jesu, eternal Shepherd, etc. 

St. Thomas Aquinas 

Visit xxiii. 


1bi6 Sacrefc ipaesfon. 

The Blessed Sacrament is a memorial of Our 
Lord's Passion and the altar is another Calvary, 
where Jesus immolates Himself each day for love 
of us. 


The same love which fastened Him by nails to 
the cross holds Him a prisoner in the tabernacle. 


Let us in our visits love to meditate on the 
Passion of Our Lord and resolve to offer Him 
atonement for sin by our love and gratitude and 
patient endurance of trials. 

(From Father James Nonell, S.J.) 
A soul that desires to take advantage of all her 
trials in order to console the afflicted Heart of 

£74 Visit XXIII. 

Jesus, must take care to be present in spirit at 
some s/?ene in Our Lord's sacred Passion, choos- 
ing the one that usually inspires her with the 
greatest tenderness and devotion. 

Fixing her eyes with reverence and affection 
upon the Holy Face, let her think He casts a 
glance of love upon her which speaks with an elo- 
quence above all language. In order to aid our- 
selves, we may consider the principal scenes of the 
Passion in the nine following points: 

1. The Agony in the Garden. — Behold the 
heart of Jesus, become, as it were, an abyss of 
pain and anguish, full of terror, at the very 
thought of the Passion about to break over Him. 

Hear Him say, as He offers the bitter chalice, 
" Wilt thou — thou, whom I love so dearly — wilt 
thou drink some few drops of My cup ? The 
more thou wilt take, the less shall I have to taste." 

What should be your reply > " my beloved 
Jesus ! would that I could drink all, so that 
nothing might remain for Thee. Yes, I accept as 
precious drops from that chalice, such and such 
sufferings, by which Thou dost permit me to be a 
partaker of Thy Passion, a companion of Thy sor- 

2. The night passed in the house of Caiphas. — 
See thy Redeemer become the sport of lewd 
soldiery. How they mock and make fun of Him; 
how they strike and buffet Him, as though He 
were a fool. 

The Sacred Passion. 275 

Listen, as He says: " beloved of My heart, 
wilt thou for My sake, bear some of these insults 
and injuries ? The more thou shalt suffer, the 
less shall 1 have to bear, and the greater relief wilt 
thou afford to My afflicted heart." 

Say, what answer wilt thou give to Jesus ? 

3. The Palace of Herod.— Behold how He, 
Who is the Infinite Wisdom of the Father, is 
esteemed as a fool, and despised as a madman. 

Hear Him ask if thou wilt suffer, for Him, some 
portion of His shame and contempt. 
Consider what answer thou shalt give. 

4. The Scourging at the Pillar. — See the 
cruelty with which the executioners tear that most 
pure flesh to pieces. 

Hear how Our Lord invites thee to put thyself 
between the executioners and their Victim, so that 
the blows may fall upon thine own body. 

Receive, with this intention, the bodily pains 
and the sicknesses which may afflict thee. 

5. The Crowning with Thorns. — Consider the 
sharp pains, which the thorns cause in the ador- 
able head of thy Saviour. 

Hear Him asking thee if in thine own head, 
thou wilt receive some of those thorns ? 
Offer thyself to endure them all. 

6. Christ carrying His Cross. — Imagine thyself 
present, as Jesus ascends the hill of Calvary, ac- 
companied by Simon of Cvrene and the women of 

276 Visit XXIII. 

Listen to Him asking if thou wilt offer thy 
shoulders to bear the cross, so that His burden 
may be made lighter according as thine is in- 

Beg that He will let thee carry it all thyself, so 
that He may be relieved entirely of its weight. 

7. The Crucifixion. — See how they nail Him 
to the cross. 

Hear Him inviting thee to put thy hands and 
feet where His are, so as to receive the nails. 

If duty binds thee to a life which is painful, 
thou, too, art nailed to the cross. Accept, with 
this intention, all thy trials and adversities. 

8. The Dereliction en the Cross. — Hear Our 
Lord complain to His eternal Father of the deso- 
lation in which He is left. Consider how bitterly 
it is felt by His divine heart. 

Hear Him ask if thou wilt relieve Him in this 

Offer Him the desolation thou dost sometimes 
suffer in trials, so as to soothe and alleviate the 
weariness of His sufferings. 

9. The Thirst which Our Lord suffers in His 
Agony. — Consider the cruelty of those who by 
their impatience and their murmurs against God 
in their troubles, or by their miserable sensuality, 
give Our Lord in His thirst gall and vinegar to 

Hear how He implores thee to quench His thirst 
by the sweet wine of that charity and self-denial 

live Sacred Passion. 277 

which is exercised in seeking and accepting suffer- 
ing as a consolation to Hir\ 

Deny not to thy Redeemer, to the Spouse of thy 
soul, to thy King and thy God, the comfort which 
thou canst afford Him in His extreme need. 

These nine short considerations serve to rouse 
the soul that is desirous of comforting and consol- 
ing the heart of our most afflicted Jesus, and of 
accepting from God's Hand all trials, of whatever 
kind they may be, suffering them for the end and 
intention of affording comfort to Him. 

Prayers to Jesus by the Merit of each Particular 
Pain which He suffered in His Passion. 

my Jesus ! by that humiliation which Thou 
didst practise in washing the feet of Thy disciples, 
I pray Thee to bestow upon me the grace of true 
humility, so that I may humble myself to all, 
especially to such as treat me with contempt. 

My Jesus, by that sorrow which Thou didst 
suffer in the Garden, sufficient as it was to cause 
Thy death, I pray Thee to deliver me from the 
sorrow of hell, from living forevermore at a dis- 
tance from Thee, and without the power of ever 
loving Thee again. 

My Jesus, by that horror which Thou hadst of 
my sins, which were then present to Thy sight, 
give me a true sorrow for all the offences which I 
have committed against Thee. 

¥y Jesus, by that pain which Thou didst ex- 

278 Visit XXIII. 

perience at seeing Thyself betrayed by Judas with 
a kiss, give me the grace to be ever faithful unto 
Thee, and nevermore to betray Thee, as I have 
done in time past. 

My Jesus, by that pain which Thou didst feel 
at seeing Thyself bound like a culprit to be taken 
before the judges, I pray Thee to bind me to Thy- 
self by the sweet chains of holy love, that so I 
may nevermore see myself separated from Thee, 
my only Good. 

My Jesus, by all those insults, buffetings, and 
spittings which Thou didst on that night suffer 
in the house of Caiphas, give me the strength .to 
suffer in peace, for love of Thee, all the affronts 
which I shall meet with from men. 

My Jesus, by that ridicule which Thou didst 
receive from Herod in being treated as a fool, give 
me the grace to endure with patience all that men 
shall say of me, treating me as base, senseless, or 

My Jesus, by that outrage which Thou didst 
receive from the Jews in seeing Thyself placed 
after Barabbas, give me the grace to surfer with 
patience the dishonor of seeing myself placed after 

My Jesus, by that pain which Thou didst suffer 
in Thy most holy body when Thou wast so cruelly 
scourged, give me the grace to suffer with patience 
all the pains of my sicknesses, and especially those 
of my death. 

The Sacred Passion. 279 

My Jesus, by that pain which Thou didst suffer 
in Thy most sacred head when it was pierced with 
the thorns, give me the grace never to consent to 
thoughts displeasing unto Thee. 

My Jesus, by that act of Thine by which Thou 
didst accept of the death of the cross to which 
Pilate condemned Thee, give me the grace to ac- 
cept of my death with resignation, together with 
all other pains which shall accompany it. 

My Jesus, by the pain which Thou didst suffer 
in carrying Thy cross on Thy journey to Calvary, 
give me the grace to suffer with patience all my 
crosses in this life. 

My Jesus, by that pain which Thou didst suffer 
in having the nails driven through Thy hands and 
Thy feet, I pray Thee to nail my will unto Thy 
feet, that so I may will nothing save that which 
Thou dost will. 

My Jesus, by the affliction which Thou didst 
puffer in having gall given Thee to drink, give 
me the grace not to offend Thee by intemperance 
in eating and drinking. 

My Jesus, by that pain which Thou didst ex- 
perience in taking leave of Thy holy Mother upon 
the cross, deliver me from an inordinate love of 
my relatives, or of any other creature, that so my 
heart may be wholly and always Thine. 

My Jesus, by that desolation which Thou didst 
suffer in Thy death in seeing Thyself abandoned 
by Thy eternal Father, give me the grace to suffer 

m Visit XXIIL 

all my desolations with patience, without ever los- 
ing my confidence in Thy goodness. 

My Jesus, by those three hours of affliction and 
agony which Thou didst suffer when dying upon 
the cross, give me the grace to suffer with resigna- 
tion, for love of Thee, the pains of my agony at the 
hour of death. 

My Jesus, by that great sorrow which Thou 
didst feel when Thy most holy scral, as Thou wast 
expiring, separated itself from Thy most sacred 
body, give me the grace to breathe forth my soul 
in the hour of my death, offering up my sorrow 
then to Thee, together with an act of perfect love, 
that so I may go to love Thee in heaven, face to 
face, with all my strength, and for ail eternity. 

And thee, most holy Virgin, and my Mother 
Mary, by that sword which pierced thy heart when 
thou didst behold thy Son bow down His head 
and expire, do I pray to assist me in the hour of 
my death, that so I may come to praise thee and to 
thank thee in paradise for all the graces that thou 
hast obtained for me from God. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Cony 
munion, p. 101. 

The Sacred Passion. 281 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart as a most 
loving Father, Who gave thee life by the depth 
of His agony on His cross: regard thyself as a 
prodigal son returning to Him from long wander- 
ings and most utter destitution, and yet received 
by Him with unspeakable tenderness. 


Love Him with all thy fortitude; that, for His 
sake, thou mayest despise riches and pleasures and 
honors, the health of thy body, and even life itself; 
and so mayest be able to live without creatures. 


Ask Him for the gift of "Piety;" that thou 
mayest obediently and diligently seek out what is 
due to such a Father, and faithfully fulfil it. 

A spiration. 

" Father, I have sinned against Heaven, and ba- 
fore Thee; I am not now worthy to be called Thy 
son; make me as one of Thy hired servants " (Luke 
xv. 18, 19). 


" You are afflicted by your sufferings, and I as- 
sure you that you should draw from them your 

282 Visit XXIII. 

consolation, provided that you bear them with 
peace and submission to the heart of Jesus, who 
sends them to you in love/' 

— Bl. Margaret Mary. 

Viva, Viva, Gesu ! 

GHory be to Jesus, Who, in bitter pains, 

Poured for me the life-blood from His sacred veins. 

Grace and life eternal, in that blood I find ; 
Blest be His compassion, infinitely kind. 

Blest through endless ages be the precious stream, 
Which from endless torments doth the world redeem. 

There the fainting spirit drinks of life her fill ; 
There, as in a fountain, laves herself at will. 

the Blood of Christ, it soothes the Father's ire, 
Opes the gate of heaven, quells eternal fire. 

Abel's blood for vengeance pleaded to the skies ; 
But the blood of Jesus for our pardon cries. 

Oft as it is s rink led on our guilty hearts, 
Satan in confusion, terror-struck, departs. 

Oft as earth exulting wafts its praise on high, 
Angel-hosts rejoicing make their glad reply. 

Lift ye then your voices ; swell the mighty flood ; 
Louder still and louder praise the precious blood. 

— From the Italian by E. ('as wall. 

Visit XXIV. 


Zbe JBlessefc IDtrgin /Ifearg. 


Mary was the first adorer of Jesus Christ. She 
was the first tabernacle of the Most High. 


" Without Mary we shall not reach Jesus; for 
she is His paradise of delights and those who 
would know the intimate secrets of His divine love 
and the hidden virtues of His divinity mus'; study 
them in the transparent mirror of the Immaculate 
Heart of Mary." — Peru Eymard. 


Always unite yourself with Mary in adoration 
and imitate her manner. How fondly she dwelt 
on the incidents in the life of her divine Son; how 
fervently she compassionated His sufferings. She 
is the model of all adorers of the Blessed Sacra- 

284 Visit XXIV. 


" It does not follow," writes Pere Eymard, " be- 
cause it is our special office to honor the Eucharist 
that we should lessen our devotion to the Blessed 
Virgin. Far from it. He would be truly displeas- 
ing to Jesus, who should say: ' The Eucharist is 
enough for me; I do not need Mary/ Where do 
we find Jesus upon earth ? Is it not in the arms 
of Mary ? Is it not she who has given us the 
Blessed Eucharist ? It was her acquiescence in the 
Incarnation of the Son of God — the Divine 
Word — that began the great mystery of reparation 
to God and of the union with us that Jesus ac- 
complished during His mortal life, and that He 
continues in the Eucharist. The more we love the 
Eucharist, the more we shall love Mary. We love 
what our friend loves, and where is creature so 
loved by God, mother so tenderly loved by son, as 
Mary was by Jesus ? If we owe reverence to 
Jesus, we owe it to Mary also. If we adore Him, 
we must honor her, and to correspond to, as well 
as to enter fully into, the graces of our vocation, 
we owe to Mary a special devotion as to Our Lady 
of the Blessed Sacrament. When we honor Our 
Lord on the cross, we pray to Our Lady of Sorrows; 
in the life at Nazareth, it is Our Lady of the Hid- 
den Life who is our model. What was the occu- 
pation of Mary in the Cenaculum ? She was in al- 
most constant adoration. She was the model and 

The Blessed Virgin. 285 

queen and mother of all adorers; she was, in a 
word, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus 
left her, so to say, fifteen years or more on earth 
after His ascension in order that we might learn 
from her how to adore and serve Him perfectly. 
Oh, how beautiful must have been those years 
spent in adoration ! 

" At Bethlehem, Mary was first to adore her 
divine Son lying in the manger. After her came 
St. Joseph and the shepherds and kings, but it 
was Mary who first laid this train of fire, the fire 
of divine love that should encircle the earth. She 
continued to adore Him in His hidden life, in His 
apostolic life, and in His suffering life on Calvary. 
Study the character of Mary's adoration. She 
adores Him in all the states of His life, and not in 
a sterile and monotonous adoration. She adores 
Him poor at Bethlehem, toiling at Nazareth, and 
later, teaching and converting sinners. She has 
adored Him upon Calvary and suffered with Him. 
Her love follows all the sentiments of Our Lord, 
which were known and divined by her, and into 
which her sympathetic love made her enter in en- 
tire conformity. 

u To you, also, adorers of the Blessed Sacra- 
ment, I say, adore always, but vary your adoration 
as Mary varied hers. Enter into and revive all 
these mysteries in the Eucharist. Without this, 
you will fall into routine, and if your adoration is 
not regulated and varied by some new thought or 

286 Visit XXIV. 

motive, yon will become weary and stupid in your 

" It was thus Mary recalled, on the anniversaries 
of these mysteries that had been accomplished be- 
fore her eyes, their circumstances, their lessons, 
and their graces. She reminded Jesus by them of 
His great love for us. We do not always speak to 
a friend of the present, we recall pleasing smvenirs 
of the past and we contemplate the future. The 
Eucharist is the compendium of all these mys- 
teries, and renews their graces and their love. 

" Mary had such a love for the Blessed Sacra- 
ment that she could scarcely bear to separate her- 
self from it; she lived in the Blessed Sacrament 
and passed days and nights before the altar. She 
must certainly have lent herself to the needs of 
the apostles and the faithful who sought her aid, 
but her love for her hidden God shone out upon 
her countenance and communicated this ardor to 
those, who approached her/' 

On May 1, 1868, being at St. Maurice, a little 
country house which he had taken, far away from 
the noise and bustle of Paris, to be, as he expressed 
it, " a little paradise for such of the members of 
the Adoration as Our Lord called to a more con- 
templative life/' Father Fymard onened the exer- 
cises for the month of Mary. He wound up a 
beautiful allocution on our duties towards this 
good Mother by the following words: 

" Well, let us honor Marv under the title of 

Tli e Blessed Virgin. 28? 

1 Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament.' Yes, let 
us say, with confidence and love, ' Our Lady of the 
Most Holy Sacrament, Mother and Model for all 
adorers, pray for us who have recourse to you ! ' " 

The good father was radiant; his voice trem- 
bled with emotion. He felt as if he had been able 
thus to pay a debt of gratitude to her who had 
first led him to the tabernacle, and who had sus- 
tained and encouraged him with such maternal 
solicitude in the first foundation of his society. 
" Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament — it is only 
a new name for an, ancient truth," he would say. 
" We revere, with reason, all the mysteries in the 
life of the Mother of God. Contemplative and 
domestic souls have found an example in her ex- 
istence in ^Nazareth; broken hearts, consolation in 
Our Lady of Dolors; great sacrifices, strength 
with her at the foot of the cross. Well, Mary lived 
fifteen years after the ascension of her divine Son. 
How did she spend those weary days of exile ? 
What fresh grace may be gathered from this im- 
portant part of her life ? The Book of Acts seems 
to tell us clearly enough. The first Christians, it 
is there said, lived in union and peace, in the most 
ardent charity, sighing for martyrdom, and, to 
prepare themselves worthily for it, persevering in 
the ' breaking of bread ' — perseverantes in com- 
municalione fractionis panis (Acts ii. 42). 

" Living on and by the Eucharist, gathering 
round the tabernacle to pray and sing spiritun 1 

288 Visit XXIV. 

canticles — such was the distinctive character of 
the primitive Church as recorded by St. Luke; 
such also was the resume of the last years of the 
Blessed Virgin, who found in the adorable Host 
the blessed Fruit of her womb, and in the life of 
union with Our Lord in His tabernacle, the happy 
times of Bethlehem and Nazareth. Yes, it was 
Mary, above all others, who persevered in the 
' breaking of bread/ Eucharistic souls, who wish 
to live only for the Blessed Sacrament, whc have 
made the Eucharist your centre and His service 
your only work, Mary is your model, her life your 
grace. Only persevere with her in the ' breaking 
of bread/ . . . Our Lord/' he continued, 
"having given us Mary for our Mother, we must 
honor and love her as her children. But to enter 
into the spirit of our vocation, and make all tend 
towards that one end, we must study and strive 
to imitate the life of Mary in the upper chamber, 
and her devotion to the service — love of the 
Blessed Sacrament. Mary stood on the mount of 
Calvary to die there with Jesus. She redescended 
with the beloved disciple, the son of her adoption, 
and recommenced her maternity at the feet of the 
sacred Host. Oh ! do not fear, if you are the elect 
of the Blessed Eucharist; it is to Mary that you 
owe it. It is she who has led you by the hand to 
Our Saviour's feet. Put yourself under her direc- 
tion; and to become faithful servants of your 
King, Jesus, be devout children to Mary, who is 

The Blessed Virgin. 289 

the Mother of Our Lord's servants. She is 
the only perfect imitator of the virtues of her 
divine Son. She has the secret of His love. Her 
great mission is to form Jesus in us. It is a 
mother's part to train and educate her children. 
It seems as if, when He was dying, Jesus said to 
Mary, ' I bequeath into your hands the fruit of 
My redemption, the salvation of men, the service 
of the sacrament of My love. Form, for Me, 
adorers in spirit and in truth, who shall serve Me 
and adore Me as you have done.' In your com- 
munications with Jesus, therefore, think of Mary. 
Try to speak as she would have done; imitate her 
habits; act as she did; share in her love and in 
her sufferings, and in all Mary will say to you, 
i What can I do for the better serving of Jesus, 
for the greater glory of Jesus?' The life 
of Mary in the cenaculum should be the type of 
yours. Throw yourself on your knees by her side; 
adore with her. Who can doubt that Mary spent 
the greater part of her days and nights before 
the tabernacle ? There was her Jesus, her Son, 
her God. What a profound, interior, intimate 
adoration was hers ! Everything in Mary lost it- 
self, and was absorbed in her Son. A current of 
gr$ce united the heart of Jesus in the Host with 
the heart of Mary the adorer. Two flames mingled 
in one fire — a fire of glory and of love. God was 
perfectly adored by His Mother, who was His 
creation. . . . What a joy to Jesus when He 

290 Visit XXIV. 

received that homage from His divine Mother ! 
slow happy He must have felt at having for her 
consolation left her His sacramental presence ! I 
believe that He would have instituted the Blessed 
Eucharist for Mary only. . . . When you go 
to holy communion," added Father Eymard, 
" strive to unite yourself to her wishes, and go to 
communion with her faith and love. Is it not the 
custom for mothers to adorn and beautify, even 
with their own ornaments, the child who is about 
to be led to the nuptial altar ? At Cana did not 
Mary spare the confusion of the newly married 
couple, and throw the cloak of her Son's powe: 1 
over their indigence ? Oh ! yes, the best "prepara- 
tion for holy communion is that which is mack 
by Mary; and Jesus will come to you far more 
willingly if He sees in you the faithful imitator, , 
of His Holy Mother. Mary, in the supper-room, 
must likewise have looked after all things neces- 
sary for the holy sacrifice. Can we not fancy her 
making the linen with holy, skilful hands ? 
When you, too, are working for the worship of 
the Eucharist, unite your intention to the joy of 
your Mother working for her Son in His sacra- 
mental presence as formerly she worked for Him 
as an infant. This thought will make you happy. 
. . . The intimate knowledge of Our Lord which 
belonged to the Blessed Virgin, more penetrating 
than that of seraphim or cherubim, gave her a 

The Blessed Virgin. 291 

perieer acquaintance with the heart of Jesus; an^ 
therefore she understood, better than any human 
or angelic creature, the immensity of the gift of 
the Eucharist. She knew all the sacrifices of 
Jesus, and the struggles it had cost His soul when 
He instituted this Divine Sacrament; just as she 
knew His anguish in the Garden of Olives. She 
foresaw all that her divine Son would have to 
drink of ignominy and outrage in order to per- 
petuate His presence in the midst of ungrateful 
men. When Jesus, before the Last Supper, an- 
nounced to Mary that the hour was come for the 
triumph of His love; that He was about to insti- 
tute the Adorable Sacrament, by means of which 
all Christians throughout all countries could par- 
take of the happiness of union with Him, and 
become in holy communion one with their Sav- 
iour and their God, — Mary adored in deepest 
gratitude. . . . She consented to put off the hour 
of her reward and to remain on earth, to guard 
and serve the Blessed Eucharist, and to teach 
other Christians to guard, to love, and to adore 
this Sacrament of Love. What a mother ! What 
a model ! Happy were the disciples who could 
adore beside Mary, and learn from her august 
mouth how to serve their Saviour Jesus ! " 

This is the last tribute of Father Eymard to 
the glory of the Blessed Eucharist. Mary hast- 
ened to crown the devoted child who had inscribed 

292 Visit XXIV. 

the name of " Our Lady of the Blessed Sacra* 
ment," at the close of his life, on the altar dedi- 
cated to her. — From Life of Pere Eymard. 

Mary ! teach us how to live the- life of adora- 
tion. Teach us how to find, as you did, all graces 
and all mysteries in the Eucharist. Eemember, 
Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, that thou 
art the Mother and model of all the adorers of the 
Eucharistic God. Teach us to know, to love, and 
to imitate Jesus more and more. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart as a Fountain 
of living water, pouring forth the streams of His 
Spirit on thy dry and thirsty soul: regard thyself 
as another Samaritan, asking Him more and more, 
Lord, give me this water, that I may not thirst 
(Is. xliv. 3; John iv. 15). 


Desire out of love to seek for Him eagerly; that 
80, through thy desire for virtue and heavenly 
things, thou mayest always pine away with thirst, 

The Blessed Virgin . 293 

and never be delighted with any of the things of 
this world. 


Ask of thy Lord the virtue of " Humility : M 
He sendeth forth the springs in the valleys, and 
through the midst of the mountains the waters 
shall pass; He resisteth the proud, but giveth 
grace to the humble (Ps. ciii. 10; 1 Pet. v. 5). 


" With joy ye shall draw water out of the Sav- 
iour's fountains " (Is. xii. 3). 


" There are theologians who maintain that the 
Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist was instituted 
principally for the sake of our blessed Lady; it is 
said that all Jesus did for us He did for her in a 
more excellent way, as when He redeemed her by 
prevention in the Immaculate Conception. He is 
said to have loved her more than all else together, 
and the Blessed Sacrament is the crowning act of 
His love. 

" According to some revelations of che saints, 
our blessed Lady was either present at the institu- 
tion of the Blessed Sacrament, or was at least 
communicated by Our Lord. . . . There are some 
theologians who assert that all through the re- 
maining fifteen years of her life the sacramental 

294 Visit XXIV. 

species invariably remained in her incorrupt, so 
that she was a living tabernacle of her Son, as she 
had been before His birth. It is very commonly 
said that our blessed Lady combined in herself, 
besides her own special prerogatives, all the mar- 
vellous gifts of the saints of whom she is the 
Queen, and thus there would be no difficulty in 
conceding to her what some of those saints have 
enjoyed — viz., the incorruption of the sacramental 
species from communion to communion." — 
Father Faber's " Blessed Sacrament." 

Speaking of our blessed Lady and the Holy 
Eucharist, John of Avila says: " To these two ex- 
ercises, the one of charity towards her neighbor, 
and the other of compassion for Jesus Christ, her 
Son and her God, she added a third — viz., to re- 
ceive the sacred body of her blessed Son, conse- 
crated by the words He ordained. Mass was 
said for her by her blessed son and chap- 
lain, the Evangelist St. John: and he communi- 
cated, and she communicated; and happy was he 
who merited to be the acolyte, and to serve that 
Mass, and to hold the communion-cloth for Our 
Lady when she received Our Lord. With what 
reverence must not this most holy soul, who, when 
sne looked upon herself, did net reckon herself 
worthy the morsel of bread which was her nour- 
ishment, or to tread the ground upon which she 
walked — with what reverence, what gratitude and 
love, must she not have received the body of her 

The Blessed Virgin. 295 

most holy Son, since as man He was one flesh with 
her, and as God she was one spirit with Him ! " 

The Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady. 

O holy Food and blessed, 

Supercelestial feast, 
In which the God-Man truly 

The Victim is and Priest. 
O Food, the strength of martyrs, 

The glory of the meek ; 
The fortitude of children, 

The armor of the weak ; 
The life of all creation, 

Of being without end; 
The circle and the centre, 

To which all beings tend. 
O Food, the soul restoring 

Through God's humanity 
Through union with His body, 

Soul and divinity. 
Before Thine earthly footstool 

The seraph casts his crown, 
And Michael and his angels 

In lowly fear bow down. 
What then the glorious Mother— 

Her reverence, who may tell, 
Who gave Thee that pure body, 

Which conquered death and hell I 
All through those years of waiting, 

When she was left alone, 
Her heart was still Thy dwelling, 

Her soul was still Thy Throne. 
For never did the species 

Within her heart decay : 
In sacramental union 

Thou wert with her alway. 

296 Visit XXIV. 

O ever-glorious Mother, 

woman ever- blest ! 
Flesh of thy flesh He feeds Thee, 

Soul by His soul possessed. 
Through Thee to God be glory 

On every altar given, 
Where dwells the Food of Angels 

By all in earth and heaven. 

— E. M, Shapcotb 

tDisit XXV. 


Zbe Hnaels. 


The angels constantly surround the tabernacle 
and the altar when Jesus is present. 


They praise and adore Him, as they did in the 
Holy Night on the plains of Bethlehem. Their 
life and their joy is the Holy Eucharist — that 
" Food of Angels " and " Bread from Heaven," 
which containeth in itself all sweetness. 


Seek to rival in fervor and devotion the holy 
angels when you kneel in adoration before the 
altar or receive our blessed Lord in holy com- 


When the angels at midnight had sung so 
sweetly on the plains of Bethlehem, proclaiming: 
" Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace 


298 risit XXV. 

to men of good will," the pious shepherds said ojie 
to another: " Let us go over to Bethlehem ! " 
There was the humble abode of the incarnate Son 
of God, the Infant Saviour of the world, over 
which the angels ascended and descended between 
heaven and earth. The blessed plain, the refresh- 
ing oasis in the desert of this life, over which 
the angels ascend and descend is now the taber- 
nacle in every church, in which Jesus dwells in the 
Most Holy Sacrament. 

In the Blessed Eucharist Our Lord is present 
for love of us and to bestow His graces and bene- 
fits upon us. From His sacred heart there flow \ 
uninterruptedly a stream of saving grace, and of 
tender mercy and compassion for the poor sinnei , 
He is here present as He is in heaven and for our 
happiness. Oh, how great, how sublime and how 
sweet and consoling is this sacrament ! How we 
should be drawn to the tabernacle, to adore the 
Eucharistic Babe, as the angels adore Him in 
deepest silence, in profound reverence, in raptur- 
ous joy ! Saints have beheld the angels, while the 
holy sacrifice of the Mass was offered, in glorious 
companies, mingling with the faithful at holy com- 
munion, prostrating themselves before the cibo- 
rium, in token of awe and veneration, and helping 
the celebrant to distribute the divine Food, at the 
same time praying that men may receive this gift 
of gifts worthily. " The angels," St. John Chrys- 
ostom tells us, " tremble with amazement am\ 

Jesus and the Angels. 2D9 

fear when they approach the Majesty of Heaven, 
hidden under the appearance of bread." How is 
it, that we, who are sinful creatures, venture into 
the close proximity of Jesus Christ with so little 
reverence and recollection ? The seraphim cover 
their faces before God with their wings, as we 
are told in Holy Writ; we alone are not afraid or 
inspired with respect and awe ! We profess to 
'ove Jesus Christ and we firmly believe that we 
are sincere in making this piofession. But bow 
do we prove the truth of our words ? If we rea'ly 
loved Jesus, if we really prized His divine friend- 
ship as we ought, we should study His wishes, 
learn His preferences, and strive to render our- 
selves pleasing to His sight; we should come to 
visit Him more frequently, we should come with 
purer hearts to the foot of the altar; we should 
be careful to see that the fair surface of our soul 
is not blurred and tarnished by the dust of that 
worldliness, which we ought to leave at the door, 
like a cloak which we slip from our shoulders, to 
take up and wear again on leaving the church. A 
soul, which enters the church and allows itself to 
be troubled and disturbed by the images of events 
passing in the world is unfit for the service of an 
adorer, has no keen relish for heavenly converse, 
is out of tune with spiritual things, finds J.sus. 
with difficulty, and learns not the lessons 
of virtue inculcated by ,the eucharistic heart 
of Our Saviour. And when we approach the holy 

300 Visit XXV. 

table to partake of the " Food of Angels," let us 
again think of the angels, who, in their freedom 
from all bodily encumbrances, are the types of 
perfect purity and cleanness, which are the chief 
dispositions of spirit, requisite for devoutly and 
fruitfully receiving the Most Holy Eucharist, that 
is Purity itself. 

Lord Jesus ! I will take to heart the lessons 
that I have learned at this visit. I will visit Thee 
oftener; I will appear in Thy presence with rever- 
ential fear; I will banish from my mind all dis- 
tracting thoughts of the world; I will take care to 
preserve my heart pure for Thy coming; I will 
strive to imitate the virtues of Thy sacred heart in 
my daily life; I will endeavor to please Thee in a'l 
things and to become more and more worthy of 
Thy love. I cannot love Thee with the pure, holy, 
and exalted love of the angels, but yet I give Thee 
all the affection of my heart, and I love Thee 
above all things. Give me, my Jesus, a deep faith 
in this great mystery; strengthen my hope, inflame 
my love, that I may be made worthy, after this 
life, to behold Thee face to face, and to contem- 
plate Thee with the angels in Thy eternity of 
heavenly bliss. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for t us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Jesus and the Angels. 301 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 


Behold Christ within thy heart as a Furnace of 
love, breathing forth flames on every side; regard 
thyself as a piece of worthless rusty iron, plunged 
in that immense fire. 


Love Him with a burning love, as the cherubiir, 
and seraphim love Him; that so, through His love, 
thou mayest be altogether softened, altogether oil 
fire, and mayest kindle and inflame all others. 


Ask Him for perfect peace; that thou mayest 
rest in Him, as thy world, and mayest be reckoned 
among those true peacemakers who shall be 
called the sons of God (Matt. v. 9). 


" Although the Blessed Sacrament is the 
property of the souls ot men, and belongs to them 
in a way and with an intimacy which the spirits 
of the angels cannot share, there is nevertheless 
a great connection between the angels and the 
Blessed Sacrament. It is the especial mystery of 
chat human nature in which Jesus is Head of the 

302 Visit XXV 

angels. It is one of the mysteries they adore and 
humbly desire to look into. They admire it with 
a special admiration, and follow it all over the 
world — in the priests' hands, on the throne, in the 
tabernacle, round the church, on its obscure visits 
to the sick — as if they were attracted by it, which 
they are. It is called angels' food and the bread 
of angels; and although they cannot enjoy the 
proper sacramental union with the flesh of our 
dearest Lord, they doubtless feed on it in their in- 
telligences by a kind of spiritual communion.* 
... It is said that St. Michael revealed to St. 
Eutropius the hermit, that he had been chosen 
to be the guardian angel of the Blessed Sacra- 
ment . . . and there are also on record several 
revelations of his to various saints concerning the 
worship of the Blessed Sacrament. Some have 
supposed him to be the angel of the Mass referred 
tc in the Canon; he is spoken of at the beginning 
of the Mass in the ( Confiteor/ and again in the 
second incensing at the High Mass; and also in the 
Offertory of Masses of Bequiem." 

— F. W. Faber, D.D. 

* St. Thomas says that the angels «©e Christ in clear 
vsion and enjoy Him in His own proper species, and this 
is their spiritual communion, which precludes their re- 
ceiving by a spiritual communion ihis sacrament, where 
He is seen only by faith and enjoyed only under the 
sacramental species. " They feed not on the sacrament, but 
on Him Who is in the sacrament." — Summa, p. iii., Q. 80. 
Art. ?., c. 

Jesus and the Angels. 303 

St. Dominic assisted by Angels. 
St. Dominic was one of the most fervent lovers 
of Jesus and Mary who ever lived, and he was also 
the well-beloved of the angels. He received at 
their hands all kinds of help during those long 
watches of the night, which he spent prostrate at 
the foot of the holy altar, pouring forth the affec- 
tions and longings of his heart without restraint 
in presence of his good Master in the Most Holy 
Sacrament, and invoking with tears the protection 
of the Blessed Virgin. However wearied he might 
be while he was journeying on the load, lie was 
never tired of watching whole nights in prayer, 
-ind used his utmost endeavors that it should be 
>efore the Adorable Eucharist. The angels, en- 
raptured with this indefatigable love, associated 
themselves with him. These spirits of heaven 
took pleasure in accompanying this heavenly man. 
They were seen to bring lights, and take them to 
the room into which lie had retired; open first the 
doors of the house and then of the church, whither 
they conducted him; and afterwards, when the 
time was come, they escorted him back in the 
same manner. The servants of a bishop with 
whom he lodged, having observed this marvel, 
mentioned it to the prelate, who watched the holy 
man about the time when the prodigy used to 
occur, and had the consolation of witnessing it, 
beholding with admiration the goodness of the 
heavenlv spirits to men. 

304 Visit XXV 

From the Lauda Sinn. 

Whoso of this Food partaketh, 
Rendeth not the Lord nor breaketh ?, 

Christ is whole to all that taste ; 
Thousands are, as one, receivers ; 
One, as thousands of believers, 

Eats of Him Who cannot waste. 

Bad and good the Feast are sharing ; 
But what different dooms preparing I 

Endless death or endless life. 
Life to these, to those damnation ; 
See how like participation 

Is with unlike issues rife. 

When the Sacrament is broken 
Doubt not, but believe tis spoken 
That each severed outward token 

Doth the very whole contain. 
Naught the. precious Gift divideth- 
Breaking but the Sign betideth, 
Jesus still the same abideth, 

Still unbroken doth remain. 

Lo, the " Angels' Food" descending, 
Given to pilgrims homeward wending, 
Bread the children's steps attending, 

Which on dogs may not be spent. 
See the Truth its types fulfilling— 
Isaac bound, a victim willing ; 
Paschal Lamb, its Life-Blood spilling, 

Manna to the fathers sent. 

Very Bread ! Good Shepherd tend us, 
Jesu, of Thy love befriend us ; 
Thou refresh us, Thou defend us, 
Thine eternal goodness send us 
In the Land of Life to see. 

Jesus and the Angels. 305 

Thou Who all things canst and knovvest, 
"Who on earth such Food bestowest, 
Grant us with Thy saints, though lowest, 
Where the heavenly feast Thou showest, 
Fellow-heirs and guests to be. 

—St. Thomas A<^uina& 

msit xxvi. 


Gbe Saints. 


" How lovely are Thy tabernacles, Lord of 
hosts; my soul longeth and fainteth for the court? 
of the Lord " (Ps. lxxxiii. 2, 3). "I have loved, 
Lord, the beauty of Thy house and the place 
where Thy glory dwelleth " (Ps. xxv. 8). 


These words of the Royal Psalmist might prop- 
erly be placed in the mouth of every saint. The 
Blessed Sacrament was to the saints the life of 
their souls, the soul of their ministry, and the 
source of their sanctity. 


How is it with us ? Let the example of the 
saints open our eyes to the fact that it if= little in- 
deed we offer Our Lord in return for all the love 


Jesus and the Saints. 30? 

that He manifests for us in the Sacrament of the 


Many beautiful and edifying examples are re- 
lated by pious authors of the love of the saints 
for Jesus in the tabernacle and of their devotion 
to the Blessed Sacrament. The Countess Feria, 
we read in the " Love of Jesus," was so enamoured 
of the altar, that she obtained permission to live 
continually in the church. St. Ignatius, that he 
might not even in sleep be separated from the. 
object of his love, selected as his bed-chamber thc> 
one which was nearest to the church. St. Fran- 
cis Xavier frequently passed the night in the 
church and took his repose in the sacristy. Si. 
John Francis Regis, when worn out with laboi, 
would retire to the church and there he woulo 
find rest and refreshment in communion with 
Jesus, and when at times he found the church 
closed, he would remain at the door and pour 
forth his soul in love and adoration. St. Casimir, 
King of Poland, deeming the spot where a church 
stood holy ground, used to take off his shoes and 
go barefoot to adore the Blessed Sacrament. St. 
Francis, Duke of Gandia, would leave the plea- 
sure of the chase to accompany the Viaticum to 
the sick and dying. Ferdinand V. of Austria, 
Sebastian, King of Portugal, and Theodosius II., 
Duke of Braganza, would abandon the society of 
Mends and the pleasures of the table to join the 

308 Visit XXVI. 

procession of the Blessed Sacrament; and Leo- 
pold, Duke of Austria, would leave his carriage or 
dismount from his horse, and, falling on his knees, 
would adore his Saviour, as the procession of the 
Blessed Sacrament moved along; then rising, 
would bear a lighted taper in his hand, as a mani- 
festation of respect and of the flame of love that 
glowed in his generous heart. 

St. Wenceslas, Duke of Bohemia, although 
tired with the business of the day, would never- 
theless spend whole nights before the tabernacle 
in supplication for his people. He was daily 
present at holy Mass, kneeling on the bare stone 
liags of the church. It was his great delight to 
dress the altar and to serve the priests. His de- 
votion for the Blessed Sacrament was so great tha' 
he not only prepared the altar breads with his own 
hands, but set aside a special field, tilling it him- 
self and sowing it with corn, which, after gather- 
ing in the harvest, he would himself grind, knead, 
and bake, and then humbly present these obla- 
tions to the priest. On the coldest winter nights 
he would arise from his bed in order to visit Our 
Lord in the Blessed Sacrament; and so inflamed 
with divine love was his soul that it imparted heat 
to his very body. On one occasion, accompanied 
by a servant, the saint went barefoot to the church 
in the depth of winter. The ground was covered 
with frozen snow. The holy duke stepped for- 
ward bravely, the servant following, shivering with 

a'esvs and the Saints. 309 

cold, and bitterly complaining of the pein he suf- 
fered in his feet. His master lovingly consoled 
him, advising him to tread in the footprints he 
had himself already tracked in the snow; no 
sooner had the man followed this advice than lo ! 
a pleasant warmth imparted itself to his feet and 
with all gladness he followed the saint on his holy 

Blessed Maurice, a Dominican, considered it a 
privilege to be allowed to beg from door to door 
for the oil to be used in the sanctuary lamps, and 
he met princes who thought themselves happy in 
being allowed to trim the lamps. Blessed Mar- 
garet of Hungary, though a princess, rejoiced to 
be able to hold the communion-cloth before those 
who were to receive the body of Our Lord, such 
was her profound respect and ardent love for the 
Blessed Sacrament. Blessed Victoria loved to 
spin with special care the linen for the corporals, 
and Blessed Cecilia delighted in washing the 

St. Aloysius of Gonzaga spent as much time as 
his superiors permitted him before the tabernacle 
and obedience alone could compel him to inter- 
rupt his sweet communion with Jesus. St. 
Teresa, St. Gertrude, and St. Mechtilde are called 
the saints of the Blessed Sacrament on account of 
their great devotion to and rapturous adoration of 
the Holy Eucharist. To many saints the body of 
Our Lord received in holy communion was fre- 

310 Visit XXVI. 

quently, for many consecutive days and even 
weeks, almost their only nourishment, bodily as 
well as spiritual. 

Now it is true that we cannot imitate the saints 
in many things that they have done, still we might 
easily do much more than we are doing as an ex- 
pression of our love, gratitude, and devotion to 
the Blessed Sacrament. If we cannot visit the 
church or hear Mass every day, could we not do 
this once or twice a week ? Could we not read 
one of these " Visits " at home every day and 
make an act of spiritual communion, while we 
kneel and turn our face towards the nearest taber- 
nacle wherein Jesus is present in the Holy Sacra- 
ment ? Could we not, whenever we are awakened 
during the night, make an act of love and union, 
while we reflect how Jesus sleeps not, but is watch- 
ing with His loving heart in the tabernacle ? 
Could we not assist in the work for poor churches? 
Could we not give generous alms to our parish 
priest and enter with zeal into all his schemes for 
the greater beauty and appropriate furnishing of 
the sanctuary ? Could we not make the Weekly 
or, at least, the Monthly Hour of Adoration ? 
Could we not receive holy communion once a week 
or at least once a month ? Could we not be present 
at Benediction more frequently ? It is a pity and a 
shame that this beautiful and fruitful evening ser- 
vice of Benediction is utterly neglected by so many 
Catholic men and even women. Could we not 

Jesus ana the Saints. 311 

imitate the saints and saintly people, who, when 
passing a church, always stepped in for a moment 
of adoration, or at least showed Our Lord in the 
tabernacle some little act of reverence, either by 
lifting the hat or bowing the head ? Could we 
not live in constant union with Jesus in the tab- 
ernacle, causing Him to enter into all our 
thoughts, words, and actions ? Could we not say 
very often during the day: "Blessed and praised 
be the adorable Sacrament of the Altar ! " Could 
we not be more recollected in church, and stop 
the bad habit of gazing about and nodding and 
smiling to friends and even gossiping with them ? 
Could we not make a decent genuflection, on pass- 
ing the tabernacle, by bending the knee in pro- 
found and reverent adoration ? No matter how 
exalted your state or condition of life may be 
there was one person more exalted than the great- 
est queen on the face of the earth and she worked 
and toiled unceasingly for Our Lord and Saviour 
during thirty years — our Blessed Lady, the virgin 
Mother of God; she passed her life and spent her 
days in acts of humblest service. Nor was she 
unconscious of her glory; for she herself foretold 
that " all generations " would call her " Blessed." 
B^t she also knew that although she was exalted 
auove all the angels and saints, and her throne was 
next to that of Almighty God Himself, yet she 
was but a creature and her Son was God. And 
knowing this, she recognized that there can be no 

312 Hsit XXVI. 

labor, no action, no service, however menial in 
the eyes of the world, which does not become an 
unspeakable honor for the creature when per- 
formed in the direct service of the Creator. The 
example of Mary and the example of saintly kings 
and queens, as also of holy men and women in 
every state of life, should stimulate us to greater 
acts of love and more profound reverence for 
Jesus in the tabernacle. 

glorious Queen of Heaven and Mother of 
God, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament ! teach 
us . how to love and venerate daily, more and 
more, this Holy Sacrament, in which we possess 
our divine Lord, thy Son, even as thou didst 
possess him in thy peaceful home of Nazareth. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



. Behold Christ, seated in thy heart, as a Spouse 
most worthy of love; Who freely loved thee, when 
thou wast a wanderer on the face of the earth, 
poor and full of confusion; Who thinketh of thee, 
as His spouse joined by so many bands to Himself, 
and drawn by so many gifts to love Him greatly 
in return (Ezech. xvi. 5, 7; Osee xiv. 5). 

Jesus and the Saints. 313 


Love Him in the spirit of liberty; so that thou 
mayest not indulge thyself in body or soul, but 
that thy Spouse may rule thee, Who hath given 
thee His own soul and body and blood (1 Cor. vii. 



Ask Him for the spirit of " Wisdom; " that 
thou mayest be able to dwell on all that is most 
utterly near to God, viz.: His essence, His at- 
tributes, His processions, His decrees, that so thou 
mayest excite thyself to greater love. 


In your visits, sometimes invite the different 
choirs of saints to accompany thee to the feet of 
Jesus in the tabernacle. 

1. all ye holy patriarchs of the Old Law, ob- 
tain for me your lively faith, that I may believe 
more and more, even as you believed God's prom- 
ises. " I do believe, Lord; help my unbelief." — 
Mark.ix. 23. 

2. all ye holy prophets, obtain for me your 
firm hope that as you lived in hope of a Redeemer 
to come, so my hope in God may daily grow and 
increase. " In Thee, Lord, have I hoped, let 
me never be confounded." — Ps. xxx. 2. 

3. all ye holy apostles of the Lamb, obtain for 
me your ardent charity, that I may love my divine 

314 Visit XXVI. 

Lord for His own sake, and m^ neighbor as my- 
self, for the love of Him. " By this shall all men 
know that you are my disciples, if you have love 
one for another." — John xiii. 35. 

4. all ye holy martyrs, obtain for me your 
fortitude, that I may endure patiently and will- 
ingly the sufferings of life in order to become 
more like my divine Master, crucified for me. " If 
any man will come after Me, let him deny him- 
self, and take up his cross and follow Me." — 
Matt. xvi. 24. 

5. all ye holy bishops obtain for me your 
burning zeal that I may do all that lies in my 
power, at least by fervent prayer, to promote the 
salvation of souls. " Pray ye the Lord of the 
harvest, that He send forth laborers into His har- 
vest."— Matt, ix. 38. 

6. all ye holy confessors, obtain for me your 
contempt of the world, that I may value only the 
things of eternity. " Love not the world, nor the 
things which are in the world." — 1 John ii. 15. 

7. all ye holy virgins, obtain for me your 
purity, that I may live all my days free from the 
slightest breath of sin. " Flee from sin as from 
the face of a serpent." — Eccl. xxi. 2. 

St. Philip Neri. 

a.d. 1595. 

Holy Church affirms that the heart of this de- 
vout lover of the Blessed Sacrament was so en- 

Jesus and the Saints. 315 

larged by the action of divine love that its natural 
place was unable to contain it. That love also 
imparted a peculiar heat to his body, with which 
it appeared to glow. It not unfrequently hap- 
pened during holy Mass that sparklets of fire ap- 
peared to be emitted from his countenance. This 
fact is thus mentioned in the Bull of his canoniza- 
tion: " That interior heat ofttimes overflowed 
upon liis entire body, when he directed his atten- 
tion to divine things, so that his face and eyes 
sent forth sparks of fire." His love for the Most 
Holy Sacrament, and the fulness with which ho 
realized the love of Jesus Christ in thus giving 
Himself to us, caused him to lead his penitents 
to frequent confession and communion, a practice 
which in his days had become very rare. It was 
not then the general custom for every priest to 
say holy Mass daily. His exhortations effected a 
complete reformation in Borne, and the number 
of the communions was wonderfully increased, 
while the Sacrament of Penance was once more- 
raised to its proper place in the daily lives of the 

Jesn Dulcedo Cordium. 

Jesus. Thou Joy of living hearts, 

Thou Fount of life. Thou Light of men ; 

From the best bliss that earth imparts, 
We turn unfilled to Thee a"rain. 

316 Visit XXVI. 

Thy Truth unchanged hath ever stood ; 

Thou savest those that on Thee call ; 
To them that seek Thee Thou art good, 

To them that find Thee, all in all ! 

We taste Thee, Thou living Bread, 
And long to feed upon Thee still ; 

We drink of Thee, the Fountain-Head, 
And thirst from Thee our souls to fill. 

Our restless spirits yearn for Thee, 
Where'er our changeful lot be cast ; 

Glad, when Thy gracious smile we see, 
Blest, when our faith can hold Thee fast 

O Jesus, ever with us stay ! 

Make all our moments calm and bright 
Ohase the dark night of sin away ; 

Shed o'er the world Thy holy light. 

—St. Bern abb. 

Visit xxvii. 


'Cbe fbolv Soute in ipurgatorg. 


In the words of St. Chrysostom, Christ is " the 
Victim, which gives solace to the dead " — " Vic- 
tima dormientibus solatium ferens." 


After the death ci the Son of God upon the 
cross, His soul descended into that mysterious 
land where the souls of the just who died before 
the coming of the Messias were awaiting their de- 
liverance — " To them that dwelt in the region of 
the shadow of death light is risen " (Is. ix. 2). 

Daily and hourly Jesus renews the offering of 
Himself on our altars, that we may live to eternity 
and that the Holy Souls may be liberated from the 
prison of purgatory. St. Augustine says: " There 
is no doubt that the dead receive help through 
the prayers of the Church and through the holy 
sacrifice" (Serm. clxxii.V 


318 Visit XXV1L 


Let us not forget the Holy Souls in purgatory; 
let us frequently receive holy communion and as- 
sist at the holy sacrifice of the Mass for their 


f *'As we contemplate the empty tabernacle on 
Good Friday, our hearts are sad; we feel as if, in 
addition to the sorrowful anniversary which we are 
keeping of the crucifixion and death of our 
Saviour, we had lost the Blessed Sacrament. We 
know that this is not really the case, but the 
words of St. Mary Magdalen — ' They have taken 
awa}^ the Lord out of the sepulchre and we know 
not where they have laid Him ' — keep coming to 
bur lips, and our thoughts turn to that Limbo, 
where Jesus descended to the joy of the Fathers 
so eagerly and anxiously awaiting their deliver- 
ance, and thence to the sorrowful yet blessed re- 
gions where souls are daily and hourly waiting fox 
their release and thirsting for the Masses and 
communions which shall wash away their stains 
in the precious blood and enable them to enter 
into the joy of their Lord. 

" How anxiously must they watch for the hour 
during which Masses are said, sure at least of the 
' Memento of the Dead,' which will bring refresh- 
ment in their pains ! St. John Chrysostom dwells 
frequently in his works nnon the close connec- 

The Holy Souls in Purgatory. 319 

tion which there is between the sacrifice of the 
Mass and the souls in purgatory, and says that it 
was not in vain that the apostles enjoined the 
' Memento of the Dead ' in the celebration of the 
sacred mysteries. They knew the great benefit and 
utility the souls would derive thence. Indeed 
when all the people are joined together in prayer, 
and all the assemblage of the priests lift up their 
hands towards heaven, whilst the adorable sacrifice 
is being offered on the altar, how can we fail to 
appease God on behalf of the souk. All praying 
thus together for them ? St. Chrysostom would 
likewise reprove the tears of those who wept over 
their dead, bidding them instead of weeping have 
recourse to the Most Holy Eucharist and offer 
prayers and sacrifices for them instead of useless 

" The Tender heart of Jesus, imprisoned day 
after day within the narrow limits of His taber- 
nacle, cannot fail to have compassion upon the 
souls of His children captive in purgatory. Suf- 
fering was ever a direct road to His tenderness, 
and by the plenitude and riches of the means 
which He has given us for alleviating those espe- 
cial sufferings (the principal being the applica- 
tion of His own body and blood), we can form 
some idea of the depth of that compassion which 
He feels for the afflicted souls and of the joy with 
which He blesses our efforts in their deliverance. 

" We often feel that we do nothing for the Lord 

320 Visit XXVII. 

Whom we love so much — that all our love seems to 
consist in protestations, that our lives are miser- 
ably poor in good works, our progress in virtue 
almost imperceptible. Here then is a way of do- 
ing something for Jesus which we know will give 
Him pleasure — namely, helping to redeem the 
suffering souls and by our suffrages swelling the 
ranks of the glorified in heaven. Alas ! how often 
we forget them, these souls, absorbed as we are 
in the present, in ourselves, our miseries, and our 
wants ! How often we make aimless prayers, 
which, if applied to them, would bring an ocean of 
soothing to their pains ! and communion without 
any special intention, which, if offered for them, 
might be the final suffrage wanting to complete 
their term of banishment. 

" Masses are heard, visits are made to the 
Blessed Sacrament, where we omit altogether to 
mention them. The holy souls, once in heaven, 
are not likely to forget those who opened their 
prison-gates; they, on the contrary, render us a 
thousandfold for our poor prayers, obtaining us 
help and graces winch we should have never 
dreamed of asking, pushing us, almost in spite of 
ourselves, along the road to heaven, and, finally, 
shortening for us, in our turn, our sojourn in 
that dreary prison whence we helped to release 
them, grayer is heard everywhere, and every- 
where we should pray, either by thought, word, or 
a-trjon, yet nowhere is prayer so powerful with God 

The Holy Souls in Purgatory. 32 1 

as in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Thai 
a kind of prayer-inspiring atmosphere surroundg 
the tabernacle is no effort of imagination or de- 
lusion of our senses. Even those who are not 
within the pale of the Church have felt it, and 
instances are known (Father Hermann, for one) 
where involuntarily and unintentionally such per- 
sons have dropped on their knees on passing be- 
fore the Blessed Sacrament, or at the moment of 
consecration, without being able to account for the 
sensation which compelled them to do so. 

" St. Jane de Chantal once fancying that she 
oo aid pray with more recollection in the quiet of 
her own chamber than in the church, was told by 
her director to put away such a thought as being 
a temptation, as assistance at holy Mass and pub- 
lic prayers before the Blessed Sacrament were 
of far greater profit (even when accompanied by 
constant warfare against distractions and dryness 
of spirit) than the most fervent private devotions. 
We may gather from this how greatly we may 
profit the holy souls by assisting at Mass, visiting 
the Blessed Sacrament on their behalf, saying the 
Rosary publicly, offering the prayers of the Church 
in communion with the faithful, in preference to 
practising private acts of piety for their sakes to 
the neglect of the fuller channels to which we 
might have recourse. Saints have told us, more- 
over, that it has been revealed to them that the 
purgatory of some souls who were especially de- 

322 Visit XXVII. 

vout to the Blessed Sacrament during life, con- 
sists in dwelling near the tabernacles of our 
churches — a peaceful and consoling purgatory on 
the one hand, but on the other a purgatory which 
must enormously increase the pain of loss. 

"Let us make a resolution of beseeching 
the holy angels henceforth to help us in our love 
of the Blessed Sacrament. By the eagerness which 
they showed in serving St. Dominic on account of 
his making his nocturnal prayer before the taber- 
nacle and by the zeal which they have displayed 
on innumerable occasions in procuring holy 
Viaticum for the dying, we may be assured of their 
power as well as of their desire to assist us. Let 
us implore them to give us greater devotion, 
greater purity of mind and heart and the grace 
(one of those graces which it is their special prov- 
ince to bestow) of light to know the secret faults, 
those hidden imperfections, which, coiling them- 
selves round the folds of our hearts, unseen by 
men, undetected by even our director and scarce- 
ly acknowledged by ourselves, act as slow poison 
apon our best motives and holiest intentions. 

" Let us make to ourselves intercessors also of 
the souls in purgatory, remembering them when- 
ever we are worshipping before the Blessed Sacra- 
ment, in order that we may contribute to the glory 
of Our Lord, both by their presence at His heav- 
enly court and by the increase of fervor and devo- 
tion in ourselves which their gratitude will im- 

The Holy Souls in Purgatory. 323 

petrate on our behalf. Let us choose the " sweet 
and tender Magdalen " (as St. Catharine of Siena; 
calls the greatest of penitents) for one of our 
special patrons in our preparations for communion 
now and at the hour of our death, imitating her 
fidelity and love, her pious haste in seeking her 
Lord in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea and in 
the little tabernacle of St. Maximin, briugmg with 
us to our communions the sweet spices of her con- 
trition, humility, abhorrence of sin, her absence 
of human respect her complete donation of her- 
self to the Jesus Who calls each of us from the 
recesses of the tabernacle as distinctly as He drew 
her to His feet in the house of Simon or from the 
heights of her solitary cavern amidst the moun- 
tains of Provence until we are prepared to follow 
' Jesus Eisen ' in ' a life of a new kind, a glorious 
life, a life in which we avoid all that which has 
hitherto been an occasion and a cause of sin and 
death to us ... a righteous life which renews the 
soul and leads her to life eternal ' (St. Thomas). 
A life which derives all its nourishment, all its 
joy, and all its strength from the Blessed Sacra- 
ment, which is the plenary effusion of the riches 
of the love of Jesus Christ, ' effusio divitiarum 
amoris Christi' (Cone. Trid.)." 

— Mrs. Abel Ram, in " Emmanuel." 
my King, my Master, and my Saviour, the 
desires of my soul call to Thee; my eyes bathed 
with tears of repentance dare not gaze at this altar 

324 Visit XXVIX. 

which is the throne of Thy love, and of Thy glory. 

Majesty of my God ! I sink down into the 
depths of mj misery, and nevertheless I feel that 

1 love Thee, my Redeemer ! I know that Thou 
possesses! every good, and that Thou wishest me 
to share it. Resist not the ardor of my desires. 
Thou Whom I ever seek in the darkness and trials 
of this life. Cast upon Thy penitent children a 
look of forgiveness, and unite me one day with 
them, in Thy heart which is life, happiness, and 
heaven. Amen. 

" Blessed and praised at every moment be the 
most holy and adorable Sacrament." 

1G0 days' indulgence once a day. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we maj 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart, as thine 
elder Brother, and the First-born among many 
brethren; regard thyself as the very least of His 
brethren, or rather as one utterly unworthy even 
of such a name, since thou art so unlike Him in 
thy words and deeds and thoughts (Rom. viii. 29). 

The Holy Souls in Purgatory, 325 


Love Him with thy whole power; that with all 
thy might thou mayest follow faithfully the coun 
sel and example of thine elder Brother. 


Ask Him for the gift of " Understanding " that 
thou mayest be able to explain the hidden mean- 
ings of the Scripture and by the contemplation of 
heavenly things mayest detach thy thoughts and 
affections from all the vanities of this miserable 


St. Augustine. 
a.d. 430. 
In the ninth book of his " Confessions/' St. 
Augustine, describing the happy death of his 
mother, St. Monica, writes: ?■ ' Lay this body any- 
where/ she said; ' let not the care of that disquiet 
you: this only I request, — that you would remem- 
ber me at the LoraVs altar, wherever you be ' (chap, 
xxvii.). ... I closed her eyes; and there flowed 
withal a mighty sorrow into my heart, which was 
overflowing into tears; mine eyes at the same 
time, by the violent command of my mind, drank 
up their fountain wholly dry. . . . But when she 
breathed her last the boy Adeodatus burst out 
into a loud la men!;; then, checked by ns all, held 

326 Visit XXVII. 

his peace. . . . For we thought it not fitting to 
solemnize that funeral with tearful lament and 
groanings; for thereby do they for the most part 
express grief for the departed as though unhappy 
or altogether dead; whereas she was neither un- 
happy in her death, nor altogether dead (chap, 

" And behold the corpse was carried to the 
burial. We went and returned without tears. For 
neither in those prayers which we poured forth 
unto Thee, when the sacrifice of our ransom was 
offered for her, when now the corpse was by the 
grave's side, as the manner there is, previous to its 
being laid therein, did I weep even during these 
prayers (chap, xxxii.). ... By little and little I 
recovered my former thoughts of Thy handmaid — 
her holy conversation towards Thee, her holy ten- 
derness and observance towards us, whereof I was 
suddenly deprived — and I was minded to weep in 
Thy sight, for her and for myself, in her behalf 
and in my own, and I gave way to the tears which 
I before restrained, to overflow as much as they de- 
sired, reposing my heart upon them; and it found 
rest in them; for it was in Thy ears, not in those 
of man, who would have scornfully interpreted 
my weeping (chap, xxxiii.). . . . 

" Accept, Lord, the free-will offerings of my 
mouth. For she, the day of her dissolution now 
at hand, took no thought to have her body 
sumptuously wound up, or embalmed with spices; 

The Holy Souls in Purgatory 327 

nor desired she a choice monument, or to be 
buried in her own land. These things she en- 
joined us not; but desired only to have her name 
commemorated at Thy altar, which she had served 
without intermission of one day ; whence she 
knew that holy sacrifice to be dispensed, by which 
the i handwriting that was against us is blotted 
out' (Col. ii. 14); through which the enemy was 
triumphed over, who, summing up our offences, 
and seeking what to lay to our charge, ' found 
nothing in Him ' (John xiv. 30) in Whom we 
conquer " chap, xxxvi.). 

Verbum Supernum Prodiens. 

The heavenly Word proceeding forth. 

Yet leaving not the Father's side, 
Accomplishing His work on earth, 

Had reached at length life's eventide. 

By false disciple to be given 

To foernen for His life athirst, 
Himself the very Bread of Heaven 

He gave to His disciples first. 

He gave Himself in either kind, 

His precious flesh, His precious blood ; 

For love's own fulness thus designed 
Of the whole man to be the food. 

By birth their fellow-laborer He ; 

Their meat when sitting at the board ; 
He died their Kansomer to be ; 

He ever reigns their great Reward. 

828 Visit XXVII. 

O saving Victim, opening wide 

The gate of Heaven to man below \ 

Our foes press on from every side, 

Thine aid supply, Thy strength bestow. 

To God Almighty, One in Three, 

Be everlasting glory given ; 
Who life will give eternally 

To us whose only home is Heaven. 

— St. Thomas Aquina& 

tiHsit xxviii 


JBeneoiction of tbe SBlesseo Sacramenu; 

" Suffer the little children to come unto Me. 
and forbid them not " (Mark. x. 14). Thus spoke 
Our Lord when He blessed the little ones who 
nocked around Him and whom the disciples tried 
io keep back, because they feared that their Master 
would be fatigued. 


What a memorable day that must have been 
for those children and their happy mothers ! 
These mothers pressed forward eagerly and were 
most anxious that their dear little ones should 
see and touch the divine Master and be blessed by 


The same good Lord and Master, the same 
mighty God is on our altars and bids ns come to 
Him that He might impart His blessing and His 

330 Visit XXVIIL 

gifts to us. We deeply prize the blessings of 
priests and saintly people; we travel a great dis- 
tance to secure the benediction of the Holy Father. 
How is it we are so utterly indifferent about God's 
blessing in the Benediction of the Blessed Sacra- 
ment ? A living, fervent faith should make us 
realize and appreciate the value of Benediction. 


Let us try to realize what God's blessing means 
and how many benefits result therefrom. In the 
beginning of the world God blessed chaos, and the 
influence of this blessing penetrated every atom .of 
matter, and the result is the grandeur of the 
heavens and the earth. God blessed Moses, and 
Pharao and his army coulr 1 not stand before him; 
God blessed Daniel and his companions, and the 
burning furnace was to them like the refreshing 
breeze; God blessed the Jews, and they trampled 
down their enemies like blades of grass. 

In the fulness of time God became Incarnate, 
that He might be seen and heard by His creatures, 
and His hands were raised in benediction; — and 
how marvellous were the results, that followed ! 
Jesus blessed twelve poor fishermen, and they be- 
came the foundation of the Church — of a mighty 
empire which nothing could overthrow. Jesus 
blessed the weeping, penitent Magdalen, and she 
never again went after the allurements of sin. 
Jesus blessed the sick and the infirm, and they 

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. 331 

sprang from their beds and threw aside their 
crutches; and when His benediction fell on sin- 
ners, their callous hearts could not resist its ef- 

The benediction of Our Lord Jesus Christ has 
not lost any of its wonderful power for producing 
every kind of good in the Blessed Sacrament. Yet 
men make so little of the graces of Benediction; 
men seem to be totally blind to the inestimable 
privilege that the blessing of God contains. How 
small is the number of those faithful souls who 
are present at Benediction on Sunday afternoons 
or week-day nights ! The law of keeping holy 
the Sabbath is merely obeyed to the letter and not 
in the real spirit by many Catholics. A Low Ma?s 
only is heard by many. Amusements and even 
sinful dissipation occupy the rest of Sunday. 
God have mercy on such Catholics when it comes 
to Judgment. What must be the measure of their 
reward. Let each one answer for himself. 

St. Philip Neri once beheld our divine Lord 
in the sacred Host bestowing His benediction 
upon the kneeling multitude with such ineffable 
sweetness of countenance and benignity of man- 
ner, as if this were His natural attitude and most 
agreeable occupation in the sacrament of His love. 

There are various methods of assisting at Bene- 
diction, and each person may follow the spirit or in- 
clination of his own special devotion. Fervent acts 
of adoration and faith, of sorrow and repentance, 

332 Visit XXVIII. 

of love, thanksgiving, and reparation should be 
made. The virtues and the imitation of Christ 
can be made the subject of a brief meditation. 
Earnest prayer and confidential supplication for 
ourselves, the Holy Father, the Church, and the 
holy souls in purgatory should not be n fleeted. 

The Holy Bible mentions three blessings of Our 
Saviour, and with one or another of these can be 
connected, in a spiritual manner, every Benedic- 
tion of the Blessed Sacrament. On one occasion 
Our Saviour blessed the children that were led to 
Him. Hence we may in spirit cast ourselves in 
the shadow of His outstretched arms cs if we 
were among the number of the little ones, and 
desired nothing more ardently than an increas2 cf 
that childlike innocence and simplicity cf heart 
which please Him so much: " Suffer the little 
children to come unto Me, and forbid them not; 
for of such is the kingdom of God " (Mark x. 14). 

Again it is narrated in the Sacred Scriptures that 
on the occasion of His ascension into heaven, when 
taking leave of His beloved disciples, He raised 
His hands and blessed them: " And lifting up His 
hands He blessed them. And it came to pass, 
whilst He blessed them, He departed from them, 
and was carried up to heaven " (Luke xxiv. 50, 51). 
The immediate effect of this blessing was that 
the sorrow and despondency of the disciples were 
converted into joy, hope, and confidence. To us 
all without exception come sericus times, painful 

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. 333 

trials, and hard calls of duty, when our spirits 
droop and our weak natures crave for the sustain- 
ing grace of light and consolation. Where can we 
obtain these favors with greater certainty than at 
the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament ? 

We read of another benediction which Our Lord 
Jesus Christ will pronounce in these words: 
" Come ye blessed of My Father; possess you the 
kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of 
the world " (Matt, xxv.^34). Mindful of this bene- 
diction at the Last Judgment, we can pray to God 
that we may be numbered among the elect; we can 
ask of Jesus the grace of final perseverance, the 
most precious of His gifts, which will secure for 
us the crown of immortal glory. Some there are 
who, in the multiplicity of their necessities and 
under the weight of their sorrows and perplexities, 
express at Benediction their faith and confidence 
in the goodness of God, whilst they submit their 
hearts and bow their heads in perfect resignation 
to the divine will; they strike their breasts when 
the sacred Host is held over them at the moment 
of Benediction, while they whisper: " Jesus, I 
believe in Thee; Jesus, I place all my confidence 
in Thee; Jesus, I love Thee with my whole heart. 
Thy will be done. Bless me, my Lord, my God, 
and my All ! " Yes; great moments of grace, in- 
deed, are the short moments of Benediction. The 
place itself is holy, we are in the presence of God, 
we kneel at His sacred feet. The angels of heaven 

334 Visit XXVIII. 

surround the beautifully decorated and illuminate-.] 
altar, as on the holy night they hovered about the 
manger in the stable of Bethlehem, chanting the 
joyful tidings of man's redemption and salvation. 
The hour, the flowers, the lighted candles, the 
scent of incense, the sweet and mellow tones of the 
organ, the sacramental hymns — all attune the 
heart and excite the mind to pious acts, serious 
reflections, consoling thoughts, and holy aspira- 
tions. Earth vanishes in these blessed moments; 
we feel as if transported to heaven, uniting our 
prayers with the supplications of the saints, and 
our praises with the music of angelic choirs. Here 
is found a balm for every wound — a solace in 
every sorrow. Here the high and the low, the 
learned and the ignorant, the sick and the weary, 
the anxious and the unhappy, can find sym- 
pathy with Jesus, Who opens His heart and 
His hand, and cries out to us from His throne of 
grace: " Come to Me, all ye that are weary and 
heavy laden, and I will refresh you." Great and 
manifold are the graces that come to us from the 
hands of our blessed Saviour at Benediction. The 
light and warmth of divine grace flow upon us to 
illumine the dark spots of our soul, to strengthen 
us in our weakness, to enlighten us in our doubts, 
to enliven us in our faith, to fill us with consola- 
tion in our misfortunes, to drive away the evil 
spirits that tempt us, and to inspire our guardian 
angels with the best means for our guidance and 

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. 335 

protection. At Benediction a peace comes over us 
that is not of earth, a calm resignation which 
comes from intimate union with God, Who alone 
is immutable, and without Whom all is vanity and 
affliction of spirit. We leave the church strong 
and willing to fight the battle of life; we leave 
with an abiding faith and confidence in God; and 
as the scent of incense lingers about the sanctuary- 
long after Benediction, so do the graces of this 
devotion accompany and sweeten our actions long 
after we have left the house of God to mingle 
again with the busy throngs and to engage in the 
distracting scenes of life. 

Oh ! may thoughtless children of the Blessed 
Sacrament ponder well these things and let us all 
lesolve to take advantage of every opportunity of 
being blessed by God; for if the blessings of holy 
people are so fruitful of good, how much more 
so will be that of Him, Who is the source of " all 
good " — the all-holy and all-powerful God ! 

We once read of a certain noble lady, who, real- 
izing the value of a Benediction, was not content 
with being present at one, but would drive, as 
rapidly as her horses could take her, from church 
to church, in order to receive as many blessings 
as possible. We have been acquainted with souls, 
who, possessing that lady's devotion, without her 
means, have, in default of carriages and horses, 
hurried on foot from church to church, absolutely 
indifferent to fatigue and weariness so long as they 

336 Visit XXVIII. 

succeeded in their object. Let us at least resolve 
never to miss a Benediction when we can obtain 
one easily, even though we put ourselves to some 
trifling inconvenience. 

Surely we shall be amply repaid for our efforts, 
when we kneel before the Master's throne and 
know, that besides gaining incalculable good for 
ourselves, we are giving pleasure to Him, Whose 
" delight " is to " be with the children of men." 

Adoremus in ceternitm Sanctissimum Sacr amen- 


Apparition of Our Lord in the Host. 

The following apparition took place in the 
Loreto Chapel, at Bordeaux, in the year 1865: 

The Sisters of St. Joseph with their pupils 
were, one Thursday, assembled in their chapel for 
Benediction. The priest, a venerable man at- 
tached to the Cathedral of Bordeaux, knelt in pro- 
found recollection at the foot of the altar, while 
the u Pangc Lingua " was being sung. The server 
was the first to observe a change in the appearance 
of the monstrance. Gently touching the priest 
upon the shoulder, he whispered with emotion: 
" Father ! Father ! Behold the dear Saviour ap- 
peareth ! " The priest on raising his eyes beheld 
the same miraculous appearance, but endeavoring 
to conceal his surprise he replied that it might be 
the effect of the light; nevertheless he directed his 

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. 337 

whole attention to the apparition. There could 
be no doubt: the beloved form of the Saviour be- 
came every moment more distinctly visible. The 
servant of God fell trembling prostrate on the 
ground. Two little girls vho had lately received 
their First Communion next perceiving the bright 
countenance of Our Lord, exclaimed in a whisper: 
" See ! the beloved Saviour is there ! " and both 
did reverence before the Divine Majesty. 

Soon these words were in every mouth, and 
when the moment for giving the Benediction was 
come, the form of our blessed Lord was still visibly 
enthroned upon the altar. With a courage almost 
supernatural, the priest approached, and alter 
adoring the King of kings, he took the Saviour — 
to use his own words — in his hands, and turned 
Him towards the congregation, in order that He 
might Himself give the blessing. His eyes fell 
upon the head of the apparition, upon which he 
observed a tonsure, also a broad red band which 
hung over the shoulders and breast, the two ends 
of which were joined on one side of the God-Man. 
The apparition continued until the genuflexion 
after the Benediction, and then vanished, when 
the Host alone was to be seen in the monstrance. 

The Archbishop of Bordeaux was at once ap- 
prised of this miracle, and the holy man, deepl\ 
moved at the recital, commanded perfect silence 
on the subject. In reward for the obedience of f'e 
Sisters, our blessed Lord renewed the «nm^ a 

338 Visit XXVIII. 

parition for eight days, for which reason the Arch- 
bishop instituted a yearly commemoration as a 
memorial of the same. 

Apparitions in a Crucified Host. 

The following account is taken from Lasausse, 
"Explic. du Cat. de l'Empire," 498: 

There exist a great number of hosts that are 
called miraculous, from the prodigies connected 
with them. The history of that St. Jean-en-Greve 
at Paris is one of the most celebrated. It is as 

A woman had borrowed from a Jewish usurer 
a small sum of money, and had given him in 
pledge all her best clothes and linen. The feast 
of Easter being near, she entreated him to lend 
her, at least for that one great day, what she had 
left in his hands. He promised to do this, and 
even to forgive her debt, on condition that she 
would bring him the Host which she should 
receive in holy communion. The poor woman 
unhappily could not resist the temptation, gave 
the promise, and the following day, after receiving 
the sacred Host, took it secretly in a handker- 
chief, and brought it to the wretched Jew. This 
man then treated it with the greatest indignity. 
He first put the Host on a table and pierced it 
repeatedly with a pen-knife; blood immediately 
flowed from it in abundance, which caused the 
man's wife and children to shudder with horror. 

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. 339 

He then nailed it to a wall, and brutally struck it; 
then he pierced it with a lance, in memory of Our 
Lord's Passion. It then shed blood anew, as 
though to prove to the unhappy man that it was 
something other than material bread. He threw 
it into the fire, and it was seen flying about in the 
flames without receiving any injury. The deadly 
rage which animated the Jew led him to throw it 
into a pot of boiling water; the water took the 
color of blood, and the Host then appeared visibly 
under the form of Jesus Christ crucified. This 
sight so terrified this deicide, that he strove to 
hide himself in a dark corner of the hou^e: but 
his crime was discovered in this way: one of his 
children, seeing the people going to church, cried 
out in all simplicity: "Do not go to church any 
more to seek your God; do you not know that my 
father has killed Him ? " A woman, hearing this, 
entered the house on some pretext, and saw the 
Host which was still under the form of Jesus Cru- 
cified; but immediately it resumed its proper form, 
and came to repose in a little vessel the woman 
carried in her hand. Wonder-stricken, she took 
her treasure with great devotion to the church of 
St. Jean-en-Greve. Information was given to the 
magistrate. The Jew, who showed no signs of 
sorrow for his crime, was condemned to death, but 
his wife and children and many other Jews were 
converted. The house wherein these wondrous ap- 
paritions took place was converted into a church. 

340 Visit XXVIII 

which was in course of time served by the Carmel- 
ite monks. These religious were charged with the 
office of making reparation, by a perpetual adora- 
tion of the Blessed Sacrament, for the outrage 
offered to our blessed Lord in the sacrament of His 

Miraculous Deliverance of the Parish Priest of 

Moncadu in Valencia from Painful Scruples oy an 

Apparition in the Blessed Sacrament. 

(About the Middle of the Sixteenth Century.) 

This good man had for a very long time cele- 
brated holy Mass without any scruples of con- 
science, when suddenly his mind was tormented 
with a doubt about the validity of his Orders. This 
scruple became so strong that he could only con- 
tinue to offer up the holy sacrifice in obedience 
to the wise and careful advice of his director. 

At length the doubt became so painful that he 
resolved to betake himself to his bishop in order 
to entreat him to give him conditional Ordination, 
when it pleased God to relieve his mind in the 
following miraculous manner: 

On Christmas Day, as the priest said the first 
Mass, a child of five years saw at the elevation, in 
the Host he had consecrated, a beautiful little in- 
fant. This happened again at the second and third 
Masses. The child was delighted, and related what 
he had seen to his mother, and the circumstance 
at last reached the ears of the priest, who felt 

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. 341 

the greatest consolation at.this unexpected witness 
to the validity of his Ordination. However, he 
desired that the little one should be brought to 
him, and he questioned him carefully on the sub- 
ject. The boy answered him to his satisfaction; 
but as the doubt was still clinging to his mind, the 
priest desired that he should be taken to the Mass 
the following high festival. On this occasion the 
priest took three hosts, two only of which he con- 
secrated, one for the monstrance, and one for him- 
self. He then had the child brought to the altar, 
and required him to distinguish the consecrated 
Hosts from the unconsecrated particle. This the 
child did without any hesitation, and this time the 
mind of the priest was perfectly freed from the 
suspicion which had so grievously tormented him. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart, in the act of 
blessing thee; pouring out upon thee the riches 
of His love; regard thyself as the poorest of the 

342 Visit XXVIII. 

poor, telling Him all thy wants, and all thy mis- 

Love Him more than all the pomp and all the 
riches of the world; that those things, which were 
gain to thee may be counted as loss for His sake, 
and reckoned as nothing, that so thou mayest gain 
Him (Phil. iii. 7, 8). 


Ask Him for the virtue of " Counsel; " that 
thou mayest know how to choose what is good for 
the salvation of thine own soul, and the souls of 
those for whom thou carest. 


" My Beloved is mine and I am His " (Cant. ii. 


" Jesus in the Eucharist is that Man-God 
Whose gentleness, Whose discourse, and Whose 
fascinating charms filled with admiration the 
woman of Samaria; that Man, Whose presence in- 
spired so chaste an affection, and enraptured 
Magdalen ; that Man, Whose power banished 
devils, diseases, and death." — Fk. de la Colom- 

Prayer for Benediction. 

Jesus, my merciful Redeemer ! Who hast 
vouchsafed in Thy goodness to leave as Thy pre- 

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. 343 

Cious body and blood in the Most Holy Sacrament 
of the Altar, I adore Thee with the most profound 
reverence. I thank Thee for all the blessings 
which Thou hast bestowed upon us, especially for 
the institution of the Holy Eucharist. I am sorry 
for all my sins, by which I have so grievously 
offended Thy infinite goodness. I love Thee with 
my whole heart. And as Thou art the source of 
every blessing, I beseech Thee to pour down Thy 
benediction this day upon us and upon all those 
for whom we offer up our prayers. Look upon 
me with favor and banish from my heart whatso- 
ever is displeasing to Thee. Purify and sanctify 
my soul; bestow on me a blessing like that which 
Thou didst grant to the innocent children that 
were brought to Thee, and to Thy beloved dis- 
ciples at Thy ascension into heaven ; grant me 
a blessing, that may sanctify me and unite me 
perfectly to Thee; give me a blessing, which may 
fill me with Thy Spirit, and be to me in this life 
a foretaste of those blessings, which Thou re- 
servest for the elect in heaven. Bless me, that, 
on the great Day of Judgment, I may be num- 
bered among those happy souls, to whom Thou 
wilt turn with divine benignity, and say: " Come 
ye blessed of My Father; possess you the king- 
dom prepared for you from the foundation of the 
world " (Matt. xxv. 34). 

344 Visit XXVIII. 


" salutaris Hostia." 
O saving Victim ! opening wide 

The gate of Heav'n to man below ! 
Sore press our foes from every side ; 

Thine aid supply, Thy strength bestow. 

To Thy great Name be endless praise, 
Immortal Godhead, One in Three 1 

Oh, grant us endless length of days, 
In our true native land, with Thee ! 

Ave Regina Ccelorum. 

Hail, O Queen of Heav'n, enthroned ! 

Hail, by angels Mistress own'd ! 

Koot of Jesse ! Gate of morn ! 

Whence the world's true Light was born i 

Glorious Virgin, joy to thee, 

Beautiful surpassingly ! 

Faire t thou, where all are fair ! 

Plead for us a pitying prayer. 

Tantum Ergo Sacramentum. 

Down in adoration falling, 

Lo ! the sacred Host we hail ; 
Lo ! o'er ancient forms departing, 

Newer rites of grace prevail ; 
Faith for all defects supplying, 

When the feeble senses fail. 

To the everlasting Father, 

And the Son Who reigns on high, 

With the Holy Ghost proceeding 
Forth from each eternally, 

Be salvation, honor, blessing, 

Might and endless majesty. Amen, 

—St. Thomas Aquinas. 

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. 345 

V. Thou didst give them bread from heaven; 
R. Containing in itself all sweetness. 

Let us Pray. 

God, Who, under a wonderful sacrament, 
hast left us a memorial of Thy Passion; grant us, 
we beseech Thee, so to venerate the sacred mys- 
teries of Thy body and blood, that we may ever 
feel within us the fruit of Thy redemption. Who 
livest and reignest world without end. Amen. 

Let us adore forever the Most Holy Sacrament. 

Devout Acts of Praise. 

Blessed be God. 

Blessed be His holy name. 

Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true Man. 

Blessed be the name of Jesus. 

Blessed be His most sacred heart. 

Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of 
the Altar. 

Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most 

Blessed be her holy and immaculate conception. 

Blessed be the name of Mary, Virgin and 

Blessed be St. Joseph her most chaste Spouse. 

Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints. 

Indulgence of two years for every public recital after 
Mass or benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. — Leo 
XIII, Feb. 2, 1897. 

IDisit xxix. 


Gbe Ibolv. Sacrifice of tbe dBase. 


The altar is another Calvary, where Jesus im- 
molates Himself each day for love of us. 


The same love which fastened Him by nails to 
the cross, binds Him, still for our sakes, to the 


Let us assist at the eucharistic sacrifice as if 
present with the Mother of Jesus, the beloved 
disciple, and Mary Magdalen at the foot of the 


Jesus Christ is present in the Holy Eucharist 
to dwell in our midst, to receive our respectful 
homage and adoration, to bless us with graces, and 
to become the food, the very life, of our souls in 
holy communion; but He has also placed Him«eK 


The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 347 

in our hands under the visible appearance of bread 
and wine to enable us to present Him as a sacrifice 
to the heavenly Father. 

Great is the dignity and immeasurable is the 
utility of the Mass. It is a sacrifice of Adoration, 
Propitiation, Thanksgiving, and Impetration. 

St. Leonard of Port Maurice in " The Hidden 
Treasure " expatiates upon the four chief debts, 
that we discharge towards God, through the Holy 
Sacrifice of the Mass, in the following manner: 
" The first obligation, by which we are bound to 
God, is to honor and adore Him. It is indeed a 
precept of the natural law itself that every in- 
ferior owes homage to his superior, and by so 
much the higher the superiority, so much the 
deeper the homage, that should be offered. 
Whence it results that, as Almighty God possesses 
a greatness utterly unbounded, there is due to 
Him an unbounded honor. In holy Mass Al- 
mighty God is honored as He deserves, because 
He is honored by Jesus, Who, placing Himself in 
character of Victim on the altar, with an act of 
wonderful submission, adores the Most Holy 
Trinity, even as it is adorable — in such manner 
that all other acts of homage, by all other beings, 
vanish before the face of this self-humiliation of 
the God-Man, as stars vanish before the sun. It 
is told of a holy soul (Sanct. Jure. p. 3, c. x.) 
that, enamoured of God, the fire of her love flashed 
forth in a thousand longings. ' my God/ she 

348 Visit XXIX. 

said, i my God, would that I had as many hearts, 
as many tongues as there are leaves on the trees, 
atoms of the air, and drops in the waters, that I 
might so love Thee and so honor Thee, as Thou 
deservest ! Oh, had I but in this hand all creatures, 
I would place them at Thy feet, so that all might 
melt away in love before Thee; and then, oh ! 
that I might but love Thee more than all of them 
united — yes, more than all the angels, more than 
all the saints, more than all paradise ! ' One day, 
when she had done this with the utmost fervor, 
she heard herself thus answered by Our Lord: 
- Console thyself, my daughter; by one Mass, heard 
with devotion, thou wilt render to Me all that 
glory which thou desirest and infinitely more.'* 
The saints and angels after all are but mere creat- 
ures, and their homage is therefore limited and 
finite; whereas in Mass, Jesus humbles Himself — 
a humiliation of infinite merit and value; and 
thus the homage and honor which we, through 
Him, give to God in Mass, is an homage and honor 

" The second obligation by whicn we are bound 
to God is to satisfy His justice for the commission 
of so many sins. Oh, what a measureless debt is 
this ! One single mortal sin so weighs in the 
scales of Divine Justice that to satisfy for it all 
the good works of all the martyrs and of all the 
saints who have existed, who exist now, or ever 
shall exist, would not suffice. And yet with the 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 349 

holy sacrifice of the Mass, viewed according to its 
intrinsic preciousness and value, satisfaction may 
be completely made for all committed sin; and 
that you may understand how much you are thus 
obliged to Jesus, attend to what I now say. Al- 
though truly He is the very One offended, yet, 
not contented with having satisfied Divine Justice 
for us on Calvary, He hath bestowed, and doth 
continuously bestow, on us this method of satis- 
faction in the holy sacrifice of Mass ; for, as 
there is renewed in Mass the offering which Jesus 
hath already made on the cross to the eternal 
Father for the sins of the whole world, that same 
divine blood which was once paid down as the 
general ransom of the whole human race comes 
to be specially applied to each of us individually, 
by being offered in Mass for the sins of him who 
celebrates, and of all those who assist at so 
tremendous a sacrifice. Not that the sacrifice of 
Mass by any means cancels our sins immediately, 
and of itself, as does the Sacrament of Penance: 
but it cancels them mediately, calling down vari- 
ous aids of interior impulse, of holy aspiration, 
and of actual grace, all tending towards a worthy 
repentance of our sins, either at the time of Mass 
itself or at some other fitting time. Therefore, 
God alone knows how many souls issue from the 
filth of sins through the extraordinary aids which 
come to them by this divine sacrifice. And here 
reflect that although indeed the man in mortal 

350 Visit XXIX. 

sin is not aided by the sacrifice as a propitiation, 
it yet avails as supplication; and therefore all 
sinners ought to hear many Masses, in order to 
obtain more easily the grace of conversion. To 
souls that live in grace it gives a wonderful force, 
tending to maintain them in their happy state, 
while it immediately cancels (according to the 
most common view) the guilt of all venial sins, 
provided, at least, that as a whole they are re- 
pented of, according to what St. Augustine clearly 
says (Sup. Can. Quia passus, de Consecr. dist. 2): 
' He who devoutly hears holy Mass will receive a 
great vigor to enable him to resist mortal sin, and 
there shall be pardoned to him all venial sins 
which he may have committed up to that hour/ 
Nor should this surprise; for if, as St. Gregory 
narrates (Dial. 1. 4, c. 57), the Masses which a poor 
woman caused to be celebrated every Monday for 
the soul of her husband, who had been enslaved 
by barbarians and was thought by her to be dead, 
caused the chains to be loosened from his feet, 
and the manacles from his arms, so that ever while 
these Masses were being celebrated he remained 
free and unchained, as he himself declared on his 
return; how much more must not we believe such 
a sacrifice to be most efficacious for the loosening 
of spiritual bonds, such as venial sins, bonds 
which hold the soul, as it were, imprisoned, leav- 
ing it no power to work with that freedom and 
fervor with which it would work were it not for 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 351 

these impediments ? blessed Mass, setting at 
liberty the sons of God, and satisfying all the 
penalties due to so many offences ! 

" You will, perhaps, say to me, It suffices, then, 
to hear one single Mass to strike off the heaviest 
debts due to God through many committed sins, 
because, Mass being of infinite value, we can 
therewith pay to God an infinite satisfaction. 
Not so fast, by your leave; because, though indeed 
Mass is of infinite value, you must know, never- 
theless, that Almighty God accepts it in a manner 
limited and finite, and in degrees conformable 
to the greater or less perfection in the dispositions 
of him who celebrates or who assists at. the sacri- 
fice. ' Quorum tibi fides cognita est, et nota de- 
votio,' says Holy Church, in the Canon of Mass, 
suggesting by this method of speech that which 
the great teachers expressly lay down (De Lug. 
dist. 9, n. 103); namely, that the greater or less 
satisfaction applied in our behalf by the sacrifice 
becomes determined by the higher or lower dis- 
positions of the celebrant, or of the assistants, as 
just now mentioned. Now, then, consider the 
spiritual bewilderment of those who go in search 
of the quickest and least devoutly conducted 
Masses, and, what is worse, assist at them with 
little or no devotion. And while I earnestly ex- 
hort you to attend many Masses, I yet admonish 
you to have far more regard to devotion in hearing 
than to the number heard; because, if you shall 

352 Visit XXIX. 

have more devotion in one single Mass than an- 
other man in fifty, you will give more honor to 
God in that single Mass, and you will ex- 
tract from it greater fruit in the way called 
ex opere operato, than that other with all his fifty. 
It is true, indeed, as a grave author asserts, that 
through one single Mass, attended with singularly 
perfect devotion, it might possibly happen that 
the justice of God would remain satisfied for all 
the transgressions of some great sinner. And this 
is quite in harmony with what the holy Council 
of Trent teaches; namely, that by the offering of 
this holy sacrifice God grants the gift of peni- 
tence, and then by means of true penitence par- 
dons sins the most grave and enormous. ' Hujus 
quippe oblatione gratiam et donum pamitentiw con- 
cedens crimina et peccata etiam ingentia dimittit ' 
(Sess. xxii. cap. 2). Yet notwithstanding all this, 
since neither the internal dispositions with which 
you attend Mass are manifest to yourself, nor the 
amount of satisfaction which corresponds thereto, 
you should make sure to the best of your power 
by attending many Masses, and by attending 
with all the devotion possible. Blessed are you 
if you maintain a great confidence in the loving 
mercy of God, which shines so wonderfully forth 
in this divine sacrifice; and with lively faith and 
devout recollection attend as many Masses as you 
can; for I declare that, doing this with persever- 
ance, you may attain to the sweet hope of reach- 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 353 

ing heaven without any intervening share in pur- 
gatory. To Mass, then, dearest friends, and never 
allow yourselves to utter the thought, ' A Mass 
more or less is of little consequence/ 

" The third obligation is that of gratitude for 
tiie immense benefits which our most loving God 
hath bestowed upon us. Put in one heap all the 
gifts, all the graces you have received from God, — 
so many gifts of nature and of grace, body, soul, 
senses, and faculties, and health, and life itself; 
yes, the very life, too, of His Son Jesus, and His 
death suffered for us, which in themselves im- 
measurably swell the great debt which we owe to 
God, — and how shall we ever be able sufficiently to 
thank Him ? The way most fully to thank our 
good God is taught us by holy David, who, led by 
divine inspiration to speak with mysterious refer- 
ence to this divine sacrifice, indicates that nothing 
can sufficiently render the thanks which are due 
to God, excepting holy Mass. ' What return shall 
I offer to the Lord for all the benefits which He 
hath bestowed upon me ? ' And answering him- 
self, he says, f I will uplift on high the chalice of 
the Lord;' that is, I will offer a sacrifice most 
grateful to Him, and with this alone I shall sat- 
isfy the debt of so ™iany and such signal benefits. 
Add to this that the sacrifice was instituted by 
Our Redeemer principally in recognition of the 
beneficence of God and as thanks to Him; and 
therefore it bears as its most special and worthy 

354 Visit XXIX. 

name the ' Eucharist/ which signifies an c Offer- 
ing of Thanks.' He Himself also gave us the ex- 
ample when, in the Last Supper, before the act 
of consecration in that first Mass, He raised His 
eyes to heaven, and gave thanks to His heavenly 
Father: * Elevatis oculis in caelum, Tibi gr atlas 
agens f regit.' divine thanksgiving, disclosing 
the chief end for which was instituted this tre- 
mendous sacrifice, and which invites us to con- 
form ourselves to the example of our Head, so that 
in every Mass at which we assist we may know 
how to avail ourselves of so great a treasure, and 
offer it in gratitude to our Supreme Benefactor! 
And all the more, since the beloved Virgin, and 
the angels, and the saints, rejoice to witness this 
our tribute of thanks to so great a King. 

" But the immense benefit of the holy sacrifice 
of Mass does not end here. It is in our power by 
means of it to pay the fourth debt due to God, 
which is to supplicate Him, and to entreat new 
graces of Him. Try to realize to yourself how 
great are your miseries both of body and of soul, 
and the need, therefore, in which you are of hav- 
ing recourse to God, in order that at every moment 
He may assist and succor you, for assuredly He 
alone is the end and the beginning of all your 
good, whether temporal or eternal. On the other 
hand, what courage, what heart have you for ask- 
ing new benefits, seeing the utter ingratitude with 
which you have failed to respond to so many 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 356 

favors already bestowed on you, — nay, seeing you 
have even turned into offences against Him the 
very graces He gave you ? But still take cour- 
age, take heart. If you do not deserve new bene- 
fits, your good Jesus has deserved them for you. 
He has desired for this end to be for you in Mass 
a pacifying Victim, a supplicatory sacrifice, for 
obtaining from the Father everything of which 
you have need. Yes, yes, in holy Mass our dear 
beloved Jesus, as the chief and supreme Priest, 
recommends our cause to the Father, prays for 
us, and makes Himself our Advocate. If we knew 
on some occasion that the great and blessed 
Virgin was uniting herself with us in prayer to 
the eternal Father to obtain for us the graces we 
desired, what confidence should not we conceive 
of being heard ? What hope, then, what confi- 
dence should we not have, knowing that in Mass 
Jesus Himself prays for us, offers His most pre- 
cious blood to the eternal Father for us, and 
make Himself our Advocate ! blessed Mass ! 
mine of all our good ! 

" St. Jerome distinctly declares : ' Without 
doubt the Lord grants all the favors which are 
asked of Him in Mass, provided they be those 
fitting for us; and, which is a matter of greater 
wonder, ofttimes He grants that also which is not 
demanded of Him, if we, on our part, put no 
obstacle in the way ' (Cap. Cum. Mart, de Celeb. 
Miss.). Whence it mav be said that Mass is the 

356 Visit XXIX. 

sun of the human race, scattering its splendors 
over good and wicked; nor is there a soul so vile 
on earth who, hearing holy Mass, doth not carry 
away from it some great good, often without ask- 
ing, often without even thinking of it. This is 
the lesson conveyed by the famous legend told by 
St. Antoninus of two youths, both libertines, who 
went one day into the forest, one of them having 
heard Mass, the other not. Soon, it is said, there 
arose a furious tempest, and they heard, amid 
thunder and lightning, a voice which cried 
' Slay ! ' and instantly came a flash which re- 
duced to ashes the one who had not heard Mass. 
The other, all terrified, was seeking escape, when 
he heard anew the same voice, which repeated 
i Slay ! ' The poor youth expected instant death 
when lo ! he heard another voice, which an- 
swered, ' I cannot, I cannot; to-day he heard, 
Verbum caro factum est; his Mass will not let me 
strike.' Oh, how many times hath God freed 
you from death, or at least from many most griev- 
ous perils, through the Mass which you have at- 
tended ! St. Gregory assures us of this in 
the fourth of his dialogues: ' It is most true that 
he who attends holy Mass shall be freed from 
many evils and from many dangers, both foreseen 
and unforeseen.' ' He shall,' as St. Augustim 
sums it up, ' be freed from sudden death, which 
is the most terrible stroke launched by Divine 
Justice against sinners ' (Sup. Can. Quia passus, 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 35? 

de Consecr. dist. 2). ' Behold a wonderful pre- 
servative,' says the saint, 'against sudden death: 
attend holy Mass every day, and attend it with all 
possible devotion/ St. Bernard sums it up thus, 
that more is to be gained in one single Mass (here 
we must understand him of its intrinsic value) 
than by distributing your means to the poor, or 
going on pilgrimages through all the most famous 
sanctuaries of the world. unbounded riches of 
holy Mass ! Grasp well this truth: it is possible 
for you to gain more favor with God by attending 
or celebrating one single Mass, considered in itself 
and in its intrinsic worth, than by opening the 
treasury of your wealth and distributing the 
whole to the poor, or by going as pilgrim over the 
whole world and visiting with utmost devotion 
the sanctuaries of Home, of Compostella, of 
Loretto, Jerusalem, and the rest. And this most 
reasonably follows from the position laid down 
by the angelic St. Thomas, when he says that in 
Mass are contained all the fruits, all the graces, 
yea, all those immense treasures which the Son of 
God poured out so abundantly upon the Church, 
His spouse, in the bloody sacrifice of the cross." 

The Mass is also a very powerful means of ob- 
taining relief for the souls in purgatory. St. 
Jerome says that by every Mass, not only one, 
but several souls are delivered from purgatory and 
he is of opinion that the soul, for which the priest 
says Mass suffers no pain at all while the holy 

358 Visit XXIX. 

sacrifice lasts. The Fathers of the Council of 
Trent declare that by the sacrifice of the Mass the 
souls in purgatory are most efficaciously relieved. 

During tne life of St. Bernard, one of his 
monks who was taken sick and died, shortly after 
appeared to his brother monks to thank them for 
his deliverance from purgatory. " Which of our 
many prayers," he was asked, " did most to re- 
lease you from your pain ? " " Come with me," 
he said, and leading them to the chapel where 
Mass was being offered up he exclaimed: " This, 
above all else, was my greatest help ; it was 
through this august sacrifice that Our Lord has 
shown mercy to me." 

So great is the power and virtue of this sacri- 
fice to help the suffering souls that one Mass has 
in itself more efficacy than all the other good 
works which have been done since the creation of 
the world. 

Blessed Bertrand of Garriga, we are told, was 
accustomed to celebrate Mass every day for the 
conversion of sinners ; and being asked by one 
Father Benedict, a prudent man, why he so rarely 
said Mass for the dead and so frequently for 
sinners, he replied : " We are certain of the sal- 
vation of the faithful departed, whereas we on 
earth remain tossed about in many perils." Then 
Father Benedict said: " If there were two beggars, 
one with all his limbs sound, the other a cripple, 
which would you compassionate most ? " a The 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 359 

one certainly who can do least for himself," re- 
plied Father Bertrand. "Then/' said Father 
Benedict, " such certainly are the dead, who have 
neither month to confess nor hands to work, but 
who need our help; whereas living sinners have 
mouths and hands wherewith to take care of them- 
selves." Still Bernard was not convinced; but 
the following night a terrible vision of a departed 
soul appeared to him, and with a bundle of wood 
pressed and weighed upon him in a wonderful way, 
waking him up more than ten times and vexing 
and troubling him exceedingly. Next morning 
he called Benedict to him and related the vision of 
the night; and then, going to the altar, religiously 
and with many tears, he said Mass for the faithful 
departed; and thenceforth the offering of the holy 
sacrifice for the dead became one of his favorite 

If then, Christian readers, we desire to offer to 
the Divine Omnipotence a worship fitting His 
majesty; if we wish to return thanks to Him for 
the many and inestimable favors heaped on us; 
if we wish to make atonement for our manifold 
offences and to gain for ourselves and for others 
the graces and blessings needed for body and soul; 
if we wish to help the souls of our dear ones who 
still linger in the pains of purgatory, we shall find 
the suitable means of doing this in the great sac- 
rifice of the Mass. There Christ is both priest and 
victim, representing in person, and offering up 

360 Visit XXIX. 

His death and passion to His Father, first, for the 
adoration, praise, honor, and glory of the Divine 
Majesty; secondly, in thanksgiving for all His 
benefits; thirdly, for obtaining pardon for our sins; 
and, fourthly, for obtaining grace and salvation 
for us, by the merits of that same death and pas- 
sion. It is, then, a remembrance of the passion of 
Christ, a solemn adoration of the Divine Majesty, 
a most acceptable thanksgiving to God, a power- 
ful means of obtaining forgiveness of our sins, and 
a most effectual way to obtain of God all that we 
want, coming to Him, as we here do, with Christ 
and through Christ. 

Jesus ! bless me, that these most important 
considerations on the dignity and utility of the 
Mass may produce good fruit in my soul. 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that, like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 


Behold Christ seated in thy heart as thy suffer- 
ing Saviour and reminding thee of the bitter pas- 
sion and death that He endured for thy sins; re- 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 36?. 

gard thyself as a debtor, falling down before Him, 
and saying to Him entreatingly: '-'Have patience 
with me, and I will pay Thee all " (Matt, xviii. 


Love Jesus, thy crucified Love with thy whole 
heart; so that, with a great desire and a strong 
resolution, thou mayest wish for nothing contrary 
to Him; mayest think nothing equal to Him, much 
less prefer anything to Him; and mayest love noth- 
ing, which does not, actually or virtually, tend to 


Ask Him for the spirit ot Self-Immolation," 
so that by dying daily to ourselves, to our sins, to 
our bad habits and evil inclinations, we may imi- 
tate Him as our divine Model and follow Him 
faithfully in the Blessed Sacrament as well as on 


" During holy Mass the angels assist the priest, 
all the orders of celestial spirits raise their voices, 
and the vicinity of the altar is occupied by choirs 
of angels, who do homage to Him, Who is being 
immolated." — St. John Chrysostom. 

362 Visit XXIX. 

Ave Verum Corpus Natum. 
Hail to Thee, true Body sprung 

From the Virgin Mary's womb ; 
The same that on the cross was hung 

And bore for man the bitter doom. 
Hear us, Merciful and Mild, 
Jesu, Mary's gracious Child ! 

From Whose side for sinners riven 
Water flowed and mingled blood ; 

May'st Thou, dearest Lord, be given 
In death's hour to be my food. 

Hear us, Merciful and Mild, 

Jesu, Mary's gracious Child t 

ttiatt xxx. 


fooly> Communion ano ^frequent Ibol^ Communion 


The manna which fell in the desert was but a 
figure of the true bread from heaven — Jesus in the 
Holy Eucharist. 


Let us hasten to receive this heavenly manna, 
" containing in itself all sweetness." 


The manna of the desert was the food of the 
children of Israel until it was replaced by the 
fruits of the Promised Land. 

The eucharistic manna is to be our food unci! 
we taste the joys of Heaven. 


" The manna, which possessed every kind of 
delicious taste, was a food formed, it would ap- 


364 Visit XXX. 

pear, in the air by the ministry of angels, whence 
it had the name too of ' food of angels ? (Ps. ixxvii. 
25); but the Eucharist is a miracle far more stu- 
pendous, the handiwork, not of angels, but of Al- 
mighty Love. The manna, miraculous as it was, was 
a material food, like to the hoar-frost which falls 
at morning on the earth (Exodus xvi. 14). It was 
a food designed to satisfy the hunger and preserve 
the life of the body; but holy communion is a 
spiritual food, all heavenly, and designed to nour- 
ish, not a perishable body, but the immortal soul. 
The Chosen People were fed with manna all 
through the time in which they wandered in the 
solitudes of Arabia Petrsea journeying towards the 
Promised Land (lb. 35), and we, pilgrims in thi 
wilderness of this life, have given us for our food 
the Eucharistic Manna to support us throughout 
the journey towards our Land of Promise, the 
heavenly paradise. ' Holy Communion ? is the 
name most commonly applied to this ' Bread from 
Heaven ' — this ' Eucharistic Manna.' And in- 
deed the word communion, compounded of the two 
words ' union with,' admirably expresses the 
union effected by the Holy Eucharist between the 
faithful and Jesus Christ, and the union of the 
faithful one with another. 

" In the same manner as the eucharistic tran- 
substantiation is a living act by which Jesus 
Christ changes the bread into His flesh, and 
the wine into His blood, so the eucharistic 

Holy Communion. £65 

communion is a living act by which He possesses 
Himself of our soul, pervades it through and 
through in all its powers, makes it His own, and 
moulds it to His divine wishes and instincts. This 
prodigy is expressed by St. Paul the Apostle, in 
these words: ' I live, now no longer I, but Christ 
liveth in me' (Gal. ii. 20). 

" Marvellous food ! By partaking of Christ in 
this Sacrament, He is not changed into us, as 
happens with material food, but we are changed 
and transformed into Him, and being united with 
Him we feel the quickening virtue of His life- 
giving' flesh. True it is that this life-giving action 
of Holy Communion is fleeting and passes away 
with the disappearance of the eucharistic species; 
but nevertheless the close espousal of the soul, 
thus wedded to her divine Lover, remains forever. 
Bo He has told us: ' He that eateth My flesh and 
drinketh My blood remaineth in Me and I in him 
. . . and he that eateth Me the same also shall live 
by Me.' The sacrament, the actual communion, is 
transient, but its reality, viz., the perpetual 
espousal of the soul with Jesus Christ is perma- 
nent. The faithful soul is the nuptial couch where- 
on the divine espousals are completed, and in the 
profoundest depths of that soul the sweet voice 
of the spouse says: ' My son, give me thy 

" As we all partake in holy communion of one 
and the same food, the body of Christ, so we be- 

5bb Visit XXX. 

come of necessity one with one another, en- 
joying in common the possession of Christ. This 
is why St. Paul says: ' We, heing many, are one 
bread, one body, all who partake of one bread ' 
(1 Cor. x. 17). St. Paul attributed the perfect 
union of the faithful with one another to the com- 
munion of the Body of Christ, because it is the 
identity of this bread, which not only draws us 
together and unites us, but unifies and makes us 
grains of one ear, grapes of the same cluster : 
• That they may be one as we also are one ■ (John 
xvii. 11). No wonder, then, that concord and 
agreement with one another should be the indis- 
pensable condition which precedes a worthy re- 
ception of the body of Christ : — ' Therefore, if 
thou offerest thy gift at the altar, and there shalt 
remember that thy brother hath anything against 
thee, leave there thy offering before the altar, and 
go first to be reconciled to thy brother, and then 
coming thou shalt offer thy gift • (Matt. v. 23, 
24). Hearts thus harmonized by the communion 
of Our Lord's body, find in Christ their common 
centre, and are thus all the more closely knitted 
one to the other; they become but one heart and 
one soul, like the primitive Christians, who broke 
the holy bread from house to house in joy and 
simplicity of heart, and { the multitude of the be- 
lievers had but one heart and one soul f (Acts iv. 
32). Happy age ! when Christians felt and pnK 
fessed their common brotherhood, and could b^ 

Holy Communion. 367 

pointed out by the Gentiles with the remark — ' See 
how they love one another ! ' The warm hearth 
where this affection and love sprang up and was 
festered was the sacrament of their eucharistic 
and daily food." — " ]N ames of the Eucharist." 

Let us go to the holy table frequently, for the 
saints who recommend us to go have all in the 
course of their lives experienced the sanctifying 
effects of the bread which is served up at this 
table of the Lord. From frequently eating of this 
bread they have one and all drawn that power to 
overcome themselves, that grace to perfect them- 
selves, and that constancy to persevere, the out- 
come of which has been to make them saints. 
Their personal experience, surely, ought to lend 
additional weight to the recommendations these 
holy servants of God give to us. Let us go to the 
holy table very frequently; in fact as often as our 
father confessor will allow us. 

Let us go to the holy table, for it is but right 
that we be imitators of the saints. That which 
rendered them so dear to God, which elevated 
them to such an eminent degree of sanctity, ought 
to sanctify us also, according to the measure of 
holiness demanded of us individually by the Al- 
mighty. As the holy communion sanctified their 
souls, so it will most certainly sanctify our souls 

St. Thomas Aquinas, in the thirteenth century, 
appropriating to himself the admirable words of 

368 Visit XXX. 

St. Denis, the first apostle of the G-auls, spoke in 
this wise: "The Holy Eucharist! behold the 
source from which all sanctity springs. No man 
need ever expect to reach any degree of perfection 
save by means of the action of the Holy Eucharist 
on his soul." 

About the same time St. Francis of Assisi said: 
" The Body of Our Lord is that food without 
which the soul languishes and wastes away. Why, 
then, do not men desire to come to the table where 
this food is offered to all ? Why do they not come 
there daily to receive it ? A man who is making 
a long and wearisome journey has all the greater 
reason for partaking of food frequently and 
abundantly. Now, if we are on a journey, and if 
we have our footsteps directed towards the heavenly 
country, ought we not to be anxious to strengthen 
ourselves with this most sweet and most exquisite 
nourishment ? The prophet Elias was nourished 
with it merely in figure; and we know that 
through the strength it imparted to him he was 
able to proceed upon his way. Did we, on our 
part, but eat of this spiritual bread with greater 
frequency, and with befitting dispositions, we 
should certainly make more rapid progress in vir- 
tue; we should march on with firmer step to that 
celestial land which is the term of our journey." 

In the sixteenth century St. Philip Neri, taught 
by his long experience in ministering to souls, was 
In the habit of saying that frequent communion^ 

Holy Communion. 369 

united with devotion to the Blessed Virgin, was 
the best, the only means, especially for the young, 
to preserve intact the purity of their souls; that it 
was by this alone they could persevere in the 
faith, or make progress in virtue, in the midst of 
the world. " Let us all go to the Eucharistic 
Table/*' he used to exclaim; " let us go to it burn- 
ing with a rnost ardent desire to nourish ourselves 
with this sacred food. Let us hunger for it, let 
us hunger for it ! '> 

ftti Francis of Sales, about the same time, wrote 
in his work, "The Introduction to a Devout 
, Life " : u Communicate frequently, Philothea, 
and as often as you can ... by adoring and eat- 
ing beauty, goodness, and purity itself in this Di- 
vine Sacrament, you yourself will become alto- 
gether fair, altogether good, altogether pure. . . . 
If worldlings ask you why you communicate so 
often, tell them you do so because you wish to 
learn to love God, to purify yourself from your 
defects, to rescue yourself from your miseries, to 
receive comfort in your afflictions, to be strength- 
ened in your infirmities/*' 

St. Ignatius of Loyola, writing to the inhab- 
itants of Azpeitia, in Spain, among other things, 
spoke thus to them: "I beg, I implore of you, 
with the deepest earnestness, to devote yourself to 
the honor and service of Jesus Christ in this most 
admirable Sacrament of the Eucharist." And, 
after having declared to them that the most ef- 

370 Visit XXX. 

fectual means of honoring Our Saviour was to 
receive Him frequently and worthily in the holy 
communion — meantime recalling to their minds 
the practice of the early Christians — he then went 
on to say: "Alas ! at the present day there re- 
mains of Christianity naught save the empty 
phantom of the Christian name. . . . We should, 
then [he concludes], at all costs, restore the pious 
practices of Christians of former times. The in- 
terests of the Divine Majesty demand it; our own 
most pressing needs require it. At least once a 
month, if it is too much to expect more, let all, 
having made their confession, receive the Eucha- 
rist. And if there be some who are desirous 
to communicate more frequently, there can be 
no doubt whatever but they will by so doing 
render themselves most pleasing to Almighty 

In the seventeenth century, St. Alphonsus 
Liguori, who was so distinguished for his devotion 
towards the Most August Sacrament of the Altar, 
said: u What should men desire more than to re- 
ceive Jesus Christ as often as possible in the holy 
communion. ... Oh ! what rapid and steady prog- 
ress in the love of God, as we well know from ex- 
perience, do not those persons make, who with 
pious affection and with the approval of their 
spiritual director, frequently receive the holy com- 
munion ! ... If I may say what I wish to say, 
permit me to remark that, generally speaking, those 

Holy Communion. 371 

persons are the most exemplary in their lives, who 
go most frequently to the holy communion." 

St. Leonard of Port-Maurice, who lived towards 
the middle of the eighteenth century, exclaimed 
in one of his mission sermons: "Ah ! my breth- 
ren, do you wish to be angels in the flesh, do you 
wish to live pure and chaste, do you wish to con- 
quer the temptations that assail you against the 
angelical virtue ? If so, here is the means. Go 
and feast at the table of the angels, if not every 
day, at least every eight days. Yes, the holy com- 
munion, weekly received, will change you into 
angelic beings; it will preserve you in the grace of 
God, and conduct you to the glory of the heavenly 

" With what charms is not virtue clothed," says 
Father Eymard, " at the school of the holy com- 
munion ! How easy does not the practice of hu- 
mility become when one has been to the altar, 
when one has just beheld the Lord of glory 
humbling Himself to such a degree as to come into 
a heart so poor, a mind so ignorant, a body so 
wretched ! How easy is it not to be meek and 
gentle when one has just been under the salutary 
influence of the tender goodness of Jesus, Who in 
the sweetness of His heart has bestowed Himself 
upon us ! How lovable does not the neighbor be- 
come when we have seen him nourished with the 
same bread of life as ourselves, when we have sat 
side by side with him at the divine table, when we 

872 Visit XXX. 

have witnessed Jesus Christ Himself pouring out 
upon him such an effusion of love ! How is not 
the bitterness taken out of penance, mortification, 
and self-abnegation, when we have only a while 
ago received into our hearts the crucified Jesus ! 
No, without communion we should experience 
only the painful side of the conflict, we should be 
acquainted with the virtues only through the trou- 
ble it cost us to acquire them, we should not know 
them under their more attractive aspect, namely, 
in the happiness we feel in laboring for the love 
of God, and for the greater honor and glory of 

Come to me often in holy communion, my dear 
Jesus. I will receive Thee as often as my spiritual 
director will permit me. Come to me, then, in 
this heavenly banquet, my life-giving Jesus, in 
Thy sweetness and might. Give me a greater 
longing for Thy .gift of gifts. Satisfy my hunger 
with the living Br?ad, and slake my thirst with 
the Wine of God. Now I see Thee dimly in Thy 
creatures, and now darkly I know Thy love. I feel 
the wickedness of my heart and am cast down 
greatly, when I think of my unfaithfulness to 
Thee. Purify me more and more, and cleanse me 
with the fire of Thy heart. Wash me with Thy 
precious blood and I shall be white; give me more 
of Thy Holy Spirit, and I shall be cleansed. I 
adore Thee, Jesus, in the Blessed Sacrament, and 

Holy Communion. 373 

with all my heart I wish to make myself a fitting 
temple for Thee. Fill me with the sweetness of 
Thy love, my Jesus f 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee. 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart, as a most 
tender-hearted Host, holding converse with thee 
in words sweeter than honey and the honeycomb; 
regard thyself as a servant ennobled by the pres- 
ence of a Host so great (Ps. xviii. 11). 


Love Him above all sweet sounds and above all 
things which soothe the ears; that so thou mayest 
listen not to the words of those who tell thee 
fables, that are not according to the law of God 
(Ps. cxviii. 85). 


Ask Him for the virtue of " Prudence," and be 
no more a child, tossed to and fro, and carried 
about with every wind of doctrine by the wicked- 
ness of men, and by cunning craftiness whereby 
they lie in wait to deceive (Ephes. iv. 14). 

374 Visit XXX. 

His conversation hath no bitterness, and His 
company no tediousness, but joy and gladness 
(Wisd. viii. 16). 


" In holy communion we reverse, in a manner, 
that token of love and friendship which passed 
between Jesus and St. John at the Last Supper; 
for there the disciple leaned upon his Master's 
bosom, but here the Lord condescends to repose in 
the breast of His unworthy servant. Oh ! how 
pure and brightly clean should we keep the couch, 
on which He thus deigns to rest." 

— Cardinal Wiseman, 

Jesu Nostra Eefectio. 

Jesu, the Meat and Drink indeed 

That bids Thine own rejoice, 
Sweetness and mirth and melody 

Of heart and soul and voice ; 
What mercy bends Thee, Lord, to feed 

Man in his misery 
With Thine own flesh, the Bread of Heaven, 

Brought near to such as we ? 
Our Ransomer and Ransom Thou, 

Our Banquet, too, Thou art ; 
Thou Who dost heal our soul's disease, 

Joy be Thou of our heart. 
Thou Who dost give us here foretaste, 

So sweet, of joys to be, 
Give us in our dear Fatherland 
Fruition full of Thee. 

tDisit xxxi. 


Gbe Dtattcum. 

Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is the Viaticum 
of the traveller. 


We are but poor pilgrims on the earth, journey- 
ing towards eternity. 


It is by feeding often on the " "Bread from 
Heaven" (John vi. 32) that we shall have strength 
" on the way." 


u Viaticum is provision taken by a traveller for 
support during his journey. The long journey, 
which knows no return, is that journey from time 
to eternity on which we must all some day set 
oat. Our viaticum for this journey is the Holy 
Eucharist. This sweet name of the Eucharist is 
familiar to all Christians, and was well known to 
the ancients, as appears from St. Gaudentius, 


376 Visit XXXI. 

Bishop, in the fifth century, and from the Canons 
of the Third Council of Orleans, in the sixth. St. 
Thomas numbers it among the three principal 
names of the Eucharist, which he enumerates as. 
( the sacrifice, the communion, the viaticum.' 

" That is a remarkable saying of Jesus Christ: 
' He that eateth My flesh and drinketh My blood 
hath everlasting life ; and I will raise him up at 
the last day ' (John vi. 55). When, therefore, 
the soul of the just man, nourished with the food 
of the Eucharist, crosses the threshold of death, 
it acquires a new kind of life more serene and 
spiritual through its union with Christ's human- 
ity which stands instead of that union of which 
the soul has been deprived in losing the organs of 
bodily sense. There are two * last days,' a man's 
own last day, which is the day of his death, and 
the last day of the world, which is the day of uni- 
versal judgment. Jesus Christ includes both 
these days in His ample promise — ' in the last 
day ' — and He therefore refers to two ' resurrec- 
tions,' not only to that last one of the body, but 
also to that of the soul, for the food of the Eu- 
charist is the cause of both the one and the other. 
But is not the soul then immortal ? How can a 
soul rise again which never did, nor can, die ? 
Man's soul is undoubtedly immortal, but once 
separated from the body it could no longer of its 
own power do anything but lie in that lethargy 
and deep sleep in which the just of old were sunk 

TJie Viaticum. 377 

in the bosom of Abraham. If the light of glory 
is now communicated to the souls* of the just as 
soon as they are set free from the trammels of 
the flesh, this entrance into glory, which is a birth 
to a new life, can only be effected by their com- 
plete incorporation with Jesus Christ through the 
Holy Eucharist. Partaking of Christ's life the 
disembodied soul of the just man sees God face 
to face along with Christ. The harmonious op- 
eration of divine grace has thus brought it about 
that, as the mysterious touch of Christ's humanity 
uplifted us in Baptism into the order of grace, 
so likewise the full incorporation with Christ, 
which takes place through the Eucharist, should 
iiansfer us after death into the order of glory. 
For this reason it is that the Catholic Church 
recommends and wishes that the viaticum be 
given to the dying, ' that it may be the life of the 
soul' (Council of Trent: Sess. xiii., c. viii.), that 
is, that it may quicken the soul by raising it up 
to a glorious life at its separation from the body. 
The sacred Host which descends on the half life- 
less lips of the dying Christian is true food of im- 
mortality. That death is but the setting below 
our horizon of a sun that will rise to shine more 
brightly in another hemisphere. So has Jesus 
Christ said: ' I am the Resurrection and the Life. 
He that believeth in Me although he be dead shall 
live' (Johnxi. 25). 

* Death is a tremendous step, because on it 

378 Visit XXXI. 

depends our eternal happiness or misery; but in 
that hard extremity our trust is in the bread of 
the Eucharist given us by our viaticum on our 
last journey to another life. The miraculous 
bread brought by the angel to Elias when he 
sojourned in the desert, where, fortified by that 
heavenly bread, he journeyed on to the mountain 
of God, Horeb (3 Kings xix. 8), was a beautiful 
symbol of the bread of the Eucharist; and heaven 
is our Horeb, the mountain of God, whither the 
soul separated from the body journeys on. We 
must always remember, and hold firm this con- 
viction, that man has no other strength and life 
but what he receives from Christ, from living by 
Christ's life, from possessing Christ within him. 
The life of Christ, of which man participates in 
eating of Christ's sacred body, is a fulness of life 
so powerful as to expel and banish every disease 
from the soul, cleansing it from venial sins and 
even from the mortal sins which may uncon- 
sciously be clinging to it. It is of the highest 
importance then to receive the Holy Viaticum in 
the last uncertain hours of life. This may have 
given rise in some churches to the ancient abuse 
of administering communion to the dead who had 
not been able to receive it in life, an abuse against 
which several Councils raised their voice, our 
Lord having said, i Take ye and eat,' and the dead 
are incapable of taking food." — From " Names of 
the Eucharist." 

The Viaticum. 379 

From an unprovided death; Lord, deliver us ! 

In the hour of my death, Lord, grant me the 
grace of Holy Viaticum ! 

Our Lady of the Most Holy Sacrament, Mother 
and model of adorers, pray for us, who have re- 
course to thee ! 

St. Joseph, pray for us, that like thee, we may 
die in the arms of Jesus and Mary ! 

Lord of mercy, strengthen us Thy servants 
in Thy heavenly grace, that at the hour of our 
death the enemy may not prevail over us and that 
we may deserve to be conducted by the angels into 
everlasting life, through our Lord Jesus Christ. 


V. Deus, in adjutorium V. Incline unto my aid, 

meuni intende. God ! 

R. Domine, ad adjuvan- R. Lord ! make haste 

dum me festina. to help me. 

Gloria Patri, etc. Glory be to the Father, 



Father, forgive them; for they know not what they 

V. Adoranms te, Christe, V. We adore Thee, O 

et benedicimus tibi. Christ, and bless Thee. 

R. Quia per sanctam R. Because by Thy holy 

crucemtuamredemisti mun- cross Thou hast redeemed 
dum. the world. 

380 Visit XXXI. 

Jesus, my love ! Who, for love of me, dost hang 
in agony on the cross, there by Thy pains to pay 
the penalty of my sins, and dost open Thy divine 
mouth to obtain me pardon for them from Eternal 
Justice: Jesus ! pity all those faithful souls 
who now are in their last sad agony, and pity me 
when I, too, shall be in mine. By the merit of 
Thy most precious blood shed for our salvation, 
vouchsafe us all such lively sorrow for our sins 
as shall make us breathe forth our souls into the 
bosom of Thy boundless mercy. 

Glory be to the Father, three times. 

Miserere nostri, Domine, Have mercy on us, O 

miserere nostri, Lord ! have mercy on us. 

My God, in Thee I believe, in Thee I hope; 
Thou art my love. I repent of my sins, because 
by them I have offended Thee. 


This day shalt thou be with Me in paradise. 
V. Adoramus te, etc. V. We adore Thee, etc. 

Jesus, my love ! Who, for love of me, dost hang 
in agony on the cross, and with such readiness and 
bounty dost meet the good thief's cry of faith, 
when in Thy humiliations he acknowledges Thee 
to be the Son of God, and dost then assure him of 
paradise prepared for him: oh ! pity all faithful 
souls now in their last agony, and pity me when I, 
too, shall be in mine. By the merit of Thy most 
precious blood, renew in our souls such firm and 

The Viaticum. 381 

steadfast faith as shall never waver at any sug- 
gestions of the Evil One; that so we also may ob- 
tain the blessed prize of paradise. 
Glory be to the Father, three times. 

Miserere, etc. Have mercy, etc. 

My God, in Thee I believe, in Thee I hope; 
Thou art my love. I repent of my sins, because 
by them I have offended Thee. 


Behold thy Mother ! Behold thy son ! 
V. Adoranuis, etc. V. We adore Thee, etc. 

Jesus, my love ! Who, for love of me, dost hang 
in agony on the cross, and, unmindful of Thine 
own sorrows, dost leave us Thy own most holy 
Mother as a pledge of Thy love, that we through 
iter may, in our greatest straits, seek Thee with 
confidence: have pity on all faithful souls now in 
their last agony, and pity me when I, too, shall be 
in mine. By the inward martyrdom of Thy dear 
Mother, quicken in our hearts a firm hope in the 
infinite merits of Thy most precious blood, that so 
we may escape the sentence of eternal death, 
which we know we well deserve for our sins. 

Glory be to the Father, three times. 

Miserere, etc. Have mercy, etc. 

My God, in Thee I believe, in Thee I hope; 
Thou art my love. I repent of my sins, because 
by them I have offended Thee. 

382 Visit XXXI. 


My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me ? 

V. Adoramus, etc. V. We adore Thee, etc. 

Jesus, my love ! Who, for love of me, dost hang 
in agony on the cross, and, heaping woe on woe, 
besides Thy sacred body's pain, dost bear with 
infinite patience the most afflicting desolation of 
spirit, because Thou wast forsaken by Thine eter- 
nal Father ; pity all faithful souls now in their 
last agony, and pity me when I, too, shall be in 
mine. By the merit of Thy most precious blood, 
grant us all Thy grace to suffer with true meek- 
ness all the pain and anguish of our agony, that 
joining our pains with Thine, we, too, may in 
paradise be made partakers of Thy glory. 

Glory be to the Father, three times. 

Miserere, etc. Have mercy, etc. 

My God, in Thee I believe, in Thee I hope ; 
Thou art my love. I repent of my sins, because 
by them I have offended Thee. 


I thirst. 
V. Adoramus, etc. V. We adore Thee, etc. 

Jesus, my love ! Who, for love of me, dost hang 
in agony on the cross, and Who, ever thirsting 
for insults and for sufferings, dost will yet more 

The Viaticum. 383 

and more to suffer, that all men may be saved, 
thus showing that all the torrent of Thy passion 
is not enough to quench the thirst of Thy most 
loving heart: pity all faithful souls now in their 
last agony, and pity me when I, too, shall be in 
mine. By the merit of Thy most precious blood, 
kindle such a fire of charity within us that, with 
burning longing, we may thirst ever to be one 
with Thee for all eternity. 

Glory be to the Father, three times. 

Miserere, etc. Have mercy, etc. 

My God, in Thee I believe, in Thee I hope ; 
Thou art my love. I repent of my sins, because 
by them I have offended Thee. 


It is finished. 
V. Adoramus, etc. V. We adore Thee, etc. 

Jesus, my love ! Who, for love of me, dost hang 
in agony on the cross, and from this pulpit of the 
truth dost declare the work of our redemption fin- 
ished- — that work by which, from children of 
wrath and of eternal woe, we were made sons of 
God and heirs of heaven: pity all faithful souls 
now in their last agony, and pity me when I, too, 
shall be in mine. By the merit of Thy most pre- 
cious blood, detach us wholly from the world and 
from ourselves, and, at the moment of our agony, 

3«4 Visit XXXI. 

grant us grace to offer Thee, with all our hearts, 
the sacrifice of our life in atonement for our sins. 
Glory he to the Father, three times. 

Miserere, etc. Have mercy, etc. 

My God, I believe in Thee, in Thee I hope ; 
Thou art my love. I repent of my sins, because 
by them I have offended Thee. 


Father, into Thy hands I commend My spirit. 
V. Adoramus, etc. V. We adore Thee, etc. 

Jesus, my love ! Who, for love of me, dost hang 
in agony on the cross, and Who, to accomplish the 
great sacrifice, dost submit to the will of Thy 
eternal Father, commending Thy spirit into His 
hands, and then Thou dost bow Thy head and die: 
pity all faithful souls now in their agony, and pity 
me when I, too, shall be in mine. By the merit 
of Thy most precious blood, give us in our agony 
an entire conformity to Thy divine will, that, 
ready to live or die as it shall please Thee, we may 
desire nothing but that Thy adorable will may 
ever find its full accomplishment in us. 

Glory be to the Father, three times. 

Miserere, etc. Have mercy, etc. 

My God, I believe in Thee, in Thee I hope ; 
Thou art my love. I repent of my sins, because 
by them I have offended Thee. 

The Viaticum. 


Prayer to the Holy Virgin, Our Lady of Sorvows. 

Mary most holy, Mother of sorrows, by that in- 
tense martyrdom which thou didst suffer at the 
foot of the cross, during the three hours of Jesus' 
agony; deign to aid us all, children of thy sor- 
rows, in our last agony, that, by our prayers, we 
from our bed of death may pass to heaven's holy 
joys, there to adorn thy crown. 

Hail Mary, three times. 

Maria mater gratia?, 

Mater misericordia?, 

Tu nos ab hoste protege. 

Et mortis liora suscipe. 

V. A subitanea et im- 
provisa morte. 
R. Libera nos, Domine. 
V. Ab insidiis diaboli. 

R. Libera nos, Domine. 
V. A morte perpetua. 

R. Libera nos, Domine. 

Mother of mercy, Mother 
of grace, 

Mary, help a fallen race. 

Shield us when the foe is 

And receive us when we 

V. From sudden and un- 
prepared death. 

R. Deliver us, O Lord ! 

V. From the snares of the 

R. Deliver us, O Lord ! 

V. From everlasting 

R. Deliver us, O Lord ! 


Deus, qui ad humani gene- 
ris salutem in dolorosissima 
Filii tui morte exemplum et 
subsidium constituisti : con- 
cede, quaesumus, ut in ex- 
tjemo mortis nostra periculo 


God, Who for our salva- 
tion hast, in the most bitter 
death of Thy Son, made for 
us both an example and a 
refuge : grant we beseech 
Thee, that, in the last peril. 

S86 Visit XXXI. 

tantae cliaritatis effectum at the Lour of our death, we 

consequi, et ipsius Redemp- may be made worthy to ex- 

toris gloriae consociari me- perience tlie effect of His 

reamur. Per eumdem Chris- great charity, and to be 

turn Dominum nostrum. made partakers of the Ee- 

R. Amen. deemer's glory. Through 

the same Christ Our Lord, 

R. Amen. 

End with the ejaculations : 

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph ! I give you my heart 
and my soul. 

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph ! assist me in my laat 

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph ! may I breathe out 
my soul in peace with you. 

An indulgence of three hundred days. — Pius VII , Aug. 
26, 1814. 

Prayer to the Holy Ghost and Spiritual Com- 
munion, p. 101. 



Behold Christ seated in thy heart as a merciful 
Judge and a kind Father; regard thyself as a 
prodigal son, begging forgiveness for thy numer- 
ous and grievous offences. 


Love Him with the tender, grateful love of 
Mary Magdalen, so that thou mayest serve Him 

TJie Viaticum. 387 

with fidelity and perseverance to the end of thy 
life, seeking in all things only His divine pleasure, 
and fearing to offend Him by the least sin. 


Ask Him for the spirit of u Fortitude " and for 
the grace of " Perseverance/' that, as a faithful 
servant, thou mayest wish rather to die than to 
commit a mortal sin and that thou mayest be able 
to direct all thy actions to God as to thy last end, 
loving and serving Him in this life and securing 
for thyself eternal happiness. 


Last Communion of St. Teresa. 

During the time that St. Teresa dwelt in a 
convent at Avila, she usually fell into an ecstasy 
after receiving holy communion, and often on the 
spot where she had been communicated, so that it 
was necessary for others to lead her back to her 
place. At Toledo she was discovered by the por- 
tress in this state, standing against the wall like 
a statue, fixed and apparently lifeless. The por- 
tress endeavored with all her strength to force her 
to sit, and took her by the hands; but she was as 
a stone, until she came to herself. At Avila, on 
the Feast of St. Joseph, when she tarried after 
communion in the choir, she was seen by the 
sisters uplifted in the air. In the year 1582. on 

688 Visit XXXI. 

the 18th April, she had founded her last convent 
at Burgos. It was her wish to journey from 
Burgos to Avila, in order to end her days there, 
but obedience called her to Alva on her way. Here 
she was overtaken by her last sickness; and three 
days before her death she passed a whole night in 
prayer, during which the Lord foretold her the 
near approach of her dissolution. During the 
whole time of her illness she conversed with her 
daughters in such a wonderful manner that they 
forgot their own grief. At five o'clock in the 
evening of October 3d she begged for the Holy 
Viaticum. Then she exhorted daughters with 
motherly zeal to cultivate peace, sisterly love, pov- 
erty, and obedience; after which the Most Holy 
was brought to her. 

As soon as the Blessed Sacrament was carried 
into her cell, the servant of God sprang up out of 
her bed, although before she had been too weak 
to move without help. Her countenance was over- 
spread with unearthly and majestic beauty, and 
she appeared to be much younger than. she really 
was. With folded hands and overflowing with joy, 
feeling within her that her end approached, she 
raised her voice in glowing words of love: " my 
Lord, my Bridegroom, that the long-desired hour 
might come, when we shall see each other face to 
face. Oh, that it were time to go ! Lord ! bless 
the journey ! Thy will be done ! At length shall 
I leave my banishment, and my soul shall taste 

TJie Viaticum. 389 

Thy presence which it has so long desired ! " Al- 
ter receiving the Blessed Sacrament with the deep- 
est devotion, she remained for some time absorbed 
in contemplation, during which she often repeated 
these verses of the fiftieth psalm: " A sacrifice to 
God is an afflicted spirit; a contrite and humbled 
heart, God, Thou wilt not despise. Cast me 
not away from Thy face, and take not Thy Holy 
Spirit from me. A clean heart create in me, 
God ! " Until the morning of the 4th October 
she suffered the severest pains, but to the last mo- 
ment of her life her face shone with heavenly 
beauty, her body retained its calm, peaceful ap- 
pearance, and it was as though her soul were float- 
ing in contemplation. Her departure was not the 
death of an ordinary person. Holy Church has 
pronounced, during the process of her canoniza- 
tion, that Teresa died rather of the overpowering 
fire of divine love than of any natural sickness. 
Her heart was kept at Alva, enclosed in a crystal 
case, and a wound is clearly visible in it; from this 
token it was concluded that a seraph had touched 
her heart in such a manner that it was an over- 
flow of divine love which had separated her soul 
from her body. 

Hymn of St. Teresa. 

This union of divinest ]ove, 
By which I live a life above, 
Setting my heart at liberty. 
My God to me enchains ; 

320 Visit XXXJ. 

But then to- see His majesty 
In such a base captivity, 
It so my spirit pains, 
That ever more I weep and sigh, 
Dying, because I do not die. 

This only gives me life and strength 
To know that die I must at length ; 
For hope insures me bliss divine 

Through death, through death alone, 

Death, for thee, for thee I pine, 
Sweet Death, of life the origin, 

Ah, wing thee hither soon ! 
Forever more I weep and sigh, 
Dying, because I dc not die. 

Absent from Thee, my Saviour dear, 

1 call not life this living here, 
But a long dying agony, 

The sharpest 1 have known. 
And I myself, myself to see 
In such a *ack of misery, 

For very pity moan ; 
And ever, ever, weep and sigh, 
Dying, because I do not die. 

When on the altar I espy, 
My God, Thy hidden majesty, 

And peace is soothing my sad heart, 
Then comes redoubled pain, 
To think that here from Thee apart, 
I cannot see Thee as Thou art, 
But gaze and gaze in vain ; 
While ever more I weep and sigh, 
Dying, because I do not die. 

The Viaticum. 391 

All, Lord, my Light and living Breath, 
Take me, take me from this death, 
And burst the bars that sever me 
From my true life above : 
Think how I die Thy face to see, 
And cannot live away from Thee, 

O my eternal Love ! 
And ever, ever, weep and sigh, 
t Dying, because I do not die ! 

I weary of this endless strife, 
I weary of this dying life, 
This living death, this heavy chain, 
This torment of delay, 
In which her sins my soul detain ; 
Ah 1 when shall it be mine? ah ! when 

With my last breath to say : 
" No more I weep, no more I sigh, 
I'm dying of desire to die ? " 
Sweet Sacrament, we Thee adore ; 
Oh ! make us love Thee more and more \ 

/IDiscellaneous praters for the 1bour of 

Bfcoration ant) for Sbort IDistts to 

tbe Blessefc Sacrament* 


Most August Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost, three persons and one omnipotent God, to 
Whom Christ Jesus, God and Man, renders in the 
Sacrament of the Eucharist continual honor and 
immortal praise, I believe in Thee, I adore thee, 
I love Thee, and, with deep abasement and rever- 
ence, I unite my humbla praises with the supreme 
honor offered to Thee by this veiled and sacred 
Humanity. heavenly Father, how great has 
been Thy goodness, in giving us this Thine 
own beloved Son, not sparing to Him the tor- 
ments and death of the cross, that so He might 
save man. Thy infinite mercy substituted for the 
shadowy sacrifices of the' Old Law, which could 
not satisfy Thee, this supreme Holocaust; and f >r 
the manna which of old poured down from heaven 
to nourish Thy first people in thd desert, Thou 

Prayers for Short Visits. 393 

givest to us the living flesh, the precious blood, of 
the God-Man. This, His sacrifice, is daily offered 
on our altars; receive it, Lord, as worthy of Thy 
greatness, and as the truest witness of Thy sov- 
ereignty; receive it as the solemn thanksgiving for 
a world's redemption, and especially from that 
Church which Thou hast filled with blessings. 
Take it, dear Lord, as the infinite satisfaction 
which appeases for the sins that have irritated Thy 
justice; and, above all, accept it as the most effica- 
cious of all prayers whereby to obtain from Thy 
goodness the graces we need to sanctify our souls; 
for tne exaltation of Thy holy Church, for the 
spread of Thy Gospel, and for the sanctification 
of Thy most holy name. Behold, King of 
heaven and earth ! the face of Thy Christ, im- 
molated on Calvary for our sins; consider this dear 
object of Thy complacency, disfigured on the cross, 
annihilated on the altar, hidden in the tabernacle, 
become food for the salvation of His people; and 
when Thou, Lord, lookest upon this august 
spectacle, pardon our offences, grant us Thy pro- 
tection, and receive us into Thy eternal kingdom. 
Thou didst perfect with infinite gifts His sacred 
humanity; for our sakes Thou didst enrich it with 
all grace, and didst constitute Him our Teacher, 
our High -Priest, our Mediator, the firm Eock of 
our salvation. To Thee He pleads for us, in Thy 
name He instructs us, He sacrifices Himself for 
our redemption. Oh ! suffer tlii anger of Thy 

394 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

justice to be appeased by His powerful mediation, 
that it may obtain for us all the riches of Thy 
eternal love. 

Vindicate, Father, the glory of Thy Son 
against sinners, and against the blasphemers of 
the adorable Eucharist, as of old thou didst de- 
clare Thine own. The innocent Lamb of God is 
as a sign of contradiction, against which the darts 
of infidels and heretics, of schismatics, of impious 
and wicked Christians, are maliciously cast. Too 
often He is a father forgotten by His own children, 
a monarch slighted by His subjects, a master aban- 
doned by His disciples, a God dishonored by His 
creatures. But now grant, eternal Father, that 
this Thy dearly beloved Son, to Whom we owe our 
all, may again receive His rights within the eucha- 
ristic species, that all nations, all sects, returning 
into the bosom of the Holy Catholic Church, may 
acknowledge Him, that therein all minds and 
hearts may be subject to Him, and that this di- 
vine Sacrament may receive respect and love, may 
be visited with confidence, may be sought with 
awe, may be proclaimed and adored with holy 
liberty throughout the world. 

And for Thy holy Church, which glories in ex- 
alting the Blessed Sacrament, and in extending 
its worship, may the continual presence therein 
of her divine Saviour pacify and perfect her; may 
it increase the faith, the hope, the charity, of her 
living members; may it revive the faith and zeal 

and for Short Visits. 395 

u. those, who slumber, multiply her children, and 
be her defence against all her enemies. Bless, 
my God, with Thy richest blessings, [N.], our 
chief bishop, the vicar of Thy Son here on earth, 
the visible head of His universal Church. Bless 
also the bishops and pastors of Thy Church, 
especially [N.], our prelate; all priests, ministers 
of Thy holy Gospel, and of this Blessed Eucha- 
rist. In the fulness of Thy grace, bless, Lord, 
all Regilious of both sexes, all Orders in Thy 
Church, all rulers, princes, magistrates, and all 
people; and grant that Thy Most Holy Sacrament 
may be to all the fountain of life, the treasure of 
grace, the banquet of joy, and the throne of 

With Thy tender benediction, look, Lord, 
upon the faithful adorers of this Most August 
Sacrament, and deign to hear the vows, the pray- 
ers, the sighs, that day and night they offer for 
Thy glory, for the increase of love and veneration 
to the mystery of the Eucharist. 

Finally, my Lord and my God, I beseech Thee, 
by the merits of this thrice-holy Victim, to have 
mercy on the poor, the afflicted, the sick, and the 
agonizing. Relieve them all in their sufferings, 
console them in their afflictions, help them in their 
need, strengthen them in their weakness, animate 
them in their combats, and to the souls detained 
in purgatory, apply the blood of this adorable 
Sacrifice; and, if it be Thy good pleasure, speedily 

396 Pray era for the Hour of Adoration 

deliver them from that purifying fire, so that they 
may come to adore, and give Thee glory, with 
all Thy saints, eternally in heaven. 

Say the Our Father three times, three Hail Marys three 
times, and Glory be to the Father three times, to the Most 
Holy Trinity, for which 100 days' indulgence are granted. 


From supplicating Thy eternal Father, I turn tc> 
Thee, my Jesus, dwelling in the Blessed Sacra- 
ment, and, as the meanest of Thy creatures, lost 
in my own nothingness, prostrate before ike 
throne of Thy great majesty, profoundly I adore 
Thee with all my spirit, with all the powers cf 
my soul; and here I acknowledge Thee veiled be- 
neath the sacramental species, as my God, my 
Creator, my chief and last end. With true and 
living faith I believe that in this adorable Sacra- 
ment Thou Thyself, true God and true man, art 
present, Who, being the sole-begotten Son of God, 
didst yet, from. Thy great love for man, take to 
Thyself human flesh in the most pure womb of 
Mary ever virgin, by the operation of the Holy 
Ghost; therefore wast Thou born poor, in a vile 
manger; therefore didst Thou live subject to men, 
and didst submit to all human miseries, except, 
sin; and therefore, finally, amidst shame, and 
blows, and sufferings, Thou, the innocent Lamb of 
God, didst expire, as an infamous criminal, upon 

and for Short Visits. 3$7 

the hard wood of the cross. Therefore didst Thou 
shed the last drop of Thy divine blood, that Thou 
mightest redeem us from the slavery of the devil, 
and of sin. And now that, having conquered 
death and hell, Thou sittest glorious at the right 
hand of Thy Father, I believe that, without 
abandoning the heavenly throne of Thy -glory, 
Thou yet dwellest, substantially and really, in this 
ineffable sacrament, wherein I glorify Thee as 
God in the firmament of Thy Church, as the Lamb 
enthroned in His seat of love, as the Priest of the 
sanctuary of all grace, as the Master in this chair 
of wisdom, as the Saint of saints in thine ark of 
alliance, as the sweet Manna of all consolation, 
and as the Arbiter of my eternal fate in 
this court of mercy. Yes, my dear Jesus, all this 
I declare and believe, as Thou hast commanded 
me, and as Thy spouse, the Catholic Church, my 
mother, believes. 

But while my misery and weakness fill me with 
fear in approaching Thee, still, with the father 
of the young man in the Gospel tormented by a 
dumb spirit, I will say, " I believe, Lord/' Yes, 
my God, I believe; alas ! that I am also forced 
to say with him, " Lord, help my unbelief " (Mark 
ix. 24); but let Thy grace, dear Lord, supply what 
is wanting in my faith. Let not this faith be in 
words only, or in bare acts of respect and venera- 
tion to so admirable a sacrament, but let it be ever 
active, laboring to follow the example and the 

398 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

counsels stored up herein. So may my faith be 
truly living, zealous, and fruitful in .those good 
works which alone correspond with this faith. 
This is the earnest desire of my heart, the most 
ardent longing of my soul. Ah ! my blessed 
Saviour, reposing in this sacrament on Thy throne 
of grace, if Thou wilt not look upon my poverty, 
but on the treasures of Thy mercy, Thou wilt hear 
my prayers; Thou wilt not refuse my humble* sup- 
plications, even as Thou didst listen to the peti- 
tion of the woman of Chanaan, beseeching; Thee 
to cure her daughter; then I may hope that Thou 
wilt say to me also: u Great is thy faith: be it done 
unto thee as thou wilt " (Matt. xv. 28). 

Yes, my Lord and my God, from beneath the 
eucharistic species, wherein I adore Thee, turn, 
I beseech Thee, upon me, poor and miserable sin- 
ner as I am, one of those looks of love which Thou 
didst cast upon Peter in the Praetorium, and make 
me feel, in the very depth of my heart, those sweet 
words which from the cross Thou diclst speak to 
the penitent thief, that I too may be inflamed with 
a true and living faith; that I may become a true 
and ardent adorer of this divine Sacrament; and 
that in all my thoughts, in all my words, in all 
my actions, I may have no other object, I may 
seek nothing, but to give Thee, my dear Ke- 
deemer, honor and glory, so that one day it may 
be given me to behold Thee unveiled, to contem- 
plate Thee in a blessed eternity. Amen. 

and for Short Visits. 399 

Say five Paters, five Aves, five Glorias, and the ejacula- 

" O sacrament most holy ! sacrament divine ! 
All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine," 
in honor of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, to which are 
granted 100 days' indulgence, applicable to the souls in 
purgatory.— Pius VI., May 24, 1776. 


Look down, Lord, from Thy sanctuary, and 
from heaven, Thy dwelling-place, and behold this 
holy Victim which our great High-Priest, Thy 
holy Child, the Lord Jesus, offers up to Thee for 
the sins of His brethren; and let not Thy wrath 
be kindled because of the multitude of our trans- 
gressions. Behold the voice of the blood of Jesus, 
our Brother, calls to Thee from the cross. Give 
ear, Lord ! be appeased, Lord ! hearken, and 
tarry not, for thine own sake, my God ! because 
Thy name is called upon in behalf of this city and 
of thy people; but deal with us according to Thy 
great mercy. Amen. 

V. That Thou vouchsafe to defend, pacify, 
keep, preserve, and bless this city. 

71. We beseech Thee to hear us. 

An indulgence of 100 days once a day. — Pius IX., Feb, 
«, 1877. 


my God, how often have I offended The* 
more perhaps than any others have done, by open 

400 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

want of faith, of reverence, of love, by perfidious 
and monstrous ingratitude. Often have I passed 
before Thy altars, whereon Thou dwellest in sacra- 
ment, and have shown Thee no mark of reverence ! 
Again and again have I entered Thy churches 
ruffled m demeanor, my senses wandering here and 
there, my mind and my heart distracted, even dur- 
ing the holy sacrifice and the exposition of the 
Blessed Sacrament ! I have failed in reverence to 
Thy priests, considering them merely as men, with- 
out remembering that their persons are sacred, 
because they are elected by Thee to consecrate 
and to handle the Adorable Sacrament. Often, 
alas ! I have gone to receive Thee, my blessed 
Saviour, in holy communion, with a heart not only 
tepid and indifferent, but cold and frozen, with- 
out life or devotion. How often have I received 
Thee with a soul weighed down and contaminated 
by evil habits and vicious attachments, without 
ever seriously endeavoring to amend ! Into what 
excess of negligence and indolence in my prepara- 
tion for communion, and in my thanksgiving, have 
I not fallen ! Many times I have communicated, 
but from habit, or from human respect, without 
drawing from it the fruit of its inestimable virtue. 
Receiving so often within me the God of holiness, 
I ought to be a great saint, and yet I am a miser- 
able being, loaded with imperfections and base- 
ness, whose malice has ever impeded Thy grace. 
Y^vli cf shame and confusion, I acknowledge m5 

and for Short Visits. 401 

fault, and, accusing myself before heaven and 
earth, I confess that I have done evil, and have re- 
paid with foul impiety Thy great love. 


I grieve, my God, and am deeply contrite for 
ail the sins I have committed during my whole 
life; but, above all, I repent of those which I 
have committed against the reverence and the re- 
spect due to Thee, my God, in the Blessed Sacra- 
ment. Infinite Goodness, Beauty, Majesty ! 
How can I have been so daring as to outrage Thee, 
while I was under such obligation to reverence and 
to love Thee ? Surely there is no creature so un- 
grateful as I on the face of this earth. Who shall 
give sighs to my heart, and tears to my eyes, ade- 
quately to lament and to weep for my sins ? I 
retract, I detest and abominate all the malice of 
my heart. Would that I but knew how to com- 
pensate Thee, my adorable Saviour, and to restore 
Thee that honor of which I have so unworthily 
deprived Thee. Oh, that I could here die with 
grief for having offended Thee, then would my 
death be welcome to me ! But I mourn that my 
contrition is so imperfect compared with my of- 
fences. Yet for all that I can do to excite con- 
trition in myself, it will never be true and deep, 
if Thou, my God, grant me not Thy assistance; 
before Thee, then, I humbl ? mvself, and I beseech 

•102 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration. 

Thee and implore Thee to grant me this aid, by 
the merits of Thy most holy infancy, and of Thy 
most bitter passion, and by the intercession of 
Thy blessed Mother and of St. Joseph. 

Look not, Lord, upon my unworthiness, but 
upon my need; since the greater my misery the 
more I want Thy mercy. " Have mercy upon me, 

Lord, according to Thy great mercy '' (Ps. 1. 3). 

1 feel that my sorrow is great for having offended 
Thee, and that my hatred of sin is strong; but 
whatever it may be, I knew that it is little, noth- 
ing, compared to that just satisfaction due to Thy 
infinite majesty; and therefore I beseech Thee to 
accept that entire hatred with which Thou Thyself 
regardest my sins, and that bitter grief with which 
Thy most sweet souL was torn and afflicted. Ah I 
my loving Saviour, I pray for compassion, mercy, 
pardon. " According to the multitude of thy 
tender mercies, blot out my iniquity " (Ps. 1. 3). 
I am content that, sinful as I am, I cannot satisfy 
the Divine Justice for my iniquities; and I re- 
joice that Thou, my blessed Redeemer alone canst 
make satisfaction for me, because I desire ever to 
have the burden of Thy great charity. 

When I reflect upon my misery, I see how un- 
worthy I am of Thy grace; and when I feel my 
conscience goaded by innumerable sins, I might 
well despair; but God forbid that I should do Thee 
kmch wrong. If more than nil the devils of hell I 
have merited its fires, never will I lose hope when 

and for Short Visits. 403 

I look upon Thy infinite goodness, that fills my 
soul with earnest confidence in Thee. I know well 
that Thou desirest not the death of the sinner, 
but that he should be converted and live. Behold 
me resolved to be no more what I have been; to 
Thee I owe this good desire; how, then, can I re- 
fuse to trust that Thou wilt fulfil Thy mercy in 
me, and effectually convert me ? From Thee 
alone I hope all good for this life and for that to 
come. my Lord, I may well trust Thee for 
every blessing, temporal or spiritual, Who hast 
even given me all Thyself in this August Sacra- 
ment ! 

From Thee I hope for my eternal salvation, 
since to this end Thou hast created me, and re- 
deemed me, and hast given me in the Blessed Eu- 
charist Thy sure pledge. And since to attain sal- 
vation I must apply myself to those means which 
Thou hast appointed, I trust in Thee that I may 
do so effectually. I desire, my God, to observe 
Thy holy laws, and never more by transgression 
to offend Thee. Xo, never again will I grieve 
Thee, never inore shall sin have power to terafpt 
me. Let riches, honors, health, ctncl even Y.ic itself 
go; rather will I consent to lose all earthly good, 
to accept all evil, than once willingly to offend 

But in myself, Lord, I place no trust, be- 
cause there is no good promise in me; unstable 
as an empty boat, yielding to every gust of wind. 

404 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

I continually find that during one short day I can- 
not maintain my resolutions. In Thee alone I 
trust, from Thee alone I hope for the grace of 
perseverance in good. The world, the powers of 
hell are against me; in Thee only do I hope; on 
Thee do I lean. I cling, dear Lord, to Thee; and 
while I know that to defend me in danger, to help 
me in need, thou dwellest in Thy Blessed Sacra- 
ment, nothing shall make me afraid. " Thou hast 
prepared a table before me, against them that af- 
flict me " (Ps. xxii. 5). 

Strengthen, Lord, my hope; confirm it, make 
it constant and full of courage. Oh ! that I had 
hope to honor Thee aright, a hope without bounds 
in that infinite power, that infinite goodness, 
which in Thy Blessed Sacrament thou dost make 
known to me. I see not now Thy veiled majesty, 
but I firmly hope to behold Thee revealed in heav- 
en. Yes, u I shall see God; . . . this my hope is 
laid up in my bosom " (Job xix. 26, 27). 


my divine Lord, what obligations do I not 
owe Thee for Thy great, and wonderful, and end- 
less blessings which Thou hast granted me, and 
yet hast to bestow on me. But when I consider 
Thy sacred passion, of which in Thy Blessed Sacra- 
ment Thou hast left a perpetual memory, then am 
I wholly ravished. Who but Thou couldst have 
submitted to the scourge and the crown of thorns,, 

and for Short Visits. 405 

i, hang upon the cross, and all for me. Who 
could be found on earth to suffer shame and 
wounds, to be torn and agonized, to die a crim- 
iaal's death for me, but only Thou ? For this, 
Thy love, my dear Saviour, alone could suffice — 
Thy overflowing, unparalleled love. How fully 
art Thou then entitled to my undivided affection ! 
I love Thee, my most loving Saviour, and I 
resolve to love Thee before all men, above all 
things, and with all the strength tlys poor 
heart possesses. Thou art forever my portion, 
my inheritance, my God, my All. " I have said 
to the Lord, Thou art my God " (Ps. xv. 2). u The 
God of my heart, and the God that is my portion 
forever'* (Ps. lxxii. 26). As by love Thou hast 
lived and died for me, so i desire to live and 
breathe for Thee alone. Could I love Thee with 
the united hearts of all Thy seraphs and of all 
Thy saints, I might indeed love Thee; but since I 
have not this power, accept what 1 can offer Thee, 
at least my will. I offer Thee my heart; it is poor 
find good for little, but such as it is, dear Lord, 
receive it. Xo more, my heart, shalt thou belong 
to me, but wholly to my Jesus; constantly, eter- 
nally, shalt thou be His. Ah ! it will not be diffi- 
cult for me to belong wholly to Jesus, my Lord, 
for He has given Himself all to me in the Ador- 
able Sacrament. So much has He here given me, 
that were I to ask for more, well might He reply 
to me that He had nothing left to bestow, having 

406 Prayers for 1he Hour of Adoration 

given me all, since in this divine Sacrament He 
gave me Himself. How terrible, then, must be 
my ingratitude, if I give him not in return all I 
can, myself ! When I look upon my own nothing- 
ness, on die little I can do for my Saviour's glory, 
how can I possibly diminish that little 'i If even 
I devote myself wholly to His service, how little 
can I do for Him ! To-day, then, my dear Jesus, 
1' consecrate to Thee forever my body and my soul, 
my powers, my memory, intellect, and will, all my 
feelings; I will keep nothing back from Thee. 
But, my God, how can I count upon this heart 
of mine, so tender, so sensitive for itself, so hard 
to move for Thee ? Thou Who hast in the 
Blessed Eucharist constituted the miracle of mir- 
acles, work yet another within my breast, render 
this heart sensitive to Thee and to Thy love. Oh ! 
begin now in me this miraculous work, my God, I 
most humbly beseech Thee. 


ye foolish, unhappy ones of this world, says 
St. Augustine, where do you go to satisfy your 
hearts ? Come to Jesus, for in Him only you will 
find the content you seek. My soul, be not thou 
so foolish, but seek alone thy God. " Seek one 
good, in which is all good " (St. Augustine). If 
thou wouldst quickly find it, behold it here at 
hand: to hear thee, to console thee, He dwells 
within the ciborium; ask of Him what thou wilt 

and for Short Visits. 40? 

To all, says St. Teresa, it is not permitted to con- 
verse with their sovereign, and all they can look 
for is to address him through some third person. 
But to speak to Thee, King of glory, none such 
is needed; ever dost Thou wait to give audience in 
the Sacrament of the Altar to the meanest and the 
least. He who seeks Thee, ever finds Thee there, 
where he may speak to Thee as friend to friend. 
And if, among us, any one does approach their 
king, and speak to him, how much is he em- 
barassed ! Earthly monarchs rarely give their 
audience, hut Thou, in this sacrament, holdest 
Thy court day and night, open to all who desire 
to come to Thee. 

Sacrament of Love, whether Thou givest Thy- 
self to us in communion, or remainest on our al- 
tars, alike, with the attracting force of Thy love, 
Thou drawest towards Thee all those hearts which, 
enamoured of Thy love, astonished at Thy good- 
ness, burn for Thee with a genial flame, and ever 
think of Thee; draw too, dear Lord, this miser- 
able heart of mine, for it also longs to love Thee, 
and to die the servant of Thy love. Before Thy 
feet I lay this day, in the face of all men, my in- 
terests, my hopes and my affections, my soul, my 
body. I offer all to Thy goodness. Accept me, 
dearest Lord, and dispose of me as Thou pleasest. 
No more will I murmur at the appointments of 
Thy providence; I now know that, since they all 
proceed from Thy loving heart, they must be of 

408 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

love, and for my good. It shall be enough for 
me to do Thy will, in time and in eternity. Do 
Thou Thy will, Lord, in me, and for me; to 
Thy holy will I unite myself, for it is Thy will, 
all holy and good, all beautiful amiable, and per- 
fect. will of my God, how dear art Thou be- 
come to me ! Closely united with Thee, I will live 
and die. That which pleases Thee shall please 
me, Thy desires shall be mine. my God, my 
good God, assist me, and grant that from this 
hour I may live only for Thee, to unite my will 
with Thine, to have no love but Thine. Would 
that I might die for love for Thee, Who hast died 
for me, and hast given Thyself for my food. Bit- 
terly do I regret those days when I followed my 
own will, and so grieved Thee. But now, Di- 
vine Will, I love Thee, as I love my God, because 
Thou art of God. I love Thee with all my heart, 
I give myself up to Thee. supreme will of my 
God, be thou all my love ! 


In compensation for my weakness and my im- 
potence, I offer Thee, Lord, that ardent love 
with which Thou hast been loved, and shalt be 
loved for all eternity, by Thy angels and by Thy 
saints, and by the Queen of saints, Mary 
ever virgin, Thy most sweet and immacu- 
late Mother. I will search the earth for loving 

and for Short Visits. 409 

hearts to offer Thee, that have power and ar- 
dor to love Thee as thou dost deserve. But if I 
could unite into one great heart all souls capable 
of loving Thee, even then Thou couldst not be 
loved aright. Thou only, dear Lord, canst supply 
this love, Thou only canst provide a love worthy 
of Thyself. Therefore do I offer Thee Thy own 
most sweet heart and that immense love where- 
with Thou sufficest to Thyself. I offer Thee that 
love wherewith the divinity has complacency in 
Thy most sacred humanity, and also that with 
which Thy holy humanity fitly corresponds in 
honoring and glorifying the divinity. Forever be 
praised in the Adorable Sacrament, the love of 
love, the love of the Father, the love of the Son, 
the love of the Holy Ghost. I am consoled in the 
glory which Thou, my all-glorious Eedeemer, hast 
in this Blessed Sacrament. When I consider the 
bread in the hands of the priest, that the mo- 
ment when he pronounces in the consecration 
those adorable words, " Hoc est corpus meum," 
there remains no more bread, for it is changed 
into the body of Jesus Christ, how do I hope, and 
desire, and long, that, receiving Thee in this 
August Sacrament, my Jesus, there may be ef- 
fected in me that which Thou didst declare to Thy 
servant Augustine, that, though he could not 
change into his owm substance this divine food, as 
occurs with the material food of our bodies, yet 
could he be changed into Thee, the living heaven' 

410 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

ly bread, to live in Thee a life all divine, because 
wholly like to Thine. Oh ! perform in me this 
happy change, that I may die to myself, to live all 
to Thee, in Thee, for Thee, so that I may say in 
spirit and truth, with Paul Thy apostle, " I live, 
now not I: but Christ liveth in me " (Gal. ii. 20). 


most powerful Saviour, with a lively faith I 
acknowledge Thee in this Sacrament of Thy love 
as my God, Whom I should adore, my Master, to 
Whom I should listen, as my Physician, to Whom 
I should have recourse, and as my Father, Whom 
I should tenderly love. Thou art, my Jesus, the 
most perfect Model, upon which I should regulate 
my conduct; hence, I should forget myself and my 
own interest, as Thou in a manner forgettest Thy- 
self, in this incomparable mystery ! Therefore, 
my beloved Jesus, I dedicate myself, inasmuch as 
I am able, to the imitation of Thy virtues. Make 
me, I conjure Thee, wholly Thine, as Thou art 
wholly mine in this consecrated Host. I intend 
that the donation which I make of myself to Thee 
should last as long as I live, since Thou hast given 
Thyself to me till the consummation of ages. 
May my life be a continual sacrifice in union with 
the sacrifice of Thine, by dying always to all that 
is not conformable to Thy Divine will, to my pas- 
sions, to my evil inclinations, to myself, to my own 

and for Short Visits. 417. 

will, to all creatures, to whatever occupies or sepa- 
rates my heart from Thee. And in order thus to 
die perfectly to all things, I am resolved, by Thy 
grace, to watch so constantly over every senti- 
ment of my heart, that, by continual mortification, 
I may effectually renounce whatever is dis- 
pleasing in Thy sight. Grant, then, God of my 
heart, that I may suffer with humility and pa- 
tience, contempt, injuries, and affronts without 
complaint, as Thou, my most sweet and only Good, 
sufferest the impiety and irreverence of sinners, 
who enter Thy temples only to offend Thee. Be- 
hold, Jesus, my desire and my hope, though my 
resolutions may be superior to my strength, I place 
my confidence in that grace alone which Thou, 
my adorable Saviour, hast merited for me. " I 
can do all things in Him, Who strengtheneth me." 


Sacred Heart of Jesus, my Saviour and my 
God, deign to receive me amongst the number of 
Thy adorers, notwithstanding my unworthiness. 
Humbly prostrate in Thy presence, I adore Thee 
with all the powers of my soul. I consecrate them 
forever to Thee, with all my thoughts, words, and 
actions, in grateful acknowledgment for my re- 
demption, but more particulaily for Thy love in 
always dwelling with us, in the Most Adorable and 
Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Oh ! why cannot 

412 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

I, Sacred Heart, by my adorations and those of 
my associates, repair all the outrages that Thou 
hast ever received, and will continue to receive 
until the end of the world, and offer Thee a^ much 
love and glory as Thou renderest to Thy eternal 
Father. Do Thou repair all my faults, be my Pro- 
tector, my Strength, and my Asylum at the hour 
of my death. 

I petition the like grace for all poor sinners, for 
all in affliction, for the agonizing, in fine, for all 
mankind, that none may lose the fruits of the 
precious blood Thou shed upon the cross. May it 
also be applied for the deliverance of the suffering 
souls in purgatory; it is what I now request, and 
will continue to beg until my last breath. Amen. 


For the First Friday of Every Month. 
Adorable heart of Jesus, glowing with love for 
as, and inflamed with zeal for our salvation: 
Heart ! ever sensible of our misery and the wretch- 
edness to which our sins have reduced us, infinite- 
ly rich in mercy to heal the wounds of our souls, 
behold us humbly prostrate before Thee to ex- 
press the sorrow that fills our hearts for the cold- 
ness and indifference with which we have so long 
requited the numberless benefits that Thou hast 
conferred unon us. With a deen sense of the out- 

and for Short Visits. 413 

rages that have been heaped upon Thee by our 
..ins and the sins of others, we come to make a 
solemn reparation of honor to Thy most sacred 
majesty. It was our sins that overwhelmed Thy 
Heart with bitterness; it was the weight of our in- 
iquities that pressed down Thy face to the earth 
in the Garden of Olives, and caused Thee to expire 
in anguish and agony on the cross. But now, re- 
penting and sorrowful, we cast ourselves at Thy 
feet, and implore forgiveness. Adorable Heart of 
Jesus, source of true contrition and ever merciful 
to the penitent sinner, impart to our hearts the 
spirit of penance, and give to our eyes a fountain 
of tears, that we may sincerely bewail our sins 
now and for the rest of our days. Oh. would that 
we could blot them out, even with our blood ! 
Pardon them, Lord, in Thy mercy, and pardon 
and convert to Thee all that have committed ir- 
reverences and sacrileges against Thee in the 
sacrament of Thy love, and thus give another 
proof that Thy mercy is above all Thy works. 
Divine Jesus, with Thee there are mercy and 
plentiful redemption, deliver us from our sins, ac- 
cept the sincere desire we now entertain, and our 
holy resolution, relying on the assistance of Thy 
grace, henceforth to be faithful to Thee, And in 
order to repair the sins of ingratitude by which we 
I ave grieved Thy most tender and loving heart, we 
are resolved in the future ever to love and honor 
Thee in the Most Adorable Sacrament of ihd 

414 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

Altar, where Thou art ever present to hear and 
grant our petitions, and to be the food and life 
of our souls. Be Thou, compassionate Jesus ! 
our Mediator with Thy heavenly Father Whom we 
have so grievously offended, strengthen our weak- 
ness, confirm these our resolutions of amendment, 
and as Thy Sacred Heart is our refuge and our 
hope when we have sinned, so may it be the 
strength, and support of our repentance, that 
nothing in life or death may ever again separate 
us from Thee. 


adorable Heart of Jesus, the tenderest, the 
most amiable, the most generous of all hearts ! 
penetrated with gratitude at sight of Thy benefits 
I come to consecrate myself wholly and unre- 
servedly to Thee ! I wish to devote all my en- 
ergies to propagating Thy worship, and winning, 
if possible, all hearts to Thee. Eeceive my heart 
this day, Jesus ! or rather take it; — change it, 
purify it, to render it worthy of Thee; make it 
humble, gentle, patient, faithful and generous like 
Thine, by inflaming it with the fire of Thy love. 
Hide it in Thy divine heart with all the hearts, 
which love Thee and are consecrated to Thee; 
never permit me to take my heart from Thee 
again. Ah ! let me rather die than ever grieve 
Thy adorable heart. Yes, Heart of Jesus, to al- 

and for Short Visits. 415 

ways love Thee, to honor Thee, to serve Thee, to 
ever he wholly Thine is the desire of my heart for 
life, for death, and for all eternity. 


my God ! I believe in Thee: do Thou 
strengthen my faith. All my hopes are in Thee: 
do Thou secure them. I love Thee: teach me to 
love Thee daily more and more. I am sorry that 
I have offended Thee: do Thou increase my sor- 

1 adore Thee as my first beginning ; I aspire 
after Thee as my last end. I give Thee thanks 
ns my constant Benefactor; I call upon Thee as 
my sovereign Protector. 

Vouchsafe, my God ! to conduct me by Thy 
wisdom, to restrain me by Thy justice, to comfort 
me by Thy mercy, to defend me by Thy power. 

To Thee I desire to consecrate all my thoughts, 
words, actions, and sufferings; that henceforward 
I may think of Thee, speak of Thee, refer all my 
actions to Thy greater glory, and suffer willingly 
whatever Thou shalt appoint. 

Lord, I desire that in all things Thy will may 
be done, because it is Thy will, and in the manner 
that Thou wiliest. 

I beg of Thee to enlighten my understanding, 
to inflame my will, to purify my body, and to 
sanctify my soul. 

416 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

Give me strength, my God ! to expiate my 
offences, to overcome my temptations, to subdue 
my passions, and to acquire the virtues proper for 
my state. 

Fill my heart with tender affection for Thy 
goodness, hatred of my faults, love of my neigh- 
bor, and contempt of the world. 

Let me always remember to be submissive to 
my superiors, condescending to my inferiors, 
faithful to my friends, and charitable to my 

Assist me to overcome sensuality by mortifica- 
tion, avarice by alms-deeds, anger by meekness, 
and tepidity by devotion. 

my God ! make me prudent in my undertak- 
ings, courageous in dangers, patient in affliction, 
and humble in prosperity. 

Grant that I may be ever attentive at my 
prayers, temperate at my meals, diligent in my 
employments, and constant in my resolutions. 

Let my conscience be ever upright and pure, 
my exterior modest, my conversation edifying, and 
my comportment regular. 

Assist me, that I may continually labor to over 
come nature, to correspond with Thy grace, to 
keep Thy commandments, and to work out my 

Discover to me, my God ! the nothingness of 
this world, the greatness of heaven, the shortness 
«£ time, and the length of eternity. 

and for Short Visits. 41? 

Grant that I may prepare for death; that I 
may fear Thy judgments, that I may escape hell, 
and in the end obtain heaven ; through Jesus 
Christ my Lord. Amen. 


1. My Jesus, every time I say, " Blessed be 
G-od," or " God's will be done," I intend to submit 
myself to all that Thou hast arranged for me, in 
time and eternity. 

2. I desire no other employment, talents, dwt*> 
ing, clothing, food, or health, but what is pleasing 
to God and what Thou hast destined for me. If 
Thou wiliest that all my affairs should go badly, 
my plans fail, lawsuits be lost, and that all I 
possess be taken from me, such is my will too. 

3. If Thou wiliest that I be despised, hated, put 
below others, calumniated, and ill-treated even by 
my dearest friends, such is my will too. 

4. If Thou wiliest that I fall into absolute pov 
erty, that I be driven from home and country, 
shut up in a dungeon, and that I pass my life in 
constant pain and anguish, such is my will too. 

5. If Thou wiliest that I be always poorly, cov- 
ered with sores, crippled, confined to my bed, for- 
saken by all, such is my will too, just as Thou 
pleasest, and as long as Thou pleasest. My life 
itself I place in Thy hands, and I accept whatever 
death Thou dost destine for me; in the same way 

318 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

do I accept the death of my relations and friends, 
and whatsoever Thou wiliest. 

6. . I will also everything that Thou wiliest re- 
garding my spiritual progress. I desire to love 
Thee in this life with all my heart, and to go to 
love Thee as a seraph in paradise, but I am con- 
tent with what Thou wiliest. If Thou dost will 
to give me only one degree of love, of grace, and 
of glory, I do not wish for more, because such is 
Thy will; I prefer the accomplishment of Thy 
will to any gain of mine. In a word, dispose of 
me, my God, and of all that belongs to me, as it 
may plea~e Thee without minding my wishes, as' I 
wish for nothing else but what Thou wiliest. 
Whatever be Thy treatment of me, whether it be 
hard or gentle, pleasing or disagreeable, I accept, 
I embrace it, because the one and the other comes 
to me from Thy hand. 

7. In fine, my Jesus, I accept, in an especial 
way, my death and all the pains that may accom- 
pany it, as Thou wiliest, in whatever place Thou 
wiliest, and whenever Thou wiliest. I unite it, 
my Saviour, to Thy most holy death, and offer 
it to Thee as a proof of the love I bear Thee. I 
wish to die in order to please Thee, and to fulfil 
Thy holy will. 


Eternal Father, relying on the promise made 
by Thy divine Son, " Whatever ye ask of the 

and for Short Visits. 413 

Father in My name, He will give it to you;'* I ask 
of Thee, in the name of Jesus, the graces of holy 
perseverance and of loving Thee with my whole 
heart. For the future, grant me the grace of al- 
ways perfectly accomplishing Thy holy will. 


My soul, cease from sinning ; think on thy 
sudden passage from life to eternity. While 
there is still time, be converted ; cry out to 
the Lord, saying: My God, have pity on me — 
most merciful Lord Jesus, by Thine agony and 
bloody sweat, and by Thy death, deliver me, I 
pray Thee, from sudden and unprepared death. 

most gentle Lord Jesus, by Thy cruel and igno- 
minious scourging and crowning with thorns, by 
Thy cross and bitter passion, and by Thine own 
great goodness, I humbly pray Thee let me not 
die unprepared and pass from this life without 
the holy sacraments. Jesus, my best beloved, my 
Lord ! by all Thy travails and all Thy sorrows, 
by Thy precious blood, and by Thy most holy 
wounds, and by those last words spoken by Thee 
upon the cross: " My God, my God, why hast 
Thou forsaken Me ? " and again. " Father, into 
Thy hands I commend My spirit,'" most ardently 

1 pray Thee free me from a sudden death. God, 
in Whose sight every heart trembles and every 

120 Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

conscience is awed ! show forth Thy mercy upon 
ns Thy suppliants, that we, who trust not in the 
excellence of our own merit, may never experience 
Thy judgments by an unprovided death, but may 
receive Thy pardon through Our Lord Jesus 


1. Eternal Father ! I offer Thee the precious 
blood of Jesus in satisfaction for my sins, and for 
the wants of Holy Church. 

100 days' indulgence, each time. — Pius VII., September 
02, 1317. 

2. sweetest Heart of Jesus, I implore that I 
may ever love Thee more and more. 

300 days' indulgence, each time. Plenary indulgence,, 
once a month, on the usual conditions. — Pius IX., Novem- 
ber 26, 1878. 

3. Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation. 

300 days' indulgence, each time. Plenary indulgence. 
as above.— Pius IX., September 30, 1852. 

4. Jesus, my God, I love Thee above all things* 

50 days' indulgence, each time. — Pius IX., May 7, 1874. 

5. Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my 
heart like unto Thine. 

300 days' indulgence, once a day. — Pius IX., Jan. 25, 1868, 

6. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved 

100 days' indulgence, once a day. — Pius IX., September 
23. 1860. 

anccfor Short Visits. 421 

7. May the Heart of Jesus in the Most Blessed 
Sacrament be praised, adored, and loved with 
grateful affection, at every moment, in all the 
tabernacles of the world, even to the end of time. 

100 days' indulgence, once a day. — Pius IX., February 
29, 1868. 

8. Blessed be the holy and Immaculate Concep- 
tion of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of 

300 days' indulgence, each time. — Leo. XIII., September 
10, 1878/ 

9. O Mary, who didst come into this world free 
from stain, obtain of God for me that I may leave 
it without sin. 

100 days' indulgence, once a day. — Pius IX., March. 27, 

10. St. Joseph, friend of the Sacred Heart, pray 
for us. 

100 days' indulgence, once a day. — Pius IX., June 2, 1874. 

11. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I give you my 
heart and my soul. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, as- 
sist me in my last agony. Jesus, Mary, and 
Joseph, may I breathe forth my soul in peace with' 

300 days' indulgence, each time that all three invocations' 
are recited ; 100 days, when one only is recited. — Pius VII., 
April 28, 1807. 

12. May the most just, most high, and most 
amiable will of God be done in all things, be 
praised and magnified forever. 

<±zz Prayers for the Hour of Adoration 

100 days' indulgence, once a day. Plenary indulgence, 
once a year for those whose who recite it daily, on the 
usual conditions. Plenary indulgence at the moment of 
death, for those who, having frequently recited it during 
their lives, accept death with resignation from the hand of 
God.— Pius VII., May 19, 1818. 

13. most compassionate Jesus ! Thou alone 
art our Salvation, our Life, and our Resurrection. 
We implore Thee, therefore, do not forsake us in 
our needs and afflictions, but by the agony of Thy 
most Sacred Heart, and by the sorrows of Thy 
immaculate Mother, succor Thy servants whom 
Thou hast redeemed by Thy most precious Blood. 

100 days' indulgence, once a day. — Pius IX., Oct. 6, 1870. 

14. My loving Jesus, I [N.N".], give Thee my 
heart, and I consecrate myself wholly to Thee, out 
of the grateful love I bear Thee, and as a repara- 
tion for all my unfaithfulness; and with Thy aid 
I purpose never to sin again. 

100 days' indulgence, once a day, on saying this prayer 
devoutly and wit-h a contrite heart, before a representation 
of the Sacred Heart. Plenary indulgence once a month for 
those who have thus recited it only for a month, on the 
usual conditions. — Pius VI., June 9, 1807. 

15. O Jesus, living in Mary ! come and live 
in Thy servants in the spirit of Thy holiness, in 
the fulness of Thy might, in the truth of Thy 
virtues, in the perfection of Thy ways, in the 
communion of Thy mysteries; subdue every hos- 
tile power in Thy Spirit, for the glory of the 
Father. Amen. 

300 days' indulgence, once u clay. — Pius IX., Oct. 14, 1859. 

and for Sliort Visits. 423 

16. Remember, most gracious Virgin Mary ! 
that never was it known that any one who fled 
to thy protection, implored thy help, and sought 
thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with 
this confidence I fly unto thee, Virgin of virgins, 
my Mother ! To thee I come; before thee I 
stand, sinful and sorrowful, Mother of the 
Word Incarnate ! Despise not my petitions, but 
in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen. 

300 days' indulgence. Plenary indulgence, once a month 
in the usual conditions.— Pius IX., July 25, 1846. 

IDtefts to tbe Blessefc Sacrament, in 
Ibonor ot tbe Sacrefc Ibeart ot Jesus, 


I adore Thee, sacred heart of Jesus, in this 
Most August Sacrament of the Altar, wherein 
Thou dost continue so ardently to love us. I 
thank and bless the goodness of Thy divine heart, 
for having instituted this divine sacrament, 
wherein Thou hast prepared for us a divine food, 
even Thine own self, adorable heart of my 
Jesus, glowing furnace of divine love, receive my 
soul into Thine, that I may love Thee constantly 
to the last moment of my life. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father. 


I adore Thee, most holy heart of Jesus, upon 
that altar where Thou dwellest, ever ardently de- 
siring that the hearts of all the creatures Thou 
hast made, should come to be united with Thine, 
that so they may receive the graces which flow 
from that ever-flowing fountain. I thank Thee 
lor the wonderful goodness of Thy sacred heart, 
that it has deigned so often to become united with 


Visits in Honor of t tie Sacred Heart. 125 

mine in this sacrament of love, and I pray Thee 
to make my heart ever yielding and obedient to 
the inspirations of Thy most blessed heart. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father. 


1 adore Thee, most sacred heart of Jesus, in 
this August Sacrament, wherein infidels and here- 
tics adore Thee not, neither know Thy real and 
divine presence; in recompense for all the out- 
rages offered Thee in this divine sacrament by 
iiifidels and heretics, I come humbly to offer Thee 
an act of faith, wherewith I believe that Thou art 
really present in this sacred Host, and therein I 
adore Thee with all faithful Catholics, beseeching 
Thee to melt my heart like wax, that it may ever 
tenderly love Thee. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father. 


I adore Thee, sacred heart of Jesus, in this 
Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, wherein Thou 
art so little loved, and dost meet so little return, es- 
pecially from those wicked Christians who with 
such irreverence offend Thee, and in their sacri- 
legious communions unworthily receive Thee; in 
atonement for such great profanation, and also for 
the irreverence and indevotion which Thou re- 
ceivest even from those who are consecrated to 
Thee, and who ought with greater diligence and 

426 Visits to the Blessed Sacrament 

zeal to adore Thee, I dedicate and offer to Thee 
this my contrite heart, and I pray Thee that Thy 
love may kindle it, as an ever-burning lamp, be- 
fore Thee. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father 


I adore Thee, most sacred heart of Jesus, in 
this August Sacrament of the Altar, wherein 
Thou remainest day and night, and none of Thy 
faithful come to adore Thee, and pay Thee per- 
sonal homage; accept in satisfaction, divine 
heart, my will, wherewith, were it possible, I 
would go into all churches, and into all parts of 
the world where Thou in Sacrament dost dwell, to 
adore Thy infinite goodness, and to move by my 
example the hearts of all men, that in frequent 
visits they might correspond to Thy love ; and 
since by reason of my weak body, I cannot do 
this, I adore Thee here, and wherever Thou ait 
within Thy blessed tabernacle. 

Our Father, Hail Mar}', Glory be to the Father. 




See where Thy boundless love has reached, my 
loving Jesus ! Thou, of Thy flesh and precious 
blood, hast made ready for me a banquet whereby 
to give me all Thyself. Who drove Thee to this 

In Honor of the Sacred Heart, 127 

excess of love for me ? Thy heart, Thy loving 
heart. adorable heart of Jesus, burning fur- 
nace of divine love ! within Thy sacred wound 
take Thou my soul; in order that, in that school 
of charity, I may learn to love that God Who has 
given me such wondrous proofs of His great love. 

100 days' indulgence.— Pius VII., F<-b 0, 1818. 

STfje (Proton or (Eljnplet of tfje JSleLsrtr Sacranieut, 

V. Deus, in adjutorium V. Incline unto my aid 

*neum intende. God. 

11. Domine, ad adjuvan* R. Lord, make haste to 

duni me festina. help me. 

Our Father, Glory be to the Father. 

The Chaplet consists of thirty three aspirations, which 
may be used during the hour of adoration before the Blessed 
Sacrament. After each aspiration may be added an Our 
Father, and at the end of each decade a glory be to the 



I. I believe, my Jesus, Thy divine word, that 
under this appearance of bread, Thou Thyself art 
here present as Thou art in heaven. 

Our Father. 

II. I believe that Thou art the divine Son, 
eternally equal to the Father; that by the opera- 
tion of the Holy Ghost Thou didst take human 
flesh of the Blessed Virgin. 

Our Facher. 

*28 Visits to the Blessed Sacrament 

III. I believe that Thou art the same Jesusi 
Who wast born of Mary ever virgin, adored an 
Infan" by Thy Angels, by the shepherds, and the 

Our Father. 

IV. I believe, my Redeemer, here present in 
sacrament, that Thou art the same Jesus of Naz- 
areth Who didst heal the sick, and didst raise the 
dead, Who for us didst suffer and die upon the 

Our Father. 

V. I believe, finally, that Thou Thyself, now 
sitting glorious at the right hand of Thy Father 
in heaven, and there interceding for me, yet art 
verily present in this sacrament, my nourishment 
on earth. 

Our Father. 

VI. most loving Jesus, Who in this sacra- 
ment hast left me a pledge of future glory, I 
hope through the merits of Thy death and passion 
to behold Thee face to face in heaven. 

Our Father. 

VII. Jesus, cause of our glorious resurrec- 
tion, I hope, through the virtue of this divine 
food, -wherewith Thou nourishest me, to rise glori- 
ous into life eternal. 

Our Father. 

VIII. I love Thee, Jesus, Who art perfect 
charity; Who, in Thy essence, art true God and 
true man: in Whom are contained the treasures 

In Honor of the Sac reel Heart, 429 

of the divinity, and all the fulness of grace, which 
descends to us upon this earth. 
Our Father. 

IX. I love Thee, dear Jesus, Who, for love of 
me, hast made Thyself like unto me; kindle 
within me the flame of sacred love which Thou 
didst bring from heaven, that, loving Thee, I 
may grow into Thy likeness. 

Our Father. 

X. I love Thee, divine Jesus, my Lord and 
Master, because Thou hast redeemed and freed 
me, poor slave of sin, with Thy all-precious blood. 
Oh, of Thy sweet mercy, grant that I may enjoy 
the full fruit of Thy redemption. 

Our Father. 



I. I adore Thee, living Bread, descended 
from heaven for my spiritual food; give me grace 
worthily to receive Thee, in life and in death. 

Our Father. 

II. I adore Thee, divine food of the strong ; 
strengthen my weakness, that I may ever be con- 
stant and faithful to Thy love. 

Our Father. 

III. I adore Thee, my Jesus, hidden beneafh 
the sacramental veil; let my life be bidder, 
through Thee, in God. 

Our Father. 

130 Visits to the Blessed Sacrament 

IV I adore Thee, great God, Who art the only 
way; make me ever to walk in the path of Thy 
precepts, and after Thy shining example, that so 
I may arrive at eternal salvation. 

Our Father. 

V. I adore Thee, Jesus, true and spiritual 
life of all who love Thee, give me grace to die to 
myself, and to live to Thee alone, Who didst die 
for the love of me. 

Our Father. 

VI. I adore Thee, my dear Eedeemer, Truth 
ineffable; enliven, I beseech Thee, and increase 
my faith, that it may be fruitful in good work's. 

Our Father. 

VII. I adore Thee, Jesus, divine Light of 
the world; illuminate my mind, that, knowing, 
I may love Thee, and may come to enjoy Thee 
eternally in heaven. 

Our Father. 

VIII. I adore Thee, divine and loving Shep- 
herd; draw to Thyself this wounded sheep, that 
it may never more leave Thy fold, 1 j fall into the 
hands of the infernal wolf. 

Our Father. 

IX. I adore Thee, divine Lamb, Who, for the 
sins of the world, didst give Thyself to be slain; 
grant that I may bear all my sufferings patiently 
i'or Thy sake, in satisfaction for my sins. 

Our Father. 

X. I adore Thee, Jesus, King of ^lory, Judge 

In Honor cf the Saered Heart 431 

of the living and the dead: make me on earth 
so to fear Thy justice, that in heaven I may eter- 
nally sing Thy mercy. 
Our Father. 



I. I thank Thee, divine Redeemer, that, not 
content with having for our sakes come upon the 
earth, Thou hast instituted this Adorable Sacra- 
ment, that therein Thou mightest remain with us 
unto the consummation of the world. 

Our Father. 

II. I thank Thee, glorious Jesus, that Thou 
dost veil, beneath the eucharistic species, Thy in- 
finite majesty and beauty, which Thy angels de- 
light to behold, that so I might have courage to 
approach the throne of Thy mercy. 

Our Father. 

III. I thank Thee, Jesus most loving, that, 
having made Thyself my food, Thou descendest 
upon this tongue, which so often has offended 
Thee, and dost enter within this body, which, alas ! 
has too often deserved to be visited with Thy 

Our Father. 

IV. I thank Thee, my dear Saviour, that in this 
Ineffable Sacrament Thou unitest me to Thee 
'tfith so much love, that I therein live in Thee, and 
•Thou in me. 

432 Visits to the Blessed Sacrament 

Our Father. 

V. I thank Thee, my Jesus, that, giving 
Thyself to me in this Blessed Sacrament, Thou 
hast so enriched it with the treasures of Thy love: 
ohat Thou hast not a greater gift to give me, 

Our Father. 

VI. I thank Thee, my good Jesus, that not 
only Thou art become my food, but also in this 
Blessed Sacrament offerest Thyself a continual 
sacrifice for my salvation, to Thy eternal Father. 

Our Father. 

VII. I thank Thee, divine Priest, for sacri- 
ficing Thyself every day upon our altars, in 
adoration and homage to the Most Blessed 
Trinity, and dost supply for our poor and miser- 
able adorations. 

Our Father. 

VIII. I thank Thee, my Saviour, because, re- 
newing in this daily sacrifice the very sacrifice of 
the cross "offered on Calvary, Thou dost satisfy the 
Divine Justice for us miserable sinners. 

Our Father. 

IX. I thank Thee, dear Jesus, that Thou hast 
become the priceless Victim, to merit for me the 
fulness of celestial favors. Awaken in me such 
trust, that their abundance may ever more and 
more descend upon my soul. 

Our Father. 

X. I thank Thee, my loving Saviour, that thou 

In Honor of the Sacred Heart. 433 

art immolated in thanksgiving to God, for all His 
benefits, spiritual and temporal, which He has 
bestowed upon me, and which I yet hope to re- 

Our Father. 


I. Jesus, invisible and divine Head of Thy spouse 
the Church, Who, with Thy blood, hast purified 
and sanctified her, have mercy upon her visible 
head, [N.], upon all bishops and pastors, especial- 
ly [N.], our bishop, and shed upon them thy Holy 
Spirit, wherewith Thy apostles and disciples were 
filled, that they may maintain Thy holy faith pure 
and untouched, and may spread over the whole 
world the light of Thy Gospel and of Thy Catho- 
lic truth. 

Our Father. 

II. Jesus, King of kings, Lord of governors, 
by Whom monarchs do reign, and from Whoir 
all earthly power comes, mercifully behold ou 
princes, and those in authority; infuse within thei,. 
the spirit of Thy divine wisdom, clemency, anc 
justice, so that they may be great with Thee rather 
than on earth, and may enter with Thee into Thy 
heavenly kingdom. 

Our Father. 

III. Jesus, all merciful, Who didst not will 
the death of a sinner, but that tte should be con 
Verted, and rise to a spiritual life; triumph, 1 be- 

434 Visits in Honor of the Sacred Heart. 

seech Thee, over the malice and hardness of all 
who obstinately offend Thee, so that, acquiring 
Thy grace in this world, they may become worthy 
of the glory of Thy heavenly paradise for all eter- 

Our Father. 

Devotion to tbe 1bol£ (Bbost 

Pope Leo XIII. in an Encyclical Letter, May 9, 1897, de 
creed that a novena to the Holy Gin st should be made 
every year in preparati- n for the Feast of Pentecost, and 
granted an indulgence of seven years and seven quarantines 
for each day of the novena, and plenary indulgence any one 
day of the novena on the usual conditions. The same in- 
dulgences may be gained any day of the week between 
Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. 


"Nobeua to tfje 1L}o\v ©fjost in preparation for tfje 
if east of $eiiteeost. 

{Commencing on Ascension Day.) 
The Novena of the Holy Spirit is the chief of all the 
novenas, because it was the first that was ever cele- 
brated, and that by the holy apostles and the most holy 
Mary in the supper-room, being distinguished by so many 
remarkable wonders and gifts ; principally by the gift of 
the same Holy Spirit, a gift merited for us by the Passion 
of Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus Himself made this known 
to us when He said to His disciples that if He did not die 
He could not send us tbe Holy Ghost : " If I go not, the 
Paraclete will not come to you ; but if I go s I will send Him 
to you " (John xvi. 7). We know well by faith that the 
Ibilv Ghost is the love that the Father and the Eternal 
Word hear one to the other ; and therefo:e the gift of love, 
^-•och the Lord infuses inio our souls, and which is the 

436 Devotion to the Holy Ghost 

greatest of all gifts, is particularly attributed to the Holy 
Ghost, as St. Paul says, "The Charity of God is poured 
forth in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, Who is given to us " 
(Rom. v. 5). In this Novena, therefore, we must consider, 
above all, the great value of divine love, in order that we 
may desire to obtain it, and endeavor, by devout exercises, 
and especially by prayer, to be made partakers of it, since 
God has promised it td him who asks for it with humility ; 
14 Your Father from heaven will give the good Spirit to 
them that ask Him" (Luke xi. 13). 

N.B. — During this Novena the Meditations on p. 440 may 
be used to great advantage. 



(See page 226.) 


(See page 604.) 


Holy Spirit, divine Paraclete, Father of the poor, 
Consoler of the afflicted, Light of hearts, Sancti- 
fler of souls ! behold me prostrate in Thy presence; 
I adore Thee with the most profound submission, 
and I repeat a thousand times with the seraphs 
who are before Thy throne: "Holy, Holy. 
Holy ! " I firmly believe that Thou art eternal, 
consubstantial with the Father and the Son. I 
hope that by Thy goodness Thou wilt sanctifv and 

Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 437 

save my soul. I love Thee, God of love ! I love 
Thee more than all the things of this world; I 
love Thee with all my affections, because Thou art 
infinite goodness that dost alone merit all my 
love; and since, insensible as I have been to Thy 
holy inspirations, I have been so ungrateful as to 
offend Thee by so many sins, I ask Thee a thou- 
sand pardons for them, and I supremely regret hav- 
ing ever displeased Thee, Sovereign Good ! I of- 
fer Thee my heart, cold as it is, and I supplicate 
Thee to let a ray of Thy light and a spark of Thy 
fire enter therein to melt the hardened ice of my 
iniquities. Thou Who didst fill the soul of Mary 
with immense graces, and didst inflame the hearts 
of the apostles, vouchsafe also to set my heart on 
fire with Thy love. Thou art a divine Spirit, for- 
tify me against evil spirits; Thou art a fire, enkin- 
dle in me the fire of Thy love; Thou art a Light, 
enlighten me sb that I may know eternal things; 
Thou art a Dove, give me great purity of heart; 
Thou art a Breath that is full of sweetness, dis- 
sipate the v storms that my passions raise up against 
me; Thou art a Tongue, teach me the manner of 
praising Thee without ceasing; Thou art a Cloud, 
cover me with the shadow of Thy protection; and 
if, finally, Thou art the Author of all heavenly 
gifts, ah ! 1 beseech Thee to grant them to me. 
Vivify me by Thy grace, sanctify me by Thy char- 
ity, govern me by Thy wisdom, adopt me by Th) 
bounty as Thy child, and save me by Thy infinite 

438 Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 

mercy, so that I may never cease to bless Thee, to 
praise Thee, to love Thee, at first during my life 
on this earth, and afterwards to all eternity in 
heaven. Amen. 


1. To obtain the Gift of the Fear of the Lord. 

Holy Spirit, divine Consoler ! I adore Thee as 
my true God, in the same way as I adore God the 
Father and God the Son. I bless Thee by uniting 
myself to the blessings Thou dost receive from the 
angels and the seraphs. I offer Thee my whole 
heart, and I render Thee heartfelt thanks for all 
the benefits that Thou hast bestowed, and dost 
unceasingly bestow, upon the world. Thou Who 
art the Author of all supernatural gifts, and Who 
didst enrich with immense favors, the soul of the 
Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, I be- 
seech Thee to visit me by Thv grace and Thy love, 
and to grant me * the gift of Thy Holy Fear, in or- 
der that it may prevent me from falling any more 
into my past infidelities, for which I now ask Thy 
pardon a thousand times. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc., three 

2. To obtain the Gift of Piety. 

Holy Spirit, etc. (as far as the mark *) — th( 
gift of Piety, in order that I may m future serv. 

De ot<on to the Holy Ghost. 43S 

Thee with greater fervor, follow Thy holy inspi- 
rations with greater promptness, and observe Thy 
holy precepts with greater exactness. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc., three 

3. To obtain the Gift of Knowledge. 

Holy Spirit, etc. * — the gift of Knowledge, in 
order that I may be able to know well the things 
of God, and that, enlightened by Thy holy instruc- 
tions, I may steadily walk in the way of my eter- 
nal salvation. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc., three 

Jf. To obtain the Gift of Fortitude. 

Holy Spirit, etc. * — the gift of Fortitude, in 
order that I may be able courageously to overcome 
all the attacks of the devil, and escape all the dan- 
gers of the world which stand in the way of my 
eternal salvation. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc., three 

5. To obtain the Gift of Counsel. 

Holy Spirit, etc. * — the gift of Counsel, in order 
that I may be able to choose what is most suitable 
to my spiritual advancement, and to discover all 
the snares and artifices of the evil spirit who 
tempts me. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc., three 

440 Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 

6. To obtain the Gift of Understanding. 

Holy Spirit, etc. * — the gift of Understanding, 
in order that I may be able to understand the 
divine mysteries, and by the contemplation of 
heavenly things may detach my thoughts and af- 
fections from all the vanities of this miserable 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc., three 

7. To obtain the Gift of Wisdom. 

Holy Spirit, etc. * — the gift of Wisdom, in order 
that I may be able to direct all my actions by re- 
ferring them to God as my last end, so that by 
loving and serving Thee in this life as I ought to 
do, I may have the happiness of eternally possess- 
ing Thee in the next. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc., three 

These prayers may be recited one on each day of the week, 
or may be used all together as a sort of crown or chaplet. 

itte&itations on tije ?£oi» (Sijost. 


Love is a Fire that inflames the Heart. 

God had ordered, in the ancient law, that there 
should be a fire kept continually burning on His 
altar: "The fire on the altar shall always burn/' 
St. Gregory says that the altars of God are our 

Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 441 

hearts, where He desires that the fire of His di- 
vine love should always be burning; and therefore 
the eternal Father, not satisfied with having given 
us His Son Jesus Christ, to save us by His death, 
would also give us the Holy Ghost, that He might 
dwell in our souls, and keep them constantly on 
fire with love. And Jesus Himself declared that 
He had come into the world on purpose to inflame 
our hearts with this holy fire, and that He desired 
nothing more than to see it kindled: " I am come 
to "cast fire upon the earth; and what will I but 
that it be kindled ? " (Luke xii. 49.) Forgetting, 
therefore, the injuries and ingratitude He received 
from men on this earth, when He had ascended 
into heaven He sent down upon us the Holy 
Spirit. most loving Eedeemer, Thou dost, then, 
love us as well in Thj r sufferings and ignominies 
as in Thy kingdom of glory ! Hence it was that 
the Holy Ghost chose to appear in the supper-room 
under the form of tongues of fire: " And there ap- 
peared to them parted tongues, as it were of fire * 
(Acts ii. 3). This was the holy fire .which has in- 
flamed the saints to do such great things for God> 
to love their enemies, to desire contempt, to de- 
prive themselves of all earthly goods, and to em- 
brace with delight even torments and death. Love 
cannot remain idle, and never says, " It is 
enough." When a soul loves God, the more she 
does for her Beloved, the more she desires to do, 
Id order to please Him, and to attract to herself 

442 Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 

His affections. This holy fire is enkindled t>5 
mental prayer: " In my meditation a fire shall 
flame out " (Ps. xxxviii. 4). If, therefore, we de- 
sire to burn with love towards God, let us love 
prayer; this is the blessed furnace in which this 
divine ardor is enkindled.* 

Affections and Prayers. 

my God, hitherto I have done nothing for 
Thee Who hast done such great things for me \ 
Alas ! my coldness deserves that Thou shouldsi 
" vomit me out of Thy mouth." Holy Spirit, I 
beseech Thee, " warm what is cold/' deliver me 
from this coldness, and enkindle within me an 
earnest desire of pleasing Thee. I now renounce all 
my worldly gratifications; and I will rather die than 
give Thee the least displeasure. Thou didst ap- 
pear in the shape of fiery tongues; I consecrate my 
tongue to Thee, that it may never offend Thee 
more. Thou didst give it me, my God, to praise 
Thee with; and I have made use of it to offend 
Thee, and to draw others also into sinning against 
Thee. I repent of it with my whole soul. Oh, 
for the love of Jesus Christ, Who, during His life 
on earth, honored Thee so much with His tongue, 

* These meditations may be made : 1. At any season of 
the year to obtain the grace of divine love ; 2. In prepara- 
tion for holy communion, or thanksgiving afterwards ; 
3. As a novena to obtain detachment from some creature ; 
— or daily, from Ascension Day to Pentecost. 

Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 443 

grant that I also may from this day forth honor 
Thee constantly, by celebrating Thy praises, by 
frequently invoking Thine aid, and by speaking 
of Thy goodness and the infinite love which Thou 
deservest ! 1 love Thee, my Sovereign Good; I 
love Thee, God of love ! Mary, thou art the 
most dear spouse of the Holy Ghost; obtain for 
me this holy fire ! 


Love is a Light that enlightens the Soul. 

One of the greatest evils which the sin of Adam 
has produced in us is that darkening of our reason 
by means of the passions which cloud our mind. 
Oh, how miserable is that soul which allows itself 
to be ruled by any passion ! Passion is, as it were, 
a vapor, a veil which prevents our seeing the truth. 
How can he fly from evil who does not know 
what is evil ? Besides, this obscurity increases in 
proportion as our sins increase. But the Holy 
Spirit, Who is called " most blessed light," is He 
Who not only inflames our hearts to love Him, 
through His divine splendor, but also dispels our 
darkness, and shows us the vanity of earthly 
things, the value of eternal goods, the importance 
of salvation, the price of grace, the goodness of 
God, the infinite love which He deserves, and the 
immense love which He bears us. " The sensual 
man perceiveth not those things that are of the 
Spirit of God" (1 Cor. ii. 14). A man who is 

444 Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 

absorbed in the pleasures of earth knows little of 
these truths, and therefom unfortunate that he is, 
he loves what he ought to hate, and hates what 
he ought to love. St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi 
exclaimed: " love not known ! love not 
loved ! " And therefore St. Teresa said that God 
is not loved because He is not known. Hence the 
saints were always seeking light from God: " Send 
forth Thy light; illuminate my darkness; open 
Thou my eyes." Yes: because without light we 
cannot avoid precipices, nor can one find God. 

Affections and Prayers. 

holy and divine Spirit, I believe that Thou 
art really God, but one only God with the Father 
and the Son. I adore Thee, and acknowledge 
Thee as the giver of all those lights by which 
Thou hast made known to me the evil which I 
have committed in offending Thee, and the ob- 
ligation which I am under of loving Thee. I 
thank Thee for them, and I repent with my whole 
heart of having offending Thee. I have deserved 
that Thou shouldst abandon me in my dark- 
ness; but I see that Thou hast not yet forsaken 
me. Continue, Eternal Spirit, to enlighten 
me, and to make me know more and more Thy 
infinite goodness; and give me strength to love 
Thee for the future with my whole heart. Add 
grace to grace; so that I may be sweetly overcome, 
and constrained to love none other but Thee. I im- 

Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 445 

plore this of Thee, through the merits of Jesus 
Christ. I love Thee, my Sovereign Good; I love 
Thee more than myself. I desire to be entirely 
Thine; do Thou accept me, and suffer me not to 
be separated from Thee any more. Mary, my 
Mother, do thou always assist me by thy interces- 
sion ! 


Love is a Fountain that Satisfies. 
Love is also called a living fountain: "a living 
fountain, fire, and charity." Our blessed Re- 
deemer said to the Samaritan woman: "But he that 
shall drink of the water that I will give him shall 
not thirst forever" (John iv. 13). Love is the 
water which satisfies our thirst; he who loves God 
really with his whole heart neither seeks nor de- 
sires anything else; because in God he finds every 
good. Wherefore, satisfied with God, he often 
joyfully exclaims, " My God and my All ! " My 
God, Thou art my whole good. But, however, the 
Almighty complains that many souls go about 
seeking for fleeting and miserable pleasures from 
creatures, and leave Him Who is the Infinite Good 
and Fountain of all joy: " They have forsaken 
Me, the fountain of living water, and have digged 
to themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, that can 
hold no water " (Jer. ii. 13). Wherefore God, 
Who loves us, and desires to see us happy, cries 
out and makes known to all: " If any thirst, let 
him come to Me " (John v i- i. 37V lie who desires 

446 Devotion 10 the Holy Ghost 

to be happy, let him come to Me; and I will give 
him the Holy Ghost, Who will make him blessed 
both in this life and the next. " He that believ- 
eth in Me," He goes on to say, "as the Scripture 
saith, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living 
water " (John vii. 38). He, therefore, that be- 
lieves in Jesus Christ, and loves Him, shall be en- 
riched with so much grace, that from his heart 
(the heart, that is, the will, is the belly of the 
ooul) shall flow many fountains of holy virtues, 
which shall not only serve to preserve his own life, 
but also to give life to others. And this water was 
the Holy Ghost, the substantial love which Jesus 
Christ promised to send us from heaven after His 
ascension. The key which opens the channels of 
this blessed water is holy prayer, which obtains 
every good for us in virtue of the promise, " Ask, 
and you shall receive." We are blind, poor, and 
weak; but prayer obtains for us light, strength, 
and abundance of grace. Theodoret said: 
" Prayer, though but one, can do all things." He 
who prays receives all he wishes. God desires to 
give us His graces' but He will have us pray for 

Affections and Prayers. 

" Lord, give me this water." my Jesus, with 
the Samaritan woman, I beseech Thee, give me 
this water of Thy love, which may make me for- 
get the earth, to live only for Thee, amiable, 

Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 447 

infinite One. " Water that which is dry/' My 
soul is a barren soil, which produces nothing but 
the weeds and thorns of sin; oh ! do Thou water 
it with Thy grace, so that it may bring forth some 
fruits to Thy glory, before death takes me out of 
this world. Fountain of living water, Sov- 
ereign Good, how many times have I left Thee for 
the puddles of this earth, which have deprived me 
of Thy love ! Oh, would that I had died before I 
offended Thee ! But for the future I will seek 
after nothing but Thee, my God. Do Thou as- 
sist me, and enable me to be faithful to Thee. 
Mary, my hope, do thou keep me always under thy 
protection ! 


Love is a Dew which Fertilizes. 

Thus does holy Church teach us to pray: " May 
the infusion of the Holy Ghost cleanse our hearts, 
and fertilize them by the interior sprinkling of His 
dew." Love fertilizes the good desires, the holy 
purposes, and the good works of our souls: these 
are the flowers and fruits which the grace of the 
Holy Spirit produces. Love is also called dew, 
because it cools the heart of bad passions and of 
temptations. Therefore the Holy Ghost is also 
called refreshment and cooling in the heat: " In 
heat refreshment and pleasing coolness." This 
dew descends into our hearts in the time of prayer. 
A quarter of an hour'? prayer is sufficient to ap- 

148 Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 

pease every passion of hatred or of inordinate love, 
however ardent it may be : " He brought me into 
the cellar of wine, He set in order charity in me " 
(Cant. ii. 4). Holy meditation is this cellar where 
love is set in order, so that we love our neighbor as 
ourselves, and God above everything. He who 
loves God loves prayer; and he that loves not 
prayer will find it morally impossible to overcome 
his passions. 

Affections and Prayers. 

Holy and Divine Spirit, I will no longer live 
to myself; but I will spend all the days that re- 
main for me in this life in loving Thee and pleas- 
ing Thee. Therefore I beseech Thee to grant me 
the gift of prayer. Do Thou descend into my 
heart, and teach me to pray as I ought. Give me 
strength not to leave it off through weariness in 
times of aridity; and give me the spirit of prayer, 
that is to say, the grace constantly to pray to Thee, 
and to use those prayers which are dearest to Thy 
Sacred Heart. I was once lost through my sins; 
but I see, from all the kindnesses I have received 
from Thee, that Thou wiliest that I should be 
saved and become a saint; and I desire to become 
a saint to give Thee pleasure, and that I may love 
Thy infinite goodness more and more. I love Thee, 
my Sovereign Good, my Love, my All; and be- 
cause I love Thee I give myself entirely to Thee. 
Mary, my hope, do Thou protect me ! " 

Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 449 


Love is a Repose that Refreshes. 

Love is also called, " in labor rest, in mourning 
comfort." Love is repose that refreshes; because 
the principal office of love is to unite the will of 
the lover to that of the beloved one. To a soul 
that loves God, in every affront that it receives, 
in every sorrow that it endures, in every loss that 
happens to it, the knowledge that it is the will of 
its Beloved that it should suffer these trials is 
enough to comfort it. It finds peace and content- 
ment in all tribulations by merely saying, This is 
the will of my God. This is that peace which sur- 
passes all the pleasures of sense: "The peace of 
God which surpasseth all understanding" (Phil. 
iv. 7). St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, by merely 
saying, " The will of God," wa? always filled with 
In this life every one must carry his cross; but 
St. Teresa says that the cross is heavy for him that 
drags it, not for him that embraces it. Thus Oui 
Lord knows well how to strike and how to heal: 
" He woundeth and cureth," as said Job (v. 18>, 
The Holy Spirit, by His sweet unction, renders 
even ignominies and torments sweet and pleasant: 
u Yea, Lord; for so hath it seemed good in Thy 
sight " (Matt. xi. 26). Thus ought we to say in all 
adversities that happen to us: " So be it done, 
Lord, because so hath it pleased Thee.' And 

450 Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 

when the fear of any temporal evil that may befall 
us alarms us, let us always say: " Do what Thou 
wilt, my God; whatever Thou dost, I accept it all 
from henceforth." And thus it is a very good 
thing to offer one's self constantly during th* 
day to God, as did St. Teresa. 

Affections and Prayers. 

my God, how often, for the sake of doing my 
own will, have I opposed myself to Thy will and 
despised it ! I regret this evil more than every 
other evil. Lord, from this day forward I will 
love Thee with my whole heart: " Speak, Lord; 
for Thy servant heareth." Tell me what Thou 
wouldst have me to do, I will do it all. Thy will 
shall be my only desire, my only love. Holy 
Spirit, help my weakness. Thou art goodness it- 
self; how can I love any other but Thee ? Oh, do 
Thou draw all my affections to Thyself by the 
sweetness of Thy holy love ! I renounce every- 
thing, to give myself entirely to Thee. Do Thou 
accept me and help me. Mary, my Mother, I 
trust in thee ! 


Love is the Virtue which gives us Strength. 

" Love is strong as death " (Cant. viii. 6). As 
there is no created strength that can resist death, 
so there is no difficulty for a loving soul which 

Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 451 

love cannot overcome. When there is question of 
pleasing its Beloved, love conquers all, — losses, 
contempt, and sorrow: "Nothing is so hard but 
that the fire of love can conquer it." This is the 
most certain mark whereby to know if a soul really 
loves God, if it is as faithful in love when things 
are adverse as when they are prosperous. St. 
Francis de Sales said that " God is quite as ami- 
able when He chastises as when He consoles us, 
because He does all for love." Indeed, when He 
strikes us most in this life, then it is that He loves 
us most. St. John Chrysostom esteemed St. Paul 
in chains more fortunate than St. Paul rapt 
up into the third heaven. Hence the holy 
martyrs, in the midst of their torments, rejoiced 
and thanked the Lord, as for the greatest favor 
that could fall to their lot, that of having to suffer 
for His love. And other saints, where there were 
wanting tyrants to afflict them, became their own 
executioners, by the penances which they inflicted 
upon themselves in order to please God. St. 
Augustine says that " for that which men love, 
either no labor is felt, or the labor itself is loved." 

Affections and Prayers. 

God of my soul, I say that I love Thee; and 
yet what do I do for Thy love ? Nothing. This 
shows, therefore, that either I do not love Thee, 
or I love Thee too little. Send me, therefore, 
my Jesus, Thy Holy Spirit, that He may come 

452 Devotion to the Holy Grtost. 

and give me strength to suffer for Thy love, and to 
do something for the love of Thee before death 
Dvertakes me. my beloved Kedeemer, let me not 
Jie cold and ungrateful as I have hitherto been to 
Thee. Grant me strength to love suffering, after 
so many sins whereby I have deserved hell. my 
God, Who art all goodness and love, Thou desir- 
est to dwell in my heart from which I have so 
often expelled Thee; come, then, dwell within it, 
take possession of it, and make it entirely Thine. 
I love Thee, my Lord; and if I love Thee, Thou 
art already with me, as St. John assures me: " He 
that abideth in charity abideth in God, and God in 
him " (1 John iv. 16). Since, therefore, Thou art 
with me, increase the flames, increase the chains, 
so that I may neither seek nor love anything else 
but Thee, and, thus bound, may never be sepa- 
rated from Thy love. I desire to be Thine, my 
Jesus, and entirely Thine. Mary, my Queen 
and Advocate, obtain for me love and persever- 
ance ! 


Love causes God to Dwell in our Souls. 

The Holy Ghost is called " Sweet Guest of the 
soul." This was the great promise made by Jesus 
Christ to those who love Him, when He said: " If 
you love Me, I will pray My Father, and He will 
send you the Holy Spirit, that He may always 
dwell in you. If you love Me, keep My command- 

Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 453 

ments. And I will ask the Father, and He shall 
give you another Paraclete, that He may abide 
with you forever" (John xiv. 15, 16). For the 
Holy Spirit never forsakes a soul, if He is not 
driven away from it: " He does not forsake, un- 
less He be first forsaken." 

God, then, dwells in a soul that loves Him; but 
He declares that He is not satisfied if we do not 
love Him with our whole heart. St. Augustine 
tells us that the Koman senate would not admit 
Jesus Christ into the number of their gods, be- 
cause they said that He was a proud god, who 
would have none other beloved but Himself. And 
so it is; He will have no rivals in the heart that 
loves Him; and when He sees that He is not the 
only object loved, He is jealous (so to say), ac- 
cording to what St. James writes of those creat- 
ures who divide with Him the heart which He 
desires to have all to Himself: " Do you think the 
Scripture saith in vain: To envy doth the spirit 
covet which dwelleth in you° ? (James iv. 5.) In 
short, as St. Jerome says, Jesus is jealous, 
" Zelotypus est Jesus" Hence the heavenly Spouse 
praises that soul which, like the turtle-dove, lives 
in solicitude and hidden from the world. Because 
He does not choose that the world should take 
a part of that love which He desires to have all 
to Himself, therefore He also praises His spouse 
by calling her " a garden inclosed " : u My sister, 
My spouse, is a garden inclosed " (Cant, tv 12) 

454 Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 

A garden closed against all earthly love. Do we 
doubt that Jesus deserves our whole love ? He 
Who has given us all His blood and His life — 
there remains nothing more for Him to give us. 

Affections and Prayers. 

my God, I see that Thou desirest to have me 
entirely for Thine own. I have oftentimes driven 
Thee from my soul, and yet Thou hast not dis- 
dained to return to me and reunite Thyself to me 
again. Oh ! do Thou now take possession of my 
whole self. I give myself this day entirely to 
Thee; accept me, my Jesus, and let me never 
for the future live one moment deprived of Thy 
love. Thou seekest me, and I seek none other but 
Thee. Thou desirest my soul, and my soul desires 
none but Thee. Thou lovest me, and I love Thee; 
and since Thou lovest me, bind me to Thyself, so 
that I may never more be separated from Thee. 
Queen of heaven, I trust in thee ! 


Love is a Bond which binds. 

As the Holy Spirit, Who is uncreated love, is 
the indissoluble bond which binds the Father to 
the Eternal Word, so He also unites the soul with 
God. "Charity is a virtue," says St. Augustine, 
" uniting us with God." Hence, full of joy, St. 
Laurence Justinian exclaims: " love, thy bond 
has such strength that it is able to bind even God, 

Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 455 

and unite Him to our souls ! love, how strong 
is thy bond which could bind God ! " The bonds 
of the world are bonds of death; but the bonds of 
God are bonds of life and salvation: " Her bonds 
are a healthful binding " (Ecclus. vi. 31). Yes, 
because the bonds of God by means of love unite 
us to God, Who is our true and only life. 

Before the coming of Jesus Christ men fled away 
from God, and, being attached to the earth, re- 
fused to unite themselves to their Creator; but the 
loving God has drawn them to Himself by the 
bonds of love, as He promised by the prophet 
Osee: " I will draw them with the cords of Adam, 
with the bands of love " (ch. xi. 4). These bands 
are the benefits, the lights, the calls to His love, 
the promises of paradise, which He makes to us; 
but above all, the gift which He has bestowed 
upon us of Jesus Christ in the Sacrifice of the 
Cross and in the Sacrament of the Altar, and, 
finally, the gift of His Holy Spirit. Therefore the 
prophet exclaims: " Loose the bonds from off thy 
neck, captive daughter of Sion " (Is. lii. 2). 
my soul, thou who art created for heaven, loose 
thyself from the bonds of earth, and unite thyself, 
to God by the bonds of holy love: " Have charity, 
which is the bond of perfection " (Coloss. iii. 14). 
Love is a bond which unites with herself all other 
virtues, and makes the soul perfect. " Love, and 
do what you will," said St. Augustine. Love 
God, and do what thou wilt; because he \ r ho loves 

156 Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 

God tries to avoid causing any displeasure to his 
Beloved, and seeks in all things to please Him. 

Affections and Prayers. 

My dearest Jesus, how much hast Thou i*ot 
done to oblige me to love Thee, and how much 
hath it cost Thee to gain to Thyself my love ! Ah, 
I should be too ungrateful if I loved Thee little, 
or divided my heart between Thy creatures and 
Thyself, after Thou hast given me Thy blood and 
Thy life. I will detach myself from everything, 
and in Thee alone will I place all my affections. 
But I am weak in carrying out this my desire. 
Thou Who hast inspired me with it, do Thou give 
me strength to execute it. Pierce my poor soul, 
dearest Jesus, with the sweet dart of Thy lova, 
so that I may ever languish with desire of Thee, 
and be dissolved with the love of Thee ; that I 
may seek Thee alone, desire only Thee, and find 
none but Thee. My Jesus, 1 desire Thee, and 
Thee alone. Make me repeat continually in this 
life, and especially at the hour of my death: 
" Thee alone do I desire, and nothing else." 
Mary, my Mother, obtain for me that from hence- 
forth I ma}' desire nothing but God ! 


Love is a Treasure containing every Good. 

Love is that treasure of which the Gospel says 
that we must leave all to obtain it; yes, because 

Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 45? 

love makes us partakers of the friendship of God: 
" An infinite treasure to men, which they that use 
become the friends of God " (Wisd. vii. 14). " 
man/' says St. Augustine, ee wherefore, then, goest 
thou about seeking for good things ? Seek that 
one good alone in which all other good things are 
contained." But we cannot find God, Who is this 
Sovereign Good, if we do not forsake the thing? 
of the earth. St. Teresa writes: '• Detach thy 
heart from creatures, and thou shalt find 
God." He that finds God finds all that he can 
desire: " Delight in the Lord, and He will give 
thee the requests of thy heart " (Ps. xxxvi. 4). 
The human heart is constantly seeking after good 
things that may render it happy; but if it seek? 
them from creatures, how much soever it may ac 
quire, it will never be satisfied with them; but if 
it seeks God alone, God will satisfy all its desires. 
Who are the happiest people in this world, if it 
be not the saints ? And why ? Because they 
desire and seek only God. A certain prince, as he 
was going out hunting, saw a solitary who wa? 
running about in the forest, and asked him what 
he was doing in that desert. The solitary replied: 
" And thou, prince, what art thou seeking ? " 
The prince said: "I am going out in search of 
wild beasts." " And I," said the hermit, " am 
going out in search of God." 

The tyrant offered gold and gems to St. Clem- 
ent, in order to persuade him to renounce Jesus 

458 Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 

Christ; the saint exclaimed, with a sigh: "Alas ! 
is God put into competition with a little dirt ? 
Blessed is he who knows this treasure of divine 
love, and strives to obtain it. He who obtains it 
will of his own accord divest himself of every- 
thing else, that he may have nothing else but 
God." " When the house is on fire," says St. 
Francis de Sales, " all the goods are thrown out 
of the windows." And Father Paul Segneri the 
Younger, a great servant of God, used to say that 
love is a thief which robs us of all earthly affec- 
tions; so that we can say: "And what else do I 
desire but Thee alone, my Lord ? " 

Affections and Prayers. 

my God, hitherto I have not sought Thea^ 
but myself and my own pleasui A ; and for the 
sake of these I have turned my back upon Thee, 
my Sovereign Good. But I am comforted by 
these words of Jeremias: "The Lord is good to 
the soul that seeketh Him " (Lam. iii. 25). My 
beloved Saviour, I know the evil that I have com- 
mitted in forsaking Thee, and I repent of it with 
my whole heart. I know that Thou art an in- 
finite treasure. I will not abuse this light; I will 
forsake all, and choose Thee for my only love. 
My God, my Love, my All, I love Thee, I desire 
Thee, I sigh after Thee. Come, Holy Spirit, 
and destroy in me by Thy sacred fire every affec- 
tion which has net Thee for its object. Grant 

Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 459 

that I may be all Thine, and that I may conquer 
everything to please Thee. Mary, my Advocate 
and Mother, do thou help me by thy prayers ! 


On the Means of loving God and of becoming a 

The more we love God, the more holy do we 
become. St. Francis Borgia says that it is prayer 
that introduces divine love into the human heart; 
and it is mortification that withdraws the heart 
from the earth, and renders it capable of receiv- 
ing this holy fire. The more there is of the earth 
in the heart, the less room there is for holy love: 
" Wisdom is not to be found in the land of them 
that live in delights M (Job xxviii. 12, 13). Hence 
the saints have always sought to mortify as much 
as possible their self-love and their senses. The 
saints are few; but we must live with the few, if 
we will be saved with the few : " Live with the 
few," writes St. John Climacus, " if you would 
reign with the few." And St. Bernard says: 
" That cannot be perfect which is not singular." 
But before all, in order to become saints, it is 
necessary tc have the desire to be saints; we 
must have the desire and the resolution. Some 
are always desiring, but they never begin to put 
their hands to the work. " Of these irresolute 
souls," says St. Teresa, " the devil has no fear." 

460 Devotion to the Holy Ghost. 

On the other hand, the saint said, " God is a 
friend of generous souls." The devil tries to 
make it appear to us to be pride to think of doing 
great things for God. It would indeed be pride 
in us, if we thought of doing them trusting in our 
own strength; but it is not pride to resolve to 
become saints trusting in God^ and saying: " I 
can do all things in Him Who strengthened 
me/' We must therefore be of good courage, 
make strong resolutions, and begin. Prayer can 
do everything. What we cannot do by our own 
strength, we shall do easily with the help of God, 
Who has promised to give us whatever we ask of 
Him: ''You shall ask whatever you will, and it 
shall be done unto you " (John xv. 7\ 

Affections and Prayers. 

My dearest Eedeemer, Thou desirest my love, 
and commandest me to love Thee with my whole 
heart. Yes, my Jesus, I desire to love Thee with 
my whole heart. my God, I will say to Thee, 
trusting in Thy mercy, my past sins do not make 
me fear, because I now hate them and detest them 
above every other evil ; and- 1 know that Thou 
dost forget the offences of a soul that is penitent 
and loves Thee. Indeed, because I have offended 
Thee more than others, I will also love Thee 
more than others, with the help that I hope 
to obtain from Thee. my Lord, Thou desirest 
that I should be a saint; and I desire to become, a 

Devotion to the Holy Gkosv. 461 

saint to please Thee. I love Thee, Infinite 
Goodness. To Thee do I give myself entirely. 
Thou art my only Good, my only Love. Accept 
me, my Beloved, and make me entirely Thine, 
and suffer me not to offend Thee any more. Grant 
that I may be wholly consumed for Thee, as Thou 
hast wholly consumed Thyself for me. Mary, 
the most loving and most beloved spouse of the 
Holy Spirit, obtain for me love and fidelity! 


On my knees before the great cloud of witnesses, 
I offer myself, soul and body, to Thee, eternal 
Spirit of God. I adore the brightness of Thy 
purity, the unerring keenness of Thy justice, and 
the might of Thy love. Thou art the strength 
and the light of my soul. In Thee I live and move 
and am. I desire never to grieve Thee by un- 
faithfulness to grace, and I pray with all my heart 
to be kept from the smallest sin against Thee. 
Make me. faithful in every thought, and grant 
that I may always listen to Thy voice, watch for 
Thy light, and follow Thy gracious inspirations. 
I cling to Thee, and give myself to Thee, and ask 
Thee, by Thy compassion, to watch over me in my 
weakness. Holding the pierced feet of Jesus, and 
looking at His five wounds, and trusting to His 
precious blood, and adoring His open side and 
stricken heart, I implore Thee, adorable Spirit, 

462 Devotcon to the Holy Ghost. 

Helper of my infirmity, so to keep me in Thy 
grace that I may never sin against Thee with the 
sin which Thou canst not forgive. Give me grace, 
Holy Ghost, Spirit of the Father and the Son, 
to say to Thee, always and everywhere, " Speak, 
Lord, for Thy servant heareth." 


Holy Ghost, Third Person of the Blessed 
Trinity, Spirit of truth, love, and holiness, pro- 
ceeding from the Father and the Son, and equal 
to them in all things, I adore Thee and love Thee 
with all my heart. Teach me to know and seek 
my last end, grant me the holy fear of God, grant 
me compunction and patience, and suffer me not 
to fall into sin. Give me an increase of faith, 
hope, and charity, and bring forth in my soul all 
the virtues necessary for my state of life. Make 
me a faithful disciple of Jesus and an obedient 
child of the Church; give me an efficacious grace 
to keep the commandments and to receive the 
sacraments worthily ; give me Thy seven gifts, 
Thy twelve fruits; raise me to perfection in the 
state of life to which Thou callest me, and lead me 
through a happy death to everlasting life. Through 
Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen. 

(Beneral praters anfc Devotions. 

" Adveniat Regnum Tuum Eucbaristicum." 
" Thy Eucharistic Kingdom come." 

horning Bevotlons. 

The first daily and most important duty of a Christian is 
morning prayer. It consecrates the day to God, our loving 
Lord and divine Master, and sanctifies all our actions. To 
begin the day without elevating the mind to liod and im- 
ploring His divine grace means to expose ourselves to great 
dangers of soul and body. Place yourself in the oresence 
of God, or kneel in spirit before the tabernacle, where 
Jesus Christ is really, truly, and substantially present in 
the Blessed Sacrament, and offer the first-fruits of the day 
before the throne of the divine mercy and majesty. 

Bless yourself with holy water, and say : 

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the 
Holy Ghost. Amen. 

Glory be to the Father, Who hath created me. 

Glory be to the Son, Who hath redeemed me. 

Glory be to the Holy Ghost, Who hath sanctified me. 

Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity, now and 
forever. Amen. 


O my God ! I adore Thee ; I love Thee with all my 
heart ; I return Thee thanks for the great and innumer- 


464 Morning Devotions. 

able benefits and graces which I have received from Thy 
infinite goodness and mercy, especially for having pre- 
served me last night and for having given me another 
day to serve Thee and to increase my eternal glory in 


Eternal Father ! I offer to Thee my whole being, and 
in particular all my thoughts, words, actions, and suffer- 
ings of this day, in union with the holy sacrifice of Jesus 
Christ and through the immaculate heart of Mary, 
humbly supplicating Thee that, through the infinite 
merits of Thy divine Son, together with the intercession 
of His blessed Mother, they may all become agreeable 
and meritorious in Thy sight. May Thy divine love 
animate them, and may they all tend to Thy greater 
glory. Thou art worthy, O Lord, to be loved above all 
things. I am sorry for all the sins that I have com- 
mitted against Thee, because by them I have offended 
Thee, Who art infinitely good and deserving of all my 
love. Grant that I may spend this day well. I would 
rather die than commit one mortal sin. My Lord ! My 
God ! My All ! I will live for Thee, I will suffer pa- 
tently for Thee, I will die for Thee. " Thy will be done 
Oil earth as it is in heaven." Give me the grace of final 

[N.B. Form the intention of gaining the indulgences 
attached to any prayer or good work performed during the 


I firmly believe that there is one God, and that in this 
one God there are three Persons — the Father, the Son 
and the Holy Ghost; that the Son took to Himself the 
nature of man in the Virgin Mary's womb, by the 

Morning Devotions. 465 

power of the Holy Ghost, and that in this our human 
nature He was crucified and died for us ; that He rose 
again and ascended into heaven, from thence He shall 
come to repay the just everlasting glory and the wicked 
everlasting punishment. Moreover, I believe whatso- 
ever else the Catholic Church proposes to be believed, 
because God, Who is the Sovereign Truth, Who can 
neither deceive nor be deceived, has revealed all these 
things to His Church. 


my God ! relying en Thy almighty power and Thy 
infinite mercy and goodness, and because Thou art 
faithful to Thy promises, I trust in Thee that Thou wilt 
grant me forgiveness of my sins, through the merits of 
Jesus Christ, Thy Son ; and that Thou wilt give me the 
assistance of Thy grace, with which I may labor to the 
end in the diligent exercise of all good works, and may 
deserve to obtain the glory which Thou hast promised 
in heaven. 


O Lord, my God ! I love Thee with my whole heart, 
and above all things, because Thou art the Sovereign 
Good, and for Thine own infinite perfections art most 
worthy of all love ; and for Thy sake I also love my 
neighbor as myself. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Apostles' Creed. 

"Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart 
like unto Thine." 

300 days' indulgence.- -Pius IX., January 25, 1868. 

466 Morning Devotions. 


Deus, Deus metis ad Te. 

O God, my God, to Thee do I watch at break of day. 
For Thee my soul hath thirsted, for Thee my flesh, oh, 
how many ways ! 

In a desert land, and where there is no way and no 
water ; so in the sanctuary have I come before Thee, to 
see Thy power and Thy glory. 

For Thy mercy is better than lives ; Thee my lips 
shall praise. 

Thus will I bless Thee all my life long ; and in Thy 
name I will lift up my hands. 

Let my soul be filled as with marrow and fatness ; 
and my mouth shall praise Thee with joyful lips. 

If I have remembered Thee upon my bed, I will medi- 
tate Thee on the morning. 

Because Thou hast been my helper. And I will re- 
joice under the covert of Thy wings. 

My soul hath stuck close to Thee : Thy right hand hath 
received me. 

But they have sought my soul in vain ; they shall go 
into the lower parts of the earth : 

They shall be delivered into the hands of the sword ; 
they shall be the portions of foxes. 

But the King shall rejoice in God ; all they 
praised that swear by Him, because the mouth is stopped 
of them that speak wicked things. 


Angel of God, my guardian dear, 
To whom His love commits me here ; 
Ever this day be at my side 
To light and guard, to rule and guide. 

Morning Devotions. 46? 


Adorable Jesus ! my Saviour and my God ! humbly 
prostrate in Thy presence, I consecrate myself to Thy 
Sacred Heart, in thanksgiving for all the benefits that 
Thou hast bestowed upon mankind, and particularly for 
the inestimable grace that Thou hast conferred upon us 
by residing amongst us in the Sacrament of the Altar. I 
consecrate myself, also, to Thy adorable heart, in order 
to repair as much as in my power the outrages that have 
been committed against Thee,* or that will be committed 
to the end of the world. I desire for the future to acquit 
myself of all my actions in this spirit of gratitude and 
reparation. Receive, O Sacred Heart ! all my thoughts, 
my desires, my liberty, my memory, my will, my actions, 
my life. Receive my sufferings and my trials. I give 
myself to Thee now and forever. Why cannot I offer 
Thee more ? Why am I not master of the hearts of all 
men, to pay Tnee homage with them ? Lord, every 
moment of my life belongs to Thee ; all my actions are 
thi'ie. Permit not that anything should intrude among 
thera that would render them unworthy of Thy Heart, 
but grant that I may begin, continue, and finish them by 
Thy grace, and solely with the view of pleasing and 
serving Thee by them. For this end I unite them with 
Thine, and I desire to enter into the holy and divine 
intentions with which Thy sacred heart is animated. O 
my Jesus ! reign over me with absolute sway ; may I 
depend entirely on Thee, and may my sole care be to 
imitate Thy adorable heart, in which I find a perfect 
model of all sanctity, my strength and my repose, my 
consolation and my hope. Amen. 

463 Morning Devotions. 


O ray Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ ! Do Thou bless 
me, I beseech Thee, from Thy holy tabernacle, which 
Thou hast made Thy dwelling-place in our midst, and 
grant, that, by the grace of this Thy blessing, I may be 
strengthened and sanctified, preserved from all evil and 
brought to the most intimate union with Thee, now and 
forever. Amen. 

O Sacrament most holy ; O Sacrament divine i 

All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine. 

100 days' indulgence, once a day. — Pius VI., May 24 


Jesus, living in Mary I Come and live in Thy ser- 
vants, in the spirit of Thy holiness, in the fulness of Thy 
might, in the truth of Thy virtues, in the perfection of 
Thy ways, in the communion of Thy mysteries ; — subdue 
every hostile power, in Thy spirit, for the glory of the 

300 days' indulgence.— Pius IX., Oct. 14, 1859. 


Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweet- 
ness and our hope ; to thee do we cry, poor, banished 
sons of Eve, to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning 
and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then, most 
gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy towards us, and 
after this our exile show unto us the blessed fruit of thy 
womb, Jesus, clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary J 

V. Make me worthy to praise thee, holy Virgin. 

Morning Devotions. 

R. Give me strength against thine enemies, 
V. Blessed be God in His saints. 
R. Amen. 

Sweetest Heart of Jesus, be my love. 
Sweetest Heart of Mary, be my salvation. 


Now doth the sun ascend the sky, 
And wake creation with its ray : 

Keep us from sin, O Lord most high? 
Through all the actions of the day. 

Curb Thou for us the unruly tongue ; 

Teach us the way of peace to prize j 
And close our eyes against the throng 

Of earth's absorbing vanities. 

Oh ! may our hearts be pure within ! 

No cherished madness vex the soul ! 
May abstinence the flesh restrain, 

And its rebellious pride control. 

So when the evening stars appear, 
And in their train the darkness bring 

May we, O Lord, with conscience clear 
Our prake to Thy pure glory sing. 

To God the Father glory be, 
And to His sole-begotten Son ; 

The same, Holy Ghost to Thee, 
While everlasting ages run. 


^Evening Devotions. 

Evening Prayers constitute an important duty in the 
life of a Christian. As it is of importance to begin the day 
properly, so it is also of great consequence to end it well. 
The graces conferred on us in the course of the day, and 
the protection we stand in need of against the dangers of 
the night should urge us to turn to God before retiring, 
and to give expression to our gratitude and confidence in 
Him by means of fervent prayers. An essential part of Our 
daily evening devotions should be an examination of con- 
science. We should examine ourselves on our conduct 
throughout the day towards God, our neighbor, and our- 
selves, also with regard to our predominant passions and 
the duties of our state of life. We should ask ourselves 
whether we have made any progress in the practice of the 
particular virtues which we have proposed to acquire for 
ourselves. We should reflect as to whether we have been 
actuated in our dealings with others by pure motives, and 
whether we have lived and labored in constant union with 
Jesus, and particularly, whether we have made a Spiritual 
Communion, in case we have not had the grace of attend- 
ing Mass or of receiving Our Lord in the Holy Sacrament. 
The daily examination of conscience Is most highly recom- 
mended by all spiritual writers as one of the most profit- 
able exercises for avoiding sin and acquiring virtue. If we 
do not daily weed the garden of our souls by this holy ex- 
ercise, the coriupt soil of the heart will naturally produce 
the most deplorable growths of vice and imperfections. A 
fervent act of contrition and s >me good resolutions should 
<ollow this examination. In the evening it is also advisable 

Evening Devotions. 471 

to make a short meditation on the t ternal truths, such as 
Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell. "In all thy works, 
O man, remember thy last end, and thou wilt never sin.' 

Bless yourself with holy water, and say: 

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the 
Holy Ghost. Amen. Blessed be the holy and undivided 
Trinity now and forever. Amen. my God, I believe 
that Thou art here present ; I adore Thee, I trust in 
Thee and I love Thee with my whole heart ; I thank 
Thee for all the blessings of this day. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, and Apostles' Creed. 

V. Convert us, O God, Our Saviour ! 

B. And turn away Thy anger from us. 

V. O God, come to my assistance! 

B. O Lord, make haste to help me. 
Glory ye to the Father, etc. 

(1 Pet. v. 8, 9.) 

" Brethren, be sober and watch: because your adver- 
sary, tht devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about, seeking 
whom he syiay devour ; whom resist ye strong in the 

V. But do Thou, O Lord, have mercy on us. 

B. Thanks be to God. 

V. Our help is in the name of the Lord. 

jR. Who hath made heaven and earth. 


I confess to Almighty God, to Blessed Mary ever 
Virgin, to blessed Michael the Archangel, to blessed 
Job.]' the Baptist, to the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, 
and o all the saints, that I have sinned exceedingly in 

472 Evening Devotions. 

thought, word, and deed, through my fault, through 
my fault, through my most grievous fault. [Here ex- 
amine your conscience as indicated above.] Therefore 
I beseech blessed "Mary ever Virgin, blessed Michael the 
Archangel, blessed John the Baptist, the holy Apostles 
Peter and Paul, all the Saints, to pray to the Lord our 
God for me. 

N, B. — If you find chat you have fallen into mortal sin 
during the day, make an act of perfect contrition, and re- 
solve to go to Confession at the first opportunity. 


O my God, Who art infinitely good and deserving of 
all my love, I earnestly and humbly beg pardon for all 
the sins that I have committed against Thee ; I detest 
them all ; I am heartily sorry for them, because by them 
I have offended Thy infinite goodness and perfection. 
I firmly resolve with the help of Thy grace never more 
to offend Thee and to carefully avoid the occasions of 

psalm xc. 

Qui habitat in adjutorio Altissimi. 

He that dwelleth in the aid of the Most High, shall 
abide under the protection of the God of Jacob. 

He shall say to the Lord : Thou art my protector and 
my refuge : my God, in Him will I trust. 

For He hath delivered me from the snare of the 
hunters, and from the sharp word. 

He will overshadow thee with His shoulders, and under 
His wings thou shalt trust. 

His truth shall compass thee with a shield : thou shalt 
not be afraid of the terror of the night. 

Of the arrow that flieth in the day, of the business 

Evening Devotions 473 

that walketh about in the dark : of invasion or of the 
noonday devil. 

A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at 
thy right hand : but it shall not come nigh thee. 

But thou shalt consider with thy eyes and shalt see 
the reward of the wicked. 

Because Thou, O Lord, art my hope ; thou hast made 
the Most High thy refuge. 

There shall no evil come to thee ; nor shall the scourge 
come near thy dwelling. 

For He hath given His angels charge over thee, to 
keep thee in all thy ways. 

In their hands they shall bear thee up ; lest thou dash 
thy foot against a stone. 

Thou shalt walk upon the asp and the basilisk ; thou 
shalt trample under foot the lion and the dragon. 

Because he hath hoped in Me, I will deliver him : I 
will protect him, because he hath known My name. 

He shall cry to Me, and I will hear him : I am with 
tdm in his trouble : I will deliver him and I will 
glorify him. 

I will fill him with length of days : and I will show 
him My salvation. 


Divine Jesus, incarnate Son of God, Who for our 
salvation didst vouchsafe to be born in a stable, to 
pass Thy life in poverty, trials, and misery, and to die 
amid the sufferings of the cross, I entreat Thee, say to 
Thy divine Father at the hour of my death : " Father, 
forgive him;" say to Thy beloved Mother: "Behold 
Thy son ;" say to my soul : " This day thou shalt be 
with Me in Paradise." My God, my God, forsake me 
not in that hour! "I thirst ; " yes, my God, my soul 

474 Evening Devotions. 

thirsts after Thee, Who art the fountain of living waters. 
My life passes like a shadow , yet a little while and all 
will be consummated. Wherefore, O my adorable Sav- 
iour, from this moment, for all eternity, "into Thy 
hands I commend my spirit." Lord Jesus, receive my 
soul ! Amen. 

Indulgence of 300 days, each time. — Pius IX., June 10 


Most holy Virgin, Mother of the Incarnate Word, 
treasure-house of grace, and refuge of us wretched 
sinners, with lively faith we have recourse to thy 
motherly love, and ask of thee the grace of ever doing 
God's will and thine. In thy most holy hands we place our 
hearts, and of thee we ask health of body and soul ; and 
as we have the sure hope that thou, our loving Mother, 
wilt hear us, we say to thee with lively faith : 

Hail Mary, three times. 

Let us Pray. 

Defend, we beseech Thee, O Lord, through the inter- 
cession of the Blessed Mary, ever virgin, Thy servants 
from all infirmity; and mercifully deign to guard 
them, prostrate in the sincerity of their hearts before 
Thee, against the snares of the enemy. Through Christ, 
our Lord. Amen. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Leo XII., Aug. 
11, 1824. 


We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God ! 
despise not our petitions in our necessities, and deliver 
us from all dangers, O ever-glorious and blessed Virgin. 

V. Make me worthy to praise thee, holy Virgin. 

Evening Devotions. 475 

R. Give me strength against thine enemies. 
V. Blessed be God in His saints. 
B. Amen. 


O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who have 
recourse to thee. O Refuge of sinners, Mother of the 
agonizing, do not abandon us in the hour of our death, 
but obtain for us perfect sorrow, sincere contrition, 
remission of our sins, a worthy reception of the Most 
Holy Viatbum, the strengthening effect of the Sacra- 
ment of Extreme Unction, that we may present ourselves 
with security before the throne of the just but likewise 
merciful Judge, our God and Redeemer. Amen. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pius IX., March 11, 


Remember, O most pure spouse of the Blessed Virgin 
Mary, my sweet protector, St. Joseph, that no one ever 
had recourse to thy protection or implored thy aid with- 
out obtaining relief. Confiding, therefore, in thy good- 
ness, I come before thee, and humbly supplicate thee. 
Oh ! despise not my petitions, foster-father of the Re- 
deemer, but graciously receive them. Amen. 

Indulgence of 300 days, once a day. — Pius IX., June 26, 

O my good Angel ! My dear Guardian Angel ! 
Watch over me this night and protect me ! 

O all ye saints and angels in heaven, pray for me ! 


For the Holy Souls in Purgatory. 
1. Out of the depths have I cried to Thee, Lord : 

476 Evening Devotions. 

2. Lord, hear my voice. Let Thy ears be attentive to 
the voice of my supplication. 

3. If Thou, O Lord, wilt mark iniquities : Lord, who 
shall stand ? 

4. For, with Thee there is merciful forgiveness : and 
by reason of Thy law I have waited for Thee, O Lord. 

5. My soul hath waited on His word : my soul hath 
hoped in the Lord. 

6. From the morning watch even until night: let Is- 
rael hope in the Lord. 

7. Because with the Lord there is mercy : and with 
Him is plentiful redemption. 

8. And He shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities. 
V. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the 

mercy of God, rest in peace. 
E. Amen. 


O Divine Jesus, lonely to-night in so many taber- 
nacles, without visitor or worshipper, I offer Thee my 
heart. Oh ! may its very beating be a prayer of love to 
Thee. Thou art ever watching under the sacramental 
veils. In Thy love, Thou never sleepest, and Thou art 
never weary of Thy vigils for sinners. loving Jesus ! 
O lonely Jesus ! may my heart be a lamp, the light of 
which shall burn and beam for Thee alone. Watch, 
Sacramental Sentinel, watch, for the weary world, for 
the erring soul, and for Thy poor child ! 

■" O Sacrament most holy ! O Sacrament divine ! 
All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine.'' 

Evening Devotions. 477 


Hear Thy children, gentle Jesus, 

While we breathe our evening prayei j 
Save us from all harm and danger, 

Take us 'neath Thy shelt'ring care. 


Save us from the wiles of Satan, 
'Mid the lone and sleepful night ; 

Sweetly may bright guardian angels 
Keep us 'neath their watchful sight. 

Gentle Jesus, look in pity 

From Thy glorious throne above ; 
All the night Thy heart is wakeful 

In Thy sacrament of love. 

Shades of even fast are falling, 

Day is fading into gloom ; 
When the shades of death fall 'round OS 

Lead Thine exiled children home. 

H IRule of Xife, 

" He that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved." 

1. Daily Conduct. — Have a fixed hour for rising iu 
the morning; bless yourself with holy water, and as soon 
as possible after your toilet recite devoutly your morn- 
ing prayers. During the day. make at least a short 
meditation and a spiritual reading. Hear Mass; make 
a visit to the Most Blessed Sacrament^ and to Mary, the 
divine Mother. If you cannot go to church, make your 
visit and adoration at home, turning towards the near- 
est tabernacle and receiving holy communion spiritually. 
Say the beads. In the evening, examine your conscience 
and recite your evening prayers. 

2. Confession and Communion. — Receive the holy 
sacraments frequently — once a week or, certainly, once 
a month. Go as often as you can to holy communion, 
with the advice of your spiritual director. Choose a good, 
learned, and pious confessor, and be directed always 
by him in all affairs of importance; do not leave him 
without a good reason. ' When you commit any sin, make 
an act of contrition immediately and resolve to amend; 
if it is a mortal sin, confess it as soon as possible. 

3. Occasions of Sin. — Avoid idleness, bad compan- 
ions, drinking-saloons, low theatres and public balls, 
round dances, immoral books, sensational newspapers, 
salacious literature, foolish novels and romances, games 
of chance, and every occasion of sin. In temptations, 
bless yourself, invoke the most holy names of Jesus and 
Mary, and think of death. " He that loveth danger shall 
perish in it." 


A Rule of Life. 479 

4. Sundays.— " Remember that thou keep holy the 
Sabbath-day." Be not satisfied with hearing a Low Mass 
on Sundays. Hear sermons as often as possible, and 
listen attentively to the word of God. No matter how 
poor an orator or preacher a priest may be, no matter 
how plain his language or how unattractive his delivery, 
remember that he is ilie representative of Christ, and 
that you can always find in every sermon sufficient mat- 
ter for reflection and application to your own life and 
circumstances. Belong to some sodality or confraternity ; 
faithfully attend the meetings and never absent yourself 
unnecessarily from afternoon or evening services and 

5. Pious Practices.— Remain in constant union with 
Jesus in the tabernacle, by making acts of love, adora- 
tion, and praise frequently during the day. Often say : 
44 O Sacrament most holy! O Sacrament divine' All 
praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine"; or 
such ejaculations as these 4 O Jesus, my Lord, my 
God, and my All!" ;4 My Jesus, all things for Thee!" 
"Sweetest heart of Jesus, be my love! Sweetest heart of 
Mary, be my salvation! ' " Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I 
offer you my heart and my life." Say the Angelus 
morning, noon, and night. Collect pious books. Read 
daily from the 4 ' Lives of the Saints." Keep holy water 
in your room and use it at least morning and night ; 
have, also, a crucifix and holy pictures in your room. 
Wear a cross, medal, and scapular. Say prayers before 
and after meals. Pray for the living and the dead 
every day, especially for the Holy Father, the Church, 
and your deceased relatives. Support your parish priest 
and your parish church in all good works. Help the 
sick and the poor, the widow and the orphans, accord- 
ing to your means. Join the Tabernacle Society and uid 
in furnishing poor churches and missions with decent 

480 A Rule of Life. 

vestments and the requisites for divine worship. Often 
think piously, practically, and earnestly about eternity, 
heaven, hell, purgatory, the goodness and mercy of 
<jod, the passion of Our Lord, and the love of Jesus 
in the Blessed Sacrament. Repeat the resolution fre- 
quently of becoming more perfect in the practice of 
virtue, and strive earnestly to become a great saint 
*' This is the will of God — your sanctification." 

6. Resignation to the Will of God. — In the trials of 
life, in adverse circumstances, on occasions of sickness 
or death in the family, losses and persecutions, unite 
yourself to the will of God, saying: " This is the will of 
God; may Kis holy will be done." 

7. Blessed Virgin Mary.— U Behold thy Mother." Be 
most devout to her and daily practise acts of piety in her 
honor. Acquire the habit of saying devoutly and reveren- 
tially : "Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who 
have recourse to thee. " 

8. Retreat.— Make a holy, spiritual retreat, if possi- 
ble, once a year. 

9. Spiritual Communion.— An act of spiritual com- 
munion like the following should be made every day, 
and especially at Mass: " My Jesus, I believe that Thou 
art truly present in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar. 
I adore Thee. I praise Thee and thank Thee for all Thy 
blessings. I am sorry that I have offended Thee by my 
sins. By this. act I wish to make reparation to Thee for 
all the insults and injuries committed against Thee in 
the sacrament of Thy love. I love Thee with my whole 
heart. Come to my pour soul ; unite Thyself to me. . . 
4« , . I thank Thee, my good Jesus. Oh! never, never 
leave me." 

10. In the Hour of Death. — When you are dying, 
jaake acts of contrition and of love. Pronounce the 
sweet and holy name of "Jesus." 

A Rule of Life. 481 

Gbe flfceans of Brrivtna at tbe "Anterior ano 
perfect Xife. 

1. Purity of hiart, which means entire detachment 
from all created objects, the goods, pleasures, and 
honors of life.. " Create a clean heart in me, O God ! " 

2. Purity of con science or a great horror of sin, of 
every imperfection, and of all unfaithfulness. 

3. Parity of spirit — that is, an assiduous and con- 
stant attention to keep far from the mind foolish anxiety 
and all useless reflections about the present, the past, 
and the future. 

4. Purity of action — that is, fidelity to duty, confi- 
dence in God, Lt»bor for His divine pleasure, and resig- 
nation to His holy will. 

5. Spirit of penance, of recollection, and mortifica- 

6. Modesty and simplicity in dress, in furniture, in 
conversation, in walking, and in one's whole deport- 

7. Corporal penance; mortification of the appetite 
and all the senses. 

8. Regularity in daily actions—that is, care in regu- 
lating, though in a spirit of holy liberty, all the hours 
of the day, the hour of rising, of going to rest, of labor, 
of recreation, of prayer, of taking food, of pious and 
charitable exercises, and of every individual action. 

9. Exactness in devotional exercises, in prayer and 
meditation every morning ; in the particular examen at 
midday upon some predominant fault or upon some spe- 
cial virtue ; in the recital of the Rosary towards evening 
and in the reading of some devout book ; in the visit to 
the Most Holy Sacrament at some time during the day ; 
in s-aying grace before and after meals ; in all things 

482 A Bide of Life. 

guarding against acting from habit, or with undue 
anxiety, or without reflection. 

10. Reverential familiarity with our divine Lord ; 
doing everything in His presence ; often conversing 
with Him familiarly ; speaking to Him from our hearts, 
simply and lovingly ; consulting Him with confidence in 
all our affairs, 

11. The spirit of recollection and tender piety. 

12. Frequent offering and consecration of the heart 
to Jesus in the tabernacle, sincerely protesting again and 
again that you will never consent to any sin or to any- 
thing which may displease His sovereign goodness. 

13. Filial trust in Divine Providence, and a spirit of 
cheerful serenity. 

Cbe Week Sanctified. 

Devout souls consecrate each day of the week by th« 
following devotions : 

Sunday . . . 

. To the Holy Trinity. 

Monday . . 

. To the Holy Ghost and to the Holj 

Souls in Purgatory. 

Tuesday . . 

. To the Holy Angels. 


. To St. Joseph. 

Thursday . . 

. To the Blessed Sacrament. 

Friday . . . 

. To the Passion of Our Lord or to the 

Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

Saturday . . 

. To the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Coneecration of tbe TKHbole rtBontb. proper 
devotions for 

January . . - The Holy Infancy. 
February . . . The Holy Trinity. 
March .... St. Joseph. 

A Rule of Life. 


April . . 

. . The Holy Ghost. 

May . . 

. . Blessed Virgin Mary. 

June . . 

. The Blessed Sacrament and the Sa- 

cred Heart of Jesus. 

July . . 

, . Precious Blood of Jesus. 


. Most Pure Heart of Mary. 


. The Holy Cross. 

October . , 

. The Holy Angels and the Hoi; 


November . 

. The Holy Souls in Purgatory. 

December . 

. . The Immaculate Conception. 

N. B. — In our visits to Jesus in the tabernacle it is advis- 
able to connect these devotions sometimes with those 
which we practise directly in honor of the Blessed Sacra- 

Study this book, read the Index carefully ; you will 
find suitable prayers for all these devotions scattered 
through the various parts, 

Devotions foe jEvcvv Da$ in tbe Meeft. 

It was an ancient and pious practice among the faithful 
to dedicate every day in the week to some particular devo- 
tion. Conformably with this custom, a prayer is here 
given for each of those days, which may be said at any time 
of the day, as each person's leisure from the necessary occu- 
pations of his state of life may permit. But it is to be ob- 
served that the worship of the mystery, or the devotion to 
the saint we purpose to honor, consists less in the prayer 
itself than in the practical instruction it contains. 



Glory be to the Father, Who, by His almighty power, 
fiath created me and made me to His own image and 
likeness. Glory be to the Son, Who by His wisdom hath 
delivered me from hell, and opened for me the gates of 
heaven. Glory be to the Holy Ghost, Who, in His 
mercy, hath sanctified me by Baptism, and Who inces- 
santly worketh my sanctification by the fresh graces I 
daily receive from His bounty. Glory be to the Three 
Adorable Persons of the Blessed Trinity, which was as 
great at the beginning as now is, or will be forever and 

We adore Thee, Holy Trinity ! we reverence Thee ; 
we thank Thee with the humblest sentiments of gratitude, 
for having been pleased to reveal to us this glorious and 
incomprehensible mystery. Grant that, by persevering 


Devotions for Every Day in the Week. 485 

in this faith till death, we may see and glorify in heaven 
what we believe here below on earth — one God in Three 
Divine Persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 


(Dedicated to the Holy Ghost and to the Holy Souls.) 

O God of all consolation, sole Author of the salva- 
tion of souls ! have mercy on those who suffer in pur- 
gatory. Look with compassion on the greatness of their 
torments : they are more keenly devoured by their ardent 
desire of being united to Thee, than by the purging 
flames wherein they are plunged. With them, I adore 
Thy avenging justice, and confess the equity of Thy 
judgments. But since Thou art pleased favorably to 
hear the prayers which the members of Thy holy Church 
offer to Thee in behalf of their brethren, graciously hear 
the supplications which I now address to Thee for those 
suffering souls. Remember, O Lord ! Thou art their 
Father, and they are Thy children. Forget the faults, 
which through the frailty of human nature they have 
committed against Thee during the course of their mor- 
tal pilgrimage. Adorable Jesus ! Victim of propitiation 
both for the living and the dead ! vouchsafe, in Thy quality 
of Redeemer, to apply the merits of Thy passion and 
death to the relief of those^ souls whom Thou punishest 
as their sovereign Judge. Remember Thy faithful fol- 
lowers and Thy spouses. Let some drops of that pre- 
cious blood which Thou hast shed for their salvation 
flow on those devouring flames ; and let the infinite 
price of that sacred blood afford a full satisfaction for 

* Prayers to the Holy Ghost may be found in another part of thi» 

486 Devotions for Every Day in the Week 

their offences. Deliver them, O most merciful God 1 
from that place of darkness and torture, and call them 
to a place of refreshment, light, and peace. Grant them 
the possession of the Sovereign Good, after which they 
so ardently sigh, and for which Thou hast created them. 
Receive them into Thy paternal bosom, where they will 
praise and love Thee to all eternity. Amen. 



O most holy angel of God, appointed by Him to be my 
guardian, I give thee thanks for all the benefits which 
thou hast ever bestowed on me in body and in soul. I 
praise and glorify thee that thou dost condescend ' to 
assist me, all miserable and worthless as I am, with such 
patient fidelity, and to defend me against all the assaults 
•of my enemies. Blessed be the hour in which thou wast 
assigned me for my guardian, my defender, and my 
patron. Blessed be all thy love to me, and all thy care 
for me, wherewith thou dost unwearyingly further my 
salvation. In acknowledgment and return of all thy 
loving ministries to me from my youth up I offer thee 
the infinitely precious and noble heart of Jesus, full and 
overflowing with all blessedness, beseeching thee to for- 
give me for having so often striven against thy holy in- 
spirations, and saddened thee, my nearest, dearest 
friend, and firmly purposing to obey thee hencefor- 
ward, and most faithfully to serve my God. Amen. 



O faithful servant, whom God had charged with the 
care of His family \ thou whom He had established the 

Devotions for Every Day in the Week. 487 

guardian and protector of the life of Jesus, the consoler 
and support of His Mother, and His own faithful associ- 
ate in the great affair of our Redemption ; thou who 
hadst the happiness to live with Jesus and Mary, and to 
expire in their arms : Chaste Spouse of the Mother of 
God ! thou model of pure, humble, and interior souls ! 
be touched with the confidence we have in thee, and 
graciously accept these testimonies of our devotion. We 
return God thanks for the favors He hath bestowed on 
thee; and we beg, through thy intercession, that we 
may imitate thy virtues. Pray for us, then, O glorious 
saint ! and by that love thou didst ever entertain for 
Jesus and for Mary, and which Jesus and Mary also en- 
tertained for thee, obtain always for us the incomparable 
advantage of living faithful to Jesus, and of dyi»g in 
His love. Amen. 



O Jesus Christ, my Lord, Who, for the love which Thou 
bearest to men, dost dwell night and day in this sacra- 
ment, full of goodness and love, waiting for, inviting, 
and welcoming all those who come to visit Thee, I believe 
Thee here present in the Sacrament of the Altar. From 
the deep abyss of my own nothingness, I adore Thee, and 
I thank Thee for all Thy graces granted to me hitherto, 
and especially for having given Thyself to me in this 
sacrament, for having given me Thy most holy Mother 
Mary for my advocate, and for having called me to visit 
Thee in this church. I now salute Thy most loving 
heart ; and this for three ends: 1. In thanksgiving for 
this great gift. 2. To make amends to Thee for all the 
outrages which Thou receivest in this sacrament from all 

488 Devotions for Every Day in the Week. 

Thine enemies. 3. I intend by this visit to adore Thee \a 
all the places on earth in which Thou art present in this 
sacrament, and in which Thou art the least revered and 
the most abandoned. My Jesus, I love Thee with my 
whole heart. I grieve for having hitherto so often 
offended Thy infinite goodness. I purpose by Thy grace 
never more to offend Thee for the time to come ; and 
now, miserable and unworthy though I be, I consecrate 
myself to Thee without reserve ; I give Thee and renounce 
my entire will, my affections, my desires, and all that J 
possess. From henceforward do Thou dispose of me and 
of all that I have as Thou pleasest. All that I ask of 
Thee and desire is Thy holy love, final perseverance, and 
the perfect accomplishment of Thy will. I recommend 
to Thee the souls in purgatory, but especially those who 
had the greatest devotion to the Most Blessed Sacra- 
ment and to the most blessed Virgin Mary. I also 
recommend to Thee all poor sinners. In fine, my dear 
Saviour, I unite all my affections with the affections of 
Thy most loving heart, and I offer them, thus united, 
to Thy eternal Father, and beseech Him in Thy name 
to vouchsafe, for Thy love, to accept and grant them. 



O God, Who, for the redemption of the world, didst 
vouchsafe to be born ; circumcised ; rejected by the 
Jews; betrayed by the traitor Judas with a kiss; 
bound in fetters ; led like an innocent lamb to slaughter, 
and unbecomingly exposed to the sight of Annas, Cai- 
phas, Pilate, and Herod; accused by false witnesses, 
buffeted, spit upon, scourged with stripes, crowned with 
thorns ; struck with a reed, blindfolded, harassed with 

Devotions for Every Day in the Week. 489 

insults, stripped of Thy clothes, nailed to the cross, raised 
upon the cross, counted amid robbers, given vinegar and 
gall to drink, and wounded with a lance. Do Thou, O 
Lord, by these most holy pains of Thine, which I, un- 
worthy, recall, and by Thy holy cross and death, free me 
from the pains of hell, and deign to lead me whither 
Thou didst lead the thief crucified with Thee ; Who, with 
the Father and Holy Ghost, livestand reignest God, for- 
ever and ever. Amen. 



Mary most holy, on the one hand I see the graces thou 
hast obtained for me ; and on the other, the ingratitude 
I have shown thee. The ingrate is unworthy of all 
favors ; yet not for this will I distrust thy mercy. Great 
advocate, have pity on me. Thou, Mary, art the stew- 
ardess of every grace which God vouchsafes us sinners, 
and therefore did He make thee mighty, rich, and kind, 
that so thou mightest succor us. Behold me now, then, 
willing my salvation : in Thy hands I place it; to thee I 
here consign my soul. I will to be of those who are thy 
special servants ; cast me not, then, away. Thou goest 
up and down seeking the wretched, to console them. 
Cast not away, then, this poor wretched sinner who lias 
recourse to thee. Speak for me, Mary ; thy Son grants 
what thou askest. Take me beneath thy shelter, and it 
is enough ; because with thee to guard me I fear no ill. 
No, not my sins ; because thou wilt obtain God's pardon 
for them : no, nor yet devils ; because thou art far 
mightier than hell : no, nor my Judge Jesus Christ, for 
at thy prayer He will lay by His wrath. Protect me, 
then, my Mother ; obtain for me pardon of my sins, love 

496 Devotions for Every Day in the Week. 

of Jesus, holy perseverance, a good death, and paradise 
Too true, I merit not these graces ; yet do thou only ask 
them of our God, and, lo, they shall be mine. Pray, 
then, to Jesus for me. Mary, my Queen, in thee I 
trust ; in this trust I rest, I live ; in this trust I hope to 
die. Amen. 

Bevottons for /IDass. 

B /Ifoetboo of assisting at tbe 1bolg Sacrifice of tbe 
&ltar b£ ^Following tbe ©roinarE of tbe /Ifcass. 


Holy Mass is the perpetual sacrifice of the New Law. in- 
stituted by Christ Himself, at the Last Supper, in which 
sacrifice our divine Saviour offers Himself up, by the hands 
of the priest, to His heavenly Father in an unbloody man- 
ner under the species of bread and wine, as He offered 
Himself in a bloody manner on the cross. Holy Mass waa 
instituted by Christ Himself, when, at the Last Supper, He 
took bread, blessed it and gave to His apostles, saying, 
" Take ye and eat : This is My body." In like manner He 
took the chalice also, saying, " This is My blood of the 
New Testament, which shall be shed for many unto the re- 
mission of sins " (Matt. xxvi. 26 ; 1 Cor. xi. 25). Christ 
could not have spoken more explicitly of the sacrifice of His 
body and blood. He moreover commanded His apostles to 
do the same that He had done, saying, " Do this for a com- 
memoration of Me." This sufficiently proves the sacrificial 
character of holy Mass. 

Holy Mass was instituted (1) as a sacrifice of adoration, 
by which we acknowledge our dependence on Gcd as the 
Ruler over life and death ; (2) as a sacrifice of praise and 
thanksgiving for the benefits conferred on us ; (3) as a sacri- 
fice of reparation for our sins and negligences ; (4) as a 
sacrifice of impetration, to implore of Him the grace neces- 
sary for our salvation. Assisting at holy Mass, you should 
have this fourfold intention. If you desire to implor# 



Rules for Assisting at Mass. 

other benefits from God by it, do not forget to have also 
this intention. And as holy Mass is offered up not only 
for the living, but also for the faithful departed, you should 
every time remember also the souls in purgatory, especially 
your relatives and friends ; for Our Lord says, " Blessed are 
the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy '' (Matt. v. 7), 


These rules indicate the attitude which the Church de- 
sires as most suitable to the various parts of Mass, They 
do not bind so strictly as to make it a sin to depart from 
them for sufficient reasons. 

At Low Mass. — Rise when the priest goes to the altar. 
Kneel from the beginning to the end of the Mass, except 
during the Gospels. 

At High Mass. — Rise when the priest goes to the altar. 
Kneel when Mass commences. Rise at the Gloria. Sit 
when the priest is seated. Rise when the priest kisses the 
altar. Stand while the prayers are sung. Sit during the 
reading of the Epistle. Rise for the Gospel, after which 
remain standing while the priest recites the Credo, and 
genuflect with him at the words, " Et incarnatus est," etc. 
Sit when the priest is seated, but kneel on both knees while 
the choir sings, " Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto ex 
Maria Virgins, et homo /actus est," Rise when the priest 
kisses the altar, and remain standing till the priest has sung 
the Oremus. Sit till the priest commences to sing," Per 
omnia swcula sa?culorum." Stand during the Preface. 
Kneel from the Sanclus "till after the second ablution. Sit 
till the priest kisses the altar. Stand during the last 
prayers. Kneel to receive the blessing. Stand during the 
last Gospel. 

The Asperges Me. 

Before High Mass on Sundays, the priest sprinkles the 
people with holy water, to remind them of the purity with 

Ordinary of the Mass. 493 

which every one should appear before God. You may say, 
meanwhile, the following 


O Almighty Lord of heaven and earth, behold I, a 
wretched sinner, presume to appear before Thee this 
day, to offer up to Thee by the hands of this Thy minis- 
ter, and by the hands of our High-Priest, Jesus Christ 
Thy Son, the sacrifice of His body and blood, in union 
with that sacrifice which He offered Thee upon the 
cross: (1) For Thine own honor, praise, adoration, and 
glory ; (2) In remembrance of His death and passion ; 
(3) In thanksgiving for all the blessings bestowed by 
Him on His whole Church, whether triumphant in 
heaven, or militant on earth, and especially for those 
bestowed on me, the most unworthy of all ; (4) For ob- 
taining pardon and remission of all my sins, and those 
of all others, whether living or dead, for whom I ought 
to pray ; and lastly, for obtaining all graces and bless- 
ings both for myself and the whole Church, and for the 
relief and release of the souls in purgatory. Amen. 


On entering the church, piously sign yourself with holy 
water ; then, after having profoundly adored Jesus Christ 
present in the Blessed Sacrament, follow the Priest in saying: 

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, etc. 

Anth. I will go in to the altar of God. 

R. To God, Who giveth joy to my youth. 

Psalm xlii. Judge me, O God, and distinguish my 
cause from the nation that is not holy: deliver me from 
the unjust and deceitful man. 

R. For Thou art God, my strength ; why hast Thou 

494 Omtnary of the Mass. 

cast me off, and why do I go sorrowful whilst the enemy 
afflieteth me ? 

P. Send forth Thy light and Thy truth ; they have 
conducted and brought me unto Thy holy hill, and into 
Thy tabernacle. 

R. And I will go in to the altar of God, to God Who 
giveth joy to my youth. 

P. To Thee, O God, my God, I will give praise upon 
the harp ; why art thou sad, O my soul ? and why dost 
thou disquiet me ? 

R. Hope in God, for I will still give praise to Him, 
the salvation of my countenance and my God. 

P. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, etc. 

R. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall 
be, world without end. Amen. 

P. I will go in to the altar of God. 

R. To God, Who giveth joy to my youth. 

Here the Priest says the Confiteor, and the people reply • 

R. May Almighty God have mercy upon thee, forgive 
thee thy sins, and bring thee to life everlasting. 

P. Amen. 

R. I confess to Almighty God, to blessed Mary, ever 
virgin, to blessed Michael the Archangel, to blessed 
John the Baptist, to the holy apostles Peter and Paul, 
to all the saints, and to you, Father, that I have sinned 
exceedingly in thought, word, and deed, through my 
fault, through my fault, through my most grievous 
fault. Therefore I beseech the blessed Mary, ever vir- 
gin, blessed Michael the Archangel, blessed John the 
Baptist, the holy apostles Peter and Paul, and all the 
saints, and you, O Father, to pray to the Lord our God 
for me. 

After the Confiteor has been said by the people ; 

P. May Almighty God have mercy on you, forgive 
you your sins, and bring you to life everlasting. 

Ordinary of the Mass. 495 

B. Amen. 

P. May the almighty and merciful Lord grant u& 
pardon, absolution, and remission of our sins. 

B. Amen. 

P. Thou wilt turn again, O God, and quicken us. 

B. And Thy people shall rejoice in Thee. 

P. Show us, O Lord, Thy mercy. 

B. And grant us Thy salvation. 

P. O Lord, hear my prayer. 

B. And let my cry come unto Thee. 

P. The Lord be with you. 

B. And with thy spirit. 

The Priest goes up to the altar, saying : 

Take away from us our iniquities, we beseech Thee, 
Lord ; that we may be worthy to enter with pure minds 
into the Holy of Holies. Through Christ Jesus Our 
Lord. Amen. 

We beseech Thee, O Lord, by the merits of Thy saints, 
whose relics are here, and of all the saints, that Thou 
wouldst vouchsafe to forgive me all my sins. Amen. 


Kyrie eleison (three times). Lord have mercy on us. 
Uhriste eleison (three times) Christ have mercy on us. 
Kyrie eleison (three times). Lord have mercy on us, 

Afterwards standing at the middle of the altar, extend, 
ing, and then joining his hands, he says the 


Gloria in excelsis Deo et Glory be to God on high, 

in terra pax hominibus house and on earth peace to men 

voluntatis. Laudamus Te ; of good will. We praise 

benedicimus Te ; adoramus Thee , we bless Thee ; we 

Te ; glorificamus Te. Gra- adore Thee ; we glorify 

tias agimus tibi propter mag- Thee. We give Thee thank? 


Ordinary of the Mass. 

nam gloriam tuam, Domine 
Deus, Rex coelestis, Deus 
Pater omnipotens. Domine 
Fill unigenite Jesu Christe ; 
Domine Deus, Agnus Dei, 
Filius Patris, qui tollis 
peccata mundi, miserere no- 
bis ; qui tollis peccata mundi, 
suscipe deprecationem nos- 
tram qui sedes ad dexterain 
Patris, miserere nobis, Quo- 
niam Tu solus sanctus Tu 
solus Dominus Tu solus 
altissimus, Jesu Christe.cum 
Sancto Spiritu, in gloria Dei 
Patris. Amen, 

for Thy great glory, O Lord 
God, heavenly King, God 
the Father Almighty, O 
Lord Jesus Christ, the only- 
begotten Son , Lord God, 
Lamb of God, Son of the 
Father, Who takest away 
the sins of the world, have 
mercy on us : Who takest 
away the sins of the world, 
receive our prayers Who 
sittest at the right hand of 
the Father, have mercy on 
us For Thou only art 
holy I Thou only art the 
Lord Thou only, O Jesus 
Christ, with the Holy Ghost, 
art most high in the glory 
of God the Father. Amen. 


Eternal Father ! relying on the promise made us by 
Thy Divine Son, when He said: "Amen, amen, I say 
to you : if you ask the Father anything in My name, 
He will give it you" (John xvi. 23), I ask of Thee, in 
the name of Jesus Christ, pardon of all my sins, the 
gift of Thy holy love, perseverance in grace, the perfect 
accomplishment of Thy will, and the happiness of being 
with Thee and blessing Thee eternally in paradise. Amen. 


If I speak with the tongues of angels, and have not 
charity, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling 
cymbal. And if I should have all faith so that I could 
remove mountains and have not chanty, I am noth« 

Ordinary of the Mass. 497 

ing. And if I should distribute all my goods- to feed 
the poor, and if J should deliver my body to be burned, 
and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. Chanty is 
patient, is kind. Charity envieth not, dealeth not per- 
versely, is not puffed up, is not ambitious, seeketh not 
her own, is not provoked to anger, thinketh no evil. 
rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth with the truth : 
beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, 
endureth all things. Charity never falleth away (1 Cor. 


Jesus taught His disciples, saying to them : Blessed 
are the poor in spirit . for theirs is the kingdom of 
heaven. Blessed are the meek, for vhey shall possess 
the land. Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall 
be comforted. Blessed are they that hunger and thirst 
after justice, for they shall have their fill. Blessed are 
the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are 
the clean of heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are 
the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of 
God. Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' 
sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are 
ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and 
speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for My sake : 
be glad and rejoice, for great is your reward in heaven 
(Matt. v.). 


Credo in unum Deum, Pa* I believe in one God, the 

trem omnipotentem, fac- Father Almighty, Maker of 

torern cceli et terree, visi- heaven and earth, and of 

bilium omnium et invisi- all things visible and in 

bdiurn. visible. 

Et in unum Dominum And in one Lord Jesus 


Ordinary of the Mass. 

Jesum » Christum Filiuin 
Dei unigenitum ; et ex 
Patre naturu ante omnia 
ssecula. Deum de Deo . 
Lumen de Lumine ; Deum 
verum de Deo vero ; genitum 
non factum ; consubstantia- 
lem Patri, per quern omnia 
facta sunt. Qui propter nos 
homines, et propter nos- 
tram salutera, descendit de 
coelis, et incarnatus est de 
Spiritu Sancto, ex Maria Vir 


[Here kneel. ] Crucifixus 
etiam pro nobis sub Pontio 
Pilato, passus et sepultus 
est. Etresurrexit tertia die 
secundum Scripturas. Et 
ascendit in ccelum, sedet ad 
dexteram Patris : Et iterum 
venturus est cum gloria judi- 
care vivos et mortuos , cujus 
regni non erit finis. 

Et in Spiritum Sanctum, 
Dominum et vivificantem, 
qui ex Patre Filioque pro- 
cedit : qui cum Patre et 
Filio simul adoratur, et con- 
glorificatur qui locutus est 
per prophetas. Et unam 
sanctam catholicam et apos- 
tolicam Ecclesiam. Confiteor 
unum Baptisma in remis- 
sionem peccatorum. Et ex- 

Christ, the only begotten 
Son of God, born of the 
Father before all ages, God 
of God • Light of Light ; 
true God of true God ; be- 
gotten not made, consub- 
stantial with the Father, by 
Whom all things were made 
Who for us men, and for 
our salvation, came down 
from heaven, and was in- 
carnate by the Holy Ghost 
of the Virgin Mary, and 
was made man [Here 
kneel.] He was crucified also 
for us, suffered under Pon- 
tius Pilate, and was buried. 
The third day He rose again 
according to the Scriptures. 
And ascended into heaven, 
sitteth at the right hand of 
the Father, and He shall 
come again with glory to 
judge both the living and 
the dead . of Whose king- 
dom there shall be no end. 

And in the Holy Ghost, 
the Lord and Life giver, 
Who proceedeth from the 
Father and the Son Who. 
together wUh the Father 
and the Son, is adored and 
glorified ; Who spoke by the 
prophets. And one, holy, 
catholic, and apostolic 
Church. I confess one bap- 
tism for the remission o* 

Ordinary of the Mass. *99 

pecto resurrectionem mor- sins. And I look to the 
tuorem, et vitam venturi resurrection of the dead, and 
sseculi. Amen. the life of the world to 

come. Amen. 


While the Priest offers the Host : 

Accept, O holy Father, almighty, eternal God, thiF 
immaculate Host, which I, Thy unworthy servant, offer 
unto Thee, my living and true God, for my innumerable 
sins, offences, and negligences, and for all here present ; 
as also for all faithful Christians, both living and dead, 
that it may be profitable for my own and for their salva- 
tion unto life eternal. Amen. 

The Priest puts wine and water into the chalice : 

God, Who in creating human nature didst wonder- 
fully dignify it, and has still more wonderfully renewed 
it ; grant that, by the mystery of this water and wine, 
we may be made partakers of His divinity, Who vouch- 
safed to become partaker of our humanity, Jesus Christ, 
Thy Son, Our Lord ; Who liveth and reigneth with Thee 
in the unity of, etc. 

While the Priest offers the chalice : 

We offer unto Thee, O Lord, the chalice of salvation, 
beseeching Thy clemency, that, in the sight of Thy divine 
majesty, it may ascend with the odor of sweetness, for 
our salvation, and for that of the whole world. Amen. 

In the spirit of humility, and with a contrite heart, let 
us be received by Thee, O Lord ; and grant that the sacri- 
fice we offer in Thy sight this day may be pleasing to 
Thee, O Lord God. 

The Priest washes his fingers : 

1 will wash my hands amongst the innocent ; and will 
compass Thy altar, O Lord. 

500 Ordinary of the Mass. 

That I may hear the voice of Thy praise ; and tell all 
Thy wondrous works. 

The beauty of Thy house I have loved, O Lord ; and 
the place where Thy glory dwelleth. 

Take not away my soul with the wicked ; nor my life 
with bloody men. 

In whose hands are iniquities ; their right hand is filled 
with gifts. 

But I have walked in my innocence: redeem me, and 
have mercy on me. 

My foot has stood in the direct way ; in the churches I 
will bless Thee, O Lord. 

Glory be to the Father, etc. 

When the Priest bows down : 

Receive, Holy Trinity, this oblation, which we make 
to Thee, in memory of the Passion, Resurrection, and As- 
cension of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and in honor of the 
Blessed Mary, ever virgin, of Blessed John the Baptist, 
the holy apostles Peter and Paul, of these and of all th*'. 
saints, that it may be available to their honor and our sal 
vation ; and may they vouchsafe to intercede for us in 
heaven, whose memory we celebrate on earth. Through, 


The Priest says : 

Brethren, pray that my sacrifice and yours may be ac- 
ceptable to God the Father Almighty. 

B. May the Lord receive the sacrifice from thy hands, 
to the praise and glory of His name, to our benefit, and 
to that of all His holy Church. 


O God ! graciously hear us, that by virtue of this 
Sacrament Thou mayest defend us from all enemies. 

Ordinary of the Mass. 


both of body and soul, and give us grace in this life and 
glory in the next. Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. 


Vere dignura et justum 
est, aequum et salutare, nos 
tibi semper et ubique gratias 
agere, Domine sancte Pater 
onmipoten , seterne Deus, 
per Christum Dominum nos- 
trum : per quern majestatem 
tuamlaudantangeli, adorant 
Dominationes, tremunt Po- 
testates ; Coeli coeloruinque 
Virtutes, ac beata Seraphim, 
socia exultatione concele- 
brant; cum quibus et nostras 
voces ut admitti jubeas de- 
precamur, supplici confes- 
sione dicentes : 

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanc- 
tus, Dominus Deus Sabaoth. 
Pleni sunt cceli et terra 
gloria tua. Hosanna in ex- 
celsis ! Benedictus qui venit 
in nomine Domini ! Hosanna 
in excelsis ! 

It is truly meet and just, 
riglit and salutary, that 
we should always, and in 
all places, give thanks to 
Thee, holy Lord, Father 
Almighty, Eternal God. 
Through Christ Our Lord ; 
through Whom the angels 
praise Thy Majesty, the 
dominations adore, the pow- 
ers do hold in awe, the 
heavens, and the virtues of 
the heavens, and the blessed 
seraphim, do celebrate with 
united joy. In union with 
whom, we beseech Thee 
that Thou wouli^st command 
our voices also to be ad- 
mitted with suppliant con- 
fession, saying : 

Holy, holy, holy, Lord 
God of Sabaoth. Heaven 
and earth are full of Thy 
glory. Hosanna in the high- 
est ! Blessed is He that 
cometh in the name of the 
Lord ! Hosanna in the high- 
est ! 


'We therefore humbly pray and beseech Thee, most 
merciful Father, through r. s:is Christ Thy Son, Our 

502 OroHnary of the Mass. 

Lord [he kisses the altar], that Thou wouldst vouchsafe 
to accept and bless these gifts, these presents, these holy 
unspotted sacrifices, which, in the first place, we offer 
Thee for Thy Holy Catholic Church, to which vouchsafe 
to grant peace : as also to protect, unite, and govern it 
throughout the world, together with Thy servant, [N.], 
our Pope, [N.J, our Bishop, as also all orthodox believers 
and professors of the Catholic and Apostolic Faith. 

We also recommend to Thee, Lord, all those whom jus- 
tice, gratitude, and charity oblige us to pray for ; al? 
those here present, particularly [N. and N.j. And in 
order, dear Lord, that our homage may be the more 
agreeable to Thee, we unite it with that of the glorious 
Mary, ever virgin, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and 
with that of all the apostles, marryrs, and saints who 
have lived and died in this holy faith which we profess, 
and this only Church in which we live. 

My God, why have I not, at this moment, the inflamea 
desires with which the holy patriarchs desired the com- 
ing of the Messias ! Why have I not their faith and 
love ! Come, Lord Jesus, come, beloved Redeemer of 
the world, come and accomplish that mystery which is 
the sum of all Thy marvels. He is coming, the Lamb of 
God ; behold the adorable Victim by Whom the sins of 
the whole world are effaced. • 


Eternal Father, I now offer Thee all the virtues, the ac- 
tions, the affections of the heart of Thy dear Jesus. Ac- 
cept them, and by His merits, which are all mine — for He 
has given them to me, — grant me the graces which Jesus 
asks Thee for me. With these merits I thank Thee for 
the many mercies which Thou hast shown me ; with these 
I satisfy for what I owe Thee for my sins; through these 

Ordinary of the Mass. 503 

I hope for every grace from Thee, — pardon, perseverance, 
paradise, and, above all, the crowning gift of Thy pure 


Precious Blood of Jesus, wash my soul from all stains. 
Pure Heart of my Jesus, purify me. Heart most hum- 
ble, teach me Thy humility. Sweet Heart, communicate 
to me Thy sweetness. Most merciful Heart, have com- 
passion on me. Most loving Heart, inflame my heart 
with love ! 


How great would be my malice and ingratitude if, 
after having seen what I now behold, I should consent 
to offending Thee ! My God, I will never forget that 
which is represented by this august ceremony — the suf- 
ferings of Thy Passion, the glory of Thy Resurrection. 
Thy body bruised for us, Thy blood shed for us, are now 
really present on this altar. 

It is now that we offer before the throne of Thy most 
excellent majesty a holy, pure, and unspotted Victim, 
Whom it has pleased Thee Thyself to give us, and of 
which all others are but a figure. Yes, great God, we 
dare to say that we have here more than all the sacri- 
fices of Abel, of Abraham, and of Melchisedech ; here 
lies the only Victim worthy of Thine altar, Our Lord 
Jesus Christ, Thy Son, the only object of Thine eternal 

May all those who here partake of this sacred Vic- 
tim, either sacramentally or spiritually, be filled with 
heavenly grace and blessing ! 

Be mindful likewise, O Lord ! of Thy servants, [N.and 
N.], who are gone before us with the sign of faith, and 
rest in the sleep of peace. Grant them, Lord, in virtue 
of this saAri* 3 ^.. an entire deliverance from their pains. 

504 Ordinary of the Mass. 

And grant to us also, we beseech Thee, the same grace 
when our hour shall come, O Father of infinite good- 
ness ! And grant us part and fellowship with Thy holy 
apostles and martyrs, and with all Thy saints, so that, 
with them, we may love Thee and glorify Thee tc all eter- 


Pater noster, qui es in Our Father, Who art 


coelis, sanctificetur nomen heaven, hallowed be Thy 

tumn . adveniat regnuin tu- name , Thy kingdom come ; 

um ; fiat voluntas tua sicut Thy will be done on earth as 

in ccelo et in terra. Panem it is in heaven. Give us this 

nostrum, quotidianum da, day our daily bread; and 

nobis hodie : et dinutte no- forgive us our trespasses as 

bis debita nostra, sicut et we forgive those who tres- 

nos dimittimus debitoribus pass against us : and lead us 

nostris. Et ne nos inducas not into temptation, 
in tentationem. 

Sed libera nos a malo. But deliver us from evil. 

Deliver us, we beseech Thee, O Lord, from all evils, 
past, present, and to come ; and by the intercession of 
the blessed and glorious Mary, ever virgin, Mother of 
God, together with Thy blessed apostles Peter and Paul, 
and Andrew and all the saints [making the sign of the 
ci'oss on himself with the paten, he kisses it, and says], 
mercifully grant peace in our days, that by the assist- 
ance of Thy mercy we may be always free from sin, and 
secure from all disturbance. Through the same Jesus 
Christ Thy Son, Our Lord. Who with Thee in the unity 
sf the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth God. 

V. World without end. ' R. Amen. 

May this mixture, and consecration of the body and 
blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, be to us that receive it 
effectual to eternal life. Amen. 

Ordinary of the Mass. 50! 


^gtms Dei, qui tollis pec- Lamb of God, Who takest 

?ata mundi, m'.serere nobis. away the sins of the world, 

have mercy on us. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- Lamb of God, Who takest 

cata mundi, miserere nubis. away the sins of the world, 

have mercy on us. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- Lamb of God, Who takest 

fcata mundi, dona nobis pa- away the sins of the world, 
ceu i- grant us Thy peace. 

Lord Jesus Christ, Who saidst to Thy apostles, My 
peace I leave you, regard not my sins, but the faith of 
Thy Church ; and grant her that peace and unity which 
is agreeable to Thy will : Who livest, etc. Amen. 

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, Who, accord- 
ing to the will of Thy Father, through the co-operation 
of the Holy Ghost, hast, by Thy death, given life to the 
world : deliver me by this Thy most sacred body and 
blood from all my iniquities, and from all evils : make 
me always adhere to Thy commandments, and never 
suffer me to be separated from Thee : Who livest and 
reignest with God, the Father, in the unity of, etc. 

Let not the participation of Thy body, O Lord Jesus 
Christ, which I, though unworthy, presume to receive, 
turn to my judgment and condemnation : but through 
Thy mercy, may it be a safeguard and remedy both of 
soul and body. W T ho with God the Father, in the unity 
of the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest one God, forever 
and ever. Amen. 


Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldst enter un- 
der my roof : say but the word, and my soul shall be 
healed, f Three times. 1 

506 Ordinary of the Mass. 


My Jesus, I believe that Thou art truly present in the 
Most Blessed Sacrament. I love Thee above all things 
and I desire to possess Thee within my soul. Since I am 
unable now to receive Thee sacramentally, come at least 
spiritually into my heart. I embrace Thee as being 
already there, and unite myself wholly to Thee; never 
permit me to be separated from Thee. 
Dear Jesus, in the Sacrament of the Altar, be forever 
thanked and praised. Love, worthy of all celestial and 
terrestrial love! Who, out of infinite love for me, 
ungrateful sinner, didst assume our human nature, 
didst shed Thy most precious blood in the cruel scourg- 
ing, and didst expire on a shameful cross for our eternal 
welfare! Now, illumined with lively faith, with the 
outpouring of my whole soul and the fervor of my heart, 
I humbly beseech Thee, through the infinite merits of 
Thy painful sufferings, give me strength and courage 
to destroy every evil passion which sways my heart, to 
bless Thee in my greatest afflictions, to glorify Thee by 
the exact fulfilment of all my duties, supremely to hate 
all sin, and thus to become a saint. 
Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pius IX, Jan. 1, 1866. 

Sweet Heart of Jesus, be my love! 
/Indulgence of 300 days, each day .—Leo XIII, May 21, 1892. 
Sweet heart of Mary, be my salvation! 
Indulgence of 300 days, every time. — Pius IX, Sept 30,1852. 


Thou hast offered Thyself, OLord! for my salvation; 
I desire to be sacrificed for Thy glory. I am Thy victim, 
do with me as Thou wiliest. Whatever I have I conse- 
crate entirely to Thee. Whatever crosses Thou mayest 
jplease to send me, I freely accept and bless; I receive 

Ordinary of the Mass. 


them from Thy hand, and unite them with those Thou 
hast endured for my sake. I am now about to leave 
Thy temple resolved, with Thy help, to serve Thee faith- 
fully. I will strive to correct my faults, and chiefly that 
to which I am most inclined. Thy law shall henceforth 
direct me, and I shall forfeit all, and suffer everything, 
rather than mortally transgress it. 


Bless, O my God, these holy resolutions ; bless us & 
by the hand of Thy minister, and may the effects of Thy 
benediction remain with us forever. In the name of 
the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. 


P. Initium sancti Evan- 
gelii secundum Joannem. 

A. Gloria tibi Domine. 

In principio erat Verburn, 
et Verbum erat apud Deum ; 
et Dens erat Verbum : hoc 
erat in principio apud Deum. 
Omnia peripsuni facta sunt, 
et sine ipso factum est 
nihil quod factum est : in 
ipso vita erat, et vita erat 
lux hominum ; et lux in 
tenebris lucet, et tenebrse 
earn non coinprehenderunt. 

Fuit homo missus a Deo, 

P. The beginning of the 
holy Gospel according to St. 

A. Glory be to Thee, 

In the beginning was the 
Word, and the Word was 
with God, and God was th« 
Word : the same was in the 
beginning with God. All 
things were made by Him, 
and without Him was made 
nothing that was made : in 
Him was life, and the life 
was the light of men ; and 
the light shineth in dark- 
ness, and the darkness did 
not comprehend it. 

There was a man sent 


Ordinary of the Mass. 

cui nomen erat Joannes. Hie 
venit in testimonium, ut 
testimonium perbiberet de 
lumine, ut oranes crederent 
per ilium. Non erat ille lux* 
sed ut testimonium perbi- 
beret de lumine. Erat lux 
vera qua? illuminat omnem 
bom nem venientem in bunc 

In mundo erat, et mundus 
per ipsum factus est, et 
mundus eum non cognovit. 
It propria venit, et sui eum 
non receperunt. Quotquct 
autem receperunt eum, de- 
dit eis potestatem filios Dei 
fieri : bis qui credunt in 
nomine ejus, qui non ex 
sanguineus, neque ex vol- 
untate carnis neque ex vol- 
untate viri, sed ex Deo nati 
sunt. Et Verbum caro 
dictum est (hie genufltcti- 
tur), et babitavit in nobis ! 
et vidimus gloriam ejus, 
gloriam quasi Unigeniti a 
Patre, plenum gratia? et veri- 

A. Deo gratias, 

from God, wbose name was 
Jobn. Tbis man came for 
a witness to give testimony 
of tbe ligbt, tbat all men 
migbt believe tbrougb Him. 
He was not tbe ligbt, but 
came to give testimonyof tbe 
ligbt He was tbe true ligbt 
wbicb enlighteneth every 
man tbat cometb into tbis 

He was in tbe world, and 
Tbe world was made by Him, 
and tbe world knew Him 
not. He came unto His 
own, and His own received 
Him not. But as many as 
received Him, to tbem He 
gave power to become the 
sons of God : to those tbat 
believe in His name, wbo 
are born not of blood, nor of 
tbe will of tbe flesh, nor of 
tbe will of man, but of God. 
And the Word was madf. 
Flesh (kneel in reverence to 
the Incarnation), and dwelt 
among us ; and we saw His 
glory, as it were tbe glory 
of tbe Only-begotten of tbe 
Fatber, full of grace ano 

A. Thanks be to God. 

Ordinary of the Mass. 509 

drawers or&erefc bij J^is holiness $ojje 3Lro XEfiE. 
to be satfc feucduig a^Ur cberg 3Loto JWass. 

Hail Mary, three times. Then : 


Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our 
sweetness, aud cur hope. To thee do we cry, poor ban- 
ished children of Eve. To thee do we send up our sighs, 
mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn 
then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy 
towards us, and after this our exile show unto us the 
blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus, clement, O pious, 
O sweet Virgin Mary ! 

V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God. 

B. That we may be made worthy of the promises or 


God, our refuge and our strength, look down with 
favor upon Thy people who cry to Thee ; and through 
I'je intercession of the glorious and immaculate Virgin 
Mary, Mother of God, of her spouse, blessed Joseph, of 
Thy holy apostles Peter and Paul, and all Thy saints, 
mercifully and graciously hear the prayers which we 
pour forth to Thee for the conversion of sinners, and for 
the liberty and exaltation of our holy mother Church. 
Through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen. 

St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our 
protection against the malice and snares of the devil. 
We humbly beseech God to command him, and do thou. 
O prince of the heavenly hosts, by the divine power, 
thrust into hell Satan and the other evil spirits who 
roam through the world seeking the ruin of souie. 
Amen. (Indulgence of 300 days. — Leo XIII.) 

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. 
iTaree times) Indulgence: 7 years and 7 quarantines. 

flftetbofc of bearing /IDass b£ Was of 
/n>eMtation on tbe passion* 

This method is intended for those who prefer meditation 
to the recital of vocal prayers. 

The Mass is divided into four parts ; the first, from the 
beginning to the Gospel ; the second to the Elevation ; the 
third to the Communion of the priest ; and the fourth to 
the end. 

In the first part we may consider and honor the heart of 
Jesus, praying in His agony at the approach of His passion, 
especially in the Garden of Olives. 

In the second, we honor the heart of Jesus humbled and 
suffering in the various tribunals of Jerusalem, until th$ 
time of the scourging at the pillar. 

In the third, we honor the heart of Jesus suffering in the 
scourging and crowning with thorns, and follow Him in the 
path of suffering until His last sigh on the cross. 

In the fourth, we honor the heart of Jesus hidden and 
buried in the sepulchre. 

This manner of hearing has four very precious advan- 
tages : The priest is followed throughout the sacrifice, which 
is a very holy and meritorious way of assisting at Mass. The 
heart of Jesus is honored in every stage of His passion. 
We enter into the interior sentiments of His adorable heart, 
and endeavor to make them our own. 

The Mass thus becomes a prayer, and at the same time a 
very useful and salutary meditation. 

If about to communicate at Mass, the manner in which 
we are thus occupied will be a very good means for receiv- 

Hearing Mass by Meditating on the Passion, all 

ing the grace of the sacrament, and may be continued in 
the thanksgiving. Bearing this in mind, we have indicated 
a few points for meditation, leaving to each one the liberty 
of following them up accordiu;^ as the attraction of grace 
shall inspire him. 


4- In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of 
the Holy Ghost. Amen. 

The Heart of Jesus Fraying and Suffering. 

Thou prayest, Thou dost suffer, my sweet Saviour, 
Thy heart experiencing a mortal sadness ; suffer me to 
unite myself to Thy sorrows, and give me a share in Thy 
deep affliction. Everything that presanted itself to Thy 
mind plunged Thy heart in a sea of bitterness; for 
Thou didst behold the deplorable state of the w r orld, the 
crimes and excesses of mankind, the torrent of iniqui- 
ties which deluged the earth, the multitude of souls 
which would perish and be cast into hell, the glory of 
Thy heavenly Father, outraged, the approach of Thy 
passion and sufferings, and their uselessness with regard 
to so many sinners, who, notwithstanding the shedding 
of Thy blood for them, would be lost, forever. 

O my Saviour, am I not also a cause of sorrow to 
Thee ? Thou lamentest over me, Thou seest the sad 
state of my soul, my tepidity and negligence, my un- 
faithfulness and resistance of Thy grace, the little sor- 
row I have conceived, my little care for amendment, 
the danger to which I am exposed of dying in so sad a 
state. Thou lamentest all this, and I am not touched ; 
Thou art afflicted, and I am insensible. Heart of my 
God, thou prayest, and I know not how to pray; if. I 
pray, it is so ill, with so little attention, fervor, or devo- 
tion, that my prayers deserve not to ascend to the 

bt2 Method of Hearing Mass 

tnrone of Thy mercy. My God, teach mo how to pray, 
that at least, in virtue of Thy sacrifice which 1 offer 
Thee, my prayer maybe pleasing in Thy sight. Yes, 
my God, in this holy confidence I offer Thee the homage 
of prayer for the salvation of my soul, whose misery 
and extreme necessity Thou knowest. 

I beseech Thee also to remember all those for whom I 
ought to pray— my relations, that we may be united 
much more strongly by the bonds of grace than by those 
of blood ; my friends, that Thou mayst be the bond and 
centre of our friendship ; my benefactors, beseeching 
Thee to render them a hundredfold the goods which I 
have received ; and the vengeance which I desire for 
my enemies is, that Thou wouldst visit them with .Thy 
graces. I pray to Thee also, in a particular manner, O 
my God, for the Church, my tender mother, for the 
Sovereign Pontiff, and all the clergy. Shed over all 
Thy abundant benedictions ; give to all of us hearts 
according to Thy heart, uniting us all in the same holy 

Heart of Jesus, praying and suffering, I adore thee, 
and beseech thee to unite my prayers with ihine. 

Heart of Jesus, lamenting and agonizing, I adore 
thee, and beseech thee to inspire my heart with the 
same sentiments. 

Heart of Jesus, offering thyself in sacrifice to the 
eternal Father, I adore thee, and beseech thee to offer 
me in sacrifice with thvself. 


The Heart of Jesus Humbled and Annihilated. 

O my sweet Saviour ! with what floods of bitterness is 
not Thy aaered heart deluged 1 "With what torrents of 

By Meditating on the Passion. 51* 

humiliation is it not overwhelmed ! Led, or rather 
dragged, from tribunal to tribunal, from one indignity 
to another, before judges who are Thy enemies, tied 
and bound as a slave, accused as a criminal, Thou art 
judged and condemned as a malefactor, a seducer, a 
disturber of the public peace. 

At the house of Caiphas Thou art given up to insults 
and the injuries, and affronts of a troop of soldiers, who 
make Thee undergo the most infamous treatment. 

Before Annas Thy face is dishonored by a shameful 
blow, the most audacious outrage that can be perpe- 
trated amongst men. 

By Herod Thou art covered with a white robe in sign 
of mockery. Thou art treated as a fool before his whole 
court, who turn into contempt imd insult the esteem 
and admiration of which Thou hast been the object. 

By Pilate Thou art placed on a level with a robber 
and a malefactor, and Thou hast the sorrow to see this 
infamous wretch preferred before Thee. 

Dragged through the streets of Jerusalem, Thou 
wast obliged to undergo the yells, the cries, and impre- 
cations of the immense populace there assembled, who 
load Thee with curses and maledictions. G King ot 
glory, what a flood of humiliations overwhelmed Thy 
heart ! but what marvellous virtue Thou dost display ! 
what meekness, what patience, and charity ! Thou 
dost pray for those who outrage Thee. Thou offerest 
Thy sufferings for those who persecute and afflict Thee. 

O adorable Saviour, this sacrifice of Thy heart was 
necessary in order to repair the glory of Thy outraged 
Father, to humble the proud exaltation of our minds, to 
confound the detestable pride with which our hearts are 
swelled, to make us know the inestimable value of 
humiliations, to give us in Thy passion a touching ex- 
ample to which we can have nothing to oppose. Even 

514 Method of Hearing Mass 

m our very altars, to what a condition dost Thou 
reduce Thyself for the love of us ! And yet, O my God, 
how astonishing and deplorable it is, that notwith- 
standing so striking an example, pride should still hold 
dominion over us ; for, alas ! how much of vanity, self- 
love, and sensitiveness do we not possess ! 

My divine Saviour ! how much have I not to reproach 
myself with on this point ! I seek only the applause 
and esteem of men, as if Thine were not sufficient. I 
can suffer and endure nothing for Thee, Who hast 
undergone so much for me ; the least humiliation 
afflicts and dejects me ; my spirit is rebellious, my 
heart swells, my whole soul is disturbed and agitated ; 
a cowardly and worthless human respect makes me 
betray my duty and Thy interests. Oh, how can I call 
myself Thy disciple, and acknowledge Thee for my 
Master and my God ! Was it necessary, then, O my 
Saviour and my Lord, that Thou alone shouldst drink 
of the chalice of humiliations ? No, my adorable Master, 
I will share it with Thee, I will receive it from Thy 
hands, I will have a part in Thy abasements ; and if I 
have not the courage to meet humiliations, I will at 
least accept with submission those which Thou shalt 
send me. From henceforth I offer Thee the sacrifice of 
my pride and my vanity, in order to unite myself to 
Thee in Thy annihilations. If nature rebels, or self-love 
complains, I will follow Thy example and implore Thy 
grace. This divine example, drawn from Thy heart and 
passing into mine, will render the chalice of Thy hu- 
miliations precious, even consoling to me, and one drop 
of its bitterness will be sweeter to me than all the de- 
ceitful and guilty pleasures of this blind and perverse 

O Heart of Jesus, saturated with indignities, make ms 
share in thy chalice. 

By Meditating on the Passion. 515 

O Heart of Jesus, steeped in an ocean of sorrows, 
steep my heart in thy tears. 

O Heart of Jesus, plunged in an abyss of humiliations 
and suffering, destroy my self-love and pride. 


The Heart of Jesus Suffering and Expiring on the 

Was it necessary, O my Jesus, that after having 
given up Thy sacred heart to the greatest humiliations, 
Thy body should be delivered to excessive torments? 
To what a condition art Thou reduced by Thy terrible 
scourging! After having fastened Thee to a pillar, 
they strike Thee violently, discharging repeated blows 
on Thy virginal flesh. Thy body is bruised, torn, and 
covered with wounds. Thou art bathed in the torrents 
of Thy adorable blood, and yet they cease not to strike 
Thee, and to exercise over Thee all the fury, cruelty, 
and hatred of which they are capable. 

But, O my God, in the midst of these excessive suf- 
ferings of Thy body, what are the emotions of Thy 
heart ? 

Thou dost suffer with patience, O sweet Saviour, sub- 
mitting Thyself to Thy heavenly Father, offering to 
Him Thy torments, begging of Him the forgiveness of 
our sins, regarding Thyself as a victim sacrificed for our 
salvation, beholding those torrents of blood with resig- 
nation, and even with joy, in order that our sins might 
be washed away, aud that the voice of this adorable 
blood, rising even to heaven, might obtain grace and 
mercy for us. 

Thou sufferest everything for me, O adorable heart of 
toy Saviour ! and yet the least suffering is a torment to 
*ue ; I fear even the very name of suffering and pain. 

516 Method of Hearing Mass 

I care so much for my body, seeking its ease and gua:"d 
ingit so carefully, without remembering that it is a body 
of sin, which 1 ought to subject to the rigors of penance. 
Ah ! my Saviour, do I not see that by my care in avoid- 
ing suffering I increase Thine, rendering those sufferings 
useless for my salvation ? 

All Thy sufferings in this cruel scourging, my 
Saviour, nevertheless are little else than the commence- 
ment of Thy torments. Thy sacrifice must be consum- 
mated. I behold Thee loaded with Thy cross, taking 
the way to Calvary. Suffer me, O my God and Saviour, 
to follow Thee in spirit, and step in Thy bleeding foot- 
steps. What do I see, great God, what marvellous 
spectacle does faith present to me ! A suffering God ! a 
dying God ! a God dying in excess of pain ! a God dying 
for the love of those who cause His death ! At such a 
light what can I say ; how can my heart express the 
tentiments with which it is filled ? 

Ah, my Saviour, how eloquently dost Thou preach 
bpon Thy cross the great truths of faith which Thou 
hast announced to us ! How dost Thou make known the 
greatness of the inexorable justice of God, the excel- 
lence and the price of our souls, but, above all, the 
malice and enormity of sin, the severity and horror of 
the punishments which are reserved for it in eternity. 
And they are my sins, O heart of my God, which Thou 
bewailest, which Thou dost lament upon the cross. 
They are my sins which led Thee there, which fastened 
Thee to its wood, which have shed Thy sacred blood, 
and caused Thy death ; and I, my Saviour, am not filled 
with sorrow at the foot of Thy cross ; I wash not my sins 
in Thy tears and in Thy blood. Ought I not at least 
to pass my life in sighs and tears, without ceasing, for 
sorrow that I have offended my God, caused the suffer- 
ings of Jesus, rendered myself responsible for His blood. 

By Meditating on the Passion. 517 

and guilty of His death ? Thy heart is still open for me 
upon Thy cross, O Jesus. Thy arras are extended ten- 
derly to receive me, and I return to Thee with sincerity 
and sorrow. 

Every day Thou renewest on our altars, in an un- 
bloody manner, the bloody sacrifice which Thou didst 
once offer upon Calvary. It is this sacrifice that I offer 
Thee, as Thou didst offer it to Thy heavenly Father. 
Suffer me .to unite to Thy sacrifice the sacrifice of myself, 
and especially that of a contrite and humble heart. I 
beg of Thee to give me a heart broken with sorrow to 
offer to Thee, and thus render the victim worthy of 
Thee, worthy to be sacrificed to Thee. 



The Heart of Jesus Concealed and Buried in the 

Beloved Saviour, Thy body is placed in the sepulchre, 
the last of the humiliations which Thou hadst to undergo 
in this world, for humiliation was to accompany Thee 
even to the tomb. my soul, what a state of abase- 
ment for God made man is this, to be in the world as 
not there, hidden in the bosom of the earth, surrounded 
by the shades of death, given up to obscurity in the 
region of darkness, absolutely destitute of everything, 
for even the tomb in which Jesus reposes is not His, 
thus verifying the words He had said of Himself, •' The 
birds of the air have their nests ; but the Son of man 
hath not where upon to lay His head." Yet in this state 
of humiliation Thou, my Jesus, dost preserve all Thy 

Behold, my soul, the great example given us for our 
imuacion - St. Paul tells us that we are dead, that our 

518 Hearing Mass by Meditating on Passion. 

life must be u hidden with Jesus Christ in God." Ye«, 
my divine Saviour, iu Thy tomb I will learn detachment 
from the world, forgetf ulness of the world, death to the 
world and to myself, the nothingness of earthly things, 
the love of retirement, and strict union with God ; for 
Thou shalt take the place of all, Jesus, when for Thee 
I have quitted all with heart and mind. 

O my God, vouchsafe to accept these resolutions ; I 
renew them in this holy sacrifice, and I offer them to 
Thee in union with Thine own. I beg of Thee to give 
me the grace to preserve them in my soul as long as I 
live, and grant that I may persevere in them until 

O adorable heart of my Saviour, Thou wast not 
always in humiliation, suffering, and sorrow. After so 
many trials and conflicts, Thou didst ascend into heaven, 
the conqueror of Thy enemies ; triumphing over the 
world, death, and all the powers of hell. Thou art ex- 
alted in glory, and seated at the right hand of the 
heavenly Father. 

Heart of my God, I rejoice in Thy glory and Thy 
triumph. Shall I one day share Thy glory and Thy 
happiness ? It is only through Thee and Thy merits that 
I can hope for and merit this grace. I beseech Thee to 
give it me in virtue of (he sacrifice which I offer Thee. 
Thou hast offered Thyself for me upon our altars, re- 
ceive me one day in Thy sacred tabernacle, in order that 
I may praise Thee forever with Thy elect; and as a 
pledge of this happiness, vouchsafe to ratify in heaven 
the blessing which Thy priest gives us on earth, in the 
name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen. 

Indulgences praters Hrranaefc for XTlsc 
at flDass. 


The Sign of the Cross. 

In the name of the Father, *J« and of the Son, and of 
the Holy Ghost. Amen. 

Indulgence of 50 days, each time. — Pius IX, July 28, 1863. — 
Indulgence of 100 days, if made with holy water. — Pius IX, 
March 23, 1876. 



Eternal Father, I unite myself with the intentions 
and affections of our Lady of Sorrows on Calvary, and 
I offer Thee the sacrifice which Thy beloved Son 
Jesus made of Himself on the cross, and now renews 
on this holy altar: 1. To adore Thee and give Thee 
the honor which is due to Thee, confessing Thy supreme 
dominion over all things, and the absolute dependence 
of everything upon Thee, Thou who art our one and 
last end. 2. To thank Thee for innumerable benefits 
received. 3. To appease Thy justice, irritated against 
us by so many sins, and to make satisfaction for them. 
4. To implore grace and mercy for myself, for . . . , for 
all afflicted and sorrowing, for poor sinners, for all the 
world, and for the holy souls in purgatory. 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time; also a plenary indul- 
gence once a month, if said on every Sunday and holy day 
of obligation, on the usual conditions. — Pius X, July 8, 1904. 


I adore Thee, O my God, one God in three Persons: 
I annihilate myself before Thy majesty. Thou alon* 

520 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

art being, life, truth, beauty, and goodness. I glorify 
Thee, I praise Thee, I thank Thee, and I love Thee, 
all incapable and unworthy as I am, in union with Thy 
dear Son Jesus Christ, our Saviour and our Father, in 
the mercifulness of His heart and through His infinite 
merits. I wish to serve Thee, to please Thee, to obey 
Thee, and to love Thee always, in union with Mary 
immaculate, Mother of God and our Mother, loving 
also and serving my neighbor for Thy sake. There- 
fore, give me Thy Holy Spirit to enlighten, correct, and 
guide me in the way of Thy commandments, and in 
all perfection, until we come to the happiness of heaven, 
where we shall glorify Thee forever. Amen. 
Indulgence of 300 days, each time. — Pius X, April 18, 1906. 



My God, I offer Thee all the Masses which are being 
celebrated to-day throughout the whole world, for sinners 
who are in their agony and who are to die this day. 
May the precious blood of Jesus, their Redeemer, obtain 
mercy for them. 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time. — Pius X, Dec. 18, 1907. 



Eternal Father, I offer Thee the sacrifice which Thy 
beloved Son Jesus made of Himself on the cross, and 
now renews on this altar. I offer it in the name of all 
creatures, together with the Masses which have been 
said and which will be said throughout the whole world, 
to adore Thee and to give Thee honor and glory, which 
Thou deservest; to render to Thee the thanks which are 
due Thee for Thy numberless benefits, to appease Thy 
anger, and to satisfy for our many sins; to supplicate 

Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 521 

Thee for myself, for the Church, for the whole world, 

and for the holy souls in purgatory. 

Indulgence of three years, once a day. — Pius IX, April 11, 



Mary, mother of mercy, mother and daughter of Him 
Who is the Father of mercies and the God of all con- 
solation, 1 dispenser of the treasures of thy Son, 2 hand- 
maiden of God, 3 mother of the supreme High-Priest, 
Christ, at once priest and altar, 4 immaculate- treasure- 
house of the Word of God, 5 mistress of all the apostles 
and disciples of Christ; 6 protect the Supreme Pontiff, 
intercede for us and for our priests, that the High-Priest 
Jesus Christ may purify our consciences, so that we may 
worthily and piously approach His holy banquet. 

O immaculate virgin, who not only gavest us Christ, 
to be our bread from heaven, for the remission of sins, 7 
but art thyself a most acceptable victim offered to God, 8 
and the glory of the priesthood, 9 who according to the 
testimony of thy most blessed servant St. Antoninus, 
although thou didst not receive the Sacrament of Order, 
art filled with whatever of dignity and grace is con- 
ferred by it; wherefore deservedly art thou proclaimed 
virgin priest; 10 look down upon us and on the priests 
of thy Son; purify, sanctify, save us, that receiving the 
ineffable gifts of the sacraments, we may deserve to 
obtain the eternal salvation of oar souls. Amen. 

1 Richard of St. Laurence. 

2 St. Bernard. 

3 Bernard de Busto. 
« St. Epiphanius. 

6 Blosius. 

« St. Thomas of Villanova. 

7 St. Epiphanius. 

8 St. Andrew of Crete. 
• St. Ephrem. 

io Br. of Pius IX. August 25, 1873. 

522 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

Mother of mercy, pray for us. 

Mother of the eternal priest, Christ Jesus, pray for us, 
Queen of the clergy, pray for us. 
Mary, virgin priest, pray for us. 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time. — Pius X, January 9 ( 


After each Ave, say: 

Holy mother, pierce me 

In my heart each wound 

Of my Saviour crucified. 

Sancta Mater, istud agas, 
Crucifixi fige plagas 
Cordi meo valide. 

Indulgence of 300 days, once a day. — Pius IX, June 18, 1870. 

Ejaculation of St. Philip Neri. 

Mary, Virgin mother of God, pray to Jesus for me. 
Indulgence of 50 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, March 29, 

Ejaculation to the Mother of Mercy. 

Mary, mother of God and mother of mercy, pray for 
us, and for the departed. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, December 
15, 1883. 



Loosen, O Lord! we pray Thee, in Thy pity the bond8 
of our sins, and by the intercession of the blessed and 
ever virgin Mary, mother of God, St. Joseph, the blessed 
apostles Peter and Paul, and all the saints, keep us, 
Thy servants, and our abodes in all holiness; cleanse us, 
our relations, kinsfolk, and acquaintances, from all stain 
of sin; adorn us with all virtue; grant us peace and 
health; drive far off all our enemies, visible and invisible: 

Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 523 

bridle our carnal appetites; give us healthful seasons; 
bestow Thy love upon our friends and our enemies; 
guard Thy holy city; preserve our Sovereign Pontiff, N., 
and defend all our prelates, princes, and all Thy Christian 
people, from all adversity. Let Thy blessing be ever 
upon us, and grant to all the faithful departed eternal 
rest. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Indulgence of forty davs, each time. — Pope Leo XII, July 
9; 1828. 


The Angelic Trisagion. 

Holy, holy, holy, Lord Cod of hosts: the earth is 
full of Thy glory. Glory be to the Father, glory be to 
the Son, glory be to the Holy Ghost. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day, and an indulgence 
of 100 days, three times every Sunday, as well as on the 
feast of the most holy Trinity, and during its octave. — 
Pope Clement XIV, Tune 6, 1769. 


Ejaculation . 

Adoramus Te, sanctis- 
sime Domine Jesu Christe, 
benedicimus Tibi; quia per 
sanctam crucem Tuam re- 
demisti mundum. 

We adore Thee, O most 
blessed Lord Jesus Christ, 
we bless Thee; because by 
Thy holy cross Thou hast 
redeemed the world. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pope Leo XIIL 
March 4, 1882. 



1. My Jesus, mercy! 

Indulgence of 100 days, every time. — Pius IX, Sept. 24, 

524 indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

2. My sweetest Jesus, be not my judge, but my saviour! 
Indulgence of 50 days, every time. — Pius IX, Aug. 11, 1851. 

3. Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time. — Pius X, December 
26, 1907. 


Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men 
of good will (Luke ii. 14). 

This is the charity of God, that we keep his command- 
ments (1 John v. 3). 

The Practice of the Seven Gloria Patris. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the 
Holy Ghost, etc. 

The Sovereign Pontiff, Pius IX, by a rescript of the S. Cong, 
of the Propaganda Fide, March 12, 1857, granted to all 
the faithful who devoutly and with contrite hearts, recite seven 
times the Glory be to the Father, with the intention of asking 
for the Seven Gifts for the propagation of the Faith and for 
the intentions of the Sovereign Pontiff, an indulgence of seven 


Fiat, laudetur atque in 
SBternum superexaltetur 
justissima, altissima et 
amabilissima voluntas Dei 
in omnibus. 

May the most just, most 
high, and most adorable 
will of God be in all things 
done, praised and magnified 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pope Pius VII, May 
19, 1818. 

A Prayer for the Fulfilling of the Will of God. 
("Imitation of Christ," b. Hi. c. xv, v. 3.) 

Grant me Thy grace, most merciful Jesus, that it may 
be with me, and labor with me, and continue with me to 
the end. 

indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 525 

Grant me always to desire and will that which is most 
acceptable to Thee and which pleaseth Thee best. 

Let Thy will be mine, and let my will always follow 
Thine, and agree perfectly with i* 

Let me always will or not will tn« same with Thee, 
and let me not be able to will or not will anything except 
what Thou wiliest or wiliest not. Amen. 

Indulgence of 200 days, once a dav. — Pope Leo XIII, 
Feb. 27, 1886. 


Let us pray. 

Omnipotent Lord! Who dost permit evil that good 
may spring from it, listen to the humble prayers by 
which we ask of Thee the grace of remaining faithful to 
Thee, even unto death. Grant us also, through the 
intercession of Mary ever blessed, that we may always 
•conform ourselves to Thy most holy will. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, July 19, 


O most compassionate Jesus! Thou alone art our 
salvation, our life, and our resurrection. We implore 
Thee, therefore, do not forsake us in our needs and afflic- 
tions, but by the agony of Thy most sacred Heart, and 
by the sorrows of Thy immaculate mother, succor Thy 
servants whom Thou hast redeemed by Thy most precious 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pius IX, Oct. 6, 1870. 


Divine Jesus, incarnate Son of God, Who for our 

salvation didst vouchsafe to be born in a stable, to pass 

Thy life in poverty, trials, and misery, and to die amid 

the sufferings of the cross, I entreat Thee, say to Thy 

526 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

divine Father at the hour of my death: Father, forgive 
him; say to Thy beloved mother: Behold thy son; say 
to my soul: This day thou shalt be with Me in paradise. 
My God, my God, forsake me not in that hour. / 
thirst: yes, my God, my soul thirsts after Thee, Who art 
the fountain of living waters. My life passes like a 
shadow; yet a little while, and all will be consummated. 
Wherefore, O my adorable Saviour! from this moment, 
for all eternity, into Thy hands I commend my Spirit. 
Lord Jesus, receive my soul. Amen. 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time. — Pius IX, June 10, 


This is the will of God — your sanctification (Thess. 
iv. 3). 

Pursue justice, godliness, faith, charity, patience, 
mildness (1 Tim. vi. 11). 

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without 
which no man shall see God (Heb. xii. 14). 

According to Him that hath called you, Who is holy, 
be you also in all manner of conversation holy. Because 
it is written: you shall be holy, for I (the Lord your 
God) am holy (1 Feter i. 15, 16). 

The grace of God our Saviour hath appeared to all 
men; instructing us that, denying ungodliness and 
worldly desires, we should live soberly and justly and 
godly in this world. 

Looking for the blessed hope and coming of the glory 
of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ (Titus 
ii. 11-13). 

What things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap 
(Gal. vi. 8). 

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast and 
-mmovable; always abounding in the work of the Lord, 

Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 527 

knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord (1 
Cor. xv. 58). 

I live, now not I; but Christ liveth in me (Gal. ii. 20). 

When Christ shall appear, Who is your life, then you 
also shall appear with Him in glory (Col. iii. 4). 


O Jesus, living in Mary! Come and live in Thy ser- 
vants, in the spirit of Thy holiness, in the fullness of Thy 
power, in the reality of Thy virtues, in the perfection 
of Thy ways, in the communion of Thy mysteries; sub- 
due every hostile power, in Thy spirit, to the glory of 
the Father. Amen. 

Indulgence of 300 days, once a day. — Pope Pius IX, Oct. 
14, 1859. 


Jesus, my God, I love Thee above all things. 

Indulgence of 50 days, every time. — Pius IX, May 7, 1854. 

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart 
like unto Thine. 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time. — Pius X, Sept. 15, 

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pius IX, Sept. 23, 

All praise, honor, and glory to the divine Heart of 

Indulgence of 50 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, June 14, 


O glorious St. Joseph! model of all those who are 
devoted to labor, obtain for me the grace to work in a 
spirit of penance for the expiation of my many sins: 

528 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

to work conscientiously, putting the call of duty above 
my inclinations; to work with thankfulness and joy, 
considering it an honor to employ and develop by means 
of labor the gifts received from God; to work with order, 
peace, moderation, and patience, never shrinking from 
weariness and trials; to work, above all, with purity of 
intention, and with detachment from self, keeping unceas- 
ingly before my eyes death and the account I must give 
of time lost, talents unused, good omitted, and vain 
complacency in success, so fatal to the work of God. 

All for Jesus, all through Mary, all after thy example, 
O patriarch Joseph; such shall be my watchword in life 
and in death. Amen. 

Indulgence of 300 days, once a day.— Pius X, Nov. 25, 1906. 


"Who is the man that desireth life: who loveth to see 
good days?" 

"Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking 

"Turn away from evil and do good: seek after peace 
and pursue it" (Ps. xxxiii. 13-15). 

"Jesus said to His disciples: If you love Me, keep Mv 
commandments" (Johnxiv. 15). 

"This is chariw, that we walk according to His com- 
mandments" (2 John i. 6). 

"For not the hearers of the law are just before God, 
but the doers of the law shall be justified" (Rom. ii. 13). 

"What shall it profit, my brethren, if a man say he 
hath faith, but hath not works? Shall faith be able 
to save him?" 

"Faith without works is dead" (James ii. 14, 26). 

"Do good to thy friend before thou die and according 
to thy ability; stretching out thy hand, give to the poor" 
(Eccles xiv. 13). 

Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 529 

"Wherefore be you also ready, because at what hour 
you know not the Son of man will come" (Matt. xxiv. 44). 

"O that they would be wise and would understand 
and would provide for their last end" (Deut. xxxii. 29). 

Prayer to the Most Holy Trinity. 

Omnipotence of the Father, help my weakness, and 
deliver me from the depth of misery. 

Wisdom of the Son, direct all my thoughts, words, 
and actions. 

Love of the Holy Ghost, be thou the source and beginning 
of all the operations of my soul, whereby they may be 
always conformable to the divine will. 

Indulgence of 200 davs, once a day. — Leo XIII, March 
15, 1890. 

Prayer to the Holy Spirit for the Church. 

O holy Spirit, Creator, propitiously help the Catholic 
Church, and by Thy heavenly power strengthen and 
confirm it against the assaults of the enemy; by Thy 
charity and grace renew the spirit of Thy servants whom 
Thou hast anointed, that in Thee they may glorify the 
Father and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

Indulgence of 300 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, Aug. 26, 


Spiritus Sancte, spiritus 
veritatis, veni in corda 
nostra; da populis clari- 
tatem lucis tuse, ut in 
fidei unitate tibi complace- 

O holy Spirit, spirit of 
truth, come into our hearts; 
shed the brightness of Thy 
light on all nations, that 
they may be one in faith 
and pleasing to Thee. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, July 31,' 

•530 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 


Veni Sancte Spiritus, 
reple tuorum corda fide- 
lium, et tui amoris in eis 
ignem accende. 

Come, O Holy Ghost, 
fill the hearts of Thy faith- 
ful, and kindle in them the 
fire of Thy love. 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time. — Pius X, May 8, 1907. 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy kingdom come! 
Indulgence of £00 days, every time. — Pius X, May 4, 1906. 


An Act of Faith. 

O my God! I believe in Thee; I believe all that Thou 
hast revealed, and that the holy Catholic Church pro- 
poses to my belief. I believe that the most blessed Virgin 
is truly the mother of God; I believe firmly and with 
all certainty, that she is at the same time mother and 
virgin, and that she is free from even the least actual sin. 
I also believe most firmly, and with all certainty, that, 
by a singular grace and privilege of almighty God, in 
view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the 
human race, Mary was, in the first instant of her concep- 
tion, preserved free from all stain of original sin. I 
believe most firmly, and with all certainty, that when 
the Roman Pontiff speaks ex cathedra — that is, when, 
in quality of the chief pastor and teacher of all Chris- 
tians, he, in virtue of his supreme and apostolic authority, 
defines the doctrine to be held by the universal Church 
concerning faith or morals — by the divine assistance, 
promised him in the person of St. Peter, he enjoys that 
infallibility with which the divine Redeemer wished His 
Church to be endowed when defining matters of faith or 
morals; and, therefore, that such definitions of the Roman 

Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass 531 

Pontiff are, of themselves, and not from the consent 
of the Church, irreformable. I believe all this, because 
Thy holy Church, which is the pillar and ground of truth, 
which has never erred and can never err, proposes it to 
be believed. 

Indulgence of IOC days, once a day. — Pius IX, Jan. 10, 1871. 


Offering and Prayer of St. Ignatius of Loyola. 

Suscipe, Domine, uni- 
versam meam libertatem. 
Accipe memoriam, intellec- 
tum atque voluntatem 
omnem. Quidquid habeo 
v r el possidco, mihi largitus 
es; id Tibi totum restituo 
ac tuae prorsus voluntati 
trado gubernandum. Amo- 
rem Tui solum cum gratia 
Tua mihi dones et dives 
sum satis, nee aliud quid- 
quam ultra posco. 

Indulgence of 300 days, once 

Take, O Lord, and re- 
ceive all my liberty, my 
memory, my understand- 
ing, and my whole will. 
Thou hast given me all 
that I am and all that I 
possess; I surrender it all 
to Thee that Thou mayest 
dispose of it according to 
Thy will. Give me only 
Thy love and Thy grace; 
with these I will be rich 
enough, and will have no 
more to desire, 
a day.— Leo XIII, May 26, 

An Offering to Jesus. 

My loving Jesus! I (N. N.) give Thee my heart, and 
I consecrate myself wholly to Thee, out of the grateful 
love I bear Thee, and as a reparation for all my unfaith- 
fulness; and with Thy aid I purpose never to sin again. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a uay, to all who shall with, 
at least contrite heart, and devotion, make this offering 
t-Kjfore a picture of the Sacred B'vjn. — Pius VII, June 9. JR07. 

532 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

An Offering to the Eternal Father. 

Eternal Father, we offer Thee the blood, the passion, 
and the death of Jesus Christ, the sorrows of Mary most 
holy, and of St. Joseph, in satisfaction for our sins, in 
aid of the holy souls in purgatory, for the needs of holy 
Mother Church, and for the conversion of sinners. 

His Holiness, Pope Pius IX, by an autograph rescript 
April 30,. 1860, granted to all the faithful who, with at least 
["ontrite heart and devotion, shall say this prayer, an indul- 
gence of 100 days, once a day. 

A Daily Act of Oblation. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, in union with that divine inten- 
tion with which Thou didst on earth offer praises to God 
through Thy sacred Heart, and now dost continue to 
offer them in all places in the sacrament of the Eucharist, 
and wilt do so to the end of the world, I most willingly 
offer Thee, throughout this entire day without the smallest 
exception, all my intentions and thoughts, ail my affec- 
tions and desires, all my words and actions, ' that they 
may be conformed to the most sacred heart of the blessed 
Virgin Mary, ever immaculate. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a dav. — Leo XIII, Dec. 19, 


Prayer and Offering to Our Most Dear Lord Jesus Christ- 
Most dear Lord Jesus Christ, Who, becoming an infant 
for us, didst vouchsafe to be born in a stable to free us 
from the darkness of sin, to draw us more closely to Thee, 
and to inflame us with Thy holy love, we adore Thee as 
our creator and redeemer, we acknowledge and choose 
Thee for our king and Lord, and we offer to Thee the 
tribute of all the affections of our poor heart. Dear 
Jesus, our Lord and God, deign to accept this offering, 
and, in order that it may be worthy of Thy gracious 

indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 533 

acceptance, forgive us our sins, enlighten us, inflame us 
with that holy fire which Thou didst come to bring into 
the world to enkindle in our hearts. May our soul thus 
become a perpetual sacrifice in Thy honor; grant that it 
may always seek Thy greater glory here on earth, in 
order that it may one day come to enjoy the beauty of 
Thy infinite perfections in heaven. Amen. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, Jan. 18, 


Sweetest Jesus, grant me an increase of faith, hope, 
and charity, a contrite and humble heart. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, Sept, 13, 


Three Offerings of Thanksgiving to the Most Holy Trinity. 

1. We offer to the most holy Trinity the merits of Jesus 
Christ in thanksgiving for the precious blood which Jesus 
shed in the garden for us; and by His merits we beseech 
the divine majesty to grant us the pardon of all our sins. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father. 

2. We offer to the most holy Trinity the merits of 
Jesus Christ, in thanksgiving for His most precious 
death endured on the cross for us; and by His merits 
we beseech the divine majesty to free us from the punish- 
ment due to our sins. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father. 

3. We offer to the most holy Trinity the merits of Jesus 
Christ, in thanksgiving for His unspeakable charity, by 
which He descended from heaven to earth to take upon 
Himself our flesh, and to suffer and die for us on the cross: 

534 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

and by His merits we beseech the divine majesty to bring 
our souls to the glory of heaven after our death. 
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father. 

Indulgence of 100 davs, v/hen said to obtain a good death.— 
Leo XII, Oct. 21, 1823. 


Sanctus, sanctus, sanc- 
tus, Dominus Deus exer- 
cituum: plena est terra 
gloria Tua. Gloria Patri, 
gloria Filio, gloria Spiritui 

Holy, holy, holy, Lord 
God of hosts: the earth is 
full of Thy glory. Glory 
be to the Father, glory be 
to the Son, glory be to the 
Holv Ghost. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day, and an indulgence 
of 100 days, three times every Sunday, as well as on the feast 
of the most holy Trinity, and during its octave. — Clement. 
XIV, June 6, 1769. 


May the Heart of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament 
be praised, adored, and loved with grateful affection, at 
every moment, in all the tabernacles of the world, even 
to the end of time. Amen. 
, Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pius IX, Feb. 29, 1868, 


In Commemoration of the Living. 

We pray and beseech Thee, most merciful Father, 
through Jesus Christ, Thy Son our Lord, to look with 
favor upon these gifts, which we present to Thee in union 
with the priest at the altar, to accept and to bless this 
sacrifice of praise, thanksgiving, and propitiation, which 
we offer Thee, in the first place, for Thy holy Catholic 
Church, to which vouchsafe to grant peace and union 
throughout the world. 

Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 535 

Bless our Holy Father the Pope, our bishops, priests, 
Religious, and apostolic missionaries, that their labor 
in the propagation of the Faith and for the salvation of 
souls may be fruitful. 

Lord, through the merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 
I especially recommend to Thee the intentions for which 
I am assisting at this Mass; the interests of my relatives, 
friends, and benefactors; and the wants of all those for 
whom I have promised to pray and for whom I am bound 
to pray in justice and charity. 

I beseech Thee, also, to bless my enemies, those who 
are dying, and all the faithful who are in the state of grace; 
grant us the gift of perseverance in Thy love. 

Finally, I recommend to Thy goodness and clemency 
all infidels, heretics, and sinners. Vouchsafe to enlighten 
and strengthen them that they may know Thee and 
love Thee and serve Thee and be happy with Thee for- 
ever in heaven. 

Prayer to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

Most sacred Heart of Jesus, pour down Thy blessings 
abundantly upon Thy Church, upon the Supreme Pontiff, 
and upon all the clergy; grant perseverance to the just, 
convert sinners, enlighten infidels, bless our parents, 
friends, and benefactors; assist the dying, liberate the 
souls in purgatory, and extend over all hearts the sweet 
empire of Thy love. 

Indulgence of 300 days.— Pius X, June 16, 1906. 

Prayer in Commemoration of the Sufferings and Death of 
Our Lord. 

O my Lord Jesus Christ! Who, to redeem the world, 
didst vouchsafe to be born amongst men, to be circumcised, 
to be rejected and persecuted by the Jews, to be betrayed 
by the traitor Judas with a kiss, and as a lamb, gentls- 

536 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

and innocent, to be bound with cords, and dragged in 

scorn before the tribunals of Annas, Caiphas, Pilate, and 

Herod; "Who didst suffer Thyself to be accused by false 

witnesses, to be torn by the scourge and overwhelmed 

with opprobrium; to be spit upon, to be crowned with 

thorns, buffeted, struck with a reed, blindfolded, stripped 

of Thy garments; to be nailed to the cross and raised on 

it between two thieves; to be given gall and vinegar to 

drink, and to be pierced with a lance; do Thou, O Lord, 

by these Thy most sacred pains, which I, all unworthy, 

call to mind, and by Thy holy cross and death, save me 

(and thy servant N. in his agony x ) from the pains of 

hell, and vouchsafe to bring me whither Thou didst 

bring the good thief who was crucified with Thee. Who, 

with the Father and the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest, 

God, forever and ever. Amen. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father, etc., 

five times. 

The Sovereign Pontiff, Pius VII, by a decree of the S. 
Cong, of Indulgences, Aug. 25, 1820, granted to all the faith- 
ful who, with at least contrite heart and devotion, shall 
say this prayer, and the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the 
Glory be to the Father, each five times, an indulgence of 300 
days, once a day. 


O sweetest Heart of Jesus! I implore 
That I may ever love Thee more and more 
Indulgence of 300 days, every time. — Pius IX, Nov. 26, 



/Hbg XorD anfc dfc£ (3oD ! 

His Holiness, Pope Pius X, on May 18, 1907, granted 
an indulgence of seven years and seven quarantines, to 

* If the prayer is said for a person in his last agony. 

Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 537 

all the faithful who, at the Elevation during Mass, or at 
public exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, look upon the 
sacred Host and say: "My Lord and my God!"i 


Sacrament most holy! O Sacrament divine. 

All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day; and once during each 
Mass to all who, at the Elevation of both species, shall say 
this ejaculation. 

Saviour of the world, have mercy on us! 

Indulgence of 50 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, Feb. 21, 1S91. 

Jesus, my God, I adore Thee here present in the sac- 
rament of Thy love. 

Indulgence of 100 days, while genuflecting before a tabernacle 
containing the Blessed Sacrament, and an indulgence of 300 
days, while genuflecting on both knees before the Blessed 
Sacrament exposed. — Pius X, July 3, 1908. 

Deus meus et omnia! My God and my all! 

/ndulgence of 50 days, each time. — Leo XIII, May 4, 1888. 


My God, grant that I may love Thee, and be the only 
reward of my love to love Thee always more and more. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, March 15, 


Hail, saving victim, offered upon the scaffold of the 
cross for me and for the whole human race! Hail, pre- 
cious blood, flowing from the wounds of our crucified 
Lord Jesus Christ and washing away the sins of the 
whole world! Remember, O Lord, Thy servant, the 

1 This indulgence was extended to include the blind bv 
Pope Pius X, May 9, 1912. 

538 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

work of Thy hands, whom Thou hast icdeemed by Thy 

precious blood. 

His Holiness, Leo XIII, by a rescript of the Sacred Con- 
gregation of Indulgences, June 30, 1893, granted to the faith- 
ful who shall recite the above prayer at the Elevation during 
Holy Mass, an indulgence of 60 clays, once a day. 


Eternal Father! I offer Thee the precious blood of 
Jesus, in satisfaction for my sins and for the wants of 
holy Church. 

Indulgence of 100 days, every time. — Pius VII, Sept. 22, 


Prayer for Those in Their Agony. 

O most merciful Jesus, lover of souls, I pray Thee by 
the agony of Thy most sacred Heart and by the sorrows 
of Thy immaculate mother, wash in Thy blood the sin- 
ners of the whole world who are now in their agony, and 
are to die this day. Amen. 

V. Heart of Jesus once in agony, pity the dying. 

Indulgence of 100 days every time. — Pius IX, Feb. 2, 1850. 


O Father of mercies, in the name of Jesus, Thy beloved 
Son, in memory of His bitter passion and cruel death, 
in virtue of the wound of His sacred Heart, and in con- 
sideration also of the sorrows of the immaculate heart of 
Mary, of the heroic deeds of all the saints, and of the 
torments of all the martyrs, I implore Thee to have pity 
on the souls of the faithful departed now suffering in 

To Thy mercy I recommend especially the souls of 
my relatives, friends, and benefactors, and of all those 
for whom I have promised to pray. 

Indulgence*! Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 539 

Prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. 

V. Eternal rest give unto them, O Lord; 

R. And let perpetual light shine upon them. 

V. May they rest in peace. 

R. Amen. 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time.— Pius X, Feb. 4, 1908. 

Acts of Adoration, Thanksgiving, Reparation, and Love 
Before the Blessed Sacrament. 

Adoramus Te, Christe, 
et benedicimus Tibi. 

R. Quia per sanctam 
crucem Tuam redemisti 

We adore Thee, O Christ, 
and we bless Thee. 

R. Because by Thy holy 
cross Thou hast redeemed 
the world. 

I adore Thee, eternal Father, and I give Thee thanks 
for the infinite love with which Thou didst deign to send 
Thy only-begotten Son to redeem me, and to become the 
food of my soul. I offer Thee all the acts of adoration 
and thanksgiving that are offered to Thee by the angels 
and saints in heaven, and by the just on earth. I praise, 
love, and thank Thee with all the praise, love, and thanks- 
giving that are offered to Thee by Thine own Son in the 
Blessed Sacrament; an 1 1 beg Thee to grant that He may 
be known, loved, honored, praised, and worthily received 
by all, in this most divine Sacrament. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father. 

I adore Thee, eternal Son, and I thank Thee for the 
infinite love which caused Thee to become man for me, 
to be born in a stable, to live in poverty, to suffer hunger, 
thirst, heat, cold, fatigue, hardships, contempt, persecu- 
tions, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, and a 
cruel death upon the hard wood of the cross. J thank 

540 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

Thee, with the Church militant and triumphant, for the 
infinite love with which Thou didst institute the most 
blessed sacrament to be the food of my soul. 

I adore Thee in all the consecrated Hosts throughout 
the whole world, and I return thanks for those who know 
Thee not, and who do not thank Thee. Would that 
I were able to give my life to make Thee known, loved, 
and honored by all, in this sacrament of love, and to pre- 
vent the irreverences and sacrileges that are committed 
against Thee! I love Thee, divine Jesus, and I desire 
to receive Thee with all the purity, love, and affection 
of Thy blessed mother, and with the love and affection 
of Thy own most pure Heart. Grant, O most amiable 
spouse of my soul! in coming to me in this most holy 
sacrament, that I may receive all the graces and blessings 
which Thou dost come to bestow on us, and let me rather 
die than receive Thee unworthily. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father. 

I adore Thee, eternal Holy Ghost, and I give Thee 
thanks for the infinite love with which Thou didst work 
the ineffable mystery of the incarnation, and for the infin- 
ite love with which Thou didst form the sacred body 
of Our Lord Jesus Christ out of the most pure blood of 
the blessed Virgin Mary, to become in this sacrament 
the food of my soul. I beg Thee to enlighten my mind, 
and to purify my heart and the hearts of all men, that all 
may know the benefit of Thy love, and receive worthily 
this most blessed sacrament. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father. 

Tantum ergo sacramentum 
Veneremur cernui : 

Down in adoration fall- 
Lo! the sacred Host we 

Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 541 
Et antiquum documentum 
Novo cedat ritui: 

Praestet fides supplementum 
Sensuum defectui. 

Genitori Genitoque, 
Laus et jubilatio, 

Salus, honor, virtus quoque 

Sit et benedictio, 

Procedenti ab utroque 

Compar sit laudatio. 


V. Panem de coelo pro?- 
stitisti eis. 

R. Omne delectamentum 
in se habentem. 


Deus, qui nobis sub Sac- 
ramento mirabili, passionis 
Tua? memoriam reliquisti: 
tribue, quaesumus, ita nos 
corporis et sanguinis Tui 
sacra mysteria venerari, ut 
redemptionis Tuae fructum 
in nobis jugiter sentia- 

Lo! o'er ancient forms 
Newer rites of grace pre- 
Faith for all defects sup- 
Where the feeble senses 

To the everlasting Father, 
And the Son who reigns 
on high, 
With the Holy Ghost pro- 
Forth from each eter- 
Be salvation, honor, bless- 
Might, and endless maj- 
esty. Amen. 

V. Thou gavest them 
bread from heaven. 

R. And therein was 
sweetness of every kind. 

Let us pray. 

O God, Who under this 
wonderful sacrament hast 
left us a memorial of Thy 
passion: grant us, we be- 
seech Thee, so to venerate 
the sacred mysteries of Thy 
body and blood, that we 
may ever experience withi? 

542 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

mus. Qui vivis et regnas 

ourselves the fruit of Thy 
redemption. Who livest 
and reignest, world with- 
out end. Amen. 

Indulgence of 100 days to those who say these prayers 
at any time before the Blessed Sacrament, and offer < suppli- 
cations for the welfare of the Church, for the extirpation 
of heresy, and for the intention of our Holy Father, the 
Pope.— Pius VI, Oct. 17, 1796. 



Prayers to Implore Peace. 

Ant. Da pacem, Domine, 
in diebus nostris, quia non 
est alius qui pugnet pro 
nobis, nisi Tu, Deus noster. 

V. Fiat pax in virtute 

R. Et abundantia in tur- 
vibus Tuis. 

Deus, a quo sancta desi- 
deria, recta consilia, et justa 
sunt opera: da servis Tuis 
illam, quam mundus dare 
non potest, pacem: ut et 
corda nostra mandatis Tuis 
dedita, et hostium sublata 
formidine, tempora sint tua 
protectione tranquilla. Per 
Christum Dominum nos- 
trum. Amen. 

Indulgence of 100 days, every 

Ant. Give peace, O Lord! 
in our days; for there is 
none other that fighteth for 
us, but only Thou, our God. 

V. Peace be in Thy 
strength, O Lord! 

R. And plenty in Thy 
stiong places. 

Let us pray. 
O God, from Whom pro- 
ceed all holy desires, all 
right counsels and just 
works: grant unto us, Thy 
servants, that peace which 
the world cannot give, that 
our hearts may be devoted 
to Thy service, and that, 
delivered from the fear of 
our enemies, we may pass 
our time in peace under 
Thy protection. Through 
Christ our Lord. Amen, 
time.— Pius IX, May 18,1848, 

Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 543 


An Act of Spiritual Communion, by St. Alphonsus Liguori. 

My Jesus, I believe that Thou art in the Most Holy 
Sacrament. I love Thee above all things, and I long for 
Thee in my soul. Since I can not receive Thee now 
sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. 
I embrace Thee as already there and unite myself wholly 
to Thee; never permit me to be separated from Thee. 

Jesus, my good, my sweet love, 

Wound, inflame this heart of mine. 

So that it may be always and all on fire for Thee! 

Indulgence of 60 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, JuDe 30, 

O Jesus, sweetest love, come Thou to me; 
Come down in all Thy beauty unto me; 
Thou Who didst die for longing love of me; 
And never, never more depart from me. 

Free me, O beauteous God, from all but Thee; 
Sever the chain that holds me back from Thee; 
Call me, O tender love, 1 cry to Thee; 
Thou art my all! O bind me close to Thee. 

— Shapcote. 


Heart of Jesus, burning with love of us, inflame our 

hearts with love of Thee. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, June 16, 

Sweet Heart of Jesus, be my love. 

Indulgence of 300 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, May 21, 


O sweetest Heart of Jesus! I implore 

That I may ever love thee moie and more. 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time. — Pius IX, Nov. 26, 

544 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 


Soul of Christ, be my sanctification. 
Body of Christ, be my salvation. 
Blood of Christ, fill all my veins. 
Water of Christ's side, wash out my stains. 
Passion of Christ, my comfort be. 
O good Jesus, listen to me. 
In Thy wounds I fain would hide, 
Ne'er to be parted from Thy side. 
Guard me should the foe assail me. 
Call me when my life shall fail me. 
Bid me come to Thee above, 
With Thy saints to sing Thy love, 
World without end. Amen. 
Indulgence of 300 days, each time. — Pius IX, Jan. 9, 1854, 

Prayer for Greater Love. 

See where Thy boundless love has reached, my loving 
Jesus! Thou, of Thy flesh and precious blood, hast made 
ready for me a banquet whereby to give me all Thyself. 
Who drove Thee to this excess of love for me? Thy 
Heart, Thy loving Heart. O adorable Heart of Jesus, 
burning furnace of divine love! within Thy sacred wound 
take Thou my soul; in order that, in that school of 
charity, I may learn to love the God Who has given me 
such wondrous proofs of His great love. Amen. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pius VII, Feb. 9, 1818. 

Prayer to Overcome Evil Passions and to Become a Saint. 

Dear Jesus, in the Sacrament of the Altar, be forever 
thanked and praised. Love, worthy of all celestial and 
terrestrial love! Who, out of infinite love for me, un- 
grateful sinner, didst assume our human nature, didst 
shed Thy most precious blood in the cruel scourging, 

Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 545 

and didst expire on a shameful cross for our eternal 
welfare! Now, illumined with lively faith, with the out- 
pouring of my whole soul and the fervor of my heart, 
1 humbly beseech Thee, through the infinite merits 
of Thy painful sufferings, give me strength and courage 
to destroy every evil passion which sways my heart, to 
bless Thee in my greatest afflictions, to glorify Thee by 
the exact fulfilment of my duties, supremely to hate all 
sin, and thus to become a saint. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pius IX, Jan. 1, 1866 


In the name of the Father, *f«, and of the Son, and oi 
the Holy Ghost. Amen. 

Lord Jesus Christ, bless us as Thou didst bless the little 
children and again Thy disciples at Thy glorious ascen- 
sion into heaven, so that we may persevere in Thy grace 
and be numbered on the last day among the elect whom 
Thou wilt call the blessed of Thy Father, and invite into 
Thy eternal kingdom. 

Act of Oblation in Thanksgiving for Blessings Received. 

Eternal Father! we offer Thee the most precious 
blood of Jesus, shed for us with such great love and bitter 
pain from His right hand; and through the merits and the 
efficacy of that blood we entreat Thy divine Majesty 
to grant us Thy holy benediction, in order that we may 
be defended thereby from all ou~ enemies, and be set 
free from every ill ; whilst we say, May the blessing of 
almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit descend 
upon us and remain with us for ever. Amen. Pater, 
Ave, and Gloria. 

The Sovereign Pontiff, Leo XII, by a rescript, Oct. 25, 
1823, granted to all the faithful, e\ery time that, with at 
least contrite heart and devotion, they shall say this offering 
with the Oar Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory be to the 

546 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use ai Mass. 

Father, to the Most Holy Trinity, in thanksgiving for blessings 
received, an indulgence of 100 days, and a plenary indulgence 
to those who shall have said it daily, for a month, on any 
day, when, after confession and communion, they shall 
pray for the intention of the Sovereign Pontiff. 


May the Heart of Jesus in the most blessed sacrament 
be praised, adored, and loved with grateful affection, 
at every moment, in all the tabernacles of the world, 
even to the end of time. Amen. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pius IX, Feb. 29, 

Ejacidation of Blessed Margaret Mary. 

O Heart of love, I place ali my trust in Thee : for though 
I fear all things from my weakness, I hope all things 
from Thy mercies. 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time. — Pius X, June 3, 1908. 

Prayer to Our Lady, Mother of Confidence. 

O immaculate Mary, when we venerate thee under the 
gracious title of Mother of Confidence, how our hearts 
overflow with the sweetest consolation, how we are moved 
to hope for every good gift from thee! That such a name 
should have been given to thee is a sign that none have 
recourse to thee :n vain. Receive, then, with a mother's 
compassion these acts of homage, with which we earnestly 
pray thee to be propitious to us in every necessity. Above 
all we ask thee to make us live ever united to thee and 
thy divine Son Jesus. Under thy escort we shall safely 
walk along the straight road; and so shall it be our lot 
to hear on the last day of our lives those consoling words: 
Come, O faithful servant, enter into the joy of thy Lord. 

Indulgence of 200 days, once a day. — Leo XIII. Jan, 26, 

lndulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 547 

Prayer of St. Aloysius Gonzaga to the Blessed Virgin. 

Most holy Mary, my lady, to thy faithful care and 
special keeping and to the bosom of thy mercy, to-day 
and every day, and particularly at the hour of my death, 
I commend my soul and my body: to thee I commit 
all my anxieties and miseries, my life and the end of my 
life, that through thy most holy intercession and by thy 
merits all my actions may be directed and disposed accord- 
ing to thy will and that of thy divine Son. Amen. 

Indulgence of 200 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, March 15, 


Sweet heart of Mary, be my salvation! 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time.— Pius IX, Sept. 30, 1852. 

Mary, mother of God and mother of mercy, pray for 

me and for the departed. 

Indulgence of 100 davs, once a dav. — Leo XIII, Dec. 15, 

O Mary! conceived without sin, pray for us who have 
recourse to thee. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, March 15, 


O Mary, who didst come into this world free from 
stain! do thou obtain for me from God, that I may pass 
out of it free from sin. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pius IX, March 27, 


Sancte Michul Arch- 
angele, defende nos in 
prcelio, ut non pereamus in 
Vemendo judicio. 

Holy archangel Michael, 
defend us in battle, that we 
may not perish in the 
tremendous judgment. 

indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, Aug. 19, 1893. 

548 Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 

To the Guardian Angel. . 

Angel of God, my guardian dear, 

To whom His love commits me here, 

Ever this day be at my side, 

To light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen. 

Indulgence of 100 days, every time. — Pius VI, Oct. 2, I79& 

Prayer for Holy Purity. 

Guardian of virgins, and holy father Joseph, to whose 
faithful custody Christ Jesus, innocence itself, and Mary, 
virgin of virgins, were committed; I pray and beseech 
thee, by these dear pledges, Jesus and Mary, that, being 
preserved from all uncleanness, I may with spotless 
mind, pure heart, and chaste body, ever serve Jesus and 
Mary most chastely all the days of my life. Amen. 

Indulgence of 100 days, once a day. — Pius IX, Feb. 4, 1877. 


O Joseph, virgin father of Jesus, most pure spouse of 
the Virgin Mary, pray for us daily to the Son of God, 
that, armed with the weapons of His grace, we may 
fight as we ought in life, and be crowned by Him in death. 

Indulgence of 100 days, twice a day. — Pius X, Nov. 26, 1906. 


Fac nos innocuam, Jo- 
seph, decurrere vitam. 

Sitque tuo semper tut a 

Help us, Joseph, in our 

earthly strife, 
E'er to lead a pure and 

blameless life. 

Indulgence of 300 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, March, 18, 


Indulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 549 

Ejaculatory Prayers to Obtain a Good Death. 

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I give you my heart and 
my soul. 

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, assist me in my last agony. 

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, may I breathe forth my 
soul in peace with you. 

The Sovereign Pontiff, Pius VII, by a decree of the S. 
Congr. of Indulgences, April 28, 1807, granted to all the faith- 
ful, every time that, with at least contrite heart and devotion, 
they shall say these three ejaculations, an indulgence of 300 
days; and an indulgence of 100 days, every time that, with 
the same dispositions, they shall say one of these ejaculations. 

Prayer for Final Perseverance. 

O Lord almighty, Who permittest evil to draw good 
therefrom, hear our humble prayers, and grant that we 
remain faithful to Thee unto death. Grant us also, 
through the intercession of most holy Marj', the strength 
ever to conform ourselves to Thy most holy will. 

Indulgence of 100 davs, once a day. — Leo XIII, July 19, 


My God, my only good, Thou art all mine; grant 
that I may be all Thine. 

Indulgence of 300 days, once a day. — Leo XIII, March 13, 

My God, unite all minds in truth and all hearts in 

Indulgence of 300 days, every time — Pius X, May 30, 1903. 

Deus Mens et omnia ! \ My God and my all! 

Indulgence of 50 days, every time. — Leo XIII, May 4, 1888. 

550 I ndulgenced Prayers Arranged for Use at Mass. 



The priest with the people recites the Hail Mary thrice, 
then the Salve Regina: 

Hail, holy queen, mother of mercy, our life, our sweet- 
ness, and our hope! To thee do we cry, poor banished 
children of Eve; to thee do we send up our sighs, mourn- 
ing and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn, then, 
most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us, 
and after this our exile show unto us the blessed fruit 
of thy womb, Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet 
Virgin Mary! 

V. Pray for us, O holy mother of God. 

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of 


Let us pray. 

O God, our refuge and our strength, look down in mercy 
on Thy people who cry to Thee; and by the intercession 
of the glorious and immaculate Virgin Mary, mother of 
God, of St. Joseph her spouse, of Thy blessed apostles 
Peter and Paul, and of all the saints, in mercy and good- 
ness hear our prayers for the conversion of sinners, and 
for the liberty and exaltation of our holy Mother the 
Church. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Holy Michael, archangel, defend us in the day of battle; 
be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of 
the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; 
and do thou, prince of the heavenly host, by the power 
of God, thrust down to hell Satan and all wicked spirits, 
who roam through the world seeking the ruin of souls, 

Indulgence of 300 days.— Leo XIII, Sept. 25, 1888. 


Most sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us! (Thrice.) 

Indulgence of seven yeare and seven quarantines.— Pius 
X. June 17. 1904. 

E flfcetbofc ot Bssistina at /Ifcass in Ibonor 
Specially of tbe :Blesse& Sacrament, 



O Holy Tabernacle ! thou dost enclose the precious 
Bread of Heaven, the Food of Angels, the eucharistic 
manna of the soul. Jesus, hidden in the Tabernacle I 
* acknowledge Thee as my God, my Lord, and my Sav. 
jour ! I adore Thee profoundly, with the angels who 
surround Thy throne of mercy ; I praise Thee ; I bless 
Thee ; I thank Thee for Thy tender mercies. Oh ! shall 
I be so happy to-day as to have this heavenly food 
repose upon my tongue and nourish my languishing- 
soul ? Dear Jesus ! My heart and my thoughts are 
known to Thee. Thou knowest that I am sorry for all 
the sins by which I have offended Thy goodness and 
infinite perfections. Thou knowest that I love Thee, and 
that I desire most earnestly to be united to Thee in holy 
communion. Oh ! keep my mind on Thee alone ; drive 
away all other thoughts, that I may think of Thee only. 
My guardian angel, now at my side, help me ; teach me 
how to speak to Jesus and how to get the most fruit from 
Holy Mass and Holy Communion. I wish to model my 
life in accordance with the life of Jesus, and to make 
reparation to His adorable goodness and mercy for all 
the sacrilegious communions, irreverences, and profana- 


552 A Method of Assisting at Mass 

tions, winch have been committed against Him in the 
sacrament of His love. 

O Father of mercies ! Who, not content that Thy only 
begotten Son should have been once offered a bleeding 
Victim on the cross for our salvation, wouldst have the 
same most acceptable oblation daily repeated in an un- 
bloody manner upon our altars, to apply to our souls the 
fruit thereof, grant that we may assist at Mris sublime 
sacrifice with such reverence, attention, and love as to 
partake most plentifully of the fruits it is intended to 
produce in us, through the same Jesus Christ, Our Lord. 

Holy Mary, Mother of God, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. 
Alphonsus, St. Aloysius, St. Gertrude, St. Mechtilde^ St. 
Teresa, St. Margaret Mary of Alacoque — ye great saints 
and lovers of Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament, pray 
for me ! 


O my God ! This is the same sacrifice that Christ, 
Thy Son, offered to Thee on Calvary, not now in pain 
and death, but still the very same body and blood in the 
Blessed Sacrament. With Him I offer Thee this holy 
Mass, (1) to adore Thee, the Lord of all things ; (2) to 
thank Thee for all Thy goodness to me ; (3) to ask Thee 
to forgive me my sins, and, finally, to beg of Thee the 
graces I may need. I offer it, too, that I may make v. 
good communion. 


When Moses, the holy patriarch and leader of Israel, 
approached the burning bush in which God appeared to 
him, he heard the voice of the Lord, saying: "Come 
not nigh hither, put off the shoes from thy feet ; for the 
place whereon thou standest is holy ground " (Ex. iii. 5). 

In Honor of the Blessed Sacrament. 553 

The Divine Majesty was concealed in Ibe green, yet 
burning, busb. So in tbe Holy Encbarist tbe splendor.* 
of the God-Man is veiled under tbe appearances of bread. 
Like Moses, I stand on holy ground. I wish to approach 
Jesus, the Holy of holies. But I will first put off the 
shoes from my feet ; I will cast off tbe dust of the world ; 
I will throw aside all cares and distractions. O God ! 
give me the purity and holiness necessary to approach 
the Holy Table in a worthy manner. Lord ! I am a poor 
sinner. I am heartily sorry for all the sins of my life, 
because by them I have offended Thee, Who art infinitely 
>jood and deserving of all my love. Kyrie Eleison ! 
Have mercy on me ! according to Thy great mercy ; and 
according to the multitude of Thy mercies, blot out my 


•' Glory to God v n the highest, and on earth peace to 
men of good will." Thus sang the angels when Christ, 
the Saviour of the world, was born at Bethlehem. The 
pious shepherds came and joyfully adored the divine 
Infant in the manger. From distant lands the Magi, 
the holy Three Kings, hastened to lay their tribute of 
respectful homage at the feet of the incarnate Son of 
God. O Lord, we also give Thee praise. We bless 
Thee ! we adore Thee ! we render Thee thanks for all 
the benefits which Thou hast lavished upon us through 
Thy Incarnation, through Thy death on the cross, and 
through the institution of the Most Holy Sacrament of 
the Altar. O Jesus, Lamb without spot, Who takest 
away the sins of the world, have mercy on us ! For 
Thou only art holy, Thou only art the Lord. Thou only, 
O Jesus Christ, with the Holy Ghost, art most high, 
together with and in the glory of God the Father. 

554 A Method of Assisting at Mass 


Let us Pray. 

God, Who, under a wonderful sacrament, hast left 
us a memorial of Thy Passion, grant, we beseech Thee, 
so to venerate the sacred mysteries of Thy body and 
blood that we may ever feel within us the fruit of Thy 
redemption, Who livest and reignest with the Father in 
the unity of the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen. 


O eternal Father of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 
1 believe all Thou hast taught in the Sacred Scriptures, 
and all Thou hast told us in the Holy Gospels about the 
body and blood of Thy divine Son in the Blessed Sacra • 
merit. I believe that at the Last Supper Jesus took 
bread and wine into His hands, and blessed them, and 
by His almighty power, changed the bread and wine into 
His own body and blood, and gave it. to the apostles, 
Himself giving them the holy communion. So also T 
believe that soon on the altar the bread and wine will be 
changed into the body and blood of Jesus, which I shall 
receive in the holy communion. O my God, make me 
fit for this great happiness. 


An Act of Faith, Adoration, and Love. 

my God, I firmly believe that Thou art really, truly, 
and substantially present, as God and Man, with soul 
and body, with flesh and blood, in the Most Holy Sacra- 
ment of the Altar. I salute and adore Thee, sacred Host, 
Bread of Angeis, Sanctuary of the Divinity. My faith 
teaches me that Thou. O God. art nresent under the 

In Honor of the Blessed Sacrament. 555 

sacramental species. I believe that these frail appear- 
ances conceal from lis Thy humanity united to Thy 
divinity. And though, indeed, this sublime mystery 
surpasses my understanding, I revere it with joy and 
contemplate it with respect I am ready also to give my 
life as a witness to this truth. 

My dear Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, I love Thee. 
Forgive my past indifference, my coldness and neglect 
towards the sacrament of Thy love. Grant that I may 
love Thee more and more generously. My kind Jesus, I 
wish by my presence at Mass this morning to honor the 
wound in Thy sacred heart, in order that through it 
Thou may est pour Thy blessings, according to Thy good 
pleasure, on Thy friends and mine. Pardon my sins ; 
establish Thy kingdom in my heart ; reign therein su- 
premely. Raise a barrier against the spirit of the world ; 
grant me the grace of perseverance to the end in detach- 
ment from creatures and in the flight from evil. Teach 
me to transform my actions into as many acts of love, so 
that after having known and loved Thee here below, by 
the light of faith, I may behold Thee face to face in all 
Thy glory, and love Thee in heaven for all eternity. 


Present yourself to God, begging of Him to effect an entire 
change in your heart. 

O Jesus, Thou art all-powerful, and it is this power 
which, through the words of Thy priest, changes bread 
into Thy body, and wine into Thy precious blood. O my 
good God. do Thou work a like change in me, that no 
longer of this world as I have hitherto been, I may be- 
come truly spiritual ; that I may seek after and relish 
only the things of God ; that grace, virtue and heaven 
may be in mv eyes lhe only true and solid goods; that, 

556 A Method of Assisting at Mass 

animated with Thy sentiments, O my Jesus, I may be 
transformed into Thee, that Thou may est dwell in me, 
and in all those who participate with me in the blessings 
of Thy love. Almighty God, receive my heart; I unite 
it to the sacrifice Thou makest of Thyself; I place it in 
Thy hands; transform and consecrate it. Say only one 
word, and it shall be entirely changed for the future, fol- 
lowing only the sweet impulse of Thy grace, which shall 
make it love virtue. With this offering of my heart. O 
my God, I consecrate to Thee my mind, that it may know 
Thee ; my body, that it may be employed in Thy service ; 
my whole self, that so I may one day find myself absorbed 
in Thee. 


Graciously hear us, O God, that, by virtue of this 
Sacrament Thou mayest defend us from all enemies 
both of body and soul, and give us grace in this life and 
glory in the next, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. 


Let us give thanks to the Lord, our God ! For it is 
meet and just. I give Thee thanks, my divine Saviour, 
for the institution of this most wonderful Sacrament, in 
which Thou hast bequeathed to us the most precious treas- 
ure of grace, as a perpetual remembrance of Thy bound- 
less love and bitter sufferings. I give Thee thanks for 
the numerous graces that I have received through this 
Sacrament at Mass, Holy Communion, Benediction, and 
in my visits before the Tabernacle. Great is the cost at 
which Thou hast redeemed us, and by which Thou didst 
desire to gain our love. And shall there be any among 
men who believe in Thee and not love Thee ? I comfort 
myself with the thought that Thou art the love of all the 


? 1 • - 

L ■% 
Ik" * 


H 1 

1 1 


R In SH^Z^tfS^B^Ju^B 

"He was wounded for our iuiquitiea, lie was bruitied lor our 
siiiM "—Is. liii. 5. 

In Honor of the Blessed Sacrament. 557 

souls of the saints, the love of Mary, the love of Thy 
Father ; but, O ray God, how many are there who will 
not know Thee, and how many who know Thee and yet 
will not love Thee ! Infinite Love, make Thyself known, 
make Thyself loved. Ah, that I could by ray blood and 
ray death make Thee loved by all I 


In this holy sacrifice, O Lord and Saviour, Jesus 
Christ, Thou art the Mediator between the heavenly 
Father and sinful man ; Thou art the High-Priest ap- 
pointed for man to present his petitions to his God. 
Therefore I implore Thee to hearken to my prayer, not 
only for myself but also for all for whom I am in charity 
bound to pray. Obtain for us through this holy sacri- 
fice the remission of our sins, mercy, and reconciliation 
with the heavenly Father; imbue us with strength and 
valor in the warfare against the enemies of our soul; 
give us fortitude and fidelity in the pursuit of virtues; 
aid us in the practice of all good works, and bless us 
with the grace of final perseverance. Permit me to offer 
my supplications for the peace and prosperity of Thy 
holy Church; bless and protect the Holy Father, Thy 
vicar on earth; have mercy on the bishops, priests, and 
all who labor in Thy vineyard; animate them with zeal 
for the sanctification and salvation of souls who have 
been purchased by Thy blood. Inflame their hearts with 
apostolic zeal; render their lives as holy as the law they 
inculcate; make them all according to Thine own divine 
heart, .and let their light so shine before men that they, 
seeing their good works, may glorify the Father Who is 
in heaven. Pardon the sinners and convert all to the 
true faith. O ye holy apostles, martyrs, and virgins, 
whom the Church, remembers in the Canon of the Mass, 

558 A Method of Assisting at Mass 

offer up your mighty intercession for us all in union with 
the holy sacrifice and with our prayers. And do Thou, 
O divine Saviour, graciously condescend to come now 
upon our altar, to bless Thy servants who kneel before 
Thee in profound adoration. 


" O thou Memorial of Our Lord's own dying ! 
O Living Bread ! to mortals life supplying, 
Make me believe Thee ever more and more; 
In Thee my hope, in Thee my love to store. 
Make Thou my soul henceforth on Thee to live; 
Ever a taste of heavenly sweetness give. 

Jesus, eternal Shepherd ! hear our cry. 

Increase the faith of all whose souls on Thee rely.''' 

O loving Pelican ! O Jesu Lord ! 
Unclean I am, but cleanse me in Thy blood: 
Of which a single drop, for sinners spilt, 
Can purge the entire world from all its guilt. 

Jesu, eternal Shepherd ! hear our cry; 

Increase the faith of all whose souls on Thee rely. 

Jesu ! Whom for the present veiled I see, 
What I so thirst for, oh ! vouchsafe to me: 
That I may see Thy countenance unfolding, 
And may be blest Thy glory in beholding. 

Jesu, eternal Shepherd ! hear our cry; 

Increase the faith of all whose souls on Thee rely. 
Let us adore forever the Most Holy Sacrament. 


Reflect on the happiness you are about to receive, and pray 
for the faithful departed. 

O Majesty of My God, the altar is now the throne of 
Thy glory; the heavens are opened, the angels surronrd 

In Honor of the Blessed Sacrament. 559 

Thee with reverential love; tliey make amends for our 
forgetful wess and indifference. And Thou, Lord, art 
yet solicitous for my salvation; Thou offerest Thyself to 
Thy Father as a Victim of propitiation for the sins of 
the living and the dead, and desirest to unite Thyself to 
me. Thou invitest me to open my heart to Thee. Oh, 
how can I have merited Thy love ? Alas ! I have ren- 
dered myself unworthy of it by my sins. O my God, 
look upon Thy beloved Son, and though Thou seest in 
me only the image of sin, there is in Him the most per- 
fect sanctity. Thou wilt listen to the voice of His blood, 
and cure my sick and feeble soul. Grant, O my Saviour, 
that I may place no obstacle to Thy designs over me • 
that others who shall receive Thee may obtain the same 
grace, so that we may all be filled with the abundance 
of Thy blessings. Be mindful, O Lord, of the souls of 
the faithful departed; they love Thee, they are very 
dear to Thee, and yet Thou preventest them from enjoy- 
ing the glory which awaits them because they still have 
sins to expiate. May I, by the communion that 1 am 
about to receive, and the merits of which I beseech Thee 
to apply to them, hasten their deliverance. Mayest Thou 
release them from the prison of purgatory, and grant 
them refreshment, light, and peace, in the abode of 
eternal happiness and glory. 


Thy kingdom come. Reign, my Jesus, reign over my 
whole soul. May it obey Thee alone, seek Thee alone, 
desire Thee alone. Away from my heart, ye* earthly 
affections! Come, O ye flames of divine love! come 
and remain alone to possess and consume me for that 
God of love Who did die consumed for me. 

560 A Method of Assisting at Mass 


My Saviour and my God ! bring continually to my 
remembrance, I beseech Thee, all that Thou hast suffered 
for me, so that I may never more forget to love Thee. O 
cords that bound ray Jesus, bind me to Jesus. Thorns 
that crowned my Jesus, pierce me with the love of Jesus. 
Nails that transfixed my Jesus, nail me to the cross of 
Jesus, that I may live and die united to Jesus. blood 
of Jesus, inebriate me with His holy love ! O death of 
Jesus, make me die to every earthly affection ! Pierced 
feet of my Lord, I embrace you ; deliver me from hell, 
which I have deserved. O burning Heart of my Jesus, 
inflame my poor heart with Thy love. 


Reflect for some moments, in the bitterness of your soul, 
on the offences which render you unworthy of receiving 
the God of all holiness. Humbly acknowledging and 
sincerely detesting them, join in the Confiteor, and en- 
deavor, in the spirit of humility and repentance, to cleanse 
your soul still more from every stain of sin or imperfection. 

O divine Redeemer of my soul ! into Thy sacred heart 
I cast all my offences : they are not more numerous than 
Thy mercies, nor can they equal the tenderness of that 
love which invites me to receive Thee. 

O Jesus ! veiled as Thou art, I acknowledge Thee 
as my Lord and my God ; I adore Thee with all the 
powers of my soul, and I fervently love Thee with my 
whole heart. 


Jesus, Jesus, come to me. 
Jesus, Jesus, come to me ! 
Oh, how much I long for Thee ! 
Come, Thou, of all friends the best, 
Take possession of my breast. 

In Honor of the Blessed Sacrament. 561 

Comfort ray poor soul distressed, 
Come and dwell within my breast ; 
Oh ! how oft I sigh for Thee, 
Jesus, Jesus, come to me. 

Empty is all worldly joy. 

Ever mixed with some alloy ; 

Give me, my true Sovereign Good, 

Jesus, Thy own flesh and blood. 

Comfort my poor soul distressed, 
Come and dwell within my breast ; 
Oh ! how oft I sigh for Thee, 
Jesus, Jesus, come to me. 

On the cross three hours for me 

Thou didst hang in agony ; 

I my heart to Thee resign, 

Oh, what rapture to be Thine ! 

Comfort my poor soul distressed, 
Come and dwell within my breast; 
Oh ! how oft I sigh for Thee, 
Jesus, Jesus, come to me. 

After having become the living temple of the Divinity, 
you should remain for some moments prostrate, as it were, 
at the sacred feet of your divine Lord. Penetrated with the 
profound adoration and respect which should result from 
the presence of the Almighty, produce occasional short acts 
of faith, hope, gratitude, and principally of love. This 
may be done in any terms your devotion may suggest, or 
else by the following prayers: 

O divine Lord ! Thou hast at length satisfied the 
earnest desires of my heart. I possess Thee, I embrace 
Thee ; O make me entirely Thine. 

O Jesus ! Thou Who constitutest the happiness of the 
blessed! is it possible that Thou art at this moment 
present in my heart ! Yes, I firmly believe that I possess 
Thee, with all the treasure of Thy merits. 

562 A Method of Assisting at Mass 

O most sacred Virgin ! who so long bore and so fer.: 
vently loved the God I now possess, praise and magnify 
His goodness. Offer Him for me those joys which filled 
thy pure soul at the moment of His Incarnation in thy 
sacred womb, and assist me to make some return for His 
unbounded mercies. 

Remember, O divine Lord ! that one visit from Thee 
would suffice to sanctify the greatest sinner : permit 
not, then, that I should receive Thee in vain : let not 
Thy precious blood fall on my heart, without producing 
therein the fruits of virtue Thou hast so long expected. 
Oh, take me out of life this moment, rather than permit 
me to relapse into sin ! 

Adorable Lord of heaven and earth ! Thou beholdest 
in my heart Thy beloved Son ; He is all mine ; His 
abundant merits belong to me at this moment. I offer 
them to Thee, O my God ! and in return I ask for the 
most ardent love, sincere humility, and, above all, the 
grace never to offend Thee by any mortal sin ! 

It will be an excellent means of advancing in virtue, u> 
make choice, after your communion, of some one of your 
faults to correct, at least in part, before you are next to 
have the happiness of communicating, beginning with 
those which are against fraternal charity, or which give 
disedification and bad example. Consider, also, what virtue 
you most stand in need of ; whether it be attention and 
respect at prayer ; more caution in avoiding occasions of 
sin ; more docility and obedience to superiors ; more 
patience, forbearance, and charity with your companions ; 
more exactness to truth ; more attention to your improve- 
ment, and the good employment of your time, etc. ; and then 
determine, with God's assistance, to produce a great many 
acts of the virtue you select, that you may present them to 
Jesus Christ when He next visits you in the holy com- 

In Honor of the Blessed Sacrament. 563 

Let my soul, Lord ! feel the sweetness of Thy 
presence. Let me taste how sweet Thou art, O Lord ! 
that, being allured by Thy love, I may never sin by 
running passionately after worldly pleasures. "Thou 
art the God of my heart and the God that is my portion 
forever." O Thou Lamb of God, Who takest away the 
sins of the world, take away from, me whatever may 
hurt me and displease Thee. Give me what Thou 
knowest to be pleasing to Thee and profitable to my- 

my God and my All ! may the sweet flame of Thy 
love consume my soul, that so I may die to the world 
for the love of Thee. Who hast vouchsafed to die upon 
the cross for the love of me. 


1 return Thee my most fervent thanks, O amiable 
•Jesus ! for the blessing I now enjoy; I praise and glorify 
Thee with all my soul, for the numberless favors I have 
received from Thy goodness and liberality. I adore 
Thee now reposing in my breast, O my God, and my 
All ! a thousand times welcome ! O most gracious Lord 
Jesus Christ, how sweet, mild, and merciful art Thou to 
all those who invoke Thee ; for when I had no being, 
Thou didst create me, when I was Thy enemy, Thou 
earnest from heaven to redeem me ; and because without 
Thee I was helpless, Thou hadst given me Thy sacra- 
ments, with numberless graces, to fortify my weakness, 
and facilitate my salvation; but to crown all Thy favors, 
Thou givest me Thy own body and blood for the nourish- 
ment of my soul. Thou shouldst retire from me, be- 
cause I am a sinful creature. — dust and ashes, — the 
destined food of worms ;— yet Thou comest expressly to 
visit me, and take possession of my whole soul. Lord. 

564 A Method of Assisting at Mass 

my God, how wonderful is Thy name throughout the 
earth ! What return shall I make to the Lord for all He 
has given to me ? that Thou wouldst fill my lips with 
praises, that all the days of my life I may sing forth 
Thy glory, and celebrate Thy wonderful works. 

Bless my God for me, O ye angels and saints, thank 
my Lord for me; love my Jesus for me; and sing forth 
His praises to supply for my deficiency. When shall the 
time come, that, disgusted with all earthly things, 1 shall 
seek my happiness in Thee alone, O my God ! and find rest 
to my soul ? O heavenly manna ! O adorable sacra- 
ment ! O inestimable pledge of God's love to mankind ! 
O standing memorial of Christ's passion and death ! O 
inexhaustible fountain of divine grace ! boundless 
mercy ! O divine charity ! O sacred fire ever burning 
and never decaying ! Hail, O merciful Jesus ! my only 
happiness and delight ! the joy of my soul, and my 
portion forever ! May my soul be sensible of Thy ador- 
able presence, and may I taste how sovereignly sweet 
Thou art in the sacrament of Thy love. Purify my 
heart, O divine Lord ! from the dross of all earthly 
affections ; enable me to curb my vicious inclinations, 
and to withstand the dangerous attacks of my infernal 
enemy — deign to bestow on me those virtues that will 
render me pleasing in Thy sight, particularly ardent 
charity, profound humility, heroic patience, and perfect 
obedience. O ! may I prove the extent of my gratitude 
by the most constant fidelity in Thy service, and may I 
rather die than ever again offend Thee by any mortal 

O that I could have the happiness of seeing Thee 
loved and faithfully served by all creatures. Vouchsafe 
to let the light of Thy countenance shine upon those 
who are in the darkness of infidelity ; and dispel their 
errors, that they may embrace the truth, and faithfully 

In Honor of the Blessed S&crdment. 565 

practise all it requires. Grant peace and union to all 
Christian princes, and preserve us from the dreadful 
scourges of war, famine, and pestilence. Convert all 
those who are in the unhappy state of mortal sin, and 
reconcile those who are at variance. Have mercy on my 
parents, confessors, instructors, friends, benefactors, 
and enemies, and mercifully grant them all the graces 
they stand in need of. Reform all abuses, and remove 
all scandals from Thy Church. Comfort all that are 
under any affliction, sickness, or violence of pain. Sup- 
port those who are under temptation ; protect such as 
are in danger ; and grant the grace of a happy death t& 
all those who are in their agony. Extend Thy mercy 
likewise to the souls of all the faithful departed, and 
mercifully admit them to the enjoyment of Thy eternal 
glory. Grant to us all relief in our respective necessi- 
ties, remission of all our sins, the grace of final perse- 
verance, and life everlasting. Amen. 


[ humbly adore Thee, God. I extol Thee, immortal 
King of Angels ! Thou art the perfect image of Thy 
Eternal Father's substance ! Thou art the splendor of 
His glory ! Thou art His powerful word, supporting all 
things ; Thee He has seated at His right hand. Thy 
throne, O God, is forever and ever; a sceptre of justice 
is the sceptre of Thy reign. I bow before Thy sacred 
Majesty : I acknowledge, with the sincerest gratitude, 
that Thou art my Redeemer, my Creator, and the su- 
preme Arbiter of my eternal destiny. I desire to hum- 
ble myself as profoundly for Thy sake, as Thou art 
humbled for my love in the centre of my soul ; and to 
consecrate to the glory of Thy name the whole extent 
of my being. 

566 A Method of Assisting at Mass 


I give Thee thanks, eternal Father ! for having, out 
of Thy pure mercy, without any deserts of mine, been 
pleased to feed my soul with the body and blood of Thy 
only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. I beseecli Thee, that 
this holy communion may not be to my condemnation, 
but prove an effectual remission of all my sins. May it 
strengthen my faith ; encourage me in all that is good ; 
deliver me from my vicious customs; remove all concu- 
piscence; perfect me in charity, patience, humility, and 
obedience, and in all other virtues. May it secure me 
against all the snares of my enemies, both visible and 
invisible; perfectly moderate all my inclinations, closely 
unite me to Thee, the true and only good, and happily 
settle me in unchangeable bliss. I now make it my 
hearty request, that Thou wilt one day admit me, 
though an unworthy sinner, to be a guest at that divine 
banquet, where Thou, with Thy Son and the Holy 
Ghost, art the true light, eternal fulness, everlasting joy, 
and perfect happiness of all the saints, through the same 
Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen. 


Since Thou hast been pleased, O most loving Jesus, to 
come and dwell within my heart, shall I have any doubt 
of Thy good will in granting me the favors which I beg 
of Thee ? Shall He, who has with such liberality given 
me Himself, refuse to give me His gifts ? This is not 
possible, O dearest Jesus, and hence I feel the strongest 
confidence of obtaining all from Thy goodness. I con- 
fess, O Lord, that I deserve nothing; but the more 
undeserving I am of Thy grace, the more is Thy good- 
ness glorified in bestowing them upon me, I ask then. 

In Honor of the Blessed Sacrament. 5Gi 

most loving Redeemer of my soul, a full pardon and 
remission of all my sins, which I once more detest and 
abominate with all my heart. And in regard to the 
great punishment which is due to me for them, I desire 
to gain all the indulgences that I can. beseeching Thee 
of Thy goodness to give me the grace to do so. 

By Thy most precious Blood, which, united to Thj 
Body, Soul, and Divinity, I have this morning received, 

1 beg of Thee with all humility to w r ash once more my 
heart and cleanse it from all spot and defilement. Create, 
O my Jesus, a pure and clean heart within me, and 
grant me a new spirit truly just and upright. Fill it 
with all the gifts of Thy Holy Spirit, and adorn it with 
every virtue; but especially with humility, patience, meek- 
ness, and penance. Detach this heart from all created 
things, fashion it after Thine own heart, and unite it 
forever to Thyself with the bonds of perfect charity. 
Give me strength and courage to resist bravely all temp- 
tations until death. I purpose and promise to banish 
them at once, and to avoid every occasion of them: but 
Thou Knowest that of myself I can do nothing, and 
therefore I implore the strength of Thy blood and of 
Thy help. 

I beseech Thee to engrave upon my heart so lively a 
remembrance of Thy passion and death, and of Thy 
most bitter sorrows also, O dearest Mother, that nothing 
henceforth may blot them from my memory; but that 
they be my continual meditation night and day; so that 
henceforth and to my last breath I may dwell on Cal- 
vary at the foot of Thy cross, in company with our dear 
Lady of Sorrows. 

I beseech Thee, too, my dearest Lord, most earnestly, 
to give me the grace to free myself once for all from the 
passion which most predominates in me, and the sin I 
most often fall into. {Here mention the particular pas- 

*68 A Method of Assisting at Mass 

sion, or sin, or fault.) I ask moreover for those tem- 
poral graces Thou knowest to be most expedient for me 
for Thy greater glory and the salvation of my soul: and 
lest I should err in asking for what might be injurious 
for me, I leave it entirely to Thee, and trust in Thee, who 
alone hast goodness and infinite wisdom, to give me what 
Thou k no west to be best for me. To all these graces add 
that highest and most precious gift, the crown and per- 
fection of all Thy other gifts, the grace of final perse- 
verance. Do Thou Thyself, my Jesus, ask it of Thine 
eternal Father : show Him Thy wounds : offer Him Thy 
most precious blood : and then I shall be sure of being 
heard, because Thou hast said Thyself, that whatsoever 
I shall ask the heavenly Father in Thy name shall be 
granted unto me. I ask Thee, O my Jesus, before Thou 
leavest me, to give me Thy blessing. I recommend my 
soul to Thee for the whole of my life and in the hour of 
death. Every day, every hour, every moment, I am 
rapidly getting nearer to that time. Preserve me then 
from all temptations, and give me grace to overcome 
them — and grant me the assistance of Thy most dear 
Mother and mine, the Holy Virgin — and, above all, do 
not let me, in punishment for my sins, and especially 
for my irreverences towards the Most Holy Sacrament, 
and for my unworthy communions — do not let me, 1 
beseech Thee, depart this life without having first 
received with proper disposition the Most Holy Sacra- 

[You may add here any particular petitions which your 
heart may suggest to you to make to Jesus, in behalf of 
your neighbor. Do not forget to pray for the Holy Church, 
for the Sovereign Pontiff, for all superiors, ecclesiastical 
and secular, and pray Him to give them the true spirit of 
their holy vocation. Pray for your confessors, instructors, 
relations, friends, and benefactors, for the afflicted, ths 

In Honor of the Blessed Sacrament. 569 

sick, and those in their agony. Recommend all poor sin- 
ners, and pray for their conversion and salvation. Do not 
forget to pray for heretics and infidels, beseeching God 
to enlighten them and give them grace to embrace the true 
faith ; also for our own beloved country and for the holy 
souls in purgatory.] 


I should indeed be ungrateful, O my Jesus, if after 
Thou hast given me Thyself in this Holy Communion, 1 
were to delay an instant in giving myself entirely to 
Thee. I offer Thee, O my most loving Jesus, and I give 
Thee all my liberty, with all my soul. I offer Thee my 
intellect, that, sanctified by Thee, it may be occupied 
night and day in the consideration of Thy passion and 
death, and Thy divine attributes. I give Thee my 
memory, that I may ever have in remembrance the 
infinite mercies which Thou hast shown me. I give Thee 
my will, that, by virtue of Thy holy love, I may be 
entirely transformed to the divine will, and wish for 
nothing but what Thou wiliest, and reject everything 
that is displeasing to Thee. I give Thee my whole self, 
to be sanctified by Thee in soul and body; and I intend by 
this offering to make an entire, irrevocable, and eternal 
sacrifice of myself and all that belongs to me. I offer 
and consecrate to Thee this poor heart of mine, filled 
with the desire of making amends, by proportionate love, 
for the infidelities of my past life. O my dear Jesus, 
detach my heart from creatures, unite it perfectly to 
Thine own, and hiding it within the loving wound of 
Thy side, imprint on it the memory of Thy sad passion, 
and of the sorrows of Thy most holy Mother; so that, by 
frequent meditation on these mysteries, I may be filled 
with sorrow for my past sins, and for the time to come, 
faithfully correspond to Thine infinite love. 

570 ^4. Method of Assisting at Mass 

I offer Thee .ill the senses of my body, particularly my 
eyes and my tongue; grant that henceforth I may never 
more offend Thee by them. I offer Thee my thoughts, 
words, and deeds. My Jesus, I desire to unite all I have 
offered Thee to the merits of Thy most holy passion and 
death, and the merits of my Mother Mary and all 
the Saints. I offer Thee the good works I have done as 
well as those I shall ever do in the whole course of my 
life, and I now make the intention of doing them all for 
Thy greater giory, and in preparation and thanksgiving 
for the most holy sacraments. I offer Thee all the acts 
of adoration, love, and thanksgiving, which Thou didst 
offer to the eternal Father in the institution of the 
Blessed Sacrament, and during Thy whole life oij earth, 
together with those which our dear Lady, the holy 
apostles, and all the saints have ever offered Thee. 
May they supply for my defects in that adoration which 
I neither know how nor am able, though I earnestly 
desire it, to offer Thee. 

O Sacrament Most Holy ! Sacrament Divine ! 

All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine. 


O blessed Saint whose name has been conferred 

upon me, and under whose patronage I have placed 
myself, obtain for me grace to fulfil the holy resolutions 
I have this day made. Help me, by thy powerful inter- 
cession, to lead a life conformable to the sacred char- 
acter I have received, and to imitate the virtues for 
which thou wast so remarkable. Protect me through all 
the perils of life, and abandon me not at the awful hour 
of "ieath. Amen. 

hi Honor of the Blessed Sacrament %7i 


Jesus, the very thought of Thee, 
With sweetness fills my breast ; 

But sweeter far it is to see, 
And on Thy beauty feast. 

No sound, no harmony so gay, 

Can art or music frame ; 
No thoughts can reach, no words can say. 

The sweets of Thy blest name. 

Jesus, our hope, when we repent, 

Sweet source of all our grace ; 
Sole comfort in our banishment, 

Oh ! what when face to face ! 

Jesus, that name inspires my mind 
With springs of life and light ; 

More than I ask in Thee I find, 
And languish with delight. 

No art or eloquence of man 

Can tell the joys of love ; 
Only the saints can understand 

What they in Jesus prove. 

Thee then I'll seek retired apart, 
From world and business free ; 

When these shall knock, I'll shut my hear: 
And keep it all for Thee. 

Before the morning light I'll come, 

With Magdalen, to find, 
In sighs and tears, my Jesus' tomb, 

And there refresh niv mind 

572 A Method of Assisting at Mass. 

My tears upon His grave shall flow, 

My sighs the garden fill ; 
Then at His feet myself I'll throw, 

And there I'll seek His will. 

Jesus, in Thy blessed steps I'll tread 

And walk in all Thy ways : 
I'll never cease to weep and plead 

To be preserved in grace. 

O King of love ! Thy blessed fire 

Does such sweet flames excite, 
That first it raises the desire, 

That fills it with delight. 

Thy lovely presence shines so clear, 

Through every sense and way, 
That souls which once have seen Thee near 

See all things else decay. 

Come, then, dear Lord, possess my heart, 
Chase thence the shades of night ; 

Come, pierce it with Thy flaming dart, 
And ever-shining light. 

Then I'll forever Jesus sing, 

And with the saints rejoice ; 
And both my heart and tongue shall bring, 
Their tribute to my dearest King, 

In never ending joys. Amen. 


Prayer Expressive of the Disposition for Gaining a 
Plenary Indulgence. 

O my heavenly Father and most merciful God I 
although I co'i.^dently hope that I have obtained from 

In Honor of the Blessed Sacrament. o73 

Thy mercy the remission of the eternal punishment 
which my sins have deserved; yet I have reason to fear 
that, from want of sufficient contrition and from other 
defects, there still remains much temporal punishment 
due to Thy justice. Therefore, in order to make satis- 
faction to Thy offended majesty, I am resolved to lead 
the life of a true penitent, to bear in a spirit of penance 
all the trials and afflictions with which Thy merciful 
Providence may be pleased to visit me, and to be faith- 
ful in the discharge of all my duties, however painful 
and wearisome they may be. But, my God, since 
all that I can do would not be an adequate satisfaction, 
I have recourse to the inexhaustible merits of my 
Redeemer, which Thy Church (in virtue of the keys 
of the kingdom of heaven, committed to its supreme 
pastors in the person of St. Peter), now holds forth 
to me. Grant me, O Lord ! the dispositions to obtain 
such a portion of these infinite merits, as may be neces- 
sary to discharge the debt of temporal punishment 
due to my sins ; and let the immense ransom which 
Jesus has paid for my salvation be applied to my poor, 
sinful soul, that it may be released from the punish- 
ment which it so justly deserves. 


Remember, eternal Father! Thy Church, whicn 
from the beginning Thou hast possessed. Recognize her 
as the bride of Jesus Christ, Who for her shed His 
adorable blood. Vouchsafe, I conjure Thee, to exalt 
her, to cause her to shine with such a lustre of sanctity, 
and to fill her with such an abundance of grace, that 
she may appear worthy of her divine Spouse, and the 
price of her ransom. Grant that all her children may 

574 Mass in Honor of the Blessed Sacrament. 

confess Thee with a lively faith, invoke Thee with a firm 
\iope, and love Thee with a perfect charity. 
Our Father, Hail Mary, five times. 


Look down upon me, good and gentle 
Jesus, while before Thy face I humbly 
kneel, and with burning soul pray and 
beseech Thee to fix deep in my heart 
lively sentiments of faith, hope, and char- 
ity, true contrition for my sins, and a 
firm purpose of amendment ; the while I 
contemplate with great love and tender 
pity Thy five wounds, pondering over them within me, 
whilst I call to mind the words which David, Thy 
prophet, said of Thee, my Jesus; "They pierced my 
hands and my feet ; they numbered all my bones " (Ps. 
xxi. 17, 18). 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory he, etc., five times, 
for the intentions of the Pope. 

A plenary indulgence, applicable to the souls in Purgatory, 
may be gained by the faithful who, after having confessed their 
sins with sorrow and received holy communion, shall devoutly 
recite this prayer before an image or picture of Christ crucified, 
and shall pray for the intentions of the Holy Father. — Pius IX. 
July 31, 1858. 

Devotions for Confession* 

Christian soul, it is well to make choice of a good con- 
fessor, and to follow his direction in all spiritual matters. 
Nor should he be left without a good reason. St. Philip 
Neri spoke thus : " Let those who are desirous of advanc- 
ing in the way of God put themselves under an enlightened 
confessor : and let them obey him, as occupying the place 
of God. Whoever does this may feel assured that he will 
never have to render an account to God of what he does." 
And this is only conformable to the words of Jesus Christ, 
that whosoever bears His minister hears Himself. " He 
that heareth you heareth Me"(Luk^ x. 16). A general 
confession should be made, if it has not hitherto been made, 
for it is a most excellent means of bringing one's life into 
good order ; and it is advisable to make it to the director 
himself, that he may be the better able to guide us. 


To prepare ourselves well for confession, we should retire 
from every external source of distraction, go either to a 
church or to an oratory, place ourselves in the presence of 
God, and make the following act : 


Supreme and adorable Majesty, God of heaven and 
•earth, I firmly believe that Thou art present, and that 
Thou seest me and knowest the dispositions of my heart. 
I adore Thee and render Thee my humble homage, ac- 

576 Devotions for Confession. 

knovvledging Thee for my God, my Creator, and my 
sovereign Redeemer. In testimony of this my faith, I 
prostrate my soul and body before the throne of Thy 
infinite majesty, and offer Thee the adoration which is 
due to Thee alone. 


We ought to represent each approaching confession to 
ourselves as the last one of our life, and dispose our- 
selves to make it as one would do who was at the point 
of death. We should ask God for the grace to make 
well the examination of conscience, and also for the 
necessary light to know well our sins. 


O Father of light ! Who enlightenest every man that 
comes into the world, send into my heart a ray of light, 
of love, and of sorrow, that I may know, detest, and 
confess the sins which I have committed against Thee. 
August Mother of my God, who art so charitable to 
sinners that desire to repent, assist me by thy interces- 
sion. My guardian angel, who hast been a spectator of 
all my crimes, help me to discover the sins which 1 
have committed against my God. All ye saints of 
heaven, pray for me that I may bring forth fruirs of 


Jesus, my God and Saviour, I offer Thee the examina- 
tion which I am going to make, that Thy divine justice 
may be glorified in it. I look to Thee with confidence 
for the grace to do it well, with a view of never again 
offending Thee. Thus, therefore, I undertake it, in the 
spirit of charity, in order to please Thee, and to accom* 

Devotions for Confession. 577 

plish Thy holy will, together with every intention that 
can procure Thee the greatest honor and glory. 

Here the penitent must begin the examination of his 
conscience But it must be observed by persons of a 
timorous disposition, who often approach the sacra- 
ments, that their examination ought to be short and un- 
accompanied with disquietude and scrupulosity. It is 
sufficient for persons of this description to take a 
momentary view of the faults into which they are 
accustomed to fall, and then principally to apply them- 
selves to acts of devotion and contrition, which are 
always the most essential dispositions for this sacra- 
ment, and from which they may easily suffer their 
minds to be diverted by yielding to fears and anxiety. 
As for those who seldom approach the sacraments, it is 
their duty to devote sufficient time to a diligent exami- 
nation of their conscience by calling to mind the duties 
of their state of life, so that they may perceive how 
they have failed in thought, word, and deed. This may 
be done by reading over leisurely and attentively the 
commandments of God and of the Church, together with 
the seven capital sins. If they cannot call to mind the 
precise number of their sins, they must consider how 
often in the day or week they have sinned in each partic- 
ular kind, and their confession of them in this manner 
will satisfy the Divine Justice, which never obliges us 
to do what is morally impossible. We should take care 
to examine ourselves especially about the fault to which 
we are inelined, and about the means that we should 
adopt to amend our lives. If there are but slight faults 
to be confessed, it will be useful to repeat some graver 
ein or the past, life so as to have matter for absolution. 

578 Devotions for Confession. 

The Ten Command meats of God. — Exodus xx. 

1. I am the Lord thy God, who brought thee out of 
the land of Egypt, and opt of the house of bondage. 
Thou shalt not have strange gods before me. 

2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God 
in vain ; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that 
shall take the name of the Lord his God iu vain. 

3. Remember that thou keep holy the Sabbath-day. 

4. Honor thy father and thy mother, that thou mayest 
be long-lived upon the land which the Lord thy God will 
give thee. 

5. Thou shalt not kill. 

6. Thou shalt not commit adultery. 

7. Thou shalt not steal. 

8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy 

9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife. 

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, nor 
his servant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that 
is his. 

The Six Precepts of the Church. 

1. To hear Mass on Sundays, and all holydays of obli- 

2. To fast and abstain on the days commanded. 

3. To confess our sins at least once a year. 

4. To receive the Blessed Eucharist at Easter. 

5. To contribute to the support of our pastors. 

6. Not to solemnize marriage at the forbidden times ; 
nor to marry persons within the forbidden degrees of* 
kindred, or otherwise prohibited by the Church ; nor 

Devotions for Confession. 


The Seven Deadly Sins, and the opposite Virtues. 



' Humility. 














Brotherly love. 





I. The Greatness and Sanctity of God. 
Reflect that sin, however trifling it may be, greatly 
offends Almighty God, and is an insult, to the infinite per- 
fections of Him Whose greatness knows no limits, and 
Who is consequently deserving of infinite love. By sin 
you displease One Who loves you most tenderly. Oh, 
reflect well on this, and you will discover how base, how 
cruel, how unreasonable it is to offend Him. But, alas ! 
we shall never during this life be able fully to comprehend 
the entire malice even of a venial sin, or know what pun- 
ishment is deserved by him who commits it. 


O my God, Who art worthy of infinite love ! I ac- 
knowledge that I have committed many sins. Bat if I 
had committed only one, by committing it I would have 
offended Thy infinite perfections. Oh ! why then is not 
my heart penetrated with infinite grief and regret? 1 
have sinned against Thy goodness, which I ought ever 
to have loved. A vile creature, a petty honor, a miser- 
able pleasure, some vain interest, has been preferred by 
me to Thy sovereign majesty, which ought I to have 
adored, served, and honored. Ah ! my God, pardon 
my sins. O infinite Beauty, infinite Goodness ! ho\? 

."80 Devotions for Confession. 

could I have the audacity to insult and despise Thee ? 
But I now heartily repent of my ingratitude and dis- 
loyalty ; I wish sincerely that I had never offended 
Thee, and resolve never to offend Thee again. Yes, I 
had rather sacrifice all that I possess, and forfeit my 
honor and my life, than ever more offend so good a 

2. The Benefits of God. 

Reflect that God is our sovereign Benefactor, Who has 
bestowed upon us innumerable benefits, both general and 
particular. He has drawn us out of nothing, and formed 
us in His own image and likeness without being in any 
need of us; we are continually dependent on Him for our 
preservation. He has redeemed us with the price of the 
blood of His Son; He has made us Christians in preference 
to thousands of others whom He has left in the darkness of 
infidelity; He has born ; with us in our sins until the pres- 
ent time; He has given us many and easy means of saving 
our souls; and still we repay ail His mercies with ingrati- 
tude. He has created all creatures for our benefit, and the 
only use which we make of them is to offend Him. 


Oh, how great has been my ingratitude ! There is, 
there can be, none equal to it. O my amiable Saviour ! 
is this the recompense that I have made Thee for having 
drawn me out of the abyss of nothing, in which I should 
still be, were it not for Thee? Is this the value that I 
F'' upon the precious Blood of Thy veins, shed with so 
much pain and love for me ? Ungrateful creature that 
I am ! who will give sighs to my heart and tears to my 
eyes, that I may bewail, as I ought, the insults which I 
have offered to inv God. my sovereign Benefactor? 
God of goodness, have mercy on me. I greatly desire 

Devotions for Confession. 581 

and firmly resolve, never to offend Thee more. Ah ! 
why was I born to receive so many benefits from my 
God, and still to offend Him so often and so grievously 
as I have done ? How could I employ in offending Him 
the hands, the feet, the tongue, the ears, the heart 
which He gave me to use in His service ? O unhappy 
eyes ! criminal hands ! O unfaithful heart ! you, by 
your sins, have been the cause of the pains, the tor- 
ments, and the cruel death which the Son of God suf- 
fered upon the cross. 

3. The Presence of God ; Judgment and Hell. 

Reflect that the Most Blessed Trinity, Father, Son, and 
tloly Ghost, the only and almighty God, is everywhere 
present, that He sees all things, knows all things, and 
l enetrates the inmost and most secret thoughts of our 
heart. He is that divine and infinite majesty before 
Whom the highest Seraphim tremble with a holy fear, and 
veil their faces through respect ; and we have the audacitj 
to sin in His presence ; to say, to do, and to think what, if 
known, would cover us with confusion before the meanest 
of men. Reflect, moreover, that this God before Whom we 
sin is our sovereign Judge, Who at the moment of our 
death will inevitably pass sentence upon the thoughts, the 
words, the actions of which we may be found guilty. 


Supreme and just Judge of the living and the dead, 
Thou Who seest and knowest all things, even those veiy 
secrets that pass in the interior of my heart, and which 
I would not have known to any creature upon earth, is 
it possible that I should dare to appear in Thy presence 
after having been so unfaithful to Thee ! Alas ! I can- 
not fly from Thee, because Thou art present everywhere. 
I cannot hide mvself from Thy view, because Thou «e«*** 

582 Devotions for Confession. 

all things. Ah ! has not my insolence been insupport- 
able in having dared, in the presence of Thy exalted 
majesty, before Whom the purest angels cover their 
/aces, to do what I would not have done before the 
meanest and the least of men ? O my God, have mercy 
on me: I detest with my whole heart all my sins, for the 
love of Thee O my God ! I am covered with shame 
ind confusion when I reflect that I have lived in Thy 
presence with so little regard and respect, and that I 
have so often broken the protestations that I have made 
never to offend Thee more. O God ! if I had made so 
many promises to any creature upon earth, how much 
should I feel ashamed at having broken my word ! 
But, where Thou art concerned, I pay little regard to 
my resolutions, since I daily insult Thee before Thine 
eyes. Oh, how great is Thy goodness in having borne 
with me so long ! O God of my heart ! since Thou hast 
dealt mercifully with me in the course of my most 
heinous crimes, do not withdraw Thy mercy now that I 
repent of all my disloyalties. 

The Best Contrition, Embracing Perfect and Imperfect 

O my God ! Overwhelmed with shame and confusion 
on account of my sins, I plead for mercy and for- 
giveness. I am truly sorry for all my sins and I 
heartily detest them, not only because I have rebelled 
against Thee, my Benefactor, or because I dread Thy 
divine justice and the loss of heaven or the pains of hell, 
but also and principally because by them I have offended 
Thee, Who art infinitely good and perfect and deserving 
of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy 
grace, to humbly confess my sins, to do penance, to 
avoid all evil occasions, and to amend my life. I 

Devotions for Confession. 583 

acknowledge Thee, God, to be the Supreme Good, 
and I love Thee with my whole heart. 


My dear Jesus, how much do I not owe Thee ! By 
the merits of Thy blood I hope that I have this day been 
pardoaed. I thank Thee above all things. I hope to 
reach heaven, where I shall praise Thy mercies forever. 
My God, if I have hitherto lost Thee so often, I now de- 
sire to lose Thee no more. From this day forward I 
will change my life in earnest. Thou dost merit all my 
love ; I will love Thee truly ; I will no longer see my- 
self separated from Thee. I have promised Thee this 
already ; now I repeat my promise of being ready to die 
rather than offend Thee again. I promise also to avoid 
all occasions of sin, and to use such means as will pre- 
vent me from falling again. My Jesus, Thou knowest 
my weakness; give me grace to be faithful to Thee till 
death, and to have recourse to Thee when I am tempted. 

Most holy Mary, help me ! Thou art the Mother of 
perseverance ; I place my hope in thee. 

Special Devotions for 1bol£ Communion. 

The prayers for Holy Communion should be said slowly, 
a few words at a time. It is well to stop after every few 
words, tliat tbey may sink into the heart. 



O my God, help me to make a good communion ; 
Mary, my dearest Mother, pray to Jesus for me. All ye 
holy angels and saints, pray for me. My dear Angel 
Guardian, lead me to the altar of God. 


O God, because Thou hast said it, I believe that I shall 
receive the sacred body of Jesus Christ to eat, and His 
precious blood to drink. My God, I believe this with all 
my heart. 


Oh, my Jesus, I love Thee in this Most Blessed Sacra- 
ment, as my God and my Lord, as my Redeemer and 


My God, I confess that I am a poor sinner : I am not 
worthy to receive the body and blood of Jesus, on ac- 
count of my sins. Lord, I am not worthy that Thou 
shouldst enter under my roof : say but the word, and 
my soul shall be healed. 


My God, I detest all the sins of my life. I am sorry 
for them, because they have offended Thee, my God, 
Who art so good. I resolve never, never to commit sin 
any more. My good God, pity me, have mercy on me, 
forgive me. Amen. 


Special Devotions for Holy Communion. 585 


O Jesus, great God, present on the altar, I bow down 
before Thee, I adore Thee. 


Sweet Jesus, I love Thee. I desire with all my heart 
to receive Thee. Most sweet Jesus, come into my poor 
soul, and give me Thy flesh to eat and Thy blood to 
drink. Give me Thy whole self, body, blood, soul, and 
divinity, that I may live forever with Thee. 


(1) In going to the altar- rails, and returning to your 
place, keep your hands joined, your eyes cast down, and 
your thoughts on Jesus Christ 

(2) At the altar-rails, take the communion-cloth and 
spread it before you, under your chin. 

(3) Hold your head straight up, keep your eyes closed, 
pour mouth well open, and your tongue out, resting on the 
ander lip. Then, with great outward reverence, receive 
the sacred Host, saying in your heart, with all the faith of 
3t. Thomas, " My Lord and my God ! " 



O Jesus, I believe that I have received Thy flesh to eat 
and Thy blood to drink, because Thou hast said it, and 
Thy word is true. 


O my Jesus, I hope in Thee, as in the Infinite Mercy. 


O Jesus, my God, my Creator, I adore Thee, because 
from Thy hands I came, and with Thee I am to be happy 

586 Special Devotions for Holy Communion. 


Jesus, I am but dust and ashes, and yet Thou hast 
come to me, and my poor heart may speak to Thee. 


Sweet Jesus, I love Thee ; I love Thee with all my 
heart. Thou knowest that I love Thee and wish to love 
Thee daily more and more. 


My good Jesus, I thank Thee with all my heart. How 
good, how kind Thou art to me, sweet Jesus ! Blessed 
be Jesus in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar ! 


Jesus, receive my poor offering. Jesus, Thou hast 
given Thyself to me, and now let me give myself to 
Thee :— 

1 give Thee my body, that it may be chaste and pure. 
I give Thee my soul, that it may be free from sin. 

I give Thee my heart, that it may always love Thee. 

I give Thee every breath that I shall breathe, and 
especially my last ; I give Thee myself in life and in 
death, that I may be Thine forever and ever. 

Remember the words of Jesus : " Ask and you shall 
receive," and 

Pray for yourself. 

O Jesus, wash away my sins with Thy precious blood. 

O Jesus, the struggle against temptation is not yet 
finished. My Jesus, when temptation comes near me, 
make me strong against it. In the moment of tempta- 
tion may I always say, "Jesus, mercy ! Mary, help ! " 

O Jesus, may I lead a good life ; may I die a happy 
death ; may I receive Thee before I die. May I say 
when I am dying, " Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I give you my 
heart and my soul." 

Special Devotions for Holy Communion. 587 

Listen now for a moment to Jesns Christ ; perhaps 
He has something to say to you. There may be some 
promise you have made and broken, which He wishes 
you to make again and keep. 

Answer Jesus in your heart, and tell Him all your 
< oubles. Then 

Pray for others. 

O Jesus, have mercy on Thy holy Church ; take care 
j>i it. 

O Jesus, have pity on poor sinners, and save them 
from hell. 

O Jesus, bless my father, my mother, my brothers 
and sisters, avd all I ought to pray for, as Thy kind 
heart knows how to bless them. 

O Jesus, have pity on the holy, suffering souls in pur- 
gatory, and give them eternal rest. 

O my Jesus ! my Saviour and my Redeemer, remain 
within my heart by Thy divine grace, and do not permit 
me to be ever separated from Thy love. Amen. 


Soul of Christ, sanctify me. 
Body of Christ, save me. 
Blood of Christ, inebriate me. 
Water, flowing from the side of Christ, purify me. 
Passion of Christ, strengthen me. 
O good Jesus, hear me. 
Within Thy wounds hide me. 
Permit me not to be separated from Thee. 
From the malignant enemy defend me. 
In the hour of my death call roe ; 
And bid me come to Thee, 

That with Thy saints I may praise Thee forever and 
ever. Amen. 

588 Special Devotio?is for Holy Communion. 

SOO days' indulgence every time ; 7 years after com* 
id anion, and a plenary once a month. — Pius IX., Jan. 9, 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. 

100 days' indulgence. 

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us. 

100 days' indulgence. 

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, pray for us. 

100 days' indulgence. 

Sweet Heart of Jesus ! be Thou my love. 

300 days' indulgence. 

Sweet Heart of Mary ! be Thou my salvation. 

300 days' indulgence. 

Sweet Jesus ! I am going away for a time, but I trust 
not without Thee. Thou art with me by Thy grace, I 
will never leave Thee by mortal sin. I have no fear lest 
I should do so, though I am so weak, because I have 
such hope in Thee. Give me grace to persevere. Amen. 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me. 

100 days' indulgence. 


To thee, O Sacred Heart of Jesus ! to thee I devoid 
and offer up my life, thoughts, words, actions, pains, 
and sufferings. May the least part of my being be no 
longer employed, save only in loving, serving, honor- 
ing, and glorifying thee. Wherefore, O most Sacred 
Heart ! be thou the sole object of my love, the protector 
of my life, the pledge of my salvation, and my secure 
refuge at the hour of my death. Be thou, O most boun- 
tiful Hea^t, my justification at the throne of God, and 
screen me from His anger, wdiich I have so justly 
merited. In thee I place all my confidence, and con- 
vinced as I am of my own weakness, I relv entirely on 

Special Devotions for Holy Communion. 58G 

thy bounty. Annihilate in me all that is displeasing 
and offensive to thy pure eye. Imprint thyself like a 
divine seal on my heart, that I may ever remember my 
obligation, never to be separated from thee. May my 
name also, I beseech thee, by thy tender bounty, be 
written in thee, O book of life ; and may I ever be a 
victim consecrated to thy glory, ever burning with the 
flames of thy pure love, and entirely penetrated with it 
for all eternity. In this I place all my happiness — this 
is all my desire, to live and die in no other quality but 
that of thy devoted servant. Amen. 


And now. dear Jesus, when I leave the church, be with 
tne. I promise Thee I will try often to think that Thou 
art near me. Each morning I will offer Thee all the 
actions of the day at my morning prayers ; during the 
day I will often give my heart to Thee; and at night I 
will never go to sleep without speaking to Thee in 
prayer. I will never do what I know to Jbe a sin, I will 
keep away from bad companions, and from what I know 7 
may lead me into sin. I will try to keep my soul pure 
and holy, because Thou lovest me, and I wish to do my 
best to love Thee. I will love Thee most in the Blessed 
Sacrament : when 1 come to the Church, which is Thy 
own house, I will think that I come to see Thee, and 
that Thou art looking at me, and I will never do any- 
thing there that I know will not please Thee. 

Mary, my Mother, help me to keep these promises. 
St. Joseph, my patron, keep me from evil. My good 
angel, ever at my side, tell me when I am going to do 
wrong, and save me from doing it. 

Dear Jesus, before I go, bless me and these resolu- 
tions, that I may keep them. 

Exercises for 1bolp Communion* 


St. Francis de Sales says that Our Saviour can neve* 
be seen more amiable and more tender, in all that He Las 
done for us, than in the holy communion, in which He, so 
to say, annihilates Himself and becomes food, that He may 
unite Himself to the hearts and bodies of His faithful. 
Therefore the learned Gerson used also to say that there 
was no means more efficacious than the holy communion 
whereby to enkindle devotion and the holy love of God in 
our souls. 

And, indeed, if we speak of doing something agreeable to 
God, what can a soul do more agreeable to Him than to re- 
ceive communion? St. Denis teaches us that love always 
tends towards perfect union; but how can a soul be more 
perfectly united with Jesus than in the manner of which 
He speaks Himself, saying: " He that eateth My flesh and 
drinketh My blood, abideth in Me, and I in him" (John vi 
57). St. Augustine says that if every day you receive this 
sacrament, Jesus will be always with you, and that you will 
always advance in divine love. 

Again, if there is question of healing our spiritual in- 
firmities, what more certain remedy can we have than the 
holy communion, which is called by the sacred Council of 
Trent " a remedy whereby we may be freed from daily 
faults, and be preserved from mortal sins." 

Whence does it come, asks Cardinal Bona, that in so 
many souls we see so little fruit with such frequent com- 
munions, and that they constantly relapse into the same 
faults? He replies • " The fault is not in the food, but in 
the disposition of him who receives." " Can a man," says 
Solomon, "hide fire in his bosom, and his garments not 

Exercises for Holy Communion. 59i 

burn?" (Prov. vi. 27.) "God is a consuming fire." He 
comes Himself in the holy communion to enkindle this di- 
vine fire, how is it, then, says William of Paris, that we 
see such a diabolical miracle as that souls should remain 
cold in divine love in the midst of such flames ? 

All comes from the want of proper dispositions, and 
especially from want of preparation. Fire immediately in- 
flames dry, but not green, wood; for this latter is not dis- 
posed to burn. The saints derived great benefit from their 
communions, because they prepared themselves with very 
great care. St. Aloysius Gonzaga devoted three days to his 
preparation for holy communion, and three days he spent in 
thanksgiving to his Lord. 

To prepare well for holy communion, a soul should be 
disposed on two main points: it should be detached from 
creatures, and have a great desire to advance in divine love. 

In the first place, then, a soul should detach itself from 
all things, and drive everything from its heart which is not 
God. " He that is washed," says Jesus, " needeth not but 
to wash his feet, but is clean wholly " (John xiii. 10); which 
signifies, as St Bernard explains it, that in order to receive 
this sacrament with great fruit, we should not only be 
cleansed from mortal sins, but that our feet also should be 
washed, that is, free from earthly affections; for, being in 
contact with the earth, they excite a sort of repugnance in 
God, and, soiling the soul, prevent the effects of the holy 

St. Gertrude asked Our Lord what preparation He re 
quired of her for the holy communion; and He replied. " I 
only ask that thou shouldst come empty of thyself, to re- 
ceive Me." 

In the second place, it is necessary, in the holy commun- 
ion, to have a great desire to receive Jesus Christ and His 
holy love. In this sacred banquet, says Geison, only those 
who are famishing receive their fill; and the most blessed 
Virgin Mary had already said the same thing- "He hath 
filled the hungry with good things " (Luke i. 53) As Jesus. 

592 Exercises for Holy Communion. 

writes the venerable Father Avila, only came into this 
world after He had been much and long desired, so does He 
only enter a soul which desires Him; for it is not becoming 
that such food should be given to him who has a loathing 
for it. Our Lord one day said to St. Matilda: " No bee flies 
with such impetuosity to flowers, to suck their honey, as I 
fly to souls in the holy communion, driven by the violence 
of My love." Since, then, Jesus Christ has so great a de- 
sire to come into our souls, it is right that we also should 
have a great desire to receive Him and Ilis divine love 
through the boly communion. St. Francis de Sales teaches 
us that the principal object which a soul should have in 
view in communicating should be to advance in the love of 
God; since He, Who, for love alone, gives Himself to us, 
should be received for love. 



{ ' Behold, He cometh leaping upon the mountains, 
skipping over the hills" (Cant. ii. 8). Ah, my most 
amiable Saviour, over how many, what rough and 
craggy mountains hast Thou had to pass in order to 
come and unite Thyself with me by the means of this 
Most Holy Sacrament ! Thou, from being God, hadst to 
become man; from being immense, to become a babe; 
from being Lord, to become a servant. Thou hadst to 
pass from the bosom of Thy eternal Father to the womb 
of a virgin; from heaven into a stable; from a throne of 
glory to the gibbet of a criminal. And on this very 
morning Thou wilt come from Thy seat in heaven to 
dwell in my bosom. 

" Behold He standeth behind our wall, looking through 
the windows, looking through the lattices" (Cant. ii. 9). 
Behold, O my soul, thy loving Jesus, burning with the 
jame love with which He loved thee when dying for thee 

Exercises for Holy Communion. 593 

on the cross, is now concealed in the Most Blessed Sacra- 
ment under the sacred species; and what doing ? " Look- 
ing through the lattices." As an ardent lover, desirous 
to see his love corresponded with, from the Host, as 
from within closed lattices, whence He sees without 
being seen, He is looking at you, who are this morning 
about to feed upon His divine flesh; He observes your 
thoughts, what it is that you love, what you desire 
what you seek for, and what offerings you are about to 
make Him. 

Awake, then, my soul, and prepare to receive thy 
Jesus; and, in the first place, by faith, say to Him: So, 
then, my beloved Redeemer, in a few moments Thou art 
corning to me? O hidden God, unknown to the greater 
part of men, I believe, I confess, I adore Thee in the 
Most Holy Sacrament as my Lord and Saviour ! And in 
acknowledgment of this truth I would willingly lay 
down my life. Thou comest to enrich mo with Thy 
graces and to unite Thyself all to me , how great, then, 
should be my confidence in this Thy so loving visit ! 


My soul, expand thy heart. Thy Jesus can do thee 
every good, and, indeed, loves thee. Hope thou for 
great things from this thy Lord, Who, urged by love, 
comes all love to thee. Yes, my dear Jesus, my Hope, 
I trust in Thy goodness, that, in giving Thyself to me 
this morning, Thou wilt enkindle in my poor heart the 
beautiful flame of Thy pure love, and a real desire to 
please Thee; so that, from this day forward, I may never 
will anything but what Thou wiliest. 


Ah, my God, my God, true and only love of my soul, 
and what more couldst Thou have done to be loved bv 

594 Exercises for Holy Communion. 

me ? To die for me was not enough for Thee, my Lord, 
Thou wast pleased to institute this great Sacrament in 
order to give Thyself all to me, and thus bind and unite 
Thyself heart to heart with so loathome and ungrateful a 
creature as I am. And what is more, Thou Thyself in 
vitest me to receive Thee, and desirest so much that i 
should do so ! O boundless love! incomprehensible love! 
infinite love! a God would give Himself all to me ! 

My soul, believest thou this ? And what doest thou? 
what sayest thou ? O God, O God, O infinite amiabil- 
ity, only worthy object of all loves, I love Thee with my 
whole heart, I love Thee above all things, I love Thee 
more than myself, more than my life ! Oh, could I but 
see Thee loved by all ! Oh, could I but cause Thee to 
be loved by all hearts as much as Thou deservest ! I 
love Thee, O most amiable God, and I unite my miserable 
heart in loving Thee to the hearts of the seraphim, to the 
heart of the most blessed Virgin Mary, to the heart of 
Jesus, Thy most loving and beloved Son. So that, O In- 
finite Good, I love Thee with the love with which the 
saints, with which Mary, with which Jesus, love Thee. 
And I love Thee only because Thou art worthy of it, and 
to give Thee pleasure. Depart, all earthly affections, 
which are not for God, depart from my heart. Mother of 
fair love, most holy Virgin Mary, help me to love that 
God Whom thou dost so ardently desire to see loved. 


Then, my soul, thou art even now about to feed on 
the most sacred flesh of Jesus ! And art thou worthy ? 
My God, and who am I, and Who art Thou ? I indeed 
know and confess Whom Thou art Who givest Thyself to 
me ; but dost Thou know what I am who am about to 
receive Thee ? 

And is it possible, O my Jesus, that Thou. Who art 

Exercises for Holy Communion. 695 

infinite purity, desirest to come and reside in Ijis soul 
of mine, which has been so many times the dwelling of 
Thy enemy, and soiled with so many sins ? I know, O 
my Lord, Thy great majesty and my misery ; I am 
ashamed to appear before Thee. Reverence would in- 
duce me to keep at a distance from Thee ; but if I de- 
part from Thee, O my Life, whither shall I go ? to whom 
•shall I have recourse ? and what will become of me? No, 
never will I depart from Thee ; nay, even I will ever 
araw nearer and nearer to Thee. Thou art satisfied that I 
should receive Thee as food, Thou even invitest me to 
this. I come then, Omy amiable Saviour, I come to re- 
ceive Thee this morning, all humbled and confused at 
the sight of my defects ; but full of confidence in Thy 
tender mercy, and in the love which Thou bearest me. 


I am indeed grieved, O God of my soul, for not hav- 
ing loved Thee during the time past ; still worse, so far 
from loving Thee, and to gratify my own inclinations, I 
have greatly offended and outraged Thy infinite good- 
ness ; I have turned my back against Thee, I have 
despised Thy grace and friendship ; in fine, O my God, 
I was deliberately in the will to lose Thee. Lord, I am 
sorry, and grieve for it with my whole heart. I detest 
the sins which I have committed, be they great or small, 
as the greatest of all my misfortunes, because I have 
thereby offended Thee, O Infinite Goodness ! I trust that 
Thou hast already forgiven me ; but if Thou hast not yet 
pardoned me, oh, do so before I receive Thee ; wash with 
Thy Blood this soul of mine, in which Thou art so soon 
about to dwell. 


And now. my soul, the blessed hour is arrived in which 
(esus will come and take up His dwelling in thy poor 

59o Exercises for Holy Communion. 

heart. Behold the King of heaven, behold thy Redeemer 
and God, Who is even now coming ; prepare thyself to 
receive Him with love, invite Him with the ardor of thy 
desire ; come, O my Jesus, come to my soul, which de- 
sires Thee. Before Thou givest Thyself to me, I desire 
to give Thee, and I now give Thee, my miserable heart ; 
do Thou accept it, and come quickly to take possession 
of it. 

Come, my God ! hasten ; delay no longer. My only 
and infinite Good, my Treasure, my Life, my Paradise, 
my Love, my All, my wish is to receive Thee with the 
love with which the most holy and loving souls have re- 
ceived Thee ; with that with which the most blessed 
Virgin Mary received Thee ; with their communions I 
unite this one of mine. 

Most holy Virgin and my Mother Mary, behold, I al- 
ready approach to receive thy Son. Would that I had 
the heart and love with which Thou didst communicate ! 
Give me this morning thy Jesus, as thou didst give Him 
to the shepherds and to the kings. I intend to receive 
Him from thy most pure hands. Tell Him that I am thy 
servant and thy client ; for He will thus look upon m<3 
with a more loving eye, and, now that He is coming, 
will press me more closely to Himself. 


There is no prayer more agreeable to God, or more profit- 
able to the soul, than that which is made during the thanks- 
giving after communion. It is the opinion of many grave 
writers (Suarez, Gaetano, Valenza, De Lugo, and others) 
that the holy communion, so long as the sacramental species 
lasts, constantly produces greater and greater graces in the 
soul, provided the soul is then constant in disposing itself 
by new acts of virtue. The Council of Florence, in the 

Exercises for Holy Communion. 597 

decree of Eugenius IV. to tlie Armenians, teaches that the 
Blessed Sacrament produces the same effect in tbe soul as 
material food, which, when it enters the body, takes effect 
according- to the state in which it finds it. 

For this reason, holy souls endeavor to remain as long as 
possible in prayer after communion. The Venerable Father 
Avila, even when he was giving his missions, used to remain 
for at least two hours in prayer. Fatber Balthasar Alvarez 
used to say that we should make great account of the 
time after communion, imagining that we hear from the 
iips of Jesus Christ Himself the words which He addressed 
to His disciples : " But Me you have not always with you." 

It is not advisable, as many do, to begin to read imme- 
diately after communion : it is then better to spend at least 
a short time in producing holy affections ; and in convers- 
ing with Jesus, Who is then within us, and in repeating 
many times words of tenderness, or some feeling prayer. 
Jesus Christ repeated the same prayer in the garden three 
times : "And He prayed the third time, saying the self- 
same word" (Matt. xxvi. 44) In affections and prayers 
it is, then, that the soul should entertain itself with Jesus 
after communion ; for we must know that the acts formed 
in prayer after communion are far more precious and meri- 
torious in the sight of God than when made at another time ; 
for the soul being then united with Jesus, the value of the 
acts is increased by the presence of Jesus. We should, more 
over, know that after communion Jesus Christ is more dis- 
posed to grant graces. St. Teresa says that after communion 
Jesus places Himself in the soul as on a throne of grace, 
and then says : " What wiliest thou that I should do for 
thee ?" meaning, O soul, I am come for the express purpose 
of granting thee graces ; ask Me what thou wilt, and as 
much as thou wiliest, thou shalt receive all. 

Oh, what treasures of grace would you receive, devout 
soul, if you only entertained yourself with Jesus for an 
hour, or at least half an hour after communion 1 Fortius 
purpose you can read *hc following acts. Be aiso carerui 

598 Exercises for Holy Communion. 

after your prayer is ended to keep yourself during the whole 
day on which you have communicated united by affections 
and prayer; with Jesus, Whom you have received. 


Behold, my God is even now come to visit me ; my 
Saviour to dwell in my soul. My Jesus is even now 
within me. He is come to make Himself mine and at 
the same time to make me His. So that Jesus is mine, 
and I belong to Jesus : Jesus is all mine and I am ail 

O Infinite Goodness ! O Infinite Mercy ! O Infinite 
Love ! that a God should come to unite Himself to me, 
and to make Himself all mine ! My soul, now that thou 
art thus closely bound to Jesus, that thou art thus one 
with Him, what dost thou ? Hast thou nothing to say 
to him ; dost thou not converse with thy God, Who is 
with thee ? Ah, yes, renew thy faith ; remember that 
the angels now surround thee, adoring their God, Who 
is within thy breast ; do thou also adore thy Lord within 
thyself. Enter into thyself, and banish thence every 
other thought. Unite all thy affections together, and^ 
clinging closely to thy God, say : 


All, my Jesus, my Love, my Infinite Good, my All, be 
ever welcome in the poor dwelling of my soul ! Ah, my 
Lord, where art Thou ! to what a place art Thou come ! 
Thou hast entered my heart, which is far worse than the 
stable in which Thou wast born ; it is full of earthly 
affections, of self-love, and of inordinate desires. And 
how couldst Thou come to dwell there ? I would address 
Thee with St. Peter : " Depart from me, for lama sinful 
man " (Luke v. 8). Yes. depart from me. O Lord, for J am 

Exercises for Holy Communion. 599 

indeed unworthy to receive a God of infinite goodness ; 
go and find repose in those pure souls who serve Thee with 
so much love. But no, my Redeemer ; what do I say 1 
Leave me not ; for if Thou departest, I am lost. I em- 
brace Thee, my Life ; I cling to Thee. Mad indeed have 
I been in having separated myself from Thee for the 
love of creatures ; and in my ingratitude I drove Thee 
from me. But now I will never more separate mysell 
from Thee, my Treasure ; I desire to live and die ever 
united to Thee. Most blessed Virgin Mary, Seraphim, 
and all souls, do you who love God with pure love lend 
me your affections, that I may worthily attend on my 
beloved Lord. 


My God and Lord, I thank Thee for the grace which 
Thou hast this morning bestowed upon me, of coming to 
dwell in my soul ; but I would wish to thank Thee in a 
manner worthy of Thee and of the great favor which 
Thou hast done me. But what do I say ? how can such 
a miserable creature as I am ever worthily thank Thee ? 

Father Segneri says that the feeling most becoming a 
soul who communicates is that of wondering astonish- 
ment at the thought, and to repeat : "A God is united 
to me ; a God is mine ! " David said: ff What shall I 
render to the Lord for all the things that He hath ren- 
dered to me?" (Ps. cxv. 12.) But I ! what return shall 
I make to Thee, my Jesus, Who, after having given me 
so many of Thy good things, hast this morning, more- 
over, given me Thyself ? My soul, bless, then, and 
thank thy God as best thou canst. And thou, my 
Mother Mary, my holy advocate, my guardian angel, 
and all ye souls who love God, " Come and hear, all ye 
that fear God, and I will tell you what great things He 

wUU Exercises for Holy Communion, 

hath done fur my soul " (Ps. Ixv. 16). Come and bless 
and thank my God for me, admiring and praising the 
indeed great graces which He has granted me. 


"My Beloved to me, and I to Him" (Cant. ii. 16). 
Should a king go to visit a poor shepherd in his hut, 
what can the shepherd offer him other than his whole 
hut, such as it is ? Since then, O Jesus, my divine 
King, Thou hast come to visit the poor house of my soui, 
I offer and give Thee this house and my entire self, to- 
gether with my liberty and will : " My Beloved to me, 
and I to Him." Thou hast given Thyself all to me ; I 
give myself all to Thee. My Jesus, from this day for- 
ward I will be no longer mine, I will be Thine, and all 
Thine. May my senses be Thine, that they may only 
serve me to please Thee. "And what greater pleasure," 
says St. Peter of Alcantara, "can be found, than that 
of- pleasing Thee, most amiable, most loving, most gra- 
cious God?" I at the same time give Thee all the 
powers of my soul, and I will that they shall be all 
Thine ; my memory I will only use to recall to mind Thy 
benefits and Thy love ; my understanding I will only use 
to think of Thee, Who always thinkest of my good ; my 
will I will only use to love Thee, my God, my All, and 
to will only that which Thou wiliest. My most sweet 
Lord, I offer, then, and consecrate to Thee this morning 
all that I am and have,— my senses, my thoughts, my 
affections, my desires, my pleasures, my inclinations, 
my liberty : in a word, I place my whole body and soul 
in Thy hands. 

Accept, O Infinite Majesty, the sacrifice of the hith- 
erto most ungrateful sinner Thou hast ever had on 
earth; but who now offers and gives himself all to Thee. 

Exercises for Holy Communion. 601 

Do with me and dispose of me, Lord, as Thou pleas- 

Come, O consuming Fire, O divine Love ! and con- 
sume in me all which is mine, and which is displeasing 
in Tny most pure eyes, so that from henceforward I may 
be all Thine, and may live only to execute not Thy com' 
niands and counsels alone, but all Thy holy desires an<) 
good pleasure also. Amen. 

O most holy Mary, do thou present this offering oi 
mine to the Most Blessed Trinity with thine own hands; 
and do thou obtain Their acceptance of it, and that 
They may grant me the grace to be faithful unto death. 
Amen, amen, amen. 


O my soul, what art thou doing? The present is no 
time to be lost : it is a precious time, in which thou 
canst receive all the graces which thou askest. Seest 
thou not the eternal Father, Who is lovingly beholding 
thee ? for within thee He sees His beloved Son, the 
dearest object of His love. Drive, then, far from thee 
all other thoughts ; rekindle thy faith, enlarge thy heart, 
and ask for whatever thou wiliest. 

Hearest thou not Jesus Himself Who thus addresses 
thee: "What wilt thou that I should do to thee?" 
(Mark x. 51.) O soul, tell me, what dost thou desire of 
Me? I am come for the express purpose of enriching 
and gratifying thee ; ask with confidence, and thou wilt 
receive all. 

Ah ! my most sweet Saviour, since Thou hast come 
into my heart in order to grant me graces, and desirest 
that I should ask Thee for them, I ask Thee not for the 
good of the earth — riches, honors, or pleasures ; but 
grant me, I beseech Thee, intense sorrow for the dis- 
pleasures I have caused Thee ; impart to me so clear a 

602 Exercises for Holy Communion. 

light, that I may know the vanity of this world, and how 
deserving Thou art of love. Change this heart of mine, 
detach it from all earthly affections ; give me a heart 
.conformable in all things to Thy holy will, that it may 
seek only for that which is more pleasing to Thee, and 
have no other desire than Thy holy love: "Create a 
clean heart in me, O God ! " (Ps. 1. 12.) 

I deserve not this ; but Thou, my Jesus, deservest it, 
since Thou art come to dwell in my soul : I ask it of 
Thee through Thy merits and those of Thy most holy 
Mother, and by the love which Thou bearest to Thy 
eternal Father. 

Here pause to ask Jesus for some other particular grace 
for yourself and for your neighbors. Do not forget poor 
sinners, or the souls in purgatory ; and pray also for me, 
who composed this little book for your good. 


I. O Lord, my God ! I recommend to Thee the Sov- 
ereign Pontiff, and all prelates, bishops, and priests ; 
grant them, O Lord, zeal and the spirit of their state, 
that they may give themselves to the salvation of souls. 

II. My relations, friends, and enemies ; the dying who 
are on the point of leaving this world ; and all the faith- 
ful who are in Thy grace : give them, O Lord, persever- 
ance and fervor in Thy love. 

III. All infidels, heretics, and sinners : give them 
light and strength that they may all know and love 


I. I recommend to Thee the souls of my parents, 
benefactors, friends, and enemies ; and of those who are 
in purgatory through my fault. 

Exercises for Holy Communion. 608 

II. The souls of priests, and especially of those who 
labored for souls. 

III. The souls of those who were most devout to the 
Passion of Jesus Christ, to the Most Holy Sacrament, 
and to the divine Mother ; the souls who are the most 
forgotten ; those who are suffering the most ; and those 
who are nearest to the gates of paradise. 


Eternal Father, Jesus Christ Himself, Thy Son, has 
said, " Amen, amen, I say to you, if you ask the Father 
anything in My name, He will give it you." For the 
love, then, of this Son, Whom I now hold within my 
breast, do Thou graciously hear me and grant my petition. 

My most sweet loves, Jesus and Mary, may I suffer 
for you, may I die for you ; may I be all yours, and in 
nothing my own ! May the Most Blessed Sacrament 
ever be thanked and praised ! Blessed be the holy and 
immaculate conception of the blessed Virgin Mary. 

My son, give Me thy heart " (Prov. xiii. 26). O my 
soul, behold this is all that thy Lord asks of thee ; when 
He comes to visit Ihee, He would have thy heart and thy 
will. He gives Himself to thee without reserve ; it is 
but reasonable that thou shouldst also give Him all thy- 
self without reserve, taking care to follow His will in all 
things : " For the Lord will return, to rejoice over thee 
in all good things" (Deut. xxx. 9). Act in such a man- 
ner that Jesus, when He comes to thee again, may find 
that thou hast executed all His designs. My Jesus ! I 
wish to please Thee ; help Thou my desire. Give me 
strength, and do with me whatsoever Thou pleasest. 
When life is o'er to me He'll say, 

Arise, ray love, the winter's past ; 
The rains have ceased, come haste away, 
Heaven's endless day has dawned at ast. 

604 Exercises for Holy Communion. 

In rapturous love, then, face to face, 

My Jesus all unveiled I'll see — 
Upon His heart, in His embrace, 

I'll sweetly rest eternally, 


Dear Jesus, Thou knowest my special weaknesses, and 
how earnestly I have asked Thee to strengthen me. 

But there are other failings, and these I petition Thee 
ro help me in a particular manner to overcome. 

I wince and chafe when I am found fault with, even 
when the reproach is just. 

It is like a lancet cutting me to be misunderstood, 
and to have my intentions and actions misrepresented. 

But to be accused falsely and before many, to be 
branded with motives and deeds which I would spurn, 
well-nigh paralyzes me, and tempts me to bitterness of 
heart and revenge. 

While seeing others preferred before me, being de- 
rided and held up to scorn rouses all the worst feelings 
and passions of my nature with such force that I am 
well-nigh carried away by their violence. 

I feel it so hard, sometimes almost impossible, to be 
kind to those who have treated me treacherously and 
with ingratitude, and my thoughts, words, and gestures 
are poisoned with dislike when they come across me. 

I strive to cast the injury they have done me from 
my mind, and to treat them with more kindness than 
before, but the struggle seems hopeless. 

And in this way I am so utterly unlike Thee, Whom I 
have received in the holy communion, Whose disciple I 
am, and Whose follower I pretend to be, that I entreat 
Thee to change me, that I may imitate closely Thy 
beautiful example 

Exercises for Holy Communion. 6C5 

When I am misunderstood and misrepresented, make 
me as calm, patient, resigned, and joyful as Thou wert, 
when Thyself, Thy divine mission, and Thy actions were 
misunderstood and grossly misrepresented. 

When I am falsely accused, make me as unruffled as 
Thou wert when Thou wert accused publicly of having a 
devil, of casting out devils by Beelzebub, and when 
Thou stoodst before Pilate, arraigned as a rebel, plotting 
to take away the kingdom of Judea from the rule oi 

When I am spoken of contemptuously, when others 
are preferred before me, whether it be through injus- 
tice or by Thy permissive providence to cure me of my 
deep pride and morbid self-love, make me silent and 
resigned, as Thou wert when Barabbas, the murderer 
and the robber, was preferred before Thee, and when, 
hanging on the cross* the Jews cried out, " Vah ! Thou 
that destroyest the Temple of God, and in three days 
dost rebuild it, save Thyself : if Thou be the Son of God, 
come down from the Cross " (Matt, xxvii. 40). 

In like manner also the chief priests, with the scribes 
and ancients, mocking, said, u He saved others; Him- 
self He cannot save. If He be the King of Israel, let 
Him come down from the Cross, and we will believe 
Him " (Matt, xxvii. 42). 

Make me act towards those who have offended me as 
Thou didst to Magdalen, whom Thou lovedst most of 
others after Thy Mother ; as Thou didst to Peter, whom 
Thou didst not only fully forgive, but didst make him 
Prince of the apostles. 

These are some of the weak parts of my moral nature, 
and I beseech Thee to invigorate and strengthen them. 

These are the points where my resolutions so often 
fail, and the enemy too frequently triumphs. 

006 Exercises for Holy Communion. 

0, guard and protect me, I earnestly beseech Thee. 

Give me such fortitude that I may never be defeated 

Leave the impress of Thy example on my soul to-day, 
that it may stimulate me to walk in Thy footsteps, and 
so become like Thee in my thoughts, words, and actions, 
but especially in my conduct towards others. 

I want, dear Jesus, to be Thy real disciple and fol- 
lower in very truth. 

Oh ! powerfully help me to be so thoroughly. Amen. 


Dearest Lord, whilst Thou art with me I have one 
great favor to ask, which I am sure Thou wilt grant, 
because it is for Thy greater glory and for my good. 

From to-day, and for the rest of my life, I want to 
love Thee with an unselfish, perfect love. 

I do not want to love Thee only for what gifts or re- 
wards I shall receive, or for the punishments I shall 

I do not desire to love Thee merely because I shall 
thereby obtain heaven and avoid hell. 

But I ardently wish to love Thee for Thy own dear sake, 
because Thou art so infinitely good, beautiful, powerful, 
rich, tender, compassionate, and loving. 

Because there is no king or emperor can compare with 
Thee, and imagination cannot conceive any being thai 
can dimly approach Thee. 

This, loving Jesus, is the request I now make with all 
the fervor of my soul. 

Give me, I beseech Thee, this generous and unselfish 
love. Intensify and deepen it day by day, and then 
>ndeed my life will be happy and peaceful. 

And though T ask for no reward in loving Thee, yet 

Exercises for Holy Communion. 607 

such is Thy unbounded generosity, I know that Thou 
wilt lavish favors and blessings upon me, far greater 
than all the rewards a selfish love can merit. 

And when I have learned to make acts* of perfect 
love, and so form a practice of such acts, if I should 
ever have the misfortune to fall into grievous sin and be 
unable to go to confession (which God forbid !), then 
one such act of perfect love, with the desire of confes- 
sion, will blot out all my grievous sins, and if it is in- 
tense enough, it will pay off the entire debt of temporal 
punishment due for all my sins. 

One such act at my night prayers will cleanse away 
all my venial sins, and the temporal punishment due to 

Oh, what a happy, heavenly state to live in ! 

Then if death should come during my sleep, I may 
rest perfectly satisfied that I am destined for heaven, 
though I may be detained for a short time in purgatory. 

T hen if it pleases God to take me away by a sudden 
death — by an accident, a railway collision, or a wreck 
at sea : if I make one such act the instant before death, 
then, without doubt, I shall leave this world a child of 

And if that act is intense enough, then all the tem- 
poral punishment I have incurred would be forgiven, 
and my death would be the instant passage to heaven, 
and the clear vision of God. 

Surely then, my dear Lord, Thou couldst give nothing 
dearer or more precious than this perfect love of Thee. 

Ail ye angels and saints, who love God with this gen- 
erous, unselfish, and perfect love, pray that I may 
jbtain this perfect love also. Amen. 

308 Exercises for Holy Communion. 


Dearest Lord, praise is the outcome of a heart filled 
with perfect love, gratitude, aud admiration. 

O, I love and praise Thee for all Thy wondrous deeds, 
Thy infinite love and goodness, and particularly for 
giving Thyself for me to-day in holy communion, to be 
the food and nourishment of my soul. 

O that I could make all creatures and all creation 
love and praise Thee as Thou deservest ! 

O that, like the four-and-twenty ancients, I could 
ever continually vepeat their prayer of praise: u Thou 
art worthy, Lord our God, to receive glory, and 
honor, and power ! " 

That as the angels sang over Bethlehem, I might keep 
singing in my heart, "Glory to God in the highest." 

That I might love to cry out like David, "Ye sun, 
moon, and stars, ye young men and women, magnify 
and glorify God forever." 

That with the Three Children in the burning furnace, 
who walked in the midst of the flames, praising God and 
blessing the Lord, in tribulation and adversity, I might 
ever praise and bless Thee. 

That, after the sxample of the Blessed Virgin, who 
cried out, "My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my 
spirit hath rejoiced in God, my Saviour," my soul might 
be full of Thy praises. 

That, imitating St. Francis and the saints in every age, 
I might call on everything to praise the Lord, as they 
used to cry out, "Praise the Lord, ye birds and swallows 
and all living things ! " 

This is the way I will try to praise Thee, dear Lord, for 
all Thy gifts, and especially for giving Thyself to me ia 
the holy communion. 

jtomises and Resolutions after Confession, etc. 606 

I will love often to say the Psalms of praise of David, 
the hymn of praise of the Three Children in the fiery 
furnace, the Glory be to the Father, the Glory to God in 
the highest, the Te Benin, and other praises. 

Make, dear Lord, Thy praises dearer and sweeter to 
me than proclaiming the praises of the truest of friends, 
than the most ravishing of earthly songs and melodies. 

Then indeed I shall begin on earth, in part at least, the 
joy that awaits me in heaven, where forever I shall sing' 
Thy praises. Amen. 

promisee ano "Resolutions to be maoe atter Con** 
fesston or 1bol^ Communion. 


I promise, with the Divine Assistance, to say my pray- 
ers, morning and evening, piously, regularly, and with- 
out distractions, and, when it can be done, to offer up my 
evening prayers, with the members of my family. 

I promise never to give way to taking God's name in 
vain, cursing, swearing, and blasphemy. 

I am determined never to utter imprecations and bad 
wishes for persons. 

I am resolved never to yield to jealousy, dislike, and 
hatred of persons. 

As I hope to be forgiven myself, I promise fully to for- 
give every one who has injured me. 

I am determined never to murmur and rebel against 
God's Will in trials and misfortunes, and at the death of 
those who are dear. 

Especially am I resolved never to think or speak un- 
kind things against God and His providence. 

I promise most firmly never to lose Mass on Sundays 

610 Promises and Resolutions after Confession, etc. 

and hclydays, and never to violate the precepts of fast- 
ing and abstinence, or to neglect the fulfilment of my 
Easter duties, except in cases of absolute necessity, 

I promise faithfully never to give way to intemper- 
ance, to violent bursts of anger, or to strike any one, espe- 
cially a relative, and to limit myself to a fixed amount of 
stimulant each day. 

From the depth of my soul I promise never to break 
the sixth commandment in thought, word, or deed • 
never to join in improper conversations, or to encourage 
them, and never to use immodest words, or words of 
double meaning. 

I resolve never to commit any sin of theft, detraction, 
or calumny. 

I promise sincerely to send my children always to 
Catholic schools, and to take them away at once from 
public schools, if they are attending such. 

I promise to guard my children most carefully from 
bad companions, from the occasions of sin, such as dan- 
gerous places of amusement, music-halls, low theatres, 
and pantomimes, and from bad, irreligious, and infidel 

I promise especially to avoid secret sins, special and 
peculiar to myself, and all those circumstances which 
would change the species of sin, as would be a sin of 
theft from the altar, or a sin against the sixth command- 
ment, when a person is married or bound by a vow c/' 

Also I am determined to go to confession and holy 
communion at least once a month, though I hope to do so 

Further, I promise God that if ever I have the misfor- 
tune to fall into grievous sin, I will not let the night pass 
over me till I have been to confession, and had my sins 

Promises and Resolutions after Confession, etc. 611 

forgiven, lest the Judge should suddenly come upon me, 
and I should be condemned eternally. 


I promise to say my morning and night prayers regu- 
larly, and as far as possible without distractions. 

I resolve to examine my conscience carefully every 
night, and to make a fervent Act of Contrition. 

I am determined to make an oblation of all my actions 
every morning to God, and to repeat the same several 
times a day. 

It is my determination henceforth to do all my actions 
primarily for God, following the instruction of St. Paul, 
11 Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatsoever else 
you do, do all to the glory of God " (1 Cor. x. 31). 

I am resolved to try to acquire such purity of inten- 
tion that I may be able to say with St. Francis of Sales, 
" Should I ever discover in my soul ever so little of affec- 
tion that was not of God, in God, and for God, I would 
rid me of it immediately." 

It is my firm resolution to go to Mass and Benediction 
on week-days, as well as Sundays, as often as I can. 

It is also my fixed intention to make ejaculations and 
spiritual communions, several times each hour of the 
day, and whenever I awake during the night. 

Further, I resolve to visit the Blessed Sacrament once 
a day, or at least two or three times a week, and to say a 
part of the Rosary everyday, and the Angelus three times 
a day, and to make a short meditation and read a spirit- 
ual book every day. 

I am determined to try to love God above all things^ 
and never to rest until I can say in truth with St. Paul: 
t; For I am sure that neither death, uor life, nor angels. 

612 Promises and Resolutions after Confession, etc 

nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, noi 
things to come, nor might, nor height, nor depth, nor 
any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the 
love of God, which is in Christ Jesus Our Lord " (Rom. 
viii. 38, 39). 

It is my firm purpose to learn to love my neighbor as 
myself, and freely to forgive at once those who have 
wounded me, and not to treat them with disdain and 
keep them at a distance. 

It is my resolve never to violate charity in any of the 
parts which constitute charity as given by St. Paul. 
" Charity is patient, is kind ; charity envieth not, deal- 
eth not perversely, is not puffed up, is not ambitious, 
seeketh not her own, is not provoked to anger, thinketh 
no evil, rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth with the 
truth : beareth all things, belie vet h all things, hopeth 
all things, endureth all things. Charity never falleth 
away ; whether prophecies shall be made void, or 
tongues shall cease, or knowledge shall be destroyed " 
(1 Cor. xiii. 4, 8). 

As I hope God will not weary of pardoning me, I 
promise not to tire of forgiving those who offend me, 
and to carry out Our Saviour's injunctions: "Then 
came Peter unto Him and said : Lord, how often shall 
my brother offend against me, and I forgive him ? Till 
seven times? Jesus saith to him, I say not to thee till 
seven times, but till seventy times seven times '■ (Matt. 
xvii. 21. 22). 

Further, I resolve to be kind to those who hate me, 
and to pray for those who falsely accuse me, according 
to the injunction of Our Saviour: "But I say to you, 
Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you, and 
pray for them that persecute and calumniate you* 
(Matt. v. 44). 

Promises and Resolutions after Confession, etc. 613 

i am determined, instead of being harsh and unkind 
to my enemies, and refusing them help when they ask, 
to carry out Our Lord's precept : " But if thy enemy be 
hungry, give him to eat ; if he thirst, give hirn drink. 
For, doing this, thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his 
head. 3e not overcome by evil, but overcome evil by 
good " (Rom. xii. 20, 21). 

Also, I am determined to act upon the teaching of our 
dear Lord with regard to any one I have injured : " If, 
therefore, thou offer thy gift at the altar, and there thou 
remember that thy brother hath anything against thee ; 
leave there thy offering before the altar, and go first to 
be reconciled to thy brother, and then coming, thou 
Sbalt offer thy gift " (Matt. v. 23, 24). 

It is my resolve ever to try to learn the golden truth 
and to act upon it, that all real goodness must depend 
upon the practice of the love of God and my neighbor, 
as Our Saviour says: "On these two commandments 
dependeth the whole law and the prophets " (Matt. xxii. 

It is my firm purpose to learn and practise humility, 
which consists in acting on the plain truth, that we have 
nothing of our own, and that whatever we possess be- 
longs to God, according to the teaching of St. Paul : 
*' By the grace of God, I am what I am " (1 Cor. xv. 10). 

And if I am ever tempted to deny or to forget this 
primary truth, I will always say : " What hast thou that 
thou hast not received, and if thou hast received, why 
dost thou glory as if thou hadstnot received it ?" (1 Cor. 
iv. 7.) 

And when self-love or others tempt me to glory in 
what is not mine, my answer shall be in the words of 
David: "Not to us, O Lord, but to Thy name, give 
glory " fPs. cxiii. 1). 

614 Promises and Resolutions after Confession, etc. 

Neither will I put myself before others unfairly or un- 
justly, but will follow the advice of Our Saviour : " But 
when thou art invited, go sit down in the lowest place : 
that when he who inviteth thee cometh, he may say to 
thee, Friend, go up higher. Then shalt thou have glory 
before them that sit at table with thee " (Luke xiv. 10). 

And when pride and vanity are trying to enter my 
heart and mind, I will always remember my nothingness 
and say: "Why is earth and ashes proud?" (Ecclus. 
x. 9). 

If ever I have authority, or am in an honorable posi- 
tion, I will never treat those under me as my inferiors, 
but I will carry out the spirit of Our Saviour's instruc- 
tions, where He says : " Whoever shall be the greater 
amoug you, let him be your minister, and he that shall 
be first among you shall be your servant" (Matt. xx. 
26, 27). 

Thus I shall avoid the punishment of the proud, 
and receive the reward of the humble: "And whoso- 
ever shall exalt himself shall be humbled ; and he that 
humbleth himself shall be exalted " (Matt, xxiii. 12). 

I am determined to be fully resigned to God's will, and 
in all that happens to say from my heart in every sor- 
row and misfortune, " Not my will, but Thine, be done " 
(Luke xxii. 42). 

I promise to leave myself and my future with child- 
like trust and confidence in God's hands, and to banish 
all fear, anxiety, and restlessness about what may 

I firmly resolve, with God's grace, never wilfully to 
commit any venial sin, whether of pride, vanity, anger, 
jealousy, revenge, un charitableness, or untruthfulness, 
and if I fail, I am determined at once to ask God's 
forgiveness by an act of sorrow. 

* iom<,ses ana resolutions after Confession, etc. 61" 

I pledge myself always to be more kind and forbear- 
ing to those of my own household than I am to 

It is my unshaken intention to correspond with the 
inspirations of grace : and never to forget the injunction 
of St. Paul: "And we exhort you not to receive the 
grace of God in vain " (3 Cor. vi. 1). 

I am resolved to be enrolled in the different confra- 
ternities, and carefully to discharge the duties thereof, 
and faithfully to fulfil all the obligations of my state in 

This is the way to lead good lives, to prepare for a 
happy death, and to save our souls. Then we shall be 
so pleasing to God that He will guard us as the apple of 
His eye, and protect us under the shadow of His wings, 
and whenever we die a crown of eternal glory will await 
us, for " He that shall persevere unto the end, he shall 
be saved " (Matt. x. 22). 

Xitantes Bpprcwefc b£ the Cburcb. 

Xitang of tbe 

Kyrie eleison. 
Christe eleison. 
Kyrie eleison. 
Jesu audi nos. 
Jesu exaudi nos. 

Pater de coelis Deus, 

Fili Redemptor mundi 

Spiritus Sancte Deus, 
Sancta Trinitas, unus 

Jesu, Fili Dei vivi, 

Jesu, splendor Patris, 

Jesu, candor lucis aeter- 

Jesu, rex gioriae, 
Jesu, sol justitiae, 

Jesu, Fili Marias Vir- 

Jesu ainabilis, 
jesu admirabilis, 
Jesu, Deus fortis, 

Ibolg flame of 5c6us. 

Lord have mercy on us. 
Christ have mercy on us. 
Lord have mercy on us. 
Jesus hear us. 
Jesus graciously hear us. 

God the Father of hea- 

God the Son, Redeemer 
of the world, 

God the Holy Ghost, 

Holy Trinity, one God, 

Jesus, Son of the living 

Jesus, splendor of the 
e Jesus, brightness of 
> eternal light, 

Jesus, King of glory, 

Jesus, the sun of jus- 

Jesus, Son of the Vir- 
gin Mary, 

Jesus amiable, 

Jesus admirable, 

Jesus, the powej ul 


f ^ 

Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus. 617 

Jesu, Pater futuri sa 

Jesu, magni consilii 

Jesu potentissime, 
Jesu patientissime, 
Jesu obedientissime, 
Jesu mitis et hurnilis 

Jesu, amator castitatis, 
Jesu, ainator noster, 
Jesu, Deus pacis, 
Jesu, auctor vita?, 
Jesu, exemplar virtu- 

Jesu, zelator animaruin, 
Jesu, Deus noster, 
Jesu, refugiuin nos- 
Jesu, Pater pauperum, 

Jesu, thesaure fidelium, 

Jesu, bone pastor, 
Jesu, lux vera, 
Jesu, sapientia seterna, 
Jesu, bonitas infinita, 
Jesu, via et vita nostra, 

Jesu, gaudium angelo- 

Jesu, rex pat ri arch a- 

Jesu, magister aposto- 

Tesu, doctor evangelis- 


Jesus, Father of the 

world to come, 
Jesus, Angel of great 

Jesus most powerful, 
Jesus most patient, 
Jesus most obedient, 
Jesus meek and humble 

of heart, 
Jesus, lover of chastity, 
Jesus, lover of us, 
Jesus, God of peace, 
Jesus, Author of life, 
Jesus, Model of vir- 
Jesus, zealous for souls, 
Jesus, our God, 
Jesus, our refuge, 

Jesus, Father of the 

Jesus, treasuie of the 

Jesus, good shepherd, 
Jesus, true light, 
Jesus, eternal wisdom, 
Jesus, infinite goodness, 
Jesus, our way and our 

Jesus, joy of angels, 

Jesus, King of the pa- 

Jesus, .Master of the 

Jesus, Teacher of the 


Litanies Approved by the Church. 

Jesu, fortitudo mar- '! 

Jesu, lumen confesso- 

Jesu, puritas virginum, 
Jesu, corona sanctorum 


Propitius esto, Parce nobis, 

Jesu ! 
Propitius esto, Exaudi nos, 

Jesu ! 

A.b omni malo, 
Ab omni peccato, 
Ab ira tua, 
Ab insidiis diaboli, 

A spiritu fornicationis, 

A morte perpetua, 

A neglectu inspiratio- 

nuui tuarum, 
Per mysterium sanctse 

incarnationis tua3, 
Per nativitatera tuara, 
Per infantiam tuam, 
Per divinissimam vitam 

Per labores tuos, 
Per agoniatn et passio- 

nem tuam, 
Per crucem et derelic- 

tionem tuam, 
Per languores tuos, 
Per mortem et sepul- 

turam tuam, 

Jesus, strength of 

Jesus, light of confes- 

Jesus, purity of virgins, 

Jesus, crown of . all 

Be merciful, Spare us, 

Jesus ! 
Be merciful, Graciously 

hear us, Jesus / 

From all evil, 

From all sin, 

From Thy wrath, 

From the snares of the 

From the spirit of for- 

From eternal death, 

From the neglect of Thy 

By the mystery of Thy 
holy incarnation. 

By Thy nativity, 

By Thy infancy, 

By Thy most divine life, 

By Thy labors, 

By Thy agony and pas- 

By Thy cross and dere- 

By Thy languors, 

By Thy death and 

Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus. 


Per resurrectionem 

Per ascensionem tu- 

[Per Sanctissimae Eu- 
charistiae institutio- 
nem tuam,] 

Per gaudia tua, 

Per gloriam tuam, 

Agnus Dei, etc. 

Jesu, audi nos. 

Jtsu, exaudi nos. 

By Thy resurrection, 

'A By Thy ascension, 

> ~ [By the most holy insti- 

tution of Thy Euchar- 

By Thy joys, 

By Thy glory, 

Lamb of God, etc. 

Jesus, hear us. 

Jesus, graciously hear 


Domine Jesu Christe, qui 
dixisti ; Petite et accipietis ; 
quserite et invenietis ; pul- 
sate et aperietur vobis, 
quaesumus ; da nobis pe- 
tentibus divinissimi tui 
amoris affectum, ut te toto 
corde, ore et opere diligamus 
et a tua nunquam laude 

Sancti nominis tui, Do- 
mine, timorem pariter et 
amorem fac nos habere per- 
petuum, quia nunquam tua 
gubernatione destituis, quos 
in soliditate tuse dilectionis 
instituis. Qui vivis et reg- 


O Lord Jesus Christ, Who 
hast said : " Ask, and ye 
shall receive ; seek, and ye 
shall find ; knock, and it 
shall be opened unto you ; " 
mercifully attend to our sup- 
plications, and grant us the 
gift of Thy divine charity, 
that we may ever love Thee 
with our whole hearts and 
never desist from Thy 

Give us, O Lord, a per- 
petual fear and love of Thy 
holy name, for Thou never 
ceasest to direct and govern 
by Thy grace those whom 
Thou instructest in the 
solidity of Thy love ; Who 

1 This invocation may be added where authorized by the Biahop. 
(Cong, of Rites, Feb. 8, 1905.) 

620 Litanies Approved by the Church. 

nas in saecula sseculorum. 

livest and reignest world 
without end. Amen. 

Indulgence of three hundred days, once a day. 
XIII., Jan. 16, 1886. 


Xttang of tbe ^lessee XDivgin. 

Commonly called the Litany of Loretto. 

Eyrie eleison. 

Ghriste eleison. 

Kyrie eleison. 

Christe audi nos. 

Ghriste exaudi nos. 

Pater de ccelis Deus, Mise- 
rere nobis. 

Fili Redemptor mundi Deus, 
Miner ere nobis. 

Spiritus Sancte Deus, Mise- 
rere nobis. 

Sancta Trinitas, unus Deus, 
Miserere nobis. 

Sancta Maria, 

Sancta Dei genitrix, 

Sancta virgo virginum 

Mater Christi, 

Mater divinae gratiae, 

Mater purissima, 

Mater castissima, 

Mater inviolata, 

Mater intemerata, 

Mater amabilis, 

Mater adtnirabilis, 

Mater Creatoris, 

Mater Salvatoris, 

Virgo prudentissima, 

Virgo verranda, 






i S 

Lord have mercy. 

Christ have mercy. 

Lord have mercy. 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

God the Father of heaven, 

Have mercy on us. 
God the Son, Redeemer of 

world, Have mercy on us. 
God the Holy Ghost, Have 

mercy on us. 
Holy Trinity, one God, Have 

mercy on us. 
Holy Mary, 
Holy Mother of God, 
Holy Virgin of virgins, 
Mother of Christ, 
Mother of divine grace, 
Mother most pure, 
Mother most chaste, 
Mother inviolate, 
Mother undefiled, 
Mother most amiable, 
Mother most admirable, 
Mother of our Creator, 
Mother of our Saviour, 
Virgin most prudent, 
Virgin most venerable, 

Litany of the Blessed Virgin. 


Virgo praedicanda, 
Virgo potens, 
Virgo clemens, 
Virgo fidelis, 
Speculum justitiae, 
Sedes sapientiae, 
Causa nostras laetitiae, 
Vas spirituale, 
Vas bonorabile, 
Vas iusigne devotionis, 

Rosa mystica, 
Turris Davidica, 
Turris eburnea, 
Domus a urea, 
Foederis area, 
Janua cceli, 
Stella matutina, 
Salus infirmorum, 
Refugium peccatorum, 
Consolatrix afrlictorum, 

Auxilium cbristiano- 

Regina angelorum, 
Regina patriarcbarum, 
Regina propbetarum, 
Regina apostolorum, 
Regina martyruin, 
Regina confessorum, 
Regina virginum, 
Regina sanctorum om- 
Regina sine labe origi- 
nal i concepta, 
Regina sacrutissimi Ro- 

Virgin most renowned, 

Virgin most powerful, 

Virgin most merciful, 

Virgin most faitbful, 

Mirror of justice, 

Seat of wisdom, 

Cause of our joy, 

Spiritual vessel, 

Vessel of bonor, 

Singular vessel of devo- 

Mystical rose, 

Tower of David, 

Tower of ivory, 

House of gold, 

Ark of tbe covenant, 

Gate of beaven, 

Morning star, 

Healtb of tbe sick, 

Refuge of sinners, 

Comforter of tbe af- 

Help of Cbristians, 

Queen of angels, 
Queen of patriarebs, 
Queen of propbets, 
Queen of apostles, 
Queen of martyrs, 
Queen of confessors, 
Queen of virgins, 
Queen of all saints, 

Queen conceived witb- 
out orig nal sin, 

Queen of tbe most boly 


Litanies Approved by the Church. 

jt^cgina pacis, 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata 
mundi, Parce nobis Do- 
mine ! 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- 
cata mundi, Exaudi nos, 
Domine ! 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- 
cata mundi, Miserere no- 
bis ! 

Queen of peace, 

Lamb of God, Who takest 
away the sins of the 
world, Spare us, Lord ! 

Lamb of God, Who takest 
away the sins of the 
world, Graciously hear us, 
Lord ! 

Lamb of God, who takest 
away the sins of the 
world, Have mercy on us! 

Three hundred days' indulgence every time ; a plenary 
indulgence on the feasts of the Immaculate Conception, 
the Nativity, the Annunciation, the Purification, and the 
Assumption, on the usual conditions. — Pius VII., Sept. 30, 

Xitang ot tbe Saints. 

Anth. Remember not, O Lord, our offences, nor those of 
our parents, and take not revenge of our sins. 

Kyrie eleison. 

Christe eleison. 

Kyrie eleison. 

Christe audi nos. 

Christe exaudi nos. 

Pater de coelis Deus, Mise- 
rere nobis. 

Fili Redemptor mundi Deus, 
Miserere nobis. 

Spiritus Sancte Deus, Mise- 
rere nobis. 

Sancta Trinitas unus Deus, 
Miserere nobis. 

Lord have mercy on us. 
Christ ham mercy on us. 
Lord have mercy on us. 
Christ hear us. 
Christ graciously hear tt». 
God the Father of heaven 

have mercy on us. 
God the Son, Redeemer of 

the world, Have mercy on 

God the Holy Ghost, Have 

mercy on us. 
Holy Trinity, one God, Have 

mercy on us. 

Litany of the Saints. 


Sancta Maria, 

Holy Mar}', 

Sancta Dei genitrix, 

Holy Mother of God, 

Sancta Virgo virgi- 

Holy Virgin of virgins, 


Sancte Michael, 

St. Michael, 

Sancte Gabriel, 

St. Gabriel, 

Sancte Raphael, 

St. Raphael, 

Omnes sancti Angeli et 

All ye holy Angels and 



Omnes sancti beatorum 

All ye holy orders of 

Spirituum ordines, 

blessed Spirits, 

Sancte Joannes Bap- 

St. John the Baptist, 


Sancte Joseph, 

St. Joseph, 

Omnes sancti patriarch* 

All ye holy patriarchs 

et prophetae, 

and prophets, 
J St. Peter, 

Sancte Petre, 


Sancte Paule, 

| St. Paul, 




Sancte Andrea, 

s St. Andrew, 

Sancte Jacobe, 

o; Sc. James, 


Sancte Joannes, 

•- St. John, 

Sancte Thoma, 

St. Thomas, 

Sancte Jacobe, 

St. James, 

Sancte Philippe, 

St. Philip, 

Sancte Bartholomaee, 

St. Bartbolomew, 

Sancte Matthaee, 

St. Matthew, 

Sancte Simon, 

St. Simon, 

Sancte Thaddsee, 

St. Thaddeus, 

Sancte Matbia, 

St. Matthias, 

Sancte Barnaba, 

St. Barnaby, 

Sancte Lnca, 

St. Luke, 

Sancte Maree, 

St. Mark, 

Omnes sancti apostoli et 

All ye holy apostles 


and evangelists, 

Omnes sancti discipuli 

All ye holy disciples of 


Our Lord, 

o24 Litanies Approved by the Church. 

Oinnes sancti Innocen- 

Sancte Stepliane, 

All ye lioly Innocents, 

St. Stephen, 

Sancte Laurenti, 

St. Lawrence, 

Sancte Vincenti, 

St. Vincent, 

Sancti Fabiane et Sebas- 

SS. Fabian and Sebas- 



Sancti Joannes et Paule, 

SS. Paul and John, 

Sancti Cosma et Dami- 

SS. Cosmas and Damian, 

Sancti Gervasi et Pro- 

SS. Gervase and Pro- 



Omnes sancti niartyres, 

All ye holy martyrs, 

Sancte Sylvester, 

St. Sylvester, 

Sancte Gregori, 

St. Gregory, 

Sancte Ambrosi, 

St. Ambrose, 

Sancte Augustine, 

a St. Augustine, 


Sancte Hieronyme, 

*~ St. Jerome, 

Sancte Martine, 

h s St. Martin, 


Sancte Nicola?, 

2 St. Nicholas, 


Omnes sancti pontifices 

All ye holy bishops and 

et confessores. 


Omnes sancti doctores. 

All ye holy doctors, 

Sancte Antoni, 

St. Anthony, 

Sancte Benedicte, 

St. Benedict, 

Sancte Bernarde, 

St. Bernard, 

Sancte Dominice, 

St. Dominic, 

Sancte Francisce, 

St. Francis, 

Omnes sancti sacerdotes 

All ye holy priests and 

et Levita?, 


Omnes sancti monaclii 

All ye holy monks and 

et eremitae, 


Sancta Maria Magda- 

St. Mary Magdalen, 

len a, 

Sancta Agatha, 

St. Agatha, 

Sancta Lucia $ 

St, Lucy, 

Litany of the Saints. 


Sancta Agnes, 
Sancta Caeeilia, 
Sancta Catkarina, 
Sancta Anastasia, 
Oinnes sanctae virgines 

et viduae, 
Omnes sancti et sanctce Dei, 

Inter cedite pro nobis. 

Propitius esto, Parce nobis, 

Propitius esto, Exaudi nos, 

Domine ! 
Ab omni malo, Libera nos, 

Domine ! 
Ab omni peccato, 
Ab ira tua, 
A subitanea et impro- 

visa morte, 
Ab insidiis diaboli, 

Ab ira, et odio, et omni 

mala voluntate, 
A spiritu fornication is, 

A f ulgure et tempestate, 

A. morte perpetua, 

Per mysterium sanctae 

incarnationis tuae, 
Per adventum tuum, 
Per nativitatem tuam, 
Per baptismum et sanc- 
tum jejunium tuum, 
Ver crucem et passio- 
nem tuam, 

St. Agnes, 

St. Cecily, 

St. Catharine, 

St. Anastasia, 

Ail ye holy virgins and 

All ye men and women, 
Saints of God, Make in- 
tercess on for us. 

Be merciful unto us, Spare 
us, Lord. 

Be merciful unto us, Gra- 
ciously hear us, Lord t 

From all evil, Lord de- 
liver us ! 

From all sin, 

From Thy wrath, 

From a sudden and un- 
provided death, 

From the deceits of the 

From anger, hatred, 
and all ill-will, 

Fr>)in the spirit of for- 

From lightning and 

From everlasting death, 

Through the mystery of 
Thy holy incarnation, 

Through Thy coming, 

Through Thy nativity, 

Through Thv baptism, 
and holy fasting, 

Through Thy cross and 

626 Litanies Approved by the Churcti. 

Per mortem et sepultu- 1 

ram tuam, 
Per sanctam resurrec- J 

tionem tuam, 
Per admirabilem ascen- 

sionem tuam, 
Per adventum Spiritus 

sancti Paracliti, 

1 I 



In die judicii, 

Peccatores, te rogamus, 

Ut nobis parcas, 

Ut nobis indulgeas, 

Ut ad veram pceniten- 
tiam nos perducere 

Ut Ecclesiam tuam sanc- 
tam regere et conser- 
vare digneris, 

Ut domnum Apostoli- 
cum et omnes eccle- 
siasticos ordines in 
sancta religione con- 
servare digneris, 

Ut inimicos sanctse Ec- 
clesiue bumiliare dig- 

Ut regibus et principi- 
bus Christian^ pacem 
et veram concordiam 
donare digneris, 

Ut cuncto populo Chris- 
tiano pacem et unita- 
tem largiri digneris, 


Through Thy deatb and 

Tbrougb Thy holy res- 

Through Thy admirable 

Through the coming of 
the Holv Ghost, the 

In the day of judgment, 
We sinners do beseech Thee 
to hear us. 

That Thou spare us, 

That Thou pardon us, 

That Thou vouchsafe to 
bring us to true pen- 

That Thou vouchsafe to 
govern and preserve 
Thy holy Church, 

That Thou vouchsafe to 
preserve our apostolic 
prelate, and all eccle- 
siastical Orders in 
holy religion, 

That Thou vouchsafe to 
humble the enemies 
of the holy Church, 
That Thou vouchsafe to 
give peace and true 
concord to Christian 
kings and princes, 
That Thou vouchsafe to 
grant peace and unity 
to all Christian peo- 

Utany of the Saints. 


Ut omnes errantes ad 
unitatem Ecclesiae 
revocare, et infideles 
universos ad Evan- 
gelii lumen per- 
ducere digneris. 

ITt nosmetipsos in tuo 
sancto servitio confor- 
tare et conservare dig- 

Ut mentes nostras ad 
coelestia desideria eri- 

Ut omnibus benefac- 
toribus nostris sempi- 
terna bona retribuas, 

Ut animas nostras, fra- 
trum propinquorum, 
et benefactorum nos- 
trorum, ab aeterna 
damnatione eripias, 

Ut fructus terrae dare et 
conservare digneris, 

Ut omnibus fidelibus de- 
functis requiem aeter- 
nam donare digneris, 

Ut nos exaudire digne- 

Fiii Dei, 

Agnus Dei, etc. 

Christe, audi nos. 

That Thou vouchsafe 
to bring back to the 
unity of the Church 
all those who have 
strayed away, and 
lead to the light of 
the Gospel all unbe- 

That Thou vouchsafe to 
confirm and preserve 
us in Thy holy ser- 

That Thou lift up our 
minds to heavenly de- 

That Thou render eter- 
nal good things to all 
our benefactors, 

That Thou deliver our 
souls, and those of 
our brethren, kins- 
folks, and benefac- 
tors, from eternal 

That Thou vouchsafe to 
give and preserve the 
fruits of the earth, 

That Thou vouchsafe to 
give eternal rest to all 
the faithful departed, 

That Thou vouchsafe 
graciously to hear us, 

Son of God, 

Lamb of God, etc. 

Christ hear us. 

328 Litanies Approved by the Church. 

Christ e exaadi nos. 
Kyrie eleison. 
Christe eleison. 
Kyrie eleison. 
Pater noster, secreto. 

V. Et ne nos inducas in 

K. Sed libera nos a malo. 

Christ graciously hear us. 

Lord Lave mercy on us. 

Christ have mercy on us. 

Lord "have mercy on us. 

Our Father (in an under- 
V. And lead us not into 


R. But deliver us from 


Psalm lxix. 

Deus, in adjutorium meum 
intende : * Domine, ad ad- 
juvandum me festina. 

Confundantur et re'/e- 
reantur, *qui quserunt ani- 
mam meam : 

Avertantur retrorsum, et 
erubescant, * qui volunt 
mibi mala : 

Avertantur statim erube- 
scentes, * qui dicunt mibi : 
Euge, euge. 

Exultent et laetentur in te 
omnes qui quaerunl te, * et 
dicant semper : Magnificetur 
Dominus ; qui diligunt salu- 
tare tuum. 

Ego vero egenus et pauper 
sum : * Deus, adjuva me. 

Adjutor meus et liberator 
meus es tu : * Domine, ne 

Gloria Patri, etc. 

O God, come to my assist" 
ance ; * Lord, make hast& 
to help me. 

Let them be confounded 
and ashamed * that seek my 
soul : 

Let them be turned back- 
ward, and blush for sham6 

* that desire evils to me : 

Let them be presently 
turned away blushing for 
shame * that say to me : Tis 
well, 'tis well. 

Let all that seek Thee 
rejoice and be glad in Thee ; 
*and let such as love Thy 
salvation say always : The 
Lord be magnified. 

But I am needy and poor : 

* O God, help me. 

Thou art my helper and 
my delivrier : *0 Lord, 
make no delay. 

Glory b3 to the Father, 

Litany of the Saints. 


V. oalvos fac servos tuos. 

R Oeus meus, sperantes 
in te 

V. Esto nobis, Domine, 
curriy fortitudinis. 

R A facie ininiici. 

"H proficiat inimicus 
in nobis. 

R. Et filius iniquitatis 
»ion apponat nocere nobis. 

V. Domine, non secun- 
dum p^ccata nostra facias 

R. Neque secundum ini- 
quitates nostras retribuas 

V. Oremus pro pontifice 
nostro JV. 

R. Dominus conservet 
eum, et vivificet eum, et 
beatum faciat eum in terra, 
et non tradat eum in animam 
inimicorum ejus. 

V, Oremus pro benefac- 
toribus nostris. 

R. Retribuere dignare, 
Domine, omnibus nobis bona 
iacientibus, propter nomen 
tuum, vitam seternam. 

V. Oremus pro fidelibus 

R. Requiem aeternam dona 
cis, Domine : et lux perpetua 
I uceat eis. 

V. Save Tby servants. 

R. Trusting in Thee, 
my God. 

V. Be unto us, Lord, a 
tower of strength. 

R. From the face of thf 

V. Let not the enemy pre 
vail against us at all. 

R. Nor the son of iniquitj 
have any power to hurt us. 

V. Lord, deal not witl 
us according to our sins. 

R. Neither reward us ac- 
cording to our iniquities. 

V. Let us pray for our 
chief bishop, [N.\ 

R. The Lord preserve 
him, and give him life, and 
make him blessed upon 
earth, and deliver him not 
to the will of his enemies. 

V. Let us pray for our 

R. Vouchsafe, Lord, for 
Thy name's sake, to reward 
with eternal life all those 
who have done us good. 

V. Let us pray for the 
faithful departed. 

R. Eternal rest give them, 
O Lord ; and let perpetua] 
light shine upon them. 

630 Litanies Approved by the Church. 

V. Requiscant in pace. V. May tiiey rest in peace. 

R. Amen. R. Amen. 

V. Pro iratribus nostris V. For our absent breth- 

absent' bus. ren. 

R. Salvos fac servos tuos, R. O my God, save Thy 

Deus meus, sperantes in te. sen ants trusting in Tbee. 

V. Mitte eis, Domine, au- V. Send them help. 

xillum de sancto. Lord, from Thy holy place. 

R. Et de Sion tuere eos. R. And from Sion protect 

V. Domine, exaudi oratio- V. O Lord, hear my 

nem meam. prayer. 

R. Et clamor meus ad te R. And let my cry come 

veniat. unto Thee. 


God, Whose property is always to have mercy, and 
to spare, receive our petition ; that we, and all Thy ser- 
vants who are bound by the chains of sin, may, by the 
compassion of Thy goodness, be mercifully absolved. 

Hear, we beseech Thee, O Lord, the prayers of Thy 
suppliants, and pardon the sins of them that confess to 
Thee ; that, in Thy bounty, Thou mayest give us pardon 
and peace. 

Out of Thy clemency, O Lord, show Thy unspeakable 
mercy to us ; that so Thou mayest both acquit us of our 
sins and deliver us from the punishments we deserve for 

O God, Who by sin art offended, and by penance 
pacified, mercifully regard the prayers of Thy people 
making supplication to Thee, and turn away the 
scourges of Thy anger, which we deserve for our sins. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, have mercy on Thy 
servant [iV.], our chief bishop, and direct him accord- 
ing to Thy clemency, into the way of everlasting salva* 

Litany of the Saints. 631 

tion ; that, by Thy grace, he may desire those things 
that are agreeable to Thee, and perform them with all 
his strength. 

O God, from Whom are all holy desires, right coun- 
sels, and just works, give to Thy servants that peace 
which the world cannot give; that our hearts may be 
disposed to keep Thy commandments, and the fear of 
enemies being removed, the times, by Thy protection, 
may be peaceable. 

Inflame, O Lord, our reins and hearts with the fire of 
Thy Holy Spirit, that we may serve Thee with chaste 
vodies, and please Thee with clean hearts. 

O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful, 
give to the souls of Thy servants departed the remission 
of all their sins, that, through pious supplications, they 
may obtain the pardon which they have always desired. 

Prompt, we beseech Thee, O Lord, our actions by Thy 
holy inspirations, and carry them on by Thy gracious 
assistance ; that every prayer and work of ours may 
begin always from Thee, and by Thee be happily ended. 

O almighty and eternal God, Who hast dominion 
over the living and the dead, and art merciful to all 
whom Thou foreknowest shall be Thine by faith and 
,c;ood works ; we humbly beseech Thee, that they for 
whom we have determined to offer up our prayers, 
whether tin's world still detains them in the flesh, or the 
w T orld to come h*s already received them out of their 
bodies, may, by the clemency of Thy goodness, all Thy 
saints interceding for them, obtain pardon and full 
remission of all tneir si:)s: Through Our Lord Jesus 
Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth, one God with 
Thee and the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen. 

V. O Lord, hear my prayer. 

R. And let my cry come unto Thee. 

632 Litanies Approved by the Church. 

V. May the almighty and most merciful Lord gra 
ciously hear us. 

R. Amen, 

V. And may the souls of the faithful departed, through 
the mercy of God, rest in peace. 

R. Amen., 

Xftanv of tbe Sacreo Ibeart of ^esus. 

By Decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites, dated 
April 2, 1899, the Litanies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are 
approved for the entire world, and the Holy Father has 
attached an indulgence of 300 days for their recitation in 
public or in private. 

Kyrie, eleison. Ghriste, 

Kyrie, eleison. 
Christe, audi nos. Christe, 

exaudi nos. 
Pater de coelis Deus, 

Fiiii Redemptor mundi 

Spiritus Sancte Deus, 
Sancta Trinitas, unus 

Cor lesu, Filii Patris 

Cor Iesu, in sinu Vir- 

ginis iMatris a Spiritu 

Sancto formatum,. 

Cor Iosu, Verbo Dei 
substantiate r uni- 

Lord, have mercy on . us 
Christ, have mercy on us 
Lord, have mercy on us. 
Christ, hear us. Christ 

graciously hear us. 
God, the Father of 1 

God the Son, Redeemer 

of the world, 
God the Holy Ghost, 
Holy Trinity, one God, 

Heart of Jesus, Son of 
xhe Eternal Father, 

Heart of Jesus, formed 
by the Holy Ghost in 
the womb of the Vir- 
gin Mother, 

Heart of Jesus, sub- 
stantially united to 
the Word of God. 

>■ 2 

Litany of the Sacred Heart of uesus. 


Cor lesu, Majestatis in- ] 

Cor lesu, Tempi urn Dei 

Cor lesu, Tabernaculum 


Cor lesu, Domus Dei 
et porta cceli, 

Cor lesu, fornax ardens 

Cor lesu, iustitine et 
amoris receptaculum, 

Cor lesu, bonitate et 
amore plenum, 

Cor lesu, virtutum om- 
nium abyss us, 

Cor lesu, omni laude 

Cor lesu, rex et centrum 
omnium cordium, 

Cor lesu, in quo sunt 
omnes thesauri sa- 
pientiae et scientia?, 

Cor lesu, in quo habitat 
omnis plenitudo divi- 

Cor lesu, in quo Pater 
sibi bene complacuit, 

Cor lesu, de cuius ple- 
nitudine omnes nos 
accepimus, J 

Heart of Jesus, of In- 
finite Majesty, 
Heart of Jesus, Sacred 

Temple of God, 
Heart of Jtsus, taber- 

nacle of the Most 

Heart of Jesus, House 

of God and Gate of 

Heart of Jesus, burning 

furnace of charity, 
Heart of Jesus, abode 

of justice and love, 
Heart of Jesus, full of 

goodness and love, 
Heart of Jesus, abyss of 

all virtues, 
Heart of Jesus, most * 

worthy of all praise, 
Heart of Jesus, king 

and centre of all 

Heart of Jesus, inWhom 

are all the treasures 

of wisdom and knowl- 
Heart of Jesus, in Whom 

dwells the fulness of 

Heart of Jesus, in 

Whom the Father 

was well pleased, 
Heart of Jesus, of whose 

fulness we have all 

received. J 

634 Litanies Approved by the Churcn. 

Cor Iesu, desiderium 1 
colli urn aeternorum, 

Cor Iesu j patiens et 
multae misericordiae, 

Cor Iesu, dives in omnes 
qui invocant Te, 

Cor Iesu, fons vitas et 

Cor Iesu, propitiatio pro 

peccatis nostris, 
Cor Iesu, saturatum 


Cor Iesu, attritum prop- 
ter scelera nostra, 

Cor Iesu, usque ad mor- 
tem obediens factum, 

Cor Iesu, lancea perfo- 

Cor Iesu, fons totius 

Cor Iesu, vita et resur- 
rectio nostra, 

Cor Iesu, pax et recon- 
ciliatio nostra, 

Cor Iesu, v'ctima pecca- 

Cor Iesu, salus in Te 


Cor Iesu, spes in Te 

Cor Iesu, deliciae Sane- \ 

torum omnium, / 

y s 

Heart of Jesus, desire of 
the everlasting hills, 

Heart of Jesus, patient 
and most merciful, 

Heart of Jesus, enrich- 
ing all who invoke 

Heart of Jesus, fountain 
of life and holiness, 

Heart of Jesus, propi- 
tiation for our sins, 

Heart of Jesus, loaded 
down with oppro- 

Heart of Jesus, bruised 
for our offences, 

Heart of Jesus, obe- 
dient unto death, 

Heart of Jesus, pierced 
with a lance, 

Heart of Jesus, source 
of all consolation, 

Heart of Jesus, our life 
and resurrection, 

Heart of Jesus, our I 
peace and reconcilia- 

Heart of Jesus, victim 
for sin, 

Heart, of Jesus, salva- 
tion of those who 
trust in Thee, 

Heart of Jesus, hope of 
those who die in Thee, 

Heart of Jesus, delight 
of all the saints, 

Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 635 

Agnus Dei, qui toll is pec- 

cata mundi, parce nobis, 

Uomine ! 
Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- 

cata mundi, exaudi nos, 

Bomine ! 

Agnus Dei, qui Wilis pec- 

cata mundi, miserere 

nobis ! 

V. Iesu mitis et humilis 

R. Fac cor nostrum secun- 
dum Cor tuum. 


Omnipotens sempiterne 
Deus, respice in Cor dilec- 
tissiini Filii tui, et in laudes 
et satisfactiones, quas in no- 
mine peccatorum tibi per- 
solvit, iisque misericordiam 
tuam petentibus, Tu veniam 
concede placatus, in nomine 
eiusdem Filii tui Iesu 
Chrisfci, qui tecum vivit et 
regnat in unitate Spiritus 
Sancti Deus, per omnia saea 
ula saeculorum. Amen. 

Lamb of God who takest 
away the sins of the 
world, spare vs, Lord! 
Lamb of God who takest 
away the sins of the 
world, graciously hear us, 
O Lord! 
Lamb of God, who takest 
away the sins of the 
world, have mercy on us! 
V. Jesus meek and hum- 
ble of heart. 

It. Make our hearts like 
unto Thine. 


O, almighty and eternal 
God, look upon the Heart 
of Thy dearly beloved Son, 
and upon the praise and 
satisfaction He offers Thee 
in the name of sinners and 
for those who seek Thy 
mercy; be Thou appeased 
and grant us pardon in the 
name of the same Jesus 
Christ, Thy Son, who liveth 
and reigneth with Thee, in 
the unity of the Holy Ghost, 
world without end. Amen. 

Ube 1bol£ 1Rosar$. 

The Holy Rosary, on. account of the meditations on the 
mysteries in the life of Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin, 
which we make while reciting it, is one of the most useful 
devotions in connection with our " Visits to the Blessed 
Sacrament " and the " Hour of Adoration." 

The Rosary, or beads, is one of the most admirable and 
beneficial devotions practised in the Catholic Church. Its 
method and design are stated to have been revealed to St. 
Dominic by the Blessed Virgin Mary, who admonished him 
to preach it, with all the fervor of his mind, as a singular 
and efficacious remedy for the overthrow of heresy and tbs 
extirpation of vice. And she said to him: "Thou sha\t 
inform my people that it is a devotion most acceptable to 
my Son and to me." Adapted alike to the learned and 
ignorant, to the cloister and the world, and to every ca- 
pacity, the words being so easy that the most illiterate may 
learn them, and the mysteries so sublime as to afford mat- 
ter of contemplation and entertainment to the highest 
intellects. Hence there never was a sodality in which a 
greater multitude of ranks have enrolled themselves— 
Popes, cardinals, and prelates of every grade, kings and 
queens, royal personages, and nobles of every distinction ; 
men and women both old and young, of every condition, 
nation, and clime. No Christian could slight it without 
irreverence, or neglect its frequent use without serious 
injury to piety. 

The whole Rosary is composed of fifteen decades (the 

ehaplet or ordinary beads containing five decades) ; each 

of the fifteen decades is recited in honor of a mystery of 

Our Lord's life, beginning with His incarnation and end- 


The Holy Rosary. <>37 

ing with His crowning Bis blessed Mother in heaven. A 
decade consists of one Our Father, ten Hail Marys, and a 
Glory be to the Father. While reciting the decade, let 
faith place before your mind the mystery honored, and 
pray that the virtue it particularly teaches, may, while re- 
citing that decade, be impressed on your heart, and the 
graces of the holy mystery descend into your soul. It is a 
frequent and pious custom to recite a chaplet, that is, five 
decades of the beads, every day ; if you persevere in doing 
so you will increase daily in love to Jesus Christ, and in 
imitation of the virtues of the Holy. Family, Jesus, Mary, 
and Joseph. Besides the indulgence of a hundred days on 
every bead, when you say five decades in the course of the 
day, on beads blessed by a priest possessing the necessary 
privilege, you gain an additional indulgence of one hundred 
days on each bead on rosaries blessed by a Dominican 
Father, and used by a member of the Holy Rosary. You 
can gain great indulgences and benefits by being enrolled 
in the Society of the Holy Rosary, for obtaining which it is 
necessary to recite the whole Rosary {i.e. fifteen decades) 
in the course of each week. This will not hinder your also 
joining the Living Rosary, if it exist in your parish, and 
gaining additional indulgences and benefits by the recital 
of your decade each day. All the above indulgences are 
applicable to the poor souls in purgatory ; in reciting your 
beads it is not necessary to say the prayers given below for 
the sake of impressing a knowledge of the mysteries, 
neither is it necessary to say the chaplet kneeling. 

Some people think they must begin with the Creed, 
Pater, three Hail Marys, and a Glory, etc. This is an 
error. The devotion of the Rosary consists, exclusively, of 
the recitation of the fifteen Mysteries with the correspond- 
ing meditations. This is all that is required as regards the 
method for gaining the indulgence. Persons who do not 
know the Mysteries should begin with the Creed : with 
others it is optional. 

638 The, Holy Rosary. 

The Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, 
the fruit of each mystery. 

Joyful Mysteries. — Spirit of Holy Joy. 

1. — Annunciation Humility. 

2.— Visitation Fraternal Charity. 

3. — Nativity Spirit of Poverty. 

4. — Presentation Obedience. 

5. — Jesus with the Doctors.. Love of Jesus and of His 

Holy Services. 

Sorrowful Mysteries.— Spirit of Compassion and ■ 

1. — Agony Fervor in Prayer. 

2.— Scourging Penance. 

3. — Crowning with Thorns .Moral Courage. 
4. — Carriage of the Cross . .Patience. 

5. — Crucifixion Self-sacrifice for God and 

our Neighbor. 

Glorious Mysteries — Spirit of Adoration and Faith. 

1. — Resurrection Faith. 

2. — Ascension Hope. 

3.— Descent of the Holy 

Ghost Zeal for Souls. 

4. — Assumption Filial devotion to Mary 

5.— Coronation of B. V. M. .Perseverance 

lEucbartetic 1Rosat£, 

CtJC Recitation of tfje ^oIi> Bosari? in tje presence 
of tfje 3Slessetr Sacrament. 



The Annunciation. 

O Jesus, born of Thy Father from all eternity ; filled 
with an incomprehensible love for men, Thou didst 
become man in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
through the operation of the Holy Ghost, annihilating 
Thyself to such a degree as to take the form of a slave ! 
the same charity hath prompted Thee to perpetuate, in 
the Eucharist, this mystery of annihilation and love, even 
to improve on it by becoming the food of our souls. 

Divine Jesus, we adore Thee in these unfathomable de- 
basements, and we beg of Thee through the intercession 
of Thy holy Mother a deep and heartfelt humility. 


The Visitation. 

Divine Saviour, from the womb of Mary, wherein Thou 
didst become incarnate, Thou breathest forth sanctity 
into John the Baptist and upon the whole house of Eliza- 
beth. From the Host wherein Thou dwellest, Thou spread- 
est all over the world the influence of Thy grace and life 
throughout the whole Church. 

O Divine Jesus, full of love and kindness, we adore 


640 Eucharistic Rosary. 

Thee and we beg of Thee, through the intercession of 
Thy holy Mother, perfect charity towards our neighbors. 


Tlie Nativity of Our Lord. 

O King of kings ! poor indeed, yet most lovely in the 
crib of Bethlehem, Thou callest the simple and the poor 
to be Thy first adorers : poorer and no less amiable to 
the eyes of faith in the sacrament of Thy love, Thou art 
still delighted to see around Thy person the humble and 
the little. 

O Jesus, in Thy destitution we adore Thee, to Whom 
belong all the treasures of the Godhead, and we beg of 
Thee, through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, de- 
tachment from the goods of this world. 


The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple. 

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world. 
Thou offerest Thyself with perfect obedience and love to 
Thy Father, through the hands of the high-priest, as the 
Victim that is to be immolated on the cross ; every day 
also Thou offerest Thyself upon the altar by the hands 
of the priest, with the same obedience and love as our 
Victim always sacrificed and always living. 

O Swe.t Victim, we adore Thee and we beg of Tnee, 
through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, the spirit 
of obedience and sacrifice 


The Finding of Our Lord in the Temple. 
O Jesus, Thou withdrawest and lea vest Mary and Joseph 
in tears to do the work of Thy Father ; but Thou fillest 
them with joy when they find Thee in the midst ot the 

Eucharistic Rosary. 641 

doctors amazed at Thy knowledge and wisdom. Veiled 
in the Eucharist, Thou impartest there divine teachings, 
and Thou fillest with joy those who seek Thee with their 
whole heart. 

O hidden God ! w r e adore Thee and we beg of Thee, 
through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, the grace 
of seeking Thee with a lively and persevering faith in the 
sacrament of Thy love. 



The Agony of Our Lord in the Garden of Olives. 

Divine Saviour, under the weight of sorrow and sad- 
ness caused by our sins, Thou fallest, bathed in a sweat 
of blood and Thou endurest a mortal agony. In the 
Blessed Sacrament, also, Thou art still more humbled 
and annihilated on account of our sins. 

We adore Thee and we compassionate Thy agony of 
suffering in the Garden of Gethsemani, as well as Thy 
agony of humiliation in the Eucharist, and we beg of 
Thee, through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, a 
heartfelt sorrow for our sins. 


The Flagellation. 

O good Jesus ! scourged and covered with wounds, the 
sins committed by men against the holy virtue of purity 
thus torture Thy innocent flesh ; and in the Blessed Sacra- 
ment impure hearts insult Thee by their sacrilegious 

Thou bloody Victim, scourged at the pillar, patient 
Victim abused in the Sacrament, we adore Thee and we 
beg of Thee, through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, 
the grace of mortifying our senses. 

642 Eucharistic Rosary. 


The Crowning with Thorns. 

O King of Glory ! crowned with thorns and proclaimed 
in derision King of the Jews by brutal soldiers who igno- 
miniously spit upon Thy adorable face, Thou fallest a 
victim to the sins committed by pride ; so also art Thou 
treated in the Blessed Sacrament wherein Thou bearest 
a crown of ignominy made up of the many acts of irrev- 
erence, contempt, hypocrisy and vanity committed by 
Christians in Thy sanctuary. 

O loving King ! overwhelmed with insults both in 
Thy passion and in the sacred Host, we adore Thee and 
we beg of Thee, through the intercession of Thy holy 
Mother, the grace of mortifying our self-love. 


The Carrying of the Cross. 

Curses, outrages, ill-treatments, anguish of heart, suf- 
ferings of all kinds, nothing can, O dear Redeemer, alter 
the mildness and patience with which Thou carriest Thy 
heavy cross ; with like sweetness and patience dost 
Thou bear in the long course of ages doubts, want of 
confidence, murmurs, discouragement on the part of Thy 

O Jesus ! we adore Thee carrying with love the crosses 
prepared for Thee by Thy Father, and we beg of Thee, 
through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, patience 
in the trials of this life. 


The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord. 

good and merciful Saviour ! Thy love more than 
iron nails keeps Thee riveted to the cross whereon Thou 

Eucharistic Rosary. 643 

atonest for our sins in the midst of unspeakable tor- 
ments ; we find Thee also riveted by the same love to 
the Sacrament of the Eucharist, continuing Thy sacrifice 
to the end of ages in order to apply to us the fruits 

Sweet Lamb, perpetually immolated for us, we adore 
Thee and we beg of Thee, through the intercession of 
Thy holy Mother, such a hatred of sin as will make us 
prefer the death of the body to the staining of the soul. 



The Resurrection of Our Lord. 

O Christ Jesus ! Thou comest forth glorious from the 
tomb, victorious over all infernal powers ; henceforth 
sufferings and death have lost their empire over Thy 
glorious humanity. What a consolation for us to know 
that, though confined to the humble condition of Thy 
sacrament, Thou art in full possession of the life, joy 
and glory of Thy resurrection ! 

We adore Thee, O immortal King of ages, and we beg 
of Thee, through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, a 
lively and loving faith in Thy real and life-giving 
presence in the Blessed Sacrament. 


The Ascension. 

O divine Saviour ! Thy triumph in this mystery has\ 
reached its perfection ! By raising Thyself up to heaven 
through Thy own power, Thou bast taken possession of 
Thy kingdom, and Thou art seated at the right hand of 
Thy Father to be forever the joy of the angels and 
saints. Every day also without quitting Thy throne. 

644 Eucharistic Rosary. 

Thou comest upon our altars, under the form of bread, 
to bring us a foretaste of the heavenly beatitude. 

O Thou, the delight of poor souls, we adore Thee and 
we beg of Thee, through the intercession of Thy holy 
Mother, an ardent desire of possessing Thee here below 
under the eucharistic veils, and to possess Thee in 
heaven in the splendor of Thy glory. 


The Coming Down of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles. 

O Jesus, scarcely hadst Thou entered into Thy glory 
at the right hand of Thy Father, when Thou didst show 
Thy munificence by sending forth the Holy Spirit with 
His many and plentiful gifts to Thy rising Church. From 
the Eucharist as if from another heaven, wherein Thou 
hast set up Thy throne of love, Thou impartest to souls 
the spirit of life and strength and Thou kindlest in them 
the fire of Thy divine charity. 

O Jesus, King in heaven, King also in the Eucharist, 
we adore Thee and we beg of Thee, through the inter- 
cession of Thy holy Mother, fidelity to grace in order to 
reap all the fruits produced in the souls of men by the 
gifts of the Holy Ghost. 


The Death and Assumption of Mary. 

O Jesus, no longer canst Thou leave here below Thy 
blessed Mother ; already she heareth Thy voice calling 
her, and amid the transports of an ineffable com- 
munion, love taketh away her soul from the land of 
exile. But her virginal body like that of her divine 
Son, must not know corruption ; Thou raisest her from 
the dead, and ^brilliant as the sun, she riseth up carried 
on angels' wings to the seat of eternal glory. 

Eucharistic Rosary. 045 

O Jesus, our resurrection and our life, we adore Thee 
and we beg of Thee, through the intercession of Thy 
holy Mother, to die in the arms of her who is also our 
own Mother, after having received in a fervent com- 
munion the pledge of our glorious resurrection. 


The Crowning of Mary in Heaven. 

Divine Son of Mary, to make Thy holy Mother par- 
taker of Thy own glory, Thou hast crowned her Queen 
of heaven and earth and appointed her our advocate 
and the living channel of Thy graces. From the Eucha- 
rist not less than from heaven, such is Thy will, every 
grace will reach us through her maternal hands. 

O Jesus, we adore Thee in Thy unspeakable glory of 
which Thou hast made Thy Mother partake with Thee, 
and we beg of Thee through her intercession, a great 
confidence in her powerful mediation. 

Darious praters- 


There are some who might desire to have the Holy In- 
fant in their arms, as the aged Simeon had; but faith teaches 
us that when we receive communion the same Jesus Who 
was in the manger of Bethlehem is not only in our arms, 
but rests on our hearts. 

Lord, what need I fear? why should I not confide en- 
tirely in Thee, my Saviour, Who wast born on purpose 
to save me? " Behold, Gol is my Saviour; I will put my 
trust in Him, and will not ( *ear " (Is. xii. 2). What greater 
proof couldst Thou give me of Thy merey, O my dear- 
est Redeemer, to inspire me with confidence, than to give 
me Thyself? O my dear Infant, how grieved am I that 
I have offended Thee ! I have made Thee weep in the 
stable of Bethlehem. But since Thou art come to seek 
me, I throw myself at Thy feet; and although. I behold 
Thee afflicted and humbled, lying upon straw in the 
manger, I acknowledge Thee for my supreme King and 
Sovereign. I feel that Thy tender infant-cries invite me 
to love Thee, and demand my heart. Behold it, my Jesus; 
I present it to-day at Thy feet; change it and inflame it, 
O Thou Who didst come into the world to inflame the 
hearts of men with Thy holy love. I feel as if I heard 
Thee say to me in Thy manger, " Love the Lord thy God 
with thy whole heart" (Matt. xxii. 37). And I will 
answer, " Ah ! my Jesus, if I do not love Thee, Who art 
my Lord and my God, whom shall I love ?" Thou call- 
est Thyself mine, because Thou wast born in order to 
give Thyself entirely to me; and shall I refuse to be 
Thine ? No, my beloved Lord : I give myself entirely to 


Various Prayers. 647 

Thee; and I love Thee with my whole heart. I love Thee, I 
love Thee, I love Thee, O Sovereign Good, the one only 
love of my soul. I beseech Thee accept me this day, 
and permit me not ever again to cease loving Thee. O 
Mary, my Queen, I pray thee, through that consolation 
which thou didst enjoy the first time thou didst behold 
thy new-born Son and didst give Him thy first kiss, be- 
seech Him to accept me for His servant, and to enchain 
me forever to Himself by the gift of His holy love. 


O Mother of Perpetual Help ! grant that I may ever 
invoke thy most powerful name, which is the safeguard 
of the living, and the salvation of the dying. O purest 
Mary ! O sweetest Mary ! let thy name henceforth be 
ever on my lips. Delay not, O blessed Lady ! to succor 
me, whenever I call on thee ; for in all my temptations, 
in all my needs, I shall never cease to call on thee, ever 
repeating thy sacred name, Mary, Mary. Oh, what con- 
solation, what sweetness, what confidence, what emo- 
tion fills my soul when I utter thy sacred name, or even 
only think of thee ! I thank the Lord for having given 
thee, for my good, so sweet, so powerful, so lovely a 
name. But I will not be content with merely uttering 
thy name. Let my love for thee prompt me ever to hail 
thee, Mother of Perpetual Help. 

100 days' indulgence once a day. — Pius IX., MaylT, 1866. 


Most holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, whom I love 
to honor under the lovely title of Mother of Perpetual 
Help, I, [N.], although most unworthy to be thy servant, 
yet moved by thy wonderful compassion, and by my de- 
sire to serve thee, now choose thee, in presence of my 
guardian angel and of the whole celestial court, for my 

648 Various Prayers. 

especial Lady, Advocate, and Mother : and I firmly pur* 
pose always to love and serve thee for the future, and to 
do whatever I can to induce others to love and serve 
thee also. I beseech thee, O Mother of God, and my 
most compassionate and loving Mother, by the blood 
which thy Son shed for me, to receive me into the num- 
ber of thy servants, to be thy child and servant forever. 
Assist me in all my thoughts, words, and actions in 
every moment of my life, so that every step that I take, 
and every breath that I draw, may be directed to the 
greater glory of my God ; and through thy most power- 
ful intercession, may I never more offend my beloved 
Jesus, but may I glorify Him, and love Him in this life, 
and love thee also, my most beloved and dear Mother, 
so that I may love thee and enjoy thee in heaven for all 
eternity. Amen. 

My Mother Mary, I recommend my soul to thee, and 
especially at the hour of my death. 

Xobrna to ©ur 2Lafc» of $crjjrtual ^Hp. 

To obtain some spiritual or temporal favor. 

Recite each day nine "Hail Marys," and then say the fol- 
lowing prayer : 

O Our Lady of Perpetual Help, show that thou art in- 
deed our Mother, and obtain for me [Here specify the 
desired favor, such as : restoration to health, the cure 
of a child, the conversion of a spouse, of a son, of a 
father, the success of some affair, the victory over some 
fault, etc.], and the grace to use it for the glory of God 
and the salvation of my soul. 

Glorious St. Alphonsus, who by thy confidence in the 
Blessed Virgin didst obtain from her so many favors, 
and who, by thy writings, hast shown us what graces 
God bestows on us by the hands of Mary ! obtain for me 

Various Prayers. 649 

the greatest confidence in our good Mother of Perpetual 
Help, and beg of her to grant me the favor I am asking 
of her power and maternal goodness. 

Eternal Father, in the name of Jesus, and by the in- 
tercession of our Mother of Perpetual Help, and of St. 
Alphonsus, I pray Thee to hear my prayer, to the 
greater glory of God and the good of my soul. Amen. 

If would be of great utility for several to unite in making 
the novena, and to terminate it by a good confession and 


Jesus, in dying for the redemption of the human race, 
chose to be alone ; but seeing the ardent desire of Mary to 
aid in the salvation of man, He disposed it so that she, by 
the sacrifice and offering of the life of her Jesus, should co- 
operate in our salvation and thus become the Mother of our 

O most holy Mother Mary, how is it possible that 1, 
having so holy a Mother, should be so wicked ; having 
a Mother all burning with the love of God, should love 
creatures; a Mother so rich in virtue, should be so poor? 
Ah, amiable Mother, it is true that I do not deserve any 
longer to be thy son, for by my wicked life I have ren- 
dered myself unworthy of so great an honor. I am sat- 
isfied to be thy servant ; and in order to be admitted 
among the humblest of them, I am ready to renounce 
all the kingdoms of the world. Yes, I am satisfied. 
But still thou must not forbid me to call thee Mother. 
This name consoles me and fills me with tenderness, re- 
minding me of my obligation to love thee. This name 
excites me to great confidence in thee. When my sins 
and the divine justice fill me most with consternation, I 
am all consoled at the thought that thou art my Mother. 
Allow me, then, to calJ thee Mother, my most amiable 

650 Various Prayers. 

Mother. Thus do I call thee, and thus will I always 
call thee. Thou, after God, must be my hope, my 
refuge, my love in this valley of tears. Thus do I hope 
to die, breathing forth my soul into thy holy hands, and 
saying, My Mother, my Mother Mary, help me, have 
pity on me ! Amen. 


What but compassion can ever flow from a source of 
compassion ? 

O most pure Virgin Mary, I venerate thy most holy 
heart, that heart overflowing with humility, purity, and 
divine love, which was the delight and resting-place of 
God. I, an unhappy sinner, approach thee with a heart 
all stained and wounded. O compassionate Mother, dis- 
dain me not on this account ; let such a sight rather 
move thee to greater tenderness, and excite thee to help 
me. Consider ail that Jesus has done and suffered for 
me, and then abandon me if thou canst. I offer thee 
all the pains of His life; the cold that He endured in the 
stable ; His journey into Egypt ; the blood which He 
shed ; the poverty, sweats, sorrows, and death that He 
endured for me. O Lady, deny not thy compassion to 
one to whom Jesus has not denied His blood. But the 
merits of this blood will not be applied to me unless 
thou recornmendest me to God. Through thee do I 
hope for salvation. I ask not for riches, honors, or 
earthly goods. I seek only the grace of God, love 
towards thy Son, the accomplishment of His will, and 
His heavenly kingdom, that I may love Him eternally. 
Is it possible that thou wilt not hear me ? No ; for al- 
ready thou hast granted my prayer, as I hope ; already 
thou art praying for me ; already thou art obtaining me 
the graces that I ask; already thou art taking me under 
thy protection. My Mother, abandon me not. Never, 

Various Prayers. 651 

never cease to pray for me, until thou seest me safe in 
heaven at thy feet, blessing and thanking thee forever. 


O holy Mother of God, glorious Queen of heaven and 
earth ! I choose thee this day for my mother, and my 
advocate at the throne of thy divine Son. Accept the 
offering I here make of my heart : may it be irrevocable, 
It never can be out of danger while at my disposal ; 
never secure but in thy hands. 

Ye choirs of angels, witnesses of my oblation ! bear 
me up in the day of judgment, and next to Jesus and 
Mary, be ye propitious to me, should the enemy of my 
salvation have any claim upon me. Obtain for me at 
present the gift of true repentance, and those graces I 
may afterwards stand in need of, for the gaining of life 
everlasting. Amen. 

Sweet Jesus ! Who tenderly lovest tie most holv of 
virgins, and art reciprocally most tenderly loved by her ; 
grant, we beseech Thee, through the intercession of Thy 
most holy Mother, and by the resemblance her most 
holy heart bore to Thine, that we may ever return due 
love and affection for her care and tenderness in our 
regard : Who, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, 
livest and reignest, world without end. Amen. 

Nobcita to .St, Soscpl). 


I. Pure husband of most holy Mary, glorious St. Joseph, 
great was the travail and anguish of thy heart when, 
in sore perplexity, thou wast minded to put away thy 
stainless spouse ; but unspeakable was thy joy when the 

652 Various Prayers. 

angel revealed to thee the high mystery of the Incarna- 

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, we pray thee, com- 
fort our souls now and in their dying agony with the 
sweet consolation of a well-spent life, and a death like 
unto thine own, in the embrace of Jesus and of Mary. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc. 

II. Thrice happy patriarch, glorious St. Joseph, chosen 
to be the foster-father of the Word made man, keen was 
the pain thou didst feel when thou didst see the Infant 
Jesus born in abject poverty ; but thy pain was suddenly 
changed into heavenly joy when upon thee burst the 
harmony of the angel-choirs, and thou didst behold the 
glory of that refulgent night. 

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, we pray thee, obtain 
for us that, when the journey of our life is over, we too 
may pass to that blessed land where we shall hear the 
angel-chants, and enjoy the brightness of celestial 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc. 

III. O thou who wast ever most obedient in fulfilling 
the law of God, glorious St. Joseph ! when, at His cir- 
cumcision, the infant Saviour's precious blood was shed, 
thy heart was pierced through and through ; but with 
the name of Jesus came again to thee new life and 
heavenly joy. 

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, obtain for us that i 
freed in life from the vile yoke of sin, we too may die 
with joy, with the sweet name of Jesus in our hearts 
and. on our lips. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc. 

IV. Faithful saint, who wast admitted to take part in 
man's redemption, glorious St. Joseph, Simeon's proph- 
ecy of the coming woes of Jesus and of Mary filled 
thy soul with agony like death ; but thy soul was filled 

Various Prayers. 653 

with blessedness when he foretold salvation and glorious 
resurrection to innumerable souls. 

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, help us with thy 
prayers to be of those who, by the merits of Jesus and 
His virgin Mother, shall be partakers of the glorious 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc. 

V. Watchful guardian, bosom-friend of the incarnate 
Son of God, glorious St. Jostph, how didst thou toil to 
nurture and to serve the Son of the Most High, espe- 
cially in the flight into Egypt ; but, far greater was thy 
joy in having with thee God Himself, and in seeing 
Egypt's idols fall to the earth ! 

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, obtain for us to keep 
aloof from the infernal tyrant, quitting all dangerous 
occasions, that all earthly idols may be cast out from 
our hearts, and that, employed in the service of Jesus 
and Mary, we may ever live for them alone, and with 
them calmly die. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc. 

VI. Angel on earth, glorious St. Joseph, while thou 
didst marvel at seeing the King of heaven obedient to 
thy bidding, fear of the tyrant mingled with thy joy 
when thou didst bring him back from Egypt : but, 
reassured by the angel, thou didst dwell at Nazareth 
with glad heart, in the sweet company of Jesus and 

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, obtain for us that 5 
with heart set free from every hurtful fear, we, too. 
may taste the quiet of a tranquil conscience, safely 
dwelling with Jesus and with Mary, and one day die 
within their loving arms. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc. 

VII. Pattern of all holiness, glorious St. Joseph, with- 
out fault of thine, thou didst lose the holy Child, Jesus. 

654 Various Prayers. 

and for three days, to thy great sorrow, didst seek for 
Him, until, with joy unspeakable, thou didst find thy 
Life amid the doctors in the temple. 

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, we pray thee with all 
our heart, stand between us and danger, that we may 
never lose Jesus by mortal sin ; but if, to our shame 
and disgrace, we lose Hun, may we seek Him with such 
ceaseless grief that we may find Him propitious to us, 
especially at the hour of our death, and thus go to enjoy 
Him in heaven, and there with thee sing His divine 
mercy forever ! 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, etc. 

Ant. Jesus was about thirty years old, being, as was 
supposed, the son of Joseph. 

V. Pray for us, blessed Joseph. 

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of 

Let ns Pray. 

God, Who in Thine ineffable Providence didst vouch- 
safe to choose blessed Joseph to be the husband of Th\ 
most holy Mother : grant, we beseech Thee, that v« 
may be made worthy to receive him for our intercessor 
in heaven, whom on earth we venerate as our holy pro- 
tector. Who livest and reignest world without eh'J 

Pope Pius IX., November 28, 1876, granted the follow- 
ing indulgence for a Novena to St. Joseph : Three hundred 
days each day and a plenary indulgence during the course 
of the Novena or on one of the eight days immediately 
following on the usual conditions. 

&esj)Oiisor£ of St. &nti)oit£ of $atrua. 

Si quseris miracula, If then you ask for miracles, 

Mors, error, calamitas, Death, error, all calamities, 

Daemon, lepra fugiunt, The leprosy, and demons fly 

Various Prayers. 


/figri surgunt sani. 

Cedunt mare, vincula ; 
Membra resque perditas 
Pstunt et accipiunt 
Juvenes et cani. 

Pereunt pericuht, 
Cessat et necessitas ; 
Narrent hi, qui sentiunt, 
Dicant Paduani. 

Cedunt mare, vincula ; 
Membra resque perditas 
Petunt et accipiunt 
Juvenes et cani. 

Gloria Patri et Filio, 
Et Spiritui Sancto. 

Cedunt mare, vincula, etc. 

V. Ora pro nobis, B. 

And health succeeds in- 

The sea obeys, and fetters 

break ; 
And lifeless limbs thou dost 

restore ; 
Whilst treasures lost are 

found again, 
When young or old thine 

aid implore. 

All dangers vanish at thy 

And direst need doth quickly 

flee ; 
Let those who know, thy 

power proclaim, 
Let Paduans say : These are 

of thee. 

The sea obeys, and fetters 

break ; 
And lifeless limbs thou dost 

restore ; 
Whilst treasures lost are 

found again, 
When young or old thine 

aid implore. 

To Father, Son, may glory 

And Holy Ghost, eternally. 

The sea obeys, etc. 

V. Pray for us, Blessed 


Various Prayers. 

R. That we may be made 
worthy of the promises oi 


God ! may the votive 
commemoration of Blessed 
Anthony, Thy confessor, be 
a source of joy to Thy 
Church, that she may al 
ways be fortified with spirit 
ual assistance, and deserve 
to enjoy eternal rewards 
Through Christ Our Lord 
An indulgence of one hundred days. A j denary in 
dulgence, once a mouth, on any day, to all those who have 
said it for a month, on the usuai conditions. — Pius IX 
January 25, 1866. 


Angele Dei, qui custos es Angel of God, my guardian 

i?. Ut digni efficiamur 
promissionibus Christi. 


Ecclesiam tuam, Deus, 
Beati Antonii confessoris 
tui commemoratio votiva 
laetiflcet, ut spiritualibus 
semper muniatur auxiliis 
et gaudiis perfrui mereatur 
seternis. Per Christum Do- 
minuni nostrum. Amen. 

oiei, me tibi commissum 
pietate superna illumina, 
custodi, rege, et guberna. 

To whom His love commits 

me here, 
Ever this day be at my side 
To light and guard, to rule 
and guide. Amen. 
An indulgence of one hundred days. A plenary indulgence, 
on the feast of the holy guardian angels (Oct. 2), to those 
who shall have said this prayer, morning and evening, 
throughout the year, on the usual conditions. — Pius VI., 
Oct. 2, 1795. 


O seraph inflamed with the most ardent love for Jesus 
in the Blessed Sacrament, glorious St. Michael, thou 

Various Prayers. 657 

who, spending thy days and nights in His real presence, 
didst find there the dearest delight, which, inundating 
with superabundant sweetness, not only thy heart, but 
also thy .whole person, made thee exult with joy : thou 
who, ravished into the bosom of thy God, couldst not 
withstand the torrent of consolations, but felt thyself 
languishing with love: vouchsafe, I pray thee, my 
powerful advocate, to obtain for me a lively faith, a firm 
hope, and a most ardent love towards so inestimable a 
treasure, the precious pledge of eternal glory ; so that, 
by thy intercession, I may be numbered, all the days of 
my life, among the true adorers of Jesus in the Most 
Holy Sacrament, and may hereafter enjoy Him, face to 
face, in thy company, for a blessed eternity. Amen. 
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father. 

An indulgence of three hundred days, once a day. A 
plenary indulgence on the day of the saint's death (April 
10), on the feast of Corpus Christi, and on July 5, on which 
day his death is commemorated, to all those who shall 
have said this prayer at least ten times in the course of the 
year; provided that on these three days they comply with, 
the usual conditions. — Pius IX., May 20, 1862. 


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32ino. Imitation leather, net. $1.75; real leather, net, $3.00, 

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Visits to Jesus in the 


ernaci e 

hours and 

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