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Full text of "Vital records from the Daily Evening Bulletin, San Francisco, California"

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CALiy aB Ni /t, 


^ , , MAIN LIBR. 

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Compiled l)/ 
La ruerta de Ore Chapter 
for the 
Genealof^ical Records Committee 
California State Society 
Dsa^tera nf the Aaerieaa ReToltitlon 

REF 920.079 V83 

Vital records from the 
Daily Evening Bulletin, 


fha San Tranelseo Ptil>lie Llbvmyy 
irlshta to acknovled^ the conrteay of 
Miat Helen Bnner, Librarian, Sutro 
Branch of the California State Library, 
for making this material arailable to 
the Raferenee Department. 


In coBiDllliv; the records for 1857, again, as 
0hAlrman of Genealogical records, it gives me um\Bnal 
plsasnrs to aclaiovled/;e mjr Inde'btednesB to 107 conmlttee. 
I a-^reolata to the hlrfiest the ahilities, the thoroii/^hness 
and fitness for this 'wric of an tunisual erou-o of women. Three 
new nemhers have heen added to the conmlttee this year; 
Mrs. Walter S. Janke, Mrs. Oeorge Wilnot Ballowell, and 
Mrs. Arthur Still, 

Those who served so faithfully in conrolllng the 

records of 1856, and af^aln for those of 1857, are: 

Fife, Mrs. Joserth, Chairman 
Grimes, Mrs, Sverett T., Regent 
FenUiaasen, Mrs. Qudol-nh K. 
Haefener, Mrs. Frederick 0. 
Kent, Mrs. Halnh E. 
Mowxy, Mrs. Charles £. 
Reynolds, Mrs. Marguerite M. 
WSmwre, Mrs. W, W, 

Also, It Is a great -oleasure to acknowledge for 
the committee and for myself our aTjpreclatlon of the continued 
courtesies and valued services of Miss Helen M. Bmner, Librarian, 
Sutro Branch, California State Library, San Frfmelsco. 

To Mrs. Scott Rountree, State Chairman of California 
pioneer charts, to Mrs. Elizabeth R. Chapman, State Chalmnn of 
Genealogical records, and to our Vice-Regent, Mrs. Charles Lambert, 
we owe sincere amreclatlon for their interest and encouragenent 
of this woric. 

Georgia R. 71fe, Chairman of Genealogical 



ABSAHS, M7ID, In Saa Vranciseo, Beoember 31, 1857, the ^'ife 
of David KbrtftSt of a Son. 

ACKERSON, JOHN W., In Redvood City, San t'^ateo Couuty, June 15, 
1857, the wife of John M. Ackerson, Sheriff, of a Daughter. 

ALDEN, S. B., In Sa n yrn-ncisco, February 2, 1857, the vife of 
S. B. Alden, £sq. , of a Dau/^ter. 

ALLEH, E. H., In San Francisco, Janoaiy 10, 1857, the ife of 
S. H. Allen, of a Dao^ter. 

AILEH, 0. H., In Colrimhia, Hovemher 18, 1857, the wife of 0. H. 
Allen, of a Daar,hter. 

AMOS, JTC^DEHICK H., In San Francisco, April 5, 1857, the '-dfe 
of FredericK R. Anoe, of a Dso/^iter. 

AirnERSOW, F. C, In San Francisco, Decein"ber 8, 1857, Mrs. F. C. 
Anderson, of a Son. 

ASnEHSOR, CS^iROn H. , In Sacranento, Novemher P.^, 1857, the vlfe 
of GeoTi^ R. Anderson, of twin Sons, i'a^er of December 3, 1857 

ABOETjO, MRS,, At Belle Hoche, San Mateo County, A-nrll 11, 1857, 

Mrs. Ab^Io, of a Son. 
AHTHONT, JAM/JS, In Sacramento, July 24, 1857, th= ife of <^aaies 

Anthony, «f a Son. 

APHEL, H., In Sacramento, October 3, 1857, the 'dfe of H. A^el, 
of a Son. 

ABHIMGTOH, N. 0., In San Francisco, February 22, 1857, +,he wife 
of N. 0. Arrln^on, of a Son. 

ARTHUR, CHARLES In Petalxuna, November 16, 1857, the wife of 
Charles Arihor, of a Dau/^ter. 

JOOER, B. E,, In San Franci-co, December 14, 1857, the ife of 
B. £. Auger, of a Dau^ter. 


BAKER, JOSErn, In Shasta, on the 19th of July, 1857, the wife 
of Josfl^ Baker, of a Son 

BALWIR, S. J., In San Krnnclsco, April 14, 1857, the -Ife of 
S. J. Baldwin, of a Son 

BARRT, KILLIAM, In San Trancisoo, on the 30th of Jtme, 1857, 

the wife of William Barry, Ee^.t of a Son, Paper of July 1, 1857 

lABHiarT, CHARI/:jS, in San FranciBCO, Jaimary 8, 1857, Ell»a, 

wife of Charles Bartlett, an old California rioneer, of a Uaoghter 

BARTLETO, F. A., In San Francisco, October 16, 1857, the '-dfe 
of 1^. A. Bartlett, of a Son 

BARTOH, MRS. C, In Folsom, August 16, 1857, Mrs. C. Barton, 
of a Daughter 

BASSEPT, Mr. ABHBl, In San Francisco, on the Ist of Karch, 1857, 
the t/lfe of Mr. Abner Basett, of twin Boya 

BAUEH, JOHN T. , This Janoary :5rd morning, 1857, at -oast 
eif^t o'clock, the <-dfe of John T. Bauer, of a Son 

BAUM, M>. CHAHIF.S, In San Francisco, July 3rd, 1857, at 8 1-2 
o'clock, the wife of Mr, Charles Bau^j of a Son 

BBAHTSIST, MR, A. F., In San Francisco, Se-ntenber r'l, 1857, 
the wife of Mr. A. F. Beardsley, of a Son 

BEATIE, H03",TT C, At the Inde-iendence Quartz Mill, Sierra Co., 
Se^temher 37t)i, 1857, the wife of Rohert C. Beatle, of a 
Dan/?}iter. i^a-oer of Oct. 6, 1857 

BEEl, MR. S., At Tamascal, Alameda Co., November 13th, 1857, 
the vlfe of Mr. S. Beel, of a Son 

BENEDICT, H., At Todd's Valley, Placer Co., June 14th., 1857, 
the -/ife ot N. Benedict, of a Son 

BEirai,TT, m. WILLIAM P., At Iowa Hill, on the 14th of July, 1857, 
the wife of Mr. William P. Bennett, of a Son 

BEBHSTEIN, MR, M., In Shasta, Angust 3, 1857, the wife of Mr. 
M, Bernstein, of a Dau^ter 

BICKIHG, JACOB, In Shasta on the 16th of July, 1857, the wife 
of Jacoh Bicklng, Esq., of a Son 


BIOOS, Hft., In Saa yranclaco, on the 7th day of May, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. Blgga, of a QHaghter 

B1AIKI>-, MH. J. L., In San Francisco, January 18, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. J. L. Blalkie, of a Son 

BLA.SUEL, H. 0., In San Leandro, Decemher 7, 1857, the -dfe of 
B. G. Blasdel, of a Son 

BLOCK, MH. ISAAC ?,, In Snn Francisco, November 7, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. I sane F. Block, of a Son. Boston Toapere please 

BLUM, Ma. Robert, In San Fr^ncipco, February 27, 1857, the wife 
of Mr. Robert Blum, of a Son 

BOSJUID, F. M., In Bear Valley, May 3rd, 1857, the -ife of 
T. M. Boland, of a Dso/rhter 

BOOfH, MR. "IlilAM, In San Franci-co, on the ' 7th of July , 1857, 
the wife of Mr. William Booth, of a Son 

BOSCHTJLTE, TH., December 30, 1857, the wife of Th. Baseholte, 
of a Son. Pa^er of January 2, 1857. 

BOUHS, ALLEN LEE, In Stockton, on the 10th of July, 1857, the 
wife of Allen Lee Bours, of a Son 

BRADFORD, W., In San Fmncisco, Anril 28th, 1857, -^dfe of 
W. Bradford, of a Dau^ter 

BRADLKT, MR. W. L., At Salt Creek Ranch, Tehama Cointy, October 
20, 1857, the wife of Mr, W. L. Bradley, of a DaJviiter. ' aner 
of >o«eiAer 6, 1857. 

BHADIET, MR. JOHN, In Jackson, Sentember 26th, 1857, the wife 

of Mr. John Bradley, of a Dan^ter. Paper of October 13, 1857. 

BRADT, MR. JOSEPH, In San Francisco, HoTember 14th, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. Josenh Brady, of a Son 

BRAIBAHD, MR, W. N,, In Sacranento, on March 8, 1857, the ^ife 
of Mr. V. N. Brainard, of a Son 

BRAHCH, WILIIAM, In San Francisco, on the 28th day of February, 
1857, the wife of Mr. William Branch, of a Son. Paper of 
March 4, 1857. 

BREMMZHJ-IWIN, Ml., In Los An/^eles, on the 15th f September, 1857, 
the -dfe of Mr. Bremnernc-inn, of a Son. Paper of October 2, 1857. 

BRESLIU, JOKI, In Benlcia, Sundry, December 6th, 1857, the -dfe 
of John Bresllu, of a ^su^Mer 

BHIGGS, Mr. C. P., In Napa, October 26th, 1857, the wife of 

Mr. C, P. Briggs, of a Son. Paper of Hovember 4, 1857. 

BROOGinro^:, MH. I« L., At Mokelumie Hill, December 19, 1P57, the 
wife of Mr. K. L. Browrhton, of a I%u^ter 

BHOWZa, ABG:3/0 B., in San Francisco, Pebroaiy 20, 1857, the wife 
of Angelo B. Brower, of a Son 

BROV/N, A. 1., In Shasta, on the 4th of July, 1857, the ^.-ife 
of A. S. Browta, Esq., of a Son 

BHOWR, WILLIAM S., In Petaltma, Aopust 23, 1857, the wife of 

Vllliam Z, Brovn, of a Daxi^ter. Paper of Sentember ^, 1857. 

BSOITHS, MR. JACOB A., At the St. Hleholaa, on Sunday, July 5th, 
1857, the wife of Mr. Jacob A. Brtmer, of a Son. Hew 'I'ortc 
pa'^ers -nlease oomy, 

BtJHZ, MATHTW, In San yranclsco, December 7th, 1857, the wife 
of Mathew Burk, of a DawMer. 

BURR, HSNHT T., December 29, 1856, the •d.fe of Henry ". Burr, 
of a Son. Paper of Jaravry 2, 1857, 

BOTT2HFI?-LD, BiaUAMIK T., In Jamasto^m, Sentember 30th, 1857, 
the vdfe of Benjamin P. Butterfleld, of a Bsu^ter. Psner 
of October 16, 1857. 

CADWE7.L, A., In Shasta, June 12th 1857, the -dfe of A. Cadwell, 

Esq., of a Dao^ter 

CASTLE, FHEIfilHICK L., In San Francisco, on the 4th of Aril, 1857, 

the vrlfe of Frederick L. Castle, of a Son 
CASTLB, OORIKMI, In San Francisco, December 29, 1857, the '*lfe 

of Gordnan Castle, of a Daughter 

CA/LHAir.HT, P., At Iowa Hill, on the o4th of October, 1857, the 
wife of P. Cavenan^, of a Dau^ter 

CHAPMAK, MR. HA H., In San Francisco, on the 2nd of A^rll, 
1857, the 'rife of Mr, Ira H. Chamnan, of a Son. Paoer of 
May 4, 1857. 


CraSESKMAH, MORTON, In M«ry«vllle, ''ay 18, 1857, the \fife of 

Morton Cheaaaan, of a Son 

CLARK, MS. G>.ORGE W., In San Francleco, December 2, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. Oeor^ vr. Clark, of a Son 

CLAHK, JOHN H., At Oalcwood ^ara, Tehama County, September 13, 
1857, the \flfe of John H. Clark, of a Dao^ter 

CLARK, IH. 0. F., At Cherokee, Nevada Cotinty, July let, 1857, 
the vdfe of Dr. 0. V. Clark, of a Dau^ter 

COHSTAHO'IK^, MR., In San Francleco, DecemlJer 35, 1857, the wife 

of Mr, ConBtnatine, of a Son 

COirWAT, GECRGX, In Sacramento, DecemlDer 17, 1857, the wife of 
Oeon^ Conway, of a Deivthter 

COOGW, RICHARD, In San Francleco, on the 7th of JxUy, 1857, the 
wife of Richard Cooi^an, Eeq., of a Son 

COOPKR, fHOr'AS S., In Watsonvllle, Santa Cnia County, September 
8, 1857, the vlfe of Thomas S. Cooi^er, of a Son 

CRABT3SE, HH., In Shaata, Ajv^iBt 4, 1857, the wife of Mr. 
Crab tree, of a Son 

CROCKBR, MR. LEORANOF, N., At Oald.and, January 21, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. I-e^ran^ H. Crocker, of a Son 

OasnilO m, jam J., in San Francisco, "a^ch 8, 1857, the 
wile of Dr. John J. Cushlng, of a Son 

DANIXS, MR. H. S., In Humboldt County, on the Tnd of June, 
1857, the wife of Mr. H. S. Daniels, of a Daughter 

DAU&HTBaS, MR. JAMBS, At Rabbit Creek, Sierra County, Anrll 
1st., 18S7, the wife of Mr. James Dauehters, of twins, 
a Son and a Daughter 

DAVIDSON, S. M., In Rough and Ready, Ao^iust 26, 1857, the vdfe 

of 2. M, Davidson, of a Dao^ter. -^aper of Sentember 5, 1857. 

UAVIB, MR. J(HN B. F., In San FranciFCO, on the 4th of i-»arch, 
1857, to the wife of Mr. John B. Davis, of a Daughter 

DENZLER, ADAM, At Jakkson, Amador County, on the Int. of May, 
1857, the 'vlfe of Adam Denzler, of a Daughter 

DABT, STILLMA}?, In Humboldt County, Aug. 13, 1857, the wife of 

Stlllnali Daby, of a Daughter 


DINKLAOE, m. H., In Dovnlerllle, on the 25th. of Aiirll, 1857, 
the wife of Dr. H. Dlnkla^e, of a Son. Paper of May 7, 1857. 

DITZ, MR. WILLIAM, In Mariposa, Hay 6, 1857, the rife of Mr. 
Wllllaa Dlts, of a Dao^ter 

DIXON, ME. JOHN, In Bald Hill, HoTeml)er 13, 1857, the vlfe of 
Mr. John Dixon, of a Son. Paper of December 2, 1857 

DOHS.T, MICHASL, At Strader'e Ferry, on Trinity River, ^^aroh 
18th, 1857, the wife of Michael Doraey, of a Son. Parser of 
April 1, 1857. 

EAGAK, WILLIAM, Hear I«wa ?lat, Amador County, Octo'ber let, 
1857, the wife of Wllllaa £agaa, of a Dan^ter. Paper of 
Octo'ber 6, 1857. 

SARL, MB. D, W., In Sacramento, November IPth, 1857, the wife 
of Mr, D. w. Earl, of a Son 

EAHLL, MH. WILLIAM, In Shasta, May 13, 1857, the vlfe of Mr. 

William Earn, of a Son. Paper of May 20, 1857. 
EAHLT, THOruS In Marl-nosa, on the -8th of May, 1857, the "ife 

of Thomas Early, Esq., of a r)aiv»hter. Paper of June 9, 1857. 

EATON, Benjamin, In Glbeonvllle, Octo'ber 6th, 1857, the wife 
of Benjamin Eaton, of a Daivthter 

SATOH, I., In Dovnlevllle, November 16th, 1857, the '/ife of 
I. Eaton, of a Daur^ter. Pawer of December 3, 1857. 

ECKLE, Mr. John, In Maryeville, on the Slst of June, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. John Eekle, of a Son. 

EDWARDS, EDWARD, In San rranclsco, Se^jtember 14, 1857, the •ife 
of Edwerd Edwards, Esq., of a Son 

EDWARDS, CAPT. L. B., In San Francloco, on ThnrBday, October let, 
1857, the wife of Capt. L. B. Edwards, of n Dan^ter 

MOEHS, 0. H., In San Francisco, on the 9th of April, 1857, the 
wife of 0. H. Sg^rs, Esq., of a Dao^ter 

EKSTHCM, THo: AS, in Stockton, on the 10th of June, 1857, the 
wife of Thomas Ekstrom, of a Son 


SIXUS, LOUIS, In Sacranento, Aue^iBt 17, 1857, the vife of loois 
£llcus, of a Son. 

£STIS, J(Xm M., At West Weaver, on the 25th of April, 1857, the 
wife of John M. £atla, of n QBiv?:hter. 

EVANS, Mr. P. J., In San Francisco, Kovenlier 9th, 18.'57, the wife 
of Mr. P. J. Zvans, of a Dao^ter. 

niROITX, M., In Dovnlevllle, Se'->temher 2, 18fi7, the -ife of M. 
TeroTUt, Eeq. , of a Dau/^ter. 

TI>'H, MR. DAKIKl D., In San yranclsco, Hoveaher 8th, 1857, Um 
wife of Mr. nanlel D. 'P'lnn, of a Son. 

yimilE, ROB^R?, In Maryaville, Octoher 27, la's?, the "ife of 
Robert yinnie, of a Son. Paiier of RoTemher 'i, 1857. 

FISHER, MR., At Mlchi;»an City, Placer Cotmty, 'la-ner of Jannary 
2, 1857, the ^/Ife of Mr. Fisher, of a Daurfiter. 

FISHER, H. J., In San Francisco, June 29, 1^57, the "Ife of Mr, 
H. J. Fisher, of a Daughter. Philadelnhla ^aTjers -olease copy. 
Paper of July 1, 1857. 

FISHER, HKNJtfl E., In San Francisco, August 22, 1857, the ^Ife 
of Mr. Henry £. Fisher, of a Son. 

FlINN, DASIEL D., In San Francisco, Hovemher 8, 1857, the wife 
of Mr. Daniel D. Fllnn, of a Son, wel^t 14 pounds. 

FOLGER, F. H., In Sacranento, A)5rll 2''., 1857, the dfe of F. R, 
Folger, of a Son. 

FOLK, S., In San Francisco, October 31, 1857, Mrs. S. Folk, of 
a Deu^ter, Paper of Movemher 3, 1857. 

FOaSB, WILLIAM H., In Sacramento, October 6, 1057, the -Ife of 
WllllaiB H. Forse, of a Son. 

FORTSON, JOHH T., In San Ramon, Contra Costa County, Se^itenber 
23, 1857, the '#lfe of John T. Fortaon, of a Son, Paper of 
October 5, 1857, 

FOSS, T. H., In Uniontown, Auguat .?, 1857, the "ife of T. H. 
Foae, of a Qan^ter. 


rHART, ALEXANDER P., At Grizaly Jlat, OctoTjpr 5, 1857, the '^fe 
of Alexander P. 'rary, of a Dan/^ter. 

TRICK, C, At Mad Valley Ranch, Trinity County, VoYtmb*T 3, 1857, 
the wife of Mr. C. Priek, of a Son, 

PRIEDLAiraEH, A., In San Pranclnco, SeT)tem^)er 3, 1857, the wlf« 
of Mr. A. Prledlandar, of a Son. 

FROinc, JOiar, in Maryevllle, June 24, 1857, the wife of John Pronk, 
Esq., of a Son. 

PHONTITI, JOSEPH, In San Prancleco, Hovemher 13, 1857, the vife 
of Josenh Trontin, E«q., Daaieh Consil, of a ])an,'^hter. 

yOIXER, J. W., Kear IlllBnolotown, June 7, 1857, the '.-ife of 
J. W, Jollier, of a Daiv:hter. 

GALLOWAT, J,, In North Pork, Sierra County, Augast 2, 1857, the 
wife of J. Galloway, of a Son. 

GAMBILl, Colonel J., In San Prancl-^oo, Aogaat 1, 1857, the wife 
of Colonel J. Ganhill, of a Son. 

GARDNER, S. C, In San Pranclsco, Decenher ir^, 1857, the dfe of 
Mr! S. 0. Gardner, of a Son. 

GARLIC AARON, In Sacramento, Deeemher 18, 1857, the vife of 
Aaron Garlic, of a Son. 

GAHHSETT, JOHN, In Downleville, Pehroary 19, 1857, the /ife of 
John Gamaett, of a Son. 

GAaHlOCH, AL>.AANnER, In San Pranclsco, Pehruary 26, 1857, Mrs. 
Alexander Gar loch, of a Son. 

GAHNE, JORS, In Shasta, March 6, 1857, the ife of John Gavne, 
of a Son. 

GIDIJST, . S., At Bareka City, July 9, 1857, the '.ife of Mr. 
W. S. Oidley, of a BBti^ter. 

GIPPOBD, PAIJl J., In San Prnnciaco, Kovemher ??7, 1857, the wife 
of Paul J. Oifford, of a Daa/^ter. ?aier of tjecen'ber i-", 1857. 

OITL^TTVATER, RSOROE, At Bareka City, May 8, 1857, the 'dfe of 
Mr. Oeor^f^ Olllen'mter, of a Son. 

GLA!FZ, 7HEDERICK, In Sacranento, December 14, 1857, the wife of 
Frederick Gists, of a Son. 


OOOnrZLLOW, M. J., in Downleville, July 20, 1857, the -dfe of 

Hr. M, J, Ooodfellow, of a Deoehter. ^'sper of An/^st 8, 1857, 

OOHMB, M, W., In Jackson, May 25, 1857, the vdfe of M. W. (Jordan, 
Esq., of a Son. Pa-ner of Jtine 3, 1857. 

ORACIER, T., In San Francisco, October 1^, 1857, the -vlfe of Mr. 
F, Oracler, of a Son. 

OREEIT, GEORGZ W., At Monte Crlsto, .\-^ril 19, 1857, the 'dfe of 
Mr. Oeor*re W. Sreely, of a Son. Paper of May 15, 1857. 

GHSBHKBATJM, J,, Ijn Sacramento, July 26, 1857, the wife of Mr. 
J. Oreenehaum, of a Daiv^hter, Ttmir of Ao^ast 5, 1857. 

OBESHHAIiOE, THa4.\S, In Jackson, Svptenber 11, 1857, the wife of 
ThoBaa Oreenlal^, of twin Dnv^ters. 

OHEHZEBACH, ADnUST H., At the Dalles 0, T., AoE^uft 10, 1857, 
the wife of An/^ost n. Grensehach, of a Dan/^ter. ' aper of 
September 3, 1857. 

ORIFFIN, M. B., In San Francisco, March 24, 1857, the 'ife of 
M. B. Griffin, Ssq., of a Qau^ter. 

GROSS, MR., In Sacramento, June :3l, 1857, the -fife of J-^r. Gross, 
of a Son. 

GUSS2RI, WILLIAM, In San Francisco, June 22, 1857, the "ife of 
William Ousaert, of a Oaughter. Hew Toi4e papers please copy. 

HAOKETT, DR. E., In Saoranento, May 21, 1857, the dfe of Dr. 
S. Hackett, of a Son. 

HAT.AN, B,, In San Frfmcisco, October 20, 1857, the 'dfe of Mr. 
B. Hagan, of a Son. 

HAHH, Ml. HSHRT, In Sao. ''rancisco, August 27, 1857, the wife 
of Mr. Henry Hahn, of a Son. 

EAKBEB0SR, A., In Saci->i.m«nto, September r!7, 1857, the wife of 
A. Eaaber/^r, of a Son. 

HANOT, AIjBERT 0., At Union, Humboldt Bay, March 23, 1857, the 

wife of Albert G. Handy, of a Daurfiter. Paner of April 17, 1857. 

HVU5I1:, JAJTS A., In Benecia, July 18, 1857, the wife of 

Lieutenant Janes A. Bardie, ofa Son. Paper of July 18, 1857. 


HAHMOH, A, S. P., In Sacramento, Av^uat 2, 1857, the wife of 
Hr. A. X. P. Eamon, of a Son. 

HARRIOAH, DKHKIS, At the Preeldlo Barracke, San yrancloco, 
Horeaber 12, 1857, Mrs. Dennle Harrlf^an, of a Danrfiter. 

HAHHIS, MR, LEWIS B., In Sacramento, Sentember 14, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. Levis B. Harrle, of a Son. 

HAHT, GEOHGE A., In San Francleco, "ay 27, 1857, the 'dfe of 
Mr. George A. Hart, of a Son. Paper of Jane 2, 1857. 

HARTSON, C, In Haoa, June 16, 1857, the wife of C. Hartson, 
£8q*, of a Son. 

HASTinos, B. 7., In Sacranento, i«v?iet 25, 1857, the vlfe of 
B. I*. Hastings, of a Son. 

HASTIHRS, L. W., At Batter, Jraie 3, 1^57, the "Ife of L. W. 
Hastings, Esq., of r. Daughter. 

HATCH, K., At IndeDendence Hill, Placer County, Hovemljer 8, 
1857, the vlfe of W. Hatch, of a Son. 

HAWSLET, JOSEPH, In Stockton, October 26, 1857, the vlfe of 
Josenh Hawsley, of a Dera^ter. Paper of Horenher .?, 1857. 

HEA3D jmr.S, In Sacramento, July 27, 1857, the wife of Judge 
Heard, of a Son. 

HELET, JiXES W., In Maryevllle, August 17, 1857, the -dfe of 
Jaaes W. Heley, of a Son. 

KEINTZ, K., In Marysrine, April 4, 1857, the vlfe of "r. E. 
Helnts, of a Son. 

HETWOOD, J., In Sacramento, October 22, 1857, the '^fe of Mr. 
J. Heyvood, of a Daughter. 

HICKMAH, BWARD, In Stockton, May 11, 1857, the wife of Edward 
Hlekma, of a Qa-v^hter. 

HILLS, J. ?., St Mendocino, March IB, 1857, the -rife of J. V. 
Hills, Esq., of a JlBraehter. 

HIHCKLST, OEOHGE E., In San Jranclseo, July 28, 1857, the wife 
of George E. Hlnct:ley, of a Daughter. 

HINCKLSY, J. C., In Shasta, August 2, 1857, the -^fe of Mr. J. C. 
Hinckley, of a Daac^ter, 


HIHSCHJTLHER, MR. I,, in DownleriTle, on the f5th of July, 1857, 
the wife of Mr. E. Hirflchf elder, of a Dan^ter. 

HQAO, I. H., In WaBhington, lolo County, to the -ife of I. N. 
Hoag, of a Daa^ter. Paper of April S4, 1857, 

HeiXJDCK, CAPTAIll, In Waahlnston, Tolo Cmmty, March 22, 1857, 
the wife of Cantaln Eod^on, of a Son. 

HOLnm, MR, CHA-niES, In Monte Cristo, An/^at 23, 1857, the wife 
of Mr. Charles Holden, of a Son. 

HOLMES MR. BLIIS H., In San Fmnclnco, An^ast 26, 1857, the 
wife of Mr, Bllle H. Holneo, of a Ba\v*ter, 

HOLKES, MR. H., In Sacramento, Oetnber 26th, 1857, the 'dfe of 
Mr, TT, Holmefl, of a Daa.°^ter. 

HOLWAT, ?GS., On board the shir) Alexander on her -Tessa^^ from 
China, Mra. Holway, Captain's wife, of a Daiv*ter, i'aper of 
March 23, 1857, 

HOUGH, MR, 0» H, In Petaluna towishl'n, Hovember 14th, 1857, 
the <^fe of Mr, C, H. Hou^ht, of a Dsu^ter. 

HUG, MR, JOSEPH, In San Francisco, kofyiBt 22, 1857, the \Afe at 
Mr. JooeDh Hug, of a Daurfiter, 

HUGHES, THOMAS, At Batch Bar, Plumas County, November 32, 1857, 

the wife of Thomas llufihes, of a Son. Pa ijer of December 4, 1857, 

HUNdHTORD, DAHIEL S,, At Downlerille, October 3, 1857, the vife 
of Daniel E. Hun^rford, of a Bau^ter. 

EDKT, ABEJAH, In San Francisco, on the 14th of May, 1857, the 
wife of Abejah Hunt, Esq., of a Son. 

HiniTiJ^AH CHARir.S, In San Francisco, Au/^ist 21, 1857, the wif» 
of Charles Honteman, of a Ban^ter. 

JACKSON, T. J., In Sacmraento, on the •^8th of July, 18S7, the 
wife of T, J, Jackson, of a Son, Paper of 1857. 

JAf.ER, MR. CHARLES, In Shasta, on the 13th day of May, 1857, 
the "ife of Mr. Charles Ja.rer, of a Dau^ter. 


JAHSnJBH, MR, BBlD:f5T, In San Francisco, Hoirenlwr 30, IBS?, the 

wife of Mr, Emeat Janssen, of a Saav^ter. Paper of 
December 2, 18.77, 

JUraiHTrS, MR. ALiTffiD J., In La Porte, Sierra County, HoTember 
2, 1857, the -Ife of Mr. Alfred J. Jennln^rs, of a Son. 

JZBKINOS JAMES R., In Marysvllle, September 13, 1857, th« 
wife of Janee R. Jennings, of a Dau^^ter. 

JOSEPHI, ROBETT, In San yranclsco, January 16, 1857, the wife 
of Robert Joeephl, of a Daughter, ^ew York paper* please 

J0II3S, MR. E. T.., In San yranclsco, Anril 11th, 1857, the wife 
of Mr. E. E. Jones, of a Son. 

KARSCH, DANIEL, In San Francisco, February 15, 1857, the Ife 
of Daniel Karsch, of a Dau^ter 

KATS, JOHIT, In Santa Barbara, on f-Jarch ir^, 1857, the '-dfe of 
John Kays, of a Dan^ter. 

nSFE, MR. AJJIJREW, In Mary8vl"'.le, on the 22nd of July, 1857, 
the '.dfe of Mr, Andrew Keefe, of a Son 

nXLT, MR. John, In Placervllle, March 5, 1857, the ^/ife of 
Mr. John Kelly, of a Son 

XSR, HORACE, In San Francisco, February 2, 1857, the '7lfe of 
Horace ^ent, coroner, of a Son 

lEHH, AirCBEW, In Upper Aqua Frio, Mariposa County, 8prll 19, 
1857, the dfe of Indrew Kerr, of a Son 

KING, AtroUSTOS, In Clinton, Aaador County, March 20th, 1857, 
the dfe of Augustus King, of a Dau^ter, Paper of April 
15, 1857. 

KIIC, MR. RICHARD, In San Francisco, Sentember 27th, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. Richard King, Esq. , of a Son. Paper of October 
1, 1857. 

KING, CAPTAD! THOMAS, In Honolulu, October 24th, 1857, the -^fe 
of OaT)tain Thonas King, of a DaivMer. Pa-oer of Kovember 
27, 1857. 


KIOP£fiSTINE, A., In Saa Francisco, An^ost 2, 1857* the wlf* 
of A, Elopenstlne, of a Dau^te • 

nOLPP, J. B., In San yranclBco, January 9, 1857, the lady of 
J. B. Kna-^p, of a Son. 

DJOWLTON, J. J., In Sacranento, AogoBt 1''-, 1857, the vdfe of 
J. J. Knovlton, of a Son. 

Mh. CHAHI-ES, In San Francisco, Aiv^at -4, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. Charles Kohler, of Twins, a Ion and Dau^ter. 

KOHIJa, H., In Sacranento, October 3, 1857, the 'Ate of H. 
Kohler, of a Son, 

KOHLMOOS, JOHU, In San Francisco, October 9, 1857, the wife 
of John Kohlaoos, of a Son. 

OOSK, KWAHD, At DoMnieTille, October 9, 1857, the vife of 
Sdvard Xnise, of a 7>aivThter. 

LABADII, A, P. H., In Tiiba County, October 4, 1857, the ulfe 
of A. P. H. Labadie, of a Dsu^ter. 

LAFFEHTT, MS, POUTtVAr', In Shasta, Ao^ust 12, 18f57, the 'dfe 
of Mr. Fountain Lafferty, of a Son. 

LAMBSBT, WILLIAM, In San Francisco, January 28, 1857, the "rfife 
of Mrs. William ^ambert, Ebo.. , of a Dau^ter. Paper of 
February 4, 1857. 

LAHSIJW, CAPTAIN D. F., At Mendocino, March 21, 1857, the wife 
of Captain S. F. Lansing, of a Haunter. 

LAOEROP, H. B., In Ororille, on the f)«i of July, 1857, the -ife 
of H. B. Lathrop, Jr., of a Datv^ter. 

LATIMER, MR. L, D., In Gold Hill, Plarer County, October 22, 
1857, the 'Ife of Mr. L. D. Latlner, of a Son. 

LiACH, MR. FHAHClt, In Jackson, on the 16th of July, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. Francis Leach, of a l>aurfiter 

LEATB, 0. A., In Sacramento, iiay 9, 1857, the -ife of C. A, 
Lealce, of a Son. 


LEART, KB. T. E., In San rranelsco, Ser»teaber 7, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. T. E, Leary, of a Daughter. 

UEB, MR. H. C, At Lee and Marshall's Banch, near Stockton, 
September 6, 1857, Mrs. H. C. Lee, of a Son. 

LEHMAN, CHAR!i;s, In Sacramento, rehraary 21, 1857, the wife 
of Charlee Lefanan, Esq., of a Son. 

LKPPIEH, MR. y.. In San Francisco, Ho^remher 4, 1857, the wife 
of Mr. 7. Lepplen, of a Son. 

LEVT, MR. I., In San Francisco, Aneaet 13, 1857, the wife of 
Mr. I. Levy, of a Uauf^ter. 

LEWEIXEII, MR., In "ruolTame County, near the Tahle Mountain House, 
April 1st, 1857, the v/ife of Hr. Lewellen, of a Daaehter. 

lEWIS, WILLIAM, In San Francisco, Sentemher 26, 1857, the wife 
of William Levis, Esq., of a Son. 

LICHTENSTEIIT, SOI H., In San Francisco, Jajinary 22, 1R57, the 
wife of Sol. H. Llchtensteln, of a Son. 

LIITU:, JOHH P., In Sa« Francisco on the 2nd of March, 1857, 
the wife of Jolin ". Little, of a Daughter. 

LOCKE, R. P., In San Francisco, September lO, 1057, the dfe 
of R. P. Locke, Esq., of a Dan^ter. 

LORD, SAiOEL, At SIterlock's, Mariposa County, An^rust 31, 18^^7, 

the '.'Ife of Samuel Lord, of a Daii^ter, Pa-ner of Sentember 
8, 1857. 

LOTHIAH, PITER, In Humboldt County, on the 5«x of April, 1857, 
the wife of ^eter Lothian, of a Son. " aper of May 11, 1857. 

LOWDEK, WILLIAH, At the Grass Valley Ranch, Nevada County, October 
6th, 1857, the vdfe of William Lowden, of a Son. 

LOWEHT, Mi. §10HGE W., In Marysville, on the 2lBt of July 1857, 
the wife of <ir. Ceorge W. Lowery, of a Sautter. 

LUDDinCTON, CHARLES R., At HanrtB«fc Flat, Trinity River, ^ 

21st, 1857, the 'fife of Charles R. Luddlneton, of a Son. Parjer 
of fane 12, 1857. 

LUDEKEL, LOUIS, In Sacramento, on the :^7th of May, 1857, the 

wife of Louie Ludekel, of a Daiv^ter, Paper of June 4, 1857. 


UJUKirjIS, LOUIS, in Saoraaento, Hajr 27, 1857, the vlfe of 
Loals Ludekens, if a J^au^tar, Paper of Jime 1, 1857. 

lUiraO, WILLIAM, In Tahaaa County, October lat, 1857, the 
wife of Wllllan Lodwig, of a DrnvM^r. 

MACK, WITLIAM H., At Howry's Landing, Alameda Connty, Waehlngton 
Towiflhip, July 14, 1857, the 'ife of Wllllaa H. Mack, of a 

MANAHAS, F. P., lu Sa& rraacisco, Wednesday, September 30th, 

1857, the wife of F, P. Mauahan, of a Son. ^'aper of October 
3rd, 1857. 

MABTIBEZ, m. F., In San Francisco, this momirv:. Hay 6th, 1857, 
the 'ife of Mr. T, Martinez, of a Dau^ter. 

MAHX, MR. S., In San Franclrco, Hovember 13th, 1857, the lady 
of Mr. S. Harx, of a Son. 

HcCAFFHET, MR. HORH, In San Francisco, November 9, 1857, the 
vife of lolih McCaffrey, of a Son. 

McCOHAHA, JCr,^\ At Bald Rill, Htuaboldt County, April 25, 1857, 
the "ire of John McConaha, of a Datvhter. 

McOAHET, ?«., In noraetown. Hay Ist, 1857, the "ife of Mr, 
IteOarey, of a ■aw^ter. 

McOKE, CAPTAIH GEORGE, In San Francisco, October 17th, 1857, 
the wife of Ca;r)taln Geor^^te HcOee, of a Dajvhter. 

McOlaoflin, MR. LEWIS, At Hi^te Perry, on Sunday, November 15th, 
1857, the wife of Mr. Lewis McGlauflin, of a Daoghter. 

McOUaS, MR., At Oak Bottom, December 13th, 1857, the 'rife of 
Mr. McCure, of a Son. 

McHAITOi;, J. J., At Dlaaond Springs, An/?ist 28th, 1857, the 

wife of J. J. McHatton, of a Daughter. I'aper of September 
1, 1857. 

Mc KAI, J. A., In Boreka City, on the 3rd of July, 1857, the 
wife of J. A. McKay, Esq., of a Db rhter. 

McTOK-^, JOJai H., In Sacramento, December let, 1857, the -ife 
of John n. McEone, of a Son. 


McLAUOHLIN, DAni'^X, In Santa Cnix, September -"=, 1857, the wlf« 
of Oaaiel Helau/^ilin, of a Oau^ter* 

McHAMlL, P. J., In San FranclBco, on March 11, 1857, the wife 
of P. J. McHaoll, of a Dsu/^ter. 

McVICKAR, CA'TAIH JAKES At lUuPlBpos, on the r^Oth of May, 1857, 
the -Ife of Ca-otalA James McTlcJcer, of a Son. Paper of June 
5, 1857. 

M£I£R, MR. J., In DoMiieTlUe, Sierra Cotknty, March ^sth, ia57, 
the wife of Mr. J. Meier, of a Dauf^ter. PaT^er of A-nrll 
9, 1857. 

HETER, MR. C, In San Jrancleco, Novemlier 27th, 1857, the vdfe 
of Mr. C, Meyer, of a Datvjhter. 

MICEEIS, HSUMAH, On Saturday, on the 6th of Jtine, 1857, the wife 
of Herman MlchelB, Eeq., of a Son. Paper of June 10, 1857. 

MIIXEH, MRS. A., At Mlsslsalp^l Bar, Sacramento County, on the 
5th of July, 1857, Mre. A, Miller, of a Dau^ter. 

MILLER, MR. AI3EST, In San yranclaeo, on the 19th of June, 1857, 
the 'dfe of Mr. Albert Miller, of a Son. Paper of July 20, 

MILIiZR, ALBSPET, In San yranclnco, on the IDth of July, 1857, the 
wife of Albert Miller, Eeq., of a Son. 

MITTSES, WILLIAM, In MarynvlUe, October 4th, 1857, the -dfe of 
William Minser, of a Son. 

MISH, MR. P., In San Francisco, October 4th, 1857, the -/ife 
of Mr. P. Mleh, of a Dau^ter, 

HOIITIA, MR. 0., In San Franclr^co, October 5th, 1857, the -Ife 
of Mr. 0. Molina, of a Son. 

MOOBE, MH. GEORGE R., In Sacramento, on the 14th of July, 1857, 
the 'vlfe of Mr. Oeor^ R. Moore, of a Son. 

MOORE, R. C., In San Francisco, March 16, 1857, the vife of 
R. C. Moore, of a I)au/^ter. 

M0NR03, U. P., On Stoney Creek, Colusa County, Aivmst ISth, 
1857, the '/ife of U. ?. Monroe, of a l^aufihter. •'aper of 
<^ctober 27th, 1857. 


MOOSEAXE, REVERAUD T., In San Trnneisoo, I'ebroary 9, 1857, th« 
wife of ReTerand 7. Mooshaks, nf a Dso^ter. 

MOHSTO, E. a.. In Sacrsnento, December 17, 1857, the wife of 
S. G. Moreto, of a Son. 

MOHOAHSTSRB, SAJWEL, In Saa yrancl-co, Sentember 25th, 1857, 
the wife of Sanoel Mor/^anstem, of a Daa-hter. 

McaaiS, A., In San yrrmci-co, December 10th, 1857, the '^dfe of 

A. Morris, £aq., of a Daughter. 

MORSE, Dr. J. ?., In SaoraneBto, September, 1857, the wife of 
Dr. J. F. Morse, of a Son. Paper of Se'^temb-^r 21, 1857. 

MOHTON, M., At Elk Camp, Humboldt Co'uity, '-larch 5th, 1857, the 
vlfe of M. Morton, of two Dan^ters, each wel^iln^ el|^t 
pounds, ^aper of May 5, 1857. 

MOTHER-i/SLl, THOMAS, In Trinity County, An^st 18, 1857, the 

wife of Thomas Motherwell, of a Son. ^aper of SeDtember 5, 

MCVE, f>EOHGE w. , In Sacrajnento, September 6th, 1857, the vdfe 
of GeoTp^ W, Howe, of a Dau^ter. 

MORPHT, I>-S., In San 7ranciBC0, September S5, 1857, the wife 
of D. S. Mornhy, Esq., of a Son. Paper of October 1, 1857. 

KTJa, JAM2S H., In Marlnosa, '*ay 9, 1857, the ^^fe of James H. 
Keal, Esq. , of a Son. 

HESBIT, JQHH, In Orovllle, "arch 18, 1857, the Ife of John 
Hcg^lt, of Oregon City, of a Son. 

HEVBADSR, J., In San yranci-co, Monday ereninr,, 'ebruary 9, 1857, 
the wife of J. Newbauer, Esq., of a Son. 

nWKLL, MR. vaiLIAM, At Eureka, Humboldt County, February 16, 
1857, the 'dfe of Mr. William He\*ell, of i^an rranclsco, of 
a Son. Paper of March 23, 1857. 

EEv»EOUSE, HARDWIC, In San rraneisco, June 18th, 1857, Mrs. Hardvig 
Vewhouse, of a Son. Philadel-nhla -napers please cony. 

HBWMAK, MR. B., In Petaluma, October 22, 1857, the "ife of Mr. 

B. Hewman, of a Daughter, ^aper of November 6th, 1857. 


RWHASK, T. P., In Los Angeles, KoTember 26( 1857, the wife 

of T. P. Hewaark, of a Daa^ter. ^aper of Beeenber 15, 1857. 

■OBLE, MRS, THOMAS, In San Francisco, on Green Street, on 
the 7th of July 1857, Mrs. Thomas Noble, of a Son. 

HORTON, HEHRT, In Benlcia, on the ^?th of fnae, 1857, the wif« 
of Henry Horton, of n Son welrfiin^ 13 -oounda and 6 ounces. 
Paper of July 10, 1857. 

NUTTim, MR. C, In San yrancisco, January 9, 1857, the "ife 
of Mr. C. Ntittirv;, of a Son. 

O'BRI'^, JOKW, At Mlchlp^pn Bar, Sacramento County, October 4th, 
1857, the wife of John O'Brien, of a Son. 

O'DOHTIEIX, MR., J., At Valleclto, May 22d, 1857, the -Ife of 
Mr. J. O'Donnell, of a TJau^ter. *'aper of June 1, 1857. 

Olivna, m. JOHK B., in San yrancisco, April 14th, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. John B. Oliver, of a Danghter. 

OIJISTEAD, WIIilAM T., In Weave nrille, Airll 16th, 1857, the 
wife of Wlllian T. Olnatead, of a Banghter. 

O'MARA, MICHAEL, In Sacramento, Aiifrast 17, 1857, the r/lte of 
Michael O'Mara, of a Son. 

0»M£AHA, JOHH, In San Francisco, December 23, 1856, the wife 
of John O'Meara, Esq., of a Son. Paper of January 7, 1857. 

O'HEIL, MR., In Clinton, September 11, 1857, the wife of Mr. 
o'Hell, of twins, a Boy and Girl. 

OHHICK, MR., In American Townshiu, Sacramento County, November 
2l8t, 1857, the dfe of Mr. Orrlck, of twins, a Boy and 

O'SOLLIVAN, C, D., In San yrancisco, September 18, 1857, the 
wife of C. D. 0« Sullivan, Esq., of a Son. 

PAIMER, MR. C. T., In Auburn, October 29, 1857, the wife of 
Mr. C. T. Palmer, of a Son. Paner of November 9, 1857. 


PARRT, m. ISAAC, In Santa Croji, September 18, 1857, the vdf* 
of Dr. Isaac Parry, of a Son. Paiier of HoTem%«r 2, 1857. 

PEAHKTS, r^ZrirailCK, in HnrysTllle, October 5th, 1857, the wife 
of Predarlok Pearkee, of a Son, 

PECK, CHARLES, At Moiwon Bar, MarlTMaa Coanty, ><ajr 7, 1857, the 
wife of Charles Psok, of a Son. Pa'^r of June 1, 1857, 

PECK, MR, E. S., In Yankee Jin's, Placer Cotmty, March 27th, 
1857, the vife of Mr, E, S, Peck, of a Son, Pamer of Anrll 
9, 1357. 

PECK, MAHTIH, In San Pranclsco, Deeemher 6th, 1857, the "Ife of 
Martin Peck, of a Dao^ter. 

PHZIJUl, DR. 0. J,, In Sacranento, Novemher 1, 1857, the wife of 

Dr. G. J. Phelan, of a Doa/'^ter. 
PHILLIPS, W. S., At Union, Hunholdt Bay, March 20, 1857, the 

wife of W. E, Philli->s, of a Son. ^a-ner of At>ril 18, 1857. 

PIHKHAM, G20HOS, At Yankee Hill, on the 14th, June, 1857, the 
wife of Ceor^ Plnkhan, of a Son. 

POOL, D. M., In Qpartshurg, on the 3d of June, 1857, the ife 
of 0. M. Pool, Esq., of a Dan^ter. 

PRENTICE, MR. E. D. , In Sacranento, on ?ehruary 27, 1857, the 
wife of E, D, Prentice, of a Son. ^n-per of March 9, 1857. 

PRITCHAIQ), JAJCS A., In San Trancieco, on Stinday, June 21st, 

1857, the '/ife of James A. Prltchard, of a Dau^ter. Cleveland, 
Ohio 'laners Tjleaee copy. Paper of July 9, 1857, 

RAinzY, MR, A, C., At Johnson's Ranch, Ao^ust 29, 1857, thg wife 
of Mr. A, C, Ralney, of a Daiv?:hter, Pa-oer of Sentemher 3, 

Hi:ADnTG, MAJ 'H -o. B., At Buenaventura, Shasta County, June 1st, 
1857, the ife of Major P, B, Reading, of a Danrfiter. 

KErrD, I . P., In Sacranento, Decenher 17, l«n7, the "ife of L, 
T, Reed, of a Son. 

RENO, C. P., At Inde-^ndence Hill, Placer Connty, May 17, 1857, 
the '^dfe of C. . Reno, of a Dan^ter. 


KETWOLDS, MR. AJIonm:, In ^'arlTiosa, on the 29th of May, 1857, 
the vdfe of Mr. Anserine Reynolds, of a Son. Pa-ner of Jtine 
10, 1857. 

RICH, MR, JACOB, In ^an Francisco, June 3d, 1857, the "Ife of 
Mr. Jaooh Hieh, of a Son. 

RICH, MRS. JOSEPH, In San yrnnclsco, August 5, 1857, Mrs. Jose-nh 
Rich, of a Daughter. 

RICHARJJS, Z., In Sonoma, on the 11th of July, 1857, the wife 
of £. Richards, Esq., of a Son. 

RICHA'IDSOH, MR. JEi'SE, In Saa Francisco, i'ehruary 122, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. Jesse Richardson, of a Son. 

HICHTER, G., In San Francisco, on the 22d of July, 1857, the 
wife of G. ^^ichter, Esq., of a Daughter. 

RING, MR. R. G., In San Francisco, on the 3d of S-iril, 1857, 
the -ife of Mr. R. G. Ring, of i Daughter. 

RIV£17, MR. J., At Makawao, £ast Maui, Sandwich Islands, NoTenber 

3ft, 1857, the wife of 'ir. J. Rivett, of Sacraraento, 

California, of a Da u^ter. 
HOBBIIIS, MR- WILLIAM, In Shasta, on the Slst of May, 1857, the 

wife of Mr. Wllliaa Rohhins, of a Son. '^aper of June 16, 


R-IBITISO!!^ MR. EF./DT, In Oroville, August 20, 1857, the wife of 
Mr. Edwin Rohinson, of a Son. 

ROBINSON, T, B., In San Fmnclsco, February 7, 18P7, the -ife 
of T. B. Rohinson, of a Son. 

" (Page tl) 

ROGERS, MR. J. J., At Texas Springs, on the 1st of June, 1857, 
the vlfe of Mr. J. J. Rogers, of a Son. 

ROSENBATM, HJENBT, In Ororille, Deeemher 4th, 1857, the i,rlfe of 
Henry Rosenhann, of n Dau^ter. 

ROSXHHSIM, A., In San Fr^'ncinco, on A-iril 19, 1857, f3ia wife 
of &» SosBBltein, Ssq..,, of a Dau^ter. 

HOTCHFQRD, SL.yB3T P., In Bsnicla, September 2|, 1857, the wife 
of George r, uotchford, if a Dau^ter. 

HOUNTHEB, B, F., In San Francisco, April 27th, 1857, the wif« 
of B. F. Rouutree, of a Son. 


RUSH, MR., At Sta^ Pork, Trinity Coumty, on the Ifith of Tehraary, 
1857, the wife of Mr. Raeh, of r Dau^ter. ''aT>er of f-iarch 
7, 1857. 

BUSS, CHARLES, In San Francisco, yesterday (the aimiTeroary of 
the admlBBlon of California), September 9, 1857, the Indy of 
Charles Ru«8, of a ^au^ter — heln/- the fifth ch Id of this 
California Pioneer. 

RUSSELL, HORACE A., In San Francisco, October 9th, 1857, the wife 
of Horace A. Runsell, of a Son. 

RUTZIffiEHG, J. H., In San Francisco, Se-otember 14, 1857, the wife 
of J. H. Ratenberg, Ksq. , of a Ion. 

RTAN, MR., E. J., In Marin County, November 11th, 1857, the • Ife 

•of Mr. £. J. Ryan, of a Daughter. 

RTAS, CAPTAIN JAMES, At Mare Island, on the 18th of June, 1857, 
the wife of Ca^^taln James Ryan, of a Son. 

RYEH, MR. OEOBGE^ In San Francisco, October 2lBt, 1857, the >ife 
of Mr. Geor^ Ryer, of a Dau^ter. 

H(1BINS0K, vlLHAM H, , In Sacramento, April 4, 1857, the 'ife 
of Williaia H, Robinson, of a Daav^ter. (Page 20) 

SALMON, MR. F., In San Francisco, on the 10th of Jnly, 1857, the 
wife of Mr, F. Salmon, of a Son. 

s.\MPSOH, MRS. JAMJ:s, In San Francisco, on the 22nd of July, 1857, 
Mrs. <^aiBes Sasnson, of a Son and Daughter. 

SAJ<SON, MR, A. B., In ?!an Francisco, on the 14th of July, 1857, 
the -dfe of Mr. A, B. Samson, of a Dau^ter. 

SARfiENT, B. v.. At rtekelunne Hill, October 9th, 1857, the -dfe 
of B. V, Sar*;ent, of a Dauj^ter. 

SARGENT, A, A., In Nevada, October 11th, 1857, the wife of 
A. A. Sargent, of a Daughter, 

SAHRETIT, m. BAILET, In San Frnncisco, May 3rd, 1857, at the 

American Exchan/re, the 'ife of Mr. Bailey Sargent, ->f a Daughter, 
* Boston papers rilease copy. 

SARAOEH, WIIJ.IAM, In San Fmncisco, January 8, 1857, Catherine, 
wife of William Sara,";er, Enq. , of a Son, 

SAXE, IE. A. W., In Santa Clara, on the 25th of M«y, 1857, the 
wife of Dr. A. w. Saxe, of a Son. ^'aper of June 11, 1857. 


SCHB£IB£B, JACOB, In San 7ranclB00, Ao^^ast 18, 1857, the wife 
of Jaeo% 30iir«lber, of a Dao^ter. Rochester ^lapers pleaee 

SBHOLTZS, FRAJICIS, In San Francisco, Sunday momiap:, Fe'bruary 
8, 1857, the 'd.fe of Frencln* Schultze, of a Son. 

S£A£S, MR. C.A., In San Francisco, Au^^st 1, 1857, the wife 
of Hr. C. A. Sears, of a Son. 

SILLECK, SILAS, In San Francisco, Hovenber Slat, 1857, the wife 
of Silas Selleck, Esq., of a Bau/^ter. 

SELLINO, MR. JOHN, In Sonoma, on April 13th, 1857, the lady of 
Mr, Jolin Sellliv^, of a I>au^ter. 

SESSIONS, MRS, HARRIET In San Francisco, NoT'=mber 8th, 1857, 
Mrs, RartiAt Sessions, of a ^eca^teT. 

SETD, EHNKST, At BonlopTie ~ sur - ner, in France, on the 5th 

of May, 1857, the dfe of Emeot Seyd, Esc.., of San Francisco, 
of a Son. Paper of Jtily 6, 1857. 

SHAFSR, MR. J. F,, In San Francisco, on the 21et of Jtily, 1857, 
the wife of Mr, J. F. Shafer, of a Sautter. 

SHARRON, MABTIH, In Mari-nosa, on the 11th, of Ipril, 1857, the 
wife of Martin Sharron, Esq., of a Son, 

SHAW, MR, JOPra W., At Mormon Island on the 14th of July, 1857, 
the wife of Mr, John W. Shaw, of a Iten^ter, 

SHAW, MR. TOBIAS, In San Francisco, on Friday, Novemher 6, 1857, 
the wife of Mr. Tobias Shaw, of a nenghter. 

SHEPPAHD, MR. JAMES 0., At the Willows, on the 4th of Jiily, 1857, 
the wife of Mr. James &, Sheppard, of a Son. 

SHLOSS, MORRIS, In San Francisco, kamet 27, 1857, the v-ife of 
Morris Shloas, of a Son. 

SHOFER, JOHN, At Ophir, on the 8th day of Hay, 1857, the "ife 
of John Shofer, Esq., of a Daoghter. 

SHOW, MR. J. W,, At Mormon Island, on the 14th of July, 1857, 
the wife of Mr. J. w. Show, of a Qaiv^ter* 

SIMPSON, MR, GEORGE, In San Francisco, Friday, Norember 20th, 
1857, the ^<ife of Mr. Georfre Simpson, of a QBn^ter. 


SMIim, AHIBZW, In San Franciuoo, September 14, 1857, the v<lfe 
of Aadrev Smith, Zsq., of a Drafter. 

SIttTB, CaowSOT, In Volcano, Fehruai7 14, 1857, the fife of 
CrovBon Smith, £sq., of a Son. 

SMIIE, X. L., In San Francisco, July 30, 1857, the -^fe of 
£. I. S^th, Hsq., of a Son. ^'aper of An^^st 1, 1857. 

SJUIH, L. il. 1',, At the Oak Spri:i/; House, Marl-'iooa County, I'lay 
27th, 1857, the wife of L. H. P. Smith, of a Son; and on the 
Friday following, of another Sou. ^aper of Jule 8, 1857. 

SMIIH, MR. P. B., At Caan Seoo, Toulumne County, March 8, 1857, 
the "dfe of Mr. F. B. Smith, oi" a Son. 

SIITH, STEnrai C, At Yankee Jlin'a, Decemher I'', 1857, the vife 
of Stephen C. Smith, of a Dau^ter. 

SMITH, THEODOHE H., At Oakland, May 11, 1857, the I'ife of 
Theodore H. Smith, of a Dan^ter. 

SNIDER, T. J., In Sacramento, on the PJ^ri day of June, 1857, the 
wife of T. J. Snider, Esq., of a Daughter. 

SOLOMOH, P. L,, In San Francinco, Sentenher 11, 1857, the Ife 
of Hon. P. 1. Solomon, of a l)aiv>hter. 

S^EnCI, DAVID, At Monterey, on the 27th of April, 1857, the -ife 
of David SDence, Jr., of a Son. Paper of t^ !?, 1857, 

SPHOOLE, MR. J- A, In Petaluma, Octoher e6th, 1857, the "Ife 
of **r. J. A. Sproole, of a Son. Paper of Hovemher 14, 1857. 

STAH7.Z, ED-./ARD, In San FranclBco, Octoher 10th, 1857, the Ife 
of Edward Stahle, of a Son. 

STAXEH, MR. WILLIAM, In MaiysvlUe, on the 20th of July, 1857, 
the wife of My, William Stakem, of a Son. 

STAMIT, MH. JOHH C, In Downlerllle, November 7, 1857, the "ife 
of Mr. John C. Stanly, of a Daughter. Parser of December 18, 

STSEVENS, D. St. C., In Sacranento, '••arch 29th, 1857, the dfe 
of S. St. C. Steevens, A Son. Paper of Ar>rll 8, 1857. 

STEIUMAim, Ml. J., On March 22, 1857, the lady of Mr. J. 
Stelnmann, of a Son. 

ST2VZJIS01I, COL., In San Frnnclsco, December 18, 1857, the wife 
of Col. Stevenson, of a Dan/^ter. 


STETmoV, MB* HCBiaT, In Shanta, Se:oteinber 18, 1857, the i«lf* 
of Mr. RolMrt Stevens >n, of a Son. 

STICrLSa, CHARI^'i:s, in JackBon, ?ebraary 25, 1857, the vlfe of 
Charles Stickler, of a Daiv^ter. Paper of March 3, 1857, 

STOCKTOK, EDWARD, At Gmnlt« Mills, near 7olBoin, December 9, 
1857, the wife of Edward Stockton, of a Son. 

STOKiS, JAHES J., In San Francinco, on the 10th day of July 1857, 
the "ife of James J. Stokes, of a Son. 

STHATTOH, JAMES T., In Clinton, July 19, 1857, the wife of James 
T. Stratton, of a Dau/^ter. ^'aner of Ajv^st 3, 1857. 

STRAUSS, L,, In San Francisco, Deceraber 11th, 1857, the 'dfe of 
L. Straass, of a Son. 

STTJAHT, CAPT. J. H., In MariT)Os«, March 17, 1857, the >vlfe of 
Capt. J. H. Stuart, of a Son. 

SDMNER, OEOaGE, In San Francisco, December 20th, 1857, the wif« 
of Oeor/^ Sumner, of a Son. 

SUHDKHLAIID, MR. THOMAS, In Sacramento, '-larch 23, 1857, the 'dfe 
of Mr. Thomas Sunderland, of a Dau/^hter. 

TAIL, JAM^S A., At Third Crossln/;, Calaveras County, February 

28, 1857, the wife of James A. Tail, of a Son. Pa-oer of March 
13, 1857. 

TATLOa, WILLIAM C, In San Francisco, on the 10th of October, 1857, 
the wife of William C. Taylor, of a Son. 

THOMAS, JOSEPH B., In Pittston, Aneuat 14, 1857, the vd.fe of 
Mr. P. J. Thomas, of a Son. 

mOMAS, KR. Philip W., In Abumt November 23rd, 1857, the ^d.fe of 
Mr. Philip W. Thomas, Esq., of a Daughter. 

THORHBOHGH, tf. B. In luba County, May 29th, 1857, the wife of 

W. B. Thombur^, Sheriff of Tuha County, of a DiEuv^ter. i^anser 
of June 6, 1857. 

TICHHBH, MR. L., In Sacramento, on the 27th of '"Wrch, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. L. Tichner, of a Son. Paper of April 2, 1857. 


TIDBAID, T. T., At Santa Croa, Atv^uat 11, 1857, the '"i-te of 
T. T. Tldtald, of a Daughter. 

TOLLVEH, J. A., In San yranclaco, Atv^UBt 10, 1857, the dfe of 
J. A. TollTtr, of a Son. 

VHACT, I. W., In Placerrille, liovemher 2S, 1867, the vrlfe of 
S. W, Tracy, of a Son. faper of December 2, 1857, 

TDLIT, COLKMAH, In San yranclaco. May 26, ISfT?, the \d.fe of 
Hr. Coleman Tully, of a Son. 

TURA, ANlEEv;, In Downlerllle, Jehmary 19, 1857, the "Ife of 
Andrew Tora, of a Onvrhtar. 

TTJIWEH, R. M, In Marytvllle, Niy 21, 1857, the -^fe of R. M, 
Turner, of tvln datv^tera. 

TAHJEJniiaGH, tOtm !•• B, , In Sacramento, Hovember ?th, 1857, the 
• If e of Mr. ^. B, Vandenhur^, of a Dan^tar. 

TAR ~-LTf CA'TAin, In San rrancleeo, February 22, 1857, the 
wife of Captain Van Pelt, of a Son. 

TXRT, MRS. SAMUSL, On Sstarday, April 18, 1857, on board shi^ 
Hnrrlcnne, of New Toric, Mra. Sanniel Very, Jr., of a Son. 

TESARIA, LOUIS, In Sacrmento, on the 19th of June, 1657, the 
wife of Loola Veearia, of a Haa^ter. 

VICKERS, MRS., At Caim, near Mortry'e ^erry, Tehaaa County, 
October 7th, 1857, Mrs. Vickers, of a Daiy^ter. 

VAIiCXNSHAW, ROOSOT At Hew Alnadan, November 3rd, 1857, the 
wife of Robart Walkinahaw, Esq., of a Son. 

WALSH, THOHASt In Homboldi County, April 17th. 1857, the v/ife 
of Thomas Walsh, of a Dau^ter. Paper of ''ay 13, 1857. 

VALTZ, BZRJAMin, In San Trancisco, on the 9th of Kay, 1857, the 
.wife of Benjaain Waltz, Esq., of a Son. 

WAHD, TBOMAS N., In San Francisco, on the 27th of AT)ril, 1857, 
tha wife of Thomas H. Wand, of a Son. Paper of May 2, 1857. 

WAKDERLEIGH, MR. H. T., In Santa Cros, November 10th, 1857, the 
wife of Mr. H. 7. Waaderlel/^, of a Son. 

WARDEN, WILLIAM, At the Sink of thf Putah, T»lo County, July 5th, 

1857, the wife of William Warden, of a Son, wel^h^ing 17 1-2 T)ounds. 


WAHKER, MR. KILJIAM, In San PranclBCO, on the 28th of July, 
1857, the wifp of Mr, wllHain Warner, of a Son. 

WAHHEH, MR, M, P., In Sacranento, October 26th, 1857, the wlf« 
of Mr, M. P. Warren, of a Dao^ter, 

WARSHAWSKI, MARKS, In San Francisco, Janaary 28, 1857, the wife 
of Marks W&rlhawskl, of A BBu/^ter. 

WASSEBHANN, HH. A., In San Vranelaco, January 28, 1857, the "Ife 
of Mr. A, Wagaenumn, of a Son, 

WAT^.RS, MR, nso'ins P., In San yranclsco, January 27, 1857, the 
wife of Mr, Oeorpe ", Waters, ofp Son. 

WATSHS, WIIXIAM R,, In Sacramento, ^ehruary 27, 1857, the vrlfe 
of Wllliain H, Waters, of a Dau/^ter, ^'aner of March 2, 1857, 

WEBSTER, THOMAS D,, At Cayotevllle, Sierra County, Becemher 16, 
1857, the wife of Thomas I>. Wehster, of a Son. 

WELLS, Ml. Henry J., In San Francisco, on the 28th of July, 1857, 
the -ife of Mr. Uenry J. nells, of a Son. 

WERTHSIMER, MR., L,, In San Francisco, Hovenber 10th, 1857, th« 
w ife of Mr. L. Wertheiiner, of a Son. 

WESTON, J., In San Francisco, August 18, 18r)7, the -dfe of J. 
Weston, Jr., of a Haunter. 

WESTOVER, MR., In Petaluna Townshi-o, Deeemher 11, 1857, the wife 
of Mr. Vestover, of a Daughter. 

WHEELER, M, L,, At Woodside, San *%teo County, the vife of M. L, 
Wheeler, Esq., of a Dajviiter. ^aper of December 14, 1857. 

WHID'ZH, WILLIAM, In San f'rancieco, Kovemher 10, 1657, the wife 
of William Whidden, Esq., of a Son. 

WHITCOMB, MR. J. B., At Indian Hill, Sierra County, November 23, 
1&57 (or 22nd), the "ife of '^r. J. B. Whlteomb, of a Son. 
^'aT>er of December 2, 1857, 

WHITE, MR. JOHK, In Folsom, Aa/»aBt 23, 1857, the vdfe of "r. John 
White, of a Dsu^ter. 

wniTNET, OrORGE W. , In Sacramento, October let, 1857, the wife 
of Oeor/^ W. Whitaey, of a Daxv^ter. 

WILLIAMS, MR. JCWN, At Excelsior Rill, near Monte Christo, Sierra 
County, March 22nd, 1857, the dfe of Mr. John yilliams, of a 
Son. Paper of April 9, ia57. 


WlIilAMS, JCHH L. , In San rrsnclBCo, Beoember 27, 1857, th« 
vlfe of John L. Williams, of a Son. 

WILLIAMS MS, LEWIS, At Whl«ky Creek, Ajv^ist 15, 1857, the vdfe 
of ftr. Lewis WilllAns, of a ^au/^hter. 

WILSET, MH. L., In Sacramento, Uovemher Plst, 1857, the wife of 
Mr. 1. Wilsey, of a Dsa^ter. 

VflLSOn, MR, JCHH, Hear the Aaeriean Banch, Sacra-ento Valley, 
Haroh 8, 1857, the •dfe of Ur. John Wilson, of a Son, 

WINDERHAI.TER, MR. CHAHLSS, In Santa Cruz, Novemher 9th, 1857, 
the vife of Mr. Charles Windertialder, of a Son. 

WOOD, CHA,TJ£S S., In San I^ranclnco, November 3, 1857, the -dfe 
of Charles S. Wood, Esq., of a Son. 

WOOD, CAPTAIN J., In San ?rancl8co, November 3, 1857, the -ife 
of Charles S. Wood, Esq., of a Son. 

WOOD, MR, T, P,, In Red Bluff, liovember 15th, 1857, the 'ife 
of Mr. T. P. Wood, of a Son. 

WOODWAHD, MR. 2D-./AaD, At Arovllle, l-iarch n2d, 1857, the wife 
of Mr. Edvard Woodward, of a Daurfiter. Pawner of April 7, 

WIER, M. M., In HarysTille, on the 29th of June, 1857, the vife 
of M. M. Mtyer, Esq., of a Son. ^aper of Jaly 3d, 1857. 

ZOLLVER, J, A., In San Fmnciseo, Aufriiat 10, 18.'}7, the vife 
of J. A. Zollver, of a Son. 



ABBOTC-HATHJEN (see ABBOCT-IIATHJ-N). In San yranclsco, 

A)v;aat 28, 18.17, hy the B«v. 7. Nooshake, Mr. Aadreag 
Abbott to Miss Lena Bathjen. 

ABBOTT, MISS EMMA 7RAITCSS, 8«e Mr. S'ranclae Clarke 

ABEHAUSSN, MISS SOPHIA A., see Mr. Albert S. Kdrid^ 

ABRnTT-RATHJ33I (see ABDaoOT-RAmjEH), In San Francisco, 
"by the Rev. 7. Mooshake, Mr. Andreas Abrott and Miss 
Lena Rathjen 

ACIcain'BSRrtER, hiss BOSA, see Mr. Charles Wagner 

ACKL^T-MSKLKT, In Sacrmnento, Jnne n, 1857, by Father 
CaBsin, Warren Ackley, to Mary E., youngeat dau^ter 
of Sanael G. Medley, Esq., of Sacramento 

ADAMS-SHAW, In San Franci co, March 4, 1857, by Hev. Dr. 
Scott, Mr. Lavson S. Adams to Miss Georglana A. Shaw, 
all of this city 

ADAMSON-VACA, At t).e Ouadalune Sancho, Contra Costa Co., 

John Adnnson to Apolonia Saea . Paper of Oct. 13, 1857. 


AKERLT-SKITH, In Sacraaento, October 8, 1857, ReT. Benjanin 
Akerly of New Tork to l^ate Mildeberger, only daughter 
of J. Clark Smith of Sacramento 

AKEBMAN, MISS MA'iOAHST T., see Mr. William Oraham 

AIBRIGHT-AURIOHT, In Orefjon City, on February 23, 1857, Mr, 
Chas. Albright to Mrs, Cynthia Albrl^t. See -paper of 
March 23, 1857 

ALBRIGHT, MRS. "nffHIA, see Mr. Chas. Albri^t 

ALDHICH-COOKSET, In Carson Valley, Jan. 22, 1857 by Esquire 
Van Sickles, Mr. Horton Aldrich to Mrs. M. A. Cooksey, all 
of Carson Valley, •'^aper of Feb. in, 1857 

AI.nRICH, MISS JEIHTK M. , see Lorenzo Sawyer, Esq. 

ALEXANDIER, MISS ROSINA, see Mr. Morris Goldstein 

ALTXAimER-'^TlRLKT, In Wataonville, July r?3, 1857, Mr. Thonas 
D. Alexander of the Pacific Hxohan^ to Miss Catherine 
Cnrley, both of WatsonTilla 


ALLi3T-ViniTE, In San Jose at the reeidence of the bride, May 
11, 1857, Oen. Iharlefl £. Allen to £llen £. Mhite, all of 
San Josa 

A1LSIT-7ISE, In San francleeo, July 12, 1857, by Joseph Austen, 
£■0., Justice of the eace. Third District, Mr. George W. 
Alien to Miss Catharine Fish, both of this city. New York 
naT^ere please c opy 

ALMT-MIUSR, In Bollnas, May 10, 1857, by the Rev. Mr. Walker, 
Joseph Alay, Esq., to Miss I-tujlnda J^iller, dau/^ter of 
Hr. Benjaain Miller of Bolinas 

AMBH0SB-PHI1.I.IPS, In San yrfincisco, May 24, 1857, at the 

Bantist Chanel on Washin^on Stree t, by H«v. B. Brierly, 
Mr. Sanael Ambrose to ."ilsa Caroline T. Philll-oa, both of 
this city 

ASHERSOR, miss AMAIRQA, see Mr. . o. McCarthy 

ANUERSOir, MISS S.T C, see Mr. W. 6. Snglish 

AHDRES-MODI/rT, In Karysvllle, Aug. 22, 1857, Mr, Charles 
Andres to Miss Caroline Moulty 

A]iail^,MISS SUSAH, see Mr. Holmes D. Van SclKilek 

AHTHOOT-ILMrr'ORD, In San FraaciRCo, Oct. 25, 1857, by Rev. 3. S. 
Lacy, Mr. Edward T. Anthony of San Francisco to Miss Carrie 
Aogasta ^lanford, of Willlafflsbuz^, L. I. 

AHATA-MOIITE VSRDS, In 'ackson, April 16, 1857, Mr. Andrea 
Arata to Augusta Monte Verde, both of Jackson 


ABCEIBALI), MISS MART, see Mr. Alexander H«ndsrson 

AHFT-LIESK, In San Francisco, Aug. 18, 1857, by the Rev. F. 

Mooihalce, Mr. Frederick Qaniel Arff to Miss Louise liese, 
both of Eden, Alaneda Co. 

ABKBRUSSTSR-JACOBS, In San Francis^co, -ec. 17, 1857, by the 

Rev. F. Hooshake, Mr. Saaiel Annbraester and Miss Adol~>hine 

ARMEZ-DALLAM, In San Frtmoisco, June 4, 1857, by Rev. I>r. 
Scott, Mr. Ceor^^e W. Armes, of Soiiona, Cal., to Miss 
Sarah Xlisabeth Oallam, of San Frrjicieco 

AHHER-OARIWER, In Marysvllle, Aisrll 16, 1857, Mr. Lewie Amer 

«tf Tuba to Mrs. Maiy A. Oardner of Sutter 


ARNOLD-DPS^N, In Sacranento on liarch -1, 1857 l)y Her. J. A, 
Benton, My, John Arnold to Mlgg Lncy L. OpBon, eldest 
dandier of L. Uneon 

ARRIHGTOn, KISS ISABELLA T., aeee Hy. Thomas H. Lindley 

AHRimiOH, MISS MATTIS, see Geor-e P. Baker 

AOKITJSOIf-ICAHS, In S. 1'., July 7, 1857, by the Hev, Dr. Anderson, 
Dr. Atkinson to Hies Annie Hears, hoth of S. 7. 

ATKIllSOn-BK-ATH, In Sacramento, July 23, 1857, Mr. John ?, 

Atkinson to Miss Elizaheth Breath (Paper of July 27, 1857) 

ATKIJiSOn-raEATH (see AaKinaW-BHEATH), In Sacrociento, July 23, 
1857, hy Prescott Rohlnsor, Justice of the leace, "^r. John 
J. Atkinson to Miss Klizabetb ?reath (Breath), both of 
Sacramento (Paper of July 25, 1857) 

ATKI SON-DAVIS, In Sacraaiento Co., Dec. 5, 1867, Mr. John L. 
Atkison to Mrs. Mexy Ann Davis 

AUBZHLIK-OBMrTEH, In S. F., Dee. 5, 1857, by Joseph Austen, J. P., 
Mr. Angost Aoberlin to Miss £llen Ohneyer 

AOtJUSTE, MISS SOPHIE E,, see ilr. 0. F, Carl Rust 

AnSTIH-<,fHI?E, At Oregon City, Butte Co., by the Hev. B. H. 

Seymour, Mr. A.C. /\ustin, of S.F., to Miss Anna S. V.. '..hlte, 
o# Oregon City (Paper of May PI, 1857) 

AUSTOK, MRS- AMELU, See Mr. Vta. Eamill 

AVILA, DC9CA JOSJ^A, See Mr. W. E. Borland 

BABRONTAS-OARCIA, In S, F., Jan. 24, 1857, at Union Hotel by 

D. H. Hanrahan, Justice of the Pence, S-oiphano Babraatas of 
San Juan de Baptista, Honterey, to Carmen Oareia of Mission 
Dolores, 8. 7. 


BACH£LDQR, MRS. CLARlTiDA see Mr. Oeor^e Treat 

BACR^1AH, MISS MART, see Solomon Steinheiser 

BACOR-HUDSON, In American To-mship, Sacramento Co., April 21, 
1857, Mr. Warren H. Bacon to Miss Slisabeth Hudson 


BAOBELL-PI'UaiAM, At Santa Cru«, 'Wrch 21, 1857, Mr. John D, 
Ba<9iell to Mlet rhoebe PlnMuun. Peper of AT)rll 6, 1857 

BAIT ST, MSB B. S., lee Mr. Luther Reed 

BAII^T-OEXaXB, At Mokelnmna Hill, Sept. 7, 1857, Mr. T. B. 
Bailey to Mies Tabitha Dexter, both of Calaveras Co. 

BAIRD, MISn HAUCT, nee Mr. Heal Hill 

BAJOER, MISS EMMA P., see Mr. Wb. L. Oibson 

BAKXR-ARRINQTOH, In S. 7., Sept. 22, 1857, by th3e Bev. Dr. 
Scott, George P. Baker to Mies Mat tie Arrin^on, both of 
this city 

BAXEH-BARH, In Plaeenrillft, Hag, 6, 1857, Dr. M. Baker to 
Miao Mary C. Barr 

BALDffIN, MISS EU1IHA 7., see Mr. Charles A. Hatchinson 

BALnvflN-CONOTR, In Shasta, Jan. 20, 1857, by Rev. Mr. KellogE, 

Mr. Kafana Baldwin of Shasta to Miss Ann Vf. Conner of 
TarmiiiiPrtun, Mo. 

BAlD"IF-\miGHT, In retalujnan, Nov. 10, 1857, by Rev. Jamea 

Piemont, Jlr. 0. T. Bftldwin to Hiss Nancy J. Wri.'^t, both of 

BAlDWIK-aaBITSOIT, In S.7. at the WashlnTton Street Ba^itlst 

Cfaaroh, June "^7, 1857 by Eev. B. Brierly, Ca-ot. Vte. Baldvdn 
of Cane Mendocino to Miss Mar^ret Hobinson of this city. 
Paoer of June 29, 1857. 

BALDWIH-OEDGE, In San Pablo, June 11, 1857, by Rev. Mr. Tn- 
vaux, Mr/. \/k. P. Baldwin, of San Pablo, to Mrs. Imofl-ene 
Oed^e, late of Kew Orleans 

BALIARI^acrSH, In Soisnn City, Hov. 18, 1857, Mr. Doane Ballard 
to Miss Sarah Rash, both of that --'lace 

BAIilWEH-OHAHAME, In Oroville, October 7, ia57, Mr. William 
L. Ballin^er to Jessie L. Omha me 

BAHISTER-BRADFORD, In Snith River Valley, Se^t. 13, 1857, 

Mr. Rdbert B. Banister to Miss Mary F. Bradford 

BAKBEB-MeqUELKIN, In Mariposa, Se^t. 5, 1857, Mathew 0. 
Barber to Mrs. Catharine McQuelkin 

BAHKR-IHOMAS, In Santa Clara, Ang. 4, 18ri7, Mr. Wm. 0, 
Barker to Miss Mary Susan Thomas 

BABR, MISS MAST C, see Dr. M. Baker 


BARRETT, MISS Aim, SM Mr. Sdward Oreen 

BARHXTT, MISS XLLER, tea Mr. ^red Benson 

B/umBTT-aiDDKRHIER, In S. 7,, Jan. 15, 1857, tjy the Her. B. 
Brlerly, Mr. Oeorpre Barrett to Miea Marian Riddemler, 
both of IllinolB To\ffi 

BARRSTT, MISS MAOOIZ A., see Mr. Jaaes W. Cox 

BARROLL, MISS ELLEN, tee Mr. Oeor^ H. Oibaon 

BABRT, MISS ABHA F., see Mr. B. H. Shields 

BASTLEra, MISS HARRIET A., see Mr. RoBwell C. Welch 

BASHET-CALNET, In San Joee, Anrll 26, 1857, Mr. Oocar Basnejr 

to Mies JTilla Calnejr. Paper of May 5, 1867 

BASSETT-MALIJaT, Oct. 29, 1857, hy Hev. Dr. Anderson, H. J), 

Bassett, Esq., of San ^'ateo to Hiss Lonisa R. Ma lery of 
this city 


Lewis Howell Olaser 

BAXTKR-GHITTirr, In Stockton, October 10, 1P57, Mr. Charles 
Baxter to Miss Hannah Orlffln 

B'CARD, i;RS. ADA, see Mr. John McCrncken 

MAHIKS-JACKSON, In S. F,, Anril 16, 1657, by the Rev. Chas, 
Satchel, S&nnel Bearlns to Miss Mary Jackson 

BEATTT-GOWER, At Shady Dell, Placer Co., Se^t. 30, 1C57, John 
L. Beatty to Josenhine Gower Parser of Oct. 6, 1857 

BECK, MISS AMHA LUCILLA, see Mr. John W. Snell 

BECKHAM-BILI.IPS, In T\ilare, '^-ay 13, 1857, Mr. Sanuel W, 

Beekfaaai to Miss Carillo Billlps 

BECTOL-HULAND, At Flat, Calaveras Co., Serjt. 28, 1857, 
John Bectol to Hannah Huland. Vemer of Oct. 6, 1857 

BEELER-COOK, At the Ma^olia, in Brixton Townshi'^), Sept. 

26, 1857, by the Rev. J. A. Benton, George Beeler to Miss 
Delilah A. Cook, both of Brif^ton 

BEERS-MILLER, In Calvary Church, Se-ot. 3, 1857, by Rev. Dr. 
Scott, Mr. Henry I. Beers to Kiss Kate £. Miller, both of 
this city. H. Y., St. Louis and Connectlcat -»aT)ers nlease 

BSEB, MISS IBISDSRIEE, see Mr. Ernst Lamp 


BEIKS, MISS BXSQIER, see Mr. Charles Diederleheen 

BXKXa, MISS MART, see Mr. 8. Scfadbnell 

BAIKNAP-T&TES, In S. F., Sept. 16, 1B57, at Grace Vhareh, 

Vjr Her. Mr. Ever, David P. Belknap of Hew York and Au^^sta 
Walton, dau^ter of the late Andrew J. Yates, formerly 
of Sefaaneotady, N. T. 

BELL-LEVINA, In S. F., Se^t. 6, 1057, at the residence of 
Mr. H. B. Ha^^lns, hy Rev. H. V. Cutler, Mr. A))raham R, 
Bell to Mrs. Ann Lerlna, both of this city 

BKNXOEI., MISS HZXSRA, see Mr. Henry Thyarks 

BEOTDICT-HAMLIN, In S. T., 7eh. 19, 1857, ty Rev. N. P. 

Heath, Mr. B. Benedict of Alameda to Mrs. P. A. Haalin 

of s-r. 


BEJnfn:,D-CAMPBELL, At Smith's Flat, May 13, 1857, Mr. 
Frederick Benfleld to Miss Cornelia Caambell 

BEKIUO-KOESTER, In S. P., July 5, 1957, hy Rev. A. Bahn, Mr. 
Oeorge Frederick Benin^ to Miss Anna Koester, hoth of S. F. 

BEHH, MISS DOROTHT, s ee Mr. Frank Herss nor 

BEKHE5T, MISS CI'llBHW.TiA, see Mr. R. J. Rogers 

BENIISTT, MISS HAmUH, see Mr. Harrison Hai^t 

BEHOTTT, MISS MATIIJ)A C., see Mr. Wta. B. Kin^shury 

B£;]iKETT, MISS SAT.T.IS, see Mr. John S. Scott 

BEHSOH-BAHHEOrr, Dec. 30, 1856, hy the R<=v. Father Ineoldshy, 
Mr. Fred Benson to Mies Ellen Barrett hoth of Union City 
Paper of Jan. 3, 1857 

BSMTLET, MISS LAURA J., see Mr. John F. Bond 

BZRTLT, MISS KEZIA ADELIA, see Mr. Alfred £. Williams 

BEDTOH, MISS CTHTHIA M., see Mr. £. M. Stoddard 

BERTtSR, BARBARA, see Mr. William Tone 

BEHOHOEFER-- lEOOLD, In S. F., May 22, 1857, by the !•▼. F. 
Mooshake, Mr. Conrad Ber^oefer to Miss Maiy Wiegold 

BERDIN, MISo MA^AHET MARIA, see Peter Dunne, Esq. 

BERITZHnFF-MOOTTT, At Mokelnmne Hill, on the P4th of March, 
1857, Mr. A. C. Berltzhoff to Miss Martha Moony, 'a per 


BIRITZHOJT-MOOIifnr, At Mokelume Hill, March 24, 1857, Mr. 

C. A. B«rltshoff to Mlaa Martha Mooney Paoer of April 9, 1857 

B£RE (BOB), MISS MART, see Mr. Bobert Rrether 

BXBHXXSSA-MARTIKEZ, In Marysrllle. Jan. 8, 1857, %jr the Rev. 

Tatber Vallarassi, Mr. Jose Antonio Berryessa to Miss S. 
Martiiiss, t)oth of Contra Costa Co. 

BSSTBAn), MRS. ROSIilA, sea William L. ^ith 

BTOSCH, MISS LOUISA, see Mr. A. Joehon 

BID'.'jXI-POOIJ;, in Sacramento, Fet. 7, 1857, Ijy Her. Mr. Benton, 
Mr. Henry C. Budwell to Miss Julia S. Poole 

BIOELOW-MONBOB, In San Jose, Oct. 27, 1857, at the residence 

of M. Hardy Esq., by Rev. B. Brlerly, A. J. Bifrelow of S. y. 
to Martha J. Monroe of San Jose 

BITX, Jtn.IA A. , see Clark S. Crydenwise 

BILLims-FORD, In Sacraaento, May 23, 1857, by Rev. Mr. Sfanek, 

Mr. Connell Billings of Orovllle to Miss Sareh E. Ford 

BILUPS, MISS CARILLO, see Mr. Samtel W. Beeldian 

BIHD-McAUTI, In Sacramento, Ma rch 7, 1857, C. L. Bird Esq. 

to Miss Susannah, dasi/^ter of Thomas McAlpln, Zsq. , Marshal 
of Sacramento 

BIRI>-COCPKR, In S, F., Friday evening, Jan. 16, 1857, by Hev. 
S. H. Willey, Mr. James Bird to Miss Frances Coo-oer, all 
of S. F. 

BIRD, MISS RQSAimA, see Mr. Aaron Brunwell 

BIRDSAIi-RICIIAM)SON, In 8, F., Jan. 26, 1857, by the Rev. S. H. 

Willey, Mr. Jonathan M. Birdsall to Miss Elisa Richardson, 
all of this city. Paper of Teb. 9, 1857 

BLAIR, MISS JOAtIHA, see Mr. Richard Eosley 

BLAIH^ROOT, Apr. 23, 1857, by Rev. W. w. Brier, John J. Blair, 
Esq., to Abegail V. Curtis, adopted dmv^ter of Erastus 
Root Ssq. , both of Alameda Co. 

BLAKE-KRCn, In Stockton, Sent. 17, 1857, Geor^ H. Blake, Esq, 

to Miss Ma^ie R. Kroh 

BLAKE, MRS. MART W., see Mr. Ceorge Ostoek 


BLIFFIN, MRS. MINITIS, see Mr. Jose^ah F. Fairfield 


BLOECHLI02R, MISS AHTOiriA, sea Mr, LoqIb Bronner 

BLOOD-WHITIJnr, At Taakee Jin's on the 22d of July 1857, Mr. 
Aaoa r. Blood to Mlas Maria Whitley 

BLOODWORTH-i/HI'TS, At the reeidence of Mr. CharleB Snellln^ on 
Jan. 13, 1857, ty Rer. J. C. Johnson, lir. Charles 1". Blood- 
worth, Sheriff of Merced Co. to Hiss Francis B, White of 
SnelliftPirine. Paper ot Jan. 20, 1857 

BLOOMri>l,D, MISS AMANDA^ see Mr. Hlchard EcMasters 

BLUH, MISS CATHAaita, see Mr. Johann Conrad Meyer 

BLUM-BLUM, In S. F,, March 3, 1857, at the Jraaklin Hotel hy 

the Rey. Moothake, Mr. Johann Ootlleh Blum to Miss Marearetha 
Elizabeth BluB 

BLUM-PFSIFHai, In S. F., by Rev. E. Mooshake, March 3, 1857, 
M the Franklin Hotel, Mr. Johann Ootlieh Bltun to Miss 
Mar^^aretha Elizabeth Pfeiffer 


BLT1ME-M00RE, In Bnckeye Valley, Amador Co., April 14, 1857, 
Rer. John ¥. Blythe to Sarah A. Moore, all of Amador Co. 

B00ARDU3-WHETA!', In 3. F., Jnne 11, 1857, by Rev. Joseph A. 

Oalla^^r, J. P. Bofcardus of S. F. to Miss Marfraret v^elan, 
late of Boston, Mass. 

BOOGS-HAHniTIOTOTi, In Sacramento, Hot. 2, 1857, Mr. John C, 
Bog^s to Miss Loiiisa C. I-arrington 

B0I3S (BOI0Z)-H0'/E, In S. F., June 25, 1857, at the residence 
of the bride's father, by Rev. J. H. Brayton, Mr. E. S. 
(or 2. R. ) Boies (or Boice) to Miss Mary E. Howe. Pauer 
of July 1, 1857 

BOLIWGKR-TOLLES, At Tolles* Ranch, Aorll 26, 1857, Wta. A, 
Bolln^r to Eliza F. Tolle*. Paper of Kay 25, 1857 

BOHKN-MONT, In Sacramento, Jan. 4, 1857, by the Rev. Vta. H. 
Hill, Mr. Panl A. Bonen to Faany Mony 

BOND, MISS AJraA, see Mr. Philii Cowan 

BOND, MRS. ELIZABETH yiSHKR, see Mr. Geor^^e A. Scott 

BeiNB-BKIITLET, In San Jose, Feb. 1, 1857, Mr. John F. Bond 
of Pajaro Valley to Miss Laors J. Bentley, of the former 

BOND-MILI£R, At Cottomrood, Shasta Co., April 16, 1857, Vta. 
H. Bond to Elisabeth Miller 


B0RII30-RED, In Nevada, May 7, la's?, by the H<?t. Mr. 

Cooner, Sanael W. Boring, Ssq^t ^erlff elect to Miss 
S. M. a«ed 

BORLAin), MISS JAItBT, see W. ?. A. Cnlg 

BOHLAHB-AVILA, ATjrtl 28, 1857, by the Rev. Juaa Cantnala, 
at the residence of IU,<niel Avila, Esq., in the co'inty 
of San lula Ohlspo, W. S. Borland to Dana Josefa, 
second dau^ter of M^^el Avlla, Ssq. Pa-oer of May 
15, 1857 

B0RUCK-13I1W0HS, At Trinity Church in S. F., Mareh 26, 
1857, 1>y Rev. S. Chipaom Thrall. S. D., Mr. Karens D. 
Borock to Misa Mary L. Simnons of Baltimore, 'dryland. 
New ToA and Baltimore ijapers please copy. 

BOUHMAN-GOOEEHODGH, In Sacramento, Octoher 8th, 1857, 
by Her. M. Shock, Dr. Charles Bourman to Hary Ann 

BOUiaiE»0/iCUE, At Deer Creek Crosalne, Nevada County, Mr. 
Alexander Bourne to Miss Susan A. Oagae. ^aijer of 
Aug. 1, 1857 

BOWDQSN, HISS ETJXK, see Mr. Joseph Simnons 

BOyriE, MISr. I-IART, see Mr, J. Francisco Chaves 

BOYD-SWIKDAL, In 8. F. at the Aserican Sbcehange, Feb. 12, 

1857, by Justice M. S, Whitlne, Mr. J. J. C. Boyd to Miss 
Sarah J. Swlndal, both of Na^a Co. 

BOTDrHUDSON, In S. F,, Oct. 29, 1857 by Rev. B. Irlerly, 
Cant. Wm. H. Boyd, of the brig Merchantman to lovina 
I. Hodson, both of this city 

BOTia-PATRTCK, In Sonora, March 22d, 1857, Mr. Frank 
Boyer to Miss Isabella A, Patrick, ^s?>er of A-nrll 
3, 1857 

BOYLKS, MISS MAHTHA R., see Mr. Hanry Jackson loble 

BOZARTH, MISS JOIIA ANN, see Mr. Benjamin Stevens 


BaAHFORD, MISS CBCXLIA, ae« Mr. H. H. Whitaaa 

BRAnronS, miss KEXILAH, see <^r. Oll'vcr Charter 

BRAOTORS, MISS LIZZIE, see Mr. Sanael C. Mejrere (Myers) 

BRAOTORS, MISS MART 7., see Mr. Robert B. Banister 

BRAnTKT-HOTTAJID, In 8. 7., Jtine 23d, 1857, by ReT. Dr. Scott, 
Mr. Oeorr^ I . Br?»dley and Miss Margaret L. Holland 

BRADLZT-Dn'XJHERTT, At Texas SDrlnffs, Jan. 1, 1857, tjy V. 
Tttttle Esq., Mr. W. T,. Bradley to Miss Catharine R, 
Dou^erty, all of Shasta Co. 

BHAOT-HIOKDAH, In S. F., Jan. 18, 1857, by Rev. Tath-'r 

Harrington, Mr. Joseph Brady to Miss l^ar^ret Riordan, all of S.7. 

BBAIKERS, MISS EMMA, see Ser. WllliaB S. Vray 


BRAT-MOS..S, At Paterson, N. J., on the 13th of April 1857, by 
Rer. Tan Saat, Mr. W. A. Bray of S. F., Calif., to Hiss 
Jtilla Moses of the fonaer -nlace. Taper of May 16, 1857 

BRSAailR-STRAUS, In Sacramento on March 8, 1857, Mr. Simon 
Breaker to Miss Re^na Straas 

BRZAIE, MISS ELIZABETH, see Mr. John J. Atkinson 

BHEKN-MARTUI, In Sacranenti, Oct. 25, ■"<157, Mr. Joee-ih Breen 
to Mies Hora Martin, '^aper of Not, 2, 1857 

BHITEZE-MAaTIIT, In Placerrille, May 21, 1857, Mr. Thomas W. 
Breese to Miss 3. Martin 

BREKLE, MISS LOUISA, see Mr. Vrederlek Kats 

BREHCRLZr, MISS CAROLIDX, see Mr. Thooas Obngr 

BREVRAH, MISS B., see Mr. Jeremiah I'Hirohy 

BH?SIER^UII.J2M, In S. T., ^eb. 14, 1857, by Rev. Ao/ruetus 

Kellner, Mr. Jacob Bririer to Mies Babete Willen, both 
of S. 7. 

BRIGOS, MISS LOUISA J., see Mr. Albert E. Crane 

BRISTOL-KKCB, In S. T. Dee. 10, 1857, at the residence of Milo 
Calkin, Esq., b> Rev. Dr. Scott, Mr. J. '). Bristol of S. 7, 
to Hiss Jennie Knox of Concord, N. H. 

BRODT-WARR':n, In 3. 7., July 29, 1857, by Benjamin Collins, 

Justice of the Pe^ice, Cant. 6. 0. Brodt to Miss S. A. 
WarT*n. 'hnth nf thia r4tv 


BHONSOIT-PHITniET, In Rhlnel>«ok, Dnchesa Co., H. T., May li, 1857, 

by Rer. H. Bronson, J. Oscar Broneon, M. D. , to Catharine 
B, Phlnney, formerly of California. I'aper of Jtuie 17, 1857 

BROOKS-GAMBUJ,, In S. F., Teb. 16, 1857, by ReT. E. S, Lacy, Mr. 
J. P. Brooke of Aabum, to Hlse Sarah £. Gaabell. 

BROOKS, KISS Mn.IS A C., see Mr. John Henry Marvin 

BRODSB-HASH, At Doty 'a Jlat, Placer Co., Oct. 5, 1857, Mr. 
Wllllara W. Bronse to Loulea J. ITash 

BaOWH-MIHEH, In S. F., Feb. 19, 1857, by Rev. B. Brlerly, 
Benjamin Brown Sea. to Mlge Julia Mlnen, all of S. ?. 

BROWN-FA WCBTT, At the residence of James Mulhave Esq., Feb. 
22, 1857, by Rer. Dr. Ver Mehr, Mr. Sdward M. Brosn of 
Campo Seco, Calaveras Co. , to Mlsa Hannah Favreett of S. F. 

BHOWH, MISS ELIZABETH, eee Mr. John Moyer 

BROWN-MAHTI, In S. F., March 18, 1857, by Rev. F. Mooshake, Mr. 
John Brovm to Mies Henrlette Mann. Pa-ner of May 20, 1857. 
Phlladel-ohla T>apere niease cony 

BHOVfH-CTniTTI>rrHAM, At Bantlst Church on Washington St. by the 
Rev. B. Brlerly, Mr. Jose-oh Broim of Oakland to Hiss Jane 
A. Ounnln/^ham of S. ^, 

BROvm-TO\fflSR, In Aabum, Jan. 8, 1857, Mr. Warren Brovn to 
Mies Maiy Towner 

BlQura-'^riLBUHH, In Sacramento, Aug. 18, 1857, Mr. W. B. C. Brown 
to Miss Cassle Wllbum 

BHDMEX-IJIVINSKI, In Sacr-=:nento at the synagof^e, by the Rev. 
A. Oalland of S. F., M. Brmnel to Miss Lena Levlnskl of 
Jackson. Paper of October 28, 1857 

BHOMV/ELL-BIHD, At the Parsona^, Powell St., Dec. 21, 1857, 
by Rev. £. Bannister, Mr. Aaron Brtmc'ell to Miss Rosanna 
Bird, both of this city 

BRUN>nSR-BLOECHLIRER, In S. F,, Jan. 30, 1857, by Alex Stouts, 

Swiss Vioe Consul, Mr. Louis Brunner to Miss Antonla 
Bloechll^er, all of Switzerland, -^aper of Feb. 3, 1^57 

BHUHS-SB5J,, In S. F. , June 2d, 1857, by the Rev. Aivrustus 

Kellner, Mr. Nlcolaus Bruns and Miss Sophia 2bel, both of S. F. 

BBDKTOH, MISS ICSLIA, see Mr. James Parsons 


BRUSCH, MISS CATTURI^t:, see Charles Z. B. Metiler 

BRTA1T-MII31C, In Ctusherllle, Au^. 13, 1857, Mr. ?. 0. Brjraa to 
Miss Sarah Jane lasle 

BHYDOH, rass JoaiPniro;, eee Mr. Z. Mansaa 

BUCHLKR, MISS CAOHAMIIA, eee Wr. Godfrey HadolTih 

BUCXAHT-LAKB, At Mokelnnne Hill, 7eh. 19, 1&57, Mr. Anthony 
Boekart to Mies Elisabeth I^oul) 

BUCKBR-PAHTEai, In Placerrllle, on the 21et of July 1857, Mr. 
Daniel C. Backer to Mlse Mary Ann Parker 

BULLINGT N, MISS KIIZABI^TH, see Mr. Benjaaln Stexro 

BURDSALL-CALLAGHAH, In Stockton, Sept. 2, 1857, Mr. John M, 
Bordaall to Miss Kate Callagfaan 

BUBO, MISS MAai£, see Mr. Matthaos M^ler 

BUBX, MISS B. J., see Mr. M. C. Davis 

BTJHKE-COLE, In Sacramento, Jan. 21, 1857, by Hev. Mr. Phllll-)s, 
Mr. a. Barke, Jud/^e of 13th Judicial District Court, of Cal. 
to Mies Martha Cole, late of Trmoanahurg, n. T. 

BURRETT, MRS. AIJIIRA, see Mr. Edward Coleman 

BURNS-HUS^ET, At Monterey, July 8, 1857, hy Rev. Juan B. 
CoBiellos, Mr. Charles Bums to Miss Marf>:aret Hussey 

BURT, mis;; SALin: A}Tn, see Mr. Mb. Mansfield 

BUSH-ROSBNTHAL, In S. IC., on Wednesday last, ^iay 13th, 1857, 
hy the ReT. Dr. Ecknan, Mr. D^vld Bush to Miss Caroline 
Rosenthal of New York, Charleston, S. C, na-ners "•lease cony 

BUSHMAH-MILLER, At Jefferson, M^-y 26th, 1857, Mr. H. B. BashMU 
formerly of Phlladel-ohia to Miss Christina Miller, late of 
3. F. Paner of June 12, 1857 

BaS'rfELL-MOLATT, In S. F., Se->t. 14, 1857, hy Rev. Zrtvard S. Lacy 
Mr. Alexander Busvell to Miss Elizabeth R. Molatt, both of 

s. r, 

BDTTEBMOHB-LAMB, At Cold Sr)rin^, Feb. 18, 1857, Dr. S. 
Buttermore to Miss Mary Lamb 

BTINGTolI-rHEEHILL, In Forest City, Nov. 23, 1857, Mr. Lewis 

Bylngton to Miss Catharine Freehlll. *aper of Dec. 4, 1857 


CAILASRAN, MIBS KAIS, lee Mr. John M. Bordsall 
CAJJIST, MISS JOIIA, s«e Mr. Ogcar Baaney 

CALVIH-HOYSS, In Stockton, Jan. 1, 1857 at the residence '>f 

the brldt's father hy H«t, E , w. Haf:ar, Mr. Samael H. OaTvln 
of the Pacific Exoresa at Io^a Hill to Miss Laura S., dau/^hter 
of J. '•/. Hoyee, drv^f^let. 

CAMPBXlX-McALlISTER, In S. F. on the 3d of April, 1857, hy the 
Rer. I>r. Scott, Mr. Alexander Caamhell to Miss Mar^ret 

CAMPBSLI, MISS ANN, see BeT. Oeo. Ho* 

CAMPBELL, MISS COBNELIA, see Mr. Frederick Benf If^ld 

CAPRON-HEST, In Tallejo, on the evenim^ of Nov. 19th, 1857, hy 
Kev. C. V. Anthony, Mr. R. 0. Carjron of Vallejo to Miss 
Ma^^e West of i-hlladelnhla 

CARJUR-IldlEEUIff, In Sutter Co., Jan. 9, 1857 hy Judge J. S. 
Soott, Mr. ThoB. S. Carer to Miss Cassandra Inglehart 
PaTjer of Feb. 5, 1857 

CARLILStKAWLET, In Great Salt Lake City, April 18th, 1857, Mr, 

John G. Carlil* to Mar/^aret A, Kawley. ^'aiier of June 15, 1857 

CABLIK-WOODWABI), In Saeranento *t the Clarendon, Jtme 4th, 1857 
hy Rev. Mr. Phllllie, Mr. John C. Carlin to Mrs. Ellen 

CARLISLE-^/ILLIAMt, At the Rancho del Chino, San Bernardino Co., 
Hay l-^th, 1857, Robert S. Carlinle, Esq., of San Jose, to 
Miss Trandsoa Williams, of the Rancho del Chlno Paper of 
4nn0 1, 1857 

CARLO, MISS HANNAH MART, see Mr. Lesniel Wlseniaa 

CARLTLE-VIIXIAMS. In S. ?., in Calvary Church, Dec. 17, 1857 

hy Rer. ?3r. Scott, Mr. Bavld Carlylo to Hiss Mary Eiizaheth 
Milllaino, both of thl« city 

CAHPEHTKR-wniTN3T, In 7olsoa, Feb. 22, 1857, Hon. G. J. Car~ienter, 
Senator from Bl Dorado Co. to Miss '-'"ary A. \fliltney 

CARR, MISS, see Rev. H. C. Settle 

CARROL, MISS ADELTA, see Mr. Eleazar Frost 

CARROLL-SMim, In S. F., ATjr. 21, 1857, Rev. J. S. Benton 
officiating, Wn. Carroll to Miss Eliza Smith 

CARSOH-DCMINODES, In Los Aa/relee, July 30, 185J7, Georpe Caraon 
Esq., to Dona Victoria, daw^er of Don Mamiel and Oracle 


CASTLZ-CIEAl, In S. F. , Feb. 17, 1857, by HeT. S. H. Vflley 

Mr. Goodman Castle to Miss Kate Cleal, all of S. F. 

CADIWEU, HISS M. A., see Mr. Wb. M. Forbes 

O.VJVITI, MISS JULIE, see Mr. Kar.. Wiedersheln 

CXPEDA, smORk DOH>'A 7ETOAOTA, see Mr. Jason W. Vejiwlnkle 

CHADVICK-SWraSRS, In Sacranento, Feb. ?1, 1857, by R^t. Wn. S.H. 

Hill, Mr. Oeor^e Chadwlck tn Mrs. Amelia Jane Sanders, all 
of S. F. 

CnkJimiS-SZX^, M ^^jaro, A-^rll 8th, ie!i7, Mr. Alexander B. 
Chalmers to Mlse Jane Maria Searl, both of "ajaro 


CHAMBERS, MISS AMERICA, see Mr. WllHani Prltchard 

CHANDL.-R-SIjrrOTJ, In S. F., March IS, 1857, by Rev. B. Brlerly 

at the residence of the offlelatlns; clergyman, Rlclxard D. 
Chandler to Miss Ellen E. Sutton, all of this city 

CHAHTER-BH.vDi'ORD, In Smith River Valley, Serjt. 13, 1857, Mr. 

Oliver Charter to Mlse Delilah Bradford 

CIUTEH, MISS :jffiLIA, see Mr. J. Freeman Harris 

CHAVKS-BO'lE. In S. F. , Nor. 25th, 1857, by Rev. Dr. Scott, Mr. 
J. Francisco Chaves, of Ollroy, to Mies ttery B^vde, of San 
Joan, Cal., and formerly of Montreal, Canada 

CEEi.SEI'tAH-DeWOLF, In Stockton, June 17th, 1857, Mr. Robert B. 
Cheeseman to Miss Qnlly A. DeWolf, both of Knl^t's Ferry 

CHEinriil, MISS MARY H., see Mr. Charles S. Potter 

CHEVIIIA, MISS LTDIA, see Mr. ElliAaz Ma^lnnls 

CRICJCERIIJG-CHAMBHRI.AnD, In Sacramento, Nov. 8, 1857, Holl.-jid 

Chlckerln« to Miss Celestla Chamberland, both of Forbesto*m 

CHIPV^TT-l4eIvAH, In S. F., Feb. r^R, 1957, at the repidence of 

the bride's father, by thp Rli>ht Rpv. Blshon KIti, Miss 
Carrie E. McLean to Wm. H. Chl'iman, ^.11 of S. F. 
Ne'* Toifc City and 7>>yton -laiaers, -olease eoDy 

CHISHOW-O/iRinT, In S. F., A->rll 29th, 1P57, at St. "-ary's 

Cathedral, by the Rev. J. A, Oalla/'her, Mr. Will Ian 
Chlsholm to Mlse Mar"«ret Oamett, both of this city 

CHISM-LEAW, At Brig-svlU-, Feb. fi, 1657, by Rev. Mr. Kellor/-, 

Mr. George 0. Chlsm, of Horietrm to Miss Liazle Ann, 
daughter of Ste-nhen Lean, Esq., of Brlftravllle 


CHITTUnaai-T'nTS, in Shants, March Ifith, 1857, Mr. Sonasl 

ChlU«id«n to Mlsa Theresa Tulte. Pa^er of Anrll 9, 1857 

CHORCE, MRS. CHATAKItri H., see Samel H. Eo]rt 

OBSm, MISS KATE, nee Mr. G. H. Oray 

CHinCH-LiarSH, in liane Co., Or^mn, May 10th, 1857, Mr. Ste-ihen 
T. Cfaarch to Mite Ellsaheth C. Lister. ^aper of Jane 13, 1867 

CHUHCHlll, ma. SIIZABSTH, see Mr. ttu Harding 

CLA3X-HDTOHISS0H, In Honolulu, Jan. 71, 1857, A. K. Clark Beq. 
to Harriet X. Hatohineon of Haehoa, H. H. Par>er of 
March 14, 1857 

CUUUC, MISS BIAKCA S., Me Mr. tta. C. Maeon 

CLABK, MIS^ D. A., eee Mr. John Poman 

CLAHX, MISS CORinSA, eee Cant. John T. MoKensie 

CLABX-WBITE, In Sacraaento on the 3Jth of Jnne, 1857, Mr. Ed- 
win A. Clark to Miae Rellie S. White. Paper of July 3, 1&57 

CLAHX, MISS SLlZK, see Mr. H. T. Julian 

CLABXvTHQMPSOK, At Delavan, Tasewell Co., Illinois, Not. 4, 1857 
tj the HeT. S. S. Martin, Hiraa G. Claxk, Xsq. , to Mrs. Sarah 
ThoBT}son, both of S. T. Paper of Dec. 16, 1857 

CLABXvEEALT, In S. 7., March 29, 1857, hj BeT. £. S. Lacy, Mr. 
SeyBour B. Clark to Miss Julia G. Healjr 

CLARKE-ABBOTT, In S. T., An^. 9, 1857, hy th* Her. B. Brlerly, 
Traneis Clarke to Jaaa. Frances Ahhott, all of this city 

CLASSES -SWAIS, At Martlnes, Jan. 15, 1857, at the residence 
of the bride's father, by Her. Darid HoClure, Mr. Henry 
Classen to Miss Susan C., only dau^ter of Seth M. Swain 
Esq., all of Martinas 

CLAT, MISS SLIZABXTH, see '^r. Charles ^ith 

CLZAI, MISS Tk'^T., see Mr. Ooodaan Caatl* 

CLOTD-TAHKTX, In S.T., Jun* 17, 1857, By ReT. T. A. Swer, 
at Grace Church, Robert Newton Cloyd to Hiss Catharine 
Jane Tarrell 

OOBURSvTOSTER, In Stoekbrid^, Tt., Mr. M. H. Hewton Cobum, 
late of Auburn, Calif., to Miss Harriet S. Foster of 
Stockbrid^re. Papier of Nor. 23, 1857 

COCHBANS-rOBSSTXR, In S. F., Oct. 22d, 1856, Robert N. Cochsene 
to Miss Roweaa Jane Forester '''ap<>r of July :9th, 1857 

COFER-i'JCTSR, In Boda^, April 2d, 1857, Mr. Oeorg* Gofer and 
Baaey Petar 

OnKSN, MRS., ••« Mr. Charl<^s La Sail* 

CUST-MABIAN, In S. f., 7eb. 8, 1B57, try HeT. 8. H. Wllle7, 

Mr. Chaa. A. Col'by to M1«b Anf^istR Marean, all of S . T. 

COtBT-PELL, In Oraaa Talley, y«l)raary 15, 1857, Dennla Col^»ir 

of Hlnghaa, Ma., to Miss Joevnhina Pall of Ithaca, N. T. 
PaTwr of March 10, ia57 

COIBT, MISS LaCT P., sae Mr. Oheatar P. Donbladay 

COLDSraSAM, MISS SOFHU XSABZUJl, aaa Mr. Oaor/!;a Lnmlay 

COLS, MISS SMUT, aaa Mr. Joaaph Parklna 

OOU, MISS MAKTEA, sea Mr. £. Borka 

COLSMAK-BUHMaiT, On Sacambar 31, 1&56, in S. 7., by Rer. £. S. 
Laeajr, Mr. Sdward Coleman to Hra. Alnlra Bumatt, both of 
S. F. Paper of Jan 2, 1857 

C0L1IN8-V0HII?.T1, In S. T., Jtuia 23d, 1857, by BeT. Dr. Scott, 
Mr. Richard Vealey Colllna to Mlaa Elizabeth S. Johnston 

CORCB, MISS CLKHHHTim:: 7., aee Mr. C. H. Levla 

CONTZB-MoAaTHUR, In Sacranento, July 20th, 1857, by Prescott 
Boblnson, Justice of the "eaee, Mr. William Confer to Mrs. 
Nary I. MoArtfaar, both of Sacramento 

ComES, MISS MART ABTOITTEnTE, eae Mr. T.e-d.a Khlttln,<4uM»TO, Dec. P4, 1B57, at St. Mary'e Chorch, by Her. 

B. P. Oalla^ar, Mr. John T. Conlln to Mlaa Maiy Ann Fanning, 
all of this city 

C01<IHSB, MIS3 AKR, aaa Mr. lahoa Baldwin 

OOHTJOIXT-KEHWEOT, In Saeraoanto, Mag, 31, 1857, at the 

rasldanca of John Mornhy, by the HeT. Father Caasln, Xdvard 
Connolly to Mlaa Miiry Kennedy, all of this city . ^A-oeT of 
Sapt. 2, 1867 

COHHOa-RICE, At Oanamah, July 19, 1857, Mr. Xd^Mird Connor to 
Mlaa iBlline Rlea. Paper of Jmg. 17, 1857 

COKVAT-RIAI, In S. 7., at the Bassatte House, May 14, 1857, by 
tha Bar. B. Brlarly, Mr. Pater Conway to Nlas Margaret Byaa, 
V>th of Saa Leandro, Alameda Co. 

COCK-LITT, On Ttib. :«, 1857, at the residence of B. Trice 'by 
Dr. rekaian, Mr. Aaron Cook to Miss Ellea l^vry, both of 

COOK-WHIEliER, In Oregon Cltjr, Jnly 19, 1857, Mr. Alfred Cook 
to Mies Sally Wheeler, 'aper of Aug. 17, la's? 

COOK, MISS QELILAH A., tee Mr. George Beelar 

COOK-WRIOHT, In 3. /., ATsril 12th, 1857, by the ReT. B. Brlerly, 
Mr. John H. Cook to Mies Zllsa Ann wri^t, all of thla city 

COOK, MISS HABOABET, aee Mr. Warren T, Hall 

OOQKSXT, MBSv M. A., eee Mr. Horton Aldrioh 

COOPSa, MISS rRANCES, aee Mr. James Bird 

COBItHXL*MAST£!l, On Cache Creek, Se^t. 3, 1857, Helro K. Cornell 
to Harriett H. Hasten 

COTCOHf MISS ANNA, see Mr. Joee Kauffman 

COWAN-BOND, In S. 7., at Maeical Hall, An/?. '^, 1857, by the Rer. 
Dr. Eeknan, Mr. Phili-o Comsb of Chinese Caao to Hiss Anna 
Bond of this city 

COX, MISS 1=XIZABBTB PIBRCX, aee Mr. Darid McDanial 

COI-BAJl'?UrT, In S. »., May 26, 1857, at the First Con^e^atlonal 
Cfaoreh, by Her. Bdimrd S. 'aey, Mr. Janes w. Cox, formerly 
of Rockland, Me., to Miss Maggie A. Barrett, formerly of 
Sing Sing, H. J. 

COX, MISS MINERTA J., aee Mr. Daalel D. Williama 

CRABB-LINDSAI, In S. ?,, Hot. 23rd, 1857, by the Rer. Mr. Brierly, 
Mr. Alexander Crabb to Mrs. Margaret Lindsay, both of S. T, 


CBAEMSBvHAUBSRT, In S. 7., Ang. 30, 1857, by Rer. 7. Mooahake, 
Mr. J. P. Bnbert Craemer to Misa Phili-opine Haubert. 
i'aner of Sent. 1, 1857 

CRAIO-BORLAND, At the International Hotel, Hoy. 10, 1857, by 

Rev. Dr. Oroye Deal, Dr. W. P. A. Craig to Miaa Janet Borland, 
both of Forest Hill, Placer County 

CRAin^BRIOOS, At The reaidence of Senator Fiah in £1 Dorado, 
on May 24, 1857, by ^t. Mr. Frear, Hr. Albert S. Crane of 
Alyarado to Miaa Louisa J. Brlgga, of the former T^iaoe, both 
formerly of western New Tork paper of June 25, 1957 

CRANSHAW-PRICZ, In MarysTille, Serit. 5, 1857, Janes Cnmahav 
of Tnba Co., to Mra. Sliiabeth Prioa 


CRAWUT-SMITH, In Stoekton, tag, 2, 1857, Mr. John T. Cravl«7 

to Mita I iiM aiath 

CHXES, NISn MAHT, see Mr. r. 1, Low 

OBXENLISH, MISS AHHA ■•• Mr. William Wrl^t 


CaiTCHSH-HAMia« In 8. 7., July 9th, 1857, at tha reaid«ne« of 
tha hrldo't father, by Bst. B. Brlarly, ^enry Crltchor, Stq^. 

CHITTEMDOEB-CHOFT, In S. F., Hay 30th, 1857, hy H«t. T)r. 

Aadaraon, Mr. A. '■■, Crlttes&on, of OolTmhia, to Mlta Jan* S. 
Croft, of Phlladal-ohla ^arier of Juna 3d, 1857 

ORorr, MISS JAKE O., aa« Mr. A. 1, Crlttandan 

CaoMT-MALONE, In Shaata, on tha 32d of Jxdy 1857, Mr. Fatriek 
Cronay to Mlaa Ann Mai on* 

CROSBT, MHS. CATR^HITIS, aaa Mr. John Johnaon 

CHnS'mWAITX, MISS MABT, ■•• Mr. W. J. Oatevood 

ORO'TCH-rSADSEAM, In S. 7. Jan. 8, 1857, hy Jaatloe M. S. Whiting, 
Mr. Jaoaa Crouch to Mlaa Sarah 7radahaa 

CROWSLL-MtfAUC, In Stockton, Jtine 3d, 1857, Mr. Zanaa Crovall 
to Mra. Mary MoLaad, both of that city 

CRUTHSRS, MARTiAR:?? a., aaa Mr. A. C. J. Wilson, Saq. 

CHTUKKWISB-BIIJ,, In Delavare Co., H. T., May 11th, 1857, Mr. 
Clark 8. Crydanviaa, of San Joaa, to Mlaa Jolla A. BUI. 
Papar r,t J«ly 11, 1857 

OULLEK-OOOS, In Aaador Co., Jaa. 4, 1857, Mr. Oarald Oullan 
to Mlaa fanny Oood 

COmilKmAM, MISS JABE A., aaa Mr. Joarph Brovs 

CUININ(mAM, MISS MART A., aaa Mr. Lewla Waaton 

COaLXT, MISS CATHKHIKi:, ae« Mr. Thoaaa B. Alaxaador 

CURTIS, MISS HART THEODOSIA, aaa Sdward Byron Saton, M. D. 

CnBTISS-MoCOraSII, in Sacramento, ^^ 18, 1857, hy the Rer. J. A. 
Benton, Mr. X. Oartlaa to Mlaa C. MeConnall, fornerly of Tt. 

CinEBSBISCfH, MRS- 8ABAH, aaa Mr. Jaaaa Dackar 


CDTLIR-WKLL8, Xb Saenaianto, Thanksf^rin^ ersnin^, Kor. Sfi, 1867 
Iqr R«T. J. A. B«at<n, Mr. R. S. Cutler of S. T. to Mlat Jan* 
Z. Walls to Saenaanto. ^ anar of Dee. 3, 1857 

COTTINO-HOOAin), In 8. T., July let, 1857, l)y Hi.t. J. B. Saxton, 
I. M. Cutting, of Stockton, to Mlaa Oathnrine S. Howland, 
•f Lowell, Maaa. 

DALE, MISS ELIZA, see Jaaea H. Laorla 


IUL1XMPL£-M0BTILL£0, In 8. 7., Dee. 5th, 1857, by Bar. J. B. 
Saxton, Mr. Oaorga L. Dalryar^le of Boaton, Maaa* to Mrs. 
Margaret Mortillae of Sales, I. J. 

DALT, MBS. MABOAR£T CBAI7S, ee« Mr. Villlain Bjraa 

DAMOH, MBS. OiaOLIIIS, aea Mr. W. H. Darenport 

DAHIKL-KLEE, In the Chinese Okspel, Saeraaanto, Aug. 17, 1857, 
Jaaea Daniel to Miaa Baney Slaa 

D'AHCT-O'HBIEH, In S. /., Oct. 4th, 1857, at St. **ary's 

OathadMl hy the Her. Joseph Oallagher, Count J. C'Arey to 
Miss Maggie O'Brien 

DABLA}n>-0ATtf5LL, In S. T., Jtdy TA^ 1857, in the Choreh of th« 
Adrent, hy Rer. Abrahaa Bloeaar Hart, Saaoel 0. Darland, 
fomerly of Datehess Co., to ^ry, dan^ter of Joseph 
Oatvell, of Hew Toik 

DArdPOOT-nAMOH, In Sacramento, J«n. 1, 1857, Mr. W. H. 

SaTaapork, of 3. 7., to Mrs. Caroline Daaon of Concord, H. H. 

DATIS, MISS CASOLIHI, see Mr. S. If. Millard 

DAVIDS-KXETZR, In Saeraaanto, Teh. 1^^ 1857, at the repideno* 

of Julius Wotil^, hy Ber. Mr. Benton, Mr. Charles M. BaTids 
of Aldar Spring to Miss Tilly J. Keafer of Sacramento 

DAVIS, MISS ALICS, see Mr. Aldin X. Moody 

DAVIS, MISS ILIZA A., sea Mr. V. 7. KidAar 

DAVIS-WEIiaMAH, In La Oran.^, Stanislaus Co., Aug. 2, 1857, Mr. 
Oaorge Z. Daris to Miss Angelica Veideaan 

DAVIS-EERDEBSOH, At Ihroar CalaTsritas, t^rch 5, 1857, Mr. 
J. 8. C. Daris to Miss Anne J. Henderson 

DAVIS-PETJM, In Portland, 0, T., May 28th, 1857, Mr. Jaaes W. 
DaTis, to Miss Trances L. Peters. Pa'ner of June 13, 1857 

DAVIS-TTLKB, In OroTille, Teh. 15, 1857, hy T. T. Eliott Bsq., 

Mr. John S. Davis of H. T. to Mias £. M. Tyler of Synumsa, B. T. 


DAVIS-BTJHJC, At Hed Blnff, March 15, 1857, Mr. M. C. D»vlt to 
Milt B. J. Bark 

BATIS, MH8. MAST AJIK, n— Mr. John J. AtkinaoB 

BATIS, MISS BZBXOCA P., m« Mr. JoMph Orant 

DAT, MISS HI3fHia?TA K., ■«« Mr. Ch&rlea T. H. PaImf 

DDXIOEH-Hiai, In Polk Co., Oregon T«rntoiy, kpril 15, 1857, 
Mr. MbtMgi&B to Miaa M«rtha M. Rie* ^ap«r of Hay 6, 1057 

IB BHUTM PRINCZ-IHIOOS, At Jarsay City, H. J., s«t.t. 3nd, 1857, 
by tha Bar. Mr. Bordan, Mr. M. C, da Bmyn Prlnoa, of 
Holland, to Mlaa Tanala J. Drl^a. ^atpur of Oct, 23, 1857 

UECKia-CDmBIHTSOH, At Tho^ia Craak, TahaM Co., Hot. 17th 
1857, Mr. Jaaaa nackar to Mra. Sarah CtttMkvrtaon. ^soer 
of Dae, 3, 1857 

DECns-LEE, At tha raeldenca of the briaa, on th* Meread 

rlTar, on tha Slat of May 1857, hy S. C. H. P. Boaa, Wa. ¥, 
Daekar of Tnolonna Co., to Mlaa Margmrat Lae of Maread 
Co, Papar of Jnna 9, 1857 

DK CTjaiOT, MISS HAMONA MACHADO, aaa Mr. WllllaB Willlaaa 

nilSIlW-HDWr, At Had Blnffa, March 9, 1857, hy E. W. Goodrich 
X«4,, Mr, Otto Delaing to Mra. Carolina Hnnt 

mLAHXT-LOTrra, in Maryerllle, Anr. 33, 18r,7, Mr. D. B. Dalanay 
to Mlaa M. Lattar 

DEJUrET, MISS MAHOABET J,, .ae Mr. Daalel Hlg^lnB 

MBBIS-IBOHI, At the raaidenca of the hrlde's aothar, feh. 18, 
185T, hy Bar. B. Brlarly, Ca^jt. Vllllaa I. Deaala to Mlaa 
Laonaa Bagrl, all of S, ». 

IWIISOH, MISS MAHGAH2T, aaa Mr. Edward Snndhars 

lOIT-HIXOGI, In Union, Jtily 3rd, 1857, Jamea /. flanny to Mlaa 
Sarah 7raaeaa, youn^eat dao^ter of Capt. laaia Nixon 

IS PHEK)HTAI?a:, MISS OWA J., aaa Mr. John 0, Taylor 

DEBDBZ, MISS LOUISA B. A., aaa Mr. Charlea A. Dorhec 

m SECHA, MRS. MART ELLOD, aaa M,. J^e Toa 

DSNBDOB, MISS MARTHA, aaa »«,. Jacoh Rohinaon 

DE WOLT, MISS gaiT A., aaa Mr. Bohart B. Chaaaana 

SKXTZR, MISS MARTHA, aaa Mr. I. B. Ragp;leB 

nSXTEB, MISS TABIOfiA, ••« Mr. T. B. Ballsjr 

SICKSOH-TILIEBI^inS, In Caano Seeo, Mr. Dlokson of JaiMstoMD 

to Mlfls Looiia Tlldcmath of Caano Seoo. fan«r of Oct. 5, 1857 

DICKSOR, MRS- LUCIIIA, tea Mr. George MoCrMdy 

SISUKRIOHSEI-BflU, In S. F. , Sent. 15, 18S7, T>7 ^Wr. 2. S. taCT, 

Mr. Charles SiadarlohaeB to Mite B«rther lelke, both of S. 7. 

DIMOK, MISS CATH:-:Rira;, see Mr. Hobert Sesnon 

DIBKS-TORRATH, In S. T., Hot. ^, 1857, l)y the Her. T. Hooshaks, 
Mr. Christian Meier Dirks to Miss Catherine Torrath, hoth 
of this city, faoer of Deo. 2, 1857 

DIXOS-MAXVELL, In S. T., at the residence of Mr. Bro^r, hy 
the Ber. Mr. Brierly, First Baptist Minister, Mr. Clenent 
Dixon, late of Ctnaherland, So^and, to Miss BosmII Maxwell, 
late of Boperfife, Sootland. ^aper of larch 26, 1857 

DOBBINS, MISS AMAXDA £., see Mr. M. J. Henley 

DOBSOBvSKmn, In S. 7., Jan. 4th, 1857, by the HeT. Hr. Moore, 
at the lion Chneh, Mr. Oriffin Dohson to Miss Sllen 
Vora Skinner, all of S. 7. 

DODDS, MISS ELIZABES J., see Mr. H. A. Poole 

DO£-SABin, In S. 7., Deo. 31, 18M, by ReT. E. S. I«eey, Mr. 
John A. Do« of Stanislaus to Miss Harriet N. Sabin of 
Temont. ^aper of Jan. 2, 1857 

DOL£, MISS MART W. , s«« Mr. Ebea Owaa 

DOKETT-WADE, In Oakland, Sept, 35, 1867, by the Rer. 7. 5. 

Breranz, Oapt. Charles H. Donett to Mrs. Mary Ann Wade, both 
of S. 7. 

DOMIHOTXEZ, DOIIA VICTORIA, see George Carson, Ssq. 

DORA, MISS YIBBiniA see Wm. Londen 

DORSMtrs-HILL, At Indmendenoe Hill, Placer Co., John Dorenns 
to Mrs. Mary Ann Hill, Paper of Oct. 14, 1857 

DORnaniD, KRS. AmnSTS, see Ingelbert I^n/renhoTel 

DO0BL=:DAT-COiaT, In S. 71, Mot. 30th, 1857, by Rer. Dr. 

Anderson, Chester P. Doableday, Ssq., of Colnnbia to Miss 
Loey P. Colby of Donbarton, ■• H. ^aper of Deo, 5, 1857 

^SHiin^. MISS CATHARm R. , eee Mr. W. L. Bradlej 
DOWniO-IVAHS, In Marion Co.. Jnne 25th, 1857. Mr. 6eor^e 8, 

Downing to Miss Mlssoori Ann iTans. '^aper of Jnly 14. 1897 

DOWnnO-MANX, At Volcano, March 18, 1857, Mr. Wm. R. Downing 
to Klat franeas A. Mank 

DOTLK, ESTE'H, see Mr. 0. Mervarrey 

DRSTTOOS, MBS. CATHISIIIE E., tee Mr. Henry Dreyfoos 

DBZT7(XJS*IBZTroi78, In 8.7., Jane 28, 1857, by ReT. B. Brlerly, 
Mr. Henry Dreyfoos to Mrs. Catherine E. Sreyfoae, all of 8.7. 

ZRXOes, MISS VAin'I£ J., see Mr. M. C. I}e Bmyn Prlnee 

SBUBX-MKRSIIO, In S.T., feh. 5, 1857, ty the ReT. ?. "oonhake, 
Mr. Johann Eemann Dmhe to Misa Anna Catharine Merslng 

DaCQMHDB-BOHTIX, In S.F., Feh. 21, 1857, by S.A. Haatin« esq.. 
Justice of the Peace, Charles Boconun of Los Angelee to 
Bertha Rontez of S.T. 

IX7HBAR, MISS JULIA, see Mr. Sla SoBersan 

DOHOAH-LOVELATO, At Hlllaan's Hotel, ?eh. 15, 1857, by Rot. B. 
Brlexly, Jesse H. Ilongan of Hmboldt to Miss Lonlaa Loto- 
Land, late of Lee Co., Iowa 

OQniiAr, MISS, see Mr. John Jones 

nnraX^BZRCnr, in S.T., May 28, 1857, at the Chnrch of St. 7ranels 
l)y the Tory ReT. John 7ranels Llebarla, Peter Donne, Zsq. 
to Hiss Margaret Ma'la Bergln 

SUllTIlf^WHOPIES, In S.7., at the Rassette Eoase, by Benjamin 
Collins, Esq., Mr. Trancle Dantin of Todd's Talley, 'lacer 
Co., to Miss AdellA Who^les, of Hebron, Jeffefson Co., 
Wisconsin. Paper of Joly 17, 1857. Wis. Pape -s please cony. 

IJtTp-RA-MeKEE, In S.T., Hay 18th, 1857, by Rev. Dr. Scott, at 

the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Ttma Da7>era, former- 
ly of Hew Orleans, to Miss Sarah Loolea, only dsa^ter of 
Col. R. McKeo 

SORBEC-IIEBITRZ, In Sacraaento, Oct. 27, 1857 by A. Healey, 
Justice of the Peace, Charles A. Darbec to Louisa B.A. 
Dsrun, all of this city 

lURBaOW, MISS CPEELXA N., see Phlll^ Terplanck Jr. 

DDBn-MARTIH, In Sacraaento, faw. 20, 1857, Mr. A. Darfe of 
Tolsoa to Miss Mazy Martin of Sacramento 

DDRRAin', MISS SARAH A., see Mr. Thosias Sonerset 

DTIR-SIMPSOK, In S .7., Deo. 3, 1857, by Rot. J.B. Sazton, Mr. 
Vm. H. Dgrer to Ml^s Sarah Slapson, both of S.7. Paper of 
Deo. 7, 1857 

XASnuV-VILIXT, On AT>rll 30, 1857, at the resl<)enoe of Mr. 
O.T. Vlll«7, by tha Rar. R. P. Catler, Mr. Tboaas S. Kant- 
man to Mlti Cjmthia Willay, both of S.T. 

EASTOH-MILLS, In S.F., kag. 20, 1857, by Rar. Mr. Wllley, Mr. 
A. J. Saaton of thla city to Mlet Addla Hllla of Saeraoanto. 
(Saa Tianer of Aog. 31, 1857) 

^EATOH-CintTIS, On Saturday, Oct. 24, 1857, ?Jdi*ard Byron Eaton, 
M.S. of Napa City to Mary Theodoaia Cnrtla of S.7. New 
Tork nanara plaaaa eop^ 

£B£X, MISS SOPHIA, aaa Mr. Nicolana Brana 

ECKER, MISS SARAH, aaa Mr. Jaaes C. Eamy 

EcMASTEHS-BLOOMUHJ), In S.F., Oct. 16, 1857 by Orrln BaUay 
Saq. J. P., Mr. Hichard ZcMaetara to Hlsa Aaandji Bleoaflald 
lata of thifl city 

XDSr, MISS EIiIZABBTH JAHE, aaa Mr. John Morgan 

XXMONSTQir, MISS 201X2 TXROXXIA, aaa C . Q. Moxlay aaq. 

nWAaDS-HOOUORD, In Scott Valley, Jane 2l9t, 18f)7, Mr. Charlaa 
XdMiraa of Lon^ Onleh, formerly of Roche ster, Ind. , to 
Miaa Ctitherine Woolford Paper of July 9, 1857 

XOAHA, MIS<^ AMBROCIA, aaa Mr. Janea J. Snallay 

X0B^SI>3]PUR, In S.7., Jan. 5, 1857, by Rar. 2.S. Lacy, Mr. 
John M. Egbert of Oakland to Misa Amelia Spar of S.V. 

nBB£CK, MISS DOROTHT, aaa Mr. VTllliaa ?. Ton Thoelaa 

ZICHLSR-IOOH, On Deo. 27, 1857, by the Rar. 7. Mooahaka, Mr. 
Ohriatian Xichler to Misa Mary Kooh 

EIKHOVr, MISS CATHARIKA, tee Mr. Paolns Sohlotihaaar 

SLSRICOS-ABEHAaSES, In S.F., Aag. 18, 1857, by Rer. B. Brier- 
ly, Albert S. Sldrid^ to Sophia A. Abahaasen, both of S.y. 

XLK£, MISS GAHCT, aaa Mr. Jnaaa Danial 

XLL£BI, MISS ABNI£ £., aaa Mr. Leri B. M^raton 


XLMORX-srrVENSOH, In Fealtiaa, Oct. ll|h, 1857, in the Paraona^ 
of the M.S. Cbareh by Rar. Wn. J. laclay, Mr. SaBoal 0. £1- 
■ore to Mra. Mary J. sterenaon of Petaltuna Yalley 

B03lSOIJ-KEIIHr, In SacT««iento, Nov. ''., 1857, Mr. Drvld L. £»er-> 
aon to Misa Zelinda n. Henry, recently froa Haina 


IMMZHnoir-roSBAS, in Sonona, Not. 5th 1857, Mr. Sla SanrsoB 
to Mist Jiilla Danbar 

nOLISS-AXDERSCR, In Saenaento, A^rll 30th 1857, Hr. W. 0. 

Xnsliih to Miss S. C. Ani\9T9on, both of Saenuaento. Papar 
of May 4, 1867 

IFPERSIET, MIS^; ZIXEH Z., saa Loals T. Mltohal 


XTAIS^MABIEAN, In Sonora, Aa^. 8, 1857, Mr. Oaorga 3. Eyans to 
Miss 7aBai« Markhaa, both of Sonora 

ZTAI8, MISS MISSOURI ANF, saa Mr. Oeorge S. Downiag 

XVIin, MISS ZU£> I., saa Mr. Jvliiu C. Portar 

rABRICUHTS-JOHISOV, la S.7., A^^rll 14, 1857, Mr. Oeo. A. Fab- 
rieias of Sacraaanto to Miss Harriet L. Johnson of S.7. 
Bar. B.P. C«tlar officiating 

TAXRrnXD-BlIFFrr, in S.F., Jnljr 12, 1857, by Sot. Dr. Ander- 
son, Mr. Johaph r, Tairfield to Mrs. Minnie Bliffin 

YAIZXKSTKIV, MISS SARAH, saa Mr. Looie wiehelhaasen 

rAHniHTr, MISS MART ARK, s«a Mr. John 7. Conlin 

VAHmVORCMfFOHE, In 3.7., Not. 30, by Benjaztin R-raan* 
Xaq., Jastica of the Peace of the Tlfth District, Mr. 
Charles C. 7amsworth to Miss Sibbala Stone, both of Solano 
Co. Paper of Dec. 1, 1857 

FABHSVOHTH, MISS HATTIZ A., sea Mr. Wa. 7. Enez 

7ABBAB-BXA5H, In S.7., May 28, 1857, by Hot. J. B. Saacton, 

Aadarsoa L. 7arrar of Fetalnaa to Jane Beam of this city 

rABBXU, XI:3S CATEARII5 JABZ, saa Bobart Newton Cl(^ 

lADUncsa-KcDOBOOTH, In S.7., April 20, 1857, at St. Mary's 

Cathedral, by the Rer. Father Oalla^ier, Mr. Patrick 7aal]p> 
aar to Miss Elisa MeDoaengh 

7AVfC£n, MISS EABItAH, saa Mr. Edward M. BrovB 

7AT-PUriAN, In 3.7,, Jons 1st, 1857, by Hot, S.S. Lacy, Mr. A.B. 
7ay to Miss Mary M. Pntnaa, recently froa Marlboro, Mass. 

7KHL0-HACSir8, In 3.7., July 31, 1857, by the ^er. 7. Mooshaka, 
Mr. Henry 7shlo to Miss Carolina Havens, foraarly of 
Brsasn. Paper of knr,. 1, 1857. 

rELCB»7ERRlS, In Sacramento, 7eb. ??, 1857, at the residence of 
S.M. CnlTer, W.C. 7elch to Mies Harriet 7erris 


RLIOWS, MISS ELLA R., •«• Mr. Edward MoCarty 

IKBIAHBZ, MISS TRANCISOA, se« Mr. Wllliaa MoDeiaott 

nSHIS, MISS HABBira, ■•• Mr. W. C. Feloh 

nnD-UenXKlS, in Sonom, Fe1>. 1, 1B57, Mr. Vk. Tleld to 
Nlt« Aaaada MoCaamit 

niHET, MISS LTSIA X., ■«• Thoaaa Ollum 

rXSH, MISS CATRASIHK, ■•« Mr. George W. Allen 

nSH, MISS MARTHA C, Me Mr. Frederick T. Parde* 

nsEES-BICHAHSS, In Stockton, Sertt. 3, 1887, Mr. John Heuy 
Tlther to Frederlka Caroline Rleharde 

rXf ZSiniALD, MISS BESSIE, eee Mr. Benjealn R. HeaMt 

r ITZPATRZCX, MISS MARCA'^ET, see Mr. Duilel O'Connor 

TLAHTERS-JACOBS, In Great Salt Lake City, March Slat, 1857 
Collna E. riandera to Mlaa Ellen S ophla Jaool>s Paper 
of Jnne 15, 1857 

noOD, MISS ELLOr, w Mr. Wllliaa Walah 

TLOHES, MISS ABTOHIA, aee Mr. M. 0««lTodda 

nOBES-PEREIVS, At Mokelrnma Hill, Ifagr 23d. 1857, Mr. Wn. nerea 
to Mlsa Mary Peridna, both of CalATenui Co. Paner of Jnne 
9, 1837 

rOAi-DK SBCRA, At their realdenoe on Baeh St., S.7., by the Her. 
Dr. Banolsoo Lleharla (late Tlcar General of the Diooeae of 
7alleJo,)Mr. Jnlea 7oa to Mra. Mary Bllxig de Secra Paper 
of Jnly 23, 1857 

TOLET-LSWIS, In S.7., Hot. 15, 1857 ^ R«v. R.P. Cutler, Mr. 
Michael C. Foley to Mre. Annie Jane L. Levla, both of S.T. 

FOLGER, MISS MART S., aee Mr. Charlea /. Klna 

fOLLIS, MISS MART JABE, aee Mr. Jacob Froett 

toon, MISS ARABELLA S., aee Mr. Clesient T, Wood 

fORBES-CADLWXLL, In Saoraaento, Oct. 29, 185? by Rot. George 
X. DaTla, Vb. M. lerbea to Mlaa M.A. Canlwell, both 
thla city 

fOBEBAM-JETTTJlHTrS, In Sar Harbor, K.Y., Sent. 29, 1857 In the 
Tlrat Preabyterlan eteuoh by the Rev. Edward HoTTr>er, Mr. 
Robert B. Fordhaa of S.F. to Mlsa Adeline Ferrla, daoghter 
of DftTid A, and Hanoy P. Jennln^. Paper of Bov, 4, 1857 


roSD, MXS8 SARAH £., M« Mr. Connall Billing 

FOHSSTi-R, MISS ROVtEHA JMC, ■•• Hr. Bobart V. Cochrana 

fOSS, MISS MART AHH, m« Mr. Robert P. Totm^ 

VOSTZR, MISS HABRIST 8., see Mr. E. Kewtoa CobUB 

TOSfi^, mss MARIA, n— Mr. Blr&a laereham 

TOUIWACT-HOIJCBS, 1b S.T., Jan. 17, 1857 by Rev. S.H. V/lley 
Mr. Wb. H.D. rouBtalB to Mrs. Elttjr Holaee, all of S.7. 

TOVLZK-^ALMER, At Roekawajr, N.J., Aog. 19, 1857, Jaaee S. Towler 
foxBerly of PetalmaK to Charlotte X. Palaer. Paper of Smt. 
23, 1857 

fOWL£H, MISS SARAH LOOISA, see Mr. Oeorge W. Travere 


TRAHXLIV, Miss GSSTBDUB, aee Mr. Thoame L. Rom 

i'REATH, MISS IXI^ABI^, aea Mr. Jobn J. Atkinson 

TBEXBOROER, MISS ELIZA JAIS, aee Mr. Ollrer P. Shakespear 

raiXHILL, MISS CATHBIHE, aaa Mr. Lewia Byliu^on 

naaCUir, miss JAIS ▲., aM Mr. Jaaes M. ZiBg 

TBia., miss SdSAM AXH, see Mr. Phlllo MeGovem 

mOST-CARRQL, Hear San Jose, July 12, 1857, Mr. Sleazar TroaX 
to Miss Adelia Carrol of Burnett 7ounahlp 

TT7CHS, MISS AMZLIA, aea Mr. Oeorge Schrath 

IMiSUKMAHH, MISS SLISE, aaa Mr. Aogaatua Htmboldt 

ITTLTCai, HISS SARAH, aee Mr. Irrin Howard 

nnUV-CLAHE, In Oregon, MaySd, 1857, Mr. John Poman to Miss 
D.A. Claric, of linn Co. Pa^er of June 2, 1857 

GABBS, MISS CBCZLIA, see Mr. Robert Ordvay 

aAIE-MUXS, In S.r., Dae. 14, 1857, bjr Rot. John S. Hill, Mr. 
Jerealah w. Oale to Mrs. Lydla Ann MUla, all of thla eity 

OAMBELL, MISS SARAH S., aea Mr. J. P. Brooks 

OAHCIA, MISS CARMSH, aaa Mr. Eplphono Babrontas 

GARCIA, MARIA C, see Eplfeno Vorondo 


OAKIEHBXRE, MISS MABTHA J. , ssfl Mr. Wllliaa M. Hn^^s 

GARmS, MRS. KABT A., se* Mr. Lewis Anier 


OABRaR, MISS £MILZA, ••• Charles Melillip 

OASITODIUl-TLQBES, In Son Jobs, Apr. 19, 1857, Mr. M. OaslYodda 
to Miss Antonio Florss of San Jose 

OASS, MISS ?a.yiBA M. , ses Mr. Alexander MartlB 

GATES-HHODES, Attrll 14, 1857, ot th« residanc* of the brldsU 
father In Cheekervllle, R.T. , hjr Her. Charlsa Ornree, Mr. 
Trsaaan Oates of San Jose, Calif., to Miss Addle M. Rho4a«, 
•Idast dan^ter of James Hhodes, Ssq. Paper of May 32, 1857 

OATBWOOD-CaoaTHVAlTS, In S.K., Oot. 1, 1857, ^ H«t. Dt. H«ott, 
V.J. Gatewood of MolelTume Hill to Miss Marjr Crosth^Alta 
of this citjr 

OATIOAS-MAODIHI, In S.7,, ?eh. 17, 1857, Tjy ReT. Joseph A, 

Oalla^iar, Mr. Mi. Garigan to Elizabeth Macoira, both of S.r. 

0AT-MAH7IV, In S.T., Oct. 13, 1857 by Benjaain Caman £sq.. 
Justice of the Vffnot for the Fifth District. ^o.-pt, Ed-vard 
H. Gay to Hiss Sosan r^artin, both of this citjr 

OISOX, MBS. IMOOZRB, sea Mr. VAi. P. Baldwin 

OEB, MISS MART JABS, see Mr. Richard James 

OIBSOB-BAJER, In S.?., at Trinity Church, Sept. 36, 1857, by 
the ReT. Mr. Thrall, Mr. Ha. L. Gibson of Fore^it City to 
Miss EoHi P. Baker of this eitj 

GIBSOH-BAJmoU., In Ooklaad, at the City Hotel, Oct. 9th, 1857 
by Rer. Mr. M. Gilbert, Mr. Georga H. Gibson to Miss Bllan 

GIBQB-TIBIXT, In 3.7., Jan. 8, 1857, at the residanea of Dr. 

R. £. Cole, by Her. £.S. Lacy, Mr. Thoaas Gihon to Hiss 
Lydia £. Tinnay, both of S.7. 

GILCHRIST, MISS MAROIB, see Hon. Paul K. Hubba 

OIILIS, MBS. ISABELLA, aa« Mr. John SasoMOi 

OILMAX, MISS MAHTHA, see Mr. Chailee Sohroth Paper Jtily 7, 1857 

GILMORB-IBTim, At Dry Crecit, Dec. 30, 1856, Mr. Thonas Oilaora 
to MIPS Ann Irring Parser of Jan. 9, 1857 

OILSOV-EZLLET, At Sacmaento, July 26, 1857, by Rot. Mr. Cassin, 
Mr. JasMS Ollson to Miaf> Margaret Xelley, all of this city 


OITEI, MISS TXI7ARKTH, ■•• Mr. Marshall R. Roa* 

aL\S£R"BAlIMA1TO, In S.F., Nor. Ifl, 18B7, 1)7 B. C.-niTiaji, ^ so., 
Juatlea of the Peace of the Fifth District, Mr. Rlchanl 
Lewla Rowtll Crlaeer to Miss Juliana Adelaide Johanna 
Batnann, both of S.r. 

GOLCMAH-EAIX, In S.7., April 5th, 1857, at the residence of 
D. Dtigrer, Eeq., "by nev. B. Brterly, Mr. Joee-nh Goldman to 
Miee Loey Ball, all of thle clt/ 

OOLDSTEIH-ALEXAHDKH, In Sacraronto, Anril .'ith, 1857, Mr. 
Morris Qoldstein to Miss Rosina Alexander 

OOOD, MISS yAKT, see Mr. nereld Cnllen 

OOOQELL, MRS- IXORILLA L., see Mr. £dwln R. Medtooiy 

OOODEHOUOE, MISS KAiIT AHH, ta« Dr. Charles Bouman 

GODGH-MALLERT, On Oct. 29th, 1857, hy Rer. Dr. Anderson, v/.T. 
Ooti^, Xsq. , of San Mateo to Mies Elir^aheth Maliery of S.F. 

OCXJHLAT-HOTCHITlsrai, In Sacramento, Oct. 5th, 1857, Alerander 
Goorlay, of Gold Hill, Placer Co., to A^nea Batchinson 
of Olaagow, Scotland 

HOVER, MISS JOSZPHinE, see Mr. John L. Beatiy 

OOVEK, Mias M., aee V.r. Williaa M. Thonaa 

OHABULE-TROTBT, in S.F., M-y S7, 1857, hy Rer. K. Bannister, 
Mr. Geor^ J. '^rphUle, formerly of Maryland, to Mlas 
Melinda Troett, of Qalncy, 111. Frederick (Md.) 
Herald Tjleaae coiy 

ORAHAM-AKIRJ^AH, In S.F., Dec. 28, 1887, at the residence of 
Mr. Williaa Whidden, hy ReT. R.'. Cutler, Mr. ,4b. Orcihaa 
of Stockton, to Miss Mar/^ret F. Akerman of Portaaonth, 
H.B. i^etem ria^ers please copy 

aRAHAME, MISS JE' SI£ L., see Mr. Williaa L. Ballin^r 

ORAR-OnMMER, In S.F., Jnne 24, 1857, hy the ReT. R.". Cut- 
ler, Mr. Adaa Grant to Miss £cina F. Otmimer, Loth of S.F. 

«RAIT-BA71S, In S.F., at the residence of Cant. W. T. Theap- 
son, by Rer. R.P. Cutler, Mr. Joseph Grant to Miss 
Rehecoa P. Daria. Paper of Hot. 10, 1857 

OHAI-cnURCH, In S.F., kag. 25, 1857, hy the ReT. Dr. W.C. 

Anderaon. O.H. Gray, Esq., of this city to Miss Kate Church, 
dau/^ter of Henry Chruch, Ks., of Rochester, Rochester, 
H.T. papers please 0077 


OHAT-SPSWCTR, In Grace Church, Sacrfimento, Nor. 12, 1857, 
tar HeT. Wb. H. Hill, Mr. Jamet Rmy of Ork Valley, Tiiba 
Co. to Hr«. M.-.rla Ann S-»«ncer of Sacnunenio 

ORATUHS-HQIT, In MsryiTllle, at the St. Charles Hotel, An/;. 10, 
1857, Fred Orayons, Esq., to Mist Margaret Hoft, both of 
that city 

GBSni-POSET, In Oakland, An^. 4, 1857, hy the Her. Dr. Scott, 
Cant. A.P. Oreea to Mlea Jessie Earle "^osey, late of 
Htrnterllle, Ala. 

OHEKI-BAHHEaT, In S.y., at Grace Charch, Se ^t. 8, 1857, hy 
Her. r, C. Zwer, Edr*crd Green to Miss Aim Barrett 

GR£XH, MISS £IXSN, see Mr. Geor^ £. Tallnadge 

CREEI, NBS. B4MA, see Mr. Wn. Wells 

GSEnu:A7, lass AHKA B., see Mr. John L. WllHaas 

f>KBaOHT-HEIHr, ^t Trinity Center, Aiarll 19, 1857, leroy Gregory 
to Mist Amelia Henry, both of Trinity Center. P'-ner of 
May 13, 1857 

OHEIHBH-Wim'EH, In Shasta, Jan. 10, 1857, by JnAf^ Hinckley, 
Mr. Sitqnnd Greiner to Miss Christina Winter 

ORHrHK»-B!OT (BSStH), In S.?., Dec. 17, 1857, by Uer. Aorastus 
Kellner, Mr. 3obert Orether to Miss Ftery Betk (B«?A), 
both of this eitjr 

GRimR, MISS TIA^AH, tea Mr. Charles Baxter 

GHlirira-YOTSG, la Saoraaento, J-'Ji. 8, 1857, by Rev, Mr. Shock, 
Mr. J. M. Oriffith to Mrs. s.-vrah A. Tonag, both of Sacramento 

OHIMES-TBOHITQI, In Santa Clarr, Se-^. 10, 1857, by ReT. Mr. 
Brigga, Oe rg« T. Grines, of S.f. to Mist Lissie R. Thon- 
toB of Santa Clara 

OBOSX, MISS RAFNAX, te* Mr. Willlaa Wilaeh 

GHOVl, HISS TIHGIHIA, tee Mr. Henry B. Uaderhill 

aBOTS9,ia8t ABBIS J., tee Dr. J. S. Skinner 

OHUHEWALD-HAOLER, In S.?., Oct. lOth, 1857, by Rev. ?. Mooshake, 
Mr. Jobann J. Oroaewald to Miss Friederike Kagler, both 
of G»«Bwood Valley 

OUMCZa, MISS £>«A 7., tee Mr. Adas Grant 

OUISLACI , MISS CHRISTIRX, tee Helnrich Waesoana 

GDSHISOH-WHITB, In S.?., Oct. 17, 1857, by Hev. Dr. Anderson, 
Albert R. Qtinnlson Esq., to Miss Amelia A. White 


HACnn*UliaT, in S.7., May 1, 1857, Mr. ThoKs w. Uaekatt 
to Niat Marl* Antolnatte Kinn«y, %oth of thla citjr 

HATLET-miET, In Marysrille, Jan. 2, 1857, D vld Il^^il^jr to 
Nit* Marg&rot Ann Kelley, both of OtotIII* 

HAOAI-ROSHHBSHD, In S.7., T»t. 1, 1857, by Bar. Mr. Bleu, 

Mr. Banjaaia Ha^ui to Hla« Cecalla aosanberg of New Toric 

HAOKHS, MISS CAaOIIlE, aaa Mr. H«nr/ ^ehlo 

HAR'Sn, MISS MART, aaa Mr. Oaor^ Weaeh 

HAIOHT-iaHllSW, In S.F., Arjrll 9th, 1857, ty SaT. 7!. Bannlfltar, 
Mr. Ha-rlaon EalA^it to Miss Kanah Bermatt, both of thla city 

HAirfHTvMAT, In Craacant City on March 8, 1857, Mr. J-uBaa Eai^t 

of Smith River Tallay to Miea loolaa Mny, of ^lladal-ihla. Pa. 

HAIE-HATKES, In S.T., Oct. 16th, 1857, at tha realdenca of tha 
brlda'a T>arant8 by Eav. 6. Brlafly, Henry Kala, Ebo., to 
Misa Rabacea H. Hr.yneB, both of thla eltjr 

HAIE-POOLS, In S.y., May 29, 1857, by Dr. Anderson, Joae-ph 
Hale, Saq., of Stockton to Misa Elisabeth D. Poole, of 
Rookport, Masa. 

HALET-MAHIOR, IS SAC.-iAMSOTO, Jaa 4, 1857, by 7athf>r QillB, 
C.J. Etlay to Miaa Brld/^t E. Maaioa 

HALET, MISS ^JJIT C, aaa John T. Sheiwa 

HAIL-WAIEER, In Aabom, A-^rll 16, 1857, Mr. Edward M. Hall of 
Atibum to Misa Jennie B. Walker of Ban^r, Ma. 

HALL, MISS LOIS A., Ma Mr. J. C. Haynea 

HALL, Miaa LQCT, aaa Mr. Joaapfa Ooldaaa 

BALL-R03£BI3QK, In Sacraaanto, May 28, 1857, by Bar. Mr. 

Baker, I>r. nsoaae J. H-ll, foraerly of Boorbon Co., Ky. , to 
Miaa Mary M. Robertaon, only daa^ter of R. L. Robertaon, 
of thie city. PaDar of Jiine 2, 1857 

HALL-COOK, In S.r., 7ab., 18, 1857, by Rev. Z. S, Laay, Mr, 

Warran 7. Eall to Miaa Hnr/T\ret Cook, both of 3.F. 

HAMBLT, MISS MART J., aaa Mr. Thoaaa R. Sianaon 

HAMLIN, MRS. P.A., aaa Mr. B. Benedict 

HAUnicAnarriT, in S.y., Jnly l, 1857, by Arehbiataiip Allereny, 
In tha Chareh of St. Trancla, Mr. Wa. Haalll to Mra. 
Aaalia H. Aaaton, both of thin city 

HANILTOI, MI3S Aim, aaa Hana Helgaraan 


EAMN-HAKTXT, la Tolaoa, Mrreh 10, 1857, Mr. tmmtWmm of >«v 

Tork to ^llat Salljr llnrny of Luirikln Co., 

EA»0CSS-90ULLT, At R«d Blvff, Apr. 1, 1857, I17 B«T. Father 
BlBAldi, C. W. Hamara to Mrs. M. SotQly 

BAMM0HD-WEIE28, In Stockton, April 21st, 1857, Aids Uamond to 
Mist Elizabeth B. Woekoa, hoth ot Stockton. Psr>er, A^ril 
^th, 1857 

EAHTORS, MISS (^APSIS AmtTSTA, sM Mr. Sdward T. AntboajT 

HAHSArOHJ), MISS MART J., ••• Mr. Goorga E. Sirontoa 

RAB1SH8, MBS- HANSAB C, •«• Mr. John S. Staniol* 

aARQEB-O^'ZirS, On Feb. 26, 1857, Mr. )ta. J. Harden to Mies 

lueinda D. Ov«ne all of Vallejo Tovnahii. Paper of Mar. 
11, 1857. 

BARDIRO-CHUBCEIIX, la S.F., May 12th, 1857, by Benjamla Ool- 
lint, Esq., Mr. Wa. R rding to Mrs. Elizabeth Cfaorchill, 
both of San Pablo 

BAHIJT-TITaS, In Bacraaento, Jan. 20, 1857, at tha United States 
Hotel by Hon. Hn^ n. Murray, Chief Justice of tba Supreme 
Court, James H. Hardy to Misa Bnnice A. Titus, all of 

HABBT, MISS MAHISSLA, aee Tloyd Shocklay 

BAHN9»STSIBKDLL:S, la Saeraaeato, June ^Ist, 1857, by Justic* 
Alexander, Mr. Charles Haraa to ias Louise 3teiraaaller 

HABPSB-HDTCHINSOB, la Stockton. AT^ril 5th, 1857, Mr. Williaa 
Harper to Misa laabella Butehinaoa 

HABBHtCTOB-deCOnMIGE, In Aaerican Township, Sacraaanto Co., 
July 3d, 1857, Dr. C.C. Earrlmrton to Mre. Sarah 2. 

HABBIR>TOH, Mir.S LOOISA C, aaa Mr. John C. Bog^a 

BABBIBBTOK-KIXIAH, la Saerajsento, Aug. 5, 1857, by tha Hev.^.A. 
Bentoa, Mr. Stephen Karrin^toa to Miss Martha Malian, both 
of Sacrasaato 

HAHBIS-CHA??a, la S.7., Eor. 26th, 1857, by Sev. M. Thmll, at 
tha reaidanoe of tha brida*a father, Mr. J.Fraesna Harris 
to Miss Aaalia Chatar 

HABHISOn, MISS AHHA M., sM Mr. T)aaial V. noprpenborg 

BXSV, MISS IX&A, m— Mr. Alfred W. Hort 

HABTMAinir, MISS AMSIIA, aaa Mr. Christian Penka 


HARTWEIJ/-IQRT(ni, In S.7., Aug. 9, 1857, at the rasldme* of 

Mr. J. R. Brett, "by the Hev. R. ?. Catler, John v. Hartvell 
of Maryarllle, to Hiee Elizabeth H. Horton of thla olty 

HAHVET-SCaCKR, In S.T., Se^t. 9, 1857, hy 3«t. S. Chlrnan 

Thrall, Mr. Jnnea C. Hnrrey to Mies Sarah Kcker, both of S.T. 

HAHTST, MISS SAIXT, ••• Mr. Jaaea 

HASKIVS, MISS LOUISA, tee Oecar ?. Ung 

HASTI188-W00D, In Polk Co., Oregon, JtOy "3, 1857, Vr. John 
Haatinge to Hlaa Meliaaa Wood. Paner of Ang. I.'', 1857 

HATCH-HOOK, At Martlnea, Hot. 26, 1857, by the Her. M. Wood- 

brld^, Jnbei Hatch £«q. of Banlcia, to Miae Mary Ann, iaa^^ 
ter of William Hook li^sq. of the foHMr -nlaee. Tk^t of 
Dec. 10, 1857. 

HATCH-Mr:HS, In MiTT'trille, Jan. 8, 1857, Mr. John 0. Hatch 
to Miaa Sarah Myere 

HADBEHf, MISS ?HIIIP~niE. 8«* Mr. J. P. Hubert Cm— r 

HAW, MISS MAHU, sea Mr. Benzy Ln&yAjt 

HAWXS, MISS H. OOHSELIA, m« Henry Crltoher, F.eq. 

HATRES-ROBEBIS, In Santa Roaa, Sonoaa Co., Oct. 22nd, 1857, 

Oeo. V. Haynea of Soiann, Solano Co., to Mr.rtha A., dan^t- 
ter of R«T. Joeeph Roberta, of Santa Roaa 

HATHSS-HAIX, At Woodaide, San Hateo Co., Jnly 3d, 1857, by B. 

Ja.Ser, £aa., Mr. J. C. Haynea, foraierly of Sturalt So., OkiXo, 
to Miaa Loia Hall, dao^ter of Mr. GilbeM Hall, foiMrljr 
of Oneida Co., I.J. 

BATHES, MISS HEBBCCA H., aee Henry Hale, £aq. 

HATS-TRUEH, In Sonera, Anrll 2d, 1857, Mr. Henry Haya to Miaa 
laabella Traen 

HXAXT, MISS JT3LIA 0., aee Seyaour B. Clartc 

F ARS, MISS JAKE, af^e Anderaon L. 7arrar 


Vsmwum^ miss mart, see Mr. Ed««ard McPhllll^a 

HUB, MISS CEAIHSRI, tm Mr. John Petersen 

HZILBBITAH, MISS CLARA, a«« Mr. Henry Rellin/rer 

HO/^^SEH-HAMILTOH, In Alaaada Co., Jtme 5, 1857, by Eon. and 
a«T. 8.>. Bell, Haas Hel^eraan to Miaa Ann Ilnnilton 


HBnJEaSC»-AHCHIBAl.D, 1b Oirrb Talley, Hot. 11th, 185?, Mr. 
Alaxaadar Eenderaon to Misa MA17 Archibald 

EEIDERSOV, MISS KHK J., *•• Mr. J.S.G. Jteytt 

HJOI IBKSOV-RARSOM, In Or«^n, Jima 8th, 1857, Mr. JesM C. 
E«Bd«r«OB, of Taahlll, to '^rs. ^aney Ransoo of Portland 

RliniERSOV, KISS PHI3CILIA S-, ae« Mr. 0. J. Ltmdy 

HiraEHSOI-STEBR, la 8,7., October 16th, 1857, by R«t. T)r. 
Scott, Mr. Theaat H. I!anderson to Miss Matilda Steen, 
both or thia cltx 

mnJT-DOBBINS, IB Shaata, Feb.l, 1857, by OeT. Mr. Eelloeg, 
Mr. M.J. Henley to Misn Aaanda 2. Bobbina, both of Shaata 

IT, MISS AMILIA, a«* Mr. Leroy Grecory 

EEUBT, miss SLX?A B., a«e Mr. 7rancia Henry 

HIHHT-K2iniT, In Tanhill Co., Oregoni May 14th, 1867, Mr. Fraa- 
oia Henry to Misa Klisa B. Henry. Paper of Jmtn 13, 1857 

HZOX, MISS ZSLIBIA. D., aM Mr. David L. I^rson 

HEHMABI, MISS FA^aiT, ae« Mr. Johaan Jacob Tiodoaaaa 

HSREim, MISS MAimiA J., aae Mr. Jaaea S. Tttllea 

HEHSSVORfBaar, in S.l*. , Avf'. 33, 1857, by the Rer. ?. Mooahaka, 
Mr. Traak Heraanor to Miaa Dorothy Bann 

HZSS-V(X9Gn, In S.y., M/ypeh 1, 1857, at (Jrace Cbarch by HeT. 
Biahop Kio, Mr. Joamh S. Eesa to Misa Oatberia* Horton, 
•11 of thia city. Baltianre and Beatoa nspera nl«aa« ooriy 

BXOSa, KISS AUrxjSTS, a«a Mr. Henry Tnebaann 

HIOOlirS-DBLAHBT, In S.T., Jaly 23, 1857, by the Her. John Mo- 
Oiaaia, Mr. Saalel Eiggine, of Brid^anort, Conn., to Misa 
Margaret J. Delanay, of S^rin^ield, Maea. Bridgaport 
pa^ra rilaaaa copy. Paper of Aa^. 3, 1857 

IHBT-KSSSLER, In S.y., by Saanal B. Harria, Eaa.., Jastioa of 
the Ponoa, (T) PrBaoia M. Hilby, of Sacramento, to Mies 
Cathariaa Barbara Keaaler, late of Highland Madison Co., 
llliaoia. P'per of July 17, 1857 

Hill, MRS- MART ANV, aee Mr. Joha OoraKia 

BILL-BAIBD, A* Slk Casn, Elaiinth Co., oa the 4th of July, 1857 
Mr. Heal Hill to Miaa Hancy Baird 

EQBS-HRIOBI, ta board atenfflahip. Golden A^^e, Jnly 3lBt, 1857 , 
by ReT. M. Brierly, Mr. f'eoree J. Hobe, of S.F., to Misa 
E. Aa/;asta Wri^t, of Utioa, H.T. 


HOElSOHKR-MAHSOTAll, In S.V., Dec. 17, 1857, bjr the H«t. T, Hooahake, 
Mr. Smat Hoelsoher to Mlta Mary Msraohall 

HOTWAH-SMITH, In San Hle^, May 4th, 1857, by Padre Jaime Tllla, ^, 

David B. Hoffkaa to TJona Dolores vrnder, sten-daifhter of A.B.Snlth. 

B07T, MitB Margaret, Me 7red rrrayuna, Eaq. 

HOOAH-WITI.IAHS, In Sacraaento, \nr. 30, ^B!7f, Mr. Andrew Hogan to Mlta 
*tera/!arftt A. winiaaa. PaiDer of .SeT>t. 3, 1^57 

ROIHROOE, MISS XLSXK ▲., See Mr. Hiraai H. Wadaworth 

aOLISaf, MISS a. AnCUSTA, see Mr. W.D. Reed 

SQLDEai, MISS J. M., aea Mr. 0. Jaeoba 

iOLLAHU^ HISS MARAOASET L., aee Mr. Geor^ L. Brrdley 

lOLLSllBZOK-PalMr, On May 5th, 1857, at the residence of A.S. Gould, 
by the Her. B. Brierly, Jamea C. Hollenbeck, ~eq. , to Mlaa Kmna 
P'llaer, all of S.X. 

90LLT, Mas. LTDIA A., tee Mr. Jbms M. Id* 

lOIMSS, MISS CAROLINE, aee Mr. Aaron Johnaon 

lOLMES, HIS- KITTT, aee Mr. Wm. H.D. Fountain 

lOLTOn, MISS E.J., aee A.O. Read 

lOLTON, MISS ISABUA T., aee ' r. Wm. J. Roward 

IQLTZ-WH0U3fflSH0, At Caano Seco, Apr. 26, 1857, Mr. Peter Holtz to 
Mlaa Margaret v/holerberg. Pnper of May 8, 1857 

lOlCTWJXL, MISS I^TTISA M., aee Hr. Johnaon W. Reaer 

SOOD, MISS JAHi:, aee Mr. John 7. s-^noe 

iOOE, MISS MART ASH, aee Jabaa Hatch, Kaq. 

IGBS'T \A:mvSI , By Hev. T>r. Scott In S.?. , Jan S9, 1857, Mr. Thoaaa I. 
Horn to Hlao flTtrode yrnnklln, d.TU'»hter of S. ?ranklin, formerly 
of New Orleans 

lORHir.AH -M"T1I0N, On Jan 1, 1857, by Rev.T)r. Andpraon, Thonaa Horrlgan 
to Mlaa Margaret MulTl^;an, both of Sacraoento 

JOaT-HAHT, In r,.?., Apr. 18,1857, by Her. Hr. Eclonaa, Alfred W. Hort, 
Eaq. of T.-ihlta, Society Inlajida. to Dora, yTon^et dao^ter of the 
late 3enJ'='.nin Hart, £aq. , of 'antrt^al, C-jiada 

lOSLET-BLAIR, At McCartyarllle, on the 23rd of May, 1857, Mr. Richard 
Hoaley to Miaa Joanna Blair. Paper of Jtme 5, 1857 


EOSSACK-MOUU, In Saenmento. March 3, 1857, by Rer. Wn. H. Hill, 
Chas. D. Hotsack to Mlaa Loalaa S.I. Ho^ila, of F^lnlmrg, 

HOaOB-I^AK, At Brir^arllla, Shaata Co., Jima 18tb, 1857, John H. 
Hou^ to Julia Laaa 

HOW (AH ROi)-SV' TOW, 1- S.?., Aug. 10, 1857, by Joseph Ansten, 

Juatlcetf the ?ence, 3rd T;iatrlct, Mr. AB How to Mlat Sin Tow, 
hoth nf this city 

HOICAHl>-rrn;TOR, In S.y., OB Satnrday Ercnln^, May 30th, 1857, hy 

Her, S.H. Hllley, Mr. Inrln Howard, of Homltas, MarlrKjea Co., 
to Mlas laaballa T., Eldest t)an/»hter of H.H. Holton 

HOVX, MISS MAHT X., sea Mr. t.T.. Boise (or E.R. Bolce) 

HO^TAHD, MISS CATffiRiro; S., sea Mr. l.M. Cutting 

HOTT-CHDHCH, In Alameda Co., June 5th, 1857, by Ron. and Rey. S.B. 
Ball, S ffluel H. Hoyt to Mrs. Catherine H. Chorch. Paper of 
June 16th, 1857 

HDBBARI>-HU!1T, In S.F. , Aug 12, 1857, at the resld- nee of the bride's 
father, by Her. Z.S. Lacey, Ur. Sanuel Hubbard to Miss Sophia 
B. Hunt, dau^t^r of Jonathan Hunt, ><sa, of 8.7. 

HUBBS-GILCHRIST, In B'^nlela, Oct 12, 1857, by Rev. i^lvest-r Woodbrld,-^, 
Jr., Hon. Paul K. Hubbs to Miss Haggle, dan^ter of th«> JAte Jtmn 
Cllchrlst of ildlnbur^. 

HUPSOI], MISS ELIZABETH, B>^e Mr. Warren K. Bacon 

HUDSON, MISS LOVINA 1>., aee Capt. William R. Boyd 

HUDSOR-SADnLrMIHE, In S.F., Feb. 9, 1857, bytthe Sev. Dr. Scott, Mr. 
HelsoB Hudson to Mlea Anna £. Seddlemlre 

HUlf! MISS ROHA, sea Mr. Z.A. Knowles 

HmH^K.-IAHKI]f, In S.F., A-^r. 15, 1857, J.W. Hu/^en to !'lss Ma»y 
LarklB, all of this city. Rev. Knther Thomas officiating 

HDOHES-GARHESHIrffi, In Stockton, June -ith ISr^?, by Re'-. ' .0. Buchanan, 
Mr. William M. Hxv^es to Nls- Martha J. Crarrlenhlr* 

HDLSE-SMITE, In Coluabla, at Do- '"edros, A-^r. in, 1857, Alfred W. Htdse 
to "Isn Annie Smith 

HTJMBOIOT-JTJEHRMAmi, In S.F., Sept. 22, 1857, by the Hev. 7. Mooshalce, 
Mr. Au-Txatus Humbolfit to "Iss TXale l^iehnnnnn, both of Alameda Co. 


HOHT, MBS CAROLIKE, see Mr. Otto DfllBlng 

BUHT, MISS SOFEIS B., see Mr. Sacnel Hubbard 

MUMtiH-SAHDEHS , In Sacreaento, apr. 20, 1857, A.C. Hmter to 
Mlaa Dr^lth Sander*, bot) of r>acraaento 

HTJHIV-TCOHO, ^t f^^reeiMeli H-neh, San Joaquin Co., S-net. 15, 1857, 
Mr OrtuD HuaA to Mr*. Ann young 

HITSMAIW, MISS SOPHIA, see Mr. Hpnry Kroner 

HUSS^, HISS MAaOAai5T, see Vr. Chnrtee ^ms 

HDTCHITISOIl, MISS AONSS, see Mr. Aleatander Crourlay 

HOTCHI'^Oir-BAinvaH, in S.y., Oct 34, 1857, at the First Con/>rresatlonftl 
Ctaorch by Rev. Edward ^. Lacy, Mr. Chas. A. Hutchinson, of the 
San Joaquin Re-oiibllcan, Stockton, to Miss Eloira 7. , eldest 
df>.w>hter of Mr. Calvin T. Baldwin, of this city 



HT]TCHi;iSOH, MISS LOCRETIA M., see B«« Mr. Hobt. 0. StVdlTant 

HIATT-^HACKBON (CRACKCOBH), In Sacramento, Oct 8, 1857, Mr. Saamel 
Hyatt to Kiss Elisabeth Crackbon (Crackbom) 

ICKEIHEIMER-NOKTKSIM, In S.K., Hot 22, 1857, by Hev. Mr. Blen, Mr. 
Heman Ickelheiner to Hiss Pauline Northeim 

lEiE-noLLT, At the Loaa House, Red Bluff, Jan 8, 1857, by Z. W. Goodrich, 
Eeq, Mr. Janes M. Ide to Mrs. Lydia A. Holly 

ILK, MISS MART, see Mr. Christopher Mufller 

inSLEHART, MISS CASSAHDRA, see Mr. Thos. S. Carer 

IN0RAHAM-F0S7 H, In 5-7. Air. 29, 1857, by the Rer. B. Brlerly, Mr. 
Hiraa Ingrfaaa to Miss Maria Foster, both of S.T. 

I'Jr-R-iHAM-^WISOn It s.y. at Trinity Church, Ally 13, 1857, by Hev. 
J. Avery Shepherd, Mr. '.'ii-iiaB laf^Aam to Mies Jane Jaalson. 
Hew Tork and Brooklyn TMtpers nlease oo;fp. 

IREDALB-McDnnAlD, In S.f., In Trinity Church, /".n". 8 1857, Alfred S. 
Iredalfl, formerly of Hrslville, Tnnn, to Miss Anna E. McDonald 
of PhlladelTihla, Rev. S.C. Thrall officiating 

IRTim, MISS ANV, eoe TboMM '"■ilnor* 


JACCEBS, MISS ACOLPBINE, tee Mr. Hnnlel Armbrueater 

JACOBS, MISS HLLEN SOPHIA, aee Collna ::. Flanders 

JACOBS* HOLDEH, at Roa^ and Ready, May 11, 18S7, 67 the ReT. 
Mr. Taneey, Mr. G. Jaco'be to MIob J. M. Uolden 

JAHES-OSS, At Snanleh ^ork City, U.T., J^ine ?., 1857, Mr. Richard 
Jnaei to Mia" Mary Jane ^ee. awer of Ax^ 14, 1857 

JAMISON, MXIS MART JAHS, flee Mr. Wm. Irv^rahaa 

JAUNCJT-PRKSHO, In Nw Tork, on the l?it>i of Anr. 1857, Wllllan 
Jonney to B^andena Ajv^eta Preaho. Paper of Jxme 19, 1857 

JSKTTHSOIJ-Q"!IVT, In S-^n Joae, Mar 19th, 1857, Mr. Creorp^ H. Jefferaon 
to Miaa Ann Elliaheth Qnliry. Paper 4f Apr. % 1857 

JlHKIHS-PITCHFOHra, In Ne-)hl City, U-T., May W, 1857, Mr. Richard 
Jenkina to Miaa Mercy Pitchforth. P->-per of Aiig 14, 1857 

JEinTlHG.SJ Miss AII?:LI?n: FKHHIS, ae- Mr. RoVert B. Tordhan. 

JOCHUM-BFOSCH, at PoY^rty Hill, J^ 18, 18S7, Mr. A. Jochum of 
Sonora, Tuolone Co., to Miaa Loulae BFOSCH, nf the aaae place 

JOHHSOH^TfiUHO, At the reaidance of G.w. Walton, Clinton, Contra Coata 
Co., knT. 26th, 1857, hy Jud-e Thorn A. Johnson, IJaq, of San 
Leandro, to Miaa S.M. Toiat; of Maakee^on, Mich., Paper of Kay 4, 1857 

gQHBSON-HOLMSS, In S.F., Oct 15, 1857, hy Rev. E.S. Lacy, Mr. Aaron 
Johnson, Zan, aon of John Sohaaon to Miaa Cp.rolina Holnae, 
dan^ter of Aaron Rolmea, all of thia city. 

JCBISOK-PAn'ON, At Shaw*a Flat, June 14, 1857, Mr. R.N. Sohnaon to 
Mra. Ratahael C. Patton 

Johnaon, MISS HAHHrcT L., aee Mr. Geo. A. yahriciua 

jnHKSOH-CROSBT, In Sacraaento, Au/: 2: , 1857, hy the Her. Mr. Benton, 
John Johnaon to Hrr. Catherine Groaby, all of thle city. Paper 
of Se-»t. 5, 1857 

JOBWem-trm, in S.F., May 18th, 1857, by the Rev. Brierly, Mr. 
Thoa. Johnaon to Miao Catherine Kantf all of n.7. 

JOHNSTON, MISS ElIZABBTH S., aee Mr. Richard Wealey Collina 

VdorSTON, MISS SUSAK, aee Mr. Doti^l McColl 

JOOTS-MeOEOao?', In MaryTllle, Mr. Geo. E. Jones to Mary Jane HcGeor'^, 
by t e Rev. Mr. WoodbMd^, Paper of Jan 12, 1857 


JcrniS-nrNLAT', On the Stanlelsxie River, Sept. 7, 1857, John 
Jone* to MAbs Donl-p, Fomsrly of Mlssoarl 

J0IE8, HISS MART, MB Mr. DaTid H«l«oil 

JOKXS, MISS MART S., see Mr. James W. Stetson 

JORDATI-ICEXLT, In Shasta, March 23d, 1857, I-lr. John 7. Jordan 
of Solnno Co., to Miss Raehel Kelly of Shasta, barter of 
April 9, 1857 

JOSSEN-NISSER, In S.P. , t-taxeh 30th, 1857, 'by the Rev. MooshalEe, 
Mr. Jes Joflsen to Itss Anne Christine TTiesen, of Contra 
Costa, hoth formerly of A'^nrade, SchlesvlR-Hot stein. 
-arjer of Aisrll 10,1857 

JTJLES-KISSACT In S.F., Jan.lfi, 1857, by Joseph Austen, J.P., 
Mr. Vemet Jules to Miss Sulalie Klssae, both of S.T. 

jnilAN-CLAHlC, At ^tch ?lat. Placer Co., Aug. 9, 1857, by the 
Hon. B. Brickell, Mr. K. T. Julian to Elisa Clark 

JDPP, MISS MART, see Mr. Janes Starley 

KARTH, MRS. SOSANHA, see Mr. Louis Rickolius 

KATZ-BHEKLS, In 3,7., Oct. 25th, 1857, by Her. 7. Mooshake, 
Mr. Frederick Katz to Miss Louise Brekle, both of S.7. 

KAUCS, HISS SARAH, see Mr. 7rederiek Sigrist 

KAUTTHAH-CarrOH, At Monterey, July 7th, 1857, by Rev. Juan B. 
Cnwllos, Mr. Joss Kauffmon to Miss Anna Cotton 

KAWLET, MARGARET A., see Mr. John G. Carlile 

KEETER, MISS 7ILLT J., see Mr. Charles M. Davids 

KELLilR-KETTIlT, In S.F., A-^rll 4th, 1857, Mr. Heinrieh Keller 
to Miss Mary Kenny, by Rev. 5". Mooshake 

KELLET, HISS MARGARITT, see Mr. James Cilson 


KELLET-MOORE, In Waesan Valley, Utah Territory, March 3, 1857, 

by S. Moore, 5:eo., Mr. Ruseel Kelley to Miss Harriet Moor* 

KELLT-0 '7^:111, In Honolulu, TIov. let, 1857, Mr. Dennis Kelly, 
of Lowell, Mass. t^^ Miss Sarah, eldest dau^ter of Mr. J, 
0«Neill, of Dublin Ireland 

KELLT, MISS RACHEL, see Mr. John 7. Jordan 

EELTON, MISS JANS S., see John Tan Pelt 

KENNEUr, MISS MABT, see Mr. Edward Connolly 

EEKTrr, MISS MARY, see Mr. Helnrlch Keller 

KENT, MISS CATirRINT:, see Mr. Thomae Johnson 

KEHH-O'rHADOirfESST, In S.?., Aw. 7th, ISS?, Mr. Patrick Kern 
to MlsB Honora O'Shan-'hneBey, of Hew Orleaai 

K2SSLEH, MISS CATHARIKE BA.^t3AHA, s^'e (?)^ranclB M. Hllljy 

KETZMEllA, MISS EMMA V. , see Kr. J. Henry Klcholoon 

KEUSEEH-WirrE>i;Tl, In S.?., Jan. M, 18r>7 by Hey. Mr. Hooshake, 
Mr. yrederick Keueher to Miae Louise Wegener. VBmer of 
Vtih. Ath, 1857 

KIDDEH-DA7IS, In •Jatsonvllle, Santa Craz Co., Uay 26th, 1857 

Mr. W.F. Kidder to Mies 511«a A. DaTls. Paper of Jxine 5, 1857 

KIMBALL-','ILIIA?/S, In Great. Salt Lake City, Hay ir^th, 1857, Mr. 
David P. Kimball to MIbb Caroline M. WlUlaoP. Paner of 
Vane 15, 1857 

KIKEBALL-SPnoHVH, In MaryBVllle, Oct. ''-th, 1857, John H. Klaball 
to Francee A. Spooner 

KIHAD, HISS LI/.ZIE, see Mr. S.G. Wilder 

KINO-KRE LAH, At Shlngletown, Shasta Co., July 29, 1857, Mr. 
Jaraee M. King to Jane A. Freelan, oaner of Aii^. 14, 1857 

KINOSB^HY-KA-PTIN, In S.F., Sent. 15, 1857, at the reeidence of 
wnilfun Martin, by Rev. R.". Cutler, Mr. George v.aaliln/^on 
Kln<?flbury to MIbb Mary ''^rttn, both of this cltji 

KITI^-^-RT-BTimTOT', At Marble Valley, Feb. 12, 1857, by Hir.D.A. 
T)ryden, Mr. Wn. B. Kin-abury, of Mlchl^-ism Bar, to Mlas 
Matlld- C. Bennett of Marble Valley 

lirrSTT MISS MARIA ATTTOIT'ST'T, eee Mr. ThomaB W. Hackett 

KIHSMAN-FOIGTIR, In S.F., Oct. 2^th, 1P57, rt the reeldenc© of 
the bride'a father. Cant. James Fol^r, by Rev. I'.r. IrvlsB, 
Mr. ChArlea W. Klnanan, to MIbb Mary 3. Fol/^er, all of S.T. 

Kirchner, MISS WILLIAMINA, lee Mr. Simon Roth 

KinsAC, MISS ITILALIE, see Mr. Vr met Julea 

KLKIHER-THORP, In Linn Co., O.T., June 7th, 1857, i;r. Kleiner 
to Mra. Elisabeth Thorn 


KIiOHnHBUMO-H a.RHI SDH , In Saoraaento, Ang, 3, 1857, by the Hev. 
Mm. H. Hill. Mr. T^anlel W. Klopr^nfenrR to Mis- Anna 1^ 
Harrlaon, all of Sacrfunento 

IHXOOA-SMITH, In Sacmnento, July 3d, 1857, by the Her. Mr. 
Shuck, Henry Kne/^ra to "1«« F-llzabeth Smith, hoth of 

r:OP?EH, MISS MA.ROAHBr, tee Mr. Au/ni«t PeCer Hartln Sehroeder 

in-Ol/L?S-HDES, At ^ajaro, r^arch 'I, 1857, by Rev. A. El^ble, Mr. 
S.A. Knowlee to Mlaa Nora Hues 

KNOX-SLOCUltB, In S.F., Dec. 24, 1857, by Rev. 2.S. Lncy, Mr. 

Chj>rle8 C. Knox of Bacrrjnento to Miss Sarah lociunb of S.F. 

INCK, MISS JENNIE, see Mr. J.D. Brletol 

KKOX-FAHNnwOBTH, At the Cave Valley House, SI Dorado Co., '^y 
5, 1857 by the Hev. Wr. Hill of Sacramento, Mr. Wm. F. Knox 
of thAs city to MIbb Hattlc A. Famsworth of the first 
named nlace 

KOESTEa, HISS AIiTTA, see Mr. Oeorge Frederick Benin;; 

KOQH, MISS MART, see Mr. Christian £lchler 

KOST, MISS FREDllIKE, see Kr. Helnrlch Oottfrled Helmer 

KROGEH-HUSMANN, In S.F. , Jan. 11, 1857, by Rev. Au/^stns Kell- 
ner, Mr. Henry Krof:er to Hiss Sophia I-uemann, both of S.F. 

XRQE, MISS MAGGIE R., see r.eorge H. Blake, £bo. 

KHnr,E'-ULHTCH, In S.F., by the Her. Aufrustus Kellner, on 

the 5th of Anrll 1857, Mr. Frans Helnrlch reman Kniger 
and Ml-^B Johanna -heresla "mella Ulrlch, both of the city 
of Hamburf^, Eurone 

FRUSB-ROBHECnT, In S.F., by Joseph Austen, J. P., Mr. Janes 
Kruse to MIsb Mary Robrecht, both of this city. Pa^er 
of Auff. 31, 18 7 

•TJCH, MISS CHRISTITTA, see Mr. Martin ^eck 

LAJiADIC-SH/vHKET, In Harysvlll«, April .W, 1857, A. r. H. 
Labadie to KIb* Anna Sharkey, l>oth of Indiana Ranch, 
Tuba Co., Papar of May 8, 1857 

LACIOXiOUTIOTJ, In San Francisco, by Her. . S. Lacy, July 25, 
1857, Sllae Lacke to Mrs. Serbrlna J'oulton, both of San 

TjAIBD-OTIS, At the International Hotel In ^an ^ranftiaoo, 

Aog. 3, 1857, by the Rev. W. J. Oonaalves, Ur. Oforr* P. 
lalrd, ton of General Laird of '"ew Tork, to Mias Anna 
Otis of PataTuma 

LAMB, MISS S7.IZABETH, see T^r. Anthony BtielcHrt 

L/VMB, MISS MABT, «•« Dr. S. Bntta-vore 

LAMBEar-OLDFIKLD, In San Franclaoo, Aiiril 12, 1857, Geor*^ 0. 
L.-unVrt to Mary J., daa'bter of ?.H. E. Oldfleld, Ego., 
Dr. H. L. Ter Hahr officiating^. 

LAMBEHT-HAariH, At Itaryrrille, Jan. 13,1857, by the Her. I.B. 
Wadsvorth, Jose-oh Lanbart, of Ner^da, to "re. II. M. 
Martin, of San Francisoo. 

LAMP IRHST-Bi^ll, In San Francisco, ^eb. 21, 1857, by Rev. Mr. 
Hooahake, Mr. Ernst Lanrn to Miss Friederlke Behn 

LANE- McIHMES, In San Francisco, Dec. 10, 1857, by the Rav. Mr. 
Brierly, Kathaniel Lane to Mrs. ^hrlstin.. I^Innes 

LAF'.ENHOTEL-DORTMUND, In Stockton, :a,rch 3, L857, f'.T. Xngel- 
bert Lan^enhoTel to Mrs. Aogaste Dortmund, both of 

LAirT)RiO',K, MISS CATHHINi:, see Mr. John W. Morris 

lAWDSBZRGER-MAHKVALD, In Brooklyn, ". T., Oct. 22, 1857, by 
R«T. Sr. Levis, at the residence of the bride's father, 
Mr. Isaac Landebpr/rer, of "ew Tork (lrt*» of San Fr.ncieco), 
to Miss Martha S., daughter of M. B. I'^rkwald, "s^. aper 
of Wot. 18, 18 7. 

LARKIW, MISS M/VItT, see Mr. J. vf. Hn^es 

LiROdK, MISS ELIZABETH, see Mr. Albert V. Savyer 

LA ROSE, MISS SARA?: KATE, see feorge H. Tose, Esq. 

LASALLE-COHKTI, In Sacramento, April 20, 1857, at St. Rose 
Ctaoreh, Charles lAsalle to Mrs. Cohen 

LA'^SOn, MISS JOSEPHIir, see Mr. H. M. Rosenkmns 

LAimiE-DAU:, In SMramento, July 15, ISn?, by B«t. Mr. 

Rill, Jamet R. Laurie, of Santo Clant, To Hit* Slita Sale, 
of tha former nlaae 

LAVLOR, MBS. MABT, aee Mr. Oeorge Waahington Manchester 

LAWR£nC£, MBS. J0SEPHIX2 S., tea Mr. Robert B. Wtllaoe 

LAWTOH-SMITH, In Mokaluma Hill, June 7, 18^7, Mr. W. C. 
Lai/ton to Miaa Aaalia Smith 

LEAN, JULIA, ■•« John B. Kou^ 

LEAN, MISS LIZZIE ANV, aa* Mr. Geor^ C. Chiaa 

LEX, MISS MABOAHir, «•« Williaa V. Daekar 

LES, MISS KAHT ADIT, a«« Mr. Ml. BeTer* 

LSI, MISS SARAB, aee Mr. Thomaa Watera 

LSOAH, MRS. MART, aae T-tr. John Thonmaon 

LEHT-L^WIS, In San yranciaco, Feb. 19, 165W, at the 

realdenee of "F.. W. Teaekle, £eq., by Hot. Mr. Thrall, 
William M. Lent of San 7ranclaoo to Mrs. Francea £. Levia, 
of lew Tork City 

LFTTDR, MISS M., aee Mr. D. R. Selanay 

LETIRA, MRS. ARR, ae« Mr. Abrahaa R. Ball 

LETIRsn, MISS LIRA, a«« Mr. M. Brnmal 

L£TT, MISS AHRA, aee Mr. C. Woolf 

LETT, MISS ELIZA, aae Mr. Aaron Cook 

LSTT, MISS HAMIAE, aee Mr. laaao Mitchel 

LJ::WIS, MRS. ARKIK JAR£ L., aee Mr. Michael C. Foley 

LEWIS-COBCH, In Trinity Church, Portlfvnd, Jan. 18, 1857, by 

Bey. John Sellwood, D.D.., Mr. C. B. Lawia (of the Flm of 
Allen & Iiewia) to Miaa Clementine P., aecond dao^ter of 
Capt. Jo^ H. Conch, All of Portland. Paper of Fab. 6, 1857. 

LEWlS-RUrLr-DrrE, In lone city, July 2, 1857, Chr.rlee Lewia to 
Miaa Yirfrinia Hntledge 

L£VI8, MRS. VSAROES E., ae* Mr. Wm. lent 

LIESE, MISS LfWlKE, aaa Mr. Frederick Daniel Arff. 


LIOHTrOOT, MISS MALTISA, ■«• Mr. T. M. Thayer 

LITOLET- AHHIHOTOK, In f-an FnmclBOO, Oct. 13, 1857, by ReT. 
Dr. Scott, Thomas t^ Llndley, of Sacrrmcnto, to Misa 
Xa&bella V, Arrln/rton 

LINSSAT, MBS. MAfiOABET, see Mr. Alexander Cral>b 

LIKyOOT-MASOH, In San Francisco, May 21, 1857, by Rev. Dr. 
Anderson, Jame^ Mnfoot to Mrs. Illsabeth Mason, both 
of Alaaeda Co. 

LINSET, MISS SARAH JAKE, see M. John Preston 

IIOn-HARTIII, In Santa Clara, March 12, 1857, Mr. L. Lion to 
Mies Zoleaa Martin 

XISTEH, MISS ELIZABETH C, M« Mr. Ste-nhen ". Cfanroh 

LITrTSJOHN, KISS SARAH E., see Mr. WllliniB Wrl<^t 

LKK^'AST, ROXARA, tee Mr. DaTld HeMtaa 

LOHO-HASKIHS, In San Francisco, Jan. r., 18f<7, by Rev. E. R. 
Lacy, Mr. O«oar F. Lon^ to Mies Lwiiea Raskins, both of 
San Fr- neisco 

LOOP-RinXWT, In San Pranoisoo, Oct. 22, ISf)?, by Rev. B. 
Brierly, S. J. Loop to Miss H. TT. Redman, both of 
San Francisco 

LOPrz-MCfRILLO, In San Die/^, May 6, 1857, by ^adre Jaime Villa, 
Don Bonifacio Lo-pez to Dona Fronceeca Morlllo, atep- 
dau^ter of Cabine A^^ilar 

LOTKEH-DORA, In Sacramento, Aiiril 20, 1857, by Rev. 0. S. 
Phillip*, Win. Louden to Miss Virginia Dora 

LOVT-LAim, MISS LOUISA, see Mr. Jesse H. Dongan 

LOViLEHH, HISS IIANCT, see Mr. villiam T. Oliver 

LOW-CREED, In Marysville, Dec. 2ii, 1857, by the Hev. Mr. Broner, 
F. T. Lov, of th« fix* of Low Bros., to Mine Mary Creed 

LDCZ-HEBREW, In Sacramento, Jnne 10, 1857, by the Rev. J. A. 
Benton, Chnrlea Luce, mr.t'- of the f^tprjner S\*»n, to Kins 
Elisabeth Hebrew, both of Sacrnnento 

Ludwig-HAW, At Lower Storings, Shasta county. May 27, 1857, 

Mr. Henry Lndwlg to His?i Vjtria Haw. Paner of Jiuip 2, 1857 

LDFBMAlin-HETJER, In San Francisco, Dec. 16, 1P57, by the Rev. 
F, Mooshake, Mr. Henry Luebnann anc Mies Augusts Eeuer 


lUMi::T-COLnSTRi:AM, in Sa« FmnclBCO, AT)rtl 1, 1857, Mr. QmoTfrt 
LnmlA7, of this city, to Mlsa Strata Inabella Coldstream 
both of London, Srvrl&nd 

LUNDT-HENIT'ISON, In Elkhom townehln, Humboldt Bar, Mr. 0, J. 
Lnndy to Miss '"riseilla Z. Rsnderson, both of Hkhom 
Tovnehlp. PaT>6r of May 13, 1857 

LU8K-WALT0N, In Do%mleyllls, Hot. 26, 1857, Mr. Sanael B. Uisk 
to Miss Isabella Valton. r-aT>er of See. 4, 1857 

LtlX-POTO.'H, In San Jose, Teb. 10, 18S7, by Rev. Mr. B&nlels, 
Charles Loz, of San Francisco, to Mirs. Miranda T, ^otter, 
fomerly of Charichet, R. I. 

LTDSTON-MoCOWIlI, At lacksonvllle, Mny 7, 1857, Mr. George H. 
Lydston to Miss Ltusy A. McCowin, both of JaeksonTftlls 

NAOINNIS-CHEVILXA, In San Tranelse^, July 6, 1857, by Ber. B. 
Brlerly, Mr. Zlinhas Ma/rinnls to Miss Lydia CheTllla, 
both of this city. 

MACUIBS, MISS £LIZAB?TI{, see Mr. HllllaB OarlgRn 

MAZ£R«BIIRO, In San Fmnclsoo, feb. 13, 1657, by Bev. Mr. Mooshake 
Mr. MatthaluB Maler to Miss Marie Bur^ 

MAIHE, MISS 5LIZA3I:T1;, se« Mr. William Steward 

MAJ.ORE, HISS A;nf, see Mr. Patrick Croney 

MAIXEET, MISS ELI7JBS7R T., see W. T. Oough, Saq. 

nXLLEKT, !^SS LOinSA H., see H.B. Bassett, Esq. 

MAHCHKSTER-LAWIOR, In San yranelsco, Jan. 2P, 1857, by Her. 
Tath«v Galla^er, ?'r. Creorge Washlnrton Maxusheoter to 
Miss Mary Lawlor, both of Sr^n Tr ncieco. 

MATTIOM, MISS BHimST E., see Mr. C. J. Haly 

NAKX, MISS TSAKCES At, see M». Wm. H. Downing 

MANN, MISS H£MRI>:TTAT see Mr. lobn BrowB 

MANSAU-3RTD0K, In Grass Valley, Sept. 13, 1857, Ut. Z. Mansaa 
to Miss Josephine Brydon. rarwr of Oct. 1, 1857. 

MANSyiELD-flURT, In Colambla, July 4, 1857, by Rer. Mr. 

Hamilton, Mr. Wd. ^'lansfleld, formerly of Slarersrllle, 
Smithfleld, R. I., to MIsb Sallle Ann, daa^ter of J. P. 

B Bnrt, Esq., formerly of Korth Sl^ton, Mass. 


HAREAB, MISS ADCHSTA, aee Mr. Charles A. CoVbj 

HABXHAM, MISS rANKXE, SM Mr. G«org« S. Srana 

MAJOCWALD, MISS MABTHA S,, ■«« Mr. Isaac Laiidal»arRer 

MAaSoaAU., MISS MABT, ■«« Mr. Ernst Hofllseher 

MARSTOH-ELIiEOT, In San rranelaeo, July 26, 1857, by Her., 

n. H. Vllley, Mr. LstI R. Maraton, of Treka, to Miss Annl* 
S. niert of this elty. 

HABTIN-OASS, In JaeJceonTllle, Oreron, July 22, 1857, Mr. 

Alsxande'- Martin to Mies Slvlm H. Oasa. Paner of kag. 10, 

MARTin, Misn CT-lIA y., see Mr. Joseph L. Vallg 

MABTin, MISS X., see Mr. Thomas v/. Breese 

MARTIN, MISS TAimiF. A. , see Dr. Wlllian Raha 

MARTIN, MISS MART, see Mr. Crsorge Washln^on Kln^nhory 

MARTIN, MISS MART, see Mr. A. Darfe 

MARTIN, MRS.,N. M., see ?.r. Josanh lamhart 

MARTIN, MISS KORA, see Mr. Joseph Breen 

MARSTIN, i ISS SUSAN, see Cept. Sdvard H. Gay 

MARTIN, MISS ZOL'MA, see Mr. L. Lion 

MARTINEZ, MISS S., see Mr. Jose Antonio Berryetsa 

Marrln-BHOOKS, In San Francisco, Aiigast Ifi, IRf)?, hy Hev. 
V. C. 3w«r, John Henry Marvin to Mlsn Melissa C. Brooks, 
%oth of this cHy. 

MARVIN, SUSAN, aee Mr. Warren Mix 

MASOK-CTARK, In San Praiusisco, k-ag. ?7, 1857, at the 

realdenee of Wm. '". Bromley, hy the Rct. E. S. Lacy, '•'m. C. 
Maaon to Mlsa Blanoa ". Clark, ^oth of San Francisco. Pa^er 
of "^ent. 1, 18R7 

■"ennln^on, Tt., Banner ilease eoriy 

MASON, MRS. KIIZABXTB, aee Mr. Janes Llnfoot 

MASTETi-lUSS-lL, In Faat Salem, N. T., Jan. fi, 1857, at the 
renidanee of th" bride's father, C. S. Masten, Ssq., 
formerly nf this city, to Miss Josfrihlne M., only child of A, 
H. Rassell ""^sq.. Sea aper of >el>. ^0, 1857 


MASTEN, HARRIET H., ■«• Mr. Helro K. Cornell 


KAXVXU,, MISS BOSVSLI, see Mr. Cl<>nent Dixon 

MAXWXLI, MISS 7BAT1CZS Z., eee Mr. J. C. ront^omery 

MAT, HISS LOrnSA, see Mr. Jaaes Bal^t 

HATER-fUT-'R, In San yranclsco, JTxne 5, 1857, Ijjr the ner. 

Dr. Fcknan, Mr. Jose'^h "'ayer to Ulse lima Mayer, both of 
this city. 

MATEH, HISS LIMA, see Mr. JoseiTh Ilay^r 

MeATLISTZR, MISS t^ARnAHZIT, tee Mr. Alexnnder CasnhAll 

MoALFIN, SUSAimAH, see Mr. C. L. Bird 

HeAHTHUa, MRS. HART L., see Mr. William Confer 

MeBBIDE-BABR, At Volcano, Aaodor Co., I^rch 18, 1857 
Mr. Fraaela MeBrlde to Miss Rary £. 3arr 

MeCAMMIS, HISS AMAIIDA, see Mr. Wm. Field 

HoCAHSirr-AinEHSOri, in Sonora, Dec. 16, 1857, Mr. D. C. McCarthy 
to Miss Amand" Anderson 

MeCAHTHT-raTLOV/r;, In r*n yranclseo, at the residence of the 
hrlde's father. Major H. yellows, Jtme 24, 1857, by Her. 
Dr. Scott, f'r. Kd^iard McCarthy of Sacramento to I'ias "lla 
, H. Fellows, of San Vmnclsco. 

McCTTOOW, MRS. MART-ARBT, see Mr. Miles Parker 

MeCLELLAHD, MISS MART K., see Mr. Robert T.. Polk 

MoCOITi-JCHITSOH, In San T^ranolsco, Jan. 18, 1857, by Rev. B. 
Jrlerly, Mr. Dou^l MoColl to Mlse Susan Johnston, All of 
San Vranclsco. 

HeCnn"i:il, miss f^., see Mr. E. Curtlss 

MeOOaD, MISS amA, see Mr. Henry Wort 

MeCORMiCK, MISS KSTELU POTTEH, see Mr. OalTln B. McDonald 

HeCORMICK, MRS. lARAli E., see Dr. C. C. Harrington 

HeCOWIH, MISS LOOT A., see Mr. Oeorge K. Lydston 

MoCHACv:-:iI-aSARD, In Ore^n, May 6, 1857, Mr. John HoCrseken 
to Mre. Ada Beard. Pa->er of June t, IPS?. 


MeCHACKBl-wAf^BEl, In SaeruMBto, I>ec. 10, 1857, Mr. W«. 7. 
McCracken to Mn. Mary Ann Wa^^ner, both of r-acranento, 
Sntter Towashl-o. 

MoCREBOT-DlCKSQR, At Pine Orort, July 24, 1857, Mr. George 
MeCreedjr to Mre. Luclndn Dlckaon, both of Atilmm. farier 
of Aug. 3, \i^7. 

McDANIEL-COX, In flair HaTea, Maae., Aug. 19, 1857, by Rev, 
C. T. nannandle, David McDp.nlel, ot Ban -rp-ncieco, to 
Mlae Sliiabeth Pierce, danghter of Captain Arthur Cox. 
Paper of Se-ot. 17, 18 7. 

NelSlRI^OT, MISS BOSANIA L. £., see Mr. Joaeinh Wlnterbna, Jr. 

McnEBMOrr-rc.lATraEZ, in Los Angeles, July l.'J, 1857, Mr. wilHaa 
MoDemott, fonierly of PennK^v&nla, to Miss Franeesca 
Fernandez, a native of ^wln. 

McDO?iAlD, HISS AMni:- S., see Mr. Alfred ^. Iredale 

Mct)0nAia)-McC01l"ICK, In ?acrajDento, I»ot. 29, 1857, by Her. Mr, 
Shuck, Mr. Cftlrln B. McDonald to Miss Estelle Potter 
Mc Comlrk. Pamper of Tuba City. 

Me Donald-THIEOO, January 11, 18ri7, by the Rev, K. B. "alsworth 
Vt. J. B. McDonald, of Mary«Tllle, to Miss Ellen Trlego, 
of Yuba City. 

MelonAID, MISS STJSAn lADRA, see Mr. C. 0. Parker 

HeDOHOT.P., MISS BII7A, see Mr. Patrick Faulkner 

McOARTrY-DOTlE, On the 6th of J'lly, ier>7, the undprslgned were 
united In the bonds of matrimony, Mr. 0. McOAJl"ET and 
Miss Ester Doyle, both of Sem Mateo Co. G. Devoe. 

MeGIORGE, MISS M HI JATI?:, see Mr. George ?.. Jones 

MeOILlI'TlAT-T^OTTlWrEH, At McGllllTray's Ranch, Trinity RlTer, 
Mr. Jotie-oh MoGllllvray to Mrs. Barbar Pottlnger. Paper 
of June 20, 1867. 

McGIHlTSSS, MISS BHIDO*, see Mr. Joshua W. Squiers 

MeOOYMK-raiZL, In San Francisco, Se^-t. 21, 1857, by Rev. 

rather Gallagher, Phlll licOoTem to \>\m* Siisan Ann Frlel, 
daughter of William H. ?rlel, EsqS 

McGHATH-MoOHATH, at Hari ■ell's Ranch, >ioT. 12, Ifi 7, by Father 
Slatt ry of Hftrypvllle, Mr. Dennis Mc^RATH to Mies 
Margaret McGrat- , of Phlladelphln 

MeCRATH, MISS MARGARST, see Mr. Dennis McCrath 


McG'JIie;, MISS CORIISLIA I^LIZABETH, «•• Mr. Thomas n. W. Trooper 

McOaiKE-SROriFE, At Mlddletov* , Sha«ta Co., March 3, 1RS7, 

Mr. feorpp P MoCnlre to MIm Patillne Sron/e, hoth of 
Mr. Mlddl«to«B. 

MoCUTHZ, MISS MAHY, t«e Mr. louia Sehrlbcr 

Moimr'S, MRS, CRHISTIVA, m« TTathnniel Laiw 

MeKAT, MISS KLIZABETH, lae I'r. 01lT»r H. Saanders 

MeKEE, MISS SAJtAH lOTISA, see Mr. TTuna Da^^era 

McKJ:"7,I->f:i,AHK, In San yranclBC^, Mnrch S2, 18''>7, hy Ret, D. 
Brlerly, Ce-ntBln John T. McKenzle to MIob ^rlada Clark, 
all of thlt r.ity. 

McK£NZI£, MISS MARCIA D., see : r. John A. Baimeon 

MeXXH, MISS HAtTKAfl, see Mr. Vllllaa W. Held 

MoKILLIP-OAHHETT, On the old J&c-son Road, 12 miles froo 
Sacramento, June S"", 1857, by Rev. Mr. Shiick, Charlen 
McKllll^, of Sacramento, to Enllln Garrett, of Sacramento 
C ninty. 

MoKTRHET, MISS ELLSH, see Mr. John n. Vrl^t 

McLAUD, MRS. MART, nee Mr. Zeaas Crowell 

MeUAH, MISS CA3RI? B,, see Wm. w. ChlTvtan 

MoMSILL-MTJLLEH, In Oakland, May 1, 18f;7, hy 'Rev. James Pler-ont, 
Mr. K*. McTIelll to Miss Anna Maria MiilleH. 

McniSH-HEETE, At "Iddleto'^, T>w York, Jan. 14, 1857, hy the 
■^ev. L. J. Stontenb^irfh, Wlckhan C. l'.c Wish, Eeo. , of the 
firm of James B. Roberts " Co. , of this City, to Mlas 
Mary Ette Be«Te, youn-'est daiu^hter of Kon. W. w. Reera. 
Paner of '^arch 3, 1857. 

Me^-r^RSi^W, MISS CAHTilTO J., see Major H. H. O'Caila^hAn 

McPHllT IPS-HEy^RNAI, In Sonora, Jen. 11, 1857, at the Catholic 
Charch, hy Rer. Tather flattery, Mr. T=:d ard MoTnillll-ns 
to Miss Mary Kef fe man, both of Jameptovn. 

MoCOILICIH, MRS, CATITRME, see Mr. Matthew 0. Barbor 

MeTXAOH-VARHXR, In Marlnosa, Atv;. 12, 1857, Mr. Ch^irlee 
MeTea^^ to ''iss Snrah M. Warner, fronerly of San Jose 

KEARS, MISS AITHIX, eee Dr. Atkinson 


MKnBOBI-OOOrEU., In San Fmndsco, Dec. 24, 1857, ^ Her. B. 
Brlerly, Mr. ^dwln H. Medbary to Miti Jlorllla L. 
Ooodell, all of thl« city. 

MnjLET, MISS MART B. , ■•• Mr. Wnrpta AeUey 

MKSnL-WEIHHEIMHR, At Shftsta, Jtoe 5, 1857, Mr. John MMkal 
of Trinity Co., to Mist Charlotte Wtlnhelmer of 
Tayvell Co, 111. 

WttSa, MISS ILMWIET, Mc Mr. Fr^mklln Ron^ 

MHIAI, miss MAHTHA, ■«• Mr. StOTihen Harrln^on 

MULS-MTOPHT, In San yranclnco, Awrll 21, 1857, by Rot. Ale- 
n»any. In the Trench Roaan Catholic ^harch, Mr. Francle 
William L. MellB, of MarlT>08a, to Mary A^s Mumhy, of 
San Trandseo 

MERCIEH-HinB, At MokelmnM Hill, Oct. 30, 1857, Mr. BertRa 

rmaeole Mereler to Mies Eufroelne Ride. PaT>er of Nor. 
13, 1857 

MSBHIIi, MISS M. JEHHIE, tee Mr. Edward Preecott 

KEHSIW, MISS AHHA CATHERISS, eee Mr. Jotaann Renann Drnhe 

MBTZLEH-BHUSCH, In fJan Fmnciaeo, March 18, 1857, by Rev. 7. 
Mooshake, Mr. Charlee E. B. MetxUr to Mlet Catherine 

mTEH-BlOM, In San yrancleco, Oct, 22, 1857, by Rev. Ajv-aetae 
Kellner, Mr. Johann Conrad Meyer to Mist Catherine Bl«g. 
both of this eitx 

MITERS, MISS SARAH, see Mr. John a. Hatch 

MILUnrao^, MISS IATE, see Her. Benjamin Akerly 

MIILAR]>.DAyiD, la San Leaadro, Oct. 4, 1857, Mr. T. W. Millard 
to Cnrolina, datj^ter of the late Louis David, "so., of 

MILL^, MISS CHRISTIEA, see Vr. H. B. %afamaa 


MILLER, MISS KATE B., eee Mr. Henry I. Beers 

MIIiEH, MISS LOCnrnA, see Mr. JoseT>h AIj^ 

MILLEBi-TQDD, In Sacramento, April 2, 1857, Mr. Solomon 
Miller to Mies Sarah Ann Todd 


MILL8, MISS KVan, M« Mr. A. J. Xastoa 

MILLS, MRS. LTDIA AKR, t— Mr. Jeremiah W. dal* 

MinV, MISS JT7IIA, «•• BenjaolB Bro^n, Keq. 

MITCHZIL, MISS TSLLSX M, m« ;^r. John A. Mraier 

MITCHSL»LK7T, In San Fraaeisco, Jnljr 10, 1857, "by Benjamin 
Collins, tTnatiee of the P^ace, Mr. Isaao Mitohal, of 
Portland, 0. T., to Mist Hannah LeTjr, of 
San Fr^aolsoo 

MXTOHZL-KPPEHSLET, In Dry Creek To\ashi'D, Setit. 16, 1857, 'by 
J. M. Ko««, ^sq., Mr. Louis T. Mitchel to Misa Xllen Z. 
XTraersley, Itoth ot San Joaqoin Co. 

NIX-MA^IH, In Saa 7raaoisoo, Aiv7. 8, ia57, by Rev. Dr. Scott, 
Mr. Warren Mix to Mrs. Snsan Marvin, of Portland, Oregon 


HOrrn, NBS. B. M., aee Mr. J. S. Hicholls 

MCBK-TOASPai, In San Francisco, Hay 3, 1857, hy the ter. 

Aogoatas Kellnar, Mr. ComellTU Mohr to Miss Cecilia 
Toaapem, both of this eitjr 

MOLATT, MISS SLI^^BBTH R., ■•• Mr. Alexander Busvell 

MOHA0UAH, MISS MAST AHN., see Mr. J. S. Stansbory 

MOKfOHT (or MC«rrOBff)-MOORE, In San Francisco, Dee. 26, 1857, hy 
R«T. E. B. Bannister, Mr. L. Monfort (or Monfort) to Mist 
Kaxjr C. Moore, hoth of Alaaeda Co. 

MOmc-McCAJTRET, In San Francisco, Oct. 31, 1857, hy Josroh 
Antten, J. P., Mr. John Monk to Mrs. Ann McCaffrey, 
hoth of San Tfranclsoo. Paner of Not. 2, 1867 

NONROS, MISS HfJtmX H., tee Mr. Mn. H. SilTerthom 

MOHROE, MISS MAlTHA J., see Mr. A. J. Bi^lov 

MORTOCaCTRT-MAXWKLL, At Mai-^ll't Ranch, Hot. 24, 1857, Mr. 
J. C. MontjiCoaMry to Mitt Frances E. Maxwell. Tsmer 
of Dec. 2, \6Srr 

MOirrS-TKTUX, Miss ADCUSTA, see Mr. Andrea Arata 

MOHT, MISS rABHT, eae Mr. Panl A. BoMn 

M00DT-DAVI3, In San Jose, Mnreh 29, 1857, Mr. Aldin E. 

Moody to Miss Alice DaTis. Paper of Attril 8, 1857 


MOOnr, MISS MABIHA, m« Mr. A. C. B«rlt8lu>ff 

MOORE-WALL£R, At Clear Lain 7all«r» <fui< 30i 1857, "by the Her. 
a. V. Koman, Mr. Benjamin Moore to Mist Minerra Waller, 
all of Clear Lake Valley, Paner of Teib. 17, 1857 

KOOHS, MI^S HAiaXnr, eee Mr. Bneael Xelley 

KOORX, MI^^S MAST C, eee Mr. L. Moitfort (or Monfort) 

NOOBX, MISS SAHAH A., ee« Mr. John 7. Blythe 

NOOaS-Vimi, in San Traneiaco, July 17, 1857, by Her. Wm. Uray, 
Mr. Wn. H. Moore, of Santa Cms, to Hlas Elizabeth Winn, 
of this city 

MORAX-SMITE, In San 7ranoiseo, An^. 17, 1857, hy Rer. f. 

Mooehake, Mr. John Moran to Mist Bllse Saith, both of 
thia oity 

MOBGAJI^SDIir, In Herada, Jvne 20, 1857, Mr. John Morgan to Mis* 
Elisabeth Jane £ddy 

MOaiLLO, DOHA raAHCSSCA, B«e Don Bonifacio Lopez 

MOSBIS-LAHIBIOAB, In Oakland, Oct. 27, 1857, by Her. Thome 
Cain, Mr. John W. Korria to Miaa Catherine Landrigan, 
both of Oakland 

MORRIS-BLANESTSII, In San Franciaco, March 18, 1857, by ReT. S. 
Levy, Mr. M. A. Morria to Miaa 7azuiy Blankstein, all of 
thia city 

MOBBIS- SHEARED, In San franciaoo, in Calrary Cfaiiroh, Oct. 23, 
1857, Mr. Bobert D. Morrie to Mia* Clara Anna Shearer, 
both of thla city 

M0HSX30H, MISS J MTU, eee Mr. Gabriel Shindler 

MOBHOW-TAH TELSOS, In San 7ranciaco, Feb. 26, 1857, at the 

reaidence of Joaerih L. Rovell by Rct. Mr. Brierly, Mr. 
Qeor^ Morrow of San Francisco, to Nre. Charlotte Tnn 
Velaor, of Hew Tortc City 

lew Tork Panera please copy 

MORS!, MISS SAHAH X., see Mr. laaae w. Boee 

MORTILLEO, MRS. MABOABET, eee Mr. George L. Dalryn-)!* 

MOSES, MISS JULIA A., eee Mr. W. A. Bray 

MOOLE, MISS LOUISA S- I., aee Mr. Charlea B. Eoaea ek 


HOOVSOK, MBS. S£KBRIHA , see Mr. Silas Lock* 

MOOUT, MISS CABOLIHX, see Mr. Charlai Andrai 

MOVnER-PXraXT, In Onrnd Prarl*, Lan* Co., Or«eon, Sept. 2, 
1857, Mr. Samoal Mowdar to Miss Maiy S. ritney 

Mown, MISS THEHESA, sse Mr. Wllllaa Scars (or Ssares) 

MOnXr-IIMOHSTON, By Bar. S. H. Waters, Dso. 23, 1856, 
Mr. C. 0. Moxley, of Marysrllle, Calif., to 
Miss Zalls Tlifrlnla, third dau/^te* of ths Hon. 
Robert 0. Sdnonston, of Mnryleuid. Paper of Tab. 3, 1867 

HOTXR-BBOWN, In Linn Co., 0. T. , June 4, 1857, Mr. John Moy*r 
to MIpb Sllsabath, daxu^ter of Hon. II. L. Brovn 

MTJILTJ3<-IIX« In San rranclseo. May 11, 1857, bjr th« Bar. 

J. Rooahak*. Mr. Christopher Moallar to Kiss Max7 XUc 

MJLLBH, MISS ANNA MABIA , sea Mr. Wta. McNalll 

MUILEB-HITCHXLL, In Sacramento, kag. 24, 1857, by tha Bar. 
J. A. Banton. Mr. John A. Mailer to Miss £llan M. 
Mitchell, all of Saeramanto. Paper of Sept. 2, 18S7. 
Boston papers please copy 

MOLLIOAII} MISS MAR0A3ET, see Mr. Thomas Eorrigan 

KUBQO-SLACK, In Sonora, March 14, 1857, Mr. Alexander I-turgo 
to Mlse Mary Slack 

MOHPHT-BHENllAH, In San Tranclsco, IToT. 1, 1857, by the Rot. 
Father Oalla/^er, Mr. Jeramlah Murphy to Miss B. 
Brannaa, both of "e-- Tork City. 
!Iaw Toric papers please co-^y 

MUIPBT, MISS MART Aams, see Mr. Framls W. L. Malls 

MOBFHT, MISS MABT ABBET, see Mr. Philip Winklay 

MUHBAT, MISS SARAH S., see Mr. lavls R. Stanley 

MUSOROTS-WILSON, In Oraps Tallay, Jab. 10, 1857, by tha BaT. 
Xdaond D. Cooper, Mr. Blohard Masgrove to Mia? 
Margaret Wilson, of Philadelphia 

MOSIO, MISS SABAH HAIE, see Mr. P. 0. Bryan 

MOTE, MISS CLABA C, see Mr. Thomas 0. Sandford 

NTEB, MISS £MILT, see Col. Charles J. Ws^nar 

MTSB-BQBI7IS0N, In San Tranclsoo, Vab. 2, 1857, by Joseph W. 
Finlay, Esq., Justice of the Peace, Mr. John My«r to 
Miss Margaret Boblnson, of San Tranclsce 

»ITER8-PH1LLIPS, In C<mli«rTlll«, HarlT>o«a Co., Mr. ». ». Mjren 
to Mil* Carolina, dao^ter of Mr. Vm. PhllllTis. 
P«T>«r of Anrll 9, 1857. 

KTSH8-BRAIV0RD, At the Hownrd Street Onrch, in San 7ranei8C0, 
Doc. 39, 1857, bjr Bar. S. E. Willoy, Mr. Saimxel C. Mjrera, 
of G«yserrill«, Sonoma Co., to Nisa Liiiie Bradford, of 
this city. 

KTHICX-9T£TE3rs, In San yranclsco, April 21, 1857, "by the Rot. 
£. Bannister, Captain Joee^ Hyriok to Miss 7aani« £. 
Stersns, 'both of this citjr. 

lAOLEB, MIS3 TRIEP^^ICKE, sea Mr. Johaon J. anmavald. 

NAPI^, MISS rAKNIS L., see Mr. A. B. Rlohardson. 

■ASH. MISS LOOISA J., sea Mr. Villiaa J. Brouse. 

n»BX, MISS IJEOHXS, saa Capt. Villiaa B. Dennis. 

niL-STOR, In San Tranciaeo, ?eh. 14, 1857, "by tha rerjr Bar. 
Traacis Llaharia, Ticar Oaneral, Joee-oh J. Hell, Bsq., 
to Miss Sllan U. Stott, all of San Francisco. 
Haw Tork, Brooklyn and Sev Orleans ijapers please copy. 

HELSOH-JOBES, In San 7ranciseo, May 13, 1857, by the ReT. B. 
Brierly, Mr. David Halson to Miss Mary Jonas, both of 
this city. 

WESBIT-TBCBIBOH, In San rranciseo. Nor. 5, 1857, by Rev. Dr. 
Seott, Mr. Banjaain R. Heabit of the house of luc^s, 
burner & Co., to Mi^s Baesie yitsgerald, daughter of 
Jtidga A. J. Thornton, of San Traneieeo. 

HITILIi-0?WHH, In San rranciseo, at the residence of John H. 
lawis, laq. , by the Rar. Dr. Scott, A^jril P.3, 1857, 
Mr. John M. HaTilla to Mrs. Sarah A. Oabom, formerly 
of St. Louis, Ma. Paper of May 4, 1857. 

SmOUH-LOCKHAHI, In Toraat City, Juna 30, 1857, Mr. Da-rid 

Hawan to Niss Boxaaa Lookhart. Paper of July 11, 1857. 

IICBOIXS-MOrm, At tha residence of Hon 0. W. Wri^t, by tha 

li^t Bar. Bishop Xip, Mr. J. S. Hicholls, of San Traaciseo, 
to Mrs. B. M. Mofflt of Hew Tork. Paper of April 2, 1867. 

IICHOIOCH-KSTZMBLLA, Sept. 23, 1857, by tha Rar. Mr. thomaa, 
Nr. J. Banry Hieholoon to Miss tana T. Ea r^Il«. 

IIOXSaSOH, MISS ELIZABETH, see Mr. Thatcher Rosa. 


IflOKOLinS-KABTE, In Saeram«nto, Jon* 4, 1857, "by H«t. Mr. 
Bollln^r, Mr. Louis niekollng to Mr?. Susanna Karth. 

nCOLI, MRS. Sster, see Mr. Oscar Weatorer. 

inSS^, MISS ARNE CHRISTIKI, see Mr. Jss Josawi. 

HDCOI, MIS' SAAAE rRANOBS, Mr. Jaows T. Denny. 

HOBIX-BOTLSS, In Washington Co., Oregon, Mr. Heniy Jacksoa 
Hoble to Miss Martha 5. Boyles. Paper of Jons 13, 1657. 

lOOS, MISS OHABLORAf see Mr. Trederlek G. Went worth. 

RORTTrEIN. MISS PAULINI, see Mr. Heman lekelhelaer. 

NOBTOX, MISS CA!rHBIHX, see Mr. Joseph S. Hens. 

IQBTOH. MISS £LIZAHBTR, see Mr. John 7. Hsrtirall. 

I0T23, MISS SLIZAB3TH S., see Mr. George W. Preseott. 

HOniS, MISS LAUBA X., see Mr. Saaul N. Calvin. 

IDLAHD, MISS HA!niAE, see Nr. John Bselctel. 

QAOOX, MISS SDSiX A., see Mr. Alexander Bourne. 

OATWELL, MISS MAHT, see Mr. Samsl 0. Sorland. 

CBRAT-BHEiTCHLST, In Salt Lake City, Aug. 2, 18f57, Thomas Obrajr 
to MisB Caroline Brenehley from Bast Kent, Sn^land. 
Paper of Oct. 15, 1857. 

O'BHIIH, MISS MAGOIE, see Count J. D'Arey. 

0'CALLAnHAH-HePH?:HSOJI, In Sonoaa, June 14, T8S7, Major H. H. 
'Canadian, of Saeraitento, to Miss Caroline J. McPhernon 
of Sonona. Paper of July 2, 1857. 

C'CONNCa-yiTZPATRICK, In San Tranclsco, Feh. 8, 1857, hy SeT. 
H. P. Qalln^er, Mr. Daniel O'Connor, Jr., formerly of 
Watertovn, Wis., to Miss Margnret Iltzu'-trick of San Tranciseo. 

QSEH, MISS MART JAHE, see Mr. William Taylor. 

OODEN-PHATT, In MarysTllle, July 9, 1857, Mr. JoJ r. T. Ogden to 
Miss Harriet C. Pr?itt. See Paper of July 14, 1857, 

O'EARA, MRS- ELIZA, see Nr. John Tandepool. 

OBMST£H, MISS ELUH, see Mr. An^;aat Aobarlin. 

OUVXSLD, MISS MAHT J., ■«• Mr. C«or^ 0. Laabcrt. 

OlITES-lOfELESS, In Ogden City, Utah, March 29, 1857, Mr. Wllllaa 
T. ollTBr to Miss Vbooj LoTelom. Paper of Jon* 15, 1857. 

^•niLL, MISS SAHAH, •«« Mr. Oannlt Kelle/. 

OHTRAT-BACHSCHIER, In San rranclseo, April 11, 1857, "by Jostle* 
Finley, Nichasl Loula Onfray to Mlas Juliette Adelaide 

0HDWAT-0A3BS, In San Tranclaco, In CalTBr7 Church, Aug. 30, 1857, 
V Bar. Dr. Scott, Mr. Bohert Ordwejr to Miaa Cecelia Oahha. 

QBB, MISS £LIZA S., aee Mr. Thoa. Wethered. 

OBR, MISS MAHT, aee Mr. E. X. Traacis Shirland. 

OSBOai, MISS SABAH A., aee Mr. John M. Berille. 

O'SHAmHBSST, MISS HOnOBA. aee Mr. Patrick Xem. 

OSTCWK-BLAXE, In Smi J oae. Hot. 5, 1857, Mr. George Oatoelc to 
Mm. Mar/ W. Blake. 

OTIS, MISS ARKA, aep Mr. Oeorge P. Laird. 

OYSBlIH-nACKETT, In Soiaun, Solano Co., Aug. 27, 1857, S. I, 
Orerlin to Mian Bhoda L. Sackett. Pauer of Sept. 14, 1857. 

OWSH-DOIB, In Portamouth, H. H., July 30, 1857, Ehen Owen, of 
Saoreaento, Calif., to Mlaa Mary V. Dole, of Neveaatle. 
Paper of Sept. 19, 1857. 

owns, MISS LDCINDA D. , aee Mr. Wm. Harden. 

OVZHS, MISS MABX, aee Hickaon larlea, Jr., Xaq. 

PAIACHB-WHIT2, In San Trancleco, Sept. 1, 1857, Ollhert Palache, 
of S^ocraoento, to Miaa Margaret White, dau^ter of Williaa 
White, Beq. , of Petaluaa, Calif. 

PALMES-DAT, At Hew Almaden, Santa Clara Co., Hay 21, 1857, hy 
Hay. 8, H. Villey, of San 7rancl800, Mr. Charlea T. H. Palmer, 
of Tolaom, to Miaa Henrietta K., dau^ter of Eon Sherman Day, 
of Hew Alnadan. 

PALKEB, MISS CEABLOTTE £., aee Mr. Jamee £. Tovler. 

PAIKER-THCMPSOH, At Woodlands, Sonoma County, January 14, 1B57, 
by tha Her. Dr. Thrall, B. W. a. Palmer, Esq., to Miss Lucy 
Elian, second dao^ter of Jud^ P. S. Thompton* 

PALMER, MISS EMMA, see Mr. James C. Hollenbeak. 

PAHJDBE- riSH, In San 7ranci8C0, Sept. 17, 1857, In CalTarjr 

Cfaoioh, ty H«T. Dr. Scott, Mr. Trederlek 7. Pardee to Mlaa 
Martha C. Tlah. 

PABKEa-VHimXT, In San Trancisoo, Deo. 15, 1857, "by the Bar. 

Dr. Soott, Mr. Charles T. Faxlcer to Miss iXba. EliM Whitney. 

PAaEER-HoDOHALD, In San Pranclsco, Dec. 22, 1857, hy He v. Dr. 
Soott, Mr. C. 0. Parker, to Miss Susan Laura McDonald, both 
of this city. 

PAIOCER, KISS MASIA S., see Mr. Jane-? Root. 

PARKER, MISS MART AHK, see Mr. Daniel C. Buckner. 

PAHEEH-McCKRRON, In Maryeville, October 17, 1857, Miles Parker 
to Mrs. Marf^aret !teCerron. 

PARSOIfS-BROlfFOH, In Sonora, March 28, 1957, Mr. James Parson* 
to Miss loelia Brunton. Paper of April 9, 1857. 

PATRICE, MISS ISABELLA A., see Mr. Trank Bo^sr. 

PATTEascn-SHACELEyORD, In Scott Yalley, October 4, 1857, 0. ¥. 
Patterson to Mm. Lucy Shackleford, both of that place. 

FATTOH. MRS- RACHAJ£L 0., see Mr. H. V. Johnson. 

PEACOCK-RUSH, At Webb's Ranch, Jan. 20, 1857, by Rsr. E. B. 
Ualsworth, Mr. George W. Peacock, to Miss Bella Rush. 

PEASE-HAHD, In San Francisco, October 14, 1857, by Rer. E. 8. 
Laoy, Mr. John H. Pease, to Mrs. Sarah C. Road, both of 
Nantucket, Maris. 

PXASLZE, KISS yAiniXX K., see Richard 7. Pratt. Esq. 

PECI-KDQH, In San Trancisco, Jan. 29, 1857, by Rer. J. Mooshafce, 

Mr. Martin Peck to Miss Christina Kuch. Paijer of ?eb. 18, 1857. 

FEEX8, MISS CATEFSIKS N., wa Mr. Hen>y R. .Ryna. 

PXLL, KISS JOSEPH, see Dennis Colby* 

PSnCB-nARnumi, in San Trancisoo, Jane 4, 1857, by the Rar. 

in«aatna Kellner, Mr. Christian Penke to Misa Amelia Eartnamu 

PEBEIVS, MIS CLABA X., sac B«y. Ita. Vilaot. 

PaBEINS-COLS, In Sacranento, Oct. 25, 1857, Joaeph Perkint, 
formerly of Salem, Kase., to Mlsa Hmlly Col*, late of 
Jefferson Co., both now of Placer,Ce., Calif, 
paper of Iot. 2, 1857. 

PXHKX9S, MISS HART, see Mr. Km. PloraB. 

PXRRT, MBS- ELIZABETH CELIHE, ere Mr. Banlllal 0. Wilting. 

BRER, MISS HAVCT, see Mr. George Gofer. 

PETEBS, MISS PBANCES L. , see Mr. James W. Saris. 

PBTEHSOf, JCBI-BEIB, In Sa" Francisco, Sept. 17, 1857, by the 
R«T. f. Mooshaka, Mr. John Petereon to Miss Jeanette Helh, 
both of San Lorenao. 

PrsXnSB, MISS MABOAHETHA Elizabeth, see Mr. Johann Ootlleb Blv 

PHILLIPS. MISS CAHQLIKE:, see Mr. J. 7. Krsrs. 

PHILLIPS. HISS CAHOLIHE T. . see Mr. Samoel Ambrose. 

PHIIHKT, CATHABIKE B., see J. Osoar Bronaon, M. S. 

PHOLX, MISS saSAH E., see Mr. SaTld Strickland. 

PICKETT. MISS L. 0., s«e Mr. I. a. Wlokershaa. 

PIEBCE-THOMPSOK, In San Boaan Tail*/, March 3, 1857, Mr. J. 
SolllTan Pierce to Miss W. Q. Thompson. 

PILLSBUHT-CUBLET, In San Andreas, April 12, 1867, Mr. D. H. 
Pillsborsr to Miss Delia Cnrley. 

^INEHAM, MISS PHEBE, see Mr. John D. Bagnell. 

PITCiTOHTH, Misr KEBCT H., see Mr. Bichard Jenkins. 

PITHEH, MISS HABTETTX, see Mr. Edward S. Stevens. 

PITKET, MISS HAHT X., see Mr. Soauel Movder. 

PLOMBEB, MI'^S ALMA N., see Mr. Oeorge L. Tamer. 

POUC-McCLELLANT), In San Pranclico, YSov. 13, 1857, at the Pirst 
Baotlst Chorch, by Ber, B. Brlerly, Mr. Bobert E. Polk, of 
the Steamer Bra^on, to Hiss Mary B. McO lelland, both of 
San Pranoisoo. St. Louis papers please copy. 

POLJXXJE-BBASTOW, In San Prancisco, at the residence of Capt. 
SeyaoTir, March 18, 1857, by Ber. S. H. Willey, Mr. James 
Pollock of Benecia to Miss Mary Ann Prancis Brastow of 
this citjr. 


POOL, MISS POLLT ABB, see Mr. J. Stroa«. 

POOIX, MISS ELIZABSIH D., see Joseph Eale, £aq. 

FOOIE, MISS ntANCSS B., tee Mr. W. S. Skldnon. 

POOUC, MISS jnLIA S., tee Mr. HeBrjr C Bldwell. 

POOia-DODDS, In San Trancleco, Deo. 16, 1857, "by Hey. Dr. 
Anderson, Mr. K. A. Poole, of Contra Costa Coe, to Miss 
Xllzabeth J. Dodda, of San Trvncisoo, 

POHrS^-WILlIW''SOH, In San Francisco, Not. .?P, 1857, Mr. 
harles B. Porter, of Green Valley, Contra Costa Co., 
to Miss Annie Willlarason, of San Francisco. 

POOTKH-BVinO, In Snji Franelsco, Veb. 1, 1857, "by Rev. S. E. 
Wllley, Mr. Jullns C. Porter to Miss Ellen 1. Bwlng, all 
of this oltjr. 

POSET, MISS JSSSIS EAHIE, see Capt. A. P. Green. 

POma-CHSKVER, In San Trancleco, Fel). 10, 1857, "by Bar, 
S. H. Villey. Mr. Charles S. Potter, of the flm of 
McBaer ?- Merrill, to Miss Mary H. Cheever, all of San 

POTTSa-SHODES, In Sr-oramento, Jan. 31, 1857, Mr. Oeorg* 
Potter of CoBuanes to Miss Lnelnda BhodAs of the sam* 
place. Paper of Teh. 5, 1857. 

POnSB, MBS. MIRANDA t. , see Mr. C harles Lux. 

POniNOSR, MRS- BARBARA, see Mr. Joseph MoOllliyray. 

PRATT, MISS HARRIET C, see Mr. John T. Ogden. 

PRATT -PIASLEE , At Morphy's, Calaveras Co., Sept. .'iS, 1857, 

V Re^. Mr. McOoi»n, Richard ?. Pratt, Ssq. , of Marjrsrllle, 
Calif., formerly of Illinois, to Miss Pannie M. Peaslee, 
of Murphy's, formerly of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

PHBSCOTT-MEHRIIL, March 20, 1857, "by Rer. R. P. Cutler, Mr. 
Edward Pr4scott of Charlentovn, Mass., to Miss M. Jennie 
Merrill of North Conway, N. H. 
lastem -oapers please copy. 

PHESCOTT-TTLSa, In San Francisco, At>e. 3, 1857, hy Rer. B. 
Brierly, George V. Prescott, Esq., to Miss Ellaaheth S. 
Tyler, of this city. See Prescott-Noyes. 
Mass. and Maine papers please copy. 

PIE^COW-NOTSS, In San Pranclsoo, Aug. 3, 1857, by Rer. B. 
Brierly, George W. Prescott. Eso., to Miss Elis&heth S. 
loyss of this city. see Prer^eott. Tyler. 
Mass, and Maine papers please copy. 

PRSSHO, BLARIXHA AlOUSTA, tec Wllllaa Janne*/. 

PB£STOH-LliBlT, In Uniontovn, Aug. 6, 1857, John Preston to 
Niat Sarah Jane Llnsay. 

PRXCX, NaSv IXIZABZTH, soe Mr. Jaaaa Cranshav. . 

PBIC X, MISS JUIU X., Boe Mr. L. L. Sawjrer. 

PHITCHAHI>-CHAMSEHS, In Sacramento, April 28, 1857, 'by the Her. 
V. R. Qoher, Mr. William Prltcbard to Mlas America Chaahera. 
Paper of Kajr 5, 1857. 

PHDBW-POLLIS, In Linn Co., 0. T. , July 9, 1857, Mr. Jacoh 
Proatt to Mlaa Mary Jane, daughter of Allan Follla. 

PULSTEH-sODTJI, In Coluaa, Teb. 1, 1857, by Charlea Spauldlnit, 
Mr. Joaeph Pulafer to Mlaa Panny A. Seiapla. 

PDnUM, MISS MAHT M., aae Mr. A. B. Pa/. 

QUIVJST, MISS ABK ELIZABSTH, see George H. Jeffaraon. 

RABE-MARTIK, In San Pranclaco, May 5, 1857, at the resldane* 
of Mr. Charlea Watroua, hy the R«t. R. P. Cutler, Dr. 
William Raba to Mlaa Pannla Martin, both of this city. 

RABI), MR S. SARAH C, aee Mr. John H. Pease. 

RANBALL-TOBK, In Colomhla, June 7, 1857, Mr. Bhodaa B Randall 
to Mlaa Sarah Jana Toik, hoth of Janaatown. 

RANBXT, MISS A. A., aae Mr. J. H. Smith. 

RAHSOM, MRS. lABCT, aae Mr. Jeaae C. Henderaon. 

RATBJiai, MISS LEHA, aae Hr. Andraaa Abrott (aea Ahhott). 

RAT-KDBASX, At Raaslan RlTer, April 5, 1857, Mr. S. Bay of 
Slarra to Mlaa £lTlra Sahank of Raaslan RlTer. 

RSAStEOLKH, In Todd'a Talley, Placer Co., 'eh. 22, 1887, 

A. 0. Bead to Mlaa X. J. Bolton. Paper of March 10, 1867. 

SEAINS, MISS PARNT, aea Morgan H. Thombur^. 

BXDUB, MISS H. B., see Mr. S. J. Loop. 

HKEMCan>-SCOTP, In San Pmncloco, Nor. 12, 1857, at Oraoe Church, 
hy the Rer. P. C. Ewer, Mr. Robert M. Redmond, if Brarton, 
England, to Mlae Bather Scott of Boaton, Mass. 
Papers of Zngland and Masaaohueatta please copy. 


BXXD-VIICQX, In San Tranclaco, at Orac* Chtiroh, March 17, 
1857, "bj Bar. Vfm. H. Hill, Mr. 1. T. Haed, foimaply of 
Jefferaon Co., New Tortc, to MIsb Tranees Ellxa Wllooz, 
all of thla cit7. 

BSDV-BAIIET. In Mill Creek Ward, TTtah, April 23. 1857. Mr. 

Lather Heed to Mies S. S. Bailey. Paper of June 15, 1857. 

BEES, MISS S. M., see Saoael W. Boring, leq. 

BSSD-EdLOEK, In San ?ranclsco, Dee. 29, 1857, "by Bar. S. S. 
Lacy, Mr. V. D. Reed, of San Joaqaln, to Mlee A. Ao^ata 
Holdia of Mas a. 

IZn-TIII, In Stockton, Octoher 4, 1857, John T. Been to 
m«n TlTB. 

BXETX, HISS MART ETTS. aee Wickham C. McNlah. 

BSIB-MeXXI, In San rranclace. Dee. 6, 1857, by Bar. S. B. 
Vlllar, Mr. William V. Bald, of Alameda Co., to Mlae 
Haroiah McKen of thla elt^. 

B£ILIBOER-B£ILBBUAK, In MAryavilla, Koy. 9, 1857, Mr. Henry 
Relllnger to Mlaa Clara Eellhroan. 

BXIILT«9TRAm, At Salem, Oregon Territory, A-irll 7, 1857, 
Mr. Adolnfaaa J. Rellly to Misa Sarah S. Strang. Pa|Mr 
of May 6, 1857. 

BEIIXT, MISS MABaABET, aee Mr. George Soholi. 

BKINQU), MISS MABTHA, see Mr. John Vler. 

BBUM-ZIMKEB, In Maiyarille. July 24. 1857. Mr. Oharlea Bella 
to Mlaa Haonett Zianer. 

BXSEB-HQIETVEIJ.. In San Tranclsco, July 9, 1857, hy Bar. 1. 
Brierly. in the Waahington Street Charoh, Mr. Johnaon W. 
Baaar to Mlaa Loolaa M. Honeywell, both of thla olty. 

BITSBS-LEX. In Sacramento, May 24, 1857, Mr. Wm. Bavere of 
Volaoa, to Mlaa Mary Ann Lee. 

BSnOLDS, MISS MABIA, aee Mr. Jaaaa Wilson. 

BBOms, MISS AIDIS M., aee Mr. Treeaan Oatea. 

BBODrS, MISS LTJCINBA, aee Mr. Oeorge Potter. 

Bid, MISS EMILIBE, aee Mr. Zdword Connor. 

BIOB. MISS MABTEA M., aee Mr. Bshinger. 



HICHAHDSOH-HAPIIH, At the Dawton nouse, Sacraaento, July 28, 
1887, hy th« R«T. Vta. Hill, Mr. A. H. Hlehardaon, fornerly 
of Qulnoy, 111., to HIbs Fannla L. Vapler, formerly of 
Sngland, both of Salmon fall*, XI Dorado Oe. 

aiCHAHDSOI, MISS KlIZl, tee Mr. Jonothan H. Blrdaall. 

RIDE, MISS snTROSIHE, ase Mr. Bartran Traneoia Mereier. 

RIUHMBUJER, MISS MA5IAI, aae Mr. Oaorg* Barrett. 

RISEOOT, HISS H. JZUHll, aM Mr. Ninord S. Threahar. 

RIOHXT-WILSr^, At Nevto«B, II Dorado Co.. March 17, 1857, 
Mr. Adas Ri#:ney to Miaa Anna X. Vilaon. 

RILST-SHEHMAH, In San 7ranclB00, Anrll 14, 1857, hy the Bar. 
Dr. Seott, Mr. Cornelius Hllay to Hiss Sr.rah A. Shhnna* 

RIORMK, MISS MARRAHET, see Mr. Joseph Brady. 

RITT-AHHEHS, In San Jranolsco, Aag. 16, 1857, by the Rey. 
Mr. Mooshako, Mr. A. C. H. Rltt to Mrs. fhriatlne 
Trlederikl So-nhie Ahrena. Both of this city. 

ROBBIMS, MISS TRANCES S., see Mr. Helson Taylor. 

ROQBERTS, MRS. KAI3, see Mr. i;d]imnd Sirby Rogers. 

RQBEBSS, MISS MARTHA A., aee Mr. Oeorge W. Hoynes. 

ROBERTSOV, MISS MART H., see Dr. Thoaas J. Ball. 

ROBIHSOK-IEVHDRST, In San Tremclaeo, Dae. 17, 1856, by Bar. 
S. H. Vllley, Mr. Jacob Roblnaon to Martha Devtoirst, all 
of this city. 

ROBIKSOir, MISS MAR(}ARET, see Citpt. Wn. Baldwin. 

RaBIKSOK, Margaret, aee Mr. John Myer. 

RCBRECHT, MISS MART, see Mr. Janes Krase. 

ROBSCW-SCOTT, In San Tra^cisco, Dec. 19, 1857, by Rer. 

Trederick Bael, Vlllian Robson of Petalnaa, to Mias Jannetta 
Scott, late of Sault, Caa^da, West. 

ROCXVTU, MRS. KMILT H.. aee Mr. R. Tairicsbary, M. D. 

KODOERS, MISS TAKKIZ. see Mr. George D. Wiita. 


HOat-CAMPBBIi, In Oragon, Jul/ 13, 1857, H«t. O«orge Bm, 
of th« Oregon Conference of the M. X. Church, to Mist 
Ann Caapbell. Paper of July 30, 1857, 

lODOEBS (HC»EHS)-HCBEBrs, In San Francisco, July 18, 1857, 
*y H«T. S. H. Wllley, Mr. Sdanind Ilrty Rod^ra (Hogers) 
to Mre. Kate Hoherti, all of this city. 

HOOEHS-BBHWOT, In Ooluahla, Not. 26, 1857, Mr. H. J. Ho««n 
to Mlts Cinderella Bennett. Paper of Dec. 2, 1857. 

HMAS, MISS BOSAHIA, .ee Mr. Jaaas M. Traynor. 

BOBnz, MISS BSBTHA, te« Mr. Charlee Soconamn. 

BOOT-PAHKER, In San yranclBco, June 11, 1857, hy HeT. Edward 
S. Lacy, Mr. Janes Boot, of the flm of Cordon, Brooks A 
Boot, to Miss Maria S. Parker, both of Sam Francisco. 

BOSB-Orm, In San Francisco, June 30, 1857, by Bev. Jaoes H. 
Vllber, Marshall R. Boss of Sncraaento, Calif., to Miss 
Zllsabeth Olren of Johnstown, Penna. Paper of July 1. 

BOSE-ELLIOTT , At St. Helena, Vema. Co., July 5, 1857, H. D. 
Base, of Sulsun Valley, to Alseda L. Elliott of Wapa 

BOSIHBEao, MISS CECILIA, see Mr. Benjamin Hagan. 

BOgEBKBANS-LATSOH, In San Francisco, March 1, 1857, hy Bev. 

B. Brlerly, Mr. H. M. Bosenkrans, to Miss JossDhlne Latson, 
all of this city. 

BOSIBTHAI, MISS CAHOLHl, see Mr. Dayld Bush. 

BOSS-MCBSE, In San Francisco, at the First Congregational 

Church, May 21, 1857, by Bst. E. S. Lacy, Mr. Isaac W. Bosa 
to Miss Sarah 1. , dau^ter of Major Thonaa Morse. foHMrly 
of Bath, Me. 

BOSs-HICKEHSOB, At Coon Creek, Placer Co., Aug. 19, 1857, 
Thatcher Boss to Miss Elisabeth Bickerson. 

BOTH-KIBCHNEB, In Sacraaento, Aug. 27, 1857, by the Ber. J. A. 
Benton, Simon Roth to Miss WllllaxQlaa Klrchner, all of 
Sacraaento. Bev Orleans papers please copgr. 

HOUOH-MBEtra, At Wood's Ferry, March 29, 1857, Mr. Frsmklln 
Bough to Miss Harriet Meeker. 

B.(Mt-7A7S, At Mokelunne Hill, July 8, 1857, Mr. Joseph Bowe 
to Miss Mary Tave. 


aODOtPH-BTIEHLEH, In SacrMwnto, May 21, 1857, Mr. Godfrey 
Badolph of Xoio Hill, to Miss Catherlna Buehler, of 

BOWUtS-EKXTIKR, In CacharllU, Tolo Co., Oct. 28, 1857, 

Mr. L. B. Basgl«a to Mlas Martha Dexter. Paper of Not. 6, 

BDSH, MISS BELLX, Me Mr. Oeorge W. Peacock. 

auSE, MIS-: SARAH, see Mr. Soane Ballard, 

KJSfmi-WIIiUMS, In Santa Hoea, July 14, 1857, A. W. Baeaell, 
£■4., to Miss Henri H. Vllliaafl, of Santa Hosa. 

RTJSSXLL, MRS. ZLIZABETH H., see Mr. Jesse Stanton. 

BUSSZLL, HISS JOS£PHIHI N., see C. S. Hasten, Esq. 

HaW-AUOUSTE, In San ITanclsco, Not. 22, 1857, by the Her. 
J. Mooshake, Hr. J. P. Oarl Hast, of Crescent City, to 
Miss Sophie E. Aoeaste, of this city. 

HnTHKHPOHiy-WHlTI, In San Pranclsco, Aug. 6, 1857, hy the Ber. 
Dr. Scott, Capt. Andrew J. Rutherford, of the Schooner 
Cornelia Terry, to Mlas Mary White. 

BUTLEIOZ, MISS TIB&IKIA, see Mr. C harles Lewis. 

HTAH-BSHSDICT, In San Pranclsco, May 7, 1857, hy the Hev. 
H. P. Cutler, Jaoes Byaa to Catherine M. Benedict, hoth 
of this city. 

HTAH, MISS AaOAaET, see Mr. Peter Conway. 

HTAH-DALT, In San Jranclsco, Oct. 29, 1857, hy Hev. Dr. Scott, 
Nr. Vllllaa Byan, to Mrs. Margaret Crafts Daly. 

JtVa-PSSXS, In CaiQ)0 Seco, Cnlaverae Co. , March 25, 1857, 
Mr. Henry H. Byne to Miss Catherine M. Peeks. Paper of 
April 8, 1857. 

SABIH, MBS. HABBIET H., see Mr. John A. Do*. 

SACH5TT-SMITH, At Camp on Little Shasta, October 1, 1857, 
Albert Sackett to Amelia Smith. 

SAOIOBR, MISS BHODA L., see Mr. S. I. Orerlln. 

SADDUEMIBE, MISS AHHA I., see Mr. Helson Hudson. 

SAMPSOB-MoKZHZII, In Sonera, April 2, 1857, Mr. John A. 
Saapson to Miss Marela D. HcKensl*. 

SAHBCEI-STLTESTES, In San yranclsco, March 3, 1867, liy H«t. 
I. 8. Lacy, Mr. T. D. Sanborn, of Sonora, to Mlaa S. J. 
Sylrester, arrirad on tha aoldan Oate. 

SAHUSS, miss AMKLIA JJUa, aaa Mr. Oaorge Chadwlok. 

SAHiaas, MISS EDITH. aae Mr. A. 0. Hantar. 

8AHnroai>-MDTH, In San Tranclsco, Jona 28, 1857, by Bay. X. 8. 
Lacy, Mr. Thomas 0. Sandford to MIbb CI ra C. Muth, both 
of this city. 

SAHLES-OVOTS, In Haw Toik, Sept. 14, 1857, by Bar. Dr. J. V. 
Sarlea, Hlckaon Sarlea, Jr., Saq. to MIbp Mary Owana, of 
Hewburgh, N. T. Paper of Hot. 4, 1857. 
Stockton papera plaaae copy. 

8AS.SMAH-GIL1IS, In San Francisco, July 23, 1857, by Bar. Dr. 
Scott, Mr. John SnasDan, of Sweden, to Mlsa leabella 
01111a (vidow) of Hew Toxk. 

SAtnriEHS-McKAT, At the residence of Oapt. F. W. Macondray, 
April 30, 1857, by Mr. R. P. Ontler, Mr. Ollrer H. 
Sanndera, Captain of the bark Hocket, to Hlaa Elisabeth 
NoXay, both of Sales, Maas. 
Xaatem papera 'oleaae copy. 

SAWm-lAaoCHB, in San yranclaeo, by Archbiahop Alenany, Mr. 
Albert 7. Sawyer, H. L. , to Mlsa Elisabeth Laroche, both 
of San franclaco. Jan. 8, "'857, 

SAWIEH-PHICE, In San Pranclaco, March 3, 1857, by the Har. 
B. Brlerly, Mr. 1. 1. Sawyer to Mlas Julia E. Price, all 
of thla city. 

SAKflEH-ALIHICH, In San 7ranclaeo, March 10, 1857, In Calvary 
Church, by Her. Dr. Scott, Loranao Sawyer, Eaq. , of 
Watertown, Hew Tork, to Mlas Jennie M. Aldrlch of 
Loularllle, ly. 


8CHOW21iAUEH-EnCHOIT, In Sro rranolaco, July 20, 1857, by BaT. 
Sebaatlan Wolf, Mr. Paulua Schlotzhaaer to Mlaa Catharlna 
Xikfaoff. Sacraaento and Mountain Denocrat please copy. 

SCHHIBEH-MeOUIHK, In San I-ranclaco, Oct. 18, 1857, by Rev. 
2. S. Lacy, Mr. Loula Sehrlber to Mlaa Mary McOulra, both 
of San rraneiaoo. 

SCHHCEDER-KHOPPER, In San rnmclaeo, April 8, 1857, Mr. Auguat 
Peter Martin Schroadar to Mlaa Kargnret Knonper, both 
fomerly of Hamburg, Hay. T. Nooahake officiating. 

SCHROTH-OIUUN, In Sm rnoclsco, Jtum 24, 18S7, ^j B«T. 

Dr. Ter Mebr. Mr. Charlea Schroth to Mlas Martha ailaaa, 
both of this clt/. Paper of July 7, 1667. 

SCHEOTH-TILUUB, In San TranclBCo, Jon* 24, 1857, by Bat. 

Dr. T«r M«hr, Mr. Charles Schroth to Miss Martha Tillian. 
Papar of J oly 6, 1857. ( ace the abov* . ) 

SOHOBHEUr-B^XXS, In San Trajxcisoo, by B»v. f. Moothak*, 
May 5, 1857, Kr. S. Sehubnall to Miss ><ary Beker. 

SCHtn.Z-KEILLT, In Saa rraneisco, Jtum 7, 1857, by Rbt. 

T&ther Oalla^er, Mr. Oeorge Sohuls, of Baltimore, to Mita 
Margaret Rellly, of Hobart Town. 

SCHTCTJTFKR-WAHD, Bear S-uj Dlsgo, April 28, 1857, at the 
Fantoja Honsa, Mr. Joseph Schyeaffer to Mlsa M. Vard. 
Paper of May 15, 1857. 

SCOTT, MISS ZSTKSH, see Mr. Hobert M. Redman. 

SCOTT-BOn), In San Tranclsoo, Sept. 26, 1857, by Bar. Dr. 

Scott, Mr. Oaorge A. Seoit to Mrs. Elisabeth risher Bond. 

SCOTT, KISr< JAHiraTCT, see Mr. Wllllaa Hobaon. 

SCOTT-B:3raBra, At Tankee Jla's, May 25, 1857, Mr. John S. 
Scott to Miss Sa411e Bennett. Paper of Jane 1, 1857. 

SCOlTIJa. MISS AONES PARK, see Mr. Asa Waloott. 

SOULLT. MRS. M. , see Mr. 0. V. Eaooaers. 

SEABL, MISS JANT. MARIA, see Mr. Alexander B. Ohalaers. 

S£ARS (SEARES)-MOVBI, In San Tranclsoo, Dee. 6, 1857, by 
Orrln Bailey, J. P., Mr. Willian) Sears (Seares) to Hiss 
Theresa Movxy, both of San Praacisco. 

SEElT-WAliER, In Treka, May 18, 1857, Mr. Albert Seely, 
fotaerly of Oalena, 111., fo Miss Qaaa Walker. 

SQiPIS, KISS PAMT A., see Mr. Joseph Polsfer. 

SENSSIOHS-THCMAS, In San Pranclsoo, iaag. 18, 1857, by th« 
HaT. Mr. Wllley, Kr. J. Sensslone to Mrs. H. S. Thomas, 
all of this city. Paper of Ang. 19, 1857. 

SERI-STr^AHT, In Sacramento, Ajvc 22, 1857, by Judge C. 0. 
Jenks, Mr. Bem'^rd Sere to Kisa Catherine Stewart, both 
of Sacmaento. 

SSSKOH-DIMOV, In San Tranciaeo, Dec. 25, 1856, by Rar. 

Patber Laberia, in Tallejo St. Ofaurch, Mr. Robert Sesnon 
to Mies Catherine Dlmon, of thia city. Paper of Jan. 3, 
1887. New Toric and Boston -raapers vlease copy. 


SSTTU-CARH, At TankM Jin'a at the Canro Meeting Oround, 
S«pt. 8. 18S7. ReT. H. C. 8«ttl« to Hits Carr, both of 
TBslc*e*B JIb. 

SHACEEUORD, MHS. LtTCT, see Mr. 0. V. Patterson. 

SHA7IXR, MISS JULIA, see Mr. Bufas Saapp. 

SKAKESPBAH-7RSSBUH0IR, In San Tranclsco, April 29, 1887, 
at the parsonage of the Povell Street M. X. Church, hy 
the Her. 1. Bannister, Mr. Olirer P. Shakeapear of 
Colaea Co., Calif., to Miss Elisa Jane Treebarger, of 

SHABIZT, MISS ASKA, see Mr. A. P. H. LaV-dic. 

SHAV, MISS 0£OBaiAHA A., are Mr. lawson S. Adeuns. 

SBXABSE, MISS CLABA AHNA, see Mr. Bohert S. Morris. 

SHEPAHD-WESTrKEAVOR (WE??rsjJHATEIl), On St. Talentina's Ere, 
Teh. 13, 1857, hjr B«t. X. B. Wadsworth, Mr. 5. A. Shepasd 
to Miss A. Hettie Westenharor (VeetenhaTer), all of 

SHXPHESD, MRS. HAHHAE, see Mr. Vathan Smith. 

SBXPHEBS, MISS LIZZIB, see Mr. Asa L. Wsn^man. 

SHEPHERD-WILLIAMS, In Sacramento, at Oraee Church, Sept. 1, 
1857, hy Rer. Hn. H. Hill, Nicholas E. Shenherd, formerly 
of Otsego Co., Hew Tork, to Mrs. Ann Williams, late of 

8HERXAX-HAUCT, At San Jose, April 2f^, 1857, hy the Rer. B. 
Brierly, John T. Sherman to Mary C. Haley, hoth of 
CalaTsras Tallejr, Santa Clara Co. 

SHEBXAH, MISS SARAH A., see Mr. Cornelius Riley. 

SHULDS-BARHT, In Marysrllle, July 12, 1857, Mr. B. H. (R.) 
Shields to Mise Anna ?. Barry. 

SHIILITIOSB0UB&-TaOS, At Tails Jo, Hot. 18, 1857, hy Eeniy Hook, 
William Shillingshonrg, of Philadelphia, to Miss Josephin* 
Togs of the seuse place. Paper of Dsc. 1, 1857. 
Philadelphia papers please copy. 

SHIITDLni-MORBISOH, In San Tranolsco, May 29, 1857, at the 
Tirst Congregational Church, hy Rst. E. S. Lacy, Mr. 
Cahrisl Shindler to Miss Janet Morrison. 

SHIBLAia>>aBH, At the Pine OroTe Bouse, Placer Co., May 29, 
1857, Mr. H. X. francin Shlrland to Miss Mary Orr, hoth 
late of Hew Tork City. Paper of June 8, 1857. 

SHIHPSII-SPHIKOSa, In Flaearnil*, Jolj 8, 1857, Mr. Darld 
Shlrpaltt to BalislcBb Jaaeit* SvriBe»T. Palter of July 15, 

SHIBPSn-SPRINOLI, In Placenrlll«, July 8, 1357, Hr. Darld 
Shlrpil* to Miss Be'bekah Jan«tt« Sprinkle. P&p«r of 
July 14, 1887. 

SHOCKLET-HAaur, In Saoraaanto, Jan. 20, 1857, at the r«ti- 
dcnce of Capt. J. P. Hardy, ^y the Hon. David S. Terry, 
Justice of the SupresM Oourt, rioyd Shooklsy, of San 
Jrancisoo, to Miss Martha Hardy, of Sacnuaanto. 

SHULTZ, MISS H.. see Mr. liohard Williaaa. 

SI2TSHS-KLIEHW0HI, In San Tranclseo, Aug. 15, 1857, by th« 

Bat. r. Mooshaka, Mr. T. C. SieTsrs to Hiss Matilda Louisa 
nianwort, of San Matao, hoth fomarly of Altona. 

SIOHIST-KADCX, In San yranclsco. Tab. 24, 1857, by tha Bar. 
rather Oalla^er, Mr. rraderiek Sigrist to Mlas Sarah 

S ILTJimHOHH-MOHHOE , June 1, 1857, by Hev. E. 8. Lacy, 

Mr. Willlan H. Silverthom of Baltimore, Md., to Miss 

Martha H. Monroe, of Salen, Mass. 

Saleo, Baltlaore emd Cincinnati papers please copy. 

SIMMCnrS-BOVnra, March 8, 1857, at the residence of tha hrlda*! 
father, by Her. J. B. Sazton, Mr. Joserth S. Slmmona to 
Miss Elian Bowden, all of Snn Traneisco. 

Simcm, MISS MABT L., aee Hr. Marcus 0. Boiuek. 

SIHON-MAOTHl, In San Traneisco, Sept. 26, 1857, by Rev, A. 
Bahn, Mr. John Siaon of Springfield, Tuilumne Co. , to 
Miss Bemhardina Mauthi, of San Traneisco. 

SIMOHTOH-HAITLATOHD, In San Traneisco, Dae. 29, 1857, by BeT. 
B. Brierly, Oeorge H. Sinonton of San Joaquin to Miss 
Mary J. Hannaford, of Portland, Me. 

SIMPSOl, MISS SARAH, see Mr. «a. E. I^r. 

SIHPSOB-HAMBLT, In San Traneisco, Jan. 15, 1857, by Bar. Dr. 
Anderson, Mr. Thonas R. Simpson, Ssq. , of Tuba Co., to 
Miss Mazy J., daughter of OabThoaas C. Eaably of San 

SIMS, MIS- SLIZABBTH. see Mr. Wm. Sias. 

SIHS-3IHS, At Clear La^:e Tallay, Tab. 2, 1857, by Rer. 0. W. 
Horman, Mr. Vm. Slaa to Hiss nitabath Sims, all of 
Clear Lake Tallay. 

SKIWOK-POaut, Dae. 31, 1856, by Hey. Dr. Andenon, W. D. 
Skidaon, of Sncraaento, to MIbs rruie«a Z. Pool* of 
Teraoni. Paper of Jan. 22, 1857. 

SXXnxa, miss SLLSK HOBA, ■•• Mr. Orlff in Dobaon. 

SUMEH-OHOVES, In Stoclrton, Maroh 24, 1857, Dr. J. 8. 

Skinner to Miaa AbMa J. Ororee. Paper of April 3, 1857. 

SLAOE. MISS MAHT, ae« Mr. Alexander Nuso. 

SLOCTJMB, MISS SAHAE, tee Mr. Oharlea C. Knox. 

SMAlLIT-aJAHA, In Petaluia, Jan. 18, 1857, by J. W. Shatttick, 
Bs4. , Mr. Jaaea J. aaallay, of Santa Roaa, to Miaa Ambrocia 
Xgara of Potalnaa. 

SMITH, MISS AMELIA, see Mr. Albert Saekett. 

SMITH, MlSr. AMELIA, aee Mr. W. 0. Lawton. 

SMITH, MISS AHNIE, aee Mr. Alfred W. ftilae. 

SMITH-CLAT, In San ?ranclaco. May 21, 1857, by HeT. Dr. Scott, 
Mr. Charlea Snith to Miia Sllaabeth Clay, all of thia city, 

SMITH-TOBO, At the regldenea of her brother, in Olarkvrille, 
El Dorado, Co., by %▼. D. A. Dryden, Mr. Edwin Staith, of 
Santa Clara, fomerly of Ohio, to Miaa Susan Tong, late of 
St. LoulaV Ho. Pft'oer of April 1, 1857. 
SaeraBento papera please copy. 

SMITH, MISS SISIS, aee Mr. John Moran. 

SMITH, MISS SLIZA. aee Mr. John 7. Crawley. 

SMITH, MISS ETIZA, aee Mr. «k. Carroll. 

SMITH, MISS ELIZABETH, aee Mr. Henry Xnegga. 

SMIIH-SHEPHEaD, In Oregon, May 7, 1857, Mr. Hathan Smith to 
Mra. Hannah Shepherd. Paper of June 2, 1857. 

SMITH-HAHHET, On Conannmea Hirer, near Cook* a Bay, April 23, 
1857, Mr. J. H. Staith to Miaa A. A. Bannsy. 

SMITH-BEHTaAND, In San Francisco, July 2, 1857, at the residence 
of A. 7. Bond, Stockton Street, by Rer. H. P. Cutler, Mr. 
Willian L. Snith, formerly of Michigan, to Mra. Soaina 
Bert rand, of Brooklyn, H. T, 

SHAPP-SHATTEH, At Orleana Tlat, lerada Connty, Got. 4, 1B57, 
Mr. Hofae Snapp to Miaa Julia Shaffer. 


SULL-raOI, In Spanish Tork City, May 11, 1857, Mr. John 
W. 8m11 to Hits Anna Lticllla Beok. 

SOMiJlSET-HJHKAOT, At Oraee Church, San Franclaeo, Jan. 29, 
1857, by Ear. J. Avery Shepherd, Mr. Thoaas Sonerget to 
Mite S?-rah A. Dorrant, hoth of Sao Xranclsco, 

SOiraTAO, MISS MABXA M., see Mr. John P. H. VTantworth. 

3PBBC1-H00D, In San Francisco, March 21, 1857, at the resi- 
dence of Mr. Jonothan Peel, Esq., hy Rev. Dr. Soott, 
Mr. John 7. Spence of Sodega, to Miss Jane Hood of 
Sonoaa Co* 

SPEHCSa. MBS. MABIA All. see Mr. Jeaes Oray. 

SPICSH, MISS SEBA, see Dr. J. 8. Titus. 

SPOOIER, MISS TRANCES A. , see Mr. John H. Kiahall. 

S?RI10LE, MIS'- R£BKKAH JAKSITTX, see Mr. Darid Shlrpsie (see helov). 

SPHIiroZR, MlSf^ HEBEKAH JARSTTX, see Mr. Darld Shlrpsie (see above). 

Snra, HISS AMELIA, see Mr. John M. Bgbert. 

SqpiEHS-McOnniESS, in San Jranclsco, Jan. 23, 1857, by Rev. 
Father Oallai^her, Mr. Joshua H. Squlers, of Beneeia, to 
MlsB Bridget HcOinneea, of San Francisco. 
Hew Torir rjapers please copy. 

SROUFS, MISS PAULIIDE, see Mr. George MeOulre. 

STAMFORD, MISS HAHHAH I., see Benjaain C. Stevens. 

STAHISLS-KAHHEHS, In Marysville, June 10, 1857, Mr. John 3, 
Staniels to Mrs. Hannah C. Banners. 

STAHIST-MDBHAI, In PetaluBa, Mn.rch 1, 1857, Mr. Lewis H. 
Stanley to Miss Sarah E. Murray. 

SIAKSBUHT-MOHAGHAH, In Saeraiaento, Jan. 1, 1857, Mr. J. 8. 
Stansbury to Miss Mary Ann Mona^ian. 

STAHTOI-RnSSlLL, At BaokBer's, Sacramento, July 4, 1857, 
Mr. Jesse Stanton to Mrs. Xliiabeth N. BusBell. 

STAHLET-JUPP, In Salt Lake City, June 4, 1857, Mr. Janes 
Starlsy to Miss Mary Jtcpp, late of Sussex, England. 
Paper of Aug. 14, 1857. 

STAina, MISS S. S. T. . see Mr. Loaan Vadhaas. 

STEEIT, MISS MATILDA, see Mr. fhoaas R. Henderson. 


SnCIBBXZSn-BACEMAK, In San 7ranci8O0, Oet. 25, 1857, at th« 
raildanea of th« bride's narenta, 17 Hlnna street, ty the 
BeT. Dr. Lac7, Mr. Solomon Iteloheiser of Portland, 0. T. 
to Miss Mary Bactaman, of San Tranoleoo. 
Hev Tork and Philadelphia papere please cop/. 

STEHHULLEE, MISS LOUISA, aee Mr. Charles Hama. 

STZPBIIKSGfR. MRS. MART J., see Mr. Samel 0. Ilaora. 

STEPP-BOILITOTOH, In Heyada, July 19, 1857, Mr. Benjaain Storro 
to Mies ElisalMth Bult in^toa. 

STCTSOTI-JCflTES, In Stockton, Jane 10, 1857, by J. 0. Jenklne, 
Esq., Mr. James w. Stetson to Miss Mary S. Jones, all of 
San Joaquin Co. 

STSTEHS-BOZA^STH, At St. Helena, 0. T., March 19, 1857, 

Mr. BenJ. Sterena to Miss Jalia Ann Boaarth. Paoer of 
Auril 18, 1857. 

STSTZHS-STAKrORS, At City of Six, March 12, 1857, Benjamin 
C. Stevens to Miss Hannah I. Staaford. 

STSVEHS-PirUEa, In Batte Co., Sept. 13, 1857, Mr. ld>*n.rd S. 
SteTena to Mies Maryette Pitner. 

STEVIH8, MISS TKSfnZ S., aee Capt. Joserih Myriek. 

STSmS, MISS JSMHIS J., sec Mr. Jamas P. White. 

SnyraS, miss SASAH J., see Mr. S. P. Stonis. 

STZTEHSOH, MBS. MART J., see Mr. Samael 0. Slnore. 

8TSVABI, MISS CATHXRIU, see Mr. Bem&rd Sera. 

STEWARD-HAIRX. At Middle Bar, Mokelnme Hirer, feh. 22, 1857, 
Mr. Vn. Steward to Miss Elisabeth Maine. Paper of March 
3, 1857. 

STIDGER-VILLIAMSOH, At Horth San Joan, Hemda Co., Oet. 31, 
1857, Mr. John Stid^r to Mrs. Delia Williamson. Paper 
of Hot. 4, 1867. 

STODDARD-BSErrOH, In Stockton, Hot. 22, 1857, Mr. E. M. 

Stoddard to Miss Cynthia M. Benton. Paper of Dee. 3, 1857. 

STOn, MISS SIBBALA, Aea Mr. C harles C. T amavorth. 

STORMS -STSVENS, In San Tranciseo, Hot. 18, 1857, in CalTary 
Choreh, by HeT. Dr. Scott, Mr. S. P. Storms to Misa 
Sarah J. SteTena, both formerly of Brighton, Maee. 

8T0TT, MISS ILLKH M. , aee Mr. JoMTih J. H«ll. 

STOW. MISS QLXTS X., sea Mr. Oaorg* V. Tnnwj. 

STSABa, MISS SAHAH E., see Mr. AdolT>hM J. Hallljr. 

STHAUS, MISS BXOIHA, see Mr. Simon Breager. 

STRICILAHD-PHOLI, In San Trancisco, In CalTary Chureh, Jtag, 29, 
1857, by Her. Dr. Scott, Mr. Daria Strickland, of Sacramento 
City, to Mls8 Susan S. Phole, of Columbas, Oa. 

STHOITO-POOL, In Homitas, Mariposa County, May 12, 1857, Mr. 
J. Stroae to MisB Polly Ann Pool. 

STTJHDITAHT-HOTCHINSOH, At Oakland, Se-nt. 3, 1857, by ReT. 

T. C. Xver, Bobert 0. SturdlTant to Luoretla M. Hutchinson, 

SOTraBERC-nEHHISOH, In San yranolsco, by Rer. Dr. Scott, March 
20, 1857, Mr. Edward Sundberg to Miss Margaret Dennlson. 

SDTTOH, MISS ILLEH S., see Blchard D. Chandler. 

SWAII, MISS SUSAB 0., see Mr. Henry Classen. 

SWSETSER-TIMOHS, In San Francisco, April 19, 1857, by the Rev. 
B. Brlerly, Mr. Henry Sweetser to Anna Tlnons, all of this 

SVINIIAL, MISS SAHAH J., see Mr. J. J. 0. Boyd. 

STITSSTER, MIS'- S. J., see Mr. T. D. Sanborn. 

TALUtADQI-OHEEH, In DowileTllle, Not. 25, 1857, Mr. George X. 
Tallnadge to Miss Ellen Green. Paper of Deo. 4, 1857. 

TATLOH-ROBBINS, In Santa Cra«, Oct. 21, 1857, Mr. Nelson 

Taylor to Mlis Irances E. Robblnt. Paper of Hot. 3, 1857. 

TATLOH-THEAT , In San Francisco, In Orace Church, Anrll 19, 
1857, by the ReT. Wm. Ingraham Kip, Mr. George B. Taylor, 
of Columbia, Calif., to Mrs. Mary E. T reat, of San Francisco, 
fonserly of Bangor, Me. 

TAT10a-DoT'RETOTB!AI5X, In Sacramento, Feb. 25, 1857, by the Rot. 
Mr. Bhuck, Mr. John 0. T aylor to Miss Emma J. De Prefontalne. 

TATIOR, MISS JOSETmH C, see Mr. 0. B. Turrell. 

TATLOR-OIEW, In San Francisco, July 8, 1857, by ReT. Dr. Seott. 
Mr. William Taylor to Miss Mary Jane Oden. 
■ew Tork papers please co^y. 


tf«r— • — ♦*• Sar. 1. IrtAfOr. *"»• ' "'" "" 
". B., to Rn. Xallr S. 

nuna^uoiRToor. m SwrUad « B* lMi«t KlU, smt. ti, IMTF. 

Vr Mr. X. BaUiBrn>. Mr. T. K. ftor** «'* Mi«« IMvIm 
LU^foot. Wtk of Todd*« Valltr, nM«r C«. 

TBOMA' Mf Mr. #. 1— rtlMi 

?F.nx?.:^, Mitn luxr sostf, sM Mr. Mu e. 

TBCM/lS-'Cpir . niliMi M. 


VBOKPSOi, MXM niU S.. M* My. OlMrl** S. T«ac. 

B*^. , Mr. J'>ha TlMaipMr of TtnelA^. t*? '*r'). M&r? Iasbb af 


-"^-■'"- ■'• ■■ 'TOT lUJS, -J** ... ». w. r^.^r. S«4. 

. Off #. S. . M« Kr. Uarr 0. T*fW. 

iniCMPfOi. Vias SiUUE. ■«• Iltw «. «1at^ Ah. 

TBORPtOI. KZ8I «. t., M* M' ms Pl«i««. 

>3E, Xa 8«i rmolMo, fcljT 2. IMT, «gr %te B»t. 
7«tak»« Kr. y>n— ■ ThoMMMc Mfu! Hits Aatoala UMktr, 
bvtli •/ lliit eit> 

TB Om uaaB-MLUHg , in Kur/sYlll*, JxH/ ., > >?. Mr. ksrcM 

I. Thotnlhtr^ Vv Xl«a ftenf SmOim. ' ■^^. .' • 39, II6T. 

nonrai, kiss uxzxb b., tm Mr. omsio f . ovIbm. 

TBOir, MM. KliftBBn, »*• Mr. BlAlMr. 


TnAXKS-mraBi, ^rwMlteo 

^•th of this ti^if. 
?lBSBUni-r * ra >ror,cv>v-r I , i.»Y, 

lEyKSBOTT-aDCKWELL, In San 7ranci8co, at the bride's resl- 
denee, hr the B«t. B. Brierly, Jane 31, 1857, Mr. B. 
Tevks'barjr, M. D., to Mrs. Eollj H. Rockwell, all of thla 

THATlH-LlOBTrOOT, At Garland * De Lan«« Mill, Hot. 11, 1857, 
by Mr. E. Ballln^wr, Mr. y. M. Thaye* to Miss Mal-rlna 
Hotfoot, both of Todd's Valley, Placer Co, 

TBOMAS, MRS. H. S., see Hr. J. Senneslona. 

THOMAS, MISS NA3T 8USAH, see Mr. W>. 0. Barker. 

THOtAS-OOWER, In P laeer Co. , April 2, 1857, Mr. WUIIbb M. 
Thomas to Miss M. Gower. both of Placer C o. 

THOMPSOH, MISS SLIZA E., see Mr. Charles B. Toua«. 

THOMPSGV-LBaAB, In Benecia, May 2, 1857, by Oeorge H. Rlddell, 
Ssq., Mr. John Thonroson of England, to Mrs. Mary Legan of 

THOMPSOH, MIS:; LUOT XUJEH. see 0. V. C. Palmer, Bsq. 

THOMPSOH, MISS HART J. X., see Mr. Henry C. Te><ba. 

THOMPSOH, MXSS SAEAH, see Hlrcua C. Olatk, Ssq. 

THOKPSOV. MISS V. 0., see Mr. J. SnlllTan Pleroe. 

THOMSSN-MOCISR, In San Francisco, July 2, 1857, by the Hev. 
T. Mooshake, Mr. Thoaas Thonsen and Miss Antonla Mocker, 
both of this city. 

THOHNBUROH-RSAINS, In MarysTllle, Jtily 19, 1857, Mr. Morgan 

H. ThomboTgh to Hiss fanny Healne. Ppper of July 25, 1857. 

THORSTOH, MISS LIZZIZ E., see Mr. Oeorge T. Orlaes. 

THORP, MRS. XLIZABETH, see Mr. nelaar. 

THHSSHSR-RIHSODT, In San Franc Isco, Aug. 20, 1857, at the 
residence of Mr. Jacob Tftjderhlll, by Rev. H. P. Cutler, 
Mlnord S. Thresher to Miss H. Jennie Rldeout, both of 
this city. 

THTAHKS-BEHDSL, In San Francisco, A^v;. 15, 1857, by the Rot. 
Augustus Xellner, Mr. Henry TfayArks to Miss Helena Bendel, 
both of this city. 

TIEDSMAHH-HEHMAKH, In San Francisco, Feb. 17, 1857, by ReT. 
J. Mooshake, Mr. Johann Jacob Tiedemann to Miss Fcumy 

THOBITOa, MISS BSS8IX FITZOSaALD, see Benjaaln B. Hesblt. 


TIIUtAV, KISS MARTHA, tee Mr. Charlaa Schroth. 

TDIOn, MISS AMIU, Me Mr. H«iU7 Swsetser. 

TITTLE-WOBTHINOTOir, In SaoraMnto. April 16, 1897, Mr. Urn. S. 
nttla to Mre. M. M. Worthlngton. 

TITUS, MISS EUKICS A., see Jaaas E. Hardy. 

TITIJS-SPIC£R, In San Tranelsco, at Graoa Church, March 29, 1857, 

hy the Ri^t HeT. T. ?. Scott, Bla? op of Oregon, Dr. J. S. 

Tltua, of Plaeerrllle, to Hias Seha Splcer, of Towanda, Penna.. 
Paper of April 1, 1857. 

TITB9 MISS £LL£K, aea Mr. John T. Been. 

TQASiPSBN, MIS" CECILIA, Mr. Comellaa Mohr. 

TOED, MISS SAHAH AIB, Mr. Solomon Miller. 

TQLLES, MISS ELIZA 7., Mr. Vllliaa A. Bolln««r. 

TOLLES-HEaHlBG, At MaryeTllle, Aag. 20, 1857, hy the BaT. S. B. 
Walaworth, Jajnea S. Tolles to Martha J. Herrln/?, of 
Portland, Ma. 

TC»anrS0H-«HITE, in Polk Co., 0. T., July 5, 1857, Mr. Saanial 
C. Toallnaon of Marlon Co., to Mlaa Zliiaheth Jane Vhite. 
Paper of Aug. 1, 1857. 

TOKO, MISS SUSAR, aaa Mr. Zdwin 

TOWHXa, MISS MABT. aaa Mr. Warren Brown. 

TOWISSIB-tfOODS, In Qraea Tallay, SeTiteoher 26, 1857, Mr. C. C. 
Townaand to Mlaa Matilda B. Woods. Paper of Oct. 1, 1857. 

THAVSHS-yoWLKB, In San PremclBCO, Sept. 5, 1857, hy HaT. Dr. 
Scott, Mr. Seorsa W. Trarers to Mlaa Sarah Lo^iia'^ Towler, 
hoth of this city. 

THATNOH-HOJAS, At »iah Creek, HoTRda Co. , Jtme 2, 1857, Mr. 
Jaaas M. Traynor to Mlaa Roaaria Rojas. 

TREAT -SACHSLDOR, At Oold Springe, Toolumia Co., Aug. 4, 1857, 
Mr. Oaorge Treat to Mre. Clarinda Bacheldor. 

TR'AT, MRS. MART B., aaa Mr. Oeorge B. Taylor. 

TRIEOO, MISS BlUBH, aea Mr. J. B. McDonald. 

TROSPOl-McOUlHI!, In Anally ToimahlT), Sonoaa Connty, May 17, 
1857, Thomas 0. W. TrosT>ar to Cornelia Bliaaheth McOuira. 
Paper of jTine 1, 1857, 


I, MISS Z8ABELU, Me Mr. Baaxy Hagrt. 

F, NZ8S HSUVUi, m6 Mr. O«ozg« J. OrablU*. 

TtX>8. MISS JOSIPHIBX, sae Mr. Villiaa ahilllncaboiurg. 

TUin, MISS TEEHESA, aae Mr. Saimul J. Chlitanden. 

TnSlOS-PIUKBSR, In San Tranclseo, Jan. n3, 1857, at the 

Walton Houaa, Mr. Oaorge L. Turner, formerly of Oregon, 
to Hist Alaa M. Plumber, of San 7rBnolsco. 

TOBIXT->STOtf, At lefsda, lag. 6, 1857, Mr. Oeorge W. Tnmay 
to Miss Olire 8. Stov. 

TT]BBCIJ>TAn.OB, In San 7ranoiaco, Hot. 17, 1857, by tba 3eT. 
B. Brlerly, ?<r. 0. B. Torrell of this city, to Miss 
Josephine C. Taylor of liOulsrllle, Ky. 

TTLEBL, MISS X. M. , see Mr. John S. Qarls. 

TTUR, MISS 'ZL12AK7SB S., sea Mr. Oeorgft W. Preseott (sec 

Hexaan Emger. 

TnODDHIIL-OROTX , In Stockton, leh. 18, 1857, Itr. Henry B. 
Ib&erbill to Miss Virginia Orors. 

IP80H, MISS LOOT, see Mr. John Arnold. 

OBMT-THOMAS, In San yrancisoo, Sept. 30, 1857, hy Bishop 
Janes, Bar. Va, S. Umy and Miss Kana Bralnerd, eldest 
daoi^ter of Bar. S. and Cordelia Thoaas. Par>er of 
Oct. 7, 1857. 

TACA, MISS APQLQHU, see Mr. John Adamson. 

TAIBEBOiar, MISS MABl B., see Mr. George V. Welch. 

TARSKPOQL-O'HABA, In Benton Co., June 25, 1857, Mr. John 
TaaderMol to Mrs. Slisa 0*Eara, late of Marion Co. 
Paper of July 14, 1857. 

TAB PUff-XELTOH, At Big Bar Bridge on the Mokeluane RlTsr, 
March 18, 1857, Mr. John Tan Pelt to Miss Jane S. Kelton. 

TAB SCEAICK-AH&IXL, In Ollroy, Santn Clara Co., J\ily 30, 
1857, Mr. Bolnee S. Van Schaick to Miss Susan Angell. 
Paper of Aug. 11, 1857. 


TAK tSLSOH, MRS. CHABZ.ORB, M* Mr. Oaorge Monov. 

TAHVmCUE-CXPEn/k (ZEPSni), In Had Bluffs. May ^, 1857, 
Mr. Jaaon W. Taawlnkl* to S«non. Donna Taraanda Cep«da 
(Zepada), both of Bed Bluff e. Pwnar of Jona 6, 1857. 

TATI, MISn MABT, tee Mr. Josrph Bowe. 

TnaAl.-iai8(W, in San Tranclaco, Aag. 15, 1857, by tha Her. 
S. B. Roonay, Mr. Lewla Tanaal to Mr«. Baehal 0. Wllaon, 
both of thi« olty. 

TBHKIOSBBOIi ^ KISS AHHA, tea Mr. Renxy Togalgesaa^. 

TEHPIANCK, Jr.-OTBROW, In San Francisco, July 2, 1857, at 
Trinity Church, by the Her. ?. A. Bver, Philip Terplanck, 
Jr., to Mlas Ophelia M. Dorbrow, only daughter of Joseph 
Bnbrow, Xeq. , all of San Tranelseo. 

TILDKBMOTH, MIS" LODZSA, see Mr. Dickson. 

T00iL»2SAl»-TENNIGSHH0LZ, At Mokeluame Hill, ?eb. 10, 1857, 
by Bar. B. W. Bosk, Mr. Henry Togelgesane, fonnerly of 
the olty of Baltimore, to Miss Anna Tennlgerhols, lata 
of New Orleans. 

TOI THUEIXS-EHHBKCK, In San yranciaco, Oct. 2, 1857, by the 
Bar. r. Mooshake, Mr. William F. Ton Tfaoalan to Miss 
Dorothy i3irbaek, both of Contra Costa. 

TOBOKDO-OAaCIA, At Mission Dolores, San Franciaoo, Jan. 24, 
1857, £pifano Torondo to Maria C. Onrola. 

TORBATH, MISS CATHERI^IB, see Mr. Christian Meier Dirks. 

VOST-LA HOSE, At Oakland, May PA, 1857, by the Hon. and Bey. 
Saaael B. Bell, Oeoxe* E. Toee, Esq., to Miss Sarah Kate 
La Bose. 

TOPTO- WATERS, In San Trancleco, June 3, 1857, by Her. B. 
Brlerly, Mr. Jaaes Vutto to Miss Aoelia Waters, both of 
this city. 

WADE, MRS. MART AHH, see Oapt. Charles H. Domett. 

WADE-ARCHIBALD, In San Traneisco, at Craee Ohoroh, Anrll 1, 
1857, by the Rl^t Her. Bisho-n Scott of Oregon, Mr. Robert 
Wade, of Tolo County, Calif., to Miss Elisabeth Archibald, 
of Troy, H. T, 

WAHIANS-STATIXB, In San Tranclaco, A-nril 16, 1857, by Her. 
8. 0. Thrall, Mr. Inman Wadhams to Miss £. S. T. Stayner. 

WADSWOBTH-BOLBROOX, In San Trancisco, Jan. 22, 1857, by ReT. 
B. Brlerly, at the residence of th4 bride's parents, Mr. 
Hiram W. Wadsworth of Marysrllle, to Miss Elsie A. Holbrook 
of San Tranoisco. 


VAOnSH-ACBKirVBISOER, In San Traneiaeo, May 31, 1857, by the 
B*T. T. Mooshato, Mr. CharlSB Wa^snar to Mits Hoaa Aohindt- 

WAOHH^nZH, In San Traneltco, Oct. 15, 1857, in CalTary Charah, 
^ RaT. Dr. Soott, Col. Charles T. Wa/^er, of Baden, Oerw^af, 
to Nlta Sally Hyer, of Parle, Trance. 

VAOIES, MRS. MAST ABK, aee Mr. Vfta. r. MeCraekan. 

VALOOn-SCOOLER, In Calvary Cbnroh, Jane 9, 1857, hy ReT. R. P. 
Cutler, Mr. Asa vaieott, of Masaaefaaaette, to Miae A^ea 
Park Sooaler, recently of Olaaeow, Scotland. 

WALKER, MISS SMMA, see Mr. Alhert Seely. 

WALKER, MISS JEimiE B., aee Mr. Xdmrd M. EiO-l. 

WALLACS-LA'.liinrCE, In San TraaclBCO, kag. 1, 1857, hy ReT. S. 8. 
Lacy, Mr. Ro'bert B. Wallace to Mrs. Josexihine S. Lawrence, 
tooth of San Traocisco. 

WAILSR, MISS MIIISRVA, aee Mr. Benjaain Moore. 

VALLS-NABTII. In Sonora, July 2, 1857, )>y Rev. J. B. Tiah, 
Mr. Joseph L. Walla to Mlsa CelU 2. Martin, tooth of 
Steren's Bar, Toolmna County. 

WALSH-FLOOD, In San Traneiaeo, Sept. 28, 1857, toy Rev. Dr. 
Scott, Mr. Willlaa Walah to Miae Ellen Tlood. 

WALTCfl, MISS ISABELLA, aee Mr. Sanael B. Luak. 

WANCH-HAOER, At Portland, Oregon, May 19, 1857, Mr. George 
Waaeh, of Tfaaraton Co. , Washington Territory, to Miaa 
Nary Eager, of Portland, Oregon. 

WARD, MISS M., aee Mr. Joaeph Schyenffer. 

WARKZR, MISS SARAH M., aee Mr. Cbarlea McTea^. 

WARRKV, MISS S. A., aee Ca-nt. 0. 0. Brodt. 

WASSMABH-GUHDLACH, In San Tranciaoo, March 1, 1857, toy ReT. 
T. Mooahake, Mr. Heinrlch Waasnan to Mias Chriatina 

WATERS. MISS AMELIA, see Mr. Jaaea Tatto. 

WATIRS-Ln, At Spaniah Totk City, U. T., July 4, 1857, 

Waters to Sarah Lee. Paper of S«>pt. 16, 1857. 


VAUOEKAS-SSXPHXHD, In Kl Borado, Aa^. 19, 1857, Asa L. 
•iiiHli—ii. of Orlizly Tlat, to Miao Llzsie Shephard. 

WiZKS, MISS ELIZABETH B., aee Mr. Aid* Haaaoond. 

WIOXHKB, MISS LOOZSX, aee Mr. Trederlok Keaahar. 

VElTMHa, MISS ABOELICA. sea Mr. Oaorga K. DaTla. 

VIINIR-E09T, In San Trancisco, Majr 4, 1857, \tj the Hst. 7. 
MooahiUca, Mr. Helnrlch Gottfried Walaer, to Hlaa 
Vrladarlka Koat, both foraarly of Trxeblnean, OentanT'. 

VSIiaXIMER. MISS CHA3IOTTE. aee Mr. John Maekle. 

WSIGH-TABBERQXI, In HeTada, Jona 8, 1857, Mr. Oeorge W. 
Welch to Mlaa Marjr a. Vanhergen, both of lavada. 

WELCH-BAaTLETT, Jan. 1, 1857, by Bav. H. P. Ontler, Mr. 

BoBvell C. Welch to Mlsa Harriet A. B rtlatt, of Boston, 
Maaa. Eaatem pspera pleaae eapj, 

WELLS. MISS JABE A., aee Mr. B. S. Outlar. 

WELL3-0HZEV, At Mokelomne Bill, July 19, 1857, Mr. San Wellt 
to Nra. XsBDa Orven. 

WELTT-WHIOHT, In S-crfimento, Ay^rll 30, 1857, Mr. D. W. Welty 
to Mra. Sll«* Adella Wright, daughter of E. VT. Miner, of 
Wiaconaln. Both of thle city. Paper of May 4, 1857. 

WBHTWOara-SOKKS , In San Jranclaco, May 2, 1857, by the Her. 

B. Brierly, Frederick C. Wentvorth to Mlaa Charlotta Bokea, 
both of Snasian Hiver. 

V Uf NQBIH-SOROTAO , In San Tranciaco, July 11, 1857, by the 

Hot. B. p. Outlar, at the rp^ldence of the bride 'a father, 
Henry A. Sonntag, Eaq. , Mr. John P. H. Wentworth to Mlaa 
Maria K. Sonnt^, 

nBUB-ZOLLZB, In San Tranciaco, July 9, 1857, by Hev. 7. 

Mooahaka, Mr. John Werner to Mias Johanna Zollar, both of 
Santn Cms. 

WEST, MISS MAGGIE, aee Mr. G. 0. Capron. 

«ESTSBEA70R (WfSTESHATER), 24ISS A. HBTTIE, see Mr. E. A. Shepard. 

WKSTd-OUBHIBEfflAN, In Maripoea County, May 10, 1857, Mr. Levis 
Vefton to Mlaa Mary A. Cunnln^iaa. 

RifTOTEB-BICOLL, In San Tranciaco, March 15, 1857, by Ber. 
8. E. Wllley, Mr. Oacar 7. VsatoTer, of Petaluaa, to Mra. 
Eater Hlooll, of this city. 


VITHIBSD-ORB, In San Traaclaoo, ^ tha B*t. Dr. Scott, Hajr 12, 
1857, Mr. Thoaa!) Vetbarad, of Oregon, to Mlts Ellia S. Orr, 
of San yr'^.nclsoo. 

WESEIXR, MISS ZMIXT, Me Mr. Alfred Oeok. 

WFIXTiKR, MRS. JAIX M., ••« Mr. John Carrer Vinaae. 

WHXUH, MISS MABOABR, aaa J. P. Bogardoa. 

VHITS, MISS AMELIA A., aaa Mr. Albert R. Oonnlaon. 

WHITS. MISS AKIU X. M.,aaa Mr. A. C. Aaatln. 

WHITX. EII21BXTH JAIX, aaa Mr. Saaial C. Toallnaon. 

VHITX, MISS ELLZ8 X., aac Oan. Charlaa £. Allan. 

VBITX, MISS raAnCIS B.,aaa Mr. Charlea 7. Bloodworth. 

VHITZ^aODOZHS, In San Francisco, July 16, 1857, at tha resldanea 
of Mr. H. B. Haiddna, by Rar. R. P. Cutler, Mr. George D. 
White, of Stockton, to Mlaa Fannie Rodgera, of Boston, Maaa. 
Boston papers please copy. 

WHITS-STETENS, At Pajaro, Santa Crua Co., Aug. 9, 1857, Mr. 
James P. White to Mias Jennie J. Sterens. 

VHITZ. MISS MAROABXT, see Mr. Olltert Palache. 

WHITE, MISS MART, see Capt. Andrev J. Rutherford. 

VRXTX, MISS SELLIX B., see Mr. Xdvln A. Clark. 

VHITIHO-PERHT, In San Francisco, Jan. 17, 1857, at the residence 
of the bride, by M. S. Whiting, Justice, Mr. Barzillai 0. 
Whiting to Mra. Xliiabath Celine Perry. 

WHITUT, MISS MARIA, see Mr. Amos F. Blood. 

WHITMAB-BRAIJFOBI), In Sacreaanto, Jane 8, 1857, Mr. E. H. Whitaaa 
to Mias Cecelia Bradford. 

WHITBBT, MISS ABBA iiXIZA, see Mr. Charles F. Parker. 

WHITIBT, MISS MART A., see Hon. 8. J. Caroenter. 

WEITTIIfOHAll-COnOER, In San Francisco, July 16, 1857, at tha 
International Hotel, by Rer. Dr. Anderson, Mr. Levis 
Vhittinghaa, of He'r Toi^ City, to Mias Mary Antoinette 
Conger, of Sacraaento. 



VRQPLES; MISS AJIELIA, tee Mr. Traacls Dontln. 

Wl CHElHAUSBH«f AlKIHOTKIH, In San FnmclBCO, D*c. 2, 1857, by 
R«T. Mr. Blan, Mr. loul^ WlobtlhwiMn to Mlta Sarah 
Valkanstsln, "both of Prua^^la. 

WlOXmaHAII-PICKBrT, At Potaluna, May 21, 1857, V ^ot. A. A. 
Balcar, I. 0. Vlokaraham, Zaq., to Mlas L. C. Plekatt, . 
lata of Maaa. Pa^er of Jnna 3, 1857. 

WISnsaSHKII-CAUVIN, in San yranolaco, Teh. 1, 1857, "by Her. 

Mr. Mooahaka, Mr. Aag. Vladerahaln, of Maryarllle, to Mlas 
Jnlla CsaTin. 

vn»OID, MISS MAHT, aaa Mr. Conrad Ber^oefer. 

Mim-BZIVOLD, In San rrancleco, March 3, 1857, by R«t. £. S. 
Lacy, Mr. John Wlar to Mlaa Martha Ralnold, hoth of 
San Traneisco. 

WILBOBX, MISS CASSIZ, aaa Mr. W. B. C. Brown. 

WILCOX. MISS r^AHCSS iXIZA. aaa Mr. I. T. Baad. 

VILISR. DOHA DQLOKRS, aaa Dr. Sarld B. Hoffman. 

WILDER-JTOD, In Honolul-a, 3. I., Sept. 29, 1857, hy tha Bar. 
Lorrln Andrawa, Mr. S. 0. Wlldar of San Trancisco, to 
Mlas Lissla Klnaa, eldast daiv^tar of Dr. 0. P. Jndd. 
Papar of Oct. 24, 1857. 

VILLKM, MISS BAnm, aaa Mr. Jacoh Brerler. 

VILLET, MISS CTirrEIA A., aaa Mr. Thoaaa S. Bastaaa. 

WIIJ.IAV5-B3HTUT, In Oregon, April 28, 1857, Mr. Alfred B. 

Willlaiaa, of Stockton, Calif., to Mias Kesla Adella Bentley, 
of Ilnn Co. Paper of JtUM 1, 1657. 

WILLIAMS, MBS. ABU, aaa Mr. Bieholas H. Shepherd. 

WILLIAMS, MISS CAHOLIKB N., aee Mr. David P. Eiahall. 

WILLIAMS-CCX, In Sacramento, Dec. 22, 1857, by Ber. W. B. 

Ooher, Mr. Daniel D. Williama, of Traka, and Mies Minerva 
J. Ooz. 

WILLIAMS, MISS rBAHOISCO. aee Bohert S. Carliala, Xa^. 

WILLIAMS. MISS HENRI H., aaa A. W. Boaaall, 2aq. 

WILLIAMS<ORE£KLEA7, In San Tranclsco, Jan. 27, 1857, at tha 
residence of Dr. 0. T. Sproat, by Rar. Mr, Brierly, Mr. 
John L. Williama to Mias Anna B. Oraanleaf, 


WILLIAMS, MISS MAB0A:^ET A. , ae* Mr. Andrew Ho«ui. 


WILLIAHS-SHULZ, In Plac«r County, July 16, 1857, Mr. aiohard 
Vllllaaa to Mlas E. Stalls. 

WILLIAMS-IB OTHLar, In Sn Dlago, Oct. 4, 1857, Mr. Wllllaa 
Wlllians to Mlas Ramona Machado de Cnrlay. Paper of 
Sot. 3, 1857. 

WILLIAMSOn, MISS AHIIX, b»% Mr. Charlea B. Porter. 

wnXXAMSOH, MRS. DELZA. saa Mr. John Stld«er. 

WILMOr-PEHKI?;S, In Concord, H. H., July 9, 1857, Her. Vm. 

WlLaot, of Calif omia, to Mlaa Clara Z. Parkina. Paper 
of SarpU 15, 1857. 

WILSCH-OHOSB, In San Francisco, Aug. 26, 1857, *y tha ReT. Dr. 
Soott, Mr. William Wilach to Mias Hannah Orose. 

WILSOK-C ALDER, At Gaidar's Baaeh, P»b. 10, 1857, by H«t. S. S. 
Harmon, A.. C. J. Wilson, Ssq. , of Brown's Flat, to Margaret 
A. Crathers, daii^ter of Jaioea Caldar, Xaq. 

WILSOI, MISS Ana: Z., aea Mr. Adaa Bignay. 

WILS(ffl-BSTHOLDS, I n Oakland, at tha residence of the l>ride'a 
■othar, hy Rev. Dr. Ter Kahr, Mr. James Wilaon to Maria, 
dsn^ter of tha ''ate William Reynolds, Ssq., of London. 
Pqpar of See. 33, 1857. 

WILSOH, MISS MA30ARST, aea Mr. Richard MasgroTa. 

WILSON, MRS. RACKEn:. C., aae Mr. Levis Teneal. 

WlRAHS-WItErnXR, In Snn Francisco, in Cilrary Church, Dee. 27, 
1857, hy Rer. Dr. Scott, Mr. John Carver Winans, merchant 
of this city, to Mrs. Jane M. Wheeler. 

Wim, MRS. LTDIA A., aae Mr. Sd^Ard A. Wooleott. 

WinaXT-MUHPHT, In San Francisco, Hot. 2, 1857, hy Rev. Dr. 
Scott, Mr. Philip Winklay to Mias Mary Abhey Murphy. 

Wim, MISS ZLIZABS1S, aae Mr. Wm. H. Moore. 

WIBTER, MISS CHRISTIHA, aea Mr. Sl^ond Oreiaer. 

wnRHBOM, JR.-McDEHMOT, In San Francisco, Jan. 5, 1857, Mr. 
Joseph wiaterhoB, Jr., to Mias Susanna L. X. HcDermot. 


VISEKAX-OIRLO, In Karada, Hot. 10, 1857, Mr. Ltmnml Wiseman to 
Mitt Hunnah Mary Carlo. 

VQLLITZ. MISS HELEXI, tet Mr. Carl Jollut Zaitl. 

WOIiIITZ-THIStE, In San yrancisco, March 17, 1857, by Jnttle* 
Tinl«7, Mr. Theodore Ludvig Frederick Wollits to Mint 
Dorothea V.'llhemlne Johanna ?hlele, all of this city, 

WOOD-aiCI, In MarytTille, April 26, 1857, Mr. Chariot Wood to 
Mits X. A. Rioe. 

WOOB-fOOTS, In San Trnncisoo, Aag. 4, 1857, hy Ber. T. C. Swer, 
Mr. Clenent F. Wood, of Hfvada, to Hits Arabella S. , 
dau^ter of Goremor 7oote of San Trancisoo. 

WOOD, MISS MELISSA, see IKr. John Haatln«a. 

WOODS. MISS KATILSA B., tee Mr. C. C. To%ffisend. 

VOOIMARD, MRS. £U£H, tee Mr. John C. Carlln. 

WOOLC0TT-',aNO, In San Tranoisco, March 26, 1857, hy Rer. B. 
Brierly, Mr. Edward A. Woolcott to Mrs. Lydia A. Wing, 
all of this city. 

WOOU-LaTT, In San yrancisco, 'eh. 8, 1867, hy the HeT. S. Levy, 
Mr. C. Woolf to Mits Anna Levy, all of San Francisco. 

WOGLfOHI), MISS CATEERIHZ, see Mr. Charles Edwards. 

VOSSHZLL, MISS AHOZLIA, see Mr. SalTin P. Collint. 

WQBS-MeCOBI), In San Traacieco, Hot. 11, 1857, hy ReT. B. Brierly, 
Mr. Henry Wort to Mitt Sasta McCord, both of this city. 

WOBTHIT^OTON, MISS M. M., tee Mr. tta. S. Tittle. 

WRAT-SCHIMPERIS, In San Tranclaco, Aug. 18, 1857, hy RoT. Dr. Scott, 
DftTid Vray to Anna Barbara SehiDoerle. 

WRIGHT, MISS ELIZA AHN, see Mr. John H. Cock. 


WRIOHT, MIS5: H. AUGUSTA, see Mr. George J. Hobe. 

WRIGHT-MeKnnEET, In Mf.rysTille, Mr.rch 2r,, 1857, Mr. John H. Vri^t 
to Miss Ellen MoXinnay. Paper of April 9, 1857. 

WRiaET. MISS HAHCT J., see Mr. 0. T. Baldwin. 


WHIOHT-CHaaiSH, At Mokelume Hill, July 5, 1857, Mr. Wlllla» 
Wright to Mls8 Anna Crsmlith. Paper of Jnljr 14, 1857. 

WUOHT-LITTLEJOHir, In Ihorston Co., W. T., Sept. 10, 1857, 
Mr. Williaa Wrl«^t to Mlis Sarah I. Littlejohn. 

TAfES, MISS A00U8TA VAIZTOH, •«• Mr. Darld P. BoUCBSp. 

T2HBA-TH0KPSOB, At Thompion's Ranch, -on the Mokeltaoie Hirer, 
July 7, 1857, Mr. Henry C. Ter*a, of Tolo, to Mlta Marj 
J. Z. ThoHpson, of San Joaquin, CalifomlA. 

TOMK>BEK}Za, In San TranclBCo, June 4, 1857, hy Joernh Aaaten, 
Jtistlce of the Peace, Third District, Mr. Wllllaa long to 
Bartera Berger, hoth of thla city. 

TOHI, MISS SAHAH JAHE, gee Mr. Rhode* B. Handall. 

TOOlO, MRS. AHN, see Mr. Cnm Bard. 

TOOXJ-TOOMPSOH, In San Francisco, Oct. 28, 1857, hy the Err. Mr. 
Lacy, Mr. Charles B. Toung to Mies Ellia B. Thonpaon, hoth 
of thla city. 

T(OT»-?OSS, In San Francisco, June 6, 1857, hy Rer. S. B. Booney, 
Mr. Bohert P. Toung to Mlsa Mary Ann Foaa, hoth of thla city. 

TOOK, MRS. SARAH A., aee Mr. J. M. Griffith. 

TOOlO, MISS S. M., aee Mr. A. Johnaon. 

TOW, MISS SIH, eee Mr. Ah Eov. 

ZAZEL-WOLLITZ, In San Francisco, Dee. 26, 1857, hy the Her. F. 
Mooahake, Mr. Carl Jullna Zasel to Mlaa Eelene Wolllti. 

ZEPIM (CEPKSA), MISS TSBSASTik, see Mr. Jaaon Tanwlnlde. 

ZimZR, MISS IAHSR, aee Mr. Charle* Bella. 

ZOLLKR, MISS JOHAHHA, aee Mr. John Wanier. 



IBEH, WA1T2H F. , At Hldgerllle, Trinity Co., kag. 24, 1857, 
Walter ?. , only child of Thomaa and Elliabeth Aber, a^d 
1 y»ar, 8 months and 4 days. Papar of Sapt. 2, 1857. 

iBKHH, JAMES, In Tortestown, Batta Co., on tha night of tha 
8th of Wot., 1857, of pleurisy, Mr. James Abner, aged 36 
yaars; a native of Kentucky. 

ABm, JAMBS, At Odd Fellow's Bavlne, near TorlJestown, Hot. 8, 
1857, Mr. James Abnsy, a^d 37 years. 

ABHAHA M, SAMOSl, In San Tranclsco, Teh. 2, 1857, Sanel 
A'braham, a natlTe of Prusela, aged 46 years. 

ACKQHS, q,.. On Thorn's Creek, Tehama Co., March 1, 1857, Mr. 
Q. Aokors, aged 35 years. 

ADAMS, LUCT, In Jackson, Amador Co., April 29, 1857, Lucy Adams, 
agsd 11 years. Paper of May 4, 1857. 

ADAMS, SANOK.. In San Francisco, Fah. 2, 1857, Samuel Adams, a 
natlTS of Pnisala, aged 45 years. 

AITKEN, JABB, In San Francisco, Nor. 15, 1857, Jane, wife of 
Charles Altken, a natlTe of Bngland, aged 33 years. 

AUffiai, SEEHMAH, At Oakland, Oct. 22, 1857, little Sherman, 
yoangest son of Ogdan M. and Maria Weed Alden. 

ALira, HICHAM K., In San Francisco, Aug. 20, 1857, Richard H., 
son of R. N. and Mary Jane Allen, aged 7 months and 22 days. 
Baltimore and New Orleans papers please copy. 

AILEH, WIIXIAM, At Ooodyear's Bar, Fab. 13, 1857, fron injuries 
reoelTed hy the OTlng of a tunnel, William Allen, a natlT» 
of England, aged ahout 40 years. 

AITDEHSOIl, MRS, RTJTH L. , In San Francisco, Dec. 21, 1857, of 
congestlTO foTer, Mrs. Ruth L. Anderson, late of Mass., 
aged 27 years. Boston papers please copy. 

ARCHER, ISAAC H. , In San Francisco, Dec. 14, 1857, Isaac H. 
Archer, of the city of Hew Tork, In the 53rd year of his 
age. Funeral from the residence of Mr. DaTld Bush, Jsssi* 
Street, near Second* 

AROSEMKHA de <JJEaADA, DOHA DOLORES, In Panama, Jan. 27, 1857, 
Dona Dolores Arosemsna de Qaeeada, wife of Don Mariano 
Arosemena, late minister to Peru, and mother of Don Justo 
Arosemana, the first Oovemor of the Strte of Panama, and 
now Sanator in Congress. Paper of Feh. 27, 1857. 


ATWILL, EEH5T 0., On Sondajr, Beo. 13, 18G7, Bcnr/ 0. Atvlll, 
infant ton of JoavDh 7. Atwlll. 
Hew Toik papers please eopjr. 

Amu, A. 8., Kear Santa Roaa, Oct. 5, 1857, A. 8. Anten, 
a^d 56 jrenrs, a natlTe of Petal ima. 

AWHAN, JCHN, Hear the Half-Way Eoase, between Sacramento 

and Sutter, July 6, 1857, John Aatran, a^d 40 yeare, a 
natlre of Tranoa. 

ATISWOHTH, MRS. SARAH, In Stockton, Jone 29, 1857, of rfaeoaa- 
tlen of the stonaoh, Mre. Sarah Aylevorth, a^d P>A year*. 
Paper of Jnly 2, 1857, 

ATRZS, SAMU2L, In HeT^d.-t, June 11, 1857, Saauel Ayree, fonMrly 
of London Co. , Ta. , a^d 20 yeara. Paper of July 20, 1857. 

BABCOBK, AKIX^EV, In San yranclsco, Anrll 21, 1857, at the U. 3. 

Karlne HosDiial, of coneunption, Mr. Andrew Bahooek, formerly 
of lew Tork, aged ahout 32, years. 
Buffalo and lev Tosk papers please copy. 

SADOER, JULIA AI^LAIHE CAHN£T, In San Francisco, Axtg. 23, 1857, 
Julia Adelaide Josephine Carney, daii^ter of Wm. Q and 
Harriet J. Bad^r, a^d 10 months and 23 days. 

BAIRD, ALBERT, In Columbia, June 7, 1857, Albert, son of Joseph 
and Nary Baird, aged 7 months. 

BALLZT, WM. J., In San francisoo. Sot. 1, 1657, at the resideno* 
of Mr. Aleianrter Forbes, Mr. ^fti. J. Bailey, of London, late 
of the fira of Edwards 4 Bailey of San Francisco, aged 33 
years. Funeral from residence of brother-in-law, Mr. Foi'bes, 
Stockton St. near Qreenwioh. 

BAMIMORZ, TRATTCIS, In Portland, 0. I., Teb. 25, 1857, Mr. Fraacie 
Baltimore, aged 23 years, from Axtansas. Paper of March 20, 

BAKEER, JOSEPH, In San Francisco, Aag. 17, 1857, Capt. Joseph 
Barker, a natiTe of Hew Bedford, aged 57 years, 3 minthe, 
and 10 ydas. 

BARBES, MART iXS, In San Francisco, June 9, 1857, of apoplexy, 
Mre. Nary Ann Barnes, wife of Mr. Henry Barnes, fomerly of 
Phlladolphia, Pa. 


BABKET, BEDBSH, In Saa 7ranoltco, Jan. 25, 1867, Oapt. Raobui 
Barney of Haottieket, Maas., ag«d 53 x«ars. 

BAERET, ZAUUS, In faabam, Kay 19, 1857, of diaeaae of th« 'bovsls, 
lanus Barney, nged 65 years, fozaierly of Hew Toifc. 

BABHA, MART AHKE, In San Frsoclsco, May 17, 1857, of con»tiiaptlon, 
Mrs. Mary Axtne, wife of Eseklal J. Barra, a^d S5 years. 

BAHRA, MART ANN, In Saa ?nuiolBCO, Jtme 16, 1857, of teething, 

Mary Ann, only ehlld of B. J. Barra, a native of San 7ranflisee, 
a^d 1 year and 1 month. Paper of June 17, 1857, 

BASRS, EEHRT T., At Red Bar, on the Calareras RlTer, Bee. 31, 1666, 
Henry f. Barr«, a nAtlre of France, aged 35 year*. Paper of 
Jan. 8, 1857. 

BAHTLETT, CHAR1£S M., In San Jose, Aog. 9, 1857, of scarlet forer, 
Charlea M. , son of Samel A. and E. M. Bartlett, aged 3 years 
and 8 aontha, 

BARTLETT, KATE ELIZA, In Santa Cms, March 4, 1857, Kate Slisa, 
da\ighter of U. M. and S. A. Bartlett, aged 10 months and 2 

BEACH, CHAHLET 0., At Oalona Kill, Tviha Co. , April 11, 1857, 

Charley 0. , son of Lewis and Zilpba Beach, aged 2 years, 4 
months and 10 days. 

BSOX, EOOEBX, At Stoclcton Inoana Asyltoi, Eugene Beok, late a 

■amber of Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. , Ho. 2. Paper of 
rah. 26, 1867, 

BECKWirti, LIZZIE A., In SaerroMnto, Jan. 21, 1857, Lizzie A. 

Beekwith, only daughter of John and Mary Beckvith, aged 17 

BSDPOBI), MART LOUISA, In Sulphur Springs Tallay, Jan. 1, 1857, 
Mary Louisa, youngest daugl ter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. 
Bedford, aged about 1 month, 

BI-^KKAH, MAHrrA?.?:^ fiA^DIKER, At the residence of ex-President 

l^er, Sherwood 7orest, 7a., Jane 14, 1857, Marg?>ret Gardiner, 
relict of the late John H. Beeokman, formerly of California. 
Pa-o<?r of July 18, 1957. 

BEERS, JOHK, In San 7ranciaeo, Dec. 20, 1857, of heart disease, 
John Beers, a natiye of Cork, Ireland, aged 2fi years. 

BELL, MA'-{0A3ET, In Santa Crus, In the 76th year of her age, 
Mrs. Margaret Bell. Paper of April 13, 1857, 


IXLTRAH, RAITCISCO, In Sacrnnento, Oct. 7, 1857, 7nAcl*co 
BAltnm, of Lower California, n^d 19 ynra, 

HBVABS, VILLIX, in Snn rranoiseo, Oe\. 17, 1857, Willie, 

jmagiet son of Mr. and Mre. W. R. Benuird, a^d 1 year, 
6 months and 14 days. 

ISSSS, CHARLES, In San rrejxclsco, of aonstniption, Charles 

Berry, native of Fortsaiouth, H. H., a^d 33 years. Paper 
of April 15, 1857. 

BIDiTELL, XLLEH THZS£S£, In Sncmaento, Kay 3, 1857, Ellen Therese, 
yoon^st child of Wellln^on and Margarette Bldwell, aged 1 
year and 6 months. 

BILLITKtS, MRS. CYHTUIA S. ALEXAKDSR, In Santa Clara township, 
Jane 26, 1857, Mrn. Cynthia £. Alexander, wife of J. M. 
Billings, fH?ed 37 years. Paper of July 6, 1857. 

BILLIBOS, WILLIE, In Santa Cl.-xra township, of typhoid ferer, 
villle. Infant son of J. H. and Cynthia £. A. Billings, 
aged ahoat 6 aonths. Paper of Jnly 6, 1857. 

BIBDSALL, JOS£PHl:'IE, In San Francisco, Teh. 22, 1857, Joserihlne, 
only ehlld of Wyatt and Gertrude Birdsall, aged 7 years and 
6 aonths. 

BLACK, ISABELLA, In MarysTllle, April 27, 1857, Isabella Black, 
daa^ter of Wra. and A/^es Black, aged 4 months and 15 days. 

BLAKZ, MRS. rAHKT H. , In San Francisco. Ang. 22, 1857, Mre. 

Taany H. , wife of George M. Blake, aged 31 years and 20 days. 

BLAIE, JOSEPHA, In Santa Batl>ara, Teh. 27, 1857, Josenha, 

dao^ter of H. B. Blake, Esq., aged 2 ye.arn and 11 month*. 
Paper of March 20, 1857. 

"SVXM, JOHI, In San Tranclseo, Jnly 20, 1857, of cholera 

infantum, John, son of John and Snrah Bloom, aged 16 months 
and 20 days. 

BinXK, OECSCS W., At Homitas, Mariposa Co., March 2, 1857, 
George *. Blume, aged 28 years, formerly of Maryerille. 
He- Jersey papers please eor^. 

BLDNORHAL, XRBXSTIKE, In OroTille, Nor. 13, 1857, suddenly, 
Ernestine, wife of Henry M. Blumenthal, Inte of Hew Tozfc, 
aged about 22 years. Hew Toric papers please copy. 

BOAO, MISS SAHAH, In San Tranclaco, April 13, 1857, Sankh Boag, 
native of Ireland, aged 28 years. 


BOND (IKTAIIT), In Bfusnaente, Sao. 18, 1867, Infant daughter 
of Ml. M. and A. L. Bond, a^d 28 i&yu. 

BOHISAU, taa. ASH, In San Tranclaco, April 6, 1857, of heart 
dlsoaso, Mrs. Ann Bonnoau, a natlre of Charleston, 3. C, 
agad 36 yoars. Tnneral fron late rosldence, eomar of 
G«ary and Dur>ont streets. 
Hew Tork and Charleston papers '-)lea8e cony. 

SOHHZAn, JAHET D., In San Tranclsco, July 22, 1857, Janet D. , 
infant daughter of T. 0. and A. Bonneaa, aged 11 months 
and 7 days. 

BOOTH, LIZZIE .SEI£LSS, In Tallecito, March 19, 1857, Liasie 
Shields, datighter of John Booth, aged 21 months. Paper 
of April 9, 1857. 

BOSCHUITE, LEWIS WILLIAM, In San yraaclBco, Jnly 3, 1857, 

Lewis William, son of Theodora and Adelaide Boaehalta, agad 
6 months. 

BOQLVABE, PIHTHOHS T., Hot. 28, 1857, Penthone T. Boolware, 

dandier of M. Boalware of Sutter, aged 15 yeara. Paper 
of Dae. 4, 1867. 

BO^MAH, WILLIE, In San Trancisoo, Oct. 2, 1857, Willie, eldest 
aon of Jaaas and Cornelia Bowman, aged 2 years and 1 month. 

BOTER, VREHEHICE WM. , In San Traneisco, Hot. 10, 1857, Tredericlc 
Wta. Boyor, son of Williaa and Catherine Boyer, aged 1 year, 
4 months and 9 days. 

BOTLSTOH, HICHARD, In Amherst, IT. H., Jtily 19, 1857, of ppralysia, 
Mr. Richard ^oylston, late editor of the "Farmer's Cahlnet", 
Amherst, aged 75 years. Paper of Aog. 31, 1857. 

"BKMtLST, CHABLES rSARCES, In San Francisco, Jane 17, 1857, 

Charles Trances, !i^ 2 years and 6 months, son of John and 
Sarah A. Bradley. 

BSASr, JAMES M., At San Oahriel, Los Angeles Co., of cons'sption, 
JaiKs M. Brady, aged 29 years, formerly of Arkan^aa. Paper 
of July 29, 1857. 

BRAOT, UJCIHSA JAKE, In San Tranciaeo, Aug. 6, 1857, Locinda Jane, 
tvin daughter of John J. and Mary Brady, -i^ed 8 montha and 9 

BBATTOH, OEOBOE, In 8 n Trancisco, July 31, 1857, Oeorge Bratton, 
aged 42 years, a natire of Phlladel')hia, and employee in the 
Mint of thla city. Memher of Company H., First Pa. Be'>;iBent 
in the Mexican War. A hraTe soldier in every engr.^ment froai 
bombardment of Tera Cms to t^Ocing of Mexico. He ler.Tes a 
wife and seTen children in Philadelphia. Paper of Aug. 1, 
1857. Paneral from 65 Minna Straet. 
Philadelphia papera please copy. 


BOHI} (ISTAin'), In ^aoraamto, S»o. 18, 1807, Infant dan«hter 
of Mi. M. and A. I. Bond, a^d 38 da/s. 

BOmXAn, MRS. Anr, in San Tranelaco, April 6, 1857, of heart 
disaaeo, Mrs. Ann Bonneaa, a natlre of ChArleston, 3. C, 
a^d 36 jraara. Tnneral from late reeldence, comar of 
Omary and I>aT>ont etreets. 
New Tork and Chnrletton papers nlease cony. 

XOnOAn, JAIXT D., in San Tranclsco, July 22, 1857, Janet D. , 
infant dan^ter of T. 0. and A. Bonneaa, aged 11 monthe 
and 7 doye. 

BOOTH, LIZZK SHIELDS, In Valleclto, March 19, 1857, Llxsie 
Shields, daiighter of John Booth, a^d 21 nonths. Paper 
of April 9, 1857. 

BOSCHUITS, LEWIS VflLLlAM, In San Fraacleco, July 3, 1857, 

Lewie Villiaa, son of Theodore and Adelaide Boscfaalte, aged 
6 month*. 

BOULWAHE, PSHTHOKE T., Hot. 28, 1857, Penthone T. Boolware, 

daaghter of M. Boulware of Satter, a^d 15 years. Paper 
of Dee. 4, 1857. 

BOVMAH, WILLIS, In San yranclsco, Oct. 2, 1857, Willie, eldest 
son of Jaaes and Cornelia Bowman, aged 2 years and 1 month. 

BOTEH, FHEHEHICK WM. , In San Trancisco, Hot. 10, 1857, yrederlek 
Wta. Boyer, son of Williaa and Catherine Boyer, aged 1 year, 
4 months and 9 days. 

BOTLSTOH, HICHA.RD, In Amherst, IT. H., Jaly 19, 1857, of ix^iralysis, 
Mr. Hlchard Boylston, late editor of the "Fanaer's Cabinet", 
Amherst, aged 75 years. Paper of Ang. 31, 1857. 

BR/MJLET, CHAHLES F3AHCES, In San Vrcuiciseo, Jane 17, 1857, 

Charles Tr&ncee, age 2 years and 6 oonths, son of John and 
Sarah A. Bradley. 

BHAUr, JAHCS M., At San Oahriel, Los Angeles Co., of cons'jnption, 
James M. Brady, aged 29 years, fonMrly of Arkansas. Paper 
of July 29, 1867. 

BBAIT, UJCIHm JAXE, In San Traneiseo, Ang. 6, 1857, Loclnda Jane, 
tvin da\]ghter of John J. and Mary Brady, "ged 8 months and 9 

BBATTOT, GSOBOE, In 8 n rraacisco, July 31, 1857, Seorge Bratton, 
aged 42 years, a natire of Fhiladel^^hla, and enployee in the 
Mint of this city. Member of Company H. , First Pa. Beglment 
in the Mexican War. A brave soldier in every engagement from 
bombardment of Tera Crux to t^^king of Mexico. He leaves a 
wife and aeTen children in Philadelphia. Paper of Aug. 1, 
1857. Funeral from 66 Minna Street. 
Philadelphia papers please copy. 


BMOOS. AHCIO, On board of the terk, Jaaay ford, bound for 
Honolulu, six dayi fro« Teelcalot, W. T. , Anclo ^rlgg* 
of Port Townahond, ag«d 19 yoars. Hot. 28, 1857. 

Blow, AHH, In San FranclBco, Oct. 1, 1857, Ann, djui«fat«r of 
John and Bridget Broim, n^ed 9 month*. 

BHOWr, IffiNHlS, In Amador Co., at tho Boston Store, March 18,\ 
1857, Dennle Browi, a native of Ireland, aged 26 yearc. ^ 

BROWH. JOBN S., At St. Helena, Kapa Co., Oct. 2. 1857, John 
S. Brovn, Inte a resident of Benacia, a^d 35 yeare. 
He sorred under Col. Doniphan in the Mexican War and 
we en^^a>?«d In the battle of Sacramento, New Mexico. 

BROWH, KATIE S., In Stockton, Teb. 4, 1857, Katie E., 

dau^ter of Wk. M. and Harriet M. Brown, aged 2 yean. 
7 monthe and 18 daye. 

BROWH, MSS. MART, At Secret Ra-rlne, Placer Co., Oct. 30, 1857, 
of disease of the heart, Mrs. Mary Brown, aged about 27 ' 
years. Paper of Hot. 3, 1857. 

BHOWTOL, OECRG- A.. At the city of Oranad;^ , Hicarry^ua, 

HoTcmber 185fi, of fever, George A. Brownell, a^d 23 
years, eldest son of J. Sherman Brownell, of New York 
City. Paper of July 18, 1857. 

BBDIMR, AOTOHIA, In San Trancisco, Teb. 25, 1857, Antonia, 
wife of Mr. Louis Brunner, aged 26 years. 

BHTABT, JOHH, In Sacramento, Hot. 2, 1857. John, infant son 
of A. J. Bryant, aged 7 months and 8 days. 

BDCK, m WITT C, At the ranch of Milton Wolfskill, on Puta 
Creek, Solano Co., feb. ?^, 1357, De Witt C. Buck, of 
consasption, aged 22 years. Paper of March 10, 1857. 

BOCK, MARTHA M., In Sacramento, Hay 24, 1857, Martha M., 
dau^ter of C. w. and Anne Buck, r.ged 1= monthe. 

BOCKELEW, BOa. In Philadelphia, Aug. 19, 1857, Bimaa, 

yooogest dau^ter of M. S. and Martha A. Bnckelew. 
Paper of Sept. 16, 1857. 

BUCKHA3T, rSEIIEHICK, At the County HosT^ital, in Shasta, May 11, 
1867, of spaems, Trederick Bockhcrt, aged PA years. 

BUCKLKT, J-HH T., In San Trancisco, M-rch 11. 1857, JohriT. 
Buckley, aged 3 years and 6 months, the eldest son of 
John T, and Catherine Buckley. 


BIJCKLET, MART, At Hellsbor/', Plaoar Co., Hot. 20, 1857, Mary, 
wife of Mp. Mark Boelclojr, a^d 59 ysara. 

BDHEH, CAHRIZ SMITH, In San TtsjicIsco, July 2, 1857, Carrl* 
Smith Banker, a^d 2 months and 6 daya. 

BUBBAKK, SAMUEL, At Koloa, Eanai, SandwlAihl elands. May 10, 
1857, after as lllnees of four days, of erysipelas, 
Samuel Bu^baak, Xs^. , a^d about forty years, a natiT« of 
Belgrade, Maiae. Paper of Jane 8, 1857. 

BUaOJai, AlBSHP, On Hot. 23, 1887, Albert Burger (boy) of Hew 
Baapahlre, was lost overboard the ahip, Flying Miat, and 
drowned. Paper of March 13, 1857. 

BUBES, DATID H., In Snn rranclaco, Sept. 9, 1857, David E. 

Burke, only aon of David H. and Suaan C. Burke, nged 1 year 
and 6 daya. 

BURKE, MART JABE, In Columbia, May 18, 1857, Mary Jane Bute, 
aged 10 yeara. 

BTJBKE, SARAH AtjoUSTA, In Sutter, Hot. 24, 1857, of congestion 
of the brain, Samh Aogiista, only dau^ter of John A. and 
Sarah 0. Burke, aged 2 years and 1 month. Paiwr of Dec. 1, 

BTJRLESOH, MRS. SARAH, At Sutter Creek, Amador Co. , March 28, 

1857, Mrs. Sarah Burleson, ages 52 years. Paper of Aijrll 1, 

WnarSUj, LOHENZO, in Napa, Oct. 7, 1857, of consumption, 
Lorenao Bumell, a^ed 41 years. 

BTRHSS, JOSEPH, In Portland, 0. T., kvTil 3, 1857, of Inflam- 
mation of the brain, Joseph Burnes, aged 25 yeara, a nativ* 
of Wicklow Co., Ireland. Paper of May 8, 1857. 
Hew Torlc papers please copy. 

BUBHS, TAHHT 3ZARD, In San Traneisco, Sept. 20, 1857, of scarlet 
fever, fanny Beard, infant daughter of Capt. A. M. and Sarah 
A. Burns, aged 28 daya. 

BQRB, CTHTHIA 0., In San 7ranciaco, Tab. 11, 1857, Mrs. Cynthia 
C, wife of Henry T. Burr, aged 33 years, yoneral from 
reaidenee, Clementina Street, bet Tirat and Second Sta. 

BUSCH, WM., At Stockton, Dec. 3, 1857, Vm. Buech, aged 32 yeara. 

BDTTIJtnzSD, B. VTMAH, At Moora'a Flat, HeTada Co., Hot. 8, 1857, 

Mr. R. "'yman Butterfiead, aged 28 yeara, formerly of Vatertown, 
Hew Toik. 

BTBn, J. T. H., In San 7raneiaco, at the r'^nidenoe of Julea SaTid, 

Xaq. , Mr. J. T. H. Byrne, a native of Hev Orlenaa, aged 28 yeara. 
Haw Orleana papera Dleaae copy. 

Vnaas, AHNA KARXA, in Sao rraoelsco, Jag, 21, 1857, of tropwr 
of tho 'brain, Ajuui tteria, ••eond daughter of Jano? and 
Margiret Byrnes, agod 3 jraars and 3 montha. 

BTBXES, JAMES, In San 7rnnQi9eo, S«pt. 12, 1857, of consumption, 
Janes Byrnos, late of Tehana Boioa Saloon, a natire of 
Ireland, a^d 56 yvar*. 

CAra, JOSE^, In Great Salt Lake City, April 20, 1857, Eld«r 

Josenh Cain, n^d 34 years and 6 months. Paper of Jane IS, 

CAITOL, raAHCIS, In S-n Tranelseo, Tel). 15, las?, rranfiis Galtol, 
a native of Trance, a^ed 38 years. 

CAinm, LAVSOH M., At the MooBtaln Rouse In Tuoltunne Co., Aurll 
13, 1857, of eonsamptlon, I.awson M. Calder, a^d 35 years. 
Paper of May 8, 1857. 

CALir-rZLL, MRS. SARAH W. R. , In San Jose, Jane 25, 1857, Mrs. 
Sarah W. H. Caldwell, wife of Arthur S. Cald'-ell, In the 
33d year of her age. Paper of July 3, 1857. 

CALKin, 00.-:SIE, In San Trancisoo, Not. 1, 1857, Ousste, eldest 

daa^ter of Zvellne J. and Mllo Calkin, bom in the Sandwich 
Islands, May 12, 1S45. 

CAMP, Z. S., In Saa Tranelseo, Hot. 12, 1857, Mr. £. S. Caap, 
fomerly of Marsliall, Michigan, e^d 35 years. 

CAMPBEU,, JAMKS, In Tiddletown, July 11, 1857, Janes Caanhell, 
a natire of County Donne^l, Ireland, aged 55 years. 

OANPini, WILLIAM JACOB, In S&n Jose, Ssc. 19. 1857, Villlan 
Jacob, son of neuhen C. and Rosane Camphell, aged 2 years, 
10 months and 28 days. 

CAHCW, JOBH, In Ororllle, March 29, 1857, John Canon, aged 30 
years, from Ohio. Paper of April 9, 1857. 

OARSOH, XMHA CAROLIHB, In Sacraaentn, Hot. 18, 1857, Enna 
Caroline, wife of Ho'bort Carson, <-.«ed 33 years. 

CAHTEH, HA'TXTLPH, In PetalTma, April 14, 1857, Randol'^h Carrer, 
late of Torfist City, Sierra Co., a^d 28 years, formerly of 
Oberlin, Lorraine Co., Ohio. 

CASKIT, ZIXIS A., In San TrsLneisco, Sot. 32, 1857, Mr. Sills A. 
Caskey, a^d 33 years, a nntlTa of Sussex Co., V. J. 

CASSZBLT, SOGSKE TRA3TCIS, In San Tranelseo, Sept. 6, 1857, 

Baiosne Trancis, only child of Zugene and Teresa Casserly, 
mgBi 13 Boaths and 13 days. 

BTinS, AHNA MAHXA, In Saa TrHaclaco, Aag, 21, 1857, of drop*/ 
of the l>rain, Anna Maria, saeond dsuehter of Janan and 
Mar^ret Byrnes, a^d 3 /aars and 3 aoatht. 

BTHJtES, JAJes, In 3,1/1 Pranoisco, Sapt. 12, 1857, of conBumptlon, 
Jaoe? Bymas, late of Tehana Ho tta Saloon, a natire of 
Ireland, a^d 56 jraars. 

CXnr, JOSEPH, in Great Salt Lake City, April 20, 1857, Elder 

Josenoh Cain, n^d 34 years and 6 months. Paper of Jnne 15, 

CAITOL, PRANCIS, In S n franclsco, Teb. 15, 1857, Traacis Galtol, 
a native of Tranoe, a^ed 38 years. 

CAirfBR, LA SON M., At the Mountain House in TaolTimne Co., Auril 
13, 1857, of consmaption, Lawaon M. Calder, a^d 35 years. 
Paper of May 8, 1857. 

CALir^BLL, MRS. SAJIAH W. H., In San Jose, Juna 25, 1887. Mrs. 
Sarah V. H. Caldwell, vife of Arthur S. Caldwell, in the 
33d year of her age. Paper of July 3, 1857. 

CALKIN, OOSSIE, In San Franelsoo, Nor. 1, 1857, Gnssle, eldest 

dau^ter of ZTellne J. and Milo Calkin, bom in the Sandwich 
Islands, May 12, 1845. 

CAMP, X. S., In San Trazteiaeo, Hot. 12, 1857, Mr. £. S. CaMp, 
foHMrly of Marsliall, Michigan, ev^ed 35 years. 

CAMPBEIX, JAMES, In ?iddletown, July 11, 1857, Jbbms Caanhell, 
a natlTe of County Donnagal, Ireland, n^ed 55 years. 

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM JACOB. In San Jose, Bic. 19, 1857. Willlaa 
Jacob, son of Reuben C. and Roean« Campbell, aged 2 years, 
10 months and 28 days. 

CANON, JOSH, In Ororille, March 29, 1857, John Canon, aged 30 
years, from Ohio. Paper of April 9, 1857. 

OARSOR. XMMA CAROLIHE, In Sacraaant'^, Hot. 16, 18S7, Sma 
Caroline, wife of Robert Carson, nged 33 years. 

CARTER, HAIXTLPH, In Petaluam, April 14, 1857, Handol'ih Carrer, 
Inte of Torftst City, Sierra Co., aged 28 years, formerly of 
Oberlin, Lorraine Co., Ohio. 

CASKET, ELLIS A., In San Prancisoo, Hot. 22, 1857, Mr. Ellis A. 
Caekay, a|^d 33 yaare, a natiTe of Sussex Co., H. J. 

0AS8ERLT, lUOiMS 7RA??CI3, In San Tranclsco, Sept. 6, 1857, 

Kugene Francis, only child of Zugena and Teresa Casserly, 
aged 13 ■oaths and 13 days. 


CHAUISRS, MRS. C ATHIRIIB, In Colnna. Kay 15, 1857, Mr.. 
Catherln* Chalaeri, vife of Hobert Chalners, a^d 36 
y»ar«, 11 Bontha and 1 day. 

CHAPMAH, «LLIAM B., In San ynuiclaeo. Hot. 8, 1857, WlllUa 
3. Chapwia, a««d 58 yaart. 

CHASl, ALTOBD, On board ■teanship TennaeBea, Dec. 13, 1856, 
Mr. AlTord Chase, of New Bedford, Kaea., aged about 27 
/•are, for naigr years resident of San rxaneisco. 
Paper of Jan. 29, 1857. 

OBASS, IXXns, In San /raaeleoo, Aurll 5, 1857, Mr. Loole Chaa*. 
of heart disease, a natire of Ireland, aged 28 years. 
MarysTllle papers please copy. 

CHXWHraOl, MAHT LOOISA, In San Tranclsco, Oct. 19, 1857, of 
typhoid fever, Mary Louisa, only dau^ter of Henry W. and 
Locretia Chittenden, aged 3 years and 3 months. 

CHUHCHIIi, MAHT, At Tonng's Gold Hill, yeh. 7, 1857, Mary, 
twin dao^ter of Seth W. and Sophia J. H. Chorchill, 
a^d 37 days. 

CLAflOET, H. C, At Oriszly Flat, Aag. 11, 1857, Mr. H. 0. 
Clngget, late of Kentucky, aged about 2<^ years. 

CLAITSEV, MATILDA, In Soji yranelsco, KoT. 11, 1857, Mrs. 

Matilda Clansen, a native of Denmark, wife of ?ranaie 
Clansen, aged 31 years, 3 months and 23 days. 

CLARK, DANKL, In Boston, Mass., 7eb. 12, 1857, Daniel Clark, 
aged 90 years. Paper of March 31, 1857. 

CIAHKE, CHARISS GLOYSR, In Cameros, Nawa Co., July 4, 1857, 
of erysipelas, Charles Olorer, son of ' Gillian and Dorlnda 
Clarke, aged 13 years. 

CLATTOH. £MMA AUOTTSTA, In San Francisco, June : 2, 1857, Emma 
Augusta, dao^ter of Charles and Hannah F. Clayton, aged 
16 months and 18 days. Paper of July 1, 1857. Funeral 
froa parents' residence, comer of Folsom St. and 
Hampton Place. 

CLEHDELIl, JOra STK2LE, In San Francisco, May 2, 1857, John 
Steele Clendelin, of the law firm of Howell 4 Olendelin, 
lapa City, and native of Lazicaater Co. , Pa. Paper of 
May 4, 1857. 

OCATS, ALIOS ELIZA, In Sacramento, Dec. 19, 1657, at the resi- 
dence of John Wright, Allsa Xlisa Coats, aged 4 /Mrs and 
3 waeks. 


COmw, MARIA HUSSUJi, In San Tnuolsco, JnzM 4, 1857, Maria 
aoiaell, disaster of Al«xand«r and Mary 0. Coffin, rvr«d 
10 yaart. I^iaeral from parent*' reaideno*, Sr^^ramento 
alioTB Taylor St. 

COTFIH, MAHT KBWAHDS, In San Tranclwco, June 10, 1857, Maiy 

XdiArds, youn/^st dau,s;hter of Alexander and Mary C. Coffin, 
a^d 3 years. Toneral from residence of parents, 
Snemaento abore Taylor St. 

C06RILL, HENHT, On 'board the !<teaaahlp. Golden Gate, in the 
hartor of Panaaia, May 19, 1857, of ^ore throat, Henry, 
only son of J. Henry and Mary Coghlll, of San Tranoisco, 
a^d 2 years and 5 months. Pawner of Jane 16, 1857. 

COOSWEIL, JOSEPH A., In Sonora, April 3, 1857, Joseph A, 
Cogswell, aged 30 years, a native of Kentticky. 

OOBEI, HXHRT E., In San Francisco, Feh. ^3. 1857, Henry S. 
Cohen, of Lirerpool, England, aged 3fi years. 

CCaSB, MISS SARAH, In San Francisco, March 23, 1857, of 
eonsaimtion. Miss Sarah Cohen, aged 28, a native of 

OOHH, WILLIAM, In San Tmacisco, May 15, 1857, William Cohn, 
a native of Hanover, "^ed 32 years. 

COQ^EMAN, L. B. , In Nevada, July 4, 1857, L. B. Coleman, 
foiaerly of Seneca, New Tork, aged 26 years. 

COLES, VILLIS SKKRWOOD, In San Vrancisco, Aug. 27, 1857, 

Willis Sherwood, infant son of N. Willis and Sarah J. Coles. 

COLUN, MAHT yRA''CES, In San ?rancisco, Feh. 27, 1857, Mary 
Trances Collen, "ged 8 days. 

COLLITiJS, DAirrEl, In San Francisco, July 20, 1857, of Panama 

fever, Daniel Collins, late of Hew Orleans, aged 65 years. 
Hew Orleans and Hew Tortc -naTiers please conoy. 

COLLIHS, HORACI T., Hear Rochester, N. T. , July 29, 1857, of 
eonsanution, Horace T. Collins, late of Nevada. PaT>er 
of Sept. 2, 1857. 

00HZH8, HORMIO 7H0ST, In San yrancisco, Hov. 3, 1857, Horatio 
Trost, son of P. Bond -nA Ester L. Comins, aged 10 months 
and 9 days. Boston papers please copy. 

COMSTOCK, EABHEST H., At the rf!sidenc« of his parents, Eddy St. 
near Market, in San Trruicisco, Eameot H. Comstock, youngest 
son of M. and Sarah T. Comstock. Paper of Oct. 6, 1857. 


OOnXXT, NAIffHA, In Jacksonrlll*, Oregon, April 16, 1^57, 

Mn. Hartha, wlfa of J. 0. Condrsy. Psoer of Jtm* 13, 

OOITORIV?; THAHCIS H., In San rraaclsco. Hot. 16, 1857, Tranelt 
H. Congrlff, a native of Ireland, aged 37 jreftrs. 

OOnODl, ISABIXIA, At ReTada, May 20, 1857, Isabella Conner, 
late of loMt Hill. 

COOK, CHARLOTTE S. , In San Tranelsco, Jan. 26, 1R57, Charlotte 
H. , wife of Charles W, Cook, of San Tranclsco, and 
d.iw*ter of f^aimel B. Tolger, Btq. , of TlanVicket, Mass., 
in th« 33rd 7»ar of her age. Hesldence 275 Stockton St. 

COOlIiriZ, J7S0, In SllTPertown, Oregon, May 19, 1=57, Jero 

Coolldge, aged abont 30 y^ars. Paper of Jtum 13, 1857. 

OOOICS, VTWCt M. , By drowning In the Cowlitz Riyer, June 1, 
1857, Henry M. Coonoe, step-eon of J. R. Jackson, aged 
about 18 years. 

COOPBH, LAYINA, H Colnmhla, Tnolunne Co., jTine 9, 1857, Mrs. 

LaTlaa CooDer, wife of Frank Cooner, fomerly of Baltlnore, 

COariLTOa, EEHST IOHATIUS, in Saa rranclsco, Aug. 18, 1857, at 
the rt'Rldence of Mr. Manuel Ainsa, Henry Ignatius, only 
child of Mrs. Adelaide Cortllyou, nged 1 yerir and 18 daye. 

COSOROTE, MICHAEL, In San francisco, Jan. 19, 1857, Michael 
CosgroTe, a natire of England, ag«d 18 years. 

COTTON, JAMSS ISfikKD, In San 7raneiseo, Not. 9, 1857, Jaaes 

Edward, fourth son of John Charles and Anna Maria Cotton, 
2 years, 9 months and C> days. 

CnWRELL, JOHN MOBTDffiR, In San Francisco, Oct. 6, 1857, John 
Mortlner, infant son of Edvard M. and Atigusta A. Cottrell, 
a^d 4 months and 22 days. New Toric, Brunswick and 
Boston papers please coTiy. 

COX, WITXIA.M E., In Tuba City, Sent. 12, 1857, of dro-^sy, 

Villiaa H. Cox, late of Howard Co., Mo., aged 26 years. 

CRAIB, AiaCAHTHR, By drowning in the Sacraaiento HlTer, near 
Steaaboat Slou^, May 36, 1857, Alexander Cralb, son of 
Villias: Cralb, Esq., of Sorel, Esft Canada, laach regretted 
Vr many of his friends. Paper of June 4, 1857. 
Montrea"'. '^perp ^le"»^» cony. 

ORANIULL, CHARLES C, At 3hav>s Tlat, Jan. 29, 1857. Charles C. 
Osaadall, aged 36 years. Paper of Feb. 4, 1857. 


CHANSTOir, StJSAK AMELIA, In Marlon Co., 0. I., Juno 2, 1857, 
of eont'isptlon, Mrs. SuB&n Aaolla Cranston, fonnerly of 
Champaign Co., Ohio, n^d 27 years. 

CRAwrORD, WILLIAM, In San yranclsco, April 6, 1857, of con- 
sumption, William Crawford, natlye of Ireland, a^^ed 45 

CHISP, MB., At Adobe Ranch, In Tallejo Township, Sept. 2, 1857, 

of brain fever, Mr. Crisp, recently from Taahill Co., Oregon, 
aged 27 years. 

CHCXJEEa, HZNRT A., In Sacramento, June 26, 1857, of croup, 
Henry A. , son of John and Mary A. Crocker, a^d 2 years 
and 10 months. Hew Tork -papers please copy. 

OHOWLET, CATKEHIHK, In San yranclsco, Aug. 24, 1857, Catherine, 
youngest dau^ter of Timothy and Margaret Crowley, aged 
6 months and 19 days. 

CHOWLBT, J. I., In MarysTllle, Aug. 23, 1857, J. I,, son of 
John and Mary Ann Crowley, aged 15 days. 

OHOViXET, MAHT L., In San Tranclsco, June 24, 1P57, Mary L., 
the helored wife of Florence Crowley, aged 26 years. 
IHineral from late residence, Clementina St. between 
First and Second Ste. ITew Tork papers 'ilease copy. 

CROWHIH, WM. S., In San Francisco, Aug. 10, 1857, at the 

residence of Mr. Wm. B. Wood, of congestion of the brain, 
Wm. S. Crownln, a n-itlve of Massachusetts, a^d 30 years. 
Boston and EaTsrhlll papers nlease copy. 

CRTISOK, D\nD, In Placer Co. , Dec. 1, 1857, of thynhold 
pneumonia, David Cruson, aged 20 years. 

COTT, MRS. MART, At Ifapa, Oct. 28, 1857, of consun-otlon, Mrs. 
Mary Cuff, of South Dedham, Mass., aged 23 years. Paper 
of Hov. 3, 1857. 

CUHEO, OIOTAHO S72FAH0, In San Tranclsco, Hov. 30, 1857, 
Olovano Stefaao CuxMo, a^'' 41 years, of Italy. 

OURRT, JCBI, At San Luis Boy, March 7, 1857, John Curry, of 

He^' Hampshire, ^^^d about 25 years. Paper of April 3, 1857. 

C0HTI3, GSQBG3 B., In Ophlr, June 8, 1957, of consumntlon, 

George 3. Curtis, aged 33 years, formerly of Olastenburg, 

CDBTIS, LETITIA, In San Francisco, Mrs. Letltla, wife of J. M. 
Curtis, a native of Ireland, aged 39 years, on April 13, 


DAIOH. JOHH, In Shast-^. Hay 14, 1857. of typhoid f.T»r, John 
Dalgh, formerly of Perry, Pike Co., 111., n^ed about 21 

nAlT, MAHOAHET, In San I-ranclsco, April 21, 1857, of apaplexy, 
Margaret Daly, a native of Ireland, a«ed 25 y^r^rn. 

DAHims, BlIZABHTH, In Heradn, Aug. 11, 1857, Mra. Elizabeth 
Daniels, vrlfe of Wm. Daniels, a^d r.5 years. 

DARm. GEOBOE, In Sand Jlat, Taha Co., May 23, 1857, Oeorge 
Darfel, a/?ed 2 7 years, formerly of loulsrllle, Ky. , a 
iMitlTe of (remany. 

DAVES, LOinSA VICTORIA, In Santa Clarr., Jtine 1, 1857, of disease 
of the heart, Lotilsa Tlctorla, dau/^hter of John Dares, a^d 
16 years and 11 months. 

DAVIS, OATHEHI'n!, In San Tranclsco, Not. 14, 1857, Mrs. Catherine 
Darls, wife of C. H. Davis, a native of Ireland, a^ed 26 years, 
ftaneral from late residence, Tehama St. near Tourth St. 

DAVIS, ELLEN, In San rranclseo, Deo. 2, 1857, after a short 
Illness, Ellen, wife of Thomas S. Davis, aged 38 years. 

DAVIS, HAHIAH, In Marysvllle . July 24, 1857, Mrs. HajuMh Davie. 
wife of J. A. Davis. 

DAI, MARGARET, In Stockton, March 30, 1857. Mrs. Margaret Day, 
wife of Lot Dat, aged 45 years. Paper of April 9, 1857. 

DE BOOM, HOMAIN, In S.m ?ranci3C0, March 3, 1857, at his resi- 
dence. South Park, Homaln De Boom, a native of Belgltia, 
aged 44 years. Funeral fron the Church of Notre Daae dee 
Vlctolres, on Bush Street. 

DECKER, RiSECCA, In Valleclto, May 25. 1857, Rebecca Decker, 
aged 3 years and 10 months. Paper of June 1, 1857. 

DEEBHOHST, JAI23. In San ITranclsco, torch 4, 1857, of consuamtlon, 
JsMs Deeifcurst, of :?ngland, late of New York, aged about 40 

DE raEMERT, LKOH JAMES, In SSan Tranclsco, April 4, 1857, Leon 
James, only son of James and Vlrglnle T. de Fremery. aged 
22 month*. ' ^^ 

IE GEAR, WAITER, In S.-m Tranclsco, July 22, 1957. Walter, 
eeoond son of Georr^ and Mary de Gear, -i^ed 4 years *7 
■onths and 9 days. * 

nSMPSlT, wrilAM, In San Tranclsco, April 5, 1857. of eonsmirotlon. 
William DeBDsey, a native of Ireland, aged 28 years. 

. ^^MA, mt V«w Talk, mgU 44 

>• rvaiteaM, /oloi St. a«ftr Mum 

aonth* «aA 6 dajr*. ^^ 


«. Jte* a, U97, of Mb. 

■^ilS 1. Z. . T» San ?r:vq«tMo, Htv '"^ ti~» "'-rs« 

^^--- . •««4 as 7<Nur*, 1«W «jf OaatTili*, 
»^«r of Azi«. 12, jaBT. 

OJW. UiSA HAU.. 1* an fM>.iM«, Miy M, HW, ten B»U. 

iwrm, icfor abik, xb sqbo» „^ si. 

80, lor..-. 

. ji cjHjtissrrBioB, 
, aoatha. 

DOAXtZB "^Tt TT-a... ■-. /-JT.- ^ ,, ^ ^ 

.1%, of Cr. ^|g^ 

'.i 81tt«p ._._ 


DEWTSCJK, CAPT. SAMDEL 1., In San Frajicleco, Sept. 3, 1857, 
•uddenly, Capt. Sanul L. Denlson, of Rew Tork, a^d 44 
year*. Vtmeral fro-- late residence, John St. near Maaon 

niTOE, HEHBT GHEOnRT, In Saji rrancltco, Jan. 14, 1857, auddenly, 
Henry Gregory, eon of Giles A. and Ollre M. Deroe, «€•<! 20 
Bonths and 6 dayt. 

inWIlB, CAPT. iOSSPE, In San Tranclteo, April 20, 1957, Capt. 
Joeenh Dewing, of Salem, Maes., aged 60 years. 

DISMOMS, JOHK, At Jaokson, June 2, 1857, of conetun-tion, John 
Diemond, aged 34 yeare, from Sagland. 

DISNET, GEOHGI 1. I., In San Trancieco, May 15, 1857, George 
L. S. Disney, aged 29 years, formerly of Baltimore, Md. 
Baltimore -oapers -nlease coTiy. 

DIXSOH, AITS r. , At Horth San Jtian, lefada Co. , JtQy .?7, 1857, 
Mrs. Anne T. Diison, aged 25 yeara, late of Dansrllle, 
LlTingston Co., H. T. Paper of Aug. 12, 1857. 
OuiaTllla papera please eopy. 

DOHE, LATHA HAIL, In San Jranclsco, May 16, 1857, laara Hall, 
dao^ter of Benjamin and Jane A. Dore, aged 3 montha and 
6 days. 

DOTTSa, JCBW ADAM, In Sonoma, Valley, March 31, 1857, John Adam, 
SOB of Wn. C. and Mary C. Dotter, aged 2 yenra. Paper of 
April 9, 1857. 

DOTT, JAMES, In Oregon, Jane 27, 1857, Jaaes Doty, son of Kx- 

Ooremor Doty, of Wiseonain, '.ged 28 years. P'l-oer of Jtily 
30, 1857. 

DOWl, MA1T JAKE, In San ?ranclsco, March 27, 1857, of consumotion, 
Mary Jane, wife of Wm. H. Do^e, ■\ged 25 yeara, 8 montha. 
Paper of ^pril 6, 1857. 

DOTLE, MAHIA HOSETTE WIIKEIWHA, In Stockton, June 6, 1857, of 
dro'^ey, Maria Boaette Wilhelmina, wife of Martin C. Doyle, 
aj^ed 42 yeara. 

DOTIZ, PATaiCK, At San Mateo, Aug. 23, 1857, of fracture of the 
aknll, Patrick Doyle, a native of Ireland. funeral from 
Morning Sta- Houae bey .nd Mission Dolorea. 


St. Catherine's Conrent, of consnaption. Hot. 6, 1857, Miaa 
Ihomaea aiarte, called Slater Maiy Magdalen, a natire of 
Lower California, aged 21 yeara and 10 montha. 

Wm, THOMAS CroSlOOTOI, In Lonlrrlllt, Ky. , May 6, 1857, 
Thoaas Cral^ton "Oaffj, In tha 26th year of hla a/^e. 
Paper of Joaa 18, 1857. 

SOSOAV, BXIQtr lA'-fBElfCE, In Snn ymnclaco. May 21, 1857, Hanry 
La</rence, only child of John M. and Snrah E. Dancan, 
a^d 10 montha. 

SOBS, SIOHA^T) ROSCOE, In San yranclaeo, Hlehard Hoacoa Dann, 

infant aon of Hor?u:a D. and Antolnatta Dann, on AT^rll 13, 
1857. He" Tork capers laase copy. 

OOm, Mas. CATH^IHS, At tha San Fallpa Hanch, Monterey Cotmty, 
Jma 31, 1857, Mra. Catherine Donne, vlfe of Janes Donne, 
a^d 29 yeara. 

DISH, HHS. TH3HESA, In San Traaclaco, Tab. 27, 1857, Mra. 

Theresa Dyer, a natlTc of St. Louis, Mo., aged 23 yeara. 

BAlflHAHT, W. J., In Loa Angles, Hot. 20, 1857, W. J. Samhart, 
a^d 28 years. Paper of Deo. 18, 1857. 

EASTMAB, JOHOTHAn SHEPHEBS, Dee. 9, 1856, we announce today with 
■aeb regret the death of Jonothan Shenherd Sastman, father* 
in-law of Mr. H. H. Co^ill, hy his first marrlate, a well- 
known citisen of Baltimore, and at one time, prominent in 
hia business circles. Be Died at his residence on Howard 
Street at the a^e of seTenty years. The dece.-ised was well 
known and highly esteened for his upri/rhtness and integrity 
in all relations of life. Hia loss vill be felt by all who 
had the pleasure of his acquaintance. 

ZCK3L, ABIT ELIZABETH, In Marysrllle, July 15, 1857, Mies Aon 
Kliaabeih Sekal, aged 8 yeara. 

SSDI, CARSIS, In Boreka, Homboldt Bay, Miae Carrie Xddy, youngest 
dau^ter of John M. 5ddy, aged 17 years and 8 nonths. 
Paper of Se^t. 21, 1857. 

ISGECKB, MAJffnr, In Sacraaento, Aug. 19, 1857, Martin Edgecomb, 
of Maine, aged 57 years. 

IlWaiSS, JOBI, In Miaai Prarie, Thurston Co., V. T. , Aug. 15, 
1857, John Edmonds, recently of the city of Boston, aged 
about 30 years. Paper of Oct. 1, 1857. 

IDSALL, JOSEPH P., In San 7Tancl8co, at the International Hotel, 
March 1, 1857, Joseph P. Sdsall, formerly of Port Wayne, 
Indiana, aged 36 yeara. 

ZJ/'iKSIfS, CHLQE AHH, In San Pranoiseo, April 25, 1857, Chloe Ann, 
wife of A. S. Edwards, aged 36 years. 

IDWABDS, DAVID A., At Coltm^la Hill, Harada County, April 7, 
1857, DaTld A. Zdwnrda. 

IIISSS, AUSA GEHTHiniE, In Saeraaanto, May 21, 1857, Anna 
Gartroda Bllaaa, s«ad 2 yeara. 

SLDEH, MAHII CHATHERI'TS , In Snntn Croa, Sept. 8, 1857, of 

eroup, Marie Catherine, onljr dao^ter of A. S. and Bapaalla 
Dlden, aged 2 jaars and 1 nonth. 

Xim, MRS. RVFAELA, On tha Baaeho da Apto^-, in San Jose Co., 
Aug. 26, 1857, Mr«. a f&ela Zldan, dau^ter of Bafaala and 
Soledad Castro, aged 19 yaara, 11 aontha and 14 daya. 
Paper of Sept. 4, 1857, 

XLEEH, JOHI, In Sacrsjaanto, Hot. 2, 1857, John Sldar, fonMrl/ 
of IndianaT^olis, Ind., aged 65 yeara. 

KLDEHHOHH, CHARLES EIX AHD, In San FranclBCO, July 28, 1857, of 

teething, Chr.rlas EdvArd, yo-ingeat son of Adolpfaoa and Lo^oiaa 
Slderhom, aged 10 nontha and 3 veeka. 

ELKIVS, ZIIZABZTK, In the forka of Santiaa, Linn Co., Jnna 14, 

1857, of dropay, after an Illness of four nontha, Slliaheth, 
aecond da^o^ter of L. £lkina, aged 18 yaara. Paoer of 
July 15, 1857. 

SLLEBHOHSr, HBHRI, In San Tranelaco, Oct. 12, 1857, Henry, infant 
eon of Hanry D. and Sliia Zlleri^orat, aged 14 daya. 

ILLIOT, yilXKT OARnOtR, In San Tranclaco, April 5, 1857, vllley 
Gf\rdner Slliot, a^ed 9 montha and 12 daya. Hew Haanahira 
and Massochaaetta papers ^ copy. 

ZLLSVOBTH, SLIZAB£TH JORTSOV, In Great Salt Lake City, March 5, 
1857, Zllxabath Johnaon, dau^ter of Yeraan and Spedy 
Zllaworth, .iged 17 years. Paper of Jane ""S, 1857. 

EMEHSOH, LTICT, In Saeraaento, May 30, 1857, Loey Smereon (colored) 
aged 4 yeara. Paper of June 3, 1857. 

raOlISH, EAHBIST, In San Trancisco, July 21, 1857, Harriet, 

yotmgeat dau^^hter of Jerome A. and Harriet Engliah, ngad 3 
■ontha and 10 daya. 

XYSJUTT, LOCIXH C, In San Traaeiaco, Dae. 5, 1857, at tha 

residence of Mr. J. L. Taggard on Trem nt Street, Lucien C. 
Zreratt, late of Fllroy, Santa Clara Co., fomerl/ of 
Charleaiovn, Mass. 

FACST, THOKAS JAM2S, At TahauntOTee, May 9, 1857, of yellow ferer, 
Thoaaa JameB Tacey, aged 35 yeara, a native of Greenwich, 
Zngland. Paper of Aug. 3, 1857. Oraenwieh papers ^laaaa 


TAIBBATaCS, HH3. H. W. , In San franclsco, Oct. 7, 1857, Mr*. 
H. W. ralrbankg, formerly of Maine, a«ed 38 yvars. 

rkiaxt, LOUIS, in Saa Jranelseo, kag. 31, 1857, Louie V&rl»r, 

a natlre of England, a^d 33 years. Paper of Sept. 1, 1857. 

TATILIE, 2LLA BAKEa, In San Andreas, Aug. 3, 1857, JSlla Baker, 
only daii^ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tarllle, aged 8 aoe. 

TELLOWS, 020H0S w, , At DownleTllle, at the United States Hotel, 
Jan. 4, 1857, Oeor^ w. Tellows, aged 23 years. 

rSBKiiXD, SAMDBL, In Oraaa Valley, March 9, 1857, Samoel Temald, 
aged about 35 years, formerly of Boston. 

rtsaUHEX, JAMES, In San Traaclsco, May 11, 1857, of consunptlon, 
James Temandei, a n-tlTe of Hova Scotia, aged 21 years. 

FnrCHBF^TJOH, JACOB, In S-^cramento, Aug. 18, 1857, Jacoh 

Tlnchheau^, formerly of Mlamltown, Ohio, a<p;ed 30 years. 

TIHDLET, JOHH, In Oregon, nea? Union Point, Liim Co., April 26, 
1857, John Findley, nrM 5r, yeara. Paper of Jnne 2, 1857. 

riHi:, MRS. DAHIBL, In Saa Tranclsco, Mrs. Tlnk, wife of the 
late Daniel Tink. June 16, 1857. 

TimJET, COL. JAMES W. , In San Trancisco, July 14, 1857, Col. 

Janes W. Tlnley, foraerly of Baltimore, aged ahout 53 years. 

FILIMOHl, LOLT, On Jackson Creek, Amador Co., Sept. 16, 1857, of 
hllious fever, Luly Fillmore, aged 2< years and 2 months. 

ILAinms, ALBJvRT 7., At Tallejo, Not. 26, 1857, of congestion of 
the brain, Albert F. , son of Hathan and M. Louis Tlanders, 
aged 18 months and 3 days. Paper of Dee. 1, 1857. 
Boston papers T>lease corjy. 

fLAHUERS, ALTIN EOTP, In San Tranclsco, Dec. 1, 1857, AlTin Kent, 
only child of Alrin and Lissie G. Flanders, aged 2 months. 

FLAjraas, MRS. MART B., In San Francisco, Hot. 29, 1857, Mrs. 
Mary B., wife of J, P. Flanders, Inte of Groton, Mass., 
aged 27 years. 

FLIHTOFF, AOHES, In S.^ Francisco, Jan. 13, 1857, Agnes, youi^st 
daa^ter of Josvoh and Margaret Flintoff , of San Franoieco, 
aged 1 year, 4 months and 12 days. 

FLOWIHS, JAMES, At Mare Island, Feb. 27, 1857, James Flowers, 

of nxrham Co., Horfol'-, England, a^ef' 4R years, late Keeper 
of the Hicam/tia Steamship 'Sonpany^s steamer Pacific. 
Parwr of March 12, 1857. Death by drowning. 


rLTIV, JOSEPH 1., In 8aa TnaolBOO, Match 10, 1857. Jose^ B. 
yijnm, a^d 1 year. Lovell, Masa. papers please eopgr. 

FOLET, HorrnRA, In Spjj Francisco, Jaly PA, 1S57, of Tmlnonary 
a'bcesB, Honora, wife of Francis Foley, aged 23 years. 
Fcmeral from her late residence, comer of Vallejo and 
Hyda Streets. 

FOLOSR, HAMIIF, In Sncramento, Oct. 25, 1857, Hajulln, Infant 

son of Francis R. and Sf>rah J. 7ol/^r, a/^^d 6 months and 

I day. 

FOLSOM, FRAWI, In San Francisco, March 3\ 1857, of sore throat, 
Frank Folsom, a natlre of Ati^ista, Me., aged 6 years and 

II Bonths. Paper of April 2, 1857. 

FOLSOM, MAST OlITIA, In San Francisco, Dee. 21, 1857, Mary OIItIa, 
daughter of Captain Sdaond Folson, aged 2 years and 11 

TQX, FRANCIS EOOZKE, In S cramento, 'arch 8, 1857, of croup, 
Fraitcls Eugene, son of Jacob Fox, aged 3 years and 3 
■onths. Paper of April 10, 1857. 

FOX, HARRI2T C, In San Mateo Co., Dec. 22, 1857, at the resi- 
dence of Jud^ Fox, Hnrrlet C, daughter of C. B. and C. M. 
Fox, late of Ann Arbor, Mleh. 

FEAHCISCO, LAOBESSO JACO^ETI, In S?»n Francisco, Hay 28, 1957, 
lauresso Jaconet! Frcmclsco, homed at the fire this 
■oming, a native of Naples, aged 23 years. 

fBDENAN, EDWAM CLAYTON, In Sp-crr mento. Hay 11, 1857. Ed^*ard 
Clayton, Infant son of Richard and Lucretla Freeaan. 

FRSHCH, F. B., At Dotan's Bn.r, Placer Co., Jnly 11, 1857, of 
tynhold fever, F. B. French, a native of Boston, Mass. 
or New Hajimshlre), aged 32 or 35 years. 

FHOOT, BENJAMIN, At Charcoal Flat, South Fork of the Tuba, 

Benjaaln Frost, aged 40 years. Paper of Aug. 17, 1857. 

FOaOER, ANTON, At San Pedro, June 10, 1857, of bronchitis, 
Aaton Forger, a natlTe of Swltserland, aged 38 years. 

FTOBT, MRS. IXENE, Hear Cacherllle, July 30, 1857, of puerperal 
ferer, Mrs. Irene Furry, wife of Henry Forry, Esq., and 
dao^ter of lot Day, of Stockton, aged 17 years and 6 
months. Paper of Aa^. 8, 1857. 


OAILO, JOSI, In Sacranento, March 12, 1857, Jom Oallo, a««d 
32 xaars, fon>*rly of Haples, Ital/. 

OAMBLE, KATE, In SnerniMnto, May 21, 1857, of congestion of 
th« lnn««, Kate, only child of JaiMs and Znlly Oambl*, 
ag«d 11 Bontht. 

OAHCIA, ElIZABBTH B., F«b. 27, 1857, aftpr i brief lllneBs, 
Elisabeth B., wife of Capt. Joee-oh S. Garcia, aged 26 
/•are, formerly of Lynn, Maes. Paper of March 2, 1857. 
Lynn and Backsport capers please copy. 

0\HDNSR, WILBKR, In Snn Trancieco, Nor. 12, 1857, Wllber Gardner, 
son of &torge M. and Mary Gardner, aged 2 yaa-s and 6 

OA^OTER, WILLIAM, In S.-yi 7rancl8C0, Nov. 12, 1857, Wllllaa 

Gardner, non of George M. and Mary Oardner, aged 2 year* 
and 6 months . 

OASyilLD, AIVAS, In Sacranento, Oct. 8, 1857, of lung fa-nr, 

AlTae Garfield, formerly of Maeeachuaetta, ri^ei 38 yeara. 

GIBSOH, GEOaoiAKA, In San Tranclaco, June 11, 1857, Oeorfrlana, 
only daughter of Lewie and Alalra Glbaon, £<ged 20 yeara. 
l^ineral from residence, Ho. 24 Battery St., near Pln«. 

OITBH, 4(ms, In San Fpanciaco, July 21, 1857, of inflaaiaatlon 
of the lungs, John Given, a native of Ireland, aged 45 

GIT£»S, RCBEHT, At the Baxaa Hanch, Mariposa So., May 31, 1857, 
Hobart, infant son of H. H, Givena, aged 8 montha and 3 
dnys. Paper of June 8, 1857. 

GOLDSMITH, rANNT, In San rmncisco, Teb. 27, 1857, Fnnny 
Goldsmith, a native of Sfin Tranciaco, aged 3 nnntha. 

OOODWIK, EDWARD TfflSODCKI, In Pstaluma, f»b. 14, 1857, Bdward 

Theodore, only son of Mrs. Mary B. Goodwin, aged 20 months. 

GORHAM, 1A?Z, In San Francisco, Feb. 7, 1857, Kate, dan^ter of 
vrilliam H. and Caroline D. Oorham, aged 3 yeara. 

OHABT, SATAH M., In San Tranciaco, Aug. 31, 1857, Sarah M. , wlfs 
of 01ir>ert A. Grant, and dan^ter of the late Aaron Bea<jh, 
laq., of Hewark, V. J. Paper of Sept. 1, 1857. 

ORATTAH, LOOISA, In Benecla, D«j. 23, 18'"*, Lonlaa, dau^ter 

of Georre Grattan, aged 8 yeirg and 6 nontha. Paper of 
Jan. 9, 1857. 

OHDIT, Has. JAKE L., In Mont« Crlsto, May 6, 1857, Mra. Jane L. 
Oreely, wife of Ooorge M. Greely, lite of Buffalo, n. T, 

amv, AISSB H., IB Saa TranclBco, Jan. 10, 1857, Alheri H. 
Grten, of tjphold ts-nr , ran«ral tron 71rat Congre^- 
tlonal Church. A member of the T. M. C. A. 

SBXa, MAar BILA, in Snn Ihranelsco, Hot. 7, 1857, Mnry Slla, 
yoon^flt dwj^hter of Isnhel and George w. Green, n^ed 10 

mess, HRS. ELIZAKSTH ElZAHOR, In Sfxn francleco, Teb. 12, 1857, 
Mrs. Sllsaheth Eleanor, '.rite of John L. Green, and third 
dau^ter of the late Andrew McCaahrldge of Phlladelrjhla, 
a^d 30 Teara. 

ORZERI, WIIilAM, In San Francisco, May 9, -"es?, of conaninptlon, 
Willlajn Greene, a native of England, aged 47 years. 

OaiULET, MHS. CLAlISrA, In Srjx ftnnclBCo, Oct. 30, 185?, In 
the serenty-fifth year of her age, Mrs. Clarlasa Grldloy, 
a native of Tarmlngton, Conn., and\i of the late 
Aasel Grldley, Esq.. yiineml from residence of her aon- 
In-law, H. I. King, 258 Povrell St. 
Hew Toric -oapera ple.-iae copy. 

OHirniHS, JOHHHT W., InOticR, March 12, 1857, Johnny h., 
only aon of John and Mary Jane Griffiths, aged 2 years. 
Paper of April 13, 1857, 

OaiSSAM, GEORGE, In Stockton, Ang. 2, 1857, George, aon of 
Henry and Slisaheth Griasam, aged 1 month. 

GOEST, WOOCEN D. , In San Francisco, April e, 1857, Worden D. 
Oaeat, a nf^tive of Hev Tot*, aged 16 years. 

Oimni, JOnr l.. At Todd»a Valley, Plscer Co., Oct. 10, 1857, 
John H. Oi*ynn, ifter a brief illneaa of typhoid fever. 

HAHl, MR. 1., In Snn Francisco, Oct. 7, 1857, Kt. L. Hahl 
front Appensell. 

HAIET, AHWIE RECTOR, In San Frmcisco. Dec. 18, 1857, Annie 

Hector, Infant daiighter of Mary E. and CaT>t. Robert Haley, 
aged 8 months and 3 weeks. 

HAIIT, BETSET, At sea, Oct. 21, 1857, on board ateamahip. 

Golden A'^, on the pasaa/je from San Francisco to Panama, 
Betaey, wife of Capt. Timothy Haley, fornerly of Olouscester, 
Maea., aged 37 years. Pap-r of Hot. 28, 1857. 


HAXir, MICFABL, In San Tranclaco, April 29, 1857, Mlehael 
Haley, a^d 30 years, a natlre of Ireland. 

HALL, MISS ELIZA, In SacrRMnto, Hot. 17, 1857, Miae Sllsm 
Hall, daughter of J. W. Hall, docen=ed, Rp«d 16 yeare. 

HAIL, J. W., In San Francisco, Jan. 14, 1857, John W. Hall, 
for»erly of Boston, afied about 46 years. 
Boston papers please copy. 

HALL, LI2ZI- KL^CZSCA, In S.-a Irancleco, Anrll 29, 1857, 
Llszie 7rancesca, Infant dati4^ter of Thomas Jefferson 
and Trance 8ca Hall, a^ed 11 aonths and 7 days. 

HAKBLIN, ISAIAH, In Port Clara, Santa Clara, Sept. 7, 1856 
Isaiah HaulJlin, aged 66 years. Paper of May 19, 1857. 

lAMMKBStzr, OAPT. G. W., In San Tranclsoo, Dm. 30, 1857, 

Capt. 0. W. BaoMrsley, a natlre of Va. ..-Bged (T) yeare. 

HliaiOBD, CHAJlLZr. JOErsON, In S-n J-rancisco, Aug. 13, 1857, 
Charles Johnson, only child of Dr. Wm. Hflamond, a^ed 
2 years and 6 months. 

HAADIIO, MRS. MART, In Providence, R. I., Dec. 3, 1857, Mrs. 
Mary Harding, widow of the late Capt. Benjaain Harding 
of this city, Priper of Dec. 31, 1857. 

HAHOITT, T8AHC3S, In San Francisco, Dec. 10, 1857, Trance* 
Hargett, aged ?. yeare. 

HA-^OIW, THSEERICK HESHT, In Snn Trancisco, Hot. 12, 1857, 
Trederiek Henry, eldest son of Godfrey Hargitt, aged 4 

HAHRIlTOfOH, WM. D., In Santp Clara, June 2r>, 1857, of consTunp- 
tion, Wii. D. Harrington, aged 55 years. Paper of July 1, 

HAaRISOH, HSHHT A., At Hewhnrgh, H. T. , Dec. 12, 1856, of 

congestion of the ^ungs, Henry A. Harrison, formerly of 
this city. (Mr. Enrriaon wns of the late firm of De Witt, 
Harrieon, * Co., one of the first mercantile houses 
established in this city in 1848, one of the fifty men 
that established o'lr present Taluable Tire Depnrtaent, and one 
of the oldest meabers of the Sansome Hook and Ladder Coanany. 
Paper of Jan. 16, 1857. 

HAST, CHABLK3 EDOAH, In San Trancisco, Hot. 12, 1857, at the 
renidenee of Annis Merrill, Esq., Charles Sdgar, son of 
Henzy H. and Louisa M. Hart, aged 7 years and 9 aonths 
and 9 days. 


HASKELL, KJOZHA LDDLir, In Salaon »alli, Jatg. 3, 1857, 

EriCanU D«idl«y, dmghtar of D. H. and Hachel H. Ha«lceH, 
nged 1 7ear and 7 aontha. 

HASKIKS, JONOTHAJI E., At Half Moon Bay, San Mateo Co., Jan. 1. 
1857, Jonothan E. HaakinB, formerly of Villiaaaborg, Loa« 
laland, in the 32nd year of Ma a^. 
Hew York Dapera please co;py. 

HAHYET, MISS FIIZA, In San rranclaeo, At»rll 12, 1857, Miaa 
Ellia Harrey, a natlre of Illlnola, aged 28 yeara. 

HATHA-^AT, CHAHLSS AffTHUB, In SaoraaMnto, Dae. 9, 1857, Charlea 
Arthur, aon of Sndrew and Jane Hatra*«y, a^d 2 yeara and 2 

HAIHAWAT, CHARLES S., In Paria, Oct. :^1, 1857, Charles S. 

Hathaway, a^d 29 yaara, of the honae of Morgan, Eathavay & 
Co., of thla city. Paper of Deo. 16, 1857. 

HAWES, LDTHER M., In Shaata Co., Lather M. Hawea, aged 27 yeara, 
of Maaslllon, Cfhlo. Paper of April 9, 1857. 

HXALD, SARAH J., In Healdahnrg, Sonom Co.. Hay 11, 1857, of 

tyrshold ferer, Sarah J., wife of H. C. Heald, n^d 27 yeara. 

HSMSTEAD, OAPT. JQHH, On the Merced Rlrer near the town of 
Snelllng, Sept. 30, 1857, of bllloue ferer, Capt. John 
Hematead, aged ahoat 38 yeara, a native if Sagg Harbor, 
Long lalond. Paper of Oct. 26, 1857, 

HZHHT, WILLIAM, In Aul»urn, Jan. 3, 1857, Willlaa Henry, a 
aatlTe of Tenneaaee, aged ahout 45 yeara. 

HEHalCI, muCE, In Placermie, Oct. 2, 1857, Brace Herrlck, 
formerly of Akron, Ohio, aged 27 yeara and r. montha. 

HESLl, CHAHIOTTS, In Mariisoea, Jane 8, 1857, Charlotte Heale, 
aged about 30 yeara. 

HICJCET, MRS. SARAH A., In San frauaciaco, Aog. 8, 1857, of 
conaamption, Mra. Sarah A. Hickay, wife of M. E. Hlckey, 
aged :57 yeara. Toneral from Ho. 68 Montgomery St. near 
Plna. Kev Toric iwpera please copy. 

HILL, na. J. 8., In SaoraaMnto, April 22, 1857, of typhoid 

feTer, Dr. J. S. Hill, late of M&aaachnaatta. aged 33 yeara. 

HILL, WIUIAM, At the town of Snelling, in Maripoaft Co. , Ar^rll 

26, 1857, Willlaa Hill, aged 3S yeara. Paper of May 6, 1857. 


HQAO, MART AOOUOTA TOA, Oct. 29, 1857, K»ry Aiu;aata Toa, only 
drafter of Angattn and OctaTrlan Hoag, agod 4 aontht and 
8 dajra. Alta papers plense copy. 

HCfDOSOW, HEHRT, In San Francisco, Doc. 28, 1857, Heniy Hodgaon, 
a native of Shropshire, England. 

HOOAH, CATHBIBB, In San Francisco, March 7, 1857, of congastlon 
of the Itmgs, Miss Cathrlne Hogan, late of New Orleans, a 
native of Ireland, a^ed ''O years. 

HOaAK, MISS CATHASITTE, In San Francisco, Not. 15, 1857, at tba 
renldenoe of Gardner Elliot, Esq., Miss Catharine Hogan, 
a n^.tlre of Ireland, aged 28 years. 
Boston T)aper«> please copy, 

HOLLAND.MHS. JOHAIIKA M. , In San Francisco, March 5, 1857, of 
constLoptlon, Mm. Johanna M. , wife of Joseph Holland, a 
native of New York, aged 26 years. 

HOLLAHT, MH8. THOMAS, At Roach Hill, Placer Co., Feh. 16, 1857, 
the wife of Thomas Holland. 

HOLMES, J., Aaador Oo., March 28, 1857, J. Eolaes, aged atoat 
30 years. Paper of April 9, 1857. 

HOBIOH, ABBI2, In Sonora, Feb. 8, 1857, Ahble, youngest dao^ter 
of Mr. Oeorger*Horton, late of San Francisco. 

HOSFORD, OEORGE VASHIIJOTOM, In San Francisco, Jan. ,?4, 1857, 

Mr. Oeorge Washington Hosford, son of David Hosford, Esq. , 
of Albany, N. T. , aged 26 years. Foneral from residence, 
Stockton St., bet. Calif, and Pine. 

HOOCffl, EZRA X., In San Francisco, May 31, 1857, at the residence 
of Mr. James 3. Folger, Szra E. Hou^, a/^d 38 years, 
formerly of Kashna, H. E. Paper of June 1, 1857. 

HOWAHD, JAMES, In Sacramento, Ang. 10, 1857, of Inflammation 
of the lungs, Mr. James Howard, a native of England. 

HOWARD, 13VIS, At Tfalontovn, Homboldt Bay, Dec. 4, 1857, from 
disease of the epine, Lewis Howard, one of the enrly 
settlers of Trinity River. PPT>er of Deo. 16, 1857. 

HOME (HQBIK), MRS. LTDIA TATJBDN, In Lowell, Mass.. Mrs. Lydla 
Taanoi Howe (Rome), wife of Moses G. Howe, Esq., a^ed 
24 years. Paijer of April 14, 1857. 

KOTT, MRS. MART, In Dorchester, Mass., June 13, 1&57, Mre. 
Mary Hoyt, aged 71 years. Paper of July 17, 1857. 


HOTT, THOMAS, On Iward the atMowr Star of the est, thr«e days 
froB Harana, In the paesage to California, of yellow feyer, 
Tho«4« Htiff, froa lahlonega, Ga. , a^d about 18 yearn, 
brother of Wm. and A. J. Huff of Iowa Hill ot Cal. Paper 
Of Dec. 23, 1857. 

HTOHES, CLARA, In Nem-^a, July 8, 1857, Clara, dao^ter of 
Oeorge M. and Hannah Ho^es, aged 1 year. 

HUIBDHI, HILBH S., In Treka, June 21, 1857, Helen S., only child 
of S. and A. E. HulViirt, aged 1 year and 2 months. Pauer 
of July 8, 1857, 

HDUN, H., At Sucker Tlat, March 3, 1857, Mr. H. Hulen, formerly 
of 7ort Wayne, Indiana. 

HUHT, JESSIE SHEHBUHHS, In San l-ranclsco, March 3, 1857, JesBla 
Sherburne, aged 2 years and 1 month, dan^ter of Jonotban 
and Ablgal B. Hunt. 

HOHT, MAHGAHBT, In San rrancisco, Jeb. '4, 1857, Margaret, 
daii^ter of Jonothan Hunt, aged 7 years and 5 monthe. 
Immoral from residence of father, Powell and California. 

HUHTEH, MHS. L. F., At Torest City, Oct. 4, 1857, Mrs. 1. F. 
Hunter, aged 46 years and 8 monthe. 

HUSSET, MRS. MART, In San Francisco, June 8, 1857, Hre. Mary 
Huaaey, a native of Ireland, aged 64 years. 

HOTTON, MRS. BLIZABETH, In Vallejo, Hot. 24, 1857, Mrs. 

Elizabeth Button, a natire of England, aged 30 years. 

HTOE, BKTUAMIH M. , In San Francisco, May 4, 1857, Benjamin M. 
Hyde, of Wisconsin, aged 30 years. 

HTIB, PHILIP H., In San Francisco, June 23, 1857, Philip R. H. 
Hyde, of consumption, aged 24 yer-rs, fonnerly of Horwich, 
Conn. Funeral from residence of S. D. Oilmore, on 
Folsom St. 

HTIB, W. 8., In San Francisco, Jan. 13, 1857, Mr. Wn. S. Hyde, 
aged 39 years, from Baltimore, Md. Baltimore -oapers 
please eepy. 

ISAACS, MRS. RACHEL, Died on the paasage from Sew TorV to 

San Francisco, Mrs. Rachel l8a.-<ee, aged 73 yeare. 1!b» 
relatirep and friends of the deceased hereby tender their 
einoere thanks to the and officers of the steam- 
ships, Illinois and Sonora, for their IdLnd attentions to 
her lAlle she was on board. Philadelphia pa-oers Tilease 
corgr. Chas. McDonald. Paper of July 7, i857. 

IBDHAN, AUIEHA, At the In«ham Ranch, near Placerrille, Not. 21, 
1857, Alroena, wife of Cyrus B. Ingham, aged 40, of Kankakee, 
Illinois. Paper of Dec. 2, 1857. 


JAOI, lATHANUl D., At Calapoola, Owgon, Sept. 28, 1857, 

Hathftal«l D. Jack, a local Treacher of tha M. Z. Church. 
Paper of Hot. 6, 1857. 

JACKS, HAMHET, In Hapa Vallay, Maroh 5, 1857, Hamlat Jacks, 
aged 40 year«, a natlre of Wew Tork. 

JAHSSSH (IBTAW), In San FranclBOo, Dae. 6, 1857, tha Infant 
daa^ter of Ernaat and Laontine Janssen, a^d 6 days. 

JlUnNS, MRS. A., At St. Louis, Sierrfi Co., Jona 2, 1857, 
Mrs. A., wife of Hanry Jenkins, a^d 20 yaars. 

JOHHS, Has. MAHT ANN, On Hegro Hill, Dm. 21, 1857, Mrs. Mary Ann 
Johns, aged 17 years, 

J0HHS05, CHAaiOTTE T., At Slalitovn, Anador Co., Jnna 12, 1857, 
Charlotte T., consort of G. D. Johnson, fomerly of 
Calhoun Co., 111., in the 25th year of her age. 

JCBHSON, D. LTLES, In Sacramento, Hot. 26, 1857, D. Lyles, 

infant son of B. 7. Johnson, aged 10 and a half month*. 
Paper of Dee. 2, 1857. 

JOHHSON, EDWIH, In Shaota, Jiine 14, 1857, Bdwin Johnson, son 
of Jngurtha W. Johnson, aged 2 years. 

JQHH80N, MHS. B., In San TranciBCo, Teh. 2, 1857, Mrs. B. 
Johnson, a natiTe of Hew Tozk, aged 28 years. 

JOHHSOH, TIDEIIA, At her residence. In Tolo Co. , six miles 
from Sacramento, Sept. 12, 1857, Fidelia, wife of J. X. 
Johnson, aged 30 years. CleTeland (Ohio) papers please 

JOHHSOH, HEHHT M., In Great Salt Lake City, March 20, 1857, 
of chronic disease of the liTer, Henry M. Johnson. 
Paper of June 15, 1857. 

JQHNSOH, JOSEPH C, In San Francisco, Sept. 26, 1857, Jo8er)h 0., 
eldest son of Capt. J. M. Johnson, of Hew Toxk, aged 4 years 
and 9 months. 

JOHHSCai, SARAH, In San Francisco, Aug. 21, 1857, after a long 
illness, Sarah, the heloTed vife of William E. Johnson, 
aged 41 years, a natiTe of London, England. She leaTes 
a large family to mourn her loss. Funeral from &rao« 
Church, Powell St. 
English papers please copy. 

JOHSS, MHS. A. J., At Butte Creek, Butte Co., Dee. 21, 185V, 
Mrs. A. J., wife of Sanuel Jones, and daughter of Samuel 
Hicholls, Iftte of Hew Tork City, aged 26 years. Paper 
of Jan. 8, 1857. 
Hew Tork papers please copy. 

JORDAH, SARAH E. H., In San Jose, Dec. 23, 1857, Sarah E. H., 
daughter of Reason and Sarah S. Jordan, '^ed 10 years. 


JOSIPB, X. CAJISON, In Oranada, Hioaragna, Sept. IS, 1856, 
K. Carson Joseph, a^d 20 yenrs. Orderly Serjeant 
Coopaojr, Walker's Azay, a natlTe of Charleston, S. C. 
Paper of Ttih. 2, 1857. 
Charleston and Savannah papers please oony. 

JOSEPHI, TRAHCZS, In San Trancisoo, June 20, 1857, Tranoea, 

only dau^ter of Clara and Rohert Josephl, aged 5 aontha 

and 4 daya. 

Hew Toric and Philadelphia papers ttlease eopy. 

JUIIAH, PHIITp s.. In HarysTllle, March 22, 1857, Philip 3. 
Julian, fonoerly of Lancaster, Ohio, aged 23 yaars. 
Paper of April 3, 1857. 

KXasCH, OEORGIIT. CPHISTIHE, In San yrancisco, Jnne 25, 1857, 
Ceorgine Christine Xarsch, aged 4 months and 6 days. 

KAVAHAOH, MARTIH, In San Tranclaco, Kov. 30, 1857, Martin 
KaTrana^, a native of Ireland, ^^d 26 years. Paper 
of See. 3, 1857. 

KAVAHAOH, KAHT ELLEH, In San Francisco, Jan. 8, 1857, Mary 

Xllen, daughter of George and Eliza Eavana^, aged 7 nontha, 
1 day. 

nxm, GSOBOX, At Cold Springs, near Colunhla, Sept. 10, 1857, 
0«o>IS* Kaefar, aged ahout 25 years, formerly of Michigan. 

KZLLSH. HAIHEE RANDOLPH, In Washington, B. C. July 25, 1857, 
Haidee Randolph, only Aan^ter of Rohert and Jane £. 
Kellen, aged 7 nontha. Paper of Aog. 31, 1857. 

ULLET, AMABHA, in Scott Talley, Oct. 2, 1857, Aoanda, wife 
of John Kelley, nged 21 yeara. 

KELIOOO, AIi4A, On l/hidhy's Island, Oregon Territory, May 14, 

1857, Alma Kellog/^, dau^ter of Dr. J. 0. and C. T. Kellogg, 
aged C years, 2 months and 14 dctys. 

nLLOOO, HEHHT J., At Bidwell, July 9, 1B57, of disease of tha 
haArt, Henry J. Kellogg, 'ged ahout 27 years. 

ESarDALL, EMMA EDOEHIA, In San Francisco, Sept. 27, 1857, Etena 
Eugenia, dau^ter of Thomas and Snhine Kendall, nged 1 
year and 21 days. 

KBHLBTSint, PETER, At Freeia's Ranch, San Joaquin Co., Jan. 26, 
1857, Peter Kanlayside, aged 45 years. Paper of Feh. 4, 

KZMUV, lOTITIA, In Traka, July 20, 1857, of conaramtlon, 

Letitia, wife of Alexander Kennedy, M. D. , and dau^^ter 
of the late Rev. Thomas Ball, of Mossids, Antrim Co., 


mHOT, PTTES, In 8 an Tranclaco, Dws. 28, 1857, of conroaptlon, 
P«t«r Kenn«d7, a natlfw of Inland, a/^d W yean. 

nW, JOHN HQRACE, JK. , In San Francisco, Tab. 18, 1857, John 

Horace Kent, Jr., eldest eon of J. Horace and Adeline Eent, 
a natlTe of Nev Bedford, Masb., n/»er! 3 years and 4 monthi, 
24 dayi. Funeral from residence, Melius and Second Sts. 

rSHRIOiH, PATHICI, In San Francisco, March ^3, 1857, Patrick 
Karrl^an, a nntlre of Ireland, a^ 14 years. 

OTS, HOKPHRIT MOHHOE, In San Joee, April 7, 1857, ftm-hrey 

Monroe Keys, son of H. C. leys, a^ed 4 years and 8 months. 

Kim, THOMAS, In Sonora, Sept. 15, 1857, of nomh Daisy, Thiwias 
Kille, aged 29 years, of Xew Tork City. 

KIKBAU, ILIZABJIH F., At OroTille, D«j. 2, 1857, Elisabeth T., 
wife of Joseph H. Eiahall, aged 26 years. 

KIMBALL, JAMES STEPHHTS, In San Francisco, May 1, 1857, Jaaes 
Stephens, son of Charles B. and Isabene KlnV-ll. 
Fnneral from residenoe of parents. Ho. 77 Long Wharf. 

KIKHSLL, HKHHI S., In San Francisco, of cholera infantum, Sept. 11, 
1856, Henry S., infant son of A. 0. and S. C. Kiahell, aged 
15 months and 23 days. 

KIMBO, SLIZAB2TH, At Jackson, Oct. 2, 1857, Eliiaheth, dau^ter 
of Helson and Elisabeth A. Kiobo, aged 6 years and aboai 
6 months. 

KIBO, H0LAHD, In San Jose, March 18, 1857, of consunpjtlon, 

Holand King, a natire of Allen Co., Kty. , age 40 years. 

KXHLKT, MRS. SOSAIT, In Sr.cramento, Jan. 20, 1857, Mrs. Susan 
Kinley, age 48 years, formerly of Misslssimi. 

KlILErsirB, JANE JOHES, At Oakland, Oct. 17, 1857, of consumption. 
Jane Jones, wife of George Klnlyslde, a nntlre of England, 
aged :?8 years. Australian papers ulease cony. 

KCBIMORS, FRISHaiCH HEIHHICH, In San Francisco, Dec. 22, 1857, 
Frledrich Helnrlch, son of John and 31iz« Kohlmors, aged 
2 months and 9 days. 

mtlBHAOEK, JDHAHHA, In Saa Freacisco, Aug. 30, 1867, Johanna 
Kreysnhagen, aged 1 year and 7 months. 

KfflJSE, MRS. HKHHI, In San Francisco, Jan. 5, 1857, the wife of 
Henry Kruse, a native of Chile, aged 38 years. 


LkOX, TICTOR, In San TTCLnclBCo, April 15, 18S7, Tletor, aeeond 
son of Iioult and Rflljecea lAok, ag* 3 Bonths and 16 dayt. 

LATTAH, £I}KTnn), In San yrancisco, at tba Plata Hotel, Sept. 17, 
1857, Mr. Edaond Laffan, foraerly of Charleston, S. C, a«*d 
62 years. 

LAranVAIia, LOOIS B. D., in OroTllls, April 22, 1857, Louis B. D. 
Lafontalne, natlire of Montrssl, C, ags 26 gnsars. 

LAIBS, SAYIO A., Of consuaption, Mr. SaTid A. Laird, of tshaaa Co. 
April 19, 1857, aged 29 years. 

LAIBS, LUTESB, In Marysrille. JxuM 22, 1857, Luther Laird, editor 
of the MarysTille Express. 

LAMB£BT, MISS LOUISA C, At Yankee Hill, June 16, 1857, at th« 
residence of J. B. Stewart, Isq. , Hiss Louisa C. Lanhert, 
a^d 22 years. 

LAHX, ELI, In Aalmm, May 1, 1657, of eonsuiODtion, 111 Lane, 
formerly of Hew Bedford, Mass., aged ;'3 years. Paper of 
May 4, 1857. 

LAUOHLIV, PATID S., In Utah Territory, Deo. 5, 1856, David S. 
Lao^lin, aged 40 years. Paper of March 27,, 1857. 

LAORHHAH, PATRICK M., In San rreneisoo, Deo. 15, 1857, fro« 
apoplexy, Patrick M. Lau^r&n, nged 59 years. 
Wisconsin papers please eo-ny. 

LAWHEHCI, A. J., In VisalU, Tulare Co., March 19, 1857, A. J. 
Lawrence, formerly of Texass Paper of April 8, 1857, 

LAWBZKCE, COBKBLIA B5ACH, At Brooklyn, Long Island, Sept. 12, 
1857, in the 81st year of her age, Cornelia Beach, widov 
of the late Isa-'-c Lawrence, Ssq. , of Hew Tortc, and dau^ter 
of the late R«t. Dr. Beach, of Trinity Ohoreh, Hew Toric. 
Mrs. Lawrence was the mother of Mrs. Bikhon Kip of California. 
Paper of Oct. 24, 1857. 

L3JU;E (IIVASr), At Bldgerille, Trinity Co., Hot. 28, 1857, the 
youngest son of Henry and Mary Jnne Leach, aged 6 months and 
10 days. Paper of Dec. 10, 1857. 

LSECH, BRUCE, In Jackson, May 17, 1857, of whooping cou^. 

Brace, son of Mr. Trancis Leech, aged 2 years and 11 month 
and 30 days. 

LEIOBTOH, JAI^ES C, In San Trancisco, July 35, 1857, Jaaes C. 
Leigbton, foraerly of Boston, Mass. 


LEHiaOl, JOSEPH, In tanaTiBaclsoo, S«p». H, 1857, Joeroh, son 
of Jacaih and Itopy I. L«rnan, aged 5 months and 5 day«. 

LIDC, CAPT. W., At Bpocroort, Shoalneter Bay, W. T., Oct. 28. 
1887, Oapt. Vm. Like, formerly of Staten Island, N. T. 
Paper of Dec. 8, 1887. 

llPPiaCOn, LOHBTTA M., In Stockton, Hot. 27. 1857, Loretta M., 
daoehter of Benjamin R. and Juliet V. BlTnlncott. a«d 
10 aonths. 

LOCIE, LAURA JAIE, In San Tranclsoo, Oct. 21, 1857, Laara Jane, 
Infant dari^ter of H. P. and Anna H. Locke. 

LOW, WIIXIAM C, In Snn Prsmolsco, Dec. 2C, 1857, Wllllaa C, 
Long, of consnnption, a^d 41 jrenrt. 

LOPEZ, TRANOISCO, In San ?rancl9co. Pel). 27, 18S7, Pranelaeo 
lopes, a natlTe of Mexico, aged 21 years. 

LOaiTO, SAMDEL, In San Pranclaco, Aug. 21, 1857, Saatael Lorln«, 
aged 29 years find 21 days. Poneral from late residence, 
cor. »f Brannan on Third. 

LOtr, MA3»AREP, In Sutterrllle, Dec. 11, 1857, of consuarotion, 
Margaret, wife of Cornelius Low, aged 49 years. 

LUCAS, H0B2BT L., In Columbia, Jtme 8, 1857, RoDert, son of 
Charles and Bally Lucas, aged 1 year and 6 months. 

LUST (IllPAST), In San Prancisco, SeTst. 28, 1857, the infant son 
of James R. and Linda T. Lnnt, aged 8 months and 8 days. 

LITLI, JAMES B.. At Shav's Plat, Kay 11, 1857, James B.. son of 
Oaoxse and Louisa I^rtle, aged 7 months and 2 weeks. 

MACKAI, HOBH, In Horsetown, Shasta Co. , March 18, 1857, of 
inflaanatlonlof the bowels, Hn^ Mackay, p. natlre of 
Scotland, age 33 years. 

MACXIOTOSH, JOHN, In San Prancisco, IToT. 7, 1857, John, eldest 
son of Dr. Robert Mackintosh, aged 13 years. 

MADIKH (IHPAIIT), In San Prancisco, Oct. 4, 1857, the Infant 
dan^ter of Thomas and Mary Ann Madder, aged 9 months. 

MADISON, JACOB, In Saoraaento, May 25, 1857, of consurotion, 
Jacob Madison, aged 27 years. Paper of May 28, 1857. 

MAHONIT, MART, In 3-tn Joae, July 11, 1857, of inflamnatoTT 

foTsr, Mary, youn/reet dau^^ter of Dennis and Margaret 
Mahoney, aged 11 months. 


NAIOnS, AHTONIO, In San Tranclsoo, Migr 11, 1857, of effutlon 
of the 'brain, Antonio Nalonss, a nntlTt of Austria, a^ed 
26 years. 

HAHSHAIL, ATKJtJSTOS S., At tha residence of Capt. Dexter, Tahiti, 
of eonsQiimtlon, Aavristus S. Marshall, of Lawrence, Mass., 
ae*d atooat 33 years. Paijer of Sept. 14, 1857. 
Mass, papers please copy. 

NAfHXWS, PATRICK, In Snn yranclsco, Haroh 13, 1857, Patrick 

Mathews, aged 25 years. rnneral from Old Mton HetiM, 

Bnsh Street. 

MAT, THOMAS, In Aubam, July 24, 1857, Thomas May, a nr.tlve of 
Kentucky, aged 52 years. 

MoBaiUB, THOMAS CBAWrOBD, In Taifiiill Co., Oregon, April 29, 

1857, of old a^, Thonaa Crawford McBride, aged 80 year* 
and 3 months. Paper of June 2, 1857. 

MoCABK, MICHA21, In San Tranelsco, May 8, 1857, of congestion 
of tha hrein, Michael McCahe, a n.-tlTe of Ireland, aged 
35 years, for«erly of Quebec, B. A. 

HcCOTCHEON, A'JGOSTOS, In San 7rancl8Co, Aug. 10, 1857, Ao^stus 
McCutcheon, fomerly of Baltimore, aged 28 years. 

MeDEHI^OTT, P. H. , In San rrancisco, An^. 9, 1857, of consumption, 
P. H. McDermott, a natire of Ireland, aged 37 years. 

McBLRAIH, CAPTAIH, In San yrancieco, Sept. 3, 1867, Captain 
McBlrath, a natire of Scotland. 

McOLIHK, MAHT ANN, In Francisco, Dee. 23, 1857, Miss Mary 

Ann McOlinn, a nntire of TjOn^red, Ireland, °^ed 21 years. 

MelNTTBB, JAMES, In S n Francisco, Sept. 24, 1857, of consumption, 
Janes Melntyre, of Ireland, aged 38 years. 

Me ffSB, DAYID, In Fortestown, July 3, 1857, of consujritlon, 
D^rid, formerly of Illinois. 

M860HI0II, MRS. SA-UH, At Omega, Nerada Co. , April 25, 1857, 
in ehlldhirth, Mrs. Sarah McOenigle, aged 26 y«are. 
Par^r of May 5, 1857. 

NeDDHHA, PETEH, In San Francisco, May 22, 1857, of abeess of the 
llrer, Peter ?<cKenna, formerly a member of Toung America 
Xnglne Co., No. 13. A natire of Canada, aged about 29 
years. Funeral from Toung America Engine House, Mission 


MalinT, PITER, In San Tranclsco, Oct. 16, 1857, Peter Melenny, 
a^d 31 Tvars, a nntire of Comity Down, Ireland. 

NsKUux, T. TOHHESTKR, Moktluane Hill, Jtma 5, 1857, Trank 
Torratter, son of P. C. and llancy KeKlnney, aged 13 
■oath* and 10 days. 

MeXXnCr, BAMIXI., On the Sacramento HlTer, at Jelly's Ranch, 

'•baaa Co., from the effects of a rattlesnake bite. May 17, 
1857, Saanel McKlnney, fonserly of Pike Co. , 111. 

NoLXAI, SSWARD, At Santa Cnut, Aag. 13, 1857, Seward, Infant ton 
of Dr. John T. and Mary McLean, of Marysrllle. 

ItoLEOD, OEOHOE, In San yrancleco, Aug. 5, 1857, George McLeod, 
aged 45 years, a natlTe of Scotland, and lately of Hapa 
Talley In this state. Toneral from residence of Mr. McKay, 
Pacific and Powell. 

M'MAHAH, JAJGS, At Red Blnffs, Sept. 12, 1857, of iBflamation of 
the Inn^e, James MiHahan, in the 29th year of hie age, 
formerly of Qbio. 

McMAHOT, PATRICK, In San Tranclsco, Hot. 15, 1857, of constnnption, 

Patrick HcMahon, a natire of Limerick, Ireland, aged 48 years. 

MeMICHAEL, OTRTJS JOHH, At his residence at the Toiks of the Salmon, 
Dee. 1, 1856, Cyrus John KcMlohnel, a^tl ahout 24 years, from 
DesBoinee Co. , Iowa. Paper of Jan. 10, 1857. 

McMIllOT, JOffll, In San Tranclsco, March 28, 1857, John, son of 
Daniel McMillen, aged 15 months. 

KeMOIXni, E,1ZAHE?H, In San Tranclsco, April 12, 1857, Mrs. 

Slisabeth McMollen, a natlre of England, aged 38 years. 

KKIKXR, CHARLES ALBiST, In Sncroraento, Jtme 2, i867, Charles 
Albert, son of DaTid Meeker, aged 20 months. 

NIIBfQH, MM. H., In San Francisco, July 25, 1857, at the Sailors' 

Eoae, on Tront Street, Wm. H. Meirton, late of Boston, Mass., 
a,^d 35 years. Boston -oapera please copy. 

KSBCAOTILB, JOSEPH, In San Tranclsco, Teb. 27, 1857, Joseph 

Mercantile, a natire of the Island of Jersey, age 34 years. 

MERITULD, JOHI, At Durgan Tint, DownlsTille, Hot. .?6, 1857, 
John Merifield, q{ Cornwall, England, aged ?A years. 
Paper of Deo. 4, 1857. 

MEXZS, MRS. CLAaA, In San Tranclsco, Oct. 15, 1867, Mrs. Clarm 

Meyer, aged 28 years, formerly of Berlin, Prussia, wife of 
Daniel Meyer. Beeidence Mission St., bet. Second and Third. 


MIOHIll, JAMSS PATRICK, In San Francisco, July 30, 1857, Jama* 
Patrick, yoongast son of William and Loaiia Mi^ell, a^^ed 

5 7»art. 

MILLKH, MART ARH, In Herada, May :34, 1857, Mary Ann, daughter of 
TranciB and Anna Jane Mlllen, aged 15 months. Paper of 
June 1, 1857. 

MILIAR, CATHERINE LOUISA, March 4, 1857, Catherine Louisa Miller, 
youngest dau^ter of Hans and Ann Miller, aged 3 years and 
2 months. 

MILLER, CHARLES J., In MaiysTills, April 30, 1857, Charles J., 
infant son of J. C. and Julia S. Miller, a^d 5 iionths. 
Paper of rtey 6, 1857, 

MILLER, CIIRISTIAH, In Jackson, Aaador Co., April 29, 1857, 
Christian Miller, nged 40 years, a natire of France. 
Paper of May 23, 1857. 

NSIAHI, KITTY MILLIOAR, In San Fnmcisco, at the residence of 
Louis McLane, Jr., July 11, 1857, Kitty Malllg?Ji, infant 
daq^ter of and only chllct of Allan and Addle McLane, 
aged 8 months. Baltimore nnd Portsmouth, N. H. papers 
please copy. 

MILLS, WIIXIAM OIYEN, In Sacramento, April 2, 1857, William 
CiTen, only child of John J. and Mary C. 0. Mills, aged 

6 years and 6 months. 

MITCHELL, MRS. JETTE, In Stockton, Oct. 4, 1857, Mrs. Jette 

Mitchell, wife of H. Mitchell, a native of Prussian Poland. 

MITCHZUi, MART JAHE, In San Francisco, July 6, 1357, Mary Jane, 
daughter of J. C. Mitchell, aged 8 months. 

MOLLOT, CAFT. JOHI J., In San Francisco, Aug. 16, 1857, of 

inflammation of the brain, Capt. John J. Molloy, a native 
of Ireland, aged 40 years. 

MOHTOOTCOT, OEOaoE, In San Francisco, A ^ril 29, 1857, George 
Montgomery, of Kew Tork, aged ahout 56 years. 

MOODT, IB. W. , In Suisun, Dec. 4, 1857, from rupture of Mood 
vessel. Dr. Wn. Moody, a^d 36 years. Maine and Massa- 
chusetts papers please copy. 

MOaOAI, CHARLES H. , In Hew Tortc, Dec. 26, 1856, Charles H. Mor^^^an, 
foraerly of San Franc ieoo, aged 25 years. Paper of Fel). 2, 

MQRINO, SEI70RITA LUZ, In San Jose, Aag. 15, 1837, Senorita Loi 
Morlno, aged 17 years. 

MOBRILL, MRS. MART A., In Boston. Sept. 6, ia^7, Mrs. Mary A., 

wife of Charles Morrill, M. D. , druggist, of San Francisco, 
in the 33d year of her age. Paper of nSd of Octoher, 1857. 
Sn«ramento papers ilense copy. 


M008HJUCB, IDA, In San Tranolsoo, Knf;. 3, 1857, Ida, Bscond 
dm^tcr of the R«t. 7. Hooahake, a^d 6 months. 

MQHRIS, CHAHLES S., In Srxn Jranclsco, Dec. 2, 1857, Charles S. 
Morris, of Stockton. 

MOHHISON, ¥M., At Taylor's Flat, Trinity Hirer, Aug. 30, 1857, 
Wm. Morrison, a^d about 35 years. Mr. Morrison was one 
of thfi members of the Fremont expedition, which arrlTcd 
In California In 1846. Paper of Sept. 11, 1857. 

MORROW, ALLASOH, At Iowa Flat, Avdor Co., Sept. 16, 1857, of 
tynhoid ferer, Allason Morrow, aged 19 years. 

MOHHOW, JOHH D. , In SI Dorado Co. , at Irieh Creek, near Eelsey, 
April 28, 1857, John D. Morrow. Paper of May 8, 1857. 

MOHSS, WILLIAM H., In San Francisco, Aog. 31, 1857, William H. 
Morse, of Hantucket, Mass., son of Arnold Morse, aged 24 

MOBTOH, STAFFOHD P., In Sacramento, March 25, 1857, Stafford P. 
Morton, aged 26 years, formerly of W shington City. 
Paper of April 9, 1857. 

MOWHT, CHHISTOPHER H., At Hoach Hill, Nevada Co., by a slide in 
a tunnel, Hot. 24, 1857, Christopher H. Mowiy, of Pennsyl- 
▼ania, aged 29 years. Paper of Dec. 4, 1857. 

MUHSOI, HEMHT H., In Stockton, July 4, 1857, Henry N. Munson, of 
Maine, aged 32 years. 

MDBPHT, JOHN 0., At Mission Dolores, Aa^. 16, 1857, of consujintion, 
John 0. Murohy, a native of New Tork, aged PS years. A 
member of Toune America Engine Co. , No. 13. Funeral from 
mother's residence f-djoining Mission Dolores. 

MOHPHT, STI.7ESTKH, In San Francisco, Dec. 23, 1857, Sylvester 
Murphy, late of Pittsburg, a^d 27 years. 

MDHRAT (INFAHT), In Treka, Aug. 25, T857, the infant child of 
P. Murray, of Inflammation of the bowels. Pauer of 
Sept. 3, 18f;7. 

MtniaAT, JAMES, At the residence of Captain Cundell, on Bash St., 
Sept. 16, 1857, James Murray, a native of Peter Head, 
Scotland, nged 47 years. 

MDHHAT, SARAH JAHB, In San Francisco, At»rll 21, 1867. 

MUHHAT, WIIXIAM F.DTAHD, Sarah Jane, aged 2 years and fi months, 

and 'Villiam Edwcird, a^ed 2 months, children of Mr. and 

Mrs. John Murray. 

MTRIOT, MRS. LTDU C, In San Francisco, June 9, 1857, Mrs. LydU C. 
Hjrriek, wife of Christopher Myrick, a native of Hantucket, 
Msss., aged 27 years. Funeral from residsnoe. Mason and 
Washington Sis. 

HASH, 4C6I ED' ARS, In SaeraiMnto, hag. 6, 1857, John Edward, 
•on of John Bash, a/^d 3 jreara and 6 months. 

HIAl, JCrar HENHT, In Mariposa, Sept. 7, 1857, John Henry, 

Infant son of John B. and Jane 7. Heal, a^d 4 months. 

nSLSOH, H. H., In San 7ranciaoo, Sept. 27, 1857, of consumption, 
H. H. Helson, a natlre of England, a^d 44 years. 

nmtLLS, PATRICK, On Wehher Cr«ek, El Dorado Co., May 26, 1857, 
Patrick HsTells, aged ahout 30 years, late of Arkansas. 
Paper of Job* 3, 1857. 

HSWEIL, HAHHUT ELIZA, In Santa Cnu, April 14, 1857, Harriet 

Ellsa, dau^ter of M. and Suclne B. He>«ell, aged 6 years 
and 6 months. 

nWMAH, SMMA OLIVIA, In San Tranclsco, April 3, 1857, Eama Olivia, 
daiv^ter of C. L. and Martha Kewrr^an, r.ged 3 years and 1 
month. Toneral from residence of parents. Ho, 18 Commercial 
St., bet. Front and DaTls. 

HQHTHHaP, JAMES 0., At Oregon City, April 20, 1857, of consnnptlon, 
James 0. Horthrop, formerly of Oranhy, Oswego Co., N. T., 
aged 25 years and 7 months. Paper of May 13, 1857. 

HOHTHDP, aOSETTA L., In Colnmhia, May 20, 1857, Rosetta L., wife 
of B. 0. Horthnp, aged 33 years and 6 months. 

HOOEH, LIBOT. JOHH, At ?ort Steilacoon W. T., Oct. 22, 1857, Llent. 
John Nogen, of Co. A., 4th Infantry, U. S. A. Paner of 
Hot. 16, 1867. 

O'BAHHOR, MART ELVIRA, At Lire Oek City, Sacramento Co., May 2, 

1857, Mary Slrlra, daughter of Dr. and Mary Ann* O'Bannor, 

formerly of Hew Orleans. 

Hew Orleans papers xtlease copy. 

conn, TABHIE BINSLET, In Hapa City, June 15, 1857, Fannie Bensley, 
Infant daughter of Frederick and Mary Ogden, aged 13 months 
and 10 days. 

OOIIVIB, JOHH, In San Francisco, July 26, 1867, of Innaaimation of 
the lungs, John Ogllvie, eldest child and only son of John 
and Martha Ogilrle, agr-d 7 years, 8 months and 25 days. 
Vymeral from late residence, ratter St., near comer of 
DupoBt. Hew Tork and Philadelphia papers pleasA copy. 

(UIVXR, CATHERINE, In San Francisco, Aog. 21, 1857, Catherine, 

Infant daughter of John 3, OllTer, aged 4 months and 7 days. 


OLITSH, MAHT CSOILU, In San rrnnclBOo, Oct. 10, 1857, Mary 

Cec«lla, daa^ter of Dennla J. and Bridget M. S. OllTer, 
a^d e Bonths and Z yeeks. 

OLITER, U. 8., In S;cra««nto, Jun« 7, 1857, of consuBptlon, 
U. S. 01lT«r, aged 40 y«are, a native of Virginia, and 
late of Hexy Orleans. Hew Orleans papers nlep-se copy. 

O'MKAaA, CQHHE1HJ8 J., In San Francisco, r.ept. 8, 1857, of 
consujDptlon, Cornelius J. O'Msara, aged 25 years. 
Wew ToA and Nev Orleans papers please copy. 

O'HEIL, EDAHT, In San Franclaco, April 24, 1857, at his 
rsBldence, comer of Leavenworth and Pacific Street, 
Id\«rd O'Nell, aged 70 years, a native of County 
Lan^ord, Ireland. 

O'HEIL, MAHfl)>HET, In San Francisco, June 22, 1857, of disease 
of the brain, Margaret, Infant child of Richard 0'¥eil, 
a^ed 2 years and 2 months. 

OSOOOD, AHHE, I^ San Francisco, Jan. 16, 1857, lni» Osgood, 

dmv^hter of Hev. S. Osgood, D. D. , of Springfield, Mass. 
Funeral from the home of his brother-in-law, Jonothan 
Hunt, comer of Powell and Cillfomia Sts. 

PACEECO, DONA FEXICIAHA, In Monterey, July 18, 1857, Dona 
Feliciana, wife of Don Francisco P. Pachooo. 

PADDACK, EDlv'ARD H., In San Francisco, Doc. 28, 1857, Edward H. 
Paddack, of Hantucket, Mass., aged 51 yeare. 

PAGE, OWTB, BSCi., At White Sulphur Springs, Va. , Aug. 31, 1857, 
after a -irotracted lllnesB, Owyn Page, Esq., (of the flm 
of Crockett and Page of San Francisco ), a distinguished 
■eriher of the San Francisco Bar. Paper of Oct. 22, 1857. 

PAIMEH, BENJAMIN, In Srn Francisco, Kay 11, 1857, of congestion 
of the hraln, Benjamin Palmer, a native of New Toi*, a^jed 
50 years. 

PAIHER, WM. H., ZSq., In San Francisco, May 11, 1857, of congestion 
of the brain, Vta. H. Palner, Esq., aged 48 years. 

PABEEH, MISS, On Hokelunne River, Fob. 6, 1857, the dau^ter of 
ThoBias B. and Margaret Parker, aged 2 years. 

PAHim, ARHA SMUT, In San Francisco, April 19, 1857, Anna Emily, 
only child of Thonas H. and Emily Parker, aged 4 months 
and 15 days. 

PAHIKH, JCBH, SH., In Salt Lake C Ity, D«c. 25, 1857, John 
Parker, Sr., aged 81 ytara. Paper of Mareh 23, 1857. 

PABXSa, MAHTRA SWIM. At Parker's Baach. on the Mokeltuuu 
Hlver, Aug. 4, 1857, Kartba 2dwln, dfiu^hter of Wm. B. 
and P. A. Parker, aged 1 year and 11 nontha. 

PARKER, vaiilAM, At Parker's Haach, San Joaqriln Co., Hot. 22, 
1857, Vllliaa, eldest son of Thoaaa B. and Margaret 
Parker, aged 8 years and 7 montha. 

PAHIIH, MRS. SARAH, In Strawberry Valley, Oct. 4, 1857, Mrs. 

Sarah, wife of L. T. Parlln, late of Maine, aged 59 years. 

PABH, JCHH, On the Stanlelaua, Aug. R, 1857, by the falling of 
a bank of earth upon hlii while mining, John Parr, a natlre 
of England, but late of Sonora. 

PATCH, IHA, In San yranoiaeo. May 7, 1857, of Inflaanatlon of 
ths brain, Ira, son of Mm. T. and Clara W. Patch, aged 3 
years and 3 months and 24 days. 

PATTEaSOR, MRS. MART T., In San Jone, Mareh ;;^, 1857, Mrs. Mary 
y. , wife of Robert W. Patterson, aged 31 years. Paper 
of April 8, 1857. 

PATTERSOfH, MRS. MAHT P., At his residence near San Jose, March 
26, 1857, Mrs. Mary P. , wife of James M. Patterson, aged 
26 years. Paper of April 11, 1857. 

PATTOK, ZSSZXSA, In OroTille, Jan. 8, 1857, Zarelda Fatton. 

PAUI., MRS., In San Francisco, Sept. 3, 1857, Mrs. Paul. 
I^uteral froa the Tolson Street M. S. Church. 

PATXE, Aims BSLL, At Vest Point, Cal. , Jane 3, 1857, of 

whooping cough, Annie Bell, daughter of Sarah J. and Sr. 
B. V. Payne, aged 10 aonths and 3 days. 
looisTille Journal please copy. 

PATH, HEHHT C, At Piddletown, Aiaador Co., Feb. 25, 1857, 

Henry C. Payne, late of Scott Co., Mo. Paper of March 11, 

PATOT, J. M. , In San Francisco, April 26, 1857, after severe 
Illness, J. M. Payot, aged 60 yeare. Charleston and 
Philadelphia papers please copy. 

PEABODT, ELLA REBBOCA, In San Francisco, June 18, 1857, of 

debility, Zlla Rebecca, dau/^ter of Harry 0. and Sarah 0. 
Peabody, a natire of San Francisco, aged 3 months. 

PKAXX, MRS. MA.^OARET M., In San Francinco, June 27, 1857, Mrs. 
Margaret M. Peake, a natire of County Deny, Ireland, 
aged 29 years. 


PEASS, TRASt M., In TnOca, Oct. 1, 1857, Trank M. Peaw, a«ed 
about 27 years, fomerly of Loulrrllle, Kjr. 
LoulBTills, Ky, , papers please oopy. 

PnraiCTOH, OAPTAIK CHABliS, In Sacrainento, July 21, 1857, at the 
residence of J. P. Dyer, Esq., of typhoid ferer. Captain 
Charles Pendleton, fomerly of Caadsn, Me., a«ed al>oat 
55 years. Taolmane papers please cony. 

PnWT, WM., Drowned at Alhlon RlTer, Jan. 1, 1857, Vfm. Penny, 
by the u-ospttln;^ of a boat. Paper of Hay 4, 1857. 

PEHKINS, MRS- HACHAEL, At Shaw's Plat, Mrs. Baehael Perkins, 
la the 48th year of her a^. Tamer of Jan. 9, 1857. 

PHILLIPS, ClARA M., In SanlVanclsco, Aa^. 18, 1857, Clara «., 

dau^ter of Elizabeth W. and Jos. W. PhllllTjs, a^ed 2 years 
euid 3 months. 

PtSHCS, JOOT, In Marysrllle, ?*b. 26, 1857, John Pierce, aged 
36 years, fomerly of Tennessee. Pa-ner of March 2, 1857. 

PXmcS, JOra W., Jan. 12, 1857, on board the brig, Glencoe, 

at Mendocino, John W. Pierce, master, aged 28 years and 6 
months, a natlre of Buckport, Me. Atlantic and Mains 
■papers please oopy. 

PIEHPOOT, -.aiXIAM JS-THRAN, la Stockton, Hot. 13, 1857. Wllliaa J 
Jethran Pierpont, aged 5 years and 25 days, eldest son of 
Hoah and Elizabeth Pierpont. 

PIOTO, IIAHUEI, In San Joss, April 1, 1857, Manuel Pinto, aged 
about 80 years. 

PIBHIE, 02QSOE A., la San Pranclsco, Ai^rll 1, 1857, of consuaro- 
tlon, Oeorge A. Plrrle, aged 34 years. 

PITTS, 0E0R5E, In Columbia, June 7, 1857, Oeorge, son of Sylfaans 
and Louisa Pitts. 

PLATE, ADQLPmiS J. , In San Pranclsco, Jan. 5, 1857, AdolT>hns J. , 
son of A. J. and Aygusta Plate, aged 2 years and 13 months, 
the sncond child lost "Ithln one week of sore throat. 
Poneral sprricee from church adjolalag Catholic Onhaa 
Asylum on Market St. 

PLATT, OEOROE I., In Saa Pranclsco, Seot. 23, 1857, Oeorge E. 
^latt, aged 43 years, formerly of Burlington, Vt. 

PLUMK5H, li P., In Ladles' Tallsy, El Dorado Co., Se-ot. 30, 1857, 
I. P. Plunmer aged 46 years, late of Macon, Tennessee. 
Paper of Oct. 6, 1857. 

POLLARD, MRS. SARAH, In San Pranclsco, June 13, 1857, at her res- 
idence on learay St., Mrs. Sarah Pollard, aged M years. 


PQPPE, CHAHUE8, In San Francisco, See. 4, 1857, Charle«, son 
of Charles and Augasta PopT>e, agsd 2 months. 

POaiEH, JAKES, la San Trancisco, July 19, 1857, JaBcs, only 

eblld of John B. J. and Elizabeth T. Porter, aged 10 days. 

PORTER, L. I., In Tomales, July 5, 1857, of constuiptlon, Mr. 

L. H. Porter, late of Mt. Pleasant, lo^va, aged 30 years. 

POTTER, WILLIAM, Hear Red Bltiffs, Sept. in, 1857, William Potter, 
aged 31 years and 8 days, a natire of Michigan. 

PRSSOOTT, TRUE P., In Sacramento, Jan. 15, 1857, Trae P. 
Presoott, formerly of Boston, Mass., aged 34 years. 

PHICE, JACCB, In Ophlr, Hay 23, 1857, of consumption, Jacob 

Price, aged 47 years, formerly of Pomeroy, Ohio. Paper 
of June 1, 1857. 

PHICE, JDLU AHH, In San Trancisco, June 15, 1857, Julia Ann, 
wife of John J. S. Price, aged 34 years, a natire of 
Hew Tork. Wew Toric napers please cony. 

PRTTCHEr:, T. B., At Texas Surin^, Shasta Co., Mr. T. B. 

Pritchett, formerly of Worth Carolina, Feh. 13, 1857. 
Forth Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana paiiers ^leaee co^. 

PROSCH, EMMA, In San Francisco, Jan. 1, 1857, Erama, dau^ter 
of Charles Prosch, aged 3 years, 10 months and 5 days. 

PURDT, DAVID, In Auburn, Aug. 14, 1857, of schirrous tumor in 
the bowels, Darid Purdy, of Green County, H. T. 

QUIOLET, JOE LAlffi, In Petaluma, Oct. 8, 1857, Joe Lane, son of 

B. H. and Deliah Qjxlgley, aged 3 years and 1 month and 3 da. 

KABD, STEPHEN H., At Keeler's Perry, on the Stanislaus Rirer, 

Aug. 10, 1857, of tyDhold ferer, Stephen H. Hand, formerly 
of East Liremore, Maine. Hew Tork y)apers please cony. 

RAHDALL, SAHAH LOVEBB, In Orsat Salt Lake City, June 15, 1857, 
of c?nBum-)tlon, Sarah LoTPm, daughter of Alfred and 
Emerett Louisa Randall, aged 19 years. Paper of Aug 14, 

HAinrer, CHARLSS B., in Placerrllle, Aug. 7, 18^7, of typhoid 
fei«r, Charles B. Ranney, late of Conneetiout. 

HAPHALL, CEAHLSS M., In San Francisco, Sept. 6, 1857, of tynhoid 
fpTer, Chnrles H. Haphall, son of Hev. Dr. M. J. Raphall, 
of Hew Tork, aged 18 years and 6 months. 


RAOSOB, Amu MABIA, la San Tranciieo, Oct. 18, 1857, Anna Maria, 
danghter of Joseph Hicholas and JW^tha Baasch, aged 1 year, 
V Bontha and ir-, dajr«, the last child of the fanily, one 
baring died only a week ago. 

HAIMOHD, CAPTAIl W., In Chinese Ctmy, March 29, 1857, Captain 
W. BajBond, aged 40 yeart. Parier of April 9, 1857. 

HXESB, MART AHH, In Saonmento, July 27, 1857, Mary Ann Reese. 
Paper of Aog. 5, 1857. 

HUD, ALZXAHDSR, In Mari'^osa, AT)rll I''-, 1857, Alexander Held, 
a nntlye of Greenock, Scotland. 

HZIDIWOEH, JOSSPHIKE, In Sacramento, May 20, 1857, of typhoid 
feror, Josenhine Seidinger, aged 17 years. 

HEILET, MRS. JOB, In the 7orics Saatiaa, Linn Co., 0. T., June 
6, 1857, Mrs. Heiley, dau^ter of Job Crabtree, aged 19 
years, learing a young infant. Paper of Jnne P,7, 1857. 

H2IL1T, THOMAS, In San Francisco, Au^. 8, 1857, Thomas Heilly, 
ared 32 yeaw, late of Baltimore, Md., an old 49«er and 
member of Monunental Co. in 1850. 

HIISEH, AUBHT, At Bed Bluffs, Dec. 21, 1857, Albert, Infant son 
of nils and Mena Reiser, aged 19 months and 19 days. 

BSmZXR, AHHHTTE, In San Francisco, Feb. 2, 1857, Annette Rentier, 
a natlTB of France, aged 34 years. 

HITHOIDS, MAHOAHET. In San Francisco, Hot. 30, 1857, Margaret 
Reynolds, of lev To A, aged 53 years. 

RICE, JOHH, At Albion HlTer, Calif., April 1:^, 1857, from a 

gun shot wound received \Aile hunting, John Rice, aged 25 
years, a native of Portland, Me. Pat)er of May 4, 1857. 
Portland papers plea?e coisy. 

RICHAHD80H, CTRTJS IRVIH, In San Francisco, Sept. 4, 1857, Cyrus 
Irwin, only child of Prescott T. and Rachel B. Richardson, 
a natlTS of San Francisco, aged 9 months. Funeral from 
residence of parents, Washington and Larkin. 

RICHARDSOH, MART ELIOT, In Auburn, April 2, 1857, Nary Ellen, 
wife of Zira Richardson, aged 34 years. 

RICHMOBD, JULA A., In Sacramento, Aag. 5, 1857, Mrs. Julia A. 
Richmond, wife of John W. Richmond, aged 25 years. 

RIX, CHHISTinA W., In San Francisco, Feb. 3, 18 7, Christina 
W., wife of Alfred Rlx, aged 3.2 years. 


RQAXE, OTEPEEH, In Westcheater Co., H. T., April 10, 1857, 
of long ferer, Stenhan Roake, aged 44 years, formerly 
a resident of CalaTeras Co. Paper of June 10, 1857. 

nOBZSaS, AHCHIBAID WASHIITOTON, in San Jose, March 21, 1857, 
at Mr. Keys' residence, his !^te^-son, Archibald 
Washington Roherte, aged 7 years and 6 months. Patjer 
of Aur. 13, 1857. 

HOBirHTS, AZALEira, ICT^IZA, In San yrandaco, March P9, 1857, of 
sore throat, Asalene Eliza Roherts, youngest child of 
Ca-)t. M. R. and Mary E. Roherts, aged 1 year, 9 months, 
and 17 days. 

ROBERTS, raEDKRIOK, In Santa Rosa, Trederlek, son of William B. 
Roherts, aged 9 months. Died July 21, 1857. Pawer of 
Aug. 5, 1857. 

ROBSOTSOK, MRS- Margaret, At the rer^idence of h»>r son-in-law, 
H. B. Hawkins, of San Tranoisco, of apo-ilexy, Mrs. 
Margaret Rohertson, aged 50 years, widow of the late Capt. 
H. L. Rohertson, formerly of Buffalo, N. T. Pa^^er of 
Hot. 11, 1857. ?uneral at Itaitarlan Church on Stockton St. 

HOOERS, W4. S., In Columhla, Hoy. 19, 1857, Wm. S. Rogers, aged 
ahout 58 years, late of Australia. 

HOUSSIH, SIFFHOID S., At Auhum, July 5, 1857, Slffrold E. 
Roussin, aged 43 years. 

HnDOLPH, HEHRT C, In Sacramento, Aug. 4, 1857, Henry C. only 
child of the late Aid. H. C. Rndolnh, aged 8^ months. 

ROHTAH, LOREHZO H., In Hoodrille, Amador Co., Sept. 22, 1857, Lor- 
enxo H. Bnsyan, aged 25 years. Paper of Oct. 1, 1857. 

BUSS, OHRISTXAH, In San Francisco, June 4, 1857, Christian Rasa, 
at his residence. Rase' Garden, aged 62 years. 

HOSSELL, CHAHI.ES C, In Red Bluff, Jan. 16, 1857, Charles E., 
son of C. T. and Eunhema Riisse'*l, aged 6 years, 1 month, 
and 16 days. 

RDTEHBEBO, J. H. MRS., In Saa Traneisco, Sapt. 20, 1857, the 
wife of J. H. Rntenherg. 

HTIH, EUJOr, In San Francisco, Feh. 23, 1857, Ellen, dau^ter 
of Thomas and Mary Ryan, aged 3 years and 6 months. 

HTOKMAH, ElIZA A., In San Francisco, March 8, 1057, Zliia A., 
wife of Garrett w. Ryekman, aged 54 years. 


SAHSBL, MHS. MAHT A., At Gold Hill, near San Andreas, June 18, 
1857, Mrs. Mary A. Sameel, aged 36 years, 7 months, and 
18 days, wife of Hiram Saaael. 

SAPHIH, ADOLPH, In San Francisco, of oonsunrotlon, a natlye of 
Austria, aged 29 years. Paper of SeT)t. 2, 1857. 
Joneral from tho Hall of the St. yranols Hook and Ladder, 
No. 1, on Da^^ont St. 

SAUITOERS, m. WIILIAM H.. In San Jium, 7eb. 11, 1857, Dr. WlUlan 
H. Sanndfi'-s, fJurgeon of the Nlcaraguan Schooner, Granada, 
In the 37th year of his age. 

SCHOLEniXD, OEORGE, In OroYllle, March 14, 1857, George 
Scholefleld, of Oneida, N. T., aged 36 yenre. 

SOHOWZ, H^^THMAH, In San Pranciaoo, A-nrll 29, 18S7, Herman 
Soholts, a natlre of Hanofer, Oennany. 

SCHWEEB, inA, In San Jose, May 29, 1857, Ida, Infant daughter 

of August Sohwse'b, a^ed 11 months. Paper of June 6, 1857. 

scon, w. v.. In San Francloc-, J-eb. 25, 1857, Mr. W. W. Scott. 

SCOTT, WM., At Scott's Banch, Santa Cruz Co., Fel». 20, 1857, 
W*. Seott, formerly of Maine, aged 55 years. Paner of 
March 7, 1857. 

SCHIBHSR, Drowned on a slou^ near Harrlshurg, 0. T., Jan. 16, 
1857, a son of James Scrlbner, aged ;> years. Paper of 
March 20, 1857. 

SEAHS, JBEDEaiCK OSCAR, In San yranclsco, Oct. 27, 1857, 

Frederick Oscar, Infant son of Clark A. and Llxzle C. Sears, 
aged 2 months and 27 days. 

SEILHAMMEH, PATTERSON B., In Plaeerrllle, M/>-rch 5, 1857, Patterson 
B. Sellhammer, formerly of PonnsylTanla. 

3HEM, HEMY, At Martinez, March 10, 1857, Henry Sheen, a natlre 
of London, England, aged 29 years. English -oapers nlease 

RHIIDOH, 7L0HE7TC3 ISIDORE, In 21 Dorado Co., June », 1857, 

Florence Isidore Sheldon, swiopted daughter of Mr. F. f. 
Wlnehell of the Mormon TaTem, aged 4 years and 11 months. 

SHKPAHD, CAROLIUE, In Treka, June 19, 1857, of pneumonia, 

Caroline, Infant daughter of H. T. and Hoxy Sbepard, aged 
11 Fionthe and 7 days. Par^r of July 9, 1857. 

SHEPPAHD, LARA ELLSN, In San Francisco, May 7, 18'^7, of disease 
of the l\u»g8, Lara Ellen, daughter of John and Ann 
Shepriard, aged 2 years and 2 months. 


SEEBRT, SDWABS, In Saorananto. Hot. 22, 1857, Edward Sherry, of 
Hew Tork City, a«ed 25 years. 

SHIELDS, OSOBOE, In Linn Co., Oregon, of eontunrotlon, eldest 

son of James, Jr., Georga, aged 12 years. Parser of June 
13, 1857. 

SHILLIHO, TOLHBT, In Homltos, July 29, 1857, Tolney, eldest 

son of Jacob and Hlla Shilling, a^ed 1 year and 5 months. 
Paper of Atv5 11, 1857. 

SHRODER, OEORO'E F. KEINS, In OroTllle, Se-)t. 9, 1857, of Inflaa- 
mation of the brain, Oeorge 7. Eelns, son of Louis and 
Mlna Shroder, aged 7 years and 4 months. 

SIHCLAIH, JOHN, At Margate, Kent, England, Sent. 22, 1857, Mr. 

John Sinclair, aged 72 years, the father of Mrs. Catherine 
N. Sinclair, formerly a resident of San Francisco. Paper 
of Hoy. 17, 1857. 

SIHOER, ARABELLA, MRS., In MarysvlUe, Jan. 8, 1857, Arabella, 
vd.fe of Major Wm. Slni^r, aged 27 years. 

SLOCOffi. BLI, At the Mission Dolores, July 18, 1857, Ell Slo- 
eomb, a native of East Cambridge, Mass., aged 36 years. 

SLOCQMB, ISABELLE, In San Francisco, July 2, 1857, of teething, 
Isabelle Slocomb, aged 11 months. 

8L0PER, ANDHEW J., At Indian Creek, Trinity Co., Oct. 17, 1857, 
of apoplexy, Andrew J. Sloper, aged 28 years, formerly 
of Scott Co. , Iowa. 

SHALL, WM. H., In Mariposa, March 27, 1857, Wa. H. Small, aged 
35 years, formerly of Hew Toilc. Paper of April 9, 1857. 

SMABT, RQBESr B., At Folson, Hoy. 7, 1857, Robert B. Smart, in 
the 43d. year of his age, formerly of Maine. Maine 
Tiapers please co-oy. 

SMITH, EIXA, In San Francisco, Hot. 3, 1857, Ella, oldest 

daufljiter of 0. Frank and Susan L. Smith, aged 4 years. 

SNTTH, GARRET, In Tehama, Hot. 16, 1857, of typhoid feTer, 
Garret Smith, formerly of Brooklyn, H. T. Paper of 
Dec. 1, 1857. 

SMira, JOHH, In San Francisco, May 16, 1857, John Smith, a natlT* 
of Sweeden, aged 33 years. 

SMITH, SAMUEL, In San Francisco, June 31, IB"^?, of apoTjlexy, 

Samuel Smith, aged 48 years, a natlTS of ^hiladel ->hia. Pa. 
Hew Tork and Philadel-nhla TMipers nlease copy. 


SMITH, SARAH J., At Kelaey'a, El Dorado Co., Jan. 11, 1857, 

Sarah J. Salth, daughter of Mr. and Mr«. Marshal 3»lth. 
of HushTllle, 111. 

SMITH, MRS. TEMPERAHCZ, In Oard.n Valley, El Dorado Co., March 
19, 1857, Mrs. femperance Smith, aged 43 years. Paner 
of April 9, 1857. 

SHIffi, THOMAS, In City Bountiful, U. T., /eh. 11, 1857, Thomas 
Smith, a«ed 38 yeara. Paper of May 19, 1857. 

SMITH. W. CQRT, At What Cheer House, San Franclsoo, July 15, 

1857, Mr. WiB. Cory Smith, formerly of lelli, Suffolk Co., 

L. I., aged 36 year«. Tuneral from Rct. Dr. Anderson^e Chumsh. 

Stockton St. 

SHTDEH, WESIOT JORDAH, At Salt Lake City, March 4, 1857, Wesley 
Jordan, son of George 0. and Sarah Snyder, aged 4 months 
and 25 days. Pap«r of May :>0, 1857. 

SOMERS, WAI/TER, In San Tranclsco, Dec. 1, 1857, of tyohoid 
ferer, Walter Sonera, aged 24 years, son of the late 
Hohert Somers, Eeo., of Bamet, Temont. 

SOTEHEIOH, WILIET, In OroTllle, Ttih. 9, 1857, WlUey Sorerelgn, 
aged 2 years, 8 months and 6 days. 

SPEHHT, RET. MR., Hear Calapooia, Linn Co., Oregon, of consump- 
tion. Rev. Mr. S-oerry. Pa-oer of June 1:5, 1857. 

STATFOHD, JOHH, KlUed V the falling of a tree, March 4, 1857, 
at Albion Rlyer, John Stafford. Paper of May 4, 1857. 

STANDISH, WINNIE ALICE GUILD, In St. Louis, Sierra Co., Seiit. 
15, 1857, Winnie Alice Guild, only child of W. 0. and 
S. S. Standleh, aged 2 years and 8 months. New Tork, 
Connecticut, and Massachusetts papers please ooDy. 

STBEMAH, GEORGE PZRCT, In San Francisco, Not. 22, 1857, George 
Percy, youngest son of Josenh and Lllley fitedman, a 
native of San yranclsco, aged 4 months and 6 days. 

STEEO, ABRAHAM, In San Francisco, March 31, 1857, of Congestion 
of the hraln, Abraham Steeg, a native of Germany, aged 45 
years. Funeral from residence, Du-^ont and Stockton St. 
Hew Orleans -oapers please copy. 

STEPHENS, J. N., In San Francisco, Dec. 31, 1857, of consumption, 
Mr. J. H. Stephens, a native of Michigan, aged 31 ysars. 

SffEWART, JAMES, At the Marine Hos-oital, June 3, 1857, of dropsy, 
Jajnes Stewart, Engineer, bom In Cambria Co., Penn. 


STIRIIBO, AL JCANTER P., Drowied by falling orertoard froa the 
■teamer, Sonora, Oct. 22, 1857, Alexander P. Stirling, 
of latches. Miss. Latterly of San Tranolaco. Pawer of 
Wot. 18, 1857. 

8T0CKIS0, raLEERICK HUSSIIL, At Oarrote, June .A, 1857, 

Jrederlck Haaeell, only child of Frederick M. and Luolnda 
1. Stocking, a^ed 5 months and 8 dayi. 

STOCKTCar, ass IXIZA, At the MisBlon San Oahriel, Los Angeles, 
Oct. 6, 1857, Ann Ellsa, wife of »d. M. Stockton, aged 
31 years and 9 months. Paper of Hov. 5, 1857. 

STOCKWELL, MRS. JABE ElIZABETH, At Cajroo Seoo, Jtme 7, 1857, 

Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Stockvell, aged 24 years and 3 months. 

STOHALL, JOmr, In San yranclsoo, Dec. 24, 18fi7, John Stonall, 

a natlre of England, aged 58 years. ISmeral fro« Ho. 36, 
First St. 

STONE, CHARLES P. , In San »rtocieeo, Awll 17, 1857, Charles P. 
Stone, son of Charles P. and Maria I. Stone, aged 4 months 
and 17 days. 

STOaW, JAM^S 0., Hear Portland, Oregon, Aug. 1, 1857, James G. 
Storey, aged 35 years. 

STOWELL, WITI^ABD, In Harlnoea, July 15, 1857, of constum^tlon. 
Wlllard Stowell. 


Martinet, Se^t. 20, 1857, John Erwln Burchard, the only son 
of John and Louisiana Strentiel, aged 9 years and 4 months. 

STOART, LITTLE BIRD, In Santa Clara, at the residence of S. Harlow, 
Esq., May 27, 1857, of cholera infantum. Little Bird, only 
son of Capt. J. H. and Mary E. Stuart, of Marl-oosa. Paper 
of June 2, 1857. 

STOART, MARK, In Sacramento, Dec. 1, 1857, of malignant erysipe- 
las, Mark Stuart, aged 63 years. 

SaCK23IT, CHARLES EDWARD, In San ?ranciseo, Charles Edward, son 
of Dr. Sttckent, aged 14 months on April 16, 1857. 

3ULLITAH, MISS rLOBEHCE, In San TranciBCO, March 1, 1857, 

Miss Florence SulllTan, aged 35 years, a natlTe of Cork, 

SULIITAN, MARGARET, In San Tranclsco, Sept. 21, 1857, suddenly, 
Margaret SulllTan, wife of James SulllTan, aged 64 years. 


SUILITAH, tflTI.IAM, In S«a yrancisco, Jan. 16, ia57, WllllaB, 
only child of Edward and 211za SnlllTan, AgtA Z j—Jt% 
and 6 months. 

SDTffEHI.Ain), MART, At San Mat«o, Oct. 10, 1857, Mary Satherlaad, 
youngest da-i^ter r>f Charles D. and Jndah, aged 4 months 
and 8 days. 

SWKETSER, SAHAH 2MMA, In Sacramento, 5ot. 10, 1857, Sarah Smna. 
only child of A. C. and Sarah Sweetser, aged 2 years 
and 2 months. 

SUWEBKHOP, SDPHiMU AUHA, At the residence of Mr. Kobler, San 
Leandro, Alameda Co., of con-rulslons, Aug. 17, 1857, 
Emhemla Anna, dau^ter of Edward and Isabella Suwerkro'), 
a^d 2 years. 

TACKABERET, TH(»4AS, In Placerrllle, March 4, 1857, Thomas 
Tackaberry, formerly of Missouri, a^d 45 years. 

TAYICB, AUR2D ARIZl, In Valleclto, May 27, 1857, Alfred Ariel, 
son of Allen and Delano Taylor, aged 11 months. Paper 
of June 1, 1857. 

filLOH, CHARLES, In San Tranclseo, Oct. 13, 1857, Charles, 
Infant son of Williaa C. and Nary A. Tajrlor. 

TATLCa, CORHELIA FSAHCIS, In San Francisco, May 2, 1857, Cornelia 
Trancls, only child of John and Laura Taylor, aged 2 years, 
2 months and 11 days. 

TATLOR, JOSZPH B., In San rranclseo, Dec. 4, 1857, suddenly, 
J08er)h B. Taylor, aged 34 years, eldest son of John B. 

TAZIOR, LAURA ASKA, In San Pranclseo, Nay 1, 1857, Laora Anna, 
eldest daij/^ter of John and Anna Taylor, aged 4 years, 
1 month, and 15 days. Funeral from parents' residence, 
Montgomery bet. 7alleJo and Green F^ts. 

TBLLEH, HEBRT DE PETSTER, In San Francisco, Oct. 21, 1857, 

Henry Be Peyster, only child of John D. P. and Sarah J. 
Teller, a^d 9 months and 14 days. Funeral from father's 
residence. Second St. near Bryant. 

TBNPLB, JQHH, At Battle Creek, Dee. 31, 1656, John Temple, a 
natlre of Horth Carolina. Paper of Jan. 14, 1857. 

TSHRT, ALBERT, In San Francisco, Dee. 8, 1857, Mr. Albert 

Terry, a natlre of New Tork, aged 28 years and 4 days. 
Funeral from residence of his ster^-father, John H. 
Dupont, £sq. 


THAIH, CHARIBS LITIDHT, In San rnneivto, Oct. 17th, 1857, 

Clarence Linden, son of Ja«. I. and Frances B. Thain, 
a^ed 1 year, 4 month • and 17 daye. 

fflSATT, FHAHCOIS, At Mokeluame Hill, May S5th, 1857, Francois 
Theatt, a^d '".8 years. Pa-oer of Jnne '^, 1857. 

THOMPSOW, MAOOIE I., In Sacramento, Jan. 34, 1857, Maggie I., 
ywuwjest dau^ter of Jas. P. Thompson, aged 2 years. 

THOMPSOH, WM. 0., In Sacramento, July 22d, 18-7, of disease 
of the spine, Mr. Wta. 0. Iliomnson, aged 42 years, a 
native of Scotland. 

THOHBELOE, MAST, In Stockton, Hot. 25, 1857. Mary, wife of 

Mr. John Thomeloe, a natire of England, aged 36 years. 

THDRSTOH, HEHRT 0., In S. T. , Thursday, April 23, 1857, Henry 

0. Thurston, a natire of Fall Hirer, Mass. Age, 35 years. 

TILUEH, CHARLES H., In Hinghaa, Mass., May 12, 1857, of croup, 
Charles H. , the only child of Charles L. and H. C. 
Tllden, of S. F. , aged 2 years and 27 days. Paper of 
June 17, 1857. 

fOBBH, ANW, On hoard the John L. Stephens, May 11, I8r7, Ann 
Tohen, dau^ter of Patrick Tohen, a native of Hew York. 
Aged 1 year and 8 months. 

TOHBET, VIILIAM 0., At Redwood Landing, San Mateo Co., Wllliaa 
0. Torrey, a native of Canandagua, Hew Toric, aged 45 
years. Pappr of April 3, 1857. 

TOWLE, Ji KATIE, In Santa Clara, Oct. 20, 1857, J. latla, 
daughter of 0. W. and H. F. Towle. 

TRACT, ORACS EKBIIA, In S. F., March 25, 1857, Miss Grace 

Emelia Tracy, yomu^ent daughter of Frederick P. and Staily 
Tracy, age 13 years. Funeral will take place from 
parents' residence on Everett St. 

TRACT, PETER, At Santa Croa, Aug. 7, 1857, Peter Tracy, aged 
45 years, a native of Cork, Ireland. 

TRIPP, TIMOTHT I., In S. F. , Sept. 26, 1857, from injuries 

received from falling from a scaffold on Alcatraz Island, 
Capt. Timothy K. Tri-o-o, a native of Boston, aged 36 
years. Boston papers please copy. 

TUCEER, MAaOARET, In S. F. , Dec. 22, 1857, Mra. Margaret, wife 
of J. w. Tucker, of this city. A native of Hew Tork City, 
aged 39 years. Funeral from her late residence on 
Montgomery St. 

TUHHAOI, R3ET. JOSEPH, In Portland, Oregon, May 18, 1857, of 
lung affection. Rev. Joseph Tumag«. Paper of June 13. 


TAIL, IDA, In S. ?., March P.9, 1857, Ida, only child of Charles 
H. and Allda A. Tall, a^ed 1 year, 7 monthg and 4 day«. 

TAI CHOATl, EDWARD LiBOT, In Treka, ka^. 25, 18r^7, Edward Leroy, 
infant son of S. T. Tan Choate, aged 16 mos., 25 days. 

Paper nf Sent. 3, 18'"^7. 

TAIXamolT, ADALIHE, In O'Neil townshl-i, San Joaquin Co., July 
Sth, 1857, Adallne, daughter of Mr. Jamee Taadenhoff, 
recently from Salt Lake, aged three years and six nonihs. 

TAH DQRH, CHARLJ:S H., In Stockton, at the County Hoe-)ltal, 

Charles H. Tan Dom, aged 45 years, a native of Hew Jersey. 
Paper of ?eh. 21, 1857. 

TAI IXJ5EH, m. J. T., In Springfield, Tuolumne Co., Oct 2nd, 
1857, of consuantlon. Dr. J. T. Tan Sasen, aged about 
30 years. 

TAH MATEH, TOHDTCE, At Bates' Hanch, Trinity Co., Sent. 6, 1857, 
Tordycs, son of Peter and Alnira Tan Mater, aged about 

3 years. 

TAH PlUf, OECaGS WASHIHGTON, In S. ?. , March 31, 1857, Oeorge 
Washington, Infant son of Captain Darld and Hachel Tan 
Pelt, aged 1 month and 9 days. Paner of April 1, 1857. 
funeral from residence of parents, on Washington St., 
between Powell and Mason streets. 

TAH TLEET, LOIS, In Clark Co., W. T., May 15th, 1857, of croon, 
Lois, Infant daii^ter of LpwIs and Elisabeth A. Tan Tleet, 
aged 4 months and 17 days. Paper of July 15, 1857. 

WADS, WlLLE WHITE, In San yranclsoo, March 26, 1857, Wills 

White, son of J. L. and May Wads, aged 2 years and 8 mos. 

WAUXH, DATID J., In San Trancisco, Jan. 17, 18ri7, Darld J. 
Walker, Infant son of ^^dward S. Walker, aged 11 mos. 

VAIS, HKHRIETTA, In Sacramento, Dee. 7th, 1857, of croup, 

Henrietta, only child of Saanel and Caroline Wand, aged 

4 years and 9 months. 

WABBASS, WM. H., In Treka, Au;;. 27, 1857, Wm. H. Warbass, 
formerly of Maueh Chunk, Carbon Co., Pa. Paver of 
Sept. 3, 1857. 

WAIEBMAH, AHBT C, In S. T., May 30, 1857, of consumption, 

Abby C, wife of S. H. Waterman, aged 29 years. IHineral 
from residence, comer of Oreene and Learenworth Sts. 

WATSBS, AURED, In S. V., April 1st, 1857, Alfred H. Waters, 
son of Z. D. and E. A. Waters, aged 16 years, 5 months. 
I^meral from parents' residence, Tlrst St. below 


VATKINS, WIILIAM, In S. y. , on Thursday, April 2d, 18r>7, of 
consTiwotion, WlUl&a watkine, a natlre of Doblln, Ire- 
land, aged 35 years, runeral fro» brother's residence, 
Tolsoffl St. between Pirst and Second. 

WATSOT, GBOBOS W. H., In S. T., Feb. 15, 1857. at the re.l- 
denee of his father, Oeorge K. H. Watson, yoTingeet son 
of Oeorge and Ann V/ateon, aged 15 bos. and 10 days. 
H. T. pariers 'ilease co'iy. 

WATSCB, JOHH S., In S. F. , October 14, 1857, John S. Hatson, 
aged 48 years, formerly of St. Louis, Mo. 

MAISOB, PAULINE, In Sacramento, on March 15, 1857, Pauline S., 
youngest daughter of Wb. H. and toellne Vatson. Age, 
14 years. 

WAMS, STIPHIA JABE, At Gold Springs, Hot. 20th, 1857, Sylnhla 
Jane Watts, aged 29 years, fomerly of Harrison Co., Mo. 
Paper of Dee. 5, 1857. 

WEBB, ELI8HA, In Sacramento, Oct. 11th, 1857, Sllsha Webb, 
aged about 29, formerly of Ohio. 

WBILBT, CAPT. L., In Alameda Co., July 27th, 1857, of consTnip- 
tion, Capt. L. Wellby, aged 47 years. Pa-r«r of Aug. 11, 
1857. Hew Tork pa^^ers nlease co'jy. 

WBIH, AHEHKW, In S. ?., Hot. 12, 1857, of Inflammation of the 
lungs, Mr. Andrew Weir, a natlre of Newry, Ireland, aged 
63 years. 

W2SC0TT, MATILDA S., In S. T., Jan. 3, 1857, Matilda S. Wescott, 
aged 5 yrs. and 9 mos., only child of the late Charles B. 
and Mary E. Wescott, and adopted daughter of J. W. and 
OllTe P. Cudworth. 

WEST, JOHH, At Tallejo, Oct. 17th, ia57, Mr. John West, a 

natlTe of Junius, Seneca Co., Hew Tork, e^d 37 years. 
Paper of Dec. 4, 1857. H. T. papers please copy. 

WESTLT, OEOaeE, At Texas Springs, Shasta Co., May 16, 1857, 
of congestion fever, Oeorge Westly, rged 35 years. 

WHEELER, JOHH E,, At Columbia, Aug. 23, 1857, of tynhold 
fsTer, John E. Wheeler, aged 29 years, a native of 
Sconhegan, Me. 

WHITE, ELLEH, In 3. F., Aug. 4, 1857, suddenly, Ellen, wife 
of Capt. V. A. White, aged 26 years. 

WHITE, ELLIOT, In Ororllle, July 23d, 1857, Flllot, son of 
AbbI M. and Margaret £. White, aged 15 months. 


ffilTMAH, HEJ£N AMABM, In S. T., Apr. 3, 1857, after a pro- 
tracted Illness, Helen Ajnanda, wife of S. P. Whltnan, 
and dau^ter of Jonathan Ballou, of Hhode Island. Aged 
36 years and 8 months. Tuneral from late residence, 
235 Washington St. 

WHITITBT, HARHT JEHHETTE, In S. F., Sept. 11, 1857, of pul- 
monary coneestion, Mary Jennette, only daii^ter of 
John R. and Harriet A. \ilxltney, aged 8 months and 9 days. 
Tuneral services fro« Stookton and Greenwich Sts. 

WILD, In Jackson, Apr. 12, 1857, dau^ter of Mrs. Wild, age 
11 months. Paper of A^ril 24, 1857. 

VIUCINS. HKHHT C, In Lowell, Mass., Ai^ril 10, 18^7, of 

scarlet ferer and canker rash, Henry C, yoongest son of 
J.P.D. and Lissie C. Wilkins, of Stockton, aged 6 years. 
Paper of May 22, 1857. 

WIUIKS, Matilda H., In Sonora, Jab. 22, 1857, Matilda R. , 
dan^ter of Cb-irles P. and anily C. Wilkins, aged 5 
yrs. and 4 nos. 

WILLIAMS, JOHH, In Aulmm, May 19, 1857, of dysentery, John 
Williams, aged 32 years, formerly of Utica, H. T. 

WILLIAMS, MART CALISTA, In Sacramento, June 19, 1857, Miss 
Mary Callsta Williains, of Cache Creek, Tolo Co., aged 
22 years, foraerly of Wisconsin. 

WIILIS, ALBE^ 0., At Horsetown, Shasta Co., May 25th, 1857, 
Alhert G. Willis, of typhoid fever, aged 23 years, 
from Oregon. Paper of June 3, 1857. 

WIL30H, MAOOIE WILSOH, In Los Angeles, Maggie Wilson, infant 
daughter of Hon. B. D. '/ilson, aged 3 years «md three 
months. Paner of May 15, 1857. 

WILSOa, MIIIHIZ BOHTOW, In S. ?., Dec. 10, 1857, Minnie 
Burton, only child of Still-«an L. and Cornelia A. 
Wilson, aged 4 years, 9 months and 2 days. IHineral trrm 
the hone of her parents, 148 Montgomery St. 

VnXHZLL, JULIUS, In Sacramento, Aug. 23, 1857, of inflamma- 
tion of the howelB, Julius S. Kinehill, aged 31 years, 
a native of Courland, Russia. Hew Tork, Hew Orleans 
and Louisville, Xy. , papers please copy. 

WIHOATE, JAMES H. , In S. T., Aug. 10, 1857, of fever, Mr. James 
H. Wlngate, a native of Portsmouth, U. H., aged 43 years. 

WIBTEHBUHN, MART, In San Jone, Dec. 11, 1857, Mary, wife of 

Joseiih Wlntertmm, aged (4) years. See paner of Deo. 11, 


WISE, KllZASSirH AHH, May 17, \er^7, by drowilng from the sIootj 
Oeneral Story, three miles from the Heads, 311zaheth Ann 
Wise, daughter of Caut. Charlee J. wise, late of the 
■ohooner Marin, of San PranclBCO. 

WOOD, WIIXIAM T., In S. ?., Jan. 15, 18R7, Mr, William T. Wood, 
a native of Missouri, a^ed r37 years, and a resident of 
Kluaath County in thin Statp, elnce 1851, and County 
Treanurer for a nxusber of years of Klaaiath County. 

WOODHDTr, SDWAHD, In San Jose, Marsh 10, 1857, after a long 
illness, Edvard Woodnatt, a natlTe of Mew Jen«y, a^ad 
40 years. 

WOODWARD, ALLICIA. In Marysrille, Sept. 18, 1857, Alllcia, 
daughter of Oidaon and Bridget Woodward, aged 2 ysars 
and 9 months. 

WOODWAHD, m. v.. In Or'iTille, Jan. 3, 1857, Dr. W. Woodward, 
aged 32 years, formerly of New Tork. 

WHU, S. MOTT, In S. J., May 12, 1857, of teething, E. Mott 

Wray, youngest child of Mr. Chas. Wray, a native of this 
oity, aged 2 years. 

WRAI, IlLSH, In S. F. , Feb. 12, 1857, Mrs. Ellen Wray, xife 
of Jacob Wray, in the 29th year of her age. Residence, 
173 Mission St. 

WHIOHT, THOMAS, JH. , In S. F. , Sunday, April 5th, 1857, Mr. 
Thomas Wri^t, Jr., a member of the Bar, age 36 years, 
a native of Philadelr)hia, Pa. 

VraiEAM (nee KEABHET), MARt}AHI7 C, In San Franoisoo, Feb. 11, 
1857, Margaret 0. wyndhra (nee Kearney), wife of James C. 

TECMAHS, SASAH JARE, In S. F. , Hot. 30, 1857, Sarah Jane, 
only child of Charles and Anna Teoraans, age 1 month 
and 22 days. Pa-oer of Dec. 1, 1857. Funeral from 
Everett St., between 3rd and 4th Sts. 

TOOlO, BMILT, In Clackaaas Co., Oregon, on the i9th of July, 
1857, Mrs. Emily Toung. 

TODHOSa, CHARLIS, E. S., In S. F. , July 1st, 1857, of croup, 
Charles S. S. Tonoger, aged 5 years and 9 aonths. 

TOOHT, CHAWFORD w.. In Big Canyon, El Dorado Co., Mar. 20, 1857, 
Crawford W. , youngest son of John B. and Livenia E. Tount, 
aged 5 years. Paper of April 9, 1857. 

ZtJCHEBMAH, EMILT, In Sonora, Dec. 28, 1856, Emily, dao^ter 
of Jacob and Lisetta Znoherman, aged 3 yrs. and 6 bos. 
Pa]>er of Jan. 14, 1857.