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Full text of "Vital records from the Daily Evening Bulletin, San Francisco, California"

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CAi irnPNiANA 



GeNEAway sec. 



920 •079 

FORM 3427 


DEC 1 2 ,952 

1856, 1857 


Compiled "by 

La Paerta de Oro Chapter 

for the 

Oenaalogical Records Committee 

California State Society 

BBDnhten of the American Revolution 


REF 920.079 V83 

Vital records from the 
Daily Evening Bulletin, 


The San Francisco Public Library- 
wishes to acknowledge the courtesy of 
Miss Helen Bruner, Librarian, Sutro 
Branch of the California State Library, 
for making this material available to 
the Reference Department. 


A ooniparlton of the Vital Heoords for 1856 with thoM 
of today reTsals that the Btaadardlsed form of today did 
not "belong to the early period. Today Tmnctuatlon, the use 
of capitalSt the metiouloue recording of the date and the 
place of residence follow a definite form. Only in our death 
records is there a lingering note still of that interest in 
the indlTldual that the old records so abundantly convey. 
Such informality in the records ineritably suggest that the 
style is "quaint''. Quaint indeed seems a hirth reading, "to 
the lady of John Brown of a Son,** son "or the "birth "of female 

In a larger sense « they record the "beginnings of the new 
Anerioan city on the then remote western coast, and as such, 
they famish us with Invaluahle historical source material. 
We follow the life of the port in records that show close 
contact with Hawaii and the outer Pacific even in that early 
day. The famous whaling industry, still in the hey-day of 
its prosperity, lives again for us in such a record as that 
of Captain Almy, "for many years Master in the whaling serv- 
ice." Or in that of the New Bedford sailor of the vhale-shlp 
"Hauticon", etc. In contrast and equally important are rec- 
ords showing the young pioneer city as the focal point of 
Interest for the interior from Utah to the Coast and from 
Washington Territory to Baja California. 

The records show that the health of the city suffered 
appalling mwBg^B from pulmonary troubles, and its high Infant 
mortality is revealed in such records as those of the death of the 
three young children of a Sonoma pastor within five days, and 
there is many a similar one. On the other hand, the vigorous 
growth of the city is shown idxen its residential areas advance 
from such water-front locations as No. 5 Jackson St. to Third 
and Mission and on to McAllister and Jones Sts. 

There is alleys the fascination of the vivid person- 
alities of the period James King of Wis. and Thomas 

Starr King are the editors in that momentoas yisar of 1856. 
There are such records as that of Mrs. Hobhst daa^ter of 
Captain Hedelius, who was vith John Paul Jones, and one of 
the BurvlTors of the "Bon Homme Richard." Along still 
another line, we may study from the records the complex 
racial elements that are maiding up the life of a nev 
on— nn wealth. 

As Chairman, I wish to acknowledge for myself and the 
other memhers of the oommittee our deep appreciation of, 
and our indebtedness to Miss Helen Bnmer of the Sutro 
Branch State Lihrary for her most valued advice and assist- 
ance, likewise to Mrs. Scott Rountree, Chaixuan of the 
California Pioneer Charts, for her wise and inspiring counsel. 

The Tmdertaking of this work and its accomplishment has 
"been possible only throu^ the devoted co-operation of the 
following oommittee: 

Mrs. Joseph Fife, Chairman 
Mrs. Everett T. Grimes, Regent 
Mrs. Rudolph H. Fenldiausen Mrs. Charles £« Mowry 
Mrs. Frederick 0. Haefener Mrs. Claude A. Shull 
Mrs. Ralph H« Kent Mrs. Marguerite Reynolds 

Mrs. V. W. V^jrmore 

San Francisco, 1942 Mrs. Joseph Fife, Chairman. 

In the Vital Records for 1856, \Aere a record 1b not 
fonnd under the date of the record, or In that month, the 
Invest Igator vlll find It only ty search of the records 
of the year, month hy month. 

In the Records for 1857, this difficulty has been met 
by adding the date of the Issue of the paper vfhen the 
•reiit, recorded In the record took place, as, see Paper of 



ADAMS, C. A., Dec. 9, 1856, the lady of C. A. AdAJni of a 

ADAMS, SAMOEL, In San Francisco, March 6, 1856, the lady of 
Mr. Saaoel Adams, of Ant loch, of a Son 

Airxn, SAMUEL, In San Francisco, Fel). 15, 1856, the wife of 
Mr* Samel Aitkin, of a son 

ALDRICH, DAYID, At Mokeltume Hill, Dec. 22, 1856, the wife 
Mr. David Aldrich, of a Son 

ALLEN, THCHAS, At Monterey, Feh. 21, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
Thomas Allen, of a Son 

ANDERSON, JOHN, At San Francisco, Feh. 26, 1856, the lady of 
John Anderson, of Weavervllle, Trinity Cotinty, of a son 
and daiv^ter, making in all five children \d.thin the 
past sixteen months. 

AITHONT, J. P., In this city. May 25, 1856, Mrs. J. P. 
Anthony, of a dan^ter. 

AVTROEUS, OHAS., In Sacramento, Feh. 6, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. Chas. Antrohus, of a son 

ARNOLD, A., In Scott's Valley, Shasta Co., May 9, 1856, the 
wife of Her. A. Arnold, of twin sons 

BAILEY, B., In this city, Dec. 11, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
B. Bailey, of a Dau^ter 

BAIQPOR, DR. 0. R. , In Sacramento, Feb. 2, 1856, the wife of 
Dr. 0. R. Bannor, of a Dstu^ter 

BAIOIQIT, C. A., At Bidwell, August 7, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. 0. A. Bancroft, of a Son 

BARKER, E., On the Calaveras, on Bunker's Ranch, July 14, 
1856, the wife of E. Barker, of a Daughter. 

BABRISOTGV, VM. B., In this city. May 29, 1856, the wife of 
Vta. B. Barrin^on, of a Daughter 

BAHTIHPTE, 7., At Volcano, July 28, 1856, the wife of P. 
Bartlette, Esq., of a Son. 

BATT(T)S, S. S., In this oity, March 21, 1856, the lady of 
S« S« Batt(T)t» of a Son 

BUS, ALBES2 W., In this city, Aiv^et 11, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. Al'bert W. Bee, of a Dsaghter. 

BELL, WILLIAM, In this city, July 24, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
Willlaa Bell, of a Dnx^ter. 

BES9GM, AIX^., At Granada, Nicara^nia., Dec. 5, 1855, the vrife 
of Anc BeesoB« of a son. ^he infant has been named, 
"Villin Walker Wallace". 

BICKHK}, JACOB, At Shasta, May 6, 1856, the wife of Jacoh 
Bioking, of a daughter. 

BIOOS, JOES S., In this city, Dec. 5, 1856, the wife of 
John E« Bigge, of a Son. 

BLAXX, H« B., At Santa Barbara, Aug, 7, 1856, the wife of 
H« B« Blake, of a Daughter. 

BLAHCHAHD, CAPT. ALEXANDER, Sept. 15, 1856, the lady of 
Capt. Alexander Blanchard, of a son, name Fremont. 

BLINH, S. J. , In this city, Nov. 24, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
S« P. Blinn, of a Son. 

BLOD&KT, MR., In this city, at the Parish Hotel, July 16, 
1856, the wife of Mr. Blodget, of Tuba Co., of a Son. 

BOAS, E., In this city, June 27, 1856, the lady of E. 
Boas, Esq., of a Son. 

BOHD, JOSEPH W., In San Trancisco, Nov. 5, 1856, the lady of 
Joseph W. Bond, of a daughter. 

BOOTS, ADAM, In San Francisco, Jan. 29, 1856, the lady of 
Mr* AdJHB Boots, of a dau^ter. 

BOWLT, J. MeEZM, In this city, August 8, 1856, the wife of 
J. MoKiB Bowly, of a dan^ter. 

BHACKHTT, W. L,, In San Francisco, March 16, 1856, the lady 
of W. L. Brackett, of a Son. 

BRADT, JOHN J., In this city, Nov. 27, 1856, the wife of 
John J. Brady, of two dau^ters. 

BRATBDUI, L., In this city, Se^t. 21, 1856, the wife of 
L. BrarexBan, Eeq. , of a Dau^ter. 

BRIOGS, EDOAH, In this clt7, March 26, 1856, the lady of 
Mr. £dg&r Brlggs, of a Son. 

BBXnni, A« J., At Iowa Hill, Jan. 24, 1856, th« wife of Mr. 
A. J. Bninn, of a son. 

BUOHAKAH, E« B., At Marysvllls, Jan. 13, 1856, the widow of 
the late H. B. Buchanan, of a doubter. 

BUCIOiEY, WM. , In Martinet, May 6, 1856, the wife of \fm, 
Bnckley, of a dan^ter. 

BDHHE, CAPT. H., At Hanholdt Point, May 26, 1856, the wife 
of Capt. H. Biihne, of a Dau^ter. 

BULL, AIPHEJQS, At Red Bluffs, Sept. 3, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
Alpheas Boll, of a Son. 

BUBB(XTCms, CHARLES, In this city, March 16, 1856, the lady 
of Mr. Charles Borroughs, of a Daxi^ter. 

BOTLSR, S. S., March 21, 1856, the lady of Mr. S. S. Butler, 
of a Son. 

GALL, JOKAS, Esq., At the Presidio, Oct. 10, 1856, the lady 
of Jonas Call, Esq., of a dau^ter. 

CALLAHAH, J., In this city, Sept. 11, 1856, the \flfe of Mr. 
J. Callahan, of a Dao^ter. 

CALOTT, CAPTAIN OLIVER S., In this city, March 17, 1856, the 
lady of Captain Ollrer S. Calott, of a Son. 

OAMOM, CEO. Q^, In San Francisco, Jan 29, 1856, the only 
lady of the MoxMon Elder, Geo. %, Cannon, of a son. 

OARRILLO, JOSE, In Santa Barbara, Jan 6, 1856, the wife of 
Hon. Jose Carrlllo, of a son. 

CHAiniiEa, V. H., In Forest City, Aog. 7, 1856, the wife of 
V. E. Chandler, of a Dau^ter. 

CHARIffGV, ABHAHAH, In Mlddletovn, March 6, 1856, the lady 
of Mr. Abraham Charlton, of a Son. 

OHARRmOTOV, W. H., In this city, Aar.* 8, 1856, the wife of 
W. H. Charrln^on, of a Son. 

OHtTRCH, I. S., In San Trancisco, May 10, 1856, the wife of 
I. S. Church, of a Son. 

CLARK, A« H., In this city, Oct. 26, 1856, the wife of 
A« H. Claik, Esq., of Tehaaa, of a daa^ter. 

CLAI, £DWIH, R., In Carmelo Valley, Monterey County, Jan* 20, 
1856, the wife of Sdwln R* Clay, of a son. 

OLATTOH, CHARLES, In San Francisco, Feb. 4, 1856, the lady 
of Charles Clayton, of a dau^ter. 

CLAITOI, J. E., In Mariposa Co., April 30, 1856, the wife of 
J. E. Clayton, of a dao^ter. 

Cim, WILLIAM, At Sacramento, Feh. 3, 1856, the wife of 
VUliaa Oline, of a Son. 

CLGOGH, J* ?•, At Sonora, Jtme 15, 1856, the wife of J. P* 
Clou^t of a Son. 

CLGDOH, Z. M, P., In Sonora, April 25, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
Z« M. P. Cloo^, of a Son. 

CLOaSON, H23IHr, In Shasta, Dec. 30, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
Henxy Clonson, of a son. 

OOSn, SOLQMOH, In this city, March 24, 1856, the lady of 
Mr* Solomon Cohen, of a Daughter. 

COHH, LEWIS, At Oroville, March 29, 1856, the lady of Mr. 
Lewis Cohn, of a dao^ter. 

COLES, THORN, At Saeraaento, March 6, 1856, the lady of Mr. 
Thorn Coles, of a Daughter. 

OOnrOR, P* £*, In Stockton, Jan. 3, 1856, the wife of Capt. 
P. E. Connor, of a son. 

COUTS, CAVE J., June 15, 1856, at Rancho Ouajoxnito, th« 
lady of Col. Cave J. Couts, of a Son. 

OOWAH, WM. D., At -Stockton, July 15, 1856, the wife of Dr. 
Wta. D. Cowan, of a Decanter. 

COWn, JOHK, In this city, the wife of John Cowie, of a 
dau^ter, Oct. 10, 1856. 

OOWPJCBTH WAITS, 7., At Forest City, Aug. 3, 1856, Mrs* T. 
Cowperthwaite, of a Dou/^ter. 

CRASB, H., In this city. Sept* 1, 1656, the %rife of Hon. 
H* Crahh, of a Son. 

CRACKBCV, JOSEPH, In Sacramento, Aug* 24, 1856, the wife of 
Jose^ Craokhon, of a Son. 

CRAWTORD, J., At San Juan, Nerada, Aug* 25, 1856, a Son to Mrs. 
J* Crawford. 

OUSHISa, £. S., At Tehama, Jan 28, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
X* 8. Gushing, of a son. 

DASaiElQCa, VM,, In Coltmbia, Feb. 9, 1856, the \Afe of Mr. 
Ifeu I]ia«e«ner, of a doo^tar. 

DAM, AlPHONSE, In this city, April 27, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. Alphonse Dam, of a eon. 

DASCOMB, THOMAS R., At Placerville, Feh. 27, 1856, the lady 
of ThoBae H* Daaeomb, of a Bau/^ter. 

DAVIS, A. H. , In Georgetown, May 22, 1856, the wife of Mr, 
A. N. Darls, of a son. 

DAVIS, (JSOHGE E., In this city, JtOy 16, 1856, the wife of 
OeoriSe S* Davie, of a Dea^ter. 

DEAL, SAMUEL, In Sacramento, Jan. 2, 1856, the wife of 
Samel Deal, of a Son. 

DIAMKR, W. C, In Orovllle, April 29, 1856, the wife of 
V« C. Deamer, of a dau^ter. 

BEAHE, JOHN, In San FranclsoQ, Jan 11, 1856, the lady of 
Mr* John Deane, of a dmi^ter. 

DE COSTA, J« IT., At Montesuma, Solano Comity, Feh* 22, 1856, 
the lady of Mr. J. N. De Costa, of a Son. 

BKSnXS, JAKES S., In this olty, Jtme 28, 1856, Catherine L., 
wife of James S. Dennis, of a Daiaghter. 

mNARCHAIS, SDfOBI, In Fresno Tovn, El Dorado Co., April 24, 
1856, the wife of Slmtai Desmardhals, of a Son. 

DOLL, J. EAMHTOK, At Red Bluff, Fel). 3, 1856, the wife of 
J« Hamilton Doll, of a daughter. 

DGn, M., In this city. Nor. 17, 1856, the wife of Mr. M. 
Dore, of a Son. 

DOPRI, X., In MarysTllle, April 20, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
1« Ddpre, of a Dao^ter. 

DURHAM, BARTHOLOMEW, In San Francisco, Jan. 1, 1856, the 
lady of Mr. Bartholomew DoiliMi, of a Son. 

nonORV, A., In San Francisco, Sept. 6, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. A« Xhihom, of a Son. 

ELLnxmAITS, A., In San Franoisoo, Jan. 25, 1856, the lady 
of Mr. A. Elllngliaue, of a Son. 

XlJilS, M. C, In San Franoisoo, March 16, 1856, the wife 
of Mr. M« C. Ellis, of a Son. 

, MAJQR^ At Chinese Cmapt Sept. 10, 1856, the vlfe of 
Major Snery, of a Dau^ter* 

JAOO, GBOaSB, At I'd rest City, Jan. 11, 1856, the lady of Mr. 
Geoz^ Vagg, of a Son. 

TAILOR, m. On Salmon RItst, Shaata Co. , May 1, 1856, the 
vlfe of Mr. Fallor, of a Son. 

riBNIHa, H, M., In Stockton, May 26^ 1856, the wife of Mp. 
H« M* Fanning, of a Son. 

flLSIIITHAL, P., In Georgetown, Feh. 25, 1856, the lady of 
Mr* ?• Feleenthal, of a Daa^ter. 

fBStnX, J. D., At Redwood, Hunboldt Co., Augaet 27, 1856, 
the wife of J. D. Ferrlll, of a Dati^ter. 

flBISSSR, KM., At Sacramento, Jaly 27, 1856, the wife of Vm. 
Firderer, of a Son. 

TLASBHER, MBS., At Loe Angeles, July 29, 1856, at the Bella 
Union Hotel, Mrs* ilashner, of a Daughter. 

FLEISHMAN, H., At Uniontown, Htanboldt Co., Aog. 13, 1856, 
the wife of H. Fleishman, of a Son. 

FXinr, RICHARD, In this city, March 13, 1856, the lady of 
Mr. Richard Flynn, of a Son. 

nm, T. J., At Shasta, Oct. 10, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
T« J« Flyxm, of a Daughter. 

FOLGSR, C. M., In Saeranento, June 11, 1856, the wife of 
C. M. Folger, Xsq., of a Daughter. 

FOULER, JOHN S., In Sacramento, Jan. 20, 1856, the wife of 
John S. Fowler, of a Son. 

FRAIOBIRE, E., At Negro Hill, El Dorado Co., April 23, 1856, 
the wife of E. Franohere, of a Son. 

FRAZKR, W. B., In I-farion Co., March 23, 1856, the wife of 
W. B. Fraser, of a Daoghter. 

FHAZER, V« F., At Sacramento, September 5, 1856, the wife 
of V. F. Fraser, of a Son. 

FREIBRIOKS, S., In Sacramento, Jtme 9, 1856, the wife of 
Mr* S* Frsdericks, of a Son. 

FRICE, MRS., At Hid Talley, Trinity Co., June 2, 1856, Mrs. 
Frick, of a Dsn^ter. 

fULXJER, V« P«9 In Saeraawnio^ Marbh 4» 1856. tha lady of 
V. P« Fuller, of a Dn^ttr* 

OAKBLI, JiKSS, At SaoroMnto, Jane 30, 1656, tha wife of 
Hr* Jaaea Gknble, of a Bn^ter. 

OASS, MAJOR BBN. , In Saorsaento, March 3, 1856, the lady 
of Major Ben Qaee, of tvlne, a Son and a Bmg^ter. 

QUUJSSSf^ KR., In ^ilncy, Plaaaa Cotrnty, Jane 14, 1856, the 
wife of Mr, Oeagen, of a Dao^ter. 

GXRSOir, CHARLES, In San Diego, Jan. 9, 1856, the lady of 
Charlea O^erson, of a Son. 

OSOBKIi, aXOROE S., At Alpha, May 9, 1856, the vdfe of Mr. 
Oeorge S. Oetehel, of a Son. 

OIBB, KBS. DAimSL, In this city, Aag. 29, 1856, Mrs. Daniel 
Olh'b, of a Son. 

OIBSOH, MRS. JOSKPH, In Mount Dial)lo Valley, May 22, 1856, 
Mrs. Joseph Gibson, of tvin Sons. 

OULHPT, A. 7., In Treka, Jan. 25, 1856, the lady of A. V. 
Qlllett, of a Son. 

OIIMQR, J. V. A., In this oity, Deo. 7, 1856, the wife of 
J. V« A. ailsiore, Ssq., of a Son. Ttq^r gives spelling - 
OilBor - Hew Toxk papers please copy. 

OOIDSrznr, E, L,, in San Francisco, Oct. 4, 1856, the wife of 
Z* L. Goldstein, Ssq., of a Dooghter. 

OOOIBICH, E. L., In this city, Oct. 4, 1856, the wife of 
Z« L. Goodrich, Esq., of a Doubter. 

GODIJ), A« S., May 6, 1856, the lady of A. S. Gould, Esq., 
of a Deosghter. 

GRAHAM, A., At Ororille, Jan. 28, 1856, the lady of Mr. A. 
Graham, of a Dau^ter. 

GRATIS, H. H., At Voloano, JtOy 14, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
H« H« GraTss, of a Son. 

&RATSS, H. T., In San Tranoisco, March 13, 1856, the lady of 
H. T. GraTes, of a Son. 

, WM. ABTHDR, In this oity, June 8, 1856, the wife of 
Mi. Arthur Green, Esq., of a Son. 

, JiXBS T., In San 7ranoisoo, Jan. 31, 1856, the lady of 
Jaaes T, Green, of a Son. 


nmRBAnM, a., in Saoreonento, >{arch 19, 1856, the lady of 
Kr. A« (rvunbrnm^ of a Son. 

OUEanr, M., in thlt city, June 13, 1856, the wife of M. 
Onerin, i:tq« , of a Deaaj^t^T, 

OUMPXBI, Z«, At Sonora, Sept. 11, 1856, the wife of Mr* 
1* OtBBpirty of a Son. 

HAISIS, raSDERICE J., At Miehlgan City, Placer Co., Hot. 32, 
1856, the wife of Trederlefc J. Hadcls, of a Son. 

HAMOBE, L* K., In Jadkeon, Aug. 5, 1856, the wife of 
L« K. HeaDer, of a Son. 

HANIOSEEBGSR, JOSSFE, In this city, Aug. 1, 1856, the wife 
of Joeeph Hanigshezger, of a Dcoa^ter. 

EARDmO, JOHN, At Hahhit Creek, Aug. 18, 1856, the wife of 
John Harding, Seq., of a Daughter. 

HARRIS, J., In Portland, 0. T., Dec. 17, 1855, the wife of 
Mr. J. Harris, of a Son. 

HASirPJi, D. H., At aicramento, Deo. 31, 1855, the lady of 
D. H. Haekell, of a Daughter. 

HASTDRIS, N. J., At Suttenrille, Feh. 38, 1856, the lady 
of H. J. Haatings, of a Son. 

HAI, A. M., In this city, Nov. 25, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
A. M. Hay, of a Dan^ter. 

EXATHSR, JOHN, In Middletown, Jan* 24, 1856, the wife of 
John Heavner, of a Son. 

HTgTiBT, MR., At Sacramento, Aug. 14, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
Heley, of a Son. 

EZUJttV, RICHARD, In thie city, Nov. 21, 1856, the wife 
of Richard Helloan, of a Son. 

, Wl., In Foreet City, Aug. 6, 1856, the ^/ife of 
1te« Henry, of a Son. 

, W« T., In Auhum, July 24, 1856, the wife of 
Mu T* Heneon, of a Son. 

HIQOIBO, J. M., At Todd'e Valley, Placer County, Deo. 19, 
1856, the wife of Mr. J. M. Higging, of a Son. 

A«, In BrooUyn, Alaneda Co., Jtdy 23, 1856, 
the wife of Mr. A. Hirehf elder, of a Son. 

HOADLST, MRS. JAMES, At Mud Valley, Trinity Co., June 2, 
1856, Mrs* Janet Hoadley, of a Doubter. 

HOOD, OECBOI, In thie city, July 18, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. George Hood, of a Son. 

HQPPS, CHABLBS, In this city, Dec. 6, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. Charles Hopps, of a Daughter. 

EOIOIJ., J., At Saorainento, July 30, 1856, the wife of 
J* Howell, of a Booghter. 

BDSSTICX, MR., In Sonora, April 23, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. Hoestick, of a Dao^^ter. 

HUCfflES, T. A., In this city, ?eh. 27, 1856, the wife 
of Mr. T. A. Hti^ies, of a Son. 

HOST, JOHN W. L., In Sacramento, Jan. 30, 1856, the wife 
of John V. L. Hant, of a Bau^ter. 

JACOBS, I., At Jamestown, Sept. 12, 1856, the wife of 
I. Jaoohs, of a Daughter. 

JULET, COLEMAN, In San Francisco, Feh. 23, 1856, the lady 
of Mr. Coleman Juley, of a Son. 

KAIZ, MARCUS, At Saa Diego, Apr. 23, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
Marcus Katf , of a Daoo^ter. 

KET . Lim , ROBERT, In this city, Dec. 24, 1856, the wife 
of Mr. Robert Keller, of a DEBOghter. 

ULLUM, H. P., At FolsoB, May 23, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
H. 7. Eellum, of a Daa^ter. 

nUT, THOMAS, At Big Oak llat, Feh. 22, 1856, the wife 
of Thomas Kent, Esq., of a Daughter. 

mSBT, RICHARD, At the Mission San Jose, May 31, 1856, the 
wife of Richard Ksrren, Esq., of a Dau^ter. 

IIRCHOrf, C, At N#w York, April 24, 1856, the lady of 
C. Kirchof f , Esq. , Consul for Prussia and Hamhurg at 
this port, of a Dau^ter. 

EOBUS, CHABLXS, In San Francisco, Feh. 29, 1856, the lady 
of Charles Eohler, of a Dau^ter. 

XGBV, IflAAOK, In this city, ^uiy 9, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
laaaok Xohn, of a Daughter. 


KOHN, JOHN, In this city, Jxtly 9, 1856, the wife of John 
K6hn, of a Son, (sea preceding notice) 

nriGHT, H, A,, In Sonora, May 6, 1856, the vrlfe of Mr. H, A, 
Enlg|it» of a Son. 

LACET, D. S,, In Clinton, Alameda Co., March 6, 1856, the lady 
of D. S. Lacey, Esq., of a Dao^ter. 

LAMBERT, JAMES, In this city of Oakland, Jtily 13, 1856, the 
vlfe of Mr. Janes Laiobert, of a Son. 

LABGTOV, A« T., In Doimlevllle, Jan 1, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
A« ?• London, of a Son. 

LA BEDfTHIE, HENKT, Deo. 6, 1856, the wife of Henry 
La Relntrle, of a Son. 

LEAVITT, S. H., In Sacramento, Aogast 4, 1856, the %rlfe of 
S« R. Learltt, of a Daii^ter. 

LETT, 8,, In this city, July 4, 1856, the wife of Mr. S. 
Lery, of a Son. 

LEWIS, HEHHT, In Stockton, March 16, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
Eenxy Levis, of a Dau^ter. 

LITPKAH, J., In this city, Not. 14, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
J« Llppnan, of a Dao^ter. 

LORDX>, 0. T., In this city, Sept. 3D, 1856, the wife of G. T. 
Lorlng, of a Son. 

LOTHIAH, In Union City, Feh. 2, 1856, the wife of ex-sherlff 
Lothian, of a Ban^ter. 

LCTHIAU, NAPIER, In this city, April 24, 1856, the lady of 
Mr. Napier Lothian, of a Son. 

LYONS, MR., At Mariposa, Sept. 1, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
Lyons, of a Dso^ter. 

MAHAHT, MR., At the noath of Salt Creek, Shasta Co., July 25, 
1856, the wife of Mr. Mahany, of a Son. 

MALLSZTT, CAFT. J. H., In San Franclseo, March 7, 1856, the 
lady of Capt. J. H. Mallet t, of a Son. 

MAHTEL, J. y.. In this city, at 67 Howard St., Nov. 17, 1856, 
the wife of J. F. Mart el, of a Doubter. 
Hew Orleans, Hew York and Providence, H. I., papers 
please copy. 


, NKS. !•» In thli city. Not. 8, 1856, Mrs. I. 
Martin* of a Dao^ter. 

MARflV, V. V.9 At Ooorgetovn, April 19, 1856, th« wife of 
Mr. V. ¥• Narrin, of a Son. 

MAHX, SAMDEL, In thi« city, July 23, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
SaBELtl Maxz, of tvo boys TBuok and Breok". 

MAT, SAMUH. J., In Sacramento, July 3, 1856, the wife of 
Saaoel J. May, of a Son. 

McCAHPHT, R., At Murphy's, Jtme 20, 1856, Mr. R. McCarthy, 
of a OBo^ter. 

McOLF.ARKY, ROBERT, In this city. May 28, 1856, the wife of 
RolMrt MoClearey* of a Son. 

NeCOKB, £• C., In this city, June 16, 1856, the wife of 
E. C. MoComh, of a Son. 

KeCOKB, JQHH, In Saoranento, Jan. 10, 1856, the lady of 
John McComh, of San Francisco, of a Son. 

MoCUMBBR, GEORGE V., At McCumher's Mills, Au^^. 5, 1856, the 
wife of George V. MoCumher, of a Dan^ter. 

KoOOKB, JOHN M., In Aabam, Sept. 8, 1856, the wife of John 
N. McCnne, of a I>aa^ter. 

NeDOKALD, NE. , At Shasta, Jane 28, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
NeDonald, of a Son. 

ItoaEOROE, T., In Benieia, Feb. 10, 1856, the lady of Mr. 
T. McGeorge, of a Dau^ter. 

MIRSFBLMR, CHARLES, At Murphy's, July 22, 1856, the wife 
of Charles Mersfelder, of a Dau^ter. 

MILI^ni, GEORGE, July 31, 1856, the lady of George Miller, 
of a Son. 

MITCHELL, H., In Stockton, March 21, 1856, the lady of Mr. 
H. Mitchell, of a Dao^^ter. 

MIX, WM. A., In San Francisco, Feh. 27, 1856, the lady of 
Ite. A« Mix, of Shasta, of Twins. 

NOraOV, B. H., In this city, Dec. 24, 1856, the lady of 
B* H. Nonson, of a Dau^ter. 

MORRILL, MRS., At her residence, comer of 0*Farrell and 
Powell Streets, Oct. 25, 1856, Mrs. Morrill, of a Son. 

9 !&• J« S., In Shasta, Dec. 30, 1850, the %d.fe of Dr. 
J. S. Morse, of a Son. 


NQBTOV, VM., At Uniontonn, Hanboldt Co., Aug. 13, 1856, 
the wife of Ml* Korton, of a Bau^ter. 

HOHTOII, CAPT. WILLIAM H., In'thle city, June 23, 1856, the 
wife of Capt. William H. Morton, of a Dati^ter. 

MOflBAOK, A« H,, In Shasta, July 24, 1856, the wife of 
A« H* Mosebaok, of a Dang^ter. 

MOHRAT, R. J., At Maryavllle, April 23, 1856, the wife of 
Mr« H. J. Morray, of a Son. 

KDBBAT, WM., In this eity. May 29, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. Vta. Murray, of a Daoghter. 

HAL, m. ¥., In this city, Aogast 7, 1856, the lady of 
Capt. Vta. W. Keal, of a Daoi^ter. 

nvCOKB, B. C, In Sacramento, March 18, 1856, the lady of 
Mr* B* C* HevcOBh, of a Dau^ter. 

XmCABK, T* P*, In this city, Octoher 12, 1856, the wife of 
T* P* HeiAaxk, of a Son. 

in, X., In Saeramento, May 5, 1856, the wife of Mr* 
X* Hye, of a Dao^hter. 

ODBI, asOI^E W. , In San Francisco, Feh. 24, 1856, the lady 
of Oeorge W. Oden, of a Son. 

OUOnXSlF, I3R* V. D. , At Shasta, Sept. 3, 1856, the wife of 
Dr* W. D. Olendorf , of a Daughter. 

OLITXR, D., In Sacramento, May 18, 1856, the wife of Mr* 
D* Olirer, of a Dso^ter. 

OHTON, P., At Volcnno, July 29, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
P* Orton, of a Son. 

PAIHTZa, JEHQKE B., In this city, JiOy 27, 1856, the wife of 
Jeroae B. Painter, Esq., of a Son* 

, THOMAS, In this city, Dec. 6, 1856, the wife of Mr* 
ThoMSB Palter, of a Dsn^^ter. 

PARBOTT, JQBH, In San Francisco, June 14, 1856, the wife of 
Ur, John Parrott, of a Dan^ter. 

PABSCm, SAMOHi, At Marphy*s, Sept. 14, 1856, the wife of 
Mr* Saaoel Parsons, of a Son. 

PADLLIH, J. R., At Wearerville, May 24, 1856, the lady of 
Mr* J. H. Panllin, of a Son and a Qan^ter. 


PAX7LI, (}* T., In San FraneisoOt Fel), 11, 1856, thA lady of 
0* T. Paoli, of a Son. 

PEAOH, THOMAS J. E. BORROW, In thl§ city, July 22, 1856, 
th« wife of Thomas J. E, Burrow Peach, of a Baugfhter. 

PILTOH, J, C,, In this city, July 20, 1856, thm wife of Mr, 
J* C« Pelton, of a Son. 

PHXLAH, m. GREOQRT J., In Sacramento, May 23, 1856, the 
%rife of Dr. Gregory J. Phelan^ of a Son. 

PHELPS, C. B., At Stockton, June 18, 1856, the wife of C, B. 
Phelps, of a Dau^ter* 

PHILLIPS, KM., At Mariposa, July 14, 1856, the lady of Wn. 
Phillips, of a Son. 

PIERSOW, EDWARD L., At Sacramento, April 24, 1856, the wife 
of Edward L. Pierson, of a Daughter. 

PLTBOBR, WM. P., In this city, Aug. 5, 1856, the lady of 
yim, P. Pliimer, of a Son. Mother and child are hoth 
doing well. 

POLAND, NAHUM, At AloggBeda., Sept. 16, 1856, the wife of Nafaam 
Poland, of San Pranciseo, of a Son, named James King. 

POMSROT, T. S., In this city, (Paper of Dec. 9, 1856), the 
lady of T. S. Pomeroy, editor of Crescent Herald, of a 

POOLER, HENHY, In this city, Aug. 2, 1856, the lady of Henry 
Pooler, of a Son. 

PHBOHr, m. CARL, In this city. May 29, 1856, the wife of 
Dr. Carl ^reoht, of a Son. 

PRIIGEUS. JAMES E., In this city. Nor. 20, 1856, (Thanksgiving 
Day;, Mrs. Mary, wife of James E. Pringle, Esq., of a 
Dau^ter. New Tork papers please copy. 

qmaLET, PHILIP, At Yankee Hill, March 3, 1856, the wife 
of Mr. Philip (^li^ey, of a Daoghter. 

BEAD, T. A., At Forest City, Aug. 3, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
T. A. Read, of a Son. 

BEDDING, HON. B. B., In Sacramento, Dec. 16, 1856, the wife 
of Hon. B. B. Radding, Mayor, of a Son. 


BSirO, MR., At Independenet Hall, Placer County, ^eb, 3, 
1856, th« wife of Mr. Reno, of a Daughter. 

RICB, ER. D. W. C, At Maryevllle, July 10, 1856, the wife 
of Dr. D. W. C. Rice, of a Daughter. 

RICHARDSON, A, B., At San Francisco, Oct. 18, 1856, the 
vlfe of A. B, Richardson, of a Dau^ter. 

RILEY, P., At Willow Springe, near San Andreas, Aug. 18, 
1856, the wife of P. Riley, of a Daughter. 

SAGE, TIMOPHT, At Benlola, June 35, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
Timothy Sage, of a Son. 

SAYAflE, RICHARD, In San Francisco, March 13, 1856, the lady 
of Mr. Richard Savage, of a Son. 

SATER, EDWARD, In this city, on Beale St., Rlnoon Point, 
Hot. 26, 1856, the wife of Mr. Edward Sayer, of a 

SCHAD, WILLIAM, In this city, July 23, 1856, the wife of 
William Schad, of a Son. 

SCHLOSS, BERJAMUT, In this city, Aug. 28, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. Benjamin Schloss, of a Daughter. 
Hew Toxk and St. Louis papers please copy. 

SCHNABEL, A. , At Ophlr, March 20, 1856, the lady of Mr. 
A. Schnahel, of a Son. 

SCOTT, JOHH, At New Torfc Star Ranch, May 22, 1856, the wife 
of John Scott, of two "bouncing Boys. 

SCOTT, JOHN, In San Tranclsco, Oct. 25, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. John Scott, of a Son. 

SCHUMACHER, MRS., At Los Angeles, July 26, 1856, Mrs. 
Sohmaacher, of a Daughter. 

SOHWKRnr, HEHHT, In Visitation Valley, Oct. 19, 1856, the 
wife of Henry Schwerln, of a Son. 

8ZVRI0, 7RANCIS, At Jamestown, Aug. 7, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. Francis Serrlo, of a Son. 

SEXTON, CHARLES, At Michigan Bar, May 21, 1856, the wife of 
Charles Sexton, of a Dau^ter. 

SETMOOR, JONATHAN, At Roach's Hill, El Dorado County, May 29, 
1806, the wife of Jonathan Seynour, of a Son. 

8BAW, TOBIAS, In this city, June 4, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
Tobias Shew, of a Son. 


8HAI, TIMOTHY, In San Francisco, Feb. 5, 1856, th« wife 
of Mr. Tinothy Shay, of a Dan^ter. 

8RIPBXAIU), JTJIGE, At Murphy's, June 25, 1856, the wife of 
Jud^ Shepheard, of a Son, 

SHEPHEAHD, P. W. , In this city, March 30, 1856, the wife 
of P. W. Shepheard, of a Dacoi^ter. 

SHBPPAHD, S. ASBUHT, In this city, Dec, 5, 1856, the wife 
of S. Asbury Sheippard, of a Doubter. 

SHERVOOD, E., In Sacramento, Joily 31, 1856, the wife of 
X. Sherwood, Esq., of a Dau^ter. 

SHOBTLEir, MRS. H. J., At Shasta, Au^. 14, 1856, Mrs. H. J. 
Shortleff , of a Bso^ter. 

SXNFSQIf, JAMES, At the mouth of Middle Creek, Shasta Co., 
Ang* 4^ 1856, the wife of James Simpson, of a Doo^ter. 

SLADE, CAIVDJ, In this city, March 14, 1856, the wife of 
Calrin Slade, Esq., of a Son. 

SIOCUM, A. A., At Jackson Flat, March 9, 1856, the lady of 
Mr. A. A. Slocum, of a Son. 

aXITH, £. G., At Adbom, June 17, 1856, the wife of Mr. E. G. 
Sknith, of a Son. 

SMITH, J. F. S., In Martinet, May 5, 1856, the wife of J. F. S. 
Saith, of a Son. 

SMITH, JOHN, In Stockton, May 3, 1856, the wife of John 
fliith, Esq., of a Son. 

SMITH, THGMAS, in Sacramento, Jtme 1, 1856, the wife of 
TTifei Smith, of a Son. 

SMITH, Wl. B., In Oakland, AlamedA Co., June 11, 1B56, the 
wife of )Ai. B. Smith, Merchant, of a Dan^ter. 

SMITH, W. D., At Iowa Hill, Jtdy 21, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. W. D. Smith, of a Deu^ter. 

SMITH, V, v.. At anith*s Hanch, Not. 22, 1856, the wife of 
W. V. Stoith, of a Daa^ter. 

8SELLIH0, P., In Sonora, Feb. 14, 18r>6, the wife of Mr. P. 
Snellin/;, of a Daxighter. 

, IDWARD C, In this city, July 5, 1856, the wife of 
Mr* Xdnard C. Snook, of a Son. 


SOAIIS^ H. S«, At Beniola, June 27, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
H* S. Soanes, of a Son, 

SOULE, IR, A, 0,, At Marysrllle, Sept. 9, 1856, the wife of 
Dr. A. (r, Soule, of a Son. 

8TZBI, J. M., In San Francisco, Feh. 4, 1856, the lady of 
Mr. J. M. Steen, of a Son. 

STSEHE, THOS. ?., In this city, Sept. 11, 1856, the wife of 
Thoaai F. Steere, of a Son. 

STZBV« M., In San Jose, 7e1>. 29, 1856, the wife of M. Stem, 
of a Son. 

STILL, J. H., In this city, Aag, 6, 1856, the wife of Mr. J. H. 
Still, of a Daughter. 

STOSE, C. Jr., At Wallaloapa, Nevada Co., July 19, 1856, the 
wife of C. Stone Jr., of a Son. 

STCHE, D. C, In Maryeville, Jan, 24, 1856, the wife of D. C. 
Stone, of a Son. 

SfRISF, OZQRGE D. , In San Francisco, Deo. 26, 1855, the lady 
of George D. Street, Bsq. , of a Son. 

STSnfELS, B., At Sacramento, July 23, 1856, the wife of B. 
Strenfels, of a Dau^ter. 

STHTCXER, JOHN W. , At lone Rill, June 16, 1856, the wife of 
Mr. John W. Strycker, of a DsDoghter. 

SUCH, MRS. TRANCES L., In Mt. Diablo Valley, Mrs. Frances L. 
Such, of a Son, on May 25, 1856. 

SDHQEEQIAHS, MR., At St. Joe Bar, Sierra County, June 29, 1856, 
the wife of Mr. Sunderhaas, of a Son. 

SlfTTON, JOSEPH, In Sacramento, Jan 8, 1856, the wife of 
Joseph Sutton, of a Dau^ter. 

TXXUER, v.. In Cranada, NioaragoA, Deo. 3, 1856, the wife of 
V« Teller, of a Dsav^ter. 

THAXI, J* N., May 30, 1856, the wife of J. N. Thain, of a Son. 

THOMAS, P. J., In this city. May 19, 1856, the wife of Mr. 
P. J. Thomas, of a Daw^ter. 

TH0MP8GV, R., At Mokalume Hill, Isa^. 16, 1856, the wife of 
R« Tbeapson, ^sq. , of a Son. 

THOMPSOI, re. W. T,, At MarysTille, Jan. 13, 1856, the lady 
of Dr. W. T. Thoopson, of a Son. 


TXIOD, A. T. , In Tr«ka, Dec. 24, 1855, the wife of Mp. 
A. ?• Tilden, of a Daughter. 

TnOUCT, CrEOBQE B., In San Francleoo, Jan 22, 1856, the 
wife of George B. Tlngley, Esq., of a Son. 

TINKHAM, JOHN, In Stockton, Nov. 29, 1856, the wife of Mp. 
John TinTcham, of a Son. 

TODD, ALEXANDER R. , July 5, 1856, the vdfe of Alexander H. 
Todd, £sq., of a Daughtep. 

TRACT, WILLIAM, At Canon House, Jan. 14, 1856, the wife of 
Mp« Villian Tpaoy* of a Danghtep. 

TROPPMAS, JOHN, In Downieville, Deo. 4, 1856, the wife of 
Mp« John Tpoppman, of a Son. 

TUPPER, CHARLES, At Sonopa, May 26, 1856, the wife of Mp. 
Chaplee Tuppep, of a Son. 

TTJHHBR, ROBEHT, At Tumep's Flat, May 15, 1856, the wife of 
Mp, Rohept Tumep, of a Son. 

UHPCM, WILLIAM, At Bidwell, Aug. 6, 1856, the wife of Mp. 
William Upton, of a Son. 

WADE, JOHN, In San Fpancieco, Feh. 18, 1856, the wife of 
John Wade of Stevenson stpeet, of a Son. 

WALLACE, OEOROE W., At Saopaaento, Aug. 26, 1856, the wife 
of Geopge W. Wallace, of a Son. 

WALLACE, MR., At Mr.piposa, Sept. 4, 1856, the wife of Mp. 
Wallace, of a Dmghtep. 

WATKHMAN, RICHARD, In this city, Aug. 23, 1856, the lady of 
Richard Waterman, of a Dmghtep. 

VATXaS, JOSEPH, At Wisconsin Hill, Sept. 5, 1856, the wife 
of Mp. Joseph Wateps, of a Dau^tep. 

lODSIXR, OEORas, At Benicia, July 7, 1856, the wife of 
Oeopse Wehstep, of a Son. 

WIHR, ALBKBT C, At Do%mi#Tille» Aug. 31, 1856, the wife of 
Albept C. Wehp, of a Son. 

WBUKBE, MRS. JACOB, At Shasta, Jidy 29, 1856, Mps. Jaooh 
Weinepp, of a Dao^tep. 

WTSBMAI, AUGUST, At Sacpamento, Aug. 29, 1856, the wife of 
kagOMt Wetteman, of a Son. 


VEALXr, J. ▲•, At Union, V. T., Jttn« 3, 1856, th« vlf« of 
J. A. VhAl«7, of a Dan^tor. 

VEAUBT, nOMAS, At San Dl«^, Aug. 19, 1856, th« vlfo of 
ThoMifl Vhal«7, ^SQ*! of & Son. 

VEHLOCX, MR., In Mlddlotovn, Shasta Oo., Ao^* 3, 1856, tha 
vlfo of Mr* Vha«lock, of a Son. 

VEXn, V. S. , In this oitr, Nareh 16, 1856, tho lad/ of Mr. 
V. S. Vhita, of a Son. 

VHZTSOV, JiMES, At Pl-osat Star Honss, Siarra Co., Jtma 16, 
1856, tha wlfa of Mr. Jaaai Vhition, of a Son. 

VILDS, JAUS, In Aowdor Co., May 5, 1856, tha vifa of Ja^t 
nidt, of fnala Tvina. 

YILLIAN8, V. v., In this city, Aa«* 20, 1856, tha lady of 
V. V. Vllliams, of a Dwi^tor. 

VnrSVT, OALTH, in Shasta, Jan. 13, 1856, tha vlfa of Mr. 
OalTin Yintstt, of a Son. 

Vaioar, SAMDXL H., in Mar/inils, Jan. 33, 1856, ths lady 
of Snmtl H. Vrii^t, of a Son. 

VRKST, V. E., In DoimlsTllla, S«pt. 15, 1856, tha vifs of 
Mr. V. H. Vrl«»it, of a Dan^tsr. 

Vnoy, HGir. J. X., At n^lon city, 7al). 5, 1856, tha wlfs of 
Hon* J. I. V^aan, of a Son. 

TXAOSa, 7. v.. In Shasta, Jan. 12, 1856, ths wifs of 7. V. 
Tasi^r, of a Dm^tsr. 

TCOTO, THOMAS, In this olty, Jnly 4, 1856, tha vlfs of Mr. 
Thoaas Toonc, of *> Ben^tsr. 



jUIRIAlTfiaEN-BOELaER, In thif oitj, August 2, 1856, Mr. 
rranooit AadrlanMn of Holland, to Miii Mar7 liOciliA 
Bo«le«r, lat« of H«v Toric. 

ABBST-BUlTriHO, In San Tranoisoo, Tal). 23, 1856, ty R«t. 
Dr. Soott, Mr. J«roi&a A^bcy of Si Dorado County, to 
Mill Sarah Ann Banting, fomarly of Ravanna, Ohio. 

ABBOT, MISS AMABDA, Saa Mr. John 0. Wahl. 

ABBAHAMS, MISS JBTTT, Saa Mr. Stioklar. 

ABRAMS*METXRS, la lav Toxk, Saptambar 10, 1856, 1)7 Bar. 
S. M. Iiaaei, I. M. Abrami, of San Tranolioo, to Miii 
Lisiia, daoghtar of 8. Mayara, Siq.., of tha fomer city. 

ACKXBS0N-DA7IS, At Mountain Yiav, Sapt. 14, 1856, hy Jtid^ 
J. H. Orahaa, Mr* J. W. Aokaraon, to Miii Locinda Davii. 

ACXLET, MISS LORIBAE, Saa Mr. Whaalar Martin. 

ADAMS-PAXSON, In thii oity, Apr. 28, 1856, l>y tha 2^r, Dr. 
Soott, Mr. John Adaai, to Miii Taania S. Paxaon. 

ADAMS-MoKABRT, In thia oity, Oct. 25, 1856, Ijy Bar. S. V. 
Villay, Mr. Halaay D. W. Adama, to Miii Jana MoHarry, 
all of thia oity. 

ADAMS-HAnCES, In thia eity, hy tha Bar. Dr. Andaraon, 
Mr. B. H. Adaai, to Miii Maxy S. Haynai. (Havspapar 
notioa. May 8, 1856). 

ADAMS, MISS SABAE X., Saa Capt. Thaopholii Hawai. 

ABPIL-BOSmTLD, At Stockton, Nor. 2, 1856, Mr. E. Ahpal, 
to Misi Sarah Boianfald, of Stockton. 

AinOr, MISS ELIZA, Saa Mr. T. Motharvall. 

AI18A, MISS J08EPHA, Saa Mr. T. V. Tailafaro (or Taliafaro). 

AITOE-PATZIT, In Stockton, Jnly 38, 1866, hy Juttica A. 0. 
Brow, Mr. v. E. Aitoh, to Miai Aaaada Carolina Fataat. 

AIJnOBT, MISS KATI, Saa Mr. John Tmp. 

AT.irilWB, MISS AHaZLDr, 8aa Mr. 0, J. Sillyar. 

AUXAHDKR, MBS. B. S., 8aa Mr. B. B. Hall. 

AUOAHmp-TAB VICEII, In thii city, Oct. 23, 1856, in Gal- 
Tary Praihytarian Church, Mr. Joiaph D. Alaxandar, to 
Mill Carolina Van Wiekia, all of thii city. 


&• T. Padr* L&fltmdA, Htxurjr H, Al«xand«r, to Dozui T«liolaDA, 
dn^t«r of Don P«dro Doain^oAi, of that plac«. 

ALUV, MISS CATHAIOKE, S«« Mr. Xdif&rd H«vlaiid« 

▲LUEH, MISS M. A., See Mr. ¥m. A* N'Keehan. 

ALIJBI-ZLimZI»S. In this eitj, Jtil7 14, 1856, )>7 the Rev. Dr. 
Seott, Mr. V. Vallaoe Allen of Benloia, to Miee Mary P. 
Sldridce, of Vantncket, Matt. 

AlODUKS-EABaBOTS, At Corrallit, 0. T. Aa« 6, 1856, John 
AaAtrson of Jaoksonrille, to Miee Liiiie HargroTe of 

iiaBSGOl, MISS MART, See Mr. Zdward Norrle, Seq. 

AHDEBSGV-MABZ, Heoorded Triday, Sept. 12, 1856, the marriage 
of Thomeie Andereon snd Miee Thereea Marx. 

AimERSOV-MeORH, In thie oity, Aug. 20, 1856, hy the Her. Mr. 
Kip, M7« Thoaas Anderson of St. John, H.B., to Sarah 
MoKerr, of San Tranoieoo (See next record) 

r-MeOV, In thie city, Aog. 20, 1856, by the Rer. 
Biehap Kip, Mr. Thoaat Andereon of St. John, N.B. to 
Miee Sareh MeXev, of San franeieeo. 

AUBSVS-JUIQLLST, In Veldon, H. 0., Jan. 5, 1856, Miee Josephine 
BmkleQr, vhoee eeeape eome monthe eince from the eohool 
at AuetflViziK, Md. , created eo moch nevepaper cosment, to 
Mr. Solomon Andreve, of Perth Mhoy, N. J. 

AIOXL, MISS LOUISA N., See Mr. ¥m, E. Turner. 

AlDRXAn, MISS JSABBm N., See ^r. H. C. Lee. 

ARE0RT-H0DQCT8, In Saeramento, Oct. 23, 1856, at the reeidenoe 
of William R. Vatere, leq. , hy Bar. J. A. Benton, James Anthony 
to Miee Mary Joeephine, eldest dao^ter of Joeeph Hoopoes, all 
of Saaramento. 

AFFLZBT, MISS MAOGH, See >^r. Oeox^ Y. Helme. 

ARMSTROHa, MISS OATHERIXK, See ^. Charles Underwood. 

ARMffTROHG-aRDTITHS, At OroTille, Oct. 9, 1856, Mr. James E. 
Armetrong, to Mrs. Nary Ann Griffiths. 

ARHQLD, MISS MART, See Rer. X. Merchant. 

AnOLIV-BXAOE, In Shaeta, JtOy 24, 1866, Mr. Hoah S. Arnold to 
Mrs. bdly P. Beach. 

ABRAS, MISS TOKASA, S«« ^r. D. T. Harthav. 

AfiBOLT-BLAKE, In Vaihin^on, Tolo Oonntx, ?•%. 13» 18S6, Mr. 

0. M« Aslmlgr, to Migg PgMla I, Blakg, fomtrl^r of Boffalo K.T* 

ASSIST, MISS SABAE SLIZABS1S, Sgg Mr. Naroos M. Baldwin. 

AIHXBTOI, NI8S N. ABBDE, S«« Mr.' Jaagf H.' Qain. 

ADOmOOmr-SAXTOV, At Santa Clara, Oet. 1, 1856, ttf Bar. Dr. 
Njrron, Mr. Silag Aocfamoodj* formtrly of Rotondale, Hgv Toxfc, 
to Migg Kato Sazton of Mar^grlllo, California. 
Voir Tozk paporo ploago eopsr. 

AUSrnr, miss HAHRAH S., Soo Mr. «b. W, Crano, Jr. 

AUSTIV-CLAHK, At HonolTilu, S. I., Jan 21, 1856, S* L. Aaotin, Bgq., 
to Miig Carolina E., daugjitor of Rot. X. Y. Claxfc, of Honolulu. 

AUTBXT-VXLLS, March 31, 1856, Toj Bar. Wm. H. Hill of NoTada, Mr. 
Villiaa Antr«7 and Mrs. Sophia X. Vollt, both of araoo Tallaj. 

BAOEia-aASRXr , in Plaoorrillo, Jan. 32, 1856, Mr. John Baektr 
to Migg Margarat Oarrat, both of that plaoa. 

BAC0N-LI2BT, In this city, Oct. 15, 1856, at tha rogidoneo of 
Jaaog W. Tovno, Miagion Stroat, bj tho Bar. X. L. Laej, Mr. 
Jacob Baoon to Migg Adalino ▲. Libby of Botton, Nags. 

BACQV-BUBBSLL (or BAOOB-THATXR) , In thg Howard St. Cfauroh, 
Juno 30, 1856, bgr tho Bar. S. H. Villoy, Mr. Jooiah Bacon, 
of thia oit7, to Migg Sarah Thagror, daa^tor of J* D. 
Burrall, Xgq., of Woat Bridgaw&tor, Maag, 

BASQXR-rAIXIHBXBO, In thig city. Dao. 30, 1856, at tha 

Intomational Hotol, by tho Bar. Dr. Andravg, Capt. Thoa. 
Bad^r to Nrg. Jano A. 7alkinbarg, both of thia oitj. 
Xagtam and Southam papora, ploaaa oopy. 

BAOO-TOOPXa, In Troy, H. T., Jan 31, 1856, Francia Ba«g, of 
San ?ranoiaoo, to Mioo Qartmda Toopor. 

BAaUET, MISS OOBDELU, Sao Mr. Oh&rlaa Baad. 

BAlLXT-BAILXr, In thia eity, April 23, 1856, by Bar. J. X. 
Bonton, Mr. Charlaa H. Bailay and Miaa Xliaa Bailay, all 
of San Tranciaeo. 

BAILXr, MISS SLIZA, Saa Mr. Charlaa E. Bailay. 

BAIIXT-fHIIL, Miaaion, Villiaaiatta, in tha 

Conrant of *Votra Daaa", by tha Bar. S. M. Taoklar of tha 
Xpiaeopal Chorsh, Dr. V.J. Bailay and Mra. Julia M. Shial, 
all of Marion Co., 0. T. Papar of March 13, 1856. 

BAII£ACHX-TITGE, At Sotoyoal, Sonowt Ccranty, Jan, 29, 1856, 
tj R«T. Br, T«r M«hr, Mr. John A. Bailhaoh« of San7ranoi800 
to Milt Jotrpha Tltoh of Sotoyoal. 

BAIBD, NI8S nZZABSTH B,, 8a« Oapt. Joseph S. a&roia* 

BAKXa. MISS BNMA LOOXSl!, S«e Mr. Charlai rarilU. 

r. In Saonuatnto, Tth* 11, 1806. Mr. George ^• 
Baker to Mi«8 Mary Belden. 

BASER, MISS HATTIB T., See '^r. Oharlee X. roje. 

BAZXR, MISS FHEBX X., See ^r. Ita. L. BoTjrer. 

BAXXR-BURBXR, At Princeton, Oolnsa Co., Sept. 7, 1856, Mr. 
Thoaas Baker to Miee Mary C. Burner. 


BALDVIB-HiarSLXT, In Benioia, April 29, 1856, Mr. John H. 
Baldvin to Mitt ^ry A* Heneley* 

BALDVIff-ASELXT, In thit city, Aog. 18, 1856, tj Ber. S. E. 
Villey, Mr. Nareos M. Baldvin to Mitt Sarah Xlisaheth 
Aehley, dao^ter of S. J. Athley, Xtq., of Tort Point. 

BALEBIBO-SALCIIX), In Lot Angeles, Te^. 5, 1856, Bartholosev 
Balerino and Maria Aapara Salcido. 

BAUXXr, MISS ISABELLA, See Mr. Xlaer Paoker. 

BALLEHTIXX, MISS CAERIX, See Mr. J. Washington Bodge. 

BALLCX7, MISS CHABLOTTX S. G., See Htmy C. Gardner, Xtq.. 

BAnCRarr-OROSCO, in Homitat, Beo. 18, 1855, hy Alrie N.J.A. 
Onrate of Sonora, Mr. R. V. Bancroft to Bona Rafaela 
Orotoo, of Sonora, Mezlee. 

BABSAT, MISS MART ABX, See ^r. Jaaei Johnt.' 

lAIlBt, MISS RAECT V., See Mr. Marrin Chapaan. 

BARXXLOO, MISS HARRIZT J., See Mr. Oharlea X. Bnnlrlnghai. 

BARXZBr-VRIGBT, In Oregon, Oot. 12, 1856, hy Judge J.B.Boon, 
Mr. John Barber to Mitt Almira Wright, all of Salem. 

BARXXR, MISS MART, See Mr. Joseph B. H. Walter*. 

BARLOW, MISS HARRHI R., See Br. John J. Cuthing. 

BARMQRX, MISS JULIBT, See Mr. Jaaei Shindler. 

t. In Stockton, April 39, 1856, Mr. L* Bament 
to Mite Xlitabeth Gretel. 


BAHRAS-HALLZGAK, At Oakland. Alaaada Co. "by Her. VllllaiBt. 
Einoi B, BArrai, Itq. , to Nit* Mary S. Halllean. 
(Pap«r, S«pt. 15, 1856) 

BARRT, MISS X. J,, S«e Mr. D. Kartoh«i. 

BARHT, MISS MART T., S«« Mr. Michaal M. Sgan. 

BABTXLL, MISS ROSALU, Saa Hr« John Batlar. 

BTRRT-DAVIILS, 'B%ax Ororllla, Jruit 8, 1856, Mr, Jaaaa H, 
BTrz7 to Mra. Haney X« Dani«la. 


>, MISS SARAH, Saa ^r. Charlca MoDon&ld. 

BAffXS-JC3RIS, At Stookt<m, Aag. 5, 1856, Mr. Haakall Bat«i 
to Mra. MalT^na Jonaa. 

BATXS-sniRf At Boiling Hills, XI Oorado Ooanty, Jan. 23, 
1856, L« Bat«a, M. D., to Mlaa Jana S* Snasr. 

BADXR, MISS XBHX8TIA, Sa« ^r. Oharl^a Knnia«« 

BAXJEB-HAAOXH, In this oity, March 23, 1856, 1)7 tb« Rtr. 
Mr. ?• Moothaka, Mr* J. A. Baa«r to Miat Looiao Haa^n. 

BAOM, MISS DOHXTH, Sao Mr. laaao Dioti. 

BADN-SOHUBXOKH, In thit oitj, Jnlj 17, 1856, Mr. Oarl Bam 
to Miat Xliia Sohlaidan, both of thit eity. 

r, KISS XLIZA, Sao Mr. Baphaol Lookigrtt. 

XBAOH, MRS. XMIIT P., Sao Mr. Voah S. Arnold. 

BXAS-XNQX, In Vartda, Jtint 10, 1856, Mr. T. Illard Baan 
to Miat Tirsinia Knox. 

BXAOMCBT-BLACX70RD, At Oraaa Talloy, Hot. 11, 1856, Mr. 
That ■ Baaaaont to Miat Araainta Jana Blackford. 

nOK-HUL, At tha rttidtnoo of Vta. MoPharaon Hill, Sonoaa 
Talltx, An«, 11, 1856, hy Rtr. Yar Mahr, Major Rohart 
Back to Miat Joaophina Hill. 

nODR, MISS AKSLIA SOPHIA, Sao ^. J. Ulrio Haltar. 

BXOXIB-MAIXH, At Sonora, July 3, 1886, Mr. T. Baekar to 
Mitt Mary Majar. 

ULSn, MISS MART, 8m Mr. Ooox^t H. Bakar. 

BXLEHAP, MISS AXKA X., Sao Mr. Jamao McHoltx. 

BXU., MISS iaXXS, Saa ^. H. W. Harrit. 

BSX, MX88 SLIZABKTH, S— Mr. Villlaa Htxurx Roik. 

BXU, MISS SSTBXR O,, S«« Mr. ineiistus H. drtns'bafoti. 

BUJi, NZ88 MABT JABX, 8«« Ohrlttophtr 0. Tox^b^t.' 

BXXX-SAinXIfl, Ji\ fltaithig Tlat. XI Dorado Co., Hot. U, 1896, 
Mr. \bk» J. B«ll to Miss Hmxj A. Sanders. (••• jimwwpsepmr) 

BSas, MZS8 MART, 8— Mr* Alaxandor Caq;>l>«U. 

BXXJiMIH-<;niIHIll&HAN, At Stooktoa. S«pt«ib«r 30, 1856, Mr. 
Charloi D» Vitt Bcnjaalji to Nits Lisii« Oozmli^^iaaB. 

BXKJAMZS-MITOEILL, In San Tranoiaoo, March 1, 1856, 
iMartI Italy aftar tha arriral of tha "J.I.Staphana", 
Iqr i^oh tha hrlda eaaa aa a paaaangart Mr. X.B.BaaJaain 
of San Tranoiaeo, to 8. Mitohall of Hav Toxk. 

SPSRCXa, At Pralrla Dliigin^, KaToh 6, 1856, Mr. Joaib 
Baxmatt to Miaa Mahala Stpanoar, "both of Pralrla Digging, 

BBraCH, MISS ABIBJBTTA, Saa Mr* Jaaaa L. Saymoor. 

-PaBRIBQTQI, Zn Stockton, /an. 3, 1856, Mr. X. Banaon of 
San Joa5pLin Co., to Mlaa Sarah C. Porrln^on of Boiton. 

r, MISS ISLLJBR D., Saa Mr. ttt. B. Story. 

XmfCV, MISS JXnt^ Saa Mr. John Lov. 

I, MISS MABT XZJZABSTE, Saa Mr. Oaorga S. Sana. 

BZBX8HIBB-TIXKEAN, Xaar San Jooa, Sapt. 35, 1856, Xathanlal 
Baxkahira to Miaa Martha Tlnkhn. 

BZBRT-DAinXLS, In San Joaa, Jtma 8, 1856. Mr. Jaaaa A. Barxy 
ta Mra. Xathan X. Daniala {w— BTrry) 

BBtVlOX-^OLBUBB, In thia olty, Jima 39, 1856, Mr. Thoania 
Barvlok and Mra. Annia Mg^a Colhom, all of thia oity. 

BZSBT, MISS SABAH L., Saa Mr. T. V. Earona. 

nniL-HAMIUFGai, At San Joaa, iac* 17, 1856, Major Y.X.Bathal 
ta Miaa Ann EaidLlton. 

nVXJET-OGQJI, In thia oity, Tuaaday aranin^, April 8, 1856, 'by 
Bar. Dr. Saott, Mr. Allan H. Bavlay to Mitt Maggla L. Oola. 

t, MISS BXBEOOA, Saa Mr. Staphan Hohaon. 
BIGUELOV, MISS ISABXLLA H., Saa GEharlaa W. Xlttrad«». 

BIGUDl, MISS OATEABIXX, Saa John Xronanhaxcar. 



naR-MAKnr, At SacramunXo, Sfpt. 6, 1856, Mr. 0. L« 
Blt^«gr to Mitt MairdAltxut Malon. 

BLACEBOBIS, MISS SAHAH I., &•• Dr. V. R. D. Tra^ia^wi. 


i, NZ8S ASHX, &•• Mr. JaiMt V. 8iijBD«r«. 

BLATBp-CAMPBSIJ., In this eit7« Dm. 25, 1856, "by thm H«t. Dr. 
8oott, Mr. Janei Bi^ir of Oontra Costa to Mitt Agntt 
Qn^'btll of San Tranoitco. 

I, In thit olt7, ToetdajT OTtnlng, April 8, 1856, 
'bf RtT. 8. H. Villtjr, Mr. Otorg* M. Bla]ot to Mitt Taxm/ 
H. Jtfftrt, of Brid^^ttfattr, H. J. 

BLAXI, MISS XLZZA, Stt J. SoloBon Tttniort. 

BLAXZ, MISS PAMELA X., Sat Mr. 0. N. Atlmly. 

BLAHX-LBK^, in Verada, April 20, 1856, Jfiiatt Z<. Blakit of 
San Trtaoitoo, foxmtzly of Philadalphia, to Mitt Satan 
Ltgs, fomcrly of Vitcontin. 

BTiAHnHARTM^ILLOLA, In San Traneitco, Jan. 3, 1856, "by tht 
Rt. Bar. Bishop Allaaanj, Mr. D. L. Blanohard to Mitt 
Jant Oillola* of Saorananto. 

BLADTZLT, MISS RAOHBL T. 0. Sat Mr. John H. Tan Saon. 

BLOOH, MISS BABBTTX, Sat Mr, S. ¥• LtfT/. 

KiOQN, MISS MART SUA, Sat Mr. John N. Eoopar. 

BLOQBr-STOCXTOV, At Mar7tTillt, Jimt 19, 1856, V Bar. I. S. 
Valtworth, Otorgt ¥. Bloor, Attooiato Sditor of tha 
California Xzpratt, to Mitt Tiotoria A. Stockton. 

BOABLAlTDy MISS LIZZIX, Saa ^r. Horaoa Martdtn. 

BQABMAH-DDHXIiIR, In Clifton, Jafftrton County* No., Liautanant 
John A. Boarnan of AaaAor Coonty, Gal., to Mitt Jaannia C, 
daui^tor of tha lata Cot. Dunklin of tha fozuar plaoa (aaa 
papar of Tah. 9, 1866) 

MISS MART LOOZSA, Saa Mr. 7rancoit Aadriantan. 

BOBUCnr, MISS ADKLIRS, Saa Mr. Tradariok Borda. 

ItWii ITtnilT, At Fiat Granrt, Dao. 25, 1866, Mr. Vb. A. 
ItMB* ta Mitt Sarch 1. Hioklior. 

BGUna, NZ88 NAHSBA, Saa Mr. A. W. Iroolct. 

KBUDT. Ota Nareh 36* 1856, 1>7 thB Hit. rx«d Boah, 
Mr* Charl*! S« Bonhan to Mist Xllnor Xaimady, "both of 
thif oltx. 

BOnnOOR, Mas. MAHT ▲•» &•• Dr«^ 9 J V«' Voeltsr. 

B(S>?-MAXBACZ, In this eltjr, Oet. 25, 1856, "by th« B«t, X« Y. 
ftdth, Isq. , Mr. iBdrw Bopp to Mlt« Nargartt Maybadk. 

BOBIO-BaEUaar, in thla oltgr. Dm. 7, 1856, Ij th« Bar. Mr. 
Mooshaka, Mr. Tr*darick Borda to Miaa A&alina Boal3can. 

BOBR AIJAJFr-HUSSET , In San Tranolaco, Fal). 4, 1856, ty tha Bar. 
Mr. Oatlar, Mr. Qaorga Borradada, of Saorasanto, and Miaa 
Mar7 X. Hnaaay, aldaat dso^t ar of 7. ▲• Boaaay, Xaq. 

BOtSXE-nriGBEr, Jnly ao, 1856, yjj tha 2Mr. Mr. MoOullooh, Mr. 
7« V. Boaalar to Miaa Louiaa Knight, all of Ghinaaa Oaap. 

BOTESOV-HSHIST, In San rranoiaoo, 7a%. 16, 1856, hy* tha Bar. 
Mr. Vjrmlt, Mr. Chriatian Bothaov to Miaa Jana Bandry. 

BOUDU, MISS MABIX, Saa Mr. Janaa Qilaan. 

BOQBUUD), MISS iBBT, Saa ^. Oaorga 8. Ladd. 

BOTTZR-BAXKR, In thia oitj, April 15, 1856, 'by tha Bar. X. 
Thoaaa, Ifo L. BoTsrar to Miaa Phaha B. Bakar. 

BOVXH, MISS OHARITT, Saa ^r. Biohard Sehultia. 

BOTB-HQDaX, In thia eitj, Aug. 8, 1856, ty Brr. S. H. Villay. 
Mr. Joaaph Boyd to Miaa Bath Ann Hodga. 

BOTD, MISS MABT JABX, Saa Mr. l^uiOiington Maaka. 

XOTIJB, MISS S. JAXX, Saa Mr. John C. OamT. 

BOm, MISS JULU, Saa Mr. JaMa Yalah. 

BBADr-BHTlB (or BBTARI!), In thia eity, Dao. 26, 1856, }sy 
Bar. T, 8. Laoy, Mr. Gaorga V. Brady to Miaa Xlisabath 
Bxyan, or Bryant. 

BBABT, MISS MART, Saa Mr. Bogh Nanton. 

BBALXr-VHIflNAB, In Santa Olara, April 33, 1856, Mr. Jaaaa 0. 
Bralay to Miaa Mary Xliaahath Ifhianan. 

XBAUBBBOXB, MISS, Saa M^. Barray Sparka. 

BBAVBGIHIILLXB, In thia city, Dao. 2, 1856, hy Bar. Laoy, Mr. 
Ifti. Brandon of San Joaa to Miaa Halan Millar. 

HAIIAV, MISS SABAB T., Saa Mr. X. J. Byan. 

BSIGC-BCrCKISGEAN, At Orae« Cfanroh, Hot. 17, 1856» tj th« 
Rl^t E«T. Biihop Kip, D. D., Mr. Charl«t X. Br«ek to 
Nai7 Holcn, dAo^ter of Bonjaala T. BnnVliighaa of 
Voi^Nixs, Hov Toxk. 

mm, MZ88 MABOARKP, Soo Mr. J. P. Honxgr Hieholi PUreo. 

BRIOaS, MISS MAHIA, Soo Mr. 1. V. Haokoll. 

BHOD-BAKKa, In this oitj, April 2, 1856, ^>7 J. H. Brlttov, 
Mr. Honzy Bred to Mitt Matilda Ramor. 

BRQBASXA-OITSR, In this city, Oet« 13, 1856, hj thi Rsr. A. 
Ksllnsr, Oustar Brohaska of San Joss to Mitt Maxgarst 
Ottsr of Shaw's Tlat. 

BaONZJET'Onrai, At (^lartsbors, Oot. 4, 1856, Mr. H. Broals7 
to Miss Mar7 I* l^^^os, hoth of A^oa Tria. 

BHO€CS-BQZ;TZa, At Sonora, Oct. 5, 1856, Mr. A. W. Broolcs 
to Mits Martha Boltsr. 

BROGCS, MISS MABTHA T., 8ss Mr. 0. Y. Valaes. 

B200MHXAD, MISS MAET AHH, Sss Mr. Villiam Hsnxy Battsnhsrry. 

BRGPHT, MISS LIZZIX, Sss Mr. Alfrsd S. Domsy. 

BROTJOarON-STBVABT, In San Joss, Jtilj 22, 1856, Mr. Sanasl d. 
BrouiEhton of Santa Olara to Miss Mary Ann St swart froM 
Cortland Ooonty, Hsw Tosk. 

IRCXTSOn-BOHHlL, At Sonora, July 1, 1856, Mr. Villiaa 
Brooscks to Mitt Bosanna Donnsl. 

BROVS-TAI, At Oraes Choreh, San Franeisoo, July 31, 1856, 
by RsT. J. Arszy Shsphsrd, Mr. Aoi^astas B. Brown to 
Miss Carolina X. Taj. 

BROW-SMITE, In this eitj. Hot. 35, 1856, hy Bst. B. 
Bristly, Mr. Xdward Brown of Knight's ITsny to Miss 
Adslins A« fltadth, of San Traaoiseo. 

BBOinr, MISS aiOBaiKA ATXHTSTA, Sss ^. Saaosl Lawis Staalsy. 

BHOVH, MISS jmKA, Sss ^. Vin. T. Claifc. 

BROVH-VILLIAXS, At Aqosdofit City, Aaador Oonnty, Sspt. 30, 
1856, John ^ Brown to Nary Ann Villiaas. 

MOMI, MISS MABT ill, Sss Mr, John Jonss. 

BBOWH, MISS MABT I., Sss Mr. JaMS MoCozaiok. 

BROWI. NZSS SABiH N., S«« My. Zrntst KroM. 

SROVn-nTRXBft, At NaT* If land FaTy Tard, Not. 27, 1856, l)/ 
th« Ht. Rrr. Bishop Kip, D. D. , Dr. J. M. 2ro%m«, U.S.VaTy 
Yard to ^ist Alie« K«7, dra^httr of Hon. Dani«l Tumtr. 

BBUCI-GIBR, At th« Nar7«Till« Battts, Jxdj 4, 1856, Mr. 
John L. BxTLoa to Miss I<«titia Oarr (S*« John J« Brae«). 

BEDOX-OABR, At MarysTillt Batt«s, JtOy 4, 1856, Mr. 
John J. Bract to Mitt I<«titia (}arr. 

BSOVS-VICXSa, Zn thit oitj, JtOy 4, 1856, hjr tht H«t. 7. 
Mooihaln, Mr. GMrgt Vllliaa Broni to Niti hml— O.V. 

IBIil (or BBXABT), NIS8 XUZABSTH, Sta Mr. a. W. Brady. 

BBTABT, MISS JULIA M., Saa Jnd^ Chattar N. Tarry. 

BUGBAIAV-STATLKR, At Indian Sprinipi, Tuba Ooonty, Jan. 23, 
1856, ^r. 0. V« T. Boflhanan to Miia Carolina A. Statlar, 
both of tha ahoT* plaea. 

B7CRABAV, MRS. N. 1«, Sat Mr. A, J. Eaan. 

BUOXIliaEiM-BABKSLOO, In Brooklyn, K.T., M«y 8, 1856, hy 
tha Hav. Dr. Dvi^t, Mr. Charlat X. Buelcin^iaB of 
San rraneiaoo to Miaa H^rriat J. Barkaloo, dan^tar of 
Tunis J. Barkaloo of Brooklyn. 

BUGIUCmAM, MISS MART EZLEH, Saa Mr. Oharlaa Brack. 

BUHXUr, MISS JOSIFHIIQB, Saa Mr. SolooMn Aadraira. 

BUjrriHU, MISS SABAH Am, Saa ^r, Jarona Ahhay. 

BOBDICnc-LnnSEH, At Oakland, Atv;. 28, 1856, hy tha HaT. 
Saaoal Ball, Mr. Hosaall Burdick of Otifago, Hav Toxk, 
to Mitt Zlisahath Jana Lindan, of Bria, Pann. 

BUBn, MISS CATHSRIICE 0., Saa Hon. J. 1. Vraaia. 

BUBXl, MISS MAC^IULSBA, Saa Mr. Thoaaa V. Moora. 

BUBUBOAMX-MIZK, In Marysrilla, Jan. 8, 1856, Mr. 2)a Vitt 
0. BnrlincsM to Mita Mattia A. Naak. 

MISS MART 0., Saa Mr. Thonaa Bakar. 

, NX88 SABAH TBAIZa, Saa Mr. Joiiah Bacon (alao tat 
Mill Sarah Thaytr) 

BUBTIS, MISS HATTH f., Saa Mr. yhk. B. Thomhorg. 

B^rSH-SOLDUV, In this oity, Dao. 22, 1856, hy Joaaph Anatan, 
Jnatica of tha Paaoa, Third Diatriot, Mr. Vathan Boah to 
Miaa HiiA Soliwui, both of thia oity. 


B0TLSR-RO8S, At Albasajt 0* T,, Nagr 6, 1856, G*org« E« Batltr 
to Nits CordtllA X. Boat. 

SUTLER-BABTSLL, At SaoraiMnto, Oot. 13« I8569 Nr« John 
Batlor to Mitt Hotalio Bartoll. 

BTBIOi-PQLLOCX, In thlf oit7, Jvn« 18, 1856, Mr. Jaomb T. 
Bjnmt to Mill Cathorino Pollock. 

BTBIB-fiOfll, In Mont^oBsry Conntgr, Oet. 4, 1856, Mr. Villiaa 
Bymo to Mitt Maxy Ann Boto. 

GASr-MoHAMB, In San Tranoitoo, Jan. 13, 1856, Mr. A. Cady 
to Mitt B. NeHi 

CATnXT-CQZ, In Saoraaonto, Jnno 4, 1856, Mr. Jaatt Oaffr«7 
to Mitt Cathtrint Cioz. 

0A7BIT, MISS XLLEH, 8oo Mr. Patridlc Bonoran. 

CALLBBZATH-SMITH, In Sacraatnto, Majr 28, 1856, Mr. John 0. 
Calll)rMith to Mitt Mary Snith. 

CALTXR-LITTOV, In Saoramonto, ipril 10, 1856, Wa. H. OalTtr 
to Mitt Mary 0. Litton. 

OANnXLD, MISS ELIZABBTH, Sae Mr. Robart Hatton. 

GAMP, MISS OIARA 1., Sta Mr. Jothoa Strrat (alto taa Starant-Canp) 

CAMPBXLL, MISS A01I3S, Saa Mr. Jaaat Blair. 

OAMPBZUi-BBlIS, At tha paraona^ of tha M. Z, Ghnroh, Jan. 17, 
1856, by tha Bar. Z. Thonat, Mr. Alazandar Oamphall to Mits 
Mary Bamit of PhiladalpMa. 

CAMPBEUt, MISS JZHHSR, Sa« Mr. Rilay Rogara. 

CAVIIT, MISS KASOT, Saa Mr. Jaaaa 8. TanoTar. 

CASKQI-HABDaSS, In Sasraaanto, Hot. 6, 1856, Dr. Jaaat 0. 
Cannon to Mitt Ann Xlita Earknatt* 

0A7BrQN-(R7TERIX, In Vaahington, March 3, 1856, Mr. John 
Caparton to Mitt Mazy X. Ooka, dau^tar of tha Hon. 
Jaaat Outhria, Saerataxy of tha Traarory. 

CARDNILL-CLARK, At Oorrallit, O.IT., April 3, 1856, Mr. Byron 
P. Cardvall, fonarly of Jaokaonrilla, 111. to Mitt Abhia 
M. Claxk, foraazly of South Hadlay, Matt. 

OABDWSIX-HAIX, In Saeraaanto, Sapt. 3, 1856, by tha Ear. J.H. 
Banton, Mr. Jaaat Cardvall to Mat Mary X. Ball, «X1 of 
thit eity. 

eiBUVOV, MISS ROSBFTA, Saa Mr. Alrm V. Mareaat. 

C AMPJUB!IR«TIinUTiTi , In this eitj , ITot. 30, 1856, ^j tha Rrr. 
Mr. Britrly. Mr. Mbt, L. Oarp«nt«r to Mitt Martha M.Xtndall 
all of San Traaoisco. 
Htv ToTk paptrt plaato oop7. 

CARSICQJi, MISS BSLSS, Sot Lorin Rohtrtton, 2t<i. 

CARTlfRZQBT, NXSS CATESRXSZ, Stt My. Jotoph 0andr7. 

CASET, MISS BRISaSF A., Stt ^. L«Ti V. Wilton. 

CASCr, MISS BBTTT JOSEPH, Sot Dr. Agaaan L. Latky*. 

:, MISS ABOELH, Sto Mr. A, StaTj. 

OHAUESoHQBnrSOV, In Pltotat Co., Deo. 15, 1856, Mr. Harry A. 
Obaltt to Mitt Martha 0. Bohinton. 

OEAIMBRS-SMITH, At San Jutn, Santa Crm Co., Oct. 36, 1856, 
Mr. O^orst Ohalmert to Mitt Mary Susan Smith. 

CHAMBZRLAIH, MRS. MART, Sts Mr. Ina Hanoock. 

OHANUERS, MISS MART AHH, Sto Mr. A. J. Storonton. 

CHAFSL-7BZIFH, At SaeraiMnto, An£« 26, 1856, Mr. Androv J. 
Chaptl to Mitt Zlisabtth Trotth. 


CHAFMAK-FEOOMAH, IsaT tht SsTsn-Milt Horats, San Jots, Sspt. 
4« 1856, Mr. John Chapman to Miss Anna Trssmsn. 

CHAPMAS-BARBER, In Adams, Mass., Jan. 10, 1856, Mr. Marrin 
Chspaan, of ^utah, Tolo Coimty, To Mitt Hanoy H. Barbsr, 
of tht forasr plaet. 

CEAFMAH-MoOABTKXT, At Stodcton, Maroh 9, 1856, Mr. Silat 
Chapaan to Mitt I. MoOartnsy. 

OEASE-PIHXEAM, In thit city, April 17, 1856, hy tht Rst. E. 
Brisxly, Mr. Andr«v J. Chass to Miss Dora C. Pinkhaa. 

CHASZ, MISS BOLT 0., 8m ^r. Trsdsriek Sohsltsr. 

OHASZ, MISS 2MILT P., S— Mr. Trsdsriolc Salattss. 

OHASE-rABZHS, Dse. 6, 1856, hy Rsr. R. P. Ontlsr, Mr. Osorgs 
Chass to Miss Chariot ts Aagasta Tabsns of Sal«B, Mass. 

OmaiAl-SCOn, May 22, 1856, at ths rssidsnos of tht hrida*s 
fathsr, hy tht Rt. Rsnr. Bishop Kip, Morton Chttsman, Xsq. , 
of MarysTillt, to Mitt Ma«sit P. Soott, of thit eity. 

OUCK, MISS HAHRISF H., Sts Mr. Tolnty Cuthin«. 


OEDOr-KAIKSLL, In VtarerTill*, Jnljr 12, 1856, Mr. V. J. 
Ohixm to Nisi Jaaa N«xv«ll* 

CHRISTIAN, KISS ABHA, S«« Mr. A. T. Vathbam. 

CERISTIAV-FXASLET, In this oitx, Voy. 33, 1856, try H«t. Dr.' 
Andtrson, ^r. 0, V. Ghrlttian and Mist Catherins Psaslt/. 

OHRISrn, MISS BSUEH, Sss Mr. Bobsrt Hsndri*. 

OERTSTAIr-OLnrrOI, In this oit7, Sspt. 33, 1856, "bj ths R«t. 
rather Laibarie, Fstsr Chr/stal to Miss Hannah Maria Clinton, 
all of San Jranoisco. Hsv fork Hsrald and H, 0. Tras 
Dslta Plaasa oqp^. 

OHDBOH-MABTnr, At lastnan's flat. Trinity RiTsr, Sot. 38, 
1856, John S. Ohurch, liq., of Wsavsrrills to Miss 
21isab«th A. Martin, of Trinity RiTsr. 

CIMMIBMACBlIR-SCHVARrz, In Saeransnto, Sspt. 9, 1856, by 
ths Est. M, Bollini^sr, Charl«s CiflBsxmaohsr to Catharina 

CLAICT, MISS KATE, Sss Mr. Jaass ^ratt. 

OLAISn, mSS MSTHAR, Ses Mr. Oharltt Hslson. 

0LAFP-D0MI8, At Tshna Hoasa, Dm. 16, 1856, hy Hsr. J. B. 
Saxton, John A. Olapp, of Stockton, fomsrly of Balston, 
I. T. to Miss B. Doims of Sehuylsrvllls, H. T. 

OLABK-MOUHTJOT, In Plaosrrills, May 7, 1866, Dr. A. Olaxk 
to Miss Mary S. Moimtjoy. 

OLABS, MISS ABBII M., Sss ^r. Byron P. Cardwsll. 

CLABK-SESAV, In San rraneiaoo, Jan. 23, 1856, hy ths Bar. 
Tkthsr Oalla^iar, Mr. Alhsrt H. Olark, to Miss Sarah 

OLABK, MISS CABOLIBE H., Sss Mr. S. L. Austin. 

CLABE-JOHnVOV, At Bsar Birsr, at ths rssidsnos of Ool. 
J. B. Johnston, March 30, 1856, Dr. Oiirsr I*. Clazk 
to Miss Vaneia M. Johnston. 

OLARE-BROVI, In Solano Coanty, Jan. 18, 1856, Mr. Mb. T. 
Olark to Miss Jsrsna Srom, Both of Solano Oo. 

OLAUSSIV-finilB, In San yranoisoo, Dse. 29, 1886, hy Est. 
Mr. Mooshaks, Mr. John Olcassan to Miss Johanna Maria 


OLBOa, MISS BOTH, Ssa ^. Oharlas P. Snith. 
OLIVrOV, MISS HANKAH MABU, Sss ^. PsUr Chrystal. 


CLODOB-IUBTCHXE, On Sastlaa Cr««k, Sept. 33, 1856, SphraiB 
I« Olcm^ to Mitt S&rah A. Uttohtr. 

OOmi, MISS MAHT J., Stt Mr. Jaatt MoOnlrt. 

COrrROTE-COOK, In thit oity, Mcgr 20, 1856, Mr. Jaatt V. 
Cof froth to Mitt Btllt Cook. 

OOOflnDJ/-IX)OLITTLZ, At I«v Tork, Jxint 12, 1856, by tht 
Brr. Mr. Ma^on, Mr. J. P. Oogtvtll of San Trancitco 
to Mitt ABAnda Doolittlt of Vev loric. 

COEIiN, MISS LOUISA, Stt Mr. J. J. Jotephl. 

CCHH, MISS STA, Ste ^r. H. M. Liehttntttin. 

OODDt, MISS MIIHA, Set Mr. J. T. Ptnntll. 

COLBXBEr, MISS CAEOLIXA, Stt Mr. Jaatt 7. Byan. 

COLROBV, MISS ANHH MARDI, Stt Mr. Thoaat Btrwidk. 

COLE, MISS MAOGIl L., Stt ^. Allen H. Bevley. 

COLBCAV, MISS JAIX, See ^. Au^ttos J^ohnton. 

C0LLIKS-7ABB0V, In thit citj, June 3, 1856, by the Her. 
Z. S. Laoy, Mr. Lytaan P. Oollint of Saoraaento to 
Mitt Jotephine Tarrov, of Brooklyn. 

COLONEST-DATID, In thit city, Oot. 4, 1856, by Tather 
Dt Blaire, Mr. Joteph Coloabet of Parie to Lisiie 
daxi^ter of the late Louit Barid Xtq. , of Philadelphia. 

COmL, MISS RANHAR N. , See ^r. Prederiok Hod^t. 

COOK, MISS BZLLE, See Mr. JaMt Y, Oof froth. 

COOK, MISS D. , See ^. Benjaaln Price. 

C0GK-7ABOIS, Dee. 6, 1856, at the Unitarian Church, Stockton 
Street, by the Rer. Mr. R. P. Cutler, Mr. Jamet Cook to 
Mitt Clara Xllen Pabent, recently of Sales, Matt. 

COOK-DOnOBR, In thit city, October 6, 1856, by Rer. Dr. Scott, 
Mr. Saanel Cook, of >eir Tork, to Mitt Louita Donner. 

OOOVT-HABT, la thit city, April 20, 1856, by Rer. 7&ther 
Oalla«^r, Mr. John J. Ooony to Miti Margaret J. Hart, 
all of thit place. lev Orleant papert pleate copy. 

OOCm, MRS. SARAH, See Looien B. Eealy, St^. 

OBPZLAIB-LlAYXIvasrH, In Saa Prencitoo, Jan 10, 1856, by 
Bar. B. ThctMit, 0iq;>t. Ita. Copeland to Mitt Xliia 
Lea^envorth, all of thit city. 


OOPP, MISS AUmrSTA, St« Mr. Xllii HoliMt. 

CORBBPT-POLLOOr, In thlt city, Jvlj 30, 1856, by Rrr. E, S. 
Lftey, Mr. John M. Oorb«tt to Min Ann Pollock, all of thii 

0Qnn, KISS CATElSmo: N., S— Mr. PMIo 7. Eoyt. 

OOaOBOfX, NZ88 ELXZABBTH, S— Mr. Andrw Mcurphy. 

CCXTSIS-TZLaEAI, At MaryiTillt, April 23, 1856, Mr. JasMt 0. 
Cousin to Mitt Juttin* Til^faan. 

COWAI, MISS SOPEIA, Sm ^r. Pony Styntoa. 

OOOZJET, MISS MAET AHH, Stt Mm. Quttatt Ton Poslniti. 

OOZ, MISS CATHERDOB, Stt Mr. Jaatt Oaffrty. 

OQX, MISS XLIZABSIH, 8m ^r. Aosoitat Hofig. 

OOZ, MISS LOITISA J., St« Mr. Jants J. Strronton. 

OOX-MOORK, In Aabaxn, Aug. 6, 1856, Mr, Manly Cox to Mitt 
Rab«eea Moora. 

OCX, MISS MIIJJET, Sat Mp. John Sogant. 

OOXl-BDTTQI, In thit eity, at tha raiidanoa of tha brida'a 
Tathar, Eanry Hatton, Stq. , I^or. 26, 1856, by Bar. I. 8. 
Laoy, Hiraa L. Coya to Mitt Sarah S. Hatton, all of thit 

OBAIO-LQAHl, At Ooodyaar*t Bar, Maroh 6, 1856, Mr. Itaa« 
Crai^ to Milt Jana Loana. 

OBAH, NI88 ADOTJSTA, 8aa Mr. Hal ton Mint on. 

OXAn-AUSTDT, In thlt city. Hot. 39, 1856, by th« Bar. Mr. 
Ontlar, Va. V. Crana, Jr., to Mitt Hannah 8* Anttin, both 
of thit eity. 

CBAPO, MISS LOUISA, Saa Mr. V. T. Hontar. 

OSAWTGBD-HOCPZR, At International Eotal, San Tranoitoo, Sapt. 
1, 1856, by Bar. Mr. Briarly, Mr. Xlliton I*. Cravford of 
Spanith Bar, H Bofftde Co., to Mitt Laoina H. Hoopar of 
Cattina, Maina. Maine papare plaato oopy. 

OBAVTGitI), MISS JXSHIZ, Saa Mr. Villiaa H. Dova. 

CRAVTQBD-MoHICOL, In Sonora, Tab. 2, 1866, Mr. Thonaa 
Crawford to Mite Sarah MoHiool. 

CBS8T0-BUTIJR, In thie eity, April 24, 1856, by 3mr. R. P. 
Cutler, Mr. Oaoree H, Oraeto to Mitt Martha I. Batlar, 
both of thit eity. 


CB0CXIR-MASri5, In Saeraacnto, July 3, 1856, Benjaaln R. 
Orooktr to Mitt Rosana Martin, 

(mOODR-TUT 6UZLIBBR, In Colusa, April 29, 1856, at tht 
rotidaneo of A« A. Van Oualdar, Stq. , Mr. John Orockar 
to Mitt Kata Yan Qualdar, all of Coloaa. 

CBOQAH-MAISaEN, At Saoramanto, Jan. 6, 1856, "by Rar. Mr. 
Pratt, Mr. M, 8. Orogan to Miaa Mary A. Naddan, "both 
of this eit/. 

CROSS, MISS RACEXL A., Sae Mr. Oaonsa S. Happ. 

CSUSOl, MISS TRAHOZS, Saa Mr. S. 0. Eandtrton. 

CRT7SGV, MISS MART M., Saa Mr. R« E. Olmitaad. 

CUDVUUrU-lX)SS, in this city, Jtina 17, 1856, V Rrr. 

Tradsriok Bual, Mr. Abal V. Oodirorth to Mrs. Isal>alla 
Toai, all of this eity. 

OUKBT-JXSEIESOV, At Vicolaat, Jan. 14, 1856, Mr. Oaorga 
Crabj to Miti inn Jankinaon, "both of Saeramanto. 

CUMMIROS, MISS ASZHAIB, Saa ^r. Howard Harsna. 

CUMMnOS-ROX, In Philadalphia, Oct. 21, 1856, Mr. Hanrj E. 
Oosnin^a, of San Franoiaoo, to Miaa Louiaa W. Rua of 

CUNNIH&HAN, MISS LIZZII, Saa ^r. Charlaa Da Witt Banjanin. 


CURBT-ROOP, At Uniontovn, Hot. 19, 1856, hy Rar. S. Vhatlar, 
of Plaoarrilla, Mr. R. J. Oorhy to Miai Satan A. Roap, of 
Maoaltikt Hm. 

CURTIS, MISS AMELIA S., Sat Jaaat R« Dickty, £tq. 

OUBTIS-IROSKT, In Saoramanto, April 23, 1856, Mr. X.J.Cturtit, 
■tabtr of atataiblj froa Sitkiyoo, to Mitt Satan L, 7rott 
of Saoraaanto. 

CUBTIS-LCTiXT, In Saoraaanto, May 22^ 1856, Mr. Hanrgr 0. 
Oortit to Miat Comalia A. Loralx. 

CURTIS-SMITH, In thit eity, Dao. 18, 1856, at St. Mary* t 
Oathadral, "by tha Rar. Arohhithop Allaaany, Tylar Curtit 
of Riohaond, Ta. , to Miaa Mannala T. Saith of Bodai^a. 
Riehaond papart plaaaa oopy. 

0USUIlt>-BARLOV, In thit city, April 30, 1856, Dr. John J. 
Cuahing to Miat Harriat R. Barlow, foriMrly of Burlin^on. 


CUSHZ10-OEIOX» In this oity, ^cpt. 30. 1856, by Hrr« R« P. 
Catler, Mr. YolnMj Outhlo^ to Mist Harriet H. Chiok, 
r«o«ntl7 of Oalali, Main*. 

BAnRRlTXLD-HAIMOHD, At Shasta. Oct. 20, 1856, at the 
rstldmos of Dr. J* A« Baymond, hy th« Rrr. R. Saaialdi, 
Catholic Pastor, ths Hon. Villisn P. Daisgsrfisld to 
Miss Z. J. RayBond, all of Shasta* 

DAXXr, KISS HAHIUH L., Sss Mr. John W« Dod^s. 

DlLLISOff-SCHATnER, In San Traneisoo. March 10, 1856, Mr, 
John K. DallisoB to Mrs. Mary A. Sohaffsr, hoth of 
San Trancisco. 

DAlBTMPLE-PARZSa, At Saeraasnto, May 33, 1856, Mr. Hsnry 
SalxTBiple to Miss Dolphins Pazksr. 

OAKE-LHSLL, in Santa Cras, Jtins 1, 1856, Captain T. H« 
Dans to Mitt Nary J. Lydsll, of Santa Cras. 

DAHA-BSBDIR, In San ?rancisoo, Jan. 1, 1856, hy ths Rsr. Dr. 
Seott, Mr. Gsorgt S. Dana, to Miss Mary Xlisahsth Bargsr. 

]|AmL8, MRS, HAVCT 1., (HIATHAV 1.) Sss Mr. Jaass A« Btrxy (BTrzy). 

DAYXT, MISS SARAH, Sss Mr. John Hix. 

DATID. MISS LIZZIX, Sss Mr. Jossph Colonhst. 

DATIDSOK, MISS AUGRA, Sss Mr. Rohsrt 0*Tsil. 

BATIS, MRS. JAKE, Sss Mr. Thovs R. Jonss. 

DATI8, KISS JULUT ABI, Sas Mr. Jaeoh Oilhsrt. 

DATI8, MISS LUOIKDA, Sss Mr. J. V. Aoksrson. 

DATIS, MISS MART JAHI, Sss Mr. Villiaa V. Eansy. 

DAVILL, MISS MABOAKIF, fas Mr. Thonu Thornton. 

DAT-OtlZIIX, In this eity, Jons 1, 1856, hy Hsr. S. H. 

Villsy, Mr. Paol Day, of San Juan, to Miss Maria 0*Ksill 
of this city. 

rHAI. KISS 1S7SZR C, Sss Mr. John S. Millsr. 

DXATE-fOSflR, At Doobls Springs, CalTsras Co., April 8, 
1856, Mr. Shsldon R. Daath to Miss Sarah J. 7ost«r. 

, MISS 0HRI8TIIZ 1., Sss ^. 0. V. Kline* 


SSLAHT-JOIOl, At OroTillt, Batt« Co., Magr 4, 1856, Mr. Vk. 
D«lan7 to Nitt E«l«n Joic*. 

m LABOX-MILLER, In this oit/, Dec. 11, 1856, by R«t. S. 
BaBmiittr, Mr. Conradat d« Large to Mitt Fanny Miller, 
both of this city. 

SQELATQRXR-mLST, In thii city, Vot. 16, 1856, by Rer. Mr. 
Brierly, Alexander J. Delatorer to Mary Eelley. 

DXLXOOLIJ, MADAMS, See Mr. Oonitant Deniiet. 

DSLOABIHO-FBATT, In San Franoieoo, Jan. 21, 1856, by Her. >• 8. 
Laoy, Mr. Jaaes Delgardno to Miee Jennet Pratt. 

aOnzSr-DEI^OLU, in Shatta, Jan. 31, 1856, by Jod^e 
Dain^rfield, Conatant Deniset and NadaBe Delecolle. 

DEXTOV-STHOBBIDC^X, In Saoranento, Jwie 5, 1856, Mr. X.N. 
Denton to Miee Mary M. Strobrid^. 

DS SSqjXEIEA-SMMXS, In Honolxau, H.Z., Sept. 6, 1856, Profeeeor 
A. L« De Seqaeira to Miif Looita X. 

SX8LXR-TH0MAS, In Jaokeonrille, July 17, 1856, Mr. leaao 
Dealer to Miee Sophia A. ThoBaa, both of Jaokeonrille. 

SBTQX, MISS MART X., See Mr. H. Bromley. 

DEXTXa-VALKEB, At Utioa, by the Rer. Dr. Fiaher, Aog. 4, 1856, 
Henry S. Dexter, Xeq., of San Francisco, to Miss Annie ^reese, 
dao^ter of Hon. Thomas B, Valker of Utioa. 

DIOKELT, MISS ANRA, See ^. Frederick Tillman. 

DIOZZT-CnBTIS, In this city* %>rll 14, 1856, at the residence 
of A. J. Downer, Xeq. , by Rer. B. Brierly, James R. Dickey, 
Zsq. , of Kioholaas, Cal., and Miss Amelia S. Curtis of 
Madison County, Hev Tork. 

DUnZ-BAUM, In this city, Sept. 32, 1856, by the Rer. H. 
Bien, Mr. Isaaa Diets to Miss Doreth Banm. 

DXiramnmi, miss Amelia H. , see Mr. Newnan Johnson. 

DILLOI-JQRDAK, In San Francisco, Jan. 3, 1856, by the Rer. 
Father Calla^ier, Mr. Patrick V. DUlon to Hiss Louisa 
Bertha Jordan, both of this city. 

DIBOMAX-MITOEELL, In this city, July 30, 1856, James V. 
to Miss Mary Jane Mitchell. 

DIXOI, MISS DICT, See Mr. A. 1. Mayo. 

DIXQV-HAMILIOV, In this city, June 15, 1856, by the Rer. 
S. H. Willey, Mr. Peter Dixon, to Miss Janet Hamilton, 
all of this city. 

WmZ-ULEJ^ In this oitj, Junt 15, 1856» b7 ih« Rvr. 
Siahop Kip, John V. Dod^ to Mlit Haxmah L. Dbl1«7. 

IXnnX-BALLZNTIHX, In I«v Toric, Dio. 18, 1855, J. Vathin^ton 
Dod^o, M. D. , of JauMttovn, Cal., to Mitt C&rri« Ballcntint, 
of Htv Tozk. 

DOQKKBaT-THOKPSQI, In thii oitj, March 34, 1856, hy th« 2mr. 
?T«d. Baol, Mr. Chariot Doghorty to Mist Jan* Thompson. 

DOLIDOV-ISAXX, In this oit/, Julj 2, 1856, by tho Rot. Dr. 
Briorlj, So^^ono Dolidon, of 7ort Dallas, Oregon, to Mist 
Mam. Drakt, of this city. 

DGKIIXKDEZ, DOHA FELICIANA, &•• Mr. Hsnry K. AlsoEBjidtr. 

DOHIOEL, MISS HOSAHHA, S— Mr. VUliam Brootek*. 

DOHIOR, MISS LOmaA, Stt Mr. Sontl Oook. 

DOFOVAJ-CATRIT, In Bsnioia, Feh. 13, 1856, Mr. Patrick 
DonoTBn to Mist Xlltn Cafrty. 

Dooirms, MISS amahda, stt m,. j. p, cogtvtii. 

DOaa-PlBEnrS, At Pa^'t Banoh, Tuoltonnt County, April 23, 
1856, Mr. B« V. Door to Mitt Rthtcea Parkint. 

DOBBT-BRQPET, In Saoraaonto, Jan. 20, 1856, Mr. Alfrtd 1. 
Domty to Mitt Liiait Bfophy. 

D0SMA5, MISS MIHA, S— Mr. Qtrhard Middlthoff . 

DOV-Xam, At Qratt Tallty, March 9, 1856, Dr. Aaron Dow to 
Mitt Looy Xtter, both of that plaot and fox««rly of Boaton. 

DOVD, MISS SUSAI, Stt Mr. ?rank SilTa Eott. 

DONK-OBAVTQHD, In thit city, Aa|;. 4, 1856, by tht R«t. Mr. 
WUlcy, Mr. Villiaa H. Dovt, of Vtv York, to Mitt N. Jtnnit 
Oravford of Troy. 
Itv Toiic and Troy paptrt plaata copy. 

DOWran-VILLABD, At Oatoha Oraak, Tolo Connty, Tab. 28, 1856, 
by Hon. Jndga H« Ovin, Mr. William Downing to Mitt Atily 

D0W8, KISS 1., Saa Mr. John A. Olapp. 

Mm, NI8S EZUar mar, Saa ^. JaraiOah teith. 

SSAKI, MISS IMMA, Saa Mr. So^ana Dolidon. 


9DBSCHER-VAELX, At Vioolaus. Sutter Co., Oct. 4, 1856, Mr. 
Philip X. l>f9Ch»r to Mitt Rtgiim Tahlt. 

BOTT, NI8S KXnSA N. 0., Stt ^. Williaa HtvtU. 

DUmV, MISS MAHT, Stt Mr. R. L. Jontt. 

UUffll , NI8S JABS, Stt Mr. Jaoo% Ttal). 

BDIOAV-KIHXEDr, In thit oitj, at tht Bailroad Houtt, Dto. 9, 
1856, 1)7 RtT. Dr. Scott, Mr. JuMt Marthall Donoaa to Mitt 
Haaey Ktnntdj. 

rOSKLm, MISS JIIAHNI2 C, Stt Utat. John A. Boaman. 

BQXXIB-VORRIS, In Uniontoim, May 20, 1856, by tht Rtr. J. 
Xtstrt, Mr. C. G. DoxTtt to Mitt Jant ^orrii* 

XATOKr-TURHXR, In San ITraneitoo, Not. 13, 1856, hy tht Rtr. 
I. S. Laey, Mr. J. T. Saton to Mitt Eliiabtth M. Tumtr, 
hoth of thit city. 

XATOV, MISS MART, Stt Litut. Iia Rhttt L. Lirinetton, U.S.A. 

mr-SCFNCZ, At Portland, Ortgon, Jan 21, 1856, Col. Itaac 
I. Sbty and Mrt. Qiilj A. Sconot. 

XBDT, MRS. HARRIST, Stt Mr. J. D. Havt. 

XDXLSTZIH-iraLSOI, In San I'ranoitoo, Ftl). 12, 1856, hy Rtr. 
Mr. Oanmingt, Mr. Wm. Edtlttin to Mitt Ann M. Ntlton. 

XDWARDS-STOn, In thit city, Jont 13, 1856, at tht Ratttttt 
Eoatt, hy tht Rtr. Dr. Scott, Mr. Jamtt 0. Idwardt to 
Mitt Thina Jant Stent, of Siiitun City. 

XOAV-BARRT, At Btnieia, April 8, 1856, hy tht Rtr. Pathtr 
Talarraisi, Mr. Niohatl M. Xgan to Mitt Mary 7* Barry. 

, MISS MATILDB,' Stt Mr. Htnry Haytn. 

NI88 XMILT 8., Stt Mr. Otoist Starbook. 

XXJBimX-RISDOir, in thit eity, Aa«. 14, 1856, hy tht Rtr. Mr. 
laoy, J. 0. Eldrid^t, Xtq., of tht fixv of Pooltertr, Dt Ro 
and Zldrid^, to Mitt Zliiahtth Ritdon, all of thit city. 

XLDRIDOI, NISS MART P., Stt ^. V. Walltct Alltn. 

TlXm^AKM^ At San Jott, Jan 20, 1856, Mr. X. V. Xlkint 
of Stookton, to Mitt Nancy Oann of Santa Clara Co. 

XLLI8-4Rnin&, In thit city, Aa^. 14, 1856, hy tht Rtr. J. X. 
Btnton, on tht Potrtro Hutro, Xdvard Xllit and Cathtrint 
Hanttr, all of San Traneitoo. 


XLLX8, MI 38 MAST JAXI, S«« Adonlm Walton, Xiq. 

SLLS^rOBTH-STXyZES, At SalMi, Ore«oa» S. Xlltvorth, Siq., to 
Mitt MaxT' S. C. Strrent, Paper of Aug. 14, 1856. 

IKNXS, MISS LOUISA X., Sot Profoooor A. L, Dt Soquolra. 

XSTZLL, MISS BETTT, Soo Mr. Villiaa K. aarrioon, 

MISS LUCT, Soo Dr. Aaron Dov. 

XTBX-SCEOOLCRAnr a At Saeraaonto, April 23, 1856, Mr. 1. X. 
I^JTO to Marj &« Sohooloraft. 


I, MISS OIARA XLLXH, Soo Mr. Jaaoo Oook. 

TAHXa, MISS 7IItaiNIA, Soo Mr. 8. N. Johnoon. 

TAnOUm-YAVOX, la Coloaa, Doe. 27, 1855, ty J« 7« I^ac* 
Xof., Mr. 0« f« D« Ikirbanko to Mioi Sarah Yanoo. 

?AIKIXBXBO, MRS. JAD A., Soo Captain Tbonao B^d^r. 

7ALL, MISS LIZZIX, Soo Mr. Honxy Kinoaid. 


rASLXT-oaiLYIX, In thio city, by tho Bar. Dr. Soott, Mr. Trank 
Tarloy to Mioo Opholgr X. Oi^lrio. Papor of Oet. 2, 1856. 

TARISWQRrH-RQBIHSOH, At SaoraoMnto, Hot. 10, 1856, Mr. Joooph 
Tajnoworth to Mioi Maria J. Rohinoon. 

7ABBIlQT<ar-YALiara7XLA, In thio oit7, March 30, 1856, Mr. 
Joooph V. Tarrin^on to Mioo Doloroi Yalonsnola. 


lAYIIJJE-BAXXR, In Etioa, N. J., Doo. 29, 1865, >7 tho Rot. 
Bakor, Mr. Charloo Tarillo of San Jooo, Oal., to Xaaa 
Loaioo, oldoot dan^tor of tho officiating olorgynan. 

PAT, MISS OAROLIHX X., Soo An^otrifl B, Broun. 

fIXII, MRS. X. J., Soo ^. Jaaoo MoOlatehy. 

rXLLOVS, MISS XMMA H., Soo Mr. Jomo X. Gadna/. 

7XB0U8QV, MISS X. §•, Soo Mr. P. E. Bailor. 

TXWnSOI, MISS MARU B., Soo Captain H. M. Jndah. 

RBQUSOI-GAIIXS, At Saonaonto, Sopt. 18, 1856, Mr. ThoMO 
Porgnaon to Mias Marj Oainoo. 

HRRIS, MZ88 MAKARK, Boo Mr. Villiaa Eohinoon. 

fSVKIf-FIl&WSrT, In Sonoma County, Dec. 27, 1855, Mr. Jowt 
M. T«v«l to Miss Mslinda E. Prev«tt. 

mUHKR-LTTEL, On Jackson Crsek, Oct. 16, 1856, Mr. F. H. 
Fielder to Miss Ellen Lytel. 

riinr, miss ELMNOH D., see Mr. John D. McGonan. 

FISHm, MISS M3ELIKE, See Mr. Jacob Rogers. 

FXIHIR-HICKOCK, At Bethel, Conn., Jiine 3, 1856, Mr. A. 
Aiv?tL8tus Fisher of New Tork, formerly of San Francisco 
to Miss Sarah R. , daughter of George A. Hlcliock, Esq., 
of Bethel. 

FISHER, MISS H. B., See **r. Edward Hiclanan. 

7X8RI1-108FXTTER, At San Andreas, April 20, 1856, hy the 

Rer. E. C^. Cannon, Mr. Wm. Fisher to Migs H. L. Hostetter. 

FITCH, MISS JOSEPHA, See ^^r. John A, Bailhache. 

FITER-MASON, In this city, Oct. 1, 1856, "by the Rev. Mr. 
McElroy, Mr. J. B. Fiten of Philadelphia to Miss Mary 
Ann Mason of San Francisco. 


FLANAGAN, MISS ROSE, See Mr. William L. Kellogg. 

FLAKDERS-KINGSLET, In Boston, June 3, 1856, at the church of 
Her. Dr. Kirk, Henry Flanders, Esq., editor of the "Boston 
Traveller", to Delia P. Kingsley, daughter of the late 
Nathan P. Kingsley, Esq., of Boston, and formerly resident 
of San Francisco* 

FLKMINO-MUHPHT, At Parrish's Hotel, in this city. May 2, 1856, 
"by Rev. Jnmes H, Bristow, Geor^ Fleming, Esq, , of Alameda 
Co., to Miss Mary ^^u^phy, (who arrived yesterday per steamer 
"John L, Stevens"), late of Philadelphia, Pa. 

TUMnrO-WRIGHT, In this city, June 5, 1856, "by the Rev. Mr. 
B. Brierly, John R. Fleming, Esq., to Miss Ahhie J. Wri^t 
all of this city. 

TICTCHER, MRS. JANE., See ^r, John Briggs. 

FLETCHER, MISS SARAH A., See Mr. Ephraim E. Clough. 

FLOR, MISS LIZETTE, See Mr. Selim E, Woodworth. 

FOLOER, MISS A. E,, See **r. T. B. Shannon. 

fOBHES-KEIKER, In Marysville, May 1, 1856, hy the Rev. E. B. 
Valsworth, A. R. Forbes to Miss Catherine Keiker. 


TOHBBS-HoKEirzrE, In this city, Dec. 23, 1856, "by the Rev. 
Dr. Anderson, A. Forhes, ^sq., to Mrs. M. A, McICenssle. 

TC3HBZ8-SHAW, Dec. 24, 1856, at St. Cyprian's Chnrch, Mr. 
Altzaader Forbes, monetary a^ent, to Mrs. Amelia Shav 
of Sonona Valley. 

TORBES-BELL, In Amador Co., April 24, 1856, Mr. Christopher 
C. Forhes to I*Iary Jane Bell. 

fOSS, MRS. ISABELLA, See ^r. Abel Vf. Cudworth. 

TOSTSR-EEITER, At Shasta, Sept. 3, 1856, John Foster to 
Mitt Mary Xelf er. 

FOSTER, MISS SARAH J., See Mr. Sheldon R. Death. 

FOOVTAIV, MRS. PIMMA, See Mr. S. B. Prestey. 

FOOTZ-GROS, In this city, Dec. 14, 1856, "by the Rev. Dr. 
Scott, Mr. D. L« Foats to Miss Maria Oros of New ^rleans. 

F0TE-3AX2R, At Santa Clara, l^ay 1, 1856, "by Rev. John Daniel, 
Mr. Charles E. Foye, of San Francisco, to Miss Hattle V, 
Baker, of Redwoods City. 

TBAXUa^ MISS FLORA, See ^. Thonas J. Stninp. 

nUNCIS-HDLL, At Warren Hill, Nov. 7, 1356, h/ the Rev. Br. 
HimMUi, Mr. William B. Francis, of Spanish Flat, Sierra 
County, to Miss Mary A. Hnll, of Sacramento. 

TEAH^SWABTWOUT , In this city, Nov. 25, 1856, "by the Rev. 
S. H. Wllley, Frederick W. Frans of this city to Sarah 
Snartwout of Nsv Tork. 

fSEEL, MISS ELLEN, See Mr. James M. Smith. 

TRUMAN, MISS ANITA, See Mr. John Chanman. 

FRESffH, MISS ELIZABETO, See Mr. Andrew Chapel. 

JPHUZE-BUHKE, At Spring Valley House, Jan 30, 1856, Hon. 
J. I. Freeze and Miss Catherine C. ^urko. 

fRXHCH, MISS CAROLINE, See Mr. Henry F. Poor. 

7RIZRSGV, MRS. ANGUS, See H. M. Stow. 

7EI8SIX, MISS MART JENNETTE, See Mr. Wllllaa H« Gladvin. 

TRITZ, MISS BAHBETTA, See Mr. Conrad Well. 

FRITZ-mBXR, At Sacramento, Jtine 1, 1856, Mr. Joseph 
Frits to Ml«s Sonhla Kehrer. 


raOMAN, MISS ELIZABETH, See Mr. Alpheus Pat«. 

raoSTnwUITE, in San Fpancleco, Jan. 15, 1856, "by the Ht. 
R«T, Bishop Allemany, JoaeT)h Frontln, Esq., Consul of 
Danark, to Miss Mary Josephine Tuite, hoth of this city. 

FROST, MISS SUSAN L., See Mr. E. J. Curtis. 

FHUND, MISS T"XPHSNUS, See Mr. John Munsil. 

TOILER-RICHARDS, At Greenwood, May 5, 1856, Mr. E. C. Fuller 
to Mrs. Amelia Richards. 

TUIIXR-SMITH, In San Jose, Nov. 26, 1856, Mr. George F. 
Fuller of Pajaro Ferry, Monterey County, to Miss 
Margaret Smith of San Francisco. 

rOLMER, MRS. MART JANE CRIPE, See Mr. W. H. Railshack. 

FULTON-ELLIS, In San Francisco, Feb. 14, 1856, hy Rev. Willey, 
Adonira Fulton, Esq., to Miss Mary Jane, daughter of 
Valentine Ellis, Esq., all of Potrero. 

OAHB, MISS OLIVIA M. , See ^r. William Stineheeler. 

OAOE-GLDFIELD, In Placerville, Jan 20, 1856, Mr. Edmund 

M. Gage and Mias Lavina Howard Oldfield, hoth of this city. 

OAISES, MISS MAH7, See Mr. Thomas Ferguson. 

GALLAGHER, MISS MART T., See Mr. Thomas Gillin. 

GALLOGLT, MISS MART, See Mr. Jeremiah H. Phelan. 

GALLOWAI-TTLER, In San Joaquin Co., June 2, 1856, Mr. C. P. 
Galloway to Miss Elizabeth Tyler. 

GABN, MISS NANCT, See Mr. E« V. Elkins. 

GAPE5-WALLACE, At Petaluma, July 13, 1856, Mr. John GaT)en 
to Miss Jennette Wallace. 

OARCIAf-BAIRD, In this city. May 22, 1856, hy the Rev. Mr. 
Brierly, Capt. Joseph S. Garcia to Miss Elizabeth B. 
Baird, both of Lynn, Masf . 

GAB23HEa-BALLOa, In San Francinco, Feb. 3, 1856, by the Rev. 
Mr. Brierly, Henry C. Gardner, Esq., ot Nevada, to Mist 
Charlotte S. G. Ballou, of Cumberland, R. I. 

OARmZBi-REDDISH, In Sacramento, June 4, 1856, Mr. Zebulon 
Gardner, to Mist Mary E» Reddish, all of this city. 

GABLISCH, MISS MARIE, See Mr. John Hilken. 


OAHR-iaSS LETITIA, See Mr. John L, Bpaca. Also, John J. Bmce, 

GAHR2T, MISS MAHGAHET, See Mr. John Backer. 

OAKRICI-HARWOOD, In San Frsnclsco, Feh. 28, 1856, Mr. John 
V. Garrlck to Miss Irene Harwood. 


&AHRISON-ESTELI., In this city, Sept. 25, 1856, "by Rer. Dr. 
Scott, Mr. William K. Garrieon to Miss Betty, eldest 
dau^ter of Ceneral Jamea M, Estell, of this city. 
Hew York, Kentucky and Mlsaoiirl papere please copy. 

GARV3CT, MISS MAHT E., See Mr. Charles F. Hamilton. 

GASKILL-RICE, At Maryevllle, April 20, 1856, Mr. R. C. Gaskill 
of Forhestown, to Miss Betty A. Rice of Brownevllle. 

OlAR-BOTLE, In lone City, July 13, 1856, Mr. John C. Gear 
to Miss S. Jane Boyle. 

GEDGE-McCULLOGH, In this city, July 22, 1856, Captain George 
Ged^ to Miss Isahclla McCulloch of Edlnhurgh, Scotland. 

GEDNET-FSLLOWS, In Petaluma, Jan. 24, 1856, Mr. James E. 
Gedney and Miss Emma H. Fellows, "both of that place. 

GEER-STRANG, At Butteville, 0. T., June 2, 1856, Mr. Joseph 
C. Geer to Miss Mary Strang. 

GIBBONS, MRS. MARTHA, See Mr. Walter Miles. 

GIBBS-WEST, In this city, March 22, 1856, at Grace Church, 
"by Rt. Rev. Bishop Kip, Mr. Frederick A. Gl"b"bs to Mise 
J. Rosalie West, all of this city. 

GIBSON-JENKS, In Sacramento, April 21, 1856, Mr. J, L. Gl'bson 
to Miss Nancy Jenke, the former of Fcrbesto^m, the latter of 

OIIT, MISS R. J., See Mr. W. F. Wood. 

OIIJEBT-DAVIS, At Agua "Pria, Fe"b. 14, 1856, Mr. Jaco"b Gll"bert 
and Miss Jiiliet Ann Davis. 

GILBIST, MRS. JAKE, See Mr. D. D. Hamilton. 


OIIZTSON-HOBABT, In Sacramento, Jan. 10, 1856, Mr. V?ta.O.W. 
Gilkyson of Butte Co., to Miss Ruth E. Ho"bart, formerly 
of Marshall, Michigan. 

GILL, MISS MART KIRBT, See Mr. Trances E. Weston. 


GILLAH-LEVIS, At Sonoma, July 3, 1856, Mr. Edward Glllan 
to Mist Sarah Lewie. 

aiLLXSPn, MISS mart, see Mr. X. C. Paden. 

Glixm-GALLAOHIR, In this city, "by the Her. Mr. Gallagher, 
at St, Mary's Church, Thomas Gillin to Miss Mary T. 
Gallagher, hoth of this city. Paper of Aug, 6, 1856. 

GILLIUOHAM-HmnffiRSOU, Near Vood's Ferry, Sept. 25, 1856, 
H. C. Gillinghaa to Miss Hachel Henderson. 

GILLOLA, MISS JANE, See Mr. D. L. Blanchard. 

GILMAN, MISS ELIZA E., See Mr. Bethuel H. Moore. 

GIIMAK-BOUDIH, At San Rafael, May 6, 1856, Mr. James Gilman 
to Miss Marie Boudin, of Los Angeles. 

GIBDKRS, MISS MART ELIZABETH, See Mr. Allen J. Sackett (See 
Taelcet ) Kaae is also given Grider, and Girder. 

GIBJXa, MISS ELIZABM'H, See Mr. Allen J. Tacket (See Sackett), 

GLACHR-BEED, in this city, Deo. 25, 1856, hy the Rev. B. 
Saxton, Francis J. Glacier and Caroline E. Reed, all of 
San Francisco. 

GLALVn-TRISBDC, In this city, at Calvary Church, Sept. 1, 
1856, hy Rev. Dr. Scott, tta. H, Gladwin, Esq., to Mary 
Jennette, daughter of Wb. Tritbie, Esq., all of this city. 

GLASKIH-MEANS, June 5, 1856, hy the Rev. Dr. Scott, at the 
residence of the father of the hride. Major H. H. Means, 
of Alameda Co., Mr. William Glaskin to Miss Mary H. Means. 

OIXASGN-McCAFCrHT, At Horse town, April 6, 1856, Mr» John 
Gleason to Miss Jane McCarthy, hoth of Ireland. 

GLOTCHZN, MISS DOROTKEA, See Mr. Asmus Heinrick Riesen. 

OOlMT-MIOTa, In this city, July 24, 1856, hy the Right Rev. 
W« J, Kipp, Mr. Montgomery Godley to Kiss Sarah Miner, all 
of this city. 

G0X8S-STICH, In this city. May 18, 1856, by Rev. Augusts 
Kellner, Mr. Anduas Goess to Miss S. Barbara Stich. 

GOOD-NOWLIV, At Granite, August, 4, 1856, Mr. Abraham Good 
to Mrs. Caroline Nowlin. 

GOOIMAH-HUHAH, In Calvary Church, hy Rev. Dr. Scott, Nov. 24, 
1856, Mr. James P. Goodman, of this city, to Miss Mary 
Vonan, late of Syracuse, New Tork. 


GOODRICH-SMITH, In this city, Jun* 25, 1856, by Rrr. J. 
ATtry Shepherd, Mr. George &• Oocdrloh to Mrs. M^ry 
flBlth, both of Hew York. 

GOT, MISS MART, See Mr. G. Kealey. 

GRAHAM, MISS ANITA M., See Mr. Alexander M. Haydtn. 

GRAHAM, MISS iXIZA, See Mr. Homer Woodworth. 

GRAHAM-TURRILL, In thle city, April 2, 1856, by Rev. J. H. 
Brayton, Mr. Fr&ncle Graham, of Georgetovn, to Mist L. 
Turrlll of Mormon Island. 

aBAKBR, MISS JEMIE A., See Mr. H. G. Sawyer. 

GRAT-SABAK, In Calvary Church, by Rev. Dr. Scott, Dec. 17, 
1856, Mr. James C. Gray, of Orovllle, Cal., to Miss Maria 
M. Saban of China, Maine. 

ORAT, MISS MAHGABSr AHN, See Capt. James H. Jacobs. 

GRXATHOUSE-LAFFERTT, In Shasta, Jan 24, 1856, George Greathouse, 
Xs^., to Miss Louisa Lafferty, late of Ky. 

GBXD-KOHLER, In Stoclcton, Au^. 17, 1856, by the Rev. 0. 
Tlsher, Mr. Franklin Green to Mrs. Christian Kohler. 

OBBBVy MRS. MART, See Dr. C. H. Shaw. 

OBZn, MISS MAKT J., See Mr, Robert McAdja. 

OHZEN-HODGE, In Sonora, April 4, 1856, Mr. Nelson Green to 
Miss Mary Hodge. 

GHZirZBAGE-BSLL, In this city, Sept. 21, 1856, by the Rev. 
S. H. Vllley, Mr. Augustus N« Grensbach to Miss Esther 
G, Bell, all of this city. 


ORITFIH, MISS JULIA E., See Col. U. P. Monroe. 

OEirFITH, MISS M. A., See Dr. H. J. Underhlll. 

ORI/JflTHS, MRS. MART AXI, See James H. Armstrong. 

GR08, MISS MARIA, See Mr. D. L. routs. 

GR08Z-HADCK, At Sacramento, June 18, 1656, Mr. Martin 
Gross to Miss Henrietta Hanek. 

aROQARD, NR8. M. A., See J. T. O^Brlen. 

GUDOPP-HOLTZ, In this city, SsDt. 14, 1856, by the Rev. F. 
Mooshake, Mr. Rlngolf Cxudopp to Miss Henrietta Holts. 


OULLIXOK-MjaELHOUS» In this olty, S«pt. 21, 1856, by thm 
IUt. T, Nooihaki, Mr. H«ndrlk Aa^att Otdlizon to Mitt 
Hazmah Mjotlfamia. 

0T7MKXR*SAK0R, In Saa Jott, May 25, 1856, Mr. S. P. (hmMr, 
Kttptr of Lont Mountain Caatttrj, San Francitoo, to Mitt 
Sarah 7, Sanor, tldttt datighttr of Miohaal Sanor, Stq. , 
of Santa Clara. 

OUIIBT-CABTlCaiaHT , At Sonora, Stpt. 25, 1856, Mr. Jottph 
Onndrj, to Mitt Cathtrint Cartwri^t. 

dUEmr, MRS. E. J., Stt Mr. X. I, Htwttt. 

OUSADi-SALOZDO, In Lot An^tltt, ftb. 5, 1856, Rotarlo 
Ontadatto Xloit Salcido. 

ODTHRIS-JUIID, At Fatah Ortak, Solano Go., Dto* 11, 1856, txj 
Juttioa 7ithar Bartlatt, J. Outhrit to Mitt Bttagr J. Judd. 

dlTTHKII, MISS MAST I. COO, Stt Mr. John Oaptrton. 

CVnOI, MISS XLIZABETH, Stt Mr. Villiaa B. Vilton. 

EAaAH-MoBUXirr, In San Tranoitoo, h7 tht Rtr. Bo^ Gallaghtr, 
Hot. 13» 1856, Btnard Hagan to Mitt Anna Btlla Melhilt/. 

EAAOXN, MISS LOOISE, Stt Mr. J. A. Bantr. 

EAOUCR-TEBmrSOI, At Ohio Tlat, Tuha Co., Stpt. 16, 1856, 
Mr. P. E. Ha^tr to Mitt £• S. 7trgaton. 

EAOTHBOP, MISS MABaABBT ZLIZA, Stt ^r. Villiaa A. Lan^lty. 

EAZZR-EDrZ, In thia city, Ify tht Btr. 7. Moothakt, Mr. 
Vk. Eaktr to Mitt Ihsa Hint. Paptr of Mareh 15, 1856. 

EAIX-VAUDER, In aranrillt, IT. T., April 14, 1856, Mr. AlMt E. 
Salt to Mitt Sarah X. Walktr. 

EAIZT-WATTS, In Linn Coontj, Ortgon, Dto. 27, 1855, Eon. 
S. D. Ealt7 and Mitt Diantht Vattt. 

BALL, MISS AMERICA, Stt Mr. M. B. Btttt. 

HALL, MISS MABI X., Stt ^r. Jaatt Oardiftll. 

EALL-ALXZAHIXR, In Saeraatnto, Stpt. 10, 1856, hjr tht Bar* 
Mr. Btnton, B. B. Rail to Mrt. B. 8. Altzandtr. 

HALLiaAB, MISS MABT X., Stt Mr. Eiraa B. Barrat. 

EALLMa-^OHBSOl, At SaonuMnto, Jan. 10, 1856, Mr. ^tttr 
A. Eallaan, of Saoraatnto to Mrt. Jant R. Johnton, 
foxBtrlj of Oineinnati, Ohio. 


HALTZB^BSOKXa, At ShavU flat, April 2» 1856, by R«t. 0. P. 
ntig«rald, Mr. J. Ulrle Halt«r to Niti AmIIa Sophia 

BANBl- ISE, At MartiiMi. ?•!>. 30, 1856, Mr. Aa«a«tu« HaB«r 
to Mitt Nintrra Iih. 

EAMER-Kimi, In this oitj. Hot. 15, 1866, in this oitx, bj 
B«T. I. Banniitor, Mr. Oagrton M. EaiMr of Union City, to 
Mitt Sarah Manfoa, of Logantport, Ind. 

EAMIUK3V, MISS Affll, Sat Major V. X. Bathal. 

HAMILTOI, MISS AKHA, Sto Mr. Eaphaal Sohojw. 

HAMII/roi-OARHBT, In this eity, Jnna 4, 1856, Mr. Charlat 
7» Eamilton, Siq. , to Mitt Nary X., dso^ttr of 
Ohrittophtr Oarray, Xaq.* , Vav York papart plaato oopgr. 

HAMILTCar-GIlBXHr, At Horth yoik. Trinity Oonnty, April 12, 
1856, Mr. D. D« Hanilton to Mrt. Jano Oilhart. 

HAMII/rOV, MISS JAHBT, Sao Mr. Patar Dixon. 

EAMLH-HICHABDSOH, Oto* 15, 1856, by Juttiea Smith, Mr. 
Orin Haalin of Alaaada to Mrt. Sophia Riehardton. 

HAMMERKICX-RICEIT, In this city, July 34, 1856, by tht Ear. 
f. Mooahakt, Mr. Trauoit J. EaaBomick, to Mitt Bo^tnit 

HAXOOOX-OHiMBZBLAUr, In San Tranoiteo, Jan. 14, 1856, by 
Bar. Mr. Thoaat, Mr. Ina Hanoook to Mrs. Maxy Chambtrlain, 
all of thit eity. 

EAID4I-B0LLIBAI, In San Pranoitco, by Dr. H. Thnrtton, Mr. 
J. B. (or J. B.) Banday to Mr*. Mary EollidAy, all of 
thit city. (Botica, Jan. 7, 1856) 

HAHZT-DATIS, In this eity, July 1, 1856, by tha Bar. Bithop 
Kip, Mr. Villiaa V. Eanoy to Mitt Mary Jano Darit. 

EABXA-MOBaAH, Jnno 16, 1856, Staphan M. Ennna of Placar 
County, to Mitt Iliiabtth Morgan, of Saonuttnto. 


BIMMTVB, MISS LIZZIB, Sto Mr. John Andtrton. 

HABBBBSI, MISS ABN ELIZA, Sao Dr. Jaatt 0« Oannon. 

-EOPPX, In thit oity, Angott 3, 1856, Chariot A. 
Barpar to Mrt. Looy Eoppa, all of San Transitoo. 


HASRI8-BXLL, In this oity, Oot. 27, 1856, by Rrr. E. S. 
Laoy, Mr. H, W. Earri* to Mi«t A^g B«ll. 

EABR IS, KISS KATl, &•• Mr. Eob«rt Mathtr. 

HABRIS-BOTE, At th« Syntki^ogu*, in Stookton, by J. Zacharlah, 
XK«t '^f* i^ioha*! Harris to Mitt Oarolint Roth (Hotiot 
r^eordtd Naj 7, 1856). 


EABSHAV- ARRAS, At Kot<riito Ooloh, April 18, 1856, Mr. D. T. 
Earthav to Mitg Tonata Arrai. 

EART-VEimCR, In Sacramonto, Jaxg, 22, 1856, by tho Rar. 
a. 8. Phillips, Mr. a. A. Hart of Trtka to Mitt Iliia 
Wsillsr of South Brooklyn, V«v Tork. 
Vtv Toxk paptrt pltats copy. 

EART, KISS MAOGII B., Sts \. B. H«iry Vjrnan. 

HART, MISS MAROARXF J., Sts ^r. John Coony. 

EARirOOD, KISS IRXHl, Stt Kr. John V. Qarriok. 

HASESLIr-BRIOOS, At Bray't Banoh, Toba Co., Auf. 31, 1856, 
Kr. X. W. Hasktll to Mitt Maria Briggt. 

HASKZIJMIXXIiCAI, In San Tranoitoo, April 5, 1856, Mr. Waldo 
T. Hatksll to Mitt Sarah Tillnan. 

HATCH, KISS JABX, Stt Kr. Mi. Tandsrfaortt. 

HATCH, KISS ROSIXA J., Stt Kr. Ml. P. Knp. 

HAUOI, KISS EXBRHTTA, Stt Kr. Kartin Oroti. 

HADir-BUCHAXAH, At Hsnn Hontt, ntar Karytrillt, Stpt. 28, 1856, 
Kr. A. J. Haan to Krt. K. X. Boobanan. 


HATXI-TAR ALLXV, In thit city, April 26, 1856, by RtT. X. 8. 
Laety, Kr. Vb. S. Hartn, of San 7ranoiteo, to Kits L. 
Aogutta TiiBAlltn of Htv Tork. 

HAT1V8-0UMMXXOS, In thit city, Jtmt 14, 1856, by tht Rtr. 
8. H. Villty, Kr. Howard HaTtnt, of Saortatnto to Kitt 
Attnath Onamingt of thit city. 

HA.VIS-AIUK8, In thit oity, Karoh 21, 1856, by tht Rtr. \hk. 
Ttylor, Oapt. Thtopholit Hawtt to Kitt Sarah X. Adaat, 
latt of Iti^mryport, Katt. 

EAVEUrS, KISS AH, Stt Mr. Philip Honphrty. 



EAWnSS, MISS MAIOABXT H. , S«e Mr. M. L, Moody. 

HAWLXr-SIMMOI, In SaonoMBto, D«o. 30, 1855, at th« SoMaaa't 
B«th«l, Mr. &«org« W. Havlty to Miss Mary Simmon, "both of 
thlt city. 

lUVS-ZDSr, In this city, at Trinity Charoh, March 25, 1856, 
hy R«T. C. B. Wyatt, J. D. Haw* to Mr*. Harriot Xddy. 

EATmr-OBAEAM, At tho Oathollo Charoh, In Sacraaonto, Hot. 
17, 1856, Mr. Aloxandor M. Haydon of this city to Mitt 
Anna M. , only daa^tor of S. 8. Graham, Xt^. , all of 
Charlotton, 8* C. 

HAHV-IHHEHPTQBT, in thl* city, I>ao. 11, 1856, by the Bar. 
8. Moothalco, Mr. Hanxy Hayan, of Saoramanto city to Mlts 
Matilda Xhrtnpfort of San Tranolaeo. 

EAIKXS-EISO, July 10, 1856, hy tha Rar. J. OhlpuA Thrall, 
John V. Haynat, Xoq. , to M&rgaratta G. , dan^tar of 
Samoal D. Kinc, Xtq.*t ^1 of thlt city. 
Waahlni^ton and St.Loula papers please copy. 

HAXBi, MISS MAXr 8., 8ae Mr. B. H. AdaM. 

EAIVOOD-HZVSLXT, At the International Hotel, In this city, 
July 1, 1856, hy Rot. Dr. Scott, Mr. Joseph Haywood of 
Sacramento, to Miss Xlisa Hensley, of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

BXALT-COOPZB, At Santa Clara, Dec. 18, 1856, hy Hon. B. B. 
Baokner, Laolen B. Healy, Esq. , Covoity Sorreyor, to Mrs. 
Sarah Cooper, all of Santa Clara. 

MHiaUB U-MATZR, In this city, Oct. 12, 1856, hy the Her. 
Dr. Xekman, Mr. B. Helnehers to Miss 8. Mayer, all of thlt 
city. Philadelphia papers please copy. 

HII8EZLL-PATTZBS0H, At Sacramento, April 26, 1856, Hon. T.D. 
Heiskell of II Dorado, to Miss Belle C. Patterson, 
Independence, Mo. 

EBJI-BDITABLX, In Marysrille, May 21, 1856, Mr. Alfred J. 
Helm to Miss lydia S. Hoztable. 

HZXiO-APPLXBT, At Spottsvood, Hew Jersey, Oct. 1, 1856, 
Geors* V. Relme, Xsq. , of Hev Orleans to Miss Maifgie, 
dao^ter of Leonard Applehy, Isq. 

HXNaVAT-HOLMAH, At Santa Bosa, Jan. 1, 1856, Mr. J. M. 
HaasBway to Miss Jane A., dao^ter of Isaac Holman, Isq. 

EnOE-VOOLLn, In this eitj. S«pt. 2, 18S6, \7 Brr. 8. 
Ohipaan Thrall, Mr. H«rman Henok to Mitt Taanj Voollan, 
V«ir Tork paper* pitas* copy. 

EXnSRSOir, miss mart, Ste Mr. Xdrond 7. Woodward. 

EIHDERSOV, MISS RACHZL, See Mr. H. C. aillin^hn. 

BBOMflOK-VARHIE, At Willow Creek Tdrt, U. T., Mr. Robert 
Eeaderton to Harriet D. Warner. (Kotiee, feb. 13, 1856) 

EXVDERSQH-CBnSOI, At B^terroir Hill, II Dorado Co., July 22, 
1856, Mr. S. 0. Henderson to Mitt Traneee Omton. 

BXNmil-CHRISTIX, In thit oit/, at the retidenee of Mr. 
Charlee Stoll, Sept. 29, 1856, hy the Her. Dr. Anderson, 
Mr. Robert Hendrie of San Fraasieoo to Mitt Helen Christie 
of Aberdeen, Scotland. 

HEHIBI, MISS JAHX, See Mr. Christian Bothtow. 

EEHDI-WALLACX, In this city, i^ril 19, 1886, Mr. Jaaes 
Hendy to Miss Inxoy Wallace. 

BIHSLIT, MISS XLIZA, See Mr. Joseph Haywood. 

HXHSUT, MISS MART A., See *^r. John H. Baldwin. 

EEROn-BSSBT, In this city, June 25, 1856, hy the Her. 
rather Qallagher, T. W. Herone to Miss Sarah L. Beshy, 
all of this city. Hew Tork and Detroit papers please copy. 

EXRHICK-HQBIBLOWXR, In Greenwood, XI Dorado Co., Hot. 11, 
1856, Mr. S. W. Herriok to Mitt M. B. Homhlower. 

HXRRICK-mDALL, In San 7ranoisoo, Jan. 1, 1856, hy the 
Mr. Brierly, Mr. Wta. 7. Herrick to Mitt Lucy T. Kendall, 
all of thit city. 

HXS8-SIZLBRXCBT, At Stockton, March 14, 1856, Mr. Charles 
Louis Henrieh Hess to Miss Matilde Louis Adolphine 

EItJ9riV>SHIP. In Marysrille, Jan. 10, 1856, Mr, H. N. Henstln 
to Miss Lucy C. Ship, both of this city. 

EZWXR-GUfiJiSXT, In Mariposa, May 1, 1856, by Hon. J. M. 
landorant, Mr. X. X. Hewett to Mrs. H. J. Qumssy. 

EIOXXr-EXAX, In this city, Sept. 24, 1856, at St. Tranois 
Catholic Choreh, Yallejo St., by Her. Mr. Llebaria T.a., 
Mr. Jaaes Hiekey to Mies Maria Man, dao^ter of Michael 
lean, Xsq., all of this city. 


EIODUK-FISRZR, In Stoektoa, Jvlj 24, 1856, Mr. Edii&rd 
liitaMi to Nitfl H. B. 7ith«r. 

EXCXCXnc, MISS SARAH R., 8e« Mr. A. An^attui Tlther. 

HICKS, MISS JXANH, S99 Mr. Stcpl«r. 

EIOR-TATX, At CarrolltOB, Plae«r County, Ttl). 31, 18!$6, Mr. 
Jacob 0. Ei^ to Mrt. Mary E. Tat«, all of Carrollton. 

HILAKS, MISS AHH, S«« Mr. Isaac C. Vinsat*. 

EILEXK-OAHLISOH, In thlt city. Dm. 3, 1856, ^ th« Rrr. Mr. 
Moothaln, Mr. John HiUcMi to Miit Maria Oarlitoh. 

HILL, MISS JOaXPEin, Sa« Major RolMrt Btok. 

HILLT2H-ALZXAHIXR, At Iowa Bill, Jan 25, 1856, Mr. C. J. 
Hlllxsr to Mils Angslin Alszandar, of tha formsr plaes. 

EXras-VILLETT, At Vatsonrills, July 27, 1856, Mr. John J. 
Hindss, of Santa Crvui, to Miss Looisa E. Willstt. 

EIHXS, MISS SABAS 0., Sss Mr. G. a. Marquis. 

EIIZ, MISS SMMA, Sas Mr. Wtai. Eaksr. 

EITCflOOGK-EOIT, In San Joss, Oct. 28, 1856, Mr. Jaass 
Eitehoock to Mrs. Sliial>sth S. Eoyt. 

HIX-DATIT, At ^iok*s Ranch, naar PlaesrTills, Mr. John His 
to Miss Sarah DaTsy. Papsr of Nor. 5, 1856* 

HQBASI, MISS ROTH, Saa Mr. 0. V. Oilkyson. 

HQBAKT-SMITH, In Saoraasnto, Jan. 10, 1856, Mr. V. V. Hohart, 
of Butts Co., to Mitt Xata P. Sadth, l>oth fomsrly of 
Marshall, Mich. 

HOBXnrS, MISS CAIHEUHX, Sae Mr. Hsnry Lohaan. 

HOBSOH-MKADOIfCRAJT, In San Joss, Oct. 23, 1856, Mr. Darid 
J. Hohson to Miss Aaslia R. Msadoworaft. 

EOBSOH-BIDVXLL, At Santa Clara, April 7, 1856, Mr. Staphan 
Eobson to Miss Rsbacea Bidvsll. 

EOBOl, MISS MART, Sao Mr. Islson Gresn. 

EOOOI, MISS ROTH AH, Saa Mr. Josaph Boyd. 

HOSOlt-PUHinr, in this city. Loo. 11, 1856, at Oraos Ofaureh, 
Vy tha Ri^t Rrr. Biahop Kip, D. D. , I. H. Hod«as, Xsq., 
to Miss Mary X. Purdy, both of this city. 


HOUOXS-COHHZLL, At Niohisan Bluff *•, March 23, 1866, Mr. 
Tredtrlek Hod^i to Mitt Hanriah M, Conntll. 

HOKBl-METZRATH, In San Franeiaeo, Jan, 15, 1856, "bj B«t. 
T, Moothaka, Mr. Xmtt Chrlatian Hoagar to Miaa Ima 

EOrr, NI8S 0ERI9TXK1. Saa Mr. John frohat. 

EOFINAI, MISS JANX, Saa Mr. aaorga Hoharta • 

HCXKM/QZ, In London, April 29, 1856, An^atua Hogg, of San 
Fraaoiaeo, to Iliiaheth Cox of Worthing, England. 

EQLAID, MISS JOHANHA, Saa Mr. Joaaph Holland (Saa Joh. Holland). 

EOLBROOI, MISS SOKIOI I., Saa Mr. Gabrlal HcmtaBan. 

HOUBSR-RAIXS, At Sfuomaanto, N&roh 2, 1856, Mr. Joh]> Holdar 
to Miaa S. M. Ralla of law Gaatla, Plaear Oo. 

HOLIAHr, MISS JQBAXKA N., Saa Mr. Joaaph Holland (Sea Holand). 

HOLLAHD-EOLLAinD, In this citj, March 36, 1856, "by Rar. 7athar 
Ll«'baria, Jcsaph Holland to Miss Johanna M. Holland, hoth 
of thia eitj. 

HOLLX, MISS SOPHIX, Saa ^r. Chriatian Kohicka. 

EOLLIMT, MRS. NABJ, Saa Mr. J. R. (or J. B.) Handay. 

HOIMAir, MISS CARQLnn P., Sea **r. Ro'bart 0. Siaith. 

HQLNAI-MoBRIDX, At tha raaidanoa of Dr. Janaa MoBrida, naar 
I^fa^atta, Traacia Dillard Holjaan to Mary* Oatharina MoBrida, 
all of Taahill Oo. Papar of Vor. 1, 1856. 

EOLMAH, MISS JAKI A., Saa Mr. J. M. Haaanway. 

EOLMIS-OaPP, In thia city, Dae. 11, 1856, hy Bar. S. S. 
Lao7, Mr. Xllia Holaas to Miaa Angoata Copp. 

HOLMES, MISS LIXTT T., Saa Mr. P. E. HavbiU. 

EOLMXS-PHXBTICX, In SaoraiMnto, Hot. 37, 1856, hy tha Ear. 
Mr. Strook, Mr. Eat. Eolaaa to Miaa Martha 0. Prantioa. 

EOLT-SMITE, In Vaahington City, Jima 10, 1856, Mr. Thoniaa 
Holt of California to Mit« Adalaida L., da^ightar of 
Thonaa L. Snith, Auditor of tha Traaaurj. 

HOUZ, MISS HIERriTTA, Saa Mr. Ringolf Qudopp. 

ROOD, MISS MART E., Saa Mr. Tranoia M. Ranoua. 


EOOPSa-BLOQN, la Smtfraneltoo, Jan. 39, 1856, tj ths R«t. 
Mr. Bri«rl7, ^r* John M. Hoo3>«r and Mita Mary Xllan 
Blooa, all of San Franeiaoo. 

EOOPZa, MISS LUCIIA H., 8«e ^. Illiaon L. Crawford. 

BQPFl, MISS LUCT, Saa ^r. Charlaa A. Harpar. 

SOBI-CHiPNAV, In Tolcano, May 22» 1856, Mr. C. Horn to 
Miaa Tranoaa OhafBaWi 

EOBBBLOWKR, MXS8 N. B., Saa Mr. 3. Y. Horrlok. 

HOSTBTTKE, MISS H. l., Saa Mr. Via. 7iahar. 

HOTALISO-MeOAarr, Kaar HaTi^, Oct. 1, 1856, Captain C. K. 
Botalin« to Mist Ma«gia MoCarty. 

HCnS-VIZCS, In Oakland, J%b, 5, 1856, at tha raaidanoa of 
Jud^a Bialca, "by Ear. Mr. B«ll, Mioah M. Eowa, Xaq. , and 
Miaa Da'borah Ann Vaakt, of Tiabkill, Kav Tofk. 

EOVXLL-TUBHZR, In Tul>a Connty, Hot. 19, 1856, Mr. Nathima 
L« Eowall to Miga Vanoj A. Tomar. 

EOTT, MRS. ILIZABETE, Saa Mr. Jaaaa Eitohoook. 

EOTT-COHIES, In thit cit/, April 23, 1856, Mr. Philo T. 
Eo/t to Miaa Oatharina Cordaa. 

EUBBABD, MISS FRAHOXS, Saa Mr. I^raan Vileox. 

EDOHXS, KISS X. A., Saa ^r. John Kalljr. 

HUaEES-MoZUX, In Saoraaanto, Sapt. 28, 1856, by tha Bar. tfk. E. 
Bill, Mr. John Bo^^a to Mist Xlisahath MoKua, hoth of 

EOLUn, MISS XSlBXa, Saa ^t. Banjaain Taylor. 

EOLL, MISS MART A., Saa Mr. Yilliaa B. Tranoia. 

BUMPBRXT-VRiaHT, In this oitj, in tha Waahin^ton St. Baptiat 
Chapal, Hot. 12, 1856, by Rar. Mr. Briarly, A. P. BTunphray, 
Xaq., of San Andraat, Calararaa Co., to Miaa Sylva Wright 
of Danarilla, I. T. 

ElMPBBXT-BAVKniS, At Saoraaanto, Sapt. 4, 1856, Mr. Philip 
Eviphray to Min Ann Bankina. 

EOVr-HZVKLL, In thia eity. Nay 1, 1856, hy tha Ear. Dr. Andaraon, 
Mr. Charlaa A. Bant to Miti Nary E. Eavall. 

EDIT, MISS N. TRAECIS, Saa %. Aadrav Ilopanatina. 


EUKTSa, MISS CA1HESIBI, S«« Mr. Xdnard Hill. 

EUITXR-MURPHT, At SaeraBtnto, Axig. 29, 1856, Mr. Jam«f 
BoBtar to Mitt Xll«n Morph/. 

HUlfrXR-CRAPO, At lorth Branch, Oalararai Coonty, Jtoia 18, 
1856, Mr. V. T. Hontar to Mitt Looita Crapo, both of 
San Trancitoo. 

EUVTSMAV-HOLBROOI, In Fillmora City, Jan 29, 1856, Mr. 
Mbrial Hnnttaan to Miti Suniet I. Holhrook. 

EUFP-CHOSS, In ItTada, Oeorgt S. Happ, Itq. , to Mitt 
Baehaal A« Orott. Papar Maroh 1, 1856. 

EU?PMAI->sniV, At Nasatlan, at the Britith Tioa'Contnlata, 
7rancit Hoppaan, foxBarly of San 7raneiteo, to Mitt Julia 
Ohrittina Tradarioka Stain of Hapliurg. Papar, Maroh 10, 1856. 

HURD, MISS M. raAHCIS, Saa Mr. Bailay Sargant (Saa Sars«nt-Vin«) 

EUBST-PZnxa, in Stockton, Jtma 23, 1856, "by Allan Laa Boort, 
Xtq. , Juttica of tha Paaca, Mr. Tranklin Hartt to Mitt 
Xliiabath Pantar, all of San Joaquin Oo. 

HUSSST, MISS MAHT X., Saa Mr. Gaorga Borradada. 

HOTCEDrSCn, SAHAE P., Saa Mr. I. Witnaj Ljron. 

E0TTMAI-ST2IH, At Masatlan, at tha Britith Yica-Contulata, 
b7 tha Chaplain of H. M. Ndt.Ship, "Pratidant",francit 
Huttman, forsarl/ of San Trancisco to Mitt Julia Chrittina 
Praderieka Stain of Eauhorg. (Saa Hnppaan). 

EDTTOS-CAMnXLD, In thit oitjr, Maroh 24, 1856, by Bar. Mm. 
Rolliton, Mr. Rohart Button to Mitt Xlisabath Caofiald* 

HlTTTOir, MISS SABAH X., Saa ^r, Hiraa L. 007a. 

HUXTABLX, MISS LTDIA 8., 8aa Mr, Anguttut Haatr. 

inaEAM, NI88 HIZJDI, Saa Mr. T. B. Wada. 
I SB, MISS MIIEBTA, Saa Mr. An«uttut Eaaar. 

JACXSOH-LIHIX), At tha ratidanoa of Mr. V.M.Jacoht, b/ tha 
Bar. Dr. J. ^j^^'^f^^ Mr. X. Jackton of Bad Bluff t. Gal., 
to Mitt Louita Lindo, daa^tar of tha lata Staphan Lindo 
of Bav Tork. Papar, lor. 3, 1856. 
lav York and lav Oriaant papart plaata copj. 

JAdSQH-MOHBOW, At Uppar Plaoarrilla, Sapt. 25, 1856, Mr. 
Jaaat M, Jackton to Mrt. Oatharina Konrov. 


JACZSGV, KISS JUSTZSl, S«« Mr. John TaudtwaUr* 

JACXSQI-SHIBMAH, At R«d Blnffi, March 9, 1856, Mr. St. Clair 
Jaokton to Mitt Iliiabtth Ann Sherman. 

JACQBS-ORAT, In San rraneitco, ?tb. 21, 1856, by tht Rtr. 
8«ott, Captain Jaatt H. Jacobt of Contra Cotta to Mitt 
Naxsi^rtt Aim. Gragr, fomtrly of Botton. 

JACOBS-TAlflVZS, In thit eitj, Stpt. 35, 1856, at tht 

International Hottl, hj Juttiot D. B. Cattrtt, Mr. \tm, J. 
Jaoobt to Mitt Marjr Jane Tanner, both of Vioolat, Sntter Co. 

JAqpXS, MISS SUSAV, Ste Mr. Matthtv 0. S. Phillipt. 

JANISOir-PQLLASI}, In San Trancitco, Maroh 11, 1856, ty Rtr. 
Mr. Ta7lor, Mr. Wn. Jaatton to Mitt Martha Pollard, all of 
thit oitr. 

JAnara, NISS ADt'SZS. See Mr. Trans Heinrioh Ifanderlieh. 

JABHAOOH-SKinr, At Bagdad, 0. T., Mr. SaTid Jama^on to Mitt 
Grace Sknn, hoth of Catcadet. Paper of Sept. 3, 1856. 

JITTERS, MISS TAHBT V., Ste ^r. Oeorse M. Blakt. 

JXncm, MISS raAICSS, See Levit Pai^e, Itq. 

jnxnrS-JXHXIVS, in Eomitat, Maroh 1, 1856, Mr. J. C. Jenkint, 
foxmerlj of Tezat, to Mitt M. Jenkint, foxaerlj of Arundal, 

jnxnrs, miss N., Ste Mr. J. 0. Jenkint. 

JZIUXSUII, miss ah, Ste ^r. Oeorge (Kmbj. 

JBOS, MISS VASCT, S— Mr. J. L. Oihton. 

JHOrrr, miss ADELIA, see Mr. X. M. Wood. 

JOHVS-BAHITAI, At Sacraaento, Jnne 22, 1856, Mr. Jaaet Johnt 
to Mitt Marx Ann Bannaj, all of Eldorado Ooontj. 

JQHH80I, MRS. JAB R., See Mr. Pettr A.' Eallaan. 

JQEISOH-COLSOUir, In thit city, March 21, 1856, hy the Rtr. 
Mr. Thturtton, Mr. Ao^ottut Johnton to Mitt Jane Ooleaan, 
both of thit oit/. 

JOnrSCV-WBZILIR, in Vev Toxic, Dee. 26, 1855, bj the Ritr. 
V* R. Oordon, Mr. John Johnton of San Tranoitoo, to 
Mitt P. A. Wheeler, dan^ter of S. 0. Wheeler, Xtq. , 
of the former place. 

JOBSSOir-DXJTIHISBJTES, In Saonnento, 7«b. 24, 1856, Mr. Itwutn 
Johnson to Mltf DmIIa H* Dlffondtffor, l>oth of thit eity. 

JOHKSGn-MILLEa, Dto. 31, 1856, txy tho Et. liihop Kip, Mr. 
Orrlok Johnson to Min Mary Allot Miii#r. 
'•V York and B^jtiMort paport pltase copy. 

J0H]TS(ar-7AEER, In San JoM, Jan«l, 1856, Mr. S. H. Johnton 
to Mitt Virginia I'thtr. 

JQHKSQR-HaBSBTS, At Saeraatnto, Oct. 18, 1856, Mr. Vllllaa E. 
Johnton to Nltt Loulta Rohtrtt, hoth of Auburn. 

JOEHSQH-OABRISaH, IoT« 10, 1856, ntar Bollnat, Marin Co., hjr 
Rrr. JaMt Bonttr, Mr. V«L«Johnton to Mitt Slltn Marlah 
Oarrltou, latt of Alaatda Co. 

JOmrSTOH-OILBRiaB, In Saortatnto, Jtins 1, 1856, by HtT. Mr. 
^iln, Mr. a. 8* Johntton to Mitt Margartt ailhrldt. 

JGOSTOI, NI88 KAIOIS N., Stt Dr. ^Irtr 7. Olark. 

JOIOI, MISS HXLIH, S«t ^r. Wllllaa Dtlanjr. 

JOLLT, MISS Ami ELIZA, Sta Mr. Samtl VlllUat. 

JOnS-VILLIANS, In San Franclsoo, Jan. 7, 1856, hy Rrr. Mr. 
Cutltr, Mr. Oharltt C. Jontt of San 7rancltco to Mrt. M.A. 
Vllllaat of Htv Toik. 

JOHSS-BEOUr, In thlt olty. Au«. 1, 1856, hy tht Rar. Mr. ThoMit, 
Mr. John Jontt to Mitt Mary Ann Bro^m, both of thlt city. 

JOHIS, MRS. MAL7SXA, Stt Mr. Hatktll Battt. 

JOHIS-RQBIVSOV, At Ohlnttt Oaap, Jan. 12, 1856, Mr. Rohtrt A. 
Jontt to Clarlnda X. Rohlnton, all of TuolTvnt County. 

jams-DOFmr, At SaonuMnto, VoT. 27, 1856, Mr. !• L. Jontt 
to Mitt Mary Doff In, both of Saoramonto. 

JOnS-DATIS, At Chtroktt, Ort«:on Tovnthlp, ka^, 27, 1856, by 
S. Glatt, Itq., Mr. ThoBMtt E. Jozitt to Mrt. Jant Darlt, all 
of Bnttt County. 

JOns-SIVOLAiR, In thlt elty, Naroh 19, 1856, by Arohblthop 
Alltaany, Dr. Wllllaa Jontt to Mitt Cathtrlnt Sinclair of 
Harphy*t, Oalartyat County. 

JOISQS-TONPKIHS, In Santa Clara, Junt 10, 1806, by Str. John Danltl, 
Mr. Jottph E. Jonton to Mitt Antolntttt Toapkint. 

JORDa, MISS LOUISA BIBTHA, Stt Mr. Patrlok V. lillon. 

JORBAI, MISS ROSA, Stt Mr. John O^Brltn. 

JOSS, MISS MAUAE JASX, Stt Mr. Andrtv SkllLMn. 


JOSXPHS-CQHKN, Za San Trmziolteo, T9b, 6, 1856, ty Rev. Dr. 
Xokma, Mr. J. J. Jostpht of Cbarltttonn, S. 0. to Miif 
Lonisa Cohan of this oity. 

JOT, NX88 NABTHA J,, Sat Mr, Gharlaa Starana (Saa L07). 

JUIUH-rXBanSOI, in thla citj, Oct. 1, 1656, at Trinity Clxareh 
Iqr tha Rar, Mr. Thrall, Capt. H. M. Judah of tha To«rth 
Ragimant, U. 8. Infantxy, to Niaa Maria B., dau^tar of 
John 7argaaon, Saq. , of thia citj. 

JTTQAE, MISS HABEIST B., Saa Jaaaa L. Traak, Xaq. 

JUia), MISS BSrST J., Saa Mr. J. Guthria* 

KAAJJKU-LABO, In thia city, Juna 8, 1856, hy tha Rar. r. 
Mooahaka, Mr. Joaaph Kaaufar to Miaa Sra R« Lang* 

EAniMAIDr, MISS MART A., Saa Mr. John La Bar. 

KZAV, NISS MARIA, Saa Mr. Jaaaa Hiekay. 


EXELZR-STILLIOSLL, In CamptonYilla, 7a%. 6, 1856, Mr. Tal'bot 
Kahlar to Mitt Sarah Stillvall of St.Louia, Mo. 

L, MISS SGPHIA, Saa Nr. Joaaph Trita* 

DIRR, MISS MART, Saa Mr. John foatar. 

DIZZa, MISS OATHXRIHZ, Saa Mr. A« R. Tox^a* 

XXEAVGEQA, MISS, Saa Mr. Thoaaa Shaan. 

XZLLOr-HAnBLXR, In thia city, Jnna 12, 1856, tj tha Rar. 
An^oatna lallnar, Mr. Joaaph /. Xallan to Miaa Chriatiana 

XZLLOQO, MISS L« J., Saa Mr. I. 0. Maaaae. 

XILLOOG-fLAKAaAK, At Shaata, Sapt. 28, 1856, Mr. Vm. L. 
XalloM to Miaa Roaa rianagan. 

ZULT, miss ash B., Saa Mr. Alazandar Wilaon. 

KILLT, MISS ILLiai, Saa Mr. Idiiard H. Pacay. 

DELLT-EOOHZS, Zn Batta Cotmt/, April 6, 1856, Mr. John Xally 
to Miaa I. A. Boi^haa. 

KZLLZr, NISS MART, Saa Mr. Alazandar J. Dalatorar. 

•ALBHEOHT, In SaoraMnto, Tah. 5, 1856, Mr. John Eanp 
to Miti lata Alhraoht. 


CMP-EiTCH, At Har Pajaro, Mont«r«y Coontj, D»c. 3, 1856, 
Mr. VilllttB B. Tmtp to Miis Ro«ina J. Hatoh. 
Nittitiippl and Boston paperi pl«a«« copy. 

DamALL-VOOI), In arass Tallajr, 7%h. 3, 1856, Mr. Sdvard A. 
Undall to Mist Mary P. Word, l>oth of Orats YalU/. 

KUBALL-PQBTIR, In Pttaltona, April 15, 1856, tj th« Rar. 
Mr. Lovlt, Mr. John E«ndall to Mitt M. K. Port«r. 

XXRIULL, MISS LOCT 7. , S«« Mr. Ite. 7. Htrriok. 

KZIDAIX, MISS MABTHA M., S«« ^r. \hk. L. OarpMittr. 

UIUUX, MISS XLIKOR, S«« Mr. Charltt S« Boahaa. 

nnZSr, miss KAXCT, S«t Mr. Jaa»t Marshall Bonoaa. 

non-ZBEIOK, At Xentuoky Raneh, the r«8idene« of th« brids't 
fathar, 7«1>. 21, 1856, Mr. M. T. E«ogh to Miss Catherine 
Treaoet Eerrldk. 

OnrS-STXTSNSOI, in Clark County, V. T., Ao«. 31, 1856, 
Mr. J. T. Kemt to Mite R. A. Sterenton. 

nmOK, NIS8 OATHEaiBE TaANCIS, See Mr. M. T. Xeo^. 

EXRTCHSM-BARBI, la lenioia, Jaa 2, 1856, by the Ber. Tathar 
Talarasii, Mr. D. Xertehem of Maxyrrille, to Miee X.J. 
Barry of Beaioia. 

XXB0AIIK7AXX, la Nazyrrille, Jaa 1, 1856, Mr. Henry Xinoaid 
to Mite Lisiie, dao^ter of John C. 7all, Itq.. 

XIIO, NI88 MABOAKBTTA 0., See Mr. John W. Haynee. 

XIKOaXJET, MISS OELIA P., See Heniy 71andert, Xtq. 

XUUUI, MBS. N. L., See Mr. Benjaaia Pitaaa. 

XIT8XT-SIM8, la Plaoer Co., Ao^;. 14, 1856, Dr. lira Xineey 
to Mitt Sarah J. Sims. 

XlHBT-MeCLCUD, At Marysrille, March 80, 1856, Mr. P. XixO^y 
to Miss Margaret MaOlood. 

XITCHXI, MISS MABTHA, See Mr. James Sveeay. 

XITTHXroX-BIOXLOV, At Oakland, An«. 18, 1856, t>y the Ber. 
SoMiel B. Bell, Charles V. Xittred^, Esq., to Miss 
Isabella H. Bi^lov, dao^ter of the Bar. Asahel Bigelov, 
of Eanooek, H. H. 

n.lMI, MRS. NASOABSr, see Mr. John Seyaoor. 


iLXia-SBOXSR, kag, 30, 1656, tj R«t. Mr. Moothaln, Mr. O.V* 
Kling to Mist Chriitint !• Dsokar, all of this oitj. 

nOPSrSTm-BOFT, Oot. 7, 1856, V IUt. Dr, Soott, Mr. Andrvv 
Klop«nvlin« to Mitt M. rraneii Hunt. 
Ohio and PaimtTlTania pap«r« plaa«« oop7. 

KKISHT, MISS L(XnSl« Sa« Mr. T. W. Bostlar. 

KKISEEBV, MISS XLIZl, S«« Mr. Xbraa V«loh. 

OOWLBS-SAOTHISOH, On Hot. 15, 1856, l)y tha Har. S.H.Wlllty, 
Mr. Itraal Orahaa Knovlat to Mits Nary A. Sandarton, lata 
of Ohio. 

DQX-PAIMEa, In San ftanoitoo, Jan. 16, 1856, at tho Howard 
Straat Clmroh, hy Bar. Mr. Villigr, Mr. Itraal W. Knox to 
Mies Rabaeoa a. PalBar, daa^tar of W. ▲• Palnor, Isq. , 
all of this city. 

aOZ, MISS YIBOnriA, S«a Mr. T. Xllaxd Baaa. 

KQBICES-HOLLS, At tha Mitilon Doloras, 'by tha Bar. 7. 
Mooihakt, iai^. 2, 1856, Mr. Ohrlttiaa KoMoka to Mlii 
Sophio Hollo. 

XOBUEE, MRS. CHRISTIAI^ Saa Mr. Tranklin Oraan. 

tORLKR, MISS XMMA L., Sao Mr. Jaoo^ A. Matdi. 

E0ELER-9rHA[78S, In thig city. May 25, 1856, hy tho Rar. 
Pastor Mooshako, Mr. Thaodoro 0. Xohlor to Mitt Lina 
Straatt, all of this city. 

X0HIM008-09!FXR, In this olty, Aug. 3, 1856, 1)y tha Rar. f. 
Mooihaka, Mr. John Xohlnoot to Mito XIIm Qatar. 

XSAUSX-BADXR, In this oity, Sapt. 13, 1856, hy tha Rar. T. 
Mooshaka, Mr. Charlaa Xrauaa to Misa Xmaatla Bauar. 

XRXMZR-SBWMABX, In LoaAxi^laa, April 9, 1856, Mr. M. Xramar 
to Miaa Matilda Nawmark, aldaat dau^tar of Jo8a3>h and 
Roaa laiMMirk, hoth of Loa An^laa. 

XROmiBOXR-BiaLER, In San Tranoiaco, March 6, 1856, hy tha 
Rar. r. Mooahaka, Mr. John Xronanhargar axid Miaa Catharina 
Bi^lar, both of Baltijaora. 
BaltiBora papara plaaaa eopy. 

XBCJSX-BROVI, In San rranoiaoo, Tah. 7, 1856, Mr. Xntaat 
Xroaa and Miaa Sarah M. Broim. 


LABAF-QanXT, In Thit oitj. May 1, 1856, hj th» Hrr. 1. 
Tho«as, Mr. HsnjT' ]*• Lal>an to Mill Susan S. Ortlcj, 
l>oth of this eitj. 

LADD-BOOBLAKD, In Stockton, May 29, 1856, Mr. aoorga S. Ladd 
to Mitt ib'bj' Bourland. 

LATTXBTT, MISS LOUISA, Saa C^aorga Oraathouia, Zaq. 

LAHIXR-RQBIHSOH, At Diaaond Sprini:s, April 22, 1856, Mr. 0. 
Land«r to Miti Jotaphlna Bo'blnaon. 

LAHZ, MRS. A. M., Saa Mr. L. ?• Band. 

UUB, MISS ZYA R. , Saa Mr. Joaaph Kaaof ar. 

LABOLXr-HAQTHBOP, In this city, Jtdy 12, 1856, V tha Rar. Dr. 
Scott, Mr. Vm. A. Langlay to Mist Margarat Xlisa Ha^hrop, 
fonarly of Baltiaora. 

LABOTXH, MISS AMU MARU, Saa Mr. John A. Rollings. 

LASEXX-OASET, In this city, Jnlj 16, 1856, by Dr. Agaman, Mr. 
L. Laskja to Mias Batty Josaph Caskj. 

LASSITER-KICHOLSOir, At Marysrilla, Jan. 12, 1856, Mr. J. H. 
Laasitar to Miss Tranoas Vieholson. 

LA TOORBFTE-MATHSRS, Vaar Diamond Springs, April 17, 1856, 
Mr. John La Tooratta to Miss Rosanna Mathart. 

LAOZ, MISS OATHERIIOB, Saa ^r. Oh&rlas Ta^ar. 

LXAYZHWOBTH, MISS ELIZA, Saa Oaptain Wk. Copaland. 

U BAR-IAUTMAim, Vaar Oampo Saoo, April 15, 1856, Mr. John 
La Bar to Miaa Mary A. lanfkwnn. 

LXI-TOVISIHD, At Thovpson's Flat, Tah. 24, 1856, by John 

Jonas, Isq. , Mr. Elijah Laa to Mias Sarah Rabacoa Toimsand, 
foxsarly of Nora Scotia. 

UEI-ABiasaUU, At Saorasanto, March 19, 1856, by Rar. J. A. 
Banton, Mr. H. 0. Laa to Miss Jaannatta M. Annaraan. 

LEX-REVIBOHAM, At Sacraaanto, Oct. 16, 1856, Mr. Richard 
Laa to Mitt Mary lavin^haa. 

LIOO, MISS SOSAI, Saa Mr. JaMs L. Blakia. 

LZHZBT, MISS PAIIXIOI, Saa Mr. Alfrad Putnaa. 

LEIOE, MISS M. A.. Saa My. v. H« Mardan (Saa Martin). 

LELAXD-MoPHILLIFS, At Sonora, Oct. 39, 1856, Mr. a. ▲• 
Lcljuid to Nitt Taany '^oPhlllipt. 

LIOHO AH KDXZ, NI8S, S«« Mr. Tvag Ah Chan. 

UBSCHimJET-MILUER, At Shasta, Oct. 10, 1856, Mr. Ao^ttut 
Latohinltjr to Mitt Ida Milltr. 

LXyr-BLOCE, At BrooklTn, Alaatda Co., Deo. 7, 1856, tuy Judgt N. 
Thomt, Mr. 3. W. Lary to Mite Bahtttt Biooh. 

LXVIS, MISS SABAE, Stt Mr. Sdnard Oillan. 

LIIBT, MISS ABALIIQB A., Set Mr. Jaooh Baoon. 

LIBST-TBOrFATTZR, In thit city, Ax^. 6, 1856, tj Rtr. Dr. 
Seott, Oapt. Zbhtn 0. Lihhj to Mitt Mary Bliia Trof fatter. 

LIOSrXirSTIIlMSOHH, In thia oity, March 24, 1856, hy C. M. 
Chtahtrlaln, Btq., Mr. H« M. Liohtenttein to Mitt Ira 
Cohn, hoth of San Tranaitoo. 

LIOaxrr-MAKTDr, At Nrmda, Maroh 37, 1856, l}y Rrr.' Ifki. 
Morrov, Daniel I^iggett to Mrs. Mary Martin. 

LIXIVS-lfOOLET, In Stockton, Jttly 38, 1856, hy Justice A. 0. 
BroiA, Mr. Jaaet P. Likint to Mitt Satan M. Vooley. 

invCOUl, MISS 2LIZABSTH H. , See Hon. A. A. Skinner. 

LIII0, MISS SLIZABBTH JAKl, See Mr. Rattell Bordiok. 

LIVDO, MISS LOinaA, See Mr. X. Jaekton. 

LIHDSil-VOBMAir, In larada, Jan. 13, 1856, Mr. Richard S. 
Lindtay to Mitt Aaaa Voman. 

USU-MoGRXV, In SacraMnto, July 17, 1856, by Bithop 
Xaranan^, Mr. John Q. Litle to Mitt Phena MoGrev, 
dao^ter of Jod^ John MoQrev, all of SaonuMnto. 

LITQETORD, MISS JULIA, See Mr. Joteph 0. Shelton. 

LITTCar, MISS KABT 0., See Mr. Mb. E« Oalrer. 

LITIVOSrcV, MISS BMA, Mr, Daniel Sutton. 

LITIlOSrai-XATOI, At Tort Miller, California, Dec. 3, 1856, 
Lienteaant La Bhatt L. Liringtton, U.S.A., to Mitt Mary, 
daoghter of Dr. Joteph Baton, U.S.Angr* 

LOAIX, MISS JAIX, Sae ^r. Isaac Orai«. 


LQBIflELZr-IXXLXa, In DanVoTj, Conn., April 15, 1856, ^j th« 
R«T. V. S. Olapp, John Lol>d«ll, Xsq.. (lato of th« fin 
of Austin and Lobdsll, San Tranciseo) to Mifg Sarah 
Xlaanor Kaalar of Sanlmrx. 

LOCZHABT, MISS ASSk JARX, &•• Mr* Lavranoa Stanbarg. 

IiCraUV-HOBSIKS, In this citsr, Jtuia 9, 1856, bj tha Ear. 

Mr. Mooahaka, Mr. Eanxy Lohman to Mite Oatharina Hobaint. 

LOHO, MISS MABQABXr, Saa Mr. \te. Wolf. 

LOQKAISlE-BAWnEN, In this city, Maj 4, 1856, by tha Bar. Mr. 
locoldihjr, Baphaal Lookayta, tha vail known ohiaf oook of 
Eandriokson*! Saloon, to Miti SLisa Bawdan of thia city. 

LOHINO-HDTTIHO, In thii citj, March 17, 1856, tj Kar. B. 
Briorlj, Mr. Saaaal Loring to Mitt Satan Hatting, both 
of thia eity.. 

LCXnSBBACK-OiHAERA, In thit citjr, i^ril 34, 1856, by tha 
Bar. Mr. Shtpard, Mr. Andrav A. Loodarback to Mitt 
Marsarat QtHarra (or 0*Eara), both of thit oitjr. 

LOTX-IOQED, In thit city, Oct. 1, 1856, by Ray* Dr. Indarton 
at tha rirti Pratbyttrian Choroh, Stockton Straat, Mr. 
Villiaa H. Lore of Jaaattoim, Taoltonna County, to Mitt 
Loaita Waad of thit city. 

LOrnir-THOMPSOI, At Placarrilla, Oot. 1, 1856, Mr. P. H. 
Lerall to Mitt Ma^i^a Thoapaon. 

LOTZLT, MISS COBHZLIA A., Saa Mr. Hanry C. Cortit. 

LOV, MISS ISABELLA C, Saa My. t. 8* Ponaroy. 

LOW-BmrOV, in thit city, Aog. 1, 1856, by Bar. S. H. 
Villtj, Mr. John Lov to Mitt Jant Bantton, all of thit 

LOT, MISS MAB!mA JAXS, Saa Mr. Oharlat Starant (Sat Joy). 

LDIX-RABSCM, At Maryarilla, Nay 25, 1856, Mr. Looit R. 

Inll, aditor of tha Marytrilla Harald, to Miat Jottphina, 
daa^tar of Mr. L* W. Sanaoa, pablithar and propriator 
of that papar. 

LOTH-RXIER, In Oakland, May 25, 1856, John Lath, of 
EaaborK, Oanuuiy, to Mitt Loita Raiar, of E^noTar, 

LTDCLL, MISS MART J., Saa Captain T. E. Dtaa. 

LTMAI, MISS PEIEX R., Saa Mr. Vta. B. Robinaon. 


LTICE, BOSS LOUISA. J., $•• Mr. Charl«t H. F«id«Tgaktt. 

LTBOH, KISS SARAH, S«« Mr. V. R. Pitti. 

LTOI-HDTCHIirsaN, In Stoekton. JnsLt 30» 1856. at tht St. 
John't Chnroh, "by R«t. !• W« Ha^r, Nr. I. Vhltnsy Ljon 
to Milt Sarah P. Batohinson, Both of Boston. 

LTTIL, KISS BT.T.TCN, So« Mr. 7. H. llaldar. 

KACX, KISS XLIZABSTH, Sot Mr. <7ohn Thatine* 

MAllSnr, KISS KABOARSr, Saa Mr. John Sinlth. 

MAmD, MISS MAST A., Sao Mr. M. S. Cro«an. 

MAEOV-MeCAIffHT, In this city, Oct. 6, 1856, hy the Rot. John 
7. Harrington, John T, C^. Mahon of Nav Tork, lato of tho 
U. S. Topoipraphioel Xnginaort, to Mitt HIod MoGarthy, of 
Saa Tranoitoo. 

KALQV, MISS MAaDAUEKl, Sao Mr. 0. L. lithay. 

MABanS-CABLXroir, At Saith't Flat, Sept. 20, 1856, Mr. Alra 
V« Mareaet to Mitt Rotetta Oarleton. 

MABBKH-UIOH, At Adbom, May 8, 1856, hy Rer. J. A. Brookt, 
Mr. Va. H. Mardan to Mitt M. A. Lei^. (Saa Martin) 

MAR(7ns-Hm8« Zn Ororilla, Batte Co., Teh. 16, 1856, Mr. 
G. a. Marq[ait to Mitt Sarah 0. Hinet of Sprin^ield, Matt. 

MARSSDI-BOABLAin), Zn Stookton, Jnna 15, 1856, by Rar. 0. 
yithar, Mr. Horaoa Martden to Mitt Liiiia Boarland. 

MARSH-BALDVII, In thit city, An«. 18, 1856, Mr. John B. Marth 
to Mitt Catharine Jtdia Baldwin. 

MARSHALL, MRS. AHHA V., Saa Mr. J. P. Spanoa.' 

MARSHALL, MISS XLLXV, See Mr. Baniel Villiaaton. 

MARSHALL-SMQLUR, In San Traneitco, Feh. 15, 1856, hy Her. 
Dr. Soott, Mr. Willita B. Marshall to Mitt Ann Snollett, 
hoth of Seotlazid. 

MARTH, MISS ILIZAB^TTH, A., See Mr. John I. Choroh. 

MAEffnr, MRS. KAET, See Mr. Daniel Li«sett. 

NABffDr, MISS ROSJUniA, See ^, Benjaain R. Crooker. 


MABTIV-IJEIOH (S«« HKRim, VM.), In Plaotrrillt, Maj 8, 1856, 
Mr. V. Martin, Stq., to Mitt M. A, L«i£^. 

MAHTm-ACnaKT, In thii city, by th» Right R«t. Bithop Kip, 
D. D. , Mr. Whttltr M&rtin of Kentucky to Mitt Lorinah C« 
Aeklty of Ohio. Paptr of Sept. 36, 1856. 
LouitTillt and Oinoinnati paptrt pltatt copy. 

NABVnXL, NIS8 MATIUUL, Stt Mr. Ohrittian StallMn. 

MASZ, NISS THESSSA, Stt Mr. Thomat Andtrton. 

MASOV, MISS MART AHI, Stt Mr. J. B. Tittn. 

MASTHf-SOOTHKBLAff, In Stenuntnto, Ttl). 28, 1856, Mr. 
SylTtnat Mat tin to Mitt Jant Southtrlan. 

MATHXR, MISS MILT, Stt Mr. L. Stan^roon. 

MAmm-EABRIS, In San franoitoo, Jan. 27, 1856, hy Rtr. Mr* 
Ornsin^t, Mr. Robtrt Mathtr to Mitt Xatt Earrit. 

MA9HKR8, MISS ROSAITHA, Stt Mr. John La Toortttt. 


MAX¥SLL, MISS JASE, Stt Mr. V. J. Ohinn. 

MA7BACX, MISS MABOAKKT, Stt Mr. Andrtv Bopp. 

MATZa-nsSLKR, In thit eity, Jima 8, 1856, by Rtr. Mr. 
Moothakt, Mr. John Maytr to Mitt Mary Nittltr. 

NATZa, MISS MART, Stt Mr. 7. Btektr. 

MATIR, MISS 8., Stt Mr. B. Htlnthtrg. 

MATV-WZLOH, May 4, 1856, at tht rttidtnct of Mr. Vtloh, 

Mr. Charltt R. Nayn to Mitt Martha I. Vtloh, at Narytrillt. 

MATVARB-VZLCE, At OroTillt, Mty 4, 1856, N9. Charltt R. 
Maynard to Mitt Martha 1. Vtleh. 

MATO-DUCH, At ShatU, at tht Ward Eoatt, Oot. 16, 1856, 
Mr. i.. B. Mayo to Mitt Dioy Dixon. 

NoAIUN-tnODDI, In San Trtnoitoo, Jan« 1, 1856, by tht Rtr. Mr. 
Ingoldtby, Mr. Eobtrt MoAdaa to Mitt Nary J. C^rttn. 

NdBRin, MISS MART CATHZRIIZ, Stt Mr. Tranoit Dillard Eolsan. 

MtOABE, MISS HXLV, Stt Mr. Vli. J. Patttrtoa. 


NeCABTHT, KISS ZLUOr, 8«« Mr. John 7* 0. Mahon. 

NoOABTET, MISS JAKE, S«« Mr. John aioaton. 

NoOABTHT-STBTSOH, At Vashin^on, D. C. March 4, 1856, hy 
Rot. Mr. froneh. Bar. Dr. John McCarthy of Tort VanoouTor, 
OrosoBf ^0 Mioa Satun WilliaBO Stotaon, of Charloaton, Matt. 

MoOASmZT, MISS S., Sot Mr. Sllat Ohapaan. 

NcOASTT, MISS JQHABHAH, Stt Mr. Thowit McTtrxT. 

NcOAKTT, MISS MAOOIX, Stt Oapt. C. K. Eotaling. 

MoOADUET-ROSI, At MoCartytTlllt, Santa Olara Co., Got. 30, 
1896, Mr. OtOTgt MeOaolty to Mitt Satan Rott* 

NcCLATCHT-RXRT, In Saeraatnto, lor. 4^ 1856, Mr. Jaatt 
MoClatohy to Mrt. I. J. Tttny. 


MeCOBMICK-BROWI, At Orwiitt Hill, n Dorado Co., Jnly 10, 
1856, Mr. Jaaea MoConlok to Mist Mary X. Broim. 

MoCULLEV-KIZOV, At NarTtrillt, Mareh 35, 1856, "by Rot. Ptttr 
Ma^agnotto, Mr. Miohatl MoOulltn to Mitt Mary lizon, "both 
of that city. 

MoOTJLLOOH, MISS ISABELLA, Stt Oapt. Ctorst Otd^« 

MoOULLDN, MISS 0. A., Stt Mr. P.V.T.Middltti«orth. 

NoCROBT-BDSH, Aug. 14, 1856, at Saimn 7allty» Mr. Saaotl 
MoCrory to Mitt Xlltn Rath. 

NoBUnXL-RIOH, At Ororillt, Oot. 9, 1856. Mr. Thonat 
MeDanitl to Mrt. Margartt Rioh. 

MoDIXX-SLATER, At Saoraatnto, Jtdy 4, 1856, Mr. Ednond H, 
MoDikt to Mitt 1. Slattr. 

MoDOHALD-BASSSTT, In thit oity, Stpt. 14, 1856, hy tht Rtr. 
Mr. Dtal, Mr. Charltt McDonald to Mitt Sarth Battttt, aU 
of thit oity. 

NoOOVAI-THI, In thit oity. May 4, 1856, hy Rtr. Dr. 

In^lttliy, Mr. John D. MoGowan to Mitt Xlt.-uior D. Tinn, 
hoth of thit city. 

MeORaOOR-SIMPSOV, In thit city, Stpt. 10, 1856, by Rtr. Dr. 
Seott, Mr. Jottph MoOrtgor to Mitt fanny Sinpton. 

MoORXV, MISS PHOU, Stt Mr. John q. Litlt. 


NeOUIBX-CCiTXI, At 8aorui«nto, 8«pt* 23, 1856, Mr. Jaamn 
NeChiir* to Nitt Maxy J. Coff««. 


KfXSKHAH-ALLOI. At AaTmrn, Magr 8, 1856, Mr. Ifo, A. MiXtthan 
to Miss M. A. All«a. 

NoOHZn-MILLSR, In thif city, in Calrary Cfaoreh, by th« 

Bmt, Dr. Soott, March 1, 1856, 7ofnntaixi S« NoKansi*, Sta*t 
of Jofforion Oitj, Mlitoorl, to Mis« Mary A, Mlllor, of 

MoXOrzn, MRS. M. a., Soo a. forboo, Xoq. 

NeEERR, MISS SARAH (Soo MeKov), Soo Mr. Thoiaat Andorooa. 

MoXXV, MISS SARAH (Soo MoEZRR), Soo My. Thomao Andorson. 

MoXIinJCT-VZILIAMS, In thif eity, Tob. 9, 1856, Iqr Rot. Mr. 
Mooihako, John E. MoKinloy, Xoq. , to Mro. Matilda C. 
Williaai, all of thio oity. 

MoXDX, MISS 2LIZABSTH, Soo Mr. Joha Ho^hof. 

MeMAEOir, MISS MART, Soo Mr. John (^lina. 

MoXAKB, MISS 1., Soo Mr. A. Oady. 

MoHARRT, MISS JAU, Soo Mr. Halooy D. W. Adamo. 

MeVIOQL, MISS SARAH, Soo ^T. Thoaao Oravford. 

MeVOLTT, MISS AIHA BILLA, Soo ^. Bonard Ha^^aa. 

MelULTT-BEIJaUP, la Saa Traaoiooo, Xoh. 5, 1856, Dr. Jaaoo 
MoiValty to Mioo Anna X. Bolknap. 

MoFHIUJPS, MISS 7AXHT, Soo ^r. Q. A. Lolaad. 

MoTXREI-MoCASTT, la thio eity, July 4, 1856, hy tho Rot. 
Mr. In^ldohy, Mr. Thoaao Mo7orry to Mitt Johannah 

MXAD-SXARS, In thit eity, Maroh 31, 1856, hy Rot. Dvight 
Hunt, Mr. Varron B. Moad, of Saa Xraaeiteo, to Mits 
Sarah J. Soaro of BantTillo, H. T. 

MXADOVORAIT, MISS AMXLU 1., Soo ^. DaTid J. Hohtoa. 

NXAIS, MISS HRH, Soo ^r. Jaaot ^iadoll. 

NXAXS, MISS MART E., Soo ^r. William Olaokia. 

MXXK, MISS MATTII A., 8oo Mr. DoVitt 0. Baxain«aM. 


lOQKS-BOTD, In Saoram«nto, Jtui* 3, 1856, by th« R«t. Mr. Bakar, 
Mr. Washin^OB M««kt to Mitt Mary Jan« Boyd, all of Sae*to. 

MELSIHO-SCEiaRIV, March 33, 1856, by th* R«t. An^ttut KollxMr, 
Mr. (kuitaT* M«lfiag to Miti nisa Sohvtrin, all of this city. 

MXLTILL2, NI8S CATHERIKE, S«« Mr. Robort Thoarpton. 

NII3XX3IJL, MISS laHACU, &•• Mr. S. Shirley. 

NniEl, XI8S 8ARAE, S«« Mr. Oagrton M. Eantr. 

imrOII-BHADr, in thit city. Dm. 24, 1856, by th« R*t. A. 

M«raslci, Mr. Ho^ Monton of Santa Clara to Mit« Nary Brady, 
fomorly of HaTsn, Oo. Icath, Ireland. Dublin pap«r« coxiy. 

MXBdD, MISS MABIA, S«« Mr. John Rains. 

NXROHAIRP-ASirOLD, In Shasta, Tsb. 10, 1856, Rst. X. Merchant 
to Miss Mary Arnold, fomsrly of Nsv Tozlc Stats. 

NnOHAlfr, MISS JABS, Sss Mr. Vicholls. 

mttlO-EilLLOGG, At Trcka, Nor. 14, 1856, Mr. I. 0. Nsssso, of 

WsttTsrrills, to Miss L. J. Esllofig of Trska. 

NBS8XR, MISS LADBA J., Sss Mr. Oharlss 0. Stsrsns. 

MBOTB-WHITl, In this city, April 28, 1856, by Bar. DrJ 
Andsrson, Mr. Tsliz J. Msttss of San Pablo to Miss 
Margarst Julia Vhits, all of this city. 

MSrmZ-BOSS, in San Tranoisoo, Tsb. 39, 1856, Mr. Osorss 
Distrioh Nsttsts to Miss Hslsns Ohristins Boss. 

MXTZRATE, MISS MKA, Z— Mr. Xmst Christian Eosgsr. 

MZOLI-KOHLEB, Dse. 3, 1856, by D.H.Hanrahan, Jntties of the 
Psaos, Mr. Jacob A. Msfoli of San I'ranoisoo, to Miss Ikaa L. 
Eohlsr, lats of Vev Tork City, N. T. papers please copy. 

NXIZB^VXIBTBADB, In this city, Joly 6, 1856, by Est. Samel 
Lery, Mr. C. Meyer to Miss Louiaa Weintraub. 

NXHR, miss CATHZRIHI, see Mr. Charles Vsstphal. 

fcaxjm-WALTBR, In San francisoo, Jan. 38, 1856, by Justice 
Oastree, Mr. Henry Meyer to Miss Sophia Walter, all of 

NITXRS, MISS LlZZn, See M7. I. m. Abraats. 
MZTIRS, MISS SARAH H. , See ^. Jaaee Saviels. 

MIDDELHOTT-DOSNAI, In this city, July 3, 1856, by Rsy. Aa«ustus 
lellner, Mr. aexiiard Middelhoff to Niat Mina Dosnan, all of 
this city. 


NXIXDEJTOV. MISS ABHA N. , S«« ^r. J. A. M<mss«ll. 

NXDSURCW, MISS FASHT, S*« Mr, Antonio B. Samson. 

MISIlLXTCff-TXTITPIXRHEf In this oltj, Jul/ 6, 1856, Mr. Frank 
Middlaton to Mra. Marj Potitpiarra of Nav Orlaana, 

MIDIXJSVQBTH-MoCnLLDN, In Shasta, Fa%. 14, 1856, Mr. 
P.T.T.Middlasvorth to Miss C. A. MoCulltui. 

NILAjr, MISS ILLEH, Saa Mr. John R. SnlllTan. 

MXLES-OIBBOVS, In this olt/, Maj 8, 1856, Valtar Mllai, Ziq., 
to Mrs. Martha Oi'b'bons, of Troy, Hav Tork, tj tha Rmr, \hi. 

MILLSa, MISS FAHUT, Saa Mr. Conradus da I«rga. 

NIIUBRy MISS FAnrr, Saa Mr. Josaph Pnrrin^on. 

MILLER, MISS HSUOI, Saa Mr. Vk. Bxwidon. 

MXLLXR, MISS IDA, Saa Mr. Augustus Laschinliy. 

MILLER-ISAI, At Tallajo, Oet. 16, 1856, Mr. John S. Millar, 
to Miss Ssthar C. Daan. 

MILLXR, MISS MART ALICX, Saa Mr. Orriok Johnson. 

MILLXE, MISS MART A., Saa Fountain S. Melansia, Xsq. 

MILLER-TURHR, In San Franeisoo, Fab. 11, 1856, hy R9T. 
Briarly, Mr. Ite. Millar to Miss Ann Maria Tumar. 

MILLIKH, miss X., Saa Mr. Jaaas H. Tumar* 

MILLS, MISS RDTH X., Saa Mr. Oaorga Botohford. 

NIXXR, MISS SARAH, Saa ^r. Montgonaxy Oodla/* 

MIVTOV-CRAXX, In Alaaada, at tha housa of tha hridaU fathar 
by Rar. X.S.Lao/, Mr. Halson Minton to Miss Augusta Crana, 
daogbtar of Judga Orana. Papar of Oct. 14, 1856. 

MITCESLL-THOMPSOI, At Salt Laka Oit/, Hot. 15, 1855, hy Mr. 
Fradsriek Augustus Hanwn, Mr. Frank Mitohall to Miss 
Margarat Thoaipson. 

MITOHXLL-TQLLON, Maj 18, 1856, hy tha Rar. tAs. V.Snith, Oapt. 
Isaiah Mitohall of Diahlo Tallaj to Mrs. Carolina Tollua of 
San Franoisco. Hav Tork and Philadalphia papars plaasa oopf, 

MITOHXL, MISS MART JAXX, Saa ^r, Jaaas V. DingMn. 

MITCHZLL, MISS S., Saa ^r. X. B. Banjaain* 

NITCUJUX, MISS 8A2UE I., S— Mr, a«orst Hil«7. 

MJOnSUCTS, MISS EAHHAE, S«t ^r. Hvinrioh Ati^ait Oallixoa. 

NOHXT-BXHOUD, At Biasond Spring, T9h^ 9, 1856, Mr. John 
1« Moa«t to Milt Roso Honoud, both of Franoc. 

NOIHOT-aABATSL, In thit city, S«pt. 18, 1856, at tho offloo of 
J. L. Nartol, hj X. V.Snith, I«q., Mr. Jaan Clacuda Moxmot to 
RotaXi* RAbatol, >>oth of OalOand. 

MQIE0S-ORZ17BI, In this eity, S«pt. 23, 1856, "bj tha Bar. 
Taihar Oallaghar, Ool. IT. P« Monroa, of Ooluai Countx, to 
Mill JulU X. Griffin, hoth of thii eit/. 

NQHILOV, MRS. CAISXRIXX, 8aa Mr. laaai M. Jackioa. 

NOOirr-HANKIIS, In Saeraaanto, Dae. 24, 1856, Mr. M. L. Moody 
to Mill Margarat H. Eavkini. 

MOOR-VORrOX, In thii city, April 24, 1856, Dy Rar. S. S. Lacy, 
Capt. Villiaa E. Moor to Min Laoia Horton of Buffalo, H.T. 

NOOBX-OIIJUX, At San Juan, March 26, 1856, hy RaT, J. Patit, 
Mr. Bathaal E. Moora to Miss Xliia E. Gilaan. 

MOORX-TIIMXLI., In Vaihin^on Co., 0. T., Oct. 16, 1856, Mr. 
Jamai E. Moora to Miia Polly C. Tidvall. 

MOOBX, MISS HXEXOCA, Saa ^r. Manly Cox. 

MOOBX-BOREX, At San Josa, Jtma 14, 1856, Mr. Thooai V. Moora 
to Mill Ma^sdalina Borka. 

MQRAX, MISS ORACX W., U9 ^r. Charlai R. Pika. 

MOBOAX, MISS XLIZAXBFE, Saa ^. Staphan M. Eann*. 

MOBaAX-XOTXS, In Loi An«alai Co., May 10, 1856, Mr. 7ranklin 
Norean to Min Martha J. Xoyai. 

MOBRZZX-SEEPESR]), Get. 8, 1856, hy tha Rar. Mr. Banton, 
Charlai ^mll, Xaq. , to Min Xliiahath Shaphard, both 
•t thii city. 

MQRRXXJ., MISS MART, Saa Mr. Nathiai Sallantina. 

MOTEXKUXLL-Ainai, Ane. 31a 1856, by tha ^oa. J. 8. Pitiar, 
Mr. T. Motharwall to Miai Xliia Aidan, all of thii city. 

MOUITJOT, MISS MART X., Saa Dr. A. Claxk. 

MOUSXLL-MIUnLXTOX, At Maryirilla, April 39, 1866, Mr. J« A. 
Mouial to Mill Anna Middlaton. 


NOOTH, MISS ANAHTA L., S«« Dr. A. R. Plarlt. 

MOVZa, KISS, S«« Mr. John V. Shav. 

KUVOTGV-PABISE, At Yoloano, Jiin« 19, 1856, Mr. DnnUl 

Nazkoton of Toloano, to Mitt Sarth N. Parlth of BroimtTlllt« 

KDVSf-VIIXR, In San 7rancitoo, Jan. 1, 1856, \fr ^t* ^r* 
Moothaka, Mr. Alport Mandt to Mlti Sophlt Waiar. 

KUVSIL-TBOro, Aa«« 27, 1856, at Oharokaa, Ora^n Toimthip, 
Mr. John Mont 11 and Mitt TTphtmii Trond, all of Ora^n 
Tonnthip, Buttt Count/. 

MUKSOV, MISS LOISA, Sao Mr. Jaaot tJrtn. 

NDRSCr, MRS. M. A., Saa Mr. J. W. Shltldt. 

MOBPHT-COSOROn, In Marlon Co., 0. T., Hot. 24, 1856, Mr. 
Andrav Murplgr to Mitt Xliia'btth Cot^roro. 

MURPET, MISS SUJOr, Sao ^r. Jaatt Hontar. 

NURPHT, MISS MART, Saa ^torga lltmln^, Itq. 

MJSSO-VIDISH, At Saeraatnto, April 15, 1856, tj Rar. Mr. 
Shnolc, Mr. L. Motto of Saoraaanto, to Mitt Anna Widdtn, 
of HavbtLTTport, Maat. 

lAIL, MISS ANASBA N., Saa Mr. Htnxy P. Palton. 

HEALT-OOT, At Cottonvood, Sept. 4, 1856, Mr. 0. Naaly to 
Mitt Mar7 ^t, all of Shin^lttown. 

HXALOV, MISS MABOABK, Saa Mr. Jotoph Paint r. 

IZLSCV, MRS. ASI, Saa Mr. J. E. Stoith. 

IZLSOH, MISS AXB M. , Stt Mr. Mm. Edalttin. 

ULSOH, MISS ASIA, Saa Mr. John lalson. 

OLSOl, K£18«' BirST P. , Saa ^r. Niehaal Shaa* 

IXLSGV-CLANSKN, In thit citj, Oct. 30, 1856, ^ tht Rar. 
Ao^ottut Kallnar, Mr. Chariot Htlton to Mitt Mtthar 
Olanaan, both of thit oitj. 

nUGV-nLSOV, in thit eity, Sapt. 21, 1856, hy Rar. T. 
Moothakt, Mr. John Htlton to Mitt Anna Htlton. 


KXVBIIX-BOZJCSS, In Santa Clara Co., Hay 10, 1856, Mr. P.H. 
KaWbill to Miat Loo/ T. Eolsot, all of Potalxuaa. 

Willi, MZSS MART R., Saa Mr. (%arlaa A. Hant. 

IBVIZX-IX777, In thia city. May 15, 1856, "by Rar. R. P. Ontlar, 
Mr. Vk. lavall (Of tha fin of Lant, Hai#all and Co.) to 
Nlaa Louiaa M. C. Doff, both of thia oity. 

IXVIBQHAM, MISS MART, Saa Mr. Riohard H. Laa. 

nVLAHD-ALLER, In San Traneiaeo, at Calraxy Chnroh, I^h. 10, 
1856, by tha Rar. V. A. Soott, Mr. Idvard Ravlazid of San 
Traxioiaco, to Miaa Oatharina Allan of Hav Tork. 

nWMAI, MISS HZZABSTH, Saa Mr. R. P. Tuokar. 

nifMARX, MISS MiTZLDA, Saa Mr. M. Xr«Mr. 

SXVTOK-TOD, At Tiotoria, Yanooarar'a laland, Sapt. 30, 1856, 
by Rot. X. Crid^, Villiaa Hanzy, aon of In. Havton, £aq. , 
to liMalina Jaan, dan^tar of Eon. 3. Tod, lata of tha 
Bodaon Bay Co. 

KICEOLLS-MEROHAliT, April 5, 1856, by tha Rar. Tathar aallagfaar, 
Mr. Vicholla to Miaa Jana Marohant, both of thia eity. 
Vav York Ha raid and Qydnay finpiro plaaaa copy. 

VICHOLS-TISDALX, In San Tranoiaoo, Jan. 2, 1856, by Rar. Mr. 
Cutlar, Mr. Aboo R. Hiohola to Miaa l^mM J. Tiadala, both 
of San Tranoiaoo. 

nCHOLSOI, MISS TRAKCXS, Saa Mr* J. H. Laaaitor. 


nSSUCR, MISS MART, Saa Mr. John Mayor. 

HIZOI, MISS MART, Saa Mr. Miohaal NoOollon. 

lOBLI-TOOBO, At tha fanaar*a Hoaaa, (Long Bar and Tuba Road), 
loT. 27, 1856, by J. J. Kirkpatriok, Mr. Jaaaa H. Kobla 
of larada to Miaa Larinia L. Toong of Tuba Oo* 

IQRMAR, MISS SOU, Saa Mr. Riohard S. Lindaay. 

lORRIS-AHIXRSOI, At Oakland, April 27, 1856, by Ray. Saa. B. 
Ball, Xdnard Horria, Baq. , of Shaata to Miaa Maty Andaraon 
of San Tranoiaoo. 

lORRIS, MISS JAXI, Saa Mr. 0. a. 1Xiry«a. 

lORTOI, MISS LUOn, Saa Cacptain Yilliaa E. Moor* 



KOtOELL-STARIVXATEXa, In Stockton, March 11, 1856, Mr. \ta. E. 
HoiMll to Mitt Ann 0. Stairkwoathor, of HorthaiBpton, Matt. 

VOVLH, MRS. CARGLnOB, Soo Mr, Abrahaa Good* 

F0TX8. MISS MABTEA J., Soo Mr. 7rMiklin Moz«*n. 

HUQIRT-OQI, In San Tranoisoo, Jan. 22, 1856, 'by tho Rot. 
E. P. Galla^or, Mr. John Ihi^ont of Baltimoro, Md. , to 
Mitt Nill07 Goz of Utiea, K. T. 

lUEAV, MRS, MART, So« Mr. Jaaoo P. OoodBUOi. 

lUTTUG, MISS 8USAE, Soo ^r. Sanaiol Lorinc. 

0IBRIZN-J0R12AN, In thit cit/, March 17, 1856, Mr. John 0*Bri«n 
to Mitt Rota Jordan. 

'BRIXK-OROCTARD, In San 7raneitco, March 4, 1856, tiy Rtr. 
Bithop Kip, Mr. J. T. 0*Britn of Vathin^on Cit7 to Mrt. 
M. A. Orouard of JaektonTlllt, 71a., daughttr of Gol. Ryan 
of thit oitj. 

OiBRnEE-PITZPATRIOK, In San Tranoiteo, Magr 6, 1856, hy Rot. 
Mr. Oalla«^r, Mr. Miehaal H. 0*Britn to Mitt Margartt 
I. Pitspatrick, hoth of thit city. 

0*IX)HNIIJr-Oimn, In Plaotrrillt, July 37, 1856, hy Rot. 

Pathar Rinordan, Mr. John 0*I>onnoll to Mitt Sannah 0*Xaoft, 
all of thit city. 

OOAI, MISS Z. P. , Sto Mr. Hanzy Tartar. 

OOILTIX, MISS QPEXLT X., Saa ^r. Prank Parlay. 

0*EAIR, MISS OATHZRISX, Saa Mr. Jaaiaa Vood. 

OiRARRA, MISS MARaARET, Saa Mr. Andrav A. Loudarhaok. 

OEM, MISS CAROLIRX, Saa Mr. Otto Vaitaioh. 

QinXPE, MISS HAHHAH, Saa ^r. John QiDonnall. 

OUVULD, MISS LATTrA HO\CARD, Saa Mr. Xdaond Oaca. 

aunOE-SISOUTIK, in thit city, Dae. 19, 1856, by Juttica 
Vhitinc, Mr. Motat Oitnick to Mitt Laa SiacuTin. 

OLMffTXAD-CBasOV, At Ratarroir Hill, Udorado Oo., Jxtlj 22, 
1856, Mr. R. E« Olmttaad to Mitt Mary N. Oruaon. 

QiRXILy MISS MARIA, Saa Mr. Paol Hay. 

OimL-LAYIDSOH, In Tuba Co., Jon* 6, 1856, Mr. Ro^trt 0*I«iI 
of OroTlllo to Mitt Almlra Dftridton. 

0B08C0, MISS DOIA HA7ACLA, 8tt Mr. R. Y. Bancroft. 

0*ROUBEX-HAOAK, In Saoramanto, Dto. 8, 1856, 'bj Bar. ^athtr 
Carton, Mr. Patrick O^Eouxkt to Mitt Brid^t Ba^an. 

ORTIZ, MISS MARU DEL BUTiaiO, Stt Mr. Xlttj B. Villiaat. 

OBTLIT, NIS8 SUSAN 1., Sat Mr. Hanry F. Lal>an. 

OSBQRV, MISS CAROLIIIX ▲. , Sat Mr. Lari Wlltaj. 

OSTXR, MISS XLISX, Sta Mr. John XoblBoot. 

Otm, NI88 MARQABST, Saa Mr, Oattart Brohatka. 

OVn, MRS. LZNIRA BIIL, Saa Mr. Jaaat Spaar. 

OVnS-TIMMORS, In Sonora, April 24, 1856, Mr. Torrtnca Ovtnt 
to Mitt Ann Tiawnt. 

FAOZT-ESnJiT, In San Franoitoo, Jan. 8, 1856, tj Rar. Mr. 
Oallaghtr, Mr. Xdward H. Paoa7 to Mitt Ulan Xallj. 

PAOnBB-lALXLXT, At Tablt Bluff, Etmboldt Co., Sapt. 30, 1856, 
Mr. XlMr Paekar to Mitt Itabtlla Balklajr. 

PAIXK-OILLSSPH, in thit oit7, Oct. 23, 1856, at St.Nary*t 
Oathadral, Mr. X. C. Padan to Mitt Mary aillatpia. 

PAaX-JZncnrS, At Don£p.att Flat, Aq^. 5, 1856, Lavit Pa^a, Xtq., 
to Mitt Franott Jankint. 

PALMXR-FEPPXR, At Aabum, Maj 12, 1856, Mr. Charlat T. Palaar 
to Mitt Antoinatta M, Ptppar. 

PAUaDrRXALOH, At Saoraatnto, Jont 19, 1856, Mr. Jotaph Palaar 
to Mitt Margarat Naalon. 

PALMXR, MISS BTBICOA a., Saa Mr. Itraal W. Xnoz. 

PARISH, MISS SARAH N., Saa ^r* Dtnial Muneton. 

PARK, MISS IROn ▲., Sat ^r. Itaao Tripp. 

PARX-SETZRAHCI, In Honolulu, S. I., Jan. 15, 1856, Va. C.Paxk, Rtq. , 
Marthall of tha Hawaiian Itlandt, to Annit, only dau^ttr of tha 
lata Hon. Lathar Sartranoa, forBtrly Coasittionar of tha Unitad 
Siatat to tha Hawaiian CtoTamaant. 

PAREKR, NI88 ISIFHIXI, Saa Mr. Hanry Balryapla* 

PAHKZR, MISS MART, Saa Mr. Ro^rt Staranton. 



PAffl-FZfTOV (PSXTOI). In OatTal*, Staaiilaut Oountjr, J9b. 
17, 1856, Mr. iltzandtr Pa%« to Mitt Z« L« PtrtoB, (or 

PATl-JBOKAI, At Chloo, Sept. 26, 1856, Mr. Alphtut Fatt to 
Mitt Xliiaboth TroMA. 


FATTiaSOV, MISS BXLUB 0., Soo Hon. T. D. H«iik*ll. 

PATTZaSGV-McOABS, In Marjirillo, Sept. 12, 1856, tj tho Rrr* 
Potor Ma^ocnotti, Mr. J. Patt«r«on to Mitt Htltn MoCa^. 

PATTXRSCar, MISS MAET 0., Stt ^r, Thonat Sptnoor. 

PAZSOar, MISS PAinnX X., St« Mr. John Adaat. 

PXACHT, MISS MATTIl, Stt Mr. £• V. Sttrontoa. 

PIARSOV, MRS. ISABXLLA, Sto Mr« John Shtrlook Wilton. 

FXASLET, MISS OATEABIHS, Stt M^, q^ if, Chrittian. 

P£OX->VIZHXIiII , At Shair*t Hat, Stpt. 28, 1856, Mr. Chariot 
Ptek to Mitt Bertha Viihtlni. 

PZLTQN-KAIL, At Aqotdoot City, Aaador Oo., Stpt. 28, 1856, 
Mr. Htni7 P. Ptlton to Mitt iaanda M. Vail. 

FJUUUBHl'U! -PHILLIPS , At Qratt Tall«7, Au«. 31, 1856, hy Rtr. 
J. 0. Halt, Mr. John Ponbtrthy to Mitt Sliiahtth Ann 

PmnQAST-LTICH, At Salinat, Voir lortc. Hot. 5, 1856, by 
Rrr. John Eaolcttt, Mr. Oharltt H. Ptndtrgatt of Baltinort 
(lat« of San Franoitoo) to Louisa J., yooni^tt dao^ttr 
of jMMt Ljnch, Xtq., of tht foxatr plaot. 

PXaSLL-GODR, In thit eitj, at Trinity Choroh, Aa«;. 13, 1656, 
try RtT. S. Ohipaan Thmll, Mr. J. T. Ponntll to Mitt Minna 
Ooktn, hoth of San Pranoitoo. 

PXITXR, MISS XLIZABZTE, Stt Mr. Tranklin Bortt. 

PXPRI« MISS AFTOIHSTTE M. , Stt Mr. Oharlat T. Falmtr. 

PiaiXOV, MISS Amu, Stt ^r. OuttaTt Vinttr. 

PEBinrS, MISS XLOZRA, Stt Mr. D. 0. Vallaot. 

PmODIKE-TILADA. In thit oity, March 28, 1856, hy Juatict 
Lavrtnot Ryan, Mr. John Ptrrodint to Mitt Doratha Tilada. 


-UBZ(Sr, In SaoraB«nto, Naj 1, 1856, at th« r«tid«not 
of 0«orB« 0. "P^rrr, 'by th« Rl^t R«t. W. Xn^rahm Kip, 
Mr. Chariot L. Pony of Jackson, Amador Co., to Mif« 
nisaboth Vright of Saoranonto. 

PIBir-7ALL0V, In SaoTamonto, Jan. 7, 1856, \j Rot. 7athor 
^lian, Mr. John Porry to Niit Margarat Fallon. 

PZTITPIXBRI, KR8. MART, Soo Mr. Frank Niddloton. 

FlffOV (FXTTCar), MISS S. L., Soo Mr. Alaxandor Pata. 

PITTGV-VAUCEH, In lona Citj, Jan. 8, 1856, Mr. Villlaa 
Payton to Mill An^rlrania Valkor, l»oth of lona City. 

PHZLAH-GALLOOLT, Jma 10, 1856, at the Cfaareh in San Diogo, 
JoroBiah H. Phalan, 3d. Artillory, IT. S. A., to Mist Naxy 
Oallocly, 'both of Nioiion Dioeo. 

PEIIBRIOX, MISS, HAITKAH I., Sao Mr. A, J. Van Winklo. 

PHULXPS, MISS XLIZABXTH Am, Sao Mr. John Ponborthy. 

PHILLIPS-^AQqxs, At Salt Laka City, Doe. 20, 1856, Mr. 
Matthav 0. D. Phillips to Miss Susan Jaquas. 

PIOOT, MISS AXHA, Saa Mr. Charlas Tooaans. 

PZnOB-IBIBfll, At Brixton, By Ooorga 0. Barry, Xsq. , Mr. 
J. P. Hanxy Hiehols Piaroa to Miss M&rgarat Braasa, hoth 
of Saoraaanto. Papor of Au£. 12, 1856. 

PIXX-MOEIAI, In Saeraaanto, Sopt. 30, 1856, hy tha Bar. Via. H. 
Hill, Mr. Charlas &. Pika to Miss Qraoa W. Moran, all of 

PIHIXLL-M&AHS, Jnna 5, 1856, "by tha Eav. Dr. Soott, at tha 
rasidsnea of tha hrida's fathar. Major H. Maans, of 
AlaMda Co., Mr. Jaisao Pindall to Miss Battia Maans. 

PIUHAM, MISS DOBA 0., Saa Mr. Andrav J. Chasa. 

PITMAS-KUHZT, At Honoliau, Aug. 5, 1856, Mr. Bonjaaia 
Pitaan to Mrs. M. L. Kinnay. 

PITT8-LTHCH, In this city, Jona 19, 1856, hy Bar. Mr. Thoaaa, 
Mr. V. K. Pitts to Miss Sarah Lynch. 

PITT8-PBXT08T, In Sonora, Doc. 16, 1856, Mr. Abnar Pitts to 
Miss Annia Prorost, all of Sonora. 

PLARIS-MOOTH, In Vav York, Jan. 1, 1856, Dr. A. R. Plaris 
•f Saoraaonto, Cal., to Miss Aaanda L., dan^tar of Dr. 
Fowlar Noath of Indiana, Monroa Co., Ta. 


PLOMMXR, MISS IMMA A., $•• Mr. H«iix7 S. Taft. 

PLTMHEB^VILSOI, At Cofcom^t, Maj 18, 1856» Mr. 0. Pliumar 
of Villov Spring*, Aaador Co., to Nary L. Yiltoa of tha 
formar plaoa. 

POLIARD, KISS MAIITHA, Saa Mr. Mm, Jaaa ton. 

POLLOCK, MISS AXH, Saa Mr. John M. Corbatt. 


PONIROT-LOV, At Albany, H.T., Jan. 31, 1856, tj &•▼. J. H. 

Oaapball, T. 8. Poaoroy of Crateant City, Cal., to Itaballa C.Lov, 

POMROT, MISS 1. A., Sao Mr. Charlat S. Vood. 

POaa-fBZRCE, At Eonoltdu, S.I., Maroh 13, 1856, Mr. Hanry 7.Poor 
to Carolina, daa^tar of tha lata Wa, Traneh, Stq. , 
Boston papara plaatt oopy. 

POBCEXa-SPORHSIMZR, In thii eity. May 14, 1856, by tha Ear* 
Aogattut Kallnar, Mr. Potor Poreher to Miat Maxgaratha 
Sponhalmar, both of thia elty. 

POBTXR, KISS N. K,, Saa Mr. John Kandall. 

POBTXa-MoITOa, At tha Saaaan^s Bathal, in thit city. May 27. 
1856, Mr. B. J. Portar to Mitt Xlisabtth Vinton Nolror, 
both of Tarsonth, Hoya Sootia« 

POTTSa, MISS AXI, Saa 0. V. Baid, Xtq. 

POVXLL, MISS MABGABSr, Saa Mr. Samal B. Raad. 

PRATT-CLAICT, In thit city, April 15, 1856, by Rar. Hathar 
Oalla«har, Mr. Jaaiat Pratt, printar, to Mitt Kata Clanoy. 

PBAfT, MISS JflOnZF, Saa Mr. Jasat Dal^ardno. 

FmnCB, MISS MABTHA C, Sta Mr. Hat. Holaat. 

PBISSKT-TOUffTAIir, la Portland, 0. T., Oct. 30, 1866, Mr. X. B. 
Prattay to Mrt. Ptaaa Toantain. 

PBITTTMAV-iaanaSOV, At Portland, 0. T«, Sapt. 7, 1856, Mr. D.T. 
Prattyaan to Mitt Satan J. Ranniton. 

PHITOST, MISS AIBIB, Sao ^r. Abnar Pittt. 

PRXYXTT, MISS MXLIinCA 1., Saa Mr. JaMt Tavall. 

PBICX-COCK, In thit city. Hot. 23, 1856, by Rot. Dr. Biaa, 
Mr. Banjaain Prioo to Mitt D. Cook, all of thit city. 
BaltiBoro and Cincinnati p*port plaata oopy. 


FRIlEiK-ViBBII, In 11 Dorado Co., Ang, 3, 1856, tj C. Eiz, 
Juttiet of tb« Pmoo, Mr. H. A. Pridhm to Mrs. A« B. 
Warr«n, both of Saonnonto City. 

PBQBST-HOir, At Shav*f Tlat, Oct. 3, 1856, Mr. John Probit 
to Milt Ohrittina Hoff . 

PBOCTQR, MISS MABTEA ASH, Saa Mr. «i. S, Vri«^t. 

PHOrnCl, KISS XLIZABBTH, Saa Mr. Andrav Smith. 

PURSr, MISS MART 1., Saa I. H. Eod^i, laq. 

PUERnXsTOV-MILLXR, In thia eitj, Sapt. 22, 1856, by Ear. Dr. 
Seott, Mr, Jotaph Porrin^on to Miti Taanj Millar. 


PTJTHAM-LBEIHT, At Maryirilla, May 15, 1856, Mr. Alfrad 
Putnai to Miaa Patianoa Lahart. 

QIJUr-ATEXRTOV, In thia city. Hot. 1, 1856, at tha raiidanea 
of <7. H. DuPont, by tha Rar. X. Bannistar, Jamas R. ^lin, 
of Saeramanto City, to Miaa M. Abbia Atherton of Caabrid^, 

q^TIX-NeMAHGV, At Saoramanto, Oct. 13, 1856, Mr. John ^lin 
to Mra. Mary MoNahon. 

RABiTXL, MISS ROSALIX, Saa Mr. Jaan Clauda Monnot. 

RAGAX, MISS BRIDOXr, Saa Nr. Patrick O'Roarica. 

RAILSBACX-IULMSR, In thia eity. Hot. 9, 1856, by Rar. 8. 
Briarly, Mr. W. H. B&iltbaek of Pataltnut to Mra. Mary 
Jaaa Oripa Tolaar of this city. 
Vav Tork and Indiana papara plaaaa oopy. 

RADTS-MERCXD, At Lot Aagalai, Sapt. 16, 1856, by tha Rar. 
Padra Baho, Mr. John Raint to Miaa Maria Maroad. 

RALLS, MISS 8. M,, Saa Mr. John Holdar. 

XAMXR, MISS MATILDA, Saa Mr. Eanxy Erod. 


RAV0U8-H00D, In thia oity. May 11, 1856, by tha Rav. S. H. 
Villay, Tranolt M. Ranant, Xaq. , to Mitt Mary E. Eood. 

RAID-LAXX, At Saoramanto, Sapt. 8, 1856, Mr. L. T. Rand to 
Mra. A. M. Lana. 

lAIDALL-TOBI, At Toxktoim, S«pt« 18, 1856, Mr. Btzxjaain 
BandAll to Mitt Mar7 ^ozk. 

RAITDIIX-SXAMAH, In Harloi, May IS, 1856, T>7 Rtr. J.S.Lord, 
Mr. Trank M. Randtll of San Franolteo, to Mitt Katt, 
jxmn^tt d&n^ttr of Janet T. Saamazi, of tht formtr plaea. 

RAKSON, MISS JOSEPHnOE, Stt Mr. Loait H. Lnll. 

RATTXHBZRRT-BROOMHEAJ), In Sacramtnto, July 10, 1856, Mr, ^. 

E«nx7 Hattanl>trr7 to Mitt Marj Ann Brooahtad, all of thit olt/. 

RATNOR]}, MISS X. J«» Sta Hon. Mm, P. Dain^rfiald. 

BSDiaOl-VAISMAH, In Diamond Sprln^a* I'tl). 23, 1856, Mr. John A. 
Baddar to Mita Julia A. Wayaman, both of iiddlatotm. 

BSDDISH, MISS MABT I. , Saa Mr. Zabolon Gardnar. 

BUMCnn), MISS MABOABXT, Saa Mr. ^. 7. Shav. 

RIS), NIS8 OAROintX, Saa Mr. Franeia $, aiaelar. 

1IB>-BA0L1T, At Oakland, Oot. 23, 1856, \ij Rav. Jaaaa Piarpont, 
Mr. Charlaa Raad to Mitt Oordalia Ba^la/, "both of Auburn, H.T. 

BUD-POWXLL, At Mittlon Doloraa, V Bar. Mr. Banton, Mr. 

Samal B. Raad to Miaa Margarat Powall, "both of thit oitj. 
(lotiea, Jan. 2, 1856). 

BII8X-HAIX, In Marion Co., 0. T., Kot. 9, 1856, Mr. M. B. 
Raaaa to Mita Aaarioa Hall. 

RXII>-POmR, In Oakland, Dao. 31, 1855, b/ Rar. Mr. Ball, 
0. V. Raid, laq. , to Miaa Ann Pottar, both of Clinton. 


RXIXR, MISS LUISA, Saa ^r. John Luth. 

BinnSOV, MISS SUSAF J., Saa Mr. D. T. Prattynan. 

RZHOOD, MISS ROSX, Saa Mr. John B. Monat. 

RXPKOTr-SXIFKBT, In thit eity, Oot. 19, 1856, by Bar. F. 
Moothaka, Mr. Ao^uttut Rapkoff to Mitt Amalia Saifart. 

BS7XaLB6-ST0«X, In thia eitj, 8apt. 22^ 1856, bj Rar. R. P. 
Out tar, Mr. Thoaat Ra/nolda to Miaa Pranoaa X. Stowa, both 
of thia oitj. 

RIOX, MISS BITTT A., Saa Mr. R. 0. Oaakill. 
RIOB, MRS. MABGARXI, Saa Mr. Thoua MoDanial. 


RICHARDS, NRS. AMXLU, Sm Mr. X. 0. Ttaitr. 

RICHABDSOir-ROSI, At Narjtrill*, Sept. 4, 1856, Mr. ▲. 
RiohATdton to Mrs. Elliab«th Rose. 


RICHIT, MISS JCUQJOilA., S«« ^. Tranols J. HauiBMniiok. 

RICELXT, KISS SARAH S., S«« Mr. WllllMi A. Boat. 

RIXSSSr-GLOTCHXy, In this city, Jtdy 15, 1856, by th« R«t. 
An^atttifl K«iin«r, Mr. Akbui Hainrick Ri«tMn to Mitt 
Dorothea aiotohttn, both of Plaotr Co. 

RIOGS, MISS MART ELIZABETH, Stt ^, J. W. Stbattian. 

RILET-MITOHZIiL, In Sonoa*, at tht M. S. Partona^, Mr. Oaorfft 
Rilty to Mitt Sarah £. Mitohtll, both of SonoMi. (Xotiot, Vtb. 
5, 1856). 

iisDcnr, MISS Elizabeth, stt J. o. Eidridgt, Etq. 

RIX, MISS SARAH P., 8tt ^r. John T. Stortr. 

ROBERT S-EOnMAE, Ftb. 10, 1856, by tht RtT. J. A. Hanna, Mr. 
Otorgt Robtrtt of Corrallit, to Mitt Elitabtth Jant Hoffkian 
of Btnton Co., 0. T. 

KSnTS, MISS LOUISA, Stt Mr. Villiaa H. Johnton. 

ROBSRTSGH, MISS A., Stt Mr. T. Wallaflt. 

laBEKPSCm-CARSWELL, In San 7ranoiteo, Maroh 6, 1856, by Rtr. 
T.D.Hont, Lorin Robtrtton, Etq., of Tuba County, to Mitt 
Htltn Cartvtll, dao^ttr of Otorst Cartvtll, Etq., fomtrly 
of Paitlty, Seotlaxid. 

RQBIESOl, MISS CLARDTDA E., Stt Mr. Robtrt A. Jontt. 


ROBnrsOV, miss MARIA J., Stt ^r. Jottph Tamtvorth. 

R0BII8Q1. KISS MARTHA 0. , Stt Mr. Harry A. Ohaltt. 

ROBIVSQI-STED, In thit eity, by tht Rtr. Mr. Thoaat, at tht 
Tirtt M.E.Chnroh, Stpt. 10, 1856, Mr. Rati Robinton to Mitt 
Tanny Stttn, both of thit city. 

lOBnraCS-flBRIS, in thit city, Junt 16, 1856, by Rtr. Dr. Scott, 
Mr. Villiaa Robinton of San Pranoitoo, to Mitt Margartt 
f trrit of Etv Toxk. 

ROBIISOi-LTMAI, In thit city, at tht Mittion Dolortt, Jtint 21, 
1856, by tht Rav. J. E. Btnton, Mr. \lm. B. Robinton and Mitt 
Phtbt R« LyBan, all of San Pranoiteo. 


BOSS, KISS HSLH CERISTUX, S— Mr. Otorst Blttritoh M«tt«ti. 

ROSSTIR-STUXBI, In S«& Traiioisoo, /•'b. 34, 1856, bj R«t. Mr. 
Moothaka, Mr. Juliua Albert Ro««ter to Mitg Oarolin« Stu«b«« 

ROGZRS-aOTSTOV, In this city, kag, 24, 1856, Mr. Jaeob Hog«rt 
to Mist Xnma Dortoy Roytton. 

ROGIRS-FISHSH, In this oit/, D«o. 15, 1856, ty Jastiot B. 
Canaan, Mr. Jacob Ros«rt of Baltiaor*, Md«, to Mitt 
Adelint 7iahor, formerly of H«v Toric* 
Papart of thoM cititt will plaata oopgr. 

ROGXRS-CAMPEELL, In Sonora, "by Jtittica Sullivan, Au^;. 10, 
1856, Mr. Ril«7 logert to Mill Jannatta Caap'ball* 

ROGZRS-WALBRirOI, In this oitj, at tha raaidanca of Alfrad 
Rix, Xaq. , by X. W, Smith, Saq. , Rutaall K. Rogara to 
Niaa Clara B. Valbridga. Paqpar of Aug. 18, 1856. 

ROLLinaS-LAliaTZir, in DoimiaTilla, May 22, 1856, by tha Rar. 
V.C.Pond, Mr. John A. Rollings to Miss Annia Maria Langtan. 

ROHST-TBni, At Banieia, March 21, 1856, Mr, T« A* Ronay to 
Miss Mary 7. Traa. 

R081, MRS. ELIZABllTH, 8aa Mr. A. Richardson. 

ROSX-lXniD, At Oaldand, May 7, 1856, Mr. Prank Sil^a Rosa of 
Clinton to Miss Susan Xbvd of Boston. 

Ron, MISS MART Aim, Saa Mr. Villiaa Byma. 

ROSE, MISS SaSAI, Saa Mr. Oaorga McCaalay. 


ROSS, MISS CORSILIA I., Saa Mr. Oaorga H. Batlar. 

ROSS, MISS JISSII, Saa ^r. Robart Satharland. 

ROTCEPORD-MILLS, Nay 27, 1856, by tha Rar. Mr. MaoDonald. 
Caorga P. Rotohford, Baq. , of Varada, to Miss Rath X. 
Mills, of Banieia. 

ROTH, MISS CAROLINE, Saa Mr. Niehaal Harris. 

RCCP, MISS SUSAX A., Saa ^T, R« J. Ourby. 

RGUSSXL-SHANXQV, In this city, Jtina 16, 1856, by Rar. Dr. 
Seott, Mr. Onasiaa L. Rouasal to Miss Carolina Shannon. 

ROrSTQV, MISS BOU BORSST, Saa Mr. Jacob Rogars. 

BHIOOS-TLBTCHXa, In San I'ranoiteOt March 10, 1856, tj H«t. 
Dr. Seott, Mr. John Rriggs of OroTllls, to Miss Jans 
Tlstehsr of San Tranolsoo. 

aUDQLPE-SVIlT, In Hsrada, Dse. 14, 1856, Dr. J* Y. Rudolph 
to Mrs. Julia A. Swift. 

HOI, MISS LOUISA V., Ssa Mr. Hsnrj K. Ctumin^s. 

RDGOZLS-vniiS, In Saa Traaeisoo, ?sh. 11, 1856, ty Hsr. Dr. 
Andsrson, Mr. Charlss T. Soiei^sIs of Brid^sport, Ct. to Miss 
Utm, Vills of K«v Tork. 
Isv Toxk papsrs plsass ooxjgr. 

lUFX-SXAVXIL, At Pstalima, Sspt. 4, 1856, Mr. Samsl H. Sops 
to Miss Margarst Ssawsll. 

RUSH, MISS XLLIV, 8s« Mr. Samsl MoOror/. 

HUSX-HEIJi, In Sacramento, Oct. 1, 1856, Mr. Williaa Hsnry 
Rusk to Miss Xlisahsth Ball. 

RnSSEL-BARTLSTT, In Alaasda Oo., Aag. 3, 1856, h/ ths Rsy. 
W. W. Brisr, Jod^ Joss Russsl of Alaasda Co. , to Miss 
Oarolins, dso^tsr of ths lata Thoaas Bartlstt, Hsq. , 
rsosntly of Bangor, Ms. 

BITTLIH, MISS MARTHA X., Sss '^r. Osors* Crssto« 

RTAI-BRAHNAI, Aug. 35, 1856, hy ths Rsv. Jsnss fiantsr, Mr. 
X« J. ^jran of Pstalusa to Miss Sarah Y. Brannan of San 
Tranoiseo, forasrlj of Baltinors, Md. 
BaltiBors papsrs plsass cop/. 

RTAH-CQLBISF, In this oit/. May 11, 1856, hy ths Her. Mr. 
Tallsraso, Mr. Jaass 7. Hgran to Mias Oarolins Colhsrt. 

BIAI-8ERHXWALA, In this oity, Ang. 38, 1856, Mr. Lavrsnos 
Sn>&t ''^'•t ^o Miss A.l.V.Ssnnswala. 

8ABAI, MISS MARU N., Sss Mr. Jsms C. Ongr. 

SACCBTT-OIRDKHS, At Sscrat Rarins, Jan. 17, 1866, Mr. Allan J. 
Saokatt to Miss Mary Iliiahsth Oirdsrs, all of Plaear Oo. 
(Sss also Taokst and Girdar and Qridars). 

ST.JCEH-SATTSRniLD, In Saoraasnto, Jan 8, 1856, hy Rar. Mr. 
Bsnton, Mr. Jaass B. St. John to Mrs. Sarah X. Battsrfisld. 

8ALATTZE-0HASX, At ths Ponsll St. Ohnreh in this eity, hy Rar. 
X. Thoaas, Mr. Prsdariok Salattaa to Miss ftdly P. Ohass, 
Get. 39, 1856. All of this eity.(Saa Havspapar,0ot.30,1856). 


SALCXDO, MRS. XLOIS, S— ^r, Rotario Outada. 

SALOXOO, MISS KARU AMPARA, S— Mr. BartholoBtv Balerino. 

SALLEimiU-MORRXLL , In Saonuunto. ka^^ 12, 1856, Mr. 
NathiM Sallantina to Mitf Narj MorMll. 

SAMSOH-MinnLXTOir, In this city, S«pt. 2, 1856, txy th« Right 
R«T« Biihop Alcmany, Mr. Antonio B, Samson to Mits fanni« 
Middloton, onlT dao^tar of Villiaa H. Niddltton, Xtq., 
BaltiBoro and 'liiladolphia paport plaata copy. 

3AMUXLS-METSRS, At Petalttaa, April 8, 1856, Mr* Jaaoi 
SaBoalt to Mist Sarah H. Msysrs. 

SAHUERS-SVAH, In Shasta Co., Nay 6, 1856, Mr. Oharlss 
Sandsrs to Miss Jans A. Swan. 

SAHI3ERS, MISS MART A., Sss Mr. Hm. J. Ball. 

SABBSRSOBI, MISS MART A., Sss Mr. Israsl Orahaa Knowlss. 

SAHQR, MISS SARAH 7., Sss Mr. 8. P. QmiBsr. 

SAKiaiT-VIBO, In Suison Tallsy, JiOy 17, 1856, Mr. Bails/ 
Sargsnt of San FraAsisco to Miss M. Tranoss ^ord, daughtsr 
of Captain Ving. 

BATTXKnXLD, MISS SARAH 1., Sss Mr. Jainss B. St.John. 

SAVYXR-ORANOiS, In Ksssrills, Vsv Tork, May 28, 1856, Mr. 
I. G. Sawysr of Mokslmms Hill to Miss Jsnnis A. Graogsr. 

8AXTGV, MISS KATE, Sss Mr. Silas Aoshaoody. 

SCHAAP, MISS ZLXZA A. C, Sss Xbsrt Viss, Is^. 

SOHATTXa, MISS MART A, S«s Mr. John E. Dallison. 

SCHARDIK-STRIDEL, At VsTada, Tsh. 6, 1856, Mr. Habsrttis 
Sohardin of Vsvtoim to Miss Xatharins Stridsl of Vsrada. 

SCHELTXRr-CHASE, In this city, Oot. 39, 1856, at ths Povsll 
St. M.B. Church, hy ths Rsr. I. Thosas, Mr. 7rsderiok 
Sohsltsr to Miss Xsily G. Ohass of lantuekst, Mass.(8sa 

fODIMAI, MISS OATEXRXn, Sss Mr. Conrad WagnsrJ 

SOELXinDr, MISS ZLIZA, Sss Mr. Carl Ban. 

SCHL0SS-80MMER7IXLD, In this oity, Dse. 8, 1856, Mr. M. Schloss 
to Mrs. Xsthsr Soasisrfisld* 

SCHOQLCRAfT, MISS MART, Sss ^r. X. X. Xyrs. 


SCHOTZa-HANILTOV, In thii oit7, JvCLy 2, 1856, bjr th« Bar. 

Jolius lokBan, Raphji«l Soho7«r, Xtq. , to Mitt AnnA Haniiton. 

SCHUIffSB-BOIfXI, In San Franoitoo, Jan. 1, 1856, Mr. Riohard 
Sofaoltsa to Nitt Charity Bowan. 

SCHVABTZ, NI8S CATHABDUL, Saa Mr. Ch&rlaa Olnaraaehar. 

SCEVXail, MISS ILIZA, Saa ^r, OuataTa Malainc* 

SCOHCX, MRS. IMILT ▲., Saa Mr. laaao K. Ibaj* 

SOOTGELXR-TAOOABD, In San Franoiaoo, Dae. 24, 1856, by tha 
Rar. Mr. Cutler, Mr. Joaaph B. Scotohlar to Niaa Ulan N. 
Taj^gard, both of thia city. 

800VT, MISS MAOan: p., Saa Mr. Morton Chaaaman. 

SCOTT, MISS MARTHA J., Saa Mr. JaMa 0. Svaatland. 

SCOTT, MISS MART D., Saa Mr. V. V. Serilmar. 

SCOOLXR-VOLTI, In Qraoa Ohoroh, Sapt. 4, 1856, hy tha Rieht 
RaT. Bishop Kip, Mr. Jamaa Seoolar to Misa I^dia 'Ann Volfa. 

SCRIBRSR-SCOTT, In Aaerioan Tonnahip, Saoraaanto Co., Mr. V. H. 
Sorihnar to Niaa Mary D. Scott. Paper of May 28, 1856. 

SZAMAV, MISS KATZ, Saa Mr. 7rank N. Randall. 

SIABLS-SPRIKas, At Oranita Hill, July 16, 1856, D. Saarli, laa** 
to Miaa Nary Spring. 

SXARS, MISS SARAH J., Saa Mr. Warran B. Naad. 

SXATT-CHAD8XT, In Naryarilla, Naroh 16, 1856, Nr. ▲• Saa^ 
to Niaa An^lina Ohadaay. 


SZBASnAI-RIoas, At Middlatoia, Hot. 6, 1856, hy X.K.Shad.Iaq., 
Mr. J. W. Sahaatian to Niaa Nary Xliiabeth Rigga. 

SXITBff, NISS ANXLIA, Saa ^r. Angoatua Rapkoff. 

8ZLLXR->nii4ZR, In thia city, by tha Rar. H. Bian, Nr. J. Sallar 
to Niaa Roaalia Ulsar. 

nnXVALA, NISS A* X. W., Saa Nr. Lavranoa Ryan, Xaq. 

SXTMOOR-BIHSOV, In thia city, Ang. 21, 1856, by Rar. Nr. 
Taylor, Nr. Jaaaa ^. Saymoar to Niaa Abaratta Benaon. 

SZfXRAHOX, NISS AHKIX, Saa Ihi. 0. Park, Xaq. 


SZTNOUR-XLEXSX, A% Hoaoh Bill, Plao«r Co.» May 11. 1856, Mr* 
Jonathan SayMour to Nri. Nargarat Elaaaa. 

SEASNGV, MISS CAROLIKS, Saa Mr. Qnaiisa L. Rouaaal. 

SHAHSOV-rOLOXR, Aug. 14, 1856, Mr. T. B. Shannon to Mitt 
A. X. 7ol^r of Maadov Vallay, Pltoaaa Co. 

SEAV, MISS AMELIA, Saa Mr. Alaxandar 7orbaa. 

SEAW-ORSEN, At araaa Valla/, Sot. 19, 1856, Dr. 0. R« Shav 
to Mra. Nary Oraan. 

SEAV-MO«R, Aug. 27, 1856, hy Rav. R.' P.' Outlar, Mr. John W. 
Shav to Mita Movar of SaOraaaBto. 

SHAV-HETNCHD, In Stookton, Dao. 23, 1856, by Rar. T. Barla, 
Mr. I«. 7. Shav to Mlta Margarat Radnond, all of Stookton. 

raUl-IILSOV, In OatTilla, Stanitlaoa Co., Mr. Miehaal Shaa 
to Mrs. Batty P. Halaon. Papar of May 29, 1856). 

SHXAH, MISS SARAH, Saa Mr. Alhart H. Olark. 

SBm-KSKAKOKQA, At Korth Kona, H. T., Mr. Thonas Shaan to 
Miaa K«)canokoa. Papar of Oet. 14, 1856. 

SHIlTLni, MISS MART AHK, Saa Xldar Alfrad Walton. 

SHXUr-UBDZRWOOD, At Union City, Tah. 3, 1856, Mr. J.T.Shalhy 
of Union to Miaa Maxy A. Undarvood of Dov'a Prairia. 

SEELTOV-LITCErQRD, In thia city, Sapt. 10, 1856, by tha Rar. 
Br. Scott, Mr. Joaaph 0, Shalton of H«v Orlaana to Miaa 
Julia Litohford of Kingaton, Jaaaiilk. 

SHXPHZRS, MISS ELIZABETH, Saa Mr. Charlaa Morrall. 

flODDUV, MISS ELIZABETH ABB, Saa Mr. St. Clair Jaekaon. 

SHIXL, MRS. JULU M., Saa Dr. V. J. Bailay. 

SHULDS-MURIOT, in Plaoarrilla, Oct. 30, 1856, Mr. J. V. 
Shialda to Mra. M. A. Morday. 

SHIBIIiER-BARMQRE, In lav Tork, Jan. 24, 1656, Mr. Jaaaa 
Shindlar of San Pranoiaeo to Miaa Juliat Bax«ora. 

SHIP, MISS LUCT C, Saa Mr. H. M. Hauatin. 

SHIRLXT-MENDOCU, At Stockton, March 14, 1856, Mr. S. ShiriLay 
to Miaa Ignacia M^ndocia. 

SEQRT-Sfron, At Saonoa^nto, Aug. 21, 1856, Mr. Jaaaa M. Short 
to Miaa telly Jaaa Stoat. 


Eeinrleh H«ti 

SXMMOH, MISS MART, — Mr. a«org« V. HavleT* 

8IN0I8, MISS AHV M., ••• Mr. EorMsa W«b«t«r 

SIMPSOV, MISS rAmST, ••• Mr. Jot«ph McOre^r 

SIMS, MISS SARAH J., ■•• Dr. £sx« Kinsty 


SlSCrrmr, miss USA, •#• Mr. Mosei Olaniek 

SKILLMAN-JOSS, At Petalinuk« Hot. 20, 1856, "by Rot. James Htmter, 
Mr. A ndr«v Skillaan to Mitt Maria Jane Jose, all of PetaltmA 

SKIHTIER-LIirCOIJr, At Paoifie City, W.T., Hon. A-A* Skinner 
to Miss Slisal>eth H. Lincoln. Paper of Jxam 14, 1856. 

8EUI, MISS ORAOX, see Mr. David Jaroagon 

SLATER, MISS S., see Mr. Ediiard MoDUce 

8LATBACK, MISS SAMANmA, see Mr. Hoaer L. Weston 

SL0CT3M-TASSSR, In Marysrille, Jan. 20, 1856, Mr. Alfred 
Sloora to Miss Lydia Tasser 

BCint, MISS AIIEL.MI2B L., see Mr. Thoiaas Holt 

SMITH, MISS ADELIinS A., see Mr. Edward Brovn 

SMITH-PROnsCli In this city, Oct. 16, 1856, "by Her. I.S. 
Laoy, Mr. Andrev Smith of San Traneisoo to Miss Elizaheth 
ProTinee of Philadelphia 

Philadelphia -papers please copy 

SMITH-OLSOO, In this city, Deo. 24, 1856, at the Washington 
Street Baptist Charoh, hy Rot. B. Brierly, Mr. Charles P. 
Saith to Miss >^th CIsa;, all of this city 

SMITH-KELSOH, In Sonora, hy the Ber. Isaac B. Fish, Jtdy 26, 
1856, Mr. J.H. Smith of Sav Mill Tlat to Miss A nn (or Anna) 
Velson of Sonora 

SMITH-rszXL, At Mission Dolores, hy the Rer. M. fen ton, Jan. 

2, 1656, Mr. James M. Smith to Miss Dllen 7reel, both of S.7. 

tNITH-DOTLST In this city, Anc. 12, 1856, hy Rer. Mr. Thomas, 
Mr. Jeremiah Smith to Mrs. Helen Mar Doyle, late vidov of 
John Doyle. lev Tork and Philadelphia Papers please copy. 


SMITH-IUnDBI« In this oit7, April 16, 1856, by Rer. B. B. 
Bri«rl7, Nr. John Smith to Niat Kurgaret Maddon, all 
of San franelLCO 

SNI1B, MISS KA?£, ••• Mr. W. ¥• Eol>art 

SMITH, MISS MAIUSLA T«» ••• Mr. Tyler Onrtis 

SMITB, KISS NABaABBT, ••• Mr. a«ox|g« 1*. Fuller 

SMIIB, MISS NAJtr, too Jo)pi C. Callhroath 

SMITH, MRS. MART, soo Mr. Ooorgo 0. Goodrieh 

MIffi, MISS MAST SUSAH, mo Mr. Ooorgo Chalnoro 

SMITE-HOIMAK, loar tteshin«ton, Tolo CoTintj, Toh. 6, 1856, 
Mr. Robort 0. Smith to Mioo Caroline P. EoIbmi 

SMOLLETT, MISS ABH, too Mr. Villiam B. Marshall 

MISS JAIE, too L. Batee, M. D« 

SOLIVSn-SPRAOUX, At Chinoto Caot, Au^. 24, 1856, Mr. O.V.E. 
Solintki to Mitt Mary A. Spragoo 

SOUTHERLAB, MISS JAKE, too Mr. SylTanao Mattin 

8PARXS-BRABIBSBGEB, In How York, Doe. 21, 1855, Mr. Horroy 
Sparki, formerly of California, to Miee Brandberger of 
lev Toxk 

SnAB-Omi, At Saoramento, June 1, 1856, Mr. Janes ST>ear to 
Krt. Lemira Beil Oven 

SFEVCE-MARSHALL, In 7oreet City, Sopt. 8, 1856, Mr. J« P« 
Spenoo to Mrt. Anna V. Marshall 

8PIHCXR, MISS MAEALA, soo Mr. Joab Bennett 

SPEBCSR-PATTEHSOH, In this oity, Sept. 23, 1856, by the Rot. 
S. E. Villey, Mr. Thomas Spencor to Miss Mary 0. Patterson, 
all of this oity 


SPRAGUB, MISS MART A., ooe Mr. C. W. E. Solinskl 

SPRimS, MISS MART, see Mr. D. Searls 

STAILNAM-NARiaiEL, In this city at the aermu Latheran Chnrch, 
by the Rer. Mr. Mooshake, Mr. Christian Stallman to Miss 
Matilda Marvedel, both of this city. Paper of Oct. 26, 1856. 
■ev To lit papers please oopy. 


STASaR0QN-MA7H£R, In thit oitj, Dm. 6, 1856, at th« r«tld«no« 
of ailbart A. Grant, £sq. , tj the Rt. Rer. Bl«hop Kip, D,D., 
Mr. L. Stascroom of Manohottor, ftiglnnfl, to Mitt teil/ 
Nather of Albanj, lev Tork 

SCAIIET-SBOMir, Zn this eity, Hot. 1, 1856, l>3r R«T. R.P. 
Outltr, Mr. Saaraal Ltwit Stanloj of thit city to Nitt 
Otorgina An^utta Bro«&, raoontly of Angutta, Mo. 

STABBUOK-ELDER, In San Fraxioitoo, May 1» 1656, by the ReT« 
Va« Taylor, Mr. Oeorge Starlmek to Mitt iMily S* Eldtr 

8TAHKVZA1EER, NHf ASS 0., tae Mr. «b. E. Vowell 

STAIR-TBKASBKH, In MarytTille, June 4, 1856, Mr. JU D. 
Starr to Nitt Mary A . Treararden 

STATTiZR, MISS OABOLIKX A., taa Mr. 9. ¥• T« Boohaaaa 

•tm-^^ITCHBR^ la 8aa Traaeitoo, Feb. 18, 1856, hy Rot. 
Soott, Mr. Kdvard T. Steen of Brattleboro, Tt., to Mitt 
Margartt I. Vhitehtr of lev Toik 

m, NIBS fABHT, taa Mr. Rael Robinton 

0SILAL(STRI13EL), miss CAfflARINX, ttt Mr. Bahertut Sohardia 

HDPTNAN (or fiattaaia) 

ttBDUan-LOCXIART, In this oity, Jaly 10, 1656, >y Rot. Z. S. 
Lady, Mr. Lavrenea Stenbarg to Mitt Mary Jane Lookhart, 
all of this city 

flfZPISR-EIOXS, Deo. 10, 1855, at the resldtnot of Chief 
John Rott at Teh. le. qua, in the Cherokee E«tion, Mr* 
Stapler, horther.ln.lav of the Chief, to Mitt Jeanie 
Eiokt, daughter ot JxtAg* Eiukt. Paper of Feh. 21, 1656. 

inf801» MISS SUSAB WI- JIAMS, tae Dr. John MoOarthy 

SCEfXIS-JOT, At Noxson I eland, Sept. 3, 1856, hy Nr. Spinkt, 
Mr. Ch(!^rlep Stevena to Mitt Martha Jane Joy, hoth of 
Prftirie City. (taa Loy) 

SVBfXIS-MZSSZR, In thit city, Deo. 21, 1856, hy H<^t. E. 8. 
Laey, Mt>. Charles 0. SteTens to Mist Laura J. Messer, 
of Methoen, Matt. 

8TEfXB8-CAMP, Jtme 8, MB6, Mr. Jothaa Sterens of Tuttletovn, 
TtLoltome Co., to Mitt Clara S. Caap. (also Steves) 


8TITUIS, MISS NABI S* 0«t ■•• S. Slltvorth» Esq. 

SflTZVSOV-CEAMBIIELS, In thii oit/, June 26, 1856, 'bj Her. 
Br. Seott, Nr« A. J. Stevenson of Shasta to Miss Marj 
inn Chambers, nieee of T* J. A* Chaahers, Esq.* of 
San Tranolsoo* 

8irXfZHS0V-CQX, In Stoolcton, Deo. 27, 1855, 1)7 Elder D. V« 

Swaih, Mr. Ja«es J. Stereneon to Miss Louisa J., daogfater 
of Jaaes J« Cox, all of Me rood oount/. 

SSnarSQH, miss R., a., sao Mr. J« T« Kerns 

89ITZVSOH»P£ACET, In Stockton, Jan. 20, 1856, Mr. &• W« 
Sterenson to Miss Mattie J« Peachy 

SnyXVSQK-PAREEH, At Shasta, Se^t. 30, 1856, Robert 
Sterenson to Miss Nary Parkar 

SmUST, MISS CAMILLA, sea Mr. Vathaniel J. Thoopson 

8TB1CART, MISS MART AHH, sea Mr. Saaoel 0. Brou^ton 

STIOH, MISS 3- BARBARA, see Mr. Anduas (^oest 

STICOL, MISS MART, see Mr. Charles Torrey 

STICKUCR-ABRAHAMS, At Mokeltome Hill, Jan. 29, 1856, Nr« 
Stickler of Jaekson to Miss Jetty Abrahaas of 
Mokelume Hill. 

STILLWCLL, MISS SARAH, sea Mr. Talbot B. Eehler 

SfflUKBKT.TgR-GABB, In this city, by Rer. Dr. Scott in 

OalTary Church, July 23, 1856, Mr. lAs. Stinebeeler to 
Miss OliTia M. Oabb of Olereland, Ohio. 

STOCXTOH, MISS TICTORU A., see Mr. Ceorge V. Bloor. 

STQKEStTRAFP, In this city, Sept. 18, 1806, by the Rev. Mr. 
Heath, Mr. Redden Stokes of San Joaquin Co., to Mrs. 
Catharine Trapp of San Trancisco. 

8T0R, MISS JULU, sea Mr. I. C. Vbite 

trCBB, MISS TEIRZA JAKE, see Mr. James d, Edwards 

8TGBER-RIX, On Thursday, Deo. 4, 1856, in Alaaeda Co., by 
ReT. S. H. Willey, Mr, John T. Storer to Miss Sarah P. 
Rix, formerly of Hareriiill, V.H. 

SfOnr-IZISai, in this city, July 23, 1856, By Rer. J. B. 
Sazton, Mr. Vta. B. Storey to Miss Ellen D. Benson, both 
of San Tranciseo. 

STOUT, MISS ZNILT JilE, see Mr. James M. Short 


ST0W-7HIIRSQH» At Saoramanto, lor. 4, 1856, Kr. H. N. Stov 
to Mrs. AjigfXM Frierton 

STOVX9 MISS FRAHCIS X.» 99% Mr. Thoaat R. Raynolds 

SnUK, MISS MABI, ••• Mr. JoMph C. 0««r 

STRAUSS, MISS LIKA, ••• Mr. Theodore 0. Kohler 

SraiDEL (STEIDAL), MISS XATHARIRS, a«e Mr. Ha'bartuB Sehardin 

STROBRICQX, '1NX8S MART M«, ■•# Mr. S. M, D entoa 

STRHVZ, MISS ATX>TTSTA, ••• Ir. John Trop7«a& 

I, MISS CAROLIKS, lee Mr. Jnlius Albert Roester 

SnXIP-TRAZm, In Sacramento, Sept. 11, 1856, by the Rot. Mr. 
Orahaa, Mr. Thonae J. Stmsp to Mite Tlora Trazier 

STOB&IS-VZLLS, In Boeton, Jan. 14, 1856, "by Ht. Rer. Bishop 
Xastham, Riissel, eon of Rassel Stur/^is, Esq., of London 
to Milt Suean Codaan, daughter of Benjaain Welle, leq., 
of Boston 

STIVSOir-COWAV, In San Fraaoisco, at Calrary Ofaaroh, Feb. 10, 
1856, by the Eer. V.A« Scott, Mr. Perry Styneon of 
San Franoisoo to Miss Sophia Oo^ian of Vew York 

SOUMAH, MISS SOilZA, see Mr. Hathan Bush 

8ULLATXH, MISS MART, eee Mr. J. A. Tait 

SULLITASviaLUr, la this city, Axig. 28, 1856, by the Rer. S. H. 
Villey, Mr. John R. Sullivan of Sacramento to Miss Ellen 
Milan of San Franc isoo 

SONNIRFIXLD, MISS ESTHER, see Mr. M. 8 chloea 

SUMMmS.-BLACXWELL, April 1, 1856, by Rer. Isaac B. Fish, at 
Broim's flat, near Sonora, Mr. Jaaes V. Stumers to Miss 
Ann Blaekwell 

SUHERLAHD-ROSS, in this city, June 24, 1856, by Rot. I. S. 
Lacy, Mr. Robert Sutherland to Miss Jessie Roee, all of 
this city 

8T»T0I-Lrni»ST0H, In San Francisco, Feb. 19, 1856, Mr. Daniel 
Sutton of Saeraaento to Miss Ham. Lirin^ston of San Franoisoo 

SVAIV-SVAIK, At the residence of the Hon. George B. Vri^t, 

May 1, 1856, by Rer. R.P. Cutler, Mr. Abisha Svain of Tre)ca 
to Miss Ikily C. Sixain of Kantueket, Maes. 

SVAIV, MISS XMILT 0., eee Mr. Abinha Swain 

8YAV, MISS JAIX A., f«e Mr. Ch&rlee Sa&dert 

SVABTHOOT, MISS SARAH, te« Mr. rrt<3eriok W. fraAi 

tVmT-riTOEZI, ' In Caiipo 8«eo, Nay 1« 1856, Nr« Janes Svaazgr 
to Miss MMFtha Xitch«& 

SVIXTLAO-eCOTT, At S#««tla&d, l^ba Co., Mr. JaMS 0. 

Sv«atland to Miss Martha J* Soott, both of Sveetland. Pa:par 
of Jons 14, 1856. 

SWIW-TATIOX. In thla citj, ^y Rt. Rer. Bls>-or> Xlp, D, D., Mr. 
John D. Svift to Miss Slria Taylor. Paper of Oct. 12, 1856. 

SVI7T, MISS JULIA A., saa Dr. J. f. Rodolph 

lACK^-GIRDER, On Saeret Rarine, Jan. 13, 1856, Mr. Allen J. 
Taoket to Miss Xlisabeth Girder, all of Plaear Oountjr. 
(see also Sackatt, and Girders) 

TAnVPLUMMSR, In Borthbrid^e, Mass., Deo. 26, 1855, Mr. Henry 
8. Taft of San 7raneiseo to Miss Zasa A., dita^hter of 
Israel A« Plmwar, Xaq. 

TAOGARD, MISS SLI£I M., see Mr. Joaaph B. Sootohlar 

TAIT-SULL4VSH; AT Bad Bar, Calareras Co., May 4, 1656, Mr. 
J. A. Talt to Miss ^^ary A. Sallaran 

TALIAIBSRO (TAIIAJSRRO)->.>IlfSA, In San l*raneisco, March 10, 1856, 
by Her. Father Llebaria, Hon. T. V. Taliaferro of Calareraa 
to Miss Josef a Ainsa, of San 7ranciseo 

CAn AH CKKS^LZOm AH jOJil, At Sacramento, May 20, 1356, by Mr. 
Shnek, Hr. Tang Ah Chan to Miss Leoo^ Ah liie, both of 
Canton, China 

tAma, MISS MART J., saa Mr. Vk« J. Jacobs 

CAB« NI8. NAir X., see Mr. Jacob G. Hi^ 

lAJUm-mTLim, in Grass Tallay, Deo. 10, 1856, Mr. Benjamin 
Taylor to Mias lather Hnling 

TAILOR, MISS ELTIA, aae Mr. John D. Svift 

DtHKI^BHTAirr, At Sales, Oregon, 7eb. 9, 1866, Jndge Cheatkr I. 
Terry to Mias Julia M. Bryant 

TESNQSX-BLAn, At the Orr)han Asylmi in this city, by the Rer. 
J. X. Benton, J. Solonon Tesaore to Miss Eliza Blake. Paper, 
Jtma 6, 1856. 

TRA7ZR, MISS SARAH, saa Mr. Josiah Bacon (aae Bacon. Bnrrell) 


THISIIO-MACI, A t th« £a«l« Hotel , Oakland, Maj 27, 1856, 1)7 
the Rer. Saamel B. Bell, John B. Theting, Esq., of 
San yraacieco to Mitt Zliiabeth Naoe of Nev Orleant. 

THOMAS, KISS SOPHIA A«, see Mr. Itaao Detler 

THOMAS-RSIDSR, In 8aa Tranclteo, feb. 13, 1856, \ty Her. Dr. 
Seott, Dr. Mb. Thoaat of Sacraaento to Mitt Melitta 
Relder of Chioa^, 111. 

THOKPSQir, MISS JAITS, tee Mr. Oharlet Doo^ert^ 

IBOMPSON, MISS KAOdlE, tee Mr. P. E. Lorell 

TH0MP8G1, KISS WiMAKST^ tee Mr. Trenk Mitchell 

TH0KPSOS-STZ'./ABT, In Oakland, June 16, 1656, "bj the Her. 
X. J. Willie, Mr. Nathaniel J. Thonpton to Mitt Oaailla 
Stewart, all of Oakland 

TH0MP3QN-NSITILLS, In Portland, Oet. 12, 1856, Mr. Robert 
QiOBpton to Mitt Catherine Malrille 

THOBJCBUBO-BiIKriS, In Saoramento, ?eb, 6, 1856, Mr. Wm. B« 
Thomlmrg, foraerly of Tirglnia to Mitg Hattie f . Burtit 
dao^ter of Janet L. Bortit of Johntun*t Rsaoh 

TievrCV-LA^ISLL, In thit city, %roh 29, 1856, bjr B«t. Via. 
Taylov, Thoaat Thornton of Tallejo, to Mist Margaret 
Cavell, late of Hev Toxk 

TIDW SLL, MISS POLLT 0«, tae Mr. J&nen B. Moort 

TILOH/OI, MISS JUSTIIO:, tee Mr, Jaaet 0. Ooutin 

TILLIT-BIBMIHQEAM, In thie city, lor. 33, 1856, hy Rev. Dr. 
Anderton, Mr. 0. H. Tillej to Nits Anna (or Xana) Marj 

TILLMA^I^iJlcrJCIIiT, In this city, July 22, 1856, by the Rer. T. 
Moothake, Mr. Tred^riok Tillmann to Mitt Ann Dickalt, both 
foratrly of Brmen, Geraany 

TIUMAH, MISS SARAH, tee Mr. Waldo f. Hatkell 

TI!4M0IS, MISS ABU, tee Mr. Torrence Ow«na 

nMS-\rELDA, In Let Aa«elet, 7eb. 16, 1856, Mr. Asxg. V. TUi, 
aerehrjit of 8aa Pedro, and Leuita Tereta Welda of Loe 

nnHAM, MISS MARmA, tee Mr. Hiithaniel Berkthire 

TISDA7J., MISS LAURA. tee Mr. Aaot R. Klcholt 


TOD, NISS XKKSLIIZ JZAl, ••• Mr. VllliflLm Eenxy Helton 

T0KB-DD77XT, At NarjtTill*, Oot. 2, 1856, Mr. Jaeol) Tonb to 
Nits Jaae Jktftmj 

TQKPKZHS, MISS iHTOINZTTI, ■•• Mr. Joseph E. Jonson 

TOONKT-WAILAND, In San Joss, Dec. 7, 1656, Mr, VilllaB Toom&r 
of NontsroBa, ToolTnms Co., to Miss A. NalTiaa Vajland* 

TOOPXa, MISS aEBTHOUE, sss Mr. rraneis Bagg (sss Tnppsr) 

TQRBXT-STICKEL, At An^l*s Oaap, Fsb. 24, 1956, Mr. Olutrlss 
Torrsj to Miss Marj Stieksl, fomsrlj of lev York 


THAHAOZH-BLACOUHKIC, At lowm Hill, April 3, 1866, Dr. I- R- D.' 
Trahsgen to Miss Sarah X. Blaeklmrns 

TRAPP, MISS GATEXRIinC, sss Mr. Hsddsn Stokss 

TRASI-JUDAH, In this cit7, Oct. 1, 1856, at Trinity Cfaaroh hj 
the Est. Mr. Thrall, Jaaes L. Trask, Esq., to Miss Harriet 
B. Judah, all of this city. V. I. and Washington papers copy. 

TRJGOAHiaar, miss mart a., sss Mr. A. D. Starr 

mniR, miss JOHANHE marie ^ sss Mr. John Olaasssn 

TRIFP-PAHK, In this city, Oct. 27, 1856, hy Rst. Dr. Andsrson, 
Isaas Tripp, Xsq., of Mokelxams Hill to Miss Irons Fark^ 
of San Traaoisoo 

TR0T7ATTER, MISS MART ELIZA, sss Oapt. Xbhen a. Lihhy 

!IS0PPMA5-STRUHZ, At Saoraaento, feh. 5, 1856, Mr. John 
Troppaan to Miss Ao^sta Strans, hoth of Dovnisrllls 

fBDX, MISS MAST ?., sss Mr. T. A, Ronsy 

TOCXIR^XSVMAR, At SonoM, July 1, 1856, Mr. R. P. Tuoksr to 
Miss Xlisahsth lei 

TUITX, MISS MART JOSXPHIXX, sss Joseph Trontin, Xsq. 

T UPPER, MISS OEBTRUDB, sss Mr. Trancis Ba^ES (••• Toopsr) 

TUPPZR, MISS MART ARH, see Mr. 0. Yalksr 

TUIIER, MISS ALICE KEY, sss Dr. J. M. Broifis 

TirRIZa, MISS AVH MARU, sss Mr. Williaa Mil\sr 
TDHXXR, MISS ELIZABETH M. , sss Mr. J. f. Xaton 


TUBNER-HILLIKIN, In San Jose, March 23, 1856, Mr. Jamei E« 
Tnmer to Miss S* Millikln, all of Santa Clara 

TURI7ZR, MISS NANCT A«, see Mr. Mathias L* Howell 

TtrnHZR-AHOEL, In this city, Dec. r>8, 1856, hy Rer. E. S. Lacy, 
Mr. Wim. H. Turner to Miss Louisa M, An/;el, all of this city 

TURRILI.S MISS L., see Mr. Francis Graham 

TTUER, MISS ELIZA.-in!H, so« Mr. 0. ?, Oalloway 

ULMd, MISS ROSALIE, see M. H. Seller 

UnSBWCXSD-ABMSTROllQy At the residence of Jud/;e Chamberlaili, 
Feb., 1, 1856, Charles Underwood, Esq., of Redwood City, 
to Miss Catherine Anastrong of San Francisco 

UnSBHILL-GBIFFITH, Aug. 13, 1856, Dr. H. J. Underhill of 
Middleton to Miss M- A« Griffith of San Francisco 

UHDSRWOOD, MISS MAHT A., see Mr. J. T. Shelhy 

UBIV-MUNSON, At Stockton, Ariril 23, 1856, Mr. James Uren of 
Stockton to Miss Luisa Munson of French Castp 

YAHLE, MISS REGINA, see Mr. Philip S. Drencher 

VALENZOSLA, MISS DOIiORES, see Mr. Joseph W* Farrin^on, 

YAH KLLEM'i Miss L. Aai^sta, see Mr. 1ki« S. Haven 

YANCE, MISS SARAH A., see Mr. 0. F. D. Fairbcjcks 

VANUEHHURST-HATCH, Near Pajaro, Monterey Co., Dec. 3, 1856, 
"by Her. Alfred Higbie, Mr. \fm. Yandex^mrst to Miss 
Jane Hatch 

TAH IKYENTER-YAH TASSmx, In this city, by th4 Rer. R. P. 
(hitler, Mr. Fyank Yan Deventer of Contra Costa to Miss 
Mary Van Tassell of this city. ?ar>er of Nov. 28, 1856 

lAKDEViflPZR-JACKSOH, At Mount Ophir, Mari-oosa Co., Mr. John 
Yande water to Miss Justin Jacks on. Paner of Aug. 30, 

YAHOYia-OAHIFF, In this city, June 15, 1856, by Rer. Mr. 
Brierly, Mr. Jaaes S. Yanover to Miss Nancy Caniff , all 
of this city 


TAI SAHK-BLAUTLLT, In lev Yoric, Jan. 16, 1856, Mr. John E. 
Tan 8asm of Saoranento, to Miis Hachael V, 0,, dan^ttr 
«f Irr* Mr. Blaxnrelt of Eackansack, H.J. 

TAV TASRKT.T., MISS MART, ■•• Mr. Trank Tan Derenter 

TAV VICKIX9 KISS CAROLIKE, 9— Mr. Jose^ B. Alexander 

TAV wmUC-FHILBRICK, In San 7ranciBC0, Tel). 29, 1856, ty 
Sar. V. Thartton, A* J. Tan Winkle, £eq. » to Miaa Hannah 
Z. Fhilbriok, all of San Traneleoo 

TASSAR, MISS LTDIA, sea Mr. Mfrad Sloeua 

TXRSER->0(U5, In San Jose, Jan. 1, 1856, Mr. Henry Terser to 
Miss Z. 7. Ogaa 

TIULDA, KISS IX>RATEA, see Mr. John Perrodin« 


TIHCSHTtWILLIAMS, At Red Bluffs, April 9, 1856, bj Rer. E. P. 
Sheldon, Mr. Dow Tinoent to Miss Melinda M. Williaas, 
hoth of Red Blnffs and former of Hev York 

TOLLUM, MISS CARQLIHX, see Captain Isaiah Mitchell 

TOM PO£LHITZ-CODL£T, At HeTada, A pril 19, 1856, Dr. Williaa 
(histate Ton Poelnits to Miss ^ry Ann Oonley 

VAlB-nnBAM, At Mokelxame Hill, April 29, 1856, tj Hon. W. V, 
Porter, T» B. Wade, Esq., to Miss Helen In^aa 

VA0¥12,-SCE£RMAH, In SacroiDento, Yeh. 26, 1856, Mr. Conrad 
Wis^ner to Miss Catherine Scherman, both of Kicolaos 

VAEL-ilBBOTT, In Sacramento, April 17, 1856, Mr. John 0. Wahl 
to Miss AMUidA Abbott 

WAIT^STOHE, At HeTadA, May 13, 1856, Mr. I. 0. Waits to 
Miss Julia Stone, both of Verada 

WADOJO-WHITimr, At Orace Church, May 11, 1856, by the Rt. 
Rer. Bishop Kip, Henry P. Wakslee, Esq., (of 0. H. 
Wines L Co. Xxprfst) and An^elioa, dau^ter of the Hon. 
Williaa Whitney of this city. 

WALACI-BROOKS, In Sacramento, March 2, 1856, Mr. 0. W. 
Walace to Miss Martha T. Brooks 

WAI3RIC0I, MISS CLARA B., see ^, Russell K. Ro^rt 

WAUBR, MISS AHVIE BBEESI, see ^. Henry S. Dexter 

WAUORI MISS ARSTLTAVIA, see Mr. Williaai Peyton 


VAIXEB-mgPFSR, At AI;^, June 13, ISTC, b/ C. W. Tallinftn, 
Nr. 0. Itellnr to Nisii Mary Aim Tapper of Alphii 

VAIZER-WXLLS, In this city, 8«tp« 9, 1856, by the Rt. BtT. 
Bishop Elp, Mr* Robert C. Walker to Niae Mary Welle 

VAUGBR, MISS SARAE Z., eee Mr. Alaa H. Hale 

WALLACX-FZHEIKS, At Alvleo, Mr. D, &• Wallace of Ya* to 
Mies Xloera Perkini. Paper of April 11, 1856* 

MISS IMHVTX, eee Mr. John Oapen 

WALLACX, 4ass LUCT, eee Mr. Jaaes Hendy 

WALLACB-ROBiaTSCi:, In thie city, Oct. 22, 1856, by the ReT. 
Dr. Thrall at Trinity Church, Mr. T. Wallace to Mies 
▲• Roberteon 

VALSH-BOTSX, In Saorcaento, Teb. 4, 1856, Mr. James Waleh 
to Mils Julia Boyse, both of Aohum, Placer 6o. 

WAITER, MISS SOPHIA, see Mr. Henry Meyer 

WALTERS- BAHFIR, In this city, Jtily 1, 1856, by the Rer. T. 
Dvi^t Hunt, Mr. Joeeph H. H. Walters to Miss Mary 


WALT0B-6BEFFLIV, In Salt Lake City, Sc7. 1. 185G, nder 
Alfred Walton to Miss Nary Ann Shefflin 

WANBESSSL, MISS MARG/jari', eee Mr. T. Dietrich Witsell 

WAVT-MATTIKGLT, At Oakland, June 25, 1856, at the residence 
of the bride *s father, by Rer, Saimel Bell, Thoviae leleon 
Wand, Esq., of San 7renoisco, to Miss Mary Zlisabeth 
Nattin^ly, of Oakland. 

Kentucky and Miesissippi papers please copy 

WARm-TILLSGAV, At Baker* s H anch. Place Co., April 15, 
1856, Mr. H. M. Warden to Miss Mercedes Tillef^an 

WARRIR« MISS EARRUT D., see Mr. Robert Henderson 

WARXZR-HAHKAE, At Solano, Sulphur Springs, Oct. 6, 1856, 
Nf. V. R. Warner to Miss Margaret B. Bannah 

WAm, NI8. A. B., see Mr. H. A. Pridhaa 

WASHBUaH-CHRISTIAH, In Maripoea, May 1, 1856, by the ReT. 
Mr. Siflsons, Mr. A. F. Washburn to Mi^s Anna Christian. 

HfflOV, KISS XIXA, eee Mr. Lancing B. Wiener 

VlTSOI-wnaS, in thli city, March 30, 1856, "bj Rey, E. ThoBM 
Mr. J« Sta&ton (or Sto-u^ton) Vatson, of Boiton, to Misi 
Dt'borah G. Waakt, of BrooklTn, 1«T« 

WITTS, MRS- DIMTSE, ■•• Mr. S. D. Haltj 

VA7LAHD, MISS ▲• MALTXSA, tea Mr. VillUa TooBij 

VATSMAI, MISS JULIA A., ■•• Mr. John A. Eaddar 

VZBSTiS-SIMQirS, In thit eit/, March 21, 1856, hy the Rrr. S.E. 
Willey, Mr. Horace Wel}8ter to Miss Ann M. Si»ont, daxi^tar 
of SsHUl 8. S. Sinoni 

WIID» MISS LOUISA, m« Mr. VilliaB H. LoT« 

VEEXS, MISS DEBORAH AHK, ••• Mr. Mloah M. Hov« 

VIK8, MISS DEBORAH 0«, ■•• Mr. J. Stanton (or Stoughton) W^tton 

VXI131, MISS SOPEIX, ■•• Mr. Alhert Mandt 

WIIL-TRITZ, At Sacramento, Jtine 1, 1856, Mr. Conrad Ifoll to 
Mies Barbetta Trlti 

VXILUER, MISS SLIZA, m« Mr. 0. A. Hart 


VXISSICH-OEM, In thit city. Vor* 13» 1886, hgr Rer. Aa«. Kellnor» • 
Mr. Otto Voitsieh of Bi« Oak llat to Mitt Caroline Ohm 

VELCH-DTISQERH, In this city, Oct. 14, 1856, at the reeidenoa 
of Mr. Ml. 0. Alton, hy the Rer. Mr. Brlerly, Mr. Ahraa 
Weleh to Mitt Xliia Xnitkam, all of thit city 

VXLCE, MISS MARTHA I., tee Mr. Oharlet Mayn (or Charlet R. Ntyxi&rd) 


WILLS, MISS MART, tee Mr. Robert 0. Walker 

WILLS) MRS- SQPHU 1«, tee Mr. Williaa Aatrej 

WILLS, MISS SUSAH COIMAH, tee Mr. Battell Stursit 

WX8T, MRSt J. ROSALIE, tee Mr. frederiok A. Oihht 

W18VCV-0ILL, In St. Louit, March 31, 1856, Mr. Tranolto W. Weston 
of Orescent City, Cal., to Mitt Mary Eirhy Oill 

WESTOR-SLATBACK, In Santa Clara Co., May 15, 1866, Mr. Hoaer 
L« W^ttoa to Mitt Btmntha Slayteck. 

VESTPHAL-METER, In thl« city, Jwi» 7, 1856, "by the Rer. Mr, 
Mooahak*, Mr, Oharlei W«8tphal to Mist Catharine Mey«7 

WTTyrr.TH, miss p. ▲•« ••• Mr. John Johnson 


KHITCESa, MISS MASOABlZr 9., ■•• Mr. Sd^rd T. St eon 

VEITX-OTJHinBGHAM, In Oraoo Choroh, Sopt. 4, 1856, hy the Rt« 
Rot. Bishop Eip, Mr. James Whits to Miss Sarah Ctmninghaa 

KEITI, MISS MABOARBT JULIA, sss Mr. Fslix J. Msttss 

VHinrCT, MISS ABOELIOA, s«o Henry P. Wakelee, Esq. 

VICXER, MISS LOUISE 0. V., sss Mr. ascrgs Villlaffl Brans 

WIBDEV, MISS AHHA, sss Mr. I*. Musso 

VITHSUn, MISS BSRIHA, sss Mr. Charles Peek 

VILCQX-HUBBARD, Vsar Taylor's Ranch, Jnns 4, 1856, Mr. Lysan 
Vilcoz to Miss I'ranoss Hahhard 

VILLARD, MISS SMILT, Mr. Villiazn Dovninff 

WILLET, MISS LCUISA E., sss Mr. John J. Hindes 

VILLIAMS-ORTIZ, At Santa Barbara, Jan. 20, 1856, Mr. Elssy B. 
VUliau to Miss Maria dsl Refogio Ortis 

VILLIANS, Mrs. M. A., sss Mr. Charles C. Jonss 


WILLIAMS, MRS- MATILI2A O^t ■•• ^r. John E. MoKinlsy 

V ILLIAMS, MISS MELIHDA M., sss Mr. Dow Yinosnt 

VILLIAMS-JOLLT, IK Washin^on Co., 0. T., Mr. Sannel Villiasis 
to Miss Anna Elisa Jolly. Paper of Hot. 18, 1856. 

VILLIAMSOK-MARSHALL, In this city, Jtily 34, 1856, Mr. Daniel 
VilllaB^on of Tallsjo to Miss Sllsn Marshall of Glasgow, 

WILLS, MISS EMU, sss Mr. Charles T. Haggles 

VILSET-ORBOn, Ia iMnaento, Sept. 13, 1856, Mr. LstI Wilsey 
to Miss Caroline A., Eldest daughter of H. B. Osbom, all 
of this city. 

Vsv York papers plsass oopy. 


MLSOT-IELLT, In this city, iprll 14, 1856, by Her. R. P. 
Ontlar, Mr. Alaxandap Wilton to Niit Ann B, Kelly 

WLSCW-PEARSOH. At Sotuintl. Oct. 13, 1856, by th« Rer. T. ¥• 
Hindi, Mr. John Shtrlock Wilton of ]Cvepgreen Talt, 
fonntply of Palact Ktnry, Limerick Co., Ireland, to Mp«. 
Itabtlla Ptarion of San FranclBCo, teoond daughter of 
Ool. Sp«od of the British Mrmj 

WILSOH-CASET, At Kaiyirille, Hmy 11, 1856, Mr, Lori W. Wilton 
to Nltt Bridget A, Catey 

WILSOK, MISS MABI L., see Mr. 0. Pltuwer 

WILSCB-TAHTIS, In Leon Oo., 0. T., »ot. 13, 1856, Mr. H. W. 
Wilton to Mitt PrlBcilla 0. Tantlt 

WILSCH-OWm, - At Aalmm, April 24, 1856, Mr. William B. Wilton 
to Mitt Sliiabeth Gvynn 

wrma-HUIS, At Oakland, April 6, 1856, by Hev. E. J. Willii, 
Mr. Itaao C. Wingate to Mitt Ann Hilane, all of Oakland 

WITOR-PEHIZOT, Xn Honoltau, June 28, 1856, Mr. Outtavt 
/ Winter to Mitt Anna Peritot 

WISI-SCHAAP, In this city, Maroh 23, 1856, by father Gallagher, 
Xlbert Wite, Etq., to Mitt Eliza A.C. Sohaap, all of 
thlt city 

WlfZELIi-WAMHBSSlL, In this city, Deo. 27, 1856, by Juttice 
of the Peao«, Mr. T. Dietrich Vitsell to Mitt Margaret 

/ Waaheasel, both of thie city 

Wiana-WATSa, in thli city, Kay 26, 1856, Mr. Lancing B. 
Wimer to Mitt Xlla Wattoa 

WOLf-LOro, In San Trancltco, Harch 6, 1856, by Her. Mr. Lacy 
/ Mr. Williaai Wolf to Mitt Margaret Long, all of San Tranoiteo 

W0L7X, MISS LIDU AHH, tee Mr. Jaaet Scouler 


' #O(a^PGMB0r, In this city, at Oraee Choreh, lor. 13, 1856, 

by the Her. Mr. Shepherd, Mr. Charlet 8. Wood, of Sew Torfc 

to Mitt X. A. PoBToy of Philadalphia. 

lev York and Philadelphia papert pleate copy 

WOOD-JIWBTT, In thlt city, Sept. 22, 1856, by Her. I. S. La^y, 
Mr. I. M. Wood to Mits Adella Jei#ett 

WOOD-0»HAIH, In AiMrtcan TonntJdp, Sacramento Co., Kot. 7, 
1856, by Juttlce Bacon, Mr. Jamet Wood to Mitt Oatharine 


W00I>-OOT, At the residence of Col. Whu W. Crlft, near 

Martlnei, Oct. 15, 1856, "by the Her. S. Woodhrid^e, Mr. 
V. 7. Wood of Shasta to Miss H. J. aift 

VOOIBCAHJVHENDKRSON, AT Sacramento, Se>7t. 28, 1856, Mr. 
Cdannd 7. Woodward to Miss Mary Henderson 

WOODWOHTH-GRAHAM, In Stockton, Jan. 28, 18v56, Mr. Homer 
Woodvorth of Stockton to Miss Elisa Oreham of San 

VHHMHBvTLOH, In San franci^^eo, Seh. 14, 1856, hy the Hon. 
T. W, Freelon, Mr. Sellm E, Woodworth to Miss Lisette 
rior, all of this city 

WOOLET-BOlfTZCON, In San Francisco, Jan. 23, 1856, "by the Rey, 
S. S. Sinonda, Dr. 0. W. Wooley to Miss Mary A. Bontecon, 
of Hew York 

WCX}L£T, MISS SUSAN M., see Mr. James P. Liklns 

WOOUOr, MISS yAHHT, tee Mr. Herman Henok 

WRIGHT-RAMSBOTTOM, At Ca»DO Seco, Jiine 18, 1856, Mr. A. Wright 
of Stockton to Miss Maria Hamshottom of Calaveras Co. 

WRIGHT, MISS ABBIZ J., see Mr. John R« Fleming 

WRIGHT, MISS ALMIRA, see Mr. John Barker 

WRIGHT, MISS ELIZABETH, see Mr. Charles L. Perry 

WRIGHT, MISS STI7A, see A, P. Htnmhrey, Esq* 

WRIGHT-PROCTOR, IN San Francisco, Jan. 12, 1856, hy the Rev. 
I. S. Lacy, Mr. William S. Wri/^t to Miss Martha Ann 

WUIlllKLICH-JANSSEN, In this city, Dec. 25, 1856, at the 
residence of Edmund Janssen, Esq., hy the Rev. Mr. F. 
Moothake, Mr. Frans Heinrich Wtmderlich to Miss Agnes 

WYMAK-HAHT, At Oakland, Oct. 11, 1856, hy the Rev. J. W. 

Capen, at the residence of Col. A. "illiams, Mr. B. Henry 
W^rnan of HisBholdt Bay to Miss Maggie B. Hart of Oakland 

lAOZR.LAOX, In this city. May 9, 1856, by the Rev. James 
Molter, Mr. Charles 7ap;er of Shasta to Miss Catherine 
Laaz of San Francisco 


TANTIS-H AHRISON, At Sacramento, April 23, 1856, Mp, Henry 
Tantis to Miae Priscllla Harrison 

TAKTIS, MISS PRISCIAUA 0., see ^r. R. W. Wilton 

TIOMAITS-PICKET, In tM -^ city, Se-^t. 23, 1856, "by Hey, Dr. 

Scott, Mr, Charles Teomane, formerly of Worcester, Mass., 
to Miss Anna Picket 

TOHK, MISS KA^T, see Mr. Benjamin Randall 

TOUIIO, MISS LAVINIA I., see Mr. James H. Noble 

ZEILE-NIEBTS, In San Francisco, Fe"b. 3, 1856, Mr. John 
Zelle to Miss Henrietta Kieble, both of this city 



ABZI, Mr. — , In Stockton, May 28, 1856, Mr. -— , Abel 
formerly bookkee-^er In the ntoro of Avery <n Hewlett. 

iim, raANCES, At Rld,'^vllle, Trinity Co., Jnly 14, 1856, 
Trances, dan^ter of Thomas Aher, aged 5 years. 

iOnw, JOHN S'UUBUf^ At A-oraio City on Marthenae Creek, 7A 

Dorado Co., Jnne 23, 1856, John Sterett Agnew, of Penn- 
sylvania, in the 34th year of his a/^e. 

lOIor.^, W. w, , In MarysTllle, Jtaie 9, 1856, W. W. Agnew, aged 
about 28 years. 

ALBA^TS, JOHN, On T«le Lake, July 30, 1856, Mr. John Albans, 
in the 26th year of his age. 

ALLXV, ABH2R N., — April 15, 1856, Abner N. Allen at the 
residence of y. C. Hall. A native of Woodbury, Conn. 

ALLXH, CHARLES, At Auburn, July 15, 1856, Mr. Charles Allen 
aged about 35 years. 

ALLXH, DAKIEL R., At Jordan Mills, Vest Joirdan, Utah, Sept. 15, 
1856, Daniel H., son of Daniel H. Allen, aged 1 year, 
7 months and 24 days. 

ALLIN, MRS. SARAH B», In this city, Nov. 24, 1856, Mrs. Sarah 
3. Allen, wife of George F. Allen. A native of New 
Bedford, Mass., aged 22 years. Residence Fremont St. 
near 7olsom. 

ALLIN, 1BCMAS, At Monterey, Maroh 22, 1856, Thomas Allen, 
aged 25 years. 

ALMT, nOL3ER, At the U. S. Hospital, May 9, 1856, Captain 

Holder Alny, of New ^ort, H. I., aged 48 years and 11 mos. 
?or many years Master in the vjhaling service and for 
the last three years a resident at Hilo, Hawaii. 

AMIS, OiEOBQt XDC^TiSt, October 1, 1856, Oeor^e i:d/>:er Ants, 

ymmgest son of Car)t. and Elisa Ames, aged 11 momths 
and 20 days* 

AMIS, JOHH THC»(AS, In this city Se--)t. .?, 1856, John Thomas 
Aass, aged 2 years and 7 months. 

AIDIRSOH, THOMAS, At Masays, Hicarague, , 1856, Thonas 

Anderson, formerly of Sonora, Tuolumne Co. Sonora 
Hafald T>lease eooy. From ^mner of Sept. 12, 1856 


mrorao, THCMAS FRAJtcis, in New York, July 29, 1056, Thomai 
TraaclB Antoneo, only son of the late Franeie and I^ry 
Antoneo, a^d 16 years* 

AP?R£NTTCS, Saamel, On the ielniid of Santa Catallna, Jtme 
27, 1856, Saooel ATrorentloe, a^d 83 years. He wae an 
otter hunter and had heen In this country 33 years. 

ARAS, MAHIA IDORINA, At Algarlne Canrp, Jan. 11, 1856, I^la 
Idorlna Aras, In her 8th year. 

AHEDONDO, VICENTE, At Manzanlllo, Mexico, Ar,ril i, 1856, 
Master Vicente Aredondo, aged 6 years. 

laiOU), J. L. At Gihhonsville, Sierra Co., A-pril 4, 1856, 
J. L. Arnold, formerly of CSiio, aged 31 years. 

ATKIHSOU, Lucy Jane, In this city, June 28, 1856, Lucy Jane 
dM^ter of John Henry and Clara Atkinson, aged 6 ^veeks. 

iSVlLL, IMILY J. PAHI2SS, In Oswego, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1855, 

Bnily J. Pardee, wife of Winthrop Atwill, Zsq. , and sister 
of Col. W. J, Pardee of this city. 

AVEHY, Mr. E. S., At Oakland, July 19, 1856, Mr. E. S. 
Arery, of V/yaning, aged ahout 43 years. 

BABCOCK, COURTIAIID, In San Francisco, March 1, 1856, Court- 
land, infant son of W. F. Bahcock. 

lAOOlf, 2AKES C,, In Oakland, AT>ril 5, 1856, James C. Bacon, 
(of Boardraan, Bacon £- Co.) Late of Lockport, N. Y. 

BADOEa, EPHRAIM, In Salt ^ake City, Se-^t. 21, 1855, Mr. 
iDhraim Badger, aged 53 years. 

BADIS, MR. T E., In Portl^-nd, Oregon, Jan. 14, 1856, Mr.T E. 
Badis. See EADIS and RADIS 

BAXER, BOa XOOZHIA, In this city, July 25, 1856, 

Sogsnia, only child of John and Thomar.ina H. E« Baker, 
Bg^a 6 years, 9 months, 36 days. 

BABBQROj EKLJEN, Oetoher 11, 1866, Helen Bar1)oro, wife of John 
8. Ba^boro, aged 21 years and 6 months. Residence 
Orsenwioh and Mason St. 


BAIEER, J. VILLABD, In this city, Sept. 10, 1856, Ool. J. 

Villard Bazker, a native of Nevoort, R. I., aged 42 years. 

BARR, WM«, At Hapa City, SeT)t. 29, 1856, Wm. Barr, a native 
of Penneylvania and a late resident of Sacramento 

BABBI, JOSEPH, I,^ thif olty. Bee. 17, 1856, Mr* Joseph Barry 
a aativ* of Irelaxid aged 40 yrs. Baltimore papers copy. 

BARTEAU, BDH, In Oeorgetovn, Jan. 8, 1856, Mr. Buel Barteaa 
a^ad about 32 years. Fomerly of Sayerille, N.T. 

BA8ESB, CAtHBBIHB J., At Secret RaTine, Jan. 7, 1856 Mrs. 

Catherine J. Barter, wife of Mr. William Barter, aged 22 years 

BAltTOU, ZLLA CQRKEI.IA, In Sacramento, Jiine 7, 1856, Ella 

Cornelia, only child of Vftn. H. and Lucy A. Bartou, aged 
3 years and 8 months. 

BASK, CaOHpTE HENRY, In this city, Aug. 21, 1856, George Henry 
son of Vto. A. Bask, aged 2 yrs. and. 3 months. Hartford 
and Liverpool ^^apers please copy. 

BASEMAN, SAHOSL A,, At West Jordan Mills, W. T., Oct. 20, 1856 
Saanel A., son of Samuel Bateman, aged 9 mos., 20 days. 

BAUER, rRAlICIS, At Sacramento, A-nril 18, 1856, Francis Bauer 

of Frfuice, aged 29 years. 

BAZER, ALMARI^rE In this city, June 9, 1856, Alaarine Baser, 
a^ ahout*40 years, fomerly of Mobile, Alabama. 

BBALE, MELVILTE P. LEAVITTE, In this city, Feb. 1, 1856, Melville 
P. Leavltte, son of Lorenzo and Sarah D. Beale, aged 18 
years, 5 months* 

BEALS, HAmANIEL WARD, At Big Gulch, July 26, 1856, Nathaniel 

W. son of A« M. and Lucre tia Beals, age 8 mos. and 10 days. 

BEATTT, DMUND, In SAN FRANCISCO, JAN. 10, 1856, CaT)t. Edmund 
Beatty, a native of New York, aged 32 years. 

HOrvilB, CLARA, At Punahous, S.I., Feb. 13, 1856, Clara Beckwith, 
dsn^ter of E. G. Beckwith, Es . and Caroline Beckwith, age 

6 MOC. 

, LIZZIE CHURBHIHi In this city. May 26, 1856, Lissle 
Chorchill, daur^ter of Albert V. and Z. Louise Bee, aged 
11 Months and 6 days. 

, HARRIET AHTOINOTTE, In this city May 10, 1856, Harriet 
Antoinette, wife of Henry Beers, aged 22 yrs., 6 mos. 

, JOBH SELBY, In this city, John Selby Beers, son of 
Henry J. and Harriet A. Beers, age 6 mos. Paper of 
feb. 15, 1856. 


BELL, ir.lllY, In this city, Nov. 18, 1856, Henry, yomvcest 

child of Lucius and L<misa Bell, a^ed 1 year, 4 months 
£jid 14 days. 

BILL, JOHH, In this city, Ser^t. ^4, 1856, John Bell a 
native of San Francif^co, a^ed 3 days. 

IBDCETT, RAKTUH, In Boston, Jan. 11, 1856, Mr. Hannah 

Bennett, at tlie advanced a^ of ICXD years, 11 months 
and 16 dnys. Mrt. Bennett ^^as bom in 1755 and was 
therefore 20 years old ^'hen the Anerican Revolution 

BIDWELL, OEOHDE W., At Chico, Butte Co., Dec, 1, 1856, Oeo«e:e 
W., ton of Daniel and Mary E, Bld%rell, in the 18th year 
of his age, formerly of Middlehum, Veimont. 

BISHOP, CHAOT7CEY CAREY, In this city, 26, 1856, Chauncey 
Carey, younrest son of G. and l-^ry Ann W. Bishop, a^ 
8 months and 18 days. 

BLACKBURN, MARTHA, At Petaluma, Oct. 28, 1856, Martha 

yoonrest daughter of Charles and Jane Blackl)um, a^ed 
7 yaars, 2 months and 19 days. 

BLACKWOOD, 1H0MAS, A t Sacramento, Serit. 8, 1856, Dr. Thomas 
BlacVvood, In the 52nd year of his a/^e. Late of Ann 
/Vrhor, Michigan. 

BLOOD, ROSA, In this city, 1856, Rosa Blood, a native of 
San Francisco, a^d ^ months. D ate Oct. 21, 1856 

BOND, LE^is^ \t Poverty Bar, T'eb. 14, 1B56, Le^-is Bond, a^ed 
50 year , from Brooklyn, N.T. 

BOnOBl} HAMILTON, At Callao, Peru, June 16, 1856, Hamilton 
taUMr, late of San Francisco, a^ed 36 years. 

BOHnni, AARGR D., St tulphar S^rin^s Valley, March ?, , 1856, 
Aaron D. Borden, a^ed ahout 50 years, formerly of 
fall River, Mass. 

BORUCI, FRANCES P., At New York City, June 12, 1856, Mrs. 
Fraaets P. Borock, in the 68th year of her age, mother 
of Nareas Boruek of this city. 

BOUSE, JNO. J., In Babhit Creek, Sierra Co., May 18, 1856 
Jno. J. Boush, age al>out 28 years. 

BOWLES, AI.FRED H., At Hunboldt, July 31, 1856, Alfred H. 

Bowles, eldest child of Mr. and Mre. J.S. Bowles, aged 
4 yeart. 


BnvmMI, CHRISTIAN, In this city, Nov. 9, 1856, Mr. Christian 
BoiffDan, a native of Oemany, a^ed 22 years, 

BRADY, JAM^S H., At Williamshnrg, TI. T., T)ec. 10, 1855, Mr. 
James R. Brady, a"-ed 34 years, hroth«r of John B, Brady 
of this city* 

BRADT, JOHN 0., In this city, Nov. 4, 1856, John (1. Brady, 
a native of Ntvr York, aged 35 years and 7 months. 
Residence, Third St. near Missif^n. New York and New 
Orleans rA-pere -olease copy. 

BRAGDON, H2STLR, In this city, Dec. 17, 1856, Hester Brandon, 
a native of Ireland, late from New Orleans. Aged 28 yrs. 

BRAGG, B. F., At Lahaina, S. I., Oct. 11, 1856, B. Jt\ Bragg, 
aged 27 years, formerly of Boston, Mass. Eastern -na-ners 
please co y. 

BRAIDS, K/VRT ANN, In Sonora, April 21, 1856, Mary Ann Braids 
In the 9th year of her age. 

BRAINARD,H1BBS'I, At Columbia, S-^t. ir>, 1856, Reuben Brainard, 
formerly of Monmouth, Maine. Aged 60 years. 

BRAXEAM, K. X., In San Jose, Dec. 6, 1856, Dr. N. E. Branham, 
aged 45 years and 9 months. 

BRANNAN, DON TRANCISCO, In San Francisco, Feb. 10, 1856, Don 
FranciBCO Brannan, son of Hon. Samuel Brannan, aged 
3 years and 7 Months. 

BRANNAN, JAMES, At French Gulch, Shasta Co., Se^-^t. 22, 1856 
Mr. James Brannan, aged ;^1 ynars. 

BREWST::531, CHARLj:S, in this city, Nov. 23, 1856, Major Charles 
Brewflter, son of John and Minerva Brewster, aged 15 
months, at the residence in Potrero Nue-'^a. 

IRIOGS, CHRISTINA 0., In Stoclcion, Feb. 11, 1856, Mrs. Chris- 
tina G. Briggs, daughter of Mr. Tappan, aged 22 years. 

BHITTON, OlORGE, In thin city, Dec. 21, 1856, Mr. George 
Britton, aged 65 years and 6 months. 

BROOKS, HENHT BWI^R, In this city on Dec. 5, 1856, 

Henry Butler Brooks, 9on of Henry Ban^l Fanny Brooks, 
aged 1 yeir and 2 months. Hesiden'^e Tehrnna St. 


BROVER, AHITA S., In this city. Hot. 7, 1856, Anita S. Browtr, 
twin dau^tar of Daniel B. and Margaret S. Brower, aged 
1 Tear, 7 aonths and 12 dayt, Kew York, Rochester and 
(^heo -oaT^e rs ^leaae copy* 

BROWr, BIOS H,, At Utlca, Hew Tortr, Jan. 18, 1856, Mr. Knot H. 
Brovn, horth^r of Bradley and Morris S. Brown of thla 
city, a/^ed 35 years. 

BROWI, JAMES P., At Ororllle, Cal., Oct. IP, 1856, Mr. Jaaea 
P. Brcwn, aged ahout 30 years, a natire of Ca mbrldse, 
kCl^A^t where his sister resides* 

BROWH, T. N., On Little Oottonvood, Fresno Co., Hot. 26» 1856, 
T. N. Brovn, aged al)otLt 35 years* 

BROWH, WILLIAM, At Upper Placerrille, April 29, 1856, 
Wllllaa Brown of Philadelphia* 

BROWHy FKRCIYAL, At Acapulco, Oct. 25, 1856, Mr. PerclTal 
Browne, late of Pae. Nail Steaaship Go., in this city* 

BIILLIOHS, JOHH 0., At Honolulu, S* I., 7eh. 2, 1856, Mr. John 
C. Bullions, fomerly a resident of Alhany, H.T. of the 
fins of R* Ooady L Co*t ag^d 28 years* 

BULLOCK, SOLOMON, In Oswego, 0. T*, March 2, 1856, Mr* Solomon 
Bollock, aged 20 years. 

BT31H, mm MTID, At Iowa Hill, April 20, 1856, Tillus 
DBkTld Bonn, son of A* J* and Diima Bunn, aged 4 years 
and 3 months* 

BURDXLL, 0* THOMPSON, In Los Angeles, Teh* 2, 1856, Mr. 0* 
Thompson Burdell, in the 50th year of his age* 

BUB0X88, DAHIEL, In Hew York, Nay 13, 1856, Daniel Burgess, 
(Publisher), aged 52 years* 

BUBEE, OIOHOI BZHKY, In this city, Aug. 21, 1856, Oeorge 
HenT7 Buxke, son of William A. and Mary Buike, age 2 
years and 3 months. 

BUTLER, JOHH, July 31, 1856, on board steamship Oortes in Oulf 
of California, on passage up from Panama, Mr. John Butler 
aged 23 years. Brother of Mr. Joseph Butler of this city. 

CAST, Mrs., At San Jose, Sept. 11, 1856, Mrs* Cady, wife of 
Mr* X* Cady, aged about 40 years. 

CAUY, lANES Wt, In Grass Talley, May 19, 1856, James W. Cady 
formerly of Albany, H.Y. , aged 25 years* 


CAEI, Kr«. B., In this city, Oct. 22, 1866» Mrfi. 1. Oahn, 
a natlT* of Tx*anc«. Tontrrl from the reoidence of 
her loxit 180 Anthony Street* 

OALIBlt OAfHFJaiTE:, At Brovn*8 Hat, near Sonora, Oct. 10, 

1666, Nlaa Catherine Gaidar, in the IBth year of her a^a. 

CALDOHA, MAET, On hoard S. S. Ooldan A«e, An^. 18, 1856 
Nary Oaldona of Chile. 

CALDVIIL, JOHN. At Crescent City, Oct. 7, 1856, John Calchrlll, 
a^d 28 yaara. 

CAL7IV, JXREMIAH, In this city, April 19, 1856, Jereaiah 
Calrin, of Ireland, aged 75 year*. 

CAKDXR8, V. 0., In this city, Ati«;. 12, 1856, Rer. W. a. 
Caadart, of Stockton, a^d 39 yeart. 

OAlTIEIiD, I. EPaAR, At Granada, Hicaragua, Teh. ?5, 1856, 
I. Id^r Oanfield, late of California, a^d 26 years 
and 10 nontht* 


CAPaiSl, MART MELROSB, In this city, Hot. 20, 1856, Hary 

Nelroee Oaprprise or Oaprise, youngest dau^ter of Joseph 
and Nary ^aae Cappriea, a^d 2 years, 2 bos. and 2 days. 
BaltiBore papers please copy. 

CARLETON, JOSZPE H., At Bostwiek Bar, Aug. 4, 1856, Joseph 
H. Carlton, a —t^TS ef-Keif- T egk, aged 30 years. 

OARLTOH, VILLIAM, In San franeisoo, Feb. 15, 1856, Mr. 

Villiaa Canton, a native of Vev York, aged 33 years* 

OARMICAL, In the Tozks of Santraa, 0. T., on the 10th and 

15th day of October 1856, the two and only children of 
"hi "lip B. Tamical. 

OARR, HIXE8TG1 I., In SaahTllle, Sept. 5, 1856, Houston 1. 
Oarr, formerly of this city. 

OUm, lORUST N., In Proro City, W. T., Oct. 4, 1856, 
Harriet M, Carter, daughter of Dosiinious Carter, aged 
10 months and 7 days. 

GATOHir, MART, In this city. Hot. 15, 1856, Nary Catchet, 
aged 32 years, a natire of Svitserland, late of Gold 
Hill, California 

CATHCABT, OAPT. , At Santa Cms, Nay 8, 1856, Capt. Cathoart, 
aged 50 years. St. Louis, Mo. and Oxford, Ohio 
papers please copy. 


CATHBIT, MARGARET, In this city, Oot. 30. 1856, Nargartt 
CaTvrlj, a natirs of San Trancitoo, a^d 5 years* 

(SRISA, LORENZO, In this city, March 4, 1856, Mr. Lor«nso 
Oartta, architect. (Mamher Masonic Tratemity and 
Mercantile Library Ats'n.) 

0IR7, ROSALU, In this city, Sept. 19, 1856, Rosalie Oerf, 
a^d 1 year and 2 months. 

OEALVlIXt asOv N., In Baa Yranoiseo, May 2, 1856, Geo. M. • 
Chalvill, in the 44th year of his a^e. 

CHAPIN, ABH£roE M., In this city, An^. 5, 1856, Anatte M. 
dao^ter of Mr. Samel A. Chapin, age 10 years and 8 
aonohs, residence Povell near Clay. 

0EA8S» JAMES, In the Oounty Hospital, Shasta, Feh. 24, 1856, 
JIPMS Chase, aged 35 years. 

QHIATXRS, MART HSBEOCA, At Stockton, Ang. 29, 1856, Mary 
Rebecca Chearers, only child of VAa. H. and Helena 
Chearers, aged 15 months and 4 days. 

CHIVH, MARX H., In this city, Jmie 17, 1856, Major Mark H. 
Ohinn, fomerly of Shelbyville, Ky., and late of 
Portland, Oregon, aged 28 years. 

OLAPP, MARGARET Aim, At Salt Lake City, Deo. 15, 1866, 
Margaret Ann Clapp, aged 82 years* 

CLARE, 7RA1K STOVELL, In San Francisco, Jan. 3, 1856, frank 

Stowell, child of Chas. rf, and Zliia J. Clark, formerly 
of PortsBouth, H.H., aged 14 months* 

CLARK, GEORGE GOHDOT, At Hnnt'a Hill, Herada Co., April 27, 
1856, George Gordon Clark, formerly of Canada West* 
Aged 27 years and 6 months. 

CLAKXI, X. &« At Palcerrille, March 12, 1856, Mr. £. B* 
Clarke, formerly of Boston, Mass., aged 41 years. 

OLAUOI, XDVAiD G., In this city, VoT. 33, 1356, Xdnard 0* 
Claade, a native of Conn., aged 21 years* 

OOASES, YUdJrm N*, In Stockton, J^me 22, 1856, Walter M* 
Coatee, son of P. A* and Iliaa Ooates, aged 5 years, 
2 months* Illinois papers please copy* 

COmH, ILIZABETH M., At Marysrille, Jan. 10, 1856, Elis*- 
beth M. Coffin, vife of Mr. A. G. Coffin and daughter 
of the late Isa ao Sherwood of lew Toxk, aged 35 years* 


OQLBOBJr, HATHAH. Ji% Sacramento, Oct. 11, 1856, Mr. Hatban 
Colbom, a««d 42 Tears, formerl7 of Albany, N.T. 

COLE, HABCT SZREPTA, At South Vebar, U. f., lor. 29, 1866, 
Mr*. lancy Serepts Cole, dao^ter of Rebecca and Nathan 
Parriih and wife of Mr. Vita. Oole, aged 35 years. 

OOLEMAV, THOMAS JAMES, In Beneeia, Feb. 15, 1856, Thomas 
Jaaet Colsaan, infant son of Mr. Thomas Coleman. 

•OF, JUT.IA A., At Oolusl (Co\Ti«aT) March ?5, 1856, Mrs. 
Julia A. OoBoton, wife of Dr. J. Oompton, aged 28 years. 

OOnsON, nEHTas, in this city. Hot. '', 1956, Mr. Dennis 
Condron, a native of Ireland, aged 25 years. 

COmaW, WIOHT p., in this city, Aog. ri, 1856, Mr. Dwl^t P. 
Oonirlln, aged 2P years. ?tmeraT from Jolsoa nr. Second. 

COKSTHTPITO, MAClDCfHIA, In this dty, Hot. 25, 1856, MacedonU 
Constentins, sons of Sdward Conatentine, aged 1 day. 

COOK, BEUJAMIH, In this city. Hot. 12, 1866, Mr. Benjamin 
Cook, a natiTe of Indiana, aged 63 years. 

OOGKBS, JOHN J., At 7ort Miller, Jan. 23, 1856, John J. Coombs, 
a natiTe of Bangor, Maine, aged 51 years* 

COCI, Ka3.,— - In Oarenn Talley, July 3, 1856, Mrs. Coon, the 
vifs of Abraham Coon, aged 28 years, 4 mos., 14 days. 

OOMELAJn), aiOEAaj), in HldgeTille, Trinity Co., Deo. 1, 1866, 
Richard Copeland, formerly of Reynolds Co., Miss., aged 
about 23 years. 

OHATO, SAMOIL, At lureha Hlty, Jan. 2, 1856, Mr. Saanel Craig, 
from Braneb City, Mich. , aged 24 years. 

GRAIE, LABI GERTROIB, In Alamoda, Jan. H, 1856, Eary Gertrude, 
third daughter of Judge A.M. Crane, a^ed 9 years. 

flBAWfoU), JAN^, In Do>mirrille, July 3, 1866, Ja^en Crawford, 
aged 25 years. 

CBIJOH, ^AROLHO: R., At lano&etp.r. Pa., May ''0, 18r>6, Mrs. 

Caroline R. , wife of Hon. J. T). Crsigh of Sen Trancisoo. 

OHIWHTOH, JOHH, In Bevton, March I'l, 1856, Mr. Jolin Crsighton 
of Ireland. 


CRITTEnOBB, JULIA MARIA, On the CadaTeras, Jan. 11, 1856, 
Jalia Maria Crlttanden, dau^^hter of J. H. and Maxy 
Jan« Orittendcn, aged 1 year and 7 nontht. 

CROCOR, ISAAC, In Sacramento, Teb. 11, 1856, leaa e 

Crocker, aged 57 year*, fomerly of South Bend, Indiana* 

CROmmi, JULIA, Nay 31, 1856, Julia Oronnin, aged 25 years* 

0R0S8, JOSEPH, At Sonora, March 13, 1856, Mr. Joeei^h Cross, 
aged ibout 30 yeare. 

CROWELI, JOHN, In Grenada, Re-ouhlic of Hicaragoa, Hot. 17, 
1856, John Crowell, Lt. of Artillery, Hioaragoan Any, 
late of San Fmnoieco in his 2l3t year. 

CURBI, 8. M., At Missouri Hat, H Dorado Co., July 3, 1856, 
Mr. S« M. Ourry. 

CURTIS, BEHJAMIV B., At Massaohasettt FLat, July 2, 1856. 
Benjanin B. Curtis, aged 25 years* 

CURTIS, OaiH, At Clinton Hotel, HeTada Co., Orin Curtis, aged 

38 years., formerly of Lawrence, Mass. Paper of Aug. 29, 56. 

CURTIS, SAMUEL, In this city. May 8, 1856, at UtS* Marine 
Hospital, Saimel Curtis, fonserly of Braintree, Mass., 
aged 23 years. 

DAKAH, AHN, At Springfield, TouluBUie Co., May 21, 1856, Ann 
Dakan, wife of Dr. Dakan, aged 33 years. 

BALKT, JAMES, In this city, April 23, 1856, Mr. James Daley, 
a natire of Scotland, aged 40 years. 

BALT9 ZLI7JIBETE ZLUCN, At Hotsetovn, on June 4, 1856, 

Xlisaheth Ellen, infant dau^ter of John and Mazy Ann , 

Daly, aged 3 mos* 
DARSELL, TRAinC PRATT In this city, Oct. 26, 1856, 7rank 

Pratt, infanet'son of Henry T. ->nd Marian S. Darnell, 

aged 1 Month and 24 days* 

DAS? AS, HEHRT JEAN MARIA, In this city, Deo. 21, 1856, 
Henry Jean Maria Dae t as, of this city* 

DATEKP0I9, CLARISSA S., In San 7raa0is«o, Dec. 28, 1855, 
Clarissa S. Darenioort, aged 44 years, wife of Daniel 
Darenport, fonerly of Boston. 

DATIDSON, In the Forks of the Santiaa, O.T., Oct. 15, 1856, 
the two eldest children of Stei^hen M. Daridson* 

B4TIS, SZRA S. 2., At Saoraaento City, Sept. 4, 1856, 

Em S. I. DktIs, a natlre of DulmqtLe, Iowa. bila- 
dalphla and Dobuqna paper* -oleaee copx* 

filVES, VILLIAM, In Saa Francleeo, Jnly 28, 1856, Wllliaai 
Oaves, Couneellor at lav, a natlre of BinBin^iuMa, 
Great Britain, fomerlj a resident of Paris, a^d 47 yrs* 

DAVSOK, JAXE, At Sacramento, An^. 18, 1856, Miss Jaae 

Dawson, fomerl7 of St. Joseph's, Mo., a^ed 29 jears. 

DAT, EIEAM, In Shasta Co., Hot. 22, 1856, Hiraa Day formerly 
of NonBouth, 111, aged 22 years. 

DAT, PETER, At Clayton's Baneh, Tuba Co., Jxine 17, 1856, 
Peter Digr» ^rom Pennsylyania, a^^ 40 years* 

HB BSUi, KATI, At MasyiTille, Ap^;. 2, 1856, Kate, infant 
dan^ter of Joseph and Catherine De Bell, a^ 6 bos., 
16 days* 

DE HAVZH, ELIZAHXro, At Eureka, Jixly 12, 1856, Mrs. i:iisal>eth 
De Haren, consort of Jacob De Haven, a,<7ed 34 years* 

mr, nXJOl DJCAH, in this city. Mar* 39, 1856, Mrs. Ellen 
DesB Dent, a^d 22 years. 

DE LA REIKTaiE, Jr., JOHK LOUIS ROT, In San yrenoisoo, Jan. 8, 
1866, John Loois de la Reintrie, Jr., a^d 5 yrs., and 
5 BOS*, son of Henry and M. H* Roy de la Reintrie, la te 
of Baltimore, Nd* 

SI WITT, MART LOUISA, In this city, Sept. 29, 1856, Mary 

Louisa, dao^^ter of Indrev and Henrietta Sophia De Witt, 
a^e 1 year, 7 bos., 23 days. lew Tork and Pennsylvania 
papers pleaee copy* 

DISL, NABT, In this city, Ati^**- 1856, Mary Diel, daa^ter 

of T. Dlel, a^ed 2 yrs., 6 veeke. Paper of Ao^. 4, 1856* 

DIEOLE, MART A*, In this city, Deo. 20, 1856, Mary A. Din«le 
vife of George R. Dingle, Esq., Hew Tork and Coltnihia, 
Georgia papers pleaee oopy. 

OOnSTT, CHARLJCS C, In this city, Vor. 21, 1856, Charles 0* 
Doherty, aged 4 Bonths and 2 days. 

DCMinUEZ, DONA MADALIHA, In Los Angeles, ITeh. 2, 1856, 

Dona Madalena DoBingoes, aged 19 years, daoghter of 
Don Pedro and Dona Maria Jesus Cota de DoBingoes* 


DOV. ifrHIS, In ColnnMa, Maj 7, 1856, A^ea, vifa of 
Mr. Bobert Don, a^d 3C /ears. 

OOIAHm, CAETZHIKE, In this city. Hot. 3, 1856, Catherin* 
vlfe of John Donebua, a^*d 25 years, fonerel froa 
339 Kaarny Street. 

DOVOTAN, B£II3aiT. In this city, Jnn* 8, 1856, Nrc, Bridget 
Donoyan, a^d 30 year*. 

BO0OTAH, C, In Saoramerto, March 8, 1856, Mr. C. Donoran, 
Aasociata Sditor of the Sonora "Union Democrat". 

IXXJGLAS, ~-, In Sacraoanto, Jan. 19, 1856, son of Villiaa 
and 'anoy Doti^las, agad 2 years and 8 months. 

DOUSMAV, JAB At Monterey, Jan. 4, 1856, Jane Dousoan, 

eldsst dan^ter 'f Henry and Jnlia Dousman, a^ed 13 years. 

SOV, nUffXOf., Za this el%y. ^ 28, 1856, loratio 7. Dov. 

DOViriTiO, PAIJL, In Saoraaento, Apr. 30, 1856, at the Totintain 
Honee, Paal Downing, aerebant of TTieolaus. 

DOWVS, 1te«, In Shasta, Juns 6, 1856, ¥m. Do\ais, a natire of 
Ireland, a^d 30 years. 

DOns, CAmRIHX Iv, In this city. Mar. 36, 1856, Mrs. 

Oatherins Z., wife of Sdvard J. Doyle, of Boston, Mass., 
aca4 24 years and 4 aonths. 

PRUhkkt, AVBOI EXHBT, In this city, Oct. 19, 1856, Anson 

Henry, only child of 7, Henry and Bertha Dronart, aged 
1 yr^T and 1 day. 

OQAJl, ZXWAaD, At CarhonsriM^, Westchaeter Co., I. T., 

Deo.— "-^1855, Mr. Zdv^rd Doane, hrother of Oharles P. 
of this city, "^aper of Jan. 16, 1856. 

DDDLET, XDIflV &., In San Tranciseo, £dvin H. Dadley, a^d 

37 yaars, foraerly of Spring Valley, Datehass Co., K. T., 
paper of Jan. 7, 1886. 

DVHR, CLABA AGIEs! in this city, Oct. 18, 1856, Clara A«nes 
on'y child of \ta. H. And Sarah S. Dwyer, a^d 2 years 
and 1 day. Boston papers please copy. 

KADIS SES BADIS ASD RADI8. In Portland, Oregon, ^an. 14, 
U Mr. 1 X. Kadis, mg96 25 years. 

KATOI, VILLIAM H., At saa, on honrd schooner S. D. Bailey 
Dao. 24, 1856, Villiam 1. Eaton, formerly of Maina. 


XSGAE, OWZr E., In C&iiMlo V&llfty, Monier«y Co., Jan. 23, 
1656, Mr. Ov«n H. Xd^r, a aaiir* of Baltimort, Md., 
afiad 33 /aars, 

Mtf, JOBI, In this city, Oct. 27, 1656, Mr. John Egan, a 
aatiT* of Atlone, Iralaud, a^d 50 years. Rasidanea 
Niimia and 71rat Straett. 

XLLia, JGBI, In this eitjr. Mar. 22, 1856, Mr. John Xlli«t 
of Oarmany, aged 46 years • 

XLLZ8, J. v., BIT., At Lexington, Monte Township, Lot 

Angeles Co., Teo. 29, 1856, Her. J. W; Sllis, of the 
Methodist Spiscopal Confaranea South, age 80 years. 
(Print is blurred, ee nay be 30) 

XLLIS, THOMAS, Zn San 7ra&cisoo, M&r. 13, 1856, Thosas 
son of A. J. ^Cllis, aged 10 years and 6 months. 

SLLORHOHST, HHIHIXT^A, In this city, 8aT>t. 24, 1856, 
Henrietta, Infant dauf^ter of Henry D. and "Tliia 
Xllorhorst, aged 3 mos. Tuneral from Jackson and Qaris Sts. 

FAOAV, MELISSA P., In Yankee J1b*8, Ja n. 30, 1856, Mrs. 
Melissa P., wife of Dr. P. B. Fagan, aged 23 years. 

7AEXT, MAHGARST, In this city, April 5, 1856, Mrs. Margaret 
Fahey, aged ^5 years* 

FAIBBAHKS^ H. V. In San Francisco, Aug. 4, 1856, Mr. H. V. 
Fairbanks, a natiTs of Vinthrop, Me,, a^d 38 years 

FAIXIlBKBa, JGBI, In Stockton, Feb. 18, 1856, Mr. John 
Flalklnbarg, aged 62 years. 

FA&aoW, JOEH, At Sacraaento County Hoeoital, June 7, 1856, 
Mr. John Farrow, a native of Kanttktky, fonaarly of 
Missouri, aged 30 years. 

FATABD, XBUST, In San Francisco, Feb* 25, 1856, Mr. Smest 
Fayard, aged a4 years. 

fIBOUSOH, JCEI C, At Auburn, Apr. 25, 1856, John C. Ferguson, 
foTSMrly of Cedar Co., Iowa. Aged about 25 years. 

FERGUSOU, JOSPIS, At Managuas, July 31, 1666, Joseph Ferguson, 
of Co. A. Han/^r Battalion. Lexington, Ky. Papers 
please copy. Hiearagua Hews. 


7I£LD, CATHERIKE IZBSOS^ In Boston, Oet. 31, 1856, C&therin* 
Ttmon, a^d 9 years and 11 not. the aeoond of tha tvo 
only ohildran of Saaual Stillsan Held, of Sacramento, 
formerly of Boston, to T>as8 aum^ within four days. 

nSLD, THEDERIOT WIILIiM, In Boston, Oet. 27, 1856, fredarick 
Villian, son of Saauel Stillman Fields of Saeraaanto, 
fonaerly of Boston, a^^ad 7 1/2 year a. 

riELDS, NARTIH, In Los Angelas, Apr. 1, 1856, Mr. Martin 
Tialds. Agad 28 yaara. 

7ISCHER, SOPHIAf In Saa Diago, Karoh 24, 1856, Mrs. Sophia 
fiaehar, agad 32 yaara. 

fUmiR, HARRIET, In this city. Mar. 29, 1856, Mrs. Harriet 
Tlannar, vifa of Mrs. Thoaas R. Tlenner, agad 29 years 
and 5 Bontha. 

7LICK, XLIZABEOB Sarah, At Marysrilla, July 9, 1856, Elisabeth 
Sarah, infant dau^ter of O.L. and Barbara Tliek, 
aged 7 Bontha. 

TLICX, LOOIS, In Narysrille, May 24, 1856, Louis, son of 
C. L. Tliek, aged 1 year, 7 nonths and 10 days. 

TLIHT, CAROLINE P., In San Trancisco, Jan. 25, 1856, Carolina 
P., wife of Charles W. Flint, aged 23 years, formerly of 
Lowell, Mass. 

TLOanSLL, D. v.. At Petaltusa, Apr. 23, 1856, D. W. Tlogdell, 
aged 30 years. 

fOLOER, — o. At Beneeia, Jnne 15, 1856, the infant dau^tar 
of 7. R. Tolger of Saeraaanto. 

rcLOER, GORIELIA M., In San Tranei'^eo, Hot. 12, 1856, Cordelia 
M. Tolger, belored daughter of \fm, H. and Mary 7olger, 
a^ed 10 aonths and 12 days. Residence Mission near Third, 

rOLaZR, Geo. M., At Suisun Valley, Bee. 29, 1865, Geo. M. 
folger, of Vantuekat, Maas., aged 31 years. 

70LMAV, Geo. V., In this eity, Dae. 24, 1856, Mr. George Y. 
TolMui, formerly of Vatertown, H«w Tork, agad 32 years. 

70RCX, HEHRT X., At Adbum, Jan. 19, 1856, Mr. Henry X. Torca, 
agad 32 yaara. 

70RCX, vaLLIAM J., In Marysrille, JxOy 3, 1856, Villiaa J. 
7oroe. 7onierly of Rahway, X.J. Agad 30 years. 


FOHD, MAHT AHH, In Polk Co., 0. T,, TBb. 5, 1856, Mary Ann 
Tord, w^9& 27 years. 

rORIlSBia, WILLIAM, In Saor&Mnto, Oct. 30, 1856, Wllliaai, 
Infant son of Wa. and Aogasta ?ordar«r, Hov Tosic 
papers ^leaee oopy. 

TOSTIR, HZNHT, In Shasta, Tel). 22, 1856, Henry, Infant son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Foster of the St. Louis House* 

TOSTIH, JULU E., In Shasta, April 24, 1856, JulU H. Foster, 
wife of George Foster, aged 32 years. 

fODBTAIH, CALEB. In Portland, 0. T., Ani:.96, 1856, Mr* 
Calsb Fountain, aged 36 years. 

fODB, J. M., At Grass Vallsy, Sept. 5, 1856, Judge J. M. 
Fouse. Aged 34 years* 

F0WL2R, JULIA A*, In San Francisco, Feh. 7, 1856, Julia A. 
wife of John Fovler, and dau^ter of Mr. Ohilds of 
Hicaragua, aged 27 yrs. Residence Folson St. near 2nd. 

nnULMTD, CASHUHINS, At Sacraaento, Har. 22, 1856, Mrs. 
Catherine Friedland. 

fim, CHABLOm, In Sacramento, Mar. 1, 1856, Charlotte 
Friar, age 26 yrs., fonaerly of Kingston Co., I.T. 

FRI8BI1, MARIAKC GUADALUPE, At V/hite Sulphur Springs, Hapa, 
Juna 7, 1856, Mariano Guadaluos, only son of John B. 
and Faxmy Vallejo Frishie, age 3 yrs. and 10 nonths. 

FRORK, GEORGE, At Marysrille, Sept. 7, 1856, George, infant 
son of John and Mary E. Fronk, aged 18 months. 

flORnr, JOSEPH FRAKOIS, In this city, Deo. 21, 1856, Joseph 
Frvneie Frontin, only child of Joseph Frontin, tha 
Den sh Cinsul of this city. 

FULLER, SAMUEL, In Placerrille, Aug. 4, 1856, Mr. Saaraal 
Fuller of Kenosha, Wis. 

GAKBLIH, THOMAS, At Bone Tard Ranch, halfway froie Garote to 
Maxwallis Creek, Jan. 28, 1856, Thomas Gaahlin. 

Gannon, ThflMUi, In Santa Barhara, Dec. 30, 1855, Thomas 

GaanoB, aged 31 yrs., a member of the H. T. Tolunteers. 

GAHIVEE, C. H. At Miner's Harine, Placer Co., Feh. 24, 1856, 
Mr. C. H. Gardner, of Scott Co., Iowa. Aged 55* 


aiBmOl, &aB£RI, At Salt Lake Citj, Hot. 29, 1856, Ur. Bob«rt 
Oardntr, a^ed 75 7«Ara« 

OASEXLL, A« P. In Jackton Go., O.T., Aoie. 11, 1856, A.P. 

OASS, B., At BootUr Bar Middle Tork of AxBerioan Birer, Julj 
11, 1856, Mr. B. Gait, 28 Tears. 

04TBI, MART, In lev Tork, Hot. 29, 1856, Mr«. Narr ^atet, 
fomerlj of San Tranoieoo, onlj tieter of Capt. Geor^ 
Gates. Paneral eondooted >y Ber. John W. Swrles and 
BeT* D. Peak. 

GATin, VIIXXAM, In SQiacta, Jan. 21, 1856, Williaa Gavitt, 
lata of Soott Bar, a^ed 36, formerly of Polk Oo., 111. 

, JQHH L«, At Saeracento, Apr. 27, 1856, Mr. John L. 
Geors* of Iowa. 

, AISIB, In Sacraaanto, Peb. 17, 1856, Addle, only 
danghter of Mrs. Harriet Gerry, age 2 /ears and 8 aos. 

GIBBOKS, BZBSCCA D. , lea? Oolina, in Nexleo, Jan. 14, 1856, 
nhile joumeyirv; with h«r r>arents, Beheoc^ D. Gihhons, 
dan^ter of Dr. Henry Gihhone age 18 years. 

GLASS, BABBARA, At Eorsatcwn, Sept. 5, 1856, Mrs. Barhaha 
Glass, aged 41 years. 

GOLDSMITH, LUCIA ATLEH, In San Prancitco, ka^, 7, 1856, Lucia 
Allen Goldsmith, aged 9 yrs., 7 bos., and 23 days. 

GOOD, JGHH, On the Oonsosnes BiTsr, Aug. 13, 1856, John 
Good, aged 38 years. 

G00D7SLL0W, JQHH, At DoKnierille, Sept. 29, 1856, John 

Goodfellov, son of M. J. Goodfellov, age 3 yrs., 25 days. 

GOBIVOE, George, At Beneoia, ^ar. 27, 1856, George, youngest 
child of John Goringe, age 18 months. 

GOBS, NILO J., In this city, July 27, 1856, Gen. Nilo J. Gors 
of lala masoo, Nioh. , aged 40 years. 

Gore, Capt. D. J. At loa^Emc* Mar. 12, 1656, Capt. D. J. GoTe 
■aster of haxk Sarah Warren of this -nlaea. 

GBAEAM, JKHHE H., At MontesTBM Hill, lerada Cc, Sept. 13, 
1856, Jerre H. Graham, aged 34 years. 


GHAEAM, KART A., At MorphyU, Ang. 28, 1856, Nr«. Nary A. 
Qrahaa, vlf« of J. 8, (^rahaa. Aged 46 7«ar«. 

ORABT, KABT KATX AnELAIBZ, In this city. S«pt. 1, 1856, ^rj 
Kat« Ad«laid« Orant, a natire of Philadelphia, aged 7 
yean. Tmieral from residence of her parentt, Miseion 
Dolores. New York and Philadeljihia papers please oopy, 

ORATTAH, Wb. B., At Stockton, May 16, 1856, Win. B., only son 
of John and Sarah J. Orattan. 

GRATIS, J. H., In Eonolnlu, Oct. 10, 1856, Mr. J. H. Grares, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. George S. Graves. Aged 23 years. 

GRATET, R. H,, In this city. Hot. 16, 1856, Mr. R. H. Grarey 
a natiTs of San Iraneisoo, aged 4 years and 7 months. 

GRAY, TRABK^ At Hapa, Mar. 9, 1856, Mr. Frank Gray, age 34 yrs. 

GRAY, RET. WILLIAM, In this city Oct. 22, 1856, Rrr. Wllliaa 
Gray of lev York, aged 70 years. The father of Dr. H. M« 
Gray of San Trancisco* 

fUU, -— , In this city, July 17, 1856, the infant son of 
Oapt. Acthor Green, aged 5 vtsks and 4 days* 

OEDOr, LUCY HEUSI, In this city, July 26, 1856, Luoy Helen, 
daughter of Wta. Arthur and Mary Ann Green, aged 3 years 
and 3 Bonths. 

GSmi, PRIMROSI, In this city. Mar. 15, 1856, Mrs. Prinros*, 
vife of Wta. Greene, Sen., aged 83 (88T) years* 
Vew Orleans and Rev Yoxk papers t>lease copy. 

GimCELL, CHARLES, In this city, Oct. 1, 1856, ^t, Charles 
Grennell, a natire of Georgia, aged 35 years. Residence 
Dopont and Washington Sts. 

GRIBBEI, AHLREW, In Santa Crus, Sexit. 14, 1856, Andrew Grihhen, 
a natire of Ireland. Age 22 years* 

GROTEH, ILIZA, In this city, Sept. 18, 1856, XlloMt Grorer, 
vife of J. Z. Grorer. Funeral froa residence of her 
father, P. loonan. Pacific and Auhum Sts. 

GUITEE, RJClUtY, In this city, Oct. 19, 1856, Henry Gonter Esq., 
foraerly of London, England, aged 42 years. 

GUSHXI, ANKII ELIZABBfB, In this city, Sept. 9, 1856, Annie 
Ilisabeth, infant daughter of Horace and Esther J. 
Gushee. Mass. and lev Haapshire riacpers pleaae copy* 


EAiaRT, SAMUEL V., In San 7ranol80o« ?«^. 27, 1656, Mr. SaauAl 
W. Hai«ht, a^d 33 yaari. 

HAI8HT, 80FHII TAIDEWATIB, On board S* S, Illinoit froa Aspin- 
wall to Hew Tork, Apr. 38, 1856, Sophit Tandawater, youn^ 
att dau^t«r of Henry and Waltha A. Halght of this olty. 

EALTT, JOHN COWAY, In San Jo8« Valley, May 2, 1856, John 

Oonwsy, at the rasidenoa of Dr. J. R. Conway, the infant 
■on of Capt. Rohert and Mary I. Haley, a^ 7 idct.,2 days. 

HALL, EISJ. 7., At Saeraaento, May 7, 1856, Benj. 7. Hall, 
forserly of Boston. A^d 26 year*. 

HANILION, JOSEPHINE MAST, At Satterrilla, Sept. 3, 1856, 
Jotephina Mary, Infant dan^ter of Ann ?• and 0. S* 
Haailton, a«;ed 11 aontht. 

HAMMOND, Dr. EIMOND D., In this eity, Apr. 20, 1856, Dr. Edmond 
D. Haamond, late of Milton, Pa., aged 35 yean. 

HANXn, IXVIS, In this city, Sept. 23, 1856, Lewie Hankia, 
natiTe of San yranoieco, aged 10 months. 

HABDINO, W. D., An«. 11, 1856, W. D. Harding, drowned while 
crossing feather RiTsr at Jaokson'a Ford, aged 35 years. 

HAH0IS8, Ml., At Kariposa, July 3, 1806, Mr. Vta. Eargies, 
aged about 24 years. 

HARP, MAHGAEIT J., One ails east of Tranoh Caart, San Joaquin 
Co., Mar. 2, 1856, Mavcarst J., wife of T. D. Harp, aged 
28 years. 

HARRISON, iALISTA, In this eity, Sept. 19, 1856, Mrs. Calista 
Harrison, wife of Mr. Joseph N. Harrison. Timeral at 
Trinity Churoh, Pine St. 

HAHTIT, LOUIS, At the County Hospital, Stockton, Oct. 11, 1856, 
Louis i'array, a natire of 7ranea, aged 28 years. 

HASYHiL, ZIMRI, At Nicholas, on the Feather RiTer, near Marys- 
Tille, Apr. 22, 1856, Zimri Haswell, foraerly of 
Bennington, Tt., in, the 35th year of his aga. Bennington 
papers please copy* 

HATHAWAT, ANSON 0., At White Oak, El Dorado Co., Oct. 1, 1856, 
Mr. Aason 0. Hathaway, foraerly of Taunton, Mass. 

HATHAWAY, FELIX, At Tancourer, Mar. 6, 1856, Felix Hathaway, 
foraerly of Mass. Ags 58 years. New Bedford papers 
please copy. 


EATEAiaT, V. E. At Vhit« Rook, BtLtt« Co.» Tel). 24, 1856, Mr. 
W.H. Hathavtty, from Naint, ae«d about 24 7«ar«. 

HIWZS, CAPT. THSQPOLIS, In this citar, *W 24, 1856, Capt. 
niaopolit Haw«t, mg9 30 yean* 

HATHK, DAVID, In thii city, Apr. 25, 1856, David Haydan Siq. 
Otputy Haval Officar of this port. R«tid«noe Povell St. 
naar Clay. 

HEATH, BUTE A., In Saoraasnto City, Jan« 6, 1856, Mrs. Ruth A« 
Eaath, wif« of Captain Mo tat Eaath, a ga 38 yaari, formerly 
of Corinth, Tezaont* 

E£DODON, SIMOH 0., In this eity. Mar. 19, 1856, hy drowning 
Mr. Slnon 0. Ead^on, a natire of Maat., aga 22 yean. 


ODNAHS VILLIAN A., In this city, July 27, 1856, Williaa 
A.*H«6man«, of the firm of Darlin^on, Hantcome A 
Haemant, a^ntt for the U. S. Dry Dock of Mar« Island, 
a^d 29 ytars. foneral from 241 Clay St. 

HXIIOES, CAROLIHI In Kerada, July 21, 1856, Mrs. Carolina 
Hainas, a^d 25 years. 

KXHRICE, OEQROE 7., In Sacramento, Dec. 24, 1856, George f» 
son of Charles and Sophia Eeinrioh, aged 3 years and 
9 aoBths. 

, OLITXR, In Benecia, Ma y 18, 1856, Oliver Eenry, only 
son of Jaaee and '^ry Henry, age 19 bk>s. and 9 days. 

, ROEKRT, In this city. Cot. 21, 1856, Robert Henry, a 
natire of San Trancieco, aged 6 years. 

, AUBID 7., In this city, Apr. 4, 1866, Alfred 7. 
Herring, son of John and Mazy Eerring, aged 2 years 
and 2 aonths. 

HIRTIL, OSORGS A., At Dotan's Bar, May 8, 1856, ••arge A. 
Hart el, age about 31 years. 

HlSm, mnnilOX, At Narrsrille, Hay 13, 185«, r.ciariok 
Hesser, age 32 years. 

HXWXTT, JOHI, In Saoremento, Apr. 19, 1866, John Hevett, of 
the fim of ¥eston & Eewett. 

EBVLSTT, H. HOWARD, In Stockton, 7eb. 2, 1856, H. Howard 
eon of Henry H. and Ellen M. Eewlett, aged 2 aonths. 


EICXJIUGS, \hk, D., At A-ua Salada, Staniilaut Co., Jan. 30, 

1856, Wm. D. Hi^^xi^, a natlra of Texsont, a^ 40 yaart, 

HILL, THOKIS IBTINO, At Saoraaanto, Jan. 7, 1856, ThoMi 
Irrin^, ton of Thomaa and Marion Hill, aged 6 years. 

HISMAN N. OSCAH, At Tankta Jinii, March 13, 1856, Mr. I. 
Oaoar Hinman, ar^ad 42 yeart. 

HINSDALS, CAIHXRIIiX ALICX, At Scottilmrg, Oragon, Dao. 31, 

1855, Catharine Alice, wife of Oeo. E. Hinsdale, and 
daa^ter of Joseph and Susan Putnam, formerly of 
Lezin^on, Ky. , in the 18th year of her a^. 

HQBSOH, \Ai. WALTER, In Santa Barhara, Feh. 29, 1856, WM. 
Walter Hohson, aged 2 years and 6 months. 

HOLBROGI, AHNIE 7., In San 7ranci8C0, Jan. 4, 1856, Annia 
7. Holhrook, wife of Capt. Aaron Holhrook, aged 23 yrs. 
Hev York papers please copgr • 

HOLLEHBIOK, MAHTIH, In this city, Hov. 13, 1856, **artin 

Hollenheok, aged 52 years, formerly of Albany, Haw York. 
AllMuay papers please copy. 

EGHOAH, JOHH, in this city, Sept. 24, 1856, John Eonigan, a 
natiTS of San 7rancisco, aged 10 days. 

lOOBER, OERISTIAV B., In Stockton, May 8, 1856, Christian B. 
Eooher, formerly of Lancaster, ^enn. iged 27 years* 

EOQPXR, CAPT. DAVISL, In San Kaaone (RamoneT) Yalley, Contra 
Costa Co., at the residence of Dr. S. A. RasTes, June 5, 

1856, Capt . Daniel Eooper, age 65 years. Vev York papers 
please copy. 

lOOTIR, AIKA NARIiil ^B ^o* Angeles, July 31, 1856, Anna Maria 
the heloTed child of Dr. Eoorer. Aged 12 years. 

EOR, Dr. A. W,, At Los Angelas, January 17, 1856, Dr. A* W. 
Eope, age 3 > years. 

EOFPXR, XLIZiBETH N., In this city, Apr. 30, 1856, Elisabeth 
N. , wife of Saiiael Hopper, formerly of Levieton, Pa., 
aged 43 years, 4 months and 15 days. Philadelphia and 
Oregon pax>ars please copy. 

lOMKIE 7RZSKRI0K, At Auburn, Placer Co., at the County 
ESspital, Mar. I, 1856, 7redarick Eorsman, a natiTa 
of Ross ia. 

lOOO J08XPH C. :ini.\JUk, Tlrginia, Placer Co., Mar. 14, 1856, Mr. 
* Joseph 0. Eouaa, in the 55th year of his age. 


lOrarnH, ORARJiES R,, k% ffatf — to, Ttb, 6« 1896, Obaxltts E* 
Boutton, trcm izijiu*i«« MO«lT»d froa the •xnloslon of 
%h« aUMMr "Ball*" in the 39th y^r of his a «•• 
paptM plMiM eotqr* 

BOWAHJ)| (BAILOITB, M hsr ritidMee on Tallt^ Ht., Dm. IS, 
168S« Nrt« Charlottt Rowurd, fonMrly of London, ae^d 
46 y»ars« lav OtImmm p«ptn pImlm eop/« 

ROWLAHD, XLIZABSm, In HMWinto, Dm. 30, 18B6t Nn. Uiia- 
iMth Bowlaad, a natlTe of Hev Toifc, a^d 34 years. 

lOVLUr, iOrrOHST S. AQBIN, in this oit/, <—— 18M, Aatonejr 

I« laibin, eon of Mrs. Hovlin, aflad srrs., i soa. (Jimt 30,*66) 

BOr» BOBOS 0., At Spaaiah Baneh, S«pt« 6, 1856, My, Robart 0. 
lo^Tf a^d 35 sraara. 

l» ILIZA BXDB7ITIS, In Baaaela, Sapt. 30, 1806, Iliia 
ladalula Bii]bha, wife of the Honorable Paul X. Bobha. 
Nra. Rabba iiaa the dau^^tar of Oapt. Hadaltda, %fho i«aa 
vlth John Paul Jonee and vaa one of the aturrirora of 
%he '*Bon BoHBa Rlehard.** Other datalla are in tha 
Rollatin of thia data. 
nVTy lUUA iJCmnx Xa Hasyrrilla, Aaff. 16, 1806, Maria Looiaa 
■«■%, oal7 dan^^iar of Oaorga P. and Xliaabath Exint, 
•^•A 4 jraara. 

irmn, XX)0I8A in thia city, JuBa 35, 1856, Niaa Louiaa 

lamiar, 4 natiTa of Haw Bedford, Maaa. A^ad 22 yaara. 

■Mir, BSntr B., la San yraaoisoo, feb. 6, 1856, Hanrj B. 
ivo^iaat aaa of Tradk. A. and Oharlotte 7. Haaae/, 
Mi S jaara and 12 daya. 

nrraB, ABBJIS S., U thia eity, lor. 1, X806, Adeline 8., 
daiM^tar of Jalai and iHUMh X. Button, acad 9 aoatha. 

KDfTOII, Jtm, la thia eity. Hot. 1, Joka, aoa of John and 
Battoa, acod 9 aoatha. 

BtAR, NABT ANH, At Bonolnlu, S. I., Jan. 21, 1866, Narr 
Ann, daanhtar of &aor/^ Hyatt, a^ed 19 yaara. 

IIIB, (nMMR UMABD, la 8aa Frnaoieoo, 7eb. 39, 1856, 
Oaaisa Bd^ard, eon of Oaor^ and Zllan J. B/da. 

nai, fKNAS dLIYER, At BasMia, Jane 38, 1866, ThoMa 

OliTar Byda, a^ad 9 yaara and 9 aontha, eon of Oliver 
and Bariat Byda, late of Baltiaora. 


XnEBP, JOBI, At Ramin^on Bill, Mar. 6, 1856, John Xntk««p, 
fonMrlj of Nov Orleans, agod 35 joari. 

im, KAHT, At Placanrllle, Apr, 8, 1856, Mrt. Mary Iray, 
foHMrlj of Oalena, 111., ag« 24 jears. 

/ANSS, JOBS B., While aining, near Jetue Miria, Calaveras 
Co., Tel). 25, 1856, Mr. John B. James, a Bealser of 
Kossuth Lod^, I. 0. 0. 7* Media. Pennsylraaia. 

JAXISfT, JCffll, In this oity, '^^jw 15, 1856, John, jottB^est 
son of ThoBMis and A^es Jarre tt, aged 15 Months. 

JXLIT, NASI J., In Sacrax^ento, Oot« rr, 1856, I^r«. '^ry J* 
Jelly, wife of Mr. Saaroel Jelly, ai^ed 37 years. 

#■■11108, AHH SLIZA, At San JuAn, lerada Co., Apr. 20, 1856, 
Mrs. Aba Slisa, wife of Orlando Jennings, age 30 years. 

JOKHSCS, CHARLES A., In thie oity, Feh. 28, 1856, Mra. Charles 
A. Johnson, fron Sweden, a^ed 36 years. New Tork papers 
please oopy. 

JOBKSOV, I., At Downierille, Jtme 15, 1856, E. Johnson, of 
the fixn of £. Johnson and Bro. 

JGOSOV, 7. N. , In Los Angeles, July 27, 1856, Mr. 7. M. 
Johnson, fomerly of Texas. 

JOHirsOir, CEOHOX, At Honolnlii, S. I., Jan. 14, 1856, George 
Johnson, a natire of Ireland, aged 34 years* 

JOBR90V, MARGARXT A^Of, In Alaaeda Co., May 27, 1866, '^rgaret 
Ann, only ehild of Mrs. 'Wgaret Johnson, aged 2 ysars, 
and 11 Bonths* 

JQB18Q9I, NICHOLAS, At Plaoerrille, Apr. 5, 1856, Nicholas 
Johnson, a Norwegian, age 46 years. 

JOanUt PONXLIA JOSVfaiE, At Petaluaa, 7eh. 26, 1856, 
Pemelia Joeephine, wife of J. V. Johneon, late of 
Iowa, aged 23 years. 

J€D8T0HI, JOHANNA D., In New Tork oity, Ang. 14, 1856, Mrs. 
Johanna D., wife of Mr. Henxy X. Johnstone, and eldest 
daoghter of the late Charles Del Teoehio. 

JONXS, A- ]}., At Taakse Hill, A. D« Jones, fomerly of 

Alhany, N.T. Aged 24 years. 7roB paper of Jnne 3, 1856. 


/CDS, in, In St«ti]ben, On«idA Co., V.T., Sept. 24, 1856» 
Ixm, vife of Riohard R. Jones, aged 63 years* 

, CHARLES X., At Jaaettown, Sept. 29, 1856, Charles S. 
Jones, a natire of Ylrginia, in his 27th year. 

, JAH2S H«, In HeTada, Jtine 12, 1856, James H. Jones 
of Meadrille, Pa., aged 22 years. 

KAUTTMAV, AMILIA, In this city, Oct. 20, 1856, AiMlia Kaoff- 
i, a natire of Valparaiso, aged 1 year. 

DAI, MART JABX, In San Joss, Deo. 24, 1855, Mary Jane, vifs 
of Thoaas Kean, aged 23 yrs. Late of San Trancisoo. 

ZXASHZT, WILLIAM, In this city, June 11, 1856, William, 

infant son of John and Mar/ Kearney, aged 7 months. 

mflR, AnOUST^A TIBOIHIA, in this city, Aug. 10, 1856, Mrs. 
Augusta Virginia, widov of the^ late Rohert 0. Keefer, 
formerly of Washington, D.C. and datighter of Mrs. 
Catharine Langton, of this city, aged 20 yrs. and 22 days. 

rma, Robert ORAHT, in Marysrille, Jnly 28, 1856, Rohert 
Grant Keefer, at the residence of his hrother-in-lav 
Samnel W. Langton, Dsq., formerly of Thorold, Canada 
West, aged 26 years. 

, MR. H., In this city, Apr. 17, 1856, Mr. H. Keens, 
formerly of Boston. Boston ^^tapers please oopy. 

, THOMAS FRANCIS, In this city. Mar. 28, 1856, Thomas 
yraneis, son of Mr. Thomas 7. and Jane Kshoe, aged 
1 year, 10 months and 5 days. 

EELIJCR, MART, In Los Angeles, July 28, 1856, Mary, wife of 

Mr. M. Keller. 

KZLLT, TIMOTHY, In San Tranciseo, 7eh. 17, 1856, Timothy 

Kelly, a natire of Qaeen*s Co., Ireland, aged 28 years. 

XILaAl StTSAI, Wear Hillshoro, Orsgon, Aug. 6, 1856, Mrs. 
Susan Kelsa, aged 65 years. 

HMUDT, J. W. 8INM0HS, At Skookun Bay, W. T. , Sept. 25, 1856, 
J. W. Simmons, s on of 7. Kennedy, aged 12 years. 

KmaiT, JOHH, At San Lorenso, Alameda Co., June 25, 1856, 
Mr. John Kennedy, son of James and Mary Kennedy, aged 
19 years and 2 months. 


ran«r*l lotic* of Jaa«t King of VIIIImb 
Th« Dftllj Ermine Bnlletin, Ma/ 30 (l.«.. May 21), 1856 

Mr* Xine^B ftui«ral will take plao« tomorrov, 
(KaX 22t 1856), Tharsday, at 12 •*oloek« from tha 
Unitarian Cfanreh, on Stookton St* bat. Clay and 
Saoraaanto Stt. 

The larTioa vill "ba oondnotad 'by tha Ear. Mr* 
Cntlar, paator of tha Chnroh, aafiatad hj Maaara* 
Taxlor and Laoj* 

Ho papar vill ba iaauad from thia offioa 

Hhila thara %fara ooltoont of aditoriala in all 
of tha Journals of San yraneiseo and alaanhara on 
tha aaaaaaination of Jaaaa Xing of Villiaa^ 
apparantly tha ahoTO frmaral notioa of Tha Daily 
Xraning Ballatin aarrad as tha sola official an- 
nmmoaaant of his daath and tha fonaral arrangamants* 
No notioas in tha ragular daath oolxnma appaar* 

Tha annoTxnoaaant stands at tha haad of tha 
eoltnm iaaadiataly halov tha naaas of tha Iditorial 


Hmnr, m. T., in Philadelphia, Dee. 8, 1855, Mai. 1. 
Kennedy of the flra of X. D, A V. T. Kennedy, of 
Saoraaento, In the 31it year of his a^. 

, OHARLSS N., In this olty, Oot. 91, 1856, Oharlee M. Kerr 
A natlre of San Tranoleoo, aged 4 years and 2 months. 

, JAXX, At Yankee J1b*s, A-o^. 4, 1856, Jane Kerr, vlfa 
of Ita. Kerr. 

KSTCHERSIIE8, MRS. M. A«, In Tallejo Township, Jan. 3, 1856, 
Mrs. N. A« Ketohersldes, aged 24 years. 

XEUIP, I2U, In this elty, Sept. 19, 1856, Ida Kanlp, a^d 

1 year and 2 months. TrroMral from the residence of her 
parents, Satter St., helov Montgomery. 

KIIR, MRS. TRANCES, On hoard the steamship. Golden Age, Atig. 
21, 1856, Mrs. Frances Kier of Kev Orleans. 

KIKCH, JAirc H. MARSHALL, In Vew Tork, May 24, 1856, Mrs. 
Janes. H. Marshall, the heloved vife of Copt. H. Kinoh, 
and second daaghter of Richard D. Marshall, formerly 
of Utica, H. T. • 

KI1K>, MRS., At Drytonn, Amador Co., July 4^ 1656, Mrs. 
King, vife of Manual King. 

KIRXPATVICK, J., In San Jose township, April 5, 1856, J. 
Kirkpatriok, aged 46 years. 

KISTIIOB, MRS. P. A., In this city, Jtdy 1, 1856, Mrs. P. A. 
Kistina, aged 53 years, formerly of Illinoit • 

KHAFP, Dr. Charles A«, At Saeramento, Mareh 17, 1856, Dr. 
Charles A. Knapp of Illinois. Illinois and Massaoho- 
setts papers please copy. 

KKOVLES, SARAH, In San Tranelsco, Jan. 21, 1856, Mrs. 

Sarah Knovles, consort of Mr. R. Knovles of Manchester, 
Sigland. Aged 65 years. 

KNOX, JAMES, At Last Chance, XI Dorado Co., Teh. 25, 1856, 
Mr. James Knox, a native of Vestmoreland Co., Pa.* 
aged about 50 years. 


LAMB, HARTST, At Tehaaa, July 34. 1856, Harrej Lamb, 
fonMrlj of Ohio* 

LAMB, MISS NATILIU R. I., dandier of Bernard and Matilda 
Laab, late of Hew Toik, a^d 16 yaars and 6 xaontht. 
Plaoarrilla, Jan. 1, 1856. 

LAMPTON, J. E. T., In Saoraaanto, Naj 11, 1856, J. H. T, 
Laapton, agad 30 years. Kentuolgr and Niaaouri 
papers ^laasa copy* 

LAn, THOMAS, In this eity, Naroh 9, 1856, Mr. Thomas 
Laae, ai^ed 28 years, late of Vew York. 

LAHEIMQRI, MART KATE, In this city, Jan. 30, 1856, 
Nary Kate, daughter of Richard and Martha J. 
^arrimore, aged 3 yrs., 11 aontha and a half. 

LATHROP, 0. B., In this city, Jiina 4, 1856, 0. B. 
Lathrop, aged 30 years, late of Maine. 

LAIDOai, ITIAHOXS J., In San Andreas, Hot. 19, 1856, 
I'ranoen J., daughter of Daniel Latiaare, agad 
21 years. 

LAmn, miBI W*, in Shasta, April 3, 1856, Henry W« 
Lander, aged 33 years. 

LABOTON, ALEXAHTER OIDSOR, In this city, Sept. 9, 1865 
Alexander Gideon, only eon of Alex T. oni 
Reheooa Ilisabeth Langton, aged 8 months and 8 
days, fgnaral from their residence next to 
Or. Scott *s choreh on Bush Street 

LAVREHCI, ATXHTSTUS, In Talpariso, May 2, 1856, Atigastus 
Lavrenoe, wtster af Uiip Jaya of Kev Bedford, a 
natire of Talaouth, Mass. 

LAWS, CALTIK, In this city, Teh. 25, 1856, Mr. Calrin 
Lavs of Medford, Mass. Aged 32. 

LlATZWfORTH, IMILIIIS, Bear San Josa, March 29, 1856, 
Emellne LeaTenworth wife of Mark Learenworth, 
aged 42 years. 

IIATHWOBTH, JAMES D., In Sonora, April 1, 18S6, 
Jaaes D. Learenvorth, aged 22 years. 

m, Oen. DAVIXL, In lev York City, Jan. 2, 1856, Oen. 
Daniel Lee, late CaMnisaary r^eneml of the Stata 
of lev York, in the 62ad year of his aga« 

m, HABRT, A% PiMisant Tall«y, N&ripota Co., Sept. 1 
1856, Mr. Harry L««, aged 35 years. 

UITCH, niVID, At Noaterey, Jan. 9, 1856, Darid Leltch, 
a natlTe of VirKinia, aged 26 years. 

LXLAHD, OSOBQE L. , la this city, Jan. 12, 1856, George L. 
Lelaad, only ion of Oeo. T. and Sllen Leland, 
aged 23 Bonths and 3 days. 

LSVNABD, EASTER, In this city. Hot. 7, 1856, Xaeter Lennard 
daughter of E. R. Lennard, aged 4 day*. 

LOT, SUSAH ANH, At Santa Clara, June 29, 1856, vlfe of 
Villiaa M. Lent. 

LETI, RACHEL, In this city, Oct. 18, 1856, Mre. Rachel 
Leri, a natire of Germany, aged 38 years* 

LIHCOU, HSarai WHITZWKLL, in this city, Sept. 13, 1856, 
only child of Jeroae and Linnie 0. Lincoln. Aged 1 

LIVZEE, RQBl&Bf , At Alaaeda, Hot. 26, 1856, Rohert Linsee, 
late of Ohio, aged 41 years. 

LITHOSTOH, MART, At the Manor Hofuse in Liringston 

Col'OB'bia Co., lev York, Deo. 11, 1855, Mrs. Mary 
Liringston in the 80th year of her ags. 

LOPSZ, DOHA DOLORES, At Soledad, San Diego Co., Mar. 22, 
1856, Dona Dolores Lopes, aged 40 years. 

LOOCHS, HENRI W., In this city, Teh. 8, 1856, Henry W. 
LoQOhs, fomerly of Palatin Bridge, H.T. 

LOYZJOT, WM. H., In Sacramento, Hot. 29, 1856, at the 
fonnty Hospital, Wk. H. Lots Joy of Hew Toxic, aged 
40 years. 

LQTELAHD, mart TBXn, In this city, Oot. 7, 1856. Nary 

Tros, dao^ter of L. ?. and Maxy T. LoTeland, aged 
16 aoaths and 22 days. 

LUDDIHOTON, OLIVER C. In Saoranento, Oct. 6, 1856, 
OliTer C. Laddington, aged 37 years. 

UmM, ARTHUR HEHET, In this city, Oct. 27, 1856, 

Arthur Henry, son of Hicholas and Ellen D. Loning 
aged 20 aonths and 14 days. 


LUIT, MAURIOI SU&ID, In this oity« Jan. 3, 1856, 
Manrie« Bi^km, onl7 son of J«6. R. aAd Linda T. 
Lun%, ac«d 3 months and 19 dayt. Raaidenca 
Rllay 8%ra«t alboya Taylor* 

LTHOE, JXBIMIAH, At San Jota, JT1I7 6, 1856, Mr. Jar«Hiah 
Igrnoh, in the 23rd jear of his a^a* 

ITOFS, VIILIAM H, In Saeraaanto, Hot. 2, 1856, tta. H. 
Lyons, lata of Brooklyn, V.T., ai;ad 21 yean 
and tan d ayi • 

MACLAEEN, VBANCIS 0., In this Qity, Mr. freaoii 0« 
Maclaran, a native of Ite^lnnd, aged 33 years 
and 3 aonths. Paper of Oot. 2, 1856. 

HiCT. CHAHLIS B. In Marysrille, Hay 27, 1856, of 
eonstuiption , Charles B. Naey, of the house of 
Maoy, Son and Compaay* 

MACT, HABRIBT ATXJUSTA, In Marysrille, Sept. 9, 1856, 
Harriet Ao^sta, daa^ter of Martha E. Maoy, 
aged 14 Bonths. 

NADISCm, MART ANH, At Chinese Caisp, Ao^ust 18, 1856, 

Mrs. Mary Ann Madison in the 43rd year of her a^a, 

KAGAaifOS, JiHI, In lev Orleans, ^•, Jan. 2, 1856, 

of ^Mplezy, widow Jane Ma«;a^os, a^^ed 55 years. 
She left a muaerous faaily. 

NAICSSSTXH, THONAs! In this oity, hy aooidental drown^ 
inc, a few days sinoa (paper of May 26, 1856) 
Mr. Thoswa Manchester, aged 32 years, fomerly 
of Holaas Co., Ohio. 

NAm, JOBI, In this eity, Jtme 3, 1856, John M«aer, 
a aatira of RoMabeok Aat. Bltnenthal, aeraaoy. 

MARSH, OATHERIRX, In this city, Oct. 2, 1856, Catherine 
J., wife of John B. Marsh, ne3)hew of the lata 
Dr. John B. Marsh of Martinez, in the 22nd year 
of her a|^. 

NAUHALL, JOHI, In Torest City, Teh. 7, 1866, saddanly 
Mr. John Marshall. 


MABTZH, IHARLZS, In this oitj, Sept. 2, 1656, of typhoid 
f«T«r, Kr. Oharlat Martin, a natire of 0«rmaii9r, aged 
32 7«ars. 

NAlffll, HARHT, At Nont«sma, lerada Co., Dee. 29, 1855 
Mr. Hany Martin, of oontnaption, as«d about 35 
7«art, fomarly of Missoori. 

MARTIN, BACHEL, In Taahill Co., 0. T., y«h. 29, 1856, 
Mrs. Bachel Martin, wif« of Dill&rd Martin, aged 
41 7«an« 

NABX, munrSA, in thit cit7, S«pt. 12, 1856, Thftr«8a, 
•Idett daa^ter of Sanoal and Tlora Marx, aged 3 
7»ars, 2 months, 9 days. 

NASfllS, W. J., In this eitj, Jan. 12, 1856, of oon- 
floaption, W. J. Masters, late of Georgia, aged 
•boat 27 years* 

, VILSQH, In Taahill Oo., 0. T., Sept. 26, 1856, 
Wilson Matheny, son of Adas Matheny, aged 18 

, D. v.. In Saoreaento, Feb. 12, 1856, D. ¥• 
Matheson, of lev Tozk, aged 34 years. 

IU9BV8, MICHAXL W., In Honolixlu, Dee. 25, 1855 (in 
r)tep%T of Jen. 10, 1856) Michael Y. Mathews, a ged 
33 years, an engineer formerly of lev Tork. 


MAnrswS, NICHOLAS, In this eity,of eonsnmption, 
lieholas Mathiews, aged 33 years. Tonaral from 
residence. Stone and Jackson Streets. In paper 
of Aug. 12, 1858. 

NeALIXAKDER, PAII1U4, In I«ne Co., 0. T., Pamelia, 
d»v:hter of Hon. A. McAlezander, aged 3 years. 
Hctice reocrded March 13, 1856. 

NeABDU, PATHIOK, In Saeramento, Got. 11, 1856, Mr. 
Patriek MoArdle, aged 34 years. 

NeCABl!:, HOBART, In Sacramento, Teb. 8, 1856, from the 
effeet of the explosion of the steamer "Belle** , 
Hobart McOabe, aged ahout 29, of Penntylrania. 

MoOALL, HOI. Y. P., At Tuba City, Oot. 28, 1856, Eon. 
Y. P. NcCall, County Judge of Sutter County. 


MefliMN, CHARIiSS, At Shasta, Apr. 10* 1856, of cong«stiT« 
f«T«r, Mr. Charles MeCarrAn, ased 37 years, late of 
■•V Orleans and a natirs of Donegal, Ireland* 

McCARTHT, HOHORA., At Horsetovn, Shasta Co., May 12, 1856, 
Mrs. Honora McCarthy, of oonsanption, aged 28 years. 

MoCLURl, ROBSHT, At Yankee Jim's, July 27, 1856, of a 
gunshot wound, Mr. Robert MoClure, aon of Col. 
Williaa MoClure, formerly of Joliet, 111. 

NeCSCIOHT, RICHARD, At Granite, Sacramento Co., June 16^ 
1856, Richard MoCreight, aged 38 years, formerly 
of Louisiana. 

MeCTTRRXH, J. J. In Narysrille, July 10, 1856, J. J. 
HoCurren of the Crescent City Hotel, a^d 7 

MaBOBALD, VN. J., At Kenula, July 11, 1856, Mr. William J. 
McDonald, aged 30 yea rs. 

NeDOVXLL, PAXON, At Sacramento, Oct. 7, 1856, Pajcon McDowell, 
foraerly of Philadelphia, aged 36 years* 

MoOIOBQI, THOMAS, In this city on Sunday erening* Aug. 3, 
1856, Mr. Thomas MoOeorge, senior, late of 
Brooklyn, H.T., aged 53 years, ]^lneral from Powell 
St. Methodist Chnroh. 

No&ILL, JAMES In this city, at the residence of H. R. 
Leonard, Jan. 28, 1856, Jaaes MoOill of Sacramento, 
formerly of L«nr.*»«ter Co., Pa., L^ixeaster 
latelligenee and Blue H«n*s Chicken, pleaae eopy. 

, ET A^D, In thiii city, Dec. 31, 1855, Mr. 
Id«<ard MeOou^, a natire of Albany, Hew Tozk, 
aged 21 years. 

JOm At Tolcano, Aug. 12, 1856, Mr. John 
McOowen, aged about 56 years. 

NoOUIHX, MARIOH, In Sacramento, Sept. 35, 1856, of 
inflammation of the bowels, Marion McOuiro, 
aged 16 years, formerly of Platte Co., Mo. 
Missouri papers please oopy. 


NsDDBS, DA7ID, In this city, Oct. 26, 1866, Dftrid 
NeZim«8, ton of John and Chrittinti Nelnnes, a^d 
17 Months. 

NeimsS, JOHN, In this citj. Hot. 16, 1656, Joha 
Molnnsss, aged 33 years, a natire of Glasgow, 
Scotland. Frisnds and memhers of I. 0. 0. f« 
ars rsqn^stsd to meet at Odd Tsllovt Hall 184 
NontgoBsry Bt. on Tussday at 11 A« N, for faneral 

lUXKlQI, A« C« On Board bark "Livs Tankss" from Honoltdu, 
Nay 10, 1856, of oonstuoption, Mr. A. 0. MoKinnon, 
fonsrly Deputy Sharif f of Sonoma Go* Petaltooa 
papers please copy* 

NeUEOD, EEHRIETTA, At Mountain Pass House near Jaaes- 
toim, Teb. 22, 1856, Henrietta, wife of Isaac 
McLeod. Sidney papers please oopy« 

NeNAVKS, AHN, In this city, June 16, 1856, Mrs. Ann 
NoManns, aged 29 years* 

NeNILUai, VN. ?•, On hoard steamer, J. L. Stepehsn, at 
sea, Deo. 26, 1855, of oonsumption, Vm. ?• MoMillen 
of Ripley, Ohio, aged ahout 26 years. 

NcKAIR, JGHH E., In this city. May 6, 1856, John X. 
MeVair, late county jud^e of Sonoma Co. and 
foxverly of Pennsylvania, aged 27 years. 

MoHAMARA, MART, In this city, Oot. 14, 1856, of 

consumption, Mrs. Mary McHamara, a native of Ireland, 
aged 33 years. Faneral notice from her home, 
Tallejo between Powell and Ihiion. 

NKHUD, In Sacramento, Oct. 6, 1856, infant 
ton of P* Magerlee, aged 11 months* 

NHSMAN, JOSEPH L«, In Sacramento, Teb. 26, 1856, by 
drowning, Joseph L. Mentman. 

NBSSmX, SAMOZL V*, In Grenada, Vicaragua, Dec. 30^ 
1866, of cholera, Saanel W. Meeserre, aged 35 

NKSTRICAI, ALZXAITDER, At Ororille, Sept. 3, 1856, 
Alexander, only son of Alex. Mextrican, aged 
5 years. 


MXTER, Onam V« At JaektonTlll«« Oct. 15» 1656, (^9org9 W. 
•OA of B. f • and D. N«7«r, a^ed 5 years and 4 months. 

MILES, WILLIAM A., In Mantl City, U. T., May 27, 1856, of 
inflamatlon, VllliaB A., son of William M. and 
OrphA A. Miles, a^d 2 years. 

MILLER, OaSOS H., In Shasta, Dee. 31, 1855, Orson H. 
Millar, a^d 25 years, a natire of FennsylTanim. 

MILLER, RTIBT AVH^, In this city, Aug. 12, 1856, of dysentery 
fiohy Anna Mil] er, djn^ter of Oeorge V. and Maria H. 
Miller, a^d 1 ye&r, 4 months and 12 days. 

MILIMAH, RICHARD J., In Shoal%fater Bay, U. T., from gun- 
8S1 shot wound, Mr. Richard J. Millman, agad. 21 years, 
NILLWARD a oatire of Philadelphia. (Paper of Apr. 4. 1856) 

MILLS, XDWIH X., In Grass Talley, Jan. 30, 1856, Sdvin X. 
Mills, mgtd. 2 year?, son of Charles H. and Sarah H. 

MILLS, GILBERT E., In Grass Talley, Jan. 31, 1856, 
Gilbert H. Mills, son of Charles H. and Sarah E. 
Mills, a#:ed 19 days. 

MILLS, S. B., In this city, Apr. 30, 1856, Dr. S. B. 

Mills, agad 24 years. Formerly of Baltimore, M. D. 

NIIXWAHD, RICHARD J., In Shoalwarer Bay, U. T., from a 

8X1 gunshot wound, Mr. Richard J. Milliard, ag^d 
NILUUX 27 years. A native of VhiladelphU. (In paper 
of Sat., Apr. 5, 1856) 

MITCHXLL, HATHAX M. , In Honolulu, Oct. 7, 1856, after 
a short illness, Mr. Vathan M. Mitchell, in the 
39th year of his aga. A natiTs of Boston, Mass* 
Lirad in islands about 6 years. Boston papers 
plaast e opy. 

MITCHXLL, mOMAS J., At Imeriean Hill, XsTada Co., Nay 8, 
1856, of typhus fsTsr, Thomas J. Mitchell, 
aged 22 years. 

HXrOBLL, WILLIAM, In lev York, Nay 12, 1856, in hit 
50th year. I*ate manager of Olympic Theatre. 

NOKLIXR, HXHJ, At his residence, 276 Washington It., 
Mr. Henry Noaller, aged 35 years, on Sept. 13, 
1856. A natire of Dusseldorf, Germany. 




In Saa Joan Feb. 8, 1856, Imll/ vife of 

Watson Monkint. 

At Olympia, W. T. Sept. 15, 1856, Eon. 
Tiotor Monroe, Jtid^ of U. S. Court for 
the Territory, iged 40 years. 

MOVTAOUE, LEOFOLS In this city, of oonsusption, Sept. 2, 
1856, Mr. Leopold Montage, a natire of 
Trance, aged 42 years. 

Nooinr, ELixv r. 

MOORE, !• ▲« 


At Sapire Ranoh, July 9, 1856, Mrs. Xllen R« 
wife of Salmon Moody, aged 34 years. 

At Hew York, March 7, 1856, of palsy, 
Mrs. X. A. Moore, widow of the late James 
Moore, aged 52 years and 26 days. 

In this city, April 26, 1856, Maggie M. 
yotnv^st daui^ter of R. C. and Sarah 0. Moore 
aged 9 months and 30 days. IVineral to take 
place tomorrow frcm the comer of I^ion and 
Kearny Streets 

At Peoria Bar, Toolximne Co., Aug. 5, 1856, 
Roger Moore aged 38 years (88 T) 

In this city, feh. 25, 1856, Mrs. SoDhia 
wife of Mr. D* D. Moore, aged 23 years 

On hoard olipT>er ship "loreka" Ang. 25, 1856 
John Morgan, a seamae of constDsption. A 
native of Hew Jersaj 

NQRBIS, MART iXIZA On Jan. 16, 1856 M^ry Zlisa infant 

dao^ter of lAi. J. and Xlisa Morris aged 
10 days 

NORRISQH, DATID H. In Stookgon, March 29, 1856. Darid H. 
Morrison, aged ahout 80 years 

MORRISGB, RODZRIOK I. In Stockton, in the Insane Asyltn 
Jan. 14, 1856, of paralysis, Roderick H. 
Morrison, former ^odge of the co^inty of 
San Trancisco, aged 61. 

I00B8I, JGO fBAlOIS In Sacramento, Oct. 4, 1856 John 
Traaeis Morse, aged 4 years, son of 
Dr. J. f . Morse 

intSI. ■CRAC5 B. 


At Hew York, March 9, 1856, Horace B. 
Morse, aged 32 years 

At San Diego, Hot. 23, 3 856, Lydia A. 
vifs of I. W. Morse, Esq., aged 28 years 



Id V«v York Oity Mar. 9, 1856, Horaot B. 
Norso, formerly of thlc ity, ag^d al>out 
33 year* 

NGVOVf CEIRLSS X. On 'board ship Orpheus, Jane 2, 1656 
of oongestion of the brain, Charles £• 
son of Capt. X. H. Morton, a«ad 14 ysa rs 

, KTOT W. r. In Marboro, Mass., May 9, 1856, 

Mrs. Lacy W. F. Morton wife of S. E. Morton 
and only elstar of John M. and Wlllard B. 
Farwell of San Trancifoo, aged TO years 










In this city, Sept. 2, 1856, Patrick 
Mnllhall, a native of San Francisco 

In OolTmblff, lov. 20, 1856 -■■ •■- - M nlTeny 
froB Court Vill^ Ooronty of Carene, Ireland 

In Oakland, Jan. 28, 1856, after an illness 
of fire days, Mrs. Sarah M. wife of &eo. H. 
Munroe and eldest dau^ter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Kelly late of Teenaseh, Mich., aged 23 years 
and 7 months 

In this city, Monday, Sept. 15, 1856, of 
puerpual ferer, Mrs. Xllen Mardook, wife 
of Oeor^^ L. Murdock, a^ed 30 years and 
10 months. Funeral from late residence 
corner of McAllister and Jones Sts. 

At Middletown, Shasta Co., Patrick Murphy 
aged 30 years Paper of Aug. 28, 1856 

In lapa Talley, Kor. 16, 1856, a danehter 
of Mr. Villiam Hash, ared 9 years 

Hear Santa Clara, Alg. 3, 1856, Mrs. Mary 
leiligh wife of Mr. Robert Neili^ 

In Oregon Co., Missouri, Mr. I«eTi Hettle 

aged 29 years formerly of California (Deo. 13, 1856) 

BXTILLE, LAURITTA IIJi4aBI In this city, Feb. 23, 1856, 

Lauretta Sllmore, wife of John M. Herille 
in her noth year. Henains w ill be taken 
to Bebecia for intenaent 



Drowied at ^ttj Or««k, J%b* 22^ 1856 
0«org« ?• NswoonI), aged about 3 7«ars 
■on of ▲• B. Hawoom^ 

nVMAK, MABT EMILT BALLOIT At Mountain Cottage, El Dorado 

Co., Mar7 ^^^17 Ballou, youngest 
daughter of Mrs. Harriet B. Hexiaan 
aged 5 Tears and 8 months Paper of Feh. 
20, 1866 


At Angel *• Canp Jtme 30, 1856, ^t, 
Jamee Heiman, aged 37 /ears 

RVTOV, OXOaOIANA MARU In lone Talle7, April 30, 1856 

Ceorgiana Maria, only daoghter of 
Dr. J. and Mary S. Vevton 



In this eit7. JtO/ 20, 1856, Villlaa 

Viblo of Hew Tork, Toneral notice 

from A. Nat 07 A Co. No. 161 Sacrameato 3t« 

At sea, on hoard ship Oregon, June 22, 
1856, Xdvard Hiokelson of Philadelphia 
aged about 35 years. Buried on west 
coast of Kamchatka 

iiemah, jgeh hehbi 


In this cit7, lov. 21, 1856, John Henr7 
Viemann of G^exman7 aged 38 years, 7 mos. 
9 days, funeral from his late residenee 
7olsoB and Beale St?* St. Louis papers 
please cop7 

On board steaaer "Golden Age" Alfred 
lil^svonger of Chambersbur^, Pike Co., 
Illinois, aged 25 7eare Paper of Dee. 1, 1856 

XQAL, 7LATIUS JOSEPHUS, In Grass Talle7, 'o^« 6, 1856 

TlariTxs Josephus son of Major Voal 
aged 13 7ears 



At Los Angeles, Jan. 27, 1856, Mr. 
Franklin Norris, aged about 35 7ear8 
a natire of Tirginia 

Ob board bark "Tankee" during passage 
from Honolulu to this port on Sept. 9, 
1856, Catherine R. dau^ter of C. L. 
Horth of this cit7, aged 13 7eara 



On ToAsday, Deoeabor 2, 1866, at his 
r«aid«no« Elijah 7. Norton aged 36 
jaara. Triendi and fratamitj of 
Odd Tellowa are inrited to attend 
funeral from his late reeidenoe Trenont 
and Harrison Streets 





0*HAEA «M. J. 

In this eit7f of eonstoaption Apr, 16, 
1856 in his 33«d year, Rassell &• Hoyes 
late president of the Pacific Express Co. 
Toneral fron Wilson* s Ezohaage, Tridagr. 

At the rancho of San 7elipe, Monterey Co., 
Ma/ 7, 1856, Lais, son of Don Sehastian 
Kunes, aged 16 years 

In this city. Hot. 2, 1856, Janes O'DOMHELL, 
a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, aged 5 years 
and 15 days. INineral from the residence 
of Mr. Edward Buckley, cor. Qreen and 
Mason Streets 

Oct. 10, 1856, of Bsasles, Mary Ellen, 
dau^ter of John and Margaret 0*Doud, 
aged 5 Bonths. funeral from residence 
of her father, cor. Pacific and Auburn St. 

Zn Portland, Hot. 2^, 1856, Dr. >te. J. 
O'Hara, of consunption, aged abt. 40 years. 

OIMSTSAD, CARRIE At VeaTerrille, May 28, 1856, Carrie , 

dao^ter of W. T. Olastead, aged 15 bos*. 

CON, CHABLES A. In this city, July 11, 1856, suddenly, 

Mr. Charles A. Orea of Princess Ann, 
SoBsreet Co., Maryland. Maryland papers 
please copy 

QRmA, MABIA de los AlKIEIES At Los Angeles, Sept. 10, 1866 

Maria de loa Angeles dau^ter of Don 
Estehan Ortega and Dona Des drexsia Puis, 
aged 12 years 



At the U. S. Hospital, Honolulu, Hot. 14, 
1856, John C. Paine, a natiTe of Sag Harbor 
He belonged to the "Black Eagle." 

At his ranch in Bedding's Creek, Trinity Co. 
Mr. Elijah Palaer, aged 37 years Paper 
of Aug. 27, 1866 



In SAoramento, Jan. 7, 1856, Mr«. Xliia 
vif« of aiobard Pals«r in har 27th 7«ar 

▲t Portland, 0, T., Tranoia Panton forB«rl7 
of Hew York, a««d 36 yeara. (Oct. 7, 1856) 

, PITER D. In thia oitj Apr. 20, 1856, Pattr D. 

Pamenton, fomerl/ of Oneida Co., V. T« 
a^d 30 7«&ra 

PilTEHSQK, CABLILX In this eit/, Jan. 6, 1856, Oarlila 

infant eon of Oarlila P. and Slisabath V. 







pmrr, s. n. 


PHLLT, LOUin OQBliCn In this oitj, Kar. 30, 1856, of 

oonstuoption, Mrs. Louisa Corbett, wift of 
D. .V. P«rl«7, Saq«i of thia city, a#;ad 
23 yaart. Datroit papara plaasa oopy 

Pnn, noMU VILLIAM At San Padro, Jul/ 20, 1856, 

Tho—i Villiaa '^•TTy, a^ad 29 yaars 

At HavadA City, Apr. 17, 1856 after a 
ahort illness. Dr. W. S. Patterson aged 
29 years, lata cofrinty reoordar of KeTada 
foHMrly of Ghio 

At Shasta, Aug. 2, 1856, Mr. Timothy 
Pauoell, aged 23 years 

In lateeia, Sot. 20, 1856, Mr. Tohiaa 
Panndsr, a native of Oenaany aged 28 

At Port Hoipe, tapper Canada, Pab. 13, 1856 
Idvard H. Feax^s, Esq., aged 74 years 

At the Oal. Hall sattlement, Washington 
Oo., 0. T., Mar. 31, 1856, Mr. Thooaa 
Pearson agad 54 years 

On board ship "Vingad ArroV Jan. 5, 1856, 
Villiaa Penn, saaaan, the last four years 
a resident of Hong Kong 

In Sonora, Jan. 24, 1856, Mr. S. M. Penny 
aged 40 years, a natire of England 

In thia city, suddenly, lor. 12, 1856 
Mrs. Susannah wife of Mr. Mosas Parego, 
27 years 










At Stookrton, Sept. 16, 1856, Williaa 
Henxy, son of John Patty, ag^d 1 year 

In this city, Oct. 34, 1856, >Athaniel T. 
Phillips of Bristol, R. I., a^d 36 yeara 

M. In this city EUsa Eliiaheth Mar^ 
garethy, only dan^ter of Adolphas J* 
and Au^sta Plate. Hev York and Wis- 
oonsin papers please copy. Deo. 29, 1856. 

At San Jose, JimB 16, 1856 of in- 
flaaaation of the iTings, Harriet Elisa 
dnil^ter of Chaa. W. and Permelian 
Ponaroy, aged 2 years and 6 Bonths 

In this city, Teh. 1, 1856, Capt. 
Richard Porter, aged 37 years fonerly 
of Briffalo, N. T. 

At Philadelphia, Pa. , Oct. 4, 1856 
Dr. Saamel H. Porter 
Oct. 24, 1856, Mrs. Rachel Porter 
relict of the late Samel Porter in 
the 75th year of her age. 

At Lafayette, Sussex Co., H. J. Oct. 
28, 1856, Josa-ph Homan only son of 
aal)rial B. and Cornelia M. Post, aged 
1 year, 5 months and 24 days 

At Trench Qulch Jtuie 26, 1856, Mr. 
Thomas J. Poifdrell, aged 28 years 



qgniH, MARIA 

RADIS, 1. 

laaail Hill, May 28, 1856 
Mr. Powell (colored) foxnerly of 
Baltimore, Maryland 

In this city. May 7,1856, Catherine 
daughter of Miles and Mary (^llan 

In Vew York, Oct. 17, 1856, ^ria, wife 
of Mr. Michael ^linn in the 36th year of 
her age. Sacramento and DomieTillt 
papers please copy 

In Portland, Oregon, Jan. 14, 1856 
Mr. (T) S. Badis, aged 25 years 







BKAD, M. D, 


RICI, 8. ▲• 


In 8toolcton, July 11, 1856, Martin X* 
Baaej, in 43rd jtmlt of hit a g«, H. T. 

paper* please copy 

In this city of a pistol shot wound Dr. 
Andrew Randall* a native of Kentuokyt 
■«ed 37 years. On July 26, 1856. 

In this city, tj dro%miii^, Oct. 18, 1856 
Mr. A. W. Randall, a native of Boston, 
Mass., aged 38 yeairs 

In NazysTllle, Deo. 17, 1856, Joseph K. 
Read of the firm of Rohert Read and Bros, 
aged 36 years, 8 months and 17 days 

At >apa , '^ar. 18, 1856, Mr. M. D. Read 
late of Read and Aakeney of Sacramento 

In Granite Co. April 21, 1856 of typhoid 
pnemonia, Caspar Reed of St. Joseph Co., 
Michigan, aged ahout 56 years 

In Sacramento, Jan. 27, 1856, of congestion 
of the Itm^s, Mrs. Jennie 0. consort of 
Mi. H. Rhodes 

In this city, Oct. 13, 1856, Harry Rics, 
natire of Ikigland, aged 42 years 

At Lihcae, Xaoai, 8. I., Jan. 13, 1856, 
Mr. 8. A. Rice, aged 37 years, late of 

In Portland, . T. Jtins 3, 1856, Mr. John 0. 
Riley aged ahout 25 years 

In Sacramento, Oct. 5, 1856, John S. lohh 
Editor of the Sacramento Age, a native of 

RQBIRTSOH, aRACX ABIGAIL In this city, Tel). 18, 1856, of 

infantile lockjaw, Grace Abigail, infant 
daoghter of P. J. and Mary Robertson, aged 
12 days 

ROBINSQH, ALLBS 1. At Pilot Hill, 11 Dorado to., June 15, 

1856, Mr. Allen X. Robinson, aged 30 years 

ROBIVSOH, IDA XLIZAXES In this city, Oct. 7, 1856, Ida 

Hisabeth, daoKhtsr of Thomas B and Caroline 
A. Robinson, aged 21 months, native of 
Portland, Maine. Morning papers please copy 


lOBXVscnr, Howard 

lOFT, AMOS 1. 

Ia 8aovsaento, Apr. 19, 1856, Howard, tn- 
f«l% MA of Tod Robinson, a^ 11 mot. 

In thlB oit/. Mar. 16» 1856, Jaaes, infant 
•on of Mr. \ta. Roliinton, aged 9 J^ bob. 

At PctalxDUk, S«pt. 20, 1856, Oapt. Abm« 
B. Roff of St. Louis, a^d 58 years 

ROaSES, SHOBAL a. At DaXeh Flat, ^'laosr Co., May 9, 1856 

Shobal a. Rogers, formerly from Sew York 
and latterly from Illinois, aged 61 years 

RQLLIVS, NABIARST S. In lev Toxk City, tvam 4, 1856 

Margaret 8., vife of John Rollins and only 
daa^ter of 8. B. McOovn, Ssq., of Harlem. 
Saorsmento papers please copy 


In this city, Tel). 17, ||56, Mr. Bdnard 
Ronan, a native of Ireland, aged 30 years 

ROSS, CLARA VIRaiVIA At Mission Dolores, Jan. 26, 1856 

Olara Virginia, yoongest dao^ter of 
Vk. 0. and Majy Ross, aged 1 year and 
11 months 

ITZR, MART MARTHA At Ra>Mt Cr«ek, Sierra Co., 7e1>. 

13, 1886, Mrs. Mary Martha, aged 28 years, 
vife of CaT)t. Idward J. Rossiter, late of 
San 7ran3i800 

10Q8E, JGEIT J- 


In Rahhit Creek, Sierra Co., May 18, 1856 
John J. RotLsh, age about 28 years 

At Benecia, Oct. 6, 1856, at the residence 
of Mr. Goodyear, Mr. Hiram Rove, aged 22 

In Sacramento, Aug. 22, 1856, of bronchitis 
H. C, Rudolph 

IDSS, AXnUVUL MARIA In this city, Oct. 12, 1856, Aagasta 

Maria, infant daoghter of Adolphos 0. end 
Trances Rass, aged 4 mos. and 15 days 

MUlU., ILLfll r« 


la this city, July 9, 1866, Miss Xllen 
y. , daughter of Henry and Cutista Rossell, 
aged 11 years 4 months. ?ormerly of lev 

Im this city. Mar. 1, 1856, Sarah, vife of 

Jaaea Inssell, of Xiagland, aged 41 years 


ZMJfOBD^ DAHISL In Soston, Ta^* 3, 1856, Ron. Duiiel Safford 

a4sed 62 years 

SAIDBRSOI, MABJ X. At Union Tillage, Washington Co., H. T., 

»t the reeiAence of her parents, ct con- 
■QHption, Kar7 ^^t vife of £• L. SoMcrson, 
Xiq., late of San 7raneisco, aged 29 jeara 
and 6 ■ontht. Fcper of Jxme 17, 1866 

8A3»E!rr, PBISOILLA LCJRIlW In this city Mar. 6, 1856, Priecilla 

Loriusg, twin dau^ter of Mr. ?r£>noit L, 
Sargent, aged 11 aonths and 10 days 

SA7XR In thie city, Dec. 7, 1856, infant daoghter 

of Sdvard and Margaret Sayer, aged 10 daya 
iMing the fifth child that has died in thla 
faaily within a few nontha. All the 
children were under ten years of age* 

SCmsXiaai, ADQUSTUS in this city, Ang. 26, 1656, Angaatns 

Schneider of thie city 

soon, J. H, At Orenada, of yellow ferar, Teh. 18, 1856 

Oapt. J. H. Scott of Ooiiri>any "A" Sterenaon'a 
HegiExent, formerly treao irer of the city of 
San rrBacieeo. Capt. Scott had been in 
liearagoa only 10 daya at the tine of hia 
death. Vew Turk paper a -please c<jpy 

scon, J. N« At Caspo Seoo, CalaTema Co., J. M. Scott, 

fomerly of Marshfield, V.H, , of apoplexy, 
la the 25th year of his age* lew Eaapshire 
papers pleaoe coipy. Paper of June 19, 1856 

scon, W. 7« In Stockton, of aonatiaption, W. 7. Scott, 

a mtivE of rt. John'a, Hew Brunavich (Oct. 11,1856) 

OUBOLT, NAEALA J. One Bile eaat of Trench Caap, Mar. 17, 

1856, Nahala J. Seaholt, only child of 
Delila X. Seabolt, aged 8 and one half yra. 

SKATS, BEVANDr In Roxhory, Naas., Mar. 15, 1856, Benjaain 

Searer, aged CI yea ra 

SBBiT, XDMARDO* In Charleston, 8. 0., Mar. 5, 1856 

Xdward G. Seely, aged 21 years 

SITZlAliQX, SARAH In Sacramento, Jan. 25, 1866, Mra. Sarah 

Sereronee, formerly of Bath, Maine 

SEAJXBO, XLIZA In this city, Sept. 19, 1856, Xlisa, wife 

of Mr. William flhaberg, aged 32 years. 
Toneral from her lat4 residence, Tallejo 
St. ahore Powell, at 2 oclock Sunday afternoon 

SHAW, AXNX WAlEn In Colnahia, May 7, 1856, Anne Warren, eldest 

iaoghter of 1. W. and Naxy Shaw 


aEnDGH, H. rOBB£ST a. in this city, Naroh 6, 1856, of 

dropty of the "brain, H. Torrest (J«, infant 
■on of RaT« H. B. and Mrs. H. P. Shaldon of 
Shasta, a«ed 1 /tar and 5 months 

■DELTOI, mOMlS H. B. In PetaluBMi Toimship, y«)|. 3, 1856, 

froB sffeott of a gunshot votmd, Thonas B. B. 
■on of 3. 0. and Xlizaboth Shslton, aged 14 


SHniSAV, XSaAR M. At Saorsaento, Oet. 27, 1856, Mr. 

Tdgar M. Shnridaa, of oonsoBpticn, a^sd 36 
7aar«, forasrly of Pittslmrg, Pann«ylTania 

Smon, HART 1. 
SIDS, 8* 

ffMITR, AHlCi 
MIfll, jon 

At Pid^eTille, Trinity Co., JtinE 7, 1856, 
lonry Shoeaakar, formerly of Oreen Oo«, 111* 

At Saoruento, Ar^r. 23, 1856, Villiaa 
\ formerly of St. Loni^, Niasonri 

In this city, Apr. 8, 1856, Mary B. Siemona 
dBQ^t«r of HirsM C. Sitffon^a a ged 11 yeare 

At Placerrrille, Ju^y 24, 1856, Mr. 8. Sike^ 
c^ed 47 years, formerly of Illinois 

At Forest Olty, Jnne 21, 1856, Mr. Idvin 
SilTertail, late of lew Tork 

In Shasta, fe^. 17, 1856, after a lingering 
illness, y^T, Josiah M. Sink, aged 24 years, 
formerly of Missonrl 

In thic !5lty, A-og. 31, 1866, of pcarlet fsTsr, 
Mward J., son of Oalrin Slade, aged 16 years 
and 6 months 

At the ^A:i'wtitif Hmtse, Rotigh and Rnady, Bot. 30, 
1856, Mr. Adae fltaith 

In this olty, Kot. 17, 1856, Mrs. Anna Smith, 
a natiTs of Ireland, aged 27 years 

In this city, Sept. 19, 1856, Miss Oharlotts 
teith. Aged 7 years, 6 months 

In this olty, Oet. 18, 1856, of the dysentery, 
Mr. John flMLtk, a natire of lagland, aged 45 

mam. nabx abi j^\bb 

In this '^Ity, Julgr 18, 1856, Mary 
Jaaa Sbith, aged 6 months and 22 days, 
iml froa 295 Jackson Street 









At Homitot, Mariposa Co., Srot. 30, 1856, 
Mr. Ho^«rt S«lth, a natlT* of Philadelphia 

In Martinei, Maj 7, 1856, tha yotingett ohild 
of the late Va. M. Saith 

In this oit7, Apr. 9, 1856, lathaniel Sayth, 
a natlTs of Rone Co., Georgia, a«ed 46 yeare 

In Alaaeda Co., Sept. 22, 1856, Mrs. Mary 
Sn/der, formerly of Lancaster, Penns., as«d 
32 years 

In Alaaeda Co., Ani;. 9, 1856, of oonralsions, 
Mrs. Souther, wife of Vk. Souther, a natlTe of 
Illinois, a^ed 28 years 

In this city, Deo. 16, 1856, John I. Speer, 
a natiTe of Conneotiont, a^ed about 35 years 

In Grass Talley, May 16, 1856, Mrs. Ahhy 8pat» 
wife of Mr. W. Spar, formerly of Boston 

In this city, June 9, 1856, yranois R. 
Star, Xsq., aged 49 years 

STEIMAH, ABV MATILDA In this city, lor. 10, 1856, Ann MatiUA, 

youngest daughter of George and Ilisabeth 
Stedman, aged 10 mos. and 15 days 



At Sucol Terry, June 2, 1856, George S, 
Steere, aged 38 years, formerly of Proridence, 
R.I., by drowning, Vtmeral from the residence 
of Mr. S, R. Godfrey, Sutter St. 

In Auhum, May 20, 1856, William Steren, 

age 28 yeare, formerly of Idinburght Scotland 

iflWAHf . OHAHL-^S P. At MarysTille, May 5, 1856, Charles P. 

Stewart, aged about 27 years 


At Shasta, May 7, 1856, James M. Stewart 
aged 40 y«Ars, a natiTS of Tenneeeee 

At lerada. Mar. 12, 1856, Mr. L. P. Stiles, 
aged 30 years 

In Sacramento, July 20, 1856, of consumption, 
Reuben Stiles, Printer, late ot Boston Iews« 
aged 31 years. Boston and Piotosi, M.S. 
papers please copy 




flfOlJL, JGBH 

At Oraaita Mills, V«ar folsoa. Dee. 22, 
1856, teilj, 70ur«««t danehter of 
Idward and XBlljr Stookton, a«ad 8 sot. 
and 17 daji 

At Nnla Town, loaa Tallaj , 'bj oaring of 
a Itank, John Ston«, ac«d 28, of Stat an 
Island, I. T. Papar of Jnaa 27, 1856 

STQBT, CHABLES D. In Portland, Oragon, ObArlas, only chili 

of a, L. Stoxy Papar of Ang. 13, 1856 

STRATTON, OABRIE In Clinton, Alasada Co., Oct. 24, 1856, of 

dytantazy, Carria, only dau^tar of Jaaaa T. 
and Comalia A« Stratton, agad 11 aonths 
and 27 da/a 

811ZE9ER, AT>AT.Tnrg«i» aATMORB In Santa Barbara, Mar. 2, 1&56, 

Adalbert Bayaond, aged 4 jaars, ton of 
W. A« Straater 

STRZZTXR, UMXSD HEKSr At Santa Barbara, Sept. 3, 1856 

Xdward Henry, eon of lifia. A. and Joaefa 
Straater, aged 15 Months 

STRICKLAND, SUSAHlilAH In this city. Sept. 23, 1856, 

ScLsannah Strickland, natire of San Trancisco, 
aged 10 days 

STURDIYAHT, LQRIN6 P. In this city, Jan. 28, 1856, Loring 

P. Sturdirant, froB PortlMid, Maine 

STOBOXSS, OHABJ^S M« At MokelTnme Hill, Mar. n, 1856 

Charles M., only son of H. M. and Mary I. 

Sturgess, aged 4 months 


At Martinet, Jiine 12, 1856, Mrs. Mary, vifa 
of John Sturgis, aged 42 years 

In this city, Sept. 19, 1856, 
aged 8 aontha 


In this city, Oct. 22, 1856, Mr. Tiaothy 
SolliTan, a natire of Ireland, aged 1 year 

SVASXT, VILLIX lASCOH At the residence of Dr. L. R. Bascoa, 

Jan. 29, 1856, near San Joae, Villie Batcoa 
Svasey, aged 17 aonths, only child of Mr. and 
Mrs. W. 7. Swasay 


IT, EMMA OFEIXIA In Saoranento, April 18, 1856, 

Ophelia, daughter of f. P. Swaat, a^ed 

2 years and 11 aontht 

SHUT, OlOaax BTROH In this city, April 34, 1856, Oeorga 

Byron, son of T. P. Swaet, a«ad 4 yaart 9 nontht 

Sini» GEGRaiAHKA In this city. May 15, 1856, Qaorgianna 

yrmn g aat daoi^tar of 7. ?• and Sasan P« Svaet 
aga 14 Bonths and 33 days 

TABIR, WILUA MTRICI In this oity, Apr. 1, 1856, Willia 

Myriok, infant son of Ohas. A, and Hannah 


tAFPna, oioaaz v. 




In Irvada, Jtoia 10, 1856, Mrs. Hary M. 
Tallaan, formerly of Iowa, aged 29 years 

At NokelTinne Hill, May 8, 1856, Dr. H. Taplin 
of Corinth, Teraont 

In this eity, Jtms 16, 1856, George V. 
tapping, arad ?.6 years, fomarly of Daztar, 
Mioh. MoTintain Messenger -ulease oopy 

In this eity, Sept. 33, 1856, Mr. John Tsiylor, 
natiTi of Philadelphia, aged 28 ysara 

In San C&yetano Hancho, fah. 33, 1856, 
John W. Taylor, aged 67 years 

At the Xzoalsior Sav Mill, la-vada Co., June 3, 
1806, Slism, wife of Olirer Taylor, aged 33 
years, fonssrly of Soaarrilla, Naaa. 

In this oity, Stpt. 6, 1856, Sally, dan^^tar of 
Andrev J. and Clara M. Taylor, aged 3 years and 
4 Months 

In this city, ^an. 39, 1856, Mr. Tinoent 
Taylor, of Lafayette, lotfa 

In San Joan, Herada Co., May 2, 1856, 0. A« 
Thayer, fonserly of Massacfaasatta 

In Los Aagalea, 'eh. 7, 1856, Mrs. S. L. 
reliot of 0. X. Thoa, Xsq., aged 24 years 

In this oity, Ce^^t . 2, 1856, of inflanmation 
of the Inngs, John Thomas, aged 3 years axid 
8 aonths 


TEOKPSOH, TIMOTET At CbArleatoan, Matt., Naj 31, 1856, 

Timothy Thoapton, Ssq*, v«A 79 years 

TEQMPSOH, VILLIAM In JackeonTilla, 0. T., Ang. 8, 1856, 

Williaa Thoapton, a««d 40 year* 

TIIBHTS, CHAHIIS At Bird Tlat, Placer Co., May 5, 1856 

of dropsy of the chest, Charles Tibhetts, 
fomeriy of Baton Roai^, aged 52 yea rs 

niiOHMAI In MarysTllle, Sept. 21, 1656, the sob 

of Mr. R. TilehBan, a^ed 6 nonths 

TIIOLKT, I. PXBOnXT Xn Bashrllle, Indiana, Sept. 5, 1856 

I. Pinckney Tingley, aged 22 years, yonngest 
brother of &. B, Tingley, of this city 

TIHIEAM, ALOHZO R« In Shasta, Jnlj 27, 1856, of typhoid 

fsTer, Aloni o H. Tinkhaa, a^ed 23 yean 

TRACT, DORA S. In this city, June 13, 1856, Dora Sanderson , 

infant dau^ter of Charles and Dora Tracy 

TRAINOR, MART At Trench Ooleh, Shasta Co. , Jnly 6, 1856, 

Mrs. Mary Trainor, a^d 26 years 

TRATIS, MART ELIZABSTH In this city, Jaxg. 13, 1856, Nary 

Elisabeth, dao^ter of •'aaes Travis, Ssq., 
a^ed 4 months and 20 days 

TRQCBLT, DAYID In Stockton, Sept. 21, 1856, Mr. Darid 

Trembly, a^d 27 yea rs 

TQPPZR, CHARLES X. At Dragoon (haoh, Tuolumne Co., An«. 

1, 1856, Charles £., infant eon of C. F. and 
Amelia L. Ttcpper, aged 2 mos. and 3 days 

TTSCV, WILLIAM E. In this city, Jnne 8, 1856, of effasion 

of the brain, Mr. Vm. E. Tyson, a native of 
Staten Island, I. T., aged 40 years 

UTLET, OAIB A. In Stockton, Jnne 15, 1856, of typhoid fever. 

Cade Aagastas ^tley, of Camden, Tenn. 

TALLIAIT, CLOTILDX A. In this city. Dee. 5, 1856, Clotilde 1., 

wife of Villiam Talliant of Baltimore and tvin 
sister of Ceorge H. Eossefross of this city, 
aged 30 years, 1 mo. and 4 days, funeral from 
232 Kearny St. 


TAICZLL, TIMO'J'nT In Shasta, Miff. S» 1856, Timothy Yaactll 

of typhoid fersr, a^d 23 7«ar« 

TAinSBTOOV, MXRHIE B. In this city, Ipr* 3, 1656, Kinnls 

Elisabeth, daunts r of Jaaes A. and Marietta 
T. Tandarroot, •^•& 2 ysmrs, 4 months 5 days 

TAII2EBT00T, BXHKT 0« In this city, Apr. 22, 1856, Henxy 

Olark, fivon of J«aes A. and Nariatta T« 
Vandarroct, aged 11 ncnths, 10 dAya. 
Tonaral at r^sidanca 19 Faeifio St. Apr. 33 
V. T. and Buffalo papara plaasa copy 

TAI LOAI, N. D. In this city, Nagr 21, 1856, Mr* M. T). Tan Loan, 

lata of U. 8. Appraiser's office, a^d 64 yeara 

TAI LUTZI, 0, ?• At Mission San Bernardino, 1856, D. P* Tan 

Ltcren, a^ed 35 years Paper of Oot. 23, 1856 

TAI PELT, WILLIAM S. At Nansanita Hall, May 11, 1856, of 

typhoid fe-rer, Willlaa S, yan Pelt, aged 22 yra. 

TAH TCXHHIES, JOB! In Sacraaento, May P^S, 1856, Mr, John Tan 

Tooxhies, a^d 61 yeara 

TAUOHN, BOTE A. At BeneoU, Jan. al, 1856, Miss Bath A. Tanghn 

aged 18 years 

Tim, P. 0* At BiTas, in Central Aaarioa, Captain P. 0. (T) 

Teeder, aged 27 years Paper of July 26, 1856 

TIB Km, SOHOMA A« At St. Kary*9 Hall, Hot. 22, 1856 Sonova 
also Adelaide de Pascha, youngest dan^ter of Bar. 
BXBHA and John and Fanny Ter MehTt aged 3 yaara. Har 
IMILT KLOIOB aister, Bartha, died lor. 21. Sae also lor. 25. 

THKILIEA, JACOB M. In this eity, Apr. 19, 1856, ^aooh M« 

Tanilyea, of lev Toxic, aged 10 yeara 

TELLO, AITOHO In thl- rity, Dec. 10, 1856, Mr. /ntonio 

Telle, a natire of the Isle of Malta, aged 
33 yeara 

TUNDLl, THOMAS L., At Stockton, Nay 7, 1856, Thomas Lloyd 

Teratole, agad 43 years, at State Luzvatic 

Tmoi, ISAAC B. In Placarrille, Apr. 18, 1856, after a 

lingering illness, ^saao B. Temon 

TOSX, XBH At antes Talley, May 6, 1806, Capt. Iben 

Toee, aged 52 yeare, formerly of Boston 



At Saoramanto, Hay 17, 1856, of typhoid 
pnetnaonia, Mr. Oeorge Waddell, aged 27 jeart, 
fomerly of Bowling Oraan, Pike Co., Mo. 

In Sacramento, Jane 5, 1856, in hie 48th 
year, Mr. Sdvard Wadhaai 

In thie city, Aag. 18, 1856, Sarah Caroline, 
dioghter of Joeaph L. and H^ry Vade, aged 
6 Bontht* Tonaral from residence of parents 
at 79 Sutter St. 

VADSVOBTH, flKlSHICK In this city, Jan. 22, 1856, Mr. 

Trederiek Vadavorth, late of Akron, Ohio, 
aged 29 yeari 

VAOO, xnmr 

In this city, Jan. 22, 1856, Captain Edvin 
Vasg9 a natiTe of London, aged 35 yeara 

VAEZTIIXD, HORATIO B. In thin city, Oct. 1, 1856, Horatio B. 

Wakefield, ai^ed 7 yeara, 10 monthc and 14 daya 
on:»jr eon of Lelp.nd H. and Henriet*»a Wakefield. 
Oragon and ^nosha., Vitoonein pat>er8 please copy 

VAn??in.D, WCT msn in thlr ^Aty, Aag. 4, 1856, Lncy Ellen, 

daughter of leland %m and Eenrietta Wakefield 
aged 1 year and 8 days 

VAEI34AI, ASELAIIS SEABOBI At Tesidanea of Jn(^ge V^lker, 

Brooklyn, Alasada Oo., Sept. 3,1856, Adelaida 
Seahom, only child of Oapt. Edgar and Mrs. 
Naiy S. Lincoln Vakanan, aged 4 months and 
30 days 





In Greenwood Talley, June 14, 1856, a natiTe 
of Scotland, aged 43 years, David Walkar 

Deo. 13, 1856, Edward ?., eldest son of 
Idwurd 8« and Jaae Valkar, agad 3 years, 2 
iths and 13 daya 



In thi9 city, Ang. 11, 1856, Capt. John 8. 
Walkar, aged 46 years, fomerly of FortsBouth, 
I. H. , where he leares a family 

In this city at the residence of Mr. James 
OlMgov, lo. 139 Sansome Street, May 6, 1856 
Lavis V^lker, a natire of Washington, D.O. 
learlng a wife and 7 children. 

At Uniontown, on Hoaboldt, Oct. 10, 1856 
Julia, ymin^9t child (andT) Villiaa Henry 
tha Mly ohild of Williaa H. and Nary S. Wall 






In this city, Oct. 13, 1856, Mr. Patrick 
Vallaet, a native of Listriok, Ireland, aged 
48 years 

At Portland, 0. T. 7eb. 15, 1856, Sarah 
Albertine, infant child of A. 0. and Sarah A. 

At Shasta, July 31, 1856, Mr. Janes Walsh, 
aged 35 years 

In this city, Oct. 18, 1856, Mr. Williaa 
Walter, a natire of Trance, aged 48 years 

In this city, Dec. 21, 1856, Mr. Bartholoasv 
Wall, a natire of Barraria, a ged 35 years 

In Portland, Oregon, Mrs. Sarah Ward, vife of 
Oen. Thonroeon Ward of Marin County. Paper of 
Aug. 13, 1856 

In this city. Mar. 13, 1856, Mr. Joseph Ware, 
aged 36 years, fomerly of Dorchester, Mass. 

In this city, Sept. 27, 1856, Catherine, 
dan/^ter of Ceor/^ and Mary Warren, aged 1 years 
and 5 months 

WATIRBOUSI, CHARLES C- In Sacranento, Jan. 4, 1856, Charles C. 

Waterhouse, a ged 52, fomerly of Brooklyn, N.T. 

WATEBBURT, CHARLES In this city, Sept. 19, 1856, Charles 

Waterhary, aged 23 years 



In this city, ^an, 20, 1856, in hAr 79th year 
Mrs. Hary, wife of John Watkin and mother of 
W.B. and H. Watkin 

WZBB, DAHIIL L. At Placerrille, Mar. 24, 1856, Daniel L. Wehh, 

aged 12 years 



In this city, after a short illness, Mrs. 
Asenath Jane, wife of Henry Howard Welch, Esq., 
a natire of Hew York, aged 33 years. Paper of 
Jaa« 24, 1856 

At her residence 3 Biles from San Jose, of 
consTWDtlon, Sept. 5, 1856, Mrs. Mary Welch, 
wife of Robert Welch, aged 27 years 

VILL8, CORNELIA I. In Aaador County, Aug. 10, 1856, Mrs. Cornelia 

I., wife of Darid L, Wells, aged -^ years 

, CLA7 In Marysrille, Feh. 12, 1856, Clay Westonharen, 
aged 16 years 


KBALLET, BOU NAEU In this oitj, 'eb. 18, 1856, of 

idiooT)ing CTTU^, IiMft Maria, dau^ter of 
ChristOTiher and XdIIj Wballey, ag«d 3 years 
and 5 months 

VSSiLTQV, iiaXBHON S. In this city, Sapt. 8, 1856, Algernon 

Sydney, youngest son of the lata A. S, 
Ifheaton and Mrs. 01 ire L, \Oieaton, a^ed 2 years 
and 6 months. Funeral from the residence of 
Mrs. Vheaton in Hardie Place, Kearny Street 


In this city, Oct. 9, 1856, infant dau/>^ter of 
Alfred and Sara 0. Vhaeler, a^ed 4 months. 
f^DMral at residence of Parents, cor. Lombard 
and Ditpont Streets 

WHIPPLE, SUSAN JA]fE In Salt Lake Oity, June 6, 1856, of con- 

stDBption, Snsan <^ane, wife of Kelson V. Whipple, 
a^sd 28 years 



lear ^rysrille. Get. 10, 1856, Colonel White, 
1 earing a large family 

In Jalcoson Co., 0. T., Ang* 13, 1856, Thomas W. 

At Hapa, Oct. 14, 1856, Mr. niomas M. White 
of Placerrille, California 

At Oro City, Placer County, Jan. 17, 1856, of 
consumption, Mrs. Anna Whitney, wife of Daniel 
P. Whitney, a^^ 43 years 

In Verada, ^ar. 16, 1856, Edgar Hastings, 
youngest son of John and Harriet Whitney, aged 
1 yea r, 4 months uid 26 days. 

WEITUT, MRS. 0« P. At Sonora, Mar. 3, 1856, Mrs. 0. P. Whitney, 

aged ah oat 25 years 


Yiixn, CAROLnnE 

In this city, Jnne 5, 1856, of inflansation 
of the stomach. Col. William Whitney, aged 51 years 

At Missipoi Bar, Sacramento Co., Hot. 23, 
1856, of congestion of the hrain, Caroline, 
only child of James Wilber, a ged 2 years less 
than 10 days 

WILHVSOV, OATH^Hna In this city. Mar. 5, 1856, Mrs. Catherine 

Willcinson, aged 48 years 


In this oity, Sept. 26, 1856, infant child of tha 
late Col. I. Willard and Helen M. Barton, aged 
21 mos. 13 days. Funeral from 87 Olej 


VILIIIMS, ASH VBEAT In this city. May 4, 1856, Ann Wheat, 

dan^ter of B. J, and E« D. Williams, a^« 
5 months. Washington papers -Dleass copy 

¥1IIIAMS, Hlcholas At Stockton, Sept. 25, 1856, Nicholas 

Williaas, ai;ed 30 years 


WILLIAMS, SUSAN A, In this city, of eonermptlon, Susan Amelia, 

wife of I. C. Wllllans, and youngest dati^ter 
of B. narrower, Esq., of Lawrencevllle, Pa., 
aged 23 years. May 30, 1856. 

WILLIAMS, WIIXIAM In Plaoerrille, paper of 'eh. 11, 1856, 

WilllaM Williaas (colored) late of Burlington 
lev ^•fj 

WILLIBAMffi, W. LUZIA In this city, Sept. 23, 1856, W. Losia 

WlllihaaBM, native of San Tranclsco, a gad 
4 Bonths 



At An.bTim, Jan. 17, 1855, of constnptlon, 
Anthony Wilson, formerly of Alleghany Co., Pa, 

la this city, suddanly, Deo. 20, 1856, Mr, 
Williaa Wilson, in his 45th year, late of Nev 

In this city, ?eh. 14, 1856, aged 4 years 
William, eldest son of John and Anna Maria Wilson 
of New Tork City 

WILSON, WILLIAM T. In this city, 7eh. 5, 1856, of constuaptlon. 

My. William 7, Wilson, of New York City, aged 
33 years 

WIW5AR3), XUW. 8. 

P. D. 

In this city, fel). 23, 1856, Edward 8., son of 
A« and S. £. Wingard, aged 4 years and 3 mos. 

In this city. May 22, 1856, Dr. Olirer Wolcott, 
fortserly of Stoolcton and a native of Conn. 

At Monterey, SeDt. 23, 1856, Oapt. Charles 
Wol there, aged 66 years 

At La Pas, Lower California, John Wood, a native 
of New Bedford, Mass. (of idialeahip Nauticon) 
^aper of Jan. 16, 1856 

At Sprague*s Bunch, Oalareras Co., Apr. 4, 1856, 
P. D. Woodruff, late of the firm of Woodruff and 


WOODS, JAKE VAItOK At Rou^ and Heady, Dec. 31, 1R56, of 

oonatnBDtion, Jane Patton, vlfe of Major 
▲. W. Woods, eldest daurMer of Williaia 
Patton, Esq., of Newbury, N, T. 


WHAT, W. W. 


WRI0H7 Thoaas 

YATES, 0. 0. 



At Orleans Flat, Feb. 3, 1856, Rebecca, 
dau/^ter of Sannel and Elisabeth Woods, a^ed 16, 
formerly of I ova. 

In Los Angeles, •^an. 22, 1856, Mr* W. w« 
Wray, formerly of New York, a^ed 52 years 

In Sacramento City, June 8, 1856, of 
eonsmption, Geor/^e G. Wright, a member of tha 
Pioneer Association, formerly of Oswego, 
Hsw Yox^ 

At Centerrille, Apr. 4, 1856, Thomas Wright 
formerly of Ohio, aged 35 years 

In Stockton, June 23, 1856, G, 0* Yates, 

a^ed 36 years, formerly a resident of New York 

In this city, Aug. 13, 1856, John Nicholas 
Harmon, son of Thomas and Mary Youn/;, a^ed 
4 years, 5 months and 19 days 

In thlf^ city. Mar, 4, 1B56, "Kmile Yunflje, of 
Berlin, Pruneia, in his 35th year.