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Full text of "Vital records of Andover, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849 .."

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A N D O V E R 











Salem, Massachusetts 



tf.— age. 

ait. — about. 

A — born. 

ief. — before. 

M. — between. 

^p, — baptized, 

bur. — buried. 

<7. 0. — Copy of Essex Co. Coutt lecotds, at the Clerk of Courts, 

office, made by Alfred Kimball in 1856. 
€. R. r. — North Parish Congregational Church records, 
c. 21. 2. — South Parish Congregational Church records. 
c. R. 3. — West Parish Congregational Church records. 
c. R. 4. — Christ Church records. 

V. JL 5. — North Andover CongregatioDal Church records. 
c. R. 6. — Theological Seminary Church records. 
,:A.— child. 
^hit. — children. 
Co. — county. 

■CT. F. — court files, Essex Co. Quarterly Court, 
CT. R. — court record, Essex Co. Quarterly Court. 
</. — daughter ; day ; died. 
Z'm.— deacon. 
^up. — duplicate entry, 

«. 8. T.— gravestone record. North Parish Burying Ground. 
e. a. a. — gravestone record, South Parish Burying Ground. 
«, R. 3. — gravestone record, West Parish Burying Ground, 
9. A. 4. — gravestone record, Christ Church Burying ground. 
* it. 5. — gravestone record, Theological Seminary Burying 




e. B. 6. — gravestone record, Second Burying Ground, in North 

a. 7- — gravestone record, Kidgewood Cemetery, 
—husband; hour. 
if. — infant. 

tt. — intention of marriage. 
'. — ^junior. 

(. — male; married; month. 
21. I. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Charlotte Helen 

R. 3. — Family record now in possession of Miss Ellen Rich- 
B. $. — Bible record now in possession of Mis. E. A. Higgina. 
£. 4. — Bible records now in possession of Miss Anna B. Abbott. 
B. 5, — Bible record now in possession of Edward Adams, 

North Andover. 
B. 6. — Bible record now in possession of Frank W. Abbott, 

North Andover. 
B. 7 — Bible record now in possession of Charles B. Adams, 

North Andover. 
a. 8. — Bible records now in possession of Strs. S. H. Bailey, 

9. — Bible record now in possession of George T. Abbott. 

10. — Bible records now in possession of Mis. William 


II. — Bible recotd now in possession of Ballaid Holt. 

13, — Bible record now in possession of Fied Andrews. 

13. — Family lecoid now in possession of Miss Florence 

Averill, North Andover. 

14. — Account book now in possession of Miss Florence 

Averill, North Andover. 

15. — Record now in possession of Orrin Foster. 

16. — Bible lecoid now in possession of Jacob W. Barker, 

North Andover. 
B. 17. — Records now in possession of Jacob VV. Barker. 
B. 18. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Emily Carter. 
«. 19. — Bible record now in possession of George Caldwell. 



3o. — Bible tecord cow in possession of George I. Smith, 

North Andover. 

aj. — Family tecord dov in possession of Miss Maria D. 


22. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Hannah Tuck- 
er, North Andover. 

33. — Bible record now in possession of Mary G. Carleton, 

North Andover. 

34. — Bible record now in possession of Mis. Edward But- 

terwoith, North Andover. 

25. — Bible record now in possession of Andrew J. Barker, 

North Andover. 

z6. — Bible record now in possession of Clifton Berry, North 


37. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Edward Coop- 
er, North Andover. 

28. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Martha A. Rus- 

29. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Angle Burtt 

30. — Bible records now in possession of Mrs. J. W. Mooai. 

31, — Bible record now in possession of William A. Trow, 

3 2. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Lucretia Bailey, 

33. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. William £. 


34. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Mary Boutwell. 

35. — Bible record now in possession of Jobn Bailey. 

36. — Bible record now in possession of Frank E. Bailey. 

37. — Family record now in possession of Mrs. Charles H. 


38. — Fiunily record now in possession of Mrs. Charles H. 


39, — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Caroline S. 

a. 40. — Bible record now in possession of Misa Laura Alden 

Bailey, North Andover. 
a. 41. — Bible records now in possession of Mrs. Warren Bailqr, 
s. 43, — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. J. W. Barnard. 



s. 43- — Bible record now in possession of Miss Ellen Abbott. 
X. 44. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. E. Francis Holt. 
<■ 45. — Family record now in possession of George W. Foster. 
M. 46. — Note book record now in possession of Miss Florence 

Averill, North Andover. 
jt. 47. — Bible record now in possession of George L. Averitl. 
X. 48. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Frederick P. 

Hannafoid, North Andover. 
it. 49. — Family record now in possession of Miss Sarah Jenkins. 
s, 50. — Bible record now in poasessioD of Frank Eaton, North 

«. 51. — Bible record now in possessson of Mrs. Mary H. Lacy, 

North Andover. 
X. 52. — Family register now in possession of Orrin Foster, 

North Andover. 
X. 53- — Bible record now in possession of Frank Goodhue, 

North Andover. 

54, — Bible record now in possession of Mre. John Barker. 

55. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Oliver P. Berry, 

Wolfboro, N. H. 

56. — Bible record now in possession of John Cochran. 

57. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Albert Lowe, 

58. — Bible record now in possession of B. F. Wardwell. 

59. — Bible record now in possession of N. E. Bartlett. 

60. — Family record now in possession of Miss Sara Poor. 

6r, — Account book now in possession of Miss Martha Farn- 

ham, North Andover. 
Jt. 62. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Eldora Ellis, 

North Andover. 
X. 63. — Bible record now in possession of John Peters Clark, 

North Andover. 
X. 64. — Family record now in possession of Mrs. S. M. Wag- 
■ staff. 

X. 65. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. S. M. WagstaS, 
X. 66. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Hannah E. Gid- 

r. a. 67. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Daniel Fitz. 



R. 68. — Bible record now in possession of George GoMsndtii. 

n. 69. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Frank Holt 

ii. 70. — Bible record now in possession of Jamei Jaquith. 

s. 71. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Sarab Jenkins. 

X. 72, — Family record now in possession of Mrs. Mary A. Davis. 

£. 73. — Kecord now in possession of Ira O. Gray. 

R. 74. — Bible record now in possession of R F. Wardwell. 

jt 75. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs, Lois Manning. 

*. 76. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. S. Jennie Mar- 
land, Griffen, Ga. 

a. Ti, — Bible record now in possession of Stillman Harnden. 

*. 78. — Family record now in possession of George Stevens. 

R, 79. — Bible records now in possession of Charles Johnson. 

ji. 80. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Andrew Smith, 

R. 81. — Bible records now in possession of Miss Maria D. Kim- 
ball, North Andover. 

JI. 8a. — Kbie records now in possession of Mrs. E. W. Moody, 
North Andover. 

R. 83. — Bible records now in possession of Charles W. Tucker, 

R. 84. — Bible record now in possession of Henry Keniston, 
North Andover. 

M. 85. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Winslow, Lynn. 

R. 86. — Bible record now in possession of David Wallwork, 
North Andover. 

it. 87. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Robert Peterson, 
North Andover. 

Ji. 88. — Bible record now 
kins, North Andover. 

J!. 89. — Bible record now 
worth, North Andover. 

R. 90. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. George A. Rea, 
North Andover. 

K. 91. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Charles H. 
Poor, North Andover. 

n possession of Mrs. Mary E. Per- 
in possession of Mrs. Edward Butter- 



>. B. 92. — Bible record now in possession of Isaac Osgood, North 

'. E. 93. — Records now in possession of Clarence W. Reynolds, 

North Andover. 
'. JL 94. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. M. A. RusselL 
'. n. 95.— Bible record DOW in possession of Mrs. M.Warien Tuck. 
'. s. 96, — Bible record now in possession of Miss Abbie Hill. 
•. «. 97, — Bible record now in possession of A. Sewell Stotl. 

8. — Bible record now in possession of Augustus Upton. 

', X. 99. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Elmer Conkey. 

>. a. 100. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. William Gile, 

North Andover. 
>. s. 101. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Olive Rea. 
North Andover. 

. 10a, — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. J, J. Abbott. 

■. K. 103. — Family record now in possession of Mrs, John Holt. 

>. JL 104. — Record now in possession of Frank Carlton. 

'. X. 105. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Elizabeth M. 


). 106. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Kate Johnson, 

North Andover. 
t. 107. — Record now in possession of Miss Harriet S. Tapley, 

I. 108. — Record now in possession of C, H. A. Sanborn, 
t. 109. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Harriet L. 

Crosby, Methuen. 
R. no. — Bible record now in possession of Rev. William S. 

Nichols, North Andover. 
K. 1 1 r . — Bible record now in possession of Miss Laura Chand- 
B. ri3. — Family register now in possession of Miss Laura 

B. 113. — Family record now in possession of Miss Laura 

B. ir4. — Bible record now in possession of John K. Fish, 
North Andover. 



^ 115. — Bible record now io possession of Miss Hattie L. 

t. 116. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. George Baker. 
'. B. 117. — ^Bible record now in possession of Timothy Abbott. 
rS. — Record DOW in possession of Ballard Holt. 
19. — Bible record now In possession of William G. Brooks, 
North Andover. 
R. I30. — Bible record now in possession of Miss Sarah P. Fos- 
ter, North Andover. 

. — Bible record now in possession of George Flint. 
:. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Henry A. 

;. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Sarah J. 
Crocker, North Audover. 

124. — Note book record now in possession of Mrs. Sarah J. 
Crocker, North Andover. 
L 135. — Record now in possession of Mrs. Sarah J. Crocker, 
North Andover. 
KM. ta6. — Priscilla Abbof s Bible record now in possession of 

Andover Public Library. 
'. M. 137. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. S. H. Bailey, 
t. 128. — Records now in possession of James F. Jobason, 
p. ii, 1 29: — Copy of a Manuscript once the property of Abel 
Blanchard now in possession of the Bible Society, Astor 
Place, New York City. 
rec. — recorded. 
t. — son. 
tr. — senior. 
T. o. — town copy. 
WM«.— UD married . 
w. — wife; week, 
twrf.— widow. 



widr. — wido wei . 
y. — year. 

7 ir. — September. 

8 *r.— October. 

9 tr. — November. 
X 6r. — December. 




AB&E, Elizabeth F., of Roxbuiy, and Abner J. Phipps, Dec, 7, 
184 a.* 

ABBET (see alao Abbot), Geoig [ji. ci. r.], and Sara Farnura, 

Apr. 26, 1658. 
Thomas, and Sara Steward, Dec. 15, 1664. 

ABBETT (see also Abbot), John, and Sara Barker, Nov. 17, 

ABBOT (see also Abbet, Abbett, Abbott), Abel, and Sarah Ab- 
bot, Sept 29, i8!i.» 

Abel [Capt. int.], and Mary Jones, Dec. 26, 1822. • 

Abiel, Dr., and Pbebe Ballard, Feb. 5, i76i.» 

Abiel, and Benjamin Walker, Apr. 4, 1763. [Aug. 4. c. R. z.]* 

Abie!, and Dorcas Abbot, Nov. 20, 1764," 

Abiel, Rev., of Coventry, Conn., and Elizabeth Abbot, May 19, 

Abiel, and Mis. Chloc Hawley, int. May 14, 1821. 

Abigail, and John Abbot, 5th, June 1, 1758.* 

Abigail, and John Johnson, Oct. 10, 1786." 

Abigail, and Theodore Russel, resident in Andover, Sept. 17, 

Abigail, and William Duglas, Apr. 21, 1791.* 

Abigail, and Jonathan Phelps, Dec. zi, 1811.* 

Abigail, and Thoraas Cfhandler. int.] Foster, Sept. 26, 1813.* 

Abner, and Ruth Holt, Jan. 29, 1784.* 

Amos, and Esther Mackey West, resident in Andover, Dec. 6, 

Ann, and [Capt. int.] John Stanyan [of Pembrook, N. H. int.] 
Oct. — , i824.» 

Anna, and Christopher Osgood of Concord, N. H,, Nov. 7, 1793.* 
'Intention also iccoided. 



Abbot, Annah, aDd Theodore Stevens of WiltOD, Aug. i8, 1774. 

c. R. a* 
Asa, and Elisabeth Abbott, Sept ao, 1744* 
Asa A., and Mehitable [H. iotj Ingals, Sept 17, iSap.* 
Aasa [of Greenfield, N. H. intj, and Hannah Bailey, Nov. 21 , 

Barachias, jr., and Sarah Holt, Dec. 6, 1770. c, r. a." 
Bathsheba, and Nathan Btanchard, July 2, 1752.* 
Benjamin, jr., and Elisabeth Abbot, Apr. 2, i747-* 
Benjamin, and Joanna Barker, Feb. 8, 1759." 
Bcnja[min], of Greenfield, and Phebe Abbot Jan. 17, 1793-" 
Benja[mi]n, and Rhoda Chandler, Nov. 26, 1793." 
Benjamin, jr., and Mary Kidder of Medford, int. May 19, 1798. 
Benjamin, 3d, and Mary Wood, Mar. i, i8og. c. R. 2." 
Benj[ami]n, jr., Capt, and Elizabeth Goldsmith, int. Nov. 16, 

Bcnj[ami]n, 4th, and Rebecca Boynton, Dec. 34, i8i8.* 
Betsey, of Wilton, and Moses Wood, int June 15, 1807. 
Betsy, and Natlian Bailey, Dec. 23, 1802. • 
Betty, and Peter Carlton, jr.. Sept 20, i78i.' 
Betty, and JonafthanJ Ballard of Peterboro, N. H., Dec. 17, 

1 789" 
Baby, and Hepsibah Ames, Jan. 9, 1773. {Jan. 13. c. r. i.]* 
Bixby, and Maiy Johnson, Jan. i, i8oi.* 
Caleb, and Lucy Lovejoy, Jan. 21, 1779.* 
Caleb, and Deborah Baker, Nov. 18, 1802 ,• 
Caleb, and Hannah Clark, Nov. 16, i820.» 
Caioline, and Moses Clement, May 16, 1833. • 
Caroline, a. 35 y., d. William and Hannah, of Greenfield, and 

GTawin. C. r. 2.] R. Gage of Wobum, a. 29 y., mcrch[ant] 

tailor, s. Benja[min] and Annis, Jan. i, 1849." 
Caroline L., and Samuel T. Cooper, int. Sept. 29, 1 840. 
Charles P., and Frances A. Flower, int Oct 21, 1831. 
Charles F., and Louisa Flowers of Wrentham, int Oct 17, 1840. 
Charlotte P., and Jona[than] S. Whittier, Mar. 19, r8ao,» 
Clarissa, and Rev. Ebenezer Poor of Beverly, Feb. i, 1825," 
Chloe, and Jeremiah Abbot [of No. 2. int.]. Sept 16, 1766." 
Cbloe, and Peter Fry of Danville, Vt, int. Jan. rg, 1799. 
Daniel, and Lydea Henlield, May 2t, 1752.* 
Daniel, jr., and Mrs. Luce Parker of Dracut, int. Mar. 24, 1756. 
Daniel, and Sarah Foster, Jan. ir, 1827." 
Daniel P., and Mehitable G. Foster, int Jan. ai, 1837. 
Daniel S., and Mary Ann Langmade of Ipswich, int Oct 3, 1834. 

'IntentioD alio recorded. 



Abbot, Dajius [of Pomfret int.}, and Mai]' Holt, Nov. i, 1757.* 
David [jr. int.], and Prudence Sheldon of Billeiica, at Billerica, 

Dec. 38, i7Sz.« 
David, and Priscilla Chandler, May 16, 1789.* 
David, and Maty Grant of Peterboro, N, H., int. Aug. 14, 1833, 
Deborah, and Jonathan Fiak [of Danvers. int.], Sept. 18, 1766.* 
Dorcas [Mrs. c. R. a.], and Benjamin Butler [resident in Ando- 

ver, int.], Apr. 17, 1754-" 
Dorcas, and Abiel Abbot, Nov. ao, 1764.* 
Dorcas, and Sain[u]el Bailey, Jan. 3, 1775. C. b. a." 
Dorcas, and Jonathan Abbot, 3d, Dec. 17, 1778. C.k. 2.' 
Dorcas, and John Holt of Gtcenficld, Jan. 6, 1 792.* 
Dorcas S., and JohnC. Fainham, Apr. 13, 1837. c. R. a." 
Dorcase, and George Valpy of Salem, int. Feb. r, 1803. 
Ebenezcr, 3d, and Martha Frie, Oct. 6, 1748." 
Ebenezei, 4d, and Lydea Farington, Jaii. i, 1732." 
Elezebith, and Samuel Osgood, Jan. 4, 1753.* 
Elezebith [wid. int.], and Zebadiah Chandler, Mar. 39, 1756." 
Elisabeth, and Benjamin Abbot, jr., Apr. 2, 1747.* 
Elisabeth, and 5am[u]el Lummus of Ipswich, Jan. 36, 1775. 

c. R. 7. 
Eliza [Elizabeth, int.], and Rev. John A. Duglas of Wateifoid, 

[Me. int], Oct. 23, 1823. c. R. i,» 
Eliza C, of Framingham, and Benjamin Schneider, int. Aug. 15, 

Elizabeth, and Nathan Steevens, Oct. 34, 1693. 
Elizabeth, and David Foster, Nov. 25, 1714.* 
Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Comings [of Dunstable, int.], June 

1, I758-' 
Elizabeth, and Zebadiah Shattuck, Aug. 30, 1759.* 
Elizabeth, wid., and Joseph Dane, Oct 9, i7S9.* 
Elizabeth, and Jesse [Joseph, int.] Manning of Billerica, Dec 30, 

Elizabeth, and Ebenezei Jones, Feb. 15, 1780.* 
Elizabeth, and Rev. Abiel Abbot of Coventry, Conn., May 19, 

Ehzabeth, and Samuel S. Valpy, Nov. 27, iSt-j.* 
Elizabeth, and Albert P. Ware of Providence, R. I., int. Nov, 2, 

Emily, and David Gray, jr., Apr. 28, 1835." 
Enoch, and Nancy Flint, July 4, 1799. c R. 2.* 
Enoch, ji., and Roxanna Tylei of Boxford, int. Nov. 5, 1831. 
Enos, and Sarah Famum, Sept. 10, 1793." 
■Intentioa iIiq tecoided. 



Abbot, Epbiaim, and Lydia Poor, Oct. 27, 1774.* 
Ephraim, jr., and Esthei EasCmaD of Conway, int. Oct. 26, 1781. 
Ephraim, and wid. Sarah SaSord of Salem, int Aug. 26, 1789. 
Ephraim, Rev., of Greenland, N. H., and Mary H[oIyoke, int.] 

Pearson, Jan. 5, i8i4.» 
Ezra, and Hannah Poor, Apr. 24, 1798.* 
E^ra, a. 47 y-, farmer, s. David and Priscilla, and Hannah Bailey, 

B- 35 y-i ^- William and Rebecca, Apr. 19, 1849." 
Fanny, andOsgixid Johnson, Nov. 25, 1802.* 
Fanny, and Benia[rain] R, Downes, resident in Andovcr, int. 

Apr. 13, 1823. 
Gardner, and Rachel Hart, Apr. 30, rSir.* 
Geofrgej, and Mary Phillips ofSalem, at Salem, Nov, 29, 1721." 
George, jr., and Hannah Lovejoy, Jan. 1, i 746-7." 
George, and Ruthy Dixon, Nov. 3, 1808. c. r. 2,* 
Hanah, and John Chandler, Oct. 15, 1747.* 
Hannah, and Jo[h]n Kittridg of Billerica, int. Jan. 3, 1707-S. 
Hannah, and Benjamin Abbott [of Rumford. int.], June 23, 1 742.* 
Hannah, and Joseph Parker, jr. [3d. int.], Apr, 3$, 1754.* 
Hannah, and Wiliara Foster, jr., Jan. 9, 1755.* 
Hannah, and Jeremiah Holt, Apr. 21, i7s6.» 
Hannah, and Timothy Dale [of No. 2, int.], Jan, 15, 1761," 
Hannah, and John Johnson, jr., Oct. 29, 1773.* 
Hannah, and Joseph Ballard, Dec, 16, 1773. c. r. 2.* 
Hannah, and Parker Bodwell of Methuen, Feb. 27,1776.0, r. 2.* 
Hannah, and Abiel Faulkner, Feb, 6, 1777-* 
Hannah, and Benjamin Goldsmith, Apr. 24, 1777.* 
Hannah, and Abijah Clark, Sept. 18, 1777. • 
Hannah, of Billerica, and Aaron Parker, at Billerica, Jan. 11, 

Hannah, and Samuel Hawley, Jan, i, I788.» 
Hannah, and Simeon Twichel, of Sudbury, Canada, Aug. 16, 

Hannah, and John Johnson, Feb, 27, 1810." 
Hannah, and Elijah L. Herrick, May 9, 1815," 
Hannah, and Richard Barker, Dec. a», i8i8." 
Hannah [F. int.], and [Rev. int] Daniel Mansfield of Wenham, 

July 23, 1838." 
Henery, jr., and Elezebith Sibson, int. Oct, 2, 1750. 
Henry, jr. [Lt. c. r. 2.], and Phebe Abbot, Mat, 21, 1765," 
Henry, 3d and Dorcase Holt, Sept. aa, 1803." 
Henry, and Judith Folensbec, May 20, 1807. • 
Henry, of Antrim, N. H., and Rhoda Bailey, Jan. 17, iSii.* 
'Intention also recocded. 



Abbot, Hepzibah, and Joshua Daily, Feb. 19, i79S'* 

Hermon, and Lydia Fanington, Oct 3, 1799. c. K. a* 

Isaac [jr. int.], and Susanna Famam, May 39, i753" 

Isaac, Mr., and Lydia Galley of Chailestown, at Charlestowa, Jan. 

3- I7S4-" 
Isaac, 3d, and Mrs. Phcbc Chandler, Apr, aa, 1766. c. R. a.* 
Isaac, jr., and Hepsibah Fisk, July 5, 1798." 
Isaac, jr., and Mary Molten, Oct. 7, i8oi.* 
Isaac, of Boston, and Charlott Houghton, Feb. 22, 1808.* 
Jabez, of Concord, N. H., and Hepsibah Stevens, int Aug 8, 

Jacob, and Lydia Stevens, Dec. i, 1767.* 
Jacob, and Betsey Bullard of Needham, int. Jan. i, 180S. 
James, and Mary Foster o( Greenfield, N. H., int. May 31, 1806. 
Jeduthun, and Hannah Poor, Nov. 36, 1772.* 
Jeduthun, jr., and Betsey Bridges, Jan. 17, 1805.* 
Jeremiah [of No. a. int.], and Chloe Abbot, SepL 16, i766.» 
Jesse, and Sarah Scales, Sept a?, 1765. c. r. 3* 
Job, and Anna Ballard, Dec. la, 1780." 
Job, and Lucy Chandler of Concord, N. H., int Oct 9, 1807. 
Joel F., and Mary Morse of Metbuen, int Mar. 8, 1833. 
John, and Hannah Famum, June r7, 1746." 
John, and Hanah Wright, Dec. 31, 1747." 
John, sth, and HepsJbath Eaton, Dec. so, i7so.» 
John, gth, and Sarah Carlton of Bradford, int. Feb. 3, 1753- 
John, 5th, and Abigail Abbot, June 1, 1758;* 
John, 3d, and Phebe Steel, int Nov. 32, i776i.' 
John, 5th, and Ruth Lovejoy, May 39, 1788," 
John Lovejoy, and Phebe Abbot, Oct. 29, i783.*— ' 
John Sullivan, late resident in Portland, now resident in Andover, 

and Mary Falkner, Dec. la^ i8o3.» 
Jonathan, and Zeiviah Holt, May 6, i7i3.* 
Jonathan, 3d, and Maiy Chandler, Nov. 13, 1759.* 
Jonathan, 5th, and Ruth Bragg, Nov. 10, 1768.* 
Jonathan, and Mrs. Mary Abbot, Nov. 8, 1770. C. R. 3.* 
Jonathan, 3d, and Dorcas Abbot, Dec. 17, 1778. c R. a.* 
Jonathan, 4th, and Betsy Batcheldei of Wilton, int. Oct 28, 1798. 
Jonathan, jr. [Capt int], and Lydia Phelps, Feb. 16, r826." 
Jonathan, and Susan Corey of Brookline, N. H., int. June 6, 

Joseph, 3d, and Anna Pcbody, Feb. 9, 1748-9.* 
Joseph, jr., and Ednah Plats of Boxford, int. Nov. i, 1766. 
Joseph, and Anna Tippet Cross of Methuen, int. Dec. 31, 1805. 
*InUntion tlao recorded. 



Abbot, Joseph, and Caroline A. Foster, Nov. ir, iS^r.* 

Joseph B.i of ThomastoD, and RacLel CochraD, July 28, 1808. 

C. B. a.» 
JoEeph T., and Betsey Kershaw, Dec. a, 1832.* 
Joshua [o£ Souhegas West, int], and Phebe Ingals, Nov. 20, 

Joshua, and Lydia Abbot, Dec. 3, 1820.* 
Josiah [Ens. c. R. a.j, and Anna Furbush, Mar. 30, 1790.* 
Josiah F., and Hannah Holt, Jan. 4, 1827." 
Lucinda, and Asa Faraum, Dec. z, 1784.* 
Lucy, and John Biown, Apr. 11, 1776.* 
Lucy, and Saoiuel Cummings, Nov. 27, 1800.* 
Lucy, and Joseph Buitt, Mar. 7, iSij." 
Lucy F., and Charles S. Carter, Mar. 28, 183$.' 
Lydea, and Thomas Famam [jr. int.], Jan. 13, 1756.* 
Lydea, and Abraham Mooar, Mar. 16, 1758.* 
Lydia, and Joshua Lovejoy, Mar. 24, 1742-3.* 
Lydia, and Uriah Russell, Aug. 15, r77i.* 
Lydia, and Peter Town, Dec. 21, 1773.* 
Lydia, and Thomas Merrill, May 4, 1779.* 
Lydia, and John Lacer Kichardson of Corinth, Vt. [N. H. int.], 

Feb. 12, rSor." 
Lydia, and Joshua Abbot, Dec. 3, 1820.* 
Lydia, and Thomas P. Kendall, May i, 1823." 
Lydia C, and Johri Flint [jr. c. R. 2.], June 6, 1822.* 
Martha, and Oliver Whiting, May 3, 1774. C. R. 2.* 
Martha, and Lovel Faulkner, May 16, 1805. [May 15, c. R, i ,]• 
Martha F., and Timothy Bullard Needham, July 4, 1826." 
Mary, and Ephratm Abbott, jr., Nov. 3, 1740.* 
Mary, and Joseph Chandler, Oct. 4, r742. [Oct. 5. c. r. 2.]* 
Mary, and Joseph Holt [of Lunenburg, intj, Oct. r4, 174^-" 
Mary, and Robert Read [of Litchfield, int, J, May ri, 1743-* 
Mary, and Stephen Abbott, jr., May 24, 1743.* 
Mary, and Samuel Griffin, June 6, 1 754.* 
Mary, and Tho[ma]s Hovey, Mar, 22, 1759." 
Mary, and Nehemiah Barker, Nov. 13, lygg.* 
Mary, and Peter Goss [of Bolton, int.], Dec. 9, 1762." 
Mary, apd Joseph Poor, jr., Dec. 26, 1768." 
Mary, Mrs., and, Jonathan Abbot, Nov. 8, 1770. C. r. a.* 
Mary, and Abiel Chandler, Oct. rr, 1782." 
Mary, and Samuel Bailey, jr., int. Mar. r8, iSig. 
Mary, and William Bailey, Apr. 13, 1815. [Apr. 16. C. R. i.] 
Mary, and Carlton Parker of Charlestown, Apr. 4, r822.* 
*Int«Dtioii alio lecoided. 



Abbot, Mary, of Hollis, N. H., and Lewis Cochran, int. Mar. 28, 

Mary E., and Joshua Mooi [int. Feb- 13.], 1841.* 
Mary E. P., and Rev. Henry S. Greene of Lynnfield, Jan. i, 

Mary F. [Sbattuck. c. R. 3.],and Nathan Shattuck of Billerica, 

Dec. 13, i8»3.* 
Mary G., and Geoi^e Wardwell, Oct. 10, 1835. c. r. 2." 
Mary P., and Ja[me]s Boutwell [of Lyndeboro, N. H. int.], Apr. 

10, 1837. C. B. 2. 

Mehitable, and Benjamin Russell, Sept 20, 1787.* 

Moses, and Elizabeth Holt, Dec. 31, i76i.» 

Moses, jr., and Martha Frye, Feb. 5, '1799." 

Moses, jr., and Tryphena M. Bowman of Sundeilaod, int.Apr. 23, 

Nancy, and Henry F, Pasho, May 34, 1821.* 
Nathan, and Abigail Ames, Mar. n, 1744-5-* 
Nathan, of Methuen, and Jane Paul [resident in Andover. int.], 

Jan. ir, i759-* 
Nathan, jr., and Sarah Ballard, May 8, 1777.* 
Nathan, 3d, and Hannah Phelps, Dec. 11, 1791.* 
Nathan, jr. [3d. int.], and Hannah Russel, Nov. to, 1801. • 
Nathan C., and Hannah B. Grant of Hancock, N. H., int. Dec 

6, 1836. 
Nathaniel, and Sarah Stevens, Aug. 31, 1773.* 
Nathaniel, of Danvers, and Phebe Town, int. Apr, 4, 1783. 
Nehemiah [Dr. int.], and Joanna Parker [of Chelmsford, int.] at 

Chelmsford, Dec. 7, 1748.* 
Nehemiah, jr., and Susanna Emory, Nov. 1.7, 1778.* 
Nehemiah, and Lydia Clark, Jan, 18, i78o.* 
Nehemiah, jr., and Sarah Abbot, Mar. 3, 1785- 
Nemiah, jr., and Hannah Ballard, Mar. ir, 1756.* 
Noah, and Hannah Holt, Feb. 18, i8o6.' 
Orlando, and Lydia Kimball of Bradford, int. Nov. 6, 1839. 
Orlando, jr.. and Latitia Adams, Apr. 16, 1834.* 
Orlando, and Charlotte V. Stevens, Sept. 20, i838.» 
Paschal, and Mary F[oster. int.] Abbott, Oct. 11, i8io." 
Paschal, and Hannah Poster of Greenfield, N. H., int May 21, 

Peter, and [wid- int.] Elezebith Damon, Sept. 22, 1757.' 
Phebe, and Jamea Griffin, May 30, 1751.* 
Phebe, and Nalhan Chandler, jr., Apr. 18, 1754.* 
Phebe, and [Lt. C. R. a.] Henry Abbot, jr.. Mar. 2r, 1765.** 
'latEDtion also recotded. 



Abbot, Phebe, and William Dane, July aa, 1766.* 

Phebe, and John Russell, 3d, Feb. i, 1774. c. r, s* 

Phebe, wid., and James Holt, June 22, 1779, [July 22, c. R. 2.]" 

Phebe, and John Lovejoy Abbot, Oct. zg, 1782.* 

Phebe, and Solomon Martin, June 5, i78j.' 

Phebe, and Edward Carlton of Bluehill, Me., Apr. 9, ijig." 

Phebe, and Joseph Shattuck, Mar. 30, 1790.* 

Phebe, and Jonathan Porter of Medford, Nov. 7, 1790.* 

Phebe, and Benja[min] Abbot of Greenfield, Jao. 17, 1793-" 

Phebe, and Joshua Ballard, Nov. 13, iSio* 

Phebe, and Solomon Holt of Wilton, N. H., Nov. 25, i824.» 

Phebe F., and Daniel Saunders, June 21, 1821;* 

Phebe N., and Jacob Shakleton, int. Apr. 22, 1849. 

Philip, and Eliz[abe]th Frye, Nov. 20, 1771* 

Priscilla, and Zelah Holt, Nov. 16, 1762." 

Priscilia, and Jacob Fowle [of Lancaster, int.], Mar. 28, 1771. 

C R. 3.* 

Priscilla, and Gilbert Barker of Charlestown, May 30, i8r6,« 

Priscilla, and John Kneeland, Esq., June 5, r820.* 

Prudence, and Nath[aiiie]l Sawyer, Oct. 13, i778.* 

Rachael, and William Abbot, Apr. it, 1819.* 

Kebecca, and Daniel Batcheidcr, Apr. 6, 1775.* 

Rebecca, and Robert Knighta of Milford, N. H., SepL 2, 1824.* 

Rebecca H., and Ebenezct P. Higgins, Apr. 23, 1835.* 

Rebeccah, and Joseph Phelps, jr., June 28, 1798.* 

Reubin, of Concord, N, H,, and [wid. c, r. a.] Dinah Blancbard, 

Jan. 12, 1786." 
Rhoda, and Jacob Holt, Mat. 22, 1764.* 

Rhoda, and Daniel Knowllon of Concord, N. H., Nov. i8,iSr7.» 
Samuel, jr., and Elezebith Wyman of Pelham, int. Sept. 14, 1754, 
Samuel, of Shrewsbury, and Bathsheba Dastin [resident in Ando- 

ver. int.], Feb. aa, 1759.' 
Samuel Qr. int.], and Rhoda filanchatd of BQlerica, at Billericc, 

Jan. 26, 1786." 
Samuel, and Susan B. Famham,June ao, i839.' 
Samuel, widr., a. 4a y., farmer, s, Isaac and Mary, and Carolioe 

Tnill, a. 31 y., d, Levi and Nancy, May ij, iS^g.' 
Sarah, and Henery Ingalls, sr., Aug. 1, 1689. 
Sarah [wid. int], and John Dane, Aug. i, i749'* 
Sarah, and Robert Hildreth [of Dracut. int.], Jan. 30, 1753-"' 
Sarah, and Timothy Noyse, Apr. 5, i7S3.» 
Sarah, and Timothy Ballard, jr., Jan. ar, 1755.* 
Sarah, md Edward Farmer [of Dracut. int], Mar. i, 1757.* 
•Intentloa iiao Mcorded. 



Abbot, Sarah [Mrs. int.], and Nathan Holt, Aug. 4, 1757.* 

Sarah, and Timothy Abbot, Jan. 2, 1770." 

Sarah, and Abiel Holt, jr., Nov. 25, 1773. C. r. 3." 

Sirah, and Benj[ami]Q Herrick, jr. of Methuen, Mar, 23, 1775. 

C. R. 2.» 

Sarah, and [Dea. c. r. i.] David Stevens, Dec. a8, 1784.* 

Sarah, and Nehetniah Abbot, jr.. Mar. 3, 1785. 

Satah, and Isaac Mooar, Feb.. 9, 1786.' 

Satah, and Benj[ami]n Johnson, May 9, 1 793.* 

Sarah, and Jonathan Stickney, resident in Andover, June 11, 

1793- [July"- c. R. 2.]' 
Sarah, and Nathaniel Swift, Nov. 27, iS03.» 
Sarah, and Abel Abbot, Sept. 29, i8ii." 
Sarah, and Abiel Russell, June r7, i8i3,* 
Sarah, and David Holt, July a, i8zo." 
Sarah C, and Charles Pray, Nov, 30, 1837." 
Sarah F., and Aaron Hall of Lynn, Nov. lo, 1819.* 
Satah J[ob. int.], and William Abbott, jr. of Greenfield, N. H., 

May 30, 183S. C. R. 2." 
Sarah K., and Rev. Hezekiah Hall of Alexandria, La. [resident 

in Andovet. int.], Oct. r3, r822.* 
Solomon, and Hannih Colbe, May 3, r756." 
Solomon, and Lucy Frye, July 8, 1794.* 
Stephen, and Hannah Russell, Aug. 13, tSoi. C. R. 2." 
Susanna, and Daniel Stevens, jr., Nov. 14, 1771." 
Susanna, wid., and Robert Swan, May 21, 1789,' 
Thomas, jr., and Lydca Blunt, Feb. 12, 1756.* 
Thomas [3d. int.], and Elisabeth Saxby of Boxford, at Boxfotd, 

Apr. 26, 1759.* 
Timothy, and Sarah Abbot, Jan. 2, 1770.* 
Timothy, jr., and Jerusha Vork, Oct. 13, i8os." 
Timothy B,, and Abigail Wilson of Wilton, int Mar. 20, 1819. 
Uriah, jr., and Sarah Wright, Apr. 26, 1757.* 
Wiliam, and Experience Bigsby, June 4, 1 747.* 
William, 3d, and Sarah Holt, Aug. 26, 1766.* 
William [jr. int.], of Wilton, and Phebe Ballard, Nov. r2, 1772. 

c. R. 3.» 
William, jr., and Hannah Bailey, Nov. 14, 1799. c, r, 2.' 
William, and Rebecca Bailey, May r4, i8oi.'- 
William, and Rachael Abbot, Apr. 11, 1819,* 
William B., and Lucinda Flint, Dec. 9, 1816.* 
Zebadiah, and Anne Lovejoy, June 20, ijxS.' 
Zebadiah, and Sarah Farrington, Oct. 18, 1796.* 

■Intentkiii slio iteoritA. 



Abbot, Zebediah, jr., and Mrs. Rebecca Ballard, Nov. 14, 1765. 

c. R. 2.* 
Zeniiah, and John Elliagwood of Lyndeboro, N. H., Dec. 39, 


ABBOTT (see also Abbot), Abby Add, and William Millet of 

Rochester, N. Y., July a, i839.» 
Abby Ann, a. 21 y., d. William B. and Lucinda, and George 

Murphy, a. 22 y., laborer, s. P^ter, Nov. 14, 1844." 
Abial, and Hannah Frye [of Dracut. ini.J, at Diacut, Sept. 29, 

Abiather, a. 22 y., machinist, s. Abet and Maiy, and Harriet N. 

Tuck, a. 21 y., d. John and Elizabeth, Nov. i, i846.* 
Abigail, and Benjamin Abbott, June 25, 1729.* 
Abigail, and John Kidder [of Oiarlestown. iiit.J, May 13, 1734.* 
Abigail W., and Henry Hardy, May 8, i336.» 
Adeline A., a. 42 y., d. Asa and Judith, and Thomas Manning, 
widr., a. 6i y., fanner, s. Thomas and Hannah, Jan. 2,1844.* 
Albert, and Sarah B. Abbott, May 6, i834.* 
Albert, and Abby H. Cutler of Ashbutnham, int. Dec. ii, 1835. 
Amos, 2d, a. 23 y., farmer, s. Job and Lucy, and Lydia H. Blan- 

chard, a. 18 y., d. Abel and Elizabeth, Dec. 24, i846.» 
Ann [resident in Andover int.], and Joseph Gage of Bradford, 

Sept. 4, 1740." 
Anna M., of Concord, N. H., and Stephen H. Parker, int. Jan. i, 

Asa, and Judith Jaquith of BiJlerica, at Billetica, May 29, 1 798.' 
Asa H., and Lydia J. Clark of Newbury, Vt., int. May 18, 1842. 
Baracbias, and Hannah Holt, Mar. 22, 1732-3.* 
Benjamin, and Sarah Farnam, Apr. 22, 16S5. 
Benjamin, and Mary Carlton, Oct. 33, 1722.* 
Benjamin, and Abigail Abbott, June 25, 1729.* 
Benjamin [of Rumford. int.], and Hannah Abbot, June 23, 1742.* 
Benjamin [4th. int.], and Mary Ann H. Whitlier, Nov. 6, 1834.* 
Benjamine, and Elizabeth Abbott, Dec. 24, 1716.* 
Caleb, jr., and Frances M. Parker, Dec. 16, 1834.* 
Charles [ad. int.], and Mary Jane Burns, Apr. 3, 1845.* 
Clarissa fi., a. 23 y., d. Jacob and Betsy, and Edward B. Holt, a. 

25 y., overseer on railroad, 3. Jona[than], Oct. 12, 1 S47.* 
Daniel, and Hannah Chandler, Sept iz, i7rT.* 
David, and Hannah Danford of Billerica, int. Mar. 20, 1717-18. 
David, jr. [of Suncook. int.J, and Hannah Chandler, Aug. 10, 

*Inleiili>>|] >l«o recorded. 



Abbott, Deborah, and Joseph Hall of Rumford, int. June 19, 

Dorathy, and Braviter Gray, Nov. ai, 1710.* 
Doicas L., and Leonard K. Ingalls of Dentnark, Me., Oct. 16, 

Dorceas, and Nickolice Holt, Apr, la, r?!?,* 
Ebenezer, and Hannah Dane, Apr. 5, 1720;" 
Ebenezer, and Mary Ingalls, Dec. 4, 1744.*- 
Edward, and Daicas Chandler, July 15, 1738.* 
Elisabeth, and Timothy Clark, Dec. 35, 1739." 
Elisabeth, and Timothy Moar, jr.. May 26, 1741.* 
Elisabeth, and Asa Abbot, Sept. 20, 1744.* 
Eliza H., and Charles Russell, Oct. 6, iSzg.* 
Elizabeth, and Joseph Phelps, Mar. 13, 1710-11." 
Elizabeth, and Benjamine Abbott, Dec. 24, 1716." 
Elizabeth, and Asa Foster, Oct. 26, 1732.* 
Elizabeth J., and Eben G. Beery of Danvers, Sept. 12, 1831. 
Elizabeth West, a. 28 y., d. Amos and Esther, and Joel B. Black- 

mer, of Ridgew^y [Ridgebury. int], N, Y., a. 30 y.. church 

cleifc, s. J., Oct. 20, 1844-* 
Ephraim, and [wid. int] Sarah Hunt [o( Bilierica. iot], Jan. 6, 

Ephraim, jr., and Hannah Phelps, Feb. 14, 1733-4.* 
Ephraim, jr., and Mary Abbot, Nov. 3, 1740.* 
Ephraim, and Mary Kneelan of Ipswich, int. Feb. i, 1745-6. 
George, and Dorcas Graves, Apr, 17, 1678. 
George, and Elizabeth Ballard, Sept. 13, 1689. 
George, and Hannah Easty of Topsfield [at Topsfield. dup.], Ju- 
ly 21, 1 707.* 
George [of Rumford. int,], and Sarah Abbott, Feb. 1,1736-7.* 
George L., and Sarah M. Stevens of Lowell, int. Dec.i4, 1844. 
Hannah, and John Chandl[cr], Dec. 20, 1676. 
Hannah, and James Ingalls, Apr. 16, 1695. 
Hannah, and Jo[h]n Osgood, Sept. 16, 1708.* 
Hannah, and Abial Holt [of Windham, Conn, int.], Feb. 12, 1731- 

Hannah, and David Gilburt [of Brooktield. int.], Aug. 30, 17^7.* 
Hannah, and John Lane [of Bedford, int.], Mar. 16, r73i-2." 
Hannah, and Samuel Kimball [of Haverhill, int ; of Bradford. 

C. R. 1.], Dec, ar, I736.* 
Hannah, and Joseph Abbott, 3d, Nov. 12, 1741.* 
Hannah, and Samuel Morrill of Worcester, Dec. 25, 1828.* 
Hannah, and John Harding, Nov. i, 1835. • 
'Intention abo Tccorded. 



Abbott, Hannah J., a. 30 y., d. Asa and Judith, and Charles N. 

Ingalls, a. 2$ y., carpenter, s, Francis and Elizabeth B., Dec. 

[16. C. R. 3.]t i84S.* 
Henry, and Mary Platts of Rowley, int. Oct 27, 1721. 
Henry, 3d, and Lucy Floyd of Chelsea, int. Nov. »6, 1825. 
Heniy R., and Lydia Luscomb, int. Aug. 19, 1843. 
Henry W., and Eliza A. Fiye, Feb. 10, i842.» 
Hermon, and Mary N. Gray of Tewksbury, int Aug. 19, 1837. 
Isaac, Mr., and Mrs. Phebe Lovejoy, Nov. 39, 1739.* 
Isaac, jr., and Dolly Famham, Nov. 4, 1828.* 
Isaac, and Eliza Ann Curtis, int. Oct. 1 8, 1 843. 
Jacob, of Biooklield, and Ruth Foster, May i, i72z.» 
James, and Abigail Farnem, Jan. 6, 1713-4.* 
James A., and Mary Jaquith, Dec, 30, 1841.* 
Jeremiah [of BlUerica. int.], and Hannah Ballard, Jan. 2, 1734- 

Joanna, a. 19 y., d. Job and Lucy, and William A. Dole, a. 28 y., 

merchant, b. Paul and Mary L., Jan. 20, 1848.* 
John, and Elizabeth Hamdine, Jan. 6, 1702-3. 
John, and Hannah Chubb, Apr. 11, 1710.* 
John, jr., and Phebe Fisk, Sept. 28, 1732.* 
John, and Hephzebah Trie, Oct. ag, i734-* 
John B., and Caroline D.Wood bridge, at Lynnlield, June 28, 1843.* 
Jonathan, jr. [of Lunenburg, int.], and Martha Lovejoy, Oct. 8, 

Joseph, and Hannah Allen, Apr. 4, 1722.* 
Joseph [jr. c. B. a.], and Deborah Blanchard, Aug. 12, 1731-* 
Joseph, 3d, and Hannah Abbott, Nov. 12, 1741.* 
Jos[eph] S, [J. int.], of Groton, and Phebe Lovejoy, June 11, 

Josiah [Ens. mt], and Ruth Bodwell of Methuen, at Methuen, 

May 15, I784." 
Levi, of Keading, a. 24 y., cabinetmaker, b. Woburn, s. 'Levi 

and Sophia, and Phebe Lovejoy, a. 24 y., d. Bodwell and 

Dolly, Nov. 27, 1845. 
Louisa, and Warren Mason, int. Dec. 5, 1845. 
Lucy and Joseph [S. c r. 2.] Holt, May 14, 1835." 
Lucy, and James M. Prescott [int. Nov. 7, 1840.],* 
Lydia, and Henry Chandler, widr., Nov 28, 1695. 
Lydia [wid. int.], and Abraham Shelden of Reading, at Reading, 

Dec. 22, 1774." 
Martha J., and Sidney Hull [of New Haven, Conn, int.], .Apr. 17, 


■IntenlLOD also lecotded. 



Abbott, Martha L., and Samuel Gray, July iz, 1831.* 

Maiy, and Stephen Barker, May 13, 1687. 

Mary, aod Benjamin Blancherd, Dec. 39, 1718.* 

Maty [lesideiit In Andover. int.], and JooaUian Barker, Jan. 26, 

Mary, and James Bridges, Aug. 31, 1738.* 
Mary, and Levi Holt, Jan. — , 1835.* 
Mary, and Ebenezer Bicker [Ricker, of Acton, Me. int.], Feb. 

II, 1836.* 
Mary Ann, and William Wiley, int. May la, 1844. 
Mary F[o3ter. int.], and Paschal Abbot, Oct. 11, iSio." 
Mary Jane, a. 25 y., d. Henry and Judith, and Eben Greenougb 

o{ Bradford, a. 33 y., shoemaker, 9. Bayley and Betsy, Jan. 

3g, 1846." 
Mehitable, of Bethel, Me., and Joshua Ballard, jr., int. Feb. 8, 

Moodey B., and Hannah [V. int.] Noyes, Dec. 8, 1830. c. R. 

Nathan, 5th, and Mary E. Cutnmings, Oct. 4, 1833.* 
Nathan E, and Elizabeth L. Noyes, of Windham, N. H., int. Oct 

30, 1841. 
Nathaniel, and Dorcas Hibbert, Oct. ai, 1695. 
Nathaniel, and Penelope Ballard, Nov. 13, 1716.* 
Nath[fuiie]ll, and Marcy Huchinson, Apr. 18, 1710.* 
Nehemiah, and Abigail Lovejoy, Apr. 9, 1691. 
Nehemiah [of Westown. int.], and Sarah Foster, Nov. 2, 1714.* 
Nehemiah, and Rebecca Shattack, Aug. 6, 1831. c. B. 3." 
Noah, jr., and Eliza A. Manning, Jan. i, 1834.* 
Paschal, 2d, and Phebe A. Smith, Oct. 14, 183s." 
Paul, and Elizabeth Gray, Feb. 8, i7i9-2o.« 
Phebe, and Elijah Wilson of Boxford, Apr. 30, 1833.* 
Phcbe H., and George V. Sibley of Salem, Apr. 28, 1836." 
Rebeca, and Abiel Chandler, Mar. 18, 1 741-2.* 
Rebecca, and George Foster, Feb. 8, 1835.* 
Rhoda, and John Mason, Nov. 30, 1834.* 
Rhoda Ann, and Samuel S. Richardson, May zi, rS40.* 
Samuel, and Mary Lovejoy, Aug. 8, 1735. • 
Sarah, and Ephiaim Steevens, Oct. ir, 1680. 
Sarah, and John Faulkner, Oct. 19, 1683. 
Sarah, and Joseph Chandler, Nov. z6, 1691. 
Sarah, and Zebadiah Chandler, Jan. 9, 1706-7." 
Sarah, and Joseph Blanchard, Apr. 4, 1733." 
Sarah, and Comfort Barns [of Brookfield. int.], Sept 6, i728.* 
'IntentioD aba reoorded. 



Abbott, Saiah, and Samuel Gray, Sept. 8, 1736.* 

Sarah, and George Abbott [of Rumford. int.], Feb, i, 1736-7.* 

Sarah, and James Holt, 3d, Apr. 10, 1746. • 

Satah [Mrs. int.], and Josiah Sterns of Billerica, Dec. 4, 1755.* 

Sarah, and Joseph Stephens of Danvers, at Danvers, July 7, 

Sarah, and Charles Jeukins, int. Jan. 3, 1844. 
Sarah, a. 34 y., d. James and Mary, and Joshua Holt, widr., ol 

Bradford, a 44 y., cordwainer, s. Solom,on and Mary, Oct, 

35. iS48.» 
Saiah Ann, and James Hervey Biggins of Boston, Dec. 15, i842,» 
Sarah B., and Albert Abbott, May 6, 1834.* 
Sarah Susan, of Boston, and Thomas Much, int. Nov. 22, 1835, 
Sarah W., and Charles Jenkins, Mar. 21, 1844. 
Sophronia, and David Gray, widr., farmer, s. David, Sept. ti, 

Stephen, and Sarah Steevens, July ss, 1708.* 
Stephen, jr., and Mary Abbot, May 24, 1743-* 
Stephen, and Phebe Duiant, Jan. 21, i844.» 
Susannah, and Nathaniel Fettingal, July r4, r720.* 
Sylvester, and Rhoda Batchclder of Hampton Fails, N. H., int 

Oct. 18, 1845. 
Tabitha, and John Chandler, Jan. 5, 1716-7.* 
Thomas, and Hannah Grey, Dec. 7, 1697. 
Thomas, and Elizabeth French, Dec. 25, r7o6.* 
Thomas, and Elizabeth Ballard, Jan. 28, 1724-5.* 
Thomas, and Mary Wright of Woburn, int. Nov. r3, 1728. 
Timothy, and Hannah Graves, Dec. 27, 1689. 
Timothy, and Mary Foster, Dec. 9, 1717." 
Uriah, and Sarah Mitchel of Salem [at Salem, dup.]. Mar. 24, 

r 723-4." 
William, and Elizabeth Geery, June ig, 1682. 
William, jr., and Elizabeth Tay of Woburn, at Woburn, June 18, 

William, and Mary P. Bailey, Dec. 30, i&ia* 
William, jr., of Greenfield, N. H., and Sarah J[ob. int.] Abbot, 

May 30, 1838. c. R. 2.» 
Zebadiab, jr., and Caroline W. French of Milford, N. H., int Oct 

15, 1835- 
Zerviah, and Ephraim Blunt [of Suncook. int.], Sept r?, 1745.* 

ABRAHAMS, Mary [resident in Andover. int.], and Joseph Nut- 
ting, Nov. 21, 1738. [Nov. 3. c. R. 2.]» 

■IntcDtion also recorded. 



ADAMS, Abby Ann, and Albert M. Egcston [Egerton, at 

Danvers. c. r. 6.], Sept. 13, 1833.' 
Abel, of Tcwksbury, and Jacob French, int Oct. a8, 1815. 
Abiel C, of Cbelmaford, a, 31 y., machinist, s. William and 

Lydia, and Elizabeth H. Gilchreast, a. 24 y., d. Amos and 

Hannah, Nov. 37, 1847. 
Amos, of Woburn, a. 29 y., coidirainer, s. John and Susan, and 

Caioline L. Bradley, a. 25 y., d. Joseph and Charlotte, May 

14, 1846.* 
Charlotte, and Lt. Isaac Osgood [jr. int.], Aug, 7, r82i," 
Elizabeth, and Michael Carlton, Nov. 19, 1759.* 
Ehzabcth [R. int.], and Rev. George Cowles [of Danvers. int.], 

Feb. 12, 1828. c. R. 6* 
Enoch, of Newbury, and Sarah Bragg, Aug. 6, 1778.* 
Hannah, and Daniel Appleton, jr. of Haverhill, May 4, 1813.* 
Harriet H., and [Rev. int.] John Q. A. Edgell ot West Newbury, 

Nov. 7, 1832.* 
Harriot, and Daniel Rea, jr., Apr. 30, 1835.* 
Israel, and Tabitha Farnum, Mar. ao, 1732-3.* 
Israel [jr. int.], and [Mrs. C. s. i.] Elizabeth Stevens, Nov. 20, 

James C, and Augusta Foster, Nov. t2, 1840.* 
John, and Hannah Osgood, Nov. 23, 1758.* 
John, and Hannah Thurston of Rowley, at Rowley, June 24, 

John, Lt., and Mary Holt, May zi, 1776.* 
John, jr., and Dorcas Faulkner, Dec. 8, r789.* 
John, 4th [3d. int.], and Sarah Damon, resident in Ant^over, Apr. 

8, r8o6.- 
John, 5th, and Elizabeth A. Stevens, Jan. 18, r827.* 
John S., of Amherst, and Mary Hawley,-Mat, 12, [825.* 
Latitia, and Orlando Abbot, jr., Apr. 16, 1834.* 
Louisa, and George Bradley, June 30, 1825." 
Louisa, and Jonathan Leavett, Dec. 7, 1825.* 
Martha, and Rev. John Chancy [Clancey. int.] ot Charlton, N. Y., 

Sept. 30, i829." 
Mary, and William Heigett, May 13, T707.*' 
Mary, of Newbury, and Thomas Poor, at Newbury, Sept. 30, 

Mary, and Rev. Daniel Hemmenway of Wareham, int. Aug. 22, 


Mary H., and Nathaniel Lord, jr., Esq., of Ipswich, Sept. 6. t838.* 
Mehitable, and [Ens, c. r. r.] Joseph Peters, Dec. 34, 1795.* 



Adams, Nathan, and Belte Poor, Dec. i, 1785.* 

Polly, of York, and Dr. Abiel Pearson, int. Apr. zi, 1788. 

R. W., o£ Worcester, and Sarah Collins, int. Jan. ir, 1841. 

Sarah, of Newbury, and John Hulcbinson, at Newbury, Jan. 28, 

Sarah, and Samuel Noithend of Rowley, June 3, 1780.* 

Sarah, of Chelmsford, and Charles H. Allen, int. July 30, 1S36. 

Sarah Ann, and Rev. Asa D. Smith of New York City, Nov. 9, 

Susan, and Sam[ue]l S. Furber of Concord, N. H., Apr. i, 1823.* 

Susanna [of Chelmsford, int.], and Thomas Haggii, at Chelms- 
ford, Mar. II, 174S-* 

Sybill, and Isaac Stickney, int. Mar. iz, 1807. 

ADAHSON, Catharine Ann, a. 26 y., d. Christopher and Cath- 
arine, and Robert W, Walker, a. 22 y., laborer, s. McNeil 
and Eliz[abeth] W., Dec. 31, i848.» 

AGAN, Hugh, Dr. [resident in Andover. int], and [Mis. int.] 
Elisabeth Giddinge of Ipswich, at Ipswich, June 2, 1737-* 

AIKEN. George C, and Eliza W. Baker of Concord, N. H., int. 

Sept 32, 183a. 
Hannah, of Lowell, and Benjamin Woodbury, int. Sept. 11, 1840. 

AEELT, Betsey, of Boston, and Thomas Houghton, int. Feb. 1, 

ALDEft, Rebecca, of St. Albans, Me., a. 22 y., d. Joshua end 
Phebc, and Moses Mears, a. 23 y., s. Zebediah and Sarah, 
Dec. 34, i848.* 

ALEN (see also Allen) , Thaddeus, and Temnah Evens of South 
Reading, int. Mar. 19, 1824. 

ALEXANDER (see also Alexsander), Abraham, and Mary An- 
drews, residents in Andover, int. Mar. 3, 1785. 

Maria, and Daniel Mears, Nov. 2, iSaj.* 

PolycarpuB [C. int.] , of Amherst, s. George, and Susan W. French, 
d. Joseph, Nov. 36, 1846, c. r. 4.* 

ALEXSANDER (see also Alexander), James [of Londouderry. 
int.], and Margret Wiley, Oct. 3, 1749.* 

ALGER. David, jr., and Hannah Malcolm, int. July 24, 1846. 

■IntcDtion alio recorded. 



ALLEN (see also Aien, Allin), Abigail, and William Bordman of 

Reading, int. Mai. 9, 1810. 
Andrew, and Elizabeth Richardson, Jan. i, 1681. 
Asa, of [Bairington. int] Rhode Island, and Abigail Blunt, Nov. 

I, i73i.- 
Beiija[mln3 B-, and Hannah Webster of WiBdhant, N. H., int. 

July aa, 1826. 
Chailes H., and Sarah Adams of Chelmsfoid, int, July 30, 1S36. 
Eliza, d, Joseph N., and George Frye, s. Zachariah, Oct. 5, i847.* 
George, and Lucy Frye, Oct. la, 1825. [Sept. 26. c. R. 2,]* 
Hannah, and James Holt, Oct ii, 1675. 
Hannah, and Joseph Abbott, Apr. 4, 1722. • 
Harrison, and Nancy Eames of Wilminglon, int. Sept 8, iSap. 
John, and Meicy Peters, May 22, 1686. 
John C, and Hannah Blunt, May 15, 1822.* 
Joseph F., and Catherine Carlton of Metbuen, Dec. 26, 1839.* 
Joseph Viial. inLJ, and Lucy FamuRi, July 10, 1812. [July 30. 

C H. I.]" 

Lucy Jane, a. 27 y., d. Joseph N. and Lucy, and Joseph Eaton, 

a. 27 y., carder, s. John and Mary, Aug. 12, 1848," 
Martha, and Abraham Mooar, Oct. i8, 1768,* 
Mary Kimbal, and Josep[h] Swan, Dec. 20, 1807.* 
Moses, of Lynn, and Eliza Faulkner, June i !, 1834." 
Robert, and Hannah Mclntire, Apr. 20, 1794.* 
Samuel R., of Boston, and Hannah L Carlton, June 9, 1836.* 
Tabitha, of Reading, and Dan[ie]I Gray, at Reading, Dec. 14, 

William, of Gloucester, and [Mrs. int} Mary Osgood [at Glou- 
cester, int.], Apr. ir, 174s.* 

ALLIN (sec also Allen), Andrew, and Mary Dane, June 28, i7ii.» 
James, and Debrah Poor, Aug. 27, 1736." 

ALLISON, James, of Salero, and Mary Holt, Aug. ic, iSrc' 

AMBROSE, David, and Julia A. Whitcomb of Amesbury, ini. Oct. 

4, 1849- 
John G., a. 24 y., cordwainer, b. Vienna, Me., s. Jonathan and 

Mehitable, and Mary Ann GolT, a. 19 y., b. Haverhill, d. 

Henry and Lucy A., Oct 20, 1846. 

AMES (see also Eames, Eams, Eimes), Abigail, and Nathan Ab- 
bot, Mar. 12, 1744-5.* 

"lotcDtioD »lso tecotded. 



Ames, Abigail, and David Johnson, Dec. 15, 1796.* 
Almira, and John Farnham [jr. int], Apr. — , 1827.* 
Anna, and Peter Hutchinson, residcntin Andover, May 27, 1807. • 
Benjamin, and Hephzibah Chandler, Dec. 4, 1746.* 
Beni[ami}n, jr., and Phebc Chandler, int, Mar. 20, 1772. 
Benjamin, Esq., of Bath, and Mary Boynton, resident in Ando- 
ver, May I, 1809. C. R. 2.* 
Cyms C, and Rhoda A. Hall of Exeter, N. H., Feb. 3, 1834." 
Deborah, and Henry Gray Baker, Sept ai, 1786.* 
Dorcas, and Isaac Phelps, Oct. 31, 1799. C. R. 2.* 
Elizi;abe]th, and William Holt of Pembroke [N. H.], Nov. 21, 

Elizabeth, and David Boynton, Nov, 2g, i8io.* 
Elizabeth A[bbot- int.], and John Tuck, Oct. 13, iSii.* 
Eunice, and Robert Amos, Sept. aS, i8i9.* 
George, of Michigan City, Ind., a. 45 y., druggist, b. West 
Bridgewater, s. Abiet and Alice, of West Bridgewater, and 
Elizabeth Barker, a. 39 y., d. Stephen and Ascneth, Sept. 
10, r849-» 
Hannah, and Thomas Boynton, int. May 21, 1772. 
Hannah, and Daniel Cummings, June 30, 1801." 
Hepsibah, and Bixby Abbot, Jan. g, 1772. [fan- ^3- c- R- i.]* 
Hepsibah, and Nathaniel Stimpson of Cambridge, Nov. 17, 1793-* 
John, and Mary Wilson, int. Mar. 10, 1816. 
Jonas, and Jemima Stevens, resident in Louden, int. Nov. 23, 

Lydia, and Abbot Walker, July ai, 1796.' 
Mary, and Joseph Willson ol Charlestown, Apr. 9, 1805.* 
Mary P., d. Simeon and Dorcas, and Carlton Payson of Law- 
rence, trader, June 13, r847-* 
Mchitablc, a. 20 y., and Eben Woodbury, a. 22 y., Mar. 13, 1845." 
Nathan, and Lydia Clark, Nov. 24, 1811." 
Nathan W[hite. int.], and Lydia Jones, Apr. 15, rSrs.* 
Peter, and Patty Clark of Hubbardston, Mar. i, 1810." 
Phebe, and Nathan Bailey, June 23, 1791.* 
Phcbe, and Samuel Stevens, Oct. 22, tSii.* 
Prince, an'd Eunice Russ, Nov. 24, 1784.* 
Rhoda, and William Bailey, 3d, Nov. 13, i832.» 
Samuel [resident in Andover. int.] , and Hannah Stevena, Jan. 

13, 1720-2I.* 

Samuel, and Elisabeth Stevena, July 11, 174^.* 
Samuel, of Haverhill, and Elezebith Emery [at Haverhill, dup.], 
June24. I75S-* 

■iDteDtioD tho recorded. 



Ames, Samuel, of Haverhill, and Abigail Fry, Aug. 6, 1761.' 

Samuel, jr., and Abigail Stevens, July 10, 1770.* 

Sarah, and Francis Smilie of Feterboro, N. H., Feb. 4, 1810.* 

Simeon, and Sally Bailey, Mar. 30, 1790.* 

Simeon, jr., and Dorcas Poor, Nov. 20, 1823.* 

SpatTord, and Mary White, Apr. 18, 1780.* 

Timothy, and Sally Kneeland, Mar. ai, 1787.* 

AMESDEN, Dolly [Dorithy. int], of Tewksbury, and Washington 

French, June 25, 1807." 

AMHY, John, resident in Andover, and Abigail Deeland of Box- 
ford, int. Dec. 2, 1721. 

AHOS, Charles B., and Mary J. Anderson, int Aug. 18, r844. 
Robert, and Eunice Ames, Sept. 28, 1819.* 

ANDERSON, Francis J., and Phebe A. Lang of Boston, int Nov. 

27. 1847- 
Frances M., a. 23 y., d. Aleicandcr and Martha, and Charles C. 

Grant, a. 27 y., farmer, s. Charles and Mary, Mar. 26, 1849.* 
James, a. 27 y., weaver, s. James and Jane, and Laura Ann Reed, 

a. 24 Y-i d. William and Ann, Apr. 12, 1846.* 
Mary J., and Charles B. Amos, int. Aug. 18, 1844. 
Sam[ue]l, and Isabella Howarth, Sept. 25, 184a." 

ANDOVER, Mary J., of Londonderry, N. H., and James C. Steele, 
int. Apr. 7, 1848, 

ANDREW (see also Andrews), Rebckah, and Samuell Marble, 

Nov. 26, 1675. 
Sarah [of Eoxford. int.], and John Phelps, Nov. 4, 1714.* 

ANDREWS (see also Andrew), Eunice, of Middletown, and John 

Carllon, int. May 29, 1768. 
John, and Mary Ann Goff, int Sept 26, 1846. 
Lilbourn, and Sarah Huse, Mar. za, 1789,* 
Liilburn, of Topsfield, and Hulda Town, int. May 2, 1781. 
M. C, and Martha Griflten, Oct 15, 1840." 
Mary, and Abraham Alexander, residents in Andover, int. Mar. 

3, 1785- 
Nathan, of Boxford, and Mehetable Foster, at Boxford, Apr. 23, 

Robert, of Boxford, and Dcbora Ftie, Mar. 10, 1719-20.* 

'Intentioa alio recorded. 


30 ANDOVER MARRIAGES, Ruth, and Edward Phelps, Mar. 9, i68a[-3. cr. R.J. 
Sarah [Mrs. int.], of Danvers, and Capt. Henry Ingols, at Dan- 

vers, May r8, 1757.* 
Sarah, of Ipswich, and Jacob Marshall, atlpswich, Feb. 2, 1773." 

ANGER (see also Angler), Abigail, of Reading, and Eben[eze]r 
Fish, Aug. 2, iSia.* 

ANGIER (see also Anger), Asa, jr., and Lucy T. Berry, Apr. ao, 

Asa, jr., and Harriet Rowe, int. Apr. 7, 1847. 
Samuel, and Margaret Reed, Jan. 31, 1819.* 

ANHICE (see also Annis), Sarah, and Josiah Jones, resident in 
Andover, int. Feb. 23, r779. 

ANNIS (see also Annice), Elisabeth [resident in Andover. int.], 

and Joseph Martin, Aug. 9, 1733.* 
Ezra, jr., and Edner Qailey of Tewksbury, Nov. 26, 1778." 
Jacob, of Threaford, Vt., and Abigail Fowler, int. Jan. 18, 1787. 
Phinehas, and Hannah Gtiffen of Tewksbury, int. Apr. 6, 1774. 
Ruth, and Eliakim Walker of Tewksbury, int. Sept. 26, 1778. 

APPLBTON, Daniel, jr., of Haverhill, and Hannah Adams, May 
4, 1813." 

Mary, Mrs., of Ipswich, and William Osgood, at Ipswich, Jan. 6, 
1749. [int. Oct. 4.]" 

Samuel [of Haverhill, int.], and Maiy Phillips, Oct 12, 1736.* 

Samuel, of Haverhill, and [Mis. dup.] Mary Stevens [at Haver- 
hill, dup.]. May 8, 1739.* 

Tho[ma]sH.,of Portland, Me., andFideliaTrow, Aug. 31, 18*5.* 

APPLIN, Fanny, of Swasey, N. H., and Jonathan D. Trow, int. 
Sept. 6, 1829. 

ARCHBR. George [jr. c. r. 2.], and Mary Beckford, Jan. 29, 

Samuell, and Hanna Osgood, May 21, 1660. [1659. ct. r.] 

ARLEN, Samuel, and Maty Dole, Dec. 36, 1830." 

ARBHTAGE, Elizabeth, and Thomas Greenbank, Dec. 39, 1843. 

[1836. C.B. !.]• 
Hannah, and Joseph Woods, int. May 23, 1840. 
John, and Sarah [Nancey. int.] Goodhue, May 6, 1838.* 
*InteiitioD ilao leconled. 



ARMOR, see Aylmer. 

ARMSBT, Laureo, a, 39 y., clergyman, s. Amos and Margarett, 
and Hannah S. Van Ingen, a. 19 y., d, Philip S. and Jane 
M., May 3, i846.» 

ARNOTT, Jane, and Thomas Read, int. Jaly 7, 1849- 

ASH, Samuel, and Susannah Marshall, Oct 5, 1780.* 

ASLETT, John, and Mary Osgood, July 8, 1680. 
Mary, and Samuel! Fry, Nov. 10, 1671. 
Rebecca, and Timothy Johnson, Dec. 15, 1674. 

ASTEN (see also Austin), Daniel, and Eunice Kimball, Feb. as, 


ASTIN (see also Austin), Jacob, and Mary Barker, Nov. 10, 1774. 

c. R. 2.* 
Mary, and Jonathan Lovejoy, at Haverhill, Aug. 6, 1741." 
Samuel, and Lucy Poor, Oct. 11,1691. 
Samuel, and Mehetable Frie, Feb. z, 1737.* 
Saiah, and James Bodwell of Methuen, int Sept. i, r739. 
Thomas, and Hannah Foster, Sept. 15, 1690. 
Thomas, jr. [of Methuen. int.}, and Sarah Lovejoy, Jan. 23, 


ATKES[0]N (see also Atkinson), Elizabeth, of Exeter, and John 
Dclap, int. Dec. i, 1759. 

ATKINSON (see also Atkeson), Elizabeth E., of Newbury, and 
George K. W. GalHshan, int. Feb. 11, tSji. 

ATWELL, Hannah, of Lynn, and Aaron Felt, int. Dec. jo, 

ATWOOD, Ailae, of Boston and Jamea Ballard, int. Mar. 29, 1763. 
Samuel S., of Cambridge, and Mary J. Gray, int June 17, 1849. 

AUSTIN (see also Asten, Astin), Adeline, and Zacheua Fletcher, 

of Chelmsford, Dec. 31, 1813.* 
Annis, and William Barker of Leniston, Jan. 31, 1783.* 
■lalCDtko alio recorded. 



AusTBJ, BeDJamiu, and Mary Stevens, July 17, 1718.* 

Betsey, and John Averil [Avery- inL], Nov. 13, 1794.* 

Daniel, and Friscilla Stephens, June id, 172a.* 

David M., and Mary C. Hadley, int. Oct. 7, 1831. 

Eliza, and Joseph Thompson, of Saugus, June 17, 1831. [July 17. 

John, and Dorcas Carlton, July 15, 1790." 

John, jr., and Patty Stevens, July 15, i8oi.* 

Lucy, Mrs., and Asie Swan of Methuen, at Mcthuen, Feb. 6, 

Lucy, and Charles Foster of Boxford, at Boxlord, Mar. so, 1796.* 
Mary, and Moses Holt, Jan. ^8, 1796.* 
Phebe, of Lunenburg, and Hezekiah Stiles, int. June 8, 1782. 
Samuel, and Dorcas Marble, Mai. 2, 1797.* 
Sarah, and Nathaniel Porter, July zi, 1785,* 
Sophtonia, at Bradford, and Stephen Holt, jr., int. Feb. 26, 

Thomas [of Haverhill, int.], and Sarah Lovjoy, Oct. 26, 1714." 
Thomas, and Cula [Bula. int.] Sawyer of Methuen at Methuen, 

Mar. 19, 1752.* 

AVERIL (see also Averill), Deborah, and Moses Wilktns of 

Middleton, Feb. 19, 1793.* 
John [Avery, int.], and Betsey Austin, Nov. 13, 1794.* 
Joseph, of Middleton, and Susanna Pettingill, Dec. 12, 1780.* 
Mark, of Middleton, and Dorcas Foster, int. Feb, 4, 177S- 
Paul, and Deborah Foster, Mar. 10, 1772."' 

AVBRILL (see also Averil, Averril), Betsy, and James Petten- 

gill, int. Dec. 20, tSio. 
Elizabeth, and Joseph Avetill, May 23, 1819.* 
John, and Sarah A. Porter, Dec. 29, 1&2S.* 
Joseph, and Elizabeth Averilt, May 13, r8r9.* 

AVERRIL (see also Averill), Mark, and Julia Stickney, both of 
Tewksbury, at Tewksbuty, July 22, 1838. 

AVERY, Amanda, and Rev. Daniel H. Babcock of Eastham, Apr. 
8, 1840.* 

ATER (see also Ayers, Eires), Joan, of Haverhill, and Jona- 
[than] Leavitt, int. July 8, 1820. 

'Intenlion also racordcd. 



Ayer, John, and Abiah Famum, Apr. 4, 1769.* 

Mary E., aod John W. Brown of Boxfoid, int Nov. 26, 1836. 

Sally, of Haverhill, and [Lt. int.] Jonathan Bradley, at Haver- 
hill, Apr. 14, 1791.* 

Stephen, of Haverhill, and Sarah Gray, at Haverhill, Apr. 18, 

ATERS (see also Ayer), Phincas, of Pieimont, N. H., and Betsey 
Montgomery, Mar. a, r795-* 

AYLMERt Mary [Armor, resident in Andover. int.], and John 
Smith, July 19, I744-* 

BABCOCKt Daniel H., Rev,, of Eastham, and Amanda Avery, 
Apr. 8, 1840.* 

BACHEUDER (see also Batchelder), Sarah, and Benj[ami3n 

Farrington, Dec. 13, 1770,* 
Sarah, of Reading, and Henry A. Gould, int. Mar. 4, 1837. 
Susanna, and Tliomas Gray, Dec. 24, 1703. c. r. 1. 

BACHELLER (see also Batchelder), Joseph, of Reading, and 
Hannah Russell, int. July 21, 1764. 

BACHELLOR (see also Batchelder), John, and Lydea Gray, Nov. 

BACON. John Otis, of Bedford, blacksmith, s. John, and Clara 

Ann Goodwin, of Bedford, d. Thomas, Nov. ro, 1844. 
Sally, and John Beverly, Apr. 3, 1 82a.* 

BAGLEY, William, and Rebcka Hildreth of Dracut, at Dracut, 
Nov. aS, 1771. 

BAGNALL, Eliza C., of Chelsea, and William G. Reed, int. Sept 
24, r847- 

BAILEY (see also Bailie, Baily, Bayle, Bayley), Abigail, and Israel 

Holt, Mar. 18, i783.» 
Abigail, and John Smith of Concord, N. H., June 34, i8r3.* 
Arethusa, and W[illia]m Mansfield [jr. c. r. 3.3 of S[outh] 

Reading, May 3, i838.» 

■Intention bIbo tecoided. 



Bailey, Betsy, and Andrew Clark of Tewksbuty, Dec. 31, 1812.* 
Corinda [Clarindia, int.], and Edward Manifield of Barnstable 

[Oiterville. int.], July ir, iSij* 
Daniel, jr., and Sophia Cochran, Nov. 30, rSog." 
David, jr., of Tewksbury, and Dorothy Bailey, Dec. 12, i-jjC.* 
Debor^, and John Dane, jr., May 8, 1783." 
Dorothy, and David Bailey of Tewksbury, Dec. la, r776." 
Ednei, of Tewksbury, and Ezra Annis, jr., Nov. 26, 1778.* 
Eliza, and Ira Burns, int Oct i, 1831. 
Elizafbeth], and Samuel Downing, jr., Aug. 25, 17^(9.* 
Elizabeth, and Samuel McCoy of Peterboro, N. H., int. Nov. 25, 

Elizabeth, and Charles Mullen, int. May 30, 1847. 
Enoch, and Lydia Barnard, Sept iz, 1825.* 
George, and Esther Gillett of Thetford, Vt., int. Dec. 26, 1829. 
Hannah, of Haverhill, and John Parker, at Haverhill, June 27, 

Hannah, and Sterns Needham of HoUis, N. H., Sept. 5, 1783.* 
Hannah, and Joseph Osgood, jr.. May 31, 1785.* 
Hannah, and James B[allard. int.] Lovejoy, Sept. 5, 1799. 

c. B. 2* 
Hannah, and William Abbot, jr., Nov. 14, r799. c. r. a.* 
Hannah, and Assa Abbot [of Greenfield, N. H. int.], Nov. 31, 

Hannah, and [Capt. c. R. i.] Joseph ^lattuck [jr. int.]. May 35, 

Hannah, and John Hardy, July 17, 1826. [July 27. c. K. 2.]* 
Hannah [A. int], and John Tuck, ad. Mar. 31, i835.» 
Hannah, a, 35 y,, d. William and Rebecca, and Ezra Abbot, a. 

47 y,, farmer, s. David and Priscilla, Apr. ig, i849.* 
Hephzitmh, and John Bailey of Dracut, int. Mar. 7, 1833. 
James, and Lucy Brown of Tewksbury, int. Feb. 7, ij86. 
James, and Abigail F. Rogers of Tewksbury, int. Oct. 23, r835. 
Joannah, of Haverhill, and John Parker, jr., int. Jan. 12, 17S2. 
John, of Tewksbury, and Hannah Luscomb, May 14, 1807.* 
John, of Dracut, and Hephzibah Bailey, int. Mar. 7, r833. 
John, and Sarah Wella, at Salisbury, Jan. 19, r842.* 
John [M. int.], and Lucy Jones, May 31, 1843.* 
John M[ooaT. int.], and Elizabeth Boynton, Dec. 5, rSii." 
John T., and Orrilla Norcross of Lowell, int July 23, r836. 
Joseph, and Lucy Bailey, July 2r, r836.* 

Joshua, and Mary Spring of Peterboro, N. H., int. Feb. 6, 

■Intention ibo recorded. 



Bailey, Lewis, of Haveihill, and Molly Barnard [at Havstbill. 

dup.], July 32, 1779-* 
Lucy, and Thomas Hamlin, Feb. 34, 1S14. c. r. 2. 
Lucy, and Joseph Bailey, July ai, 1836.* 
Lucy ]., a. 23 y., d. Theodore K. and Lavina, and Richard H. 

Kent, a. 94 y., painter, s. Nathaniel and Eliza A., July 31, 

Luther, and Mrs. Lydia Wood, Nov, 24, 1812.* 
Lydia A., d. Enoch and Lydia, and Orrin Kenniston, machinist 

[int. Apr. 28, 1849.].* 
Maria, Mrs., and David Gray, jr., June 11, 1837.* 
Mary, and Moses Sticltney of JafErey, Dec 9, i787.* 
Maiy, and Ens. Samuel Cockran, June n, 1807.* 
Mary Ann, and Martin D. Hemmenway of Lowell, Mai. 3, 

Mary Ann, ad m., a. 31 y., d. Benjamin Needham, and Joseph 

H. Claik, 3d m., a. 47 y., carpenter, b. New Hampshire, 

Dec. 31, i849.» 
Mary P., and William Abbott, Dec. 30, i833.» 
Mary S., and Andrew [L. int.] Frye, Aug. 17, 1835.* 
Mehitable [of Wilton. N. H. int.], and John Goldsmith, Feb. s8, 

Mosca, ]r., and Mehitable Chase, Sept. 13, 1787.* 
Moses, and Susan [Mary Ann. int.] Needham, July 38, 1841.* 
Myron, and Maria Mernll of Bradford, int. May 26, 1835. 
Nancy, and Asa Mears of Tewksbury, May 4, 1842.* 
Nathan, and Phebe Ames, June 23, 1791." 
Nathan, and Betsy Abbot, Dec. 33, r8o3.* 
Nathan, and Cloe Poor, Jan. 4, 1819.* 
Nathan, jr., and Pamela Frye, int. Apr. 6, 1839. 
Omar, and Clarissa Peabody [of Lowell, int.], Sept. — , 1827. 

C. H. 3. [int Apr. 12, i828.]» 
Otis, and Lucinda A. Loring of Pembroke, int Jan. 15, 1833. 
Percis, and John Lovejoy, Dec. 31, i8ri,* 
Rebecca, and Thomas Boynton, jr., Nov. 19, 1799. c. k. 2.* 
Rebecea, and William Abbot, May r4, 1801.* 
Rebecca, and Joshua Holt [of Bradford, int.], Nov. 26, 1829. 

C. R. 3-" 

Rebecca H., d. Timothy, and Samuel Downing, jr., s. Samuel and 

Ruby, Oct. 23, 1845.* 
Rhoda, and Henry Abbot of Antrim, N. H., Jan. 17, 181 1.* 
Roderick, and Charlotte Peabody of Lowell, Apr. 15, 1827.* 
'InteotioD alio recorded. 



Bailev, Sally, and Simeon Ames, Mar. 30, 1790.* 

Sally, and Geotge Batts of South Reading, int. Feb. 30, i8t8. 

Salome N., and TTiomas C. Shattuck, int. Apr. 4, 1835. 

Samuel, jr., and Hannah Kittreg [of Tewksbuiy. int.], Jan. aa, 

Sam[u]el, and Dorcas Abbot, Jan. 3, 1775. c.r. a." 
Samuel, and Sarah Trull of Tewksbury, int. Jan. 4, 1794. 
Samuel, jr., and Mary Abbot, int. Mai. 18, 1815. 
Samuel, and Prudence Faniier of Tewksbury, rnt Dec. 6, 1833. 
Samuel [G. int.J, and Clarissa [B. int.] Needham, Nov. 29, 1843.* 
Sarah, and Daniel Stevens, Nov. 19, 1807," 
Sftiah J., a. 19 y., operative, d. Daniel and Sophia, and Nelson J. 

White, a. 21 y., machinist, s. John and Ellen, Apr. 6, 1848." 
Sarah Jane, and John Tuck, 3d, Jan. i, tSjs.* 
Sarah S., of West Newbury, and Moody Chase, int. Aug. 25, 1832. 
Stephen, jr., of Newbury, and Rebeccah Chase, Nov. 22, i798.* 
Snsa, of Tewksbuiy, and Michajah Hardy, int. Sept. 15, T809. 
Theodore, and Levina fiuit of Hancock, N. H., int. Mar. 24, 

Timothy, jr., and Bitty Blood, Dec. ro, i8ii.» 
Timothy [2d. int], and Sarah Poor, June 7, 1827. c. r. 3.* 
Timothy, 3d, and Lucy Ann Stevens, int. May 23, 1842. 
William, jr., and Rebecca Gillson of Pepperell, int. May 31, 1803, 
William, and Hannah Danforth, Mar. 25, 1806.* 
William, and Mary Abbot, Apr. 13, 1815. [Apr. 16. c. R. i.] 
William, and Anna Frye, May a6, i8i8.» 
William, 3d, and Rhoda Araea, Nov. 13, i832.» 

BAILIB (see also Bailey), Robert, and Hannah W. [K. c. r. t.] 
Can, June 19, i83i.* 

BAILY (see also Bailey), Joshua, and Hepzibah Abbot, Feb. 19, 

BAKER, Abijah R., and Harriet N[ewell. int.] Woods, Oct. 3, 

1835. [Oct. I. c. R. 6.]* 
David, and Lucy F. Mann of Salem, int. Nov. 27, 1827. 
Deborah, and Caleb Abbot, Nov. 18, i8oa." 
Deborah Bower, and Daniel Poor, jr., Dec. i, 1808. c. r. 2.* 
Eliza W., of Concord, N. H., and George C. Aiken, int. Sept. 22, 

Henry Gray, and Deborah Ames, Sept. 21, 1786." 

■Intentiou also recorded. 



Baker, Jonathan, of Topsficld [of Andovcr. c. r. 2.], and Sarah 

Hoit, May 21, 1776." 
Joseph, of ChailestowD, and Abigail B. Russell, Oct. 14, i830.» 
Martha, of Topsfield, and Joseph Town, Mar. it, 1784. 
Priscilla, and Nathaniel Frye, both of Salem, June 21, 1810. 
Simon Epes [ji. int.], and Sarah Holt, May 27, 1802.* 
Susanna Satgent, and Joseph Fiye, Sept. 18, 1799. c R. 2.* 
Symonds, Dr. [of Methuen. int.], and Mrs. Lydia Gray, Mar. 26, 

1766. c. R. a.* 

BALARD (see also Ballard), Hannah, and Isaac Chandler, Apr. 

14. 1757.' 
Lydea, and Obadiab Johnson, jr., Dec. 29, 1748." 

BALDWIN (see also Bawlding), Joel, of Billerica, and Mary 

Noyes, Jan. 26, 1792.* 
Joel pr. int.], of Billerica, and Mary B. Frye, Dec. 5, iSaa. 

C. R. I.* 

John, of Billerica, and Claiisa B. Parker, Nov. 15, 1810.* 
Loami, and [Mrs. int.] Priscilla E. Peirce, Nov. 24, i836.* 
Khoda, of Billerica, and John Frye, jr., at Billerica, Feb. 20, 

Sarah, of Billerica, and Moses Foster, int. Oct. 20, 1810. 
Susan W., of Billerica, and Moses C. Tyler, int. Jan. r, 1830. 
William, and Eliza A. Wardwell, int. Aug. ro, 1844. 

BALL, Eliza H., of Leverett, and Samuel Maxwell, int. Ang. 24, 

Jonas, and Jane Waterhouse, int Jan. a, 1846. 

BALLARD (see also Balard, Ballerd), Ab^ail, and Thomas Rus- 

sel, Apr. IS, I743-* 
Ann, and John Spaulding, at Chelmsford, ao : 7 m : 1681. 
Anna, and Job Abbot, Dec. 12, 1780.* 
Charles, and Jane Frrat of Tewksbury, int Aug. 20, 1836. 
Oarcas, and Stephen Osgood [jr. c, r. a.], Mar. 4, 1730-31.* 
Dorothy, and Benjamin Smith of Newbury, Aug. iC, 1734." 
Dorothy, and Jeremiah Lovejoy, Dec 11, 1760.* 
Dorothy, and John Chandler, Apr. 17, 1783, • 
Elenor, and John Johnson, Sept. 13, 16S9. 
Elizabeth, d. William, and William Blunt, at Chelmsford, Nov. ir, 


'Intentioii also recorded. 



Mallard, Elizabeth, and George Abbott, Sept. 13, 1689. 
Elizabeth, and Thomas Abbott, Jan. 28, 1724-5." 
.Fredrick, and Hannah Kussel of Sadbury, Canada, int. Nov. 29, 

Hannah, and Jeremiah Abbott [of Billerica. int.], Jan. 2,1734-5.* 
Hannah, and Nemiah Abbot, jr., Mar. ti, 1756.* 
Hannah, and Obadiah Foster, May 30, 1769.* 
Hannah, and John Foster, jr., Jan. 14, 1773. c. r. 2.* 
Hannah T. [F. int.], and Chandler Phelps, May 7, i834.» 
Hezekiah, and F.cbeckaDaviss[of Billerica. int.], May 13, 1713.* 
Hezekiah, jr., and Lydia Chandler, Nov. 30, 1741" 
Hezekiah, jr., and Mary Chandler, Dec. 10, 1783.* 
James, and Ailse Atwood of Boston, int. Mai. 29, 1762. 
Jeremiah, and Mary Dane, Dec. 29, 1721.* 
-John, and Rebekah Hooper, Nov. i6, 1681. 
John, and Sarah How, Mar. 1, 1743-4, • 
Jonathan, Dr., and Friscilla Famum, Sept. 4, 1760.* 
Jona[than], of Peterboro, N. H., and Betty Abbot, Dec. 17, 

Joseph, sr., and Rebeckah Horn, wid., Nov. 15, 1692. 
Joseph, and Rebekah Johnson, Aug. 17, 1698. 
Joseph, and Molly Smith of Shrewsbury, at Shrewsbury, Sept. 10, 

Joseph, and Hannah Abbot, Dec. 16, 1773- c. r. 2.* 
Joshua, and Phebe Abbot, Nov. 13, 1810.* 
Joshua, jr., and Mehitable Abbott of Bethel, Me., int. Feb. 8, 

Josiah, and Mary Chandler, Aug. 7, 1731.' 
Lowis, and Joshua Phelps, Feb. 17, 1767." 
Lucy, and ^m[u]el Blanchard, jr., June 28, 1775. c. K. 2. [int. 

June 30.] • 
Lucy, and Nathan Chandler, 3d, Nov. 27, 1782.* 
J.ydia, d. William, and Joseph Bulteriietd, at Chelmsford, 12 : 

2 m: 1674. 
Lydia, and Dane [Dean, int] Holt, Dec. 13, 1763." 
Mary, and William Chandler, June 7, 1 744.* 
Mary, and David Chandler, jr., Aug. 30, 1750.* 
Mary, and John Mooar, July 28, 1774. C. r. 2," 
Mary, and Henry Phelps, Oct. 31, 1780.* 
Penelope, and Nathaniel Abbott, Nov, 23, 1726." 
Phebe, and Dr. Abiel Abbot, Feb. 5, i76i.* 
Phebe, and William Abbot [jr. int.] of Wilton, Nov. 12, 1772. 

c. R. 2.' 

•Iiitentiol] alto lecoriJed. 



Baixakc, Phebe, of Pcterboro, N. H., and Wadleigh Noyes, int. 

Oct. 28, 1836. 
Phebc A., and Hennon P. Chandler, Feb. 17, iSsi.* 
Rebecca, Mrs., and Zebediah Abbot, jr., Nov. 14, 1765. c. r. 2.' 
Rebecca, and William Clark, Feb, 5, 1767.* 
Ruth, and Thomas Evans, July 3, 1 744-' 

Sarah, and William Kiddei of BiUerica, at Billerica, Dec. 16, 1736.* 
Sarah, and Tho[ma3s Pinkham, Mar. 31, 1774. c. R. z.* 
Sarah, and Nathan Abbot, jr., May 8, 1777." 
Sarah, and Amos Dnrraut, Oct. 7, 1779-* 
Sherebiah, and Lidia Osgood, Jan. », i7i6.i7,» 
Stephen, and Sarah B. Russell, Dec. 24, 1840.* 
Timothy, and Hannah Chandler, June 4, 1729. • 
Timothy, jr., and Sarah Abbot, Jan. ar, 1755-" 
Timothy, and Mary Foster, Oct. 30, 1 783.* 
Uriah, and Elizabeth Mansur of Woburn, int. Oct. 18, 1712. 
Uriah, jr., and Sarah Dane, Aug. 14, r738." 
UriaH [jr. C. R, z.], and Mehetable Barker, Sept. rS, 1743.* 
Uriah, jr., and Lydea Danforth, Jan. 24, r754.* 
Wiliam, and Hannah How, Feb. 7, 1750-51." 
"William, and Hannah Hooper, Apr. so, 1682. 
William, jr., and Polly [Mary, int] Chandler, Nov. n, 1783." 
William [jr. int.], of Peterboro, N. H., and Temperance Derby 
Downing, Jan. 21, i8i3.* 

BALLERD (see also Ballard), Joseph, and Elizabeth Philps 

[Phillips, ct. R.], Feb. 28, 1665. 
Sara, and Henry Holt, Feb. 24, 1669. 

BAHFORD, Ann, and Oscar Chandler, int. Oct. 30, 1847. 
Jesse, and Mary Clegg, Dec. 29, 1839.* 
Mary, and James Reid, int. Oct. 6, 1849. 

BANCRAPT (see also Bancroft), Lucy, of Gardner, and Joseph 
Gleason, int. Nov. 15, 1806. 

BANCROFT (see also Bancraft), Albert, a. 29 y., stone mason, b. 

William and Caroline, and Hannah T. Pearson, a. 30 y., d. 

Joseph and Sarah, May 11, 1848.* 
Lydia, of Reading, and Zebediah Johnson, at Reading, Sept. r, 

Samuel, 3d [of Reading, int.], and Sarah Holt, Mar. 30, 1758.* 
Sarah, of Reading, and Daniel How [jr int.], at Reading, Apr 

19, r764.» 

'IntentiOD also recorded. 



BANISTER, John, of Marlborough, and Abigail Barker, Nov. 16, 

William B., Hon. of Newburyport, and Z. P. Giant of South Ded- 
tiam, Sept 7, 1841. 

BARBER, Mercy, of Peterboro, and Frederick Poor, Int. July 9, 

BARDWGLL, Horatio, Rev., and Rachel Furbush, July 11, 1815.* 
Simeon, and Almiia E. Plummer, Mar. t6, 1843. c. r. 3.* 

BARKER, Abial, and Jane Luniger, July 14, 1748.* 
Abiel, and Hannah Stiles of Boxford, int. Aug. iz, 1732. 
Abicl, and Ann Maxfield [wid. int.] of Haverhill, at Haverhill, 

Sept. 21, 1738." 
Abie] (jr. int.], and Sarah Hovey of Boxford, at Boxford, Feb. 

Abigail, and John Banister of Marlborough, Nov. 26, 1723.* 
Abigail F., a. 23 y., d. Jedidiah H. and Abigail, and Benjamin T. 

[F. int] Jenkins, a. 24 y., fanner, s. Benjamin and Betsy, 

Jan. 28, i847.- 
Anna, and Stephen Messer of Nottingham West, N. H., June 29, 

Aaa, and Lucy Porter of Boxford, int. Sept 9, 1767. 
Benjamin, and Hannah Marstone, Jan. 2, 1688. 
Benjamin, and Mehetabell Gadge of Bradford, Jan. zi, 1719-20.' 
Caleb, and Hannah Haggit, June 23, 1757." 
Charlotte, and Joseph Bradley, July 2, 1 8 r i .• 
Daniel, and Balh8he[ba] Blanchard of Wilton, int. July r, 1768. 
Deborah, and Abial Stevens, Mar. 19, 1707-8.* 
Deborah and John Foster, jr., June 25, 1740.* 
Dinah, and William Blunt, Oct. 24, i78i.» 
Dorcas [of Methuen. int.J, and Lovel Faulkner, Mai. 5, 1812.' 
Easther, and Andrew Kimball, Apr. 23, 1747-" 
Ebenezer, and Abigail Wheeler, May 25, 1686. 
Ehater, and John Steevens, Aug. 10, 1676. 
Elezebith, Mrs., and Epharam Stevens, both of Methuen, Jan. 4, 

EHzabeth, and Samuel! Steevens, May 15, 1707. [May 13. 

C. R. !.]• 

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Famum, at Newbury, Oct 16, 1708.* 
Elizabeth and Abraham Poor, Apr. 19, 1770.* 

'Inteotioii kIm recotded. 



Barker, Elizabeth, and Phineas Tyler, Dec. 6, i77o,» 
Elizabetii, and James Hall of Salem, N. H., int. Sept. 19, 1776. 
Elkabeth, aiid Rev. Harrison G. O. Dwight, Jan. 4, i830.» 
Elizabeth, a. 39 y., d, Stephen and Asrneth, and George Ames of 

Michigan City, Ind,, a. 45 y., druggist, b. West Bridgewater, 

s. Abiel and Alice, of West Bridgewater, Sept. 10, 1849,' 
Esther, and Peter Peave [of Hampton, int.], July 15, 1720. ■ 
Eunice, and Peladah Lakeman of Boxford, int. May 9, 1767. 
George, of Methuen, and Margaret E. Wardwell, int. Feb. 6, 

Gilbert, of Charlestotrn, and Friscilla Abbot, May 30, iSiiS.* 
Hannah, and Christopher Osgood, May 27, 1680. 
Hannah, and John Caurlton, Jan. 13, 1714-15." 
Hannah, and Edward Gray, Oct. 27, r7i9.* 
Hannah, of Methuen, and Daniel Stevens, at Methen, Sept. 2$, 

Hannah, and Edward Evens, May ii, 1779.* 
Hannah, resident in Andover, and Jonas Stevens of Danvers, 

Nov. a6, 1813." 
Harriot, of Methuen, and Samuel Lovejoy, int Oct. 14, r826. 
Henry, and LoJs F. Pattee of Danvers, int July 33, 1826. 
Hephzibah, and Josiab Holt, Dec. as, i7i6.* 
Hepzibah, and Nath[anie}l Peabody of BoxtoTd, at Boxford, 

Feb. 26, r7S5.* 
Isaac, and Rebecca Robinson of Boxford, at Boxford, Oct. 13, 

Jacob, and Mary Btanchaid, Nov. 16, 1749.* 
Jacob [of Dracut int], and Hannah Foster, Mar. 11, 1760." 
James [of Methuen. int.], and Mariah Bixbe, Sept. ir, 1727. 

c. R. i.» 
Jedcdiah, H. [Lt int], and Abigail Foster, Mar. la, 18^2. 

C. R. I." 

Joanna, and John Farnem, Jan. 36, 1709-10.* 

Joanna, and Jonathan Shepard [of Haverhill, at Haverhill, dup.j, 

Sept II, i744.« 
Joanna, and Benjamin Abbot, Feb. 8, 1759.* 
Joanna, and Ephraim Chandler of Bradford, at BradTord, Aug. 

25, 1772." 
John, and Mary Stevens, July 6, 1670. 

John, and Sarah Cbadwick [of Bradford, int], June's i, 17 11.* 
Jo[hin, Capt, and wid. Martha Smith of Boxford, int June 15, 

John, and Sarah Gadge of Bradford, int. Dec. 10, i72r. 
'Intention alio lecorded. 



Barker, Joha, QuBiletmaster, and Mehetabel Stickne of Brad- 

, fold, int June ar, 1729. 
Joho, and Mehitable Goodridge of Boxford, at BoxFotd, June 11, 

John, jr., and Hannah Wilson, Feb, 33, 1770.* 
John, 3d, and Phebe Wood of Boxford, at Boxford, Oct. 31, 

John, and Maiy Longlcy, int. Nov. 36, 1844. 
Jonathan, and Mary Abbott [resident in Andorer. int.], Jan. 26, 

Joseph, and Prissilta Shed of Billerica, int Nov. tS, 1726. 
Joseph, and Mehetebel Barnard, May 16, lyst.* 
Joshua [of Methuen. int.] , and Martha Wright, Nov. 8, 1750." 
Joshua, and Ruth Bradley of Haverhill, int. Feb. i, 1806. 
Judith, and Daniel Huchinson, Nov. 10, r730.* 
Lucy, and Peter Kimbal! of Bradford, Oct. 13, 1791.* 
Lydea, and Joseph James [of Lancaster, int.], Sept. 9, i7S'-* 
Lydia, and James M, Hubbard, Dec. g, 1S34.* 
Margret, of Methuen, and Simon Wardwell, }r., int. Jan. 5, 1813. 
Mahitable, of Methuen, and Richard Barker, at Methuen, Mar. 

18, I74I.3.- 
Martha, and Christopher Carlton, at Newbury, July 6, 1715-* 
Martha, and Joseph Parker, July 4, 1734.* 
Mary, and William Barker, Apr. ao, r704. 
Mary, and Joshua Foster, May 7, 1730.* 
Mary, and Isaac Stevens, Oct 25, 1739." 
Mary, and Ezekiel Osgood, May 15, 1746.* 
Mary, and Ephr»m Chadwick of Boxtord, at Boxford, Feb. 7, 

Maiy, and Slmmeon Stevens, int. Jan. 3, 1762. 
Mary, and Jacob Astin, Nov. 10, i774- c R. 2.* 
Mary, wid., of Pelbam, and James Barnard, int. Mar. 11, 1775. 
Mary, and John Long, jr.. Mar. 9, 1797.* 
Mary, and John Kimbal, jr. [Kilbum. int.], of Bridgeton, Feb. 

33, i8o8.* 
Mary, and Daniel Low of Michigan City, Ind., int. June to, t837. 
MehetabSe, and Uriah BaUaril [jr. c. R. 3.], Sept. 15, i743* 
Mehetable, and Solomon Cole of Boxford, Feb. 4, 1766. c. k. i.* 
Mehetable, and Dudley Carlton of Bradford, int. Dec. 7, 1775. 
Mehetebel, Mrs. [wid. c. r, i.], and Capt: John Chickrin, Jan. 

31. »754-* 
Mehetebel, wid., and Samuel Hoyt [resident in Andover. int.], 

Mar. 2, I757-* 

'Intention also recorded. 



Bakkes, MehiUbel, and Richard Hall of Bradford, iat. Apr. 26, 

Mehitable, and John Whittier of Methueo, Feb. 37, 1770. 
Nathan, and Bethiah Bodwell, May 28, i7ii.* 
Nathan, and Ann Plats of Bradford, int. Dec. 11, 1736. 
Nathan, and Mary Mcarel of Newbury, int. Mar. 13, 1741-2 
Nathan, and wid. Mary Hutchinson, Aug. 13, 1760.* 
Nathan, and Mary Hutchinson, Dec. i, 1767." 
Nathan, jr., and Sarah Holt, Aug. is, 1788.* 
Nathan, yeoman, s. Stephen and Asenath, and Mary Jane Mar- 
ble, Apr. 19, 1847." 
Nehetniah, and Maiy Abbot, Nov, 13, 1759.* 
Phebe, and Job Marble, Mar. 2, I726-7.* 
Phebe, and Jedediah Holt, June 19, 1766.* 
Phebe, and John Wright of Middleton, int. Oct. 24, r778, 
Phebe, and Carter Sawyer of Bridgetown, Feb, 16, 1808." 
Pheneas, and Sarah How, May 7, 1761.* 
PhillemoQ, and Mary Lovejqy, Apr. 29, i724.* 
Phineas, and Nabby Forster, June 23, 1774^* 
Phineas, and Mary Stevens, Sept. 26, 1805.* 
Priscitla, and Nathaniel Fry, July 15, t7r4.* 
Piiscilla, wid., and Dt. Thomas Emiy of Kitteiy, int. July 8, 

Rebecca, of Methuen, and Moses Goodhue, int. Dec. 2, 1814. 
Richard, and Hannah Kemball, Apr. 21, 1682. 
Richard, and Sarah Graves, Aug. 2, 1705.* 
Richard, and Mahitable Barker, of Methuen, at Methuen, Mar. 

18, I74W-* 
Richard [of Pelhana. int.1, and Ann Famam, June 22, 1749.* 
Richard, and Hannah Abbot, Dec. 22, t8i8.* 
Richard, and [Mrs. int.] Beulah Livingston Tewksbuiy, Feb. 

18, i84i.» 
Richard, and Mrs. Hannah Stickney, Aug. 7, r842.* 
Samuel, and Sarah Gage, at Newbury, Oct. x6, 1708." 
Samuel, and Sarah Farnaum, May 13, 1725.* 
Samuel, jr. [3d. c. r. 1.], and Elisabeth Farnum, Apr. 2, t74r." 
Samuel [jr. c. r. i.], and Sarah Robinson, Apr. 10, 1746." 
Sam[ue]l [4th. int.j, and Mrs. Susanna Foster, May 4, 1766. 

C. R. r.* 
Samuel F., and Lydia Meriam, Nov, 8, 1821," 
Samuel F., widr., a. 51 y. farmer, s, Samfuejl and Hannah, and 

Emily Robinson, a. 44 y., d. Aaron and Sarah, Dec. 30, 


"laUntion abo recocded. 



Barker, Samuel M., a. 35 y., farmer, s. Samfuejl F. and Lydia, 

and Harriet E. Stevens [Smith, c. h. t.], of West Newbury, 

a- 17 y., d- Moses and Hannah of West Newbuiy, Jan. [13, 

C R. I.], i848.* 
Sara, and John Abbett, Nov. 17, 1673. 

Sarah, of Methuen, and John Messer, Mai. zg, 1727. c. R. i. 
Sarah, and William Smith of Boxford, Feb. 12, i727-8.» 
Sarah, and John Kemball of Bosfotd, int Sept. 7, 1744. 
Sarah, and John Haidey, residents in Andover, int. May 31, 1 746. 
Saiah, and David Cbadvick, Mar. i8, 1751.* 
Sarah, and Moses Wood of Boxford, at Boxford, Dec. jr, 1778.* 
Sarah, and Abncr Dodge of Bridgton, Feb. 21, i8o4.* 
Sarah, and Leonard Carlton of Boxford, int. Nov. 28, 1817. 
Stephen, and Mary Abbott, May 13, 1687. 
Stephen, and Sarah Chadwick [resident in Andover. int], June 

22, 1749.' 
Stephen, of Methuen, and Deborah Poor, Oct. 18, 1750." 
Stephen [jr. int.], and Alicne [Asenath. int.} Pearl of Boxford, 

at Boxford, Aug. 3, 1791." 
Susanna, and Moses Fcssenden of Newbury, int. Nov. 6, 1777. 
Susanna, and Nathan Foster, Mar, 16, 1790.* 
Susanna, and Dr. Samuel Johnson, Nov. 21, 1837.* 
Timothy, and Mehitable Kimball of Boxford, at Boxford, Nov. 

IS. I744-* 
Timothy, of Dracut, and wid. Dorothy Dillaway, Mar, 5, 1776.* 
Timothy, and Abiah Kimball of Bradford, at Bradford, Oct. 26, 

William, and Mary [M. or D]ix [Dix.CT. R.], Feb. 20, 1676, 
William, and Mary Barker, Apr. 20, 1704. 
William, and Martha Ingals, Mar. 10, ijig-^o.' 
William, and Mary Merrill of Newbury, at Newbury, May 13, 

William, of Lewiston, and Annis Austin, Jan. 21, i783.* 
William, and Sarah Kimbal of Bradford, int. Mar. ii, 1792. 
Zebadiah, and Elizabeth I»vjoy, Dec. 30, I7r7, 

BARKLY. Peter, and Ellen C. McDonald [O'Donald. int], Apr. 
6, 1841." 

BARNAKD (see also Barnerd), Abigail, and Oliver Scales [resi- 
dent in Andover. int.], Feb. 23, 1742-3." 
Abigail, and Samnel Downing, Mar. 22, 1764.* 

'Intention also lecorded. 




Barnard, Abigal, and Palfry Downing, Dec, 3, 1805." 

Daniel, and Betsey Curtis of Middletown, int. June 10, 1786. 

Daniel, of Bridgtown, and Samti Berry, int. Oct. 39, 1791. 

David, and Lydia Fryc, Dec, i, 1803," 

David, jr., and Sarah Merrill, Apr. 21, i822.* 

David, 3d, and Rebecca Poor, int Dec. 27, 1S33, 

Edwin H., of Lowell, and Angeline Lovejoy, int. Apr. ji, 1849. 

Elisabeth [Mrs. int.], and Samuel Phillips [jr. int.], July 11, 

Eliza, and Jonathan Stevens, 2d, int. July 26, 1844. 

Franklin, and Maiia Ann Plummer, Apr. t8, 1833.* 

Gilbert, and Hannah B. Jones, Mar. 19, 1846. c r, 2.* 

Hanna, and John Steevens, June 13, 1662. 

Hannah, and Joseph Marble, Apr. 23, 1695. 

Hannah, and Samuel Osgood, Nov. 9, 1727.* 

Hannah, and Hczekiah Stiles [of Middleton. int], Nov. 24, 

Hannah Jane, d. Jacob and Hannah, and Griffin Gibson of Boa- 
ton, tinman, Aug. 26, 1848, 

Henry F., and Mary A. Manning, Sept. la, r843." 

Hermon, and Elizabeth Stickncy, July 4, 1822." 

Jsaac O., and Eliza A, Mooar of Middleton, int. Nov. 26, i8aS. 

(acob, and Hannah Goldsmith, Dec. 18, 1817.* 

James, and Abigail Wilson, June 21 , 1716. c. r. i." 

James, and Sarah Holt, May 26, 1757. • 

James, and wid. Mary Barker of Pclhara, int. Mar, 11, 1775. 

James, jr. and Hannah Hawley, Sept. 6, 1791.* 

John, and Sarah Osgood, May 27, 1723^ 

lohn, and MehcUble Stiles of Middleton, int. Dec. 8, 173J. 

John, jr., and Allice Holt, Mar, 13, i739-40<* 

John, and Sarah Shattuck, Jan. 6, 1757.* 

John, jr., and Lydia Mooar, May 31, 1788.* 

John, jr., and Hannah Clark, June 4, 1816. [Jan. 4. c. R. i ; int. 
Nov, 17.]* 

John, and Rebecca Hidden of Pelham, N. H., int. Mar. 13, 

John, 2d pr. int.], and Eliza Means [Mears. int.]. May 21, 

Lydia, and Josiah Sawyer [of Dracut. int.], Sept 3, 1767.* 

Lydia, and Enoch Bailey, Sept. 12, '1835.* 

Lydia, and Enoch Frye, 3d, Sept. 29, 1836.* 

Mary, and Ebenezer Lovejoy, June 26, 1722.* 

Mary, and Isaac Shattock, Mar. 3, 1757.* 

'iDlentioti ateo lecoided. 



Barnard, Mehetebel, and Joseph Barker, May i6, 1751.* 

Molly, and Lewis Bailey of Haverhill [at Haverhill, dup.], July 
aa, I779-* 

Nancy, and John Downing, Dec. a, 1814.* 

Nathaniel, and Ruth Preston, May 10, 1733.* 

Orin, and Harriet Hill, May Si 1843.* 

Osgood, and Martha Lusccnnb of Methuen, int. Feb. la, 1824. 

Polly, and John Woodbury, Mar. 23, r837.* 

Rebecca, and Timothy Stevens, Jan. 9, 1731-2.* 

Rebecca, and Moses Seals [Scales, c. r. i ; resident in Andover, 
int.], Jan. ao, I735-6* 

Ruby, and Isaac M. Stevens, Nov. 17, 1842.* 

Ruth fwid. int.], and Joseph Poor, June 7, 1757.* 

Sarah [Mrs. int.], and John Tucker of Newbury, Aug. 27, 1747.* 

Sarah, and Jeremiah Kider of Tewksbury, iut Nov. 33, 1 750. 

Sarah, and Benjamin Stickney, May 30, 1805.* 

Stephen, jr., and Elisabeth SUver, of Methuen, at Methuen, May 
36, 1843." 

Theodore, and Hannah Osgood, Apr. 30, 1717. r, r. i." 

Theodore, widr., farmer, and Mehitable Goldsmith, wid., June i, 

Thomas, and Mrs. Elizabeth Price, Dec. 14, r686. 

Thomas, widr., and Mrs. Abigail Bull [of Salem, at Salem, dup.], 
Apr. 28, 1696. 

Tho[ma38, Rev., and Mrs. Lydia Goffe of Cam[bridg]e, at Cam- 
bridge, July 30, 1 704.* 

BARNEB, Rachel, and John Mansfield [resident in Woburn, 
int.], Aug. 18, i734,» 

fiAKNERl> (see also BarnaTd)..Stephen, and Hannah Baxby, Nov. 

4, r7i4.» 
Steven, and Rebecka How, May r, 1671. 

BARNES (see also Bams), Cbailes, of Leicester, and Mary V. 

Foster, Ndv. 17, i84i.» 
Eunice M., and John Taggart, int Oct. 10, 1846. 
Lydia, of Boxford, and Jesse Kimball, int. Nov, 16, 1839. 
M[oses. int.] D., and Eunice Mason, Sept. 33, 1839.* 
Phineas W., and Harriet M. Russell, residents in Andover, int. 

Feb. 19, 1845. 

■InlentioD ■!» iccoided. 



BARNETT (see also Bainot) , Issabella, a. 33 y., d. James and 

Margatett, and Charles B. Owler, of Lowell, a. ao y., printer, 

s. William and Margarett, Apr. 10, 1S46.* 
Thomas, of Reading, a. 23 y., painter, s. Jas and Margaret, and 

Catharine J. Hughes, a as y., d. Tho[ma]s and Catharine, 

Oct. 8, 1847.* 

BARHOT (see also Bamett), Rob[cr]t [Barnard, c. r. i.], and 
Rebecka Osgood, Sept, 14, i7io,» 

BARNS (see also Barnes), Comfort [of Brookfield. int.], and Sa- 
rah Abbott, Sept. 6, 1728." 

BARRET, Oliver, of Wilton, N. H., and Lucy K. Chandler, Feb. 
a8, i823» 

BARREY, Lucy, of Lynn, and Nath[anie]l Frye, int. Aug. 14, 
1 81 8. 

BARRON, Tho[ma]s, and Sally SutlifEe, Dec. 13, 1829.* 

BARTLBT (see also Baitlett), Jacob, o( Newbury, and Eleanor 
Hagget, Mat. 9, i76j.« 

BARTLETT (see also Bartlet), Charles L., and Emetine D. Lam- 

phear of Springfield, int. Apr. 23, 1834. 
Daniel, and Hannah Parker of Conco[rd}, int. Sept. 4, 1799. 
Epbiaim C, widr., of Methucn, a. 38 y., farmer, s. Thadeas and 

Sybyl, and Catharine Marble, a 30 y., Dec. 24, 1846.* 
Ezra W., and Mchitable E. Currier, both of Haverhill, Dec. 31, 

Hannah L., of NenbuTyport, and Joseph C. Rundlet, int. Jan. 3 


BARUS, Joanna, of Merrimac, N. H., and Henry Fietts, int. 
Mar. S, r8i6. 

.BASSETT, Nathaniel G., of Newburyport, a. 30 y., merchant, s. 
Nath[anie31 uid Betsy, and CaUteiine F. Roberts, a. 20 y., 
d. Jas and Harriett, Jan. 19, 1S48.* 

■iDtcntuM tlto lecorded. 



BATCHELDER (see also Bachelder, Bacheller, Bachetlor, Eatch- 

ellor), Betsy, of Wilton, and Jonathan Abbot, 4th, int. Oct, 

28, 1798. 
Daniel, and Rebecca Abbot, Apr. 6, 1775." 
Ezra [jr. int.], of Danvcrs, and Anna Brown, Dec. 17, 1795.* 
Harriet, of Reading, and Emerson Gould, int. Mar. 22, 1839. 
Joseph, and Judith Holt, June 11, 1777." 
Joseph, jr. and Phebe Holt, Dec. 17, 1778.* 
Joseph, of Reading, and Anna Jinkina, Dec. 17, 1789. • 
Josiah, Dr. [jr., of Beverly, intj.and Sarah Fowler, May 11, 

Judith and Abraham Upton [jr. c. r. 1,], of Reading, Apr. 27, 

Lydia, and John Frye, 3d, Mar. ii, 1779.* 
Rhoda, of Hampton Falls, N. H., and Sylvester Abbott, int Oct 

18, 1845, 

BATCHELLOR (see slso Batchclder), Joseph [jr. int.}, and Anna 

CalteiD, Sept 9, 1773. c. r. 2.* 
Theophilus, of Lynde, and Mrs. Zerviah Cornish, int. Nov. 11, 


BATES, Henry, and Mary R. Bechford, May 18, i8i8.* 
Joshua, Rev., of Dedham, and Anna Poor, Sept, 4, 1804.* 

BATTLES, Joseph, and Saloma Bennett of New Boston, N, H., 

int. June 2, 1841. 
Winslow, and Charlotte Wardwel], May 31, 183a.* 

BATTS, George, of South Reading, and Sally Bailey, int. Feb. 20, 

BAWLDING (see also Baldwin), Allis, of Billeiica, and Denis 
Townaen, July 16, 1785.* 

BAXBT (see also Bixby), Hannah, and Stephen Bamcrd, Nov. 

4, I7M-' 
Mary, and George Holt, June 7, 1716.* 

Mary, and Joseph Frost, jr. [ol Billerica. int], Feb. 21, I733-4-* 
Menab, and James Barker of Methuen, int Jijy 21, 1727. 
Thomas, and Deborah Elkins, Dec, 8, 1703, 

■Intention also lecorded. 



BAXTER, Jemima Ann [Barter, int.], a. 20 y., d. Jonathan and 
Betsy, and Briant A. Evans, a. zi y., farmei, s. Samuel and 
Lydia, May 17, 1846," 

William, and Elisabeth Lovejoy, July 13, 1742.* 

BAYLE (see also Bailey), Isaac [of Lunenburg. Int.], and Mary 

Lovejoy, Mar. 35, 1752." 
Molley, and James Kittreg, 3d of Tewksbury, int. Nov. 3, 1750. 

BAYLEY (see also Bailey), Abigail, Mrs., of Haverhill, and Mr. 

Isaac Osgood [jr. int.], at Haverhill, June 18, 1752." 
Eleanor, wid., of Tewksbuiy, and John Welch, int. Mar. r, 

John [of Bradford, int.], and Debora Lovejoy, Dec. 13, r733.* 
Joseph and Sarah Coalbum of Dracut, int. Dec. zr, 1734. 
Josiah [of Lunenburg, c. B. i ; ofTurkey Hills, int], and Eleta- - 

beth Stevens, Oct 31, ijiS* 
Molly, and David Jones, jr. [of Dracut. int.], Jane 27, 1765.* 
Moses, and Eliiabeth Moore, July 29, 1766.* 
Nathan, jr., and Deborah Johnson, Nov. 12, 1761.* 
Ruth, of Haverhill, and Benja[min] Wood, at Haverhill, Oct. 17, 

1 779.* 
Sarah, and Reuben Sawyer of Methuen, at Methuen, Nov, 15, 

William, and Rebecca Hildreth of Dracut, int. Apr. 27, 1771. 

BEAL (see also Becls), Catherine, of Hingbam, and John May- 
nard, int. Mar. 3, 1S39. 

BEAMAN, Gamaliel C., and Elizabeth G. Jacobs of Milton, int. 
Sept. 8, 1831. 

BBAN (see also Beane), Abby M,, d. Levi, and Albert M. Tyler 

of Lowell, mason, Oct 26, 1845. 
Abigail S., of Candia, N. H., and Abner Fifield, July 24, i836.* 
Arthur N., and Caroline E. Stickney, int Mar. 6, 1847. 
Joseph W., operative in factory, and Lucy S. D. Harris [bdth of 

Methuen. c. R. t.], Apr. 11, 1844. 

BEANE (see also Bean), Levi, and Mary Phelps, Mar. 12, iSi^.^ 
*lDteDtioii kIso recorded. 



BEARD, Mary, of Wilmington, and Abraham Stickney, jr., int. 

Mar. 7, r8o8. 
Mary, and John Mitchel, June 9, 1809,* 
Nancy [Barnard, c r. a.], and Benj[ami]D Needbam, Jan. 29, 

Ruben, and Clarisa Wilkins of Lyndeboro, N. H., int. Oct. 10, 

Samuel O., and Mary Wright of Tewkabury, int. Oct. 21, 184J. 

BECKFORD (see also BicWotd), Aaron, of Danville, Vt., and 

Hannah Montgomery, Oct. 30, 1797.* 
Betsey, and Joseph Johnson of Bradford, Vt., Feb. 12, 1795." 
Lucinda, of Salem, and John Howarth, int. July 13, 1833. 
Mary, and George Archer [jr. c. r, 2.], Jan. 29, t799-' 
Mary R., and Henry Bates, May 18, i8i8.» 

BEELS (see also Beat), Sally, of Boston, and James Osgood, 
int. Sept. a, t8o8. 

BEHAN, Mary, and John Lambert of Amesbury, int. July 31, 

BBIX, Caroline D., and William Goodhue, 2d, int. Dec. 12, 184S. 
Hannah, d. William, and John Clement, s. Benjfamijn, Juae 26, 

1846. c. R. 4.* 
Margaret, d. William and Orlando S. Morse, jr., a. Orlando S., 

Dec. 4, 1845. c, R. 4." 

BENIT (see also Bennett) , Wiliam [of Groton. int.] , and Hannah 
Pevey, Mar. 28, 1758." 

BENNET (see also Bennett), Mary, and Benjamin Wright, sol- 
dier, at Gloucester, Jan. 11, 1726. 

BENNETT (see also Benil, Bennet), Saloma, ot New Boston, 
N, H., and Joseph Battles, int. June 2, 1841. 

BERBY (see also Berry), Hannah, of Middleton, and Andrew 
Foster, jr., int Mar. 17, 1753- 

"Intention also recoideil. 



BERKY (see also Bcrey), Amos, and Rebecca C. Towne of Box- 
ford, int. Aug. r9, 1836. 
Andrew, of Middletovra, and Phebe Hutchinson, int. Apr. 33, 

Benjamin, [Middletown. int.], and Priscilla Smith, July i, 1736." 
Beni[ami]n, jr., and Phebe Perkins of Middleton, int. Mar. 30, 

Benjamin, Capt, and wid. Ruth Estes, Jan. 3, 1776.* 
Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Perkins, May 3$, 1784." 
Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Tucker, July 3, 1788.* 
Betsey, of Middleton, and Thomas Kimball, int. Nov. i, 1795. 
Daniel, Dr., and Susan Farnum oE Salem, Aug. 8, 1809.* 
Daniel, of Reading, and Dorcas Tweed of Wilmington, Dec. 13, 

Daniel G., and Susanna Berry, int. Oct. 15, 1843. 
Eben G., of Danvers, and Elizabeth J. Abbott, Sept. 12, 1831. 
Ebenezer, and Hitty Preston of Danvers, int. Feb. 9, 1808. 
Edward, and Lucy Gideons of Francistowo, N. H., int. Man 13, 

Elizabeth, and [Capt. int.] Benjamin Jenkins, jr., Sept. 27, 


Eunice, and Ebenezer Damon, jr., of Reading, May 37, 1821.* 
Eunice H., and Joseph Berry of Middleton, int. May 1, 1824. 
Hannah, of Salem, and William Perkins, at Salem, Apr. 3, 1738." 
Hannah, and Thaddeus Perry of Royalston [Vt], Sept. 27, 

Hannah, of Middleton, and Theodote Ingals, Sept. 11, 1793. 
Hannah, and Jo[h]Q P. Montgomery, Sept. 29, 1835," 
Hannah T. [Harriet T. c. r. 2.], and Elisha J efErey, both of Mid- 
dleton, May 17, 1843. 
Harriett, and Nathan Foster, jr., Dec. 35, 1833,* 
Hiram, a. 27 y., teacher, s. Jacob and Susanna, and Clarissa 

Foster, a. 24 y,, d. Moses and Sarah, July 29, 1847.* 
Israel, and Serena Town, Apr. ao, 1817." 
Jacob, and Susanna Winchester, May 9, 1816." 
John, and Eunice How of Middleton, int. July 14, 1774. 
John, jr., and Phebe Mclutire o{ Middleton, June 18, 1807.* 
Joseph [of Middleton. int.], and Rcbeca Holt, June 33, i742.* 
Joseph, of Middleton, and Eunice H. Berry, int Miv i, 1834. 
Joshua Downing, Rev., of Rochester, N. H., and Delia Carlton, 

d. Joseph Warren, of Methuen, Feb. 10, 1842. c r. 4. 
Louisa, d. Jacob, and Moses Goodhue, May 18, 1847. [May 25. 

C.R. I.]" 

'iDtentioti also lecorded. 



Berry, Lucy T., and Asa Angier, jr., Apr. zo, 1837. c. R. i.* 

Lydia A., and Dean Fuller of Middleton, Dec. 19,1822.0.8. i.* 

Mam, and Thomas Greenbank, int. Aug. 30, 1845. 

Mary, and Cornelias McDonald, int. Dec. 10, 1848. 

Nathaniel, and Lydia Town, June 24, 1800.* 

Phebe, and Joseph Doiman of Topsfield, int. Feb. 15, 1799. 

Fhebe, of Middleton, and John Long, jr., int. June 9, 1827. 

Piisscilla, and Simeon Ingals, int. Jan. i, 1784. 

Sarah, and Daniel Batnaid of Bridgtown, int. Oct. 29, 1792, 

Sarah, and Jonathan Ingalls, May 26, 1793.* 

Suaan G., of Methuen, and James Merrill, int. Mat. 31, 1838. 

Susanna, of Middletown, and Timothy Farnum, int. Sept. 33, 

Susanna, and Daniel G. Berry, int. Oct. 15, 1842. 
Tristam, and Harriet F. Clark, int. Mar. r;, 1S48. 

BEST, Elenor, and Timothy Gray, May 3, 1748." 

BEVERLY, Charlotte, and Charles K. Hadley, int. Mar. 31, 

Daniel, and Hannah Beverly, int. Apr. 20, 1806. 
David [of HaTerhill. int.], and Hannah Farnum, Nov. ri, 1J20.* 
David [jr. int.], and Ruth Clough [Hoyt. c. R. t.], July 7, r763.* 
Hannah, and Aron Town, Oct. ij, 1755." 
Hannah, and Daniel Beverly, int. Apr. 20, 1806. 
Joel, and Hannah Town, Sept. 6, 1819.* 
John, and Lydia Hildrith, Nov. 13, 1777." 
John, and Sally Bacon, Apr. 3, 1822.* 
Lydia, and Enos Dodge, May 23, 1805.* 
Mary, and Asa Town, Apt. 6, 1750.* 
Pamela, and John Swain, Apr. 4, 1824.* 
Phebe, and James Meeder, July 25, 1819.* 

BEVmS, Edward [resident in Andover. int.], and Mary Clark, 
Dec, ro, 1729." 

BICEFORD (see also Beckford), Henry M., teamster, and Ruby 

G. Swan, d. Joseph, July r, 1847.* 
Jesse, and Sarah B. Farnham, SepL 29, iB^6.* 

WCKNELL, David C, and Emily P. Randall of Boston, int. June 
10, 1848. 

'InteDtion also recorded. 



BIGELOW, Augustus E., and Abigail Edea ot Needham, lot. 

Aug 6, 1830. 
Lydia, of Colchester, Conn., aad Rev. Justin Ednatds, int. July 


BIGSBfi (see also Bixby), Mpphibosheth, and Mary Emtnons of 
Camb[ridgc]e, at Cambridge, May 28, 1713-* 

BIGSBIE (see also Bixby), Daniel, and Hannah Chandler, Dec. 
2, 1674- 

BIGSBY (see also Bixby), Experience, and Wiliam Abbot, June 

4, I747-* 
Hannah, and David Osgood, Feb. 35, i746-7.* 
Joseph, and Experience Frost, June 12, i7a3-.* 

BILUNGTON, John, and Saiah Ann Holt, int. Mar. 7, 1847. 

BINGHAM, Bcnjafmin] , resident in Andovei, and Mary Snuth, 

int. July 10, 1784. 
Henry, and Ann Walker, int. Dec. 2, 1845- 
. John and Mary Deleny of Lowell, int. Dec. 28, 1844. 
Mary Lee, of Machester, and Timothy Carlton, int. Jan. 23, 

BISHOP, Margeret, of Roxbury, and Zackariah Chaodlei, int. 
Dec. 31, 1715. 

BIXBE (see also Bixby), Mariah [of Methuen. int.], and Jiunes 
Barker, Sept. it, 1727, c, H. i." 

BIXBY (see also Baxby, Bigsbe, Bigsbie, Bigsby, Bixbe), Alvin, 

and Nancy Walwork, int. Aug. 26, r845, 
Moses P., and Vesta H. Jackson of South Paris, Me., int. July 5, 

Samuel, ofBoxford, and Eleanor E. Johnson, Feb. 4, 1830. 

BLACK, Abigail, of Boxford, and Timothy Sessions, at Boxford, 
Feb. 37, 1738. [int. Nov. 4, 1738.]* 

BLACKBURN, Mary Ann, and Thomas Walworth, Dec. 25, 1830.* 

BLACKMER, Joel B., of Ridgeway [Ridgebury. int.], N. Y., a. 
30 y., church clerk, s. J., and Elizabeth West Abbott, a. 
38 y., d. Amos and Esther, Oct. 20, 1844.* 

■Intentioii also lecoided. 



BLAIR, Lydia, and Robert Steward, Feb. 22, i732-3.» 

BLAISDALL, Mary, of Windham, N. H., and Abiel Upton, Sept. 
25. 1834.* 

BLAKE, Benia[min] S., and Livonia Tucker, of Salisbury, int. 
Aug. 15, 1846. 

David, of Wolfboro, and Joanna Messcr, int. Dec. i, 1785- 

Frances Louisa, of Kcenc, N. H., and John Orcutt, int. June 16, 

Jenisfaa, of Boston, and James Holton, resident in Andover, int. 
May 19, 1756. 

Jos[eph] P., and Elizabeth H. B. Bradley, d. Jos[cph] and Char- 
lotte, Sept. 4, r845.» 

Prudence, and Moses Tyler, July 6, 1666. 

BLANCHARD (see also Blancherd, Blanckett), Aaron, and Nelte 
Holt [Nelle or Elenor. c. r. 2.], Jan, 5, 1763* 

Aaron, and wid. Mebitable Chase, Sept. ai, 1789.' 

Abel, and Elizabeth Frye, May 3T, 1827. t. c* 

Abigail, and Samuel Holt, Feb. 14, 1760.* 

Amos, and Allis Foster of Tewksbury, int. July 10, 1 798. 

Amos, jr., and Elizabeth Jenkins, Jan. 14, 1803. • 

Amos F., and Martha F. Mills of Tewksbury, int. Apr. 27, 1843. 

Anne, and Jonathan Danforth, of Dunstable, int. Feb. 26, 1742-3. 

Bathshe[ba], of Wilton, and Daniel Barker, int. July r, 1768. 

Benjamin, of Dunstable, and Elisabeth Holt, int. Oct. i, 1743. 

Benja[min], and Sarah Griffin of Tewksbury, Jan. 3, 1775. 
C. R. a." 

Caleb, and Lucy Gould of Chelmsford, int. May 1, 1787. 

Daniel, and Jerusha Eaton, Sept 29, 1757.* 

David, and Rebecca Frost, Aug. lo, 1725.* 

David, and Margaret Doliver,Nov. 11, 1760." 

Deborah, and Joseph Abbott [jr. c. r. 2.], Aug. 12, 1731." 

Deborah, and Zebadiah Chandler, jr., June 19, 1750." 

Dinah, and Joseph Blanchard, jr., int. Sept. 27, 1753. 

Dinah [wld. c r. 3.], and Reubin Abbot of Concord, N. H., 
Jan. 12, 1786.- 

Elizabeth, and William Chandler, Nov. 31, 1725.* 

Eunice, and Peter Johnson, Aug. 26, 1773.* 

Hannah, and Stephen Osgood, May 34, 1699. 

Hannah, and Stephen Blanchard, jr.. May 19, 174S.' 

•Intention aI«o reoorded. 



Biju^ckard, Hannah [Mrs. c. k. i.], and Isaac Fox, Oct i, 

Hannah, and Samuel Gilman Woodbridge, May 39, I794-* 

Hannah, and Enoch Brown of Salem, Jan. 13, 1803.* 

Henry, and Poly Crosby of Billerica, int. Jan. 3, 1807. 

Isaac, and Rhoda Oagood, Jan. 10, 1838. c. r. 3.* 

James, and Elizabeth Pierce, May 16, 175S.* 

James, and Abigail Smith, Mar. 9, 1762.* 

Jeremiah, and Dorothy Smith, May 17, i7S9-* 

Jeremiah, and Susanna Martin, Aug. — , r77a. c. r, r.* 

John, and Eleanor Stevens, Feb. S. 1761." 

John, and Dorcas Osgood of Tewksbury, int. Apr. 27, t789. 

John [jr. int.], of Billerica, and Molly Holt, Oct. i, 1794.* 

Jonathan, and wid. Hannah Wimen of Woburn, int. Feb. 37, 

Josepb, and Sarah Abbott, Apr. 4, 1731.' 
Joseph, jr., and Dinah Bl[anjchard, int Sept. 27, r7S3. 
Joseph, and wid. Mary Frost of Tewksbury, int May r7, 1758. 
Joseph, and Hannah Mooar, Feb. 27, i786,* 
Joshua, and Eliza Jane Hayward, Oct. 6, 1S34.* 
Joshua, a. 35 y., machinist, s. Joshua and Mary, and Thankful 

Hunter, a. 30 y., d. Solomon, May 7, 1S46.* 
Josiah, and Sarah Blanchard, Dec. 23, 1730." 
Josiah, jr., and Lydia Jenkins, Oct. 17, 1765. c r. 3.* 
Josiah, and Sally Sawyer of Reading, int. Feb. 9, 1839. 
Jotham, of Lyndeboro, N. H., and Sarah Holt, Mar. 16, rSzo.* 
Lucy, and Daniel Marsh, Apr. i3, 1803. • 
Lydia, and Jonathan Holt, Feb, 10, 1734-5.* 
Lydia [wid. c, r. 2.], and Qbadiah Wood, May S, 1 794.* 
Lydia, and Benjamin Shed o£ Tewksbury, Feb. 33, 1 796." 
Lydia H,, a. 18 y., d. Abel and Elizabeth, and Amoa Abbott, ad, 

a. 33 y., farmer, s. Job and Lucy, Dec. 24, 1846.* 
Maiy, and Thomas Phelps, July 4, i72i.* 
Mary, and Edward Tayler [of Dracut. int.J, Jan. rr, 1743-3." 
Mary, and Jacob Barker, Nov. 16, 1749.* 
Nathan, and Bathsheba Abbot, July 2, 1752.* 
Nelly, and Samuel [Benjamin, int.] Danforth of LynnReld, Aug. 

24, 1794.* 
Phebe, and James Brown, Dec, 5, 1734.* 
Priscilla, wid., and Ebenezer Rand, Jan. ro, r76o,* 
Rebecca, and Isaac Gray, Nov, 30, 1733.' 
Rhoda, of Billerica, and Samuel Abbot [jr. int.], at Billerica, Jan. 

36, I786.» 

■IntentioD alio recorded. 



Blanchard, Ruth, and Benj[aini]ii Tenny of Hollis [N. H.], 

Jan. 28, 1772.' 
Samuel [jr. mt.], and Kuth Tenncy of Newbuiy [Rowley, int.], at 

Newbury, May 35, 1748.* 
Sini[u]el, jr., and Lucy Ballard, June 28, 1775. c, r, z, [intjunc 

Sarah, and Josiah Blanchard, Dec. 23, 1730.* 

Sarah, Mrs. [wid, int.], and Capt- Wiliam Lovejoy, Nov. 28, 

Stephen, and Deborah Phelps, Aug. 10, i724'* 
Stephen, jr., and Hannah Blanchard, May 19, 1748-* 
Thomas, and Rose Holmes of Matshfietd, Mar. 22, 1698-9. 
Thomas, and Jude Hill of Maiden, int. Jan. 20, 1725-6. 
Thomas [jr. c, r. a.], and Elizabeth Johnson, Oct. 7, 1731.* 
Thomas, 3d, and Prescila Russ, Nov. 17, 1757.* 
Thomas, and Lois Burt, Mar. 12, 1782.* 
William [jr. int.], of Wilmington [Boston, int.], and Caroline M. 

Greene, May 10, 1836, c. r. 4." 

BLANCHERD (see also Blanchard), Abigail, wid., and Joseph 

Phelps, Dec. 22, 1772. c. r. a.* 
Anne, and Timothy More, May iz, i7r2.* 
Benjamin, and Mary Abbott, Dec. 29, i7r8." 
Sam[ue]ll, and Sarah Johnson, Mar. 3r, 1708-9." 
Thomas, and [wid. int.] Hannah Gowin [of Lynn, int.], Sept. 

21, r7i5.» 

BLANCKETT (see also Blanchard), Johnathan, and Anne Love- 
joy, May 26, 1685. 

BLISS, Asher, and Cassandra Hooper of Boylston, int. Aag. 10, 

BLODGETT, Edward P., Rev., and Mary S. Webb, July la, 1843.* 

Fanny, and Joseph W. Tuttle, int. Oct. rj, 1831. 

Mary [md. int], and Sam[ue]ll Preston, sr., Sept. 24, 1713.* 

BLOOD, Albert, and Eliza Smith, Oct. 16, 1842." 
Hitty, and Timothy Bailey, jr., Dec. 10, i8r i." 
Jonathan, and Elizabeth Lunt of Lowell, Sept 16, 1839. 
Marshall [2d. int.], and Mary Cornelle, June 30, i84i.» 
Rogers, and Martha Coch can, Nov. 3, 1815." 
•Intention bIm recorded. 



BLUNT, Abigail, and Asa Allen of [Barrington. int] Rhode 
Island, Nov. i, 1781.* 

Ann, and Sylvester Stanley of Wilmington, June 12, 1828. • 

Anna, and Henry Holt, Jan. 27, 1803. • 

Bathsheba, and John Lovjoy, May iz, 1703. 

David, and Lydia Foster, Feb, 14, I727-8.* 

David, and Mary Pearse of Portsmouth, int. Apr. 7, 1739- 

David, and Ruth Tay [of Wilmington, int.], Dec. ii, 1769.' 

David, and Folly Dunlap, int. Aug. 3, 1804. 

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Eames [of Boxtord. int.], Apr. 10, iT3&.* 

Eliza, and Henry Jaquith, Mar. 13, r8a8,* 

Ephraim [of Suncook. int,], and Zerviah Abbott, Sept. 17, 1745-" 

Hamboruugh, and Mehittabetl Johnson, Jan. 11, i704[-S. 
c. R. I.],* 

Hannah, and Ezra Carter of Wilmington, Aug. 10, r773. C. R. 2.* 

Hannah, and John C. Allen, May 15, 182:.* 

"saac, and Maty Chandler, Apr. 8, 1746,* 
Isaac, and [wid. int.] Mary Herrick [resident in Andover. int.], 

Nov. 27, 1760.* 
saac, jr., and tois Phelps, Dec. 13, 1791." 
Isaac [jr. c. r, 2.], and Dolly Burnhatn, Sept. 5 , i8i2.* 
ohn, and Sarah Eames of Wilmington, at Wilmington, Oct. 26, 

John K., and Abigail [A, int.] Boardman, Nov. 37, 1832.* 

Lydea, and Thomas Abbot, jr., Feb. la, 1756.* 

Mary, and Henry Grey, May 3, 1699. 

Mary, and Jeremiah Leavitt, May 2, i77r. c, r. a.* 

Mary, and William Durant, Feb. 13, 1818.* 

Mary P., and Peter S. [F. int.] Shed, Oct. 23, iBz$.* 

Mehitabel, and Henry Holt, June 23, 1790.* 

Samuel P., and Peisis Bodwell, Nov. 23, 1820.* 

Sam[ue]ll, and Elizabeth Dane [of Concord, int.], Apr. 10, 


Sarah, and Thomas Oakes [of Medford. int.], Nov, 26, 1730.* 
Sarah, and David Webster of Haverhill, Oct. 13, 1774. c. R. 2.* 
Tabatha, and Isaac Holt, jr., Dec, 6, r789.* 
William, and Elizabeth Ballard, d. William, at Chelmsford, Nov. 

William, and Dinah Barker, Oct. 24, 1781.' 

BLT. Betsey, and Josiah White of Ashbumham, May 13, 1840. 
c. R, 6. 

"iDtentioD also recorded. 



BOARD, Ruthy, of Wilmington, and Thomas Holt, int. May 8, 

BOARDHAN (see also Bordman), Abigail [A. int.], and John K. 

BiuDt, Nov. 27, 1832.* 
Amos, of Reading, and EHz[abe]th Hutchinson, Dec. aa, 1772.* 

BODLE, Eliza M., of Amherst, and Edward C. Upton, int. Feb. 
37. 1841. 

BODWEL (see also Bodwell), Mary, and Timo[thy] Merick, Dec. 
S, 1728. C.R. I. 

BODWELL (see also Bodwel, Bodwill, Bordwell), Almira, and 

Amos C. Merrill, Feb. 24, 1839." 
Bethiah, and Nathan Barker, May 28, i7ti.* 
Daniel, Capt., of Methuen, and [Mrs. c. R. i.] Ruth IngalJs, 

Apr. 14, i76r.* 
Daniel, and Lydia Wiggin, Sept. 4, r836.* 
Daniel, and Rhoda H. Merrill of Methuen, int. Aug. 14, 1841, 
Hannah, of Methuen, and Timothy Poor, int. Nov. za, 1823. 
Hazen, and Huldah How of Methuen, int May 8, 1829. 
Henry [}t. of Methuen. int.], and Mary Robbioson, Sept. 10, 

James [of Haverhill, int.], and Mary Parker, Feb. 6, r7ro-ii.* 
James, of Methuen, and Sarah Astin, int. Sept. i, 1739. 
Lucinda, Mrs., and Bodwell Richardson, int. Dec. 1 1, 1841. 
Lydia, and Bwijamin Stickney, Dec. 29, 1836." 
Mary, and Andrew Thompson, Apr. a, 1833.' 
Parker, of Methuen, and Hannah Abbot, Feb. 27, 1776- c. R. a.* 
Persis, and Samuel P. Blunt, Nov. 23, 1820.* 
Ruth, of Methuen, and [Ens. int] Josiah Abbott, at Methuen, 

May IS, 1784.' 

BODWILL (see also Bodwell), Sarah, wid., and John Tipet of 
Methuen, int. June 13, r7S2. 

BOIES, John [resident in Andover. int.], and Hannah Gragg 
[Gr^. int?), Sept. i, i768.» 

BOLES, see Bools. 

BOLHAN, John, and Elizabeth Pritsh, Aug. 25, 1795-* 

*lDtetition *lio recorded. 



BOLTON (see also Boulten) , Elisabeth, wid., resident in Ando- 

ver, and Timothy Dormon of Boxford, int Dec. 33, 1738. 
Elizabeth, and Abraham Mills, int. Apr. 35, 1840. 

BOND, James, and Louisa Kidder of Tewksbury, int. Oct. 31, 

BOOLS, John [Boles, int.], of Ipswich, and Mary Martin, Dec 
t8, 1706. c. R. I.* 

BOOTH, Ann, and John Munn, int. Aug. i, 1846. 
Elizabeth, and Thomas Clegg, int. Oct. 6, 1845. 
Rebecca, and James Brierly, int. Aug. ai, 1847. 

BORDEN, Bradford [Birden, of Cohoes, N. Y. int.], and Sarah 
L. Frye, Dec. lo, 1835* 

BORDHAN (see also Boardman), William, of Reading, and Abi- 
gail Allen, int. Mar. 9, 1810. 

BORDWELL (see also Bodwell), Simeon, and Almira E. Plum- 
mer. Mar. 16, 1843. 

BOTHAN (see also Butman), Eliza[beth], of Merrimac, N. H., 
and Elijah Long, int. Jan. 20, 1816. 

BOULTBN (see also Bolton), William [of Reading, int.], and 
Elizabeth White, Jan. 5, 1719-20." 

BOUTWELL (see also Bowtwell), Abigail, ol Wilmington, and 
Isaac Chandler, 3d, at Wilmington, Dec. 10, 1783.* 

Asaph, and Fidelia Eaton of Fitcbburg, int. Sept 8, 1S31. 

George, and Fanny Hide of Newton, int. May 20, 1837. 

Ja[rae]8 [of Lyndeboro, N. H. int.], and Mary P. Abbot, Apr. 10, 
1837. c H. 2.* 

BOWERS, Francis, and Elizabeth Holt, Feb. 38, 1771. c. r. 2.* 
Francis [jr. c. R. 3.], of Greenfield, N. H., and Cloe Holt, Oct 

33, 1798.* 
Phillip, of Billerica [of Andovei. int], and Cloe Fryc, June 33, 


'Intention also recorded. 



BOWKER, Ethan L., and Sarah S. Howard of Milford, int Apr. 
i>, 1842. 

BOWMAN, John, of Bedford, and Hannah Frye, Sept. 19, lySi.* 
Nathaniel, Dr., of Gorham, and Sally Johnson, Oct. 13, 1789.' 
Tryphena M., of Sunderland, and Moses Abbot, jr., int. Apr. 23, 

BOWTWELL (see also Boutwell), Jonathan pr. int.], of Wil- 
mington, and Jemimah Hardy, Feb. rg, T79S.* 

BOYCE, see Boies. 

BOYBEN, Joshua, and Caroline Jane Hayden of VVinslow, Me., 
int. May 6, r848. 

BOYNTON, Amos, and Clarisa Richardson of Dracut, int. Apr. 3, 

Benj[ami]n, and Belinda Pearsons of Lynnfield, int. Mar. 7, 

David, and Elizabeth Araes, Nov, 29, 1810.* 
Elizabeth, and John M[ooar. int.] Bailey, Dec. 5, 1811." 
Hannah, and John Crosby, Apr. 19, 1793.* 
Hepzibah, and James Chandler Qr, int.]. Sept 22, r8i4.* 
John, and Louisa Ann Fogg of Bradford, int. Sept. 12, rS4r. 
Jonathan, and wid. Mary Mooars, Dec. 13, r78i.* 
Mary, and Isaac Catlton of Pelham [N, H. int.], May 26, 1801." 
Mary, resident in Andover, and Benjamin Ames, Esq., of Bath, 

May r, 1809. C. R. 2.* 
Mary, and William Otis [of Leominster, int.], June 22, 1830. 

C. B. 3.* 

Molty, and Nathan Lovejoy, May 6, 1773. c. r. 3.' 
Moses, and Mary Osgood, Dec. 25, 1777.* 
Moses H., and Julia A. Spear of Lovell, int. Dec. 3, 1849. 
Rebecca, and Benj[ami3n Abbot, 4th, Dec. 24, r8i8.* 
Thomas, and Hannah Ames, int. May 32, 1772. 
Thomas, jr., and Rebecca Bailey, Nov. 19, r7gg. c. R. 2." 
Thomas, and Sophia [Hannah Sophia, c R. 3.] Richardson, both 
of Dracut, at Dracut, May 30, 183S. 

BRADBRT (see also Bradbury), Sally, of Haverhill, aid Dudley 
Foster Holt, int. June r4, 1813. 

'Inlendon ilto recoTded. 



BRADBURT (see also Bradbry), Hannah, of Haverhill, and Wil- 
liam G. Kimball, int July 5, 1832. 
Mary, of Haverhill, and Isaac Em eison, int. Mar. 24, 1831. 

BRADDOCK, Elizabeth, and Joseph Holt, jr., Oct. 18, iSai." 
Sarah, and John Taylor [Jonathan, int]. Mar. i, 1830. c. ». 3.» 

BRADLEY (see also Bradly), Ann, and Leonard D. White of 

Haverhill, int. May i, 1819. 
Betsy, and Eliphalet Fayson of Wiscasset, July 15, 1802.* 
CaroliDe L., a. 25 y., d- Joseph and Charlotte, and Amos Adams 

of Wobuin, a. 39 y., coidwainei, s. John and Susan, May 14, 

Elizabeth H. B., d. Jos[eph] and Charlotte, and Jos[eph3 P. 

Blake, Sept. 4, 1845.* 
George, and Louisa Adams, June 30, 1825.' 
George, and Susan Shattuck, Oct. 39, r839.* 
Hannali [wid. c. K. i.], resident in Andover, and John Guttetson 

of Methuen, July 28, 173s-* 
Harriet B., a. 28 y., d. Joseph and Charlotte, and Charles Fur- 

ber, a. 28 y., mechanic, s. Joshua and Alcey, Dec. 25, 184s.* 
Harriet S. [Mrs. int.], and Alfred Putnam, Dec. 13, 1843.* 
John, and [Fan]ney Swan of Methuen, int. Nov. 27, 1811. 
Jonathan, of Haverhill, and Sarah Osgood, at Haverhill [int. Feb. 

11. 1773-]* 
Jonathan [Lt. int.], and Sally Ayer of Haverhill, at Haverhill, 

Apr. 14, 1791.- 
Jonathan, jr., and Sallay Webster of Haverhill, int Jan. 8, i8r4. 
Joseph, oi Haverhill, and Polly [Maty, int.] Osgood, at Haver- 

hiU. Mar. 38,1781.* 
Joseph, and Charlotte Barker, July 2, i8ii.* 
Mary, and Joseph Poor, Apr. i5, i8oi.* 
Maiy, of Methuen, and Nathaniel Loud, int Feb. r, 1812. 
Mary Ann, and Charles A. Butterfield, Dec. 8, 1831.* 
Mary Osgood, and John Poor, 3d, Dec. 28, 1804, • 
Mary T., of Hampstcad, N. H., a. 18 y., and Geo[rge] W. Fish, 

a. 23 y., cordwainer, s. Eben and Abigail, Nov. 25, i84;.* 
Ruth, of Haverhill, and Joshua Barker, int. Feb. r, 1806. 
Sally, and Moses McFarland of Haverhill, int. July 8, r 797. 
Sarah F., a, 23 y., d. Joseph and Charlotte, and Laurence T. 

Wright, a. 29 y., carpenter, s. Page and Sarah, Dec. 13, 

Sarah S., and Benjamin A. Dane of Methuen, int May 31, 1845. 
'Intention abo lecorded. 



Bradley, Susan Jane, a. 24 y., d. Jonathan and Sally, and Rev. 
Newton T[homas. int.] Jones, of Loudon, N. H,, a. 27 y., 
clergyman, s. Amasa and Mary, Nov. 30, 1 848,* 

Thomas, and Mehitable Carlton of Bradford, int. May 3, 1796. 

Timothy [jt. c. h. i.], of Concord, N. H,, and Sarah Forster, Dec. 
"S. I773-* 

William, of Worcester, and Harriot Shattuck, May — , iSafi,* 

BRADLT (see also Bradley), Joshua, of Dracut, and Mary Poor, 
Nov. 4, 1790.* 

BRADSTREET, Dorathy, Mrs., and Seaborn Gotten, June 14, 

Dudly, and Mrs. Ann Price, Nov. 12, 1673- 
Elijah, and Phebe Ingalls, Juoe 3, 1790.* 
Hanna, Mrs., and Andrew Wirkin [Wiggen. ex. r. ; Witkin. 

T. c], June 3, 1659. [June 8, cr. r.] 
Harriet, and William Kay [Ray. int.], Oct. 23, 1834.* 
Maria, and [Dr. c. R. 1,] Nelson Gardner of Danvers, May 4, 

Mercy, Mrs, [Mary. cr. r.], and Nathanidl Wade, Oct. 31, 1672. 

[Oct. 29. CT, r.] 
Moses, 3d, o£ Rowley, and Mary Kimball, Nov. 29, 1808. c. R. 2.* 
Dudley, Mr., and Mary Wainwrrght [of Haverhill, int.]. May 4, 


BRAGG, Dorcas, and Samuel Farnura, Feb. 22, 1775-" 

Ingalls, and Polly [Molly, int.] Frye, May 9, 1 776.* 

Ja[me]s F,, jr., of Andover, Me., and Sarah Ann Montgomery, 

Oct. 20, i834.» 
John, and Anne Parker, May 8, 1753." 
John, and wid. Atta Frost, Nov. 22, 1792.* 
Lydia, and Isaac Poor, Apr. 28, 1791.* 
Mary F., and Jonathan P. Stevens, Sept. 10, 1831.'' 
Ruth, and Jonathan Abbot, 5th, Nov. 10, 1768,* 
Sarah, and Enoch Adams of Newbury, Aug. 6, 1778.* 
Susanna, and Jonathan Stevens, Dec. 15, r773.* 
Thomas, and Dorothy Ingalls, Mat. 5, 1745-6." 

BRANDON, Martha, of Cambridge, and Sam[ue]l Osgood, jr. 
int Dec. 4, 1774. 

BRAT, Diana, and John Russell, jr., July 21, 1799. c. r. 2.' 

'Intention also recorded. 



BREBD, Asa, of Lynn, and Betsey [Elizabeth, int.] Nichols, May 
23, 1809. c, R. 2.* 

BRENNAN, William, and Mary Murphy, int. July 28, 1845. 

BRETTRECH, Sarah [Brelhreck. int.], and James Rhodes, Mar. 

32, 1847. C. R. 4.* 

BREWER, Samuel N. [of Boston, int.], apothecary, and Hannah 
A. Foster, d. Tho[ma]3 C, May 6, 1845.' 

BRIALT (see also Brierly), Ann, and James Buckley, Apr. 18, 


BRIARLY (see also Brierly), John, and Sarah Shepherd, Sept. 4, 

Jonathan, and Efea Cree, Feb. ij, i837.» 

BRIDGE (see also Bridges), John, of Danvers, and Satiy Stevens, 

at Danvers, Jan. 15, I799-" 
Nelly [Eleanor, int.], and Col. James Varnum of Dracut, at Dra- 

cut, Feb. 12, I793-* 

BRIDGES (sec also Bridge, Beiges), Abigail, and Andrew Newall 

of Boston, Oct. 21, 1779-* 
Anna, of Tewksbury, and Timothy Osgood, 3d, int. Feb. ii, 1797. 
Bethia, and Philemon Dalton [of Hampton, int], July 15, 1720.* 
Betsey, and Jeduthun Abbot, jr., Jan. 17, i8o5.* 
■Chloe, and Timothy Osgood, jr., Mar. 13, 1765.* 
Dorcas, and Thomas Leanerd of Medford, June 6, 1793.* 
Dorcas, and James Tyler of Gorham, Feb. 6, i8oo. 
Elizabeth, and Joseph Parker, Oct. 7, 1680. 
Elizabeth, Mrs. [wid. int.],and E be nezcr Stevens, Jan. 15, 1793." 
Fidela, and Elias W. Kettle, Feb. 21, 1809. c. h. i* 
Hannah, and Samuel Preston, Apr. 8, 17 23.* 
Isaac, and Maria Barbary Louisa Weygeret of New York, at New 

York, May 23, 1796. 
James, and Sarah Marstone, May 24, 1692. 
James, and Ellenor Moodcy of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec. a8' 

James, and Maiy Abbott, Aug. 31, 1738." 
James, 3d and Mary Montgomery, Dec. ii, 1781.* 
James, jr. and wid. Elizabeth Dabney, June 31, 1787.* 
*lDteDticni also recoided. 



Bridges, John, and wid. Mary Post, Mar. i, 1677-8. 

John, and Mary Spaulding of Tewksbury, int. Jan. 18, 1762, 

Levi R. [K. int.], rigger, and Abigail S, Haidy, unm., d. Solomon 

Symonds [j(V.], Nov. i, 1846.* 
Mary, and Daniel Greenleaf of Newbutyport, June 2, 1785.* 
Mary, and Samuel Frye, 3d, Mar. 5, 1805.* 
Mary M., a. aj y., d. Moody and Rebecca, and Isaac Carlton of 

Boston, a. 32 y., provision dealer, s. Chrislopher and Mary, 

Jan. 27, i846.» 
Moody, and wid. Mary Foster, May 28, 1787.* 
Moody [Lt. int.], and Rebecca Osgood, July 12, 1819.* 
Nancy, and [Capt. int.] "SamQel Herbert of Concord, N. H., 

Feb. ri, 1823." 
Patty [Martha, int.], and Capt. Nath[anie]U Thurston of Brad- 
ford, Nov. 18, T791.* 
Phebe, and Samuel Slader [Slater, int.] of Ackworth [N. H. 

int.], Feb. 28, 1796.* 
Richard B., and Sarah G. Lovejoy, int. Aug. 21, 1831, 
Ruby, and James Jewett of Portland, Sept. 10, i8oo.* 
Ruby, and Eben[eze]r C. Preston of Boston, Mar. 3, 1823.* 
Saridi, and Sara[ue]l Preston, Apr. 2, 1694. 
Sarah, and Nathan Frye,at Newbury, July 6, 1715-* 
Sarah, and John Dane [Dean. c. k. i.J, of Exeter, Oct. 6, 1778.* 
Sarah, and Moses Greeiy of Salisbury, N. H., int. Apr. 23, 1836. 
Susanna, and Isaac Snow of Charlston [Charlestown. int.], Dec. 

I, 1 788.* 
Tryphena, and Daniel C. Brown [of Boston, int.], Dec, 26, 

BRIERLT (see also Brialy, Briarly) , Elizabeth, and Jonathan 

Wallwork, Sept. t, iSag." 
James, and Rebecca Booth, int. Aug. 21, t847. 
James, a. 33 y., machinist, s. David and Elsey, and Mary K. 

Denison, a. 23 y., d. Joseph and Anna, Dec. 3, 1848.* 
Mary, a. 2 a y., d. David and Alice, and David Manock of North 

Anson, Me,, a. 24 y,, manufacturer, Jan. 29, 1846." 

BRIGDON, Cesar, and Beulah Brown, residents in Andover, May 

BRIGES (see also Bridges), Abigal, and Jacob Tyler [jr. in t.], 

Nov, 23, 1749.* 
Elenor, and Moses Tyler, Apr. 17, 1755.* 
■Intentioii alM tecordecl. 



Briges, James, and Marey Mitchel [resideDt in Andover. int.], 

Sept. 4, I7S5-* 
Mary, and John Fisk, May 31, 1750.* 
Mowley, and Nama Frie, Nov. s. I747-" 

BRIGGS, Anne, d. Benj[amin] and James Stott, s. Jonas [resi- 
dents in Andover. int.], Jane 18, 1846, c. R. 4.* 

Hannah C, Mrs., of Dedham, and Samuel Retchcr, int. Jan. 30, 

Sarah, and Isaac Lovejoy, 4th, Aug. zg, 1805.* 

BWSTER, Eunice [Freeman, int.], and Moses Richardson, July 
ig, 1819. c. B. 1." 

BROCK, Sarah, of Marblehead, and Dudly Woodbridge, at Mar- 
blehead, Jan. 16, 178s.* 

BROOKS, Betsey, of Lincoln, and Timothy Frye, at Lincoln, 

Nov. 9, 1786.* 
Susannah, of Athol, and Samuel Cochian, int. Jan. 17, 1798. 
William Gray, of Boston, and Maiy Ann Phillips, Sept. 9, 1833.* 

BROOMFIELD, Sarah, of Harvard, and Eliphalet Pearson, at 
Harvard, Sept. 29, 1785.* 

BROWN (see also Browne), Anna, and Ezra Batchelder [jr. 
int.] of Danvers, Dec. 17, 1795." 

Aitemus, of Worcester, and Lydia H. WardwcH, Apr, 18, 1831. 
[Apr. 13. c. R. 2.]' 

Asa M., and Amanda Parker of Cavendish, Vt., int. Sept. 26, 

Beulah, and Cesar Btigdon, residents in Andover, May 1 2, 1 791." 

Cyrus, and Harriot Weston, Apr. 13, 1826." 

Daniel C. [of Boston, int.], and Tryphena Bridges, Dec. 26, 

Edward, of Salem, and Eliza 0. Dalton, July 21, 1842." 

Eliz[abet]h, of Salem, and Joseph Stevens, at Salem, Nov. 13, 

Enoch, of Salem, and Hannah Blanchard, Jan. 13, 1803.* 

Francis H., of Salem, and Samuel Henderson, int. May s, 1838. 

Hannah L., a. 22 y., d. Walter and Annis, and Thomas E. May- 
berry, widr,, a. 31 y., house carpenler, b, Joseph and Han- 
nah, Aug. 23, 1S48.* 

'IntentioD alio recorded. 



Brown, Henry Young, of Haverhill, and Elisabeth Lovejoy, at 

HaverhUI, [Oct. 19, i752.].» 
Isaac, of Wilton, and Lydia Ingdlls, Jan. a8, 1790." 
Isiael, of Tyngsboro, and Elizabeth Smith, June 18, 1805.* 
Jacob, and Ruby Famum, Mar. 4, 1824.* 
James, and Phebe Blanchard, Dec. 5, 1734." 
John, and'Lucy Abbot, Apr. 11, 1776. • 

John C, and Elizabeth F. Home of Topsfietd, int. Jan. 5, 1844. 
John W., of Boxford, and Mary E, Ayer, int. Nov. 26, 1836. 
Joseph, of Tewksbary, and Sarah Foster, June 8, 1794.* 
Joseph, and Clarissa Stone, int. Sept 37, 1831. 
Joseph J,, of Salisbury, and Abigail A, Upton, int. Feb. 33, 

Lucy, of Tewksbury, and James Bailey, int. Feb. 7, 1786. 
Lydia, and Amos Stevens, Oct. 5, 1789,* 

Maria E., of Boxford, and Robert E. Carlton, int. Oct. 3, 1839, 
Martha, of Reading, and Benjamin Peters, jr., at Reading, Oct. 

7. '783-* 
Mary, of Newbury, and Jacob Marston, at Newbury, Dec. 11, 

Mary B., and Abraham J. Gould, July 8, i824.» 
Naomi, and John Kushund [Kershaw, int ; Kneeland. c. R. i .], 

Dec. I, i836.* 
Nathaniel, of Wolfboro, and Hannah Gray, int. Aug. 3, 1786. 
Nath[anie]ll, of Wolfboro, N. H., and Hannah Martin, July 25, 

Samuel, jr., of Billerica, and Saiah Noyes, at Billerica, Aug. 16, 

Samuel, jr., of Billerica, and Eliza[betli] Noyes, Nov. 29, 1787. • 
Thomas B,, and Martha Farnham, Jan. i, 1833.* 
Tilly H. [Rev., of New Providence, Ind. int.], and Catherine 

Richardson, Oct. 13, t8i9. c. r. 3.* 
William, of Salem, and wid, Phebe CEulton, June 13, 1786.* 
Win[ia]m, Dr. [resident in Wenham, N. H. int.], and Rhoda 

Stevens, Mar. 5, 181 1.' 
William, and Dorcas Jennings of Methuen, int. Mar. 28, 1829. 

BROWNE (see also Brown), Hannah, and John Parker, May 24, 

John, and Elizabeth Osgood, Oct, la, 1659. 
Martha, and John Tappan, Sept, 3, 1688. cr, r. 
Martha, and Edward Farington, Apr. 9, 1690. 
'Intention kIm lecoided. 



BRUCE, Joseph W., of Watertovn, and Hannah C. Luscomb, 
Apr. II, 1839.' 

BRTAin", Hosea B., of Lowell, and Mary A[nne. int.] Poor, 
Oct. 36, 1837.* 

BUBIER, Mary, and John Nichols, 3d, May s, iSos.* 

BUCK, Keziah [resident in Andovei. int], and James Marble 
[lesidentin Middleton. int.], Mar. 17, 1742-3.* 

Rachel, of Tewksbury, and Richard Taylor, int. Apr. 10, 1753. 

Sarah, o£ Woburn, and William Fiak, at Wobura, May ai, 1729. 

£i)as, mechanic, and Harriet L. Pearsons, both of Wilmington, 
Nov. 28, 1844. 

Susanna, of Woburn, and Ebeneier Fisk, int. Jan. 10, 1729-30. 

BUCKLEY, James, and Ann Brialy, Apr. iS, i829.» 

Maiy, and John C. Cleaves of Lawrence, int. Mar. 8, 1848. 

BUCKMAN, Edwin, and Lucy Mordough of Nashua, N. H., int. 
Apr. 19, 1837. 

BUCKMASTER, Abigail, and John Gutterson, Jan. 14, 1688. 

[1689. CT. R.] 

Sarah [Buckman. CT. R.j, and William Chandler, Dec. 38, 1683. 

BUCESTON (see also Buckstone) , Daicus, of Salem, and Ed- 
mond Faulkner, int. Aug. 17, 1730. 

BUCKSTONE (see also Buckston), Hannah [of Salem Village. 
int.], and Timothy Perkins, Feb, a, 1713-14.* 

BUm Abigail, Mrs. [of Salem, dup.], and Thomas Barnard, 
widr. [at Salem. dup.J, Apr. aS, 1696. 

BULLARB, Amos, of Leicester, and Mary Ann Durant, Dec. 30, 

Betsey, of Needham, and Jacob Abbot, int. Jan. i, 1808. 
Daniel S., of Needham, and Ruth C. Ware, int. May a8, 1837. 
Joseph, and Sally Parker of Harvard, at Harvard, Jan. 8, 1797. 
■Intentioii >bo recoided. 



BURBANE, Beiija[miii}, of Campton, N. H., and Dorcas Fui- 

buah, Nov. i6, 1789.* 
Deborah, and Joshua Swan of Methuen, at Methuen, Oct zS, 

Jonathan M., and Eliza Willington of Salem, int. July i, i8zi. 
Joseph P. [Rev. int.], ol Plattsburg, N. Y., and Sarah Noyes, 

Aug. a8, 1S40." 

BURCHMORE, John, and Eliza Ann Carlton, May 10, 1843-* 

BURCK, Jaraes [John Burch, resident in Ipswich, c. r. i .] , of Ips- 
wich, and Rachel Famam, Oct. 17, I754-* 

BURGER Benja[miQ] F., and Mary W. Cogswell of Gilman- 
ton, N. H., int. Aug. 15, 1849. 

BURNAH (see also Butnham), Elizarbeth], of Goffstown, and 

Zacchens Goldsmith, int. May 18, 1781. 
Samuel, of Reading, and Bette Hayward, int. Nov. 16, 1769. 

BURNAP. Ruth, of Reading, and Joshua Holt, int. Feb. 4, 

BURNET, Hannah [of Reading, int.], and Joshua Stevens, July 

29, 1 766.' 
Maiy, of Reading, and Eben[eze]r Chandler, int. Oct. 15, 1768. 

BURNHAM (see also Burnam), Dolly, and Isaac Blunt [jr. 

c R. 3.}, Sept. 5, 1822.* 
Heniy O., a. 2$ y., shoemaker, a. Oliver and Rebecca, of Salem, 

and Mary A. Woodbnry, a. i9y.,d. Eben[ezejr and Hannah, 

Oct. 31, i849.» 
John, and Dianthe Stevens, Nov. 8, 1835.* 
Julia A., of Haverhill, and Warren W. Sawyer, int. July 4, 1847- 
Lydia, leaident in Andover, and John Stephens, Nov. 22, i8io.* 
Nathan, of Ipswich, and Mary Goldsmith, Nov. zo, 1783." 
Olive, and Zacheus Goldsmith, jr.. May 24, 1807.* 
Patty [resident in Andover. int.], and Isaac Goldsmith, May 30, 

Silas, of Norwich, Conn., and Sally Foster, May 11, i8i7.* 
Thomas, 6th, of Ipswich, and Martha Titcomb, June s, 1778. • 
William H., of Salem, and Caroline C. Cole, int. Sept. 17, 1849. 
Zacheus, and Dolly Foster of Reading, at Reading, July 8, 1798.* 
'InlenlioD also recordeil. 



Geoi^e, and Hannah Thistle of Methnen, int. Jan. a, 


Mary Jane, and Charles Abbott [ad. in't], Apr. 3, i845.* 
Molly, of Dracut, and Nathaniel Shatiuck, Not. 28, 1782." 

BURR, Samuel, and Eliza Doe, int. Dec. 30, 1835. 

BURROUGB, George [of Charlestown. int.], and Hannah 
Chandler, May 10, 1733." 

BURT (see also Burtt), Abiah, and Francis Dane, May i, 1781.* 

Benjamin, and Abigal Stickney, Feb. 4, 1803.* 

Eliza[beth], and San)[ue]l Clark, resident in Andover, July 16, 

Esther, and Warren Butt of Wilmington, Feb. 11, i8oi.» 
Hannah, and Rev. Charles [R. c. r. 3.] Fisk of Wrentham, Sept 

24. i828.» 
Heniy, and Abigail Harding of Haverhill, inL Oct. 15, 1833. 
Jacob, of Wilmington, and Patty [Polly, int.] Jenkins, Mar. 19, 

Jedidiah, and Sarah Manning, Feb. 7, r793.'* 
Jedidiah, jr., and Maty Needham of Billerica, int. May 17, 1838. 
John, and l^ypheny Young of Pelham, N. H., int. Oct. 14, 1815. 
Joseph, and Abiah Mooar, Mar. 33, 1758.* 
Joseph, jr., and Mary Cartton, May 4, 17S6.* 
Levina, of Hancock, N, H^ and Tlieodore Bailey, int. Mar, 34, 

Lois, and Thomas Blanchard, Mar. 12, i783.» 
Lucy, and Peter Osgood Dane, May 10, 1805.* 
Sarah, and John Foster of Reading, Apr. 25, 1797-" 
Sarah M., a. 33 y., d. J. and Catherine Stickney, and Robert G. 

demons, a. 19 y., spinner, s. Robert and Olive, May 34, 

Seth, and Hannah Frye, Nov. a8, i8i6.» 
Susanna, and William Dane, jr., Oct. 31, r78o.* 
Warren, of Wilmington, and Esther Burt, Feb. it, iSoa.* 

BURTT (see also Burt), Eunice C, and Ephraim Kendell, jr., int 

June II, 1814. 
Joseph, and Lucy Abbot, Mar. 7, r8i3," 

Rebecca M., and William H. Woodlin, Sept. 31, 1837. c. r. 3.* 
■Intcation slio recoided. 



BUSI^'IELD (see also BusGeld), John and Mary Clopson, int. 
Feb. 26, 1846. 

BUSPIELD (see also Busffietd), Saiah Ann [Basfield. c. r. 3.], 
and George Stuart, operative, Apr. 9, iS47.» 

BUSWELX, Emily E., of Cheater, N. H., and James Callahan, int. 

Oct. 19, 1839. 
Robert, and Hannah Tyler, Dec, 9, 1697. 

BUTLER, Benjamin [resident in Andover. int.], and [Mrs. c. b. a.J 

Dorcas Abbot, Apr. 17, i754.* 
Bcnj[aini]D, of Nottingham, and Pbebe Griffin, Sept. 29, 1791.*' 
Christina, a. 18 y., d. Dan[ie31 and Mary, and Edward Riglcy, 

a. 14 y-. spinner, Dec. [19. c. B. a.], 1845.* 
LucindaS., of Buckland, and Reed Wilkinson, int. Sept. 9, 1836. 

BUTMAN (see also Botman), Stephen W., and Sarah B. Poor, 
Mar. 9, 1835.* 

BUTOLPH, Hannah, of Salem, and Nath[anie]l Osgood, int. Apr. 
3, 1710. 

BUTTBRPIEU), Charles A., and Mary Ann Bradley, Dec. 8, 

Dorcas, of Nashua, N. H., and Josiah B. Clough, int. July 29, 

Joseph, and Lydia Ballard, d. William, at Chelmsford, 12: 2 ro: 

Lucy, and Joshua Stevens, jr., Nov. 24, 1807." 

BUTTERS, Betty, and Zebadiah Mears of Tewksbuiy, May i , 

George, and Martha Speller, int. July 26, 1835. 
Lucioda, and Samuel Caldwell of Medford [of Nottingham West, 

N. H. int.], Nov. 28, 1779. a R. 2.* 
Mehitable, of Wilmington, and Lyman Woodruff, int. June 22, 

BUXTEN (see also Boxton), Elizabeth, and John Kenn&tt, inL 
Jan. 8, 1848. 

■Intention also recorded. 



BUXTON (see bIeo Buxten), William [of Readiog. int], ;aDd 
Hannah Wardcll [Wardwell. c. r. i.], Nov. 3, 1743.* 

BUZZEL (see also BuzzcU), Mary E., a. so y., b. Baningtoo, N. H., 
d. John and Elizabeth, and Charles E. Felch, a. ai y., 
carpenter, b. Tamworth, N. H., s. Jed[edia]h and Mary H., 
Dec. 26, 1849.* 

BUZZELL (sec also Buzzel), Samuel D., of Effingham, N. H., 
and Maiy J- Knox ol Winthrop, Me., now of Andover, mt. 
May 10, 1845. 

BTERSf Maiy, d. James, and Joseph Salkeld, jr., s. Joseph, Mar. 
10, 1847, c. R. 4.* 

CAHOON, Harriet L., of Middleton, and Josiah Mason, int. Aug. 

CAIN, Robert, resident in Boston, and Phebe [K. int.] Stevens, 
July 9, 1809. C R. 8." 

CALAHAN (see also Callahan), Robert, and Dorcas Pettingill, 
June 3, i8oa." 

CAUIWELL, Elizabeth B., and Henry H. George, Sept. 9, i833.» 
Rufus F., and Mary H. Smith, Nov. 29, 1831." 
Samuel, of Medford [of Nottingham West, N. H. int.], and Ln- 
cinda Butters, Nov. aS, 1799. c. r. a," 

CAUPP, Ruth, of Tewksbury, and William Mcintosh, Sept. i, 

CALLAHAN (see also Calahan, Callehan), Augustus, and Mary 

H. Messer, June ag, 1838." 
Charles, and Sarah Foster Stevens, Nov. 13, 184a. c. r. 4.* 
James, and Catharine K. Kimball, Feb. 2^, 1833.* 
James, and Emily E. fiuswell of Chester, N. H,, int. Oct 19, 

Robert, jr., of Reading, and [Mrs. dup.] Mary Ann Currier, Dec. 

6, 1841. [i843-dup.]» 
W[illia]ra, and Hannah [B. int.] Lovejoy, Sept. ag, 184a." 

CALLEHAN (see also Callahan), Bridget, and Patrick Lane, int. 
Apr. 17, 1841. 

'InteDlion also recorded. 



CALLET, Lydia, of Charlestown, and Mr. Isaac Abbot, at Charles- 
town, Jan. 3, 1754- 

CALTERM (see also Carletoo), Anna, and Joseph Batchellor [jr. 
int.], Sept. 9, 1773. c.R. 2.' 

CAHBELL, Jane, of Haverhill, and John [James, int.] Waddel 
[resident in Andovet. int.], at Haverhill, May 3, 1739." 

CANN, Robert, of Reading, and Ruth White, Aug. 5, 1723." 

CAPDEUIELLE, Peter, resident in Andover, and Sarah Holt, int. 
Apr. 30, 1789. 

CAPEN, Eliza P., of Dorchester, and Benjamin Laberee, int. 
Sept. 8, 1831. 

CAPEWELL, W[iUia]m P., of Boston, and [Mrs. int.] Maiy O. 
Locke, Nov. 19, 1839.* 

CAR (see also Carr), Mary, and Antony Manwell [resident in 
Andover. int.], Feb. 3, i748-9.» 

CARLETON (see also Caltem, Carlton, Cautltoo), Asa, and Han- 
nah Kimball of Boxford, at Boxford, Jan. 6, 1757.* 

Betsey, of Methucn, and James Stevens, at Methuen, June 33, 

Isaac, and Desire Richardson, Oct. 5, 1841. c K. 4. 

James, and Elisabeth Sherwine of Boxford, at Boxford,- Aug. 25, 

James C, of Methuen, and Mary D. Chickering, Feb. 4, 1836.' 

John, and Hannah Osgood, Aug. 27, 1688. 

Joseph, and Abigail Osgood, Aug. 2, 1694. 

Samuel B., of Boxford, and Martha Stiles, int. Feb. 16, 1844. 

Sarah H., of Boxford, and William B. Long, int. Dec. ii, 1840 

CARLTON (see also Carleton), Abigail, and Solomon Ingalls, 

Apr. 6, I77S-" 
Abigail A., of Bradford, and Abiel Upton, jr., int July 13, r8i6. 
Amos, and Nabby Loud, Dec. 25, r798." 
Amos, jr., and Hannah Famum, July 2, 1801.* 
Amos, jr., and Sarah H. Carter of Kingston, N. H., int. Nov, 1 1, 

Amos, and Abiah Town, Apr. — , 1828.* 

*IntenCioa also tecorded. 



Carlton, Benjafmin], and Sarah Marble, Nov. a, ijSo.* 

Betty, and John Hubbaid, July 17, 1792.* 

Catherine, and Solomon Spafioid, int. June 10, 1828. 

Catherine, of Methufn, and Joseph F. Allen, Dec. 26, 1839.' 

Charles, and Mary Frye, Apr. 30, 1829.* 

Christopher and Mary Farnum, Oct. 23, 1806. • 

Cristcfor, and Elezebitb Stevenp, Dec. 15, 1748." 

Daniel, and PrisciUa Gray, Dec. 4, 1735." 

Daniel, jr., and Marcy Carlton, Aug. ib, 1759.* 

Daniel, 3td, and Mary Kimt^l, Oct. 15, 1778.* 

Daniel, and Lucretia Stickney, Sept. 7, i8i3.» 

Daniel, and Mary How, Feb. 14, 1817.* 

Daniel, jr., and Phebe K. Whittier of Derry, N. H., int Apr. 12, 

Dean, and Deborah Ingalls, Dec. 38, 1786.' 

Dean, Maj. pr. int.], and Martha Frye, May 4, 1815." 

Delia, d. Joseph Warren, of Mcthuen, and Rev. Joshua Beiiy of 
Rochester, N. H., Feb. 10, 184a. c. R. 4. 

Dorcas, and John Austin, July 15, 1790.* 

Dudley, of Bradford, and Mehetable Barker, int. Dec. 7, 1 775- 

Edward, of Bluehili, Me., and Phebe Abbot, Apr. 9, 1789." 

Eliza Ann, and John Burchmore, May 10, 1843.* 

Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Upton of Middieton, Nov. 16, 1786," 

Ezekiel, and Marcy Kimball of Bradford, int. Oct a, 1731. 

Ezekiel, )i-, and Doi[c]aa Frye, Nov, 10, 1768." 

Ezekiel, jr., and Phebe Kimball, July a, i8or.* 

Fanny, and Putnam Ingalls, Mar. 19, r8is.* 

Hannah, and Moody Moss [of Newbury, int.], May 37, 1741." 

Hannah, and Timothy Frie of Dtacut, Nov. ar, 1758.* 

Hannah, and Jonathan Johnson of Pelham, N. H., Dec. 34, 

Hannah I. [J. c. r. r.], and Samuel R. Allen of Boston, June 9, 

Harriet F., and John Prescott Foster, Apr. ag, 1839." 

Isaac, and Abigail Poor, Feb. 28, 1750-5 1." 

Isaac, of Pelham [N. H. int.], and Mary Boynton, May 26, 1801.' 

Isaac, and Martha Lovejoy, Mar. 5, 1820." 

Isaac, and Mary Ann Smith, Sept 19, 1830.* 

Isaac, and Mrs. Desire Richardson, int. Sept. ir, i84r. 

Isaac, of Boston, a. 33 y., provision dealer, s. Christopher and 
Mary, and Mary M. Bridges, a. 25 y., d. Moody and Rebec- 
ca, Jan. 37, 1846.* 

Israel, and Mary Hadley, Oct. la, 1797." 
'Intentiaii sin recorded. 



Carlton, Jacob, and Phebe Johnson of Petham, N. H., int. Mar. 

II, 1814. 
Jenoy, of Boxford, and Peter Robinson, int. Apr. 9, 1781. 
Jesse [of Lunenburg, int.], and Sarah Foster, Nov, 29, 1759.* 
John, and Eunice Andrews of Middletown, int. May 19, 1768. 
John, jr., and Chloe Farnum, Dec. 34, 1807.* 
John T)., of Lowell, and Hannah Clement, Dec. 9, 1839.* 
Joshua, and Mary Howard of Ipswich, June 4, 1739. 
Kimball, and Betsey Perkins o( Middletoo, May 19, 1825.* 
Leonard, of Boxford, and Sarah Barker, int. Nov. 18, 1817. 
Leonard, of Boxford, and Esther Runnels, int. Feb. zi, 1823. 
Louisa, of Bradford, and Henry VV. Doil, at Bradford, Jan. 24, 

Marcy, and Daniel Carlton, jr., Aug. 16, 1 759.* 
Maria, and Joseph Farnham, Dec, 27, 1827.* 
Martha [Mrs. int.], and John Osgood, Feb, so, 1745-6," 
Martha, and William Ross of Boxford, Nov. 12, iSrS." 
Maiy, and Benjamin Abbott, Oct. 33, 1722.* 
Mary, and William Frie,Dec. i, i748,» 
Mary, and Josiah Long, Sept. 27, i7S9.* 
Mary, and Joseph Burt, jr., May 4, 1786.* 
Mary, and John Chickering, Mar. 33, 1813.* 
Mary, and Simeon Pearl of Boxford, int. Aug. 15, 1820. 
Mary, and Dudley Trow, jr.. Mar. 28, 1833,* 
Mary, wid.,d. Philip and Sarah Frye, and William L Haywood, 

Oct. ai, 1844.* 
Mary Ann, and Charles W. Chamberlain, int. Nov. 15, 1845. 
Mary B., and Abiather Hardy, Aug. 12, 1830.* 
Mary K. and Samuel Jenkins, jr., Apr. 24, 1S31.* 
Mary S,, and Dean [Dane. int.J Foster, May 14, 1840.* 
Mehitable, of Bradford, and Thomas Bradley, int. May 3, 1796. 
Mercy, and Enoch Wilson, Apt. 23, i8ia.* 
Michael, and Elizabeth Adams, Nov. 29, I7S9,* 
Michael, and Phebe Porter [wid. int.] of Danvers, at Danvers, 

Nov. 14, 7782." 
Michael, and Sarah Kimba! of Bradford [resident in Andover. 

int], Nov. 15, i8i2.* 
Nathaniel, and Abigail Dane, Aug. 29, 1711. 
Nehemiah, of Bradford, and wid. Judith Foster, int. June 14, 

Peter, and Sarah Ingalls, Feb. 11, 1773.* 
Peter, jr., and Betty Abbot, Sept. 20, 1781." 
Phebe, and John Peters, Mar. ao, 1733-3.* 
'Intcmtion aJEO recorded. 



Carlton, Phebe, wid., and William Brown, of Salcra, Juoe 13, 

Phebe, and Joseph Hadley, Sept 33, 1803.* 
PhineaA, and Joanna Stevens, May 26, 1805.* 
Priscilla, and Timothy Parker of Reading, Mar. 18, i735-6.* 
Kichaid, resident in Andover, and Hannah Stevens, int. Oct. 15, 

Robert £., and Maria E. Brown oE Boxfotd, int. Oct. 3, 1839. 
Sally, and Timothy Stacy of Newmarkft, N. H., int. Sept. 6, 

Samuel [of Salem, int], and Deborah Stevens, June 20, 1736.* 
Samuel, and Sarah Willson, Oct. 15, i773.* 
Sarah, of Bradford, and John Abbot, 5th, int. Feb. 3, 1753. 
Timothy, and Maiy Lee Bingham of Manchester, int. Jan. 23, 

Unice, and James Frye, July 7, 1 796.* 

CARNEY, Bartholomew, and Jane McCormick of Fitchburg, int. 
Nov. IS, 1835. 

CARR (see also Car), Elizabeth, of Chester, N. H., and Thomas 

Marland, June 13, i8i9.» 
Francies, and Sarah Foster, of Suncook, int. Mar. 36, 1743. 
Hannah W. [K.c. r. i.], and Robert Bailie, June 19, i83i.» 
Mary, and Asa Foster of Suncook, int Dec. i, 1744. 
Sarah Jarvis, of Roxbury, and Dr. William LeBaron, mt. May iti, 

CARRIER, Richard, and Elizabeth Sessions, July 18, 1694. 
Thomas, and Susannah Johnson, June 19, [705.* 

CARTER, Abigail, of Tewksbury, and Samuel Kendall, int. Mar. 

9, 1824. 
BenjafmioJ, and Elizabeth Woodbtidge, Jan. 30, i7S7.* 
Charles S., and Lucy F. Abbot, Mar. aS, i833.» 
Elizabeth Epes, and David Kimball of Martinsburg, N. Y., .Aug. 

6, l822.» 

Ezra, of Wilmington, and Hannah Blunt, Aug. 10, 1773. c.r, 2.* 
Heniy, of Waltham, and Hannah Cockran, Mar. 31, 1823. 
Justin, a. 26 y., farmer, s. Richard and Abigail, and Mary R. 

Manning, a. 27 y., d. Samuel and Nancy, Sept. 10, 1846.* 
Lucretia F., of Wilmington, and William Fergason, int. Mar. 


■InlcDlion also lecoidcd. 



Carter, Martha, of WiI[mingto]n, and Joel Jenkins, at Wil- 
mington, Dec. la, I776.* 

Mary, of Peacham, Vt., and Edmond 0- Hovey, int Sept. 8, 

Micail [Carlton, int], and Hannah Jones [wid. int.] of Reading, 
at Reading, Dec. 35, 179S." 

Naama Kenda], of Wilmington, and Benjamin Jenkina, Jr., int. 
Oct. 23, 1808. 

Oliver, of Reading, and Sarah Goodhue, Nov, 10, 1836, ■ 

Richard B., and Hannah Rea, int. May 17, 1844. 

Sarah H., of Kingston, N. H., and Amos Carlton, jr., int. Nov. 1 1 , 

Sawyer, of Bridgetown, and Phebe Barker, Feb. 16, 1808.* 

Susan, of Burlington, and Joshua Chandler, 3d, int. Jan. 25, 181 7. 

Susan B., and Joseph W. Merrill. Nov. t8, i846.* 

Thomas, of Wobura, and Ruth Phelps, Dec. 25, 1706. c. r. i. 

CASE, Martha F., of Reading, and James Flint, int. Nov. 5, 

CAURLTON (see also Carleton), Christopher, and Martha Bar- 
ker [at Newbury, dup.}, July 6, 1715.* 
Hannah, and Thomas Ross of BiUerica, int. Mat. r4, I7r7-r8. 
John, and Hannah Barker, Jan. 13, 1714-15.* 

CAWLEY, Lydia, and Isaac Mooar, Feb. r4, 1788.* 

CAZNUEf Isaac, of Boston, and Anna Symmes, Dec. 7, i793.* 

CENTER (see also Senter), Charlotte, of Hudson, N. H., and 
Moses Lovejoy, int. Apr. 11, 1840. 

CHADWICK, Betly, of Boxford, and Jonathan Robinson, at Box- 
ford, Apr. 24, 1783.* 

Biadstreet) of Bradford, and Maty P. Farrington, May 31, 1832." 

David, and Sarah Barker, Mar. 28, 175 r.* 

Dorca«, and Joseph J. Pearson, int. Oct. 30, 1847. 

Ephraim, of Boxford, and Mary Barker, at Boxford, Feb. 7,1753.* 

Gilbert, of Salem, and Betty Kimball, May 24, 1787.* 

Maiy, arid Dane Robinson, Jan. 18, 1693-4. 

Mary, Mrs., of Bradford, d. Beojfamin] Farrmgton, and Daniel 
B. Whittier of Bradford, s. Thomas, Mar. 17, 1S46. C. R. 4." 

Sarah [of Bradford, int.], and John Barker, June ji, 1711.* 

*lDteiition also recorded. 



Cbadwick, Sarah [of Boxlord. int], and BeDJamin Paiker, Sept 

Sarah [resident in Andovef. int.], and Stephen Barker, June 32, 

Sarah, and Flineas Spofford, at Boxford, Oct. 7, 1780.* 
William, of Falmouth, and Pamela Frye, Oct. 3, i793.* 

CHAMBERLAIN, Charles W., and Mary Ann Carlton, int Nov. 

IS. 1845- 

Hannah, of Nottingham West, N. H., and Fred[eric}k Runnels, 

int June so, 1817. 
James, and Mrs. Olive Tuttic of Newbury, int. July 15, 1839. 
William, and Polly Davis, Nov, ao, 1777. • 

CHANCY, John [Clancey. int], Rev., of Charlton, N. Y., and 
Martha Adams, Sept 30, 1829." 

CHANDLER (see also Chandlour), Ahiall, and Hephzibah Ham- 
dine, Mat. 22, 1711-12. [1710-11. c. R. r.]" 

Abie], and David Chandler, May 13, 1731.* 

Abiel, and Rebeca Abbott, Mar. 18, i74i-2,* 

Abiel, and Mary Abbot, Oct 17, r782.» 

Abigail [wid., of Wobum. int], and Robert Gray, Oct. 26, 1758." 

Abigail, of S[outh] Reading, and George Daland, May 18, 1820.* 

Abijah, aiid Abigal Tay of Woburn, int, Jan. 37, 1749-50. 

Almira P., and Calvin Wilkins ol Woburn [int Dec. 11, 1840].* 

Annoss, and Josiah Johnson, June 19, 1711.* 

Bridget, and Josiah Wood [of Chatlestown. int.], June 3, 1731.* 

Darcaa, and Edward Abbott, July 15, 1728.* 

David, and Abiel Chandler, May 13, i73i.* 

David, jr., and Mary Ballard, Aug. 30, 1750.* 

Deborah, and Joshua Mooar, Sept 17, 1776. 

Deborah, and Jonathan Moore, int June 30, 1777. 

Deborah, and Richard Derby Hill, Nov. 4, r8o6.* 

Doicas, and George French, Apr. 29, 1823,* 

Eben[ezc]r, and Mary Burnet of Reading, int Oct 15, 1768. 

Elisabeth, and John Dane, jr., May 29, r739.* 

Elizabeth, and John Stephens, Apr. 23, 1717.* 

E!iz[abe]th, and William Chandler, jr., Dec. 17, 1767,* 

Elizabeth, and John Lowder, jr. [of Rosbury. int], May 4, 1769.* 

Elizabeth, of Bitlerica, and Enoch Fatker, May 21, 1778.* 

Elizabeth, of Concord, N. H., and Jacob Sbattuck, int June 10, 

■Intention also recorded. 



Chanduir, Elizabetli, and Amos C. Merrill, Dec. 2, 1819.* 
Elizabeth C, a. 12 y., d. Joshua and Susan, and John T. Shat- 
tuck, a. 23 y., machinist, s. Peter and Lucy C, Oct. 19, 

Elizebeth, and David Lovejoy [of Suncook. intj, Mar. 26, 1741.* 
Epbraim, of Bradford, and Joanna Barker, at Bradford, Aug. 25, 

Ezra, and Seruiah Mears of Dracut, int. Apr. 3, 1807, 
Fanny, and Theophilus Frye, jr., Jan. 19, i8o».* 
Hannah, and Daniell Eigsbie, Dec. 2, 1674. 
Hannah, and Daniel Abbott, Sept. i z, 1711.* 
Hannah, and Andrew Johnson, Aug. 21, 1723.* 
Hannah, and Timothy Ballard, June 4, tyag-* 
Hannah, and George Burrough [of Charlestown. int.], May lo, 

I733* * 

Hannah, and David Abbott, jr. [of Sun cook, int.], Aug. 10, 1741.* 
Hannah, and Joshua Chandler, Mar. 31, 1757.* 
Hannah, and Phineas Parker, Sept. 2t, 1775.* 
Hannah, and Samuel Farley of Pepperell, Mar. 5, 1778." 
Hannah, and Joseph Shaltuck, June r, r784." 
Hannah, and Ezra Clark, Oct. 6, 1805.* 
Hannah, and Joshua Griffin, Nov. 13, i8io." 
Hannah, and Jonathan Chandler, Jan. 18, r8i6.* 
Hannah [Dorcas, c k. 2. and int] B., and Moses Parker, Dec. 

27, i820.* 
Harriet B., and Joseph F. Gile, int, Nov. 4, 1848, 
Henrv, widr., and Lydia Abbott, Nov. 28, ifigS- 
Heph'zibah, and Timothy Chandler, Nov. 3, i724.» 
Hephzibah, and Benjamin Ames, Dec. 4, 1746.* 
Hcrmon P., and Phebe A. Ballard, Feb. 17, i83i.» 
Hester, and Jonathan Gadg of Rowley, Nov. is, 1667, 
Huldah, and Nathan Wardwell, Dec. 27, 1763.*' 
'saac, and Hannah Balard, Apr. 14, 1757.* 
:saac, jr., and Abigail Holt, Dec. 7, 1780.* 
[saac, 3d, and Abigail Boutwell of Wilmington, at Wilmington, 

Dec. 10, 1783.* 
Isaac, jr., and Sally Thompson of Wilmington, int Nov. 7, 1812. 

, and EHzabith Upton of Danvera, Jan. 17, 1816. ■ 
ames, and Phebe Dean [Dane, int.], Apr. 29, 1783,* 
ames [jr. int.], and Hepzibah Boynton, Sept. za, i8i4.* 
etemiah [resident in Andover. int], and Martha Parker of Brad- 
ford, at Bradford, Oct. 22, 1772.* 
Joanna, and Joseph Shattuck, June 3, 1728," 

*lDtention ttso lecorded. 



Chandler, John, and Hannah Abbott, Dec. 20, 1676. 
John, and Hannah Frye, June 4, 1701. 
John, and Tabitha Abbott, Jan. 5, 17*6-7 .• 

John, and Prudence Holt, Mar. ri, 1744-5." 
John, and Hanah Abbot, Oct. 15, i747-* 

John, and Dorothy Ballard, Apr. 17, 1783.* 

John, and Ama [Emma, int.} Mackentire of Reading, at Read- 
ing, Mar. 23, I793-* 

John, and Phebe Russell, Apr. n, 1839.* 

Jonathan, and Hannah Chandler, Jan. 18, 1816." 

Joseph, and Sarah Abbott, Nov. 26, 1691. 

Joseph, and Mchetabel Russell, June 10, 1708." 

Joseph, and Elisabeth Holt, int. Apr. 11, 1741. 

Joseph, and Sarah Richhardson of Bradford, int. Oct. 31, 1741. 

Joseph, and Mary Abbot, Oct. 4, 1742. [Oct. 5. c. R. 2.]" 

Joseph, and Mary King of Wilton, int. Sept. 20, 1782. 

Joseph, jr., and Mary Phelps, Dec. 18, 1806. ■ 

Jos[eph], jr., and Lucy R. Gates of Lowell, int. Apr. 14, 1835. 

Joshua, and Sarah Chandler, Feb. 18, 1728-9, ■ 

Joshua, and Hannah Chandler, Mar. 31, 1757.* 

Joshua, and wid. Hannah Foster, June 7, i79z.* 

Joshua, jr., and Dorcas Foster, Oct. 18, 1798." 

Joshua, 3d, and Susan Carter of Burlington, int Jan 25, 1817. 

Joshua [jr. int.], and Eliza Flint, Nov. 30, 1826.' 

Josiah, and Sarah Ingols, Feb. 27, 1706-7.* 

Lucy, and Zebediah Chandler [jr. int.], Aug. 16, 1774. C. r. 2.* 

Lucy, and Samuel Shattuck, Feb. \S, 1794.* 

"Lucy, of Concord, N, H., and Job Abbot, inL Oct. 9, 1807. 

Lucy K., and Oliver Banet of Wilton, N. H, Feb. 28, 1822.* 

I.ydia, and Ebenezer Felch of Reading, May 17, 1728.* 

Lydia, and Hezekiah Ballard, jr., Nov. 30, 1741.* 

Lydia, and Joseph Parker, at Methuen, Dec. 7, 1769.* 

Lydia, and Andrew Perkins [Parkhirst. c. R. 2 and int.], o£ Wil- 
ton, Mar. 2, 1784.* 

Martha, and Jeremiah Hurd, Nov. 8, 182a." 

Mary, and Josiah Ballaid, Aug. 7, 1721, • 

Mary, and James Holt, Oct 22, 1733.* 

Mary, and Jeremiah Osgood, May 29, 1745.* 

Mary, and Isaac Blunt, Apr, 8, 1746," 

Mary, and Jonathan Abbot, 3d, Nov. 13, i7Sg,* 

Mary, wid., and Daniel Parker of Reading, Nov. 10, 1779.* 

Mary, and Hezekiah Ballard, jr., Dec. 10, 1783.* 

Mary, and Joshua Stevens, jr., Sept. 3, 1784.* 
■Intention »lso recorded. 



Chandlek, Mary, and Leonatd Stevens, Feb. 24, 1807," 

Mary, and David Hidden, July 1, i8i6.* 

Mary Ann, a. 34 y., d. Ralph H. and Phebe Kimball, and George 

N. White, a. 25 y., trader, s. Nathaniel and Hannah, June 

6, 1847.* 
Mehetabel, and Robert Crossbee [late of Billerica. int.], Feb. 7, 

Mehetable, and Caleb Lovejoy, Jan, 26, 1737-8."' 
Mehitable, and Dea. Cbailes Foster, int. Oct. 9, iSoy. 
Moses fof Westford. int.], and Dorathy Marble [resideat in 

Andover. int.], June 28, r742." 
Nancy, and Timothy Farnum, Feb. 8, 1820.* 
Nathan, and Priscilla Holt, May T4, 1729.* 
Nathan, jr., and Phebe Abbot, Apr. 18, r754.* 
Nathan, 3d, and Lucy Ballard, Nov. 27, 1782." 
Oscar, and Ann Bamford, int. Oct. 30, 1847. 
Pbebe, and Caleb Dana [Danne, of Cambridge, int.], July 14, 

Pfaebe, and Henry Lovejoy, jr., Jan. i, 1734-5.* 
Phebe, and Joseph Martain [jr. int.], Jan. 13, 1756." 
Phebe, Mis., and Isaac Abbot, 3d, Apr. 22, 1766. c. R. 2.* 
Phebe, and Benj[3mi]n Ames, jr., int. Mar. 20, 1772, 
Phebe, and Benjamin Mooar, Nov, 19, 1795.* 
Phebe, and Jacob Mooars, Dec. 1, 1803." 
Pheoby, and Jonathan Tyler, June i4i r7o8.* 
Philemon, and Eiizabeih Rodgers [of Billerica. int], Jan. 17, 

Philemon, jr., and Keturah How, Nov. z6, i739-* 
Philemon, and wid. Hannah Foster, Feb. 2, 17S9. [Feb. 12. 

c. R. 2.]" 
Polly [Mary, int.], and William Ballard, jr., Nov. 1 1, 1783." 
Priscilla, and Samuel Phelps, jr., Jan. 22, i73S'6.* 
Prscilla, and David Abbot, May 26, i789.* 
Ralph H., and Phebe Kimball of Hancock, N. H., int. Sept. 17, 

Ralph H., and Mary Kimball of Hancock, N. H., int. Sept. 23, 

Rebecca, a, 31 y., d. Joseph and Mary, and Jacob S. Phelps, a. 

27 y., farmer, s. Chandler and Lydia, May 11, 1848." 
Rhoda, and Timothy Holt, Apr. 19, 1705.* 
Rhoda, and James Russel, at Amesbury, June 3, r729.* 
Rhoda, and Benja[min] Abbot, Nov. 26, 1793.* 

■Intention also recorded 



Cmanbler, Samuel, Mr., and Mts. Ann Pecker [of HaverhilLint], 

at Haverhill, Sept. 12, 1738." 
Sarah, and Samuell Phelps, May 29, 1682. 
Sarah, and'John Russell, Oct. zo, I7i2.* 
Sarah, and Joseph Write, Jan. 12, 1712-13. ■ 
Sarah, and John Dane, Nov. 10, 1713-" 
Sarah, and Joshua Chandler, Feb. r8, 1738-9.* 
Sarah, and Ralph Holbrook, Dec. 15, r77a.» 
Sarah, and Richard Emerson of S[outh] Reading, Nov. 95, 

Thomas, and Mary Peters, May 22, t686. 
Thomas, jr., and Elizabeth Walcutt, Feb. 15, I738-9.*' 
Timothy, and Hephzibah Chandler, Nov. 2, i724.* 
Wiliam, and Rebecca Lovejoy, Nov. si, 1751.* 
William, and Mary Dane [Deanc. cr. f.], of Ipswich [at Ips- 
wich. CT. F,], Aug. 24, 1658, [Aug. 18, cr. R.] ■ 
William, and Bridget Richardson of Chelmsford, at Chelmsford, 

Oct. 8, 1679. 
William, and Sarah Buckmaster [Buckmao. cr, R.], Dec. 28, 

William, and Elenor Phelps, Apr. 21, 1687. 
WiUiam, and Elizabeth Blanchard, Nov. 32, 1725.J* 
William, and Mary Holt, Mar. 4, 1735-6." 
William, and Maiy Ballard, June 7, 1744.* 
William, jr., and Eliz[abe]th Chandler, Dec. 17, 1767.* 
William [3d. int.], and Eunice Hayward of Reading, at Read- 
ing, Jan. 25, 1795' 
Zackariah, and Margeret Bishop of Roxbury, int Dec, 21, 1715. 
Zebadiah, and Sarah Abbott, Jan. 9, 1706-7.* 
Zebadiah, jr., and Deborah Blanchard, June 19, 1750.* 
Zebadiah, and [wid. int.] Elezebith Abbot, Mar. 29, 1756.* 
Zebediah [jr. int.], and Lucy Chandler, Aug. 16, 1774. C. r. 2.* 
Zebediah, jr., and Mary Moores of Bradford, int. May 14, 1810. 

CHANDLOUR (see also Chandler), Thomas, and Mary Marshall, 
6, 1659. ^- K- 

CHAPIH, Jason, and Caroline Snow of Ware, int. Sept. 8, 1831. 

CHAPMAN, David E., of Gilmanton, N. H., and Lcvina Holt, 

int. Mar. 35, 1820. 
Jeremiah, of Ipswich, and Mercy How, int. Apr. 6, 1767. 
Jonathan Pirkins, of Danvera, and Dolly Frye, int. Oct. 15, 1805. 
■iDtention tibo recorded. 



CHASE, Abigaa M., of Lowell, and Walter S. Kendall, int. Feb. 

17, 1849. 
Elisabeth Sawyer, and Stephen Chandler Mooai o! Milford, N. H., 

Nov. 6, i8o4,* 
Eliza [Ann. int.], and Paul R Follansbee [of West Newbury, int], 

Aug. 4, 1834.' 
Elizabeth, and Zachariah Eiies, June z7, 167S. 
Emery [of Newbury, int.], and Mehittabet Mooar, July 25, 1768." 
Eunice S[awyer. int.], and [Lt. int] Henry Cochran, Sept. 30, 

Hannah, of Newbury, and Henry Dane, jr., int Mar. 15, 1831. 
James G., and Harriet N. Wells, int. Oct. 7, 1846. 
James M., and Sophia Owen [Orvin. int.], Apr. 9, 1835.* 
John, and Anna Cochran, May 38, 1S09.* 
John E., and Susan B. Sanders of Lowell, int, Nov. 14, 1843. 
Josiah, Dr., of Canterbury, and Mrs. Mehetabel Frye, Aug. 32, 

1765. C. R. I.* 

Mehitable, and Moses Bailey, jr., Sept. 13, 1787.* 
Mehitable, and Aaron Blanchard, wid., Sept. 21, 1789," 
Moody, and Sarah S, Bailey of West Newbury, int. Aug. 25, 1832, 
Rebeccah, and Stephen Bailey of Newbury, Nov. 22, 1798." 
Sarah, of Pelham, N. H., and Timothy A, Holt, int. Apr, 4, 1837, 
Seth, and Charlotte Landers, int Feb. 5, 1842. 
Stephen J., and Caroline E. Kimball of Lawrence, int. Nov. so, 

CHECKERING (see also Cbickeiing), Sarah, of Boston, and 
William Osgood, int July 18, 1734. 

CHBENT (see also Cheyne), David, and Fhebe Russel, Nov. 19, 

CHBEVER, BeDJamin, a. 30 y., laborer, s. Sam[ue]l and Sarah 
and Betsy Jane Hatch, a. 18 y., d. Jeremiah and Betsy, 
Jan. 17, 1847.* 

Fiances A., and Joseph E. Holt, 2d, of Reading, int. Sept. 34, 

James, and Henriette Wilkins of Billerica, int Jan. 13, r837. 

Sally, and Edward Hampton, May 35, 1837. C. r. 2.' 

Samuel, and Mary Holland, Feb. 16, 1833.* 

CHEEtRT, Mary, and Dennis Kennedy, May 8, 1831.* 
'IntcDtioD tlio iccorded. 



CHESHORE, Reuben G., and Elizabeth Upton, Dec. 10, 1835." 

CHEYNE (see also Cheeny), William, and Margaret Patrick, 
residents in Andover, Jan. — , 1S44-* 

CHICK. Abby M., a. 22 y., d. Samuel and Huldah, and John P. 

Famham, a. 32 y., mason, s. Timothy and Nancy, Nov. 14, 

Lydia M., a. 27 y., d. Samuel and Huldah, and Charles B. Clark, 

a. 27 y., bookbinder, s. Augustus and Mary, Sept. 30, i846.» 

CHICKEREN (see also Chickeiing), Elizabeth, Mrs., and Mr. 
Moses Sargent of Methuen, May 24, 1757. C. r, i." 

CHICKBRIN (see also Chickering), Samuel, and Hannah Os- 
good, June 24, 1728." 

Susanna, Mrs., of Bradford, and Capt, Benjamine Steevens, int. 
Sept. 3, r7i5. 

CHICKERING (see also Checkering, Chickeren, Chickerin, 

C hick re n, Chic krin, Chickring), Charles, and Friscilla Holt 

of Bethel, Me., int. Nov. 27, 1834. 
Daniel, and Susanna Stevens, Sept. 5, 1797.* 
Dean, and Sarah Farnum, Jan. 23, 1786.* 
Elizabeth P., a. 18 y., d. Isaac and Susanna, of Charlestown, and 

Jacob Jenkins, a, 32 y., cordwainer, s. Joel and Phebe, Aug. 

9, 1844." 
Isaac, and Susanna Kimbill, June 16, 1811.* 
Jacob, and Sarah Jane MacMutphy of Derry, N. H., Nov. 26, 

1835. T. C* 

John, and Sarah Webster of Bradford, at Bradford, Nov. 13, 

John, and Mary Carlton, Mar. 25, 1813." 
Joseph, Rev., of Wobum, and Sarah Abbot Holt, int. May 33, 

Mary, and John Short of Newburyport, Oct. 25, i77o.» 
Mary, and Aaton G, Ray, Oct. r2, 1831.* 
Mary D., and James C. Carleton of Methuen, Feb. 4, 1836." 
Maty S. j|F. int.], and John Lovejoy, June 6, 1833. c. n. 3." 
Molly, and Peter Marston, of Methuen, at Methuen, May 28, 

Phebe, and Thomas Hutchinson, July 28, 1778.* 
Sally, and Ebenezer Ellingwood, Sept 37, 1831.* 
'iDtentiou also recorded. 



Chicxerihg, Samuel, and Mehetabel Stevens, Jan. 5, 1768. 
Samuel, of Methuen, and Esther Kittridge, Dec, 13, 1785.* 
Sarah, and Capt Eldad Worcester, July 7,1818.* 
Sarah A. [Mary A. c. h. i,], and Capt Isaac Famham [jr. int.], 

June 18, 1834.* 
William, and Fanny Noyes, Oct. 6, 1836.* 
Zachariah, and Mary Osgood Hol^ Dec. 32, 1802.* 

CHICKSEN (see also Chickering), Hannah, and Benjamin 
Eeters, Mar. 22, 1753- [Mar. 11. c. R. i.]* 

CfilCKRIN (see also Chickering), John, Capt, and Mrs. Mehet- 
ebel Barker [wid. c. R. 1.], Jan. 31, 1754.* 

CHICKRING (see also Chickering), Samuel, jr., and Mary Dane, 

Apr. 17, I755-* 
Samuel, and wid. Mehetabel Stevens, int Jan. 10, 1767. 
Sarah, and James Frie [jr. int], Dec. 13, 1753.* 
Zachariah, and Sarah Poor, int. Nov. 20, 1771. 

CHILDS, Abby W., and Charles R Richardson, carpenter, Dec. 
3 2,. 1847" 

CHOATE, Benjamin F., and Margaret Fellowes [of Salisbury, 

N. H. int ], Apr. 2 7, i834.» 
Mary Frances, of Derry, N. H., and Christopher Cashing, int. 

Sept. 3, 1847. 

CHRISPEEN, George, of Londonderry, N. H., and Mary Stiles, 
int May 27, 1837. 

CHRISTY, John, resident in Andover, and Jenne Coffering of 
Loncdary, int. Oct 30, 1739. 

CHUBB, Hannah, and John Abbott, April 11, 1710,* 
Pascoe, and Hannah Faulkner, May 24, 1689. 

CHURCH, Ruth, of Bradford, and Simeon Wardwell, at Brad- 
ford, June IS, I777'* 

CHURCHILL, Prudence Eliza, and Hiram Woodbury of Salem, 
N. H., int July 18, 1843. 

■IntentioD tiia recorded. 



QER, Ruben, of Bow, N. H., aod Susanna Day of Manchester, 
Nov. 15, 1754. 

CLAGGETT, Erastiis B., Rev., a. 38 y., minister, and Mary A. 
Prentiss, a. ai y., Feb. 25, 1845.' 

CLAPP, Ellen H., of Boston, and John W. Gleaaon, int JuJy 

24, 1847. 
Noah, of Wilmington, and Louisa R Stickney, Mar. 10, 1844. 

CLARK (see also Clarke, Clerk, Clerke), Abijab, and Hannah 

Abbot, Sept 18, 1777.* 
Amos, and Pamela Poor, Oct. it, 1807." 
Andrew, of Tewksbury, and Betsy Bailey, Dec. 31, 181 ?.• 
Charles B., a. 27 y., bookbinder, s. Augustus and Mary, and Lydia 

M. Chick, a. ay y., d. Samuel and Huldah, Sept. 30, 1846.* 
Delia H[ubbel. int.], and [Dr. int.] Abner Phelps of Reading, 

Mar. 22, 1814.* 
Elizabeth, and Benjamin Fryc, June 16, 1767 ■ 
Elizabeth, and Jesse Farnham, June 19, 1834.* 
Ezra, and Hannah Chandler, Oct. 6, 1805.* 
Hannah, and Dr. Edward Russell [of North Yarmouth, int.], 

July 23, 1767.» 
Hannah [resident in Andover. int.], and Ezekiel Hardy, jr., Nov. 

30. 1797" 
Hannah, and Nathanael Howard [Haywaid. int] of Reading, 

Mar. iS, i8o6.* 
Hannah, and John Barnard, jr., June 4, 1816. [Jan. 4. c.R. i ; 

int Nov. 17,]* 
Hannah, and Caleb Abbot, Nov. 16, iSao." 
Harriet, of Tenksbury, and Leonard Shattuck, int. Jan. 3, i8z8. 
Harriet F., and Tristam Berry, int Mar. 17, 1848. 
Hobart, Esq., and Elisabeth Farwell of Tyngsborough, int. Aug. 

27, 1814. 
John, and Jenny Mountgomery, Nov. r, 1774. c. r. a.* 
John, jr., and Margaret Clyde, Apr. 9, i826.» 
John, and Lydia Upton, Nov. 13, 1834. [Nov. 18. C. R. 3.]* 
John Hobart [Col. int.], butcher, s. Hobart, and Emily [A. int.] 

Peters, d, John, June r, 1847.* 
Jonas [of Chelmsford, int], and Ann Frie, Dec. 8, 1741.* 
Joseph, jr., and Elizabeth Curneel, Mat. ay, 1734.* 

■lotcntioii tlao recoided. * 



Ci^RK, Joseph F.,ot Lawrence, a. a8 y., lawyer, s. Hobart, Esq. 

and Elizabe^, and Lydia Hodges, a. 3i y., d. George, Esq. 

and Elizabeth, Dec. 6, i848.» 
Joseph H., 3d m., a. 47 y., carpenter, b. New Hampshire, and 

Mary Ann Bailey, id m., a. 31 y., d. Benjamin Needham, 

Dec. 31, 1849* 
Jotham A., of Granby, a. t6 y., farmer, s. Augustus and Almy, 

and Deborah M. Jenkins, a. 26 y., d. Micah and Betsy, Sept. 

7, 1847.- 
Lydia, and Mehemiah Abbot, Jan. 18, 1780.* 
Lydia, and Nathan Ames, Nov. 24, 181 1.* 
Lydia ]., of Newbury, Vt., and Asa H. Abbott, int. May 18, 

Martha A., a. 20 y., d. Nathan and Persia, and Elbridge G. Hall, 

widr., of New York, merchant, b. Wallingfoid, Conn., s. El- 

kanah and Sarah, of Wallingford, Jan. 16, 1S49.* 
Maty, and Edward Bevins [resident in Andover. int}, Dec. 10, 

Mary, and Jonathan Morse of Newbury, Feb. 14, 1792.* 
Mehitable, and Lemuel GrifBn, Mar. 5, i8or.* 
Nathan, and Persis Famum, Jan. 30, r823. c. r. i.* 
Otis M., and Ljdia Fish, Sept. 6, 1838.' 
Patty, of Hubbardston, and Peter Ames, Mar. i, rSro.* 
Robert, and Mary Manard [Maynard. int.], July 2, r84o.'* 
Sam[uejl, resident in Andover, and Eliza[beth] Burt, July 16, 

Samuel, jr., and Elizabeth Foster, June rs, r 793.* 

Samuel [Lemuel, int], of Dorchester, and Hannah Shattuck, Nov. 

16, I797-* 
Sarah, and William Small, Ang. 23, r733,* 
Sarah B., of Tewksbury, and Joseph Kendall, int. Jan. 21, 1825, 
Sarah E[lizabeth. int.], d. Hobart, Esq., and George Hodges, jr., 

s. George, Jan. 39, r846. c. R. 4.* 
Susannah, and Peter Shattuck, May 5, 1795." 
Thomas, and wid. Martha Swan, Dec. 30, iJTT* 
Tho[ma]s, and Sarah Ann Osgood, Jan. 3, r832.* 
Timothy, and Elisabeth Abbott, Dec. 25, 1739.* 
William, and Rebecca Ballard, Feb. 5, 1767.* 
Wi]l[ia]m, and Mary Sampson, int Aug, 9, r828. 
Zephaniah, Capt, of Tewksbury, and Elizabeth French Dec. 24, 

Zoa, and John Maim, July 6, 1837. • 

'loteDlion also recorded. 



CLARKE (see also Clark), Francis, M. D., and Sarah Fisher Mar- 
land, d. Abraham and Mary, July 9, 1839, C. R. 4," 
Parker, Dr., and Mrs. Lydia Phillips, May 18, i74».* 

CLEAVES, John C, of Lawrence, and Mary Buckley, int. Mar. 8, 

CLEG6, Edmund, a. 47 y., wool sorter, and Mary Ann Walwork, 

wid., a. 45 y., Nov. 9, 1847,* 
Edward, and Sarah Turner of Dracut, int. Apr. 5, 1828. 
[Edward, int.], and [Mary, int.] Holt, Oct. 6, 1829. c r. 3.* 
Mary, and Jesse Bamford, Dec. 39, 1839.* 
Thomas, and Elizabeth Booth, int. Oct. 6, 1845. 

CLEHANCE (see also Clement), Mary, and John Osgood, at 
Haverhill, Nov. 15, 1653. 

CLEHANT (see also Clement), Jonathan, and Phebe F. Phillips, 
int. May 6, 1824. 

CLEMENT (see also Clemance, Clemant), Benja[min], resident 

in Andover, and Mary Lovejoy, May 30, 181 1.* 
Hannah, and John D. Cailton of Lowell, Dec. 9, 1839." 
John, s. Ben][ami]n, and Hannah Bell, d. W[illia]m, June 21, 

1846. C. R. 4-* 

Mary Ann, and William B. Lovejoy, Jan. 29, 1834.* 
Moses, and Caroline Abbot, May 16, 1833.* 
Thomas C, a. 39 y., laborer, s. Samuel, and Susan S. Kent, a. 19 y., 
d. Micajah, Sept. 26, i844.» 

CLEHONS, Elizabeth L., and Elijah Long, Dec. r4, 1836. 
Olive T., a. 19 y., d. Robert and Olive E., and Henry H. Sim- 

monds, a. 33 y., wheelwright, s. George and Ann, July 5, 

Robert G.,a. 19 y., spinner, s. Robert and Olive, and Sarah M. 

Burt, a. 32 y., d. J. and Catherine Stickney, May 24, 1S49.* 
Robert M., and Olive C. Gardner of Boston, int. Apr. 4, 1829. 

CLERK (see also Clark), Joseph, and Sarah Lovjoy, Feb. 7, 

CLERKE (see also Clark), Hannah [resident in Andover. int.], 
and Frsmcies Johnson, Apr. 22, 1717. [Apr, 2. c, h, i.]» 

CLOPSON, Mary, and John Busffield, int. Feb. 26, 1846. 

'latentioti alio recoided. 



CLOUGH, Josiah B., and Dorcas Butteifield of Nashua, N. H., 

int. July 39, 1833. 
Ruth [Hoyt. c. r, i.], and David Beverly [jr. int.], July 7, i763.» 

CLYDE, Margaret, and John Clark, jr., Apr. 9, i8a6." 

COALBURN (see also Coburn), Sarah, of Dracut, and Joseph 
Bayley, int Dec. ii, 1734- 

COBB, Samuel P., and Elizabeth M. Kidder, Sept 3, i835.* 

COBUORN (see also Coburn), William, of Dracut, and Tabitha 
Smith, Jan. 10, i7a6[-73.* 

COBURN (see also Coalburn, Cobuorn, Colburn), Eunice, resi- 
dent in Andover, and Abici Jones, int. Feb. 8, 1823. 

Moses, of Dracut, and Elizabeth Pcabody, Apr. 15, 1762.* 

Peter [jr. int.], of Dracut [for some time a resident in Andover. 
c. R. 2.], and Elizabeth Poor, May 20, 1783.* 

Stephen, and Lucy B. Smith of Ipswich, int. Feb. 11, 1826. 

COCHRAN (see also Cockran, Cockrin), Abigail, and Nathan 

Holt of Bradford, Aug. ar, 1833." 
Anna, and John Chase, May 28, 1809.* 
Betsy W[yman, int.], and Amos Hunt, May 9, 1839.* 
Edward ll P., of Albany, Vt., and Mrs. Mary Ana Emerson, int. 

Dec. 10, 1848. 
Henry [Lt. iut], and Eunice Sfawyer. int.] Chase, Sept. 30, 

Henry, and Sophia Hardy, Nov. 29, 1838.* 
Henry, of Tewksbury, and Naomi Farmer, int. Apr. 30, 1847. 
J[ame3. int.] H., and Sarah S. Towne, Dec. 25, 1839.* 
John, and Mary Merrill, Dec. 12, 1823.* 
Julia A[nn. int.], and Elisha C, Hopkins of Detiham, Mar. 29, 

Lewis, and Mary Abbot of HoUis, N. H., int. Mar. z8, 1823. 
Martha, and Rogers Blood, Nov. 3, 1815." 
Mary, and Charles J. Townsend, Aug. 30, 1829. c. r. 3.* 
Rachel, and Joseph B. Abbot, of Thomaston, July 28, i8o8. 

c. R. 2.* 
Samuel, and Susannah Brooks of Athol, int. Jan. 17, 1798. 
Sophia, and Daniel Bailey, jr., Nov. 30, 1809.* 

COCK, Mary,and Samuel Sessions, Feb. 17, i707-8.» 
*lBtentioD bIso recorded. 



COCKRAN (see alBO Cochran), Hannah, and Henry Carter ol 

Waltham, Mar. 31, 1822. 
Polly [Coffrin. int], and Hermon Richardson [of Methuen. int.], 

Sept. 16, 1802.* 
Sally [Coffrin. int.], and Benjamin Dane, Feb, 13, 1803.* 
Samuel, Ens., and Mary Bailey, June 11, 1807.* 

COCERIN (see also Cochran), Jenny [Coffin, int.], and John 
Merril, jr., Oct. 16, 1792.* 

COFFERIN (see also Coffering), James, and Sarah Gemison 
[Gemison. c. K. i.andint. ; Gunnison. T. a], Mar. aji i73S-* 

COFFERING (see also Cofferin), Jenne, of Lonedary, and John 
Christy, resident in Andover, int. Oct. 30, 1739. 

COFFIN, Jenny, see Cockrin, Jenny. 

William, of Boston, and E[x]pcrience Hilliard, int. Feb. ro, 

COGIN, Josiah, o£ Tewksbury, and wid. Martha Tuck, int. Sept 
2, I7S"- 

COGSWELL, Elizabeth, and Jude Jones of Windsor, N. H., Feb. 

25, I799-* 
Francis, Esq., of Ossipee, N. H., and Mary S. Marland, June 8, 

James, of Boston, and Sally Hardan [Haridan. int.], Sept. 14, 

Mary, and Frederick Mason, June 16, 1836." 
Mary W., of Gilmanton, N. H., and Benja[min] F, Burgess, int. 

Aug. i5f 1849. 
Samuel, jr., and Mary Eaton of Reading, at Reading, July. 11, 

Thomas, and Elizabeth Swallow, May 9, 1824.* 

COKER, John P., of Rowley, and Harriet Spofford, June 2, 1836." 

COLBATH. Mark, and Elizabeth T. Fla^ of Exeter, N. H., int. 
June 16, 1833. 

COLBE (see also Colby), Hannah, and Solomon Abbot, May 3 

•Intentioii *1m recxiided. 



COLBURN (see also Coburn), Abel [Coburn. int.], and Abigail 

Merril, Jan. 31, 1782.* 
Deborah [Coburn. c. R. i.], and William Frye, Nov. 24, 1768." 
Sarah A. [Coburn. int], a. 36 y., d. James and Sarah, and Sam- 
uel B. Hill, a. 26 y., butcher, a. John and Susan, Jan. 37, 
184 8.» 

COLBT (see also Coibe, Colebe), Philip T., of Newburypoit, and 
Abby M. Hayward, int. June 7, 1845. 

COLE, Abigail, and Inciease VVhiston, Mar. 12, 1740-41.* 
Anne, of Lynn, and Josiah Sessions, int. June 30, 1716. 
Ca.toline C, and William H. Buraham of Salem, int. Sept 17, 

James R., of Madbury, N. H., a. 24 y., mechanic, s. Benjamin 

and Martha, and Saiah A. Randall, a. 33 y., d. Jane [jiV] 

and Hannah, June 11, 1848.* 
Job T., and Hannah Frye, Apr. i6, 1835.* 
Ruth, and Thomas Peabody, Feb. 28, r738-9.» 
Sarah A., and Isaac Morse, jr., of Salem, N. H., int Apr. 9, 1844 
Solomon, of Boxford, and Mehetable Barker, Feb. 4, 1766. 

c. R. !.• 

COLEBE (see also Colby), Daniel [of Amesbnry. int], and Han- 
nah Gray, Sept a, r73o.* 

COLET, Lydea, Mrs., of Charlestown, and Isaac Abbot, int Nov. 
17' nS3- 

COLLINS, Benjamin, of Salisbury, and Mehetebel Woster, May 

30, I722.» 

Sarah, and R. W. Adams of Worcester, int Jan. 11, 1841, 

COLHAN, William, and Martha Maria Mason, Sept 4, 1840." 
William, and Susan Marshall, int. Feb. 18, 1845. 

COLTON, Aaron M., Rev., and Z. Elizabeth Gould, July ig, i840.» 

COLWELL, Jane P., and Timothy Poor, ad, May 14, r833.» 

COMINGS (see also Cummings), Ebenczer [of Dunstable, int.], 
and Elizabeth Abbot, June i, 1758." 
'Intentioii bIm recorded. 



CONANT, Mary, Mrs., of Boston, and Col. David Wood, int. Dec. 

12, 1807. 

CONNER, Michael, and Maiy Randell, int. June iS, 1840. 

CONROY, Ellen, and Michael Cunningham, int. July 29, 1848. 

CONVERS, Sarah, of Bedford, and Jeremiah Goldsmith, at Bed- 
ford, Dec. 30, 1788." 

COOK, James, and Dorothy Hibberd of Methuen, at Methuen, 
Nov. la, 1741." 

COOPER. Caroline S., of Cooper, Me., and Rev. William J. New- 
man, int. Oct. 24, 1836. 
Joseph, of Billetica, and Harriett Merrill, int. May 4, 1835. 
Samuel T,, and Caroline L. Abbot, int. Sept. ag, 1840. 

COPPS, Anna, and Ebenezer Tibbcls, Apr. 14, i8i8.* 

CORBETT, Benja[miii] S., Rev., and Harriet R. Thompson of 
Dedham, int. Mar. 11,1842. 

COREY, Job, of South Hadley, a. 27 y., painter, b. Derby, Vt., 
and Sarah G. Moise, a. 18 y., b. Alexandria, d. O. S., Nov. 
29, 1849.* 

Sally, and John Crosby of Greenfield, N, H,, Dec. 28, iSig," 

Sarah [of Chelmsford. inL], and Charles Furbush [jr. int.], at 
Chelmsford, Apr. i, 1735." 

Susan, of Brookline, N. H., and Jonathan Abbot, int. June 6, 1840. 

CORLESS (see also Corlis), Jonathan, and Ehzabeih Mote, int 
Mar. 15, 1716-17. 

CORLIS (see also Corless), Rhoda, of Salem, N. H., and Willard 
Lane, int. May 19, 1809. 

CORNELIAS, Elias, Rev., of Summers, N. Y., and Mary Ann 
Hooker, int. Sept. 3, 1818. 

CORNELL (see also Comelle), Charlotte, a. 22 y., d. James and 
Mary, and James H. Smith, a. 28 y., blacksmith, s. Caleb 
and Ann, Dec. 33, 1847.* 

CORNELLE (see also Cornell). Mary, and Marshall Blood [2d. 
int.], June 30, 1841." 

'Intentioii also itcoided. 



CORNISH, Zeiviah, Mrs., and Theophilas Batchelloi of Lynde, 
int Nov. II, 1815. 

CORTAN, Ann, and Daniel Miliaii, int Sept 9, 1849. 

CORY, Annis, and James Johnson, Aug. 16, 1768.* 

Epbraim, and Anna Haseltioe of Tewksbuiy, int. Aug. 28, 1772. 

COSONi Sarah, and Stephen Haytrard,- int. Apr. 30, 1844. 

COTTEN, Seaborn, and Mrs. Dorathy Btadstreet, June 14, 1654 

COUCH, Susan H., of Newburyport, and John E. Piper, int. Nov. 
14, 1836. 

COVBL, Abby E., of Pittston, Me., and Charts K. Tyler, int. 
May 31, 1845. 

COWDERY (see also Cowdry), William L, and Eliza ]. Wilson of 
Methuen, int. Mar. 15, 1845. 

COWDRY (see also Cowdeij), Tabitha, of Reading, and Jonathan 
Feirson, int July 11, 1747. 

COWLBS, George, Rev. [of Danveis. int], and Elizabeth [R. 
int] Adams, Feb. la, i8a8. c. R. 6.* 

COX, Mary, of TopsGeld, and Samuel Sessions, at Topsfield, Feb. 

CRAGIN, Archelaus, and Martha Hosley of Hancock, N. H., 
int Mar. 23, 1833. 

CRAIG, Abraham D., and Louisa Mears, int. Sept. 4, 1846. 

CRAIN, William H., and Fanny E. Fish of Seekonk, int May 9, 

CRAM, Jo[hJn, of Hampton, and Sarah Holt [Feb. 18, 1707-8. 
c. R. I.]." 

CRANGLE, James, and Mary Lillay of Lowell, int Sept. 2, 1836. 

CRAWFORD, see Crofford. 

'Intention tlio recorded. 



CREAST, Noab, Rev., of Norway, and Sophia Spofford, Oct 2, 
1 809.* 

CREE, Eliza, and Jonathan Briaily, Feb. la, 1837.* 

CROFPORD, James, and Sarah Hubbard, int. Jan. 21, 1848. 

CROMBIE, James, and Mary Hovey [of Boxford. c r. i.], Aug. 

William, of Flymoath, and [Mrs. c. K. i.] Zerviah Kimball, Nov. 

27, 1760." 

CRONK, Abigail, of Amesbury, aod Edmund McNeill, int Aug. 
21, 1830. 

CROPPER, Jaroes, of Oxford, s. Edmund, and Ann E. Howaith, 
d. Isaac, Aug. 19, 1847. c. s. 4. 

CROSBEY (see also Crosby), Deborah [of BDlerica. int.], and 
Peter Russel, Mar. 31, i727.» 

CROSBY (see also Crosbey, Crossbee, Crosabey), Dorcas, and 

John Merrill, Oct. 32, r829. c R. 3.* 
Jacob, of Lowell, and Fhebe D. Mooar, Aug. 32, 1832." 
John, and Hannah Boynton, Apr, 19, 1793.* 
John, of Greenfield, N. H., and Sally COTey, Dec. aS, r8r9.» 
Josiah [of Boston, c. r. i.j, and Hannah H. Hodges, Nov. 19, 

Poly, of Billerica, and Henry Kanchatd, int. Jan. 3, 1807. 
Simon, of Chelmsford, and Mra. Deborah Hag^et, Feb. 33, 1775. 

c. R. 3.* 
Timothy, jr., of Billerica, and May Frye, Dec. 15, 1796.* 

CROSS, Abigail, of Methuen, and Hannah Foster, int May 23, 

Anna Tippet, of Methuen, and Joseph Abbot, int Dec. 31, 1805. 
Caleb, and Mrs. Hannah Hardy, Sept, 39, 1839.* 
Lucy A., and William W. Shattuck of Woburn, int. Dec. 30, 1 844. 
Martha, and William Stevens, Apr. 6, 1769.* 
Mehitable, and Samuel Liadsey, Sept 12, r78o.* 
Samuel B., and Sarah Faulkner, int. Aug. 20, 1842. (stopped.) 

CROSSBEE (see also Crosby), Robert [late of Billerica. int], and 
Mehetabel Chandler, Feb. 7, i73r-2.* 
'Intenlioii abo i«cordcd. 



CROSSBEY (see also Crosby), Mehetable, Mrs., and Dea. An- 
drew Spaulding of Westford, Nov. a6, 1743.* 

CROWELL, Robert, Rev., of Ipswich, and Hannah H. Frost, 
Aug. 29, r8i4.» 

CROWLEY, Sarah, and Augustine Seed, int. Nov. i, 1845. 

CROWTHER, Elijah, and Mary Howarth, Jan. 15, 1832." 

CULLY, Matthew, and Rebecca Dane, int. Aug. 6, 1837. 

CULVER, Marshall H., of Boston, s. Lyman, and Lucy T. Glea- 
aon, d. John, Sept. 7, 1847. c. r. 4." 

CUMBUNG (see also Cummings), Jonathan, and Lydia Oaks, 
[of Northbury. int.j, Nov. 6, 1766." 

CUNNINGS (see also Comings, Cumming, Cummins), Abigail, 

wid., and Ezekicl Hardy, Dec. 22, iSoi.* 
Amos, and Abigal Judkins, Jan. 25, 1803.* 
Ann, and John P. Randall of Haverhill, Nov. ai, 1840." 
Asa, and Hannah Pcabody, Jan. 22, 1782. [Mar, 7. c. r. !.]• 
Asa, and Lydia Holt, May 25, 1797." 
Asa, Rev., of North Yarmouth, Me., and Pbebe Johnson, Oct. i, 

Asenath, and George Richardson of Chelmsford, Mar. 4, 1823.* 

Betsey, and Barnard Douglas of Portland, Sept. a, r8o6.* 

Charles, and Hannah Eaton, Nov. 22, 1808. c k. a* 

Charles, and Mary R. Eames, int Mar. 23, 1838. 

Daniel, and Mary Dodge of Boxford, at Boxford, Feb. 38, 1782.* 

Daniel, and Hannah Ames, June 30, i8oi,* 

David, Esq., of Salem, and Catharine Kittridge, Aug. 17, iSrs." 

David, Esq., of Salem, and Maria F. Kittredge, Oct. 17, iSas.* 

Ebenezer, Dea., of Nottingham West, N. H., and Sarah Stevens, 

Apr. 12, 1774.* 
Elizabeth, a. 21 y., d. Joseph and Mary, and Dr. Sidney Drink- 
water of Westford, a. 34 y., physician, s. Phinehas and 
Margarett, of Portland, Me., Aug. 10, 1847." 
Hannah, and Samuel Ward well, Aug. 23, 1792.* 
Hannah, and Isaac Stevens, Sept. 29, r8i4.* 
Henry, of Middlctown [Westford. int.], a. 22 y., s. Joseph and 
Mary, and Eliza B. Farnham, a. 21 y., d. Benifamijn and 
Ruth, Oct. 28, r84S. [Oct. 27. c. R. i.]» 
Jonathan, and [wid. int] Mary Parker, Dec. 30, i8o2,* 

*Iiitentioti bIm i«cord«d. 



CuMMiNGS, Joseph, and Mary Poor, Dec. 19, 1815.* 

Joseph, and Phoebe FoBter of Brentwood, N. H., int. May 13, 

Lucy, and Joseph Richardson, June 5, 1820.* 
Mary, and Solomon Holt, May 22, 1798.* 
Mary E., and Nathan Abbott, sth, Oct. 4, 1832.* 
Mehetabel, and Tho[ma]s Emerson, jr., of Topsfield, Apr. 33, 

Peter, and Abigail [Deborah, int] Hagget, Mar. a i, 1 780.* 
Samuel, and Lucy Abbot, Nov. 27, i8oo.* 
Sarah, aiiu David Gray, Apr. 3, 1788.* 
Stephen, and Deborah Pcabody, Mar. 29, 1780.* 
Susan, and Benjamin Mooar, May i, i8>6.* 

CUMMINS (see also Cummings), Abigail, and Daniel Lovejoy, jr., 

July 25, 1770. c R. 2.* 
Lydia, of Dauvers, and Daniel Goodhue, int. Jan. 12, 1814. 
Mary, and Bartholomew Town of Amherst [N. H.],Oct. 3, 1771.* 
Thamas, Lt., of Ipswich, and Mis. Anne Johnson [wid. int.], 

Mar. 28, 1754." 

CUNNINGHAM, Ellen, and Joseph Davlin of Lowell, int. Jan. 11, 

Luke, and Mary Lane, int. Nov. 20, 1847. 
Michael, and Ellen Conroy, int. July 29, 1848. 

CURNEBL (see alsoCumell), Elizabeth, and Joseph Clark, jr., 

Mar. 27, r734." 
Susanna, and Benjamin Lovejoy, Feb. r3, 1717-18. c. R. 1.* 

CURNELL (see also Curneel), Mary, aud Timothy Lovejoy, Aug. 
20, 1730." 

CURRIER, Anthony D., of Newburyp[or]t, and Maiy Ann 

Loring, Oct 8, 1835.' 
Arthur M., and Mary Ann Merrill, Nov. 27, 1834,* 
Josiah H., of Medford, a. 23 y., teamster, a. David and Susan, 

and Mary E. Pearson, a. 33 y., d. Joseph and Sarah, June 

30, 1846.* 
Mary Ann [Mrs. dup.], and Robert Callahan, jr., of Reading, 

Dec. 6, 1841. [1843. dup.]» 
Mehitable E., and Ezra W. Bartlett, both of Haverhill, Dec. 31, 

Susan A., and John W. [Jesse H. int.] Kittredge, May 31, 1S38.* 
'lotentioii alio iccoided. 



CURTICE (see also Curtis), Phebe, of Boxford, and Eben[eze]r 
Fish, int. June 9, 1770. 

CDftTIS(seealBoCurtice, Curtiss), Amos [of Middleton. c. r. i.], 

and Rebecca Poor, Mar. 28, 1749.* 
Andrew P., and Harriet Nichols, int. Nov, 24, 1840. 
Betsey, of Middlelown, and Daniel Barnard, int. June 10, 1786. 
Eliza Ann, and Isaac Abbott, int. Oct. ^^1 '843. 
Hannah, of Middletown, and Cyrus Stiles, int. Feb. 17, 17S1. 
Harriet, and Dixey Wilkins of Middleton, int. Apr. zg, 1848, 
James, of New Salem, and Elenor Ingalls, Oct. 30, 1794." ' 
John Briton, resident in Andover, and Naama Marble, int. Mar, 

12, 1792. 
Lydia, Mrs. [of Boxford. int.}, and Noah Stiles, at Boxford, June 

16, I772.* 
Orrin, and Mary A. Wardwell, Aug. 13, 1840.* 
Sally, of Middleton, and Joel Russell, int. Apr. 2, 1805. 
Sarah, Mrs. [of Boxford, int.], and Ebenezer Ingalls, at Boxford, 

July 29, r76s.* 
Tho[ma}s, and Phebe Gould, both of Topsfield, at Topsfield, 

Oct 6, 1706. 

CURTISS (see also Curtis), Joseph, 'of Boxford, and Katharine 
Towns, int. July 22, 1738. 

CURBING, Christopher, and Mary Frances Choate of Derry, N. H., 
int. Sept. 3, 1847. 

CUTLER (see also Cuttler), Abby H., of Ashbumham, and 

Albert Abbott, inL Dec. la, 1835. 
Elizabeth K., of Billerica, and Robert Winning, int. Mar. 15, 


CUTTER, Benjamin, of Temple, N. H., and Catherine H, Foster, 

Sept. 17, 1837. c R. 2." 
Geofrge] W., of Lancaster, N. H., and Margaret Upton, Feb. 20, 

183. .• 

CUTTLER (see also Cutler), Mary, of Burlington, and Ebcnezer 
Tay, int. May 38, 1805. 

DABNET, Elizabeth, wid., and James Bridges, jr., June 31, i787.» 
•IntcDtlrai alio recorded. 



DALAND (see also Deeland), George, and Abigail Chandlei of 

S[outh] Reading, May i8, i8ao.» 
George, and Mary C. Goldsmith, Nov. 3, 1825." 

DALE (see also Dole), Eben[ezc]r, Dr. [of], and, 

Serena P[arker, int.] Johnson, June 1, 1811." 
Joseph, of Danvers, and Phebe Martin, July 16, 1795.* 
Timothy [of No. 2. int], and Hannah Abbot, Jan. 15, 1761.* 

DALTON (see also Doiton), Bethia, and Samuel Morss [of New- 
bury, int.], Sept. 24, 1725.* 
Eliza O., and Edward Brown of Salem, July 21, 1842.* 
John, Dr., of N[ew] Boston [N. H. int.], and Martha T. Gray, 

May 6, 1822. c. R. 1." 
John, Dr., of New Boston [N. H. C. r. i.], and Eliza Gray, Apr. 

-, .825.» 
Joseph, resident in Andover, and Sarah Wright, Aug;. 25, 1808." 
Philemott [of Hampton, int.], and Bethia Bridges, July 15, 1720.' 

DAMON, Calvin C, of Framingham, and Rebecca P. Farnham, 

Mar. 13, i832.» 
Ebenezct, jr., of Reading, and Eunice Berry, May 27, 1 821." 
Eleiebith [wid. int.], and Peter Abbot, Sept 22, 1757-* 
Lidia, of Reading, and William nood, at Reading, Apr. 8, 1798. • 
Lydia, of Reading, and Samuel Jenkins, int. Feb. 15, 1800. 
Sarah, resident in Andover, and John Adams, 4th [3d. int.], Apr. 

DANA, Caleb [Danne, of Cambridge, int.], and Phebe Chandler, 

July 14, 1726.» 
Martha B., of Cliarlestown, and George S. Greene, int. Jan. 38, 


DANE (see also Dean, Deane), Abigail, and Nathaniel Carlton, 

Aug. 29, 1721. 
Abigail, and Francis Faukner, Oct. 12, 1675. [Oct. 8. cr. r.] 
Benjamin, and Sally Cockran [Coilrin. int.], Feb. 13, rSoj." 
Benjamin A., of Methuen, and Sarah S. Bradley, int. May 31, 1845. 
Daniel, and Elezebeth Grainger, Mar. 8, i72o-2r.» 
Daniel, and Prudence Phelps, Feb. 21, 1760." 
Deliverance, and Joseph Foster, June 23, 1714." 
Deliverance [Foster, c. R. 2 ; and int.], and Joseph Fry, Nov. 4, 

174a-* I 

* Intention also recorded. 



Dane, Dorcas, and Ezra Holt, Oct. 9, 1794." 

Doicas [Dean, int.], and Ebenezer Jones, Dec. 2, 1819." 

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Poor, May 24, 1744." 

Elizabeth, and Steven Johnson, Nov. 5, 1661. 

Elizabeth fof Concord, int.], and Sam[uejll Blunt, Apr. 10, 

Elizabeth, and Timothy Foster [resident ia Andover. c. R. z.], 

Nov. 16, i78o." 
Elizabeth, and Henry Dane, June 7, 1796.' 
Elizabeth, and Ira Mclntire [of Lowell, int.J, Jan. z8, 1834. 

C. R. 3." 

Franciea, and Hannah Turner, Mar. 18, 1713-14.* 

Francis, and Abiah Burt, May i, 1781.* 

George A., and Jerusha Frost, int. Jan. 3$, 1843. 

Hannah, and Serg't Samuell Osgood, Feb. 4, 1701-?. 

Hannah, and Sam[ue]ll Phelps, June 30, r7o8." 

Hannah, and Ebenezer Abbott, Apr. 5, 1720."' 

Htnnah, and Timothy Holt, jr., Feb. 13, ij^S-^).' 

Hannah, and Amos Gilcreast, resident in Andover, int. Mar. 9, 

Henry, and Elizabeth Dane, June 7, 1796.* 

Henry, jr., and Hannah Chase of Newbury, int. Mar. 15, 1831. 

Hermon, and Hannah Goldsmiih, int. Dec. 27, 1828, 

James, and Phebe [Rebecca, int.] Pilsbury of Newbury, at New- 
bury, June 6, 1799-" 

John, and Sarah Chandler, Nov. 10, 1713." 

John, jr., and Elisabeth Chandler, May 29, r739.* 

John, and [wid. int.] Sarah Abbot, Aug. r, 1749." 

John [Dean. c. r, 1.], of Exeter, and Sarah Bridges, Oct. 6, 

John, jr., and Deborah Bailey, May 8, 1783." 

John, and Sally Moody of Newbury, int. Apr. 4, 1828. 

Joseph, and Lydia Johnson, Feb. 4, 1717-18." 

Joseph, and Mary Haroden, July i4i 1720.* 

Joseph, and Dorcis Osgood of Tewksbury, int. Nov. 30, 1750. 

Joseph, and wid. Elizabeth Abbot, Oct. 9, r759,* 

Joseph, jr., and Alice Hunt of Tewksbury, int. Oct 13, 1781. 

Joseph, and [wid. iot.j Ede Flint of Danvers, at Danvera, Apr. 
14, I784-* 

Joseph M., of Boston, and Ann Kershaw, int. July 20, 1833. 

Lydia, and Clarke Holt, Feb. 16, iS32.« 

Mary, of Ipswich [Deane. cr. f.], and William Chandler [at 
Ipswich, cr. F.j.'Aug, 24, 1658. [Aug. 18. cr. R.] 
'lDtentk>u also recorded. 



Dane, Mary, and Andrew Allin, June 28, 1711." 

Mary, and Jeremiah Ballard, Dec. zg, 1731." 

Mary, and Joshua Ftie, July 14, 1724.* 

Mary, and Samuel Chickring, jr., Apr. 17, i7SS>* 

Mary, and William Lovejoy, Sept, 15, 1785,* 

Mary, and John Humphery of Hingham, Mar. 27, 1823. • 

Mary M., and Charles H. Goodrich of Lowell [of Chelmsford. 

int.], Oct. 36, 1837.* 
Moses, and Phebe Dane, June r8, 1793." 
Peter Osgood, and Lucy Burt, May 10, 1805.* 
Phebe [Deane. ct. f.], and Joseph Robinson, May 30, 1671. 
Phebe, and Moses Dane, June 18, 1793." 
Phebe, and Benjamin Hardy, Nov. lo, 1794.* 
Philemon, and Priscilla Phelps, July 11, 1769. • 
Philemon, and wid. Sarah Foster of Tewksbuty, int. Dec, ar, 1800. 
Rebecca, and Matthew Cully, int. Aug. 6, 1837, 
Sally, and Will[ia]m Shirley of Lowell, May 17, iSij.' 
Sarah, and Uriah Ballard, jr, Aug. 24, 1738.* 
Sarah [Dean, int.], and John Dobbin, Mar. 13, 1788." 
Wiliam, and Mary Osgood, Nov. 7, 1751.* 
William, and Phebe Abbot, July u, 1766." 
William, jr., and Susanna Burt, Oct. 3T, 1780.* 

BANFORD (see also Danforth), Hannah, of Billeiica, and David 
Abbott, int. Mar. 20, 1717-18. 

DANFORTH (see abo Danford), Eliza A., of Lowell, and Pre»- 

cott Robinson, int. Nov. 27, 1S46. 
Elizabeth [wid. int.], and Ebenezer Dow [of Newbury, int.], 

June 12, 1760.* 
Elizabeth P., of Waltham, and John Morrill, int. Sept. 8, 1831. 
Hannah, and William Bailey, Mar. 25, 1806. • 
John, of Shrewsbury, and Tabitha Johnson, int. Sept. 17, 1726. 
John, and Elezebith Wilson [of BiUerica. int.]. Mar. 6, 1755." 
Jonathan, of Dunstable, and Anne Blanchard, int. Feb. 26, 1743-3. 
Lydea, and Uriah Ballard, jr., Jan. 24, 1754." 
Samuel [Benjamin, int], of Lynnfield, and Nelly Blanchard, Aug. 

34, 1794-* 
William, and Ruth P. Reed of Boston, int. Aug. 22, 1824. 

DANIELS, Thoradike A., of Danvers, and Sarah W. Frye, Sept. 

'latention (1k> tecord«d. 



DAMIELSON, Prudence [wid. int.J, of Boxford, and William WO- 
son, at Boxford, May 13, 1756." 

- DARBET (see also Derby), Simon [of Haivaid; int.], and Esther 
Foster, May za, 1754.* 

I>ARBY (see also Derby), Simon, of Hereford [Harvaid, c. r. 1. 
and intj, and Mercy Willsun, June 22, i738.» 

DARLQIG, Eliakim, and Martha How, July 25, 1765. c. r. 2.* 
Jonathan, and Hannah Holt, Sept. 15, 1763.* 
Jonathan C, and Caroline Richardson, int. Dec. 26, 1849. 
William [resident sometime in Andover. int.], and Ruth Nichols, 
Oct. I, i724.« 

DARNELLT, Sarah [Deamalley. int.], d. Joseph, and David 
Holmes of Lowell, s. Joseph, Nov. 36, 1847. c. r. 4," 

DARRACOTT, Franklin, of Boston, s. George, and Julia M. Mar- 
land, d. Abraham, Sept. 24, 1846. c. R. 4.* 

DARVAY, Patrick, and Wanafold McGowan, int. Oct ai, 1849. 

DASCOMB, Jacob, of Wilton, N. H., and Fanny Johnson, Mar. 

10, iSas.* 
Jacob, and Parthenia P. Wilder of Newton, int. Apr. 25, 1840. 

DAVELAN (see also DavUn), Bridget, and Patrick Hanning, int. 
Oct. 15, 1849. 

DAVES (see also Davis), Esther, of Billerica, and Samuel Park- 
er, at Billerica, Sept. 18, 1734. 

DAVIS (see also Daves, Daviss), Caroline, a. 19 y., d. Levi, jr. 
and Maty, and George W. Ellis, a. ao y., laborer, s. George 
and Susan, Oct. ro, 184S.* 

Daniel A., a. 28 y., carpenter, s. Eliphalet and Eunice, and Mar- 
tha Jane Shattuck, a. 20 y., d. Samuel and Hannah, Nov. 10, 

Eliza, and BradBtreet Doe, Feb. 3, 1828.* 

Elizabeth Fartington, and John Peters, Sept. 24, 1801.* 
*Iiiteiitioa also recorded. 



Davis, Enoch P., wid., of Reading, a. 50 y., farmer, s, Ebenezer 
and Sarah, and Phebe JenkiDS, wid., a. 6d y., d. Thomas 
and Maty, June 18, i846.» 

Ephrum, of Haverbili, and Mary Johnsoo, Dec. 29, r66o. [Feb. 

II, 1659. CT. R.] 

Ephraim, and Mary Eires, Mar. 19, 1687-8. 

George L., and Harriet H. [K. int] Roberis, Oct 27, 1841.* 

Gilman, a. 31 y., farmer, s. William and Betsey, and Eliza L. 

Stickney, a. 30 y., d. Joseph and Eliza L., Nov. 8, 1848.* 
Hester, of Billerica, and Samuel Parker, int Mar. 9, i733'4. 
James, and Chloe Wiley, Oct 3, 1782.' 
James, of Methuen, and Mary [Mercy, int.] Lovejoy, Apr. 35, 

John H., Capt, of Gloucester, and Mary M. Famham, May i, 

Jonas W., and Haniet A. Pratt, Oct 19, i84i.* 
Joseph, Rev., of Nottingham West, N. H., and Affier Goldsniilh, 

July 24, 1823." 
Levi, jr., and Mary Me»s of Dracut, int Oct 13, 1810. 
Lucy A,, and Henry Goflf, June 10, 1826." 
Lucy Ann, a. 27 y., d. Benjamin and Lucy, and George Watson, 

a. 27 y., woolsorter, s. George and Maty, May 17, 1846.* 
Mary, a. 25 y., d. Abel and Abigail, and Samuel Marshall of Sa- 
lem, a. 24 y., painter, s. Levi, jr. and Mary, Sept. 2, 1846.* 
Meribah, and Jedediah Hubbill, Oct. 19, 1809.* 
Miles, of Haverhill, and Martha Stevens, Mar. 23, iSaiS.* 
Moses, and Lydia Johnson of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Dec. 29, 

Olive, and John Diliaway, Aug. 20, 1778.* 
Polly, and William Chamberlahi, Nov. 20, 1777." 
Rebeccah, and Joseph Meats, int Mar. 17, i8zi. 
Robert, and Prudence Long, Nov. 23, 1758." 
Ruth, and Isaac Lovejoy, 3d pr. c. R. 1.], Feb. 17, 1780.* 
Sarah A., and Henry Deadman, int. Apt. 30, 1849. 

DAVISON, Andrew, and Alice [Alcy. int.] Sympson, May iS, 

Eley, Mrs. [Elcy. int], and Charles Knight, May 9, 1833." 
Satah [Hannah, c. R. z.j W., and Enoch Holt of Maiden, Dec. 

28, i8i7.» 

DAVISS (see also Davis), Rebecka [of Billerica. int], and Hez- 
ekiah Ballard, May 13, 1713.* 

'Intention also nicorded. 



DAVIiN (see also Davelan), Joseph, of Lowell, and Ellen Cun- 
oingham, int. Jan. ii, 1847. 

DAT, Abigail, of Bradford, and Josiah Osgood, int. Feb, 14, 

Heibert A., and Lydia Willett of Walpole, int. Mar. 30, 1839. 
Mary, of Danvers, and Josiah Walton, int Aug. 16, 1830. 
Mary T., of Boxford, and Daniel K. Gage, int. Nov. 3, i8a6. 
Moses, of Bradford, and Jerusha Marbel, int. Apr. 20, 1754. 
Salome, of Bradford, and James A. Montgomery, int. Nov. 9, 

Susanna, of Manchester, and Ruben Cier of Bow, N. H., Nov. 

IS. 17S4- 
William L., and Mattlia Ann Junes, both of Lowell, Sept. 33, 


DEADHAN, Henry, and Sarah A. Davis, int. Apr. 30, 1849. 

DEAN (see also Dane), Hannah, and Peter Martin, int Jan. 4, 

Phebe [Dane, int.], and James Chandler, Apr. 39, 1783." 

DEANE (see also Dane), Francb [Dane. cr. r,], and Mrs. Mary 

Thomas, 9 br. zz, 1677. 
Francis [Dane. cr. R,], and Hannah Poor, Nov. 16, 1681. 
Nathaniel], and Deliverance Heasletine, Dec. 12, 1672. 

DEARBORN, Alva, and Elizabeth B. Folsom of Stark, Me., int 

Feb. 26, 1848. 
Benjamin, and Lois Maria Folsom of Stark, Me., int. Feb. i, 

James, and Priscilla Marble of Poland, Me., int. Dec. 30, 1847. 
Nath[anie]l F,, and Eliza Jane Parker, Dec. 30, 1841.* 

DBELAND (see also Daland), Abigail, of Boxford, and John Am- 
my, resident in Andover, int Dec. 2, ijn. 

DELAP. John and Elizabeth Atkes[o]n ol ExeteV, int Dec. i, 

DELENY, Mary, of Lowell, and John Bingham, int. Dec. j8, 1844. 
•Intent on also recorded. 



DENHAH, Louisa, of Conway, and Rev. Lucien Fatnam, int. 
Aug. 28, 1830. 

DENISON, Mary £., a. 33 y., d. Joseph and Anna, and James 
Brieily, a. 33 y., machinist, s. David and Elaey, Dec. 3, 1848.* 

DENNETT, Thomas G., of Byfield [of Newbury, c. r. i.], and 
Hannah Stevens, Apr. 3, 1821." 

DENNIS, Moaes, and Sarah Frye, June 11, 1783.* 

Nathan, and Damaris Putnce [residents in Andover. int.], Juiy 6, 

Samuel, of Hancock, N. H., and Elizabeth Frye, Oct. 13, rSiS.* 

DENNY, Timothy [of Methuen. int.] , and Harriet Foster, Nov. 
13, 1827.' 

DENSMORE, Abraham [of Hollis. int], and Lydea Johnson, 
Aug. 13, i7S3.» 

DENVIR, Robert, and Abigail Sampson of Londonderry, int Aug. 
r6, iSas- 

DEPDTRIN, Manila, of Ware, and Joseph Peel, int. July 8, 1843. 

DERBT (sec also Darby, Darbcy), Sarah R., d. John, and John 
L. Whipple o£ Boston, s. Samuel, Dec. 29, 1846. c. k. 4.* 

DESCOHB, James, of Lunenburg, ' and EUz[abe]th Farrington, 

Nov. 23. 1758." 
Sarah, and Peter Famum, Dec. 4, i783.* 

DESHON, Elijah, and Mary [K. int.] Holt, May ro, 184?.* 

DEVEREUX, Susanna, of Marblehead, and Stephen Parker, at 
Marblchead, Jan. 10, 1694-5. 

DICKINSON, Catherine, and Jos[eph] A. Sweetser of New York 

City, Nov. 4, r835." 
Mary, of Amherst, and Mark H. Neivman, int. Sept. 13, 1828. 
William, of Amherst, and Eliza Hawley, Nov. 38, r83X.* 

'Intention also lecotded. 



DIKE, Edward R., and Clarisa Stevens, Sept. 8, 1831. c. R. 3.' 
Kimball I., of Sebago, Me., and Senith Stevens, Nov. 3, i843,» 
Mary, and James Stevens [3d. int.], Feb- ay, 1834. c. B. 3." 

DILLAWAT. Clarissa, and Abiel Faulkner, int. Apr. 7, 1S17. 
Dorothy, wid., and Timothy Barker of Dracut, Mar. 5, lyje.* 
Elizabeth, and Ezekiel Hanly, Aug. 6, 1805,* 
John, and Olive Davis, Aug. 10, ijjS.* 
Samuel, and Dorathy Faulkner, Aug. 31, 1749." 
William, and Mary Wardwell, Apr. 10, 1781," 

DINSHORE, Stephen [o( Boston, int.], and Sally Lovejoy, July 
33, 1828. c. R. 3." 

DIX, Mary, and William Barker, Feb. 20, r67ti. 

DIXON, Ruthy, and George Abbot, Nov. 3, 180S. a r. 2.* 

DOBBIN) John, and Sarah Dane [Dean, int.], Mar. 13, 1788.* 

DODGE, Abigail, Mis., of Tamworth, N. H., and Mark Newman, 

Esq., int. Oct. 3i, i8r4. 
Aimer, of B'ridgton, and Sarah Barker, Feb. zi, 1804. 
Enos, and Lydia Beverly, May 23, 1805." 
Jammy S. [Tammy P. c. R. 3.], and William Town, Mar. 10, 

183 I.- 
Margaret E. F., and Simon Wardwell, 2d, int. Aug. 14, 1830. 
Mary, of Boxford, and Daniel Cummings, at Boxford, Feb. 28, 

Phebe W. H., and Samuel Woodbridge, jr., Feb. 10, 1825." 
Sarah H., and Andrew Town, Nov. 26, i829.» 
Tho[maJs, of Newburyport, and Nancy Trull, Dec. n, 1S17." 
William, of Wenbam, and Hannah Goldsmith, Nov. 23, 1780." 

DOE, Bradstreet, and Eliza Davis, Feb. 3, i828.» 
Eliza, and Samuel Burr, int. Dec. 30, 1835. ' 

DOIL, Henry W., and Louisa Carlton of Bradford, at Bradford, 
Jan. 24, 1837.* 

DOLAN, Mary Ann, a. ar y., b. Ireland, d. John and Mary, and 
Hiram Gray, a. 20 y., shoemaker, s. Jacob and Betsey, June 
20, 1845. 

"iDtention also lecoided. 



D0L4HD, Mary, and John Murphy, int July 17, 1S49. 
DOLE (see also Dale) , Abigail, and Stephen Holt, Mar. 2, 1809. 

C, R. J." 

Charles [Dale, of Billerica. int}, and Isabella Plunket, Aug. — , 

1833. c. R. 3-" 
Dudly, aad Ginne Gage of Bradford, lot Oct. 30, 1801. 
Gieenlcaf, jr., and Sophia Dole of Methuen, lot. July '7, iSafi. 
Justanus M., of Methuen, and Jane Messer of Salem, N, H., Apr. 

26, 1839. 
Lydia A., and Thomas White [resident in Andover. int.], Dec. 25, 

1838. c. E. a." 
Maty, and Samuel Arlen, Dec. 26, 1830.* 
Mary, and Isaac Holt, jr., Feb. 17, 1839.* 
Pcabody, of Rowley, and Saiah Peabody, Mar. 30, 1779." 
Peabody, of New Rowley, and Paulina Kimball, int, Dec. 3, 1830. 
Sarah, of Salem, and Simon Wardwell, int. Sept. i3, 1819. 
Sophia, of Methuen, and Greenleaf Dole, jr., int July 7, 1826. 
WUliam A., a. 28 y., meichaut, s. Paul and Mary L., and Joanna 

Abbott, a. 19 y., d. Job and Lucy, Jan. ao, 1848." 

DOLIBER (see also Dolivei), Margtet [of Marblehead. int.], and 
Jacob Holt, May 25, I747-" 

DOUVER (see also Doliber), Hannah, and John Frye, Jan. 5, 

Margaret, and David Blanchard, Nov. 11, 1760.* 
Sarah, and Jacob Johnson, Mar. 16, 1758.* 

DOLLOFP, John, and Caroline T. Webber, of Hopkinlon, N. H., 
inl. Nov. 17, 1843. 

DOLTON (see also Dalton), Abia, of Haverhill, and James Turner 
of ChailestowD, Oct. ly, 1709. c. r. i. 

MRMAN (see also Dotmon) , Joseph, of Topsfield, and Phebe 
Berry, int. Feb. 15, 1799- 

DORMON (see also Dorman), Timothy, of Boxford, and wid. 
Elisabeth Bolton, resident in Andover, int. Dec. 23, 1738. 

DOTMAN, Henery, and Elezebith Gusten of Falmouth, int. Oct. 
IS, r748. 

■latentioQ also lecardtfd. 



DOUGLAS (see also Duglas), Barnard, of Portland, and Betsey 
Cummiags, Sept. a, 1806.' 

DOUWELL, Ruth, of Topsfield, and David Holt, 3d, int. Oct. 1 8, 


DOW, Ebenezer [of Newbury. inL], and [wid. int.] Elizabeth 

DanfoTth, June la, 1760.* 
Moses A., of Boston, and Elizabeth T. Houghton, Oct. 20, 1836.* 

DOWNES (see also Downs), Benj3[min] R., resident in Ando- 
vei, and Fanny Abbot, int. Apr. 13, i8aa. 

DOWNING, Abigal, and John Gilcrease, Nov. 26, 1793.' 

Eliza R., a. 18 y., d. Sam[ue]l and Betsy, and John A. Wiley, a. 

J4 y., machinist, Feb. 34, 1848.* 
Hannah F., and Richard Hill, Nov. 38, 1839. 
John, and Nancy Barnard, Dec. 2, 1824. • 
Nancy [Mrs. int.], and John H. Morse, Apr, 22, 1838." 
Palfray, and Lydia Lovejoy, Apr. a6, 1785.* 
Palfrey Ward, and Hannah Elisabeth Stone of Boston, int. Apr. 

36, 1812. 
Patfry, and Abigal Barnard, Dec. 3, 1S05.* 
Palfry W,, and Hannab Stevens, Aug. 28, iSr?," 
Richard, and Sarah Roads [Roals. c k. z ; Roales. int.] , Jan. 1 8, 

Samuel, and Abigail Barnard, Mar. aa, 1764.* 
Samuel, jr., and Eliza[beth] Bailey, Aug. 35, 1789.* 
Samuel, and Ruby Frye, May 3r, i8ar.» 
Sarouel, jr., s. Samuel and Ruby, and Rebecca H. Bailey, d. 

Timothy, Oct. 33, r84S.* 
Sarah, and Theodore Poor, Jan. 12, r794. [Jan. a. c, r. 3.]* 
Temperance Derby, and William Ballard [jr. int.] of Peterboro, 

N. H., Jan. 31, r8r3.» 

DOWNS (see also Downca), B. Robert, jr., s. B. R., and Joanna 
Frederika Wilhebnina Rectz [Rcitz. int.], d. William, Mar. 
3r, 1847- c. R. 4-* 

DOWS, Mary, of Billerica, and Joseph Foster, at Billerica, Oct. 

DRAKE, Samuel, of Epping, N. H., and Sarah Frost, Nov. 

■Inteulioii also recorded. 



DRESBR, Jonathan [of fioxford. int.], and Sarah Foster, Nov. 

14, 1748* 

DRINKWATER, Sidney, Dr., of Wcstford, a. 34 y., physician, s. 
Phinehas and Margatett, of Portland, Me., and Elizabeth 
Cummings, a. 21 y., d. Joseph and Mary, Aug. 10, 1S47." 

DRTVER, Harriet, of Salem, and William Waters, at Salem, Oct. 
34, 1839-* 

DRURY, Albert D., and Deborah Smith, May 7, 1846. c. r. 4.* 

DUCKWORTH, Ellen, of Salisbury, and James WoolfeDdea, int. 
Apr. ai, i84S- 

DUGLAS (see also Douglas), John A., Rev., of Waieiford [Me. 

int.], and Eliza [Elizabeth, int.] Abbot, Oct. 23, iSai. 

c. R, 1.* 
William, and Abigalil Abbot, Apr. ai, i79i.» 

DONKAN, Dorathy, of Boston, and David Fatnem, int Feb. 12, 

DUNLAP, Polly, and David Blunt, int. Aug. 3, 1804. 

DUNK, Aaron, and Martha Foster, Oct 13, 1839.* 
James, and Phebe Foster, int. Aug. ai, 1830. 

DUNTEN (see also Dunton), Sarah, and Abraham Graves, Sept 

DUNTLEE, Andrew Willson, and Rebekah Ixjvejoy, Feb. 11, 

DUNTON (see also Dunten), Sarah, and Eliazer Graves, Nov. 9, 
1709. c. R. T." 

DUNVOUR, Elizabeth, a. aa y., and Jeremiah Robertshaw, widr., 
a. 28 y., laborer, s. John and Sarah, Aug. 13, 1848." 

DUPEE, Abigail, and William Peabody.jr,, Jan. aa, i78r.» 
■Intention also recorded. 


iq8 andover marriages 

DURANT (see also Dunant), Hanoah, and Amoa Frye, June 30, 

Joanna, and Gideon Church Wardwell, June ai, 1801. • 
Mary Ann, and Amos Bullard of Leicester, Dec. 30, 1839.* 
Mary Butler, and Paul Hunt, jr., Sept. a6, 181 1.» 
Phebe, and Stephen Abbott, Jan. 21, i844.» 
Rebekah, of Exeter, N. H., and George Holt, jr., int. Oct 30, 

1 80a 
Sarah, and Zebadiah Shattuck, jr., Nov. 39, 1804.* 
Willard, and Mary W. D. Stevens, int. June 5, 1847. 
William, and Mary Blunt, Feb. 13, i8i8.» 

DURRANT (see also Durant), Amos, and Sarah Ballard, Oct. 7, 

David, and Meiiam Humphreys, Sept. 7, 1779-* 

DUSTIN (see alsoDuston), Bathsheba [residentin Andover. int.], 
and -Samuel Abbot of Shrewsbury, Feb. S2, 1759.* 

Betsey, of Winham, and Stephen Poor, int. Oct 25, 1795. 

Zilpha B., of Lawrence, a. 18 y., d. Chandler, and William K. 
Vates, of Lawrence, a. 21 y., laborer, s. William, Jan. 20, 

bUSTON (see also Dastin), Thomas, of Haverhill, and Maiy Iq- 
gols, Dec. 25, 1711.* 

DUTTON, Hiram L., and Ellen Towns, at Bedford, Apt. 4, 1 843.» 

DWENELL (see also Dwinell), David [resident in Andover. 
int.], and Sally Scholfi eld, Apr. 25, i8it.* 

bWIGHT, Hanisou G. O., Rev., and Elizabeth Barker, Jan. 4, 

DWINAL (see also Dwinell), John, of Salem, N. H., and Eliea- 
[beth] Kittridge, June ig, i77S* 

DWINELL (see also Dwenell, Dwinal), Ruth, of Topslield, and 
David Holt [3d. int.], at Topsfield, Dec. 13, 1781.- 

DTER, Edmund [Samuel N., of Boston, int.], and Maria Trow, 
Oct 30, i834.* 

■InientioD also recorded. 



EAHES (see also Ames), Jonathan [of Boxfoid. int.], and Elisa- 
beth Blunt, Apr. 20, 1738.* 
Mary, of Wilmington, and Isaac Russel, at Wilmington, Jan. ao, 

Maiy R., and Charles Cummings, int. Mar. 33, 1836. 

Nancy, of Wilmington, and Hariison Allen, int. Sept. 8, 1&39. 

Nathan, and Phebe Robinson, int. Feb. 27, 1765. 

Satah, of Wilmit^ton, and John Blunt, at Wilmington, Oct. 26, 

Vashti B., of Wilmington, and William F. Holt, Nov. 30, i843.« 

EAHS (see also Ames), Mehetabel fof Boxfotd. int.j, and Joseph 

Robinson, July 25, i733-" 
Moses, of Boxfoid, andRebeca Johnson, June ii, i752.* 

EASTMAN, Esther, of Conway, and Ephiaim Abbot, jr., int. Oct. 

26, 1781. 
George, and Hannah Hunt, Sept. 13, 1833. c. r. 3.* 
Hannah, and Jona[thanj Hartshorn [resident in Wilton, int.}, 

Mai. 2, 1775. c. R. 2.* 
Phebe, of Concord, N. H.,and Joseph Stevens, 3d, int. Nov. 8, 

Richard [of Suncook. int.], and Maiy Lovejoy, Nov. 15, 1737.* 

EASTON, Ebenreze]r N., of Bainbridge, N. Y., and Eliza Holt, 
July 18, 1836."' 

EASTT (see also Esty), Hannah, of Topsfield, and George Ab- 
bott [at Topsiield. dup.], July ai, 1707.* 

EATEN (see also Eaton) , Mary, of Rcadbg, and Ezekiel Osgood, 

int June 30, 1 739. 
Mary, of Reading, and John Hutchinson, int May 31, 1740. 

EATON (see also Eaten), Abigail, and Seth Nichols of Reading, 

Oct 12, 1815." 
Anna [Joanna, int.], of Reading, and Chad [Chadvraladoie. int.] 

Fold Jones, at Reading, May 8, 1798.* 
Ebenezer, of Reading, and Ab^ail Russell, at Reading, June 33, 

Elizabeth, of Lynn, and Jesse Gay, int. June 28, 1834. 
Fidelia, of Fitchbuig, and Asaph Boutwel!, int. Sept. 8, 1831. 
* IntentioD also i«cordcd. 



Eaton, Hannah, and John Martain [jr. int.], June ii, 1754.* 
Hannah, and Charles Cummings, Nov. as, 1808. c. r. 2.* 
Hannah W., and John G- Nichols, Apr. 9, 1845. c. r. 4.* 
Hepsibah, of Reading, and Joseph Russell, at Reading, Nov. 26, 

Hepsibath, and John Abbot, Sth, Dec. 20, 1750.* 
James J., of Bradford, and Ellen Fielding, int. Sept 3, 1844. 
Jeremiah, o£ Lynn, and Hannah Osgood, atLyim,Nov. 3, 1730." 
Jeremiah, Dea., of Reading, and Hannah Wardwell £wid. int.], 

at Reading, Nov. 16, 1780.* 
Jerusha, and Daniel Blanchatd, Sept. 29, 1757." 
John, of Reading, and Priscilla Russell, Jan: 31, 1721-2.* 
John, and Mary Woodbury, Nov. 23, 1806.* 
Joseph, a. 27 y., carder, s. John and Mary, and Lucy Jane Allen, 

a. 27 y., d. Joseph N. and Lucy, Aug. 22, 1848.* 
Maiy, and Nathaniel Wiley [of Reading, c. B. 1.], Apr. 25, 

Mary, of Reading, and Samuel Cogswell, jr., at Reading, July 

■I. I793-* 
Mary fof Methuen. c. r. 2.], and Hermon Webster of Methucn, 

Nov. 26, 1S33. 
Mehitable, of Reading, and James Holt [4th. int.], at Reading, 

Feb. 28, I793-* 
Nathaniel P., of North Reading, and Hannah M. Gray, int. July 

14, 1848. 
[Peter. Boxford Rds.], Dr. [Rev. int.], of BoxEocd, and Mrs. 

Sally Swett [Sarah Sweet int],Jan. 25, 1824. C. R. i. [int 

Aug. 17, i824.]» 
Samuel, jr., of Reading, and Phebe Holt, int. Mar. 15, 1805. 
Sarah, of Reading, and John E. Nichols, int. Apr. 7, 1830. 
Silas, of Reading, and Jerusha Gould, at Reading, Sept. 5, 173G. 

[int Oct i6.]» 
Susannah, of Concord, N. H., and Jeremiah Wardwell, int. Nov. 

24, 1802. 
Thomas, and Unity Singletaiy, both of Haverhill, Jen. 6, 1658. 
William, of Reading, and Mary E. Gray, July 3, i8i4,* 

EAVENS (see also Evans), Lydia, and Ebenezer Fresson of Wil- 
mington, at Wilmington, June r3, 1744.' 

EDES, Abigail, of Needham, and Augustus E. Bigelow, int. Aug. 

6, 1830. 
Thomas, and Susanna Fry, Nov. 2, 1758.* 
■Inteation aIm recorded. 



Edes, Thomas, and Abigail Emery, Feb. ai, 1760.* 
Thomas, aAd Rachel Wardwell, May 4, 1786." 

EDGELL, John Q. A. [Rev. int.], of West Newbury, and Harriet 
H. Adams, Nov. 7, 183a.* 

EDHANS (see also Edmonds), Elenor, wid., of Souhegan, and 
Benjamin Johnson, int. Dec. a, 1757- 

* EDMONDS (see abo Edmans), Eleanor, and Ebenezer Johnson, 
May ij, 1769.* 

EDSON, Elijah, and Persia Frey, June 30, 1839. c. r. 3* 
Nathaniel, of Dover, N. H., and Dolly Ingals, int. Apr. 21, 1827. 

E&WARDS, Francis A., and Tryphena B. Frye, Oct. 3. iSj?.' 
Justin, Rev., and Lydia Bigclow of Colchester, Conn., int. July 


EGAN, see Agan. 

EGERTON (see also Egeston), Martha, of Randolph, VL, and 
Asher Wright, int. Sept. 16, 1831. 

EGESTON (see also Egerton), Albert M. [Egerton. int], and 
Abby Ann Adams [at Danvcrs, c. e. 6.1, Sept. 13, 1833." 

EIIQES (see also Ames), Daniell, and Lydia Wheeler, Apr. 35, 


EIRES (see also Ayer), Hannah, and John Osgood, Oct. 17, 1681. 
Mary, and Ephraim Davis, Mar. 19, 1687-8. 
Zachariah, and Elizabeth Chase, June 27, 1678. 

ELISHA, Lewis, and Hannah Richardson, Sept. aa, 1803.* 

ELKINS, Deborah, and Thomas Baxby, Dec. 8, 1703. 

ELLENWOOD (see also Ellingwood), Sophia, of Dracut, and John 
Kennedy, int. Nov. 8, 1823. 

ELLES (see also Ellis), Kelita S., and Abby C. Williams of 
Providence, R. L, int, Dec. 15, 1837. 
"Iniention alio recorded. 



ELLIHGWOOD (see also Ellenwood, Ellinwood), Ebenezer, and 

Sally Chickering, Sept. aj, 1831." 
Eda W., and Moses Favour, Oct. 31, 1824,* 
John, of Lyndeboro, N. H., and Zeruiah Abbot, Dec. 19, 1789.* 

ELUHWOOD (see also EUingwood), Rhoda, ot Dracut, and 
Benj[an:)i]D Woodbridge, jr., int. June 37, 1818. 

ELLIOT (see also Eloi), Andrew, and Abigail Richards, May 22, 

Samuel, resident in Andover, and Patty Hardy, int. Aug. 24, 1793. 
Stephen, and Huldah Peabody of Boxford, int. Mar. 15, 1837. 

ELLIS (sec also EUes), Arno P., operative in factory, and Ann 

Suicliff, d. Joshua, Nov. 28, 1844.* 
Deborah L., and Elbridge Kimball of Bradford, Jan. i, 1844.* 
George W., a. ao y., laborer, s. George and Susan, and Caroline 

Davis, a. r9 y., d. Levi, jr. and Mary, Oct 10, i848.« 
Horatio B., a. 39 y., finisher of flannels, s. Arno and Susan, 

and Emeline W. Flanders, a. 24 y., d. Simon and Mary, 

«ov. 30, 1848." 
Susan M., a. 22 y., d. George and Susan, and Daniel' F. Smith, 

a. 23 y., carpenter, s. Ebenezer and Lydia, June 4, 1 846.* 

ELOT (see also Elliot), Mary [Eliot, c. R. i.j, and John Wright 
[jr. int.], Apr. 7, 174s.* 

ELSAR. John Lewis [Elsas, resident in Andover. int.], and Su- 
sanna Wood [Wooll. int.] of Bradford, at Bradford, Mar. 
~, 178s.* 

EHERIB (see also Emery), Joseph, and Elizabeth Merrill, Oct. 2, 

EMERSON, Charles H., and Caroline O. Hayward, both of Bos- 
ton, Jan. 28, 1844. 

Darius, and Eunice W. Thomas, both of Middleton, Oct. 18, 

David Ellen, of Methueu, and Mary Ann Gray, Nov. 25, 1841.* 

Isaac, and Mary Bradbury of Haverhill, inL Mar. 24, 1831. 

Ivory H., a. ar y., shoemaker, s. Stephen and Saiah, and Ruth 
F. Hatch, a. 19 y., d. Francis, Nov. 20, 1845.* 

Jesse, of Middleton, and Mary E. Nichols, at North Reading, 
Nov. 3, r842.* 

■iDtention also recoidet!. 



Emerson, Joseph, and Anne White, int. Nov, a;, 1719. 
Mary, and Daniel Whitacur of Plaistow, int. Oct. 23, 1756- 
Maiy, and Rev. Joseph Haven, jr. of FiamiDgham [Unionville. 

c. R. 6.], Sept 54, i84o.» 
Marv Ann, Mrs., and Edward L. P. Cochran of Albany, Vt., int. 

Dec. 10, 1848. 
Richard, of S[oath] Reading, and Saiah Chandler, Nov. 35, 

Tho[nia]s, jr., of Topsfield, and Mehetable Cummings, Apr. 23, 


EMERY {see also Emerie, Emmory, Emory, Emry), Abigail, and 

Abiel Frie, Feb. 10, 1731-2, ■ 
Abigail, and Thomas Edes, Feb. ar, 1760.* 
Abigal, and Henry Ingolls, June 6, 1688. cr. r. 
AJmiia, of Loudon, N. H., and Jonathan Tonle, int. Apr. 12, 

Elezebith, and Samuel Ames of Haverhill [at Haverhill, dup.], 

June 34, I755-'* 
Elizabeth, and Robert Pease [of Enfield, int.], Feb. 28, 1716- 

17. C. R. 1." 

George, and Mary Murphy of West Newbury, inL Dec, 31, 

Isabel, of Biddeford, Me., and Israel C. Russell, int. Oct. 19, 

Joseph, and Abigail Merrill of Amesbury, int. May 30, 1730, 
Joshua, jr., and Harriett Peabody of Boxford, inf. Apr, 17, 1835. 
Mary, and Joseph Parker, Dec. 31, 1722.* 
Mehitable R., of Bradford, and Charles Ward*ell, int. Dec 7, 

Sarah, and Williarei Russel, Feb. 7, i73i-2.» 

EHHONS, Mary, of Camb[ridg]e, and Mephibosheth Bigsbe, at 
Cambridge, May 28, 1713.* 

EMMORT (see also Emery), Joseph Qr. int.], and Hannah 
Slickney of Boxford, at Boiford, June 2, 1763." 

EMORT (see also Emery), Briggs HoUoweJl, and Sarah Farnam, 

June as, 1795.* 
Susanna, and Nehemiah Abbot, jr., Nov. 17, 1778.* 
'Intention alio lecotdcd. 



EBIRT (see also Emery), Joseph, and Abigail Long of Newbury, 

int. Aug. 19, 1738. 
Thomas, Dr., rf Kittery, and wid. Priscilla Barker, int. July 8, 


ENGOLLS (see also Ingalis), Henry, and Mary Osgood, July 6, 


ENNISON, Elizabeth, and William Stewart, operative, July 4, 

ERVING (sec also Irving), Martha, and John Kelly of Deering 
[N, H. int.], Nov. lo, 1794." 

ERSKINE, Eleanor, of Boston, and Samuel Kimball, int. Mar. 18, 

BSTEES (see also E^tes), Anna, and Francis Ingalis, jr., Aug. 
io, 1785.- 

ESTES (see also Estees), Kuth, wid., and Capt. Benjamin Berry, 
Jan. 3, 1776.* 

ESTEY (see also Esty), Hannah F., a. 19 y., and Dudley C. 
Evans of Worcesler,a. zr y., printer, Apr. 17, 1845,* 

ESTY (see also Easty, Estey), Eliza, of Derry, N. H., and 
Joseph Wbittemore, int. Feb. 11, 1834. 

ETHEREDGE, Lewis B., a. 27 y., stonemason, s. David, and 
Mary E. [A. int.] Goodwin, a. 24 y., d. John and Lydia B., 
July 2*. 1847.* 

EVAItS (see also Eavens, Evens), Briant A., a, 22 y., farmer, s, 
Samuel and Lydia, and Jemima Ann Baxter [Barter, int.], 
a. 20 y., d. Jonathan and Betsy, May 17, 1846. • 

Dudley C, of Worcester, a. 21 y., printer, and Hannah F. Estey, 
a. 19 y., Apr. 17, 184s-' 

Eunice, and Capt. Amos Holt, Apr. 8, 1819." 

Hannah, and William Lovejoy, 3d [jr. c. R. 2.], Feb. 13, i744-5.» 

Olivia, of Reading, and John G. Pratt, Mar. 26, 1337." 

Samuel, jr., a. 24 y., farmer, and Abigail Fish, 3. 26 y., d. Eben 
and Abigail, Apr. t6, 1846.* 

Thomas, and Ruth Ballard, July 3, I744-* 
■InCcDtioD aJso recorded. 



EVENS (see also ^vans), Edward, and Habnah Barker, May 1 1, 

Hannah, of Reading, and Elezet Graves, at Medford, May aS, 

Hannah, and James Turner, int. Nov. 9, 17S1. (stopped) 
Temnah, of South Reading, and Thaddeus Alen, int. Mat 19, 


EVERETT, Ebenezer [resident in Andover. int], and Joanna 

Stevens, Mar. 38, I734.* 

EVERSON, Eph[rai]in, and Rhoda Glcason, Jan. 29, 1834." 

FAIRBANE (see also Fairbanks), Joseph B. V., and Margret 
Hadden, Apr. 27, 1826.* 

FAIRBANKS (see also Fairbank), HoUis W., a. 26 y., mechanic, 

and Caroline P. Tripp, a. 25 y., d, Robert and Hannah, 
Dec. 25, r844.» 

FAIRFIELD, Henry A., and Margaret S. Heath of Bath, Me., 
int. May zi, 1836. 

FAIRGRAIVE, George, a. 30 y., spinner, s. George and Alison, 
and Agnes Stalker, a. 31 y., d. William and Isabelle, Oct. 
16, 1846." 

FALKKER (see also Faulkner), Mary, and John Sullivan Abbot, 
late resident in Portland, now resident in Andover, Dec. rz. 

FARINGTON (see also Farrington), Daniel, and Elezabcth Put- 
nam of Salem, int July 24, 1731. 
Daniel, jr., and Hannah Famam, Nov. 13, 1753." 
Edward, and Martha Browne, Apr. 9, r690. 
Elizabeth, and Mark Graves, Nov. 14, 1667. fNov. 12. cr. r.] 
John, and Sarah Holton of Salem, Int. Oct. 17, 1730. 
John, jr., and Phebe Poor, Nov. 4, 1777.* 
Lydea, and Ebenezer Abbot, 4th, Jan. 1, 1752,* 
Martha, and Solomon Steward [of Rowley, int], June a8, r727." 
■Intention bIm recorded. 



FARLEY (see also Farly), Elizabeth, a. 23 y., d. Isaac and Lou- 
isa, and Austin F. Pike of Franklin, N. H.^ a. 26 y., lawyer, 
s. Uriah and Mary, Aug. 18, 1846." 
Samuel, jr., and Elizabeth Johnson, May 30, 1765.* 
Samuel, of Pepperell, and Hannah Chandler, Mar. 5, 1778.* 

PARLY (see also Farley), Mary, of Reading, and Ephraim John- 
son, int. Feb. 28, 1763. 

PARMER, Edward [of DracuL int.], anri Sarah Abbot, Mar. r, 

Eliza, of Lowell, and John Ferguson, int. Feb. 5, 1830. 
Lydia, and Peter Foster, Aug. 30, 1 787." 

Naomi, and Henry Cochran of Tewksbur>', int. Apr. 30, 1847. 
Simeon, ot Billerica, and Mary Noyes, Feb. 20, 1800." 

PARNAH (see also Famham), Ann, and Richard Barker [oi 

Pelham. int.], June 2z, 1749.* 
Asa, and Susanna Towne of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Mar, 16, 

Berechiah, and Hepsabah Itlainden of Reading, at Reading, Jan. 

I. i7»3-4"' 
David [jr. r. k. i,], and Damans Faulkner, July 6, 1762." 
Hannah, and Daniel Farington, jr., Nov. 13, 1753.* 
Jemima, and James How [jr. int.] of Methuen, Feb. 16, 1732. • 
Lucicn, Rev., and Louisa Denhamof Conway, int. Aug. z8, 1830. 
Lydia, wid., and John Holt, 4th, Nov. 28, 1753.* 
Mary, and Joshua Foster, jr., int. June 27, 1752. 
Mary, and Joseph Wood of Boxford, Jan. 2, 1754.* 
Phebe, and Joabua Holt, jr., Dec. 2, 1755." 
Phebe, and Thomas Richardson [residents In Andover. int.] , Sept 

I. I7S7* 
Ftecilla, wid., and Stephen Johnson of Hampstead, N. H., Aug. 

28, i7S[o].* 
Rachel, and James Burck [John Burch, resident in Ipswich. 

c R. 1.3, of Ipswich, Oct, 17, 1754.* 
Sarah, and Benjamin Abbott, Apr. 22, 1685. 
Sarah, Mrs., and Jacob Granger [Apr. 16. mt.], 1757." 
Sarah, and Briggs Hollowell Emory, June 25, 1795.* 
Susanna, and Isaac Abbot [jr. int]. May 29, 1753.* 
Tabitha, and Jacob Stevens, Dec. 7, 1748. • 
Thomas [jr. int.}, and Lydca Abbot, Jan. 13, 1756.* 
"IntcDtion also recorded. 



FARNAUH (see also Famham), Ebenezer, and Priscilla Ingalls, 

Feb. I a, 1732-3." 
Elezabeth, and Robert Swan, Dec. 9, 1731.* 
Ephiaim, and Maiy Ingalls, Nov. 11,1728.* 
Jamea, and Lydia Kimbol, Dec. 27, 1748.* 
Josiah, and Mary Frie, Oct. 30, 1733." 
Prisciila, and John Russ [o! Penacook. int.], July 25, 1733.* 
Rebecca, and Benjamin Hatl of Bradford, int. Sept 20, 1 735. 
Samuel, and Maiy How [of Middleton. int.], Jan. 13, i73i>3i.» 
Sarah, and Samuel Barker, May 13, 1725.* 
Stephen, and Hannah Richardson [resident in Andovei. int}, 

Dec. 8, i726.» 
Thomas, and Phebe Towns, Nov. 23, 1733." 

FARNEM (see also Farnham), Abigail, and James Abbott, Jan. 

6, 1713-14-" 
Anna, and Thomas Russ, Apr. 17, 1701. 
David, and Dorathy Dunkan of Boston, int. Feb. 13, 1712-13. 
Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Frye, Dec. 23, 1708.* 
Hcnery, and Pheoby Russell, Jane 12, 1712." 
John, and Joanna Barker, Jan. 26, 1709-10.* 
Lydia, and David Foster, Aug. 39, 1716.* 
Mary, and John Johnson, May iS, 1708. [1707. c. R. i; int 


Nathaniel, and Hannah Preston, May 19, 1719.* 
Sarah, and Henery Lovjoy, Feb, 14, i7[i-r2.* 
William, and Anne Flint of Salem, int Dec, 10, 17 14. 

FARNHAM (see also Farnam, Fainaum, Farnem, Farnum), 

Charles H., and Sarah Green of Chelsea, int. May 28, 1843. 
Chloe, a. S3 y-i ^- Peter and Chloe, and Edmund Morse, widr., 

of Haverhill, a. S7 y.> carpenter, s. David and Abigail, Mar. 

10, 1846.* 
Dolly, and Isaac Abbott, jr., Nov. 4, 1838,* 
Edwin, and Harriot Herrick, Oct 12, 1826.' 
Edwin, Capt, and Susan B. Webber of Lowell, int. Mar, 9, 1832. 
Eliza B., a. 2 1 y., d. Benj[ami]nand Ruth, and Henry Curamings 

of Middletown [Westford. int], a. 23 y., 3. Joseph and Mary, 

Oct 28, 1845. [Oct 37. C. 8. I.]* 
Elizabeth, and Nath[anie]l Mores of Maiden, iot Apr. 36, 1828. 
Fanny, and Benjamin [P. int] Grant, Dec. 3, 1835." 
Isaac, Capt [jr. int], and Sarah A. [Mary A. c. R. i.] Chickering, 

June 18, 1834.* 

'Intention »3ao Kcoided. 



Faknham, Jacob, and Rebecca Foster, Apr. 27, 1826.* 

Jesse, and Elizabeth Clark, June 19, 1834.* 

John [jr. int.j, and AlmJra Ames, Apr. — , 1817. • 

John C, and Dorcas S, Abbot, Apr. 13, 1837. c. R. 2* 

John C, and Sarah Tufts of Charlcslown, N. H., int Apr. 7, 1846. 

John P., a. 32 y., mason, s. Timothy and Nancy, and Abby .M, 

Chick, a. 22 y., d. Samuel and Huldah, Nov. 14, 1844." 
Joseph, and Maria Carlton, Dec. 27, 1827.* 
Leonard, and Sarah M. Palmer of Derry, N. H., int. Oct, 9, 1830- 
^Maria, and George W, Harris, int. Oct, 29, 1844, 
'Martha, and Thomas B. Brown, Jan. i, 1833.' 
Mary f Ruby. C, R. I. and int.] P., and Henry Stoodly, July 9, 

Mary M., and Capt. John H. Davis of Gloucester, May i, 1834.* 
Phebe J., and George H. Gilbert, Dec. 10, i839.» 
Rebecca [F. int.], a. 21 y., d. Jacob and Rebecca, and William 

5. Jenkins, a. 24 y., carpenter, s. Benj[amin] and Betsey, 
May 22, 1849.* 

Rebecca P., and Calvin C. Damon of Ftamingbam, Mat. 13, 

Sarah B., and Jesse Bickford, Sept 29, 1836.* 
Seth, and Sarah Tucker, May 14, 1835." 
Susan B., and Samuel Abbot, June 20, 1839." 
Susan J. [G. c. R. i.], and Henry Smith of Gloucester, Apr. 21, 


FARNIER, Prudence, of Tewksbury, and Samuel Bailey, int. D ec 

6, 1823. 

FARNSWORTH, Haniet, of Salem, JJ. H., and Benjamin Farring- 
ton, int. Feb. i6, 1828. 

PARNUM (see also Famham) , Abiah, and John Ayer, Apr. 4, 

Abiah, and Asa Johnson, Nov. 15, 1792.* 
Alfread, and Sally Ross of Bradford, int. Apr. 4, 1 810. 
Asa, and LucincU Abbot, Dec, 2, r784.* 
Becca, and Phineus Stevens, July 18, 1799-" 
Benjamin, and Dolly Holt, Nov. 26, 1767.* 
Benj[ami]n, jr., and Ruth Saltmarsh, May 15, 1794. [May i. 

c. R. I.]- - ■ 

Benjamin, of Concord, N- H., and Lydia Johnson, Jan. 18, 1804.* 

"latentioD also lecoided. 



Faknum, Chatles, and Alice Taylor, July 4, i8ai.» 

Chloe, and John Carlton, jr., Dec. 24, 1807." 

Daniel, and Lydia Porter of Boxfoid, int. Sept. 24, t^68. 

Daniel, jr., and Dorcas Holt, Apr. 17, 1796.* 

David {^ol Pembroke, int.], and Mary Poor, Jan. 10, 1771.* 

Deborah, and Timothy Faulkner, Feb. 4, i729-3o.* 

Dolly, and Moody Spafford, Sept. 8, 1788." 

Dorcas, and Nathan Jones, Dec. 25, r789.» 

Dorothy, and John Fowler [jr, c. R. r.] of Ipswich, Mar. ro, 

Elisabeth, and James Peters [of Suncook. int.], Dec 31, 1736." 
Elisabeth, and Samuel Barker, jr, [3d. c. R. i.], Apr. 2, r74i." 
Elizabeih, and Andrew Peters, Feb. 8, 1685. 
Elizabeth, and George Holt, May 10, regS. 
Elizabeth F. [wid. int.], and Dr. Dean Robinson, Apr. 2r, i3ii.* 
Enoch, and Mary Osgood, May i, i8o6," 
Epbraim, and Priscilla Hoult, Mar. 20, 1699-1700. 
Hannah, and Samuel Holt, Mar. 28, 1693. 
Hannah, and Benjamin Stevens, Apr, 18, 1717-* 
Hannah, and David Beverly [of Haverhill, int.], Nov. 11, 1720.' 
Hannah, and John Abbot, June 17, 1746." 
Hannah, and Aroos Carlton, jr., July 2, 1801. • 
Haimah, and Uriah Holt, Esq. of Albany, Me., Feb. 4, iSoS.* 
Hannah, and Richard Lewis of Maiden, Nov. 16, 1825." 
Isaac, jr., and Persis Stevens, Jan. 11, i798.* 
Israel, and Phebe Shelden of Reading, int Aug. 3, 1786. 
Jacob, and Elizabeth Foster Lovejoy, Dec. 20, r798.* 
James, and Joanna Grainger, July ro, 1722.* 
Jeddediah, and Rebecca Poor, Dec. 16, i77r." 
Jedidiah, jr., and Susanna Johnson, Aug. 17, 1797.* 
Jerry, and Sarah Wardwell, Apr. — , 1824. • 
Joanna, and Ebenezer Stevens, Apr. 2, r74i.* 
Joanna, and John Flint [of Reading, int.], June 6, 1744.* 
John, and Rebecka Kent, Nov. rz, 1667. 
John, and Elizabeih Parker, Apr. 10, 1684. 
John, and Mary Tyler, June 30, 1693. 
John, and Sarah Erie, Dec. 26, 1738. * 
John, jr., and Mary Frye, Jan. r3, 1785. ■. 
Jonathan, and Elizabeth Barker, at Newbury, Oct. 16, r7o8.» 
Jonathan, and Mehetabel Poor, May 31, 1733." 
Josiah,jr., and Mehetabell Kimball, Sept. 25, r766." 
Julia A., and Darius Richardson, int. Juiie 9, 1847. 
Levi, and Betsy Lacy, May 14, 1816. ■ 

'iDtcDtioii also recorded. 



Farndm, Lucy, and Joseph V[ial. int.] Allen, July zo, 1812. 

[July 30. c. R. I.]" 
Lydia, and Thomas Holt, jr., Oct. 27, 1774.* 
Lydia, and Samuel Holt, jr., May 10, 1805.* 
Maiy, and Daniel Pore, at f oston, Oct 20, r65o. 
Mary, and William Lovejoy, Nov. 29, 1680. 
Mary, and Stephen Holt [of Suncook. int.], July la, 1739.* 
Maiy, and Amoa Towns, Jan. 30, 1806. • 
Mary, and Christopher Carlton, Oct. 23, 1806. • 
Mehe table, and Asa Stevens, Sept. 9, 1742.' 
Mehitabell, and Fete i Johnson, Nov. 29, 1693. 
Nancy, and David Stiles [of Middleton. int.], Mar. 12, iSra.* 
Persis, and Nathan Cbrk, Jan. 30, 1823. c r. i.* 
■ Peter, and Sarah Descomb, Dec. 4, 1783,* 
Peter, and Cloc Wilson, Sept. 15, i789.» 
Phebe, and Joseph Ingalla, Dec. 29, 1720." 
Phebe, and Jonathan Maitain, Feb. 11, 1762,* 
Phebe, and David Hovey of Boxford, Mar. 30, 1 784.* 
Phebe, and Osgood Worcester of Chelmsford, Dec. 27, 1798.* 
Phebe, and Oliver Parker of Reading, Dec. 8, 1823.* 
Polly S. [R. C R. I.], and William Jenkins, May 21, i8r8.* 
Piiscilla, and Dr. Jonathan Ballard, Sept. 4, 1760." 
Rachel, and Johh Stickney, May 4, 1775. 
Ralfe, and Elizabeth Holt, Oct. 26, 1658. [1657. ct. r.] 
Ralph, and Sarah Sterling, Oct 9, 1685. 
Rebecca, and Obadiah Holt, Nov. 14, 1726.* 
Rebecca, and Jedediah Frye of Dracut, Jan. 25, 1798.* 
Ruby, and Jacob Brown, Mar. 4, 1824.* 
Sally, and Timothy Osgood, jr., Nov. 13, 1788." 
Samuel, and Hannah Holt, Jan. 4, 1697-8. 
Samuel, and Dorcas Bragg, Feb. 22, 1775.* 
Samuel P., and Olive T. Kimball of Jewell, int Dec. 13, 1834. 
Samuel P., and Sarah B. Maynard, Nov. 26, 1840.* 
Sara, and Georg Abbet [jr. cr. r.], Apr. 26, 1658. 
Sarfdi, and Dean Chickering, Jan, 23, 1786.* 
Sarah, and Enos Abbot, Sept ro, r793.* 
Simeon, of Gorham, and Eliza[beth] Johnson, Oct. 22, 1 787.* 
Susan, of Salem, and Dr. Daniel Berry, Aug. 8, 1S09.* 
Susan [Susannah, int.], and Hezekiah [W. int.] Jones, Jan. — , 

Tabitba, and John Frie, Nov. i, 1694. 
Tabitha, and Israel Adams, Mar. 20, 1732-3.* 
Thomas, and Elizabeth Sibborns, July 8, 1660. 

■iDlcndoa also tccorded. 



Farmum, Thomas, and Hannah HuCcbinsoo, May 14, 1693. 

Thomas and Dorathy Lacy, Aug- 3, 1730.* 

Timothy, and Dinah Ingalls, Jan. 18, 1717-8.^ 

Timothy, and Susanna Berry of Middlelown, int. Sept. 13, 1786,, 

Timothy, and Nancy Chandler, Feb. 8, iSao.* 

William, and Elizabeth Snan, Jan. 13, i8oi.* 

FARRAR, Lucy, and James Russel, Jan. 15, 1741. [1740-41. 

C. R. 2.]" 

Samuel, Esq., and Mrs. Phebe Hooker o( Norwich, Conn., int 
Oct. 8, 1814. 

FARRILL, William, of Medford, a. 35 y., farmer, b. Medford, s. 
John and Lucy, of Medford, and Christiana A. Woodbridge, 
a. 36 y,, d. John B. and Asenath, Feb. 8, 1847. 

FARRINGTOK (see also Farington), Aphia, and Robert Swan, 

Apr. 29, I773-" 
Ben}[ami]n, and Sarah Bachelder, Dec. 13, 1770." 
Benjamin, and Sally Wardwell, Apr. 23, 1795.* 
Benjamin, and Harriet Farnsw^r^ of Salem, N. H., int. Feb. 16, 

Elizabeth, and David Wood of Bradford, Nov. 18, 1714.* 
Eliz[abe]th, and James Descombof Lunenburg, Nov. 23, 1758.* 
Hannah,and Jacob Feaver, July 5, 1732." 
Hannah, and John Kimball, Mar. 7, 1771.* 
John, and Sarah Houghton [Holton. int.], of Salem, at Salem, 

Nov. 12, 1730-' 
Lydia, and Hcrmon Abbot, Oct. 3, 1 799. c. h. 2.* 
Martha, Mrs., and Ephraim Swan, jr., Oct. 24, 1765. c. r. i." 
Mary, and John Grow, Oct. 26, 1742.* 

Mary P., and Bradstreet Cbadwick of Bradford, May 31, 1832.* 
Phebe, and Michael Parker, Oct. 11, 1770. • 
Philip, and Sarah Frye, Sept. 18, 1770.* 
Phillip, Capt,, and Judith Ingalls, Feb. i, iSro." 
Phineas, and Anna Johnson, Aug. 28, 1760.* 
Sarah, and Joseph Pettingill, Mar. 22, 1764.* 
Sarah, and Zebadiah Abbot, Oct. 18, r796." 
Sarah, wid., and Gilbec[t3 Tapley of Danveis, June 6, 1799." 

FARWELL, Asa, and Hannah Sexton of Springfield, Dec. 10, 

1845. c B. a.» 
Asa, and Maty A. Sexton of Springfield, int. July 26, 1849. 
•Intention «l»i> recorded. 



Farwell, Daniel [of Groton. int.], and Mary More, July 3, 1739.* 
Elisabeth, of Tyngsborougb, and Hobart Clark, Ef q., int. Aug, 27, 

FAUKNER (see also Faulkner), Francis, and Abigail Dane, Oct. 
12, 1675. [Oct. 8. cf. R.] 

FAULKNER (sec also Falkner, Faukner, Fawknct), Abial, and 

Mary Poor, Mar, 5, 1752,* 
Abie], and Hannah Abbot, Feb, 6, 1777.* 
Abiel, and Lydia Osgood, Dec. 20, 1791,* 
Abiel, and Clarissa Dillaway, int. Apt. 7, 1817. 
Abigail, and Thomas Lamson [of Ipswich, int.], Apr, 6, 1708. 

c. R. I.* 
Atnmi Ruhamah, and Hannah Ingalh, June 7, 1716.*' 
Daraaras, and Daniel Wardwell, Mar, 29, 1774.* 
Damaris, and David Farnam [jr. C. r. i.], July 6, 1762.* 
Daniel, and Francis Faulkner, May 12, 1724." 
Daniel, and Hannah Lovejoy, Feb. 2, 1736-7,* 
Daniel, and Phebe Peters, Aug. 7, 1760.?' 
Daniel, of Bluehill, and Mehitable Peters, Nov. 1 2, 1 795-' 
Dorathy, and Samuel Dillaway, Aug. 31, 1749.* 
DoTcaa, and John Adams, jr., Dec. 8, 1789." 
Dorothy, and Samuel Nurse of Salem Village, Nov. 25, 1708. 

C R. I. 

Edmoud, and Elizabeth Marston, Feb. 19, 1714-15.* 

Edmond, and Darcus Buckston of Salem, int. Aug. 17, 1730. 

Elbridge C, and Martha Town, int. May 10, 1839, 

Eliza, and Moses Allen of Lynn, June 11, 1834,* 

Francis, and Daniel Faulkner, May la, 1724.* 

Hannah, and Pascoe Chubb, Msy 74, 1689. 

Hannah, and James How [of Haverhill, int.], Jan. 8, 1722-3." 

Hannah, and William Martin [of Chelmsford, int.], July 19, 1741. 

[July 9, c. B. 2.]" 
Hannah [wid. int.], and Samuel Smith, Feb. 9, i756.* 
Hannah, snd Samuel Noyes, Jan. 24, 1765.* 
Hannah, and Phillip Sluea of Bradford, int. Oct. 29, 17S7. 
John, and Sarah Abbott, Oct. r9, 1682, 
John, and Hannah Holt, June 14, 1812.* 
Joseph, and Damaris Johnson, Jan, 16, I727-8.* 
Joseph, and Mary Parker, Aug. 12, 1731.* 
Joseph, and wid. Rebeca Stevens, June 1 7, 1 756.* 
Joseph, jr., and Hannah Hovey of Boxford, int. May 17, 1765. 

'iDtenlion also iccorded. 



Faulkner, Joseph, and Lydia Russell, June 13, 1809. • 

Lovel, and Martha Abbot, May 16, 1805. [May 15- C, k. i.]" 

Lovel, and Dorcas Barker [of Melhuen, inL], Mar. 5, iSia.* 

l^vel, and" Betsey Holmes, int. Nov, 19, 1831. 

Mary, and John Poor, Feb. 14, 1715-16." 

Mary [Mrs. c. r. i.], and Abijah Hovey of Lunenburg, June 29, 

Mary E., and John C. Palmer of Salem, N. H., int. May 18, 1834. 
Mary J., and Joel Richardson, int. Jan. 8, 1846. 
Paul, and Sarah Lamaon, int. Oct. 17, 1714. 
Paul, and Hannah Sheffield [Shafal. int.], Jan. 3, i723-4.» 
Sarah, and Gideon Stiles [of Boxford. int.], Nov. 30, 1736.* 
Saiah, and Samuel B. Cross, int. Aug. to, 1842. (stopped) 
Timothy, and Deborah Famum, Feb. 4, 1719-30. • 

FAVOR (see also Lefavour), John B., of Manchester, N. H., and 

Nancy Woodbridge, int. May 3, 1849. 
Lncinda, and Joel Phelps, Nov. 13, 1842.* 
Lydia, and Isaac Goldsmith, jr., Sept. 26, 1832." 

FAVOUR (see also Leiavour), Moses, and Eda W. Ellingwood, 
Oct. 31, i824.» 

FAWENER (see also Faulkner), Edmund, and Dorathy Robin 

son, at Salem, Feb. 4, 1647. 
Mary, and Joseph Marble, May 30, 1671. 

FAT, Abby B., of Concord, and Simeon Putnam, int. Nov. ai, 

Sam[ue]l A., Rev., of Northboro, and Hannah H. Newman, 

Sept. 26, 1 833." 

PEAVER (sec also Lefavour), Jacob, and Hannah Partington, 

July s. 173a-* 

FELCa, Charles E., a. 21 y., carpenter, b. Tamworth, N. H., s. 
Jed[edia]h and Mary H., and Mary E. Buzzel, a. 20 y., b^ 
Barriagton, N. H., d. John and Elizabeth, Dec. a6, 1849." 

Ebenezer, of Reading, and Lydia Chandler, May 17, 1728.* 

Lydea, and Jonathan Stevens, June 14, 1753-" 

FELLOWES (see also Fellows), Margaret [of Salisbury, N. H. 

int.], and Benjamin F. Choate, Apr. 27, T834.* 
■Intention also recorded. 



FELLOWS (see also Fellowcs), Mary Ann, and Michael L. Whid- 

den of Danvera, Feb. 28, 1840. [int. Feb. 15, 1841.]" 
Wfilliajm, jr., and Mary A. Smith, Aug. 21, 1843.* 

FELT. Aaron, and Hannah Atwell of Lynn, int. Dec. ao, 1 764. 

Anne, and Robert Russel, Dec. 5, 1745.* 

Jona[tban], of Feckersfield, and Martha Holt, Nov. 23, 1775- 

C. R. 2.' 

Joshua [of Attleboro. int.], and Rachel Osgood, Nov. 14, 1743.* 

FERGUSON (see also Furgason), Agnes, and John Smith [zd. 

int], Oct. 27, 1839. a r. 3.* 
John, and Eliza Farmer of Lonell, int. Feb. 5, 1830. 

FERNANDEZ, Daniel, a. 24 y., carpenter, and Sarah M. Flanders, 
a. 27 y., d. Simon and Hannah, Sept. 36, 1849.* 

PERSON, Samuel, of Francistown, N. H., and Mrs. Judith Had- 
ley, Mar. i, iSsS." 

FESSENDEN, Moses, of Newbury, and Susanna Barker, int. Nov. 

FEVER (see also Lefavour), Mary [Faver. int.], and Benjamin 
Russell, Oct 7, 1762." 

FIEFIELD (see also Fifield) , Abigail, of Hampton, and Humphrie 
Holt, int Dec. 30, 1715. 

FIELD (see also Fields), Masten, and Hannah Osgood, Sept 19, 

Samuel, and Sarah Phelps, Feb. 4, 1719-20. 

HELDING, Ellen, and James J. Eaton of Bradford, int Sept. 3, 

PffiLDS (see also Field), George, and Mary Taylor, Feb. 21, 


Henry, and Rebecca Kitteridge, Aug. 16, 1768.* 
Prentice, and Meriara [Maryan. c. R. i.] Mitchel, Oct 26, iSo6.* 
Samuel, and Sarah Stevens of Methuen, at Methuen, Sept. 30, 
1 742.* 

'iDteotion also Kcoided. 



FIFE, James, and Ma^aret Robinson [Robertson, int], Dec, ag, 

Moses, of Chichester, N. H., and Eliza Foster, Dec. 28, 1836.* 

FIFIELD (see also Fiefield), Abner, aad Abigail S. Bean of Caa- 

dia, N. H., July 24, i836.« 
Daniel [of Hampton, int.], and Margiet Haggit, Mar. 27, 1752-* 

FILLEBROWK, Mary R., and Harrison Stanley of Plaistow, N. H., 
int. Oct. 29, 1846. 

FISH, Abigail, a. 26 y., d. Eben and Abigail, and Samuel Evans, 

jr., a. 24 y., farmer, Apr. t6, 1846.* 
Benjamin [resident in Andover. int.], and Mary JohnEon, Mar. 6, 

Benjamin, jr., and Lydia Johnson, May 22, iSoi.* 
Benjamin, jr., and Mary C. Frye, Mar. 15, 1821.* 
David, and Bette Fisk, Nov. 27, i777." 

Ebcn[eze]r, and Phebe Curtice of Boxford, int June 9, 1770. 
Eben[eze]r, and Abigail Anger ol Reading, Aug. a, 1S12.* 
Elizabetb, wid., and Simeon Ingalls, Jan. 16, 17S7.* 
Fanny E., of Seekonk, and William H. Grain, int. May 9, i8$6. 
Geo[rge] W., a. 23 y., cordwainer, s. Eben and Abigail, and Mary 

T. Bradley of Hampstead, N. H., a. 18 y., Nov. 15, i847.» 
Hephzibah, vid., and Moses Pearson, resident in Andover, int 

Aug. r7, r776. 
Isaac, and Sophronia Moulton, Nov. 2, r8i6.» 
Lydia, and Otis M. CJark, Sept, 6, 1838.' 
Martha, and Elijah Town, Jan. 31, i-jg6.' 
Mary, and Thomas Russell of Boxford, inL Oct. 6, 1849. 
Nanney, and George Holt, Sept. 7, 1780.* 
Naom Augustus, and Almira Ann Perkins of Boxford, int. Nov. 6, 

Persis, and Nathan F. Stevens of Danvers, Dec. 2, r824.* 
Phoebe, wid., and Humphrey Holt, jr.. May rj, r774. a R. 2.* 
Rachel, and Samuel Town, June 10, 1790." 
Sarah, of Woburn, and William Fisk, int. May 6, 1729. 
Sarah, and Gershome Flagg of Wilmington, Sept ar, 1780.* 
Sarah Jane, a. 31 y., d. Benj[amin] and Mary C, and Francis 

E. Kingsbury of Dedham, a. 20 y., yeoman, s. Eliphalet and 

Mary Ann, of Dedham, Apr. 8, 1847,* 
la, and Moses Town, Mar. 27, r78o.* 

'Intention also recorded. 



HSE, Abigail, of Boxford, and Thomas Holt, int. Oct. 12, 1727. 

Bette, and David Fish, Nov. 17, 1777.* 

Charles [R. c. R- a.], Rev., of Wrentham, and Hannah Burt, 

Sept. 24, i828.» 
Ebeneier, and Susanna Buck of Wobura, int. Jan. 10, 1729-30. 
Hepsibah, and Isaac Abbott, jr., July 5, 1798." 
John, and Mary Briges, May3i, 1750.* 

Jonathan [of Danvers. int.], and Deborah Abbot, Sept. 18, 1 766.* 
Martha [of Boxford. int.], and [Quartermaster, int.] Moses Tiler, 

sr., Aug. 13, 1718. c. R. I." 
Mary, and Francia Johnson [jr. int.], Jan. 22, 1723-4.* 
Phebe, and John Abbott, jr., Sept. 28, 1732.* 
Ruth, and David Killburn [of Rowley.' int.], Dec. 16, 1731.* 
Solon, s. Leonard and Josephine K. [R. int.] Griffin, d. Eldad, 

Apr. iS, 1848. C. R. 4.* 
William, and Mary Keuney of Salem, at Salem, Dec. 3, 1723.* 
William, and Sarah Buck [Fish, int.] of Wobum, at Woburn, May 

2 2, 1729.* 

FUCH, Benjamin [of Bedford, int.], and Minam Gray, Feb. 28, 

PLAGG, Elizabeth T-, of Exeter, N. H., and Mark Colbath, int. 
June 16, 1832. 

Geishome, of Wilmington, and Sarah Fish, Sept. 21, 1780.* 

Sarah H., a. 24 y., d. Timothy and Sarah, and Luther H. Shel- 
don of Townsend, a. 28 y., church clerk, s. Luther and Sarah 
of Easton, July 24, 1844,* 

Timothy, and Hannah Trow of Hopkinton, N. H., int Nov, 14, 

FLANDERS, Emeline N., a. 24 y., d. Simon and Mary, and Ho- 
ratio B. Ellis, a. 29 y., finisher of flanneb, s. Amoand Susan, 
Nov. 30, 1848.* 

Hannah L., a. 26 y,, d. Simon, and Israel W. Putnam, a. 23 y., 
trader, s. Israel, Nov. 9, 1845,* 

Mary [R int], and John F. Stevens, Oct, 23, i842.* 

Sarah M., a. 27 y., d. Simon and Hannah, and Daniel Fernandez, 
a. 24 y., carpenter, Sept. 26, 1849." 

Simon, jr., and Hannah E. Gordon ol Windham, N. H., int. Oct. 
13, 1848. 

FLECHER (see also Fletcher), Sarah, of Nottingham, and Daniel 
Ingalls, int. Oct. 27, 1744, 

■IntentiDn also tecorded. 



FLEMINGS, James, of Tewksbury, a. 24 y., farmer, b. Tcwksbuiy, 
s. Jesse and Sophia, of Tewksbuiy, and Caroline C. Holt, a. 
*3 y*> d. Jonas and Famelia, Dec, 2$, 1849.* 

FLENT (see also Flint), Elisabeth, of Reading, and Isaac Osgood, 
int. Dec. 1, 1744. 

FLETCHER (see also Flecher), Edmund, and Elizabeth C. Plum- 

mer of Lancaster, int. Oct. 2, 1840. 
Emma, of Roxbury, and James Walton, int. Dec. 26, 1849, 
James, of Danvers, a. a6 y., clei^yman, b. Acton, s. John and 

Clarissa, of Acton, and Lydia Middleton Woodward, a. 3$ 

y., b. Island of Ceylon, d. Henry and Lydia W., Oct. 10, 

Parker; and Abiah Frost, Oct. 10, i848.» 
Samuel, and Mrs. Hannah C. Briggs of Dedham, int. Jan. 30, 

Susan, Mrs., and John Turner of Saugus, int. Mar. 23, 1839. 
Zacheus, of Chelmsford, and Adeline Austin, Dec. 31, 1833.* 

FLINK, Cetherine, and James Keys, Feb. 17, 1838. c. r. 4. 

FLINT (see also Flent, Flynt), Abigail [of Salem, int], and 

Rob[er3t Russell, June 22, 1716.' 
Adam, of Reading, and Mary Osgood, June 7, 1792." 
Alansou, and Hannah Giillen, Dec. 11, 1828." 
Amos, and Abigal Morse, Feb, 3, r8o3.* 
Anne, of Salem, and William Fainem, int Dec. 10, I7i4< 
Caleb P, [Capt. int.], and Anna Hunt, Jan, 11, 1838,* 
Caleb Pilsbury, of Methuen, and Sarah Merrill, Feb. 14, i8oi,* 
Daniel, of Hillsbora [N. H. int.], and Lydia Shattuck, Jan. 38, 

Ebenezer, of Reading, and Abigail Sawyer, int. May 6, 1738. 
Ebenezcr, of Hillsboro, and Dorcas Lovekin, Mar. 14, 1793,* 
Ede [wid. int.], of Danvers, and Joseph Dane, at Danvers, Apr. 

14, I784-* 
Eliza, and Joshua Chandler pr. int.}, Nov. 30, i8a6.* 
Ephraim, of Reading, and Eleanor Holt, Jan, z3, r799.* 
Eunice, of Reading, and Josiah Ingalls, int. Mar. ig, r74a-3. 
fidetia Jane, of Reading, and Samuel Wardwell, int, Feb. 10, 


*IiiteiitioD aho recorded. 



Flint, James, and Martha F. Case of Reading, int. Nov. 5, 1836. 
John fof Keading. int.], and Joanna Farnum, June 6, i744-* 
John [of Reading, int.], and Elezebith Foster, Jan. 13, i7S7-* 
John [jr. C. r. a.], and Lydia C. Abbot, June 6, i8zz.» 
Joshua [of Salem, int.], and Deborah Ingalls, Oct. &, 1715. 

C. R. I." 

Lncinda, and William B. Abbot, Dec. g, 1816.* 

Mary, of Reading, and Joshua Osgood, int. Nov. 9, 1750. 

Miles, and Catherine Hatdy, Apr. 26, 1838.* 

Nabby, of Reading, and Abner Holt, at Reading, Jan. 29, 179S-'' 

Nancy, and Enoch Abbot, July 4, 1799. c. r. z." 

Peggy, of Reading, and Benjamin Jenkins, at Reading, Feb. 11, 

Samuel, of Reading, and Mary F. Jenkins, int. Dec. 7, 1844. 
Simeon, and Martha Furbush, Apr. 18, 1805.* 

FLOOD (see also Flud), Anna, and William Wilson, jr., May z, 

Samuel, and Joanna Lewiss, residents in Andover, int. Jan. 25, 

Samuel, resident in Andover, and Triphenah Powers of Groton, 

int. Oct. 29, 1743- 
William, and Lidia Damon of Reading, at Reading, Apr. 8, 1 798.* 

FLOWER (see also Flowers), Frances A., and Charles F. Abbot, 

int Oct. 21, 1831. 
Mary, and Lewis Stack of Roxbury, int. Dec 4, 1841. 

FLOWERS (see also Flower), Louisa, of Wrentham, and Charles 
F, Abbot, int. Oct. 17, 1840. 

FLOYD, George, and Esther Wood, Feb. i, 1834." 

Joann, of Medford, and Kendal Parker, at Medford, May lo, 

Lucy, of Chelsea, and Henry Abbott, 3d, int. Nov. 26, 1825. 

FLUD (see also Flood), Anne, of Newbuiy, and Samuel Johnson, 
at Newbury, Nov. 23, 1727.* 

FLYNT (see also Flint), George, jr. [of Reading, int.], and 
Hannah Phelps, Oct. 18, 1753.* 

'iDtention also recorded. 



FOGG, Loaisa Ann, of Bradford, and John Boynton, int. Sept. 

FOLENSBEE (see also FoUansbee), Judith, and Henry Abbot, 
May 20, 1807." 

FOLENSBY (see also FoUansbee), Sally, and Moody Morse of 
Kewbury, int. Aug. 4, 1806. 

FOLLARSBEE (sec also Folcnabee, Folensby),Paul B.[of West 
Newbury, int.], and Eliza [Ann. int.] Ctiase, Aug. 4, i834.* 

FOLSOM, Elizabeth B., of Stark, Me., and Alva Dearborn, int. 

Feb. a 6, 1848. 
Lois Maria, of Stark, Mc, and Benjamin Dearborn, int Feb. i, 

FOOT, Enoch, resident in Andover, and Ruth Ingals, Mar. 8, 

FORBUSH, Charles, jr., and Hannah Gilson of Peppercll, at 
Pepperell, Dec. 6, 1784. 

FORD, Dennis, and Sarah Whitehead, int. Apr. 28, 1838. 
Hannah, of Wilmington, and Job Foster, at Wilmington, Mar. 
27, 1760.' 

FORSTER (see also Foster), David [Dea. int.], and Judith 
Noiton of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Oct. 4, 1748.* 

Eliz[abe]th [Mrs. int.], and Nathaniel Lovejoy, Nov. 3, 1768.* 

Isaac, and Mary Hartwell of Fitchburg, int. Aug. 10, 1779. 

John, 3d, and Dorcas Town, int. Feb. i, 1782. 

Joseph, and Mary Forsttrot Reading, int, Jan. 28, 1783. 

Mary, of Reading, and Joseph Forster, int. Jan. 28, 1783. 

Nabby, and Phineas Barker, June 23, 1774.* 

Sarah, and Timothy Bradley [jr. c. r. r.] of Concord, N. H., 
Dec. 23, 1773" 

FOSS, Oilman P., and Catharine P. Taylor, jnt. June 7, 1S46. 

■Intention also recorded. 



POSTER (see also Forster), Aaron, and Martha Smith, Mar. 13, 

Abigail [of Boxfoid. int.], and Jacob Tyler, July 13, 1727.* 
Abigail [Mrs. Elizabeth, c. r. t ; Abigail, int.j, and Capt. Samuel 

Kemball [of Wcnham. c. tt. i.], Dec. 27, 1737." 
Abigail, and [Lt, int.] Nathaniel Frie, Juue 28, 1739." 
Abigail, and Russell Jones, May 5. 1774. c, r. 2.* 
Abigail, and William Sbattuck of Hillsboro, Nov. 17, 1791.* 
Abigail, and Reuben Reed of Salem, Nov. 14, 1819,* 
Abigail, and [Lt. int.] Jedediah H. Barker, Mar. 12, 1822. 

Abigal, and Jonathan Mackentierof Reading, int. Oct, 17, 1757. 
Abnet, of Topsfield, and Eliza[beth] Town, Nov. 28, 1782." 
Abraham, and Esther [Heaster. ct. r.] Foster, J-uly 13, 1681. 
Abraham, and Mary Johnson, June 29, 1703. [July 34. c. r. i.j 
Abraham, and Saiah Frost [resident in Andover. int.], Feb. », 

Abraham, and Satah Fowler, Dec. 29, 1789.* 
Abraham [Capt. C. r, i.], of Salem, and fMrs. int.] Hannah 

Fuller, Sept. i, 1819.' 
AUis, of Tewksbury, and Amos Blanchard, int. July 10, 1798. 
Andrew, and Mary Ruse, June 7, 1662. 
Andrew, and Mary Smith, Jan, ir, 1725-6.* 

Andrew, jr., and Hannah Berey of Middleton, inl. Mar. 17, 1753. 
Andrew, and [wid. int.] Sarah Foster, Nov. 29, 1758.* 
Andrew, and wid. Anna Gould of Boxford, int. Sept. 23, 1786. 
Anna, and Thomas Pratt, both of Medford, Jan. 19, 1837, 

C. R. 2. 
Asa, and Elizabeth Abbott, Oct. 26, 1732.' 
Asa, of SuQCook, and Mary Carr, int. Dec. r, 1744- 
Asa, Capt., and Mrs. Lucy Rogers of Ipswich, int. Dec. 10, 1763. 
Augusta, and James C. Adams, Nov. 12, 1840.* 
Benjamin, and Mary Lewes of Reading, inL May 16, i747- 
Benjamin, Capt, of Gloucester, and Ruby Frye, int. Feb. 16, 

Caroline A., and Joseph Abbot, Nov. 11, 1841.* 
Catherine H., and Benjamin Cutter of Temple, N. H., Sept, if, 

1837. c. R. I." 
Charles, of Boxford, and Lucy Austin, at Boxford, Mar. 20, 

Charles, Dea., and Mehitable Chandler, int. Oct. 9, 1807, 
Charles F., of Boxford, and Phebe L. [E, int.] Meeder, Apr. 20, 


■Intention also recorded. 



Foster, Chailes W[illia]m. int], and Dorcas [A. int] Jtndan, 

Nov. i8, i838.* 
Clatesa, of Tewksbuiy, and Waid Noys, jr., int. July 18, 179S. 
Clarissa, a. 24 y., d. Moses and Sarah, and Hiram Berry, a. 37 y,, 

teacher, s. Jacob and Susanna, July 39, 1847." 
Daniel, of Suncook, N. H., and Anne Ingals, Feb. 14, 1754.* 
Daniel [jr. int. J, and [Mrs. c. R. 1.] Hannah Kilteredge, Dec. 

16, 1 760." 
Daniel [jr. c. r. i.], and Hannah Stran, Oct. 30, 1797.* 
Daniel, 3d, and Bethiab Hayward, July 18, 1815.* 
Daniel, sd, and Mehitable Peters, Dec. zj, 1834.* 
David, and Elizabeth Abbot, Nov. 25, T714,* 
David, andLydia Faroetn, Aug. 29, 1716.* 
David, Dea . [}t. int.], of Asbuelot, K. H. [of Andover. int.], and 

wid. Hannah Sesions, May 31, 1750.* 
David, and Mrs. Rmh Peabody [of Boxford. int.], at Boxford, 

Dec. 31, 1767.* 
David, of Ashby, and Mary Foster, June 14, 1792." 
Davis, and Amme Holt, Oct. 23, i798.* 
Dean [Dane, iut.], and Mary S. Carlton, May r4, 1840.* 
Deborah, and Paul Averil, Mar. 10, 1772," 
Dolly, of Reading, and Zacheus Burnham, at Reading, July 8 

Dorcas, and Mark Averil of Middleton, int. Feb. 4, 1775. 
Dorcas, and Peter Wardwell, Feb, 23, 177s- C, r, 2." 
Dorcas, and Joshua Chandler, jr., Oct 18, i798.* 
Dudly, of Boxford, and Rachel Steel, int. Dec. 11, 1767. 
Easter, and Tarant Putnam [jr. int.] of Sutton, Nov. n, r756.* 
Ebenezer, jr., and Ellen H. Purves, May g, 1833.* 
Elezebith, and John Flint [of Reading, intj, Jan. 13, ij^y.* 
Elisabeth, and Benjamin Stiles of Boxford, int, Nov. 26, 1737. 
Eliza, and Moses Fife of Chichester, N. H., Dec. 28, 1826.* 
Eliza, and Enoch Kimball, int. Nov. 18, 1828. 
Elizabeth, and Samuel Clark, jr., June 13, r793.* 
Elizabeth, and Isaac Poor, Dec. 12, 1823. [int. Feb, r3, 1824.]* 
Elizabeth B., and Francis Ingals, Oct. 31, 1815." 
Elizabeth D., a. 24 y.,d. Timo[thy] and Lydia, and Moses San- 
tan [Sweetser, int] of Newburyport, a. 24 y., merchant, s. 

Morrill and Mary R., Sept. 32, 1847." 
Ephraim, and Abigail Poor of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan. 17 

Ephraim, and Mary West of Bradford, int. Nov. 25, 1732. 
Ephraim, and SaraJi Town, June 28, iTjo.* 

■iDtenlioa >1io recorded. 



Foster, Ephraim, and Oiissa B. Willmarth of New Rowley, int. 

Dec. 28, 1830. 
Esther [Heaster. cr. r.], and Abraham Foster, July 13, 1681. 
Esther, and Daniel Kembal, int. Apr, 5, 1711. 
■ Esther, and Simon Stone, Dec. — , 1716. c. R. t. [int Dec. 8.}* 
Esther, and Simon Darbej'[of Harvard, int.], May 22, 1754.* 
Eunice, and Jeremiah Pearley of Boxford, int. May 2, 1778. 
George, and Rebecca Abbott, Feb. 8, 183s.* 
George N., of Boxford, a. 29, y., farmer, b. Boxford, s. Jonathan 

and Mary, of Boxford, and Martha J[aQe. C. r. i.] Sy- 

monds, a. 2a y., d. Jonas and Martha, Dec. 17, 1846.* 
Gideon, and Elizabeth Russell, Mar. 3, 1768." 
Hanna, and Hew Stone, Oct 15, 1667. 
Hannah, and Thomas Astin, Sept. 15, 1690. 
Hannah, and John Lovejoy [at Woburn. dup.], June 25, 1723.* 
Hannah, and John Russel, jr., Feb. 16, 1737-8.* 
Hannah, and Phineas Tyler of Boxford, at Boxford, Feb. 14, 

Hannah, and Jacob Barker [of Dracut. int]. Mar. ii, i76o.* 
Hannah, and Lt. Timothy Rogers, of Tewksbury, Feb. 27, 

Hannah, and James Holt, 3d, June 5, 1778.* 
Hannah, and Simeon Stevens, Sept 29, 1778.* 
Hannah, wid., and Philemon Chandler, Feb. a, 17S9. [Feb. 12. 

c. R. 2.]" 
Hamiah, wid., and Joshua Chandler, June 7, 1792.* 
Hannah, and Abijah Cross of Methucn, int May 23, r8i8. 
Hannah, of Greenfield, N. H., and Paschal Abbot, int. May 21, 

Hannah A., d. Tho[raa]s C, and Samuel N. Brewer [of Boston. 

int.], apothecary, May 6, 1845.* 
Hannah [B. int], and James Howarth, Dec. 2, i82i.* 
Harriet, and Timothy Denny [of Methuen. int], Nov. 13, 

Hitty, and Thomas Stickney of Bradford, Mar. 23, 1802.* 
Isaac, and Dorcas Jewet of Tewksbury, int. Dec. 27, 1760. 
Isaac, and Maiy Holt, Aug. 26, 1784.* 
Israel, of Manchester, and Hannah Lee, Oct 10, 1802.* 
Israel, and Sarah Foster, Feb. 5, 1839.* 
Jacob, and Abigail Frost of Tewksbury, int Aug. 13, 1743. 
Jacob, jr., and Phebe Phelps of Tewksbury, int Aug. 15, 1772. 
Jacob, jr., and [Mrs. c. r. 2.] Ruth Kimbal, Mar. 13, 1796.* 
Jacob, 3d, and Betsy Ingals, Dec. 9, 1802.* 
'Intention tisa recorded . 



Foster, Jemima, and William Foster of Boxfoird, at Baxloid, 

Dec. I, 1761." 
Jeremiah, and Mrs. Briget Pemberton of Boxford, Ang. 14, 1755- 
Job, and Hannah Ford of Wilmington, at Wilmington, Mar. 37, 

John, and Rebecka Roe [of Boxford. int.], Jan. 7, 1713-14, 

[int. Dec. n, 1714-]* ' 

John, and Mary Osgood, Jan, 13, 1714J." 
John, and Darcus Hovey of Boxford, int. Sept. 16, 173a. 
John, jr., and Deborah Barker, June 25, 1740.* 
John, jr., and Hannah Ballard, Jan. 14, 1773- c. R. a.* 
John, and Sally Ingalls of Methuen, mt. Sept. 15, 1788. 
John, 3d, and Dorcas Town, at Boxford, Mar. ui, 178^. 
John, jr., and Betsey Stickncy, July 26, 1796.* 
John, of Reading, and Sarah Burt, Apr. 25, 1797.* 
John, jr., and Lucy Hastings of Tewksbury (Reading, int], June 

14, i8o3.» 
John, 3d, and Mary Harris of Dracut, int. Jan. ta, 1814. 
John P., and Sarah A. Peabody of Boxford, int. Nov. 14, 1845. 
John Prescott, and Harriet F. Carlton, Apr. 29, i839.» 
Jonathan [of Tewksbury. int.], and Lydea Haggit, Feb. z, r758.* 
Jonathan, and Lucy Rogers of Ipswich, int Oct. 34, 1770. 
Joseph, and Deliverance Dane, June 23, r7i4." 
Joseph, and Mary Dows of Billerica, at Bilterica, Oct. 22, 1745." 
Joseph, jr., and Mary Sandars [resident in Andover. int.], Jan. 

22, I7S0-SI.* 
Joshua, and Mary Barker, May 7, r730." ■ 
Joshua, jr., and Mary Famam, int. June 27, 1752. 
Joshua, jr., and Lydea Peabody, May 26, r7s6.* 
Joshua, and [Mrs. c. r. 1.] Mary Town of Boxford, Aug. I^, 

Judith, wid., and Nehemiah Carlton of Bradford, int. June r4, 

Louisa E., and Joseph B Wilde, int. May 22, 1840. 
Lucy, of Canterbury, and Capt. John Wilson, int. May la, 179a. 
Luty, and Capt. Ames Kimball of Boxford, int. Sept. 13, 1817. 
Lucy, and William Frost, jr., int. Oct. 25, 1 813. 
Lydia, and David Blunt, Feb. 14, 1727-8.* 
Lydia A., Mrs., and Luther Hulburd of Stockholm, N. Y., int 

Jan. 13, r849. 
. Lydia L. [Louisa L. int.], and Philo C. Pettjbone, Apr. 8, 1840.* 
Martha, and Aaron Dunn, Oct 13, 1839.* 
Mary, and Laurence I-acy, Aug.' 5, 1673. 

'IntentioD also recorded. 



Foster, Mary, and Ebenezer Lovejoy, July ii, 1693. 

Mary, and Timothy Abbott, Dec. 9, 17 r 7.* 

Mary, and David Stowel [of Pomfiet, int.], Jan. i, 1732-3." 

Mary, and William Fuller [of Middleton. int.], Apr. 16, 1746.* 

Mary [wid. int], and Joshua Wotdwill, Mar. 17, 1757.* 

Mary, and Timothy Ballard, Oct. 30, 1783." 

Mary, wid., and Moody Bridges, May 28, 1787.* 

Mary, and David Foster of Ashby, June 14, 1792.* 

Maty, of Greenfield, N. H., and James Abbot, int. May 31, 1806. 

Mary, and Isaac Porter, leaident in New York, int. May 19, 

Mary, and Jonathan Griffin, May 23, rSi6.* 

Mary B., and Enoch Frye, jr., Dec. 30, 1830.* 

Mary E., and Joseph H. Semons [Simmons, c. R. i.], Nov. 30, 

Mary Jane, a. 18 y., d. Eben and Sarah, and Theodore Goodrich, 

a. 28 y., machinist, s. John and Sarah, July ro, i845.* 
Mary P., and Charles Barnes of Leicester, Nov. 17, 1841.* 
Mehetabel, and Joseph Lovejoy, Jan, 24, 17 36-7.* 
Mehitable, and Nathan Andrews of Boxford, at Boxford, Apr. 

Mehitable, and Nathaniel Holt pr, int.], Mar. 3, 1791, • 

Mehitable G., and Darnel P. Abbot, int. Jan. ai, 1837, 

Moses, and Elizabeth Rodgers of Boxford, int. Nov. 27, 1719. 

Moses, and Mary Gray, Nov. 26, 1730.* 

Moses, and Sarah Baldwin of Billerica, int. Oct. 20, t8io. 

Nathan, and Susanna Barker, Mar. 16, 1790.* 

Nathan, jr., and Harriett Berry, Dec. 35, 1832.* 

Nathaniel, of Chelmsford, and Francis Lovejoy, at Charleslown^ 

Apr. 29, 1701. 
Obadiah, and Hannah Ballard, May 30, 1769.* 
Oliver, of Boxford, and Rebecc[ajh Foster, int. Mar. 15, 1S23. 
Peter, and Lydia Farmer, Aug. 30, 1787.* 
Phebe, and Daniel Pebody of Middleton, June 4, 1750.* 
Phebe, and James Dunn, int, Aug. a r, 1830. 
Phebe E., and William Robinson of N[ew} York, Dec. Z2,'i833." 
Pbineas, and Sarah Johnson, June 27, 1805.* 
Phineas, jr., and Huldah C. Sampson of Londonderiy, int. Oct. 

4. 1833. 
Phoebe, of Brentwood, N. H., and Joseph Cummings, int. May 

13, 1847- . 
Rachel, wid,, and James Frye, Nov. ij, 1787." 
Rebecca, and William Runnels, May 3, 1768." 

•iDtentioo also « 



Foster, Rebecca, and Jacob Famham, Apr. 27, 1826." 
Rebecc[a]h, and Oliver Foster of Boxfoni, int Mar. 15, 1813. 
Richard, of Boxford, and Elisabeth Kimball, at Boxford, Nov. 

19, i76i-* 
Ruth, and Jacob Abbott o£ Brookfield, May i, 1721." 
Ruth, and Benjamin Porter, jr. [of Boxfotd. c. b. t.], Nov. 8, 

Sally, and Stephen Johnson, jr., June 37, 1S05.* 
Sally, and Ebenezer How, int. Dec. 25, 1809. 
Sally, and Joseph Pearson [residents in Andover. int.], Oct. 23, 

Sally, and Silas Burnham of Norwich, Conn., May 11, 1817.* 
Samuel, and Susanna Kitteridge, May 10, 1763,* 
Samuel, of Amherst [N. H. int.], and Dolly Parker, Aug. 30, 

Sarah, and Benjamin Johnson, July 2, 1713.* 
Sarah, and Nehemiah Abbott [of Westown. int.], Nov. 2, 1714.* 
Sarah, and Jacob Preston [of Windham, int.], Sept. 2r, 1730.* 
Sarah, of Suncook, and Francies Carr, int Mar. ;6, 1743. 
Sarah, and Jonathan Dreser [of Boxford. int.], Nov. 24, 1748.* 
Sarah [wid. int.], and Andrew Foster, Nov. 29, 1758." 
Sarah, and Jesse Carlton [of Lunenburg, int.], Nov. 29, 1759." 
Sarah, and Joseph Brown of Tewksbury, June 3, 1794." 
Sarah, wid., and Phillip Nichols, Mar. 7, 1 799* 
Sarah, wid., of Tewksbury, and Philemon Dane, int. Dec. 21, 

Sarah, and Jonathan Gleason, May 19, 1803. 
Sarah, and Daniel Abbot, Jan. 11, 1827,* 
Sarah, and Israel Foster, Feb. S) 1839." 
Simeon, and Mary Harrioian, inL Sept. 13, 1828. 
Simeon, a. 30 y., shoemaker, s. Phineas and Sarah, and Alroira 

Shed, a. 18 y., b. Tewksbury, Dec. it, i849.» 
Stephen, and Abigail Smith of Salem, int. May 12, 1744. 
Stephen, and Rebecca Wood of Bradford, at Bradford, Aug. 3, 

Susan, and Amos Kimball of Boxford, May 24, 1828.* 
Susanna, Mrs., and Sam[ue]l Barker [4th. int.]. May 4, 1766. 

C. R. I." 

Thomas, jr., of Ipswich, and Mary Moore, Apr. 28, 1836.* 
Thomas C[handler. int], and Abigail Abbot, Sept 26, 1813.* 
Thomas C, widr., a, 57 y., farmer, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, and 

Lucy C. Shattuck, wid-, a. 47 y., d. Benjamin and Phebe 

Mooar, Nov. 1, 1847.* 

'Inteation also recorded. 



Foster, Timothy [resident in Andover. c. R. a.], and Elizabeth 

Dane, Nov, i6, 1780." 
Timothy, and Lydia A, Mooar, July i, i8i6.* 
Wiliani, jr., and Hannah Abbot, Jan. 9, 1755.* 
William, and Mrs. Margaret Gold, Nov. 13, 1744.* 
William, of Boxford, and Jemima Foster, at Boxford, Dec. i, 

William, and Mehetabell Fuller of Middletown, int. Oct. 4, 177T. 
William, of Londonderry, and Phebe Holt, Apr. 25, 1805.* 
William, jr., and Sarah W. Kimball, of Plaistow, N. H., int. Nov. 

i8, 1826. 
William H., a. 23 y., printer, s. Daniel and Bethia H., and 

Rhoda J. Luscomb, a. 22 y.t d. Richard and Rhoda, Oct 27, 


FOWLE, Jacob [of Lancaster, int.], and Friscilla Abbot, Mar. 

28, 1771. C. R. 2.' 

FOWLER, Abffiail, and Jacob Annis of Thetford, Vt., int. Jan. 

18, 1787. 
Caroline S., of Samersworth, N. H., and Elbridge G. Robinson, 

int. Oct. 21, 1841. 
Esther, and James Quigley [resident in Andover. int.], Oct. zi, 

1 784.* 
Esther, and David Sibley, residentin Andover, int. July 18, 1785, 
Isaac M., and Almira Mesaer, int. Mar. 21, 1835. 
John [jr. c. R. I.], of Ipswich, and Dorothy Famum, Mar. 10, 

Phillip, resident in Andover, and Deborah Russ, int. Jan. 27, 

Richard, of Tewksbury, and Easter Wood, int. Mar. 5, 1762. 
Sarah, and Abraham Foster, Dec. 29, 1789." 
Satah, and Dr. Josiah Batchelder (jr., of Beverly, int.]. May n, 

William W., widr., of Dover, N. H., a. 29 y., merchant, s. Sam- 

[ne]I, and Harriet Ingalls, a. 28 y., d. Jeduthan and Eliza, 

Aug. 5, i847.« 

FOX, Aaron, of Norwalk, Conn., and Mary Town, int. Oct. 11, 

Clarissa, and Sylvester Lovejoy, Apr. 7, i836.* 
Daniel, and Ptiebe Lovejoy, July 3, 1803," 
Isaac, and [Mrs. c. K. i.] Hannah Blanchard, Oct. i, i755* 
*Iataition also lecorded. 


andover makriages 137 

Fox, Jesse, and Sarah Sherwin [residents in Andover. int], 

Aug. 3, 1 769-* 
Martha, of Diacut, and Saai[ue31 Osgood, int. May 17, 1817. 
Mehitable, of Dracut, and Michael Parker, jr., int. Sept. 30, 

Phebe, and Cyrus Frcy [Frye. int.], Sept. 8, 1819. c. r. 3.* 

POXCROFT, Phebe, of Cambridge, and Samuel Phillips, jr., int. 
June 12, 1773. 

FRANCIS, Susan L., and Charles Howarth, int. July 21, 1S45. 

FRASER, Nathan, and Elczebith White of Boston, int. Apr. 24, 
1756. . 

FREEMAN, James Hooestus, and Deborah Robinson, int. Dec. 

18, 1813. 
Mary, Mrs., resident in Andover, and Capt. Samael Parker oE 

Barnstable, Sept. 3, 1801, C.H. a.* 
Zadock L., and Judith A. Page of Dunbarton, N. H., int. Sept. 

FREETOE, Patience, and Aaron Town, jr.. May 24, 1796.* 

FRENCH, Abigal, and Rev. Samuel Sterns, of Bedford, May 9, 

Amey, of Tewksbury, and Daniel GrifGn, at Tewksbury, Nov, 25, 

1778. [1798?] 
Ammi, of Tewksbury, and Daniel GriEfen, int. July 10, 1798. 
Asa, of Concord, and Mary Lovejoy, Nov. 28, 1782.* 
Beular S., of Tewksbury, and Thomas B. Poor, int. June 21, 1843. 
Caroline W., of Miltord, N. H., and Zebadiah Abbott, jr., inL 

Oct. IS, 1835. 
Charles, and Charlotte [E. c R. t.] Ingalls, Nov, 7, 1843.* 
Eliza, of Boston, and Jonas Underwood, M. D., int. Nov. r3, 

Elizabeth, and Thomas Abbott, Dec. 25, 1706." 
Elizabeth, and George W. Knights, Apr. r, i8i7,* 
Elizabeth, and Capt. Zephaniah Clark of Tewksbury, Dec. 24, 

George, and Dorcas Chandler, Apr, 29, 1823.* 
George, and Mary Richardson, Aug. i, 1824." 
■IntentioD also recoided. 



French, George, jr., Capt., and Mrs, Eunice E. Stone of Rjndge, 

N. H., int. Jan. 2, 1836. 
George W., and Maria M, French, Sept 16, 1830.* 
Harriot, and William Trow of Tewksbury, Dec. 3, 1821." 
Jacob, and Cibel Adams of Tewksbury, int. Oct. a8, 1815. 
John, and Louisa A. Frost, int. Apr. i, r848, 
John W., a. 26 y., bookbinder, s. Jabez and Lucinda, and Fran- 
ces A. Trefethen, a. 18 y., July 9, 1849." , 
Jonathan, Rev., and Abigail Richards of Milton, int. June 18, 

Leonard, and Mary Kidder of Tewksbury, int. Nov. ro, 1809. 
Lucinda, of Boston, and Abel Sargent, int. Oct. 26, 1 839. 
Maria M., and George W. French, Sept. 16, 1830." 
Mary Augusta, a. 19 y., <i. George and Mary, and James A. 

Roberts, a. 22 y., trader, s. James and Harriet, Nov. 4, 

Maiy Holyoke, d. the late Rev. Jonathan, and Ebenezer Peck 

Sperry of Cornwall, Vt., candidate for the ministry, Apr. 1 7, 

181 2.* 
Naomi, and Henry L. Goldsmith [of Roxbury. int.j Apr, — , 

1830. c, R. 3.' 

Nicholals fNicholas, of Danstable. int.], and Prisctlla Moar, 

June s, 1744* 
Peter, jr., and Hannah Mooar, Nov, 11, iSig.* 
Peter, jr., and Persis Parker, Oct. 16, 1822." 
Rhoda, of Tewksbury, and Joshua Osgood, jr., int. Nov. g, 1793. 
Rhoda, and Timothy Saunders [of Middlctoo. int.], June 14, 

1831. C. R. 3.* 

Ruth, of Tewksbury, and Joseph Phelps, int. Feb. 1, 1771. 

Sally, of Norway, and Wilfliajm Lovejoy, int. Nov. 10, 1815. 

Sarah D., and Horatio Gieason, May 15, ^834.* 

Susan W., d. Joseph, and Polycarpus [C. int.] Alexander of Am- 
herst, s. George, Nov. 26, 1846. c. R. 4-* 

Washington, and Dolly [Dorithy. int.] Amesden of Tewksbury, 
June 25, i8o7.» 

Wjlliam [of Billeiica. int.], and Mrs. Mehittabel Mooar, Nov. 

27, 1770- C. R. 2.« 

PRETTS, Henry, and Joanna Birus of Merrimac, N. H., int. 
Mar. 8, 1816. 

PREY (see also Frye), Cyrus [Frye. int.], and Phebe Fox, Sept. 
8, 1829. c. R. 3.* 

■Intention alto recorded. 


andover marriages 139 

FREy, Elizabeth, and Timothy Prey [Frye, of LoweH. int.]j 

Jan. — , 1829. c. R. 3.' 
Pereis, and Elijah Edson, ]une 30, 1819. c. r. 3.* 
Stephen [Frye. int.], and Maiy [E. int.] George, Oct. i, 1839. 

C. R. 3-* 

Timothy [Frye, of Lowell, int.], and Elizabeth Frey, Jan. — , 
1829. c. R. 3." 

FRIE (see also Frye), Abiel, and Abigail Emery, Feb. ro, 

Ann, and Jonas Clark [of Chelmsford, int.], Dec. 8, 1741.* 

Benjamin, and Mary Patker, May 23, 1678. 

Bethiah, and Wiliam Johnson, Mar. 23, 1747-8.* 

Debora, and Robert Andrews of Boxford, Mar. 10, 1719-10." 

Dorathy, Mrs., and Caleb Swan ot Methuen, May 19, 1752,* 

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Kemball, Nov. 3a, 1744.* 

Elezebith, and Samuel Frie, Jr., May 24, 1753.* 

Elizabeth, and Ambros Gold, Jan, 11, i73i-2.' 

Esther, and Josiah Ingalls, July 21, 1715. C. R. i.* 

Hannah, and Jonathan Parker, May 5, 1737-"' 

Hannah, and Moses Pearly [of Boxford. c. r. i.], Feb. 7, 

Hannah, and John Willson, Mar. 25, 1742.* 
Hephzebah, and John Abbott, Oct. 29, 1734.' 
Isaac, and Elizabeth Holt, June i, 1769.* 
Isaac, and Naamah Haskell of Gloucester, int. July 3, 1725. 
James, and Lydia Osgood, Jan, 20, 1679." 
James, and Elizabeth Osgood, Nov. a8, 1734." 
James [jr. int.], and Sarah Chickring, Dec. 13, 1753.* 
James, Col., and Mrs. Satah Robey of Lyon, int. May 7, 1757. 
John, and Tabitha Farnum, Nov. i, 1694. 
Jonathan, and Sarah WiUson, Jan. 24, 1743-4-* 
Jonathan, and Sarah Pebody, Nov. 13, i75"3.* 
Joseph, and Mehetable Poor, Mar, 20, 1732-3.* 
Joshua, and Mary Dane, July 14, 1724.* 
Joshua, and Saiah Frie, Nov. 4, 1731,* 
Lydia, and Francis Swan of Methuen, Mar. so, 1745-6." 
Martha, and Ebenezer Abbot, 3d, Oct. 6, 1748.* 
Mary, and Joshua Steveens, widr., Dec. 32, 1696. 
Mary, and Josiah Farnaum, Oct. 30, 1733.* 
Mary, and James Ingalls, jr., Dec. 6, 1744.* 
Mary, and Hugh Gordon, Apr. 2, 1745-* 

■InlentioD also recorded. 



Frie, Mehetable, and Samuel Astin, Feb, a, iJsT." 

Nama, and Moodey Briges, Nov. j, 1747." 

Nathaniel [Lt. iat], and Abigail Foster, June a8, 1739.* 

Nathaniel, Cap t., and Mrs. Hannah Osgood, Jan. 24, 1750-51." 

Fhebe, and Thomas Gage of Bradford, Apr. 30, 1734." 

Phebe, and Benjamin Kimball of Wenham, Mar. ar, 1739- 

[1738-9- c. R. ij» 
Phebe, and Timothy Osgood [3d. c. r. 2.], Jan. 6, 1742-3. • 
Phoebe, and Samuel Peeters, Dec. 15, 1696. 
Samuel, jr., and Elezebith Frie, May 24, 1753.* 
Sarah, and Joshua Frie, Nov, 4, 1731." 
Sarah, and Benjamin Holt [resident in Andover. int.], Apr. 7, 

Sarah, and John Famum, Dec. 16, 1738.* 
Timothy, and Elisabeth Holton [resident in Andover. int.]. May 

8, 1746.* 
Wiliam, and Mary Carlton, Dec. i, 1748.* 

FRIEND, Martha, wid., and Iiaack Mirick of Newbury, int. Nov, 

32, 1714. 
Richard, and Martha Tiler, June 5, 1701. c. r. i, 

FROST, Abiah, and Parker Fletcher, Oct. 10, t848.» 
Abigail, of Tcwksbury, and Jacob Foster, int. Aug. 13, 1743, 
Atta, and Thomas Upton of Danvers, June 20, 1782.' 
Atta, wid., and John Bragg, Nov. aa, 1792.* 
Beulah, of Tewksbury, and Isaac Hunt, int. Sept. 21, 1848. 
Dolly [Dorithy. int.] Clifford, and Dudly Leavit of Northwood 

[N. H, int,], Oct. 7, i8o6." 
Edmand, of Norway, Me,, and Ann P. Lovejoy, June 2, 1 823.* 
Emma A., of Lawrence, and John H. Horn of Westford, a. 20 

y., blacksmith, May 15, 1847. [1850. in pencil.] 
Experience, and Josepji Bigsby, June 12, 1723.* 
Hannah H., and Rev. Robert Crowell of Ipswich, Aug. 29, 

Jane, of Tewksbury, and Charles Ballard, int. Aug. 20, 1836. 
Jerusha, and George A. Dane, int Jan. 25, 1845. 
Joseph, jr. [of Billerica. int.], and Mary Baxby, Feb. 21, 

Lavina, of Tewksbury, and Rodolpbus Nichols, int. Aug. 28, 

Louisa A., and John French, int. Apr. i, 1848. 
Lucy, and Ashl Page [resident in Andover. int.]. May 10, 1 787." 

"Intention also recorded. 



Frost, Luc;, and John Richardson of Leicester, Feb. 33, 1820.* 
Lydia, of Tewksbury, and Samuel Upton, int. Dec. 9, 1820. 
Mary, wid., of Tewksbury, and Joseph filancbard, int. May 17, 

Mary Amanda [of Tewksbury. int.], and William Marshall, Apr. 

10, 1845-" 
Owen, ot Tewksbury, and Harriet J. Speriy, int. Oct. 29, 1842. 
Rebecca, and David Blanchard, Aug. 10, i725.» 
Sarah [resident in Andover. int.], and Abraham Foster, Feb. 2, 

Sarah, of Needham, and Abraham Graves, at Needham, June i, 

Sarah, and Samuel Drake of Epping, N. H., Nov. 16, iSoa,* 
William, jr., and Lucy Foster, int. Oct. 25, 1823. 
William, Dea., and Martha W. Mead of Northwood, N. H., int. 

Feb. 6, 1840. 
Zeiba, of Paris, Me., and Phebe Ix>vejoy, Sept. 17, 1821." 
Zepheniah, of Norway, Me., and Polly Lovejoy, Jan. 8, 181 1.* 

FROTHINGHAM, Nathaniel, jr., of Boston, and Hannah Peters, 

Nov. 24, 1803.* 
Nathaniel [jr. int.], of Boston, and Samh Nc^es, Dec. 13, 1821.* 

FRY (see also Frye), Abigail, and Samual Ames of Haverhill, 

Aug. 6, 1761.* 
Dorathy, and James Stevens, Mar. 8, 1712-13. [Mar. 18. c. r. !.]• 
Elizabeth, and Robert Stileman, Oct. 4, 16G0. 
Hannah, and Nathan Jones, Oct. 20, iSti." 
John, and Funis' Potter, Oct 4, i66o, 
Joseph, and Deliverance Dane [Foster, c. r, a and inL], Nov. 4, 

Nathaniel, and Priscilla Barker, July 15, 1714." 
Peter, of Danville, Vt., and Cbloe Abbot, int.- Jan. ig, 1799. 
Samuell, and Mary Aslett, Nov. 20, 1671. 

FRYE (see also Frey, Frie, Fry), Amos, and Hannah Durant, 

June 30, iSoi.» 
Andrew [L. int.], and Mary S. Bailey, Aug. 27, 183s.* 
Ann E., and David Pprves, Jan. 17, 1836.* 
Anna, and William Bailey, May afi, 1818." 
Benjamin, and Elizabeth Clark, June 16, it6j.'* 
Betsey, and Abbot Jones, Feb. 14, 1S14.* 

*lDtetitioii bIk> recorded. 



FRyK, Betty, and Peter Wardwell, June 12, 1788." 

Cloe, and Phillip Bowers of Billerica [of Andover. int.] , June 

David, and Tabbatha Parker, June 6, 1769.* 

Dolly, and Jonathan Pirkins Chapman of Danvers, int. Oct 15, 

Dolly, and James Frye, Sept. 14, 1809.* 
Doras, and Ezekiel Carlton, jr., Nov. 10, 1768.* 
Dotcaa, and Enoch Haskol! of Gloucester [at Gloucester. dup.J, 

Dec. 9, 1759.* 
Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Farnem, Dec 53, 1708.* 
Eliza, and Jonathan Meirill, Sept. 15, 1831." 
Eliza A., and Henry W. Abbott, Feb. 10, i84i.» 
Elizfabejth, and Philip Abbot, Nov. 20, 1771.* 
Elizabeth, and John Stevens o£ Sterling, Apr. 30, 1783, ■ 
Elizabeth, and Lt. Peter Poor, Mar. 17, 1791.* 
Elizabeth, and Warren Parker of Dracut, int Apr. 4, 1800. 
Elizabeth, and Samuel Dennis of Hancock, N. H., Oct. 13, i8i8.» 
Elizabeth, and Abel Blanchard, May 31, 1827. t. c* 
Elizabeth, and John [O. int.] Page, Sept. 22, 1836.* 
Enoch, and Mary Shattuck, Aug. a, 1798.' 
Enoch, jr., and Mary B. Foster, Dec, 30, 1830.* 
Enoch, 3d, and Lydia Barnard, Sept. 25, 1836." 
Ezekiel, aod Polly Hawley, Mar. 8, r792.* 
Fanny, and Isaac Shattuck, 3d, June 9, i8i8.* 
Frederick, and Margaret Mackey of Salem, at Salem, June 9, 

Gates F., and Phebe M. Luscomb, Sept. 27, r838.» 
George, s. Zachariah, and Eliza Allen, d. Joseph N., Oct. 5, 

Hannah, and John Chandler, June 4, T70T. 
Hannah, and Daniel Poor, Mar. 3r, 1763.* 
Hannah, and William Sargeanl, Aug. 23, 1771.* 
Hannah, and John Bowman of Bedford, Sept. 19, lySi.* 
Hannah, and Daniel Poor, 3d, May 23, 1782.* 
Hannah [of Dracut. int.], and Abial Abbott, at Dracut, Sept. 

29, I793-' 
Hannah, and Reubin Frye, Sept. 9, r8i3.* 
Hannah, and Seth Burt, Nov. 28, 1816." 
Hannah, and Job T. Cole, Apr. r6, r835.» 
Herman, of Methuen, and Eliza Richardson, Sept 9, 1840.* 
Huldah [Mrs. int], and John Osgood, June 9, 1767.* 
James, and Joanna Sprague, May 25, 1708.* 

'Intention >Jso lecorded. 



Frye, James, 3d, and Mehiubel Robinson of Boxfbrd, Feb. ai, 

James, and wid. Rachel Foster, Nov. 15, i787.» 

James, and Unice Carlton, July 7, 1796.* 

James, and Mary Lovejoy, Dec. 36, 1805.* 

James, and Dolly Frye, Sept. 24, 1809." 

Jedediah, of Dracut, and Rebecca Famum, Jan. 35, 179S.* 

John, and Ruth Wheeler [of Salem VUIage. iDt.], May 15, 

John, and Hannah Doliver, Jan. 5, 1761.* 
John, 3d, and Lydia Batchelder, Mar. 11, 1779.* 
John, jr., and Rhoda Baldwin of Billerica, at Billerica, Feb. 30, 

John, 3d [4th. int.], and Betty Noyes, Oct. t, 1781." 
John, 4th, and Jeiusha Baron Swan, June i, 1809. CR. >.* 
John, and Chloe Holt, July la, iSai." 
John, 4th, and Deborah Holt, Sept. 2, 1830.* 
John, and Levina Thompson of Tewksbury, int. Sept. ai, 1844. 
Joseph, jr., and [Mrs. c. r. i.] Mary Robinson, Feb. 13, i765.* 
Joseph, and Susanna Sirgent Baker, Sept. 18, 1799. c. r. 2.* 
Joshua, and Bctte Mercy, Sept. ai, 1780.* 
Lucy, and Solomon Abbot, July 8, 1794.* 
Lucy, and George Allen, Oct. 13, 1815. [Sept. 26. c. R. a.]* 
Lydia, and Benjamin Stevens, July ai, i783.» 
Lydia, and David Barnard, Dec. i, 1803.* 
MartlM, and Moses Abbot, jr., Feb. 5, iTgg.' 
Martha, and Maj. Dean Carlton [jr. int.]. May 4, 1815." 
Mary, and John Farnom, jr., Jan. 13, 1 785.* 
Mary, and Jacob Holt, Apr. a, 1807." 
Mary, and Charles Carlton, Apr. 30, 1839. • 
Mary Ann, and Worcester Willey [of Campton, N. H. int.], 

tnanuracturer, Oct 18, 1844.* 
Mary B., and Joel Baldwin [jr. int.] of Billerica, Dec- 5, 1832. 

C. R. I." 

Maiy C, and Benjamin Fish, jr., Mar. 15, iSar.* 

Mary K., and Daniel Hobait, Oct. 30, 1837. 

Mary M., and Charles G. Morrison, Sept. 36, r83i.* 

May, and Timothy Crosby, jr., of Billerica, Dec. 15, r796." 

MehetabeJ, Mrs., and Dr. Josiah Chase of Canterbury, Aug. 23, 

1765. c. R. I." 
Nathan, and Sarah Bridges, at Newbury, July 6, 1715." 
Nathan, and Amanda Gleason, Apr. 4, 1833.* 
Nathaniel, and Priscilla Baker, both of Salem, June ar, 1810. 
■lotcDiioii alto recorded. 



Fkye, Nath[aiiie]l, and Lucy Barrey of Lynn, int. Aug. 14, i8r8. 

Pamela, and William Chadwick o£ Falmouth, Oct. 3, 1793.* 

Pamela, and Nathan Bailey, jr., int. Apr. 6, 1839. 

Persis, and Timothy Frye, Mar. 2, 1794-* 

Peter, and Hannah Noyes, June 9, 1796.' 

Phebe, and Edward Stevens of Peterboro, Feb, 23, 1791. [Feb, 

aa.C. R. a.]" 
Phebe, and Joseph Stevens, 3d, Dec. J2, 1 796.* 
■ Pheoby, and Asa Swan, Jan. 29, 1712-13." 
PhiUip, and Sarah Smith Wilkins, Sept. 8, 1801.* 
Polly [Molly, int.], and Ingalls Bragg, May 9, r776.* 
Polly, and Jona[than] Merrill of Maiden, Mar. 11, iSi?.* 
Keubin, and Hannah Frye, Sept. 9, 1813.* 
Ruby, and Samuel Downing, May 31, 1821.* 
Ruby, and Capl. Benjamin Foster of Gloucester, int. Feb. 16, 

Samuel, and Sarah Osgood, Mar, 76, 1^19* 
Samuel, jr., and Anna White, Dec. 11, 1788.* 
Samuel, 3d, and Hannah Poor, Sept. 21, 1790.* 
Samuel, 3d, and Mary Bridges, Mar. 5, 180S-* 
Samuel, 3d [4th. int.], and Mary Richardson, Dec. 3, 1818.* 
Sarah, and William Lovjoy, Mar. 25, 1704-5. [Mar. 23. c. R. i.]* 
Sarah, and Philip Farrington, Sept. 18, 1770." 
Sarah, and Asa Lovejoy, Aug. 20, 1772.* 
Sarah, and Moses Dennis, June 11, 1782.* 
Sarah; and Abiel Gutterson, of Milford, Sept. ra, 1805.* 
Sarah, and Tho.mas Ireland of Gloucester, Dec. 3, 1818." 
Sarah E., and David S. Roberta of Farmington, Me. [N. H. int.], 

Feb. 5, r834.* 
Sarah L., and Bradford Borden [Barden, of Cohoes, N. Y. int.], 

Dec. 10, 1835." 
Sarah W., and Thomdike A. Daniels of Danvers, Sept. 27, 1832.* 
Kmon, and Hannah Johnson, Dec. 9, 1762.* 
Stephen, and Emily [E. int.] George, Feb. 13, 1840." 
Susan, and John HenckHeff, Aug. 4» i824.» 
Susan, and John Merrill, jr., Nov, 6, 1838.* 
Susanna, and Thomas Edes, Nov. 2, 1758.* 
Susanna, and Daniel Peters, July 8, 1802." 
Theophileus, and Lucy Lovejoy, Apr. ir, r776.* 
Theophilus, jr., and Fanny Chandler, Jan. 19, iSoa.* 
Timothy, of Dracut, and Hannah Carlton, Nov. ar, 1758.* 
Timothy, and Betsey Brooks of Lincoln, at Lincoln, Nov, 9, i786." 
Timothy, and Persis Frye, Mat. 2, I794-* 
'Intention also recorded. 



Frve, Tryphena B., and Francis A. Edwards, Oct. 3, 1837." 
William, and Debotah Cotburn [Coburn. c. r. i.],Nov. 24, i768.* 
William, and Susan Holt, Sept. 9, 1832." 

Zachaiiah, of Bluehill, and Hannah Noyes, int. Sept. 35, 17S9. 
Zachariah, and Sarah Houghton, Sept. 27, 1814.' 

FUBDRAY, John, and Susan McMacon, iat. Aug. 26, 1844. 

FULLER, Abijah, and Hannah Page, Nov. 14, 1782.* 
Daniel P. [S. c. b. 1.], and Rebecca Stevens, Mar. 30, 1826.* 
Dean, of Middlcton, and Lydia A. Berry, Dec. 19, 1822. C. K. i.* 
Elizabeth, of Roxbuiy, and John Osgood, int. Sept. 20, 1810. 
Ephraim, of Middleton, and Sally Kimball, Apr. 27, 1820.* 
Hannah [Mrs. int.], and [Capt. c, R. i.] Abraham Foster of Sa- 
lem, Sept. I, i8ig.* 
Jenne, of Middleton, and Primas Jacobs, resident in Andover, 

int. Aug. 30, 1795. 
John, of Cambridge, and Adeline Johnson, Apr. — , 1828. [int. 

Apr. 7.]* 
Mehetabeli, of Middletown, and William Foster, int. Oct. 4,1771. 
Nehemiah, and Martha Richardson Morse, May 10, 1804." 
Sumner, of Boston, and Mary [H. c. k. 2.] Greenleaf, Apr. 30, 

1822. • 
William [of Middleton. int.], and Mary Foster, Apr. 16, 1746.* 
Zenas, of Boston, and Mary K. Stevens, Feb. 25, 1828.' 

FURBER, Charles, a. 28 y., mechanic, s. Joshua and Alcey, and 
Harriet B. Bradley, a. 28 y., d. Joseph and Charlotte, Dec. 
2S. I84S-* 

Sam[ue]l S., of Concord, N. H„ and Susan Adams, Apr. i, 1823.* 

PURBUSH, Anna, and [Ens. c. R. 2.] Josiah Abbot, Mar. 30, 

Betsey, and Phineas Wood of Dracut, int. .^pr. 20, 1805. 
Charles [resident in Andover. int.], and Margaret Lovejoy, Mar. 

9, i729-30.» 
Charls, of Reading, and Elisabeth Holt, int. July 27, 1745. 
Charles [jr. int.], and Sarah Corey [of Chelmsford, int.], at 

Chelmsford, Apr. i, 1755." 
Charles, jr., and Hannah Gilson of Pepperell, int. Nov. 27, 1784. 
Dorcas, and Benja[min] Burbauk of Campton, N. H., Nov. 16, 

Lucy, and Dr. Moses Nichols of Amherst, N. H,, Oct, 19, 1784.* 
■lolcntion sJso recorded. 



FuRBUSH, Margaret, and John Malcoy, Apr. is, 1759.* 

Maltha, and Simeon Flint, Apr, 18, 1805.* 

Mary [Hannah, int.], wid., and Lemuel Winchester, resident in 

Andover, Feb. 9, 1791.* 
Rachel, and Rev. Horatio Bardwelj, July 11, 1815.* 
Simeon, and Rachel Hainden of Wilmington, at Wilmington, 

May n, lySG." 

FURGASON (see also Ferguson), William, and Luctetia F. Car- 
ter ol Wilmington, int. Mai. 15, 1833. 

GADG (see also Gage), Jonathan, of Rowley, and Hester Chand- 
ler, Nov. 12, 1667. 

GADGE (see also Gage), Benjamine, and Mary Keyes, Feb. 16, 

Elizabeth, of Bradford, and Nathan Parker, int. Nov. 28, 1730. 
Mehctabell, of Bradford, and Benjamin Barker, Jan, si, 1719-20." 
Sarah, of Bradford, and John Barker, int. Dec. 10, 1721. 

GAGB (see also Gadg, Cadge), Aaron, of Bradford, and Hannah 
Stevens, May 16, I745-* 

Aaron, and Martha Stevens, Mar. 30, 1773.* 

Benjamin [jr. int.], of Bradford, and FrestU Poor, Feb, az, 

Betsey, and George Kimball of Bradford, int. Nov, 13, 1819. 

Billy Runnels, and Abigail Hall of Pelham, int. July 6, rSos. 

Daniel K., and Mary T. Day of Boxford, int, Nov. 3, i8z6. 

Elisabeth, of Bradford, and Samuel Johnson, int. Dec. 12, 1741. 

G[awio. c. R. 2.3 R., of Woburn, a. 29 y., merch[ant] tailor, s. 
Benja[min] and Annis, and Caroline Abbot, a. 25 y., d. 
William and Hannah, of Greenfield, Jan. i, 1849.* 

Ginne, of Bradford, and Dudly Dole, int. Oct. 30, 1802. 

John, and Betsey Tyler, int. Oct. 14, 1815. 

Joseph, of Bradford, and Ann Abbott [resident in Andover. int.J, 
Sept. 4, I740-" 

Louisa, and David C. Kimball of Ipswich, int. Mar. 5, 1825. 

Martha, of Bradford, and James Scales, int. Oct. 20, 1764. 

Mary, of Bradford, and Samuel Huchioson, int. Mar. 24, 1730-31. 

Mqry E., a. 23 y., d. John and Betsy, and Walter H. Kimball, 
a. 26 y., physician, b. Boxford, s. Amos and Lucy, of Box- 
ford, Aug. 11, 1846." 

Matilda, and Nathan Webster of Haverhill, int. Apr. 30, 1821. 

Pierce, of Pelham, N. H., and Susannah Noyes, Jan. 23, 1787.* 
■IntentiOD aiao recorded. 



Gage, Satah, and Samuel Barker, at Newbury, Oct. 16, i7o8.» 
Sophia, and John Parker, int. Aug. 22, 1828. 
Thomas, o£ Bradford, and Phebe Frie, Apr, 30, 1734." 
William, and Mary Ann Lambert of South Keading, int. Sept. 8, 

GALE, Susan, of Pembroke, Jf. H., and Calvin N. Ransom, int. 
Sept. 9, 1828. 

GALUSHAN, G. K. W., and Ruth Ann George of Plymouth, 

N. H., int. Feb. 26, 1848. 
George K. W., and Elizabeth E. Atkinson of Newbury, int. Feb. 

II, T831. 

GANLEY, Sarah, and James H. Mills, int. Mar. 5, 1843. 

GARDNER, Elizabeth P., and William Peters, Dec. 25, 1838-* 
l.ydia, of Beverly, and James Stevens, id, int. May 23, 1835. 
Nelson [Dr. C. R. i.], of Danvers, and Maria Biadstreet, May 4, 

Olive C, of Boston, and Robeit M. Clcmons, int. Apr. 4, 1829. 

GARLAND, Edmund, Rev., and Maiy Sewall of Kennebunk, Me., 
int. Aug. 19, i83r. 

GARVIN, Jeremiah, of Concord, N. H., and Maty F. Hutchinson, 
Aug. 15, i826.» 

GATES, Lucy R., of Lowell, and Jos[eph] Chandler, jr., int. Apr. 
14, 183s. 

GAY, Jesse, and Elizabeth Eaton of Lynn, int. June 28, 1834. 

Jesse, and Sarah Moar, Feb. 3, i836.» 

Lavina R., of Dedham, a. 32 y,, d. Jotbam and Lydia, and 

Moses A. Stevens, widr., a. 40 y., machinist, s. Jod and 

Olive, Sept. 6, 1848.* 

GEE, Anna, Mrs., of Boston, and Rev. William Symmes, int. Apr. 

31, 1759. 
GEERY, Elizabeth, and William Abbott, June 19, 1683. 
Sarah, and John Holt, July 3, 1685. 

GBBUSON [Gemison. c. r. i. and int ; Gunnison. T. c], Saiab, 
and James Cofferin, Mar. 25, 1735.* 
'IntentioD alio Kcordcd. 



GENMINGS (see also Jennings), Benjamin, of Pembroke, N. H., 
and Elizabeth Steveas, July 19, i796.» 

GEORGE, Emily [E. int], and Stephen Frye, Feb. 13, i840.» 

Francis F., and Leonard G. Hill, Mar. 28, i833.» 

Henry H., and Elizabeth B. Caldwell, Sept g, 1833." 

Mary [E. int.], and Stephen Frey'[Frye. int.], Oct. 1, 1829. 

C. R. 3.' 

Rhoda, and Phinehas Shattuck, Oct. 33, 182$-* 

Ruth Ann, of Plymouth, N. H., and G. K. W. Gallishan, int. 

Feb. 36, 1848. 
Samuel, and Peggy Hircom, residents in Andover, int. June 26, 


GERRAN, Maria, of Newburyport, and David Rice, int. Nov. 23, 

GERRISH, Apphia, of Boscawen, N. H., and Phanoel W. Warri- 

ncr, int. Sept. 3, 1829. 
Mary, of Canterbury, N. H., and Henry Shed, int Sept. 3, 1839. 
Moses, of Newburyport, and Ruth Ingalls, Oct. 13, 1774.* 

GIBSON, GrifGn, of Boston, tinman, and Hannah Jane Barnard, 
d. Jacob and Hannah, Aug. 36, 1848. 

GIDDINGE (see also Giddings), Elisabeth [Mrs. int], of Ipswich, 
and Dr. Hugh Agan [resident in Andover. int.], at Ipswich, 
June 3, 1737." 

GIDDINGS (see also Giddinge, Gidings), Isaac, jr., and Hannah 

B. Goldsmith, May 17, iSiJ.' 
Lydia K., and Charles K. Johnson, int Apr. 8, 1825. 
Nancy, of Middleton, and Hermon Holt, iut. Jan. 25, 1817. 

GIDEONS, Lucy, of Francistown, N. H., and Edward Berry, int. 
Mar. 13, 1813. 

GIDINGS (see also Giddings), Elisabeth, and Daniel [David. 
int.] Rice, Mar. 5, 1812. • 

GILBERD (see also Gilbert), Elezebith [of Wihnington. int.], 
and Isaac Rusel, Apr. 18, 1754.' 

■lotentioii tiK> lecoided. 



GILBERT (see also Gilbcrd, Gilburt), George H., and Phebe J. 
Farnham, Dec. 10, i839.* 

GILBURT (see also GUbert), David [of Brookficld. int.], and 
Hannah Abbott, Aug. 30, 1727." 

GILCHREAST (sec also Gilcrease, GUcteast), Elizabeth H., a. 
24 y., d. Amos and Hannah, and Abiel C. Adams of Chelms- 
ford, a. 31 y,, machinist, s. William and Lydia, Nov. ay, 

GILCREASE (see also Gilchreast), John, and Abigal Downing, 
Nov. x6, 1793.' 

GILCREAST (see also Gilchreast), Amos, resident in Andover, 
and Hannah Dane, int. Mar. 9, 1822. 

Samuel, and Betsy Smith of Antrim, N, H., int Feb. 13, 1829. 

Sarah J., a, ai y., d- Amos and Hannah, and Ephraim W, Sar- 
gent of Dracut, a. 33 y., oiieiative, b. Asa and Sarah, Sept. 
14, 1847. 

GILE, Erastus, and Amada G. Manning of Tewksbury, int. Aug. 

27, 1841. 
James, of Haverhill, and Ruth Parker, Feb. ai, 1688. c r. i. 
John, and Mary Ann Rogers of Newbury, int. Nov. 17, i8a6. 
Joseph F., and Harriet B, Chandler, int. Nov. 4, 1848. 
Lydia A., and James Scott, int. Nov. 14, 1849. 
William, and Phebe Noyes, Oct. Si 1837." 
William, and Eleanor C. Howard of Eaton, N. H,, int. Apr. 17, 

GILES, Return, of Beverly, and Samuel Wardwel [at Beverly. 
dup.j, Dec. 20, 1716," 

GILLETT, Esther, of Thetford, Vt., and George Bailey, int. Dec. 
26, 1829. 

GILLHORE, Anna, of Amherst, and Benjamin Merril, int. Dec. 5, 
180 1. 

GILLHAN (see also Gilman), William A., of Boston, and Lavinia 
E. Kimball, Oct. 11, 1836.* 

*IiiteiitioD also recorded. 



GO-LSON (see also Gilson), Rebecca, of Peppetell, and William 
Bailey, jr., int. May 31, 1803. 

GILHAN (see also Gillmaa), James, and Hannah Kextiow, Sept. 

17. 1835-" 
Rila, of Woburn, and Mary E. Kendall, int. Mar. 7, 1841. 

GILSON (see also Gillson), Hannah, of Peppeiell, and Charles 

Forbush, jr., at Pepperell, Dec. 6, 1784.* 
Mary, of Pepperell, and Joshua Phellcps [Phelps, jr. int.], at 

Pepperell, Jan. r3, 1796." 

GIMERSOK, Marth[a], of Winhara, and Wiliam Cording, int. 
Dec. 9, 1758. 

GIRLET, Ruth, of Milton, and John S. Henley, resident in An- 
dover, int. Jan. a8, 1815. 

GLEASON, Amanda, and Nathan Frye, Apr. 4, r833.* 
Benjamin, and Rhoda Gleasoo of Bedford, int. Feb. 11, 1803. 
Damaris, and Thomas H. Kimball, May 14, iStg.' 
Elizabeth, of BUIciica, and Jeremiah Goldsmith, jr., int. Nov, 7> 

Gamaliel, and Hannah M. Morse, Nov. r, 1836.* 
Horatio, and Sarah D. French, May 15, r834,» 
John, and Tameaon Shattuck, Feb. 23, 1816.* 
John W., and Ellen H. Clapp of Boston, int. July 24, r847. 
Jonathan, and Sarah Foster, May 19, 1803. 
Joseph, and Lucy Bancraft of Gardner, int. Nov. 15, 1806. 
Lucy T., d, John, and Marshall Culver of Boston, s, Lyman, 

Sept. 7, 1847. c. R. 4,* 
Rhoda, of Bedford, and Benjamin Gleason, int. Feb. 12, rSoj. 
Rhoda, and Eph[rai]m Everson, Jan. 29, 1834.* 
Wyman, and Eliia Manning of Tewksbury, int. Sept. 19, 1845. 

GLEDHE,L, Edward, and Mary Myers, Jan. r, 1846. c. r. 4.* 
Martha Mariand, and William Punchard Millett, Apr. 16, 1840. 

c. R. 4.' 
William, and Catherine Watterly Wilklns, Oct. 3, 1842. c. r. 4.' 

GLENHING, Jane [Glenney. int.], and Nathan Tuck, Sept. 26, 

•Intention aJso recorded. 



GLINf Maigaiet, and James Nicholes, Jan. 23, 1734-5-* 

GODDASD, Charles, and Caroline A. Lerowe of Boston, int. 
June 10, 1830. 

GOPF (see also Goffe), Henry, and Lucy A. Davis, June 10, 

Lucinda, a. ao y., and Oliver F. Lyford, a. 26 y., carpenter, b. 

Liveimore, Me., s. Oliver S. and Betsey of Livcrmore, Me., 

Aug. II, i849.« 
Mary Ann, and John Andrews, int. Sept. a6, 1846. 
Mary Ann, a. 19 y., b. Haverhill, d. Henry and Lucy A., and 

John G. Ambrose, a. 24 y., cordwainer, b. Vienna, Me., s. 

Jonathan and Mehitable, Oct 20, 1846. 

GOFFE (see also Goff), Lydia, Mrs., of Cam[bridg]e, and Rev. 
Tho[ma]s Barnard, at Cambridge, July 20, 1704* 

GOLD (see also Gould), Ambios, and Elisabeth Ftie, Jan. 11, 

Margaret, Mrs., and William Foster, Nov. 13, 1744.* 

GOLDSMITH, Affier, and Rev. Joseph Davis of Nottingham 

West, N. H., July 24, 1823." 
Benjamin, and Hannah Abbot, Apr. 24, 1777." 
Caroline L., and William P. Irish, Sept. 8, 1847. C. R. 2.* 
Charlotte, and Robert McAllister, June 17, 1841." 
Clarissa, and John Wilson of Danvers, June 21, 1831.* 
Eliza [Elizabeth, int.] C, and Alonzo Marshall, Aug. z, 1836.* 
Elizabeth, and Capt. Beni[ami]n Abbot, jr., int. Nov, 16, 1816. 
Elizebeth, and Jacob Lee of Manchester, Nov. 21, 1802." 
Hannah, and William Dodge of Wenham, Nov, 23, 1780." 
Hannah, and Jacob Barnard, Dec. 18, 1817. • 
Hannah, and Hermon Dane, int. Dec, 27, i8z8. 
Hannah B., and Isaac Giddings, jr.. May ij, 1837." 
Hannah Burnam, and Ephraim Story of Ipswich, Feb. 19, 1804.* 
Hannah Burnham, and Seih Story [Storer. int.] Goldsmith of 

Wilton, N. H., Feb. 20, iSo5.» 
Henry L. [of Roxbury. int.], and Naomi French, Apr. — , 1830. 

C.R. 3,* 
Isaac, and Patty Burnham [resident in Andover. itit.], May 30, 



Goldsmith, Isaac, jr., and Lydia Favor, Sept, a6, 1832. • 

Jane M., Mrs., and Amos Meader, int. Apr. a, 1841. 

Jeremiah, and Sarah Convers of Bedford, at Bedford, Dec. 30, 

Jeiemiah, jr., and Elizabeth Gleason of Billerica, int. Nov. 7, 

John, and Hannah Lowder of Roxbury, at Roxbury, May z6, 

John, and Betsey Mudget of Lowell, int. Oct. 17, 1835. 
John, and Mehitabie Bailey [of Wilton, N. H. int.], Feb. zS, 

Joseph C, and Phebe Russel, int. May 6, 1837. 
Lozina C, and Jonathan Waldo, July 39, 1832.' 
Martha, and Joshua Green of West Cambridge, Mar. 5, 1835." 
Mary, and Nathan Burnham of Ipswich, Nov. 20, 1783.* 
Mary, and Seth P. Mitchell of Hudson [Merrimac. int.], N. H., 

Nov. 28, 1837.* 
Mary C., and George Daland, Nov. 3, 1^1$* 
Mehitabie, wid., and Theodore Barnard, widr., farmer, June i, 

Fhebe, and James Jaquith [resident in Andover. int.], Sept. 9, 

Polly, and William Goldsmith, jr., of Wilton, N. H., Feb. 19, 

Sarah, and Joseph Lovering of Hamilton, Dec. 1 1, 1794.* 
Seth Story [Storei. int.], of Wilton, N. H., and Hannah Bum- 
ham Goldsmith, Feb. 20, i8o6.» 
Unice, and John Smith of Hamilton, Nov. 29, 1798." 
William, jr., of Wilton, N. H., and Polly Goldsmith, Feb. 19, 

William, and Mary [A. int.] Stickney, Dec. 27, 1829. c. R. 3.* 
William, and Jane [M. int.] Stickney, Apr. 3, 1834.* 
Zacchcus, and Eliza[beth] Burnam of Goffstown, int. May 18, 

Zacheus, jr., and Olive Burnham, May 24, 1807." 

GOODEL, Edwin E. [Calvin E., of Boston, int.], and Harriet 
Lovejoy, Apr. 5, 1836.' 

GOODHUE, Almiia, of Lowell, and David P. Harriman, May 9, 

Daniel, and Lydia Cummins of Danvers, int. Jan, 12, 1814. 
Jeremiah, and Mary Smith, Feb. s. 1807.* 
*Inteation also recorded. 



GcwDHUE, John, and Rebecca Holt, Apr. 3, 1817.* 

Moses, and Rebecca Barker of Methuen, int. Dec. 2, 1814, 

Moses, and Louisa Berry, d. Jacob, May 18, 1847. [May z$. 

c. R. r.]" 
Sarah, and Oliver Carter of Reading, Nov. 10, 1836.* 
Satah [Nancey. int.], and John Atmitagc, May 6, 1838.* 
Will[ia]m, and Melantha Wright of Middleton, int. Mar. is, 1821. 
William, ad, and Caroline D. Bell, int. Dec. la, 1846. 

GOODIN (see also Goodwin), Hannah [of Haverhill, int.], and 
Francis Johnson, at Haverhill, June 3, 1718. • 

GOODRICH (see also Goodridge), Charles H., of Lowell [of 
Chelmsford, int], and Mary M. Dane, Oct. 26, i837.» 

Theodore, a. 28 y., machinist, s. John and Sarah, and Mary Jane 
Foster, a. 18 y,, d. Eben and Sarah, July 10, 1845.* 

GOODRIDGB (see also Goodrich), Caroline W., of Boston, and 

Rev. 2. A. Mudge, int. May a8, 184a. 
Mary F., o( Haverhill, and Joseph Page, int Apr. 17, 1847. 
Mehitable, of Boxford, and John Barker, at Boxford, June 11, 


GOODWIN (see also Goodin), Claia Ann, oi Bedford, d. Thomas, 

and John Otis Bacon of Bedford, blacksmith, s. John, Nov. 

10, 1844. 
John, jr., of Reading, and Belinda How, Sept. 5, 1833.* 
Mary E. [A. int.], a. 24 y., d. John and Lydia B., and Lewis B. 

Etheredge, a. 37 y., stone mason, s, David, July az, 1847." 
Mary H., of Boston, and Thomas G. WardweH, int. Mar. a?, 


GORDEN (see also Gordon) , Hannah, and Jonathan Wardwell, 

jr., Sept. ao, i770,* 
Jane, and Moses Kimball, Dec. i, 177a.* 
Mary, and Joseph Lovejoy, jr., Dec. 14, 1769.* 

GORDIN (see also Gordon), Henery, and Sarah Walker [of Wil- 
mington, int], Oct 29, 1747.* 

GORDING (see also Gordon), Wiliara, and Marth[a] Gimersoa 
of Wjnham, int Dec. 9, 1758. 

* Intention also lecoFded. 



GORDON (see alsoGorden, Gordin, Gording), Earl C, and Lydia 

Keyes, July i, 1834.' 
Hannah E., of Windham, N. H., and Simon Flanders, jr., int. 

Oct. 13, 1848. 
Hugh, and Mary Frie, Apr. 2, 1745.* 
Joann, a. 30 y., and Alonzo G. Lovell, a, 34 y., carpenter, s. 

Daniel, May 30, 1849,* 
William, and Bethia Pearson, June 6, 1782.* 

GORMAN, Patrick, and Rosey Phillips, int. Jan. ir, 1848. 

GOSS, Peter [of Bolton, int], and Mary Abbot, Dec. 9, 1762.* 

GOULD (see also Gold), Abraham J., and Zeruiah Griffin, Nov. 

16, r8is.» 
Abraham J,, and Mary B. Brown, July 8, i8»4.* 
Adeline L., a. 33 y., and James Murray, a. 25 y., cotdwainer, 

Apr. 6, i84S-» 
Anna, wid., of fioxford, and Andrew Foster, int. Sept. 33, 1786. 
Betty, and Jonathan Holt, jr., Sept. 34, 1766." 
Cornelius, of Boxford, and Lydia Jenkin3,int, May 24, iSta. 
Daniel, and [Mrs. int.] Eunice Pearly [of Andover. c. r. i,], 

both of Boxford, Dec. 25. i7S8.» 
Daniel, Dr., of Reading, and Eliza J. Hall [Alice Julia Holt, int.], 

Nov. 17, 1825." 
Elijah, of Topsfield, and Dolly Kimball, Mar. 23, 1826.* 
Emerson, and Harriet Batchelderof Reading,int. Mar. 33, 1839. 
George W., and Olive Johnson, Mar. 27, 1838. C. E. 2. 
Hannah, and Nathan Town, jr., Oct. 26, 1775.* 
Henry A., and Sarah Bachelder of Reading, int Mar. 4, 1837. 
Jacob, of Schenectady, N. Y., and Ruby Swan, Aug. 15, 1816." 
Jerusha, and Silas Eaton of Reading, at Reading, Sept. 5, 1 736- 

[int. Oct. i6.]« 
Lucy, of Chelmsford, and Caleb Blanchard, int. May i, 1787. 
Mary Ann, and William White, Aug, r4, 1839.* 
Phebe, and Tho[ma]s Curtis, both of Topsfield, at TopsBeld, 

Oct. 6, 1706. 
Samuel [jr., of Nottingham District, int.], and Elezebcth Marbel, 

Jan. ro, 1750-51.* 
Samuel, of Boxford, and Mary Long, May 6, 1807.* 
Thomas, and Hannah Merrill, May 3, i8i8.* 
Z. Elizabeth, and Rev. Aaron M. Colton, July 15, r840.* 
•Intention also lecorded. 



GOWIN (see also Gowing), Haonah [wid., of Lyna. int.], and 
Thomas Blanchcrd, Sept. 21, 1715.* 

GOWING (see also Gowin), Hannah, of Lynn, and Josiah Saw- 
yer, int. Dec, ir, 1743. 
Rebecca J,, and Ezra Mclntire of Reading, int. Oct 31, 1840. 

GRAGG (see also Gray), Hannah [Giay. int.], and John Boies 
[resident in Andovei. int.], Sept. i, 176s,* 

GRAIG (see also Gtegg), Catherine, and James Hendry, Sept. 

GRAINGER (see also Granger, Grangier), Elezebcth, and Daniel 

Dane, Mar. 8, 1720-21.* 
George [resident in Andover. int.], and Mary Haggit, Mar. 19, 

1721-8 • 
Joanna, and James Fainum, July 10, 1732.* 
Samuel, and Martha Maston, Dec. iS, 173S.* 

GRAH, John, and Hannah Taylor, int. June 11, 1849. 

GRANGER (see also Grainger), Jacob, and Mrs. Sarah Famam 

[Apr. 16. int.], i7S7-* 
John, and Martha Poor, at Chelmsford, Feb. 9, 1679. 
John, and Hannah Messer of Methuen, at Mcthuen, May 11, 


GRANGIER (see also Grainger), Martha, and Moses Hagget, 
Feb. ai, 1699-1700. 

GRANT, Albert, and Harriet N. Taylor, int. Oct 29, 1846. 
Benjamin [P. int], and Fanny Famham, Dec. 3, 1835.* 
Charles C, and Salome V. Senter of Hudson, N. H., at Hudson, 

N. H.,Jan. 19.1843.* 
Charles C, a. 27 y., farmer, s. Charles and Maly, and Frances 

M. Anderson, a. 23 y., d. Alexander and Martha, Mar. a6, 

Hannah fi., of Hancock, N. H., and Nathan C. Abbot, int. Dec. 

6, 1836. 
John J., and Nancy J. Miller, int Apr. i, 1847. 
Margarett [of Lowell, int], and Aaron N. Luscomb, Oct 24, 


■Intention also le corded. 



Grant, Mary, of Peterboro, N. H., and David Abbot, int. Aug. 14, 

Phebe C, a. zi y., operative, d. Charles and Mary, and Daaiel 

L. Trow, a. zg y., shoemaker, s. Daniel and Hannah, May 

4, 1848." 
Z. P., of South Dedham, and Hon. William B. Banister of Newbury- 

port. Sept 7, i84r. 

GRAVES, Abraham, and Sarah Dunten, Sept. is, 1705.* 
Abraham, and Sarah Frost of Needham, at Necdham, June i , 

Dorcas, and George Abbott, Apr. 17, 1678. 
Elezer, and Hannah Evens of Reading, at Medford, May 28, 

Eliazer, and Sarah Dunton, Nov, 9, r709. c. r. i.* 
Hannah, and Timothy Abbott, Dec. 27, 1689. 
Lydea, of Reading, and Thomas Gray, int. Mar. 19, 1757. 
Mark, and Elizabeth Farington, Nov. 14, 1667. [Nov. la. CT. R.] 
Nabby, of Reading, aod Jabez Hay ward, int. [bet. Aug. 11 and 

Dec. 7-], I77S- 
Famelia fGroves. int.], and Daniel Town \ji. int.], Sept. 29, 

Sarah, and Richard Barker, Aug, 2, 170s.* 
Thomas, of Lynn, and Ruth Tayler, int. Jan. 14, 1714-15. 

GRAY (see also Gragg, Grey), Aaron, and Bethiah Peabody of 

Boxford, at Boxford, July 18, 1744.* 
Abiah [Abigal, int.], and Orlando Lovejoy, May 24, 1804.* 
Abigail, and Thomas Wardwell, Dec. 11, 1735.* 
Alonzo, and Sarah H. Jenks of Boston, int. Feb. 18, 1840. 
Amos, and Lucy Lovejoy, Nov. 4, 1806. • 
Benj[ami]n, and Hannah Simson of Nottingham, N. H., int. 

Sept. 12, 1S18. 
Braviter, and Dorathy Abbott, Nov. it, 1710.* 
Cornelius, and Mary Maruatta, May 9, 1822.* 
Dan[ie]l, and Tabitha Allen of Reading, at Reading, Dec. 14, 

David, and Rcbeca Holt, June 3, 1 756." 
David, and Sarah Cummings, Apr. 3, 1788." 
David, and Rebecca Jenkins, Feb. 23, 1797.* 
David, jr., and Emily Abbot, Apr. 28, 1825.* 
David, jr., and Sarah Peters, Mar. ao, 1834.* 
David, jr., and Mrs, Maria Bailey, June 11, 1837.* 
•Intention also recorded. 



Gray, David, widr., farmer, s. David, and Sophronia Abbott, Sept 

II, I84S-* 
Dorathy, and Thomas Haggit, jr., May i6, i7S4-" 
Dorithy, and Benjamin Holt, Dec. 6, I7z8.» 
Edward, and Saiah Osgood, Dec. a, 170a. 
Edward, and Hannah Baikei, Oct. 37, 1719.* 
Eliza, and Dr. John Dalton o£ New Boston [N. H. c. R. i.], Apr. 

-, i82S.* 
Elizabeth, and PanI Abbott, Feb. 8, 1719-30.* 
Elizabeth, and Ephraim Kimball, jr. of Boxford, at Boxford, Dec. 

3. I747-* 
Hannah, and Daniel Colebe [ot Amesbuiy. int.], Sept 2, 1730.* 
Hanoah, and Samuel Sessions [jr. int.], Jan. 8, 1739-40.* 
Hannah, and Nathaniel Brown of Wolfboro, int. Aug. 3, 1786. 
Hannah, and John Lacy, Oct. 34, 1786.* 
Hannah M., and Nathaniel P. Eaton of North Reading, int July 

14, 1S48. 
Henry, and Allice Peabody of Boxford, int May 15, ^136. 
Hiram, a. zo y., shoemaker, s. Jacob and Betsey, and Mary Ana 

Dolan, a. 21 y., b. Ireland, d. John andMaiy, June 30, 1845. 
Isaac, and Rebecca Btanchard, Nov. 10, 1733.* 
Israel, and Lydia G. Lacy, June 18, i8i8." 
Jacob, and Elizabeth B. Leavett of Lynn, int. Jan. 10, 1823. 
Jemima, and Samuel Holt, Jan. 12, 1724-5,* 
John, and Beulah Holt, Apr. z6, 1770. c. H. 3." 
Lydea, and John Bachellor, Nov. 21, 1751. • 
Lydia, and John Stevens, Apr. 7, 1737.* 
Lydia, Mrs., and Dr. Symonds Baker [of Mcthuen. int.]. Mar. 

26, 1766. c. R. 3." 
Margery, and William Wardwell, jr.. May 17, 1739." 
Martha T., and Dr. John Dalton of N[ew] Boston [N. H. int.]. 

May 6, 1823. c. r. i." 
Martha T., of Wilmington, and John K, Shattuck, Sept. 7, 1835.* 
Mary, and Moses Foster, Nov. 26, 1730." 
Maty Ann, and David Ellen Emerson of Methuen, Nov. 25, 

Mary E., and William Eaton of Reading, July 3, 1814.* 
Mary J., and Samuel S. Aiwood of Cambridge, int June 17, 

Mary N., of Tewksbury, and Hermon Abbott, int, Aug. 19, 1837. 
Miriam [wid. int], and Richard Nutting, June 17, 1718. c.r. i.* 
Miriam, and Benjamin Fitch [of Bedford, int], Feb. 38, 1 731-3.* 
Patty, and John Town, Jan. 7, 1812.* 

■IntcDtioD Also lecorded. 



Gray, Phebe, and Joel Jenkins, jr., Jan. 3, 1806. • 

Polly [Saily. int], and Samuel Gunnerson [of Salem, int.], May 

Priscilla, and Daniel Carlton, Dec. 4, 1735." 

Rebecca, and Henry Holt, jr., Jan. 6. 1735-6.* 

Robert, and Mirriam Lovjoy, Nov. 29, 1705. f 

Robert, and Lydia Peabody, May i, 1738, • 

Robert, and Maiy Tucker [of Wilmington, int.], Apr. 23, 17S4.* 

Robert, and [wid. int.] Abigail Chandler [of Wobum. int.], Oct. 

26, 1738.' 
Samuel, and Sarah Abbott, Sept. 8, 1736." 
Samuel, and Martha L. Abbott, July 12, 1831," 
Sarah, and Thomas Stevens, Jan. 14, 1747-8.* 
Sarah, and Stephen Ayer of Haverhill at Haverhill, Apr. 18, 1769," 
Sarah, and Abraham Sbattuck of Temple, N. H., int. Apr, 3, 1807. 
Tabby, and Elijah Stiles of Middleton, Nov. 6, i8o6.» 
Thomas, and Susanna Bacbelder, Dec. 24, 1703. C r. r. 
Thomas, and Elisabeth Hutchinson, June ar, 1739.' 
Thomas, and Lydea Graves of Reading, int. Mat. 19, 1757. 
Thomas, jr., and Mary Holt, Dec 7, 1780,* 
Timothy, and Elenor Best, May 3, 1748.* * 
William, and Margaret Maccutchin [Mecutchen, resident ii 

dover. int.], Apr. 26, 1739.* 
William, a. 23 y., coidwainer, s. Jacob and Betsy B., and RebeC' 

ca Sbattuck, a. i6y., d. Samuel and Hannah, Apr. 33, 1848.'' 

GREELY, Moses, of Salisbury, N. H., and Sarah Bridges, int. Api 

GREEN (see also Greene), Eaton, and Sally Nichols of Haver- 
hill, int. Sept. 12, iSag. 
Hannah J., of Amesbury, and Jeremiah Lewis, int. Jan. r7, 1837 
John, of Chelsea, and Phebe Tucker, Dec. 4, rSi?." 
Joseph [jr. int.], of Chelsea, and Phebe Holt, July 4, 1821." 
Joshua, of West Cambridge, and Martha Goldsmith, Mar. 5, 1835." 
Sarah, of Chelsea, and Charles H. Farnham, int. May 28, 1842, 
Susanna, of Chelsea, and Peter Holt, jr., int. Jan. 26, rSir. 
Thomas R., and Rhoda S. Whittier of Haverhill, int. Dec. 2, 

GREENBANK. Thomas, and Elizabeth Armitage, Dec. 39, 1 
Thomas, and Maria Berry, int. Aug. 30, 1S45. 

'iDtesdoD also recorded. 



GREENE (see also Green), Caroline M., and William Blanchard 
[jr. int.] of Wilmington [Boston, int.], May lo, 1836. 

C- R. 4'" 

George S., and Martha B. Dana of Chartcstown, int Jan. 28, 

Henry S., Rev., of Lynnfield, and Mary E. P. Abbot, Jan. r, 
1 840.* 

GREENLEAF, Daniel, of Ncwbutyport, and Mary Bridges, June 

Elizabeth A., and Charles A. Nichols of Lowell, May 8, 1834." 
George L., of Salem, N. H., and Maty B. Scott, June 3, 1841." 
Mary [H. C. R. a.], and Sumner Fullcrof Boston, Apr. 30, 182a.* 
William H., of Haverhill, a. z6 y., shoemaker, s. Sam[ue}J and 
Dolly, of Haverhill, and Lucy A. Williams, a. 22 y., adopted 
d, Elizab[eth] K. Jennings, June 29, 1847." 

GREENOUGH. Angelina, of Salisbury, and Henry Wardnell, int. 

Sept. 7. 1836. 
Ann W., of Boxford, and Albert Hervey, int. May 8, 1834. 
Eben, of Bradford, a. 33 y., shoemaker, s. Bayley and Betsy, and 

Mary Jane Abbott, a. 25 y., d. Henry and Judith, Jan. 29, 


GREGG (see also Graig), Nath[anie]l B., and Cecelia A. Grieve, 

at Salisbury, Oct 17, 1841.* 

GREY (see also Gray), Hannah, and Thomas Abbott, Dec. 7, 

Henry, and Maiy Blunt, May 3, 1699. 

GRIEVE, Agnis T., and Moses W. Shorey, at Amesbury, Dec. 18, 

Cecelia A., and Nath[anic] 1 B. Gregg, at Salisbury, Oct. 1 7, 1 841." 

GRIFFEN (see also GrifliD), Daniel, and Ammi French of Tevksk- 

bury, int, July 10, 1798. 
Hannah, of Tewksbury, and Phinehas Annis, int. Apr. 6, 1774. 
Hannah, and Alanson Flint, Dec, 11, 1828.* 
Jonathan, and Zeiutah Vicker, May i, r794.* 
Joseph, of Danvers, and Mehilable Kimbal, Mar. 2a, 1804,* 
Martha, and M. C. Andrews, Oct. 15, 1840.* 
Mary, of Danvers, and Jefferson Kimball, int. Oct. 23, 1835. 
'InlenCion also lecordcd. 



GRIFFIN (see also Griffen), Edrah [Ednah. c. r. a.], and 
Tho[ma]s C. Wood, Oct. 12, 1834." 

Daniel, and Amey French of Tewksbury, at Tewkabury, Nov. 39, 
1778. [1798?] 

James, and Phebe Abbot, May 30, 1751.* 

Jonathan, of Plattsburg, N. Y., and Hannah Parker, Nov. 10, 

Jonathan, and Maty Foster, May 23, 1816.* 

Josephine K. [R. int.], d. Eldad, and Solon Fisk, s. Leonard, 
Apr. 18, 1848. c. R. 4.* 

Joshua, and Hannah Chandler, Nov. 13, i8io.* 

Lemuel, and Mehitable Clark, Mar. 5, rSoi.* 

Lucy A., a. 19 y., d. Jonathan and Lucy, and Samuel K, John- 
son, a. 25 y., farmer, s. Edmond and Nancy, Nov. 5, 1846," 

Lydia, and Nathan Ingalls, Apr. 15, 1778.' 

Mercy, of Tewksbuty, and Jesse Trull, int. Apr. ao, 1793. 

Mercy, and Phinehas Johnson of Pelham, N, H., Jan. 28, 1806," 

Moses, and Elizabeth Holmes, Sept. 5, 1839.* 

Nathaniell, and Elizabeth Ring, Aug. 26, 1671. 

Phebe, and Benj[ami]n Butler of Nottingham, Sept. 29, i79i.» 

Samuel, and Maty Abbot, June 6, 1754." 

Saiab, of Tewksbury, and £enja[inin3 Blanchatd, Jan. 3, 1775. 
c. R. 2.* 

Uriah, of Tewksbury, and Mrs. Hannah Winchester, Aug. 24, 

1808. C. B. 2.' 

William, jr., and Betsey Holt, Sept. 4, 1794.* 
Zeiuiah, and Abraham J. Gould, Nov. 16, 1815." 

GRIGGS, Moses [of Cambridge, int.], and Elizabeth Holbrook, 
Apr. 30, 1771. c. R. 2.' 

GROSVENOR, James, and Elizabeth Kindle [Hindle. int.], June 

GROUT, Samuel N., of Stratton [Vt. int], a. 31 y., clergyman, 
b. Stratton, Vt., and [M. int.] Elizabeth P. Shed, a. 23 y., 
Oct 31, 1849." 

GROVE {see also Groves), Thomas, of Ipswich, and Rebecka 
Holt, int July i, 1710. 

GROVER, Joshua, of Charlestown, and Catharine Poor, Aug. 3, 

Sarah [L. int.], and Samuel Symonds, at Salisbury, Dec. 16,1840." 
■IntentioD >Uo lecordeil. 



GROVES (see also Grove), Mary Ann, of Boston, and Jos[eph] 
H. Towne, Sept. 39, i833.* 

GROW, John, and Maiy Famngton, Oct. a6, 174a.' 

GRUSH, John H., of Boston, and Sally K. Parker, Dec. 2, 1838. 
Joseph L. [S. c. R. 3.3, of Lowell, and Catharine Lovejoy, Jan. 2, 

GIHLFORD, Levi, jr., and Sarah F. Hadley, int. Oct. 9, 1833. 

GUNNERSON, Samuel [of Salem, int.], and PoUy [Sally, int.] 
Gray, May 16, i8as.* 

GUSTEN, Elezebith, of Falmouth , and Heneiy Dotman, int. Oct. 
15, 1748. 

GUTTERSON, .Abiel. of Milford, and Sarah Frye, Sept. la, i8o5.« 
George, of Milford, N. H., a. 35 y., farmer, s. Josiah and Phebe, 

and Priscilla F. Phelps, a. 34 y., d. Jonathan and Abigail, 

July 29, 1846.* 
John, and Abigail Buckmaster, Jan. 14, 1688. [1689. CT. r.] 
John, of Melhuen, and [wid. c. R. 1.] Hannah Bradley, resident 

in Andover, July a8, 1735.* 
Samuel, and Lydia Stevens, Nov. 8, 1764." 
Susanna, and Samuell Prestoo, May 27, 1672. 

GYLUON, Esther, and Christopher Osgood of Bluehil! Bay, Oct. 

II, 1785.- 

HACKETT, John, and Abigail H. Sievenson of Wolfboro, N. H., 
int. Oct. 29, 1846. 

HADDEN, Margiet, and Joseph B. V. Fairbank, Apr. 27, 1826.* 

HADLEY, Charles K., and Charlotte Beverly, int. Mar. 31, 1842. 

Joseph, and Phebe Carlton, Sept, 22, r8o3.* 

Judith, Mrs., and Samuel Ferson of Francistown, N. H., Mar. i, 

Mary, and Israel Carlton, Oct, 12, 1797.* 
Maty C-, and David M. Austin, int. Oct. 7, 1831. 
Mercy C, and Joseph Thomas of Middleton, int. May 15, r830. 
Phebe, and Andrew Stiles [of Middleton. c. r, r,], Apr. — , 1825,* 
Sarah, and William Wiley, Jan. 29, 1788." 
Sarah F,, and Levi Guilford, jr., int. Oct. 9, 1833. 
'iDteotioQ aha recorded. 



HAGGET (see also Haggett), Abigail [Deborah, iot], and Petet 

Curnmin^, Mar. 21, i78o,* 
Deborah, Mrs., and Simon Crosby of Chelmsford, Feb. 23, 1775. 

c R. a.* 
Eleanor, and Jacob Bartlet of Newbury, Mar. 9, 1762.* 
Jacob, and Deborah Stevens, Dec, 6, 1764.* 
Jesse, and Hannah Hoit of Tewkabury, Apr. 17, 1788.* 
Mehitable, of Bradford, and Samuel Phillips, 3d, int. Jan. 3, 1 788. 
Moses, and Martha Grangier, Feb. ai, 1699-1700. 
Phebe, and Bartholomew Hutchinson of Wilton [Amherst, int.], 

Oct 14, 1784.* 
Rhoda, and William Pettingill of Wilton, Feb. 28, 178*.' 
Tho[ma]s, 3d, and Mary Steams, Feb. i, 1774. c. r. 2.* 

HAGGETT (see also Hagget, Haggit, Haggitt, Heigett), Moses, 
and Joanna Johnson, Oct 33, 1671, [Nov. 10. ct. r.] 

HAGGIT (see also Haggett), Hannah, and Caleb Barker, June 

X3, 1757-' 
Lydea, and Jonathan Foster [of Tewksbury. int], Feb.s, 1758.* 
Margret, and Daniel Fifield [of Hampton, int.], Mar, 27, 1752.* 
Mary, and Nathaniel Rogers of Billeiica, Oct. 26, 1734.* 
Mary, and George Grainger [resident in Andover. inL], Mar, 19, 

Moses, jr., and Elenor Watson of Tewksbury, int. Jan. 18, 1753. 
Sarah, and Robert Long [resident in Andover. int.], May 25, 

Thomas, and Susanna Adams [of Chelmsford, int.], at Chelms- 
ford, Mar. 12, J74S." 
Thomas, jr., and Dorathy Gray, May 16, 1754-" 
Timothy, and Mary Wilson, Aug. 14, t707. c, ». i,* 

HAGGITT (see also Ha^ett), Moses, and Sarah Head of Brad- 
ford, int Jan, JO, 172S-9. 

HAIGH, Mai^et, and Richard Whitley, int June 17, 1849. 

HALE, Harriot, of Chelmsford, and Ens. Nath[anie]l Stevens, 

int Oct 14, 1815. 
Jonathan, of Bradford, and Eunice Borford, Oct. 2r, 


■Intention alio recorded. 



HALX, Aaron, of Lynn, and Sarah F, Abbot, Nov. 10, 1819." 
Abigail, of Pelham, and Billy Kunnels Gage, int July 6, 1805. 
Benjamin, of Bradford, and Rebecca Famaum, int. Sept 30, 

Celia, of Lawrence, a. 23 y., b. Maine, d. William and Abigail, 

of Maine, and Moses McAllister, a. 39 y., pedlar, b. Maine, 

s. Daniel and Lucy of Maine, Aug. 9, 1349." 
David, and Lydia Holt, Dec. 25, 1787.* 
Elbridge G., widi., ot New York, merchant, b, Wallingford, 

Conn., s. Elkanah and Sarah, of Wallingford, and Martha 

A. Clark, a. 20 y., d. Nathan and Peisis, Jan. 16, 1849.* 
Eliza, of Chelsea, and Samuel Tucker, int. May la, i83r. 
Eliza J. [Alice Julia Holt, int.], and Dr. Daniel Gould of Reading, 

Nov, 17, i825.» 
Hezekiab, Rev., of Alexandria, La. [resident In Andover. int.], 

and Sarah K. Abbot, Oct. r3, i822.» 
James, of Salem, N. H., and Elisabeth Barker, int. Sept. 19, 1776. 
Jeffries, Rev., of Hopkinton, and Sarah F. Swift, June 19, 1833.* 
John K., of Boston, and Sarah A. Pike, at Charlestovrn, Apr. 50, 

Joseph, of Rumford, and Deborah Abbott, int. June 19, 1736. 
Joseph, of Montreal, Canada, and Nancy Kneeland, Aug. 16, 

Layfaette, of Lowell, and Mrs. Mary Parker, int. Nov. a, 1849. 
Lydia, Mrs., and [Lt. int.] Nalhan Town, June 10, 1798.* 
Rhoda A., of Exeter, N. H., and Cyrus C- Ames, Feb. 3, 1834.* 
Richard, of Bradford, and Mehitabel Barker, int. Apr. z6, 1715. 
Richard, of Methuen, and Sarah Ingalls, Oct 33, ryya.* 
Samuel Rfead, Rev. int.], and Mary Holt, June 6, 1837." 
Zachariah, of Chelsea, and Hannah Tucker, Dec. 28, i8r9. 

[Dec. 8. c R. 2.]» 

HAH, Mark W., and Ruth F. Shaw of Salem, Sept. 27, 1836. 
c. R. 2. 

HAMILTON, Isabella, and Joseph D. Stott, int. Dec. 9, 1S44. 

HAHLET, Abigail B., of Dracut, a. 23 y., d. Theodore and Edna, 
of Dracut, and William Tuck, a. 34 y,, manufacturer, s. 
John and Elizabeth, Apr. 7, 1846.* 

Eleanor, of Dracut, and John Webster, int. Oct. 6, 1840. 

'IntenlioD >lso recorded. 



HAHLIN, Levi H., and Lydia Libby, both of Boston, Sept. 26, 

1847. c. R. 2. 
Lucy Jane, teachei, d. Thomas and Lucy, and Holtis Russell of 

SchooIcToft, Mich., cletgymaD, s. Ftaocis and Rhoda, Sept 

Thomas, and Lucy Bailey, Feb. 24, 1S14. c. B. a. 

HAMPTON, Edward, and Sally Cheever, May aj, 1837. c. K. 2.* 

BANNING, Patrick, and Bridget Davelan, int. Oct. 15, 1849. 

HARDAN, Sally [Haridan. int.] , and James Cogswell of Boston, 

Sept. 14, 1806." 

HARDET (see also Hardy), John, and Sarah Barker, residents'^in 
Andover, int. May 31, 1746. 

HARDING, AbigaU, of Haverhill, and Henry Burt, int. Oct 15, 

Eliza Jane, and Benjamin Hayward, Jan. 26, 1813. 
John, and Hannah Abbott, Nov. i, 1835.* 
Mary Ann, and Shadrah Roberts, int. Feb. 14, 1818. 

HARDY (see also Hardey), Aaron, and Sarah Stickney, Mar. 4, 

Abiather, and Mary B. Carlton, Aug. 12, 1830.* 

Abigail S., unm,, d. Solomon Symonds [«cj, and Levi R. [K. 
int.] Bridges, rigger, Nov. i, i846.* 

Anne, of Bradford, and Ephraim Lacy, int June 17, 1710. 

Benjamin, and Phebe Dane, Nov. 10, 1794.* 

Betsey, a, 40 y., d. Stephen and Sarah, and Willard Pike, 2d m., 
a. 52 y., tailow chandler, b. Phillipstown, 9. David and Joan- 
na, of Phillipstown, Nov. 29, 1849.' 

Catherine, and Miles Flint, Apr. 26, 1838.* 

Daniel, and Becca Sawyer of Dracut, int. Nov, 13, 1794. 

Daniel, and Policy Richardson of Dracut, at Dracut, Jan. 25, 
1795- , 

Elbridge [G. int.], of Amherst, and Abigail Simonds, Apr. 2 7, 

Eliza[beth], and John Lamon [Lemmon. c. e. 2.] Mathews of 
Salem, Feb. 3, 1791.* 

Elizabeth, and George Upton, int Nov. 4, 1825. 
'Intentioii also recuided. 



Hardv, Emily, and Daniel Luke, Jan. 7, 1830.* 

Ezekiel [of Bradford, int.], and Sarah Mooar, Sept. i, 1763." 

Ezekicl, jr., and Hannah Clark [resident in Andover. int.], Nov. 

30. 1 79 7-' 
Ezekiel, and wid. Abigail Cnmmings, Dec, 22, i8oi.* 
Ezekiel, and Jemimah Marshall of Nottingham, int. June i, 1805. 

Ezekiel, and Elizabeth Dillaway, Aug. 6, 1S05.* 
Ezekiei, and Hannah Stiles of Middleton, int. Apr. 20, r833. 
Hannah, Mrs., and Caleb Cross, Sept. 29, 1839.* 
Henry, and Abigail W. Abbott, May 8, 1836." 
Hepzibiah, and Jedadiah Preston of Hillsboro, N. H,, Feb. 5, 

Hiram, and Charlotte McKee, Oct. 23, 1834." 
Isaac, and Sybil Winning of Billerica, int. Mar. 12, r8z4. 
Jemimah, and Jonathan Bowtwell pr. int.] of Wilmington, Feb. 

19. I79S-* 
John, and Elizabeth Merril, Nov. 19, 1789." 
John, and Hannah Bailey, July r 7, r826. [July 27. c. k- «-]* 
Levina", and John Starkey, June ae, r8z8.* 
Louisa [Sarah, int.], and Artemas Kendall [of Tewksbury, int], 

Feb. ri, 1830. c, r. 3." 
Lydia [of Bradford, int.], and John WardwcU, Aug. 23, r759.» 
Michajah, and Susa Bailey of Tewksbury, int Sept t5, r8o9. 
Patty, and Samuel Elliot, resident in Andover,int. Aug. 24, 1793. 
Prudence, of Bradford, and Simeon Stevens, at Bradford, Oct, 

84, 1765-* 
Rachel, of Bradford, and Samuel Lindsay, at Bradford, Mat, s, 

Samuel, of Tewksbury, and Mary Kendal, int July ig, 1800, 
Sarah, and Phillip Stevens, May ag, r786." 
Simeon, and Lois Mooar, Apr, 18, 1793.* 
Simeon, and Mary Jefferson of Lowell, Mar. 31, 1840.* 
Sophia, and Henry Cochran, Nov. 29, 1838.* 
Stephen, ad, and Mary A. Webster of Winham, N. H., int. Sept. 

7, 1844. 
Susan, and Patrick Ross of BiUerica, int. May zr, rS35. 

HARIDAK, Sally, see Hardan, SaUy. 

HARNDEN (see also Harndens, Harndin, Hamdine, Harndon, 
Hemden), Eliza S., of Wilmington, and Nathan Townsend, 
int. Oct. 7, rSao. 

'iDtcDtion also lecoided. 



Harndbn, Hepsabah, of Reading, and Beiechiah Fainam, at 

Reading, Jan. i, 1733-4,* 
Jesse, and Dorothy Wiliey, Nov. 33, 1835.* 
John, and Mary Holt, May 3, 1827,* 
Mary, and Joseph Dane, July 14, i7ao.* 
Rachel, of Wilmington, and Simeon Furbush, at Wilmington, 

May II, 1786. 

BARNDENS (see also Harnden), Mary H., of Bedford, N. H., 
and Will[ia]m Woodbridge, int. Apr. 13, 1826. 

HARNDIN (see also Harnden), Molly, of Wilmington, and Silas 
[Cyrus, int] Trul, Oct. 10, 1793.* 

HARNDINE (see also Harnden), Barachias, and Mary Johnson 

of Medfield, July 24, 1701. 
Elizabeth, and John Abbott, Jan. 6, 1703-3. 
Hepfazibah, and Abiall Chandler, Mar. 3a, 1711-13. [1710-11. 

C R. I.]* 

HARKDLE, Rachel, of Wilmington, and Simeon Furbush, int. 
Apr. s, 1786. 

HARNDON (see also Harnden), Benjamine, and Elizabeth Holt, 
June 14, 1711. 

HARRIKAH (see also Heriman), David P., and Almiia Gtood- 

hue of Lowell, May 9, 1839.* 
Jeremiah, of Boxford, and Betsy Johnson, June ao, t8i6.* 
Lydia M., of Georgetown, a. 27 y., d. Jona[than] and Sarah M., 

and Orlando B, Tenney of Lawrence, a. 30 y-, inn keeper, a. 

David B. and Hannah, Nov, 34, 1847. 
Mary, and Simeon Foster, int. Sept. 13, 1828, 

HARRIS, George W., and Maria Farnham, int. Oct. 29, 1844. 
Hannah, of Methuen, and Daniel Town, int. June 9, 1S02. 
Hannah, o£ Diacut, and John Johnson, int. Aug. 23, 1817. 
Lucy S. D., and Joseph W. Bean, operative in factory [both of 

Methuen. c. R. 1.], Apr. n, 1844. 
Mary, and Thomas Smith [resident in Andover. int.], Aug. 1 1 , 

Mary, of Diacut, and John Foster, 3d, int. Jan. iz, 1814. 
Polly, and Loammi Holt, Jan. 12, 1797.* 
Prudence, of Dracut, and John Runnels, int May 7, 1818. 

'Intention also recoided. 



Harris, WilUami and Mary Mooar, July 30, 1778.* 

William B-, of Salem, and Rebecca J. Tylei, int. Jan. 4, 1840. 

HARROD, Benjamin [of Boston, int.], and Pheb[e] Stevena, 
June 17, 1736.* 

HART (see also Hartt, Heart), John, and Elizabeth Trusdell of 

Lowell, Dec 9, 1833." 
Rachel, and Gardner Abbot, Apr. 30, iSii.* 

HARTLEY, Thomas, and Ehcabeth Marland, Mai. 4, 1813.* 

HARTSHORN, Abiah, and Ezekiel Maish [of Danvers. int.], 

May 31, t764-* 
Jona[ttianj [resident in Wilton, int.], and Hannah Eastman, 

Mar. 2, 1775. c. R. 2.* 

HARTT (see also Hart), Sally, of Reading, and Thomas Man- 
ning, jr., int. Oct 7, 1805. 

HARTWELL, Mary, of Fitchburg, and Isaac Forster, int. Aug. 10, 

HARVEY (see also Hervey), Eleanor, of Bow, N. H., and Abel 

Piescott, int. July 14, 1819. 
Hannab, and Thomas Willson, int. Apr. 30, 1822. 
Robeit, and Sally Spafford of Rowley, int. May 29, 1813. 
William, and Isabel Nicholass [residents in Andover. int.], 

Nov. ai, 1738.* 

HASELTINE (see also Hazeltine), Anna, of Tewksbury, and 
EphraimCory, int. Aug, 28, 177a. 

HASKELL (see also Haskoll), Enoch, and Dorcas Fryc, at 

Gloucester, int Nov. 9, 1759- 
Naamah, of Gloucester, and Isaac Frie, int. July 3, 1725. 

HASKOLL (see also Haskell), Enoch, of Gloucester, and Dorcas 
Frye, Dec. g, 1759-* 

HASSELTONE (see also Hazeltine), Nath[anie]ll, and wid. Ruth 
Jaquish, July 18, 1688. cr. R. 

'InleutioD alio lecoided. 



HASTINGS, Lucy, of Tewksbury [Reading, int.], and John Fos- 
ter, jr., June 14, 1803.* 

HATCH, Betsy Jane, a. iS y., d. Jeremiah and Betsy, and Benja- 
min Cheever, a. 20 y., laborer, s. Satn[ne]I and Sarah, Jan. 
17, i847.« 

Ebenezer L., and Melvina Mudgett, int. Sept. 11, 1847. 

Eiia, ot Parsonsfield, and Susannah Holt, Nov. 39, 1808. c. R. 2* 

Ezra, and Tamma Lairabee of Lynnfieid, July 4, 1822." 

Jeremiah, and Betsey Mason, Dec. 6, iSzi." 

Lewis G., a. 19 y., shoemaker, b. Lovdl, Me,, s. Francis W. and 
Rebecca F., of Lovel!, and Martha M. Hatch, a. 16 y., d. 
Jeremiah and Betsey M,, Apr. 29, 1849.* 

Martha M., a. i6 y., d. Jeremiah and Betsey M., arid Lewis G. 
Hatch, a. 19 y,, shoemaker, b. Lovell, Me., s. Francis W. 
and Rebecca F., of Lovell, Apr. 29, 1849.* 

Rueben, Dr., of Hillsboro, N. H., and Ann Stratton of Charles- 
town, Oct 2, 1S33. c. R. 6. 

Ruth F., a. 19 y., d. Francis, and Ivory H. Emerson, a. 21 y., 
shoemaker, s. Stephen and Sarah, Nov, 20, 1845.* 

HATHAWAY, Hiram, and Dorothy M.V. Pray, int. Jan. 28. r843. 

HAVEN, Joseph, jr., Rev., of Framingham [Unionville. c. R. 6.], 
and Mary Emerson, Sept 24, 1840.* 

HAWKES, Sara, wid., and Samuell Wardle, Jan. 9, 1672. 
Sarah, and Francis Johnson, Feb, i, 1693. 

HAWLEY, Chloe, Mrs., and Abiel Abbot, int. May 14, 1822. 
Eliza, and William Dickinson of Amherst, Nov. 28, 1831," 
Hannah, and James Barnard, jr., Sept. 6, 1791." 
Hannah, and Nath[anie]i Whittier, jr., int. Apr. 25, 1817. 
Martha, and Nath[anie]I Phillips of Taunton, Nov. 11, 1833.* 
Mary, and John S. Adams of Amherst, Mar, 12, 1826." 
Polly, and Ezekiel Frye, Mar. 8, 1792.* 
Samuel, and Hannah Abbot, Jan. i, 1788,.* 
William, and Ctoe Manning, Dec. 18, 1792.* 

HAYDBN, Caroline Jane, of Winslow, Me., and Joshua BoydcD, 

int May 6, 1848. 
William B,, of NcwYorkCity.andSophia Woods, June 23, 184 r.» 

'iDtentioD also recorded. 



HATNBS, Charlotte, and George Murphy, widr,, a. 23 y., spinner, 

s, Peter and Mary, Oct 14, i847.» 
John J., and Laura J. Mitchell of Nashville, N. H., int. Sept. 29, 


HAYWARD (see also Haywood), Abby M., and Philip T. Colby 

of Newburyport, int. June 7, 1845. 
Anna, and Thaddeus Perry [of Lynn, int.], Mar. 29, 1769.* 
Benjamin, and EHza Jane Harding, Jan. 26, 1813. 
Bethiah, and Elias Mclntire of Reading, May 14, 1781,* 
Bethiab, and Daniel Foster, 3d, July 18, iStg." 
Betsy [O. int.], and Amos Sawyer of Reading, Sept. 14, i8ao. 

[Sept. 4. c, R. 3.]* 
Bette, and Samuel Buraam of Reading, int. Nov. 16, 1769. 
Caroline O., and Charles H, Emerson, both of Boston, Jan. 28, 

Eliza Jane, and Joshua BJanchard, Oct. 6, 1834.* 
Eunice, of Reading, and William Chandler [3d. int.], at Reading, 

Jan. 25, i795.» 
Eunice, and Joshua Putnam of Reading, Apr. a, 1807.* 
Hannah, see Howard, Hannah. 
Jabez, and Nabby Graves of Reading, int. [bet. Aug. 1 1 and Dec. 

7], 1775- 
Jabez, jr., and Hannah Long of Boxford, int. Jan. 5, 1812. 
Mary, and Oliver Swain, jr. of Reading, Apr. 3, 1809, 
Mary, o Acton, and Heniy Skinner, int. June z, 1S24. 
Mary Agnes, and Robett Simpson, int. Mar. 27, 1841. 
Nehemiah, and Saiah Lamon [Lemon. C. R. 2.] of Reading, 

Nov. 25, ijS^.* 
Rebecca, and Ebenezer Nickols of Reading, May 19, 1789,* 
Sally, and William Humphry of Dorchester, Apr. 2, 1807," 
Sarah, and Stephen Russell of Danvers, Jan. 6, 1774. c. f. a.* 
Stephen, and Sarah Coson, int. Apr. 30, 1844. 

HAYWOOD (see also Hayward), William I., and Mary Carlton, 
wid., d. Philip and &irah Frye, Oct. zi, 1844.* 

HAZELTINE (see also Haseltine, Hasseltone, HeasJetine), Samuel, 
and Sarah Mclntire of Salem, int. July 7, 1776, 

HAZEN, Nathan W., Esq., and Mary Pingree of Salem, int. Oct. 
2, 1830. 

■lotentuia iJto recorded. 



HEAD, Saiah, of Bradford, and Moses Haggitt, int. Jan. 20> 

HEART (see also Hart), Mary A,, of Lawrence, and William 
Renwick, JnL Nov. i, 1849. 

HEASLETIHE (see also Hazeltine), Deliverance, and Nathanietl 
Deane, Dec. 12, 1672. 

HEATH, Harriet G., of Concord N. H., and Jacob P. Robinson, 

int Nov. ir, 1847. 
Margaret S., of Bath, Me., and Henry A. Fairfield, int. May ii, 


HECTOR, Jaraea [Samuel, int], and Eupheroia Walker, June 12, 


HEIGBTT (see also Haggett), William, and Mary Adams, May 
13, 1707.* 

HEINES, Mary, of Haverhill, and John Preston, Jan. 10, 1706-7.* 

HEMMENWAY, Daniel, Rev., of Wareham, and Mary Adams, int. 

Aug. 22, 1811. 
Martin D., of Lowell, and Mary Ann Bailey, Mar. 3, i84i.* 

HENCKLIEFP, John, and Susan Frye, Aag. 4, xSz^.* 

HENDERSON, Samuel, and Francis H. Brown of Salem, int. May 

HENDRICK, Sarah, and Samuell Ingalls, June 4, 1682. 
HENDRY, James, and Catherine Graig, Sept. 12, i839." 
BENFEBLD, Lydea, and Daniel Abbot, May 21, i7S2.* 

HENLEY, John S., resident in Andover, and Ruth Girley of 

Milton, int. Jan. 28, 1815. 

HENRY, John A., shoemaker, and Hannah D. Trow, d. Dan[ie]l 
and Hannah, Nov. 4, 1847.* 



HERBERT, Samnd [Capt. int.], of Concord, N. H., and Nancy 
Bridges, Feb. 11, iSaj.* 

HERIUAIf (see also Haniman), Natbanael, of Bradford, and 
Sally Plummer, int. Oct. 5, 1794. 

HERNDEN (see also Hamden), Mary, wid., end Samuel Sady, 
Sept. 25, 1704. [Sept. 28. c. R. I.]" 

HERRICK, Benj[ami]n, jr., of Methuen, and Sarah Abbot, Mar. 

23, 1773- c- R. 2.* 
Edward, and Mary Holt of Wilton, int Oct. 9, 1779. 
Elijah L., and Hannah Abbot, May 9, 1815.* 
Haniot, and Edwin Fambam, Oct. 12, i836.» 
John, and Mary Lawrence of Waltbam, at Waltham, Feb. 14, 

Mary [wid., resident in Andover. int.], and Isaac Blunt, Nov. 27, 

Sarah [A. int.], and Rev, Josiah Peet of Norridgewock, D. M. 

[Me. int.], Sept. 8, 1814.' 

HERVET (see aJso Harvey), Albert, and Ann W. Greenough of 

Boxford, int. May 8, 1834. 
George, and Sally Jackson Waitt of Maiden, int. July 3, 1825. 

HBBARD (see also Hibbcrd, Hibbert, Hibbord), Dolly, and 
Jesse Morse, May 24, 1808. C. r. 2.* 

HIBBERD (see also Hibbard), Daniel, of Methuen, and Sarah 

Ixjvejoy, at Methuen, Oct. 4, 1781." 
Dorothy, of Methuen, and James Cook, at Methuen, Nov. la, 

HIBBERT (see also Hibbard), Dorcas, and Nathaniel Abbott, 
Oct. 32, 1695. 

HIBBORD (see also Hibbard), Martha, lesident in Andover, and 
Joseph Marstone, int. Feb. 29, 1723-4. 

HICES, Mary Ann, d. John, and Samuel Tattershall, s. John, Jan. 
I, 1848. c. R. 4* 

•Infendon also lecorded. 



HIDDEN, David, and Mary Chandler, July i, i8i6.* 
Rebecca, of Pelham, N. H., and John Barnard, inL Mar. 13, rSjo. 
Sarah Ann, of Peacham, Vt, and Albert Lovejoy, int. Aug. 2, 

HIDE (see also Hyde), Fanny, of Newton, and George Boutwell, 
int. May 20, 1827. 

HIGGINS, Ebenezer P., and Rebecca H. Abbot, Apr. 23, 1835." 

Goiham P., and Bethiah B. Morton, May 3, r843.» 

James Hervey, of Boston, and Sarah Ann Abbott, Dec, 15, 1843.* 

Nancy, and Jeremiah Millet, int. Nov, 23, 1849. 

Solomon H,, and Phebe H. Osgood of Dracut, int. Feb. 18, 1826. 

HIGHLANDS, Charles, and Ann White, Jan. 3, 1827" 

HIGLET, Hervey O., and Sarah G. Little of Boscawen, N. H., 
int. Sept. 3, 1829. 

HILDRETH (see also Hildrith) , Abigail, of Lyndeboro, N. H., 

and Israel Putnam, int. Jan. 6, r846. 
Rebeka, of Dracut, and William Bagley [Bayley. int.], at Dracut, 

Nov. 28, i77i.» 
Robert [of Dracut. int.], and Sarah Abbot, Jan. 30, 1753-" 
Sarah [wid. int], and John Lane, jr. of Bedford, May 38, 1761." 

HILDRITH (see also Hildreth), John, of Pelham, and Mary Town, 

int. Dec. 27, 1777. 
Lydia, and James Johnson, int Jan. 25, 1772. 
Lydia, and John Beverly, Nov. 13, 1777.* 

HILL, Abiab, and Benjamin Moat, Sept. j 6, 1740.* 

Antress, and Simeon Shattuclt, Dec, 13, r832.* 

Elizabeth, and Edward [A. int.] Smith, May 20, 1845.* 

Elvira [Eliza, c. r. 2. and int], and Phinehas Shattuck, Aug. 12, 

[Hannah, int.], wid., and John K[neeland. int] Stevens, Apr. 6, 

Harriet, and Orin Barnard, May s, 1842.* 
John, and Mary McKinley of Dover, N. H., May 10, 1843, 
Jonathan [of Billerica. int.], and Lydia Osgood, Nov, 6, 1740.* 
Joshua F., and Abigail Merrill, Sept. rS, i836.« 
Jude, of Maiden, and Thomas Blanc hard, int Jan. 20, 1725-6. 
"iBtentioD bIso [ecorded. 



Hill, Leonard G., and Francis F. Geoi^e, Mar. 28, 1833." 
Lucy C, and Peter Stevens, Dec, iz, 1841." 
Richard, and Hannah F. Downing, Nov. 28, 1839. 
Richard Derby, and Deborah ChaDdler, Nov, 4, 1806." 
Samuel B,, a, 26 y,, butcher, a. John and Susan, and Sarah A., 

Colburn [Coburn. int,}, a, 36 y., d, James and Sarah, Jan. 

27, i848.* 
Thomas P., Dr., of Sanbomton, N. H,, and Mrs. Phebe C, Marsh, 

int. Aug, 27, 1842, 
Wil[lia]m, and Phebe Moar, int. Feb, 7, 1S16. 
William I. [J. int], s. William, and Mary J. Stowell, s. Cornelius, 

June 7, 1848. c. R. 4.* 

HILLER, Experience [Milliard, of Charlestown. int.], and Wal- 
ter Wright, May 23, 1704, • 

BILLIARD, Exp[e]rience, and William Coffin of Boston, int, 
Feb. 10, 1713-14- 

HILTON, William, of Boston, a, 24 y., merchant, and Esther A. 
Ward, a, 21 y., Aug. 22, 1844.* 

HINCHER, Mary, and Jonathan Parker of Reading, int. Nov. 17, 

HINKLEY, Elijah, of Hallowell, Me., and Keziah Luis, Aug. 12, 

HIRCOM (sec also Hirkcum), Peggy, and Samuel George, resi- 
dents in Andover, int. June 36, 1794. 

HIRKCUM (see also Hircom), Edward, of Reading, and Pris- 
silla Russell, int. Mar. 6, 1730-31. 

HOBART, Daniel, and Mary K. Frye, Oct, 30, 1837, 

HODGDON, Harriot N., of Ossipee, N. H., and Hiram O. Tut- 

tle, int, Dec. 6, 1838. 
Timothy W,, and Harriet J, Stevens, June 24, 1843.* 

HODGE (see also Hodges), Chester B., and Hannah J. Marshall, 

int. Sept. 9, 1841, 

*Iii(entioii alao lecoided. 



HODGES (see also Hodge), George, jr., s. George, and Sarah 
E[lizabeth. int.] Clark, d. Hobart, Esq., Jan. 39, 1S46. 
c. R, 4,* 

Hansab, of Salem, and Dr. Joseph Kittredge, int. Nov. 19, 1819. 

Hannah H., and Josiah Crosby [of Boston, c R. i-l, Nov. 19, 

Lydia, a. 22 y., d. George, Esq, and Elizabeth, and Joseph F. 
Clark of ikwrencc, a. 28 y., lawyer, s. Hobart, Esq. and 
Elizabeth, Dec. 6, 1848.* 

Samuel L., a. ao y., manufacturer, s. George, and Martha A, Sar- 
gent, a. 16 y., d. Jesse, Oct. i, i844.* 

ROrr (see also Hoyt), Hannah, of Tewksbury, and Jesse Hagget, 

Apr. 17, i788.» 
Naomi, and John [Job. cr. R.] Lovejoy, Mar. 23, 1677-8, 

HOLBROOR, Elizabeth, and Moses Griggs [of Cambridge, int.], 

Apr; 30, 1771. c. R. 2,* 
Ralph, and Sarah Chandler, Dec. 15, 1772.* 
Sarah, wid., and Zebadiah Sbattuck, Dec. 25, t7Sr." 

HOLDEN, Mary, of Tyngsboro, N. H., and John S. Willson, int. 

May I, 1828. 
Fatty, and Benjamin Rushton, Nov. 22, 1829. 

HOLEYOKE (see also Holyoke), Edward A. [Dr. c r. i.], of Sa- 
lem, and Maria Osgood, Oct. 18, 1826." 

HOLKIWS, Hannah O., of Hanover, N. H., and Joseph W. 
Woods, int. Dec. 17, 1824. 

HOLLAND, Mary, and Samuel Cheever, Feb. 16, t823.* 

HOLLEY, Eliza W., and Turner C. Sampson, Jan. 2r, 1840.* 

HOLMES, Ann S., wid., a. 33 y., d.Earl and Maria, and Benjamin 

May, of Tionesta, Pa., a. 38 y., farmer, s. Hezekiah and 

Mai^arett, Mar. 17, 1847.* 
Betsey, and Lovel Faulkner, int. Nov. 19, 1831. 
David, of Lowell, b. Joseph, and Sarah Datnelly [Deamalley. int.}, 

d. Joseph, Nov. 36, 1847. c. k. 4.* 
ElizabeUi, of Portsmouth, N, H., and James Patterson, int. Sept. 

4. iSao- 

■Inteiition also recorded. 



Holmes, Elizabeth, and Moses Griffin, Sept. j, 1839." 

James, a. 38 y., wool sorter, b. England, s. John and Sarah, and 

Mary MixrUon, a. 3 1 y., b. Scotland, d. Alexander and 

Helen, Jan. 20, r849," 
Rose, of Marshfield, and Thomas Blanchaid, Mar. 2a, 1698-9. 

HOLT (see also Hoult), Abiab, and Daniel Kimbil of Hancock, 

June 21, 1791." 
Abial [of Windham, Conn, int], and Hannah Abbott, Feb. 12, 

Abiathar, and Elizabeth Plunket, Sept. 15, iZi6.' 

Abiel, and Lydia Lovejoy, June 23, 1767.* 

Abiel, jr., and Sarah Abbot, Nov. 25, 1773. C, R. 2.* 

Abiel, jr., and Phebe Jones, Aug. 25, 1796.* 

Abiel, and Lucinda Saunders of Tew ks bury, int Sept. 21, 1837. 

Abigail, and Paul Holt, Jan. 10, r7ii-i2.» 

Abigail, and Isaac Chandler, jr., Dec. 7, rySo." 

Abigail, of Reading, and Jacob Hoh,jr., May 11, 1787." 

Abigail, and Joseph Holt, jr., Nov. 27, t788.» 

Abigal, of Reading, and Obed Jackson, int, July 15, 1749. 

Abner, and Nabby Flint of Reading, at Reading, Jan. 29, 1795.* 

Alice, and Daniel Holt, jr., Dec. 13, 1761.* 

Allice, and John Barnard, jr., Mar. r3, 1739-40.* 

Amasa, and Lucretia Parker of Lynn, int Aug. 2, 1817, 

Amme, and Davis Foster, Oct. 23, 1798,* 

Amos, and Jemima Ingalls, June 29, 1762.* 

Amos, and Patty Wardwe!), July 4, 1802. • 

Amos, Capt, and Eunice Evans, Apr. 8, 1819." 

Amos, jr., and Ruth Stickney, int. Oct. 9, 1830. 

Asa, and Dinah Holt, Sept, 10, 1765. c, r. a* 

Asa, and wid. Lydia Patten, July 5, 1781." 

Ballard, and Lydia Jenkins, Nov. 30, 1826.* 

Barachias, and Elizabeth Shattuck, Oct. 14, 1783.* 

Benjamin, and Dorithy Gray, Dec. 6, i728.» 

Benjamin, aud Lydea Holt, Jan. 30, 1734-5. '" 

Benjamin [resident in Andover. int.], and Saiah Frie, Apr. 7, 

Benjamin, and Elisabeth Lovejoy, Apr. ir, 1745.* 
Bethiah, and Thomas Russell, May 15, 1760." 
Bethiah, and Solomon Wardwcll, Oct 29, 1767.* 
Betsey, and William GrlfSn, jr., Sept, 4, 1794." 
Beulah, and John Gray, Apr. x6, 1770. c. R. ».• 

■Intention alio lecoided. 



Holt, Caroline C, a. 23 y., d. Jonas and Famelia, and James 

Flemings of Tewksbury, a. 24 y., farmer, b. Tewksbury, s. 

Jesse and Sophia, of Tewksbury, Dec. 25, 1849.* 
Chloe, and John Frye, July 12, i82i.« 

Clarissa, and Sam[ue]l E. Woodbury of Salem, Jan. 9, 1826.* 
Clarissa J [ane. c. r. 2,], a. 28 y., d. Thomas and Ruth, and John 

Watson, widr., a, 33 y., carpenter, b. Belfast, Me., s. George 

and Eliza, of Roxbury, Oct. 13, 1847.* 
Clarke, and Lydia Dane, Feb. 16, i83z.»' 
Cloe, and Darius Holt, May 24, 1785." 
Cloe, and David Wiley, Apr. 20, 1789.* 
Cloe, and Francis Bowers [jr. c. k. a.] of Greenfield N. H. 

Oct. ss, 179^.'* 
Dane [Dean, int.], and Lydia Ballard, Dec. 13, 1763.* 
Dane, jr., and Mary Wardweli, Dec. 6, 1798.* 
Daniel [of Lunenburg, int], and Mehitebel Holt, Oct. 13, 

Daniel, and Hannah Holl, Nov. 29, 1759.* 
Daniel, jr., and Alice Holt, Dec. 3, r76i,* 
Daniel, jr., and Mary Jones, Jan. 5, 1790." 
Darius, and Cloe Holt, May 24, 1785.* 
David, and Sarah Russel, Sept. 14, 1732.* 
David, and Hannah Martaio, June a6, 1764. C. r. i.* 
David, and Rebecca Osgood, June 22, rjeg." 
David [3d. int.], and Ruth Dwinell of Topsfield, at Topsiield, 

Dec. 13, 1781.* 
David, and Sarah Abbot, July s, r820.* 
Deborah, and John Frye, 4lh, Sept. 2, r830." 
Dinah, and Daniel Pierce of Woburn, at Wobum, July 3, 1705.* . 
Dinah, and Asa Holt, Sept. 10, 1765. C. r. 2.* 
Dolly, and Benjamin Farnum, Nov, 26, i-j6j.' 
Dorcas, and Thomas Holt, jr., Jan. 26, r748-9." 
Dorcas, and Thomas Peevey, Mar. 22, 1759-* 
Dorcas, and Moses Lovejoy, Nov. 25, 1773. C. r. 2.* 
Dorcas, and Daniel Farnum, jr., Apr. 17, 1796.* 
Dorcase, and Henry Abbot, 3d, Sept. 22, r8o3.* 
Doroth[eyj, and Asa Riggs of Gloucester, Nov. r3, r787.* 
Dudley Foster, and Sally Bradbry of Haverhill, int. June 14, r8 13. 
Ebeoezer, and Mehetabel Sterns, Dec. 4, 1729.* 
Ebenezer, jr., and Lydea Pebody, Feb. 15, 1753-* 
Edward B., a. 25 y., overseer on rai'road, s. Joha[than], and 
Clarissa B. Abbott, a. 23 y., d. Jacob and Betsy, Oct. 12, 


'Intention oilso recorded. 



Holt, Eleanor, and Epbiaim Flint of Reading, Jan. 33, 1799.* 
Eli, and PameUa Wardwell, May 10, i8i3.* 
Elisabeth, and Joseph Chandler, int. Apr. 11, 1741. 
Elisabeth, and Benjamin filanchard of Dunslable, int. Oct. i, 

Elisabeth, and Timothy Holt, 3d, Sept 18, i744-* 
Elisabeth, and Charla Furbush of Reading, tot. July 27, 1745. 
Eliza, and Lewis Howard [Hayward. int.] of Brewer, Me,, Dec, 

38, iSaS.* 
Eliza, and Eben[eze]r N. Easton of Bainbridge, N. Y., July 18, 

Elizabeth, and Ralfe Farnum, Oct. 26, 1658. [1657. cr. r.] 
Elizabeth, and Benjamine Harndor, June 14, i7ir. 
Elizabeth, and Moses Abbot, Dec, 31, i76i," 
Elizabeth, and Isaac Erie, June i, 1769.* 
Elizabeth, and Francis Bowers, Feb, 38, 1771. C. r. 3.* 
Elizabeth, and Abiel Stevens, Jan. 7, 1779.* 
Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Perry of Reading, May 15, 1803.'' 
Elizabeth, and Benj[ami]n Houghton of Wells, -Me., Feb. 16, 

1 81 8." 
Elizabeth, and Hermon Mooar, Nov. 29, 1831.* 
Elizabeth G., d. Ezra, and William Lemon ol Boston, bookbinder, 

Nov. 28, 1844.* 
Enoch, and Rachel Pecker of Methuen, int. Apr. 13, 1808. 
Enoch, of Maiden, and Sarah [Hannah, c. r. 3.] W. Davison, 

Dec. 28, i8i7.* 
Ephraim, and Phebe Russell, Feb. 13, 1734-J.* 
Ephraim, of Greenfield [N. H, int.], and Hannah Holt, Nov. 

27, 1794.' 
Ezra, and Dorcas Dane, Oct. 9, 1794."' 
Ezra, and Elizabeth G[age. int.] Wardwell, Apr. 23, 1813.* 
Fyfield, and Abigail Tayler [of Salem, int,], Aug. 31, i74i,» 
George, and Elizabeth Famum, May 10, 1698. 
George, and Friscilla Preston, Feb. 22, 1714-15.* 
George, and Mary Baxby, June 7, i7i6.*f 
George, and Nanney Fish, Sept. 7, 1780.* 
George, jr., and Rebekah Dutant of Exeter, N. H., int, Oct. 30, 

George E., and Susanna Mason of Lowell, int. Mar. 4, 1843. 
Hannah, and Samuel Farnum, Jan. 4, 1697-8. 
Hannah, and Robert Russell, Jan. 2, 1727-8.* 
Hannah, and Barachias Abbott, Mar, 23, 1732-3. • 
Hannah, and John Stiles [jr., of Boxford. int.], Nov. 16, 1752.* 
'Intention »tio recotded. 



Holt, Hannah, and Daniel Holt, Nov, 29, i759.* 

Hannah, and Jonathan Darling, Sept. 15, 1763." 

Hannah, and William Phelps of Salem, Jan. 4, 1781.* 

Hannah, and John Stevens of Sudbury, Canada, Nov, 15, 1787,* 

Hannah, and William Tuckei of Wilmington, Oct. 23, 1788.* 

Hannah, of Reading, and Reuben Jones, at Reading, Dec. a, 

Hannah, and Ephraim Holt of Greenfitld [N. H. int.], Nov. 37, 

Hannah, and Benjamin Wiggins, June 14, 1798.* 
Hannah, and Noah Abbot, Feb. 18, i8o6.» 
Hannah, and John Faulkner, June r4, 1812." 
Hannah, of Tewksbury, and Abraham Stickney, int. Jan. 2, 1826. 
Hannah, and Josiah F. Abbot, Jan, 4, 1827." 
Hannah, and Alonzo Smith, Oct. 10, 1832.* 
Haiiiet, and Elbridge [Eldridge. int.] G. Manning, Dec. 30, 

1838. C. R. 2." 

Henry, and Sara Ballerd, Feb. 24, 1669. 

Henry, jr., and Rebecca Gray, Jan. 6, 1735:6.* 

Henry, and Mehitabel Blunt, June 22, 1790.*' 

Henry, and Anna Blunt, Jan. 27, i8o3.* 

Henry, of Meriimac, N. H., and Pamelia Meitill, Sept. 2, 

Hermon, and Nancy Giddjngs of Middleton, int. Jan. 25, 1817. 
Humpbery, jr., and Mary Holton [resident in Andover. int.], 

Nov. 30, 1749-' 
Humphrey, and E)iz[abe]th Kimball of Boxfotd, at Boxfoid, 

Jan. I, 1745.* 
Humphrey, and Abigail Very of Danvers, at Danvers, Sept. 21, 

Humphrie, and Abigail Fiefield of Hampton, int. Dec. 30, i7ts. 
Humphry, jr., and wid. Phoebe Fish, May 12, 1774. c. r. a," 
Isaac, and Hannah Stevens, Jan. 8, I778.* 
Isaac, jr., and Tabaiha Blunt, Dec. 6, i789.» 
Isaac, 3d, and Lydia [Hannah, int and c. R. 2.] Lacey, Nov. 16, 

181 6.» 
Isaac, jr., and Mary Dole, Feb. 17, 1839.* 
Israel, and Abigail Bailey, Mar. r8, 1783.* 
Jacob, and Mary Osgood, Dec. 29, 1737." 
Jacob, and Margret Doliber [of Marblehead. int.]. May 25, 

Jacob, and Rhoda Abbot, Mar. 22, 1764. •- 
Jacob, jr., and Abigail Holt of Reading, May 11, 1787.* 
*IiiteDtloi) also rsooided. 



Holt, Jacob, and Mary Frye, Apr. 2, 1807,* 

Jacob Humphrey, and Isabella Smith, both of Gloucester, Oct 

10, 1810. 
James, and Hannah Allen, Oct. 11, 1675- 
James, and Susannah Preston, May 34, 1705.* 
James, and Mary Chandler, Oct. 32, 1733." 
James, and Susannah Nuss of Wilmington, int. Jan. 11, I734-S> 
James, and Martha Winn of Wilmington, int. Sept 11, 1742. 
James, 3d, and Sarah Abbott, Apr. 10, 1746.* 
James, and Mehetebel HoIt.Jan. 2, 1755.* 
James, 3d, and Dorothy Lovejoy, Feb. 14, i76o.* 
James, and MaryMcEntire [yiid. int.], Aug. 6, 1767,* 
James, 3d, and Hannah Foster, June 5, 1778.* 
James, and wid. Phebe Abbot, June 22, 1779. [July 2a. C. a. 2.]" 
James [4th, int] , and Mehitable Eaton of Reading, at Read- 
ing, Feb. 28, i793.» 
Jedediah, and Phebe Barker, June 19, 1766. • 
Jeremiah, and Hannah Abbot, Apr. 21, 1756.* 
Joel, and Nancy Mackintire of Reading, int. Nov, 6, 1813. 
John, and Sarah Geery, July 3, 1 685, 
John, and Elizabeth Preston, Jan. 16, 1705-6." 
John, and Mehitable Wilson, July 17, I7i2,* 
John [jr. c. R, 2.], and Mary Lewis, Oct 28, 1731." 
John, jr., and Deborah Stevens, Jan, 22, r746-7.* 
John, 4th, and wid. Lydea Farnam, Nov. 28, 17S3." 
John, 4th, and Rachel Varnum, Mar. 10, 1757.* 
John, 3d, and Lydia Russell, June 7, T787." 
John, of Greenfield, and Dorcas Abbot^ Jan. 6, 1792," 
John, and Cloe Wiley, Feb, 25, iSoo." 
Jonas, and Martha Winn of Wilmington, at Wilmington, Oct 22, 

Jonathan, and Lydia Blanchard, Feb. 10, 1734-5.* 
Jonathan, 3d, and Rachel Taylor, Feb. 25, 1752,* 
Jonathan, jr., and Sbuah Holt, Nov. 6, 1754.* 
Jonathan, 3d, and Susanna Holt, Feb. 6, 1755.* 
Jonathan, 3d, and Ruth Kimball, Dec. 31, 1761. • 
Jonathan, jr., and Betty Gould, Sept 24, 1766.* 
Jonathan, jr., and Eleanor Johnson [wid. intj of Reading, at 

Reading, May 23, 1775.* 
Jonathan, and Mary Merrill, Jan. 5, 1817.* 
Joseph, and Abigail Rich of Reading,at Reading, Apr. 7, r726.* 
Joseph [of Lunenburg, int], and Maty Abbot, Oct 14, 1742.* 
Joseph, and [Mrs. int] Dorathy Johnson, Jan. 17, I744-5,* 

■IntendOD tito lecorded. 



Holt, Joseph, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Russel, Apr. lo, 1755.* 

Joseph, jr., and Ruth Johnson, June i, 1762. • 

Joseph, jr., and Abigail Hoh, Nov. 27, 1788." 

Joseph, and Lydia Jones, Jan. 13, 1803.* 

Joseph, jr., and Elizabeth Braddoclt, Oct. 18, i82i.» 

Joseph, and Mrs. Marcia Pickard of Rowley, int. Jan. 16, 182$. 

Joseph E,, ad, of Reading, and Frances A. Cheever, int. Sept. 

24, 1849. 
Joseph [S. c. R. 2,], and Lucy Abbott, May 14, 1835-* 
Joshua [of Windham, int.], and Keturah Ho)t, Feb. 23, i7 24-5,» 
Joshua, and Ruth Burnap of Reading, int. Feb. 4, 1748-9. 
Joshua, jr., and Phebe Farnam, Dec. 2, 1755." 
Joshua [of Bradford, int.j, and Rebecca Bailey, Nov. 26, 1829. 

C. R. 3.* 

Joshua, vridr., of Bradfoid, a. 44 y., cordwaioer, s. Solomon and 
Mary, and Sarah Abbott, a. 34 y., d. James and Mary, Oct 
25, i848.« 
Joshua Lovejoy, and Jane Kimball, May 9, 1S08. C. b. 2.* 
Josiah, and Mary Lovjoy, June 8, r7io.* 
Josiah, and Hephzibah Barker, Dec. 22, 1726.* 
Judith, and Joseph Batch elder, June ir, 1777.* 
Keturah, and Joshua Holt [of Windham, int.], Feb. 23, i724-S.* 
Keturah, and John Steward, Dec. 17, i74r." 
Lemuel, and Mehittabelt Lovejoy, Oct. r9, 1769.* 
Levi, and Mary Abbott, Jan. — , 1835.* 
Levina, and David E. Chapman of Gilmanton, N. H., int. Mar. 

25, 1S20. 
Loammi, and Polly Harris, Jan. iz, 1797.* 
Lois, and Moses Pearson of Wilmington, at Wilmington, Jan. 4, 

Lydia, and Satnuell Peabody, Jan. 27, 1701-2. 
Lydl8,and Benjamin Holt, Jan. 30, 1734-5.* 
Lydia, wid., and Jonathan Lary of Wolfboro, N. H., Dec, 15, 

Lydia, and David Hall, Dec. 25, r787." 
Lydia, and Timothy Holt of Greenfield, Nov, 7, 1793." 
Lydia, and Samuel Town, Nov. 22, 1795." 
Lydia, and Asa Cummings, May 25, 1797-* 
Lydia, and Moses W. Holt, Sept. 4, 1823.* 
Lydia F., of Winthrop, Me., and John F. Steven, int. Aug. 24, 

Lydia S., a. 21 y,, d. Moses W. and Lydia, and Samuel Russell, 
a. 14 y., yeoman, s. Joel and Sally, Sept. 26, 1844.'' 

•Intention also recorded. 



Holt, Martha, and Summets Pieice of Woburn, Mar. 3, 1725-6.* 
Martha, and Jona[lhan3 Felt ot Peckersfield, Nov. J3, 1775- 

c. B. 2.* 
Martha A., a. 21 y., d. Thomas and Ruth, and C. GrenviUe 

McNiel, a. as y., trader, s. Peter and Mary, May 31, 1849." 
Mary, and llionias Johnson, July 5 , 1657. 
Mary, and Josiah Ingols, Sept. 19, 1 705.* 
Mary, and William Chandler, Mar. 4, 1735-6." 
Mary, and Joseph Peabody [of Boxford. int.], Oct 24, i744-* 
Mary, and Daniel Lovejoy, Oct. 29, 1745-* 
Mary, and Samuel Petengill, Nov. 4, i756,» 
Mary, and Darius Abbot [of Pomfret. int.], Nov. r, 1757* 
Mary, and James Larra'bee [Latherbe. int] of Lynn, Apr. 13, 

Mary, and LL John Adams, May ar, 1776." 
Mary, of Wilton, and Edward Herrick. int. Oct. 9, r779. 
Mary, and Thomas Gray, jr., Dec. 7, 1780.* 
Mary, and Isaac Foster, Aug. x6, 1784,* 
Mary, and Samuel Hunt of Cambridge, June 6, i793." 
Mary, and James Allison of Salem, Aug. ir, i8ir,» 
Mary, and John Harnden, May 3, r827." 
[Mary, int.], and [Edward, int.] Clegg, Oct, 6, 1829- c. R. 3,* 
Mary, and [Rev. int.] Samuel R[ead. int.] Hall, June 6, i837.» 
Mary [K. int.], and Elijah Deshon, May 10, 1842,* 
Mary K., and Ebenczer Jones of Weld, Me., int. Jan. 11, 1823. 
Mary Osgood, and Zachariah Chickering, Dec. 22, 1802.* 
Mehetebel, and James Holt, Jan, 2, r75s.* 
Mehetebel, and Samuel Lufkin of Haverhill, May 28, 1761.* 
Mehitebel, and Daniel Holt [of Lunenburg, int], Oct. r3, r748.* 
Molly, and John Blanchard [jr. int.] of BiUerica, Oct. i, 1794.* 
Moses, and Elizabeth Russell, Jan. 3r, 1715-161" 
Moses, and Prudence Russel [resident in Andover. int.], July 9, 

Moses, and Mary Austin, Jan. 28, 1796.* 
Moses W,, and Lydia Holt, Sept. 4, i823.* 
Nancy, and Charles Newell, Oct. 2r, i8oo.* 
Nancy, and David Pace, June 23, 1808. c. r. z.* 
Nancy, and Samuel Pond of Walertown, Apr. la, rSia." 
[Nancy, int.], and [Anthony, int.] Ingham, July aj, 1839. 

c. R. 3." 
Nancey Jane [of Lyndeboro, N. H, int.], a. 23 y., d. Robert G. 

and Lucy, and William Moody, a. 27 y., painter, s. George 

and Susan E., Jan. 6, 1S48.* 

■IntcBtioti ftbo recorded. 



Holt, Nathan, and [Mrs, int.] Sarah Abbot> Aug. 4, 1757.* 
Nathan, of Bradford, and Abigail Cochran, Aug. 11, 1831." 
Nathan K., and Tryphena Mathews, int. Nov, 14, 1831, 
Nathan Kimbal, and Rebeckah Holt, Apr. i, 1800." 
Nathaniel, and Elezebith Stevens, Aug. i, 1751.* 
Nathaniel [jr. int.], and Mehitable Foster, Mar. 3, 1 791,* 
Nebemiah, and Abigail Twist of Reading, at Reading, Jan, 24, 

1 793-* 
Nelle [Nclle or Elenor. c. r. a.], and Aaton Blanchard, Jan. j, 

Nicholas, and Hanna Rofe, wid. [at Ipswich, cr. F.], Jane is, 

1658. [June ao. CT. R.] 

Nicholas, and Preston, wid.. May 21, 1666. 

Nicholas, and Mary Russell, Jan. 8, 1679. 

Nicbotass, jr., and Hannah Osgood, Apr, 26, 1739." 

Nickless, jr,, and Lois Phelps of Reading, int. Feb. 7, 1750-51. 

Nickolice, and Mary Manning, Sept. 16, 1708. • 

Nickolicc, and Dorceas Abbott, Apr. 12, 1717.* 

Obadiah, and Rebecca Fainum, Nov. 14, 1726'." 

Obadiah, of Amherst, N, H., and Susanna Jones, May 5, 1784.* 

Oliver, and Hannah Russel, Mar. 9, 1697-8. 

Oliver, and Mary Huse of Newbury, at Newbury, abt. July 10, 

,7i6.« , 

Oliver, and Susanna Wright, July s. i732-* 
Oliver, and Eunice Raymond of Beverly, at Beverly, Oct. 8, 

Paul, and Abigail Holt, Jan. 10, I7ii-i2.* 
Peter, and Hephzibah Stevens, int. Dec. 28, 1776. 
Peter, jr., and Susanna Gfeen of Chelsea, int. Jan. 26, iSri. 
Peter, and Louisa Wilson, Sept. 2, 1835." 
Phebe, and Francies Phelps, Jan. 11, i742-3.» 
Phebe, wid., andAbrabam Shelding of Reading, int. Dec. 5, r7So. 
Phebe, and James Houghton [of Sturbridge. int.], Sept. 11, 

1 755.' 
Phebe, and Joseph Batchelder, jr., Dec. 17, i778.* 
Phebe, and Samuel Eaton, jr., of Reading, int. Mat. r5. 1805. 
Phebe, and William Foster of I-ondonderry, Apr. 25, 1805." 
Phebe, and Joseph Green [jr. int.] of Chelsea, July 4, 1821.* 
Phebe C, and Timothy D. P. [S. int.] Stone [of Concord, 

N. H. int.], Aug. 19, 1835." 
Priscilla, and Nathan Chandler, May 14, 1729.* 
Priscilla, of Bethel, Me., and Charles Chickering, int. Nov. 27, 


•Intention also recorded. 



Holt, Prudence, and John Chandlei, Mar. 11, I744-5-* 

Rebeca, and Joseph Berry [of Middleton. int.], June 22, 174a.* 

Rebeca, and David Gray, June 3, 1756.* 

Rebecca, and John Goodhue, Apr, 3, 1817.* 

Rebecca, and Joseph Stevens [3d. int.], Sept. 15, 1834.* 

Rebecka, and Thomas Grove of Ipswich, int. July 1, 1710. 

Rebeckah, and Nathan KimbalHoIt, Apr. i, 1800.* 

Rboda, and Elias Whittemore [of Boston, int.], at Boston, Nov. 

.3. i7»8.' 
Robert, and [wid. inLJ Rebecka Preston, May ai, \ji8.* 
Robert [of Windham, Conn, int.], and Bethiah Peabody, Dec. 

13. ua?-* 
Ruth, and Abner Abbot, Jan. 29, 1784.* 
Samuel, and Hannah Fainura, Mar. 28, 1693. 
Samuel, and Jemima Gray, Jan. la, 1724-5." 
Samuel, and Abigea! Blanchard, Feb. 14, l^6o*. 
Samuel, jr., and Lydia Scales, int. June i, 1782. 
Samuel, jr., and Sarah Massey, Sept. 8, 1785.* 
Samue], jr., and Lydia Famum, May 10, 1803.* 
Samuel, and Pamelia C[larke. int.] Meeder of Mcthuen, Nov, 16, 

Saiah, and John Preston, Nov. 2, 1687. cr. b. 
Sarah, and Jo[h]n Crani of Hampton jint. Oct. 20.] 1707.* 
Sarah, and Jo[h]n Cram of Hampton jTeb. 18, 1707-8. c.k. i.].* 
Sarah, and Moses Peabody, June 12, i728.* 
Sarah, and James Barnard, May z6, 1757.* 
Saiah, and Samuel Bancroft, 3d [of Reading, int.], Mar. 30, 

Sarah, and William Abbot, 3d, Aug. 36, 1766.* 

Sarah, and Barachias Abbot, jr., Dec. 6, 1770. c. R. 2.* 

Sarah, and Jonathan Baker of Topsfield [of Andover. c. R. 2.], 

May 21, 1776.* 
Sarah, and Nathan Barker, jr., Aug. is, 1788.* 
Sarah, and Peter Capdeuielle, resident in Andover, int. Apr. 30, 

Sarah, and Simon Epes Baker [jr. int], May 27, 1803. • 
Sarah, and Jotham Blanchard of Lj^deboro, N. H., Mar. 16, 

Sarah Abbot, and Rev. Joseph Chickering of Woburn, int."May 

Sarah Ann, and John Billington, int. Mar. 7, 1847. 
Sarah B., and Caleb Morse, Aug. 14, 1832. • 
Sarah C, and Samuel G. Valpey, int. Nov. 17, 1840. 
'Intention llio Tecotded, 



Holt, Sarah M,, and John F. While, Dec. 30, i838.» 

Shuah, and Jonathan Holt, jr., Nov. 6, 1754." 

Simeon, and Sarah Read of Wilmington, at Wilmington, Mar. 31, 

Solomon, and Mary Cummings, May 22, 1798.* 
Solomon, of Wilton, N, H., and Phebe Abbot, Nov. 25, 1824.* 
Stephen [of Suncook. int.], and Mary Faruum, July la, 1739.* 
Stephen, jr., and Lydia Johnson, Jan. zi, 1768.* 
Stephen, and Abigail Dole, Mar. 2, 1809. c. r. 2* 
Stephen, jr., and Sophronia Austin of Bradford, int. Feb, a6, 

Stephen P., merchant, s, Solo[mon] and Mary, and Jeanette M. 

Smith, d. Peter and Rebecca, Dec. 2, 1847." 
Snrvier, of Reading, and Samuel Jenkins, jr., int. Mar. 15, 1812. 
Susan, and William Frye, Sept. 9, 1832. • 
Susanna, and Jonathan Holt, 3d, Feb. 6, i755.* 
Susannah, and Carlton Parker, Apr. 18, 1776.* 
Susannah, and Ena Hatch of Parsonficld, Nov. 29, 1808. c. r. 2.* 
Tabitha, and Abiel Stevens, jr., Nov. 16, 1769." 
Thomas, and Alhce Peabody [of Boxford. int], Dec. 14, 1708. 

■ [Dec. 15. c. R. I.]" 
Thomas, and Abigail Fisk of Boxford, int Oct. 13, 1727. 
Thomas, and Hannah Kembal [Kimbal. int.] of Boxford, Aug. 

'S. ^134* 
Thomas, jr., and Dorcas Holt. Jan. 26, I748-9.* 
Thomas, jr., and Lydia Farnnm, Oct. 27, 1774." 
Thomas, and Ruthy Board of Wilmington, int. May 8, 1812. 
Timothy, and Rhoda Chandler, Apr. 19, 1705." 
Timothy, jr., and Hannah Dane, Feb. 13, I738-9,* 
Timothy, 3d, and Elisabeth Holt, Sept. i8;i744.* 
Timothy, 3d, and Hannah Johnson, Apr. 8, 1773. C. R. 2.* 
Timothy, of Greenfield, and Lydia Holt, NoV. 7, 1793.* 
Timothy A., and Satah Chase of Pelham, N. H., int. Apr. 4, 

Timothy Abbot, of Bethel, and Anna Stevens, Jan. 17, 1799.* 
Timothy P., and Mary H. Lovejoy, Nov. 27, 1834." 
Uriah, and Sarah Wright, Sept. 28, 1725." 

Uriah, Esq., of Albany, Me., and Hannah Farnnm, Feb. 4, 1808. • 
William, of Pembroke [N. H.], and Eliz[abc3th Ames, Nov. 21, 

William, and Elizabeth Jones, July 29, r 784.* 
William, jr., and Sarah Mitchell, Mar. 26, 1807.* 
William F., and Vashti B. Eames of Wilmington, Nov. 30, 1843.* 

'Intention also recotded. 



Holt, Zebediah, and Sarah Lewis [ot Billcrica. int.], at Billetica, 

Dec. 23, 1784.* 
Zeiah, and Priscilla Abbot, Nov. 16, 1762.* 
Zerviah, and Jonathan Abbot, May 6, I7i3.* 

HOLTON, Daniel, and Lydia Preston, int. Jan. 22, 1714-15- 
Elisabeth president in Andover. int.], and Timothy Frie, May 8, 

James, resident in Andover, and Jerusha Blake of Boston, int. 

May 19, 1756. 
Mary [resident in Andover. int.], and Humphery Holt, jr., Nov. 

30. I749-' 

HOLYOKE (see also Holeyoke), Priscilla, and Eliphalet Pearson, 
July r7, 1780.* 

HOOD, Eunice, of Topsfield, and Henry Perley, of Topsfield, Oct. 
27, 1781.* 

HOOKER, Elizabeth Sarah Reeves, and Rev. Solomon Peck o( 

Amherst, May 11, i8a6.* 
Maiy, and Steven Osgood, Oct. 24, 1663. 
Mary Ann, and Rev. Etias Cornelius of Summers, N. Y., int. 

Sept 3, 1818. 
Phebe, Mrs., ot Norwich, Conn., and Samuel Farrai, Esq., int. 

Oct. 8, i8r4. 

HOOPEK, Cassandra, of Boylston, and Asher Bliss, int. Aug. 10, 

Hannah, and William Ballard, Apr. 20, 1682. 
Rebekah, and John Ballard, Nov. 16, r68i. 

HOPE, Betty [Elizabeth, int.], and Asi Spelling [residents in 
Andover. int], Oct. 22, 1783.' 

HOPKINS, Elisha C, of Dedbam, and Julia A[Qn. int.] Cochran, 

Mar. 29, 1842.* 
John F., of West Cambridge, a. 37 y., mechanic, s. John and 

Maty, and Rebecca W. Johnson, a. 28 y., d. Edmund and 

Nancy, Sept. 30, 1847." 
Rosetta, and Charles Shattuck, June 18, 1840 * 
'Intention also recorded. 



HORN (see also Home), John H., of Westford, a. ao y., black- 
smith, and Emma A. Frost of Lanrence, May 15, 1847. 
[1850. in pencil.] 

Rebeckah, wid., and Joseph Ballard, sr,, Nov. 15, 1692. 

BORNE (see also Horn), Elizabeth F., of Topsfield, and John C- 
Brown, int. Jan. 5, 1844. 

BOSLBT. Martha, of Hancock, N. H., and Archelaus Cragin, int. 
Mar. 23, 1833. 

BOUGHTON (see also Houhton), Benj[ami]n, of Wells, Me.,and 

Elizabeth Holt, Feb. 16, i8i8.* 
Charlott, and Isaac Abbot of Boston, Feb. aa, 1808.* 
Elizabeth T., and Moses A. Dow of Boston, Oct ao, 1836.* 
James [of Sturbiidge. int.], and Phebe Holt, Sept 11, 1755.' 
Sarah [Holton. int.], of Salem, and John Fairington, at Salem,^ 

Nov. 12, 1730." 
Sarah, and Zachariah Fiye, Sept. 27, 1814.* 
Thomas, and Betsey Akely of Boston, int. Feb. i, 1806. 

BOUHTON (see also Houghton), Julia [Houghton, c. R. 1.], and 
Nath[anie]l West of Salem, June 25, i8r6.* 

BOULDRBIB, Rebecca, of Haverhill, and Richard Morgin of 
Dover, May 21, 1660. 

BOULT (see also Holt), Priscilla, and Ephraira Farnum, Mar. 20, 

BOVEY, Abijah, ot Lunenburg, and Lydia Ingalls, Dec. 3, 1761.* 

Abijah, of Lunenburg, and [Mrs. c r. 1,] Mary Faulkner, June 
29, 1775.* 

Catherine [Mrs. int.], and John C. Morse, Feb. 11, 1838." 

Darcus, of Boxford, and John Foster, int. Sept. 16, 1732. 

David, of Boxfoid, and Phebe Farnum, Mar. 30, 1784.* 

Edmond O., and Mary Carter of Peacham, Vt, int. Sept 8, 1831. 

Hannah, of Boxford, and Joseph Faulkner, jr., int. May 17, 1765. 

James, and Mary Wardwell, Sept 27, i8i8.* 

Margaret [Hussey. int.], of Boxford, and Asa Robinson, at Box- 
ford, May 4, 1756-" 

Mary [of Boxford. c. R. i.], and James Crombie, Aug. 18, 1767." 

•Intenlioa also tecoided. 



HovEY, Mary LMercy. int.], of Boxfbrd, and William Parker, at 

Boxfotd, Aug. 30, 1781,* 
Sarah, of Boxfoid, and Abiel Barker [jr. int.], at Boxford, Feb. 

19, 1760.* 

Tho[ina]s, and Mary Abbot, Mar. as, I759.* 

HOW (see also Howe), Belinda, and John Goodwin, jr. ol Read- 
ing, Sept. 5, 1833.* 

Daniel, and Santh Widger [resident in Andover. int. J, Dec. 13, 

Daniel pr. int.], and Sarah Bancroft of Reading, at Reading, 
Apr. 19, 1764." 

Daniel, Dr., and Susannah Tirrel of Abington, at Abington, Mai. 
5, i78o.» 

Ebenezer, and Sally Foster, int. Dec. aj, 1809. 

Eunice, of Middteton, and John Berry, int. July 14, 1774- 

Hannah, and Wiliam Ballard, Feb. 7, 1750-51.* 

Huldab, of Methuen, and Hazcn Bcxlwell, int. May 8, 1829. 

James [of HaveihilL int.] and Hannah Faulkner, Jan. 8, 

James [jr. int], of Methuen, and Jemima Famam, Feb. 16, 

Keturah, and Philemon Chandler, jr., Nov. a6, 1739." 

Mark, of Middleton, and Mary Stevens, Apr. 31, 1740.* 

Martha, and Eliakim Darling, July 35, 1765. C. r. 2." 

Mary [of Middleton. int.], and ^muel Farnaum, Jan. 13, 1730- 

Mary, and Daniel Carlton, Feb. 14, i827.* 
Mercy, and Jeremiah Chapman of Ipswich, int Apr. 6, 1767. 
Pamelia, of Dunstable, N. H., and Ballard Lovejoy, int. Jan. 4, 

Prescila, and David Ingals, Mar. 89, r750.» 
Rebecka, and Steven Barnerd, May i, 1671. 
Sarah, and John Ballard, Mar. i, 1743-4.* 
Sarah, and Pheneas Barker, May 7, 1761.' 

HOWARD, Benjamin, of Chelmsford, and [Mrs. int.] Martha 

Poor, Jan. 12,1747-8.* 
Eleanor C, of Eaton, N.H,, and William Gile, int. Apr. r7, 184a. 
Henry, and Eliza [C. int.] Stimpson, Dec. 26, 1813.* 
Jabez [Capt. int], and Lydia Swinerton [of Danvers. int.], Jan. 

29, rSia.* 

■Intenlion also rects'dcd. 



Howard, Lewis [Hayward. int.], of Brewer, Me., and Sliza Holt, 

Dec. 28, i8a8.' 
Mary, of Ipswich, and Joshua Cattton, June 4, 1739- 
Nathanaet [Eayvrard. int.}, of Reading, and Hannah Clark, Mar. 

18, iSo6.» 
Sarah S., of Milford, and Ethan L. Bowker, int. Apr. 13, 1843. 

HOWABTH, Andrew, and Helen Scott of Boston, int. Sept. 13, 

Ann E., d. Isaac, and James Cropper of Oxford, s. Edmund, 

Aug. 19, 1847. C. R. 4. 
Charles, and Susan L. Francis, int. July 2a, 1845. 
Isaac, and Nancy Morse, int. Feb. 4, 1846. 
Isabella, and Samfuejl Anderson, Sept, 25, 1842.* 
James, and Hannah [B. int.] Foster, Dec. 2, iSzi." 
James, and Sarah F. F. Towne, int. Feb. i, 1834. 
John, and Lticinda Beckford of Salem, int. July 13, 1833. 
Maiy, and Elijah Crowther, Jan. 15, 1832.' 
Thomas, and Hannah P. Maston, Nov. 7, 1841. ■■ 

HOWE (see also How), Lydia [of Methuen. int.], and Nathan 

Parsons [resident in Andover. int.], Mar. 3, rSii.* 
Ruth, of Methuen, and Stephen W. Hoyt, Nov. 8, 1829. 

HOWLETT, John, of Sangus, and Hannah K. Peters, July 12, 

HOYT (see also Hoit, Hoyte) , Dorothy, and Nathaniell Lovejoy, 

Mai. 31, 1693-4. 
Jacob, of Rumford, and Susanna Stevens, Sept. 2, 1753-* 
Ruth, see Clough, Ruth. 
Samuel [resident in Andover. int.], and wid. Meheiebd Barker, 

Mar. 2, i757.» 
Stephen W., and Ruth Howe of Methuen, Nov. 8, 1829. 

BOTTE (see also Hoyt), Apphia [resident in Andover. int], and 
Nathan Ixivejoy, Aug. 35, 1747.* 

Mary [Moriah. int.], of Amesbury, and Moses Ingals, at New- 
bury, Feb. 21, 1712." 

HUBBARD, Hannah, and Enoch Stevens, Mar. 8, 1801." 
James M., and Lydia Barker, Dec. 9, 1834.' 
John, and Betty Carlton, July 17, 1792." 
Sarah, and James Crofford, int. Jan. zi, 1848. 

"InteDtion alto r«coide<3. 



HUBBILL, Jedediah, and Meribah Davis, Oct. 19, 1809," 

HUCHIHSON (sec also Hutchinson), Daniel, and Judith Barker, 

Nov. 10, 1730.- 
Marcy, and Nalh[anie]ll Abbott, Apr. 18, 1710." 
Samuel, and Mary Gage of Bradford, int. Mar. a4, 1730-31. 
Sarah, and Thomas Osgood, Dec. 3, i747-* 

HUDSON, Jonathan, and Mary Kenett, int. Sept. ar, 1848. 
Sarah, and Parker Morse of Mcthuen, int. Dec. 12, 1846. 

HUGHES, Catharine J., a. 22 y., d. Tho[ma]3 and Catharine, 
and Thomas Bainett of Reading, a. 23 y., painter, s. Jaa 

and Margaret, Oct. 8, 1847.* 

HULBURD, Luther, of Stockholm, N. Y., and Mrs. Lydia A. 
Foster, int. Jan. 13, 1S49. 

HULL, Sarah K., and Sidney Hull of New Haven, Conn,, July 

19. >825.» 
Sidney, of New Haven, Coon., and Sarah K.Hull, July 19, 1825.* 
Sidney [of New Haven, Conn, int.], and Martha J. Abbott, Apr. 

17, i836." 

HULLER, Mary, and George Stott, int. July 5, 184S- 

HUMPHERY (ree also Humphry), John, of Hingham, and Mary 
Dane, Mar. 27, 1823." 

HUMPHREYS (see also Humphry), Meriam, and David Durrant, 

Sept. 7. 1 779-* 

HUMPHRY (see also Humphery, Humphreys), William, of Dor- 
chester, and Sally Hayward, Apr. 2, 1807.* 

HUMT, Alice, of Tewksbury, and Joseph Dane, jr., int. Oct. 13, 

Amos, and Betsy W[yinan. int.] Cochran, May 9, 1839.* 
Anna, and [Capt. int] Caleb P. Flint, Jan. 11, 1838." 
George W,, of Methuen, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Daniel and 

Mary, and Arabella S. Lull of Methuen, a. 20 y., d. Abner 

and Sophia, July 25, 1847. 

■InientioQ alio recOFded. 



HcNT, Hannah, and George Eastman, Sept. 13, 1833. c. r. 3," 
Henrietta C., o£ Manchester, N. H., and Benjaniin C- Lyman, 

int. Oct. 3, 1844. 
Isaac, and Sarah C- Worthly of Billcrica, Oct. 8, 7840.* 
Isaac, and Beulah Frost of Tewksbury, int. Sept. 21, 1848. 
Jemima [Mrs. c. r. 2 ; resident in Andover. int.], and Cbristo- 

pherTemple [of Litchfield, int.], Dec. 13, 1743.* 
John, and Elizabeth Mansor of Dracut, int. July 12, 1808. 
Joseph, of BiUerica, and Jemima Russel, July 16, i7a4.* 
Paul, and Elizabeth Shattuck, Sept. 27, i78o.» 
Paul, jr., and Mary Butler Durant, Sept. 26, T8ir,* 
Rebecca, and Benjamin Stevens, Dec. 5, 1745." 
Samuel, of Cambridge, and Mary Holt, June 6, 1793.* 
Sarah [wid., of Billerica. int.}, and Ephraim Abbott, Jan. 6, 

Sarah D., of I^wcU, and Benj[ami]n F. Kimball, int. Nov. 7, 

HUNTER, Thankful, a. 30 y., d. Solomon, and Joshua Blanchard, 
a. 35 y-, machinist, s. Joshua and Mary, May 7, 1846.* 

HUNTINGTON, Thomas [of Mansfield, Conn, int.], and Mehet- 
abel Johnson, Apr. 4, 1733." 

HURD, Jeremiah, and Martha Chandler, Nov. 8, i822.» 

HUSE, Mary, of Newbury, and Oliver Holt, at Newbury, abt 

July ro, 1716.* 
Sarah, and Lilbonm Andrews, Mar. 32, 1789.* 
Stephen, Dr., of Methuen, and Charlotte Parker, June 14, 1826.* 
HUSSEY, Elijah, and Rosanna [Rosena. int.] Moore, Aug. 1$, 

1827. c. K. i.' 
Margret, see Hovey, Margaret. 
Richard, ot Boxfotd, and Sarah Wood, int. Oct. r, 1757. 

HUSTON, Lydia, and William Turner, July 20, 1836." 

HUTCBH4S, Samuel), and Hanna Johnson, June 24, 1662. 

HUTCHHfSON (see also Huchinson), Abigail, and Daniel Pease 

[of Enfield, int.], May 6, 1717. c. r. i.* 
Bartholomew, of Wilton [Amheist. int], and Phebe Hagget, Oct. 

14, 1784.' 

'Intention also recorded. 



Hutchinson, Cyntbia, and Samuel Sawyer, zd, of Methuen, Nov. 

28, 1833.- 
Elijah, and Mrs. Hannah Sliles, July 31, 1765. c R. i.* 
Elisabeth, and Thomas Gray, June 21, 1739." 
Eliza, and Benjamin Melvin [jr. c. R- i.] of Chelmsford, Oct. 4, 

Elizabeth, and Abijah Ingalls, Dec. 8, 1763.* 

Eliz[abe]th, and Amos Boardtnan of Reading, Dec. 22, ij-ja.* 

Hannah, and Thomas Fainum, May 14, 1693. 

Hannah, wid., and John Long, jr., Aug. 33, 1776." 

Jesse, of Danvers, and Mehitable Lacey, May 24, 1804,* 

John, and Sarah Adams of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan. z8, 1714- 

John, and Mary Eaten of Readmg, int. May 31, 1740. 

Lucretia [Lucinda. c. K. i. and int.], and Nathaniel Stearns, Nov. 

17, i829.» 
Mary, wid., and Nathan Barker, Aug. 13, 1760,* 
Mary, and Nathan Barker, Dec. i, 1767.* 

Mary F., and Jeremiah Garvin of Concord, N. H., Aug. 15, i826.* 
Mehitable P., of Danvers, and Daniel Wardwell, 3d, int. Aug. 12, 

Peter, resident in Andover, and Anna Ames, May 27, 1807." 
Fhebe, and Andrew Berry of Middletown, int. Apr. 33, 1791. 
Phebc, and Nicholas Noyes, Dec. 21, 1799.* 
Pheoby, and Samuel Warner of Hadley, int. June 7, 1718. 
Samuel, and Sarah Whiston, Oct. 2, 1733. [Oct. 12. c. r. i.]" 
.Sam[ue]il, and Elizabeth Parker [Barker, cr. r.], Feb. 26, 1686. 

[Feb. 19, 1687. cr. r.] 
Tliomas, and Phebe Chickering, July a8, 1778." 
William [of Danvers. int.], and Mary Martin, Jan. 14, 1768.* 

HYDE (see also Hide), John, of Methuen, and Nancy [Mary, 
int.] W. Stevens, Aug. 2, i8ai.* 

INGALXS (see also EngoHs, Ingals, IngoUa, Ingots), Abijah, and 

Elizabeth Hutchinson, Dec. 8, 1763." 
Benjamin, and [Mrs. c. r. i,] Rebecca Pearson, Aug. 3, 1762.* 
Charles N., a. 2$ y., carpenter, s. Francis and Elizabeth B., and 

Hannah J. Abbott, a. 30 y., d. Asa and Judith, Dec. [16. 

c. R. 2.], 1845-' 
Charlotte [E. c. r. i.], and Charles French, Nov. 7, i843.« 
Daniel, and Sarah Flechei of Nottingham, int. Oct. 27, 1744. 
Daniel, and Mary Taplcy of Merrimac, int. Oct. 17, 1785. 
'iDtCDtioQ also recorded. 



INGALLS, Deborah [of Salem, mt], and Joshua Flint, Oct 6, 17 15. 

C. R. I.* 
Deborah, and Dean Carlton, Dec. 28, 1786.* 
Deborah, and David Lee, int. Mar. 27, 1813. 
Dinah, and Timothy Famum, Jan. 18, j-jsj-S.* 
Dorothy, and Thomas Bragg, Mar. 5, 1745-6. • 
Ebenezer, and Mrs. Sarah Curtis [of Boxford. int.], at Boxford, 

July 29, 176s.* 
Elenor, and James Curtis of New Salem, Oct. 30, 1794." 
Elizabeth, and John Stevens [of Charlestown. int.j, Apr. 2a, 

Eunice, and James Ingalls of Washington, Sept, 4, 1798.* 
Ezra, and Doily Wilson, Dec. 24, i8oi.' 
Francies, and Lydia Stevens, }hd. g, 1743-4.* 
Francis, and Lydea Ingalls, Nov. ig, i7i9.» 
Francis, jr., and Anna Esties, Aug. 20, 1785.* 
Hannah, and Amml Ruhamah Faulkner, June 7, 1726.* 
Hannah, and Daniel Putnam of Reading, Dec. 13, 1744.* 
Hatriet, a. 28 y., d. Jeduthan and Eliza, and William' W. Fowler, 

widr., of Dover, N. H., a. 29 y., merchant, s. Sam[ue31, 

Aug. s, i847.» 
Henery, sr., and Sarah Abbot, Aug. r, 1689. 
Henry, and Sarah Putnum of Reading, int. July 10, 1742. 
Hephztbah, and Samuel Stevens, Aug. 9, 1737.* 
Hutchinson, of Bluehill, and Molly Kimball, Nov. 5, 1795-* 
'ames, and Hannah Abbott, Api. 16, 1695. 
ames, and Mary Stevens, Nov. 5, 17T9." 
ames, jr., and Mary Frie, Dec. 6, 1 744." 

s, of Washington, and Eunice Ingalls, Sept, 4, 1798." 

na, and Amos H0I1, June 29, 1762." 
ohn, widr„ and Sarah Russel, June 10, 1696. 
onathan, and Sarah Berry, May 26, 1793.* 
[oseph, and Phebe Famum, Dec. 29, 1720.* 
foshua,and Elizabeth Steel, Sept. 9, 1760.* 
[osiah, and Esther Frie, July 21, 1715. C, r. i,* 
fosiah, and Eunice Flint of Reading, int. Mar. 19, 1 742-3. 
.udith, and Capt. PhiUip Farrington, Feb. i, i8io.» 
Leonard K., of Denmark, Me-, and Dorcas L. Abbott, Oct. 16, 

Lucy F., and Andoniram Whiting, int. Nov. 3, 1826. 
Lydia, and Francis Ingalls, Nov. 19, 1719." 
Lydia, and Abijah Hovey of Lunenburg, Dec. 3, r76i.* 
Lydia, and Isaac Brown of Wilton, Jan. a8, 1790.* 
•Intention also recorded. 



Incaixs, Mariah, and Simeon Stevens of Bilterica, at Billeiica, 

Feb.;, i77i.» 
Martha, and William Batker, Mar. 10, 1729-30,* 
Mary, and Joseph Steevens, May z8, 1679. 
Mary, and Noah Marble, Jan. ja, i72o-2i.* 
Mary, and Ephraim Fainaum, Nov. 12, 1728." 
Mary, and Ebeneier Abbott, Dec. 4, 1744." 
Mehetable, and Daniel Kimbal, Dec. 16, 1736.* 
Nathan, and Lydia Griffin, Apr. 15, I778.» 

Phebe, and James Parker, Aug. 12, 1731.* ' 

Phebe, and Elijah Bradstreei, June 3, 1790.* 
Priscilla, and Ebenezer Farnaum, Feb. 12, 1732-3.* 
Putnam, and Fanny Carlton, Mar. ig, T8r2.* 
Rebecca, and Isaac Shattuck, jr., Jan. 11, 1785.* 
Ruth [Mrs. c. R. 1.], and Capt. Daniel Bodwell of Methuen, Apr. 

14, 1761-* 
Ruth, and Moses Gerrish of Newbury port, Oct. 13, 1774-* 
Sally, of Methuen, and John Foster, int. Sept. 15, 1788. 
Samuel), and Sarah Hendrick, June 4, r682. 
Sarah, and Daniel Osgood, June 3, 1724.* 
Sarah, and Joseph Odd, Apr. 16, 1764. C. R. i. 
Sarah, and Thomas Stevens, jr., Oct. 8, 1772.* 
Sarah, and Richp.rd Hall of Methuen, Oct. aa, 1772.* 
Sarah, and Peter Cariton, Feb. 11, 1773.* 
Sarah P., a. 2 1 y., d. Francis and Elizabeth B., and Charles F. 

Johnson, a. 32 y., shoemaker, s. John and Hannah P., Oct. 

7. iS45.* 
Simeon, and wid. Elizabeth Fish, Jan. t6, 1787.* 
Solomon, and Abigail Carlton, Apr. 6, T775.* 
Stephen, and Lydia Kimball, Sept. ai, 1786.* 
Wiiiiam, and Susanna Pearson, May 26, (76r." 

INGALS (see also Ingalls), Abigail, and Benj[ami]n Ttask of 

New Salem [N. H.], Sept. 26, 1774.* 
Anne, and Daniel Foster of Suncoofc, N. H., Feb. 14, 1754." 
Betsy, and Jacob Foster, 3d, Dec. 9, 1802.* 
David, and Prescila How, Mar. 29, 1750** 

Dolly, and Nathaniel Edson of Dover, N. H., int. Apr. 21, 1827. 
Ebenezer, and Sarah KimboJ, Jan. 26, 1748-9,* 
Francis, jr., and Eunes Jennings, Nov. 12, 1754." 
Francis, and Elizabeth B. Foster, Oct. 31, 181^.* 
Henry, jr., and Abigail Wingate of Amesbury, int. Aug. r8, 1777. 
Isaac, and Rebeca Mooai, Apr. 11, 1 754.* 



Ingals, John, and Deborah Stevens, May 8, 1755-* 
Lydia, and Andrew K. Lacy, June 5, 183$.* 
Mehitablc [H. int.], and Asa A, Abbot, Sept. 17, i3?9,* 
Moses, and Maty [Moriah. int.] Hoyte o£ Amesbury, at New- 
bury, Feb. 21, 1712.* 
Phebe, and Joshua Abbot [of Souhegan West, int.], Nov. 20, 

Ruth, and Enoch Foot, resident in Andover, Mar. 8, 1747-8.* 
Sarah, and Joshua Swan formerly of Haverhill, mariner, at Wo- 

burn, Jan. 6, 1701. 
Simeon, and Prisscilla Berry, int. Jan. i, 1784. 
Solomon, and Mercy Wilson, Apr, 22, 1779.* 
Tabitha, and Solomon Kittredge, May 14, 1755.' 
Theodore, and Hannah Berry of Middleton, Sept. ir, 179a- 

INGHAM, [Anthony, int.], and [Nancy, int.] Holt, July 27, 

1829. C. R. 3.* 

Jane, and Charles Lucius, Mar. 16, 1845.* 

INGOLS (see also Ingdlls), Henery, and Hannah Martin, July 

Henry, Capt., and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Andrews of Danvers, at 

Danvers, May tS, 1757. • 
Josiah, and Mary Holt, Sept. 19, 1705.' 
Maiy, and Thomas Duston of Haverhill, Dec. 25, 1711.* 
Sarah, and Josiah Chandler, Feb, 27, 1706-7.* 

IRELAND, Thomas, of Gloucester, and Saiah Frye, Dec. 3, 

IRISH, William P., and Caroline L, Goldsmith, Sept. 8, 1847. 

C. K. 2.* 

IRVING (see also Erving), Elizabeth G., and Francis Prable [of 
Boston, int.], Aug. 7, 1849.* 

ISHtG, Charles M., and Helen O'Brien of Lowell, int. Sept. 27, 

•Intention alio recorded. 



JACKSON, Dexter, widr., a. 50 y., blacksmith, s. Sam[ue]l and 

Maiy, and Pamela Towns, a. 32 y., d. Sam[uejl and Phebe, 

Feb. 24, i848." 
Sam[ue]l C, Rev., and Caroline True of Boston, int. Dec. 16, 

Susanna, and Jesse Kimball [of Boxford. c. r. 1.], May 5, 1763.* 
Vesta H., of South Paris, Me., and Moses P. Bixby, int. July g, 

William C., Rev., and Mary A, Sawyer of Westminster, int. Aug. 

16, 1835. 

JACOB (see also Jacobs), Hannah, of Hingham, and Martial 
Shearman, int. Feb. 11, 1825. 

JACOBS (see also Jacob), Alraena, of Dorchester, and Nathaniel 

Swift, int Sept. 24, 1847. 
Ebenezcr, of Danvers, and Phebe Martm, Mar, 31, 1805.* 
Elizabeth G., of Milton, and Gamaliel C. Beaman, int. Sept. 8, 

Primas, resident in Andover, and Jenne Fuller of Middleton, int. 

Aug. 30, 1795- 

JAMES. Joseph [resident in Andover. int.], and Mary Johnson, 

Feb. 26, 1729-30.* 
Joseph [of Lancaster, int.], and Lydea Barker, Sept 9, i7Sr.* 
Woodbridge L., of Utica, N. Y,, and Phebe G. Jaquith, May ri, 

JAQUES, Hannah E., of Tewksbury, and Alvin Marshall, int. Oct. 
25, 1839. 

JAQUETH (see also Jaquith), James [resident in Andover. int.], 
and Phebe Goldsmith, Sept 9, 1813.* 

JAQDISH (see also Jaquilh), Ruth, wid., and Nath|;anie]ll Has- 
scltone, July 18, 1688. ct. r. 

Henry, and Eliza Blunt, Mar. 13, 1828.* 
James, jr., and Lydia M. Read of Lowell, int. Oct. 5, 1847. 
Judith, of Billerica, and Asa Abbott, at Billerica, May 29, 1798.* 
■Intentjon also recorded. 



Jaquith, Maiy, and James A. Abbott, Dec. 30, 1841.* 

Phebe G., and Woodbiidge L. James of Utica, N. Y., May i 

JEFFERSON, Mary, of Lowell, and Simeon Hatdy, Mar. jr, 


JEFFREY, Elisha, and Hannah T. [Harriet T. c. r. 2.] Berry, 

both of Middleton, May 17, 1842. 
Fanney, of Reading, and Simeon Patker, int. May 27, 1843. 

JEMERSON, Mary, of Wenham, N. H., and Dudley Woodbridgc, 
jr., int. May 19, 1827. 

JENKINS (see also Jinkins), Benjamin, and Peggy Flint of Read- 
ing, at Reading, Feb. 11, 1779.* 
Benja[min3, Capt, and wid. Sally Thompson of Charleston, int. 

Oct. 25, 1805. 
Benjamin, jr., and Naama Kendal Carter of Wilmington, int. 

Oct. 23, 1808. 
Benjamin, jr. [Capt. int.], and Elizabeth Berry, Sept. 27, i82r." 
Benjamin T. [F. int.], a. 24 y., farmer, s. Benjamin and Betsy, 

and Abigail F. Barker, a. 23 y., d. Jedidiah H. and Abigail, 

Jan.28, i847-« 
Charles, and Sarah W. Abbott, Mar. ai, 1844.* 
Deborah M., a. 26 y., d. Micah and Betsy, and Jotham A. Clark 

of Granby, a. 26 y., farmer, s. Augustus and Almy, Sept. 7, 

Ebenezer, and Sally [Polly, int.] Russell, Sept. r8, i8a8.* 
Elisabeth, and Amos Blanchard, jr., Jan. 14, 1802." 
Hannah, and Jacob Jones, jr., Oct. 4, 1807.* 
Jacob, a. 32 y., cordwainer, s. Joel and Phebe, and Elizabeth P. 

Chicfcering, a. 18 y., d. Isaac and Susanna, of Charlestown, 

Aug. 9, 1844.* 
Joel, and Martha Carter of WiI[mingto]n, at Wilmington, Dec. 

12, 1776.* 
Joel, jr., and Phebe Gray, Jan. 3, r8o6.* 
Jonathan, and Rebecca Pratt of Reading, int. Jan. 9, i8oS. 
Luther, of Reading, and Nancy Jane Putnam, int. Apr. 28, 1849. 
Lydia, and Josiah Blanchard, jr., Oct. 17, 1765. c. R. 2." 
Lydia, and Cornelius Gould of Boxford, int. May 24, 1812. 

•Intention also recorded. 



Jenkins, Lydia, and Ballard Holt, Nov. 30, i8a6.* 

Mary, and Eben[ezc]r Upton, jr., of Reading, Jan. 14, 1813." 

Maiy F., and Samuel Flint of Reading, int Dec. 7, 1844. 

Molly, and Abiel Upton, May 29, 1788." 

Nabby, and Wili[ia]m Lambert Kidder of Reading, Nov, 29, 

Patty [Polly, lot], and Jacob Burt of Wilmington, Mar. 29, 1798." 
Phebe, wid., a. 60 y., d. Thomas and Mary, and Enoch P. Davis, 

widr., of Reading, a. 50 y., farmer, s. Ebenezer and Sarah, 

June 18,1846.* 
Rebecca, and David Gray, Feb. 23, 1797.* 
Rebeccah, and Josiah Jones, Apr. 19, ii64* 
Samuel, and Lydia Damon of Reading, int. Feb. 15, 1800. 
Samuel, jr., and Survier Holt of Reading, int. Mar. 15, 1812. 
Samuel, jr., and Mary K. Carlton, Apr. 24, i83i,* 
Sam[ue]ll, jr., and Anna Upton of Reading, int. Dec. 12, 1765. 
William, and Polly S. [R. c R. i.] Famum, May 11, i8i8.»~ 
William S., a. 24 y., carpenter, s. Bcnj[amin] and Betsey, and 

Rebecca [F. int.] Farnbam, a. zt y., d. Jacob and Rebecca, 

May 22, 1849.* 

JENKS, Sarah H., of Boston, and Alonzo Gray, int Feb. 18, 

JENNINGS (see also Gennings), Abigal, of Bradford, and Wil- 
liam Montgomery, int. Nov. 26, r8o8. 
[Alva C. int.], and Mrs. Betsey Taylor, May 17, 1831. c. R. 6." 
Dorcas, of Methuen, and William Brown, int. Mar. 28, 1829. 
Eunea, and Francis Ingak, jr., Nov. 11, 1754-* 

JESSOP, Joseph, and Mary Upton, Apr. r, 1827." 

JEWET (see also Jewett), Dorcas, of Tewksbury, and Isaac 
Foster, int Dec. 27, 1760. 

JEWETT (see also Jewet), James, of Portland, and Ruby 

Bridges, Sept lo, 1800." 
Milo P., and Jane A. Russell of Plymouth, N. H., int Aug. 8, 


JINKtNS (see also Jenkins), Anna, and Joseph Batcbelder of 

Reading, Dec. 17, 1789.* 
BeDJa[minJ, of Wilmington, and EIiza[beth} Pearson, Feb. 20, 


*Iniention tls> recorded. 



JOHNSON, Abiah, of Biookfield, N. H., and James Spoilet, int. 

Mar. sg, 1816. 
Abigail, Mrs., and Tyler Porter of Boxford, at Boxford, Dec. 23^ 

Adeline, and John Fuller o£ Cambridge, Apr. — , rSiS. [int. 

Apr. 7.3* 
Andrew, and Hannah Chandler, Aug, 21, 1723.* 
Ania, and Dudley Trow, Dec. 12, fjgj.* 
Anna, and Hasadiah Porter of Ipswich, at Chebacco Parish of 

Ipswich, Mar. 23, 1756." 
Anna, and Phineas Farrington, Aug, 28, 1760,* 
Anna, and Capt. James Poor of Belfast, Oct. ar, 1807.* 
Anne, Mrs. [wid. int.], and Lt. Thomas Cummins of Ipswich, 

Mai. 28, 1754.* 
Anne, and Joseph Shattuck, jr.. Apt. 13, r756.* 
Asa, and Abiah Farnum, Nov, 15, 1792.* 
Asa, and DoUey Richardson [of Dracut. int.], at Dracut, Nov,. 

16, 1794." 
Benjamin, and Sarah Foster, July 2, 1713.* 
Benjamin, and wid. Elenor Edmans of Souhegan, int. Dec. 2, 

Benj[ami]n, and [wid. c. r. i,] Rebecca Poland, Nov, 30, 1769.* 
Benia[mijn, and Sarah Abbot, May 9, 1793. • 
Benjamin [Tolman. c. R, 1. and int], and Sarah McRobic, Sept. 

6, 1827." 

Benjamin, and Betsey Taylor of Amesbury, int. Mar. 25, 1847. 

Betsy, and William Johnson, jr., int. Aug. 14, 1800. 

Betsy, and Jeremiah Harriman of Boxford, June 20, 1816.' 

Betsy B., of Methuen, and Aaron Noyes, int. Jan. 9, 1830. 

Caleb, and Mary Turner, Jan, 2, 17(6-17,"' 

Caleb, and Lydia Lovjoy, July 16, 1718,* 

Catharine, and Capt. Jesse Pierce of Monmouth [Me. int.], Oct. 

22, 1822. C. R. t.* 

Charles F., a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. John and Hannah P., and 
Sarah F. Ingalls, a. ai y., d. Francis and Elizabeth B., Oct, 

7. i84S-» 

Charles K.,and Lydia K. Gtddings, int. Apr. 8, 1825. 

Damans, and Joseph Faulkner, Jan, 16, 1727-8,* 

David, and Abigail Ames, Dec, 15, 1796.* 

Deborah, and Nathan Bayley, jr., Nov. 12, 1761.* 

Dolly K., and John McKinley of Belfast, P. M, N. [Me. int.]» 

Dec. is,i8r2.» 
Dorathy [Mrs. int.], and Joseph Holt, Jan, 17, 1744-5.* 

'Intention also reconied. 



Johnson, Ebenezer, and Eleanor Edmonds, May ii, 1769.* 
Edmund, and Nancy [Anna, int.] Kimball of Bradford, at Brad- 
ford, Oct. »9, 1799.* 
Eleanor [wid. int.], of Reading, and Jonathan Holt, jr., at Read- 
ing, May 33, I775-* 
Eleanor E., and Samuel Bixby of Boxfoid, Feb. 4, 1S30. 
Eliza, of Nahant, and Joseph Ladd, int. Apr. 12, 1833. 
Elizabeth, and Thomas Blanchaid [jr. C. B. a,], Oct, 7, 1731." 
Elizabeth, and Samuel Farley, jr.. May 30, 1765.* 
Eliza[beih3, and Simeon Farnum of Gorham, Oct. aa, 1787." 
Elizabeth 1*., and Rev. James Means of Concord, int. Jan. 8,1840. 
Ephraim, and Mary Farly of Reading, int. Feb. 28, 1765. 
Fanny, and Jacob Dascomb ol Wilton, N, H., Mar. 10, iSas-* 
Francies, and Hannah Gierke [resident in Andover. int.], Apr. 

22, 1717. [Apr. 2. c. R. !.]• 
Francis, and Sarah Hawkes, Feb. 1, 1693. 
Francis, and Hannah Goodin [of Haverhill, int.], at Haverhill, 

June 3, i7i8.' 
Francis [jr. int], and Maty Fisk, Jan. 32, 1 723-4. • 
Hanna, and Samuell Hutchins, June 24, 1662. 
Hannah, and John Wright, July 27, 1725.* 
Hannah, and Moses Thursten, May 29, 1744.* 
Hannah, and AmiH Poland [resident in Andover. int.], Apr. i, 

Hannah, and Simon Frye, Dec. 9, 176a,* 
Hannah, and Timothy Holt, 3d, Apr. 8, 1773. C. r, 2.* 
Hannah, and Jeremiah Lovejoy, jr., Sept. 2, 1784." 
Hannah.and Henry Luscomb [Liscom. int.], resident in Andover, 

July 3, i8oo.» 
Hannah F[uller. int.], and Henry SpofEord, Apr, — , i824.» 
Hepzibah, and Miland Murphy of Danvers, Feb. 16, 1802. • 
'saac, and Elsis Potter of Ipswich, int. Jan. i, 1779. 
'saac, and Sarah Ann ixiDg of Salisbury, int. SepL ro, 1835. 
Israel G., and Catharine C. Lovejoy. May 7, 1834,* 
acob, and Sarah Doliver, Mar. 16, 1758." 
ames, and Elizabeth Peeters, Apr. 26, 169*. 
ames, and Sarah Smith of BoJtford, Aug, 28, 1716.* 
ames, and AnnisCory, Aug. 16, 1768.* 

9, and Lydia Hildrith, int. Jan, 25, 1773. 
foanna, and Moses Haggett, Oct. 23, 1671. [Nov. 20. ct. h.] 
lohn, and Elenor Ballard, Sept 13, 1689. 

ohn, and Maiy Farnem, May 18, 1708. [1707, c. R, 1 ; inl. 

■Intentioii *Iao recorded. 



Johnson, John, and Pheobe Robbinson, Dec. 20, i7io,* 

John, and Anne Russ, int. Aug. 24, 1723. 

John, and Lydia Osgood, Dec, 23, 1736.* 

John, Mr., and Mrs. Frances Pearson of Haverhill, at [laverhill, 

Sept. 34, 1746." 
John, 3d, and Esther Stevens, Feb. 20, r7S4.» 
John, and Margaret Mclntire of Reading, int May 9, 1767- 
John, jr., and Hannah Abbot, Apr. 29, 1773.* 
John, and Abigail Abbot, Oct. lO, 1786.* 
John [jr. int.], and Lydia Kimball, Dec. 27, 1804, • 
John, and Hannah Abbot, Feb. 27, tSio.* 
John, and Hannah Harris of Dracut, int. Aug. 23, 1817. 
Jonathan, of Pelham.N. H., and Hannah Cailton, Dec. 24, 180 1.* 
Joseph, of Bradford, Vt., and Betsey Beckford, Feb. 12, 1795.* 
Joshua [Ens. int.], and Martha SpaJford, Mar. 2, 1790.* 
Josiah, and Annoss Chandler, June 19, 1711.* 
Lydea, and Abraham Densmore [of Hollis. int.], Aug, 13, 1752." 
Lydia, and Joseph Dane, Feb. 4, i7i7-i8.* 
Lydia, of Haverhill, and Mosea Davis, at Haverhill, Dec. 29, 

Lydia, and Stephen Holt, jr., Jan. 21, 1768." 
Lydia, and Benjamin Fish, jr., May 22, 1801, • 
Lydia, and Benjamin Farnum of Concord, N. H., Jan. 18, 1S04.* 
Maria M., of Lowell, a, 20 y., d, James and Sarah, and Hatha- 
way Kent, of Lawrence, a, 23 y., tin-plate worker, s. Nath- 

[anie]! and Eliza A., Nov. 28, 1848. 
Martha, and Joseph Parker, Apr. 10, 173s.* 
Maiiha, and Col. James Spofford of Kingston, N. H., int. Nov. 

20, 1824. 
Maiy, and Ephraim Davis of Haverhill, Dec, 29, 1660. [Feb. 11, 

1659. CT. R.] 
Mary, and Retume Johnson, Sept. 7, 1673. 
Maty, of Medfield, and Barachias Harndine, July 24, 1701, 
Maiy, and Abraham Foster, June 29, 1703. [July 24. c. R. i.] 
Mary, and Joseph James [resident in Andover. int.], Feb. 26, 

Maiy, and Benjamin Fish [resident in Andover. mt.], Mar. 6, 

Mary, and Bixby Abbot, Jan, i, i8oi,* 
Mary, and Otis Swain, Aug. 21, i826.* 
'Mehetabel, and Thomas Huntington [of Mansfield, Conn, int], 

Apr- 4. 1733* 
Mehittabel], and Hamborough Blunt, Jan. 1 1, 1 704 [-5. c. r. i.].* 

■InlCDtioa also recorded. 



Johnson, Nabby, and Peter Stevens, July 5, 1768,* 

Nancy, and Peter Williams, Aug. zj, 1836. 

Nathan, and Elizabeth Osgoud, Sept. 8, i83i.» 

Obadiah, and Hannah Osgood, Feb. ja, 1724-5,* 

Obadiah, and wid. Dorathy Smith, Sept. i6, 1748.* 

Obadiah, jr., and Lydea Balard, Dec. 29, 1748." 

Obed, and Abigal Holt of Reading, int. July 15, 1749. 

Obed, and Elener Upton, of Reading, at Reading, May la, 17 73* 

Olive, and George W. Gould, Mat. 17, 1838. c. R. a. 

Osgood, and Fanny Abbot, Nov. 25, i8oi.* 

Penelope, and Thomas Kembal [Kimball, int], Mai. 3, 1742-3.* 

Peter, and MeMtabell Famum, Nov. 29, 1693. 

Peter, and Eunice Blanchard, Aug. 26, 1773.* 

Peter, and Hannah Pevey, Sept, 10, 1795-" 

Phebe, and James Tramball of Chatlestown, Nov. 3-j, i735-* 

Phebe, of Pelharo, N. H., and Jacob Carlton, int. Mar. 11, 1814. 

Phebe, and Rev, Asa Cummings ot North Varmouh, Me., Oct. r', 

Phineas, and Hannah Poor, June 6, r7^i.* 

Phinehas, of Pelham, N. H., and Mercy Griffin, Jan. 28, i8o6.* 

Rebeca, and Moses Earns of Boxford, June 11, 1752.* 

Rebecca, and Parker Tyler, Mar. 30, 1802. 

Rebecca W,, a. 28 y,, d. Edmund and Nancy, and John F. Hop- 
kins, of West Cambridge, a. 37 y., mechanic, s. John and 
Mary, Sept. 30, 1847.* 

Rebekah, and Joseph Ballard, Aug. 17, 1698. 

Returne, and Mary Johnson, Sept. 7, 1673. 

Ruth, and Joseph Holt, jr., June i, 176.3.* 

Sally, and Dr Nathaniel Bowman of Gorham, Oct. 13, 1789.* 

Samuel, and Anne Find of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov. 23, 1 727.* 

Samuel, and Elisabeth Gage of Bradford, int. Dec. 12, 1741.. 

Sani[ue]l, jr., and Anna Kimball of Bradford, int. Aug. 14, 1766. 

Samuel, jr., and Mary Poor, int Aug. 17, 1799. 

Samuel, Rev., of AIna, Me., and Ann Whitiier, May 24, 1821.* 

Samuel, Dr., and Susanna Barker, Nov. 21, 1S27.* 

Samuel K., a. 25 y., farmer, s. Edmond and Nancy, and Lucy A. 
Griffin, tt. 19 y., d. Jonathan and Lucy, Nov. 5, 1846.* 

Sarah, and Sam[ue]ll Blancberd, Mar. 31, 1708-9.* 

Sarah, and Peter Osgood, Sept. 8, 1743.* 

Sarah, and Nathaniel Townsend [jr., of Hollis. int.], May 2r, 

Sarah, wid., and Eera Stiles [of Boxford. cr. i.],Apr. 29, 1760.* 
Sarah, and Phineas Foster, June 37, 1805.* 
'lotentioD •Iso rtcorded. 



Johnson, Sarah F., and John R. [Jonathan R. int.] Swift, Dec. ^5, 

Serena P[arker. int.], and Dr. Eben[eze]r Dale [of Gloucester. 
int.], June 2, 181 1.» 

Seth, and Elizabeth Whicher of Methuen, int. Nov. 13, 1802. 

Stephen, of Harapstead, N, H., and wid. Precilla Famam, Aug, 
=8, i7SM.- 

Stephen, and Mary Sesions, Mar. 30, 1758.* 

Stephen, jr., and Sally Foster, June 27, 1805. • 

Steven, and Elizabeth Dane, Nov. Si 1661. 

Susanna, and Walter Wright, Feb, 26, 1667. 

Susanna [wid. c. r. i.], and Abraham Masters, Jan. 32, 1752.* 

Susanna, and Jedidiah Faroum, jr., Aug. 17, 1797.* 

Susannah, and Thomas Carrier, June 19, 1705." 

Tabilha, and John Danforth of Shrewsbury, int. Sept. 17, 1726. 

Theron, and Sarah J. Miichell of Portland, Me., int. Dec. 1 , 1 838. 

Thomas, and Mary Holt, July S, 1657- 

Thomas, jr., and Hannah Stone, July 24, 170-1. 

ThD[ma]s, Lt., and Dameros Marshall of Billerica, July 14, 1703. 

Timothy, and Rebekah Aslctt, Dec. 15, 1674. 

Timothy, and Kathcrioe Sprague, May 3, 1705." 

Timothy, and Betty Poor, Apr. 29, 1784.* 

Wiliam, and Bethiah Frie, Mar. 23, 1 747-8." 

William, and Sarah Lovejoy, May 23, 1678. 

Wil][ia]m, Sergt., and [wid. int.] Hannah Turner [of Charles- 
town, at Charlestown. dup.], Nov. 25, 1707.* 

William, and Maty Town, int. Nov. 16, 1770. 

William, and Mary Marble, May 13, 1773.* 

William, jr., and Betsy Johnson, int. Aug, 14, 1800. 

Zebadiah, and Hannah Robbins, int. June 8, 1723. 

Zebediah [jr. int.], and Lydia Bancroft of Readiug, at Reading, 
Sept. I, lyei." 

JOLLT, Mary, and John Denson Stopfonj, manufacturer, July 25, 

JONES, A. B., of Manchester, a. 37 y., merchant, b. Manchester, 
Conn., s. William, and Frances M. Sherman, a. 32 y., b. Al- 
bany, N. Y., d. Josiah and Hannah, Nov. 29, 1849.* 

Abbot, and Betsey Frye, Feb. 14, 1814.' 

Abiel, and Eunice Cobura, resident in Andover, int. Feb. 8, 1823. 

Abiel, and Mchitable Lovering [Loveret. int], Apr. 4, 1832." 
■Intention also recorded. 



Jones, Chad [Chadwaladore. int] Ford, and Anna [Joanna, int.j 

Eaton of Reading, at Reading, May 8, 1798.* 
David, jr. [of Dracut. int.], and Molly Bayley, June 27, 1765.* 
David, and Ruth P. Shatiuck, Oct. 18, 1827. c. r. i* 
Dorcas, and Rufus Towne, Jan. 25, 1844.* 
Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Abbot, i-'eb. 15, r78o.* 
Ebenczer, and Dorcas Dane [Dean. Int.], Dec. i, 1819.* 
Ebenezer, of Weld, Me., and Maty K. Holt, int. Jan. ri, 1823. 
Elizabeth, and William Holt, July 29, 1784.* 
Ezra, and Cynthia Richards of New Ipswich, N. H., int. Aug. zt, 

Hannah [wid. int.], of Reading, and Micail Carter [Carlton. 

int.], at Reading, Dec. 25, 1798.' 
Hannah B., and Gilbert Barnard, Mar. 19, 1846. C. R. 2." 
Herman, and Sally Wardwell, July [19. c. r. i.], i8ao." 
Hezekiah [W. int.], and Susan [Susannah, int.] Farnura,Jan. — , 


Jacob, jr., aod Hannah Jenkins, Oct. 4, 1807.* 

Jewel, and Sukey Lovejoy, Mar. 15, 1810." 

Joshua, of Wilmington, and EIiza[beth] Osgood, int July 21, 

Josiah, and Maty Trevey [Ttefety. int.] of Wilmington, at Wil- 
mington, Nov. 27, 1753." 

Josiah, and Rebeccah Jenkins, Apr. 19, 1764." 

Josiah, resident in Andover, and Sarah Annice, int. Feb. 23, 

Jude, of Windsor, N. H., and Elizabeth Cogswell, Feb. 25, lygg.' 

Lucy, and John [M. int.] Bailey, May 31, i843,* 

Lydia, and Joseph Holl, Jan. 13, 1803.* 

Lydia, and Nathan W[hite. int.] Ames, Apt. 15, i8i3.» 

Martha Ann, and William L. Day, both of Lowell, Sept. 23, 1835.' 

Mary, and Daniel Hoh, jr., Jan, s, 1790." 

Mary, of Lee, N. H., and James Tatterson, int. May 21, 1819. 

Mary, and [Capt. int.] Abel Abboi, Dec. 26, 1822.* 

Mary J., and Edward Rice, May 16, i8$&.' 

Nancy, of Lunenburg, and Rulus Spanldiug, int. June 22, t832. 

Nathan, and Dorcas Farnum, Dec. 25, 1789." 

Nathan, and Hannah Fry, Oct. 20, r8ii.* 

Phebe, and Abicl Holt, jr., Aug. 25, 1796.* 

Phillip, and Sarah Jones, Oct. 19, 1839." 

PoUy, and Zachariah Shelden of Reading, at Reading, Oct. so, 

Rachel, and Joshua Woodbridge, Feb. 6, i8oo.* 
'TntentioD alio recorded. 



Jones, Reuben, and Hannah Holt of Reading, at Reading, 

Dec. 2, i790.» 
Reuben, and Rachael [S. C. R. a.] Woodbridge, Feb. 21, 1828.* 
Russell, and Abigail Foster, May 5, 1774. c. b. 2." 
Sally, of Merrimac, N. H., and Merrill Richaidson, int. Nov. 16, 

Sarah, and Phillip Jones, Oct. 19, 1839,* 
Susanna, and Obadiah Holt of Amherst, N. H., May 5, 1784.* 
T^bomas. int.] Newton, Rev., of London, N. H., a. 27 y., clergy- 
man, s. Amasa and Mary, and Susan Jaue Bradley, a. 34 y., 
d. Jonathan and Sally, Nov, 30, 1848.* 
Willard, and Hannah Kelsey of Methuen, int. Nov. i, 1849. 
Will[ia]m, of Frankfort, N. Y., and Fanny T. Parker, int. Aug. 

JORBAN (see also Jorden), Dolly, and Aaron Noys, jr., Dec. r, 

Dorcas [A. int.], and Charles W[illia]m. int.] Fostei, Nov. 18, 

Nancy, and John Sullivan resident in Mittou, Sept. 11, 1796.* 
Russel B., and Maria Stevens, Sept. 29, iSji.* 
Silence, and William Wentworth of Boston, Sept. 24, 1805.* 

JORDEN (see also Jordan), Elizabeth, and John Pitcher, Jan. 
'S. '79'-" 

JtlDEINS, Abigal, and Amos Cummings, Jan. 15, 1803.* 
Olive, of Ixjwell, and Garret Welton, int. Aug. 22, 1836. 

KAT, William [Ray. int.], and Harriet Bradstreet, Oct. 23, 1834.* 

EEIN, Catharine S., wid., and Thomas M. Mitchell, widr. [of 
LowelL int], laborer, May 13, 1844." 

KEITH, Huldah, and Benjamin Stevens, jr., int. Apr. 10, 1830. 

EELLAT (see also Kelly), Daniel, and Mary Saunders of Wil- 
mington, int. Apr. 2fi, 1823. 

KELLBY (see also Kelly), Daniel, of Tewksbury, and Mary Lus- 

comb [Liscomb. c. R. 3,], Apr. 22, iStg," 
Oilman D., and Mary Upham of Amherst, N. H., int. Nov. 5, 


'Intention *l$o recorded. 



KELLOGG, Harriet W., of Hanorei, N. H., and Stephen N. 
Manning, int Aug. 8, 1833, 

KELLY (see also Kellay, Kelley), Hannah, of Amesbuty, a 35 y., 

d. Jacob and Mary, and Joseph B, Kelly, of Amesbury, a. 

3oy., 3. Stephen and Hannah, Feb. 16, 1847. 
John, of Haverhill, and Katharine Langlee (Cate Lang, int.], at 

Haverhill, May 8, 1759." 
John, of Deeting [N. H. int], and Maitha Erving, Nov. 20, 

Joseph B., of Amesbuiy, a. 30 y., s. Stephen and Hannah, and 

Hannah Kelly of Amesbuiy, a. 35 y., d. Jacob and Maiy, 

Feb. 16, 1847. 
Moody [Ebcnezer. c. r. i.], of Tewksbury, and Phebe Tonnsend, 

June 2, 1819.* 

EELSET, Hannah, of Methuen, and Willard Jones, int. Nov. i, 

KEHBAL (see also Kimball), Daniel, and Esther Foster, int. 

Apr. 5, 1712. 
Hannah [KembaL int.], of Boxford, and Thomas Holt, Aug. 15, 

Thomas [Kimball, int.], and Penelope Johnson, Mar. 3, 1741-3,* 

KBMBALL (see also Kimball), Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Frie, 

Nov. 22, 1744.* 
Hannah, and Richard Barker, Apr. 21, 1682. 
John, of Boxfoid, and Sarah Barlter, int. Sept, 7, 1744. 
Samuel, Capt. [of Wenham. c, r. i.], and [Mrs. Elizabeth. 

c », I.; Abigail, int.], Abigail Foster, Dec. 27, 1737.* 

KEHP, Samuel, of Groton, and Saiah Lacy, Feb- la, 1713-13.* 
Zorobabel, of Groton, and Mary l.acy, Jan, 27, 1703-4, c. r. i. 

KBNDAL (see also Kendall), James, Rev., of Plymouth, and 

Sarah Poor, July 22, iSoo.* 
Mary, and Samuel Hardy of Tewksbury, int. July 19, i8oo. 

KENDALL (see also Kendal, Kendell, Kindle), Artemas [of 
Tewksbury, int.], and Louisa [Sarah, int.] Hardy, Feb. ir, 
1830. C.R. 3.' 

*lDtentioB also recorded. 



Kendall, Elizabeth, af Amherst, N. H-, and Franklia Shattuck, 

int. Sept XX, 1829. 
Fanny, of Litchfield, and David Lyon, int. Oct 26, 1822. 
Isaac, and Susannah Marshall of Bradford, N. H., int. May 14, 

Joseph, and Satah B. Clark of Tewksbury, int Jan. n, 1825. 
Mary E., and Riia Gilman of Wobum, int. Mar. 7, 1842. 
Olive C. B., of Dunitable, and John Spadding, int Sept.4, 1828. 
Samuel, and Abigail Carter of Tewksbury, int Mar. 9, 1824. 
Thomas P., and Lydia Abbot, May 1, i8e3.* 
Walter S. , and Abigail M. Chase of Lowell, .int. Feb. 17,1 849. 

KENDELL (see also Kendall), Ephraim, jr., and Eunice C. 
Burlt, int June 11, 1814. 

KENETT (see also Kennett), Maiy, and Jonathan Hudson, int 
Sept 21, 1848. 

KENNEDY, Dennis, and Mary Cherry, May 8, 1831.* 
John, and Sophia Ellenwood of Diacut, int Nov. 8, 1823. 

KEHNETT (see also Kenett), John, and Elizabeth Buxten, int. 

Jan. 8, 1848. 
Thomas, a. 21 y., watchman, s. John and Maria, and Catherine 

Rousetl, a. 19 y., d. Thomas and Ann, Apr, 20, 1848.* 
William, of West Newbury, and Frances Willis, Sept 29, 1842." 

KENKEY (see also Kenny), Mary, of Salem, and William Fisk, 
at Salem, Dec. 3, 1723.* 

KENNISTON, Heniy, and Sarah Shaw of Newmarket, N. H.,int 

Mar. 10, 1848. 
Orrin, machinist, and Lydia A. Bailey, d. Bnoch and Lydia, . 

[int Apr. 28, 1849.]" 

KENNY (sec also Kenney), Thomas, and wid. Lydia Parker, Apr, 
30, i782.» , 

KENT, David, and Mary Long, Nov. 15, 1827.* 

Hathaway, of Lawrence, a. 23 y., tin-plate worker, s. Nath[aaie]l 

and Eliza A., and Maria M. Johnson of Lowell, a. 20 y., d. 

James and Sarah, Nov. 28, 1848. 

'IntentJoD alio recorded. 



Kent, Mary L., and James SutcMe, int. Jan. 4, 1849. 
Nathaniel [T., resident in Andover. int.], and Eliza A. Searls, 

Nov. 20, i833.» 
Rebecka, and John Famum, Nov. iz, 1667. 
Richard H., a. 24 y., painter, s. Nathaniel and Eliza A., and 

Lucy J. Bailey, a. 22 y., d. Theodore K. and I^vina, July 

31, i848.» 
Susan S., a, 19 y,, d. Micajah, and Thomas C. Clement, a. 29 y., 

laborer, s. Samuel, Sept. 36, 1844." 
William R., of Rindge, N. H., and Adeline Long, Dec. 29, 1831.* 

KERSHAW, Ann, and Joseph M, Dane of Boston, int. July 20, 

Betsey, and Joseph T. Abbot, Dec. 2, 1831. • 
John, see Kushund, John. 

Mary, and David Manock of Stowe, int. Dec. t5, 1849. 
Robeit, and Mary White of Boston, int. Oct. 3, 1840. 

KETTLE, Elias W., and Fidela Bridges, Feb. 21, i8og. c. r. 2* 

KETES (see also Keys), Joseph, resident in Andover, and Elinor 

Wood, int. Mar. 31, 1785. 
Lydia, and Earl C. Gordon, July i, 1834.* 
Maty, and Benjamine Gadge, Feb. 16, 1663. 

KEYS {sec also Keyes), James, and Catherine Fiinn, Feb. 17, 
1838. C. R. 4." 

KIDDER (see also Kider), Allis, of Billetica, and Joseph Stevens, 

int- Apr. 18, 1761. 
Elizabeth M., and Samuel P. Cobb, Sept 3, 1835.* 
John [of Charlestown. int.], and Abigail Abbott, May 13, 1734.* 
Louisa, of Tewksbury, and James Bond, int. Oct. 31, 1823. 
Martha J., and Nathaniel Swift, jr., Oct 10, 1832.* 
Mary, of Tewksbury, and John Melcoy, int. Aug. 30, 1786, 
Mary, of Medford, and Benjamin Abbot, jr., int May 19, 1798. 
Mary, of Tewksbury, and Leonard French, int. Nov. to, 1809. 
Mehiiable, of Billcrica, and Thomas Manning [resident in An- 
dover. int.], at Billerica, June 6, 1769.* 
'Sarah, of Tewksbury, and Samuel Kittredge, Oct. a8, 1773. 

c ». 2." 
Thomas [of Billetica. dup.], and [Mrs. c. r. z.J Susanna Phelps, 
at Billerica, July 7, 1767, 

'latentioii also recorded. 



Kidder, William [of Billerica], and Sarah Ballard, at Billetica, 

Dec. 16, 1736,* 
Willfiajm Lambert, of Reading, and Nabby Jenkins, Nov. 29, 


KIDER (see also Kidder), Jeremiah, of Tewksbury, and Sarah 
Barnard, int. Nov. 23, 1750, 

KILBORN (see also Killbuin), John, jr., ot Bridgcton, and Mary 

Barker, Feb. 23, 1808. c. r. 2. 
Mary C, and Asa Pingree, both of Topsfield, Feb, 3, r84i. 

KILBURN, John, see Kimbal, John. 

KILLBURN (see also Kilborn), David [of Rowley, int.], and 
Ruth Fisk, Dec. 16, 1731." 

KIMBAL (see also Kimball), Daniel, and Mehetable IngalJs, Dec. 

16, I736-* 
Daniel, jr., and Mary Stevens of Metrimac, int. Sept. 2, 1778. 
Daniel, 3d, and Elizabeth Osgood, June 5, 1783. c. r. i.* 
Daniel, of Hancock, and Abiah Holt, June 21, 1791.* 
John, jr. [Kilburn. int.], of Bridgeton, and Mary Barker, Feb. 33, 

Maty, and Daniel Carlton, 3d, Oct. t$, 1778.* 
Mehitable, and Ephraim Lacy, Aug. 28, 1783.* 
Mehitable, and Joseph Griffen of Danvets, Mar, 22, 1804." 
Phillip, and Hannah Willard of Salem, int. Mar. 4, 1806. 
Ruth [Mis. c. R- 2.], and Jacob Foster, jr., Mar. 13, 1796.* 
Sarah, of Bradford, and William Barker, int. Mar. 12, 1792. 
Sarah, of Bradford [resident in Andover. int.], and Michael 

Carlton, Nov. 15, 1812.' 
Seth, of Bradford, and Phebe Parker, Sept. 11, 1794." 

KIMBALL (see also Kcraba!, Kemball, Kimbal, Kimbill, Kim- 
bol), Abel, of Sanbornton, N. H., and Dolly H[olt. int.] 
Spafford, Feb. r6, i8i3.» 

Abiah, of Bradford, and Timothy Barker, at Bradford, Oct 26, 

Abigail T., and George Pearl, both of Boxford, int. Oct. 13, 18*5. 

Almira, of Boxford, and William Moody, jr., of Newbury, int 

Oct. : 

•Intention also recorded. 



Kimball, Ames,Capt., of Boxfoid, aad Lucy Foster, int Sept 13, 

Amos, of Boxford, and wid. Abigail Sessions, iot. June 33, 1765. 
Amos, and Mrs. Mary Stiles, at Boxford, Nov. 13, i779.* 
Amos, of Boxford, and Susan Foster, May 24, 1828.* 
Andrew, and Easthcr Barker, Apr. 23, 1747." 
Andrew, and Mary Town, Nov. 29, 1804.* 
Ann, and Thomas J. Young of Boston, Sept. 6, 1829.* 
Anna, of Bradford, and 5am[ue]l Johnson, jr., int. Aug. 14, 1766. 
Anna, Mrs., of Plaistow, N. H., and John Kneeluid, Esq., int. 

Sept r4, 1830. 
Asa, and Huldali Taply of Topsfield, at Topsfield, July rg, 

Barnard, and Betsey Porter of Boxford, at Boxford, Sept. r7, 

Benjamin, of Wenham, and Phebe Frie,Mar. ai, 1739. [1738-9. 

C. R. !.]• 

Benj[ami]n F., and Sarah D. Hunt of Lowell, int. Nov. 7, i8a8. 

Betsey, and Dudley Tyler, Nov. 25, 1803.* 

Betsey, and Joel Towns, June 10, r8o6.* 

Betty, and Gilbert Chadwick of Salem, May 24, 1787,* 

Caroline E., of Lawrence, and Stephen J. Chase, int. Nov. 20, 

Catharme K., and James Callahan, Feb. 25, T833.* 
Charles W., of Haverhill, and Mwy J, Taylor, int. Mar. ro, rS49. 
David [Rev. int.], of Martinsburg, N. Y., and Elizabeth Epes 

Carter, Aug. 6, 1822.* 
David C, of Ipswich, and Louisa Gage, int. Mar. 5, 1825. 
Dolly, and Elijah Gould of Topsfield, Mar. 23, i8a6." 
Dorothy, of Bradford, and Daniel Poor, int Jan. 19, ryir-ra. 
Elbridge, of Bradford, and Deborah I. Ellis, Jan. i, r844.* 
Elbridge, and Lucy Ann C. Lowell of Lawrence, int Novi to, 

Elisabeth, and Richard Foster of Boxford, at Boxford, Nov. ig, 

Eliza, and Hilllard White of Mansfield, Oct 19, 1839.* 
Eliza Ann, and Reuben Noble of Norway, Me., Dec. r, r833.* 
Eliz[abe]th, of Boxford, and Humphrey Holt, at Boxford, Jan. 

t, T74S- [int. Sept 14, 1745-]* 
Elizabeth, and Richard Foster of Boxford, int Oct. 14, i76r. 
Enoch, and Eliza Foster, int Nov. r8, r828. 
Ephraim, jr., of Boxford, and Elizabeth Gray, at Boxford, Dec. 

3- I747-' 

■Intention also recorded. 



Kimball, Esther, and Henry Martin, Aug. 27, 1767.* 
Eunice, and Daniel Asten, Feb. 2$, 1762." 
George, of Bradford, and Betsey Gage, int. Nov. 13, 1819. 
Hannah, of Boxford, and Asa Carlelon, at Boxford, Jan. 6, 

Hannah, and Andrew Peters, Oct. 18, 1768.* 
Hannah F., and Jacob Kimball, Oct. 9, 1834." 
Henry G., cordwainer, s. W[illia]m and Elizabeth, and Harriet 

L. Woodbridge, d. Benja[min], Jan, 21, 1844.* 
Jacob, and Hannah F. Kimball, Oct. 9, 1834." 
Jane, and Joshua Lovejoy Holt, May 9, 1808. c. s. a." 
Jefferson, and Mary Griffen of Danvers, Jnt. Oct. 23, 1835. 
Jesse [of Boxford. C. b. 1.], and Susanna Jackson, May 5, 1763.* 
Jesse, and Lydia Barnes of Boxford, int. Nov. 16, 1839. 
John, and Hannah Farringtoa, Mar. 7, r77i.* 
Jonathan [jr. int.], of Boxfoid, and Mehetabel Robinson, at 

Boxford, July.25, 1745." 
Joseph, of Boxford, and Lucy Robinson, Dec. 25, 1788.* 
Lavinia E., and William A. GiUman of Boston, Oct. ir, 1836.* 
Lydia and Stephen Ingalls, Sept. 21, 1786." 
Lydia and John Johnson fjr. int.], Dec. 27, 1804.* 
Lydia, of Bradford, and Orlando Abbot, int. Nov. 6, 1829. 
Marcy, of Bradford, and Ezekiel Carlton, int. Oct. 2, i73r. 
Mary [Mercy, c. r. r.}, and Jonathan Peabody [of Boxford. 

c. R. I.], Dec. I, I767,* 
Mary and Moses Bradstreet, 3d, of Rowley, Nov. 29, 1808. 

c. R. 2 .• 
Mary of Hancock, N. H., and Ralph H. Chandler, int. Sept. 

23. 1836. 
Mary and George Mclntoch [Mcintosh, p. r. a.], Jan. 20, 1848." 
Mehtabell, and Josiah Farnum, jr.. Sept, 2S,'r766.* 
Mehitable, of Boxford, and Timothy Barker, at Boxford, Nov. ij, 

1 744-* 
Mercy [of Boxford, c. r. i.], and Asa Sherwin, Nov. 1, 1768. • 
Molly, and Hutchinson Ingalls of Bluehill, Nov. 5, 1795.* 
Moses, and Dorothy Robinson of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Dec. 2, 

Moses, and Jane Gorden, Dec. i, 1772." 
Moses [3d. int.], and Hannah Preston of Danvets, at Danvers, 

July 9, I793-* 
Nancy [Anna, int], of Bradford, and Edmund JohnBon, at 

Bradford, Oct. 29, I799-* 
Olive T., of LoffcU, and Samuel P. Famum, int Dec. 13, 1834. 
■Intention abo recoided. 



Kimball, Patty, and Jonas Symoods, Dec. 30, 1813.* 

Paulina, and Peabody Dole of New Rowley, int. Dec. 3, 1830. 

Peter, of Bradford, and Lucy Barker, Oct. 13, 1791.' 

Phebe, and Timothy Stiles of Boxford, Aug, 15, 1764.* 

Phebe, and Ezekiel Carlton, jr., July 3, t8oi." 

Phebe, of Hancock, N. H., and Ralph H. Chandler, int. Sept 

17, 1814. 

Rebecca, and Lemuel Stickney, Nov. 16, 1769." 

Richard [jr. int.], of Bradford, and Alrai'ra Parker, Feb. 2, i8i8.* 

Ruby S., and James Neason [Nason. int.], of Boxford, Apr. a, 

Ruth, and Jonathan Holt, 3d, Dec. 31, i76i." 
Sabta, of Concord, N. H., and George Locke, SntMay ro, 1845- 
Sally, and Peter Town, jr., May 31, i3o4.* 
Sally, and Ephraim Fuller of Middle ton, Apr. ^7, 1820," 
Samuel [of Haverhill, int; of Bradford, C. R. 1.], and Hannah 

Abbott, Dec. 21, i736.» 
Samuel, and wid. Ruth Preston of Salem, at Salem, Jan. 3, 1752:* 
Samuel, and Eleanor Erskine of Boston, int. Mar. z8, i8ag. 
Sarah, and Joseph Town, May 14, 1747." 
&rah, and Daniel Poor, 3d, Apr, 18, 1769." 
Sarah W., of Plaistow, N. H., and William Foster, jr., int. Nov. 

18, 1826. 

Seth, and Rosena Parker, Apr. aj, 1831." 

Sophia, a. 46 y., d. Joseph and Anna, and Charles Tufts, widr., 

of Boston, a. 45 y., building contractor, s. Jonathan and 

Priscilla, June 18,1848.* 
Thomas, and Betsey Berry of Middleton, int. Nov. 1, 1795. 
Thomas H., and Damaris Gleason, May 14, 1829.* 
Walter H., a. 26 y., physician, b. Boxford, s. Amos and Lucy, of 

Boxford, and Mary E. Gage, a. 23 y., d. John and Betsy, 

Aug. II, 1846." 
William, and Betsey Pace, Oct. 10, 1798.* 
William, of Pembroke, N. H., and Elizabeth [Sarah, int.] Os- 
good, Nov, 4, 1 80a.* 
William G., and Hannah Bradbury of Haverhill, int. July 5, 

Zetviah [Mrs. c. r. 1.], and William Crombie of Plymouth, Not. 

37, 1760.* 

KIMBILL (see also Kimball), Susana, and Isaac Chickering, 
June 16, 1813.' 

'IltleDlioil also recorded. 



EIHBOL (see also Kimball), Abigail, of Bradford, and Jacob 

Tyler, int Dec, 17, 1719. 
Deboiah, of Bradford, and Samuel Poor, int. Aug. i, 1719. 
Hannah, of Bradford, and Epharam Robinson, int. Oct. 3, 1750. 
Hannah, and Thomas Kimbol of Boxford, Feb. 17, 1757." 
Lydia, and James Farnaum, Dec. 27, 1748.* 
Richard, and Anne Robinson, Nov. 11, 1755.* 
Sarah, and Ebenezer Ingals, Jan. 26, 1748-9, • 
Thomas, of Boxford, and Hannah Kimbol, Feb. 17, 1757" 

KINDLE (sec also Kendall) Elizabeth [Kindle, int.], and James 
Grosvenor, June 4, 1840. c. r. 4.* 

KING, Ellen Maiia, of Danvers, a. 2a y., b. Danvers, a. 22 y., b. 

Danvers, d. Hon. Dan[ie]l F. and Sally, of Danvers, and I. 

Osgood Loring, a. 38 y., fanner, s. Rev. Bailey and Sally P., 

Dec. I, i847.» 
Lucey S., and William K. Lunt, both of Lowell, June 21, 1837. 
Mary, of Wilton, and Joseph Chandler, int. Sept. ao, 1782. 

KINGSBURY, Francis E., of Dedham, a. ao y., yeoman, s. Eli- 
phalet and Mary Ann, of Dedham, and Sarah Jane Fish, a. 
21 y., d. Benjfamin] and Mary C, Apr. 8, 1847.* 

KITREG (see also Kittredge), Hannah, wid., of Tewksbury, and 
Josiah Osgood, int. Nov. 4, r749. 

KITTERDGE (see also Kittredge), Susanna, and Samuel Foster, 
May 10, i763,» 

KITTEREDGE (see also Kittredge), Hannah [Mrs. c. r. i.], 
and Daniel Foster [jr. int.], Dec. r6, 1760." 

KITTERIDGE (sec also Kittredge), Mary, and [Dr. c. r. r.] 
Aaron Wight [White, int; of Medway. c r. i.], Nov. 5. 

Rebecca, and Henry Fields, Aug. 16, i768.* 

KITTREDG (see also Kittredge), Jubc, and Polly Morison, int. 
Nov. 30, 1796. 

•Intenlion also tecorded. 



KTITREDGE (see also Kilreg, Kitterdge, Kitteredgc, Kitterid^, 
Kittredg, Kittieg, Kittridg, Kittridge), Catharine, aod 
David CummiDgs, Esq., of &tlem, Aug. 17, 1815." 
Hannah, and Jereraiah MoitiI of Methuen, Nov. 30, 1773. 

c. R. 2.* 
John W.Qesse H. int.], and Susan A. Currier, May 31, 1838.* 
Joseph, Dr., and Hannah Hodges of Salem, int. Nov. 19, 1819. 
Joseph, Dt., and Henrietta Fiances Watson of Roxbuiy, int 

Nov. 20, 1847, 
Mana F., and David Cummings, Esq. of Salem, Oct. 17, 1825.* 
Mary, Mrs., and Gen. Moses Whitney of Milton, Nov. 16, i8is.* 
Samuel, and Sarah Kidder of Tewksbury, Oct 28, 1773. c. r. a.» 
Solomon, and Tabitha Ingals, May 14, 1755.* 
Tho[majs, Dt., and Susanna Osgood, Nov. 7, 1771.* 

KITTREG (see also Kittredge), Hannah [of Tewksbury. int.], 

and Samuel Bailey, jr., Jan. as, i7S3-* 
James, 3d, of Tewksbury, and.Molley Bayte, int. Nov. 3, 1750. 

KITTRIDG (see also Kittiedge), Jo[h3n, of Billerica, and Han- 
nah Abbot, int. Jan. 3, 1707-8. 

EITTIUDGE (see also Kittredge), E1iza[beth], and John Dwin^ 

of Salem, N. H., June 19, 1775.* 
Esther, and Samuel Chickering of Methuen, Dec 13, 1785.* 
Martha Osgood, and Dr. Lemuel LeBairon of Roxbury, Nov. 39, 

1 809.* 
Susanna, wid.gOfTewksbury, and Henry Phelps, int Apr. 24, 1760. 

ENEBLAN (see also Knceland), Mary, of Ipswich, and Epbraim 
Abbott, int. Feb. i, 1745-6. 

ENEELAND (see also Kneelan), Abigail, and Caleb Richardson, 

Oct. 9, r794.» 
Jolm, Esq., and Priscilla Abbot, June 5, 1620.* 
John, Esq., and Mrs. Anna Kimball of Ftaistow, N. H., int. Sept 

14. 1830. 
Nancy, and Joseph Hall of Montreal, Canada, Aug. 16, 1804.* 
Sally, and Timothy Ames, Mar. 31, 1787.* 

KNIGHT (see also Knights), Charies, and Mrs. Eley [Elcy. int] 

Davison, May 9, 1833,* 
Thomas [resident in Andover. int], and Rebecca Richardson of 

Woburn, at Wobum, Nov. 29, 1791.* 

'Intention kIm lecoided. 



KNIGHTS (see also Knight), George W., and Elizabeth French, 

Apr. I, i8i7.» 
Robert, of Milfoid, N. H., and Rebecca Abbot, Sept. 2, 1824.* 

KNOWLTON, Daniel, of Concord, N. H., and Rhoda Abbot, Nov. 
18, 1817." 

KKOX, Maty J., of Winthrop, Me., now of Andover, and Samuel 
D, Bozzell of Effingham, N. H., int. May 10, 1S45. 

EUSBUND, John [Kershaw, int.; Kneeland. c. r. t.], and Nao- 
mi Brown, Dec. i, 1836.* 

LABEREE, Benjamin, and Eliza F. Capen of Dorchester, int. 
Sept. 8, 1831. 

LABOURN, Mary, and Ttiomas Wood, int. Jan. 19, 1848. 

LACET (see also Lacy) , Elizabeth; and James Stevens, Oct 6, 

1778. [Oct. I.e. R. I.]* 
Ephraim, Capt., and Mary H. Melvin of Concord, inL Oct. 29, 

Lydia [Hannah, int. and c. R. a.], and Isaac Holt, 3d, Nov. 16, 

Mehitable, and Jesse Hutchinson of Danvers, May 24, 1804," 
Samuel, and Eliz[abe]th Styles of Middleton, int. Sept. 7, 1771. 

LACT (see also Lacey, Lahorsey), Andrew K., and Lydia Ingals, 

June s, 1823.* 
Betsy, and Levi Famum, May 14, i8i6.* 
Dorathy, and Thomas Famum, Aug. 3, 17*0.* 
Epbraim, and Anne Hardy of Bradford, int. June 17, 1710. 
Ephraim, and Mehitable Kimbal, Aug. z8, 1783-* 
John, and Hannah Gray, Oct. 24, 1786.* 
Laurence, and Maiy Foster, Aug. 5, r673. 
Lydia G., and Israel Gray, June r8, r8i8." 
Mary, and Zorobabel Kemp of Groton, Jan. 27, 1703-4. c. r, i. 
Sarah, and Samuel Kemp of Groton, Feb. la, 1712-13." 

LADD, Joseph, and Eliza Johnson of Nahant, int. Apr. 12, 1833 

LAHORSEY (see also Lacy), Ephraham, and Martha Wood of 
Bradford, int. Aug. 27, 1748. 

•Intention also tecordeci. 



LAKEHAN, Pelatiah, of Boxfoid, and Eunice Barker, int. May 9, 

LAMBERT, John, of Amesbuiy, and Mary Behaa, int July 31, 

Mary Ann, of South Reading, and William Gage, int. Sept. 8, 


LAHON, Sarah [Lemon, c r. a.], of Reading, and Nehemiah 
Hayward, Nov, 3$, 1784.* 

LAHPHEAR, Emetine D., of Springfield, and Charles L. Bartlett, 
int. Apr. 23, 1834. 

LAMSON, Judith, of Byfield [of Newbury, c. r. i.], and James 

Taylor, Apr, 20, 1819.* 
Samuel, and Sarah Ann Sawyer of Boxford, int. June 16, 1832. 
Sarah, and Paul Faulkner, int. Oct. 17, t7i4. 
Thomas [of Ipswich, int.], and Abigail Faulkner, Apr. 6, 1 708. 

c. R. I," 

LANCASTER, Hannah [wid. int.], of Methuen, and John Shack< 
ford, at Methuen, Nov. 27, 1751." 

LANDER (see also Landers), Benj[ami]n, and Lydia Walton of 
Danvers, int. Nov. 2, 1820. 

LANDERS (see also Lander), Charlotte, and Seth Chase, int. 
Feb. s, 1842. 

LANE, Daniel, and Elizabeth Jane Staples of Freeport, Me., int. 

Aug. 17, 1843. 
John [of Bedford, int.], and Hannah Abbott, Mar. 16, i73i-2,» 
John, jr., of Bedford, and Sarah Hildreth [wid. int.], May 28, 

. 176'-" 
John, and Mary Luoeny of Boston, int. May 4, 1841. 
Mary, and Luke Cunningham, int. Nov. 20, 1847. 
Patrick, and Bridget Callehan, int. Apr, 17, 1841. 
Willard, and Polly Marshall of Nottingham West, int. Jan. 14, 


Willard, and Rhoda Corlis of Salem, N. H., int. May 19, 1809. 

LANG, Phebe A., of Boston, and Francis J. Anderson, int. Nov. 
27, 1847- 

■lotentiOD also iccoided. 



LAN6LEE, Kathariae [Cate Lane, iot.], aod John Kelly of Hav- 
erhill, at Haverhill, May 8, 1759.* 

LANGHADE, Mary Ana, of Ipswich, and Daniel S. Abbot, int. 
Oct. 3, 1S34. 

LANESFORI>, Elisabeth [resident in Andover. inl.], and Ephraim 

Stiles, Nov, 26, 1741.* 
Mary [resident in Andover. intj, and David Sessions, Dec. 29, 


LARRABEE, James [Latherbc. int.], of Lynn and Mary Holt, 

Apr. 13, i772.» 
Tamma, of Lynnfield, and Ezra Hatch, July 4, iSaa.* 

LART, Jonathan, of Wolfboro, N. H., and Lydia Holt, wid., Dec. 

15- 1774.' 

LASALL, Thomas [of Windham, int.], and Mchittable Smith, 
Sept. 23, 1734.* 

LATON, George, and Phoebe Nichols, Jan. t, iSag.^ 

LAW, Mary, and Nicholas W. Thissell, both of Methuen, Oct. 23, 
1S36. c. R. 2. 

LAWRANCE (see also Lawrence), Abigal, Mis. [wid. int.], and 
Dea. Ebenezer Walcot, Aug. 22, 1749.* 

LAWRENCE (see also Lawrance), Edward A., Rev., and Marga- 

rette 0[livet, int.] Woods, May 20, 1839.* 
Mary, of Waltham, and John Herrick, at Waltham, Feb. 14, 


LEACH, Lydia, of Salem, and Elijah Town, May ij, i8i6.* 
Susan, and Jesse Peabody of Salem, Dec. 14, 1823.* 

LEANERD, Thomas, of Medford, and Dorcas Bridges, June 6, 
1 793-" 

LEATHBRBEE, M«rcy, of Lynnfield, and James Nickols, int 
Sept 30, 1815. 

'IntentbD aUo recorded. 



LEAVETT (Bee also Leavitt), Elizabeth B., of Lynn, and Jacob 

Gray, inL Jan. lo, 1821. 
Jonathan, and Louisa Adams, Dec. 7, 1825." 

LEAVrr (see also Leavitt), Dudly, of Northwood [N. H. lot], 
and Dolly [Dorithy. int] Clifford Frost, Oct 7, i8o6.* 

LEAVITT (see also Leavett, Learit), Jeremiah, and Mary Blunt, 

May 3, 1771. c R. a.* 
Jona[than], and Joan Ayer of Haverhill, int July 8, 1830. 

LeBARON (see also LeBairon), William, Dr., and Sarah Jarvia 
Can of Roxbury, int May 16, 1S41. 

LeBARRON (see also LeBaron), Lemuel, Di., of Roxbury, and 
Martha Osgood Kittridge, Nov. zg, 1809.* 

LEE (see also Lees), Benjamin [of Manchester, int.}, and Mary 

Stevens, Feb. 25, i730-3i.» 
David, and Deborah Ingalls, int Mar. 27, 1813. 
Deborah, and Peter Young, Aug. 38, i8ai.» 
Hannah, and Israel Foster of Manchester, Oct lo, rSoa.* 
Hannah, and Benjamin Simpson, jr., Mai. 17, 1S42.* 
Jacob, of Manchester, and Elizebeth Goldsmith, Nov. at, iSoz." 
Joseph, and Helen Toole, Nov. 11, 1845.* 

LEES (see also Lee), Ann, a. 35 y., b. England, d. John and 
Martha, of England [of Moteley, Lancashire, Eng. c E. 4.], 
and John Mailand, 3d, a. 35 y., b. England, flannel finisher, 
s. James and Elizabeth, of England [of Moreley, Lancashire, 
Eng. c. R. 4.], Dec. ig, 1849.* 

Eliza, of X.owell, and Benjamin Nurse, Int Apr. 6, 1836. 

LEFAVOUR (see also Favor, Favour, Feaver, Fever), Jacob, and 
Eliza[beth] Pickett of Beverly, at Beverly, Aug. 24, 1749.* 

LEIGH, Bdffin, and Susan SchoUay of Ashbuinham, int. Mar. ao, 

LEHON, William, of Boston, bookbinder, and Elizabeth G. Holt, 
d. Ezra, Nov. 38, i844.» 

LEROWE, Caroline A., of Boston, and Charles Goddard, int 
June 10, 1830. 

'Intentkni alio iccoided. 



LEVINGSTONE (see also LivingBtoo), Deborah, of Billerica, and 
James Marshall, int. Aug. 17, 1779. 

LEW, BarzUla, and Nancy Rallcy [Riley, c. r. i.] of Boston, 
Sept. 3, 1823.' 

LEWES (see also Lewis), Maiy, of Reading, and BcDJamin Fos- 
ter, int. May r6, 1747. 

LEWIS (see also Lewes, Lewiss, Luis), Eveline D., and John 

Sbephaid, int. Oct. 3, 1845. 
Jeiemiah, and Hannah J. Green of Amesbury, int. Jan, 17, 1837. 
Mary, and John Holt [jr. c. r. 2.], Oct, 28, 1731.* 
Richard, of Maiden, and Hannah Farnum, Nov. 16, 1S25.* 
Rodney A., of Medlbrd, and Lydia A. Symonds, Jan. 31, 1839. 
Sarah [ol Billerica. int.], and Zebediah Holt, at Billerica, Dec. 

33, l^S^.' 
"Hionias, resident in Andover, and Nancy White, Dec, 1$, 1807.* 

I£WISS (see also Lewis), Joanna, and Samuel Flood, residents 
in Andover, int. Jan, 25, 1737-8, 

LIBBY, Lydia, and Levi H. Hamlin, both of Boston, Sept. 26, 

1847. C. R. 2. 

LILLAY (see also Lilley), Mary, of Lowell, and James Crangle, 
int. Sept, 2, 1836. 

LILLEY (see also Lillay), Lucy, and Winthrop A. Parker of 
Rochester, N. Y., int. Apr. 21, 1843. 

LINCOLN, Fordyce F., and Mary Purves, Jan. 25, 1824.* 

LINDLEY, Charlotte, and Edward Smith, int. Oct. 3, 1847. 

LINDSAY (see also Lindsey), Samuel, and Rachel Hardy of 
Bradford, at Bradford, Mar. 2, 1773.* 

UHDSEY (see also Lindsay), Samuel, and Mehitable Cross, Sept. 
12, 1780.* 

LIKN, Hector, and Jane M. Scott, int. Sept. 29, 1848. 
•Intention also recorded. 



LISCONB (see alw Luscomb), Richard, and Rhoda NoycB, Apr. a, 

UTTLE, Ann P., o! Atkinson, N. H., and Rev. Jesse Page, int 

Dec. 31, 1836. 
Sarah G., of Boscawen, N. H., and Hervey O. Higley, int. Sept 

3. 1829. 

LIVERMORE, Mary J., of Lowell, and Daniel Sanders, jr., int 
Sept. 18, 1846. 

LIVINGSTON (sec also Levingstone) , Beulah [Mrs. int.], of 
Tewksbury, and Richard Barker, Feb. 18, i84i.» 

LOCKE, George, and Sabra Kimball of Concord, N. H., int. May 

10, 1845. 
Mary O. [Mrs. int J, and W[illia]m P. Capewell of Boston, Nov. 

19. «839* 
Mary Ozliorne, and John Millet of Boston, int Nov. 15, 1823. 

LONG, Abigail, of Newbury, and Joseph Emry, int Aug, 19, 1 738. 
Adeline, and William R. Kent of Rindge, N. H., Dec. 29, i83i.» 
Daniel, and Hannah Mastin of Middleton, int Oct 17, 1765, 
Elijah, and EUza[beth] Botman of Merrimac, N. H., int. Jan. 20, 

Elijah, and Elizabeth L. demons, Dec, 14, 1836." 
Elizabeth B., and Henry A, Town of Boxford, int. Mar. 14, 1846. 
Hannah, of Boxford, and Jabez Hayward, jr., int Jan. 5, 1S12. 
John, jr., and wid. Hannah Hutchinson, Aug. 22, 1776.* 
John, jr., and Mary Barker, Mat- 9, 1797.* 
Jonn, jr., and Phebe Berry of Middleton, int June 9, 1837. 
Josiah, and Mary Carlton, Sept 27, 1755.* 
Mary, and Samuel Gould of Boxford, May 6, 1807.* 
Mary, and David Kent, Nov. 15, 1827* 
Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Stiles, June 22, 1788. 
Prudence, and Robert Davis, Nov, 23, 1758.* 
Robert [resident in Andover. int.], and Sarah Haggit, May 25, 

1 749-" 
Sarah, and James Messer of Methuen, Mar. 18, 1756." 
Sarah Ann, of Salisbury, and Isaac Johnson, int. Sept 10, 1835. 
William B., and Sarah H. Carleton of Boxford, int Dec. 11, 1840. 

LONGA, William, and Abigail May [residents in Andover. int.], 
Nov. 4, 178a.' 

•Inlention aJso recorded. 



LONGLET, Mary, and John Barker, inL Nov. 26, 1844. 

LORD, Cathaiise H., and Chailes S. Parker, painter, 9. Caileton, 

Feb. 19, 1846.* 
Nathaniel, jr., Esq., of Ipswich, and Mary H. Adams, Sept. 6, 

Sarah, and Joseph Willson, Apr. 34, 1678. 
Susanah, and Thomas Ossgood, May 33, 1674. ci. r. 

LORING, Bailey, Rev., and Sally P[itman. int.! Osgood, Feb. so, 

I. Osgood, a, 38 y., farmer, s. Rev. Bailey and Sally P., and Ellen 
Maria King, of Danvers, a. 32 y., b. Danvers, d. Hon. Dan- 
[ie]l P. and Sally, of Danvers, Dec. 1, 1847.* 

Luanda A., of Pembroke, and Otis Bailey, int. Jan. 15, 1833. 

Mary Ann, and Anthony D. Currier of Newburyp[or]t, Oct. 8, 

Sarah, and Jacob Stickney, 3d, of Newburyport, Nov. 37, 1833.* 
Thomas, 0! Chailestown, and Sally Russell, Oct. 33, 1806." 

LOUD, Nabby, and Amos Carlton, Dec. 35, 1798.* 
Nathaniel, and Mary Bradley of Methuen, int. Feb. r, 1812. 

LOVE, Margaret, and James Stott, int. Apr. r7, 1844. 

LOVEJOY (see also Lovjoy), Abiah, and Andrew [A. int.] Moore, 

Oct. I, 1839. c. H. 3." 
Abigail, and Nehemiah Abbott, Apr. 9, i6qi. 
Abigail, and Moses Morse jjr, intj of Methuen, Nov, rg, i778.* 
Albert, and Sarah Ann Hidden of Peacham, Vt., int. Aug. 3, 1845. 
Amos, and Elesabeth Watdwell, May 10, 1804. • 
Angeline, and Edwin H. Barnard of Lowell, int Apr. ri, 1849. 
Ann P., and Edmand Frost of Norway, Me., June a, r823.* 
Anne, and Johnathan Blanckett, May 36, r685. 
Anne, and Zebadiah Abbot, June 30, i738.* 
Asa, and Sarah Frye, Aug, 30, 1772.* 
Augustus, and Mary Styles, Mar. 29, 1838." 
Ballard, and Pamelia How of Dunstable, N. H., int. Jan. 4, iSaS 
Benjamin, and Susanna Cumeel, Feb. 13, 1717-18. c. R. i,' 
Benjamin, jr., and Mary Mirriam [resident in Andover. int], 

Nov. 4, 1746.* 
Bodweil, and Sally Poor, Dec. 31, rSos." 
'iDtentioD also recorded. 



LovEjoy, Caleb, and Mehetable Chandler, Jan. a6, I737-8-* 
Catharine, and Joseph L. [S. c. R. 3.] Crash of Lowell, Jan. 2, 

Catharine C, and Israel G. Johnson, May 7, 1834.* 
Chloe, and John Poor, 3d, Dec. 36, 1776* 
Christopher, and Sarah Russ, May z6, 1685. 
Christopher, and Anne More, Feb. 15, 1742-3.* 
Daniel, and Mary Holt, Oct. 29, 1745* 
Daniel, jr., and Abigail Cummins, July 25, 1770. c. ». 2." 
Darcus, and John Shackford [of Portsmouth, int.], Oct z6, 1727.* 
David [of Suncook. int.], and Elizebeth Chandler, Mar. 26, 

Dcbora, and John Bayley [of Bradford, int.], Dec. 13, i732.» 
Deborah, and John Phelps, Dec. 16, 1740.* 
Dolly, and Asa Town, Dec. 2, 1790. [Dec. 26. c. R. 2.]* 
Dorethy, and Solomon Martain, Dec. 35, 1722." 
Dorothy, and James Holt, 3d, Feb. 14, 1760." 
Ebcnezer, and Mary Foster, July 11, 1693. 
Ebenezcr, and Mary Barnard, June 26, 1733.." 
Ebenezer, and PhebcRussel, Nov. 2, 1794.* 
Ebenezer, jr., and Delina Lynch, May 9, 1819,* 
Eleiebith, and Hcnery Young Brown [of Haverhill, int], Oct. 

19, 1752." 
Elisabeth, and Samuel Warner, May 20, irs^-* 
Elisabeth, and William Baxter, July 13, 1742." 
Elisabeth, and Benjamin Holt, Apr. 11, 174S-* 
Elisabeth, and Henry Young Brown, at Haverhill [bef. 1753]- 
Elisabeth, Mrs., and Samuel Lummus, resident in Andover, Feb. 

17, i8ii.* 
Elizabeth, and Joseph Upton of Reading, July 19, 1774. c.R.2.* 
Elizabeth Foster, and Jacob Farnum, Dec. 30, 1798." 
Ezekiel, and Elizabeth Willson, Jan. 9, 1 727-8.» 
Francis, and Nathaniel Foster of Chelmsford, at Charlestown, 

Apr. 39, 1701. 
Hannah, and John Manser [of Methuen. int.], Dec, ai, 1732.* 
Hannah, and Daniel Faulkner, Feb. 3, 1736-7.* 
Hannah, and George Abbot, jr., Jan. t, 1746-7.* 
Hannah, and Jacob Standley, June 33, 1748.* 
Hannah, and Hezekiah Stiles, Dec. 37, 1752.* 
Hannah, and Benjamin Steel, June 16, 1768.* 
Hannah, and Palmer Wood, May 30, 1790.* 
Hann^, and Obadiah Richardson [of New York, int.], July 21, 
1831.C.R. 3-* 

'Intentioa also recorded. 



LovEjOY, Hannah [B. int.], and W[illia]m Callahan, Sept. ag, 

Harriet, and Edwin E. [Calvin. E. int.] Goodel [of Boston, int.], 

Apr.s, 1836." 
Henry, jr., and Phebe Chandler, Jan. i, 1734-5. • 
Henry, and Betsey Poor of Rindge, N. H., int. Mar. 8, i8t6. 
Hezclciah [of Souhegan, int.], and Hannah Phelps, Apr. 9, 

Isaac, and Deborah Sheldon of Billerica, at Billerica, Feb. aS, 

Isaac, jr., and [wid. int.] Maiy Wordwill, Dec. 2, 1756." 
Isaac, jr., and Mary [Polly, int] Morse of Methuen, at Methuen, 

Nov. 12, 1778.* 
Isaac, i^ [jr. c. r. i.], and Ruth Davis, Feb. 17, i^So.* 
Isaac, 4th, and Sarah Briggs, Aug. 29, 1805.* 
Isaac, 3d, and Abigail Shattuck, Apr. 30, 1815." 
James B[aH3rd. int.], and Hannah Bailey, Sept. 5, 1799. c r. z." 
Jeremiah, and Dorothy Ballard, Dec, 11, 1760.* 
Jeremiah, jr., and Hannah Johnson, Sept. 2, 1784.* 
John, and Mary Osgood, at Ipswich, Jan. i, 1651. 
John, and Hannah Prichard, la : 11 m: 1676. [Feb. la. ex. r.] 
John [Job. CT, R.], and Naomi Hoit, Mar. 23, 1677-8. 
John, and Hannah Foster [at Woburn. dup.], June 251 17*2." 
John, and Dolly Russell, May 19, 1808. C. R. a." 
John, and Percis Bailey, Dec. 31, i8ii.* 

John, and Mary S. [F. int.] Chickering, June 6, 1833. C. R. j,* 
Jonathan, and Mary Astin, at Haverhill, Aug. 6, I74i.* 
Jonathan, and Tabitha Upton of Reading, at Reading, July 31, 


Joseph, and Sarah Prichard, May 26, 1685. 
Joseph, and Mehetable Foster, Jan. 24, 1736-7. • 
Joseph, jr., and Mary Gorden, Dec. 14, 1769.*" 
Joshua, and Lydia Abbot, Mar. 24, 1742-3." 
Joshua, jr., and Saiah Perkins of Middleton, int. Apr. 30, 1769. 
Lucretia, and John Stickney, jr., May 8, 1804.* 
Lucy, and Theophileus Fryc, Apr. 11, 1776.* 
Lucy, and Caleb Abbot, Jan. «i, I779-" 
Lucy, and Amos Gray, Nov. 4, i8o6.' 
Lydia, and Joshua Shackford, Dec. 24, i735." 
Lydia, and Abiel Holt, June 23, I767.* 
Lydia, and Palfray Downing, Apr. 26, 1785.* 
Margaret, and Charles Fuibush [resident in Andover. int.], Mar. 
9, 1729-30.* 

■Intention also recorded. 



LovEjOY, Maria J,, a. 20 y., d. Eben[eze]r and Delina, and 

Foster Wilson of Salmon Falls, N. H. a. aa y., operative, 

Oct. r6, 1849." 
Mattha, and Jonathan Abbott, ji. [of Lunenburg, int], Oct. 8, 

1 739-* 
Martha, and Isaac Cariton, Mar. 5, iSao,* 
Martha Brandon, and Nath[anie]ll Thurston, Esq. of Bradford, 

May 10, 1804. • 
Maiy, and Joseph Wilson, July 4, 1670. 
Mary, and Phillemon Barker, Apr. 29, 1724.* 
Mary, and Samuel Abbott, Aug. 8, 173S-" 

Mary, and Richard Eastman [orSuncook. int.], Nov. 15. 1737. * 
Mary, and I^aac Bayle [of Lunenburg, int.], Mar. 25, 1752.* 
Mary, and James Parker, jr.. Sept, 34, 1765. c. r. a.* 
Mary, and Asa French of Concord, Nov. a8, 1782.* 
Mary [Mercy, int.], and James Davis of Methuen, Apr. a$, 1805." 
Maty, and James Frye, Dec. 26, 180S-* 
Mary, and Bcnja[rain] Clement, resident in Andover, May 30, 

Mary H., and Timothy P. Holt, Nov. 37, 1834.* 
Mehettable, Mia,, and Timothy Moor, Oct. 14, 1746.* * 
Mehittabell, and Lemuel Holt, Oct. 19, 1769.* 
Moses, and Dorcas Holt, Nov. 25, 1773. C. r. 2.* 
Moses, and Charlotte Center of Hudson, N. H., int. Apr. 11, 

Nathan, and Apphia Hoyte [resident in Andovet. int.], Aug. 25, 

Nathan, and Molly Boynton, May 6, 1773. c, r. a.' 
Nathanael, and [Mrs. int.] Eliz[abc]th Forster, Nov, 3, i768.» 
Nathaniel, and Elisbeth Swan, July 4, 1743." 
Nathaniel, Esq., and Benjamina Woodbridge, Dec, r, 1803,* 
Nathaniel!, and Dorothy Hoyt, Mar. ai, 1693-4. 
■Orlando, and Abiah [Abigal. int.] Gray, May 24, 1804.* 
Phebe, Mrs., and Mr. Isaac Abbott, Nov, 29, 1739.* 
Phebe, and Daniel Fox, July 3, 1803.* 
Phebe, and Zeiba Frost of Paris. Me,, Sept, 17, 1821,* 
Phebe, and Jos[eph] S. [J. int] Abbott of Groton, June 11, 

Phebe, a. 24 y., d. Bodwell and Dolly, and Levi Abbott of Read- 
ing, a. z4 y,, cabinet maker, b, Wobum, s. Levi and Sophia, 

Nov, 27, 1845. 
"Pollyi and Zepheniah Frost of Norway, Me., Jan. 8, i8ii.* 
Rebecca, and Wiliam Chandler, Nov. ai, 1751." 
'Intention alto recorded. 



LovEjoY, Rebecca H., and Jonag Lovering [of Boston, int.], Oct.i, 

Rebekab, and Andrew Willson Duntlee, Feb. ii, 1794.* 
Kuth, and John Abbot, sth, May 29, lySS.' 
^ly, and Stephen Dinsmore [of Boston, int], July 23, 1S28. 

Sally K., and Peter Paiker, Oct. 17, 1S31. [Nov. 17. c. r. i.]» 

Samuel, and Esther MoTse of Methuen, int. Sept. 15, 1 788. 

Samuel, and Hatriot Barker of Methnen, int. Oct. 14, 1826. 

Sarah, and William Johnson, May 23, 1678. 

Sarah, and Benjamin Smith, Nov. 27, 1736. • 

Saiah, and Thomas Astin, jr. [of Methuen. int.], Jan. 23, 

Sarah, and Daniel Hibberd of Methuen, at Methuen, Oct. 4, 

Sarah G., and Richard B. Bridges, int. Aug. zi, 1831. 
Stephen H., and Lydia L. Simpson, Apt. 13, 1837." 
Sukey, and Jewet Jones, Mar. 15, i8io-* 
Sylvester, and Clarissa Fox, Apr, 7, 1836." 
Timothy, and Mary Cumell, Aug. 20, i730.» 
Wiliam, Capt., and Mrs. Sarah Blanchard [wid. int.], Nov. 28, 

William, and Mary Famum, Nov, 29, 1680. 
William, 3d [jr. c. r. 3.], and Hannah Evans, Feb. 13, 1744-5.* 
William, and Mary Dane, Sept. 15, 1785.* 
Wiiniajm, and Sally French of Norway, int. Nov. 10, 1815, 
Wilfiam, and Phebe Stiles, June 19, 1825.* 
William B., and Mary Ann Clement, Jan. 39, i834.« 

LOVEKIN, Dorcas, and Ebenezer Flint of Hillsboro, Mar. 14, 

Mehitablc [wid, int.], and Abner Wilkins of Middleton, July 14, 

LOVELL, Alonzo G., a. 34 y., carpenter, s. Daniel, and Joann 
Gordon, a. 30 y., May 30, 1849.* 

LOVERING (see also Lovrin), Jonas [of Boston, int], and Re- 
becca H. Lovejoy, Oct, i, 1835," 
Joseph, of Hamilton, and Sarah Goldsmith, Dec. 11, 1794." 

Mehitable [Loveret. int.], and Abiel Jones, Apr. 4, 1832.* 

LOVETT, Dan[ie]ll, of Mendon, and Abigail Sprague, Mar. 38, 

"iDtenlioD >]so recorded. 



LOVJOT (see also Lovejoy), Abial, and Maiy Poor, Apr. 30, 

Abigail, and Henery Phelps, Dec. 8, 1718," 
Christopher, and Mary Preston, int. Dec. 37, 1718- 
Elizabeth, and Zcbadiah Barker, Dec. 30, 1717. 
Henery, and Sarah Famem, Feb. 14, 1711-12.* 
John, and Cathsheba Blunt, May iz, 1703. 
Jonathan, and Elizabeth Phelps, Dec. 33, 1717.* 
Lydia, and Caleb Johnson, July 16, ijiS.* 
Mary, and Josiah Holt, June 8, 1710." 
MirtiatD, and Robert Gray, Nov. 39, 1705.* 
Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Wilson of Hampton, at Hampton, Aug. 

16, i7i6.» 
Samuel, and Hannah Stephens, Apr. 33, 1717." 
Sarah, and Joseph Clerk, Feb. 7, i709-io.» 
Sarah, and Thomas Austin [ol Haverhill, int.], Oct. sfi, 1714.* 
William, and Sarah Frye, Mai. 25, 1704-3. [Mar, 32, c R. i.]* 

LOVRIN (see also Lovering), Eltna L., of Lowell, and John 
Wentworth, int. Apr. 30, 1835. 

LOW, Daniel, of Michigan City, Ind., and Mary Barker, int. 

June 10, 1837. 
Sarah Jane, d. Joseph L., and Warren Stevens, widr., trader, s. 

Samuel, Sept. i3, 1844.* 

LOWBER, Hannah, of Roxbury, and John Goldsmith, at Rox- 

bury, May 26, 1796." 
John, jr. [of Roxbury. int.], and Elizabeth Chandler, May 4, 

1769. • 

LOWELL, Lucy Ann C, of Lawrence, and Elbridge Kimball, 
int. Nov. 10, 1849. 

LUCIUS, Charles, and Jane Ingham, Mar. 16, 1845.* 

LUCE, Martha [of Rowley, int.], and Edward Sprague [resident 
in Andover. int.], Feb, 22, 1720-21.* 

LUFKIH, Samuel, of Haverhill, and Mehetebel Holt, May 38, 


■IntentiOQ also recorded. 



LUIS (see also Lewis), Keziah, and Elijah Hinkley of Hailow- 
ell, Me., Aug. 12, i79S-" 

LUKE, Daniel, and Emily Hardy, Jan. 7, i83o.» 

LULL, Arabella S., of Methuen, a. 20 y., d. Abnei and Sophia, 
and George W. Hunt of Methuen, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s, 
Daniel and Mary, July 25, 1847. 

LUMMUS, Sam[u]el, of Ipswich, and Elisabeth Abbot, Jan. 26, 

1775. &R. 2. 
Samuel, resident in Aodover, and Mrs. Elisabeth Lovejoy, Feb, 

LUNfiGEN, Jane, resident in Andover, and William Peters of 
Haverhill, int. Dec. 6, 1 746. 

LUNIGER, Jane, and Abial Barker, July 14, i748.» 

LUNT, Elizabeth, of Lowell, and Jonathan Blood, Sept. 16,1839. 
Joseph [of Newbury. int.J, and Sarah Osgood, Nov. 24, 1738.* 
William K., and Lucey S. King, both of Lowell, June 21, 1837- 

LUOBNT, Mary, of Boston, and John Lane, int. May 4, 1841. 

LUSCOHB (see also Liscotnb), Aaron N., and Maigarett Giant 
[of Lowell, int.], Oct. 24. 1839.* 

Hannah, and John Bailey of Tewksbury, May 14, 1807,* 

Hannah C, and Capt. Daniel Trow, int. May 5, 1S18. 

Hannah C, and Joseph W. Bruce of Watertown, Apr. 11, 1839.* 

Henry [Liscom. int.], resident in Andover, and Hannah John- 
son, July 3, iSoo.* 

Lydia, and Henry R. Abbott, int. Aug. 19, r843. 

Martha, of Methuen, and Osgood Barnard, int. Feb. 12, 1824. 

Mary [Liscomb, c R. 2.], and Daniel Kelly of Tewksbury, Apr. 

Phebe M., and Gates F. Frye, Sept. 27, i838.* 

Rhoda J., a. 22 y., d. Richard and Rhoda, and William H. Foster, 

a. 23 y., printer, s. Daniel and Bethia H., Oct. 27, 1846,* 
Richard, and Lydia A. Symonds, Nov. 29, 1832." 
Samuel, and Jcrusha Trow, Dec. 30, iSoo.* 
'InteutioQ alio recotded. 



LTFORD, Oliver F., a. 26 f., carpenter, b, Livermore, Me., s. 
Olivei S. and Betsey, of Livetmoie, Me., and Litctnda GoB, 
a. ao y., Aug. 11, 1849.* 

LYMAN, Benjamin C, and Henrietta C. Hunt of Manchester, 
N. H., int. Oct. 3, T844. 

LYNCH, Delina, and Ebenezer Lovejoy, jr., May 9, iSrg.* 

LYON, David, and Fanny Kendall of Litchfield,int Oct. 26, iSaa. 

McALUSTEft, Mary Ann, and William Proctor, June as, 1840.* 
Moses, a. 29 y., pedlai, b. Maine, s. Daniel and Lucy, of Maine, 

and Celia Hall of Lawrence, a. 33 y., b. Maine, d. William 

and Abigail, of Maine, Aug. 9, 1849.* 
Robert, and Charlotte Goldsmith, June 17, i84i.» 

HcCLARY, David N., and Julia H. Parker of Dracut, int. Mar. 

11, 1848. 
Thomas, of Methuen, and Sarah Montgomery, June 20, 1782.* 

HCCOEY, Hannah, and John McDaniel, Jan. — , 1833." 

HcCOLISTER, Susan S., and Ebenezer Sawyer of Methuen, Sept. 
26, 1833.- 

HcCORHICK, Jane, of Fitchburg, and Bartholomew Carney, int. 
Nov. 15, 1835. 

McCOY, John, and Mary Oborn [Osbom. int.], Dec. 24, 1835." 
Samuel, of Peterboro, N. H., and Elizabeth Bailey, int. Nov. 35, 

MACCOY, Margaret [Mecie. int.], and Jamea Rosebrook, Apr. 
6, I736.* 

MACCUTCHIN, Margaret, and William Gray, Apr. 36, 1739. 

MCDANIEL, John, and Hannah McCoey, Jan. — , 1833.' 

Mcdonald, Comelias, and Maiy Berry, int. Dec. to, 1848. 
Ellen C. [O'Donald. int.], and Peter Baikly, Apr. 6, 1841.* 
James [P. int.], b. Belfast, Me., saddler and chaisetnaker, s. 

, of Belfast, Me., and fiarrict Moore, June i, 1845." 

*IntentioD iJio recoided. 



HcENTIRE (see also Mclntiie), Mary [wid. int.], and James 
Holt, Aug. 6, 1767.* 

McPARLAND, Moses, of Haverhill, and Sally Bradley, int. July 
8, 1797. 

McFARUN, Will[ia]m, and Lydia Toothacre, July 2$, 1785." 

McGANN, Catharine, and Hugh Trulan, widr., tailor, June 14, 

McGOWAN, Wanafold, and Patrick Darvay, int. Oct. 21, 1849. 

HdNTIRE (see also McEntire, Macintiie, Mclntyre, Mackentier, 
Mackentire, Mackintire), Abigail [Mrs. int.], and Wiltiam 
Marshall, at North Reading, July 4, 1843.* 

Betsey, and Robert Mason of Reading, int. June 30, 17S6. 

Elias, of Reading, and Bethiah Hayward, May r4, 1782.* 

Ezra, of Reading, and Rebecca J. Gowing, int. Oct, 31, 1840. 

Hannah, and Robert Allen, Apr. 10, r794.* 

Ira [of Lowell, int], and Elizabeth Dane, Jan. 28, 1S34. c. r. 3.* 

Margaret, of Reading, and John Johnson, int. May 9, 1767. 

Phebe, of Middlcton, and John Berry, jr., June 18, i8o7.* 

Rebecca, of Reading, and Henry Orben, int. May 6, 1843. 

Sarah, and Sam[ue]l Stratten, resident in Andover, int. Oct. 5, 

Sarah, of Salem, and Sarauell Hazeltine, int. July 7, 1776. 

MACnmRE (see also Mc Intire), Phebe, of Reading, and Rob- 
ert Mason, Dec. 26, 1799. c. R. 2.' 

McINTOCH (see also Mcintosh), George [Mcintosh, c. r. z.], and 
Mary Kimball, Jan. 20, r848.* 

HcIMTOSH (see also Mclntocb), Wiltiam, and Ruth CalilT of 
Tewksbury, Sept i, i828.» 

McIHTYRE (see also Mclntire), James, and Jane McKee, June 8, 

McKEE, Charlotte, and Hiram Hardy, Oct. 23, i834.» 
Jane, and James Mclntyre, June 8, 1829.* 
■Intention also recorded. 



HACKENTIER (see also Mclntire) , Jonatitan, of Readiag, and 

Abigal Foster, int Oct, 17, 1757. 
Timothy, o( MiddletoD, and Mame [Naama. c. R. i.] Town, 

June ro, 1747. [June 18. c. r. i.]* 

HACEENTntE (see abo Mclntire), Ama [Emma, int.], of Read- 

ing, and John Chandler, at Reading, Mar. 23, 1793.* 
Jacob, and Lucy Tay, Sept, 14, 1779.* 

HACKET, Margaret, of Salem, and Frederick Frye, at Salem, 
June 9, 1789.* 

MACKFffiLD, Ann, wid., of Haverhill, and Abiel Barker, int. 
Aug. 5. '738- 

McKIMLEY, John, of Belfast, P. M. N. [Me. int.], and Dolly K. 

Johnson, Dec. 15, i8ra." 
Mary, of Dover, N. H., and John Hill, int. May 10, 1S43. 

MACKDmRB (see also Mclntire), Ede, of Readmg, and Nath- 
aniel Tay, at Reading, May 19, 1791." 
Nancy, of Reading, and Joel Holt, int. Nov. 6, 1813, 

Mclaughlin, Lamance, and Maty Martin, July 15, 1793.* 

McBIACON, Susan, and John Fuddray, int Aug. 36, 1844. 

HacHURPHT, Sarah Jane, of Derrp, N. H., and Jacob Chicke^ 
ing, Nov. 36, 1835. T. c.» 

HcNAMARA, Catherine, and Owen Managhan, int. July ao, 

William, and Abigail Smith, Aug. 26, 1838. c. R. 4* 

McNEHL (see also McNiel), Edmund, and Abigail Cronk of 
Amesbuiy, int. Aug. 21, 1830, 

HcRIEL (sec also McNeill), C. Grcnville, a. 35 y., trader, 1. 
Peter and Mary, and Martha A. Ifolt, a. ai y., d. Tbomai 
and Ruth, May 31, 1849.* 

'lotentioa alio recorded. 



McHOBE (see also McRobie), Will[ia]m, and Mary Johnson 
Shelden, residents ia Andover, Feb, 28, 1799." 

HcROBIA (see also McRobie), Isaac, and Susan Sawyer of Plais- 
tow, N. H., int Oct. 7, 1836. 

HcROBIE (see also McRobe, McRobia), Sarah, and Benjaniiii 
Johnson [Tolman. c, e. i. and int.], S^pt. 6, 1817," 

HAGBE, Ann, of Boston, and William Mlllei, int Oct. 27, 1826. 
Eleanor, and Samuel Simonton, Apr. 12, 1830.* 

MALADY, Martha, of Reading, and 'Benjamin Woodbridge, int. 
June 24, 1785- 

HALCHI, Margaret, wid., and Gilbert Shaw, resident in Andover, 
int Apr. rs, 1774. 

MALCOLM) Hannah, and David Alger, jr., int. July 34, 1846. 

HALCOY, John, and Margaret Furbush, Apr. 12, 1759.* 

MAN (see also Mann), John, of Mcthuen, and Mary Seetown, 
resident in Andover, int Dec. 3, 1737. 

MANAGHAN, Owen, and Catherine McNamara, int. July 20, 

HANARD (see also Maynard), Mary [Maynard. int.}, and Rob- 
ert Clark, July 2, 1840.* 

MANIHG (see also Manning), Elezebith, wid., resident in Ando- 
ver, and Lt Robert Rusel of Reading, int. Dec. 23, 1749. 

MAMN (see also Man), John, and Zoa Clark, July 6, i837.» 
Lucy F., of Salem, and David Baker, int Nov. 27, 1827. 

BIANNING (see also Maning), Amada G., of Tewksbury, and 

Erastus Gile, int Aug. 27, 1842. 
Cloe, and William Hawlcy, Dec. iS, 1793." 
Edward A., and Hannah L. Merrill, of l3erry, N, H., int. Nov. g, 


*InteDtioQ also recorded. 



Manning, Elbridge [Eldridge. int.] G., and Harriet Holt, Dec 30, 

1838. c. R. a." 
Eliza, of Tewksbury, and Wyman Gleason, int. Sept. 19, 1845. 
Eliza A., and Noah Abbott, jr., Jan. i, i834.* 
Jesse [Joseph, int.], of Billerica, and Elizabeth Abbot, Dec. 30, 

1 7 79-" 
Mary, and Nickolice Holt, Sept. 16, 1708.* 
Mary A., and Henry F. Barnard, Sept. 12, 1843.* 
Mary R., a. 27 y., d. Samuel and Nancy, and Justin Carter, a. 26 

y., farmer, s. Richard and Abigail, Sept. 10, 1846." 
Sarah, and Jedidiah Burt, Feb. 7, i79i.* 
Stephen N., and Harriet W. Kellogg of Hanover, N. H., int. 

Aug. 8, 1833. 
Susannah, of Charlestown, and Samuel Stevens, jr., int. Oct. 2, 

Thomas [resident in Andover. int.], and Mehitable Kidder (^ 

Billerica, at Billctica, June 5, 1769.* 
Thomas, jr., and Sally Hartt of Reading, int. Oct. 7, 1805. 
Thomas, widr., a, 61 y., farmer, s. Thomas and Hannah, and 

Adeline A. Abbott, a. 42 y., d. Asa and Judith, Jan. a, 1844.* 

MANOCKf David, of North Anson, Me., a. 24 y., manufacturer, 
and Mary Brierly, a. 22 y., d. David and Alice, Jan. 2g, 

David, of Stow, and Maiy Kershaw, Int. Dec. 15, 1849. 

HANSER (see also Mansor, Mansur), John [of Methuen. int.], 

and Hannah Lovcjoy, Dec. 21, 1732." 
Rebecca, and Daniel C. Stevens, Aug, 28, 1834." 

MANSFIELD, Daniel [Rev. int], of Wenham, and Hannah [F. 
int.] Abbot, July 23, r838.* 

Edward, of Barnstable [Osterville. int.] and Corinda [Clarindia. 
int.] Bailey, July 11, 1837." 

John [resident in Woburo. int.], and Rachel Bamee, Aug. 18, 

W[illia]m Of- c. R- 3], of S[outh] Reading, and Arethusa Bai- 
ley, May 3, 1838.* 

HANSOR (see also Manser), Elizabeth, of Dracut, and John 

Hunt, int. July ra, 1808, 
Hannah, of Pelham, and Samuel Shattuck, int. Mar, 19, 1819. 
Mary, of Dracut, and James Stevens, jr., int. Apr. ai, r8o4. 
Sally, of Dracut, and Simeon Stevens, jr., int, Jan. 17, 1801. 
■Intention also lecorded. 



MANSUR (see also Manser), Elizabeth, of Wobum, and Uriah 
Ballard, int. Oct. 18, 1712. 

MAIfWELL, Antony [resident in Andover. int.], and Mary Car, 

Feb. 2, I748-9.* 

MARBEL (see also Marble), Elezebith, and Samuel Gould [jr., of 

Nottingham District, int.], Jan. 10, 1 750-5 !.• 
Jerusha, and Moses Day of Bradford, int. Apr. 30, 1754. 
Sarah, and Asa Parker, Feb. 27, 1752.* 

HARBLB (see also Marbel), Catharine, a. 30 y., and Ephraim C. 

Bartlett, widr., of Methuen, a. 38 y., farmer, s. Thadeas and 

Sybyl, Dec. 24, i846.» 
Cyrus, and Hannah Parker, Sept. 25, r76o.* 
Dorathy president in Andover. int.], and Moses Chandler [of 

Westford. int.], June 28, 1742.* 
Dorcas, and Samuel Austin, Mar. 2, I797.» 
Hannah [Mrs. c. r. t.], and John Martin, Jan. 15, 1772.* 
Hannah, and Jonas Stevens, Jan. 24, r793.* 
James [resident in Middleton. int.], and Keziah Buck [resident 

in Andover. int.]. Mar, 17, 1742-3. • 
Job, and Phebe Barker, Mar. 2, jjiS-j.* 
Joseph, and Mary Fawkner, May 30, i67r. 
Joseph, and Hannah Barnard, Apr. 23, 1695. 
Mary, and Joseph Osgood, May 8, 1700. 
Mary, and William Johnson, May 13, 1773.* 
Mary Jane, and Nathan Barker, yeoman, s. Stephen and Aseuath, 

Apr. 19, 1847-" 
Naama, and John Briton Curtis, resident in Andover, int. Mar. 

12, 1792. 
Nama, and Asa Swan Messer, July 8, r793, [int. July 16.]" 
Noah, and Mary Ingalla, Jan. 12, 1720-21.* 
Persis, and Daniel ^Vhittemore of C^nvers, June ro, rSoo.* 
Phebe, and Peter Parker, jr., June 5, 1766." 
Friscilla, of Poland, Me., and James Dearborn, int. Dec. 30, 1847. 
Samuel), and Rebekah Andrew, Nov. 26, 1675. 
Sarah, and Bcnja[min] Carlton, Nov. 2, i78o.» 

HASCH, Dorcas, and Dudley Woodbridge [of Salem, c. r. i.], 

Jan. 19, I763.* 
Thomas [of Boston, int.], and Dorcas Osgood, Jan. 5, 1743-4." 
■letcDtion also recorded. 



MARLAND, Anne B., and Tho[ma]s S. Pierce of Petersburg, 

Virginia, Sept 6, 1836.* 
Elizabeth, and Thomas Hartley, Mar. 4, iSaa.* 
Hannah J., and Rev. Samuel Washburn ot Philadelphia [Pa. int.], 

July 7, 183s.* 
Harriet Fpetcher, d. Abraham and Maty. c. r. 4.], and Rev. 

Jeremiah S. Young of Dover, N. H., Apr, 14, 1840." 
John, 2d, a. 35 y., flanr\el finisher, b. England, s. James and 

Elizabeth, of England [of Moreley, Lancashire, Eng. c, B, 4.] , 

and Ann Lees, a. 25 y., b. EngUnd, d. John and Martha 

[of Moreley, Lancashire, Eng. c. R. 4% Dec. 19, iS49.» 
Julia M., d. Abraham, and Franklin Dartacott of Boston, s. George, 

SepL 24, 1846. C. Jt. 4.* 
Martha S, [L. int.], and Benjamin H. Punchard, Oct. 14, 1829.* 
Mary S,, and Francis Cogswell, Esq., of Ossipce, N. H., June 8, 

Sarah Fisher, d. Abraham and Mary, and Francis Clarke, M. D., 

July 9, 1839. C. R. 4.* 
Thomas, and Elizabeth Carr of Chester, N. H., June r3, i8i9.» 
William S., and Satah Northey of Boxford, int. May 2, 1835. 

HARSH, Daniel, and Lucy Blanchatd, Apr. 12, 1803.* 
Ezekiel [of Danvers. int.], and Abiah Hartshorn, May 31, 1764.* 
Phcbe C, Mrs., and Dr. Thomas P. Hill of Sanbomton, N. H,, 
int. Aug. 27, 1843. 

MARSHAL (see also Marshall), Abigail, and Robert Roundy of 

Beverly, int. Mar. 5, 1773. 
Joel, of Tewksbury, and Sarah Patch, resident in Andover, Feb. 

31, 1770.* 

Joel, and Anna Mooar, Apr. 30, 1772.* 

MARSHALL (see also Marshal), Alonzo, and Eliza [Elizabeth, 
int.] C. Goldsmith, Aug. 2, 1836.* 

Alvin, and Hannah E. Jaques of Tewksbuty, int. Oct. 25, 1839. 

Damcros, of Billerica, and Lt Tho[nia]s Johnson, July 14, 1703. 

Hannah J., and Chester B. Hodge, int Sept. 9, 1841. 

Jacob, and Sarah Andrews of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Feb, a, 1773.* 

James, and Deborah Leringstone of Billerica, int. Aug. 17, 1779. 

Jemimah, of Nottingham, and Ezekiel Hardy, int. June i, 1805. 

Lucy, and Noah Ingarsall Wadham of Haraisbui^, Pa., now resi- 
dent in Andover, Oct. T4, 1798.* 

■InteDtion also recorded . 



Marshall, Mary, and Robert Russell, July 6, 1659. 

Mary, aud Thomas Cbandlour, 6, 1659, ct. k. 

Moses, and Irene F. Stevens, int. Oct. 30, 1833. 

Polly, of Nottingham West, and Willard Lane, int. Jan. 14, i8oa. 

Samuel, of Salem, a. 24 y., painter, s. Levi, jr. and Mary, and 

Mary Davis, a. 25 y., d. Abel and Abigail, Sept, a, 1846.* 
Sarah, of Dunbarton, N. H., and Caleb Mills, jr., int. Aug. 8, 

Susan, and William Colman, int. Feb. 18, 1845, 
Susannah, and Samuel Ash, Oct 5, 1780." 
Suasnnah, of Bradford, N. H., and Isaac Kendall, int. May 14, 

Waiiam, and [Mrs. int.] Abigail Mclntire, at North Reading, 

July 4, 1843.* 
William, and Mary Amanda Frost [of Tewkesbury, int.], Apr. 10, 


MARSTON (see also Marstone), Bethia, and Joseph West, Dec. 

22, 1703. c. R. I. 
Elizabeth, and Edmond Faulkner, Feb. 19, 1714-15.* 
Jacob, and Mary Brown of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec. 11, 1718." 
Nancy, and George Parsons, int. July 6, 1S37. 
Peter, of Methuen, and Molly Chicketing, at Methuen, May 28, 


MARSTONE (see also Marston), Hannah, and Benjamin Barker, 

Jan. 2, 1688. 
Jacob, and Elizabeth Poor, Apr. 7, 1686. 
John, and Mary Osgood, May 28, 1689. 
Joseph, and Martha Hibbord, resident in Andover, int. Feb, 29, 

Mary [Mason (Marstone). ex. r.], and Stephen Parker, Dec. i, 

Sarah, and James Bridges, May 24, 1692. 

HARTAIN (see also Martin), Abigail, and David Stevens [jr. 

int.], Aug. 16, 1749.* 
Asa [of Chelmsford, int.], and Mary Rogers, Jan. 12, 1748-9." 
Dorathy, and Abia! Stevens pr. int.], June 7, 1750." 
Elezebilh, and Joseph Parker, 3d, Apr. 26, 1757.* 
Hannah, wid., and Benjamin Stevens, Dec. 9, 1762,* 
Hannah, and David Holt, June 36, 1764. C. R. r.* 
John [jr. int.], and Hannah Eaton, June ri, 1754.* 
'loteotion >lso recorded. 



Martain, Jonathan, and Fhebe Fanium, Feb. 11, 1762.* 
Joseph [jr. int.], and Pbebe Chandler, Jan. 13, 1756.* 
Nathaniel, and Hannah Wilkina o( Middleton, int. Apr. 17, 1752. 
Samuel, and EUzebeth Osgood, Apt. 24, 1753.* 
Solomon, and Dorethy Lovejoy, Dec. as, i72z.* 

MARTIN (see also Martain), Almira C, a. 19 y., d. David and 

Mary, and Daniel R. [K. int.] Wallace of Lowell, a, 25 y., 

carder, s. Joseph and Rebecca, Feb. 18, 1849.* 
Elizabeth, and Zebadiah Shattuck [jr. int.J, Mar. 15, 1792." 
Hannah, and Henery Ingols, July 10, 1718.* 
Hannah, and Nath[anie]ll Brown of Wolfboro, N. H., July 25, 

Henry, and Esther Kimball, Aug. 27, 1767,* 
John, and [Mrs. c. a. i.} Hannah Marble, Jan. 15, 1772.* 
Joseph, and Rachel Noyes of Newbury, at Newbury, Aug. 5, 

Joseph, and Elisabeth Annis [resident in Andover. int.], Aug. 9, 

Joseph, jr., and Sarah Noyes, Sept 4, 1793.* 
Mary, and John Bools [Boles, int.] of Ipswich, Dec. 18, 1706. 

c. R. r.* 
Mary, and William Hutchinson [of Danvers. int.], Jan. 14, 1 768,* 
Mary, and Lawrance McLaughlin, July 15, 1793.* 
Peter, and Hannah Dean, int. Jan. 4, 1786. 
Phebc, and Joseph Dale of Danvers, July 16, 1795-* 
Phcbe, and Ebenczer Jacobs of Danvers, Mar. 31, i8o5,* 
Samuell, and Abigail Norton, Mar. 30, 1676. 
Solomon, and wid. Sarah Whipple of Salem, at Salem, Oct. 20, 

Solomon, and Phebe Abbot, June s. 1783." 
Susanna, and Jeremiah Blanchard, Aug. — , 177a. C. r, i," 
William [of Chelmsford, int.], and Hannah Faulkner, July ig, 

1741. [July 9. c. R. i.]» 

MARUATTA, Mary, and Cornelius Gray, May 9, i823.» 

MASON, Adeline S,, a. 23 y., d. Daniel and Martha, and Joshua 
H. Stott, a. 18 y., laborer, s. James and Phebe, July 18, 

Alfred U, Rev., of Mason, N. H., and Mary Towuc, Nov. 8, 

Betsey, and Jeremiah Hatch, Dec. 6, 1821.* 

"iBtcntioD alM recorded. 



Mason, Eunice, of Bethel, Me., and Stephen A. Russell, int. 

Nov. 3, 1816. 
Eunice, and Mfoses. int.] D. Barnes, Sept 22, 1839,* 
Frederick, and Mary Cogswell, June 16, 1836.* 
Jerusha, and Joseph Nichols [of Lynn. c. R. 1-], Dec. 6, i8ir. 
John, and Rhoda Abbott, Nov. 30, 1834," 
Josiah, and Harriet L. Cahoon of Middleton, int. Aug. 25 , 1 843. 
Maltha M., and Theophilua P. Sawin, Jan. i, 1838. c. r. 2.* 
Mattha Maria, and William Colman, Sept 4, 1840.* 
Ozro, and Eliza Ann Procter, Sept 12, 1S41. t. c. 
Rebecca, of Rhode Island, and Nathan Monroe, int. Sept. 2, 

Robert, of Reading, and Betsey Mclntire, int Jane 30, 1786. 
Robert, and Phebe Macintire of Reading, Dec. 26, 1 799. C. R. 2.* 
Sophia A., and Joseph D. Stott, int. May 6, 1843. 
Susanna, of Lowell, and George E. Holt, int Mar. 4, 1843. 
Thomas C[hadwick. int.], and Phebe WardweH, June 28, 1812.* 
Warren, and Louisa Abbott, int Dec. 5, 1845. 
Wilhrd, and Emerline Sherills, int. Dec. 19, 1835. 
Willard, and Emeline Shrieeves, Mar. 29, 1837.* 
Willard, and Sarah Jane Sawyer, int. Oct. 14, 1846. 

MASSEY, Sarah, and Samuel Holt, jr., Sept. 8, 1785.* 

MASTERS, Abraham, and [wid. c. r. i.] Susanna Johnson, Jan. 
22, I752.* 

MASTIN (see also Maston), Hannah, of Middleton, and Daniel 

Long, int Oct 17, 1765. 
Peter, of Methuen, and Molly Chickering, int. Mar. 10, 1778. 

HASTON (see also Mastin), Hannah P., and Thomas Howarth, 

Nov. 7, iS4i.» 
John, and Mary Poor, Apr. 3, 1 746.* 
Martha, and Samuel Grainger, Dec. i3, 1728.* 

MATHERS, Washington G. [Mathey. int.], mason, and Elizabeth 
Poor, d. Samuel and BetS}-, Feb. 26, 1846.* 

MATHEWS, John H., of Bombay, N. Y,, a. 21 y., spinner, s. 

Rona and Mary, and Ann Uttio, resident in Andover, a. 

22 y., d. John and Ellen, Jan. 6, 1849.* 
John Lamon [Lemmon. c. r. 3.], of Salem, and Eliza[beth] 
; ;, Hardy, Feb. 3, i79i.* 
Tryphena, and Nathan K. Holt, int. Nov. 14, 1831. 

'Inteiitioii alio recoided. 



MAXHELD, Add [wid. int.}, of Haverhill, and Abiel Baikei, at 
Haverhill, Sept. 31, 1738.* 

MAXWELL, Samuel, and Eliza H. Ball of Leverett, int. Aug. 34, 

HAY, Abigail, and William Longa [residents in Andover. int.J, 

Nov. 4, 1781.* 
Benjamin, of Tionesta, Fa., a. 38 y., farmer, s. Hezekiah and 

Margatett, and Ann S. Holmes, wid., a. 33 y., d. Earl and 

Maria, Mar. 17, 1847." 
Lucy [residing in Andover. c. K. 1.], and Christopher Riddei- 

bush, pec, 15, 1783.* 

MAYBERRY, Thomas E., widr., a. 31 y., house carpenter, s. Jos- 
eph and Hannah, and Hannah L. Brown, a. za y., d. Walter 
and Annis, Aug. 33, 1848.* 

HAYNARD (see also Manard), John, and Catherine Beal of 

Hingham, int. Mar. 8, 1839. 
Sarah B., and Samuel P. Farnum, Nov. 26, 1840.* 

MEAI>, Martha W., of Northwood, N. H., and Dea. William 
Frost, int. Feb. 6, 1840. 

HEADER (see also Meeder), Amos, and Mrs. Jane M. Gold- 
smith, int. Apr. 2, 1841. 

HEANS, Eliza [Mears. int.], and John Barnard, 3d [jr. int.], 

May Ji, 1838.* 
James, Rev., of Concord, and Elizabeth P. Johnson, int. Jan. 8, 


HEARS, Asa, of Tewksbury, and Nancy Bailey, May 4, 184a. 
Daniel, and Maria Alexander, Nov. 2, 1833.* 
Ira, of Tewksbury, and Nancy Bailey, May 4, 184a, c. R. 2." 
Joseph, and Rebeccah Davis, int. Mar. 17, 1831. 
Louisa, and Abraham D. Craig, int. Sept. 4, 1846. 
Mary, of Dracut, and Levi Davis, jr., int Oct. 13, i8ao. 
Moses, a. 33 y., s. Zebadiah and &iiab, and Rebecca Alder of St 
Albans, Me., a. 22 y.,d. Joshua and Phebe, Dec. 24, 1848.^ 
'latentioD also lecoided. 



Meaks, Sarah W., a. 2 1 y., d, Zebadiah and Sarah, and William P. 

Tucker, a. 23 y., mechanic, fl. W[iUia]m and Hepsibeth, 

Mar, 13, i844,» 
Seruiah, of Dtacut, and Ezra Chandler, int. Apr. 3, 1807. 
Walter, and Amelia Veaiie [of Ossipee, N. H. int.], June 2, 

Warren, and Abigail Mooars, Apr. 26, 1829," 
Warren and Frances Piatt, int. Sept. 21, 1S45. 
Zebadiah, of Tewksbmy, and Betty Butters, May 1, 1794.* 
Zebadiah, and Rhoda Wood, Feb. 21, 1819.* 
Zebadiah, and Sarah Wood, Nov. 18, 1821.* 

HECUM, Benj[ami3n, and Nauncy Weebster of Methuen, int. 

July 5, 1795. 

BIECUTCHEH, Margaret, resident in Andover, and William Gray, 
inL Mar. 31, 1739. 

MEEDER(see also Meader), James, and Phebe Beverly, July 25, 

James H., a. 2 1 y., farmer, s. James and Phebe, and Abigail Very 

of Danvers, a. 20 y., d. Samuel, Aug. 17, 1846.* 
Pamelia C[latke. int.], of Methuen, and Samuel Holt, Nov, 26, 

Phebe L. [E. int.], and Charles F. Foster of Boxford, Apr. 20, 


HELCOY, John, and Maiy Kidder of Tenksbuiy, int. Aug. 30, 

MELVIN, Benjamin pr. c. r. 1.], of Chelmsford, and Eliza Hutch- 
inson, Oct, 4, 1825." 

Mary H., of Concord, and Capt. Ephraim Lacey, int. Oct. 29, 

MERCY, Bene, and Joshua Frye, Sept 31, 1780." 

HERIAM (see also Mim'am), Lydia, and Samuel F. Barker, Nov. 

HBRICK (see also Mirick), Timo[thy], and Mary Bodivel, £}ec. 
5, 1738. c. R. I. 

■IntentloD also lecorded. 



MEWL (see also MerrOI), Abigail, and Abel Colburn [Coburn. 


Jan. 31. 1782." 

HERRIL (see also Menill), BenjamiD, and Anna Gillmore of 

Amherst, int. Dec. s, 1801. 
Betsy, and Joseph Richardson of Methuen, int. Sept. 19, 1806. 
Elizabeth, and John Haidy, Nov, 19, lySg," 
Enoch, and Martha Wood, June 5, iJTS.* 
John, and Maty Stevens, Sept. 6, 1770. c. R, a." 
John, jr., and Jenny Cockiin [Coffin, int.j, Oct. r6, 179a." 

MERRILL (see also Meril, Merril), Abby, of Methuen, and Cal- 
vin Waaon, int. Sept. a6, 1846. 
Abigail, of Amesbury, and Joseph Emery, int. May 30, 1730. 
Abigail, and Joshua F. Hill, Sept. 15, 18^6.' 
Amos C-, and Elizabeth Chandler, Dec. a, 1819." 
Amos C., and Almira Bodwell, Feb. 24, 1839.* 
Augustus, and Catherine Shatluck, July 2, i&^T.* 
Dan[ie]l, and Sarah Trow, Oct. 18, i8io.» 
Elijah, and Rhoda Shattuck, .\ug. — , 1833, c. r. 3* 
Eliza, and Michael Murphy of Biilerica, int. Oct. 30, 1830. 
Eliza, and Henry Phelps of Methuen, int. Sept 29, 1831. 
Esther B., of Lowell, and Hermon Phelps, int. Oct. 26, 1841, 
Ezra, and Mary F. Pickering of Cambridgeport, int. Jan. 25, 1845. 
Hannah, and Thomas Gould, May 3, 1818.* 
Hannah L., of Derry, N. H., and Edward A. Manning, int. Nov. 

9, 1834. 
Harriett, and Joseph Cooper of Biilerica, int. May 4, 183S- 
James, and Susan G. Berry of Methuen, int Mar. 31, 1838. 
Jane, and Simeon Stevens, jr., Feb. 31, r83a.* 
John, jr., and Susan Frye, Nov. 6, 1828.* 
John, and Dorcas Crosby, Oct. 22, 1829. c. n. 3." 
Jona[thanJ, of Maiden, and Polly Frye, Mar. 11, iSi-j.' 
Jonathan, and Eliza Frye, Sept. 15, 1831.' 
Joseph W., and Susan R Carter, Nov. 28, i846.» 
Lavinia, and Benjamin P. Saunders, machinist, Dec. 10, 1846.* 
Maria, of Bradford, and Myton Bailey, int. May 26, 1835. 
Mary, of Newbury, and William Barker, at Newbury, May 13, 

Mary, and Jonathan Holt, Jan. s> 1817." 
Mary, and John Cochran, Dec. 12, 1823.* 
Mary Ann, and Arthur M. Currier, Nov, 27, 1834.* 
•iDtentian also lecorded. 



Mbkbill, Mary O., and Alfred Putnam, Nov. 17, 182s.* 
Pamelia, and Henry Holt of Merrimac, N. H,, Sept. 2, 1816. • 
Kebecca, and Jacob Richardson, int. Aug. 23, 1835. 
Rebecca, and Edmund Rutherford o£ Newburyport, int Apr. lO, 

1841. [dup. int. July 23, 1842.] 
Rhoda, and Stephen Town, int. Feb. 18, 1846. 
Rhoda H., of Metbnen, and Daniel Bodwell, int Aug. 14, 1841. 
Sarah, and Caleb Pilsbury Flint of Methuen, Feb. 14, 1802.' 
Sarah, and David Barnard, jr., Apr. 21, 1822.* 
Sylvester, and Nancy B. Woodbridge o£ Medford, int. Mar. 31, 

Thomas, and Lydia Abbot, May 4, 1779.* 
William, and Phebe A. Shatluck, Feb. 4, 1836." 

HESSER, Abiel, of Methucn, and Susanna Swan, int. Nov. ro, 

Almira, and Isaac M. Fowler, int. Mar. 21, 1835. 
Asa Swan, and Nama Marble, July 8, 1793. [int. July 16. ]• 
Hannah, of Methuen, and John Granger, at Metbuen, May 11, 

James, of Metbuen, and Sarah Long, Mar. r8, 1756.* 
Jane, of Salem, N. H., and Justanus M. Dole of Methuen, Apr. 

26, 1839. 
Joanna, and David Blake of Wolfboro, int. Dec. i, 1785. 
John, and Sarah Barker of Methuen, Mar. 29, 1727. C. r. i. 
Mary, of Methuen, and George Osgood, Esq., Oct. 2, rSrs.* 
Mary H., and Augustus Callahan, June 29, 1838." 
Stephen, of Nottingham West, N. H., and Anna Barker, June 29, 


MICHEL (see also Mitchell), Abigail [of Haverhill, int], and Jo- 
seph Parker, Feb. 6, i7ii-ia.» 

HIDDLETON, James, a. 29 y., operative, s. James and Margaret, 
and Jane Milne, a. 27 y., d. John, of Scotland, Nov. 10, 

MIDGELY, James, and Hannah Shattuck, Dec. 20, 1840.* 

HIHAN, Daniel, and Ann Cortan, int, Sept. 9, 1849. 

'iDlentioii also recorded. 



MILX£R, Elizabeth, and William Miller of Philadelphia, Peon., 

int. June 19, 1840. 
Elizabeth, and Samuel [William, int.] Millet of Philadelphia, 

Penn. [int. June 19, 1840.]." 
George, jr., and Mary Ann Richards, int. Nov. i4) 1845, 
Nancy J., and John J. Giant, int. Apr. i, 1847. 
Samuel, and Caroline H. [M. int] Swain [int. Feb. 13], 1841.* 
Samuel [William, int.], of Philadelphia, Penn., and Elizabeth 

Miller [int June 19, 1S40.].* 
William, and Ann Magee of Boston, int. Oct. 37, 1826. 
William, of Rochester, N. V., and Abby Ann Abbott, July 3, 

1 839.* 

MILLBT (see also Millett), Jeremiah, and Nancy Higgins, int. 

Nov. 13, 1849. 
John, of Boston, and Mar; Ozliorue Locke, int. Nov. 15, 1823. 

MILLETT (see also Millet), Joseph R., s. Jonathan and Eliza- 
beth M. Valpey, S. Samuel S., Dec. 25, 1845. c. r. 4* 

William Punchard, and Martha Marland Gledhill, Apr. 16, 1840. 
C. R. 4.* 

HILUKEN, Ruth, Mrs. [wid. MuUiken. int.], of Bradford, and 
Capt. Isaac Osgood, at Bradfoid, Nov. a, 1774.'* 

MILLS, Abraham, and Elizabeth Bolton, int. Apr. 25, 1840. 
Caleb, jr., and Sarah Marshall of Dunbarton, N. H., int. Aug. 8, 

James H., and Sarah Ganley, int. Mar. S, 1842. 
Martha F., of Tenksbury, and Amos F. Blanchaid, int. Apr. 27, 

Myranda T., and Joseph W. Sawyer, int. Oct. 39, 1846. 
, and , May 17, 1840. c. R. i. 

MILNE, Jane, a. 27 y., d. John, of Scotland, and James Middle- 
ton, a. 29 y., operative, s, James and Margaret, Nov. 10, 

MIRICK (see also Merick), Isaack, of Newbury, and wid. Mar- 
tha Friend, int. Nov. 22, 1714- 

HIRRIAM (see also Meiiam), Mary [resident in Andover. int.}, 
and Benjamin Lovejoy, jr., Nov, 4, 1746.* 

'IntentioD also lecorded. 



MTTCHEL (see also Mitchell), John, and Maiy Beard, June 9, 

Marey [resident in Andover. int.], and James BrJges,Sept. 4, 1 755-* 
Meriam [Maryan. c. r. i.], and Prentice Fields, Oct. z6, 1806.* 
Sarah, of Salem, and Uriah Abbott [at Salem, dup.], Mar. 24, 


mrrCHELL (see also Michel, MitcheJ), John, and Sarah Walker, 
int Nov. 30, 1845. 

Laura J., of Nashville, N. H., and John J. Haynes, int. Sept 29, 

Sarah, and William Holt, jr.. Mar. 26, i8o7.» 

Sarah J,, of Portland, Me., and Theron Johnson, int. Dec. i, 1838. 

Seth P., of Hudson [Merrimac. int.}, N. H., and Mary Gold- 
smith, Nov. 28, 1837." 

Thomas M,, widr. [of Lowell, int.], laborer, and wid. Catharine 
S. Kein, May 13, 1844.* 

MOAR (see also Moore), Benjamin, and Abiah Hill, Sept. 16, 

Eliza, and Abiel Russell, int. May 6, 1848. 
Phebe, and Wil[lia]m Hill, int Feb. 7, i8r6. 
friscilla, and Nicholals [Nicholas, of Dunstable, int.] French, 

June s, 1744.* 
Sarah, and Jesse Gay, Feb. 3, 1836.' 
Timothy, jr., and Elisabeth Abbott, May 26, 1741.* 

MOFFU, David, and Hannah Woodbury, Apr. 10, i836.* 

MOLTEN (see also Moulton), Maiy, and Isaac Abbot, jr., Oct. 
7, i8oi.» 

nONROE (see also Munroe), Isaac, a. 23 y., cabinet maker, s. 

Andrew and Mary B., and Mary W. Noble, a. 27 y., d, Amos 

and Betsy, Nov. 18, i847.* 
Nathan, and Rebecca Mason of Rhode Island, int. Sept. 2,1826. 

MONTGOMERY (see also Mountgomery), Alaxander, and Rebec- 
ca Peabody, Dec. 29, 1785,* 

Alexander, Lt., &ad [wid. c. r. i.] Sarah Porter of Boston, June 
rS, 1807.* 

Betsey, and Phineas Ayers of Piermont, N. H., Mar. 2, 1795,* 

*Iat«QtioD >Iso recorded. 



Montgomery, Cathaiine A., and Beiii[amiD3 Poor of Andovet, 

Me., Oct. 30, 1832.* 
Charlotte, and Leonard M. Webster of Bradford, Sept, — , iSij.' 
Hannah, and Aaron Beckford, of Danville, Vt, Oct. 30, 1797.* 
James A., and Salome Day of Bradford, inL Nov, 9, 1838. 
John, jr., and Betsey Ring of Haverhill, " in Cuhos," int Feb. 9, 

Jo£h]Q P., and Hannah Berry, Sept. ag, 1835. • 
Mary, and James Bridges, 3d, Dec. 11, i78i,» 
Sarah, and Thomas McCIary of Methuen, June ao, 1782.* 
Sarah Ann, and Ja[me]s F, Bragg, jr., of Andover, Me., Oct. ao, 

William, and Abigal Jennings of Bradford, int. Nov. 26, 1S08. 

HOOAR (sec also Moore), Abiah, and Joseph Burt, Mar. 23, 1758. 

Abraham, and Lydea Abbot, Mar. 16, 1758." 

Abraham, and Martha Allen, Oct. rS, 1768.* 

Anna, and Joel Marshal, Apr. 30, 177a.* 

Asa, and Eunice Thomas, at Chelmsford, Apr. 33, I7SS- 

Asa, and Eunice Thomas of Chelmsford, int Feb. 15, 1765- 

Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Phelps, Sept. 29, 1767.* 

Benjamin, and Phebe Chandler, Nov. 19, 1795." 

Benjamin, and Susan Cummings, May i, 1826.* 

Daniel, jr. [of Dunstable, int.], and Annis Stevens, Dec. 13, 

David, ol Amesbury, and Sophia Siraia, \fay 22, 1816.* 
Eliza ?i., of Middleton, and Isaac O. Barnard, int. Nov. 26, 1828, 
Hannah, and Joseph Blanchard, Feb. 27, 1786.* 
Hannah, and Peter French, jr., Nov. 11, 1819.* 
Hennon, and Elizabeth Holt, Nov. 29, r83r.* 
Isaac, and Sarah Abbot, Feb. 9, 1786.* 
Isaac, and Lydia Cawley, Feb. T4, 1788." 
John, and Mary Ballard, July »8, 1774, c, r, 2* 
John, of Bradford, and Sophia Noyes, May 14, 1S19.* 
Joseph, and Sarah Stevens, Dec. 13, 1825.* 
Joshua, and Deborah Chandler, Sept, 17, r776. 
Lois, and Simeon Hardy, Apr. 18, 1793.* 
Lovis [Lowia. int], and Jonathan Stanley ol Rindge, May 17, 

1773- c. R. a.« 
Lucy C, and Peter Shattuck, jr., Aug. 7, r8i8.» 
Lydia, and John Barnard, jr., May 3r, 1788.* 
Lydia A., and Timothy Foster, July i , 1816.* 
Martha, and David Tucker [of Wilmington, int.], July i, 1756.* 

"lalentioii also recorded. 



MooAR, Martha, and Jonathan Stevens [jr. int.], Aug. 7, 1791.* 

Mary, and Samuel Stevens, jr., Apr. 28, 1778." 

Mary, and William Harris, July 30, i778.» 

Mehittabel, and Emery Chase [of Newbury, int.], July 35, 1768.* 

Mehittabe!, Mrs., and William French [of BiUerica. lot], Nov. 

2^, 1770. c. H. 2.' 
Phebe D., and Jacob Crosby of Lowell, Aug, 93, 1832.' 
Rebeca, and Isaac Ingals, Apr. 11, 1754.* 
Sarah, and Ezekiel Hardy [of Bradford, int.], Sept. i, 1763.* 
Stephen Chandler, of Milford, N. H., and Elisabeth Sawyer 

Chase, Nov. 6, 1804." 

HOOARE (see also Moore), Daniel, and Martha Osgood, Oct. 23, 

MOOARS (see also Moore), Abigail, and Warren Mears, Apr. a6, 

Abraham, and Sasanna Stevens, July 7, r785.* 

Isaac, and Sarah Poor of Methuen, int. Sept. 29, 1825. 

Jacob, and Phebc Chandler, Dec. i, 1803.* 

Mary, wid., and Jonathan Boynton, Dec. 13, 1781.* 

Moses, of Haverhill, and Hepzabah Stevens, Dec. 12, 1776." 

MOODET (see also Moody) , Ellenor, of, Newbury, and James 
Bridges, at Newbury, Dec. 28, 1721.* 

MOODY (see also Moodey), Sally, of Newbury, and John Dane, 

int. Apr. 4, 1828. 
William, jr., of Newbury, and Almira Kimball of Boxford, int 

Oct. 13, 1825. 
William, a. 27 y., painter, 3. George and Susan E., and Nancy 

Jane Holt [of Lyndeboto, N. H. int], a. 23 y., d. Robert 

G. and Lucy, Jan. 6, 1S48.* 

HOOR (see also Moore), Joshua, and Mary E. Abbot [int. Feb. 

13.3. i84i.* 
Stephen, of Lowell, and Hannah Stevens, Mar. 21, 1833.* 
Timothy, and Mrs. Mehettable Lovejoy, Oct. 14, r746." 

HOORE (see also Moar, Mooar, Mooare, Mooars, Moor, Moores, 
More, Mores), Abraham, and Prissilla Poor, Dec. 14, 1687. 

■IntentioD tlso recoideij. 



Moore, Abraham, and Sarah Stevens, Dec, 13, i764.* 
Andrew [A. int.], and Abiah Lovejoy, Oct. i , 1829. c. ». 3." 
Eliza, a. 19 y., d. David and Sophia, cind Oiin J. Richards of 

Lebanon, Me., a. 26 y., machinist, s. Rev. Ab[taha]m and 

Lucy, Oct. 5, 1847.* 
Elizabeth, and Moses Bayley, July 29, 1766.* 
Harriet, and James [P. int.} McDonald, b. Belfast, Me., saddler 

and chaise maker, s. , of Belfast, Me., June i, 1845.* 

James, of Charlestown, and Ismenia Seaton, int. Jan. i, 1816. 

Jonathan, and Deboraii Chandler, int June 30, 1776. 

Maty, and Thomas Foster, jr., of Ipswich, Apr. 28, 1836.* 

Richard, and Elizabeth A. Phelps, Oct. 26, 1843.* 

Rosanna [Rosena. . int.j, and Elijah Hussey, Aug. 15, 1827. 

C. K. 3.* 

MOORES (see also Moore), Mary, of Bradford, and Zebediah 
Chandler, jr., int. May 14, 1810. 

MORAH, James, and Mary Newell, int. Mar. 23, 1838. 

MORDOUGH, Lucy, of Nashua, N. H., and Edwin Buckman, int. 

Apt. 19, 1837. 

MORE (see a,!so Moore), Anne, and Christopher Lovejoy, Feb. 

15. 1742-3-'' 
Elizabeth, and Jonathan Cotless, int Mar. 15, 1716-17. 
Mary, and Daniel Farwell [of Groton. int.], July 3, 1739.* 
Friscilla, wid., and Solomon Reies of Chelmsford, int. Mat. iz, 

r 708.9. 
Ptiscilla, and Joseph Russ, Oct. 27, 1709. c. R. i.* 
Timothy, and Anne Blancherd, May 12, 17T2.'' 

MORELAND, Mary, Mrs. [of Hudson, N. H. int.], and Solomon 
Wood, June II, r843.» 

MORES (see also Moore), Nath[anie]I, o( Maiden, and Elizabeth 
Fainham, int Apr. 26, 182S. 

MORGAN (see also Moi^in), L. Sumner, of Salem, and Maria 
C. Whitney of Boston, Apr. 11, 1847. 

HORGIN (see also Morgan), Richard, of Dover, and Rebecca 
Houldride of Haverhill, May zr, 1660. 

■Intention also lecoided. 



HORSON (secalsO Mdrrison), Joseph, and Peggy Moulton, int. 

July 16, 1779- 
Polly, and Jubc Kittedg, int. Nov, 30, 1796. 

MORRIL (see also Moirill), Jeremiah, of M6thuen, and Hannah. 
Kittiedge, Nov. 30, 1773. a r. 2.» 

MORRILL (see also Moiril), EbenMcr K. [of Salem, int.], and 

Hannah Towne, Aug. — , 1831. c. R. 3. [int Aug. 7.]* 
John, and Elizabeth P. Danfotth of Waltham, int., Sept. 8, 1831. 
Samuel, of Worcester, and Hannah Abbott, Dec. 2$, 1828.* 

MORRISON (see also Morison, Moirisson), Alexander, and Jane 

Wilson, int. July i6, 1845. 
Charles G., and Mary M. Frye, Sept. 26, 1831.* 
Mary, a. 31 y., h. Scotland, d. Alexander and Helen, and Jamea 

Holmes, a 38 y., wool sorter, b. England, s. John and Sarah, 

Jan. 30, i849.» 
Thomas, and Sophia Tiask of Btadfoid, int. Oct 2, 1813. 

HOKRISSON (see also Morrison), William, and Mary L. Stickney, 
int. June 33, 1844. 

HORSE (see also Morss, Moss), Abigal, and Amos Flint, Feb. 3^ 

Benjamin F., of Bradford, a. 34 y., cordwainer, b. Bradford, s. 

Benjamin and Abigail (Carlton), of Bradford, and Catherine 

M. O'Donnell, a. 21 y., b. Dublin, Ireland, d. William and 

Margeret, of Ireland, May aa, 184s-" 
Caleb, and Sarah B. Holt, Aug. 14, 1833.' 
Charles E., of Cambridge, and Elizabeth Wood, Mar. 16, 1834.* 
Edmund, widt., of Haverhill, a. 57 y., carpenter, s. David and 

Abigail, and Chloe Famham, a. 53 y., d. Peter and Chloe, 

Mar. 10, i846.* 
Elizabeth, and John Pecker of Bradford, Feb. 26, i8oi.» 
Esther, of Methuen, and Samuel Lovejoy, int. Sept. 15, 1788. 
Hannah, and Nathan Wardicell, jr., Dec. 30, 1813. c. r. 2." 
Hannah M., and Gamaliel Gleason, Nov. 1, r836.* 
Isaac, jr., of Salem, N. H., and Sarah A. Cole, int. Apr. 9, 1844. 
Jesse, and Dolly Hibbatd, May 24, 18081 c. r. 3.» 
John C, and [Mrs. int.] Catherine Hovey, Feb. 11, i838.* 
John H., and [Mis. int.] Nancy Downing, Apr. 32, r838.* 

•Intection also recorded. 



MoitSE, Jonathan, of Newbuiy, aod Maiy Claik, Feb. 14, 1793.* 
Lydia, of Methuen, and Daniel Wardwell, int. May 10, 1800. 
Margate! O., a. 18 y., d. Isaac and Mary, and James M. RicI^ 

ardsoQ, a. 23 y., mechanic, s. Samuel and Abigail, Oct. 37, 

Martha Richardson, and Hehemiah Fullei, May 10, 1804.* 
Mary [Polly, int.], of Methuen, and Isaac Lovejoy, jr., at Me- 
thuen, Nov. 12, 1778." 
Maiy, of Methuen, and Joel F. Abbot, int. Mai. 8, 1833. 
Moody, ol Newbury, and Sally Fotensby, int Aug. 4, 1806. 
Moses [jr. int], of Methuen, and Abigail Lovejoy, Nov. 19, 

Nancy, and Isaac Howactb, int. Feb. 4, 1846. 
Oilando S., s. Orlando 5., jr., and Margaret Bel1,.d. William, 

Dec. 4, 1845. c. R. 4' 
Parker, of Methuen, and Sarah Hudson, int. Dec. 11, 1846. 
Sarah G., a. 18 y., b. Alexandria, d. 0. S., and Job Corey of 

South Hadley, a.a7y., painter, b. Derby, Vt., Nov. 29, 1849.* 
Sargen O., of Charlestown, and Rosannah Wixsonof Newbuty- 

port, May 7, 1846, 
Stephen, of Methuen, aud Susanna Parker, Sept. 9, 1800.* 

MORSS (see also Morse), Samuel [of Newbury, int.], and Bethia 
DaltoD, Sept. 14, 1735.* 

MORTON, Bethia B., and Gorham P. Higgins, May 3, 1843.* 

MOSES, John S. H., of Lincoln, and Joanna L. PoUand, int. 
Oct. 26, 1844. 

MOSS (see also Morse), Moody [of Newbury, int.], and Han- 
nah Carlton, May 27, 1741." 

[MoTiah. int.], wid., resident in Andover, and John Stevens, Nov. 
u, I756-" 

MOULTON (see also Molten), Peggy, and Joseph ^[orisoD, int. 

July 16, 1779. 
Sopbronia, and Isaac Fish, Nov. 2, 1826.* 

MOUNTGOMERY (see also Montgomery), Jenny, and John 
Clark, Nov. 1, 1774. c. r. 2* 

MUCH, Thomas, and Satah Susan Abbott of Boston, int. Nov 
22, 1835. 

'InteiitioD also recorded. 



MUDGE, Z. A., Rev., and Caroline W. Goodridge of Boston, int. 
May 28, 1S42. 

MODGBT (see aho Mudgett) .Betsep, of Lowell, and John Gold- 
smith, Int. Oct. 17, 1835. 

MTOGETT (see also Mudget), Melvina, and Ebenezer L. 
Hatch, int. 11, 1847. 

MULLEN, Charles, and Elizabeth Bailey, int. May 30, 1847. 
John, and Mary M. Young of Acton, Me., int. Aug. 3 1, 184a. 

MDLLIKEN, Eliza S., of Lexington, and Edwin Pierce, int. Sept. 
10, 1845. 

MUNN, John, and Ann Booth, int. Aug. i, 1846, 

HUNROE (see also Monroe), Andrew, of Reading, and Mis. 
Betsey O[aborn. int.] Sawyer, Nov. 2, 1S37.* 

Henry, of Charleston [Charlestown. c. R. i.], and Nancy Web- 
ster, Oct. 25, i8i3.» 

MURDOCK, Ann, and Rev. E[d]ward B. [R. int.] Tyler ot 
Middleton, Conn., May 34, 1828." 

MURPHBY (see also Murphy), Henry, and Phebe Town, Apr 
30, 1829. [May 31. C. R. I ; int. May 12,]" 

MURPHY (see also Murphey), George, a. 32 y., laborer, s. Peter, 
and Abby Ann Abbott, a. 21 y., d. Wlliam B. and Lucinda, 
Nov. 14, 1S44.' 

George, widr., a. 23 y., spinner, s. Peter and Mary, and Char- 
lotte Hayncs, Oct. 14, 1847.* 

John, and Mary Doland, int. July 17, r349. 

Mary, and William Brennan, int. July z8, 1S45. 

Mary, of West Newbury, and George Emery, int. Dec. 31, 1848. 

Michael, of Billerica, and Eliza Merrill, int. Ocl. 30, 1830. 

Miland, of Danvers, and Hepzibah Johnson, Feb. 16, 1S02.* 

HURRAY, James, a. 25 y., cordwainer, and Adeline L. Gould, a. 

22 y., Apr. 6, 1845.* 
Mary Ann, of Charlestown, and Alexander Winning, int Apr. 25, 


■iDleQlioD also recorded. 



MUZZET (see also Muzzy), Reubin [of Kingstown, int.], 
and Sarah Phelps, May 10, i743-" 

MUZZY (see also Muzzey), Clarindon F., and Semantha B. 
Robbins of Wardsboro, Vt., int. Sept. 9, 1836. 

MYERS, Mary, and Edward Gledhill, Jan. 1, 1846. c. r. 4.'' 

HEAI-, Charles Giandison, and Abigail Rea of Boxford, int. May 

NEASON, James [Nason. int.], of Boxford, and Ruby S. Kim- 
ball, Apr. J, 1840." 

NEEDHAH, BeDJ[ami]n, and Nancy Beard [Barnard, c. r. 2.], 

Jan. 29, i8i8.- 
Clarissa [B. int.], and Samuel [G. int.] Bailey, Nov, 29, r842.* 
Ebcnezer, and Sally Wright of Westford, int. Mar. 17, 1S32, 
Mary, of Billerica, and Jedidiah Burt, jr., int. May 17, 1828. 
Sam[ue]l, and Fanny Peabody of Middleton, int. Apr. 35, 1817 
Sterns, of HoUis, N. H., and Hannah Bailey, ScpL 5, i88i.» 
Susan [Mary Ann. intj, and Moses Bailey, July 38, 1841.* 
Timothy BuUard, and Martha F. Abbot, July 4, r8z6.* 

KEVINS, Phebe, and Thomas C. Trow, July 12, 1838.* 

NEWAL (see also Newall), Charles, and Hannah [Chandler, int.] 
Shattuck, Nov. 28, 1805.* 

NEWALL (see also Newal, Newell), Andrew, of Boston, aud 

Abigail Bridges, Oct. 21, 1779.* 
Patience M., of South Berwick, Me., and Carlton Parker, jr., 

int Apr. 5, 1843. [dup. int. Mar. 27, r84s.] 

NEWELL (see also Newall), Charles, and Nancy Holt, Oct. 21, 

Mary, and James Moran, int Mar. 23, 1838. 

NEWHALL, George L., and Mary Ann Whitman of New Lon- 
don, Conn., int. Aug. 5, 1842. 

'tntention iho lecorded. 



NEWMAN, Hannah H., and Rev. Sam[ue]l A. Fay of J^orth.- 

boro, Sept. so, 1833." 
Maik, and Sally Phillips [of Boston, int.], at Boston, Sept. 19, 

Mark, Esq., and Mrs. Abigail Dodge of Tamworth, N. H., int. 

Oct. 21, 1814. 
Mark, jr., and Elizabeth Wilkina of Middleton, int. Aug. 26, 1 843. 
Mark H., and Mary Dickinson of Amherst, int. Sept. 13, 1828. 
William J., Rev., and Caroline S. Cooper of Cooper, Me., int. 

Oct. 24, 1836. 

NICHOLASS, Isabel, and William Harvey [residents in Andover. 
int.], Nov. 21, 1738.* 

NICBOLES (see also Nichols), James, and Margaret Glin, Jan. 
23. I734-S* 

NICHOLS (see also Nicholes, Nickols), Abigail, and James C. 

Prescott, int. May 2, 1835. 
Annah, and Jacob E. Prescott, int. May 14, 183S. 
Betsey [Elizabeth, int.], and Asa Breed of X-ynn, May 23, 1S09. 

C. R. a,* 
Charles A., of Lowell, and Elizabeth A. Greenleaf, May 8, 1834.* 
Harriet, and Andrew F. Curtis, int. Nov. 34, 1840. 
James, and Anoa White, Nov. 6, 1728.* 
John, 3d, and Mary Bubier, May 2, iSoS-* 
John B., and Sarah Eaton of Reading, int. Apr. 7, 1S30. 
John G., and Hannah W. Eaton, Apr. 9, 1845. C. R. 4.* 
Joseph, of Merrimac, N. H., and Elisabeth Thompson, int. Feb. 

17, 1817. 
Joseph [of Lynn. c. R. i.], and Jerusha Mason, Dec. 6, iSzi. 
Lavina, and Elbridge G. Wardwell, Sept, 27, 1835.* 
Margaret S., and Nathan Town [of Cambridge, int.], June 21, 

Mary £., and Jesse Emerson of Middleton, at North Reading, 

Nov. 3, i842.» 
Moses, Dr., of Amherst, N. H., and Lucy Furbush, Oct. 19, r784.* 
Norris, and Arvilla Woodward of Lowell, int. Jan. 4, 1848. 
Phillip, and wid. Sarah Foster, Mar. 7, 1799.* 
Phoebe, and George Laton, Jan. r, r829.* 
Rodolphus, and Lavina Frost of Tewksbury, int. Aug. 28, 1839, 
Ruth, and William Darling [resident sometime in Andover. int.], 

Oct. I, 1724." 

*lQlentic>n also recorded. 



Nichols, Sally, of Haverhill, and Eaton Green, int Sept. u, 1829 

Seth, of Reading, and Abigail Eaton, Oct. 12, 1815.* 

Stephen, of Brownington, Vt., and Chartote TOwni int. Nov. 4, 

Stephen, jr., ol Amesbury, and Lucy SpOfEord, Jaix. 38, 1830.* 

HICEASON (see also Nickeison), Esther, and Joseph Wood, jr. 
int. July 9, 1785. 

NICKERSON (see also Nichason), Betsey [Nickolson. c. h. i.]. 

and William Stitnson [Slmson. c r. i.J, Apr. 9, 1799-* 
Esther, and John Wood, Mat. 13, 1786. 

NICEOLS (see also Nichols), Eb'enczer,ot Reading, And Rebecca 

Haywatd, May 19, 1789.' 
James, and Mercy Lealierbee of Lynnficld, int. Sept. 30, iSig, 

NICKOLSON, see Nickerson. 

NOBLE, Maty W., a. 17 y., d. Amos and Betsy, and Isaac Mon- 
roe, a. 25 y., cabinet maker, s. Andrew and Mary B., Nov. 
18, 1847-* 

Reuben, of Norway, Me., and Eliza Ann Kimball, Dec. i, 1S33.* 

NORCROSS, Orrilla, of Lowell, and )ohn T. Bailey, int July 23, 

NORTHEND, Samuel, of Rowley, and Sarah Adams, June 2, 1 780.* 

NORTHEY, Sarah, of Boxford, and William S. Marland, int May 
3, 1335. 

NORTON, Ab^all, and Samuell Maitin, Mar. 30, 1676. 
Hannah, and David Stiles, Aug. 7, 1760.* 
Judith, of Salisbury, and [Dea. int.J David Foister, at Salisbury, 
Oct. 4, 1748.* 

NOWEL, Hannah, and Jacob Shed, Oct. 15, t830.» 

NOTES (see also Noys, Noyse), Aaron, and Betsy E Johnson of 

Methuen, int. Jan. 9, 1830. 
Betty, and John Ftye, 3d [4th. int.], Oct. 2, 1781." 
E1iza[beth], and Samuel Brown, jr. of Billerica, Nov. 29, tyS?." 

'Intention tha lecorded. 



NoVBS, Elizabeth L^ of Windham, N. H., and Nathan B. Abbott, 

int Oct. 30, 1841. 
Emily, and Daniel Shannon, mt. Mar. 19, 1847. 
Fanny, and Washington Parker of Methuen, int. Mar. 25, 1815. 
Fanny, and William Chickering, Oct. 6, 1836.* 
Frederick, and Hannah Vamum of Dracut, int. May 19, 1809. 
Hannah, and Zachariah Frye of filuehill, int. Sept. 25, 1789. 
Hannah, and Peter Frye, June g, 1796," 

Hannab [V. int.], and Moodey B. Abbott, Dec. 8, 1830. c R. 3." 
Jonathan, and Lois Parker of Methuen, int. Mar. 11, 1809. 
Maiy, and Joel Baldwin of Billerica, Jan. 26, 1793,* 
Mary, and Simeon Farmer of Billerica, Feb. 20, i8oo.* 
Mary, and Bimaley Stevens, Oct. ai, 1830. c r. 3." 
Maiy, and Daniel Stevens, Feb. 6, 1S40.* 
Nicholas, and Phebe Hutchinson, Dec. 21, 1799.* 
Phebe, and William Gile, Oct. 5, 1837.* 
Rachel, of Newbury, and Joseph Martin, at Newbury, Aug. 5, 

Rhoda, and Richard Liscomb, Apr. 2, 1812.* 
Samael, and Hannah Faulkner, Jan. 24, 1765." 
Sarah, and Samuel Brown, jr, of Billerica, at Billerica, Aug. 16, 

Sarah, and Joseph Martin, jr., Sept. 4, 1793.* 
Sarah, and Nathaniel Frothingham [jr. int.] of Boston, Dec, 13, 


Sarah, and [Rev. int.] Joseph P. Burbank of Plattsburgh, N. Y., 

Aug. 28, 1S40.' 
Sarah W[ard. c. r. i.j, and Archelaus Putnam of Danvers, July 

Sophia, and John Mooar of Bradford, May 14, 1S19.* 
Susanna, and Amos Stevens, jr., Oct. 6, 1796.* 
Susannah, and Pierce Gage of Pelham, N. H., Jan. 23, 1787." 
Wadleigh, and Phebe Ballard of Petcrboto, N. H,, inl. Oct. 28, 

Ward, Dr., and Prudence Stevens, May 19, 1791." 

NOYS (see also Noyes), Aaron, jr., and Dolly Jordan, Dec. i, 

Lydia, and Samuel Osgood, jr., Jan. 31, 1804.* 
Ward, jr., and Claresa Foster of Tewksbury, int. July 18, 1798. 

NOYSE (see also Noyes), Timothy, and Sarah Abbot, Apr. Si 

■IntentioD also recorded. 



NURSE (see aJso Nuss), Benjamin, and Eliza Lees of Lowell, 

int. Apr. 6, 1836. 
Samuel, of Salem Village, and Dorothy Faulkner, Nov. 25, 1708. 

c. R. 1. 

NUSS (see also Nurse), Susannah, of Wilmington, and James 
Holt, int. Jan. 11, 1734-5. 

NUTTING, David, and Mehitoble Turner, residents in Andover, 

int. Feb. 8, 1807. 
Joseph, and Mary Abrahams [resident in Andover. int.], Nov. zi, 

1738. [Nov. 2. c. R. 2.]» 
Kichard, and Miriam Gray [trid. int.], June 17, 1718. c. r. i.* 

NTE, Harriet, of Bangor, Me., and John U. Parson, int. Aug. 11, 

OAKES (see also Oaks), Thomas [of Medford. int.], and Sarah 
Blunt, Nov. 26, I730.* 

OAKS (see also Oakes), Lydia [ofNorthbury. int.], and Jonathan 
Gumming, Nov. 6, 1766." 

OBORN, Mary [Osbom. int.], and John McCoy, Dec. 24, 1835' 

O'BRIEN, Helen, of Lowell, and Charles M. Ising, int. Sept. 17, 

OCERIDE, Harriet, a. 23 y., b. Europe, and John Robinson, a. 
37 y., machinist, b. Europe, s. Tho[ma]9 and Rachel, of 
Europe, Aug. 30, 1849.* 

ODEL, Joseph, and Sarah Ingalls, Apr. 16, 1764. c. r. i. 

ODIORNE, Sarah B., and Enoch A. Pettengell, Jan. 22, 1834.* 

O'DONNELL, Catherine M., a. 21 y., b. Dublin, Ireland, d. Wil- 
liam and Margaret, of Ireland, and Benjamin F. Morse of 
Bradford, a. 24 y., cordwahier, b. Bradford, s. Benjamin and 
Abigail (Carlton) of Bradford, May 22, 1845.* 

Daniel, s. W[illia]m, and Jane R. Pettigrew, d. Mark, June 8, 
1848. c. R. 4." 

'iBtention also recorded. 



OLIPHANT, David, Rev., of.Keene, N. H., and Mary Pearson 
Sepl. 37, 1815." 

O'NIEL, Elsey, of Methuen [resident in Andover, int], and 
Elijah Fallen, at Methuen, Dec. 29, 1798." 

ORBEN (see also Orbin), Heory, and Rebecca Mclntire of Read- 
ing, int. May 6, 1843. 

ORBIN (see also Orben), Sophia, and Joseph Richardson, int. 
Mar. ri, 1843. 

ORCUTT, John, and Frances Louisa Blake of Keene, N. H., int. 
June 16, 1837. 

ORDWAY, T. S., and W. H. Wells, int. Apr. — , 1843. 

ORMSBY, see Armsby. 

ORN, Simon [of Marblehead. int.], and Mary Osgood, Sept. 16, 

OSBORNE, Eliza P., of Danvers, and Henry H. Stevens, int. Oct. 
7. 1843- 

OSGOOD (see also Ossgood), Aaron, and Esther Wardnell, Feb. 

26, 1795.- 
Aaion B., and Myra N. Wilson of Salisbury, int. Nov. n, 1847. 
Abiah, and Parker Varnum, Esq,, of Dracut, int Nov. 7, 1801. 
Abigail, and Joseph Carleton, Aug, 2, 1694. 
Abigail, and John Parker, Feb. 7, 1771.* 
Asa, and Dorcas Stevens, June 19, 1780. 
Christopher, and Hannah Barker, May 27, 1680. 
Christopher, of BluehiD Bay, and Esther Gyilion, Oct. 11, 

Christopher, of Concord, N. H., and Anna Abbot, Nov, 7, 1 793.* 
Daniel, and Sarah Ingalls, June 3, 1724.* 
David, and Hannah Bigsby, Feb. 2$, 1746-7." 
Debora, and John Ruse, Aug. 28, 1663. 
Deborah, and Assa Swan of Haverhill, int. Dec. s. 1716. 
Deborah, and Obediah Wood of Chester [N. H.], Jan. 3, 1759.* 
Doicas, and Thomas March [of Boston, int.j, Jan. 5, 1743-4.* 
Dorcas, of Tewksbury, and John Blanchard, int. Apr. 27, 1789. 

*IntentiDii also recorded. 



Osgood, Dorcas, and Theodoie Stevens, Oct. 4, 1791." 
DoTcis, o£ Tewksbury, and Joseph Dane, int. Nov. 30, 1 750. 
Dorothy [Deborah, int.], and William Walker, Dec. 13, 1764.* 
Ebenezer, and Rebecka Sims [of Bradford, int.], Dec. 20, t7io.* 
Elizabeth, and John Browne, Oct. iZj 1659. 
Elizabeth, and James Frie, Nov. 18, 1734" 
Eliza[beth], and Joshua Jones of Wilmiogton, inl. July ai, 1780. 
Elizabeth, and Daniel Kimbal, 3d, June 5, 1783. C. r. i.* 
Elizabeth [Sarah, int.] , and William Kimball of Pembroke, N. H., 

Nov. 4, 1802, • 
Elizabeth, and Hiram Putnam of Danvers, Aug. 6, 1816.* 
Elizabeth, and Nathan Johnson, Sept. 8, i83i.* 
Elizebeth, and Samuel Martain, Apr. 24, 1753.* 
Ezekiel, and Rebecka WardweJI, Feb. 20, r7io-ii-* 
Ezekiel, and Maty Eaten of Reading, int. June 30, 1739. 
Ezekiel, and Mary Barker, May rj, 1746." 
George, Dr., and Sarah Vose of Milton, int. Jan. so, 1803. 
George, Esq., and Mary Messer of Methuen, Oct. 3, 1815.* 
Hanna, and Samuel! Archer, May ai, 1660. [1659- cr. r.] 
Hannah, and John Caileton, Aug. 27, r688. 
Hannah, and Theodore Barnard, Apr. 30, 1717. C. R. I.* 
Hannah, Mrs., and Capt. James Pearson [Preston. C. r. 1,], of 

Lynn, Nov, 5, 1774.* 
Hannah, and Obadtah Johnson, Feb. 12, 1724-5.* 
Hannah, and Samuel Chickerin, June 24, 1728." 
Hannah, and Jeremiah Eaton of Lynn, at Lynn, Nov. 3, 1730.* 
Hannah, and Nicholass Holt, jr., Apr. 26, 1739.* 
Hannah, Mrs., and Capt. Nathaniel Ftie, Jan. 24, 1750-51.* 
Hannah, and John Adams, Nov. 23, 1758.* 
Hannah, and Masten Field, Sept. 19, 1771.* 
Harriet L., and Ralph Ruggof Haverhill, int. Aug. 12, 1836. 
Harriot, and Rev. Israel W. Putnam of Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 

2. 1815.* 
Hooker, and Dorothy Woodman, Apr. 13, 1692. 
'saac, and Elisabeth Flent of Reading, int. Dec. i, 1744. 

:, Mr. pr. int.], and Mrs. Abigail Bayley of Haverhill, at 

Haverhill, June 18, 1752.* 
saac, Capt., and Mrs. Ruth Milliken [Mullikin, wid. int.], of 

Bradford, at Bradford, Nov. 3, 1774.* 
Isaac, Lt. [jr. int.], and Charlottee Adams, Aug. 7, rSii.* 
Isaac, jr., and Priscilla K. Woodman of Bradford, int. Aug. 12, 

Jacob, and wid. Lucy Putnam of Reading, int. May 25, rSir. 
■InteotioQ also recorded. 



Osgood, James, and Sally Beels of Boston, int. Sept. 2, 1808. 

Jeremiah, and Lydia Poor, Nov. 9, 1727.* 

Jeremiah, and Mary Chandler, May 39, 1745.* 

John, and Mary Clemance, at Haverhill, Nov. 15, 1653. 

John, and Hannah Eires.Oct. 17, 1681. 

Jo[h]n, and Hannah Abbott, Sept. i6, 1708.* 

John, and [Mrs. int.] Martha Carlton, Feb. 20, 1745-6.* 

John, 3d, and Mary Phelps, Nov. 39, 1753.* 

John, and [Mrs. int.] Huldah Frye, June 9, ij6j.* 

John, and Elizabeth Fuller of Roxbuiy, int. Sept. zo, i8ro. 

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Bailey, May 31, 1785.* 

Joshua, and Mary Flint of Reading, int. Nov. 9, 1750. 

Joshua, jr., and Rhoda French of Tewksbury, int. Nov. 9, 1793. 

Josiah, and Abigail Day of Bradford, int. Feb. 14, 1728-9. 

Josiah, and wid. Hannah Kitreg of Tewksbury, int. Nov. 4, 1749. 

Josiah, of Methuen, and Sarah Stevens, Mar. 3, 1757.* 

Lidia, and Sberebiah Ballard, Jan. 2, 1716-17.* 

Lydea, and Joseph Phelps, June 6, 1749.* 

Lydia, and James Frie, Jan. 20, 1679. 

Lydia, and John Johnson, Dec. 23, 1736." 

Lydia, and Jonathan Hill, jr. [of Billerica. int], Nov. 6, 1740.* 

Lydia, and Abiel Faulkner, Dec. 20, 1791.* 

Lydia, and Geo[rge] A. Putnam of Danvers, Dec. 11, 1832.* 

Maria, and [Dr. c.R. i,] Edward A. Holeyoke ofSalem, Oct. 18, 

Martha, and Daniel Mooare, Oct. 23, 1722.* 

Martha, and Luther C. Weeks, Jan. 25, 1842.* 

Mary, and John Ix>veioy, at Ipswich, Jan. 1, 1651. 

Mary, and Henry Engolls, July 6, 1653. 

Mary, and John Aslett, July 8, 1680. 

Mary, and John Marstone, May 28, 1689. 

Mary, and John Foster, Jan. 13, 1724-5.* 

Mary, and Simon Orn [of Matblehead. int.], Sept. 16, 1730.* 

Mary, and Jacob Holt, Dec. 29, 1737.' 

Mary [Mrs. int.], and William Allen of Gloucester [at Glouces- 
ter, dup.], Apr. II, I745-* 

Mary, and Wiliam Dane, Nov. 7, 1751." 

Mary, and Moses Boynton, Dec. 25, 1777-" 

Mary, and Adam Flint of Reading, June 7, 1792.* 

Mary, and Enoch Farnum, May i, r8o6.* 

Mehetabell, and Daniel Poor, Apr. 25, 1688. c. r. j. 

Moses E., (tf Boston, and Catharine F. Roberts, int. Nov. 7, 

'Intention »lso recoided. 



Osgood, Nath[aDie]l, and Hannah Butolph of Salem, int Apr. 3, 

Peter, and Sarah Johnson, Sept. 8, 1743- 
Peter, Capt., jr., and Hannah Porter, Nov. 37, 1788.* 
Peter, and Sally Tippets of Methuen, int. Feb. 13, 1829. 
Peter, and Rebecca M. Russell, int Apr. 27, 1839. 
Phebe H., of Diacut, and Solomon H. Higgins, int. Feb. 18, 

Polly [Mary, int.], and Joseph Bradley of Haverhill, at Haver- 
hill, Mar. 18, i78i.» 
Priscilla, and James Russell, Dec. 18, 1707. 
Rachel, and Joshua Felt [of Attleboro. int.], Nov. 24, 1743-* 
Rebecca, and Joseph Poor, May 20, 1715-* 
Rebecca, and John Pierson [of Lynn, int.], June i5, i73i.* 
Rebecca, and David Holt, June 22, 1769.* 
Rebecca, and [Lt. int.] Moody Bridges, July 12, 1819." 
Rebecka, and Rob[er]t Bamot [Barnard, c. R. i.], Sept. 14, 

1 7 10.* 
Rhoda, and Isaac Blanchard, Jan. 10, 1838. C. R. 2,* 
Ruth, and Thomas Peabody [of Boxford. int.], Nov. 21, 1738.* 
Sally P[itman. int], and Rev. Bailey Loring, Feb. 20, i8i6.* 
Samuel, and Hannah Barnard, Nov. g, 1727.*" 
Samuel, jr., and Doiithy Watdwell, May 21, 1739." 
Samuel, and Elezebith Abbot, Jan. 4, i7S3-* 
Samuel, jr., and Hannah Phelps, Nov. 22, lyfiS.*- 
Sam[ue]l, jr., and Martha Brandon of Cambridge, int. Dec, 4^ 

Samuel, jr., and Lydia Noys, Jan. 31, 1804.* 
Sam[ue]l, and Martha Fox of Dracut, int. May r7, 1817. 
Samuell, Sergl., and Hannah Dane, Feb. 4, 1701-2. 
Sarah, and Edward Gray, Dec. 2, 1702. 
Sarah, and Samuel Frye, Mar. 26, iTig.' 
Sarah, and John Barnard, May 27, 1723-* 
Sarah, and Joseph Lunt [of Newbury, int.], Nov, 24, i738,» 
Sarah, and Jonathan Bradley of Haverhill, at Haverhill [int. 

Feb. ri, 1773-]-' 
Sarah, and Dr. Daniel Wardwell of Lyndboro [N. H. int.], Sept.. 

24, i8i6." 
Sarah Ann,' and Tho[ma]s Clatk, Jan. 3, 1832." 
Stephen, and Hannah Blanchatd, May 24, 1699. 
Stephen [jr. c, r. 2.], and Darcas Ballard, Mar. 4, 1730-31 .•■■ 
Steven, and Mary Hooker, Oct. 24, 1663. 
Susanna, and Dr. Tho[ma]3 Kittredge, Nov. 7, 1771." 

•Intention bI«o recorded. 



Osgood, Thomas, and Sarah Huchinson, Dec. 3, 1747.* 

Thomas, and Hannah Stevens, Mar. 15, 1192.* 

Timothy, and Deborah Poor, May 29, 1689, 

Timothy, and Mary Russell, May 10, I7i6,* 

Timothy, and Mrs. Maty Poole of Lynn, Apr.' 11, 1728.* 

Timothy [3d. c. b. 2.], and Phebe Frie, Jan. 6, 1742-3.* 

Timothy, jr., and Chloe Bridges, Mai. 13, 1765,' 

Timothy, jr., and Sally Farnum, Nov. 13, 1788." 

Timothy, 3d, and Anna Bridges ofTew&bnry, int. Feb. n, 1797. 

William, and Sarah Checkering of Boston, int. July 18, 1714. 

William, and Mrs. Mary Appleton of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Jan. 6, 

1729. fint. Ocl. 4,]* 
William, and Sarah Jane Smith, Apr. 19, 1845." 

OSSGOOD (see also Osgood), Joseph, and Mary Marhle, May 8, 

Thomas, and Susannah Lord, May 32, 1&74. ct. r, 

OTIS, William [of Leominster, int.], and Maty Boynton, June za, 
1830. c. R, 3.* 

OWEN, Sophia [Orvin. int.], and James M.Chase, Apr. 9, 1835.* 

OWLER, Charles B., of Lowell, a. 20 y,, prhiter, s. William and 
Margarett, and Issabella Bamett, a. 23 y., d. James and 
Margarett, Apr. 10, i846.» 

PACE, Betsey, and William Kimball, Oct. 10, 1798.* 
David, and Nancy Holt, June 23, 1808. c. r. 2.* 
Joseph, and Olive Maria Rogers, July 31, 1843.* 
Susanna, and William Whitney, int. Oct. 31, 1838. 

PAGE, Ashl [resident in Andover. int.], and Lucy Frost, May 10, 

Daniel, and Hannah Stevens [Aug, 18. int.], 1757." 
Hannah, and Abijah Fuller, Nov. 14, 1782." 
Jesse, Rev., and Ann P. Little of Adtinson, N. H., int. Dec. 31, 

John [O. int.], and Elizabeth Frye, Sept. 22, 1836." 
Joseph, and Mary F. Goodridge of Haverhill, int. Apr. 17, 1847. 
Judith A., of Dunbarton, N. H., and Zadock L. Freeman, int. 

Sept 22, 1827. 
William, of Lunenburg, and Sarah Stevens, July rt, 1733.* 
William [of Hampstead. c. r, i.], and Martha Parker, Oct 9, 


'Intention also recoided. 



PAINE, Elijah D., of Madison, Ind., and Lydia P. [B. int.] 

West, Sept 32, 1835." 

PALMER, Catharine, a. 16 y., and Lawrence Whiltoker, a. a i y., 

mechanic, Dec. 12, 1844.* 
Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Peabody, Nov. 3, i8oz." 
John C, of Salem, N. H., and Maty E. Faulkner, int. May 18, 

Sarah M., of Derry, N. H., and Leonard Fainham, int. Oct. g, 


PARKER, Aaron, and Hannah Abbot of Billerica, at Billetica, 

Jan, ai, 1787. 
Almira, and Richard Kimball [jr. int.] of Bradford, Feb. 2, 

Amanda, of Cavendish, Vt., and Asa H. Brown, int. Sept. a6, 

Anna, of Bradford, and Nathaniel Parker, at Bradford, Sept. 20, 

1 770-* 
Anne, and John Bragg, May 8, 1753.* 
Asa, and Sarah Matbel, Feb. 27, 1752-" 
Asa, and wid. Apphia SpoSocd oE Rowley, at Rowley, Mar. i, 

Augusta, and Enoch Stevens, Feb. 26, 1835.* 
Benjamin, and Sarah Chadwick [of Boxford. int.], Sept. 19, 

Benjamin, and Lucy Pushard of Dresden, int. Aug. 20, 1800. 
Benjamin, of Maiden, and Mary Ann Tucker, Apr. 27, i84i.* 
Carlton, and Susannah Holt, Apr. 18, 1776.* 
Carlton, of Charlestown, and Mary Abbot, Apr. 4, 182a." 
Carlton, jr., and Patience M. Newell of South Berwick, Me,, int. 

Apr. 5, 1843. [dup. int. Mar. 27, 1845.] 
Charles S., painter, s, Carleton, and Catharine H. Lord, Feb. 19, 

Charlotte, and Dr. Stephen Huse of Methuen, June 14, 1826." 
Clarisa B., and John Baldwin of Billerica, Nov. 15, i8iO.» 
Daniel, of Reading, and wid. Mary Chandler, Nov. 10, i779.* 
Dolly, and Samuel Foster, of Amherst [N. H. int.], Aug, 30, 

Eliza Jane, and Nath[anie]l F. Dearborn, Dec. 30, i84i.* 
Elizabeth, and John Farnum, Apr. ro, 1684. 
Elizabeth [Barker, cr. r.], and Sam[ue]H Hutchinson, Feb. 26, 

1686. [Feb. 19, 1687. CT. R.] 

"Intention aJio recorded. 



Pajucer, Enoch, and Elizabeth Chandler of fiillerica, May 21, 

Fanny T., and Will[ia]m Jones of Frankfort, N. Y., int. Aug, 5, 

Fiances M., and Caleb Abbott, jr., Dec. 16, i834.« 
George G., Esq., and Hannah H. Woods, both of Ashburnham, 

Dec. 26, 183^. 
Geo[rge] H., a. 21 y., carpenter, 9. Carlton and Mary, and Mary 

L. Putnam, a. 1:9 y., d. Alfred and Mary, July 14, 1847.* 
Hannah, and John Tyler, Sept. 14, 1682. 
Hannah, and Cyrus Marble, Sept 25, 1760.* 
Hannah [Mrs. c. k. i.}, and John White, Apr. 10, 1780." 
Hannah, of Conco[rd], and Daniel Bartleit, int. Sept. 4, 1799. 
Hanoah, and James Valdcn, resident in Andover, Oct. i, 1801.* 
Hannah, and JonathanGriffinofPlattsburg, N. Y.,, 1805." 
Henchei, of Melhuen, and Anna Phelps, June 15, 1773. c. k. 2.* 
James, and Phebe Ingalls, Aug. 12, 1731." 
James, jr., and Mary Lovejoy, Sept. 24, 1765- c. r. 2." 
Joanna [of Chelmsford, int.], and [Dr. int.] Nehemiah Abbot, at 

Chelmsford, Dec. 7, 1748. 
John, and Hannah Browne, May 24, 1687. 
John, and Abigail Osgood, Feb. 7, 1771.* 
John [jr. inL], and Hannah [Joannah. int.] Bailey of Haverhill, 

at Haverhill, June 27, 178a. 
John, and Sophia Gage, int. Aug. 22, 1828. * 

John B., and Sarah E. Towne, May 18, 1837. • 
Jonathan, and Hannah FYie, May S. i737-" 
Jonathan, of Reading, and Mary Hincher, int. Nov. 17, 1744. 
Jonathan, jr., and Hannah Robinson, Feb. 17, 1767.* 
Joseph, and Elizabeth Bridges, Oct. 7, 1680. 
Joseph, and Abigail Michel [of Haverhill, int.] , Feb. 6, i7ii-ia." 
Joseph, and Mary Emery, Dec. 31, 1722." 
Joseph, and Martha Barker, July 4, 1734.* 
Joseph, and Martha Johnson, Apr. 10, 1735-* 
Joseph, jr. [3d. int.], and Hannah Abbot, Apr. 25, 1754.* 
Joseph, 3d, and Eleiebith Martain, Apt. 26, 1757." 
Joseph, and Lydia Chandler, at Melbuen, Dec. 7, 1769. 
Joseph, of Billerica, and Lydia Parker, Dec. 30, r8o6.» 
Julia H., of Dracut, and David N. McClary, int. Mar. 11, 1848. 
Kendal, and Joann Floyd of Mcdford, at Medfoid, May 20, 1800. 
Lois, of Methueo, and Jonathan Noyes, int. Mar. ir, 1809. 
Lace, Mrs., of Dracut, and Daniel Abbot, jr., int. Mar. 24, 1756. 
Lucretia, of Lynn, and Amasa Holt, int. Aug. 2, 1817. 

'Intention also recoided. 



Parker, Lydia, and Thomas Read [of Woburn- int.], Dec. 29, 

Lydia, wid., and Thomas Kenny, Apr. 30, 1782.* 

Lydia, and Joseph Paiker of Billerica, Dec. 30, i8o6." 

Lydia, and Henry Poor, May 14, 1807." 

Martha, and Joseph Tuck [of Beverly, int.], Feb. a, 1786-7.'. 

Martha, wid., and Lt. Robert Rusel of Reading, int. Apr. 17, 1755. 

Martha, and William Page [of Hampstead. c. b. i.], Oct. 9, 

Martha [resident in Andover. int.], of Bradford, and Jeremiah 

Chandler, at Bradford, Oct. 22, i772.» 
Mary, and Benjamin Fric, May 23, 1678. 

Mary, and James Bodwell [of Haverhill, int.], Feb. 6, r7io-ii.* 
Maty, and Joseph Faulkner, Aug. 12, 1731.* 
Mary, and Timothy Stevens, jr., May 19, 1774. C. r. a." 
Mary [wid. int.], and Jonathan Cummings, Dec. 30, 1802.* 
Mary, of Lowell, and Nathan Parker, Sept. 18, 1836. 
Mary, Mrs-, and Layfaette Hall of Lowell, int Nov. 2, 1849. 
Mehitable, and Joshua Twing of Danvcrs [South Danvers. int.]. 

Mays, '839-" 
Michael, and Phebe Farrington, Oct ir, i770.' 
Michael, jr., and Fanny Town, Dec. 1 1, 1804." 
Michael, jr., and Mehitable Fox of Dracut, int. Sept, 30, tSrs. 
Moses, and Hannah [Dorcas, c. r. 2. and int.] B. Chuidlcr, Dec. 

27, 1820.* 
Nathan, and Elizabeth Gadge of Bradford, int. Nov. 28, r73o. 
Nathan, and Hannah Stevens, June 26, 1735.* 
Nathan, and Mary Parker of Lowell, Sept. 18, 1836. 
Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Wright, Oct. 6, 1702. c. R. i. 
Nathaniel, and Anna Parker of Bradford, at Bradford, Sept. 20, 

Nathaniel, of Reading, and Mary Woodbridgc, Dec, 23, 1824." 
Oliver, of Reading, and Phebe Faraum, Dec. 8, 1823. • 
Persis, and Peter French, jr., Oct. 16, 1822.* 
Peter, and Hannah Swan, Aug. 14, 1734 * 
Peter, jr., and Phebe Marble, June 5, i-j66.* 
Peter, and Sally K. Lovejoy, Oct. 17, r83r. [Nov. 17. c. R. i.]* 
Phebe, and John Varnum of Dracut, at Dracut, July 15, r730.* 
Phebe, and Seth Kimbal of Bradford, Sept. n, 1794.* 
Phebe [wid. int.], and fsrael Wood of Danvers, Aug, 17, 1803.* 
Phebe, and Stephen Poor of Greenfield N. H., [Hancock, N. H. 

int.], Dec. 30, r8i3.* 
Phineas, and Hannah Chandler, Sept. 21, i775,» 
*Iiitentioli also recocded. 



Parker, Rfaoda, of West Newbury, a. 25 y., d. Winlhrop and 

Lydia, and Lewis W. Smith of West Newbury, a. 25 y., comb 

makeit s. Moses and Mary A., Oct. 25, 1848. 
Sosena, and Seth Kimball, Apr. z;, 1831.* 
Ruth, and James Gile of Haverhill, Feb. 21, 1688. c. k. i. 
Sally, of Harvard, and Joseph BuUard, at Harvard, Jan. 8, 1797. 
SaUyK., and John H. Crush of Boston, Dec. a, 1838. 
Samuel, and Esthei Daves of Billeiica, at Billerica, Sept. 18^ 

Samuel, of Bradford, and Maiy Stevens, May 3, 1742.* 
Samuel, Capt., of Barnstable, and Mis. Mary Freeman, resident 

in Andover, Sept. 3, 1801. c. r, a.* 
Sarah, and John Russ of Methuen, June 9, 1802.* 
Simeon, and Fanney Jeffrey of Reading, int. May 27, 1843. 
Stephen, and Mary Maistone [mason (Marstonc). cr. p.], Dec 

I, 1680. 
Stephen, and Susanna Devereux of Marblehead, at Marblehead, 

Jan. 10, 1694-5. 
Stephen H., and Anna M. Abbott of Concord, N. H., int. Jan. 

1, r842. 
Susanna, and Stephen Morse of Methuen, Sept. 9, 1800." 
Tabbatha, and David Frye, June 6, i-!6g.* 
Timothy, of Reading, and Piiscilla Carlton, Mar. 18, i73S-6.* 
Warren, of Dracut, and Elizabeth Frye, int. Apr. 4, 1800. 
Washington, of Methuen, and Fanny Noyes, int. Mar. 25, r8i5. 
William, and Mary [Mercy, int.] Hovey of Boxford, at Boxford, 

Aug. 30, i78r. 
Winthrop A., of Rochester, N. Y., and Lucy Lilley, int Apr. 2ij 


PARKHEARST, Lydia, of Wilton, N. H., and Chandler Phelps, 
int. Feb. 4, 1815. 

PARKHIRST, Andrew, see Perkins, Andrew. 

PARSON (see also Parsons), John U., and Harriet Nye of Ban- 
gor, Me., int. Aug. ri, 1831. 

Lucy [Pearson, int. and C. r. 2.], and Joshua Sylvester, May 19, 

PARSONS (see also Parson), George, and Nancy Marston, int* 
July 6, 1837. 

■Inteotton also recoided. 



Parsons, Nathan [resident in Andover. int.], and Lydia Howe fof 

Methuen. int.], Mar. 3, 1811." 
Phebe S., and Jedidiah C. Ricker, int. Dec. 24, 1840. 
Thomas, of South Hampton, and Anne Poor, int. July 32, 1758. 

PASHO, Henry R, and Nancy Abbot, May 24, iSai.* 
Nancy Maria, and Hiram Curtis Travis ot Roxbury, int. May 12, 

PATCH, JoJin, of Ipswich, a. 35 y., lawyer, 9. John and Judith, 
and Maigaret A. G. Poor, a. 23 y., d. Daniel A. aud Emily 
G., June 30, 1846.* 

Sarah, resident in Andover, and Joel Marshal of Tewksbuiy, 
Feb. 21, i77o.» 

PATRICK, Margaret, and William Cheyne, residents in Andovcr, 
Jan. — , 1844. 

PATTEE, Lois F., o£ Danvers, and Henry Barker, int. July 23^ 

PATTEN (see also Paltin), Elijah, and Elsey O'Niel of Methuen 

[resident in Andover. int.], at Methuen, Dec. 29, 1798." 
Lydia, wid,, and Asa Holt, July 5, i78i.» 

PATTERSON, James, and Elizabeth Holmes of Portsmouth, 
N. H., int. Sept. 4, 1830. 

PATTIN (see also Patten), Elijah, and Lydia Stevens, Apr. 29, 
J773. c. R. 2.- 

PAUL, Eliza Jane, and George Poor, engineer, s. Joseph and 

Mary, June 4, 1848. 
Jane [resident in Andover, int.], and Nathan Abbot of Methuen, 
Jan. II, I759-" 

PAYSON, Carlton, of Lawrence, trader, and Mary P. Ames, d. 

Simeon and Dorcas, June 13, 1847.* 
Eliphalet, o£ Wiscasset, and Betsey Bradley, July 15, 1802.* 
'iDtention also recorded. 



PEABODY (see also Pebody), AUice [of Boxford. int.], and 
Thomas Holt, Dec. 14, 1708. [Dec. 15. C. r. i.]» 

AUice, of Boxford, and Henry Gray, int May 15, 1736. 

AQQa, wid., and Abraham Tyler of Boxford, int. Jan. 18, 1812. 

Betbiah, and Robert Holt [of Windham, Conn, int.], Dec. 13, 

Bethiah, of Boxford, and Aaron Gray, at Boxford, July 18, 1744. 

Charlotte, of Lowell, and Roderick Bailey, Apr. 15, 1827. • 

Clarissa [of Lowell, int ], and Omar Bailey, Sept. — , 1837. 
c. a. 3. [int. Apr. 12, 1828.]" 

Deborah, and Stephen Cummings, Mar. 29, 1780." 

Dudley, of Boxford, and Rebecca Town, int. Sept. 10, 1791. 

Elizabeth, and Moses Coburn of Dracut, Apr. 15, 1762." 

Fanny, of Middleton, and Sam[uejl Needham, int. Apr. 25, 1817. 

Hannah, and Asa Cummings, Jan. 22, 1782, [Mar. 7. c H. 1.]* 

Harriett, of Boxford, and Joshua Emery, jr., int. Apr, 17, 1835. 

Huldah, of Boxford, and Stephen Elliot, int. Mar. 15, 1827. 

Jesse, of Saiem, and Susan Leach, Dec. 14, 1823. • 

John, jr., and Mary Pearly of Boxford, int. Apr. 24, 1764. 

Jonathan [of Boxfoid. C. r. i,], and Mary [Mercy, c. r. i.] Kim- 
ball, Dec. r, 1767.* 

Joseph [of Boxford, int,], and Mary Holt, Oct. 24, 1744,* 

Lucy, and James Phillipa of Salem, June 30, 1805.* 

Lydea, and Joshua Fo3ter,jr., May 26, 1756." 

Lydia, and Robert Gray, May i, 1728." 

Mehetabel, and Solomon Wood of Boxford, Dec. 17, i76i.* 

Moses, and Sarah Holt, June 12, 1728." 

Nath[aniejl, of Boxford, and Hepzibah Barker, at Boxford, Feb. 
26, 17SS-" 

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Palmer, Nov. 3, 1802. • 

Rebecca, and John Styles of Boxford, int. Nov. 10, 1770. 

Rebecca, and Alaxander Montgomery, Dec. 29, 1785." 

Ruth, Mrs. [of Boxford, int.], and David Foster, at Boxford, 
Dec. 31, 1767. 

Samuell, and Lydia Holt, Jan. 27, 1701-2. 

Sam[ue]U, and.Eliz[abe]th Wilkins of Reading, int. June 15, 

Sarah, and James Stevens, Aug. r, 1745.* 

Sarah, and Peabody Dole of Rowley, Mar, 30, 1779.* 

Sarah A., of Boxford, and John P. Foster, int. Nov. 14, 1845. 

Susanna, and Hermon Towne, Apr. i, 1833," 

Thomas [of Boxford. int.], and Ruth Osgood, Nov. 21, 1738 • 

Thomas, and Ruth Cole, Feb. iS, ijiS-g* 
■Intention also tecarded. 



Pkabody, William, of Boxford, and Rebecca Smith, int. Mar. i, 

William, jr., and Abigail Dupee, Jan. 22, 1781.* 

PEARL, Alicne [Asenatb. int.], of Boxfotd, and Stephen Barker 

[jr. int. 3, at Boxford, Aug. 3, i79t.' 
George, and Abigail T. Kimball, both of Boxfoid, int. Oct. 13, 

Simeon, of Boxford, and Mary Carlton, int. Aug. 15, 1820. 
Timothy, ot Windham [Conn, int.], and Ehzabeth Stevens, Aug. 

PEARLET (see also Perley), Jeremiah, of Boxford, and Eunice 
Foster, int. May 2, 1778. 

PEARLY (see also Petley), Eunice [Mrs. int.; of Andover, 
c. R. i.j, and Daniel Gould, both of Boxford, Dec. 25, 1788.* 
Mary, of Boxford, and John Peabody, jr., int. Apr. 24, 1764. 
Moses [of Boxford. C. r, i.J, and Hannah Frie, Feb. 7, 1739-40.* 

PEARSE (see also Pieice), Mary, of Portsmouth, and David 
Blunt, int. Apr. 7, 1739. 

PEARSON (see also Pearsons, Peirson, Pietson), Abiei, Dr., and 

Polly Adams of York, int. Apr. 21, 1788. 
Bethiah, and William Gordon, June 6, 1782." 
Eliphalet, and Priscilla Holyoke, July 17, 1780." 
Eliphalet, and Sarah Broomfield of Harvard, at Harvard, Sept. 

29, 1785." 
Eliza[beth], and Benja[min] Jinkins of Wilmington, Feb. 20, 

Frances, Mrs., of Haverhill, and Mr. John Johnson, at Haverhill, 

Sept 24, i746.» 
Hannah T., a. 30 y., d. Joseph and Sarah, and Albert Baocroft, 

a. 29 y., stone mason, s. William and Caroline, May 11, 

James [Preston, c, R. r.] Capt., of Lynn, and Mrs. Hannah Os- 
good, Nov. S, 1724.* 
John, jr., and Abigail Tyler, Aug. 3, 1769.* 
Joseph, and Sally Foster [residents in Andover. int.], Oct. aj, 

Joseph J., and Dorcas Chadwick, int. Oct. 30, 1847. 
*Inlent)on «lso rKorded. 



Pearson, Lucy, see Parson, Lucy. 

Mary, and Rev. David Oliphant of Keene, N, H.,Sept 27, 1815. 

Mary E., a. 23 y., d. Joseph and Sarah, and Josiah H. Currier 

- of Medford, a. 23 y., tearaster, s. David and Susan, June 

30, i846.» 
Mary H[olyoke. int], and Rev. Ephraim Abbot of Greenland^ 

N. H., Jan. 5, i8i4.* 
Moses, resident in Andover, and wid. Hephzibah Fish, int. Aug. 

17, 1776- 
Moses, of Wilmington, and Lois Holt, at Wilmington, Jan. 4, 

Moses, jr., resident in Andover, and Susannah Wimar, int. Aug. 

28, 1804. 
Rebecca [Mrs. C. u. i,], and Benjamin Ingalls, Aug. 3, 1762.* 
Susanna, and William Ingalls, May 26, 1761.* 

PEARSONS (see also Pearson) , Abiel, Dr., and Deborah Spar- 
hawk of Portsmouth, N. H., int. June 8, 1816. 

JBelJnda, of Lynnfield, and Benj[ami]n Boynton, int. Mar. 7, 

David S., and Sarah Wildes of Charlestown, int. Oct. 21, i8zo. 

George, of Reading, and Sarah A. Pearsons, Apr. 14, 1842. 

Harriet L., and Silas Bock, mechanic, both of Wilmington, Nov. 
38, 1844. 

Hepsibeth, of Wilmington, and Wil[lia]m Tucker, jr., int July 
14. 1815- 

Jabft; W., of Boston, and Olive P. Tucker, int. Sept. rj, 1823. 

Maiy J., and George Pearsons of Reading, int. Mar. 17, 1842. 

Sarah A., and George Pearsons of Reading, Apr. 14, 1842. 

Thomas, and Lucy Trow, Nov. 2r, iSir.» 

PEASE, Daniel [of Enfield, int.], and Abigail Hutchinson, May 

6, 1717. c. R. I.* 
Robert [of Enfield, int.], and Elizabeth Emery, Feb. 28, 1716- 

17. c. R. i.» 

PEASLET, Lydia, of Kingstown, and Samuel Spafford, int. May 
3. 1797- 

PEAVE (see also Pevey), Peter [of Hampton, int.], and Esther 
Barker, July 15, 1720.* 

'Intentiaii also recorded. 



PEAVEY (see also Pevcy), Mary, and Eliakiro Wordwill [Ward- 
well, c R. z.]. May 5, 1748." 

PEBODY (see also Peabody), Anna, and Joseph Abbot, 3d, Feb. 

9. I748-9.* 
Daniel, of Middleton, and Phebe Foster, June 4, '7So,* 
Lydea, and Ebenezer Holt, jr., Feb. 15, 1753.* 
Oliver, and Sarah Robbson, Nov. 9, 1751.* 
Sarah, and Jonathan Frie, Nov. 13, 1753.' 

PECK, Solomon, Rev., o£ Amheiat, and Elizabeth Sarah Reeves 
Hooker, May 11, i3i6." 

PECKER, Ann, Mrs. [of Haverhill, int.], and Mi. Samuel Chand- 
ler, at Haverhill, Sept. 13, i738.* 
John, of Bradford, and Elizabeth Morse, Feb. x6, tSor.* 
Rachel,ofMcthuCD, and Enoch Holt, int. Apr. 13, 1808. 

PEDRE, Catherine, a. 38 y., d. John and Margarett, and Alex- 
ander Smart, a. 30 y., flax-dressei, a. Alexander and Dorothy, 
Jan. 19, 1847.- 

PEEL, Elizabeth, and James Taylor, Mar. 17, 1833.* 

Joseph, of Hamilton [Ipswich, int.], and Susanna Feel, Aug. 4, 

Joseph, and Marilla De Putrin of Ware, int. July 8, t843. 
Susanna, and Joseph Peel of Hamilton [Ipswich, int.], Aug. 4, 

William, manufacturer, and Sarah Jane Reed, spinner in factory, 

May I, 184s. • 

PEET, Josiah, Rev., of Norridgewock, D. M. [Me. int.], and 
Sarah [A. int.] Herrick, Sept. 8, i8i4.« 

PEETBRS (sec also Peters), Elizabeth, and James Johnson, Apr. 

36, 169a. 
Samuel, and Phoebe Frie, Dec. 15, 1696. 
Samuel, and Mary Robinson, June 11, 1733.* 

PEEVEY (sec also Pevey), Thomas, and Dorcas Holt, Mar ai, 

*Ictenti(Mi also recorded. 



PEIRCE (see also Pierce), Priscilla E. [Mrs. int.], and Loami 
Baldwin, Nov. 34, 1836." 

PEIRSON (see also Pearson), Jonathan, and Tabitha Cowdty of 
Reading, int. July 11, 1747. 

PEMBERTON, Briget, Mrs., of Boxford, and Jeremiah Foster, 
Aug. 14, 17S5- 

PERKINS, Almira Ann, of Boxford, and Naom Augustus Fish, 

int. Nov. 6, 1847. 
Andrew [Parkhirst. c. R. a ; and int.J, of Wilton, and Lydia 

Chandler, Mar. 2, i784,* 
Betsey, of Middleton, and Kimball Carlton, May 19, i8j5." 
Eliz[abet]h, and David Smith of Salem, at Salem, Dec. 14, fja6. 
Hannah, Mrs. [of Middleton. int.}, and Joseph Russel, Nov. 37, 

1 746.* 
Hannah, and Benjamin Berry, jr., May 25, 1784.* 
Joseph B., of Boxford, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Berry and Betsey, 

and Julia M. Spofford of Boxford, a. 18 y.,d. Aaron and Bet- 
sey, Nov. a, 1848. 
Mary, and Ephroim Smith of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec. 30, 

Phebe, of Middleton, and Benj[ami]n Berry, jr., int. Mar. 30, 

Polly, of Hampton Falls, and Aaron Wood, int. Sept. 10, 1784. 
Sarah, of Middleton, and Joshua Lovejoy, jr., int. .Apr. 30, 1769. 
Timothy, and Hannah Euckstone [of Salem Village, int.], Feb. a, 

William, and Hannah Berry of Salem, at Salem, Apr, 3, 1728.* 

PERLET (see also Pearley, Pearly), Henry, and Eunice Hood of 

Topslield, at Topslicld, Oct 37, ij8i' 
Leverett S., a. 25 y., machinist, s. .Abr[ahajm and Betsy, and 

Phebe F. Taggard, a. 25 y., d. John and Hannah, Sept. 26, 

Louisa, and Daniel C. [David C. int.] Smith of Georgetown, 

Oct. — , 1841." 
Sarah, of Boxford, and Dane Robinson, int .Apr. 17, 1725. 

PEmtY, Ebenezer, of Reading, and Elizabeth Holt, May 15, 

■Intention also recorded. 



Perry, Hannah, of Bradford, and Enoch Stevens, jr., June 15, 

Martha A., of Lowell, and William D. Stark, int. Nov. 14, 1S43. 
Thaddeus [of Lynn, int.}, and Anna Hayward, Mai. 29, 1769.* 
Thaddeus, of Royalstown [Vt.], and Hannah Berry, Sept 37, 

William, resident in Andover, and Tamer Whiting of Hingham, 

int. Jan. 12, 1S05. 

PETENGILL (see also Pettengill), Samuel, and Mary Holt, Nov. 

4, 1756.* 
PETERS (see also Peeters) , Andrew, and Elizabeth Farnum, 

Feb. S, 1685. 
ADdrew, and Hannah Kimball, Oct. tS, 1768." 
Benjamin, and Hannah Chickren, Mar. 33, 1753. [Mar. 11, 

C. R. r.]* 
Benjamin, jr., and Martha Brown of Reading, at Reading, Oct 

7, I783-' 
Charlotte, and Abiel Stevens, jr., of Methuen, Jan. 33, 1835." 
Daniel, and Susanna Frye, July 8, 1802.* 
Emily [A. int.], d. John and [Col. int.] John Hobart Clark, 

butcher, s. Hobart, June 1, 1847. • 
Hannah, and Nathaniel Frothingham, jr. of Boston, Nov, 24, 

1 803.* 
Hannah, and Isaac Wilson, Dec. 33, 1835.* 
Hannah K., and John Hewlett of Saugus, July 13, 1838.* 
James [of Suncook. int.], and Elisabeth Farnum, Dec. 3r, 1736.* 
John, and Pbebe Carlton, Mar. ao, r732-3.* 
John, and Sarah Stevens, wid. of Ja[me]s, Aug. 7, 1759.* 
John, and Elizabeth Farrington Davis, Sept 24, i8oi.» 
Joseph [Ens. c. R. 1.], and Mehilable Adams, Dec. 34, ijgs.' 
Margtet, and James Wilson of Cambridge [Cambridge Farmes. 

int.], Apr. 17, 1704. c. r. i,* 
Mary, and Thomas Chandler, May 23, 1686. 
Mary, and Jonathan Richardson of Middletown, Oct. 14, 1779.* 
Mehitable, and Daniel Faulkner of Bluehjll, Nov. 13, 1795.* 
Mehitable, and Daniel Foster, sd, Dec. 35, 1834." 
Mercy, and John Allen, May 32, j686. 
Phebe, and Daniel Faulkner, Aug. 7, 1760.* 
Sarah, and David Gray, jr., Mar. 20, 1834.* 
William, of Haverhill, and Jane Lunegen, resident in Andover, 

int Dec. 6, 1746. 
Willjam, and Elizabeth P. Gardner, Dec. 35, i838.» 

*InleatioD also lecorded. 



PETTENGELL (see also Pettengill), Enoch A., and Sarah B. 
Odiome, Jan. 32, i&S^.' 

PETTENGILL (see also Petengill, Pefctengcli, Pettingai, Pettingill), 
James, and Betsy Averili, int. Dec. zo, 1810. 

PETTIBONE, Philo C, and Lydia L. [Louisa L. int.] Foster, 
Apr. 8, 1840.* 

PETTIGREW, Jane R., d. Mark, and Daniel O'Donnell, s. 

W[illia]m, June 8, 1848. C. r. 4.* 

PETTINGAL (see also Pettengill), NaihauieJ, and Susannah 
Abbott, July 14, lyao." 

PETTINGILL (see also PettengiU) , Dorcas, and Robert Calahan, 

June 3, i8o2. 
James, and Ruth Wardwell, Sept. 6, 1818," 
Joseph, and Sarah Farrington, Mar. 22, 1764." 
Susanna, and Joseph Averi! of Middleton, Dec. iz, i7So.* 
William, of Wilton, and Rhoda Hagget, Feb. 28, 1782.* 

PEVEY (see also Peave, Peavey, Pcevey, Pevy), Hannah, and 
Wjjiam Benit [of Groton. int], Mar. 28, 1758." 

Hannah, and Peter Johnson, Sept 10, 1795.* 

Rachel, and Jonathan Wordwill [Wardwell. C. r. a.], Apr. 5, 

PEVY (see also Pevey), Dorcas, and George Smith, Mar, 2, 

PHBLLEPS (see also Phelps), Joshua [Phelps, jr. int.], and 
Mary Gilson of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Jan, 13, 1796.* 

PHELPS (see also Phelleps), Abner [Dr. int.], of Reading, and 

Delia H[ubbe!. int.] Clark, Mar. 22, i8i4.» 
Anna, and Hencher Parker of Methuen, June 15, 1773. c. r. a." 
Annis, and Benjamin Stevens of Haverhill, Feb- ao, i720-zi,* 
Austin, Rev., of Boston, and Elizabeth Stuart, int. Aug. 10, 1842, 
Chandler, and Lydia Parkhearst of Wilton, N. H., int. Feb. 4, 

Chandler, and Hannah T. [F. ini.] Ballard, May 7, i834.» 
Deborah, and Stephen Blanchard, Aug. 10, 1724.* 
Edward, and Ruth Andrews, Mar. 9, 1682 [ - 3, cr. r.]. 
*Iiitention alto leconkd. 



Phelps, Elcnor, and William Chandler, Apr. ai, 1687- 

Elisba, and Rhoda Tay of Wilmington, at Wobum, Oct. aS, 

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Ix)vjoy, Dec. 23, 1717." 
Elizabeth A., and Richaid Moore, Oct. 26, 1843.* 
Francies, and Phebe Holt, Jan. 11, 1742-3.* 
Hannah, and Ephraim Abbott, jr., Feb. 14, 1733-4-* 
Hannah, and Hezekiah Lovejoy £of Souhegan. int.]. Apt. g, 

Hannah, and George Flynt, jr. [of Reading, int.], Oct 18, i7S3-* 
Hannah, and Benjamin Mooar, Sept. ag, 1767.* 
Hannah, and Samuel Osgood, jr., Nov. 21, 1768.* 
Hannah, and Nathan Abbot, 3d, Dec, 11, 1792.* 
Henety, and Abigail Lovjoy, Dec. 8, 17 18." 
Henry, and wid. Susanna Kittridge of Tewksbuty, int. Apr. 24, 

Henry, and Mary Ballard, Oct. 31, 1780." 
HeDry.'of Methuen, and Eliza Merrill, int. Sept. 29, 1831, 
Hermon, and Esther B. Merrill of Lowell, Int. Oct. 26, 1841. 
Isaac, and Dorcas Ames, Oct. 31, 1799. c. r. 2.* 
Jacob S,, a. 27 y., farmer, s. Chandler and Lydia, and Rebecca 

Chandler, a. 31 y., d. Joseph and Maiy, May 11, 1S48.* 
Joel, and Lydia A. lliompson of Charleston [Charlestown. Int.], 

Dec. 23, 1824,"' 
Joel, and Lucinda Favor, Nov. 13, 1841." 
John, and Sarah Andrew [of Boxford. int.], Nov. 4, 1714.'" 
John, and Deborah Lovejoy, Dec. 16, 1740." 
Jonathan, and Abigail Abbot, Dec. 21, i8ii.* 
Joseph, and Elizabeth Abbott, Mar. 13, 1710-11.* 
Joseph, and Lydea Osgood, June 6, 1749." 
Joseph, and Rath French of Tewksbury, int. Feb, 2, 1771. 
Joseph, and wid. Abigail Blancherd, Dec. 22, 1772. c. R. 2.' 
Joseph, jr., and Rebeccah Abbot, June 28, 1798.* 
Joshua, and Lowis Ballard, Feb. 17, 1767.* 
Joshua, and Dolly Watson of Bedford, int: Mar. 28, 1S22. 
Lois, of Reading, and Nickless Holt, jr., Int. Feb. 7, 1750-51. 
Lois, and Isaac Blunt, jr., Dec. 13, 1791." 
Lydia, and [CapL int.] Jonathan Abbot, jr., Feb. 16, 1826.* 
Mary, and John Stevens, jr., Nov. 3, 1737.* 
Mary, and John Osgood, 3d, Nov, 29, 1753." 
Mary, and Joseph Chandler, jr., Dec. 18, i8o6.* 
Mary, and Levi Beane, Mar. 12, 1819.* 
-Phebe, of Tewksbury, and Jacob Foster, jr., int. Aug. 15, 1772. 

•Intention tl$o recorded. 



Phelps, Phebe, and Samuel Thuriow of West Newbury, int. 

Nov. 2, 1827, 
Priscilla, and Philemon Dane, July 11, 1769." 
Prtscilla F., a. 24 y., d. Jonathan and Abigail, and George Gut- 

terson, of Milford, N. H., a. 25 y., farmer, s. J osiah and 

Phebc, July 29, i846.» 
Prudence, and Daniel Dane, Feb, 21, 1760,* 
Ruth, and Thomas Carter of Woburn, Dec, 25, 1706, c. R. i. 
Samuel, jr., and Ptiscilla Chandler, Jan. 2,2, 1735-6." 
Samuell, and Sarah Chandler, May 29, 1682. 
Sam[ue]U, and Hannah Dane, June 30, 1708.* 
Saiah, and Samuel Field, Feb. 4, 1719-20. 

Sarah, and Reubin Muzzey [of Kingstown, int. J, May 10, 1 743.* 
Susanna [Mis. c. R, 2.], and Thomas Kidder [of Billcrica, dup.], 

at Billerica, July 7, 1767. 
Thomas, and Mary Blanchard, July 4, 1722.* 
Thomas, and Prudence Wimon, Nov. 7, 1 727." 
Thomas, and Mary Shattucfc, Oct. 17, 1765,. c. r. 2.* 
William, of Salem, and Hannah Holt, Jan. 4, 1781." 

PHILLIPS (see also Philps), Elizabeth B., and Amos Spaulding, 

Esq., int. Nov. 20, 1832. 
Elizabeth B., and William Stevens, June ao, 1839.* 
James, of Salem, and Lucy Peabody, Jane 30, 1805.* 
Julia, and Isaac Tompkins of Chester, N. H., July 26, 1842.* 
Lydia, Mrs., and Dr. Parker Clarke, May 18, 1742-* 
Mary, of Salem, and Geo[rge] Abbot, at Salem, Nov. 29, 1721.* 
Mary, and Samuel Appleton [of Haverhill, int.], Oct, 12, 1736.* 
Maiy Ann, and William Gray Bropks of Boston, Sept. 9, 1833.* 
Nath[anie]l, of Taunton, and Martha Hawley, Nov. n, 1833.* 
Phebe F., and Jonathan Clemant, int. May 6, 1824, 
Rosey, and Patrick Gorman, int. Jan. 2t, 1848. 
Sally [of Boston, int. J, and Mark Newman, at Boston, Sept. 29, 

Samuel [jr. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Elisabeth Barnard, July 11, 

Samuel, jr., and Phebe Foxcroftof Cambridge, int. June 12, 1773. 
Samuel, 3d, and Mehitable Hagget of Bradford, int. Jan. 3, 1788. 
Samuel, Maj., and Satah A. Swett of Boxfoid, int. Sept. 8, 1827. 
Sam[ue]ll [Rev, int,], and Hannah White, Jan. 17, I7i2.» 

PHILPS (see also Phillips) , Elizabeth [Phillips, ct. r.], and 
Joseph Ballerd, Feb. 28, 1665. 

'Intentioii also leQcrded. 



PHIPPS (see ako Phips), Abner J., and Elizabeth F. Abbe of 
Roxbnry, Dec. 7, 1842* 

PHIPS {see also Phipps), Frances [resident in Andover. int.], 
and Timothy Ttumbal, Jan. 20, i778.» 

PICEARD, Marcia, Mrs., of Rowley, and Joseph Holt, int. Jan. 
16, 18J5. 

PICKERING, Mary F., of Cambridgeport, and Ezia Merrill, int. 
Jan. as, r845- 

PICKETT, Eliza[beth], of Beverly and Jacob Lefavour, at Bev- 
erly, Aug. 24, I749* 

PIERCE (see also Fearse, Peirce), Daniel, of Woburn, and 

Dinah Holt, at Woburn, July 3, 1705.' 
Edwin, and Eliza S. MuUiken of Lexington, int Sept. 10, 1845. 
Elizabeth, and James Blanchard, May 16, i758.* 
Hannah, and Benjamin Young, Sept. 19, r776.* 
Jesse, Capt., of Monmouth [Me. int], and Catharine Johnson, 

Oct. 22, l8»3. c. R. I.* 

Summers, of Woburn, and Martha Holt, Mar, 3, 1725-6.* 
Tho[ma]a S., of Petersburg, Virginia, and Anne B. Mailaod 
Sept. 6, i836.» 

PIERSON (see also Pearson), John [of Lynn, int.], and Rebecca 
Osgood, June 16, 1732." 

PIKE, Austin F., of Franklin, N. H., a. 36 y., lawyer, s. Uriah 

and Mary, and Elizabeth Farley, a. 23 y., d. Isaac and. 

£x>uisa, Aug. r8, i846.* 
John, of Bradford, and Eliza A. Tuck, Dec. lo, 1840.* 
Sarah A., and John K. Hall of Boston, at Charlestown, Apr. jo^ 

Willard, 2d m., a. 52 y., tallow chandler, b. Phillipstown, s. David 

and Joanna, of Phillipstown, and Betsey Hardy, a. 40 y., d. 

Stephen and Sarah, Nov. 29, r849.* 

PILLSBURT (see also Pilsbury), Paul P., widr., a. 50 y,, farmer, 
B. Dan[ie]l and Eunice, and Sarah A. Stevens, a. 32 y,, d. 
Dan[ie]l and Sarah, Jan. ro, i848.» 
'Intention bIso recoided. 



PILSBURY (see also Pillsbury), Phebe [Rebecca, int.], of 
Newbury, and James Dane, at Newbury, June 6, i799-* 

PDfGREE, Asa, and Mary C. Kilbom, both of Topsfield, Feb. 3, 

Mary, of Salem, and Nathaji W. Hazen, Esq., int Oct. 2, 1830. 

PINKHAM, Sally, and William Rogers of Tewksbury, Dec. 24, 

Tho[ma]s, and Sarah Ballard, Mar. 31, 1774. c R. z.* 

PIPER, Hannah, wid, [resident in Andover. int.], and Moses 

Town, Nov. 28, 1791.* 
John E,, and Susan H. Couch of Newburypott, int. Nov. 14, 

PITCHER, John, and Elizabeth Joiden, Jan. 15, 179a.* 

PLAISTED, Maria, and Uriah Russel, int. May 10, 1829. 

PLATS (see also Piatt), Ann, of Bradford, and Nathan Barker, 

int. Dec. II, 1736. 
Ednah, of Boxford, and Joseph Abbot, jr., int. Nov. i, 1766. 

PLATT (see also Plats, Platts), Frances, and Warren Meats, int 
Sept. ar, 1S45. 

PLATTS (see also Piatt), Mary, of Rowley, and Henry Abbott, 
int Oct, a7, r72i. 

PLUnHER, Almira E., and Simeon Bordwell, Mar. 16, rS43.* 
Elizabeth C., of Lancaster, and Edmund Fletcher, int. Oct. 2, 

Hezekiaji Smith, and Betsey Sympsoo Poor, Apr. 3, r3o6.* 
Maria[],andSam[uc]IPoor, Nov. 27, 1828.C. r. 3.* 
Maria Ann, and Franklin Barnard, Apr. 18, 1833.* 
Maiy, of Londonderry, and Capt Stephen Poor, int. Aug. 34, 

Moses, and Phebe Poorof Methuen,at Methaen, Nov. 23, 1796.* 
Sally, and Nathanael Heriman of Bradford, int. Oct. 5, r794. 

PLUNKBT, Elizabeth, and Abiathar Holt, Sept. 15, i836.» 
Isabella, and Charles Dole [Dale, of fiiUerica. int.], Aug. — , 
1833. c. R. 3." 

■Intention klio recorded. 



POLAND (see also Polland), Amos [resident in Andover, int.], 

and HaoDah Johnson, Apr. i, i7S5.* 
Rebecca [wid. c. R, i.],andBenj[ami]n Johnson, Nov. 30, i769.* 

POLLAND (see also Poland), Joanna L., and John S. H. Moaea 
of Lincoln, int Oct. z6, 1844. 

POLLARD, Dustin B., of Pelham, N. H., and Hannah F. Swan, 
Apr. 15, 1841." 

POND, Samuel, of Watertown, and Nancy Holt, Apr. la, iSn.* 

POOL (see also Poole), Maty, and Michael Sneetser [of Reading. 
int.], Apr. 9, i76i.* 

POOLE (see also Pool), Mary, Mrs., of Lynn, and Timothy 

Osgood, Apr. II, 1728.* 
Sarah, and Ephraim Swan, May 23, 1738.* 

POOR (see also Pore), Abigail, of Newbniy, and Ephraim Foster, 

at Newbury, Jan. 17, I7r5-i6.» 
Abigail, and Isaac Carlton, Feb. 38, 1750-51.* 
Abraham, and Elizabeth Barker, Apr. 19, 1770.* 
Ann, and James Shaw of StralTord, Vt., Mar. 6, 1821." 
Anna, and Rev. Joshua Bates of Dedham, Sept. 4, 1804.* 
Anne, and Thomas Parsons of South Hampton, tnt. July 22, 

Benjamin, and Pbebe Vamam of Diacut, int Feb. i, 1753. 
Benjfamin], of Andover, Me., and Catharine A. Montgomeiy, 

Oct. 30, i833.» 
Betsey, oCRindge, N. H., and Henry Lovejoy, int. Mar. 8, 1816. 
Betsey Sympson, and Hezekiah Smith Plummer, Apr. 3, 1806.* 
Bette, and Nathan Adams, Dec. i, 178s.* 
Betty, and Timothy Johnson, Apr. 39, 1784.* 
Catharine, and Joshua Grover o£ Charlestown, Aug. 3, 1800." 
Cloe, and Nathan Bailey, Jan. 4, 1819.* 
Daniel, and Mchetabell Osgood, Apr. 25, 1688. c. R. i. 
Daniel, and Dorothy Kimball of Bradford, int. Jan. 19, 1711-12. 
Daniel, and Hannah Frye, Mar. 31, 1763." 
Daniel, 3d, and Sarah Kimball, Apr. 18, 1769.* 
Daniel, 3d, and Hannah Frye, May 23, 1782.* 

'Intention bIio recorded. 



PooK, Daniel, jr., and wid. Martha Russell, Mar. 8, i792.» 

Daniel, ji., and Deborah Bower Baker, Dec. i, 1808. c. R. 3.* 

Deborah, and Timothy Osgood, May 39, 1689. 

Deborah, and Stephen Barker of Methuen, Oct. 18, 1750." 

Debrah, and James Allin, Aug. 27, iT$6.' 

Dorathy, and Isaac Kobinson, June 19, 1740." 

Dorcas, and Simeon Ames, jr., Nov. zo, 1823.* 

Ebenezer, and Susanna Vamam of Dracut, int. Feb- 19, 1757. 

Ebenezer, jr., and Betsey Stevens, Sept. 8, 1794.* 

Ebenezer, Rev., of Beverly, and Clarissa Abbot, Feb. i, 182s.* 

Elizabeth, and Jacob Marstone, Apr. 7, 1686. 

Elizabeth, and Peter Coburn [jr. int.] of Dracut [for sometime a 
resident in Andover. c. r. 2.], May 20, 1783." 

Elizabeth, and Isaac Stevens, Nov. 27, 1838, ■ 

Elizabeth, d. Samuel and Betsy, and Washington G. Mathers 
[Mathey. int.], mason, Feb. 26, 1846." 

Frances, and Wiley Richardson of Westfocd, May 15, 1783,* 

Frederick, and Mercy Barber of Peterboto, int. July 9, t8oi. 

George, engineer, s. Joseph and Mary, and Eliza Jane Paul, June 
4, T848. 

Hannah, and Francis Deane [Dane. cr. r.], Nov. 16, 1681. 

Hannah, and Phineas Johnson, June 6, 1771.* 

Hannah, and Jeduthun Abbot, Nov. 26, 1772. • 

Hannah, and Samuel Frye, 3d., Sept 21, 1790.* 

Hatmah, and Ezra, Abbot, Apr. 24, 1798.* 

Henry, and Lydia Parker, May 14, 1807.* 

Isaac, and Lydia Bragg, Apr. 28, i79t.* 

Isaac, and Elizabeth Foster, Dec, 12, 1823. [int Feb. 13, 1824.]* 

Jamea, Capt., of Belfast, and Anna Johnson, Oct. 21, 1807.* 

John, and Mary Faulkner, Feb. 14, I7i5-i6.* 

John [jr. int], and Rebecca Stevens, Oct. 18, r739." 

John, 3d, and Chloc Lovejoy, Dec. 26, 1776." 

John, 3d, and Mary Osgood Bradley, Dec. 28, 1804," 

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Dane, May 24, 1744-* 

Jonathan, and Susa Poor, Dec. 5, 1769.* 

Jonathan, and Ruth Porter of Boxford, at Boxford, Aug. 25, 

Joseph, and Rebecca Osgood, May 20, 172s.* 
Joseph, and [wid. int] Ruth Barnard, June 7, 1757.* 
Joseph, jr., and Mary Abbot, Dec. 26, 176S.* 
Joseph, and Mary Bradley, Apr. 16, iSoi.* 
Lemuel, and Eliza[beth] Richardson of Woburn, Dec. 28, ijgj.' 
Lucy, and Samuel Astin, Oct. it, 1691. 

•Intenlion also recorded 



Poor, Lydia, and Jeremiah Osgood, Nov. 9, 1727.* 

Lydia, and Ephraim Abbot, Oct. 27, 1774.* 

Lydia A., and Solomon Syraonds [resident in Andover. int.], 

Feb. 14, rSiS-" 
Margaret A. G., a. 22 y., d. Daniel A. and Emily G., and John 

Patch o£ Ipswich, a. 35 y., lawyer, s. John and Judith, June 

30, 1846.* 
Martha, and John Granger, at Chelmsford, Feb. 9, 1679. 
Martha [Mrs. int.], and Benjamin Howard of Chelmsford, Jan. 

12, I747-8-- 
Mary, and Benjamin Stevens, Oct. S) 1721.* 
Mary, and Jolin Maston, Apr. 3, 1746-" 
Mary, and Nathan Stevens, Apr. 22, 1746.* 
Maty, and Abial Faulkner, Mar. 5, 1752." 
Mary, and David Farnum [of Pembroke, int.], Jan. 10, 1771.* 
Mary, and Abial Lovjoy, Apr. 30, i775,* 
Mary, and Joshua Bradly of Dracut, Nov. 4, 1790,* 
Mary, and Aaion Robinson of Boxford, Mai. 24, 1796.* 
Maty, and Samuel Johnson, jr., int. Aug. 17, 1799. 
Mary, and Joseph Cummings, Dec. 19, 1815.* 
Mary, and Joel Russell, jr., Apr. 30, i827.* 
Mary A[nnc. int.], and Hosea B. Bryant of Lowell, Oct 26, 
. i837.- 

Maty O., and Parker Richardson, Oct. 36, 1826.* 
Mehetabel, and Jonathan Farnum, May 31, 1733.* 
Mehetable, and Joseph Frie, Mar. 22, 1732-3.* 
Pamela, and Amos Clark, Oct. 11, 1807.* 
Peter, and Sarah Wood of Boxford, at Boxford, Oct. 11, 1753.* 
Peter [jr. int.], and Elisabeth Sargent o[ Methuen, at Methuen, 

July 23, 1777. 
Peter, Lt., and Elizabeth Frye, Mar. 17, 1791.* 
Phebe, and John Farington, jr., Nov. 4, 1777.* 
Phebe, of Methuen, and Moses Plummet, at Methuen, Nov. 22, 

Presila, and Benjamin Gage [jr. int.J of Bradford, Feb. 22, 

r 749-50." 
Frissilla, and Abraham Moore, Dec. 14, 1687. 
Rebeca, and Amos Curtis [of Middleton. c. R. i.], Mar. 28, 

Rebecca, and Jeddediah Farnum, Dec. a6, 1771.* 
Rebecca, and David Barnard, 3d, int. Dec. 27, r833. 
Ruth, and John Steevens, Dec. 30, r689. 
Sally, and Bodwell Lovejoy, Dec. 31, 1805-* 
■Intention also recorded. 



Poor, Samuel, and Deborah Kimbol of Bradford, int. Aug. i, 1719. 
Samfue]1, and Maria dBetsy S. int.] Plommer, Nov. 37, 1828. 

c. R. 3.' 
' Sarab, and Thomas Russ, July 16, 1730.* 
Sarah, and Timothy Stevens, Oct. 15, i7Si-* 
Sarah, and Zachariah Chickering, int. Nov, ao, 1771. 
Sarah, and Rev. James Kendal of Plymouth, July az, i8oo,* 
Sarah, of Methuen, and Isaac Mooars, int. Sept. 29, 1825. 
Sarah, and Timothy Bailey [2d. int], June 7, 1S27. c. R. 3.* 
Saiah B., and Stephen W. Butman, Mai. 9, 1835.* 
Sarah W., and Henry Reed [jr., of Danveis. int.]. May 23, 1833.^ 

c. R. 3.» 
Stephen, and Betsey Dustin of Winham, int. Oct. 25, 1795. 
Stephen, Capt., and Mary Plummer of Londonderry, int. Aug. 

34, 1801. 
Stephen, of Greenfield, N. H. [Hancock, N. H. int.],andPhebe 

Parker, Dec. 30, 1813.* 
Susa, and Jonathan Poor, Dec. S, 1769.* 
Susan, of Lowell, a. 29 y., d. Joseph and Mary, and A. Chipman 

Turner of Lexington, a. 34 y., railroad conductor, s. Timo- 
thy and Sarah, Dec. 23, r846. 
Susannah, and Capt Luke Wilder of Salisbury, N. H., Jan. 23, 

Theodore, and Sarah Downing, Jan. 12, 1794. fjan. 2. c. r. 2.]* 
Thomas, and Mary Adams of Newbury, at Newbury, Sept. 30, 

Thomas B., and Beular S. French of Tewksbury, int June 2 1 , 

Timothy, and Mary Stevens, Nov. ao, T744.* 
Timothy, jr., and Maiy Sa^cnt of Methuen, at Methuen, Mai. 1, 

Timothy, and Hannah Bodwell of Methuen, int. Nov. 22, 1823. 
Timothy, 2d, and Jane P. ColwcU, May 14, t833.» 
William, of Methuen, and Hannah G. White, May 14, 1829.* 

PORE (see also Poor), Daniel, and Mary Farnum, at Boston, 
Oct. 20, 1650. 

PORTER, Benjamin, jr. [of Boxford. c. R. i.], and Ruth Foster, 

Nov. 8, I744.* 
Benjamin, 3d, of Boxford, and Mary Sergant, int, Jan. ai, 1778. 
Benj[ami]n, resident in Andover, and Sally Runnels, int. Mar. 


'Intention also recorded. 



Porter, Betsey, or Boxford, and Barnard Kimball, at Boxfotd, 

Sept. 17, 1797 * 
Hannah, and Capt Peter Osgood, jr., Nov. 27, 1788." 
Hasadiah, of Ipgwich, and Anna Johnson, at ChebaCco Parish of 

Ipswich, Mar. 33, 1756." 
Isaac, resident in New York, and Mary Foster, int. May rQ, iSri. 
Jonathan, of Medford, and Phebe Abbot, Nov. 7, r790.' 
Lucy, of Box(oid, and Asa Barker, int Sept. 9, 1767. 
Lydia, of Boxford, and Daniel Farnum, int. Sept. 24, 1768. 
Nathaniel, and Sarah Austin, July ar, 1785.* 
Nehemiah, of Boxford, and Susanna Robimon, Jan. 7, 1772.* 
Phebe [wid. int], of Danvets, and Michael Carlton, at Danverg, 

Nov. r4, 178a.* 
Rnth, of Boxfoid, and Jonathan Poor, at Boxford, Aug. 35, 

Sarah [wid. c ». i.], of Boston, and Lt. Alexander Montgomery, 

June r8, r8o7." 
Sarah A., and John Averill, Dec. 39, iSas-* 
Tyler, of Boxford, and Mrs. Abigail Johnson, at Boxford, Dec. 

33, 1779.* 

POST, Maiy, wid., and John Bridges, Mar. 1, 1677-8. 

POTTER, Elsis, of Ipswich, and Isaac Johnson, int Jan. r, 1779. 
Eunis, and John Fry, Oct. 4, 1660. 

POWELL, Susanna, of Boston, and Kev. William Symmes, int. 
July 7, 1774. 

POWERS, Ttiphenah, of Groton, and Samuel Flood, resident in 
Andover, int. Oct 29, 1743. 

PRABLE, Francis [of Boston, int.], and Elizabeth G. Irving, 
Aug. 7, r849.« 

PRATT, Harriet A., and Jonas W. Davis, Oct r9, i84i.* 
John G., and Olivia Evans of Reading, Mar. 26, 1837.* 
Rebecca, of Reading, and Jonathan Jenkins, int Jan. 9, r8o8. 
Thomas, and Anna Foster, both of Medford, Jan. r9, 1837. 
c. R. 3. 

PRAY, Charles, and Sarah C. Abbot, Nov. 30, i837.» 
Dorothy M. V., and Hiram Hathaway, int. Jan. 38, r843. 
'IntcntioD kiso lecorded. 



PREBLE, see Prable. 

PRENTISS (see also Printis), Mary A., a. ai y., and Rev. Eras- 
tus K Claggett, a. 28 y., minister, Feb. 2$, 1845,* 

PRESCOTT, Abel, and Eleanor Harvey of Botf, N. H., int. July 

14, 1819. 
Jacob E., and Annah Nichols, int. May 14, 1838. 
James C, and Abigail Nichols, int. May 2, 1835. 
James M., and Lucy Abbot [int. Nov. 7, 1840.]. • 

PRESSON (see also Preston) , Ebenezer, of Wilmington, and 
Lydia Eavens, at Wilmington, Jane 13, 1744.* 

PRESTON (see also Presson), Eben|;eze]r C, of Boston, and 

Ruby Bridges, Mar. 3, 1823.* 
Elizabeth, and John Holt, Jan. 16, 1705-6.* 
Hannah, and Nathaniel Faroem, May 19, 1719.* 
Hannah, of Danvers, and Moses Kimball [3d. int.], at Danvers, 

July 9, 1793* 
Hitty, of Danvers, and Ebenezer Berry, inL Feb. 9, 1808. 
Jacob, and Sarah Willson, June 17, 1702. 
Jacob [of Windham, int.], and Sarah Foster, Sept. ai, 1730.* 
James, see Pearson, James. 

Jedadiah, of Hillsboro.N.H., and Hepzibah Hardy, Feb. s, i799-' 
John, and Sarah Holt, Nov. 2, 1687. cr. r. 
John, and Mary Heines of Haverhill, Jan. 10, 1706-7.* 
Joseph, and Rcbecka Preston, Dec. 21, 1709." 
Lydia, and Daniel Holton, int. Jan. 22, I7i4-r5. 
Mary, and Benjamine Russell, Mar. 26, 1702. 
Mary, and Christopher Lovjoy, int. Dec. 27, 1718. 
Priscilla, and George Holt, Feb. 22, i7i4-i5.» 
Rebecka, and Joseph Preston, Dec. ai, i709.* 
Rebecka [wid. int.], and Robert Holt, May 22, 1718.* 
Ruth, and Hugh Tayler [a " stranger and sayler." int.], June 7, 

1710. [June 8. c. r. !.]• 
Ruth, and Nathaniel Barnard, May 10, 1733.* 
Ruth, of Salem, and Samuel Kimball, at Salem, Jan. 2, 1752.* 
Sam[ue]I, and Sarah Bridges, Apr. 2, 1694. 
Samuel, and Hannah Bridges, Apr. 8, 1728.* 
Samueli, and Susanna Gutterson, May 27, 1672. 
Sam[ne]ll, sr., and [wid. int.] Mary Blodgett, Sept. 24. r7i3-* 
'Intendoii also recorded. 



Preston, Sarah [wid. int.], and William Price of Asbfoid [Conn. 

int.], Oct. 18, IT32.' 
Satah, and John Stacy of Hanapton, Jan. 24, 1723-4.* 
Susannah, and James Holt, May 14, 1705." 
, wid., and Nicholas Holt, May 21, 1666. 

PRICE, Add, Mrs., and Dudly Biadstieet, Nov. iz, 1673. 
Elizabeth, Mrs., and Thomas Barnard, Dec. 14, r686. 
William, of Ashford [Conn, int.], and [wid. int.] Sarah Preston, 
Oct. iS, 1722.* 

PRICHARD, Sarah, and Joseph Lovejoy, May 26, 1683. 
Hannah, and John Lovejoy, ra : rr m : 1676. [Feb, ri. CT. R.] 

PRIME, Thomas, of Salem, and Hannah Stevens, May 30, 

PRINCE, Caleb S., and Martha J. Sterens, Nov. 11, 1832." 

PRINTIS (see also Prentiss), Charles, and Hannah Sledman, 
July 4. i8rr.- 

PRirSH, Elizabeth, and John Bolman, Aug. 25, 1795." 

PROCTER (see also Proctor), Eliza Ann, and Ozro Mason, Sept. 
12, i84r. T. c. 

PROCTOR (see also Procter), William, and Mary Ann McAllis- 
ter, June 2 2, 1840.* 

PUNCHARD, Benjamin H., and Martha S. [L. int.] Marland, 
Oct. 14, 1829.* 

PURVES, David, and Ann E. Frye, Jan. ij, r836.* 
Ellen H., and Ebenezer Foster, jr., May 9, 1833." 
Maiy, and Fordycc F. Lincoln, Jan. 25, rSa4." 

PUSHARD, Lucy, of Dresden, and Benjamin Parker, int. Aug, 

PUTNAM (see also Pntnum), Alfred, and Mary O. Merrill, Nov. 

17. 1825.* 
Alfred, and [Mrs. int.] Haniet S. Bradley, Dec. 13, r843.* 

'I&tention also lecorded. 



Putnam, Archelaus, ot Danvcre, and Sarah W[ard. c. r. i.} 

Noyes, July lo, 1817." 
Daniel, of Readii^;, and Hannah Ingalls, Dec. 13, 1744.* 
Elezabeth, of Salem, and Daniel Farington, int July 34, 1731- 
Geo[rge] A., of Danvers, and Lydia Osgood, Dec. 11, 1832.* 
Hiiam, of Danvcra, and Elizabeth Osgood, Aug. 6, 1816.* 
Israel, and Abigail Hildreth of Lyndeboro, N. H., int Jan. 6, 

Israel W., Rev., of Portsmouth, N. H., and Harriot Osgood, Dec. 

2, i8r5.« 
Israel W., a. 33 y., trader, s. Israel, and Hannah L. Flanders, a. 

a6 y., d. Simon, Nov. 9, 1845* 
Joshua, of Reading, and Eunice Hayward, Apr. 3, 1807.* 
Lucy, wid., of Reading, and Jacob Osgood, int. May 35, 1811. 
Mary L., a. 19 y., d. Alfred and Mary, and Geo[rge] H. Parker, 

a. ar y., carpenter, s. Carlton and Mary, July 14, i^Al* 
Nancy Jane, and Luther Jenkins of Reading, int. Apr. 38, 1849. 
Phyneas, of Danvers, and Mary Whipple, at Danvers, Aug. 1 3, 

Simeon, and Abby B. Fay of Concord, int. Nov. 21, 1816. 
Stephen [of Wilton, int.], and Olive Varnum, Oct. t8, 1764.* 
Tarant [jr. int], of Sutton, and Easter Foster, Nov. 11, 1756.* 

PXJTNEE, Damaris, and Nathan Dennis [residents in Andover.], 
July 6, I73S-* 

PDTNUM (see also Putnam), Sarah, of Reading, and Henry In- 
galls, int. July 10, 1743. 

QUESTED, Louiza, a. 33 y., d. William, and James Willis, a. 22 
y,, manufacturer, s. Joseph, Nov. 8, 1845.* 

QUIGLEY, James [resident in Andover. int.], and Esther Fow- 
ler, Oct. 31, 1784." 

RADCLIPP, Charles O., a. 22 y., machinist, s. Charles and Ma- 
tilda, and Mary Wallwork, a. 22 y., d. Tho[ma]s and Mary, 
Dec. 31, 1847.* 

RALLEY, Nancy [Riley, c. r. i.], of Boston, and Barzilla Lew, 
Sept. 3, 1833.* 

RAND, Ebenezer, and wid. Priscilla Blanchard, Jan. 10, 1760.* 

*InteotioD also recorded. 



RANDALL (see also RandeU), Emily P., of Boston, and David 

C. Bicknell, int. June 10, 1848. 
John P., of Haverhill, and Ann Cummings, Nov. 36, 1840,* 
Sarah A., a. 23 y., d. Jane [f(V.] and Hannah, and James R. 

Cole, of Madbury, N. H., a. 24 y., mechanic, 5. Benjamin 

and Mattha, June 11, 1S48.* 

RAMDELL (see also Randall), Maiy, and Michael Conner, inL 
June 18, 1840. 

RANSOM, Calvin N., and Susan Gale of Pembioke, N. H., int 
Sept. 9, 1828. 

RAT (see also Kea), Aaion G., and Maiy Chickeiing, Oct. 13, 

Hannah, of Boxfoid, and Ephtaim Towns, int Mar. 3, 1806. 
William, see Kay, William. 

RATl(Ora>, Eunice, of Bevcily, and Oliver Holt, at Beverly, Oct. 

8, i76i-' 
John W,, of Beverly, a. 3i y., fanner, b. Beverly, s. James G. and 

Sally, of Beverly, and Sarah H. Trow of Tewksbury, a. ij 

y., b. Tewksbury, d, William and Harriet F., of Tewksbury, 

Apr. i5, 1849. 

REA (see also Ray), Abigail, of Boxford, and Charles Grandisoa 

Neal, int. May 5, 1803. 
Daniel, jr., and Harriot Adams, Apr. 30, 1835.* 
Hannah, and Richard B. Carter, int May 17, 1844. 
Jasper, and Lucy Woodcock of Lowell, int Apr. 7, 1838. 

READ (see also Reed), Lydia M., of Lowell, and James Jaquith, 

jr., int. Oct, g, 1847. 
Robert [of Leitch6eld. int.], and Mary Abbott, May ir, 1743.' 
Sarah, of Wilmington, and Simeon Holt, at Wilmington, Mar. 31, 

Thomas [of Woburn. int.J, and Lydia Parker, Dec. 29, i737.* 
Thomas, and Jane Amott, int July 7, 1849, 

REDDINGTON, Daniel [of Topsfield. c. r. 1.], and Elizabeth 
Stevens, July 3, r746." 

"Intention also lecotded. 



R£]>HAI4E, Charles, a. 24 y., machinist, s. Thomas and Mary, 
and Julia Suthering, a, 21 y., d. George and Rebecca, Apr. 

REED (see also Read, Reid), Henry [jr., of Danvers. int.], and 

Sarah W. Poor, May 23, 1833. C k. 3.* 
Joseph, and Sarah Stevens, Apr. r7, 1834. • 
Laura Ann, a, 24 y., d. William and Ann, and James Anderson, 

a, 27 y., weaver, s. James and Jane, Apr. 12, 1846.* 
Margaret, and Samuel Angier, Jan. 31, r8i9.* 
Reuben, of Salem, and Abigail Foster, Nov, 14, 1819," 
Reuben, of Salem and Fidelia Swan, int. July 24, 1824. 
Ruth P., of Boston, and William Danforth, int. Aug. 22, r824. 
Sarah Jane, spinner in factory, and William Peel, manufacturer, 

May I, 1845.* 
William G., and Eliza C. Bagnall of Chelsea, int. Sept. 24, 1847. 

REID (see also Reed), James, and Mary Bamford, int. Oct. 6, 

REIES, Solomon, of Chelmsford, and wid. Priscilla More, int. 
Mar. 12, 1708-9. 

REMWICK, William, and Mary A. Heart of Lawrence, int. Nov. 
I, 1849. 

RET2, Joanna Frederika Wilbelmina [Reitz. int], d. William, and 
B. Robert Downs, jr., a. B. R., Mar. 3r, r847, c. r. 4." 

REXTROW, Hannah, and James Oilman, Sept 17, i835.» 

RHODES (see also Roads), James, and Sarah Brettrech [Breth- 
reck, int]. Mar. a», r847. c. R. 4." 

RICE, Daniel [David, int], and Elizabeth Gidings, Mar. 5, 1812.* 
David, and Maria Gerran of Newburyport, int Nov. 22, i8r7. 
Edward, and Maty J. Jones, May 16, 1838.* 

RICH, Abigail, of Reading, and Joseph Holt, at Reading, Apr. 7, 

'latentiaD also recorded. 



RICHARDS, Abigail, of Milton, and Rev. Jonathan French, int. 

June 18, 1773. 
Abigail, and Andrew Elliot, May as, 1803.* 
Cynthia, of New Ipswich, N. H., and Ezra Jones, int. Aug. 22, 

Mary Ann, and George Miller, jr., int Nov. 14, 1845. 
Orin J., of Lebanon, Me., a. 36 y., machinist, s. Rev. Ab[raha]m 

and Lucy, and Eliza Moore, a. 19 y-, A. David and Sophia, 

Oct. s, i847-* 

RICHARDSON, Abigail, and John Weston, 3d of Reading, int 

Aug. 14, r837. 
Allen, of Boxford, and Sarah Silver, int. Aug. 1, 1772. 
Bodwell, and Mrs. Lucinda Bodwell, int Dec. ii, 1841. 
Bridget, of Chelmsford, and William Chandler, at Chelmsford, 

Oct 8, 1679. 
Caleb, and Abigail Knecland, Oct. 9, 1794.' 
Caleb, jr., and Hannah Stevens, Nov. 8, 183a." 
Caroline, and Jonathan C. Darling, int Dec. a6, 1849. 
Catherine, and [Rev. int.] Tilly H. Brown [of New Providence, 

Ind. int.], Oct. 13, 1829. c.r. 3.* 
Charles, and Mary C. West, Nov. 27, i834.» 
Charles H., carpenter, and Abby W. Childs, Dec. 22. 1847.* 
Clarisa, of Dracut, and Amos Boynton, int. Apr. 3, 1809. 
Darius, and Julia A. Famum, int. June 9, 1847. 
David, of Princetown [Peirsontown. int.], and Sally Wiley, July 

r, i784.« ■ 
Desire [Mrs. int.], and Isaac Carieton, Oct 5, 1841. c. r. 4.* 
Dolly [of Dracut int.], and ^a Johnson, at Dracut, Nov. 16, 

Eliza, and Herman Frye of Methuen, Sept. 9, 1840.* 
Elizabeth, and Andrew Allen, Jan. i, r68r. 
Eliza[beth], of Woburn, and Lemuel Poor, Dec. aS, ^'Jg^.' 
George, of Chelmsford, and Asenath Cummings, Mar. 4, 1833.* 
Hannah [resident in Andover. int.], and Stephen Faniaum, Dec. 

8, 1726.* 
Hannah, and Lewis Elisha, Sept aa, rSoj." 
Harriot, and James Roberts, Sept. 17, i8ao.* 
Hermon [of Methuen. int.], and Polly Cockian [Coffin, int]. 

Sept 16, rSoa." 
Jacob, and Rebecca Merrill, int Aug. 33, 1835. 
James M., a. 23 y., mechanic, s. Samuel and Abigail, and Mar- 
garet O. Morse, a. 18 y., d. Isaac and Mary, Oct 27, 1847.* 
'Intention tlsa lecorded. 



Richardson, Joel, and Mary J, Faulkner, Jnt. Jan. 8, 1846. 

John, of Leicester, and Lucy Frost, Feb. 23, 1820.* 

John Lacer, of Corinth, Vt. [N. H. int.], and Lydia Abbot, 

Feb. 12, i8oi.» 
John W., a. 23 y., carpenter, s. W[illia]m and Elizabeth, and Han- 
nah H. Tucker, a. 31 y., d. W[il]ia]m and Hepsabeth, Dec 

28, 1848." 
Jonathan, of Middletonn, and Mary Peters, Oct 14, 1779." 
Joseph, of Methuen, and Betsy Merri!, int. Sept. 19, 1806. 
Joseph, and Lucy Cummings, June Si 1820." 
Joseph and Sophia Oibin, int Mar. ii, 1841. 
Lydia, and Nathaniel Sylvester, Aug, 1, 1833." 
Marah, and Joseph Wilson, Jan. 25, 1699-1700, 
Mary, and Samuel Frye, 3d [4tb. int.], Dec 3, r8i8.* 
Mary, and George French, Aug, r, 1824." 
Merrill, and Sally Jones of Mertimac, N. H,, int Nov. 16, 1817. 
Moses, and Eunice Brister [Freeman, int], July 25, 18 19. C.R. i.* 
Moses, and Sally P, Symonds, July 10, 1834,* 
Obadiah [of New York, int.], and Hannah Lovejoy, July 21, 

1831. C. R, 3-» 
Parker, and Mary O. Poor, Oct. s6, iSiS* 
Polley, of Dracut, and Daniel Hardy, at Diacut, Jan. 25, 1795, 
Porter, and Phillis Russell, int. Jan. 3, i8ao. 
Rebecca, of Woburn, and Thomas Knight [resident in Andover, 

int], at Woburn, Nov. 29, 1792.* 
Samuel S., and Rhoda Ann Abbott, May 21, 1840,* 
Sarah, of Bradford, and Joseph Chandler, int. Oct 31, 1741, 
Sophia [Hannah Sophia, c. R. 3,], and Thomas Boynton, both of 

Diacut, at Dracut, May 30, 1838. 
Stephen [Russel. int.], of Danvers, and wid. Sarah Wiley, Dec 

1, 1808," 
Thomas, and Phebe Farnam [residents in Andover. int.], Sept. 

I, I757-' 

Wiley, of Westford, and Frances Poor, May 15, i783.» 

RICKER, Ebenezer [of Acton, Me. int.], and Mary Abbott, Feb. 

II, i836.« 

Eliza, of Lowell, and William StJckney, int Dec. s, 1842. 
Jedidiah C, and Phebe S. Parsons, int. Dec. 24, 1840. 

RIDDERBUSH, Christopher, and Lucy May [residing in Ando- 
ver. c. R. I.], Dec 15, 1782.* 

'Intention also iccorded. 



RIGGS,. Asa, of Gloucester, and Doroth[ey] Holt, Nov. 13, ^^S^.* 

RIGLEY, Edward, a. 24 y., spinner, and Christina Butler, a. 18 
y., a. Dan[ie]l and Mary, Dec. [19. C. R. z.], 1845." 

RILEY, see Ralley, Ryley. 

RING, Betsey, of Haverhill, " in Cohos", and John Montgomery, 

jr., int. Feb. 9, 1789. 
Elizabeth, and Nathaniell Griffin, Aug. 26, 1671. 

ROADS (see also Rhodes), Sarah [Roals. c. r. 2; Roales. int.], 
and Richard Downing, Jan. 18, 1781.* 

ROBBINS, Hannah, and Zebadiah Johnson, int. June 8, 1723. 
R. D. C, Prof., of Middlebnry, Vt., and Sarah C. Stuart, int July 

22, 1848. 
£emantha B., of Waidsboro, Vt., and Clarindon F. Muzzy, int. 

Sept. 9, 1836. 
Willard, ofTownsend, and Rebecca Shattuck, Mar.—, 1844.* 

ROBBINSON (see also Robinson), Mary, and Henry Bodwell 

[jr. of Methuen. int.], Sept. 20, 1759.* 
Fheobe, and John Johnson, Dec. 20, 1710.* 

ROBERTS, Catharine F., and Moses £. Osgood of Boston, int. 

Nov. 7, 1846. 
Catherine F., a. ao y., d. Jas. and Harriett, and Nathaniel G. 

Bassett of Newburyport, a. 30 y., merchant, s. Nath[anie]l 

and Betsy, Jan. 19, r848." 
David S., of Farminglon, Me. [N. R Int.], and Sarah E. Frye, 

Feb. 5, i834.» 
Harriet H. [K. int], and George L. Davis, Oct 27, 1841.* 
James, and Harriot Richardson, Sept 17, 1820.' 
James A., a. 32 y., trader, s. James and Harriet, and Mary 

Augusta French, a. 19 y., d. George and Mary, Nov. 4, 

-Shadrah, and Mary Ann Harding, int Feb. 14, 1818. 

aOBERTSHAW, Jeremiah, widr., a. 28 y., laborer, s. John and 

Sarah, and Elizabeth Dunvour, a. 22 y., Aug. 13, 1848.* 

'Intentioii also recorded. 



ROBEY, Sarah, Mrs., of Lynn, and Col. James Ftie, int. May 7, 

ROBINSON (see also Robbinson), Aaron, of Boxford, and Sarah 

Poor, Mar, 24, 1796." 
Anne, and Richard Kimbol, Nov. 11, 1755." 
Asa, and Margaret Hovey [Hussey, int.] of Boxford, at Boxford, 

May 4, I7S6-* 
Dane, and Mary Chadwick, Jan. iS, 1693-4. 
Dane, and Sarah Perley of Boxford, int Apr. 17, 1725- 
Dean, Dr., and Elizabeth F. Farnum [wid, int.], Apr. 31, i8ir.* 
Deborah, and James Honestus Freeman, int. Dec. 18, 1813. 
Dolly, and Joshua Wilson, jr., Feb. 11, 1813.* 
Doratby, and Edmund Fawkner, at Salem, Feb. 4, 1647. 
Dorothy, of Topsfield, and Moses Kimball, at Topsfield, Dec. x, 

Elbridge G., and Caroline S. Fowler of Somersworth, N. H., int. 

Oct. sr, 1841. 
Eleiebeth, and James Seatown [Seaton. C. r. i.j. May 3, 1748.* 
Emily, a. 44 y., d. Aaron and Sarah, and Samuel F. Barker, widr., 
s. 51 y., farmer, s. Samu[ue]l and Hannah, Dec 30, 1847.* 
Epharam, and Hannah Kimbol of Bradford, int. Oct. 2, 1750. 
Fidelia [Robertson, c. R. r.], and Gilbert Tapley [jr. c, r, i.] of 

Danvers, Sept. [3. c. R. i.], 1820." 
Hannah, and Nathan Stevens [jr. int], Nov. 3, i7r5. c. R. i.* 
Hannah, and Jonathan Parker, jr., Feb. 17, 1767." 
Isaac, and Dorathy Poor, June 19, 1740," 
Jacob P., and Harriet G. Heath of Concord, N. H., int. Nov. 1 1, 

John, and Sarah Tyler of Boxford, at Boxford, Apr. 3, i78i.» 
John, a. 27 y., machinist, b. Europe, s. Tho[ma]s and Rachel, of 
Europe, and Harriet Ockride, a. 33 y., b. Europe, Aug. 30, 
John G., and Mary Jane Stevens, Dec. 3, 1835.* 
Jonathan, and Betty Chadwick of Boxfoid, at Boxford, Apr. 34, 

Joseph, and Phebe Dane [Deane. cr. f,], May 30, i67r. 
Joseph, and Elizabeth Stevens, Mar, so, 1707. [1706-7. c.R. r.]* 
Joseph, and Mehetabel Earns [of Boxford. int.], July 25, 1733.* 
Lucy, and Joseph Kimball of Boxford, Dec. 25, 1788. • 
Margaret [Robertson, int,], and James Fife, Dec. 29, 1842. 
c. R. 3.* 

'Intention alw recorded. 


and6ver ma&riages 289 

Robinson, Mary, and Samuel Feeters, June 11, 17^2. 
Mary [Mrs. c. r. i.], and Joseph Frie, jr., Feb. 12, i765-* 
Mehetabel, and Jooathan Kimball [jr. int.] of Boxford, at Box- 
ford, July 25, 174S-* 
Mehitabel, of Boxford, and James Frie, 3d, Feb. 31, 1765." 
Peter, and Jenny Carlton of Boxford, int. Apr. 9, 1781. 
Phebe, and Nathan Eames, int. Feb. 27, 1765. 
Prescott, and Eliza A. Danforth of Lowell, int. Nov. 37, 1846. 
Kcbecca, of Boxford, and Isaac Barker, at Boxford, Oct. 13, 

Sarah, and Samuel. Barker [jr. c. E. i.], Apr. 10, 1746.* 
Sarah, and Oliver Pebody, Nov. 9, 1753.* 
Susanna, and Nehemiah Porter of Boxford, Jan. 7, 1772.' 
William, of N[cw] York, and Phebe E. Foster, Dec. 33, 1833.* 

RODGERS (see also Rogers), Elizabeth [of Biilerica. int.], and 

Philemon Chandler, Jan. 17, 1716-17," 
Elizabeth, of Boxford, and Moses Foster, int. Nov. 27, 1719. 
Louisa, of Methuen, and James Ryan, int. Apr. 24, 1830. 

ROE, Rebecka [of Boxford. int.], and John Foster, Jan. 7, 1713- 
14. [int. Dec. 11, 1714.]* 

ROFB, Hanna, wid., and Nicholas Holt [at Ipswich, cr. f.], Jtm& 
13, 1658. [June 30. CT. r,] 

ROGBRS (see also Rodgets), Abigail F., of Tewksbury, and 

James Bailey, int. Oct 33, 1835. 
Catharine, of Methuen, and Nath[anie]l Shattuck, int. Apr. 10^ 

1819. [dap. int. Dec. 33, 1820.] 
Lucy, Mrs., of Ipswich, and Capt. Asa Foster, int. Dec. 10, 1763., 
Lucy, of Ipswich, and Jonathan Foster, int. Oct. 34, 1770. 
Mary, and Asa Martain [of Chelmsford, int.], Jan. 13, 1748-9.* 
Mary Ann, of Newbury, and John Gile, int. Nov. 17, 1836. 
Nathaniel, of Biilerica, and Mary Haggit, Oct. 26, 1724.* 
Olive Maria, and Joseph Pace, July 31, 1843.* 
Sophia, of Methuen, and Henry Shaituck, int. Oct 10, 1818. 
Timothy, Lt., of Tewksbury, and Hanuah Foster, Feb. 37, 1777.* 
William, of Tewksbury, and Sally Pinknam, Dec. 34, 1807.* 

ROSEBROOK, James, and Margaret Maccoy [Mecie. int], Apr^ 
6, 1736.' 

•Intention also recorded. 



ROSS. Hannah, and John Russ, May 6, 1695. 

John, of Billeiica, and Sarah Russell, int. Sept 9, 1715. 

Patrick, of Billerica, and Susan Hardy, int. May 21, 1835. 

Robert, and Maiy Smith, Aug. 10, 1841.* 

Sally, of Bradford, and AKread Farnum, int. Apr. 4, 1810. 

Thomas, of Billerica, and Hannah Caurlton, int. Mar. 14, 171 7-18. 

William, of Boxford, and Martha Carlton, Nov. 12, i8i8.* 

ROUNDEY, Robert, of Beverly, and Abigail Marshal, int. Mar. 

S. 1773- 

ROl^LL, Catherine, a. 19 y., d. Thomas and Ann, and Thomas 
Kennett, a. 21 y., watehman, s. John and Maria, Apr. zo, 

ROWE, Harriet, and Asa Angier, jr., int. Apr. 7, 1847. 

RUGGt Ralph, of Haverhill, and Harriet L, Osgood, int Aug, 12, 


RUNDLET, Joseph C, and Hannah L. Bartlett of Newbutyport, 
int. Jan. 3, 1839. 

RUNNELS, Esther, and Leonard Carllon of Boxfotd, int. Feb. 

31, 1823. 
Fred[eric]k, and Hannah Chamberlain of Nottingham West,' 

N. H., int. June 20, 1817. 
Jesse, of Boxfoid, and Lydia Stilea, int. Aug. 4, 1831. 
John, and Prudence Harris of Dracut, int. May 7, 1818. 
Mary E., of Boxford, and Elijah Stiles, jr., Nov. 11, 1829.* 
Sally, and Benj[ami]n Porter, resident in Andover, int. Mar. 31, 

William, and Rebecca Foster, May 3, 1768.* 

RUSE, John, and Debora Osgood, Aug. 28, 1663. 
Mary, and Andrew Foster, June 7, 1662, 

RUSEL (see also Russell), Hephzebith, and Joseph Rusel, jr., 

Feb. 26, i75fi-* 
Isaac, and EleeebithGiIberd[of Wilmington, int.], Apr. 18, 1734." 
Joseph, jr., and Hephzebith Ruse!, Feb. 26, 1756.* 
Robert, Lt., of Reading, and wid. Elezebith Maning, resident in 

Andover, int. Dec. 23, 1749. 
Robert, Lt., of Reading, and wid. Martha Parker, iitt Apr. 17, 


'latentioD also recoTded. 



RUSHTOK, Benjamin, and Patty Holden, Nov. za, rSag. 

RUSS, Anne, and John Johnson, int. Aug. 34, 1733. 
Daniel, of Methuen, and Patty SaSoid, June jo, jjSi." 
Deborah, and Phillip Fowler, resident in Andover, int. Jan, 27, 

Eunice, and Prince Amea, Nov. 34, 1784.* 
Hezekiah, and Deborah Wilson [of Cambridge Farmes. lot], 

Apr. 10, 1710.* 
John, and Hannah Rosa, May 6, 1695. 

John [of Pennecook. int.], and Friscilla Famaum, July 35, 1733.* 
John, of Methuen, and Sarah Parker, June g, 1802." 
Joseph, and Priscilla More, Oct. 37, r709. C. R. i." 
Mary, and John Stone, Nov. 14, 1690. 
Prescila, and Thomas Blanchard, 3d, Nov. 17, 1757." 
Saiab, and Christopher Lovejoy, May a6, 1685. 
Thomas, and Anna Famem, Apr. 17, 1701. 
Thomas, and Sarah Poor, July 16, 1730.* 
William, and Mary Wats, Nov. 15, i744.* 

RUSSEL (see also Russell), Abigail, and Henry Wiltiamff [of 

Salem, int.], Nov. i, 1770. c. r. a." 
Betsy, and Thomas Smith, Sept. 27, 1804.* 
Hannah, and Oliver Holt, Mar. 9, 1697-8. 
Hannah, of Sudbury, Canada, and Frederick Ballard, int. Nov. 

39, 1795. 
Hannah, and Nathan Abbot, jr. [3d. int], Nov. 10, i8oi.» 
Isaac, and Mary Eames of Wilmington, at Wilmington, Jan. 20, 

Jacob, and Dolly Shattuck, Feb. 26, 1784.' 
James, and Rhoda Chandler, at Amesbury, June 3, 1739.* 
James, and Lucy Farrar, Jan. 15, 1741. [1740-41. c. r. 2.]* 
Jemima, and Joseph Hunt of Billerica, July 16, 1734.* 
John, jr., and Hannah Foster, Feb, 16, 1737-8." 
Joseph, and Mrs. Hannah Perkins [of Middleton. int]. Nor. 27, 

1 746.* 
Mary [Mrs. int], and Joseph Holt, Apr. 10, 1755.* 
Peter, and Deborah Crosbey [of Billerica. int], Mar. 31, i737.» 
Phebe, and David Cheeny, Nov. 19, 1776. 
Phebe, and Ebenezer Lovejoy, Nov. 3, 1794.* 
Phebe, and Joseph C. Goldsmith, int. May 6, 1827. 
Prudence [resident in Andover. int], and Moses Holt, July 9, 


*lDteiiitioD also lecocded. 



B.USSEL, Robert, and Aane Felt, Dec. 5, 174s-* 

Sarah, and David Holt, Sept. 14, 1732.* 

Stephen, see Richardson, Stephen. 

Theodore, resident in Andover, and Abigail Abbot, Sept. 

Thomas, and Abigail Ballard, Apr. 15, 1742.* 
Uriah, and Maria Flaisted, int. May 10, 1829. 
William, and Sarah Emery, Feb. 7, 1731-2.* 

RUSSELL (see also Rusel, Rnssel), Abiel, and Sarah Abbot» 

June 17, 1813.* 
Abiel, and Eliza Moar, Int May 6, 1848. 
Abiel E., a. 35 y., reslorateur, s. Abiel and Sally, and Hannah D. 

Tuck, a. 26 y., d. John and Elizabeth, Dec. 19, 1846." 
AbigaU, and Ebenezer Eaton, of Reading, at Reading, June 33, 

Abigail B.. and Joseph Baker of CbarlestoivD, Oct. 14, 1830.* 
Augustine K., s. John G., and Hannah, and Abigail Woodbury, 

Junes, '845.» 
Benjamin, and Mary Fever [Faver. int.], Oct. 7, 1762.* 
Benjamin, and Mehitable Abbot, Sept. 20, 1787.* 
Benjamine, and Mary Preston, Mar. i6, 1702. 
Charles, and Eliza H. Abbott, Oct. 6, 1829.* 
Dolly, and John Lovejoy, May 19, 1808. c. B. i.' 
Dorcas, and Samuel Woodbridge, Sept. 30, 1821." 
Edward, Dr. [of Tforth Yarmouth, int.], and Hannah Claik, 

July 33, 1767.* 
Eliza, of Needham, and Moses Winch, int Apr. 28, r828. 
Elizabeth, and Moses Holt, Jan. 31, 1715-16.* 
Elizabeth, and Gideon Foster, Mar. 3, 1768.* 
Geoi^e, a. ai y,, shoemaker, s. John G. and Hannah, and Mar- 
tha B. Tiow, of Dracut, d. Dan[ie]l and Hannah, Aug. i, 
Hannah, and Joseph Bachellei of Reading, int. July zi, 1764. 
Hannah, and Stephen Abbot, Aug. 13, i8or. c. r. 2.* 
Harriet M., and Phlncas W. Barnes, residents in Andover, int. 

Feb. 19, 1845. 
HoUis, of SchoolcToft, Mich., clergyman, s. Francis and Rhoda, 
and Lucy Jane Hamlin, tfeacher, d. Thomas and Lucy, Sept. 
2S, 1848.* 
Israel C, and Isabel Emeiy of Biddeford, Me., int. Oct. 19, 1839. 
James, and Priscilla Osgood, Dec. 18, 1707. 

■lutentioi) bIso recorded. 



Russell, Jane A., of Plymouth, N. H., and Milo P. Jewett, int 

Aug. 8, 1833. 
Jemima, and Jonathan Stevens, Sept. 8, 1763* 
Joel, and Sally Curtis of Middleton, int. Apr. 2, 1805. 
Joel, jr., and Maiy Poor, Apr. 30, 1827.* 
John, and Saiah Chandler, Oct. ao, i7i2.* 
John, 3d, and Phebe Abbot, Feb. i, 1774. c. r. 2." 
John, jr., and Sarah Titcomof Dover, int. July 15. 1775- 
John, jr., and Diana Bray, July 21, 1799. c. R. 2." 
John, and Mrs, Mary Sherman of Middleton, int. Dec. 21, 1810. 
John G., and Hannah Woodbury, int. Apr. t6, 1836. 
Joseph, and Hepsibah Eaton ofReading, at Reading, Nov. 26, 

Lydia, and John Holt, 3d, June 7, I787.* 
Lydia, and Joseph Faulkcr, June 13, 1809." 
Martha, wid., and Daniel Poor, jr., Mar. 8, 1792.* 
Mary, and Nicholas Holt, Jan. 8, 1679. 
Maty, and Timothy Osgood, May 10, i7i6.* 
Mehetabei, and Joseph Chandler, June 10, 1708.* 
Moody, of Salem, and Francis F. Wardwell, June 21, 1829.* 
Nancy, and Samuel Woodbridgc of Reading, Dec. 24, i8r2." 
Phebe, and Ephraim Holt, Feb. 13, 1734-5.* 
Phebe, and John Chandler, Apr. 11, 1839.* 
Pheoby, and Henry Farnem, June 12, i7T2.* 
Phillip, and Porter Richardson, int Jan. 3, 1820. 
Priscilla, and John Eaton of Reading, Jan. 31, 1721-2.* 
Frissilla, and Edward Hirkcum of Reading, int. Mar. 6, 1730-31. 
Rebecca M., and Peter Osgood, int. Apr. 27, 1839. 
Robert, and Mary Marshall, July 6, 1659. 
Rob[er]t, and Abigail Flint [of Salem. Int.], June 22,. I7i6.* 
Robert, and Hannah Holt, Jan. 2, I727-8.* 
Sally, and Thomas Loring of Chatlestown, Oct. 23, 1806. 
Sally [Polly, int.], and Ebenezei Jenkins, Sept. 18, i828.» 
Samuel, a. 24 y., yeoman, s. Joel and Sally, and Lydia S. Holt, 

a. 2r y., d. Moses W., and Lydia, Sept. 26, 1844.* 
Sarah, and John Ingalls, widr., June 10, 1696. 
Sarah, and John Ross of Billctica, int Sept. g, i7rs, 
Sarah B., and Stephen Ballard, Dec. 24, 1840.* 
Stephen, of Danvers, and Sarah Hayward, Jan. 6, 1774, C r, a.* 
Stephen A., and Eunice Mason of Bethel, Me., inl. Nov, 3, t8i6. 
Thomas, and Bethiah Holt, May 15, 1760.* 
Thomas, of Boxford, and Mary Fish, int. Oct. 6, 1849. 
Uriah, and Lydia Abbot, Aug. 15, i77i.* 

■tntentioD also recotdci). 



RuBSELL, , and Woodbury [bet Apr. lo and June 9.], 

1836. c. R. r. 

RUST, Mai7, of Hamilton, and Setb Shearman, int Mar. [7, 
183 ». 

RUTHERFORD, Edmund, of Newburyport, and Rebecca Mer- 
rill, int. Apr. 10, 1841. [dup. int. July 33, 184a.] 

RYAN, James, and Louisa Rodgeis of Mcthuen, int. Apr. 24, 1 830. 

RYLEY, George W., and Elizabeth Whitley, int. Sept. 39, 1849. 

SADIE (see also Sady), Elizabeth, and Walter Wright, Sept. 9, 

SADY (see also Sadie), Samuel, and wid. Maiy Hemden, Sept. 
35, 1704. [Sept. 38, c. R. r.]* 

SAFFORD, Daniel, of Boston, and Ann Eliza Tuinci, June 26, 

Patty, and Daniel Russ of Methuen, June 30, 17S1." 
Sarah, wid., of Salem, and Ephraim Abbot, int. Aug. 36, 1789. 

SALKELD, Joseph, jr., s. Joseph, and Mary Byets,d. James, Mar. 
10, 1847. c. R.4.* 

SALTER, Richard Henry, M. D., of Norwich, Conn., and Abbie 
W, Woods, d. Rev. D[r. Leonard Woods, int.], Apr. ig, 

SALTMARSH, Ruth, and Beni[ami]nFarnum,ir., May 15, 1794. 
[May I. C R. I-]* 

SAMPSON, Abigail, of Londonderry, and Robert Denvir, int. 

Aug. 16, 1825. 
Huldah C, of Londonderry, and Phineas Foster, jr., int. Oct 4, 

Lydia A., of Londonderry, N. H., and Albert V. Stevens, int. 

Nov. 1,^^1838. 
Mary, and Will[ia]m Clark, int. Aug. 9, 1828. 
Turner C-, and Eliza W. Holly, Jan. zi, 1840." 
■InlentioD also Tecoided. 



SAIfDARS (see also Saunders), Mary [Tesident in Andovei. int.], 
and Joseph Foster, jr., Jan. 32, iTSo-si* 

SANDERS (see aUo Saunders), Daniel, jr., and Mary J. Liver- 
more of LoweU, int. Sept. rS, r846. 
Susan B., of Lowell, and John B. Chase, int Nov. 14, 1843. 

SARGEANT (see also Sargent), William, and Hannah Fiye, Aug. 
23, r77i-* 

SARGENT (see also Saigeant, Seigant), Abel, and Lucinda 

French of Boston, int. Oct. 26, 1839. 
Elisabeth, of Methuen, and Fetei Poor [jr. int.], at Methuen, 

July 23. I777* 
Ephiaim W., of Diacut, a, 23 y., operative, s. Asa and Sarah, 

and Sarah J. Gilcreast, a. 2 1 y., d. Amos and Hannah, Sept. 

14. 1847. 
Martha A., a. r6 y., d. Jesse, and Samuel L. Hodges, a. 30 y., 

manufacturer, s. George, Oct. t, 1844." 
Mary, of Methuen, and Timothy Poor, jr., at Methuen, Mar. r, 

Moses, Mr., of Methuen, and Mrs. Elizabeth Chickeren, May 24, 

1757. c R. I." 

SAXINDERS (see also Sandars, Sanders), Benjamin P., machin- 
ist, and Lavinia Merrill, Dec. 10, 1846.* 
Daniel, and Phebc F. Abbot, June 21, r82i." 
James, manufacturer, and Ann Watson, Aug. 8, r844." 
Lucinda, of Tewksbury, and Abiel Holt, int Sept. 22, 1837. 
Mary, of Wilmington, and Daniel Kellay, int. Apr. 26, 1823. 
Timothy [of Middleton. int.], and Rhoda French, June r 4, i83r. 

C. R. 3." 

SAUTAN, Moses [SwecUcr. int.], of Newburyport, a. 24 y., mer- 
chant, 5. Morrill and Mary R., and Elizabeth D. Foster, a. 
24 y., d. Timo[thy] and Lydia, Sept. 22, 1847." 

SAWIN, Theophilas P., and Martha M. Mason. Jaa. i, 1838. 

SAWYER, Abigail, and Ebenezer Flint of Reading, int. May 6, 

Amos, of Reading, and Betsy [0. int.] Hayward, Sept 14, r82o. 

[Sept. 4, c. B. 2.]* 

'iBtenUon also recorded. 



SAWyER, Becca, of Dracut, and Daniel Hardy, int. Nov. 13, 1794. 
BetBcy 0[Bboni. int.], Mrs., and Andrew Munroe of Reading, 

Nov. 2, i837.» 
Cula [Bula. int.], of Melhuen, and Thomas Austin, at Methuen, 

Mar. 19, i753.» 
Ebenezer, of Methuen, and Susan S. McColister, Sept. 26,1833.* 
Joseph W., and Mytanda T. Mills, int. Oct. 29, 1846. 
Josiab, and Hannah Gowing of Lynn, int. Dec. 11, 1742. 
Josiah [of Dracut. int.], and Lydia Barnard, Sept. 3, 1767.* 
Mary, and Buroham S. White of Stoneham, int. July 30, 1842, 
Maty A., of Westminster, and Rev. William C. Jackson, int. Aug. 

16, 1835. 
■ Nath[anje]l, and Prudence Abbot, Oct. 13, r778.* 
Nath[anie]l, of Salem, and Mary Stevens, resident in Andover, 

June r, i8r7.* 
Reuben, of Meihuen, and Sarah Bayley, at Methuen, Nov, 15, 

Sally, of Reading, and Josiah Blanchaid, int Feb. 9, r829. 
Samuel, 2d, of Methuen, and Cynthia Hutchinson, Nov. 28, 

Sarah Ann, of Boxford, and Samuel I^mson, int. June 16, 1832. 
Sarah Jane, and Willard Mason, int. Oct. 14, 1846. 
Susan, of Plaistow, N. H., and Isaac McRobia, int. Oct. 7, r836. 
Warren W., and Julia A, Burnham of Haverhill, int. July 4, 1847. 

SAXBT, Elisabeth, of Boxford, and Thomas Abbot [3d. int.], at 
Boxford, Apr. 26, [759-" 

SCALES (see also Seals), James, and Martha Gage of Bradford, 

int. Oct, 20, 1764. 
Lydia, and Samuel Holt, jr., int. June i, 1782. 
Oliver [resident in Andover. int.], and Abigail Barnard, Feb. 23, 

Sarah, and Jesse Abbot, Sept. 27, r76s. c, r. 2.* 

SCALS (see also Scales), Mosea [Scales, c. r. i ; resident in An- 
dover. int.], and Rebecca Barnard, Jah. 20, 1 735-6.* 

SCARLETT, Randolph, of Tewksbury, and Louisa Wedge, int 
Oct. 21, 1843. 

SCHNEIDER, Benjamin, and Eliza C. Abbot of Framingham, 
int. Aug. 15, 1833. 

* Intention alio recorded. 



SCHOLFIBLD, Sally, and David Dwenell [resident in Andover 
int.]i Apr. 2$, 1811 ■ 

SCHOLLAT, Susao, of Ashburoham, and Edwin Leigb, int. Mar. 
20, 1839. 

SCOTT, Ann, and Alexander Stevens, Apr. 13, 1843.' 

Helen, of Boston, and Andrew Howarth, int. Sept. 13, 1833. 

James, and Catharine M. Sloane of Cambridge, int. Feb, 2, 1849. 

James, and Lydia A. Gi!e, int. Nov. 14, 1849. 

Jane M., and Hector Linn, int. Sept. 29, 1848. 

Maty B,, and George L. Grcenleaf of Salem, N. H,, June 3, 

1841.* , 
Thomas, and Mary Simpson, Sept 23, 1825.* 

SEARLS, Eliza A., and Nathaniel [T. int.] Kent [resident in 
Andover. int.], Nov. 20, t823.* 

SEATON (see also Seatown, Seetonn), Ismenia, and James Mooie 

of Charlestown, int. Jan. i, 1816. 
Martha, and John Wason, May 22, 1744.* 

SEATOWN (see also Seaton), James [Seaton. c. r. i.], and 

Elezebeth Robinson, May 5, 1748.* 
Samuel [Seaton. c. R. i-], and Ruth Smith, Dec. 14, 1756.* 

SEAVEY (see also Seavy), Nathan B., and Almira Swan, Dec. 27, 
183 2.» 

SEAVT (see also Seavey), Augustus, of Pelham, N. H., and 
Louisa A, Swan, Apr. s, 1838.* 

SEED, Augustine, and Sarah Crowley, int. Nov. i, 1845. 

SEETOWN (see also Seaton), Ismana, and John Seetown of Box- 
ford, int. Oct. 19, 1744. 

John, of Boxford, and Ismana Seetown, int. Oct. 19, 1744. 

Mary, resident in Andovet, and John Man of Methuen, int. Dec. 
3- '737- 

SEMONS (sec also Simmonds), Joseph H. [Simmons, c. r. i.], 
and Mary E. Foster, Nov. 30, 1843.'' 
'lutcDdon tbo recorded. 



SENTER (see also Center), Salome V., of Hudson, N. H., and 
Charles C. Grant, at Hudson, N. H., Jan. 19, 1843." 

SERGANT (see also Sargent), Mary, and Benjamin Porter, 3d, 
of Boxford, int. Jan. 21, 1778. 

SESIONS (see also Sessions), Hannah, wid., and Dea. David 
Foster [jr. int.] of Ashuelot, N. H. [of Andover. int.], May 
31, 1750-* 

Mary, and Stephen Johnson, Mar. 30, 1758 * 

SESSIONS (see also Sesions), Abigail, wid., and Amos Kimball 

of Boxford, int. June 33, 1765. 
Allexander, and Elizabeth Spaford, Apr. 34, 1672. 
David, and Mary Lanksford [resident in Andover. int.], Dec. 29, 

Elizabeth, and Richard Carrier, July 18, 1694. 
Josiah, and Anne Cole of Lynn, int. June 30, 1716. 
Samuel, and Mary Cox of Topsfield, at Topslield, Feb. 1 7, 1 707-8.* ~ 
Samuel [jr. iot], and Hannah Gray, Jan. 8, i739-4o.» 
Timothy, and Abigail Black of Boxford, at Boxford, Feb. 37, 


SEWALL, Mary, of Kennebunk, Me., and Rev. Edmund Gar- 
land, int. Aug. 19, 1831. 

SEXTON, Hannah, of Springfield, and Asa Farwell, Dec. 10, 1845 

C, R. 3,* 

Mary A., of Springfield, and Asa Farwell, int July 36, 1849. 

SHACEFORD, John [of Portsmouth, int.], and Darcus Lovejoy, 

Oct. 26, i727.« 
John, and [wid. int.] Hannah Lancaster of Methuen, at Methuen, 

Nov. 27, T75i.* 
Joshua, and Lydia Ixivjoy, Dec. 24, tJsS* 

ShAKLETON, Jacob, and Phebe N Abbot, int. Apr. 22, 1849- 
SHANNON, Daniel, and Emily Noyes, int. Mar. 19, 1847. 

SHATTOCK (sec also Shattuck), Hannah, and Samuel Stevens, 

jr., Jnly g, i7S3.« 
Isaac, and Mary Barnard, Mar. 3, r7S7,* 

•Intention also lecotded. 



SHATTUCK (see also Shattock), Abie), and Phcbe Sbattuck, July 

Abigail, and Isaac Lovcjoy, Apr. 30, 1815.* 

Abraham, of Temple, N. H., and Sarah Gray, int. Apr. 3, 1807. 

Anna, and Amos Wardwell, Dec. 3, i8i8.* 

Catherine, and Augustus Merrill, July 2, 1837.* 

Charles, and Rosetta Hopkins, June 18, 1840." 

Dolly, and Jacob Russel, Feb. 26, 1784.* 

Elizabeth, and Paul Hunt, Sept 27, lySo.' 

Elizabeth, and Baiachias Holt, Oct. 14, 1783.* 

Ezra, and Rebecca Silvester, June 1, 1820.* 

Franklin, and Elizabeth Kendall, of Amherst, N. H., int. Sept 

II, 1829. 
Hannah, and James Swan, resident in Andover [of Sudbury, Can- 
ada, int], May 17, r787.» 
Hannah, and Samuel [X^muel. int] Claik of Dorchester, Nor. 

16, 1797.* 
Hannah, and James Midgely, Dec. 20, 1840.' 
Hannah [Chandler, int], and Charles Newal, Nov. z8, 1805.* 
Harriot and William Bradley of Worcester, May — , 1826.* 
Henry, and Sophia Rogers of Methuen, int Oct 10, 1818. 
Isaac, jr., and Rebecca Ingalls, Jan. 11, 1785.* 
Isaac, 3d, and Fanny Frye, June 9, i8r8." 
Jacob, and Elizabeth Chandler of Concord, N. H., int June ro, 

John K., and Martha T. Gray of Wilmington, Sept. 7, 1835.* 
John T., a. 23 y., machinist, s. Peter and Lucy C, and Elizabeth 

C. Chandler, a. 22 y., d. Joshua and Susan, Oct 19, 1847." 
Joseph, and Joanna Chandler, June 3, 1728.* 
Joseph, jr., and Anne Johnson, Apr. 13, r756.* 
Joseph, and Hannah Chandler, June i, 17S4,* 
Joseph, and Phebe Abbot Mar. 30, 1790.* 
Joseph [Capt. c. R. i ; jr. int.], and Hannah Bailey, May 25, 

Leonard, and Harriet Clark of Tewksbury, int. Jan. 3, 1828. 
Lucy, and Peter Stevens, jr., Aug. 18, i8i8.» 
Lucy C, wid., a, 47 y,, d. Benjamin and Phebe Mooar, and 

Thomas C. Foster, widr., a. 57 y,, farmer, s. Thomas and 

Elizabeth, Nov. 1, i847.* 
Lydia, and Daniel Flint of Hillsborough [N. H. int.], Jan. 28, 

Martha Jane, a. 20 y., d. Samuel and Hannah, and Daniel A. Davis, 

a. 28 y., carpenter, s. Eiiphalet and Eunice, Nov. 10, i846.» 

■Intentioa also recorded. 



Shattuck, Mary, and Thomas Phelps, Oct. 17, 1765. c. r. a." 

Maty, and Enoch Frye, Aug. 3, 1798.* 

Nathan, of Bitleiica, and Mary F. Abbot [Shattuck. c. b. 2.], 

Dec. 12, i8z3.» 
Nathaniel, and Molly Bums of Dracut, Nov. 38, 1782.* 
Natb[anie]l,aiid Catharine Rogers of Methuen, int. Apr. 10, 1819. 

[dup. int Dec. 2$, 1820.] 
Peter, and Susannah Clark, May 5, 1795. 
Peter, jr., and Lucy C- Mooar, Aug. 7, i8i8." 
Phebe, and Abiel Shattuck, July 25, i786.» 
Phebe, of Hillsboro, N. H., and John B. Upton [resident in An- 

dover. int.], July 21, 1814." 
Phebe A., and William Merrill, Feb. 4, iSje.* 
Phinehas, and Elvira [Eliza. C. b. 2. and int.] Hill, Aug. 12, i824.» 
Phinehas, and Rhoda George, Oct. 23, 1825.* 
Rebecca, and Nehemiah Abbott, Aug. 6, 1832, C. r, 3.* 
Rebecca, and Wilkrd Robbiris of Townsend, Mar. — , 1844.* 
Rebecca, a. 16 y., d. Samuel and Hannah, and William Gray, a. 

23 y., cordwainer, s. Jacob and Betsey B,, Apr. 23, 1848. • 
Rhoda, and Elijah Merrill, Aug. — , 1833. c. R. 3." 
Ruth P., and David Jones, Oct. 18, 1822. c. h. i.» 
Samuel, and Lucy Chandler, Feb. 18, 1794.' 
Samuel, and Hannah Mansor of Pelham, int. Mar. ig, 1819. 
Samuel, and Mrs, Ruth Upton of Wilmington, int. May 27, 1848. 
.Sarah, and John Barnard, Jan, 6, 1757.* 
Sarah, and Richard Trow, Nov, 26, i8oi.* 
Simeon, and Antress Hill, Dec, 13, i833.* 
Susan, and George Bradley, Oct, 29, 1839." 
Tameson, and John Gleason, Feb. 22, 1816.* 
Thomas C., and Salome N. Bailey, int, Apr, 4, 1835. 
William, of Hillsboro, and Abigail Foster, Nov, 17, 1791.* 
William W., of Woburn, and Lucy A. Cross, int, Dec, 20, 1844. 
Zebadiah, and Elizabeth Abbot, Aug, 30, 1759.* 
Zebadiah, and wid, Sarah Holbrook, Dec. 25, 1781." 
Zebadiah [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Martin, Mar, 15, 1792.* 
Zebadiah, jr., and Sarah Durant, Nov. 29, 1804.' 

SHAW, Gilbert, resident in Andover, and wid, Margaret Malchi, 

int. Apr. 15, 1774. 
James, of Strafford, Vt, and Ann Poor, Mar. 6, 1821.* 
Ruth F., of Salem, and Mark W. Ham, Sept. 27, 1836. c. r. 2. 
Sarah, of Newmarket, N. H., and Henry Kenniston, int. Mar. 

10, 1848. 

'IntenlJDii alto recorded. 



SHEARHAN (see also SheimaD), Martial, aad Hannah Jacob of 

Hingham, int. Feb. is, 1825. 
Seth, and Maiy Rust of Hamilton, int, Mai. 17, 183a. 

SHED, Almira, a. 18 y., b. Tewksbuiy, and Simeon Foster, a. 30 

y., ghoemaker, s. Phineas and Sarah, Dec. 11, 1S49.* 
Benjamin, of Tewlisbury, and Lydia Blanchard, Feb. 33, 1796.* 
Elizabeth P., a. 23 y., and Samuel N. Grout of Stratton [Vt 

int.], a. 31 y., clergyman, b. Stratlon, Vt,, Oct. 31, 1849. • 
Heniy, and Mary Genish of Canterbuiy, N. H., int. Sept. 3, 

Jacob, and Hannah Nonel, Oct. 15, 1820.* 
Peter S. [F. int.], and Mary P. Blunt, Oct. 23, 1823." 
Fiissilla, of Silleiica, and Joseph Barker, int Nov. 18, 1726. 

SHEFHELD, Hannah [Shafal. int.], and Paul Fsulkner, Jan. 3, 

SHELDEN (see also Sheldon), Abr&bani, of Reading, and [wid. 

int.] Lydia Abbott, at Reading, Dec. 2a, 1774.' 
Maiy Johnson, and Will[ia]m Mc Robe, residents in Andover, 

Feb. 28, I799-* 
Phebe, of Reading, and Israel Famum, int. Aug. 3, 1786. 
Rebecca, of Reading, and Petei Town, June 26, 1777.* 
Zachariah, of Reading, and Polly Jones, at Reading, Oct, 20, 


SHELSING (see also Sheldon), Abraham, of Reading, and wid. 
Phebe Holt, int. Dec. 5, 1750. 

SHELDON (see also Shelden, Shelding), Deboiah, of Billerica, 

and Isaac Lovejoy, at Billerica, Feb. 38, 1750.* 
Henrietta M., of Middleton, and Willaid Symonds, int. Oct. 1 1, 

Luther H., of Townsend, a. 28 y., church clerk, s. Luther and 

Sarah, of Easton, and Sarah H. Flagg, a. 34 y., d. Timothy 

and Sarah, July 24, 1844.* 
Prudence, of Billerica, and David Abbot [jr. int.], at Billerica, 

Dec. 28, 1752.* 

SHEPARD (see also Shephard), Jonathan [of Haverhill, int.], 

and Joanna Barker [at Haverhill, dup.], Sept. 11, 1744." 

'Intention also recorded. 



SHEPHARD (see also Shepard, Shepheard, Shepherd), JohD.and 
Eveline D. Lewis, int. Oct. 3, 1845. 

SHEPHEARD (see also Shephard), Mary, of Marblehead [Dan- 
vcra. int.], and James Turner, at Danvcrs, Feb. zo, 1 755-* 

SHEPHERD (see also Shcphard), Sarah, and John BrJarly, Sept. 
4, iS3r.» 

SHERHXS, Emerline, and Willard Mason, int. Dec. 19, 1835. 

SHERHAlf (see also Shearman), Frances M., a. 32 y., b. Albany, 
N. Y., d. Josiah and Hannah, and A. B. Jones of Manches- 
ter, a. 37 y., merchant, b. Manchester, Conn., s, William, 
Nov. 29, 18^9.* 

John S., andSelina S. White of Fairhaven, int. Apr, ig, 1837. 

Mary, Mrs., of Middleton, and John Russell, int. Dec. 21, iSio. 

SHERWDi (see also Sherwine), Asa, and Mercy Kimball [of 

Boxford. c. R. I.]. Nov. i, i768.» 
Samuel, and Maiy Stanley, June 2, 1762.* 
Sarah, and Jesse Fox [residents in Andover. intj, Aug. 3, 1769.* 

SHERWD4fi (see also Sherwin), Elisabeth, of Boxford, and James 
Carleton, at Boxford, Aug. 25, 1761." 

SHIRtEY, Will[ia]m, of Lowell, and Sally Dane, May 1 7, i827.» 

SHORET, Moses W., and Agnis T. Grieve, at Amesbury, Dec. 
18, i842.» 

SHORT, John, of Newbnryport, and Mary Chicltering, Oct. 25, 

SHRIEEVES, Emeline, and Willard Mason, Mar. 29, 1837.* 

SIBBORHS, Elizabeth, and Thomaa Famum, July 8, 1660. 

SIBLET, David, resident in Andover, and Esdier Fowler, int. 

July 18, 1785. 
George V., of Salem, and Phebe H. Abbott, Apr. 28, 1836." 
'Intention also recordad. 



SIBSON, Elezebith, and Henery Abbot, jr., int. Oct. 2, 1750. 

SILVER, Elisabeth, of Methuen, and Stephen Barnard, jr., at 

Methuea, May 36, 1742.* 
Sarah, and Allen Richardson of Boxford, int. Aug. 1, 1772. 

SILVESTER (see also Sylvestet), Rebecca, and Ezra Shattuck, 
June I, 1820," 

SIMMONDS (see also Semons), Henry H., a. 33 y., wheelwright, 
a. George and Ann, and Olive T. demons, a. ig y., d. Rob- 
ert and Olive E., July 5, t848.» 

SIHONDS (see also Symonds), Abigail, and Elbtidge [G. int.] 

Hardy of Amherst, Apr. 27, i843.* 
Mary A., and Richard Woodbury, Apr. a;, 1843-* 
Samuel, and Caroline Woodbury, int. Dec. 2, 1S43. 

SIHONTON, Samuel, and Eleanor Magee, Apr. 12, 1830.* 

SIMPSON (see also Simson, Sympson), Benjamin, jr., and Han- 
nah Lee, Mar. 17, 1843.* 
Jane, and Asa K. Wardwell, Apr. 23, 183s-* 
Lydia L., and Stepben H. Lovejoy, Apr. 13, 1837." 
Mary, and Thomas Scott, Sept. 33, 1835.* 
Robert, and Maiy Agnes Hayward, int. Mar. 37, 1841. 

SIMS, Naamah K. J., and William D. Vinall ot Reading, int 

May s, 1832. 
Rebecka [of Bradford, int.], and Ebenezer Osgood, Dec. so, 

1 7 to." 

SIMSON (see also Simpson), Hannah, of Nottingham, N. H., 
and Bcnj[ami]n Gray, int. Sept. 13, 1818. 

SINGLETARY, Unity, and Thomas Eaton, both of Haverhill, 
Jan. 6, 1658. 

SKALY, John, and Ann Tigh, int. Nov. 15, 1849. 

SKINNER, Henry, and Maty Hayward of Acton, int. June a, 

'iDtectioB also lecaided. 



SLADER, Samuel [Slater, int.], of Ackworth [N. H. int.], and 
Phebe Bridges, Feb. 28, 1796." 

SLOANE, Catharine M., of Cambridge, and James Scott, int> 
Feb. 3, 1849. 

SLUEA, Phillip, of Bradford, and Hannah Faulkner, int. Oct. 
29, 1787. 

SMALL, William, and Sarah Clark, Ang. 33, 1733.* 

SMART, Alexander, a. 30 y., flaxdresser, s. Alexander and Dor- 
othy, and Catherine Pedre, a. 28 y., d. John and Margarett^ 
Jan. 19, 1847." 

SMILIE, Francis, of Peterboro, N. H., and Sarah Ames, Feb. Ay 

SMITH, Abigail, and Jonathan Wakefield of Dudley, June 22^. 

Abigail, ofSalem, and Stephen Foster, int. May 12, 1744. 
Abigail, and James Blanchard, Mar. 9, 1762.* 
Abigail, and William McNammara, Aug. 26, 1838. C. r. 4." 
Alonzo, and Hannah Holt, Oct. 10, 1833." 
Asa D., Rev., of Neir York City, and Sarah Aim Adams, Nov. 9,, 

Benjamin, of Newbury, and Dorothy Ballard, Aug. i6, 1734.* 
Benjamin, and Sarah Lovejoy, Nov. 27, 1736." 
Betsy, of Antrim, N.H., and Samuel Gitcreast, int. Feb. 13, 1829. 
Catherine, of Cambridge, and Galen Ware, resident in Andover^ 

int. June 2$, 1810. 
Daniel C. [David C. int.], of Georgetown, and Louisa Perley, 

Oct. — , i84i.» 
Daniel F., a. 23 y., carpenter, s. Ebenezer and Lydia, and Susan 

M. Ellis, a. 22 y., d. George and Susan, June 4, 1846.' 
David, of Salem, and £liz[abet]h Perkins, at Salem, Dec. i4,„ 

Deborah, and Albert D. Drury, May 7, 1846. c r. 4.* 
Dolly, of Daavers, and Isaac Wardwel), int Jan. 26, 1828. 
Dorathy, wid., and Obadiah Johnson, Sept. 36, 1748-* 
Dorothy, and Jeremiah Blanchard, May 17, I7S9-' 
Dustin K., and Betsy Jaquith of Wilmington, int. Dec. 8, 1820... 
Edward, and Charlotte Lindley, int. Oct. 2, 1847. 
'IntcDtioD also tecotded. 



Smith, Edward [A. int.], and Elizabeth Hill, May ao, 184s.* 
Eliza, and Albert Blood, Oct. r6, 1842.* 
Elizabeth, and Israel Brown of Tyngsboro, June 18, 1805." 
Elizabeth P., and William W. Wardwell, Dec. 11, i83i.» 
Ephtaim, o£ Wenhara, and Mary Perkios, at Wenhara, Dec. 30, 

George, and Dorcas Pevy, Mar. 2, I794-* 

Hannah M., of West Springfield, and William H. Wells, int. 

July 4, 1840. 
Harriet E. [Stevens, of West Newbury, int.], and Sam[ue]I M. 

Barker, Jan. la, 1848. c. R. i.* 
Henry, of Gloucester, and Susan J. [G, c. R. i.] Farnham, Apr. 

Isabella, and Jacob Hamphrey Holt, both ot Gloucester, Oct. 

10, 1810. 
James H., a. 28 y., blacksmith, s, Caleb and Ann, and Charlotte 

Cornell, a. 33 y., d, James and Mary, Dec. 23, 1847.' 
Jeanette M., d. Peter and Rebecca, and Stephen P. Holt, mer> 

chant, s. Solo[mon] and Mary, Dec. 2, 1847." 
John, and Mary Aylraer [Armor, resident in Andover. int.], July 

rg, I744-* 
John, of Hamilton, and Unicc Goldsmith, Nov. 29, 179S." 
John, of Concord', N. H, and Abigail Bailey, June 24, 1813." 
John [2d. int], and Agnes Ferguson, Oct. 27, 1829, c. r. 3.* 
John, and Sarah A. Tuck, Dec. 21, 1S37.* 
I^wis W., of West Newbury, a. 25 y., comb maker, s. Moses and 

Mary A., and Rhoda Parker ot West Newbury, a. 25 y., d. 

Winthrop and Lydia, Oct. 25, 1848. 
Louisa E., and Justus E. Wardwell, Feb. 22, 1835.* 
Lucy B., of Ipswich, and Stephen Coburn, int. Feb. ir, 1826. 
Margaret, and John Stockwell [of Sutten. int.], Oct. 21, r730." 
Martha, wid., of Boxford, and Capt, Jo[h]n Barker, int. June 

IS. «7i7- 
Martha, and Aaron Foster, Mar. 13, 1721-2. • 
Mary, and Andrew Foster, Jan. 11. 1725-6.* 
Mary, and Benja[minJ Bingham, resident in Andover, iat July- 

10, 1784- 
Mary, and Jeremiah Goodhue, Feb. 5, 1807.* 
Mary, of Chelmsford [of Lowell, int.], and Nahum Weatherbee, 

Apr. 30, 1835.* 
Mary, and Robert Ross, Aug. 10, 1841.* 
Mary A., and W[illia]m Fellows, jr., Aug. ar, 1842." 
Mary Ann, and Isaac Carlton, Sept. 19, 1830.* 
■]ntenUoD also recoideil. 



Smith, Mary H., and Rufus F. Caldwell, Nov, 29, 1831* 
Mehittable, and Thomas Lasail [of Windham, int.], Sept 33, 

Molly, of Shrewsbury, and Joseph Ballard, at Shre»rebury, Sept. 

10, I771-" 
Peter, and Esther H. Ward, June 4, 1835." 
Phcbe A., and Paschal Abbott, zd, Oct. 14, 1835. ■• 
Priscilla, and Benjamin Berrj" [of Middleton. int.], July 1, i73ii.* 
Rebecca, and William Peabody of Boxford, int. Mar. i, 1739-40. 
Ruth, and Samuel Seatown [Seaton. c. r. 1.], Dec. 14, 1756.* 
Samuel, and Sarah Stockwell of Sutton, int. Sept, 11, 1731. 
Samuel, and [wid. int.] Hannah Faulkner, Feb. 9, 1756.* 
Sarah, of Boxford, and James Johnson, Aug. 28, 1716.* 
Sarah, of Nottingham, N. H., and William Whinney, int. Oct. 

25. rSas. 
Sarah Jane, and William Osgood, Apr. rg, 184s,* 
Tabitha, and William Cobuorn of Dracut, Jan. 10, 1726 [-7].* 
Thomas [resident in Andovcr. int.], and Mary Harris, Aug, 11, 

Thomas, and Betsy Russel, Sept. 27, 1804.* 
Thomas, and Harriet P. Trulan, Feb. 18, 1844.* 
Thomas M. [Rev. int.], of Portland, Me., and Mary G. Woods, 

S(^t. 27, 1822." 
William, of Boxford, and Sarah Barker, Feb. 12, i727-8.» 

SNELUNG) Asa, and Betty [Elizabeth, int.] Hope [resident in 
Andover. int], Oct. 22, r783.* 

SNOW, Caroline, of Ware, and Jason Chapin, int Sept. 8, 1831. 
Isaac, of Charleston [Charlestowi>. int.], and Susanna Bridges, 
Dec. I, 1788.* 

SPAFPARD (sec also SpofEord), Judith, and David Stevens of 
Merrimac, Dec. 15, r778.* 

SPAITORD (see also Spofford), Dolly H[olt. int.], and Abel 

Kimball of Sanbornton, N. H., Feb. 16, i8r3.» 
Martha, and [Ens. int] Joshua Johnson, Mar. 3, 1790.* 
Moody, and Dolly Farnum, Sept 8, 1788.* 
Phineas, and Sarah Chadwick, int. Apr. 8, 1780. 
Sally, of Rowley, and Robert Harvey, int May 29, 1813. 
Samuel, and Lydia Peasley of Kingstown, int Maji 3, i797- 
Solomon, and Catherine Carlton, int June 10, i3i8. 

['Intention also teeordedi 



SPAFORD (see also Spofford), Elizabeth, and Alexander Sei- 
sions, Apr. 24, 1671. 

SPARHAWK, Deborah, of Poitsmouth, N. H., and Dr. Abiel 
PeaisoDS, int. June 8, 1816. 

SPAULDING, Amos, Esq., and Elizabeth B. Phillips, int. Nov. 

20, 1832. 
Andrew, Dea,, of Westford, and Mrs. Mehetable Crossbey, Nov. 

26, I745-' 
John, and Ann Ballard, at Chelmsford, zo : 7 lii : 1681. 
John, and Olive C- B. Kendall ol Dunstable, int. Sept. 4, 1828. 
Mary, of Tewksbury, and John Bridges, int. Jan. 18, 1762. 
Rufus, and Nancy Jones of Lunenburg, int. June 22, 1832. 

SPEAR, Julia A., of Lowell, and Moses H. Boynton, int. Dec. 8, 

SPELLE3 (see also Spiller), Martha, and George Butters, int. 
July 26, 183s. 

SPERRY, Ebenezer Peck, of Cornwall, Vt., candidate for the 
ministry, and Mary Rolyoke French, d. the late Rev, Jona- 
than, Apr. 17, 1812." 

Harriet J., and Owen Frost of Tewksbury, int. Oct. 39, 1842. 

SPILLER (see also Speller), Louisa K., of Georgetown, and 
W[illia]m C. Whitehouse, int Nov. 3, 1848. 

SPOFFORD (see also SpafEard, Spafford, Spaford), Abiah, and 

Seth H. Waldo, int. Mar. 29, 1834. 
Apphia, wid., of Rowley, and Asa Parker, at Rowley, Mar. t, 

1 780.* 
Eunice, and Jonathan Hale of Bradford, at Borford, Oct. 21, 

Harriet, and John P. Cokcr of Rowley, June 2, 1836." 
Henry, and Hannah F[uller. int.] Johnson, Apr. — , i834.* 
Isaac, and Mchitablc Wood [of Boxfotd. int.], at Boiford, June 

21, 1792.* 
James, Col., of Kingston, N. H., and Martha- Johiisohi int. Nov. 

20, 1824. 

■Intention tUo rtcotded. 



Spofford, Julia M., of Boxford, a. 1 8 y., d. Aaron and Betsey, anij 
Joseph B, Perkins, of Boxford, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Berry 
and Betsey, Nov- a, 1848. 
Lucy, and Stephen Nichols, jr. of Amesbury, Jan. 28, 1830.* 
Phineas, and Sarah Chadwick, at Boxford, Oct. 7, 1780. 
Sarah, and William Spofford of Rowley, Nov, 8, r77o.» 
Sophia, and Rev, Noah Creasy of Norway, Oct. z, 1809." 
William, of Rowley, and Sarah Spofford, Nov. 8, 1770.* 
William H., and Fidelia R. Swan, int. July 8, 1847. 

SPOILET, James, and Abiah Johnson of Brookfield, N. H., int. 
Mai. 29, r8i6. 

SPRAGUE (see also Spreague), Abigail, and Dan[ie]ll Lovett of 

Mendon, Mar. z8, 1710. "■ 
Edward [resident in Andover, int.], and Martha Luck [ol Rowley. 

intj, Feb. 32, i7zo-ai.» 
Joanna, and James Frye, May aji r7o8.* 
Katherine, and Timothy Johnson, May 3, 1705.* 

SPREAGUE (see also Sprague), Sarah, and Ebenezer Stevens, 
Jan. r3, 1703-3. 

SPRING. Mary, of Peterboio, N. H., and Joshua Bailey, int. Feb. 
6, 1834. 

STAGE, Lewis, of Roxbury, and Mary Flower, int. Dec. 4, 1841. 

STACT, John, of Hampton, and Sarah Preston, Jan. 24, r723-4,* 
Timothy, of Newmarket, N. H., and Sally Carlton, int. Sept 6, 

STALKER, Agnes, a. 31 y., d. William and Isabelle, and George 
Fairgraive, a. 30 y., spinner, s. George and Alison, Oct. 16, 

STANDLET (see also Stanley), Jacob, and Hannah Love[j]oy, 
June 33, t748,* 

STANLEY (see also Standley), Elisabeth, resident in Andover, 

and Joshua Stevens, int. Apr, 38, 1744. 
Harrison, of Plaistow, N. H., and Maty R. Fillebrown, int. Oct. 

29, 1846. 

'Intentioii also lecorded. 



Stanley, Jonathan, of Rindgc, and Lovis [Lovria. int.] Mooar, 

May 2-], 1773. C. R. 2.* 
Maty, and Samael Sherwin, June 2, 1762.* 
Sylvester, of Wilmington, and Ann Blum, June is, i8a8.» 

STANTON, Sarah, and John H. Twambly , Sept 1 2, 1 847- c R. 2* 

STANYAM, John [Capt., of Pembroke. N. H. int.], and Ann 
Abbot, Oct.—, 1834." 

STAPLES, Elizabeth Jane, of Freeport, Me., afld Daniel Lane, 
int. Aug. 17, 1843. 

STARE. William D., and Martha A. Perry of Lowell, int. Nov. 
14. 1843- 

STARKEY, John, and Levina Hardy, June 21, i828.* 

STEARNS (see also Sterns), Charles B. [D. int.], widr., a. 3r y., 
cordwainer, s. William and Betsy D., and Jane L. Tuciter, 
a. 23 y., d. William and Hepsiljeth, Dec. 24, i846.* 
Mary, and Tiio[ma]s Hagget, 3d, Feb. i, 1774. c. r. a.* 
Nathaniel, and Lucretia [Luciuda. c. R. i. and int.] Hutchinson, 
Nov. 17, 1829.* 

STEDHAN, Hannah, and Charles Printis, July 4, 1811.* 

STEEL (see also Steele), Benjamin, and Hannah Lovejoy, June 

t6, 1768." 
Elizabeth, and Joshua Ingalls, Sept. 9, 1760."' 
Nichdos, and Phebe Stevens, Nov. 7, 1734." 
Phebe, and John Abbot, 3d, int Nov. 22, 1776. 
Rachel, and Dudly Foster of Boxfoid, int. Dec. 11, 1767. 

STEELE (see also Steel), James C, and Mary J. Andover o£ 
Londonderry, N. H., int. Apr. 7, 1848, 

STEEVEHS (see also Stevens), Benjamine, Capt, and Mis. Su- 
sanna Chickerin of Bradford, int. Sept 3, 1715. 
'Ephraim, and Sarah Abbott, Oct 11, 1680. 
•^John, and Hanna Barnard, June 13, i66a. 
-John, and Ehstei Barker, Aug. 10, 1676. 

■Intention also recorded. 



STEBVENSf'^ohii, and Ruth Poor, Dec. ao, 1689. 
Joseph, and Maty Ingalls, May 38, 1679. 
Nathan, and Elizabeth Abbot, Oct. 24, 1692. 
-8amuelI,aDd Elizabeth Barker, May 15, 1707. [May 13. C. R. i.]* 
Sarah, and Stephen Abbott, July la, 1708." 

STEPHENS (see also Stevens), Hannah, and Samuel Lovjoy, 

Apr. 23, 17I7.* 
"John, and Elbabeth Chandler, Apr, 23, 1717.* 
John, and Lydia Butnhani, resident in Andovcr, Nov. 22, 1810." 
Joseph, of Danvets, and Sarah Abbott, at Danveis, July 7, 1772.* 
Maiy, and Benjamin Austin, July 17, 1718.* 

STBRUNG, Sarah, and Ralph Famnm, Oct. 9, 16S5. 

STERNS (see also Stearns), Josiah, of Billerica, and [Mis, int} 

Sarah Abbot, Dec. 4, 1755.^ 
Mehitabel, and Ebenezer Holt, Dec, 4, fj2g.' 
Samuel, Rev., of Bedford, and Abigal French, May 9, 1797-* 

STEVEENS (see also Stevens), Joshua, widt., and Mary Ftie, 
Dec. 32, 1696. 

STEVEN (see also Stevens), John F., and Lydia F. Holt of 
Winthrop, Me., int. Aug. 24, 1833. 

STEVENS (see also Steevens, Stephens, Sleveens, Steven), 
Aaron [of Pennecook. int j , and Debora Stevens, May 4^ 

Abial, and Deborah Barker, Mar. 19, i7o7-8.» 
Abial [jr. int.], and Dorathy Martain, June 7, lySA* 
Abiel, jr., and Tabitha Holt, Nov. 16, i769.» 
Abiel, and Elizabeth Holt, Jan. 7, 1779.* 
Abiel, and Pamelia Stevens, July 12, 1815,* 
Abiel, jr., of Methuen, and Charlotte Peters, Jan. 22, 183s-" 
Abigail, and Samuel Ames, jr., July 10, 1770.* 
Abigail, and David Tarr of Danvers, Feb. a, 1786.* 
Albeit v., and Lydia A. Sampson of Londonderry, N. H., inL 

Nov. I, 1838. 
Alexander, and Ann Scott, Apr. 13, 1843." 
Amos, and Sarah Stevens, Sept. 25, i764.» 
Amos, and Lydia Brown, Oct. 5, 1789." 

*InteDdoi] also reconled. 



Stkvens, Amos, jr., and Susanna Noyes, Oct. 6, 1796.* 
Anna, and Timothy Abbot Holt of Bethel, Jan. 17, I'jyg.* 
Annis, and John Stevens, sr., June 31, i739-* 
Annis, and Daniel Mooar, jr. [of Dunstable. inL], Dec. 13, 

Asa, and Mehetable Farnum, Sept. 9, 174a." 
^Benjamin, and Hannah Famum, Apr. 18, 1717.* 
Benjamin, of Havethill, and Annis Phelps, Feb.'ao, lyao-ai.* 
Benjamin, and Mary Poor, Oct. 5, 1731." 
Benjamin, and Rebecca Hunt, Dec. 5, 1745." 
Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Vapiam of Dracut, int. May i, 1756- 
Benjamin, and wid. Hannah Martain, Dec. 9, 1761." 
Benjamin, jr., and Lydia Frye, July 31, tjBs.' 
Benjannin, and Hannah [Susann, c. r. 2 ; Susannah, int] Stev- 
ens, Apr. 13, 1819. • 
Benjamin, jt., and Huldah Keith, int Apr. 10, 1830. 
Betsey, and Ebenezer Poor, jr., Sept. 8, I794-* 
Bimsley, and Mary Noyes, Oct. 31, 1830. c. R. 3.* 
Charlotte, and Benjamin G. Wilder [of Boston, int.]. Mar. 3, 

1839. c. R. 3.* 
Charlotte V., and Orlando Abbot, Sept. 20. iS^S* 
Clarissa, and Edward R. Dike, Sept. 8, 1831. C. R. 3." 
Daniel, and Hannah Barker of Methuen, at Methuen, Sept 35, 

Daniel, jr., and Susanna Abbot, Nov. 14, 1771." 
Daniel, and Sarah Bailey, Nov. 19, 1807.* 
Daniel, and Mary Noyes, Feb. 6, 1840." 
Daniel C, and Rebecca Manser, Aug. 38, 1834.* 
David [jr. int.], and Abigail Maitain, Aug. t6, 1749.* 
David, of Metrimac, and Judith Spafford, Dec. rs, 1778." 
David [Dea. C. k. i.], and Sarah Abbot, Dec. 38, 1784.* 
Debora, and Aaron Stevens [of Pennecook. int], May 4, 1733.* 
Deborah, and Samuel Carlton [of Salem, int.], June ao, i726.* 
Deborah, and John Holt, jr., Jan. 33, i 746-7.* 
Deborah, and John Ingals, May 8, 1755-* 
Deborah, and Jacob Hagget, Dec. 6, 1 764." 
Diantbe, and John Burnham, Nov. 8, 1835.* 
Dolly, and Jonathan Vamum of Dracut, Nov. a8, 1799.* 
Dorcas, and Asa Osgood, June r9, t78o. 
Dorothy, and Joshua Willson, int. Sept, 15, r773. 
—Ebenezer, and Sarah Spreague, Jan. 13, 1703-3. 
Ebenezer, jr., and Joanna Farnum, Apr. a, 1741.* 
Ebenezer, and Mrs. Elizabeth Bndge8[wJd. int], Jan. 15, 1793.* 
'Intention also recorded. 



Stevens, Edward, of Peterboro, and Phebe Ftye, Feb. 23, 1791. 

[Feb. 32. c. R. a.]" 
EleanoT, and John Blanchard, Feb. 5, 1761.* 
Elezabeth, and Josiah BayJey [of Lunenburg, c. r. i ; of Turkey 

Hills, int.], Oct. 31, t728.» 
Elezebith, and Cristefor Carlton, Dec, 15, 1748." 
Elezebith, and Nathaniel Holt, Aug. i, 1751.* 
Elisabeth, and Samuel Ames, July 11, 1744.* 
Elisabeth, and Daniel Reddington [of Topsfield. c. R. i.], July 

3. 1746-* 
Eliza [Elizabeth, int.], and Warren Stevens, Apr. 6, 1830," 
Eliza Ann, and Daniel S. A, Valpey, Dec. 29, 1844. c. r. 4.* 
Elizabeth, and Joshua Woodman, Jan. 22, 1665. 
Elizabeth, and Joseph Robinson, Mar. ao, 1707. [1706-7. 

Elizabeth, and Timothy Pearl of Windham [Conn, int.], Aug. 34, 

Elizabeth [Mrs. c. r. i.j, and Israel Adams [jr. int.], Nov. 20, 

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Gennings of Pembroke, N. H., July 19, 

Elizabeth A., and John Adams, jth, Jan. iS, 1827.* 
Elizabeth M., and Elisha Toirer of Boston, int. July 4, 1824. 
Enoch, and Hannah Hubbard, Mar. 8, 1801.' 
Enoch, jr., and Hannah Perry of Bradford, June 25, iSrg.* 
Enoch, and Augusta Parker, Feb. 36, 1835.* 
Epharam, and Mrs. Elezebith Barker, both of Methuen, Jan. 4, 

EsthcT, and Thomas Wilkins [of Middleton. int.], Mar. $, 

Esther, and John Johnson, 3d, Feb. 30, 1754.* 
Hannah, and Robert Swan of Haverhill, Mar. 17, 1708-9. c.r. i.* 
Hannah, and Samuel Ames [resident in Andover. int.], Jan. 13, 

Hannah, and Nathan Parker, June 26, r735." 
Harmah, and Abner Tyler [of Boxford. int.], Feb, rr, i74i-3.» 
Hannah, and Aaron Gage of Bradford, May 16, 1745.* 
Hannah, and Daniel Page [Aug. 18. int.], 1757." 
Hannah, and James Stevens, jr., Aug. 31, 1773.* 
Hannah, and Isaac Holt, Jan. 8, 1778." 
Hannah, and Thomas Osgood, Mar. 15, 1 792.* 
Hannah, wid., and Jonathan Varnum of Dracut, June 3, 1796." 
Hannah, and Thomas Prime of Salem, May 30, 1812.' 
'IntCDtioi) *Uo recotded. 



SiEVSKS, Hannah, and Richard Carlton, lesident in Andover, int. 

Oct IS. i8M- 
Hannah, and Paifry W. Downing, Aug. 28, 1817." 
Hannah [Stisann. c. R. 3 ; Susannah, int.], and Benjatnin Stevens, 

Apr. 13, 1819.* 
Haimah, and Thomaa G. Dennett o£ Byfield [of Newbury. C. r. r.], 

Apr. 3, i8ai.» 
Hannah, and Caleb Richardson, jr., Nov. 8, 1832. • 
Hannah, and Stephen Moor of Lowell, Mar. ai, 183$.* 
Hannah S., and Osgood Woodbridge, July 31, i8iS.* 
Harriet E., of West Newbury, a. 17 y., d. Moses and Hannah, of 
West Newbury, and Samuel M. Barker, a. 25 y., farmer, s. 
Sam[ue]l F. and Lydia, Jan. — , 1848.* 
Harriet J., and Timothy W. Hodgdon, June 24, 1843." 
Henry H., and Eliza P. Osborne of Danvers, int. Oct. 7, 1843. 
Hepsibah, and Jabez Abbot of Concord, N. H., int. Aug. 38, 

Hepzabah, and Moses Mooais of Haverhill, Dec. 12, 1776.* 
Hepbzibah, and Peter Holt, int. Dec. a8, 1776. 

F., and Moses Marshall, int Oct. 30, 1833. 
Isaac, and Mary Baikei, Oct. 25, 1739.* 
saac, and Hannah Cummings, Sept 29, 1814.* 
Isaac, and Elizabeth Poor, Nov. 27, i828.» 
~saac M., and Ruby Barnard, Nov. 17, 184a.* 
acob, andTabit^a Farnam, Dec 7, 1748." 
ames, and Dorathy Fry, Mar. 8, 1712-13. [Mar, 18. C. ». i.]" 
ames, and Sarah Peabo[d]y, Aug. i, 1745.* 
[anies, jr., and Hannah Stevens, Aug. 31, 1773." 
Tames, and Elizabeth Lacey, Oct 6, 1778. [Oct. i. c. R. i.]" 
'ames, and Betsey Carleton of Methuen, at Methuen, June 23, 

fames, jr., and Mary Mansor of Dracut, int Apr. 21, 1804. 
ames [3d. int], and Mary Dike, Feb. 27, 1834. c. r, 3,* 

1, 2d, and Lydia Gardner of Beverly, int May 23, 1:335. 
emima, resident in Louden, and Jonas Ames, int. Nov. 23, 


oanna, and Ebenezer Everett [resident in Andover. int.], Mar. 
»8, I734." 

la, and Phineas Carlton, May 36, 1S05.* 
'ohn [of Charlestown. int], and Elizabeth Ingalls, Apr. 33, 

173 '■• 
lohn, and Lydia Gray, Apr. 7, 1737.* 
lohn, jr., and Mary Phelps, Nov. 3, 1737.* 
■Intentioii also lecorded. 



Stevens, John, st., and Annis Stevens, June ai, 1739.* 

John, and wid. [Moiiah. int.] Moss, rcBident in Andover, Nov. 

II, 1756-* 
John, of Sterling, and Elizabeth Frye, Apr. 30, 1783." 
John, of Sudbury, Canada, and Hannah Holt, Nov. 15, 1787.* 
John, and Hannah Pike Trickey of Boxford, int. Jan. 5, 1808. 
John F., and Mary [B. int.] Flandera, Oct. 33, i84».» 
John K., and Hannah Hill, int. July 37, 1844. (Publishment 

forbidden by Ezra Stevens.) 
John K|]nee1aDd. int.], and wid. [Hannah, int.] Hill, Apr. 6, 

1 845.* 
Jonas, and Hannah Marble, Jan. 24, 1 793.* 
Jonas, of Danveis, and Hannah Barker, resident in Andover, 

Nov. 16, i8i2.» 
Jonathan, and Lydea Fetch, June 14, 1753-* 
Jonathan, and Jemima Russell, Sept. 8, i763." 
Jonathan, and Susanna Bragg, Dec. 15, 1773.* 
Jonathan [jr. int.], and Martha Mooar, Aug.'7, 1791." 
Jonathan, ad, and Eliza Barnard, int. July a6, 1844. 
Jonathan P., and Mary F. Bragg, Sept 10, 1831.* 
Joseph, and E1iz[abet]h Biown ot Salem, at Salem, Nov. 13, 

Joseph, and Allis Kidder of Billerica, int. Apr. 18, 1761, 
Joseph, 3d, and Phebe Frye, Dec, 22, 1796." 
Joseph, 3d, and Phebe Eastman of Concord, N. H., int. Nov. 8, 

Joseph [3d. int],and Rebecca Holt, Sept. 15, 18^4.* 
Joshua, and Martha Stevens, July 30, 17*8.» 
Joshua, and Elisabeth Stanley, resident in Andover, int. Apr. 38, 

Joshua, and Hannah Burnet [of Reading, int.], July 29, 1766.* 
Joshua, jr., and Mary Chandler, Sept. 3, 1784.* 
Joshua, jr., and Lucy Butterfield, Nov. 24, 1807.* 
Leonard, and Mary Chandler, Feb. 24, 1807.' 
Lucy, and Stephen Towns, May 5, 1842." 
Lucy Ann, and Timothy Bailey, 3d, int. May 13, 1842 
Lydia, and Francies Ingalls, Jan, 9, 1743-4." 
Lydia, and Samuel Gutterson, Nov. 8, 1764.* 
Lydia, and Jacob Abbot. Dec. i, 1767." 
Lydia, and Elijah Patlin, Apr. 29, 1773. C. R. 3." 
Maria, and Russell B. Jordan, Sept. 29, 1831.* 
Martha, and Joshua Stevens, July 30, 1728.* 
Martha, and Aaron Gage, Mar. 30, I773-* 
•Intention dso recorded 



Stkvejk, Martha, and Miles Davis of Haveihill, Mar. 33, i8a6." 

Martha J., and Caleb S. Prince, Nov. 11,183a.* 

Maty, and John Barker, July 6, 1670. 

Mary, and James Ingalls, Nov. 5, i7i9-* 

Mary, and Benjamin Lee [of Manchester, int.], Feb. 35, 1730 

Mary, and Samael Appleton of Haverhill, May 8, 1 739-* 
Mary, and Mark How of Middleton, Apr. as, i740.* 
Mary, and Samuel Parker of Bradford, May 3, 1 742.* 
Mary, and Timothy Poor, Nov. 30, 1744.' 
Mary, and John Metril, Sept. 6, r770. C. r. a.* 
Mary, of Merrimac, and Daniel Kimbat, jr., int. Sept. 2, 1778. 
Mary, and Phineas Barker, Sept. 36, 1805.* 
Mary, resident in Andovei, and Nath[anie]l Sawyer of Salem, 

June I, 1817.* 
Mary Jane, and John G. Robinson, Dec. 3, 1835.* 
Mary K., and Zenas Fuller of Boston, Feb. 25, iSaS.* 
Mary W. D., and Willard Durant, int. June s, 1847. 
Mehetabel [nid. int.], and Samuel Chickering, Jan. 5, 1768. 
Miriam F., of Norway, Me., and John Wardwell, int. Apr. 26, 

Moses A., widr., a. 40 y., machinist, s. Joel and Olive, and La- 

vina R. Gay of Dedham, a. 32 y., d. Jotham and Lydia, Sept. 

6, 1848." 
Nancy [Mary, int] W., and John Hyde of Methuen, Aug. 2, 

Nathan Qr. int.], and Hannah Robinson, Nov. 3, 1715. c. r. i.* 
Nathan, and Mary Poor, Apr. 2a, 1746." 
Nathan F., of Danvers, and Persis Fish, Dec. 2, 1824.* 
Nath[anie]l, Ens., and Harriot Hale of Chelmsford, int. Oct. 14, 

Pamelia, and Abiel Stevens, July 12, 1815.' 
Patty, and John Austin, jr., July 15, 1802.* 
Persis, and Isaac Farnum, jr., Jan. u, 1798,* 
Peter, and Nabby Johnson, July 5, 1768.* ' 
Peter, jr., and Susanna Watdwell, Apr. 5, 1787.* 
Peter, jr., and Lucy Shattuck, Aug. 18, 1818." 
Peter, and Lucy C. Hill, Dec. 12, i84i.* 
Phebe, and Nichalas Steel, Nov. 7, i734.* 
Pheb[e], and Benjamin Harrod [of Boston, int.], June 17, 

Phebe, and Nathan Wardwell, May 22, 1791." 
Phebe, and Isaac York, July 30, 1816." 

■Intention also recorded. 



Stevens, Phcbe, and Samuel Stevens, int. June 30, 1832. (Pub- 
lishment forbidden.) 
Phebe [K. int.], and Robert Cain, resident in Boston, July 9, 

1809, c. R. 2." 
Phillip, and Sarah Hardy, May 25,1786." 
Phineus, and Becca Fatnum, July 18, 1799." 
Priscilla, and Daniel Austin, June 26, 1722.* 
Prudence, and Dr. Ward Noyes, May 19, 1791. • 
Prudence, and Joshua Wardwetl, Nov, 3, 1803.* 
Kebeca, wid., and Joseph Faulkner, June 17, 1756.* 
Rebecca, and John Poor [jr. int.], Oct. 18, 1739.* 
Rebecca, and Daniel P. [S. c. R. i.] Fuller, Mar. 30, 1826.* 
Rhoda, and Dr. Will[ia]m Brown [resident in Windham, N. H. 

Int.], Mar. S, 1811." 
Sally, and John Bridge of Danvers, at Danvers, Jan. 15, 1799.* 
Samuel, and Hephzibah Ingalls, Aug. g, 1737.* 
Samuel, jr., and Hannah Shattuck, July 5, i7S3-" 
Samue], jr., and Mary Mooar, Apr. 38, 177S," 
Samuel, jr., and Susannah Manning of Chailestown, int Oct 3, 

Samuel, and Phebe Ames, Oct. is, iSii.* 
Samuel, and Phebe Stevens, int. June 30, 1832. (Publiahnient 

Sarah, and William Page of Lunenburg, July 11, 1733.* 
Sarah, of Methuen, and Samuel Fields, at Methuen, Sept. 30, 

Sarah, and Josiah Osgood of Methuen, Mar. 3, 1757.* 
Sarah, wid. of Jafme]s, and John Peters, Aug. 7, 1759." 
Sarah, and Israel Wood, jr.. May 13, 1762.* 
Sarah, and Amos Stevens, Sept. 25, 1764.* 
Sarah, and Abraham Moore, Dec. 13, 1764. • 
Sarah, and Nathaniel Abbot, Aug. 31, 1773.* 
Sarah, and Dea. Ebenczer Cummings of Nottingham West, N. H., 

Apr. 12, 1774-* 
Sarah, and Joseph Mooar, Dec. 13, 1815.* 
Sarah, and Dr. Jonas Underwood, int. Feb. 14, 1827. 
Sarah, and Joseph Reed, Apr, 17, 1834." 
Sarah A., a. 32 y., d. Dan[ie]l and Sarah, and Paul P. Pillsbury, 

widr., a. 50 y., farmer, s. Dan[ie]l and Eunice, Jan. 10, 

Sarah Foster, and Charles Callahan, Nov. 13, 1842. c. R. 4.' 
Sarah M,, of Lowell, and George L. Abbott, int. Dec. t4, 1844. 
Seneth, and Kimball I. Dike of Sebago, Me., Nov. 2, 1843.* 



Stevens, Simeon, and Prudence Haidy of Bradfoid, at fiiadfoid, 

Oct S4. 1765* 
Simeon, of Billetica, and Mariah Ingalls, at Billerica, Feb. 7, 

Simeon, and Hannah Foster, Sept. 39, 1778.* 
Simeon, jr., and Sally Mansoi of Diacut, int. Jan. 17, 1801. 
Simeon, jr., and Jane Meitill, Feb. sx, 1833.* 
Simmeon, and Mary Baikcr, int Jan. a, 1762. 
Susanna, and Jacob Hoyt of Rumfoid, Sept. 2, 1752.* 
Susanna, and Abraham Mooars, July 7, 1785." 
Susanna, and Daniel Chickering, Sept. 5, 1797.* 
TTieodoTe, of Wilton, and Annah Abbot, Aug. 18, 1774. c R. 1.* 
Theodore, and Dorcas Osgood, Oct, 4, 1791.* 
Thomas, and Sarah Gray, Jan. 14, I747-8.* 
Thomas, jr., and Sarah Ingalls, Oct. 8, 1772.* 
Timothy, and Rebecca Barnard, Jan. 9, 1721-2." 
Timothy, and Sarah Poor, Oct, 15, 1751.* 
Timothy, jr. , and Mary Parker, May 19, 1774. C. R. 2.* 
Warren, and Eliza [Eiizabeth. int.] Stevens, Apr. 6, 1830." 
Warren, widr., trader, s. Samuel, and Sarah Jane Low, d. Joseph 

L., Sept. 18, i844.* 
William, and Martha Cross, Apr. 6, 1769," 
William, and Elizabeth B. Phillips, June 20, 1839.' 

STEVENSON, Abigail H., of Wolfboro, N. H., and John Hackett, 
int. Oct. 29, 1846. 

STEWARD (sec also Stuart), John, and Keturah Holt, Dec. 17, 

Robert, and Lydia Blair, Feb. aj, i73a-3.* 
Sara, and Thomas Abbet, Dec. 15, 1664. 
Solomon [of Rowley, int.], and Martha Farington, June 28, 


STEWART (see also Stuart), William, operative, and Elizabeth 
Ennison, July 4, 1847.* 

SnCKNE (see also Slickney), Mehetabel, of Bradford, and 
Quartermaster John Barker, int. June 21, 1729. 

STICKNEY (see also SHckne), Abigal, and Benjamin Burt, Feb. 

4, l802." 

Abraham, jr., and Mary Beard of Wilmington, int. Mar. 7, 1808. 
Abraham, and Hannah Holt of Tewksbury, int. Jan. a, 1826. 
'IntcDtion aUo recoided. 



Stickney, Benjamin, and Sarah Barnard, May 30, 1805,* 

Benjamin, and Lydia Bodweil, Dec. 29, 1836.* 

Betsey, and Jolin Foster, jr., July 26, 1796.* 

Caroline E., and Arthur N. Bean, int. Mar. 6, 1847. 

Eliza L., a. 30 y-, d. Joseph and Eliza L., and Gilman Davis, a. 

31 y., farmer, s. William and Betsey, Nov. 8, 1848,* 
Elizabeth, and Hermon Barnard, July 4, i8ai." 
Hannah, of Eoxford, and Joseph Emmory, at Boxford, June 2, 

Hannah, Mrs., and Richard Barker, Aug, 7, 1842.* 
Isaac, and Sybil! Adams, int. Mar. 12, 1807. 
Jacob, 3d, of Newburyport, and Saiah Loring, Nov. 27, 1833.* 
Jane [M. int.], and William Goldsmith, Apr. 3, 1834." 
John, and Rachel Farnura, May 4, 1775. 
John, jr., and Lucretia Lovejoy, May 8, 1804.* 
Jonathan, resident in Andover, and Sarah Abbot, June 11, 1795. 

[July II. c. K. a.]* 
Julia, and Mark Averril, both of Tewksbury, at Tewksbury, July 

22, 1838. 
Lemuel, and Rebecca Kimball, Nov, 16, 1769." 
Louisa B., and Noah Clapp of Wilmington, Mar. 10, 1844.* 
Lucretia, and Daniel Carlton, Sept. 7, 1823.* 
Mary [A. int.], and William Goldsmith, Deo. 27, iSag. C. R. 3.* 
Maty L., and William, Morrison, int. June 23, 1844. 
Moses, of JafErey, and Mary Bailey, Dec. 9, 1787." 
Ruth, and Amos Holt, jr., int, Oct, 9, 1830. 
Sarah, and Aaron Hardy, Mar. 4, 1805.* 
Silas Richard, and Sarah Upton of Reading, Sept. i, 1774. 

c. H. 3.* 
Thomas, of Bradford, and Kitty Foster, Mar. 23, 1802." 
William, and Eliza Ricker of Lowell, int Dec. 5, 1842, 
William, of Reading, and Issabella White, int. Dec. 17, 1847- 

STILEHAN, Robert, and ElLiabeth Fry, Oct. 4, 1660. 

STILES (see also Styles), Andrew [of irfiddleton. c. S. i.], and 

Phebe Hadley, Apr. — , i8»5.» 
Benjamin, of Boxford, and Elisabeth Foster, int. Nov. 26, 1737. 
Cyrus, and Hannah Curtis of Middletown, int. Feb. 17, 1781, 
David, and Hannah Norton, Aug. 7, 1760.* 
David [of Middleton. int.], and Nancy Famum, Mar. 12, 1812.* 
Elijah, of Middleton, and Tabby Gray, Nov. 6, 1806." 
Elijah, jr., and Maty E. Runnels of Boxford, Nov. 11, 1829." 

'latentioa alio recorded. 



SnLES, Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Long, Jime 32, 1788. 
Ephrairo, and Elisabeth Lanksfoid [resident in Andover. int.], 

Nov. 26, 1741.* 
Ezra [ot Boxford. c. R. i.], and wid. Sarah Johnson, Apr, 29, 

Crideon [ol Bo^tford. int.], and Saiah Faulkner, Nov, 30, 1736.* 
Hannah, of Boxford, and Abiet Barker, int. Aug. r2, 1733. 
Hannah, Mrs., and Elijah Hutchinson, July 3r, 1765. c. R. i.' 
Hannah, of Middleton, and Ezekiel Hardy, int. Apr. ao, 1833. 
Hezelciah [of Middleton. int.], and Hannah Barnard, Nov. 24, 

Hezekiah, and Hannah Ixjvejoy, Dec, 27, 1752.* 
Hezckiah, and Fhebe Austin of Lunenburg, int. June 8, 1782. 
John [jr. of Boxford. int.], and Hannah Holt, Nov. 16, i7Sa.* 
Lydia, and Jesse Runnels of Boxford, int. Aug. 4, 1831. 
Martha, and Samuel B. Carleton of Boxford, int. Feb. 16, r844. 
Mary, Mrs., and Amos Kinibalt, at Boxford, Nov. 23, 1779.* 
Mary, and George Chrispeen of Londonderry, N. H., int. May 

27, 1837. 
:MehetabIe, of Middleton, and John Barnard, int Dec. 8, 1733.. 
Noah, and Mrs. Lydia Curtis [of Boxford. int.], at Boxford, June 

16, 177a-* 
Phebe, and William Lovejoy, June 19, iSas." 
■Stephen, and Huldah Wardwell [wid, int.], Jan. 9, r772." 
Timothy, of Boxford, and Phebe Kimball, Aug. 15, 1764." 
William A., and Eliza Towne, int. Feb. 10, 1837. 

STIBIPSON (see also Slimson), Eliza [C. int.], and Henry How- 

ard, Dec. 26, 1813.' 
Nathaniel, of Cambridge, and Hepsibah Ames, Nov. 17,1 793.* 

STIMSON (see also Stimpson), William [Simson. c. r. i.], and 
Betsey Nickerson [Nickolson, c, k. i.], Apr. 9, 1799." 

STOCKWELL, John [of Sutten. int.], and Margaret Smith, Oct. 

21, i730.» 
Sarah, of Sutton, and Samuel Smith, int. Sept. 11, 1731. 

STOLE (see also Stott), Thomas [Stott c. r. i.], and Ann Willis, 
Nov. 20, 1842.* 

STONE, Clarissa, and Joseph Brown, inL Sept. 37, r83r. 
Eunice E., Mrs., of Rindge, M. H., and Capt. George French, jr. 
int Jan. 2, 1836. 

*lDtetit!on tiao recorded. 



Stone, Hannah, and Thomas Johnson, jr., July 34, 1701. 
Hannah Elisabeth, of Boston, and Palfrey Ward Downing, int. 

Apr. 26, 1812. 
Hew, and Hanna Foster, Oct rs, 1667. 
John, and Mary S.us5, Nov. 14, 1690. 
Simon, and Esther [Hester, int.] Foster, Dec. [Dec. 8. int.], 

r7i6. c. R. I.* 
Timothy D. P. [S. of Concord, N. H. int], and Phebe C. Holt, 

Aug. 19, 183s." 

STOODLY, Henry, and Mary [Ruby. c. H. i. and int.] F. Farn- 
ham, July 9, 1832.* 

STOPFORD, John Denson, manufacturer, and Mary Jolly, July 

STORY, Ephraim, of Ipswich, and Hannah Burnam Goldsmith^ 
Feb. 19, 1804.* 

STOTT (see also Stole), George, and Mary HuUer, int. July 5, 

James, and Margaret Love, int. Apr. 17, 1844. 
James, s. Jonas, and Anne Briggs, d. fienjiaminj [residents ia 

Andover. int.], June i8, r846. c. r. 4.* 
Joseph D., and Sophia A, Mason, int. May 6, r843. 
Joseph D., and Isabella Hamilton, int. Dec. 9, 1844. 
Joshua H,, a. 18 y., laborer, s. James and Phebe, and Adeline S. 

Mason, a. 23 y., d. Daniel and Martha, July 18, 1844.* 
Robert, and Jane Walker, int. Feb. 4, 1846. 

STOVER, Benjamin, jr., and Annis Phelps, at Haverhill [bef. 

1 721]. 

STOWEL (see also Slowell), David [of Pomfret. int.], and Mary 
Foster, Jan. r, 1732-3." , 

STOWELL (see also Stowel), Mary J., s. Cornelius, and William 
I. [J. int] Hill, 3. William, June 7, 1848. C. r. 4.» 

STRATTEN (see also Stratton), Sam[ue]ll, resident in Andover, 
and Sarah Mclntire, int. Oct. 5, 1767. 

STRATTON (see also Straiten), Ann, of Charlestown, and Dr. 

Rueben Hatch of Hillsboro, N. H., Oct. 2, 1833. c. r. 6. 

"IntentioD also iccorded. 



STUART (see abo Steward, Stewart), Elizabeth, and Rev. Austin 

Phelps of Boston, int. Aug. 10, 1842. 
George, operaiive, and Sarah Ann Busfield [Basfield. c. s. 3.], 

Apr. 9, 1846." 
Sarah C, and Prof. R. D. C. Robbins of Middlebury, Vt, int 

July 32, 1848. 

STYLES (see also Stiles), Eliz[abe]lb, of Middlcton, and Sam- 
uel Laccy, int. Sept, 7, 1771. 
John, of Boxford, and Rebecca Peabody, int. Nov. 10, 1770. 
Martha, and John Town, May 1$, i77i.» 
Mary, and Augustus Lovejoy, Mar. 29, iS38.» 

SULLIVAN, John, resident in Milton, and Nancy Jordan, Sept. 
II, 1796." 

SUNDERLAMD, Thomas, s. W[illia]in, and Ann Thop, d. John, 
July 20, 1846. c. R. 4.* 

SUTCUFF (see also Sutcliffe), Ann, d. Joshua, and Amo P. Elli*» 
operative in factory, Nov. aS, i844.» 

SUTCLIFFE (see also Sutcliff, SutlifEe), James, and Mary L. 
Kent, int. Jan. 4, 1849. 

SUTLIPFE (see also Sutcliffe), Sally, and Tho[ma]s Barron^ 
Dec. 13, 1839.* 

SUTHERING, Julia, a. 21 y., d. George and Rebecca, and Charles 
Redmane, a. 24 y., machiaist, s. Thomas and Mary, Apr. 6,. 

SWAIN, Benjamin, of Reading, and Asenath Tnill, Mar. 30,. 

Caroline H. [M. int.], and Samuel Miller [int. Feb. 13.], i84i.*- 
John, and Pamela Beverly, Apr. 4, 1824.* 
Oliver, jr., of Reading, and Mary Hayward, int. Apr. 3, 1809. 
Otis, and Mary Johnson, Aug. 21, 1826. • 
Sophia, and David Mooar of Amesbury, May 22, 1826.* 

SWALLOW, Elizabeth, and Thomas Cogswell, May 9, 1824." 

'iDtcotioii also recDided. 



SWAN, AbigMl a, of Chester, N. H., and Kimball Wardwell, int. 

Feb. — , 1842. 
Almira, and Nathan B. Seavey, Dec, 27, 1832. • 
Asa, and Pheobe Fry, Jan. tg, fjii-ti.* 
Asie, ot Methuen, and Mrs. Lucy Austin, at Methuen, Feb. 6, 

17 34-5 •• 
Aasa, ot Haverhill, and Deborah Osgood, int. Dec. s, 1716. 
Caleb, oE Methuen, and Mrs. Dorathy Frie, May 19, 1752.* 
Caleb, of Methuen, and Sena Town, Sept. 27, 1814." 
Elisbeth, and Nathaniel Lovejoy, July 4, 1743.* 
Elizabeth, and William Famum, Jan. 13, 1801." 
Ephraim, and Sarah Poole, May aj, 1738." 
Ephraim, jr., and Mrs. Martha Fatrington, Oct 24, r765. 

c. R. I.* 
[Fan]ney, of Methuen, and John Bradley, int. Nov. 27, 181 1. 
Fidelia, and Reuben Reed of Salem, int. July 34, 1824. 
Fidelia R., and William H. SpofEord, int. July 8, 1847. 
Francis, of Methuen, and Lydia Frie, Mar. ao, 1745-6.* 
Hannah, and Peter Parker, Aug. 14, 1734.* 
Hannah, and Daniel Foster Qr. c. r. i.], Oct. 30, 1797.* 
Hannah F,, and Dustin B. Pollard of Pelhara, N. H., Apr. 15, 

James, resident in Andovei [of Sudbury, Canada, int.], and Han- 
nah Shattuck, May 17, t787,* 
Jerusha Baron, and John Ftye, 4th, June i, 1809. c. s. 2.* 
Josep[h], and Mary Kimbal Allen, Dec. 20, r8o7,* 
Joseph B., and Sarah J. Webster of Salem, N. H., int. Mar. r8, 

Joshua, formerly of Haverhill, mariner, and Sarah Ingles, at 

Woburn, Jan. 6, 1701. 
Joshua, of Me&uen, and Deborah Burbank, at Methuen, Oct. 28, 

Louisa A., and Augustus Seavy of Felham, N. H., Apr. 5, rSjS.* 
Martha, wid., and Thomas Clark, Dec. 30, 1777." 
Martlia, and John Trow of Beverley, Sept. 13, 1792.* 
Nathan [Lt. c. r. t.}, of Methuen, and Lydia Tyler, Aug. 26, 

Robert, of Haverhill, and Hannah Stevens, Mar. 17, 1708-9. 

C, R. I.* 
Robert, and Eleiabeth Famaum, Dec. 9, r73i.' 
Robert, and Aphia Farington, Apr. 29, 1773." 
Robert, and wid. Susanna Abbot, May 21, tjSg.* 
Ruby, and Jacob^ould, of Schenectady, N. V., Aug, 15, i8i6.* 
'InteoUon also lecoTded. 



SwAH, 'Ruby G., d. Joseph, and Meory M. Bickford, teamster, July 

I, I847-* 
Susanna, and Abiel Messer of Methuen, int. Nov, 10, 1753. 

SWEETSER, Jos[eph] A., of New York City, and Catherine 

Dickinson, Nov. 4, 1835.* 
Michael [of Reading, int.], and Mary Pool, Apr. 9, 1 761,* 

SWETT, Sally, Mrs. [Sarah Sweet, int.], and Dr. [Rev. int.] 

Eaton of Boxford, Jan, ag, 1824. c r. i. [int. Aug. 17, 

Sarah A., of Boxford, and Maj. Samuel Phillips, int. Sept. 8, 1837. 

SWIFT, Catherine, and John F. Tiow of N[cw] York City, Aug. 

i«, iS34.» 
John R. [Jonathan R. int.], and Sarah F. Johnson, Dec. 35, 

Jonathan, and Silence White of Weymouth, at W^mouth, Dec. 

". I783" 
Sarah P., and Rev. JeSriea Hall of Hopkinton, June 19, 1S33.* 
Nathanael, and Sarah Abbot, Nov. aj, 1803.* 
Nathaniel, jr., and Martha J. Kidder, Oct. 10, 1839.* 
Nathaniel, and Almena Jacobs of Dorchester, int Sept. 34, 1847. 

SWIMERTOH, Lydia [of Danvera. int.], and [Capt int.] Jabez 
Howard, Jan. 19, iSta.* 

SYLVESTER (see also Silvester), Joshua, and Lucy Parson 

[Pearson, int. and c. R. i.], May ig, 1816.* 
Nathaniel, and Lydia Richardson, Aug. r, 1833.* 

STHMESt Anna, and Isaac Caznue of Boston, Dec. 7, 1793.* 
William, Rev., and Mrs. Anna Gee of Boston, int Apr. ai, 1759. 
William, Rev., and Susanna Powell of Boston, int. July 7, 1774. 

STHONDS (see also Simonds), Heptabah, of Topsfield, and 

Simeon Town, int. Jan. 33, 1779. 
Jonas, and Patty Kimball, Dec 30, i8i3.» 
Lydia A., and Richard Luscomb, Nov. 29, 1833.* 
Lydia A., and Rodney A. Lewis of Medford, Jan. 31, 1839. 
Martha Jfane. C. K. i.], a. 3 2y.,d. Jonas and Martha, and George 
N. Foster of Boxford, a. 29 y., farmer, b. Boxford, s. Jona- 
than and Mary, of Boxford, Dec. 17, 1846.* 

*Intentioii alto recorded. 



SymondSj Sally P., and Moses Richardson, July 10, 1834.* 
Samuel, and Sarah [L. int] Grover, at Salisbury, Dec. t6, 1840.* 
Solomon [lesident in Andover. int.], and Lydia A. Poor, Feb, 14, 

Willaid, and Henrietta M. Sheldon of Middletoo, int. Oct. 11, 


SYMPSON (see also Simpson), Alice [Alcy. int.], and Andrew 
Davison, May 18, 1828.* 

TAGGARD (see also Taggart), Phebe F., a. 25 y., d. John and 
Hannah, and Leveiett S. Perley, a. 25 y., machinist, s. 
Abr[aha]m and Betsy, Sept. 26, 1847." 

TAGGART (see also Taggard), John, and Eunice M. Barnes, int. 
Oct. 10, 1846. 

TAPLET (see also Taply), Gabet[t], of Danveis, and wid. Sarah 
Fairington, June 6, 1799.* 

Gilbert [jr. c. r. 1.], of Danvers, and Fidelia Robinson [Robert- 
son, c. R. I.], Sept [3. c R. I.], 1820.* 

Mary, of Merrimac, and Daniel Ingalls, int. Oct. 17, 1785. 

TAPLY (see also Tapley), Huldah, of Topsfietd, and Asa Kim- 
ball, at Topafield, July 15, 1760.* 

TAPPAN, John, and Martha Browne, Sept. 3, 1688. ex. r. 

TARR( David, of Danvers, and Abigdl Stevens, Feb. 2, t^86^ 

TATTBRSHALL, Samuel, s. John, and Maiy Ann Hicks, d. John, 
Jan. I, 1848. c. R. 4.* 

TATTERSON, James, and Mary Jones of Lee, N. H., int May 
31, 1819. 

TAY, Abigal, of Wobum, and Abijah Chandler, int Jan. 27, 

1 749-50- 
Ebenezer, and Mary Cnttler of Burlington, May 38, 1805. 
Elizabeth, of Wobum, and William Abbott, jr., at Woburn, June 

18, 1761.* 

'Intention also lecorded. 



Tay, Lucy, and Jacob Mackentire, Sept. 14, 1779 * 

Nathaniel, and Ede Mackintire of Reading, at Reading, May 19, 

Shoda, of Wilmington, and Elisba Phelpa, « Wobum, Oct a8, 

Ruth [of Wilmington, int.], and David Blunt, Dec. 12, 1769.* 

TAYLER (see also Taylor), Abig^ [of Salem, int.], and Frfield 

Holt, Aug. 31, i74i.» 
Edward [of Dracut. int.], and Maty Blanchaid, Jan. 11, 1743-3.* 
Hugh [" a stranger and sayler." int.], and Ruth Preston, June 7, 

1710. [June 8. c. R. i.]* 
Ruth, and Thomas Graves of Lynn, int. Jan. 14, 1714-15. 

TAYLOR (see also Tayler), Mce, and Charles Famum, July 4, 

Betsey, Mrs., and [Alva C. int.] Jennings, May 1 7, 1831. c. R. 6.* 

Betsey, of Amesbuiy, and Benjamin Johnson, int. Mar. 25, 1847. 

Catharine P., and Gilman P. Foss, int. June 7, 1S46. 

Hannah, and John Gram, int. June 11, 1849. 

HanietN., and Albert Grant, int. Oct 39, 1846. 

James, and Judith Lamson of Byfield [Newbury, c r. i.], Api. 

ao, 1819. ■ 
James, and Elizabeth Peel, Mar. 17, i833.» 
John [Jonathan, int], and Sarah Braddock, Mar. i, t830. c. r. 3.* 
Mary, and George Fields, Feb. ai, i8aa.» 
Maiy J., and Charles W. Kimball of Haverhill, int. Mar. 10, 1849. 
Rachel, and Jonathan Holt, 3d, Feb. as, 175a,* 
Richard, and Kacoel Buck of Tewksbury, int Apr. 10, 1753. 

TEMPLE, Christopher j|of Litchfield, int], and [Mrs. c. R. 3.] 
Jemima Hunt [resident in Andover. int.], Dec. 13, 1743-* 

TENNET(see alsoTenny), Orlando B., of Lawrence^ a. 307., 
inn keeper, s. David B. and Hannah, and Lydia M. Harri- 
man of Georgetown, a. aj y., d. Jona[than] and Sarah M., 
Nov. 34, 1847. 

Ruth, of Newbury, and Samuel Blancbard, at Newbury, May 35, 

TENNT (see also Tenney), Beni[ami]n, of Hollis [N. H.], and 
Ruth Blanchard, Jan. 38, I77z.» 

'Intentjoo *lio rteotied. 



THBSELL (see also Thistle), Nicholas W., and Mary Law, both 
of Methuen, Oct. 23, 1836. c. r. a. 

THISTLE (seealsoThissell), Hannah, of Mcthucn, and George 
Bums, int. Jan. 2, 1S19. 

THOMAS, Eunice, and Asa Mooar, at Chelmsford, Apr. 23, 1755. 
Eunice, of Chelmsfoid, and Asa Mooar, int Feb. 15, 1765. 
Eunice W., and Dariue Emeison, both of Middleton, Oct. i8> 

Joseph, of Middleton, and Meicy C. Hadley, int. May 15, 1830. 
Maiy, Mis., and Francis Deane [Dane. cr. r.], 9 br 22, 1677. 

THOBfPSON, Andrew, and Maiy Bodvell, Apr. 3, 1833.* 
Elizabeth, and Joseph Nichols of Meriimac, N. H., int Feb. 1 7, 

Harriet R., of Dedham, and Rev. Benjamin S. Cotbett, int. Mar.. 

II, 1842. 
Joseph, of SauguB, and Eliza Austin, June 17, 1831. [July 17. 

C. R. !,]• 

Levina, of Tewksbniy, and John Fiye, int Sept ai, 1844. 
Lydia A., of Charleston [Charlestovn. int], and Joel Phelps^ 

Dec. 23, iSa4* 
Sally, wid., of Charleston, and Capt. BeDJa[min] Jenkins, int. 

Oct 25, 1805. 
Sally, of Wilmington, and Isaac Chandler, jr., int. Nov. 7, iSia.- 

THOP, Ann, d. John and Thomas Sunderland, s. Wfilliajm, July 
20, 1846. c. B. 4.* 

THURLOW, Samuel, jr., of Newbury, and Mary Tyler, int. Sept 

30, 1805. 
Samuel, of West Newbuiy, and Phebc Phelps, int. Nov, 2, 1817. 

THURSTEN (see also Thurston), Moses, and Hannah Johnson, 
May 29, 1744" 

THURSTON (see also Thuisten), Hannah, of Rowley, and John 

Adams, at Rowley, June 24, 1773.* 
Nath[anie]!l, Capt, o£ Bradford, and Patty [Martha. int.J, 

Bridges, Nov. 18, 1791." 
Nath[aiiie}ll, Esq., of Bradford, and Martha Brandon Lovejoy, 

May 10, 1804," 

■Intention alio recoided. 



TIBBETS, Ebenezer, and Anna Copps, Apr. 14, i8i8.» 
TIGH, Ann, and John Skaly, int Nov. 15, 1849. 

TILER (■ee also Tylei), Martha, and Richard Friend, June s. 

T701. c. R. I- 
Moses, sr. [Quartermaster, int.]. and Martha Fisk [of Boxfoid. 

int.], Aug. r3, 1718. c R. 1.* 

TIPET (see also Tippets), John, of Melhaen, and wid- Sarah 
Bodwill, int. June 13, r752. 

TIPPETS (see also Tipct), Sally, of Methuen, and Peter Os- 
good, int. Feb. 13, 1819. 

TIRREL, Susannah, of Abington, and Dr. Daniel How, at Abing- 
toD, Mar. 5, r78o.» 

TTTCOH (see also Titcomb), Saiah, of Dover, and John Russell, 
jr., int. July 15, iTjS- 

TXTCOHB (see also Titcom), Martha, and Thomas Buin[bam], 
6th, of Ipswich, June a, i778,* 

TOLHAN, Benjamin, see Johnson, Benjamin. 

TOMPKINS, Isaac, of Chester, N. H., and Julia Phillips, July a6, 

TOOLE, Helen, and Joseph Lee, Nov. 11, r84S.* 

TOOTHACKE, Lydia, and WiU[ia]m McFarlin, July 35, i785.» 

TOWER» Elisha, of Boston, and Elizabeth M. Stevens, int. July 
4, 1824. 

TOWLE, Jonathan, and Almira Emery of Loudon, N. H., int. 
Apr. 2, 1843. 

TOWN (see also Towne, Towns), Aaron, jr., and Patience Free- 
toe, May 24, r796.» 
Abiah, and Amos Cailton, Apr. — , i8a8.» 
Amos, of Rindge, and Esther Town, Sept. 14, i784.» 

'iDtentioD also lecorded. 



Town, Andrew, and Saiah H. Dodge, Nov. i€, iSaj.* 

AroQ, and Hannah Beverly, Oct. 15, 1755." 

Asa, and Mary Beverly, Apr, 6, 1750.* 

Asa, and Dolly LovEJoy, Dec. 2, 1790. [Dec. 26. c. r. 2.]* 

Bartholomew, of Amherst [N. H,j, and Mary Cummins, Oct. 3, 

Charlote, and Stephen Nichols of Brownington, Vt., int. Nov. 4, 

Danicl,and Hannah Hanis of Methuen, int. June g, r8o2. 
Daniel pr. int.], and Pamelia Graves [Groves, int.], Sept. 29, 

Dorcas, and John Foster, 3d, at Boxford, Mar. 21, 1782." 
Elijah, and Martha Fish, Jan. 3r, 1796." 
Elijah, and Lydia Leach, of Salem, May 12, 1816.' 
Eliza[beth], and Abner Foster of Topsfield, Nov. 28, 1782.* 
Esther, and Amos Town of Rindge, Sept. 14, 1784.* 
Fanny, and Michael Parker, jr., Dec. 11, 1804." 
Hannah, and Thomas Wilson, Apr. 27, 1784." 
Hannah,aQd Joel Beverly, Sept. 6, 1819.* 
Hannah, and Moses Town, Mar. 11, i824.* 
Henry A., of Boxford, and Elizabeth B. Long, int. Mar. 14, 

Hulda, and Li llburn Andrews of Topsfield, int. May 2, 178 1. 
John, and Martha Styles, May 15, 1771." 
John, and Patty Gray, Jan. 7, i8ie.* 
John, jr., of Cambridge, and Susan B. Woodbridge, int. Oct. 29, 

Joseph, and Sarah Kimball, May 14, 1747.' 
Lydia, and Nathaniel Berry, June 14, rSoo.* 
bUme [Naama. c. R. i.], and Timothy Mac ken tier df Middle- 
ton, June 10, 1747. [June 18. c. r. i.]* 
Martha, Euid Elbridge C. Faulkner, int May 10, 1S39. 
Mary [Mrs. c. R. i.], and Joshua Foster of Boxford, Aug. 17, 

Mary, and William Johnsoa, int. Nov. 16, 1770. 
Mary, and JohnHildrith of Pelham, int. Dec. 27, 1777. 
Maiy, and Aaron Fox of Norwallc, Conn., int. Oct. t r, 1783. 
Mary, and Andrew Kimball, Nov. 29, 1804.* 
Moses, and Susanna Fish, Mar. 27, 1780.* 
Moses, and wid. Hannah Piper [resident in Andover. int.], 

Nov. 38, 1791.* 
Moses, and Hatmah Town, Mar. 11, 1824.* 
Nathan, jr. and Hannah Gould, Oct. 26, t77S-* 
■Intention nlso recorded. 



Town, Nathan [Lt. int], and Mrs. Lydia Hall, June 10, 1798.* 
Nathan [of Cambridge, int.], and Margaiet S. Nichols, June 33, 

Peter, and Lydia Abbot, Dec. »i, 1773.* 
Peter, and Rebecca Shelden of Reading, June 26, 1777.* 
Peter, jr., and Sally Kimball, May 31, 1804.* 
Phebe, and Nathaniel Abbot of Danvers, int. Apr. 4, 1 783. 
Phebc, and Henry Murphy, Apr. 30, iSag. [May 31. c. r. i ; 

int. May ra.j* 
Rebecca, and Dudley Peabody of Boxford, int. Sept. 10, 1791. 
Samuel, and Rachel Fish, June 10, 1790." 
Samuel, and Lydia Holt, Nov. aa, 1795.* 
Sarah, and Ephiaim Foster, June 28, 1770.* 
Sena, and Caleb Swan of Methnen, Sept. sj, 1S14.* 
Serena, and Israel Berry, Apr, 20, 1817,* 

Simeon, and Hepzabah Symonds of Topslield, int. Jan. 23, 1779. 
Simeon, jr., and Olive Wardwell, Nov. 9, 1794.* 
Stephen, and Rhoda Merrill, int. Feb. iS, 1846. 
William, and Jamray S. [Tammy P. c. R. 2.] Dodge, Mar. 10, 


TOWNE (see also Tom), EHza, and William A. Stiles, Feb. 10, 

Hannah, and Ebenezer K. Morrill [of Salem, int.], Aug. — , 

1831. c. R. 3. [int. Aug. 7.]» 
Hctraon, and Susanna Peabody, Apr. 1, i833." 
Joseph, and Martha Baiter of Topsfield, Mar, it, 1784. 
Jos[ephJ H., and Mary Ann Groves of Boston, Sept, 29, 1833.* 
Maty, and Rev. Alfred L. Mason of Mason, N, H., Nov. 8, 

Rebecca C, of Boxfotd, and Amos Berry, int. Aug, 19, 1836, 
Rufus, and Dorcas Jones, Jan. 25, 1844.* 
Sarah E., and John B. Parker, May 18, 1837.* 
Sarah F. F., and James Feb. 1, 1834. 
Sarah S., and J[aine3. int] H, Cochran, Dec. 23, 1839.* 
Susanna, of Topsfield, and Asa Farnam, at Topsfield, Mar. 16, 


TOWNS (see also Town), Amos, and Mary Famum, Jan. 30, 

Ellen, and Hiran L. Dutton, at Bedford, Apr. 4, r843." 
Ephraim, and Hannah Ray of Boxford, int. Mar. 3, 1806. 
'lotCDtioti »lao recorded. 



Towns, Joel, and Betsey Kimball, June lo, i8o6.» 
Katharine, and Joseph Curtiss of Boxford, int. July 22, 1738. 
Pamela, a. 33 y., d. Sam[ue]l and Fhebe, and Dexter Jackson, 

widr., a. 50 y., blacksmith, s. Sani[ue]I and Mary, Feb. 24, 

Phebe, and Thomas Fainaum, Nov. 23, 1733.* 
Stephen, and Lucy Stevens, May 5, 1843.* 

TOWNSEN (see also Townsend), Denis, and AUis Bawlding oE 
BiUerica, July 16, lySs-* 

TOWlfSEND (see also Townsen), Charles J., and Mary Cochran, 

Aug. 30, 1829. c. R.3.» 
Nathan, and Eliza S. Harnden of Wilmington, int. Oct'7, 1820. 
Nathaniel [jr., of HoUis. int], and Sarah Johnson, May 21, 

Phebe, and Moody [Ebenezer. c r. 3,] Kelly of Tcwksbury, 

June 2, i8i9.* 

TRASS, £enj[ami]n, of New Salem [N. H.], and Abigail In- 

gali, Sept. a5, 1774.* 
Benj[ami3n, and Elizabeth Wallis of Beverly, int. Dec. 5, 1818. 
Sophia, of Biadfoid, and Thomas Morrison, int, Oct. 2, 1813. 

TRAVIS, Hiram Curtis, of Roxbury, and Nancy Maria Pasho, 
int May is, 1847. 

TREFETHEN, Frances A., a. iS y., and John W. French, a. 26 y., 
bookbinder, t. Jabez and Lucioda, July 9, 1849.* 

TREVEY, Mary [Trefery. int.], of Wilmington, and Joslah 
Jones, at Wilmington, Nov. 27, 1753.* 

TRICKBT, Hannah Pike, of Boxford, and John Stevens, int. Jan. 
5, 1808. 

TRIPP, Caroline P., a. aj y., d. Robert and Hannah, and HolJis 
W. Fairbanks, a. 26 y., mechanic, Dec. 35, 1844.* 

TROW, Daniel, Capt., and Hannah C. Luscorab, int. May 5, 

*lBteiiticnl also lecoided. 



Trow, Daniel L. , a. 39 y., Bhoemakei, s. Daniel and Hannah, and 

Pbebe C. Giant, a. 31 y., opeiadve, d. Charl»s and Maij-, 

May 4, 1848." 
Dudley, and Anis Johnson, Dec. is, 1797* 
Dudley, jr., and Mary Carlton, Mac. a8, 1833.* 
Dudley, jr., widr., mechanic, s. Dudley and Charlotte Upton, Oct 

17, I844-* 
Fidelia, and Tho[ina]s H. Appleton of Portland, Me., Aug. 31, 

Hannah, of Hopkintown, N.H., and Timothy Flagg,int. Nov. 14, 

18 1 8. 
Hannah D., d. Dan[ie]l and Hannah, and John A. Henry, shoe- 

malcei, Nov. 4, 1847.* 
Harriet L. [Hannah L. c- R. 3.], of Tewksbnry, and "Wentworth 

Winchester of Danvers, Apr. ri, 1843. 
Jerusha, and Samuel Luscomb, Dec. 30, 1800.* 
John, jr., of Beverly, and Martha Swan, Sept. 13, 1793.* 
John F., of N[ew] York City, and Catherine Swift, Aug. 12, 

Jonathan D., and Fanny Applin of Swasey, N. H., int Sept 6, 


Lucy, and Thomas Pearsons, Nov. 21, 181 1.* 

Maria, and Edmund Dyer [Samuel N., of Boston, intj, Oct. 30, 

Martha B., of Dracut, d. Dan[ie}l and Hannah, and George 
Russell, a. 31 y., shoemaker, s. John G. and Hannah, Aug. 
I, 184 T.- 
Richard, and Sarah Sbattuck, Nov. 26, i8oi.* 
Saiah, and Dan[ie]l Merrill, Oct. 18, 1810.* 
Sarah H., of Tewlwbury, a, 17 y„ b. Tewksbury, d. William and 
Harriet F,, of Tewksbnry, and John W. Raymond of Bev- 
erly, a. 31 y., farmer, b. Beverly, s. James G. and Sally, of 
Beverly, Apr. 16, 1849. 
Sarah S., and Henry Walker [resident in Andover. int.], Aug. 33, 

Thomas C, and Phebe Nevins, July ra, i838.* 
William, of Tewksbury, and Harriot French, Dec. a, 1821. • 

TRUE, Caroline, of Boston, and Rev. Sam[ue]l C. Jackson, int. 
Dec. 16, 1S28. 

TRUL (see also Trull), Silas [Cyrus, hit], and Molly Hamdin of 
Wilmington, Oct to, 1793." 

'lotentiOD kIso iccoided. 



TRULAN, Harriet P.; and Thomas Smith, Feb. i8, 1844.* 
Hugh, widr., tailor, and Catharine McGana, June 14, 1848.* 

TRULL (see also Trul), Asenath, and Benjamin Swain of Read- 
ily, Mar. 30, 1823." 
CaTolioe, a. 31 y., d. Levi and Nancy, and Samue! Abbot, midr., 

a. 42 y., farmer, s. Isaac and Mary, May 15, 1849.* 
Frederick, and Sarah E. Wakefield, Jan. 30, iSaj.* 
Jesse, and Mercy Griffin of Tewksbury, int. Apr. 20, 1793. 
Nancy, and Tho[ma]s Dodge of Newtmryport, Dec. it, i8i7.» 
Sarah, o[ Tewksbuiy, and Samuel fiailey, int. Jan. 4, 1794. 

TRUMBAL (see also Trumball), Timothy, and Frances Phips 
[resident in Andover. int.j, Jan. zo, 1778.* 

TRUHBALL (see also Tmmbal), James, of Charlestowc, and 
Phebe Johnson, Nov. 27, 1735.* 

TRTODELL, Elizabeth, of Lowell, and John Hart, Dec. 9, 1831.* 

TRUSSBL (see also TrusseU), Sarah, of Bradford, and John 
Wardwell, jr., int May 8, 1796. 

TRUSSELL (see also Tmssel), Hannah O., of Amesbury, and 
John Wardwell, int. July 1, 1843. 

TUCK, Eliza A., and John Pike of Bradford, Dec. 10, 1840.* 
Haimah D., a. 36 y., d. John and Elizabeth, and Abiel E. Rus- 
sell, a. 25 y., restorateur, s. Abiel and Sally, Dec. 19, 1846.* 
Harriet N,, a- 2 1 y., d. John and Elizabeth, and Abiathei Abbott, 

a. 33 y., machmist, s. Abel and Mary, Nov. i, 1846.* 
John, and Elizabeth A [Tjbot. int] Ames, Oct 13, 181 1." 
John, 3d, and Sarah Jane Bailey, Jan. 1, 1835.* 
John, 3d, and Hannah A. Bailey, Mar. 31, 1835.* 
Joseph [of Beverly, int], and Martha Parker, Feb. 3, 1 736-7.* 
Martha, wid., and Josiah Cogin of Tewksbury, inL Sept 3, i7S*> 
Nathan, and Jane Glenning [Glenney. int], Sept 26, 1847.* 
Sarah A,, and John Smith, Dec. ai, 1837.* 
William, a. 34 y., manufacturer, s. John and Elizabeth, and Abi- 
gail R Hamlet of Dracut, a. 23 y., d. Theodore and Edna, 
of Dracut, Apr. 7, 1S46.' 

'Intention oIbo recorded. 



TUCKER, David [of WUmington. int.], and Martha Mooar, July 

I, .7S6-" 
Hannah, and Benjarain Berry, jr., July 3, 1788.* 
Hannah, and Zachariah Hall of Chelsea, Dec, 28, 1819. [Dec. 

8. c. R. 2.]" 
Hannah H., a. 21 y., d. W[Ulia3in and Hepsabeth, and John W. 

Richardson, a. 23 y., carpenter, s. W[illia3m and Elizabeth, 

Dec. 28, 1848." 
Jane L., a. aay., d, William and Hepsibcth, and Charles B. [D. 

int.] Steams, widr., a. 31 y., cordwainer, s, William and 

Betsy D., Dec. 24, 1846.* 
John, of Newbury, and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Barnard, Aug. 27, 1747.* 
Livonia, of Salisbury, and Benja[min] S. Blake, int. Aug. 15, 

Mary [of Wilmington, int.], and Robert Gray, Apr. 23, r754.* 
Mary Ann, and Benjamin Parker of Maiden, Apr. 27, 1841.* 
Olive P., and Jabez W. Pearsons of Boston, int. Sept, r5, 1823. 
Phebe, and John Green of Chelsea, Dec. 4, 1817." 
Samuel, and Eliza Hall of Chelsea, int. May is, i83r. 
Sarah, and Seth Fanihara, May 14, 1835.* 
William, of Wilmington, and Hannah Holt, Oct. 23, 1788." 
Wil[lia]m, jr., and Hepsibeth Pearsons of Wilmington, int. July 

14. 1815. 
William P., a. 23 y., mechanic, s. W[illia]m and Hepsibeth, and 

Sarah W. Mears, a. 21 y., d. Zebadiah and Sarah, Mar. r2, 


TUFTS, Oiarles, widi., of Boston, a. 45 y., building ccmtractor, 
3. Jonathan and Priscilta, and Sophia Kimball, a. 46 y., d. 
Joseph and Anna, June 18, 1848." , 

Sarah, of Charlestonn, N. H., and John C. Famham, int. Apr. 7, 


TUNISON, Lydia, of Salem, and Robert Whitehead, int. Apr. 13, 

TURNER, A[lvin. c. r. i.] Chipman, of Lexington, a. 34y., rail- 
road conductor, s. Timothy and Sarah, and Susan Poor of 
Lowell, a. 29 y., d. Joseph and Mary, Dec. 23, 1846, 

Ann Eliza, and Daniel Safford of Boston, June 26, 1833." 

Hannah [wid. int. ; of Charlestown. dup.], and Sergt. Will[ia]m 
Johnson [at Charlestown. dup.], Nov. 25, 1707.* 

Hannah, and Francies Dane, Mar. 18, 1713-14." 

"Intention tlso recorded. 



TuRNEK, James, of ChaTlestowD, and Abia Dolton of Haverhill, 

Oct 37, 1709. c. R. I. 
James, and Mary Shepheard of Marblchead [of Danverg, int.], at 

Danvers, Feb, 20, 1755.* 
James, and Hannati BTens, int. Nov. 9, 1781. (stopped.) 
John, of Saugus, and Mia. Susan Fletcher, int. Mar. 33, 1839. 
Mary, and Caleb Johnson, Jan. 2, 1716-17.* 
Mehitable, and David Nutting, residents in Andover, int. Feb. 8, 

Sarah, of Dracut, and Edward Clegg, int. Apr. 5, 1828. 
William, and Lydia Huston, July ao, i836,* 

TUTTLE, Hiram O., and Harriot N. Hodgdon of Ossipee N. H., 

int Dec. 6, 1838. 
Joseph W., and Fanny Blodgett, int. Oct. 15, 1831. 
Olive, Mrs., of Newbury, and James Chamberlain, int July r5, 


TWAMBLT, John H., and Sarah Stanton, Sept xa, 1847. c. k. a." 

TWEED, Dorcas, of Wilmington, and Daniel Berry of Reading, 
Dec. r3, 1842.* 

TWICHBL, Simeon, of Sudbury, Canada, aud Hannah Abbot, 
Aug. r6, r795." 

TWING, Joshua, of Danvers [South Danvers. int.], and Mehita- 
ble Parker, May 5, 1839.* 

TWIST, Abigail, of Reading, and Nehemiah Holt, at Reading, 
Jan. 24, i793.» 

TYLER (see also Tiler), Abigail, aud John Pearson, jr., Aug. 3, 

Abner [of Boxfbrd. int], and Hannah Stevens, Feb. rr, 1741-2." 
Abraham, of Boxford, and wid. Aima Peabody, int. Jan. r8, 1813, 
Albert M., of Lowell, mason, and Abl^ M. Bean, d. Levi, Oct 

26, r845- 
Betsey, and John Gage, int Oct 14, i8r5. 
Charles K., and Abby E. Covel of Pittston, Me., int May 3r, 

Dudly, and Betsey Kimball, Nov. 25, rSoa.* 

■lolentioD atso lecorded. 



Tyler, Eben B., and Mary M. Wardwell, Nov. 17, i83i,» 
E[d]wartl B. [R. int]. Rev., of Middletown, Conn., and Add 

Maidock, May 34, iSzS." 
Hannah, and Robert Busnell, Dec. 9, 1697, 
Jacob, and Abigail Kimbol of Bradford, int. Dec. 17, 1719. 
Jacob, and Abigail Foster [of Boxfotd. int.], July 13, i727.* 
Jacob [jr. int.], and Abigal Briges, Nov. 33, 1749." 
Jacob, jr., and LydeaVaroam of Dracut, int. Aug. 31, 1754. 
James, of Gorham, and Dorcas Bridges, Feb. 6, iSoo.* 
John, and Hannah Parker, Sept. 14, 1683. 
Jonathan, and Pheoby Chandler, June 14, 1708.* 
l.ydia, and [L(. a r. i.] Nathan Swan of Methuen, Aug. a6, 

Mary, and John Farnum, June 30, 1693. 

Mary, and Samuel Thurlow, jr., of Newbury, int. Sept. 30, 1S05. 
Mehitable, and Moses Welch of Plaistow, int. June ti, 1807, 
Moses, and Prudence Blake, July 6, 1666. 
Moses, and Elenor Briges, Apr. 17, 1755." 
Moses C, and Susan W. Baldwin of Billerica, int. Jan. r, 1830. 
Parker, and Rebecca Johnson, Mar. 30, 1803, 
Fhineas, of Boxford, and Hannah Foster, at Boxford, Feb. r4, 

Fbineas, and Elizabeth Barker, Dec. 6, 1770.* 
Rebecca J., and William B. Harris of Salem, int. Jan. 4, r840. 
Roxanna, of Boxford, and Enoch Abbot, jr., int. Nov. 5, 1831. 
Sarah, of Boxford, and John Robinson, at Boxford, Apr. 3, 1781.* 

UNDERWOOD, Jonas, Dr., and Sarah Stevens, int. Feb. 14, 1837. 
Jonas, M. D., and Eliza French of Boston, int. Nov. 13, r836. 

TIPHAM, Mary, of Amherst, N. H., and Gilman D. Kelky, int 
Nov. s, 1847. 

UPTON, Abiel, and Molly Jenkins, May 39, i788.» 
Abiel, jr., and Abigail A. Carlton of Bradford, int. July 13, t8i6. 
Abiel, and Mary Blaisdall of Windham, N. H., Sept. 25, 1834.* 
Abigail A., and Joseph J. Brown of Salisbury, int. Feb. 23, 1844. 
Abraham [jr. c. r. r.], of Reading, and Judith Batchelder, Apr. 

27, 1794-' 
Anna, of Reading, and Sam[ue3ll Jenkins, jr., int. Dec. 13, 1765. 
■Charlotte, and Dudley Trow, jr., widr., mechajiic, s. Dudley, Oct. 

I?) 1844-" 

'Intention also recorded. 



Upton, Eben[ezejr, jr., of Reading, and Mary Jenkins, Jan. 14, 

Edward C, and Eliza M. Bodle of Amherst, int. Feb. 37, 1841. 
Elener, of Reading, and Obed Joboson, at Reading, May 12, 

1 773-* 
Elizabeth, and Reuben G. Chesmore, Dec. 10, 1835." 
Elizabith, of Danvers, and Issac Chandler, Jan. 17, 1826.* 
George, and Elizabeth Hardy, int. Nov. 4, 1825. 
Hannah, and Benjamin Wilkins, jr. of Middletown, int. Jan. 3, 

Jeremiah, of Mtddleton, and Elizabeth Carlton, Nov. 16, 1786.* 
John B. [resident in Andover. int.], and Phebe Shattuck of 

Hillsboro, N. H., July 21, 1814." 
Joseph, of Reading, and Elizabeth Lovejoy, July 19, 1774. c.k. 3." 
Lydia, and John Claik, Nov. 13, 1834. [Nov. 18. c. R. 3.3* 
Margaret, and Geo[rge] VV. Cutler of Lancaster, N. H., Feb. to, 

Maiy, of Danveta, and John Wardwell, at Danvers, Oct. 30, 

Mary, and Joseph Jessop, Apr. i, 1827.* 
Ruth, Mrs., of Wilmington, and Samuel Shattuck, int May 37,. 

Samuel, and Lydia Frost of Tewksbury, int Dec. 9, 1820. 
Sarah, of Reading, and Silas Richard Stickney, Sept. i, 1774.. 

c. R. 2.* 
Tabitha, of Reading, and Jonathan Lovejoy, at Reading, July 31, 

1777. [int. Apr. 26, 1778-]' 
Thomas, of Danvers, and Atta Frost, June 20, r782.» 

UTTIN, Ann, resident in Andover, a. 22 y., d. John and Ellen^ 
and John H. Mathews, of Bombay, N. Y., a. zi y., spinner, 
s. Rona and Mary, Jan. 6, 1849.* 

VALPEY (see also Valpy), Daniel G. A., and Eliza Ann Stevens, 

Dec. 29, 1844. c. R. 4-* 
Elizabeth M., d. Samuel S., and Joseph R. Millett, s. Jonathan, 

Dec. !>5, 1845. c R. 4.* 
Samuel G., and Sarah C. Holt, int. Nov. 7, 1840. 

VALPY (see also Valpey), George, of Salem, and Dorcase Abbot» 

int. Feb. i, 1803. 
Samuel S., and Elizabeth Abbot, Nov. 27, i8i7.* 

'Intention also recorded. 



VAN INGEN, Hannah S., a. 19 y., d. Philip 5. and Jane M., and 
Lauren Armsby, a. 29 y., clergyman, s. Amos and Margarett, 

May 3, 1846.* 

VARNAM (see also Varnum), Hannah, of Dracut, and BcDJamin 

Stevens, jr., int. May i, 1756. 
Lydea, of Dracut, and Jacob Tyler, jr., int. Aug. 31, 1754. 
Phebe, of Dracut, and BenjamiQ Poor, int, Feb. i, 1752- 
Susanna, of Dracut, and Ebenezer Poor, int. Feb. 19, 1757. 

VARNUH (see also Vamam), Hannah, of Dtacut, and Frederick 

Noyes, int. May 19, 1809. 
James, Col., of Dracut, and Nelly [Eleanor, int.] Bridge, at Dra- 
cut, Feb. 12, 1793." 
John, of Dracut, and Phebe Parker, at Diacut, July 15, 1 730.* 
Jonathan, of Dracut, and wid. Hannah Stevens, June 3, 1796.* 
Jonathan, of Dtacut, and Dolly Stevens, Nov. 28, ijgg.^ 
Olive, and Stephen Putnam [of Wilton, int.], Oct. 18, i764.» 
Parker, Esq., of Dracut, and Abiah Osgood, int. Nov. 7, i8or.* 
Rachel, and John-Holt, 4th, Mar. 10, 1757." 

VBAZIE, Amelia [of Ossipee, N. H. int], and Walter Meats, 
June 2, 1845.* 

VERYr Abigail, of Danvers, and Humphrey Holt, at Danveis, 

Sept. 21, i77S.« 
Abigail, a. ao y., d. Samuel, of Danven, and James H. Meedeir 

a. 31 y., farmer, s. James and Phebe, Aug. 17, 1846.* 

VICKER, Zeruiah, and Jonathan GriSen, May i, 1794.* 

VmAIX, William D., of Reading, and Naamah K. }. Sims, Int. 
May 5, 1832. 

VOSE, Saish, of Milton, and Dr. George Osgood, int Jan. ao, 

VADDEL, John [James, resident in Andovei. int.] and Jane 
Cambell of Haverhill, at Haverhill, May 3, i739>" 

WADE, Nathaniell, and Mrs. Mercy [Mary. ex. s.] Bradstreet, 
Oct. 31, 1672. [Oct 39. cr. R.] 

■iDtention alto reeorde<1. 



WADHAH, Noah Ingarsall, of Hartisburg, Pa. [now resident in 
Andover. c, r. a.], and Lucy Marshall, Oct. 14, lygS,* 

WAINWRIGHT, Maiy [of Haverhill, int.], and Mr. Dudley Brad- 
stret, May 4, 1704.* 

WAITT, Sally Jackson, of Maiden, and George Hervey, int. July 

WAKEFIELD, Jonathan, of Dudley, and Abigail Smith, June 21, 

Sarah E., and Frederick Trull, Jan. 30, 1S15.* 

WALCOT (see also Walcutl), Ebenezer, Dea,, and Mrs. Abigal 
LawTonce [wid. intj, Aug. 32, 1749.* 

WALCUTT (see also Walcot), Elizabeth, and Thomas Chandler, 
jr., Feb. 15, I738-9* 

WALDO, Jonathan, and Lozina C. Goldsmith, July 29, r832.* 
Seth H., and Abiah Spoflord, int. Mar. 39, 1334. 

WALKER, Abbot, and Lydia Ames, July 2r, r796.» 

Ann, and Henry Bingham, int. Oec. 2, 1S45. 

Benjamin, and Abiel Abbot, Apr. 4, 1763. [Aug. 4. c. R- a-]* 

Elezebith [resident in Andover. int.j, and Wiliam Wiley, Jan. 19, 

Etiakim, of Tenksbury, and Ruth Annis, int. Sept 26, 1778. 
Euphemia, and James [Samuel, int. J Hector, June 12, 1845.* 
Helen [Barbery, int.], a. 19 y., d. McNeal and Barberry, and 

Richard Withey, a. so y., s. William and Elizabeth, Oct. 23, 

Henry [resident in Andover. int.], and Sarah S. Trow, Aug. 23, 


Jane, and Robert Stott, int. Feb. 4, 1846. 

Robert W., a. 23 y., laborer, a. McNeil and .Eliz[abeth] W., 

and Catharine Ann Adamson, a. 26 y., d. Christopher and 

Catharine, Dec. 31, 1848.* 
Sarah [of Wilmington, intj, and Henery Gordin.Oct. 29, 1747.* 
Sarah, and John Mitchell, int Nov. 30, 1845. 
William, and Dorothy [Deborah, int.] Osgood, Dec, 13, i764,» 
'Intention »lsa recorded. 



"WALLACE (see also Wallis), Daniel R. [K. int], of Lowell, a. 
25 y., carder, s. Joseph and Rebecca, and Almira C. MartiD, 
a. 19 y., d. David and Mary, Feb. 18, i849,* 

WALLIS (see also Wallace), Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Ben- 
j[ami]n Trask, int. Dec. 5, tSiS. 

'WALLWORK (see also Walworth), Jonathan, and Elizabeth 

Brierly, Sept. 1, i839.» 
Mary, a. 22 y., d. Tho[ma]s and Maty, and Charles O. Radcliff, 

a. 92 y., machinist, s. Charles and Matilda, Dec. 31, 1847,* 

WALTON, James, and Emma Fletcher of Roxbury, int. Dec. 26, 

Josiah, and Mary Day o( Danveis, int. Aug. 16, 1820. 
Lydia, of Danvers, and Beni[an)i]n Lander, int. Nov. 3, 1820. 

WALWORK (see also Walworth) , Mary Ann, wid., a. 45 y., and 

Edmund Clegg, a. 47 y., wool-sorter, Nov. 9, i847.» 
Nancy, and Alvin Bixby, int. Aug. 26, 1845. 

WALWORTH (see also Wallwork, Walwork), John, and Elizabeth 

Brierly, Sept. i, 1839. c. R. r. 
Thomas, and Mary Ann Blackburn, Dec. 25, 183d.* 

WARD, Esther A., a. 21 y., and William Hilton of Boston, a. 24 

y., merchant, Aug. 22, 1844.* 
Esther H., and Peter Smith, June 4, 1835.* 

WAHDELL (see also Watdwell), Hannah [Wardwell. c. b. i.], 
and William Buxton [of Reading, int.], Nov. 3, 1743.* 

WARDLE (see also WardwcU), Samuell, and Sara Hawkes, wid., 
Jan. 9, 1673. 

WARDWELL (see also Wardell, Wardle, Wordwill), Amos, and 

Anna Shattuck, Dec. 3, i3i8.' 
, Asa K., and Jane Simpson, Apr. 23, 183s.* 
Benjamin F., and Hannah E. Wells, at Dover, June 14, 1843.* 
-Charles, and Mehitable R. Emery of Bradford, int. Dec. 7, rSao. 
-Charlotte, and Winslow Battles, May 31, i833." 
Damaras, wid., and Ezekiel Wardwell, int. Nov. 22, 1 783. 
*lDtentioii alio lecorded. 



Wakdwell, Daniel, and Damaras Faulkner, Mar. 29, 1774.* 
Daniel, and Lydia Morse of Methuen, int. May 10, iSoo. 
Daniel, Dr., of Lyndboro [N. H. int.], and Sarah Osgood, Sept. 

14, i8i6.« ' 

Daniel, 3d, and Mehitablc P. Hutchinson of Danveis, int Aug. 

Dorithy, and Samue! Osgood, jr.. May ar, 1739.* 

Elbridge G., and Lavina Nichols, Sept. 27, 1835." 

Elesabeth, and Amos Lovejoy, May 10, 1804.* 

Eliza A., and William Baldwin, int. Aug. 10, 1844. 

Elizabeth G[age. int.], and Ezra Holt, Apr. 22, iSiz.* 

Esther, and Aaron Osgood, Feb. 26, 1795-* 

Ezekiel, and wid, Damaras Wardwell, int. Nov. as, 1783. 

Francis F., and Moody Russell of Salem, June 21, 1829. • 

George, and Mary G. Abbot, Oct. 10, 1825. C. R, a.* 

Gideon Church, and Joanna Dutant, June 21, 1801.* 

Hannah [wid. int.], and Dea. Jeremiah Eaton of Reading, at 

Reading, Nov. r6, i78o.* 
Harriet, and Lorenzo Bums, Nov. 5, 1840." 
Henry, and Angeliua Greenough of Salisbury, int. Sept. 7, 1836. 
Huldah [wid. int.], and Stephen Stiles, Jan. 9, 1773.* 
Isaac, and Dolly Smith of Danvers, int. Jan. 26, 1828. 
Jeremiah, and Susannah Eaton of Concord, N. H., int. Nov. 34, 

John, and Lydia Hardy [of Bradford, int.], .^ug. 23, 1759.* 
John, and Mary Upton of Danvers, at Danvers, Oct 30, 1783.* 
John, jr., and Sarah Trusscl of Bradford, int. May 8, 1796. 
John, and Miriam F. Stevens of Norway, Me., int. Apr. 36, iSsS^ 
John, and Hannah O. Trusseil of Atnesbury, iDt July t, 1S43. 
Jonathan, jr., and Hannah Gorden, Sept. 20, ijjo.* 
Joseph, and Lucindia Wood, int. Apr. 8, 1813. 
Joshua, and Prudence Stevens, Nov. 3, 1803.* 
Jnstns E., and Louisa E. Smith, Feb. 23, 183S.' 
Kimball, and Abigail S. Swan of Chester, N. H., int. Feb. —, 

Lydia H., and Artemna Brown of Worcester, Apr, iS, 1831. 

[Apr. 13. C. R. I.]" 
Margaret E., and George Barker of Methuen, int. Feb. 6, 1841. 
Mary, and William Dillaway, Apr. 10, i-jSt.* 
Mary, and Dane Holt, jr., Dec. 6, 1798,* 
Mary, and James Hovey, Sept 27, i8i8.* 
Mary A., and Orrin Curtis, Aug. 13, 1840. 
Mary M., and Eben B. Tyler, Nov. 17, 1831.* 
'IntentioD also recoided. 



Wardwell, Mercy, and John Wright, Aug. 31, 1697. 

Nathan, and Huldah Chandler, Dec. 27, 1763,* 

Nathan, and Phebe Stevens, May aa, 1791.* 

Nathan, jr., and Hannah Morse, Dec. 30, 1813. c. r. a." 

Olive, and Simeon Town, jr., Nov. 9, 1794." 

Orlando, and Abiah Gray, May 2 4, 1 804. c. R. 2 . 

Pamelia, and Eli Holt, May 10, tSia.* 

Patty, and Amos Holt, July 4, 1802.* 

Peter, and Dorcas Foster, Feb. 23, 177S- c. r, 2.* 

Peter, and Betty Frye, June 12, 1788.* 

f hebe, and Thomas C[hadwick. int.j Mason, June i8, iSia.* 

Kachcl, and Thomas Edes, May 4, 1786.* 

Rebecka, and Ezekiel Osgood, Feb. ao, 1710-11,* 

Ruth, and James PettingUI, Sept. 6, r8i8.* 

Sally, and Benjamin Farrington, Apr. 33, I79S.* 

Sally, and Herman Jones, July [19. c. r. i.], 1820.* 

Samuel, and Return Giles of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec. 20, 1716,* 

Samuel, and Hannah Cummings, Aug. 23, r792.* 

Samuel, and Fidelia Jane Flint of Reading, int. Feb. ro, 1842. 

Sarah, and Jerry Fatnum, Apt. — , 1824. " 

Simeon, and Ruth Church of Bradford, at Bradford, June 15, 

Simon, jr., and Margret Barker of Methuen, int Jan. 5, rSia. 
Simon, and Sarah Dote of Salem, int. Sept. i3, 1819. 
Simon, ad, and Margaret E. F. Dodge, int. Aug. 14, 1S30. 
Solomon, and Bethiah Holt, Oct. 29, ^^6^.' 
Susanna, and Peter Stevens, jr., Apr, 5, I787.* 
Thomas, and Abigail Gray, Dec. ir, 1735." 
Thomas G., and Mary H. Goodwin of Boston, int. Mar, 27, 

William, and Dorathy Write, Nov. 25, r706.* 
William, jr., and Margery Gray, May 17, 1739." 
William W., and Elizabeth P. Smith, Dec. 11, 1831." 

"WARE, Albert P., of Providence, R. I., and Elizabeth Abbot, 

int. Nov. a, r839. 
Calen, resident in Andover, and Catherine Smith of Cambridge, 

int. June 25, 1810. 
Ruth C, and Daniel S. Bullard of Needham, int. May a8, 1837. 

IVARNER, Samuel, of Hadlcy, and Pheoby Hutchinson, int. 

June 7, 1718. 
Samuel, and Elisabeth Lovejoy, May ao, 1736.* 
'Intention b1k> leconled. 



WARRINER, Pbanuel W., and Apphia Gerrish of Boscawen, 
N. H., int Sept. 3, 1829. 

WASHBURN, Samuel, Rev., of PhiUdelphia [Pa. int.], and 
Hannah J. Marland, July 7, 1835." 

WASON, Calvin, and Abby Merrill of Methuen, lot. Sept. 26, 

John, and Martha Seaton, May 2a, 1744-* 

WATERHOUSE, Jane, and Jonas Ball, int. Jan. 3, 1846. 

WATERS, William, and Harriet Driver of Salem, at Salem, Oct. 
24, rSsg." 

WATS, Mary, and William Russ, Nov. 15, 1744.* 

WATSON, Ann, and James Saundcis, manufacturer, Aug. 8, 

Dolly, of Bedford, and Joshua Phelps, int. Mar. 2S, 1822. 
Elenor, of Tewksbury, and Moses Haggit, jr., int Jan. 18, 1753. 
George, a. 27 y., wool-sorter, s. George and Mary, and Lucy Ann 

Davis, a. a7y.j d. Benjamin and Lucy, May 17, 1846* 
Henrietta Frances, of Roxbury, and Dr. Joseph Kittredge, int 

Nov. 20, 1847. 
John, widr., a. 33 y,, carpenter, b, Belfast, Me., s. George and 

Eliza, of Roxbury, and Clarissa J[ane. c. r. 2.3 Holt, a. 28. 

y., d. Thomas and Ruth, Oct. T3, 1847.* 

WEATHERBEE, Nahum [Witherbee. int.], and Mary Smith of 
Chelmsford [of Lowell, int.], Apr. 30, r835.* 

WEBB, Mary S., and Rev. Edward P. Blodgett, July ra, 1843.* 

WEBBER, Caroline T., of Hopkintou, N. H., and John Dolloff, 

int, Nov. 17, 1843. 
Susan B., of Lowell, and Capt. Edwin Faraham, int. Mar. g^ 

WEBSTER (see also Weebster),' David, of Haverhill, and Sarah 
Blunt, Oct. r3, r774. c. ». 2.* 

•Intention also recorded. 



Webster, Hannah, of Windham, N. H., and Benja[mm] R Allen, 

int. July 22, 1826. 
Hermon, of Methuen, and Mary Eaton [of Methuen. c. k. 3.], 

Nov. 26, 1833, 
John, and Eleanot Hamlet of Dracut, int. Oct. 6, 1840. 
John B., of Salem, N. H., and Sarah Woodbury, Apr. 8, 1835.* 
Leonard M., of Bradford, and Charlotte Montgomery, Sept. — , 

Mary A., of Windham, N. H., and Stephen Hardy, 2d, int Sept. 

7, 1844. 
Nancy, and Henry Munroe of Charleston [Charlestown. c R. i.], 

Oct. 25, i8i3.» 
Nathan, of Haverhill, and Matilda Gage, int. Apr. 30, 1821. 
Sallay, of Haverhill, and Jonathan Bradley, jr., Int. Jan. 8, i8r4. 
Satah, of Bradford, and John Chickering, at Bradford, Nov. 13, 

Sarah J., of Salem, H. H., and Joseph B. Swan, int. Mar. 18, 

WEDGE, Louisa, and Randolph Scarlett of Tcwksbury, int Oct. 
Ji, 1843. 

WEEBSTEH (see also Webster), Nauncy, of Methuen, and Ben- 
j[ami]n Mecum, int. July 5, 1795. 

WEEKS, Joseph G. W., of Exeter, N. H., and Mary Ann H. 

Whittier, int Aug, 16, 1834. 
Luther C, and Mattha Osgood, Jan. 25, 1842.* 

WELCH, John, and wid, Eleanor Bayley of Tewksbury, int. Mar. 

I, 1766. 
Moses, of Plaistow, and Mehitabte Tyler, int June ri, 1807. 

WELLS, Hannah E., and Benjamin F. Wardwell, at Dover, June 

14, 1843.' 
Harriet N., and James G. Chase, int. Oct. 7, 1846. 
Sarah, and John Bailey, at Salisbury, Jan. 19, 1842.* 
W. H., and T. S. Ordway, int Apr, — , 1843. 
William H., and Hannah M. Smith of West Springfield, int. July 

4, r840. 

WELTON, Garret, and Olive Judkins of Lowell, int. Aug. 22, 

'IntcDtioD also recorded. 



WEWTWORTH, John, and Elina L. Loran of LoweU, int. Apr. 

30. 1835. 
William, of Boston, and Silence Jordan, Se^. 24, 1805.* 

WEST, Esther Mackey, resident in Andover, and Aidot Abbot, 

Dec. 6, i8i2.» 
Joseph, and Bethia Marston, Dec. 22, 1703. c. r. 1. 
Lydia P. [B. int.], and Elijah D. Paine oE Madison, Ind., Sept. 

2a, i835.» 
Mary, of Biadfoid, and Ephmm Foster, int. Nov. 25, i 732. 
Mary C, and Charles Richardson, Nov. 27, 1834." 
Nath[anie]l, of Salem, and Julia Houhton [Houghton. c. R. i^], 

June 25, i8i6,* 

WESTON, Harriot, and Cyrus Brown, Apr. 13, 1826, • 

John, 3d, of Reading, and Abigail Richardson, int. Aug. 24, 1837. 

WEYGERET, Maria Barbary Louisa, of New York, and Isaac 
Bridges, at New York, May 23, 1796. 

WHEELBR, Abigail, and Ebenezei Barker, May 25, 1686. 

Lydia, and Danietl Eimes, Apr. 25, 1683. 

Ruth [of Salem Village, int.], and John Frye, May 15, i7i2.« 

WHICHER, Elizabeth, of Methuen, and Seth Johnson, int. Nov. 

WHIDI>EN, Michael L., of Danveis, and Mary Ann Fellows, 
Feb. 28, 1S40. [int. Feb. 15, i84i.]» 

WHINNEY, William, and Sarah Smith of Nottingham, N. H., 
int Oct 25, 1825. 

WHIPPLE, John L., of Boston, s. Samuel, and Sarah R. Derby, 

d. John, Dec. 29, 1846. c. r. 4.* 
Mary, and Phyneas Putnam oE Danvers, at Danvers, Aug. 12, 

Sarah, wid., of Salem, and Solomon Martin, at Salem, Oct. 30, 

WEQSTON, Increase, and Abigdl Cole, Mar. 12, 1740-41.*. 
Sarah, and Samuel Hutchinson, Oct. 2, 1733. [Oct. 12. c. k. i.]* 

'Inieotion also recorded. 



'WHITACUR (see also Whittaker), Daniel, of Plaistow, and Mary 
Emerson, int. Oct. 23, 1756. 

'WHITCOHB, Julia A., of Amesbury, and David Ambrose, int 
Oct. 4, 1S49. 

WHITE (see also Wight), Ann, and Charles Highlands, Jan. 3, 

Anna, and James Nichols, Nov. 6, 1 728.* 

Anna, and Samuel Fiye, jr., Dec. 11, 1788.* 

Anne, and Joseph Emerson, int. Nov, 37, 1719. 

Bumham S., of Stoneham, and Maiy Sawyer, int. July 30, 1842. 

Elezebith, ci Boston, and Nathan Fiaser, int. Apr. 24, 1756. 

Elizabeth, and William Boulten [of Reading, int.], Jan. s, 1719- 


George N., a. 25 y., trader, s. Nathaniel and Hannah, and Mary 

Ann Chandler, a. 24 y., d. Ralph H. and Phebe Kimball, 

June 6, 1847.* 
Hannah, and [Rev. int.] Sam[ue]ll Phillips, Jan. 17, 1712." 
Hannah G., and William Poor of Methuen, May 14, 1829.* 
Hilliard, of Mansfield, and Eliza Kimball, Oct. 19, 1S39.' 
Issabella, and William Stickney of Reading, int. Dec. 17, 1847. 
John, and [Mrs. c. R. i.] Hannah Parker, Apr. 10, 1780.* 
John F., and Sarah M. Holt, Dec. 30, 1838.* 
Josiah, of Ashburnham, and Betsey Ely, May 13, 1840. c, r. 6.' 
Leonard D., of Haverhill, and Ann Bradley, int. May i, 1819. 
Mary, and SpafEord Ames, Apt. i8, i78o.* 
Mary, of Boston, and Robert Kershaw, int. Oct, 3, 1840, 
Nancy, and Thomas Lewis, resident in Andover, Dec. 25, 1807.* 
Nelson J,, a. 21 y,, machinist, s. John and Ellen, and Sarah J. 

Bailey, a. 19 y., operative, d. Daniel and Sophia, Apr, 6, 

Ruth, and Robert Cann of Reading, Aug. 5, 1723.* 
Selina S., of Fairhaven, and John 5. Sherman, int. Apr. 19, 1S37. 
Silence, of Weymouth, and Jonathan Swift, at Weymouth, Dec. 

II, r783.» 
Thomas [resident in Andover, int], and Lydia A. Dole, Dec, 35, 

1838. C. R, 2.* 

William, and Mary Ann Gould, Aug, 14, 1839." 

■WHITEHEAD, Robert, and Lydia Tunison of Salem, int, Apr. 13, 

Sarah, and Dennis Ford, int. Apr. 28, 1838. 

■IntentioD alio recorded. 



WHUEHOUSE, W[mia]m C, and Louisa K. Spiller of George- 
town, int. Nov. 3, 1848. 

WHITING, Adoniram, and Lucy F. Ingalls, int. Nov. 3, 1826. 

Oliver, and Martha Abbot, May 3, 1774. c. r. 2* 

Sam[ue]l K., and Mary J, G. Wilson, both of Roxbury, at Rox- 

buiy, Sept 30, 1841. c. ». i. 
Tamer, of Hingham, and William Perry, resident in Aodover, int. 

Jan. 12, 1805. 

WHITLEY, Elizabeth, and George W. Ryley, int. Sept. 39, 1849. 
Richard, and Marget Haigh, int. June 17, 1849. 

WHITMAN, Mary Ann, ol New London, Conn., and George L. 
Ncwhall, int. Aug. 5, 1842, 

WHITNEY, Maria C, of Boston, and L. Sumner Morgan of 

Salem, Apr. ri, 1847. 
Moses, Gen., of Milton, and Mrs. Mary Kittredge, Nov. 16, 

William, and Susanna Pace, int. Oct. 31, 1838. 

WHITTAKER (see also Whitacur), Lawrence, a. 21 y., mechanic, 
and Catharine Palmer, a. 36 y,, Dec. iz, 1844." 

WHriTEMORB, Daniel, ol Danvers, and Percis Marble, June lo, 

Elias [ot Boston, int.], and Rhoda Holt, at Boston, Nov. 13, 

Joseph, and Eliza Esty of Deny, N. H., int. Feb. 1 1 , 1834. 

WHirriER, Ann, and Rev. Samuel Johnson of Alna, Me., May 

24, i82i.» 
Daniel B,, of Bradford, s. Thomas, and Mrs. Mary Chadwick of 

Bradford, d. Beni[amin] Farrington, Mar. 17, 1846. c. r. 4. 
John, of Methuen, and Mehitable Barker, Feb. 27, 1770. 
Jona[than] S., and Charlotte P. Abbot, Mar. 19, 1820." 
Mary Ann H., and Joseph G. W. Weeks of Exeler, N. H., int. 

Aug. 16, 1834. 
Mary Ann H., and Benjamin Abbott [4th, int], Nov, 6, 1834,* 
Nath[anie]t, jr., and Hanuah Hawley, int. Apr. 25, 1817. 
Phebe K., of Derry, N. H., and Daniel Carlton, jr., int. Apr. 22, 

Rhoda S., of Haverhill, and Thomas R. Green, int. Dec. 2, 1829. 

'Iniention also recorded. 



WnXiER, Sarah [resident in Andover. int.], and Daniel How, 
Dec. 13, i739.» 

WIGGIN (see also Wiggins, Wirkin), Lydia, and Daniel Bodwell, 
Sept. 4, i8$6.' 

WIGGINS (sec also Wiggin), Benjamin, and Hannah Holt, June 
14, i798.» 

WIGHT (see also White), Aaron [White, int.; Dr. of Medway. 
c It. 1.], and Mary Kittcridge, Nov. 5, fjbT* 

WILDE, Joseph B., and Louisa E. Foster, int. May 23, i34o. 

WILDER, Benjamin G. [of Boston, int.], and Charlotte Stevens, 

Mar. 2, 1829. c E, 3,* 
Luke, Capt., of Salisbury, N. H., and Susannah Poor, Jan. 23, 

Parthenia P., of Newton, and Jacob Dascomb, int. Apr. 25, 1840 

WILDES, Sarah, ol Charlestown, and David S. Pearsons, int. Oct. 

WILEY (see also Willey), Chloe, and James Davis, Oct 3, 

Cloc, and John Hoh, Feb. 25, i8oo.» 
David, and Cloe Holt, Apr. 10, 1789." 
John A., a. 24 y., machinist, and Eliza R. Downiug, a. 18 y., d. 

Sam[ue]l and Betsy, Feb. 24, rS48.* 
Margtet, and James Alexsander [of Londonderry, int.], Oct. 3, 

Nathaniel [of Reading. C. r. i.], and Mary Eaton, Apt. 25, 1751.* 
Sally, and David Richardson of Princeton [Peirsootown, c.r. i.], 

July I, I784-* 
Sarah, wid., and Stephen Richardson [Russel. int.] of Danvers, 

Dec. 1, 1808." 
Wiliam, and Elezebith Walker [resident in Andover. int], Jan. 

19, 1748-9-' 
William, and Sarah Hadley, Jan. 29, 1788.* 
William, and Mary Ann Abbott, int. May 12, 1844. 
•Intention also recorded. 



WILEINS, Abner, of Middleton, and Mehitabte Lovkin [wid. 

int.], July 14, 178s-" 
Benjamin, jr., of Middletovm, and Hannah Upton, int. Jan. 3, 

Calvin, of Wobutn, and AlmiraP. Chandler [int. Dec. 11, 1840.]." 
Catherine Wattcriy, and William Glcdhill, Oct 3, 1842. c. R. 4.* 
Clarisa, of Lyndeboro, N. H., and Ruben Beard, int. Oct. 10, 

Dizey, of Middleton, and Harriet Curtis, int. Apr. 29, 1848. 
EIiz[abe3th, of Reading, and Sam[ue]ll Peabody, int. June 15, 

Elizabeth, of Middleton, and Mark Newman, jr., int. Aug. 36, 

Hannah, of Middleton, and Nathaniel Martain, int. Apr. 17, 

Henriette, of Billerica, and James Cheerer, int. Jan. 13, 1S27. 
Moses, of Middleton, and Deborah Averil, Feb. 19, 1793.* 
Sarah Smith, and Phillip Frye, Sept. 8, i8oi.» 
Thomas [of Middleton. int.], and Esther Stevens, Mar. 5,1 745-6.* 

WILKINSON, Reed, and Lucinda S. Butler of Buckland, int 
Sept. 9, 1836. 

WILLARD, Hannah, of Salem, and Phillip Kimbal, int. Mar. 4, 

WILLETT, Lydia, of Walpole, and Herbert A. Day, int. Mar. 30, 

WHXEY (see also Wiley), Dorothy, and Jesse Harnden, Nov. 

33. 1835.* 
Worcester [of Campton, N. H. int.], manufacturer, and Mary 

Ann Frye, Oct. 18, i844.* 

WILUAMS,AbbyC., of Providence, R. I., and Kelita S. EUes, 
int. Dec 15, 1837. 

Henry [of Salem, int.], and Abigail Russel, Nov. i, 1 770. c. R. z.* 

Lucy A., a. 22 y., adopted d. Elizab[eth] K. Jennings, and Wil- 
liam H. Greenled of Haverhill, a. 36 y., shoemaker, s. 
SamTue]! and Dolly, June 29, 1847-" 

Peter, and Nancy Johnson, Aug. 21, 1836. 

*Iiite&tioti alio icoorded. 



WILLINGTON, Eliza, of Salem, and Jonathan M. Burbank, int. 
July I, i8ai. 

WILLIS, Ann, and Thomas Stole [Stott. c r. i.], Nov. ao, 1842* 
Frances, and William Kennett of West Newbury, Sept 29, 1842.* 
James, a. az y., manufacturer, s. Joseph, and Louiza Quested, a. 
33 y., d. William, Nov. 8, 1845.* 

WILLMARTH, Orissa B., of New Rowley, and Ephraim Foster, 
int. Dec. 28, 1830. 

WILLSON (see also Wilson), Elizabeth, and Ezekiel Lovejoy, 

Jan. 9, i7a7-8." 
John, and Mercy Wright [Write, int.], June 21, 1716. c. R. i.* 
John, and Hannah Erie, Mar. 25, 1742." 
John S., and Mary Holden of Tyngsboro, N. H., inL May i, 

Joseph, and Sarah Lord, Apr. 24, 1678. 
Joseph, of Charlestown, and Mary Ames, Apr. 9, 1805.* 
Joshua, and Dorothy Stevens, int Sept. 15, 1773. 
Mercy, and Simon Darby of Hereford [Harvard, c. r. i. and 

int.], June 22, 1738.* 
Sarah, and Jacob Freston, June 17, 170a. 
Saiah, and Jonathan Erie, Jan. 24, 1743-4.* 
Sarah, and Samuel Carlton, Oct ij, t77j." 
Thomas, and Hannah Harvey, int. Apr. ao, 1822. 
William, and Prudence Danielson [wid. int.] of Boxford, at Box- 

foid, May 13, 1756-* 

WILSON (see also Willeon), Abigail, and James Barnard, Jose 

21, 1716. C, R. 1,* 
Ab^il, of Wilton, and Timothy 6. Abbot, int Mar. 30, 1819. 
Cloe, and Peter Earnum, Sept 15, i789.» 
Deborah [of Cambridge Farmes. int], and Hezekiah Russ, Apr. 

ro, r7io.* 
Dolly, and Ezra Ingalls, Dec. 24, 1801,* 

Elezebith [of Billerica. int.], and John Danforth, Mai. 6, i7S5-* 
Elijah, of Bo3cford, and Phebe Abbott, Apr. 30, 1833." 
Eliza J., of Methuen, and William L. Cowdery, int. Mar. ts, 1845, 
Elizabeth, of Hampton, and Nathaniel Lovjoy, at Hampton, 

Aug. 16, 1716.* 
Elizabeth, and Samuel Wright, jr., Feb. 16, 1775.* 
*IoteDtion alio lecoided. 



WiLSOS, Enoch, and Mercy Cailton, Apr. 33, 1812.* 

Foster, of Salmon Falls, N. H., a. 21 y., operative, and Maria J. 

Lovejoy, a. 20 y., d. Eben[eze]r and Uelina, Oct. 16, 1849,* 
Hannah, and John Barker, jr., Feb, zj, 1770.* 
Isaac, and Hannah Peters, Dec. 22, 1825.* 
James, of Cambridge [Cambridge Farms, int.], and Margret 

Peters, Apr. 17, r704, c. r. r.* 
Jane, and Alexander Morrison, int. July 16, 1845. 
John, Capt., and Lucy Foster of Canterbury, int. May 12, 1792. 
John, of Danvers, and Clarissa Goldsmith, June 21, 1831.* 
Joseph, and Mary Lovejoy, July 4, 1670. 
Joseph, and Marah Richardson, Jan. 25, 1699-1700. 
Joshua, jr., and Dolly Robinson, Feb. 11, 1813.* 
Louisa, and Peter Holt, Sept. 2, 1836." 
Mary, and Timothy Haggit, Aug. 14, 1707. c- R. i.* 
Mary, and John Ames, int. Mar, 10, 1816. 
Mary J. G,, and Sani[ue]l K. Whiting, both of Roxbury, at Rox- 

bury, Sept 30, T841. c. r. 1. 
Mehitabel, and John Holt, July 17, 1713." 
Mercy, and Solomon Ingals, Aprl 22, 1779.* 
Myra N,, of Salisbury, and Aaron B. Osgood, int. Nov. ri, 1847. 
Thomas, and Hannah Town, Apr, 27, 1784." 
William, jr., and Anna Flood, May 2, 1759.* 

WIHAR, Susannah, and Moses Pearson, jr., resident in Andover, 
int, Aug, 28, r8o4, 

WIHEN (see also Wyman), Hannah, wid., of Woburn, and Jona- 
than Blanchard, int. Feb. 27, 1724-5, 

WMON (see also Wyman), Prudence, and Thomas Phelps, Nov. 

7. I727-' 

WINCH, Moses, and Eliza Russell of Needham, int. Apr. 28, 1818. 
WINCHESTER, Hannah, Mrs., and Uriah Griffin of Tewksbury, 

Aug. 24, 1808. C R. 2." 

Lemuel, resident in Andover, and wid. Mary [Hannah, int.] 

Furbush, Feb. 9, 1791." 
Rebecca, and Phinehas Wood, Mar. 28, i822.» 
Susanna, and Jacob Berry, May 9, i8i6.» 
Wentwortb, of Danvets, and Harriet L. [Hannah L. c. r. 3.] 

Trow of Tewksbury, Apr. 11, 1843. 

•IntcDtton alio tecotded. 



VINGATEf Abigail, of Amesbuiy, and Henty Ingals, jr., int. Aug. 
18, 1777- 

"WINN, Martha, of Wilmington, and Jonas Holt, at Wilmington, 
Oct. 22, I74Z." 

WINNING, Alexander, and Mat? Ann Murray of Charlestown. 

int. Apr. 25, 1S39. 
Robert, and Elizabeth R. Cutler of Billerica, int. Mar. 15, 1845. 
Sybil, of Billerica, and Isaac Hardy, int. Mar. iz, 1814. 

WIRKIN (see also Wiggin), Andrew [Wiggen. cr. r.; Witkin. 
T. c], and Mrs. Hanna Bradstreet, June 3, 1659. [June 8. 

CT. K.] 

WITHEY, Richard, a. 20 y., s. William and Elizabeth, and Helen 
[Barbery, int.] Walker, a. 19 y., d. McNeal and Barberry, 
Oct. 23, i847.» 

WIXON, Rosannah, of Newburyport, and Sargen O. Morae of 

CharlestowD, May 7, 1846. 

WOOD (see also Woods), Aaion, and Polly Perkins of Hampton 

Falls, int. Sept. 10, 1784. 
Benja[miQ], and Ruth Bayley of Haverhill, at HavetbiU, Oct. 

17. I779-' 
David, of Bradford, and Elizabeth Farriogton, Nov. 18, 1714.' 
David, Co!., and Mrs. Mary Conant of Boston, int. Dec. 12, 1807. 
Easter, and Richard Fowler of Tewksbury, int. Mar. 5, 176a, 
Elinor, and Joseph Keyes, resident in Andover, int Mar. 3t, 

Elizabeth, and Charles E. Morse of Cambridge, Mar. 16, 1834." 
Esther, and George Floyd, Feb. i, 1834," 
Israel, jr., and Sarah Stevens, May rj, 176a,* 
Israel, of Danvets, and [wid. int.] Phebe Parker, Aug, 1 7, 1803.* 
John, jr., and Esther Nickcrson, Mar. 13, 1786. 
Joseph, of Boxford, and Mary Farnam, Jan. 2, 1754.* 
Joseph, jr., and Esther Nickason, int. July 9, 1785. 
Josiah [of CharlestOTrn. int.], and Bridget Chandler, June 3, 

Lucindia, and Joseph Wardnell, int. Apr. 3, 1813. 
Lydia, Mrs., and Luther Bailey, Nov. 34, 1812.* 
Martha, of Bradford, and Ephraham Lahorsey, int Aug, 37, 1748. 
"IntentioD also recordad. 



Wood, Martha, and Enoch Merril, June 5, 1778." 
Mary, and Benjamin Abbot, 3d, Mar, i, 1809. C. R. 2.' 
Mehitable [of Boxford. int.}, and Isaac Spofford, at Boxford, 

June 21, 1792.* 
Moses, of Boxford, and Sarah Barker, at Boxford, Dec. 31, 1778.* 
Moses, and Betsey Abbot of Wilton, int. June 15, 1807. 
Obadiah, and [wid. C. r. s.j Lydia Blanchard, May 8, 1794." 
Obediah, of Chester [N. H.], and Deborah Osgood, Jan. 2, 

Palmer, and Hannah Lovejoy, May 23, 1790.* 
Phcbe, of Boxford, and John Barker, 3d, at Boxford, Oct. 3r, 

Phineas, of Dracut, and Betsey Furbush, int. Apr. 20, 1805. 
Phinehas, and Rebecca Winchester, Mar. 28, i8i2.» 
Rebecca, of Bradford, and Stephen Foster, at Bradford, Aug. 3^ 

Rboda, and Zebadiah Mcars, Feb. 21, 1819.* 
Sarah, of Boxford, and Peter Poor, at Boxford, Oct. ir, 1753.* 
Sarah, and Richard Hussey of Boxfoid, int. Oct. i, 1757. 
Sarah, and Zebadiah Meats, Nov. 18, 1821.* 
Solomon, of BoxCord, and Mehetabel Peabody, Dec. 17, 1761.* 
Solomon, and Mrs. Mary Moreland [of Hudson, N. H. int.j^ 

June II, 1842." 
Susanna [WooII. int.], of Bradford, and John Lewis Elsar [Elsai^ 

resident in Andover. int.], at Bradford, Mar. — , 1785." 
Thomas, and Mary Laboum, inL Jan. 19, 184S. 
Tho[ma]s C, and Edrah [Ednah. c. r. a.] Griffin, Oct. 12, i834.*- 

WOODBRIDGE, Benjamin, and Martha Malady of Reading, int. 

June 34, 1785. 
Benjfamijn, jr., and Rboda Ellinwood of Dracut, int June 27, 

Benjamina, and Nathaniel Lovejoy, Esq., Dec. i, 1803.* 
Caroline D., and John B. Abbott, at Lynnficld, June 28, 1843.*" 
Christiana A., a. 26 y., d. John B. and Asenath, and William. 

Farrill of Medford, a. 35 y., farmer, b. Mcdford, a. John 

and Lucy, of Medford, Feb. 8, 1847. 
Dudley [of Salem, c. r. i.], and Dorcas Match, Jan. 19, 1763.* 
Dudlqr, jr., and Mary Jemeraon of Wenham, N. H., int. May 19, 

Dudly, and Sarah Brock of Marblchead, at Marblehead, Jan. 16^ 


'Intention also leCOTded. 



WooDteiDGB, Eliza, a. so jr., d. VVUliam and Maiy, and George B. 

Woodbridge, a. j8y., cordwainer, s. Osgood and Haiuiab, 

Jan. 30, i849.» 
Elizabeth, and BeDJa[min] Carter, Jan. 30, ijSt* 
George B., a. zS y., cordwainei, s. Osgood and Hannali, and 

Eliza Woodbridge, a. 20 y., d. William and Mary, Jan. 30, 

Haiiiet L., d. Beoja[min], and Henry G. Kimball, cordwainer, 

s. W[illia']m and Elizabeth, Jan. 21, 1844.* 
Josliua, and Rachel Jones, Feb. 6, 1800.* ' 
Mary, and Nathaniel Patkei o( Reading, Dec. 33, 1814.* 
Nancy, and John B. Favor of Manchester, N. H., int. May 3, 

Nancy B., of Medford, and Sylvester Merrill, int. Mar. 31, 1837, 
Osgood, and Hannah S. Stevens, July 31, i8i8." 
Rachael [S, c. r. 2,], and Reuben Jones, Feb. ai, i8i8.* 
Samuel, of Reading, and Nancy Russell, Dec. 24, 1813.* 
Samuel, and Dorcas Russell, Sept. 30, i82i,» 
Samuel, jr., and Phebe W, B. Dodge, Feb. 10, 1815." 
Samuel Gilman, and Hannah Blanchard, May 29, 1794.* 
Susan B., and John Town, jr. of Cambridge, int. Oct. 29, 184(1. 
Will[ia]m, and Mary H. Harndensof Bedford, N. H., int. Apr. 

22, i8z6. 

WOODBURY, Abigail, and Augustine K. Russell, s. John G. and 

Hannah, June 5, 1845.* 
Benjamin, and Hannah Aiken Of Lowell, int. Sept. 11, 1840. 
Caroline, and Samuel Simonds, int. Dec. 2, 1842. 
Eben, a. 12 y., and Mehitable Ames, a. 20 y., Mar. 13, 1845.' 
Hannah, and David Moffit, Apr. 10, 1836.* 
Hannah, and John G. Russell, int. Apr. 16, 1836. 
Hiram, of Salem, N. H., and Prudence Eliza Churchill, int. July 

18, 1845- 
John, and Folly Barnard, Mar. 23, i837.» 
Mary, and John Eaton, Nov. 23, 1806." 
Mary A., a. 19 y., d. Eben[cze]i and Hannah, and Henry O. 

Burnham, a. 25 y., shoemaker, 9. Oliver and Rebecca, of 

Salem, Oct 21, 1849.* 
Richard, and Mary A. Simonds, Apr. 27, 1843,* 
Sam[ue]l E., of Salem, and Clarissa Holt, Jan. 9, 1826.* 
Sarah, and John B. Webster of Salem, N. H., Apr. 8, 1835." 

WOODCOCK, Lucy, of Lowell, and Jasper Rea, int. Apr. 7,'i838. 
*lDtentioD also recorded. 



WOODLIN, William H., and Rebecca M. Burtt, Sept ai, 1837. 

C. K. 2." 

WOODMAN, Dorothy, and Hooker Osgood, Apr. 13, 1691. 
Josbaa, and Elizabeth Stevens, Jan. 12, 1665. 
FrisciUa K., of Bradford, and Isaac Osgood, jr., iot Aug. 13, 

WOODRUFF, Lyman, and Mehiuble Butters of Wilmington, int. 
June 32, 1833. 

WOODS (see also Wood), Abbie W., d. Rev. D[r. Leonard 
Woods, int.], and Richard Henry Salter, M. D., of Nor- 
wich, Conn., Apr. 35, 1835.* 

Hannah H., and George G. Parker, Esq., both of Ashbumham, 
Dec. 26, 1836. 

Harriet Nfewell. int.], and Abijah R. Baker, Oct. 3, 1835. 
[Oct. 1. c. R. 6.]" 

Joseph, and Hannah Armitage, int. May 23, 1840. 

Joseph W., and Hannah O. Holkins of Hanover, N. H., int. Dec. 
17, 1834. 

Margarette 0[tiver. int.], and Rev. Edward A. Lawrence, May 
20, 1839," 

Mary G., and [Rev. mt.] Thomas Smith of Portland, Me., Sept. 
37, 1833.* 

Sophia, and William B. Haydea of New Vork City, June 23, 

WOODWARD, Arvilla, of Lowell, and Norrii Nichols, int. Jan. 
4, 1848. 

Lydia MiddletOD, a. 25 y., b. Island of Ceylon, d. Henry and 
Lydia W., and James Fletcher of Danvers, a. 36 y., clergy- 
man, b. Acton, a. John and Clarissa, of Acton, Oct 10, 

WOOLFENDEN, James, and Ellen Duckworth of Salisbury, int. 
Apr.2i, 1845. 

WORCESTER (see also Woster), Eldad, Capt, and Sarah 

Chickering, July 7, 1818." 
Osgood, of Chelmsford, and Phebe Farnum, Dec. 37, 1798.* 

*IateDtion also recorded. 



WORDWILL (sec also Wardwell), Eliakim [Wardwell. c. r. 2.], 

and Mary Peavey, May S, 1748.' 
Jonathan [Wardwell. c. R. 2.], and Rachel Pcvey, Apr. s, i748.* 
Joshua, and [wid. int.] Mary Foster, Mar. 17, 1757." 
Mary [wid. int.], and Isaac Lovejoy, jr., Dec. a, 1756 " 

WORTHLY, Sarah C, of Billcrica, and Isaac Hunt, Oct. 8, 

WOSTER (see also Worcester) , Mehetebel, and Benjamin Col- 
lins, of Salisbury, May 30, 1722.* 

WRIGHT (see also Write), Asher, and Martha Egerton of Rao. 

dolph, Vt., int. Sept. 16, 1831. 
Benjamin, soldier, aod Mary Bennet, at Gloucester, Jan. ri, 

Elisabeth, and Nathaniel Paiker, Oct. 6, 1702. c. r. i. 
Hanah, and John Abbot, Dec. 31, 1747.* 
John, and Mercy Wardwell, Aug, 3r, 1697. 
John, and Hannah Johnson, July 27, r72S.*" 
John [jr. inL], and Mary Elot [Eliot, c. R. i.], Apr. 7, r748.* 
John, of Middleton, and Phebe Barker, int. Oct. 24, 1778. 
Lawrence T., a. 29 y., carpenter, s. Page and Sarah, and Sarah 

F. Bradley, a. 23 y., d. Joseph and Charlotte, Dec. 13, 

Malantha, of Middleton, and Will[ia]m Goodhue, int. Mar. 13, 

Martha, and Joshua Barker [of Methuen, int.], Nov. 8, 1750." 
Mary, of Wobura, and Thomas Abbott, int. Nov. 13, 1718. 
Mary, of Tewksbury, and Samuel O. Beard, int. Oct. 21, 1843. 
Mercy [Write, int.], and John Willson, June ai, 1716. C. R, i." 
Sally of Weatford, and Ebenezer Needham, int. Mar. 17, 1832. 
Samuel, jr., and Elizabeth Wilson, Feb. 16, 1775.* 
Sarah, and Uriah Holt, Sept 28, 1725.* 
Sarah, and Uriah Abbot, jr., Apr. 26, 1757." 
Sarah, and Joseph Dalton, resident in Andover, Aug. 25, 1S08.* 
Susanna, and Oliver Holt, July g, i722.» 
Walter, and Susanna Johnson, Feb. 26, 1667. 
Walter, and Elizabeth Sadie, Sept. 9, 1684. 
Walter, and Experience Hiller [Hilliard, of Charlestown. int.], 
May 23, r704.» 

"iDtentioii also recorded. 



WMTB (see also Wright). Dorathy, and WiUiam Wardwell, 

Nov. 25, 1706.* 
Joseph, and Sarah Chandler, Jan. 12, 1712-13." 

WYMAN (sec also Wimen, Wimon), Elezebith, of Pelham, and 
Samuel Abbot, jr., int Sept. 14, 1754. 

TALDEN, James, resident in Andover, and Hannah Parker, 
Oct. I, iSoi.* 

YATES, William K,, o£ Lawrence, a. 2 r y., laborer, s. William, 
and Zilpha B. Dustin of Lawrence, a. 18 y., d. Chandler, 
Jan. 20, 1849. 

TORE, Isaac, and Phebc Stevens, July 30, i8i6.» 
Jerusha, and Timothy Abbot, jr., Oct. 13, 1805.* 

YOUNG, Benjamin, and Hannah Pierce, Sept. 19, 1776.' 
Jeremiah S., Rev., of Dover, N. H,, and Harriet F[letcher. c. k. 

4.] Matland [d. Abraham and Mary. c. r, 4.], Apr. 14, 

Mary M., of Acton, Me., and John Mullen, int. Aug. 31, 1842. 
Peter, and Deborah Lee, Aug. 28, i82i.* 
Trypheny, of Pelham, N. H., and John Burt, int. Oct. 14, 1815. 


Fompey, an Indian, and Mary Green, a mulatto [resident in 
Andover. int.], Nov. 7, 1738.* 


Abraham, and Dido, a mulatto [servants to Mr. James Bridges. 

C. K. r.], Oct. 31, 1744.* 
Bette [Elizabeth, c. r. 2,], and Cuff, servants, Sept. 16, 1762. 
Boassee [Bussen. c. B. i.], and Moriah, servants to Sam[uel3 

Chickering, Feb. 15, i-J55. [Feb. 13. c. r. i.]* 
Bristo, Sarah, and Zadock Lew of Dracut, May 15, 1794. [May 

r. c, R. i]." 
Bristow, Lydia, and Cato Freeman, Dec. 24, 1789.* 
Candace, and William, free negroes, resident in Andover, Jan. 

23, i78r. 

■Intentioii also lecorded. 



Cesar, " Servant of Mr. John Barker," and Phillig, " Seivant of 

Mr. John Hale" of Boxford, at Boxford, May ay, i77»." 
Chadwick, Timan, and Flora Dole [residents in Andover. int.], 

Nov. IS, I779* 
Clois, formerly servant of Dea. Thomas Horey of Dracut, and 

William, formerly servant of Paul Moody of Byfield, now 

free residents in Andover, int. Dec. ai, 1780. 
Cuff, and Bette [EHiabeth. c. B. a.], servants, Sept. 16, 1762. 
Dale, Catharine, and Prince Fields, int. Mar. 8, 1797. 
Dido, a mulatto, and Abraham [servants to Mr. James Bridges. 

c. R. I.], Oct. 31, 1744.* 
Dole, Clohis, of Rowley, and Cesar Freeman, resident in Andover, 

int Apr. 10, 1780. 
Dole, Flora, and Timan Chadwick [residents in Andover. int.], 

Nov. 15, I779' 
Drake,6eorge,andLQcy Johnson, Septi4, 1 8zo. [Sept-4. aR. 2.]" 
Elfily, Mars, and Cloe Porter, free negroes (residents in Andover. 

int.], Apr. 4, 1780.* 
Elvinah, and Jack, "slaves, Charleston, S. C," June — , 1835. 

c. R. 3. 
Fields, Prince, and Catharine Dale, iut Mar. 8, 1797. 
Fortune, and Alec Smith, servants of Mi. Nathaniel Lovejoy, int. 

May 31, 1757- 
Fortune and Lydia, servants, Dec. 27, 1763. 
Freeman, Bristo, and Eunice Picket of Middletown, int. July 19, 

Freeman, Cato, and Lydia Bristow, Dec. 24, 1789." 
Freeman, Cato, of Newburypoit, and Rose Parker, int Nov, 21, 

Freeman, Cesar, resident in Andover, and Clohis Dole of Rovley, 

int. Apr. 10, 1780. 
Freeman, Cesar, and Jenny Savery [residents in Andover. int.], 

June 12, 1782,* 
Oilman, Antony, and Esther Nedson [resident in Andover. int.], 

Oct. 12, i797.« 
Creen, Mary, a mulatto [resident in Andover. int.], and Pompey, 

an indian, Nov. 7, 1738." 
Hap, and Prince York, residents in Andover, iut June i, 1784. 
Jack, and Elvinah, "slaves, Charleston, S. C," June — , 1835. 

c. R. 3. 
Jenny, servant of Jerimiab Danford of Ipswich, and William, res- 
ident in Andover, formerly servant of Paul Moody of Byfield, 

int. Nov. 6, r778. 

'IntentioD also recorded. 



Johnson, Lacy, and George Drake, Sept. 14, iSao. [Sept. 4. 

c. R. 2.]* 
Jones, Jamea, and Rhoda White, lesidents in Andover, June 16, 

Kate [servant of Mr. Moody Bridges, mt.], and Pompcy [late 

servant of Mr. Henry Phelps, int.], free negroes, Jan. 15, 

1772. [Jan. 16. c. R. !.]• 
Levi, and Zurah, June 15, 1775. 
Lew, Zadock, of Dracut, and Sarah Bristo, May 15, i794- [May 

I. c. R. I.]" 
Lydia, and Fortune, servants, Dec. 27, 1762. 
Moriah, and Boassee [Bussen. c. r. i.], servants of Sam[uel3 

Chickring, Feb. 15, 1755. [Feb. 13. c. b. !.]• 
Nan, servant to Capt. Joseph Osgood, and Primas, setvant to 

Maj. John Osgood, Oct. 33, 1755-* 
Nancy, a free woman [mulatto, c. r. i ; late servant of Capt. 

James Parker, intj, and Salem, a free negro [late servant 

of John Poor, int], Nov. 4, I77i,* 
Nedson, Esther [resident in Andover. int], and Antony Gilman, 

Oct. w, I797' 
Parker, Rose, and Cato Freeman of Newburyport, int. Nov. ai, 

Parker, Rose, and Prince Walker, Jan. 23, 1812." 
Phillis, "Servant of Mr. John Hale" of Boxford, aod Cesar, 

" Servant of Mr. John Barker," at Boxford, May 27,17 72.*- 
Picket, Eunice, ot Middletown, and Bristo Freeman, int. July 19, 


Pompey, and Rose, servants to Capt, [William, ml,] Lovejoy, 
and John Foster, Dec. 26, 17s":-* 

Pompey [late servant of Mr, Henry Phelps, int], and Kate [ser- 
vant of Mr. Moody Bridges, int.], free negroes, Jan. 15, 
1772. [Jan. 16. c. H, !.]• 

Porter, Cloe, and Mars Elfily, free negroea [residents id Ando- 
ver. int], Apr, 4, 1780.* 

Primas, servant to Maj. John Osgood, and Nan, servaot to Capt 
Joseph Osgood, Oct 23, i75S-* 

Rama, and Salem, servants, Oct. t6, 1760. 

Rhoda, and Stafford, servants. May 7, 1761. 

Rose, and Pompey, servants to John Foster and Capt [William 
int.] Lovejoy, Dec. 26, 1751,* 

Rose, and Thomas, servants of Mr. Oliver Peabody, Mar. 6, 

Salem, and Rama, servants, Oct 16, 1760. 

*Inleiitioa also recorded. 



Salem, a free negro [tate servant of John Poor, int.], and Nancy, 

a free woman [mulatto, c. r. i ; late servant of Capt. James 

Parker, int.], Nov. 4, 1771." 
Savery, Jenny, and Cesar Freeman [residents in Andover. int.], 

June 12, 178a. • 
Smith, Alee, and Fortune, servants of Mr. Nathaniel Lovejoy, int. 

May 3r, 1757. 
Stafford, and Rhoda, servants, May 7, r76i. 
Thomas, and Rose, servants to Mr. Oliver Peabody, Mar. 6, i j$s* 
Walker, Prince, and Rose Parker, Jan. 23, i8i2.* 
AVhite, Rhoda, and James Jones, residents in Andover, June 16, 

William, resident in Andover, formerly servant of Paul Moody of 

Byfield, and Jenny, servant of JerimiaLh Danford of Ipswich, 

int. Nov. 6, 1778. 
William, formerly servant of Paul Moody of Byfield, and Clois, 

formerly servant of Dea. Thomas Hovey of Dracut, now free 

residents in Andover, int. Dec. 31, r78o. 
William, and Candace, free negroes, resident in Andover, Jan. 33, 

York, Prince, and Hap, residents in Andover, int. Jnnc 1, 1784. 
Young, Thomas J., of Boston, and Ann Kimball, Sept. 6, 1839.' 
Zurah, and Levi, June is> i77S- 

■iDtcDtioD alio reeoided. 





ABBET (see also Abbot), Joseph, s. Georg, June 34, 1650. 

ABBETT (see also Abbot), Joseph, s. Tho[ma]s aad Sata, Mar. 
16, t666. 

ABBOT (see also Abbet, Abbctt, Abbott) , Abiei [" occasioned 

by a fall," Aug. 16. c. r. 1.], Aug, 18, iSaS, a. 68 y. 
Abigail, w. Capt. John [fever, c. R. z.], Feb. i, 1807, a. 73 y. [a. 

74 y. 5 m. c. R. a.] 
Abigail, wid. Nathan, commonly called Seigent Nathan, Aug. 37, 

1 81 3, in hei 90th y. 
Abigail [d. Job. g. r. z.], July 15, 1833. [a. 33 y. g. r. 3.] 
Abigail [B. c. r. a.], d. Henry [and Dorcas. G. r. 3 ; fever. 

c. R. 3.], Mar, 6, 1834. [a. 14 y. c. r. 2.] 
Abigil, w. Dea. Nehemiah, May 31, 1747- 
Abner, s. Stephen, Jr. and Mary, Mar. 11, 1758, in his 7th y. 
Ann [consumption, c. r. s.]. May 9, tSaS, a. 43 y. 
Anna, d. Zebediah and Anna, Oct. 8, 1764, 
Anna, w. Joseph, jr.. Mar. zo, 1766. 
Anna, wid. Zebediah, Sept. 5, 1770, in hei 59th y. 
Anna, d. Darius, bur. Oct. 14, 1775, a. 17 y. a m. c. r. 3. 
Anna, d. Moses [dropsy, c. R. a.J, July 37, 1834. [a. 58 y. 

C. R. 2.] 

Anstice [Anstress, Miss. c. r. a.]. Mar. 29, 1S35, a. 33 y. c. r. a. 

Asa, s. Asa and Elizabeth, June 5, 1763. 

Asa, s. Darius, bur. Sept 12, 1775, a. 1 y. 8 d. c. R, 3. 

Asa, " languishment brought on by a blow from an Ox's hora 

which put out his eye &c., 1791," bur. Dec. 34, 1796,3. 75 y. 

3 TO. c. R. 2. 
Asa, Mar. 34, 1839. 

Barachias [cancer, c. R. 2,], Oct. a, 1784, a. 77 y. 4 m. 
Benjamin, 4th, s. Benjamin, 3d and Elezebith, June 11, 1748. 
Benjamin, Nov. 36, 1748, in his 63d y. 




Abbot, Benjamin, s, John, 3d and Phebt, Aug. i, 1751. 
Benjamin, s. David and Hannah, Nov. 9, 1753. 
Benjamin, Oct. 20, 1835, a. 65 y. 

Benj[aiiiin], 3d, s. Col. Benj[amin] and Mary [at Providence, 
fe. I., consumption, Aug. 22. c. R. 2.], Aug. 20, 1839, a. 41 


Benjamin, m., farmer, " fall from load of hay," July 9, 1 846. [a. 

6s y- c. R, 2.] 
Betsey, d. Steven, bur. Aug. 5, 1778, a, 4 y. 3 m. a r. 2. 
Bezaleel, s. John, 4th and Sarah, Jan. 3, 1763. 
Caleb [old age. c. r. 2.], Api. la, 1837, a. 86 y, g. r. 2. 
Caleb O., s. Gardner and Rachel, typhus fever, Oct. 30, 1842, a. 

16 y. [a. 17 y. c. r. j.] 
Caroline, d. Holton and Mary of Andover, Me., Mar. 25, 1829, 

a. 21 y. G. R. 5. 
Castello C, s. Nathan, 4th and Mary E., Jan. 8, 1 839, a. i y. 1 m. 
Charles, s. Gardner and Rachael [G. G. R. 2 ; at Methuen while 

attending school, c. r. i.j, Sept. 27, 1839, a. 22 y. 
Charles H., s. Samuel and Susan [B. g. r. 2.], scarlet fever, June 

30, 1842, a. 20 m. 
Cha[rle]B Jona[than], a. Nathan C. and Hannah B,, Aug. 5, 

1841, a. 19 m. 7 d. G. R. 3. 
Daniel, Aug. ri, i76i,a. 37 y. 

Daniel, s. Asa, in the Army, , 1776, c r. 2, 

Daniel, s. Caleb and Lucy [canker, c R. 2.], Apr. 13, 1796, a. 

7 y. [a. 6 y. 10 m. c. B. 2.] 
David, Nov. 14, 1753. 
David, June ai, 1823, a. 59 y. 
Debor^, w. Dea. Joseph, July 21, 1773. 
Deborah, w. Caleb, Dec. 7, 1819, a. 52 y. 
Dolly, w. Isaac, Dec. 2r, 1840, a. 32 y. [Dec. 20, a. 13 1-2 y. 

C.R. 2.] 
Dorcas, w. Henry, jr., cancer, Mar. 25, 1843, a. 60 y. 
Dorcas Hibbert, d. Jacob, bur. Aug. 14, 1784, a. 8 m. c. r. 2. 
Dorcas Jane, d. Stephen and Hannah, Nov. 26, 1822, a. 2 y., 

G. R. 2. 

Dorcis, d. Joseph, jr. and Deborah, Oct. 1 7, 1 749, a, r y. 9 m. 

Ebenezer, a. Ebenezer and Hannah, ApT. 28, 1725. 

Ebcnczer [Ena. c- R. 2,], Jan. 14, 1761, a. 72 y. 

Ebenezer, Dec, 19, 1771. 

Edwin, a. Isaac and Dolly, Sept. 15, r839, a. 12 d. 

Ebezebith, d. Uriah and Sarah, Jan. 29, 1749-50, in her Z2d y. 

Elezebith, d. David and Hannah, Oct. 21, 1753. 

Elisabeth, d. Nehemiah, bur. Dec, 7, 1782, a. 1 y. 2 ra. c. r. 2. 



Abbot, Elisabeth Knceland, d. Late Capt. Heniy and Phebe, 

Aug. ag, 1812, a. 39 y. 7 m. 
Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, Sept. 30, 1754, in her 73d y. c. R. 1. 
Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, July 31, (7S2, a. 82 y. 
Elizabeth, w. Thomas, May 18, 1810. 
Elizabeth, wid. Asa, Dec. 18, 1819, a. 93 y. 
Elizabeth, Feb, 13 [Feb. la. c. b. 3.], 1829, a. 60 y, 
Elizabeth, Mar. 39, 1835, a. 17 y. c. R. 2. 
Elizabeth, wid. Moses, Sept. 23, 1838, a. 96 y. 
Ellen M[atilda. a. r. 2.], d. Henry, 3d [and Lucy F. o. r. 2.], 

Sept 26, 1840. [a. 2 y. a m. g. R. z.] 
Enoch, s. Moses, dysentery, Sept. 26, 1842, a. 68 y. 
Epharaham, June 8, 174S, a. abt. 64 y. 
Ephraim, hernia, Apr. 33, 1809, a. 66 y. c. s. a. 
[Experience, c. r. j.], wid. Wil[lia]tn, Sept. 4, 1815, a. 9Z y. 

[Sept. 3. CB.z;a. 98y. G. R. 2.] 
Ezra, s. Capt. John and Phebe, Sept. 15, 1760, a. 23 y. 
Ezra, s. Ezra and Hannah, Jan. ti, 1801, a. 5 y. G. r. 2. 
Ezra, s. Ezra and Hannah [fever, c. R. 2.3, Jan. 12, 1804. [a. 

4 y. 9 m. c. R. 2.^ 
George, Nov. 23, 1734. 

Geo[rge], Capt., Mar. 19, 1768, a. 76 y. G. r. a. 
George, Col., bur. Dec. 26 [d. 21. g. r. 2.] 1775, a. 51 y. c. R. a. 
George, Capt., Oct. ai, 1812, a. 37 y. 
George, s, Capt. Geo[rge] and Ruth, Feb. [4. T. c. ; Feb. 23. 

c, R, 2.], 1829, a. 16 y. [a. rs y. c. r. 2.] 
George, Dec, 7, 1829. 

George ?., s. Paschal and Hannah, Sept. 7, 1834, a. 19 m. 
Gilbert, s. Benj[amin] and Rhoda, Jan. i, 1835, a. 22 y. g. r. 3, 
Hannah, d. Thomas and Hannah, at RumEord, July 23, 1746, a. 

45 y- 10 m. 12 d. 
Hannah, w. John, 5th, Aug. 27, 1749, in her aad y. 
Hannah, w. Joseph, Mar. 4, r7s5. 
Hannah, wid. Thomas, Jan. 25, 1763, a. 89 y. 
Hannah, d. Nehemiah and Hannah, Oct. 29, 1764, 
Hannah, d. Moses and Elizabeth, Mar. 15, 1772. 
Hannah, w. Barakias, July 31, 1775, in her 66th y. 
Hannah, d. Steven, bur. Sept. 5, 1775, a. 5 m. C. R. 2. 
Hannah, d. Darius, bur. Sept. 11, 1775, a. 10 y. c. r. 2. 
Hannah, w. Nehemiah, Sept. 27, 1778. [a. 42 y. c. r. 2.] 
Hannah [old age. c. R. 2.], Jan. 8, 1788, a. 90 y, 
Hanuah, sister of Ephraim [moitiiication. c. r. 3.], Nov. 17, 1798, 

a. 64 y. 
Hannah [unm. g. r. 2.], Mar. 12, 1813, a. 89 y. [a. 90 y. c. R. 3.] 



Abbot, Hannah, wid. Col. George, Sept. — [8. c. b. a.], 1813, 

a. 89 y. 
Hannah, w. Jeduthun, Sept. 3, 1S93. 
Hannah, w. Capt. Jeduthan, Sept. 3, 1825, a. 70 y. g. r. 3. 
Hannah, d. Barachias and Anna, Oct. 19, 1836. p. r. 117. 
Hannah, w. Caleb, Sept. 4 [24. g. r. 2.], 1818, a. 52 y. [a. 54 y. 

G. R. 2.] 
Hannah, w. Nathan, jr., Nov. 16, 1832. [a. 52 y. 7 m. p. r. i.] 
Hannah, vid. Capt. Stephen [affection of the livet and palsy. 

c. R. 2.], Jan. 3, 1840, a. 6r y. [and 4 m. G. B. z.] 
Hannah [Miss. c. ». 3.], d. Moses and Elizabeth [liver complaint. 

c. R. 3.j, Apr. 13, 1840, a. 68 y. 
Hannah (Chandler), w. George, June — , 1711, a. 82 y. g. r. 
Hannah J., d. Moody and Hannah W., Jan. 20, 1833, a. 10 m. 
Henry, Capt [diabetes, c r. 2.J, Feb. 21, 1805, a. So y. i m. 
Henry, s. [Capt.o. r. 2.] Henry, jr. and Phebc, Sept. 10, 1770. 

[a. 2 m. G. R. 2.3 
Henry, Lt., bur. Feb. 3, 1776, a. 79 y. 8 m. c. R. a. 
Henry, s. William B. and Lucinda, June 91^ 1836, a. 16 y. 4 m. 
Hepsibah, w. Bigsby, May 20, 1796. [a. 40 y, 7 m. c. R. z.] 
Hepzebeli, w. John, sth, July 2, 1752, in her 25th y. 
Hepzibah, w, Isaac, jr. [childbed, c. R. 2.], Mar. 22, 1800, a, 

27 y. 
Hepzibeth, d. Maj. Benj[ami]n and Maiy, May 20, 1821, a. 

9 y- 

Hermon, a. Hermon and Lydia [quinsy, c. R. 2.], Sept. 23, 1805 
[a. 2 y. 6 m. c. r. 3.] 

[Horace S. c. R. 2.], s. Sylvester and Rhoda B., dysentery, Aug. 
14, 1849, "■ 10 ™- C'^"8- '3- c. R. 2.] 

Isaac, B. Thomas and Hannah, " sickness in ye Kings Service at 
Lewisburg," Nov. 3, 174S. a. 28 y. 8 m. 21 d. 

Isaac, Dea., Aug. 9, 1784, a. 86 y. [a. 85 y. C. r. 2.j 

Isaac, jr., ["Oct. 16, after a muster fell from his bouse & was 
never well afterwards." c. R. a.], Dec. 27, 1806, a. 38 y. 
18 d. 

Isaac, Dea., May 21, 1836, a. 91 y. 

Isaac N., s, Isaac and Dolly, Apr. 18, 1833, a. 3 y. 3 m. 

Jacob, s. Moses, May la, 1836, a. 55 y. 

James, s. Timothy and Mary, Sept. 10, 1S04. p. r. 117. 

James [s. Job and Anna. c. R. 3.], " killed by the Splitting of his 
own Gun, on the Training field, immediately after the Com- 
pany was dismissed " [May 5. G. R. 3.], bur. May 7, 1807, 
a. 30 y. c. R. 2. 

Jane, d. Capt Stephen and Hannah, Nov. a6, 1821, a. 2 y. 



Abbot, James, s. Timothy and Mary, Jan. iz, 1831.P. r. 117. 

Jeduthun, Capt, July 5, i8io, a. 61 y. [a. 62 y. G. R. 3.] 

Jethro, s. Ebenezei and Lydia, May 2, 1764. 

Job, s. Capt, Job and Lucy, Feb. 9, 1817, a. 3 y. 

Job [jr., B. Job, of Wilton, N. H. g. r. a.], Oct. 15, iSrg. [a. 23 

y. G. R. 2.] 
Job, s. Capt. Job and Lucy, Oct. iS, 1826. 
Joel, s. Earakias, jr. and Sarah, May 7, 1775. [a. 8 d. c. r. 2,] 
Joel, at the almshouse, Nov. 11, 1826. 
John, s. John and Elizabeth, Sept. 10, 1703. 
John, Dea., Jan. i, 1754) in his 80th y. 
John, 3d, small pox, Jan. 3, 1779, a. 53 y. 
John, Capt., old age, [Nov. 10. o. R. 2.], bur. Nov. 12, 1793, a. 

89 y. 3 m. c. R. 2. 
John, 3. Ezra and Hannah [canker lash. c. r. 2.], Aug. 6, 1803. 

[a. ay. 5 m. c.R. 2.] 
John, Capt, Apr. 24, 1818, a. 83 y, [Apr. 4. G. R. 2.] 
John [W[inia]m written over to John.], s. Capt. George and 

Ruth, Jan. 14, r82i, a. 8 ra. 
John K., s. Joeeph T. and Betsy, Aug. 28, 1834, a. i y. r5 d. 
John L., Rev., suddenly [of Boston, c. e. 2,], Oct. r7, 1814, a. 

30 y. 10 m. t8 d. 
Jonathan, fever [May 31, 1794. g. r. 2.], a. 79 y. 5 m. c. r. i. 
Jonathan, Capt, Apr. 10, 1817, in his 7Sth y. 
Jonathan, Capt, Dec. 26 [25. g. r. 2.], 1821, a. 82 y. 
Jonathan, Lt, May zi, 1830, a. 70 y. 
Jonathan, Mar. 8, 1838, a. 36 y. g, r. 3. 
Joseph, Jan. 9, 1 757, in his 81st y. 
Joseph, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, " taken Captive by the Indians 

at Lake George, Sept. 19, 1756, and carry'd to Canada and 

dyed in prison at Quebeck sometime in Jan. 1758," in his 

Z4th y. 
Joseph, s. John, 4th and Satah, Mar. 22, 1763. 
Joseph, Dec. 10, 1766, in his 43dy. 
Joseph, " killed by y* blowing up o( the drying House & Magz" 

of y" Powder Mill", June i, 1778. c. R. "2. 
Joseph, s. Bixby, bur. Aug. 19, 1778, a. 2 m. c. r. 2. 
Joseph, small pox, Jan. 5, 1779, a, 14 y. 
Joseph F,, s. Isaac and Dolly, Apr. 21, 1833,8. 9 m. 17 d. 
Joshua, s. Zcb[ediah], bur. May 21, 1773. C. R. a. 
Joshua, s. Dea. Z[ebediah] and R[ebccca], Nov. 20, 1773, a. 19 

d. G. B. 2. 

Joshua, s. Jonathan, jr. and Mary, Mar. 26, 1775. [a. 4 m. iz d. 
c. R. 2.] 



Abbot, Joshua^ 4th, s. Dea. Z[ebediah] and R[ebecca], July 26, 

1782, a. 5 m. 35 d. G. R. 2. 
Joshua, s. Capt. Jona[than3 and Mary, July 9, 1784. [a. 1 

a R. a.] 
Joshua, fl. Dea. Nathan, canker, bur. Jan. 30, 1796, a. 11 y. 7 

a R. 3. 
Josiah, s- Hannah, wid., Nov, 15, 1753- 

Louisa D., uum., d. Gardner and Dorcas [Rachel, a R. i.j, con- 
sumption, Apr. I, 1849, a. 37 y. [Mar. 31. g. r. 2.] 
Lucy, d. Capt. Jeduthon and Hannah [nervous fever, c. r. 2,], 

Aug. 16, [798. [a. 22 y. 10 ro. c. r. z.] 
Lucy, w. Caleb [fever, c. R. 2.], Feb. ai [Mar. 2r.G. R. 3.], 1802, 

a. 44 y. [bur. Mar. 24, a. 42 y. 7 m. c R. 2.] 
Lucy, d. Timolhy, jr. and Jerusha [spotted fever, c. R. i.], July 

13, 1811, a. sy. 
Lucy Ann, d. Herman M. N., Sept. i, 1841, a. 1 1 m. 7 d. G. R. 3. 
Luther, ch. Daiias, bur. Sept. 14, 1773. c. r. 2. 
Lydta, w. Ephraim [dropsy, c. r. a.], July 3, 1788, a. 37 y. 
Lydia, wid. Dea. Isaac, old age, but. Mar. 2 [d.Feb, 28. g. r. a.] 

r79r, a. 87 y. C r. 2. 
Lydia, wid. Thomas [lung fever. c. r. 3.], Nov. 16, 1798. [a. 67 y. 

7 m. c. R. 2.] 
Lydia, wid. Nehem[ia]h, Feb. 13, 1814, a. 69 y. 
Lydia [F. G. R. a,], w. Hermon, Apr. 27, 1838, a. 6a y. 
Lydia Clark, 6. Capt. John L. and Phebe [canker, c r, i.], Mar. 

16, 1796, a. 4 y. 8 m. 
MatgaretW.,d.Geoige and Ruth, Aug. 35, i8r3, a. ay. 6 m. r6 d. 
Martha, w. Moses, jr. [childbed, d. in Salem, c. r. s.J, Sept. 

1804, a. 33 y. [bur. Aug. 16. c. R. a.] 
Martin [B, G. R, a.], s. Charles and Dorcas, Mar. 6, 1827, a. 6 y. 
Mary, d. George, jr. and Hannah, Sept. 15, 1752. 
Mary, w, Samuel, Apr. 15, 1754, in her 5Sth y. 
Mary, d. John, 4th and Sarah, Jan. 6, 1763. 
Mary, d. [Capt. g. r. a.] Henry, jr, and Phebe, Aug. 17, r769. 

[a. r7 m. g. r. 2.] 
Mary, wid., bur. Aug. 3r, 1784, a. 84 y. C, b, 3. 
Mary, wid. Capt. George [Oct, 4, r78s. g, r. 2.], a. 91 y, c. 
Mary, w. Jona[than], Aug. 8, 1792, in her 70th y. G. R. 2. 
Mary, d. Jonafthan] and Doicas, Jan. 31, 1796, in her 6th y. 

o. R. 2. 
Mary, w. Bixby, Mar. 27, 1805, a. 48 y. G. r. 3. 
Mary, w, Capt. Benj[»mi]n, May 26, 1816, a. 37 y- 
Mary, " commonly called Aunt Molly" [d. Stephen and Mary. 

G. R. 3.], Sept. 15, 1820, a. 76 y. 



Abbot, Mary, wid. CapL Jona[thaii3, Apr. 33, 1824, a. 84 y. 
Maiy, w. Dea. Paschal [consumption, c. R. 3.], Oct. 37, 1838, a. 

37 y- 
Mehetible, d. Baracbias and Anna, Mar. 25, 1835. p. r. 117. 
Mebitable [Hephzibah. c. r. 3.], w. Jonathan, 3d, Jan. i, 1777. 
Micah, 8. Isaac, jr. and Susanna, Aug. 16, 1767. [Aug. 17.G. R. 3] 
Moody, s. Heniy and Judith, decline, Sept. 12, 1843, a. 19 y. 
Moses B., unm., laboier, s. Jacob and Betsey, tumor, Feb. 11, 

1849, a. 34 y. 
Nathan [internal abscess, c. r. 3.], June 23, 1798, a. 80 y. [a, 

79 y. 2 m. c. R. 3.] 
Nathan, Dea., hepatic, bur. Mar. 9, 1801, a. 48 y. 6 m. c r. 3. 
Nathan, jr., Feb. 13, 1837, a. 58 y. 5 m. 19 d. 
Nathaniel, Mr., Dec. i, 1749, in his 79th y. 
Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel and Sarah, July 11, 1774. [a. 8w. C. R. 3.] 
Nehemiah, Jan. 1, 1784, in his 38U1 y. c. r. i. 
Nehemiah [" one of the Trustees of Phillips Academy," sttangu- 

ary. c. R. 2.], Oct. 13, 1808, a. 77 y, i m. 19 d. 
Nehemiah, Dec 13, 1832, a. 66 y. 
Nemiah, Dea., Sept. 16, 1750, in his 84th y. 
Noah, s. Noah [dysentery, Sept. 14. c. R. z.j, Sept. 17, 1840, a. 

3 1 y. 8 m. 
Obadiah, s. Dea. Joseph and Deborah, Feb. 8, 1749-50. 
Orlando, Oct. 4, 1834, a. 47 y. [a. 52 y, g. r. z.] 
Famelia, d. Capt. Jeduthon and Hannah [cholera morbus, c. R. 2.], 

Aug. 3T, 1 798. [a. 5 y. 10 m. C. R. 2.] 
Parker Clark, s. Nehemiah, bur. Dec. t, r783, a. 3 m. c r. 3. 
Paschal G., s. Dea. P., cholera infantum, Aug. 31, 1834, a. 19 m. 

c. R. 2. 
Paschal G., s. Paschal and Hannah, Nov. 30, 1836, a. 7 m. 
Patty, d. Jona[than], jr., white swelling, bur. June 5 [d. June 4, 

G. R. 3.], r797, a. 12 y. c. r. 3. 
Phebe.w. [Dea. g. r. a.] Isaac, Dec. 17, 175 1, a. 35 y. lom. 37d. 
Phcbe, d. Isaac and Phebe, Nov. 8, r772. [inhei6th y. G. r. 3.] 
Phebe, w. [Dea. c. r. 3.] Isaac [jaundice and dropsy, c. r. 2.], 

July 6, rSoo, a. 58 y. i m. 
Phebe, wid. Capt. John [fever, c. r. a.], Dec. — , r8o3, a. 90 y. 

[bur. Dec. 7. c. R. 2.3 
Phebe, d. John L., Esq. and Phebe, Nov. ri, 1811. [a. 22 y. 

C. R. 2.] 

Phebe, d. the late Isaac, jr. and Mary, Feb. 30, iSai, a. 18 y. 
[a. 17 y. 8 m. G. r. 2.] 

Phebe, , 1825. c R. a. 

Phebe, Sept. 16, t837. 



Abbot, Phebe, wid. Capt Henry, June 29 [27. c. r. a.], 1833, 

a- 85 y- [87 y- C. R. a.] 
Polly, d. Jonathan, jr., canker, bur. Feb. i, 1796, a. 5 y. 8 m. 

C, R. 2. 

Priscilla, unm. [old age. c. r. a.]. May »4, 1791, a. 100 y. 

"wanting 35 days." 
Priscilla, w. Moaes, jr., Apr. 5, 1811, a. 27 y. 
[Priscilla. G. B. 3.J, wid. David, Feb. 19, 1831. [a. 62 y. 

G. R. 3-] 

Prisey, Feb. — , 1830. c. r. 2. 

Rebeccah, wid. Dca. Zebediah, Sept. 15 [14. c. r. 2. and g. r. 2.], 

i82T,a. 77y-[a. 78 y- g. R. 2.] 
Rebekah, d. Capt. Jeduthon and Hannah [fever, c. r. 2.1, Sept. 

[8. G. R. 3.] 1798. [bur. Sept. 9, a. 3 y. 5 m. c r. 2.] 
Rhoda [d. Barachias and Hannah, c R. 2.], Aug. 11, 1775, in 

her 29th y. [a. 27 y. C. R. 2.] 
Ruben, a. John and Satah, Jan. 17, 1768. 
Sally B., w. Albert, Aug. 10, 1834, a. ao y. 
Samuel, Oct. 29, 1762, in his 66th y. [Oct. 9. g. r. 2.] 
Samuel, s. Stephen and Mary [killed by a cart. g. r. 2.], Aug. 10, 

1768. [1769, a. 6 y. g. r. 2.] 
Sam[ue]l, s. Abner and Ruth [quinsy, c. h. a.], Oct. i, 1793, a. 

18 m. 6 d. G. R. 2, 
Samuel, s. Caleb and Lucy [canker. C. r. 2.], Apr. 14, 1796, a. 

I y. 2 m. 
Samuel, Esq., Apr. 30, 1812, a. 80 y. 2 m. 5 d. 
Samuel, s. [Capt. g. r. 2.] Stephen and Hannah, Sept. 17, 1834.. 

[a. 23 y. 7 m. g. r. ».] 
Samuel K., 9. Maj. Benj[ami]n, Apr. 17, 1820. 
Sarah, w. Uriah, May 9, 1750, in her 48th y. 
Sarah, w. Mr. Stephen, Dec. 28, 1750, in her 70th y. 
&irab, d. Stephen, canker, bur. Jan. 24, 1776. c, r. 2. 
Sarah, w. John, 3d, May 17, 1776, in her 48th y. 
Sarah, d. Stephen, bur. June 18, 1778,3. 2 y. c. R. a. 
Sarah, wid. Ephraim, Oct 29, i8n, a. 65 y. 
Sarah, wid. Sam[ue]ll, Esq., Feb. 12, a. 8g y. 
Sarah, w. Abel, Dec. i, i8zi, a. 3a y. 
Sarah [" who lived a single life." g. b. a j "found dead in bed," 

c R, 2.], Mar. 20 [Mar. 30. c. R. *. and G. r. a.], 1831, a. 

93 y- 
Sarah Barnard, Mrs., apoplexy, Aug. lo, 1834, a. ao y. c. R. a. 
Sarah Frances, d. Abel, jr. and Apphia L., Jan. 17, 1840, a. 9 m.. 

Sarah P., Feb. 17, 1821. 



Abbot, Sarah P., d. Capt. Jeduthan and Hannah, Feb. — , 1822, 

in bei 40th y. a. b. 3. 
Serena, d. David and Priscilla, Sept. 20, 1805, a. 1 m. 11 d. [1, 

10 m. c. R. 2.] 
Solomon, Sept. 24, 1840. [a. 68 y, G. R. 3.] 
Stephen, Nov, 8, 1768, in his 50th y. [in srst y, g. r, a,] 
Stephen, s. Capt. Stephen and Hannah, Apr. 10, 1822, a. 19 y. 
Temperance R[ussell (Jordan), c. k. 5.], w. Stephen, cancer, 

Oct. 9, 1841, a. 48 y. 
Theodore, s. Ebenezer and Lydia, May 14, 1764. 

Thomas, 25, 1753- G. R- i. 

Thomas, July,jr, 1774, a. 76 y. 

Thomas, Mar. 29, 1775, in his 46th y. 

Thomas, suddenly [fell over the fence and broke his neck. 

c. R. 1.], Apr. 30, 1817. 
Timothy, July to, 1766, in his 74th y. 
Timothy, s. Barachias and Hannah, Mar. 30, 1772, 
Timothy, s. Timothy and Sarah [fell into the well and drowned, 

p. E. 8.], Aug, 17, 1777. [a. 2 y. 10 m. c r. a.] 
Timothy, s. Timothy and Maty, May 10, 1816. p. r. 117. 
Timothy, Mar, 22, i8a6, a. 81 y. [Mar. 31, a. 82 y. p. r. 8.] 
Timothy B., Nov. 32, 1820. 
Uriah, Apr. 7, 1770, in his 79th y, 

Warren, , 1825. c. r. 2, 

William, s. Dea. Isaac and Phebe, Sept, 29, 1768. 
William [consumption, c. r. 2,}, Jan. 2, 1798, a. 73 y. 
Will[ia]m Lovejoy, s. Capt. John L. and Phebe [fits. c. r. 2.], 

Mar. 27, 1796, a. i y. 2 m. 
William T., s. Joseph T. and Betsy, Sept. 23, 1836, a. 6 m. 8 d. 
Zebadiah, Dea., bilious fever [Nov. 24, 1793- g. r. 2.], a. 54 y. 

2 m. c. R. 2. 
Zebadiah, Dea., May 3, 1836, a. 66 y. [a. 67 y. g. r. 3.] 
Zebediah, Sept. g, 1767, in his 73d y, 
Zebediah, s. Zebediah and Sarah [fever, c. r. a.], Oct 7, 1808, 

a. 3 y. 4 m. 18 d. 

, s. Mr. Isaac and Phebe, Nov, 14, 1747. 

, s. David and Prudence, Mar. 2, 1756. 

, young ch., Jona[than], 3d, bur. Nov, 2r, 1771, c. k. 2. 

, ch. [s. p. R. 102.] Nathan, jr. [and Sarah, p. b. 102.], bur. 

June 17, 1780, a. g d. c, R. 2, 
, ch. [s. P. R. 102.] Nathan, jr. [and Sarah, p. r. 102.], bar. 

Apr. 3, 1781, a. I d. c s. 2. [d. Mar, 2a. p. r. roa,] 
, w. Josiab, child bed fever, bur. Feb. 16, 1788, a. 26 y. 

c. R. 3. 



Abbot, , s. John L., bur. July is, 1791, a. 2 h, c, r. 2. 

, ch. Solomon and Lucy, Dec. 30 [bur. Dec. 8. c. f, 2.], 

1796. a- 3 w. [a. 24 d. c. r. ».] 

, s. Moses and Martha, bur. Oct, i, 1804, a. so d. c. r. 2. 

, 8. Nathan, jr., fits, bur. Nov. a6, 1804, a. 3 d. c. f. 2. 

, ch. Nathan, jr., chin cough, bur. Jan. 35, 1806, a. 5 w. 

c. R. 3. 

, ch. Timothy and Mary, Mar. 27, 1807. p. r. 117. 

, ch. Moses, bur. Mar. 26, 1810, a. 1 1 m. c. r. 3. 

, B, Nathan, bur. May 17, 1811, a. 2 d. c, R, a. 

, ch, Jacob and Betsy, Aug. 21, 1816, a. 16 h. 

, d. Jacob and Betsy, Dec. 13, 1827, a. 2 w. 

, boarder at wid. SpofiFerd's, Dec. — , 1829. c R. i. 

, ch. Isaac, throat distemper, Apr. 17, 1833. c. R. 3. 

, ch. Isaac, throat distemper, Apr. ai, 1833. c r, 2. 

, s. Jonathan and Lydia, June i, 1833, ^- ' ^■ 

— -, d. Hervey and Caroline, Nov. 17, 1833. p. r. 117. 

- , S. Joel and Mary, Mar. 22, 1834. 

, s. Hervey and Caroline, Nov. 3, 1836. p. r. 117. 

-, ch. Abel, jr., Jan. 17, 1840. c. H. 3. 

, d. Joel and Mary, Sept 7, 1840, a. 8 w. 

ABBOTT (see also Abbot), Aaron, s. Tho[ma]s and Hannah, 

Apr. 9, 1730. 
Abbie A., w. Geo[rge] Murphy, Aug. 24, 1846, a. 23 y, i m. 

o. R. 2. 
Abiel, Mr,, s. Dea. John and Elisabeth, May 18, 1739, a. 23 y. 

4 m. II d. 
Abigail, d. Benjamin and Abigail, Oct. to, 1733. 
Abigail, m., £t, July 14, 1848, a. 56 y. 
Ann Eliza, d. Samuel and Susan [R c. r. 2.], cholera infantum, 

Sept. 9, 184S, a. 2 y. 8 m. 15 d. 
Anne, d. Zebadiah and Anne, Apr. 3, 1738. 
Asa, Dec. 23, 1707, a. 75 y. a r. 2, 
Barachia3,s. Barachias and Hannah, June 24, 1738. 
Barachias, Jan. 29, 1812. p. r. 117. 
Belinda Ann, d. Joel F. and Mary [cholera infantum, c. r. 2.], 

Aug. 15, 1839, a. 9 m. G. R. 2. 
Benjamine, Corp., Mar. 30, 1 702-3. 
Caleb, s. Timothy and Mary, Sept. 7, 1738. 
Catherine, d. Thomas and Hannah, Sept. 14, 1744- 
Charles A., s. David and Mary G-, cholera infantum, Sept. ai, 

1844, a. 4 m. 19 d. 
Charles Otis, s. Jonathan and Lydia, May 2, 1839, a. 3 w. 



Abbott, Chloe Manning, wid. Abiel, spine injured by fall, Feb. 19 

[Feb. 18. c. R. 2.], 1847, a. 75 y. 
Costello, s. Nathan and Mary E., Jan. 8, 1839, a. i y. 11 d. 

Daicas, wid. Capt. George, Feb. 18, 1739-40. 

Deborah, d. Joseph and Deborah, July 9, 1736. 

Deborah, d. Dea. Joseph and Deborah, Nov. 31, 1743- 

Dorcas, w. Ll. Nathaniel, Feb. 16, 1742-3. 

Doicas, wid. [Jonathan. G. k. 3 ; old age. c. r. z.], Mar. 3, 1844. 

[a. 85 y. 6 m. c. R. 2 ; a. 87 y. 6 m. C. R. 2.] 
DoTcas, Mrs., Mar. 31, 1847, a. 59 y. 
Dorolhy, d. Thomas and Sarah, Oct. 27, r678. 
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Hannah, July iS, 1721. 
Elisabeth, w. Ebenezer, Apr. 14, 1744, in her 5 ist y. 
Eliza, d. Isaac and Dolly, scarlet fever, July 10, 1842, a. 5 y. 3 m. 
Eliza, d. John and Saiah, Aug. 16, 1843, a. 13 y. p. r. 117. 
Elizabeth, w, George, jr., May 6, 1 706. 
Elizabeth, w. William, Nov. 26, 1712. 
Elizabeth, w. Benjamine, Sept. 3, 1718, 
Elizbeth, d. George and Mary, Jan. 7, 1726-7. 
Ephraim, s. Ephraim and Hannah, Nov. 19, 1739. 
Ephraim, jr., Apr. 14, 1745, in his 36th y. 
Ezara, s. Wi]l[ia]ni and Elizabeth, Nov. 19, i7r3. 
Ezra, Dec. 4, 1793. p. r. 4. 

Ezra, " instantaneous death," Jan. 31, 1844, a. 83 y. 
[Frances A. g. r- 2.], d. Charles F. and Frances A., Oct. 13, 

1 840, a. 9 m. 
Frances Aon, w. Charles F., Jan. 25, 1840, a. 39 y. [34 y. 

O. R. ..] 

George [b. in England, was one of the first settlers of Andover, 

1643. G. R. 2.], Dec. 84, 1681. [a. 66 y. g. r. 2.] 
George, Mar. aa, 1688-9. 

George, s. William and Elizabeth, Nov. 16, 1690. 
George, s. William and Elisabeth, Dec. 30, 1691. 
George, Capt, Feb. 36, 1735-6, io his 8ist y. 
George, s. Joel and Judith, Feb, 3, 1S39, a. ai y. p. r. 117- 
George A[Kred. c. r. 2.], s. James [Alfred, c. R- a.] and Mary 

[J. G. R. a.], bum, SepL 4 [Oct. 4. g, r. 2 ; Oct. 5. c. R. 

2.], 1849, a. s y, 10 m. 1 1 d. 
George H., July 7, 1841, a, 3 i-a y. g. r, 2, 
Hannah, d. David and Hannah, Feb. 14, i72f-a. 
Hannah, w. Timothy, Nov. 5, 1726. 
Hannah, w. John, May 33, 1733. 
Hannah, d. W[illia3m and Exper[ienc]e [consumption, c. R. 2.], 

July 7, 1792, a. 40 y. c. r. 2. [a. 39 y. c r. a.] 



Abbott, [Hannah, g. r. 2.], w. Abiel, Oct. 12, 1821, a. 547. 

Hannah, unm., consumption, July 27, 1847, a. 75 y. 

Hannah B[e!cher. G. R. 2.], d, Henry, 3d [and Lucy F. g.r. a.], 

fever, Aug. 15, 7847, a. 3 y. 3 m. 16 d. 
Henry, s. Capt. H[enry} and Phebe, May 19, 1776, in his 5 th y. 

G. R. 2. 
Heary, jr., widr., farmer, s. Moses, consumption, Sept. 23 [24. 

c. R 2 ; 33. G. R. 2.], 1845, a. 67 y. 
Hepzibah, w. Isaac, jr.. Mar. 2a, 1800, in her 27th y. g. r. 3, 
Hermon Alfred, s. [twin. g. r. 2.] Joseph and Caroline, Aug. 24 

[Aug. 19. G. R. 2 ; 20. c. R, a.], 1843, a. i y, 
Isaac, s. Thomas and Elisabeth, Sept. i6, 1740. 
James H[oratio. C. R. 1.], unm., yeoman, s. Gardiner [and RacheL 

G. R. 2.], suicide, Sept. 29, 1844, a. 24 y. [a. 23 y. c. r. i ; 

a. 24 1-2 y. G. R. 2.] 
Jetusha [Thurston (York), c. R. 5.], ^' Timothy, consumption 

and decay, Jan. 31, 1845, a. 72 y. 
Joel, s. Benjamin and Abigail, Mar. 23, 1743-3. 
John, Dea., Mar. 19, r720-2i. 
John [Prof, in Bowdoin Col. G. r. 2], dropsy, July 2, 1843, a. 

84 y. 
John, s. Joel and Judith, May 10, r848, in his 43d y. p. r. 117, 
John Lovejoy [old age. c. r. 2], Nov. i, 1837, a. 80 y. 
John Taylor, s. Daniel and Sally, chol[cra] infantum, Aug. 23^ 

1843, a. IS m. 
Jonathan, 9. Stephen and Hannah, Oct. i, T837, a. 29 y. 
Joseph, s. Tho[ma]s and Saia, Mar. 7, 1667. 
Joseph, E. George and Hannah, " killed by ye Indians," Apr. 8, 

Joseph, s. Kehemiah and Abigaiel, Nov. i, 1726. 
Joseph, S.Joseph and Deborah, Sept. 14, i74r. 
Joshua, 8. Joseph and Deborah, Dec. 3r, 1736. 
Joshua, 3. Joseph and Deborah, Oct. 15, 1739. 
Joshua, s. Nathan and Sarah, Jan. 29, 1786, in her 12th y. 

G. R. 2. 
Josiah, Sept. — , 1835. P. b. 117. 
Judith J,, V. Asa, July 15, 1843, a. 67 y. 

Laura L. [E. G, R. 2], d. Sam[ue]l [and Susan B. c. R. ».] con- 
sumption, Jan. 3, 1846, a. 8 m. c. r. a. [a. 7 m. 23 d. G. R. 2.] 
Leutitia [Lititia. c. r. i; Leretetia. g. r. 6.], w. Orlando [con- 
sumption, c. i. I.], Sept 12, 1837, a. 34 y. 
Lydea, d. Thomas, jr. and Elezebith, June 3, 1749, a. 5 y- 7 m.^ 

33 ^■ 
Lydia, w. Capt. Jonathan, July 16, 1839, a. 34 y. 



Abbott, Maitha, d. George and Dorcas, Dec. 4, 1683. 

Martha, d, Epbtiaro and Satah, Apr. 24, 1733. 

Martha, d. Joseph T. and Betsy, scarlet fever, Apr. 26, 1S42, a. 

4 y. 10 m. 
Martha D., d. W[illia]in B. and Luciada F., Mar. 18, 1832, a. 

3 2 m. G. R. 2. 
Mary, d. John and Sarah, Dec. r i, 1688, 
Mary, d. Timothy and Mary, Oct. 28, 1718. 
Mary, w. Benjamin, Jan. 19, i7a5'6. 
Mary, d. Henry and Mary, Jan. 27, r734-s. 
Mary,d. Uriah and Sarah, Oct, 7, 1736, a. 2 y. 11 m. 2 d. 
Mary, w. Ephraim, 3d, Mar. 9, 1744-5. 
Mary Ann [MaryN., w. Herman, g. r. 3,], m., b. Tewksbury, 

d, — Gray, consumption, at Reading, Nov. 19, 1845, a. 30 

y. [Nov. 20. G. R. 3.] 
Mehetebel, d. Stephen and Sarah, Apr. 16, 1728. 
Micah, s. Isaac and Susannah, b. July 15, 1766, d. Aug. 17, 

1767. G. R. 2. 
Moses, Capt., Feb. 23, i8a6. 

Nathan, s. Will[ia]m and Elizabeth, Jan. 9, i7r2-t3. 
Nathaniel, s. Joseph and Deborah, Apr. 5, 1740. 
Nehemiah, s. Ebenezer and Hannah, Mar. 25, 1727. 
Newton, a. laaac and Dolly, June r4, 1839, a. 4 y. 3 m. 
Noah, m., farmer, s. Moses and Elizabeth, old age, July 13, 

1849, a. 79 y. 
Phebe, d. Josiah F. and Hannah, Nov. 28, 1835, a. 17 m. o. R. 2. 
Ph[i]Iip, s. Ebenezer and Elisabeth, " sickness in ye Kings 

Set vice at Lewisburg," Jan. 31, 1745-6. 
Samuel, s. Thomas and Elezcbeth, Dec. 8, 1725. 
Sam[ue]l Flint, s. Enoch and Nancy, at Grossetete, La., Jan. 2, 

1843, a. i8 y. G. r. 2. 
Sarah, d. George and Dorcas, Nov. 17, 1679. 
Sarah, wid. Thomas, Feb. 16, 1715-16, a. abt. 69 y. 
Sarah, wid. Dea. John, Feb. 10, 1728-9, in her 83d y. 
Sarah, w. Barachias, Feb. 11, 1808. p. r. 117. 
Sarah, wid. Nathan, Aug. 20, r825. [a. 70 y. p. r. ir5.] 
Sarah, wid. Timothy, Apr. 2, r835, a. 85 y, g. r. z. [Apr. 12, 

p. R. 8.] 
Sarah, wid. [w. Zebediah. c. b. 3.], consumption. Mar. 4, 1847, 

a. 74 y. 
Sarah, wid. Nehemiah £" Founder of Abbot Female Academy," 

G. R. z.], influenza. Mar. 2, r848, a. 86 y. [85 y. G. R. z.j 
Sarah E. M., d. Daniel and Sally, cho1[era] morbus, Aug. 16, 

1843. a. 9 y. 



Abbott, Saiah F., w. Dea. Zeb[ediah], Mar. 4, 1847, a. 74 y. G. r.'3. 

Stephen, Capt., Oct. i, 1835, a. 56 y. 

Susan B. [w, Samuel, c. R. z.], consumption, Feb. 22, 1847, a. 

34 y. 2 m. 
Thomas, May [15. t, c], 1695. 
Thomas, ar., Apr. 28, 1728, in his 6zd y. 
Thomas, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, Mar. 19, 1728-9. 
Timothy, Sept. 9, 1730, in his 67th y. 

l^mothy, s. Timothy and Mary, Mar. »6, 1745, a. 25 y. 5 ra. 
Timothy, s. Barachias and Saiah, Jan. i, 1837, m his 64th y. 

p. R. 117. 
Tira[othy] B., Nov. 27, 1820, a. Z3 y. q. r. a. 
Uriah, s. Uriah and Sarah, Sept. 14, 1729. 
William, ST., Oct. 21, 1713. 
WiUiam.jr., a. Will[ia]m,Oct. 28, 1713. 
William, s. Joseph and Hannah, Dec. 17, 1730. 
William, a. Col. Benjamin and Maty, Nov. 3, 1835, a. 27 y. 
William B., Capt, May 19, 1840, a. 48 y. 
W[illia]ro Henry, s. W[illia]m R and Lucinda F., June 21, 1836, 

a. 16 1-3 y. G. B. 2. 
Zebadiah, s. Thomas, deceased. May 17, 1745, in his 37th y. 
Zebediah, a. Zfebediahj and Sarah, Oct. 7, 1S08, a. 3 y. 4 m, 

c. R. 3. 

, a. stillborn, Mr. Isaac and Phebe, July ii, 1741. 

, s. Amos and Esther M., Dec. 10, 1821. 

, ch. William, Sept. 22, 1825, 

, wid. John L., Esq., Oct. 1, 1825. 

, w. Caleb, "instantaneous death," Sept, 4, 182S. C. r. 2. 

, s. Isaac, erysipelas, Sept. 15, 1839, a. 2 w. c. R. 2. 

, ch. Henry, 3d, dysentery, Sept. 26, 1840, a. 2 y. c. R. 2, 

, 1. Abel [jr. c. R. 2.], Mar. 9, 1841, a. 2 m. 

, s. Chandler, Aug. 5, 1841, a. 19 m. 

, ch. Samuel, scarlet fever, June 30, 1842, a- 1 1-2 y. c.r. 2.. 

, brother Ezra, July 29, 1843, a. 84 y. c. k. 2. 

, inf. ch. Mary Ann, Aug, 21, 1843. 

, ch. [s. G. R. 2.], Abiather and Harriet [N. g. r. r.], Oct. 

2, 1847, a. 2 d. 

ABRAHAM, Martha, wid. W[illia]m, Sept. 17, 1783, a. 85 y. 

G. R. I. 

ADAMS. Amos, s. John, 3d and Susanna, Apr. 25, 1808, a. 7 y. 
Charles, s. John and Eliza, Sept. 17, 1842, a. 5 m. 
Dorcas [(Faulkner), c. R. s-]' ""• ^^J- J°'*'* [erysipelas, c. R. i.], 
Sept. 23, 1837,8. 71 y. 



Adams, Elizabeth, d. Nathan and Eliza[bcth3, Sept.ztj, 1788, a. 2 y. 
Elizabeth, w. John [piincipal of Fliillips Academy, b. Mar. 19, 

1776. G. R. s-], Feb. 23, 1839, a. 52 y. 
Emaline Osgood, d. Maj. John and Dorcas, Mar. 31, 1810, a. 2 y. 

[a y. I m. 21 d. G. R. i.} 
Hanoab, d. Dea. John and Hannah, Aug. 30, 1763, a. 2 y. i m. 

G. R. I. 

Hannah, w. John, Oct, 22, 1771. [in her syth y. g. r. i.] 

Hannah, 2d v. Dea. John, Jan. 22, 1774, a. 33 y. g. r. 1. 

Henry, s. John, jr., Apr. 4, 1816, a. i y. 

Isaac, s. Lt John, jr. and Dorcas, Oct. 27, 1801, a. 3 y. 

John, Dea. [farmer, black jaundice, c B. i.}, June 27, 1813, a. 

John, jr. [a native of West Cambridge, angina pectoris, c. r. 1.3, 
Nov. 20, 1834, a. 60 y. 

John, Maj. [apoplexy, c. r. 1.], Sept 28, 1839, a, 73 y, 

John O[sgood. c. r. i.], s. Maj. John and Dorcas [be was resid- 
ing at N. York, puisuing the study of medicine, died of 
inflammation of the bowels. C- R. i.], Jan. 1, 183a, a, 20 y. 

Joshua, 9. Isarel and Tabitha, Dec. 7, 1757, in his 19th y. 

Mary [H, c, R. i.], wid, Dea. John, Nov. 9, r8i9, a. 89 y. 

Sarah, d. Israiel and Tabitha, Aug. 30, 1746, a. a y. i m. 4 d. 

Sarah, d. Dea. John and Hannah, Sept. 2, 1763, a. i y. i m. 
a. R. I, 

Susan, w. John, jr., June 30, 1834, a. 59 y. g. r. 6. 

Susan C, d. John, jr. and Eliza, May 29, 1838, a. 14 m. 14 d. 

Susannah, w. John [jr. c. R. i,], June 30, 1834. 

, B. Stillborn, Israel and Tabitha, July 26, 1744. 

, quinsy, Feb. 19, r82o, a. 8 y. c. R. i. 

, ch. John, jr., June — , 1838, a. 3 y. c. R. 1. 

ADUNGTON, James, of Boston, sometime resident in Andover, 
at B. Ames' jr., bur. Feb. 16, 1804, a- 65 y. c. r. 2. 

ALLEN (see also Allin), Abigail, wid. Asa, Aug. 3, 1825. 
Andrew [jr., small pox, dup.j, Oct. 24, 1690. [gber. 26, 1690. 

Andrew, Jan. 12, 1777, in his 23d y. 
Arthur W., b, Salem, N. H., s. John [A. g. r. 6.] and Eunice B., 

canker, Aug. 30, 184S, a. 7 m. 8 d. 
Asa, s. Asa, measles and fever, bur. Feb. 9, 1790, a. 8 m. a w. 

c, R. 2. 
Deborah, d. James and Deborah, Oct. 11, r769. 
Deborah, wid. James, Aug. 7, 1806, a. 92 y. 



Allen, [Edward Payaon. g. r. z.], b; John C. and Hannah 
croup. C. R, a.]. Mar. 29, 1834. 

Elizabeth [old age. c. R. i.], July 2, 1837, a. 83 y. 

Hannah E[liza, g. r. 3,], only d. JohnC. [andHannah J. g. r.3.]i 
scarlet fever, Jan. 31, 1844, a. 9 y. 

James, Aug. 13, 1758, in his 45th y. 

James, Dec. 7, 1774, in his 34th y. 

John, B. John and Mercy, May 10, 1687. 

John, small pox, Nov. a6, 1690, 

John C[lark, s. Rev. Will[ia]m. c. R. 1.], June 26, 1834, a. 22 y. 

Mary, wid. Andrew, Feb. 19, 1772, a. 85 y. 

Mary Jane, W. Edward H[enry. c. r. 4.], Mar. 3, 1840, a. 22 y. 

Melutable [maiden lady, complication of diseases, c. R. i.], Sept. 
8, 1813, a. 64 y. [a. 63 y. c. r. i.] 

Mercy, w. John, small pox, Dec. 35, 1690. 

Nancy, of Salem, at Capt. Wiliiam Johnson's, Apr. 17, 1806. 

Samuel [J, g. r. 6.], s. Joseph and Lucy, [" Samuel Allen, John 
Stevens, and George Taply were ploughing. They ploughed 
up Hemlock, called also snake weed and eat it, thinking it 
Indian root. Allen died in one hour. The others recovered." 
C. R. I.], May 10, 1833, a. 17 y. [a. r6 y. c R. i.] 

Thomas, a. Andrew and Elisabeth, smajl pox, Dec. 18, i6go. 

Wilkes, Rev., b. Shrewsbury, clergyman and gentleman, tumor on 
the bladder, bur. at Chelmsford, Dec. 3, 1845, a. 69 y. 4 m. 

33 d. 

, Miss, d. John C, scarlet fever, Feb. i, 1844. 

, ch. , bowel complaint, Aug. 3r, r84S, a. 7 m. c. r. i. 

ALLIN (see also Allen), Andrew, " sickness in the Kings Service 

at Lewisburg," Dec, rs, 1745. 
Andrew, s. James and Deborah, Apr. 3, 1748, a. g m. 20 d. 
Andrew, Sept. 22, 1749, in hia 64th y. 
Elisabeth, wid. Andrew, May 2, r745, in her 79th y. 
Elezebith, May 3r, r7So. 
James, Apr. r8, 1707. 
John, Apr. 30, r7r2, in bis 24th y. g. r. i. 

AMBROSE, [Sarah Elizabeth, c. r. z.], d. [twin. c. r. 2.] John 
RDd Mary Ann, fits, Oct 38 [37. g. R. 2.], 1848, a i y. 
[a. rjm. 3W.G. R. 3.] 

AMES (see also Eames), Benjani[i]n, s. Benjam[i]n, jr. and 
Pheobe, Oct. ro, i77S,a. 3 y, 7 m. 



Ames, Benjamin, CapL [old age. c b. z.], Jan. 20 [bui. Jan. 14. 

c. R- a.], 1809, 8. 85 y. [and 7 m. c. R. z.] 
Ben}a[miD], suddenly, Nov. 23 [24. g, r, 2.}, 1813, a. 64 y. 
BeDi[aniuiJ, Capt., Jan. 10, 1819, a. 85 y. G. r. 2. 
Chandler, s. Capt. Benjamin and Hcpsibah, Sept. 24, 1766. 
Doicas, d. rCapt, c. r. 2.j Benj||aini]n and i)oicas, Sept. 28, 

'775- [*■ 2 y- a m. c. R. 3.] 
DoTcas, wid. [Capt. Benjamin. G. R. 2.3 fall, June 25, 1843, a. 

94 y- 
Elizabeth, d. Benj[ami]n and Hepsebah, Nov. i, 1760, a. 3 m. 
Hepsibah, w. Capt. Benj[ami]n, Jan. 19, 1768, a. 42 y. 
Phebe, w. Benjamin, jr., June 19, 1798, a. 43 y. 8 m. [a. 44 y. 

3 m. c. R. a ; 44 y. 8 m. G. R. 2.] 
Prince, Apr. ar, 1816. 

Richard, s. Benjamin and Hepsebath, Oct. 6, 1 754. 
Richard, s. Ben j [ami] n, and Hephaibah, Sept. 8, 1758. 
Rhoda, d. Benjam[in], jr. and Phoebe [sore mouth, c. R. 2.], 

Jan. 3t, 1792, a. 3 — . [a. 19 d. c. r. 2.] 
Sampson, s. Prince and Eunice [consumption, c. R. 2.], Mar. 18, 

1830, a. 24 y. 
Simeon, jr., s. Simeon, June aa, i83r. [a. 3t y. G. r. 3.] 
Simeon, m., farmer, dropsy, Sept. 29, 1849, a. 77 y. 6 m. 

ANDERSON, Abigail, wid., dropsy, Oct. 29, 1847, a. 58 y. 

Allen, s. John and Abigail, Aug. ai, 1S16. 

Edward [consumption, c. r. a.], Oct. 23, 1831, a. 16 y, [15 y. 

C. R. 2.] 

Jane, d. Sam[ue]l and Isabella, July 2, 1847, a. 6 d. a. R. 4. 
John, " a Pauper at the Hardy house," Nov. aa, 1836. 
Mary Jane, unm., consumption, Nov. 4, 1847, a. 32 y. 

ANDREWS, Charlotte M., b. Lawrence, d. Meuzies C. and Mar- 
tha, scarlet fever, Dec. 7, 1849, a. i y. 6 m. 20 d. 

Hnlda, w. Lilborn, May 31, 1786, a. 28 y. 

Mary, wid., deranged and consumption, at Capt. Abiel Chandler's, 
bur. at Boston, Mar. 7, 1809, a. 76 y. c. R. a. 

Robert, s. Richard and Mary, lung fever, Nov. i, 1848. 

ANGER (see also Angler), Dan[ie]l, [bef. Mar. 10], 1836. c.k. t. 

ANGIBR (see also Anger), [Ellen E. 0. r. 7.], ch. Asa A. [jr. 

G. R. 7.] and Lucy T., dropsy, June 15 [17. c. r. 2 aid 

G. R. 7.], 1846, a. II m. [9 m. c. r, z,] 
Lucy T., w. Asa A., lung fever, Jan. 16, 1846, a. 29 y. 
, d. Asa and Abigail, Dec. ij, 1835, a. 4 1 y. 



APPLETON, Mary, w. Mr. Samuel, of Haverhill, d. Rev, Samuel 
and Hannah Phillips, Nov. 24, 1737, a. 25 y. wanting 6 d. 

, d. stillborn, Mr. Samuel and Maiy, of Haverhill, abt. Nov. 


ARDUAWAY (see also Ordway), Isaac [Ordway. c. r. 2.], s. 
Daniel and Deborah, Sept. 7, 1778, a. 3 i-a y. 

ARHTTAGE, Mary Ann, d. Moses [drowned, by falling from a 
plank crossing the brook on the way to school, c. k. i.], 
Sept. 27, 1831,3. 5 y. 

ARNOLD, George H., Oct. 23, 1839, a. 20 y. 

ASLEBE, John, Lt., June 19, 1728, in his 72d y. 
Mary, wid. Lt John, Feb. 13, 1739-40 [1739. G. R. i.], in her 
84 thy. 

ASUET (see also Aslett), SamucU, s. John and Rebecka, Dec. 20^ 

ASLETT (see also Aslet), Elizabeth, d. John and Rebecka, Mar. 

15, '667. 
John, June 6, 1671. 

ASTEN (see also Austin), Lucy, wid. Mr. Sam[ue]!, June 25, 

Lucy, d. Danie! and Eunice, May 17, 1764. 

ASTIN (see also Austm), Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Mary, Dec. 

16, 1739- 

Daniel, Sept. 14, 1776, a. 65 y. 

Mary, Dec. 27, 1774, in her 74th y. 

Fbenihas, s. Benjamin and Mary, Dec. 10, 1739- 

Ruth, d. Benjamin and Mary, Dec. 4, 1739. 

Sarah, d. Thomas, bur. Dec, 23, 1777, a. 20 y, c. r. 2, 

AUSTEN (see also Austin), John, Mar.13, 1764, a. 68 y, 

Samuel, Sept. 28, 1753, a. abt. 84 y. 

Samuel, Dec- 31, 1764, a. 70 y. 

, d. Benjamin and Mary, Dec. 9, 1729, 



AUSTIN (see also Asten, Astin, Austen), Dorcas, w. John, at 
Salem, Feb. 36, 1839, a. 69 y. 

Eliza T., d. David M. and Mary C., cioup, ApT. 36, 1846, a. 7 m. 
18 d. 

Elizabetfa, Miss, at John Kneeland's, Esq., Apr. 31, 181S, a. 
60 y. 

Eunice, wid. Daniel, Dec. 37, 1819. 

Harriot, d. John and Dorcas, Mai. 34, 1819, a. 35 j. 

John, widi., cordwainer, s. Daniel, old age, Jane 3, 1847, a. 83^. 

Mehitable, wid., Aug. 36, 1778. 

Sam[ue31, Dec. 3, 1765, in his 7i8t y. G. B. i. 

Samuel [laborer, fit. c R. i.],June 9, 1836. 

Sarah, d. Benjamin and Maiy, May 16, 1733. 

Sarah, w. Thomas, cancer, bui. Feb. 14, 1785, a. tii y. c. r. 2. 

Thomas, " drowned in Merrimake River going home from Meet- 
ing on the Sabbath Day," Mar. 23, i7ii-ia. 

AVERHILL (see also Avcrill), Bridges, " boy in Maj. Adams' 
family, killed by cart taming on him," May — , i8z8, a. 
15 y. c. R. 1. 

AVERILL (see also Averhilt), Betsy [(Austin), c. R. i.], wid- 
John [disease of the heart, c. r. i.], Nov. 13, 1826, a. 54 y. 

John [nervous fever, c. r. i.], Dec. 7, 1818, a. 40 y. [a. 43 y. 
21 d. p. R. 13.] 

John, June — , 1838, a. 60 y. c r. i. 

Jonathan 6., May 17, 1828, a. 15 y. 

Paul, 2d, , 1804. P. R. 14. 

, wid-, Dec. 27, 1826, c. R. I. 

AVERY, John, June 16, 1838, a. 62 y. G. r. 7. 

ATER (see also Ayres, Eires), Francis S. [b. Haverhill. & r. i,], 
s. Samuel and Mary, Aug. 9, 1816. [a. 6 y. c. r. i.] 

ATRES (see also Ayer), Samuell, s. John and Mary, Sept. s. 

BA(XELDER (see also Balchelder), Lydia, , 1818. c. r. 3. 

BACHBLLER (see also Batchclder), , wid., at the alms- 
house, Apr, 20, 1818, a, 85 y. 



BACHELLOR (see also Batcbelder), John, s. Joseph and Judith, 

Mar. 26, 1763. 
Judith, d. Jos[ia]h and Judith, Apr. 7, 1763, 
Lydia, d. Joseph and Judith, Apr. 4, 1763. 
Mary, d. Joseph and Judith, Apr. ro, 1763. 

BADGER, Milton, s. Rev. Milton and Clarissa M. [cholera in- 
fantum, c. B. 2.], Sept. 22, 183a, a. 30 m. 

Milton, s. Rev. Milton and Clarissa [M. g. r. 2 ; scrofula, c. r, a,], 
July 30, 1834, a. 19 ra. 

BAILEY (see also Bailie, BaUy), Albert [N. g. r. 2.], s. John T. 
and Orilla [N, G. R. a.], July 24., 1837. [a, i m. o. r. a.} 

Anna, w. W[illia]m, Feb. 13, 1834, a. 66 y, g. r. 3, 

Betsy, w. Nathan, Oct 34, 1817. [a. 37 y. G. r. 3.] 

Calvin, s. Luther, fever, bur. Dec 11, 1807, a. 29 y. c. r. 3. 

Charles [a. John Moar and Elizabeth, p. r. 38.], cordwainer, ty- 
phus fever, Nov. 4, 1847, a. z6 y. 

Cynthia, d. wid. , Dec. 5, 1832. 

Daniel, s. Daniel, jr. and Sophia, Aug, 32, iSri. 

Daniel, July 3, 1826. 

Daniel, 3. Daniel and Sophia, Aug. 22, 1827, a. 14 m. 

Daniel, s. Daniel and Sophia, Nov. 3, 1834. 

Daniel, m., s. Daniel and Mary, laborer, consumption, Dec. 6, 
1845, a. 61 y. 

Eben, unm., laborer, typhoid fever, Sept. 24, 1847, a, 28 y. 

Elizabeth, d. Nathan and Betsy, Oct. 4, 1817, [a. 11 y. g. b- 3.] 

Elizabeth, w. Lt. Moses, Mat. 17 [16. g. r. 3.], 1818. [a. 70 y. 
o. R. 3.] 

George, s. James and Abigail F., Jan, 26, 1 846, a, 2 y. 6 m. 1 1 d. 

George L., s, Daniel, drowned, Jan. 16, 1838, a. 5 y. 

Hannah, w. William, Sept. 13 [17. G. R. 3,], 1S17. [a. 61 y. 
G. H. 3.] 

Hepzibeth, w. Joshua, Aug. 7, 1813. [in 41st y. g. r. 3.] 

James, coosumption, bur. June 20, 1807, a. 49 y. 10 m. c. B. a. 

James, in Oregon Territory, July 13, 1842, a. 28 y. g. r. 3. 

John, July 6, 1835, a. 45 y. P. b. 38. 

John M[oar. P. R. 38.], Apr, 3, 1S36, a. 51 y- 

Joseph Otis, s. Joseph and Lucy, croup, Dec. 14, 1845, a. 6 y. 
[8 m. G. R. 3.] 

Joshua, Oct. 13, 1820, a. 50 y. 3 m. 

Lucy, wid. James, fever, Aug. 23, 1843, a. 76 y. 

Lucy Jane [Ann. G. ». 3.3, d. Joseph and Lucy, Aug. 19, 1837, 



Bailev, l,ydia, if. Luther, May 31, 1818. 

Lydia, Mrs., formerly w, Jo[siah] Blanchard, May 21, 1819, a. 

72 y. G. R. 2. 
Mary, wid. Nathan [old age. c. R. 2,], Oct. 5, 1800, a. 88 y. [a. 

87 y. 7 tn. c B. a.} 

Mary, , 1817. c. r. 2, 

Miram, Feb. 25, 1836, a. 44 y- 

Moses [Lt. G. R. 3.], old age, Mar. 14, 1843, a. 97 y. [a, 98 y. 

G. R. 3.] 

Moses, Mar. 27, 1848, a. 29 y. g. R. 3. 

Nancy, w. William, at the almshouse, Fe'b. 13, 1834. 

Nathan, Jan. 18, 1775, a. 67 y. 

Nathan, s. Moses and Eliza[beth], Nov. 2, 1776, a. 21 m, 

Rebecca, w. William [cancer, c r. a.], Apr. 18, 1805, a. 63 y. 

Rufus, Capt., Apr. 24, 1823, a. 31 y. 

Sally T., w. Samuel, June 14, 1843. p, r. 36. 

Samuel, July 8, 1831. p. r. 36. 

Saiah, Jan. 3, 1775, in hei 17th y. 

Theodore, m., brickmaker, consumption, Dec, 10, 1848, a. 50 y. 

Theodore J., s. Theodore K. and Lavina, inflammation of lungs, 

June 10, 1842, a. 14 y. n m. 
William, s, W[i!lia]m, jr. and Rebecca [fever, bur. Dec. 19. 

c. R. 2.], Nov. 15, 1807, a. lira. 
William, Mar. 12, 1836, a. 88 y. 

, 3, James, fits, bur, Aug. 31, 1801, a. 11 y. 9 m. c. R. 2. 

, w. Luther, bur. Sept. 10, 1809. c. r. 1. 

, ch. Samuel, Feb. 27, 1828. 

, malignant fever, Nov. 2, 1834, a. aa y. C. r. 2. 

, ch. , whooping cough, July 25, 1837, a. 4 w. C. R. 3. 

, d. John and Sarah, Oct. 10, 1840, a. 16 m. 

BAILIE (see also Bailey), William J., a Foreigner [a native of 
Coagh, Tyrone Co., Ire. G. K. 6 ; at Capt. Hodge's factory, 
c. R. I.], May 22, 1831, a. 29 y. 

BAILY (see also Bailey), Joseph, bur. July ig, 178a, a. 74 y. 

c. R. 2. 
Mary, w, Sam[ue]l, bur. Feb. 3, 1774. c. R. a. 
Nathan, s. Nathan, bur. Nov. 4, 1776, a. 1 y. 9 m, c. R. z. 
Samuel, killed in Battle at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. c. r. a. 
Samuel, cancer, bur. Jan. s> 1784, a. 79 y. c. R. a. 
Thirsa, d. "ye late Sam[ue]l, jr., Slain ye battle of Charlestonn," 

bur. Sept. 12, 177s, a. 1 y. 7 m. c. R. 2. 
, wid., bur. at Tewksbury, , 1777. c, r, a. 



Baily, , d. James, bur. Dec. 2, 1786, a. i m. c. r. z. 

, d, Samuel, curvature of spine, bur. June 26, i8oi, a. 3 w. 

C R. 2. 

, ch, Daniel, bur. Aug. ao, 1811, a. 14 m. C. r. a. 

BAKERt Henrf Gray, consumption, bur. Mar. 10, 1802, a. 35 y. 

C. R. a. 
Leonard Woods, only ch. A. R. and Hanieite W. and grands. 

Rev. Leonard Woods, D. D., June 29, 1837, a. 7 m. g. r. 5. 
Lydia, wid. Dr. Symonds, Feb. 23, i8ai, a. 73 y. 
Simon [Symonds. c R. a.], Dr., July [3. c. R. 2.], 1815. [in his 

30th y. p. R. 116.] 
Simon Eps, Mar. 21, 1S19. [Mar. 22, in his 41st y. p. R. 116.] 
Thomas, Aug. 3, 1817, in his 26th y. p. r. ti6. 

BALARD (see also Ballard), Mehetebel, w. Uriah, jr., Aug. 29, 
1 749, in her 34th y. 

BALDWIN (see also Bawldwin), Mary Ann, w. William, consump- 
tion, Sept. 23, 1842, a. 32 y. 

, infant chn., twins, John, bur. Oct. Si r773- c. R. 2. 

, Mrs., dropsy, May 25, 1843. 

BALLARD (see also Balard), Benjamine, s. Joseph and Rebecka, 

Feb. 21, 1703-4. 
Dorcas, d. [Dca. c R. 2.] Hezekiah and Lydia, Aug. 25, i77S, 

in her iSth y. [in her 19th y. c. r. 2.] 
Dorcas, d. Hezeldah, jr., canlcer, bur. Jan. 19, 1796, a. 2 y. i m. 

c. R. 2. 
Elisabeth, w. Uriah, June 22, 1741, in her 63d y. 
Eliza, b. Hooksett, N. H., d. Gayton and Mary, Jan. r8, 1849, 

a. I y. S m. 
Elizabeth, w. Joseph, July 27, 1692. 
Elizabeth, d. John and Rebecka, Dec. 9, 1715. 
Elizabeth, Sept 4, 1804, a. 64 y. 
Grace, wid. William, Apr. 27, 1694. 
Hannah, d. William and Hannah, Jan. 11, r702-3. 
Hannah, w. Joseph, but. May 29, 1784, a. 34 y. c. R. 2. 
Hannah, Oct. 12, 1796, a. 20 y. 
Hannah, Jan. 9, 1833, a. 59 y. 
Hezeciah, Mr., Nov. 4, 1751, in his 70th y. 
Hezekiah, s. Hezekiah, jr., canker, bur. Jan. 21, 1796, a. 9 y. 



Ballard, Hezekiah, Dea., fever and old age, Dec. 31, iSoi, 

a. 81 y. 7 m. c. R. a. 
Hezekiah, widr., farmer, lung fever, Oct.4, 1847 [1848. a. r. 2.], 

a. 8s y. 
John, s. WiH[ia]in and Hannah, Apr. 8, 1706. 
John, h- Rebecka, Dec. iS, 1715, a. abt. 6z y. 
John, s. Timothy and Hannah, Dec. ir, 1736. 
Jonathan, Dr., Feb. i, 1764. 
Joseph, s. Joseph and Rebecka, Aug. 19, 1703. 
Joseph, Ens., Sept. 19, 1782. 
Joseph, Sept i, 1732, in his 6sth y, 
Joseph, s. Uriah, jr. and Satah, Oct. 15, 1739- 
Joseph, s. Timothy and Hannah, Jan, 17, r746-7. 
Joseph, Feb. ig, 1819, a. 70 y. 
Joshna, s. Hezekiah and Rebeca, Dec. 12, 1734. 
Joshua, s. Hezekiah and Rebeca, Jan. 17, r729-30. 
Joshua, s. Hezekiah and Lydea, Jan. 31, 1755. 
Josiah, bur. Dec. 26, ij8o, a. 81 y. c. R. 1. 
Lydia, w. Dea. Hezekiah, Nov. 9, 1803. 

Mary, d. Hezekiah and Mary [grandd. ndd. Mary Ballard, dysen- 
tery, c. H. a.], Nov. 8, 1803, a. T4 y. 9 ra. 
Mary, wid., dysentery, bur. Nov. 10, 1803, a. 83 y. 5 m. c R. 2. 
Mary [d. Joseph, c. r, a.], Oct. ao, 1813. 
[Mary. G. R. a.J, w. Hezekiah [consumption, c. R. a.], Mar. 17, 

1834. [Mar. 16, a. 70 y. g. R. z.] 
Mary, wid. Timothy [consumption. C. R. 2.], Mar. 30, r834, 

a. 71 y. [a. 70 y. c. r. a.] 
Nathan, s. Hezekiah and Mary, Oct. 22, 1803, 
Phebe F[rancelia, d. John A, and Jane. g. b. 3.], scarlet fever, 

Apr. 21 [ao. G. R. 3.], 1849, a. 2 y. 6 m. 
Priscilla, wid,, bur. Oct. 25, 1784, a. 45 y. c, r. 2. 
Rebeca, wid., Jan. 22, 1754, in his 6ad y. 
Rebecca, wid. Ens. Joseph, Feb. 11, 1739-40. 
Rebecka, w. John, Dec. i, 1715. 

Ruth, d. John and Rebecka, Dec. a, 1715, in her aad y. 
Samuel, d. Joseph and Rebecka, Sept. 13, 1718. 
Sarouel, s. Hezekiah and Rebeca, Jan. 12, 1730-31. 
Sarah, d. John and Rebecka, Nov. 27, 1715, in her 19th y. 
Sarah, d. Ens. Joseph and Rebecka, Jan. 3, 1715-16, a. abt. 22 y. 
Sarah, w. Uriah, jr., Sept. 25, 1739. 
Sarah, d, Hezekiah, jr., fever, bur, Apr, 15, i8or, a. 7 y. 4 m. 

c. R. 2. 
5arah, w. [wid. c, r. 2/] Tim[othy], Aug. a, 1809, a. 77 y. o. R. 2. 

[a- 76 y. c. R. 2.J 



Ballard, Sarah, suddenly, Nov. — , 181S. 
Sarah, Miss, Nov. 25, 1819, a. 73 y. G. r. 3, 
Sybil Eliza, d. Gayton and SybH, Jan. 17, 1849, a. 17 m. a. k. 2. 
Tabitha, d. Joseph and Elizabeth, Mar. 30, 1687. 
Tabitha, d. Joseph and Elisabeth, Feb, 24, r6go-gi, 
Timothy, ji., July 12, 1768, in his 37th y. [in 30th y. a r, 2.] 
Timothy, bur. Oct 30, 1773. c. r. i. 

Timothy, "who cut his own thioat," Feb. 29, i8z8, a. 70 y. 7 m. 
Willia[m], sr., July 10, 1689. 
William, s.' Eos. Joseph, Sept. 2, 1707, 
William, bur. Feb. 25, 1782, a. 58 y. c.r. 2. 
Will[ia]m, s. Capt. Joshua and Phebe [dysentery, c. R. 2.],Sept- 
25, 1828, a. 3 y- 4 [m-]> 

, w. Josiah, bur. Apr, 3, 1779, a. 75 y. c. R. i. 

, w. W[illia]m, at Isaac Abbot's, Sept. 12, 1819. 

, w. Daniel S., Jan. 24, 1834, a. 46 y. c. R. 2. 

BAHFORD, Charles R., S. Jesse and Marcy, scarletfever, July 2 1, 

1848, a. I y. 10 m. 
, Mrs. [bet. May 29 and Sept. 27], 1839. c. r. i. 

BARDEN, Sarah Elizabeth, d. Bradford and Sarah, Oct. rs, 1839, 

BARKER, Abigail, d. Benjamin and Mehetablc, Oct. 18, 1736. 

Abigail, d. Philemon and Mary, Oct. 3, 1739. 

Abigail, w. Ebenezer, Oct 16, 1743. 

Abigail, w. Phineas, Oct. 22, 1804, a. 56 y. g. h. i. 

Allice [Mrs. G. r. r.], d. Benjamin and Hannah, Oct, 3, 1729. 

[in32dy. g. r. i.] 
Asa, s. Timothy and Mehetabel, Nov, 9, 1 746. 
Augusta [P. G. r. 6.], d. Henry and Lois, June 15, 1833, a. 2 y. 

[8 m, G, R. 6.] 
■Benjamin, Lt., Oct. 11, 1750, in his 87th y. 
Benjamm, Dec. 6, 1752, in his 63d y. 
Benjamin, Oct. 6, 1765. in 70th y. 
Bethiah, w. Nathan, Apr. 24, 1760, a. 77 y. 
Deborah, Oct. 12, 1842, a. 90 y. 
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Abigail, June 7, 1687. 
Ebenezer, s. Philemon and Mary, Mar. 20, i73S-6. 
Ebenezer, Mr., Jan. 23, 1746-7, in his 96th y. 
Elisabeth, d. John and Sarah, June 8, 1738, in her 4th y. 
Elizabeth, wid. Dca. Samuel, June 18, 1799, a 82 y. [in 88th y. 

G. R, 1.3 



Barker, Ephraim, s. Lt. John aod Mary, Feb. 21, 1694-5. 
Ephiaim, s, Capt. John, Feb. 9 [10. g. h. i.], 1717-18. [in aid 

y. G. R. I.] 
Ephraim, s. John and Sarah, " in the Kings Service at Lewis- 

buige," Sept. i2> 1745. 
[Geofrgej W. c. k. 6.], s. Henry and Lois, June 2a, 1833, a. 

5 w. 
George W., a. Henty and Lois, Jan. 6, 1835, a. 9 w. 
Hananiah, Nov. ti, 1767, in his 83d y. 
Hannah, w. [Lt. g. r. i.] Benjamin, Jan. 14, 1733-3. [in 65th y. 

Hannah, d. Benjamin and Mehetabel, Dec. 29, 1736. 

Hannah, w. Abiel, June 6, 1737. 

Hannah, wid. Lt. Richard, Jan. 2, 1743-4. 

Hannah, d. John and Phebe, July t8, 1836, a. 46 y. 

Hannah, w. Richard, July 11 [7. g. r. 3.J, 1840, a. 64 y. 

Harriott, d. John, Sept. [15. c. r. i.], 1810. 

Heniy 0[sgood. c. R. i.], ch. Sam[ue]I F, and Lydia [throat 
distemper, c. r. i.], Aug. 7, 1827. [a. ai m. G. r. 6.] 

Isaac, Sept. 20, 1833, a. 77 y. 

Isaac A[llen. p. r. 25.], s. Sam[ue]l and Lydta [throat distem- 
per, c. R. I.], July II, 1827, a. 3 y. 8 m. G. r. 6. 

Isaac H[enry. G. R. 6.], b. Samuel F. [and Lydia. G, r. 6.], in- 
flammation of bowels, June 8, 1842, a. 10 y. [a. 9 |y. 
c. B. I.] 

James, s. Ptuneas and Sarah, Oct. 27, 1764. 

Joanna, d. John and Sarah, July 24, 1736, [in 19th y. g. r. i.] 

Joanna, d. Richard and Mehetabell, Sept. 25, 1762. 

Johannah, w. Richard, Apr. 11, 1687, 

John, s. William and Mary, Apr. 13, 1689. 

John, inf. s. John and Sarah, Dec. 17, 1713. 

John, inf. s. John and Sarah, Dec. 15, 1714. 

John, Dea., small pox, Jan. 3, 1721-2. 

John [Quartermaster, g. R.^r.J, Mar. 19, 1750-51, in his 78th y. 

John, s. John, jr. and Mchetcbcl, Aug, 26, 1756, in his 4th y." 

John, s. John, jr. and Mehitabel, Feb. 16, 1763. 

John, Oct. 24, 1764, a, 75 y. 

John, Lt., July 19, 1792, a. 71 y. 

John, jr., s. Lt. John and Mehitable, Nov. 25, 1799. 

John, "a Revolutionary Soldier and Patriot," ["Fought at the 
battle of Bunker Hill." c. r. i.], s. Stephen and Sarah 
[natural decay, c. r. i.], Oct. 6 [5. c. r. i,], r839,|a. 86 y, 

Jonas, s. Nathan and Ann, Jan. 8, 1 737[-8]. 

Jonathan, s. Richard, jr. and Mehetebel, Dec. 25, 1748. 



Barker, Joseph, Nov. lo, 1733. 

Joshua, s. Quartermaster John and Sarah, Jan. 12, 1724-5. 
Joshua, s. Quartermaster John and Sarah, July 30, 1727. 
Joshua, s. Samuel, jr. and Sarah, Oct. 3, 1727. [Sept, 27, a. 3 w. 

G. R. I.] 

Joshua, s. Samuel, jr. and Sarah, Aug. 29, 1730. [in ady. G. R. i.] 

Joshua, Oct. 30, 1820, a. 38 y. 

Judeth, d. Benjamin and Mehetabel, Oct. 14, 1736. 

Lydia Ann, d. Sam[ue]l and Lydia, Aug. 14, 1847, a. 4 w. g. r. 6. 

Lydia Mfertiam. c r. 6.], ra., b. Bolton [w. Samfue}! F. c. r. i.], 

d. Simon and Phebe Merriam, fever, Aug. 29, 1846, a. 54 y. 
Margaret, wid. Stephen, Esq. of Methuen, dysentery, Sept. 4, 

1842, a. 84 y. 
Martha, d. Benjamin, jr. and Mehetable, Apr. 23, 1745, in her 

23d y. 
Mary, w. Serg't. [Capt. g. r. i.] John, May i, 1703. [a. 52 y. 

G. R. 1.] 
Mary, d. Stephen and Mary, Feb. 4, 1706-7. 
Mary, d. John and Sarah, Jan. 11, 1722-3. 
Mary, d. Stephen and Mary, Apr. 16, 1725. 
Mary, wid. William, sr., Apr. zg, 1744, in her Sglh y. 
Mary, wid., Feb. 10, 1752. 
Mary, w. Nathan, sr., Jul)' 22, 1767, a. 65 y. 
Mary, d. Stephen and Sarah, Feb. 20, 1778. 
Mary, wid. Phineas, May 1, 1821, a. 67 y. [a. 64 y. C. r. i,] 
Mary Ann, unm., d. Michael and Mehitable, consumption, Dec. 

6, 1846,3. 22 y. 
Mehetebel, d. Richard, jr. and Mcbetebel, July 9, 1747, a- 2 y. 

4 m. 
Mehetebel, wid-.. Dr. John, Dec. 4, 1752, in her 64th y. 
Mehitable [Miss. c. r. i.],May 22, 1833,3. Soy. [May 21. g.r. r.] 
Nabby [Nancy, g. r. i ; Abigail, maiden lady, lung fever, c. R. 1.], 

Nov. II, 1815, a. 62 y. [Nov. 18, a. 63 y. C. r. i.] 
Nathan, s. Capt. Jo[h]n and Mary, drowned, Dec. 5, 1709. 
Nathan, s. Nathan, 3d and Mary, Oct. 21, 1743- 
Nathan, Mar. 28, 1789, a. 76 y. 
Nathan, Dec. 17, 1821, a. S3 V- 
Phebe, d. Abiel and Ann, Sept. 23, 1746. 
Phineas, Mar. (8, 1817, a. 72 y, 
Phineas, July 17, 1844, a. 70 y. G, r. 6. 
Phmeas, unm., yeoman, s. Phineas and Elizabeth, killed by a 

faU, July 23, 1844, 
Polly Crane, d. Dr. Moses and Ruth, Feb. 8, 1778. 
ude*c«, d.^obnand Sarah, June 14, 1738, in her 2d y. 



Barker, Reuleh, Mrs., Feb. 21, 1843, a. 47 y. 

Richard, sr., Mar. 18, 1693-3. 

Richard, s. Richard and Hannah, Dec. az, 1698. 

Richard, s. Richard and Hannah, July 35, 1706. 

Richard, sr., Dec. 12, 1739. 

Richard, jr., July 28, 1751. 

Richard, typhus fever, Apr. 18, 1843, a. 66 y. 

Samuel, Dea., Oct. i, 1766, in his 84th y. 

Samuel, May 13, 1770, in his 79th y. [in his 69th y. G. h. i.] 

Samuel, s. Nathan and Sarah, Mar. 15, 1796, a. 3 y. 

SamueljDea., Nov. 11, 1796, a. 82 y. 

Samuel, Dec. 5, 1823, a. 80 y. 

Sarah, d. Sam[ue]l and Sarah, jr., Sept. 29, 1703, in her i6th y. 

G. R. I. 

Sarah, w. quartermaster John, Nov. 2, 1726. [in 41st y. g. r. r.] 

Sarah, w. Samuel, Jr., Nov. 33, 1743, a. 43 y. i m. 

Sarah, w. John, July 3, 1761, a. 66 y. 

Sarah, d. Samuel, jr. and Sarah, Sept. 19, 1763- 

Sarah, w. Dea. Sam[ue]ll, Sept. 22, 1764. [in 78th y. G. R. i.] 

Sarah, d. Phineas and Sarah, Oct. 25, 1764. 

Sarah [wid., lung fever, c. r. 2.], Jan. 31, r8o3, a. 88 y. [a. 86 y. 

C. R. 2-] 
Sarah, w. Stephen, Jan. T4, 1806. 
Sarah, wid. Nathan, dropsy, July 8, 1843, a. 75 y. [July 9. P. R. 


Sarah H., d. Nathan and Sarah, May 12, 1790. P, R. no. 
Stephen, s. William and Mary, small pox, Dec. 26, T72r. 
Stephen, Apr. zo, i8ii,a. 87 y. 
Susan F., d. Jedediah H. and Abigail, June 22, 1838, a. n y. 

10 m. 
Susannah, w. Samuel, Sept. 7, 1823, a. 74 y. 
Thomas, s. Joseph and Priscilla, Oct, 7, 1736. 
Timothy, s. Stephen and Mary, May z8, 1707. 
Timothy, s. William and Mary, Nov. 25, 1718. 
Timothy, Aug. 24, i7S2i '>» ^ S^d y. 
Timothy, s. Timothy and Mehetabell, Nov. i, 1762. 
William, sr., Mar. 4, 1717-18, in his 73d y. 
William, Jan. 16, 1744-5. i" *>'s 67th V- 
W[illia]m, " student," bur, Nov, 29, 1809, a. 32 y. c. h. 2. 

, a. twin, Abiel and Ann, Nov. 2, r742. 

, s. twin, stillborn, Abiel and Ann, Nov. 3, 174'- 

, s. Abial, Jan. 12, 1749-50, 

, h. Mehetebel, 1750 or 51. 

, h. Mehetebel [Aug.?], 1752. 



Barker, , a. Samuel F. aod Lydia, July 1 1, 1827. 

, ch, [d. p. R. 35.] Saiii[ue]l F. and Lydia, Aug. 14, 1827. 

, inf. ch. I. A. [bet Aug. 8 and Nov.], 1827. c. r. i. 

BARNARD (see also Barnerd), Abigail, w. Mr. Thomas, Aug. 
13. i7oa- 

Abigal, wid., Apr. 29, 175a. 

Anna, wid., July 9, 1845, *■ ^7 J- 

Charles [W. g. r. 3.], s. Hermon and Elizabeth, Nov. 27 [25. 
G. R. 3], 1838, a. 8 y. [7 y. 9 m. g. r. 3.] 

David, S.James, jt. and Haunah, Mar. 21, 1817, in his 23d y. 

David, Sept. 17, 1838. [a. 64 y. a r. 6.] 

David, yeoman, s. David and Lydia, typhus fever, Feb. 18, 1845, 
a. 36 y. 

David, m,, cordwainei, consumption, Apr. 17, 1847, ^- 5° y. 

Elisabeth, w. Mr. Thomas, Oct. 10, 1693. 

Elisabeth, d. John and Sarah, Aug. 8, 1732. 

Elisabeth, d. Mr. John and Sarah, Sept. 21, 1736. 

Elisabeth, consumption, bur. Sept. 24, 1790, a. 41 y. c. r. 2. 

Hannah, w. Stephen, May 4, 1724. 

Hannah, d. Theoder and Hannah, Sept. ai, 1736, a. 12 y. 2 ra. 
23 d. 

Hannah, bur. Aug. 17, 1781. c. r. 2. 

Hannah, w. John, Aug. 29, 1826. 

Harriet, w. Orrin, consumption, Feb. 12, 1849, a. 27 y. 

Henry O[sgood. g. r. 3.], s. Osgood and Martha, Mar. ai [20. 

G. R. 3.], 1832,3. 13 m. 8d. 
Jacob, s. John and Sarah, Sept. 26, T730. 
James, s. James and Abigaiel, Nov. 21, 1722. 
James, Dec. 8, i73r. 

James, s. Stephen and Elisabeth, June 2, 1747. 
James, s. James, jr. and Hannah [quinsy, c. r. 2.J, Mar. 2, 1799. 

[a. 2 y. 8 m. c. r. 2.] 
James, bur. Dec. 10, t8it, a. 44 y. c. r. 2. 
James, at Palfray Donnings, Nov. 26, 1832. 
John, s. [Rev. g. r. i.] John and Saiab, Oct. 5 [4.0. r. 1,], 1739, 

[a. i6y. G. R. 1.] 
John, Mr., Jan. 31, 1736- 
John, Rav., " in the 39 year of his ministry," June 14, 1757, 

a. 67 y. 3 m. 8 d. 
John, fever, bur. Feb. 27, 1802, a. 84 y. c. r. 2. 
John, Jan. 4 [14. g. r. 3.], 1842, a. 82 y. 
Jonathan, s. Robert and Rebeca, June 3, 1721, 
Lois, wid. Rev. T., D. D.,of Salem, July 9, 1819. 



Bakhakd, Lydia, w. John, Dec. 5 [5. g. R. 3 ; 26. c. R. 3.], 1836. 

[a. 60 y. G. R. 3. J 
Lydia, m. [wid. David, c. R. i.T, d. Theophilua and Lucy, broken 

bone [asthma, c. r. i.], Dec. 33, 1846, a. 64 y. [a. 63 v. 

c. B. I.] 
Mary, A. Kathaniel and Ruth, Jan. 10, 1737-S. 
Mary, d. twin, John, jr. and AUice, Jan. 29, 1747-8. 
Maiy E., unm. [d. Jacob and Hannah, g. r. 3.], typhus fever, 

Nov. I, 1849, a. ig y. r m. 
Mehetable, w. John, jr., June 27, 1739. 
Mehitable, Apr. 23, 1824. 
Naomy, wid. John, June 25, 1763, a. 90 y. 
Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel and Ruth, June 24, 1747. 
Phebe, d. John, bur. July 31, r78i, a. 6 m, c. R. 2. 
Phoebe, d. John, bur. Sept. ro, 1778, a. ir y. 7 m. c. r. 2. 
Rebeca, wid. Stephen, Apr. 15, 1725, 
Samuel, s. Nathaniel aud Ruth, June 3i, 1747. 
{Sarah, g. r. i.], d. Rev. John and Sarah, May 18, 1719. [a, 

30 d. G. R. 1.3 
Sarah, d. John and Sarah, Nov. i, 1724. 
Sarah, w. John, Mar. 31, 1733. 

Sarah, w. James, Sept. 20, 1760, in her 37th y. G. R, 3. 
Sarah, w. James, Sept so, 1769, a. 30 y. 

Sarah, d. James and Sarah, Nov. 8, 1774. [a. 10 1-2 y, c. R. 3.] 
Sarah, fever, bur. Jan, 19, 1802, a. 84 y. 6 m. C. R. 3. 
-Satah, wid, John, Jan. 9, 1833, a. 93 y. 
Sarah [W. g. r. 3.], d. Osgood and Martha, May 36 [37. G. r. 3.], 

1839, a. 30 d. 
Stephen, Feb. 12, 1721-2, in his 74th y. 
Stephen, July 3r, 1758. 

Susanna, d. Steplien and Elisabeth, May 17, 1747. 
Thcoader, Feb. 16, 1724-5. 
Theoader, s. Theoadei and Hannah, Feb. 33 [20, g. r. i,], 

1734-5. [a. 2 y. 4 m. G. R. i.] 
Theodore, s. Rev. Tho[ma]8, Feb. 14, 1724, in his 33d y. G. R. i. 
Thomas, Rev., Pastor of the North Church, Oct. [13. g. r, 1.] 

— , 1718, in his 60th y. [62d y. g. r. i.] 

, ch. Mahilabel, bur. July 4, 1778, a. 2 m. c. R. 2. 

, ch. John, jr. and Hannah, Mar. 18, 1833. 

, d. John, jr.. Mar. i, 1841, a. 5 m. 

BARNERD (see also Bamfiid), Stephen, s. twin, Stephen and 
Hannah, Dec. 36, 1718. 



BARROW, Sarah, m., b. Rawtenstall, tumor, Apr. 

BATCHELDER (see also Bachelder, Bacheller, Bacheltor, Batch- 
eler, Batchellor), Anna, w. Jos[eph], jr., Nov. 25, 1776. 

BATCHELER (sec also Batchelder), , ch. Capt. Jeremiah, 

Feb. 33, 1818, a. 4 h. 

BATCHELLOR (see also Batchelder), Judith, w. Joseph, Sept. 
»4, i77S>a- 53 y- 

BATES, Henry, Oct. 25, 1S36, a. 31 y. G. k. 5. 

BATTLES, Winslow, m., b. Plymouth, machinist, s. Caleb and 
Lucy, consumption, Oct. 13, 1S44, a. 36 y. 9 m. 

BAXBE (see also Bixby), Experaoce, w. Joseph, Sept. 9, i757» 
in her 6otfa y. 

BAXBT (see also Bixby), Daniel, May 7, 1717, a. abt. 66 y. 
David, s. twin, Mephibosheth and Mary, Apr, 23, 1718. 
Hannah, wid. Daniel, Nov. 20, lyzo. 
Jonathan, s. twin, Mephibosheth and Maty, Apr. 17, 1718. 
Sarah, d. Dan[ie]ll and Hannah, [i?!^]' 

BAWLDWIN (see also Baldwin), Martha, wid. Henry [of Shrews- 
bury. C. R. I.], Jan. 8, 1792. [in her 64th y. g. k. 1.] 

BEAVENS (see also Bevins), Mary, d. Edward and Maiy, Sept. 

^, 1738. 
Maty, d. Edward and Mary, Dec. to, 174a. 
Nathaniel, s. Edward and Mary, Sept. 17, 1738. 

BBAVERLY (see also Beverly), , ch. Daniel and Hannah^ 

Mar. [20], 1814, a. 30 d. [but. Mar. 2. c. r. a.] 

BENNETT, Fanny, d. Charles and Mary Ann, Oct. — , 1843, 
a. 14 m. 

BERRY, Ambrose, s. Benjamin, fever, but. Mar. 12, 1804, a. 8 y. 

2 m. c. R. 2. 
Benjamin, Dec. 31, 1830, a. 73 y. 



Berry, Elijah, June 6, 1834, a. 57 y. 

Eunice, w. John, Jan. la [la. c k. i and G, R. i.J, 1838, a. 84 y. 

[8s y. c. R. I.] 
Hannah Osgood, Oct 1, i8iz. p. R. 15. 
Hiram, s. Jacob and Susannah, Oct. 15, 1819, a. i y. 
Jacob, jr., inflammatory fever, Oct. 10, 1837, a. 19 i-a y. c. ft. 1. 
John, s. John and Polly [diving into the River struck his head 

agt. & injured the spine of his neck. c. R. 2.], Aug. ai, 1798, 

John, Oct. z6 [35. G. R. 6.], 1832. [a. 77 y. a r. 6.] 

John, m., farmei, s. John and Eunice, consumption, Aug. 3 [25. 

G. R. 6.j, 1849, a. 66 y. lo m. 
[Mary. G. r. 6,3, w. Hermon, July 18, 1834. [a. 21 y. g. r. 6,] 
Putnam, consumption, Aug. 4, 1837. c. R. i. 
[Rebbecca. p. r. i^.'], w. Sani[ue]l, Mar. [9. p. k. 39.], 1828. 

, s. Benjamin and Priscilla, July 29, 1743. 

, ch. Jacob, Mar. — , 1823, a. 9 m. [May. c. R. 1.] 

, Miss, d, Elijah, Oct. 3r, 1833. 

, s, Jacob, chin cough, Nov. 23, 1837, a. 10 w. c. R. 1. 

BEST, , inf. ch. William, Sept. ai, 1846. 

BEVERLY (see also Beaverly), Daniel, Dec. 19, 1813. 

David, s. David and Hannah, June 9, 1738. 

David, £. Daniel and Hannah, Apr. 34, i8z6, a. 14 y. 

Hannah, d. David and Hannah, Mar. 2, 1728-9. 

James, unm., laborer, s. Daniel, consumption, June 20, 1849, a. 

29 y. 
John, s. David and Hannah, May 26, 1738. 
John [bilious colic, c.r. i.], Dec. 12, 1811. 
John E., 8. Daniel and Hannah, Aug. 9, 1819, a. i y. 
Lydia, wid. John [dropsy, c. r. i.], Apr. 5, 1821, a. 67 y. 
Mary Ann, d. John and Sally [scarlet fever, c.r. i.],Aug, 8, 1838, 

a. 13 y. [12 y. 19 d, G. r. 6.] 

, d. Dan[ie]l, but. Jan. 14, 1811, a. 2 y. c. r. 2. 

, ch, stillborn, Daniel and Hannah, Feb. — , 1814. 

, inf. ch. Daniel and Hannah, Jan. 25, 1815. 

BEVINS (see also Heavens), Andrew, s. Edward and Mary, Apr. 
13. '747- 

BILL, William, m., b. Scotland, operative, djsentcry, Aug, 30, 
1849, a. 28 y. 



BILLINGS, [Sarah W. a. r. 5.], Miss [b. Apr. 6, iSia. g. k. 5.J, 
consumptioD, Oct. 18, 1844. 

BISHOP, Susan Bragg (Stevens), w. David H., Apr. 8, 1841, a. 

24 y. I m. 14 d. C. R. 5. 
, b. Medford, " insane, hung himself," Nov. 27, i8i», a. ar y. 

c, B. I. 

, ch, Mr,, Sept. i, 1837, a. 7 m. c. r. i. 

, ch. , Dec. — , 1837, a. 2 y. c. r. i, 

BIXBT (see also Baxbe, Baxby), [Emetine, c. r. i ; Emily Ann, 

G. R. 6. ], d. Moses [and Hannah, o, r. 6; typhus fever. 

c. K. I.], Dec, 26, 1844, a. ii y. [a. iz y. c. R. i.] 
Hannah P., b. Dracut, wid- Moses, consumption, Nov. 16, 1849, 

Moses, m,, b. Salem, N. H., s. Dudley and Nancy, consumption, 

[lung fever, c. R. i-], Dec. 20, 1846, a. 54 y. 

BLACHEAD, Daniel), [Blackhead, cr. r.], " ye servant of Chris- 
topher Osgood, killed by ye Indians at Black Point," June 
29, 1677. 

BLACK, Jeams, Aug. 6, 1756. p. r. 114. 

BLACKBURN, Olive G. [w. Buckley, g. r. 6.], b. Newbury, 

d, and Sarah Janvrin, insanity, Oct. 29, 1846, a. 36 y. 

[Nov. 30. g. R. 6 ; Dec. i, c. R. i.] 

, ch, Richard, Sept. i, 1821, a. 10 w. 

BLACKHEAD, see Blachead. 

BLAKCHARD (see also Blancherd), Abel, s. Joshua and Elizabeth, 

Mar. 15, 1818. p. R. 139- 
Abial, 3. Benjamin and Mary, Oct. ig, 1739, 
Abiel, s, Benjamin and Mary, Jan. 28, i74a-3- 
Abner, s, James and Abigail, Feb. 9, 1765, 
Amos, Dea., m., b. Wilton, N. H., s. Joshua, consumption, Aug. 

17, 1847, a. 74 y, 
Ann, w. Jona[than], Feb. 29, 1723, in her 65th y. G. r. 2. 
Anna, d, James and Abigail, Jan. 26, 1769. 
Anne, w. Jonathan, Feb. 29, 1723-4. 
Annis, d. Stephen and Deborah, Oct. 15, 1749. 
Bathsheba, wid., and d. Dea. Jos[eph] Abbot, bur. Dec. 8, 1784, 

a. 49 y. c. B. 2. 



Blanchabd, Betsey, d. twin, Thomas, sore mouth, bur. Jan. 7, 

1789, a. 23 d.c. R. 2. 
Daniel, bur. Mar. 19, 1776, a. 40 y. C. R. 2. 
David, Oct. 13, 1732, in his 4Sth y. 
David, s. Benjamin and Maty,Oct. 19, 1739. 
David, s. Benjamin and Mary, Apr. 10, 1740. 
Dorcas, d. Benjamin and Maiy, Oct. 13, 1739. 
Edward, s. [Dea. G. r. z.j Amos and Elizabeth [consumption. 

c R. I.], June z, 1834, a. 19 y. 
Edward, s. Rev. Amos and C. R. D., Aug. 21, 1841, a. 11 m. 

G. R. 2 . 

Edward, s. Rev. Amos and C. R. D., May z6, r848, a. 8 m. G. r.2 

Elezebith, d. Josiah and Sarah, Apr. 13, 1752. 

Eliza J[ane, w. Joshua, g. r. z,], d. Benj[aminl and Eliza Hay- 
wood, consumption, Apr. 9, 1S45, a. 31 y. [3* y. G. R. z.] 

Elizabeth, d. Joseph and Sarah, Mar. 29, 1728. 

Elizabeth, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, Oct. 8, 1 733. 

Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, Apr. zz, 1783, a. 71 y. [a. 72 y. c. r. z.} 

Elizabeth, w. Joshua, July 14, 1817. p. r, 129, 

Elizabeth, wid. [Dea. g. r. 2.3 Amos, influenza, Jan. 4[3. c. a. 
2.], 1849, a. 71 y. II m. 

Eloner, w. Aaron, consumption, bur. May 7, 1788, a. 45 y. c. R. 2. 

Ezra, a. Joshua and Elizabeth, June 4, 1805. p. R. 129. 

Fanny, Apr. ir, 1820. 

Hannah, w. Thomas, June 25, 1724. 

Hannah, wid. Sam[ue]l, July 10, 17-5, in her 79th y. G. r. 2. 
[,7=S.i-. .. ."9.] 

Isaac, s. Tho[ma]B and Rose, Jan. 25, 1721-2, in his zoth y. 

Isaacs. Thomas, jr. and Elezebith, Dec. 8, 1749. 

Isaac, s, Josiah, jr., bur. Sept. 3, 1778, a. 2 y. 9 m. C. R. 2. 

Jficob, s, Stephen and Deborah, Nov. 27, 1753. 

James, s. James and Elizabeth, Mar. i, 1759. 

James, Mar. 11, 1769, a. 34 y. 

James, s. James and Mary A., Sept. 9, 1834, a. 11 m. 

Jerusha, bur. Aug. 8, 1779, a. 18 y, c. r, 2. 

Jonathan, s. Benjamin and Mary, Oct. 16, 1739. 

Jonathan, Oct. 19, 1742, in his 79th y, 

Jona[athan], Sept. 21, 1748, in his 63d y. g. r. 2, 

Jonathan, Feb. xi, 1748-9, 

Joseph, s. Joseph and Dinah, Dec. 3, 1758, in his 5th y. 

Joseph, bur. Mar. zz, 1776, a. 45 y. c. R. 2. 

Joshua, s, Joshua and Elizabeth, July 23, i8ro. p. r. 129. 

Joshua, Oct. ro, 1818. p. r. 129. 

Josiah, bur. Apr. 12, 1783, a. 79 y. c. r. 2. 



Blanchard, Josiah, bilious fever [Apr. 3a g. r. 3.], 1 790, a. 49 y. 

7 m. c. R. z. 
Lucy, d. Aaron and Nelly, Sept. 3, 1775, a, 1 1-2 y. 
Lydea, d. Thomas, jr. and Elezebith, Nov. 28, 1749. 
Lydia, d. Joshua and Elizabeth, Aug. 28, 1801. p. R. tag. 
Martha Ann, d. John and Nancy, Aug. 22, 1830. 
Mary, d. Aaron and Nelly [consumption, c. r. a,], May 15, 1786, 

a. zi y. 
Mary, d. Aaron, bur. July 30, 1786, a. 6 m. c. R. 2. 
Nelle, w. Aaron, May 5, 1788, a. 44 y. 11 m. g, r. 2. 
Nelly, d. Aarou and Nelly, Sept. 26, 1775, a. 5 y. 6 m. 
Phebe, d. Joseph and Sarah, Sept. 29, 1749, in her 8th y. 
Priscy, d. twin, Thomas, sore mouth, bur. Jan. i, 1789, a. 13 d, 

C. R. 2. 

Roas, w. Thomas, Aug. 26, 1714, a. abt. 40 y. 

Roase, d. Thomas, Nov, 22, 1724. 

Samuel, June 17, 1754. in his 74th y. 

Sarah, d. Joseph and Sarah, Apr. 15, 1729. 

Sarah, w. Joseph, Nov, n, 1757, in her gfith y. 

Sarah, wid. Samuel, Aug. to, 1769. 

Sarah, wid., bur. Dec. 6, 1776, a. 75 y. c. r. 2. 

Sarah, d. Benjamin, Sept. 9, 1777. p. R. 129. 

Sarah, w. Josiah, bur. Sept. 13, 1778, a. 67 y. c. r. 2. 

Sarah [A. Josiah and Sarah, p. R. 129.] bur., Mar. 29, 17S1, 

a. 50 y. c R. 2. 
Solomon, s. Sam[ue]ll and Ruth, Jan. 21, 1759- 
Solomon, 3. Samuel and Ruth, Dec. 23, 1765. 
Solomon, s. Samuel, jr. and Lucy [worms, c. r. 2.], Apr. 12, 

1796, a. s y. 
Stephen, Jan. 8, 1769, a. 67 y. 

Susanna, d. Aaron and Nelly, Sept. 4, 1775, a. 7 y. 3 m. 
Susanna, d. Aaron and Nelly, Aug. 20, 1783, a, r y. 2 m. 
Susannah, d. Aaron, bur. Feb. 5. 1785, a. 10 m. c. r. 2. 
Thomas, 3d, at Lake George, Oct. 9, 1758. 
Thomas, Mar. 17, 1759, in his 85 th y. 
Thomas, bur. Nov. 26, 1778. c. r. 2. 
Thoma3, Nov. 25, 1779, a. 79 y. to m, 
Unice, d. Josiah and Sarah, Oct. 5, 1749. 
Unice, d. Joshua and Elizabeth, Sept 24, [777. p. r. 129. 

, ch. Tho[ma]3,bur. Jan. 5, 1784, a. 4 m. C. r. 2. 

, wid,, at the almshouse, bur. Nov. 26, iSii, a. 74 y. c. r. 2. 

, ch. James and Mary Ann, Oct. 30, r83r. 

, ch. of Boston, Aug. — , 1830. c. R- 2. 

, s. Amos, cholera infantum, Sept. 9, 1834, a. 11 m. c. r. 2. 



BLANCHERD (see abo Blanchard), Henry, ch. Jer[emiah], bur. 

Aug. 30, 1773. C R. 2. 
Samuell, Apr. 32 [12. g. r. 3.]. 1707. a- abt. 80 y. [in his 78th y. 

G. R. 3.] 

BLOOD, George B., s. Albert and Elizabeth, dysentery, Sept. 18, 

1848, a. 5 m. 17 d. 
Julia, d. Rodgers and Martha, Mat. 22, 1841, a, 13 d. 
Nathan, s. Rodgers and Martha, July 30, 1838, a. 21 m. 
Nathan, s. Rodgers and Martha, July 31, 1839, a. a y. 

, ch. Rogers, Mai. 22, 1841, a. 2 w, c. r. a. 

, inf. ch. Marshall, July 8 [9. c. r. z.J, 1843. 

, ch. , dysentery, Sept. 18, 1848, a. i y. 6 m. C. r. i. 

BLUNT. Angeline [Angelina L. o. r. 2,], d. Samuel [P. c. r. 2.] 

ana Peisis, Dec. 14, 1831 [1832, G. r. ».], a. 17 m. 

Anne, d. Will[ia]m and Elizabeth, [1707 or 1708]. 

Charles C, s. Samuel [P. g. r. 2.] and Persis [influenza. C r. z.j, 

Jan. z, 1833, a. 4 m. 
David, s. David and Lydea, Apr. 11, 1729. 
David, Apr. 21, 1752, in bis 53d y, 
David, s. David and Molly, Aug. 7, 1814, a. 2 y. 2 m. a d. 
David, Lt., May ii, i8ao. 
Elisabeth funm. g. r, 2.], consumption [Mar. 24. g. R. 2,], 1801, 

a. 48 y, 8 m. c. r. 2. 
Elizabeth, w. Willia[ra], July ir, 1689. 
Francises, ch: Samuel [P., of New York, c. R. 2.] and Sarah H., 

infantile, Sept. 22, 1849, a. 4 d. 
Isaac [fever, c. R. 2.], Jan. 6, 1798, a. 86 y. [a. 85 y. 2 m, 

c R, 2.J 
Isaac [Capt. c. k. 2.], Oct. 17, 1833, a. 67 y. 
Lois, w. [wid. c. R. 2 ; Capt. G. r. a.] Isaac, fever [connected 

with broken hmb, Feb. 17. C. R. 2.], Feb. 10, 1849, a. 82 y. 
Lydea, w. David, May 5, 1731. 
Mary, w. Isaac, Apr. 10, 1760, a. 35 y. 
Mary, wid., bur. June 10, 1773, a. 71 y. c. R. 2. 
Mary, wid. [Isaac, g. r. 2.], numb palsy [Mar. 27. g. r, 2.], 

1801, a. 71 y. 4 m. c. r. 2. 
Ruth, w. David, Dec. 8, 1802, a. 54 y. [bur. Dec, 31. c. r. z.] 
Sam[ue]ll, s. William and Elizabeth, July 18, 1684. 
Sarah, w. William, sr., Sept. ir, 1701. 
Sarah, wid. William, Dec. 6, 1760, a. 84 y. 
Sarah H[insdale. G. r. 3.], b. New York [New Jersey?], w. 

Sam[uc]l [W. G. H. 2.], childbirth, Sept. [Aug. 18. g. r. 2.] 

18, 1849, a. 37 y. 



Blunt, William, Apr. 3, 1709, a, abt 67 j. 
William, Mr., July 7, 1 738, a. 67 y. 
, s. Isaac and Maiy, Sept. 13, 1757- 

BOARDHAN, William J., , 1849. c R. 6. 

BODWELL, George F. , s. Hiram and Harriet, consumption, Aug. 

26, 1S48, a. II m. 

Harriot [unm. g. R. 6.j, d. William, May 21, 1832, a. 25 y. 

[26 y. G, R. 6,] 
Henery, s. twin, Henery and Belhia, Jan. 29, 1683. 
Josiah, s. twin, Henery and Bethia, Jan. 30, 1685. 
Sarah, wid. James, Sept. 18, 1769. 
William M., fever, Aug. i, 1842. 
, Sept. 12, 1819, a. 3 y. c. r. i. 

BOLLES, see Bowls. 

BOLMAN, , wid. [Bowman, c. r. i.], at Elijah Long's, May 

27, 1829- 

BOND, Edwin G., S.William and Sally, Apr. 13, 1823, a. i y. 
4 m. 25 d. 

BONGAR, Lewis Le Count, student, bur. Jan. 6, 1810, a. 22 y. 
c R. a. 

BOOTH, John W., s. James and Sarah, Aug. 2 [4. c. R. i.j, 1843, 
a. ro w. 3d. G. R. 6. 

BOWIE, W[illia]m Joseph, Oct. 29, 1841, a. 17 y. 6 m. o. r. 6. 

BOWLS. Sarah, unm., May 14, 1743. 
y, d. John and Mary, June 24, 1739. 

BOWMAN, see Bolman. 

BOWTHBR, Sarah, w. Ethan, brain fever, June 15, 1843, a. 22 y. 

BOYNTOK, David, Mar. 26, 1826, a. 42 y. [1825 ?] 
Hannah, w. Thomas, Dec. to [21. c. R. 3. and g. r, 3.], 1831. 
[a. 80 y. G. R. 3.] 



BovNTON, Louisa, d. BeDJafroinJ and Belinda, Mar. 3 [4. G. r. 3.3, 

1840, [a. 13 J. 10 m. 
[Rebecca. G. r. 3.], w. Thotnaa, jr., May 9, 1830. [a. 50 y. 

G. R. 3.] 

Samuel, s. Thomaa and Hannah [canicer. c. R. ».], Aug. 2, 1787. 

[a. I y. 9 m. c. r. 3.} 
Samuel, s. Thomas and Hannah [fevei. a R. 2S\, Jan. 11, 1793. 

[1793. G- R. 2 i a. ti m. c. R. z.] 
Sarah, Miss, Apr. 14, 1S44. c r. 3. 
Thomas. Mar. 10, 1833, a. 86 y. 
, inf. ch. Benjamin and Belinda, Oct. 10, 1814. 

BRAAE, Charles, s. David, water in head, Mar. iS, 1849, a. 1 y. 

BRAI>BURY, Daniel, unm., laborer, b. Haverhill, s. Daniel and 
Elizabetii, consumption, Oct. 6, 1849, ^- 55 y- 

BRADLEY, Caroline L., d. George and Louisa, consumptioo, 

Oct. 17, 1843, a, 14 y. 
George, s- Joaathan and Sarah, zd w., Jan. 23, 1797. 
Jonathan, Feb. 33, 1818. [a. 73 y. G. r. 6.] 
Joseph, Mar, zi, rSoz, a. 56 y. G. R. r. 
Joseph, Dec. 10, 1803. 

Joseph, pulmonary consumption, Apr. 6, 1841. 
Louisa, wl George, Mar. 6, 1839, a. 34 y. 2 m. [31 y. g. r. 7.] 
Maty, wid. Joseph [paralytic, c. R. 1.], Aug. 10 [g. g. r. 6.], 

1840, a. 85 y. [86 y. G. r. 6.] 
Sarah, w. Jonathan, Sept. r4, r790. [a. 40 y. G. r. r.] 
Sarah, wid. Jona[tban3, Sept. — [Oct. 20. c. r. 6.3, r830. [a. 

65 y. G. R. 6.] 
Thomas, Oct. 13, i83r. 
William, s. Jonathan and Sarah, July i3, r7S4. 
William [consumption, c- R. i-], Aug. ig, 1838. [a. 43 y. c. R.6i 

44 y. c. R. I.] 
William [Osgood, c R. 1.], s. George and Louisa, convulsions, 

July 10, 1843, a. 3 y. [a. 4 y. c. r. r.] 
, ch. Geo[rge], May 4, 1S26. 

BRADSTREET, An, w. Mr. Simon, Sept. r6, 1672. 
Anne, d. Dudley and Anne, Nov. rs, i63i. 
Dudley, C0I-, Nov. 13, 1703. 

BRAG (see also Bragg), Dorcis, d. Thomas and Dorathy, Dec 
r3, 1748. 



BRAGG (see also Brag), Sarah, d. Thomas and Dorathy, Nov. 
z^t 17581 ill her zd y. 

BRECKi , ch. , influenza, Dec. 19, 1839, a. a i 

C. K. 3. 

BRIALEY (see also Brieily), James, s. John and Sarah, Mar. 28, 

BRIMES (see also Briges), Elliner, w. James, jr., May 5, 1736. 
Enoch, s. Mr. Moody and Naama, June 7, 1764. [a. i y. 9 m. 

G. R. 1.3 
Hannah, d, James and Mary [Hannah. G, r. 6.] [b, Jum 

1794. G. H, 6.], July 24, 1819, a. 25 y. 
Hannah, w. James, b. Mar. i, 1758, d. Mar. 17, 1835. g- R. 6. 
Isaac, Capt., at Fayal, Apr. 19, 1805, a. 53 y. G. r. 1. 
'ames, Mr., Apr. 24, 1739, in his fiylh y. 

3, " melted with the heatt," July 17, 1747, in his 51st y. 

lames, b. Nov. 34, 1756, d. Dec. 14, 1819. G. r. 6. 

ames, jr., Nov, 23, 1789, a. 38 y. 8 d. ■ 

ames, Jan. 20, 1810, a, 80 y, 7 1-2 m. 

'^ames [[mechanic, wagon run over him. c. R. i.j, Dec. 14, 1819, 

a. 63 y. [a. 65 y. c. r. i.] 
Mary, wid. Moody, Nov. — , 1818, a. 85 y. 

Mary, wid. Capt. James, Mar. 15, 1835, a, 78y. [a. 73 y. C. r. 1.] 
Mary L., wid. Capt. Isaac. Oct, zg, i8zi. 
Moody, July 14, 1801. [in his 79th y. g. r. 1.] 
Naama, w. Moody, Nov. 12, 1779, a. 53 y. 
Sarah, w. Mr. James, St., Sept. 18, 1736. 
Sarah, d. James, jr. and Elener, Oct. i, 1738. 

BRIENT (see also Bryant), H. B., ch. Slillman and Mary, typhus 
fever, Sept as, 1845, a. 5 y. 

BRIERLT (see also Brialey, Brily), Benjamin F., s. John and 

Sarah, Sept. — , 1838, a. i y. 
John [H. G. R. 7.], s. David [and Alice. G. r. 7.], July S> 1841, 

a. 20 y. [ji y. G, r. 7.] 
Nancy, d. John and Sarah, fits, Jan. 29, 1846, a. 2 m. 4 d, 

, ch. , Oct. 10, 1840, a. 16 m. c. r. r. 

, ch. stillborn, Edmond, July 7, 1844. 



BRIGES (see also Bridges), Sarah, d. Moodey and Nama, Feb. 
16, I7S4. a- 3 y- 9 ^- [f^b. 14. c. k. i.] 

BRIGGS, Harriet S[wan (Dana), c. r. s-]< b. Woodstock, Vt., w. 

Rev. William T., consumption, Mar. 7, 1849, a. 30 y. 
Harriet E., d. Rev. William T. and Haniet S., infantile complaint, 

Sept. 29, 1849, a. 6 m. 22 d. 

BRILY (see also Brierly), Jobn, consumption [bet July 13 and 
Aug. i], 1831,3. 27 y. C. R. I. 

BRISTER, Eunice, wid., consumption, Dec. 5, 1849, a. supposed 
90 y. 

BROOK, Cha[rle]s E., s. David and Elizabeth, Mar. 27, 1849, 
a. 22 m. 22 d. G. R. 4. 

BROWN (see also Browne), Anlelia, unm., Dec, 3, 1835, a. 17 y. 
Elizabeth F[iske. C. R. 4.], d. John J[ames. c. R. 4.3 and Emily 

J. [Willard, c. R. 4-], scarlet fever, Dec, 13 [ij. a r. 4.], 

1849, a. I y. 25 y. 
Emily Fish [Fiske. c. R. 4.], d. John J. and Emily, scarletine, 

June 18, 1844, a. I y. 4 m. 
Jacob, s. Jacob and Ruby, Oct. 4, 1837, a. 8 m. 
James Willaid, s. John J. and Emily, cholera infantum, Aug. 27 

[29. G. R. 4.], 1845, a, 9 m. [11 m. g. r. 4.] 10 d. 
Jane E.,d. William and Elizabeth, dropsy, Apr. 17, 1848, a. 77 

d. [«vo 

Martha Ann, d. William and Klizabcih, debility, Aug. 4, 1845, 

a. I m. 23 d. 
Mary, d, Jacob and Ruby, Mar. 22, 1828. 
Ruth, wid. Feb. 11, 1830, a. 80 y. 

Sarah, d. Walter, Sept. 9 [8, G. r. 2.], 1832,3.77. [7 m. g. r. 2.] 
William, s, Hugh, Nov. 14, 1827, a. 16 m. 
William, yeoman, consumption, Jan. 14, 1845, a. 34 y. 

, d, James and Phebe, Nov. — , r 739. 

, twin cbn., Ja[mes] and Phebe, Apr. 20, 1740. 

, inf. ch. Joseph and Clarissa, June 26, 1S37. 

, inf, ch. John and Louisa, Aug. 10, 1838, a. 4 m. 

BROWNE (see also Brown), Nathanael, "killed by Indians," 

Feb. 22, 1697-8. 



BRYANT (see also Brient), Stillman N., s. H. B. and M. A., 
Sept. as, 1845, a. s y. 5 m. G. r. 6. 

BUCKLEY, Elmira, d. James and Ann, Nov. 4, 1843, a. 3 y. 

G. K. 6. 
Geo[rge], s. Fhineas and Hannah, Sept. 15, 1833, a. 3 y. c. r. 4. 
Hannah, wid., b. Ashtan Underline, Eng., lung fever, Dec. 7, 

1847. a- say- 9 ™- 
Hannah, w. William, Dec. 5, 1848, a. 53 y. □. r. 4. 
James, m., b. England, operative, s. James and Betsey, fit^ June 

21, 1849,3.4* y- [47 y- G. K. 1.] 
John, s. Fhineasand Anna, bur. Dec. 10 [Sept. 9. g. r. 4.], 1:840,. 

a. 15 y. c. R. 4- 
Joseph, s. James and Ann, July 15, 1839, a. g y. g. r. 6. 
Joseph, s. Phineas and Hannah, croup, Dec. 37, 1847, a. 3 y. 9 m. 

BUDLONG, Charlotte [cholera infantum, c. r. 2.], July 27, 1844. 
[a. 2 y. 3 m. 9 d. a r. z.] 

BULLARD, Lydia, w. Daniel, Jan. 24, 1834, a. 46 y. 

BURBANK, , mother Mr., visitor in town, Sept. — , i8a8.. 

BURCH, Rachael [wid. c. r. a.], at the almshouse, July 14, 1812. 
[a. 77 y. c. B. 2.] 

BURNAM (see also Bumham), , d. Zacheus, quinsy, bur. 

Dec. ri, 1803, a. r y. 8 ra. C. r. 2. 

BURNET, Thomas, s. Robert and Margaret, Apr. 15, 1837, a^ 
3 y. S m. 1 1 d. 

BURNHAH (see also Bumam), George, s. Zacheriah [Zacheus. 

G, R. 2.] and Dolly [throat distemper, c. R. z.], Apr, 8 [7. 

C. R. 2.], rS35, a. 22 y. 
John, s. John and Diantha, Apr. ar, r840, a. 3 y. 
John A., s. John and Diantha, scarlet fever, Jan. 3 r, 1849, ^5 7- 

3 ra. 
Zacheus, m., farmer, fever, May 26 [24, c. r. 2.], 1845. l^- 7© y. 

G. R, 2 ; 71 y. c. R. 3.] 
, Mr., at Palfray Downings, July r4, r8i9. 



BURNS, Elias, consumption, Oct. 3, 1842. [a. 51 y. c. r. 2.] 

BURRILL, Hariiet, w. John, of Boston, and d. Ezra and Dolly 
Ingalls, June 7, 1839, a. 25 y. a r. 3. 

BURT (see ako Burtt), [Abiah. g. r. 3.], wid. Joseph, Oct. 7, 

1828. [a. 87 y. G.R. 3.] 
Charles F., s. Jed[edia]h and Mary, Aug. 18 [17. c. R. 3.], 1831, 

a. 7 m. 
Fanny Mooar, d. Joseph, bur. Mar. 10, 1780, a. 5 m. c R. 2. 
Hannah, d. Joseph, " killed by the Sweep of a Cyder Mill," bur. 

June 6, 1791, a. 9 y. 10 m. c. R. 2. 
Jedediah, s. Jedediah, canker, bur. May 24, 1794, a 10 m. 

c. R. 2. 
Jedediah, Dec. 24, 1831. [a. 62 y. c. R. 3.] 
Joseph, Dec. 29, iSio, a. 84 y. g. r. 3. 
Joseph, Oct. i8 [t7. g. r. 3.], 1812, a. 47 y. 
Mary, wid. Joseph, Mar. 31 [30. g. R. 3.], 1825, [a. 70 y. g. r. 3.] 
Mary Louisa, d. Jed[ediah] and Mary, N0V.4, 1840, a. 2 y. 7 m. 

g. f. 3. 
Sally, d. Jedediah, bur. Jan. 2, 1813. c. r. 2. 
[Sarah. G. R. 3.], w. Jedediah [consumption. C. R. 2.], Feb. 16, 

1 828. [a. 53y-G-R- 3-] 
W[illia]iii, Feb. g, 1840, a. 30 y. c. r. 3. 

, ch. Joseph, bur. July 10, 1776, a. 7 d. c. r. 2. 

, ch. Ebenezcr, bui. Apr. 24, 1793, a. 2 h. c. r, 2. 

, ch. Waiien, bur. June 19, 1805, a. 2 y. c. R. 2. 

BDRTT (see also Burt), , s. Henry and Abigail, Aug. 7, 

1845, a. 3 d. G. R. 2. 

BUSWELL, Catharine, d. Ebcn[ezc]r, May r4, 1831, a. 3 m. 

BUTTERRELD, John Barker, s. Charles A. and Mary Ann, Feb. 

[Mar. G. R. 7.] 13, 1840, a. 2 m. 19 d- 
Joseph B., s. Charles and Mary A., hydrocephalus, May 4, 1842, 

a. 1 y. 
Mary, wid., old age, bur. Jan. 31, 1799, a. 87 y. c. R. 2. 
[Ruth, wid, William, g. r. 2.], disease of heart, Apr. 24, 1844. 

[a. 77 y- o. R. 3.] 
, s. Charles A. and Mary Ann, thrush, Mar. 18, r84S, a. 16 d. 

BUTTERS, Mehitable [wid., palsy, c. r. 2.], Dec. 17, 1839, a. 88 y. 



BUTTERWORTH, Charles L,, b. Norwich, N. H., s. John and 
Mary, measles, July 14, 1849, a, 5 m. 

BUXTON, David, Dec. 4, 1847, a. 59 y. c. R. 2. 

CALDWELL, Eben[eie]r B., , 1819. c. s. 6. 

CALLAHAN (see also Callehan, Callyham, Cballayhaa), Edward, 

s. Rob[erJt and Dorcas ^dropsy in the head. c. R. r.], Sept. 

19, 1815, a. 2 y. 3 m. I d. g. r. i. 
[Louisa G. g. r. a.], [d.] William and Hannah [B. g. r. 2.], Aug. 

20 [l 7. G. R. Z.], 1845. [a. tow, 12 d. G. R. 2.] 
[William E. o. r. 2.], inf. s. William and Hannah [B. G. R. a.], 

Jan. 26 [34, g. r. 2.], 1844. [3- 22 d. g. b. 2.] 
, d. James and Emily, cholera iniantum, Sept. 23, 1848, a. 

a m. 

CALLEHAN (see also Callahan), Catherine, w. James, May 5 

[6. G. R. 2.], 1835, a. 25 y. [24 y. G. R. a.] 
Lydia, [old age, Aug. 15. c. R.2.], Aug. 17, 1835, a. 93 y. [a. 91 y. 

C. R. 2.] 

William, B. James and Catherine, Aug. 7, 1835, a. 4 m. 

CALLTHAH (see also Callahan), Maria, d. Rob[er]t [and Dor- 
cas, G. R. 3; dysentery, c. r. 2.], Sept. 14, 1828. [a. 9. y. 
G. R. 2.] 

Partrick, Apr. 23, 1814. 

CAMPBELL, Sophia, of Boston, at Lt. Cyras Marble's, Sept. 28, 
1809, a. IS y. 

CANE, Matho M,, b. Ireland, laborer,' fever. Sept, 15, 1848, a. 
22 y. 

CARLETON (see also Carlton), Benjamin. Sept. 7, 1840, a. 95 y. 

[George C. g. k. 6.], s. John D[ean, dup.] and Hannah, June a, 
1844. [a. 6 m. G. R. 6.] 

Henry L [J. c. R. r.], unm., farmer, s. Dean and Martha, con- 
sumption, Sept. 3, 1846, a. 25 y- 6 m. [Sept. i. G. r. 6.] 

James G,, s. James and Mary D. [bowel disease, c. R. i.], Sept. 
28, 1840, a. r6 m. 

John, m., farmer, s. Peter and Sarah dropsy [consumption. 
c. R. 1.], July ir, 184s, a. 68 y. [a. 67 y. c. r. i.] 



Carleton, John D[ean. c. B. i.], m., farmer, s. Dean and Susan, 

consumption, Mar. 15, 1846, a. 30 y. 
Marcy, wid. Ezckiel, Aug, 27, 1781, in her 70th y. g. R. i. 
Mary, wid. Daniel, Nov. 7, tSsS, a. 69 y. G, r. i. 
Octavia A., d. James C- and Mary D., Sept. — , 1837. p. r. 23. 
Sally, w. Lt. Leonard, and d. Nathan and Sarah Barker, Nov. 25, 

Sally, unm., Nov. 36, 1843, a. 69 y. g. r, 6. [Nov. 25, a. 68 y, 

C. R, I.] 

Sally, unm., d. Benjamin and Sarah, consumption, Dec. 18, 1846, 
a . 66 y. 

, inf. ch. Isaac, Oct. 7, 1831, C. r. 2. 

, ch. Isaac, July 29, 1833. c. R. 2. 

, s. Isaac, cholera infantum, Aug. 21, 1834, a. 3 w. c. R. a. 

CARLTON (see also Carleton, CaurJton), Abigail, wid. [Isaac. 

G. R. I.], June ao, 1810, in her giaty. 
Amos, July 26, 1809, a. 30 y. 6 m. 
Amos, Capt., drowned at Cutler, Me., July 20, 1837, a. 35 y. 

G. R. 6. 
Asenath, consumption, Jan. — , 1827. c. R. i. 
Augusta A., d, Amos and Abiah [dyspepsia, c. r. i.], Jan. 27 

[26. C. R. I.], r849, a. r9 y. g. r. 6. 
Benjamin, s. Christopher and Martha, " Sickness in Kings Ser- 
vice at Lewisbug," Jan. 4, 1745-6, in his 20th y. 
Benj[amin], jr.. May 16, 1835. c. r. 1, 
Chloe, w. John [wid. c. r. i.}, fits [disease of the heart, c. R. r.], 

Feb. 16, 1846, a. 6z y. 2 m. 25 d. 
Christopher, Feb. r5, r8oo. 
Christopher, Dec. 30 [31. G. r. 7.], 1812, a, 71 y. 
Christopher [consumption, c. R. i7], Oct. i [Sept. 23, g. r, 7,], 

183s, a. 25 y. 
Cristefer, June 2, 1748, a. 56 y. 

Cristefer, s. Cristefer and Elezebith, June 18, 1750, in his 8th m. 
Daniel, May 2, r795, in his S8th y. 
Daniel, Dec, 9, i8or, a. 63 y. 
Daniel, May 23, 1807. [a. 47 y. G. r. r,] 
David, s. Christo[phe]r and Elizabeth, .4ug. 17, r763. 
David, s. Cbristo[pheJr aad Eliz[abe]lh, Sept. 2, 1775, a. 7 m. 
Dean [found dead in his barn. c. r. i.J, Feb. 14, 1827, a. 68 y. 
Deborah, w. Dean, Mar. 21, 1823, a. 60 y. 
Dorcas, w. Ezekiel, Dec. i, 1821, a. jt y. [7a y. G. R. 6.] 
Elisabeth Stevens, d. Christopher and Mary, Sept. 22, 1812, 

a. 3 m. 



Carlton, Eliza K., d. Jacob and Phebe, Oct. — , 1816. [Oct. 

8, a. 2 y. c. R. I. 
Elizabeth, w, Peter, Sept. i, 1759. 
Elizabeth, w. Michael, Sept. 27, 1779. 
Elizabeth, July 24, i799> a. 46 y. 
Elizabeth, wid. Christopher, Nov. 5, 1804, a, 83 y. 
Elizabeth A., May 12, 1839, a, 36 y. 
Emma, w. Frederick, May 23, i8a6, a. 26 y. c. e. 6. 
Ezekiel, s. Ezekiel and Marcy, Aug. 12, 1738. 
Ezekiel, Aug. 26, 1775, a, 74 y, 

Ezekiel, Jan. 1, 1831, a. 88 y. [Dec. 31, 1830, a. 82 y. c. r. 1.] 
Ezekiel, widr., laborer, s. Ezekiel and Dorcas, lung fever, May 20, 

1849, a. 73 y. 
Frederick, s. Frederic and Etnma, buiied in Danvers [182-?], 

a. x2 m. G. R. 6. 
George How, s. Daniel, Mar. ao, 1837. 
Guy, s. Isaac and Martha, May 28, 1829. [May 27, a. 7 y. 

C. R. 2.} 

Hannah, d. John and Hannah, Sept 25, 1721. 

Hannah, w. John, jr., Jan. 22, 1733-4- 

Hanoah, w. John, sr., Feb. 13, 1733-4. 

Hannah, w. Michael, Sept. 13, 1805, a. 38 y. 

Helen S., d. James C. and Mary D., fever, May 23, r849, a. 1 y. 

Henry, s. Christopher and Mary [fell through the ice and wa& 

drowned, c. R. i.], Feb. 11 [13 G. r. 7.], 1829, a. 10 y. 
Isaac, May 7, 177T. [a, 56 y. g. r, i,] 
Isaac, s. Samuel and ^rah, July 13, 17S2, a. 4 y. 
Isaac, May 27, 1816, a. 65 y. [a. 63 y. o. R. i.} 
Isaac, jr., June 13, i8i6,a. 43 y. 
Jacob, Sept. — , 1822, c. r. i. 
Joanna, w. Phineas, Dec. 26, 1827, a. 48 y. 
John, s. Christopher and Martha, at sea, Nov. 1 5, 1 740. 
John, Mr., Oct. 5, 1745, in his 87th y. 
John [b. Isaac and Abigail. G. R. 1.], May 23, 1828, a. 70 y. 

[73 y. c. R. 1.3 
John B., s. Isaac and Desire, dysentery, July 27, 1849, a. 3 y. 1 d. 
John I., M. D., 5. Dean [delirium tremens, c. R. r.], May 4, 1832, 

a. 40 y. 
Jonathan, s. Isaac and Abigail, Jan, 18, 1763, 
Joseph, s. Isaac and Abigail, Aug. 20, 1763. 
Joseph, s. Michael and Hannah [fever, c. r. i.], Feb. z8, i8i8» 

a. 16 y. [Feb. 27, a. 15 y. c. r. i.] 
Joseph, Nov, 3, 1829. 
Lucretia, w. D&niel, Jan. 2$, 1825. 



Carlton, Lydea, d. Joshua and Maiy, Sept. 13, 1747. 

Marcy, d. Ezekiel and Marcy, Aug. 27, 1738. 

Martha, wid. Christo[pher], Jan. 24, 1761. 

Martha, d. Isaac and Abigail, May 30, 1771. 

Martha, w. Isaac, Apr. 13, 1830, a. 37 y. [Apr. 9, a. 31 y. c. r, 2.] 

Martha, w. Col. Dean, Apt. 13, 1S33. [a. 44 y. c. b. 6,] 

Maiy, d. John and Hannah, June 10, 1738. 

Mary Ann, w. Isaac, Aug. 3, 1838, a. 26 y. 

Mercy [(Carlton), CH. i.], wid. Daniel [general debility, c. r. r.]. 

Mar. 30, 1814, a. 74 y. 
Michael [lung fever, c. r. i.]. Mar. i6, 1838, a. 77 y. 4 m. 
Molly, d. Daniel, 3d and Molly, May 2, 1792. 
Molly, wid. Daniel [consumption, c. R. i.], Nov. 7, 1828,3. 69 y. 
Pamelia [unm. c r. t.], d. Benj[ami]n and Sarah, Feb. 24, 

1826, a. 3a y. 5 m. 
Parker, of Blue Hill, Me., a member of Phillips Academy, Nov, 

24, 1823, a. 33 y. G. R. 5. 
Peter, Feb. — , 1805, a. 69 y. [Feb. 21, 1804. g. r. i.] 
Peter, s. John, jr. and Chloe [fever, c r. i.], Oct 13, 1814, a. 

6 y. 3 m. 21 d. [Oct. r4. c. r. t.] 
Peter, at Salty Carltons, May 29, 1822, a. 64 y. 
Phebe, d. Christo[phe]r and Elizabeth, Oct. 18, 1761. 
Phebe, d. Christopher and Elizabeth, Apr. 12, 1794. 
Phebe [w. Ezekiel. a R. 6, consumption, c. R. i.], July 14, 

1828, [June 14. dup. ; a. 49 y. g. r. 6.] 
Phineas, Dec. 13 [10. g. r. 6.] i83r, a. 73 y. 
Putnam, s. Amos, late deceased, and Hatmah, Jan. 19, 1811, 3. 

4 y. [Jan. ao. c. r. i.] 
Ruben, s. Michael and Eliz[abe]tb, July 25, 1772, 
Ruth (Lovejoy), Mrs., Jan, — , 1825. c. r. i. 
. [Sally M. G, R. 6.], d. Frederick and Emma, June [21], 1820, 

[a, 3 m- <5- R- 6.] 
Samuel, s. Samuel and Sarah, Jan. 6, 1776, a. a y. 5 m. 
Samuel Walter, s. John D. and Hannah, Jan. 6, 1841, a. 11 m. 
Sarah, w, Benja[min], Nov. 15, 1803, a. 42 y, 10 m, 
Sarah, wid. Peter, July 2, 1831, a. 95 y. [92 y. g. r, 6.] 
Sarah, b. Boxford, w. Michael, mortification, July 27, 1847, a. 

76 y. 
Theoder,s. Christopher and Martha, Dec. g, 1732. 
Walter P., s. Col. Dean and Mary [killed by an accidental ex- 
plosion of a gun. c. R. I.], May 29, 1839, a. ri y. 

, twin sons Hannah and Orlando Abbot, Aug. 22, 1811. 

, inf. ch. E., jr.. Mar. i, 1813. c. r, i. 

, inf. ch., E,, jr., Mar. z, 1813. c r. i. 



Carlton, , ch. [twin, in pencil.] Ezekiel, jr. and Phebe, Feb. 

28, r8i4, a. i d. 
, ch, [twin in pencil.] Ezekiel, jr. and Phebe, Mar. r, 1814, 

a. 3 d. 
, s. Ezekiel, jr. and Phebe [lung fever, c.r. r.], Apr. la^ 

1815. [a. 4 w. c. R. I.] 

[(Snow), c. R. I.], w. Fredrick, May [23. c r. i.J, 1820. 

■ , w. Daniel, May — , 1823. c r. i, 

, ch. Kimball and Betsey, Feb. 19, 1826. 

, ch. Isaac and Mary Ann, Oct. 7, 1831. 

, ch. Isaac and Mary Ann, Oct. 8, 1831, a. 7 d. 

, 8. Isaac and Mary Ann, July 30, 1833, a. 4 w. 

> B. Isaac and Mary Ann, Aug. 2a, 1834, a. ig d. 

, s. Isaac and Mary Ann, bur. Dec. 21, 1837, a. 3 w. c. r. 4. 

■ , ch. John D., consumption, Sept. 16, 1S45, a. 3 m. c. r. i. 

CARNES. Doily, d. late wid. Martha, Jan. 18, 1821. 
Martha, wid., May 4, 1820, a. 34 y. 

GARNET, Charles H[enty. g. r. 2.], s. Bartholomew [and Jane. 
G. R. 2.], croup, Dec. 27 [26, 1846. G. r. 2.], 1845, ^- 2 y. 

Mary Ann, d. Bartholomew [and Jane. c. r. 2.] , croup, Jan. 1 1, 
1846, a. 4 y. 7 m. 22 d. 

CARROLL, Elizabeth, wid. Jared [twin to Mrs. Abigail Holt. 
G. R. 2.], at Boston, May 5, 1825, a. 58 y. 

CARTER, Adoni, suddenly, bur. Oct. 6, 1802, a. 78 y. c. r. 2. 
Edwin, s. Richard and Abigail, Feb. 3, 1823. [a. r y. g. r. 2.] 
Gad, Feb. 6, 1836. 

Geo[rg]e Edwin, s.H. R. andR. B.,Mar. 1,1846, a. 3 m. g.r. 2. 
[Gilbert, p. r. 18.], s. Richard, Mar. 17, 1827, a. 12 y. 
Hannah [R. G. H. 2.], w. Richard B., dropsy, at Danvers, Dec. 

r7 [rS. G. r. 2.], 1846, a. 28 y. 8 m. 
Henry [Jaques, p. r. 18.], s. Richard and Abigail, July 10, 1839, 

a. 6 y. 
Richard, ra., consumption [fever, c. R. 2.], Aug. so [12. c. r. 2.], 

r84S. [a. 54 y. C. r. 2^ 
— , b. Daovers, [ch] Richard B. and Hannah, at Danvers, 

Mar. 2, 1846. 

GARY, Eliz[abet]h, Mrs., late of Charlestown, Sept. — , 1788, 
in her 66th y. c. r. r. 



CASLEFRANE, Frances, m., typhus fever, Aug, 16, 1847, *■ ^7 V- 

CASSIDY, Maty, w. Michael, Aug. 3, 1837, a. a8 y. 

CASSWELL, Mary, d. Sani[uc]l and Mary, Jan. 17, 1796, a. — 
m. G. R. 2. 

CAUHLTON {see also Carlton), Priscilla, d. John and Hannah, 

Jan. s, 1712-13- 

CELLARS, Phillip, a foreigner, at Capt. Henery Ingall's, Dec. 5, 

CEYZER, Rebecca, wid. Apr. 18, i7r8, a. abt. 90 y. 

CHADWICK, Anna [Hannah. C. 8. 2.], d. Joseph and Anna, 

Mar. 20, 1776. [a. jo y. c. r. z.j 
Dinah [lost by reason o£ insanity of H[aniet] D[ole], 

bur. Feb. 18, 1840. c. r. 3.], Dec. 16,1839, a- 78 y- 
Mary, wid., Nov. 7, 1824, a, 99 y. 

CHALLAYHAN (see also Callahan), Lydia, d. Robert and 
Lydia, May 30, i7Sr, a. 9 y. a. R. i. 

CHAKBERLIN, Alexander, late of Boston, bur. Mar. 8, 1776, a. 
74 y. c. R. 2. 

CHANDLER, Abiall, s. Capt. John, Sept. 1, 1711. 
Abiel, wid., bur. June 29, 1780, a. 68 y. 6 m, c. r. a. 
Abiel, Maj„ at Boston, Nov. 2, 1833, a. 73 y. g. R. 3. 
[Abigail], g. k. 2.], w. Isaac, Oct. 2, 1824, a. 66 y. 

Abigail, , 1815. c r. 2. 

Abigal, d. Isaac [jr. c s. 2.] and Abigal [quinsy, c, r. 2.3, Sept. 

20, 1788. [a. 6 y. 9 m. c. R. 2.J 
Abijah, May 6, 1754, in his 34th y. G, r. 2, 
Alice, at the almshouse, Oct. ii, 1833. 
Benjamine, s. William and Elener, Mar. 23, 1705-6. 
Bridgett, d. Thomas and Mary, Oct. 22, 1711. 
Bridgett, d. Joseph and Mehitable, Aug. 20, 1736, in her 17th y. 
Chloe, at the almshouse, Aug. 24, 1821, a. 50 y. 
Daniel, s. Josiah and Sarah, Mar. 27, 1752, in his 25th y. 
Darcus, d. John and Hannah, Aug. 2, 1717. 
David, s. Thomas and Mary, 19th 7 ber, 1699. 



Chandler, David, Lt., small pox, at Cambridge, bur. Feb. ir, 1776, 

a. 5 1 y. 2 m. c. r. 2. 
Deborah, wid., apoplexy, bar. May 22, 1799, a. 74 y, c. R. 2. 
Dorcas, wid, Joshua, Dec. ar, 1830, a. 53 y. 
Ebenezer [mortification in his leg. c. r. 2.], at the almshouae, 

Sept. 19, 1808. [a. abt. 70 y. c. R. 2.] 
Elezebeth,d. Philemon and Eleiabeth, Feb. 21, 1720-21. 
Elezebeth, d, William and Elezabeth, Aug. ig, 1731. 
Elisabeth, w, William, July i, 1735- 
Elisabeth, d. William and Elisabeth, Jan. i, 1738-9. 
Elisabeth, d. Thomas, jr. and Elisabeth, Jan. 15, 1739-40. 
Elisabeth, wid., bur. Sept, 7, 1775, a, 80 y. r m. c. r. 2. 
Eliza, Apr. 12, 1821, a. 12 y. [in 19th y. g. R. 3.] 
Elizabeth, unm., dysentery, Sept. 22, 1848, a. 85 y. [a. 82 y, 

Ezra, s. Nath[anie]l and Phebe "died coming out of ye army," 

Sept. 10, r778. [a. 17 y. 3 m. C. R. 3.] 
Ezra, s. Nathan, fits, bur. Dec. 5, 1793, a. i y. 2 m. c. r. 2. 
Hauah, d. John and Tabitha, Aug. 4, 1728. 
Hannah, wid. Capt. Thomas, Oct. 25, 1717, in her 88th y. 
Hannah, w. John, Aug- i, 1727. 

Hannah, wid. Capt. John, Mar, 2, i740-4r, in her 91st y. 
Hannah, wid, Aug. 5, 1781, a. 71 1-2 y, 
Hannah, w. Joshua [jaundice, c. R, 2,], Feb. 14, 1791, a. 55 y. 
Hannah, d. Isaac, fever, bur. May 2, 1807, a. 10 y. c. R. 2. 
Hannah, wid. Philemon, Dec. 25, 1S12, a. 74 y. 
Hannah, wid, [Joshua, formerly w. Obadiah Foster, c, r. 2.], 

Dec. 22, 1833, a, 90 y. 
Hepzibah, wid. Timothy, Mar. 17, 1783. [a, 94 y, 6 m. c. R- 2,3 
Holbrook, s. Ralph H. and Phebe, Mar. 25, 1816, a, 8 m. [and 

14 d. G. r. 2.] 
!saac, s. John and Hannah, Mat. 10, 1724-5. 

:, s, Philemon and Elisabeth, " sickness in ye Kings Service 

at Lewisbug," Feb. 18, 1745-6, in his 19th y. 
Isaac, Sept. 28, 1813, a. 29 y. 
Isaac, Mar. 6, 1817, a. 84 y, 
Isaac, Jan, 12, 1832. [a. 78 y. c, r. i-] 
Isaac, Sept. 29, 1843, *• ^^9 y- '^- ^- '■ 
acob, s. Philemon and Elezebith, July 3, 1756, 
ames [ad. g- r. 3.], s, James, Oct. 12, 1831- [a. 43 y- G- r- 3-] 
fames, "a Revolutionary Soldier," Dec. i, 1835, a. 74 y. 
ohn, 8. John and Hannah, July 10, 1679. 
[ohn, 8, William and Mary, Dec. 29, 1681, a. 16 y, 
fohn, s. Thomas and Mary, Feb. 23, 1716-17. 



Chandler, John, Capt., Sept. 19, 1711. 

JohD, Capt., May 3, 1741, in his 6ad y. 

John, B. John and Hannah, Mar. 14, 1748-9, 

John, May 11, 1759. in his 38th y. 

John, s. Philemon and Kitturah, Jan. 5, 1766, in his 26th y. 

John N., s. Ralph H. and Phoebe, Oct. 5, 1839, a. 5 y. p. ». 1 13. 

Jonathan, s. Thomas and Maty, Mat. 23, 1724-5. 

Jonathan, s. Josiah and Sarah, "in the Kings Service at Lewis- 

burg,"Oct. 25, 1745- 
Joseph, Api. 22, 1734- 
Joseph, jr., Mar. 31, 174S, in his 25th y. 

Joseph, killed in Battle at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. c. r. 2. 
Joseph, Nov. 4 [3. c r. 2.], 1815. [a. 57 y. G. r. 3.] 
Joseph, s. Ralph H. and Phebe, July 17, iSi8, a. 47 d. 
Joseph, a. Ralph H. and Phebe, Nov. 7, i8jo, a. 2 y. 
Joseph, m., yeoman, s. Joseph and Mary, consumption, Feb. 4, 

184s, a. 61 y. 
Joshua, s. John and Hannah, Mar. 24, 1733-4, in her 29th y. 
Joshua, age and debility. Mar. [15. a R. 2.], 1807, a. 74 y. 8 m, 

C. R, 2. 

Joshua, Esq., Nov. 26, 1817, a. 59 y, 3 m. 8 d. 

Joshua [consumption, c r. a.], May 15, 1833. [a. 44 y. c. r. 3.] 

Josiah, Mr., Aug. 12, 1752, in his 69th y. 

Katuiy, w. Philemon [scrofula, C. r. 2.], June 30, 1786, a. 69 y. 

Loes, d. Stevens, at the almshouse, bur. Feb. 13, i8ir, a. 13 y. 

c. R. 2. 
Lucy, w. Nathan, June 8, 1827, a. 67 y. 3 m. 4 d. p. R. irS. 
Lucy, wid., Oct. 6, 1841, a. 83 y. 
Mary, w. William, May 10, 1&79. 
Maty, d. John and Hannah, Dec. 20, 173S. 
Mary, d. Philemon and Elisabeth, Aug. i, r738. 
Maiy, w. Wiliara, June 17, 1750, in her 35th y. 
Mary, w. Tho[ma]s and d. Dea. Joseph Stevens, Sept. s, i7Sr, 

in her 73d y. c. r. 2. 
Mary, w. Mr. Thomas, Oct. 4, 1751, 
Mary, wid., July 21, 1753, in her 86th y. 
Mary, d. Will[ia]m and Mehetabel, May 37, 1761. 
Maty, d. Ralph and Phoebe (Kimball), July 17, 1818. p. r. hi. 
Mary, w. Joseph, Feb. 29, 1832. [a. 48 y. g. r. 3,] 
Mary, wid. N. [wid. Maj. Abiel at Saugus. g. r. 3.], old age, 

May 19 [21. G. R. 3.], 1S45, a. 83 y. 
Mehitabel, d. Henery and Lydia, Mar. 30, 1717. 
Mehitable, d. W[iUia3m, bur. Sept. 4, 1775, a. 14 y. 5 in. c. r. 3. 
Nathan, Lt., July 31, 1784, a. 76 y. 7 m. 28 d. 



Chandler, Nathan [jaundice, c. r. 2.], Apr. 30, 1786. [a.57 y- 

2 m, c R. 2.] 
Nathan, s. the late Joseph and Maty, May — [17. g. r. 3.], 

1817, a. 19 y. 10 m. 
Nathan, Jan. a;, 1837, a. 80 y. 7 m, 11 d. p. r. 115. 
Phcbe, d. Joseph and Mehetable, May 13, 1737, in her 23d y. 
Phebe, wid,, July 26, 1812, a. 79 y. 3 m. la d. 
Phebe, w. Ralph H., Jan. 18, 1836, a. 40 y. 
Phebe, wid. James, old age, Dec, lo, 1843, a. 82 y. [a. 8r y. 

c R. r.] 
Phoeby, d. Thomas and Mary, Jan. 3, 1719-20. 
Philemon, s. William and Mary, May 6 [1668. ct, r.], 
Philemon, July 22, 1760, in his 71st y. 
Philemon [fever, c. R. 2.], Dec. 18, 1798, a. 81 y. 2 m. 
PrisciUa, wjd,, old age, bur. Nov. 25, 1803, a, 95 y. 7 m. c. r. 2. 
Prudence, w. John, Nov, 15, 1745, 

Rebecca, wid, W[illia]m, June 9 [8, G. r, z,], 1814,3, 89 y. 6 m. 
Rebecca, May 25, 1826. 

Samuel, s. twin, John and Hannah, Dec. 9, 1717. 
Samuel, s, John and Hannah, Sept, 29, 1723, 
Sara, d- William and Mary, May iz [1668. cr. r.], 
Satah, wid. Scrg't William, Oct. g, 1735, in her 74th y. 
Sarah, wid., Feb, 13, 1754, in her 69th y. 
Sarah, w, Zebadiah, Mar. 6, 1754, in her 74th y, 
Saiah, wid, Joshua, Mar. 28, 1768, in her 6ist y. 
Sarah, Apr, 13, 1797. 

Sarah, at Maj. Chandler's, bur, July 7, 1812, a, 3 y, c. k. a. 
Sarah, at the almshouse, Aug, 26, 1817. 

Stephen, Aug. 7, 1776, in his a 2d y, [a. 21 y. 10 m. c. r. 2.] 
Stephen, at the almshouse, Dec, 19, 1814, a. 76 y. 
Stevens, bur. Nov, jo, 1S14. c. r. 2, 
Susan, d. Joshua and Susan, Nov. S, 1819, a. 1 y, 6 m. 
Thomas, s. Thomas and Hannah, June 6, 1659. 
Thomas, s. William and Mary, Oct, 6, 1670, 
Tho[ma]s, Capt,, Jan, 15, 1702-3, 

Thomas, s, Thomas and Mary, Feb. 10, 1714, in his 24tb y, 
Thomas, Mr,, Jan, 26, 1736-7, in his 73d y. 
Thomas, Mr., Nov. 7, 1751, in his 75th y. 
Unice, d. Thomas and Eiezebith, May 20, 1749- 
William, Sergt., Oct, 27, 1727, in his 67th y, 
William, Apr. 15, 1741. 

William, JT, [consumption, c. r. 2.], June 9, 1797. [a-5oy- c-R- 2,J 
William [numb palsy. C. r. 2.], June 29, i8oo. [a. 77 y. 3 m. 

C. R. 2.] 



Chandler, Zachariab, s. Philemon and Elezebith, Apr. 35, 1750, 

in his 1 8th y. 
Zebadiah, Ll., July 30, 177S1 in his 46th y. 
Zebediab, June 20, 1766, in his 84ih y. 
Zebediah, ji., Jan. 6, 1835, a. 55 y. 
Zebediah, Feb. 5, 1835, a. 82 y. 

, s. Joseph and Mehetcbel, Sept. 16, 1726. 

, ch. Wiiiiam, jr., bur. Dec. 16, 1783, a- a few minutes. 

C. R. 2. 

~ , giandch. [or ch.?] Lydia, died soon after birth, bur. Feb. 

7, 1784, C. R. 2. 

, twin chn. Nathan, 3d, bur. May 24, 1 784, a. a fev minutes. 

c. R. 2. 
, w. W[illia]tn, jr., s. Thomas, of Tewksbury, consumption, 

bur. June 6, 1795, a. ^^ y. 7 m. c. r. i. 

, a woman at Maj. Chandler's, bur. Mar. 29, 1812. c. r. 2. 

, s. Joseph, jt. and Mary, July 15, 1815, a. 5 d. 

, w. Zet^iah, at the almshouse, Jan. 16, 1826. 

CHAPMAN, Marietta J,, b. Lowell, d. Jonathan I., fits, Mar. 17, 
1847, a. I y. 10 m. 10 d. 

CHASE, [E. B. G. R. 3.], s. Capt. John and Anna, Feb. 21 [Feb. 

22. G. R. 3.], 1823, a. 4 1-2 m. 
Emery, consumption, bur. Aug. 19, 1788,3.41 y. c. r. 2. 
Enoch, Sept. 19, 1830, a. 81 y. [a. 80 y. C. R. 3.] 
Franklin A., s- Samuel and Harriet T., measles, Oct. 7 [8. G. b. 7.], 

1849. [a. 10 m. G. K. 7.] 
John, Feb. 24, 1843, a. 58 y- 
Joshua, Dec. 30, 1837, a. 50 y. 
Sarah, w. Enoch, Jan. 18, 1829, a. 73 y. [a. 76 y. G. r. 3.] 

, th. Emery, canker, bur, Jan. 24, 1776, a. 8 m. c. R. 2, 

, ch. Emery, bur. Sept. 5, 1783, a. 4 m. a w. c. e. 2. 

, w. , consumption, Aug. 6, 1847. c. r. i. 

CHECEERIN (see also Chickering) , Zechariah, 5. Samuel and 
Hannah, July 11, 1729. [a. i m. 29 d. C. r. i.] 

CHEEVER (see also Chever), James, m., farmer [fever, c r. 2.], 

Apr. 20, 1845, a. 73 y, 
Mary, d. James and Lydia, Aug. 16, 1829. 
Samuel [found dead in his bed. c. r. 2.], Sept. 20 [19. c. r, 2.], 

1834. [a. 69 y. c. R. 2.] 
, " a child at Samuel Cheevers," Apr. 24, 1828. 



CHENEY, Almira E., d. Ariel P. and Emily F., Nov. ii, 1845, a. 
II m. c, R. 7. 

CHEVER (sec also Cheever), Peler, Feb. 4, 1801. [a. 69 y. 
c. B. 2,] 

CHICEERING (see also Checkerin), Augusta, d. Jacob [and Sarah 

J. G. R. 3.}, typhus fever, Sept. so, 1845, a. 3 y. 6 m. 9 d. 
Cceres, s. Zach[ariah] and Mary O. [dysentery, c. r. i.], Aug. 

la, 1817, 3.,-3 y. II d. 
Charles I., s. Charles and FiisciUa, croup, Jan. so, 1 849, a. : 

I m. 
Dane, s. Samuel, jr. and Maiy, Feb. 15, 176S. [in his gth y. 

G. R. 1.] 
Daniel, May so, 1834, a, 57 y. [59 y. g. r. 6.] 
Eliz[abe3th, w. Capt. John, Feb. 11, 1741, in her 4ad y, g. r- i 
[Emma Jane. c. R. 2.], d, William and Fanny, whooping cough, 

Sept. 28 [29. G. R. 2.], 1846. [a. I y. 2 tn. c. R. a.] 
[Fanny M. C, r. 2.], d. William and Fanny [brain fever, c. R- z.], 

Apr. 38, 1840, a. 18 m. 20 d. 
Hannah, w. Sain[ue]l, and d. John Osgood, Esq., Mar. 16, 1761 

in her 51st y. g. r. i. 
Hannah, d. Samuel, jr. and Mary, Feb. 28, 1768. [in 6th y. 

G, R. I.] 

Horris [Horace, c. r. i.] D., s. Charles and Priscilla, croup, Jan. 

12, 1849, a. 10 y. 7 m. 
JeSeison, s. Dean and Sarah, July 23, 1802. 
John, s. John and Mary, Nov. — , i8r6, a. 3 d. g. R. i. 
Joseph, Dr., s. Sam[uc]l and Mary, Aug. 23, 1797, in his 25th y. 

G. R. I. 

[Maria C. G. R. i.], d. John and Mary, Mar. 23, 1817, a. 3 m, 
23 ^■ 

Mary, w. John [consumption, c. r. i.], Feb. 11 [10. G. r. i.], 
1817. [a. 23 y. G. R. I.] 

Mary [(Dean), c. R. i.], wid. Samuel, June 25, 1824, a, < 
[a. 92 y. c. R. I.] 

Sally, d. Daniel and Susanna, Aug. 30, 1808, a, 17 m. 

Samuel, s. Samuel, jr. and Esther [sore mouth, c. r. 2.], May 4, 
1787, a. 3 w. [bur. May 13. c. R. a.] 

Sam[ue]l [b. Middleton. c. r. i.], s. Sam[ue]l and Mary [asth- 
ma, c. R. I.], Mar. 7, 1812. [Apr. 4. c. R. 1.] 

Samuel [farmer, fever, c. r. i.]. Mar. 16, 1814, a. 82 y. 

Sarah, d. Sain[ue]l and Mary, Aug. 31, 1802, in her 57th y. 
G. s. I. 



CmcKSRiHG, Sarah, w. Capt. Dean, Dec. 10, 1837, a. 70 y. 
Susan, unm., d. Isaac and Susan, coosumption, Aug. 12, 1845, 

a. 32 y. 
Susanna, d. Daniel and Susanna, Jan. 25, iSo^. 
Susannah, w, DanieJ, Oct. 7, 1822. [a. 51 y. g. r. 6.] 
William Henry, s. William and Fanny, Sept. 4 [3. g, r. 2.}, 1837, 

. a. 2 m. 
William W[allace. C. R. a.], a. William and Fanny, inflammation 

of brain, Feb. aa, 1843, a. i y. 7 m. 13 d. 
Zachetiah, June 30 [July 1. G. r. 6.], i84i,a. 78 y. [77 y. g. r.6.] 

, ch. Daniel and Susannah, Jan. 17, 1806. 

, ch. John [fits. c. R. 1.], Nov. 7, 1815, a. 2 d. [Nov. 3, a. 

4 d. c. R. i7] 
, w. Isaac, apoplexy, Dec. 10, 1837. c. R. 1. 

CHIN, , ch. Sam[u]el, bur. Dec. 35, 1775, a. 14 d. c, r. 2. 

CHCTTE, Jeremiah, b. Salisbury, s. Aaion and Sophia, inflammation 
of viscera, Feb. 11, 1845, a. 13 y. 3 m. 17 d. 

CHUBB, Hannah, w. Capt. Pascol, "killed by Indians", Feb. 22, 

Pascol, Capt, "killed by the Indians", Feb. az, r697-8. 

CHURCH, Sarah, wid., b. Hancock, N. H., d. George and Eliza- 
beth Knights, insane, at Lowell, May 24, 1848, a. 26 y. 

CLAP, Eleazer, Dr., of Boston, at Dr. Swift's, Aug. 27, 1817, a. 

32 y- 

CLARK (see also Clarke), Abigail W., w. Ebenezer, Oct. 11, 

1847, a. 38 y. 3 m. 25 d. G. R. 2. 
Abijah, May 25 [24. G. R. 2.], 1818. [a. 76 y. G. r. 2.] 
[Caroline c, r. a.], d. W[illia]m [and Mary c. r. a.], Nov. 2, 

Catharine B., d. Hobatt and Elizabeth, Aug. ij [16, c. r. 2.], 

1829, a. 22 m. 
Charles, 3. Capt- Samuel, fever, bur. Sept. r5, r79r, a. ri m. 

c r. 2. 
[Charles, c. R. r.], s. Otis M. and Lydia, May r4, 1S44, a. 4 y. 

[a. 3 y. c. K. I.] 
Elisabeth, d. Timothy and Elisabeth, May r9, r747. 
Elisabeth, consumption, bur. Jan. 19, i79r, a. 44 y. 9 m. c R. a. 



Clark, Eliza Ann, d. Tho[rna]s and Sarah Ann, Aug. 35, 1835, 

a. i4m.a7d. 
Elizabeth S,, d. Hobart, Esq., and Elizabeth, Sept. 7, 1817, a. 

3 m. 18 d. 

Ellen, dysentery, Oct. 13, 1849, a. a y. 6 m. 

Ezra, Oct as, 1812. [a. 30 y. c. b. 2.j 

Frank D[arracott. c. r. 4.], s. Francis and Sarah [F. c. r. 4.], 

consumption [b. Oct. 21, 1S46. g. r. 4.], July 10, 1847, a. 

8 m. 20 d. 
Hannah, d. W[illiajin, consumption, bur. Oct. 14, 1796, a. 20 y. 

4 ra. c. R, 2. 

Hannah, w. Abijah, July 24, i8i6,a. 64 y. 

Jeremiah [Jeremy, dap.J, s. John and Jenney, Oct 17, 1787. 

John, s. John and Mary, Apt. 25, 1738. 

John, s. Timothy and Elisabeth, Aug. 10, 1744. 

Jonathan, s. Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, Sept. 21, 1738. 

Joseph, s. Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, Sept 16, 1738. 

Joseph, s. Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, Nov. 24, 1739. 

Lydea, w. Dr. Parker, d. Rev. Samuel Phileps, Nov. 4, 1749, a. 

33 y. 4 m. 2S d. 
Marcellus, s. Benjamin and Elmira, Apr. 20, 1838, a. 5 m. 
Rebecca, w. William, Apt. 7 [17. G. R. 2.], 1777. [a. 31 y. 5 m. 

c «. =.] 
Rhoda M-, d. adopted John Mann, Sept 27, 1844,3. 12 y, c. R. a. 
Samuel, Capt., Nov. 6, 1824, a. 77 y. 

Sarah, , 1824, c. R. 2. 

Sarah F£isher. p. r. 76.], w. Dr. Francis, dropsy on the heart [b. 

Mar. 7, 1817. G. R. 4.], June 8, 1849, a. 32 y. 
Susanna, d. Joseph and Sarah, Aug. 26, 173S, 
Thomas, s. [Capt. c. r. 2.] Samuel and Sarah, drowned, June 16, 

1798. [a. 15 y. 7 m. c. R. 2.] 
Thomas, Jan. 12, 1811, a. 59 y. 
Thomas H[enry. g. k. 2.], s. Thomas and Sarah A., Feb. 11, 1839, 

a. 6 y. [and 4 m, g. r. 2.] 

, s. Samuel, jr., bur. Dec. 25, 1793, a. abt i h. c. r. z. 

, ch. Wniliajra, bui. Aug. 31, 1809, a. 4 m. c. R. 2. 

, ch. W[illia]m, bur. July 6, 1810, a. 6 w. C. K. 2. 

, inf. s. John and Margarett, Nov. 25, 1834, a. 15 d. 

, ch. Thomas and Sarah Ann, Jan. 9, 1836, a. 24 hrs. 

, ch. Mrs., July — , 1840. c. r. i. 

, dysentery, June i, 1847, a. i y. i m. 

CLARKE (see also Clark), Charles H.,s. William and Polly, June 
38, 1840, a. II y. 



Cl*bke, Elizabeth O., d. Thomas and Sarah Ann, dysentery, 

Sept. 9, 1847, ^- 1° ™- ^ '*■ 
Henry N[ewton. c. R. z.]. s. Thomas and Sarah A., Nov. 27, 

1840, a. 16 m. 
Matilda, b. Tewksbury, inflammatory fever, Sept, 27, 1844, a. 12 


CLEGG, James E., s. Thomas and Elizabeth, Aug. 17, 1846,3. 

CLEMANT [see also Clement), [Morillia D. G. R. 5.], w. Jonathan, 
Mar. 6, 1823. [1838, a. 22 y. G. r. 5.] 

CLEMENT (see also Clemant), Abba, d. [Rev. c. r. i.] Jonathan 
and Phebe F., of Chester, N. H. ["visiting at its Grand- 
mothers Mrs. Phillips", c. r. i.], Nov. 17, 1834, a. 5 y. [a. 
3 y- c. s. I.] 

Charles Augustus, d. Moses and Caroline H., Mar. [24. g. r. 2.], 
1S39, «■ 'o w. c. R. 4. 

, s. Benjamin and Mary, Jan. 4 [3. c. R. 2.], 1818, a. 4 m. 

CLOUGH, Ezra, bur. Apr. tz, 1846, a. 25 y. c. r. 4. 
Jorul, m., b. England, wool comber, consumption, Apr. 8, 1846, 
a. 34 y. 

COBURNt Clarrissa [b. Tyngsborough, laboured in families, inflam- 
mation in the head. c. r, i.j, at Dr. Kittredge's, Feb. ai, 

Molly, at Phillip Frye's, Oct. 10, 1807. 

■COCHRAN (see abo Cockran), Eunice [S., w. Henry, g. r. 3.], 
d. Enoch and Sarah Chase, suicide, Nov. 3, 1845, a. 53 y. 
Hannah, w. Samuel, Feb. 15, 1805, a. 25 y. 
Henry, fever, Nov. 14, 1843, a. 30 y. [29 y. g.r. 3.] 
James, jr., Feb. 6, 1821, 
James, s. Capt. Sam[ue]l and Mary, Feb. 15, 1822, a. 7 ra. 

G.R, 3. 

James, Apr. i, 1837, a. 85 y. [86 y. a. r. 3.] 

Joseph, "from Reading," Dec, 18, 1819. 

Julia Ann, d. Henry and Sophia, Oct. 16, 1842, a. 21 m. G. r. 3. 

Lucy, w, Samuel, puerperal fever, bur. Feb. 19, 1805, a. 25 y. 

c. R. 3. 
Martha Jane, d. Capt. Sam[uc]l and Mary, Feb, 15, 1829, a. 7 

m. G. R. 3. 



Cochran, [Mary. G. R. 3.], wid. Samuel, fever, Oct. 27, 1843, 

3' 57 y- 
Saloma [wid, James. G. r, 3.], July 12, 1841, a. 88 y. 
Samuel, s. Samuel, "by first wife," Mar.' 12, 1829. [Feb. 12, a. 

31 y. G. R. 3.] 
Samuel, Capt., s. James, July 29, 1840, a. 68 y. [a. 66 y. g. r. 3.] 

, Capt. Samuel, Feb. [27], 1820, a. 7 m. 

, s. James H., Oct. 15, 1847, a. 5 d. 

COCHROFT, WiUiam, s. William and Grace, Aug. 10, 1843, a. 1, 
m. [Aug. 9, a. 4 m. G, R. 2 ; a. 5 m. c. r. 4.] 

COCKRAN (see also Cockran), , s. Capt. Samuel, July 20, 


COGSWELL, Benj[ami]ii Funchard, 3. twin, Francis and Mary, 

bur. Oct. 25, 184s, a, I y. 3 m. 6 d. c. r. 4. 
[Elu[abe]lh. g. R. 2.], w. Sam[ue]l, May 8, 1814, a. 6g y. 6 m. 
Lucy, d, Samuel and Elizabeth [nervous fever, c. r, a.], Oct. 5, 

1798. [a. II y. 7 m. c R. 2.] 
Mary, w. Sam[ue]l, May 31, 1841, a. 70 y. G. r. 2. 
Mary, wid. [lung fever, June i. C. k. 2.], May 31, 1843, a. 70 y. 
Polly, d. Samuel, jr., canlcei, bur. Jan. 19, 1796, a. 2 y. c. r. 2, 
Sally, Miss, Aug. 26, 1S35, a. 40 y. g. r. 2. 
Samuel [old age, the oldest man in town, Dec. 9. c. R. 2.], Dec. 

8, 1834, a. 92 y. 9 m. 
Samuel, Feb. 23, 1839, a. 71 y. [and 4 m, g. r. 2.] 
Sarah, d. Samuel and Maiy [cancer, c. r. 2.], Aug. 24, 1835, a- 

40 y. 
Thomas, s. Sam[ue]l, Jr., fever, bur. Nov. 14, 1800, a. i y. i m. 

c. R. 2. 

COLE&E (see also Colbe), Daniel, s. Daniel and Hannah, Oct. 
30, 1738. 

COLBE (see also Colebe), Sarah, d. Daniel and Hannah, Oct. 20,. 

COLLBN, James M., at the almshouse, Sept. 23, 1825. 
COLMAHt Martha, w, W[illia]m, consumption, Nov. g, rS44. 

COHET (see also Cony), Emma, w. Ephraim, Apr. 29, 1820,, 

a. 7a y- 
Ephraim, at the almshouse, Dec, 5, 1820. 



CONGAN, Lewis Le Count, of Newark, N, J., amembeT of Divin- 
ity College, Jan. 6, 1810, in his aad y. G. r. 5. 

COKNAR, Ann, May 12, i7S4- 

CONVERS, Castilo D., s. Augusla and Pamela, Oct. — , 1826, a. 

CONY (see also Coney) , Mary, unm., Feb. 7, 1836, a. 97 y. 
COOLIDGE, Sarah, Mrs., Feb. 18, 1789, in her 52 y. g. r. i. 

COOPER, Betsy, w. Samuel [T. g. R. a ; consuraplion. c R. a.], 

July 9, 1840, a. 49 y, 
Jane Alice, d. James and Mary Ann, inflammation, Sept. 6, 

1847, a. I y. 
Margateit, Mrs. [wid. c r. z.], lung fever, Feb. 19, 1844, a. 81 

y. [83 y. c. R. a.] 
, s. Joseph, Oct. 26, 1841, a. 5 m. 

CORNELL, James T,, unm., b. Tewksbury, farmer, s. Polly, 

drowned, June 29, 1845, a. 24 y. 
Thompson, drowned, June ag, 1845, a. 24 y. c. r. a. 

CORNISH, John, Esq., Sept. 30, 1814, a. 60 y. 

CORSIER, Kama, Apr. 16, 1824. 

CORY, Abiel, s. Mrs. Mary [consumption, May 10. c- R. a,]. 
May 8, 1787, a. 17 y. g. r. a. 

Mary, Miss, Feb. 6, 1836, a. 97 y. c. r. 3. 

COWLES, Eliz[abe]th R. (Adams), w. Rev. Geo[rge], d. John 
and Elizabeth Adams, b. Colchester, Conn., July 7, 1805, 
" peiished in the wreck of Steamer Home near Cape Hater- 
as," Oct. 9, 1837. G. R. 5. 

Geo[rge], Rev., b. New Hartfuid, Conn., Mar. 11, 1789, "per- 
ished in the wreck of Steamer Home near Cape Hateras," 
Oct. 9, 1837. G. R. 5. 

CRBASEY, Maxy, at the almshouse. May a, 1833, a. 60 y. 

CRINKLE, , Mra., dysentery, Aug. 31, 184a. c B. i. 



CROFORD, Elizabeth, b. ScotUnd, d. John tteething. c. r. 2.], 
Aug. 7, 1848, a. 9 m. 

CROSBY, Benjamin, s. John, fits, bur. May 3, 1802, a. 3 w. 3 d. 

c R. 3. 
Deborah, Aug. 2, 1818. c. s. 2. 
Josiah, July 27, 1829, p. r. log. 
Maitha, d. Josiah and Betsy, July 24, 1829. p. b. 109. 
Kachel Ann, d. Josiah and Betsy, Nov. 5, 1826. p. k. lOg. 
Sarah Cummings, d. Josiah and Betsy, Sept. 8, 1830. p. r. 109. 
SitMOD, Oct. 30, 1820. 

CROWELL, Hannah H., w. Rev. Robert [and d. \V[ll!ia]m and 
Sarah Frost, a. H. 6.], Dec. 11, 1818, a. 28 y. 

CROWTHER, Richard, " from England," Dec. ro, 1839, a. 4a 
y. G. R. 3. 

CRUMWELL, John, " Simply and unadvisedly acting the Gesture 
of ye indeans Enemy was shot to death in the Woods Sup- 
posing him to be one of our enemys," Sept. so, 1708. 

CUMMINGS (see also Cummins), Abiather [s. Jonathan, con- 
sumption, c. R. 2.J, Oct 8, 1802. [a. 16 y. c. r. a.] 

Anna, wid. Capt Tho[mas], Apr. 10, 179a, a. 73 y. g. R. r. 

Asa, s. Asa and Hannah, Oct 18, 1786. 

Daniel, s. Jonathan, jr. and Mary, June 25, 1778. [a. 2 y. 6 m. 
c R. a.] 

Daniel, , 1827. c. B. 2. 

Deborah, wid. Stephen [consumption. C. r. i.], Jan. ai, 1820, a. 
62 y. 

Deborah G., Miss [consumption, c. r. i.], Oct. 8, 1818. [Oct 7, 
a. 24 y. G. R. 6.] 

Helen Grace, b. Bradford, d. John L. and Elizabeth, croup, Dec. 
20, 1847, a. 7 m. 

Jacob Abbott, b. HoJlis, N. H., "d. in Boston where he was a 
teacher and bookseller many years," Feb. 24, 1820, a. 48 y. 
a. R. 2. 

Jonathan, nervous fever, bur. May 6, rSos, a. 61 y. 6 m. c. r. a. 

Maiy, w. Jonathan [cancer, c. r. 2.], July 26, 1801, a. 59 y. [and 
2 m. C. R, a.] 

Mary, wid. Jona[than], Apr. ij, 1826, a. 80 y, 

Mary, w. Joseph, typhus fever, Dec. a, 1845, a. 63 y. 



CuUMiNGS, Samuel, July S, 1816. [a. 40 j. 9 to. g. s. 3.] 
Sarah [J. G. R. 6.], d. John and Abigail, Sept. 30, 1828 [a. i y. 

1 1 m. G. R. 6.] 
Stephen, Apr. 16, 17971 a. 40 y. 
, ch. Jona[than], jr., bur. Dec. i, 1773- c. B. z. 

CUHNINS (see also CummingB), John, May 22, 1756, in his 

40th y. 
Mary, d. Jonathan and Mary, Sept. z\, 1768. 

CURKIER, Ebenezer, " killed by ye blowing up of the drying 

House & niagE" of ye Powder Mill," June i, 1778. C. R. 2. 
John, bur. July a8, 184 1, a. 60 y, c. r, 4. 
Mary, d. Arthur M. and Mary Ann, July a8, 1839, a. 16 m. 
Mary Ann, d, Arthur M. and Mary Ann, Apr. 5, 1837, a. 14 ra. 

G. R. Z. 

■CURTIS, Lilli3, of Hanover, " under ye care of D' H." bur. Nov. 

8, 1776, a. 16 y. c R, 2. 
Theodore, Capt, at James Stevens, Aug. 18, 1834, a. 44 y. 

CUTLER, , Benjamin and Catherine, " killed by an Omni- 
bus passing over him in Boston," Feb. z, 1847, a. 5 y. 

CUTTER, Geofrge] Albert, s. Benj[amin] and Catherine F., 
Feb. z, 1847, a. 4 y. 9 m. G. r. z. 

DALAND, Abigail [C. g. r. 2.], w. George, June 10, 1825. [a. 

31 y. G. R. 2.] 
Beni[ami]n, of Westford, Apr. 18, 1826, a. 63 y. 
William B., s. George and Mary [C. c. R. 2.], Sept 28 [27. 

G, R. z.j, 1S31, a. 8 m. 22 d. 

DALTON (see also Dolten), Eliza G., wid. [Dr. John. G. R. 2.], 
consumption, Aug. 30, 1845, a. 50 y. 

DANE (see also Dean), Benjamin, Nov. 6, 1774, in his 27th j. 

[a. as y. c. r. 2.] 
Benjamin, Feb. 7, 1828. 
Benjamin, jr., Aug. 14, 1837, a. 33 y. 
Daniel, s. Daniel and Elizebeth, Sept. 11, 1727. 
Daniel, May 8, 1754, in his 7131 y. 
Deliverance, wid. Nathaniel, June 15, 1735, a. abt. 81 y. 



Dane, Dorcis, w. Joseph, Jan, 31, 1754. 

Elisabeth, d. John, jr. and Elisabeth, Mar. 21, 1746-7. 

Elisabeth, w. Joseph, bur. Sept. 28, 1778, a. 47 y. c. R. 2. 

Elisabeth, w, Dea. John, old age, bur. Nov. 21, 1800, a. 82 y. 
6 m. c. E. 2. 

Elizabeth, wid. Daniel, Sept. 20, 1764. 

Elizabeth, b. Newbury, wid. Henry, fits, June 24 [29. g. e. 3.], 
1846, a. 78 y. [a. 76 y. G. r. 3.] 

Franctes, s. Francies and Hannah, Dec. 15, 1716. 

Francies, Lt., Nov. 8, 1738, in his 82 d y. 

Francies, s, John and Sarah, " sickness in the Kings Service at 
Lewesburg," Nov. 12, 1745, in his aoth y. 

Francis [Deane. cr. r.], s. Francis and Hannah, Dec. 8, 1689. 

Francis, Rev., " Teacher of the church of Andover, having been 
an officer in ye church 48 years," Feb. 17, r696-7, a. 81 y. 

Hannah, wid. Rev. Francies, June 2, 1711, a. abt. 82 y. 

Hannah, d, Daniel and Elisabeth, Aug. 9, 1738. 

Hannah, wid. Lt. Francies, Feb. 17, 1745-6, in her 86th y. 

Harriot, d. Benj[ami]n and Sarah, Mar. 10, 1825, 

Henry, Jan. 26, 1840, a. 67 y, g. r. 3, 

James, S. Moses, Aug. 38, 1805, a. i y. 22 d. 

James, s. Moses [fits. c. r. z.j, May 18, 1806, a. i d. 

James, m., b. Newburyport, yeoman, s. John and Mary, con- 
sumption, June 24, 1844, a. 75 y. 9 m. 28 d. 

John, Mr., Jan. to, 1763. 

John, Dea., old age, bur. July 2, 1801, a. 84 y., 6 m. C. r. 2. 

John, s. Moses and Priscilla, June ly or 38, 1812, a. 14 h. 

Joseph, s, Joseph and Lydia, Nov. 30, 171S, 

Joseph, s. Francis and Hannah, small pox, Dec. 27, 1721. 

Joseph [dropsy, c. R. 2.], Sept. eg, 1807, in his 85th y. g. r. 3. 

Lucy, d. Peter O. and Lucy, Aug. bo, 1836, a, 23 y, g. r. 3. 

Lucy, w. P[eter] O., Mar. 14, 1842,3. 56 y. g. r. 3. 

Lydia, w. Joseph, Nov. 16, 1718. 

Mary, w. Mr. Francis, Feb. 18, 1688-9. 

Mary, d. John and Sarah, Sept. 7, 1732, 

Mary, d. Daniel and Elisabeth, Aug. S, 1738. 

Mary, w. William, Dec. 21, 1764, a. 35 y. 

Mary, wid., bur. Sept. 21, 1793, a. 56 y. 8 m. c, R. 2. 

Maty, d. Benjamin, Oct. 4, 1830, ?. i6 y. 

Mary Moody, d. Moses, bur. May 3, 1810, a. i6 y. c. R. 2. 

Moody, s. Moses [consumption, c. r. 2.], Oct. 11, 1803,8. 
1 m. S d. 

Moses, jr., s. Moses, June 21, 1812, a. 14 y. 9 m. ri d. 

Moses, "found dead in his Bed," Aug. 14, 1841. 



Dane, Moses, unra., cordwainer, s. Moses, pleurisy, Apr. is, 

1843,3. 32 y- [33 7- G-R-3-] 
Nathaniel, Api. 14, 1735, in his 81 st y. 
Nathaniel, s. Daniel and Elisbeth, July 27, 1738. 
Nathaniel), s. Nathaniel! and Deliverance, Oct. 16, 1674- 
Peter O., Apr. 27, 1838, a. 53 y. G. r. 3. 
Fhebe, d. John and Sarah, Sept. 27, 1723, in her 14th y. 
Philemon, May 13 [18. c R, 2.], 1816, a. 74 y. 
Polly Moody, d. Moses and Priscilla, May 3, iSro, a. 16 y. 6 m. 
Priscilla, w. Philemon, languishment, bur. Sept. 9, 1 799, a. 5 1 y. 

4 m. c R. 2. 
Priscilla, Dec. 21, 1829, a. 32 y. 
Priscilla, w, Moses, Jan. 32 [21. c. r. 2.], 1833. [a. 58 y- 

c. p. 2.] 
Rebecca [P. c. R. 3.], b. Newburyport [w' James, c r. 3.], lung 

fever, Nov. rS, 1847, a. 78 y. [74 y. G, K. 3,] 
Sally, w. Benjamin, D«c. 18, 1826, a. 41 y. 
Sarah, w- John, June 17, 1747. 
Sarah, wid. Fhitamon, Oct 14, t836, a, 83 y. 

, ch. Fiancia, fits, bur. June ti, 1788, a. 1 m. c. R. 2. 

, s. Henry, fits, bur. June 25, rSoo, a, r6 d. c. R. 2. 

, s. Moses, worms, bur. Aug. 30, 1805, a. i y. c. B. 2. 

, ch. Moses, bur. June 27, 1812, a, i d. c. r. 2. 

BANFORTH, John, at Greenbush, Sept. 29, 1758. 

DAMVER, , inf. s. Robert, Feb. 27, 1826. 

DARBT (see also Derby), Catey, consumption, bur. Apr. ij, 

1786, a, 36 y. 5 m. c, R. 2. 
Hannah, wid,, apoplectic fit, bur. Dec. 6, 1787, a. 83 y, c R. 2. 

DARUn, Jonathan, " at Lewesbug," Mar. — , 1 746. 

DARLING, Sarah, wid., July 2, 1757. 
Sarah, at the almshouse, Feb. 10, 1822. 

DARRICOTT, Julia M., d. Frank and Julia, Aug. 22, 1849, a i y. 
10 m. 24 d. 

DASCOHB. Fanny.w. Jacob, Feb. 14, 1839, a. 34 y. 
Fanny J., w. Dea. Jacob, Oct. 14, 1839, a. 3^ y. g. r. 2. 



DAVIDSON (see also Davison), ADdrev, Mar. 14, 1830. 
James, Jan. 9, 1830. 

DATICE (see also Davie), , s. twin, Mark and Abigail, Jan. 

2, 1736-7- 
,s. twin, Mark and Abigail, Jan. 23, 1736-7. 

DAVIS (see also Davicc), Caroline, Oct. 6, 1826, a. 24 y. 

Chafrlejs W., s. J. W. and H. A. [disease of brain, c. e. j.], 
Sept. 7, 1842, a. 5 w. G, H. 2. 

Hannah, d. Robert and Prudence, Oct. 4, 1773. 

Hannah, d. Maria, at the almshouse, Dec. 29, 1819. 

James, Nov, 30, 1829, a. 76 y. 

James, Nov. 27, 1831, a. 76 y. G. R. z. 

John, s. Levi, jr., Apr. 2S1 182S. 

Louisa, b. Nottingham, N. H., d. Miles and Martha, typhus fe- 
ver, Oct. 9, 1847, a. 10 y. 

Maria, at the almshouse, Jan. 2, 1820. 

Mary, w. Levi, jr., July 6, 1836. 

Mary, w. Levi, dysentery, July 24. 1844, a. 73 y. 

Nathan, s. Levi and Rebecca [cholera morbus, bur. July 8.], Apr. 
— , 1807, a. I y, 6 m. 

Nathan, s. Levi, jr. and Mary, July 14, 1829, a. 22 m. 

Nathaniel, s. Robert and Prudence, Oct. 18, 1773. 

Rcbeccah, d, Levi [and Rebeckah. g. r. 2.], Jan. 25 [24. g. r. 
2.], 1822. [a. 22 y. c. R. 2.] 

-, ch. Levi, jr., dysentery, July — , 1829, a. 2 y. C. R. z. 

DAVKOH (see also Davidson), , Mis., May 23, 1829. 

DAY, Abigail, May 23, 1829, a. 49 y. G. k. 6. 

Esther, putrid fever, Nov. 4, 1842, a. 20 y. 

Isaac C, mein[ber] of T[heological] Sem[inary], May 7, 1817, 

a. 23 y. G. R. S- 
William, May 24, 1829, 

DBAN (see also Dane, Deane), Abiel, s. Francis and Hannah, 

Sept. 32, 1686. 
Francis, s. Nathaniell and Deliverance, Nov. 3, 1679. 
Hannah, consumption, bur, July 2, 1802, in her 30th y. c. r. a. 
James, s, Benja[rain] and Sarah, Apr. 16, 1S38, a. 26 y. 
Peter, Dec, 22, 1825, 



DEANE (see also Dean), Elizabeth [Dane. cr. r.], w. Mr. Fran- 
cis, June 9, 1676. 
Francis [Dane. cr. r.], e. Francis and Hannah, Oct. 27, 1683. 

DEARBORN, Samuel, Oct. s> 1803,3. 23 y. g. r. i. 

DELAP (see also Dunlap), , ch. John, bur. Oct. 19, 1781, 

a. 2 y. 6 m. c. R. 2. 

DELLEWAT (see also Dillaway), Mary, wtd. [William, c. R. 2.], 
Feb. 14, 1819, a. 81 y. [a. 80 y. g. r. z.J 

DENNETT, Horatio M., s. Horatio M. [and Mary, a R. 6.], lung 
fever, Mar. 14, 1846,3. i y. 

DENNIS, Rebecca, at the almshouse, Apr. 15, 1826. 

William [pauper, c. R. 1.], Dec. 17, 1816, a. 57 y. 

DERBY (see also Darby), , inf. ch. John and Rebecca P., 

Jan. 6, 1836. 

DESHON, Mary, w. Elijah, July 10, 1841, a. 29 y. i m. 18 d. 

G. R. 2. 

DEVEREUX, Maty, of Salem, at Timo[thy] Ballard's, May 25, 
1822, a. 21 y. 

DEXAWAY (see also Delleway), Wiliam, resident in Andover, 

• Apr. 4, 1748, a. 74 or 75 y. 
William [bilious colic, c. b. i.], July 5, 1812. [a. 63 y. c. r. 1; 
a. 61 y.G. R. I.] 

DOAN, Hannah, at John Russel's, June 30, 1803. 

DODGE, Ann, d. Enos and Lydia, Aug. 29, 1838, a. 15 y. 

Asa [b. Salem, c. R. i.], at Mrs. Elizabeth Poor's, Jan. r7, 1825. 

Enos, July 17, 1838, a. 57 y. 

Hannah, wid., old age, bur. at Beverly, Mar. 10, r8o7, a. 88 y. 

C. R. 2, 

Joel, consumption, Mar. 9, 1835, a. 20 y. c. k, 2. 

Lydia, d. Enos and Lydia, Apr. 16, 1830, a. 25 y. [a. 24 y. 

c. R. 2.] 
Lydia, wid. Enos [consumption, c. r. 2.3, Jan. 5 [4. c. r. 2.], 

1840, a. 58 y. 
Susan, d. Enos and Lydia [consumption, c. r. 2.J, June 4, 1834. 

[a. 17 y. c. R. 2. J 



WJLE, Caroline E., d. and Mary, dysentery, Sept. 6, 1848, 

Dudley, at the almshouse, Nov. 34, 1S3S, a. 59 y. 

Greenleaf, Feb. 2, 1829. 

Hanict [insane and perished in the snow. c. R. a.], Dec, 16, 

' 1839. 
Jane, w. Dudley, bur. Apr. 15, 1813, a. 49 y. c. R. 2. 

DOLLOFF (see alsoDolIoph), John, m.,b. Epsom, N. H., paintei, 
s. John and Julia, dysentery, July 31, 1848, a. 327. 1 m. 20 d. 

John M., s. John and Caroline P., scarlet fever, Dec. 15 [14, 
c. R. 2. and G. R. 2.], r849, a. i y. 5 m. 28 d. 

DOLLOPH (see also Dolloff), Sarah M., nnm., consumption, Nov. 
24, 1844, a. 35 7- 

iDOLTEN (see also Dalton), Hannah, d, Philemon and Bethiah, 

Sept, 17, 1738. 
Philemon, s. Philemon and Betbiah, Sept. 29, 1738. 

DONOUGH, James, "a wandering Stranger", suicide, Dec. 19, 
1848, a. 30 y. 

DOW, John O., s. David and Susan S., Apr. 27, 1842, a. 9 m. 

ig d., G. R. 7. 
Maiy Francis, d. David and Susan [S. G. r. 7.], cholera infantum, 

Sept. 12, 1846, a. 17 m. 
, s. Ebenez[ejr, in the Army, , 1776. c. R. 2. 

DOWNES (see also Downs), Joel P., s. Benja[min] R. and Fanny, 

Aug. 12, 1838,3. row. 
Paschal G., s. Benja[min] [R. c. r. 2.] and Fanny [dysentery, 

Aug. 19. c. R. 2.], Aug. 10, 1835, a. 10 w. 

DOWNING, Abigail, wid. Palfray, Nov. 18 [19. c. r. 3.], 1836, 

a. 70 y. 
Ann, d. John and Nancey, Aug. 28, 1838, a. is y. 
Deborah, d. Palfry and Lydia, June s, 1790, a. 7 d. g. r. 2. 
Deborah S[helden. c K. 2.] d. Palfry and l.ydia [cholera morbus. 

C. R. 2.], June S. 1800, a. 4 y. g. R. 2. 
John, s. Palfray, May 6, 1836, a. 36 y. 
Lydia, w. Palfray [consumption, c. R. 2.], Jan. 31, 1805. [a. 4oy. 

C. E. 2 ; a. 41 y. G. r. 2.] 



Downing, Lydia, consumption and dropsy, bur. Apr. 27, 1806, 

a. 18 y.~3 m. C. R. 2. 
Lydia, d. Palfty and Lydia, June 26, 1806, a. 18 y. g. k, 2. 
Palfray, s. John and Nancey, Feb. 23, 1833, a. 4 m. 20 d. 
Palfrey, Sept. 28, 1835, a. 74 y. 
Samuel, s. Samuel [Palfry. c, r. 2.] and Lydia [worms, c. r. 2.], 

June 27, 1798. [a. 3 y. 10 m. c. r. 2.] 
Temperance, w, Richard, but. Oct. 13, 1779, a. 63 y. c. r. 2. 
, ch. Palfry W., Sept. [21], 1820. 

I>OWNS (see also Downes), Joel Parker, s. Benj[amin] R. and 
Anna, Aug. 17, 183s, a. 3 ra. 

Sarah F[rances. c. b. 2.], d. Benja[min] R. and Fanny [A. 
G. R. 3.], Nov. 14, 1826. [a. 2 y. g. r. 2.] 

[Sarah Frances, g. r. 2.], ch. BeDJa[min] R. and Fanny [dysen- 
tery. C. R. 2.]> Oct. 28, 1828. [a. I y. G. R. ».] 

, ch, Michael, Aug. 18, 1835, a. 3 w. c. r. 2. 

DREW, Abigail, w. Daniel [heart disease, c. r. i.], Oct. 16 [17. 
c. R. I.], 1840, a. 36 y. [a. 35 y. c. r. i.] 

DRUHHOm). [Charles, c. r. 2.], s. John, hydrocephalus. Sept 
7, i84S. a. zy. 

DUDLEY, Betsey, w. John, Mar. 30, 1837, a. 49 y. 

DUIfCELEE (see also Dundee), Andrew, a. twin, Andrew and 

Hannah, at Augusta, Ga., July 15, 1822. 
Jacob, s. twin, Andrew and Hannah, at Augusta, Ga., July 15, 1822. 

DUNCLEE (see also Duncltlee, Dunklee, Duntclee, Duntlee), 

Andrew W., s. Andrew W., Mar. — , 1795. 
Mary Foid, Mar. 12, 181 2, a. 20 y. 

DUNKLEE (see also Dundee), Mary.d. Nath[anie]l, bur. Mar. 

3, 1811, a. 20 y. c. R. 2, 
Mary, d. Mary, bur. Mar. 25, i8ii, a. 3 m. c. r. a. 

DUNLAP (see also Delap), Elizabeth, wid. John, Apr.ii, 1817, 

a- 75 y- 
Hannah, d. John, canker and fever, bur. Dec. 29, 1795, a. 14 y. 

5 m. c. R. 2. 
John, at the almshouse, but. Aug. 14, 181 1, a. 83 y. c. r. 2. 



DUNN, Peter, unm., b. Ireland, dysentery, Oct. 5, 1848, a. 22 y. 

DUNTCLEE (see also Dundee), Rebecca, wid. Andrew W., Feb. 
a?. 1849,3. 85 y. G. K. 3. 

DUNTEN, Mary, unm., Feb. 17, 1743-4, a. 81 y. 

DUNTLEE (s€e also Dundee), , s. Andrew Wilson, canker, 

bur. Mar. 14, 1796, a. i y. 4 m. c. r. 2. 

DURAIfr, Amos, Nov. 24 [ag. c. R. i.], 1829, a, 76 y. 

Hannah, Sept. 22, 1819. c. r. 2. 

[Sarah, w. Amos. G. r. z.], Mrs., Sept. 22, 1819. [a, 60 y. g. r. 2.] 

William, Mar. 15, 1821- [a. 30 y. G. r. 2.] 

, w. Wiltard, childbirth, Mar. s6, 1843, a, 20 y. 

DURIN, Mary, wid., " wassoported by the town", Feb, 14, 1 748-9. 

DUSTIN, Nathaniel, of Windham, N. H., " at Stephen Poor's 
House," Oct. 5, 1796. 

DWINELL, Amos, of Deny, s. Jacob, at Daniel Town's, nervous 
fever, bur. May 13, 1805, a. 23 y. c. r. z. 

EAMES (see also Ames), Bethiah, d. Beni[ami]Q and Hephsi- 
bah, Aug. ir, 1762. 

Mehitable R., unm., b. Newiy, Me., d. James and Mary, con- 
sumption, May 5, 1846, a. 32 y. 11 m. 17 d. 

EASTMAN, Lydia,wid., Mar. 8, 1843. 

EASTY, Caleb Needham, Mar. 30, 1825, a. 15 d. g. r. a. 

EATON, John, m., b. Reading, paper maker, Dec. i, 1848, a. 73 y. 

EDES, Micajah, Aug. 21, 1785, a. 19 y. 

Susanna, w. Thomas, Sept, 15, i759i in her 24th y. G. R. r. 

Thomas, Sept. ti, 1769. 

EDSON, Samuel,s. Elijah, Feb. 10, 1825, a. 2 y. 

[Nancy D. o. R. 3.], w. Elijah, Apr. 24, 1818. fa. 36 y. g. e. 3.] 

, s. Elijah and Persia, Jan. 31, 1832, a. i d. 

, s. Nathaniel and Dolly, Oct. 31, 1832, a. i d. 



EDWARDS, George Herbert [only. g. r. 5.] s. [Rev. g. r. sJ 

Bela B. and Jeiusba W., Nov. 29 [18. o. R. 5 and c. r. 6. J, 
i837> a- 5 y- [at^d 9 ro. 15 d. g, r. 5.] 

EIRES (see also Ayer), Hepsibah, d. Nathauiell and Anne, 
July ij, 1697. 

ELIOT, Abigail, w. Andrew, Oct. 20, 1813. 

ELLENWOOD (see also Ellingwood), Charles, s. Eben[eze]r and 

Sally, scarletina, Apr. i, 1842, a. 9 m. 
Gayton, disease of the head, May 22, 1843, a. 6 y. c. R. 1. 
George E., s. Ebenezer and Sarah, cholera infaotum, Aug. 19 

[18. C. R. I.], 1848. [a. 3 y. c. R. 1.] 

ELLES (see also Ellis), Augustus Hilton, s. K. S. and A. C, 
June 34, 1S33, a. 13 m. a. r. 2. 

ELLINGWOOD (see also Ellenwood), Wallace, Sept. 16, 1840, 

ELLIS (see also EUca), George, May 8 [9. c. r. 1.], 184 1, a. 50 
y. [a. 49 y. 9 m. c. B. 5.] 

EMERSON, , d. David E. and Mary A., Feb. 3, 1843, a. 2 w. 

EMERY (see also Emmery, Eniry), Abigail, w. Joseph, Mar, 30, 

1738. [in 37th y. G. R. I.] 
Elizebath, wid, Joseph, July 29, 1729. 
Francis, at Charles Wardwell's, Nov- 2, r82a, a. r6 y. 
Freeman, m., b. Shapleigh, Me., cordwainer, s, Samuel and 

Deborah, consumption, Oct. i, 1847, a. 37 y. 
Jacob, s. Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Nov. 13, 1768. 
Joseph, Sept, 22, 1721. [in S9th y. a. r. i.] 
Joseph, s. Joseph and Abigail, Nov, 14, 1736. 
Justin Edwards, s. Joshua and Eliz[abe]th, Nov. 4, 1821, a, 2 y. 

II m. G. r. z. 
Martha Ann, d. Sewell N. and Martha P., Nov. 7, 1845, a. 4 y. 

4 m. G. R. a, 
Samuel, s. Joseph and Abigail, June 19, 1747, a. 5 y. 19 d. 
[Sarah, c r. 2.], Mrs., at Mark H. Newman's [died in sleep. 

c. r. a.}, Aug. ao, 1819. [a. 57 y. c. r. 2.3 
Sewell N,, b, Joshua and Eliz[abe]th, Oct. 27, 1843, a. 33 y. 8 m. 

G. R. a. 



EMMERY (see also Eraety), Edward, s. Capt. Josiah, Nov. 5, 
1821. [a. 4y. c. R. I.] 

EMRT (see also Emery), Hannah, unm., Sept. 7, 1746, in her 
39th y. 

ENGOLLS (see also Ingalk), Moses, s. Henry [and Mary, ct, f.]. 
Sept 28, 1667. 

EVANS (see also Evens), , ch. E[dwar]d and Hannah, bur. 

July zy, 17S1, a. 3 w. c. r. 2. 

EVENS (see also Evans), Daniel, belonging to Allenstown, N. H., 
at Mr, Blunt's, bur. Jan. 16, 1776, a. abt. 60 y. c. r. 2. 

EVERSON, Benj[amin] G., s. Ephrairo and Rhoda, Jan. 6, 

1842, a. 9 w. G. R. z. 
Emily [Frances. G. r. 2.], d. Ephraim and Rhoda, scarlet fever. 

May I, 1842, 3. 5 y. 9 m. 
Rhoda G-[Ieason. c. r. 2.], d. Ephraim and Rhoda, scarlet fever. 

May 23, 1842, a. 3 y. 3 m. 

EWELL, Perez, scarlet fever. Mar. 14, 1843, a. 72 y. 

FAIRFIELD, Mary, resident, brain fever, Sept. — , 1840, a. 17 y. 

C. R. 1. 
Sarah Ann, of Salem, Sept. 8, 1840, a. 17 y. 

FALMAN, James, " member Phillips Academy," s. Hon. Peleg of 
Bath, Me., June — , i8or, a. 14 y. g. r. 2. 

FARINGTON (see also Farrington), Ebenezer, s. Daniel, jr. and 

Hannah, Sept. zo, 1757, in his 3d y. 
Edward, Jan. 3, 1746-7. 
Edward, s. John and Sarah, July 26, 1751. 
Elezebcth, w. Daniel, Sept 26, 1757. 

Judith, paralytic affection [bet. Aug. 8 and Nov.], 1827. c r. i- 
Martha, w. Edward, May 22, 1738. 
Putnam, s. Daniel and Elezebith, Oct. 19, 1754- 
Sarah, d. John and Sarah, May 27, 1738. 
Sarah, d. John and Sarah, Dec. 4, 1740. 

PARLET, Thomaa A., - — , 1841. c. r. 6. 



FARMER, Abagail N., Dec. 22, 1820. F. R. 36. 
Life, July i, 1843. p. r. 36. 

FARNAM (see also Farnharo), James, June 17, 1748, in his 

James, Feb. ri, 1749-50, in his 27th y. 
Mary, May ti, 1752, in her $gth y. 
Samuel, Dec. 20, 1754. 
, d. John, jr. and Sarah, Aug. iS, i754- 

FARNAUM (see also Famham), Abiah, d. Timolhy and Dinah, 

Aug. 29, 1736. 
Anne, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, Oct. 5, 1728. 
Barachias, s. Barachtas and Hephzibah, Apr. 2, 1729. 
Elezebeth, d. James and Johanna, Apr. 7, 1727. 
Elizabeth, w. Jonathan, June 18, 1732. 
John, sr., Jan. 10, 1728-9, in her 65th y. 
Josiah, s, Josiah and Mary, July tt, 1738. 
Mary, d. Barachias and Hephzibah, Oct, 13, 1736. 
Nathan, s. Capt. John and Sarah, at Fort Edward, Sept. 28, 

Rebeca, wid. John, sr., Feb. 8, 1728-g, a. abt. 78 y. 
Sarah, w. Ralph, Apr. 12, 1732. 
Sarah, d. Barachias and Hephzibah, Oct. 16, 1736. 
Timothy, s. Timothy and Dina, Apr. 26, 1735. 
[Cummings. t. c], ch. Samueland Mary, Nov. 22, 1735. 

FARNEM (see also Farnham), Elizabeth, wid. Realph, Oct. 14, 

1710, a, abt. 78 y. 
Elizabeth, w. John, Jan. 11, 1716-17, 
Hannah, w. Thomas, May 19, 1716, in her 41st y. 
Hannah, d. Thomas and Hannah, Dec. 9, 1716. 
Mehitabel, d. Thomas and Hannah, Dec. 29, 1716. 
Zebadiah, s. Realph and Sarah, Feb. 5, 170 [6-7]. 

FARNHAM (see also Farnam, Fatnaum, Famem, Farnum), 

Abiah, d. Benjamin and Dolly, Oct. 22, 1793. p. r. 104. 
Benjamin, Dea. [farmer, a Revolutionary Patriot, c, r. i.], Dec. 

4, 1833, a. 87 y, lacking 24 y. 
Benjamin, bilious fever [lung fever, c-r, i.], Feb. 8, 1844, a. 73 y. 
Betsy, wid. William (and d. Robert Swan, Apr. a. C, r. i.], Mar. 

2, 1836, a. 55 y. 
Clifford, s. William and Betsy, Mar. 14, 1839, a. 33 y. 
Dorcas S. [w. John C. g. r. 2.], d. Henry and Dorcas Abbott, 

consumption, July 14 [10. c. r. 2.], 1845, a. 31 y. 



Farnham, Edwin, killed on railroad, Mar. 13, 1841. c. r. 3, 
Elizabeth [d. W[illia]m, consumption. C. R. i,}, May 11, 1829, 

a. 27 y. 
Enoch, Sept. — , 1835. p. r. 61. 
Harriot, w. Edivin, at Worcester [consumption, June 10, a. 22 y. 

C. R. a.J, June 11, 1829, a, 16 y. 
Harriot L., d. Edwin and Harriot [grandd. Dea. Jed[ediahj 

Famum. c. r. i.j, May i, 183a, a. 3 y. 6 m, 
Isaac [consumption, c R. i.], Apr. 16 [15. C R. i.], 1839,3. 67 y. 

[a. 66 y. C, r. 1.] 
Jacob L., s. Jacob and Rebecca, Nov. 1, 1831, a, 1 y. 
Jedidiah, ra., farmer, s. William and Betsy, consumption, Oct. 19, 

i844,.a. 30y. 
Jery, laborer, s. Timothy and Susannah, hepatitis, May ri [13. 

c R. I.] 1848, a. 5T y. 
John, s. John, Esq., Oct. 9, 1840, a. 44 y. 
John, Aug. — , 1847. P. R. 6i. 
John P., s. Timothy and Mary [Nancy, g. r. 2.], Oct. 6, 182 r, a. 

I 1-3 y. 
Lucy, at the almshouse, June 14, 1822. 
Mary, wid. John, Aug. 31 [Sept, r. c. r. i.], 1835, a. 77 y. 
Mary, June 25, 1836, a. 61 y. 

Rhoda, d. Benjamin and Dolly, Jan. 18, 1788. p. r. 104. 
[Sarah (Frye). C. R. i.], wid., July [24], i8r6, a. 96 y. [July 23, 

a. 9S y. C. R. I.] 
Sarah Jane, d. Leonard and Sarah, Feb. 27, 1839, a. 7 y. 4 m. 
Seth, pulmonary disease. May 5, 1845, *■ 39 y* C. R- i- 
Susan, July 21, 1842, a. 30 y. C. R. 5. 
William, May — , 1S22. [May i, a. 41 y. C. r. r.] 

, ch. stillborn, Benjamin and Dolly, June 13, 1785, p. R. 104. 

, d. Benjamin and Dolly, June i r, 1 786, a. i h. p. r. 104. 

, ch. stillborn, Benjamin and Dolly, Apr. 17, 1791. p. r- 104. 

, w. Benj[amin], consumption, Oct. 19, 1839. a B. i. 

FARNUH (see also Farnfaam), Abiab, d. Timothy and Dinah, 

Sept. 23, 1746. 
Abiah, d. Benjamin, jr. and Ruth, Oct 31, 1800. 
Anne, d. John and Maty, Apr. ao, 1696. 
Benjamin, s. Timothy and Dinah, Sept. 20, 1746. 
Bccca [Rebecca (Poor), c. R. i.], wid. Jcdediah, Oct. 2, 1820, a. 

72 y. 14 d. 
Charles, Sept. 7, 1822, a. 35 y. 
Cloe, w. Peter, June 32, 1809. [a. 43 y. p. r. 61.] 
Damaras, w. David, Dec. 2, 1767. 



Parnum, Daniel, July 10, 1814, a, 73 y. p. R. 61. 

David, 5. John and Rebeckah, Nov. 30, 1687. 

David, widr., farmei, consumption, Dec. S, 1848, a. 77 y. 

Deborah, d. James and Joanna, Feb. 18, 1747-8, a. 19 y. 1 m. 

Dinah, wid. Timothy, Nov. 22 [23. G. R. i.], 1781, a. 76 t-2 y. 

[in 78th y. G. R. I.} 
Dolly, d. Benjamin, jr. and Ruth, Oct. 6, iSoo. 
Dolly [ (Holt), c. K. 1.], w. Dea. Benja[rain], July 25, 1815, a. 

68 y. 
Doralhy, wid. Thomas, Oct. ro, 1747, in her 71st y. 
Dorothy, w. David, Mar. 73, 1771, in her Sad y. 
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Priscilla, Aug. 9, 1741. 
Elisabeth, d. James and Joanna, Jan. 9, 1745-6, a. 18 y. wanting, 

10 d. 
Elizabeth, w. Thomas, Aug. 26, r683. 
Enoch [laborer, lung fever, c. r. i.], Mar. 13, 1815, a. 48 y. [a. 

43 y. p. B. 61.] 
Ephraim, June 9, 1744. 

Ephraim, s. Josiah and Mary, Sept. 27, 1746. 
Frye, s. Peter and Chloe, Nov. 25, 1801. 
Hannah, w. Samuel, Apr. n, 1747. 
Haiiiot, d. W[illia]m and Elizabeth [dropsy b( the head.c. R. i.], 

Nov. 23, 1819, a. 10 y. 
Henery, s. Ralph and Elizabeth, May 7, 1683. 
Isaac fh. Mary (Osgood), p. r. 6r.], Sept. 8, 1823, a. 80 y. 8 m. 
Jacob [s. Benjamin and Etolly. p. r. 104.], " drowned in the great 

Pond," Aug. 19, 1801. fa. 26 y. 10 m. dup.] 
James, Jan. 16, 1813, a. 63 y. p. r. 61. 
James, Jan. 9, 1814, a. 63 y. 

Jedidiah [h. Rebecca (Poor), p. r. 6r.], Apr. 8, 1819, a. 74 y. 
Jesse, delirium tremens, July 31, 1835. c. r. r. 
Joanna, w. James, Dec. 3, 1745. 
Joanna, wid. Dea. John, Jan. 4, 1785, a. 98 y. 
John, s. John and Rebecca, Feb. r4 [1670-1 ?]. [1670. cr. r.] 
John, June 17, 1723, in his 83d y. 
John, s. Samuel and Mary, Jan. 9, 1739-40. 
John, Dea., Oct. 22, 1762, in his 78th y. 
John, Capt, Oct. at [22. G. r, r.], 1786. [a. 76 y. G. r. i.] 
John, jr., Sept. 5, 180S, a. 31 y. 
John, s. John, Sept. 6, 1821. 

John, Esq. [apoplexy, c. r. i.], Nov. 5, i8aa, a. 8a y. 
John E [dward. c. r. i.], s. Maj. Jedediah and Susan [dropsy in 

the head. c. r. i.}, Feb. 27, 1820, a. 8 oi. 



Farnum, John L[ewis. g. r. 2.] a. John [P. c. r. 2.] and Abby- 

M., dysentery, Sept. J, 1847, a. i y. 11 m. 
Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Elezebeth, Dec. 10, 1 720 a. abt. 3 w. 
Jonathan, s. David and Dorathy, Sept. 9, 1738. [m 13th y. 

G. E. I.] 

Jonathan, May 24, 1761, a. 77 y. 

Lydia [fever, c. R. i.], Mai. 30, i8j6. 

Maltha, d. James and Joanna, Sept. 8, 1747, in her 24th y. 

Mary [unm, c. r. a.], d, Thomas and Lydia [consumption. C. r. 

2.], Jan. 25, 1809. [in 3$th y. c. r. 2.] 
Mary, w. Isaac, May 12, 1820, a. 66 y. 
Mary Osgood, w. Enoch, Jan. 16, 1848, a. 71 y. g. r. 6. 
Mehetabel], wid. Jonathan, Jan. 19, 1763, a. 70 y. 
Nathan, s. Capt. John and Sarah, June 4, 1763. 
Nathan, May i, 1822. p. r. 61. 

Olive L., d. Samuel and Olive, July 2, 1840, a. 11 m. 23 d. 
Olive T., w. Sam[ue]i P., Dec. 22, 1S39, a. 25 y. g. r. z. 
Peter [farmer, c. b. i.], Feb. 27, 1828, a. 75 y. [a. 78 y. c. ft. i.] 
Phebe, w. Thomas, July 9, 1763. 
Phebe, d. Capt. Benja[min] and Dolly, Aug. r;, 1778, a. 

2 y. 3 m. 
Ralph, sr,, Jan. 8, 1691-2. 
Ralph, s. Ralph and Elisabeth, Jan. 3, 1737-8. 
Rebecca [Mrs. g. r. 2.], Nov. 7 [12. G. r. 2.], 1810, a. 67 y. 
Rebecca, at Jona[than] Griffins, Nov. 8, iSii,a. 67 y. 
Rebecca, see also Becca. 

Samuel, jr. " in ye Kings Service at Leuesburgh," Aug. 27, 1745. 
Sarah, d. David and Dorathy, Sept. 19, 1738. [in nth y. g. r. i.] 
Sarah, d. Eben[eze]t and Priscilla, Aug, 8, 1760. 
Sarah, d. Peter and Sarah, Nov. i, 1784, a. 2 m. 
Sarah, w. Peter, Nov. 22, 1788. [a. 26 y. 6 m. 8 d. p. r. 6r. 
Sarah F[rye. g. r. 6.],d. Enoch and Mary [inflammation, c. r. 1.], 

Dec. 21, 1823, a. r7 y. 
Simeon, May 29, i8r3, a. 30 y. 
Tabitha, d. Samuel and Hannah, Jan. 3, 1740-1, 
Theoder, s. Josiah and Mary, Sept. 25, 1746- 
Thomas, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, Oct. 6, 1672. 
Thomas, serg't., Jan. 11, 1685, 
Thomas, Apr. 28, 1744. 

Timothy, s. Timothy and Dinah, July 1, 1738. 
Timothy, July 25, 1780, a. 78 y. 
Timothy, farmer [ lung fever, c. R. i. [Feb. 15,1811, a. 51 y. 

[a. 56 y. c. R. I.] 
, d, Jonathan and Elezebeth, Nov. 21, 1720. 



Farnum, , s. John, jr. and Satab, May 23, 1746. 

, d. Capt. Benia[min] and Dolly, Dec. 3, 1780. 

, ch. Levi, Mar. 31, 1820. 

FARRAR, Phebe, w. Sam[ue]l, Jan. 22, 1848, a. 79 y. G. R. 5. 

FARRINGTON (see also Farington), BeDjamin, Mar. 34, 1776. 
BenJB[mm] S[umner. c. r. i.] ,5. Benjamin and Haniet, June 20, 

1834. a- 3 y- 
Daniel, Feb. 13, 1764- 
Jacob, June 29, 1667. 
Jacob, a. Edward [Mar.or Apr. '1718], 
Judith, w. Capt. Phillip, Apr. 22, 1827, a. 67 y, 
Philip [Capt. G. R. 6.], Mar. 14, 1829, a. 80 y. 
Sarah, w. John, Feb. 28, 1762. 
Sarah, w. [wid, g. r. i.] Capt. Phillip, May 30, 1809. [May 13, 

a. 64 y. G. R. I.] 

FARWELL, Hannah S., b. New Haven, w. Asa, dysentery, Sept. 

4, 1848, a. say- 
William S. [H. G. R. 2.], s. Asa and Hannah, colic, Aug. 9, 1S47, 

a. 3 m. 3 d. 

FAULKNER (see also Fawkner), Abiall, s. John and Sarah, Dec. 

21, 1723. 
Abiel, July 4, 1756, in his 2Sth y. 
Abiel, s. Abiel and Hannah [consumption, c. r. 2.], Sept i^ 

1794. [a. 16 y. 5 m. c. R. 2,] 
Abiel, s. Abiel and Mary, Nov. 26, i8i8. [a. 63 y. dup.] 
Abigaiel, w, Francis, Feb, 5, 1729-30. 
Abigail, d. Paul and Hannah, July 23, 1737. 
Benjamin, s. Paul and Hannah, Nov. 10, 1736. 
Clarissa, wid. [w, Abiel, and only ch. W[illia]m and Mary Dilla- 

way. G. R. 2.],Dec. 20 [26.0. R. 2], 1827, [a. 52 y. G. R. 2.} 
Damaris, w. Joseph, Nov, r3, 1728, 
Daniel, Corp., Aug. 21, 1739, in his 54th y. 
Daniel [farmer, palsy, C. r. i.], Dec. 27, 1814, a. 79 y. 
Edmond, s. Paul and Hannah, Apr. 23, 1731. 
Edmund, " Mr.," Jan. 18, 1686-7. 
Elezabeth, w. Edmond, May 13, 1728, in her 4ad y. 
Elizabeth, d. Francis and Abigail, Aug. 17, 1678. 
Elizabeth, d. Edmond and Elizabeth, June 20, 1715. 
Elizebeth, d. Edmund and Elizebeth, Jan. 28, 1712-3. 
Frances, w. Daniel, Jan. 7, 1735-6, 



Fauiknek, Francis, Sept. ig, 173a, in hiaSist y. 

Hannah, w. Abiel [consumption, c. r. 2.], Nov. 14, 1789. [a. 
30 y. 7 m. c. R. I.] 

Hannah [(Hovey), b. Boxford. c. R. i.], wid. Jos[epjh [con- 
sumption. C. R. I.], Mar. a8 [29. g. r, i.J, 1815. [a. 79 y. 
c. R. I ; 78 y. G. R. I.] 

Hannah, Oct. 26, 1815. 

Hannah, at the ahnsbouse, Sept. ii, 1829. 

Hannah, unm., d. John and Hannah, consumption. May 32, 1844. 
[a. 30 y, c. B. s.] 

John, Dec, 17, 1706. 

John, Sept. 3, 1715. 

John, s. Daniel and Phebe, Dec. 27, i8oo, iq his 3rst y. g, r. i. 

John, June 37, 1823, a. 39 y. 3 m. 20 d. 

John, unm., s. John and Hannah, consumption, Dec. 29, 1848, 
0. 25 y. 6 m. [Dec. 28. c. R. 2.] 

Joseph, s. Abiel and Mary, Nov. 13, r7Sa- 

Joseph, Dec. 28, 1780, a. 85 y. 

Joseph, July ig, 1797. a- 64 y. 

Joseph, s, Abiel and Hannah, Aug. 5, 1831. [a. 48 y. g. r. 3.] 

Lydia, w. Abiel, OcL a [23. c. R. 2 and g. r. 2.], 1816, a, 60 y. 
[a. 62y. G. R. «.] 

Martha, w. Lovel, Aug. 19, 1810. 

Mary, d. Edmond and Elizcbeth, May 19, 1725. 

Maiy, w. Joseph, Nov. 23, 1753. 

Mary, wid., Apr. — , 1791- 

Nathaniel, s. Paul and Hannah, July 18, 1737. 

Paul, Jan. 9, 1750-51. 

Paul, at the almshouse, bur. May 23, 1811, a. 70 y. c. H. 2. 

Phebe [(Peters), c. ». 1.], wid. Dec. 5, 1822, a. 83 y. 

Samuel, s. Paul and Hannah, Aug. 8, 1737. 

Sarah, d. John and Sarah, Sept. i, 1689. 

Sarah, w. Paul, Dec. 8, 1715. 

Sarah, wid. John, Nov. 6, 1723. 

Sopha, Sept 29, 1839, a. 67 y. 

, inf. ch. Joseph and Lydia, Jan. 21, 1815. 

, ch. Joseph and Lydia, Dec. 2, 1824. 

, w. Lovell, Dec. 7, 1829. 

FAVOUR (see also Feaver, Fever), , Mr. [brother o£ Mrs. 

I. Goldsmith, jr. c. r. 2.], consumption, Nov. 30, 1843, a. 

3» >"■ 
PAWKNER (see also Faulkner), Dorathy, w. Edmond, Dec. a, 




fEAVER (see also Favour), Mary, d. Jacob and Hannaii, Oct 
13, 1736. 

PELLOWS, , s. WUIiara R., disease of hip joint, May 6, 

1846, a. 3 y. 6 m. I d. 
, ch. William) Dec. 14, 1846, a. 3 m. 3 d. 

FERROL, Jame^ drovned in Mill Pood, but. Aug. 26, 1780, a. 

13 y. c. R. 2. 

FEVER (see also Favour), HanDah, w. Jacob, Nov. 29 or 30, 

FIELD (sec also Fields), Sarah, w. Samuel, Apr. 38, 1771. 

-FIELDING, , inf. ch. Mrs. - — , at Stevens factory, Oct. 18, 

HELDS (see also Field), Mastin, s. Samuel and Sarah, Apr. za, 

■Samuel, apoplectic fit, bur. Apr. 8, I77<5, a. 57 y. C. r, a. 
Sarah, d. Samuel and Sarah, Mar. 31, 1751. 
Sarah, d. Samueland Sarah, Feb. 28, 1757. 
, twin sons, Samuel and Sarah, Dec. z-6, 1749. 

FILLEBROWN, John, Oct. 14, 1835, a. 31 y, c. r. z. 

PISH, Amos, Dec. ai, 1798, a. 31 y. 

Aitemas, s. Benjamin and Lydia [typhus fever, c. B. i.}, Sept. 

14 [15, G. R. 6.], r83a, a- ai y. [a. ao y. c, r. 1.] 
Artemas, June 8, 1837, a. 4 y. 8 ra. g. R. 6. 

Benjamin [fever, c.r. i.], Dec. a6 [37, G, r. 6.], 1826, a. 83 y. 
Ephraim, Mar. 17 [18. g. r. 6.], 1833. [1S33. dup.;a. 37 y. 

G. R. 6.] 
Ephraitn, s. Benjamin and Mary C, Apr. 9, 1837, a. 19 y. 
Lydia [(Johnson), c. r. 1.], w. Benjamin, jr. [child bed. c. R. i.], 

Feb. 38, 1818, a. 39 y. [a. 30 y. c. r. 1.] 
Martha [Ellen, g. R. 6.], d. Isaac and Sophronia, Jan. 20, 1S30, 

a. 8 m. 
Martha, w, Benjamin, Dec. 7, 1840. [a. 87 y. g. r. 6.] 
Maiy, unm. [d. Benjamin, at Lowell, c. r. i.], Oct a6, 1835, 

a. 43 y- 
Sophia, d. Isaac and Sophronia, scarlet fever. May 7, 1842 

.Sopbtonia, w. Isaac, hemorrhage, Aug. 10, 1S41. c. R. 1. 



FISHER, Ann, wid. Samael [cholera morbus, a b. i ; roiRierly 

of £atb, Eng., b. Apr. to, 1775. c r. 6.], Sept. 9, 1841. 

[a. 66 y. c. r. i.] 
Cha[Tle]s Fieoch, s. Moses and Maitha, Apr. 38, 1848, a. 19 m. 

20 d. G. R. 3- 
John, antn., b. Leeds, Eng., manu^cttirer, consumption, Apr. 4, 

1848, a. 69 y. 
Samuel [formeily of LeicestcT, Eng., b. June 23, 1778, d. Nov. 

10, 1839. G. R. 6 ; disease of the heart, c. R. i.], Nov. 19, 

1S39. [a. 61 y. c. R. 1.] 
, Mt., at Mr. Lock's, May 13, 1824. 

FISK, Asa, 5. William and Sarah, Mar. 23, 1738-9. 

Eliza, "ch. of a reaident," bur. Oct 17, iSio, a. 10 m. c. R. 2. 

John, s. John and Mary, ApT. 5, 1773, in his zist y. 

John, a. John, jr. aod Hepaibah [Hannah, g. r. 2 ; grands. John 

Fisk, canker, c. R- 2.], Jan. 18, 1796, a. 25 y. 
John, Aug. 14, I Si I, a. supposed 96 y. g. r. 2. [a. 98y. c. r. 2.] 
Josiah, Apr, 23, 178J. [in his aist y. c. R. 2.] 
Mary, w. William, jr. Mar. 15, 1724-5. 
Mary, d. William, jr., Jan. 26, 1726-7. 
Mary, w. John, Apr. 13, 1763. 

Mary, Miss, June 29, 1810, a. 56 y. G. r. 2. [a. 55 y. c. r. 2,] 
Mary, wid., at the almshouse, bur. Aug. 14, i8ri,a. 86 y. c.R. 2. 
Molly [Fish. p. r. 127.], consumption, bur. Oct. 4, 1790, a. 43 y. 

8 m. c. R. 2. 
William, Mr., Dec. 10, 174S, in his 84th y. 

, ch. Ebenezer and Susanna, Apr. 14, 1731. 

, d. Ebenezer and Susanna, Mar, 17, 1740-41, 

PTPCH, , w. , of Chelmsford, " sister of Ephraim Ab- 
bot at his house," bur. May 21, 179S1 a. 50 y. c. k. 2, 

PLAGG, Hannah, d. Timothy and Hannah, Feb. i6, 1837, a. S y. 
Timothy, b. Cambridge, Nov, 4, 1793, d. June 14, 1833. G. r. 2, 
Timothy [Capt. c R. 2.], June 14 [15. c. r. 2.j, 1833, a. 40 y. 

FLANDERS, David, s, Simon and Mary, Oct. 24, 1834, a. 3 y. 

[a. 4yc. R, T.] 
James, s. Simon and Mary, Aug. 24, 1830. p. r. 62. 
John B., s. Simon and Mary, June 12, 181 1. p. r. 62. 
Mary, b. Salem, w, Simon, palsy, Dec. 6, 1849, a. 61 y. 
Mary M., d. Simon and Mary, June 8, 1813. p. r. 62. 
Ruth, d. Simon and Mary, May 15, 1828. [Apr. 15, 1829, 

p. R. 62,] 
, ch. Mr. [bet. Apr. and Dec], 1830, a. 6 m, a R. 1. 



FLANGER. , fita. May 9, 1846, a. 9 m. 5 d. 

FLEMING (see also Flemming), Eastei, d. Robert and Allen (?), 

Aug. 30, 1840, a. 4 m. G. R. 3. 
Martha, d. Robert aad Martha, Aug. ao, 1840, a. 4 m. 

FLEHMING (see also Fleming) , Ann, d. Rob[er]t and Ellen, 
bur. Nov. 23 [d. Nov. 34. a. R. z.}, 1839, a. to ro. c. R. 4. 

FLETCHER, Charles, "bum", May 15, 1837,*. 16 m. a r. a. 
Hannah Washburn, d. Sam[ue]l S. and Haniet F., June 36, 1848, 

a. 3 m. G. R. 4. 
Ruth W., bur. Concord. N. H., Oct. 6, 1844, a. 31 y. c. R. 6. 

, ch. Charles, Sept. 9, 1837, a. 3 m. c. r. 3. 

, inf. d. Sam[ue}l S. and Harriet F., Feb. 19, 1847. G. R. 4. 

HJNT, Hannah [G. g. b. 3.], d. Alanson and Hannah, dropsy 

in the head, Jan. 31, i843> a. a y. 
Hannah M., d. John and Lydia [C. c. r. 4.], Apr. 14, 1836, a. 

Ti y. 7 m. 
Henry [s. John and Ruth. G. R. a.], May ag [35. g. r, 3.], 1819. 

[a, 35 y. G. R. 3.] 
John, Sept. 4, 1834, [a. 56 y. G. r. 3.} 
John W. [lung fever, c r. 3.], Nov. 13, 1837, a. i y. G. R. a. [[a. 

I ^. 4 m. c R. 3.] 
Lydia C, w. John, July 5, 1S47, a. 50 y, G. r. 4- 
Ruth [w. John. G. r. 3,], lung fever, May 33, 1843, a. 70 y. 
.Simeon, m., b. Diacut, yeoman, s. Miles and Susan, lung fever, 

May 38, 1843, a. 65 7- »4 <i. 
William Henty, s. Miles and Catharine, croup, Oct. 39, 1S44, a. 

1 y. 3 m. 13 d. 
, s. Miles and Caroline, croup, Nov. 3, 1849, a. 3 y. 

FLOWER, Francis H., memfbet] of Senior Class Teacher's Sem- 
[inatyj, Apr. 31, 1841, a. 34 y. c. R. 5. 

FLTNN, James, killed on iiulioad, Oct. 19, 1837. 

FOLLET^ Jane, bur. Sept 19, 1838, a. 67 y. c. r. 4. 

FOLUNSKE, , Capt., bur. Mar. 33, 1813. c. r. 3. 



POLSOHr Jeremiah, b. Gitmantoo, N. H., machinist, s. Jonathan 
and Saiah, lUDg fever, Jan. 33, 1848. 

FORD, John, s. Dennis and Sarah, Oct. 14^ 1840, a. 32 at. 

FORSTER (see also Fostei), Tamisen, d. Gideon and Eliza- 
[beth], Mar. 33, 1776. [a. 2 y. 10 1-2 m. c. r. a.] 

POSTER (see also Forster), Abigael, d. Joseph and Deliverance^ 

Apr. 16, 1739. 
Abigail, d. Joseph and Deliverance, Jan. 8, 1737-8. 
Abigail, w. Jacob [fever and old age. c. r. a.], Feb. 15, 1802. 

[a. 83 y. this month, g. R. 2.] 
Ab^ail [A. G. r. 3-],w. Thomas C., typhus fever, Oct. 34, 1844, 

a. 50 y. [1841, a. 54 y. a b. 2.] 
Abigail C, d. TTiomas C. and Abigael [A. G. R. 3.], Mar. 7> 

1S18, a. 3 y. 9 m. 
Abraham, Oct. 9, i733' 
Abraham, jr., Sept 15, 1743. 
Abraham, Dec. 15, 1753, in his77th y. 
Abraham, Feb. i, 1758, in his 38th y. 
Abraham, s. Jacob and Abigail, Oct. 34, 1 760. 
Abraham, s. Andrew and Hannah, Aug, i6> 1763. 
Abraham, June 9, 1796, a. sS y. 
Abraham, Capt, Dec. 14, 1830, a. 66 y. 
Ama, w. Davis, consumption, bur. Sept. 29, 1803, a. 27 y. 2 m. 

C. R. 3. 

Andrew, May 7, 16S5, a. 106 y. 

Andrew, Oct aa, 1763, in his 66th y. 

Andrew, Apr. 3, rSoj, a. 73 y. 

Ann M., d. Tho^majs C. and Abigail A., Dec 5, 1824, a. 14 m. 

G. R. 3. 

Ann Maria, d. Capt. Thomas C. and Abigail, Dec. 21, 1823, a. 

14 m. 
Anna, wid., at the almshouse, Oct 18, 1818, a. 86 y. 
Anne, wid., Dec, 3, 1693. 
Asa, Capt, July 17, r787, in his 77th y. G. R. 1, 
Daniel, s, Sarah, wid., Dec 36, 1754, in his r4th y, 
Daniel, Lt., bur. Oct 15, 1811. c. r. 2. 
Daniel, jr., suddenly, Jan, 3 [2. G. R. 6.], 1831, a. 56 y, [a. 5s y- 

a. R. 6.] 
Daniel, jr., Jan. 15, 1836. [a. 34 y. g. r. 2,] 
Daniel, Jan. 2, 1841, a. 71 y. 



Foster, David, s. David and Lydia, Dec. 33,1736 [1735.0. a. t.], 

a. 19 7. 33 d. 
David, s. Asa and Elisabeth, Oct 14, 174a 
David, Dea., June aa, 1759,1. 65 y. 

David [farmer, asthma, c- it. i-], Dtc. 18, 1812, a. 68 y. 
Deborah Lothiop Kimball, d. Jacob, jr., constimptioD, bur. Feb. 

6, 1797, a- My- 5™-c- R-»- 
Elezebeth, w. Moses, Oct. a, 1719. 
Ele^ebitb, w. Capt. Asa, July 4, 1758, in hei 47 y. [in 46th y. 

G. R. 1.] 

Elisabeth, d. Andrew and Mary, Oct 23, 1746. 

Elisabeth, w. Timo [thy], cod sumption, bur. Apr. 27, 1794,2. 37 y. 

4 m. c. R. 2. 
Elizabeth, w. David, Dec. i, 1715. 
Elizabeth, d. Andrew and Hannah, Aug. a, 1763. 
EIiz[abe]th, w. Gideon, Sept is> 1820, a. 75 y. g. r. 3. 
Elizabeth, Miss, fall and fever, June 27, 1843, a. 85 y. 
Ephraim, jr., Apr. 8, 1738. 
Ephiaim, Mr., Sept 21, 1746, in bis 89th y. 
Francis, s. Daniel and Polly, Dec. ag, 1800. 
Giddion, s. Ephiaim and Hannah, June 25, 1707. 
Gideon, Aug. 9, 1817, a. 78 y. 
Geo[rge] Edwin, s. twin, John Prescott and Harriet [F. G. R. 7; 

consumption, c. R. i.], Aug. 24, 1S43. [a. 3 m. 4d. g. r. 7.] 
Hannah [ (Swan), c. B. i.], wid. Daniel [consumption, c. R. 1.], 

May I, 1824. [Apr. 30, a. 46 y. G. r. 6.] 
Hannah, d. Ephraim and Abigacl, Mar. 7, 1735-6. 
Hannah, w. Ephraim, July 8, 1731. 
Hannah, d. Ephiaim and Abigail, Dec. 18, 1736. 
Hannah, d. Jacob and Abigal, Mar. 24, 1749-50, in her 6th y. 
Hannah, d. Obadiah and Hannah, Sept. 15, 1773. 
Hannah, w. Andrew, Mar. 2, 1785, 
Hannah, wid. John, Sept 34, i8iz [1811.C. r. 3.],a.6oy. G. R. 3. 

[a. 61 y. C. R. a.] 
Hannah, wid.. Mar. 25, 1820. c. r. 2. 
Hannah, d. Daniel, jr. [and Hannah, c. r. 6 ; consumption. 

c. R. I.], Aug. [i. G. R. 6. ], i8zo, a. 14 y. [Aug. 2, a. 15 y. 

C. R. I.] 

Hannah, Sept 10, 1835, a. 61 y. 

Hannah Fuller, wid. [Abraham, c. R. i ; Abijah. G. R. 5.], d. 

Daniel and Hannah Page, dropsy, Aug. 10, 1844, a. 78 y. 
Harriet E., d. John P. and Harriet F., Aug. 30, 1849, a. 3 m. 5 d. 

G. K. 7. 
Henry, s. Moses and Mary, Jan. 16, 1736-7. 



Foster, Hester, wid. Abraham, Mar. 3, 1733-4- 

Isaac, s. Joshua and Mary, Sept. 7, 1738. [a. 3 y, c. r. i.] 

Isaac, s. Joshua and MaTjr, Jan. 12, 1747-8. 

Isaac Mooar, a. Timo[thy3 and Lydia [A. g. r. 1.], Apr. ii 

[i3. G. R. 3.], iSaz, a. 2 y. [a. 5 m. ao d. G, r. 2.3 
Iveise, at NathEmiel Conants, Aug. 33, 1832. 
Jacob, old age, bui. May 5, 1806, a. 88 y. wanting i m. c. r. 2. 
Jacob, Sept 5, 1832, a. 85 y- 
Jemima, d. John and Rebecca, Jan. 34, 1736-7. 
Job, smallpox, but. Jan. i, 1782. a r. 3. 
John, s. John and Maty, Apt, 8 [j. g. r. 2.], 1729. [in ist y. 

G. R, 2.] 

John, s. John, 3d and Debora, Sept. 11, i7SS- 

John, Capt, June 17, 1773. 

John, Dea., Nov. 30, 1837, a. 78 y. 

John, m., harness maker, s. John and Hannah, dysentery, Sept. 

4 [3. G. R. 3.], 1849, a. 47 y. 
John [E. G. R. 2.], s. Timothy and Lydia, Sept. 29, 1838, a. 4 y. 

9 1-2 m. 
John Edmnnd, s. twin, John Prescott and Harriet [F. G. R. 7; 

consumption, c. r. i.], Aug. 26, 1843. [a. 3 m. 6 d. g,r. 7 .] 
Jonathan, s. Joseph and Deliverance, Apr. 35, 1729. 
Joseph, July 13.1751- 

Joseph, s. Joseph and Mary, Sept. 29, 1753. in his 3d y. 
Joshua, s. Joshua and Mary, Sept. 18, 1753, a. 22 y. 
Lucy, wid. Capt Asa, Oct. 17, 1787, in her 64th y. c. R. i. 
Lucy, w. Charles, Mar. 38, 1805, a. 35 y. 
Lucy, asthma, Nov. i, 1845, a. 78 y. c. r. a. 
[Lucy G. G. R. 6.3, d. Fhineas and Sarah, Mar. 36 [35. c. r. i.], 

1833. a- 6 y. 
Lydia, d. David and Lydia, Aug. 24, 1736. [in 17th y. g. R. 1.] 
Lydia, w. David, Mar. 21, 1745-6. 
Marcy, unm., Oct 9, 1731, in her sSth y. 
Martba, d. Aaron and Martha, July 7, i73S- 
Maiy, wid. Andrew, Apr. 19,1721. 
Mary, d. Moses and Mary, Jan. 39, 1736-7. 
Mary, d. Joseph and Deliverance, Feb. 28, 1737-8. 
Mary, w. Joseph, jr., Nov. aa, 1746. 
Maiy, d. Joshua and Mary, Dec. 10, 1747. 
Maty, w. Abraham, Feb. 31, 1749-50, in her 71st y. 
Maty, w. Andrew, Oct 18, 1757, in her 59th y. 
Mary, d. Capt John [Joshua, g. r. 2.] and Mary, Dec. 7, 1763. 

[in 28lh y. c. R. 2.] 
Mary, w. Capt John, Apr, 6, 1772. 



Foster, Maiy, w. Isaac, bur. Feb. 5, 1781, a. 27 y. c. r. 2. 

Mary, d. Jacob, bur. Dec. 25, 1783, a. 37 y. c R. 2. 

Mary, w. John, Nov. 27, 1802, a. 22 y. c. R. 3. 

Mary, wid. Daniel, Oct. 11, 1816. 

Mary E., d. [Capt. c. r. a.] Thomas C. [and Abigail A. g. r. a.], 

Aug. 13, 1830, a. 15 m. [14 m. G. r. 2.] 
Mehitable, w, Charlea, Aug. 11, 1836. P. R. 120. 
Mebitable, wid. William, Jan, 23, 1830, a. 87 y, 
Mehitable, w. Daniel, inflammation of bowels, Feb. 7, 1849, a. 

44 y- 
Moses, a. Moses and Sarah [burnt, c. r. i.], Feb, 34, 1817, a. 

18 m. 
Nathan, 3. Joshua and Mary, Oct. 20, 1752, a. ao y. 
Nathan, of Willmington, "kiled by a wheel pasing over hii 

body," Oct. 18, 1824. 
Nathan, m., yeoman, s. Nathan and Abigail, old age, July 12 [13. 

G. K. 6.], 1844, a. 83 y. 
Newell H., s. John and Sarah, May 13 [ri. G. R. 2.], 1840, a. 

fi y. 1 m. 
Obadiab, July 25 [bur. 21. c. r. 3.], 1780, in his 41st y. g. r. 2. 

[in 40th y. C. R. 3.] 
Onen T., s. Phinehasand Huldah C, Apr. 18, 1847, a. i y. r m. 
Osgood, a. John and Maiy, Nov. 15, 1743. 
Paulina, d. Ebenezer and Sarah, Jan. 28, 1821. 
Penelope, d. Aaron and Martha, Aug. 26, 1734. 
Peter, s. Andrew and Hannah, Jnly 18, 1763. 
Phebe, w. Jacob, jr., consumption, bur. Feb. r8, r794, a. 43 y 

Phebe, d. Jacob, July [10. c. R. a.], 1830. 

Phcbc, wid, William, dropsy and fever, Jan. 23, 1S44, a 73 y. 

[73 y. G. R. 6.] 
Polly, w. John [fever, c. R. 2.], Nov, 20, 1802, a. 33 y. 
Priscilla, unm., dysentery, Aug, 23, 1848, a. 73 y. 
Rebecca, d. John and Dorcas, Jan. t8, 1736-7. 
Rose, d. Ephraim and Hannah, Feb. 35, 1693-3. 
Ruth, wid. David, June — , 1818, a. 73 y. 
Ruthy, Miss, consumption, bur. Mar. 28, 1807, a. 45 y. 6 m. 

c. R. 2. 
Samuel, s. Nathan and Susanna [consumption, c. r. i.], Jan. 4, 

1813, a. 17 y. 8 m. 
Sam[ue]l, s. Moses and Sarah, [quinsy, c. B. i.], Oct. tj, r8i5, 

a. 5 y. ra.3y, CR. i.] 
Sarah, w. William, Nov. 6, 1739. [in 6ist y. G. R. 3.] 
Sarah, wid., hemorrhage, bur. July 9, 1786, a. 81 y. c. r. 2. 



Foster, Sarak, d. [John. c. r. 2.] , jr. and Sarah [coosutop- 

tion. c- R. 2.], Nov. 23, 1800. [a. II m. c. r. 2.] 

Sarah, w. John, July 21, 1827, a. 53 y. o. r, 3. 

Sarah Jane, d. Phineas and &iiah, Dec. 3, 18351 a. 20 y. 

Sarah W., unm., teacher, d. Moses and Sarah [fi. c. r. 7.], cos- 
sumption, Mar. a?, 1847, a. 39 y. 

Simeon, Sept. ai, 1831, a. 76 y. 

Simon, Dr., Feb. 5, 1838, a. 73 y. 

Susanna, w. Nathan [d. Sam[|ue]I Barker, liver complaint, c. r. 
1.3, Feb. 18, 184a, a. 71 y. [a. 72 y. c. r. i.} 

Timothy, putrid fever, bur. Aug. 2, 1796, a. 41 y. C. r. 2. 

Timothy, m., fanner, consumption, May 11, 1847, a. 60 y. 8 m- 

Tirza,d. Davis, fits, bur. Dec. 3, 1802, a. 3 m. o r. 2. 

Wiliam, Mr., Aug. 29, 1755, in his 86th y. 

William, s. John and Mary, Apr. 16, 1729. [in id y. g. r. 2,} 

William, Apr. 29, 1797, a. 67 y. 

William, dyspepsia, bur, Sept. i, 1803, a. 73 y. 6 m. c. r. a. 

William, June 30, 1827, a. 83 y. 

William, jr., Nov, 14, 1833, a. 63 y. [a. 6i y. o, r. 6.] 

William, "Master" [oldest man in the Parish, c. r. 2.], apo- 
plexy [b. June I, 1738. G, R. z.], Aug. 30 [ao. C. r, 2.], 
1843, a. 8s y. 

, s. John and Mary, Jan. 13, 1731-2. 

, s. Joseph and Deliveiance, Apr. 2, 1737. 

, ch. Timofthy], bur. March 17, 1781, a. i m. c. R. 2. 

, ch, Joseph, general weakness, bur, Apr. 11, 1790, a, 8 m. 

c R. 3. 

, d. Jacob, jr., bur. June 17, 1791, a. i d, c. r. 2. 

, d. Joseph, mortification, bur. June 25, 1 794, a. 8 y. c. R. 2. 

, youngest ch. Daniel, suddenly, bur. July 9, 1809, a. 6 m. 

c. E. 2. 

, d. Moses and Sally, May 2$, i8ri, a. 2 w. 

, wid. William, Mar. 26, 1820, a. 86 y. 

, w. Jacob, Mar. 26, 1822, a. 68 y, 

, w. John, of Boston [consumption, c. R. 2.], Sept. 16, 1828. 

, s. John and Sarah, May 28, 1832, a. 6 h, 

, inf. s. John and Sarah, Feb. ir, 1833. 

FOWL, Priscilla, wid., paralytic, bur. Dec. 28, 1796, a- 77 y. 
c. R. 2. 

POXCROFT, Mehitable, " Madam" [wid. Hon. Francis, late of 
Cambridge, c. R. 2.], May 4, 1782, [a. 70 y. c. r. 2.] 



FRAZIER, Elizabeth, d. Nathaa and Elizabeth. Dec. 6, 1762, 

in her 6th y. g. r. t. 
Nathan, s. Nathan smd Elizabeth, Dec. 6, 1762, a. 11 m. 21 d. 

G. R. 1. 
Rebecca, d. Nathan and Elizabeth, Dec. 16, 1763, in her 3d 

y. G. R. I. 

I%EEMAN, Daniel, b. Canaan, Conn., mem[ber] Serafinary], 

Oct. 6, 1827, a. 29 y. o. r. g. 
Jacob K. H., Apr. 8, 1841, a. 36 y. g. r. 6. 
Judith, w. Zadoc L., Dec. 17, r834. 
, ch. W[illia]m and Charlott, Dec. [25], 1812, a. 6 m. 

FRENCH, [Abigail, a r. 2.] , , wid. Rev. Jonathan, Aug. 28, 

1821, a. 79 y. 
Doicas [consumption, c r. 2.], May 9 [8. c. R. 2.], 1830, a. 42 y. 

10 m. 
Elizabeth, wid. Peter, Dec. 9, 1838, a. 66 y. 
Eunice E.,w. [Capt. G. r. a.] George, jr., Feb. 35, 1837, a. 34 y. 

[a. 33 y- G. R. 2.] 
Francis W., s. George, jr. and Mary, July 9, 1829, a. 5 «r. 
George [Capt. G. R. 2.], s. Peter, Aug. 5 [4. c. R. 3], 1837, a. 34 y. 
Hannah, w. Peter, jr., May 7, 1821. [a. 23 y. G. r, 2.3 
Henry, s. Lt Peter [and Elizabeth, g. r. a.], May 14 [16. c. r. 2,], 

1824, a. 14 y. [a. 13 1-2 y. g. R. 2.] 
John, at the almshouse, Feb. 16, 1836, a. 68 y. 
Jonathan, Rev., in the 37th year ot his Ministry, July 28, 1809, 

in his 70th y. 
Joseph [J. G. R. a.], s. Peter, at Boston, Jan. 23, 1841 [1842. 

dup.], a. 32 y. [a. 33 y. g. r. 2.] 
Julia A., w. Joseph J., May 23, 1841, a. 29 y. o. r. 2. 
Mary, d. Joseph and Elizabeth, June 8, 1840, a. 33 y. 
Mary R., w. [Capt. o. r. 2.] George, jr., Sept. 1 1, 1835, a. 28 y. 
Mary Simmonds, bur. June 12, 1840, a. 33 y. 4 m. 17 d. c. R. 4. 
Mehitabei, wid., Jan. [26. g. r. 2.], 1786, a. 77 y. 9 m. c. r. 2, 
Peter [Lt. g. r. a.]. May a6, 1831. 
Sarah, d. Rev. Jonathan and Abigail, Nov. 26 [25. G. r. 2.], 

1774. [a. 7 d. 7 minutes, c. e, a.] 
Sarah, d. [Rev. G. R. 2.] Jona[than] and Abigail, Apr. 12, r788, 

a. 3 y, 4 m. wanting id. c. R. 2. 
Sarah D., Miss, July 16, 1840. c. r. 3. 
Theodore, a. Jacob, Sept. 4, 1838, a. 40 y. 
Uriah, jr. [consumption, c r. 2.], Dec. 17, 182S. [a. 34y. c. r. a.] 

, twin chn., Peter, jr. and Hannah, May i, 1821. 

— -, ch. Benjamin, Mar. 3, 1833. c. R. a. 



FRIE (see also Fr}'e),Abiafa, d. Nathan and Sarah, Feb. 7, il36-j. 

Abiel, Capt., Mar. aa, 1757, in his 54th y. 

Abigail, d. Abiel and Abigail, Dec. 30, 1738. 

Abigal, w. Capt. Nathaniel, at Brookfield, Aug. 28, 1749- 

Anne, w. John, Oct ai, 1680. 

Anne, d. Benjamin and Mzty, June 27, 1696. 

Benjamin, Feb. 11, 1695-6. 

Benjamin, s. John and Ruth, " in ye King's service, shot with a 

gun at Lewesbug," June 14, 1745. 
Daniel, s. Samuel and Sarah, Aug. 30, 173S. 
Deborah, d. Ebenezer and Elizabeth, July 18, 1738. 
Ebenezer, May t6, r735,in his 40th y. 
Ebenezer, " at the Camp near Lake George", Sept. 27, i7SS- 
Eiezebith, wid., May 23, 1753, in her 66th y. 
Elezebith, w. Col. James, Dec. 8, 1756, in her 43d y. 
Isaac, May 31, 1741. [in 43d y. g.k. i.] 
James, Capt, Sept 18, r734, in his Szd y. 
JohOj Nov. 9, 1693, a. 93 y, 7m. 
John, Dea., Sept 17, 1696. 
John, Lt, Apr, 7, 1737, in his 6sth y. 
Johnj s. Lt, John and Tabitha, July 16, 1738, 
John, Feb, a, r7S3, in his 71st y. 
John, s. Timothy and Elezebith, Mar. 20, 1754. 
Jonathan, s. Joshua and Maty, Aug. 28, 1738. 
Joseph, s. James and Lydia, Apr. iS, 1688. 
Joseph, s. Joseph and Mehetable, Aug. 27, 1738. 
Joshua, s. Joshua and Mary, Sept 5, 1738. [a. ii y. G. R, i.] 
Joshua, s. Joshua and Sarah, Jan, 23, 1747-8, a. 9 y. 25 d. 
Joshua, Oct. 2, 1 768, in his 68th y. 
Lydia, wid. Capt James, Apr. 14, 1741. 
Mary, d. Benjamin and Mary, Jan. 4, 1695-6. 
Mary, wid. Benjamin, Mar. 17, 1724-3. 
Mary, w, Joshua, Dec. 24, 1729. [in her 3rst y. G. R. i.] 
Mary, wid. Eos. Samuel, Aug. 12, 1747. in ^^^ 94*'' y- 
Mehetable, d. Joseph and Mehetable, Sept. 9, 1738. 
Mehetable, d. Joseph and Mehetable, May 28, r739. 
Mehitabell, d. Benjamin and Mary, Nov. 30, 1694. 
Naamah, w. Isaac, May 27, 1740. 
Nathan, s. Nathan and Sarah, Mar. 30, 1732-3. 
Nathan, s. Nathan and Sarah, Octi8, 1736. 
Nathan, Mar, 19, 1758, in his 70th y. 
OUoid, s. Joshua and Sarah, Aug. 36, T737. 
Phenehas, s. Joshua and Sarah, Aug. x6, 1738. [in his 4th y. 

G. K. I.] 



Frie, Ftiscilla, w. Nathaaie], July 16, 1735. 

Kuth, wid., Apt. 34, 1754, in hei 77th y. 

Samuel, s. Samuel and Saiab, May i, 1735. 

Samuel, Ens., May 9, 1725, in his 76th y. 

Samuel, 5. John and Tabitha, Mar. 6, 1718-9, in his 13th y. 

Samuel, s. Joseph and Mehetable, Sept. to, 173$. 

Samruejll, s. Sam[ue]Il and Mary, Aug. to, 1689. 

Sarah, v. Jonathan, June 3, 1747. 

Susanna, d. Samuel and Sarah, Mar. 11, 1728-9. 

Tabitha, d. Lt. John and Tabitha, July la, 173S. 

Tabitha, d. Isaac and Naamab, May 30, 1741- [in ad y. c. R. i.j 

Tabitha, wid. Lt John, May 17, 1755, in her 77th y. 

Timothy, s. James and Lydia, Aug. 27, 1693. 

FRILL, Cathatine, bur. Oct 13, 1845, a. 17 y. c. k. 4. 

FROST, Benjamin P., S.William and Sarah [consumption, c. r. i.], 

June 2$, 18*7, a. 26 y. [a. ^^ y. c. r. i.] 
Betsey, d. Lt. W[illia]m and Sarah, Aug. 9, 1819, a. 37 y- 11 m. 
Lucy, w. Dea. William, Nov. 4, 1838, a. 38 y. 
Maria F., cholera infantum, Sept. 24, 1845, a. i y. 1 m. 25 d. 
Nathan Holt, s. William and Sarah, July 9, 1784. 
Satah, wid. William [cholera morbus, c. r. i.], Sept. 17 [iS. 

c. R. I.], 1841. a. S3y. 
William, s. Lt William and 5arah,Apr. iz, 1784, 
William, Sept. 38, 1836, a. 82 y. 

HtOTRIKGHAM, Sarah, wid., d. Aaron and Phebe Noyes, con- 
sumption, Oct. 13, 1848, a. 55 y. 
, Mrs., Sept 3, 1822. c. R. I. 

FRY {see also Fiye), Anne, d. John and Tabitha, July 30, 1717, 

a. abt 9 y. 
Mary, w. William, Sept 28, 1763. 
Sarah, d. John and Ann, Mar. 5, 1661-2. 

FRYE (see also Frie, Fry), AHord, s. Joshua and Sarah, 

[17-?]. G.R. I. 

Amos, 5, Samuel, bnr. Apr. 8, 1776, a. 6 m, c. r. a. 
Amos, Sept 18, 1814. [a. 47 y. G. R. a.] 

Andrew, s. Enoch and Mary, drowned, Oct. 15, 1809, a. 3 y. 10 m. 
Ann Eliza, d. James and Elsy, Apr. 2, 1833, a. 3 y. 6 m. 
Anne, d- Capt James and Lydia, Sept 7, 1703. 
Anson H., s, James and Elscy, Feb. 12, 1833, a. 4 y. [5 y. 7 m. 
G. R. 2.] 



Frye, Betsey, w. Capt. John, July 31, 1813, a, 53 y. 

Betty, w. Tiino[thy], fever after measles, " bur. at Lincoln with 

her Father both of whom died last Thursday", Feb. 20, 

1790, a. 28 y. c. R. a. 
Calvin, s. Enoch [3d. G. r. 3.] and Lydia fB. g, r. 3.],ch[olera] 

infan[tum], Sept. 13, 1843, ^- 7 ^■ 
Caroline, d. PhiUip and Sally [Sarah S. G. r, 6 ; fever, c. b. r.j, 

Feb. 14, 1814, a. ro y. 
Charlottee, d. Timothy and Percis, Mar. 10, 1804. [a. 4 w. c. R. a.] 
Cornelia, d. James and El sy, Apr. 8 [7. g. R. z.], 1833, a. 9 y. 

[and 6 m. a r. ?.] 
Deborah, w. William, at Salem, Oct. 13, 1823. 
Dolly, w. James, Oct. 19, 1822. [a. 36 y. g. r, 6.] 
Eben [Foster, g. r. 6.], s. John, 4th and Deborah, Nov, 17, 1830. 

[a. 10 d. g. r. 6.] 
Eliza, m., childbed, Sept. 20, 1849, *■ 4^ Y- 
Eliza Ann, d. Andrew L. and Maty [S. G. R. 3.], Aug. 18,1838, a. 

4 ra. as d. 
Elizabeth, w. Timothy, Mat. 25, 1773, a 46 y. 
Elizabeth, w. Samuel, May 14, 1S07, a, 73 y. [a. 72 y. c. R. 2.] 
Elizabeth, wid. [(Kimball), infirmities of age. c. R. i.j, Oct. 20, 

i8i3,a. 88 y. 
Elizabeth, wid. Joshua, at Salem, Feb. 12, 1826. 
Elizabeth [wid., Feb. i. c. e. 3.], Jan. 30, 1834, 
Eliz[abe]th, w. Herman, Sept. 20, 1849, a, 42 y. G. r. 3. 
Enoch, s. Sam[u}el, bur. Mar. 29, 1776, a. 2 y. 7 m. C. r. 2. 
Enoch H., 3. Enoch, jr. and Mary B., Oct. 12, 1834, a. 3 y. [and 

18 d. G. R. 6.] 

Eunice, wid. James, May 4 [2, g, r. 6.], 182 r, a. 71 y. 
[Frederick, g. r. 2.], s. Reuben and Hannah, Sept. 8, rSzi. [a. 

14 m. G. R. 2.] 
Hannah, w. Capt. Nath[anie]ll, Aug. 4, 1765, a. 66 y, 
Hannah, d. Samuel, jr. and Anna, Aug. 21, 1791. 
Hannah, w. Lt. John, Dec. 11, 1814, a, 73 y. [a, 72 y, g. r. i.] 
Hannah, w. Peter, Nov. 17, 1839, a. 73 y. 
Hannah, wid. [Samuel g. r. 3.], dysentery, Aug. 7 [8. g. r. 3.], 

1847, a. 73 y. 
Hannah D., unra., d. Peter, consumption, Apr. 16, 1845, [a. 40 

y. c. R. I.] 
James, Col., "while in the Continental Service," Jan. 8, 1776, a. 

66 y. G. R. I. 
James, Dec. 17, 1804, a. 73 y. 
James [D. c. R. 4.], unm., mechanic, s. Zachariah and Sarah, ty- 

phua fever, at Lowell, May 31, 1846, a. 24 y. 



Frve, John, s. John and Tabitha, Oct. 17, 1718, in his aid y. 

John, s. Samuel, jr. and Anna, Oct. 21, 1796. 

John, Lt. [laborer, apoplexy, c. r. 1.], May 8 [11. G. R. i.], 1815. 

[a. 75 y. c. R. I.] 
John, Capt. [id., served in the Revolutionary war. C. R. i.], Jan, 

II, 1833, a. 74 y. 
John, old age, March a8 [16. G. R. 6.], 1843, a. 88 y. [a. 87 y. 

c. R. I.] 
Jonathan, Feb. a, 178S, in his 72dy. g, r. i. 
Joseph, s. Benjamine, Dec. 11, 1*706. 
Joseph, s. Ebenezer and EliEabeth, Sept. 14, 1709. 
Joseph, s. Capt. John and Elisabeth, Nov. aa [14. g. r. 6.], iSaa, 

a. 29 y. 
Josbtia [laborer, lung fever, c. r. i.], Jan, as, 1819, a 70 y. 
Lucy, wid. Thcophilus, Apr. a, 1844. [a. 89 y. G. r, a,] 
Lydia, w. John, Jan. 19, i8ao. [a. 65 y. a. R. 6.] 
Lydia Clark, d. Joseph and Susanna, Feb. a6, 180a, a. 7 tn. 18 d.' 
Margaret [b. Salem, c. r. i.J, w. Capt. Fred[eric]lt [d. late 

Capt. Daniel Mackey. g, r. i,], Mar. a, 1817. [a. 51 J- 

G. R. I.] 
Margaret, d. Joseph, Sept. 5 [Oct. 6. dup.], i8ai. 
Mary, w. Jaraes, Feb. ao, 1807, a 36 y, i d. 
[Mary. G. R. 6.J, d. John, 3d [and Deborah. G. r. 6 ; dropsy in the 

head. c. r. i.], Apr. a8, 1832, a. 6. m. 
Mary, w. Enoch, Jan. 30, 1844, a. 68 y. G, r. 3. 
Mary E. [G. c. r. 3.], w. Stephen, Mar. 19, 1S39, a a7 y. 
Mary E., d. Enoch and Mary B., Oct 11, 1840, a. ai m. 
Nancy [M. g. r. 1.], d. Capt, Fred[eTicki and Margaret, July i 

[a. G. R. r.], 1819. [a. 13 y. g. r. i.] 
.Nancy Macky, d. Fred[eric]k and Margaret, July ra, 1796, a. 

a y. 4 m. 7 d. G. R. i. 
Nathaniel, s. Benjamin and Elizibeth, Feb. 19, 1776. 
Nathaniel, Capt, June 6, 1777, in his 87th y. 
■Nath[anie]l, s. Capt John and Betty, Feb. 11, 182a, a. 35 y. 
Permelia, Miss, July i, 1836, a. 31 y. g. r. 6. 
Peter [consumption. C. r. i.], July 31, 1840. [a. 73 y. G. r, 6.] 
Phebe, d, Col, James and Sarah, Mar, 10, 1761, a. a y, g.r.i. 
Phebe [M., w. Gates F., and sister Aaron Liscom. G. r. 3.], Sept 

30 [29. G. R. 3.], 1849. a- 36 y. 
Phillip, Aug. ai, 1831, a. 57 y. [a. 56 y. c. R. 1.] 
Priscilla, wid, Nath[anie31, Nov. a, 1838, a. 49 y. [and 6 m. 

C. R. 4-3 
.Heuben, s. Reuben and Hannah, Sept. 14, 1821. [a, 5 y. 4 m. 

G. R. a.] 



Frye, Reubin fCapt. g. r. 2.], m., b. England, mason, fevet^ 

Mar. 12 [13, G. R. a.], 1845, a. 56 y. 
Samuel, Oct. 17, 1761. 

Samuel, "suddenlj' kiU'd by a Wa^a Wheel," Aug. 27, 1801, a. 
37 r- 

Samuel, Jan. lo, iSi9,a. 89 y. 

Samuel, m., yeoman, lung fever, Mar. 16, 1847, a. 78 y. 

Sam[ue]l M., s. Joshua and Elizabeth, Oct 15, 1S17, a. 25 y. 

Sarah, w. Samuel, Apr. 6, 1760, a. 64 y. 

Sarah, wid. Joshua, Apr, 15, 1781. [a. 69 y. G. r. i.] 

Sarab, d. Joshua and Elizabeth, Oct. 8, 1802, a. 17 y. 3 m. 

Sarah, wid. Jonathan, Oct. is, 1803, a. 73 y. 

Sarah, d. Zachariah and Sarah, Sept. 21, 1814, a. 4 d. 

Sarah, wid, Timothy, jr,, Oct. 31, 1837, a. 38 y. 

Sarah [Smith (Wilkins). c. r. 5.], b, Amherst, wid, Philip, lung: 

fever, Jan. 4, 1848, a. 68 y. 
" Sephrona [unm, c. r. 3.], d, Tim[oth]y, July 16, r823. [July 

10, 1822, a. 28 y. G. R. 3.] 
Theophilua, Apr. 2, 1830, a. 78 y. [a. 76 y. g. h. 2.3 
Timothy, s. Timothy and Persus, Mar. 19, 1825, a. 17 y. 3 m. 
Unice, wid., Nov. 24, 1708, a. abt. 69 y, 
William, s, Zachariah and Sally, Apr. 3, 1834, a. 7 y. 
William, m,, yeoman, s, Philip and Sarah [consumption, c. R. r.],. 

Sept. 26, 1844, a. 42 y. 11 m. 
Willy Francis, s. Gates and Phebe M., Aug. 20, 1:849, ^- '^ '^• 

a. B. 3. 
Zachariah, m., yeoman, s. Zachariah, cystitis and nephritis, Feb. 

18, 1845, a. 58 y. [a. 53 y. g. r, a.] 

, d, TJmo[thy], fits, bur. Feb. 28, 1797, a. 3 d. c R. 2. 

, ch. Zachariah and Sally, Apr. 13, 1821. 

, ch. Susan and John Hinchcliff, May 28, 1823. 

, s. Mary, Oct. 6, 1827. 

, s. stillborn, Reuben and Hannah, Oct, 29, 1832. 

, ch. Reuben and Hannah, Dec. 9, r832, a, 6 w. 

, ch. Reuben and Hannah, Dec. 25, 1832, a. 2 m. G. R. a. 

, d. Zachariah and Sally, Feb. 24, 1833, a. 6 d. 

FULLER, Abijah [b. Middleton. c, r. i,], June 6, 1817, a. 62 

9 m, [a. 60 y. C h. r.] 
Hannah, w. Abijah, Aug. 10, 1844, a. 78 y, G. r. 6. 
John, Nov. 18, rSsS, a. 81 y. 
Martha Morse, d. Dan[ie]l P. and Rebecca, Dec. 10, 1839, 

16 m. 27 d. 



Fuller, , ch. Sumnei, Api. 5, 1835, a. 15 m. c. b. a. 

, ch. Page, inflammation ot bowels [after Nov. 303,1839. 

c. R. I. 

FULTON, Mary, May — , 1842. C r. 3. 

FURBUSH, Chailes, s. Capt. Cha[rle]s and Sarah [cod sumption. 

c. R. 3.], Dec. 37, 1788, a, 31 y. G. R. 2. 
Charles, Capt., murdered in hia bed by his negro man, Feb. 11, 

i79S,a. 58 y. 7 m- c. r. 3. 
Elizabeth, wid., bur. Nov. 3, 1772. c. s, 2. 
Harriet, d. Patty, fever and dysentery, bur. Oct. ai, 1801, a. 7 y. 

4 m. c. R. 3. 
Jedediah, s. Capt. Charles, fever, bur. Jan. 18, 1788, a. 17 y. 

C. R. 3. [1787, P. R. 121.] 

Jona[lhan], s. Capt. Cha[rle]s and Sarah, Jan. 16, 1788, a. i7y. 

G. R. 2. 

Mary, Miss, Mar. 30, 1842, a. 79 y. G. B. 3. 
Sarah, wid. Capt. Cha[rlc3s, Feb. 7, 1804, a. 70 y. g. b. a. 
Sarah [unm. a R. 3.], Sept i, i84r, a. 86 y. 
Simeon, July 10, 1835, a. 77 y, [a. 75 y. g. b. 3 and c R. 2.] 
Solomon, s. Capt. Cha[rle3s and Saiab, Oct. z3, 1804, a. 28 j. 
c. R. 2. 

GAGB, Betsey, w. Nathaniel, Sept. 25, 1817. 

Hannah, w. Aton, of Bradfoid, d. wid. Hannah Stevens, Dec. 15, 

1 749, in her 30th y. 
Hannah, d. Aaron and Hannah, Apt. 6, 1771. 
Jonathan Tyler, s. John and Betsey, June z8, 1824, a. 8 y. 4 m. 
Joseph, " kited in Battel with the French and Indens near Lake 

George," Sept. 8, 1755. 
Maria, d. Nath[aQiejl and Betsey, May 36, 1817, in her 3rst y. 
Mary, Mrs., Sept. 18, 1838, a. 61 y. 

(lALUSHAN, Elizabeth Atkins[son. c r. 4], d. G. K. W. and 

Elizabeth, Aug, 7, 1839, a. 5 m. [and 5 d. a b. 4.] 
[Elizabeth Atkinson, a. R. 4-]. ^h. G. K. W. and Eliiabeth, 

Aug. 19, 1845, a. 13 d. [a. 16 d. c R. 4.J 
Elizabeth [E. g. R. 4-], b. Newbury, w. G. K. W., consumption, 

Aug. 3. 184s. a- 35 y- 
Frank W., s. G. K. W. and Ruth [Ann. g. r. 4.], dysentery, Sept. 

17, 1849, a. 3 ni. IS d. 
Moses Henry, s. G. K. W. and Elizabeth, Sept 18, 1837,8. row. 



GARDNER. Jonathan, Mar. 8, iSzi. 
Saiah, wid., Nov. 15, 1809, a. 93 y. 3 d. 

William S., unm., b. Boston, laborer, s. William, mortification, 
Feb. 18, 1849, a. 77 y. 

GAY, Elizabeth [E. a. r. z.], w. Jesse, Jan. ai [27. c. r. i.], 
1835. [a. 24 y. G. R. a.] 

GERRY, , ch. Mrs., Apr. 17, 1818. c. r. 2. 

GIDDINGS, Elizabeth, w. Isaac, Apr. 5, 1817, a. 52 y. [Apr. 

i8i8,a. sSy. G. R. 2.] 
Isaac, Jan. i [Apr. s- g- R- 2.], 1843, nearly 90 y. [a. Si 

James H., Mar. i, 1839. p. b. 66. 

Lucinda, d. Isaac, dropsy in the head, bur. Jan. 2, 1809, a. i. 

7 m. c. R. 2. 
Phebe, d. Isaac and Elizabeth [consumption, c. r. 2,], Nov. iS, 

1808, a. 14 y. 
, B. Isaac and Hannah, Feb. 29 [z8. G. r. i.], 1839, a. i d. 

GILBERT, Phebe J [ohnsoD (Farnham). c. r. 5.], w. Geo[rge] 
H., May 7, 1841, a. 24 y. [a. 25 y. c. r. 5.] 

GILCREAST, Olive, unm. [d. Amos and Hannah. G. r. 3.], ty- 
phus fever, Aug. 22, 1849, ^- ^7 y- [»■ 18 y. g. r. 3.] 

GILE (see also Gui!d),Phebe,w. William [consumption, c- R. t.J, 

Sept. 6, 1841,8. 28 y, 
Phebe Noyes, d. William and Eleanor, consumption, June 15, 

1845, a. 2 y. I m. 5 d. 

GHHAN, Sarah F[rances. c, r. i.}, d. James and Hannah, Sept. 

13, 1838, a. 2 y. s m. 
WiLluun Henry Harrison, s. Jafmejs and Hannah [whooping 

cough, c. R. I.], Aug. a [i. c. r. 1.], 1841, a. 13 m. 

GLEASONt Benjamin F., s. Benja[min] W. and Louisa, dysen- 
tery, Aug. !i$, 1848, a. 10 y. 

Caroline [Elizabeth, g. r. 2.],d. Gamaliel and Hannah, dropsy 
in the head, Jan. 30, 1843, a. 18 m. [a. r y. 3 m. 19 d. 

G. R. 2.] 

Foster, s. Jonathan and Sarah, Oct. 3, 1819, a. 3 y. 6 m. 



Gleason, Gordon, Oct. 11, 1819, a. 13 m. g. r, 3, 

Hannah V[irginia. g. r. 2.], d. Gamaliel and Hannah, hydio- 

cephalns, Dec. ao, 1844, a. 5 y. 5 m. 6 d. 
Hobeit, s. [Maj. g. r. 3.] 6enj[ami3nand Rhoda, Feb. 31, 18 17. 

[a, 3 y. xo m. a. r. 3.] 
John, m., mason, b. Benja[min} and Deborah, consumption, Dec. 

39, 1849, a. 60 y. 9 m. 
Jonathan, m., b. Bedford, Eaaner, consumption, Oct. 30, 1846, 

a. 76 y. [a. 74 y. o. R. 3.] 
Justin [Justus, c. r. a.], s. [Maj. g. r. a.] Benjafmin] and 

Rhoda, consumption, Nov. [4, 1843, a. 36 y. 
Lettice [P. g, r. 3.], w. John [Jonathan. C. R. a and o. R. 3 ; 

child bed. c r. a.], Sept. 26, iSoo. [a. 28 y. 3 m. c. r. z.] 
Moses [s. Maj. Benjamin and Rhoda. g. r. 3.], "instantaneous 

death," May aa, 1843, a. 27 y, [a, 26 y. a. r. a.] 
Rhoda, d. [Maj. G. R. 2.] Benj[ami]n and Rhoda, Sept. 12, 

1805, a. 10 m. 
Rhoda [Matilda, o. B. 3.], d. Gamaliel and Hannah M., Aug. 10, 

1838, a. 6 m. [a. 7 m. 10 d. G. R. 3.] 
"Satah, w. Horatio, July 16 [ig. c. r. a.], 1840, a. a8 y, 
-Sarah F., wid. Jonathan, consumption, Mar. i [3. G. R. 3.], 1847, 

a. 71 y. 
Tameson, w. John, Apr. 4, 1831. [a. 33 y. G. R, 3.] 
Yiiginia H., d. Gamaliel and Hannah M., bur. Dec. a 2, 1844, 

, a. s y. 5 m. c. r. 4- 
■, inf. d. twin, John and Tameson, Feb. 23, 1819. 

GLENTWORTH, Elisabeth, of Boston, a resident in Andover, 
old age, bur. Aug. ag, 1801, a. 75 y. 4 m. c. R. 3. 

'COLD (see also Gould), James, a. Ambros and Elisabeth, Nov. 1 1 , 

GOU>SMn'B, Amanda £., Sept. 11, 1846. p. r. 30. 

Benjamin, jr., s. Benja[minj, bleeding at stomach, bur. Jan. 14, 
1797, a. r9 y. 9 d. C. r. a. 

Benjamin, Apr. 5, rSi?, a. 62 y. 

Caroline A., d. John, jr. and Mary H., typhus fever, Jan. 8, 1843, 
a, r6y. [a. 15 y. c r. 3.] 

Daniel P., Oct. 30, r844. p. r. 30. 

Eibridge, s. John, Mar. 15, i8ia, a. i y. i ra. ai d. 

Elisabeth, w. Zacheus, consumption, at her daughter's in Man- 
chester, bur. Dec. 17, 1805. c. R. 2. . 



Goldsmith, EUes Ann, d. W[illia]ni and Jane M., Sept. 17, 1835, 

a. 8 m. c. R. 3. 
George, s. Zachariah, Mai. 31, 1812, a. 20 y. 
George WasbingtOD, s. John, bur. Mar. 15, 1813, a. 14 m. 

c. R. 2. 
Granville W., May 4, 1842. p. r. 30. 
Hannah, w. John, Feb. i, 1835. 
Hannah, irid., Dec. 31, 1837, a. 82 y. 
Henry [Lowder, c. r. 2.], s. John [caDker. c. r. 2.], Mar. 16, 

1803, a. 3 m. 20 d. 
Jeiemiah, July 15, 1842, a. Soy. 
John, lung fever, Dec. 20, 1843, a. 70 y. 
Joshua, G. Jeremiah and E., Dec. 29, 1831, a. 6 y. 9 m. a. r. 2. 
Joshua, unm., hatter, g. Jeiemiah, typhus fever, Oct. 26 [27. 

G. R. 2.], 1844. [fl. 38 y. G. B. 2.] 
Julia Augusta, d. John, jr. and Mary H., Jan. 8, 1843, a. 13 2-3 

y. G. R. 3. 
Maiy [A. g. r. 3.], w. William, Sept. 18 [19. G. R. 3.], 1833, a. 

25 y- [a- 34 y- G. R. 3.] 

Sally, Jan. i, 1817, a. 27 y. 

Sarah, b. Salem, nid. Jeremiah, old age, Mar. 3 [2. G. r. 2.j, 

1849, a. 81 y. 10 m. 
Washington, s. John [consumption, c R. 2.3, May 2, 180S, a. 9 

m. [a. I y. 8 m. c. R. 2,] 
William, Feb. 21, 1812, a. 86 y. [a. 87 y. c. r. 2.] 
William, s. Isaac, Feb. 4, 1839, a. 34 y. 8 m. 
Zacheus [Zachatiah, at the almshouse, old age. c. R. z.], Jan. 16, 

1829. [a. 70 y. C. R. 2.] 

, ch, stulbom, John, jr., Dec. 8, 1832. 

, inf. ch. John, jr., Dec. 29, 1832, a. 3 w. 

, b- Ware, N. H., w. Isaac, consumption, Feb. 23 [18. 

c. B. 2.], 1848, a. 68 y. 

GOODHUE, Aseneth, Sept. — , 1820, p. r. 53. 

Ebenezei, lung fever, Mai. 3, 1844. c. r. i. 

Mary Ann, d. John and Rebecca [disease o£ stomach, c. r. 2.], 

May ig, 1848, a. 17 y. G. r. 2. 
Phinehas, Aug. 24, 1826. 
Rebekah, Aug. 7, 1848. p. R. 53. 
Sarah, d. Moses and Rebecca, May 3, 1815, a. 26 d. 
Sarah, d. William and Sarah, Sept. [Oct. c. R. i.] 30, 1831, a. 

3 y- 

Senna, d. Moses and Rebecca, Sept. 6, 1820, a. 23 d. 
, Mra., Mar. — , 1842. c. R. 1. 



GOODRICH, CharlCT H., b. Lowell, Jan. 15, 1848, a. 36 y. 8 m. 
Dolly, w. Oliver, erythema. May 8, 1S43. 
Marietta [Martha, g. b- 6.], d. Theodore and Mary, dropsy in 
head, May 16 [15. c r. 6.], 1849, a. 3 y. 4 m. a6 d. 

GOODWIN, David P., b. Salisbut?, shoemakei, a. Thomas and 

Mehilable, SepL 30, 1S45, a. 25 y. 4 m. 5 d. 
George S., b. Ipswich, s. Sylvester, Apr. 15, t847, a. 5 y. 

GORDIN, George, s. Henery and Sarah, June iz, 1748, a. 5 d. 
Hugh, July 19, 1750. 

GOULD (see also Gold), Augustus, Oct. 31, 1842, a. 5 d. 

p. R. 132. 

Dorothy [Dolly. C. r. i.], Aug. 21, r84o. 

Edward B., youngest s. A. J. j^and Mary B. G. r. 2.], croup, Oct. 

2, r844,3. 5 y. c R. 2. 
Elizabeth, d. Zacheus and Anna H., Nov. r4, r827, a. 16 m. 
Esther, Sept. 24, 1832, a. 79 y. [a. 80 y. c. r. j.] 
Esther M., hemorrhage of the lungs, Jan. 25, 1847, a. 27 1-2 y. 

C R. 2. 

George B., s. Abraham J. and Mary, croup, Oct. 2, r844, a. J y- 

Hannah, w. Thomas, Dec. 24, r8r9. [1820, a. 23 y. c. R. 6.] 

Henry J., s. Abra[ha]m J. and Zeruiah, Oct. 18, t8r6. 

Thomas, July 10, r834, a. 50 y. 

Tim[othy] Ballard, Aug. 24, 1825, a. ir w. g. r. 2. 

William H., s. A. J. and Zeruiah, Oct. 18, 1816. G. r. 2. 

Zerviah, w. Abraham J., May 23, 1823. [a. 26 y. g. r. 2.] 

, inf. ch. Thomas and Hannah, June iS, i8r8. 

, ch. Cornelius, Apr. 5, 1821. 

, ch. Abraham J. and Mary, Aug. 25, 1825. 

, ch. Abraham J. and Mary, Mar. 25 [24. c. R. 2.], 1834. [a. 

I d. c. R. 2.] 

GOWING, Elizabeth, d. Joseph and Elizabeth, Oct. iS, 1S20. 
Nathaniel [sudden, c. b. a.], Jan. 26, 1830, a. 35 y- [a. 31 y. 
c. R. 2.] 

GRAINGER (see also Granger, Graunger), Daniel, s. John and 
Martha, "kiled by the Indians in the Country Servis, " 
June 26, r723. 

George, Apr. 19, 1746. 

John, Apr. 5, r82S, a. abt. 71 y. 

Joseph, at the almshouse, Sept. 8, 1811, a. 73 y. [bur. Aug. 4, 
c. H. 2.] 



Grainger, Maitfaa, w. John, Dec. 4, 1723. 
Samuel, June 3, 1808, a. 40 y. [June 4. c. R. 1.] 
Sarah, d. Jacob and Sarah, July 5, 1764. 

GRANGER (see also GiaingeT), Faraum, Dec. 16, 1793, a. 

Jacob, Feb. 4, i795. a. €0 y. 

John, Nov. 30, 1752, a. abt. 69 y. 

Martha, d. ^muel and Martha, Nov. 15, 1746. 

Martha, wid., Mar, 9, 1753, in her S9th y. 

Mary,_Oct. 3, 1750, 

Samuel, Sept. 37, 1739. 

Samuel, s. wid., Martha, Dec. 9, 1752, in his 20th y. 

Sarah, wid, Jacob, May 3, 1806, a. 73 y. 

GRANT, Charles, m., laborer, tnotification, Apr. 12, 1S49, a. 65 y~ 

7 m. 24 d. 
Charles C, s. Charles and Mary (Ballard), Feb. — , 1 83 r, p. r. 3 1 . 
Francis, s. Capt. Tho[ma3s, bur. Nov, 8, i77Sj a. 10 m. c. r. a. 
Josiah Abbott, b, Greenfield, N. H., s. Charles and Mary, typhus 

fever, Nov, 31, 1845, ^- ^6 y. 9 m. 19 d. 
Mary, of Middlcton, suddenly, at Moses Richardson's [" a strang- 

ger in parish, received a blow in an affray with Blacks." 

c. R- r.], Dec. 33, 1827. 
Salome V., w. Char[le8] C., Feb, 23, 1848, a. 29 y. g, r. 3. 
William B., s. Charles and Mary (Ballard), Aug. — , 1825.?. r. 3r> 

, ch. fien}a[min] P. and Fanny, June 2, r838, a. 20 d. 

, ch. Cha[rle]8 C. and Sotome V., Apr. 2, 1848, a. 12 w. 

G, R, 3, 

GRAIING[E]R (sec also Grainger), Mary, d. John and Martha,. 

10 br. 16, 1682. 

GRAVES, Abraham, s. Eleazer and Sarah, Nov. 28, 1713. 

Abraham, June r6, 1729, in his 80th y. 

Amy [Eliza in margin ; Amy, cr. r.], w. Mark, Feb. ao, 1665. 

Eleazer, Mar, 28, 1745. 

Elezer, s. Elezer and Sarah, Apr, 5, 1730. 

Esther, d. Abraham and Sarah, Dec. 8, 1739. 

Hannah, wid., bur. June 3, 1775, a. 93 y. wanting ir d. c, r. a. 

Sarah, w. Elezear, Apr, 10, 1713. 

Sarah, wid., June 21, 1750, in her 91st y, 

Sarah, wid., bur. Mar. 6, 1787, a, 80 y. c, r, 2. 

Sarah, at the almshouse, Dec. — , iSr2, [bur. Dec. 12. c. e. a-] 



GRAY, Aaron, e. Rob[er}t and Hauiah, Dec. 2, 1711, in his 

30lh J. 
Aaion, s. Rob[er]t and Mirriara, Aug. la, 1719. 
Aaion, s. Aaron and Betbiah, Dec. as, 1746. 
Abigail, w. Robert, paralytic, bur. Jan. 29, 1790, a. 61 y. c R- 3. 
Allice, wjd., old age, bur. Nov. 13, 1797, a. 88 y- c, r. a. 
Braveter, Nov. 10, 17*4. 
Braviter, s. Bravitci andDoiathy, Apr. 13, 1711. 
Cattirine, Sept. a8, 1751, in her 82d y. 
[Clarissa A. g. r. :.], d. David, jr. and Emily, Sept. 14, 1833, 

a. 3 w. 
Cornelius, s. David and Rebecca, Oct. 12, 17S1, in his i7ih y. 

G. R. 3. 
Daniel, July 18, 1833. 

David, lung fever, Mar. 7, 1844. [a. 81 y. g. r. 3.] 
Edward, s, Edward, jr. and Sarah, Aug. 4, 1747. 
Edvard, Sept 15, 1759, a. 80 y. wanting 3 d. 
Edward, s. Edward and Sarah, May 24, 1763. 
Elisabeth, w. Thomas, Mar. 23, 1739-40, a. 34 y. 7 m, 18 d. 
Emily, w. David, jr., Sept. r, 1833, a. aS y. 
Hannah, wid. Robert, Mar. 30, T728. 
Hannah, wid. Edward, Jan. 27, 1762, a. St y. 
Harriet N., d. Cornelius aod Marietta, Oct. 10, 1834, a. i y. 

10 m. 
Heneiy, Sept 18, 1754, in bis 48th y. 
Henry, July i, 1741. 

Henry, s. Henry, smallpox, Dec. i, 1760, a. 23 y. 
John, s. Edward and Sarah, June 4, 1720. 

Joseph, s, Bravitor and Dorathy, Jan. 31, r736-7, in his 2 2d y. 
Joseph, s. David and Emily, Sept — , 1833, C, r. r. 
Lucia [dropsy of the head. c. k. i.], July 27, 1820, a. 9 y. 
Lucia G.,d, Albert and Mary, June 18 [17. g. r. 6.], 1820, a, to y. 
Lydia, wid., bur. Aug. 24, 1775, a. 72 y. 6 m. c. R. 2. 
Lydia, d. Thomas and Lydia, Jan. 26, 1786. 
Lydia, w. Thomas, Apr. 31, 1793, a, 63 y. 
Maria [(Merrill). C. R. 5.], w. David [formerly w. Myron Bailey. 

c. K. 5.], jr., consumption, Nov. 21, 1843, a. 30 y, [a. 29 y. 

33 d. C. R. S.j 
Mary, w. Henry, Aug. 7, 1733. 

Mary, d, Biaviter and Dorathy, Feb. 26, 1734-S, a. 11 y. 3o d, 
Mary, bur. May 10, 1774, a. aS y. c. r. 2. 
[Mary. c. R. 2.], wid. Thomas, Mai. 28, 1830, a. 73 y. [Mar. 33. 

C. R. 3.] 

Mary, w. Cornelius, consumption, June 19, 1849, a. 45 y, 



Gray, Minatn, d. Robert and Miriam, Nov. 9, 1708. 

Rebecca, wid., general decay of nature, bur. July 10, 1800, a. 

75 y. 10 m. c. R, 2. [Aug. 8, 1800, in 75tii y. G. b. 2.] 
Rebecca, d. David and Rebecca [fever following measles, c. R- 2.], 

May 3j, i8o3, in her 4th y. c, R. 2. [a. 3 y. z m, c. r. 2,] 
Rebecca, w. David, Apr. 9, 1840, a. 67 y. 
Robbert, Mar. 28, 1718. 

Robert, sr., Sept. 5, 1718, a. abt. 84 y. * 

Robert, at the poorhouse, Dec. 19, 1806. [a. 78 y. c. r. 2.] 
Samuel s. Samuel and Sarah, Dec. 15, 1737. 
Sarah, w. Edward, d. Christopher and Hannah Osgood, May 14, 

1718, in her 36th y. 
Sarah, d. Edward and Sarah, smalipox, at Boston, Oct. 10, 1721. 
Sarah, w. David [consumption, c. r. 2.], Mar. 1$, 1793, a. 25 y. 
Sarah [ (Peters), c. r. 5.], w. David, jr. May 31, 1836, a. 36 y. 

[a. 35y. 11 m. 25 d. c. R. s-] 
Thomas, Feb. 5, 1796, a, 87 y, 
Thomas, Sept. 5, 1823, a. 6s y. 
William, s. Henry and Mary, Nov. 27, 1739. 
William, s. Hennry and Allice, Nov. 13, 1743. 
William, s. Henry and Alhce, Jan. 2, 1745-6- 

, ch. Henery and Mary, [1706], 

, "in the service", , 1777. c. r. 2. 

, ch. Amos, bur. Oct. ir, 1807, a. i h. c. R, 2. 

, ch. Cornelius and Mary, Feb. 18, 1823, 

, inf. ch. Jacob and Betsy, Aug. 15, 1826, a. 6 w. 

, wid. Thomas, Mar, 28, 1830, a. 72 y. 

, wid., Oct. 12, 1847, a. 82 y. c. R. 2. 

GREEN (see also Greene), James, a stranger [an KnglishmaQ. 
c. R, 4.], typhus fever and dysentery, SepL 30, 1842, a. 
suppos^ 28 y. 

GREENBANK, George M. [W.dup.], s. Tho[ma]s and Elizabeth, 

drowned, Jan. 1, 1848, a. 10 y. 
, ch. , Jan. s, 1832, a. 7 w. 

GREENE (see also Green), Mary Gardner, d. Henty and Maty, 

Aug. 18, 1848, a. ri m. g. r. 2. 
Mary Phillips, d. Henry and Mary, Nov. 3, 1845, a. 2 t-2 y. 

G. R. 2. 
Stephen Abbott, s. Henry and Maty, Oct. 24, 1840, c. r. 2. 

GREENLEAF, Joseph, s. Josiah and Mary, July 19, 1838,3, 29y. 
William, s. Josiah [and Mary. g. r. 2.], Sept. 12, rSai, a. r9 y. 



GRIFPEN (see also Griffin), , Mrs., of Roxbnry [consumptioti- 

c. R. a.], May39, 1843. 

GRIFFIN (see abo Griffen), Betsy, w. William, Feb. 7, 1817, a. 

62 y. [a. 59 y. G. R. 2.] 
Bular, wid. Daniel, Dec. 30, 1812. 
Daniel, s. Jonathan and Maiy, Feb. 4, 1835. 

Elizabeth, , 1814. C. r. 2. 

Fanny, d. W[illia]m, bur. June 23, iSii. c. R. 2. 

Hannah, wid. Uriah, Nov. rS, 1838, a. 76 y. 

James, Oct. 9, 1815. 

John, July 13, 1813, a. 41 y. G. s. 2- 

Jonathan, July [13. c. R. 2.] 1813, a. 41 y, 

Jonathan, m., laborer, s. Jonathan, Asiatic cholera, Sept. 32, 1849. 

Mary, May — , 1823. C. r. 2. 

Roxanna, d. Jona[than] and Zeruiah, Dec. 29, 1S03, a. t d. 

William, Mar. 29, 1826, a. 84 y. 

William, May 24, 1830, a. 63 y. [a. 64 y. G. R. a.] 

Zeruiah, wid., tailoress, diseased heart, Nov. i, 184S, a. 71 y. 

, s. William, jr., bur. Apr. 18, 1795, a. 15 h. C. R. 2. 

, ch. Daniel, defect in the spine, bur. Dec. 4, 1799, a. 13 d. 

c. R. 2. 

, d. Jonathan and Mary, Nor. 28, 1821. 

, w, , Apr. 6, 1823. 

, w. James, May 6, 1823, 

GRIGGS, Moses, of Brighton, at E. Kend ell's, jr.. Mar. 28, 1818, 
a. 73 y- 

GRINTON Bolith, b. Scotland, d. Alexander and Mary, acariet- 
ina, June 3, 1848, a. 5 y. 2 m. 

GRUSH, Catherine [L., w. Joseph S. o. r. 3.], dysentery, Aug, 28 

[30. G. R. 3.], 1843, a. 31 y. [a. 30 y. G. r- 3.] 
Sally K,, w. J. H., July 24, 1849, a. 39 y. g. r. 3. 

GUILD (see also Gile), Joshua, of Enfield, with distracrion, bur. 
Mar. t3, t783, a. 42 y. c. r. 2. 

GUNNBRSON (see also Gunnison), , s. Samuel and Sally, 

Sept. 28, 1827. 

GUNNISON (see also Gunnerson), , inf. d. Samuel and Sally, 

Jan. 24, 1825. 
, inf. s. Samuel and Sally, July 7, 1826. 



GUTTERSON, Abigail, d. M*"3ii a^d Abigail, Dec. ai, 1694. 
Priscilla [w. George, c. r. i.J, A. Jona[than] Phelps, consump- 
tion, Sept. 26 [28. C. R z.], 1847, a. z6 y. 
Samuel, s. John and Abigail, June 19, 1700. 

GTLLION, Mary, wid., chronic disorders and fever, bur. May 15, 
1795. a-76y-c. R. *• 

HADLET, Charlie, Sept. az, 1825. [in 28th y. g. k. 2.] 
Joseph, Nov, 4, 1817, a. 49 y. g. r. 6. 
Joseph [laborer, c. k. r.], Nov. 26, 1819. 
Phebc, w. Joseph, Dec. i, 1845, a. 59 y. g, r. 6. 

, b. Danveis, ch. Charles and Charlotte, Aug. 16, 1844, a. 

28 d. 

HAGGET (see also Haggett), Doretha, wid., Apr. 10, 1779, a. 

67 y. [bur, Apr. 21. c. r. 2.] 

Jonathan, " died m y" service," , 1 778. c. b. 2. 

Joseph, s. Thomas and Susanna, Oct. iS, 1760. 

Mary, bur. Feb. 11, 1775, a. 65 y. c. r. 2. 

Moses, Sept. 8, 1763, a. 60 y. 

Susanna, d. Thomas and Susanna, Nov. 9, 1760. 

Thomas, 3d, "in the Continential Service, at Ticondaroga," 

June 20, 1777, 
Will[ia]m, killed in Battle at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. c. r. 2. 

HAGGETT (see also Haggct, Haggit, Haggitt), Moses, Apr. i , 

Susanna, d. I'homas and Susanna, Dec. 14, 1747. 
Susannah, wid., at the almshouse, May 12, iStz, a. 79 y. [a, 94 

y. c. R. 2.] 

HAGGIT (see also Haggett), Daniel, s. Moses and Sarah, June 

Daniel, s. Moses and Sarah, Mar. 7, 1755- 
Isaac, s. Moses and Saiah, June 25, 1750- 
Jacob, Jan. 39, 1769, in his 37th y. 
Olive, d. Thomas, consumption, bur. Oct. 10, 1787, a. 19 y. 

c. R. 2. 
Thomas, jr., bur, Apr. 15, 1778, a. 65 y. c, r. 2. 
Thomas, consumption, bur. Sept. 25, 1787, a. 66 y. c. r. 2. 

HAGGITT (see also Haggett), Abigail, d. W[iIIia]m and Mary, 

Mar. 2, 1731-a. 
William, May zo, 1727, a. abt- 50 y- 



BALET, [Mary A., d. wid. Mary. G. R. 6.], Dec. 16 [15. 0. R. 6.], 
1834, a. 3 y. [and 9 m. a r. 6.] 

HALL, David, " killed by blowin up of Powder house", 0«t. tj, 

1796, a. 31 y. 8 ID. 
Mary D., d. [Rev. c R. 6J Samuel K. and Mary D., Mar. 8, 

1834. [a. 6 y. c B. 6.J 
Mary Hume, inf. d. John [fits. c. R. 2.], Sept. [17. c. b. a.], 

Mary L., d. Samuel R. and Sarah K., Feb. 28, 1837,3. 3 m. 13d. 
Nath[anie]I, consumption, June 17, 1847, a. 13 y. 
Rebecca Kneeland, d. Joseph and Nancy of Caldwell Manor, 

Lake Champlain, at John Kneeland, Esq., Mar. 9, 1810, a. 

II m. 10 d. 
Sarah D., w. Samuel R., Nov, 25, 1836, a. 36 y. 
Susanna, d. Benjamin and Rebecca, June 18, 1747. 
William, fever, Aug, [6. a R. 3.], 1795, a. 57 y. 4 ra. c. r. i. 

, s. stillborn, Benjamin and Rebecca, Sept. 19, 1745. 

, twin sons, Benjamin and Rebecca, June 6, 1746. 

, s. Rev., Feb. ai, 1834, a. 3 y. c. R. 6. 

, w. S. R. [after May, 1834.]- c, R. 6. 

, ch. John, fits, Oct. 8, 1842, a. i m. 1 d. 

HALLADAY, Susan, d. William and Jane, scarlet fever, Dec. 27, 
1S49, a. 2 y, 9 m. 

HALLEY, Maty, d. William, quinsy, bur. Dec. 13, 1803, a, 1 y. 
6 m. c. R. 2. 

HAMLIN, Margarett, of Bridgton, Me., June 14, 1840, a. 23 y. 

HANSCOMB, William F., typhus fever, Oct, 21, 1846, a. 21 y. 

HARDING. John, Dec. 28. 1827. [a. 58 y. o. r. 3.] 

Josephine [Mary J, G. R. 4.], d. John and Hannah, July 28, 1838, 

a. I y. [and 17 d. G. R. 4.] 
Samuel H[oughton. c. R. 2.], s. Johnand Sarah, June r [.May 31. 

c. R. 2.], 1814, a. 6 w. [a. 3 y. o. r. 2.] 
Saiahjb. England, wid. John, consumption, Feb. 12, 1845,8. 76 y. 

HARDY, Abigail, w. Ezckiel [lung fever, c. R. 2.], Jan. 22, 1803, 

[a. 54 y. c. R. 2.] 
Abigail W,, m,, childbed, Dec. 10, 1849, a. 36 y. 
Benjamin F., 3. Franklin and Lucy, head complaint, Dec. 5, 

184s, a. 12 y. 



Hardy, Betsy, w. John, Sept. 4, iSaa. [Sept. 2, a. 77 y. g. r. 3.] 
Elbridge, m., laboier, typhus fever, Sept 5 [8, c, r. 3 ; 9. g. r. 3.3, 

i84S,a. 23 y. 
Elizabeth, w. Ezekiel, Sept. 21, i8ii. 
Elizabeth, d. Franklin and Lucy, typhus fever, Aug. 26, 1845, a. 

, y. 6 m. 
Ezekiel [at the almshouse, c. r. i.j, Nov. 9, 1814, a. 74 y. [a. 

75 y. c. R. 2.] 
Hannah, w. J., Feb. — , 1849. c. r. 3. 
Harriet F., d. Abiathar and Mary B., Apr, 18, 1840,3. 21 m. 19 d. 

G. r. 7. 
James, Mar. 7, 1825, a. 83 y. 
John, Oct. 31, 1831, a. 66 y. g. r. 3. 
Lucy, m., d. Franklin and Lucy, typhus fever, Aug. 12, 1845, a. 

Maiy, wid,, Oct. 30, 1841, a. 57 y- 
Micajah, disease of the stomach, Dec. 25, 1843, ^- 5^ V- 
Sarah, w. Ezekie), Sept 7, 1801, a. 61 y, [a, 63 y. c. r. 2.] 
William Henry, s. Abiathar C. and Mary, Oct 12, 1S41, a. 18 m. 
[Oct 11. a R. I.] 

, w. James, bur. Mar. r3, 1811, c. r. a. 

, inf. s. Abiather and Mary R, Nov. 24, 1830. 

, s. Abiather and Mary B,, Nov. 24, 1830. 

, Mrs. [malignant cholera, c. R. r,], Aug. 20, 1832, a. 60 y. 

, ch. Henry, Jan. rs, 1837, a. 2 d. c. R. a. 

HARNDEN (see also Harndine), Michael, unm. , laborer, b. Ire- 
land, typhus fever. Sept 17, 1849. 

HARMDINE (see also Hamden), Barachias, small pox, Feb. 8, 

HARPER, John L. [Robert Lawrence. G. B. 2.], s. John and 
Mary, dysentery, Nov, r, 1848, a. 2 y. 2 m. 

HARRIS, Elizabeth, d. George and Maria, croup, Nov. 19, 1847, 

a. a y. 3 m. 
Mary, wid., Aug. 7, 1820, a. 60 y. 
Mary, w. Rev, E, N., Nov. ao, 1836, a. 31 y, g. r. 5. 

HART, Anna, wid., Nov. 14, 1837, a. 88 y. 
John [apolexy. c. r. a.], July 2, 1834, a. 88 y. 
, old age [after Sept. ao], 1837. c. r. a. 



HARTWELU WQilUaJm W., , 1840. c. r. 6. 

HASCHAL, Elizs [Haskell, b. Beverly, resident in Andover. 
c. K. I.], at James Stevens', Ang. 17, 1818, a. 16 y. 

HATCH, James, 5. Reuben and Eliza, Mar. 30 [31. g. r. 6.], 

1831. [a- 16 m. c R. 1.] 
James, s. Reuben and Eliza, Mai. 30, 1833. 
S&iah O.j d. Jeremiah and Betsy, Feb. 33, 1841, a. 5 y. 5 m. 25 d. 
Susannah, w. Ezia, Feb. 13, 1821. 
Theophilus [P. S. c. f. a.], s. Jeremiah and Betsey, drowned, 

Sept. 6 [5. G. R. 2.], 1849, a, 7 y. [a. 9 y. g. r. 2,j 

HAWLEY, Joseph [consumption, c. r. j.], Dec. 31, 1797, a. 68 

y. [a. 69 y. c. k. 3,] 
Mary, d. WplliaTm and Chloe, Dec. lo, 1802, a. 18 m. 
Mehittable, d. Wfilliajm and Chloe [canker, c R. 2.}, Jan. z, 

1796, a. 2 y. 6 m. [bur. Feb. 13. c. R. 2.3 
William, Oct. 23, 1819. 
, 9. William and Chloe, June [18], 1818. 

HATWARD (see also Haywood), Charlotte [A. c. r. a.], d. 

Benia[min] and Eliza [J. g. R. 2.}, Aug. 14, 1838, a. 32 y. 
Hepsibeth, jr.. Mar. 27, 1849, a. 28 y. c. R. a. 
Jabez H., unm., s. Benia[raini and Eliza [J. G. H. 2.], typhus 

fever, Oct. 19, 1845, a. iS y. 
Lydia, wid. Jabez, Aug. 7, 1838, a. 67 y. 
Nehemiah, June 30, 1830, a. 68 y. 
Newton [Putnam, g. r. i.], b. Benja[min] and Eliza [J. G. R. a.], 

Aug. 6, 183S, a. 7 y. 
Sarah Catherine, d. Benjamin and Eliza J., Sept. 14, 1S43, a. 19 y. 

HAYWOOD (see also Hayward), Catherine, d. Benjamin, con- 
sumption, Sept. 14, 1843, a. 19 y. 

HEATH, , Mr., at Capt. Abel Abbots', Aug. 31, 1825, 

a. 20 y. 

HEBBERD, Ruth, d. John and Dorathey, Feb. 9, 1736-7, in her 
24th y. 

HEIGETT, Henry, s. WiH[ia]m and Mary, July 16, 1713. 
Henry, a. Moses and Martha, July 8, 1714, 



HEMENWAT, Lucinda N., Miss, Apr. 24, 1839, a. 17 y. 

Maitia [D. G. v.. 3.], m., b. Fiaminghann, inanutacturCT, 

sumption, Apr. 23 [22. 0. r. 3.], 1847, a, 32 >■• [a. 30 y. 
G. R. 3.] 

Mary A., w. MartiD, Oct. 3$, 1842, a. 23 y. g. r. 3. 

Nathan G. [Newall G. g. r. 6.], unm., machinist, b. Framing- 
ham, s. Abijah and Lucinda, coneumption, Mar. 3 
a. 24 y. 

Persis [D. a. R. 6.], unm., b. Framingham, s. Abijah and Lucin- 
da, consumption, at Stow, June 17, 1846, a. 27 y. 6 ro. 9d 

HERRICK, Susan, d. Oliver and Sally, Mar. 22, 1832 [1833 
dup.j, a. 6 y. 

HERSHAW, Mary S., d. Edward and Elrz[abe]th,Sept. 17, 1841 
a. 17 m. G. R. 6. 

HIDDEN, Abigail Jane, d. David and Maty [typhus fever, c. r. 2.], 

Nov. 8, 1839, a, 14 y. 
Elizabeth [unm. & r. 2.], d. David and EliEabeth, Mar. 23, 1839, 

a. 47 y- 
Elizabeth, wid. David [of Newburyport. o. r. a.], June 3, rSsg, 

a. 78 y. [79 y- G- R- a] 
W[iUia]m H., s. David and Mary, June 14, 1828, a. 6 d. a 

HIGGIWS, Eben F., s. E. P., lung fever, Nov. — , 1846, a. 3 w. 
c. R. 3. 

James H[ervcy. c. R. 2.], m., merchant, fever, Oct. 29, 1847, a. 
31 y. 9 m. 6 d. 

Robert H[enry, c. R. 2.], s. Eben P. and Rebecca, cholera in- 
fantum, Sept. 13, 1844, a. I y. 4 m. 9'd. 


■, w. John, Jan. 3, i8z8. 

HILL, Abba [Abby. g. r. 3]. Ann, d. Joshua [F. g. r. 3.] and 
Abigail, Sept. 25, 1839, a. i y. 4 m. [and 28 d. G. b, 3.] 

Agnes, Apr. 2r, 1845. 

Deborah, w. Richard D.,Jan. 7, 1832. 

Elizabeth, wid. WiII[ia]m, Mar. 22, 1826, a. 70 y. [1825?] 

Frances, w. Leonard, Dec. 8, 1834. 

Joshua F., B. Richard and Deborah, Feb. [22], 1816. 

Leonard G., widr., cotdwainer, s. Richard and Deborah, con- 
sumption, Aug. 4, 1844, a. 34 y. 4 d. 

Nath[anie]l, June 19, 1847, a. 11 y. G. r. 3. 



~HiLL, Richard, June 25, 1829, a. 43 y. 

Richard, coDsumption, Mar. 17, 1S43, a. 34 y. 

Sarah A., b. Boxford, w. Samuel B., canker, July 17 [18. G, r. 6.], 

1849, a. 27 y. 
Susan Maiia, d. William and Phebe, Nov. 5, 1839, a, 5 y. [a. 4 y. 

10 m. G. R. 2.3 
William, " a foreigner," May 5, 1819, 
William, July z6, 1843, a. 49 y. 

, Miss, "from Newbury," Dec, [30], 1815. 

, ch. Richard D. and Deborah, Mar. 19, iSao. 

HINCHLIFP, William J., a. John and Susan, Sept. a? [28. G. R. 6.], 
1834, a. II m. 

HITCHIKGS, , ch. twin, Capt. Benj[arai]n, Dec. 4, 1817. 

HODGEHAN, , wid. [mother wid. Josfeph] Pearson. c.r, a.], 

apoplexy, Nov. 10, 1843, a. 8i y. 

HOLBROOK, Ralph, Mar. 19, 1775. [a. 27 y. c. r. 2.] 

Ralph, s. Ralph, deceased, bur. Sept. 7, 1775,3. 2 y. i m. c. R. ». 

HOLD, Hanah, wid., Sept. 30, 1698. 

HOLHAK, Samuel, jr., b. Salem, gentleman, s. Samuel and Eliza, 
suicide, shot himself, bur. at Salem, May 38, 1845, a. 53 y. 

HOLMES, Abby, d. [Rev. c. r. 2.] Henry B. [and Harriet, g. r. 

a.], dysentery, Sept. 22, 1849, a. a y. 9 m. 
Elizabeth [H. g. r. z.], b. England, d. James and Ann, ship 

fever. May 13 [20. g. r, 2.], 1848, a. 13 y. [a, 11 y. 9 m. 

g. r. 2.] 
, d. Maty, Sept. 3, 1827. 

HOLT, Abiatber, m., manufacturer, s. Dea. Solomon, dysentery, 

at Lowell, Oct. 18, 1846, a. 33 y. 
Abiel, s. Thomas and AUice, Sept. it, 1744. 
Abie], jr., consumption, Apr. [11. g. R. 2.], 1801, a. 27 y, 6 m. 

C. R. 2. 

Abiel, jr., at the almshouse, Apr. 3, 18 18, a. 45 y. 
.Abiel, Nov. 17, T824, a, 78 y. 
Abigail, d. James and Susanna, Nov. 10, 1716. 
,-[Ab[igai!]. c. R. 2,], wid. Samuel, Nov. a, 1814. [Nov. i, a. 80 
y. C. R. 3.] 



Holt, Abigail, wid. [twin to Elizabeth Carroll, a. r. a,]. May 13, 

i8ar, a. 54 y. 
Abigail, d. Joseph and Elizabeth, Feb. 2, 1829. 
Abigal, d. James, jr. and Susanna, Feb. 10, 1749-50. 
Abigal, wid. Humphry [dropsy, c. R. 2.],Apr. 15, 1808. [a. 81 y. 

c. R. 2.] 
Adeline, d. Thomas and Ruth, Mar. 23, 1819, a. 7 d. 
Albert, s. Eliphalet M. and Mary Ann, Oct. 24, 1837, a. s d. 
Albert, dropsy in the head, Oct. 25, 1837, a. 4 1-2 y. c r. i- 
Alethonia [F. G. r. z.], d. Asa and Aleth[oni]a [F. g. r. 2.], 

Dec. 13, 1832, a. 3 y. 10 m. 
AIU5, w. Thomas, July 29, 1726. 

Amos, jr. [s. George, c. r. 2.], July 26, i8ti, a. 24 y. 
Amos, s. George and Rebecca. Oct. 4, 1824. 
Anne, d. Humphery and Abigail, Oct. 18, 1741. 
Anne, d. Henry, jr. and Rebeca, Apr. 18, 1751. 
Anna, wid. Henry [fit of fainting, c. R. 2.], June 13, 1840. [a. 

77 y. c. R. 2.] 
Asa, s. Oliver and Susanna, Jan. 25, 1737-8, 
Asa, putrid lever, Feb, [20. g. r. 2,], 1793, a. 50 y. 9 m. c. R. 2. 
Asa, Capt,, Mar. 29, 1825. [a. 34 y. g. r, 2.] 
Benjamin, s. Henery and Sarah, Sept. 15, 1703. 
Benjamin, s. Beojamin and Lydia, Nov. 22, 1741. 
Benjamin, a. Benjamin and Lydia, Aug. 31, 1748. 
Benja[min], Mar. 17, 1779, a. 75 y. 
Benjamin, July 19, 1784. [a. 76 y. c. r. a.] 
Benjamin, lung fever, Nov. 23, 1815, a. 10 d. c. r. i. 
Benjamin, at wid. Henry Holt's, Apr. 12, 1822, a. 73 y. 
Bethiah, " a Maiden Lady," old age, bur. Jan, 20, 1805, a. 84 y. 

C- R. 2. 
Betty, w. Jona[thin], jr., bur. Felx 16, r774. c. R. 2. 
Betty Kimble, d. Simeon, bur. SepL 9, 1778, a. 5 y. c. K. 2. 
Caleb G., whooping cough [after Sept 20], 1837, a. i y. 3 m. 

c R. 2. 
Calvin [s. Zebediah. c. r. 2.], Mar, ai [bur. Mar. 5. c. R. 2.], 

1793, a. 2t y. 6 m. 25 d. g. r. 2. 
Charles G[alen. c r, 2.], s. James [Jonas, c. r. 2.] and Pamelia 

[sudden, c b. 2.], Oct. 24, 1831, a. 2 y. 4 m. 
Dane [s. Timothy, p. r. ir.], Dec. 15, i8r8, a. 78 y. 8 m. 
Dane, Capt. [s. Dane. p. k. ir.], Nov. 24, 1839, a. 72 y. t. c. 
Daniel, apoplexy, bur. Feb. 15, 1796, a. 63 y. c. R. 2. 
David, Aug. 21, 1747. 

David, s. Jacob and Margret, Dec. 18, 1749. 
David, s. David, consumption, bur. Apr. 28, r796, a. 26 y. 6 m. 

C. R. 2. 



Holt, David, " killed by the explosion of the diyiof; powder 

house," Oct 17, 179G, a. 3* y.8 m, c. K. 2. 
David, s. Capt. Amos and Maltha, June zo, i8i8, a. 4 m. 
David, Feb. [27], i8io. 
David, Oct. 3, 1S36, a. 53 y. 
David G., s. David and Sarah, June 14 [15. a R. a.], 1821, a. 

10 m. 24 d. 
Deborah, wid., fever and old age, bur. Jan. 24, 1809, a. 87 j. 

6 m. c, R. 3, 
Dina, w. Asa, bur. Nov. 20, 1780, in his 36th y. c. r. 2. 
Doiathy, w. Benjamin, Oct. 22, 1743. 
Dorathy, w. Mr. Joseph, Dec. 30, 1753, in her 35th y, 
Doiothy, wid. James, jr., bur. May 28, iSio, C. S. 2. 
Dorcas, d. David and Sarah, Sept. 8, 1736. 
Dorcas, wid. Nicholas, Oct. 25, 1758. 
Dorcas, d. James, Api. 16, 1778. 

Ebenezer, s. Timothy, jr., bur. Aug. 23, i 775, a. 2 y. c R- ». 
Edward F[rancis. g. r. 3.], s. Solomon and Phcbe, Aug. 12^ 

1832, a. ism. 
Edwin, 8. Thomas and Ruth, Sept. 16, 1S31, a. 16 m. 
Elezebith, w. Humphcry, jr., Jan. 30, 1748-9. 
Elias, s. George and Piiscilla, Jan. 25, 1715-16. 
Elisabeth, wid., schirrous, bur. Feb. 28, 1 788, a, 79 y. 8 m. c r. 3. 
Elisabeth, wid., old age, bur. Dec, 4, 1807, a, 77 y, c. R. a. 
[Elizabeth, ct, r.], w. Nicholas [Nov. 9, 1656. cr, R.]. 
Elizabeth, d. George and Elizabeth, June 5, 1703. 
Elizabeth, w. George, Sept. 18, 1714. 

Elizabeth, d. James and Sarah, Nov. 12, 1777, [a. zo y. C. R. 2,J 
Elizabeth, d. William and Elizabeth [Mar. — ], 1797, a. 7 y. 
Elizabeth [deaf and dumb, consumption, c.r. i.], Sept. 15, 1833. 
Else, d. William, bur. July 17, 1775, a, 1 y. 4 m. c.r. 2. 
Enoch, s. David, bur. May 29, 1784, a. it y. 8 m. c, r. 2. 
Enoch, s. James, jr., smallpox, at Woburn, bur. Nov. 33, 1 792, 

a, 23 y. c. r. 2. 
Enoch, s. twin. Dean, jr. and Mary [sore mouth. C. r. 2], Dec. 

4, 1800. [a. 13d. c. R. 2.] 
Ephatam, Dec. 31, 1749. 
Fiederic, at the almshouse, Feb. 36, 1830. 
Hannah, w. Nicholas, June 20, 1665. 
Hannah, w. Oliver, May 16, 1715, a. abt. 36 y. 10 m. 
Hannah, w. Nicholas, jr., Aug. 22, 1744. 
Hannah, w. Thomas, jr., June 12, 1748. 
Hannah, wid., Jan. 30, 1758, in her 91st y. 

Hannah, d. Benjamin and Elizabeth [b. Nov, 15, 1749. G. R. 3.], 
June 24 [4. G- R. a]. ^7^1- 



Holt, Hannah, d. Abiel, bur. Sept. 18, 1775, a. 3 y. 8 m. c. r. a. 
Hannah, d, Joseph and Ruth, July 7, 1778. [a. 3 y. 10 m. c r. z.J 
Hannah, bur. Jsn. 37, 1784, a. 64 y. c. r. 2. 
Hannah, w, James, 3d [coiiauroption. c. r. z.j, Oct 24, 1794, a. 

40 y. 
Hannah, wid, Timothy [fever, c. r. 2.], Feb, 6, 1802, a. 83 y. 

[and 3 m. c. r. 2.J 
[Hannah, c r. 3.], w. ^aac, June 15, 18T4. [June 14. c. r. 3.] 
Hannah, at Lt Jonathan Abbott's, Aug. 18, 1837. 
Hannah, wid., Aug. — , 1831, a. 93 y. 3 m. c r. 2. 
Hannah, consumption, June lo, 1S35, a. 73 y. c. R. 3. 
Hannah, w. Isaac, jr., July 2 r, 1838, a. 40 y. 
Hannah, at Lovell, Apr. i, 1S42, a. 50 y. G. r. 2. 
Hannah, consumption, Mar. 9, 1844. a r. i. [a. So y. G. R. 6.] 
Harriot, d. Thomas and Ruth, Mar. 25 [26. o. R. 2.], 1817. [a. 

16 m. G. R. 2.j 
Harriot [B., d. Nathaniel and Mehitable. g. R. 6 ; rheumatic fever, 

c R. I.], Oct, 17, 1826. [in her roth y. c. r. 6.] 
Henery, Jan. 13, i7r8-i9, a, abt, 75 y, 
Hcnery, Cornet, June 7, 1751. 
Henry, s. Henry, jr. and Rebecca, Feb. 19, r737-8. 
Henry, Sept. 25, 1754, in his 48th y. 
Henry, Feb. 24, 1821, a. 57 y. 
Hepsibah, wid, Joaiah, May 7, 1769, a. 82 y. 
Humphery, Aug. 8, r754, in liis6ist y. 
Humphrey, s. Simeon, bur. Aug, 12, 1777, a. 14 d. c. r. a. 
Humphrey, bur. Apr, 29, 1785, a. 63 y. C. R. 3. 
Iiaac, 8. John and Mehetebel, Sept. 26, 1724. 
Isaac, s. Iiaac, jr., fever, bur. Nov. 12, r793, a. 4 m. c. r. 1. 
Isaac, Oct ri, 1821. 

Isaac, old age, July 25 [26. g. r. 2.], 1843, a. So y. 
:saac, m., laborer, 3. Isaac and Tabitha, consumption, Jan. 29 

[3. C R. a.], r848, a. 53 y. 
,'acob, s. Dane, sr., Mar. 30, iS47,a. 66 y. P. r. 118. 
fames, s. James and Hannah, small pox, Dec 13, 1690. 
ames, " father of James," small pox, Dec. 14, 1690. 
[ames, s. Nichalos and Mary, "in the Countrey Servis," Dec. r8, 


lames, bur. Sept 2, i77Sf ^- ^3 X- c. R. 2. 
tames, 3d, s. James [consumption, c. R. 2.]. Nov, 26, 1800, a. 

5 1 y- 7 m- 
ames, jr., carbuncles, bur. Feb. 27, 1808, a. 69 y. c. R. 2. 
[ames, Aug. 22, 181 2, a. 89 y. 7 m. 9 d. 

[ames H., a. Isaac, jr. and Hannah [consumpiion. c. r. 3.], 
Feb. 12, 1S33, a. g m. 



Holt, Jaroima [unm. G. R. 1.], Jan, 31, 1819, i. 90 y. 

Jedediah, s. Nicholas, jr. and Hannah, Sept. 8, 1 740. 

Jcdediah, "consort of Febe," Feb. 12, 1790, ib his 46th y. G. B. i. 

Jemima, wid., but. Aug. 37, 177S, a. 74 y- c. b. 3. 

Jesse, s. James, bur. June 22, 1775. a. 19 y. 6 ro. c s. 2. 

Job, s. Obediab and Rebecca, July 15. 1735. 

Joel, s. James, ji. and Sarah, Mar. so, 1755. 

John, Mar. 10, 1686-7. 

John, 9. John and Lydia, May 12, 1765. 

John, }t., Ens., June z6, 1765. 

John [old age. c. r. a.], May 10, 1794. [a. 8t y. c. R. a.] 

John, s. Peter and Hipsabeth [violent fever, c. r. 2.], Nov. 30, 

r799, a. 3 y. 4 m. [a. 4 y. 10 m. c. B. 2.] 
John,, 18(5. 

Jonathan, 3. Thomas and Allis, June 3, 1736. 
Jonathan, s. Jonathan, 3d and Rath, Mar. aa, 1 764. 
Jonathan, s. Simeon, bur. May 7, 1778, a. 9 m. c. R. a. 
Jonathan, Lt. [old age. c. b, a.], Oct. 14, 1791, a. 80 y. 
Jonathan [jaundice, c. R. 2.], Sept. 33, 1792, a. 64 y. g. B. 2. 
.Jonathan, Dec. i, 1837. 
Joseph, s, Timothy and Rhoda, Aug. ao, 1714. 
Joseph, s. Joseph and Ruth, Sept. 8, 1775- [a. 7 y. 3 m. c. r, 2.] 
Joseph, jr., nervous fever, bur. June 8, t79i, a. 24 y. 9 ro. c. R. 3. 
Joseph [Lt, consumption, c. r. 3.], Dec. 15, i8or, a, 6a y. [a. 

6r y. 4 m. a R. 2.] 
Joshua, Dea., July 34 [17. o. R. 3.}, 1810. [a. 80 y. g. r. 3,] 
Josiah, Oct, 33, 17S4, in his 7sUi y. 

Levi, s. Capt. Joseph, Apr. 30, 1836, a, 33 y, [a. 21 y. G. b. 3.] 
Loammi B., at the almahouEC, Jan. 11, 1827. 
Lois, Aug. ao, i8i3, a. 68 y. [a, 70 y. c. r, 2.] 
Lydea, w. John, 4th, May 7, 1756, in her asth y, 
Lydia, d. Jonathan and Lydia, Jan. ig, 1737-8. 
Lydia, d. Beiii[amijn, jr. and Lydia, Dec. 18, 1765. 
Lydia, w. Benja[min], jr., Sept. 10, 1778. 
Lydia, «. Benjamin, Sept. 11, 1783. 
Lydia, w. Lt. Jonathan, Dec. 17, 1788. 
Lydia, wid. Dean, Nov. 28, 1813. [a. 71 y. p. b. ri8.] 
Lydia, w. Dane, Nov. aS, 1815, in her 71st y. g. r. 2. 
Lydia, m., d. Moses Dane, consumption. May 23, 1845, a. 35 y. 

3 m. 29 d. 
Maiey, w. Joseph, of Lunenburg, d. Stephen and Sardh Abbot, 

Aug. s, 1748, a. 35 y. r d. 
Maria, d. Thomas and Ruth, Nov. 1 1 , 1822, a. 9 m. 
Martha, wid.. Mar, 21, 1702-3, a. abt. 80 y. 



Holt, Martha, w. James, Mar, 30, 1753- 

Martha, wid., Nov. 15, 1754, in her 76th y. 

Martha, w. Capt Amos, Sept. 9, i3i8. 

Martha, d. Amos and Martha, Dec. 38, 1S23. 

Mary, 6. Heniy and Hannah, Dec. r6, 1715. 

Mary, w. Nickolice, jr., childbed. Mar. 3, 1715-16. 

Mary, wid. Nickolice, Apr. 1, 171 7. 

Mary, w. Josiah, July 5, 1714. 

Mary, d. Samuel and Jemima, Apr. 13, 1735, a. 7 y 6 m. 3 d. 

Mary, w. Jacob, Nov. 4, 1745, 

Mary, w. James, Feb. 10, 1750-51- 

MaTy,w. Hum[phre]y, bur. July 13, 1774, a. 45 y- c. R, 2. 

Mary, wid., bur. Sept, i, 1778, a. 88 y. c. f. 1. 

Mary, wid,, putrid fever, bur. Dec. 16, 1789, in her 67,lh y, c. r. 2. 

Mary, w, Stephen, Aug. 9, 1802, in her 89th y. g. r. i. 

Mary, d. Solomon and Maiy [hydrocephalus, c, r. a.], Feb. 17, 

1803, a. a y. 
Mary, unm. [consumption, c r. i.j. Mar. 9, 1826. 
Mary, vid., consumption, June 18, 1831. c. r. 3. 
Mary, wid. Levi, Aug. 11, 1838, a. 25 y. 9 m. 
Mary A., d, Timothy and Mary, Sept, 25, 1840, a. 3 y. 
Mary Ann, d, HermoQ, Sept. 18, 1824, a. 6 [y?]. 
Maiy Ann, d. Capt. Amos, Dec. 9, 1830, a. 15 y. 
Mehetabel, w. James, Mar. 4, 1767. 
Mehitable, w. Henry [fever, c. r. 2.], Sept. t, 1802. [a. 33 y. 8 m. 

c. r. 3.] 
Micah, Sept. $, 1840. [a. 72 y. g. R. 6.] 
Moley, d. Jedediah and Phebe, Apr. 18, 1784, in her iithy. 

G, R. I. 

Molley, d. Zela and Piiscilla, Feb. 18, 1790, in her 37th y, 

G. R. 2. 
Moses, Nov. 7, 1730, in his 44 y. 
Moses, Apr. 6, 1743. 

Moses, typhus fever, Dec. 11, 1842, a. 41 y. c. r. 3. 
Moses W., typhoid fever, Dec. n, 1841, a, 41 y. 
Nathan, s. Daniel, bur. Sept, i, 1778, a. 11 y. c. R. s. 
Nathan, bur. Aug. 36, 1785, a. 50 y. c. R. 2. 
Nathaniel, old age, bur. Feb. g, 1806, a- 80 y. a m. c. r. 2. 
Nathaniel, jr., d. in the Array, Nov. [28], 1813, a, 21 y. 
Nathaniel, May 34, r829. 
Nathaniel F., s, Timothy P, and Mary F., Sept. a, 1843, a. j8 m. 

15 d. 
Nefaemiah, s. Timothy and Edy, Aug. 22, i77S- 
Nicholas, sr., Jan. 30, 1685, a. 104 y. 



Holt, Nicholas, Lt, Dec. i, 1756, in her 73d y. 

Nickolice, Oct 8, 1715. 

Obed, s. Joseph and Ruth, Sept. 8, 1775. [a. i y. 9 m. c. r. 3.] 

Obediah, drowned in "Canebeck River," Jan. 24, 1733-9. 

Oliver, B. Oliver and Susanna, Apr. 15, 1738. 

Oliver, Serg't, Dec. 24, 1747, a. abt 76 y. 

Faschal, unm., farmer, consumption, June 33, 1845, a. 23 y. 

Persis, d, Sam[ue]1, bur. Aug. 24, itjS, a. 2 y, 9 m. c. r. 2. 

Fersts, unm., d. Isaac and Tabitha, consumption, May 27, 1848, 

Peter, s. Ens. Stephen and Mary, Mar. 3, 1749-50. 
Peter, a. Peter and Hipia[bah],Oct. 6, r78o. [a.abt.4y.c. B. a.] 
Peter, at the almshouse, Jan. 9, 1830. [a. 80 y. c. r. 2.] 
Phebe, d. John, bur. Aug. 3, 1777, a. 21 y. 6 m. c. r. 2. 
Phebe, w. Abiel, jr., consumption, Feb. [20. g. r. a.], 1798, a. 

33 y. 7 m. c. R. 2. 
Phebe, w. Joshua, Esq. [dropsy, c. R. 2.], Jan. 26, 1806, a. 74 y. 

o. R. 3. [a. 7S y. c. R. 2.] 
Phebe, w. [wid. c R. 2.] James, June 9, i8is, a. 77 y. G. R. 3. 
Folly, d. Nath[anie]l and Mehitabte, Mai. 9, 1826, in her 27tb y. 

G. R. 6. 
Polly, d. Amos, June 18, 1831, a. 16 y, 
Friscilla, w. George, childbed, Jan. 39, 1715-16. 
Prissilla, d. Nicholas, Oct. 16, 1653. 
Rachal Abbott, June 23, 184S1 a. 33 y. p. r. 116. 
Rachel, d. Ebenezer and Mebetable, July 14, 1737. 
Bebeca, d. Hencry, jr. and Rebeca, Apr. 25, 1751. 
Rebecca, w. George, Oct. 10, 1834. 
Rebecca, unm-, Dec. 5, 1837, a. 83 y. 
Rebecca (Bailey), w. Joshua, Sept 4, 1834. P. r. 41. 
Rebecka, d. Samuel and Hannah, May 28, 1714. 
Rebeckah, d. David, bur. Nov. 23, 1774, a. 4 y. c. r. 2. 
Rebeckah, wid., bur. Aug. 23, 1775. c, r. 3. 
Rebeckah, bur. Mar. 9, iSro, a. 11 ro. c. R. 2. 
Rebekah, w. David, jr. [consumption, c. r. 2.], May 21, 1790. 

[a. 50 y. 3 m. c. R. 2.] 
Khoda, d. James and Susanna, Mar. 14, 1741-2. 
Rboda, wid. Timothy, Aug. 14, 1765. 

Rose, d. Lt Jona[than], bur. May 14, 1784, a. 43 [y.?]. c. r, 3. 
Ruth, d. Jonathan and Ruth [consumption, c. r. 3; Apr. ir, 

1799. [a, 17 y. c. R. 3 ; a. 16 y. g. r. 2.] 
Ruth, wid. Henry, May iS, 1827, a. 77 y. 
Ruth [unm. g. R. 6.], dropsy, Aug. 17, 1835. C. r. i- [a, 77 y. 

O. R. 6.] 



Holt, Samuel, July 20, 1747, ia his 77th y. 

Samuel, Nov. 35, 1758, a. 61 y. 

Samuel, s. wid. Abigail, fever follonring msasles, bur. Apr. 3, 1802, 

a. 10 y. 6 m. c h. 2, 
Samuel, Feb, 3, 1803, a. 71 y. 
Sam[ue]l Thomson, s. A. P. and C. A., Aug. 16, 1840, a. 6 m. 

G. R. 3. 
Samuel], st., Nov. 7, 1703. 
Sarah, wid. Samuel, Apr. 3, 1716, a. abt. 70 y. 
Sarah, d. Humphry and Abigail, May 6, 1739. 
Sarah, wid. Heary, Nov. 35, 1733. 
Sarah, d. Moses and £lisat«tb, Jan. 33, 1737-8. 
Sarah, w. James, Mar, 5, 177S. [a. 60 y. c R. 3.] 
Sarah, wid., Sept. 37, 1781. [a, 69 y. c, r. 2.] 
Sarah, Madam, wid. Rev. Nathan, of Dauvers, chronic disorders, 

bur, Dec. 29, 1797, a. 68 y. c. r. 2. 
Sarah, tr, Simeon, at the almshouse, Aug. 30, 1837, 
Sarah Abbot, d. Ezra, chin cough, bur. Aug. 26, 1801, a. i y. 

c. R. 3. 
Sarah L., Oct. 19 [18. G. r. 3.], 1837, a. 40 y. [a. 49 y. g. r. a.] 
Shua, w. Jonathan, jr., Jan. 9, 1766. 
Simeon, at the almshouse, Jan, 5, 1838. 
Simon Kcmble, s. Abiel, bur. Sept. 23, r77S, a. i y. s m. c, 
Solomon, jr., Feb. 18, 1826. p. k. 44, 
Solomon, Dea., Apr. 15, 1830, a. 60 y, [a. 61 y. g. r. 3.] 
Sophronia, d. Ste[phen] and Sop[hTOi)ia], Sept. 26, rS26, a. 

G. R. 2. 
Sophronia, w. Stephen [consumption, c. R. 2,], July zS, 1831, a, 

36 y. 
Stephen, jr.. Mar, 8, 1 771, in his 28th y. 
Stephen, Apr. 25, 1798, in his 86th y. G, R. 1. 
Stephen, s. Stephen and Margaret A,, Sept 8, 1S45, a, 17 m 

16 d. o. H. 2. 
Stephen C. [s. Nathan and Abigail C- G. r. 3.], scald, Feb. 20 

1849, a. 3 y. 4 m. 
Susan, wid. Tim[othy] , pleurisy, July 7, 1837, a, 56 y. c. R. 2. 
Susanna, w. James, jr., Feb. 20, 1741-3. 
Susanna, d. James and Sarah, Nov. 26, r76o. 
SusanmUi, d. Timothy, jr., fever, bur. May 1 1, 1803, a. 3 y. 3 m. 

c. R. 2. 
Tabitha, d. Joseph and Ruth [cholera morbus, c. r. 2.], Nov. 13, 

1789. [a. 4 y. 5 m. c. e. 2.] 
Tabitha, w. Isaac [consumption, c. R, 3.j, June 24 [25. c. r. 3,}, 

1840, a. 75 y. [a. 73 y, c. r. 2.] 



Holt, Tabitha, aun., d. Joihua, old xge, Mar. 15, 1S49, a. 737. 

fa. 79 y. c. R. 6.] , 
Theodoi«, ch. Tho[ma]s and Rutib, Sept. 8, 1823. 
Thomas, bur, Nov. ai, i77<i, a. 65 y. 8 m, c R. 2. 
Thomas, at the almshouse, Mar. )6, 1S31. 
Timothy, Mr., Mar. 4, 1758, in his 7Sth y. 
Timothy [drop^. c. R. 2.], July 26, 1798, a. 84 y. 8 m. 
Timothy, Feb. 19, iSst. 

UdIcc, bur, Nov, 27, 1774, a. 27 y. 7 m, c B. 2. 
William, s. Henery and Sarah, Dec. 22, 1719. 
William [3. George, c. r. 2.], Dee. 23, 1810. [a. 33 y. c. R. a.] 
Zebadiah, s. Oliver and Hannah, Mar. 13, 1703-4. 
Zebediah, a. George and Elizabeth, Oct. n, 1702. 
Zebediah, Dec. 7, 1758, a. 26 y. 
Zebediah, Capt, Mar. 15, 1817, a. 57 y. 
Zerviab, d. James and Susanna, Oct 9, 1715. 

, ch. David, bur. Nov. 3, 1774, a. i y, c-R, 2. 

, ch. Tho[ma]B, jr., bur. Aug. 30, 1775 , a- abt 3 h. c. R, a. 

, ch. Abial, bur. Nov. 29, 1776, a. a foitnight c. R. 1. 

, ch. Isaac, bui, Aug. 16, 1780, a. a few m. c. R 2. 

, ch. Daniel, jr., bur. Apr. 3, 1781, a. i m. i w. c. r, 2. 

, w. Lt. Jonathan, cancer, bur. Dec 18, 1787, a. 74 y. C.R. 2. 

, s. Timothy, jr., bur. Mar, i, 1791, a. 15 minutes, c R. 2. 

, ch, Timothy, " died almost immediately after it was born," 

bur. Dec. 36, 1806. c. r. 2. 

, inf. ch. Stqihen and Abigail, Sept. 30, 1809. 

, ch. W[illia}m and Sally, Apr. i, 1810, a. 4 m. 

, s, Amos, bur. Sept. 9, 1812, a. 6 h. c. R. 2. 

, wid. James, July — , 181S- 

, s. Lcammi B. aad Mary, Mar. 14, 1816, a. 3 d. 

, inf. ch. Laommi B. and Mary, Aug. [26], 1817. 

, d. Capt. Amos and Eunice, Sept. 21, iSii, a. i y. 5 m. 

, d. Thomas and Ruth, Sept. 9, 1823, 

, w. Peter, at Boston, Jan. — , 1825. 

, ch. Hermon, Apr. i, 1S25, a. 4 y. 

, inf. d. Stephen and Sophronia, Sept. 36, 1826. 

, s. David and Sarab, May 14, 1827. 

, Mt., at the almshouse, Jan. 4, 1828. c R. 2. 

, ch. Isaac, jr. and Hannah, Feb. 15, 1828, a, 4 m. 

, ch. Isaac and Hannah, Dec, 23, 1829, a. 4 m. 

, cb. Isaac, Oct. — , 1833. c R. 2. 

, ch. Levi, whooping cough, Aug. 1, 1835, a, 3 m. c.r. 2. 

, s. Joseph S. and Lucy (Abbot), June 19, 1837. p. R. 102. 

, ch. illegitimate, Mary and James Callahan, Aug. 16, 1838, 



Holt, ^,ch. fd. p. r. 102.] Josephs, and Lucy, Nov. as, 1838, 

a- 3 d. 
, grands. Ezra, cholera infantum, Sept. 4, 1845, a, 2 y. 

c. R. 2. 
, s. , fits, Sept. 8, 1845. 

HOLTON, Mary, Oct. 9, 1842, a. 75 y. 

HOOPER, Thomas, cancer in mouth, Dec. 26, 1703. 

HOPKINS, , ch. Mr. [bet Apr. and Dec], 1830. c. r. i. 

HORNE, Bethiah, UDm.,d, Ens. Joseph Ballard's zd w., Aug. 23, 

HOUGHTON, John James, s. John and Julia, Sept. 23, 1807. 
Mary [A. G. r. a.], consumption, Oct 9, 1842, a, 75 y, c. r. 2. 
Thomas [fever, c. R. 2.], Mar. 30, 1797, a. 67 y. G, r. 2. 
W[iUia]m, Dec. i, 1800, a. 38 y. G. r. 2. [a. 36 y. c. R. a.] 

HOVEY, Charles, s. James and Mary, Dec. 29, 1825, a. 1 y. 

8 m. 
Moses, Oct 14, 1846, a. 48 y. 6 m. 14 d. c. r. 5. 
Stephen, Apr. 8, 1834. 

HOW (see also Howe), Daniel, Dr. [Famous Dr. for Crazy peo- 
ple. C. R. 2.], Nov, I, 1797. [a. 78 y. 5 m. c. R. a.j 
Geo[Tge] A., Mar, 20, 1837, a, 24 y. G. r, a. 
Israel, Dr., July 15, 1740, in his 49th y, 
Israel, s. Daniel and Sarah, Nov. 13, 1741. 

Mercy, wid., Dr. , Oct. 20, 1 765, a, 79 y. 

Sarah, d. Israeli and Marcy, Feb. 11, 1720-21. 
Wiliam, s. Dr. Daniel and Sarah, Mar. 14, 1754, a. 9 d. 
William, m., painter, consumption, Aug. 18, 1849, a. 37 y. 

HOWARD, Jabez, chronic, bur. at Reading, July 19, 1797, a. S^y. 

c. R. a. 
Martha Maria, d. Thomas and Hutdah, dysentery, Sept. 13, 

1848, a. I y. 
, w. Capt, Jabez, bur. Aug. 12, 1811, a. 60 y. c r. 2. 

HOWARTH, [Ann. a. r. 2.], w. Isaac, suicide, Sept. 32, 1843, 
a. 41 y. [a. 49 y. g. r. 2.3 



HowARTH, Austin Thompson, s. James and Sarah F. F., July 28, 

1837, a. 5 m. 6 d. 
Benjamin, May 11, 1830, a. 60 y. 
Charles, "fiotn Rochdale, Eng., iSz6," Jan. 2, 1846, a. 61 

G. R. 4. 
Edmund, Feb. 6, i8ag, a. 34 y. 
Elizabeth, b. England, w. Chatles, Aug. 26 [27. c. B. 4.], 1S44, 

a. 57 y. [and 9 m. c. b. 4.] 
James [" emigrated from England, 1818." g. R. 2.], Sept. 

1832. [a. 49 y. G. R. 3.] 
Joseph, s. James, jr. and Hannah B., Aug. a, 1S23, a. 30 m. 
Joseph N., s. James, jr. and Hannah B., Oct. 15, 1830, a. 1 1 r 
Lucinda, d. John and Lucinda B,, Feb. 5, 1838, a. 4 y. 
, ch. Isaac, jr. [dysentery, c. R. 2.], Sept. 5, 1S28. 

HOWE (see also How), Alfred A., s. Lor[iman3 and Mary D., 

Nov. 29, 1849, a. I d. o. R. 2. 
Harriet M., d. Nicholas [and Wealthy, a r. 2.], teething, Feb. r8, 

1845, a. r y. 7 m. 
Walter M., s. Lor[iman] and Mary D., Dec. 20, 1847, a. lo m, 

G. R. 3. 

HOTT, John, of Amesbury, " killed at Andover by Indians," Aug. 
13, 1696. 

HUBBARD, Lucy Ann, d. William and Ann, typhus fever, Sept 
9, r847, a. 5 y. 6 m. 2 d, 

HUCHERSON (see also Hutchinson), Jonathan, s. Jonathan and 

Elezebith, at Lake George, Sept. 2, 1758, in his iSth y. 
Sarah, wid., Oct. 20, 1753. 

HUCHINSON (see also Hutchinson), Elizabeth, w. Samuel, Sept. 

7> 1730- 
Sarah, w. John, Mar. 22, 1735, in bet sgth y. g. r. i, 

HUMPHRY (see also Humpiey), , w , of Dorchester, 

at her father's Nehemiah Hayward, childbed, bur. [Dec. 
31 ?] t8o8, a. 24 y. c. R. 2. 

BUMPRET (see also Humphry), Leonard, , 1849. c. r, 6. 



HUNT, David, strangury, bur. Mar. 5, 1800, a. 80 y. 8 m. c ». 2. 
Elizabeth, d. Paul and Elizabeth, Apr. 23, 17S1, a. 9 m. 
Elizabeth, wid, Paul, Nov. 13, 1837, a. 77 y. 
Elizabeth [M. g. r. 3.], w. John, Mar. ig, 1S39, a. 53 y. 
George, b. England, s. George and Sarah, July 10 [11. a. B. 4.], 

184G, a. I y. 6 m. 
John, Oct. 13, 1839,8. S7 y. 
Lydia, m., d. Abiel and Hannah, consumption, JiJIy 5, 1847, a. 

Paul, jr., Oct. IS, 1826, a. 43 y. 
Paul, Nov. 28, 1831. [a. 78 y. g. r. 3.] 
Sarah G, [C. g. r. 3. J, consumption, July 25 £26. G. R- 3.], 1847, 

a. 26 y. [a. 27 y, 5 m, 2 d. p. r. 65.] 
[Sewell, s. Isaac and S[arah] C, G. r. 3.], dropsy, June 17 

[21. o. R. 3.], 1847. [a. 2 y. 5 m- 3^- o. R. 3-] 
[William Amos. G, r. 3.], g. Amos and Elizabeth, July 17, 

1843, a. II m. [and 19 d. g. rI 3.] 
, wid. David, Apr. 4, 1816, a. 70 y. 

HURLAND, Robert, Apr. 16, 183s, a. 56 y. 

HUSSET, Geofrge] Dexter, s. Elijah and Rosena, May 5, 1832, 

Harriet Moar, d. Elijah and Rosena, Nov. 7, 1835, a. 3 m. 
Mary [Mooar. a B. 3.], d. Elijah [and Rosena. g. r. 3.], dropsy, 
Mar. 31, 184s, a. 4 y. 8 m. 

HUTCHENS, Sarah, w. John, Mar. 29, 1737. 

HUTCHINSON (sec also Hucheison, Huchiuson), John, 5. Sam- 

[uejil and Hannah, Jan. 4, 1688-9. 
John, " suddenly between meetings on a Sabbath day, faiiited 

away and never came againe," Mar. 8, 1746-7. 
Mary, wid., Nov. a8, 1776. 
Samuel, July 31, 1741. 
Sarah, bur, Dec. 9, 1778, a. 25 y. c. R. 2. 

INGALLS (see also Engolls, Ingals, Ingols), Abiah, d. James 

and Hannah, Feb. 10, 1728-9. 
Abigail, unm., Aug. 11, 1742, in her sothy. 
Abigail, w. Solomon, May 24, 1776, in her ajth y. [a. 24 y. 4 m. 

C. R. 2.] 

Abijah, s. Hutchinson, Dec. 13, 1838, a. 40 y. 

Anne, d. Josiah and Hester, Oct. 15, 1729, inher 13th y. 



Ihgaixs, Asa, e. Isaac and Rebeccah, Sept i$, 1764. 

Cyrus, s. Francis and Eunice, May 31, ^83*. r. B. 113. 

Daniel, a. Samuel and Sarah, Sepl. 35, 1700. 

Deborah, d. Samuel and Sarah, Dec. 36, 1692. 

Deborah, d. Lt. John and Deborah, Nov. 16, 1762, in her stb y. 

G. R. I. 

Deborah, w. Lt. John, Feb. 15, 1 781, a. 54 y. 

Dorothy, d. John and Dorothy, Nov. 16, 1762. 

Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Sarah, Sept. 12, 1759. 

Ephiaim, s. James and Mary, Jan. 19, 1724-5. 

Eunice, wid. Francis, May 22, 1799. 

Ezra, Mar. 6, 1828, a. 55 y. 

Francis, s. Henry and Majy, small pox, Dec. 9, 1690. 

Francis, s. Francis and Lydia, Apr. 3, 1729. 

Francis, Apr. 3, 1795, a. 64 y. 

Francis, a. Francis and Eunice, June 25, 1834. P. R. lay 

Francis, Jan. 26, 1759. 

Hannah, d. twin, Henry and Hannah, Aug. 4, i7zr. 

Hannah, wid. Henry, May jr, 1 783, in her 94th y. G. r, r. 

Hannah, unm., d. John and Deborah, Apr. 23, 1847, a. 81 y. 

Henery, Capt., Mar, 28, 1803, a. 84 y. 

Henry, m., s. Henry and Mary, Feb. 8, 1698-9. 

Henry, Apr, 19, 1749 (?) in his 8ist (?) y, g, r, i, 

Henry F[rank]in.p. r- 125.], s. Frances and Elizabeth R, Sept. 

19, 1834, a. 4 y. 5 m. G. B. 6. 
Isaac, s. Isaac and Rebeccah, Aug, iS, r764. 
Isaiah, s. Francis and Lydiah, Mar. 23, 1728-9. 
Isaiah, s. Frandes and Lydia, Sept. 8, 1736. 
Isaiah, s. Francies and Lydia, Mar. 14, 1744-5. 
Isaiah, s. Francis and Eunice, June 2, 1 831. p. r. 123. 
Jacob, s. Isaac and Rebeccah, Aug. 20, 1764. 
James, June 27, 1735, in his 66lh y. 
James, s. James, jr. and Mary, Jan. 28, 1747-8. 
Jedediah, ni,, physician, s. John and Deborah, dropsy, Aug. 1, 

1847. a. 78 y. [a. 79 y- G. r. 7.] 
John, Lt., Aug. 26, 1810, a, 82 y. 
John, Col., Mar. [Apr. c. r. ij 28, 1836, a. 75 y. 
Jonatlian [s. Francis and Eunice, p, r. 123 ^ inflammatbn. 

c. R. T.], July 9, 1837,8.75 y. 
Joseph, s. Henery and Mary, Mar, 19, 1674-5. 
Joseph, s. Joseph and Phebe, Feb. 20, 1721-2. 
Joshua, 5. Joseph and Phebe, Feb. 15, 1728-9. 
Judith [Judah, unm. g. r, 1,], Apr. j, 1807, a. 86 y. 
Lydia, d. Francis and Lydia, Apr. 15, 1729. 



Ingalls, Lydia, w. Francies, Apr. 29, 1743. 

Mary, w. Heneiy, Dec. r6, 1686. 

Mehetabel, d. Isaac and Rcbeccah, Aug. 17, 1764. 

Nathan, s. Francis and Eunice, Jan. 8, 1835. p. R. 1*3. 

Olive, d. Isaac and Rebeccah, Aug, 17, 1764. 

Peter, s. Joseph and Phebe, Dec, 10, 1741. 

Phebe.d. Joseph and Phebe, Feb. 13, 1728-9. 

Phcbc, vrid. Joseph, Feb, 18, 1760. 

Phineas, s. Fiaocis and Eunice, Jan. 5, 1844. p. r. 133. 

Putnam [farmer, consumption, c. r, 1.], May 5 [*S- G- •*■ i-]j 
1814, a. 50 y, 

Rcbeccah, w. Isaac, Aug. 11, 1764, a. 29 y. 

Samuel, Serg't., Aug, 11, 1733, in hia 79th y. 

Samuel, a. Eben[eze]r and Sarah, Feb. 28, 1766. 

Sarah, wid. Henry, May 12, 1728, in her 90th y. 

Sarah, d. Francies and Lydia, May 31, 1738. 

Sarah, d. Henry, jr. and Sarah, Jan. 30, 1744-5. 

Sarah, w. Ebenezer, May i, 1764, a. 38y. 

Sarah [(Putnam), b. Danvers. c. R. i.j, wid. Capt. Henry [can- 
cer, c R, i.j, Nov, 29, 1813, a. 81 y- 

Sarah [B. p. R. 123; (Frye). C- R. i.], w. Jonathan, Oct. 14, 
r8i6, a. 53 y. 

Susanna, d. Francies, and Lydia, Sept, 3, 1736. 

Susanna, d. Capt. Henty and Saiah, Oct. 17, 1762. 

Tabitha, d. Joseph and Phebe, Mar. 13, 1728-9. 

Theodore, s. Francis and Eunice, Nov. 7, 1817. p. r. 123. 

William, s. Moses and Meriah, Mar. 24, 1730-31. 

. , s. Josiah, jr. and Eunic, Sept. 18, 1744. 

— — , oh. Francis, Apr. 36, 1829. p. b. 123. 

IN6ALS (see also Ingalls), Abigal, wid. [w. Benjey, g. r. i.], 
July 12 [6. G.R. i.J, 1756, in her 89th y. [in 88th y. G. r. i.] 

Abigail, Mrs., Aug. ir, 1773, in her 50th y. o. R. i. 

Abijah, at Ticonderoga, , 1776, a. 40 y. c. r. a. 

Daniel, s. Daniel and Sarah, drowned, June 22, 1756. 

Elezebith, d. Joseph and Phebe, May 13, 1752, in her rsth y. 

Elisabeth, wid., bur. Jan. 27, 1779. c. R. 2, 

Esther, wid., Sept. 29, 1757, in her 76th y. 

Henery, Serg't., Feb. 8, 1718-19, a. abt. 90 y, 

Henery, Aug. 12, 1749, in his 61st y. 

Henery, s. Henery and Sarah, Apr. 27, 1752- 

Hiiam [Augustus. P. R. 125,], s. Capt. Francis and Elizabeth 
B. G, R. 6.], Feb. 19. i8a4, a. 18 m. 

John, "summer of" 1827. c. r. 6. 



iMGALS, Joseph, Dec. 39, 1757, in his 6i8t y. 

Josiah, Aug. 14, i7S5f in his 79th y. 

Lydia, wid, Stephen, Dec. 16, 1831. [a. 71 y. G. R. 6.] 

Moses, Nov, 23, 1751. 

Rebeca, d. Henery and Hannah, Jan. 24, 1748-9, a. 18 y. 

Sarah, w. Capt. Henery [and d. Rev. Daniel Putnam, a. r. 1.], 

Apr. 8, 1756, in her 32d y. 
Susanna, d. Ebenezer and Sajah, Feb. 10, 1756. 
, s. EbenezeT and Sarah, May 9, 1758. 

IMGOLS (see also Ingalls), Mary, w. Josiah, Feb. 19, 1714-15, 
a. abt. 34 y. 

JACKSON, Elizabeth, unm., b. Pcasly, Scotland, typhus fever, 
Nov. 30, 1846, a. 19 y. 

Samuel W[illiam. a. r. 3. J, s. Rev. Samuel C. and Mary A. [Caro- 
line T., b. May i, 1838. G. r. 3.], May 22, 1839, a. 13 m. 

JAMES, Edmund, "servant o! Mr. Francis Deane," Sept. 14, 

JANVRIN, Sarah, Miss [Mrs. Mar. 20, c. r. i.j. Mar. 29, 1844, 
a. 70 y. a R. 6. 

JAQUITH, Abby [Ann. g. r. 3.], unm., d. James and Fhebe, 

typhus fever, Oct. 27 [36. c. r. 2.3, 1845, a. si y. 
Caroliije A[ugusta. c r. 2.3, d, James and Phebe [scarlet fever. 

C. R. 2.], Mar. 6, 1843, a. 3 y. 3 m. 
Dorcas J[ane. G. r. i.}, num., d. James and Phebe, typhus fever, 

Nov, 29, 1845. *■ ^9 y- 
Henrietta, unm., d. James and Phebe, typhus fever, Dec. z, 1845. 

[a. 17 y. G. R. 2.] 
Phebe, w. James, typhus fever, Jan. 5, 1S46, a. 51 y. 

JEFPRT, Rebecca, of Salem, "at Capt William Johnson's 
House," Mar. 8, 1797. 

JENKINS, Anna, wid., chronic, bur. May 14, 1806, a. 62 y. c. r. 3. 

Benjamin, s. Samuel and Rebeca, Sept. z6, 1753. 

Benjamin, Col. [found dead in his bed. c. k. a.J, Sept. ta [11. 

c. R. 3.J, 1834. [a. 77 y-c. R. 2.] 
Benj[ami]D, Capt [typhus fever, c. H. 2.], May 2, 1835, a. 49 y. 
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Sally, Mar. 28, 1833, a. 31 m. 
J. M., 8. Jacob, cholera infantum, Sept. 18, 1847, a. 7 m. 15 d. 



Jenkins, Joel, b. Samuel and Rebeca, Sept, 24, 1753, 

Joel, drowned io the Merrimac, intemperance, Mar, 28, 1832. 

c R. 2. 
Margaret, d. W[illia]m and Mary, Dec. 14, 1821, a. 3 y. 
Maiy, d. Samuel and Rebeca, Sept. 35, 1753. 
[Matilda H. p. r. 49.3, d. Ebfin, fever, Mar. ig, 1845. 
Matilda H., d. Ebenczcr and Sarah, cholera infaDlura, Sept. 33, 

1S48, a. I y. 6 m. jo d. 
Milton, s. W[illia]m, thioat distemper, Jan. 20, 1834, a. 16 m. 

c R. 2. 
[Naamah K. G. R. a.], w. Capt Ben]'[4mi]ii, jr., Feb, 16, 1821. 

[in 32d y. g. r. 2.] 
Peggji V- CapL Beojamin [consumptioo. c. R. 2.], Mar. 21, 1804, 

a. 44 y. 3 m. 
Rebecca, wid., dropsy, bur, at Reading, Dec. 5, 1789, a. abt. 

71 y. c. R. 2. 
Samuel, dropsy, bur. Reading, Mar. 9, 1787, a. 78 y. c. r. 2. 
Sarah, affection of the heart, Apr. 21 , 1847, a. 76 y. c. r. 2, 
William, jr., throat distemper, Feb, 9, 1834, a. 5 y. c. r. 2. 

, Lt-, bur. at Reading, , 1777. c. r. 2, 

, s. Eben and Sally, Aug. 22, 1829, a. 15 d. 

JEWETT (see also Jowctt), Levina O. B., d. Rose, at almshouBe. 

July 27, 1820, a. I y. 
, Dea., of Portland, yellow fever, at Capt. Poor's, bur. New- 

buryport, Aug. 4, 1796. c. R. a. 

JOHNSON (see also Jonaon) , Abby A. WardweH, w. Samuel, Oct. 

24, 1849, 3' ^S y. G. R. 3. 
Abiah, w. Asa, Oct. 22, 1793, a. 23 y. 
Abiall, s. Thomas and Hannah, June zo, 1703. 
Abigail, w. Obed, Dec. 12, 1767. 
Adam, s. Fraacies and Sarah, Dec. 22, 1713. 
Adam, 3. Samuel and Anne, Sept. 15, 173S. 
Adam, s. Samuel and Anne, Dec. 22, 1746. 
Andrew, s. Andrew and Hannah, Jan. 18, 1723-4. 
Andrew, s. Andrew and Hannah, "at Lewesbug in the Kings 

Service," Oct. r, 1745. 
Andrew, Feb. 4, 1757, in his 6ist y. 

Ann, d. Steven and Eli [Elizabeth, ct. f.], June 26, 1669. 
Ann, wid, John, sr., Dec. 31, 1743. 

Anna, d. Samuel and Anna, Oct. 18, 1825, a. i y. 2 m, p. r. 106. 
.^nna (Dodge), w. Samuel, Oct. 22, 1849, a. 52 y. 9 m. 15 d. 

p. R. 106. 



Johnson, Anne, d. Samuel and Anne, Aug. 30, 1738. 

Anne, w. Maj. Sam[ue]l, Apr. j, 1823. 

Asa, Mar. a, 1748-9, abt. 33 y. 

Asa, 9. Capt. [Col. p. r. 106.] Samuel and Eliz[abe] th, Aug. 27, 

1761. [a. 3 y. p. R. 106.] 
Benjamin, s. Caleb and Lydia, Dec. 13, 1718. 
Betsy, d. Maj. Samuel [at the almshouse, c R. a.], Dec. 30 [31. 

c R. 2.], 1833. [a. 5oy. c. R. a.] 
firisto, at Ihe almshouse, Mar. 10, iSaa, a. 89 y. 
Cathaiin, w. Capt Timothy, Feb. a», 1758, in her 77th y. 
Chailes, s. Chailes and Lydia, Oct. 4, i8a6, a. 9 m. 
Damaris, wid. Lt. Thomas, Apr. 5, 1728, a. abt. 77 y. 
David, s. Francis and Mary, July 15, 1732. 
David, 5. Andrew and Hannah, " iu the Kings Service at Lewes- 
bug," Oct. 29, 1745. 
David, s. Francis and Mary, Aug. 33, 1751. 
David, s. John, deceased, bur. Dec. 22, 177a. c. r. 2. 
Deborah, w. Obadiah, July 18, 1745. 
Deliver, ch, Jacob, bur. Aug. ao, 1779, a, s y- c. R. 2. 
-Easter, wid. John, Apr. r8, 1803, a. 78 y. [Apr. 15. G. r. i.] 
Eben[eze]r [laborer, lung fever, c. R. i; in Rev. Army during 

7 ys. G. R, 6.], Feb. 34, 1823. [a. 73 y. g. R. 6.] 
Edmoud, s. Maj. Samuel, Jan. 6, 1837, a. 61 y. 9 m. 
Edmund, s. John and Hannah, drowned, Feb. 11, 1829, a. 10 y. 
Eleanor, wid. Ebcnezer, Feb. a7 [Jan. 27. dup.}, 1841, a. 93 y. 

[a. 93 y. G, R.6.] 
£lener, w. John, Nov. ai, 1707. 
Elisabeth, d. Samuel, jr, and Elisabeth, July 30, 1746. [in her 

2d y. G, B. I.] 
Elisabeth, unm., Jan. 3, 1746-7. 
Elizabeth, d. Steven and Elizabeth, Feb. 4, 1667. 
Elizabeth, w. James, Jan. 31, 1715-16, a. abt. S4 y- 
Elizabeth, d. James and Elizabeth, ''drowned in Concord River 

at Bildrekey," Apr. 20, 1717. 
Elizabeth, w. Col. Samuel, Sept. 2, 1796. [a. 74 y. g. r. i ; a. 

73 y.p- K. 106.] 
Elizabeth, d. W[illia]m, jr. and Betsey [dropsy of the head. 

c. R. I.], June ao, 1820. [a. 8 ra. ai d. c. b. 6.] 
Elizabeth, Apr. 13, r324. 

'Elizebath, d. Obadiah and Hannah, Mar. 11, 1728-9. 
Elizebeth, wid. Lt. Stephen, Apr. 15, 1712. 
Epharim, s. Andrew and Hannah, Jan. 11, 1739-40. 
Fanny, wid. Osgood, July 19, r829, a. 50 y. 
Fanny [Frances, c. r. 6.] E., d. Osgood and Fanny, typhus fever, 

Feb. 25, 1845, a. r4 y. 



Johnson, Francies, May 23, 1738, in his 73d y. 

Fransis, w. Mr, John, Feb. X5, 1 748-9, in her 76th y. 

George S., s. John and Hannah [P. g. k. 7.], Aug. 27, 1831, a. 

3 y. 9 m. 
Hannah, w. Serg't William, May 22, 1717, a. abt. 55 y. 
Hannah, w. Francies, JT., Feb. 8, 1719-20. 
Hannah, d. Obadiah and Hannah, Mar. 8, 1728-9. 
Hannah, w. Obadiah, Mar. 11, 1728-9. 
Hannah, wid. Thomas, Feb. 5, 1744-5. 
Hannah, w. John, Mar. 19, 1785, in her 34th y, g. r. i. 
Hannah Blanchaid, d. Jacob, bur. Nov. 27, 1784, a. 2 y. 5 m. 

c. K. 2. 
Hannah P., w. John, Feb. 3, 1838, a, 62 y. a. r, 7. 
Isaac, 8. Isaac and Saiah Ann, cholera, Aug. 28 [29. c. r. 6.]^ 

1846, a. 9 m. 25 d. 
Jacob, jr., putrid fever, bur. May 17, 1790, a. 30 y. C. r. 3. 
Jacob, chronic, bur. May 31, 1803, a, 76 y. c. r. 2. 
James, s. James and Elizabeth, Oct. 13, 1774, 
James, Mr., Oct. 14, 1748. 
James, s. Obadiah, consumption, bur. May 2, 1789, a. 23 y. 

a R. 2. 
James, Nov, [26], 1817, a. 80 y. 

James, s. Samuel and Anna, Jan. 20, 1834, 3- rotn. p. r. 106. 
James, s. Samuel and Anna, Oct. i, 1836, a. 2 y. 9 m, p. r. 106. 
James H., s. John and Hannah, Jan. 18, 1823, a. 2 y. [a. 3 y. 

G. R. 7.] 

John, May 26, 174X1 'n his 74th y. 

John, s. John and Lydia, May 6, 1745, a. i y. i m. 3 d. 

John, jr., Nov. 14, 1756, in his 66th y. 

John, June 3, 1761, a. 84 y. 

John dr. G. R. 1.], July 26, 1775, in his 63d y. [in his 65th y. 

G. R. I.] 

John, s. Beni[amin] and Sarah, Jan. 9, 1796, a, 2 y. 4 m. 2 d. 

John Aslebe, s. John and Lydia, June 2s, 1738. 

John E., s. John and Hannah P., drowned, Feb. 13, 1829, a. 

ti y. G. R. 7- 
John Edmonds, a. Wfilliajm and Eliz[a]b[e]th,Sept. 23, 1817, 

a. 13 y. 
Joseph, s. John and Elenei, Mar. 5, 1701-2. 
Joseph, 8. James and Elizabeth, Feb. 7, 1715-16. 
Joshua, s. Samuel, jr. and Elezebith, Sept. 26, 1753, [a. i y. 

p. R. 106.] 
Joshua, s. Capt. Joshua and Martha, Dec. 3, 1801, a. 2 y. 9 m. 
Joshua [Capt. g. r. 6.}, pneumonia, Aug. 7, 18421 a. 86 y. 



Johnson, Joshuah, s. John and EUener, Mar. 31, 1706-7, 

Josiab, s. Josiah and Anness, Dec. 4, 1784. 

Josiah, " killed by y' blowing up of the drying Hoase & magz.' 

of ye Powder Mill," June i, 1778. c, r. 2. 
Katheiine, d. Timothy and Katherine, May 8, 1715. 
Kalherine, w. Capt. Tim[6thy], Feb. 23, 1758 [1738?], in her 

77th y. G. R. r. 
Leonard, s. Edmund and Anna [suicide by hanging, c. n. i.], 

Jan. 10 [9. c. R. I.], 1837, a. 33 y. 9 m. i2 d. 
Lydia, d. Zebadiah and Hannah, Dec. 26, 1726. 
Lydia, w. John, 3d, Oct. 18, 1750, a, 34 y, wanting 2 d. 
Lydia, w. Obediah, jr., bur. July 6, 1779, a. S* y- C. r. 2. 
Lydia, w. John, Mat. 27, 1808, a. 26 y. 
Martha, d. Samuel and Anna, Sept. 19, 1836, a. i y. 1 m. 

p. R, 106. 
Mary, d. Steven and Elizabeth, Mar. 22, 1672-3. [1673. cr. r.] 
Mary, w. Thomas, Nov. 15, 1700. 
Mary, w. Caleb, Dec, 3, 17 17, in her r9th y. 
Maty, w. John, May 17, 1723. 
Maiy [wid. Steven, c. r. i.], July 18, 1820. 
Mary, wid. William [old age. c. k. i.], Dec. 25, 1832, a. 8a y. 
Maty, d. Capt. William and Mary, Oct. aSi '^35' 3. 61 y. [a. 

60 y. 7 m. c. R. S-] 
Mary [bcf. Mat. lo.], 1836. c. r. 1. 
Nathan, s. Wjliam and Bethiah, Jan. — , 1749-50. 
Obadiah, bur. July 8, 1780, a. 81 y. c. r. 2. 
Osgood, consumption, Dec. [23, o. R. a.], 1808, a. 31 y. 6 m, 

C. R. 2. 

Osgood, May 9, 1837, a. 34 y. 

Penelope, d. Timothy and Rebecca (Aslett), " killed by Indians," 

Feb. 22, 1697-8. 
Peter, s. James and Elizabeth, Feb. 10, 1715-16. 
Peter, consumption, bur. Nov. 3, 1798, a. 48 y. c. r. 2. 
Peter, [s. Col. Samuel'and Elizabeth, p. r. to6 ; old age. c. r. 1.], 

Sept 3, 1835. [a.' 86 y, p. r, 106.] 
Phebe, w. Serg't John, Apr. 15, 1741, in her 60th y. [a. 58 y. 

8 m. 2$ d. G. R 1.] 
Phebe, d. Stephen and Mary, Apr. 27, 1771. 
Phebe, d. John and Esther, Sept. 19, 1801, a. 4a y. 
Pheobe, d. John and Elener, Mar. 29, 1718. 
Phineas, s. Obadiah and Dorathy, Mar. 3, 1753. 
Phineas, s. Jacob, consumption, bur. Aug. 28, 1791, a. 30 y. 

c. R. 2. 
Rebecca, d. John and Esther, July 27, r78a, in her 21st y. 



Johnson, Rebecca, wid. Benjamio, Jan, 7, 1798. 

Rebecca, d. the late Osgood [and Fanny.G. r-z.}, Feb. 2, iSzi. 

[a. IS y. G. R. 2.] 
Rebecca, d. Benjfamijn and Sarab [resident, c. B. i.], Mar. 13, 

1825, a. ig y. to m. 
Reubin, s, WUliam and Susanna, Dec. 13, 1746. 
Roxbe, d. Lt Joshua and Martha, Oct. 16, 1794- [a. i 3-4 y. 

p. R. 106.] 
Sally, May 6, 1826. 

Samuel, a. Samuel and Anne, Sept. 6, 1 738. 
Samuel, s. John and Lydia, Jan. 6, i742[-3J. 
Samuel, 5. Samuel and Anne, Dec. 25, 1746. 
Samuel, Mar. rz, 1757, in his 54th y. 
Sam[ue]l, bur. Sept. 5, 177s, a. 11 y. 9 m. c. B. 2. 
Samuel, Col., Nov. 12, 1796, a. 84 y. 
Samuel, Maj., Sept. a, 1814, a. 81 y. 
Sam[ue]l H., July 3, 1847, a. 3 1 y. o. b. 3. 
Sam[ue]I M., in Samara, I. S. L. Hayte, Jan. 2, 1825, a. 33 y. 

G. R.6. 

Sarah, w. Serg"! William, cancer in breast, Feb za, 1705-6, in 

her 52 y. 
Sarah, d. John and Elener, Aug. 2, 1707. 
Sarab, d. Francies and Sarah, Sept. 17, 1709. 
Sarah, w, Francies, Dec. 23, 1716. 
Sarah, d. Caleb and Lydea, Nov. 21, 1728. 
Sarah, d. Francies and Mary, Nov. 16, 1737. 
Sarah, w. Serg't James, Oct 14, 1745- 
Sarah, w. Wjliam and Bethiah, Sept. 7, 1753. 
Sai&h [d. Capt William and Mary (Marble), p. b. r28.], July 

iti, 1784, a. 4 7. G. B. 6. 
Sarah, wkJ. Jacob, lung fever, bur. Apr. 4, 1807, a. 67 y. 6 m. 

CE. 3. 
Sarah, unm., d. William and Mary, cancer, Jan. 3, 1848, a. 60 y. 

[a. 6r y. 6 m. c. b. 5.] 
Stephen, Ens., Nov. 30, i6go. 
Stephen, s. Francies and Mary, Sept. 15, 1737. . 
Stephen, s. Samuel and Anne, Aug. 30, 1738. 
Stephen, s. Samuel and Anne, Jan, g, 1746-7. 
Stephen [lung fever, c. R. i.], Aug. 16, 1814 [1813. c. R. r.], a. 

74 y- 
Stephen, s. Stephen, Feb. 2, 1837, a. 56 y. 
Susan Elizabeth, d. Isaac and Sarah Ann, Aug. 37, 1848, a. 14 m. 

G. R. 6. 
Susannah, d. William and Sarah, Feb. 7, 1682-3. 



Johnson, Susanna 1, w. Jo[h]D, Sept. iz, 1683. 
Thomas, Serg't, Fi^b. 15, 1718-19, a. abt. 88 y. 
Thomas, " in the flames of his House that was Burnt with fici," 

Oct. 22, 1733. 
Thomas, s. Andrew and Hannah, June 18, 1744. 
Timothy, Mar. 15, 1687-8. 

Timothy, s. Timothy and Katherine, Feb. 14, 1706-7. 
Timothy, jr., " sickness in ye Kings Service at Lewesbug," Dec. 

16, 1746- 
Timothy, s. Anne, wid., Sept. 37, 1753- 
Timothy, Capt., Mar. lO, 1771, a. 93 y. c. h. 1. 
Wiliam, s. Wiliam and Bethiah, Sept. 4, 1753. 
Wiliam, Feb. a6, 1757. 

William, Serg't, Apr. 16, 1727, in his 7gth y. 
William, 9. Caleb and LydJa, Nov. ai, 1728. 
William, at Sheepscutt, Sept. 3, 1746. 
William, s. William and Betbiah, July 13, 1761. 
William, Capt., Sept. 13, i8Ji,a. 73 y. 

, h. Anna, Mar. a, 1748-g. 

, ch. James, bur. Apr. 8, 1776, a. 2 m, c. R. 1. 

, d. James, jr., worms, bilr. Aug. rs, 1791, a. 1 y. i m. 

c R. 2. 

, ch, John and Lydia, May 30, 1807. 

, ch. John, quinsy, Jan. — , 1823, a. 15 m. C. R. i. 

, ch. Mary, May — , 1823, a. 3 w. c. R. i. 

, wid. James, Apr. 24, 1828, a. 90 y. 

■JONES, Abiel, s. Abiel, complication of diseases, bur. July 7, 

1S06, a. 6 y. c. K. 2. 
Abiel, Sept. 10, 1840, a. 65 y. 
Abigail [unm. c. R. 2.], d. Jacob and Mary [consumption, c. R. 3.], 

Dec. 16, 1806, a. 30 y. G. R. 2. [a. 29 y. c. R. 2.] 
Anna, d. Jacob, canker, bur. Mar. 16, 1796. a. 13 y. ro m. c. R. a. 
'Cha[rle]s Frost, s. I. [Rev. Isaac, c. r. 2.] and N., Mar. 33, 

iS3St Ei> 6 m. G. B. 3. 
Dorcas, July 14, 1826, a. 23 y. 

Ebenezer, Aug. 34 [25. g. r. 2.], 1832, a. 73 y. [a. 73 y.o. r. 2.] 
{;Eliz[abe]th. a r. a.], w. Ebenfezeir, Oct. 28, 1815. [Sept. 

c. R. 2. ; Oct 36, a. 60 y. c. R. a?) 
Eunice, w. Abiel, Aug. 27, i829( a. 35 y. g. r. a. 
Hannah, [w. Nathan, o. r. 3.], dysentery, Oct. 7, 1847, a. 53 y. 
Jacob, small pox, died in the Army, bur. Jan. i>, 1782, a. 17 y. 

c r. 2. 
Jacob, Jan. 12 [11. o. R. 2.], 1814, a. 74 y. [a. 78 y. o. R. a.] 



Jokes, James W., s, Joab and Elizabeth, croup, Nov, 4, 1849, 

a. 3 m. 
Joanna, d. Jacob and Mary, Apr. 14, 1797, in her 16th y. c. K. 2. 
Lois, w. Abiel, Sept 6, 1821, a. 42 y. g. r. z. 
Lucy, wjd. Abiel, Sept. 5, 1821. 

Mary, w. Jacob, Jan, 25, iSra, a. 75 y, g. r. 2. [a. 73 y, c. R. 2.'] 
Mary K. [w. Ebenezer. c. r. 2.], d. Henry and Mary Holt, 

consumption, Oct. 14, 1845, a. 43 y. [a. 43 y. C. R. 3.] 
Mehitable, b. Newburyport wid., Abiel, bum, Feb. 2, 1848, a. 

40 y. 
Nancy, d, Jonathan, Nov. s, 1819, a. 3 y. 
Nathan, s. Nathan and Dorcas, Aug. 3, 1799, a. 8 y. 
Nathan, s. Nathan, scrofula, bur. July 16, 1800, a. 8 y. 5 

CE. 2. 

Nathan [consumption, c. r. 2.], Aug. 14 [S. g. r. 2.], 1804, a. 

37 7- 
Nathan Frye, s. Nathan [and Hannah. G. R. 3.], Feb. 16, 1842, 

a. 30 y. [a. 29 y. g. r. 2.3 
Phcbe, d. Nathan and Dorcas [fever, c r. 3.], Feb. 20, 1798, a. 

3 y- [a- a y. 5 m- c. R. 2.] 
Phebe Ann, unm., d. Herraon, consumption, Jan. to, 1845, ^' 

16 y. [a. 17 y. CR. i.] 
Keuben, of Dracut, at Ezekiel Carltons, "a dcrang'd Person who 

cut his own Throat," Oct. 5, 1807. 
Sally, w, Hermon, consumption, Sept. 10, 1845, a. 47 y. 

, d. Ebenezer, fits, bur. Feb. 23, 1796, a. 6 d. c. R. 2. 

, w. Abiel, Aug. 27, 1829. 

, inf. ch. Phillip, Oct. 31, 1839. c. R. i. 

, inf. s. Ebenezer, spasms, Dec. 10, 1843. [a. 1-2 d. c. r. 2.} 

JONSON (sec also Johnson), , ch. Phineas, Feb. 3, 1S31. 

JORDAN, Richard, fever, bur. Nov. 12, iSot, a, 67 y. c. r. 3. 

JOWETT (see also Jewett), Hannah, from Bradford, Eng., May, 
1847, d. Oct, 9, 1849, a. 54 y. c, r. 4. 

KELLEY (see also Kelly), Charles K., at Capt. N. Berry's, Oct. 

9. 1833- 
Daniel, drowned in Merrimac River, Aug. 3, 1833. 
Maiy, w. Daniel, Jan. 7, 1823. 
, ch. Moody, Feb. 12, 1833, a. i y. 3 m. 



KELLY (see also Kelley), Mary, w. Nathan, June 34, 1840, a. 

59 y- 
Maiy Ann, b. Ireland, vr. Chtistopber, constipation of bowels, 

June 19, 1848, a. 22 y. 

KEMPTON, William, b. FaraiingtoD, Me., laboTcr, typhns fever, 
Sept. 3, 1847, a. 41 y- 

KENDAL (see also Kendall), Samuel, s. Ephraim and Molly 
[sick from its birth, c. R. i.], Oct. 7, i794- [a- 4 y- i «>• 
c. R. ..] 

KENDALL (see also Kendal), Ephraim, Oct. 18, 1821. 

Harriot, d. Ephraim, fever, bur. Feb. 9, 1809, a, rj y. c. R. 2. 

John, s. Samuel and Abigail, Nov. 6, 1839, a. 12 y. 

Joseph, June 14, 1833. 

Mary, wid. Ephraim, Jan. 3, 1828. 

Samuel, June 22, 1843, a. 47 y. 

Walter, s. Ephraim, Oct. 23, 1821. 

, inf. ch. Ephraim, jr. and Eunice C, Jan. 12, 1815. 

KENT, Micajah [dropsy, c. r. i.], Oct. 18, 1842. 

William, s. Nath[anie]! T. and Sarah A., Sept. 16, 1830, a. lom. 

KERSHAW, , ch. , Sept. 19, 1841, a. 18 m. c s. i. 

, ch. , Mar. 3, 1844, a. 17 ro. c. r. i. 

, ch. James, cholera infantum, Aug. 17, 1S44. 

HETCH, , inf. d. Robert, Mar. 1 7, 1832. 

KEZAR, see Ceyzer. 

KIDDER, Frances Ann, d.' Francis and Nancy [consumption. 

c. R. 2.], Apr. 11,1830, a. 18 y. 
William Henry, June 14, r828. c R. 2. 

KIHBAL (see also Kimball), Andrew, s. Moses and Dorotba, 

Dec. 8, 1776, a. 4 m. 4 d. 
Andrew, Mar. 31, i799. a- So y. 
Dudly, May 14, 1783, a. ao y. 3 m. 
Mary, d. Daniel and Mary, May 8, 1815. 



KIMBALL (see also Kimbal, Kimbel, Kimble, Kimbol). Abiel^ 

8. Daniel and Mary, Mar. 13, 1800. 
Abigail, w, Ben;[amin], of Brookiield, drowned, Oct 9, 1772, in 

her 43d y. o. K. 2. 
Andrew, lung fever, July 2, 184a. [a. 62 y. c. R. i.j 
Anna, wid., bur. at Plaistow, N. H,, Apr. 1, 1848. [Mar. 31, a, 

85 y. c. R. 3.] 
Betsy, d. John, of BostoD, July 18, iSiz, a. 34 y. 
Caroline, A. Seth and Rosine, Dec. 25, 1837, a. 21 d. 
Cathaiine [abscess, c. r. i.], Nov. 5, i8a8, a. 12 y. 
[Charles, p. r.Si.], s. Thomas and Betsey, May 18, 1S19. a, 4 w. 

[May 20. p. R. 81.] 
Charles, s. Benja[min] F. [S. g. r, 6.], May i, 1842, a. 5 y. 

[and 6 m. g. r. 6.] 
Cha[tle3s Gilbert, s. Seth and Rosine, May 24, 1839, a. 6 m. 

G. R. 6. 
Daniel, s. Daniel, jr. and Mehetabel, Mar. 28, 1743. 
Daniel, Oct. 24, 1814, a. 65 y. [a, 64 y, c. R. 1.] 
Deborah, m,, b. Dracut, d. Amo and Susannah Aliice, typhus- 
fever, Oct. 19, 1848, a. 32 y. 
Deborah L., d. Peter, Feb. 3, 1797, a. 15 y. g. r. 2. 
Deborah L., w. E., Oct i;, 1848, a. 82 y. a r. 6. 
Dolly, 'd. John, of Boston, Aug. 2, 1823. 
Dorithy, wid. Moses, May 11, 1829, a. 90 y. 
Eliza, d. Thomas and Betsy (Berty), Jan. ai, i8ri. p. r. 81. 
Ephraim, s. William, Jan. 31, 1840. 
Esther [(Barker), c. r. i.], wid., Dec. 29, iSro. [Dec. 28, 

a. 87 y. c. R. 1.1 
Esther, unm., d. Andrew and Esther, old age, Feb. 3, 1848, a. 

93 y. 7 m- 2 d. 
[Haniwh. o. R. 6.], w. John, Sept. 9, 1818, a. 70 y. [Sept. 30, 

a. 7 1 y. c. R. 1 ; Sept. a i , 1 8 1 8, a. 77 y. c. r. 6.] 
Jacob, 3. Moaes and Dorothy, Aug. 4, 1764. 
Jacob [butcher, resident, consumption, c. R. i,], Jan. — , 1823, 
Jacob, Nov. 6, 1849, a. 51 y. g. r. 6, 
Jacob, m., yeoman, s. Daniel and Mary, consumption, Nov. r6, 

r849. a. 51 y- 5 ni. 
Jeremiah, s. Jesse and Susanna, July 18, 1765, 
Jeremiah, s. Daniel and Mary, Oct. 29, 1800. 
Jeremiah, s. Daniel and Mary, Oct. 29, 1802. 
John [fanner, c, R. i.], Oct. 10, 1826, a. 7 1 y. [a. 80 y. c. r. i .] 
John, Oct. r4, 1834, a. 33 y. 
Lucey,- d. Andrew [consumption, c. r. i.], Jan. 12, 1835, a> 

13 y- 



Kimball, Mary, d. Andrew and Mary, Feb. 33, 1S30, a. 33 y. 
Maiy, w. Andicw [found buined to death, c R. i.], Nov. 35, 

Mary, wid. Daniel, Sept. 28, 1847, a. 88 y. G. R. 6. 
Mary M., d. Amos and Lucy, Aug. 38, 1836, a. 18 y. 
Moses, July — , 1822, a. over 90 y. c. r. i. 
Peter, Aug. 10, 1794, a. 42 y. G. R. i. 
Phebe, d. Moses and Dorothy, July 8, 1784. 
Reuby, d. William and Eliiabeth, Oct. 9, 1802. 
Ricbaid, s. Jacob and Saiah, Sept. 13, 1758. 
Richard, 9. Richard and Anna, Dec. 15, 1762. 
Susan, d. Andrew and Mary, Sept. 4, 1825. 
Susannah, July 4, 1838. p. r. 124. 
Thomas, Dec. 5, 1767, in his 5!d y. 

Thomas, s. Thomas and Betsy (Berry), Nov. 26, 1798. p. r. 81. 
Thomas W[arren. c. r. 6.], s. Jacob and Hannah, scarlet fever^ 

Mar. 12 [11. G. R. 6.], 184*. [a. 7 m. C r. i.] 
, ch. John, of Salem, " at its Grandfather's, John Kimball," 

May 4, 1809. 

, ch. Andrew and Mary, May 21, 1821. [a. 9 m. c. r. i.] 

, ch. Benjfamin] F., June 31, 1829, a. i w. c k. 3. 

, Mrs., at Edmund Johnson's, May i, 1833. 

, s. Benj[amin] F., fits, Aug. 6, 1847, a. 14 y. c. h. i. 

, wid. Daniel, old age. Sept 28, 1847, a. 86 y. c. r. i. 

EIHBEL {see also Kimball), Abigaiel, Nov. 26, 1789, in her 
67th y. p. R. 114. 

KIHBLE, (see also Kimball), Charity, wid., bur. Sept 3, 1779, 
a. 89 y. 6 m. C. f. 2. 

KIHBOL (see also Kimball), Benjamin, 3. Jacob and Sarah, May 

33) i747> ii> ^is ^A^^ y- 
Daniel, Dec. 17, 1754, in his 7i8t y. 
Ester, w. Daniel, June is, 1753, in her 70th y. 
Isaac, s. Andrew and Esther, Aug. 7, 1748. 
Mary, d. Jacob and Sarah, Feb. 16, 1731-2. 
Mary, d. Jacob and Sarah, May 6, 1747, m her 6th y. 
Phebe, d. Thomas and Penelopy, Aug. 37, 1751. 
Sarah, d. Thomas and Betsey, Jan. 3, 1810, a. 3 y. 

KING, Ebenezer, smallpox, Feb. 20, 1721-2. 
, inf. ch. , Aug. 30, 1834. 



KITTERIDGE (see alao Kittredge), John, s. John and Maty, 

Apr. 2, 1747. 
Simeon, s. John and Mary, Apr. 16, 1747. 

ETTTREDGB (see also Kitteridge, Kittridge), John, Dr., July 10, 

1776, in his 67th y. g. r. i. 
John [farmer, c- R. i.j, July 5, 1826, a. 68 y. 
Joseph [Dr. c. r. 1.], m., physician, s. Dr. Thomas and Susanna, 

tumor [inflammation of bowels, c. R. i.J, Sept. 4, 1847, a. 

64 y. [a. 63 y. 10 ra. c. r. i.] 
Sally, d. Dr. Thomas and Susannah, Feb. ii, 1796, a. r4 y. 

10 ra. G. R. I. 
Sarah, wid. Dr. John, June 9, r788, in her 7isty. O. R. r. 
Susan, Miss, Aug. 6, r839, a. 78 y. 
Susanna [Miss., inflammation of bowels, c. R. i.], May 19, 1829, 

a. 56 y. 
Susanna, wid. Thomas, M. D., Apr. a8, 1840, a. 86 y. 
Thomas, Dr., "3 M. 3 D's, an eminent Physician and Surgeon, 

a firm supporter of Civil and Religious Liberty, — for many 

yean a Representative of the town in the General Court" 

[apoplexy, c. b. i.], Oct. 16, 1818, a. 7a y. 

KITTRIDGE (see also Kittredge), Hannah, Miss, Sept. [j. c. 

R. I.], i8ao. 
Sarah, wid., bur. Mar. 32, r78o, a. 86 y. c. r. 1. 

KNEELAND, Elizabeth, Miss, July 34, 1781, a. 30 y. G. r. 3. 

John, Sept. 4, i83r. 

Maty, Oct. 17, 1823. 

PriscUla, w. John [lung fever. P. R. 126.], Feb. 17, 1830, a. 59 y- 

[a, 59 y, 8 m. 17 d. p. r. 126.] 
[Rebekah. c R. a.], w. John, Esq., Aug. ri [12. c. r. 2.], 1819. 
Samuel A., Sept, 5, 1817, a. 40 y. 7 ra. t8 d. 

KNIGHTS, Elizabeth, unm., Dec. 2, r847, a. 29 y. 11 m. 

KNOWLTON, , ch. Mr. , Sept. 5, 1825. 

lACET (see also Lacy), Abigal, d, twin, Epharem and Martha, 

Aug.—, 1755. a- 3 "■ 3 ^■ 
Mehitable, w. Ephratm, Oct 22, 1840, a. 88 y. 



LACY (see also Lacey, Lahauce, Lahorse), Abigail, d. Ephtaim 

and Ann, "killed with thunder and lightening," July 24, 

Ann, wid., Dec. 14, 1763. 
Ephraim, Aug. 30, 173a. 
Ephtaim, Feb. 16, 1763, a. 42 y. 
Ephiaim [lung fever, fought at Bunker Hill. c. r. i.], Oct. 14, 

1889, a. 88 y. 9 m. 14 d. 
Laurence, s. Laurence and Maty, Aug. 8, 1733, a. abt. 50 y. 
Lydia [(Ingalls). c. R. i.], w. Andrew [K, c. R. 6.], July 30, 

1824. [a. 36 y. G. R. 6.] 
Phebe, d. John and Hannah, July 22, 1806, a. 9 d. 
Thomas, b. John and Hannah, Mar. 11, 1787, a. 48 houts. 
Thomas, a. John and Hannah, Jan. 6, 1804, a. 6 d. 

, d. stillborn, Andrew K. and Lydia, Aug. 24, 1823. 

, d. [inf. c. H. I.], Andrew K. and Lydia, Aug. to, 1824. 

, w. John, Dec. 16, 1827. 

, Mr., Oct. , — 1840. c. R. 1. 

LAHAUCE (see also Lacy), Mary, w. Lawtance, June t8, 1707. 

LAHORSB (see also Lacy), Larance, May 28, 1729, a. abt. 85 y. 

LAMB, George A., typhus fevet, July 17, 1846. 
John [b, Boston, c. r. i,], Dec. 17, 1828, a. 74 y. 

LANE, Maty, w. Willard, June 9, 1808, a. 26 y. g. r. a. 

LANDER, Edward [W. o. R. 1.], s. Benj[amin [and Lydia. o. 
R, 3.], May 27 [38. G. R. 2.], 1827, a. 13 m. 

LAWRENCE, Caroline, d. Rev. Edward A. and Margaiette 
Woods, Sept, II, 1848, a. 3 y. 9 m. 27d. c. R. 5. 

1£ARNARD, , Mts. of Boston, at Capt. Zeb[edia]h Holts', 

Mar. 6, 1817, a. 38 y. 

LEAVETT [Joan Ayer. g. r. 5.], w. Jonathan, Nov. 7, 1834, 
[Nov. II, 1824, a. 29 y. c. r. 5,] 

LEAVm (see also Leavett, Levett), Dotothy, w. Dudley, d. 
W[illia]in and Sarah Frost, Apr. 20, 1832, a. 38 y. g, r. 6. 

LEBARON, Martha [O. c. r. 1.], w. Dr. [cancer, c. b. i.], 

Nov. e [13. c R. I.], 1839. 



LEE, Alfred [J, G. R. 4.], s, Joseph and EUcd, July ar [19. g. 

R. 4.], 1846,3. I m. 14 d. 
David, Oct. 31, 1817, a. 31 y. 
Joanna [wid. Col. John. c. R. a.], of Manchester, Oct. 26, 1810, 

a- 93 y- 
John, Capt., Mar. 26, 1812, a. 74 y. 
John, B. David and Deborah [consumption, c. R. 2.], May 3, 

1840. a. 35 y. 

LBES, Elizabeth, Aug. 35, iSae.a. 17 y. 

LEFAVOUR, see Favour. 

LEVETT (see abo Leavitt), Rufus, b. Boston, baker, s. Edward, 
consumption, Apr. iz, 1847, a. 22 y. 

LEW, Dinah, wid. Brazillai, Jan. r, 1837, a. 92 y. 

Dorcas, d. Barzilla and Sally. Sept. 13, 1817, a. 5 y. 

Dorcas [ (Blister), c. r. i.], w. Zadoc, Jan. [24. C. r. 1.], iSrg. 

Erie, Dec 15, 1833, a. 31 y. 

James, s. Barzilla and Sally [dysentery, c. R. r.J, Sept. 6, 1817, a. 

8 y. [s y. c. R. I.] 
[Rufus. c. R. I.], s. Barzilla and Sally [djsentery. c. R. i.], Sept 

ra, 1817, a. 3 y. [a. 2 y. c. R. i.] 

LEWIS, Thtresa, w. John, bleeding at \ht lungs, May i, 1842, a. 
25 y. c. R. 2. 

LINDSEY, Daniel, at John Poors, jr., May 17, 1825. 

LINES, Susan, , 1820. c. r. 2. 

LION (see also Lyon), , ch. David and Fanny, Sept. 30, 

1824, a. 7 d. 

LISCOMB (see also Lnscomb), Daniel Trow [Luscomb. p. r. 94.}, 
s. Sani[ue]l, Dec. 12, 1811, a. 6 m. [Dec. 8. P. R. 94.] 

LITTLE, Abigail, wid. [w. Stephen. G. r. 4], b. Gilmaniown, 

dropsy in chest. May 17, r847, a. 33 y. 
John M., s. Stephen W. and Abigail, Aug, 21, 1847, a 18 w. o. 

UTTLEWOOD, William, b. England, ship fever, June 18, 1848, 
a. 40 y. [a. 42 y. dup.] 



LOCKE, David, s. James and istn., of Salisbury, b. June 16, 1791, 
d, at sea, Apr. 30, 1811, g. r, 2. 

Hiiam M., d. James and ist w., of Salisbury, b. Deb. 12, j8oo, d. 
at sea, Sept. 28, 1820. G. R. 3. 

James, TTidi., innboldei [indigestion. c.R. a.], Apr. 20, 1845,3. 
«a y. [a. 83 y. G. R. 2.] 

James Ordiome, Capt., s. James and istw., of Salisbury [acci- 
dent, c. R. 2.], b. Feb. 22, 1796, d. Boston, Sept, 30, 1840. 
G. R. 2, 

Sally, w. Capt. James [cancer, c. R. z.], Sept. 17, 1835, a. 63 y. 
[a.66y. c. r. 1.] 

, ch. George, thrush, Aug, 27, 1846, a. i m. 

LONG, Chaillottee [consumption, c r. i.], Feb. i, 1818, 

Elijah, June 36, 1829. 

Hannah [(Stiles), c R. 1.], wid. John [apoplexy, c. R. 1.], Mar. 
27, 1811. [a. 75y- c. R. I.] 

Hairiot E., d. John and Mary, Sept. 4, 1822, a i y. 11 m. 

Jane, d. Elijah and Elizabeth, July 19, 1836. 

John, Sept. 30, 1808. 

John, May 18, 1835, a. 64 y. 

Joshua, at the almshouse, bur. July 20, 1809, a. 49 y, c. r. 2. 

Josiah, at the almshouse, Dec. 31, i8z3. 

Mary, nid. [John. c. r. i], d. Samuel and Susanna Barker, inflam- 
mation of brain. Mar, 3, 1846, a. 67 y. 

Mehitable, d. John and Maty, murdered, Oct. 20, 1842, a. 
42 y. 

Molly, w. Josiah, at the almshouse, Dec. 2, 1S30. 

Rachel, at the almshouse, Sept. 15, i8ai. 

Robert [h, Sarah, dup.], Aug. 18, 1749. 

Sarah Jane, d. wid. of Elijah, June — , 1S36, a. 8 y. c. r. t, 

Stephen [Revolutionary soldier, c k. i.], Sept. 9, 1832, a 71 y. 
[a. 84 y. c R. T.] 

, d. Sarah, wid., Sept. 16,1749. 

, ch. Elijah and Elizabeth, Sept 35, 1833. 

, ch. John and Mary, Oct. 13, 1822. [a. 9 y. c. r. i.j 

, ch. W[illia]ra, Dec. — , 1841, a. 6 w. c. r. i. 

, wif. ch. Elijah, fit, Sept. — , 1843. c, r. i. 

LORD, Edward, s. Jona[than] and Betty, June 2Z, r846, a 9 h. 

G. R 6. 
James, 3. Jonathan and Betsy, June 32, 1846, a. 5 h. 



LORING, Ellen M[atia. c. r. i.j, b. Danvers, w. I. Osgood, con- 

sumptioo, bur. at Danvers, Mar. 5, 1849, a. 14 y. 
Sallj- Pickman, w. Rev. Bailey [consumption, c. K. i,], July 18, 

183s. a- spy- 
Sarah, wid. Thomas, consuroption, June 10, 1848, a 65 y. [a. 64 y. 
c. R. 2.3 

LOVEJOY (see also Lovjoy), Abtah, w. Orlando, dropsy, Dec. 

17. 1843- 
Abiel,s. Christopher and Mary, Mar. 15, 1728-9. 
Abiel, s. Henry and Sarah, Feb. 8, 1731-2. 
Abijah, s. Benjamin and Susanna, Aug. 7, 1738. 
Abner [a. Joseph and Mary. c. r. 2.; consumption, c. r. 2.], 

Sept. 24, iSos, a. 22 y. 5 m. 
Allice, d, Lt WiUiam and Mary, July 25, 1741. 
Amos [consumption, c. R. s.j, .4>pi. 15, 1S06, a. 24 y. 10 m. [a. 

36 y. 6 m. G. R. 2.j 
Andrew, t. Ebenezerand Mary, Mar. 21, 1724-5. 
Andrew, s. John and Hannah, Aug. 6, 1739, in his irth y. 
Asa, S.John and Hannah, Sept. 12, 1739, in his 6th y. 
Asa, s. Joseph and Mehetebel, Sept. 30, 1749, a 3 y. 6 m. 
Benjamin, s. John and Mary, "a Souldier att Pemyquid," , 

Betsy, w. Henry, Aug. 5, 1833. 

Bodwell, s. Isaac, Dec. 2, 1832, a 51 y. [a. 50 y. g. r. 3.] 
Caleb, s. Willia[mj and Mary, Apr. 26, 1691. 
Calvin, s. William B. and Mary A., dysentery, Jan. 26, 1849, a. 

Charles [A. a r. 3.], s. Henry and Betsy [Elizabeth. G. r. 3.], 

Dec. 15, 1829, a 2 y. 8 TQ. 
Christopher, jr., Mar 2r, 1731-2, in his 45th y. 
Christopher, Mr., Mar, 17, 1736-7, in his 76th y. 
Daniel Fox, s. Sylvester and Clarissa, May i, 1842, a. 2 y. 4 m. 

G. R. 3. 

David Boynton,s. Nathan, bur. Jan. 2, 1778, a. i y. i m. c. r. 2. 

Deborah, wid., May 25, 1813, a. 89 y, 

Dolly, w. John, fits and nervous fever, bur. June 26, 1809, a. 21 y. 

c. r. 2. 
Dorcas B[allard. G. r. 3.], d. Eben[eze]r, jr. and Delina, July 4 

[3. G. R. 3.], r838, a 2 y. 10 m. 
Dorcas Jane, d. Eben, jr. and Delina, Sept. 29, 1827, a. r4 m. 

c B. 3. 
[Dorothy, c. B. a.], wid. Jere[mia]h, Oct. — , i8r3. [Oct. 19, a. 

72 y. G. R. 3.] 




LovEjoY, Ebcn, s. Isasu:, July 19, 1840. [a. 44 y. g. r. z.] 

Ebenezei.s. Ebenezer and Mary, Oct, 20, 1739. 

Ebenezer, May 15, 1760, a 86 y. 

Ebenezer, Sept 18, 1773, in his 77tli y. 

Elezebeth, v. Jonathan, Mar. 30, 1735. 

Eliz[abe]th, wid. Nath[3nie]I, consumptioD, June 21, 1770, a. 60 

1-3 y. G. R. I. 
Elizabeth, d. Nathaniel and Elizabeth, May 8, 1774. [a. 11 m. 9 

d. G. R I.] 

Elizabeth, w. Capt, Nath[anie]i, Apr. 24, 1775, a. 31 y. 
Elizabeth [ad. G. B. i.], w. Nath[anie]ll, Esq., Nov. 19, 1788,0. 

38 y. 5 d. 
Eliz£abe]th, w. Henry, Aug. 5, 1833, a. 40 y, g. b. 3, 
Elizebath, d. Ezekicl and Elizabeth, Mat. r8, 1728-9. 
Ephraim, Oct. — , 1840. c. r. i. 
Ezekiel, s. Ezekiel and Elisabeth, Nov. 9, 1739. 
Ezekiel, Apr. 13, 1742, 

Hannah, wid,, bur, July 7, 1774, a. 70 y. c R. 2. 
Hannah, d. Daniel, jr., bur. Sept. 16, 1775, a. 4 y. 8 m. C, r, 2. 
Hannah, d. Joseph and Mary [neivons fevei. c. B. 2,], Dec. a$, 

1797, a 19 y. G.R. 2. 
Haiiiot [B, G. R. 2.] , w. Samuel, July 4, 1830, a. 26 y. [a. a8 y. 

G. H, a. 
Henry, bur, Feb. s, 1776, a. 92 y, 2 m. c. R. 2. 
Henry, s. Isaac, Oct. 38, 1836, a. 43 y. 
Isaac [old age and fever, c r. z,], Dec. 3, 1 799 [1800. g. r. 3,], 

a. 76 y. 
Isaac, bur. Nov. 23, i8ir, a 79 y. c r. 2. 
Isaac, jr., Oct, 9, 1S27. 
Isaac, Dec. 8, 1833, a. 75 y. 
James, s. Ebenezer and Mary, Oct. 15, 1739, 
James, Jan. 14, i8t6, a 94 y, 

Jere, Oct. 4, 1806, a, 68 y. g. R. 3. [and 7 m, c, r. 3.] 
Jerusha, d. Henry and Sarah, July 15, 1725, 
John, jr., July r4, 1680. 
John, Nov. 7, 1690, 

John, s. John and Hannah, Sept. 5, 1739, in his 16th y. 
John, May 10, 1758, 

John, " died in ye Service," , 1778, c. R. 2. 

John, Feb, 26, 1817. 

Jonathan, Mar. 25, 1725. 

Jonathan, s. Nathaniel, jr. and Elezebeth, Jan, g, 1749-50, in his 

2d y. 
Joseph, 5. Joseph and Sarah, Mar. 2, 1697-8. 



LovEjOY, Joseph, Mr., June 5, 1737, in his 76th y. 
Joseph, s. Joseph and Mehetable, Sept. 26, 1740. 
Joseph, jr., consumption, bur. Sept 23, 1799, a 34 y. r. m. c. 

Joseph [consumptioa. a. r. 2,], Feb. 7, 1803, a. 59 y. 
JosephJoe, d. William B. and Maty A£nn. g. r. 3.], dysentery, 

Jan. 16, 1849, a. 12 y. 10 m. 
Joshua, s. Benjafmin] and Susannah, Aug. 26, 1723. 
Joshua, s. Benjamin and Susannah, Apr. 2, 1724. 
Joshua, Feb. 2, 1812, a. 91 y. 
Joshua, bur, Jan. 2, 1813, a. 93 y. c, R. 2. 
Josiah Johnson, apoplexy, bur. Oct. 31, 1805. a. 22 y. c. r. 2. 
Josiah Olis, s. Josiah, May 9, 1830, a. 15 m. 
Julia, d. Stephen and Lydia, measles, July a, 1349, a. 10 ra. 8 (i. 
Ijiura Ann, d. Saui[ue]I and Harriot, Sept. 20, 1829, a. 5 m. 
Lemuel, s. Isaac, sr. and Deborah, Oct. 26, 1763. 
I>ois, d. Daniel, jr., bur. Sept. 18, 1775. C. R. 2. 
Lucinda, d. Bodwell [and Sally, g. r. 3.], Nuv. 28, 1832, a. 17 y. 
Lydia, w, Joshua, lung fever, bur. Sept. 1 1 , 1807, a. 84 y. c. r. 2. 
Margaret M., unm,, d, W[illia]ra and Phebe, typhus fever, Sept. 

17, 1845, a. 19 y. 6 m. 35 d. 
Moitha, d. James [5. g. r. 3.] and Hannah, Oct. 2, 1838. [a. 

30 y. G. R. 3.] 
Mary, w, Jo[h]n, July 15, 1675, 
Mary, d. Christopher and Mary, Dec. ro, 1719. 
Mary, d. Timothy and Mary, Aug. 10, i73r. 
Mary, d. Ebenezer and Maty, Oct. 15, 1739. 
Mary, w. Lt. William, Dec. 25, 1739. 
Mary, wid. Ebenezer, Oct. 5, 1763. 

Mary, wid., old age, bur. July 11, 1795, a. 98 y. 3 m. c- R. 2. 
Mary, w. Isaac, old age, bur. Jan. 15, 1803, a. 79 y. rom.c.R. ». 
Mary, wid. Joseph [consumption, c. r. 3.], Aug. 17, 1808, a. 

63 y- 

Mary, wid. Isaac, Apt. 15 [17. G. R. 3.], 1835, a. 78 y. [a. 77 y. 

G. R. 3.] 
Mary F[raiices. G. r. 3.], d. John and Mary F., Aug. 24, 1838, a. 

I y, [and 27 d. G. r. 3.] 
Mehetabel, d. Eben[eze3r and Mary, Apt. 14, 1761, a' 34 y. 
Mehetable, d. Joseph and Mehetable, Oct. 10, 1740. 
Moody, 3. Samuel and Harriet, Dec. 31, 1827, a. 5 m. 
Moses A., s. Moses and Sarah, cholera infantum, SepL 15, 1848, 

a. 10 m. 6 d. 
Naomie, d. Ebenezer and Mary, Oct. 15, 1739. 
Nathaniel, Mar. 7, 175a, in his 85th y. 



"LovEjoy, Nathaniel, " in an apoplectic fit," Aug. 35, 1769, a. 69 y, 

6 m. G. R. I . 

Nathaniel, s. Capt. Nathaniel and Elizabeth, i^ay 18 [8. g. r. i.]; 

1775. [a. 4 m. 5 d. G. R. r.] 
Nathaniel, s. Capt. Nathaniel and Elizabeth fsd w. G. r. i.], 

Aug. 3 [6. G. R. I.], 1776. [a. a w. g. r. i.] 
Nathaniel, Esq., apoplexy, July 5, i8ia [1813. g. r. i.J, a. 68 y. 

2 m. 6 d. 
Nath[anie]ll, s. Nalh[anie]U and Eliia[beth] [ad w. G. r. 1.], 

Sept. 26, 1784, a. 8 1-2 m. 
■Obadiah, s. Benjamin and Susanna, Aug. ji, 1738. 
Fatty, d. Isaac, 4th, canker, bui. Mar. i, 1796, a. 6 y. 9 m, 

C. R. 2. 
Fetei, s. Benjamin and Susanna, Aug. 14, 173S. 
i'eler [cancer, c r. a.], Feb. 5, 1774, a. 48 y. 
Phebe, d. Eben and Phebe, Nov. 2, 1807, a. 2 1-2 y. g. r. 3. 
Phebe F., d. William and Phebe, Feb. 2 [24. a. r. 3.], 1836, a. 

7 y. [a. 8 y. G. R. 2.] 

Phebe F., d. Orlando and Abiab, June 13, 1843, a. 16 y. 

Phoebe, d. Daniel, jr., bur. Jan. 3, 1777,3. i y. 6 m. c. r, 3. 

Pursus, w. John, Feb. 18, 1816. , 

Kuth, wid. Isaac, Apr. 25, 1830, a. 77 y. 

Samuel, s. Samuel and Hannah, July 29, 1736. 

Samuel, Dec. 3, 1749, a. 56 y. 7 m. 

Samuel, s. Isaac, 4th, lung fever, bur. June 6, 1796, a. 3 m. 

c. R. 3. 
Saiah, w. Capt. W[illia]m, Oct. 17, 1747, in her 6*d y. g, r. 2. 
Sarah, wid. Capt. W[illia]m, Oct. 9, 1772, in her 8sth y. G. R. 2. 
Sarah, bur. July 15, 1775, a. 75 y. c. r. 2. 
Sarah, d. Jere[miah] and Dolly [fever, c. »■ a.], Dec. 7, 1799, 

a. 31 y. G. R. 3. [and 5 m. c. r. 2.] 
Warren, s. Stephen and Lydia, consumption, Jan. 6, r847, a. 8 y. 

7 m. 8 d. 
Wiliam, Dca., July 9, 1748, in his 92d y. 
"William, t. Henry and Sarah, Apr. 15, 1732. 
William, s. Samuel and Hannah, Feb. 8, 1839-40. 
William, s. William and Hannah, July 8, 1747. 
William, Capt., Mar. 8, 1762. 
— rah, wid. Joseph, June 20, 1739, a. 72 y. 
, s. Nath[anie]l, Esq. and Eliz[al>e]th, June 31, r77i. 

G. R, I. 

, d. Ebenezei, burn, bur. Nov. 27, 1807, a. 2 i-a y. c. R. 3. 

, ch. Isaac, 3d, Nov. 6, 1822. 

-, ch. Josiah, Mar. 23, 1827. 



LOVJOY (see also Lovejoy), Dorathy, w. Nathfanie]ll, May 17, 

1714, a. abt. 40 y, 
Dorathy, d, Ezekiel and Elisabeth, Oct. 28, 1739. 
Hannah, wid,, cancer in throat, Aug. i, 1705. 
Harriot K., d. Henry [and Elizabeth, a R. 3.], Dec. 28, 1832, 

a. i7y. [a. i6y. G. R. 3.} 
William, s. William and Sarah, Mar. 23, 1706-7. 

LOWERY, Mary, d. William and Sarah, measles, Nov. i, 1849, 

LOKE, Caroline Manitha, d. Daniel and Emily [canker. c.R. i.], 
Sept. 25, 1843, a. 10 m. 

LUHHAS (see also Lummus), Margaret, d. Joseph and Sarah, 
July 14, 1819. 

LUMMUS (see also Lummas), Beni[ami}n, s. Joseph, Oct 3, 

Mary, d. Samuel and Elizabeth, Sept. [28], r8i3. a. 7 w. 

LUSCOHB (see also Liscomb), Lydia, d. Richard and Rhoda, 

Sept. 29, 1820, a. 7 m. 
Khoda, w. Richard, July 10, 1832. 
Richard, s. Richard and Rhoda, Dec. 17, 1826, a. 8 ni. 
Samuel, Aug. 8, 1826, in his 49th y. p. r. 94. 
, ch. Richard and Lydia, May 23, 1839, a. 6 y. 

LYNCH, , killed on railroad, Aug. 16, 1837. 

LTOH (see also Lion), Elizabeth, Sept 2a, 1829, a. So y. 

McCANN, , ch. , worms. Mar. 33, 1840, a. 2 y. 4 m. 

c. R. a. 

Mccarty, Peter, " a Frenchman of the Island of St. Lucia, 
who in consequence of the Wars in the West Indies came 
here foe his education, killed by the explosion of the drying 
powder house," Oct. 17, 1796, a. 21 y. c. r. 2. 

McCOY, John, m., laborer, pleurisy, Dec. rg, 1848, a. 42 y. 
, d. John and Mary, Apr, 16, 1848, a. ro d. 



Mcdonald, Harriet A[nn. o. R. 6.], d. James P. and Harriet, 

cholera, iDfaotum, Sept. 24, 1849, a. 11 m. 19 d, 
Robert, a. John and Hannah, Sept. r4, 1825. 

MAC£( Bbenezer, s. Jonathan, jr. and Martha [suddenly, c B. z.], 

Nov. 25, 1800. [a. 3 7. 5 m. C. R. a,] 
Ira, Oct. 14 [15. c. R. 1.], 1831, a. 2 y. g. r. 2. 
Isaac, 9. twin, Isaac and Sarah, June 27, 1771. 
Isaac, May 29, 1814, a. 87 y. 
Isaac, unm., farmer, colic, Jan. 7 [10. C. R. 2. andG. R. a.], 1846) 

Jonathan, at the almshouse, Dec. 30 [18. c r. 2.'], 1831. 

Martha, w. Jonathan, May 3, 1818, a. 54 y. 

Sarah, w. Isaac [consumption, c r. 2.], Mar. 7, 1802 [a. 71 y. 

c. R. 3.] 
Sarah, d. Isaac and Sarah, Mar. 29, i8r7, a. 51 y. 
Solomon, a. Jonathan, fits, bur. Dec. 17, 1803, a. 5 d. c. r. 2. 
, young, ch. Isaack, bur. Sept. 30, 1772, c. R. 2. 

McPARLAND (see also McFarlen), Lydia, Mrs., consumption,. 
bur. July 27 , 1 795 , a. 38 y. 5 m. c. R. 2. 

William Oliver, s. Epbraim and Susan, of Belfast, Me. [consump- 
tion. C. R. I.], Oct. 14 [13. C. R. I.], 1839, a. 13 y. 

McFARLEN (see also McFarland), Jane [E. g. r. 2.], d. James 
[and Margaret, g. r. z.], dysentery, Oct. i, 1849, a. i y^ 
10 m. [a. I y. 16 d. G. r. z.] 

McGEE (see also Magce), Eliza Ann, d. Samuel, and Mary,. 

typfhus] fever, Sept. 26, 1843, a. r3 y. 7 m. 
Mary, m., d. John and Mary, fits, Jan. 8, 1846, a. 68 y, 
Samuel, s. Samuel, Sept. 4, i8z6, a. 14 m. 

, ch. , at the factory, June 22, i8zz. 

, ch. , Apr. 21, r82S. 

HcILROT, Titus Bu[r]gess, b. Glasgow, Scotland, brain fever, 
Aug. 3, 1847, a. 6 m. 

HcINTIRE (see also Mclotyre), Zadock, "found dead i» road 
with his Rum Bottle by his side," Dec. i, 1840. 



McINTTRB (see also Mclntire), , wid., consumption, Aug. 

18, 1842, a. 55 y. c. R. 3. 

HACEAT (see also Mackey), Nancy L. G., unm. [paralysis, 
c R. 3.], Apr. 34, 1845, a. 70 y. 

MACKET(8eeaIsoMackay), Daniel, Capt., Aug. 2, ijgC, a. 77 y. 

G. R. I. 

HcLATHLIN, , wid., May i, i8r6. 

HcLEROE, , w. , brain fever, Aug. 16, 1847. c e. i. 

McNASURA, Susan, d. W[Ulia]m and Abigail, June 13, 1840, a. 
9 m. [a. ti m. 35 d. c r. 4.J 

McNEAL, Jane C, w. John, Nov. 38 [37. g. h. 3.], 1836, a 27 y. 
John, s. Edmund and Abigail [at Steven's factory, dup.], Aug. 
37, 1831. [a. lo ra. dup.J 

HcROBT, Mary J., w. William, Sept zs, 1821. 

HAGEE (see also McGee), James, s. Samuel and Mary, May 19, 

1844, a. 4 y. 
Nancy [Mrs. c. R. i.], Nov. 8, 1833, a. yr y. 
, consumptiCHi, Sept. 37, 1838, a. a y, c. R. 2. 

MANN* John, m., b. Salem, farmer, hemorrhage, July zo [zi. 

G. R.3. ], 1846, a. 50 y. 10 m. 6 d. 
Lydia K. [Favor, c. R. 4.], w. Dr. Daniel [of Boston, c. R. 4.], 

consumption, July 13, 1842, a. 39 y. 

MANNING, Augusta V., d. Edw[ar]d A. and Hannah L., May 16, 

1847, a. 7 7- 7 «i- G. R.2. 
Elisabeth, bilious fever, bur. at Billerica, Sept 31, 1796, a. 33 y. 

4 m. c. R. 2. 
Helen, num., d. Edwaid, May 15, 1847. 
Joseph M., s. Thomas, jr. and Sally, Feb. 33, i8ji, a. i y. 
Lydia [S., typhus fever, c. r. 2.], July 38, 1834, a. 19 y. 
Mary, Miss, Aug. 5, 1834, a 84 y. a r. 2. [a. 83 y.p. r. 75.] 
Mary E[liKabeth. G. r. a.], w. Samuel B., Mar. 27 [13. g. r. a.], 

1833. [a. 33 y. G. R. 3-] 
[Mary K. p. r. 75,], ch. Thomas, jr. and Sally, Mar. [24. p. r. 

750' 1817, [a. 13 d. p. r. 75-] 
Mehitable, d. Tho[ma]s and Mehitable, Jan. 37, 1785, a 15 y. 



Mannimg [Mehitable. g. k. 3.], w. Thomas, Aug. 16, 1814. [Aug. 

IS, a. 74 y. G. R. a.] 
Patty, d. Thomai and Mehitable, Aug. 3, 1778, a. i y. 6 m. 
Saiah [A. c. R. 4.], d. Thomas and Sarah [consumptioD. c. R. i.], 

July 13 [30, G. R. 3], 1840, a. 30 y. [and 7 m. c. R. 4.] 
Sarah E., d. &muel and Betsy W., May 33, 1840, a. i y. a d. 
Sarah H., vr. Thomas {consumption, c. r. 3.], Oct. 19, 1839, a. 55 

y. G. R. 3. 
Thomas, s. Tho[ma]8 Mid Mehitable, May 34, 17S0. [a. 3 w. 

3 d. c. R. 3.] 
Thomas, Feb. 31 [30. c r. a. and g. r. 3.], 1851. [a. 84 y. p. r. 

Thomas, ro.,faTmer, s. Thomas and Mehetabel, apoplectic fit, Mar. 

1 [Feb. 36. o. R. 3.], 1849, a, 76 y. [a. 66 y. 10 ro. c. R. 2. 

and p. R. 75 ; 67 y. g. r. 3,] 

, ch. Thomas, bur. June 26, 1788, a. 3 h. c. R. 2. 

, unm., sister of Tho[ma]s, Aug. 6, 1834. 

HANOCK, Mary, m., b. England [w. David, c. r. i.], d. David 
and Brenly T., inflammation, Sept. 14 [r5. o. r. 7.], 1847, 
a. 34 y. [a. 33 y. 10 m. g. r. 7-] 

HAMSFIEU), Sarah [unm. c. r. 3.], at James Howarth's, Dec. 

HARBEL (see also Marble), Noah, Dec. r6, 1753. 

HARBLB (see also Marbel), Abigail [consumption, c. B. i.],Oct, 

13. i8ii- 
Benjamin, s. Job and Phebe, Aug. 36, 1738. 
Benjamin, s. Job and Phebe, Mai. 16, 1761, a. 31 y. 
Cyrus, Lt,, suddenly [farmer, apoplexy, while driving his team. 

c. R. I.], Aug. 36, 1813, a. 75 y. 
Dorathy, A. Joseph and Mary, June 30, 1673. 
Dorathy, d. Joseph and Hannah, Oct 9, 1706. 
Enoch, 8. Noah and Mary, June 1 1, 1738. 
Enoch, Aug. 14, t8io. 

Hannah, d. Joseph and Hannah, Oct. 13, 1706. 
Henry, s. Samuel and Dorcas, Dec, 33, 1797. 
Job, June 27, 1789, in his gsth y. g. R. i. [a, 94 y. 4 m. 6 d. 

p. R. 1 38.] 
Jonathan, s. Job and Phebe, Apr. 7, 1743. 
Joseph, s. Noah and Mary, "sickness in the King's Service at 

Lewisbug," Jan, 29, 1745-6, 



Makble, Mary, d. Noah aod Mary, Jan. 17, 1734-5. 

Phebe, d. Job and Phebe, July ao, 1738. 

Phcbc, wid. Job, Mar. 2, 1794, in her 90th y. c, r. i. [a. 89 y. 

lom. p.K. 128.} 
Polly.Sept. 3j, 1807. 

Priscilla, d. Jobe and Phebe, Nov. 14, 1789, in her S3(i y. g. r. i, 
Rebecca, Mar. 13, 1786, a. 59 y, 

Rebecca, d. Job and Phebe, Mar. 13, 1787, a. 57 y. p. r. ia8. 
Rebecka, d, Samuell and Rebecka, Oct. 24, 1703. 
Samuel, Aug. 30, 1764. 

Samuel, s. Job and Phebe, Aug. 35, 1766, in his 25th y. 
Susannah, d. Job and Phebe, July 7, 1738. 

, s. Noah and Mary, Apr. 9, 1736. 

, wid. Lt. Cyrus, Sept 10, 1825- 

MARDENTEN, Jane [Wadington. c. R. i.], d. Thomas and Mar- 
tha, diarrhoea, July 16, 1847, ^- ^ V- '4 ^' 

MARES, Sarah, w. Roger, small pox, Dec. 22, 1690. 

MARLAND [Abraham, g. r. 2.], s. Abraham and Mary, Nov. 11, 

i8zi, a. 34 d, [Nov. 13. c. r. a.] 
Abraham, ro., b. Lancashire, Eng. [Feb. 22, 1772. g. r. 4.], 

woolen manufacturer, Feb. 20, 1849, a 77 y. 
Fanny [Frances Ann, c, r. 4.], d. John and Lucretia, Mar. 17, 

1836, a. 3 y. 8 m. 
Tho[ma]s, s. Abraham and Mary [at sea, ship Hope, Capt. 

Tate. P. R. 76.], July 37, 1821, a. 21 y. G. R. 2. [a. 20 y. 

p. R. 76.3 
Thomas, inf., s. Abraham and Mary, Nov. 11, 1822. 
William Sfykea. p. r. 76.], m., manufacturer, s. Abraham and 

Mary, dysentery, Aug. 27, 1847, a. 39 y, 

MARSH, Gilbert H. [of Thomaston, Me. c. k. 5.], a student, 

Jan. 7, 1832, a 31 y. [Jan. 6. G. R. S-3 
Sarah, " maintained by Ae Town for seven years Past," Jan. 4, 



MARSHALL (see also Marshal, Marshell), Anna [unm. g. r. 6.], 
of Boston, at Capt. W[illia]m Johnson's, Jan. [25] [17. 
G. r. 6.], 1819, a. 79 y. 



Marshall, George Fuller, s. Alonzo and Elizabeth, July 33, 1837, 

a 15 m. [July 15, 1838, a. 16 m. dup.] 
Jacob, June 3, 1814, a. 68 y. 
Joannah, wid. Thomas, May 16, 1708, a. abt. 100 y. 
Loring, s. Thomas S. [and Fhebe S. o. r. z.], cholera infantum, 

Aug. 3, 1844, a. 6 m, 15 d. 
Satab, wid. [w. Jacob, consumption, at the poothouse. c. r. a.], 

Apr. 30, 1808. [a. 5S y. 6 m. c. R. a.] 
Susanna [wid., fever. c.R. 2.], Jan. 5, 1805. [a. 89 y. C. R. a.] 
Thomas, Jan. 15, 1708-9, a. near roo y. 

, s. Jacob, fever, bur. Nov. as, 1793, a. 8 y. 8 ra. c.R. 2. 

, ch, Nath[aniel], July 27, 1844, a. 6 m. c. r. a. 

MARSHELL (see also Marshall), James, dropsy, bur. Mar. 37, 

1797, a. 42 y. 3 m. c. r. 3. 
, w. James, consumption, bur. Dec. 33, 1790, a. 32 y. c, r. 2. 

HARSTIN (see also Marston), Jacob, Nov. 24, 1727. 

NARSTON (see also Marstin, Maratone, Mastin, Mastine, Mas- 
ton), Jo[h]n, 8. John and Mary, May 13, 1699. 
John, s. Jacob and Elizabeth, Nov. 30, 1700. 
Martha, wid. John, Oct. 11, 1733, a, abt. 87 y. 
Mary, w. Jo[h^n, jr., Apr. 5, 1700. 

HARSTONE (see also Marston), Jacob, s. Jacob and Elizabeth, 

Mar. 31, 1688. 
John, s. John and Mary, Jan. aj, 1693-4. 

MARTAIN (see also Martin), Abigail, d. Nathaniel and Hannah, 

July I, 1763. 
Daniel, s. Solomon and Dorathey, Mar. 31, 1748. 
Daniel, t. Nath[anie]ll and Hannah, Aug. 5, 1763. 
Elizabeth, d. Joseph and Fhebe, May 29, 1763. 
Hannah, w, Wiliam, May 3r, 1750, 
John, s. John, jr. and Hannah, June 38, 1763, 
Joseph, Apr. ao, 1 760, a. 68 y. 
Phebe, d. Joseph and Phebe, May 23, 1763. 
Rachel, d. Joseph and Phebe, May 37, 1763. 
Solomon, Apr. 4, 1754, in his 59th y. 
Solomon, Oct. 11, 1803, a. 43 y. 

MARTIN (see also Marlain), Abigail, wid. Ens. Samuel, May 15, 

_i739. a- 87 y. 
Clarissa, d. Moses and Hannah, Jan. ao, 1839, a. 30 m. a r. 6. 



Martin, Dorathy, w. Solomon, May a?, 1747. 

Elisabeth, w. John, bur. Dec. 8, 1 773. c. R. 2. 

Eliiabeth, d. Sam[ue]l and Elizabeth, Sept. 28, 1773. 

Hannah, w. John, Dec. 8, 1763. 

Hannah, d. John and Hannah, Mar. 30, 1766. 

Hannah, w. John, Dec. zo, 1769. 

John, Mr., June 5, 1764, in his 69th y. 

Lydia, bur. July 24, 1776, a. 7 y. 3 m, c. R. 2. 

Mary, w. Heniy, Apr, 8, 1766. 

Rachel, w. Joseph, Nov. 15, 1732. 

Samuel, Ens., Nov. 16, 1696. . 

Samuel], s. Samuell and Abigail, Feb. i, 1681-3. 

Susanna, d, John and Hannah, Apr. 19, 1743. 

Susanna, d. Solomon and Phebe, June 10, 1792, a. 3 y. 10 m. 

, ch. Mr,, July — , 1840, C. R. I. 

, Miss, fit, Sept. 18, 1843, a. 16 y. c. R. i. 

HASON, Alfred S., Oct. 7, 1844. p. r. 97. 

Daniel, at the almshouse, Feb. 27, 1839, a. 41 y. 

Daniel, m., cordwainer, consumption, Aug. 28, 1846, a. 59 y. 

Daniel R., s.-DanieIand Martha, consumption. May 7, 1842, 

a. 26 y. 
Martha, w. Daniel, consumption, Nov. 29, 1843, a. 55 y. 
Robert, Dec. 3, 1821, a. 63 y. 

Willard, s. Thomas and Phebe (Wardwell), consumption, Dec. 
36, 1849, a. 3a y. 9 m. ig d. 

HASTBR, John, s. Abra[ha3m and Susanna, July 24, 1 769. 

HASTIN (see also Marston), Jacob, s. Jacob and Mary, " in the 
Kings Service at Lewisburg, came sick from thence to Bos- 
ton and died," Apr. z6, 1746. 

John, July 4, 1741, in his 88th y. 

HASTINB (see also Marston), Joseph, Jan. 19, 1737-8. 

Ephraim, s. John, sr.. May 5, 1707, a. abt. 32 y. 
Hannah, d. John and Mary, Sept. 7, 1703. 
John, Apr, a, 1708, a, abt. 82 y. 
Mary, d. Jacob and Mary, Sept. 25, 1723. 



MATHES, Geotge W., b. Lawrence, s. W. G. and Elizabeth, hy- 
drocephalus, Oct. 19 [18. G. ». 6.], 1848, a. 10 m. iS d. 

MATTHEWS, Elizabeth P., m. [w. W. G. g. e. 6.], d. Samuel 
and Elizabeth Poor, Dec. 9, 1847, a. 1$ y. 10 m. 

HAYO [Henry, erysipelas, c. n. 2.], Jjinc 2, 1847. [a. 7 m. 

C. R. 2.2 

Susan H., d. Aaion D. and Sarah [cholera infantum, c. R. a.], 

Aug. 17 [16. c. R. 3.], 1834, a. 7 m. 
Saiah Jane, d. Aaron D. and &Tah, Oct. 19, 1834. [a. 3 y. 8 m. 

G. R. 2.] 
[Thomas Henry, a R. 2.], s. Aaron D. and Sarah, July 20, iSaJ. 

[a. 13 m. G. R. 3.] 

HEACOM, see Mecom. 

HEARS (see also Miers), Elizabeth, w. Zebadiah, Jan. 6, 1831. 
Joshua, s. Zebediah and Sarah, typhus fevei, Oct. 33, 1849, ^- S Y' 
Rhoda, d. Daniel and Maiy, Oct, 35, 1831, a. 3 y. g. r. 2. 
Walter, m., laborer, s. Zebediah and Sarah, typhus fever, Aug. 3 
[z. c. R. 3.], 1849, a. a6y. [a. 25 y. g. r. 2.] 

■ , inf. ch. Zebadiah, Dec. — , 1830, a. 5 w. 

, ch. Daniel, Oct — , 1833. c. R. 2. 

, d. and Louisa, cholera infantum, Sept. 29, 1848, 

HECOM, Benja[min] Franklin, at Dr. Osgood's, bur. Nov. 33, 
1778, a. 38 y. c. R. 3. . 

NEEDEK, Charles E., s. James and Fhebe, July 14, 1838, a. 13 d. 
James, 9. James and Phebe, Mar. 5, 1813, a. i y. [a. 18 m. 

c. R. 1.] 
John W., B. James and Phebe, Feb. 17, 1841, a. 7 m. 
, d. James and Phebe, Dec. 16, 1837. 

MELCOY, John, Nov. 16, 1828, a. 70 y. 
Peggy, wid., July 13, 1816. 

MELLEN, Eleanor W[ilde, wid. John W., late of Andover. 
G. R. 6. ; a boarder in the Parish. C R. t.], d. Hon. S. S. 
Wilde, Mar. 7, 1838, a. 39 y. [a. 41. g. b. 6.] 



MERCHANT, Crowell, widr., spianer, dysentery, Oct. 4, 1 847, 
a. 40 y. 

, w. Crowell, con sumption, Nov. 8, 1846, a. 35 y. 

, s. Crowell, fits, Nov. 5, 1843, a. i w. [a. 10 w. c. R. 2,] 

MERRIL (see also Merrill), Elizabeth, wid., bur, Aug. 13, 1774, 

a. 54 y. c. R. 2. 
Sarah, d. John, bur. June 28, 1779, a, 6 y. c. R. 2. 

MERRILL (see also Merrill}, Alpheus, s. Tsaiah and Mary, Oct. 

ag, iSai, a, i y. 7 m. 
Augusta, d. Amos C. [and Elizabeth, g. r. 3.], July 19, 1S30, 

a. 4 y- a m. 
Elijah, Oct. 3, 1839. a- 33 y- 
Eliza, d. Jonathan and Eliza, drojisy in head, Apr. 15, 1843, a. 

7 y. 8 m. 
Elizabeth, w. Capt. Amos [C. a. R. 3.]i May 17, 1836. [a,. 38 y. 

c. R. I.] 
[Eliz[abe]th Jane. G. R. 3.], d. James and Susan [G. g. r. 3.], 

July to, 1840, a. 5 m. 
Francis M., s. E. S. andS., Oct. 27, 1843, a. 3 y. 6 m. G. r. 4. 
Harriet, d. E. S. and S., Aug. 23, 1847, a. 16 d. g. r. 4. 
Henry, unm., laborer, s. John, consumption. May 10, 1845, 

a. 40 y. 
Jane, w. John, Sept. i [3. g. r. 3.], 1825. [a. 52 y. g. r. 3.] 
John, at the almshouse, Feb. 14, 1828. 
John, a. John, consump[tio] 0, Oct. 22, 1843. 
Mary, complication of diseases, bur. June 11, 1801, a. 53 y. 

c. R. 2. 
Mary, w. John, apoplexy, bur. June i2, 1807, a. 68 y. c. r. 2. 
Mary, Miss, d. John and Mary, consumption, bur. June 28, 1807, 

a. 29 y. s ">■ c. R. 2. 
Maria, d. Amos C. and Almira [fever, c. R. i.], July.i6 [13. 

c. R. I.], 1841,3. 7 y. 
Polly, w. Jonathan [consumption. C. R. 2.3, Aug. [July 31. c. r. 2. 

and c. R. 2.], 1828. [a. 30 y. g. r. 2.] 
Polly Ann, d. John and Susan, Oct. 14, 1831, a. a y. 3 m. 
Richard, Oct. 5, 1837, a. 40 y. 
Samuel Francis, s. Edward S. and S^rah, scalded, Oct. 30, 1843, 

a. 3 y. 6 m. 

, ch. Josiah and Mary, drowned, Nov, 9, 1821. 

, s. Isaiah and Mary Ana [cholera infantum, c. R. 2.], May 

29 [22. c. R. 2.] , 1834, a. I y. 9 d. 



MICKIFP, , unm., laborer, consumption, Apr. ai, 1847, a. 

HIDDLETON, I- F., ch. David and Martha, cholera infantum, 

Aug. 4, 1844, a. 10 m. 
James, at Brechin, Scotland, Dec. ao, 1830, a. 49 y. G. 8. 3. 

MIDGELBT (see also Midgley), James [a native of England. 
G. R. 4.], anasaia, Apr. 20 [3. G. R, 4.], 1842, a. 63 y. [a. 
65 y. c. R. 4-] 

MIDGLET (see also Midgeley), James, s. James and Hannah, 
Dec, a, 1841, a. 8 m. 19 d. g. r. 4. 

StIERS (see also Meara), Eliza, 'd. Warren and Abigail, Oct. 18, 

1832. [Oct. 17. C. R. 2.] 

MILLER, Caroline H., b. Reading, wid. Samuel, heart com- 
plaint. Mar. 16, 1848, a. 26 y. 

Elizabeth, wid. [w. George. G. R. 6.], b. Ireland, Jan. 2, 1849, a. 
83 y. [a. 82 y. G. R. 6.] 

G«orge, ra., b. Ireland, Dec. 3r, r848, a. Sr y. [a. 80 y. a. R. 6.] 

James [Johnny, g, r. 3.], consumption, Oct. ao [ai. g. r. 3.], 
1848, a, a y. [and 24 d. G. R. 3.] 

Samuel, m. carpenter, s. George and Elizabeth, dysentery, Oct, 
31, 1847,8.40 y. 8 ra. 

MILLET, Mary, w. Jeremiah, smallpox. Mar. 12, 1849, a. 45 y. 

MILLS, Ann, w, Abraham [both from Rockdale, Eng. G. r. 2.], 

Jan. 15, 1839, a. 49 y- 
James H[enry. c. r. 4.], s. James H. and Sarah, dysentery, Oct. 

6, 1S49, a. II m. 8 d. 
Rosewell [Boswell, of Johnstown, N. Y., mem[ber] of The[olog- 

ical] Sem[iQaryj, 1819. G. R. 5.], Apr. 11, 1821, a. a8 y. 

[a. a7y. G. R. sO 

MrrCHEL, Margaret, wid., bur. Feb. 3, 1776, a. 8$ y. c. k. 2. 
Mary [(Beard), c. r. 1.], w. John [consumption, c. R. i.J, June 

13 [10. g. R. 6.], r8t7, a.3oy. 
Sarah, consumption, bur. Nov. 12, 1807, a. 23 y. 6 m. c. R. a. 
, unm., ofMethuen, at Zachariah Frye's, Aug. 31, 1827. 



HOAR (see also Moore) Harriet, b. Ireland, d. William and 
Harriet, scarlet fever, Feb. 4, 1849,8. 4 y, (Feb. 14, a. 5 y. 
c. H. 4.] 

Isaac, 8. Daniel and Martha, Jan- 12, 1747-8, in his 17th y. 

John 5., B. Stephen and Hannah, Oct. 10, 1836, a. 1 1 w. G. R. a. 

Martha, wid., , 1831. c. R. 2. 

[Sarah, c R. 4.], v. Richard, coasumption, July 31, 1841. [a. 
say. c. R.4.i 

HOARE (see also Moore), Anne, w. Timothy, Dec. 15, 1729. 
, 8. twin, IXniel and Martha, May a, 1730, 

HOn>, Deborah H., m. b. Salem, d, Daniel and Mary Carlton, at 
Haverhill, Nov. 10, 1845, a. 19 y. 

NOKTGOHERT, Alexander [apoplexy, c. r.i.], Apr. a6 [27. c. 

R. I. and G. R. 6.], 1840. [a. 78 y. g. r. 6.] 
Charlotte Maria, d. John F. and Hannah, Aug. 18, 1837, a. 8 m. 

ri d. 
John, Mat. 4, i8oz. 

Rebecca, w. Lt. A1ex[ande]r, Oct. 2, 1806, a. 60 y. c. r. i. 
Rebecca P., d. Lt. Alexander and Sarah, Oct. 31, i8o8. [a. 7 ra. 

o.«.i.] • 
Sarah [A. g. R. 6.], w. Alexander [cancer, c. r. i-j, Mar. 22, 

1837, a, 6a y, 

MOOAR (see also Moore), Abraham, Ott. 10, 1780, a, 51 y. 

Andien, s. Abraham and Martha [wid. c.R. 3.], Sept 26, 1784, 

Si. 7 y. 2 m. c R. a.} 

Daniel, Oct. 25, 1770, in his 74th y. c. r. a. 

Jacob, s. Daniel and Martha, at Billerica, Sept. 28, 1754, in his 

Jacob, s. Abraham and Martha, Sept. 14, 1778. [a. 8 y. 9 m. 

c. H. 2.] 

John, " in the service," , 1777. c. R. a. 

Lydia, w. Isaac, Mar. 29, 1834, a. 70 y. 

Martha, w. Daniel, Feb. 7, 1770, in her 71st y. G. R. a. 

Mary, wid., bur. Oct. 2, 1778, a. abt. 60 y. c. R. a. 

Isaac, Jan. 13, 1832, a. 72 y. [Jan. 11, a. 73 y. c. R. 2.] 

Phebe, d. Jacob and Phebe, May 12, 1S12, a. 4 y, 

Phebe, w. Benjamin, Feb. 29, 1834, 

Richard, s. Richard [killed by cart wheels, c. r. 2.], Oct. 3, 

1831, a. 4y. 9 m. 



MooAK, Sarab, w. Isaac [consumption, c. r. i.], Apr. 22, 1786. 

[a. 39 y. 10 m. c r. a.] 
Timothy, apoplexy, buT. Jan. lo, 1787, a. 74 y. C. r. z. 
Timothy, Sept. 9, 1817. 

HOOARE (see also Mooie), Elisabeth, wid., old age, bur. July 15, 
1799, a. 8s y. 6 m. c. r. a. 

MOOARS (see also Moore), ind., Sept. 22, 182 1, a. 82 y. 

HOOR (see also Moore), Joseph, July — , 1837. c. r, i. 
Joseph, luDg difficulty, Apr. 2, 1839, a. 2 y. c. r. i. 
Sar^, d. Abraham, bur. Aug. 16, 1773. c. r. 2. 

, ch. , " drowned by falling from a plank crossing the 

brook on the way to school," Sept. — , 1831 , a. 6 y. c. r, 1. 

MOORE (see also Moar, Moare, Mooar, Mooare, Mooars, 

Moor, More), Abiah, wid., typhus fever, Dec. 31, 1847, 

[Jan., 1848. o. R. 3.], a. 39 y. 8 m. [and 13 d. a. h. 3.] 
Andrew A., cordwainer, typhus fever, Nov. 2, 1847, a. 41 y. 

[9 m. fb d. G. R. 3.] 
Benjamin, bur. Nov. 8, 1777, a. 62 y. c. R. 2. 
George, ch. twin, Wilson and Abigail, bur. Aug. r4, 1845, a. 

6 1-2 y. c. R. 4. 
Eliz(;abe]th, d. W[illia]m and Harriet, Mar. 29, 1849, a. * y. 

G. R. 4. 
Jane, d. David and Sophia, fever, Nov. 6, 1847, a, 17 y. 6 m, 
Lucinda L,,d. A[odrew] A, and Abiah, Nov. 10,1847,3. 5 y. 

1 m. 16 d. G. R. 3. 
Rosco L., s. A[ndrcw] A. and Abiah, Oct. aS, 1847, a. 2 y. 

16 d. G. R. 3. 
Sarah (Poor), w, Isaac, Dec. 16, 1837, a. 65 y. c. r. 5. 
Sarah P., d. A[ndrew] A. and Abiah, Sept. 27, r847, a. 5 ra. 

G. R. 3. 

Susanna, Mrs., sister Capt. I. Bridges, June 8, r 805, a. 44 y. g.r. i 

, ch. Milton, consumption, Aug. 13, 1S45, a. 6 m. 14 d. 

, typhus fever, Nov. i, r847, a. 5 y. 

, typhus fever, Nov. 9, 1847, a, i y, 6 m. 

HORAN, James, Aug. i>, 1839, a. 34 y. 

MORE (see also Moore), Abraham, fever, Apr. rz, r7o6. 

MORECRAFT, , inf. s. , Nov. 34, i8a6, a. 2 1-2 y. 



MORGAN, Will[ia]m, Capt., of Beverly, at James Bridges, jr., 
Oct. IT, 1809. 

MORINSOM (see also Morrison),, , Mr., [bet. July 14 

and Sept. ], i8a8. c. r. i. 

MORISON (see also Morrison) Mary Homes, d. Joseph and 
Peggy, Feb. 11, 1799. [a. 2 d. c. r. 2.] 

MORRIL (see also Morrill), , Mr., of Atkinson, at Mrs. 

Bow's, bur. Sept. 29, 1776, a. abt. 40 y. c. r. 2. 

HORRII.L (see also Morril), [Mary. g. r. 3.3, w. Nathaniel, Apr. 
30, 1831. [a. 46 y. G. R. 3.] 

MORRISON (see also Morinson, Morisoo), Agnes, d. Alexander, 
jr., Dec. 21, 1849, a. 3 y. 8 m. c, r. 2. [Dec. 12, 184S, a. 
3 y. G. R. 2.] 

Eliz[abe]th [Mary Elizabeth, c. r. s], d. Cha[rle]s G. and Mary 
M. [throat distemper, c. r. 2,], June 12, iSjSi a- 2 1-2 y. 

Louisa, b. New York, d. Alexander, fever, Dsc. ao, 1849, a. 3 y. 
6 n. 

, s. Joseph, fits, bur, Feb, 28, 17S9, a, i d, c. r. 2. 

, ch. , July 4, 1828, a. 4 d. 

MORSE, Charlotte A[on. a r. 2.], d. John [C. g. r. 2.] and 

Catherine, scarlet fever, Nov. lo, 1849, a. 11 y. [2 m. 22 d. 

G, R. 2.] 
Ellen M[aria. c r. 2.j, d. Ch[arle]s E. and Elizabeth, dropsy, at 

Boston, May 14, 1846, a. ro y. 4 m. 
Francis, at Sam[ue]l Osgood's, jr., Nov. 9, 1821, a. 13 y. 
JohQ, Mar. 16, 1843, a. 41 y. 
John Currier, s. Merril and Hannah, Sept. 23, 1805. 
Lydia, wid., Jan. 28, 1830, a. 97 y. 
Mattee [Watee W., w. Joseph Moses, c. r. 3.], typhus fever, July 

17 [19- G. K. 3.}, 1847. a. 34 y. 
Moody, m., b. West Newbury, shoemaker, s, David and Abigail, 

dropsy, Aug. 29 [28. c. r. 1.], 1848, a. 71 y. 

, wid. at Lt Aaron Noyes', Feb. 2, i82S> a- 93 y. 

, twin chn., JohQ H. and Nancy, July St 183S. 

MORTON, Maria Hoppin, d. Marcus and A. B., b. July 7, 1847, 
d. July s, 1848, G. R, 4. 



HOULTON, Sophtooia, UDtn., formerly of Tamworth, N. H. [ais- 
ter of Mrs. Isaac Fish, at Boxloid, c R. i,], Oct. 14, 1833, 
a. 21 y. G. R. 6. 

MULCOY, Margcret, bur. Sept. 10, 1780, a. ai y. c r. 2. 

HULLICAN, Joseph, Dr., of Boston, at Tho[ma33 Manning's, 
Sept. 9, 1S18, a. 44 y. 

MURDOCK, A. , s. Rev, James, Nov. 15, 1820. 

Jamea B., Rev. James, Aug. 25, i8ao. 

Jeremiah, Nov. 16, iSaz, a. 18 y. 9 m. g. r. 5. 

Moses B., s. James and Rebecca L., Aug. 35, 1826, a. 7 m. a. r. 5, 

MURPHET (sec also Murphy), ch. [inf. c. R. 1.], Henry 

and Phebe, Dec. 4, 1829. 

MURPHT (see also Mutphey), Abby A., w. George, erythema, 

Aug. 34, 1846, a. 23 y. I m. 
, d. Peter, disease of the heart, June 30, 1846. 

MURRY, Hannah, d. [Charles, c. r. z.] , and Margaret, 

cholera infantum [Sept. aj. C. r. j.], 1849. [a. 4 m. c. R. a.] 
Henrietta, d. Charles and Margaret, dysentery, Sept. 22, 1849, 

WEEDHAM, Sarah A., d. Eben and Sally, Aug. 22, 1835, a. 6 m. 

8 d. G. E. 7. 
, ch. stillborn, Samuel and Fanny, Aug. 12, i8r8. 

, ch. Capt. Sam[ue]l, Apr. i, r8zs. 

KELSON, Hannah [M. c. k. 4.],b. England, "injuries sustained 
by a fall," Oct. 9, 1849, a. 56 y. [a. 58 y. c, r. 4.] 

Kolan H., unm., b. Rupert, Vict. [Vt. g. R. 6.], carpenter, s. 
Ja[me]s and Lucinda, typhus fever, Sept. 8, 1847, a. 22 y. 

NEWELL, Elizabeth, w. William, consumption, June 23, 1849, 

a. 32 y. ri m. 
Phebe, d. David and Hannah, Feb. 4, 1781, a. 5 y. g. r. i. 

NEWHALL, Patience, wid. [Daniel, of Lynn. g. R. a.], Apr. 25, 
iSis,.a. 65y. 



NEWMAN, Anna [D., unm. G. r. a.], d. Dea. Mark and AbigaQ 

D., Mar. 19, 184a, a. 24 y. 
Charlotte, w. Mark, jr., consumption, Sept. a6 [35, c. R. a.], 

184a, a. 36 y. [a. 38 y. C r. a.] 
Hannah, unm., b. Ipswich, old age, Sept 15, 1848, a. 84 y. 
Juliett C, w. Mark, ad, Sept. as, 1843, a. 37 y. G. k. a. 
Katie E., w. Henry J., May 7, 1838, a. 23 y. c. K. s. 
Mark, s. Mark and Sarah [at Mr. Newman's Father's at Ipswich, 

teething, c. r. j.], Sept. 10, 1805, a. 13 m, 37 d. 
Mary D., d. Mark H. and Mary, Sept. ao, 1830, a. 13 m. 
Mary D., d. Mark H. and Mary [scrofula, c. r. a.], Feb. rt, 

1835, a. 3 y. [and 6 m. c. r. 2, J 
Samuel P., Prof., s. Rev. Mark, Feb. 10, 184a, a. 44 y. 
Sarah, w. Mark, Nov. 18, 1811. [a. 46 y. c. R. a.] 
Sarah P., d. Mark and Sarah, Nov. aa, 1837. 
Susannah, d. Samuel and Hannah, Feb. 6, 1814. [a. i y. 6 m. 

c, R. a.] 
, ch. Mark H. and Mary [dropsy, c. R. a,}, June 3 [a. c. R. a.j, 

1839, a. 17 m. 

HICHOALS (see also Nichols), Elisabeth, vid. Nicho[laa], Ja 

28, 1744-S- 
NICHOLLS (see also Nichols), Elisabeth, d. Nicholas and Elisa. 

betb, Sept. 18, 1689. 

NICHOLS (see also Nichoab, Nicholls, Nickolds, Nickols), Ade- 
line E., w. Cha[rle]s A., and d. Josiah and Mary Nichola? 
Jan. 19, 183s, a. 33 y. G. R. a. 

Anna, wid. John, Aug. 4, 183S, a. 84 y. 

Betsy, wid. John, Mar. 24, 1840, a. 97 y. 

John, Oct. 30, i8a». 

John [cancer, c R. a.], Aug. aa [ao. c, R. 2.], 1838. 

Justin H., t. John, 3d and Mary, Oct. 14, 1 819, a. 3 y. 9 m. 

Sarah, paralytic. Mar. 24, 1840, a. 97 y, 16 d. C. R. i. 

, inf. s. Nathfanie]!, Sept ag, 1832. 

, w. James, Mar, — , 1846. c, r. 1, 

NICKERSON, Francis, at the almshouse, Apr. 29, 1826. 

NICKOLDS (see also Nichols), , Mrs., puerperal fever, Sept. 

31, 1846. c. R. I. 

NICKOLS (see also Nichols), George, s. Nickolicc and Elizabeth, 

Nov. 30, i7[o6]. 
Nickolice, Feb. 14, 1719-20. 



NOON, Edward G., s. John and Caroline, Oct. 9 [10. c. r. a.], 

1849, a. 13 m. G. R. 2. [a. i y. 10 m. c. r. 2.] 
John, s. John and Mary, dysenteiy, Oct. 9, 1849, a. i y. 1 m. 

NORTH, William, m., b. Huddersfield, Eng., dyer, consumptido, 
July 5, 1849, a. 37 7- 

NORTON, , killed on raaroad, Aug. 16, 1837.. 

NOWELL, Mary, of Newburyp[or] t, at Ewtkiel Carlton's, Sept. 
4, 1810. 

NOYCE (see also Noyes), Samuel, s. Nichalos and Sarah, June S, 


NOYES (see also Noyce, Noys, Noyse), Aaron [soldier in the Rev- 
olution. G. R. 3.], Dec. 23 [14. G. R. 3. ],i834, a. 76 y. 
[a. 77 y. G. R. 3.] 

Abigail, d. Dr. Npcholas] and Safrah], May la, 1790, in her 
63d y. G. R. I. 

Betsy, w. A., Sept. zo, 1839. c. R. 3. 

Cyrus, "accidental death," Dec. 13, 1842, a. 43 y. 

Dolly, Aug. I, i3a6, a. 19 y. 

Eliptulet, Apr. 31, 1834, a. 77 y, 

Hannah, w. Frederick, Apr. to, 1S39, a. 50 y. [a. 49 y. g. r. 3.] 

Isaac, 3. Nicholas and Saiah, Dec. 31, 1763, a. 30 y. 

Lydia Jane, d. Frederick and Hannah, Apr. 33, 1839, a. 16 y. 

Maria [d. Dr. Ward, lung fever, c. R. i]. Mar. 3, 1839, a. 35 y. 
[a. 34 y. c. R. I.] 

Mary, d. Dr. [Nicholas and Sarah, g. r. i.] , Oct. 33, 1765, 

a. 26 y. 

Mary Ann, d. Wadleighand Phebe, Sept n, 1833, a. 3 y. 

Moses, s. Wadleigh and Phebe [A. a r. a.], Dec. 35,1839, a. 5 y. 

Nathan [B. G. r. 3.], s. Wadleigh and Phebe, May 38, r839, 
a. 10 m. 

Nicholas, s. Timothy and Sarah, July x6, 1760, a. 4 m. 

Nicholas, Dr., May 17, 1765, a. 63 y. 

Nicholas, widi., s. Timothy and Sarah, old age, Feb. 30 [Jau. 30. 
G. R. 6.;ai. c. R. 1.] 1849, a. 86 y. 

Phebe, w. Aaron, May 39, 1835, a. 66 y. 0. r. 3. 

Phebe, w. Nicholas, schirrua [cancer, c. r. i.], Jan. 10, 1843, a. 
73 y- 'o ™- 

Fhilep, s. Timothy and Sarah, Jan. 31, 1757. 

Philip, s. Timothy and Sarah, Sept. 15, 1763, a. 4 y. 9 m. 



NoYES, Phillip [unm. c. r. i.j, s. Timothy [by a fall from a load 

of stalks, c. R. I.], Oct. 8, 1812, a. 48 y. [a. 45 y, c r. i.] 
Prudence, wid. Dr. Ward [old age. c. R. i.], July 19, 1835, a. 

84 y. [a. 83 y. G. R. 67} 
Sarah, d. Timofthy] and Sarah, Sept. 26, Jj62, a. 7 y. 6 m. 
Sarah, wid. Dr. Nicholas, May 8, r79o, in her 87th y. c. R. i. 
Saiah, wid. Timo[thy], Sept. i, 1830, a. 90 y. i m. r6 d. 
Timothy [farmer, infirmities of old age. c. R. i.], Feb. 12 [6. 

o. K. 1.], r8r4, a. 88 y. [Feb. 6. c. R. i.] 
Timothy, unm,, farmer, s. Nicholas and Phebe, fever, Sept. 4, 

1849, a. 48 y. 
Ward, Dr.. Dec. 26, i8o3, a. 79 y. 5 d. [a. 75 y. g. r. i.] 
, w. Aaron, June 4, 1825. 

NOTS (sec also Noyes), Jonathan, fever, bur. Jan. 25, 1800, a. 
82 y. 6 m. c. R, 2. 

NOYSE (sec also Noyes), Nicholas, jr., at Halfway Brook [Lake 
GeorgeJ, July 24, 1758, in his 25th y. 

NUTTER, Mary, June 15, 1842, a. 74 y. C. r. 5. 

NUTTING, Elizabeth, Sept. 26, i8i8, a. 85 y. 26 d. v. s. 32. 
Geo[rge] Franklin, s. L. B., Feb. 11, 1827, a. 16 m. 
Polly, June 75, r842. 

O'BRIEN, , ch. stillborn, James and Margaret, Sept. 20, 1848. 

O'CONNER, John [a stranger, c. r. 1.], atTho[ma33 Newcomb's, 
Oct. [21. G. R. 6.], 1820, a. 22 y. 

ORDIORNE, James, Capt., b. Mar. a8, :7S4, d. in Boston, Sept. 

14, 1826. G. R. 3. 

ORDWAY, see Arduaway. 

OSBORN, Margery, wid., Nov. 20, 1701, a. abt. 87 y. 

OSGOOD, Aaron, June '34, 1839, a. 8t y. 

Abigail, w. Clerk Josiah, Oct. 24, 1747. [a. 38 y. g. r. t.] 

Abigale, d. Josiah and Abigael, Jan. 20 [13. c. r. i.], 1736-7. 

Anna, bur. Dec. 10, 1778, a. 84 y. c. r. 2, 

Appleton,s. William and Mary, June i, rysS. 



Osgood, Asa, s, Phebe, wid., Sept. i, 1753. in his loth y. 
Charlotte, d. Col. John, deceased, and Hulda, Apr. 35, 1783, 
Charlotte, d. Timothy and Sally [scarlet fever, c R. i.], July 5, 

1838,3. agy. [a. 30 y. c. B. 1.] 
Chloe, w. Timothy, Dec. s. 1798, a. 54 y. 11 m. 
Chloe, unm., d. Timothy and Chloe, old age [consumption. 

c. R, I.], Aug. 18, 1846, a. 80 y. 
Christopher, Capt, May 9, 1723, in his Both y. 
Christopher, s. Ezekiel and Rebecca, Feb. 23, 1743-4. 
CIcmence, s. John and Mary, Nov, 18, 1680. 
Daniel, Mar. — [17 — ?]. g. r. i. 
David, s. Stephen and Hannah, Feb. 8, 1741-2. 
Deborah, w. Timothy, Nov. 29, 1724. 
Dorathy, w. Samuel, Aug. 35, 1751, in her 36th y. 
Dorcas, d. Jeremiah and Mary, Apr. 29, 1747. 
Ebenezer [Ens. g. r. i.], Jan. 25, 1766, in his 54th y. 
Elezebith, d. Isaac and b:iezebith, shot, Sept. 30, 1750. 
Eliakim, s. Samuel and Dorathy, June 20, 1744. 
Eliza [Elizabeth, Miss. g. r. 2.], at Jacob Osgood's, Nov. 8, 

1821. [a. 35 y. G, R. 2.] 
Elizabeth, d. Samuel and Eliz[abe]th, Sept. 16, 1764. 
Elizabeth, w. Capt. Isaac, June 11, 1773. 

Eliz[abe]th, w. Samfue]!, Sept. 37, t792, in her 66th y. g. R. 3. 
Elizabeth, w. Dr. George, May 2a, 1802. [a. 4? y. G. r. i.] 
[Eliz[abc]th. G. R. 6.], wid. John, Feb. 13, 1837. [a. 62 y. 

G. R. 6.] 
Esther, w. Aaron, Mar. 12, 1S35, a. 70 y. 
[E]zekiel, Hov. 4, 1740, in his 6i5t y. 
George, Dr., Oct. 24, 1823, a. 64 y. 10 m. 23 d. 
Hannah, d. Jo[h]n and Mary, Aug. 3, 1674. 
Hannah, w, Christopher, Nov. 21, 1679, 
Hannah, w. Christopher, Apr. 6, 1687. 
Hannah, wid. Lt. John, Sept. 6, 1735. [a. 71 y. c. r. i.J 
Hannah, d. William and Mary, July 39, 1738. [in 3d y. G. K. i.} 
Hannah, d. John, jr. and Martha, Feb. 16, 1754. 
Hannah, wid. Siephcn, Mar. 16, 1774, in her 93d y. 
Hannah, wid. Maj. John, Dec. 26, 1774, a. 89 y. c. R. i. 
Hannah, consumption, Sept. 30, 1813, a. 3 m. a x. 1. 
Haimab, wid. Samuel, Tune 2, 1832. , 

Hannah, Nov. 3, 1826, a. Sty. 
Isaac, 8. Peter and Sarah, Oct. 11, 1753, in his roth y. 
Isaac, s. Capt. Isaac and Elizab[e3th, Feb. 14, 1775, in hit 

26th y. [a. >7 y. 3 m. C. b. a.] 
Isaac, Capt. [fever, c R. 3.], Oct. 8, 179a. [a. 78 y. 7 m. c R. a.J 



Osgood, Isaac, s. Timotby and Chloe, MaT.23, 1796, a. 34 y. 3 m. 
Isaac, died while in command of ihe ship Henry Tuke, on her 

passage from Java to Boston, Sept. a, 1834, a. 35 y. 3 m. 

9 d. p. R. 93. 
Isaac, Esq., tp., gentleman, s. Peter and Sarah, old age, Sept. 30, 

1847, a. 9a y. 3 m. 15 d. 
Isaack, s. Timothy and Deborah, Sept i, 1703. 
Isaack, s. Timothy and Deborah, Jan. 15, 1708-9. 
Jacob, s. Stephen and Hannah, Dec. 7, 1724. 
Jacob, Oct. 18, 1785, a. 32 y, 9 in. 
Jacob, Nov. 39, 1838, a. 85 y. 4 d. 

James, s. Timothy, jr. and Phebe, Aug. 31, 1753, in his sth y. 
James, Nov. 21, 1809, a. 41 y. wanting 7 d. 
Jeremiah, s. John and Hannah, Apr. 7, 1688. 
Jeremiah, s. Jeremiah and Lydia, Oct. 3, 1733- 
Jeremiah, s. Jeremiah and Lydia, June 13, 1735- 
John, Oct. 34, 1651. 
John, Capt., Aug. 31, 1693. 
John, Lt., Apr. 17 [23. G. r. i.], 1735, in his 71st y. [in 7ad y. 

G. B. I.] 

John, s. John, jt. and Martha, Apr. s. i7S4- 

John, Nov. 22, 1765, in his 83d y. 

John, Col., July 10, 1775, in his 64ih y. 

John, bur. Aug. 36, 1783, a. 56 y. c. B. 2, 

John, Apr. [3. G. R. 6.], 1828, a. 55 y. 

John George, a. Mr. Joseph and Margret, May 17, 1754- [a. 1 y- 

7 m. 16 d. a R. I.] 
John Newton, s. Sara[ue]l and Martha, Apr, 6, 1836, a. 7 m. 
Joseph, s. Joseph and Mary, Mar. i, 1713-13. 
Joseph, 3. Peter and Sarah, Oct. 14, 1753, in his 3d y. 
Joseph, s. Peter and Sarah, Oct. 17, 1763. [in his 5th y. a r. i.] 
Joseph, s. Joseph, lever, bur. Oct. 19, 1788, a. a m, c. R. 3. 
Joseph, Dr., Jan. 11, 1797. [a. 78 y. 0. R. t.] 
Josiah, s. Thomas and Susannah, May 6, 1683. 
Josiab; Oct, 20, 1780, a, 74 y. 

Lucy, wid., Jacob, cancer, June 10, 1849, a, 80 y. 7 m. 
Lydia, d. Christopher and Sarah, July 30, r694. 
Lydia, w. Jeremiah, Dec. 18, i744) a. 39 y. 9 m. 8 d. 
Ly4ia, d. Peter and Sarah, Feb. aa, 1763. [in 3d y, G. R. i.] 
Lyd'a, w. Samuel, jr., Sept. 14, 1816. 
Marah, d. Christopher and Hannah, Apr, 15, 1687. 
Margaret, d. Joseph and Margaret, Oct 35, 176a, a. i y. 11 m. 

21 d. a R. r. 
Margret, wid. Dr. Joseph, Feb. r6, 1797. [a. 77 y. G. R. 1.] 



Osgood, Martha, w. CoL John, June 7, 1755, in her 33d y. 

Martha, w. Samuel, Sept. 13, 1778. 

Maty, d. Stephen and Maiy, Mar. 4, 1677-8. 

Mary, wid. Capt, John, Oct. 27, 17 10. 

Maiy, wld. Stephen, Aug. 12, 1711. 

Mary, d, Joseph and Mary, Oct. 13, 1723. 

Mary, w. Joseph, Nov. 37, 1713. 

Mary, w. Timothy, Jaly 13, 1752, a. 8s y. g. r. 1, 

Mary, d. Phcbe, wid., Oct 16, 1753, in her 3d y, 

Maiy, d. Joshua and Mary, Nov. 9, 1754. 

Mary, wid.. Dr. George, Aug. 13, 1834, a. 61 y. 

Peeter, b. Timothy and Deborah, Nov, 17, 1715. [in 17th y. 

G. R, I.] 
Peter, Jr., Jan. 5, rSoi, a. 57 y. g. r. 7. 
Peter, Capt., Nov. 17 [r9. g, r. i.], 1801, a. 84 y. 
Peter, m., farmer, s. Timothy and Sarah, Asiatic cholera, Aug. 

31,1849, a. 47 y. 
Rebeca, d. Jeremiah and Lydea, Sept. 20, 1 730. 
Rebecca, w. Ezekiel, Mar. 2, 1736-7, in her 46th y. 
Rebeckah, w. Ebenezer [d. Rev. Zachariah Symmes of Bradford. 

G. R. 1.3, Nov. 29, 1760, a. 80 y. [a. 81 y. G. R. i J 
Sally, w. Peter [consumption, c. r. 1.], Jan. 16, 1835, [a. 36 y. 

G. R. 7.] 

Samuel, Lt, Apr. 22, 1717, a. 53 y. 

Samuel, Capt., June 20, 1748, in his 46th y. 

Samuel, Mar. 16, 1774, in his 60th y. 

Samuel, Dec. 6, 1816, a. 75 y. 

Sara, wid., Apr. 8, 1667. 

Sara, d. John and Mary, Apr. 22, 1667. 

Sarah, w. Christopher, July 8, 16S9. [July r8. cr. r.] 

Sarah, w. William, June 3, 1728. 

Sarah, d. Jeremiah and Lydea, Sept. 39, 1729. 

Sarah, w. W[illia]m, June 3, 1738, in her 30th y. g. R. 1. 

Sarah, wid. Capt. Christopher, July 8, 1738. 

Sarah, d. William and Mary, July 19, 1738. [in 3d y. G. R.I,] 

Sarah, d. William and Maty, Dec. 26, 1739. 

Sarah, d. Peter and Sarah, Oct. 24, 1762. [in 3d y. a. R. i.] 

Sarah, d. Samuel and Elizabeth, Oct 21, 1764. 

Sarah, w. Thomas, Nov. 3, t798, a. 79 y. g. r. i. 

Sarah, w. [wid. G. R, i.], Capt Peter, Apr. 1, 1804, [a. 84 y. 

G. R. I.] 
Sarah F., d. Peter and Sally [scarlet fever, c. r. i.J, July r [June 

30. c. B. t.], 1838, a. 4 y. 9 ro. 
Sarah [(Vose), b, Milton, c. R. 1.], w. Dr. George [coiuumption. 

C.R, i.J, Mar. 17, 1813 [1813, G. R. r.], a. 50 y. 



Osgood, Stephen, smallpox, Jan. 15, 1690-1. 

Stephen, Mr., Jan. 10, 1749-50. 

Steven, s. Steven and Mary, Oct. 11, 1667. 

Susanna, d. Ebenezer aod Rebecca, Oct. 14, 1737, a. ti y. 3 m. 

6 d. 
Susanna, d. William and Sarah, Jan. 7, 1739-40. 
Susannah, d. Thomas and Susannah, Dec. 4, 1692. 
Thomas, s. Joseph and Margret, Mar. — , 1751- [Feb. a8, a. 4 y. 

G. R. I.] 

Tho[ina3s, s. Di. Joseph and Margaret, Sept. 11, 1771, a. 14 y. 

10 m. a R. 1. 

Thomas, Nov. 3, 1798, a. 76 y, g. r. i. 

Timothy, s. Timothy and Deborah, Apr. 1, 1693. 

Timothy, Mr., Sept. 16, r7.]8, in his 90th y. 

Timothy, jr., Aug. 31, 1753, in his 36th y. 

Timothy [farmer, c. k, r.], Aug. 18, 1816. 

Timothy, Oct, — , 1816. 

Timothy, Esq., s. Capt Timothy and Sally, at Canton, Alabama, 

Aug. a6, 1823, a. 23 y. [Oct c. R. 7.] 
Timothy [fever, c. r. i.], Dec. 16, r84J, a. 80 y. [a. 79 y. 

c. R. I.] 
William, s. William and Sarah, Mai. 14, 1737-8, a. 12 y. 9 m. 

11 d. 

William, s. Capt. Timothy and Sarah, Mar. 6, 1797, a, 14 d. 
William, in Washington, [18-?], a. aS y. g. r. 7. 

, s. stillborn, Ebenezer and Rebecka, Oct — [1720]. 

, s. Sam[ue]land Martha, Sept 18, 1821, a. 7 m. 

OTIS, James, Hon., killed with lightning, bur. at Boston, May 7$, 
1783. c. R. 2. 

PACE, Susannah, Jan. ao, 1833, a. 94 y. 

PACKARD, Elizabeth Tucker, d. Rev. Geo[rge] and Sarah M., 

May 39, 1845, a. 6 y. 9 m. 16 d. a R. 4. 
Frances, 4- Rev. Geo[rge] and Sarah M., Mar. 6, 1844, a 6 w. 

G. R. 4- 

PAGE, Betty, d. Daniel and Hannah, Nov. 17, 1771. 
Daniel, s. Daniel and Hannah, May 33, 1769. [a. 9 y. G. R. i.] 
Daniel, June 17, i8oi, a. 69 y. 

Hannali, d. Daniel and Hannah, June 7, 1763. [June i, a. 3 y. 
3. m. G. R. I.] 



Page, Haimah, wid. Daniel, Sept aS, 1824, a. 95 y, 

Mary, d. Daniiejl and HaDna.h, Julys, '77^i ^- ^^ 7- ^^ ^■ 

G. R. I. 

Mary, d. Daniel and Hannah, July 5, 1777- 
Sarah, d. Daniel and Hannah, Dec. ti, 1779. [a. 16 y. g.r. i.] 
Wiliiam Little, s. Jesse and Aon P., Aug. 31, 1841, a. i m. 3 d. 
'■, ch. Rev. Jesse and Ann P., choleia inf[3ntum], July ai, 
1842, a. 3 m. 

PALFRET, , Mrs., at Palfrey Downing'a, Aug. 18, 1825. 

PALMER, Charlottee, of Londonderry, "Swept away by the 
freshet, and Drowned on the Salem Turnpike below Mr. 
Andrew Peters house," Mar. 3, 181S, a 20 y. 

PARISH, Asa, s. Elijah and Eunice, Feb. zo, 1773, a. 3 y. g. 

R. 3- 
Elijah, Rev., of Byfield, s. Elijah and Eunice, Mar. 20, 1794. a. 

30 y. c. R. 3. 
Eunice, w. Elijah, " d. Nathan Foster and granddaughter Dea. 

Josiah Standish, who was grandson of Capt. Miles Stand- 

ish," Dec. 13, 1790, a. 66 y. c.R.3. [1799,3.65 y. 10 m. 

c. R. 3.] 

PARK, Jane, dysentery, Sept. 23, 1 838. c. b. 3. 
, d. Prof. E. A., Feb. 25, 1841. 

PARKER, Aaron, s. " of the widow of Joseph Parker," bur. Mar. 

8, 1779, a. I y, 5 m, c. r, 2. 
Abigail, wid. Joseph, May 4, 1717. [a. 29 y. 2 m, a r. i.] 
Abigail, d. James and Dinah, July 32, 1744- 
Affa, w. Dea. Asa, Jan. i, 1813, a. 78 y. 
Anna, bur. Aug. 9, 1778, a 16 y. 7 m. c. R. 2. 
Anna, d, Carlton, nervous fever, Sept. 12, 1799, a. 14 y. to m. 

c R. 3. 
Asa, May 37, 1S20, a. 90 y. 

Apphia, , 1834. c. R, 3. 

Beccah Jane, d. Nathan and Mary, Nov. 31, 1840, a. iS m. 

G. R, 6. 
Benjamin, Dec. 31, 1733, in his 40th y. 
Benjamin, Capl., July 37, t8oi. [a. 56 y. G. R. i.] 
Benjamin, Sept. 8, 1803, a, 41 y. 6 m. 
Carlton, s. Carlton, consumption, bur. May 24, 1788, a 5 y. 6 ra. 



Pakker, Carlton, bur. Dec. 33, rSog, a, supposed iSo y. c. r. 2. 

CbarleSf at the almshouse, Juue 16, 1837, a. 26 y. 

Daalton, s. James and Dinah, July la, 1743. 

Dinah, wid., old age, bur. Feb. 16, 1793, a. 90 y. c. r. 2. 

Dorcas [CarolJDC. G. x. 3.], d, Moses and Dorcas [B. a R. 3.]^ 

Oct. r6, i832. [Oct 15, a. ir m. o. b. 3.] 
Elbridge, s. Michael, jr., Oct 19, 1Z12, a. abt. 7 w. 
Elezabeth. d. Nathan and Elezabeth, July 15, 1754. 
Elizabeth, w. Nathan, June 6, 1734. 
Enoch, Capt, May r4, rSaS, a. 44 y. 
Fanny [(Towns.) c. b. i.}, w. Michael, jr. [enlargement of 

spleen, c. r. iOj Sept 1$, iSia, a. 27 y. 6 m. 
Hannah, w. John, May z6, 1734. 
Hannah, d. Peter and Haniiah, Mar. 15, i74i'3. 
Hannah, d. Peter and Hannah, Jan. 36, 1745-6. 
Hannah, w. Capt Peter, July 7, 1761, a. 45 y. 
Hannah, d. Joseph and Hann[ajh, Aug. 33, 1 762. 
Hannah, wid. Jonathan, Dec. 15, 1794. 
Hannah, unm., d. Isaac and Mary, consumption, July 30 [29. c. 

K. I.], 1849, a. 60 y. 
Harriet, July 3, 1840. 
[Ira Hall. c. r. 6.], s. twin Nathan [and Mary. c. r. 6.], Feb. 

37, 1843, a. 3d. 
Isaac, s. Asa and Sarah, Aug. 34, 1767. 
Isaac [innholder, liver disorder, c. r. i.], Oct 9, r8r4, a. 


James, s. Nathan and Maiy, "killed by ye Indians at Black Poiut," 

June 39, 1677. 
James, s. Joseph and Mary, Oct 18, r738. 
James, 1. James, jr. and Dinah, Oct 34, r745, 
James, chronic disorders, bur. Oct 33, 180T, a, 66 y. 7 m. 

c. R. 2. 
James, jr., Sept. 15, 1848, a. zi y. g.r. 7. 
John, s. Joseph and Mary, "Wiled by ye Indiana at Black 

Point," June 39, 1677. 
John, Dec. 34, r738, in his 86th y. 
John, Col., Oct I, 1833. 
John, Col., unm., b. at Methuen, farmer, s. John and Lydia M., 

old age, Oct. r, r848, a. 76 y. 
John C, s. Carlton and Mary, Dec. 13, 1832, a. 4 y. 5 m. 
[John Newton, g. r. 6.], s. Nathan [and Mary. G. r. 6.], July 

r9, 1S44, a. 14 d. 
Jonathan, Oct 7, r767, in his 60th y. 
Joseph, Nov. 5, 1678. 



Farcer, Joseph, Apr. 6, 1684. 

Joseph, Nov. 9, 1715. 

Joseph, s. Jcseph and Mary, Nov. a, 1734. 

Joseph, Lt., Feb. 23, 1747-8, a. 78 y. 

Joseph, Feb. 18, 1754, in his 54th y. 

Joseph, s. Joseph and Hannah, Aug. 14, 1763. 

Joseph, "in the service," , 1777. c h. 2. 

Joseph, Aug. 15, i8ia, a 19 y. 

Josiah, at the almshouse, July 10, 1835, a 84 y. [a. 85 y. 
c. R. 2.3 

[Lucy Ann. c. r- 6.], d. twin, Nathan [and Mary. g. r. 6.3, Feb. 
27,1843, a. 3d. 

Lydia, d. Joseph and Lydia, Nov. i, 1716. 

Lydia, w. Lt. Joseph, Apr. 15, 1744. 

Lydia H., Miss, July 16, 1839, ^ '' 7- 

Martha, d. Joseph and Lydia, Oct. as, 1707. 

Maiy, w. Stephen, Apr. 13, 1693. 

Mary, wid., Oct. a, 1695. 

Mary, w. Joseph, jr., Sept 35, 1734- 

Mary, d. James and Pbebe, Jan. ao, r75i. 

Maiy, wid. Isaac, Nov. 19, 1834, a 73 y. 

Afory Ann, onm., d. Michael and Mehitable, consuniption, Dec. 
6, 1846, a. 32 y. 

Mary K., d. Carlton and Mary, Sept 38, 1835, a i y. 9 m. 

Michal, s. Joseph and Mary, Dec. 15, 1728. 

Michael, Capt., Oct aa, 1819, a. 79 y. 

Moses, July z, 1797, a. 34 y. 

Moses, s. Isaac and Mary, Aug. 24, 1829,8 27 y. [a. 28 y. c. R.i.3 

Moses, s. Enoch, at Charleston, Jan. 14, 1841, a. 43 y. 

Nancy, at the almshouse. Mar. 27, 1825. 

Nathan, June 25, 16S5. 

Nathan, m., farmer, s. Michael and Fanny, typhui fevei, May so, 
1848, a. 36 y. 

Obadiah, s. Joseph, 3d, and Martha, Nov. 5, 1745. 

Obadiah, s. Joseph and Martha, Nov. 9, 1749, a. 3 y. 3 ra. want- 
ing 6 d. 

Olive, d. Asa, Aug. 2, 1 779, a. 2 1 y. 

Peter, Capt, Jan. 9, 1795, in his 80th y. [a. 80 y, 6 m. «. R. 2.] 

Peter, s. Michael, Sept 6, 1832, a. 25 y. 

Phebe, d. James and Phebe, Aug. 14, 1737, a. 3 y. i m. 2 d. 

Phebe, d. Capt Peter and Hannah, Jan. it, r7S9, in her id y. 

Phebe, wid. Capt Michael, at Methueu, Sept. 10, 1835. 

Phenihas, s. Joseph, jr. and Martha, Feb. 19, r746-7, a. i y. 
5 m. 16 d. 



Farkes, Phineas, a. Jonathan and Hannah, Jan. 3, 1748-9. 

Rebecca Jane, d. Nathan and Mary, cholera infantum, June 21 
[33. G. B. 6.3, 1846, a. 10 IT). 33 d. 

Rebeccah.d. Michael and Mehitable f liver disease, c. e. i.J, Jan. 
18 f 17. c. K. I. and G. R. 6.], 1839, a. 18 y. 

Robert, s. Nathan and Mary, Sept 7, 1688. 

Saiah, d. Joseph, jr. and Martha, Mai. 2, 1 746-7. a. 5 y. 3 m. 8 d. 

Sarah, d. Asa and Sarah, Dec. 12, 1765. 

Sarah, w. Aaa, Mar. 31, 1779- 

Serena, d. Peter and Phebe, Oct, 11, 1784, a. 16 y. p. r. 138. 

Stephen, s. Stephen and Mary, lobr. 15, 1682. [Dec. 15. ci. r] 

Susan, w. Nathan, Aug. 36, 1651. 

Thomas, Nov. 12, 1708. 

Timothy, s. Carlton, "at sea of the yellow fever as he was relum- 
ing from W. Indies," bur. May 11, tSo6, a. a; y, c. r. 2. 

Wiliam, s. Joseph, jr. and Martha, July 19, 1749. 

Winthrop A., m., b. Methuen, merchant, s. Winthrop and Lydia, 
consumption, at Rochester, N. y., Dec. 9, 1845, a- 33 y- '" 
m. 18 d. 

, s. stillborn, James and Phebe, June 27, 1732. 

, 3. Joseph and Mary, Apr. 25, 1733- 

, s. Jonathan and Hannah, Mar. 15, 1739-40. 

, s. Samuel and Esleher, July 13, 1741. 

, 3. Joseph and Marth[a], Jan. 14, 1743-4. 

• , a. Kindall, canker, bur. Aug. 23, 1803, a. ir m. c. R. a. 

, inf. ch, Michael and Fanny, [1812 ?]. G, r. 6. 

, s. Nathan and Mary, Jan.' — , 1842. 

PARSONS, Kendall [Pearson, c. r. i.], of Wilmington, s. Moses, 

May 16, 1824, a. 19 y. 
Thomas, Aug. 31, 1818, a. 50 y- 6 m. p. r. 94. 

PATTEN.Betsy, commonly called Betty, Aug. [20. c. r. 2.], 1818. 
Ehjah, Oct. 18, 1774, in his ajlh y. G. r. 2. [a. 23 y. c. R. 2.] 

PATSON, Anna, d. Thomas E[lliot. c. R. 4.], and Hannah, May 

IS, 1838,8. 3 d. 
John 0[tis, of Pomfret, Conn. G. h. 5.]. student at the Institution, 

Jan, 24, 1830. [a. 32 y. c. r. 5.] 

PEABODT, Alice, wid., bur, Feb. 10, 1776, abt. 90 y, c. r. 2. 
David, unm., operative in factory, s. Samuel, Esq., typhus fever, 
Oct. 32, 1846. [a. 20 y. c. R. 2.] 



Peabody, Debonh, Mar. 12, i8i». 

Francis, consumption, bur. Oct 4, 1786, a. 13 y. c, R. 2. 

Lfdia, wid. Samuel, Oct. 10, 1741. in hei 6ist y. 

Molly, June 10, 1808. 

Moses, Nov. 13, 1746. 

Polly, Feb. 16, 1842. 

Samuel, s. Moses and Sarah, July 16, 173S. 

Samuell, May i, 1706. 

William, Capt, bilious colic, bur, Dec. 8, 1787, a. 62 y. & r. 1 

PEARSON, (see also Feaisons, Feison, Piearson, Pieison) 

Deborah, wid. Dr. Abiel, Oct. 13, 1838, a. 78 y. [a. 75 y. 

G. R. 2.] 
Joseph [bleeding from the stomach, c. r. 2.], July 15, 1841, a. 

49 y- 
Mary, w. Dr. Abiel [childbed.CR. a.j, Feb. 13, 1800, a. 4iy. 4ro 
Priscilla, w. E., "Piecp. of Phillips Academy, & youngest daughter 

of the late President Holyoke," Mar. 29, 1782, a. 42 y. 

c, R. a, 
Rebecca, wid., of Wilroingion, at David Blunt's, paralysis, bur. 

Feb. 32, 1791, a. 6d y. 3 m. c. r. 2. 
—— , adopted d, wid. Jos[eph] [typhus fever, c. R. 2.], May 24, 

1843, a. 12 y. 

PEARSONS (see also Pearson), Abiel, Dr., May 22, i827,a. 71 y. 

6 m. 
Joseph, July IS, 1841. p. r. 83. 
Lois, Mrs., Apr. 17, 1842, a. 82 y. p. r. 83. 
William, at Mrs. Silvesters, May 28, 1819, a. 21 y. 
Moses, Aug. It, 1S35, a. 84 y. p. r. 83. 
Olive D., Mar. 28, 1836, a, 33 y. p. r. 83. 

PECK, Joseph, b. Amherst, d. in Sem[inary], Sept. 24, 1827, a. 
30 y. G. R. 5. 

PEEL, David, m., b. Yorkshire, weaver, iits [apoplexy, c. R. i.J, 

July 38, 1846, a. 57 y. 4 m. 32 6. 
[James R. c. r. 2.], s. Joseph [and Susanna a, r. 3.], cholera 

infantum, Aug. 14, 1843, a. 8 m. 4 d. 
Joanna, d. Joseph and Susanna, Jan. 35, 1840, a. 9 d. G. r. 2. 

PEETERS (see also Peters), Andrew, Mr., Dec. 13 [14.0. r. i.], 

1713, a. abt, 77 y. [in his 79th y. o. r. i.] 
Pheobe, d. Samuell and Pheobe, Aug. 10, 1702. [a. 3 y. o. r. i.] 
William, "kUled by Indians," Aug. 13, 1696. 



PEDtCB (see also Pierce), Catherine, unm., b. Brunswick, Me., 
d. Jesse and Catherine, consumption. Mar. 20, 1849, a. 33 y. 

Haniet, d. William and Susan, cholera infantum, Oct. 3, 1845, a. 
4 m. 13 d. 

Harris Gary, s. W[iUia]m and Ellen, b. May 19, d. Oct 2, 1845. 
a R. a. 

PEMBERTON, Mary, Miss, putrid fever, bur. Sept. 17, 1793, a. 
44 y. c. R. 2. 

PERKINS, Nabby, Sept. 1. 1840, a. 71 y, g. r. 6. 
Ruth, W.Timothy, Mar. 35, 1713-14. 

,d. Waher, fits, bur. Mar. 20, 1807, a. 11 d. c. r. 2, 

, s. Istael, cholfera] infantfum], Aug. 11, 1843, ^- ^ 7' 

1 m. 3 d. 

PBRLET, Abraham, Capt., Dec. 4, 1836, a. 57 y. g. r. 6. 
Abraham W. [blown up. c. R, i.], Apr. 3, 1840, a. 35 y. g. r. 6. 
Alexander [H., at ;Boztord. a. r. 6.], cordwainer, consumption, 
Aug. 4, 1844. [Aug. 5, a. 25 y. G. r. 6.] 

PERRy, Elizabeth, "servant of John Stone," Mar. 29, 1694. 
Fhilanthropus, at the Seminary, May 36, 1815, a. 32 y. g. r. 5. 

PERSON (see also Pearson), John, s. John and Rebecca, SepL 
3. 1738- 

PETERS (see also Peetcis), Andrew, "killed by the Indians," 

Aug. 14, 1689. 
Andrew, Oct. 6, 1824, a. 80 y. 6 m. [1835. p. r. 63.] 
Andrew, s. John and Elizabeth, Sept. 15, 1831, a. 34 y. [a. 33 y. 

c R. 6.] 
Ariah [Ariel, o. R. 6. and c. R. 5.], unm., farmer, Feb. to, 1848, 

a. 86 y. 10 d. [Jan. 31, 1849, a. 87 y. G. k. 6. and C. R. 5.] 

Bimsley, s. Sam[ue]l and Phebe, [17 — ?]. G. R. i. 

Daniel, s. Andrew, pleurisy, Feb. 2, 1844, a. 66 y. 

Hannah, w. Andrews [palsy, c. R. 1.], Mar. r4, 1822,3. 78 y. 

Henry A., s. Joseph and MehiUble [consumption, c. k. r.], Aug. 

8, 1827, a. 31 y. 
John, "killed by the Indians," Aug. 14, 1689. 
John, s. John and Phebe, June 23, 1738. 
John, Apr. ig, r797, a. 91 y. c. r. i. 
John pr. c. B. i.]. s. Lt. Joseph [Dr. G. R. 6.] and "Miss" Mehit- 

ible, Dec. 31, r82r [1822. G. R. 6.], a. 34 y. 



Peters, John, s. John and Elizabeth F., June n, 1840, a. 34 j. 

John, 5. AndreW) paralysis, Apr. 19 [18. G. R. 6.], 1843, a. 68 y. 

Joseph, s. Samuel and Phebe, Apr. 17, 1719. 

Joseph, s. Samuel and Mary, Aug. 31, 1736, a. a y. 4 m. 3 w. 

Joseph, July i a, 1843, a. 79 y. i m. 3 d. c. R. S- 

Lydia, d. Samuel and Mary, June 30, 1738. 

Maicy, wid. Andrew, Nov. 5, 1736. 

Maiy, d. Samuel and Maiy, Nov. 19, 1738. 

Maiy, w. Samuel, June 10, 1747, in her 50th y. 

Mehitable, w. Joseph [black jaundice, c. r. i.], Dec. 25, 1827. 

[a. 64 y. a. r. 6.J 
Phebe, d. John and niebe, July 3, 1738. 
Phebe, w. John, Mar. 31, 1753, in her 47th y. 
Phebe, wid., May 14, 1757, in her 77th y. 
Samuel, May 39, 1736. 
Samuel, s. Samuel and Mary, June 35, 1738. 
Sarah, d. John and Phebe, June 39, 1738. 
Sarah, wid. John, Sept. 36, 1808. [Sept. 34, a. 86 y. a r. i.] 
Susan, w. IHniel, Jan. S. 183 7, a. 54 y. 9 m. 
Susan [E. c. r. 6.], d. John and Elizabeth F., May 29 [18. 

c. R. 6.], 1840, a. 31 y. 
Susaoa, d. Daniel and Susana, Feb. 31 [20. & R. i.], 1816. [a 

3 y. c R. r.] 
Susanna, w. Dan[ie]l, cancer, Jan. 3, 1837. c. R. i. 
Willard, s. John and Elizabeth F., at Columbia, Tenn., Oct. 19, 

1833, a. 31 y. 

, s. William and Elizabeth P., fits, Jan. \$, 1845, a. 4 d. 

, wid., fever, June S, 1845, a. 84 y. c. r. 2. 

PETTENGAIL, Dorcas, wid., Dec. 39, 1816. 
, Mrs., dropsy, Oct, 4, 1841. c. r. i. 

PBTTIGREW (see also Pettygrew), Mark, m., b. Leeds, Eng- 
land, diabetes, Dec. 7 [5. G. r. 4.], 1847, a. 4r y. 

PETTYGREW (see also Pcttigrcw), James H,, b. Boston, s. Mark 
and Hannah, dysentery, Oct. 11 [12. g. r. 4.], 1848, a. 3 y. 
6 m. 

PEVEY, Esther, d. Peter and Esther, Aug. rj, 1747, in her 20th y. 
Peter, jr., Aug. 3, 1754, in his 33d y. 
Peter, Nov. 33, 1756, in his 59th y. 

Sarah, A. Thomas and Dorcas, Oct. 4, 1785, a. rs y. s m. 7 d, 
G. R- 2. 



PHELPS, Abigail, d. Heniy and Abigail, Nov. 17, 1739, in her 

loth y. 
Abigail, w. Hcniy, Sept. 6, 1759, in her 6sth y. o, R, a. 
Abigail w. Jonathan, May 9, 1817. 
Abigail, d. JoDa[thaD] and Abigail, consumption, Ang. 3, 1843, 

a. 30 y. 
Bathsheba, d. Edvard and Ruth, Feb. 34, 1693-4. 
Caiol)ae,d. Jona[thanl and Mary, Dec. 11, 1826, a. 13 y. 
Dorcas, d. Isaac and Dorcaa, Aug. 8, iSaz. 
Edward [si. CT.R.], Oct. 3, 1689. 
Elisba, at the almshouse, Jan. 27, 1823, a. 51 y. 
Elizabeth, wid., May 4, 1718, a. abt. 91 y. 
Elizabeth Abbot, d. Joseph and Rebecca, Dec. ao, iSoa. 
Hannah, d. Samuell and Sarah, Mar. 24, 1705-^. 
Hannah, wid. Serg't Samuel, May 16, 1746. 
Hannah, 2d d.wid. , nervous fever, bur. Sept. i, 1800, a, 

19 y. 3 1-3 m. c. R. 3. 
Hannah, w. Chandler, July 7, 1836, a. 44 y. 
Henry, a. Henry and Abigail, Apr. r8, 1732. [a. 18 d. g. r. 2.] 
Henry, Oct. 18, 1766, in his 74th y. 

Henry, jaundice, bur. Oct. 31, 1807, a. 67 y. ^ m. c. r. 2. 
Herman, s. Henry and Mary, Apr. at, 1796, a. 7 y. G. r. 3. 
John, s. Edward and Eiizabeth, " killed by ye Indians at Black 

Point," June 29, 1677. 
John, Apr. 23, 1739. 
Joseph, s. Joseph and Rebecca [fever, c. R. 2.], Dec. 2, 1801, a. 

7 m. 
Joseph, Jan. 37, 1802, a. 78 y. 
Joseph [old age. c. R. 2.J, Sept. 12 [10. c. R. 2.], 1835, a- 75 y- 

[a. 79 y. c. R. a.] 
Joshua, "suddenly" [apoplexy, c. r. 2.], Dec. 23, 1798, a. 60 y. 

6 m. 
Joshua, nervous fever, bur, Aug. 24, 1807, a. 33 y. 4 ni. c. R. 2. 
Lois, w. Joshua, Dec. 21, 1836, a. 90 y. a. r. 2. 
Lydia, d. John and Sarah, Dec. 18, 1728. 
Lydia, w. Chandler, Sept. 6, 1830, a. 39 y. 
Lydia A. [w. Joel. g. r. 2. ; disease of the lung. c. R. 2.3, Nov. i , 

1841. [a. 41 y- 7 m- G.R. 2.] 
Mary, d. Thomas and Mary, Mar. 3, 1722-3. 
Mary, w. Thomas, May 9, 1727. 
Mary, d. wid. , putrid fever, bur. July 8, 1 800, a. 2 2 y. 10 m. 

c. R. a. 
Mary, d. Jona[than] and Abigail, May 25, 1826, a. 4 y. 
Mary, wid. Henry, Aug. xr, 1835, a. 84 y. 






Fhelfs, Nathan, s. John and Sarah, Jan. 4, 1738-9. 
Prissilla, w. Lt. Samuel, Jan. 4, 177S. [a. 65 y. c. x 
Prudence, d. Thomas and Prudence, Sept. i, 1735. 
Piudence, wid., dropsy and mollification, bur. Ape, 

77 y. 1 m. c. R. 2. 
Rebecca, wid., apoplexy, Jan. xi, 1844, a. 8 
Rhoda, wid. [consumpiion. c. r. i,], Oct. 

1841, a. 72 y. 
Saronel, Serg't, Apr. 26, 174S- 
Samuel, Mr., Jan. a6, 1745-6, a. 95 y. 
Samuel, jr., at Lake George, Oct. 18, 1756- 
Samuel, s. Joshua, bur. Sept. 36, 1778, a. 1 y. i m. c. s- :■ 
Samuel, Lt. paralytic, bur. Apr. 17, 1795. a. Ss y. a m. c. r. a, 
Sam[ue]l, s. Henry and Mary [canker, c. r. i.]. Mar. 4, 1796, 

a. 14 y. G. R. 3. [and 9 m. c. r. 2.] 
Sarah, Apr. 5, 1757, in her 96th y. 
Thomas, apoplexy, bur. May z8, 1 795, a. 56 y. c. r, z. 
, ch. Tho[ma]s, scrofula, bur, Dec. 39, 1789, a. i y. 6 m. 

PHJLEPS (aee also Phillips), Elezebith, d. Samuel, jr. and 

Elezebtth, June 24, 1748, a. 7 m. 24 d. 
Eleiebith, d. Samuel and Blezebitb, Apr. 19, 1757, a. 18 m. 

PHILUPS (see also Phiieps), Abigail, wid., bur. Jan. 13, 177 

a. 70 y. 10 m. c. R. a. 
Betsy, broken hip, Oct. 6, 1841, c, r. i. 
Eliz[abc]tb, w. Hon. Sam[ueil, Nov. 19, 1789, a. 71 y. g. r. 
Elizabeth, w, Lt John, May ri, 1807. [a. 71 y. g. r. i.] 
Hannah, d. Samuel, jr. and Elizabeth, June 15, 1764, in I 

23d y. 
Hannah, wid. Rev. Samuel, Jan. 7, 1773, a. Si y. 
James, Mar. 6 [4. C. R. i.], 1839, a. 71 y. 
John [Lt. G. a. I ; tanner and mechanic, c r. i.], Sept. 15, 1S16, 

a. 82 y, 
John, Hon, [s. LL-Gov. Samuel. G. r. 2.], Sept. 10; 1820, 

43 y- 'oni. ai d. 
Pbcbc [Foxcroft. G. r. a.], wid. Lt.-Gov-, Oct. 31, i8ia, a. 70 y. 

[a. 69 y. c. R. 2.] 
Salem, at the almshouse, Apr. 19, 1815, a. 90 y. 
Sally Allen Swett, w. Sain[uc31, s. John, Nov. 7, 1837, a. , 

G. R. a. 
Samuel, s. Mr. Samuel, jr. and Elisabeth, Dec. 34, 1744; a 

I m. rS d. 



Philups, Samuel, Rev., " in the 6oth y, of his Ministry," June s, 

1771, in his 8ad y. 
Samfuc]!, Hon., Aug. ar, 1790, a. 76 y. G. r. i. 
Sam[ue]l, s. Lt. Gov. Sam[ue]l and Phebe (Foxcroft), Feb. 8, 

1796, a. 14 y. G. R. a.. 
Sain[uejl [grands. Rev. Sain[ue]l " Lt. Gov. of Mass." g. R. 2.], 

Feb. 10, i8o3, a. 50 y. 
Sarah [Ann Dorr, c- R. 4-]t *• John [of Macon, Ga. c. r. 4.], 

consumption, Sept. 22, 18421a. 30 y. [a. 31 y. P.R.119; 

a. 3» y- c. R. I.J 

Theodot, s. Samuel, jr. and Elisabeth, Jan. 25, 1739-40, a. 8 m. 

Theodore, s. Samuel and Elizabeth, Dec. i, 175S, in his 14th y. 

PHUUS, Elizabeth, from Boston [wid. lung fever, c. r. 1.], 
May 14, [8ir, a. 79 y. 

PICKET, Jenny [unm. g. r. 2 ; jauadice. c k. 2.], Mar. 28, 
1845, a. 84 y. 

PIEARSOM (see also Pearson), Abigail, d. Jonathan and Abigail, 
Nov. 1, 1741. 

PIERCE (see also Peirce), Jesse, Dea.fh. Catharine (Johnson), 
p. R. 106.], Apr. 10, 1843, a. 41 y. c. r. 5. [Apr. 13, a. 43 y. 
p. K, 106.] 

PIERSON (see also Pearson), Abigail, w. Jonathan, July 27, 1 746. 
Benjamin, s. t<rin, Jonathan and Abigail, July — , 1746. 
, s. tvrin, stillborn, Jonathan and Abigail, July 13, 1746. 

PIKE, Cha[rle]s W., s. Willard and Mary E., Oct. 19, 1843, a. 

18 y. G. R. 3. 
Frances A., d. Willard and Mary E., Oct. i, 1842, a. 9W, o. r. 1. 
Henry, unm., machinist, consumption, Sept. 19, 1845, a. 33 y. 
Mary E,, b. Canton, w. William [Willard. G. e. a.], consumption, 

Feb. s, 1849, a, 44 y. [and 7 m. c. R. 2.J 
Sarah C, d. Willard and Mary E., Sept. 26, 1830, a. 18 m. g. r. 3. 
[Willard. G. R. a.], ch. [s. c. R. a.], Willard and Mary E. G. R, 2.], 

May 15, J847, a. 8 d. [a. 2 w. c. R. 2; 9 d. g. R. 2.] 

PUXSBURY, Hannah [F., w. Paul. g. r. 3-]- ^ Tcwksbury, 
typhoid fever, Sept. 25 [27, g. r. 3. and c.R. 3.], 1847, a. 

51 y- 

Solomon [F. g. r. 3.], unm. [only ch. Paul and Hannah, g.r. 3.], 

b. Wolfboro, N. H., typhoid fever, Aug. ai [39. o. R. 3.], 
1847, a. iS y. 




PINGREE, Asa [sudden, c. r. a.], Apr. 15 [24. c. b. a.], 1834, 
[a. 63 y. c. B. a.] 

PLATS (see also Piatt), Joseph Hale, s. JohD, bur. Apr. 29, 1781, 
a. 9 m. a w. c. R. a. 

PLATT (see also Plats), James William, s. John and Maty, May 
i6, 184s, a. 4 m. a6 d. 

POLLAKD, Annah H., d. Dvistin B. and Hannah, dysenteiy, Sept. 
II, 1849, a. 15 m. II d. 

POMROY, Daniel P., uom., carpenter, consumption, Oct, 13, 

1847,3.35 y-9 d. 
Nancy, Mrs., consumption, Apr. 5 [7, dup.], 1847, a. 59 y. 

POOR (see also Pooie), Abraham, s. Thomas and Mary, July i, 

Abraham, Lt. [laborer, consumption, c. R. i.]. May z, 1819, a. 

77 y- im- »6d. 
Albert [M. c. r. 6,], s. Jonathan and Catherine [M. G. R.6,], 

Sept. 19 [*i. G. R. 6.3, 1839, a. 8 m. 17 d. 
Albert W., s. Johnathan and Catherine [M. o. r. 6.], fever, Jan. 

38, 1848, a. 8 m. [and 38 d. g. r. 6.] 
Caroline, d. John, jr. and Mary, Aug. 14, 1817, a. 37 d, 
Cathaiine A,, d. Capt, Henry and Lydia, May ao, 1817, [a. 3 y. 

G. R. 6.] 
Charles, a. Joseph and Mary, Sept. 26, 1830, a. 29 y. g. r. 6. 
Charlotte, d. Daniel and Hannah [fever, c. R. a], Sept. zo, 1791, 

in hei 3d y, G. R. a. [a. a y. 10 m. C. R. alj 
Chloc, wid. [John, c r. i.], old age, Nov. 21, 1843, a. 91 y. [a, 

90 y. c. R. I.] 
Daniel, July 30, 1 733, in his 79th y. 

Daniel, s. Quartermaster Daniel and Dorathy, Sept. 16, 1758. 
Daniel, Aug. 8, 1773, in his 84th y. 
Daniel, Dea., June 10, 1814, a. 74 y- 

Daniel, widr,, school teacher, s. Daniel, lung fever, July 5, 1844. 
Daniel, m., mechanic, apoplexy, July 4, 1846, a 64 y. 3 m. 8 d. 
Dan[ie]l A., of Portland, brother of wid. Ezra Abbott, asthma, 

July 6, 1844, a. 63 y. c. R, a. 
Daniel Adams, s. Daniel and Hannah, Jan. 13,1 780. [a. i y. 4 m. 

C. R. 3.] 

David [consumption, c. R. i.], Oct. 18 [16. c. r. i.], 1841, a. 
34 y- 



Poor, Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Susanna, July 31, 1762. 
Elizabeth [(Fryc). c, K. i.], wid. Lt. Peter [general debility. 

C. R. I.], Sept. 7, 1813, a 64 y. 
Elizabeth, wid. Abraham, Aug. a8 [8, a R. 6.], 1833, a. 83 y. 

[84 y. G. R. 6.] 
Fanny, d. Daniel and Hannah, Mar. 74, 1793, a. ay. 9 d. g. r. 3. 
Frye, s. Isaac and Lydia, Nov. 10, i8j5, 

George, s. John, jr. and Mary O., Dec. i, 1812. [a. 2 d. a. R. 6.] 
George, s. Joseph and Mary, June 30, 1816, a. 6 y. 
George B., s. David, scarlet fever, Mar. 31, 1842, a. 5 y. [a. 4 y. 

C. R. I.] 

Hannah, d. Daniel and Dorathy, Aug. 7, 1736. 
Hannah, d. Daniel and Hannah, Nov. 9, 1768. 
Hannah, w. Dea. Daniel, Jan. r6, 1834, a. 79 y. 
Hannah, wid., b. Methuen, d. Alpheus and Hannah Bodwell, 

dropsy, Oct, 7, 1847^ a. soy. 
Isaac, s. Peter and Sarah, Apr. 28, 1764. 
Isaac, s. Lt. Isaac, Nov. la, 1822, a. 30 y. 
Isaac, m., laborer, s. Daniel and Lydia, old age, July 18, 1849, 

a. 87 y. 
Jane C., d: Daniel A. and Emily, May 3, 1810. [a. 2 j. 6. m. 

c. R. 2.] 
John, s. Daniel and Mary, Dec. 24, 1690. 
John, s. John and Mary, Nov. 5, i8ri, a. 5 d. G. R. 6. 
John, Nov. IS, 1811, a. 94 y. [Nov. i. c. R. i.] 
John, July 7, 1823. 
John, wid., farmer, s. John, typhus fever [at Medford. C. R. i.], 

Oct. 24, 1844. 
Jonathan, Capt, " in the Intended Expedition against Crown 

Point," at Albany, Nov. 17, 17SS, in his 33d y. 
Joseph, s. Joseph and Rebeca, May 2, 1731. 
Joseph, s. Joseph and Rebecca, Dec. 6, 1746. 
Joseph, s. Thomas and Maiy, July 30, 1747. 
Joseph, but. Nov. 10, T780, in his 80th y. c. R. 2. 
Joseph, s. Abraham and Elizabeth, pneumonia notha, Nov. 35, 

1842, a. 66 y. 
Joshua, s. John, jr. and Cloe, May, 30, 1807. 
[Joshua, o. B. 6.], a. John 3d and Mary O., Dec. 1 7 [16. G. r. 

6.], 1807. [a. 4 w. c. R. 6.] 
Lydia, w. Isaac, Dec. 12, 1831, a s8 y. 
Lydia Ann Maiia, d. Henery and Lydia, Feb. 1, i8to. [a. 7 m. 

G. R. 6.3 
Lydia B., d. Daniel and Deborah [consumption, c. R. 3.], Aug. 

30, 1839, a. 18 y. 


aNdover deaths 529 

Poor, Martha, d. Daniel and Deborah [coDsumptioD. c. s. 3.], 

Apr. 5, 1837, a. aa y. 
Martha Jane, d. John and Polly O., consumption, Sept 5, 1845, 

a. 22 y. 
Mary, wid. Daniel, Feb. 3, 1713-14, a. abt. 85 y, 
Mary, w. John, Feb. 5, 1736-7. 

Mary, d. Theodore, Oct a6, 182a. [a. 12 y. C. k. r.) 
Mary O., w, John, jr. [suicide, by hanging, c. R. 1.], Feb. ao, 

1829, a. 40 y. 
Meheiabel, Mrs., Oct 28, 1752, in her 8ist y. 
Mehitabel, d. Daniel and Mehitabel, Jan. 14, 1690-1. 
Molly, wid. Timothy, Dec, 14, 1797, a, 68 y, 
Pamela, d. Abraham and E)iz[abe]ib, Mar. 16, i8aa, a. 30 y. 

[a. 2S y. c. R. 1.] 
Patte, d. Benjamin and Phebe, Sept 20, 1762. 
Peter, s. Isaac and Lydia, Nov. 17 [18. g. r. 2.], 1837. [a. 37 y. 

G, R. a, j 
Polly O., w. John, jr., Feb. 20, 1829, a. 42 y. G. R. 6. 
Rebeca, Dec. 14, 1798. 

Rebecca, w. Joseph, Oct 4, 1742, in her 38th y. 
Rcbecc^, wid. John, Jan. 5, 1820, a. gS y. 
Ruth, w. Joseph, bur. Sept a, 1779, a 64 y. c. R. 2. 
Sam[ne]1, jr., Jan. 10, 1745, in his 22d y. g. r. 1. 
Samuel, s. Samuel and Deborah, Feb. 10, 1746-7, a. ai y. 4 m. 

[Sam[uc]l. G. R. 6.], s. Sam[uc]l and Betsey, Oct 17, 1831. 
Samuel G[ates. g. r. 6,], a. Samuel and Betsey, June a8, 1839, 

a. 5 y. 7 m. 
Sarah, d. Daniel and Hannah, Oct 30, r775. [a. i y. 6. m. 

C. R, a. 
Sarah, inf. ch. John 3d and Mary O., July 19 [18. G. R. 6.],. 

1809. [a. 2 A. G. R. 6.] 
Sarah, d. Joseph and Maiy, drowned in Shawsheen River, June 

15, 1825, a. it y. 
Stephan, s. Thomas and Mary, June 28, 1756, in his 21st y. 
Susanna, d. Ebenezer and Susanna, Nov. 30, 1762. 
Susannah, wid., lung fever, "at her Bis. Deacon Poors," bur. 

Dec. 3r, 1807, a. 63 y. c. R. 2 
Susannah, wid. Jonathan, Dec. ag, 1808. 
Thomas, Feb. 7, 1694-5. 
Thomas, Mar. rS, 1779, a 75 y. 
Timothy, Jan. 5, 1784. 
Timothy, "s . Nancy Barnard and Capt Timofthy] Poor," Sept. 

21, i8ao, a. I y. I m. r d. 



Poor, Timothy, Mar. 9, 1835, a. 79 y. 

Timothy, m., laborer, s. 'Hieodore and Sarah, dropsy, July i8, 

184s, a- 38 y- 
Timothy, Col., m., farmer, 9. John and Chloc, coosumption, at 

Methueo, Aug. 16, 1845, a. 55 y. 
William, s. John, jr. and Mary, May 11, 1816, a. 14 d, 

, d. Joseph and Rebccah, Apr. — , 1734. 

, s. Jonathan and Elisabeth, Dec. 10, 1744, a. i hour. 

, s. Jonathan and Elezcbilh, Oct. 29, 1752. 

, inf. ch. Isaac and Lydia, Nov. 15, 1807. 

, inf. ch. John, 3d. and Mary O. [jaundice- c. r. i,], Nov. 5, 

iSii. [a. a w. c. R. I.] 
, s. John and Maty O. [fever, c R. i.], Oct., 1819. [Oct. 

7, a. 3 d. c. R. I.] 

, inf. ch. John jr., and Mary O. [Dec. 19. c. ». r.], iSao. 

, ch. [inf. c. R. I.], John. jr. and Mary, Mar. ra, 1822. 

ch. Timothy, cholera infantum, Sept. 9, 1844, a. 9 m. 

POORE (see also Poor), Hannah, d. Daniell and Mehetabell, 

Sept 27, 1709. 
Sarah, d. Daniell and Mehitabell, May 14, 1707. 
Timothy, a. DaDne]lland Mehitabell, Apr. 29, 1708. 
Timothy, s. Daniel and Mehitabel, May 5, 1716. 

PORTER, Ebenezer, D. D., Apr. 8, 1834, a. 62 y. 

L. P., wid. Prof E[ben], Nov. 11, 1841,3. 62 y. a. R. 5. 

Mira L. [Porter?], May — , 1834. c. R. 6. 

Sarah, Miss, of Medfbid, Aug. 4, 181 S* a. 20 y. 

PRAY, Pelatiah, m., yeoman, jaundice, Sept. 27, 1844, a. 67 j. 

PRESCOTT, John E., s. Everett and Emily, Oct. 21, 1844, a. 
16 m. IS d. G. R. z. 

PRESTON, Caleb, s. twin, Samuel and Sarah, Apr. 26, 1716. 

John, s. twin, Jo[h]n and Sarah, Mar. 17, 1690-1. 

John, a. John and Sarah, June 17, 1699. 

Joseph, Mar, 9, 1713, a. abt. 27 y. 

Mary, wid. Samuel, sr.. Mar. 1, 1738-9. 

Samuel, May 29, 1717. 

Samue^ sr., July 10, 1738, a. abt. 84 y- 

Sarah, d. Samuell and ^rah, Aug. 16, 1703. 

Sarah, d. John and Sarah, Nov. 7, 1712. 

Susannah, w. Sam[ue]ll, sr., Dec. 29, 1710. 

Thomas, s. twin, Jo[h]n and Sarah, Mar. 18, 1690-1. 



PRIESTLET, W[illia]tn H... s. Isaac and Eliza, SepL 11, 1848, 
a. 3 y. G. R. 4. 

PRIME, Hannah [Prince, c. r, i,], w, Thomas and d. Jonathan 
and Susannah Stevens, Aug. 19, 1814. 

PRfflCE, Albert L., a. Caleb S. and Martha J., Dec. 3, 1835, a. 
30 m. 6 d. G. R. 4, 

Caleb S., m., b. Danvers, manufacturer, typhoid fever and dysen- 
tery, Aug. 31, rS48, a. 45 y. 

Cha[rle]s A., a. Caleb S. and Martha J., Mar. 13, 1838, a. 11 m. 
8 d. O. R. 4. 

George A., b. Caleb S. and Martha J., Mar. 23, 1838, a. r y. 

Hannah, see Prime, Haonah. 

Mary E[liza. o. R. 4.], d. Caleb [S. g. r. 4.] and Martha [J. g. r, 
4.], dysentery, Sept 18, 1849, a. i y. 3 m. 23 d. 

PROCTER (see also Proctor), William, 
dresser, brain fever, Aug. 13, 1849, 

PROCTOR (see also Procter), — 
July ro, 1845, a. I y. 2 m. 

b. Scotland, flax- 


ch. William and Mary, croup, 
Eben, s. Eben and Sarah, Mar. i, i 

a. 8 m. g. R. 6. 
Sally, w. Eben [general debility, c. r. i.], Oct. 16, 1840, a. 36 y. 

PUNCHARD, Sarah, wid. Benjamin, Aug. 11, 1838, a. 79 y. 
William, b. Dec. 7, 1788, d. at sea, bur. at Martha's Vineyard, 
Sept. 5, 1810. G. R. 4. 

PUTNAM [Alfred Hcnxy. G. R. a.], s. Alfred [and Mary. g. r. 2.], 

Mar. 5, 1837, a. 7 m. 
Archelus, ol Danvers [from Danvers, resident in Andover, 

C R. r.]. Mar, 30, i8i 
George Osgood, b. Salem, s. Hiram, July 8 [9. o. B. 6.3, 1834, 

Eu 9 ro. c. R. I . 
Israel, m.,b. Lyndeborough, N. H., trader, consumption, Oct 

33. 1847, a. 50 y. 
John W., s. Alfred and Mary, July 2, 1839, a. 4 ra. 13 d. a. r. 2. 
Mary Ann, d. Israel and Mary, Nov. 30, 1839,2. 13 y. 9 

G. R. 3. 
Mary (Hawk), b. Lyunfield, w. Israel, consumption, Dec. 

1844, a. 44 y- 



Putnam, Mary O., w. Alfred, Oct 23, 1840, a. 54 y. c e. a. 
Moses [s. Moses A. M. Eind Rebecca, g. r. t.], Sept lo, 1S07. 

[a. 30 y. a R. 1.] 
Polly, w. Alfred [consumption, c. K. 2.], Oct. 33, 1840, a. 34 y. 
Samuel P. P. Fay, s. Simeon and Abby, July 34 [35. g. r. 5.}, 

1833, a- 4 y. 
Sarah, wid. Archelaus, d. Dr. Ward and Prudence Noyes, July 

19, iSiS, a. a6 y. g. R.6. 
Simeon [teacher, cousumption. c R. r.], May ii, 1833. [a. 49 y. 

CR. r; 47 y. G. R. s.] 
, s. Alfred [sote throat c. r. 3.], Feb. — , 1841, a. 5 m. 

QUACUHBUSH, Almtra, "for 3oy. a faithful domestic in the 
family of Rev, Dr. Porter," May 3, 1834. G. R. 5, 

RADCUFP (see also Radciiffe), Matilda B., w. Charles, July i, 
1832, a. 27 y. 

RADCUFPE (see also RadcUff), , ch. , Dec. — , 1831. 

c. R. 3. 

RAN, Lydia A. M., b. Albany, d. Nathan and Phebe, cholera in- 
fantum, Sept. 16, 1849, a. IS m. 

RAND. Eben, Apr, 18, 1813, a. 82 y. g. r. 3. 

Hannah Bailey, w. Ebenczer, , 1817. c. r. 3. 

Piiscilla, vrid., Aug. [i. c. r. a.], 1818. 

RAT (see also Rea) [Charlotte. G. R. 6.], d. Daniel [and Han- 
nah, o. R. 6.], Sept 26, 1827. [a. 2 y. c. b. 6.] 

Levcrett [A. c. r. 6.], s. William and Harriet [N. G. r, 6.], 
iepthac, Aug. 29, 1846, a, 28 d. [Aug. 30. g. r. 6.] 

Maiy [Miss. c. r. i.], d. Daniel [and Hannah, g. r. 6 ; typhus 
fever, c. R. i.], Nov. 18, i8»6. [Nov, 17, a. 35 y. g. r. 6.] 

RAYNARI>, Anna [maiden lady. c. r. i.], of Charleston, at Sam- 
[ue]l Chickcring's [ulcer, c. R. i.]. Mar. 15, 1814. [a. 67 y. 

C R. I.] 

RATNER, Aim, Mrs., of Charlestown, Mar. 14, 1814, a, 67 y. 

G. R. I. 



REA (see also Ray, Rhea) , Albert L., s. William and Harriet 

[N. G. R. 6.], dysentery, Sept. 5 [15. G. R. 6.], 1848, a. z y. 

S m. 17 d. 
Augustus L., s. W[illia}ni aiid Hairict N,, Aug. 30, 1846. 

p. R. 90. [a. I m. G. R- 6.] 
Daniel, widr., b. TopsQeld, yeoman, s. John and Ann, palsy, 

Dec. 24, 1849, a. 76 y. . 

Geo[rge] L,, s. W[illia]m and Harriet N., Aug. 24, 1840, a. 3 y. 

5 w. G. R. 6. 
Hannah, w. Daniel, Dec. 29, 1837, a. 60 y. G. r. 6. 
Horace, s. Daniel and Harriet, fits, July 25, 1848, a. 2 y. 10 m. 
Lawrence A, s. W[illia]m and Harriet N., Sept. 15, 1848, a. 

2 y. 6 w. G. E. 6. 
William [late of Boston. G. R. 2.], July 25, 1825. [a. 37 y. g. R.2.] 
, Mrs., she left home 24 Dec., '37, deranged, was found in 

the River; bur. Mat. 21, 1838. C. r. r. 

READ (see also Reed), Sarah W., d. Jos[eph] W. and Sarah B., 
Aug. 26, 1839, a. II m. 

RECSTROW, James, Aug. 29, 1831, a. 27 y. 

REDFIELD, , Mr. of Londonderry, at Mr. Lock's, Oct. 8, 


REED (see also Read), Roswell S,, of N. Y. City, a member of 
Phillips Academy, drowned at Rowley, July 3, 1837, a. 18 y. 
G. R. 5. 

RENWICK, see Rymerick. 

REXSTRAW, James, Aug. 30, 1831, a. 28 y. c. r. i. 

RHEA (see also Rea), Hannah, w. Daniel, Mar. 22, 1838,8.607. 

RHODES, James, s. Richard and Mary, Feb. 15, 1849, a. 12 y. 

G. R. 4. 
Jonathan T., a. Richard and Mary, scarlet fever, Feb. 11 [12. 

G. R.4.i, 1849. [a. 5 m. G. R. 4.] 
Mathew, b. Vorksture, Eng., s. Richard and Mary, scarlet fever, 

Feb. 14, 1849, a. 12 y. 

RICE, Mary L., d. David and Maria, Oct. 4, 1815, a. 5 y. g. r. 5. 



RICHARDS, Joseph, at David Bluet's, erysipelas, bur. July 6, 

1800, a. 7 y. I in. c R. a. 
Ruth, , 1833. c. R. 2. 

RICHARDSON. Abby J., d. Moses and Sarah, cioup, Sept. 9, 

1S44, a. I y. 4 m. a d. 
AbigaQ, [w. Caleb, c. R. z.], consumption, Mar. 13 [14. c. r, 2.], 

1845. a- 75 y- 
Allen, Apr. 17, 1813. 
Alven, s. Samfuejl S. and Rhoda Ann, Sept. 3, 1843, asm. 

G. R. 3. 
Ann, m., b. Lancaster, d. David and Sarah Brierly, typhus fever, 

Aug. as, 1847, a. 57 y. 

Catharine, , 1833. c. b. 2. 

Dexter, s. Merrill and Sally, Oct. 19, iSai. 

George, s. Caleb and Abigail, Aug. 33, rS40, a. 30 y. 

George, s. Parker and Polly O., typhus lever, Nov. 22, 1844, a. 

3 y. 10 m. 
Hebert, jr., of Lynnfield, " swept away by the freshet and 

Drowned on the Salem Turnpike below Mr. Andrew Peters 

house," Mar, 3, rSiS, a. 24 y. 
John, Dea. [dysentery, c. r. i.], Oct 3, 1841, a. 52 y. [a. 53 y. 

C. R. r.] 
John P., s. Parker and Polly O., typhus fever, Nov. i, 1844, a. 

My. [a. isy. c. R. 1.] 
John S. [B. c, R, 4.], s. George S. and S[ophronia. g. r. 4,], 

Feb. 9, 1845, a. 9 m. 24 d. 
Lucy, wid. Dea. John [d, W[illia]m Frost, consumption, c r. r.], 

Feb. 36, 1842, a, 43 y. 
Mary, wid., consumption, bur. Jan. r, i8o3, a. 2r y. c. r. z. 
Mary [B. g. r. z.], d. Parker and Polly C, Apr. 30, 1830, a. r y. 
I^rker, m., machinist, s. Caleb, consumption, Oct. zo, 1844, a. 

40 y. 
Saiah [E. g. r. z.], unm., d. Merrill, ^hus fever, Oct. 3, 1846, 

a. z 1 y. [and 5 m. G. r. z.] 
Sophtonia, Mrs., bur. Jan. z, 1848. C. R. 4. 
Sophronia [w. George, c. r. 4,], b, Meredith, N. H-, consump- 
tion, Mar. I [2. G. R. 4.], 1848, a. 33 y. 
Susannah, consumption, bur. July 25, r79r, a. zz y. c. R. 2. 
Wancn, Nov. 24, 1829,3. 35 y. 
William C[olman. G. r. a.], s. Silas [and Sally, a. e. 2.], typ[hus] 

fever, Sept. 27 [26. g. r. z.], 1843, a. 26 y. [a, 24 y. g. r. 2.] 
, ch. William, consumption, bur, Sept. 26, 1808, a. 19 m. 

c. R, 2. 



RiCHAKBSON, , cb. Parker and Polly O., Jan. 30, 1839, a. 3 m. 

, inf. ch. Joseph, jr., May 16, 1843. 

RICHES, Elizabeth [wid. fever, c. r. 3.], at the almshouse, Apr. 
I, 1808. [a. 70 y. c R. 3.] 

ROBBENSON (see also Kobinson), Fhebe, d. Joseph and Elisa- 
beth, Sept. 2, 1738. 

ROBBINSON (see also Robinson), Anna, d. Dane and Sarah, 

Nov. 26, 1736. 
Joseph, Corpl., June 15, 1719, a. abt. 74 y. 
Joseph, Apr. 9,11761, a. 83 y. 
Nathan, s. Joseph and Mehetabel, July 13, 1736. 

ROBENSON (see also Kobinson), Isaac, s. John and Sarah, 
brother to John, drowned in Mohawk River, Nov. 14, 1810, 

ROBERSON (see also Robinson), Ann, w. , typhus fever, 

Aug. 24, 1847, a. S7 y- C. R. 1. 
Charles E., b. Lawrence, s. Charles B. and Mary, fever. May 15, 

1849, a. s y. 
Eliza M., b. Lawrence, d. Charles B. and Mary, scarlet fever, 

Apr. 13, 1849, a. 7 y. 8 m. 

ROBERTS, Hezekiah, at Ezra Abbot's, Nov. i, i8zo. 
James, July 15 [16. a. R. a.], 1830, a. 33 y. [a. 34 y. c. r. a.] 

ROBINSON (see also Robbenson, Robbinson, Robenson, Rober- 
son), Aaron, m., b. Boxford, yeomen, s. John, angina pec- 
toris, July ao [21. G, R. 6.], 1844, a. 7 ay. [a. 73 y. c. r, 6.] 

[Albert Robersoo, c. r. i.j, s, Sarah, of Boxford, at Benja[inin] 
Robinsin's [fever, c. r i.], Oct. a, 1810. [Oct. 3, a. 6 y. 

C. R. I.] 

Arthur, s. Edward and Therese, b. Feb. i, d. Nov. a, 1832. g. r, 5. 

Charles S., , 1829. c. r. 6. 

Dorothy, d. Joseph and Phebie, Sept. 33, 1675. [Dec. 33. cr. r,] 
Elezebeth, d, Joseph and Elczebeth, Jan. 19, 1713-4. 
Elizabeth, d. Ephraim and Hannah, Oct. 9, 1762. 
Elizabeth, wid. Joseph, Apr. a8, 1763. 

F[rederick. g. r. 2.] O. [A. g. r. 3.], ch. Ch[ar]l[e]3 B. and 
Mary B., croup, Oct. 8, 1847, a. 3 y. 2 m. 5 d. 



Robinson, [GeoTgeana Caroline, d. c r, 4.] E[lbridge. c. R. 4.] 
G. [and Caioline S. c R. 4.], fits, June aj, 1845. fa. 8 w, 
c. R. 4] 

John, Lt., May 17, 1807. 

John [b. Boxford. apoplexy, c. R. i.], Mar. 24, i8ii,a. 16 y. [a. 
15 y. c. R. I.] 

Maximiliian, s. Edward [and Teresa. G. R. 5.], Aug. to, 1832, a. 

10 m. 

Noame, d. Ephraim and Hannah, Oct ao, 1762. 

Nathan, s, Isaac and Dorothy, Sept. 19, 1762. 

Phebc,wid. Corpl. Joseph, Dec. 18, 1726. 

Sarah, w. Aaron, Dec. 2, 1830, a. 56 y. 

Sarah E., d. Charles B. and Mary P., Apr. 13, 1S49, a. 8 m. 

G. R. 3. 

Sarah Maria, d. Elbridge G. and Carolina 5., Dec. 29, 1843, a. 

11 d. G. R. 1. 

Theron, of ^Vindbam, Conn., a member of Phillips Academy, 

Feb, I, 1818, a. ai y. G. R. 5. 
Thomas, at the almshouse, Sept. 14, 1821. 

, d. stillborn, Aaron and Sarah, June 9, 1802. 

, inf. ch. Aaron and Sarah, June 9, 1802. 

, inf. ch. Aaron and Sarah, Apr. 5, 1S07. 

, s. stillborn, Aaron and Sarah, May 2, 1807. 

, inf. a. Mr., at K[aii]road Depot [bleeding, c. R. 2.], Dec. 

28, 1843. [a. 10 d. c. R. 2,] 
, ch. E. G., b. Lowell, at Lowell, June 25, 1846, a. 21 d. 

ROCKIE, Charles [S. o. r. 6 ; Rokey. C. R. t.], s. John and 
Christerna, fever [dysentery, c. r. i.], Sept. 2, 1846, a. 1 y. 
II m. [Sept. 6, 1845, a. 2 y. g. R. 6.] 

ROGERS, Mary Ballard, d. adopted, Timothy Ballard, nervous 
fever, bur. Sept. 2, 1800, a. 10 y. 9 m. c. r. 2. 

ROSS, Thomas, s. John and Sarah, Dec. 17, 1719. 

ROTHWELL, Betsy, b. England, w. GCorge, cancer, July 27, 

1848, a. 49 y. 
Elizabeth, Mrs., bur. July 28, 1848. c. r. 4. 
George, July 27, 1848, a. 49 y. G. r. 4. 
, ch. George and Elizabeth, bur. Aug. 3, 1838, a. 14 w. 

C R. 4. 

ROUSSEU. (see also Rowsell), Thomas, s. Thomas [and Mary 
A. g. R. 6 ; brain fever, c. r. i.], Feb. 14, 1839, a. 10 y. 



ROWELS (see also Rowheele), , w. Nathaniel, Apr. 20, 


ROWHEELE (see also Rowels), Thomas [Rowcll. cr. r.], abt. 
May 8, 1661. [May 27. cr. R.] 

ROWLEY, Harriet, w. Horace, Esq., d. Parker and Rebecca Ty- 
ler, at Boston, Oct, i, 1843, a. 33 y. G. R. 6. 

ROWSELL (see also Roussell), Edward, disease of the head, 
Nov. 1, r84r, a. 15 m. C. R. i. 

RUNNELS, Mary E. [Mary Elizabeth Reynolds, p. r. 93.], d. 
John and Prudence [lung fever. C R. i.], Jan. 19, 1823. [a. 
13 m. c. R. 1.] 

RUSEL (see also Russel), Eligah, s. Lt. Joseph and Hannah, 

Mar. fj, 1756. 
Isaac, s. John, jr. and Hannah, June ri, 1754. 
James, s. Thomas and Abigal, June 32, 1749, a. abt. 11 w. 
Thomas, Apr. 23, i753. in his 39th y. 

HUSS, Anne, d. Thomas and Anne, Dec. 10, 1724. 

Anne, d. John and Priscilla, Oct. 6, 1746. 

John, SI., Mar. 4, 1691-3. 

Joseph, s, John and Deborah, June 10, 1G87. 

Margarett, w. John, July 10, 1689. 

Priscilla, wid., old age, bur. May 19, 1790, a. 86 y. c. B. 3. 

Thomas, Nov, 27, 1707, in his 31st y. 

RUSSEL (sec also Russell), Abigail, July 30, 1835. 

Angelia A., d. Edwin A. and Hannah, dysentery, Nov. 22, 1849, 

a. 6 m. 23 d. [Nov. 21. c R. 2.] 
Daniel, s. Joseph and Hephzibah, Feb. 3, 1742-3, 
Hannah, bur. Mar. 33, 1775, a. 55 y. c-r. 2. 
Hephzibah, w. Corp. Joseph, Mar. 14, 1742-3. 
John, jr., Capt., May 29, 1819. 
Joseph, a. Joseph and Hipza[bah], Sept. 34, 1775. 
Joseph, Aug. 31, 1783. [a. 64 y. C. r. a.] 
Phebe, wid. Tho-nas, Feb, 4, 1737-8. 
Sarah, d. John, jr. and Hannah, June 4, 1743. 
William, at W[illia]m Frost's, Aug, 19, 1821, a. 34 y. 

, h. Abigal [Apr. 33 ? 1753]. 

, Mr., May a6, 1819, 

, ch. Mi., Mar. 10, 1836, a. 6 m. c. R. r. 



RUSSELX. (see also Rusel, Russel), Abigael, w. Robert, May 10, 

Abigail, wid., cancer, bur. July 15, 1802, a, 83 y. c. R. 2. 
Abigail, w. Thomas, Oct 18, 1833, a. 51 y. [a. 47 y. c. r, a.] 
Angelia A., d. Abial E. and Hannah D., Dec. 21, 1849, ^- 7 ™> 

O. R. 3. 

Ann, wid., Oct. la, 1816, a. 94 y. 

Aquilla, s, James and PrisciUa, Dec. 34, lyrS. 

Charles Henry, s. Charles and Eliz[abejth H., Jan. 19, 1834, a. 

3 y. 4 m. 7 d. G. R. 2. 

David, s. John, in the army, , r776. c e. 2. 

Edwin, 9. Charles and Eliz[abe]th H., Feb. 14, 1834, a. 10 m. 

16 d. G. R. 3. 
Edwin, s. Charles and Eliz[abe]thH., Oct. 11, 1838, a. i y. 11 m. 

G. R. z. 
Elizabeth, inf. d. Thomas and Abigail, Apr. 11, 1818. 
Elizabeth West, d. Philllce, Jan. 6, 1815, a. i y, into 7 d. 
Hannah, d. Uriah, bur. Oct. 9, 1776, a. i y. i m. c. r. z. 
Henry Warren, s. Joel and Sally, Oct. 20, 1838. 
Isabel, w. Israel, at Biddeford, Me., June 14, 1848, a. 28 y. c. r. 2. 
James, a. Rob[er]t, Mar. 7, 1716-17. 
James, unm., machinist, s. Joel and Phebe, typhus fever, Sept. i, 

[15. G. R. 3.], 1845, a. 33 y. 
Job A[bbott. c R. 2.], s. Abiel and Sally, Nov. 12, 1830, a. 7 m. 

24 d. 
John, bur. Feb. 10, 1778, a. 96 y. 4 m. c. b. 2. 
John, dropsy, bur. Oct. 2, 1788, a 71 y. c R. 2. 
John, jr„ May — , 1818, in his 44th y. 0. r, 2. 
John, Aug. 12, 1830, a. 84 y. 

Joseph, s. Joseph, in the Army, , 1776. C, r. 2. 

Lydia, wid. Uriah [lungfever. c. R. 2-]i July 11, 1819, a. 84 y. 
Lydia, — , 1830. c. r. 2. 

Lydia E., w, Sam[ue]I, Nov. 19, 1842, a, 28 y. 5 m. c. r, 2. 
Martha B., w. George, childbed convulsions, Nov. 17, 1848, a 

22 y. 
Mary, wid. Rob[er]t, Jan. 14, 1715-16, a. abt. 74 y. 
Moses, s. Abiel and Sally [typhus fever, c. R. 2.], Oct. 31, 1834. 

[a. 10 y. c. R. 2.3 
Phcbe, w. John, lung fever, bur. Apr. 17, 1809, a. 59 y. 6, m. 

c. R. 2. 
Priscilla, influenza. Mar. 28, 1842, a. 88 y. [Mar. 27. C. s, 2.) 
Prudence, Mar, 25, 1836. 
Robert, "att ye great Island" fsoldter at Portsmouth, ct. r.]. 

May 27, 1689. 



Russell, Robfet]!, Dec. 13, 1710, a. abt Soy. 

Robert, Icthcrgy, bur. Jan. 4, 1794, a. 73 y. c. R. 2. 

Ruth, d, John Russell's wife, bur, Apr. 33, 1778, a. 5 y, C. R. a. 

Sarah, wid. John, Aug. 5, 1810, a. 78 y. 

Sarah [A. g. r. 1.}, w. Abiel, ulceration of sesophaguii, Sept. lo 

[11. c. R. 3 and o. r. a.j, r846, a. 53 y. [a. 53 y. 9 m. 

a R. a.] 
Simeon, s. Joseph and Hepzabah, Feb. 21, 1779. 
Thomas, Aug. 30, 1731, in his 68th y. 
Thomas, a. Uriah, bur. Sept. 3, r77S, a. i y. 10 no. c.R. 2. 
Thomas, widr., laborer, S. Uriah and Lydia, dysuria, Jan. 1 8, 1 849, 

a. 71 y. 

Uriah, jr., yellow fever, at Curacoa, , 1799. c, r. 3, 

Uriah, s. Tho[ma]s and Abigail R., Nov. 19 [18. G. R. 2.], 1823, 

a. 80 y. [a. 79 y. G. R. a,] 
Uriah, s. Joel, Dec. 26, 1830, a. 25 y. 
William, s. John, worms, bur. Nov. 21, 1788, a, 3 y. 4 m. c. R. 2. 

, ch, Uriah, bur. Oct. 10, r783, a. 4 w. c. R. 2. 

, inf. ch. Hannah, at the almshouse, Dec. 27, 1817. 

, inf. ch, Thomas, Apr. ts, 1818, a. 5 w. 

, Mrs., puerperal fever, Aug. rg, 1835. c. R. i. 

, s. John G., Mar. 11, 1836, a. 8 m. 

, ch. Moody, Jan. a6, 1844. 

RUST, Ruth, at Seth Shearman's, Dec. 25, 1832, a. 18 y. 

RYAM, , ch. James and Louisa, Oct. 11, 1836, a, 3 y. 

RYMERICK, David [Renwick. c r. r,], s. David and Mary, chol- 
era infantum, Oct. 19, 1846, a. $ m. 

SADY, John, Aug, 13, 1702, a. abt. 24 y. 

SAFFORD, Patte.d. Abraham and Martha, June 27, 1759. 

SALKELD, Robert BPyers. c. r, 4.J, s. Joseph, Sept. 28, 1848, a. 
1 m. 6 d. 

SANBORN, Helen Clara Martha, d. Dr. Eastman and Mary C. 
L., July r4, 1840, a, 9 m. [and 17 d. C. r. 4.] 

SANDERSON, George W., s. Adam and Helen, cholera infantum, 

Sept. 10, 1846, a. II m. 6 d, 
, ch, , Nov. — , 1841, a. 4 w. c. R. I. 



SARGENT (see also Serjant), Hannah [F. G. r. 6.]t d. Jesse 
and Hannah, pulmonary consumption, Api. 24 [23. a. R. 6.}, 
184a. [a, g y. c R. i ; 8 y. 10 m. o, r. 6.] 

Martha, wid. [mother of Jesae Sargent, c. r. i.j, fever and frac- 
tured bone, Jan, 22 [21. G. r. 6.], 1845, ^- 7^ y. [a. 79 y. 
c R. I.] 

, inf. ch. [bet. July 21 and Aug. 24.], 1845. c. r. i. 

SAIJNDERS, George, s. William, drowned, July 22, 1848, a. 8 y. 
Martha, d. Daniel and Phebe, Dec. 5, 1838, a. 3 y. 4 m. 
Martha Goodwin, d. Daniel and Phcbe [F. g. r, 2.], Dec. 29, 
1832, a. 4 y. 

SAVAGE, Habijah, of Boston, at Timothy Frye's [long sick ot 
deranged, c. R. 2.], Nov. 22, 1806, a. 65 y. 

SAWYER, George [F. g. r. a.], s. Aaron and Mary S., scarlet 
fever, May 29, 1842, a. 4 y. 5 m. 

Joseph, , 182 — . c R. 6. 

E^illice, Apr. 29, 1828, a. 98 y. 

SCOTT, John, in Arkansas, , 1839, a. 21 y. G. r. 4. 

Sam[ue]l, s. late Sam[ue]l, Esq., of Sherborne, Dorsetshire, 

Eng., Jan. 10, 1842, in his 6ith y. g. r. 4. 
, inf. ch. Mr., Jan. 16, 1835. c. r. i. 

SERJAIfT (see also Sargent), Susana, wid., Dec. 16, 1815, a. 
92 y. 

SESIONS (see also Sessions), Mary, d. Samuel and Mary, July 19, 
1736. [a. 33 y. G. R. t,] 

SESSIONS (sec also Sesions), Alexander, Feb. 26, r688-9. 

Elizabeth, June 16, 1747. p. R- 114. 

Mary, wid, [w. Simuel. p. r. 114.], Feb. 28, 1750-1. 

Samuel, jr., Apr. 24, 1746, in his 36th y. 

Samuel, Dec. 6, 1750. 

Sarah, d. Samuel! and Mary, Jan. 7, 1709. 

Timothy, Oct. 17, 1763, a. 52 y. 

SHACEFORD, Joshua, s. Joshua and Lydia, Oct. 17, 1736. 

SHATTOCK (see also Shattuck), Elezebith, d. Joseph and Joanna, 
Mar. II, 1753. 



SHATTUCE (see also Shattock), Abiel, s. Joseph and Joanna, 
Nov. 12, 174a. 

Abigail [F. G. r. 3.], wid. [William. G. r. 3.], consumption, Dec 
30, 1846, a. 78 y. [a. 76 y. g. r. 2.] 

Augusta [P. G. R. 3.], d. Nathan and Mary [F. g. r. 3.], Jan, 1 1, 
183s, a. 9 m. 

Caroline Augusta, d. Sam[ue]land Hannah, Sept. 16, 1839, a. 
10 m. 

Charles, s. Simeon and Anstiess, May 31, 1843, a. 15 m. 

Charles, b. Lowell, s. Charles [A. and Lydia A. G. n. a.], dysen- 
tery, Sept. 16, 1847, a. I y. 8 m. 

Charles Riley, s. Simeon and Anstress, May 31,1843,3. 1 y. 5 ni> 

G. R. 3. 

Elisabeth, d. Joseph and Joanna, Dec. 16, 1747. 

Elisabeth, w. Zebfediah], bur. Sept. 9, 1780, a. 40 y. c. r, 2. 

Eliza, w. Phineas, Jan. 25, 1825, a. 18 y. 

Eliz[abe]th, w. Jacob S., Aug. 10, i8a8, a. 34 y. 

Fanny, w. Isaac, 3d, Apr. 7, 1833, a, 41 y.