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Full text of "Vital records of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, to the year 1850"

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THIS publication is issued under the authority of a vote 
passed by the New England Historic Genealogical 
Society, November 6, 1901, as follows: 

Voted: That the sum of $20,000, from the bequest of the late 
Robert Henry Eddy, be set aside as a special fund to be called 
the Eddy Town-Record Fund, for the sole purpose of publishing 
the Vital Records of the towns of Massachusetts, and that the 
Council be authorized and instructed to make such arrangements 
as may be necessary for such publication. And the treasurer is 
hereby instructed to honor such drafts as shall be authorized by 
the Council for this purpose. 

Committee on Publications 

James Parker Parmenter Edmund Dana Barbour 

HosEA Starr Ballou G. Andrews Moriarty, Jr. 

John Wallace Suter Alfred Johnson 

Henry Edwards Scott, Editor 

Stanbopc ipreas 


County, was established as a township June 3, 
1656, from a part of Duxbury called the New Plantation. 

June 3, 1662, certain lands were granted to Bridge- 

February 11, 1 690-1, lands between Bridgewater and 
Weymouth, called Foord's Farms, and lands adjoining 
were annexed. 

June 10, 17 12, a part was included in the new town 
of Abington. 

November 20, 1770, and February 8, 1798, parts of 
Stoughton were annexed. 

June 15, 1 82 1, a part was established as North Bridge- 
water (now Brockton). 

February 16, 1822, a part was established as West 

June 14, 1823, a part was established as East Bridge- 

February 20, 1824, a part was annexed to Halifax. 

February 23, 1838, bounds between Bridgewater and 
East Bridgewater were established. 

March 20, 1846, bounds between Bridgewater and 
East Bridgewater were established and a part of each 
town was annexed to the other town. 

Population by 

Census : 




1776 (Prov.), 





1800 (U.S.), 





1820 (U.S.), 

1 700 T' 




1840 (U.S.), 

2131 ; 




1855 .(State), 





1865 (State), 





1875 (State), 





1885 (State), 





1895 (State), 





1905 (State), 





191 5 (State), 


* Not including the population of North Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, and East 
Bridgewater, established later as separate towns. 


1. The fact that a birth, marriage, or death is recorded in 
Bridgewater does not prove that it occurred in this town; but when 
places other than Bridgewater and Massachusetts are named in the 
original records, they are given in the printed copy. 

2. In all items from town records the original spelling is 
followed, and no attempt is made to correct errors appearing in 
the records. 

3. The various spellings of a name should be examined, as 
items about the same family or individual may be found under 
different spellings. 

4. A baptism is not printed, if it occurs within one year after 
the recorded date of birth of a child of the same name and parents 
or if it is clear that the child baptized is identical with the child 
of the birth record ; but variations found in the baptismal record 
are added to the birth record. 

5. The birth of a married woman is recorded under her maiden 
name, if it is known. But if the maiden name cannot be deter- 
mined, the entry appears under the husband's name, with a dash 

enclosed in brackets, i.e., [ ], to signify that the maiden 

name is unknown. If it is not known whether the surname is 
that of a married or unmarried woman, ? m. is placed in brackets 
after the Christian name. 

6. Marriages and intentions of marriage are printed under 
the names of both parties. When both the marriage and in- 
tention of marriage are recorded, only the marriage record is 
printed; and where a marriage appears without the intention 
being recorded, it is designated with an asterisk. 



7. Additional information which does not appear in the 
original text of an item, i.e., any explanation, query, inference, 
or difference shown in other entries of the record, is bracketed. 
Parentheses are used to show variations in the spelling of a 
name in the same entry, to indicate the maiden name of a wife, 
to enclose an imperfect portion of the original text, and to sep- 
arate clauses in the original text. 

8. In addition to this book the vital records of Brockton, West 
Bridgewater, and East Bridgewater should be examined. 


a. — age 
abt. — about 

b. — born 

bp. — baptized 
bur. — buried 
ch. — child 
chn. — children 

C.R.I. — church record, Unitarian Church 
C.R.2. — church record, Trinity Church 
C.R.3. — church record. Central Square Congregational 

C.R.4. — church record, Scotland Trinitarian Congregational 

C.R.5. — church record. Church of the New Jerusalem 

Co. — county 

d. — daughter ; day ; died 

Dea. — deacon 

dec^d — deceased 

dup. — duplicate entry 

Eld. — Elder 

enl. — enlisted 

Ens. — Ensign 

G.R.I. — gravestone record, Mount Prospect Cemetery 

G.R.2. — gravestone record, Pratt-town Cemetery 

G.R.3. — gravestone record, Cherry Street or Harlow Cemetery 

G.R.4. — gravestone record, Conant Street Cemetery 

G.R.5. — gravestone record, Hillside Cemetery 

G.R.6. — gravestone record, Scotland Graveyard 

G.R.7. — gravestone record. Old Graveyard 

G.R.8. — gravestone record, Alden or Vernon Street Grave- 
yard (Titicut) 

G.R.9. — gravestone record, Keith or South Street Graveyard 


ABBREVIATIONS 7 — gravestone record, Trinity Church Graveyard 

G.R.I I. — gravestone record, Japan Graveyard 

G.R.I2. — gravestone record, Great Woods Graveyard 

G.R.13. — gravestone record ' ' Pox Graveyards 

h. — husband 

hrs. — hours 

inf. — infant 

int. — publishment of intention of marriage 

Jr. — junior 

Lt. — Lieutenant 

tn. — married ; month 

min. — minutes 

p.C.R. — Plymouth County Records 

P.R.I. — private record, from a record kept by the Rev. Richard 
M. Hodges, now in the possession of the South Parish 

P.R.2. — private record, from a record of burials in the Scot- 
land Graveyard 

P.R.3. — private record, from a record of burials in the South 
Precinct Burying Place, kept by Lt. John Washburn, 

P.R.4. — private record, from a record of deaths kept from 

1766 to 1820 by Oliver Alden, and from 1820 to 

1846 by his son, Caleb Alden, and grandson, Cromwell 

Alden, or members of the family, now in the possession 

of the Bridgewater Public Library 
P.R.5. — private record, from an Ames family Bible, now in 

the possession of Fisher Ames of Bridgewater 
P.R.6. — private record, from a Keith family Bible, now in the 

possession of Henry A. Keith of Bridgewater 
P.R.7. — private record, from the Salmon Keith family Bible, 

now in the possession of Henry A. Keith of Bridgewater 
P.R.8. — private record, from a Wilbor family Bible, now in 

the possession of Henry A. Keith of Bridgewater 
P.R.9. — private record, copied from the Israel Richmond 

family Bible and now in the possession of the New 

England Historic Genealogical Society — private record, copied from the Job H. Johnson 

family Bible and now in the possession of the New 

England Historic Genealogical Society 


P.R.I I. — private record, from the Calvin B. Pratt family 

Bible, now in the possession of Dr. Calvin Pratt of 

P.R.I 2. — private record, from the Jonathan Washburn family 

Bible, now in the possession of Dr. Calvin Pratt of 

P.R.13. — private record, from the Jacob Perkins family Bible, 

now in the possession of Dr. Calvin Pratt of Bridgewater 
P.R.14. — private record, from a Packard family Bible, now in 

the possession of Harrison D. Packard of Bridgewater 
P.R.I 5. — private record, from a Packard family Bible, now in 

the possession of Harrison D. Packard of Bridgewater 
P.R.I 6. — private record, from a Mitchell family Bible, now 

in the possession of Leonard Mitchell of Bridgewater 
P.R.I 7. — private record, from a Wilbar family Bible, now in 

the possession of Mrs. Fred T. Holmes of Bridgewater 
P.R.18. — private record, from a Holmes family Bible, now in 

the possession of Mrs. Fred T. Holmes of Bridgewater 
P.R.19. — private record, from a Hayward family Bible, now 

in the possession of Mrs. Joseph H. Smith of Bridgewater 
P.R.20. — private record, from the Walker Gassettfamily Bible, 

now in the possession of Fred N. Gassett of Bridgewater 
P.R.21. — private record, from a Mitchell family Bible, now 

in the possession of Leonard Mitchell of Bridgewater 
P.R.22. — private record, from the Bible of Mrs. Horatio B. 

King, now in the possession of Mrs. Edward M. Alden 

of Bridgewater 
P.R.23. — private record, from the Aretas Fobes family Bible, 

now in the possession of Paul O. Clark of Bridgewater 
P.R.24. — private record, from the Joshua Bates family Bible, 

now in the possession of Miss Catharine Keith of Bridge- 
P.R.2S. — private record, from the family Bible of Andrew 

Tucker of Middleborough, now in the possession of Miss 

Catharine Keith of Bridgewater 
P.R.26. — private record, from a family record of Nathaniel 

Tucker of Middleborough, now in the possession of Miss 

Catharine Keith of Bridgewater 
P.R.27. — private record, from the Snell-Carver family Bible, 

now in the possession of Francis Carver of Bridgewater 
P.R.28. — private record, from a Keith family Bible, now in 

the possession of Samuel Davis Keith of Bridgewater 


p.R,29. — private record, from a Wood family Bible, now in 
the possession of Mrs. Martin Wood of Bridgewater 

P.R.30. — private record, from a Benson family Bible, now in 
the possession of Zeno Benson of Bridgewater 

P.R.31. — private record, from the Ephraim Edson family 
Bible, now in the possession of Zeno Benson of Bridge- 

P.R.32. — private record, from a Leonard family Bible, now 
in the possession of Mrs. Samuel L. Leonard of Bridge- 

P.R.33. — private record, from a Bryant family Bible, now in 
the possession of Charles L. Bryant of Bridgewater 

P.R.3 4. — private record, from the Eleazer Carver family Bible, 
now in the possession of Calvin B. Carver of Bridge- 

P.R.35. — private record, copied from a memorial of Ephraim 
Keith's family and now in the possession of the New 
England Historic Genealogical Society 

P.R.36. — private record, from a manuscript of Dr. Nahum 
Washburn, now in the possession of Miss Clara S. Wash- 
burn of Bridgewater 

P.R.3 7. — private record, from a Fobes family Bible, now in 
the possession of Albert W. Fobes of Bridgewater 

P.R.38. — private record, from a Keith family Bible, now in 
the possession of Wales Hayward of Bridgewater 

P.R.39. — private record, from the Daniel L. Hayward family 
Bible, now in the possession of Wales Hayward of Bridge- 

P.R.40. — private record, from the Daniel Leach family Bible, 
now in the possession of Wales Hayward of Bridgewater 

P.R.41. — private record, from the Washington L. Ames 
family Bible, now in the possession of Miles S. Ames of 

P.R.42. — private record, from a Leach family Bible, now in 
the possession of Henry Clarence Leach of Bridgewater 

P.R.43. — private record, from the Alpheus Leach family 
Bible, now in the possession of Henry Clarence Leach 
of Bridgewater 

P.R.44. — private record, from a Holmes family Bible, now in 
the possession of William Holmes of Boston 


P.R.45. — private record, from the Laban Fobes family Bible, 
now in the possession of Fremont J. Turner of Bridge- 

p.R,46. — private record, from the family Bible of Cornelius 
Holmes, 3d, now in the possession of Fremont J. Turner 
of Bridgewater 

P.R.47. — private record, from a Keith family Bible, now in 
the possession of Oliver Otis Keith of Bridgewater 

P.R.48. — private record, from the Simeon M. Bump family 
Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Alexander K. Ripley 
of Bridgewater 

P.R.49. — private record, from the Solomon Keith family Bible, 
now in the possession of Mrs. Julia A. Keith of Bridgewater 

P.R.50. — private record, from the Levi Leach family Bible, 
now in the possession of Mrs. Solomon Keith of Bridge- 

P.R.51. — private record, from a Keith family Bible, now in 
the possession of Mrs. Solomon Keith of Bridgewater 

P.R.52. — private record, from the Sumner Keith family Bible, 
now in the possession of Chester P. Keith of Bridgewater 

P.R.53. — private record, from the John A. Keith family Bible, 
now in the possession of Mrs. Frederick T. Le Baron of 

P.R.54. — private record, from the Joseph Hooper family Bible, 
now in the possession of Mrs. George M. Hooper of 

P.R.55. — private record, from the Paul Revere family Bible, 
now in the possession of Miss Lizzie Revere of Bridge- 

P.R.56. — private record, from a Wilbar family Bible, now in 
in the possession of Mrs. Theodore C. Wilbar of Bridge- 

P.R.57. — private record, from a Burt family Bible, now in the 
possession of Mrs. Matthias T. Burt of Bridgewater 

P.R.58. — private record, from an Alden family Bible, now in 
the possession of Joseph Thomas Alden of Bridgewater 

P.R.59. — private record, from the family Bible of Caleb 
Hobart, now in the possession of his son, Artemas Hale 
Hobart of Bridgewater 

P.R.60. — private record, from the family Bible of Thomas 
Ellis, now in the possession of his grandson, Artemas 
Hale Hobart of Bridgewater 


P.R.61. — private record, from the Charles Jones family Bible, 
now in the possession of Mrs. Isaac R. Alden of Bridge- 

P.R.62. — private record, from the family Bible of Caleb Keith, 
now in the possession of his granddaughter, Mrs. Isaac 
R. Alden of Bridgewater 

P.R.63. — private record, from the James S. Alden family 
Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Isaac R. Alden of 

p,R.64. — private record, from a Perkins family Bible, now in 
the possession of Mrs. Henry Perkins of Bridgewater 

P.R.65. — private record, from a Hall family Bible, now in the 
possession of Mrs. Asa E. Copeland of Bridgewater 

P.R.66. — private record, from the Isaac Alden family Bible, 
now in the possession of ElijahF. Andrews of Bridgewater 

P.R.67. — private record, from the Benjamin B. Hayward fam- 
ily Bible, now in the possession of Benjamin F. Hayward 
of Bridgewater 

P.R.68. — private record, from a Pierce family Bible, now in 
the possession of Mrs. Hannah Wade of Bridgewater 

P.R.69. — private record, from a Dunbar family record, now 

in the possession of Miss Mary Anne Mitchell Dunbar 

of Bridgewater 
P.R.70. — private record, frdm a Mitchell family Bible, now 

in the possession of Miss Mary Anne Mitchell Dunbar 

of Bridgewater 
P.R.71. — private record, from the Simon W. Mitchell family 

Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. C. E. Caswell of 

P.R.72. — private record, from a Seaver family Bible, now in 

the possession of Mrs. Mary Allen Hewett of Bridge- 
P.R.73. — private record, from the Bela Mitchell family Bible, 

now in the possession of Mrs. Mary Allen Hewett of 

P.R.74. — private record, from a Mitchell-Cary family Bible, 

now in the possession of Mrs. Mary Allen Hewett of 

p.R. 7 5 . — private record, from the George Bassett family Bible, 

now in the possession of Mrs. Mary F. Conant of 



P.R.76. — private record, from the Seth Pratt family Bible, 
now in the possession of Frederick Crane Pratt of 

P.R.77. — private record, from the Samuel H. Worcester fam- 
ily Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Elizabeth A. 
Worcester of Bridgewater 

P.R.78. — private record, from a Townsend family Bible, now 
in the possession of John P. Townsend of Bridgewater 

P.R.79. — private record, from a Bela Fobes family record, 
now in the possession of Mrs. Ella Maria Eaton of 

P.R.80. — private record, from a Bassett family Bible, now in 
the possession of Nathan A. Bassett of Bridgewater 

P.R.81. — private record, from the Spencer Leonard family 
Bible, now in the possession of Miss Cora C. Leonard of 

P.R.82. — private record, from the Richard Whitmore Wilber 
family Bible, now in the possession of Richard Whitmore 
Wilber of Bridgewater 

P.R.83. — private record, from the William Hooper family 
Bible, now in the possession of William R, Hooper of 

P.R.84. — private record, from the Cyrus Hooper family Bible, 
now in the possession of William R. Hooper of Bridge- 

P.R.85. — private record, from a Thomas family Bible, now in 
the possession of Mrs. James F. Witherell of Bridge- 

P.R.86. — private record, from the John Crooker family Bible, 
now in the possession of Mrs. James F. Witherell of 

P.R.87. — private record, from the Bible of Jemima Leonard, 
now in the possession of Mrs. Anna W. Bates of Bridge- 

P.R.88. — private record, from the Bible of Seth Washburn, 
now in the possession of Mrs. Anna W. Bates of 

P.R.89. — private record, from a Pratt family Bible, now in 
the possession of E. Austin Pratt of Bridgewater 

P.R.90. — private record, from a Wentworth family Bible, now 
in the possession of Miss Annie C. E. Wentworth of 


p.R.Qi. — private record, from the Samuel Ward Bates fam- 
ily Bible, now in the possession of Samuel Ward Wash- 
burn of Bridgewater 

P.R.92. — private record, from the Edward Mitchell family 
Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Sumner Keith of 

P.R.93. — private record, from the Caleb Christian family 
Bible, now in the possession of Miss Lucia L. Christian 
of Bridgewater 

P.R.94. — private record, from the Bible of Mrs, Experience 
Pratt, now in the possession of Mrs. F. E. Smith of 
West Somerville 

p.R.95.^ — private record, from the Nahum Stetson family 
Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Mary L. Stetson of 

P.R.96. — private record, from a Hunt- Washburn family Bible, 
now in the possession of Arthur C. Dyke of Bridgewater 

P.R.97. — private record, from the Bible of Elijah Alden, now 
in the possession of Ebenezer Alden of Campello 

P.R.98. — private record, from the Bible of Lewis G. Lowe, 
now in the possession of Dr. Everett Jones of Brookline 

P.R.99. — private record, from the Bible of Seth Wilber, now 
in the possession of Henry A. Keith of Bridgewater 

P.R.I GO. — private record, from a family Bible of Francis 
Copeland, now in the possession of Mrs. Albert Fobes 
of Bridgewater 

P.R.I 01. — private record, from the Thomas Sherman family 
Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. George W. Cham- 
berlain of Maiden 

P.R.102. — private record, from a notebook of Timothy Fobes 
of Bridgewater, now in the possession of Henry D. 
Forbes of Boston and printed in Pilgrim Notes and 
Queries, volume 2, number 10 

P.R.I 03. — private record, from "Marriages in the Town of 
Bridgewater previous to its Division, " printed in New 
England Historical and Genealogical Register, 
volume 21 

p.r. 104. — private record, from a copy of the town records of 
Bridgewater, printed in 1889 under the title, " Records 
of John Cary, The first town clerk of Bridgewater, 
Mass., from 1656 to 1681." 


P.R.105. — private record, from a diary of Nathan Mitchell, 
son of Hon. Nathan Mitchell and Anne Gary, kept be- 
tween 1786 and 1833, now in the possession of the New 
England Historic Genealogical Society 

P.R.I 06. — private record, copied from a record of deaths 
kept by Rev. Isaac Backus and his grandson, Joseph A. 
Backus, and now in the possession of the New England 
Historic Genealogical Society. The record by Joseph 
A. Backus is of deaths in Titicut, a parish which in- 
cluded parts of Bridgewater and Middleborough 

P.R.107. — private record, from a framed record in the pos- 
session of the New England Historic Genealogical 

q.v. — which see ; whom see 

R.R. — Rebellion Record 

rec. — recorded 

s. — son 

Sr. — senior 

T.c. — town copy 

w. — week ; wife 

wid. — widow 

widr. — widower 

y. — year 




ADAMS, Ann E. of Kingston and William Scott, int. Aug. 2, 

Jane E. of Kingston and Nathaniel Waterman, int. Aug. 2, 1829. 
Jerusha E. of Quincy and David P. Battles, int. Nov. 30, 1816. 
Lydia of Kingston and Dr. Jonathan Crane, Dec. 23, 1783, in 

Molley and Caleb Leach, int. Nov. 18, 1780. 
Samuel of W. Bridgewater and Mary Pool of W. Bridgewater, 

Apr. 16, 1837,* C.R.3. 
William H. and Hannah A. Alden, Oct. 6, 1842. 

ADKINS, Erastus of Marietta, Ohio, and Martha H. Shaw, 
Sept. I, 1840. 

AGER (see Agur) , Lydia of Weymouth and Lewis Washburn, 
int. Nov. 17, 1833. 

AGUR (see Ager), Benjamin and Lese Dunbar, May 3, 1801.* 

AGUSTUS, Ceasar and Nancey [int. Nancy] Sewall, negros, 
Feb. 20, 1772. 

AHORTEN, Abigail [int. Mahauton] and John Jeffery [int. of 
Pembrook], Indians, Oct. 28, 1773. 

ALCUTT, Hannah (see Hannah Orcutt). 

ALDEN (see Allden), Abiah and Seth Harris, Nov. 26, 1751.* 
Abigail and Ebenezer Byram Jr., , 1738.* [Abigal, Nov. 

22, P.C.R.] 

Abigail and Eleazer Whitman, Nov. 9, 1742. 

Abigail (see Martha). 

Abigail and George Vining [int. Vineing], July 27, 1778. [Vi- 

ning, P.C.R.] 
Abigail of Duxbury and Beza Hayward, int. Sept. 25, 1784. 
Abigail P. of Fairhaven and Jacob Keith, int. Mar. 11, 1832. 
Abigail T. and Elisha G. Leach, Oct. 29, 1835 [sic, int. Oct. 8, 


• Intention not recorded. 


Alden, Alexander and Lucy Leonard, Jan. 5, 1792. 

Alexander and Maria P. Conant, Nov. 26, 1837. 

Almira and Bela Hayward of Weymouth, July 7, 1841. [Al- 

mira (second w.), P.R.19.] 
Amander and Almira Clark of Hanover, int. Sept. 4, 1838. 
Amasa and Sally Hathaway of Middleborough, Dec. 17, 1799 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Andrew of Middleborough and Silence [int. Selina, dup. int. 

Celina] Fobes, Jan. 29, 1797. 
Azel and Bethany Wilbore [int. Willbur], Mar. 10, 1791. [Wil- 

bore, P.C.R.] 
Bethany and Eliphalet White of Raynham, Aug. 10, 1791. 
Bethia [int. Bethiah] and Alfred Arnold of Greenwich, Apr. 18, 

Betsey and Joseph Hooper Jr., Nov. 23, 1823. [Betsey, d. 

Capt. Joseph dec'd, and Joseph Hooper Jr., s. Capt. 

Joseph, C.R.I. Joseph, s. Joseph and Lucia (Mitchell), 

Dec. 7, P.R.54.1 
Caleb of Middleborough and Susanna Dunbar, int. Mar. 3, 1787. 
Caleb and Sally Hayward, Nov. 25, 1790.* 
Caleb 2d and Polly Alden, int. Apr. 9, 1814. 
Charles H. of Middleborough and [int. Mrs.] Mary K. King, 

Aug. 28, 1843. 
Cromwel and Mary H. Hall, int. Apr. 22, 1832. 
Cyrus and Nabby Keith Kinsley of Minot, int. Aug. 27, 1808. 
Daniel and Abigail Shaw, Dec. 25, 1717.* 
Daniel [int. of Abington] and Sarah Cary, Dec. 18, 1786. 

[Daniel, p.c.r.] 
Daniel and Deborah Fullurton [int. Fullarton] of Abington, 

June II, 1798, in Abington. 
Daniel and Joanna Tillson of Hallifax, int. Dec. i, 1804. 
Daniel and Eunice Southworth, Dec. 11, 1815. 
Daniel and Olive Tucker of Canton, int. Oct. 2, 1819. 
Ebenezer and Anna Keith, Apr. 16, 171 7.* 
Ebenezer of Middleborough and Ruth Fobes, int. Nov. 5, 1763. 
Eleazer [int. Jr.] and Deborah Churchell [int. Churchill], Dec. 

II, 1794. [Eleazer and Deborah Churchill, p.c.r.] 
Eleazer and Abigail Pierce [int. Peirce], Dec. 9, 18 19. [Abagail 

Pierce, p.r.68.] 
Elijah of Middleborough and Molly Alden, int. Sept. 21, 1778. 
Elijah and Rebecca Fuller, Aug. 31, 1783. 
Elijah and Hannah Bassett, Nov. 8, 1827. 
Elizabeth and Benjamin Snow, Dec. 12, 1693,* p.c.r. 
Elizabeth B. and Simeon D. Wood, Aug. 28, 1843. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Alden, Elizabeth M. and Soranus Shaw, int. Mar. i6, 1816. 
Experience and Silvanus [int. Sylvanus] Pratt, June 26, 1803. 

[Sylvanus, June 26, 1793 sic, p.r.i.] 
Ezra and Rebecca Keith, Apr. 27, 1756.* [Rebeccah, Apr. 4, 


Ezra and Abigail Vinton, Oct. 24, 1798. 

Ezra 2d and Susan Dyer [int. of Abington], Jan. 31, 1813. 

Hannah and Levi Latham, July 30, 1782. 

Hannah and Simeon Backus of Middleborough, int. July 25, 

Hannah and Seth Miller of Middleborough, int. Aug. 20, 1796. 
Hannah [int. of Abington] and James Cary, May 30, 1798. 
Hannah A. and William H. Adams, Oct. 6, 1842. 
Hosea of Abington [int. Hallifax] and Milly Edson, July 7, 

Huldah of Middleborough and Israel Butler, int. Jan. 25, 1783. 
Isaac and Mary Russel, May 14, 1781. [Russell, p.c.r.] 
Isaac 2d and Ruth Byram, Nov. 6, 1794. 
Isaac 3d and Clarissa Whitman [int. of Abington], Nov. 21, 

Isaac and Bestey [int. Betsey] Palmer [int. wid.], Oct. 13, 1814. 
Isaac and Minerva Waterman, Apr. 19, 1821. [Apr. 29, p.r.66.] 
James S. of E. Bridgewater and Ann E. Washburn, int. Sept. 

19, 1830. [Anne E., m. , 1830, p.R.63.] 

Joanna and William Bird, int. Oct. 24, 1818. 

John [Alden sic, ? Allen, see Pembroke Vital Records] and 

Bethiah Crooker of Pembroke, Mar. 5, 1740, in Pembroke.* 
Jo[h]n [sic, ? Isaac] Jr. and Martha Packard, Nov. 6, 1755.* 

[Jo[h]n Jr., P.C.R.] 
John and Debby Robbinson [int. Deborah Robinson], Apr. 16, 

Jonathan and Experience Hayward, [Jan.] 24, 1743. [Allden, 


Jonathan and Experience Washburn, Nov. 26, 1766. [Wash- 
burne, p.c.r.] 

Jonathan (see Jonathan Allen). 

Joseph and Susanna Packard, Dec. 16, 1742. 

Joseph and Bethia Carver, int. Aug. 13, 1773. 

Joseph of Abington and Joanna Macumber, int. Sept. 13, 

Joseph Jr. and Polly Hayward, Dec. 21, 1800 [? in Middle- 
borough]. [Mary, p.r.i.] 

Joshua and Mary Alden [int. wid.], Apr. 16, 1781. [Mary, 
P.C.R. Mary Allden, c.R.i.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Alden, Josiah and Bathsheba Jones of Raynham, int. Sept. 2, 

Lewis T. and Abigail S. Hayward of W. Bridgewater, int. Nov. 

14, 1836. 
Lucius and Harriet Churchell of W. Bridgewater, int. Nov. 27, 

Lucy of Middleborough and Eleazer Gary, int. Apr. 12, 1794. 
Lydia and David Keith Jr., July i, 1801. 
Marcus and Saloma Hobart of Abington, int. Dec. 26, 1807. 
Maria S. and Henry W. Humphrey, Apr. 15, 1840. [Maria S., 

d. Eleazer and Abagail (Pierce), p.r.68.] 
Mariett and Philip C. King, int. May 26, 1849. [Mariett, d. 

Elijah and Hannah (Bassett), and Phillip Calvin King, 

m. June 14, p.R.97.] 
Martha, wid., and Israel Bailey, Aug. 18, 1760.* [Allden, p.c.r.] 
Martha ("quere if this should not be Abigail") [int. Abigail] 

and William Snell, Nov. i, 1774. [Martha, c.r.i.] 
Martha and Silvanus Blossom of Freetown, int. Nov. 5, 1774. 
Mary and Isaac Fuller Jr., Jan. 24, 1765. 
Mary [int. wid.] and Joshua Alden, Apr. 16, 1781. [Mary, 

P.C.R. Mary Allden, c.r.i.] 
Mary and William Vinton [int. Vinten], Nov. 30, 1797. 
Mary and Abel Barrell, int. Aug. 18, 18 10. 
Mary Jane, 19, d. Tho[ma]s R. and Jane, and Matthias T 

Burt, 33, pattern maker, s. W[illia]m and Margaret, Oct 

10, 1845. 
Matilda C. and Joseph C. Norton of Boston, int. Mar. 11, 1844 
Mehetabel and Henry Jackson, Aug. 24, 1786. [Mehitabel 


Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] and Joshua Packard, Jan. — ,1755 
Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] and Thomas Mitchell, Apr. 6, 1797 
Mehitable [int. Mehetable] C. and John Thurston of Lancas- 
ter, June II, 1829. [Mehitable C., d. Caleb and Sally, and 
John Thurston Jr. of Lancaster, c.r.i.] 
Molly and Elijah Alden of Middleborough, int. Sept. 21, 1778. 
Nabby and Joseph Whitten, Sept. 17, 1778. [Whiten, p.c.r.] 
Nathan and Mary Hudson, Jan. 16, 1749-50.* 
Nathan and Lydia Richards, July 7, 1757.* [Lidia, p.c.r.] 
Nathan Jr. and Sarah Barrell [int. Barrel], Jan. 24, 1776. 
Nathan Esq. and [int. Mrs.] Joanna Soule [int. Soul], Jan. 24, 

Noah and Elizabeth Miller of Middleborough, int. Mar. 16, 

Noah and Vodicia Hayford, Mar. 22, 1804. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Ai.DEN, Noah Jr. and Deborah P. Sherman of Middleborough, 
int. May 13, 1832. 

Oliver [int. S. Oliver] and Experience Lennard, Nov. 21, 1765. 
[Oliver, p.c.r. Oliver and Experience Leonard, c.R.i.j 

Oliver Jr. and Vina Sprague, int. Jan. 3, 1818. 

Oliver Jr. and Melinda Mitchell, int. Sept. 11, 1819. [m. 
Oct. 24, P.R.I. Melinda, d. Edward and Chloe (Wash- 
burn), m. Oct. 24, P.R.92.] 

Phebe of Middleborough and Edward Cole [int. Coale], Feb. i, 
1797 [? in Middleborough]. 

Polly and Caleb Alden 2d, int. Apr. 9, 1814. 

Rachel and Seth Pratt Jr., Dec. 23, 1839. 

Rebecca and John Sprauge, Oct. 12, 1767. [Rebecah and John 
Sprague, p.c.r.] 

Rebecca [int. wid.] and John Bisbee, Nov. 14, 1771. 

Rebecca and James Snow, Dec. 10, 1789.* 

Rosinda [int. Rhosanda] of Middleborough and John Fobes 2d, 
Mar. 12, 1783 [? in Middleborough]. 

Ruth and Daniel Faunce of Plimton, int. Aug. 2, 1777. 

Ruth of Middleborough and Walter Hay ward, int. Mar. 1 6, 1 793 . 

Ruth, Mrs., and Alpheus Fobes, int. Sept. 10, 1837. 

S. Oliver (see Oliver). 

Sally and Sidney Howard, May 25, 18 15. 

Sally and Jonathan Burr of Worthington, Dec. 6, 1820. 

Samuel Jr. of Abington and Sarah Foard, int. Nov. 28, 1799. 

Samuel, Dr., and Mary Angier [int. Anger] Hyde, Jan. 29, 
1829. [Mary Angier Hyde, d. Ezra Esq. dec'd of Boston, 
C.R.I. Mary A., d. Ezra and Martha (Ames), p.r.i.] 

Samuel Green and Rlioda Richards, Nov. 20, 1804. 

Sam[ue]ll and Rebeca Washburn, Dec. 28, 1752.* 

Sarah and Asahel Shaw of Raynham, int. Sept. 20, 1777. 

Sarah, wid., and Lazarus Beals [int. Lazaus of Weymouth], 
May 25, 1809 [date in la'er handwriting]. 

Sarah and James Toalman of Stoughton, Apr. 2, 1818. 

Sarah H. and William Lazell, June 8, 1834. 

Sarah M. and Rev. Darius Dunbar of Edgartown, Oct. 6, 1835. 

Seth and Mehetabel Carver, Jan. i [1739-40].* [Mehetable, 
P.C.R. Mehetibel, Jan. i, 1739, c.r.i.] 

Seth and Mary Carver, Dec. 3, 1767. 

Seth and Sally Snell, int. Nov. i, 1800. 

Seth [int. of Abinton] and Harmoney [int. Harmony] South- 
worth, Jan. II, 1802. 

Silence of Middleborough and Zephaniah Hathaway of Taun- 
ton, Dec, 6, 1792.* [Hatheway of Taunton, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Alden, Simeon and Mary Packard, May 23, 1763. 

Solomon and Sarah Hall of Raynham, July 9, 1755.* [Sollo- 

man Allden, p.c.r.] 
Solomon Jr. and Polly King of Raynham, int. Apr. i, 1786. 
Solomon Jr. Esq. and Betsey V. Leach, int. Dec. 29, 1832. 
Susan and Samuel F. Sanger, June i, 1823. [Susan, d. Caleb 

and Sally, and Samuel F. Sanger, s. Rev. Z. dec'd, 

C.R.I. Samuel Freeman Sanger 3d, s. Zedekiah and Irene 

(Freeman), p.r.i.] 

Susanna and Ephraim Gary Jr., , 1738.* [Nov. 22, p.c.r.] 

Susanna and Jacob Allen Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Nov. 25, 1784. 

[Jacob [dup. Jr.], p.c.r.] 
Thomas and Metilda Copeland, Jan. 5, 1815. [Melinda, p.r.i.] 
Thomas R. and Jane Allen, Sept. 17, 1813. 
William S. and Sarah V. Horton, Nov. 8, 1840. 

ALDRICH, Abigail and Ephraim Holmes of Kingston, int. 

Sept. 9, 1835. 
Benjamin and Mary Shaw, Aug. 24, 1721.* 
Catherine and [J]acob Bump, Nov. 7, 17 16.* 
Daniel and Keziah [int. Kezia] Pratt of Middleborough, Nov. 

23, 1797 [? in Middleborough]. 
Eaton and Nabby Holmes, int. Mar. 21, 1807. 
Hosea Jr. [int. Aldridge], 33, farmer, of Middleborough, s. 

Hosea, and Roxalana Leach, 2)2>i ^- Barnes, Dec. i, 1847. 
John and Elisabeth Cooper, Jan. 22, 1721-2.* 
Joseph and Elisabeth Andross of Tanton, int. June 22, 1754. 
Josiah and Sarah Baker, Oct. 18, 1753. 
Mary and Joseph Newcomb, July 28, 1768. 
Phebe and David Vaughan [int. Vaughn] of Middleborough, 

July 15, 1802 [? in Middleborough]. 
Polly and Lott Pratt, Oct. 22, 1787. 
Silence and Joseph Dale, int. Mar. 19, 1773. 

ALGER (see Aulger), Abagail of Easton and Joseph Packard 

3d, Nov. 24, 1748, in Easton.* 
Abial [int. Abiel] and Rhoda Drake of Easton, July 2, 1789, in 

Abiel and Ebenezer Pratt, Jan. 19, 1758.* 
Abiezer and Hephziba Keith, Dec. 23, 1778. [Algier and Hep- 

sibah Keith, c.r.i.] 
Abiezer Jr. and Anna Cushing Thomas of Pembroke, int. Apr. 

18, l8l2. 

Abigail (see Abagail). 

Abigail and Albe Howard, Dec. 25, 1814. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Alger, Abigail M. of W. Bridgewater and Samuel G. Bassett, 

int. Apr. 4, 1844. 
Abihal and Jonathan Bozworth, Jan. 6, 1756.* [Abihail, p.c.r.] 
Aden and Clarrissa Fobes, July 10, 1814. 
Alice and Peter Dunbar, Dec. 16, 1773. [Peter, s. Samuel and 

Mary, p.R.69.] 
Allice, Mrs., and Shepard Fisk, Feb. 24, 1731-2.* ["miss" 

AUice and Shepherd Fisk, p.c.r. Elise Augur, c.r.i.] 
Anna and Nathan Hewins, Aug. 9, 1818. 

Barnard [int. of Easton] and Betsey Lothrop, June 24, 1810. 
Benjamin and Hannah Snow, int. Jan. i, 1785. 
Bethia and Isaac Lassel, Mar. 10, 1747-8.* 
Bethia [int. Bithia] and Joseph Johnson, Aug. 15, 1771. 
Chloe and Tisdale Howard, Apr. 21, 1791. 
Cyrus and Lucy Willis, Oct. 31, 1804. 

Daniel and Susanna Fobes of Easton, Dec. i, 1749, in Easton.* 
Daniel 2d and Salome [int. Saloma] Keith, Dec. 11, 1806. 
Daniel Jr. and Lydia Wilks of Abington, int. June 6, 1807. 
Daniel Francis of W. Bridgewater and Martha P. Robinson, 

Feb. 8, 1842. [Martha P., third d. Increase and Hannah, 


David and Sarah Lathrop, Apr. 8, 1790. [Sally, p.c.r.] 

Ebenezer (see Edmund). 

Ebenezer [int. Algier] and Mary [int. Polly] Capen of Sharon, 
July 18, 1792, in Sharon. 

Edmund and Ruth Willis, Oct. 22, 1761. [Ebenezer, p.c.r.] 

Edmund [int. Jr.] and Huldah Lathrop, Dec. 27, 1786. [Ed- 
mund, p.c.r.] 

Edmund and Molly Tomson, int. Apr. 9, 1796. 

Eliza S. of W. Bridgewater and John C. H, Eaton of N. Bridge- 
water, Apr. 9, 1837,* C.R.3. 

Emily W. and Reuel Richmond of N. Bridgewater, July 17, 

George of Easton, Bristol Co., and Sally Lothrop, June 16, 

George P. and Ann Janett Tracy of Raynham, int. Oct. 28, 

Hannah and Jacob Hewens of Stoughton [int. Stoughtonham], 

Sept. 30, 1776. 
Isaac and Susanna Johnson, Aug. 11, 1788. 
Israel and Susanna Snow, Dec. 25, 1717.* 
Israel and Rachel Wade, June 24, 1731.* [Rachael, p.c.r.] 
Israel Jr. and Abiel Lathrop, May 28, 1747.* 
Israel and Rachel Howard, Dec. 26, 1785. 

* Intention not recorded. 


AlgeRj James and Martha Kingman, Nov. 8, 1750.* 

James 2d and Olive Snell [int. of Easton, Bristol Co.], Jan. 2, 

1 781. [Olive, P.C.R.] 
James 3d and Hannah Bassett, May 29, 1791. 
John and Abihail [dup. Abihal] Johnson, Mar. 21 [dup. Mar. 4], 

1754. [Abihail, Mar. 4, p.c.r.] 
Joseph and Mary Ames, Sept. 3, lylworn].* [Sept. 3, 1719, 

Joseph Jr. and Naomi Hay ward, Mar. 24, 1746-7.* 
Joseph [int. Jr.] and Olive Ames, July 7, 1785. [Joseph, p.c.r.] 
Kezia and John Dickerman [int. of Stoughton], July 10, 1786. 

[John, P.C.R.] 
Leonard and Hannah R. [int. L.] Lothrop, Apr. 26, 1821. 
Lydia [int. Sylva] of Easton and Calip [int. Caleb] Howard, 

Dec. 7, 1780, in Easton. 
Lydia T. of W. Bridgewater and Williams Latham, int. June 4, 

Martha and Calvin Keith, Nov. 11, 1779. 
Martha and Mark Howard, Apr. 13, 1788. 
Mary and Nathan[ie]ll Perkins, Mar. 16, 1775. 
Minerva and Libeus Packard, Apr. 23, 181 2. 
Nancy and Waldo Hay ward [int. Jr.], Apr. 25, 18 18. 
Nanne [int. Nanney] and Jessee Fuller Sturtevant [int. of 

Easton], Mar. 14, 1771. [Nanne, both of Bridgewater, 


Nathan and Ruth Alger, July 23, 1792. 

Nathan 2d and Rachel Smith, Feb. i, 1809. 

Nathaniel and Jane Pratt of Easton, Oct. 19, 1726, in Easton.* 

Nathaniel and Ruth Lambart of Easton, Nov. 13, 1749, in 

Olive and John Reed [int. of Yarmouth, Barnstable Co.], Sept. 

17, 1809, 
Olive and Daniel Tyler [int. of Pittsfield], June 4, 181 1. 
Otis and Susan Perkins, Jan. 9, 1817. 
Patience and Isaac Lathroop [int. Lathrop], Apr. 13, 1743. 

[Lathroop, p.c.r.] 
Phebe and Thaxter Dunbar, Dec. 9 [1779]. [Dunber, p.c.r.] 
Phebe and Cyrus Copeland, Feb. 11, 1816. [Phebe Cushman 

Alger, P.R.I.] 
Polly and Waldon [int. Waldow] Hayward Jr., Jan. 16, 1817. 
Ruth and Nathan Alger, July 23, 1792. 
Sally and Martin Dunbar, June 15, 181 2. 
Silence and Barnebas Dunbar, May 24, 1780. [Barnabas, p.c.r.] 
Susanna and Ephraim Burr, Sept. 5, 1755.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


Alger, Susanna (see Sususanna Packard). 

Sylvia (see Lydia). 

Thomas and Sarah Dunbar, Jan. 15, 1723-4.* 

William of W. Bridgewater and Bathsheba H. Lothrop of W. 

Bridgewater, Feb. 13, 1832.* 
Willis and Susan [int. Sukey] Capen of Sharon, Nov. 19, 1795, 

in Sharon. 

ALLAN (see Allen), William and Hannah Copland, Feb. 28, 


ALLDEN (see Alden), Anna and Eleazer Washburn, Nov. 22, 

1738.* [Alden, p.c.r.] 
David of Midleboro and Rhoda Leach, Dec. 18, 1755.* 
Eleazer Jr. and Sarah Whitman, Nov. 22, 1748.* [Ebenezer 

[sic, Eleazar written in margin] Alden jr., p.c.r.] 
Eliezer and Martha Shaw, May 11, i'j2[worn].* [May 11, 1720, 

Hannah and Mark Lathrop, Mar. 29, 1722.* 
Isaac and Mehetable Allen, Dec. 2, 1685.* 
Jemima and Thomas Whitman, Nov. 22, 1727.* 
John and Hannah Kingman, Nov. 22, 1727.* 
John [int. Alden] and Rebecca Nightingail [int. Nightingale], 

Mar. 15, 1745. [Alden and Rebecca Nightingail, p.c.r.] 
Jonathan of Marshfield and Mehetable Allen, Nov. 25, 1731.* 

[Alden of Marshfield, p.c.r. Alden and Mehetibel Allen, 


Mary and Timothy Edson, Feb. 10, .* [Feb. 10, 1719, 

Mary and John Webb of Brantry, Oct. 6, 1720.* 
Mehetabel and Benjamin Richards, Jan. i, 171 1.* 
Mercy and Zacheus Packard, Oct. 21, 1725.* 
Sarah and Seth Brett, Oct. 13, 1712.* [Seth Pratt, p.R.103.] 
Seth and Jael Hayward, Apr. 19, 1758.* [Alden, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 
Zepheniah and Hopestill Wade, Sept. 25, 1748.* 

ALLEN (see Allan), Abigail ( ) [Abigail Allen, 

p.R.103.] a^nd John Gary Jr., Dec. 7, 1670.* 
Abigail and Nathan[ie]ll Carver, July 28, 1736.* [Nathaniel, 


Abigail and Jonathan Randel, July 27, 1749.* [Abigial and 

Jonathan Randall, p.c.r.] 
Abigail and James Thomson, Nov. 14, 1765. 
Abigal and Shubael Waldo, Oct. 14, 1731.* [Abagail and Shu- 

bal Waldow, Oct. 14, 1730, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Allen, Alice and Abisha Stetson, July i8, 1796. 

Alike and Arthur Lathum, Feb. i, 1732-3.* 

Asahel and Rhoda Tilson, Aug. 11, 1794. 

Barza and Johanney [int. Joanna] Bonney, Sept. 8, 1796. 

Barza [int. Barzee] and Lucy Baldwin [int. Blossom], Feb. 17, 

Bathsheba and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Isaac Whitman, June 2, 

1785. [Capt. Isaac, p.c.r.] 
Benjamin and Mehetabel Gary, Jan. 7, 1729-30.* [Mehitabel, 


Benjamin and Rebecca Clark, Jan. 29, 1795. 

Benjamin G. of N. Bridgewater and Sarah A. Packard, int. 

Apr. 2, 1842. 
Bethia and Tho[ma]s Snell Jr., Oct. 30, 1755.* 
Bethiah and Micah Turner of Weymouth, Aug. 21, 1734, in 

Betsey and Noah Ramsdale [int. Ramsdel Jr. of Abington], 

Jan. II [sic, int. May 16], 1818. 
Betty and Nathan Whitman, Mar. 19, 1761.* 
Betty and Nathan Bates of Abington, Sept. 10, 1789. 
Betty and Samuel Rogers, Aug. 9, 1790- 
Byram and Elisabeth Child [int. Betty Childs] of Roxbury, 

Feb. 7, 1786. [Elizabeth Child, p.c.r.] 
Chloe of Oakham and Jonas Leonard, int. Jan. 21, 1804. 
Clarissa of E. Bridgewater and Freedom Whitman of Boston, 

Dec. 26, 1825.* 
Daniel and Priscilla Smith of Middleborough, int. Jan. 11,1815. 
David and Bette Shepard of Milton, int. July 11, 1783. [This 

entry crossed out.] 
David and Rachel Dunbar, Jan. 26, 1796. 
Deborah of Pembroke and John Hatch, May 10, 1758, in 

Diana, Mrs., of E. Bridgewater, and Thomas Whitmarsh of 

E. Bridgewater, Dec. 23, 1838.* 
Easter and Seth Hobart, int. May 25, 1782. [Esther, m. Aug. 7, 


Ebenezer and Rebecka Scate, Oct. 11, 1698.* 

Ebenezer and Mary Bradley of Abington, Dec. 15, 1757, in 

Elisha and Mehetable Biram, Dec. 3, 1701.* 
Elisha and Rebecca Pratt, Oct. 24, 1745,* p.c.r. 
Ephraim and Bettie Woods, Mar. 16, 1758.* 
Esther and James Edson, May 11, 1749.* 
Esther (see Easter). 

• Intention not recorded. 


Allen, Eunice and Josiah Johnson Jr., Nov. 23, 1784. 

Eunice and James Ramsdel, Nov. 17, 1785. [Ramsdell, p.c.r.] 

Eunice and Ezra Whitman Jr., Mar. 5, 1795. 

Ezra and Phebe Gary, Apr. 23, 1761.* [Phoebe, p.c.r.] 

Galen [of] [int. Aqueth, Cheshire Co.] N. H. and Hannah Cope- 
land, Jan. I, 1797. 

Hannah, wid., and Tho[ma]s Phillips, Dec. 25, 1747.* 

Hannah and John Edson, July 25, 1751.* [July 15, p.c.r. 
Hannah, d. Benjamin, and John Edson, s. Samuel 3d, 


Hannah and Ebenezer Keith [int. Jr.], Aug. 19, 1773. [Ebene- 

zer Jr., c.R.i.] 
Hannah and John Ramsdel of Pembroke, Sept. 30, 1784. 
Hannah [int. wid.] and Nehemiah Latham, Oct. 6, 1801. 
Huldah and Isaac Washburn, Feb. 6, 1781. 
Huldah and Thomas Barrell of Abington, int. Oct. 14, 181 5. 
Isaac and Joanna Packard, Feb. 20, 1745. 
Isaac Jr. and Sylvia [int. Silvia] Brett, May 21, 1776. 
Isaac and Susanna Allen, wid. [int. omits wid.], of Brookfeild, 

July ID, 1788. [Susanna, p.c.r.] 
Isaac and Metilda Pratt, Mar. 30, 1796. 
Jacob and Abigail Kingman, Jan. i, 1729-30.* 
Jacob and Abigail Bailey [int. Bayley], Dec. 7, 1762. [Bailey, 


Jacob Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Susanna Alden, Nov. 25, 1784. 
[Jacob [dup. Jr.], p.c.r.] 

James and Mary Packard, Nov. 23, 1732.* [Jeams and Mary 
Pakard, c.R.i.] 

James and Bethia Kingman, Jan. i [1736].* 

James and Ann Pryer, Nov. 10, 1742. 

James Jr. and Martha Hayward, int. May 20, 1761. 

James and Polly Whitman, Nov. 23, 1778. 

James, Maj. [int. James Seymore Allen, omits Maj.], of Boston, 
and Mary Mitchell, Sept. 29, 1816. [James Allen, p.r.i.] 

Jane and Thomas R. Alden, Sept. 17, 1813. 

Janet (see Jennett). 

Japheth and Bettie Thomas of Marshfield, int. Oct. 30, 1761. 

Jennett [int. Jennet] and John Thomson, Mar. 12, 1778. [Jan- 
net, P.C.R.] 

Jessee and Abigail Willis, Dec. i, 1768. [Jesse and Abigal 
Willis, C.R.I.] 

Joanna and David Pratt, Apr. 30, 1722.* 

John and Lydia Kingman, July 5, 1733.* 

John (see John Alden). 

* Intention not recorded. 


Allen, Jo[h]n and Sarah Campbel [int. of Norton], July 12, 

1753. [Campbell, p.c.r.] 
John B. of Braintree and Laura A. Perkins, int. Nov. 10, 1843. 
Jonathan of Braintrey and Alice Latham, wid., Mar. 27, 1739.* 
Jonathan of Brantrey and Mary Latham, June 3, 1742.* 
Jonathan and Sarah Bass, Mar. 18, 1755. 
Jonathan [int. Alden] and Hannah White, Dec. 4, 1777. 

[Allen, P.C.R.] 
Joseph and Damaris Keith, Jan. 13, 1769. 
Joseph and Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] Gary, Feb. 5, 1771. 
Joseph Jr. and Dianna Phillips of Pembroke, int. Apr. 9, 1814. 
Josiah and Mary Read, Dec. 25, 1707.* 
Josiah and Sarah Orcutt, Apr. 28, 1741.* [Orcut, p.c.r.] 
Marry [int. Mary] and Mathew Ramsdal [int. Ramsdel], Dec. 

20, 1779. [Mary and Matthew Ramsdell, p.c.r.] 
Martha and Jacob Hayward, Dec. 29, 1736.* [Hoyward, 

Dec. 29, 1736-7 sic, C.R.I.] 
Martha and Benaiah Niles, Oct. 22, 1770. 
Martha and John Bennett [int. Jr.] of Rochester, Sept. 8, 1839. 
Mary and Henry Kingman, Nov. 24, 1726.* 
Mary and Benjamin Vickery, Feb. 3, 1736-7.* 
Mary and Jo[h]n Hubbard of Abington, Dec. 5, 1765. 
Mary (see Marry). 

Mary and Isaac Mehuren, Jan. 18, 1781. [Mehurin, p.c.r.] 
Mathew and Sarah Harden, Dec. 18, 1734.* 
Mathew Jr. and Sarah Brett, Nov. 11, 1735.* 
Mathew 2d and Jane Keen, Dec. 21, 1786. [Matthew 2d, p.c.r.] 
Mehetabel and Caleb Washburn, May 27, 1756.* [Mehitable, 

Mehetable and Isaac AUden, Dec. 2, 1685.* 
Mehetable and Jonathan Allden of Marshfield, Nov. 25, 173 1.* 

[Alden of Marshfield, p.c.r. Mehetibel and Jonathan 

Alden, c.r.i.] 
Mehetable [int. Mehitabel] and Ezra Phillips of Pembroke, 

Nov. 16, 1809. 
Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] and John Clapp [int. Clap] of Rox- 

bury, [int. Mar. 31], 1804. 

Mercy and Moses Orcutt, May 30, 1739.* [Orcut, c.r.i.] 
Micha and Hannah Edson, Feb. 23, 1736-7.* 
Molley and William Brett, Dec. 5, 1782. [Molly, p.c.r.] 
Molly [int. Molley] and Levi Washburn, Nov. 22, 1774. 
Molly [int. Policy] and Nathaniel Dammon of Marshfield, 

May 25, 1786. [Molly, p.c.r.] 
Molly (see Molly Whitman). 

• Intention not recorded. 


Allen, Nathan and Rebecca Reed, Nov. 30, 1743. 
Nathaniell and Bethiah Conet, Dec. 14, 1696.* [Conant, 

Nehemiah and Sarah Wormal, Jan. 8, 1706-7.* 
Oliver and Susanna Whitman, Oct. 13, 1790. 
Oliver Jr. and Rachel Wood, Sept. 20, 1819. 
Phebe and William Bonney, Apr. 14, 1766. [Apr. 4, p.c.r.] 
Polly (see Molly). 
Rebecca [int. wid.] and [int. Dea.] Thomas Whitman, Jan. 29, 

Ruth and Ichabod Packard, May 3, 1757.* [Icabod, c.r.i.J 
Sally and Zenas Whitman, Nov. 17, 1791. 
Sally of Brookfield and Daniel Snow 3d, int. Jan. 28, 1792. 
Salome and Calvin Waterman, Sept. 29, 1793, in Halifax. 
Samuel Jr. and Rebecka [Rebecca Gary, p.R.103.], 

Dec. 2, 1685.* 
Samuel and Hannah Pratt, Nov. 16, 1758.* 
Sam[ue]ll and Susanah Perkins, Apr, 24, 1733.* 
Sarah and Nathan[ie]ll Pratt, Jan. 15, 1733-4.* 
Sarah and Japhet [int. Japheth] Byram, Dec. 13, 1742. [Ja- 

phet, P.C.R.] 
Sarah and Lot Dwellee of Hannover, Dec. 8, 1763. [Dwelly of 

Hanover, p.c.r.] 
Seth and Rebekah Rickard of Plimton, Nov. 19, 1735.* 
Simeon and Huldah Gary, May 26, 1785. 
Sophronia and Joseph Dunbar, int. Mar. 14, 181 2. 
Susanah and John Gary, Aug. 5, 1733.* 
Susanna and Seth Gannet, Nov. 7, 1754. 
Susanna and Jonathan Willis, int. Jan, 14, 1764. [m. Mar. 22, 


Susanna and Nathan Edson, May 28, 1778. 

Susanna, wid. [int, omits wid.], of Brookfeild, and Isaac Allen, 

July 10, 1788. [Susanna, p.c.r.] 
Susanna and Thomas Snell, May 3, 1792. 
Timothy and Gelia [int. Sela] Whitman, Apr. 3, 1788. [Gelia, 


Timothy and Betty [int. Betsey] Keith, wid, [int, omits wid,], 

Nov, 14, 1791. [Betty, wid,,] 
William and Susanna Packard, Dec. 28, 1748.* 
William and Kathrine Demsell, Aug, 19, 1756,* 
Zebulon [int. Zebulun] and Priscilla [int, Prescilla] Attwood, 

Mar, 17, 1795, [Zebulon and Priscilla Attwood, p.c.r.] 
, Dr., of Providence, R. I., and Sarah Sanger, d. Zede- 

kiah and Irene (Freeman), ,* p.r.i. 

* Intention not recorded. 


AMES (see Eames, Earns), Abiel and Alece Witherell 2d [int. 
Alice Whitherel, omits 2d] of Norton, Feb. 8, 1792, in 

Abigail and Tho[ma]s Wade, Jan. 20, 1752.* 

Abigail and Joseph Lazell, Jan. 4, 1787. 

Alexander and Susanna Cole of Middleborough, int. Sept. 5, 

Alice W. of W. Bridgewater and Pardon Copeland of W. 
Bridgewater, Apr. 18, 1833.* [Alice W. of W. Bridge- 
water, d. Capt. Abiel of W. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 

Anna and George Washington Perkins, int. Sept. 18, 1802. 

Benjamin and Zelopha French, Oct. 15, 1803 [date in later 

Benjamin F., 25, merchant, of Kingston, s. David and Lucinda, 
and Emeline J. Fobes, 22, d. Ruel and Sibel, Dec. 4, 1848. 

Bethia and Timothy Keith, June 2, 1737.* 

Bethia and Ephraim Fobes Jr., Feb. 9, 1769. [Bethiah, p.c.r.] 

Bethia and Joshua Bates of Hanover, Jan. 27, 1796. [Feb. 23, 
P.R.I. Bethiah, Jan. 23, p.R. 24. Bethiah, Jan. 21, p. r. 91.] 

Bethiah and Squire Fuller of Brookfield, Vt., Oct. 29, 1815. 

Betsey and Calvin Burr, Mar. 27, 1796. 

Betsy [int. Betsey] and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Zephaniab 
French of Stoughton, Dec. 22, 1816. 

Bettie and James Ames, Oct. 4, 1748.* 

Bettie [dup. typewritten on paper pasted in hook, Betty (Snow)], 
wid., and William Tolman of Stoughton, Sept. 29, 1757.* 
[Bettie, p.c.r.] 

Beza [int. Bezar] and Rebecca Josselyn [int. Joslyn] of Pem- 
broke, Apr. 25, 1 79 1, in Pembroke. 

Charles and Rhoda Snell, Sept. 3, 1789. 

Charles of W. Bridgewater and Abigail P. Dunbar of W. Bridge- 
water, Dec. 6, 1831.* 

Daniel and Mehetabel Perkins, Mar. 7,1780. [Mehetable, p.c.r.] 

Dan[ie]ll and Hannah Keith, Jan. 28, 1742.* 

David and Mary Reynolds, July 12, 1722.* 

David [int. 2d] and Rebecca Johnson, Nov. 15, 1781. [David, 


David and Lucinda Packard, Sept. 7, 181 5. 
Dorcas, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and James Ames, May 25, 1774. 
Ebenezer and Jane Haward, June 2, 1763. 
Edwin and Marcia Crooker, Sept. 10, 1826. 
Elijah and Bettie Johnson, May 30, 1769. [Betty, p.c.r.] 
Elisabeth [int. Betty Eames] and Joseph Jones, Dec. i, 1787. 
[Elizabeth Eames, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Ames, Elisha [int. Eames] and Anna Mann of Stoughton, Sept. 

4, 1791, in Stoughton. 
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth). 
Ellissabeth and John Feild, Nov. — , 1697.* 
Fisk, Dr., and Betsey Covington, Oct. 15, 1803. 
Fisk [int. Dr.] and Dinah Leach, Feb. 2, 1819. 
Franklin and Polly Keith, Mar. 29, 182 1. 
Hanah and Sam[ue]ll Keith, Feb. 20, 1734.* [Hannah and 

Samuel Keith, Feb. 20, 1733-4, c.R.i.] 
Hannah and David Packard, Dec. 17, 171 2.* 
Hannah and Israel Burr, Oct. 26, 1779. 
Hannah and Zebedee Snell Jr., Aug. 28, 1803 [date in later 

Hannah and John Talburt [int. Talbut] of Stoughton, June 12, 

Huldah and John Willis 2d, int. Sept. 18, 1784. 
Huldah and Isaac Willis 3d, Apr. 27, 1786. 
Huldah and Timothy Hayward, Apr. 29, 1792. 
Irene F. and John Stetson, Jan. 16, 1823. [Irene Freeman 

Ames, grand d. Rev. Zedekiah Sanger, S.T.D., dec'd, 

C.R.I. Irene F., grand d. Zedekiah Sanger and Irene 

(Freeman), p.r.i.] 
James and Bettie Ames, Oct. 4, 1748.* 

James and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Dorcas Ames, May 25, 1774. 
James and Jane [int. Jenny] Fenno [int. of Boston], Nov. 11, 

1794, in Boston. 
Jane, wid., and Capt. Thomas Hooper, int. July 22, 1786. 
Jane and Ephraim Sprague Jr., Feb. 2, 1813. [ Ames, 

d. Joseph, and Ephraim Sprague, s. Capt. Ephraim and 

Vina (d. Ezra Edson), "went to Bristol," C.R.2.] 
Job (see John). 

Job and Mary Dike [int. Dyke], Dec. 12, 1782. [Dike, p.c.r.] 
Job and Abigail Carver of Marshfield, int. Mar. 5, 1814. 
Joel and Reliance Edson, Dec. 7, 1818. 
John and Sarah Washburn, Jan. 12, 1696-7.* [Job, p.R.103.] 
John and Mehetable Packard, June 3, ijltorn, rec. before June 

9, 1726].* 
John and Susanna Haward, July 12, 1759.* 
Jo[h]n Jr. and Martha Park, May 9, 1771. 
John Jr. and Deborah Sanger, int. Feb. i, 1800. [ Ames 

of Easton and Deborah Sanger, d. Zedekiah and Irene 

(Freeman), m. , p.r.i.] 

John [int. 3d] and Hannah Southworth, Sept. 26, 1802 [date in 

later handwriting]. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Ames, Jonathan and Kezia Tinkham, Nov. 17, 1757.* [Keziah, 


Jonathan (see Jotham). 

Jonathan and Deborah Pratt [int. of Easton], Dec. 10, 1780. 

[Deborah, p.c.r.] 
Jonathan and Patience Sturtevant, Dec. 28, 1783. 
Joseph and Susanna Littlefield, July 6, 1736.* 
Joseph and Ruth Packard, Jan. 30, 1754. [Joseph Eames, p.c.r.] 
Joseph and Abihail Bozworth, wid., int. Oct. 12, 1768. 
Joseph Jr. and Martha Williams, Mar. 15, 1770. 
Joseph Jr. and Hannah [int. adds Whitmarsh] Shaw, Dec. 27, 

181 2. [Capt. Jos[eph] and Hannah W. Shaw, d. Samuel 

(s. Rev. John and Ruth (Angier)) and Olive (d. Zebulun 

Leonard of Middleboro[ugh]), p.r.i.] 
Joshua and Hannah Ford [int. Foard], Oct. 5, 1786. [Ford, p.c.r.] 
Jotham and Kezia Ha ward [int. Hay ward, wid.], Sept. 16, 

1767. [Jonathan and Kezia Hayward, p.c.r.] 
Jotham [int. Capt.] and Sarah Bryant, June 24, 1786. [Jo- 
tham, p.c.r.] 
Jotham and Polly Lothrop, Aug. 9, 181 1,* p.R.41. 
Kezia and David Haward Jr., Feb. 5, 1751.* [Keziah and 

David Howard Jr., p.c.r.] 
Kezia, Mrs., and James Haward, July 4, 1776. 
Kezia and Elijah Packard, Oct. 21, 1783. [Keziah, p.c.r.] 
Kezia and Thaddeus Howard, Mar. i, 1786. [Keziah, p.c.r.] 
Leonard, 23, farmer, of Mansfield, s. Franklin and Polly, and 

Louisa White, 24, of Mansfield, d. Augustus and Mariah, 

June 15, 1847.* 
Lewis and Hannah Loring of Plymton, int. Feb. 4, 1815. 
Louisa S. of Hardwick and Martin Swift Jr., int. Nov. 8, 1845. 
Lucy and Benjamin Sprague, Mar. 11, 1818. 
Martha (see Patty). 
Mary and Joseph Alger, Sept. 3, i']{worn]* [Sept. 3, 1719, 

Mary and Seth Haward, Nov. 13, 1735.* 
Mary and David Boyce of Norton, June 10, 1737.* [June i, 


Mary and Zachariah Gurney [int. Jr.], Jan. 9, 1754. [Zach- 

ariah, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Thadeus Haward, int. [July 15] 1775. 
Mary and John Snow Jr., May 5, 1784. 
Mary [int. Molly] and David Gurney, Aug. — [int. Aug. 15], 

1789. [Mary, p.c.r.] 
Mehetabel and Samuel West, Dec, 15, 1727.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Ames, Mehetabel and Eliab Fobes, July 12, 1759.* [Mehitable, 


Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Daniel Harvey, May 3, 1795. 

Molly (see Mary). 

Nabby and Oliver Bryant, May 6 [May 6 in later handwriting], 

Nathan and Elisabeth Snow, Dec. 31, 1750.* [Elizebeth, 


Nathanael and Susanna Haward, Dec. 2, 1702.* 

Nathanael and Mary Lindsay, Dec. 9, 1734.* [Nath[anie]l 

and Mary Lindsey, c.R.i.] 
Nathaniel and Mary Hill, Nov. 2, 1783. 
Noah and Ruhamah French [int. of Stoughton], Oct. 5, 1778. 

[Ruhamah, Oct. 5, 1779, p.c.r.] 
Olive and Joseph Alger [int. Jr.], July 7, 1785. [Joseph, p.c.r.] 
Olive and Elijah Burr, Apr. 26, 1789. 
Oliver and Susanna Angier, Apr. 7, 1803.* 
Parmenus [int. Permenus] [of] Easton and Mehitabel Harvey, 

wid., Jan. i, 1804. 
Parnel and George Haward Jr., May 11, 1777. 
Patty [int. Martha] and Ezra Hyde [int. Hide of Boston], 

Feb. 20, 1805. [Martha and Ezra Hyde, p.r.i.] 
Phebe and Jonathan Haward Jr., Mar. 11, 1756.* [Mar. i, 


Priscilla S. and Thomas H. Boldry, int. Sept. 12, 1840. 

Salence [int. Silence] and Zenas [int. Zenus] Washburn, Apr. 2, 
1789 [? in Middleborough]. 

Samson and Betsey Richmond of Taunton, int. Feb. 13, 1819. 

Sarah and Daniel Field, Mar. 6, 1706.* 

Sarah and Abiel Packard, Jan. 11, 1722-3.* 

Sarah and Josiah Packard, Jan. 12, [i7]47.* 

Sarah and Benjamin Fuller, Sept. 8, 1777. 

Sarah and Josiah Williams [int. 2d], Sept. 10, 1778. 

Sarah and Martin Swift, Aug. 13, 1809. 

Sarah A. and Nathaniel Witherel [dup. Witherell] Jr., s. Na- 
thaniel and Lydia (Hall), Oct. 19, 1836, in Easton.* 

Seth and Elisabeth Prince, Mar. 29, 1734.* [Elesebeth, c.r.i.] 

Seth and Elizabeth Bartlett, Jan. 2, 1798 [? in Middleborough]. 

Sibbil [int. Sybbyl] and Jeremiah Beals Jr., Nov. 26, 1807 
[date in later handwriting]. 

Silence (see Salence). 

Silvanus and [int. Mrs.] Huldah Johnson, Sept. 20, 1768. 
[Silvenus and Huldah Johnson, p.c.r.] 

Silvanus (see Sylvanus). 

* Intention not recorded. 


Ames, Simeon and Experience Standish, May 28, 1765. 

Simeon S. and Ann Towle, Oct. 18, 1836,* p.R.41. 

Solomon and Susanna Keith, Dec. 27, 1737.* [Dec. 27, 1737-8 

sic, C.R.I.] 

Solomon and Eunice Sprauge, wid., int. Nov. 19, 1781. 

Solomon Jr. [int. 2d] and Sally Harden, Apr. 13, 1794. [Solo- 
mon Jr., P.C.R.] 

Susanna and Tlio[mas] Willis, Nov. 11, 1741.* 

Susanna and Isaac Swift, Jan. 26, 1748-9.* 

Susanna and Josiah Snell Jr., Dec. 21, 1752.* 

Susanna and r)an[ie]ll Copland, Mar. 13, 1764. [Susannah and 
Daniel Copeland, p.c.r.] 

Susanna and Joseph Fobes, July 11, 1782. 

Susanna [int. Susan] and Enoch Richmond of Middleboro, 
Dec. 2, 1824. [Susannah and Enoch Richmand of Middle- 
borough, C.R.3.] 

Sylvanus [int. Silvanus] and Abigail Johnson, Sept. 7, 1795. 

Theron and Martha Packard, Dec. 11, 1816. 

Thomas and Mary Hayward, Feb. 27, 1706.* 

Thomas and Kezia Haward, June 20, 1731.* [Keziah Hay- 
ward, P.C.R.] 

Thomas Jr. and Deborah Brett, Mar. 28, 1758.* 

Thomas and Mercy Leach, wid., int. Nov. 5, 1774. 

Thomas Jr. and Nanncy [int. Nanny] Sturtevant, Feb. 4, 1789. 
[Nanny, p.c.r.] 

Thomas of W. Bridgewater and Lucy Howard of W. Bridge- 
water, Jan. 5, 1834,* C.R.I. 

Timothy and Abigail Howard [int. Haward], Nov. 19, 1778. 
[Howard, Nov. 19, 1779, p.c.r.] 

Timothy and Ruth Carver, Oct. i, 1786. 

Waldo of Providence, R. I., and Avis Ann Reynolds of Fall 
River, Apr. 25, 1838.* [[both of] Bridgewater, C.R.5.] 

Walter and Mehitable [int. Mehetabel] Packard, Mar. 31, 1796. 

Washington L. and Sarah A. Swift, int. Mar. 14, 1840. [m. 
Apr. 26, 1841, P.R.41.] 

William and Mary Hayward, Dec. 13, 1698.* 

William and Elisabeth Jennings, June 29, 1721.* 

AMSBURY, William (see William Ormsbee). 

ANDERSON, Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] and Simeon South- 
worth, Dec. 24, 1789. [Elizabeth, Dec. 4, p.c.r.] 

ANDRESS (see Andrew, Andrews, Andross), Abler of Taunton 
and John Hall, int. June 21, 1794. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Andress, Abier of Raynham and Seth Thrasher, int. Sept, 20, 

ANDREW (see Andress, Andrews, Andross), Philip and Nancy 

Phillips, int. Mar. 11, 1820. 
Walter and Susanna Castle, int. Apr. 12, 1806. 

ANDREWS (see Andress, Andrew, Andross), George of E. 
Bridgewater and Rebecca H. Holmes, int. Oct. 2, 1831. 

Julia, d. Manassah and Harriet, and W[illia]m Reed of Wey- 
mouth, .* 

Manasseh and Harriet Leonard of Middleborough, int. Aug. 
27, 1825. 

Perez F. and Betsey W. Pratt, int. Nov. 20, 1836. 

Silas and Betsey Cowen [int. Cowing], Aug. 28, 1803. 

Wales S. and Sarah A. Hooper, Apr. 24, 1844. 

William and Polly Conant, July 26, 1818. [Polly Washburn 
Conant, p.r.i.] 

Zephaniah and Mary F, Johnson of New Glocester, Me., int. 
June 4, 1848. 

ANDROSS (see Andress, Andrew, Andrews), Elisabeth of 
Tanton and Joseph Aldrich, int. June 22, 1754. 

ANGIER, Charles and Francis [sic, int. Frances] McClench, 

Oct. 14, 1796. 
John and Mrs. Mary Bourne of Sandwich, Nov. 23, 1732, in 

Mary, Mrs., and [int. Rev.] Ephraim Hyde of Rehoboth, Oct. 

15, 1767. [Ephraim, Oct. 16, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Dr. Hector [int. Heckter] Orr, Mar. 23, 1795. [Dr. 

Hector, p.c.r.] 
Oakes and Susanna Haward, Jan. 17, 1774. 
Samuel, Rev., and Judith Smith of Pembroke, Nov. 29, 1796, 

in Pembroke. 
Susanna and Jesse Fobes, Feb. 13, 1792. 
Susanna and Oliver Ames, Apr. 7, 1803.* 

ARNOLD, Alfred of Greenwich and Bethia [int. Bethiah] 
Alden, Apr. 18, 1814. 

ASH, Henry and Mrs. Mercy Sabins [int. wid.], July 4, 1800 
[? in Middleborough]. 

ASHBORT (see Ashport, Ashpot, Aspport), Freelove [int. 
Ashport] and Abner Phillis of Concord, coulered, Nov. 14, 
1840. [Ashport, C.R.I.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


ASHPORT (see Ashbort, Ashpot, Aspport), Albert and Rhoda 

Wood, coulered, int. Aug. 17, 1841. 
Albert and Eunice Wood, coloured, int. Aug. 22, 1846. 
Calvin and Lydia Prince of Scituate, blacks, int. Aug. 14, 1813. 
Lydia (see Lydia Mitchell). 
Lydia and Jacob Talbut [int. Talbot] of W. Bridgewater, 

colored, Nov. 21, 1830. [Mrs. Lydia and Jacob Tolbot Jr. 

of W. Bridgewater, coloured, c.r.i.] 
Noah and Ester Wood of Hanson, coulered, int. July 26, 1845. 

ASHPOT (see Ashbort, Ashport, Aspport), Cuph [int. Cuff], 
"Nathan Mitchels negro man," and Elisabeth Quay, 
"MoUatto Girl brought up by Anthony Winslow," Feb. 6, 

ASKEN (see Askins, Erskine), Mary of Abington and Alex- 
ander Morison, Aug. 21, 1755, in Abington.* 

ASKINS (see Asken, Erskine), Christopher and Susanna 
Robinson, Oct. 15, 1729.* 

ASPPORT (see Ashbort, Ashport, Ashpot), Luther [int. Ash- 
port] and Hannah Mortis, blacks. Mar. 16, 1820. 

ATHERTON, Mary of Stoughton and Jedidiah Southworth, 

int. Mar. 24, 1770. 
Rachel of Pembroke and Simeon Wood, Dec. 12, 1751, in 


ATKINS (see Adkins). 

ATTWOOD (see Atwood), Mary of Eastham and Isaac Pack- 
ard Jr., int. Sept. 28, 1776. 

Priscilla [int. Prescilla] and Zebulon [int. Zebulun] Allen, Mar. 
17, 1795. [Priscilla and Zebulon Allen, p.c.r.] 

Sarah and Joseph Code [int. of Plymouth], Mar. 23, 1794. 
[Joseph, P.C.R.] 

ATWOOD (see Attwood), Joanna [int. Attwood] and Ebenezer 

Willis, Jan. 30, 1785. [Atwood, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 
John [int. Attwood] and Rhoda Johnson, Oct. 27, 1797. 
Phebe [int. Attwood] of Abington and David Pratt, July 5 [sic, 

int. Sept. 11], 1784, in Abington. 
Sarah [int. Attwood] and Samuel Darby [int. Derby], Sept. 13, 

1764. [Atwood and Samuel Darby, p.c.r.] 
Zacheus [int. Attwood] and Chloe Hovey of Weymouth, Dec. 

3, 1772, in Weymouth. 

* Intention not recorded. 


AUGUR, Elise (see Alike Alger). 

AUGUSTUS (see Agustus). 

AULGER (see Alger), Daniel [int. Alger Jr.] of Easton and 
Sarah Howard, Jan. i, 1782, in Easton. 

AUSTIN, Alice and Nelson Buker, [Nov. 19] 1795. 

BABBITT (see Bobbet), Elizebeth (Babbtt) [int. Mrs. Elisa- 
beth Bobbet] of Easton [int. adds Bristol Co.] and James 
Howard Jr. [int. Haward, omits Jr.], June 12, 1765, in 

BACKUS, Lucy of Middleborough and Alpheus Fobes, Apr. 13, 

1788. [Lucy, d. Rev. Isaac, p.R.22.] 
Simeon of Middleborough and Hannah Alden, int. July 25, 


BACON, Joanna of Randolph and Avery Lothrop, int. Nov. 10, 

Polly and Wales Wentworth, Dec. 4, 1820. [Wales, s. Theoph- 

ilus and Betsey, Nov. 19, p.R.90.] 

BADGER, William and Policy [int. Polly] Dickerman, Jan. 19, 

1786. [Polly, P.C.R.] 
William and Hannah Reckard [int. Reckards], Apr. 3, 1819. 

BAILEY (see Baily, Bayley), Abigail [int. Bayley] and Jacob 

Allen, Dec. 7, 1762. [Bailey, p.c.r.] 
Adam [int. Adams] and Ruth Reed of Abington, Oct. 20, 1784, 

in Abington. 
Adams [int. Jr.] and Mary [int. Polly] Little of Hanover, Dec. 

17, 1779, in Hanover. 
Charity and Nathan Lathrop, int. July 13, 1776. 
Desire and Seth Howard [int. 2d], Nov. 7, 1782. [Seth, p.c.r.] 
Ebenezer and Sylva Howard, Sept. 6, 1782. [Sept. 26, p.c.r.] 
Eliphalet [int. Baily] and Martha Robinson, Jan. 29, 1782. 

[Bailey, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Solomon Packard Jr., Nov. 20, 1760.* 
Israel and Martha Alden, wid., Aug. 18, 1760.* [Allden, p.c.r.] 
Israel and Lucy Whitman, Dec. 31, 1789. 
Joseph of Freeport, Cumberland Co., and Patience [int. Pat- 

tence] Holmes, Oct. 27, 1796. 
Melvin A., 23, shoemaker, of W. Bridgewater, s. Melvin and 

Maria, and Ellen Burgess, 17, of W. Bridgewater, d. 

Nehemiah and Rhoda, Dec. 5, 1847.* [Melvin O., c.r.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Bailey, Paul and Betsey Thayer, Feb. i, 1798. 
Rachel and Benjamin Byram, Apr. 10, 1760.* 
Sally and Caleb Snell, int. Oct. 26, 1799. 
Sarah and Isaac Lathrop, Aug. 31, 1775. 
Seth and Deborah Packard, Oct. 26, 1770. 
Thankfull and Thomas Lindsey Jr., Apr. 20, 1786. 
Timothy and Anna Whitman, Mar. 24, 1796. 

BAILY (see Bailey, Bayley), Ward [int. Bailey] and Mary 
Sargent [int. Sergeant] of Methuen, Feb. — , 1765, in 

BAKER, Esther of Raynham and James Latham, int. May 27, 

George, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], of Duxbury, and Rebecca [int. 

Rebeccah] Snell, Feb. 23, 1816. 
Israel H. (see Israel Buker). 

Mary E. and George H. Burt, int. Sept. 17, 1848. 
Moses, Dr. [int. of Canton], and Elizaboth [int. Elizabeth] 

Howard, Sept. 13, 1803. 
Sarah and Josiah Aldrich, Oct. 18, 1753. 

BALDWIN, Bethiah C. [int. Gushing] of Hanover and Thomas 

Young, Jan. 5, 1792, in Hanover. 
Lucy [int. Lucy Blossom] and Barza [int. Barzee] Allen, Feb. 

17, 1802. 

BALL, Lucy C, 21, and Philip H. Wing, 23, brick maker, s. 
Stephen and Abigail, Apr. i, 1849. 

BALLANEY (see Bdleney). 

BANCROFT (see Bencraft), Deborah and David Snow of W. 

Bridgewater, int. May 2, 1822. 
Mary Ann of W. Bridgewater and Charles C. Dillingham of 

Troy, June 6, 1833.* 

BARBER (see Barbor), Elizebeth of Dorchester and Samuel 
Howard, Dec. 27, [i7]99, in Dorchester.* 

BARBOR (see Barber), Experience and Joshua Willis, Feb. 4, 

Patience and John Cole of Plimton, Jan. 27, 1709-10.* 

BARBEN (see Borden), Consider of Middleborough and Bethia 

Edson, int. Nov. 6, 1773. 
John and Mary Parlow of Middleborough, Aug. 23, 1703.* 
Mary [of] Middleborough and Reuel Swift, int. May 5, 182 1. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Barden, Rodulphus of Middleborough and Elisabeth Edson, 
[Nov.] 24, 1774. 

BARKER, Daniel of Pembroke and Betsey Brown, int. May 2, 

John of Middleborough and Hannah Robbin, Indians, int. 

Dec. II, 1773. 
Warren White and Betsey Copeland Sprague, Oct. 22, 1837. 

BARN AM (see Barnham), Abigail and Ebenezer Whitman, 
Nov. 17, 1699.* 

BARNES (see Barns), Polly and Samuel Edson, Oct. 25, 1801. 

BARNHAM (see Barnam), Susanna and Ephraim Marable, 
Feb. 8, 1704-5.* 

BARNS (see Barnes), Curtis of Hingham and Angelina Whit- 
man, int. Oct. 22, 1803. 
Lucy [int. Barnes] and Uriel Howard, Jan. 29, 1816. 

BARNUM (see Barnam, Barnham). 

BARREL (see Barrell), Jannett [int. Barrell] and John Loring 

of Turner, Sept. 30, 1794. [Barrel, p.c.r.] 
Joshua Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Olive Bass, Nov. 23, 1769. 

[Joshua, P.C.R.] 
Lydia and Eliphalet Packard, Jan. 24, 1782. [Barrell, p.c.r.] 
Ruth and Robert Packard, Nov. 28, 1782.' [Barrell, p.c.r.] 
Ruth [int. Barrell] and Dr. Caleb Swan [int. of Easton], Oct. 3, 

Susanna and Oakes Whitman, June 16, 1790. 
William and Sarah Cary, Dec. 19, 1751.* [Barrill and Sarah 

Carry, p.c.r.] 
William Jr. [int. 2d] and Huldah Bissbe [int. Bissbee], June 4, 


BARRELL (see Barrel), Abel and Mary Alden, int. Aug. 18, 
^ 1810. 

Abigail and Jared Whitman [int. of Abington], Apr. i, 18 13. 

Elias and Deborah Tilden of Hanover, int. Oct. 23, 1813. 

Elizebeth [Barrell sic, ? Burrell, see Abington Vital Records] 
of Abington and Joseph Porter, Jan. 25, 1753, in Abing- 

Hannah and Dr. [int. omits Dr.] Daniel Sawin, Nov. 18, 1810. 

James [int. Barrel] and Betsey Russell [int. Russel], Sept. 15, 
1785. [Barrell and Betsey Russell, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Barrell, Jo[h]n and Judith Snow, Apr, 20, 1756.* 
Sarah [int. Barrel] and Nathan Alden Jr., Jan. 24, 1776. 
Thomas of Abington and Huldah Allen, int. Oct. 14, 1815. 

BARRET, Lucretia of Easton and Cyrus [int. adds B.] Phillips, 
May 4, 1819. 

BARRISFORD, Richard [dup. Berresford, int. Berrisford] and 
Elizabeth Willis, Nov. 25, 1817. 

BARROW (see Barrows), Eleazer of Rochester and Jane [int. 

Jean] Sherman, Feb. 27, 1773. 
Rachel and John Woods Jr. of Easton, Nov. 27, 1766. 

BARROWS (see Barrow), Almira and Ambrose Keith, Oct. 27, 

1839. [Oct. 29, P.R.51.] 
Joseph and Bethany Perkins, int. Nov. 23, 1793. [m. Dec. 17, 


Joseph and Betsa [int. Betsy] Latham [int. wid.], Oct. 2, 1816. 
Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] of Middleborough and Jabez Eddy, 

Jan, 21, 1768 [? in Middleborough]. 
Nathaniel L. of Middleboro[ugh] and Betsey C, Bump, int. 

May 16, 1847, 
Stillman and Lydia Sanders, int. Nov. 8, 1818. 

BARSTOW, Charlotte of Pembroke and Marcus Robinson, 

int. Dec. 30, 1820. 
Edwin W., third s, Elijah and Lucy of Scituate, and Jane 

Wilson Barstow, second d. Rev, George and Sarah of 

Hanson, Sept, 11, 1834,* 
Jane Wilson, second d. Rev. George and Sarah of Hanson, and 

Edwin W. Barstow, third s. Elijah and Lucy of Scituate, 

Sept, II, 1834.* 
Lucy and Nahum Stetson, July 5, 1843,* p.r.i, [Lucy Ann 

Forester Barstow, d. Rev. George and Sarah of Hanson, 

and Nahum Stetson, s. Abisha and AUice of E. Bridge- 
water, July 4, P.R.95.] 
Sarah W. [of] Hanson and Nahum Stetson, int. Sept. 20, 1828. 

[m. Nov. 13, P.R.I. Sarah Wilson Barstow, d. Rev. 

George and Sarah of Hanson, and Nahum Stetson, s. 

Abisha and Allice of E. Bridgewater, m. Nov. 13, p.R.95.] 

BARTEN (see Barton). 

BARTLET (see Bartlett, Barttlett), Edward and Zilpha Cole, 
May 7, 1772. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Bartlet, Elisha of Brookfeild and Rebecca Waterman, May 
II, 1778. [Barklet of Brookfield, c.r.i.] 

PhUlis and Edward Power, Jan. 30, 1753.* [Bartlett and Ed- 
ward Powers, P.C.R.] 

Releif [int. Releaf] and Ebenezer Hooper, Aug. 25, 1761. 
[Relief Bartlett, p.c.r.] 

Richard and Mary Robinson, Nov. 17, 1757.* [Bartlett, 


Samuel and Susanna Dunbar, May 12, 1757.* [Bartlett and 

Susannah Dunbar, p.c.r.] 
Solomon and Hulda Washburn, June 10, 1781,* c.r.i. 

BARTLETT (see Bartlet, Barttlett), Benjamin Jr. and Susan- 
nah Hayden of Stoughton, int. Mar. 22, 1766. 

Benjamin Jr. and Harriet N. Conant, int. Aug. 30, 1846. 

David and Polly Brett Howard, int. Nov. 12, 1796. 

David and Susanna Fish of Pembroke, int. May 14, 1814. 

David Jr. of W. Bridgewater and Patty Wood, Dec. i, 1841. 

Elizabeth and Seth Ames, Jan. 2, 1798 [? in Middleborough]. 

Hannah and William Harlow of Plymouth, Sept. 3, 1738, in 

Hannah and Simeon Howard, Apr. 6, 1794. 

Hannah Thomas and John Cumner [int. of Wayne], May 19, 

Jerusha of Duxbury and James Robinson, Oct. 31, 1751, in 

Kezia and Abiel Howard, int. Feb. 4, 1798. 

Lydia and Ebenezer Hinds, Dec. 26, 1751.* 

Mercy E. of Plymouth and Jonas Keith, int. May 20, 1820. 

Polly [int. Barttlett] and Benjamin Richards, Sept. 25, 1782. 
[Bartlett, p.c.r.] 

Rachel and Barnabas Lothrop, Aug. 13, 1813. 

Richard and Rebecca Holmes, int. Apr. 30, 1763. 

Samuel [int. Jr.] and Lucy Jenkins, Jan. 22, 1786. [Samuel, 

Sarah and Isaiah Hayward, Dec. 11, 1777. 

Sarah and David Reynolds, Apr. 21, 1818. 

Susan [int. Susanna] of C[arver] and Zebulun [int. Zabulon] 
Willis, May 19, 1793, in Carver. 

Susanna [int. Barttlett] and David Gurney, Jan. 15, 1792. 
[Bartlett, p.c.r.] 

Wright and Bithia Packard, July 29, 1731.* [Bethia, p.c.r.] 

BARTON, George W. [int. George Washington Barten] of 
Bath and Christiana Whitman, Sept. 17, 1809. 

* Intention not recorded. 


BARTTLETT (see Bartlet, Bartlett), Lucy and Waldow Hay- 
ward, Dec. 5, 1781. [Bartlett, p.c.r.] 

BASETT (see Basset, Bassett), Nathan and Hannah Wasburn 
Mar. 15, 1733.* [Basset and Hannah Washborn, c.r.i.] 

BASS, Bathsheba and Ignatius Loring, Aug. 22, 1750.* [Bath- 

shabe, p.c.r.] 
Edward of Braintree and Bathsheba Keith, Feb. 27, 1772 [dup. 

Nov. 9, 1779, in Braintree]. 
Eunice and Jo[h]n Young, Nov. 22, 1752.* 
Eunice and John Dyer, int. Oct. 7, 1780. 
Eunice and Seth Whitman, Nov. 26, 1781. 
Jonathan Jr. and Susanna Byram, Nov. 11, 1741.* 
Mary and Hugh Orr, Aug. 4, 1742.* 
Mary, d. Jonathan of Quincy, and John Edson, s. Benjamin 

and Deborah, Nov. 24, 1825, in Quincy,* c.r.2. 
Mehi table and Dr. Isaac Otiss, June 30, 1746,* p.c.r. 
Olive and Joshua Barrel Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Nov. 23, 1769. 

[Joshua, P.C.R.] 
Sarah and Jonathan Allen, Mar. 18, 1755. 
Sarah and Joseph Chamberlin, Dec. 22, 1784. [Chamberlain, 


Susanna and Zechariah Gary, Nov. 11, 1742. [Zachariah, p.c.r.] 
Susanna [int. 3d] and Elijah Dean, Apr. 28, 1768. [Susannah, 


BASSET (see Basett, Bassett), Elnathan and Mary Hill, 

June 19, 1702.* 
Joseph [int. Bassett] and Hannah Lathrop, June 6, 1776. 
Lydia and Samuel Phillips, Nov.- 17, 1726.* [Bassett, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Samuel Beale, Mar. 4, 1724-5.* 
Ruth and Joseph Davis, Mar. 23, 1730.* [Bassett, p.c.r.] 
William and Mary Bump, June 23, 1703.* [Sarah, p.R.103.] 
William and Mary Mahurin, Feb. 19, 1 718-19.* 

BASSETT (see Basett, Basset), Abiel and Mary W. Fobes, 

Sept. 7, 1836. 
Abigail [int. wid.] and Benjamin Leach, Feb. 2, 1764. [Abigail, 


Abigail and Seth Lathrop [int. Jr.], Nov. 25, 1784. [Seth Jr., 

P.C.R. Basset and Seth Lothrop, c.r.i.] 
Abigail and Shepard Dunbar [int. Dumber], June 22, 1806. 
Augusta and Alfred F. Sears of Boston, int. Dec. 9, 1849. 
Benjamin and Hannah Macumber, Nov. 17, 1737.* [Basset, 


* Intention not recorded. 


Bassett, Betsey H. of Middleboro and Nathan B. Dunbar, 
int. Nov. 6, 1836. 

Caleb [int. of Glocester, Cumberland Co.] and Bethiah Keith, 
Apr. 18, 1782. [Caleb, p.c.r. Basset of Glocester, c.R.i.j 

Caleb [int. Jr.] and Mary Holmes, Nov. 21, 181 1. 

Caroline, 21, d. George and Hannah, and Mertoun C. Bryant, 
23, civil engineer, of Lowell, s. Dion and Lucretia H., 
May 25, 1847. [Caroline, d. George and Hannah (Mitch- 
ell), and Mertoun Cassius Bryant, s. Dion and Lucretia 
H. (Briggs), P.R.I. ] 

Catharine F. and Daniel C. Sawin, Nov. 24, 1842. [Catherme 
F,, C.R.I. Catherine, d. Paschal and Mary (Hooper), p.r.i.] 

Charles and Laura Fobes, Apr. 7, 1816. 

Charles J. H., widr. [int. omits widr.], 31, cash[ie]r Tau[nto]n 
Bank, of Taunton, s. Anselm and Rosalinda H. of Taunton, 
and Nancy L. Gibbs, 22, d. Th[oma]s F. and P. C, Aug. 
14, 1845. 

Cornelia A. and Cyrus Howard of Winslow, Me., Sept. 24, 1839. 

Cyrus and Cynthia Randall [int. Randell], Dec. 11,. 1808. 

Cyrus and Lurana [int. Urana] Billings, July 26, 1814. 

David and Phebe Deane of Raynham, int. July 16, 1796. 

Dorothy [int. Dorithy] and David Packard, Dec. 31, 1767. 
[Dorothy, p.c.r.] 

Elizabeth [int. adds H.] and William H. Davis [int. of Roxbury], 
Aug. I, 1838. [Elizebeth and William Davis, c.r.i. 
Elizabeth H., d. Paschal and Mary (Hooper), and Wil- 
liam H. Davis, P.R.I.] 

George and Hannah Mitchell, Dec. 7, 1819. 

George W. and Charlotte F. Robinson, int. Aug. 23, 1844. [m. 
Sept. — , C.R.I.] 

Hannah and James Alger 3d, May 29, 1791. 

Hannah and Ezra Fobes [int. Jr.], June 19, 1810. 

Hannah and Elijah Alden, Nov. 8, 1827. 

Hannah S. and Charles Edson, s. Libeus (s. Ezra) and Joanna 
Keen, , 1824,* c.r.2. 

Harriot and George Williams of Raynham, July 3, 1839. 

Henrietta and Asa R, Howard of Easton, Jan. i, 1840, 

Jane md James S. Daniels of Randolph, int. Oct. 16, 1836. 

Jonatiian and Sarah Leonard, June 6, 1813. 

Joseph and Phebe Cushman, Dec. 2, 1756.* [Basset, c.R.i.] 

Joseph 3d and Ruth Leach, Jan. 26, 1792. 

Joseph and Sarah Eaton, wid., of Greenwich, Jan. 14, 1798. 

Joseph 3d and Hannah Williams of Raynham, int. Mar. 23, 
1816. [m. May — , p.R.80.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Bassett, Joseph M. and Mary Young of Fall River, int. Sept. 
15, 1843. 

Josiah and Lucretia Mitchell, Oct. i, 1820. 

Josiah L. and Selina G. Wilbar, int. Sept. 10, 1848. [m. Sept. 
_ 27, P.R.56.] 

Keith and Ruth Hall, Sept. 9, 1832 [? in Bridge water],* p.R.65. 

Lusanna M. [int. omits M.], 24, d. George and Hannah, and 
James M. Leonard, 24, tailor, s. Martin and Joanna, 
May 25, 1847. [Lucina M., d. George and Hannah (Mitch- 
ell), and James Martin Leonard, s. Martin and Joanna 
(Bessee), p.r.i.] 

Lydia of Norton and Dr. Daniel [int. Dea. David] Edson, 
[int. Aug. II, 1786], in Norton. 

Maria O. of Middleborough and Peltiah Gould, int. Nov. 11 ,1 842. 

Mary and Hartwell Keith of Dudley, Apr. 8, 1816. 

Mary [int. adds W.] and William B. Drew of Duxbury, Jan. 27, 
1836. [Mary, c.R.i. Mary Winslow Bassett, p.r.i.] 

Nathan and Sybil Daniels, Jan. 14, 1827. [Mrs. Sybil, C.R.3.] 

Paschal and Mary Hooper, int. Aug. 24, 1811. 

Phebe and Barnebas Leonard, Feb. 5, 1780. [Barnabas, p.c.R. 
Basset and Barnabas Leonard, c.r.i.] 

Robert B. and Hannah T. Clapp of Weymouth, int. Sept. 4, 1841. 

Ruth and John Whitemore, Dec. 22, 1692,* p.c.r. 

Sally and Hamden Keith, int. Mar. 8, 1800. 

Sally and Abijah Thayer Jr. [int. 2d], Apr. 7, 1802. 

Samuel G. and Abigail M. Alger of W. Bridgewater, int. Apr. 4, 

Sarah and Christopher Dyer, Nov. 17, 1757.* 

Urania and David Whitemore of Randolph, int. Oct. 31, 1840. 

William and Abler Williams of Raynham, int. June 29, 1800. 

William C. and Martha Perkins of Middleborough, int. Mar. 

BATCHELDER, Joseph, 33, farmer, of Roxbury, s. Josiah and 
Martha of London [sic, ? Loudon], N. H., and Betsey K. 
Tucker, 28, d. Benj[amin] and Betsey, June 3, 1847. 

BATES, Anna and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Seth Gurney [int. 

Jr.], Feb. 1,1819. 
Benjamin W., 27, trader, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth, and Di- 

antha B. Bourn [int. Bourne], 20, d. Warren and Rachel, 

Aug. 24, 1845. [Bourne, c.r.i.] 
Bethiah W. and Asa P. Keith, Sept. 19, 1839. [Bethia, c.R.5. 

Bethiah, d. Joshua and Bethia (Ames), p.r.i. Bethiah 

W. and Asa Pratt Keith, Sept. 20, p.R.24.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Bates, Betsy [int. Betsey] and Solomon Hay ward Jr., July 19, 

Bettv of Abington and Asaph Torry Peterson, int. July 16, 

Ghristopher [int. Christophur] of Abington and Mary Bates 

[int. Brown], May 12, 1784, in Abington. 
Christophur [int. Christopher Jr.] and Polly Rowland, July 20 

[July 20 in later handwriting], 1806. 
Cotton [int. of Weymouth] and Rhoda Johnson, Dec. 31, 1817. 
Daniel and Jane Reed, Jan. 10, 181 1. 

Elizabeth and Rev. Theophilus P. Doggett, int. Nov. 7, 1843. 
George W. and Hannah Tucker of Middleboro[ugh], Oct. 6, 

1836. [[both of] Bridgewater, C.R.5.] 
Hannah and Charles Thompson, Aug. 16, 1815,* p.r.i. 
Jacob and Lucy Dyer of Abington, int. Nov. 23, 1816. 
James of Weymouth and Lucy Orcutt, int. Nov. 9, 1805. 
Joseph of Abington and Huldah Hanks, int. Feb. 19, 1791. 
Joshua of Hanover and Bethia Ames, Jan. 27, 1796. [Feb. 23, 

P.R.I. Bethiah, Jan. 23, p.R.24. Bethiah, Jan. 21, p.R.91.] 
Lusanna [int. Susanna] and Joseph Packard, Aug. 31, 1794. 
Mary [int. Brown] and Christopher [int. Christophur] Bates of 

Abington, May 12, 1784, in Abington. 
Mary L., 23, d. Benj[amin] and Elizabeth, and Charles W. 

Belcher, 25, teacher, of Stoughton, s. Elijah and Betsey, 

June 3, 1849. 
Moses and Deborah Dyer [int. of Abington], Dec. i, 1808. 
Nancy and John Constant Harden, Feb. 25, 1813. 
Nathan of Abington and Betty Allen, Sept. 10, 1789. 
Obadiah and Ruth Pratt, May 27, 1762. [Obediah, p.c.r.] 
Polly and Ezra Thomson, int. July 17, 1813. 
Polly and Samuel P. Reed of Abington, int. May 13, 1815. 
Polly and Libbeus [int. Lebbeus] Smith, July 24, 1817. 
Rachel [int. of Hingham] [and] Increase Robinson, Feb. 6, 

175s, in Hingham. 
Ruf us of Hanson [int. of Hannover] and Huldah Keith, Nov. 

27, 1821. 
Samuel Ward and Hellen Louisa Crooker, May 5, 1839. 

[Helen L., c.R.5. Helen L. [L. written in pencil], d. Zenas 

and Content (Stetson), p.r.i. Helen L., p.R.91.] 
Susanna (see Lusanna). 
William [int. adds R.] [of] Worthington [int. adds Hampshire 

Co.] and Polly Lazell, Sept. 12, 1803. 
William D. of Weymouth and Elizabeth B. Perkins, int. Sept. 

7, 1844. 

* Intention not recorded. 


BATTLES (see Brattles), David P. and Jerusha E. Adams of 
Quincy, int. Nov. 30, 1816. 

Dorothy and Ansell Perkins, May 13, 1819. 

John and Milacen Porter, July 2, 1816. 

Lucinda and Luke Packard, Jan. i, 1807 [date in later hand- 

Sibbil [int. Sibbel] and Reuel Fobes [int. of Boston], Nov. 16, 
1807 [date in later handwriting. 

Susanna [int. Susannah] of Hingham and Benja[min] Wash- 
burn, Mar. 23, 1743-4, in Hingham. 

Susanna and Nathaniel Leads, Aug. 10, 1807 [date in later 
handwriting] .* 

BAXTER, Freeman of E. Bridgewater and Nancy S. Perkins, 

int. May 18, 1834. [m. June 8, c.r.2.] 
Thomson [int. Thompson] of Quinsey, Norfolk Co., and Anna 

Whitman, Dec. 16, 1797. 

BAYLEY (see Bailey, Baily), Adam and Sarah Ha ward, Jan. i, 

Adams [int. Bailey] and Katherine [int. Catharine] Nichols, 

wid. [int. omits wid.], of Cohasset, Nov. 2, 1775, in Co- 

Cathrine [int. Catharine Nickols] and Jonathan Bayley [int. 

Bailey], Jan. 23, 1778. 
Elizabeth and James Harris, Feb. 14, 1692-3,* p.c.r. 
Jonathan [int. Bailey] and Cathrine Bayley [int. Catharine 

Nickols], Jan. 23, 1778. 
Joseph [int. Bailey] and Abigail Packard, Aug. 22, 1771. 
Kezia and John Richards, Nov. 27, 1751.* [Keziah Bailey, 


Keziah [int. Bailey], wid., and Joseph Keith, Oct. 26, 1763. 
[Bailey, p.c.r.] 

BDLENEY, Ruth (Bdleney [sic]) and James Clansy, May 4, 
1 741.* [Ballaney and James Clansey, p.c.r. Boleney 
and Jeams Clansy, May 7, c.r.i.] 

BEAL (see Beale, Beals), Abigail and Josiah Hill Jr., Sept. 16, 

Azariah and Bathsheba Bisbe [dup. Bissbee, int. Bisbee], 

Aug. 8, 1776. 
Hannah and Noah Hill, Nov. 26, 1780. [Hanna, c.r.i.] 
Hannah and Oliver Snell, Nov. 15, 1792. 
Isaac and Elisabeth Steevens [int. Elizabeth Steephens of 

Randolph], Apr, 21, 1797. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Beal, Japhet [int. Japheth Beals] and Patience Keith, Feb, 7 

[int. Dec. 8 sic], 1770. 
Japhet [int. of Minot, Cumberland Co.] and Content Packard, 

wid., Sept. 26, 1802 [dale in later handwriting]. 
Japhet [int. Beals of Augusta, Me.] and Mehitabel [int. Mehet- 

abel] Lincoln, Oct. 2, 1803 [date in later handwriting]. 
Jeremiah and Mary French, June 20, 1768.* 
Jonathan and Abigail Harlow, July 11, 1751.* 
Jonathan and Abigail Egerton [int. Eggerton], wid., Nov. 7, 

1780. [Egerton, p.c.r.] 
Joshua and Susanna Edson, Oct. 17, 1768. 
Levi [int. Beals] of Hingham and Ruth Whitting [int. Whiting], 

Nov. 29, 1810. 
Mary, d. Lt. Jerremiah, and John Orcut, Dec. 23, 1702, in 

Mary and Elijah Smith, Feb. 7, 1803 [date in later handwriting].* 
Olive and Joseph Brett, Dec. 21, 1797. 
Phinehas and Lydia Kenny of Stoughton, int. Oct. 5, 1793. 
Polly and Bela Reed, Aug. 27, 1793. [Read, p.c.r.] 
Rachel and Asa Jones, Dec. 4, 1792. 
Sarah and Asa Ford [int. Foard], Nov. 11, 1793. 
Susanna and Elijah Packard, Aug. 27, 1789. 

BEALE (see Beal, Beals), Dan[ie]ll and Mehetable Byram, 

Apr. 3, 1750.* [Dan[ie]l Beal, p.c.r.] 
Elijah [int. Beal] [of] Hingham and Betsey Pincin [int. Pin- 

chon], Dec. 3, 1804. 
Elisabeth and Theophilus Byram, Apr. 27, 1749.* [Elizebeth 

Beal, P.C.R.] 
Samuel and Mary Basset, Mar. 4, 1724-5.* 

BEALS (see Beal, Beale), Betsey of Pembroke and Allen Mar- 
shall Porter, int. Oct. 12, 1816. 

Jeremiah Jr. and Sibbil [int. Sybbyl] Ames, Nov. 26, 1807 [date 
in later handwriting]. 

Jonathan and Polly Cary, Oct. 26, 1807 [date in later hand- 

Lazarus [int. Lazaus of Weymouth] and Sarah Alden, wid., 
May 25, 1809 [date in later handwriting]. 

Martin [int. Capt.] of Hingham and Mehitabel Pinchin, Apr. 
II, 1816. 

Samuel and Eliza[beth] Blackmer, Oct. 17, 1745,* p.c.r. 

Seth of Pembroke and Thirza Hatch, July 16, 1799. 

BEARCE (see Bearse), Abram and Polly Bliss of Longmeadow, 
Apr. 25, 1796, in Longmeadow.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Bearce, Consider [int. Bearse] of Hallifax and Elisabeth Per- 
kins, Sept. 17, 1 761. [Bearce of Hallifax and Eliza[betli] 
Perkins, p.c.r.] 

Ford (see Ford Pearce). 

Hannah D, of E. Bridge water and Florentius E. Wilbar, int. 
Sept. 10, 1848. [m. Sept. 27, p.R.56.] 

Job and Sarah Keith [int. Keth], Nov. 2, 1780. [Keith, p.c.r.] 

Lydia and Amory Leach of Jay [int. adds Cumberland Co.], 
Sept. 17, 1817. 

BEARSE (see Bearce), Andrew of Hallifax and Margret 

Dawes, July 15, 1736.* 
Experience and Zadock Hay ward [int. of Plymouth], May 12, 

1768. [Zadock, P.C.R.] 
Margret and Arthur Latham, Oct. 17, 1765. [Margaret, p.c.r.] 
Sally [int. Birse] and Martin Keith, Nov. 5, 1809. 

BELCHER, Amy (see Anna). 

Ann [int. Anne] and John Keith of Hard wick, Apr. 21, 1774. 

Anna [int. Amie] of Sharon and William Tribou, Nov. 24, 1784, 

in Sharon. 
Charles W., 25, teacher, of Stoughton, s. Elijah and Betsey, 

and Mary L. Bates, 23, d. Benj[amin] and Elizabeth, 

June 3, 1849. 
Clifford [int. Clefford Jr. of Stoughtonham] and Bettie Cope- 
land, Nov. 22, 1770. [Clefford of Stoughton, p.c.r.] 
Deborah and Seth Dunbar, Dec. 3, 1761. 
Elisha of Randolph and Rhoda Packard Ford, Dec. 24, 1818. 
Hannah and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Moses Curtis [dup. and 

int. of Braintree], Dec. 14, 1769 [dup. Nov. 4, 1769, in 

Jeremiah and Amie Ha ward, Feb. 26, 1756.* 
Jonathan [int. of Easton] and Abigail Corthell [int. Cotherel], 

Jan. 4 [1778]. [Jonathan and Abigail Corthell, p.c.r.] 
Mary of Randolph and Elijah Bowker, int. Sept. 2, 1820. 
Oliver of Stoughton and Polly Reynold [int. Reynolds], May 

20, 1799, in Stoughton. 
Rebecca and Jessee Edson, Jan. 5, 1764. [Rebeccah and Jesse 

Edson, P.C.R.] 

BELLEN, Bennet O. [int. omits O., adds "Free Negro man," of 
Dorchester, Suffolk Co.] and Abigail Cordner [int. "Free 
negro Woman"], negro's, Nov. 8, 1764. [Bennet O., p.c.r.] 

BELLS, Margaret and James Radsford, Dec. 26, 1738.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


BENCRAFT (see Bancroft), Jeremiah of Canton and Betsey 
Wood, black, int. Apr. 28, 1821. 

BENNET (see Bennett), Peter and Priscilla Rowland, Oct. 30, 

1700.* [Peter Cornet, p.R.103.] 
Samuel of Middlebourough and Ruth Perry of Middle- 

bourough, Jan. 6, 1708-9.* 

BENNETT (see Bennet), Abigail [int. Bennet] and Edward 
Johnson [int. of Taunton], blacks. Mar. 15, 1781. [Ben- 
nett and Edward Johnson, p.c.r.] 

Anna L. and Arnold Wade, May 5, 1822. 

Arthur [int. Bennet] of Midle[borough] and Kez[ia]h Keith, 
Jan. 12, 1743. [Bennet of Middleboro[ugh], p.c.r.] 

James and Rhoda Cufford of Easton, Nov. 14, 1799, in Eas- 

John [int. Winnett] of Abington and Susanna Brown, Sept. 24, 

John [int. Jr.] of Rochester and Martha Allen, Sept. 8, 1839. 

Joseph W. and Susan W. Latham, Apr. 19, 1829. 

Mehitable of E. Bridgewater and Samuel Leonard Jr., int. 
Aug. 2, 1823. [Bennet and Samuel Leonard, m. Sept. 4, 

Philip of Rochester and Charlotte Copeland, Nov. 30, 1797. 

BENSON, Almira and Franklin B. Leonard of S. Leeds, Me., 

int. Oct. 16, 1831. 
Alonzo P., 27, farmer, s. Samuel H. dec'd and Rachel dec'd, 

and Hannah W. Wood, 24, d. Philander and Patty, 

Jan. 22, 1845. _ 
Benjamin and Keziah Snell, Oct. 30, 1745. 
Benjamin and Abigail Pratt, Sept, 27, 1770. [Bennson, p.c.r.] 
Bethiah and Seth Thomson of Hallifax, Jan. i, 181 5. 
Caleb of Middleboro and Mary Reed, Mar. 7, 1823. 
Cassandra and Giddins Lane Jr. of Leeds, Me., int. Nov. 17, 

Charity [int. Charrity] and Ebenezer Cushman [int. Jr.] of 
Kingston, May 30, 1805. 

Cyrus and Lydia Wood, Aug. 7, 1806. 

Cyrus Jr. and Lydia W. Leonard, Oct. 25, 1842. [Lydia Wash- 
burn Leonard, p.R.30.] 

David and Charity Hay ward, Dec. 21, 1780. [Charity Besse, 
P.C.R. Charity Hayward, c.r.i.] 

Ebenezer and Silence Lennard, Mar. 13, 1777. [Leonard, c.r.i.] 

Eunice and Jo[h]n Harden, Nov. 13, 1766. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Benson, Eunice and Abner Keith, Dec. i, 1803. 

Hannah and James Dunbar Jr., Jan. 22, 1745.* 

Hannah and Jabez Waterman [of] Hallifax, Nov. 28, 1805. 

Henry F. of Sandwich and Christiana Keith, int. July 22, 1849. 

Hubard D. and Keziah Mitchell, Jan. 9, 1842. 

Jane and Jonathan Benson, May 4, 1820. 

John and Elisabeth Washburn, Dec. 4, 17 10.* 

Jo[h]n and Sarah Williams, Sept. 24, 1765.* [Sarah, wid., c.r.i.] 

Jonah and Martha Tomson of Hallifax, int. Nov. 26, 1782. 

Jonah Jr. and Chloe Hathaway, Sept. 30, 1819. 

Jonatham and Martha Snell, Nov. 7, 1740.* [Jonathan, p.c.r. 


Jonathan Jr. and Lydia Hardin, int. Nov. 5, 1774. 
Jonathan and Jane Benson, May 4, 1820. 
Kezia and Ebenezer Cushman [of] Kingston, Apr. 21, 1805. 
Kezia and John Atwood Jackson, Nov. 30, 1815. 
Lois and Cornelius Washburn, int. Nov. 11, 1775. 
Lucia and Ezra Drake of Stoughton, Oct, 17, 1830. 
Martha and Elisha Waterman of Hallifax, Jan. 25, 1774. 
Martin and Phebe Leonard, Nov. 30, 1823. 
Mary and Benjamin Hay ward Jr., int. Apr. 18, 1767. 
Meleson and Ebenezer Chamberlain, Nov. 19, 1820. 
Nabby and Samuel Jones, Nov. 21, 1811. 
Nahum and Chloe Dunbar [int. Dunberj, May 30, 1819. 
Olive and Martin Conant, June 8, 1797. 
Patty and Philander Wood, Nov. 25, 1813. 
Polly and Ebenezer Chamberlin, int. Aug. 28, 1819. 
Sarah and James Pool Jr. of Abington, Jan. 29, 1808. 
Susanna and Jonathan Cushman, Feb. 25, 1735-6,* c.r.i. 
Tabitha and William Fuller, int. Feb. i, 1801. 
Waitstill and Benjamin Holmes, Sept. 3, 1807. [Benjamin, s. 
Cornelius and Elizabeth (Lanman), p.r.i. Wate, p.r.iS.] 

BENT, Elizebeth of Milton and David Copeland, Dec. i, 1725, 

in Mansfield.* 
Hannah of Middleborough and Sylvanus Hall, int. Dec. 13, 

Nabby [int. Nabba] and William Burr, Aug. 29, 1798. 
Polly and Silvanus Harler, int. Feb. 16, 1805. 
Sylvia and Lewis Harler, int. Jan. 17, 1802. 

BENTON, William H. R. and Lydia Ann W. Smith, int. Dec. 
15, 1843. 

BERRISFORD (see Barrisford). 

* Intention not recorded. 


BESSE (see Bessee, Bessey, Bessie), Abisha and Sally Conant, 

Apr. II, 1782. [Abishai, p.c.r. Abisha, c.r.i.] 
Adam and Joanna Pratt, Mar. 31, 1791. 
Charity and Ebenezer Pratt, int. Dec. 9, 1780. 
Charity (see Charity Hay ward). 
Joanna, wid., and Isaac Keith [int. 2d], May 18, 1797. [Jo- 

annah Bessee, wid. Adam, d. Seth Pratt and Hannah 

(Washburn), and Isaac Keith, p.r.i.] 
Joanna [int. Bessa] and Mart[i]n Leonard, Dec. 3, 1818. 

[Bessee, p.r.i.] 
John and Nancy Packard, int. May 24, 1788. 
Jonas [int. Jonah] and Eunice Washburn, Sept. 20, 1787. 

[Jonah, P.C.R.] 
Lucy and David Conant [int. 2d], Apr. 18, 1782. [David, 

P.C.R. Luce and David Conant, c.r.i.] 
Lydia of Wareham and Samuel Leonard, July 7, 1748, in 

Silas (see Silas Pierce). 
Thankful [int. Thankfull Bessee] of Wareham and Nathan 

Leonard, Nov. 22, 1744, in Wareham, 

BESSEE (see Besse, Bessey, Bessie), Anthony and Molly 
Holmes of Middleborough, int. Mar. 13, 1779. 

Mary and Simeon Hay ward, Mar. 17, 1757.* [Besse and 
Simeon Haward, p.c.r.] 

BESSEY (see Besse, Bessee, Bessie), Mary and Mosses Snell, 
July 28, 1736.* [Bessy and Moses Snell, c.r.i.] 

William F., 20, laborer, of Wareham, s. Edgar and Harriet, 
and Lucy S. Rider, 19, d. Nathaniel and Deborah, May 16, 
1846. [Besse of Wareham, c.r.i.] 

BESSIE (see Besse, Bessee, Bessey), Robert of Sandwich and 
Ruth Pray, May 9, 1712, in Sandwich.* 

BESWICH (see Biswick), Charles and Tracy Hubbard, Jan. 6, 
1757.* [Besswick, p.c.r. Beswick and Tracey Hubbard, 


BIBBY, Tho[ma]s [int. b. England] and Abigail Robbinson [int. 
Robinson of Boston], July 28, 1776. 

BICKNEL (see Bicknell), Jacob Jr. [int. Bicknell] of Abington 
and Hitty White, Aug. 3, 1804. 

BICKNELL (see Bicknel), Mary of Weymouth and John 

Turner, May 8, 1717, in Weymouth.* 
Samuel of Abington and Polly Dawes, int. May 12, 1800. 

* Intention not recorded. 


BILLING (see Billings), Sam[ue]ll of Stoughton and Reliance 
Hudson, Nov. 23, 1756.* 

BILLINGS (see Billing), Elkanah and Sarah Packard, Dec. 14, 

1809 [? in Middleborough]. 
Emily and Charles [int. adds E.] Nelson, Mar. 12, 1843. 

[Charles, c.r.i.] 
Jane, 22, d. and Olive, and Hiram Dacy, 23, ostler, s. 

Elijah and Lucy, May 3, 1846. 
Lurana [int. Urana] and Cyrus Bassett, July 26, 1814. 
Nathan [int. Nathan[ie]ll of Stoughton] and Sarah Warren, 

Aug. 19, 1778. [Nathan, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Timothy Hay ward Jr., int. Oct. 11, 18 17. 
Urana (see Lurana). 

BINGNEAR, Joanna and James Harden of Providence, blacks, 
int. Apr. 27, 1805. 

BINTOM, Edward of Providence and Anna Richards [int. 
blacks]. Mar. 27, 1816. 

BIRAM (see Byram, Byrum), Mehetable and Elisha Allen, 
Dec. 3, 1701.* 

BIRD, Horace A., 19, shoemaker, s. Elijah and Sarah of E. 

Bridgewater, and Susan C. Tillson, 17, d. Ephraim and 

Susan, May 16, 1847. 
Mary E., 16, of E. Bridgewater, d. Elijah and Sarah, and 

Charles Gardner Jr., 20, carpenter, of E. Bridgewater, s. 

Charles and Ruth, Apr. 30, 1849.* 
Peggy Smith of Dorchester and Nath[anie]l Cross, int. July 17, 

Sarah F. of E. Bridge[wa]t[e]r and John Holmes, int. Mar. 21, 

. .^^47. 
William and Joanna Alden, int. Oct. 24, 1818. 

BIRSE, Sally (see Sally Bearse). 

BISBE (see Bisbee, Bissbe, Bissbee), Bathsheba [dup. Bissbee, 
int. Bisbee] and Azariah Beal, Aug. 8, 1776. 

Charles and Beulah Howland of Pembroke, Sept. 16, 1756, in 

BISBEE (see Bisbe, Bissbe, Bissbee), Chandler [int. Bissbee] 
and Mary Byram Whitmarsh [int. of Abington], Sept. 22, 

Ebenezer and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Shaw, Mar. 12, 1778. 
[Bisbe and Mehitabel Shaw, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


BiSBEE, Elisha and Martha Keith, Sept. 28, 1779. [Bisbe, p.c.r.] 
Elizebeth [int. Elisabeth] of Pembroke and John Thompson 

[int. Thomson], Apr. 13, 1762, in Pembroke. 
Grace [int. Bissbee] of Middleborough and Allen Richmond, 

Jan. I, 1806 [? in Middleborough]. 
Hannah and Zacharias Shaw, Oct. 7, 1777. [Bisbe, p.c.r.] 
Ira of E. Bridgewater and Betsey Eames of E. Bridgewater, 

June 10, 1839.* 
Joanna and Jo[h]n Churchill of Plymton, Feb. 12, 1756.* 
John and Rebecca Alden [int. wid.], Nov. 14, 1771. 
John and Huldah Shaw, Mar. 11, 1779. [Bisbe, p.c.r.] 
John [int. Bissbee] and Mary Edson, Oct. 7, 1817. 
Sam[ue]ll of Pembrook and Martha Snell, May 2, 1751.* 

[Samuel Bisbe of Pembroke, p.c.r.] 
Sarah, Mrs., of Pembroke, and Josiah Williams, Feb. 4, 1747, 

in Pembroke.* 

BISHOP, William of Glocester, R. I., and Keturah Leonard, 
d. Benjamin (s. Joseph, s. Jacob, s. Solomon) and Keturah 
(Briggs), [? in Bridgewater],* p.R.107. 

BISSBE (see Bisbe, Bisbee, Bissbee), Huldah [int. Bissbee] and 
William Barrel Jr. [int. 2d], June 4, 1801. 

BISSBEE (see Bisbe, Bisbee, Bissbe), Ira and Rebecca Dyke 
[int. Dike], Oct. 25 [Oct. 25 in later handwriting], 1804. 

Molly and Emery Brown, Dec. 17, 1817. 

Olive and Cyrus Warren, Nov. 3, 1814. 

Rebecca and Southworth [int. Southwarth] Washburn, July 7, 
1794. [Bisbee and Southworth Washburn, p.c.r.] 

Savinea of Stoughton and Alfred Howard, int. Mar. i, 1794. 

Ziba and Cyrena Lincoln, int. Apr. 9, 1814. 

BISWICK (see Beswich), Charles and Hannah Field, Mar. 18, 


BLACK, Hannah (see Hannah Blackman). 

BLACKMAN, Elijah of Middleton, Conn., and Deborah Cliff, 

int. Aug. 30, 1766. 
Hannah of Stoughton and Timothy Conant, int. Oct. 27, 1754. 
Hannah and John Feild, Feb. 26, 1760.* [Black and John 

Field Jr., c.r.i.] 
Rebecca and Dependence French Briand, June 7, 1791.* 

BLACKMER, EIiza[beth] and Samuel Beals, Oct. 17, 1745,* 

* Intention not recorded. 


BLAKE, Nancy Lucinda of N. Bridgewater and Francis 

Mortimer French of N. Bridgewater, Dec. 24, 1837.* 

[Nancy C. of N. B [ridge water], c,r.5.] 
Phineas [of] Canton and Patty [int. adds Porter] Perkins, 

Sept. 26, 1804. 
Samuel [dup. and int. Sam[ue]ll] and Abigail Rickard, Nov. 30, 

1768. [Sam[ue]l, p.c.R. Samuel and Abigal Rickard, c.r.i.] 
Sarah and David Dunbar, Sept. 21, 1749.* 

BLAKELY, William and Mary Burr [int. wid.], Dec. i, 1773. 

BLANCHARD, Eli of Abington and Deborah Harden, Aug. 30, 

Eli Jr. and Eliza Wood, int. July 5, 1817. 

Elisha of Weymouth and Jane Lazell, Apr. 25, 1809. 

Joseph S. [int. omits S., adds "Trancient person"] and Mary 
M. Phillips, May 9, 1807. 

Laura and Bela Hayward, Feb. 17, 1830,* p.R.19. 

Lot of Stoughton and Lucy Howard, Feb. 19, 1818. 

Lydia and Thomas Drake [int. of Quincy], Feb, i, 1821. 

Molly [int. Molley of Stoughton, Suffolk Co.] and Elisha Hay- 
ward [int. Jr.], Jan. 13, 1778. [Polly and Elisha Hayward, 


Thomas Jr. of Abington and Susanna Latham, Feb. 9, 1786. 

BLEEN, Silence and Samuel [int. Sam[ue]ll] Nickels of Norton, 
Aug. 18, 1766. 

BLISS, Polly of Longmeadow and Abram Bearce, Apr. 25, 

1796, in Longmeadow.* 
Samuel and Sarah Packard, July 11, 1723.* 

BLOOD, Susan M., 22, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, and Robert 
Perkins, 23, trader, s. Jacob and Mary, Sept. 10, 1845. 
[Robert, s. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), p.R.13.] 

BLOSOM (see Blossom), Barnabas [int. Blossom] and Sarah 
Pratt, Apr. 20, 1778. [Blossom, c.r.i.] 

BLOSSOM (see Blosom), Charity and James Howard of 

Middleborough, int. Jan. 9, 1802. 
Lebbeus (seeLibeus). 

Levi and Abigail Washburn, May 28, 1797. 
Levi and Sally Keith, int. Feb. 21, 1801. 
Libeus [of] Easton [int. Eaton, N. H.] and Rebecca Leonard, 

Feb. 5, 1804. [Liba, p.R.32.] 
Lucy (see Lucy Baldwin). 

* Intention not recorded. 


Blossom, Polly of Eaton, N. H., and Rufus Keith, int. Aug. 19, 

Silvanus of Freetown and Martha Alden, int. Nov. 5, 1774. 
Sylvanus and Charity Snell, Nov. 16, 1738,* c.r.i. 

BOALDEN, Boston and Chloe Rounsafull, blacks, int. Nov. 19, 

BOBBET (see Babbitt), Olive and Gamaliel Howard, int. 
Sept. 30, 1775. 

BODEN (see Bowden), William S. of Milton and Mary Thayer 
of Milton, Aug. 17, 1837, in Randolph,* P.R.43. 

BOLDREY (see Boldry, Bouldry), James and Mary Palmer, 
int. May 16, 1807. 

BOLDRY (see Boldrey, Bouldry), Thomas H. and Priscilla S. 
Ames, int. Sept. 12, 1840. 

BOLENEY (see Bdleney). 

BOLTEN (see Bolton), John Jr. and Ruth Hooper, Jan. 25, 

BOLTON (see Bolten), Abigail and Samuel Ripley, May 11, 

Anna [int. Anne] and Jeremiah Pratt, Nov. 27, 1777. [Anna, 


Dan[ie]ll and Alice Leach, Oct. 22, 1772. [Daniel, p.c.r.] 
David and Zilpha [int. Zilpah] Snow of Raynham, May 24, 

Elisabeth and Joseph Thompson, Feb. 7, 1732-3.* [Elisebeh 

and Joseph Thompson of Plymton, c.r.i.] 
Elizetheth and Michel May of Easton, July 27, 1727, in 

Hannah (see Hannah Polton). 
Jabez and Bethiah [int. Bethia] Ripley of Easton, Oct. 24, 

1765, in Easton. 
John jr. and Elisabeth Hayward, Sept. 26, 1751.* [Elizebeth, 

Sept, 20, P.C.R.] 
John [int. of Raynham] and Margery [int. Mergery] Pratt, 

Dec. 4, 1787. [John and Margery Pratt, p.c.r.] 
Jonathan and Hannah Snow, Aug. 21, 1794. 
Joseph and Deliverance Washburn, Feb. 6 [1739-40].* [Feb. 

6, 1739, C.R.I.] 

Joseph and Mary Bolton, Apr. 27, 1773. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Bolton, Martha and Joab Willis, Mar. 4, 1744. 

Mary and Joseph Bolton, Apr. 27, 1773. 

Nath[anie]ll and Deborah Ripley, wid., Mar. 24 [1739-40].* 

[Nathaniel, Mar. 24, 1739, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 
Nathan[ie]ll and Jane Thomson, int. Nov. 15, 1777. 
Philip and Bethia Hayward, Apr, 7, 1787. [Phillip and Bethiah 

Hayward, p.c.r.] 
Rhoda and Abijah Dyer, Oct. 7, 1764. 
Ruth and Ephraim Leach, Dec. 26, 1734.* 
Samuel and Rebec[c]a Simmons of Hal[ifa]x, Oct. 21, 1742.* 

[Oct. 25, P.C.R.] 

Seth of Hallifax and Ann Wade of Pembrook, Aug. 13, 1761.* 

Susannah and Jabes Cowing, Mar. 23, 1740.* [Susanna and 

Jabez Cowing, p.c.r. Susanna and Jabaz Pittis, Mar. 25, 

1741, C.R.I.] 

BOMAN, Abigail [int. Bowman of Bedford] and Rodulphus 
Carver, May 18, 1763, in Lexington. 

BOND, Amos [int. of Augusta] and Martha Keith, Oct. 20, 1807. 

BONDAGE, Abigail and David Pratt Jr., Apr. 12, 1753.* 
Elisabeth and Isaac Snow, Sept. 8, 1748.* 

BONNEY (see Bonny), Abigail [int. Bonne] of Pembroke and 

Jacob Hill, Feb. 25, 1754, in Pembroke. 
Cynthia Sylvester [int. Cynthia Silvester, omits Bonney] and 

Lt. [int. omits Lt.] Ebenezer Cutler of Western, Worcester 

Co., July 3, 1797. 
Deborah and Miles Sampson, June 9, 1752,* p.R.63. 
Elisabeth and Samuel Whitman, July 27, 1757.* [Eliza[beth], 


Elisabeth and Perry Hardin [int. of Pembrook], Mar. 30, 1768. 
Harriet and Hermon Washburn, Dec. 27, 1822. 
Johanney [int. Joanna] and Barza Allen, Sept. 8, 1796. 
John Jr. of Pembroke and Hannah Gould, Nov. 2, 1749, in 

Leah, Mrs., of Pembroke, and John Young, int. Feb. 8, 1783. 
Lydia and Josiah Russells [int. Joshua Burrill] of Abington, 

Feb. 5 [sic, int. Nov. 5], 1785, in Abington. 
Molly [int. Molley] and Christopher [int. Christophur] Young, 

Mar. 21, 1785. [Molly and Christopher Young, p.c.r.] 
Noah Jr. of Pembroke and Agnes Keith, June 15, 1819. 
Oliver of Hadley, Hampshire Co., and Betsey [int. adds F.] 

Hayward, [June 8] 1814. 

• Intention not recorded. 


BoNNEY, Ruth of Pembroke and Edward Packard, Dec. — , 

1757, in Pembroke.* 
Sarah and Nathan Hartwell, June 19, 1762. 
William and Phebe Allen, Apr. 14, 1766. [Apr. 4, p.c.r.] 
William of Stoughton and Deborah Morse, int. Nov. 25, 1790. 
William and Molly Dunbar [int. Dunber], Jan. 26, 1796. 

BONNY (see Bonney), Lydia and Eleazer Hamblin, June 30, 
1752.* [Hamblen, p.c.r.] 

BOOTMAN, Francis of Boston and Patte Clapp, blacks, int. 
Nov. 21, 1789. 

BORDEN (see Barden), Adolphus Kinsman, Dr., of N. Bridge- 
water, and Lucy Ann Lazell Brown of E. Bridgewater, d. 
B. Esq., Dec. 22, 1825,* c.r.i. 

Maritta H. of Troy and Ralph Crooker, int. June 12, 1824. 

BOSWORTH (see Bozworth), Andrew J. [int. S.] of Taunton 

and Eliza Ann Knapp, June 24, 1840. 
Ruth, wid., of Halifax, and Joseph Packard 2d, Sept. 27, 1759, 

in Halifax.* 
Sarah [int. Bozworth] and Barnebas [int. Barnabas] Lathrop, 

Nov. 27, 1777. [Bozworth and Barnabas Lathrop, p.c.r.] 
Susanna [int. Bozworth] and Ephraim Samson, Jan. 30, 1821. 

BOUDITCH (see Bowditch), Bathsheba [int. Bondage] and 
Ephraim Groves, Feb. 17, 1762. [Bowditch and Ephraim 
Graves [dup. Groves], p.c.r.] 

BOULDRY (see Boldrey, Boldry), Elizabeth S. and Unite K. 
Leach, Dec. 31, 1838. 

BOURKE, William and Rebecca Kyle, Oct. 4, 1841. 

BOURN (see Bourne), Diantha B. [int. Bourne], 20, d. Warren 
and Rachel, and Benjamin W. Bates, 27, trader, s. Benja- 
min and Elizabeth, Aug. 24, 1845. [Bourne, c.r.i.] 

Ebenezer and Frances Shaw, int. Feb. 2, 1788. 

Mehitable of Halifax and Pyam C. K. Whitman, int. Aug. 6, 


Priscilla of Pembroke and Jonathan Perkins, , 1757, in 


BOURNE (see Bourn), Isaac and Christiana J. Harden, Oct. 

24, 1838. 
Mary, Mrs., of Sandwich, and John Angier, Nov. 23, 1732, in 


* Intention not recorded. 


BOWDEN (see Boden), Mary and James Washbourn, Dec. 20, 
1693,* P.C.R. 

BOWDITCH (see Bouditch), Mary and Joseph Byram, Dec. 

17, 1745,* P.C.R. 

Sam[ue]ll [int. Bondage] and Rebeca [int. Rebecca] Byram, 
Mar. 18, 1755. 

BOWDOIN (see Boden, Bowden). 

BOWEN, Eunice and Joseph W. Keith, Dec. 17, 1822. 

Joshua of Roxbury and Abigial [int. Abigail] Smith, Mar. 26, 
1782. [Abigail, p.c.r.] 

Sarah and Gorge [dup. and int. George] Hunt of Braintree, 
Oct. 19 [dup. Sept. 30 sic, int. Oct. i], 1774 [dup. in Brain- 

BOWERS, Hannah and Elisha Richards, blacks, int. June 28, 

BOWKER, Elijah and Mary Belcher of Randolph, int. Sept. 2, 


BOWMAN (see Boman). 

BOYCE, David of Norton and Mary Ames, June 10, 1737.* 
[June I, C.R.I.] 

BOYD, Henry and Hannah A. Robinson, Nov. 24, 1833. 

[Hannah Allen Robinson, C.R.2.] 
John of New York and Jane Orr, Oct. 22, 1792. 

BOYDEN, Lois of Wallpole and Seth Dunbar Jr., int. Dec. 30, 

Samuel and Lucy Harris, Mar. 9, 1807 [date in later hand- 


BOYLSTON, Joseph Jr. and Aseneth [int. Asenath] Hall, 
Sept. 24, 1844. 

BOZWORTH (see Bosworth), Abihail, wid., and Joseph Ames, 

int. Oct. 12, 1768. 
Chloe and Daniel Toalman [dup. typewritten on paper pasted in 

book, Bosworth and Daniel Tolman], Feb. 10, 1784. [Cloe 

Bozworth and Daniel Tolman, p.c.r. Cloe Bozward and 

Daniel Tolman c.r.i.] 
Eli of Hallifax and Hannah Cox of Hallifax, Mar. 19, 1767.* 
Jonathan and Mary Pain, Dec. 12, 1752.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


BozwoRTH, Jonathan and Abihal Alger, Jan. 6, 1756.* [Abi- 

hail, P.C.R.] 
Jonathan and Abigail Williams of Easton, May 14, 1780, in 

Joseph of Hal[ifa]x and Sarah Cobb, Sept. 20, 1744. 
Sally of Hallifax and Ziba Hayward Jr., int. Nov. 22, 1806. 

[Sarah Bosworth and Ziba Hayward, m. May 17, 1807, 


William of Hallifax and Lucy Hayward, int. Feb. 21, 1807. 

BRADFORD, Charles and Clarrissa [int. Clarissa] Graves, 

Apr. 23, 1837. [Clarissa, c.r.i.] 
Joan D. and Martin Leonard 2d, Jan. 2, 1837. 
Lucy and John Code, June 16, 1819. 
Lucy and William Muirhead, Sept. 30, 1832. 
Pamela of Duxborough and Nathaniel Little, int. Oct. 29, 1791. 
Peleg S. and Lydia H. Robinson, Feb. 25, 1847. 
Pelham and Selah Packard, Nov. 30, 1797. 
Sarah [int. Mrs.] of Plymouth and Benjamin Willis Jr. [int. 

oraits Jr.], Dec. 17, 1761, in Plymouth. 

BRADLEY (see Bradly), James and Catharine Moore, Feb. 21, 

Mary of Abington and Ebenezer Allen, Dec. 15, 1757, in 

BRADLY (see Bradley), George [int. Bradley] and Susanna 
Pierce [int. Peirce], Oct. 31, 1753. 

BRALEY, Cordelia P. of Middleboro[ugh] and Daniel W. 
Patterson, int. Nov. 19, 1848. 

BRAND, Caleb and Dammaris James, Nov. 13, 1729.* [Dam- 
aras [dup. Damaris], p.c.r.] 

BRANNACK, Levi and Isabella Pratt, Apr. 15, 1790. 

BRATTLES (see Battles), Samuel [int. Battles] of Stoughton 
and Dorathy [int. Dorithy] Dyer, Mar. 29, 1786. [Brattle 
of Stoughton and Dorothy Dyer, p.c.r. Brattle of 
Stoughton and Dorotha Dyer, c.r.i.] 

BREET, Hannah (see Hannah Orcutt). 
Mehitable (see Mehitable Brett). 

BRETT, Abigail and Albert Edson, Nov 10, 181 7. 
Alice and Daniel Grossman [int. Crosman] of Easton, June 4, 
1778, in Easton. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Brett, Alpheus and Betsey Holmes, Apr. i6, 1807. 
Alpheus and Betsey Hall of Raynham, int. Apr. 22, 1815. 
Amity [int. Amittai] and William Pratt [int. of Easton], Apr. 9, 

Amzi and Phebe Packard, May 22, 1788. 
Anne and Joseph Gary, June 15, 1732.* [Anna, p.c.r. Ann 

Britt, C.R.I.] 
Bithia and Thomas Haward, June 5, 1706.* 
Calvin and Esther Hollis, June 29, 1788. 
Charity [int. wid.] and David Keith, Mar. 5, 1772. [Charity, 


Charity and Nathan Soule of Middleborough, Apr. 8, 181 5. 

Charles and Rachel Swift, int. Sept. 18, 1824. 

Daniel and Huldah Snell, Mar. 25, 1784. 

Daniel Jr. and Sarah Hayward, Sept. 9, 1807. 

Deborah and Thomas Ames Jr., Mar. 28, 1758.* 

Diana and Samuel Perry, Feb. 15, 1820. 

Elihu and Susanna Hayward, Dec. 17, 1706.* 

Elizebeth and Thomas Drake of Easton, Jan. 20, 1736-7, in 

Hannah and Joseph Gannett, Oct. 2, 1732.* [Oct. 21, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Ephraim Haward Jr., July 12, 1753. 
Hannah and Mark Foard [int. of Abington], Nov. 22, 1764. 

[Mark, p.c.r.] 
Isaac and Priscila [int. Priscilla] Jackson, Jan. 7, 1765. [Pris- 

cilla, P.C.R.] 
Jenny and Nathan[ie]ll South worth, Mar. 18, 1777. 
John and Alice Cady of Pomphrett, int. Nov. 17, 1744. 
John Jr. and Abigail Hayward, int. Oct. 10, 1778. 
Joseph and Olive Beal, Dec. 21, 1797. 
Josiah and Eunice Packard, Oct. 28, 1812. 
Luther and Sally D welly, Apr. 6, 1794. 
Margrett and Samuel Willis, Mar. 18, 1705-6.* 
Mehetabel and Samuel Edson, Mar. 30, 1721.* 
Mehetabel and Jonas Packard, Sept. 11, 1777.* [Mehitabel, 


Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] and Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll] Gary, 
May 14, 1778. [Mehitabel and Daniel Gary, p.c.r.] 

Mehitable [int. Mehitabel Breet] and Alpheus French [int. of 
Stoughton], May 11, 1800. 

Nathanael and Sarah Hayward, Nov. 21, 1683.* 

Nath[anie]l, Dea. [int. Nathanael, omits Dea.], and Mrs. Mary 
Dyre [int. Dyar, wid.], Feb. 3, 1774, in Plymouth. 

Phebe and Abel Dunbar, Mar. 9, 1806 [date in later handwriting]. 

* Intention not recorded 


Brett, Phebe and Jabez Kingman, June 7, 1818. 

Polly and Ichabod Reynolds, Jan. 21, 1796. 

Ruble and Ephraim Feild, int. Nov. 18, 1786. 

Rufus and Susanna Gary, Sept. 28, 1775. 

Samuel [int. Sam[ue]ll Jr.] and Molly [int. Mary] Packard, 

Mar. 18, 1778. [Samuel and Molly Packard, p.c.r.] 
Sam[ue]ll and Hannah Packard, Dec. 21, 1737.* 
Sarah, wid., and Recompence Gary, Jan. 17, 1726-7.* 
Sarah and Mathew Allen Jr., Nov. 11, 1735.* 
Sarah [int. 3d] and Benjamin Foard [int. of Abington], Feb. 18, 

Seth and Sarah Allden, Oct. 13, 171 2.* [Seth Pratt, p.R.103.] 
Seth and Patience Gurtis, int. June 2, 1744. 
Seth Jr. and Susanna Latham, Nov. 15, 1769. [Susannah, p.c.r.] 
Silence and Thomas Buck, Nov. 3, 1774. 
Simeon and Mehetable Packard, Jan. 31, [i7]49.* 
Simeon [int. Jr.] and Susanna Perkins, Dec. 25, 1777. [Simeon 

and Susannah Perkins, p.c.r.] 
Sophia and Apollos Packard, int. Jan. 12, 181 1. 
Susanna and Nathan[ie]ll Tilden, Nov. 11, 1755.* [Tillden, 


Susanna and Samuel Shepherd [int. Shepard of Stoughton], 

Apr. 17 [Apr. ij in later handwriting], 1806. 
Sylvia [int. Silvia] and Isaac Allen Jr., May 21, 1776. 
Uriah and Gharity Kingman, June 4, 1760.* 
Uriah and Nabbe Kingman, Oct. 5, 1790. 
Uriah and Nanny Robinson, May 2, 1799. 
William and Bethia Kinsley, May 15, 1732.* [Bethiah Kings- 

ly, P.C.R.] 
William and MoUey Allen, Dec. 5, 1782. [Molly, p.c.r.] 
William and Betty Phillips [int. Phillip], Aug. 27, 1801. 
Zenas and Sybil [int. Sibbil] French of Stoughton, June 27, 1813. 
Zibeon (see Zibion). 
Zibiah [int. Zibeah] and John Noyes [int. of Worshester], 

Nov. 7, 1776. 
Zibion [int. Zibeon] and Levinea Snell, Aug. 19 [Aug. 19 in 

later handwriting], 1804. 

BREWSTER, Anne of Pembroke and Earl Josselyn, int. July 

23, 1814. 
Kalla and Margrett Steuard, negroes, int. Mar. 9 [1776]. 
Lucy of Pembroke and Peter Gonant Jr., int. June 10, 1809. 

BRIAND (see Briant, Bryant), Dependence French and Re- 
becca Blackman, June 7, 1791.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


BRIANT (see Briand, Bryant), Anna [int. Bryant] and Abiel 
Phillips of Easton, July 26, 1787, in Easton. 

BRIARY, Dorcas and Prince Hall, int. July 14, 1787. 

BRIDGE, Mathew and Ann Perkins, Sept. 29, 1747.* 

BRIGGS (see Brigs), Daniel [int. of Pembrook] and Jane 

Lathrop, July 4, 1782. [Daniel, p.c.e.] 
Elizabeth of Middleborough and Lewis Harlow Jr., int. May 

21, 1842. 
George [int. Brigs] and MoUey Keith, Apr. 4, 1768. [Briggs 

and Molly Keith, p.c.r.] 
George of Norton and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] Whitman, 

Oct. 26, 1791. [Elizabeth, p.c.r.] 
George [int. Jr.] and Abigail Curtis, Dec. 10, 1809. 
Lucretia H. of Pembroke and Dion Bryant, int. Apr. 21, 1821. 

[m. May 13, p.r.i.] 
Mary D. and William B. Hall of Raynham, int. Nov. 25, 1843. 
Melinda of Taunton and Robert Howland Jr., int. Aug. 16, 

Mercy of Dighton and Christophur Paul Jones, int. Mar. 23, 

Molly of Hallifax and George Washington Jackson, int. Aug. 4, 

Polly and Joshua Wales Jr., int. May 5, 1804. 
Sam[ue]ll Jr. [int. Brigs of Stoughton] and Rhoda Jusee [int. 

Jewzee], Sept. i, 1763. [Samuel Briggs and Rhoda Jusee, 


Seth and Esther Soper, May 2, 1751.* 

Susanna (see Susanna Richards). 

Sylvester [int. Silvester] of Norton and Leah Whitman, Sept. 

28, 1797. 
William, Rev., of Kittery [int. adds York Co.], and Betsey 

Hudson, Nov. 14, 1799. 
Zebedee of Dighton and Prudy Hill, Jan. 19, 1791. 

BRIGHAM, Catharine Warren [int. of Westborough], b. West- 
borough, and Daniel Mitchell [int. Jr.], May 19, 1840, in 

David S., 23, clerk, of Fall River, s. David and Elizabeth H., 
and Elizabeth G. Chace, 20, of Fall River, d. Samuel and 
Eunice, Dec. 4, 1845.* 

Sarah B. [int. Susan B. of Boston] and Henry T. Keith, car- 
penter, Dec. 24, 1846. [Susan S. Brigham of Boston, c.R.i.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


BRIGS (see Briggs), Catharine of Tanton and Benjamin Cook, 

int. Sept. 6, 1766. 
Clement of N. Purchas and Elizabeth Feild, Nov. 3, 1697.* 
Keturah and Benjamin Lennard, Apr. 20, 1756.* [Briggs and 

Benjamin Leonard, s. Joseph; s. Jacob; s. Solomon, P.R.107.] 
Miriam and Solomon Ripley, May 18, 1758.* [Briggs, p.c.r.] 

BRITT, Ann (see Anne Brett). 

BRIXTON, Lydia of Easton and Zephaniah Keith, int. Dec. 

19, 1807. 
Seth of Raynham and Eunice Leach, July 22, 1817. 
William Jr. of Raynham and Mary Latham, June 5, 1766. 

BROADHURST, Thomas of Easton and Chloe Copeland, 
Aug. 9, 1829. 

BROOKER, Harriet and Flushing Corn well, coulered, Apr. 19, 

Sarah and Albert Pierce, coulered, June 13, 1841. 

BROWN, Alvan [and] Betsey Elmes of Hanson, int. July 28, 

Bartholomew and Betsey Lazell, Nov. 26, 1801. 
Betsey and Daniel Barker of Pembroke, int. May 2, 181 2. 
Charles and Elizebeth Pratt of Abington, Sept. 11, 1794, in 

Charles and Mehetabel French, Nov. 30, 1809. 
Charles and Asenath Chamberlain, Mar. [dup. Apr.] 2, 1819. 
Charlotte of Abington and Jonathan Loring Reed, int. Oct. 12, 

Daniel and Mehitabel Porter, June 8, 1797.* 
David [int. 2d] and Nabby Ramsdell [int. Nancy Ramsdel], 

Dec. 24, 1812. 
David 2d and Lydia Ramsdell [int. Ramsdel], Dec. 24, 1818. 
Elisabeth and Jonathan Holloway, Aug. 29, 1746.* 
Emery and Molly Bissbee, Dec. 17, 1817. 

Espey of New Bedford and Thomas Smith, int. July 29, 1849. 
Gennit and Simon Gifl&n, Jan. 5, 1758.* [Griffen, p.c.r.] 
Hannah, Mrs., of Abington, and Howard Gary Esq., int. May 

8, 1819. 
Isaac and Elizabeth Stetson of Abington, Aug. 26, 1790, in 

Isaac [int. Jr.] and Eunice Thayer, Mar. 10, 1813. 
Janet (see Gennit). 
John Jr. and Betty Jenkins of Abington, int. Nov. 29, 1800. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Brown, John Hancock of Franklin, N. J., and Lucy Bethia 
[int. BethiahJ Lovell, Mar. 29, 1842. [Lucy Bethia, d. 
Shuball and Betsey, c.r.2.] 

Lewis and Betsey Harden, int. Aug. 9, 1806. 

Lucy Ann Lazell of E. Bridgewater, d. B. Esq., and Dr. Adol- 
phus Kinsman Borden of N. Bridgewater, Dec. 22, 1825,* 

Lydia and Merret Jenkins of Abington, int. Nov. 4, 1797. 

Lydia and John Thayer, int. Sept. 28, 181 1. 

Lydia Ann and John Talbot, blacks, int. Sept. 9, 1827. 

Mary of Abington and Eliezer Whitman, int. Jan. 17, 1778. 

Mary (see Mary Bates). 

Mary E. and George Witherel [dup, Witherell], s. Nathaniel 
and Lydia (Fish), Oct. 25, 1838, in New York.* 

Moses and Eunice Harris of Stoughton, int. Apr. 25, 1818. 

Prince and Sarah Talbut, blacks, Dec. 4, 1783. 

Priscilla and Henry Thornberry Smith, Mar. 12, 1792. 

Sally of Abington and Oliver Leach, int. Nov. 5, 1803, "Nov' 
18 the above Named Oliver Leach forbade his Publish- 

Susanna and John Bennett [int. Winnett] of Abington, Sept. 
24, 1800. 


BRUCE, Sarah and Paul Packard, Aug. 7, 1749 

BRYANT (see Briand, Briant), Abigail of Plympton and Alvin 

Snell, Oct. 17, 1799, in Plympton. 
Agatha (see Eggatha). 

Alvira and Willard Washburn, int. Dec. 2, 1843. 
Anna and Henry Kingman 2d, Jan. 16, 1792. 
Anna and William Carr Jr., Feb. 22, 1821. 
Asa and Betsey [int. Mehitabel] Snow [int. of Easton], May 26, 

Calvin and Rebecca Morse of Stoughton, int. Nov. 26, 1791. 
Cyrus and Polly Noyes, Aug. 13, 1795. 
Daniel of Watertown and Jennit [int. Jannet] Mitchell, Sept. 

24, 1789. [Jennet, p.c.r.] 
Daniel and Charity Chamberlin, Oct. 19, 1809. 
Daniel and Lucy Skinner [int. Skiner] of Mansfield [dup. 

Stoughton], Apr. 20, 1817. 
Dan[ie]ll and Sarah Washburn, July 16, 1767. [Daniel Briant, 


Dion and Lucretia H. Briggs of Pembroke, int. Apr. 21, 1821. 
[m. May 13, p.r.i.] 

* IntentioB not recorded. 


Bryant, Eggatha [int. Egatha] of Middleborough and Jere- 
miah Keith, Sept. 10, 1772. [Eggatha Briant of Middle- 
boro[ugh], P.C.R.] 

Elisabeth of Middleborough and Nathan[ie]ll Hooper Jr., int. 
Nov. 20, 1762. 

Elisaboth [int. Elizabeth] and Josiah Manley [int. of Easton], 
Aug. 16, 1789. [Elizabeth Carr [sic] and Josiah Manley, 


Eliza G. and Adoniram Thomas of Halifax, Mar. 6, 1825. 

Elizabeth (see Elisabeth and Elisaboth). 

Elvira (see Alvira). 

Hariot and David Dunbar [int. Jr. of Easton], July 6, 1801. 

Huldah of Halifax and Daniel Darling, int. Sept. 9, 1841. 

Ichabod and Silence Bryant, Dec. 27, 1792. 

Jamima of Halifax and Ephriam Churchell, Nov. 28, 1751, in 

Jannet [int. Jennet] and Jonah Edson, [rec. between Apr. 

27 and June 10], 1819. 

Jemima (see Jamima). 

Jerusha of Plymton and Solomon Leach, Apr. 19, 1739.* 
[Briant, c.r.i.] 

Job and Mary Turner, May 3, 1764. [Briant, p.c.r.] 

Job Staples and Lovicy [int. Lovicey] Pratt, July 28, 1793. 

Lewis of Halifax and Polly B. [int. omits B.] Mitchell, Nov. 21, 
1824. [Polly B., d. bphir dec'd, c.R.i. Polly B., p.r.i. 
Lewis, s. Benj[ami]n and Bethiah, and Polly Mitchell, d. 
Ophir and Ruth, p.R.33.] 

Lewis Jr., 23, shoemaker, s. Lewis and Mary, and Angenette 
[int. Anngenette] Wing, 17, d. Stephen and Abby, Sept. 5, 
1849. [Angenette, c.r.i. Lewis Jr., s. Lewis and Polly 
(Mitchell), and Angennet Wing, p.R.33.] 

Lucretia H. and Samuel E. Raymond of New Bedford, int. 
Sept. 12, 1847. [m. Sept. 29, c.r.i. Lucretia Hall Bry- 
ant, d. Dion and Lucretia H. (Briggs), and Sam[ue]l E, 

Raymond, shoe dealer, of New Bedford, s. Rev. , m. 

Sept. 29, P.R.I.] 

Lydia and Alexander Terril, Mar. 17, 1788. 

Mary and John Wormel, June 10, 1729.* [Wormal, p.c.r.] 

Mary and Samuel Holmes, Sept. 29, 1791. 

Mertoun C, 23, civil engineer, of Lowell, s. Dion and Lucretia 
H., and Caroline Bassett, 21, d. George and Hannah, 
May 25, 1847. [Mertoun Cassius, s. Dion and Lucretia H. 
(Briggs), and Caroline Bassett, d. George and Hannah 
(Mitchell), P.R.I.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Bryant, Nancy B. and Ralph Copeland Jr. of Middlebor- 

o[ugh], int. Nov. 7, 1847. [Ralph, s. Ralph and Anna 

(Dunbar), m. , 1848, p.r.ioc] 

Nathan and Sarah Jordan [int. Jurden of Stoughton], Mar. 18, 

1790. [Jordan, p.c.r.] 
Nehemiah and Bethiah Washburn, Feb. 24, 1740.* [Nehe- 

miah of Middleborough and Beth[ia]h Washburne, p.c.r. 

Nehemiah and Bethia Washburn, c.r.i.] 
Oliver and Nabby Ames, May 6 [May 6 in later handwriting], 

Philip and Hannah Richards, May 25 [1779]. 
Phillip and Silence Haward, Oct. 13, 1757.* [Philip Briant, 


Ruth and Edward Heford, Jan. 27, 1709-10.* 

Ruth of Hallifax and Benjamin Faxon, int. Sept. 22 [1787]. 

Sally and Jonathan Snow Jr., int. Oct. 20, 18 10. 

Samuel and Sally Downing, int. Sept, 3, 1800. 

Sarah and Francis Cook, Sept. 24, 1750.* [Briant, p.c.r.] 

Sarah and [int. Capt.] Jotham Ames, June 24, 1786. [Jotham, 


Seth and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] French [int. of Stoughton], 

Feb. 7, 1765. [Briant and Elizabeth French, p.c.r.] 
Silence and Ichabod Bryant, Dec. 27, 1792. 
Thirza and Manassah Dickerman, Oct. 9, 1791. [Oct. 19, p.c.r.] 
Zebulun of Middleborough and Mary Conant, int. May 2, 1767. 
Zibbia and Benjamin [int. adds F.] Dickerman, Feb. 26, 181 7. 

BUCAR (see Bukar, Buker), Polly and Winslow Turner of 
Pembroke, int. Dec. 21, 1782. 

BUCK, Elisabeth [int. Eliz[abeth]] and Elias Monk [int. of 

Stoughton], June 28, 1744. 
Isaac and Sarah Hayward [int. of Easton], Feb. 4, 1773. 
John and Mary Eams of Norton, Dec. 25, 1739.* 
Mary and David Hill, Dec. 11, 1733.* 
Matthew and Eliza Fenno of Stoughton, Aug. 16, 1749, in 

Tabitha and Thomas Kimber, int. Mar. 29, 1755. 
Thomas and Elisabeth Haward, Dec. 18, 1712.* 
Thomas and Silence Brett, Nov. 3, 1774. 

BUKAR (see Bucar, Buker), Sarah and Nathan[ie]ll Hardin of 
Pembrook, int. Sept. 12, 1772. 

BUKER (see Bucar, Bukar), David of Abbington and Huldah 
Harler [sic, ? Harden], int. Feb. 6, 1780. 

* Intention not recorded. 


BuKER, Israel [int. adds H.] and Barsheba [int. Bathsheba] 
Carver, June 21, 1784. [Israel H. Baker and Barsheba 
Carver [dup. Israel Buker and Bathsheba Carver], p.c.r. 
Israel Buker and Basheba Carver, c.r.i.] 

Molly and David Snell, July 17, 1783. 

Nelson and Alice Austin, [Nov. 19] 1795. 

BULLARD, Otis, 37, dealer of lumber, of Boston, and Sophia 
L. Raymond, 25, d. Stetson and D. L., Apr. 30, 1846. 

BUMP, Ansel B. and Lorinda K. Richmond, int. Nov. 10, 1845. 
Betsey C. and Nathaniel L. Barrows of Middleboro[ugh], int. 

May 16, 1847. 
Elisabeth and Ephraim Dunbar, Dec. 9, 1729.* [Elizabeth 

and Ephraim Dunham, p.c.r.] 
[J]acob and Catherine Aldrich, Nov. 7, 1716.* 
Lavina of Middleborough and Silas Bump of Wareham, Mar. 

II, 1816.* 
Mary and William Basset, June 23, 1703.* [Sarah, p.R.103.] 
Noble P. and Betsey T. Packard, Nov. 30, 1837. 
Rachel and Elknnah [int. Elkanah] Thompson [of] Halifax, 

[June i] 1823. [Elkanah of Halifax, c.r.i.] 
Sarah (see Mary). 
Silas of Wareham and Lavina Bump of Middleborough, Mar. 

II, 1816.* 
Simeon M. and Rachel P. Purdy, Feb. 9, 1843,* p.R.48. 

BUMPAS, Mary and Sam[ue]ll Rickard, Feb. 8, 1749.* 

BUNK, Mary [int. Monk] and Manley Hay ward, Mar. 22, 
1804 [date in later handwriting], 

BUNTON, Mary and Thomas Kiff, July 22, 1735.* 

BURDINE, Thomas of Boston and Elizabeth Richards, blacks, 
int. July 7, 1825. 

BURGAL, Tho[ma]s and Elisabeth Pain, Dec. 3, 1769.* 

BURGES (see Burgess), Job and Patience Thomas, Mar. 23, 

Patience, "Indian Woman," and Primus Wood, "Servant man 

to John Willis Esqr," int. Oct. 4, 1764. 

BURGESS (see Burges), Ellen, 17, of W. Bridgewater, d. 
Nehemiah and Rhoda, and Melvin A. Bailey, 23, shoe- 
maker, of W. Bridgewater, s. Melvin and Maria, Dec, 5, 
1847.* [Melvin O., C.R.I.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


BURKE (see Bourke). 

BURNEL, Betsey [int. Burrel] and Sam[ue]l Dike Jr., May i8, 


BURR, Calvin and Betsey Ames, Mar. 27, 1796. 

Elijah and Olive Ames, Apr. 26, 1789. 

Ephraim and Susanna Alger, Sept. 5, 1755.* 

Heman M. and Nelley Tucker of Milton, int. Dec. 12, 181 2. 

Israel and Hannah Ames, Oct. 26, 1779. 

John and Silence Haward, Nov. 7, 1722.* 

John and Sarah Turner of Rehoboth, Aug. 13, 1746, in Re- 

John and Mary Power, May lo, 1748.* 
John and Polly Copeland, Mar. 8, 1792. 
Jonathan and Martha Cudworth, May 30, 1754. 
Jonathan and Lydia Kinsley, int. Sept. 15, 1792. [m. Oct. 4, 


Jonathan of Worthington and Sally Alden, Dec. 6, 1820. 
Joseph and Hannah Richardson of Leicester, int. Apr. 28, 1792. 
Laban and Mary Ann Storrs of Boston, Sept. 25, 1820. 
Luther and Jane Howard, Apr. 7, 1785. 
Martha and Solomon Howard [int. Hayward] of Easton, June 

28, 1779, in Easton. 
Martin and Mary Snell, Jan. 23, 1792. 
Mary (see Ruth Franklin). 

Mary [int. wid.] and William Blakely, Dec. i, 1773. 
Phebe and John Foster, May 25, 1780. 
Sarah and Isaiah Keith, Oct. 13, 1767. 
Seth and Charity Packard, May 3, 1753. 
Seth and Susanna Mehuren of Easton, int. Apr. 14, 1782. 
Silence and John Haward [int. Jr.], Dec. 2, 1773. 
Silvanus [int. of Easton] and Sarah [int. Sally] Warren, Dec. 23, 

1790. [Silvanus and Sarah Warren, p.c.r.] 
Susanna of Norton and Samuel Hartwell, int. Mar. 2, 1782. 
William and Nabby [int. Nabba] Bent, Aug. 29, 1798. 

BURREL (see Burrell, Burrill), Betsey (see Betsey Burnel). 
Daniel of Abington and Polly Edson, int. Dec. 20, 181 7. 

BURRELL (see Burrel, Burrill), Elizabeth (see Elizebeth 

John Jr. [int. Burrel] and Sarah Edson, June 18, 1816. 
Mary of Weymouth and Ichabod Orcutt, June 15, 1737, in 


* Intention not recorded. 


BURRILL (see Burrel, Burrell), Joshua (see Josiah Russells). 

BURT, Charles S. of Boston and Celinda Taylor, July 22, 

George H. and Mary E. Baker, int. Sept. 17, 1848. 
John P. of Taunton and Lurana Keith, Aug. ^o, 1829. 
Matthias T., 33, pattern maker, s. W[illia]m and Margaret, 

and Mary Jane Alden, 19, d. Tho[ma]s R. and Jane, Oct. 

10, 1845. 
Roxana [int. Roxanna] S., 22, d. William and Margaret, and 

Alfred B. Hooker, 25, paper manufacturer, s. George and 

Harriet, May 14, 1848. [Roxana, c.R.2.] 

BUTLER, Israel and Huldah Alden of Middleborough, int. 
Jan. 25, 1783. 

BYRAM (see Biram, Byrum), Abigail and Nathaniel Clift, 

July 25, 1799. 
Ann and Akerman Pettingail, int. Dec. 3, 1766. 
Anna and John Mitchell, Sept. 24, 1781. [Anna (first w.), p. r.i.] 
Benjamin and Ann Holman, Apr. 6, 1757. 
Benjamin and Rachel Bailey, Apr. 10, 1760.* 
Bithia and Samuel Pratt, Dec. 30, 1729.* [Bethiah, p.c.r.] 
Branch and Anna Washburn of Tui'ner, Cumberland Co., int. 

Aug. 28, 1802. 
Content and David Harvey, Oct. 12, 1756.* [Harvy, p.c.r.] 
David and Lucy Randal, Sept. 29, 1791. [Randall, p.c.r.] 
Ebenezer and Hannah Hay ward, Dec. 9, 17 14.* 
Ebenezer Jr. and Abigail Alden, , 1738.* [Abigal, Nov. 22, 


Eliab and Phebee Leonard, Dec. 3, 1741.* [Mrs. Phebe, p.c.r. 
Elyab and Mrs. Phebe Leonard, c.r.i.] 

Elisabeth and Tho[ma]s Hayward, June 4, 1746.* 

Elisabeth and Winslow Richardson, Apr. 27, 1768. [Eliza- 
beth, P.C.R.] 

George and Phebe Randal [int. Randel], Oct. 16, 1788. [Ran- 
dall, P.C.R.] 

Jane (see Jenny). 

Japhet [int. Japheth] and Sarah Allen, Dec. 13, 1742. [Japhet, 


Jenny and Isaac Lazel [int. Lazell], June 10, 1779. [Jane and 
Isaac Lazell, p.c.r. Jane and Dea. Isaac Lazell, p. r.i.] 

Jephtha of Mendham, N. J., and Susanna Wasburn, Feb. 19, 
1761.* [Jeptha of Mendham, N. J., and Susannah Wash- 
burne, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Byram, Jesse and Martha Shaw, int. Nov. 28, 1794. "Said 

Jesse forbid his Publishment." 
Jessee and Abigail Thurston, June 30, 1742.* [June 4, p.c.r.] 
Joseph and Martha Perkins, May 13, 1724.* 
Joseph and Mary Bowditch, Dec. 17, 1745,* p.c.r. 
Josiah and Sarah Hall, Sept. 11, 1766. 
Marcy (see Mary). 
Martha (see Matha). 
Martha and Mathew Gannet, Apr. 9, 1750.* [Mathew Jen- 

nett, P.C.R.] 
Mary and Edward Haward, Feb. 7, 1710-11.* 
Mary and John Lazel, Oct. 24, 1750.* [Marcy and John 

Lazell, P.C.R.] 
Mary and Calvin Shepard, Dec. 20, 1807. 
Matha and Henry Gary, May 3, 1749.* [Martha and Henry 

Garey, p.c.r.] 
Mehetable and Dan[ie]ll Beale, Apr. 3, 1750.* [Dan[ie]l Beal, 


Mercy (see Mary). 

Mercy and Nathan Whitman, Mar. 27, 1788. 

Naphtali and Hannah Pratt, Sept. 27, 1744. 

Nicholas and Anne Snell, Aug. 3, 1708.* 

Rachell and Lt. Nathan Mitchell, int. Oct. 19, 1793. [Rachel, 
m. Nov. 9, P.C.R. Rachel, m. Nov. 7, p.r.i. Rachel and 
Nathan Mitchell 2d, s. Nathan Sr. and Anne (Gary), m. 
Nov. 7, P.R.74.] 

Rebeca [int. Rebecca] and Sam[ue]ll Bowditch [int. Boudage], 
Mar. 18, 1755. 

Robert J. and Mercy Faxon of Hallifax, int. Apr. 9, 1814. 

Ruth and Isaac Alden 2d, Nov. 6, 1794. 

Sarah, wid. [int. omits wid.], and Gapt. Simeon Whitman, 
Nov. 6, 1783. [Sarah, p.c.r.] 

Sarah and Caleb Gopeland, Aug. 2, 1787. 

Seth and Matilda [int. Metilda] Whitman, Aug. i, 1791. [Ma- 
tilda, p.c.r.] 

Susan [int. Susanna] and Ebenezer Hayward [int. Haward] of 
Braintree, July 20, 1774, in Braintree. 

Susanna and Jonathan Bass Jr., Nov. 11, 1741.* 

Theophilus and Elisabeth Beale, Apr. 27, 1749.* [Elizebeth 
Beal, P.C.R.] 

BYRUM (see Biram, Byram), Nickolas Jr. and 

[Mary Edson, p.r,io3.], Sept. 20, 1676.* 
Seth [int. Byram] and Sarah Vinal of Scituate, Aug. 12, 1762, 

in Scituate. 

* Intention not recorded. 


CADY, Alice of Pomphrett and John Brett, int. Nov. 17, 1744. 

CAESAR (see Cesar), Augustus of Boston and Lydia Mitchell, 
"Mitchell alies Ashport," blacks, int. Sept. 18, 1802. 

CAHOONE (see Cohoon, Cohoone). 

CALDWELL (see Coll well. Col well). 

CALLAGHAN (see Callahan), Bridget and Thomas Frawley, 

int. Sept. 19, 1839. 
Matthew and Bridget McCue, int. June 27, 1849. 

CALLAHAN (see Callaghan), Johan [int. Joanna] and Alex- 
ander Patterson, Mar. 6, 1847. [Johan, c.r.2.] 

Timothy and Catharine Frauley, int. July 23, 1848. [This 
entry marked "Void."] 

CAMPBEL, Alice of Tanton and Joseph Phinney, int. Nov. 27, 

Ebenezer and Hannah Pratt [int. wid.]. May 15, 1764. [Han- 
nah, P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

Mehetable and Calvin Snow, int. Jan. 29, 1777. 

Sarah [int. of Norton] and Jo[h]n Allen, July 12, 1753. [Camp- 
bell, P.C.R.] 

CANTY, Timothy and Mary Dunivan Seanthy, int. May 6, 1846. 

CAPEN (see Capin), Adam and Huldah Packard, June 4, 18 16. 
Hannah of Dorchester and Job Howard, Dec. 13, 1781, in 

James [int. Jr. of Stoughton] and Lois Leonard, Dec. 6, 1807 

[date in later handwriting]. 
Jane of Stoughton and Howard Packard, Mar. 19, 1799, in 

Mary [int. Polly] of Sharon and Ebenezer Alger [int. Algier], 

July 18, 1792, in Sharon. 
Priscilla of Stoughton [int. Priscila of Stoughtonham] and 

Joshua Howard [int. Haward], Dec. 12, 1776, in Stoughton. 
Sukey [int. Susanna] of Stoughton and John Wales, Nov. 10, 

1 791, in Stoughton. 
Susan [int. Sukey] of Sharon and Willis Alger, Nov. 19, 1795, 

in Sharon. 
Uriah of Stoughton and Eupice Packard, int. Sept. 30, 1797. 

CAPEN" (see Capen), Benjamin [int. Capen of Stoughton] and 
Lephia [int. Leepha] Howard, Jan. 9, 1806 [date in later 

* Intention not recorded. 


Capin, John [int. Capen of Sharon] and Tyle [int. Tiley] 
Dunbar, Mar. 24, 1807. 

CAR (see Carr), William [int. Carr] and Rhoda French of 
Stoughton, Nov. 30, 1797, in Stoughton. 

CAREY (see Gary). 

CARKING, Margaret (see Margret Karkins). 

CARR (see Car), Anne and William Haward, int. May 10, 1777. 
Daniel [int. Jr.] and Mercy Carr, Oct. 17, 1799. 
Dan[ie]ll and Martha Edson, Dec. 27, 1770. [Dan[ie]l, p.c.r.] 
Elisabeth and Nathan Pettingail, May 18, 1760.* 
E[l]isabeth [int. Elizabeth] and Asa Pettingill, Aug. 18, 1789. 

[Elizabeth and Asa Pettingil, p.c.r.] 
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth Bryant). 
Mercy and Daniel Carr [int. Jr.], Oct. 17, 1799. 
Nelson O., 23, shoemaker, s. Oren and Orinda of Williamston, 

Vt., and Sarah E. Darling, 16, d. Benj[amin] and Sarah 

W., Oct. 24, 1847. 
Redding [int. Reeding] and Mercy West, Jan. 19, 1795. 
Reding and Sela Pettingill, int. Mar. 23, 1793. "Forbiden by 

Said Sela." 
William Jr. and Anna Bryant, Feb. 22, 1821. 

CARROL, T'homas and Rose Flood, int. June i, 1844. 

CARRY (see Cary). 

CARTER, William and Sally Humphrey, Oct. 9, 1820. 

CARVER, Abigail of Marshfield and Job Ames, int. Mar. 5, 

Barsheba [int. Bathsheba] and Israel [int. adds H.] Buker, 
June 21, 1784. [Barsheba and Israel H. Baker [dup. Bath- 
sheba and Israel Buker], p.c.r. Basheba and Israel 
Buker, c.r.i.] 

Bethia and Joseph Alden, int. Aug. 13, 1773. 

Betsey and Chilton Latham, June 5, 1803. 

Betty and Nathaniel Cole, int. Aug. 17, 1793. [m. Oct, 29, 


Clifford [int. Clefford] [of] Ray[n]ham and Polly Leonard, wid., 

Sept. 29, 1806. 
Eleazer Jr. and Hepzibah Perkins, Apr. 3, 1746.* [Hepsiba, 

P.C.R. Apr. 3, 1746 "old Stile," p.R.34.] 
Eleazer Jr. [int. Dr., omits Jr.] and Sarah Keith, Apr. 18, 1776. 

[Eleazer Jr., c.r.i. Eleazer, s. Eleazer, p.R.34.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Carver, Eleazer 2d and Nancey Jones, Sept. 26, 1787. [Nancy, 

p.c.R. Nancy, Sept. 27, p.R.105.] 
Eleazer Jr. and Bathsheba Smith of Hanson, int. Apr. 21, 1821. 

[m. , 1821, P.R.34-] 

Elisabeth and Sam[ue]ll Packard 4th, Dec. 13, 1757.* [Eliza- 

[beth] and Samuel Packard 4th, p.c.r.] 
Eunice and Joseph Knap [int. Knapp Jr.] of Easton, Jan. 15, 

1784. [Knap Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] of Easton, p.c.r. Unice 

and Joseph Knap of Easton, c.r.i.] 
Experience and Jonathan Gary, Dec. 10, 17 19.* 
Grenville and Sarah Mitchell, int. June 29, 1844. [Grenville, 

s. John and Sukey (Snell), m. July 14, p.R.27.] 
Hephzibah and Ebenezer Keith, Nov. 6, 1759.* [Hepsibah, 


Hepzibah and Thomas Howard, Dec. 16, 1810. 

Jabez and Sarah Perkins, Sept. 29, 1743. 

Jo[h]n and Bathsheba Edson, Oct. 18, 1762. 

John J[r.] and Huldah Pratt, Feb. i, 1795. 

John 2d of Raynham and Sukey Snell, Nov. 17, 1822. [Suky, 

Oct. 25, P.R.I. Sukey, d. Benjamin, Nov. 17, p.R.27.] 
Jonathan and Sarah Homes, Oct. 24, 1746.* [Oct. 13, p.c.r.] 
Joseph and Elisabeth Snow, May 4, 1725.* [Elizabeth, p.c.r.] 
Joseph Jr. and Sarah Hartwell, Dec. 25, 1746.* 
Joseph E,, 24, manufacturer, s. Eleazer and Bathsheba, and 

Ellen Perkins, 24, d. Jacob and Mary, May 28, 1848. 

[Joseph E., s. Eleazer and Bathsheba (Smith), and Ellen 

M. Perkins, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), p.r.i. Ellen, 

d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), p.R.13.] 

Mary and Abraham Perkins, , 1743. [Sept. — , p.c.r.] 

Mary and Seth Alden, Dec. 3, 1767. 

Mary and Abram Washburn, Jan. 15, 1804. 

Mehetabel and Seth Alden, Jan. i [1739-40].* [Mehetable, 

p.c.r. Mehetibel, Jan. i, 1739, c.r.i.] 
Nathaniel and Albertina Pratt, int. June 24, 18 15. 
Nathan[ie]ll and Abigail Allen, July 28, 1736.* [Nathaniel, 


Olive S. and William Henry Ladd, ,* p.R.27. 

Oliver and Mary Perkins, Jan. 9, 1774. 

Rodulphus and Abigail Boman [int. Bowman of Bedford], 

May 18, 1763, in Lexington. 
Ruth and Timothy Ames, Oct. i, 1786. 
Ruth and Jonathan Shaw of Middleborough, int. Nov. 16, 

Ruth and Bezar Harvey, Feb. 2, 1795. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Carver, Sarah and John Hooper, Dec. i, 1746.* 

Sarah, wid., and Joseph Clap, Dec. 23, 1746.* 

Sarah and Hezekia Porter of Winsor, Sept. 25, 175,7.* [Heze- 
kiah of Windsor, p.c.r.] 

Sarah and Benjamin Willis Jr., int. Feb. 21, 1801. 

Sarah ( ) [int. Sally Carver] and Solomon Washburn [int. 

Jr.], Mar. 18, 1801. [Sarah Carver, d. Jabez and Sarah of 
Raynham, and Solomon Washburn, s. Solomon, p.R.36.] 

Sarah (see Sarah Willis). 

GARY, Abigail and Isaac Dunham, int. May 18, 181 1. 

Alpheus [int. of Brain tree] and Ruby Perkins, Sept. 21, 1786. 
[Alpheus, P.C.R.] 

Ann [int. Anne] and Nathan Mitchel, Apr. 25, 1754. [Ann and 
Nathan Mitchell, p.c.r. Ann, d. Jonathan, and Hon. 
Nathan Mitchell, p.R.73.] 

Azubah and Josiah Johnson, int. Feb. 6, 1762. 

Barzillai [int. Barzillia] and Vashti Snell, June 11, 1808. 

Betsey and Nathaniel Gilbert, int. Aug. 29, 1801. "Said Gil- 
bert forbade his publishment Sept 4*" [m. , p.r.i.] 

Caleb and Mary Perkins, Sept. 3, 1778. [Perkens, c.r.i.] 

Cyrus of Claremont and Nabby Keith, Nov. 13, 1802. 

Daniel and Martha Gary, Jan. 28, 1741.* 

Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll] and Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] Brett, 
May 14, 1778. [Daniel and Mehitabel Brett, p.c.r.] 

Daniel Howard and Martha Marsh [int. Howard], Apr. 19, 

Dan[ie]ll [int. Daniel] and Hannah Thayer, Sept. 20, 1773. 

Eleazer and Betty Fobes, Nov. 12, 1745.* 

Eleazer and Mary Washburn, Mar. 7, 1753.* [Carry and Mary 
Washburne, p.c.r.] 

Eleazer and Lucy Alden of Middleborough, int. Apr. 12, 1794. 

Eliphalet [int. Maj.] and Hannah Edson, May 19, 1782. 
[Eliphalet and Mrs. Hannah Edson, May 9, p.c.r. Eliph- 
alet and Hannah Edson, May 9, c.r.i.] 

Elisabethand John Whitman, Nov. 10,1729.* [Elizabeth, p.c.r.] 

Elisabeth [int. Betty] and William Perkins, July 9, 1777. 
[Elizabeth and William Perkins, s. Thomas and Mary 
(Pratt), C.R.2.] 

Ephraim and Hannah Waldo, Feb. 3, 1708-9.* 

Ephraim Jr. and Susanna Alden, , 1738.* [Nov. 22, p.c.r.] 

Ephraim Jr. and Jane Holman, Dec. 25, 1771. 

Ephraim and Mary Kingman [int. of Sharon], May 25, 1784. 
[Mary, May 21, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Cary, Ephraim Jr. and Anna Hill, July 23, 1809. 

Eunice and William Snell [int. 2d], Aug. 30, 1781. [William, 
p.c.R. Unice and William Snell, c.r.i.] 

Eunice and Isaac Washburn of Taunton, int. Mar. 4, 1786. 

Ezra and Mary Holman, Feb. 8, 1736-7.* 

Ezra and Cyntha Tolman [int. Toleman] of S tough ton, May 31, 
1770, in Stoughton. 

Francis and Hariet Howard [int. Harriot Hayward], Sept. 9, 1 81 6. 

Harmony and James E. [int. W.] Watson, Jan. i, 1821. 

Henry and Matha Byram, May 3, 1749.* [Carey and Martha 
Byram, p.c.r.] 

Howard and Huldah Packard, Dec. 11, 1785. [Dec. 15, p.c.r.] 

Howard Esq. and Mrs. Hannah Brown of Abington, int. 
May 8, 1819. 

Huldah and Simeon Allen, May 26, 1785. 

Huldah and Darius Howard, June 5, 1808 [date in later hand- 

Ichabod and Hannah Gannett, Dec. 3, 1741.* 

James and [Mary Shaw, p.R.103.], Jan. 4, 1681.* 

James and Sarah Shaw, Feb. 8, 1721-2.* 

James and Hannah Alden [int. of Abington], May 30, 1798. 

James and Hannah Wales, June 5, 1803 [date in later hand- 

Jane and Zenas Keith, Nov. 1, 1792. 

John Jr. and [Abigail Allen, p.R.103.], I^^c. 7, 


John and Ruth Franklin [sic, ? Mary Burr, see Rehoboth Vital 
Records] of Rehoboth, Nov. 2, 1730, in Rehoboth.* 

John and Susanah Allen, Aug. 5, 1733.* 

John and Sarah Drake, Oct. 8, 1734.* 

John and Mary Harden, May 13, 1741.* 

Jonathan and Susanna [dup. Susannah] Keith, Dec. 10 [dup. 
Dec. 11], 1717.* [Dec. 11, p.R.103.] 

Jonathan and Experience Carver, Dec. 10, 17 19.* 

Jonathan and Mary Curtis, Dec. 30, [i7]47.* 

Jonathan and Lois Hooper, Mar. 7, 1754. 

Jonathan [int. Jr.] and Abigail Perkins, Jan. 19, 1784. [Jona- 
than, P.C.R.] 

Jonathan Jr. and Tiley Clark, wid., of Winslow, int. July 16, 

Joseph and Anne Brett, June 15, 1732.* [Anna, p.c.r. Ann 
Britt, C.R.I.] 

Lois and Solomon Keith, Mar. 6, 1777. 

Lydia and Joseph Edson, June 7, 1704.* 

• Inteation not recorded. 


Gary, Lydia and Ephraim Howard, int. May 5, 182 1. 

Malatiah and Joseph Lucas, Nov. 9, 1727.* 

Martha and Daniel Gary, Jan. 28, 1741.* 

Martha, wid., and Abner Pratt, Aug. 28, 1764. 

Mary and Nicholas Whitman, Sept. 14, 171 5.* 

Mary and Joseph Grossman, Feb. 18, [I7J47.* 

Mary and Nathaniel Morton [int. 3d of Freetown, Bristol Co.], 

Mar. 17, 1782. [Nathaniel, p.c.r. Nathaniel of Free- 

toun, C.R.I.] 
Mary (see Mary Gary Shaw). 
Mehetabel and Benjamin Allen, Jan. 7, 1729-30.* [Mehitabel, 


Mehetabel and Zachariah [int. Zachary] Silvester of Dux- 
borough, Nov. 14, 1 771. 

Mehetabel [int. Mehitabel] and Bela Howard, Nov. 28, 1782. 
[Mehetabel, p.c.r.] 

Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] and Joseph Allen, Feb. 5, 1771. 

Melatiah (see Malatiah). 

Mercy and David Thurston of Rehoboth, Apr. 28, 1713.* 

Molley and Simeon Keith, June 15, 1775. 

Mosses [int. Moses] and Susanna Feild, Apr. 13, 1773. 

Olive and Appolas [int. Apollas] Howard, Apr. 8, 1802 [date in 
later handwriting]. 

Patty [int. Patte] and Benjamin Keith [int. 2d], Dec. 18, 1788. 
[Patty and Benjamin Keith, p.c.r.] 

Phebe and Ezra Allen, Apr. 23, 1761.* [Phoebe, p.c.r.] 

Polly and Jonathan Beals, Oct. 26, 1807 [date in later hand- 

Polly and Ezra Dunham [int. of Abington], Nov. 19 [sic, int. 
Nov. 25], 1809 [date in later handwriting]. 

Rebecka ( ) [Rebecca Gary, p.R.103.] and Samuel Allen 

Jr., Dec. 2, 1685.* 

Recompence and Mary Grossman, Dec. 25, 1711.* 

Recompence and Sarah Brett, wid., Jan. 17, 1726-7.* 

Rhoda and Richard Wild [int. of Stoughton], Dec. 4, 1794. 

Rhoda and Nathan Hayward, Nov. 17, 1818. 

Sally and Ziba Keith, Nov. 25, 18 13. 

Salome and Rodolphus [int. Rhodolphus] Kinsley of Stough- 
ton, Aug. II, 1794. [Rodolphus of Stoughton, p.c.r.] 

Samuel and Mary Pool, Apr. 25, 1704.* 

Sarah and Benjamin Snow, Oct. 25, 1705.* 

Sarah and Benjamin Hayward, Jan. 6, 1741.* 

Sarah and William Barrel, Dec. 19, 175 1.* [Garry and William 
Barrill, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Gary, Sarah and Daniel Alden [int. of Abington], Dec. i8, 
1786. [Daniel, p.c.r.] 

Simeon and Mary Haward, June 27, 1754. [Hayward, p.c.r.] 

Simeon and Rhoda [sic, Rowena, int. Rowena] Howard, 
Oct. 27 [Oct. 27 in later handwriting], 1806. 

Susan and John Eaton of Dorchester, Nov. 22, 181 2. 

Susanna and William Hooper, Nov. 28, 1759.* [William, s. 
William and Lois, g.r.i.] 

Susanna and Asa Keith, June 21, 1774. 

Susanna and Rufus Brett, Sept. 28, 1775. 

Susanna and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] John Shaw [int. of Abing- 
ton], Oct. 17, 1807 [date in later handwriting]. 

Thankfull and Jonathan Orcut, Sept. 23, 1766. 

Thomas [int. of Greenwich] and Sally Packard, Mar. 5, 1798. 

Zachariah (see Zechariah). 

Zebulun and Mehetable Gannitt, Oct. 8, [i7]47.* 

Zebulun and Lydia Phillips, Nov. 28, 1749.* [Zebulon Carry, 


Zechariah and Susanna Bass, Nov. 11,1742. [Zachariah, p.c.r.] 
Zibby [int. Zibeah] and Rodger [int. Roger] Sumner [int. of 
Stoughton], Apr. 5, 1801. 

CASE, William and Louisa Leach, int. Oct. 28, 1849. 

CASTLE, Lydia and Lemuel Newbury, int. Apr. i, 1798. 
Phebe and Eliphalet Leach, int. July 28, 1798. 
Susanna and Walter Andrew, int. Apr. 12, 1806. 

CASWELL, Anna, Mrs., and Willard Wood, int. May 5, 1844. 

Catharine and Isaac Pratt, Sept. 5, 1758.* 

Harriet and Willaid [sic, int. Willard] Wood, Apr. 30, 1826. 

[Hariot and Williard Wood, C.R.3.] 
Henry and Sarah Washburn, May 11, 1738,* c.R.i. 
Jedediah, 24, mechanic, of Abington, s. John and Mary, and 

Prisalla P. Small, 23, of Abington, d. James and Mary, 

Apr. 6, 1848.* 
Jonathan [int. of Middleborough] and Tabitha Keith, Feb. 23, 

1769. [Jonath[an], p.c.r.] 
Lydia M., Mrs., of Middleborough, and Simeon W. Mitchell, 

int. July 16, 1842. 
Winslow and Mary Antoinette [int. Antoinett] Wood, Dec. 8, 

1835. [Mary Antoinette, C.R.3.] 
Zephaniah [int. Caswill] and Azubah Hooper, Mar. 27, 1803. 
Zephaniah Jr. and Anna W. Chipman, May 6, 1827. 

CAVENER, John and Anne Jennings, July 7, 1718.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


CELONG, Jack and Molly Quanwen, int. June 20, 1772. 

CESAR (see Caesar), Elisabeth, "Free negro woman," and 
Sippio Ponus, "David Keiths negro man," Apr, 29, 1773. 

CHACE (see Chase), Elizabeth G., 20, of Fall River, d. Samuel 
and Eunice, and David S. Brigham, 23, clerk, of Fall 
River, s. David and Elizabeth H., Dec. 4, 1845.* 

CHAMBERLAIN (see Chamberlin), Asenath and Charles 
Brown, Mar. [dup. Apr.] 2, 1819. 

Benjamin and Hannah Snell, Sept. 23, 1756.* 

Ebenezer and Meleson Benson, Nov. 19, 1820. 

Elisabeth and Joseph Symmonds [int. Simmons] of Pembrook, 
Dec. 4, 1770. 

Henry and Susannah Hinds, Dec. 7, 1740.* [Henery and Su- 
sanna Hinds, p.c.R. Henry and Susanna Hinds, Dec. 9, 


Isaac [int. Chamberlin] and Rebecca [sic, see Halifax Vital Rec- 
ords] Thompson [int. Charity Thomson] of Halifax, 

[int. Mar. 15], 1794, in Halifax. 

Isaac of E. Bridgewater and Lydia Ann Osburn, int. Sept. 27, 

Jo[h]n of Westmoreland and Eunice Edson, int. Nov. 29, 1766. 

Joseph and Mary Wetherel [int. wid.], Feb. 12, 1767. [Wethrel, 


Joseph Jr. [int. Chamberlin] and Alice Harris, Jan. 6, 18 19. 
Joseph of E. Bridgewater [and] Luranna W. Whitman of E. 

Bridgewater, Dec. 13, 1838.* 
Mary and Benjamin White Jr. of Hanover, Dec. 12, 1780. 

[Chamberlin, p.c.R.] 
Nathan W. and Elizabeth F. Hardin, int. Sept. 14, 1844. 
Nathan[ie]ll and Deliverance Snell, Mar. 19, 1767. 
Nathan[ie]ll Jr. and Elanor Whitman, int. Oct. 3, 1767. 
Rachel [int. Chamberlin] and Ichabod Packard of Lebanan, 

Grafton Co., N. H., Oct. 17, 1780. [Chamberlin, p.c.r.] 
Rachel [int. Chamberlin] and Asa Whitman, Feb. 16, 1820. 
Ruth [dup. Chamberlin] and Elisha Records of Pembroke, 

Feb. 2, 1775. 

CHAMBERLIN (see Chamberlain), Celia [int. Celea] and 
Mark Phillips Jr., Apr. 23, 1789. [Celia Chamberlain, 

Charity and Daniel Bryant, Oct. 19, 1809. 

Ebenezer and Polly Benson, int. Aug. 28, 1819. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Chamberlin, Hannah and James Lamberton of Ware, Hamp- 
shire Co., Oct. 20, 1794. [Chamberlain, p.c.r.] 

Joseph and Sarah Bass, Dec. 22, 1784, [Chamberlain, p.c.r.] 

Lewis and Rebecca Tomson of Hallifax, int. Nov. 23, 1793. 

Nathan and Eliza Freeman [of] Abington, int. Oct. 25, 1822. 

Susanna and Thaxter Norton, June 20, 1808. 

Thomas and Molly [int. Molley] Whitman, Feb. 3, 1785. 
[Molly, P.C.R.] 

Zeruiah and Daniel Cushing, Nov. 22, 1787. [Zerviah, p.c.r.] 

CHANDLER, Betsey of Easton and Elisha S. Tilson, int. 

May I, 1819. 
Betty and Israel Keith, Feb. 17, 1740.* [Bette, Feb. 17, 1740-1, 


David Jr., 21, shoemaker, of Duxbury, s. David and Edith, 
and Ann S. Upham, 21, of Duxbury, d. Antoine and Re- 
becca, Oct. 25, 1846.* 

Hannah D. of Weymouth and Southworth Harlow, int. Nov. 
19, 1848. 

Jonathan and Abthia Wade, May 23, 1745.* 

Mary and Joseph Perry, Oct. 17, 1729.* 

Rhoda W. and Jacob Robinson, May 11, 1823. 

Ruth S. of Kingston and Ransom Maxham, int. Sept. 15, 1835. 

CHARD, Caleb and EUener Waters, Apr. 23, 1700.* 

CHARLES, Benjamin and Margery Penos, blacks, int. Aug. 27, 

CHARTA, Ann and Will[ia]m Hall [int. of Boston], Aug. 26, 
1743. [Chasta and William Hall, p.c.r.] 

CHASE (see Chace), Joshua [int. John] of Waterborough, Me., 
and Mary Ann Harden, Sept. 14, 1834. [John of Water- 
borough, Me., C.R.I.] 

Levi of Sandwich and Silence Fobes, Mar. 20, 1771. [Livi of 
Sandwich, p.c.r. Levi Chace of Sandwich, c.r.i.] 

Nahum of Weymouth and Lucy H. Harden, int. Feb. 5, 1837. 

Rhoda and Elkanah Hayden, int. May 10, 1777. 

Sally and James Sanders [int. Saundrus], Oct. 27, 1819. 

CHASTA, Ann (see Ann Charta). 

CHEDEL, Sarah, 35, of W. Bridgewater, d. Daniel and Abi- 
gail, and Simeon H. Edson, widr., 44, farmer, of W. Bridge- 
water, s. Noah and Keziah, June 11, 1849.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


CHEESMAN (see Chesman, Chessman), Noah (see Noah 

Olive and James Thomson, Dec. 24, 1798. 

CHENEY, Oliver of Pomphret and Hannah Hay ward, Nov. 22, 

CHERREY, Margret of Middleborough and Nathan Eaton, 
Aug. 18, 1774.* 

CHESMAN (see Cheesman, Chessman), Naomi [int. Chess- 
man] and Joseah [int. Josiah] Orcutt, Nov. 20, 1807 [date 
in later handwriting]. 

Olive and Reuben Drake, Dec. 7, 1819. 

Ruth and Azor Howe [int. How], Dec. i, 1791. [Howe, p.c.r. 
Chessman and Azor Howe, Dec. 8, p.r.i.] 

CHESSMAN (see Cheesman, Chesman), Betsey and Barzillia 

King of Easton, int. Apr. 11, 181 2. 
Samuel Jr. and Mehitabel Leach, int. Aug. 23, 1806. 

CHUyD (see Childs), Elisabeth [int. Betty Childs] of Roxbury 
and Byram Allen, Feb. 7, 1786. [Elizabeth Child, p.c.r.] 

CHH^DS (see Child), Martha and Benjamin Tayler, Apr. 5, 


CHIPMAN, Alvin [int. Albin] and Caroline Leonard, July 28, 

Anna W. and Zephaniah Caswell Jr., May 6, 1827. 
Benjamin of Taunton and Silvia Walker, int. Feb. 12, 1773. 
Content of Hallifax and Ellis Holmes, int. June 25, 1808. 
George and Huldah Leach, Aug. 7, 1803.* 
George, Dea., and Chloe Howard of W. Bridgewater, int. 

Oct. 16, 1836. 
Jacob and Orpah Leach, Nov. 29, 1792 [? in Middleborough]. 
Mary of Halifax and Jonathan Porter, Feb. 16, 1764, in Halifax. 

CHOERS, Lydia and Francis Sutton, black [int. Sutten, 
blacks], Sept. 21, 1796. 

CHRISTIAL, George and Philibert Muxam, Oct. 11, 1789 [? in 
Middleborough] . 

CHRISTIAN, Ann, 17, d. Caleb and Roxilana, and Edwin 
Pratt, 25, machinist, s. Seth and Lucinda, Oct. 12, 1845. 
[Ann, d. Caleb and Roxelana (Dunbar), p.r.i. Ann, d. 
Caleb and Roxellana (Dunbar), and Edwin Pratt, s. Seth 
and Lucinda (Conant), p.R.93.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Christian, Caleb and Roxalana Dunbar, Jan. i, 1826. [Rox- 
elana, d. Elias dec'd, c.r.i. Roxellana, d. Elias and 
Roxellana (Leach), p.R.93.] 

Philibert and Daniel Munroe of Taunton, int. Apr, 6, 1809. 

CHURCH, Caleb of Rochester and Hannah Pool, June 23, 

1772 [? in Middleborough]. 
Giles, Dr., and Mrs. Rebecca Miller of Milton, int. Oct. 20, 

Nathan [int. of Boston] and Lucy Howard, Sept. 27, 1810. 
Sarah of Scituate and Josiah Lathroup, June 21, 1749, in 


CHURCHEL (see Churchell, Churchil, Churchill), Alice [int. 

Churchill] and Elias Monk Jr. of Stoughton, Dec. 10, 

1772, in Stoughton. 
Elezer [int. Eleazer Churchell] and Lucy Otis of Scituate, 

Jan. 27, 1769 [sic, int. Jan. 10, 1789], in Scituate. 
James and Lydia Snow, int. Oct. 17, 1788. 
Priscilla [int. Churchell] and Benjamin Sprage [int. Sprauge], 

Nov. 17, 1785. [Churchill and Benjamin Sprague, p.c.r. 

Prissilla Churchel and Benjamin Sprague, c.r.i.] 
Susanna [int. Churchell] and Elijah Drake [int. 2d of Easton], 

Oct. 16, 1800. 

CHURCHELL (see Churchel, Churchil, Churchill), Asaba and 

Lewis Keith, Sept. 22, 1819. 
Cornelius and Desire Lichfield of Pembroke, int. May 24, 1800. 
Deborah [int. Churchill] and Eleazer Alden [int. Jr.], Dec. 11, 

1794. [Churchill and Eleazer Alden, p.c.r.] 
Dorcas and Eliab Snow, Dec. 23, 1787 [sic, int. Nov. 15, 1783]. 

[Dec. 23, 1783, P.C.R.] 
Ephraim [int. Jr.] and Silence French [int. of Stoughton], Dec. 

25, 1787 [sic, int. Nov. 22, 1783]. [Churchill and Silence 

French, Dec. 25, 1783, p.c.r.] 
Ephriam and Jamima Bryant of Halifax, Nov. 28, 1751, in 

Ezra and Bethiah Mehuren of Pembroke, int. Jan. 11, 1800. 
Fidelia [int. Filena] and William Hunt, Aug. 20, 1798. 
Hannah and Calvin Snow, July 20, 1784. [Churchill, p.c.r.] 
Harriet and John Reed Jr. of Abington, Jan. 28, 1819. 
Harriet of W. Bridgewater and Lucius Alden, int. Nov. 27, 

James and Mary Gurney, Dec. 21, 1794. 
Josiah [int. Churchel] and Sarah Rogers, Feb. i, 1781. [Church- 
ill, P.C.R.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Churchell, Levi of Plympton and Cynthia Packard, Sept. 

19, 1799. 
Silence [int. Churchill] and Asa Randall [int. Randel], July 29, 


CHURCHIL (see Churchel, Churchell, Churchill), David Jr. 

[int. Churchell] and Molly Hearsey, June i, 1797. 
Rachel [int. Churchill] and Thaddeus [int. Thadeus] Pratt, 

July 23, 1777. 

CHURCHILL (see Churchel, Churchell, Churchil), Jemima 
[int. Churchell] and James Packard [int. Jr.], Aug. 27, 
1778. [Churchill and James Packard, Aug. 27, 1779, 


Jo[h]n of Plymton and Joanna Bisbee, Feb. 12, 1756.* 
John of Plymouth and Sarah Pratt, int. Nov. 27, 1766. 
Mercy, wid., of Plimton, and Joshua Fobes, int. May 11, 1754. 
Ruth of Plimton and Jonathan Whitman Jr., int. June 10, 1775. 

CLANSY, James and Ruth Bdleney [sic], May 4, 1741.* 
[Clansey and Ruth Ballaney, p.c.r. Jeams Clansy and 
Ruth Boleney, May 7, c.r.i.] 

CLAP (see Clapp), Hope of Middleboro and Dan Lennard, int. 

Apr. 22, 1775. 
Joseph and Sarah Carver, wid., Dec. 23, 1746.* 
Mary (see Mary Copland). 

CLAPP (see Clap), Barnard [int. of Braintree] and Lydia 
Packard, Oct. 6, 1793. 

Charles and Sally Manley, Oct. 6, 1816. 

Dolly B. (see Dolly B. Clark). 

Experience and Samuel Tolman, Nov. 21, 1704, in Dorches- 
ter.* [This entry typewritten on paper pasted in hook.] 

Hannah of Milton and Daniel Orcutt, int. July 11, 1783. 
[This entry crossed out.] 

Hannah T. of Weymouth and Robert B. Bassett, int. Sept. 4, 

Isaac and Vesta Reynolds, June 15, 181 5. 

Jerusha and Jonah Drake, int. Sept. 12, 1789. 

John [int. Clap] of Roxbury and Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] 
Allen, [int. Mar. 31], 1804. 

Patte and Francis Bootman of Boston, blacks, int. Nov. 21, 

Sally and Samuel W. Lewis, Oct. 17, 1813. 

Tiley of Norton and Dr. Nathan Perry, int. Sept. 20, 1806. 

* Intention not recorded. 


CLARK (see Clerk), Abigail [int. Clerk] and David Leonard 

[int. 2d], Jan. 17, 1796. 
Adna of Middleboro and Abigail Keith, int. July i, 1838. 
Almira of Hanover and Amander Alden, int. Sept. 4, 1838. 
Ann [int. Clarke] of Plymouth and James Wade, Nov. 14, 1753 

[int. Aug. 31, 1754 sic], in Plymouth. 
Benjamin [int. of Stoughton] and Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] 

Edson, Dec. 21, 1775. 
Benjamin and Susanna Thayer, int. Mar. 16, 1793. [m. Apr. 4, 


Bethiah of Abington and Joshua Williams of Middleborough, 

May 30, 1771.* [Bethia Clerk of Abington, p.c.r.] 
Caroline, wid. Rev. Samuel, d. Zedekiah Sanger and Irene 

(Freeman), and Foote Esq. of Burlington, Vt., 

Jan. 7, 1845,* P.R.I. 
Daniel [int. David] and Abiah [int. Desire] Packard of Easton, 

Aug. 30, 1763, in Easton. 
David and Sally Ann Place of W. Bridgewater, int. Nov. 26, 

Dolly B. [int. Clapp] and Hervey Washburn, Feb. 27, 1822. 

[Dolly B. Clark, d. Benjamin, c.r.i. Clarke, p.r.i.] 
Eleanor and Daniel Noyes of Boston, Nov. 16, 1820. 
John W. of Middleborough and Nancy W. Conant, Sept. 19, 

Nancy of Plymouth and Elijah Edson, int. Apr. 25, 1818. 
Rebecca and Benjamin Allen, Jan. 29, 1795. 
Robert C. of Middleborough and Hannah S. Hooper, int. 

Aug. 12, 1843. 
Ruth and Nehemiah Dickerman, int. Aug. 24, 1800. 
Ruth of Hanover and Alpha Tribou, int. June 10, 1809. 
Sally of Hanover and William Samson, int. May 17, 1806. 
Samuel, Rev., of Burlington, Vt., and Caraline [int. Caroline] 

Sanger, Oct. 11, 1810. [Caroline, d. Zedekiah and Irene 

(Freeman), p.r.i.] 
Shubal [int. Shubel] of Randolph and Jemima Hobart [int. 

Hobert], Nov. 29, 1818. 
Tiley, wid., of Winslow, and Jonathan Cary Jr., int. July 16, 


CLARY (see Cleary), Ellen and Alexander Patterson, int. 
Oct. 27, 1846. "Forbidden by Alex' Patterson" 

CLEARY (see Clary), Ellen and Patrick O'Brien, int. Nov. 7, 
1847. [This entry marked "Void."] 

• Intention not recorded. 


CLEAVELAND (see Cleavland). 

CLEAVES, William of Sandwich and Eleanor Racket of Mid- 
dleborough, Dec. i, 1707.* 

CLEAVLAND, Ephraim and Hannah Hayward, Mar. 26, 

CLEFT (see Cliff, Clift), Lusanna W. and Thomas Whitman, 

Nov. 2, 1818. 
Margerat [int. Margaret] Orr and Samuel Keen, Nov. 18, 1804. 
Nabby and Job Turner of Pembroke, int. Sept. 5, 1818. 

CLERK (see Clark), Betsey (see Elizabeth Glack). 
Susanna and John Lowden, Aug. 22, 1793. [Clark, p.c.r.] 
William [int. Clark of Quincy] and Betsey Harvey, Oct. 29, 

CLEVELAND (see Cleavland). 

CLEVERLY, James of Braintree and Eunice Dill, Dec. i, 181 4. 

CLIFF (see Cleft, Clift), Adna [int. Adnah] Winslow and 

Bethia Orr, Jan. 13, 1777. 
Deborah and Elijah Blackman of Middleton, Conn., int. Aug. 

30, 1766. 
Deborah and George Keith, Sept. 29, 1768. [Clift, p.c.r.] 

CLIFFORD, Benjamin D. and Lucy T. Walker, Mar. 6, 1845. 

Luther and Abigail W. Lucas, Aug. 27, 1843. 

Mary of Dartmouth and Isaac Willis, Apr. 6, 1724, in Dart- 

Simeon W. of Fairhaven and Mary Keith, Aug. i, 1830. 
[Mary, d. Howe, c.r.i.] 

CLIFT (see Cleft, Cliff), Bethiah Orr [int. Cleft] and Charles 

Mitchell, Nov. 25, 1813. 
Nathaniel and Abigail Byram, July 25, 1799. 
Phidelma (see Phidelma Keith). 

CLITZ, Mary C. and Henry C. Pratt, s. Calvin Esq. and Cla- 
rissa, May 26, 1841,* P.R.12. 

CLOCKS, Sarah of Pembroke and John Record, Feb. 5, 1747, 
in Pembroke.* 

CLUSHING, Deborah [Clushing sic, ? Gushing] of Hanson and 
Dr. Daniel Sawen, int. Apr. i, 1820. 

COATHELL, Merrill (see MerrUl Cothell). 

• Intention not recorded. 


COB (see Cobb), Susanna and John Sprauge, June 20, 1746.* 
[Sprague, p.c.r.] 

COBB (see Cob), Abiah of Hannover and Sarah Lad of Hann- 
over, Nov. 2, 1752.* 

Ansel and Sarah Hayward, int. June 4, 1796. 

Betsey of Hanson and Philemon H. Perkins, int. Oct. i, 1837. 

David H. of N. Bridgewater and Mary Jane [Mary Jane 
written above Clarrisa crossed out] Keith, int. Dec. 13, 1849. 

Eleaner [int. Elenor] and Obadiah Pettingale [int. Pettingill], 
Mar. 8, 1792. [Eleanor and Obadiah Pettingill, p.c.r.] 

Eleanor (see Penellope). 

Jeremiah of Midleborough and Abigail Whitman, int. June i, 

Lydia [int. Lidia] and William Pettingill, Feb. 16, 1784. 

[Lydia, p.c.r.] 
Nathan of Jersey City, N. J., and Deborah Murdock, int. 

June 29, 1839. 
Nathan[ie]ll Jr. of Plimton and Penellope Standish, int. Feb. 

11, 1764. 

Penellope [int. Elanor, wid.] and Ichabod Leach, Oct. 11, 1770. 

[Penelope and Ichabode Leach, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Joseph Bozworth of Hal[ifa]x, Sept. 20, 1744. 
Stephen of Wallpool and Abigail Hinde, Nov. 13, 1735.* 

[Hindes, c.r.i.] 
Vesta of Mansfield and Bezar Lothrop, int. Feb. 5, t82o. 

COCHRAN, John and Margaret Gilmore, Nov. i, 1733.* 

CODDING (see Coding), Samuel [int. Codden] of Taunton and 
Sarah Hill, Mar. 27, 1781. [Codding of Taunton and 
Sarah Hills, p.c.r. Codding of Taunton and Sarah Hill, 


CODE, John and Lucy Bradford, June 16, 1819. 
Joseph [int. of Plymouth] and Sarah Attwood, Mar. 23, 1794. 
[Joseph, P.C.R.] 

CODING (see Codding), Samuel of Mansfield and Lydia Pack- 
ard, int. Apr. 23, 1814. 

COE, Jonathan 2d, Rev., 29, of Bethlem, Conn., s. Daniel and 
Lucy, and Sarah W. Whitman, 26, of N. Bridgewater, d. 
Eliab and Harriet, Oct. 13, 1844.* 

COHOON (see Cohoone), Frances and Jonathan Leach, Oct. 

12, 174I,* C.R.I. 

• Intention not recorded. 


CoHOON, Mary and Joseph Hayward of Raynham, Apr. lo, 
1744. [Cahoone, p.c.r.] 

COHOONE (see Cohoon), Mary and William Leach, Oct. 12, 

COLE, Alvan and Eliza French, Feb. 5, 1823. 

Amaziah [int. of Chesterfeild] and Rebeca [int. Rebecca] Cole, 

Sept. 8, 1775. 
Caleb and Lucy Hall, Apr. 18, 1792. 

Catherine [int. Catharine] and r)an[ie]ll [int. Daniel] Little- 
field [int. Jr.], Feb. 11, 1762. [Catharine and Daniel 

Littlefield Jr., p.c.r.] 
Content of Pembroke and William Whitman, Jan. 7, 1779, in 

Desire and Noah Pratt, Sept. 25, 1777. 
Edward [int. Coale] and Phebe Alden of Middleborough, 

Feb. I, 1797 [? in Middleborough]. 
Eleazer and Lucy Shurtleff [int. of Stoughton], July 11, 1769. 
Eleazer and Rebecca S. Swift, int. Oct. 9, 1841. 
Elisabeth and Solomon Smith [int. of Easton], Feb. 11, 1762. 

[Elizabeth and Solomon Smith of Easton, p.c.r.] 
Ephraim and Silence Webb, Dec. 18, 1777. 
Ephraim Jr. and Sukey Packard, Dec. 5, 1808 [date in later 

Hannah and Isaac Keith, Sept. 21, 1775. 
Hannah and Silas Snow, Apr. 10, 1800. 
John of Plimton and Patience Barbor, Jan. 27, 1709-10.* 
Joseph Jr. [and] BettieSouthworth,Dec.8,i757.* [Betty,p.c.R.] 
Mary and Frederick Pope, June 8, 1758.* 
Molly [int. Molley] and John Drake, Apr. 4, 1782. [Molly, 


Molly of Middleborough and Rufus Edson, int. July 26, 1783. 
Nathaniel and Betty Carver, int. Aug. 17, 1793. [m. Oct. 29, 


Patty [int. Polly] and Stephen Snell, Feb. 9, 1796. 

Phebe [int. Coal] and Samuel Snell, Dec. 2, 1810. 

Polly and Winslow Thomas, Nov. 23, 1790. 

Polly (see Patty). 

Rachel and Ichabod Packard, Jan. 9, 1786. [Icabod, c.r.i.] 

Rebeca [int. Rebecca] and Amaziah Cole [int. of Chesterfeild], 

Sept. 8, 1775. 
Sally of Scituate and Edwin Howard, int. Nov. 26, 1803. 
Samuel K., 23, pudler, of Wareham, s. Samuel and Charlotte, and 

Mary C. Packard, 20, d. Micah and Susan, June 7, 1846. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Cole, Sam[ue]ll and Sarah Packard, Nov. 16, 1752.* 

Sarah and Manasseh Dickerman, int. Mar. 17, 1770. "said 

Dickermans publishment to Sarah Cole is forbiden both 

by Joseph & Sarah Cole" 
Sarah and Eduard Withington [int. Edward Witherington] of 

Stoughton, Apr. 12, 1772, in Stoughton. 
Spooner A. and Mrs. Betsy Starkey of Rochester, int. June 20, 

Susan and Nahum Niles of Easton, Nov. 29, 1759, in Easton.* 
Susanna of Middleborough and Alexander Ames, int. Sept. 5, 

Thomas and Silence Thayer, int. Sept. 15, 1810. 
William and Molley [int. Molly] Lazel, [Nov.] 24, 1774. 
Zibeon and Mary Field, Jan. 14, 1819. 
Zilpha and Edward Bartlet, May 7, 1772. 
Zilpha L. of Carver and Alanson Fobes, int. Jan. 20, 1843. 

COLLAMORE, Nathaniel [int. Collimore] of Pembroke and 
Mary Wales, Nov. 9, 1813. 

COLLEY (see Colly), Abigail [int. Colly] and Amos Cordner, 

molatoes, Apr. 18, 1745. [Colley, p.c.r.] 
Ann [int. Anna] and Tom Drew, "Free negroes," Nov. 25, 

1762. [Ann, P.C.R.] 
Mehetable [int. Mehetabel Colly, "Free negro woman"] and 

Pompey [int. Pompy, "Negro Servant man to Samuel 

Stevens of Roxbury in the County of Suffolk"], negro's, 

Nov, 8, 1764. [Mehetable Colly and Pompey, p.c.r.] 
Rachel [int. Colly] and Plato [int. "negro Servant man to M' 

James Mears of Roxbury in the County of Suffolk"], 

negro's, Nov. 8, 1764. [Colley, p.c.r.] 

COLLIER (see Colyer). 

COLLINS, Jeremiah of Scituate, R. I., and Sarah Snell, int. 
Jan. 26, 1771. 

COLLONEY, Elisabeth of Easton and Dan[ie]ll Packard, 
Aug. 12, 1773. 

COLLWELL (see Colwell), Ebenezer [int. Colwell] and Sarah 

Price, Sept. 27, 1769. [CoUwell, p.c.r.] 
Ebenezer Jr. [int. Colwell] and Betsey Hay ward, Sept. 4, 

Sally [int. Colwell] and Albertus [int. Albartus] Edson [int. of 

Grafton, Vt.], Dec. 2, 1804. 

* lotentiou not recorded. 


COLLY {see CoUey), Rebecca [int. Colley] and Tho[ma]s 
Mitchel [int. Mitchell of Stoughton], melatoes, Mar. 8, 

Sarah and Moses Sash, molatoes, May i, 1752.* 

COLSON, Deborah and Akerman Pettingail, Aug. 23, 1749.* 

COLWELL (see CoUwell), John and Hannah Hay ward, Jan. 
14, 1814. 

John and Tabatha Hay ward, Oct. 20, 181 6. 

John H. of W. Bridgewater and Mary Edson of W. Bridge- 
water, Mar. 30, 1838,* C.R.3. 

Kezia and Ebenezer Edson, int. Oct. 7, 1797. 

COLYER, Jane of Scituate and Charles Jenkins, int. May 21, 


CONANANT (see Conant, Conantt, Conet, Connant), Syl- 
vanus [int. Conant] and Sylvia Conant, Nov. 25, 1784. 
[Conant, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 

CONANT (see Conanant, Conantt, Conet, Connant), Abihail 

and John Willis 2d, June 22, 1775. 
Albert and Catharine Scarborough of Broklyn, Conn., int. 

Dec. 12, 1848. 
Andrew [int. Andrue] and Kezia Washburn, Nov. i, 1795. 
Ann and Joseph Muxam, Mar. 8, 1764. [Muxem, c.r.i.] 
Azuba [int. Azubah] and Jessee Dunbar, Feb. 11, 1762. 
Benjamin and Betty [int. Bettie] Hooper, Mar. 6, 1783. 

[Betty, P.C.R. C.R.I.] 
Betsey and Levi Leach, Sept. 28, 1798. 
Betty [int. Bettie] and Zenas Conant, Nov. 29, 1774. [Bettie, 


Caleb and Olive Thraser [int. Thrasher], Dec. 30, 1789. 
[Thrasher, p.c.r.] 

David [int. 2d] and Lucy Besse, Apr. 18, 1782. [David, p.c.r. 
David and Luce Besse, c.r.i.] 

David and Silva [int. Sylva] Whitman, Apr. 15, 1784. [Sylvia, 
P.C.R. Sylva, C.R.I.] 

Debby and Ansel [int. Ansell] Leonard, May 19, 1807. [Deb- 
orah and Ansel Leonard, May 27, p.R.32.] 

Deborah and Isaac Washburn, Sept. 11, 1753. [Washburne, 


Deborah and Nathan Lazell, Dec. 22, 1783. [Lazel, c.r.i. 

Lazell, Dec. 21, p.r.i.] 
Elias and Jean Turner of Weymouth, int. Jan. 16, 1773. 

* IntentioD not recorded. 


CoNANT, EHas and Joanna Conant, Nov. 28, 1774. 
Elisabeth and Benjamin Hayward, May 21, 1724.* 
Elizabeth and Dan[ie]ll Keith, June 14, 1744. [Daniel p.c.r.] 
Eunice and Barnebas Snell, Jan. i, 1783. [Barnabas, p.c.r. 

Unice and Barnabas Snell, c.r.i.] 
Ezra and Mary Conant, June 29, 1773. 
Gaius and Cassandra Whitman, int. Dec. 4, 1802. 
Galen Jr. and Sarah C. Ridlington, Dec. 2 [sic, int. Dec. 3], 1842. 
Gershom and Ann Kingman, Aug. 15, 1738,* c.r.i. 
Hannah and Nathanael Hill, May 30, 17 10.* 
Hannah and Nathan[ie]ll Pratt, Nov. 5, 1745.* [Nath[anie]l, 

Hannah and Jonathan Washburn [int. Jr.] of Midleboro[ugh], 

May 14, 1778. [Hanna and Jonathan Washburn of Midle- 

boro, C.R.I.] 
Hannah [int. Hanah], wid., and Hezekiah Hooper, May 22, 

Hannah and Charles Holmes, Apr. 3, 1828. 
Hannah and Lewis W. Hayden of E. Bridgewater, Jan. 8, 1837. 
Hannah [int. adds A.] and Ariston M. Hayward, Apr. 2, 1837. 
Harriet A. and Leander P. Gurney of Abington, int. May 22, 

Harriet N. and Benjamin Bartlett Jr., int. Aug. 30, 1846. 
Hepzibah [int. Hepsibah] and Cornelius Holmes 3d, Npv. 21, 

1837. [Hepzibah, c.R.3. p.R.46.] 
Ira and Lucy Leonard, Nov. 24, 1822. 
Jacob and Olive Conant, Nov. 17, 1805. 
Jedidah and Roland Sears of Ashfeild [int. adds Hampshier 

Co.], Apr. 9, 1777. [Jedida, c.r.i.] 
Jenny [int. Jenney] and Peter Conant, Jan. 21, 1777. [Jenny 

[dup. Jenne], c.r.i.] 
Jeremiah and Martha Packard, Apr. 26, 1739.* [Mary, p.c.r. 

Martha, c.r.i.] 
Jeremiah and Mary Leonard, Mar. 21, 1782. 
Jeremiah of Pomfret, Vt., and Chloe Pratt, int. Dec. 21, 1793. 

[Maj. Jeremiah of Pomfret, Vt., m. Jan. 30, 1794, p.c.r.] 
Joanna and Elias Conant, Nov. 28, 1774. 
Jonathan and Jane Latham, June 12, 1759.* 
Jo[s]iah and Elizabeth Washbourn, Sept. i, 1701.* 
Katurah and Barnebas Washburn, Dec. 5, 1782. [Keturah 

and Barnabas Washburn, p.c.r. Katura and Barnabas 

Washburn, c.r.i.] 
Liba and Debba [int. Debby] Leach, Nov. 22, 1820. [Deby J., 

d. Levi and Betsey (Conant), Oct. 26, p.R.50.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


CoNANT, Lois and Solomon Conant, Apr. 28, 1784.* 

Lot and Rhody [int. Rhoda] Perry [int. wid.] of Rochester, 

Oct. 12, 1740 [sic, int. Sept. 2, 1780], in Rochester, 
Lot and Betty Homes of Midd[leb]o[rough], Feb. 17, 1743. 
Lucie [int. Lucey] and Ziba Hay ward, Sept. 9, 1773. [Lucy, 

C.R.I. P.R.ig.] 

Lucinda [int. Lucenda] and Seth Pratt, Nov. 17, 181 6. [Lu- 
cinda and Seth Pratt, s. Nathaniel and Betsey (Wash- 
burn), P.R.I. Lucinda, d. Dr. John and Deborah, and 
Seth Pratt, s. Nathaniel and Betsey, p.R.76.] 

Lucy (see Lucie). 

Lucy and Jacob Peirce [int. Pierce], Aug. 14, 1794. [Pierce, 


Lucy C. [int. omits C] of Hanson and Nathan Munro, May 14, 

1826. [Lucy C. of Hanson and Nathan Munro, s. Henry, 

C.R.I. Lucy C. and Nathan Munro [dup. Munroe, s. 

Henry and Deborah (Pincheon)], p.r.i.] 
Lucy C, Mrs., of Hanson, and Henry Munroe, int. May 15, 

Lucy M. and George F. Leonard, blacksmith, Nov. 29, 1843. 
Lydia and Andrew Lovel, Sept. 10, 171 2.* 
Lydia and Calvin Edson, Feb. 6, 1766. [Lidia, p.c.r.] 
Lydia and Zephaniah Smith, Sept. 23, 1773. 
Marcus and Hannah K. Leach, May 17, 1835. [Hannah, d. 

Hosea and Hannah (Keith), p.R.65.] 
Maria P. and Alexander Alden, Nov. 26, 1837. 
Marlborough and Polly Dunbar, Aug. 11, 1796. 
Martha and Seth Lathrop [int. of Easton], Sept. 11, 1755. 

[Seth, P.C.R.] 
Martha and Josiah Mehurin [int. Mahurin], Oct. 14, 1779. 

[Mehurin, p.c.r. Mehuren, c.R.i. Mehurin, p.r.i.] 
Martha (see Patte). 

Martha and Zephaniah Keith Jr., int. Dec. 26, 1846. 
Martin and Olive Benson, June 8, 1797. 
Martin Jr. and Lucy Mehuren, Feb. 23, 1806. 
Mary and Nicholas Whitman, Nov. 17, 1719.* 
Mary and Zebulun Bryant of Middleborough, int. May 2, 1767. 
Mary and Ezra Conant, June 29, 1773. 
Mary and Isaac Smith of Braintree, Jan. 24, 1785. 
Mehitabel and Cornelius Holmes [int. Jr.], Aug. 31, 1806. 
Nancy W. and John W. Clark of Middleborough, Sept. 19, 1833. 
Nathan and Hannah Lazel, June 14, 1753.* [Lazall, p.c.r.] 
Nathanael and Elisabeth Hains, Dec. 17, 1716.* 
Nathan[ie]ll and Silence Fobes, Apr. 14, 1772. [Nathaniel, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


CoNANT, Olive and Jacob Conant, Nov. 17, 1805. 

Oliver and Polly Washburn, July 6, 1796. 

Oliver Jr. and Mary Leonard, Sept 14, 1823. 

Patte [int. Martha] and Theodore Perkins, May 2, 1784. 

[Patte, p.c.R. Patte and Theodore Perkens, C.R.I. Mar- 
tha, d. Nathan, and Theodore Perkins, brother of Thomas 

(s. Thomas), , 1783, C.R.2.] 

Patty and Ellis Holmes Jr., int. Nov. 26, 1803. 

Peter and Jenny [int. Jenney] Conant, Jan. 21, 1777. [Jenny 

[dup. Jenne], c.r.i.] 
Peter Jr. and Lucy Brewster of Pembroke, int. June 10, 1809. 
Phebe and Piam C. K. Whitman, June 10, 1833. [Polly, C.R.2.] 
Phineas and Joanna Pratt, Sept. 26, 1749.* 
Phinehas [int. Phineas Jr.] and Joanna Washburn, Aug. 25, 

1785. [Phineas, p.c.r. Phinny, Aug. 15, c.R.i.] 
Polly and William Andrews, July 26, 1818. [Polly Washburn 

Conant, p.r.i.] 
Polly (see Phebe). 

Rebeca and Robert Randell of Easton, int. Dec. 5, 1761. 
Rebecca and Shubal Ewers of Barnstable, June 15, i'ji[worn]* 

[June 15, 1714, P.R.103.] 
Rebecca and Benjamin Snell, May 23, 1782. 
Rebecca L. and Lewis Holmes, int. Nov. i, 1835. 
Rufus and Thankfull Leonard, Sept. 28, 1783. [Thankful, 

p.c.R. Thankfull, c.r.i.] 
Ruth and Daniel Keith 3d, int. Sept. 6, 1800. 
Sally and Abisha Besse, Apr. 11, 1782. [Abishai, p.c.r. Abi- 

sha, C.R.I.] 
Sally and Ephraim Leach, int. July 6, 1805. 
Sarah and John Heiford [int. of Midleborough], Oct. 10, 1754. 

[John, P.C.R.] 
Sarah Ann and Richard Stevens of Randolph, Oct. 24, 1839. 
Seth and Hannah Pratt, int. Apr. 4, 1801. [m. Sept. 24, p.r.i.] 
Seth W., 23, cordwainer, s. Seth and Hannah, and Eliza Went- 

worth, 18, d. Martin and Ruth, Nov. 23, 1845. 
Silvanus and Mary Packard, Oct. 16, 1808. 
Silvia, wid. [int. omits wid.], and Azariah Hayward [int. Jr.], 

July I, 1798. 
Solomon and Lois Conant, Apr. 28, 1784.* 
Susan [int. Susanna] and William Durky [int. Durkee] of 

Hampton, Conn., [rec. before Mar. 22], 181 2. 

Sylvia and Sylvanus Conanant [int. Conant], Nov. 25, 1784. 

[Conant, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 
Sylvia (see Silvia). 

* Intention not recorded. 


CoNANT, Sylvia and Joseph Hayward [int. 2d], Dec. i, 1814. 
Thomas and Lydia Edson, Apr. 22, 1789. [Lidea, c.r.i.] 
Thomas and Anna Leonard, Mar. 26, 181 2. [Anne, Mar. 25, 

Timothy and Hannah Blackman of Stoughton, int. Oct. 27, 

Timothy and Nancy [int. Nancey] Pratt, Feb. 25, 1788. 

[Nancy, p.c.r. Nancey, c.r.i.] 
William and Martha Fobes, Oct. 24, 1803. 
Zenas and Betty [int. Bettie] Conant, Nov. 29, 1774. [Bettie, 


Zilpha and Samuel Keith Jr., Dec. 2, 1766 [? in Middlebor- 

CONANTT (see Conanant, Conant, Conet, Connant), Bethia 
and Elkanah Rickard, Oct. 15, 1733.* [Bethiah Conant 
and Elkana Rickard, c.r.i.] 

CONDON (see Congdon), Samuel P. and Nabby Robinson, 
int. June 10, 1821. 

CONET (see Conanant, Conant, Conantt, Connant), Bethiah 
and Nathaniell Allen, Dec. 14, 1696.* [Conant, p.R.103.] 

CONEY, Sam[ue]ll Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Easton and Susanna 
Johnson, Oct. 15, 1770. [Sam[ue]l of Easton and Susanna 
Jonson, P.C.R.] 

CONGDON (see Condon), James and Julia Harrington, int. 
Sept. 9, 1849. 

CONNANT (see Conanant, Conant, Conantt, Conet), Bettie 

[int. Conant] and Noah Phinney, Jan. 24, 1769, [Betty 

Conant, p.c.r.] 
Dan[ie]ll [int. Daniel Conant] and Joanna Washburn, Aug. 2, 

1767. [Daniel Conant, p.c.r.] 
David and Sarah Hayward, Nov. 28, 1723.* 
David and Rhoda Latham, Jan. 29, 1748.* 
John and Abiel Pratt, Mar. 3, 1745-6.* [Conant and Abigail 

Pratt, P.C.R.] 
John [int. Conant Jr.] and Deborah Perkins, May 14, 1772. 

[Conant and Deborah Perkens, c.r.i.] 
Martha, wid., and James Dunbar, Oct. 5, 1757.* [Conant, 


Thomas and Mary Wood, Oct. 29, 1745.* [Conant, p.c.r.] 

CONNERS (see Corner), Mary O. and James Sullivan, int. 
Oct. 22, 1848. 

• Intention not recorded. 


CONQUANCE, Aron and Bettie Thomson, Indians, May 29, 

Thomas, "Free Negro man," and Sarah Waterman, "Indian 

woman," Feb. 13, 1753.* 

CONWRY, Michael of N. Bridgewater and Catharine Frauley, 
int. July 29, 1849. 

COOK (see Cooke), Alice [int. Crook] of Plymouth and Prince 

Hall [int. blacks], Nov. 16, 1786, in Plymouth. 
Amos I. and Hannah S. Weston of Plympton, int. Sept. 29, 

Benjamin and Catharine Brigs of Tan ton, int. Sept. 6, 1766, 
Elizabeth C. and Benjamin P. Pope, Oct. 13, 1838 [sic, int. 

Sept. I, 1839]. [Oct. 13, 1839, C.R.3.] 
Francis and Sarah Bryant, Sept. 24, 1750.* [Briant, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Joseph Snell Jr., May 10, 1785. 
John and Sally Lathrop, Nov. 2, 1790. [Sarah Lothrop, p.c.r.] 
Kingman and Sarah Munroe of Pembroke, int. Mar. 18, 181 5, 
Kingman and Susanna Lothrop of Norton, int. May 11, 1834. 
Mary G. of Kingston and Warren Turner, int. Aug. 27, 1848. 
Ruth and Rufus Smith of Easton, int. Nov. 3, 1770. 
Sarah [int. Cooke] and Ebenezer Phillips of Easton, Jan. 17, 

1765, in Easton. 
Sarah and John Lathrop, Dec. 7, 1780. 

COOKE (see Cook), Jane of Plymouth and Isaac Harris, 
Mar. 27, 1707, in Scituate.* 

COOLEY (see Cooly), Daniel Esq. [int. of Amherst] and Polly 

Packard [int. wid.], Jan. 18, 1796. 
David G. and Adaline M. Gibbs, int. Oct. 14, 1849. 

COOLY (see Cooley), Chester [int. Cooley] and Azubah John- 
son, Oct. 7, 1813. 

COOPER, Elisabeth and John Aldrich, Jan. 22, 1721-2.* 

John and Sarah Edson, July 21, 1749.* 

Mary of Duxbury and Nathan Dunpha, int. Mar. 8, 1806. 

COPELAND (see Copland), Abbe and Elijah Snell Jr., int. 

Apr. 16, 1796. 
Albert and Anna H, Williams, int. Feb. 20, 1819. 
Asa and Persia Howard, Feb, 12, 1792. [July 12, p.c.r.] 

Asa and Hannah Jackson, ,* p.r.i. 

Azel and Desire Lucas of Middleborough, int. Aug. 20, 1791. 
Bethiah and Luther Hayward, Feb. 19, 1834. 

• Intention not recorded. 


CoPELAND, Betsey and Calvin Williams, int. Sept. 14, 1799. 
Betsy [int. Betsey] and Holmes Sprague, June 28, 1808. 

[ Copeland, d. Daniel, and Holmes Sprague, s. 

Capt. Ephraim and Vina (d. Ezra Edson), c.R.2. Betsey 

and Holmes Sprague, s. Ephraim and Vina (Edson), p.r.i.] 
Bettie and Clifford [int. Clefford] Belcher [int. Jr. of Stoughton- 

ham], Nov. 22, 1770. [Clefford of Stoughton, p.c.r.] 
Caleb and Sarah Byram, Aug. 2, 1787. 
Caleb Jr. and Olive Porter of Stoughton, int. Apr. 7, 182 1. 
Charles and Mehitabel Howard, Dec. 9, 1816. 
Charlotte and Philip Bennett of Rochester, Nov. 30, 1797. 
Chloe and Thomas Broadhurst of Easton, Aug. 9, 1829. 
Christopher D. and Eunice H. [int. omits H.] Wood, May 14, 

1826. [Eunice H., C.R.3.] 
Cyrus and Abigail Dyer, Jan. 5, 1792. 
Cyrus and Phebe Alger, Feb. 11, 1816. [Phebe Cushman 

Alger, P.R.I.] 
Daniel [int. Jr.] and Abigail [int. Nabbe] Shaw, Apr. 28, 1791. 

[Daniel and Abigail Shaw, p.c.r.] 
David and Elizebeth Bent of Milton, Dec. i, 1725, in Mans- 
Ebenezer and Abby Godfrey [int. Abbe Godfery] of Norton, 

Mar. 19, 1771, in Norton. 
Ebenezer [int. Jr.] and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Snell, July i, 

Ebenezer Jr. and Hannah Godfery of Norton, int. Apr. 12, 

Ebenezer and Bridget Wood of Foxborough, int. Aug. 29, 1801. 
Ephraim and Lucy Keith, Sept. 12, 1791. 
Eunice H. W., 18, d. C. D., and Rufus W. Wood, 21, shoe 

maker, s. Willard and Harriet, May 3, 1849. 
Hannah and Galen Allen [of] [int. Aqueth, Cheshire Co.] N. H., 

Jan. I, 1797. 
Huldah and Howland Holmes, Nov. 16, 1804. 
Jonathan 3d and Deborah Ottis, int. July 3, 1784. 
Jonathan 3d and Hannah Reed, Dec. 23 [dup. Nov. — ], 1818. 
Joseph Jr. and Sary S. [int. Sarah Swift] Huxford of Chelsea, 

Sept. 19, 1808. 
Joseph and Mary Jane Williams, Dec. 9, 1838. 
Josiah of Easton and Susan [int. Susanna] Hay ward, Sept. 11, 

1794, in Easton. 
Lucy and Ellis Holmes [int. of Hallifax], Nov. 24, 1806. 
Lurana and Silvanus Keith, Dec. 23, 1820. 
Lydia and Nathan Howard [int. 3d], Jan. 17, 1799. 

* Intention not recorded. 


CoPELAND, Lyman of W. Bridgewater and Susannah Holmes, 
int. Nov. 15, 1845. 

Martin and Lucy Cowing, int. Apr, 3, 1802. 

Matilda (see Metilda). 

Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] and Austen [int. Austin] Keith. 
Aug. 3, 1813. 

Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] and Daniel Hartwell, Nov. 8 [1779]. 
[Mehitabel, p.c.r.] 

Metilda and Thomas Alden, Jan. 5, 1815. [Melinda, p.r.i.] 

Pardon of W. Bridgewater and Alice W. Ames of W. Bridge- 
water, Apr. 18, 1833.* [Alice W. of W. Bridgewater, d. 
Capt. Abiel of W. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 

Polly and John Burr, Mar. 8, 1792. 

Polly and Joseph Hall, Aug. 23, 181 2. 

Ralph and Anna Dunbar of W. Bridgewater, int. Oct. 25, 

1823. [m. , 1823, P.R.I. P.R.IOO.] 

Ralph Jr. of Middleboro[ugh] and Nancy B. Bryant, int. 
Nov. 7, 1847. [Ralph, s. Ralph and Anna (Dunbar), m. 

, 1848, P.R.IOO.] 

Rebecca and Ebenezer Dunbar, Sept. 15, 1785. 
Salmon and Betsey Snell, Oct. 6, 1799. 
Salmon and Sarah Swift Copeland [int. wid.], Apr. 7, 1814. 
Sarah and David Keith of Easton, Nov. 16, 1769. 
Sarah and Stephen Fuller [int. of Attleborough], May 15, 1810. 
Sarah Swift [int. wid.] and Salmon Copeland, Apr. 7, 18 14. 
Tempa and Barzillia Keith, Jan. 3 [dup. Jan. 2], 1819. 
Vesta and Nahum Perkins, June 3, 1820. 
Winslow and Hannah Slader of Acworth, N. H., int. Sept. 15, 

COPLAND (see Copeland), Abigail [int. Copeland] and Henry 

Kingman, Mar, 15, 1743. 
Abigail and George Haward, Aug. 29, 1745.* [Copeland, 


Dan[ie]ll and Susanna Ames, Mar. 13, 1764. [Daniel Copeland 
and Susannah Ames, p.c.r,] 

Elijah and Rhoda Snell, Oct, 31, 1765. [Copeland, p.c.r.] 

Hannah and William Allan, Feb. 28, 1758.* 

Hannah and Jonathan Kingman Jr., Mar. 29, 1759.* [Cope- 
land, P.C.R.] 

Jonathan and Bettie Snell, Jan. 4, 1723-4.* 

Jonathan Jr. and Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] Dunbar, May 22, 
1754, [Mehitable, p.c.r.] 

Joseph and Rebecca Hooper, Sept, 17, 1760.* [Copelen, Sept. 

19, C.R.I.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Copland, Mary and Benjamin Gannet, Dec. 20, 1750.* [Mary 
Clap and Benja[min] Jennett, p.c.r.] 

CORBETT, Agnis and Hugh Orr "of the nine partners in 
New York Government" [int. Little Nine Partners, Dutch- 
ess Co., N. Y.], Oct. 16, 1771. [Corbit, p.c.r.] 

CORDINER (see Cordner), Nabby and Squire Gilmor of Rayn- 

ham, Bristol Co., blacks. May 17, 1816. 
Samuel and Tamer [int. Tamar] Talbut, blacks, June 16, 1785. 

[Tamer, p.c.r.] 
Sam[ue]l Jr. and Triphena Johnson, blacks, int. May 19, 18 10. 

CORDNER (see Cordiner), Abigail [int. "Free negro Woman"] 
and Bennet O. [int. omits 0.] Bellen [int. "Free Negro 
man," of Dorchester, Suffolk Co.], negro's, Nov. 8, 1764. 
[Bennet 0., p.c.r.] 

Amos and Abigail CoUey [int. Colly], molatoes, Apr. 18, 1745. 
[Colley, p.c.r.] 

Anna and Cuffe [int. Cuffee] Wright [int. of Middleborough], 
blacks, Aug. 6, 1778. [Cuffee, p.c.r.] 

Betty [int. Bettie] and Boston Foye, blacks [int. negroes], Feb. 
26, 1778. [Betty, blacks, p.c.r.] 

Desire and Edward Johnson of Easton, blacks, int. May 24, 

Elisabeth, "Negro woman," and Luther Jotham, "Negro 

man," int. Sept. 24, 1774. 
Susanna [and] Heber Honestman of Easton, June 26, 1735, in 


CORK, Mary and Sipio [int. Scipio] Sutten, blacks, Apr. 22, 
1783. [Sipio Sutton, p.c.r.] 

CORNER (see Conners), Jane [int. Conner] and James Mann, 
blacks, Oct. 10, 1805. 

CORNET, Peter (see Peter Bennet). 

CORNISH, Mary and [S]ash, Dec. i, 1706.* 
Rhoda and Samuel Robbins, int. Dec. 24, 1785. 
Ruth and John Smith, July i, 1779. 

CORNWELL, Eliza, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Josiah Fuller, 

Oct. 3, 1844. 
Flushing and Harriet Brooker, coulered, Apr. 19, 1840. 

CORTHEL (see Corthell, Cothell, Cotherel), John of Abing- 
ton and Joah Whitman Phillips, Apr. 11, 181 1. 

• Intention not lecorded. 


CORTHELL (see Corthel, Cothell, Cotherel), Abigail [int. 
Cotherel] and Jonathan Belcher [int. of Easton], Jan. 4 
[1778]. [Corthell and Jonathan Belcher, p.c.r.] 

COTHELL (see Corthel, Corthell, Cotherel), Merrill [int. Coath- 
ell] and Lot Whitmarsh Jr., Oct. — , 1820. 

COTHEREL (see Corthel, Corthell, Cothell), Phebe [int. 
Cothrel] and John Stock [int. Stocks], Feb. 24, 1785. 
[Coatheral and John Stock, p.c.r.] 

COTTON, Joseph of Dedham and Susan Foye [int. Susanna 
Foy, blacks], [int. Nov. 15], 1788, in Dorchester. 

Meribah and John Williams of Boston, blacks, int. July 21, 

COVINGTON, Betsey and Dr. Fisk Ames, Oct. 15, 1803. 

CO WEN (see Cowing), Betsey [int. Cowing] and Silas An- 
drews, Aug. 28, 1803. 

COWET (see Cowit), Mercy and [J]ohn Thomas of Pembrook, 
Nov. 22 [blotted, ? 2], 1727.* 

COWING (see Cowen), Hannah and John Hooper [int. 2d], 
June 5, 1777. [John, c.R.i.] 

Israel of Scituate and Rebecca Wade, Nov. 25, 1788. 

Jabes and Susannah Bolton, Mar. 23, 1740.* [Jabez and Su- 
sanna Bolton, P.C.R. Jabaz Pittis and Susanna Bolton, 
Mar. 25, 1741, C.R.I.] 

Joseph of Scituate and Jean Keith, [Nov.] 24, 1744. 

Joseph [int. Jr.] and Abigail Fobes [int. 2d], Feb. 13, 1772. 
[Joseph and Abigail Fobes, p.c.r.] 

Lucy and Martin Copeland, int. Apr. 3, 1802. 

Prince and Margret Karkins [int. Carking], Mar. 30, 1762. 
[Margaret Karkings, p.c.r.] 

COWIT (see Cowet), Elizabeth of Midlebor[ough] and Francis 
Thomas, int. Aug. 31, 1754. 

COX, Enos of Pembroke and Betsey Harden, wid., int. Aug. 27, 

Hannah of Hallifax and Eli Bozworth of Hallifax, Mar. 19, 

Lydia and Samuel Pool, Dec. 31, 1820. 
Sally N. and John Whitmarsh, int. June 13, 1823. 

COY, George W. of Providence, R. I., and Caroline E. Keith 

of Charleston, S. C, Nov. 9, 1828. 

* IntentioQ not recorded. 


CRAFTS, Elizabeth of Middleborough and Jesse Perkins Jr., 

int. Sept. 9, 1815. 
John and Olive Porter, Sept. 9, 1790. 
John Staples, Dr., and Elizebeth Park of Newton, July 6, 

1758, in Newton.* 
Moses and Phebe Snow, Feb. 24, 1799. 
Patty [int. Patte] and Rev. Zachariah Howard [int. of Stoug- 

ton]. Mar. 6, 1787. [Polly and Rev. Zachariah Howard, 


Polly and Rev. Naphtali Shaw [int. of Kenzington, N. H.], 

June 10, 1798. 
Thomas [int. Craft], Rev. [int. of Prince Town, Worcester Co.], 

and Polly [int. Polley] Porter, Dec. 28, 1786. [Crafts and 

Polly Porter, p.c.r.] 
Zibeon and Hannah Howard, Oct. 29 [9 written in pencil in 

later hand after 8 crossed out in pencil], 1799. 

CRANE, Abigail of Stoughton and Austin Howard, Mar. 18, 

Benjamin [and] Eunice Washburn, June 13, 1770. [Unice, 

P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

Betsey and Lewis Packard, Nov. 13, 1808. 

C. R. and Jane E. Keith, d. Quincy A. and Priscilla D. of E. 

Bridgewater, .* 

Caesar and Bridget Lincoln of Raynham, blacks, int. Nov. 29, 

Daniel and Anna Howard, Nov. 3, 1801. 
John and Patience Pratt, Apr. 29, 1793. 
Jonathan and [int. Mrs.] Mary Edson, Sept. 27, 1770. [Mary, 

Sept. 27, 1771, P.C.R. Mary, Sept. 27, 1770, c.r.i.] 
Jonathan, Dr., and Lydia Adams of Kingston, Dec. 23, 1783, 

in Kingston. 
Joshua E., 25, merchant, b. Berkley, s. Barzillia and Lydia E., 

and Lucy Ann Reed, 22, of Weymouth, b. Weymouth, d. 

Quincy, Jan. 9, 1849. 
Ketura of Stoughton and Eleazer Hay ward, Nov. 11, 1731, in 

Lydia of Berkley [int. Bartle] and Rodolphus Edson, Aug. 

14, 1780 [? in Middleborough]. 
Nabby Butler of Boston and William Perkins, int. Oct. 26, 

Sally and Noah Pool [int. of Abington], June 21, 1819. 
Sam[ue]ll and Sarah Washburn, Feb. 13, 1737-8.* [Samuel of 

Milton and Sarah Washburn, wid., c.r.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Crane, Spencer of Canton and Sally Pratt, Mar. 30, 1809. 
Susanna and Oliver Eaton of Middleborough, Nov. 11, 1798 
[? in Middleborough]. 

CROCKER, Biancy Jane of N. Bridgewater and Cyrus 
Hooper of New Bedford, Oct. 24, 1831.* [Biancy Jane, d. 
Perez of N. Bridgewater, and Cyrus Hooper of New Bed- 
ford, s. William dec'd, c.r.i. Bianca J. and Cyrus Hooper, 
s. William and Mary, g.r.i. Biancy Jane, p.R.84.] 

Ebenezer of Easton and Abigail Edson, int. Mar. 23, 1816. 

Julia Ann and Nathan Perkins, int. Oct. i, 1848. 

Walter and Eliza E. Lucas, Nov. 30, 1837. 

CROMWELL, Calvin J. and Jane E. Elisha of Taunton, 
coulered, int. June 10, 1838. 

CRONELLY, Timothy and Catharine Dempsy, int. May 26, 


CROOK, Alice (see Alice Cook). 

CROOKER, Aaron C. and Emeline F. Faunce, Nov. 5, 1838. 
Abigail and John Puffer Jr. of Weymouth, May 19, 1822. 
Benjamin and Mary W. Pratt, June 3, 1832. [Benjamin, s. 

Zenas dec'd, and Mary W. Pratt, d. Sylvanus, c.r.i. 

Benjamin, s. Zenas and Content (Stetson), and Mary W. 

Pratt, P.R.I. Mary W., d. Silvanus and Experience 

(Alden), p.R.94.] 
Bethiah of Pembroke and John Alden, [sic, ? Allen, see Pem- 
broke Vital Records], Mar. 5, 1740, in Pembroke.* 
Betsey of Pembroke and Oman Perkins, int. Apr. 18, 1818. 
Betty and Jacob Whitmarsh of Abington, int. Dec. 20, 181 7. 
Deborah of Pembroke and Welcom Pincin, int. Jan. 24, 1818. 
George R. and Julia A. Crossman of Raynham, int. Oct. 10, 

Hellen Louisa and Samuel Ward Bates, May 5, 1839. [Helen 

L., C.R.5. Helen L. [L. written in pencil], d. Zenas and 

Content (Stetson), p.r.i. Helen L., p.R.91.] 
James Jr. of Hallifax and Mary Palmer, int. Mar. 29, 1806. 
John of Pembroke and Polly Smith, Dec. 20, 1798. [John of 

Pembroke, s. David, and Mary Smith, d. Joseph, p.r.86.] 
Lucy and Zephaniah Shaw of Middleborough, Mar. 27, 1831. 

[Lucy, d. Zenas dec'd, c.r.i. Lucy, d. Zenas and Content 

(Stetson), P.R.I.] 
Marcia and Edwin Ames, Sept. 10, 1826. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Crooker, Naomi S. and Daniel [int. David] G. Hicks of 
Boston, Dec. 25, 1828. [Naomi S., d. Zenas dec'd, and 
David G. Hicks of Boston, c.r.i. Naomi Stetson Crook- 
er, d. Zenas and Content (Stetson), and Hicks, 


Ralph and Maritta H. Borden of Troy, int. June 12, 1824. 
Zenas, s. Zenas and Content (Stetson), and Hannah Richard- 
son of Danvers, ,* p.r.i. 

CROSMAN (see Grossman), Molley [int. Molly Grossman] and 
William Shaw, Nov. 9, 1797. 

CROSS, Nath[anie]l and Peggy Smith Bird of Dorchester, int. 
July 17, 1802. 

GROSSMAN (see Crosman), Alvin and Chloe Pratt, Apr. 18, 

Ghloe, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Nahum Mitchell of Rayn- 
ham. May 24, 1828. [Mrs. Ghloe Grossman, d. Lt. Na- 
thaniel Pratt, C.R.I.] 

Daniel [int. Crosman] of Easton and Alice Brett, June 4, 1778, 
in Easton. 

Joseph and Mary Gary, Feb. 18, [i7]47.* 

Joseph and Elisabeth Washburn, Aug. 20, 1752.* [Elizabeth 
Washburne, p.c.r.] 

Joseph Jr. of Easton and Margret Turner, Feb. 26, 1756.* 

Julia A. of Raynham and George R. Crooker, int. Oct. 10, 

Mary and Recompence Gary, Dec. 25, 171 1.* 

Rufus of Kingston and Experience [dup. Experiance] Howard 
[int. Hayward], June 10, 1818. 

Sarah and Joseph Hayward Jr., Sept. 9, 1703.* 

Seth of Raynham and Alice Leach, Apr. 29, 1804 [? in Middle- 

Seth and Sally Manley of Easton, int. Jan. 16, 1813. 

Sussanna and Nathan[ie]ll White, May 27, 1745.* [Susanna 
Crosman and Nathaniel White, p.c.r.] 

CROSSWELL, Benjamin of Easton and Hannah Reckards, 
int. Dec. 10, 1791. 

CUD WORTH, Martha and Jonathan Burr, May 30, 1754. 

CUFFE, Anthony and Abigail Pendel, wid., negroes, int. Mar. 

20, 1779. 
Francis and Fidelia, negros, Nov. 24, 1708.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


CUFFORD, Rhoda of Easton and James Bennett, Nov. 14, 
1799, in Easton.* 

CUMNER, John [int. of Wayne] and Hannah Thomas Bart- 
lett, May 19, 1813. 

CUNINGHAM, Catharine [int. Cunningham], 18, d. John and 
Bridget, and Shepard H. Leach, 25, farmer, s. Barnus and 
Olive, Mar. 18, 1849. 

CURTAIN, Elanor and Jo[h]n Smith, Sept. 29, 1774. 

CURTICE (see Curtis), Benjamin of Pembrook and Experi- 
ence Hayward, May 25, 1732.* [Curtis, both of Bridg- 
water, P.C.R.] 

Experience and Ezekiel Washburn, Oct. 4, 1749.* [Experi- 
ance Curtis and Ezek[ie]l Washbourn, p.c.r.] 

Naomi and John Leonard, Nov. 23, 1732.* 

William and Hannah Linfield, June 7, 1780.* [Curtis and 
Hannah Linsfield, p.c.r.] 

CURTIS (see Curtice), Abigail, "alias Abigail Wampee," and 

Peleg Pender, int. Dec. 19, 1772. 
Abigail and George Briggs [int. Jr.], Dec. 10, 1809. 
Abigal and Josiah Washburn, Jan. 29, 1745.* [Abigail Curtiss 

and Josiah Washburne, p.c.r.] 
Aholibamah [int. Ahobibame] and Timothy Packard, Jan. 13, 

1790. [Aholibamah, p.c.r.] 
Alanson of N. Bridgewater and Mary D. Hayden of Quincy, 

May 9, 1839.* 
Ashley and Amie Reynolds, int. Mar. 25, 1769. 
Ashley and Susanna Fuller, Apr. 12, 1770. 
Barnabus and Esther Finney, June 6, 1774.* 
Bathsheba and Capt. Isaac Keith, Feb. 12, 1815. 
Bela and Kezia Lincoln, Jan. 19, 1802 [date in later handwriting, 

sic, int. Dec. 25, 1802]. 
Betty and Simeon Leach, Dec. 31, 1765.* 
Edwardand Abigail Pratt, Jan. 2, 1759.* [Jan. 9, p.c.r. Jan. 2, 


Elbridge of E. Bridgewater and Matilda W. Horton, Dec. 17, 


Eliphaz of Abington and Ruth Pool, Sept. 16, 1796, in Abing- 

Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] of Hal[ifa]x and Nath[anie]ll Hay- 
ward, Apr. 5, 1743. [Eliza[beth] Curtiss of Hallifax and 
Nathaniel Hayward, p.c.r.] 

* latention not recorded. 


Curtis, Esther of N. Bridgewater and Levi W. Holbrook of 

N. Bridgewater, Oct. 6, 1832.* 
Eunice and Edmund Soper, Dec. 30, 1756.* [Unice Curtiss, 


Frederick A. of Newton Lower Falls and Harriet M. Hooker, 

Aug. 17, 1842. [Harriet M., d. George, c.r.2.] 
Hannah and Alpha Tribou, Oct. 10, 1803 [date in later hand- 
writing] . 
Hannah of Stoughton and Oliver Lothrop, int. Dec. 3, 

Isaac and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Wales, Jan. 26 [Jan. 26 

in later handwriting, int. Jan. 4], 1806. 
Margret [int. Margrett], "alias Pegg Wampee," and Prince 

Robbin [int. Robbins, "Free negro man"], Sept. 15, 1764. 

[Margaret, "alias Pegg Wampee," and Prince Robbin, 

"negroman," p.c.r.] 
Margrett, "alias Margrett Wampee," and William Waterman, 

int. Jan. 16, 1773. 
Mary and Jonathan Gary, Dec. 30, [i7]47.* 
Moses and Mary Vinson of Weymouth, Nov. 17, 1757, in 

Moses, Capt. [int. omits Gapt., dup. and int. of Braintree], and 

Hannah Belcher, Dec. 14, 1769 [dup. Nov. 4, 1769, in 

Patience and Seth Brett, int. June 2, 1744. 
Priscilla, "alias Priscilla Wampee," and Joel Suikamug, int. 

Jan. 16, 1773. 
Rebecca and William Washburn, May 8, 1738,* c.r.i. 
Rebecca and Enoch Thayer, July 4, 1765. [Rebeccah, p.c.r.] 
Releaf of Stoughton and Peter Dunbar, int. June 16, 1764. 
Sally and Nehemiah Howard, int. Sept. 17, 1791. 
Samuel and Sally Harris, Apr. i, 1799.* 
Sarah and Edmund Pettingail, Jan. 15, 1761.* [Gurstis and 

Edmond Pettingale, p.c.r.] 
Sylvester and Heman Keith, int. Apr. 19, 1823. 
Theophilus [int. Jr. of Stoughton] and Mehetable [int. Mehet- 
abel] Keith, Feb. 13, 1766. [Theophilus and Mehitable 

Keith, P.C.R.] 
Theophilus [int. of Stoughton] and Rebecca French, Apr. 10, 

1 791. [Theophilus, p.c.r.] 
Therea [int. Thirza] and Benjamin Munroe [int. Jr.] of Halli- 

fax, Aug. 27, 1812. 
William [int. of Randolph] and Submit Smith [int. Keith], 

Sept. 15, 1806 [date in later handwriting]. 

• Intention not recorded. 


GUSHING, Abel and Sabina W. Wade of Halifax, int. Jan. 17, 

Asa of Randolph and Sally French, Aug. 22, 1813. 
Daniel and Zeruiah Chamberlin, Nov, 22, 1787. [Zerviah, p.c.r.] 
Deborah (see Deborah Clushing). 
Jonathan of New Bedford and Sarah [int. Sally W.] Lazell, 

Nov. 30, 1809. [Jonathan of Boston and Sarah Lazell, 


Josiah C. [int. of S. Marshfield] and Harriet W. Wilbar, Jan. 5, 

Mary Eliza, 19, d. Jona[than] and Sarah, and Charles Muzzey 

Reed, 25, merchant, of Boston, Oct. 23, 1844. 
Pamelia and Leonard Hill of E. Bridgewater, int. Mar. 27, 

Phebe of Boston and Andrew Freeman, blacks, int. Mar. 22, 

William H. of Raynham and Almira S. Monroe [dup. Munroe] 

of Taunton, Sept. 24, 1843 [dup. May 4, 1844].* 

CUSHMAN, Almira of Hallifax and Silvanus Hall Jr., int. 

Mar. 23, 1816. 
Bettee [int. Bettie] and Nathan Hartwell, Aug. 20, 1761, in 

Charles and Mary Harvey, Dec. 10, 1739.* 
Deborah of Halifax and Thomas Hooper Jr., Mar. 4, 1762, in 

Deborah F. and John Shankland of N. Bridgewater, June 14, 

Earl and Wealthy Hall of Raynham, int. Sept. 23, 1820. 
Ebenezer [of] Kingston and Kezia Benson, Apr. 21, 1805. 
Ebenezer [int. Jr.] of Kingston and Charity [int. Charrity] 

Benson, May 30, 1805. 
Hannah of Halifax and Jonathan Hayden, June 25, 1754, in 

Jonathan and Susanna Benson, Feb. 25, 1735-6,* c.r.i. 
Noah [Cushman sic, int. Cheesman] and Lucinda Howard, 

May 12, 1799. 
Phebe and Joseph Bassett, Dec. 2, 1756.* [Basset, c.r.i.] 
Sarah T. and Philander Leach, Jan. 4, 1841. 
Thomas, Capt., and Bethiah Thompson [int. Tomson], June 

25, 1794. [Thomson, p.c.r.] 
Thomas and Lucy Pratt, Oct. 5, 1823. [Lucy, d. Cornelius 

dec'd, C.R.I.] 
William of Middleborough and Deborah Fuller, int. June 30, 

1792. [m. Sept. 6, P.C.R.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


CUTLER, Ebenezer, Lt. [int. omits Lt.], of Western, Worcester 
Co., and Cynthia Sylvester Bonney [int. Cynthia Silves- 
ter, omits Bonney], July 3, 1797. 

William J. of Boston and Lucia C. Washburn, Apr. 4, 1843. 
[Lucia Conant Washburn, d. Abram and Pamelia (Keith), 


CUTTER, William P. and Bethiah S. Hayward of Taunton, 
int. Nov. 12, 1837. 

DACY, Hiram, 23, ostler, s. Elijah and Lucy, and Jane Billings, 
22, d. and Olive, May 3, 1846. 

DAILEY (see Daily, Dalie, Daly), Lewis and Mary Willis [int. 

of Easton], Aug. 8, 1782. [Mary, p.c.r.] 
Martha and Dominicus Records [int. Reccords of Pembrook], 

Aug. 19, 1768. [Records, p.c.r.] 

DAILY (see Dailey, Dalie, Daly), Levi Lewis [Leviis, inserted in 
pencil above Levi, int. Lewis Dalie of Easton] and Rebec- 
cah [int. Rebecca] Dickerman, Dec. 31, 1801. 

DALE, Joseph and Silence Aldrich, int. Mar. 19, 1773. 

DALIE (see Dailey, Daily, Daly), Abigail and Reubin Lion of 
Milton, int. Apr. 5, 1810. 

DALY (see Dailey, Daily, Dalie), Metable of Easton and 
Seth Lothrop, June 9, 1757, in Easton.* 

DAMMON (see Damon), Mary of Hanson and Enos Thayer 

2d, int. Mar. 24, 1821. 
Nathaniel of Marshfield and Molly [int. PoUey] Allen, May 25, 

1786. [Molly, P.C.R.] 

DAMON (see Dammon), Lewis of Taunton and Paulina [int. 
Polina] T. Dunbar, Apr. 8, 1832. [Paulina T., c.R.i.] 

DANFORTH, Thomas and Nancy Woods, Jan. i, 1783. 

DANIEL (see Daniels), Charles and Hephzibah Forrest, int. 
Nov. 29, 1823. 

DANIELS (see Daniel), Charles and Mehetabel [int. Mehita- 

bel] Perkins, Apr. 3, 1814. 
Elizabeth G. and Henry Mitchell of E. Bridgewater, int. May 

18, 1834. 
James S. of Randolph and Jane Bassett, int. Oct. 16, 1836. 
Sybil and Nathan Bassett, Jan. 14, 1827. [Mrs. Sybil, C.R.3.] 

♦ Intention not recorded. 


Daniels, Thomas and Nancy C. Williams of Mansfield, Nov. 

29, 1838. 
William of Abington and Bethiah [int. Bethia] Pratt, Jan. 14, 

1768, in Abington. 

DARBY (see Derby), Samuel [int. Derby] and Sarah Atwood 
[int. Attwood], Sept. 13, 1764. [Darby and Sarah At- 
wood, P.C.R.] 

DARLING, Benjamin [int. Darlin] of Pembroke and Sarah 

Lowden, Jan. 27, 1785. [Darling of Pembroke, p.c.r.] 
Benjamin and Sarah W. Rider, Oct. 22, 1829. [Sarah W., d. 

Samuel, c.r.i.] 
Daniel and Huldah Bryant of Halifax, int. Sept. 9, 1841. 
Mary [int. Mercy] of Pembroke and Stephen Richerson [int. 

Richardson], Apr. 7, 1767, in Pembroke. 
Mary of Middleborough and Casander D. H. Keith, int. June 

15, 1816. 
Sarah E., i6, d. Benj[amin] and Sarah W., and Nelson O. Carr, 

23, shoemaker, s. Oren and Orinda of Williamston, Vt., 

Oct. 24, 1847. 

DAVENPORT (see Devenport), Abigail and Zachariah Pack- 
ard, Mar. 31, 1724.* 

Abigail and Daniel Hayward, Aug. 14, 1761. [Ha ward, p.c.r.) 

Elisabeth and Josiah Washburn, June 20, 1723.* [Elizabeth 
and Josiah Washburn, s. Jonathan, p.R.36.] 

Eunice and William Lazsel of Midleborough, int. Oct. 5, 1754. 

Nathaniel and Lucy Wyman, Dec. 22, 1729.* [Wyeman, 


Polle [int. Polley Devenport] and Enus [int. Enos] Phillips of 

Easton, Aug. 21, 1786, in Easton. 
Susanna and Ichabod Orcut, Nov. 29, 1757.* [Susannah, 

P.C.R. Susanna and Icabod Orcut, c.r.i.] 
William and Sarah Richard, Apr. 16, 1730.* [Richards, p.c.r.] 

DAVIE, Simeon [int. Dave] and Susanna Pratt, Feb. 27, 1788. 
[Davie, p.c.r.] 

DAVIS, Joseph and Ruth Basset, Mar. 23, 1730.* [Bassett, 

Lydia [int. Dawes] and Isaac Tirrill [int. Terril] of Abington, 

May 19, 1757, in Abington. 
Mary and Samuel Read, Oct. i, 1705.* 
Nathaniel Morton [int. Esq.] of Plymouth and Harriot [int. 

Harriet] Mitchell, July 8, 181 7. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Davis, Sarah [int. Dawes, wid.] and Capt. Daniel Reed [int. 

Dan[ie]ll Read] of Abington, Sept. 30 [sic, int. Oct. 14], 

1765, in Abington. 
Sarah of Quincy and Elijah Dunpha, int. Nov. 9, 1805. 
Thomas and Hannah Washburn, June 2, 1737.* 
William H. [int. of Roxbury] and Elizabeth [int. adds H.] Bas- 

sett, Aug. I, 1838. [William and Elizebeth Bassett, c.r.i. 

William H. and Elizabeth H. Bassett, d. Paschal and Mary 

(Hooper), p.r.i.] 

DAWES (see Daws, Dours), Arethusa (see Arathusa Harris). 
Jacob and Martha Hearsey of Abington, int. May 12, 1800. 
Jonathan and Lydia Snell, int. Oct. 31, 1772. 
Lydia (see Lydia Davis). 

Margret and Andrew Bearse of Hallifax, July 15, 1736.* 
Nathan and Abigail White of Abington, int. Oct. 17, 1772. 
Polly and Samuel Bicknell of Abington, int. May 12, 1800. 
Rob[er]t [int. Daws] and Lydia Harden, May 28, 1744. 

[Dawes, p.c.r.] 
Sabina and Joseph Randal [int. Ramsdale] Jr., Nov. 15, 1820. 
Sam[ue]U [int. Daws] and Abigail Kingman, Jan. i, 1755. 
Sarah (see Sarah Davis). 

DAWS (see Dawes, Dours), Mary and Joseph Ramsdell Jr. of 
Pembroke, Dec. 30, 1741, in Pembroke.* 

DEAN (see Deane), Abagail [int. Abigail] of Easton and Alex- 
ander Keith, Dec. 14, 1788, in Easton. 

Abigail [int. [of] Tanton] and Capt. Josiah Edson, Apr. 3, 1755. 
[Abigail, p.c.r.] 

Alethea of Taunton and Nathaniel Williams, int. Mar. 22, 1794. 

Charlotte [int. Deane] and Seth Leonard, Nov. 8, 182 1. 
[Dean, p.r.i.] 

Dan[ie]ll of Norton and Lydia Whitman, Sept. 27, 1770. 
[Daniel of Norton and Lidia Whittman, Sept. 27, 1771, 
P.C.R. Daniel of Norton and Lidea Whitman, Sept. 27, 

1770, C.R.I.] 

Ebenezer of Plimton and Hannah Whitman, May 11, 1769. 
Elijah and Susanna Bass [int. 3d], Apr. 28, 1768. [Susannah, 


Ezra of Tanton and Bethia Edson, July 12, 1733.* 
Frederick [int. Frederic] L. and Joanna Waterman, Apr. 2, 

1826. [Frederick L. and Joanna Waterman, d. Dea. 

W[aterman], c.r.i.] 
Hannah of Easton and Nemiah Howard [int. Nehemiah Ha- 

ward], Feb. 27, 1770, in Easton. 

* latention not recorded. 


Dean, James O. of Taunton and Harriet F. Fobes, int. Dec. 15, 

Josiah and Jane Washburn, Aug. 18, 1737.* 
Lazell of Raynham and Ruth Leonard, Mar. 15, 1789. 
Mary of Norton and Timothy Fobes, Oct. 20, 1766, in Norton. 

[Oct. 23, P.R.102.] 
Nahum of Taunton and Mille K. Robbins, Feb. 12, 1824. 
Philander and Lavina Hayward, Dec. 19, 1830. [Lavina, d. 

Solomon and Zeruiah, c.r.i.] 
Rebecca of Raynham and Woodward Latham, int. June 13, 

Sally of Taunton and Caleb Edson, int. Feb. 8, 1783. 
Seth and Bettie Packard, Apr. 28, 1748.* 
Zephaniah of Middleborough and Fanny Leonard, Dec. 3, 


DEANE (see Dean), Azel of Norton and Sally Malona, int. 

Dec. 29, 1797. 
Keziah P. of Taunton and Benjamin Keith, int. Oct. 17, 1846. 
Phebe of Raynham and David Bassett, int.^July 16, 1796. 

DEARBORN (see Dearbourn), Albion and Eliza G. Field of 

Quincy, int. Feb. 26, 1842. 
Axel and Margaret [int. adds W.] Robinson, Nov. 11, 1839. 

[Margaret, c.r.i.] 
Harison and Olive P. Hodgeden of Livermore, Me., int. Oct. 

15, 1841. 

DEARBOURN (see Dearborn), Daniel H. [int. Dearborn] and 
Eunice Witherel [int. Witherell], Oct. 30, 1834. [Dearborn 
and Eunice Witherell, C.R.3.] 

DECOSTER, John and Betsey Harris, Oct. 11 [Oct. 11 in 

later handwriting], 1805.* 

DELANO (see Delino, Dellino), Abel [int. Dellino] of Pem- 
broke and Deborah Pinchin, Jan. 21, 1796. 

Deborah [int. wid.] and Henry Munro [int. Munroe] Jr. of 
Hallifax, Jan. 8, 1800. [Deborah (Pincheon) and Henry 
Munroe, p.r.i.] 

Malachi of Duxbury and Nabby Kingman, July 22, 1807. 

Ruth of Pembrook and Ebenezer Whitman 3d, int. Mar. 13, 

Tho[ma]s of Dartmouth and Molly Warren, int. [Feb. 15] 1777. 

DELINO (see Delano, Dellino), Hannah [int. Dillino] and 
Ephraim Jackson, Feb. 5, 1784. [Delino, P.C.R.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


DELLINGHAM, John (see John Dillingham). 

DELLINO (see Delano, Delino), Abigail of Duxborough and 
William Robinson Jr., int. Mar. 21, 181 2. 

DEMPSY, Catharine and Timothy Cronelly, int. May 26, 

DEMSELL, Kathrine and William Allen, Aug. 19, 1756.* 

DERBY (see Darby), Prince [int. of Dorchester] and Mary 
Drake, blacks, Nov. 4, 1784. [Prince, p.c.r.] 

DEVENPORT (see Davenport), John [int. Davenport] and 
Charity Pratt of Norton [int. adds Bristol Co.], Feb. 29, 
1764, in Norton. 

Sylvia and Wilbore Frelove of Freetown, int. Feb. 18, 1786. 

DE WITT, Maria (Dewitt) [dup. De Witt] and Rev. Asa 

Meech, Nov. 19, 1809. 
Polly of Norwich and Rev. Asa Meech, int. Mar. 13, 1802. 

DICKERMAN, Abigail and Hezekiah Mahurin, Aug. 7, 1760.* 

[Mahurrin, p.c.r.] 
Benjamin [int. adds F.] and Zibbia Bryant, Feb. 26, 181 7. 
Betty (see Elizebeth). 

Chloe and Jonathan Lathrop, Apr. 30, 1765. 
Daniel Tuel and Becca Smith, Aug. 9, 1803 [date in later hand- 
writing] . 
Dan[ie]ll and Ruth Tuel, Mar. 20, 1777. 
Ebenezer Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Mercy Stone [int. of Easton], 

Jan. 18, 1769. [Ebenezer and Mercy Stone, p.c.r.] 
Elizebeth [int. Bettie] of Stoughton and Lothrop [int. 

Mark Lathrop], Nov. 20, 1777, in Stoughton. 
Ira of N. [int. N. W.] Bridgewater and Eliza B. White, Dec. 27, 

Joanna of Easton and Wendal [int. Wendall] Seaver, Oct. 30, 

John of Roxbury and Lydia Leach, Nov. 8, 1770. [Lidia, Nov. 

8, 1 77 1, P.C.R. Dikerman of Roxbury and Lideah Leach, 


John [int. of Stoughton] and Kezia Alger, July 10, 1786. 
[John, P.C.R.] 

Manassah and Ruth Randel of Easton, int. June 12, 1773. 

Manassah and Thirza Bryant, Oct. 9, 1791. [Oct. 19, p.c.r.] 

Manasseh and Sarah Cole, int. Mar. 17, 1770. "said Dicker- 
mans publishment to Sarah Cole is forbiden both by 
Joseph & Sarah Cole" 

* IntentioQ not recorded. 


DiCKERMAN, Mary and Ebenezer Shaw of Middleborough, 

May 19, 1816. 
Nehemiah and Ruth Clark, int. Aug. 24, 1800. 
Policy [int. Polly] and William Badger, Jan. 19, 1786. [Polly, 


Rebeccah [int. Rebecca] and Levi Lewis [Lewis inserted in 

pencil above Levi] Daily [int. Lewis Dalie of Easton], Dec. 

31, i8oi._ 
Roana and William Keith, Feb. 10, 1825. 
Ruth and John Guineth [int. Gwineth] of Taunton, Sept. 25, 

Ruth and Warren Hunt, July 14, 1831,* p.R.96. 
Sally and Nathaniel Shepardson of Attleboro, Oct. 5, 181 7. 
Samuel and Olive Packard, May 23, 1799. 
Samuel of N. Bridgewater and Clara A. Packard, int. Feb. 23, 

Stephen G. of Easton and Lucy Ann B. Mahurin, int. June 7, 

Thirza and John Hall Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Raynham, Sept. 5, 

1824. [John Jr. of Raynham, c.r.i.] 

DIER (see Dyar, Dyer, Dyre), Ezekiel [int. Dyer] and Clarissa 
Leach, Feb. 11, 181 2 [? in Middleborough]. 

DIKE (see Dyke), Mary [int. Dyke] and Job Ames, Dec. 12, 

1782. [Dike, P.C.R.] 
Olive and Joseph Shaw, Apr. 9, 1806 [date in later handwriting]. 
Oliver and Sibbil Howard, int. Sept. 29, 1810. 
Phebe [int. Mrs.] and James S. Leach, Sept. 19, 1839. 
Samuel Jr. and Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] Howard, Jan. 31, 

1793. [Mehetabel, p.c.r.] 
Sam[ue]l Jr. and Betsey Burnel [int. Burrel], May 18, 181 2. 
Thomas and Phebe Keith, Feb. 19, 1824.* 

DILL, Charles H. of Abington and Hannah G. Vaughn of 

Abington, Oct. 10, 1847, in S. Hingham,* c.r.i. 
Eunice and James Cleverly of Braintree, Dec. i, 1814. 

DILLEY, Betty [dup. Bettie] and Ruben Washburn, May 11, 

1749.* [Betty, P.C.R.] 
Mary [dup. Dillis] and John Foster of Kingston, Nov. i, 1750.* 
[Dilley, p.c.r.] 

DILLINGHAM, Charles, 24, agriculturist, of Sandwich, s. 
Simeon and Lucy, and Joanna J. Gibbs, 24, d. Thomas F. 
and Patience C, Oct. 28, 1845, 

• Intention not recorded. 


Dillingham, Charles C. of Troy and Mary Ann Bancroft of 

W. Bridgewater, June 6, 1833.* 
John [int. Dellingham] of Berkley and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] 

Susanna Eaton, Sept. 25, 1804 [? in Middleborough], 
Rachel and William Soul of Hallifax, Jan. 25, 1791. 

DILLIS (see Dilley). 

DOAN, Polley and Gooding Packard, int. July 24, 1784. 

DOGGETT, Lucy of Middlborough and Nathan Willis Jr., 

int. Dec. 4, 1790. 
Mark of Raynham and Pertia Keith, int. Feb. 16, 1793. 

[Dogget of Raynham, m. May 9, p.c.r.] 
Theophilus P., Rev., and Elizabeth Bates, int. Nov. 7, 1843. 

DONHAM (see Dunham), William [int. Mundunham] of 
Plymouth and Deborah Hooper, wid., Feb. i, 1781. [Don- 
ham of Plymouth, p.c.r.] 

DONNISON, Elizabeth Q. [of] Boston and Rev. Richard M. 
Hodges, int. Oct. 5, 1821. [Elizabeth Quincy Donnison, 
d. Hon. W[illia]m of Boston, and Rev. Richard Manning 
Hodges, m. Oct. 29, in Boston, c.r.i.] 

DORMAN, Cathrine [int. Catharine] and Edward Spear, Dec. 
7, 1773- 

DORREN, James [int. of Milton] and Lucy Ramsdel, July 16, 

DOTA, Matilda (see Metilda Doty). 

DOTE (see Dotey, Dotty, Doty, Doughty), Mary [int. Doty] 
and Nathan Witherel of Taunton, July 13, 1780. [Doty 
and Nathan Witherell, p.c.r. Dote and Nathan Wither- 
ell of Taunton, c.r.i.] 

DOTEN, David and Betsey S. Prince of Kingston, int. June 3, 

Isaac of Hartford [int. adds Oxford Co.], Me., and Deborah 

Sturtevant, Sept. 13, 1820. 

DOTEY (see Dote, Dotty, Doty, Doughty), Jenny and 
Tho[ma]s Mitchel of Stoughton, int. Mar. 15, 1777. 

DOTTY (see Dote, Dotey, Doty, Doughty), Jo[h]n Jr. [int. 
Doty 2d] and Zobiah Ward, May 7, 1772. [Doty Jr., 


• Intention not recorded. 


DOTY (see Dote, Dotey, Dotty, Doughty), Chloe and Samuel 
Mingo [int. molattos], Dec. 3, 1778. [Cloe Dote, c.r.i.] 

John 2d and Abiah Ward, int. Mar. 7, 1772. "publishment 
forbiden by Zobiah Ward." 

Metilda [int. Dota] and Samuel Reed of Commington [int. 
Cummington, Berkshire Co.], Mar. 7, 1786. [Doty and 
Samuel Reed of Cominngton, p.c.r. Tilda Doty and 
Samuel Reed of Comington, c.r.i.] 

DOUGHTY (see Dote, Dotey, Dotty, Doty), Charles J., 25, of 
New York, s. Charles J. and Elizabeth of New York, and 
Sarah P. Worcester, 23, d. Samuel and Sarah, June 15, 

Jo[h]n and Susanna [int. Sussanna] May, July 5, 1753. 

DOUGLAS, John and Priscila Pratt, June 17, 1749.* 

DOURS (see Dawes, Daws), Samuel and Sarah Rowland of 
Pembroke, Sept. 28, 1720, in Pembroke.* 

DOWNEY, Isabel and Barnabas Pratt, Oct. 17, 1750.* 

DOWNING, Bathsheba [dup. int. of Easton] and Caleb Trask, 
Sept. 29, 1791. [both of Bridgwater, p.c.r.] 

Moses and Elisabeth Monk, int. Feb. 25, 1769. 

Polly and Ebenezer [int. Abizer] Trask of Hallowell, Lincoln 
Co., Dec. 10, 1788 [? in Middleborough]. 

Sally and Samuel Bryant, int. Sept. 3, 1800. 

DRAKE, Abiel Jr. of Sharon and Claricy Reckards, int. Feb. 
14, 1789. 

Diana of Easton and David Tilden, Aug. 21, 1799 [sic, ? 1791, 
int. July 30, 1791], in Easton. 

Ebenezer and Susannah Leavett of Pembroke, Feb. 18, 1773, 
in Pembroke.* 

Ebenezer and Martha Gurney, Jan. 17, 1782. 

Elijah of Easton and Kezia Packard, int. Mar. 23, 1799. 
"Said Kezia forbade her publishment March 30"'." 

Elijah [int. 2d of Easton] and Susanna Churchel [int. Church- 
ell], Oct. 16, 1800. 

Elizabeth and David Packard 2d [int. omits 2d, adds [of] N. 
Bridgewater], Dec. 5, 1822. 

Ezra of Stoughton and Lucia Benson, Oct. 17, 1830. 

Francis and Sarah Hayden, May 4, 1775. 

Hannah and Caleb Dunbar, Nov. 7, 1782. 

Ira and Mary Pratt [int. wid.]. May 24, 182 1. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Drake, Isaac and Deborah Stevens of Pembroke, int. Mar. 

17, 1798. 
John and Molly [int. Molley] Cole, Apr. 4, 1782. [Molly, p.c.r.] 
Jonah and Jerusha Clapp, int. Sept. 12, 1789. 
Joseph and AUice Hayward, Apr. 5, 1727.* [Alice, p.c.r.] 
Levi F. of Portland, Me., and Susanna Fobes, int. Oct. 8, 1848. 
Lott of Easton and Hannah Turner, int. May 4, 1782. 
Lydia and John Packard, Apr. 8, 1817. 
Mary, "negro woman," and Gambo, "Negro man," June 21, 

Mary [int. wid.] and Abiah Randell [int. Abia Randel] of Eas- 
ton, Nov. 25, 1778, in Easton. 
Mary and Prince Derby [int. of Dorchester], blacks, Nov. 4, 

1784. [Prince, p.c.r.] 
Oliver of Easton and Ruth Severs, int. Aug. 3, 1793. 
Polly of Easton and Asaph Howard [int. Hayward], July 29, 

1792, in Easton. 
Polly and Jacob Hearsey, Oct. 15, 181 2. 
Reuben and Olive Chesman, Dec. 7, 1819. 
Rhoda of Easton and Abial [int. Abiel] Alger, July 2, 1789, in 

Richard and Mary Young, int. Nov, 7, 1767. 
Robert Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Easton and Rebecca^Wade, Sept. 

29, 1774, in Easton. 
Sarah and John Gary, Oct. 8, 1734.* 
Thomas of Easton and Elizebeth Brett, Jan. 20, 1736-7, in 

Thomas [int. of Quincy] and Lydia Blanchard, Feb. i, 1821. 
Timothy [int. of Easton] and Polly Dunbar, Apr. 12, 1789. 

[Timothy, p.c.r.] 
Titus of Easton and Sally Lincoln, int. Dec. i, 1792. 

DRESSER, Gomfort Carpenter of Chester, Vt., and Gelia 

Wade, Mar. 4, 1802. 
Polly of Pomfret and Ephraim Hide, int. Dec. 14, 1793. 

DREW, Margret [int. Margrit] and America Pierce [int. Jr.], 
blacks, Aug. 31, 1793. [Margaret and America Pierce, 

Aug. 13, P.C.R.) 

Thomas of Halifax and Abigail Harris, Aug. 16, 1739.* [Abi- 

gaiel, C.R.I.] 
Tom, "Negro man," and Mary Sash, "Negro woman," June 18, 

Tom and Ann [int. Anna] Golley, "Free negroes," Nov. 25, 
1762. [Ann, P.C.R.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Drew, William and Alice [int. Abigail] Wallis [int. blacks], 

[Nov. 19] 1795. 
William B. of Duxbury and Mary [int. adds W.] Bassett, Jan. 

27, 1836. [Mary, c.r.i. Mary Winslow Bassett, p.r.i.] 

DUMBER (see Dunbar, Dunbarr, Dunber), Betsey and Wil- 
liam Mitchell, int. Mar. 12, 1793. [Dunbar, m. , 


DUN AM (see Dunham). 

DUNBAR (see Dumber, Dunbarr, Dunber), Abel and Sarah 
Howard, Mar. 23, 1784. 

Abel and Phebe Brett, Mar. 9, 1806 [date in later handwriting]. 

Abigail and Joshua Fobes, Dec. 4, 171 1.* 

Abigail and Andrew Gillimor, Oct. 5, 1752.* 

Abigail P. of W. Bridgewater and Charles Ames of W. Bridge- 
water, Dec. 6, 1831.* 

Amie and Elias Sewall [int. Sewal, " Free Negros"], Oct. 28, 

Amie and Levi Ramsdel of Milton, int. June 20, 1801. 

Anna of W. Bridgewater and Ralph Copeland, int. Oct. 25, 

1823. [m. , 1823, P.R.I. P.R.IOO.] 

Barnebas and Silence Alger, May 24, 1780. [Barnabas, p.c.r.] 

Barnebas and Mary Haward [int. Howard, wid.j. May 28, 1784. 
[Barnabas and Mary Howard, p.c.r.] 

Benjamin and Wealthy [int. Welthy] Washburn of Middle- 
borough, June 9, 1774 [? in Middleborough]. 

Bethiah and Apollos Randel [int. of Easton], May 22, 1796. 

Bethiah and Levi [int. adds H.] Perkins, July 30, 1804. 

Betsey of Stoughton and Calvin Packard, Oct. 20, 1785, in 

Caleb and Hannah Drake, Nov. 7, 1782. 

Calvin and Sally Dunbar, int. Mar. 25, 1793. 

Charles and Susanna Willis, July 9 [dup. Aug. 7], 18 17. 

Chloe [int. Dunber] and Nahum Benson, May 30, 1819. 

Daniel and Nicholas Wilbar, Apr. 2, 1809 [? in Middleborough]. 

Dan[ie]ll and Abigal [int. Abigail] Kingman, May 2, 1771. 

Darius, Rev., of Edgartown, and Sarah M. Alden, Oct. 6, 1835. 

David and Susanna Hayward, Mar. 16, 1737-8.* 

David and Sarah Blake, Sept. 21, 1749.* 

David Jr. and Joanna Dunbar of Halifax, Dec. i, 1768, in 

David [int. Jr. of Easton] and Hariot Bryant, July 6, 1801. 

Dulcena and Parlee Keith, [Apr.] — , 1821. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Dunbar, Ebenezer and Rebecca Copeland, Sept, 15, 1785. 
Eliab and Levinea Haford of Middleborough, int. Nov. 30, 

Elias and Roxsalinia Leach, int. Dec. 14, 1799. 
Elisabeth and Seth Washburn of Middleborough, July 21, 

1772. [Elizabeth, p.c.r.] 
Elisha and Mercy Hay ward, Apr. 6, 1727.* 
Elisha Jr. and Rebecca Wade, Nov. 24, 1757.* [Rebeccah, 


Elizabeth (see Elisabeth). 

Ephraim and Elisabeth Bump, Dec. 9, 1729.* [Dunham and 
Elizabeth Bump, p.c.r.] 

Hannah and Dan[ie]ll Snow, Apr. 19, 1764. [Daniel, p.c.r.] 

Hannah and Marshal Walker, int. Aug. 17, 1776. 

Hannah and Eleazer Snow [int. 3d], Apr. 20, 1780. [Dunber 
and Eleazer Snow, p.c.r.] 

Hannah and Avery Lothrop, Mar. 23, 1819. 

Hosea [int. of Hallifax] and Jennet Hendrey [Henry in later 
handwriting after Hendrey, int. Janet Hendrey], Oct. 22, 
1767. [Hosea and Jennet Hendry, p.c.r.] 

Jacob and Hannah Randell, July 8, 1756.* [Randall, p.c.r.] 

Jacob and Thankfull Thayer, Oct. 11, 1776. 

Jacob Jr. and Hannah Hayward, Nov. 2, 1794. 

Jacob Jr. and Polly Willis, Oct. 28, 1802 [date in later hand- 

James and Experience Hayward, Jan. 31, 1721.* 

James Jr. and Hannah Benson, Jan. 22, 1745.* 

James and Martha Connant, wid., Oct. 5, 1757.* [Conant, 


Jennett of Hallifax and Allen Latham, Mar. 10, 1796.* 
Jerusha and Nathan[ie]ll Rickard, Aug. 22, 1751.* [Dumber 

and Nath[anie]l Rickard, Aug. 23, p.c.r.] 
Jessee and Azuba [int. Azubah] Conant, Feb. 11, 1762. 
Joanna of Halifax and David Dunbar Jr., Dec. i, 1768, in 

John and Mary Keith of Easton, Dec. 8, 1768, in Easton. 
Joseph and Sophronia Allen, int. Mar. 14, 1812. 
Josiah and Silence Packard, wid., Dec. 12, 1758.* 
Josiah [int. Jr. of Wenchester] and Abia Goodspead [int. Abiah 

Goodspeed], July 8, 1782. [Josiah and Abia Goodspeed, 


Josiah, Capt., pauper, and Abigail Shurtliff, wid., int. Dec. 29, 
1797. "The Select men . . . gave Notice to forbade 
giving a Certificate to the above Said Capt Dunbar" 

* Intention not recorded. 


Dunbar, Josiah and Sibbel [int. Sibbyl] Perkins, Nov. 26, 1807 

[date in later handwriting]. 
Keziah [int. Kezia] and Simeon Wood of Boston, Dec. 3, 1809. 
Lavinia (see Levina). 

Lemuel [and] Polly Morey, Aug. 13, 1795. 
Lemuel and Chordana [int. Cordana] Fobes, June 23, 1806. 
Lese and Benjamin Agur, May 3, 1801.* 
Levina and Elijah Lothrop, June 20, 1818. 
Lewis B. and Betsey P. Fobes, Nov, 29, 1840. 
Lucius, 21, shoemaker, of W. Bridgewater, s. Perez and Nancy, 

and Eliza L. Keith, 20, of W. Bridgewater, d. Davis and 

Harriet, June 10, 1849.* 
Marcey [int. Mercy, wid.] and John Fann, July 31 [1781]. 

[Mercy, p.c.r.] 
Martha and David Shaw of Middleborough, int. Nov. 25, 1786. 
Martin and Sally Alger, June 15, 181 2. 
Mary and Dan Lennard, Nov. i, 1750.* [Leonard, p.c.r.] 
Mary [int. Mercy] and Oliver Packard, May 19, 1785. [Mary, 


Mary and Abraham Tarbot [int. Tarbet], blacks, Sept. 3, 1787. 

[Tarbut, p.c.r.] 
Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] and Jonathan Copland Jr., May 

22, 1754. [Mehitable, p.c.r.] 
Melatiah and Jessee Hayward, July 2, 1761.* 
Mercy (see Marcey and Mary). 

Molly [int. Dunber] and William Bonney, Jan. 26, 1796. 
Nancy and Perez Dunbar, int. Sept. 30, 1821. 
Nany of Hallifax and Ebenezer Hall, int. Jan. 13, 1816. 
Nathan B. and Betsey H. Bassett of Middleboro, int. Nov. 6, 

Olive and David Harvey Jr., Jan. 7, 1803. 
Oliver and Sally Willis, Dec. 10, 1807 [date in later handwriting] . 
Parmelia (see Permelia). 
Patty and Calvin Edson, int. Aug. 15, 1797. 
Patty and Joseph Reynolds [int. Jr.], Apr. 19, 1798. 
Paulina [int. Polina] T. and Lewis Damon of Taunton, Apr. 8, 

1832. [Paulina T., c.R. I.] 
Perez and Nancy Dunbar, int. Sept. 30, 1821. 
Permelia and Thatcher Ewell of Marshfield, int. Oct. 18, 1800. 
Peter and Releaf Curtis of Stoughton, int. June 16, 1764. 
Peter and Alice Alger, Dec. 16, 1773. [Peter, s, Samuel and 

Mary, p.R.69.] 
Phebe and Shepard Fobes, Dec. 25, 1814. 
Polly and Timothy Drake [int. of Easton], Apr. 12, 1789. 

[Timothy, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Dunbar, Polly and Marlborough Conant, Aug. ii, 1796. 

Rachel and David Allen, Jan. 26, 1796. 

Reuel (see Ruel). 

Robert and Bettie Kingman, June 13, 1771. 

Roxalana and Caleb Christian, Jan. i, 1826. [Roxelana, d. 

Elias dec'd, c.r.i. Roxellana, d. Elias and Roxellana 

(Leach), p.R.93.] 
Ruel [int. Reuel] and Nancy Willis, Aug. 23 [Aug. 23 in later 

handwriting], 1805. 
Sally and Calvin Dunbar, int. Mar. 25, 1793. 
Samuel Jr. and Mary Snow, May 11, 1758.* 
Samuel, "a Transient Mulatto," and Hannah James, Mar. 10, 

Samuel [int. 3d] and Betsey Lothrop, Nov. 28, 181 1. 
Sam[ue]ll [int. Dunber] and Mary Hayward, Feb. 11, 1745. 

[Samuel Dunbar and Mary Haward, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Thomas Alger, Jan. 15, 1723-4.* 
Sarah and Elijah Snow, Dec. 9, 1767. 
Sarah and James Eason, blacks, Dec. 11, 1783. 
Sarah and Peter Howard of New Bedford, coulered. May 2, 

Sebra S. and John C. H. Eaton of N. Bridgewater, int. Aug. 26, 

Seth and Deborah Belcher, Dec. 3, 1761. 
Seth Jr. and Lois Boyden of Wallpole, int. Dec. 30, 1767. 
Shepard [int. Dumber] and Abigail Bassett, June 22, 1806. 
Sibbil and Elijah Pratt, Aug. 23, 1798.* 
Silas and Amie Reynolds, July 2, 1772. 
Silas [int. Jr.] and Susanna Reynolds, Sept. 24, 1807 [date in 

later handwriting]. 
Silas and Sebra S. Keith, Nov. 30, 1837. 
Simeon, Dr. [int. omits Dr.], and Abigail Packard, Jan. i, 1781. 

[Dr. Simeon, p.c.r.] 
Simeon, Dr., and Mary Perkins, int. Mar. 11, 1804. 
Simeon [int. 2d] and Azuba Pratt, Oct. 13, 1813. 
Sulivan of Abington and Lydia Harden, int. July 26, 18 17. 
Susanna and Samuel Bartlet, May 12, 1757.* [Susannah and 

Samuel Bartlett, p.c.r.] 
Susanna and Caleb Alden of Middleborough, int. Mar. 3, 1787. 
Susanna and Jacob Tarbit [int. blacks], Sept. 16, 1794. 
Thaxter and Phebe Alger, Dec. 9 [1779]. [Dunber, p.c.r.] 
Thomas and Hannah Thayer, int. Sept. 15, 1810. 
Tyle [int. Tiley] and John Capin [int. Capen of Sharon], Mar. 

24, 1807. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Dunbar, Walter and Lydia Rider of Middleborough, int. Feb. 
27, 1796. 

William [int. Willaim] and Sarah Snow, Sept. 14, 1807. 

William and Eunice [int. Eunic] Mitchell, June 3, 1827. [Wil- 
liam, s. Peter, and Eunice Mitchell, d. Daniel Esq., c.R.i. 
Eunice, d. Daniel and Eunice (Mitchell), p.r.i.] 

DUNBARR (see Dumber, Dunbar, Dunber), James and Jane 

Harris, .* [ , 1683, P.R.103.] 

Jane, wid. James, and Pelatiah Smith, .* 

DUNBER (see Dumber, Dunbar, Dunbarr), Betty and Na- 
than Kinsley of Easton, Dec. 10, 1744. [Dunbar and 
Nathan Kingsley of Easton, p.c.r.] 

David [int. Dunbar] and Mercy Sole, Apr. 21, 1763. [Dunbar 
and Mercy Soul, p.c.r.] 

Samuel and Malatiah Hayward, Dec. 14, 1732.* [Dunbar and 
Melitiah Howard, c.r.i.] 

DUNHAM (see Donham), Bethiah and James Perkins, May 5, 
1742.* [Dunam and Jeams Perkens, c.r.i.] 

Cornelius of Abington and Eveline B. Fobes, int. Nov. 16, 1849. 

Ephraim (see Ephraim Dunbar). 

Ezra [int. of Abington] and Polly Gary, Nov. 19 [sic, int. Nov. 
25], 1809 [date in later handwriting]. 

Isaac of Abington and Abigail Gary, int. May 18, 1811. 

Mary and Josiah Hayward Jr., Nov. 16, 1756.* [Mercy and 
Josiah Ha ward. Mar. 16, p.c.r.] 

Mehetable and Joseph Hayward, May 30, 1700.* 

Mercy (see Mary). 

Rebecca and Ephraim Washburn, int. Feb. 12, 1785. 

DUNPHA (see Dunphe), Elijah and Sarah Davis of Quincy, 

int. Nov. 9, 1805. 
Nathan and Mary Gooper of Duxbury, int. Mar. 8, 1806. 

DUNPHE (see Dunpha), Gordelia A. and Jonathan B. Har- 
low, int. Dec, 11, 1844. 
Elizabeth and Jerome Shaw, int. Mar. 13, 1841. 
Hiram and Emma D. Turner of Hanson, Nov. 4, 1839. 
Nathan H. and Lucy Hayward, int. Aug. 17, 1839. 

DURKY, William [int. Durkee] of Hampton, Gonn,, and Susan 
[int. Susanna] Gonant, [rec. before Mar. 22], 181 2. 

DWELLEE (see D welly). Lot of Hannover and Sarah Allen, 
Dec. 8, 1763. [Dwelly of Hanover, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


DwELLEE, Ruth and Amasa Soper, Oct. ii, 1763. [D welly, 


DWELLY (see Dwellee), John of Quincy and Mary White, int. 

Sept. 19, 1807. 
Sally and Luther Brett, Apr. 6, 1794. 
Thankfull of Scituate and William Forbs, Feb. 3, 1726, in 


DYAR (see Dier, Dyer, Dyre), John and Susanna Smith [int. 
wid.], Dec. 7, 1778. [Dyer and Susanna Smith, c.r.i.] 

DYER (see Dier, Dyar, Dyre), Abigail and Cyrus Copeland, 

Jan. 5, 1792. 
Abijah and Rhoda Bolton, Oct. 7, 1764. 
Anna and Ebenezer Pratt, Jan. 30, 171 6-1 7.* 
Bela of Abington and Lydia Clushing [int. Gushing] White, 

Feb. 17, 1813. 
Chloe and Apollas Leach, Feb. 23, 1796.* [Cloe and Apollos 

Leach, p.r.i.] 
Christopher and Sarah Bassett, Nov. 17, 1757.* 
Deborah [int. of Abington] and Moses Bates, Dec. i, 1808. 
Dorathy [int. Dorithy] and Samuel Brattles [int. Battles] of 

Stoughton, Mar. 29, 1786. [Dorothy and Samuel Brattle 

of Stoughton, p.c.R. Dorotha and Samuel Brattle of 

Stoughton, C.R.I.] 
Freelove and Abram [dup. Abraham] Packard, June 30, 1774. 
Hannah of Abington, Plymouth Co., and John Shaw of Cum- 

mington, Hampshire Co., Sept. 20, 1784.* 
John and Bathsheba Monk, Aug. 23, 1768. [Bashebah, c.r.i.] 
John and Eunice Bass, int. Oct. 7, 1780. 

John [int. 2d] and Susanna Thayer, Nov. 6, 1783. [John, p.c.R.] 
Lucy of Abington and Jacob Bates, int. Nov. 23, 1816. 
Mary of Abington and Phillip Torrey [int. Philip Torry], Feb. 

14, 1793, in Abington. 
Susan [int. of Abington] and Ezra Alden 2d, Jan. 31, 1813. 

DYKE (see Dike), Anthony and Mary Pool of Abington, Apr. 

12, 1775, in Abington.* 
Rebecca [int. Dike] and Ira Bissbee, Oct. 25 [Oct. 25 in later 

handwriting], 1804. 
Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel Dike Jr.] and Lois Fuller, Nov. 12, 

Sarah [int. Dike] and Ephraim Noyes [int. of Abbington], 

Jan. 20, 1780. [Dyke and Ephraim Noyes, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


DYRE (see Dier, Dyar, Dyer), Mary, Mrs. [int. Dyar, wid.], 
of Plymouth, and Dea. Nath[anie]l [int. Nathanael, omits 
Dea.] Brett, Feb. 3, 1774, in Plymouth. 

EADEY (see Eddy, Edey, Edy), Ebenezer of Norton and 
Martha Leanard, Oct. 5, 1734.* [Edy and Martha Leon- 
ard, Oct. 7, C.R.I.] 

EAMES (see Ames, Earns), Betsey of E. Bridgewater and Ira 

Bisbee of E. Bridgewater, June 10, 1839.* 
Elisha and Sarah Packard, int. Oct. 15, 1785. 
Isaac and Abbe Hayward, Feb. 14, 181 1. 
Josiah and Rebecca [int. Rebekah] Noyes, Oct. 20, 1808 [date 

in later handwriting]. 

EAMS (see Ames, Fames), Mary of Norton and John Buck, 
Dec. 25, 1739.* 

EARL, Catharine of Taunton and Abiezer Edson, int. Mar. 2, 


EARSKIN, George (see George Erskine). 

EASON, Cesar [int. Ezen, "Free negro man," of Norton] and 
Eunice Sewal, blacks, Mar. 19, 1778. [Eason and Eunice 
Sewall, P.C.R.] 

James and Sarah Dunbar, blacks, Dec. 11, 1783. 

EASTEE, Abigail and George Packard, Nov. 27, 1760.* 

EASTON, Sarah [int. Eston] and Robert Roberts of Boston, 

blacks, Aug. 29, 1813. 

EATON, Abagail [int. Olive] of Easton and Benj[amin] Keith 

Jr., Aug. 23, 1789, in Easton. 
Anna and Azel Lothrop, May 12, 1805. 

Apollas of Middleborough and Pernel Leach, int. July 11, 1795. 
Apollos of Middleborough and Mrs. Lois Scot [int. Scott, wid.], 

Oct. 31, 1838 [sic, int. Oct. 13, 1839]. [Mrs. Lois Scott, 

Oct. 31, 1839, C.R.3.] 
Benjamin [int. of Boston] and Arebella Howard, Feb. 17, 1805. 
Betty of Plympton and Martin Fobes, int. Aug. 31, 1793. 
Emily of Bridgewater, Vt., and Lewis Holmes, int. Dec. 30, 

Jacob of Reading, Middlesex Co., and Becca Holmes, int. 

June 25, 1796. 
John of Middleborough and Sarah Fobes, wid. [int. omits wid.]. 

May 15, 1780 [? in Middleborough]. 

• IntentioD not recorded. 


Eaton, John of Dorchester and Susan Gary, Nov. 22, 

John C. H. of N. Bridgewater and Eliza S. Alger of W. Bridge- 
water, Apr. 9, 1837,* C.R.3. 

John C. H. of N. Bridgewater and Sebra S. Dunbar, int. Aug. 
26, 1849. 

Lucy of Middleborough and Polycarpus [int. Pollycarpus] Ed- 
son, Dec. 3, 1777 [? in Middleborough]. 

Lucy L. and Allen Richmond, int. Jan. 6, 1821. 

Nathan and Margret Cherrey of Middleborough, Aug. 18, 


Olive (see Abagail). 

Oliver of Middleborough and Susanna Crane, Nov. 11, 1798 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Samuel and Elizabeth Fuller, May 24, 1694,* p.c.r. 

Sarah, wid., of Greenwich, and Joseph Bassett, Jan. 14, 1798. 

Silvanus (see Sylvanus). 

Solomon of Middleborough and Polly Keith, Sept. 11, 1796 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Susanna, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and John Dillingham [int. 
Dellingham] of Berkley, Sept. 25, 1804 [? in Middle- 

Sylvanus of New Salem [int. adds Hampshire Go.] and Anna 
Leach, Sept. 25, 1791. 

EDDY (see Eadey, Edey, Edy), Abigail B. [B. crossed out, int. 
omits B.] of Halifax and Benjamin Hathaway, Nov. 22, 
1743, in Halifax. 

Azar [int. Azor] and Hannah Fuller, Dec. 14, 1786. [Azur, 
P.C.R. C.R.I. Azor, P.R.105.] 

Jabez and Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] Barrows of Middle- 
borough, Jan. 21, 1768 [? in Middleborough]. 

Jane and William Peirce Meed [int. William Pearce Meads] of 
Braintree, June 27, 1786. [William Peirce Meed of Brain- 
tree, P.C.R. William Pierce Meed of Brantree, June 28, 


Morton and Irene F. Lazell, Dec. 5, 1822. [Irene F., d. Jane, 
wid., C.R.I. Irene, d. Dea. Isaac and Jane (Byram), Nov. 

26, 1829, P.R.I.] 

Moses [int. of Middleborough] and Kezia Keith [int. wid.], 

Dec. 30, 1788. [Moses and Keziah Keith, p.c.r.] 
Zachariah and Sally Edson, Sept. i, 1803 [? in Middleborough].* 

EDEY (see Eadey, Eddy, Edy), Mary and Terry [int. Terrey] 
Owen, Sept. 20, 1772. [Terry, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


EDSON (see Etson), Abel Jr. and Bettie Trask, May 2, 1771. 

Abiel [Abiel written above Enoch crossed out] and Hannah Mor- 
ton of Middleboro[ugh], int. Oct. 29, 1774. 

Abiezer and Sarah Lathrop, Nov, 17, 1737.* 

Abiezer and Mary Packard, Nov. 15, 1744. 

Abiezer and Catharine Earl of Taunton, int. Mar. 2, 1781. 

Abigail and Josiah Perkins, Aug. 17, 1755.* 

Abigail and Bezaliel [int. Barzaliel] Flagg of Petersham [int. 
adds Worcester Co.], Jan. 17, 1786. [Bezaliel of Peters- 
ham, p.c.R. Barzaliel of Petersham, c.r.i.] 

Abigail and Azariah Willis of Oakham, Worcester Co., int. 
June 16, 1787. [Mrs. N[abb]y and Azariah Willise, m. 
Oct. 9, P.R.105.] 

Abigail and John Harris [int. of Abington], Dec. 20, 1787. 
[John, P.C.R.] 

Abigail and Ebenezer Crocker of Easton, int. Mar. 23, 1816. 

Abijah and Susanna Snow, Sept. 29, 1747.* 

Albert and Abigail Brett, Nov. 10, 181 7. 

Albertus [int. Albartus of Grafton, Vt.] and Sally Collwell [int. 
Colwell], Dec. 2, 1804. 

Alfred and Eunice Snow, int. Apr. 16, 1796. 

Allen and Minerva Perkins, Mar. 14, 181 5. [Allen, s. Benja- 
min and Deborah (Perkins), and Minerva Perkins, d. 
Ebenezer, c.r.2.] 

Ann [int. Anne], wid., and Jonathan Woods, Feb. 11, 1771. 
[Ann, wid., p.c.r.] 

Anna and John Winnit of Easton, int. Dec. 29, 1797. 

Anne and Eliab Washburn, int. Oct. 9, 1762. 

Azael (see Azael Keith). 

Barnabas and Betsey Gurney, Jan. i, 181 5. 

Bathsheba and Jo[h]n Carver, Oct. 18, 1762. 

Benjamin and Joanna Orcut, July 14, 1715.* 

Benjamin and Deborah Perkins, Jan. 3, 1782. [Perkens, c.r.i. 
Benjamin, s. John and Hannah (Allen), and Deborah Per- 
kins, d. Thomas, c.r.2. Benjamin, s. John, and Deborah 
Perkins, d. Thomas,] 

Bethia and Ezra Dean of Tanton, July 12, 1733.* 

Bethia (see Bithia). 

Bethia and Consider Barden of Middleborough, int. Nov. 6, 1 773. 

Betsey of W. Bridgewater and Ivory F. Gould of W. Bridge- 
water, Aug. 25, 1833.* [Betsey N. of W. Bridgewater, d. 
Zoroaster and Betsey, c.r.2.] 

Betsey, 18, d. Ezra dec'd, and George M. Leach, 22, farmer, s. 
Levi, Sept. 2, 1844. [George M., s. Levi and Betsey 
(Conant), p.R.50.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Edson, Bithia and Jonathan Whitman, Apr. 26, 1753. 

Caleb and Sally Dean of Taunton, int. Feb. 8, 1783. 

Caleb and Silvia Walker, Mar. 11, 1788 [sic, ? 1778, int. 1778, 

? in Middleborough]. 
Calvin and Lydia Conant, Feb. 6, 1766. [Lidia, p.c.r.] 
Calvin and Patty Dunbar, int. Aug. 15, 1797. 
Caroline F. of W. Bridgewater and Hervey Kimball, int. Sept. 

17, 1848. [Harvey, m. Oct. 25, c.r.2.] 
Charles, s. Libeus (s. Ezra) and Joanna Keen, and Hannah S. 

Bassett, , 1824,* c.r.2, 

Chloe and Joshua Howard, int. Mar. i, 1795. 

Cyrus and Hannah Hudson, Mar. 15, 1797. 

Daniel [int. David Jr.] and Lydia Shaw of Abington, Mar. 18, 

1783, in Abington. 
Daniel, Dr. [int. Dea. David], and Lydia Bassett of Norton, 

[int. Aug. II, 1786], in Norton. 

Dan[ie]ll and Olive Fuller, Oct. 21, 1765. [Daniel, p.c.r.] 
David and Susannah Gannitt, Jan. i, 1746.* [Susanna Ganett, 


David and Sarah Edson, Dec. 8, 1756.* 

David (see Daniel). 

Ebenezer and Jane Griffin, Mar. 14, 1748.* [Jean, p.c.r.] 

Ebenezer and Lucy Packard, Nov. 7, 1751.* [Nov. 17, p.c.r.] 

Ebenezer and Hannah Leach, wid., Apr. 27, 1758.* 

Ebenezer [int. Jr.] and Marth [int. Martha] Fobes of Easton, 

Nov. 23, 1780, in Easton. 
Ebenezer and Mary Warren of Stoughton, int. Sept. 25, 1790. 
Ebenezer and Kezia Colwell, int. Oct. 7, 1797. 
Elijah and Ann Packard, Apr. 21, 1741.* 
Elijah and Martha Washburn, Mar. 13, 1766. 
Elijah and Nancy Clark of Plymouth, int. Apr. 25, 1818. 
Eliphalet and Polly L. [int. Lothrop] Johnson, Jan. 27, 1810. 
Elisabeth and Samuel Packard, May 24, 1705.* 
Elisabeth and Benanuel Leach, June 6, 1745.* [Elizabeth, 


Elisabeth and Rodulphus Barden of Middleborough, [Nov.] 24, 

Esther and Ambrose Kingman of Reading, int. Oct. 20, 1810. 
Eunice and Jo[h]n Chamberlain of Westmoreland, int. Nov. 29, 

Eunice and Richard Thayer, July 14, 1786. 
Ezra and Rebeca Johnson, Nov. 18, 1756.* [Rebecca, p.c.r. 

Ezra, s. Samuel 3d, and Rebecca Johnson, d. David, 

C.r.2. ] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Edson, Ezra and Anna White of Marshfield, int. July 13, 1782. 
[Ezra, s. Samuel 3d, and Ann White of Marshfield, m. , 

1782, C.R.2.] 

Ezra Jr. and Sena Perkins, Sept. 19, 1782. [LenaPerkens, c.r.i.] 
Ezra and Eliza Wentworth, Apr. 3, 1819. [Ezra, s. Libeus 

(s. Ezra) and Joanna Keen, c.r.2. Eliza, d. Theophilus 

and Betsey, Apr. 4, p.R.90.] 
Freelove and Josiah Fobes, Mar. 5 [1739-40].* [Mar. 5, 1739, 

P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

Hannah and Micha Allen, Feb. 23, 1736-7.* 

Hannah and [int. Maj.] Eliphalet Gary, May 19, 1782. [Mrs. 

Hannah and Eliphalet Gary, May 9, p.c.r. Hannah and 

Eliphalet Gary, May 9, c.r.i.] 
Hannah [int. Mrs.] and Job Packard, May 25, 1790, [Hannah, 

P.C.R. Hannah, wid. John, d. Benjamin Allen, C.R.2.] 
Hannah and Simeon Packard [int. 2d], June 26, 1796, 
Hannah and John Smith [int. of Ganton], Nov. 29 [Nov. 29 in 

later handwriting], 1805. 
Hannah and Increase Robinson, May 11, 1812. [Hannah, d. 

Benjamin and Deborah, c.R.2. Hannah Allen Edson, d. 

Benjamin, Hannah and Increase Robinson, s. 

Dyer and Abigail (Stetson), p.r.i.] 
Harriet N. of E. Bridgewater and Joseph G. Hooper, Feb. 13 

[1840]. [Harriet P. of E. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 
Huldah and Hezekiah Hayward, Nov. 14, 1738,* c.r.i. [Hese- 

kiah, Nov. 18, p.R.19.] 
Huldah and Thomas Pope, May 2, 1782. 
Ichabod and Jemima Packard, July 19, 1759.* 
Jacob and Betty Packard, May 14, 1759.* 
James and Esther Allen, May 11, 1749.* 
James and Elizabeth Washburn, wid., Oct. 24, 1796. 
Jenney and Seth Kingman, int. Mar. 2, 1811. 
Jesse and Anna Williams, July 4, 181 1. 
Jessee [int. Jesse] and Lydia Packard, Mar, 26, 1754. [Jesse, 


Jessee and Rebecca Belcher, Jan. 5, 1764. [Jesse and Rebeccah 
Belcher, p.c.r.] 

Jessee 2d and Susanna Hayward, int. July 30, 1768. 

Joanna and Isaac Perkins, May 2, 1754. 

Joanna and Thomas Packard [int. Jr.], Oct. 19, 1788. [Thom- 
as, P.C.R.] 

Joel and Hannah Packard, Apr. 2, 1789. 

Joel and Lurana [int. Lurany] Jones of Pembroke, Jan. 18, 

• Intention not recorded. 


Edson, John and Mary Gannett, Feb. 7, 1743. [Gannet, 


John and Hannah Allen, July 25, 1751.* [July 15, p.c.r. 
John, s. Samuel 3d, and Hannah Allen, d. Benjamin, 


John [int. 2d] and Judith Shaw, May 3, 1770. 

John 2d and Tabitha Keen, int. Oct. 23, 1784. [John, s. John 

and Hannah (Allen), m. , 1784, c.r.2.] 

John 3d and Susanna Orcutt, Mar. 15, 1785. 

John, s. Benjamin and Deborah, and Mary Bass, d. Jonathan 

of Quincy, Nov. 24, 1825, in Quincy,* c.r.2. 
Jonah and Jannet [int. Jennet] Bryant, [rec. between Apr. 

27 and June 10], 1819. 
Joseph and (second w.), Nov. 2, 1686.* [Mary 

, P.R.103.] 

Joseph and Lydia Gary, June 7, 1704.* 

Joseph and Bathsheba Proctor late of Boston, int. Nov. 8, 

Joseph and Mary Vinal, Jan. 4 [sic, int. June 10], 1786. [Jan. 4, 


Josiah and Sarah Packard, July 27, 1704.* 

Josiah, Capt., and Abigail Dean [int. [of] Tanton], Apr, 3, 1755. 

[Abigail, p.c.r.] 
Josiah 3d and Hannah Lawrence, Sept. 17, 1760.* 
Josiah Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Reliance Fuller, Apr. 2, 1777. 
Josiah and Susanna Richards, Feb. 9, 1791. [Susanna Briggs sic, 

Josiah anci Clarana C. [int. Clarany, omits C] Osbourne, Aug. 

16, 1820. 
Lebbeus (see Libeus). 

Levi and Sarah Hay ward of Raynham, int. Sept. 3, 1774. 
Lewis and Hephzibah [int. Hepzibah] Washburn, Jan. 30, 

1770. [[dup. Luice and Hephzibah] Hepsibah Wash- 

burne, p.c.r.] 
Libeus and Joanna Keen, Oct. 14, 1793. [Libeus, s. Ezra, c.r.2.] 
Lois and Jacob Staples Jr. of Tanton, May 24, 1765. 
Lucy and Alexander Thayer [int. Theyer of Braintree], Apr. 3, 

1788. [Thayer, p.c.r.] 
Lydia and Thomas Conant, Apr. 22, 1789. [Lidea, c.r.i.] 
Martha and Dan[ie]ll Carr, Dec. 27, 1770. [Dan[ie]l, p.c.r.] 
Mary ( ) [Mary Edson, p.R.103.] and Nickolas 

Byrum Jr., Sept. 20, 1676.* 
Mary and [Jo]hn Lathrop, May 23, 1716.* 
Mary and George Packard, July 4, 1728.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Edson, Mary and Joseph Pettingail [int. Pettingil], Feb. 25, 

1745. [Pettingail, p.c.r.] 
Mary and James Snow Jr., Jan. 10, 1758.* 
Mary [int. Mrs.] and Jonathan Crane, Sept. 27, 1770. [Mary, 

Sept. 27, 1771, P.C.R. Mary, Sept. 27, 1770, c.r.i.] 
Mary and John Bisbee [int. Bissbee], Oct. 7, 1817. 
Mary of W. Bridgewater and John H. Colwell of W. Bridge- 
water, Mar. 30, 1838,* C.R.3. 
Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] and Benjamin Clark [int. of 

Stoughton], Dec. 21, 1775. 
Milly and Hosea Alden of Abington [int. Hallifax], July 7, 

Molle [int. Molley] and Robert Wade, Nov. 2, 1780. [Molly, 

P.C.R. Molly and Robert Wed, c.r.i.] 
Nabby (see Abigail). 

Nancy and Nathaniel Shepardson of Dedham, Apr. 17, 181 5. 
Nathan and Mary Sprague, Feb. 27, 1738.* 
Nathan and Mary Hall, Sept. 2, 1766. 
Nathan and Susanna Allen, May 28, 1778. 
Nathaniel and Betsey Hay ward, Sept. 30, 1802. 
Nathan[ie]ll and Joanna Snow, Mar. 29, 1759.* 
Nehemiah and Olive Perkins, Apr. 5 [1783]. [Nehemiah, s. 

John and Hannah (Allen), "moved to Vermont," c.R.2.] 
Noah and Betty Reckard [int. Bettie Reckards], June 27, 1782. 

[Betty Richards, p.c.r. Betty Reckard, c.r.i. Noah, s. 

Samuel 4th, and Elizabeth Rickard, c.r.2.] 
Noah and Molly Willis, June 21, 1787. [Noah, s. Samuel 4th, 

and Mary Willis, d. Ebenezer, c.R.2.] 
Noah and Kezia Howard, Oct. 29, 1802. [Noah, s. Samuel 4th, 

and Keziah Howard, d. Capt. Eliakim, c.r.2.] 
Noah of Hadley, Hamshire Co., and Huldah Kingman, June 8, 

Olive and Azael [int. Azel] Keith, Feb. 12, 1767. [Azael Edson sic, 

P.C.R. Azael Keith, c.r.i.] 
Olive and Salmon Rickards, Nov. 4, 1787. [Reckard, c.r.i. 

Rickards, P.R.105.] 
Olive and Jacob Noyes, Dec. 28, 1818. 
Orpah and Marshall Harvey, int. Aug. 6, 1785. 
Patte and Phillip [int. Philip] Packard [int. of Plainfield, Hamp- 
shire Co.], Mar. 2, 1786. [Patty and Phillip Packard, 


Peter and Sarah Southworth, Mar. 28, 1745. 
Peter and Rebecca Randell [int. Manley] of Easton, Sept. 6, 
1784, in Easton. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Edson, Plina and Lucy Reed, Sept. 23, 1819. 

Pliny of E. Bridgewater and Mehitable Reed of E. Bridge- 
water, June 6, 1826.* [Pliney of E. Bridgewater, C.R.3.] 

Polly and Daniel Burrel of Abington, int. Dec, 20, 1817. 

Polycarpus [int. Pollycarpus] and Lucy Eaton of Middle- 
borough, Dec. 3, 1777 [? in Middleborough], 

Rebecca and Amos Fisher [int. of Tomlinson, Vt.], June 21, 
1787. [Amos, P.C.R.] 

Rebecca and Ezekiel Reed, Apr. 17, 1794. 

Reliance and Joel Ames, Dec. 7, 18 18. 

Relief [int. Releiff] and Oliver Packard, Nov. 20, 1777. [Re- 
lief, P.C.R.] 

Robert and Molly Hayward, June 6, 1782. [MoUe, c.r.i.] 

Rodolphus and Lydia Crane of Berkley [int. Bartle], Aug. 14, 
1780 [? in Middleborough]. 

Ruby and Samuel Spear of Randolph, int. Sept. 3, 1814. 

Rufus and Molly Cole of Middleborough, int. July 26, 1783. 

Sally and Jeremiah Washburn Jr., int. Jan. 25, 1801. 

Sally and Zachariah Eddy, Sept. i, 1803 [? in Middleborough].* 

Sally and Ira Hayward, Apr. 3, 1S07 [date in later handwriting]. 

Sally and Nathan [int. Nathaniel] Shepardson [int. of Ded- 
ham], Dec. i, 1808 [date in later handwriting. 

Sally and Benjamin Keith 3d, int. July 13, 181 1. 

Samuel and Mehetabel Brett, Mar. 30, 172 1.* 

Samuel 3d and Martha Perkins, Sept. 26, 1738.* 

Samuel [int. 3d] and Hannah Ripley [int. Riply] of Easton, 
Jan. 20, 1797. 

Samuel and Polly Barnes, Oct. 25, 1801, 

Sam[ue]ll and Mehetable Hayward, Mar. i, 1737-8.* 

Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] 4th and Ann Hall [int. Jr.], Apr. 30, 
1767. [Samuel 4th and Ann Hall, p.c.r.] 

Sarah and Scipio Hayward, Feb. 7, 1726-7.* 

Sarah and John Cooper, July 21, 1749.* 

Sarah and David Edson, Dec. 8, 1756.* 

Sarah and Solomon Perkins, Jan. 31, 1760.* 

Sarah and Timothy Richards of Dedham, Oct. 8, 1778. 

Sarah and John Burrell [int. Burrel] Jr., June 18, 1816. 

Seth and Thedoray Howard of Braintree, int. Nov. 6, 1784. 

Silence and Nehemiah Packard, Oct. 6, 1747.* 

Simeon H., widr., 44, farmer, of W. Bridgewater, s. Noah and 
Keziah, and Sarah Chedel, 35, of W. Bridgewater, d. 
Daniel and Abigail, June 11, 1849.* 

Susanna and Solomon Johnson, Apr. 2, 1723.* 

Susanna and Samuel Hayward, June 17, 1736.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


Edson, Susanna and Joshua Beal, Oct. 17, 1768. 

Susanna and Gershom Richmond, Sept. 28, 1773. 

Susanna and Israel Packard, Dec. 27, 1801. 

Theodore, D.D., graduated at Harvard University 1822, s. 
Benjamin and Deborah (Perkins), and Rebecca Jane Par- 
ker, d. Right Rev. Bishop Parker of Boston, , 1824 

[? in Boston],* c.R.2. 

Timothy and Mary Allden, Feb. 10, .* [Feb. 10, 17 19, 


Vina and Ephraim Sprague [int. Sprauge], June 29, 1783. 
[Vina, d. Ezra and Rebecca (Johnson), and Capt. Ephra- 
im Sprague, c.r.2. Sprague, p.r.i.] 

William and Martha Haward, Nov. 27, 1754. [Hayward, p.c.r.] 

William Jr. and Mary Randel, July 11, 1790. 

William and Hannah Perkins, Mar. 22, 181 2. 

Zibia [int. Zibba] and Timothy West, Nov. 29, 1787. [Zibea, 


Zilpha and Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll] Willis Jr., Nov. 12, 1778. 

[Daniel Jr., c.r.i.] 
Zilpha and Eliphalet Kingman, Nov. 26, 1801. 
Zoroaster and Betsey Niles Little of Marshfield, int. Nov. 7, 

181 2. [Zoroaster, s. Noah, and Betsy Niles Little, d. 

George of Marshfield, m. , 1812, c.r.2.] 

EDWARDS, Richard, 26, teacher, s. Richard and Anne, and 
Betsey J. Sampson [int. Samson], 24, of Pembroke, d. 
Thomas (Samson) and Eleanor, July 5, 1849. 

Sally, d. Dolin, and Paul Revere, Aug. 22, 1782 [in Boston],* 

EDY (see Eadey, Eddy, Edey), Abigail and Elisha Hayward, 

July 31, 1747.* 
Joel and Rachel Vorse, Mar. i, 1741.* 
Obadiah and Sarah Lawrance, Oct. 31, 1750.* 

EGARTON (see Egerton, Eggarton), Hezekiah [int. Eggarton] 
and Mary Hedgbone [int. Hedgburn], Jan. 15, 1754. 

EGERTON (see Egarton, Eggarton), Abigail [int. Eggerton], 
wid., and Jonathan Beal, Nov. 7, 1780. [Egerton, p.c.r.] 

Eunice [int. Eggerton] and Ephraim Willis [int. Jr.], Sept. 23, 
1779. [Egerton and Ephraim Willis, p.c.r.] 

Hannah [int. Eggerton] and William Robinson [int. Robbison], 
Nov. 9, 1780. [Egerton and William Robinson, p.c.r.] 

Hannah and Joseph Phillips, int. Sept. 11, 1784. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Egerton, Hannah [int. Eggerton] and Samuel Whitman Jr., 

Mar. 20, 1787. [Egerton, p.c.r.] 
Molly [int. Molley] and John Willis [int. 2d], July 5, 1781. 

[Molly and John Willis, p.c.r.] 

EGGARTON (see Egarton, Egerton), Ruth and Nehemiah 
Washburn, Mar. 29, 1770. [Washburne, p.c.r.] 

EGGERTON (see Egarton, Egerton, Eggarton). 

ELISHA, Jane E. of Taunton, coulered, and Calvin J. Crom- 
well, int. June 10, 1838. 

ELLIOT, Abiel of Raynham and Mary Perkins, int. Aug. 23, 

ELLIS, Benjamin and Julia Ann Keith, int. Feb. 18, 1845. 
Betsey and John Hooper [int. 2d], May 22, 1803. [John, p.r.i.] 
Hannah and Caleb Lathrop of Easton, int. July 12, 1806. 
Lucy and Rufus Lincoln, int. Sept. 15, 1804. 
Mary of Raynham and Barnum Hill, int. Feb. 8, 1806. 

Stephen and Susannah Tomson, ,* p.r.i 9. 

"^Thomas and Margaret Josselyn, Mar. — , 1813,* p.R.62. 
Zephaniah and Susanna Hearington of Foster, Providence Co., 
int. Nov. 28, 1799. 

ELMES, Betsey of Hanson [and] Alvan Brown, int. July 28, 182 1. 

EMERSON, John and Elizabeth Leech, Dec. 27, 1693,* p.c.r. 

ENGLEY (see Inglee, Ingley), Jane [int. Ingley] and Nathan 
Orcutt [int. Orcut Jr.], May i, 1781. [Ingley and Nathan 
Orcutt, p.c.r.] 

ERSKINE (see Asken, Askins), George [int. Earskin] and 

Huldah Whitmarsh, June 10, 1784. [Erskine, p.c.r.] 
Reed of Abington and Mary Whitmarsh, Mar. 4, 1784.* 

ESTON (see Easton). 

ESTY (see Eastee). 

ETSON (see Edson), Mary and Capt. John Warner of West 
Port, int. Mar. 17, 1821. 

EWELL, Thatcher of Marshfield and Permelia Dunbar, int. 
Oct. 18, 1800. 

EWERS, Shubal of Barnstable and Rebecca Conant, June 15, 
i'ji[worn]* [June 15, 1714, P.R.103.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


EZEN, Caesar (see Cesar Eason). 

FANN, John and Marcey [int. Mercy] Dunbar [int. wid.], 
July 31 [1781]. [Mercy, p.c.r.] 

FARR, Margrett of Easton and Jeremiah Smith, July 9, 1773. 

FARRINGTON (see Ferrington), Benjamin and Hannah Ken- 
aston of Dedham, int. Nov. 6, 183 1. 

FAUNCE, Daniel of Plimton and Ruth Alden, int. Aug. 2,1777. 
Emeline F. and Aaron C. Crooker, Nov. 5, 1838. 

FAXON, Benjamin and Ruth Bryant of Hallifax, int. Sept. 22 

Harriot and Moses Standish [int. of Lynn], Nov. 13, 1816. 
Mercy of Hallifax and Robert J. Byram, int. Apr. 9, 18 14. 
Samuel and Priscilla [int. Precilia] Thomas, Dec. 11, 1783. 

[Priscilla, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Stephen Washburn, Nov. 20, 1770. 
Wealthy of Hallifax and Ichabod Howland, int. May 24, 1806. 

FEARING, Jane Byron Lazell and John Fuller of Boston, 

Feb. 30 [sic], 1819. 
Noah, Dr., and Anna Lazell, int. May 25, 1799. [m. , 1799, 


FEILD (see Field), Barzilla [int. Field] and Patty [int. Patte] 

Packard, Dec. 25, 1794. 
Elizabeth and Clement Brigs of N. Purchas, Nov. 3, 1697.* 
Ephraim and Ruble Brett, int. Nov. 18, 1786. 
Jabez and Mary Fobes, Feb. 25, 1745-6.* 
John and Ellissabeth Ames, Nov. — , 1697.* 
John and Mary Haward, Nov. 15, 1726.* [Field, p.c.r.] 
John and Hannah Blackman, Feb. 26, 1760.* [Field Jr. and 

Hannah Black, c.r.i.] 
Joseph and Rachel Prey, Dec. 29, 1748.* 
Mehitable, wid., and Edward Manton, Nov. 13, 1733.* 
Nabby [int. Field] and Elkanah Palmer of Swansey, Nov. 25, 

Richard and Rebecca Harris of Abington, int. Aug. 22, 1778. 
Ruth and Israel Packard Jr., Nov. 24, 1737.* 
Susanna and Jessee Perkins, June 5, 1769. 
Susanna and Mosses [int. Moses] Cary, Apr. 13, 1773. 
Zebulon and Anna Williams, wid., Nov. 4, 1733.* 

FENNO, Eliza of Stoughton and Matthew Buck, Aug. i6, 
1749, in Stoughton.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


Fenno, Freelove of Stoughton and Caleb Kingman, Oct. i, 

1767, in Stoughton. 
Jane [int. Jenny of Boston] and James Ames, Nov. 11, 1794, 

in Boston. 
Ruhama of Stoughton and James [sic, ? Jonas] Hartwell, Nov. 

7, 1751, in Stoughton.* 

FERRINGTON (see Farrington), Sarah and Gideon Ramsdel 
of Hannover, June 24, 1736.* 

FERRO, Hannah and John Jess [int. negroes], May 29, 1777. 
[Pharaoh, May 27, c.r.i.] 

FESSENDEN, Benjamin, Rev., and Mary Wilkinson [of] 
Patucket, int. Nov. 23, 1821. 

FIELD (see Feild), Alson and Orra Ripley, [July 7] 1820. 
Amasa and Clarrissa [int. Clarissa] Gannett, Feb. 25, 1813. 
Anna [int. Feild] and Eleazer Hill, Jan. 30, 1769. [Hannah 

Field, P.C.R.] 
Daniel and Sarah Ames, Mar. 6, 1706.* 
Daniel and Susanna Thayer, wid., July 3, 1733.* 
Daniel and Hannah Snell, July 13, 1786. 
Eliza G. of Quincy and Albion Dearborn, int. Feb. 26, 1842. 
Hannah and Charles Biswick, Mar. 18, 1733-4.* 
Hannah (see Anna). 
Henry of Taunton and Hephzibah C. Leach, Dec. 10, 1826. 

[Hepsibah C, c.R.3. Hephzibah C, p.R.43.] 
Lidia and Thomas Manly, Oct. 2, 1701.* 
Mary and Sam[ue]ll Noyes, Mar. 16, [i7]49.* 
Mary and Zibeon Cole, Jan. 14, 1819. 
Mercy and Archabald Robison, Jan. 29, 1746-7.* 
Patty and Gustavus Silvester, Nov. 30, 1809 [date in later 

Richard and Susanna Waldo, Jan. 17, 1705-6.* 
Sarah and Jonathan Haward, July 30, 1719.* 
Susanna and Joseph Keith, Oct. 3, i'j2[worn, ? 1721].* [Oct. 3, 

1721, P.R.103.] 
Susanna and Israel Packard, Nov. 20, 1735.* 
Susanna and Nathan Hartwell, Oct. 16, 1746.* 
Waldo and Abigail Marshall, Dec. 4, 1816. 
Waldo and Sally Perkins, May 2, 1820. 
William and Jemima Keith, int. Nov. 11, 1797. 
Zopher [int. Zophar] and Burnice Howard, Feb. 6, 181 1. 

FILLEBROWN, Margaret S. of Mansfield and Zacheus H. 
Robbinson, int. June 19, 18 19. 

* lotentioa not recorded. 


FINNEY (see Pheney, Phiney, Phinney, Phinny), Esther and 

Barnabus Curtis, June 6, 1774.* 
Kezia [int. Phinney] and Adin [int. Aden] Packard, Nov. 16, 

1780. [Keziah Finney and Adin Packard, p.c.r.] 
Lurana [int. Lurania Phinney] and Benjamin Packard, Aug. 

22, 1775. 

FISH, Isaac (see Isaac Fisk). 

Julia A. and Eli Wheeler Jr., int. Oct. 31, 1847. 

Lydia (second w.), b. Kingston, and Nathaniel Witherel, b. 

Pembroke, May 7, 1815, in Kingston.* 
Susanna of Pembroke and David Bartlett, int. May 14, 1814. 
Susanna, wid., of Kingston, and Ira Hayward, int. Feb. 19, 


FISHER, Amos [int. of Tomlinson, Vt.] and Rebecca Edson, 

June 21, 1787. [Amos, p.c.r.] 
Jacob [int. of Mansfield] and Chloe Lathrop, Sept. 25, 1797. 
Sarah and Lemuel Wilbar [int. Willbor], July 4, 177 1 [? in 


FISK, Isaac [int. Fish] of Kingston and Sukey Thayer, Aug. 10, 

Shepard and Mrs. Allice Alger, Feb. 24, 173 1-2.* [Shepherd 

and "miss" Allice Alger, p.c.r. Elise Augur, c.r.i.] 

FITZGERALD, Michael [int. Fitz Gerald] and Margrett [int. 
Margret] Matteson, July 9, 1771. [Michail Fitchgerald 
and Margeret Mattison, p.c.r.] 

FLAGG, Bezaliel [int. Barzaliel] of Petersham [int. adds Wor- 
cester Co.] and Abigail Edson, Jan. 17, 1786. [Bezaliel of 
Petersham, p.c.r. Barzaliel of Petersham, c.r.i.] 

FLING, Tho[ma]s of Easton and Mary Packard, int. Feb. 23, 

FLINN, Christopher [int. Christophur] and Susan [int. Su- 
sanna] Harlow [int. wid.], June 15, 1806 [? in Middle- 

FLOOD, Rose and Thomas Carrol, int. June i, 1844. 

FLOWRY, Lydia [int. Lydia Flora] of Halifax and Stephen 
Leach, Jan. 24, 1744, in Halifax. 

FLOYD, Lillee, "Indian woman," and Israel Sepet, "Indian 
man," int. Nov. 8, 1766. 

* Intention not recorded. 


FOARD (see Ford), Amos of Duxborough and Sarah Pettin- 
gale [int. Pettingail, wid.], May 29, 1766. [Pettingail, p.c.r.] 

Bathsheba and Lemuel Fuller [int. Jr. of Canton], Apr. 10, 

Benjamin [int. of Abington] and Sarah Brett [int. 3d], Feb. 18, 

Elisabeth and George Keith, June 14, 1780. [Ford, p.c.r.] 
Joseph and Bettie Haward, July 6, 1769. [Betty, p.c.r.] 
Mark [int. of Abington] and Hannah Brett, Nov. 22, 1764. 

[Mark, p.c.r.] 
Mary of Easton and Zephaniah Perkins, Feb. 25, 1766. [Zeph- 

eniah, p.c.r.] 
Packard and Mary [int. Polly] Kingman, Dec. 11, 1808. 
Prince [int. Ford] and Kezia Powers, Sept. 9 [1779]. [Ford, 


Rebekah and Oliver Pratt, July 22, 1805. 

Sarah and Samuel Alden jr. of Abington, int. Nov. 28, 1799. 

FOBES (see Forbs), Abigail and Josiah Snell, Jan. 23, 1728.* 
Abigail and Lt. Dan[ie]ll Hudson, May 23, 1739.* [Abigail, 

wid., and Lt. Daniel Hudson, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 
Abigail and Dan[ie]ll Snow, Feb. i, 1753.* 
Abigail 2d and Gideon Shaw of Raynham, Bristol Co., int. 

Jan. 16, 1768. [m. June 30, c.r.i.] 
Abigail [int. 2d] and Joseph Cowing [int. Jr.], Feb. 13, 1772. 

[Abigail and Joseph Cowing, p.c.r.] 
Abigail and John Morey of Norton, July 18, 1776. 
Abigail, Mrs. [int. wid.], and Rev. Abraham Gushe [int. 

Abram Gushee] of Dighton, Feb. 20, 1828. [Mrs. Abigail, 

wid. Dr. Fobes of Oakham (oldest s. Alpheus), and Rev. 

Abraham Gushee of Dighton, c.r.i.] 
Abner and Polly Ford [int. Foard], Mar. 31, 1791. [Ford, 


Alanson and Zilpha L. Cole of Carver, int. Jan. 20, 1843. 
Alpheus and Mehetabel Lathop [int. Mehitabel Lathrop], 

Apr. 5, 1781. [Mehetabel Lathrop, p.c.r.] 
Alpheus and Lucy Backus of Middleborough, Apr. 13, 1788. 

[Lucy, d. Rev. Isaac, p.R.22.] 
Alpheus and Mrs. Ruth Alden, int. Sept. 10, 1837. 
Andrew J. and Betsey Fuller of Kingston, int. Feb. 20, 1848. 
Ann [int. Anne] of Easton and Abijah Packard, June 25, 1767, 

in Easton. 
Aretas and Rowana Paul of Taunton, int. Jan. 28, 1826. 

[Rowena Paull, m. Feb. 20, p.R.23.] 

* Inteatioa not recorded. 


FoBES, Avery and Lois Hooper, Apr. 12, 1801 [? in Middle- 
Azariah and Olive Leach, Oct. 30, 1794 [? in Middleborough]. 
Bela and Alice Washburn of Middleborough, int. Dec. 15, 1805. 

[m. , P.R.79.] 

Bela and Abigail P. Richmond of Taunton, int. Apr. 16, 1848. 

[Bela 2d, s. Bela and Alice Washburn, and Abigail Padel- 

ford Richmond, m. May 10, p.R.79.] 
Benjamin and Martha Hunt, May 3, i'j2[worn, ? 1721].* [May 

3, 1721, P.R.103.] 
Bethiah and Samuel Keith, Jan. 20, 1702-3.* 
Bethiah (see Bettie). 
Bethiah and Henry Holmes, Dec. 4, 1823. [Bethiah, d. Caleb, 

and Henry Holmes, s. Dea. C, c.R.i.] 
Betsey P. and Lewis B. Dunbar, Nov. 29, 1840. 
Bettie and Edmund Soper, May 22, 1754. [Bethiah, p.c.r.] 
Betty and Eleazer Gary, Nov. 12, 1745-* 
Caleb and Susanna Keith, Dec. 11, 1776. 
Caleb and Molly Fobes, Jan. 27, 1799. [Jan. 27, 1797 sic, p.r.i.] 
Caroline and Isaac S. Wilbar of Taunton, int. Apr. 2, 1844. 
Cassandra A. [int. omits A.] and George King of Roxbury, 

Oct. 3, 183 1. [Cassandra A., d. Caleb and Mary, and 

Gapt. George King of Roxbury, c.r.i.] 
Gelia and Elijah Fobes [int. of New York], Mar. 29, 1819. 
Ghloe and Josiah Kingman of Middleborough, int. Feb. 16, 

Chordana [int. Cordana] and Lemuel Dunbar, June 23, 1806. 
Clarrissa and Aden Alger, July 10, 1814. 
Cordana (see Chordana). 

Cordana and Nathan E. Hack of Taunton, int. Oct. 14, 1838. 
Cornelia and Vassel Keith, May 28, 1837. [Vassell, P.R.51.] 
Gyrene (see Sirena). 
Dan[ie]ll [int. Daniel] and Hannah Standish, Dec. 7, 1769. 

[Daniel, p.c.r.] 
Edward and Orpha Leach, Apr. 2, 1761. 

Eliab and Mehetabel Ames, July 12, 1759.* [Mehitable, p.c.r.] 
Elijah [int. of New York] and Gelia Fobes, Mar. 29, 1819. 
Elizabeth and Nathan Thompson of Hallifax, int. Oct. 23, 

Emeline J., 22, d. Ruel and Sibel, and Benjamin F. Ames, 25, 

merchant, of Kingston, s. David and Lucinda, Dec. 4, 

Ephraim and Martha Snell, Apr. 22, 17 14.* 
Ephraim Jr. and Bethia Ames, Feb. 9, 1769. [Bethiah, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


FoBES, Eveline B. and Cornelius Dunham of Abington, int. 
Nov. i6, 1849. 

Ezra and Mary Shaw of Raynham, int. Sept. 7, 1776. 

Ezra [int. Jr.] and Hannah Bassett, June 19, 1810. 

Freelove [int. Mrs. Frelove] and Jonah Willis, Dec. 10, 1816. 

George P. and Cordelia M. Keith, Aug. 26, 1840. 

Hannah and Timothy Keith, Feb. i, 1709-10.* 

Hannah and Josiah Williams Jr., Mar. 14, 1 750-1.* 

Hannah and Levi Leach, Nov. 18,1771. [Livi, p.c.r.] 

Hannah and Levi Macomber [int. Macumber] of Middle- 
borough, Sept. 12, 1802 [? in Middleborough]. 

Hannah and Daniel L. Hayward, Sept. 14, 1831. 

Hannah and George W. Packard, Jan. 25, 1843. 

Harriet F. and James O. Dean of Taunton, int. Dec. 15, 1843. 

Harriet N., 20, d. Ruel and Sybil, and William Sturtevant, 20, 
mechanic, s. Isaac and Polly, Feb. 8, 1846. 

Harriot [int. Harriet] and Justin Howard of Easton, Aug. 25, 

Isaac and Mary Hayward, Oct. 20, 181 1. 

Isaac [int. Lt.] of Wareham and Mrs. Olive [int. adds M.] Walk- 
er, Dec. 5, 1822. [Isaac of Wareham, s. Alpheus, and 
Mrs. Olive M. Walker, d. Edward Mitchell, c.r.i. Isaac 
and Olive M. Walker, wid. Dr. Rufus, p.R.22. Isaac and 
Olive M. Walker, wid. Dr. Rufus, d. Edward Mitchell 
and Chloe (Washburn), p.R.92.] 

Jason and Leah Washburn of Raynham, int. May 25, 1770. 

Jesse and Susanna Angler, Feb. 13, 1792. 

Jesse and Poly [int. Mary or Polly] Packard, Feb. 9, 1795. 
[Polly, P.C.R.] 

John and Abigail [Abigail written above Bethia crossed out] 
Robbinson, Nov. 14, 1704.* 

John 2d and Rosinda [int. Rhosanda] Alden of Middleborough, 
Mar. 12, 1783 [? in Middleborough]. 

Joseph [int. Jr.] of Easton and Olive Hayward [int. Howard], 
Nov. 24, 1780. [Joseph of Easton and Olive Hayward, 
P.C.R. Joseph Jr. of Easton and Olive Hayward, c.r.i.] 

Joseph and Susanna Ames, July 11, 1782. 

Joshua and Abigail Dunbar, Dec. 4, 171 1.* 

Joshua Jr. and Esther Porter, May 29, 1740.* [Ester, c.r.i.] 

Joshua and Mercy ChurchiU, wid., of Plimton, int. May 11, 

Joshua 2d and Chloe Keith, int. July 15, 1809. 
Josiah and Freelove Edson, Mar. 5 [1739-40].* [Mar. 5, 1739, 

P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


FoBES, Josiah Jr. and Sarah Pryer, Nov. 6, 1766. 

Josiah and Louisa D. Howard of W. Bridgewater, int. June 3, 

Keziah [int. Kezia] and Solomon Fobes, Apr. 11, 1776 [? in 

Laban and Hannah Richmond, int. June 22, 18 16. [m. , 

1816, P.R.46.] 
Laura and Charles Bassett, Apr. 7, 1816. 
Leah and Israel Washburn, Jan. 3 [1739-40].* [Jan. 3, 1739, 

P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

Libeus and Mehetable Haward, Jan. 17, 1775. 

Libeus and Mary Leach, Nov. 15, 1807. 

Lucinda K. and George W. Packard, May 20, 1839. 

Lucy and Benjamin Keith Jr., Feb. 27, 1825. [Lucy, d. Al- 

pheus, and Benjamin Keith Jr., s. Benjamin, c.r.i. 

Lucy, d. Alpheus and Lucy (Backus), p.r.i.] 
Lusanna and Seth Williams, May 21, 1750.* 
Marth [int. Martha] of Easton and Ebenezer Edson [int. Jr.], 

Nov. 23, 1780, in Easton. 
Martha and Jonathan Snell, Sept. 16, 1751.* 
Martha and Eliab Hay ward, int. June 12, 1762. 
Martha and Oliver Washburn, Jan. 19, 1787. 
Martha and William Conant, Oct. 24, 1803. 
Martha W., 21, d. Laban and Hannah, and William T. Turner, 

41, joiner, s. Caleb and Deborah, May 3, 1849. [Martha 

W., d. Laban and Hannah (Richmond), and William I. 

Turner, p.R.45.] 
Martin and Betty Eaton of Plympton, int. Aug. 31, 1793. 
Mary and Rob[er]t Washburn, Mar. 6 [1739-40].* [Mar. 6, 

1739, P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

Mary and Jabez Feild, Feb. 25, 1745-6.* 

Mary and Calvin Hayward, int. Oct. 3, 1801. [m. , 


Mary and Franklin Leach, Nov. 13, 1832. 

Mary Ann and Isaac Lucas, Sept. 4, 1836. [Mary Ann, d. 

Laban and Hannah (Richmond), Sept. 5, p.R.45.] 
Mary W. and Abiel Bassett, Sept. 7, 1836. 
Mehetabel and Benjamin Packard [int. 2d], Sept. 8, 1784. 

[Benjamin, p.c.r.] 
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Alpheus M. Withington of 

Milton, May 13, 1810. 
Mercy and John Haward [int. 2d], Oct. 6, 1768. [Hayward 2d, 


Molly and Caleb Fobes, Jan. 27, 1799. [Jan. 27, 1797 sic, p.r.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


FoBES, Nabby and Otis Holmes of Taunton, Apr. 3, 1796. 
Nancy W. and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Israel Wilbar, Sept. 20, 

1827. [Capt. Israel Wilbur, C.R.3.] 
Nancy W. and Holden W. Keith, Sept. 10, 1839. 
Olive and Isaac White of Raynham, int. Mar. — , 1792. 
Reuel [int. of Boston] and Sibbil [int. Sibbel] Battles, Nov. 16, 

1807 [date in later handwriting], 
Reuel (see Ruel). 

Robert and Abiah Knap of Raynham, int. Sept. [4] 1779. 
Ruel, widr. [int. omits widr.], mason, and Sarah A. Orcutt, wid. 

[int. Mrs., omits wid.], Mar. 14, 1847. [Ruel and Mrs. 

Sarah A. Orcutt, c.r.i.] 
Ruth and Ebenezer Alden of Middleborough, int. Nov. 5, 1763. 
Salmon and Chloe Leach, June 26, 1807. [Cloe Leech, p.r.i.] 
Sarah and William Hudson, Nov. 15, 1737.* 
Sarah, wid. [int. omits wid.], and John Eaton of Middlebor- 
ough, May 15, 1780 [? in Middleborough]. 
Selina (see Silence). 

Shepard and Phebe Dunbar, Dec. 25, 1814. 
Sibyl [int. Sibbel] and Simeon Tayler, Dec. i, 1816. [Sybil and 

Simeon Taylor, p.r.i.] 
Sibyl (see Sybel). 
Silence and Levi Chase of Sandwich, Mar. 20, 1771. [Livi of 

Sandwich, p.c.r. Levi Chace of Sandwich, c.r.i.] 
Silenceand Nathan[ie]ll Conant, Apr. 14,1772. [Nathaniel, p.c.r.] 
Silence [int. Selina, dup. int. Celina] and Andrew Alden of 

Midleborough, Jan. 29, 1797. 
Silvia and Abraham Gushey of Raynham, June 24, 1773. 

[Sylvia, c.r.i.] 
Sirena [int. Cyrena] and Gilbert Whitman, Dec. 21, 1813. 
Solomon and Keziah [int. Kezia] Fobes, Apr. 11, 1776 [? in 

Middleborough] . 
Sophia and Sanford Wilbar of Taunton, Nov. 12, 1832. 
Stella and Isaac Wilbar, Nov. 3, 1842. 

Susanna of Easton and Daniel Alger, Dec. i, 1749, in Easton.* 
Susanna and William Morey [int. of Norton], June 20 [1780]. 

[William, June 26, p.c.r.] 
Susanna and Thomas Hooper, int. Feb. 19, 1795. 
Susanna and Levi F. Drake of Portland, Me., int. Oct. 8, 1848. 
Sybel [int. Sybil] and Joshua Paddleford [int. Padelford] of 

Taunton, Feb. 15, 1825. 
Sylvia (see Silvia). 
Timothy and Mary Dean of Norton, Oct. 20, 1766, in Norton. 

[Oct. 23, P.R.102.] 

' Intention not recorded. 


FoBES, Willard W., s. Reuel and Sibel, and Eliza Ann Warren, 

d. David and Sally (Dunham), Aug. 26, 1840, in Duxbury,* 

William Jr. and Hanah Willis, Nov. 6, 1759.* 
William [int. 2d] and Freelove [int. Frelove] French, Dec. 11, 

Zepheniah [int. Zephaniah] and Lurana [int. Lurany] Wilbar, 

Mar. 15, 1810 [? in Middleborough]. 

FOLSOM, Seneca and Eunice Munroe of W. Bridgewater, 
Dec. II, i83i.[Eunice, d.Bennet of W. Bridgewater, C.R.I. ] 

FOOTE, Esq. of Burlington, Vt., and Caroline Clark, 

wid. Rev. Samuel, d. Zedekiah Sanger and Irene (Free- 
man), Jan. 7, 1845,* P.R.I. 

FORBS (see Fobes), William and Thankfull D welly of Scitu- 
ate, Feb. 3, 1726, in Scituate.* 

FORD (see Foard), Andrew and Mercy Whitmarsh, Nov. 27, 

Asa [int. Foard] and Sarah Beal, Nov. 11, 1793. 
Daniel [int. David] of N. Bridgewater and Anne [int. Anna] 

Wilbar, Oct. 20, 1836. 
David [int. Foard of Abington] and Olive Packard, Apr. 24, 

David Jr. and Polly Wilde of Easton, int. Mar, 10, 1821. 
Hannah [int. Foard] and Joshua Ames, Oct. 5, 1786. [Ford, 


Hezekiah and Ruth Whitmarsh, Mar. 19, 171 2-13.* 

James [int. Foard] and Parna Howard, Oct. 26, 1800. 

John and Mehetabel Kingman, Dec. 11, 1794. [Mehitable, 


Lawson [sic, Lauren, int. Lauren Esq.] of Herkimon and Mary 

Kingman, Oct. 9, 1816. 
Lydia and Richard Whitmarsh, Oct. 15, 1712.* 
Mehitabel [int. Foard] and Isaac Reynolds, Dec. 23, 1806 

[date in later handwriting]. 
Mercy of Marshfield and Nahum Packard, int. Nov. 15, 1817. 
Olive and John Foster of Stoughton, Jan. 18, 1821. 
Polly [int. Foard] and Abner Fobes, Mar. 31, 1791. [Ford, 


Polly and William Tribou, July 14, 1816. 

Rhoda Packard and Elisha Belcher of Randolph, Dec. 24, 1818. 

Sally and David Packard, int. Oct. 23, 1813, 

Sarah and Joseph Joslin, Mar. 5, 1701-2.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Ford, Sarah of Abington and Barnabas Packard, Nov. 27, 

1760, in Abington.* 
Thankful and Oliver Pratt, int. Apr. 4, 1823. 

FORIST (see Forrest, Forrist), Miriam and Robert Layman, 
int. Oct. 30, 1779. 

FORREST (see Forist, Forrist) , Asa of Hallif ax and Susa Mitchell, 

Feb. 20, 1787. 
Betsey and John Hathaway of Freetown, Dec. 5, 1822. 
Hannah (see Hannah Forrester). 
Hephzibah and Charles Daniel, int. Nov. 29, 1823. 
Spencer of Hallif ax and Abigail Wade, June 17, 1784.* [Forest 

of Hallifax, p.c.r.] 
William [int. Wellman] and Silence Richmond, May 12, 1811. 

FORRESTER, Hannah [int. Forrest] and James Lovell [int. 
Lovel], Mar. 31, 1765, in Abington. 

FORRIST (see Forist, Forrest), Susan and William Mitchell, 
int. June 16, 1821. 

FORTUNE, Elisabeth [int. Elisaboth Fortin of Taunton] and 
Ceaser [int. Seasar] Smith, blacks, Aug. 8, 1786. [Eliza- 
beth Fortune and Ceasar Smith, p.c.r.] 

Sally and Peter Mitchell, blacks, int. Nov. 17, 1787. 

FOSTER, Abigail A. of Kingston and Jonah Willis Jr., int. 

Apr. 5, 1817. 
Anna of Charleston and Rev. Daniel Perkins, Nov. 6, 1721, in 

Jacob and Anne Howard, Apr. 30, 1776.* 
John of Kingston and Mary Dilley [dup. Dillis], Nov. i, 1750.* 

[Dilley, p.c.r.] 
John and Phebe Burr, May 25, 1780. 
John of Stoughton and Olive Ford, Jan. 18, 1821. 
Mary and William Seaver, abt. 1767,* P.R.73. 
Mary Jones of Hanover and Isaac Packard, Dec. 19, 1816. 
Nancy of Middleborough and Daniel Reed, int. Nov. 14, 181 2. 
Rosanda [int. of Abington] and James N. [int. omits N.] Willis, 

Sept. 13, 1815. 

FOY (see Foye), Elisabeth and Roger Whitney, blacks, int. 

Jan. 17, 1789. 
John and Metilda Talbut, blacks, int. Aug. 20, 1785. "John 

Foy forbid his Publishment to the Said Mitilda and was 

Published to Dinah Talbut" 

* Intention not recorded. 


FoY, John and Dinah Talbut, blacks, Sept. 29, 1785. 
Susa and Elihu Stevens [int. Steevens], "Mulato people," 
July 9, 1802. 

FOYE (see Foy), Boston, "negro man," and Dorothy Free- 
man, "Negro woman," int. May 24, 1777. 

Boston and Betty [int. Bettie] Cordner, blacks [int. negroes], 
Feb. 26, 1778. [Betty, blacks, p.c.r.] 

Susan [int. Susanna Foy] and Joseph Cotton of Dedham [int. 
blacks], [int. Nov. 15], 1788, in Dorchester. 

FRANK, Jane and Primus, negro, Dec, 8, 1737.* 

FRANKLIN, Ruth [sic, ? Mary Burr, see Rehoboth Vital Rec- 
ords] of Rehoboth and John Gary, Nov. 2, 1730, in 

FRAULEY (see Frawley), Catharine and Timothy Callahan, 
int. July 23, 1848. [This entry marked "Void."] 

Catharine and Michael Conwry of N. Bridgewater, int. July 
29, 1849. 

FRAWXEY (see Frauley), James and Bridget Nolen, int. 

Apr. 27, 1844. 
Thomas and Bridget Callaghan, int. Sept. 19, 1839. 

FREELOVE (see Frelove), Abigail and Ebenezer Whitman 
Jr., Nov, 21, 1760,* 

John and Abigail Washburn, May 10, 1739.* [John of Free- 
town, P.C.R. John, C.R.I.] 

Jo[h]n and Sarah Fuller, Jan. 24, 1765. 

John and Sarah Woods [int. Wood], Jan. 4, 1774. 

Sarah and Oliver Waterman of Mansfield, Feb, i, 1786, inMans- 

Thankful [int. Tha[n]kfull] and Ezra Whitman, Nov, 7, 1796. 

FREEMAN, Andrew and Phebe Cushing of Boston, blacks, 

int. Mar. 22, 1788. 
Ann, "Negro Servant to Zachariah Packard," and America 

Peirce, "Negro man" [int. "Free negro- man"], June 7, 

Dorothy, "Negro woman," and Boston Foye, "negro man," 

int. May 24, 1777. 
Eliza [of] Abington and Nathan Chamberlin, int. Oct. 25, 1822. 
Irene and Zedekiah Sanger, June 5, 1777,* p.r.i. 
Josephus and Mrs. Bethiah Torrey, Nov. 7, 1822. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Freeman, Pompy [int. Pomp, "negroman"] of Bedford and 

Lois Hill, Jan. 20, 1773. 
Rebecca of Eastham and Simeon Kingman, Oct. 15, 1778, in 

Robbin and Ann Sash, Jan. 12, 1737-8.* [Robbin, free man, 


FRELOVE (see Freelove), Wilbore of Freetown and Sylvia 
Devenport, int. Feb. 18, 1786. 

FRENCH, Abigail and Joseph Walton, int. May 24, 1823. 
Albert W., 23, moulder, of W. Bridgewater, s. Jonathan and 

Joanna, and Hannah H. Snow, 20, of W. Bridgewater, d. 

David and Deborah, Sept. 7, 1845.* 
Alpheus [int. of Stoughton] and Mehitable Brett [int. Mehita- 

bel Breet], May 11, 1800. 
Amie and Barnebas Pratt [int. Jr.], Aug. 23, 1787. [Barnabas, 


Amie, wid., and George Monk [int. of Easton], July 15, 1798. 

Anna and Isaac Keith 5th, Sept. 25, 1810. 

Betsey [French] and Theophilus Wentworth, Nov. 19, 1794,* 

Daniel and Rhoda Tribou, May 17, 1792. 
Daniel Jr. of Milton and Hannah K. Haskel [int. Haskell], 

May 17, 1815. 
Daniel and Sarah Standish, Nov. 23, 181 7. 
David and Abigail Owen, July 4, 1751.* 
David and Rachel Hanks, June 28, 1797. 
Dependance and Rebecca Hammond, Feb. 7, 1765.* [Re- 

beccah, p.c.r.] 
Dependence and Hannah Harris [int. of Abington], Sept, 4, 

Ebenezer and Elisabeth Orcut, Jan. 31, 17 16-17.* 
Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth of Stoughton] and Seth Bryant, Feb. 

7, 1765. [Elizabeth and Seth Briant, p.c.r.] 
Eliza and Alvan Cole, Feb. 5, 1823. 
Elizabeth and Jonathan Pratt, Nov. 11, 1740.* [Elizebeth, 


Elizabeth (see Elisabeth) . 

Francis Mortimer of N. Bridgewater and Nancy Lucinda 

Blake of N. Bridgewater, Dec. 24, 1837.* [Nancy C. of 

N. B [ridge water], C.R.5.] 
Freelove [int. Frelove] and William Fobes [int. 2d], Dec. 11, 

Hannah and Luther Swan [mt, of Stoughton], Nov. 10, 1796. 

* Intention not recorded. 


French, Isaac [int. of Stoughton] and Polly Reynolds, Nov. 

26, 1801. 
John [dup. int. of Stoughton] and Damaris Howard [int. and 

dup. int. Haward], Jan. 20, 1779. [John and Damaris 

Howard, p.c.r.] 
Joseph and Hannah Mehuren, Nov. 18, 1784. [Mehurin [dup. 

Mehuren], p.c.r. Mehuren, c.r.i.] 
Jotham of Brain tree and Louis Packard, int. Jan. 21, 1786. 
Levi [int. of Stoughton, Suffolk Co.] and Amie Packard, Nov. 

29, 1764. [Levi, p.c.r.] 
Levi and Betsey Merritt [int. of Hanover], May 5, 1799. 
Levi and Kezia Jenkins, wid., int. June 6, 1805. 
Lucy and Marcus Packard [int. of Easton], [Apr.] — , 182 1. 
Lydia and Isaac Keith [int. 2d], Apr. 9, 1801. 
Martha [int. Patty of Stoughton] and John Packard, Jan. 17, 

1803 [date in later handwriting]. 
Mary and Jeremiah Beal, June 20, 1768.* 
Mary and Oliver Sharp, Jan. 11, 1821. 
Mehetabel and Joseph Pratt, Sept. 12, 1738,* c.r.i. 
Mehetabel and Charles Brown, Nov. 30, 1809. 
Mehitabel and Benjamin Price, Oct. 18, 1782. [Mehetibal, 


Nabby and Marlborough Whitting, June 2, 1796. 

Nathaniel and Eliza Waterman of Hallifax, int. July 27, 1811. 

Patty (see Martha). 

Phebe of Stoughton and Nathaniel Wales 2d of Stoughton, 

Jan. I, 1815.* 
Polly and Abia Packard Jr., Oct. 22, 1788. 
Rebecca [int. of Stoughton] and Jacob Packard 3d, May 5, 

Rebecca and Theophilus Curtis [int. of Stoughton], Apr. 10, 

1 791. [Theophilus, p.c.r.] 
Rebecca and Cyrus Porter, Mar. i, 1800.* 
Rhoda of Stoughton and William Car [int. Carr], Nov. 30, 

1797, in Stoughton. 
Rhoda and Joseph Keen, Feb. 30 [sic], 181 5. 
Ruhamah [int. of Stoughton] and Noah Ames, Oct. 5, 1778. 

[Ruhamah, Oct. 5, 1779, p.c.r.] 
Sally and Asa Cushing of Randolph, Aug. 22, 1813. 
Samuel Pratt and Olive Reed, Oct. 27, 1801. 
Sarah and Jedidiah Jordan [int. of Easton], June [June written 

below March crossed out] 4, 1744. 
Sarah and Ephraim Wood of Middleborough, int. Dec. 12, 


• Intention not recorded. 


French, Sibyl (see Sybil). 

Silence [int. of Stoughton] and Ephraim Churchell [int. Jr.], 
Dec. 25, 1787 [sic, int. Nov. 22, 1783]. [Silence and Ephra- 
im Churchill, Dec. 25, 1783, p.c.r.] 

Silvanus [int. of Stoughton] and Silence Keith, Feb. 9, 1805 
[date in later handwriting]. 

Sybil [int. Sibbil] of Stoughton and Zenas Brett, June 27, 1813. 

Warren and Betsey Lothrop, Sept. 4, 1813. 

William and Lydia Keyzer, Jan. 13, 1767. [Lidia Keyser, 


William and Alice Washburn, Aug. 12, 1773. 

William Jr. and Anna Wales, int. Oct. 27, 18 10. 

Zelopha and Benjamin Ames, Oct. 15, 1803 [date in later hand- 

Zephaniah, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], of Stoughton, and Betsy 
[int. Betsey] Ames, Dec. 22, 1816. 

FRY, Benjamin of Middleborough and Betsey Hooper, Sept. 

14, 1790 [? in Middleborough]. 
Elizabeth and James Haris, Mar. 11, 1695-6.* 

FULLARTON, Deborah (see Deborah Fullurton). 

FULLER, Benjamin and Sarah Ames, Sept. 8, 1777. 

Betsey of Kingston and Andrew J. Fobes, int. Feb. 20, 1848. 

Charity and Benjamin Washburn, Feb. 7, 1836. 

Charles and Sarah W. Hayward, July 5, 1829. 

Chloe [int. [of] Attleborough] and Calvin Howard, Nov. 28, 

1790. [Chloe, P.C.R. ] 
Deborah and William Cushman of Middleborough, int. June 

30, 1792. [m. Sept. 6, P.C.R.] 
Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] and Mason Johnson, Jan. 3, 1790. 

[Elizabeth, p.c.r.] 
Elizabeth and Samuel Eaton, May 24, 1694,* p.c.r. 
Experience and James Wood, Apr. 12, 1693,* p.c.r. 
Hannah and Azar [int. Azor] Eddy, Dec. 14, 1786. [Azur, 

P.C.R. c.R.i. Azor, P.R.105.] 
Isaac and Sarah Packard, Nov. 9, 1737.* 
Isaac Jr. and Mary Alden, Jan. 24, 1765. 
Isaiah and Mary Keyzer, Sept. 30, 1768. 
Jacob and Abigail [int. Nabby] Leonard, Feb. 28, 1800. 
Jacob and Hannah Breet [sic, Orcutt, int. Orcutt], Sept. 9 

[Sept. 9 in later handwriting], 1806. 
John of Boston and Jane Byron Lazell Fearing, Feb. 30 [sic], 


• Intention not recorded. 


Fuller, John, 28, farmer, s. Samuel and Lydia, and Ruth 

C. Upman, 21, d. Antoinne and Rebecca, Nov. 4, 

Josiah and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Eliza Cornwell, Oct. 3, 1844. 
Lemuel [int. Jr. of Canton] and Bathsheba Foard, Apr. 10, 

Lois and Sam[ue]ll Dyke [int. Samuel Dike Jr.], Nov. 12, 1772. 
Louis and Nathan Pratt, Oct. 7, 1787. [Lois, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 
Mary and Lemuel Turner of Easton, Dec. 14, 1769. 
Mille [int. Milla] and Richard Stowel [int. Stoel of Boston], 

blacks, Nov. 6, 1794. 
Olive and Dan[ie]ll Edson, Oct. 21, 1765. [Daniel, p.c.r.] 
Priscilla and Thomas Jonah, blacks, int. Sept. 2, 1797. 
Rebecca and Elijah Alden, Aug. 31, 1783. 
Reliance and Josiah Edson Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Apr. 2, 1777. 
Reliance and Noah Terril of Abington, int. Aug. 25, 1792. 
Sarah and Jo[h]n Freelove, Jan. 24, 1765. 
Silence and Samuel Harden [int. Hardin 2d], Jan. 17, 1792. 

[Harden, p.c.r.] 
Squire of Brookfield, Vt., and Bethiah Ames, Oct. 29, 1815. 
Stephen [int. of Attleborough] and Sarah Copeland, May 15, 

Susanna and Ashley Curtis, Apr. 12, 1770. 
Titus and Christiana [int. Christiany] Grant, blacks, Aug. 14, 

1788. [Christiana, p.c.r.] 
William and Tabitha Benson, int. Feb. i, 1801. 

FULLERTON (see Fullurton), William and Polly Porter, 
Nov. 24, 1796. 

FULLURTON (see Fullerton), Deborah [int. FuUarton] of 
Abington and Daniel Alden, June 11, 1798, in Abington. 

FULTON, Robert [int. Fullton of Londonderry, N. H.] and 
Agnis [int. Agnas] Thomson, July 23, 1767. [Fulton and 
Agnis Thomson, p.c.r.] 

GALLAWAY, William and Jane Ottis, int. Oct. 30, 1762. 

GAMEL, Andrew and Betty Thomson, Oct. 27, 1756.* [Tom- 
son, P.C.R.] 

GAMMONS, Charles W. of Middleboro[ugh] and Mary Pin- 

cin, int. Apr. 3, 1822. 
Southworth [int. Suthworth Gammans Jr.] of Middleborah 

and Rebecca [int. Rebeckah] Pincin, Apr. 27, 1819. 

• Intention not recorded. 


GANNET (see Gannett, Gannitt), Benjamin and Mary Cop- 
land, Dec. 20, 1750.* [Jennett and Mary Clap, p.c.r.] 

Betty [int. Bettie] and Nathan Hudson, Nov. 26, 1767. [Betty 
Gannett, p.c.r.] 

Joseph [int. Gannett] and Betty Latham, June 7, 1744. [Gan- 
net, P.C.R.] 

Joseph Jr. and Anna Hobart of Pembroke, Oct. 23, 1783, in 

Mathew and Martha Byram, Apr. 9, 1750.* [Mathew Jen- 
nett, P.C.R.] 

Sarah [int. Gannett] and Dan[ie]ll Pettingail, Apr. 9, 1755. 
[Gannet and Dan[ie]l Pettingell, p.c.r.] 

Seth and Susanna Allen, Nov. 7, 1754. 

Simeon and Mary Reed of Abington, Nov. 26, i775,in Abington. 

GANNETT (see Gannet, Gannitt), Armelia and Oliver Mitch- 
ell, June 13, 1791. [Amelia and Olivir Mitchell, p.c.r.] 

Charlotte [int. Charlottee] and Thomas Whitmarsh, May 23, 

Clarrissa [int. Clarissa] and Amasa Field, Feb. 25, 1813. 

Deborah, Mrs. [int. Gannet, dup. and int. omit Mrs.], and 
Adam Porter of Abington, Oct. 3, 1776. 

Hannah and Ichabod Cary, Dec. 3, 1741.* 

Hannah [int. Gannet] and Oliver Washburn, Mar. i, 1781. 
[Gannett, p.c.r.] 

Jonathan of Comington and Abigail Horriss, wid., int. Aug. 27, 


Joseph and Hannah Brett, Oct. 2, 1732.* [Oct. 21, p.c.r.] 

Lucenda and Lott Ramsdel, Jan. i, 1794. [Lucinda Gannet 
and Lot Ramsdell, p.c.r.] 

Luther and Alice [sic, Olive, int. Olive] Washburn, Apr. 12, 

Mary and John Edson, Feb. 7, 1743. [Gannet, p.c.r.] 

Mathew [int. Gannet] of Abington and Alice [int. Else] Latham, 
Mar. 20, 1783. [Matthew Gannett of Abington and Alice 
Latham, p.c.r.] 

Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel Gannet] and Jacob Harden [int. 
Hardin] of Abbington, Mar. 26, 1778. [Mehitabel Gan- 
nett and Jacob Hardin of Abington, p.c.r.] 

Sally and Zenas Harden, Aug. 10, 1815.* 

Seth Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Eliza [int. Elizabeth] Reed of 
Scituate, Dec. 30, 1821. 

Simeon and Mrs. Lydia Little of Scituate, int. Sept. 23, 1809. 

Susan and Ebenezer Noyes, May 24, 1821. 

• Intention not recorded. 


GANNITT (see Gannet, Gannett), Mehetable and Zebulun 

Gary, Oct. 8, [i7]47-* 
Susannah and David Edson, Jan. i, 1746.* [Susanna Ganett, 


GARDENER (see Gardner, Garner), Jacob of Augusta and 
Martha Lincoln, int. May 17, 1806. 

GARDNER (see Gardener, Garner), Abigail [int. Abigal] and 
Edward H. Lambert, Dec. 8, 1831. [Mrs. Abigail, C.R.3.] 

Abner of Abington and Bartrice Porter, int. May 4, 1782. 

Alithea H. and Noah Harden, June 9, 1822. 

Benjamin of Agusta and Martha Lincoln, int. Aug. 16, 1806. 

Charles Jr., 20, carpenter, of E. Bridgewater, s. Charles and 
Ruth, and Mary E. Bird, 16, of E. Bridgewater, d. Elijah 
and Sarah, Apr. 30, 1849.* 

Cynthia and Thomas Hayward 2d, Nov. 17, 1791 [? in Middle- 

Elizabeth and William Speed, Apr. 21, 1791. 

Huldah of Raynham and Gideon Wilbore, int. Feb. 25, 1786. 

Mehetabel and Jared Reed, Feb. 27, 181 1. 

Pamelia and Charles P. Jordan of E. Bridgewater, int. Sept, 
26, 1830. 

Sarah T. and Clark Swallow, int. Nov. 8, 1841. 

William E. and Betsey B. Morse of Abington, int. Oct. 24, 

GARNER (see Gardener, Gardner), John and Betsey Tilden of 
Hanover, int. May 3, 1806. [Gardner, m. , p.r.i.] 

GASSET, Walker and Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] Walker, 
Oct. 29, 1840. [Mehitable, C.R.3.] 

GAY, Ebenezer and Laura Sanders, May 13, 1818.* 
Sarah of Dedham and Elkanah Willis, Oct. 19, 1748, in Ded- 

GEORGE, Winsor and Sarah Stewart, blacks, int. Nov. 5, 


GERALD, William and Anna Hayden, int. Jan. 17, 1795. 

GERNSEY, Elisabeth and Ephraim WiUis, Apr. 13, 1758.* 
[Elizabeth, p.c.r.] 

GIBBS, Adaline M. and David G. Cooley, int. Oct. 14, 1849. 
Anne and Nathan Hudson, Dec. 4, 1777. [Gibs, c.R.i.j 

• Intention not recorded. 


GiBBS, Joanna J., 24, d. Thomas F. and Patience C, and Charles 
Dillingham, 24, agriculturist, of Sandwich, s. Simeon and 
Lucy, Oct. 28, 1845. 

Nancy L., 22, d. Th[oma]s F. and P. C, and Charles J. H. 
Bassett, widr. [int. omits widr.], 31, cash[ie]r Tau[nto]n 
Bank, of Taunton, s. Anselm and Rosalinda H. of Taun- 
ton, Aug. 14, 1845. 

GIFFEN (see Gifl&n), Elisabeth [int. GiflSn] and John Morri- 
son, Oct. 27, 1766. [Elizabeth Giffen, p.c.r.] 

GIFFIN (see Giffen), Simon and Gennit Brown, Jan. 5, 1758.* 
[Griffen, p.c.r.] 

GILBERT (see Gilbirt, Gillbird), Betsey Carey and Edgar 

Sprague, Oct. i, 1837. 
Judith and Josiah Seares, Aug. 18, 1720.* 
Mary P. and Albert S. Nelson of New Bedford, July 25, 1831. 

[Mary P., d. Nathaniel and Betsey, c.r.i.] 
Nathaniel and Betsey Cary, int. Aug. 29, 1801. "Said Gilbert 

forbade his publishment Sept 4*'' " [m. , p.r.i.] 

Pelatiah of Brookfeild and Sarah Whitman, Feb. 19, 1777. 

GILBIRT (see Gilbert, Gillbird), Ruth and Ruben Hall, July 
29, 1741.* [Gilbert, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 

GILL, Benjamin and Content Glover, Sept. 8, 1791.* 

Polly (see Polly Hill). 

Sally of Canton and Samuel Porter, int. July 19, 181 7. 

GILLASPY, Edward and Catharine Hawkins, int. Nov. 5, 1848. 

GILLBIRD (see Gilbert, Gilbirt), Ebenezer and Phebee Keith 
of Easton, int. May 14, 1743. 

GILLESPIE (see Gillaspy). 

GILLIMOR (see Gillmor, Gillmore, Gilmor, Gilmore), Andrew 

and Abigail Dunbar, Oct. 5, 1752.* 
John and Martha Smith, int. Oct. 20, 1764. 
Joshua [int. of Easton] and Hannah Lathrop, Apr. — , 1790. 

[Joshua, P.C.R.] 
William and Mary Willis, Nov. 24, 1731.* [Gillemer, Nov. 24, 

1732, P.C.R. Guilmor, Nov. 24, 1731, c.r.i.] 

GILLMOR (see Gillimor, Gillmore, Gilmor, Gilmore), Sally of 
Raynham and Pel eg Leach, int. Mar. 6, 1802. 

• Intention not recorded. 


GDLLMORE (see Gillimor, Gillmor, Gilmor, Gilmore), James 

(see James Linsey). 
Jean and Joseph Whestley, Nov. 27, 1739.* [Whesley, p.c.r. 

Gilemor and Joseph Westly, c.r.i.] 
William and Margaret Steward, Aug. 5,1742.* [Gilmore and 

Margarett Stewart, p.c.r.] 

GILMOR (see Gillimor, Gillmor, Gillmore, Gilmore), Squire of 
Raynham, Bristol Co., and Nabby Cordiner, blacks, 
May 17, 1816. 

GILMORE (see Gillimor, Gillmor, Gillmore, Gilmor), Jane 

and Thomas Kenedy, Oct. 24, 1735.* 
Margaret and John Cochran, Nov. i, 1733.* 

GLACK, Elizabeth [int. Betsey Clerk] and Elijah Thayer [int. 
of Braintree], Nov. 15, 1803 [date in later handwriting]. 

GLASS, Fairosena [int. Fairozina] and Edwin Reed, June 3, 

GLASSCO, Rose, "negro woman," of Plimton, and Ring King, 
"Negro man," int. Nov. 22, 1777. 

GLEASON, Lydia S. of Boston and Joel Thayer of Randolph, 
Dec. I, 1808, in Boston,* P.R.43. 

GLOID (see Gloyd), Lydia [int. Loyd] of Abing[to]n and 
Joseph Ramsdale [int. Ranesdel], Oct. 10, 1787, in Abing- 

GLOVER, Content and Benjamin Gill, Sept. 8, 1791.* 

GLOYD (see Gloid), Mehitabel and Nathan Leach Jr., int. 
Aug. II, 1804. 

GODFERY (see Godfrey), Hannah of Norton and Ebenezer 

Copeland Jr., int. Apr. 12, 1801. 
Sally and Calvin Jackson, int. June 2, 1810. 

GODFREY (see Godfery), Abby [int. Abbe Godfery] of Norton 
and Ebenezer Copeland, Mar. 19, 1771, in Norton. 

GOODSPEAD (see Goodspeed), Abia [int. Abiah Goodspeed] 
and Josiah Dunbar [int. Jr. of Wenchester], July 8, 1782. 
[Abia Goodspeed and Josiah Dunbar, p.c.r.] 

GOODSPEED (see Goodspead), Patience of Easton and Uriah 

Southworth, Mar. 11, 1773, in Easton. 
Polly [int. Goodspead] and Lewis Phillips, Sept. 22, 1795. 

* Intention not recorded. 


GOODWIN, Barzilla and Susanna Stetson, int. May 4, 1796. 
Nathaniel [int. Nathanel], Brig. Gen. [int. of Plymouth], and 

Ruth Shaw, Oct. 3, 1782. [Brig. Gen. Nathaniel and Mrs. 

Ruth Shaw, p.c.r. Nathaniel of Plymouth and Ruth 

Shaw, C.R.I.] 

GOOLD (see Gould), Dinah [int. "Servant woman of Deacon 
Ephraim Fobes Deceased"] and Tobie Talbit [int. "Ser- 
vant man of y'' Widow Lydia Keith"], Feb. 3, 1755. 

Hannah and Benoni Hayward, Sept. 11, 1717.* 

GORDON, William L., 27, moulder, s. John, and Lucretia O. 
Hayward, 21, d. Otis, Sept. i, 1844. 

GOULD (see Goold), Abraham of Charlston [int. Charles- 
town] and Mary [int. Mercy] Leach, Apr. 9, 1809. 

Hannah and John Bonney Jr. of Pembroke, Nov. 2, 1749, in 

Isaac [int. of Randolph] and Patty Stocks, Apr. 3 [Apr. 3 in 
later handwriting, 1805. 

Ivory F. of W. Bridgewater and Betsey Edson of W. Bridge- 
water, Aug. 25, 1833.* [Betsey N. of W. Bridgewater, d. 
Zoroaster and Betsey, c.r.2.] 

Peltiah and Maria O. Bassett of Middleborough, int. Nov. 11, 

Samuel and Catherine [int. Catharine] Paul, July 22, 1832. 
[Catharine, C.R.3.] 

GOWLES, Robert and Experience HoUbrock of Scittuate, 
Feb. 24, 1703, in Scituate.* 

GRAHAM, Azubah of E. Bridgewater and Gideon Wilbar, int. 
Oct. II, 1846. 

GRANT, Christiana [int. Christiany] and Titus Fuller, blacks, 

Aug. 14, 1788. [Christiana, p.c.r.] 
Nancy BoUes (Lorton) and James Ames Tolman, Nov. 24, 

1846.* [This entry typewritten on paper pasted in hook.] 

GRAVES (see Groves), Clarrissa [int. Clarissa] and Charles 

Bradford, Apr. 23, 1837. [Clarissa, c.r.i.] 
Osgood and Laura Ann Shaw, Dec. 2, 1830. 

GRAY, Francis of Boston and Sarah Harris, Nov. 6, 1777. 

GREEN, Hannah of Abington and Samuel Porter Jr., Sept. 28, 
1758, in Abington.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Green, Hannah of Abington and Thomas White [int. of 
Abington], Jan. 2, 1772. [Tho[ma]s of Bridgewater, p.c.r.] 
Nancey and William Hay ward of Raynham, int. June 12, 1779. 
Prince and Lucy Wampee, blacks, int. Oct. 28, 1797. 

GREENLEAF, Simeon [int. Simon] [of] New Glocester and 
Hannah Kingman, Sept. 18, 1806. 

GREENWOOD, Jane F., 18, d. Veris and Sally of Hebron, Me., 
and Isaac Perkins, 22, machinist, s. Asa and Huldah, 
Nov. 16, 1844. 

Nabby of Rehoboth and William Simmons, Dec. 27, 1795, in 

GREER, D. H., Rev., and Carrie Keith, d. Quincy A. and 
Priscilla D. of E. Bridgewater, .* 

GRIFFIN, Alfred and Harriet N. Howe, Oct. 2, 1837. 
Jane and Ebenezer Edson, Mar. 14, 1748.* [Jean, p.c.r.] 
Martha Jane of Lowell and Marshall Robinson, int. Feb. 20, 

Simon (see Simon Giffin). 

GROSS, George and Harriot [int. Harriet] Hayward, Nov. 30, 

1831. [Harriet, C.R.3.] 
George and Mrs. Sylvester C. Monroe of Hanson, int. Apr. 23, 


GROVER, Jedediah of Mansfeild and Elisabeth King, Nov. 27, 
1777. [Elizebeth, c.r.i.] 

GROVES (see Graves), Ephraim and Bathsheba Bouditch 
[int. Boudage], Feb. 17, 1762. [Graves [dup. Groves] and 
Bathsheba Bowditch, p.c.r.] 

Ephraim and Jenny South worth, wid., Apr. 28, 1789. 

Susanna and John Porter 2d, Dec. 9, 1790. [Susa, p.c.r.] 

GUERNSEY (see Gernsey). 

GUINETH, John [int. Gwineth] of Taunton and Ruth Dicker- 
man, Sept. 25, 1814. 

GURNEY, Azel and Polly Knapp, Apr. 13, 1815. 
Betsey and Barnabas Edson, Jan. i, 1815. 
Clarissa [int. of Abington] and Peleg Stetson, June 3, 1819. 
Daniel Jr. and Mehetabel Harden, Oct. 4, 1819.* 
David and Mary [int. Molly] Ames, Aug. — [int. Aug. 15], 
1789. [Mary, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


GuRNEY, David and Susanna Bartlett [int. Barttlett], Jan. 

15, 1792. [Bartlett, p.c.r.] 
David and Lurana Howland, Nov. 23, 1815. 
Elisha and Jane Kingman, Mar. 13, 1760.* 
Hannah and Joseph Samson, Dec. 28, 1780. 
James H. [int. of Roxbury, omits H.] and Delpha Stetson, June 

14, 1813. 
Jane and Nathan Niles, int. Feb. 28, 1767. 
Jane and Abia [int. Abiah] Reed [int. of Abington], May 23, 18 14. 
John and Mehetabel Southworth, Jan. 29, 1777. 
Jonathan R. of Abington and Deborah Reed, int. Aug. 24, 

Leander P. of Abington and Harriet A. Conant, int. May 22, 

Martha and Ebenezer Drake, Jan. 17, 1782. 
Mary and James Churchell, Dec. 21, 1794. 
Matilda [int. Metilda] and Hezekiah [int. Zezekiah] Packard, 

Apr. 20, 1820. 
Micah and Hopestil [int. Hopestill] Jackson [int. of Hallifax], 

Apr. 25, 1765. [Hopestill, p.c.r.] 
Molly [int. Molley] and Ephraim Tinkham of Middleborough, 

Mar. I, 1787. [Molly, p.c.r.] 
Olive and [int. Capt.] Oliver Jackson, May 6, 1807 [date in 

later handwriting]. 
Ozen of Paris, Me., and Melinda Howard, Dec. 11, 1820. 
Perkins and Patience Tinkham of Middleborough, int. Aug. 21, 

Rhoda and Baruk Morse of Stoughton, int. Feb, 23, 181 1. 
Ruth and Peleg Stutson of Abington, Aug. 3, 1775. 
Sarah of Abington and Asa Whitmarsh, int. Nov. 14, 1789. 
Seth and Rebecca Packard, Jan. 10, 1788. [Jan. 20, p.c.r.] 
Seth, Capt. [int. Jr., omits Capt.],and Anna Bates, Feb. i, 1819. 
Sophronia [int. Sofrony of Abington] and Gibeon [int. Gib- 
bens] Sharp, Nov. 23, 1820. 
Sylvia and Solomon Hearsey Jr., Jan. 13, 1802. 
Thomas and Olive Hersey of Abington, Dec. 26, 1778, in 

Zachariah [int. Jr.] and Mary Ames, Jan. 9, 1754. [Zachariah, 


Zachariah, Lt. [int. omits Lt.], and Mary Southworth, wid., 
Aug. 7, 1800. 

Zecheriah [int. Zachariah] and Mehetabel [int. Metilda] Pack- 
ard, Sept. 30, 1783. [Zachariah and Mehitabel Packard, 


* Inter;tion not recorded. 


GUSHE (see Gushee, Gushey), Abraham [int. Abram 
Gushee], Rev., of Dighton, and Mrs. Abigail Fobes [int. 
wid.], Feb. 20, 1828. [Rev, Abraham Gushee of Dighton 
and Mrs. Abigail Fobes, wid. Dr. Fobes of Oakham 
(oldest s. Alpheus), c.r.i.] 

Polly of Raynham and Jonathan Keith 3d, int. Nov. 2, 1805. 

GUSHEE (see Gushe, Gushey), Harriet N. of Raynham and 
Anthony S. Pratt, int. Sept. 21, 1839. [This entry marked 

Seth of Raynham and Susanna Wilbar, Apr. 23, 1841. 

GUSHEY (see Gushe, Gushee), Abraham of Raynham and 
Silvia Fobes, June 24, 1773. [Sylvia, c.r.i.] 

GWINETH (see Guineth). 

HACK, Nathan E. of Taunton and Cordana Fobes, int. Oct. 

14, 1838. 
Seth of Taunton and Sarah Howell, int. Dec. 22, 1744. 
William [int. of Tan ton] and Experience Phinney, May 22, 

1755. [William, p.c.r.] 

HACKBEN, Elisabeth and Michael Lunsford, Nov. 9, 1727.* 

HACKET, Betty and Isaac Lathrop, Feb. 9, 1786. 

Eleanor of Middleborough and William Cleaves of Sandwich, 

Dec. I, 1707.* 
Samuel of Rainham and Joanna Washburn, Sept. 23, 1736.* 

[Samuel of Raynham, c.r.i.] 

HADEN (see Hayden), Sarah W. [int. Hayden] and Nathan 
Randall [int. Randel], Nov. 7, 1820. 

HAFORD (see Hayford, Hefford, Heford, Heiford), Levinea of 
Middleborough and Eliab Dunbar, int. Nov. 30, 1793. 

HAINES (see Hains), John and Hannah Shaw, Aug. 11, 1709.* 
Mary E. of Sandwich and Francis D. Homer, int. July 4, 1846. 

HAINS (see Haines), Elisabeth and Nathanael Conant, Dec. 

17, 1716.* 
John and Hannah Lyon, June 27, 1738,* c.r.i. 

HALE, Artemas and Deborah Lincoln of Hingham, int. Oct. 
28, 1815. [Artemas, b. Winchendon, s. Moses and Ruth 
Foster, m. , 1815, p.r.i.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Hale, Artemas Jr. and Harriet A, Howard of W. Bridgewater, 
int. Oct. 10, 1847. [m. Oct. 26, C.R.I. Artemas, s. Artemas 
and Deborah (Lincoln), and Harriet Augusta Howard, d. 
John E. Esq. of W. Bridgewater, m. Oct. 26, p.r.i.] 

HALL, Abigail and David Kingman Jr., Aug. 5, 1752.* 

Ann [int. Jr.] and Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] Edson 4th, Apr. 30, 

1767. [Ann and Samuel Edson 4th, p.c.r.] 
Ann Maria and Sumner Turner, Mar. 7, 1827. [Ann Maria 

Hall, d. Joseph, and Sumner Turner, s. Plato, c.r.i. 

Maria Ann Hall of Halifax, p.r.i.] 
Asa and Lucy Leach, June 20, 1793 [? in Bridgewater],* p.R.65. 
Aseneth [int. Asenath] and Joseph Boylston Jr., Sept. 24, 1844. 
Betsey of Raynham and Alpheus Brett, int. Apr. 22, 181 5. 
Bezer [int. Bezaliel] of Dorchester and Debby Harris, Dec. 10, 

Charles [int. adds T.] and Mary Jane Walker, Jan. 5, 1847. 

[Charles T., c.R.2.] 
Ebenezer and Nany Dunbar of Hallifax, int. Jan. 13, 1816. 
Elizabeth E. and Elijah E. Perkins, Dec. 2, 1833 [? ^^ Bridge- 
water],* p.R.65. 
George W. and Sally H. Harlow of Halifax, int. Nov. 5, 1840. 
Henry, farmer, s. David and Hannah, and Mary Hayward, d. 

Timothy and Mary, Jan. 10, 1849. 
Jabez and Tryphear Wilbor [int. Triphana Willbur], Nov. 17, 

1 791. [Tryphear Wilbore, p.c.r.] 
James [int. of Ranham] and Sarah Orcutt, Oct. 31, 1782. 

[James, p.c.r. James of Raynham and Sarah Orcut, c.r.i.] 
Jemima of Raynham and Marcus Howard, int. Jan. 29, 1814. 
John and Abler Andress of Taunton, int. June 21, 1794. 
John Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Raynham and Thirza Dickerman, 

Sept. 5, 1824. [John Jr. of Raynham, c.r.i.] 
John D., 22, wheelwright, of N. Bridgwater, s. John and 

Thersa, and Eunice L. Keith, 18, d. William and Roena, 

Oct. 31, 1847. 
John L. and Huldah Padelford, Aug. 27, 1824 [? in Bridge- 
water],* p.R.65. 
John L., s. Asa and Lucy (Leach), and Mary Ann Leach, d. 

Hosea and Hannah (Keith), Dec. 25, 1831,* p.R.65. 
Joseph of Hallifax and Susanna Holmes, int. Aug. 28, 1802. 
Joseph and Polly Copeland, Aug. 23, 181 2. 
Lovisa [int. Lovicea] W. and Quartus Snell of E. Bridgewater, 

Jan. 19, 1836. [Lovisa W., C.R.3.] 
Lucy and Caleb Cole, Apr. 18, 1792. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Hall, Lucy and Nathan Williams, June ii, 1826 [? in Bridge- 
water],* P.R.65. 

Lucy J. and Thomas Hathaway, May 26, 1847 [? in Bridge- 
water],* P.R.65. 

Luther of Raynham and Abigail Mehuren [int. Mehurin], 
Dec. 4, 1781. [Mehurin, p.c.r.] 

Luther of Raynham and Mehitabel Leach, wid., int. Nov. i, 

Lydia, b. Kingston, and Nathaniel Witherel, b. Pembroke, 
May 10, 1830 [sic, 1810], in Kingston.* 

Macey of Raynham and Susanna Washburn, int. Apr. 11, 1807. 

Maria Ann (see Ann Maria). 

Martha and Peter Tribou, Jan. 3, 1817. 

Mary and Nathan Edson, Sept. 2, 1766. 

Mary Ann, wid. John L., d. Rosea Leach and Hannah (Keith), 
and Harvey Kimball, Oct. 13, 1839,* P.R.65. 

Mary H. and Cromwel Alden, int. Apr. 22, 1832. 

Mason of Raynham and Hannah Willis, July 29, 1789. 

Mehetabel and James Hendrey [int. Handrey], May 17, 1770. 

Mercy and Abner Lewis of Middleboro[ugh], Sept. 29, 1763. 
[Sept. 25, P.C.R.] 

Molley of Taunton and David Lennard, int. Nov. 18, 1769. 

Nancy D. [int. B], 19, d. Ebenezer and Nancy, and Ira B. [int. 
D.] Pratt, widr. [int. omits widr.], 26, boot maker, of Rayn- 
ham, s. Alpheus and Sarah, Jan. 27, 1848. [Nancy B. and 
Ira D. Pratt of Raynham, c.r.i.] 

Nathan of Raynham and Sarah Snow, int. Apr. 13, 1776. 

Nathan and Ruth Waterman, Feb. 24, 1790. 

Perez L. of Raynham and Susan Hall, int. Dec. i, 1838. 

Phillip and Hannah Keith, Feb. 28, 1760.* [Phillip of Rayn- 
ham, C.R.I.] 

Prince and Alice Cook [int. Crook] of Plymouth [int. blacks], 
Nov. 16, 1786, in Plymouth. 

Prince and Dorcas Briary, int. July 14, 1787. 

Rebecca and Joseph Pool, Nov. 21, 1753.* 

Ruben and Ruth Gilbirt, July 29, 1741.* [Gilbert, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 

Ruth and Shubael Thomson of Middleborough, int. Sept. 13, 

Ruth and Keith Bassett, Sept. 9, 1832 [? in Bridgewater],* 

Samuel of Taunton and Mercy Willis, Apr. 15, 17 18.* 

Sarah of Raynham and Solomon Alden, July 9, 1755.* [Sollo- 
man Allden, p.c.r.] 

Sarah and Josiah Byram, Sept. 11, 1766. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Hall, Silvanus (see Sylvanus). 

Silvanus Jr. and Almira Cushman of Hallifax, int. Mar. 23, 

Stephen of E. Bridgewater and Irena T. Raymond of W. 
Bridgewater, June 10, 1841.* 

Susan and Perez L. Hall of Raynham, int. Dec. i, 1838. 

Susan W. and James W. Smith, Sept. 9, 1838. 

Susanna and Sion Swift, Jan. 23, 1818. 

Sylvanus and Hannah Bent of Middleborough, int. Dec. 13, 

Sylvester W. and Mary A. White, Sept. 17, 1848 [? in Bridge- 
water],* P.R.65. 

Vodisa of Raynham and Apollas Hooper, int. Aug. 10, 1799. 

Wealthy of Raynham and Earl Cushman, int. Sept. 23, 1820. 

Will[ia]m [int. of Boston] and Ann Charta, Aug. 26, 1743. 
[William and Ann Chasta, p.c.r.] 

William B. of Raynham and Mary D. Briggs, int. Nov. 25, 

HALLOWELL (see Hollo well). 

HAMBLEN (see Hambleten, Hamblin, Hamlen), Mary of 
Abington and Thomas Moore, Sept. 24, 1746, in Abing- 

Mary late of New Milford, Conn., and Jonathan Perkins 3d, 
int. June 15, 1865 [sic, ? 1765]. 

HAMBLETEN (see Hamblen, Hamblin, Hamlen), Josiah and 

Sarah Perkins, int. Aug. 17, 1772. 
Josiah and Mary Newcomb, int. Sept. 19, 1778. 

HAMBLIN (see Hamblen, Hambleten, Hamlen), Eleazer and 
Lydia Bonny, June 30, 1752.* [Hamblen, p.c.r.] 

Elisabeth and William Holmes, Nov. 5, 1750.* [Elizebeth 
Hamblen, p.c.r.] 

HAMLEN (see Hamblen, Hambleten, Hamblin), Mary [int. 
Hambling] and Joseph Richards, Sept. 28, 1742. 

HAMMETT, Emily W. and John C. Hayward, int. May 7, 

HAMMOND (see Hamond), Rebecca and Dependance French, 

Feb. 7, 1765.* [Rebeccah, p.c.r.] 
Roger W. of Rochester and Jane Leach, int. Oct. 28, 1832. 
Roger W. and Susan King of Raynham, int. Oct. 28, 1841. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Hammond, Sarah [int. of Stoughton] and John Packard, Mar. 

ly, 1763. [Sarah, p.c.r.] 
Tho[ma]s [int. Harmon] and Betty [int. Bettie] Mallet, blacks, 

Apr. 18, 1770. 

HAMOND (see Hammond), Abigail and Enoch Leonard, 
Apr. 10, 1788. [Hammond, p.c.r. Hayward and Enock 
Leonard, c.r.i. Enoch, P.R.105.] 

HANCOCK, Mary, Mrs., and Richard Perkins, Oct. 9, 1760.* 

HANDREY, James (see James Hendrey). 

HANKS, Benjamin of Pembroke and Mary Ripley, Mar. 23, 

1727, in Pembroke.* 
Elisabeth, wid. [int. Elizabeth, omits wid.], and Seth Latham, 

Apr. 14, 1800. 
Huldah and Joseph Bates of Abington, int. Feb. 19, 1791. 
Rachel and David French, June 28, 1797. 

HANLEY, Martha Lucy and Lewis Manley, int. June 2, 1793. 

HANMER, Abigail and Tho[ma]s Latham, June 8, 1752.* 
Elisabeth and Ebenezer Hayward, Dec. 13, 1750.* [Elize- 

beth, P.C.R.] 
Elizabeth and Thomas Wade, May 5, 1743. 
Jerusha and John Orcutt Jr., Nov. 3, 1752.* [Orcut Jr., p.c.r.] 
Jo[h]n and Martha Pryer, Oct. 9, 1760.* 
Mary and John Smith, Oct. 5, 1749.* 

HARDEN (see Hardin, Harding), Abraham and Ruth Terry 
[sic, Perry] of Scituate, Oct. 22, 1740.* [Hardin and Ruth 
Perry of Scituate, p.c.r. Hardin and Ruth Perry, c.r.i.] 

Betsey and Lewis Brown, int. Aug. 9, 1806. 

Betsey, wid., and Enos Cox of Pembroke, int. Aug. 27, 1808. 

Calvin and Roxana Hatch, Apr. 19, 1813. 

Charlotte and Oran Reed of Abington, int. Nov. 8, 1817. 

Christiana J. and Isaac Bourne, Oct. 24, 1838. 

Deborah and Eli Blanchard of Abington, Aug. 30, 1798. 

Ephraim and Hartey Harden of Halifax, int. June 17, 1823. 

Hannah [int. Hardin] and Christopher Sever, [Oct.] 17, 1771. 
[Hardin, p.c.r.] 

Harlow [int. Harler] and Sarah Stetson, Sept. i, 1795. 

Harriet and Carver Washburn, Mar. 14, 1827. [Washburne, 
C.R.3. Harding, d. Samuel, and Carver Washburn, s. 
Solomon, p.R.36.] 

Hartey of Halifax and Ephraim Harden, int. June 17, 1823. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Harden, Huldah (see Hvildah Harler). 

Issabella D. [int. Isabella Dom Hayden sic, D. Harden written 

below] and Thomas White, Mar. i, 1810. 
Jabez and Sarah S. Pratt, Jan. 4, 1829. [Sarah S., d. Simeon 

and Sally, c.r.i.] 
Jacob [int. Hardin] of Abbington and Mehitabel Gannett [int. 

Mehetabel Gannet], Mar. 26, 1778. [Hardin of Abington 

and Mehitabel Gannett, p.c.r.] 
James of Providence and Joanna Bingnear, blacks, int. Apr. 27, 

Joannah [int. Joanna] and Willard Osborn, Apr. 26, 1830. 

[Joannah, d. John, and Willard Osborn, s. Levi, c.R.i.] 
Jo[h]n and Eunice Benson, Nov. 13, 1766. 
John Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Abington and Lydia Hearsey, Dec. 9, 

1779. [John Jr. of Abington, p.c.R.] 
John [int. Jr.] and Lucy Holmes, Jan. 29, 1792. [John, p.c.r. 


John Jr. and Jenny Stetson, June 23, 1803. 

John C. and Lydia P. Munroe of E. Bridgewater, Dec. 26, 1838. 

John Constant and Nancy Bates, Feb. 25, 1813. 

Lucia and Benjamin H. [int. Howard] Keith, June 3, 1819. 

Lucy H. and Nahum Chase of Weymouth, int. Feb. 5, 1837. 

Lydia and Rob[er]t Dawes [int. Daws], May 28, 1744. [Dawes, 


Lydia and Sulivan Dunbar of Abington, int. July 26, 181 7. 

Mary and John Gary, May 13, 1741-* 

Mary Ann and Joshua [int. John] Chase of Waterborough, Me., 

Sept. 14, 1834. [John of Waterborough, Me., c.r.i.] 
Mehetabel and Daniel Gurney Jr., Oct. 4, 1819.* 
Mehitabel and Thomas Harden, June 13, 181 1.* 
Nancy of Abington and Thomas White, int. June 25, 1803. 
Nathanael and Susanna Latham, Feb. 17, 1 714-15.* 
Noah and Alice Hearsey, Dec. 18, 1816. 
Noah and Alithea H. Gardner, June 9, 1822. 
Rebecca [int. Rebeccah] and Reuben Harden of Pembroke, 

July 18, 1782. [Rebecca, p.c.r.] 
Reuben of Pembroke and Rebecca [int. Rebeccah] Harden, 

July 18, 1782. [Rebecca, p.c.r.] 
Sally and Solomon Ames Jr. [int. 2d], Apr. 13, 1794. [Solomon 

Jr., p.c.r.] 
Samuel and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Wade, May 16, 1739. 
Samuel of Abington and Relief Spear, Jan. 13, 1785. 
Samuel [int. Hardin 2d] and Silence Fuller, Jan. 17, 1792. 

[Harden, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Harden, Samuel and Lydia Wade of Hallifax, int. May 22, 

Sarah and Mathew Allen, Dec. 18, 1734.* 
Seth and Martha Jenkins, Mar. 30, 1823. 
Thomas and Mehitabel Harden, June 13, 181 1.* 
Ward and Betsey H. Osborne, Dec. 2, 1824. [Ward, s. John, 

and Betsey H. Osborne, d. Levi, c.r.i.] 
William F. and Hannah P. Ramsdell of Hanson, Nov. 4, 1839. 
Willis and Elizabeth Hobart, int. Feb. 6, 1802. 
Zenas and Sally Gannett, Aug. 10, 1815.* 

HARDIN (see Harden, Harding), Anna and John Hardin, 
Sept. 7, 1749.* [Harden and John Harden, p.c.r.] 

Deborah and Thomas Latham, Mar. 19, 1711-12,* 

Deborah and Zachariah Redding of Midleborough, int. May 
30, 1772. 

Eliza Jane and John C. Hayward, Oct. 7, 1842. 

Elizabeth F. and Nathan W. Chamberlain, int. Sept. 14, 1844. 

John and Anna Hardin, Sept. 7, 1749.* [Harden and Anna 
Harden, p.c.r.] 

Lydia and Jonathan Benson Jr., int. Nov. 5, 1774. 

Mary of Pembrook and Jessee Hayward of Hallifax, Oct. 27, 
1763.* [Harden of Pembroke and Jesse Haward of Halli- 
fax, P.C.R.] 

Nathan[ie]ll of Pembrook and Sarah Bukar, int. Sept. 12, 1772. 

Perry [int. of Pembrook] and Elisabeth Bonney, Mar. 30, 1768. 

Rachel of Taunton and Levi Tarbit, blacks, int. Jan. 30, 1796. 

HARDING (see Harden, Hardin), Abigail and Samuel Harris, 
Jan. 10, 1709-10.* 

Phebe of E. Bridgewater and George Richmond Jenkins, int. 
June 28, 1829. 

Timothy [int. Harden] and Sarah Stone, Sept. 2, 1793. [Har- 
ding and Sarah Stones, p.c.r.] 

HARIS (see Harris, Horriss), James and Elizabeth Fry, Mar. 
II, 1695-6.* 

HARLER (see Harlow), Huldah [Harler sic, ? Harden] and 

David Buker of Abbington, int. Feb. 6, 1780. 
Lewis and Sylvia Bent, int. Jan. 17, 1802. 
Silvanus and Polly Bent, int. Feb. 16, 1805. 

HARLOW (see Harler), Abigail and Jonathan Beal, July ii, 

Bradford and Betsey Leonard, Apr. 9, 1807. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Harlow, Content [int. Herlar], wid., and Ebenezer Packard 

[int. Jr.], Apr. 26, 1781. [Harlow, wid., and Ebenezer 

Packard, p.c.r.] 
Ephraim of Middleborough and Elisabeth Shaw, int. Jan. 14, 

Experience and Dan[ie]n Washburn, June 4, 1752.* [Eperi- 

ance and Dan[ie]l Washburn, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Stoughton Willis, Aug. 11, 1741.* 
Joana and Daniel Snell, Sept. i, 1732.* [Joanna, c.r.i.] 
Jonathan B. and Cordelia A. Dunphe, int. Dec. 11, 1844. 
Lewis Jr. and Elizabeth Briggs of Middleborough, int. May 21, 

Lydia and Benjamin Pratt, , 1741.* [Dec. — , p.c.r. Lidea, 

Dec. 22, C.R.I.] 
Martha S. and Benjamin H. Price Jr., May 20, 1832. 
Mary and Jacob Peterson of Duxborough, Aug. 19, 1735,* 


Sally H. of Halifax and George W. Hall, int. Nov. 5, 1840. 

Sarah and Nathan Pratt, Oct. 15, 1745.* 

South worth and Hannah D. Chandler of Weymouth, int. 

Nov. 19, 1848. 
Susan [int. Susanna, wid.] and Christopher [int. Christophur] 

Flinn, June 15, 1806 [? in Middleborough]. 
Timothy and Huldah Hayward, int. Feb. 16, 1806. 
Timothy [int. adds S.] of E. Bridgewater and Sarah Hayward, 

Sept. 25, 1842. [Timothy of E. Bridgewater, c.R.i.] 
William of Plymouth and Hannah Bartlett, Sept. 3, 1738, in 


HARMON (see Hermon), Thomas (see Thomas Hammond). 

HARRINGTON (see Hearington, Herington), Julia and James 
Congdon, int. Sept. 9, 1849. 

HARRIS (see Haris, Horriss), Abia and Bazaliel Loud, Mar. 

26, 1809 [date in later handwriting].* 
Abial [int. Abiel of Abington] and Susanna Snell, Nov. 17, 

Abigail and Thomas Drew of Halifax, Aug. 16, 1739.* [Abi- 

gaiel, C.R.I.] 
Abigail of Abington and Abiel Packard, Dec. 18, 181 5. 
Abner and Mary Pratt, Nov. 12, 1735,* c.r.i. 
Alice and James Powel [int. Powell], Jan. 12, 1743. 
Alice and Joseph Chamberlain [int. Chamberlin] Jr., Jan. 6, 


* Intention not recorded. 


Harris, Ann and John Holman, June 20, 1734.* 

Anna and Joseph Leach, Jan. 14, 1735-6.* [Ann, c.r.i.] 

Arathusa [int. Dawes] of Stoughton and Clifford [int. Clef- 

fard] Keith, Nov. 15, 1820. 
Arthur and Mehetable Rickard, Nov. 12, 1730.* [Mehitabel 

[dup. Mehetable], p.c.r.] 
Arthur and Bethiah Hay ward. May 20, 1741.* 
Arthur and Celia Mitchell, June 14, 1781. 
Azor and Sarah Shaw of Middleborough, Sept. 5, 1813 [? in 

Benjamin and Sarah Snow, Dec, 18, 1751.* [Sarah Shaw, 


Benjamin Jr. and Sarah Mitchell [int. Mitchel], Jan. 27, 1791. 
[Mitchell, P.C.R.] 

Bethia [int. Bithia, wid.] and Robert Latham, Apr. 17, 1752 
[sic, int. Mar. 31, 1753]. 

Betsey and John Decoster, Oct. 11 [Oct. 11 in later hand- 
writing], 1805.* 

Celia and Daniel Whitman, Oct. 31 [sic, int. Dec. 16], 1815. 

Debby and Bezer [int. Bezaliel] Hall of Dorchester, Dec. 10, 

Eunice of Stoughton and Moses Brown, int. Apr. 25, 1818. 

George and Hannah Lyon of Middleborough, int. Oct. 8, 1763. 

Hannah [int. of Abington] and Dependence French, Sept. 4, 

Hannah and Abiel Packard [int. Pakard of Hebron, Cumber- 
land Co.], Oct. 14, 1794. 

Isaac and Mary Lincoln of Hingham, June 28, 1698, in Hing- 

Isaac and Jane Cooke of Plymouth, Mar. 27, 1707, in Scituate.* 

Isaac and Elisabeth Washburn, July 22, 1717.* 

James and Elizabeth Bayley, Feb. 14, 1692-3,* p.c.r. 

Jane and James Dunbarr, .* [ , 1683, p.R.103.] 

Jennet Orr and Welcom [int. Welcome] Young, Sept. 11, 1816. 

John [int. of Abington] and Abigail Edson, Dec. 20, 1787. 
[John, P.C.R.] 

John and Eunice Young, Apr. 29, 1795. 

John and Rebeccah Wood of Hallifax, int. Nov. 31 [sic], 1811. 

John B. [int. Jr., omits B.] of Abington and Susanna Snell, 
Apr. 19, 1818. 

Lucey [int. Lucy] and Nehemiah Latham, May 26, 1757. 
[Lucy, P.C.R. Luce, c.r.i.] 

Lucy of Easton and Stephen Samson, int. Mar. 19, 1796. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Harris, Lucy and Samuel Boyden, Mar. 9, 1807 [date in later 

Mary and Daniel Packard, Dec. 2, 1713.* 
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel of Abington] and Samuel Packard, 

Aug. 4, 1799- 
Oliver and Relief Leach, Jan. i, 1789.* 
Patty [int. of Abington] and Dan[iel] Packard, Aug. 12 [Aug. 

12 in later handwriting], 1805. 
Rebecca of Abington and Richard Feild, int. Aug. 22, 1778. 
Rhoda [int. of Abington] and Simeon Warren, Apr. 14, 1802 

[date in later handwriting]. 
Sally and Samuel Curtis, Apr. i, 1799.* 
Sally and Levi Wasburn [int. Washburn 2d], Sept. 22, 1807. 
Samuel and Abigail Harding, Jan. 10, 1709-10.* 
Samuel of Abington and Adelin [int. Adeline] Howard, Dec. 18, 

Sarah and James Hayward Jr., Aug. 13, 1751.* 
Sarah and Francis Gray of Boston, Nov. 6, 1777. 
Seth and Abiah Alden, Nov. 26, 1751.* 
Seth [int. Jr. of Abington] and Susanna Warren, Apr. 2 [sic, 

int. Apr. 13], 1776. 
Seth of Abington and Mary Phillips [int. wid.]. May 8, 1777, 

in Abington. 
Sibbel of Abington and Gideon Howard Jr., int. Oct. 19, 1811. 
Susanna and Charles Southworth, Oct. 2, 1794.* 
Susannah and Jeremiah Newland, Apr. 7, 1696.* 
Susannah and Joseph Willbore, [Dec] 22, 1741.* [Susanna 

and Joseph WUbore of Raynham, p.c.r. Susanna and 

Joseph Willbore, Dec. 9, c.r.i.] 
William and Alice Mitchell, May 14, 1788. 
William and Vashty Leach, July 9, 1796.* 
William Jr. and Mary W. Thomas, Dec. 26, 1819. 

HARTWEL (see Hartwell), Ruhama [int. Hartwell, wid.] and 
Josiah Snell Jr., May 26, 1763. [Ruhamah Hartwell, p.c.r.] 

HARTWELL (see Hartwel), Charles of W. Bridgewater and 
Rosina A. [int. omits A.] Packard, July 26, 1840, 

Daniel and Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] Copeland, Nov. 8 [1779]. 
[Mehitabel, p.c.r.] 

Daniel Jr. and Irena Willis, June 29, 181 7. 

Daniel Jr. and Mary Soper, Aug. — [int. Aug. 4], 1821. 

Experience and Jonathan Lea[c]h Jr. [int. Leach 2d], Feb. 23, 
1768. [Leach Jr., p.c.r.] 

Hannah and Alfred Howard, int. Jan. 11, 1800. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Hartwell, Isaac and Abihail Lathrop, Feb. i [1776]. 

Isaac Jr. and Melinda Manley. int. June 3, 1809. 

James [sic, ? Jonas] and Ruhama Fenno of Stoughton, Nov. 

7, 1751, in Stoughton.* 
John and Lucinda Howard [int. Haward], Dec. 6, 1801. 
Jonas (see James). 

Jones [int. Jonas] and Sally Howard, Nov. 28, 1820. 
Josiah Q., 24, shoe maker, of W. Bridgewater, s. James and 

Sally, and Hannah O. Holmes, 21, d. Howland and Han- 
nah, Jan. 2, 1848. 
Lintha [int. Lentha] and Daniel Richards of Dartmouth, June 

7, 1812. 
Martha and Joshua Packard Jr., Oct. 28, 1756.* 
Mary and Abner Shirley of Raynham, int. Nov. 19, 1781, 
Nathan and Susanna Field, Oct. 16, 1746.* 
Nathan and Bettee [int. Bettie] Cushman, Aug. 20, 1761, in 

Nathan and Sarah Bonney, June 19, 1762. 
Nathan and Sally Ripley of Plymton, int. Sept. 26, 1789. 
Polly and Zeba Richards, Nov. 18, 1817. 
Ruhama and David Harvey, Apr. — [int. Apr. 7], 182 1. 
Samuel and Susanna Burr of Norton, int. Mar. 2, 1782. 
Sarah and Joseph Carver Jr., Dec. 25, 1746.* 
Silence and Seth Lathrop, int. Dec. 7, 1754. "The Banns 

. . . were forbiden by the s"* Silence Hartwell" 
Silence and Robert Keith Jr., Dec. 6, 1763. 
Susanna and Asa Keith [int. 2d], Oct. 17, 1780. [Asa, p.c.r. 

Susannah and Asa Keith, c.r.i.] 

HARVEY (see Hervey), Abthia [int. Abthier] and Nathan 
Williams of Raynham, Oct. 30, 1781. [Abthia, p.c.r.] 

Bethiah and John Hayward, Jan. i, 1759.* [Harvy, c.r.i.] 

Betsey and William Clerk [int. Clark of Quincy], Oct. 29, 1801. 

Bezar and Ruth Carver, Feb. 2, 1795. 

Byram and Parnel [int. Pernel] Keith, Dec. 4, 1800. 

Chloe of Freetown and Robert Robinson, int. Oct. 3, 1807. 

Content and Josiah Winslow, July i, 1798. 

Daniel and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Ames, May 3, 1795. 

David and Content Byram, Oct. 12, 1756.* [Harvy, p.c.r.] 

David Jr. and Olive Dunbar, Jan. 7, 1803. 

David and Ruhama Hartwell, Apr. — [int. Apr. 7], 1821. 

Edmund [int. of Woodstock, Vt.] and Mary Harvey, June 4, 
1782. [Edmund, p.c.r. Edmond of Woodstock, Vt., c.r.i.] 

Elisabeth and Jonathan Whitman, Nov. 3, 1747.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


Harvey, Experience and Elisha Hayward, Jan. 20, 1708-9.* 

Galen and Anna Leach, int. Nov. 15, 181 7. 

Jane and Seth Leach, Oct. 9, 1732.* [Ginnea, c.r.i.] 

Jonathan and Wealthy Pool, int. Mar. 31, 1781. 

Joseph 3d and Bettie Keith, wid.. Mar. 16, 1748.* [Hervey 3d 

and Betty Keith, p.c.r.] 
Joseph Jr. [and] Keziah Washburn, Oct. 10, 1749.* [Joseph 2d, 


Keziah [int. Kezia, wid.] and Nathan Keith, July 11, 1773. 

Marshall and Orpah Edson, int. Aug. 6, 1785. 

Martha and Daniel Ripley, int. June 21, 1783. 

Mary and Nathaniel Hayward, June 21, 17 16.* 

Mary and Charles Cushman, Dec. 10, 1739.* 

Mary [int. wid.] and Edmund Williams of Raynham, Aug. 20, 

1781. [Mary, p.c.r.] 

Mary and Edmund Harvey [int. of Woodstock, Vt.], June 4, 

1782. [Edmund, P.C.R. Edmond of Woodstock, Vt., c.R.i.] 
Mehetabel and Caleb Orcutt, Jan. 24, 1738.* [Mehetable, 

P.C.R. Mehetibel and Caleb Orcut, c.r.i.] 
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Nathan Harvey, Apr. 26, 1788. 

[Mehitable, p.c.r.] 
Mehitabel, wid., and Parmenus [int. Permenus] Ames [of] 

Easton, Jan. i, 1804. 
Nathan and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Harvey, Apr. 26, 1788. 

[Mehitable, p.c.r.] 
Nathanael Jr. and Susanna Hayward, int. Oct. 27, 1764. 

"y*" Bans were forbidden" 
Nathaniel and Margeret Willis, July 4, 1733.* 
Nathaniel [int. Nathan[ie]ll Hervey] Jr. and Bettie Hayward, 

Mar. 20, 1766. [Nathaniel Harvey Jr. and Betty Hay- 
ward, P.C.R.] 
Oliver and Keziah [int. Desire] Turner, July 4, 1793. [Keziah, 


Otis and Eunice Leach, int. Sept. 25, 1819. 
Roswell of Taunton and Nancy A. Hill, Aug. 5, 1832. 
Sophia and Levi Osburn [int. of Raynham], Sept. 4, 1797. 
Susanna and Isaiah Macomber, int. Feb. 16, 1799. 
Zeruiah and Thomas Pratt of Taunton, int. May i, 1779. 

HASKEL (see Haskell), Hannah K. [int. Haskell] and Daniel 
French Jr. of Milton, May 17, 181 5. 

HASKELL (see Haskel), George [int. of Middleborough] and 
Hannah Keith, Mar. 16, 1795. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Haskell, Lois C, 20, of W. Bridgewater, d. Zebulon and 
Sarah N., and Molbry A. Ripley, 22, wheelwright, of W. 
Bridgewater, s. Malbry and Daty B., Nov. 7, 1848.* 

Mary of Westborough, Worsester Co., and Rev. Amasa Smith, 
int. July 22, 1815. 

HATCH, Allen and Sarah Standish of Hallifax, int. Mar. i, 

Betsey and Richard Lowden Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Pembroke, 

Jan. 9, 1788, in Pembroke. 
David and Jemima Norton, int. Feb. 9, 1754. 
Deborah and Joseph Josselyn [int. Joslin Jr.] of Pembroke, 

Aug. 23, 1785, in Pembroke. 
James and Mary Townsend of Abington, int. Oct. 9, 1819. 
John and Deborah Allen of Pembroke, May 10, 1758, in Pem- 
Louisa and John Willet of Abington, Sept. 17, 1799. 
Lucey of Hingham and Micah White, int. May 4, 1771. 
Lusuina [int. Luraney] and Nathaniel [int. Nathan] Jones of 

Pembroke, Mar. 3, 1796, in Pembroke. 
Luther of Hanover and Molly Whitman, Sept. 13, 1790. 

[Molly Allen sic, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Tho[ma]s Phillips Jr., June 19, 1755. 
Mary and Ichabod Howland of Pembrook, Feb. 17, 1780. 

[Feb. 18, P.C.R.] 
Mercy and Joseph Noyes [int. Noyce] of Abington, Jan. 9, 

1766. [Noyes of Abington, p.c.r.] 
Roxana and Calvin Harden, Apr. 19, 1813. 
Thirza and Seth Beals of Pembroke, July 16, 1799. 
Walter and Eunice Kingman, Oct. 5, 1780. 

HATHAWAY (see Hatheway), Benjamin and Abigail B. [B. 

crossed out, int. omits B.j Eddy of Halifax, Nov. 22, 1743, 

in Halifax. 
Chloe and Jonah Benson Jr., Sept. 30, 1819. 
Cushman and Mary F. Trask of Pembroke, int. Jan. 29, 1820. 
Deborah and Jonathan Pratt, Apr. 27, 1817. 
Deborah W. [of] Duxbury and Charles Latham, int. Aug. 30, 

John of Freetown and Betsey Forrest, Dec. 5, 1822. 
John H. of E. Bridgewater and Harriet G. Holmes, int. Aug. 6, 

Josiah Jr. of Halifax and Hannah Latham, Dec. 4, 1766. 
Lazarus of Midleborough and Olive Pratt, Dec. i, 1774. 
Leander of Wareham and Ruth Mehurin, Oct. 9, 1827. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Hathaway, Mary of Middleborough and Levi Pratt, Mar. 20, 

1777 [? in Middleborough]. 
Olive of Middleborough and Samuel White of Middleborough, 

Nov. 6, 1792.* [Hatheway of Middleborough, p.c.r.] 
Priscilla D., d. Asael and Jane C, and Quincy A. Keith of E. 

Bridgewater, .* 

Sally of Middleborough and Amasa Alden, Dec. 17, 1799 [? in 

Middleborough] . 
Sebery Child and Sarah Porter of Hallifax, int. Mar. 7, 1818. 
Thomas and Lucy J. Hall, May 26, 1847 [? in Bridgewater],* 

Zephaniah of Taunton and Silence Alden of Middleborough, 

Dec. 6, 1792.* [Hatheway of Taunton, p.c.r.] 

HATHEWAY (see Hathaway), Josiah [int. Hathaway] and 
Sibbil [int. Sibbel] Pettingill, Oct. 6, 1788. [Hatheway and 
Sibbel Pettingill, p.c.r.] 

HAUGHTON, Lear, "India woman," and Bristol, "Servant 
man to Col° Edward Howard," int. Aug. 4, 1781. 

HAWAED (see Hayard, Hay ward, Howard), Abigail and 

Zachariah Snell, Mar. 11, 1 730-1.* [Hay ward, p.c.r.] 
Abigail and Edward Lathrop Jr., Oct. 19, 1752.* 
Adam and Mary Keith, June 25, 1759.* 
Amie and Jeremiah Belcher, Feb. 26, 1756.* 
Anne and George Williams, Nov. 17, 1774. 
Barnabas and Mehetable Packard, July 2, 1755.* [Hay ward 

and Mehitable Packard, p.c.r.] 
Bethia (see Bithiah). 
Bethiah and Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll] Hayward, Apr. 22, 1777. 

[Bethiah Hayward and Daniel Howard, c.r.i.] 
Bettie and Joseph Foard, July 6, 1769. [Betty, p.c.r.] 
Bettie and Nathan Snell, Feb. 22, 1770. 
Bettie and Edmund Lathrop of Easton, Sept. 29, 1774. 
Bithiah and Jonathan Randal, Aug. 12, 171 2.* 
Catherine (see Katharine). 

Daniel and Damaris Williams, Jan. 16, 1723-4.* 
Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll 3d] and Abigail [int. Nabby] Packard, 

Dec. 22, 1776. 
Dan[ie]ll and Mary Hayward, Nov. 12, 1772. 
David Jr. and Kezia Ames, Feb. 5, 1751.* [Howard Jr. and 

Keziah Ames, p.c.r.] 
David and Molly Kingman, Oct. 15, 1778. 
Edward and Mary Byram, Feb. 7, 1710-11.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Haward, Eliakim and Mary Haward, Dec. 20, 1759.* 

Elisabeth and Thomas Buck, Dec. 18, 1712,* 

Ephraim Jr. and Hannah Brett, July 12, 1753. 

George and Abigail Copland, Aug. 29, 1745-* [Copeland, 


George Jr. and Parnel Ames, May 11, 1777. 

Hannah and Dan[ie]ll Lathrop Jr., Oct. 23, 1764. [Daniel Jr., 


Henry and Mary Haward, June 26, 1733.* 

James and Elisabeth Wallis, Jan. 26, 1709-10.* 

James and Bettie Willis, June i, 1749.* [Hay ward and Bethia 

Willis, P.C.R.] 
James Jr. and Abigail Snell, Dec. 5, 1775. 
James and Mrs. Kezia Ames, July 4, 1776. 
Jane and Nehemiah Washburn, Mar. 26, 1713.* 
Jane and Nathan Haward, June 11, 1746.* 
Jane and Ebenezer Ames, June 2, 1763. 
John Jr. and Abigail Hudson, Dec. 28, 1752.* 
John [int. 2d] and Mercy Fobes, Oct. 6, 1768. [Hay ward 2d, 


John [int. Jr.] and Silence Burr, Dec. 2, 1773. 

Jonathan and Sarah Field, July 30, 17 19.* 

Jonathan Jr. and Phebe Ames, Mar. 11, 1756.* [Mar. i, p.c.r.] 

Jonathan [int. 2d] and Martha Willis, May 19, 1774. 

Joshua and Susanna Hayward, May 6, 1724.* 

Katharine [int. Catharine] and Nathan[ie]ll Southworth, Aug. 
27, 1762. [Catharine and Nathaniel Southworth, p.c.r.] 

Kezia and Thomas Ames, June 20, 1731.* [Keziah Hayward, 

Kezia [int. Hayward, wid.] and Jotham Ames, Sept. 16, 1767. 
[Hayward and Jonathan Ames, p.c.r.] 

Lydia of MarslSeld and Josiah Snell Jr., int. Jan. 16, 1762. 

Martha and David Pirkins, Feb. i, 1698-9.* 

Martha and Josiah Williams of Tanton, Jan. 26, 1714-15.* 

Martha and William Edson, Nov. 27, 1754. [Hayward, p.c.r.] 

Martha and Nathan Willis, Sept. i, 1757.* 

Martha and Zebedee Snell, Apr. 9, 1761.* 

Mary and John Feild, Nov. 15, 1726.* [Field, p.c.r.] 

Mary and Henry Haward, June 26, 1733.* 

Mary and Simeon Cary, June 27, 1754. [Hayward, p.c.r.] 

Mary and Eliakim Haward, Dec. 20, 1759.* 

Mary and David Lathrop, Dec. 2, 1762. [Howard, p.c.r.] 

Mary [int. Mrs.] and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Eliphalet Phil- 
lips, Mar. 3, 1763. [Mary and Eliphalet Phillips, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Ha WARD, Mary and Chilton Latham, Aug, i6, 1770. [Howard 

and Chiltan Latham, p.c.r.] 
Mary (see Molly). 
Mary [int. Howard, wid.] and Barnabas Dunbar, May 28, 1784. 

[Howard and JBarnabas Dunbar, p.c.r.] 
Mehetable and Libeus Fobes, Jan. 17, 1775. 
Molly [int. Mary] and Benjamin Pettingail Jr. of Easton, 

Dec. 2, 1773. 
Nathan and Jane Haward, June 11, 1746.* 
Parnel and Scottland [int. Scott] Keith of Easton [int. adds 

Bristol Co.], Dec. 3, 1772. 
Robert and Abigail Keith, Apr. 28, 1725.* 
Robert Jr. and Abigail Snell, May 5, 1757.* [Hay ward Jr., 


Sarah and David Turner, May 4, 1721.* 

Sarah and Christopher Ripley, Nov. 2, 1737.* 

Sarah and Adam Bayley, Jan. i, 1746-7.* 

Sarah [int. Howard] and Caleb Packard, June 20, 1782. 

[Howard, p.c.r.] 
Seth and Mary Ames, Nov. 13, 1735.* 
Silence and John Burr, Nov. 7, 1722.* 
Silence and Phillip Bryant, Oct. 13, 1757.* [Philip Briant, 


Silence and Josiah Hayden, Mar. 15, 1763. 

Susanna and Nathanael Ames, Dec. 2, 1702.* 

Susanna and Benjamin Williams of Norton, Dec. 22, 1720.* 

Susanna and John Ames, July 12, 1759.* 

Susanna and Elijah Snell, May 29, 1760.* [Susannah, p.c.r.] 

Susanna and Oakes Angier, Jan. 17, 1774. 

Thadeus and Mary Ames, int. [July 15] 1775. 

Theophilus and Susannah Lathrop, Dec. 14, 1747.* 

Thomas and Bithia Brett, June 5, 1706.* 

William and Anne Carr, int. May 10, 1777. 

HAWES (see Haws), Sam[ue]ll and Elisabeth Lansford, int. 
Aug. 4, 1753. 

HAWKINS, Catharine and Edward Gillaspy, int. Nov. 5, 1848. 

HAWS (see Hawes), Sally and Shepard Keith, Mar. 12, 1795. 

HAYARD (see Haward, Hay ward, Howard), Elisha and Bithia 
Snow, Feb. i, 17 20-1.* 

HAYDEN (see Haden), Anna and William Gerald, int. Jan. 17, 

* Intentioo not recorded. 


Hayden, Elkanah and Rhoda Chase, int. May 10, 1777. 

Erastus C. and Mary A. Walker, Dec. 26, 1843. 

Isabella Dom (see Issabella D. Harden). 

Jonathan and Hannah Cushman of Halifax, June 25, 1754, in 

Jonathan [int. of Grafton] and Joanna Packard, wid. [int. 

omits wid.], Oct. 29, 1807 [date in later handwriting]. 
Josiah and Silence Haward, Mar. 15, 1763. 
Lewis of Stoughton and Abigail Terril [int. Terrill], Oct. 17, 

Lewis, widr. [int. omits widr.], 57, machinist, s. Ebenezer and 

Martha, and Susanna Nightingale, wid. [int. omits wid.], 

53, d. Lemuel Turrell and Experience, Dec. 25, 1849. 

[Haden and Susanna Nightingale, C.R.2.] 
Lewis W. of E. Bridgewater and Hannah Conant, Jan. 8, 1837. 
Lydia and Sam[ue]ll Lathrop, Dec. 31, 1751.* 
Mary D. of Quincy and Alanson Curtis of N. Bridgewater, 

May 9, 1839.* 
Matilda J. and William H. Robinson, int. Sept. 2, 1843. 
Polly of Braintree and Elijah Hayward 4th, int. [Mar.] — , 

Sarah and Francis Drake, May 4, 1775. 
Susannah of Stoughton and Benjamin Bartlett Jr., int. Mar. 

22, 1766. 

HAYES (see Hayss). 

HAYFORD (see Haford, Hefford, Heford, Heiford), Edward 
and Lenity [int. Lannato] Kingman [int. wid.]. May 19, 
1779. [Lehity Kingman, p.c.r.] 

Vodicia and Noah Alden, Mar. 22, 1804. 

HAYNES (see Haines, Hains). 

HAYSS, John ard Bethiah Randall, Apr. 21, 17 26, in Plymouth.* 

HAYWARD (s'-e Haward, Hayard, Howard), Abbe and Isaac 

Eames, F.b. 14, 181 1. 
Abigail and F iriah Willis, Oct. 10, 1759.* [Haward, p.c.r.] 
Abigail [int. Haward] of Easton and Abner Hayward Jr., 

Apr. 17, 1772. [Abigail Hayward of Easton, p.c.r.] 
Abigail and John Brett Jr., int. Oct. 10, 1778. 
Abigail and Jonah Willis, Feb. 11, 1788. 
Abigail (see Abigail Hamond). 
Abigail S. of W. Bridgewater and Lewis T. Alden, int. Nov. 14, 


* Intention not recorded. 


Hayward, Abner Jr. and Abigail Hayward [int. Haward] of 
Easton, Apr. 17, 1772. [Abigail Hayward of Easton, 


Abner and Grace Turner, Dec. 4, 1784. 

Adah and Jedidiah Willis of Easton, int. July 3, 1802. 

Alice and Joseph Pratt 2d, Apr. 5, 1749.* 

Alice and Jeremiah Leach, Dec. 8, 1772. 

Allice and Joseph Drake, Apr. 5, 1727.* [Alice, p.c.r.] 

Almarine [int. Almorine] and Eliza H. Washburn, Apr. 9, 1829. 

[Almarine, s. Solomon, c.r.i. Almarine Howard, p.r.i.] 
Alvin and Sarah C. Hooper, Nov. 29, 1840. 
Anna and Solomon Shaw, Oct. 31, 1782. 
Anna of E. Bridgewater and Henry Munro Jr., Oct. 2, 1825. 

[Henry Jr., s. Henry, c.r.i. [dup. Munroe] s. Henry and 

Deborah (Pincheon), p.r.i.] 
Ansel [int. Ansell] of Boston and Lucinda Toalman [int. Tolo- 

man], June 29, 1812. 
Ansell and Huldah Johnson, June 3, 1807. 
Ariston M. and Hannah [int. adds A.] Conant, Apr. 2, 1837. 
Azariah [int. Jr.] and Silvia Conant, wid. [int. omits wid.], 

July I, 1798- 
Azarih [dup. and int. Azariah] and Ann Pratt, Aug. 28, 1768. 

[Azariah, P.C.R. c.r.i.] 
Barzillai and Vesta Howard, Nov. 21, 181 1. 
Barzillia, Dr., and Hannah Rathbun of Bellingham, int. Dec. 

II, 1813. 
Bela and Laura Blanchard, Feb. 17, 1830,* p.R.19. 
Bela of Weymouth and Almira Alden, July 7, 1841. [Almira 

(second w.), P.R.19.] 


amin and Elisabeth Conant, May 21, 1724 


Benjamin and Sarah Cary, Jan. 6, 1741.* 

Benjamin Jr. and Mary Benson, int. Apr. 18, 1767. 

Benjamin and Abigail Perkins, Dec. 25, 1777. 

Benjamin and Philibert Leonard of Middleboroug[h], int. 

Jan. 10, 1807. 
Benjamin B. and Cynthia Wade of Hallifax, int, Oct. 16, 1831. 
Benoni and Hannah Goold, Sept. 11, 1717.* 
Benoni and Hannah Page, Oct. 13, 1743. 
Bethia (see Bithia). 
Bethia and Philip Bolton, Apr. 7, 1787. [Bethiah and Phillip 

Bolton, P.C.R.] 
Bethiah and Jonathan Perkins, Jan. 17, 1737-8.* 
Bethiah and Arthur Harris, May 20, 1741.* 
Bethiah and Tho[ma]s Willis of Taunton, July 19, 1743. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Hayward, Bethiah and Backus [int. Beckus] Leach, Oct. 28, 

1804 [? in Middleborough]. 
Bethiah S. of Taunton and William P. Cutter, int. Nov. 12, 

Betsey and Nathaniel Edson, Sept. 30, 1802. 
Betsey and Ebenezer CoUwell [int. Colwell] Jr., Sept. 4, 1804. 
Betsey [int. adds F.] and Oliver Bonney of Hadley, Hampshire 

Co., [June 8] 1814. 
Bettie and Nathaniel Harvey [int. Nathan[ie]ll Hervey] Jr., 

Mar. 20, 1766. [Betty and Nathaniel Harvey Jr., p.c.r.] 
Bettie and John Hayward, Nov. 26, 1778. 
Bettie and Nathan[ie]ll [int. Nathanael] Manly, Nov. 26, 1778. 
Beza and Abigail Alden of Duxbury, int. Sept. 25, 1784. 
Beza Esq. and Experience Russell, wid., of Plymouth, int. 

Mar. 28, 1801. 
Beza and Addriann Sampson, int. May 13, 1841. 
Bithia [int. Bethia] and Zephaniah Willis, Nov. 28, 1754. 

[Bethiah Haward and Zepheniah Willis, p.c.r.] 
Caleb and Persis [int. Perses] Hayward, Jan. 28, 1773. 
Calista and Samuel Sloan, portrait painter, Nov. 27, 1843. 

[Calista, d. Calvin and Mary (Fobes), p.r.i.] 

Calvin and Mary Fobes, int. Oct. 3, 1801. [m. , p.r.i.] 

Cary and Mary Thomson, Apr. 29, 1779. 

Charity [int. Haward] and Benj[amin] Pierce of Scituate, 

Nov. 3, 1743. [Hayward and Benjamin Peirce of Scituate, 


Charity and David Benson, Dec. 21, 1780. [Charity Besse, 

P.C.R. Charity Hayward, c.r.i.] 
Charles Jr. and Sally Keith, June — [int. June 9], 1821. 
Charles and Sarah W. Washburn of E. Bridgewater, int. 

Jan. I, 1 832. 
Charlotte and Simeon Perkins, Feb. 19, 1829. [Charlotte, d. 

Timothy, c.r.i.] 
Constant and Hannah Keen, Apr. 19, 1808. 
Cyrus and Deborah Ripley, Aug. 18, 1804. 
Daniel and Abigail Davenport, Aug. 14, 1761. [Haward, p.c.r.] 
Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll] and Bethiah Haward, Apr. 22, 1777. 

[Daniel Howard and Bethiah Hayward, c.r.i.] 
Daniel 2d and Kezia Wilbar of Easton, int. Nov. 4, 1815. 
Daniel 3d [dup. omits 3d] and Vesta Manley [dup. Manly], 

May 8, 1817. 
Daniel, widr., 29, merchant, of N. Bridgewater, s. Nathan and 

Rhoda, and Phebe P. Hunt, 24, of N. Bridgewater, d. 

Martin B. and Susan, Nov. 29, 1849.* 

* IntentioB not recorded. 


Hayward, Daniel L. and Hannah Fobes, Sept. 14, 1831. 
Davis and Frelove [int. Freelove] Whitman, Sept. 23, 1804. 
Ebenezer and Elisabeth Hanmer, Dec. 13, 1750.* [Elizebeth, 


Ebenezer [int. Haward] of Braintree and Susan [int. Susanna] 

Byram, July 20, 1774, in Braintree. 
Edmund and Anna Snell, Aug. 22, 1751.* 
Edmund and Sukey Matthews of Sidney, int. Aug. 4, 1792. 
Edward of Easton and Kesiah White, Oct. 26, 1748, in Easton.* 
Edward of Easton and Zilpha Leach, June 19, 1760.* [Haward 

of Easton, p.c.r.] 
Edward and Jenna [int. Jena] Mitchell, Oct. 16, 1782. [Jenna, 

P.C.R. Jenna Mitchel, C.R.I. Jane Mitchell, Oct. 15, p.r. 19.] 
Edward, Capt., and Betty Powers, Nov. 6, 1802. 
Edward 3d and Pernel Howard, July 4, 1805, 
Edward Jr. and Sally Keith [int. wid.], Mar. 8, 1820. 
Edwin and Mary Ann Rider, int. June 10, 1841. 
Eleazer and Ketura Crane of Stoughton, Nov. 11, 1731, in 

Eliab and Martha Fobes, int. June 12, 1762. 
Eliah [int. Eliab Jr.] and Celia Leach, Jan. 17, 1804 [? in 

Elijah and Silence Snell, Feb. 14, 1 750-1.* [Elizabeth [sic] 

Hayward, p.c.r.] 
Elijah 2d and Mary Tomson of Hallifax, int. Oct, 15, 1785. 

[m. Jan. 5, 1786, P.R.19.] 
Elijah 4th and Polly Hayden of Braintree, int. [Mar.] — , 1792. 
Elijah of Hanover and Eliza Kingman, Nov. 13, 1809. 
Elisabeth and Edmund Rawson, May 22, 1717.* 
Elisabeth and John Bolton Jr., Sept. 26, 1751.* [Elizebeth, 

Sept. 20, P.C.R.] 
Elisha and Experience Harvey, Jan. 20, 1708-9.* 
Elisha Jr. and Elizabeth Washburn, Oct. 7, 1740.* [Wash- 

burne, p.c.r. Elizebeth Washburn, Oct. 9, c.r.i.] 
Elisha and Abigail Edy, July 31, 1747.* 
Elisha [int. Jr.] and Molly [int. Molley] Blanchard [int. of 

Stoughton, Sufifolk Co.], Jan. 13, 1778. [Elisha and Polly 

Blanchard, p.c.r.] 
Eliza and John Southworth, July 10, 1806. 
Elizabeth (see Elijah and Elisabeth). 

Enoss [int. Enos] and Marry [int. Mary] Sampson of Ware- 
ham, Nov. 16, 1769, in Wareham. 
Erastus and Mary P. Torry, int. May 8, 1813. [Mary Perry 

Torrey, m. June 6, p.r. 19.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Hayward, Eunace [int. Eunice Haward] of Braintree and Abia 

Packard, Apr. 21, 1764, in Braintree. 
Eunice Soul and Franklin Jones, Oct. 28, 1849, in Providence,* 

Experience and James Dunbar, Jan. 31, 1721.* 
Experience and Benjamin Curtice of Pembrook, May 25, 1732.* 

[Curtis, both of Bridgwater, p.c.r.] 
Experience and Benjamin Price, int. Oct. — , 1743. 
Experience and Jonathan Alden, [Jan.] 24, 1743. [Allden, p.c.r.] 
Ezra and Lydia Lee, Oct. 11, 1757.* [Lidia, p.c.r.] 
Hanah and John Snow, July 15, 1731.* [Hannah, July 11, 


Hannah and Ebenezer Byram, Dec. 9, 17 14.* 

Hannah and Oliver Cheney of Pomphret, Nov. 22, 1744. 

Hannah and Ephraim Cleavland, Mar. 26, 1747.* 

Hannah and Sam[ue]ll Kinsley Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Apr. 22, 

1772. [Samuel Kingsley, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Thomas Hayward [int. 3d], July 19, 1781. 

[Thomas, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Abraham Howard [int. Abram Hayward], Sept. 

20, 1787. [Abraham Howard, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Barnebas Packard, int. Dec. i, 1792. [Barnabas, 

m. Dec. 25, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Nath[anie]ll Perkins Jr., int. July 5, 1794. 
Hannah and Jacob Dunbar Jr., Nov. 2, 1794. 
Hannah and Jonah Willis, Sept. 18, 1800. 
Hannah and Thomas Johnson [int. Jr.], July 24, 1809. 
Hannah and John Colwell, Jan. 14, 1814. 
Hannah and Timothy Keith of Middleboro, Feb. 27, 1819. 
Hannah P., 19, d. Timothy and Mary, and Henry Reed, 23, 

gardner, s. John and Elizabeth, May 2, 1847. 
Harriot [int. Harriet] and George Gross, Nov. 30, 1831. [Har- 
riet, C.R.3.] 
Hasadiah and Caleb Keith, Mar. 24, 181 2. [Hezadiah, p.r.i.] 
Henry of W. Bridgewater and Desire Willis of W. Bridgewater, 

Apr. 15, 1833.* [Desire G. of W. Bridgewater, d. John Jr. 

[? in W. Bridgewater], C.R.2.] 
Hepza [int. HipzaJ and Rotheus Mitchell, Apr. 3, 1783. 

[Hepza, P.C.R.] 
Hezekiah and Huldah Edson, Nov. 14, 1738,* c.r.i. [Hese- 

kiah, Nov. 18, p.r.i 9.] 
Hezekiah and Hesadiah King of Raynham, int. Nov. 26, 1791. 

[Hesekiah and Hesediah King, m. , 1791, P.R.19.] 

* Inteni'on not recorded. 


Hayward, Huldah and Calvin Peirce [int. of Scituate], Dec. 

2, 1767. [Calvin, p.c.r. Pierce, c.r.i.] 
Huldah and Timothy Harlow, int. Feb. 16, 1806. 
Huldah and Asa Perkins, Nov. 19, 1815. 
Independance [int. Independence] and Hannah Thorn, 

[int. Oct. 5], 1799, in Halifax. 
Ira and Sally Edson, Apr. 3, 1807 [date in later handwriting]. 
Ira and Susanna Fish, wid., of Kingston, int. Feb. 19, 1820. 
Isaac and Martha Perkins, May 15, 1728.* 
Isaiah and Sarah Bartlett, Dec. 11, 1777. 
Jacob and Martha Allen, Dec. 29, 1736.* [Hoyward, Dec. 29, 

1736-7 sic, C.R.I.] 

Jacob and Tabitha Hayward, Nov. 11, 1742.* 

Jacob 3d and Joanna Snell, Oct. 24, 1759.* 

Jael and Seth Allden, Apr. 19, 1758.* [Alden, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 

James Jr. and Sarah Harris, Aug. 13, 1751.* 

Jane and Benjamin Pierce Jr., Aug. 7, 1750.* 

Jane [int. adds M.] and Carver Washburn, May 25, 1835. 

[Jane M., c.r.i. Jane, d. Calvin, and Carver Washburn, 

s. Solomon, p.R.36.] 
Jane, Mrs., and Mitchell Hooper, Nov. 26, 1837. [Miss Jane, 

C.R.I. Jane and Mitchell Hooper, s. Joseph and Lucia 

(Mitchell), Dec. 6, P.R.S4.] 
Jane H., 25, d. Erastus and Mary, and Thomas Holmes, 24, 

shoe maker, s. Benjamin and Waitey, Nov. 23, 1848. 
Jemima and David Snow, June 26, 1787. 
Jemimah and Witherel Withem of Easton, May 27, 1733, ^ 

Jeremiah [sic, Jerathmeel, int. Jerahmeel] and Rebeccah [int. 

Rebecca] Manley, Feb. 16, 1802. 
Jessee and Melatiah Dunbar, July 2, 1761.* 
Jessee of Hallifax and Mary Hardin of Pembrook, Oct. 27. 

1763.* [Jesse of Hallifax and Mary Harden of Pembroke, 


Joanna and David Snow, Mar. 11, 1 730-1.* 

John and Sarah Willis, Dec. 24, 1706.* 

John and Bethiah Harvey, Jan. i, 1759.* [Harvy, c.r.i.] 

John and Bettie Hayward, Nov. 26, 1778. 

John C. and Eliza Jane Hardin, Oct. 7, 1842. 

John C. and Emily W. Hammett, int. May 7, 1848. 

John Ripley and Nabby Robinson of Middleborough, Sept. 13, 
1 801 [? in Middleborough]. 

John Ripley and Clarissa Robinson, Dec. 14, 1802 [? in Middle- 

• Intention not .ecorded. 


Hayward, Jonathan [int. Haward] of Easton and Sarah Leach, 

Nov. II, 1762. [Hayward of Easton, p.c.r.] 
Jonathan and Mary Johnson, Mar, 7, 1769. 
Jonathan [int. Jr.] and Mary [int. Molly] Hayward, July 29, 

Joseph and Mehetable Dunham, May 30, 1700.* 
Joseph Jr. and Sarah Grossman, Sept. 9, 1703.* 
Joseph of Raynham and Mary Cohoon, Apr. 10, 1744. [Ca- 

hoone, p.c.r.] 
Joseph and Olive Manley, Oct. 20, 1768. 
Joseph of Raynham and Relief Hooper, int. [Aug.] 16 [1788]. 
Joseph [int. 2d] and Sylvia Conant, Dec. i, 1814. 
Josiah and Sarah Kinsley, July 19, 1715.* 
Josiah and Sarah Moore, Oct. 11, 1738.* [More, p.c.r.] 
Josiah and Mary Perkins, Feb. 11, 1741.* [Josiah Jr. and 

Mary Perkens, c.r.i.] 
Josiah Jr. and Mary Dunham, Nov. 16, 1756.* [Haward and 

Mercy I)[Ulegible], Mar. •16, p.c.r.] 
Kinsley and Hannah Pool of Hallifax, int. Nov. 2, 1805. 
Kinsley and Sarah Osborn of E. Bridgewater, int. July 21, 

Laura L. B., i8, d. Erastus and Mary, and Freeman Jones, 22, 

shoemaker, s. Sam[ue]l and Abagail, Nov. 21, 1849. 
Lavina and Philander Dean, Dec. 19, 1830. [Lavina, d. Solo- 
mon and Zeruiah, c.r.i.] 
Lois and Mosses Symmons [int. Moses Simmons], Nov. 23, 

1769. [Moses Simmons, p.c.r.] 
Lucinda T. and Jesse Packard 2d, Sept. 15, 1833,* P.R.14. 
Lucretia O., 21, d. Otis, and William L. Gordon, 27, moulder, 

s. John, Sept. i, 1844. 
Lucy and William Bozworth of Hallifax, int. Feb. 21, 1807. 
Lucy and Nathan H. Dunphe, int. Aug. 17, 1839. 
Luther and Bettie Willis, Dec. 12, 1785. [Betty, p.c.r.] 
Luther and Raney White of Marshfield, int. Aug. 30, 1794. 
Luther Jr. and Glarissa Ingels [int. Clarissa Richards Ingell], 

June 27, 1812. 
Luther and Bethiah Gopeland, Feb. 19, 1834. 
Lydia and James Perigo, Mar. 6, 1727-8.* 
Lydia and Samuel Turner, Mar. 23, 1794. 
Lydia and Nathan Richards, Nov. 24, 181 3. 
Lydia P. and Peleg Osborne Jr. of E. Bridgewater, int. Oct. 26, 

Malatiah and Samuel Dunber, Dec. 14, 1732.* [Melitiah 

Howard and Samuel Dunbar, c.r.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Hayward, Manley and Mary Bunk [int. Monk], Mar. 22, 1804 
[date in later handwriting]. 

Martha and James Allen Jr., int. May 20, 1761. 

Martha [int. of Easton crossed out] and Joseph Perkins, Aug. 
II, 1 761. [Haward, both of Middleborough, p.c.r.] 

Martha and How [int. Howe] Keith, Mar. 27, 1795. [How, 
P.C.R. Patty Howard and Howe Keith, p.r.i.] 

Martin and Susanna Manley, June 16, 1808 [date in later hand- 
writ in g\. 

Mary and William Ames, Dec. 13, 1698.* 

Mary and Thomas Ames, Feb. 27, 1706.* 

Mary and David Kingman, Mar. i, 1731-2.* [Mercy, p.c.r.] 

Mary and Sam[ue]ll Dunbar [int. Dunber], Feb. 11, 1745. 
[Haward and Samuel Dunbar, p.c.r.] 

Mary and Benjamin Marshal, Dec. 29, 1768. [Marshall, p.c.r.] 

Mary and Dan[ie]ll Haward, Nov. 12, 1772. 

Mary and Zebedee [int. Zebede] Snell, July 2, 1777. 

Mary [int. Molly] and Jonathan Hayward [int. jr.], July 29, 

Mary (see Polly). 

Mary and Gannett Marshall of Stoughton, int. July 21, 18 10. 

Mary and Isaac Fobes, Oct. 20, 181 1. 

Mary and Rotheus Washburn, Oct. 18, 1829. [Mary, d. Solo- 
mon Jr. and Mary, and Rotheus Washburn, s. Solomon 
and Sally, c.r.i. Mary, d. Solomon and Betsey (Bates), 
and Rotheus Washburn, p.r.i.] 

Mary, d. Timothy and Mary, and Henry Hall, farmer, s. David 
and Hannah, Jan. 10, 1849. 

Mary T. and Orville Leonard, Dec. 6, 1836. 

Mehetabel and Edward Keith, Sept. 23, 1778. [Mehetibel, 


Mehetable and Sam[ue]ll Edson, Mar. i, 1737-8.* 

Melatiah (see Malatiah). 

Mercy and Elisha Dunbar, Apr. 6, 1727.* 

Mercy (see Mary). 

Molly and Robert Edson, June 6, 1782. [Molle, c.r.i.] 

Molly (see Mary). 

Naomi and Joseph Alger Jr., Mar. 24, 1746-7.* 

Nathan and Rhoda Gary, Nov. 17, i8i8. 

Nathanael and Hannah Soule of Plimton, int. Mar. 5, 1768. 

Nathaniel and Mary Harvey, June 21, 17 16.* 

Nath[anie]ll and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Gurtis of Hal[ifa]x, 

Apr. 5, 1743. [Nathaniel and Eliza[beth] Gurtiss of Halli- 

fax, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Hayward, Nathan[ie]ll Jr. and Mary Packard, Mar. 5, 1762. 
[Nathaniel Howard Jr., p.c.r. Nathaniel Hayw[ar]d Jr., 


Olive [int. Howard] and Joseph Fobes [int. Jr.] of Easton, 

Nov. 24, 1780. [Hayward and Joseph Fobes of Easton, 

P.C.R. Hayward and Joseph Fobes Jr. of Easton, c.r.i.] 
Olive and Daniel Leach Jr., int. May 31, 1794. 
Olive and Hayward Marshall [int. of Stoughton], June 8, 1794. 
Oliver and Tabitha Howard of Stoughton, int. Nov. 11, 1786. 
Oliver and Anna Washburn, Aug. 31, 1797. 
Oliver and Lucy Hooper, Mar. 23, 181 5 [? in Middleborough]. 

Otis and Betsey Parris, int. June 30, 1804. [m. , p.r.i.] 

Patience and John Willis, Dec. 9, 1724.* 

Patty (see Martha). 

Perez [int. Peres Howard] and Hannah Lincoln of Scituate, 

Aug. 17, 1795, in Scituate. 
Persis [int. Perses] and Caleb Hayward, Jan. 28, 1773. 
Peter and Abigail Williams, Dec. 14, 1732.* [Howard, c.r.i.] 
Phebe and Josiah Washburn Jr. [int. omits Jr.], May 3, 1753. 

[Pheba and Josiah Washburne, p.c.r. Phebe, d. Thomas, 

and Josiah Washburn, s. Josiah, p.R.36.] 
Polly and John Tilden, Dec. 31, 1795. 
Polly and Joseph Alden Jr., Dec. 21, 1800 [? in Middleborough]. 

[Mary, p.r.i.] 
Polly and Oliver Washburn, Feb. 5 [int. Mar. 17 sic], 1804. 

[Mary Howard (second w.), May 20, p.r.i.] 
Rebeca and Isaac Willis Jr., Oct. 19, 1759.* [Rebeccah Ha- 

ward, Oct. 9, p.c.r.] 
Rebeccah [int. Rebecca] and Jonas Reynolds, May 30, 1798. 
Sally and Caleb Alden, Nov, 25, 1790.* 
Samuel and Susanna Edson, June 17, 1736.* 
Sam[ue]ll and Hannah Hill, Dec. 13, 1732.* [Samuel Howard, 

Sarah and Nathanael Brett, Nov. 21, 1683.* 
Sarah and [J]oseph Latham, Nov. 27, 171 7.* 
Sarah and Josiah Winslow of Freetown, Jan. 10, 1721-2.* 
Sarah and David Connant, Nov. 28, 1723.* 
Sarah and Issachar [int. Isachar] Snell, Nov. 8, 1769. [Issa- 

char, P.C.R.] 
Sarah [int. of Easton] and Isaac Buck, Feb. 4, 1773. 
Sarah of Raynham and Levi Edson, int. Sept. 3, 1774. 
Sarah and Noah Whitman, int. Nov. 19, 1774. 
Sarah and Ansel Cobb, int. June 4, 1796. 
Sarah and Capt. Robert Packard, May 27, 1798. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Hayward, Sarah and Plato Turner, Apr. — , 1803,* p.r.i. 

Sarah and Daniel Brett Jr., Sept. 9, 1807. 

Sarah and Hayward Manley, Mar. 24, 1816. 

Sarah and Timothy [int. adds S.] Harlow of E. Bridgewater, 

Sept. 25, 1842. [Timothy of E. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 
Sarah W. and Charles Fuller, July 5, 1829. 
Scipio and Sarah Edson, Feb. 7, 1726-7.* 
Seth and Tabitha Pratt, Sept. 6, 1748.* 
Seth and Sarah [int. Sally] Washburn, Feb. 2, 1792. [Sarah, 


Silas [int. of Brantree] and Mary Thayer [int. Theyer], Dec. 9, 

1779. [Silas and Mary Thayer, p.c.r.] 
Silence (see Susanna). 
Silvanus [int. Sylvanus] and Sarah Snow, June 11, 1781. [Syl- 

vanus Howard, p.c.r.] 
Simeon and Mary Bessee, Mar. 17, 1757.* [Haward and Mary 

Besse, p.c.r.] 
Solomon and Zeruiah Washburn, Apr. 16, 1782. [Zerviah, 

P.C.R. C.R.I. Howard and Zeruiah Washburn, p.r.i.] 
Solomon Jr. and Betsy [int. Betsey] Bates, July 19, 1807. 
Sophronia M. and Willard Whitman of E. Bridgewater, Mar. 

7, 1830. 
Sullivan and Harriet Snow, int. May 15, 1824. 
Susan [int. Susanna] and Josiah Copeland of Easton, Sept. 11, 

1794, in Easton. 
Susanna [dup. Susanah] and Thomas Hayward Sr. [dup. omits 

Sr.], Nov. II, 1702 [dup. in Scituate].* 
Susanna and Elihu Brett, Dec, 17, 1706.* 
Susanna and Jonathan Packard, Dec. 24, 17 19.* 
Susanna and Joshua Haward, May 6, 1724.* 
Susanna and David Dunbar, Mar. 16, 1737-8.* 
Susanna and David Whitman, July 13, 1738.* 
Susanna [int. Silence] and Benj[amin] Price, Oct. 17, 1743. 

[Silence, p.c.r.] 
Susanna and Nathanael Harvey Jr., int. Oct. 27, 1764. "y^ 

Bans were forbidden" 
Susanna and Jessee Edson 2d, int. July 30, 1768. 
Susanna and [int. Dr.] James Thatcher [int. Thacher] of Plym- 
outh, Apr. 28, 1785. [Thatcher of Plymouth, p.c.r. 

Susanna and Dr. James Thacher of Plymouth, c.r.i.] 
Sylvia and Solomon Stone of Easton, June 8, 1817. 
Tabatha and John Colwell, Oct. 20, 1816. 
Tabitha and Jacob Hayward, Nov. 11, 1742.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


Hayward, Thomas Sr. [dup. omits Sr.] and Susanna [dup. 

Susanah] Hayward, Nov. ii, 1702 [dup. in Scituate].* 
Tho[ma]s and Elisabeth Byram, June 4, 1746.* 
Thomas [int. 3d] and Hannah Hayward, July 19, 1781. 

[Thomas, p.c.r.] 
Thomas 2d and Cynthia Gardner, Nov. 17, 1791 [? in Middle- 
Timothy and Mary Reed, wid., Nov. 12, 1730.* 
Timothy and Hannah Pratt, July 16, 1767. 
Timothy and Huldah Ames, Apr. 29, 1792. 
Timothy and Mary Crooker Stetson, Feb. 10, 1817. 
Timothy Jr. and Sarah Billings, int. Oct. 11, 1817. 
Waldo [int. Jr.] and Nancy Alger, Apr. 25, 1818. 
Waldon [int. Waldo w] Jr. and Polly Alger, Jan. 16, 1817. 
Waldow and Lucy Barttlett, Dec. 5, 1781. [Bartlett, p.c.r.] 
Walter and Ruth Alden of Middleborough, int. Mar. 16, 1793. 
Walter and Jane Mitchell of Enfield, int. Sept. 9, 1835. 
William and Abigail Kinsley of Easton, Dec. 17, 1728, in 

William of Raynham and Nancey Green, int. June 12, 1779. 
Zadock [int. of Plymouth] and Experience Bearse, May 12, 

1768. [Zadock, P.C.R.] 
Ziba and Lucie [int. Lucey] Conant, Sept. 9, 1773. [Lucy, 

C.R.I. P.R.19.] 
Ziba Jr. and Sally Bozworth of Hallifax, int. Nov. 22, 1806. 

[Ziba and Sarah Bosworth, m. May 17, 1807, p.r.i.] 
Zina [int. [of] N. Bridgewater] and Almira Jenkins, Dec. 5, 


HEARINGTON (see Harrington, Herington), Susanna of 
Foster, Providence Co., and Zephaniah Ellis, int. Nov. 28, 

HEARSAY (see Hearsey, Hersey), David and Esther Read, 

Aug. 6, 1707.* 
Deborah and William Teryl, Apr. 27, 1709.* 

HEARSEY (see Hearsay, Hersey), Alice and Noah Harden, 

Dec. 18, 1816. 
Betty of New Glocester, Hampshere Co., and Samuel Porter, 

int. Mar. 17, 1792. 
Galen of Abington and Polly Johnson, Apr. 23, 18 13. 
Jacob and Polly Drake, Oct. 15, 181 2. 

James Jr. of Abington and Aletheia Pool, int. Apr. 10, 1781. 
John of Abington and Experience Thomas, int. Mar. 19, 1773. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Hearse Y, John and Sarah Lothrop, Dec. 3, 1807. 

Joseph Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Abington and Sarah White, Aug. 

29, 1799. 
Lydia and John Harden Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Abington, Dec. 9, 

1779- [John Jr. of Abington, p.c.r.] 
Martha of Abington and Jacob Dawes, int. May 12, 1800. 
Molly and David Churchil [int. Churchell] Jr., June i, 1797. 
Obadiah [dup. Hearsy] of Abington and Naomi [int. Naomie] 

Reed, Apr. 17, 1777. 
Solomon Jr. and Sylvia Gurney, Jan. 13, 1802. 
Susanna and Achish [int. Achesh] Pool, Nov. 14, 1799. 
Thomas of Abington and Deborah Pool, Feb. 7, 1793. 
William Jr. and Molly Pratt of Abington, int. May 9, 1778. 

HEDGBONE, Mary [int. Hedgburn] and Hezekiah Egarton 
[int. Eggarton], Jan. 15, 1754. 

HEFFORD (see Haford, Hayford, Heford, Heiford), Abigail 

and Thomas Washburn Sr., July 24, 1711.* 
Jemima and James Lennard, Feb. 17, 1736-7.* 

HEFORD (see Haford, Hayford, Hefford, Heiford), Edward 
and Ruth Bryant, Jan. 27, 1709-10.* 

HEIFORD (see Haford, Hayford, Hefford, Heford), John and 

Lydia Peirce, July 3, 1706.* 
John [int. of Midleborough] and Sarah Conant, Oct. 10, 1754. 

[John, P.C.R. ] 

HEMERY, Sabery and Elias Spear of Braintree, int. Nov. 27, 

HENDREY (see Hendry, Henry), James [int. Handrey] and 
Mehetabel Hall, May 17, 1770. 

Jennet [Henry in later handwriting after Hendrey, int. Janet 
Hendrey] and Hosea Dunbar [int. of Hallifax], Oct. 22, 
1767. [Jennet Hendry and Hosea Dunbar, p.c.r.] 

HENDRY (see Hendrey, Henry), Margret [int. Hendrey] and 
John Montgomery [int. Jr.] of Middleboroug[h], Feb. 28, 

HENRY (see Hendrey, Hendry), Mohitteble, wid., and Alex- 
ander Morrison of Blanford, Dec. 18, 1783, in Blanford.* 
Tho[ma]s [int. of Boston] and Ann Miller, Mar. 21, 1743. 

HERB, Cornelia A. and Christopher W. Spaulding, Nov. 11, 
1838,* C.R.5. 

* Intention not recorded. 


HERINGTON (see Harrington, Hearington), Daniel and 
Mary Leonard, Jan. lo, 1732-3.* [Daniel Herrington of 
Malborough, c.r.i.] 

HERMON (see Harmon), Thomas [int. Harmon, dup. int. 
Harmon of Boston] and Lucy Jess, blacks, Oct. 10, 1804. 

HERRINGTON (see Herington). 

HERSEY (see Hearsay, Hearsey), Jane [int. Hearsey] of Ab- 

ington and Micah White Jr., Dec. 6, 1792, in Abington. 
Olive of Abington and Thomas Gurney, Dec. 26, 1778, in 

Sarah [int. Hearsey] of Abington and Luther Lazell [int. 

Lazel], July i, 1776 [sic, int. June 15, 1777], in Abington. 
William [int. Hearsey Jr.] and Naomy [int. Naomi] Hunt of 

Abington, Feb. 12, 1781, in Abington. 

HERVEY (see Harvey), Galen [int. Harvey] of W. Bridge- 
water and Sally Keith, Dec. 27, 1824. [Harvey of W. 
Bridgewater, C.R.3.] 

HEWENS (see Hewins), Jacob of Stoughton [int. Stough ton- 
ham] and Hannah Alger, Sept. 30, 1776. 

HEWINS (see He wens), Nathan and Anna Alger, Aug. 9, 1818. 

HICKS (see Hiks), Daniel [int. David] G. of Boston and 
Naomi S. Crooker, Dec. 25, 1828. [David G. of Boston 

and Naomi S. Crooker, d. Zenas dec'd, c.r.i. 

Hicks and Naomi Stetson Crooker, d. Zenas and Content 
(Stetson). P.R.I.] 

HICKSON (see Hixon). 

HIDE (see Hyde), Ephraim and Polly Dresser of Pomfret, int. 
Dec. 14, 1793. 

HIKS (see Hicks), Mary of Killingly and Joseph Packard, int. 

Nov. I, 1777. 

HILL, Abijah and Sarah Lawson, May 12, [i7]49.* 

Anna [second dup. Ann] [and] Joseph Vinton [int. Vinten] of 

Braintree, Sept. 30, 1774 [second dup, July 30, 1774, in 

Anna and Ephraim Cary Jr., July 23, 1809. 
Barnum and Mary Ellis of Raynham, int. Feb. 8, 1806. 
Bazar and Hannah G. Orr, Nov. 28, 1816. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Hill, David and Mary Buck, Dec. ii, 1733.* 

Ebenezer and Susanna Lennard, Mar, 22, ijilworn].* [Mar. 

22, 1714, P.R.103.] 
Ebenezer and Abigail Stoder of Abington, Jan. 24, 1748-9, in 

Ebenezer and Bathsheba Roggers of Weymouth, int. Feb. i, 

Eleazer and Anna Field [int. Feild], Jan. 30, 1769. [Hannah 

Field, P.C.R.] 
Eunice and Abraham Joslin [int. Joslen Jr.] of Pembrook, 

May 18, 1769. [Josselyn Jr. of Pembroke, p.c.r.] 
Hager [int. Hagar] and Andrew Pompy, Negrows [int. "Free 

Negros"], Apr. 9, 1780. [Hager, blacks, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Sam[ue]ll Hayward, Dec. 13, 1732.* [Samuel 

Howard, c.r.i.] 
Hannah and William Snow, [Nov.] 7, 1743. 
Horace W. of Swanzey and Mary L. Tillson, int. Mar. 11, 1842. 
Israel and Beriah Latham, June 27, 1748.* 
Jacob and Abigail Bonney [int. Bonne] of Pembroke, Feb. 25, 

1754, in Pembroke. 
Jacob Jr. and Ann Tribou, Sept. 25, 1780. [A. Ann, p.c.r.] 
Jerusha and William Snow, Apr, 18, 1776. 
Joseph and Susan [int. Susanna] Stowel of Hingham, Nov. 26, 

1773, in Hingham. 
Josiah Jr. and Abigail Beal, Sept. 16, 1779. 
Leonard and Polly Willis, Feb. 20, 181 7. 
Leonard of E. Bridgewater and Pamelia Gushing, int. Mar. 27, 

Lois and Pompy [int. Pomp] Freeman [int. "negroman"] of 

Bedford, Jan. 20, 1773. 
Mary and Elnathan Basset, June 19, 1702.* 
Mary and Benaiah Smith of Easton, , 1738.* [Benajah of 

Easton, Nov. 22, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Nathaniel Ames, Nov. 2, 1783. 
Melzer [int. Melzar] and Mary Howland, Dec. 23, 18 13. 
MoUy [int. Molley] and Nehemiah Shaw, Nov. 16, 1775. 
Nancy A. and Roswell Harvey of Taunton, Aug. 5, 1832. 
Nathanael and Hannah Conant, May 30, 1710.* 
Noah and Hannah Beal, Nov. 26, 1780. [Hanna, c.r.i.] 
Phillip E. and Louisa [int. Lousa] Leach, Dec. 10, 1826. 

[Louisa, C.R.3. Philip E. and Louisa P. Leach, p.R.43.] 
Polly [int. Gill] of Stoughton and John Howard, Jan. 29, 1795, 

in Stoughton. 
Prudy and Zebedee Briggs of Dighton, Jan. 19, 1791. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Hill, Ruth and James Hogg, Jan. 23, 1704.* 

Sarah and Samuel Codding [int. Codden] of Taunton, Mar. 27, 

1 781. [Hills and Samuel Codding of Taunton, p.c.r. 

Hill and Samuel Codding of Taunton, c.r.i.] 
Solomon and Rachel Stowel, int. Nov. 21, 1790. [m. Feb. 24, 

1791, P.C.R.] 
Solomon and Sally Hollis, Jan. 26, 1797. 
Susanna and Jo[h]n Smith, June 17, 1777. 

HINDE (see Hinds), Abigail and Stephen Cobb of Wallpool, 

Nov. 13, 1735.* [Hindes, c.r.i.] 

HINDS (see Hinde), Ebenezer and Lydia Bartlett, Dec. 26, 

Susannah and Henry Chamberlain, Dec. 7, 1740.* [Susanna 

and Henery Chamberlain, p.c.r. Susanna and Henry 

Chamberlain, Dec. 9, c.r.i.] 

HIXON, Jeremiah [int. Hickson of Stoughton] and Susanna 

Snow, Nov, 5, 1809 [date in later handwriting]. 
Julia M. of Medway and James E. Leach, int. Aug. 17, 1848. 
[Julia Maria, d. S. Esq. of Medway, and James Edward 
Leach, s. Philo and Lucia (Hooper), m. Sept. 7, p.r.i. 
Julia Maria and James Edward Leach, s. Philo and Lucia 
(Hooper), m. Sept. 7, p.R.54.] 

HOAR, Rob[er]t of Midd[leb]o[rough] and Sarah WiUis, Mar. 8, 

HOBART (see Hobert), Anna of Pembroke and Joseph Gannet 
Jr., Oct. 23, 1783, in Pembroke. 

Benjamin Esq. of Abington and Lucy Lazell, Oct. 3, 181 1. 

Deborah and Dr. Caleb Marsh of Hannover, int. Jan. 17, 1795. 
"S"* Deborah forbid her Said Publishment." 

Elizabeth and Willis Harden, int. Feb. 6, 1802. 

Esther and Micah White Jr. of Abington, int. Jan. 3, 1818. 

Jemima [int. Hobert] and Shubal [int. Shubel] Clark of Ran- 
dolph, Nov. 29, 1818. 

Mary and David Pratt, Nov. 23, 1815. 

Noah of Abington and Deborah Winslow Thomas, Nov. 5, 

Saloma of Abington and Marcus Alden, int. Dec. 26, 1807. 

Sarah (see Sarah Hubbard). 

Seth and Easter Allen, int. May 25, 1782. [Esther, m. Aug. 7, 

* InteDtion not recorded. 


ROBERT (see Hobart), Edward of Hingam and Abigail Whit- 
man, Nov. 12, I'jiworn].* [Nov. 12, 1714, P.R.103.] 
Joseph and Ruth Sherman of Pembroke, int. Mar. 4, 1820. 

HODGEDEN, Olive P. of Livermore, Me., and Harison Dear- 
born, int. Oct. 15, 1841. 

HODGES, Richard M., Rev., and EHzabeth Q. Donnison [of] 
Boston, int. Oct. 5, 1821. [Rev. Richard Manning Hodges 
and Elizabeth Quincy Donnison, d. Hon. W[illia]m of 
Boston, m. Oct. 29, in Boston, c.r.i.] 

HOGG, James and Ruth Hill, Jan. 23, 1704.* 

HOLBROKE (see Holbrook, Hollbrock, Hollbrook), Jerusha 
[int. Holbrook] of Weymouth and John [int. Reuben] 
Packard of W. Bridgewater, Mar. 17, 1796, in Weymouth. 

Mary [int. Holbrook] and James Thomas, Mar. 17, 18 10. 

HOLBROOK (see Holbroke, Hollbrock, Hollbrook), John [int. 
of Stoughton] and Polly Howard, Oct. 11, 1801. 

Levi W. of N. Bridgewater and Esther Curtis of N. Bridge- 
water, Oct. 6, 1832.* 

Mary of Braintree and Abiezer Packard, int. July 28, 1764. 

Melinda [int. of Stoughton] and Francis [int. Frances sic] 
Keith, Jan. 23, 1800. 

Robert [int. Robert Swan Holbrook of Stoughton] and Vesta 
Howard, Apr. 8 [Apr. 8 in later handwriting], 1805. 

Robert Swan [int. of Stoughton] and Silence Howard, May 29, 

Sally and Jeremiah Snell, Dec. 9, 1819. 

Susanna of Braintree and Thomas Leach, int. Jan. 22, 1814. 

HOLLBROCK (see Holbroke, Holbrook, Hollbrook), Experi- 
ence of Scittuate and Robert Gowles, Feb. 24, 1703, in 

HOLLBROOK (see Holbroke, Holbrook, Hollbrock), Easter 
[dup. Easther Holbrook, int. Esther Holbrook] and Isaac 
Richards, Dec. 29, 1816 [dup. Jan. 4, 181 7]. 

HOLLIS, Anna, wid., and Adam Kingman, Nov. 2, 1780.* 
Esther and Calvin Brett, June 29, 1788, 

Lydia and Ebenezer Wilbore of Raynham, int. June 26, 1784. 
Mary and David Stoel [int. Stowel], Sept. 3, 1789. [Stowel, 


Sally and Solomon Hill, Jan. 26, 1797. 

* Intention not recorded. 


HoLLis, Susanna and Samuel Leach, int. Feb. 26, 1781. 
Susanna and Thomas Knowlton, Oct. 2, 1783. [Oct. 6, p.c.r.] 

HOLLOWAY, Jonathan and Elisabeth Brown, Aug. 29, 1746.* 

HOLLOWELL, William and Molley [int. Mary, dup. int. 
MoUy] Trask, June 23, 1772. [Hollowel and Molly Trask, 


HOLMAN, Abigail and Seth Keith, Dec. 27, 1764. 

Ann and Benjamin Byram, Apr. 6, 1757. 

Jane and Ephraim Gary Jr., Dec. 25, 1771. 

John and Ann Harris, June 20, 1734.* 

Mary and Ezra Gary, Feb. 8, 1736-7.* 

Peggie and John Johnson, Oct. 21, 1731.* [Peggy [dup. Pegge], 


Ruth and Benjamin Johnson, Feb. 8, 1731-2.* 
Sarah and James Keith, Oct. 26, 1752.* 

HOLMES (see Homes), Abigail and Samuel [int. adds W.] 

Sturtevant, Feb. 11, 1816. 
Abigail of Plymouth and Dr. Ellis Holmes, int. Dec. 25, 1824. 
Becca and Jacob Eaton of Reading, Middlesex Co., int. June 

25, 1796. 
Benjamin of Norton and Mehitabel Howard, int. July 18, 1783. 
Benjamin and Waitstill Benson, Sept. 3, 1807. [Benjamin, s. 

Gornelius and Elizabeth (Lanman), p.r.i. Wate, p.R.18.] 
Betsey and Alpheus Brett, Apr. 16, 1807. 
Galvin and Julia A. Ryan of Wareham, int. Dec. 15, 1849. 
Charles and Hannah Gonant, Apr. 3, 1828. 
Gornelius and Elizabeth Lanman, Aug. — , 1780,* p.r.i. 
Cornelius [int. Jr.] and Mehitabel Gonant, Aug. 31, 1806. 
Gornelius 3d and Hepzibah [int. Hepsibah] Gonant, Nov. 21, 

1837. [Hepzibah, c.R.3. p.R.46.] 
Elizabeth of Kingston and Charles Washburn, int. Nov. 3, 


Ellis Jr. and Patty Gonant, int. Nov. 26, 1803. 

Ellis [int. of Hailifax] and Lucy Copeland, Nov. 24, 1806. 

Ellis and Content Chipman of Hailifax, int. June 25, 1808. 

Ellis, Dr., and Abigail Holmes of Plymouth, int. Dec. 25, 1824. 

Ellis W. of E. Bridgewater and Susan F. Keith of E. Bridge- 
water, Sept. 10, 1838,* C.R.I. 

Ellis W. and Lydia L. Sherman of Marshfield, int. Mar. 8, 1845. 

Ephraim and Margaret Washburn, Feb. 19, 1740.* [Ephraim 
of Hailifax and Margarett Washburn, p.c.r. Ephraim 
and Margaret Washburn, Feb. 19, 1 740-1, c.r.i.] 

* IntentioB not recorded. 


Holmes, Ephraim of Kingston and Abigail Aldrich, int. Sept. 
9, 1835. 

Eunice and Benjamin Sprauge, Aug. 12, 1762. [Sprague, p.c.r. 
Unice and Benj[amin] Sprague, c.R.i.] 

Experience and Ebenezer Perkins, Feb. 28, 1750-1.* [Ex- 
perience of Middleboro[ugh] , p.c.r. Experience and Eben- 
ezer Perkins, s. Thomas and Mary (Washburn), p.R.64.] 

Gaius and Julia A. Mitchell, int. Nov. 19, 1840. 

George W. and Melinda S. Pratt of Middleboro, Apr. 20, 1836. 

Hannah of Hallifax and Barnebas Snell, int. Mar. 24, 1781. 

Hannah and Peres Robinson [int. of Raynham], Feb. — , 1790. 
[Robison, p.c.r.] 

Hannah O., 21, d. Rowland and Hannah, and Josiah Q. Hart- 
well, 24, shoe maker, of W. Bridgewater, s. James and Sally, 
Jan. 2, 1848. 

Harriet G. and John H. Hathaway of E. Bridgewater, int. 
Aug. 6, 1837. 

Henry and Bethiah Fobes, Dec. 4, 1823. [Henry, s. Dea. C., 
and Bethiah Fobes, d. Caleb, c.r.i.] 

Howland and Huldah Copeland, Nov. 16, 1804. 

Howland and Hannah Oldham of Duxbury, int. Aug. 23, 1823. 

Huldah and Walter Tribou of E. Bridgewater, Dec. 17, 1828. 
[Huldah, d. Howland, Dec. 7, c.r.i.] 

John [int. of Hallifax] and Abigail Theyer [int. Nabby Thayer], 
Dec. I, 1799. 

John and Sarah F. Bird of E. Bridge[wa]t[e]r, int. Mar. 21, 

Lewis and Rebecca L. Conant, int. Nov. i, 1835. 
Lewis and Emily Eaton of Bridgewater, Vt., int. Dec. 30, 1837. 
Lucy and John Harden [int. Jr.], Jan. 29, 1792. [John, p.c.r. 


Martin D. and Philibert K. Perkins, int. Nov. 30, 1848. 

Mary of Kingston and Solomon Leach, int. Sept. 6, 1806. 

Mary and Caleb Bassett [int. Jr.], Nov. 21, 181 1. 

Mary G. [of] Kingston and Jabez N. Peirce, int. Aug. 12, 1821. 

Melvin [int. Holms] of Hallifax and Hannah Wade, May 21, 

Melzar [int. Melser] and Abigail [int. Nabby] Howe, Feb. 22, 

Minerva A., 17, d. Howland and Hannah, and Freedom Keith, 
23, shoemaker, of E. Bridgewater, s. Barzillia and Tem- 
perance, Feb. 13, 1848. 

Molly of Middleborough and Anthony Bessee, int. Mar, 13, 

• Intention not recorded. . 


Holmes, Nabby and Eaton Aldrich, int. Mar. 21, 1807. 

Otis of Taunton and Nabby Fobes, Apr. 3, 1796. 

Patience [int. Pattence] and Joseph Bailey of Freeport, Cum- 
berland Co., Oct. 27, 1796. 

Rebecca and Richard Bartlett, int. Apr. 30, 1763. 

Rebecca (see Becca). 

Rebecca H. and George Andrews of E. Bridgewater, int. Oct. 2, 

Roxana [int. Roxany] and Hosea Packard, Nov. 11, 181 8. 

Samuel and Mary Bryant, Sept. 29, 1791. 

Samuel and Mary Orcutt, Jan. 5, 1794. 

Samuel and Deborah Packard, Dec. 29, 1813. 

Soranus and Betsey Jones, Nov. 19, 1840. 

Susan L. and Anthony S. Pratt, Jan. i, 1840. 

Susanna and Joseph Hall of Hallifax, int. Aug. 28, 1802. 

Susannah and Lyman Copeland of W. Bridgewater, int. Nov. 


Tnomas, 24, shoe maker, s. Benjamin and Waitey, and Jane H. 

Hayward, 25, d. Erastus and Mary, Nov. 23, 1848. 
William and Elisabeth Hamblin, Nov. 5, 1750.* [Elizebeth 

Hamblen, p.c.R.] 

HOLT, Richard and Lidia Wormwood, May lo, 1693,* p.c.r. 

HOMER, Francis D. and Mary E. Haines of Sandwich, int. 
July 4, 1846. 

HOMES (see Holmes), Betty of Midd[leb]o[rough] and Lot 

Conant, Feb. 17, 1743. 
Sarah and Jonathan Carver, Oct. 24, 1746.* [Oct. 13, p.c.r.] 

HONESTMAN, Heber of Easton [and] Susanna Cordner, 
June 26, 1735, in Easton.* 

HOOKER, Alfred B., 25, paper manufacturer, s. George and 
Harriet, and Roxana [int. Roxanna] S. Burt, 22, d. William 
and Margaret, May 14, 1848. [Roxana, c.r.2.] 

George and Mira Leland of Dedham, int. Jan. i, 1834. 

Harriet M. and Frederick A. Curtis of Newton Lower Falls, 
Aug. 17, 1842. [Harriet M., d. George, c.r.2.] 

Hiram and Harriet A. Hyde of Needham, int. July 31, 1831. 

HOOPER, Abigail and Aberdeen Wilbar, Nov. 30, 1809 [? in 

Abihail and Solomon Pratt, June 11, 1767. [Abial, p.c.r. 

Abihail and Solomon Prat, c.R.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Hooper, Anna and Robert Wallis of Pembrook, Jan. 30, 1751.* 
[Jan. 30, 1752, P.C.R.] 

ApoUas and Vodisa Hall of Raynham, int. Aug. 10, 1799. 

Azubah and Zephaniah Caswell [int. Caswill], Mar. 27, 1803. 

Betsey and Asa Washburn, int. Mar. 28, 1789. 

Betsey and Benjamin Fry of Middleborough, Sept. 14, 1790 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Betty [int. Bettie] and Benjamin Conant, Mar. 6, 1783. 
[Betty, p.c.R. C.R.I.] 

Charles Esq. and Patty Learnard of Oxford, int. Oct. 27, 1810. 

Cyrus of New Bedford and Biancy Jane Crocker of N. Bridge- 
water, Oct. 24, 1831.* [Cyrus of New Bedford, s. William 
dec'd, and Biancy Jane Crocker, d. Perez of N. Bridge- 
water, C.R.I. Cyrus, s. William and Mary, and Bianca J. 
Crocker, g.r.i. Biancy Jane, p.R.84.] 

David and Martha Shaw of Middleborough, Mar. 23, 1769 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Deborah, wid., and William Donham [int. Mundunham] of 
Plymouth, Feb. i, 1781. [Donham of Plymouth, p.c.r.] 

Ebenezer and Releif [int. Releaf] Bartlet, Aug. 25, 1761. 
[Relief Bartlett, p.c.r.] 

Elisabeth and Enoch Leonard, Feb. 12, 1706.* 

Hannah S. and Robert C. Clark of Middleborough, int. Aug. 
12, 1843. 

Hezekiah and Elisabeth Leonard, Oct. 11, 1758.* [Elizabeth, 
P.C.R. Elizebeth, c.r.i.] 

Hezekiah and Hannah [int. Hanah] Conant, wid., May 22, 

Isaac and Sarah Wood, Mar. 5, 1799. 

Isaac and Susanna Leach, Mar. 10, 1805 [? in Middleborough]. 

James and Mary Johnson, Feb. 10, 1736-7.* 

James Jr. and Susanna Washburn, Feb. 6, 1772. 

Jane and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] James Tripp of Fair Haven, 
Mar. 28, 1825. [Jane, d. Joseph Sr., and Capt. James 
Tripp of Fairhaven, c.r.i. Jane, d. Joseph and Lucia 
(Mitchell), and James Tripp, Mar. 29, P.R.54.] 

Jerusha and Robert Latham, Nov. 18, 1778. 

John and Elisabeth Packard, Apr. 23, 1722.* 

John and Sarah Carver, Dec. i, 1746.* 

John and Sarah Pool, Sept. 25, 1766. 

John [int. 2d] and Hannah Cowing, June 5, 1777. [John, c.r.i.] 

John [int. 2d] and Betsey Ellis, May 22, 1803. [John, p.r.i.] 

Joseph and Lucia Mitchell, int. Nov. 17, 1792. [m. Dec. 9, 
P.C.R. P.R.I, m. Dec. 7, p.R.54.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Hooper, Joseph Jr. and Betsey Alden, Nov. 23, 1823. [Joseph 
Jr., s. Capt. Joseph, and Betsey Alden, d. Capt. Joseph 
dec'd, C.R.I. Joseph, s. Joseph and Lucia (Mitchell), 
Dec. 7, P.R.54-], 

Joseph C. and Harriet N. Edson of E. Bridgewater, Feb. 13 
[1840]. [Harriet P. of E. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 

Levi and Susannah Leach, June 25, 1767. 

Levi and Fanny Robinson of Taunton, int. Sept. 24, 1837. 

Lois and Jonathan Gary, Mar. 7, 1754. 

Lois and Avery Fobes, Apr. 12, 1801 [? in Middleborough]. 

Lucia and Philo Leach, July 22, 1824. [Lucia, d. Capt. Joseph, 
and Philo Leach, s. ApoUos and Cloe, c.r.i. Lucia, d. 
Joseph and Lucia (Mitchell), p.R.54.] 

Lucy and Oliver Hayward, Mar. 23, 1815 [? in Middleborough]. 

Luther and Phebe Washburn, Nov. 25, 1779 [? in Middle- 

Lyman and Hannah Shaw, May 28, 1820. 

Maria and Edward Snell of N. Bridgewater, int. May 5, 1849. 

Mary and Zephaniah Keith, May 23, 1750.* 

Mary and James Perkins [int. Jr.], Feb. 14, 1771. [James Jr., 
p.c.R. James Perkens Jr., c.r.i.] 

Mary and Paschal Bassett, int. Aug. 24, 1811. 

Millicent [int. Millecent] and Dan[ie]ll Keith [int. Jr.], Oct. 30, 
1766. [Millicent and Daniel Keith, p.c.r.] 

Mitchell and Mrs. Jane Hayward, Nov. 26, 1837. [Miss Jane, 
C.R.I. Mitchell, s. Joseph and Lucia (Mitchell), and Jane 
Hayward, Dec. 6, p.R.54.] 

Nathan[ie]ll Jr. and Elisabeth Bryant of Middleborough, int. 
Nov. 20, 1762. 

Patience and Moses Robbins of Middleboro[ugh], Jan. 19, 1777. 

Peres and Parnel Leach, int. July 19, 1788. 

Rebecca and Joseph Copland, Sept. 17, 1760.* [Copelen, Sept. 

19, C.R.I.] 

Relief and Joseph Hayward of Raynham, int. [Aug.] 16 [1788]. 

Roxania and Bernice Leach, int. Oct. 21, 1797. 

Ruth and John Bolten Jr., Jan. 25, 1709-10.* 

Saba and Edwin Keith, Feb. 10, 1828. [Saba, d. Joseph, and 

Edwin Keith, s. Isaac and Joannah, c.r.i. Saba, d. 

Joseph and Lucia (Mitchell), and Edwin Keith, s. Isaac 

and Joannah (Pratt) (Bessee), p.r.i.] 
Sarah and Francis Wood, Jan. 5, 1709-10.* 
Sarah and Stephen Leach, May 5, 1725.* 
Sarah and Stephen Leach, Feb. 7, 1748-9.* 
Sarah and Nehemiah Liscomb of Stoughton, May 22, 1760.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


Hooper, Sarah and Tho[ma]s Lawrance [int. Lawrence], Oct. 

5, 1769. [Laurance, p.c.r. Lawrence, c.r.i.] 
Sarah, and Lemuel Macomber, int. Dec. 22, 1781. 
Sarah [int. Sally] and Stephen Williams Jr. of Raynham, Nov. 

30, 1809 [? in Middleborough]. 
Sarah A. and Wales S. Andrews, Apr. 24, 1844. 
Sarah C. and Alvin Hay ward, Nov. 29, 1840. 
Susanna and Rufus Wood, int. Mar. i, 1800. 
Susanna and Zepheniah [int. Zephaniah] Keith, Dec. 13, 1807 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Thomas and Sarah Packard, Jan. 18, 17 21-2.* 
Thomas and Abigail White of Middleborough, Mar. 15, 1759 

[? in Middleborough].* 
Thomas Jr. and Deborah Cushman of Halifax, Mar. 4, 1762, 

in Halifax. 
Thomas, Capt., and Jane Ames, wid., int. July 22, 1786. 
Thomas and Susanna Fobes, int. Feb. 19, 1795. 
Thomas and Eloisa R. Washburn, Aug. 15, 1832. [Thomas, s. 

William dec'd, and Eloisa R. Washburn, d. Calvin, c.r.i.] 
Vodica [int. Vodisa] and Josephus Pickens of Middleboro, 

Oct. 20, 1831. 
WiUiam and Susanna Gary, Nov. 28, 1759.* [William, s. Wil- 
liam and Lois, g.r.i.] 
William and Mary [int. Polly] Tilson of Halifax, Mar. 5, 1794, 

in Halifax. [William, s. William and Susanna, and Mary 

Tilson, G.R.I. William and Mary Tilson, p.r.i.] 

William, s. John and Sarah, and Lois Thomas, ,* g.r.i. 

Winslow and Polly Latham, Nov. 13, 1791. 

Zalmuna and Hopestill Pool, int. July 21, 1787. 

Zilpha and Jabez Warren of Middleboro[ugh], Feb. 17, 1767. 

[Jabez Washburne of Middleboro[ugh], p.c.r.] 

HORRISS (see Haris, Harris), Abigail, wid., and Jonathan 
Gannett of Gomington, int. Aug. 27, 1785. 

HORTON, Barnebas of Wenchester, N. H., and Polly Moss, 
int. Aug. 28, 1784. 

Isaac and Betsey Shaw, May 6 [May 6 in later handwriting]j 

Jerusha [int. Jerushia] and Zenus [int. Zenas] Packard Jr., 
Nov. 19, 1820. 

Mary and Galen Packard, Apr. — , 1809 [date in later hand- 

Matilda W. and Elb ridge Gurtis of E. Bridgewater, Dec. 17, 


• Intention not recorded. 


HoRTON, Polly and Uriah A. Waterman, Mar. 13, 1826. 
Sally and Aden Packard [int. Jr.], Apr. 23, 1807 [daie in later 

Sarah V. and William S. Alden, Nov. 8, 1840. 
Sibel [int. Sibbil] and Daniel Thompson [int. Thomson], Sept. 

23, 1813. 

HOUSE, Rachel of Hannover and Seth Latham, int. Apr. 30, 


HOVEY, Chloe of Weymouth and Zacheus Atwood [int. Att- 

wood], Dec. 3, 1772, in Weymouth. 
Hannah of Weymouth and James Snow, Aug. 6, 1741, in 


HOW (see Howe), Ezra and Lydia Pratt, int. Jan. 28, 1787. 

HOWARD (see Ha ward, Hayard, Hay ward), Abiel and Kezia 
Bartlett, int. Feb. 4, 1798. 

Abigail [int. Haward] and Timothy Ames, Nov. 19, 1778. 
[Howard, Nov. 19, 1779, p.c.r.] 

Abigail and Thomas Mitchell [int. of Easton], Oct. 27, 1783. 
[Thomas, p.c.r.] 

Abigail and Jonathan Perkins [int. Jr.], Oct. 18, 1785. [Jona- 
than, P.C.R.] 

Abigail and Ephraim Howard Jr., Nov. 5, 1786. 

Abigail [dup. Hayward, int. Mrs.] of Brai[n]tree and Col. [int. 
omits Col.] Edward Howard [dup. Hayward, int. Esq.], 
Dec. 19, 1786, in Braintree. 

Abigail and Ephraim Sturtevant, Nov. 10, 1791. 

Abigail and Daniel Howard 4th, Mar. 14, 1806 [date in later 

Abigail and Solomon Reed, June 16, 181 1. 

Abraham [int. Abram Hayward] and Hannah Hayward, Sept. 
20, 1787. [Abraham Howard, p.c.r.] 

Adelin [int. Adeline] and Samuel Harris of Abington, Dec. 18, 

Albe and Abigail Alger, Dec. 25, 1814. 

Alfred and Savinea Bissbee of Stoughton, int. Mar. i, 1794. 

Alfred and Hannah Hartwell, int. Jan. 11, 1800. 

Alpheus and Sally Thayer, Feb. 24, 1803. 

Amasa and Molly Howard, Jan. 26, 1784. 

Ammi N. of N. Bridgewater [int. Randolph] and Abigail Pack- 
ard, Jan. 9, 1833. [Ammi N. of Randolph, C.R.3.] 

Amos [int. Hayward] and Mary Ripley, Nov. 6, 1766 [? in 

* Intention not recorded. 


Howard, Ann and Charles Littlefield of Stoughton, Feb. 8, 

Anna and Daniel Crane, Nov. 3, 1801. 
Anne and Jacob Foster, Apr. 30, 1776.* 
Appolas [int. ApoUas] and Olive Cary, Apr. 8, 1802 [date in 

later handwriting]. 
Arebella and Benjamin Eaton [int. of Boston], Feb. 17, 1805. 
Asa R. of Easton and Henrietta Bassett, Jan. i, 1840. 
Asaph and Phebe Perkins, July 19, 1789. 
Asaph [int. Hayward] and Polly Drake of Easton, July 29, 

1792, in Easton. 
Austin and Abigail Crane of Stoughton, Mar. 18, 1819. 
Barnebas 2d and Polly Howard, int. Apr. 11, 1795. 
Bathsheba and Spencer Lothrop, May 19, 181 2. 
Bela and Mehetabel [int. Mehitabel] Cary, Nov. 28, 1782. 

[Mehetabel, p.c.r.] 
Benjamin B. and Olive Howard, Nov. 17, 1810. 
Bernice (see Burnice). 
Betty [int. Bettie Haward] and Abijah Thayer, Mar. 16, 1779. 

[Betty Howard, p.c.r.] 
Burnice and Zopher [int. Zophar] Field, Feb. 6, 181 1. 
Caleb, Col. [int. Esq., omits Col.], and Abigail Snell, May 17, 

Calip [int. Caleb] and Lydia [int. Sylva] Alger of Easton, Dec. 7, 

1780, in Easton. 
Calvin and Chloe Fuller [int. [of] Attleborough], Nov. 28, 1790. 

[Chloe, P.C.R.] 
Charles [int. Hayward] and Eloner [int. Eleanor] Howard of 

Plymouth, Apr. 10, 1797, in Plymouth. 
Charles and Betsey Wade of Hannover, int. Sept. 14, 1816. 
Charles of Easton and Julia Ann Wilbar, Nov. 28, 1839. 
Chloe of W. Bridgewater and Dea. George Chipman, int. Oct. 

16, 1836. 
Cyrus and Sylvia [int. Silva] Howard, Apr. — , 1809 [date in 

later handwriting]. 
Cyrus of Winslow, Me., and Cornelia A. Bassett, Sept. 24, 1839. 
Damaris [int. and dup. int. Haward] and John French [dup. int. 

of Stoughton], Jan. 20, 1779. [Howard and John French, 


Damaris and Jabez Woodman [int. of New Glocester, Cumber- 
land Co.], Jan. 14, 1810. 

Daniel [int. r)an[ie]ll Haward 4th] and Vesta Howard [int. 
Haward], June 29, 1773. 

Daniel 4th and Silence Packard, int. Jan. 15, 1780. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Howard, Daniel 3d and Mrs. Susanna [int. Susan, omits Mrs.] 
Kingman, Nov. 4, 1802. 

Daniel 4th and Abigail Howard, Mar. 14, 1806 [date in later 

Darius and Sophia Howard, June 3 [June 3 in later hand- 
writing], 1804. 

Darius and Huldah Gary, June 5, 1808 [date in later hand- 

David and Rebecca Whitman, Nov. 14, 1791. 

Dean [int. of Easton] and Polly Perkins, Dec. 11, 1800. 

Deborah and Asa Whitman, Mar. 24, 1804. 

Ebenezer [int. Haward Jr.] and Silence Snell, Dec. 23, 1773. 

Edward Jr. and Susanna Howard, Apr. 25, 1745.* [Edward, s. 
Maj. Edward, and Susanna, d. Jonathan, c.r.i.] 

Edward Jr. and Hannah Kinsley "of the east end of the North 
purchase," Sept. 12, 1751, in Norton.* 

Edward [int. Hayward^ of Easton and Susan Howard [int. 
Susanna Hay ward], Nov. 21, 1771, in Easton. 

Edward Jr. and Melby [int. Melley] Howard, Sept. 25, 1780. 
[Melly, P.C.R.] 

Edward [dup. Hayward], Col. [int. Esq., omits Col.], and [int. 
Mrs.] Abigail Howard [dup. Hayward] of Brai[n]tree, 
Dec. 19, 1786, in Braintree. 

Edwin and Sally Cole of Scituate, int. Nov. 26, 1803. 

Edwin Esq. and Mrs. Betsey Spooner of Middleborough, int. 
Aug. 15, 1812. 

Elam of W. Bridgewater and Keziah L. Wilbar, int. Dec. 2, 1837. 

Eleanor (see Eloner). 

Elizaboth [int. Elizabeth] and Dr. Moses Baker [int. of Can- 
ton], Sept. 13, 1803. 

Eloner [int. Eleanor] of Plymouth and Charles Howard [int. 
Hayward], Apr. 10, 1797, in Plymouth. 

Ephraim Jr. and Abigail Howard, Nov. 5, 1786. 

Ephraim and Lydia Cary, int. May 5, 1821. 

Ethan of Easton and Julia Packard, Dec. 5, 1814. 

Experience [dup. Experiance, int. Hayward] and Rufus Cross- 
man of Kingston, June 10, 1818. 

Frances and Ezra Kingman of Livermore, Oxford Co., Dec. 13, 

Galen and Sarah Howard, int. Jan. 25, 1800. 

Gamaliel and Olive Bobbet, int. Sept. 30, 1775. 

George 3d and Sarah Manley, May 29, 1808 [date in later hand- 

Gideon and Molly Willis, May 4, 1788. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Howard, Gideon Jr. and Sibbel Harris of Abington, int. Oct. 

19, 1811. 
Hannah and Joseph Silvester [int. Jr.], Aug. 15, 1786. [Joseph, 


Hannah and Zibeon Crafts, Oct. 29 [9 written in pencil in later 
hand after 8 crossed out in pencil], 1799. 

Hannah and Jesse Reed [int. of Randolph], Oct. 26, 1800. 

Hannah and Ambrose Leach, Oct. 8, 181 5. [Hannah, d. Nehe- 
miah, p.R.43.] 

Hariet [int. Harriot Hayward] and Francis Gary, Sept. 9, 1816. 

Harriet [int. Harriot] and Davis Keith, Feb. 20, 1820. 

Harriet A. of W. Bridgewater and Artemas Hale Jr., int. Oct. 
10, 1847. [m. Oct. 26, C.R.I. Harriet Augusta, d. John 
E. Esq. of W. Bridgewater, and Artemas Hale, s. Artemas 
and Deborah (Lincoln), m. Oct. 26, p.r.i.] 

Henry of Easton and Mary Kingman, Nov. 16, 1757, in Fasten.* 

Hollis E., 27, nailor, of Taunton, and Susan Morse, 31, d. Asa 
and Susanna, Dec. 23, 1849. 

Ichabod and Molly Keith, Feb. 2, 1794. 

Jacob and Abigail Willis, Sept. 16, 1816. 

James Jr. [int. Haward, omits Jr.] and Elizebeth Babb[i]tt [int. 
Mrs. Elisabeth Bobbet] of Easton [int. adds Bristol Co.], 
June 12, 1765, in Norton. 

James of Middleborough and Charity Blossom, int. Jan. 9, 1802. 

Jane and Luther Burr, Apr. 7, 1785. 

Jeptha [int. of Easton] and Betsey Knapp, Dec. i, 1803 [date 
in later handwriting]. 

Jesse [int. Jr.] and Pernel [int. Parnel] Snell, Sept. 4, 1799. 

Job and Hannah Capen of Dorchester, Dec. 13, 1781, in Dor- 

John and Polly Hill [int. Gill] of Stoughton, Jan. 29, 1795, ^^ 

John E. Esq. and Harriot [int. Harriet] M. Pratt, Sept. 18, 
1821. [John E. Esq., s. Daniel Esq. of the West Parish, 
and Harriott M. Pratt, d. Capt. Asa and Lydia, c.R.i.] 

Jonas and Nabby [int. Nabbe] Packard, Feb. 26, 1784. [Nab- 
by, P.C.R.] 

Jonathan 3d and Beulah [int. Bula] Keith, May 8, 1788 [? in 

Jonathan 3d and Abigail Packard, Apr. 10, 1794. 

Jonathan 3d and Molly Howard, wid., int. Mar. 24, 1798. 

Joshua [int. Haward] and Priscilla [int. Priscila] Capen of 
Stoughton [int. Stoughtonham], Dec. 12, 1776, in Stough- 

• Intention not recorded. 


Howard, Joshua and Chloe Edson, int. Mar. i, 1795. 
Joshua [int. of Sidney] and Zilpha Reynolds, Feb. 17, 1805 

[date in later handwriting]. 
Justin of Easton and Harriot [int. Harriet] Fobes, Aug. 25, 

Katey and Mark Lothrop Jr., July 17, 1805. 
Kezia and Joshua Niles [int. of Randolf], July 5, 1795. 
Kezia and Noah Edson, Oct. 29, 1S02. [Keziah, d. Capt. Elia- 

kim, and Noah Edson, s. Samuel 4th, c.r.2.] 
Levina and John Willis 4th, Dec. 16, 1813. 
Lephia [int. Leepha] and Benjamin Capin [int. Capen of 

Stoughton], Jan. 9, 1806 [date in later handwriting]. 
Lloyd and Abigail Snell, Oct. 3, 1796. 
Lois [int. Louis] and Nathan Keith, June 13, 1786. [Lois, 


Lois and Samuel Linfield of Randolph, Nov, i, 1812. 

Louisa D. of W. Bridgewater and Josiah Fobes, int. June 3, 

Lucia and Nathan Jones, Feb. 17, 1820. 

Lucinda and Noah Cushman [sic, int. Cheesman], May 12, 

Lucinda [int. Haward] and John Hartwell, Dec. 6, 1801. 

Lucy and Nathan Church [int. of Boston], Sept. 27, 1810. 

Lucy and Lot Blanchard of Stoughton, Feb. 19, 1818. 

Lucy of W. Bridgewater and Thomas Ames of W. Bridgewater, 
Jan. 5, 1834,* C.R.I. 

Marcus and Jemima Hall of Raynham, int. Jan. 29, 1814. 

Mark and Martha Alger, Apr. 13, 1788. 

Martha [int. Haward] and Zadoc [int. Zadock] Packard, Jan. 
14, 1779. [Howard and Zadok Packard, p.c.r. Howard, 
d. Henry, and Zadock Packard, s. Nathaniel (s. Zach- 
ariah, s. Nathaniel, s. Samuel "from England"), , 

1778, C.R.2.] 

Martha and James Newbury, Sept. 24, 1797. 

Martha (see Martha Marsh). 

Martin and Vashti [int. Vashty] Willis, Oct. 21, 1793. [Vashti, 

P.C.R. ] 

Mary and Jacob Thomson of Halifax, Sept. 4, 1735,* c.r.i. 
Mary of Easton and Thomas Packard, Jan. i, 1757, in Easton.* 
Mehetabel [int. Mehitable] and John Wales [int. of Stougton], 

Jan. 8, 1789. [Mehitabel and John Wales, p.c.r.] 
Mehetabel [int. Mehetable] and Samuel Dike Jr., Jan. 31, 1793. 

[Mehetabel, p.c.r.] 
Mehitabel and Benjamin Holmes of Norton, int. July 18, 1783. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Howard, Mehitabel and Charles Copeland, Dec. 9, 1816. 
Melby [int. Melley] and Edward Howard Jr., Sept. 25, 1780. 

[Melly, P.C.R.] 
Melinda and Ozen Gurney of Paris, Me., Dec. 11, 1820. 
Molly and Amasa Howard, Jan. 26, 1784. 
Molly, wid., and Jonathan Howard 3d, int. Mar. 24, 1798. 
Nancy and Azor Packard, Feb. 14, 1815. 
Nathan [int. Haward] and Susanna Howard [int. Haward] of 

Easton, Sept. 23, 1770, in Easton. 
Nathan [int. 3d] and Lydia Copeland, Jan. 17, 1799. 
Nehemiah and Sally Curtis, int. Sept. 17, 1791. 
Nemiah [int. Nehemiah Haward] and Hannah Dean of Easton, 

Feb. 27, 1770, in Easton. 
Olive and Benjamin B. Howard, Nov. 17, 1810. 
Olive and John Wales Jr., June 13, 1820. 
Oliver [int. Jr.] and Susanna Reynolds, Nov. 2, 1780. [Oliver, 


Oliver and Rebecca Randall [int. Randel] of Easton, Oct. 11, 

1781, in Easton. 
Oliver [int. Jr.] and Lucy Sturtevant, Dec. 4, 1808 [date in 

later handwriting. 
Otis and Reuma Southworth, Aug. 28, 1818. 
Parna and James Ford [int. Foard], Oct. 26, 1800. 
Parnel (see Pernel). 
Pattie [int. Patte] and Azel Kinsley, June 16, 1785. [Patte, 


Pernel and Edward Hayward 3d, July 4, 1805. 

Persia and Asa Copeland, Feb. 12, 1792. [July 12, p.c.r.] 

Peter of New Bedford and Sarah Dunbar, coulered, May 2, 

Phebe and Daniel Manley Jr., Aug. i, 1782. 
Polly and Barnebas Howard 2d, int. Apr. 11, 1795. 
Polly and John Holbrook [int. of Stoughton], Oct. 11, 1801. 
Polly and Amos Whiting, int. May 25, 1810. 
Polly and Benjamin Marshall, Nov. 28, 1820. 
Polly Brett and David Bartlett, int. Nov. 12, 1796. 
Rachel and Israel Alger, Dec. 26, 1785. 
Rebecca [int. Rebeccah] and James Randell [int. Randel] of 

Easton, June 24, 1779, in Easton. 
Relief (seeLephia). 
Rhoda [sic, Rowena, int. Rowena] and Simeon Cary, Oct. 27 

[Oct. 27 in later handwriting], 1806. 
Rhoda and Edward Southworth, Dec. 7, 1815. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Howard, Robert [int. Hayward] and Hannah Keith, Sept. 28, 

1768 [? in Middleborough]. 
Robert Jr. and Susanna Perkins, Sept. 25, 1788. 
Rowena and Charles Lathrop, Apr. 24, 1788. 
Rowena (see Rhoda). 
Ruhamah F. of W. Bridgewater and Rotheus H. Reed of 

Easton, Sept. 18, 1831.* 
Salle and Cyrus Perkins, int. Mar. 29, 1787. [Sally and Cyrus 

Perkins, s. Thomas and Mary (Pratt), m. , 1787, 


Sally and Jones [int. Jonas] Hartwell, Nov. 28, 1820. 

Sally and Thomas Parris of E. Bridgewater, int. Oct. 25, 1845. 

Salmon and Amelia Snell, int. Mar. 29, 1800. 

Samuel Jr. and Abigail Torrey of Scittuate, Jan. 13, 1725, in 

Samuel and Elizebeth Barber of Dorchester, Dec. 27, [17)99, 

in Dorchester.* 
Samuel of W. Bridgewater and Lavina Wilbar, Oct. 15, 1840. 
Sarah [int. Ha ward] and Abiel Kinsley of Easton, Jan. 15, 

1778, in Easton. 

Sarah and Daniel Aulger [int. Alger Jr.] of Easton, Jan. i, 1782, 

in Easton. 
Sarah and Abel Dunbar, Mar. 23, 1784. 
Sarah and Galen Howard, int. Jan. 25, 1800. 
Sarah and Ichabod Macumber of Easton, int. May 31, 1806. 
Seth [int. 2d] and Desire Bailey, Nov. 7, 1782. [Seth, p.c.r.] 
Sibbil and Oliver Dike, int. Sept. 29, 1810. 
Sidney and Sally Alden, May 25, 1815. 

Sidney and Sally Littlefield of Stoughton, int. Sept. 16, 1820. 
Silence [int. Haward] and Eliphalet Leonard Jr. of Easton, 

July 4, 1755, in Easton. 
Silence and Robert Swan Holbrook [int. of Stoughton], May 29, 

Simeon and Hannah Bartlett, Apr. 6, 1794. 
Simeon and Bathsheba Jackson, May 11, 1807. 
Solomon [int. Hayward] of Easton and Martha Burr, June 28, 

1779, in Easton. 

Sophia and Darius Howard, June 3 [June 3 in later handwrit- 
ing], 1804. 

Sophia and Nathaniel Sprague Spooner of Fairhaven, Bristol 
Co., Nov. 8, 1812. 

Susan [int. Susanna Hayward] and Edward Howard [int. Hay- 
ward] of Easton, Nov. 21, 1771, in Easton. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Howard, Susanna and Edward Howard Jr., Apr. 25, 1745.* 
[Susanna, d. Jonathan, and Edward, s. Maj. Edward, 


Susanna [int. Haward] of Easton and Nathan Howard [int. 

Haward], Sept. 23, 1770, in Easton. 
Susanna and Josiah Lathrop [int. Jr.], Dec. 15, 1785. [Josiah, 


Sylva and Ebenezer Bailey, Sept. 6, 1782. [Sept. 26, p.c.r.] 
Sylvia [int. Silva] and Cyrus Howard, Apr. — , 1809 [date in 

later handwriting]. 
Tabitha of Stoughton and Oliver Hay ward, int. Nov. 11, 1786. 
Thaddeus and Kezia Ames, Mar. i, 1786. [Keziah, p.c.r.] 
Thaddeus [int. Jr.] and Sylvia Lothrop, Apr. 7, 1810. 
Thaddeus and Mrs. Seabry [int. Seabury] Keith [int. wid.j, 

Nov. 17, 18 1 3 [? in Middleborough]. 
Thedoray of Braintree and Seth Edson, int. Nov. 6, 1784. 
Theophilus [int. Haward] Jr. and Bathsheba Keith of Easton, 

Oct. 29, 1778. [Howard Jr., p.c.r.] 
Thomas and Hepzibah Carver, Dec. 16, 1810. 
Tisdale and Chloe Alger, Apr. 21, 1791. 
Tirana B. and Marshal [int. Marshall] Thompson, Sept. 18, 

1838. [Marshal, c.r.i.] 
Uriel and Lucy Barns [int. Barnes], Jan. 29, 1816. 
Vesta [int. Haward] and Daniel Howard [int. Da n[ie]ll Haward 

4th], June 29, 1773. 
Vesta and Robert [int. adds Swan] Holbrook [int. of Stough- 
ton], Apr. 8 [Apr. 8 in later handwriting], 1805. 
Vesta and Barzillai Hayward, Nov. 21, 1811. 
William, 26, shoemaker, of W. Bridgewater, s. Charles and 

Betsey, and Susan Richmond, 14, of W. Bridgewater, d. 

Enoch and Susanna, Mar. 19, 1848.* [Susanna of W. 

Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 
Zachariah, Rev. [int. of Stougton], and Patty [int. Patte] 

Crafts, Mar. 6, 1787. [Rev. Zachariah and Polly Crafts, 


Zephaniah and Jennett Latham [int. wid.], Feb. 24, 1800. 
Zepheon [int. Ziphion] and Anna [int. Amy] Reynolds, June 9, 

HOWE (see How), Abigail [int. Nabby] and Melzar [int. Mel- 

ser] Holmes, Feb. 22, 1818. 
Azor [int. How] and Ruth Chesman, Dec. i, 1791. [Howe, 

P.C.R. Howe and Ruth Chessman, Dec. 8, p.r.i.] 
Harriet N. and Alfred Griffin, Oct. 2, 1837. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Howe, Lydia and Absalom Osbourn [int. Osbourne], Mar. 22, 

Marcus of Hallifax and Deborah Hatch Josselin, int. Aug. 7, 

Martin and Lurana Lindsey, July 7, 1820. 
Martin and Mary Lyon, int. Mar. 19, 1842. 
Melinda and Abner Shelly, Sept. 6, 181 2. 
Opher and Mary T. Reed, June 16, 1818.* 
Salome and Libeus Smith of Abington, int. Dec. 3, 1814. 

HOWEL (see Howell), Hannah and Ephraim Marvel, Feb. 11, 

1737-8.* [Ephraim of Easton, Feb. i, c.r.i.] 
Jeremy and Lydia Packard, Apr. 7, 17 18.* 
Susanna and Cornelius White, Oct. 14, 1747.* [Howell, p.c.r.] 

HOWELL (see Howel), Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll Stowell] and 
Deliverance Latham, Jan. 18, 1743. [Daniel Howell, p.c.r.] 

Lydia and Joseph Peterson, Nov. 19, 1742.* [Joseph of Dux- 
borough, P.C.R.] 

Sarah and Seth Hack of Taunton, int. Dec. 22, 1744. 

ROWLAND, Beulah of Pembroke and Charles Bisbe, Sept. 16, 

1756, in Pembroke.* 
Ichabod of Pembrook and Mary Hatch, Feb. 17, 1780. [Feb. 

18, P.C.R.] 

Ichabod and Wealthy Faxon of Hallifax, int. May 24, 1806. 

Lurana and David Gurney, Nov. 23, 181 5. 

Maria J. of Freetown and David H. Wilbar, int. Oct. 3, 1849. 

Mary and Capt. Levi Washbun, int. Jan. 17, 1801. 

Mary and Melzer [int. Melzar] Hill, Dec. 23, 1813. 

Peg and Sippio Scot, Dec. 13, 1752.* 

Polly and Christophur [int. Christopher] Bates [int. Jr.], July 

20 [July 20 in later handwriting], 1806. 
Priscilla and Peter Bennet, Oct. 30, 1700.* [Peter Cornet, 

Robert Jr. and Melinda Briggs of Taunton, int. Aug. 16, 1845. 
Sarah of Pembroke and Samuel Dours, Sept. 28, 1720, in 


HOYT, Betsey M. of Plymouth and Lloyd Keith, int. Aug. 8, 

1846. [m. Sept. 20, P.R.51.] 

HUBBARD, Bathsheba H. [int. Bathsheba Wales Hubbard] 
and David White [int. of Randolph], May 26 [May 26 in 
later handwriting], 1806. 

Jo[h]n of Abington and Mary Allen, Dec. 5, 1765. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Hubbard, Sarah [int. Hobart of Boston] and Solomon Thayer, 

Apr. 20, 1789. [Hobart, p.c.r.] 
Tracy and Charles Beswich, Jan. 6, 1757.* [Besswick, p.c.r. 

Tracey and Charles Beswick, c.r.i.] 

HUDSON (see Hutson), Abigail and John Haward Jr., Dec. 

28, 1752.* 
Asa and Deborah Osburn, int. Oct. 15, 1803. 
Bethiah and Nicolas Wade, June 16, 1822. 
Betsey and Rev. William Briggs of Kittery [int. adds York Co.], 

Nov. 14, 1799. 
Daniel and Patty Snell, Nov. 15, 1806. 
Daniel and Betsey Waterman, wid. [int. omits wid.], Jan. 5, 

Dan[ie]ll, Lt., and Abigail Fobes, May 23, 1739.* [Lt. Daniel 

and Abigail Fobes, wid., p.c.r. c.r.i.] 
Eli and Sarah Perkins, Jan. 7, 1776. [Perkens, Jan. 17, c.r.i. 

Perkins, d. Thomas and Mary (Pratt), C.R.2.] 
Hannah and Cyrus Edson, Mar. 15, 1797. 
Isaac and MoUey [int. Molly] Wade, June 10, 1819. 
John and Bethia Ottis, Oct. 2, 1769. [Bethiah Otis, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Isaac Lassel, Oct. 29, 1719.* 
Mary and Nathan Alden, Jan. 16, 1749-50.* 
Mary and Asa [int. Asaph] Sole [int. of Plimton], May 20, 1767. 

[Asaph, P.C.R. Asa Soul of Plympton, c.r.i.] 
Mary and John Quincy [int. Quinszy] Keith, Nov. 29, 1792. 

[John Quincy Keith, p.c.r.] 
Mehetabel and Jonathan Kingman Jr., Feb. 19, 1793. [Me- 

hitable, p.c.r.] 
Melzar and Lucinda Phillips, Nov. 11, 1818. 
Nabby and Jonathan Snell, June 17, 1809. 
Nathan and Betty [int. Bettie] Gannet, Nov. 26, 1767. [Betty 

Gannett, p.c.r.] 
Nathan and Anne Gibbs, Dec. 4, 1777. [Gibs, c.r.i.] 
Reliance and Sam[ue]ll Billing of Stoughton, Nov. 23, 1756.* 
Sarah [int. Mrs.] and John Ward of Middleton [int. adds Conn.], 

Oct. 27, 1768. [Sarah, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 
Silence and Ebenezer Sole of Plimton, Apr. 3, 1764. [Soul, 

P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

Susanna and Martin Whitman, Feb. 16, 1815. 
William and Sarah Fobes, Nov. 15, 1737.* 
William Jr. and Lucy Kingman, Nov. 5, 1767. 

HUMPHREY, Henry W. and Maria S. Alden, Apr. 15, 1840. 
[Maria S., d. Eleazer and Abagail (Pierce), p.r.68.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Humphrey, Lydia and Asa Pratt [int. 2d], Feb. 26, 181 5. 

Sally and William Carter, Oct. 9, 1820. 

Sidney and Betsey Samson of Duxbury, int. Dec. 4, 1838. 

Hunt, Charles [int. of Dorchester] and Ama [int. Anna] Snell, 

Dec. 24, 1807 [date in later handwriting]. 
Gorge [dup. and int. George] of Braintree and Sarah Bowen, 

Oct. 19 [dup. Sept. 30 sic, int. Oct. i], 1774 [dup. in Brain- 
John of Abington and Eunice Packard, int. Apr. 6, 1773. 
Martha and Benjamin Fobes, May 3, i'j2[worn, ? 1721].* [May 

3, 1721, P.R.103.] 
Mary [int. Mrs., of Boston] and Richard Perkins Esq., June 18, 

1781, in Boston. 
Naomy [int. Naomi] of Abington and William Hersey [int. 

Hearsey Jr.], Feb. 12, 1781, in Abington. 
Phebe P., 24, of N. Bridgewater, d. Martin B. and Susan, and 

Daniel Hayward, widr., 29, merchant, of N. Bridgewater, 

s. Nathan and Rhoda, Nov. 29, 1849.* 
Sarah of Abington and Lemuel Packard, Aug. 20, 1775, in 

Sarah [int. wid.] and Adam Porter [int. of Cumington], Sept. 9, 

1807 [date in later handwriting]. 
Warren and Ruth Dickerman, July 14, 183 1,* p.R.96. 
Warren of Canton and Eunice Washburn, Oct. 28, 1835. 

[Washburne, C.R.3.] 
William and Fidelia [int. Filena] Churchell, Aug. 20, 1798. 
William and Fanny Willis, wid., int. Oct. 18, 1817. 

HUTCfflNS, Susanna of Middleborough and Henry Wash- 
burn [int. Jr.], Aug. 11, 1768 [? in Middleborough]. 

HUTCHINSON, John and Hephzibah Washburn, Oct. 29, 

Mary and Alexander Munro, June 25, 1776. 

HUTSON (see Hudson), Daniell and Mary Orcut, May 19, 

1697.* [Hudson, P.R.103.] 
Dani[e]ll and Peirce of Obron, May 19, 17 19, in Med- 


HUXFORD, Sary S. [int. Sarah Swift Huxford] of Chelsea and 
Joseph Copeland Jr., Sept. 19, 1808. 

HYDE (see Hide), Ephraim [int. Rev.] of Rehoboth and Mrs. 
Mary Angler, Oct. 15, 1767. [Ephraim, Oct. i6, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Hyde, Ezra [int. Hide of Boston] and Patty [int. Martha] 
Ames, Feb. 20, 1805. [Hyde and Martha Ames, p.r.i.] 

Harriet A. of Needham and Hiram Hooker, int. July 31, 1831. 

Jos[eph] A., s. Ezra and Martha (Ames), and Harriet [dup. 
Harriot] Keith, d. Isaac and Joannah (Pratt) (Bessee), 

Aug. 17, 184I,* P.R.I. 

Mary Angier [int. Anger] and Dr. Samuel Alden, Jan. 29, 1829. 
[Mary Angier Hyde, d. Ezra Esq. dec'd of Boston, c.R.i. 
Mary A., d. Ezra and Martha (Ames), p.r.i.] 

INGELL (see Ingels), Joanna of Middleborough and Isaac Tis- 
dale, int. Dec. 15, 1798. 

INGELS (see Ingell), Clarissa [int. Clarissa Richards Ingell] 
and Luther Hayward Jr., June 27, 181 2. 

INGLEE (see Engley, Ingley), Paulina [int. Pauline], 25 [int. 
of Halifax], d. Robert and Lucy of Halifax, and W[illia]m 
Mitchell, 26, shoemaker, s. Caleb and Jane, Oct. 24, 1847. 
[Paulina of Halifax and William Mitchell 2d, in W. Bridge- 
water, C.R.I.] 

Solomon of Hallafax and Bathsheba Orr, Apr. 15, 1783. 

INGLEY (see Engley, Inglee), James [int. Inglee of Middle- 
borough] and Kezia Richards, Nov. 25, 1787. [Ingley and 
Keziah Richards, p.c.r.] 

JACKSON, Barnard and Bathsheba Keith, July 15, 1808 [date 
in later handwriting]. 

Bathsheba and Simeon Howard, May 11, 1807. 

Caleb and Zeruiah Keith, Aug. 20, 1801. 

Calvin and Sally Godfery, int. June 2, 1810. 

Claricy and Mahew Packard, Nov. 29, 1801. 

E. Jane and Jesse Rice of Lynn, int. Sept. 17, 1848. 

Ephraim and Lydia Leach, Apr. 29, 1736.* 

Ephraim and Bathsheba Trask, Sept. 26, 1765. 

Ephraim and Hannah Delino [int. Dillino], Feb. 5, 1784. [De- 
lino, P.C.R.] 

George Washington and Molly Briggs of Hallifax, int. Aug. 4, 

Hannah and Barnabas Keith, Aug. i, 1771. 

Hannah and Asa Copeland, ,* p.r.i. 

Henry and Mehetabel Alden, Aug. 24, 1786. [Mehitabel, 


Hopestil [int. Hopestill of Hallifax] and Micah Gurney, Apr. 
25, 1765. [Hopestill, P.C.R.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Jackson, Joanna and David Packard Jr., Dec. 27, 1764. 

John Atwood and Kezia Benson, Nov. 30, 181 5. 

Joshua and Rhobe S. Washburn, int. Feb. 12, 1837. 

Lucy and Sulivan Packard, Aug. 23 [Aug. 23 in later hand- 
writing], 1805. 

Lydia and James Keith, int. July 30, 1743- 

Lydia and Nathan Packard, Oct. 10, 1758.* [Lidia, p.c.r.] 

Mary and Ebenezer Willis, Aug. 28, 1753. 

Oliver [int. Capt.] and Olive Gurney, May 6, 1807 [date in later 

Priscila [int. Priscilla] and Isaac Brett, Jan. 7, 1765. [Pris- 
cilla, P.C.R.] 

Samuel of Abington and Jerusha Packard, int. Oct. 31, 1766. 

Sarah and James Willis, Sept. 26, 1786. 

Sylvia [int. Sylva] and Asa Wilbore [int. Willbore], Mar. 27, 
1783. [Sylvia and Asa Wilbore, p.c.r.] 

Tabitha F. of N. Bridgewater and Stephen D. Soule of N. 
Bridgewater, Oct. 27, 1838.* [Tabitha T., Oct. 27, 1839, 

Thankfull and Seth Keith, Mar. 7, 1775. 

JACOBS, James, widr. [int. omits widr.], 28, forgeman, s. Seth 
and Susan, and Matilda Jane Smith, 22, of W. Bridge- 
water, d. Nathan and Sally, Dec. 30, 1849. [James, c.r.i.] 

JAMES, Alice and Robert Pegin [int. "Indian man"] of Midle- 
borough, Jan. 6, 1771. [both of Bridgewater, p.c.r. Robert 
of Midleboro, c.r.i.] 

Dammaris and Caleb Brand, Nov. 13, 1729.* [Damaras [dup. 
Damaris], p.c.r.] 

Hannah and Samuel Dunbar, "a Transient Mulatto," Mar. 10, 

Josiah and Jenny Pegin [int. Peegin], Indians [int. blacks], 

Apr. 4, 1797. 
Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel], ''Indian man," and Deborah Simon, 

"Indian woman," Nov. 29, 1764. 

JAMESON, William and Eunice Packard, Sept. 11, 1780. 
JANISON (see Jenison). 

JEFFERY (see Jeff re, Jeffry), John of Pembrook, Indian, and 

Hannah Jones, int. Mar. 13, 1773. 
John [int. of Pembrook] and Abigail Ahorten [int. Mahauton], 

Indians, Oct. 28, 1773. 

• Intention not recorded. 


JEFFRE (see Jeffery, Jeffry), Abigail and Caesar Quoker, 
blacks, int. Dec. 15, 1792. 

JEFFRY (see Jeffery, Jeff re), Pero [int. Jeffery], "Negro man 
of Dr [int. Isaac] Otis," and Crely Williams [int. "Free 
negro Woman"], "Living with Seth Mitchel," May 28, 
1778. [Jeffry and Creely Williams, p.c.r.] 

JENISON, Luther [int. Janison of Union, Conn.] and Experi- 
ence [int. Eperience] Shaw, Dec. 10, 1801. 

JENKE^S, Almira and Lot Whitmarsh Jr., int. June 23, 1818. 

"Merrit Jenkins father of the Said Almira forbade her 

being Published." 
Almira and Zina Hayward [int. [of] N. Bridgewater], Dec. 5, 

Betty of Abington and John Brown Jr., int. Nov. 29, 1800. 
Charles and Jane Colyer of Scituate, int. May 21, 1785. 
Else and John Kent of Cohasset, int. June 15, 1793. 
George Richmond and Phebe Harding of E. Bridgewater, int. 

June 28, 1829. 
Kezia, wid., and Levi French, int. June 6, 1805. 
Lucy and Samuel Bartlett [int. Jr.], Jan. 22, 1786. [Samuel, 


Martha and Seth Harden, Mar. 30, 1823. 
Merret of Abington and Lydia Brown, int. Nov. 4, 1797. 
Robert O. of Fairhaven and Mary A. Tirrill, int. Apr. 28, 1842. 
[Mary Ann Tirrell, d. Jacob (Terrell), m. , 1842, C.R.2.] 

JENNETT (see Gannet). 

JENNmOS, Anne and John Cavener, July 7, 1718.* 
Elisabeth and William Ames, June 29, 1721.* 
Ephraim and Deliverance Washburn, Feb. 18, 1718-19.* 
Hannah and Joseph Lennard, Nov. 19, 1712.* 
Mary and John Tobey, Aug. 30, 17 10.* 

JENNISON (see Jenison). 

JESS, John and Hannah Ferro [int. negroes]. May 29, 1777. 

[Pharaoh, May 27, c.r.i.] 
Lucy and Thomas Hermon [int. Harmon, dup. int. Harmon of 

Boston], blacks, Oct. 10, 1804. 

JEWZEE (see Jusee). 

JOHNSON, Abigail and Sylvanus [int. Silvanus] Ames, Sept. 
7, 1795- 

• Inteatioa not recorded. 


Johnson, Abihail [dup. Abihal] and John Alger, Mar. 21 [dup. 

Mar. 4], 1754. [Abihail, Mar. 4, p.c.r.] 
Alfred and Naomi Perkins, Sept. 6, 1801. 
Azubah and Chester Cooly [int. Cooley], Oct. 7, 1813. 
Benjamin and Ruth Holman, Feb. 8, 1731-2.* 
Benj[amin] H. and Mary Jane Quackow, int. Oct. i, 1849. 
Bethia and Samuel Lathrop, Sept. 10 [int. Oct. 26 sic], 1799. 
Bettie and Elijah Ames, May 30, 1769. [Betty, p.c.r.] 
Cyrus, Dr., of Newport, R. I., and Henrietta B. Lazell, Sept. 6, 

1832. [Henrietta B., d. Dea. Isaac dec'd, c.r.i.] 
Daniel and Bettie Latham, Jan. 5, i [torn,rec. after May 10, 17 25].* 
David and Rebecca Washburn, Jan. 7, 17 19.* 
David and Susannah [int. Susanna] Willis, [May] 26, 1743. 

[Susannah, p.c.r.] 
David Jr. and Parnel Packard, Oct. 2, 1751.* 
Deborah and Benjamin Perry of Sandwich, May 27, 1723.* 
Edward [int. of Taunton] and Abigail Bennett [int. Bennet], 

blacks, Mar. 15,1781. [Edward and AbigailBennett, p.c.r.] 
Edward of Easton and Desire Cordner, blacks, int. May 24, 

Elizabeth and Thomas Tolman, Nov. 4, 1654 [in Lynn].* 

[This entry typewritten on paper pasted in book.] 
Emery A. and Susan R. [int. K.] Richmond, Aug. 10, 1841. 
Huldah [int. Mrs.] and Silvanus Ames, Sept. 20, 1768. [Hul- 

dah and Silvenus Ames, p.c.r.] 
Huldah and Ansell Hay ward, June 3, 1807. 
Isaac and Mary Willis, int. June 21, 1744- 
Isaac Jr. and Polly Wright of Marshfield, int. July 15, 1786. 
Isaiah and Ruth Lennard, Jan. 23, 1757.* [Leonard, p.c.r.] 
Jacob of Stoughton and Mercy Snow, Feb. 28, 1760.* 
James Jr. [int. 2d] and Sally Washburn, Nov. 22, 1798. 
Job H. of Taunton and Betsey Leach, int. Feb. 25, 1838. [m. 

Apr. 12, p.R.ic] 
John and Peggie Holman, Oct. 21,1731.* [Peggy [dup. Pegge], 


Joseph and Bethia [int. Bithia] Alger, Aug. 15, 1771. 

Josiah and Azubah Cary, int. Feb. 6, 1762. 

Josiah Jr. and Eunice Allen, Nov. 23, 1784. 

Josiah Jr. and Olive Orcutt, Jan. 21, 1793. 

Lewis [int. of Stoughton] and Betsey Sturtevant, Oct. [Nov. 

written in pencil in later hand] 28, 1799. 
Mary and James Hooper, Feb. 10, 1736-7.* 
Mary and Robert Latham, June 12, 175 1.* 
Mary of Stoughton and James Lovell, int. Aug. 29, 1761. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Johnson, Mary and Jonathan Hayward, Mar, 7, 1769. 
Mary (see Polly). 

Mary of Kingston and Capt. Abisha Stetson, int. Sept. i, 1821. 
Mary F. of New Glocester, Me., and Zephaniah Andrews, int. 

June 4, 1848. 
Mason and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] Fuller, Jan. 3, 1790. 

[Elizabeth, p.c.r.] 
Nahum and Eliza Ellis Savoury [int. Savory], Oct. 17, 1842. 

[Savoury, c.r.2.] 
Nathan and Polly Johnson, Jan. 11, 1789. 
Polly and Nathan Johnson, Jan. 11, 1789. 
Polly and Galen Hearsey of Abington, Apr. 23, 1813. 
Polly and Silvanus Walker, int. July 3, 1819. [Mary and 

Sylvanus Walker, m. Aug. 8, p.r.i.] 
Polly L. [int. Lothrop] and Eliphalet Edson, Jan. 27, 1810. 
Rebeca and Ezra Edson, Nov. 18, 1756.* [Rebecca, p.c.r. 

Rebecca, d. David, and Ezra Edson, s. Samuel 3d, C.R.2.] 
Rebecca of Hingham and Jonathan Washburn, Dec. 17, 1719, 

in Boston.* 
Rebecca and David Ames [int. 2d], Nov. 15, 1781. [David, 


Rebekah [int. Rebecca] and Rufus Perkins, July 20, 1797. 
Rhoda [int. Ruth] and Winslow Richardson, Mar. 24, 1763. 

[Rhoda, P.C.R.] 
Rhoda and John Atwood [int. Attwood], Oct. 27, 1797. 
Rhoda and Cotton Bates [int. of Weymouth], Dec. 31, 1817. 
Ruth (see Rhoda). 
Sally and Nathanael Ramsdell [int. Nathaniel Ramsdel], Apr. 

3, 1812. 
Sarah and Solomon Pratt, Jan. 27, 1719.* 
Sarah and Joseph Packard Jr., Dec. 27, 1748.* 
Solomon and Susanna Edson, Apr. 2, 1723.* 
Solomon and Sally Robinson [int. Robbinson], Oct. 22, 1788. 

[Robinson, p.c.r.] 
Susanna and Jonathan Lathrop, Apr. 13, 1747.* 
Susanna and Sam[ue]ll Coney Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Easton, 

Oct. 15, 1770. [Jonson and Sam[ue]l Coney of Easton, 


Susanna and Isaac Alger, Aug. 11, 1788. 

Thomas and Molley Lathrop, June 20, 1771. [Molly Lothrop, 

June 26, P.C.R.] 
Thomas [int. Jr.] and Hannah Hayward, July 24, 1809. 
Triphena and Sam[ue]l Cordiner Jr., blacks, int. May 19, 1810. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Johnson, William and Jane Robinson [int. Robbison], Nov. 

8, 1779. [Robinson, p.c.r.] 
William [int. of Taunton] and Mary Owen [int. Owens, wid.], 

May 29, 1782. [William and Mary Owen, P.C.R. William 

of Taunton and Mary Owens, c.r.i.] 

JONAH, Thomas and Priscilla Fuller, blacks, int. Sept. 2, 1797. 

JONES, Abijah of Stoughton and Hannah Nash, May 2, 1766, 
in Stoughton. 

Abraham of Raynham and Waitstill Lee, int. Apr. 26, 1777. 

Asa and Rachel Beal, Dec. 4, 1792. 

Asa and Charity Perkins, Nov. 27 [Nov. 27 in later handwrit- 
ing], 1806. 

Bathshelja of Raynham and Josiah Alden, int. Sept. 2, 1761. 

Betsey and Soranus Holmes, Nov. 19, 1840. 

Caroline and Thomas M. Keith, June 5, 1837. 

Christophur Paul and Mercy Briggs of Dighton, int. Mar. 23, 


Dudley W. and Lydia L. Lull of Kingston, July 5, 1835. 

Franklin and Eunice Soul Hay ward, Oct. 28, 1849, in Provi- 
dence,* P.R.19. 

Freeman, 22, shoemaker, s. Sam[ue]l and Abagail, and Laura 
L. B. Hayward, 18, d. Erastus and Mary, Nov. 21, 1849. 

Freman and Nabby [int. Nabbe] Leach, Sept. 22, 1793. 

Hannah and John Jeffery of Pembrook, Indian, int. Mar. 13, 

Jo[h]n of Middleborough and Olive Leach, Apr. 3, 1770. 
Joseph and Elisabeth Ames [int. Betty Eames], Dec. i, 1787. 

[Elizabeth Eames, p.c.r.] 
Lurana [int. Lurany] of Pembroke and Joel Edson, Jan. 18, 

Nancey and Eleazer Carver 2d, Sept. 26, 1787. [Nancy, p.c.r, 

Nancy, Sept. 27, p.R.105.] 
Nathan and Lucia Howard, Feb. 17, 1820. 
Nathaniel [int. Nathan] of Pembroke and Lusuina [int. Lu- 

raney] Hatch, Mar. 3, 1796, in Pembroke. 
Polly and Isaac Whitting [int. Whitten], Dec. 25, 1803 [date in 

later handwriting], 
Sally and John Thomson [int. Thompson], Nov. 18, 1819. 
Samuel and Nabby Benson, Nov. 21, 1811. 
Simeon of Pembroke and Susanna Washburn, Mar. 7, 1803.* 

JORDAN, Charles P. of E. Bridgewater and Pamelia Gardner, 
int. Sept. 26, 1830. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Jordan, Elizabeth T. and Ephraim Larkin, Oct. 14, 1838. 
Jedidiah [int. of Easton] and Sarah French, June [June written 

below March crossed out] 4, 1744. 
Sarah [int. Jurden of Stoughton] and Nathan Bryant, Mar. 18, 

1790. [Jordan, p.c.r.] 
Sarah F. of Marshfield and Ephraim Larkin, int. Jan. 10, 1844. 
Simeon Jr. and Louisa A. Pratt, Aug. 30, 1841. 

JOSLIN (see Joslyne, Josselin, Josselyn, Josselyne), Abraham 
[int. Joslen Jr.] of Pembrook and Eunice Hill, May 18, 
1769. [Josselyn Jr. of Pembroke, p.c.r.] 

Joseph and Sarah Ford, Mar. 5, 1701-2.* 

JOSLYNE (see Joslin, Josselin, Josselyn, Josselyne), William 
E. of E. Bridgewater and Tirzah B. Shaw of E. Bridge- 
water, Jan. 14, 1843,* C.R.I. 

JOSSELIN (see Joslin, Joslyne, Josselyn, Josselyne), Deborah 
Hatch and Marcus Howe of Hallifax, int. Aug. 7, 1813. 

JOSSELYN (see Joslin, Joslyne, Josselin, Josselyne), Earl and 
Anne Brewster of Pembroke, int. July 23, 1814. 

Elizabeth H. and Orrin Ramsdil of Boston, int. Feb. 27, 1823. 

Joseph [int. Joslin Jr.] of Pembroke and Deborah Hatch, Aug. 
23, 1785, in Pembroke. 

Margaret and Thomas Ellis, Mar. — , 1813,* p.R.62. 

Rebecca [int. Joslyn] of Pembroke and Beza [int. Bezar] Ames, 
Apr. 25, 1791, in Pembroke. 

Sarah P. and George Smith, Jan. 14, 1841. 

JOSSELYNE (see Joslin, Joslyne, Josselin, Josselyn), Eunace 
[int. Eunice Joslyn] of Pembroke and Joseph Kingman, 
Dec. 16, 1 791, in Pembroke. 

JOTHAM, Luther, "Negro man," and Elisabeth Cordner, 

"Negro woman," int. Sept. 24, 1774. 
Luther and Mary Mitchel [int. of Stoughton], blacks, Apr. 8, 

1778. [Mitchell, P.C.R.] 
Polly and Frank Sutten, blacks, int. Apr. 11, 1795. 

JOY, Bathsheba and John Smith, Mar. 2, 1803 [date in later 

Nehemiah of Weymouth and Susanna Joy, int. May 2, 1801. 
Susanna [of] Hing[ha]m and Paul Packard, Oct. 23, 1744, in 

Susanna and Ames Packard, Jan. 30, 1797. 
Susanna and Nehemiah Joy of Weymouth, int. May 2, 1801. 

* Intention not recorded. 


JOYCE, Hannah and Isaac Thayer of Braintree, int. May 9, 

JUDSON, W. P. B., Dr., and Hannah Thompson of Wilming- 
ton, int. Jan. 13, 1824. [Dr. Walter Price Bartlett Judson, 
s. Rev. Samuel of Uxbridge, and Hannah Thompson, d. 
Benjamin Esq. of Wilmington, m. Apr. 13, in Wilmington, 


JUSEE, Rhoda [int. Jewzee] and Sam[ue]ll Briggs Jr. [int. Brigs 
Jr. of Stoughton], Sept. i, 1763. [Jusee and Samuel Briggs, 


KARKINS, Margret [int. Carking] and Prince Cowing, Mar. 
30, 1762. [Margaret Karkings, p.c.r.] 

KEEN, Calvin Whitman and Jane Orr, Nov. 25, 181 3. 
Charles and Celia Mitchell, Aug. 11, 1802. 
Hannah of Pembroke and David Sherwin, int. Aug. 14, 1802. 
Hannah and Constant Hayward, Apr. 19, 1808. 
Jane and Mathew Allen 2d, Dec. 21, 1786. [Matthew 2d, p.c.r.] 
Joanna and Libeus Edson, Oct. 14, 1793. [Libeus, s. Ezra,c.R.2.] 
Joseph and Rhoda French, Feb. 30 [sic], 1815. 
Josiah and Hannah Whitman, July 4, 1792. 
Meribah and Bradford Mitchell, Nov. 9, 1801. 
Samuel and Margerat [int. Margaret] Orr Cleft, Nov. 18, 1804. 
Tabitha and John Edson 2d, int. Oct. 23, 1784. [John, s. John 
and Hannah (Allen), m. , 1784, c.r.2.] 

KEITH (see Kieth), Aberdeen and Susanna Murdock of Mid- 

dleborough, Feb. 20, 1806 [? in Middleborough]. 
Abiah and Mary Snell, Aug. 22, 1737.* 
Abigail and Robert Haward, Apr. 28, 1725.* 
Abigail and Dr. Nathaniel White of Weymouth, July 1,1755, 

in Weymouth.* 
Abigail and Zachariah Wattkins, Sept. i, 1761. [Zechariah 

Watkins, p.c.r.] 
Abigail and Nathan Snell Jr., Jan. i, 1800. 
Abigail and Hiram Washburn, May 7, 1806. 
Abigail and Adna Clark of Middleboro, int. July i, 1838. 
Abner and Eunice Benson, Dec. i, 1803. 
Agnes and Noah Bonney Jr. of Pembroke, June 15, 1819. 
Alexander and Abagail [int. Abigail] Dean of Easton, Dec. 14, 

1788, in Easton. 
Alice and Libeus Washburn of Plimpton, Mar. 16, 1792. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Keith, Ambrose [int. of N. Bridge[ water]] and Katharine [int. 

Catharine] Southworth, Oct. 20, 1796. 
Ambrose and Almira Barrows, Oct. 27, 1839. [Oct. 29, p.R.51.] 
Amos Jr. and Nanny Sturtevant, June 6, 1774. 
Amos Jr. and Sally Reed of Middleborough, Dec. 20, 1801 [? in 

Ann Maria of E. Bridgewater and Charles Robinson, Nov. 24, 

Anna and Ebenezer Alden, Apr. 16, 17 17.* 
Anna and Ephraim Snell, Mar. 23, 1780. 
Anna and Lemuel Keith of Easton, int. Sept. 8, 1810. 
Anna, Mrs., of Providence, R. I,, and Samuel Keith, int. Nov. 

9, 1840. 
Arza of Norton and Marcia Kingman, May 29, 1814. 
Asa and Susanna Cary, June 21, 1774. 
Asa [int. 2d] and Susanna Hartwell, Oct. 17, 1780. [Asa, p.c.r. 

Asa and Susannah Hartwell, c.r.i.] 
Asa P. and Bethiah W. Bates, Sept. 19, 1839. [Bethia, c.R.5. 

Bethiah, d. Joshua and Bethia (Ames), p.r.i. Asa Pratt 

Keith and Bethiah W. Bates, Sept. 20, p.R.24.] 
Asenath S. and Philo Mitchell, Nov. 15, 1835. 
Austen [int. Austin] and Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] Cope- 
land, Aug. 3, 1813. 
Azael [int. Azel] and01iveEdson,Feb.i2,l767. [AzaelEdson^^V, 

P.C.R. Azael Keith, c.r.i.] 
Barnabas and Hannah Jackson, Aug. i, 1771. 
Barzillia and Tempa Copeland, Jan. 3 [dup. Jan. 2], 18 19. 
Bathsheba and Edward Bass of Braintree, Feb. 27, 1772 [dup. 

Nov. 9, 1779, in Braintree]. 
Bathsheba of Easton and Theophilus Howard [int. Haward] 

Jr., Oct. 29, 1778. [Howard Jr., p.c.r.] 
Bathsheba and Barnard Jackson, July 15, 1808 [date in later 

Bela and Mary Kingman, Jan. i, 182 1. 
Benjamin and Abigail Leach, Nov. 9, 1749.* 
Benjamin [int. 2d] and Patty [int. Patte] Cary, Dec. 18, 1788. 

[Benjamin and Patty Cary, p.c.r.] 
Benj[amin] Jr. and Abagail [int. Olive] Eaton of Easton, Aug. 

23, 1789, in Easton. 
Benjamin 3d and Sally Edson, int. July 13, 181 1. 
Benjamin Jr. and Lucy Fobes, Feb, 27, 1825. [Benjamin Jr., 

s. Benjamin, and Lucy Fobes, d. Alpheus, c.r.i. Lucy, 

d. Alpheus and Lucy (Backus), p.r.i.] 
Benjamin and Keziah P. Deane of Taunton, int. Oct. 17, 1846. 

* Intention not lecoided. 


Keith, Benjamin H, [int. Howard] and Lucia Harden, June 3, 

Bethia and Dan[ie]ll Leach, Jan. 31, 1760.* [Bethiah and 
Daniel Leach, c.r.i.] 

Bethia and Nathan[ie]ll Reynolds Jr., Apr. 20, 1777. 

Bethia and Josiah Pratt, Nov. 17, 1791 [? in Middleborough]. 

Bethiah and John Washburn, Jan. 12, 1737-8.* 

Bethiah and Caleb Bassett [int. of Glocester, Cumberland Co.], 
Apr. 18, 1782. [Caleb, p.c.r. Basset of Glocester, c.r.i.] 

Bethiah and George Mitchell, Nov. 29, 1820. 

Betsey and Benjamin Tucker, Nov. 20, 1800 [? in Middle- 

Betsey and Cyrus Snell, int. Aug. 15, 1801. 

Bettie, wid., and Joseph Harvey 3d, Mar. 16, 1748.* [Betty 
and Joseph Hervey 3d, p.c.r.] 

Betty [int. Bettie] and Thomas Sherman of Brookfield, Aug. 27, 
1 78 1 [? in Middleborough]. 

Betty [int. Betsey] and Isaac Keith, May 25, 1784. [Betty, 


Betty, wid. [int. Betsey, omits wid.], and Timothy Allen, Nov. 

14, 1791. [Betty, wid., p.c.r.] 
Beulah [int. Bula] and Jonathan Howard 3d, May 8, 1788 [? in 

Caleb and Susanna Mitchel, Dec. 26, 1777. 
Caleb and Hasadiah Hayward, Mar. 24, 181 2. [Hezadiah, 


Calvin and Martha Alger, Nov. 11, 1779. 

Calvin and Bethiah Stetson, int. June 7, 1794. 

Caroline and Elbridge Keith, int. Apr. 11, 1841. 

Caroline E. of Charleston, S. C, and George W. Coy of Provi- 
dence, R. I., Nov. 9, 1828. 

Carrie, d. Quincy A. and Priscilla D. of E. Bridgewater, and 
Rev. D. H. Greer, .* 

Casandana [int. Cassandana] and Alpheus Leach, Feb. i, 1787. 
[Casandana, July i, p.c.r. Cassanda, p.R.43.] 

Casander D. H. and Mary Darling of Middleborough, int. 
June 15, 1816. 

Celia and Isaac Lothrop Jr. [int. Lathrop 2d] of Easton, Mar. i, 

Charles and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Perkins, Dec. 8, 181 7. 

Chloe and Joshua Fobes 2d, int. July 15, 1809. 

Christiana and Henry F. Benson of Sandwich, int. July 22, 1849. 

Clarissa and Calvin Pratt of Middleborough, Jan. 23, 1799 
[? in Middleborough]. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Keith, Clifford [int. Cleffard] and Arathusa Harris [int. Dawes] 

of Stoughton, Nov. 15, 1820. 
Constant and Nehemiah Leach, June 2, 1772, 
Cordelia M. and George P. Fobes, Aug. 26, 1840. 
Cynthia and Sullivan Shaw of Middleborough, Mar. 12, 1797 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Damaris and Joseph Allen, Jan. 13, 1769. 
Damaris (see Demoris). 

Daniel and Lydia Keyser of Easton, Oct. 21, 1756, in Easton.* 
Daniel 3d and Ruth Conant, int. Sept. 6, 1800. 
Daniel 3d and Jemima Wilbar, Mar. 19, 1826. 
Dan[ie]ll and Elizabeth Conant, June 14, 1744. [Daniel, p.c.r.] 
Dan[ie]ll [int. Jr.] and MiUicent [int. Millecent] Hooper, Oct. 

30, 1766. [Daniel and Millicent Hooper, p.c.r.] 
Dardana [int. Dardaney] and Zebedee Pratt of Middleborough, 

Dec. 8, 1763 [? in Middleborough]. 
David and Jemimah [int. Jemima] Whitman, Oct. 2, 1754. 
David of Easton and Sarah Copeland, Nov. 16, 1769. 
David and Charity Brett [int. wid.]. Mar. 5, 1772. [Charity, 


David Jr. and Lydia Alden, July i, 1801. 
David 3d and Ruth Wilbar, Nov. 18, 1806 [? in Middleborough]. 
Davis and Harriet [int. Harriot] Howard, Feb. 20, 1820. 
Deborah and Ebenezer Shaw Jr. of Middleborough, int. June 9, 

Deborah and Zadock Leonard of Middleborough, June 10, 

1766 [? in Middleborough]. 
Demoris of N. Bridge water and Vinel Lyon of N. Bridge water, 

Nov. 28, 1838.* [Damaris of N. Bridgewater and Vinal 

Lyon of N. Bridgewater, Nov. 28, 1839, C.R.3.] 
Ebenezer and Hephzibah Carver, Nov. 6, 1759.* [Hepsibah, 


Ebenezer [int. Jr.] and Hannah Allen, Aug. 19, 1773. [Eben- 
ezer Jr., C.R.I.] 

Edward of Easton and Susanna Littlefeild [int. Littlefield], 
Jan. 10, 1765. [Susannah Littlefield, p.c.r.] 

Edward and Mehetabel Hayward, Sept. 23, 1778. [Mehetibel, 


Edward and Betsey [int. Betty] King, Nov. 20, 1791. [Betsey, 


Edwin and Saba Hooper, Feb. 10, 1828. [Edwin, s. Isaac and 
Joannah, and Saba Hooper, d. Joseph, c.r.i. Edwin, s. 
Isaac and Joannah (Pratt) (Bessee), and Saba Hooper, d. 
Joseph and Lucia (Mitchell), p.r.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Keith, Elbridge and Thankfull Smith of Hanson, int. Aug. 24, 

Elbridge and Caroline Keith, int. Apr. 11, 1841. 
Eleazer [int. Jr.] and Bethiah Kingman, Aug. 10, 1793. [Elea- 

zer, P.C.R.] 
Eleazer and Susanna Keith, wid., Nov. 12, 1795. 
Eleazer Jr. and Zilpha Mitchell, int. Nov. 16, 1800. 
Eliab and Patience Wood, int. Sept. 25, 1813. 
Eliezar and Kezia Kingman, June 9, 1726.* 
Eliezer and Elisabeth Mitchel, Sept. 11, 1760.* [Eleazer and 

Elizabeth Mitchell, p.c.r.] 
Elisabeth and Samuel Lathrop, Apr. 3, 1735.* 
Eliza and Peres Lothrop, Sept. 3, 1818. 
Eliza L., 20, of W. Bridgewater, d. Davis and Harriet, and 

Lucius Dunbar, 21, shoemaker, of W. Bridgewater, s. 

Perez and Nancy, June 10, 1849.* 
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth). 
Ephraim and Mrs. Sarah Washburn, Sept. 21, 1732.* [Miss 

Sarah, p.c.r.] 
Eunice and Ebenezer Leach, Feb. 20, 1 794 [? in Middleborough]. 
Eunice and Eliab Leach, Nov. 14, 1802 [? in Middleborough]. 
Eunice L., 18, d. William and Roena, and John D. Hall, 22, 

wheelwright, of N. Bridgwater, s. John and Thersa, Oct. 

31, 1847. 
Francis [int. Frances sic] and Melinda Holbrook [int. of 

Stoughton], Jan. 23, 1800. 
Freedom, 23, shoemaker, of E. Bridgewater, s. Barzillia and 

Temperance, and Minerva A. Holmes, 17, d. Howland 

and Hannah, Feb. 13, 1848. 
George and Deborah Cliff, Sept. 29, 1768. [Clift, p.c.r.] 
George and Elisabeth Foard, June 14, 1780. [Ford, p.c.r.] 
George 2d and Phidelma Keith [sic, Clift written below Keith, 

int. Cleft], Oct. 29, 1815. 
Hamden and Sally Bassett, int. Mar. 8, 1800. 
Hannah and Benj[amin] Leach Jr., Jan. 10 [1739-40].* [Jan. 

10, 1739, P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

Hannah and Dan[ie]ll Ames, Jan. 28, 1742.* 

Hannah and Phillip Hall, Feb. 28, 1760.* [Phillip of Rayn- 

ham, C.R.I.] 
Hannah and Robert Howard [int. Hayward], Sept. 28, 1768 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Hannah, wid. [int. omits wid.], and Seth Keith, Apr. 2, 1778. 

[Hannah, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and George Haskell [int. of Middleborough], Mar. 16, 


* Intention not recoided. 


Keith, Hannah and Hosea Leach, Jan. 7, 1808 [? in Middle- 

Harriet [dup. Harriot], d. Isaac and Joannah (Pratt) (Bessee), 
and Jos[eph] A. Hyde, s. Ezra and Martha (Ames), Aug. 

17, 1841,* P.R.I. 

Hartwell and Sebery Wilber, int. July 8, 1786. 
Hartwell of Dudley and Mary Bassett, Apr. 8, 1816. 
Hasadiah and James Leach, Apr. 4, 1765. [Hasadiah Leach sic, 


Heman and Sylvester Curtis, int. Apr. 19, 1823. 
Henry T., carpenter, and Sarah [int. Susan] B. Brigham [int. of 
Boston], Dec. 24, 1846. [Susan S. Brigham of Boston, 


Hephziba and Abiezer Alger, Dec. 23, 1778. [Hepsibah and 

Abiezer Algier, c.r.i.] 
Hezekiah [int. adds H.] and Harriet Washburn, May 21, 1836. 

[Hesekiah, c.r.i.] 
Hiram of Wenchester [int. adds Vt.] and Sarah Whitmarsh, 

Apr. 18, 1816. 
Holden W. and Nancy W. Fobes, Sept. 10, 1839. 
Holman and Sylvia Keith, Mar. 8, 1785. 
Holman [int. Helman] of E. Bridgewater and Hannah Pope, 

Nov. 5, 1837. [Holman of E. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 
How [int. Howe] and Martha Hayward, Mar. 27, 1795. [How, 

p.c.R. Howe Keith and Patty Howard, p.r.i.] 
Howe 2d and Zilpah [int. Zilpha] Keith, Aug. 22, 1826. 
Howe Jr. and Patience E. Savery, Aug. 9, 1845, in Thompson, 

Windham Co., Conn.* 
Huldah and Levi Keith 2d, Feb. 9, 1786. 
Huldah and Rufus Bates of Hanson [int. Hannover], Nov. 27, 

Ichabod and Susanna Robbinson [int. Robinson], Apr. 28, 1802. 
Isaac and Hannah Cole, Sept. 21, 1775. 

Isaac and Betty [int. Betsey] Keith, May 25, 1 784. [Betty, p.c.r.) 
Isaac [int. 2d] and Joanna Besse, wid., May 18, 1797. [Isaac 

and Joannah Bessee, wid. Adam, d. Seth Pratt and Han- 
nah (Washburn), p.r.i.] 
Isaac [int. 2d] and Lydia French, Apr. 9, 1801. 
Isaac 5th and Anna French, Sept. 25, 1810. 
Isaac, Capt., and Bathsheba Curtis, Feb. 12, 1815. 
Isaac 2d and Mary Leonard, Jan. 6, 1833. 
Isaiah and Sarah Burr, Oct. 13, 1767. 
Israel and Betty Chandler, Feb. 17, 1740.* [Bette, Feb. 17, 

1740-1, C.R.I.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Keith, Israel and Abigail Lennard, Mar. 4, 1767. [Leonard, 


Jacob and Abigail Leach, Nov. 7, 1734.* 

Jacob and Elisabeth Ripley, int. Apr. 6, 1801. 

Jacob and Abigail P. Alden of Fairhaven, int. Mar. 11, 1832. 

James and Lydia Jackson, int. July 30, 1743. 

James and Sarah Holman, Oct. 26, 1752.* 

James Jr. and Molly Mitchell, May 4, 1780. 

James and Betsey Whitman, Oct. 31 [sic, int. Dec. 16], 1815. 

Jane and Caleb Mitchell, Dec. 10, 181 1. [Caleb, s. John and 

Anna (Byram), p.r.i.] 
Jane and Oliver [int. adds A.] Washburn, Oct. 5, 1814. 
Jane E., d. Quincy A. and Priscilla D. of E. Bridgewater, and 

C. R. Crane, .* 

Jannett [int. Jennet] and Josiah Reed, Sept. 3, 1820. 

Jean and Joseph Cowing of Scituate, [Nov.] 24, 1744. 

Jemima and James Packard, June 7, 1722.* 

Jemima and William Field, int. Nov. 11, 1797. 

Jeremiah and Eggatha [int. Egatha] Bryant of Middleborough, 

Sept. 10, 1772. [Eggatha Briant of Middleboro[ugh], 


Jeremiah Jr. and Sally Pratt of Middleborough, Sept. 13, 1801 

[? in Middleborough]. 
John and Hannah Washburn, Apr. 18, 17 11.* 
John and Abigail Willis, Jan. 8, 1734.* [Jan. 8, 1734-5, c.R.i.] 
John and Alice Mitchel, June 16, 1763. [Mitchell, p.c.r.] 
John of Hardwick and Ann [int. Anne] Belcher, Apr. 21, 1774. 
John Jr. [int. 2d] and Mehitable [int. Mehetabel] Keith, Sept. 

9, 1800. 
John Quincy [int. Quinszy] and Mary Hudson, Nov. 29, 1792. 

[John Quincy Keith, p.c.r.] 
Jonas and Mercy E. Bartlett of Plymouth, int. May 20, 1820. 
Jonas H. and Susan Manley, Aug. 4, 181 6. 
Jonathan and Hannah Snell, Aug. 28, 1777. 
Jonathan and Sarah Leach, Jan. 26, 1792. [Sally, p.r.i.] 
Jonathan 3d and Polly Gushe of Raynham, int. Nov. 2, 1805. 
Jonathan C. and Clarissa [int. Clarrissa] Shaw of Paris, Me., 

Mar. 28, 1822. 
Joseph and Susanna Field, Oct. 3, i'j2[worn, ? 1721].* [Oct. 3, 

1721, P.R.103.] 
Joseph Jr. and Ann Turner, Oct. 7, 1746,* p.c.r. 
Joseph and Cleoe Packard, May 31, 1759.* [Chloe, p.c.r.] 
Joseph and Keziah Bayley [int. Bailey], wid., Oct. 26, 1763. 

[Bailey, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Keith, Joseph sd and Betsey [int. Betty] Sherman, Feb. 15, 

1787. [Betsey, P.C.R.] 
Joseph W. and Eunice Bowen, Dec. 17, 1822. 
Josiah and Mary Lathrop, Jan. 6, 1702-3.* 
Josiah Jr. of Easton and Susanna Williams, Feb. 28, 1758.* 

[Susannah, p.c.r.] 
Julia Ann and Benjamin Ellis, int. Feb. 18, 1845. 
Kezia [int. wid.] and Moses Eddy [int. of Middleborough], 

Dec. 30, 1788. [Keziah and Moses Eddy, p.c.r.] 
Kez[ia]h and Arthur Bennett [int. Bennet] of Midle[borough], 

Jan. 12, 1743. [Bennet of Middleboro[ugh], p.c.r.] 
Keziah [int. Kezia] and Jonathan Wood [int. Woods] Jr., May 

3, 1764 [? in Middleborough]. 
Keziah and Peter Talbot [int. Talbut] of Winslow, Kennebeck 

Co., June 10, 1812. 
Lemuel [int. of Easton] and Abihail Lathrop, Nov. 24, 1768. 

[Lemuel and Abihail Lothrop, p.c.r.] 
Lemuel of Easton and Anna Keith, int. Sept. 8, 1810. 
Levi and Jemima Perkins, Nov. 8, 1759.* 
Levi 2d and Huldah Keith, Feb. 9, 1786. 
Levi 3d and Abigail Porter, Dec. 28, 1797. 
Levi [int. 3d] and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Whitman, Nov. 

— , 1811. 
Lewis and Asaba Churchell, Sept. 22, 1819. 
Lloyd and Betsey M. Hoyt of Plymouth, int. Aug. 8, 1846. 

[m. Sept. 20,] 
Lois and Francis Nash of Braintree, int. Nov. 17, 1810. 
Lois and Consider Scott Esq. of Charlemont, Feb. 23, 1824. 
Lucie and Jireh Swift, Dec. 17, 1772. 
Lucina [int. Lusanna] and Jacob Tomson of Hallifax, Jan. 22, 

1795. [Lucina, p.c.r.] 
Lucinda and Solomon Keith Jr., Apr. 26, 1807 [? in Middle- 
Lucinda E. and Zattee [int. Zattu] Pickens Jr. of Middle- 
borough, May 21, 1833. [Zattee Jr. of Middleboro, c.R.3.] 
Lucy (see Lucie). 

Lucy and Ephraim Copeland, Sept. 12, 1791. 
Luke [int. of Easton] and Martha LittlefeUd [int. Littlefield], 

Feb. 4, 1768. [Luke and Martha Littlefield, p.c.r.] 
Lurana and John P. Burt of Taunton, Aug. 30, 1829. 
Lusanna (see Lucina). 

Luther and Sarah Thomson, July 23, 1767. [Thompson, p.c.r.] 
Margret Orr and Gad Robinson, Jan. — , 1821. [Margarett 

Orr [sic] and Gad Robinson, s. Dyer and Abigail (Stetson), 

Jan. I, P.R.I.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Keith, Marshal [int. Marshall] and Hepzibah Leach, July 8, 

1798 [? in Middleborough]. 
Martha and Constant Southworth, Apr, 18, 1734.* 
Martha and Elisha Bisbee, Sept. 28, 1779. [Bisbe, p.c.r.] 
Martha and Amos Bond [int. of Augusta], Oct. 20, 1807. 
Martin and Sally Bearse [int. Birse], Nov. 5, 1809. 
Mary and Jonathan Kingman, Mar. 15, 1731-2.* [Mercy, 

Mar. I, P.C.R.] 
Mary and Adam Haward, June 25, 1759.* 
Mary and Solomon Pratt, Dec. 3, 1761. [Prat, c.r.i.] 
Mary and Benjamin Leach, Oct. 2, 1764. 
Mary of Easton and John Dunbar, Dec. 8, 1768, in Easton. 
Mary [int. wid.] of Easton and Simeon Wood, Oct. 25, 1774, in 

Mary and Isachar [int. Dr. Issachar] Snell Jr., Oct. [Nov. 

written in pencil in later hand] 28, 1799. 
Mary and Simeon W. Clifford of Fairhaven, Aug. i, 1830. 

[Mary, d. Howe, c.r.i.] 
Mary Jane [Mary Jane written above Clarrisa crossed out] and 

David H. Cobb of N. Bridgewater, int. Dec. 13, 1849. 
Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] and Theophilus Curtis [int. Jr. of 

Stoughton], Feb. 13, 1766. [Mehitable and Theophilus 

Curtis, P.C.R.] 
Mehitable [int. Mehetabel] and John Keith Jr. [int. 2d], Sept. 

9, 1800. 
Melatiah and Daniel Washburn 2d [int. omits 2d], Apr. 30, 

1795 [? in Middleborough]. 
Melinda and John Sears of Bristol [int. Greenwich], Dec. 17, 

1805 [? in Middleborough]- 
Mercy (see Mary). 
Mitchell [dup. b. Pelham] and Salome [dup. adds C] Lazell, 

Mar. 3, 1 81 1. [Mitchell and Salome Lazell, d. Dea. Isaac 

and Jane (Byram), p.r.i.] 
Mitchell and Mrs. Charlotte L. Tisdale of Weymouth, Jan. 20, 

1840. [Mitchel, C.R.3. Mitchell, p.R.62.] 
MoUey and George Briggs [int. Brigs], Apr. 4, 1768. [Molly 

and George Briggs, p.c.r.] 
Molly and Daniel Kinsley, Dec. i, 1785. 
Molly and Seth Keith, Sept. 12, 1793. 
Molly and Ichabod Howard, Feb. 2, 1794. 
Nabby and Cyrus Cary of Claremont, Nov. 13, 1802, 
Nancy [int. Nanncy] and Daniel Packard 2d, May 11, 1796. 
Naomi and Isaac Pratt of Middleborough, May 19, 1804 [? in 


• Intention not recorded. 


Keith, Naomie [int. Naomi] and Miles Standish Jr., Dec. 15, 

Nathan and Hannah Snell, Aug. 26, 1746.* 
Nathan and Keziah [int. Kezia] Harvey [int. wid.], July 11, 

Nathan and Lois [int. Louis] Howard, June 13, 1786. [Lois, 


Olive and Barnice [int. Bernice] Leach, Nov. 29, 1810. 

Oliver and Susan Robbins, Mar. 9, 1809 [? in Middleboroughj. 

Oliver, farmer, and Julia Wilbar, Oct. 25, 1843. 

Pamelia and Lt. Abiam [int. Abram, dup. omits Lt.] Wash- 
burn 2d, Apr. 14, 1822. [Pamelia, d. Isaac and Joanna, 
and Abram Washburn 2d, c.r.i. Pamelia, d. Isaac and 
Joanna (Pratt) (Bessee), and Abram Washburn, s. Na- 
thaniel and Salome Simmons [Simmons written in pencil 
above Howard crossed out], p.r.i.] 

Pardon and Abigail Wild of Braintree, int. Feb. 15, 1812. 

Parlee and Dulcena Dunbar, [Apr.] — , 182 1. 

Parnel [int. Pernel] and Byram Harvey, Dec. 4, 1800. 

Patience and Japhet Beal [int. Japheth Beals], Feb. 7 [int. 
Dec. 8 sic], 1770. 

Pertia and Mark Doggett of Raynham, int. Feb. 16, 1793. 
[Dogget of Raynham, m. May 9, p.c.r.] 

Phebe and Jedediah Leach, Oct. 3, 1765. [Phoebe, p.c.r.] 

Phebe and Thomas Dike, Feb. 19, 1824.* 

Phebee of Easton and Ebenezer Gillbird, int. May 14, 1743. 

Phidelma [Keith sic, Clift written below Keith, int. Cleft] and 
George Keith 2d, Oct. 29, 1815. 

Phillibert [int. Philibert] and Francis Perkins, Mar. 2, 1775. 

Philo and Caroline Mitchell, June 22, 1835. [Philo, s. Isaac 
and Joannah (Pratt) (Bessee), and Caroline Mitchell, d. 
Theadore and Ruhamah (Newton), p.r.i.] 

Polly and Abraham [int. Abram] Leach, Jan. 4, 1796. 

Polly and Solomon Eaton of Middleborough, Sept. 11, 1796 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Polly and Franklin Ames, Mar. 29, 182 1. 

Portia (see Pertia). 

Quincy A. of E. Bridgewater and Priscilla D. Hathaway, d. 
Asael and Jane C, .* 

Rebecca and Ezra Alden, Apr. 27, 1756.* [Rebeccah, Apr. 4, 


Rhoda and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] Jonas Perkins, Apr. 19, 1815. 
Rob[er]t and Tabitha Leach, Mar. 4, 1740.* 
Robert Jr. and Silence Hartwell, Dec. 6, 1763. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Keith, Robert and Hannah Southworth [int. wid., of Royn- 
ham], Jan. i, 1782. [Southworth, p.c.r. Southerd of 
Raynham, c.R.i.] 

Rufus and Polly Blossom of Eaton, N. H., int. Aug. 19, 1804. 

Sally and Levi Blossom, int. Feb. 21, 1801. 

Sally and Gordon Strobridge, Dec. 29, 1801 [? in Middle- 

Sally and Calvin Wild of Braintree, int. May 26, 1810. 

Sally [int. wid.] and Edward Hayward Jr., Mar. 8, 1820. 

Sally and Charles Hayward Jr., June — [int. June 9], 182 1. 

Sally and Galen Hervey [int. Harvey] of W. Bridgewater, Dec. 
27, 1824. [Harvey of W. Bridgewater, C.R.3.] 

Salmon and Chloe Wilbar, int. Feb. 27, 1779. 

Salmon Jr. and Abigail Robbins [int. Robinson], Apr. 11, 1813 
[? in Middleborough]. [Robbins, P.R.7.] 

Salmon and Mehitable Wilbur [int. Mehitabel Wilbar], Oct. 19, 
1835, in Raynham. 

Salome [int. Saloma] and Daniel Alger 2d, Dec. 11, 1806. 

Samantha (see Semanthe). 

Samuel and Bethiah Fobes, Jan, 20, 1702-3.* 

Samuel Jr. and Zilpha Conant, Dec. 2, 1766 [? in Middle- 

Samuel and Sarah Wood of Middleborough, Apr. 3, 1803 [? in 

Samuel and Mrs. Anna Keith of Providence, R. I., int. Nov. 9, 

Sam[ue]ll and Hanah Ames, Feb. 20, 1734.* [Samuel and Han- 
nah Ames, Feb. 20, 1733-4, c.r.i.] 

Sarah and [int. Dr.] Eleazer Carver Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Apr. 18, 
1776. [Eleazer Jr., c.r.i. Eleazer, s. Eleazer, p.R.34.] 

Sarah [int. Keth] and Job Bearce, Nov. 2, 1780. [Keith, p.c.r.] 

Scottland [int. Scott] of Easton [int. adds Bristol Co.] and 
Parnel Haward, Dec. 3, 1772. 

Seabry, Mrs. [int. Seabury, wid.], and Thaddeus Howard, 
Nov. 17, 1813 [? in Middleborough]. 

Sebra S. and Silas Dunbar, Nov. 30, 1837. 

Semanthe of E. Bridgewater and Nathan Whitman Jr. of E. 
Bridgewater, Dec. 26, 1825.* 

Seth and Abigail Holman, Dec. 27, 1764. 

Seth and Thankfull Jackson, Mar. 7, 1775. 

Seth and Hannah Keith, wid. [int. omits wid.], Apr. 2, 1778. 
[Hannah, p.c.r.] 

Seth and Molly Keith, Sept. 12, 1793. 

Shepard and Sally Haws, Mar. 12, 1795. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Keith, Sidney [int. of Winslow] and Semintha [int. Sementha] 
Snell, Aug. 26, 1806. 

Silence and Benjamin Smith, Aug. 2, 1739, in Halifax.* 

Silence and Silvanus French [int. of Stoughton], Feb. 9, 1805 
[date in later handwriting]. 

Silvanus and Lurana Copeland, Dec. 23, 1820. 

Silvanus (see Sylvanus). 

Simeon and Molley Gary, June 15, 1775. 

Solomon and Lois Gary, Mar. 6, 1777. 

Solomon Jr. and Lucinda Keith, Apr. 26, 1807 [? in Middle- 

Solomon and Maria L. Parsons of Middleborough, Nov. 29, 
1839. [Nov. 23, P.R.51.] 

Submit (see Submit Smith). 

Susan and Zebulon [int. Zebulan K.] Pratt of Middleborough, 
Feb. 22, 1815 [? in Middleborough]. 

Susan F. of E. Bridgewater and Ellis W. Holmes of E. Bridge- 
water, Sept. 10, 1838,* C.R.I. 

Susanna [dup. Susannah] and Jonathan Gary, Dec. 10 [dup. 
Dec. 11], 1717.* [Dec. 11, p.R.103.] 

Susanna and Solomon Ames, Dec. 27, 1737.* [Dec. 27, 

1737-8 sic, C.R.I.] 

Susanna and Peter Whitman, June 18, 1752.* [Susannah, p.c.R.j 

Susanna and Galeb Fobes, Dec. 11, 1776. 

Susanna, wid., and Eleazer Keith, Nov. 12, 1795. 

Susanna and Lt. [int. omits Lt.] Galen Latham, Nov. 25, 1802. 

Susannah [int. Susanna] and Benjamin Robbins of Middle- 
borough, Mar. 10, 1789 [? in Middleborough]. 

Sylvanus and Almira S. PauU of Taunton, int. Oct. 24, 1838. 

Sylvia and Holman Keith, Mar. 8, 1785. 

Sylvia and Josiah Williams, Apr. 13, 18 14. 

Tabitha and Jonathan Gaswell [int. of Middleborough], Feb. 
23, 1769. [Jonath[an], p.c.r.] 

Thomas M. and Garoline Jones, June 5, 1837. 

Timothy and Hannah Fobes, Feb. i, 1709-10.* 

Timothy and Bethia Ames, June 2, 1737.* 

Timothy and Lavinia [int. Levinea] Wilbor, Apr. 18, 1797 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Timothy of Middleboro and Hannah Hayward, Feb. 27, 1819. 

Vassel and Gornelia Fobes, May 28, 1837. [Vassell, P.R.51.] 

William and Mary Kingman, Feb. 15, 1737-8.* 

William and Eunice Leach, Feb. 11, 1767. [Unice, c.r.i.] 

William Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Abigail Russel, Oct. 20, 1789. 
[William Jr. and Abigail Russell, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Keith, William and Roana Dickerman, Feb. 10, 1825, 

Zebina and Rebecca Witherel [int. Witherly], Oct. 31, 1820. 

Zenas and Jane Gary, Nov. i, 1792. 

Zenas Jr. and Salome Robinson, Sept. 30, 1821. [Zenos of E. 
Bridgewater and Salome Robinson, d. Dyer of S. Bridge- 
water, in E. Bridgewater, c.R.i.] 

Zephaniah and Mary Hooper, May 23, 1750.* 

Zephaniah and Lydia Britton of Easton, int. Dec. 19, 1807. 

Zephaniah and Saba Robbins [int. Robins], Feb. 8, 1825. 

Zephaniah Jr. and Martha Conant, int. Dec. 26, 1846. 

Zepheniah [int. Zephaniah] and Susanna Hooper, Dec. 13, 1807 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Zepheniah and Mrs. Patience Robbins of Plympton, int. Oct. i, 

Zeruiah and Caleb Jackson, Aug. 20, 1801. 

Ziba and Sally Gary, Nov. 25, 18 13. 

Zilpah [int. Zilpha] and Howe Keith 2d, Aug. 22, 1826. 

KELLY, Edward of Warren and Sally [int. Patty] Lewis, Aug. 
23, 1801 [? in Middleborough]. 

KEN ASTON, Hannah of Dedham and Benjamin Farrington, 
int. Nov. 6, 183 1. 

KIENEDY (see Kennedy), Thomas and Jane Gilmore, Oct. 24, 


KENNEDY (see Kenedy), Jane and Sam[ue]Il Waters, Feb. 26, 

KENNISTON (see Kenaston). 

KENNY, Lydia of Stoughton and Phinehas Beal, int. Oct. 5, 

KENT, John of Gohasset and Else Jenkins, int. June 15, 1793. 
KEYES (see Kies, Kyes). 

KEYSER (see Keyzer), Lydia of Easton and Daniel Keith, 

Oct. 21, 1756, in Easton.* 
Mary [int. Keyzer] of Easton and Henry Kingman Jr., June 18, 

1 76 1, in Easton. 

KEYZER (see Keyser), Lydia and William French, Jan. 13, 

1767. [Lidia Keyser, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Isaiah Fuller, Sept. 30, 1768. 

* Intention not recorded. 


KTES (see Kyes), Lucy K. [int. Keies, omits K.] and John M. 

Taber [int. of Fair Haven], June — [int. June 9], 1821. 
Walter and Lois Swift, Aug. 20, 1793. 

KIKTH (see Keith), James and Lydia Perkins, int. Oct. 6, 

KTFF, Thomas and Mary Bun ton, July 22, 1735.* 

KIMBALL (see Kimbell), Harvey and Mary Ann Hall, wid. 

John L., d. Hosea Leach and Hannah (Keith), Oct. 13, 

1839,* P.R.65. 
Hervey and Caroline F. Edson of W. Bridgewater, int. Sept. 17, 

1848. [Harvey, m. Oct. 25, C.R.2.] 
Mary Jane of Needham and James Ritchie, int. Oct. 25, 1843. 

KIMBELL (see Kimball), Samuel of Easton and Hannah 
Packard, wid., Nov. 30, 1797. 

KIMBER, Thomas and Tabitha Buck, int. Mar. 29, 1755. 

KING, Barzillia of Easton and Betsey Chessman, int. Apr. 11, 

Betsey [int. Betty] and Edward Keith, Nov. 20, 1791. [Bet- 
sey, P.C.R.] 

Elisabeth and Jedediah Grover of Mansfeild, Nov. 27, 1777. 
[Elizebeth, c.r.i.] 

George of Roxbury and Cassandra A. [int. omits A.] Fobes, 
Oct. 3, 1 83 1. [Capt. George of Roxbury and Cassandra 
A. Fobes, d. Caleb and Mary, c.r.i.] 

Hesadiah of Raynham and Hezekiah Hayward, int. Nov. 26, 

1791. [Hesediah and Hesekiah Hayward, m. , 1791, 


Hezekiah and Sarah Read, May 14, 171 2.* 

Jabez and Mary Washburn, Apr. 12, 1753.* [Washburne, p.c.r.] 

Joanna of Taunton and Robert Snell, int. Sept. 30, 1786. 

Mary and Edward Richmond of Taunton, int. Dec. 25, 1784. 

Mary K. [int. Mrs,] and Charles H. Alden of Middleborough, 
Aug. 28, 1843. 

Mercy and Eliezer Snow, July 11, 1728.* 

Philip C. and Mariett Alden, int. May 26, 1849. [Phillip Cal- 
vin King and Mariett Alden, d. Elijah and Hannah (Bas- 
sett), m. June 14, p.R.97.] 

Polly of Raynham and Solomon Alden Jr., int. Apr. i, 1786. 

Ring, "Negro man," and Rose Glassco, "negro woman," of 
Plimton, int. Nov. 22, 1777. 

• Intention not recorded. 


King, Susan of Raynham and Roger W. Hammond, int. Oct. 

28, 1841. 
Thomas and Priscilla Sampson, int. Nov. 9, 1799. "Sd Pris- 

cilla Sampson forbade her Publishment Nov' 23*^" 

KINGMAN, Abel and Lucy Washburn, Nov. 15, 1792. 

Abel [int. Capt.] and Betsey Manley, Nov. 16, 1807 [date in 

later handwriting]. 
Abiel and Mary Gary Shaw [int. omits Shaw], Jan. 12, 1819. 
Abigail and Jacob Allen, Jan. i, 1729-30.* 
Abigail and Sam[ue]ll Dawes [int. Daws], Jan. i, 1755. 
Abigal [int. Abigail] and Dan[ie]ll Dunbar, May 2, 1771. 
Abner [int. Abbner] and Susanna Lennard, Jan. 14, 1762. 

[Abner and Susanna Leonard, c.R.i.] 
Adam and Ruth White, Mar. 27, 1760.* 
Adam and Anna Mollis, wid., Nov. 2, 1780.* 
Alexander and Sarah Lathrop, Oct. 16, 1755. 
Alexander and Abler Knapp of Raynham, int. Apr. 10, 1790. 
Ambrose of Reading and Esther Edson, int. Oct. 20, 1810. 
Ann and Gershom Conant, Aug. 15, 1738,* c.r.i. 
Barzee and Molly Phillips, Mar. 24, 1791. 
Benjamin and Rhoda Packard [int. Rhoda Shaw], Sept. 18, 

1783. [Rhoda Packard, Sept. 28, p.c.r.] 
Benjamin and Rebecca Packard, Dec. 4, 1817. 
Benjamin S. of Easton and Sally S. Lincoln, Apr. 25, 1840. 
Bethia (see Bithiah). 
Bethia and James Allen, Jan. i [1736].* 
Bethia and Robert Robbinson, Dec. 2, 1772. 
Bethiah and Eleazer Keith [int. Jr.], Aug. 10, 1793. [Eleazer, 


Bettie and Robert Dunbar, June 13, 1771. 

Bithiah and Benjamin Washburn, Feb. 11, 1713-14.* 

Caleb and Freelove Fenno of Stoughton, Oct. i, 1767, in 

Charity and Uriah Brett, June 4, 1760.* 
Charlotte and Rev. Ralph Sanger of Dover, [rec. between 

July 8 and Nov. 23], 1817. [Charlotte, d, Ezra Esq. of E. 

Bridgewater, and Ralph Sanger, s. Zedekiah and Irene 

(Freeman), p.r.i.] 
Clarissa and Thomas Parris, int. Aug. 19, 1815. 
Damon and Polly Snell, Aug. 12, 18 14. 
David and Mary Hayward, Mar. i, 1731-2.* [Mercy, p.c.r.] 
David Jr. and Abigail Hall, Aug. 5, 1752.* 
Deliverance and Jacob Michell, Jan. i, 1695-6.* 

* Intention not lecoided. 


Kingman, Deliverance and Ebenezer Orcut, Apr. 22, 1725.* 

Desire and John Orcut, June 27, 1721.* 

Eben[eze]r and Content Turner, Aug. 15, 1740.* 

Eliphalet and Zilpha Edson, Nov. 26, 1801. 

Eliza and Elijah Hay ward of Hanover, Nov. 13, 1809. 

Elizabeth and Thomas Michell, Jan. i, 1695-6.* 

Eunice and Perses Southworth, int. Mar. 18, 1780. 

Eunice and Walter Hatch, Oct. 5, 1780. 

Eunice and George Williams Jr., Nov. 22, 1797. 

Eunice and William Wildey, Nov. 29, 1812. 

Ezra and Susanna Whitman, Nov. 14, 1782. 

Ezra of Livermore, Oxford Co., and Frances Howard, Dec. 13, 

Hannah and John Allden, Nov. 22, 1727.* 
Hannah and John Wade, Sept. 19, 1751.* 
Hannah and Robert Orr, Oct. 6, 1766. 
Hannah of Braintree and Charles Richardson, Dec. 2 [int. Dec. 

4 sic], 1773, in Braintree. 
Hannah and Josiah Williams [int. Jr.], Mar. 10, 1785. [Josiah, 


Hannah and Timothy Reed [int. of Middleborough], Jan. 31, 

1788. [Timothy, p.c.r. Timothy Esq.,] 
Hannah and Simeon [int. Simon] Greenleaf [of] New Glocester, 

Sept. 18, 1806. 
Hannah and Jacob Packard [int. 2d of Warwick, Hamshire 

Co.], Dec. 3, 1806. 
Hannah and John Richards, Feb. 3, 1820. 
Harmony and Joel Packard, Nov. i, 1785. 
Henry and Mary Allen, Nov. 24, 1726.* 
Henry and Abigail Copland [int. Copeland], Mar. 15, 1743. 
Henry Jr. and Mary Keyser [int. Keyzer] of Easton, June 18, 

1 761, in Easton. 
Henry 2d and Anna Bryant, Jan. 16, 1792. 
Huldah and Perez Williams, Aug. 22, 1788. 
Huldah and Noah Edson of Hadley, Hamshire Co., June 8, 

Isaac and Jane Kingman, Jan. 13, 1729-30.* 
Isaac Jr. and Content Packard, Dec. 4, 1769. 
Isaac and Ruth Loring, wid.. Mar. 18, 1770. [Mar. 15, p.c.r.] 
Jabez and Phebe Brett, June 7, 181 8. 
Jane and Isaac Kingman, Jan. 13, 1729-30.* 
Jane and Elisha Gurney, Mar. 13, 1760.* 
Jane and James Loring, Jan. 31, 1770. 
Jenny and Micah Shaw, [Nov. 11] 1793. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Kingman, Joanna and Akerman Pettingale, Sept. 17, 1723.* 

John and Bethiah Newcomb, Dec. i, 1698.* 

Jo[h]n and Ann Pettingail, wid., Feb. 13, 1772. 

Jonathan and Mary Keith, Mar, 15, 173 1-2.* [Mercy, Mar. i, 


Jonathan Jr. and Hannah Copland, Mar. 29, 1759.* [Cope- 
land, P.C.R.] 

Jonathan Jr. and Mehetabel Hudson, Feb. 19, 1793. [Mehit- 
able, P.C.R.] 

Jonathan Jr. of W. Bridgewater and Abigail K. Orr of E. 
Bridgewater, Dec. 13, 1827.* 

Joseph and Eunace Josselyne [int. Eunice Joslyn] of Pem- 
broke, Dec. 16, 1 791, in Pembroke. 

Joseph Jr. and Huldah K. Williams, Nov. — [int. Nov. 10], 

Josiah and Mary Williams, Nov. 16, 1737.* 

Josiah of Middleborough and Chloe Fobes, int. Feb. 16, 1782. 

Kezia and Eliezar Keith, June 9, 1726.* 

Kezia and Cyrus Packard, Apr. 16, 1795. 

Lemuel and Deborah Loring, Nov. 26, 1754. 

Lenity [int. Lannato, wid.] and Edward Hayford, May 19, 
1779. [Lehity Kingman, p.c.r.] 

Lucy and William Hudson Jr., Nov. 5, 1767. 

Lydia and John Allen, July 5, 1733.* 

Mara and William Phillips, int. Feb. 21, 1795. 

Marcia and Arza Keith of Norton, May 29, 1814. 

Martha and Benjamin Washburn, Aug. 6, 1729.* 

Martha and James Alger, Nov. 8, 1750.* 

Martha and Thomas Thompson [int. Thomson Jr.], Aug. 5, 
1792. [Thompson, p.c.r.] 

Martin and Phebe Packard, Oct. 14, 181 6. 

Mary and William Keith, Feb. 15, 1737-8.* 

Mary and Benjamin Vickory, Dec. 21, 1739.* 

Mary and Benjamin Pettingail, Apr. 30, [i7]47.* 

Mary and Henry Howard of Easton, Nov. 16, 1757, in Easton.* 

Mary and Charles Snell, Apr. 16, 1778. 

Mary [int. of Brantree] and Warren Stowel [int. Stowell], Feb. 
27, 1782. [Mary and Warren Stowell, p.c.r.] 

Mary [int. of Sharon] and Ephraim Cary, May 25, 1784. 
[Mary, May 21, p.c.r.] 

Mary [int. Polly] and Packard Foard, Dec. 11, 1808. 

Mary and Lawson [sic, Lauren, int. Lauren] Ford [int. Esq.] of 
Herkimon, Oct. 9, 1816. 

Mary and Bela Keith, Jan. i, 182 1. 

• Intention not recorded. 


KmoMAN, Mathew and Jane Packard, Nov. 6, 1755.* 
Mehetabel and Ebenezer Wade, Mar. i, 1759.* [Mehitable, 


Mehetabel and John Ford, Dec. 11, 1794. [Mehitable, p.c.r.] 
Molly and Robert Young, Dec. 31, 1776. 
Molly and David Haward, Oct. 15, 1778. 
Nabbe and Uriah Brett, Oct. 5, 1790. 
Nabby and Malachi Delano of Duxbury, July 22, 1807. 
Nancy of Mansfield and Sprague Snow, int. Nov. 11, 1820. 
Nathan and Linata [int. Lanata] Thomas, Sept. 7, 1773. 
Nathan and Chloe Smith of Norton, Dec. 19, 1785, in Norton. 
Nathan and Polly Reed of Pembroke, int. Mar. 16, 1822. 
PhiHp D. and Betsey B. Washburn of Middleboro, June 24, 

Polly (see Mary). 

Ruth and Jonathan Mahurin, Mar. 3, 1774. [Mehuren, c.r.i.] 
Samuel and Phebe Washburn, Feb. 3, 1736-7.* 
Samuell and Mary Michell, Jan. i, 1695-6.* 
Sarah and Benjamin Pratt, June 24, 17 19.* 
Sarah and William Shurtleff [int. Shirtlief], Feb. 7, 1745. 

[Shurtleflf, p.c.r.] 
Seth and Judith Washburn, int. July 14, 1787. 
Seth and Jenney Edson, int. Mar. 2, 181 1. 
Sidney S., 22, shoemaker, of W. Bridgewater, s. Alvah and 

Minerva of W. Bridgewater, and Maria Reed, 22, of W. 

Bridgewater, d. Josiah and Jenetta of W. Bridgewater, 

Nov. 18, 1847.* 
Simeon and Rebecca Freeman of Eastham, Oct. 15, 1778, in 

Sophia of Middleborough and Soranus Wentworth, int. Mar. 

17, 1839. [Sophia (second w.) and Soranus Wentworth, 

s. Theophilus and Betsey, m. Apr. 8, p.R.90.] 
Submitt [int. Submit] and Simeon Shurtlefif [int. of Stoughton], 

Aug. 16, 1781. [Submit and Simeon Shurteff, p.c.r.] 
Susanna and Chilton Latham, Dec. 6, 1699.* 
Susanna, Mrs. [int. Susan, omits Mrs.], and Daniel Howard 3d, 

Nov. 4, 1802. 

KINSLEY, Abiel of Easton and Sarah Howard [int. Haward], 

Jan. 15, 1778, in Easton. 
Abigail (K[i]nsley) of Milton and Thomas Snell, Sept. 3, 1702, 

in Mansfield.* 
Abigail of Easton and William Hayward, Dec. 17, 1728, in 


• Intention not recorded. 


Kinsley, Azel and Pattie [int. Patte] Howard, June 16, 1785. 

[Patte, P.C.R.] 
Bethia and William Brett, May 15, 1732.* [Bethiah Kingsly, 


Calvin of Easton and Susanna Lathrop, June i, 1773. 
Cephas and Zilpha Leonard of Pomfret, Vt., int. Dec. 29, 1787. 
Daniel and Molly Keith, Dec. i, 1785. 
Eunice and Sylvanus [int. Silvanus] Leonard, Nov. 19, 1787. 

[Sylvanus, p.c.r. Sylvanus, Nov. 4, c.r.i. Mrs. Eunice 

and Dr. S[ilvanu]s Lonard, Nov. 4, p.R.105.] 
Hannah "of the east end of the North purchase" and Edward 

Howard Jr., Sept. 12, 1751, in Norton.* 
Hannah and Peres Snell, Oct. 28, 1787. 
John and Thankfull Washburn, Feb. 19, 1746.* [Thankful 

Washburne, p.c.r.] 
Lydia and Jonathan Burr, int. Sept. 15, 1792. [m. Oct. 4, 


Mary and Thomas Willis, Dec. 18, 17 16.* 

Nabby Keith of Minot and Cyrus Alden, int. Aug. 27, 1808. 

Nathan of Easton and Betty Dunber, Dec. 10, 1744. [Kings- 
ley of Easton and Betty Dunbar, p.c.r.] 

Nymphas and Molly Richmond of Taunton, int. Oct. 25, 1800. 

Rodolphus [int. Rhodolphus] of Stoughton and Salome Cary, 
Aug. II, 1794. [Rodolphus of Stoughton, p.c.r.] 

Sam[ue]il Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Hannah Hayward, Apr. 22, 
1772. [Samuel Kingsley, p.c.r.] 

Sarah and Josiah Hayward, July 19, 1715.* 

Silas of Easton and Rebecca Littlefield, July 25, 1758, in 

Silas of Easton and Rebecca Packard, Dec. 24 [dup. Nov. 24], 

Susanna and Samuel Packard, July 22, 1729.* 

KIPS, Sarah, "negro woman," and Oxford, "negro man of 
Joseph Gannet Jun'," int. Mar. 29, 1755. 

EINAP (see Knapp), Abiah of Raynham and Robert Fobes, 

int. Sept. [4] 1779. 
Gorge Jr. [int. George, omits Jr.] of Raynham and Tabitha 

Peters, Dec. 8, 1769. [George Jr. of Raynham, p.c.r.] 
Joseph of Norton and Susanna Packard, Aug. 28, 1760.* 

[Susannah, p.c.r.] 
Joseph [int. Knapp Jr.] of Easton and Eunice Carver, Jan. 15, 

1784. [Knap Jr. [dup. om/5 Jr.] of Easton, p.c.r. Knap of 

Easton and Unice Carver, c.r.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


KNAPP (see Knap), Abi and Arza Packard, May 20, 181 2. 

Abler of Raynham and Alexander Kingman, int. Apr. 10, 1790. 

Betsey and Jeptha Howard [int. of Easton], Dec. i, 1803 [date 
in later handwriting]. 

Chloe of Raynham and William Leach Jr., int. Aug. 10, 1782. 

Eliza Ann and Andrew J. [int. S.] Bosworth of Taunton, June 
24, 1840. 

Lydia and Ezekiel Merritt, Nov. 2, 1809 [date in later hand- 

Polly and Azel Gurney, Apr. 13, 181 5. 

Zenas of Raynham and Anna Leach, Dec. 7, 181 7. 

KNOWLTON, Thomas and Susanna Hollis, Oct. 2, 1783. 
[Oct. 6, P.C.R.] 

KYES (see Kies), Vina and Hathaway Richmond, int. Oct. 3, 


KYLE, Rebecca and William Bourke, Oct. 4, 1841. 

LAD (see Ladd), Sarah of Hannover and Abiah Cobb of Hann- 
over, Nov. 2, 1752.* 

LADD (see Lad), William Henry and Olive S. Carver, ,* 


LAMBART (see Lambert), Ruth of Easton and Nathaniel 
Alger, Nov. 13, 1749, in Easton.* 

LAMBERT (Lambart), Edward H. and Abigail [int. Abigal] 
Gardner, Dec. 8, 183 1. [Mrs. Abigail, C.R.3.] 

LAMBERTON, James of Ware, Hampshire Co., and Hannah 
Chamberlin, Oct. 20, 1794. [Chamberlain, p.c.r.] 

LAMOTE, Fanny [int. Lemote] of Easton and Ephriam [int. 
Ephraim] WUlis [int. Jr.], May 16, 1787, in Easton. 

LANE, Giddins Jr. of Leeds, Me., and Cassandra Benson, int. 
Nov. 17, 1833. 

LANMAN, Elizabeth and Cornelius Holmes, Aug. — , 1780,* 


LANSFORD (see Lunsford), Elisabeth and Sam[ue]ll Hawes, 
int. Aug. 4, 1753. 

LAPHAM (see Lappham), Rebecca ( ) and John 

Washburne Jr., Apr. 16, 1679.* [Rebecca Lapham and 
John Washburn, G.R.7. Rebecca Lapham and John Wash- 
burn Jr., P.R.103.] 

* InteBtion not recorded. 


LAPPHAM (see Lapham), Abiel [int. Lapham] and Susanna 
Lathrop of Easton, Jan. 12, 1786. [Abial Lapham, p.c.r.] 

LARKIN, Ephraim and Elizabeth T. Jordan, Oct. 14, 1838. 
Ephraim and Sarah F. Jordan of Marshfield, int. Jan. 10, 1844. 

LASSEL (see Lazel, Lazell, Lazsel), Abiel and Samuel Lathrop, 

Nov. 14, 1710.* 
Isaac and Mary Hudson, Oct. 29, 1719.* 
Isaac and Bethia Alger, Mar. 10, 1747-8.* 

LATHAM (see Lathum), Alice, wid., and Jonathan Allen of 

Braintrey, Mar. 27, 1739.* 
Alice [int. Else] and Mathew Gannett [int. Gannet] of Abing- 

ton. Mar. 20, 1783, [Alice and Matthew Gannett of 

Abington, p.c.r.] 
Allen and Jennett Dunbar of Hallifax, Mar. 10, 1796.* 
Ann and Seth Mitchell, Dec. 21, 1738.* 
Anne and Nicholas Wade, Feb. 17, 171 4-1 5.* 
Arthur and Margret Bearse, Oct. 17, 1765. [Margaret, p.c.r.] 
Barzillia and Polly Washburn, int. Oct. 24, 1801. 
Beriah and Israel Hill, June 27, 1748.* 
Betsa [int. Betsy, wid.] and Joseph Barrows, Oct. 2, 1816. 
Bettie and Daniel Johnson, Jan. 5, i[torn, rec. after May 10, 

Betty and Joseph Gannet [int. Gannett], June 7, 1744. [Gan- 
net, P.C.R.] 
Charles and Deborah W. Hathaway [of] Duxbury, int. Aug. 30, 

Charles A. of E. Bridge water and Angelica H. Wilbar, Dec. 16, 

Chilton and Susanna Kingman, Dec. 6, 1699.* 
Chilton and Mary Haward, Aug. 16, 1770. [Chiltan and Mary 

Howard, p.c.r.] 
Chilton and Betsey Carver, June 5, 1803. 
Deliverance and Daniel Howell [int. Dan[ie]ll Stowell], Jan. 18, 

1743. [Daniel Howell, p.c.r.] 
Eliab of Gray [int. adds Cumberland Co.] and Lucey [int. Lucy] 

Latham, Sept. 2, 1787. [Eliab of Gray and Lucy Latham, 

P.C.R. C.R.I,] 

Galen, Lt. [int. omits Lt.], and Susanna Keith, Nov. 25, 1802. 
Hannah and Josiah Hathaway Jr. of Halifax, Dec. 4, 1766. 
James and Esther Baker of Raynham, int. May 27, 1769. 
Jane and Jonathan Conant, June 12, 1759.* 
Jane and Edward Mitchel Jr., Sept. 30, 1762. [Mitchell, Oct. 
— , P.R.I. Mitchell, P.R.73.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Latham, Jennett [int. wid.] and Zephaniah Howard, Feb. 

24, 1800. 
Jerusha and Jacob Mitchell, Apr. 14, 1791. 
[Jjoseph and Sarah Hay ward, Nov. 27, 171 7.* 
Joseph Jr. and Mary Pryer, Jan. 27, 1747-8.* 
Levi and Hannah Alden, July 30, 1782. 
Lucenda and Joshua Pool of Abington, Aug. 11, 1783. [Lu- 

cinda, p.c.r.] 
Lucey [int. Lucy] and Eliab Latham of Gray [int. adds Cum- 
berland Co.], Sept. 2, 1787. [Lucy and Eliab Latham of 

Gray, P.C.R. c.r.i.] 
Mary and Jonathan Allen of Brantrey, June 3, 1742.* 
Mary and Benjamin Whitman, Feb. 3, 1757.* 
Mary and William Britton Jr. of Raynham, June 5, 1766. 
Nathan[ie]ll and Mercy Leach, Mar. 11, 1756.* [Nathaniel 

and Mary Leach, c.r.i.] 
Nehemiah and Lucey [int. Lucy] Harris, May 26, 1757. [Lucy, 

p.c.r. Luce, C.R.I.] 
Nehemiah and Hannah Allen [int. wid.], Oct. 6, 1801. 
Polly and Winslow Hooper, Nov. 13, 1791. 
Rhoda and David Connant, Jan. 29, 1748.* 
Robert and Mary Johnson, June 12, 1751.* 
Robert and Bethia [int. Bithia] Harris [int. wid.], Apr. 17, 1752 

[sic, int. Mar. 31, 1753]. 
Robert and Jerusha Hooper, Nov. 18, 1778. 
Seth and Rachel House of Hannover, int. Apr. 30, 1763. 
Seth and Betty Dellis Parkman of Abington, int. Mar. 2, 1799. 

"Said Seth Latham forbade his being further Published 

March 9'\" 
Seth and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] Hanks, wid. [int. omits wid.], 

Apr. 14, 1800. 
Susan W. and Joseph W. Bennett, Apr. 19, 1829. 
Susanna and Nathanael Harden, Feb. 17, 1714-15.* 
Susanna and Seth Brett Jr., Nov. 15, 1769. [Susannah, p.c.r.] 
Susanna and Thomas Blanchard Jr. of Abington, Feb. 9, 1786. 
Thomas and Deborah Hardin, Mar. 19, 1711-12.* 
Tho[ma]s and Abigail Hanmer, June 8, 1752.* 
Williams and Lydia T. Alger of W. Bridge water, int. June 4, 

Woodward and Rebecca Dean of Raynham, int. June 13, 1763. 

LATHOP (see Lathroop, Lathrop, Lathroup, Lothrop), Me- 
hetabel [int. Mehitabel Lathrop] and Alpheus Fobes, 
Apr. 5, 1 78 1. [Mehetabel Lathrop, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


LATHROOP (see Lathop, Lathrop, Lathroup, Lothrop), 
Dan[ie]ll and Rhoda Willis, Apr. 19, 1744. [Daniel, p.c.r.] 

Isaac [int. Lathrop] and Patience Alger, Apr. 13, 1743. [La- 
throop, P.C.R.] 

LATHROP (see Lathop, Lathroop, Lathroup, Lothrop), Abiel 
and Israel Alger Jr., May 28, 1747.* 

Abigail, wid., and Daniel Lathrop, Mar. 30, 1802.* 

Abihail and Lemuel Keith [int. of Easton], Nov. 24, 1768. 
[Lothrop and Lemuel Keith, p.c.r.] 

Abihail and Isaac Hartwell, Feb. i [1776]. 

Barnebas [int. Barnabas] and Sarah Bosworth [int. Bozworth], 
Nov. 27, 1777. [Barnabas and Sarah Bozworth, p.c.r.] 

Bethia [int. Bithia] and Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] Willis 3d [int. 
Jr., omits 3d], Sept. 3, 1767. [Bethiah Lothrop and Sam- 
uel Willis 3d, P.C.R.] 

Caleb of Easton and Hannah Ellis, int. July 12, 1806. 

Charles and Rowena Howard, Apr. 24, 1788. 

Chloe and Jacob Fisher [int. of Mansfield], Sept. 25, 1797. 

Daniel Jr. and Mary Turner, Sept. i, 1785. 

Daniel 3d and Sally Whiteing of Attleborough, int. Apr. 14 

Daniel and Abigail Lathrop, wid., Mar. 30, 1802.* 
Dan[ie]ll Jr. and Hannah Haward, Oct. 23, 1764. [Daniel Jr., 


Dan[ie]ll Jr. and Lydia Willis, Sept. 5, 1775. 

David and Mary Haward, Dec. 2, 1762. [Howard, p.c.r.] 

Edmund of Easton and Bettie Haward, Sept. 29, 1774. 

Edward Jr. and Abigail Haward, Oct. 19, 1752.* 

George and Molly [int. MoUey] Thayer, Nov. 6, 1783. [Molly, 


Hannah and Joseph Basset [int. Bassett], June 6, 1776. 
Hannah and Joshua Gillimor [int. of Easton], Apr. — , 1790. 

[Joshua, P.C.R.] 
Huldah and Edmund Alger [int. Jr.], Dec. 27, 1786. [Edmund, 


Isaac and Sarah Bailey, Aug. 31, 1775. 
Isaac and Betty Hacket, Feb. 9, 1786. 
Jacob and Sarah Snow, Aug. 22, 1787. 
Jane and Daniel Briggs [int. of Pembrook], July 4, 1782. 

[Daniel, p.c.r.] 
[Jo]hn and Mary Edson, May 23, 1716.* 
John and Sarah Cook, Dec. 7, 1780. 
Jonathan and Susanna Johnson, Apr. 13, 1747.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Lathrop, Jonathan and Chloe Dickerman, Apr. 30, 1765. 

Joseph and Mary Snow, Jan, 17, 1718.* 

Joseph Jr. and Content Washburn, Oct. 24, 1746.* [Wash- 

burne, p.c.r.] 
Josiah [int. Jr.] and Susanna Howard, Dec. 15, 1785. [Josiah, 


Libeus and Charity Wharton [int. of Dorchester], May 26, 1803. 

Mark and Hannah AUden, Mar. 29, 1722.* 

Mary and Josiah Keith, Jan. 6, 1702-3.* 

MoUey and Thomas Johnson, June 20, 1771. [Molly Lothrop, 

June 26, P.C.R.] 
Nathan and Charity Bailey, int. July 13, 1776. 
Sally and John Cook, Nov. 2, 1790. [Sarah Lothrop, p.c.r.] 
Samuel and Abiel Lassel, Nov. 14, 17 10.* 
Samuel and Elisabeth Keith, Apr. 3, 1735.* 
Samuel and Bethia Johnson, Sept, 10 [int. Oct. 26 sic], 1799. 
Sam[ue]ll and Lydia Hayden, Dec, 31, 1751,* 
Sarah and Solomon Packard, Nov. 16, 1715.* 
Sarah and Abiezer Edson, Nov. 17, 1737.* 
Sarah and Alexander Kingman, Oct. 16, 1755. 
Sarah and Edward Williams of Easton, Dec. 3, 1772. 
Sarah and David Alger, Apr. 8, 1790. [Sally, p.c.r.] 
Sarah (see Sally), 

Seth and Lydia Packard, Mar, 26, 1752,* 
Seth and Silence Hartwell, int. Dec. 7, 1754. "The Banns 

. . . were forbiden by the s'* Silence Hartwell" 
Seth [int. of Easton] and Martha Conant, Sept. 11, 1755. 

[Seth, p.CR.] 
Seth [int. Jr.] and Abigail Bassett, Nov. 25, 1784, [Seth Jr., 

p,c.R. Lothrop and Abigail Basset, c.r.i.] 
Susanna and Calvin Kinsley of Easton, June i, 1773. 
Susanna of Easton and Abiel Lappham [int. Lapham], Jan. 12, 

1786. [Abial Lapham, p.c.r.] 
Susannah and Theophilus Haward, Dec. 14, 1747.* 
Thomas of Easton and Deborah Pope, int. Sept. 24, 1791. 
Vinee [int. Vinea] and Dr. John H. Perkins, Apr. 11, 1793. 

[Vinee, p.c.r.] 
Zenus [int. Zenas] and Sally Tower, Apr. 27, 1788. [Zenas, 


Zephaniah and Sarah Packard, Sept. 2, 1779. 
Zephaniah and Silvia Manley, Mar. 17, 1791. 

LATHROUP (see Lathop, Lathroop, Lathrop, Lothrop), 
Josiah and Sarah Church of Scituate, June 21, 1749, in 

* Intention not recorded. 


LATHUM (see Latham), Arthur and Alike Allen, Feb. i, 


LAUGHSON (see Lawson), David and Nabbe Thomas, int. 
Sept. 18, 1790. 

LAWRANCE (see Lawrence), Jonathan [int. "Transtient per- 
son"] and Rachel Smith, May 22, 1765. 

Sarah and Obadiah Edy, Oct. 31, 1750.* 

Tho[ma]s [int. Lawrence] and Sarah Hooper, Oct. 5, 1769. 
[Laurance, p.c.r. Lawrence, c.R.i.] 

LAWRENCE (see Lawrance), Hannah and Josiah Edson 3d, 

Sept. 17, 1760.* 

John and Priscilla Winslow, colored, Aug. 28, 1832. [Mrs. 
Priscilla, c.R.i.] 

Thomas and Desire Swift of Sandwich, July 17, 1732, in Sand- 

LAWSON (see Laughson), Sarah and Abijah Hill, May 12, 

LAYMAN, Robert and Miriam Forist, int. Oct. 30, 1779. 

LAZEL (see Lassel, Lazell, Lazsel), Daniel (see Daniell Leach). 
Hannah and Nathan Conant, June 14, 1753.* [Lazall, p.c.r.) 
Isaac [int. Lazell] and Jenny Byram, June 10, 1779. [Lazell 

and Jane Byram, p.c.r. Dea. Isaac Lazell and Jane 

Byram, p.r.i.] 
John and Mary Byram, Oct. 24, 1750.* [Lazell and Marcy 

Byram, p.c.r.] 
MoUey [int. MoUy] and William Cole, [Nov.] 24, 1774. 

LAZELL (see Lassel, Lazel, Lazsel), Anna and Dr. Noah Fear- 
ing, int. May 25, 1799. [m. , 1799, p.r.i.] 

Bethiah and Asa Mitchell of Windham [New Gloucester writ- 
ten below entry], int. Feb. 22, i8o6. 

Betsey and Bartholomew Brown, Nov. 26, 1801. 

Byram and Jannett Westley [int. Jennett Worsley], Sept. 26, 
1793' [Jennit Wesly, P.C.R.] 

Caroline and Paul Revere of Boston, Nov. 6, 1816. [Lazelle, 
d. Nathan, Nov. 7, p.R.55.] 

Charlotte and Simeon Tisdale Jr. of Taunton, May 25, 181 5. 

Eunace [int. Eunice] and James Pool of Abington, July 11, 
1786, in Abington. 

Hannah and Nathan Nye of Freeport, Oct. 25, 1818. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Lazell, Harriot [int. Harriet] and Dr. Paul Lewis Nichols of 
Kingston, Apr. 21, 1814. [Harriet, d. Nathan and Deb- 
orah (Conant), p.r.i.] 

Henrietta B. and Dr. Cyrus Johnson of Newport, R. I., Sept, 6, 
1832. [Henrietta B., d. Dea. Isaac dec'd, c.r.i.] 

Irene F, and Morton Eddy, Dec. 5, 1822. [Irene F., d. Jane, 
wid., C.R.I. Irene, d. Dea. Isaac and Jane (Byram), 

Nov. 26, 1829, P.R.I.] 

Jane and Elisha Blanchard of Weymouth, Apr. 25, 1809. 

John Jr. and Lucinda [int. Lucenda] Stetson, Nov. 8, 1787. 
[Lucinda, p.c.r.] 

Joseph and Abigail Ames, Jan. 4, 1787. 

Julia and George Marcy Norwood of Boston, Oct. 21, 1830. 
[Julia Lazell, d. Nathan, and George Marcy Norwood of 
Boston, s. Samuel Esq., c.r.i. Julia, d. Nathan and Deb- 
orah (Conant), and Geo[rge] M. Norwood of Boston, p.r.i.] 

Lucy and Benjamin Hobart Esq. of Abington, Oct. 3, 1811. 

Luther [int. Lazel] and Sarah Hersey [int. Hearsey] of Abing- 
ton, July I, 1776 [sic, int. June 15, 1777], in Abington. 

Mary [int. Lazel] and Seth Reed of Number Five, Hampshire 
Co., June 12, 1776. 

Molly [int. MoUey Lazel] and Eliab Washburn, Feb. 20, 1777. 

Nabby and Nahum Mitchell, June 11, 1794. 

Nathan and Deborah Conant, Dec. 22, 1783. [Lazel, c.r.i. 
Lazell, Dec. 21, p.r.i.] 

Nathan Jr. [and] Anna Wilkinson [of] N. Providence, int. Oct. 
13, 1821. [Nathan Jr., s. Nathan and Deborah, and Ann 
Wilkinson, d. Abraham of Pawtucket, m. Oct. 31, in 
Pawtucket, R. I., c.r.i. Ann of Pawtucket, R. I., m. 

Oct. 31, P.R.I.] 

Polly and William [int. adds R.] Bates [of] Worthington [int. 

adds Hampshire Co.], Sept. 12, 1803. 
Rachel and WUliam Snelling of Boston, Jan. 20, 181 1. 
Salome [dup. adds C] and Mitchell Keith [dup. b. Pelham], 

Mar. 3, 181 1. [Salome, d. Dea. Isaac and Jane (Byram), 

and Mitchell Keith, p.r.i.] 
Sarah [int. Sally W.] and Jonathan Gushing of New Bedford, 

Nov. 30, 1809. [Sarah and Jonathan Gushing of Boston, 


Silvanus (see Sylvanus). 

Susanna [int. Susan] and Nathan Nye [int. of Freeport], Oct. 

26, 1807. 
Sylvanus [int. Silvanus Lazel] and Abigail Robinson [int. 

Robbinson], Oct. 30, 1775. 
William and Sarah H. Alden, June 8, 1834. 

* Intention not recorded. 


LAZSEL (see Lassel, Lazel, Lazell), William of Midleborough 
and Eunice Davenport, int. Oct. 5, 1754. 

LEACH (see Leech), Abigail and Jacob Keith, Nov. 7, 1734.* 

Abigail and Benjamin Keith, Nov. 9, 1749.* 

Abigail and Jonathan Leach, Nov. 30, 1763. 

Abigail and Elias Ware of Wrentham, Nov. 13, 1809 [? in 

Abraham [int. Abram] and Polly Keith, Jan. 4, 1796. 
Alice and David Perkens, May 17, 1738,* c.r.i. 
Alice and Dan[ie]ll Bolton, Oct. 22, 1772. [Daniel, p.c.r.] 
Alice and Silas Leach, Sept. 24, 1778. [Allice, p.c.r.] 
Alice and Seth Grossman of Raynham, Apr. 29, 1804 [? in 

Middleborough] . 
Alpheus and Casandana [int. Cassandana] Keith, Feb. i, 1787. 

[Casandana, July i, p.c.r. Cassanda, p.R.43.] 
Alpheus Jr. and Elizabeth C. Mitchell, June 22, 1826. [Aliza- 

both C, p.R.43.] 
Ambrose and Hannah Howard, Oct. 8, 181 5. [Hannah, d. 

Nehemiah, p.R.43.] 
Amory of Jay [int. adds Cumberland Co.] and Lydia Bearce, 

Sept. 17, 1817. 
Ann and James Sturtevant [int. of Middleborough], Jan. 19, 

1769. [James, p.c.r.] 
Anna and Syivanus Eaton of New Salem [int. adds Hampshire 

Co.], Sept. 25, 1791. 
Anna and Galen Harvey, int. Nov. 15, 1817. 
Anna and Zenas Knapp of Raynham, Dec. 7, 1817. 
Anna and Hiram Wentworth, Apr. 2, 1833. [Anna, d. Levi 

and Betsey (Gonant), Apr. 3, p.R.50. Hiram, s. Theoph- 

ilus and Betsey, Apr. 2, p.R.90.] 
Apollas and Chloe Dyer, Feb. 23, 1796.* [ApoUos and Cloe 

Dyer, p.r.i.] 
Asa of Killingsley, Windham Co., Conn., and Eunice Turner, 

Mar. 15, 1787. 
Backus [int. Beckus] and Bethiah Hayward, Oct. 28, 1804 [? in 

Barnice [int. Bernice] and Olive Keith, Nov. 29, 1810. 
Benanuel and Betty Perkins, , 1741.* [May — , p.c.r. 

Beanuel and Betty Perkens, May 26, c.r.i.] 
Benanuel and Elisabeth Edson, June 6, 1745.* [Elizabeth, 


Benjamin and Hephzibah Washburn, Sept. 8, 1702.* 
Benj[amin] Jr. and Hannah Keith, Jan. 10 [1739-40].* [Jan. 
10, 1739, P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Leach, Benjamin and Joanna Willbore of Rainham, Bristol 

Co., July 15, 1 751.* [Wilber of Rainham, p.c.r.] 
Benjamin and Abigail Bassett [int. wid.], Feb. 2, 1764. [Abi- 
gail, P.C.R.] 
Benjamin and Mary Keith, Oct. 2, 1764. 
Benjamin and Anna Short of Taunton, int. Oct. 20, 1792. 
Bernice and Roxania Hooper, int. Oct. 21, 1797. 
Bernice (see Barnice). 
Betsey of Stoughton and Perez Southworth [int. Jr.], Jan. 4, 

Betsey and Simeon M. Pratt of Middleboro, Sept. 5, 1837. 

[Betsey, d. Levi and Betsey (Conant), Sept. 4, p.R.50.] 
Betsey and Job H. Johnson of Taunton, int. Feb. 25, 1838. 

[m. Apr. 12, p.R.ic] 
Betsey V. and Solomon Alden Jr. Esq., int. Dec. 29, 1832. 
Bezer and Betsey Shaw of Middleborough, Sept. 15, 1793 [? in 

Caleb and Molley Adams, int. Nov. 18, 1780. 
Caleb and Elizabeth Lincoln of Taunton, int. Nov. 22, 1827. 
Calvin and Ruth Washburn, int. Sept. 18, 1779. 
Celia and Eliah [int. Eliab] Hayward [int. Jr.], Jan. 17, 1804 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Chloe and James Walker, int. Sept. 23, 1775. 
Chloe (see Cloe). 

Chloe and Salmon Fobes, June 26, 1807. [Cloe Leech, p.r.i.] 
Chloe E. of E. Bridgewater and Nehemiah White of E. Bridge- 
water, Oct. 23, 1838.* [Oct. 23, 1839, C.R.3. Chloe E., 
d. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), and Nehemiah White, Oct. 

23, 1839, P.R.65.] 

Clarissa and Ezekiel Dier [int. Dyer], Feb. 11, 181 2 [? in Mid- 

Clarrisa [int. Clarisa] and Jerahmeel [int. Jerahmael] Leach 
[int. of Warren], Nov. 5, 1798. 

Cloe [int. Chloe] and Zepheniah Wilbar [int. Zephaniah Wil- 
bur] of Raynham, Nov. 17, 1796 [? in Middleborough]. 

Daniel Jr. and Olive Hayward, int. May 31, 1794. 

Dan[ie]ll and Bethia Keith, Jan. 31, 1760.* [Daniel and Be- 
thiah Keith, c.r.i.] 

Dan[ie]ll [int. Daniel Lazel] and Huldah Leach, May 21, 1761. 
[Daniel Lazel, c.r.i.] 

David and Hannah Newcomb, wid., of Plymouth, June 20, 

Debba [int. Debby] and Liba Conant, Nov. 22, 1820. [Deby 
J., d. Levi and Betsey (Conant), Oct. 26, p.R.50.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Leach, Deborah and Nathan Leach, Nov, 14, 1771. 

Deborah and Isaiah Randel, Mar. 30, 1786. 

Deborah and Perez White of Raynham, Jan. i, 1788 [? in 

Dinah and John Shaw of Raynham, Jan. 8, 1761.* 
Dinah and [int. Dr.] Fisk Ames, Feb. 2, 1819. 
Ebenezer and Prudence Stetson of Scituate, Dec, 17, 1707, in 

Ebenezer and Joana Washburn, Dec. 26, 1734.* [Joanna 

Washborn, c.r.i.] 
Eben[eze]r and Lydia Tillson of Plymton, Nov. 27, 1739.* 

[Lidea Tilson, c.r.i.] 
Eben[eze]r and Mary Willbore [of] Raynham, May 26, 1741.* 

[Wilbore of Raynham, p.c.r. Willbore, c.r.i.] 
Ebenezer and Deborah Samson, Oct. 10, 1751.* 
Ebenezer Jr. of Kellingsley, Wendham Co., and Hephzibah 

Leach, int. Apr. 21, 1781. 
Ebenezer and Eunice Keith, Feb. 20, 1794 [? in Middleborough], 
Eliab and Eunice Keith, Nov, 14, 1802 [? in Middleborough]. 
Elijah and Jemima Snow, Dec, 4, 1745.* 
Elijah and Ruth Prince of Kingston, int, Oct. i, 1763. 
Eliphalet and Phebe Castle, int. July 28, 1798. 
Eliphalet and Hannah Shaw [int. of Abington], Dec. 11 [Dec. 

II in later handwriting], 1806. 
Elisha G. and Abigail T, Alden, Oct. 29, 1835 [sic, int. Oct, 8, 

Ephraim and Ruth Bolton, Dec. 26, 1734.* 
Ephraim and Sally Conant, int. July 6, 1805. 
Eunice and William Keith, Feb. 11, 1767. [Unice, c.r.i.] 
Eunice and Seth Britton of Raynham, July 22, 1817, 
Eunice and Otis Harvey, int. Sept. 25, 1819, 
Franklin and Mary Fobes, Nov. 13, 1832. 
George M., 22, farmer, s. Levi, and Betsey Edson, 18, d. Ezra 

dec'd, Sept. 2, 1844. [George M., s. Levi and Betsey 

(Conant), p.R.50.] 
Giles, s, Levi and Betsey (Conant), and Elisabeth Thompson, 

Feb. 25, 1833,* p.R.50. 
Hannah and Solomon Leach, int. Aug. 6, 1743. 
Hannah, wid., and Ebenezer Edson, Apr. 27, 1758.* 
Hannah K. and Marcus Conant, May 17, 1835, [Hannah, d. 

Hosea and Hannah (Keith), p.R.65,] 
Hasadiah (see Hasadiah Keith). 
Hephzibah and Ebenezer Leach Jr. of Kellingsley, Wendham 

Co., int. Apr. 21, 1781, 

* Intention not recorded. 


Leach, Hephzibah C. and Henry Field of Taunton, Dec. 10, 

1826. [Hepsibah C, c.R.3. Hephzibah C, p.R.43.] 
Hepzibah and Marshal [int. Marshall] Keith, July 8, 1798 [? in 

Hosea and Hannah Keith, Jan. 7, 1808 [? in Middleborough]. 
Huldah and Dan[ie]ll Leach [int. Daniel Lazel], May 21, 1761. 

[Daniel Lazel, c.r.i.] 
Huldah and George Chipman, Aug. 7, 1803.* 
Ichabod and Penellope [int. Elanor] Cobb [int. wid.], Oct. 11, 

1770. [Ichabode and Penelope Cobb, p.c.r.] 
Isaac of Westmoreland, N. H., and Jerusha Leach, Oct. 10, 

James and Hasadiah Keith, Apr. 4, 1765. [Hasadiah Leach 

sic, P.C.R.] 
James and Betsey Leonard of Taunton, int. Apr. 15, 1811, 
James E. and Julia M. Hixon of Me'dway, int. Aug. 17, 1848. 

[James Edward, s. Philo and Lucia (Hooper), and Julia 

Maria Hixon, d. S. Esq. of Medway, m. Sept. 7, p.r.i. 

James Edward, s. Philo and Lucia (Hooper), and Julia 

Maria Hixon, ni. Sept. 7, p.R.54.] 
James K., s. Alpheus and Cassendana, and Lydia Ann Eliza 

Thayer, d. Joel and Lydia S., May 21, 1842, in Randolph,* 

James S. and [int. Mrs.] Phebe Dike, Sept. 19, 1839. 
Jane and Roger W. Hammond of Rochester, int. Oct. 28, 1832. 
Jedediah and Phebe Keith, Oct. 3, 1765. [Phoebe, p.c.r.] 
Jemima [int. Jamima] and James Lovell [int. Lovel], July 14, 

1785. [Jemima and James Lovell, p.c.r.] 
Jenny and Lemuel Wilbar, int. Jan. 26, 1799. 
Jerahmeel [int. Jerahmael of Warren] and Clarrisa [int. Clarisa] 

Leach, Nov. 5, 1798. 
Jeremiah and Alice Hayward, Dec. 8, 1772. 
Jerusha and Isaac Leach of Westmoreland, N. H., Oct. 10, 1763. 
Joanna and Isaac Wilbar [int. Willbur], June 16, 1791 [? in 

John and Susanna White, Feb, 20, 17 18.* 
Jonathan and Frances Cohoon, Oct. 12, 1741,* c.r.i. 
Jonathan and Abigail Leach, Nov. 30, 1763. 
Jonathan Jr. (Lea[c]h) [int. Leach 2d] and Experience Hart- 
well, Feb. 23, 1768. [Leach Jr., p.c.r.] 
Joseph and Anna Harris, Jan. 14, 1735-6.* [Ann, c.r.i.] 
Joseph and Wealthy Leach, Sept. 30, 1788. 
Keziah R., d. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), and Warren W. 

Sampson, Oct. 25, 1846,* p.R.65. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Leach, Lambert, s. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), and Lydia 

Sherman, Apr. 29, 1835,* p.R.65. 
Lebbeus (see Libeus). 

Lemuel and Rebecca Washburn, Oct. 12,1767. [Rebeccah,p.c.R.] 
Levi and Hannah Fobes, Nov. 18, 1771. [Livi, p.c.r.] 
Levi and Betsey Conant, Sept. 28, 1798. 
Levi Jr. and Susan C. Sanborn of Meredith, N. H., int. Apr. 2, 

1845. [Levi, s. Levi and Betsey (Conant), m. Apr. 30, 

Libeus and Pegge Starr, Aug. 31, 1791. [Peggy, p.c.r.] 
Lois and Seth Packard Jr., Mar. 7, 1765. 
Lois and Silas Leach, int. Oct. 15, 1796. 

Lois and James Starr Jr., Nov. 26, 1797 [? in Middleborough]. 
Lois and Baruch [int. Barak] Wilbar, Feb. 25, 1799. 
Louisa [int. Lousa] and Phillip E. Hill, Dec. 10, 1826. [Louisa, 

C.R.3. Louisa P. and Philip E. Hill, p.R.43.] 
Louisa and William Case, int. Oct. 28, 1849. 
Lucy and Asa Hall, June 20, 1793 [? in Bridge water],* p.R.65. 
Luke and Polly Starr, May i, 1788. 
Lydia and Ephraim Jackson, Apr. 29, 1736.* 
Lydia and John Dickerman of Roxbury, Nov. 8, 1770. [Lidia, 

Nov. 8, 1 77 1, P.C.R. Lideah and John Dikerman of Rox- 
bury, C.R.I. ] 
Mary (see Mercy). 

Mary and Ebenezer Washburn, Apr. 27, 1772. 
Mary and Libeus Fobes, Nov. 15, 1807. 
Mary [int. Mercy] and Abraham Gould of Charlston [int. 

Charlestown], Apr. 9, 1S09. 
Mary Ann, d. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), and John L. Hall, 

s. Asa and Lucy (Leach), Dec. 25, 1831,* p.R.65. 
Matilda [int. adds B.] and Lewis Wentworth, Apr. 20, 1841. 

[Matilda, c.R.3. Matilda B. and Lewis Wentworth, s. 

Theophilus and Betsey, p.R.90.] 
Mehetable G. of Abington and Barack Wilbar Jr., int. Sept. 15, 

Mehitabel and Samuel Chessman Jr., int. Aug. 23, 1806. 
Mehitabel, wid., and Luther Hall of Raynham, int. Nov. i, 

Mercy and Nathan[ie]ll Latham, Mar. 11, 1756.* [Mary and 

Nathaniel Latham, c.r.i.] 
Mercy, wid., and Thomas Ames, int. Nov. 5, 1774. 
Mercy (see Mary). 

Minerva and Jarvis White of Raynham, int. Oct. 2, 181 9. 
Nabby [int. Nabbe] and Freman Jones, Sept. 22, 1793. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Leach, Nancy, 23, of E. Bridgewater, and Bartimeus White, 
34, farmer, of Grant Co., Wis., s. Samuel and Mary of 
Randolph, May 25, 1845.* 

Nathan and Deborah Leach, Nov. 14, 1771. 

Nathan Jr. and Mehitabel Gloyd, int. Aug. 11, 1804. 

Nehemiah and Constant Keith, June 2, 1772. 

Olive and Jo[h]n Jones of Middleborough, Apr. 3, 1770. 

Olive and Azariah Fobes, Oct. 30, 1794 [? in Middleborough]. 

Oliver and Sally Brown of Abington, int. Nov. 5, 1803. "Nov' 
18 the above Named Oliver Leach forbade his Publish- 

Oliver and Mercy [int. Mary] Stetson, Jan. 8, 1817. 

Orpah and Jacob Chipman, Nov. 29, 1792 [? in Middleborough]. 

Orpha and Edward Fobes, Apr. 2, 1761. 

Parnel and Peres Hooper, int. July 19, 1788. 

Parnel (see Pern el). 

Peleg and Sally Gillmor of Raynham, int. Mar. 6, 1802. 

Pernel and Apollas Eaton of Middleborough, int. July 11, 1795. 

Philander and Sarah T. Cushman, Jan. 4, 1841. 

Philo and Lucia Hooper, July 22, 1824. [Philo, s. Apollos and 
Cloe, and Lucia Hooper, d. Capt. Joseph, c.R.i. Lucia, d. 
Joseph and Lucia (Mitchell), p.R.54.] 

Polly and Ephraim Packard, Nov. 12, 1789. 

Rebecca and Joshua Warren Jr., July 8, 1760.* [Rebeccah, 


Reliance and Noah Terril, Mar. 11, 1794. 
Relief and Oliver Harris, Jan. i, 1789.* 
Reufus and Nancy Perkins, int. Mar. 17, 1798. 
Rhoda and David Allden of Midleboro, Dec. 18, 1755.* 
Roxalana, 33, d. Barnes, and Hosea Aldrich [int. Aldridge] Jr., 

33, farmer, of Middleborough, s. Hosea, Dec. i, 1847. 
Roxsalinia and Elias Dunbar, int. Dec. 14, 1799. 
Rufus (see Reufus). 
Ruth and Benjamin Packard, Dec. 23, 1763. [Dec. 23, 1762 sic, 


Ruth and Joseph Lennard, int. June 3, 1775. 
Ruth and Joseph Bassett 3d, Jan. 26, 1792. 
Salley [int. Sally] and Allen Smith, June 13, 1815. 
Sally and Nathaniel Lincoln Jr., June — , 1822,* P.R.43. 
Samuel and Susanna HoUis, int. Feb. 26, 1781. 
Sarah and Timothy Leach, Dec. 5, 1732.* 
Sarah and Ebenezer Snow, Dec. 14, 1737.* 
Sarah and Jonathan Hayward [int. Haward] of Easton, Nov. 
II, 1762. [Hayward of Easton, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Leach, Sarah and Oliver Wentworth, June 15, 1779.* 
Sarah and Jonathan Keith, Jan. 26, 1792. [Sally, p.r.i.] 
Sarah B. and Ansell Perkins of N. Bridgewater, Oct. 4, 1827. 
Seth and Jane Harvey, Oct. 9, 1732.* [Ginnea, c.r.i.] 
Seth and Mercy Samson of Middleborough, int. May i, 1819. 
Seth and Betsey Sampson of Middleborough, int. Sept, i, 1827. 
Seth K., s. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), and Sarah Ripley, Jan. 

8, 1839,* P.R.65. 
Shepard H., 25, farmer, s. Barnus and Olive, and Catharine 

Cuningham [int. Cunningham], 18, d. John and Bridget, 

Mar. 18, 1849. 
Silas and Alice Leach, Sept. 24, 1778. [Allice, p.c.r.] 
Silas and Lois Leach, int. Oct. 15, 1796. 
Simeon and Betty Curtis, Dec. 31, 1765.* 
Soloman and Tabitha Washburn, Apr. 14, 1736.* [Solomon, 


Solomon and Jerusha Bryant of Plymton, Apr. 19, 1739.* 

[Briant, c.r.i.] 
Solomon and Hannah Leach, int. Aug. 6, 1743. 
Solomon and Mary Holmes of Kingston, int. Sept. 6, 1806. 
Stephen and Sarah Hooper, May 5, 1725.* 
Stephen and Lydia Flowry [int. Flora] of Halifax, Jan. 24, 

1744, in Halifax. 
Stephen and Sarah Hooper, Feb. 7, 1748-9.* 
Susanna and Isaac Wilbur, int. Feb. 23, 1781. 
Susanna and Edward Richmond of Taunton, int. Dec. 22 

Susanna and Isaac Hooper, Mar. 10, 1805 [? in Middleborough]. 
Susanna and Asa Packard, Dec. 4, 181 1. 
Susannah and Ezra Washburn, July 20, 1742.* [Susanna and 

Ezra Washburne, p.c.r.] 
Susannah and Levi Hooper, June 25, 1767. 
Tabitha and Rob[er]t Keith, Mar. 4, 1740.* 
Thomas Jr. and Mary Nesbet of Leads, Kennebeck, int. Apr. 

22, 1809. 
Thomas and Susanna Holbrook of Braintree, int. Jan. 22, 1814. 
Timothy and Sarah Leach, Dec. 5, 1732.* 
Unite K. and Elizabeth S. Bouldry, Dec. 31, 1838. 
Unite K. and Abigail Leonard of Raynham, int. June 25, 1841. 
Vashti and Augustus S. Pratt of Raynham, int. Mar. 29, 1835. 
Vashty and William Harris, July 9, 1796.* 
Wealthy and Joseph Leach, Sept. 30, 1788. 
William and Mary Cohoone, Oct. 12, 1741.* 
William Jr. and Chloe Knapp of Raynham, int. Aug. 10, 1782. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Leach, Zadock and Susanna Washburn of Middleboro[ugh], 
Dec. 6, 1763. [Susannah of Middlebo[rough], p.c.r.] 

Zilpha and Edward Hayward of Easton, June 19, 1760.* 
[Haward of Easton, p.c.r.] 

LEADS, Nathaniel and Susanna Battles, Aug. 10, 1807 [date 
in later handwriting].* 

LEANARD (see Learnard, Lennard, Lenord, Leonard, Leon- 
ord), Martha and Ebenezer Eadey of Norton, Oct. 5, 
1734.* [Leonard and Ebenezer Edy, Oct. 7, c.r.i.] 

LEARNARD (see Leanard, Lennard, Lenord, Leonard, Leon- 
ord), Patty of Oxford and Charles Hooper Esq., int. 
Oct. 27, 1810. 

LEARY, Margarett and Patrick O'Brien, int. Jan. 16, 1848. 

LEAVETT (see Leavitt, Levit), Susannah of Pembroke and 
Ebenezer Drake, Feb. 18, 1773, in Pembroke.* 

LEAVITT (see Leavett, Levit), Calvin of E. Bridgewater and 
Sarah Whitman, Apr. 2, 1840. [Leavett of E. Bridge- 
water, C.R.I.] 

LEE, Isacc and Waitstill Ripley, Dec. 15, 1751.* [Isaac, p.c.r.] 
Lydia and Ezra Hayward, Oct. 11, 1757.* [Lidia, p.c.r.] 
Susan and James Perkins, int. Dec. 9, 1848. [m. Dec. 24, c.r.2.] 
Waitstill and Abraham Jones of Raynham, int. Apr. 26, 1777. 

LEECH (see Leach), Elizabeth and John Emerson, Dec. 27, 
1693,* p.c.r. 

LEEDS (see Leads). 

LELAND, Mira of Dedham and George Hooker, int. Jan. i 

LENNARD (see Leanard, Learnard, Lenord, Leonard, Leon- 

ord), Abigail and Israel Keith, Mar. 4, 1767. [Leonard, 

Benjamin and Hannah Phillips, Aug. 15, lyiworn].* [Aug. 15, 

1715, P.R.103.] 
Benjamin and Keturah Brigs, Apr. 20, 1756.* [Benjamin 

Leonard, s. Joseph; s. Jacob; s. Solomon, and Keturah 

Briggs, P.R.107.] 
Dan and Mary Dunbar, Nov. i, 1750.* [Leonard, p.c.r.] 
Dan and Hope Clap of Middleboro, int. Apr. 22, 1775. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Lennard, David and Molley Hall of Taunton, int. Nov. 18, 1 769. 

Elisabeth and James Washburn, Nov. 23, 1720.* 

Experience and [int. adds S.] Oliver Alden, Nov. 21, 1765. 

[Oliver, p.c.r. Leonard and Oliver Alden, c.r.i.] 
Experience and Luther Redding of Middleborough, Nov. 11, 


Hulda and Josiah Washburn, Oct. 15, 1755.* [Huldah Leon- 
ard, P.C.R.] 

James and Jemima Hefiford, Feb. 17, 1736-7.* 

Joseph and Hannah Jennings, Nov. 19, 1712.* 

Joseph and Mary Packard, Sept. 14, 1721.* 

Joseph and Ruth Leach, int. June 3, 1775. 

Josiah and Abigail Washburn, Nov. 21, 17 17.* 

Lydia and Joseph Prat, Dec. 9, 171 2.* 

Martha and Nathan Perkins, Nov. 9, 1709.* 

Mary and Benjamin Willis, Nov. 27, 17 19.* 

Mary and Nathanael [int. Nathan[ie]ll] Orcutt, Aug. i, 1768. 
[Nathaniel, p.c.r.] 

Molley and Ichabod Warren of Middleborough, Sept. 22, 1772. 
[Mary and Icabode Warren of Middleboro[ugh], p.c.r.] 

Rebecca and Abraham [int. Abram] Washburn, Oct. 28, 1765. 
[Rebeccah and Abram Washburne, p.c.r. Rebecca Leon- 
ard and Abraham Washburn Jr., c.r.i. Rebecca Leonard 

and Abram Washburn, p.r.i. Rebecca and Abram 

Washburn, p.R.87.] 

Ruth and Isaiah Johnson, Jan. 23, 1757.* [Leonard, p.c.r.] 

Samuel [int. Sam[ue]ll] Jr. and Deborah Mitchel, May 27, 
1777. [Samuel Leonard, c.r.i. Samuel Leonard and 
Deborah Mitchell, p.r.i. p.R.32.] 

Sarah and Thomas Washburn, July 28, 1708.* 

Sarah and Samuel Perry of Sandwitch, Dec. 14, 1710.* 

Sarah and William Orcut, Feb. 27, 17 20-1.* 

Sarah and John Miller of Midleboro[ugh] [int. Hallifax], May 
28, 1778. [Leonard and John Miller of Midleboro, c.r.i.] 

Seth and Silence Packard, June i, 1769. [Silince, p.c.r.] 

Silence and Ebenezer Benson, Mar. 13, 1777. [Leonard, c.r.i.] 

Solomon Jr. and Joanna Washburn, Oct. 5, 1756.* [Leonard 
Jr., P.C.R. Leonard, c.r.i.] 

Susanna and Ebenezer Hill, Mar. 22, ijilworn]* [Mar. 22, 

Susanna [int. Susannah] and Samuel Whitman, Sept. 29, 1761. 
[Susannah, p.c.r.] 

Susanna and Abner [int. Abbner] Kingman, Jan. 14, 1762. 
[Leonard and Abner Kingman, c.r.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


LENORD (see Leanard, Learnard, Lennard, Leonard, Leon- 
ord), Deliverance and Samuell Washbourn, Jan. 9, 1701,* 

Isaac and Mary Randoll [dup. Randall] of "North purchase," 
Apr. 16, 1701.* 

Josiah and Mar jorum Washbourn, Nov, i, 1699.* 

LEONARD (see Leanard, Learnard, Lennard, Lenord, Leon- 

ord), Abigail of Middleborough and Jacob Perkins, Oct. 2, 

1788 [? in Middleborough]. 
Abigail [int. Nabby] and Jacob Fuller, Feb. 28, 1800. 
Abigail of Raynham and Unite K. Leach, int. June 25, 1841. 
Ann and David Pratt, Jan. 31, 1737-8.* 

Anna of Raynham and Benjamin Mehuren, int. Jan. 13, 1798. 
Anna and Ithamar Phinney, int. Apr. 12, 1800. 
Anna and Thomas Conant, Mar. 26, 181 2. [Anne, Mar. 25, 

Ansel [int. Ansell] and Debby Conant, May 19, 1807. [Ansel 

and Deborah Conant, May 27, p.R.32.] 
Arza and Lovisa Maria [int. Luezar Mari] White, Apr. 4, 1820. 
Barnebas and Phebe Bassett, Feb. 5, 1780. [Barnabas, p.c.r. 

Barnabas and Phebe Basset, c.r.i.] 
Barney [int. Jr.] and Lydia Sprague, Aug. 27, 1815. [Barna- 
bas, P.R.I.] 
Betsey and Bradford Harlow, Apr. 9, 1807. 
Betsey of Taunton and James Leach, int. Apr. 15, 181 1. 
Betsey of Middleborough and Lewis Leonard, int. Sept. 26, 

1812. [m. , p.R.32.] 

Betsey and Simeon W. Leonard, May 19, 1828. 

Caleb Fraincisco and Nancy Tompson of Middleborough, int. 

Mar. 7, 1807. 
Caroline and Alvin [int. Albin] Chipman, July 28, 1833. 
Caroline L. and George Ward of Middleborough, Oct. 20, 1840. 
Charlotte M., 22, d. Seth and Charlotte, and Isaac H. Snell, 

22, farmer, s. Henry C. and Sally, May 21, 1848. 
Clarinda and Henry W. Pratt, Nov. 21, 1821. [Clarinda 

Leonard, d. (w. CliflFord Carver), and Henry W. 

Pratt, s. Capt. Simeon and Sarah, c.r.i. Henry W., s. 

Simeon and Sally (Willis), p.r.i.] 
Clarissa [int. Clarrissa] and Leonard Pratt, Dec. 3, 1818. 
Daniel and Phebe Leonard of Raynham, int. Nov. 3, 1781. 
Daniel [int. of Middleborough] and Polly Leonard, Apr. 7, 

1 791. [Daniel, p.c.r.] 
David [int. 2d] and Abigail Clark [int. Clerk], Jan. 17, 1796. 
David Jr. and Polly Pierce of Middleborough, int. Jan. 7, 1797. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Leonard, Deborah and Caleb Stevens of Randolph, int. Mar. 

28, 1840. 
Eliphalet Jr. of Easton and Silence Howard [int. Ha ward], 

July 4, 175s, in Easton. 
Elisabeth and Hezekiah Hooper, Oct. 11, 1758.* [Elizabeth, 

p.c.R. Elizebeth, c.r.i.] 
Enoch and Elisabeth Hooper, Feb. 12, 1706.* 
Enoch and Abigail Hamond, Apr. 10, 1788. [Hammond, p.c.R. 

Enock and Abigail Hayward, c.r.i. Enoch, P.R.105.] 
Fanny and Zephaniah Dean of Middleborough, Dec. 3, 1816. 
Franklin B. of S. Leeds, Me., and Almira Benson, int. Oct. 16, 

George F., blacksmith, and Lucy M. Conant, Nov. 29, 1843. 
Hannah and Timothy Mitchell, Aug. 20, 1783. 
Harriet of Middleborough and Manasseh Andrews, int. Aug. 

27, 1825. 
Huldah of Middleborough and Calvin Reckards, int. Oct. 5, 

Jacob [int. Capt.] and Mary Swift, Dec. 4, 1788. [Jacob, 

p.c.R. P.R.I. Capt. J., P.R.105.] 
James M. and Jane N. Thomson of Rochester, int. Sept. 8, 

James M., 24, tailor, s. Martin and Joanna, and Lusanna M. 

[int. omits M.] Bassett, 24, d. George and Hannah, May 

25, 1847. [James Martin Leonard, s. Martin and Joanna 

(Bessee), and Lucina M. Bassett, d. George and Hannah 

(Mitchell), P.R.I.] 
John and Naomi Curtice, Nov. 23, 1732.* 
Jonas and Chloe Allen of Oakham, int. Jan. 21, 1804. 
Jonathan and Martha Washburn, Apr. 25, 1758.* 
Josiah Jr. and Jemimah Washburn, Jan. 24 [1739-40].* 

[Joseph and Jemima Washburn, Jan. 24, 1739, c.r.i.] 
Keturah, d. Benjamin (s. Joseph, s. Jacob, s. Solomon) and 

Keturah (Briggs), and William Bishop of Glocester, R. I., 

[? in Bridgewater],* p.R.107. 

Keziah of Middleborough and Simeon Micthell, int. Nov. 13, 

Lewis and Betsey Leonard of Middleborough, int. Sept. 26, 

1812. [m. , P.R.32.] 

Lewis and Lucy B. Waterman of Kingston, int. Nov. i, 1846. 
Lois and James Capen [int. Jr. of Stoughton], Dec. 6, 1807 [date 

in later handwriting]. 
Loise [int. Lois] and John Croal Stetson, Apr. 16, 1795. 
Lucy and Alexander Alden, Jan. 5, 1792. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Leonard, Lucy of Middleborough and Benjamin Whitman 2d, 
May 24, 1796. 

Lucy and Ira Conant, Nov. 24, 1822. 

Lydia and John Porter, , "1758 or 1759,"* P.R.73. 

Lydia W. and Cyrus Benson Jr., Oct. 25, 1842. [Lydia Wash- 
burn Leonard, p.R.30.] 

Marcus and Polly Richards, int. Apr. 20, 1793. [Marcus of 
Pomfret, Vt., m. Jan. 9, 1794, p.c.r.] 

Martha and Cornelus Pratt, int. Dec. 31, 1786. 

Mart[i]n and Joanna Besse [int. Bessa], Dec. 3, 1818. [Bessee, 


Martin 2d and Joan D. Bradford, Jan. 2, 1837. 

Martin and Hannah Stutson, ,* p.R.32. 

Mary and Daniel Herington, Jan. 10, 1732-3.* [Daniel Her- 

rington of Malborough, c.r.i.] 
Mary and Jeremiah Conant, Mar. 21, 1782. 
Mary and Oliver Conant Jr., Sept. 14, 1823. 
Mary and Joseph Young of Wareham, Mar. 5, 1826. 
Mary and Isaac Keith 2d, Jan. 6, 1833. 
Nabby (see Abigail). 
Nahum and Rhoda Snell, Mar. 5, 181 2. 

Nathan and Thankful Besse [int. Thankfull Bessee] of Ware- 
ham, Nov. 22, 1744, in Wareham. 
Nehemiah and Phebe Pratt, Jan. 5, 1792. 
Oliva and Cephas Tomson of Middleborough, int. Feb. 20, 

Olive of Middleborough and Samuel Shaw, int. Sept. 29, 1781. 
Olive H. of Mansfield and Jabez Witherell, int. Oct. 24, 1847. 
Orville and Mary T. Hayward, Dec. 6, 1836. 
Phebe of Raynham and Daniel Leonard, int. Nov. 3, 1781. 
Phebe and Martin Benson, Nov, 30, 1823. 
Phebee and Eliab Byram, Dec. 3, 1741.* [Mrs. Phebe, p.c.r. 

Mrs. Phebe and Elyab Byram, c.r.i.] 
Philibert of Middleboroug[h] and Benjamin Hayward, int. Jan. 

10, 1807. 
Polly and Daniel Leonard [int. of Middleborough], Apr. 7, 

1791. [Daniel, p.c.r.] 
Polly and Silvanus Sturtevant, int. May 16, 1801. [Salvanus 

Stutavant, m. , p.R.32.] 

Polly, wid., and Clififord [int. Clefiford] Carver [of] Ray[n]ham, 

Sept. 29, 1806. 
Polly and Francis Perkins, Sept. 3, 1815. 
Rachel and William Swift, Apr. 16, 1795. 
Rachel S. and Dexter Marvel of Rehoboth, int. Mar. 30, 1844. 

* latentioQ not recorded. 


Leonard, Rebecca and Libeus Blossom [of] Easton [int. Eaton, 
N. H.], Feb. 5, 1804. [Liba, p.R.32.] 

Rebecca and Soranus Wentworth, Apr. 8, 1834. [Soranus, s. 
Theophilus and Betsey, p.R.90.] 

Roland [int. Rowland] and Lydia Smith of Walpole, Feb. 8, 
1787, in Walpole. 

Rosamond [int. Rosamon] and Nathan Shaw [int. of Middle- 
borough], Dec. 10, 1782. [Rosamond and Nathan Shaw, 
p.c.R. Vosamond and Nathan Shaw of Midleboro, c.R.i.] 

Rowland (see Roland). 

Ruth and Lazell Dean of Raynham, Mar. 15, 1789. 

Ruth and Ophir Mitchell, Oct. 9, 1803. [Ophir, s. Edward and 
Jane (Latham), p.r.i.] 

Samuel and Lydia Besse of Wareham, July 7, 1748, in Ware- 

Samuel Jr. and Mehitable Bennett of E. Bridgewater, int. 
Aug. 2, 1823. [Samuel and Mehitable Bennet, m. Sept. 4, 

Sarah and Isaac Pool, Dec. 20, 1743.* 

Sarah and Jonathan Bassett, June 6, 1813. 

Seth and Charlotte Dean [int. Deane], Nov. 8, 182 1. [Dean, 


Silas and Nabba Smith, Dec. 15, 1785. 

Silvanus (see Sylvanus). 

Simeon [int. Lennard] and Anna Smith of Lexington, Apr. 10, 

1764, in Lexington. 
Simeon and Boadicea Thomson of Middleboro, int. Mar. 22, 

1817. [Thompson, m. , p.r.i.] 

Simeon W. and Betsey Leonard, May 19, 1828. 

Solomon Jr. and Huldah Orcutt, Oct. 18, 1787. [Orcut, c.r.i. 

Orcutt, P.R.105.] 
Spencer and Mary Wood, May 2, 1805. 
Spencer Jr. and Cementha T. Sturtevant, Aug. 12, 1840. 

[Sturtivent, c.r.i. Sturtevant, p.R.81.] 
Sylvanus [int. Silvanus] and Eunice Kinsley, Nov. 19, 1787. 

[Sylvanus, p.c.r. Sylvanus, Nov. 4, c.r.i. Dr. S[il- 

vanu]s Lonard and Mrs. Eunice Kinsley, Nov. 4, p.R.105.] 
Thankfull and Rufus Conant, Sept. 28, 1783. [Thankful, 

p.c.R. Thankfull, c.r.i.] 
Timothy of Middleborough and Lydia Sears, int. Nov. 16, 1800. 
Zadock of Middleborough and Deborah Keith, June 10, 1766 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Ziba and Chloe Shaw of Middleborough, May 5, 1783 [? in 


* Intention not recorded. 


Leonard, Zilpha of Pomfret, Vt., and Cephas Kinsley, int. Dec. 

LEONORD (see Leanard, Learnard, Lennard, Lenord, Leon- 
ard), Clementina Maria [int. Clementiana Maria Leon- 
ard] and Levi Paine of Randolph, June 11, 1829. [Clem- 
entina Maria Leonard, C.R.3.] 

LEVIT (see Leavett, Leavitt), Tabitha and Jeremiah Thayer, 
Nov. II, 1756.* 

LEWIS, Abner of Middleboro[ugh] and Mercy Hall, Sept. 29, 

1763. [Sept. 25,p.c.R.] 
Hager, wid., and Jacob Tarbit, blacks, int. Oct. 7, 1820. 
Sally [int. Patty] and Edward Kelly of Warren, Aug. 23, 1801 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Samuel W. and Sally Clapp, Oct. 17, 1813. 

LICHFIELD, Desire of Pembroke and Cornelius Churchell, 
int. May 24, 1800. 

LINCOLN, Bridget of Raynham and Caesar Crane, blacks, int. 

Nov. 29, 1783. 
Charles and Rebecca Woods [int. Wood] Porter, Oct. 13, 1816. 
Cyrena and Ziba Bissbee, int. Apr. 9, 18 14. 
Deborah of Hingham and Artemas Hale, int. Oct. 28, 1815. 

[Artemas, b. Winchendon, s. Moses and Ruth Foster, m. 

, 1815, P.R.I.] 

Elizabeth of Taunton and Caleb Leach, int. Nov. 22, 1827. 
Gideon and Martha Perkins [int. negroes], Aug. 13, 1781. 
Hannah of Scituate and Perez Hayward [int. Peres Howard], 

Aug. 17, 1795, in Scituate. 
James of Cohasset and Nabby [int. Nabba] Mitchell, Feb. 20, 

1788. [Nabby Mitchel, p.c.r.] 
Kezia and Bela Curtis, Jan. 19, 1802 [dale in later handwriting, 

sic, int. Dec. 25, 1802]. 
Lucinda E. and Timothy M. Lincoln of Taunton, int. Mar. 12, 

Martha and Jacob Gardener of Augusta, int. May 17, 1806. 

Martha and Benjamin Gardner of Agusta, int. Aug. 16, 1806. 

Mary of Hingham and Isaac Harris, June 28, 1698, in Hing- 

Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Japhet Beal [int. Beals of 
Augusta, Me.], Oct. 2, 1803 [date in later handwriting]. 

Nathaniel Jr. and Sally Leach, June — , 1822,* p.R.43. 

Nehemiah and Kezia Packard, Nov. 24, [i7]48.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


Lincoln, Nehemiah [int. 2d] and Patty Packard, Jan. 10, 1802. 

Phebe and Thomas Macumber Jr., int. May 9, 1795. 

Ruel [int. Reuel] and Eunice Willis, Dec. 30 [Dec. 30 in later 

handwriting], 1804. 
Rufus and Lucy Ellis, int. Sept. 15, 1804. 
Sally and Titus Drake of Easton, int. Dec. i, 1792. 
Sally S. and Benjamin S. Kingman of Easton, Apr. 25, 1840. 
Susanna of Hingham and John Mitchell, Sept. 27, 1795, i" 

Hingham. [Susannah (second w.), p.r.i.] 
Timothy M. of Taunton and Lucinda E. Lincoln, int. Mar. 12, 

William of Tanton and Hannah Wade, Mar. 28, 1751.* [Mar. 

20, P.C.R.] 

LINDSAY (see Lindsey, Lindsly, Linsey), Mary and Nathanael 
Ames, Dec. 9,1734.* [Lindsey and Nath[anie]l Ames,c.R.i.] 

Tho[ma]s and Elisabeth Turner, Oct. 3,1745.* [Lindsey and 
Eliza[beth] Turner, p.c.r.] 

LINDSEY (see Lindsay, Lindsly, Linsey), Jane of Pembroke 

and George Turner, Nov. 9, 1758, in Pembroke.* 
John and Abigail Washburn, Feb. 7, 1734,* c.r.i. 
Lurana and Martin Howe, July 7, 1820. 
Thomas Jr. and Thankful] Bailey, Apr. 20, 1786. 

LINDSLY (see Lindsay, Lindsey, Linsey), James 2d [int. Lin- 
sey Jr. of Easton] and Phebe Pettengail [int. Pettingill] of 
Easton, June 24, 1779, in Easton. 

LINFIELD, Hannah and William Curtice, June 7, 1780.* 

[Linsfield and William Curtis, p.c.r.] 
Samuel of Randolph and Lois Howard, Nov. i, 18 12. 

LINNEL, Heman and Hannah Snow, Dec. 3, 1797.* 

LINSEY (see Lindsay, Lindsey, Lindsly), James [int. Gill- 
more] and Hannah Turner, Dec. 3, 1744. [Linsey, p.c.r.] 

LINSFORD, Margret [dup. (second w.)] and Sash, negro, 
Nov. II, 1724.* [This entry crossed out.] 

LION (see Lyon), Reubin of Milton and Abigail Dalie, int. 
Apr. 5, 1810. 

LISCOMB, Nehemiah of Stoughton and Sarah Hooper, May 
22, 1760.* 

LITCHFIELD (see Lichfield). 

• Intention not recorded. 


LITTLE, Anna of Pembroke and Jonathan Packard, Sept. 27, 

1789, in Pembroke.* 
Betsey Niles of Marshfield and Zoroaster Edson, int. Nov. 7, 

181 2. [Betsy Niles Little, d. George of Marshfield, and 

Zoroaster, s. Noah, m. , 1812, c.r.2.] 

Christian and Henry Paul Sterling of Providence [int. adds 

R. I.], Oct. 18, 1791. [Christiana, p.c.r.] 
Dina [int. Dinah] and Pompy [int. Pomp Mitchell of Rayn- 

ham], "Negro man," Mar. 8, 1787. [Dina and Pompey, "a 

negro man," p.c.r. Dina Litle and Pompey, " negro man," 

of Raynham, Mar. 18, c.r.i.] 
Lydia, Mrs., of Scituate, and Simeon Gannett, int. Sept. 23, 

Mary [int. Polly] of Hanover and Adams Bailey [int. Jr.], Dec. 

17, 1779, in Hanover. 
Nathaniel and Pamela Bradford of Duxborough, int. Oct. 29, 

Polly (see Mary). 

LITTLEFEILD (see Littlefield), Daniel and Rebecca Williams, 

wid., Dec. 5, 1732.* 
Martha [int. Littlefield] and Luke Keith [int. of Easton], Feb. 

4, 1768. [Littlefield and Luke Keith, p.c.r.] 
Susanna [int. Littlefield] and Edward Keith of Easton, Jan. 10, 

1765. [Susannah Littlefield, p.c.r.] 

LITTLEFIELD (see Littlef eild) , Charles of Stoughton and 
Ann Howard, Feb. 8, 182 1. 

Dan[ie]ll [int. Daniel Jr.] and Catherine [int. Catharine] Cole, 
Feb. II, 1762. [Daniel Jr. and Catharine Cole, p.c.r.] 

Dorrithy and John May, Apr. i, 1807 [date in later hand- 

Esther (Littl[e]field) and Samuel Soper, June 23, 1731.* 

Hannah of Randolph and Ezekiel Reed, int. Oct. 17, 1807. 

Mary and David Wade, Sept. 9, 1756.* 

Rebecca and Silas Kinsley of Easton, July 25, 1758, in Easton.* 

Sally of Stoughton and Sidney Howard, int. Sept. 16, 1820. 

Susanna and Joseph Ames, July 6, 1736.* 

LLOYD, Lydia (see Lydia Gloid). 

LONG, John and Susan C. Rounseville of Freetown, int. Sept. 
30, 1842. 

LOOK, Joseph and Susanna Rider of Middleborough, int. 
Apr. 22, 1797. 

• Intention not recorded. 


LORING, Caleb [int. of Plymton] and Sarah Packard [int. 

wid.], Mar. 3 [sic, int. Mar. 6], 1802. 
Deborah and Lemuel Kingman, Nov. 26, 1754. 
Hannah of Plymton and Lewis Ames, int. Feb. 4, 181 5. 
Ignatius and Bathsheba Bass, Aug. 22, 1750.* [Bathshabe, 


James and Jane Kingman, Jan. 31, 1770. 

James and Mercy Warren, Nov. — [int. Nov. 4], 1800. 

James and Jannett [int. Jannet] Whitman, June 4, 1809 [date 

in later handwriting]. 
John of Turner and Jannett Barrel [int. Barrell], Sept. 30, 

1794. [Barrel, p.c.r.] 
Lydia of Plimton and Ebenezer Porter, int. Mar. 30, 1754. 
Rebecca and Jacob Mitchel, Jan. 26, 1763. [Rebeccah, p.c.r.] 
Ruth, wid., and Isaac Kingman, Mar. 18, 1770. [Mar. 15, p.c.r.] 

LOTHROP (see Lathop, Lathroop, Lathrop, Lathroup), Avery 

and Hannah Dunbar, Mar. 23, 1819. 
Avery and Joanna Bacon of Randolph, int. Nov. 10, 182 1. 
Azel and Anna Eaton, May 12, 1805. 
Barnabas and Rachel Bartlett, Aug. 13, 1813. 
Bathsheba H. of W. Bridgewater and William Alger of W. 

Bridgewater, Feb. 13, 1832.* 
Betsey and Barnard Alger [int. of Easton], June 24, 1810. 
Betsey and Samuel Dunbar [int. 3d], Nov. 28, 181 1. 
Betsey and Warren French. Sept. 4, 1813. 
Bezar and Vesta Cobb of Mansfield, int. Feb. 5, 1820. 
Celia of Easton and Samuel Short, int. Mar. 8, 1806. 
Cyrus and Mary [int. Polly] Willis, Jan. 28, 181 1. 
Elijah and Levina Dunbar, June 20, 1818. 
Hannah R. [int. L.] and Leonard Alger, Apr. 26, 1821. 
Isaac Jr. [int. Lathrop 2d] of Easton and Celia Keith, Mar. i, 

Keziah [int. Kezia Lathrop] of Easton and Simeon Lothrop 

[int. Lathrop], Aug. 11, 1785, in Easton. 
Keziah [dup. Kezia] and Ezekiel Wilson [int. Willson of Me- 

thuen, Essex Co.], Feb. 2 [dup. Feb. 7], 1808. 
Lemuel (see Samuel) . 
Mark ( ) [int. Mark Lathrop] and Elizebeth [int. Bettie] 

Dickerman of Stoughton, Nov. 20, 1777, in Stoughton. 
Mark Jr. and Katey Howard, July 17, 1805. 
Oliver and Hannah Curtis of Stoughton, int. Dec. 3, 1803. 
Peres and Eliza Keith, Sept. 3, 1818. 
Polly and Jotham Ames, Aug. 9, 181 1,* P.R.41. 

• Intention not recorded. 


LoTHROP, Rebeccah of Easton and John Snow Jr., int. July 13, 

Rhoda [int. Lathrop] and Daniel Williams Jr. of Easton, Apr. 5, 

1763, in Easton. 
Sally and George Alger of Easton, Bristol Co., June 16, 1814. 
Samuel [int. Lemuel Lathrop] and Sarah Reed of Easton, 

Sept. 20, 1795, in Easton. 
Sarah and John Hearsey, Dec. 3, 1807. 

Seth and Metable Daly of Easton, June 9, 1757, in Easton.* 
Simeon [int. Lathrop] and Keziah Lothrop [int. Kezia Lathrop] 

of Easton, Aug. 11, 1785, in Easton. 
Simeon and Peggy Nevens of Salem, N. H., int. Feb. 14, 1807. 
Spencer and Bathsheba Howard, May 19, 181 2. 
Spencer, Capt., and Eleanor White of Millbury, int. Aug. 30, 

Susanna of Norton and Kingman Cook, int. May 11, 1834. 
Sylvia and Thaddeus Howard [int. Jr.], Apr. 7, 1810. 
Zephaniah Jr. and Lydia Ripley of Plymton, int. Apr. 18, 181 2. 

LOUD, Bazaliel and Abia Harris, Mar. 26, 1809 [date in later 

LOUDEN (see Lowden), Hannah and Calvin Reed, int. Aug. 

22, 1807. 
Jacob [int. Lowden] and Susanna Phillips, Dec. 4, 1794. 

[Lowden, p.c.r.] 

LOVEL (see Lovell), Andrew and Lydia Conant, Sept. 10, 

James [int. Lovell] and Dorcas Pratt, Nov. 28, 1754. 

LOVELL (see Lovel), James and Mary Johnson of Stoughton, 
int. Aug. 29, 1761. 

James [int. Lovel] and Hannah Forrester [int. Forrest], Mar. 
31, 1765, in Abington. 

James [int. Lovel] and Jemima [int. Jamima] Leach, July 14, 
1785. [Lovell and Jemima Leach, p.c.r.] 

Lucy Bethia [int. Bethiah] and John Hancock Brown of Frank- 
lin, N. J., Mar. 29, 1842. [Lucy Bethia, d. Shuball and 
Betsey, C.R.2.] 

Shubael,Dr.,ofBarnstable,andBethiaPerkins,int. May 6,1797. 

Shubael S. and Betsey Withrell [int. Witherell], June i, 1823. 
[Withrell, C.R.3.] 

LOWDEN (see Louden), Experience and Josiah Parris of 
Pembrook, July 23, 1788. [Lowdin, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


LowDEN, John and Susanna Clerk, Aug. 22, 1793. [Clark, 


Nathan[ie]ll [int. Nathanael Louden] of Duxborough and Ex- 
perience Pratt, Apr. 29, 1762. [Nathaniel Lowden of Dux- 
boro[ugh], P.C.R.] 

Richard Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Pembroke and Betsey Hatch, 
Jan. 9, 1788, in Pembroke. 

Sarah and Benjamin Darling [int. Darlin] of Pembroke, Jan. 27, 
1785. [Darling of Pembroke, p.c.r.] 

Susanna and Oliver Pratt, May 17, 1787. 

LUCAS, Abigail W. and Luther Clifford, Aug. 27, 1843. 
Desire of Middleborough and Azel Copeland, int. Aug. 20, 

Eliza E. and Walter Crocker, Nov. 30, 1837. 
Hannah T. of Hallifax and Benjamin W. Pratt of Taunton, 

May 23, 1832,* [Joannah T. of Halifax and Benjamin W. 

Pratt of Taunton, s. Simeon, c.R.i.] 
Isaac and Mary Ann Fobes, Sept. 4, 1836. [Mary Ann, d. 

Laban and Hannah (Richmond), Sept. 5, p.R.45.] 
Joanna T. (see Hannah T.). 
Joseph and Malatiah Cary, Nov. 9, 1727.* 

LULL, Lydia L. of Kingston and Dudley W. Jones, July 5, 


LUNSFORD (see Lansford), Michael and Elisabeth Hackben, 
Nov. 9, 1727.* 

LYON (see Lion), Hannah and John Hains, June 27, 1738,* 


Hannah of Middleborough and George Harris, int. Oct. 8, 

Lawson of Boston and Lucy Washburn, Apr. 22, 1813. [Lucy, 

d. Abram and Rebecca (Leonard), p.r.i. p.R.87.] 
Lucy and Abel Whitney of Boston, Oct. 14, 1826. [Mrs. Lucy, 


Mary and Martin Howe, int. Mar. 19, 1842. 

Molly [int. MoUey] of Middleborough and Isaac Tribou, Mar. 
6, 1 781 [? in Middleborough]. 

Richard W. and Mary Rider, May 22, 1831. [Mary, d. Sam- 
uel, C.R.I.] 

Vinel of N. Bridgewater and Demoris Keith of N. Bridgewater, 
Nov. 28, 1838.* [Vinal of N. Bridgewater and Damaris 
Keith of N. Bridgewater, Nov. 28, 1839, C.R.3.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


McBRIDE, Jo[h]n [int. Macbride] and Jane Willson [int. Wil- 
son], Jan. 16, 1755. [McBride and Jane Willson, p.c.r.] 

McCLENCH, Francis [sic, int. Frances] and Charles Angier, 

Oct. 14, 1796. 
Rebecca and John Skinner [int. Jr.] of Boston, Dec. 25, 1797. 

McCUE, Bridget and Matthew Callaghan, int. June 27, 1849. 

McDonald, John T. of W. Bridgewater and Achsa Munroe 
of W. Bridgewater, Dec. 11, 1831.* [Achsa of W. Bridge- 
water, d. Bennet of W. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 

McFADDEN, John and Mary Sullivan, int. Nov. 22, 1845, 

McFARLING, Susanna [int. Mcfarlane] and Asa Morse, June 
II, 1815. [Susannah Mafalane, June 10, p.r.i.] 

McINTIRE, Mary and Robert Morrison, Jan. 22, 1761.* 

MACOMBER (see Macumber), Betsey of Raynham and 
James Warren of Raynham, July 27, 1837.* [Macumber 
of Raynham, July 20, C.R.5.] 

Hannah S. and William H. Tirrell [int. Terrill], July 12, 1836. 

Isaiah and Susanna Harvey, int. Feb. 16, 1799. 

Lemuel and Sarah Hooper, int. Dec. 22, 1781. 

Levi [int. Macumber] of Middleborough and Hannah Fobes, 
Sept. 12, 1802 [? in Middleborough]. 

MACUMBER (see Macomber), David of Easton and Phebe 

Perkins, int. Mar. 2, 1805. 
Hannah and Benjamin Bassett, Nov. 17, 1737.* [Basset, c.r.i.] 
Ichabod of Easton and Sarah Howard, int. May 31, 1806. 
Joanna and Joseph Alden of Abington, int. Sept. 13, 1794- 
Joseph and Olive Reynolds, Apr. 9, 1798. 
Seth of Taunton and Phebe Smith, int. July 15, 1780. 
Thomas Jr. and Phebe Lincoln, int. May 9, 1795. 

MAGOWEN (see Magown), Hulda [int. Huldah Mungoon] of 
Pembroke and Jonathan Stetson, Dec. 16, 1791, in Pem- 

MAGOWN (see Magowen), Daniel of Pembroke and Mary 
Pincin, int. Sept. 28, 1816. 

MAHAUTON, Abigail (see Abigail Ahorten). 
Job, "Indian man," and Bula Spain, "Indian Woman," int. 
Oct. 5, 1865 [sic, ? 1765]. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Mahauton, Judith, "Indian woman," and James Speen, "In- 
dian man," int. Nov. 3, 1768. 

MAHUREN (see Mahurin, Mehuren, Mehurin), David [int. 
Mahurin] of Easton and Lucia [int. Lucy] Snow, June i, 
1767, in Easton. 

MAHURIN (see Mahuren, Mehuren, Mehurin), Bathsheba 
and Solomon Snow, Apr. 8, 1724.* 

Benjamin and Lidia Pratt, Dec. 23, 1731.* [Lydia, p.c.r. 
Mehuren and Lidia Pratt, c.R.i.] 

Benjamin and Mehetabel Williams, Sept. 25, 1749.* [Ma- 
hurine and Mehetable Williams, p.c.r.] 

Benjamin and Hannah Snow [int. wid.], Dec. 3, 1767. [Han- 
nah, P.C.R. Mehuren and Hannah Snow, c.R.i.] 

Benjamin and Mary Witherel [int. Wetherel], Jan. 28, 1771. 
[Witherel, p.c.r.] 

Hezekiah and Abigail Dickerman, Aug. 7, 1760.* [Mahurrin, 


Hugh and Mary Snell, Dec. 17, 1725.* 

Jonathan and Mary Packard, July 9, 1740.* [Mary, wid., p.c.r.] 
Jonathan and Ruth Kingman, Mar. 3, 1774. [Mehuren, c.R.i.j 
Josiah [dup. Mahuren] and Bethia Pratt, Oct. 26, 1769. [Ma- 
hurin and Bithia Pratt, p.c.r. Mehuren and Bethia Prat, 


Lucy Ann B. and Stephen G. Dickerman of Easton, int. June 7, 

Mary and William Basset, Feb. 19, 1718-19.* 
Mary and Nathan Washburn, Apr. 20, 1748.* [Mehurine and 

Nathan Washburne, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and John Mitchel, Nov. 28, 1751.* [Mahurian, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Benjamin Orcut, Sept. 16, 1773. [Mehuren, c.r.i.] 

MAKEPEACE, Ruth of Norton and Cyrus Snow, int. July 4, 

MALLET, Betty [int. Bettie] and Tho[ma]s Hammond [int. 
Harmon], blacks, Apr, 18, 1770. 

MALONA, Sally and Azel Deane of Norton, int. Dec. 29, 1797. 

MAN (see Mann), Experience and William Washburn, Jan. 13, 

MANCHESTER, Freelove of Cranston, R. I., and Noah Whit- 
man, int. July 4, 1767. 

• Intention not recorded. 


MANDEL, Moses [dup. Mandall, int. Mandell] of Dorchester, 
and Ann Pierce [dup. and int. Peirce], Mar. 21, 1819. 

MANLEY (see Manly), Betsey and [int. Capt.] Abel Kingman, 

Nov. 16, 1807 [date in later handwriting]. 
Daniel Jr. and Phebe Howard, Aug. i, 1782. 
Daniel and Sarah Monk [int. Munk of Stoughton], Nov. 23, 

1790. [Manly and Sarah Monk, p.c.r.] 
David of Easton and Joanna Turner, Apr. 8, 1751.* [Apr. 8 

[1752], P.C.R.] 
Hayward and Sarah Hayward, Mar, 24, 1816. 
Josiah [int. of Easton] and Elisaboth [int. Elizabeth] Bryant, 

Aug. 16, 1789. [Josiah and Elizabeth Carr sic, p.c.r.] 
Lewis and Martha Lucy Hanley, int. June 2, 1793. 
Melinda and Isaac Hartwell Jr., int. June 3, 1809. 
Olive and Joseph Hayward, Oct. 20, 1768. 
Olive and Roloson Marshall [int. of Stoughton], June 26, 1808 

[date in later handwriting]. 
Polly and Nathan Packard, May 31, 181 5. 
Rebecca (see Rebecca Randell). 
Rebeccah [int. Rebecca] and Jeremiah [sic, Jerathmeel, int. 

Jerahmeel] Hayward, Feb. 16, 1802. 
Rowena and Jacob Niles of Randolph, Oct. 1 1 [sic, int. Nov. 5], 

Sally of Easton and Seth Grossman, int. Jan. 16, 1813. 
Sally and Charles Clapp, Oct. 6, 1816. 
Sarah and George Howard 3d, May 29, 1808 [date in later 

Silvia and Zephaniah Lathrop, Mar. 17, 1791. 
Susan and Jonas H. Keith, Aug. 4, 1816. 
Susanna and Martin Hayward, June 16, 1808 [date in later 

Sylvia (see Silvia). 

Timothy of Easton and Susanna Packard, Apr. i, 1762. 
Vesta [dup. Manly] and Daniel Hayward 3d [dup. omits 3d], 

May 8, 1817. 

MANLY (see Manley), Nathan[ie]ll [int. Nathanael] and Bettie 

Hayward, Nov. 26, 1778. 
Thomas and Lidia Field, Oct. 2, 1701.* 
William of Easton and Abigail Tuel, int. Aug. 28, 1773. 

MANN (see Man), Anna of Stoughton and Elisha Ames [int. 

Fames], Sept. 4, 1791, in Stoughton. 
James and Jane Corner [int. Conner], blacks, Oct. 10, 1805. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Mann, Joseph [int. Jr. of Randolph] and Eunice Warren, Feb. 
14 [Feb. 14 in later handwriting], 1805. 

MANTER, Bethiah D. of Fairhaven and Salmon F. Perry, int. 
Dec. 6, 1844. 

MANTON, Edward and Mehitable Field, wid., Nov. 13, 1733.* 

M ARABLE, Ephraim and Susanna Barnham, Feb. 8, 1704-5.* 

MARCY (see Mercy), Charles of Plymouth and Abigail Pack- 
ard, May 24, 181 2. 

MARKAM, Margret and Nathan Pettingail, Mar. 6, 1775. 

MARSH, Caleb, Dr., of Hannover, and Deborah Hobart, int. 
Jan. 17, 1795. "S'' Deborah forbid her Said Publish- 

Martha [int. Howard] and Daniel Howard Cary, Apr. 19, 181 2. 

MARSHAL (see Marshall), Benjamin and Mary Hay ward, 
Dec. 29, 1768. [Marshall, p.c.r.] 

MARSHALL (see Marshal), Abigail and Waldo Field, Dec. 4, 

Benjamin and Polly Howard, Nov. 28, 1820. 
Gannett of Stoughton and Mary Hay ward, int. July 21, 18 10. 
Hayward [int. of Stoughton] and Olive Hayward, June 8, 1794. 
Roloson [int. of Stoughton] and Olive Manley, June 26, 1808 

[date in later handwriting]. 

MARSTERS (see Masters). 

MARSTON, Elsabeth [int. Elisabeth] of Boston and Sylvanus 
[int. Silvanus] Packard, Aug. 19, 1777. [Elisabeth of 
Boston and Sylvanus Packard, p.c.r.] 

MARVEL, Dexter of Rehoboth and Rachel S. Leonard, int. 

Mar. 30, 1844. 
Ephraim and Hannah Howel, Feb. 11, 1737-8.* [Ephraim of 

Easton, Feb. i, c.r.i.] 

MASCHY, Mercy (see Mercy Nachy). 

MASTERS, Alonzo and Maria S. Washburn, d. Solomon and 

Sarah, , in New York City.* [Marsters and Marcia 

Washburn, d. Solomon, p.R.36.] 

MATHARECK, Quark and Chloe Ranyard, int. Sept. 29, 1787. 

* Intention not recorded. 


MATTESON, Margrett [int. Margret] and Michael Fitz- 
gerald [int. Fitz Gerald], July 9, 1771. [Margeret Matti- 
son and Michail Fitchgerald, p.c.r.] 

MATTHEWS, Sukey of Sidney and Edmund Hayward, int. 
Aug. 4, 1792. 

MAXHAM (see Muxam), Ransom and Ruth S. Chandler of 
Kingston, int. Sept. 15, 1835. 

MAY, John and Dorrithy Littlefield, Apr. i, 1807 [date in later 

Mary and Nathan[ie]ll Wetherel of Norton, Oct. 9, 1755.* 
Michel of Easton and Elizetheth Bolton, July 27, 1727, in 

Susanna [int. Sussanna] and Jo[h]n Doughty, July 5, 1753. 

MAYO, Bathsheba A. of Plymouth and Joseph G. Thayer of 
E. Stoughton, Mar. 21, i8:^[blotted, ? 1830], in Stoughton,* 

MEADS (see Meed). 

MEAR, Amie and William Wood, Jan. 2, 1753.* 

MEECH, Asa, Rev., and Polly De Witt of Norwich, int. 

Mar. 13, 1802. 
Asa, Rev., and Maria Dewitt [dup. De Witt], Nov. 19, 1809. 

MEED, William Peirce [int. William Pearce Meads] of Brain- 
tree and Jane Eddy, June 27, 1786. [William Peirce Meed 
of Braintree, p.c.r, William Pierce Meed of Brantree, 
June 28, C.R.I.] 

MEHUREN (see Mahuren, Mahurin, Mehurin), Abigail [int. 

Mehurin] and Luther Hall of Raynham, Dec. 4, 1781. 

[Mehurin, p.c.r.] 
Benjamin and Anna Leonard of Raynham, int. Jan. 13, 1798. 
Bethiah of Pembroke and Ezra Churchell, int. Jan. 11, 1800. 
Hannah and Joseph French, Nov. 18, 1784. [Mehurin [dup. 

Mehuren], p.c.r. Mehuren, c.r.i.] 
Isaac and Mary Allen, Jan. 18, 1781. [Mehurin, p.c.r.] 
Lucy and Martin Conant Jr., Feb. 23, 1806. 
Susanna of Easton and Seth Burr, int. Apr. 14, 1782. 

MEHURIN (see Mahuren, Mahurin, Mehuren), Josiah [int. 
Mahurin] and Martha Conant, Oct. 14, 1779. [Mehurin, 
p.c.r. Mehuren, c.r.i. Mehurin, p.r.i.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Mehurin, Rhoda and George Morse, May 13, 1827. 
Ruth and Leander Hathaway of Wareham, Oct. 9, 1827. 

MERCY (see Marcy), Hannah of Plymouth and Joseph 
Sanger, int. Sept. 13, 1812. 

MERRIT (see Merritt), Ezekiel [int. Merritt] and Sarah Snow, 
Apr. 20, 1788. [Merritt, p.c.r.] 

MERRITT (see Merrit), Betsey [int. of Hanover] and Levi 
French, May 5, 1799. 

Ezekiel and Lydia Knapp, Nov. 2, 1809 [daie in later hand- 

MICHELL (see Micthell, Mitchel, Mitchell), Jacob and De- 
liverance Kingman, Jan. i, 1695-6.* 
Mary and Samuell Kingman, Jan. i, 1695-6.* 
Thomas and Elizabeth Kingman, Jan. i, 1695-6.* 

MICTHELL (see Michell, Mitchel, Mitchell), Simeon and 
Keziah Leonard of Middleborough, int. Nov. 13, 1819. 

MILLER, Ann and Tho[ma]s Henry [int. of Boston], Mar. 21, 

Elizabeth of Middleborough and Noah Alden, int. Mar. 16, 

John of Midleboro[ugh] [int. Hallifax] and Sarah Lennard, 
May 28, 1778. [John of Midleboro and Sarah Leonard, 


Rebecca, Mrs., of Milton, and Dr. Giles Church, int. Oct. 20, 

Seth of Middleborough and Hannah Alden, int. Aug. 20, 1796. 

MINGGLES, Asa and Merribah Williams, colored, int. Sept. 
25, 1831. 

MINGO, Samuel and Chloe Doty [int. molattos], Dec. 3, 1778. 
[Cloe Dote, c.r.i.] 

MITCHEL (see Michell, Micthell, Mitchell), Alice and John 

Keith, June 16, 1763. [Mitchell, p.c.r.] 
Ann [int. Anne] and Solomon Washburn, Mar. 17, 1773. [Anne 

Mitchell, d. Seth, and Solomon Washburn, s.Josiah,p.R,36.] 
Gushing and Jennit [int. Jannet] Orr, Sept. 26, 1765. [Jennit, 


Deborah and Samuel [int. Sam[ue]ll] Lennard Jr., May 27, 
1777. [Samuel Leonard, c.r.i. Mitchell and Samuel 
Leonard, p.r.i. p.R.32.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


MiTCHEL, Edward Jr. and Jane Latham, Sept. 30, 1762. 

[Mitchell, Oct. — , p.r.i. Mitchell, P.R.73.] 
Eliphaz and Bettie Smith, int. Apr. 26, 1777. 
Elisabeth and Eliezer Keith, Sept. 11, 1760.* [Elizabeth Mitch- 
ell and Eleazer Keith, p.c.r.] 
Jacob and Rebecca Loring, Jan. 26, 1763. [Rebeccah, p.c.r.] 
John and Sarah Mahurin, Nov. 28, 1751.* [Mahurian, p.c.r.] 
Mary [int. of Stoughton] and Luther Jotham, blacks, Apr. 8, 

1778. [Mitchell, P.C.R.] 
Nathan and Ann [int. Anne] Gary, Apr. 25, 1754. [Mitchell 

and Ann Gary, p.c.r. Hon. Nathan Mitchell and Ann 

Gary, d. Jonathan, p.R.73.] 
Seth and Mary Wade, Feb. 21, 1760.* 
Susanna and Joseph Packard, Dec. 31, 1724.* 
Susanna and Galeb Keith, Dec. 26, 1777. 
Theodore [int. Mitchell] and Ruhamah [int. Ruhama] Newton, 

Oct. 22, 1798. [Theadore Mitchell, s. Edward and Jane 

(Latham), and Ruhamah Newton, p.r.i.] 
Tho[ma]s [int. Mitchell of Stoughton] and Rebecca Colly [int. 

Golley], melatoes, Mar. 8, 1744. 
Tho[ma]s of Stoughton and Jenny Dotey, int. Mar. 15, 


MITCHELL (see Michell, Micthell, Mitchel), Alice and WU- 
liam Harris, May 14, 1788. 

Ann Maria and Jonathan L. Reading of Raynham, int. Aug. 
25, 1845. 

Anna and Nahum Washburn, int. Dec. 4, 1816. 

Asa of Windham [New Gloucester written below entry] and 
Bethiah Lazell, int. Feb. 22, 1806. 

Bela and Mary Gordelia Seaver of Taunton, Oct. 26, 1835, in 
Taunton. [Bela, s. Daniel and Eunice (Mitchell), and 
Mary G. Seaver, d. Benjamin and Mary (Porter), p.R.73.] 

Bethiah, Mrs. [int. wid.], and George [int. adds Y.] Phillips, 
Dec. 29, 1812. 

Bradford and Meribah Keen, Nov. 9, 1801. 

Galeb and Jane Keith, Dec. 10, 181 1. [Galeb, s. John and Anna 
(Byram), p.r.i.] 

Garoline and Philo Keith, June 22, 1835. [Garoline, d. Thea- 
dore and Ruhamah (Newton), and Philo Keith, s. Isaac 
and Joannah (Pratt) (Bessee), p.r.i.] 

Gelia and Arthur Harris, June 14, 1781. 

Gelia and Gharles Keen, Aug. 11, 1802. 

Gharles and Bethiah Orr Glift [int. Gleft], Nov. 25, 1813. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Mitchell, Chushing, Ens. [int. Gushing Mitchel, omits Ens.], 
and Hannah Newton [int. wid.], Mar. 15, 1780. [Ens. 
Gushing Mitchell and Hannah Newton, p.c.r.] 

Gushing [int. Maj.] and Lusanna T. [int. omits T.] Pratt, Apr. i, 
1822. [Maj. Gushing Mitchell of E. Bridgewater and 
Lucina Tucker Pratt, d. Gapt. Asa and Lydia of S. Bridge- 
water, in E. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 

Daniel and Eunice Mitchell, Nov. 19, 1795. [Eunice, d. Ed- 
ward and Jane (Latham), p.r.i. p.R.73.] 

Daniel [int. Jr.] and Gatharine Warren Brigham [int. of West- 
borough], b. Westborough, May 19, 1840, in Westborough. 

Edward Jr. [int. 3d, omits Jr.] and Ghloe Washburn, Oct. 21, 
1789. [Edward Jr., p.c.r. Edward, s. Edward and Jane 
(Latham), and Gloe Washburn, p.r.i. Edward and Ghloe 
Washburn, Oct. 11, p.R.92.] 

Edward, s. Edward and Ghloe (Washburn), and Margaret 
Seaver, June 24, 1830, in Taunton,* p.R.92. 

Elisha and Hannah Tomson of Hallifax, int. Jan. 18, 1781. 

Elizabeth G. and Alpheus Leach Jr., June 22, 1826. [Alizaboth 

C, P.R.43-] 

Emeline and John B. Winslow, Nov. 26, 1829. [Emeline, d. 
Gloe, wid., c.r.i. Emeline, d. Edward and Gloe (Wash- 
burn), P.R.I. Emmeline, d. Edward and Ghloe (Wash- 
burn), p.R.92.] 

Eunice and Daniel Mitchell, Nov. 19, 1795. [Eunice, d. Ed- 
ward and Jane (Latham), p.r.i. p.R.73.] 

Eunice [int. Eunic] and William Dunbar, June 3, 1827. [Eu- 
nice, d. Daniel Esq., and William Dunbar, s. Peter, c.r.i. 
Eunice, d. Daniel and Eunice (Mitchell), p.r.i.] 

George and Bethiah Keith, Nov. 29, 1820. 

Hannah [int. Mitchel, wid.] of Abington and John Whitman, 
Sept. 30 [sic, int. Oct. 12], 1765, in Abington. 

Hannah and George Bassett, Dec. 7, 1819. 

Harriot [int. Harriet] and Nathaniel Morton Davis [int. Esq.] 
of Plymouth, July 8, 181 7. 

Henry of E. Bridgewater and Elizabeth G. Daniels, int. May 
18, 1834. 

Jacob and Sally [int. Salle] Whitman, wid. [int. omits wid.], 
Sept. 4, 1783. [Sally, p.c.r.] 

Jacob and Jerusha Latham, Apr. 14, 1791. 

Jane of Enfield and Walter Hay ward, int. Sept. 9, 1835. 

Jane (see Jenna). 

Janet (see Jennit). 

Jenna [int. Jena] and Edward Hayward, Oct. 16, 1782. [Jenna, 
P.C.R. Jenna Mitchel, C.R.I. Jane Mitchell, Oct. 15, P.R.19.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Mitchell, Jennit [int. Jannet] and Daniel Bryant of Water- 
town, Sept. 24, 1789. [Jennet, p.c.r.] 

John and Anna Byram, Sept. 24, 1781. [Anna (first w.), p.r.i.] 

John and Susanna Lincoln of Hingham, Sept. 27, 1795, in 
Hingham. [Susannah (second w.), p.r.i.] 

Julia A. and Gaius Holmes, int. Nov. 19, 1840. 

Keziah and Hubard D. Benson, Jan. 9, 1842. 

Lucia and Joseph Hooper, int. Nov. 17, 1792. [m. Dec. 9, 
P.C.R. P.R.I. m. Dec. 7, p.R.54.] 

Lucretia and Josiah Bassett, Oct. i, 1820. 

Lusanna (see Susanna). 

Lydia, "Mitchell alies Ashport," and Augustus Caesar of 
Boston, blacks, int. Sept. 18, 1802. 

Mary and Maj. [int. omits Maj.] James [int. adds Seymore] 
Allen of Boston, Sept. 29, 1816. [James Allen, p.r.i.] 

Melinda and Oliver Alden Jr., int. Sept. 11, 1819. [m. Oct. 24, 
P.R.I. Melinda, d. Edward and Chloe (Washburn), m. 
Oct. 24, P.R.92.] 

Molly and James Keith Jr., May 4, 1780. 

Nabby [int. Nabba] and James Lincoln of Cohasset, Feb. 20, 
1788. [Nabby Mitchel, p.c.r.] 

Nahum and Nabby Lazell, June 11, 1794. 

Nahum of Raynham and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Chloe Cross- 
man, May 24, 1828. [Mrs. Chloe Crossman, d. Lt. Na- 
thaniel Pratt, C.R.I.] 

Nathan, Lt., and Rachell Byram, int. Oct. 19, 1793. [Rachel, 
m. Nov. 9, P.C.R. Rachel, m. Nov. 7, p.r.i. Nathan 2d, 

s. Nathan Sr. and Anne (Cary), and Rachel B , m. 

Nov. 7, P.R.74.] 

Olive and Dr. [int. omits Dr.] Rufus Walker of West Port, 
Dec. II, 1814. [Olive, d. Edward and Chloe (Washburn), 
and Dr. Rufus Walker, p.R.92.] 

Oliver and Armelia Gannett, June 13, 1791- [Olivir and Ame- 
lia Gannett, p.c.r.] 

Ophir and Ruth Leonard, Oct. 9, 1803. [Ophir, s. Edward and 
Jane (Latham), p.r.i.] 

Peter and Sally Fortune, blacks, int. Nov. 17, 1787. 

Philo and Asenath S. Keith, Nov. 15, 1835. 

Polly B. [int. omits B.] and Lewis Bryant of Halifax, Nov. 21, 
1824. [Polly B., d. Ophir dec'd, c.r.i. Polly B., p.r.i. 
Polly, d. Ophir and Ruth, and Lewis Bryant, s. Ben- 
j[ami]n and Bethiah, p.R.33.] 

Pompy ( ) [int. Pomp Mitchell of Raynham], "Negro 

man," and Dina [int. Dinah] Little, Mar. 8, 1787. [Pompey, 

• Intention not recorded. 


"a negro man," and Dina Little, p.c.r. Pompey, "negro 

man," of Raynham, and Dina Litle, Mar, 18, c.r.i.] 
Rebecca and Obadiah [int. Obediah] Wallis [int. of Stoughton], 

blacks. Mar. 4, 1789. [Obadiah, p.c.r.] 
Reuben and Anna [int. Anne] Wade, Oct. 23, 1783. [Anna, p.c.r.] 
Rotheus and Hepza [int. Hipza] Hayward, Apr. 3, 1783. 

[Hepza, P.C.R.] 
Sally W. and Silas P. Robbins of Middleborough [dup. crossed 

out, Middleboro], int. Mar. 25 [dup. crossed out, Mar. 4], 

Sarah [int. Mitchel] and Benjamin Harris Jr., Jan. 27, 1791. 

[Mitchell, P.C.R.] 
Sarah and Grenville Carver, int. June 29, 1844. [Grenville, s. 

John and Sukey (Snell), m. July 14, p.R.27.] 
Seth and Ann Latham, Dec. 21, 1738.* 
Seth [int. Jr.] and Lusanna Wood [int. Susanna Woods], Apr. 3, 

1794. [Seth and Susanna Wood, p.c.r.] 
Silva and Jesse Williams of Boston, blacks, int. Sept. 9, 181 5. 
Silvanus Lazell and Lucia [Lucia written below Lydea crossed 

out] Whitman of Portland, Me., int. May 13, 1820. 
Simeon W. and Mrs. Lydia M. Caswell of Middleborough, int. 

July 16, 1842. 
Susa and Asa Forrest of Hallifax, Feb. 20, 1787. 
Susanna [int. Lusanna] and Marlborough Williams, Mar. 20, 

1783. [Susanna, p.c.r. Susanna and Malboro Williams, 


Sylvia and Hugh Orr Jr., Mar. 9, 1785. 

Sylvia (see Silva). 

Thomas and Keziah Swift of Plymouth, Dec. 6, 1757, in 

Thomas [int. of Easton] and Abigail Howard, Oct. 27, 1783, 

[Thomas, p.c.r.] 
Thomas and Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] Alden, Apr. 6, 1797. 
Timothy and Hannah Leonard, Aug. 20, 1783. 
William and Betsey Dumber, int. Mar. 12, 1793. [Dunbar, 

m. , P.R.I.] 

William and Susan Forrist, int. June 16, 1821. 

W[illia]m, 26, shoemaker, s. Caleb and Jane, and Paulina [int. 

Pauline] Inglee, 25 [int. of Halifax], d. Robert and Lucy 

of Halifax, Oct. 24, 1847. [William 2d and Paulina Inglee 

of Halifax, in W. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 
William S. and Fanny B. Swift, July 20, 1842. 
Zenas and Nabby Washburn, Dec. 15, 1796. 
Zilpha and Eleazer Keith Jr., int. Nov. i6, iSoo. 

* Intention not recorded. 


MONK, Bathsheba and John Dyer, Aug. 23, 1768. [Bashe- 

bah, C.R.I.] 
Christopher [int. Christophur] of Stoughton and Hannah 

Phinney, Mar, 6, 1783, in Stoughton. 
Elias [int. of Stoughton] and Elisabeth [int. Eliz[abeth]] Buck, 

June 28, 1744. 
Elias and Elisabeth Wright, May 27, 1752.* [Elizebeth, p.c.r.] 
Elias Jr. of Stoughton and Alice Churchel [int. Churchill], 

Dec. 10, 1772, in Stoughton. 
Elisabeth and Moses Downing, int. Feb. 25, 1769. 
Enoch of Stoughton and Silence Willis, int. Sept. 25, 1784. 
Frelove of Easton and Jervis [int. James] Snow, Apr. 3, 1794, 

in Easton. 
George [int. of Easton] and Amie French, wid., July 15, 1798. 
Mary and Stoughton Willis, Nov. 2, 1767. 
Mary (see Mary Bunk). 
Sarah [int. Munk of Stoughton] and Daniel Manley, Nov. 23, 

1790. [Monk and Daniel Manly, p.c.r.] 

MONROE (see Munro, Munroe), Almira S. [dup. Munroe] of 
Taunton and William H. Cushing of Raynham, Sept. 24, 
1843 [dup. May 4, 1844].* 

Sylvester C, Mrs., of Hanson, and George Gross, int. Apr. 23, 

MONTGOMERY, John [int. Jr.] of Middleboroug[h] and 

Margret Hendry [int. Hendrey], Feb. 28, 1771. 
Sarah and W[illia]m Morrison, Nov. 10, [i7]48.* 

MOORE (see More), Catharine and James Bradley, Feb. 21, 

Sarah and Josiah Hayward, Oct. 11, 1738.* [More, p.c.r.] 
Theodosius and Sarah Pryer, June 30, i'j2['worn]* 
Thomas and Mary Hamblen of Abington, Sept. 24, 1746, in 


MORA (see Morey), Margrett and James Shaw, Aug. 10, 
1752.* [Margerett Murry, p.c.r.] 

MORE (see Moore), George [int. Moore] of Burlington and 
Olive Sanger, Oct. 27, 1815. [Moore of Burlington [Vt.] 
and Olive Sanger, d. Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), p.r.i.] 

MOREY (see Mora), John of Norton and Abigail Fobes, July 

18, 1776. 
Polly [and] Lemuel Dunbar, Aug. 13, 1795. 

• Intention not recorded. 


MoREY, William [int. of Norton] and Susanna Fobes, June 20 
[1780]. [William, June 26, p.c.r.] 

MORISON (see Morrison), Alexander and Mary Asken of 
Abington, Aug. 21, 1755, in Abington.* 

MORRISON (see Morison), Alexander of Blanford and Mo- 
hitteble Henry, wid., Dec. 18, 1783, in Blanford.* 

John and Elisabeth Giffen [int. Gifl&n], Oct. 27, 1766. [Eliza- 
beth Giffen, p.c.r.] 

Robert and Mary Mclntire, Jan. 22, 1761.* 

W[illia]m and Sarah Montgomery, Nov. 10, [i7]48.* 

MORSE (see Moss), Abner [dup. int. of Middleborough] and 

Polly Woods [int. and dup. int. Mary Woodwiss], July 4, 

Asa and Susanna McFarling [int. Mcfarlane], June 11, 18 15. 

[Susannah Mafalane, June 10, p.r.i.] 
Baruk of Stoughton and Rhoda Gurney, int. Feb. 23, 181 1. 
Betsey B. of Abington and William E. Gardner, int. Oct. 24, 

Deborah and William Bonney of Stoughton, int. Nov. 25, 1790. 
George and Rhoda Mehurin, May 13, 1827. 
Obadiah and Deborah T. Rider, int. Oct. 10, 1844. 
Parnel and Jacob Willis, int. Feb. 14, 1801. 
Rebecca of Stoughton and Calvin Bryant, int. Nov. 26, 1791. 
Sihon [int. of Stoughton] and Polly Ripley, July 2, 1804. 
Susan, 31, d. Asa and Susanna, and Hollis E. Howard, 27, 

nailor, of Taunton, Dec. 23, 1849. 
Susan W., Mrs., of Groton, and Jacob Perkins, int. May 12, 


MORTIS, Hannah and Luther Aspport [int. Ashport], blacks. 
Mar. 16, 1820. 

MORTON, Hannah of Middleboro[ugh] and Abiel [Abiel 

written above Enoch crossed out] Edson, int. Oct. 29, 1774. 
Nathaniel [int. 3d of Freetown, Bristol Co.] and Mary Cary, 

Mar. 17, 1782. [Nathaniel, p.c.r. Nathaniel of Free- 

toun, C.R.I.] 
Nathan[ie]ll and Lucy Wasburn, Sept. 13, 1757.* 
Nathan[ie]ll and Rebecca Morton of Freetown, int. Apr. 4, 1767. 
Patience of Carver and Benjamin Robbins Jr., int. Nov. 26, 

Rebecca of Freetown and Nathan[ie]ll Morton, int. Apr. 4, 


* IntentioB not recoided. 


Morton, Seth and Hepzibah Packard, Sept. 12, 1757.* [Hep- 
sibah, P.C.R.] 

MOSES, Betty and James Wiket, Mar. 5, 1741.* [Wickett, 
Indians, p.c.r, Jeams Wicket, Mar. 11, c.r.i.] 

MOSS (see Morse), Polly and Barnebas Horton of Wenchester, 
N. H., int. Aug. 28, 1784. 

MOYLES, Margrett and Mathew Stuart of Boston, int. Aug. 8, 


MUIRHEAD, William and Lucy Bradford, Sept. 30, 1832. 
MUNDUNHAM, William (see William Donham). 
MUNGOON, Huldah (see Hulda Magowen). 
MUNK (see Monk). 

MUNRO (see Monroe, Munroe), Alexander and Mary Hutch- 
inson, June 25, 1776. 

Benjamin of Hallifax and Mary Washburn, Dec. 6, 1787. 
[Monro of Halifax, c.r.i. Manroe of Hallifax and Molly 
Washburn, p.R.105.] 

Bennett and Sylvester C. Munro, Aug. 28, 1825. [Sylvester C, 
d. Henry, c.r.i. Sylvester C, d. Henry and Deborah 
(Pincheon), p.r.i.1 

Celia P. and William Scott, Sept. 25, 1825. [Celia P., d. Henry, 


Elizabeth and George Nickols [int. Nickals], Oct. 23, 1790. 

[Nickols, P.C.R.] 
Henry Jr. [int. Munroe] of Hallifax and Deborah Delano [int. 

wid.],Jan.8,i8oo. [MunroeandDeborah (Pincheon), p.r.i.] 
Henry Jr. and Anna Hayward of E. Bridgewater, Oct. 2, 1825. 

[Henry Jr., s. Henry, c.R.i. [dup. Munroe] s. Henry and 

Deborah (Pincheon), p.r.i.] 
Nathan and Lucy C. [int. omits C.] Conant of Hanson, May 14, 

1826. [Nathan, s. Henry, and Lucy C. Conant of Hanson, 

C.R.I. Nathan [dup. Munroe, s. Henry and Deborah 

(Pincheon)] and Lucy C. Conant, p.r.i.] 
Sylvester C. and Bennett Munro, Aug. 28, 1825. [Sylvester 

C, d. Henry, c.r.i. Sylvester C, d. Henry and Deborah 

(Pincheon), p.r.i.] 

MUNROE (see Monroe, Munro), Achsa of W. Bridgewater 
and John T. McDonald of W. Bridgewater, Dec. 11, 183 1.* 
[Achsa of W. Bridgewater, d. Bennet of W. Bridgewater, 


* IntentioB not recorded. 


MuNROE, Benjamin [int. Jr.] of Hallifax and Therea [int. 

Thirza] Curtis, Aug. 27, 181 2. 
Betsy [int. Betsey] and Thomas Perkins, May 14, 1819. 
Daniel of Taunton and Philibert Christian, int. Apr. 6, 1809. 
Dorcas [int. adds W.] and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] James Sabine 

of Bethel, Vt., Oct. 11, 1840. [Dorcas, wid. Rev. Matthias, 

and Rev. James Sabine of Bethel, Vt., c.r.2.] 
Eunice of W. Bridgewater and Seneca Folsom, Dec. 11, 1831. 

[Eunice, d. Bennet of W. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 
Henry and Mrs. Lucy C. Conant of Hanson, int. May 15, 1831. 
Louisa and Joshua Sturtevant of N. Bridgewater, int. June 15, 

Lydia P. of E. Bridgewater and John C. Harden, Dec. 26, 1838. 
Sarah of Pembroke and Kingman Cook, int. Mar. 18, 1815. 
Snow W. and Lydia T. Sampson, Apr. 20, 1857. [Monroe, C.R.3.] 

MURDOCK, Deborah and Nathan Cobb of Jersey City, N. J., 

int. June 29, 1839. 
Susanna of Middleborough and Aberdeen Keith, Feb. 20, 1806 

[? in Middleborough]. 

MURRAY (see Murrey), Margaret (see Margrett Mora). 

MURREY (see Murray), Abigail and Reuben Washburn, int. 
Dec. 10, 1743. 

MUXAM (see Maxham), Eunice and Joseph Smith Jr., Nov. 

14, 1799. 
John and Silence Pratt, Sept. 15, 1748.* [Silance, p.c.r.] 
Joseph and Ann Conant, Mar. 8, 1764. [Muxem, c.r.i.] 
PhiUbert and George Christial, Oct. 11, 1789 [? in Middle- 

MYRICK, Rachel, wid., of Eastham, Barnestable Co., and 
Jacob Packard, int. Aug. 26, 1781. 

NACHY, Mercy [int. Maschy] and Capt. John Vial [int. Viol of 
Philadelphia], July 4, 1791. [Mrs. Mercy Nachy and Capt. 
John Vial, p.c.r.] 

NASH, Amasa of Weymoth and Olive Wood [int. Woods], 

Apr. IS, 1813. 
Francis of Braintree and Lois Keith, int. Nov. 17, 1810. 
Hannah and Abijah Jones of Stoughton, May 2, 1766, in 

Harriet [int. Harriot] and Havilen [int. Havelin] Torrey, Dec. i, 


• Intention not recorded. 


Nash, Rosanda of Abington and Philip Torry, int. Sept. 6, 1817. 
Susan and Azel Renolds [int. Reynolds], Oct. 28, 181 2. 

NATHAN, Perry, Dr., and Tiley Clapp of Norton, int. Sept. 
20, 1806. 

NEGRO, Rebecca (see Rebecca Nero). 

NELSON, Albert S. of New Bedford and Mary P. Gilbert, 
July 25, 1831. [Mary P., d. Nathaniel and Betsey, c.R.i.] 

Charles [int. adds E.] and Emily Billings, Mar. 12, 1843. 
[Charles, c.r.i.] 

Mary of New Bedford and Lot Packard, int. Jan. 21, 1791. 

NERO, Rebecca [int. Negro] and Peter White, blacks, Apr. 22, 
1783. [Nero, P.C.R.] 

NESBET, Mary of Leads, Kennebeck, and Thomas Leach Jr., 
int. Apr. 22, 1809. 

NEVENS, Peggy of Salem, N. H., and Simeon Lothrop, int. 
Feb. 14, 1807. 

NEWBURY, James and Martha Howard, Sept. 24, 1797. 
Lemuel and Lydia Castle, int. Apr. i, 1798. 

NEWCOMB, Bethiah and John Kingman, Dec. i, 1698.* 
Hannah, wid., of Plymouth, and David Leach, June 20, 1751.* 
Joseph and Mary Aldrich, July 28, 1768. 
Mary and Josiah Hambleten, int. Sept. 19, 1778. 

NEWEL (see Newell, Newhall), Joseph and Hannah Peirce, 

Dec. 13, 1732.* 
Jonah and Lucretia Silvester of Marshfeild, int. July 28, 1753. 

NEWELL (see Newel, Newhall), Joseph and Rachel Silvester, 
July II, 1734.* 

NEWHALL (see Newel, Newell), Samuel Pratt and Lydia 

Singer of Salem, int. Mar. 26, 1814. 
William [int. Newall] and Nabby Rogers, Sept. 11, 1808. 

NEWLAND, Jeremiah and Susannah Harris, Apr. 7, 1696.* 
Susanna and John Pearce of Pembroke, Jan. 26, 1710-11.* 

NEWMAN, Mary and Ezekiel Southworth, Apr. 7, 1761. 

NEWTON, Hannah [int. wid.] and Ens. Chushing Mitchell 
[int. Gushing Mitchel, omits Ens,], Mar. 15, 1780. [Han- 
nah and Ens. Cushing Mitchell, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Newton, Josiah of Brookfeild and Hannah Sherman, June 13, 

Ruhamah [int. Ruhama] and Theodore Mitchel [int. Mitchell], 
Oct. 22, 1798. [Ruhamah and Theadore Mitchell, s. Ed- 
ward and Jane (Latham), p.r.i.] 

Thankful and Jonathan Washburn, Apr. 9, 1724.* 

NICHOLS (see Nickels, Nickols), Eaton, s. Charles E. and 

Amandana, and Almera A. Shurtliff, d. Benj[amin] and 

Priscilla, Dec. 29, 1849.* 
Katherine, wid. [int. Catharine, omits wid.], of Cohasset, and 

Adams Bayley [int. Bailey], Nov. 2, 1775, in Cohasset. 
Paul Lewis, Dr., of Kingston, and Harriot [int. Harriet] Lazell, 

Apr. 21, 1814. [Harriet, d. Nathan and Deborah (Co- 

nant), p.r.i.] 

NICKELS (see Nichols, Nickols), Samuel [int. Sam[ue]ll] of 
Norton and Silence Bleen, Aug. 18, 1766. 

NICKOLS (see Nichols, Nickels), Catherine (see Cathrine 

George [int. Nickals] and Elizabeth Munro, Oct. 23, 1790. 

[Nickols, P.C.R.] 

NIGHTINGAIL (see Nightingale), Mary and Ebenezer War- 
ren, Oct. 19, [i7]47.* 

Rebecca [int. Nightingale] and John Allden [int. Alden], Mar. 
15, 1745. [Nightingail and Jo[h]n Alden, p.c.r.] 

NIGHTINGALE (see Nightingail), Susanna, wid. [int. omits 
wid.], 53, d. Lemuel Turrell and Experience, and Lewis 
Hayden, widr. [int. omits widr.], 57, machinist, s. Ebenezer 
and Martha, Dec. 25, 1849. [Susanna and Lewis Haden, 


Thomas [int. Nightengill of Quincy] and Experience Terrill, 
Jan. 23, 1809 [date in later handwriting]. 

NILES, Benaiah and Martha Allen, Oct. 22, 1770. 
Freelove and Salmon Packard, int. Mar. 14, 1795. 
Jacob of Randolph and Rowena Manley, Oct. 11 [sic, int. 

Nov. 5], 1801. 
Joshua [int. of Randolf] and Kezia Howard, July 5, 1795. 
Nahum of Easton and Susan Cole, Nov. 29, 1759, in Easton.* 
Nathan and Jane Gurney, int. Feb. 28, 1767. 
Patience and Samuel Wade of Pembroke, Apr. 7, 1782, in 


• Intention not recorded. 


NiLES, Ruth [int. Rachel] of Easton [int. adds Bristol Co.] and 
John Packard [int. 3d], Jan. 27, 1763, in Easton. 

NOLEN, Bridget and James Frawley, int. Apr. 27, 1844. 

NORTON, Ichabod of Rochester and Hannah Patten, Feb. 26, 

1764, in Rochester. 

James and Esiel Tanttor, .* 

Jemima and David Hatch, int. Feb. 9, 1754. 

John of Abington and Sarah Whitmarsh, Dec. 21, 1775, in 

Joseph C. of Boston and Matilda C. Alden, int. Mar. 11, 1844. 
Lucy Quincy of Abington and William Packard, int. Feb. 26, 

Noah [int. of Abington] and Sarah Noyes, Mar. 10, 1802 [sic, 

date in later handwriting, int. Dec. 18, 1802]. 
Thaxter and Susanna Chamberlin, June 20, 1808. 

NORWOOD, George Marcy of Boston and Julia Lazell, Oct. 
21, 1830. [George Marcy Norwood of Boston, s. Samuel 
Esq., and Julia Lazell, d. Nathan, c.r.i. Geo[rge] M. of 
Boston and Julia Lazell, d. Nathan and Deborah (Co- 
nan t), P.R.I.] 

NOYES, Daniel of Boston and Eleanor Clark, Nov. 16, 1820. 
Daniel L. and Julia M. Taber, Aug. 2, 1846.* [both of Boston, 


David and Lydia Orcutt, Dec. 12, 181 1. 

Ebenezer of Abington and Betty Ramsdel, Dec. 31, 1795. 

Ebenezer and Susan Gannett, May 24, 182 1. 

Eliab of Abington and Mary Whitman, int. Jan. i, 1803. 

Ephraim [int. of Abbington] and Sarah Dyke [int. Dike], Jan. 

20, 1780. [Ephraim and Sarah Dyke, p.c.r.] 
Jacob and Olive Edson, Dec. 28, 1818. 
John [int. of Worshester] and Zibiah [int. Zibeah] Brett, Nov. 

7, 1776. 
Joseph [int. Noyce] of Abington and Mercy Hatch, Jan. 9, 

1766. [Noyes of Abington, p.c.r.] 
Moses of Abington and Olive Whitmarsh, int. Aug. 19, 1775. 
Moses of Providence and Hannah Whitman, Sept. 16, 1802. 
Polly and Cyrus Bryant, Aug. 13, 1795. 
Rebecca [int. Rebekah] and Josiah Eames, Oct. 20, 1808 [date 

in later handwriting]. 
Sam[ue]ll and Mary Field, Mar. 16, [17149.* 
Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] 3d of Abington and Millecent Orcut 

[int. Orcutt], Dec. 31, 1770. [Sam[ue]l 3d of Abington and 

• Intention not recorded. 


Millicent Orcut, Dec. 31, 1771, p.c.r. Samuel Noyce of 

Abington and Malleson Orcut, Dec. 31, 1770, c.r.i.] 
Sam[ue]ll of Abi[n]gton and Hannah Pratt, wid., Oct. 30, 1771. 

[Sam[ue]I of Abington, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Noah Norton [int. of Abington], Mar. 10, 1802 [sic, 

date in later handwriting, int. Dec. 18, 1802], 

NUTE, Samuel and Mary Weston, wid., of Plymouth, int. 
July 7, 1804. 

NYE, Nathan [int. of Freeport] and Susanna [int. Susan] 

Lazell, Oct. 26, 1807. 
Nathan of Freeport and Hannah Lazell, Oct. 25, 1818. 
Ruth of Sandwich and Peres Waterman, int. Nov. 19, 1784. 

O'BRIEN, Patrick and Ellen Cleary, int. Nov. 7, 1847. [This 

entry marked "Void."] 
Patrick and Margarett Leary, int. Jan. 16, 1848. 

OLDHAM, Hannah of Duxbury and Howland Holmes, int. 

Aug. 23, 1823. 

ORBERTON, Mary and Edward Vail [int. Vails], Mar. ii, 1773. 

ORCUT (see Orcutt, Urrohart), Benjamin and Sarah Mahurin, 

Sept. 16, 1773. [Mehuren, c.r.i.] 
David and Susanna Pakard, Jan. 16, 1733-4,* c.r.i. 
Ebenezer and Deliverance Kingman, Apr. 22, 1725.* 
Elisabeth and Ebenezer French, Jan. 31, 1716-17.* 
Elisha of Abington and Sarah A. Richmond, int. Aug. 3, 1834. 
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth). 
Ephraim and Abiah Thomas of Abing[to]n, July 23, 1777, in 

Ichabod and Susanna Davenport, Nov. 29, 1757.* [Susannah, 

p.c.r. Icabod and Susanna Davenport, c.r.i.] 
Jane and Joshua Warren, May 10, 1725.* 
Joanna and Benjamin Edson, July 14, 1715.* 
Joanna and Abiel Richmond of Midleborough [int. Taunton], 

Feb. II, 1773. [Abiel, c.r.i.] 
John and Mary Beal, d. Lt. Jerremiah, Dec. 23, 1702, in 

John and Desire Kingman, June 27, 1721.* 
Jonathan and Experience Washburn, Nov. 5, 1759.* [Orcutt 

and Experience Washburne, p.c.r.] 
Jonathan and Thankfull Gary, Sept. 23, 1766. 
Joseph and Deborah Pratt, Dec. 10, 175 1.* [Orcutt, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


OscuT, Martha and Solomon Washburn, Jan, 13, 1731-2.* 
[Orcutt, p.c.R. Orcut and Solomon Washborn, c.r.i.] 

Mary and Daniell Hutson, May 19, 1697.* [Hudson, P.R.103.] 

Mary, wid., and Francis Sturtevant of Halifax, Nov. 14, 1750, 
in Halifax.* 

Millecent [int. Orcutt] and Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] Noyes 3d of 
Abington, Dec. 31, 1770. [Millicent Orcut and Sam[ue]l 
Noyes 3d of Abington, Dec. 31, 177 1, p.c.r. Malleson 
Orcut and Samuel Noyce of Abington, Dec. 31, 1770, 


Nathan and Susanna Snel, Mar, 16, 1756,* c.r.i. 

Nathan [int. Orcuit Jr.] and Eunuce [int. Eunice] Whitmarsh 

of Abington, May 29, 1780, in Abington. 
William and Sarah Lennard, Feb. 27, 1720-1.* 

ORCUTT (see Orcut, Urrohart), Alpheus and Mercy Pratt of 

Pembroke, Feb. 10, 1802. 
Caleb and Mehetabel Harvey, Jan. 24, 1738.* [Mehetable, 

p.c.R. Orcut and Mehetibel Harvey, c.r.i.] 
Daniel and Hannah Clapp of Milton, int. July 11, 1783. 

[This entry crossed out.] 
Daniel and Olive Whitman, Nov. 16, 1784. 
Galen and Nancy Willis, Jan. i, 1809. 
Hannah and Salmon Washburn, Sept. 15, 1785. [Alcutt and 

Solomon Washburn, p.c.r.] 
Hannah [Hannah Breet sic, Orcutt in later handwriting, int. 

Orcutt] and Jacob Fuller, Sept. 9 [Sept. 9 in later hand- 
writing], 1806. 
Huldah and Solomon Leonard Jr., Oct. 18, 1787. [Orcut, 

C.R.I. Orcutt, P.R.105.] 
Ichabod and Mary BurreU of Weymouth, June 15, 1737, in 

John and Mary Webster of Pembroke, Mar. 31, 1740, in 

John Jr. and Jerusha Hanmer, Nov. 3, 1752.* [Orcut Jr., p.c.r.] 
Joseah [int. Josiah] and Naomi Chesman [int. Chessman], 

Nov. 20, 1807 [date in later handwriting]. 
Leonard and Charity Reynolds, Sept. 13, 1797. 
Lucy and James Bates of Weymouth, int. Nov. 9, 1805. 
Lydia and David Noyes, Dec. 12, 1811. 
Mary and Samuel Holmes, Jan. 5, 1794. 
Mercy and John Waterman of Hallifax, int. Nov. 11, 1769. 

[Mary Orcut and John Waterman Jr. of Halifax, m. Apr. 

10, 1770, c.r.i.] 
Moses and Mercy Allen, May 30, 1739.* [Orcut, c.r.i.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Orcutt, Nathan [int. Orcut Jr.] and Jane Engley [int. Ingley], 

May I, 1781. [Orcutt and Jane Ingley, p.c.r.] 
Nathanael [int. Nathan[ie]ll] and Mary Lennard, Aug. i, 1768. 

[Nathaniel, p.c.r.] 
Olive and Josiah Johnson Jr., Jan. 21, 1793. 
Sarah and Josiah Allen, Apr. 28, 1741.* [Orcut, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and James Hall [int. of Ranham], Oct. 31, 1782. [James, 

P.C.R. Orcut and James Hall of Raynham, c.r.i.] 
Sarah A., wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], and Ruel Fobes, widr. 

[int. omits widr.], mason, Mar. 14, 1847. [Mrs. Sarah A. 

and Ruel Fobes, c.r.i.] 
Susanna and John Edson 3d, Mar. 15, 1785. 

ORMSBEE (see Ormsby), William of Stoughton [int. William 
Amsbury of Stoughtonham] and Jane Ripley, June 9, 
1767, in Stoughton. 

ORMSBY (see Ormsbee), Abigail of Taunton, Bristol Co., and 
Benjamin Webb, int. Apr. 23, 1778. 

ORNE, Sarah and Col. Paul Revere, Aug. 17, 1757 [Pin Bos- 
ton],* P.R.55. 

ORR, Abigail K. of E, Bridgewater and Jonathan Kingman Jr. 

of W. Bridgewater, Dec. 13, 1827.* 
Bathsheba and Solomon Inglee of Hallafax, Apr. 15, 1783. 
Bethia and Adna [int. Adnah] Winslow Cliff, Jan. 13, 1777. 
Hannah G. and Bezar Hill, Nov. 28, 1816. 
Hector [int. Heckter], Dr., and Mary Angier, Mar. 23, 1795. 

[Dr. Hector, p.c.r.] 
Hugh and Mary Bass, Aug. 4, 1742.* 
Hugh "of the nine partners in New York Government " [int. 

Little Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., N. Y.] and Agnis 

Corbett, Oct. 16, 1771. [Corbit, p.c.r.] 
Hugh Jr. and Sylvia Mitchell, Mar. 9, 1785. 
Jane and John Boyd of New York, Oct. 22, 1792. 
Jane and Calvin Whitman Keen, Nov. 25, 1813. 
Jennit [int. Jannet] and Gushing Mitchel, Sept. 26, 1765. 

[Jennit, p.c.r.] 
Margaret (see Margret Orr Keith). 
Mary and Stephen Whitman, Apr. 23, 1767. 
Robert and Hannah Kingman, Oct. 6, 1766. 
Susanna and Josiah Otis [int. Ottis], Nov. 27, 1772. 

OSBORN (see Osborne, Osbourn, Osbourne, Osburn), Cordelia 
W. and Thomas H. Thorpe, int. July 16, 1848. 

* Intention not recorded. 


OsBORN, Sarah of E. Bridgewater and Kinsley Hayward, int. 

July 21, 1833. 
Willard and Joannah [int. Joanna] Harden, Apr. 26, 1830. 

[Willard, s. Levi, and Joannah Harden, d. John, c.r.i.] 

OSBORNE (see Osborn, Osbourn, Osbourne, Osburn), Betsey 
H. and Ward Harden, Dec. 2, 1824. [Betsey H., d. Levi, 
and Ward Harden, s. John, c.r.i.] 

Peleg Jr. of E. Bridgewater and Lydia P. Hayward, int. Oct. 
26, 1834. 

OSBOURN (see Osborn, Osborne, Osbourne, Osburn), Absa- 
lom [int. Osbourne] and Lydia Howe, Mar. 22, 1812. 
Peleg [int. Osbourns] and Sally Pool of Hallifax, Mar. 5, 181 2. 

OSBOURNE (see Osborn, Osborne, Osbourn, Osburn), Clar- 
ana C. [int. Clarany, omits C] and Josiah Edson, Aug. 16, 

Thomas [int. Osbourne] and Hannah Wade, Dec. 16, 1784. 
[Osburne, p.c.r.] 

OSBURN (see Osborn, Osborne, Osbourn, Osbourne), Deborah 

and Asa Hudson, int. Oct. 15, 1803. 
Levi [int. of Raynham] and Sophia Harvey, Sept. 4, 1797. 
Lydia Ann and Isaac Chamberlain of E. Bridgewater, int. 

Sept. 27, 1844. 

OTIS (see Otiss, Ottis), Clarissa [int. Clarisa] and Capt. Wil- 
liam Vinten [int. Vinton], Apr. 2, 181 7. 

Josiah [int. Ottis] and Susanna Orr, Nov. 27, 1772. 

Lucy of Scituate and Elezer Churchel [int. Eleazer Churchell], 
Jan. 27, 1769 [sic, int. Jan. 10, 1789], in Scituate. 

Melvill [int. Melvin] and Sophia Whitman, Feb. 10, 1809. 

Nabby and William Vinton, Apr. 4, 1803.* 

OTISS (see Otis, Ottis), Isaac, Dr., and Mehi table Bass, 
June 30, 1746,* P.C.R. 

OTTIS (see Otis, Otiss), Bethia and John Hudson, Oct. 2, 

1769. [Bethiah Otis, p.c.r.] 
Deborah and Jonathan Copeland 3d, int. July 3, 1784. 
Jane and William Callaway, int. Oct. 30, 1762. 

OWEN, Abigail and David French, July 4, 1751.* 

Mary [int. Owens, wid.] and William Johnson [int. of Taunton], 

May 29, 1782. [Owen and William Johnson, p.c.r. Owens 

and William Johnson of Taunton, c.r.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Owen, Terry [int. Terrey] and Mary Edey, Sept. 20, 1772. 
[Terry, p.c.r.] 

PACKARD (see Pakard, Peckerd), Abel and Esther Porter of 
Abington, Jan. 24, 1750-1, in Abington.* 

Abia and Eunace Hayward [int. Eunice Haward] of Braintree, 
Apr. 21, 1764, in Braintree. 

Abia Jr. and Polly French, Oct. 22, 1788. 

Abiah and Edward Southworth, Dec. 15, 1750.* 

Abiah and Phebe Paine, Nov. 30, 1758.* 

Abiah [int. Desire] of Easton and Daniel [int. David] Clark, 
Aug. 30, 1763, in Easton. 

Abiel and Sarah Ames, Jan. 11, 1722-3.* 

Abiel and Deliverance Washburn, wid., int. Nov. 16, 1771. 

Abiel [int. Pakard of Hebron, Cumberland Co.] and Hannah 
Harris, Oct. 14, 1794. 

Abiel and Abigail Harris of Abington, Dec. 18, 1815. 

Abiezer and Mary Holbrook of Braintree, int. July 28, 1764. 

Abigail and Jonathan Perkins Jr., July 21, 1752.* 

Abigail and Dan[ie]ll Snell Jr., Nov. 27, 1753. 

Abigail and George Packard, May 15, 1766. 

Abigail and Joseph Bayley [int. Bailey], Aug. 22, 1771. 

Abigail [int. Nabby] and Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll] Haward [int. 
3d], Dec. 22, 1776. 

Abigail and Dr. [int. omits Dr.] Simeon Dunbar, Jan. i, 1781. 
[Dr. Simeon, p.c.r.] 

Abigail and Jonathan Howard 3d, Apr. 10, 1794. 

Abigail and Charles Marcy of Plymouth, May 24, 181 2. 

Abigail and Ammi N. Howard of N. Bridgewater [int. Ran- 
dolph], Jan. 9, 1833. [Ammi N. of Randolph, C.R.3.] 

Abijah and Ann [int. Anne] Fobes of Easton, June 25, 1767, in 

Abram [dup. Abraham] and Freelove Dyer, June 30, 1774. 

Aden [int. Jr.] and Sally Horton, Apr. 23, 1807 [date in later 

Adin [int. Aden] and Kezia Finney [int. Phinney], Nov. 16, 
1780. [Adin and Keziah Finney, p.c.r.] 

Alice and Eliab Packard, May 14, 1769. 

Ambrose and Esther White, June 23 [June 23 in later hand- 
writing], 1805. 

Ames and Susanna Joy, Jan. 30, 1797. 

Amie and Levi French [int. of Stoughton, Suffolk Co.], Nov. 
29, 1764. [Levi, p.c.r.] 

Ann and Elijah Edson, Apr. 21, 1741.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Packard, Anna [int. Anne] and Benjamin Samson [int. Samp- 
son], Jan. I, 1778. [Anna and Benjamin Samson, p.c.r.] 

Anna and Seth Snow [int. 3d], Oct. 23, 1795. 

ApoUos and Sophia Brett, int. Jan. 12, 181 1. 

Arza and Abi Knapp, May 20, 181 2. 

Asa and Susanna Leach, Dec. 4, 181 1. 

Azor and Nancy Howard, Feb. 14, 181 5. 

Barnabas and Sarah Ford of Abington, Nov. 27, 1760, in 

Barnebas and Hannah Hay ward, int. Dec. i, 1792. [Barnabas, 
m. Dec. 25, P.C.R.] 

Barnebas and Emeletiah Packard, Oct. 2, 1794.* 

Benjamin and Ruth Leach, Dec. 23, 1763. [Dec. 23, 1762 sic, 


Benjamin and Lurana Finney [int. Lurania Phinney], Aug. 22, 


Benjamin [int. 2d] and Mehetabel Fobes, Sept. 8, 1784. [Ben- 
jamin, P.C.R.] 

Bethia (see Bithia). 

Bethuel and Rebecca Peterson of Duxbury, June 16, 1783, in 

Betsey and Isaiah Packard, Dec. 30, 1792. 

Betsey T. and Noble P. Bump, Nov. 30, 1837. 

Bettie and Seth Dean, Apr. 28, 1748.* 

Betty and Jacob Edson, May 14, 1759.* 

Betty [int. Bettie] and Jonathan Snow, Dec. 8, 1761. [Bettie, 


Betty [int. Bettie] and George Wilbore [int. Willbor], Dec. 8, 
1778 [? in Middleborough]. 

Betty (see Rebecca). 

Bithia and Wright Bartlett, July 29, 1731.* [Bethia, p.c.r.] 

Caleb and Sarah Haward [int. Howard], June 20, 1782. 
[Howard, p.c.r.] 

Caleb and Sally Packard, Feb. 21, 1806 [date in later hand- 

Calvin and Betsey Dunbar of Stoughton, Oct. 20, 1785, in 

Charity and Seth Burr, May 3, 1753. 

Charity (see Chloe). 

Charles and Charlotte Thomson, Oct. 29, 1818. 

Charlotte and Joseph Wild of Braintree, Nov. 6, 181 7. 

Chloe (see Cleoe). 

Chloe [int. Charity] and Ephraim Packard [int. 2d], June 23, 
1790. [Chloe and Ephraim Packard, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Packard, Chloe and Thomas Wales Jr., int. Apr. 28, 1811. 
Clara A. and Samuel Dickerman of N. Bridgewater, int. Feb. 

23, 1822. 
Cleoe and Joseph Keith, May 31, 1759.* [Chloe, p.c.r.] 
Content and Isaac Kingman Jr., Dec. 4, 1769. 
Content, wid., and Japhet Beal [int. of Minot, Cumberland 

Co.], Sept. 26, 1802 [date in later handwriting]. 
Content of Sidney and Benjamin Southworth, int. Mar. 20, 

Cynthia and Levi Churchell of Plympton, Sept. 19, 1799. 
Cyrus and Kezia Kingman, Apr. 16, 1795. 
Daniel and Mary Harris, Dec. 2, 17 13.* 
Daniel 2d and Nancy [int. Nanncy] Keith, May 11, 1796. 
Dan[iel] and Patty Harris [int. of Abington], Aug. 12 [Aug. 12 

in later handwriting], 1805. 
Dan[ie]ll [int. Daniel] and Hannah Perkins, July 14, 1765. 

[Daniel, p.c.r.] 
Dan[ie]ll and Elisabeth Colloney of Easton, Aug. 12, 1773. 
David and Hannah Ames, Dec. 17, 171 2.* 
David and Mehetable Richards, June 30, 1736.* 
David Jr. and Joanna Jackson, Dec. 27, 1764. 
David and Dorothy [int. Dorithy] Bassett, Dec. 31, 1767. 

[Dorothy, p.c.r.] 
David [int. of Lebanon, Grafton Co., N. H.] and Mara [int. 

Mary] Robbinson, Dec. 15, 1785. [David and Mary 

Robinson, p.c.r.] 
David and Susanna Perkins, int. Nov. 24, 18 10. 
David and Sally Ford of Abington, int. Oct. 23, 1813. 
David 2d [int. of N. Bridgewater, omits 2d] and Elizabeth 

Drake, Dec. 5, 1822. 
Deborah and Seth Bailey, Oct. 26, 1770. 
Deborah and Samuel Holmes, Dec. 29, 1813. 
Desire (see Abiah). 

Desire and Luke Washburn, Aug. 30, 1763. 
Dorothy [dup. Dorotha, int. Dorithy] and James Richards of 

Newton [dup. and int. Newtown], May 8, 1777. 
Ebenezer and Sarah Perkins, Feb. 25, 1746.* 
Ebenezer and Mary Reynolds, Mar. 31, 1774. 
Ebenezer [int. Jr.] and Content Harlow [int. Herlar], wid., 

Apr. 26, 1781. [Ebenezer and Content Harlow, wid., p.c.r.] 
Ebenezer and Zeruiah Phinney, Mar. 27, 1806 [date in later 

Edward and Ruth Bonney of Pembroke, Dec. — , 1757, in 


• Intention not recorded. 


Packard, Edward and Rebecca Pope of Dartmouth, int. Sept. 

27, 1766. 
Eliab and Alice Packard, May 14, 1769. 
Eliab Jr. and Hannah Shaw of Alaington, int. Sept. 30, 1792. 
Elijah and Kezia Ames, Oct. 21, 1783. [Keziah, p.c.r.] 
Elijah and Susanna Beal, Aug. 27, 1789. 
Elijah [int. 2d] and Nabby Packard, Sept. 26, 1793. 
Eliphalet and Lydia Barrel, Jan. 24, 1782. [Barreil, p.c.r.] 
Eliphalet, Dea., and Anna Thayer of Braintree, int. Sept. 27, 

Eliphalet of Minot and Abigail Snell, May 30, 1814. 
Elisabeth and John Hooper, Apr. 23, 1722.* 
Emeletiah and Barnebas Packard, Oct. 2, 1794.* 
Ephraim and Sarah Packard, Sept. i, 1773. 
Ephraim and Polly Leach, Nov. 12, 1789. 
Ephraim [int. 2d] and Chloe [int. Charity] Packard, June 23, 

1790. [Ephraim and Chloe Packard, p.c.r.] 
Eunice and John Hunt of Abington, int. Apr. 6, 1773. 
Eunice and William Jameson, Sept. 11, 1780. 
Eunice and Uriah Capen of Stoughton, int. Sept. 30, 1797. 
Eunice and Josiah Brett, Oct. 28, 181 2. 
Eve and Benjamin Robbinson, May 29, 1770. 
Faithful and George Vaughenof Middlborough, Aug. 13, 1719.* 
Galen and Mary Horton, Apr. — , 1809 [date in later hand- 
George and Mary Edson, July 4, 1728.* 
George and Abigail Eastee, Nov. 27, 1760.* 
George and Abigail Packard, May 15, 1766. 
George W. and Lucinda K. Fobes, May 20, 1839. 
George W. and Hannah Fobes, Jan. 25, 1843. 
Gooding and Policy Doan, int. July 24, 1784. 
Hannah and Caleb Phillips of Easton, Feb. 6, 173 1-2, in 

Hannah and Sam[ue]ll Brett, Dec. 21, 1737.* 
Hannah and Phillip Reynolds, Oct. 29, 1765. [Philip, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Joel Edson, Apr. 2, 1789. 
Hannah and Zadock Perkins, Dec. 15, 1796. 
Hannah, wid., and Samuel Kimbell of Easton, Nov. 30, 1797. 
Hepzibah and Seth Morton, Sept. 12, 1757.* [Hepsibah, p.c.r.] 
Hezekiah [int. Zezekiah] and Matilda [int. Metilda] Gurney, 

Apr. 20, 1820. 
Hosea and Roxana [int. Roxany] Holmes, Nov. 11, 1818. 
Howard and Jane Capen of Stoughton, Mar. 19, 1799, in 


• Intention not recorded. 


Packard, Huldah and Howard Gary, Dec. 11, 1785. [Dec. 15, 


Huldah and Adam Capen, June 4, 1816. 
Ichabod and Ruth Allen, May 3, 1757.* [Icabod, c.r.i.] 
Ichabod of Lebanan, Grafton Co., N. H., and Rachel Cham- 
berlain [int. Chamberlin], Oct. 17, 1780. [Chamberlin, 


Ichabod and Rachel Cole, Jan. 9, 1786. [Icabod, c.r.i.] 

Isaac and Abigail Porter, Mar. 28, 1745. 

Isaac Jr. and Mary Attwood of Eastham, int. Sept. 28, 1776. 

Isaac and Mary Jones Foster of Hanover, Dec. 19, 1816. 

Isaac and Sally Packard, Mar. 11, 1821. 

Isaiah and Betsey Packard, Dec. 30, 1792. 

Israel and Susanna Field, Nov. 20, 1735.* 

Israel Jr. and Ruth Feild, Nov. 24, 1737.* 

Israel and Susanna Edson, Dec. 27, 1801. 

Jacob and Dorithy [int. Doritha] Perkins, Nov. 24, 1742. 

Jacob [int. 3d] and Abigail Stowell of Newton [int. Newtown], 
Oct. 4, 1770, in Newton. 

Jacob 3d and Rebecca French [int. of Stoughton], May 5, 1774. 

Jacob and Rachel Myrick, wid., of Eastham, Barnestable Co., 
int. Aug, 26, 1 781. 

Jacob Jr. and Zeba Packard, Aug. 20, 1789. 

Jacob [int. 2d of Warwick, Hamshire Co.] and Hannah King- 
man, Dec. 3, 1806. 

James and Jemima Keith, June 7, 1722.* 

James [int. Jr.] and Jemima Churchill [int. Churchell], Aug. 27, 
1778. [James and Jemima Churchill, Aug. 27, 1779, 


Jane and Mathew Kingman, Nov. 6, 1755.* 

Jane [int. Jennet] and Phinehas Paul [int. of Quincy], Apr. 12, 

Jemima and Ichabod Edson, July 19, 1759.* 
Jemima of Easton and Ebenezer Phillips of Easton, Bristol Co., 

Nov. 10, 1802, in Providence.* 
Jerusha and Samuel Jackson of Abington, int. Oct. 31, 1766. 
Jesse 2d and Lucinda T. Hayward, Sept. 15, 1833,* P.R.14. 
Jesse 2d and Harriet M. Pool, Dec. 11, 1838,* P.R.14. 
Joanna and Isaac Allen, Feb. 20, 1745. 
Joanna, wid. [int. omits wid.], and Jonathan Hayden [int. of 

Grafton], Oct. 29, 1807 [date in later handwriting. 
Job and Keziah Wade, Mar. 6, 17 50-1.* 
Job and [int. Mrs.] Hannah Edson, May 25, 1790. [Hannah, 

P.C.R. Hannah, wid. John, d. Benjamin Allen, C.R.2.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Packard, Joel and Harmony Kingman, Nov. i, 1785. 

John and Anna Pratt, Oct. 7, 1760.* [Oct. 9, c.r.i.] 

John [int. 3d] and Ruth [int. Rachel] Niles of Easton [int. adds 
Bristol Co.], Jan. 27, 1763, in Easton. 

John and Sarah Hammond [int. of Stoughton], Mar. 17, 1763. 
[Sarah, p.c.r.] 

John and Hannah Vinson of Weymouth, int. Sept. 3 [1774]. 

John [int. Reuben] of W. Bridgewater and Jerusha Holbroke 
[int. Holbrook] of Weymouth, Mar. 17, 1796, in Wey- 

John and Martha [int. Patty] French [int. of Stoughton], Jan. 
17, 1803 [date in later handwriting]. 

John and Tiley Packard, Apr. 24, 18 14. 

John and Lydia Drake, Apr. 8, 181 7. 

Jonas and Mehetabel Brett, Sept. 11, 1777.* [Mehitabel, 


Jonathan and Susanna Hayward, Dec. 24, 1719.* 

Jonathan and Martha Williams, Sept. 28, 1752 "N: S."* 

Jonathan Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Sususanna Packard [int. Su- 
sanna Alger], May 11, 1778. [Jonathan Jr. and Susannah 
Alger, P.C.R.] 

Jonathan and Anna Little of Pembroke, Sept. 27, 1789, in 

Joseph and Mary Willis, Nov. 28, 1723.* 

Joseph and Susanna Mitchel, Dec. 31, 1724.* 

Joseph 3d and Abagail Alger of Easton, Nov. 24, 1748, in 

Joseph Jr. and Sarah Johnson, Dec. 27, 1748.* 

Joseph 2d and Ruth Bosworth, wid., of Halifax, Sept. 27, 1759, 
in Halifax.* 

Joseph and Mary Hiks of Killingly, int. Nov. i, 1777. 

Joseph and Lusanna [int. Susanna] Bates, Aug. 31, 1794. 

Joshua and Mehetable [int. Mehetabel] Alden, Jan. — , 1755. 

Joshua Jr. and Martha Hartwell, Oct. 28, 1756.* 

Josiah and Sarah Ames, Jan. 12, [i7]47-* 

Josiah Jr. and Rebecca [int. Rebeecah] Perkins, Oct. 10, 1782. 
[Rebecca, p.c.r.] 

Judith and Jonathan Willis, Nov. 2, 1752.* [Judath and Jona- 
than Wellis, P.C.R.] 

Julia and Ethan Howard of Easton, Dec. 5, 1814. 

Kezia and Nehemiah Lincoln, Nov. 24, [i7]48.* 

Kezia, wid., and Benjamin Robbinson, int. May 13, 1798. 

Kezia and Elijah Drake of Easton, int. Mar. 23, 1799. "Said 
Kezia forbade her publishment March 30"'." 

• Intention not recorded. 


Packard, Lebbeus (see Libeus). 

Lemuel and Sarah Hunt of Abington, Aug. 20, 1775, in Abing- 

Levi and Ruth Snow of Eastham [int. adds Barnstable Co.], 
Oct. — , 1789 [1789 written in pencil], in Orleans. 

Lewis and Betsey Crane, Nov. 13, 1808. 

Libeus and Minerva Alger, Apr. 23, 181 2. 

Lot and Mary Nelson of New Bedford, int. Jan. 21, 1791. 

Louis and Jotham French of Braintree, int. Jan. 21, 1786. 

Lucinda and David Ames, Sept. 7, 1815. 

Lucy and Ebenezer Edson, Nov. 7, 1751.* [Nov. 17, p.c.r.] 

Lucy and Atherton Wild [int. Wiles of Braintree], Sept. 22, 
1808 {date in later handwriting]. 

Luke and Lucinda Battles, Jan. i, 1807 [date in later hand- 

Luther and Abigail Thomas of Abing[to]n, Apr. 13, 1787, in 

Lydia and Jeremy Howel, Apr. 7, 1718.* 

Lydia and Seth Lathrop, Mar. 26, 1752.* 

Lydia and Jessee [int. Jesse] Edson, Mar. 26, 1754. [Jesse, 


Lydia and Barnard Clapp [int. of Braintree], Oct. 6, 1793. 

Lydia and Samuel Coding of Mansfield, int. Apr. 23, 1814. 

Mahew and Claricy Jackson, Nov. 29, 1801. 

Marcus [int. of Easton] and Lucy French, [Apr.] — , 1821. 

Margret and John Washburn, Feb. 16, 1709-10.* 

Mark and Hannah Shaw, Dec. 15, 1774. 

Martha and Jeremiah Conant, Apr. 26, 1739.* [Mary, p.c.r. 

Martha, c.r.i.] 
Martha and Jo[h]n [sic, ? Isaac] Alden Jr., Nov. 6, 1755.* 

[Jo[h]n Jr., P.C.R.] 
Martha (see Mercy). 

Martha, wid., and Thomas Packard, Jan. 18, 1780. 
Martha and Theron Ames, Dec. 11, 1816. 
Mary and Joseph Lennard, Sept. 14, 1721.* 
Mary and James Allen, Nov. 23, 1732.* [Pakard and Jeams 

Allen, C.R.I. ] 
Mary (see Martha). 

Mary and Jonathan Mahurin, July 9, 1 740.* [Mary, wid., p.c.r.] 
Mary and Daniel Richards, Sept. 16, 1740.* [Rickards, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Abiezer Edson, Nov. 15, 1744. 
Mary and Tho[ma]s Fling of Easton, int. Feb. 23, 1754. 
Mary and Nathan[ie]ll Hayward Jr., Mar. 5, 1762. [Nathaniel 

Howard Jr., p.c.r. Nathaniel Hayw[ar]d Jr., c.r.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Packard, Mary and Simeon Alden, May 23, 1763. 

Mary (see Molly and Poly). 

Mary and Silvanus Conant, Oct. 16, 1808. 

Mary and Benjamin Robinson [int. Robbinson Jr.], Dec. 5, 

Mary C, 20, d. Micah and Susan, and Samuel K. Cole, 23, 

pudler, of Wareham, s. Samuel and Charlotte, June 7, 

Mathew and Kezia Perkins, Apr. 17, 1781. [Matthew, p.c.r.] 
Matilda (see Mehetabel). 
Matthew (see Mathew). 
Mayhew (see Mahew). 
Mehetabel [int. Metilda] and Zecheriah [int. Zachariah] Gur- 

ney, Sept. 30, 1783. [Mehitabel and Zachariah Gurney, 


Mehetable and John Ames, June 3, lyitorn, rec. before June 9, 

Mehetable and Simeon Brett, Jan. 31, [I7J49.* 

Mehetable and Barnabas Haward, July 2, 1755.* [Mehitable 
and Barnabas Hayward, p.c.r.] 

Mehitable [int. Mehetabel] and Walter Ames, Mar. 31, 1796. 

Mercy and Tho[ma]s West, Dec. 9, 1756.* [Martha, p.c.r.] 

Micah and Susan Whitmarsh [int. Whitman], Jan. 15, 1812. 

Molly [int. Mary] and Samuel [int. Sam[ue]ll] Brett [int. Jr.], 
Mar. 18, 1778. [Molly and Samuel Brett, p.c.r.] 

Molly and John Robbinson [int. Robinson], Feb. 22, 1781. 
[Robbinson, p.c.r.] 

Nabby (see Abigail). 

Nabby [int. Nabbe] and Jonas Howard, Feb. 26, 1784. [Nab- 
by, P.C.R.] 

Nabby and Elijah Packard [int. 2d], Sept. 26, 1793. 

Nahum and Mercy Ford of Marshfield, int. Nov. 15, 1817. 

Nancy and John Besse, int. May 24, 1788. 

Nathan and Lydia Jackson, Oct. 10, 1758.* [Lidia, p.c.r.] 

Nathan and Polly Manley, May 31, 181 5. 

Nathan[ie]ll and Sarah Snow, Nov. 15, 1753. 

Nathanfiejll and Anna Slone, Oct. 17, 1758.* [Anna Stone, 

Nehemiah and Silence Edson, Oct. 6, 1747.* 

Nehemiah and Chloe Snell, Feb. 25, 1807. 

Noah of Dartmouth and Polly Packard, May 13, 1790. 

Olive and David Ford [int. Foard of Abington], Apr. 24, 1794. 

Olive and Holmes Tilson, Jan. i, 1797. 

Olive and Samuel Dickerman, May 23, 1799. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Packard, Olive and Newton Shaw, Dec. 3, 1818. 

Oliver and Relief [int. Releiff] Edson, Nov. 20, 1777. [Relief, 


Oliver and Mary [int. Mercy] Dunbar, May 19, 1785. [Mary, 


Orren and Sally Skinner of Mansfield, int. Mar. 24, 1821. 

Parmenas (see Permenus). 

Parnel and David Johnson Jr., Oct. 2, 1751.* 

Patty [int. Patte] and Barzilla Feild [int. Field], Dec. 25, 1794. 

Patty and Nehemiah Lincoln [int. 2d], Jan. 10, 1802. 

Paul and Susanna Joy [of] Hing[ha]m, Oct. 23, 1744, in Hing- 

Paul and Sarah Bruce, Aug. 7, 1749.* 
Peres and Elizaboth [int. Elizabeth] Reynolds, Aug. 14, 1803 

[date in later handwriting]. 
Perez [int. Peres] and Marcy Thomas [int. Mercy Themes] of 

Abington, Mar. 15, 1793, in Abington. 
Permenus [int. Parmenas] and Martha Reynolds, Apr. 9, 1778. 

[Permenas, p.c.r.] 
Phebe and Amzi Brett, May 22, 1788. 
Phebe and Martin Kingman, Oct. 14, 1816. 
Philebert [int. Phile] and Henry Thayer, Jan. 27, 1783. [Phile- 

bert, P.C.R.] 
Phillip [int. Philip of Plainfield, Hampshire Co.] and Patte 

Edson, Mar. 2, 1786. [Phillip and Patty Edson, p.c.r.] 
Polly [int. Polley] and Calvin Snell, Sept. 8, 1785. [Polly, 


Polly and Noah Packard of Dartmouth, May 13, 1790. 
Polly [int. wid.] and Daniel Cooley Esq. [int. of Amherst], 

Jan. 18, 1796. 
Poly [int. Mary or Polly] and Jesse Fobes, Feb. 9, 1795. [Polly, 


Ransom [int. Ramson] and Abigail Thrasher, June 22, 1797. 
Rebeca and Luke Perkins, Aug. 24, 1749.* [Rebecca, p.c.r.] 
Rebecca and Silas Kinsley of Easton, Dec. 24 [dup. Nov. 24], 

Rebecca [int. Bette] and James Perkins [int. 2d], Sept. 25, 1783. 

[Rebecca and James Perkins, p.c.r.] 
Rebecca and Seth Gurney, Jan. 10, 1788. [Jan. 20, p.c.r.] 
Rebecca, wid., and Charles Snell, Nov. 26, 1807 [date in later 

Rebecca and Benjamin Kingman, Dec, 4, 181 7. 
Reuben (see John and Ruben). 
Rhoda and Abijah Stowel of Newtown, Oct. 17, 1771. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Packard, Rhoda [int. Rhoda Shaw] and Benjamin Kingman, 
Sept. 18, 1783. [Rhoda Packard, Sept. 28, P.C.R.] 

Robert and Lydia Titus, Mar. 2, 1748-9.* 

Robert and Ruth Barrel, Nov. 28, 1782. [Barrell, p.c.r.] 

Robert and Sally Perkins, Nov. 11, 1788. 

Robert, Capt., and Sarah Hayward, May 27, 1798. 

Rosina A. [int. omits A.] and Charles Hartwell of W. Bridge- 
water, July 26, 1840. 

Roxsa and Samuel Randel of Easton, int. Jan. 26, 1805. 

Ruben and Ann Perkins, Oct. i, 1759.* [Reuben and Anna 
Perkins, p.c.r.] 

Ruth and Joseph Ames, Jan. 30, 1754. [Joseph Eames, p.c.r.] 

Ruth and Martin Southworth, int. Apr. 11, 1811. 

Sally and Frederick Reed Jr. [int. of Randolph], Oct. 26, 1797. 

Sally and Thomas Gary [int. of Greenwich], Mar. 5, 1798. 

Sally and Mathew Randel [int. Randall], Mar. 7, 1802. 

Sally and Caleb Packard, Feb. 21, 1806 [date in later hand- 

Sally and Isaac Packard, Mar. 11, 182 1. 

Salmon and Freelove Niles, int. Mar. 14, 1795. 

Samuel and Elisabeth Edson, May 24, 1705.* 

Samuel and Susanna Kinsley, July 22, 1729.* 

Samuel and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Harris [int. of Abing- 
ton], Aug. 4, 1799. 

Sam[ue]ll 4th and Elisabeth Carver, Dec. 13, 1757.* [Samuel 
4th and Eliza[beth] Carver, p.c.r.] 

Sam[ue]ll [int. 4th] and Mary Washburn, Sept. 2, 1761. [Sam- 
[ue]ll, C.R.I.] 

Sarah and Josiah Edson, July 27, 1704.* 

Sarah and Thomas Hooper, Jan. 18, 1721-2.* 

Sarah and Samuel Bliss, July 11, 1723.* 

Sarah and Zachary Shaw, Aug. 30, 1733.* 

Sarah and Isaac Fuller, Nov. 9, 1737.* 

Sarah and Sam[ue]ll Cole, Nov. 16, 1752.* 

Sarah and Ebenezer Snell, Apr. 5, 1764. 

Sarah and Samuel Sturtevant, Sept. 14, 1769. 

Sarah and Ephraim Packard, Sept. i, 1773. 

Sarah and Zephaniah Lathrop, Sept. 2, 1779. 

Sarah and Elisha Eames, int. Oct. 15, 1785. 

Sarah of Abington and William Pool, Sept. 3, 1795 [dup. Aug. 
28, 1795, in Abington]. 

Sarah [int. wid.] and Caleb Loring [int. of Plymton], Mar. 3 
[sic, int. Mar. 6], 1802. 

Sarah and Elkanah Billings, Dec. 14, 1809 [? in Middleborough] . 

• Intention not recorded. 


Packard, Sarah A. and Benjamin G. Allen of N. Bridgewater, 
int. Apr. 2, 1842. 

Selah and Pelham Bradford, Nov. 30, 1797. 

Seth Jr. and Lois Leach, Mar. 7, 1765. 

Sidney of N. Bridgewater and Almira Thomson of E. Bridge- 
water, June 3, 1826.* 

Sihon and Abigail Scott of Dedham, Oct. 16, 1794, in Dedham. 

Silas and Chloe Willis, June 4, 1789. 

Silence, wid., and Josiah Dunbar, Dec. 12, 1758.* 

Silence and Seth Lennard, June i, 1769. [Silince, p.c.R.] 

Silence and Daniel Howard 4th, int. Jan. 15, 1780. 

Silvanus (see Sylvanus). 

Simeon and Mary Perkins, July 6, 1761. 

Simeon [int. 2d] and Hannah Edson, June 26, 1796. 

Solomon and Sarah Lathrop, Nov. 16, 1715.* 

Solomon and Dorithy Perkins, Oct. 5, 1760.* [Dorothy, p.c.R.] 

Solomon Jr. and Hannah Bailey, Nov. 20, 1760.* 

Solomon and Sarah Stetson, wid. [int. Studson, omiis wid.], 
June 23, 1779. [Stetson, p.c.R.] 

Sukey and Ephraim Cole Jr., Dec. 5, 1808 [date in later hand- 

Sulivan and Lucy Jackson, Aug. 23 [Aug. 23 in later hand- 
writing], 1805. 

Susanna and John Snell, Feb. i, 1714-15.* 

Susanna and Joseph Alden, Dec. 16, 1742. 

Susanna and Charles Snell, Mar. 26, 1745. 

Susanna and William Allen, Dec. 28, 1748.* 

Susanna and Joseph Knap of Norton, Aug. 28, 1760.* [Su- 
sannah, p.c.R.] 

Susanna and Timothy Manley of Easton, Apr. i, 1762. 

Susanna and Banabas [int. Barnebas] Thayer [int. of Brain- 
tree], May 28, 1807 [date in later handwriting]. 

Susanna and Albert Remington of Abington, Feb. 7, 1820. 

Sususanna [int. Susanna Alger] and Jonathan Packard Jr. [int. 
omits Jr.], May ii, 1778. [Susannah Alger and Jonathan 
Packard Jr., p.c.r.] 

Sylvanus [int. Silvanus] and Elsabeth [int. Elisabeth] Marston 
of Boston, Aug. 19, 1777. [Sylvanus and Elisabeth Mar- 
ston of Boston, p.c.R.] 

Thomas and Mary Howard of Easton, Jan. i, 1757, in Easton.* 

Thomas and Martha Packard, wid., Jan. 18, 1780. 

Thomas [int. Jr.] and Joanna Edson, Oct. 19, 1788. [Thomas, 

Thomas and Martha Perkins, Oct. 8, 1789. 

• Inteatton not recorded. 


Packard, Tiley and John Packard, Apr. 24, 1814. 

Timothy and Aholibamah [int. Ahobibame] Curtis, Jan. 13, 

1790. [Aholibamah, p.c.r.] 
Weltha W. and Hosea Washburn, Jan. 29, 1845. 
William and Sarah Richards, Sept. 16, 1740.* [Rickards, p.c.R.] 
William Jr. and Hannah Reynolds, June 8, 1769. 
William [int. Jr.] and Sarah Wales, Feb. 18, 1784. [William, 


William and Lucy Quincy Norton of Abington, int. Feb. 26, 

Zachariah and Abigail Davenport, Mar. 31, 1724.* 
Zacheus and Mercy Allden, Oct. 21, 1725.* 
Zadoc [int. Zadock] and Martha Howard [int. Haward], Jan. 

14, 1779. [Zadok and Martha Howard, p.c.r. Zadock, s. 

Nathaniel (s. Zachariah, s. Nathaniel, s. Samuel "from 

England"), and Martha Howard, d. Henry, , 1778, 


Zadock and Rebeccah Phillips of Plymouth, int. Apr. 20, 1800. 
[Zadock, s. Nathaniel (s. Zachariah, s. Nathaniel, s. Sam- 
uel "from England"), and Rebecca , m. , 


Zeba and Jacob Packard Jr., Aug. 20, 1789. 

Zebulun and Rebecca Richardson, Mar. 15, 1764. [Zebulon, 


Zenas and Deborah Thayer of Braintree, int. Oct. 12, 1793. 
Zenus [int. Zenas] Jr. and Jerusha [int. Jerushia] Horton, Nov. 
19, 1820. 

PADDLEFORD (see Padelford), Joshua [int. Padelford] of 

Taunton and Sybel [int. Sybil] Fobes, Feb. 15, 1825. 
Pethiar J. of Taunton and Alonzo Williams, int. Feb. 21, 1843. 

PADELFORD (see Paddleford), Huldah and John L. Hall, 

Aug. 27, 1824 [? in Bridgewater],* p.R.65. 

PAGE, Hannah and Benoni Hayward, Oct. 13, 1743. 

PAIN (see Paine), Elisabeth and Tho[ma]s Burgal, Dec. 3, 

John and Hannah Pool, Jan. 4, 1738.* 
Mary and Jonathan Bozworth, Dec. 12, 1752.* 

PAINE (see Pain), Levi of Randolph and Clementina Maria 
Leonord [int. Clemen tiana Maria Leonard], June 11, 1829. 
[Clementina Maria Leonard, C.R.3.] 

Phebe and Abiah Packard, Nov. 30, 1758.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


PAKARD (see Packard, Peckerd), Susanna and David Orcut, 
Jan. 16, 1733-4,* C.R.I. 

PALMER, Benjamin and Betsey Willis, int. Mar. 2, 1805. 
Bestey [int. Betsey, wid.] and Isaac Alden, Oct. 13, 1814. 
Elkanah of Swansey and Nabby Feild [int. Field], Nov. 25, 1776. 
Mary and James Crooker Jr. of Hallifax, int. Mar. 29, 1806. 
Mary and James Boldrey, int. May 16, 1807. 
Silence and Ephraim Tinkham of Hallifax, int. July 28, 1810. 

PARIS (see Parris), Mary of Halifax and Cephas Washburn, 
int. Oct. 14, 1826. 

PARK, Elizebeth of Newton and Dr. John Staples Crafts, 

July 6, 1758, in Newton.* 
Martha and Jo[h]n Ames Jr., May 9, 1771. 

PARKER, Rebecca Jane, d. Right Rev. Bishop Parker of 
Boston, and Theodore Edson, D.D., graduated at Har- 
vard University 1822, s. Benjamin and Deborah (Perkins), 
, 1824 [? in Boston],* c.r.2. 

PARKMAN, Betty Dellis of Abington and Seth Latham, int. 
Mar. 2, 1799. "Said Seth Latham forbade his being 
further Published March 9*^" 

PARLOW, Mary of Middleborough and John Barden, Aug. 23 

PARRIS (see Paris), Benjamin and Sarah Parris of Halifax 

Feb. 3, 1774, in Halifax. 
Benjamin and Lydia Price, int. Sept. 6, 1788. 
Betsey and Otis Hayward, int. June 30, 1804. [m. 


Josiah of Pembrook and Experience Lowden, July 23, 1788 

[Lowdin, p.c.r.] 
Sarah of Halifax and Benjamin Parris, Feb. 3, 1774, in Halifax 
Thomas and Clarissa Kingman, int. Aug. 19, 1815. 
Thomas of E. Bridgewater and Sally Howard, int. Oct. 25 


PARSONS, Elizabeth W. of Middleboro and Albert G. Pratt 

Mar. 5, 1834. 
Maria L. of Middleborough and Solomon Keith, Nov. 29, 1839 

[Nov. 23, P.R.51.] 

PATTEN, Hannah and Ichabod Norton of Rochester, Feb. 26 
1764, in Rochester. 

• Intention not recorded. 


PATTERSON, Alexander and Ellen Clary, int. Oct. 27, 1846. 

"Forbidden by Alex' Patterson" 
Alexander and Johan [int. Joanna] Callahan, Mar. 6, 1847. 

[Johan, C.R.2.] 
Daniel W. and Cordelia P. Braley of Middleboro[ugh], int. 

Nov. 19, 1848. 

PAUL (see Paull), Catherine [int. Catharine] and Samuel 

Gould, July 22, 1832. [Catharine, C.R.3.] 
Phinehas [int. of Quincy] and Jane [int. Jennet] Packard, Apr. 

12, 1801. 
Rowana of Taunton and Aretas Fobes, int. Jan. 28, 1826. 

[Rowena Paull, m. Feb. 20, p.R.23.] 

PAULL (see Paul), Almira S. of Taunton and Sylvanus Keith, 
int. Oct. 24, 1838. 

PEARCE (see Peirce, Pierce), Ford [int. Bearce] and Harriet 
Shaw, Mar. 28, 1820. [This entry marked "should be 
'Bearce.' "] 

John of Pembroke and Susanna Newland, Jan. 26, 1710-11.* 

PECK, Elijah [int. of Abington] and Mary White, Nov. 17, 

1776, in Abington. 
Moses (see Moses Pike). 

PECKERD (see Packard, Pakard), Mary and Amos Snell, 
May 2, 1700.* 

PEEGIN (see Pegin), Nanny [int. Nanna] and Prince Richards 
[int. blacks]. Mar. 5, 1787. [Nancy, p.c.r.] 

PEGIN (see Peegin), Jenny [int. Peegin] and Josiah James, 

Indians [int. blacks], Apr. 4, 1797. 
Robert [int. "Indian man"] of Midleborough and Alice James, 

Jan. 6, 1 77 1, [both of Bridgewater, p.c.r. Robert of 

Midleboro, c.r.i.] 

PEIRCE (see Pearce, Pierce), America, "Negro man" [int. 

"Free negro man"], and Ann Freeman, "Negro Servant 

to Zachariah Packard," June 7, 1764. 
Anthony and Martha Pettingail, wid.. Mar. 2, 1748.* 
Anthony [int. Pearce] and Sile Pratt, Dec. 17, 1778. [Peirce 

and Sil[e]n[ce] Pratt, p.c.r.] 
Calvin [int. of Scituate] and Huldah Hay ward, Dec. 2, 1767. 

[Calvin, p.c.r. Pierce, c.r.i. P.R.19.] 
Hannah and Joseph Newel, Dec. 13, 1732.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Peirce, Jabez N. and Mary G. Holmes [of] Kingston, int. 

Aug. 12, 1821. 
Jacob [int. Pierce] and Lucy Conant, Aug. 14, 1794. [Pierce, 


Lucy, wid. [int. omits wid.j, and Andrew Tucker of Middle- 
borough, June 19, 1814. 
Lydia and John Heiford, July 3, 1706.* 
Mary of Scituate and Benjamin Pope, int. Oct. 27, 1792. [m. 

Nov. 15, P.R.I.] 

Sarah and John Pratt of Pembrook, Aug. 28, 1751.* [Perce 

and John Prett of Pembroke, p.c.r.] 
of Obron and Dani[e]ll Hutson, May 19, 1719, in 


PENDEL, Abigail, wid., and Anthony Cuffe, negroes, int. 
Mar. 20, 1779. 

PENDER, Peleg and Abigail Curtis, "alias Abigail Wampee," 
int. Dec. 19, 1772. 

PENOS, Margery and Benjamin Charles, blacks, int. Aug. 27, 

PERIGO, James and Lydia Hay ward. Mar. 6, 1727-8.* 

PERKENS (see Perkins, Pirkins), David and Alice Leach, 
May 17, 1738,* C.R.I. 

PERKINS (see Perkens, Pirkins), Abigail and Benjamin Hay- 
ward, Dec. 25, 1777. 
Abigail and Jonathan Gary [int. Jr.], Jan. 19, 1784. [Jonathan, 


Abraham and Mary Carver, , 1743. [Sept. — , p.c.r.] 

Ann and Mathew Bridge, Sept. 29, 1747.* 

Ann and Ruben Packard, Oct. i, 1759.* [Anna and Reuben 

Packard, p.c.r.] 
Annee of Stoughton and Jonas Reynolds, int. Mar. 19, 1768. 
Ansell and Dorothy Battles, May 13, 1819. 
Ansell of N. Bridgewater and Sarah B. Leach, Oct. 4, 1827. 
Asa and Huldah Hayward, Nov. 19, 1815. 
Asa Jr. and Lucia T. [int. F.] Willis, Mar. 18, 1840. [Lucia F., 

Benjamin and Hephzibah Washburn of Midleborough, July 28, 

1761. [Hepsibah of Middlebo[rough], p.c.r.] 
Benjamin and Hannah Washburn, May 24, 1789. 
Bethany and Joseph Barrows, int. Nov. 23, 1793. [m. Dec. 17, 


• Intention not recorded. 


Perkins, Bethia and Dr. Shubael Lovell of Barnstable, int. 

May 6, 1797. 
Bettie and Sam[ue]ll Snow, June 15, 1775. 
Bettie [int. wid.j and Solomon Snow [int. of Raynham], Oct, 5, 

1780. [Betty and Solomon Snow, p.c.r. Betty Perkens 

and Soloman Snow, c.r.i.] 
Betty and Benanuel Leach, , 1 741 .* [May — , p.c.r. Per- 
kens and Beanuel Leach, May 26, c.r.i.] 
Charity and Asa Jones, Nov. 27 [Nov. 27 in later handwriting], 

Charls [int. Charles] and Abigail Waterman, Mar. 11, 1762. 

[Charles, p.c.r. Charles Perkens, c.r.i.] 
Cyrus and Salle Howard, int. Mar. 29, 1787. [Cyrus, s. 

Thomas and Mary (Pratt), and Sally Howard, m. , 

1787, C.R.2.] 

Daniel, Rev., and Anna Foster of Charleston, Nov. 6, 1721, 
in Walpole.* 

Daniel and Bathsheba Williams, Sept. 8, 1783. 

Daniel 2d and Mehitable Robbinson, int. Apr. i, 1809. 

Daniel H. [of] Middleborough and Betsey B. Pratt, int. Nov. 
14, 1846. 

David [int. Esq.] of Fall River and Olive R. Shaw, Jan. 29, 
1843. [David of Fall River, c.r.i. David, s. Jacob and 
Mary (Thomas), and Olive Rosalie Shaw, d. John Angier 
and Sarah H. (White), Jan. 30, p.r.i. David, s. Jacob 
and Mary (Thomas), and Olive R. Shaw, Jan. 30, p.R.13.] 

Deborah and John Connant [int. Conant Jr.], May 14, 1772. 
[Perkens and John Conant, c.r.i.] 

Deborah and Benjamin Edson, Jan. 3, 1782. [Perkens, c.r.i. 
Perkins, d. Thomas, and Benjamin Edson, s. John and 

j Hannah (Allen), c.r.2. Perkins, d. Thomas, and Ben- 

( jamin Edson, s. John, g.r.ic] 

l)orithy [int. Doritha] and Jacob Packard, Nov. 24, 1742. 

porithy and Solomon Packard, Oct. 5, 1760.* [Dorothy, p.c.r.] 

febenezer and Experience Holmes, Feb. 28, 1750-1.* [Ex- 
perience of Middleboro[ugh], p.c.r. Ebenezer, s. Thomas 
and Mary (Washburn), and Experience Holmes, p.R.64.] 

Ebenezer and Molly Pratt, Aug. i, 1782. [Perkens and 
Molle Prat, c.r.i. Perkins, s. Ebenezer and Experience 
(Holmes), and Mary Pratt, p.R.64.] 

Elijah E. and Elizabeth E. Hall, Dec. 2, 1833 [? in Bridge- 
water],* P.R.65. 

Elisabeth and Consider Bearce [int. Bearse] of Hallifax, Sept. 17, 
1 761. [Eliza[beth] and Consider Bearce of Hallifax, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Perkins, Elizabeth and Ebenezer Withington of Sharon, Dec. 

7, 1797- 
Elizabeth B. and William D. Bates of Weymouth, int. Sept. 7, 


Ellen, 24, d. Jacob and Mary, and Joseph E. Carver, 24, 
manufacturer, s. Eleazer and Bathsheba, May 28, 1848. 
[Ellen M., d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), and Joseph E. 
Carver, s. Eleazer and Bathsheba (Smith), p.r.i. Ellen, 
d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), p.R.13.] 

Enoch and Susanna Perkins, Mar. 26, 1783. [Enoch, s. 
Thomas, and Susannah Perkins, d. Francis, c.r.2.] 

Francis and Susan [int. Susanna] Waterman of Halifax, Dec. 
14, 1762, in Halifax. 

Francis and Phillibert [int. Philibert] Keith, Mar. 2, 1775. 

Francis and Polly Leonard, Sept. 3, 1815. 

Francis of E. Bridgewater and Betsey B. Pincin of E. Bridge- 
water, Oct. 30, 1830. 

George S., 27, iron manufacturer, s. Solomon and Clarrissa, 
and Martha A. Pope, 21, d. Benj[ami]n P. and Experi- 
ence, Dec. 12, 1847. [Martha A., d. Benjamin P. and 
Experience L. (Pratt), p.R.94.] 

George Washington and Anna Ames, int. Sept. 18, 1802. 

Hannah and Dan[ie]ll [int. Daniel] Packard, July 14, 1765. 
[Daniel, p.c.r.] 

Hannah and William Edson, Mar. 22, 181 2. 

Hannah, wid., and John Snow, June 4, 1821. 

Hannah and Passon Howard Sampson, Dec. 19, 1833. 

Henry, s. Solomon and Clarissa (Robinson), and Amelia Sher- 
man, July 16, 1848, in Stafford, Conn.,* p.R.64. 

Hepzibah and Eleazer Carver Jr., Apr. 3, 1746.* [Hepsiba, 
P.C.R. Apr. 3, 1746 "old Stile," p.R.34.] 

Isaac and Joanna Edson, May 2, 1754. 

Isaac, 22, machinist, s. Asa and Huldah, and Jane F. Green- 
wood, 18, d. Veris and Sally of Hebron, Me., Nov. 16, 

Jacob and Abigail Leonard of Middleborough, Oct. 2, 1788 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Jacob and Mary Thomas of Pembroke, int. Oct. 15, 1808. 
[m. , P.R.I, m. Dec. — , P.R.13.] 

Jacob and Mrs. Susan W. Morse of Groton, int. May 12, 1844. 

James and Bethiah Dunham, May 5, 1742.* [Jeams Perkens 
and Bethiah Dunam, c.r.i.] 

James [int. Jr.] and Mary Hooper, Feb. 14, 1771. [James Jr., 
P.C.R. James Perkens Jr., c.r.i.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Perkins, James [int. 2d] and Rebecca [int. Bette] Packard, 

Sept. 25, 1783. [James and Rebecca Packard, p.c.r.] 
James and Susan Lee, int. Dec. 9, 1848. [m. Dec. 24, c.r.2.] 
Jemima and Levi Keith, Nov. 8, 1759.* 
Jemima [int. of Stoughton] and Joseph Reynolds, Sept. 17, 

Jesse, Capt., and Bliss Phiney [int. Phinney], Nov. 12, 1789. 

[Phiney, p.c.r.] 
Jesse, Capt., and Sally Silvester, Aug. 17, 1808 [date in later 

Jesse Jr. and Elizabeth Crafts of Middleborough, int. Sept. 9, 

Jessee and Susanna Feild, June 5, 1769. 
Joanna of Middleborough and Dan Shaw, Mar. 30, 1780 [? in 

John H., Dr., and Vinee [int. Vinea] Lathrop, Apr. 11, 1793. 

[Vinee, p.c.r.] 
Jonas, Rev. [int. omits Rev.], and Rhoda Keith, Apr. 19, 1815. 
Jonathan and Bethiah Hayward, Jan. 17, 1737-8.* 
Jonathan Jr. and Abigail Packard, July 21, 1752.* 
Jonathan and Priscilla Bourn of Pembroke, , 1757, in 

Jonathan 3d and Mary Hamblen late of New Milford, Conn., 

int. June 15, 1865 [sic, ? 1765]. 
Jonathan [int. Jr.] and Abigail Howard, Oct. 18, 1785. [Jona- 
than, P.C.R.] 
Joseph and Martha Hayward [int. of Easton crossed out], Aug. 

II, 1761. [Haward, both of Middleborough, p.c.r.] 
Josiah and Abigail Edson, Aug. 17, 1755.* 
Josiah Jr. and Anna Reynolds, Jan. 14, 1790. 
Kezia and Mathew Packard, Apr. 17, 1781. [Matthew, p.c.r.] 
Laura A. and John B. Allen of Braintree, int. Nov. 10, 1843. 
Lena (see Sena Perkins). 

Levi [int. adds H.] and Bethiah Dunbar, July 30, 1804. 
Lucy and Samuel Spear of Boston, int. June 9, 1798. 
Luke and Rebeca Packard, Aug. 24, 1749.* [Rebecca, p.c.r.] 
Luke and Mary Snell, Nov. 14, 1797. 
Lydia and James Kieth, int. Oct. 6, 1744. 
Lydia and Abner Sears of Middelborough, July 15, 1762. 

[Lidia, p.c.r.] 
Lydia of Easton and Jonathan Snow, Oct. 20, 1778, in Easton. 
Lydia Henchman and Samuel Spear, int. Oct. 24, 1795. 
Marcia [int. Maria] and Thomas Jefferson Washburn [dup. of 

Orono, Me.], July 3, 1836. [Marcia and Thomas J. Wash- 

• Intention not recorded. 


burn of Orono, Me., c.r.i. Marcia, d. Jacob and Mary 

(Thomas), and Thomas Washburn, p.r.i. Marcia, d. 

Jacob and Mary (Thomas), and Thomas J. Washburn, 

Marcy and Joseph Warren, Aug. 3, 1756.* [Mercy, p.c.r. 

Mercy Perkens, c.r.i.] 
Maria (see Marcia). 

Mark and Tabitha Washburn, Oct. 17, 1784. 
Martha and Joseph Byram, May 13, 1724.* 
Martha and Isaac Hay ward. May 15, 1728.* 
Martha and Samuel Edson 3d, Sept. 26, 1738.* 
Martha and John Porter Jr., July 14, 1768. [Perkens, c.r.i.] 
Martha and Gideon Lincoln [int. negroes], Aug. 13, 1781. 
Martha and Thomas Packard, Oct. 8, 1789. 
Martha of Middleborough and William C. Bassett, int. Mar. 

II, 1825. 
Mary and Josiah Hay ward, Feb. 11, 1741.* [Perkens and 

Josiah Hayward Jr., c.r.i.] 
Mary and Simeon Packard, July 6, 1761. 
Mary and Oliver Carver, Jan. 9, 1774. 
Mary and Caleb Cary, Sept. 3, 1778. [Perkens, c.r.i.] 
Mary and Dr. Simeon Dunbar, int. Mar. 11, 1804. 
Mary and Dr. Noah Whitman, July 9, 181 2. 
Mary and Abiel Elliot of Raynham, int. Aug. 23, 1822. 
Mary T. and Calvin B. Pratt of Barnstable, Nov. 28, 1833. 

[Mary Thomas Perkins, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), 

and Dr. Calvin B. Pratt, p.r.i. Mary T. and Calvin B. 

Pratt, s. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, p.r.i 2. Mary T., d. 

Jacob and Mary (Thomas), and Calvin B. Pratt, p.R.13.] 
Mehetabel and Daniel Ames, Mar. 7, 1780. [Mehetable, 


Mehetabel [int. Mehitabel] and Charles Daniels, Apr. 3, 1814. 

Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Charles Keith, Dec. 8, 181 7. 

Mercy (see Marcy). 

Minerva and Allen Edson, Mar. 14, 1815. [Minerva, d. Eben- 
ezer, and Allen Edson, s. Benjamin and Deborah (Per- 
kins), C.R.2.] 

Nahum and Vesta Copeland, June 3, 1820. 

Nancy and Reufus Leach, int. Mar. 17, 1798. 

Nancy S. and Freeman Baxter of E. Bridgewater, int. May 18, 
1834. [m. June 8, c.r.2.] 

Naomi and Alfred Johnson, Sept. 6, 1801. 

Nathan and Martha Lennard, Nov. 9, 1709.* 

Nathan and Sarah Pratt, Apr. 2, 1752.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Perkins, Nathan and Julia Ann Crocker, int. Oct. i, 1848. 
Nathan[ie]ll and Mary Alger, Mar. 16, 1775. 
Nath[anie]ll Jr. and Hannah Hay ward, int. July 5, 1794. 
Olive and Nehemiah Edson, Apr. 5 [1783]. [Nehemiah, s. John 

and Hannah (Allen), "moved to Vermont," C.R.2.] 
Olive and Benjamin Pratt, Jan. 16, 1789. 
Oman and Betsey Crooker of Pembroke, int. Apr. 18, 1818. 
Ornon and Hannah Waterman, int. Dec. i, 1833. 
Patty [int. adds Porter] and Phineas Blake [of] Canton, Sept. 

26, 1804. 
Phebe and James Thurston, Feb. 10, 1748.* 
Phebe and Asaph Howard, July 19, 1789. 
Phebe and David Macumber of Easton, int. Mar. 2, 1805. 
Philemon H. and Betsey Cobb of Hanson, int. Oct. i, 1837. 
Philibert K. and Martin D. Holmes, int. Nov. 30, 1848. 
Polly and Dean Howard [int. of Easton], Dec. 11, 1800. 
Rachel and Shepherd [int. Shepard] Perkins, June 25, 1797. 
Rebecca and Jonathan Washburn, Jan. 18, 1757.* [Rebeccah, 

p.c.R. Rebecca Perkens, c.R.i.] 
Rebecca [int. Rebeecah] and Josiah Packard Jr., Oct. 10, 1782. 

[Rebecca, p.c.r.] 
Richard and Mrs. Mary Hancock, Oct. 9, 1760.* 
Richard Esq. and [int. Mrs.] Mary Hunt [int. of Boston], June 

18, 1781, in Boston. 
Robert, 23, trader, s. Jacob and Mary, and Susan M. Blood, 

22, d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, Sept. 10, 1845. [Robert, 

s. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), p.R.13.] 
Ruby and Alpheus Gary [int. of Braintree], Sept. 21, 1786. 

[Alpheus, P.C.R.] 
Rufus and Rebekah [int. Rebecca] Johnson, July 20, 1797. 
Sally and Robert Packard, Nov. 11, 1788. 
Sally and Waldo Field, May 2, 1820. 
Sarah and Jabez Carver, Sept. 29, 1743. 
Sarah and Ebenezer Packard, Feb. 25, 1746.* 
Sarah and Josiah Hambleten, int. Aug. 17, 1772. 
Sarah and Eli Hudson, Jan. 7, 1776. [Perkens, Jan. 17, c.R.i. 

Perkins, d. Thomas and Mary (Pratt), c.r.2.] 
Sena and Ezra Edson Jr., Sept. 19, 1782. [Lena Perkens, c.R.i. ] 
Shepherd [int. Shepard] and Rachel Perkins, June 25, 1797. 
Sibbel [int. Sibbyl] and Josiah Dunbar, Nov. 26, 1807 [date in 

later handwriting]. 
Simeon and Charlotte Hayward, Feb. 19, 1829. [Charlotte, d. 

Timothy, c r.i.] 
Solomon and Lydia Sprague, Dec. 31, 1733.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Perkins, Solomon and Sarah Edson, Jan. 31, 1760.* 

Solomon and Clarissa Robinson, Feb. 4, 1813. [Solomon, s. 
Ebenezer and Mary (Pratt), p.R.64.] 

Susan and Otis Alger, Jan. 9, 181 7. 

Susanah and Sam[ue]ll Allen, Apr. 24, 1733.* 

Susanna and Seth Rickard, Sept. 15, 1757.* [Susannah, p.c.r.] 

Susanna and Simeon Brett [int. Jr.], Dec. 25, 1777. [Susannah 
and Simeon Brett, p.c.r.] 

Susanna and Enoch Perkins, Mar. 26, 1783. [Susannah, d. 
Francis, and Enoch Perkins, s. Thomas, C.R.2.] 

Susanna and Robert Howard Jr., Sept. 25, 1788. 

Susanna and David Packard, int. Nov. 24, 1810. 

Theodore and Patte [int. Martha] Conant, May 2, 1784. 
[Patte, P.C.R. Perkens and Patte Conant, c.r.i. Theo- 
dore Perkins, brother of Thomas (s. Thomas), and Martha 
Conant, d. Nathan, , 1783, c.R.2.] 

Thomas and Mary Washburn, Feb. 20, 1716-17.* [Thomas, 
s. David, p.R.64.] 

Tho[ma]s Jr. and Mary Pratt, Apr. 5, 1748.* [Thomas, s. 
Thomas (s. David, "who came from Beverly about . . . 
1686"), and Mary Pratt, d. Solomon, c.R.2.] 

Thomas and Betsy [int. Betsey] Munroe, May 14, 1819. 

Timothy and Susanna Washburn, Mar. 18, 1735-6.* 

Timothy and Zipporah Washburn, Oct. 7, 1753. [Wash- 
bourne, P.C.R.] 

William and Elisabeth [int. Betty] Cary, July g, 1777. [Wil- 
liam, s. Thomas and Mary (Pratt), and Elizabeth Cary, 


William and Nabby Butler Crane of Boston, int. Oct. 26, 1799. 
William F. and Melissa [int. Malissa] N. Thomas, Jan. 15, 1843. 
Zadock and Hannah Packard, Dec. 15, 1796. 
Zephaniah and Mary Foard of Easton, Feb. 25, 1766. [Zeph- 
eniah, p.c.r.] 

PERO, Prince, "Negro man," and Phillis, "a. Negro Woman of 
George Keith," int. Oct. 23, 1784. 

PERRY, Benjamin of Sandwich and Deborah Johnson, May 27, 

Dina and Thomas Wood, int. Feb. 23, 1744. 
Hannah and Benjamin Peterson, Nov. 19, 1741.* [Perterson 

of Easton, p.c.r.] 
Joseph and Mary Chandler, Oct. 17, 1729.* 
Molly of Plimton and William Tory of Plimton, July 2, 1770.* 
Nathan, Dr., and Tiley Clapp of Norton, int. Sept. 20, 1806. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Perry, Rebecca of Sandwich and Jonathan Washburn, Dec. 27, 

171 1, in Sandwich.* 
Rhody [int. Rhoda, wid.] of Rochester and Lot Conant, Oct. 

12, 1740 [sic, int. Sept. 2, 1780], in Rochester. 
Ruth of Middlebourough and Samuel Bennet of Middle- 

bourough, Jan. 6, 1708-9.* 
Ruth (see Ruth Terry). 
Salmon F. and Bethiah D. Manter of Fairhaven, int. Dec. 6, 

Samuel of Sandwitch and Sarah Lennard, Dec. 14, 1710.* 
Samuel and Diana Brett, Feb. 15, 1820. 

PERRYWAY, Susanna [int. Perreway] and Paul Smith, Apr. 6, 


PETERS, Tabitha and Gorge [int. George] Knap Jr. [int. omits 
Jr.] of Raynham, Dec. 8, 1769. [George Jr. of Raynham, 


PETERSON, Asaph Torry and Betty Bates of Abington, int. 

July 16, 1803. 
Benjamin and Hannah Perry, Nov. 19, 1741.* [Perterson of 

Easton, p.c.r.] 
Jacob of Duxborough and Mary Harlow, Aug. 19, 1735,* 


Joseph and Lydia Howell, Nov. 19, 1742.* [Joseph of Dux- 
borough, P.C.R.] 

Judah [int. of Pembroke] and Jane Warren, Sept. 12, 1797. 

Rebecca of Duxbury and Bethuel Packard, June 16, 1783, in 

PETINGALE (see Pettengail, Pettingail, Pettingale, Pettin- 
gall, Pettingill), Mehetable and Jonathan Pitcher of Nor- 
wich, Oct. 18, 1733.* 

PETTENGAIL (see Petingale, Pettingail, Pettingale, Pettin- 
gail, Pettingill), Joseph and Lydia Phillips, Dec. 25, 1746.* 

Lydia [int. Pettingail] of Easton and Josiah Turner, Dec. 12, 
1776, in Easton. 

Phebe [int. Pettingill] of Easton and James Lindsly 2d [int. 
Linsey Jr. of Easton], June 24, 1779, in Easton. 

PETTINGAIL (see Petingale, Pettengail, Pettingale, Pettin- 
gail, Pettingill), Akerman and Deborah Colson, Aug. 23, 

Akerman and Ann Byram, int. Dec. 3, 1766. 

Ann, wid., and Jo[h]n Kingman, Feb. 13, 1772. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Pettingail, Benjamin and Mary Kingman, Apr. 30, [17147.* 
Benjamin Jr. of Easton and Molly [int. Mary] Ha ward, Dec. 2, 

Dan[ie]ll and Hannah Soper, Oct. 15, 1750.* 
DanfiejU and Sarah Gannet [int. Gannett], Apr. 9, 1755. 

[Dan[ie]l Pettingell and Sarah Gannet, p.c.r.] 
Edmund and Sarah Curtis, Jan. 15, 1761.* [Edmond Pettin- 

gale and Sarah Curstis, p.c.r.] 
Hugh and Hannah Snell, wid., int. Apr. 15, 1786. 
Joseph [int. Pettingil] and Mary Edson, Feb. 25, 1745. [Pet- 

tingail, p.c.r.] 
Joseph Jr. and Hephzibah Townsell [int. Hepzibah Townsel], 

Feb. 20, 1764. [Hephzibah Townsell, p.c.r.] 
Martha, wid., and Anthony Peirce, Mar. 2, 1748.* 
Nathan and Elisabeth Carr, May 18, 1760.* 
Nathan and Margret Markam, Mar. 6, 1775. 
Stephen and Abigail Ripley, Sept. 20, 1764. 

PETTINGALE (see Petingale, Pettengail, Pettingail, Pettin- 

gall, Pettingill), Akerman and Joanna Kingman, Sept. 17, 

Obadiah [int. Pettingill] and Eleaner [int. Elenor] Cobb, Mar. 

8, 1792. [Pettingill and Eleanor Cobb, p.c.r.] 
Sarah [int. Pettingail, wid.] and Amos Foard of Duxborough, 

May 29, 1766. [Pettingail, p.c.r.] 

PETTINGALL (see Petingale, Pettengail, Pettingail, Pettin- 
gale, Pettingill), Joanna [int. Pettingill] and William 
Turner, June 27, 1782. [Pettingell, p.c.r.] 

PETTINGILL (see Petingale, Pettengail, Pettingail, Pettin- 

gale, Pettingail), Asa and E[l]isabeth [int. Elizabeth] Carr, 

Aug. 18, 1789. [Pettingil and Elizabeth Carr, p.c.r.] 
Betty and Ichabod Shirtliflf [int. Shirtlefi of Plymouth], Sept. 8, 

1787. [Shurtleff, p.c.r.] 
John [int. Pettengill] and Elisaboth [int. Elisabeth] Thomson, 

July 15, 1784. [Pettingill and Elizabeth Thomson, p.c.r.] 
Sela and Reding Carr, int. Mar. 23, 1793. "Forbiden by Said 

Sibbil [int. Sibbel] and Josiah Hatheway [int. Hathaway], Oct. 

6, 1788. [Sibbel and Josiah Hatheway, p.c.r.] 
William and Lydia [int. Lidia] Cobb, Feb. 16, 1784. [Lydia, 


PHARAOH, Hannah (see Hannah Ferro). 

* Intention not recorded. 


PHENEY (see Finney, Phiney, Phinney, Phinny), Pelatiah 
[int. Phinney Jr.] and Mary Randall [int. Randel] of 
Easton [int. adds Bristol Co.], Oct. 25, 1764, in Easton. 

PBn[LLIPS, Abiah and Benjamin Taylor of Pembroke, Jan. 7, 

1762, in Pembroke. 
Abiel of Easton and Anna Briant [int. Bryant], July 26, 1787, 

in Easton. 
Almira A., d. Edward and Bethia (Danforth), and Jeremiah 

H. Townsend, s. Job and Lucy (Hack), Nov. 13, 1828 

[? in Taunton],* p.R.78. 
Betty [int. Phillip] and William Brett, Aug. 27, 1801. 
Caleb of Easton and Hannah Packard, Feb. 6, 173 1-2, in 

Chloe and Isaiah Whitman, Apr. 29, 1784. [Cloe, p.c.r.] 
Cyrus [int. adds B.] and Lucretia Barret of Easton, May 4, 

Deborah [int. Phillip] and Levi Wade of Pembrook, Feb. 20, 

1766. [Phillips, P.C.R.] 
Dianna of Pembroke and Joseph Allen Jr., int. Apr. 9, 18 14. 
Ebenezer of Easton and Sarah Cook [int. Cooke], Jan. 17, 1765, 

in Easton. 
Ebenezer of Easton, Bristol Co., and Jemima Packard of 

Easton, Nov. 10, 1802, in Providence.* 
Eliphalet, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], and [int. Mrs.] Mary Ha- 

ward, Mar. 3, 1763. [Eliphalet and Mary Ha ward, p.c.r.] 
Elizebeth of Easton and John Turner, Nov. 27, 1746, in Eas- 
Enus [int. Enos] of Easton and PoUe Davenport [int. PoUey 

Devenport], Aug. 21, 1786, in Easton. 
Ezra of Pembroke and Mehetable [int. Mehitabel] Allen, Nov. 

16, 1809. 
George [int. adds Y.] and Mrs. Bethiah Mitchell [int. wid.], 

Dec. 29, 1812. 
Hannah and Benjamin Lennard, Aug. 15, i'j[worn].* [Aug. 15, 

1715, P.R.103.] 
Joah Whitman and John Corthel of Abington, Apr. 11, 181 1. 
Jo[h]n, Capt., and Bridget Southworth, wid., Apr. 19, [i7]49.* 
John and Jennet Young, Oct. 21, 1784. 
Joseph and Hannah Egerton, int. Sept. 11, 1784. 
Joseph F., Rev., of N. Hemstead, L. I., N. Y., and Eliza Ann 

Thompson of Middleborough, Sept. 30, 1832.* [Rev. 

Joseph F. Philips of N. Y., c.r.2.] 
Lewis and Polly Goodspeed [int. Goodspead], Sept. 22, 1795. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Phillips, Lucinda and Melzar Hudson, Nov. 11, i8i8. 

Lucy and Smardeus [int. Smardees] Snell, Oct. 18, 1807. 

Lydia and Joseph Pettengail, Dec. 25, 1746.* 

Lydia and Zebulun Gary, Nov. 28, 1 749.* [Zebulon Carry, p.c.r.] 

Mark and Mercy Phillips of Pembroke, Oct. 7, 1762, in Pem- 

Mark Jr. and Celia [int. Celea] Chamberlin, Apr. 23, 1789. 
[Celia Chamberlain, p.c.r.] 

Mary and Ezra Warren, Jan. 13, 1752.* 

Mary [int. wid.] and Seth Harris of Abington, May 8, 1777, in 

Mary and Joseph Whitman, Sept. 7, 1780. 

Mary of Abington and Josiah Reynolds, int. Dec. 10, 1785. 

Mary M. and Joseph S. [int. omits S.] Blanchard [int. "Tran- 
cient person"]. May 9, 1807. 

Mercy of Pembroke and Mark Phillips, Oct. 7, 1762, in Pem- 

Molly and Barzee Kingman, Mar. 24, 1791. 

Nabby and Jonathan Pratt of Halifax, int. Apr. 28, 182 1. 

Nancy and Philip Andrew, int. Mar. 11, 1820. 

Rebeccah of Plymouth and Zadock Packard, int. Apr. 20, 
1800. [Rebecca and Zadock Packard, s. Nathaniel (s. 
Zachariah, s. Nathaniel, s. Samuel "from England"), m. 

, C.R.2.] 

Samuel and Lydia Basset, Nov. 17, 1726.* [Bassett, p.c.r.] 
Susanna and Jacob Louden [int. Lowden], Dec. 4, 1794. 

[Lowden, p.c.r.] 
Tho[ma]s and Hannah Allen, wid., Dec. 25, 1747.* 
Tho[ma]s Jr. and Mary Hatch, June 19, 1755. 
Thomas and Martha Whitman, Oct. 30, 1783. 
Turner and Huldah Whitman, Apr. 3, 1787. 
William and Hannah Pryer, Jan. 16, 1718.* 
William and Mara Kingman, int. Feb. 21, 1795. 

PHILLIS, Abner of Concord and Freelove Ashbort [int. Ash- 
port], coulered, Nov. 14, 1840. [Ashport, c.R.i.] 

PHINEY (see Finney, Pheney, Phinney, Phinny), Bliss [int. 
Phinney] and Capt. Jesse Perkins, Nov. 1 2, 1789. [Phiney, 


Jonathan of Midleborough and Deborah Wade, Oct. 16, 1735,* 


Pelatiah and Mercy Washburn, Dec. 28, 1738,* c.r.i. 

PHINNEY (see Finney, Pheney, Phiney, Phinny), Achsa [int. 
Achsah] and James Wood, June 5, 1764. [Achsa, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Phinney, Anna [int. Amie] and Robert Randall [int. Randel] 

Jr. of Easton, Oct. 11, 1764, in Easton. 
Experience and William Hack [int. of Tanton], May 22, 1755. 

[William, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Christopher [int. Christophur] Monk of Stough- 

ton, Mar. 6, 1783, in Stoughton. 
Ithamar and Anna Leonard, int. Apr. 12, 1800. 
John and Sarah Tomson of Hallifax, int. Nov. 20, 1779. 
Joseph and Alice Campbel of Tanton, int. Nov. 27, 1761. 
Noah and Bettie Connant [int. Conant], Jan. 24, 1769. [Betty 

Conant, p.c.r.] 
Zeruiah and Ebenezer Packard, Mar. 27, 1806 [date in later 


PHINNY (see Finney, Pheney, Phiney, Phinney), Freelove 
[int. Phinney] and Jacob Thomson Jr. of Middleborough, 
Oct. 27, 1761. [Frelove Phinny, c.r.i.] 

PICKENS, Josephus of Middleboro and Vodica [int. Vodisa] 

Hooper, Oct. 20, 183 1. 
Zattee [int. Zattu] Jr. of Middleborough and Lucinda E. Keith, 

May 21, 1833. [Zattee Jr. of Middleboro, C.R.3.] 

PIERCE (see Pearce, Peirce), Abigail [int. Peirce] and Eleazer 
Alden, Dec. 9, 1819. [Abagail Pierce, p.r.68.] 

Adeline and Israel Talbot of Londonderry, N. H., blacks, int. 
Apr. 17, 1824. 

Albert and Sarah Brooker, coulered, June 13, 1841. 

America [int. Jr.] and Margret [int. Margrit] Drew, blacks, 
Aug. 31, 1793. [America and Margaret Drew, Aug. 13, 


Ann [dup. and int. Peirce] and Moses Mandel [dup. Mandall, 
int. Mandell] of Dorchester, Mar. 21, 1819. 

Benj[amin] of Scituate and Charity Hayward [int. Haward], 
Nov. 3, 1743. [Peirce of Scituate and Charity Hayward, 


Benjamin Jr. and Jane Hayward, Aug. 7, 1750.* 

Mercy and Joseph Truant, May 15, 1707.* 

Molly (see Polly). 

Permenus [int. Peirces] and Rowena Terbert [int. Tarbet, 

blacks], Nov. 4, 1819. 
Peter [int. Peirce] and Metilda Talbut, blacks. Mar. 31, 1788. 

[Peirce, p.c.r.] 
Polly of Middleborough and David Leonard Jr., int. Jan. 7, 


* Intention not recorded. 


Pierce, Polly [int. Molly Peirce, wid.] and Perez Williams, 

Nov. 10, 1798. 
Silas [Pierce sic, ? Besse, see Halifax Vital Records] and Bridget 

Sampson of Halifax, June 16, 1752, in Halifax.* 
Susanna [int. Peirce] and George Bradly [int. Bradley], Oct. 31, 

PIKE, Jarvis [int. of Attleborough] and Betty [int. Betsey] 

Willis, Apr. 18, 1790. [Jarvis and Betty Willis, p.c.r.] 
Moses [int. Mosses Peck Jr. of Attleborough] and Nancey 

Willis, May 11, 1788. [Moses Pike and Nancy Willis, 


Nancy and Thomas Reynolds, Aug. 20, 1819. 

PINCHIN (see Pincin), Benjamin and Molly Stetson, Nov. 15, 

Benjamin Jr. [int. Pincin] and Polly Whitting, Jan. 29, 1798. 
Deborah and Abel Delano [int. Dellino] of Pembroke, Jan. 21, 

Mehitabel and [int. Capt.] Martin Beals of Hingham, Apr. 11, 


PINCIN (see Pinchin), Betsey [int. Pinchon] and Elijah Beale 
[int. Beal] [of] Hingham, Dec. 3, 1804. 

Betsey B. of E. Bridge water and Francis Perkins of E. Bridge- 
water, Oct. 30, 1830. 

Mary and Daniel Magown of Pembroke, int. Sept. 28, 1816. 

Mary and Charles W. Gammons of Middleboro[ugh], int. 
Apr. 3, 1822. 

Rebecca [int. Rebeckah] and Southworth Gammons [int. Suth- 
worth Gammans Jr.] of Middleborah, Apr. 27, 1819. 

Welcom and Deborah Crooker of Pembroke, int. Jan. 24, 1818. 

William Jr. and Margret Whitten, int. Jan. 24, 1807. 

PINKNEY, Mary and Zachariah Whitmarsh of Weymouth, 
Jan. 10, 1765. 

PIRKINS (see Perkens, Perkins), David and Martha Ha ward, 
Feb. I, 1698-9.* 

PITCHER, Jonathan of Norwich and Mehetable Petingale, 
Oct. i8, 1733.* 

PITTIS, Jabez (see Jabes Cowing). 

PLACE, Hannah and Charles Snow, May 6, 1820. 
Sally Ann of W. Bridgewater and David Clark, int. Nov. 26, 

* Intention not recorded. 


POLTON, Hannah [Polton sic, ? Bolton] and Peter Thomas 
[sic, ? Thomson] of Halifax, Mar. i8, 1740, in Halifax.* 
[See Halifax Vital Records.] 

POMPY, Andrew and Hager [int. Hagar] Hill, Negrows [int. 
"Free Negros"], Apr. 9, 1780. [Hager, blacks, p.c.r.] 

PONUS, Sippio, "David Keiths negro man," and Elisabeth 
Cesar, "Free negro woman," Apr. 29, 1773. 

POOL, Achish [int. Achesh] and Susanna Hearsey, Nov. 14, 

Aletheia and James Hearsey Jr. of Abington, int. Apr. 10, 1781. 

Anna and Jacob Whitmarsh Jr., Apr. 22, 1784. 

Deborah and Thomas Hearsey of Abington, Feb. 7, 1793. 

Hannah and John Pain, Jan. 4, 1738.* 

Hannah and Caleb Church of Rochester, June 23, 1772 [? in 
Middleborough] . 

Hannah of Hallifax and Kinsley Hay ward, int. Nov. 2, 1805. 

Harriet M. and Jesse Packard 2d, Dec. 11, 1838,* p.R.14. 

Hopestill and Zalmuna Hooper, int. July 21, 1787. 

Isaac and Sarah Leonard, Dec. 20, 1743.* 

Isaac and Rebecca Washburn, Oct. 18, 1774. 

Jacob Jr. of Abington and Zeruiah Whitmarsh, Aug. 23, 1787. 
[Zerviah, p.c.r.] 

James of Abington and Eunace [int. Eunice] Lazell, July 11, 
1786, in Abington. 

James Jr. of Abington and Sarah Benson, Jan. 29, 1808. 

John and Hannah Price, Mar. 20, 1777. 

John and Susanna Willis, Aug. 8, 1801. 

Joseph and Rebecca Hall, Nov. 21, 1753.* 

Joshua of Abington and Lucenda Latham, Aug. 11, 1783. 
[Lucinda, p.c.r.] 

Mahtable [int. Mehetabel] of Abington and Benjamin White, 
June 5, 1795, in Abington. 

Mary and Samuel Cary, Apr. 25, 1704.* 

Mary and Simeon Shaw of Middleborough, Sept. 17, 1772 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Mary of Abington and Anthony Dyke, Apr. 12, 1775, in 

Mary of W. Bridgewater and Samuel Adams of W. Bridge- 
water, Apr. 16, 1837,* C.R.3. 

Mehitable (see Mahtable). 

Mercy and Jacob Washburn [int. gent[leman], of Middle- 
borough], Dec. 3, 1761. [Jacob, c.r.i.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Pool, Noah [int. of Boston] and Polly White, June 17, 1808. 
Noah [int. of Abington] and Sally Crane, June 21, 1819. 
Olive and Zachariah Standish [int. Jr.] of Plimton, Jan. 9, 1770. 

[Zachariah [dup. Zacariah] of Plimton, p.c.r.] 
Olive and Rev. William Reed of Easton, May 20, 1784. 
Ruth and Eliphaz Curtis of Abington, Sept. 16, 1796, in 

Sally of Hallifax and Peleg Osbourn [int. Osbourns], Mar. 5, 

Samuel Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Abigail Porter, Mar. 2, 1786. 

[Samuel Jr., p.c.r.] 
Samuel and Lydia Cox, Dec. 31, 1820. 
Sarah and John Hooper, Sept. 25, 1766. 
Sarah and Ebenezer Snow Jr., Oct. 7, 1783. 
Wealthy and Jonathan Harvey, int. Mar. 31, 1781. 
William and Sarah Packard of Abington, Sept. 3, 1795 [dup. 

Aug. 28, 1795, in Abington]. 

POPE, Abigail (see Nabby). 

Benjamin and Mary Peirce of Scituate, int. Oct. 27, 1792. [m. 

Nov. 15, P.R.I.] 

Benjamin P. and Experience L. Pratt, Dec. 10, 1824. [Benja- 
min Pierce Pope, s. Benjamin and Mary, and Experience 
Pratt, d. Silvanus and Experience, Dec. 9, c.r.i. Dec. 10, 
C.R.3. Benjamin P., s, Benjamin and Mary (Pierce), and 
Experience Pratt, d. Sylvanus and Experience (Alden), 
Dec. 9, P.R.I. Experience L., d. Silvanus and Experience 
(Alden), Dec. 5, p.R.94.] 

Benjamin P. and Elizabeth C. Cook, Oct. 13, 1838 [sic, int. 
Sept. I, 1839]. [Oct. 13, 1839, C.R.3.] 

Deborah and Thomas Lathrop of Easton, int. Sept. 24, 1791. 

Frederick and Mary Cole, June 8, 1758.* 

Freeman and Hannah Thayer, Oct. 25, 1795. 

Freeman [of] New Bedford and Mercy Pope, Nov. 30, 1797. 

Hannah and Holman [int. Helman] Keith of E. Bridgewater, 
Nov. 5, 1837. [Holman of E. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 

Livonia and Charles Pratt, Oct. 16, 1821. [Livonia, niece of 
Capt. Benjamin Pope, and Charles Pratt, s. Capt. Simeon 
and Sarah, c.r.i. Charles, s. Simeon and Sally (Willis), 


Martha A., 21, d. Benj[ami]n P. and Experience, and George S. 
Perkins, 27, iron manufacturer, s. Solomon and Clarrissa, 
Dec. 12, 1847. [Martha A., d. Benjamin P. and Experi- 
ence L. (Pratt), p.R.94.] 

Mercy and Freeman Pope [of] New Bedford, Nov. 30, 1797. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Pope, Nabby [int. Abigail] and Isaac Washburn, Dec. 9, 1807 

[date in later handwriting] . 
Orra and Kenelm Winslow, Sept. 30, 1822. [Orra, d. Capt. 

Benjamin and Mary, c.r.i. Orra, d. Benjamin and Mary 

(Pierce), p.r.i.] 
Rebecca of Dartmouth and Edward Packard, int. Sept. 27, 

Thankful [int. Thankfull] and Cornelius Theyer [int. Thayer], 

Aug. I, 1796. 
Thomas and Huldah Edson, May 2, 1782. 

PORTER, Abigail and Isaac Packard, Mar. 28, 1745. 
Abigail and Samuel Pool Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Mar. 2, 1786. 

[Samuel Jr., p.c.r.] 
Abigail and Levi Keith 3d, Dec. 28, 1797. 
Adam of Abington and Mrs. [dup. and int. omit Mrs.] Deb- 
orah Gannett [int. Gannet], Oct. 3, 1776. 
Adam [int. of Cumington] and Sarah Hunt [int. wid.], Sept. 9, 

1807 [date in later handwriting]. 
Allen Marshall and Betsey Beals of Pembroke, int. Oct. 12, 

Bartrice and Abner Gardner of Abington, int. May 4, 1782. 
Cyrus and Rebecca French, Mar. i, 1800.* 
Ebenezer and Lydia Loring of Plimton, int. Mar. 30, 1754. 
Esther and Joshua Fobes Jr., May 29, 1740.* [Ester, c.r.i.] 
Esther of Abington and Abel Packard, Jan. 24, 1750-1, in 

Hannah and Judah Wood of Hallifax, Dec. 15, 1757.* 
Hannah and Nathaniel Reynolds [int. Jr. of Sidney], Apr. 11, 

Hezekia of Winsor and Sarah Carver, Sept. 25, 1757.* [Heze- 

kiah of Windsor, p.c.r.] 

John and Lydia Leonard, , "1758 or 1759,"* P.R.73. 

John Jr. and Martha Perkins, July 14, 1768. [Perkens, c.r.i.] 
John 2d and Susanna Groves, Dec. 9, 1790. [Susa, p.c.r.] 
Jonathan and Mary Chipman of Halifax, Feb. 16, 1764, in 

Joseph and Elizebeth Barrell [sic, ? Burrell, see Abington Vital 

Records] of Abington, Jan. 25, 1753, in Abington.* 
Lydia [int. of Abington] and Edward Vinton [int. Vinten], 

Feb. 16, 1820. 
Mary, d. John and Lydia (Leonard), and Benjamin Seaver, s. 

William and Mary (Foster), Oct. — , 1803,* P.R.73. 
Mary and Josiah Scares [int. Sears] of Hallifax, June 5, 181 7. 
Mehitabel and Daniel Brown, June 8, 1797.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Porter, Milacen and John Battles, July 2, 1816. 

Olive and John Crafts, Sept. 9, 1790. 

Olive of Stoughton and Caleb Copeland Jr., int. Apr. 7, 1821. 

Polly [int. Policy] and Rev. Thomas Crafts [int. Craft of Prince 

Town, Worcester Co.], Dec. 28, 1786. [Polly and Rev. 

Thomas Crafts, p.c.r.] 
Polly and William Fullerton, Nov. 24, 1796. 
Rebecca Woods [int. Wood] and Charles Lincoln, Oct. 13, 1816. 
Ruth and James Reed of Abington, Jan. i, 1784. 
Samuel Jr. and Hannah Green of Abington, Sept. 28, 1758, in 

Samuel and Betty Hearsey of New Glocester, Hampshere Co., 

int. Mar. 17, 1792. 
Samuel and Sally Gill of Canton, int. July 19, 181 7. 
Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] and Ruth Reed [int. wid.], May 31, 

1764. [Samuel and Ruth Read, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Noah Tinkham, June 16, 1751.* 
Sarah and Abijah Snow of Abington, int. Nov. 11, 1775. 
Sarah of Hallifax and Sebery Child Hathaway, int. Mar. 7, 

Sarah and Daniel Whitman, Dec. 6, 1819. 

POTTER, Lydia and Samuel Smith [int. of Stoughton], Feb. 

20, 1802 [date in later handwriting, sic, int. Jan. i, 1803]. 
Ruby H. of Dartmouth and Nicholas Tillinghast, int. Oct. 12, 


POWEL, James [int. Powell] and Alice Harris, Jan. 12, 1743. 
Violet and Henry Traveler, blacks, Feb. 27, 1770.* 

POWER (see Powers), Edward and Phillis Bartlet, Jan. 30, 
1 753-* [Powers and Phillis Bartlett, p.c.r.] 

Edward [int. Powers] and Betty Whitly [int. Bettie Wheatley], 
Oct. 15, 1772. 

Mary and John Burr, May 10, 1748.* 

POWERS (see Power), Betty and Capt. Edward Hay ward, 

Nov. 6, 1802. 
Kezia and Prince Foard [int. Ford], Sept. 9 [1779]. [Ford, p.c.r.] 
Noah and Rhoda Williams, May 14, 1787. 

PRAT (see Pratt), Elisabeth and Samuel Staples, Dec. 25, 

Joseph and Lydia Lennard, Dec. 9, 171 2.* 

PRATT (see Prat), Abiel and John Connant, Mar. 3, 1745-6.* 
[Abigail and John Conant, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Pratt, Abigail and Edward Curtis, Jan. 2, 1759.* [Jan. 9, 

p.c.R. Jan. 2, C.R.I.] 
Abigail and Benjamin Benson, Sept. 27, 1770. [Bennson, 


Abner and Martha Gary, wid., Aug. 28, 1764. 
Agatha and Charles Wilbar of Wareham, May 4, 1828. 
Albert G. and Elizabeth W. Parsons of Middleboro, Mar. 5, 

Albertina and Nathaniel Carver, int. June 24, 181 5. 
Amey and Ziba Randell of Easton, int. Feb. 26, 1792. 
Ann and Azarih [dup. and int. Azariah] Hayward, Aug. 28, 

1768. [Azariah, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 
Anna and John Packard, Oct. 7, 1760.* [Oct. 9, c.r.i.] 
Anthony S. and Harriet N. Gushee of Raynham, int. Sept. 21, 

1839. [This entry marked "Null."] 
Anthony S. and Susan L. Holmes, Jan. i, 1840. 
Aroline P. and John M. Soule of Halifax, June 23, 1842. 
Asa (see Aza). 

Asa [int. 2d] and Lydia Humphrey, Feb. 26, 181 5. 
Augustus S. of Raynham and Vashti Leach, int. Mar. 29, 1835. 
Aza [int. Asa] and Lydia Sprague, Mar. 21, 1799. [Asa, s. Seth 

and Hannah (Washburn), p.r.i.] 
Azuba and Simeon Dunbar [int. 2d], Oct. 13, 1813. 
Barnabas and Isabel Downey, Oct. 17, 1750.* 
Barnebas [int. Jr.] and Amie French, Aug. 23, 1787. [Barna- 
bas, P.C.R.] 
Benjamin and Sarah Kingman, June 24, 17 19.* 
Benjamin and Lydia Harlow, , 1741.* [Dec. — , p.c.r. 

Lidea, Dec. 22, c.r.i.] 
Benjamin and Olive Perkins, Jan. 16, 1789. 
Benjamin W. of Taunton and Hannah T. Lucas of Hallifax, 

May 23, 1832.* [Benjamin W. of Taunton, s. Simeon, and 

Joannah T. Lucas of Halifax, c.r.i.] 
Bethia and Josiah Mahurin [dup. Mahuren], Oct. 26, 1769. 

[Bithia and Josiah Mahurin, p.c.r. Bethia Prat and 

Joseph Mehuren, c.r.i.] 
Bethiah [int. Bethia] and William Daniels of Abington, Jan. 14, 

1768, in Abington. 
Betsey and David Waterman, int. Feb. 6, 1802. 
Betsey B. and Daniel H. Perkins [of] Middleborough, int. Nov. 

14, 1846. 
Betsey W. and Perez F. Andrews, int. Nov. 20, 1836. 
Calvin of Middleborough and Clarissa Keith, Jan. 23, 1799 

[? in Middleborough]. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Pratt, Calvin B. of Barnstable and Mary T. Perkins, Nov. 
28, 1833. [Dr. Calvin B. and Mary Thomas Perkins, d. 
Jacob and Mary (Thomas), p.r.i. Calvin B., s. Calvin 
Esq. and Clarissa, and Mary T. Perkins, p.r.i 2. Calvin 
B. and Mary T. Perkins, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), 

Casindana and Seth Washburn Jr., Nov. 29, 1839. [Casindania 
and Seth Washburn Jr., s. Seth and Sarah (Carver), 

Charity and Jeremiah Washburn, Apr. 24, 1754. 

Charity of Norton [int. adds Bristol Co.] and John Devenport 
[int. Davenport], Feb. 29, 1764, in Norton. 

Charles and Livonia Pope, Oct. 16, 1821. [Charles, s. Capt. 
Simeon and Sarah, and Livonia Pope, niece of Capt. Ben- 
jamin Pope, C.R.I. Charles, s. Simeon and Sally (Willis), 


Chloe and Jeremiah Conant of Pomfret, Vt., int. Dec. 21, 1793. 
[Maj. Jeremiah of Pomfret, Vt., m. Jan. 30, 1794, p.c.r.] 

Chloe and Alvin Crossman, Apr. 18, 1813. 

Christiana, d. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, and Nahum Wash- 
burn, May 16, 1836,* P.R.I 2. [Nahum, s. Solomon, p.R.36.] 

Clarrisa Sumner and Albert Washburn, May 17, 1842, in New 
York City.* [Clarissa S., d. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, 
P.R.I 2. Clarissa Sumner Pratt, d. Calvin and Clarissa, 
and Albert Washburn, s. Solomon, p.R.36.] 

Cornelius [and] Lucina Thompson of Halifax, int. Feb. 8, 1823. 

Cornelus and Martha Leonard, int. Dec. 31, 1786. 

David and Joanna Allen, Apr. 30, 1722.* 

David and Ann Leonard, Jan. 31, 1737-8.* 

David Jr. and Abigail Bondage, Apr. 12, 1753.* 

David and Phebe Atwood [int. Attwood] of Abington, July 5 
[sic, int. Sept. 11], 1784, in Abington. 

David and Mary Hobart, Nov. 23, 1815. 

Deborah and Joseph Orcut, Dec. 10, 1751.* [Orcutt, p.c.r.] 

Deborah [int. of Easton] and Jonathan Ames, Dec. 10, 1780. 
[Deborah, p.c.r.] 

Deliverance and Amasa Rickard, Mar. 12, 1759.* 

Dorcas and James Lovel [int. Lovell], Nov. 28, 1754. 

Ebenezer and Anna Dyer, Jan. 30, 1716-17.* 

Ebenezer of Waymouth and Waitstil Washburn, Dec. 15, 

Ebenezer and Abiel Alger, Jan. 19, 1758.* 

Ebenezer and Bula Washburn, Aug. 8, 1760.* 

Ebenezer and Charity Besse, int. Dec. 9, 1780. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Pratt, Ebenezer and Olive S. Wood of Halifax, int. Apr. 17, 

Edwin, 25, machinist, s. Seth and Lucinda, and Ann Christian, 
17, d. Caleb and Roxilana, Oct. 12, 1845. [Ann, d. Caleb 
and Roxelana (Dunbar), p.r.i. Edwin, s. Seth and Lu- 
cinda (Conant), and Ann Christian, d. Caleb and Roxellana 
(Dunbar), p.R.93.] 

Elijah and Sibbil Dunbar, Aug. 23, 1798.* 

Elijah and Naomi Wade, Jan. 7, 1813. [Elijah, s. Nathaniel 
and Betsey (Washburn), Jan. 9, p.r.i.] 

Elisabeth and Anderaus Veneca [int. Venaca], Mar. 10, 1778. 
[Elizebeth and Anderaus Venaca, c.r.i.] 

Elizebeth of Abington and Charles Brown, Sept. 11, 1794, in 

Enoch [int. of Easton] and Saloma [int. Silomi] Rickard, Apr. 
20, 1784. [Enoch and Saloma Rickard, p.c.r.] 

Experience and Nathan[ie]ll Lowden [int. Nathanael Louden] 
of Duxborough, Apr. 29, 1762. [Nathaniel Lowden of 
Duxboro[ugh], p.c.r.] 

Experience L. and Benjamin P. Pope, Dec. 10, 1824. [Experi- 
ence, d. Silvanus and Experience, and Benjamin Pierce 
Pope, s. Benjamin and Mary, Dec. 9, c.r.i. Dec. 10, 
C.R.3. Experience, d. Sylvanus and Experience (Alden), 
and Benjamin P. Pope, s. Benjamin and Mary (Pierce), 
Dec. 9, P.R.I. Experience L., d. Silvanus and Experience 
(Alden), Dec. 5, p.R.94.] 

Hamden K. and Sarah A. Toby of Wareham, int. Aug. 16, 
1829. [Hamden K., s. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, and Sarah 
B. Tobey, m. Sept. 9, P.R.12.] 

Hannah ( ) [Hannah Pratt, P.R.103.] and John 

Whitman, June 10, 1686.* 

Hannah and Isaac Willis, Aug. 14, 1732.* 

Hannah and Naphtali Byram, Sept. 27, 1744. 

Hannah and Samuel Allen, Nov. 16, 1758.* 

Hannah [int. wid.] and Ebenezer Campbel, May 15, 1764. 
[Hannah, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 

Hannah and Timothy Hayward, July 16, 1767. 

Hannah, wid., and Sam[ue]ll Noyes of Abi[n]gton, Oct. 30, 
1 771. [Sam[ue]l of Abington, p.c.r.] 

Hannah and Seth Conant, int. Apr. 4, 1801. [m. Sept. 24, p.r.i.] 

Hannah and Charles Thompson, int. May 18, 1816. 

Harriet T., 22, of Halifax, d. Stillman and Mary, and Andrew 
K. Weeks, 23, painter, s. Samuel P. and Huldah, Nov. 22, 

* Intention not recorded. 


Pratt, Harriot [int. Harriet] M. and John E. Howard Esq., 
Sept. 18, 1821. [Harriott M., d. Capt. Asa and Lydia, and 
John E. Howard Esq., s. Daniel Esq. of the West Parish, 


Henry C, s. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, and Mary C. Clitz, 

May 26, 1841,* P.R.12. 
Henry W. and Clarinda Leonard, Nov. 21, 1821. [Henry W., 

s. Capt. Simeon and Sarah, and Clarinda Leonard, d. 

(w. Clifford Carver), c.r.i. Henry W., s. Simeon 

and Sally (Willis), p.r.i.] 
Huldah, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Benjamin Reed of No. 5, 

Dec. 3, 1778, in Abington. 
Huldah and John Carver J[r.], Feb. i, 1795. 
Ira B., widr. [int. D., omits widr.], 26, boot maker, of Raynham, 

s. Alpheus and Sarah, and Nancy D. [int. B.] Hall, 19, d. 

Ebenezer and Nancy, Jan. 27, 1848. [Ira D. of Raynham 

and Nancy B. Hall, c.r.i.] 
Isaac and Catharine Caswell, Sept. 5, 1758.* 
Isaac of Middleborough and Naomi Keith, May 19, 1804 [? in 

Isaac and Nancy Pratt, int. Mar. 20, 1813. 
Isabella and Levi Brannack, Apr. 15, 1790. 
James and Martha Willis, Nov. 22, 1733.* 
Jane of Easton and Nathaniel Alger, Oct. 19, 1726, in Easton.* 
Jeremiah and Anna [int. Anne] Bolton, Nov. 27, 1777. [Anna, 


Joanna and Phineas Conant, Sept. 26, 1749.* 

Joanna and Adam Besse, Mar. 31, 1791. 

Job and Mary Washburn, Feb. i, 1757.* [Washbourne, p.c.r. 

Washburn, c.r.i.] 
John of Pembrook and Sarah Peirce, Aug. 28, 1751.* [Prett 

of Pembroke and Sarah Perce, p.c.r.] 
Jonathan and Elizabeth French, Nov. 11, 1740.* [Elizebeth, 

Jonathan and Deborah Hathaway, Apr. 27, 1817. 
Jonathan of Halifax and Nabby Phillips, int. Apr. 28, 1821. 
Joseph and Anna Richards of Weymouth, Dec. 14, 1721, in 

Joseph and Mehetabel French, Sept. 12, 1738,* c.r.i. 
Joseph 2d and Alice Hayward, Apr. 5, 1749.* 
Joshua and Mary Pratt, Oct. 30, 1783. 

Josiah and Bethia Keith, Nov. 17, 1791 [? in Middleborough]. 
Judith B. and Daniel E. [int. omits E.] Willis [int. Jr.], Aug. i, 


• Intention not recorded. 


Pratt, Katharine [int. Katherine] and Jeremiah Thayer [int. 
Jr.], Jan. 17, 1781. [Katharine and Jeremiah Thayer, 


Keziah [int. Kezia] of Middleborough and Daniel Aldrich, 

Nov. 23, 1797 [? in Middleborough]. 
Lavina [int. Levina] and Timothy Willis, May 4, 1786. [La- 

vina, p.c.R. Lavina Prat, c.r.i.] 
Leonard and Clarissa [int. Clarrissa] Leonard, Dec. 3, 1818. 
Levi and Mary Hathaway of Middleborough, Mar. 20, 1777 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Lidia and Benjamin Mahurin, Dec. 23, 1731.* [Lydia, p.c.r. 

Lidia and Benjamin Mehuren, c.r.i.] 
Lott and Polly Aldrich, Oct. 22, 1787. 
Louisa A. and Simeon Jordan Jr., Aug. 30, 1841. 
Lovicy [int. Lovicey] and Job Staples Bryant, July 28, 1793. 
Lucie and Ebenezer Vaughn of Middleborough, int. Dec. 25, 

1778. [Luce Prat and Mr. Vaun of Midleboro, m. , 


Lucina Tucker (see Lusanna T.). 

Lucy and Thomas Cushman, Oct. 5, 1823. [Lucy, d. Cornelius 

dec'd, C.R.I.] 
Lusanna T. [int. omits T.] and [int. Maj.] Gushing Mitchell, 

Apr. I, 1822. [Lucina Tucker Pratt, d. Capt. Asa and 

Lydia of S. Bridgewater, and Maj. Cushing Mitchell of E. 

Bridgewater, in E. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 
Lydia (see Lidia). 

Lydia and Ezra How, int. Jan. 28, 1787. 
Lydia and Charles Wilbar [int. Wilber] of Easton, Dec. 31, 

1813 [? in Middleborough]. 
Margaret (see Margret). 
Margery [int. Mergery] and John Bolton [int. of Raynham], 

Dec. 4, 1787. [Margery and John Bolton, p.c.r.] 
Margret and Tho[ma]s Tribou, July 11, 1746.* 
Maria Otis (second w.) and Albert Washburn, , in New 

York City.* [Maria (second w.), d. Jared, and Albert 

Washburn, s. Solomon, p.R.36.] 
Martha and Jabez Vaughn of Middleborough, Apr. 14, 1817. 
Mary and Abner Harris, Nov. 12, 1735,* c.r.i. 
Mary and Tho[ma]s Perkins Jr., Apr. 5, 1748.* [Mary, d. 

Solomon, and Thomas Perkins, s. Thomas (s. David, 

"who came from Beverly about . . . 1686"), c.r.2.] 
Mary and Nathan[ie]ll Ramsdel, Jan. 10, 1753.* [Nath[anie]l 

Ramsdell, p.c.r.] 
Mary, wid., and Capt. John Shaw of Raynham, int. Oct. 9, 1779. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Pratt, Mary (see Molly). 

Mary and Joshua Pratt, Oct. 30, 1783. 

Mary [int. wid.] and Ira Drake, May 24, 1821. 

Mary W. and Benjamin Crooker, June 3, 1832. [Mary W., d. 

Sylvanus, and Benjanjin Crooker, s. Zenas dec'd, c.r.i. 

Mary W. and Benjamin Crooker, s. Zenas and Content 

(Stetson), P.R.I. Mary W., d. Silvanus and Experience 

(Alden), p.R.94.] 
Matilda (see Metilda). 
Melinda S. of Middleboro and George W. Holmes, Apr. 20, 

Mercy of Pembroke and Alpheus Orcutt, Feb. 10, 1802. 
Metilda and Isaac Allen, Mar. 30, 1796. 

Molly of Abington and William Hearsey Jr., int. May 9, 1778. 
Molly [int. Molley] and Amasa Tribou, Nov. 16, 1780. [Molly, 


Molly and Ebenezer Perkins, Aug. i, 1782. [Molle Prat and 
Ebenezer Perkens, c.r.i. Mary Pratt and Ebenezer Per- 
kins, s. Ebenezer and Experience (Holmes), p.R.64.] 

Nabby and Eleazer Whitman Jr., Sept. 17, 1812. 

Nancy [int. Nancey] and Timothy Conant, Feb. 25, 1788. 
[Nancy, p.c.r. Nancey, c.r.i.] 

Nancy and Isaac Pratt, int. Mar. 20, 1813. 

Nathan and Sarah Harlow, Oct. 15, 1745.* 

Nathan and Louis Fuller, Oct. 7, 1787. [Lois, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 

Nathanael Jr. [int. Nathan[ie]ll, omits Jr.] and Elisabeth [int. 
Bettie] Washburn, Nov. 12, 1778. [Nathaniel and Elize- 
beth Washburn, c.r.i. Nathaniel, s. Seth and Hannah 
(Washburn), and Betsey Washburn, p.r.i.] 

Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel and Betsey (Washburn), and Lucy 
Thomas, Nov. 28, 1816,* p.r.i. 

Nathan[ie]ll and Sarah Allen, Jan. 15, 1733-4.* 

Nathan[ie]ll and Hannah Conant, Nov. 5, 1745.* [Na- 
th[anie]l, p.c.r.] 

Nehemiah of Pomfret, Vt., and Chloe Reckards, int. Dec. 21, 
1793. [Cloe Richards, m. Jan. 28, 1794, p.c.r.] 

Noah and Desire Cole, Sept. 25, 1777. 

Olive and Lazarus Hathaway of Midleborough, Dec. i, 1774. 

Olive and Josiah Torry, Aug. 29, 1782. [Torrey, p.c.r.] 

Olive of Middleboro and Darius Wentworth, Oct. 21, 1834. 
[Darius, s. Theophilus and Betsey, p.R.90.] 

Oliver and Susanna Lowden, May 17, 1787. 

Oliver and Rebekah Foard, July 22, 1805. 

Oliver and Thankful Ford, int. Apr. 4, 1823. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Pratt, Patience and John Crane, Apr. 29, 1793. 

Phebe and Nehemiah Leonard, Jan. 5, 1792. 

Priscila and John Douglas, June 17, 1749.* 

Rebecca and Elisha Allen, Oct. 24, 1745,* p.c.r. 

Ruth and Obadiah Bates, May 27, 1762. [Obediah, p.c.r.] 

Sally of Middleborough and Jeremiah Keith Jr., Sept. 13, 1801 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Sally and Spencer Crane of Canton, Mar. 30, 1809. 
Sally K. [int. Sarah W.] and Jonathan Washburn, Feb. 8, 1827. 

[Sally K., d. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, p.R.12.] 
Samuel and Bithia Byram, Dec. 30, 1729.* [Bethiah, p.c.r.] 
Samuel of Stoughton and Elanor Whitman, int. Oct. 20, 1764. 
Sarah and Nathan Perkins, Apr. 2, 1752.* 
Sarah and John Churchill of Plymouth, int. Nov. 27, 1766. 
Sarah and Barnabas Blosom [int. Blossom], Apr. 20, 1778. 

[Blossom, C.R.I. ] 
Sarah [int. Sally] and Isaac Swift 2d, Apr. 13, 1797. [Sally, d. 

Nathaniel and Betsey (Washburn), p.r.i.] 
Sarah S. and Jabez Harden, Jan. 4, 1829. [Sarah S., d. Simeon 

and Sally, c.r.i.] 
Sarah W. (see Sally K.). 
Seth (see Seth Brett). 

Seth and Hannah Washburn, Apr, 27, 1753.* [Apr. 24, p.c.r.] 
Seth and Lucinda [int. Lucenda] Conant, Nov. 17, 18 16. 

[Seth, s. Nathaniel and Betsey (Washburn), and Lucinda 

Conant, p.r.i. Seth, s. Nathaniel and Betsey, and Lu- 
cinda Conant, d. Dr. John and Deborah, p.R.76.] 
Seth Jr. and Rachel Alden, Dec. 23, 1839. 
Sile and Anthony Peirce [int. Pearce], Dec. 17, 1778. [Sil[e]n[ce] 

and Anthony Peirce, p.c.r.] 
Silence and John Muxam, Sept. 15, 1748.* [Silance, p.c.r.] 
Silvanus [int. Sylvanus] and Experience Alden, June 26, 1803. 

[Sylvanus, June 26, 1793 sic, p.r.i.] 
Simeon and Sally Willis, Nov. 17, 1791. [Simeon, s. Seth and 

Hannah (Washburn), p.r.i.] 
Simeon M. of Middleboro and Betsey Leach, Sept. 5, 1837. 

[Betsey, d. Levi and Betsey (Conant), Sept. 4, p.R.50.] 
Solomon and Sarah Johnson, Jan. 27, 17 19.* 
Solomon and Mary Keith, Dec. 3, 1761. [Prat, c.r.i.] 
Solomon and Abihail Hooper, June 11, 1767. [Abial, p.c.r. 

Prat and Abihail Hooper, c.r.i.] 
Susanna and Simeon Davie [int. Dave], Feb. 27, 1788. [Davie, 

Susanna and James Richards, int. Apr. 4, 1798. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Pratt, Susannah and James Richards, May 15, 1740, in Abing- 

Tabitha and Seth Hay ward, Sept. 6, 1748.* 
Thaddeus [int. Thadeus] and Rachel Churchil [int. Churchill], 

July 23, 1777. 
Thomas of Taunton and Zeruiah Harvey, int. May i, 1779. 
Thomas and Susanna Thayer, Feb. 27, 1788. 
William [int. of Easton] and Amity [int. Amittai] Brett, Apr. 9, 

William and Celia [int. Sela] Whitman, Dec. 30, 1816. 
Zebedee of Middleborough and Dardana [int. Dardaney] 

Keith, Dec. 8, 1763 [? in Middleborough]. 
Zebulon [int. Zebulan K.] of Middleborough and Susan Keith, 

Feb. 22, 1815 [? in Middleborough]. 

PRAY (see Prey), Hannah and Seth Thayer, June 14, 1744. 
Ruth and Robert Bessie of Sandwich, May 9, 1712, in Sand- 

PREY (see Pray), Rachel and Joseph Feild, Dec. 29, 1748.* 

PRICE, Benj[amin] and Susanna [int. Silence] Hayward, Oct. 

17, 1743. [Silence, p.c.r.] 
Benjamin and Experience Hayward, int. Oct. — , 1743. 
Benjamin and Mehitabel French, Oct. 18, 1782. [Mehetibal, 


Benjamin and Ruth Washburn, int. July 6, 1805. 
Benjamin H. Jr. and Martha S. Harlow, May 20, 1832. 
Bette [int. Bettie] and Nathaniel Soper [int. of Pembroke], Oct. 

25, 1782. [Betty and Nathaniel Soper, p.c.r. Betty and 

Nathaniel Soper of Pembrook, c.r.i.] 
Hannah and John Pool, Mar. 20, 1777. 
Lydia and Benjamin Parris, int. Sept. 6, 1788. 
Sarah and Ebenezer Collwell [int. Colwell], Sept. 27, 1769. 

[Collwell, P.C.R.] 

PRIMUS, Eunice and Sippio, "Servant negro man of Jn° 
Robbison of Dorchester in y* County of Suffolk," int. 
[Mar. 21] 1761. 

PRINCE, Betsey S. of Kingston and David Doten, int. June 3, 

Elisabeth and Seth Ames, Mar. 29, 1734.* [Elesebeth, c.r.i.] 
Libeus of Marshfield and Jenny Richards, blacks, int. Mar. 8, 

Lydia of Scituate and Calvin Ashport, blacks, int. Aug. 14, 1813. 
Ruth of Kingston and Elijah Leach, int. Oct. i, 1763. 

• Intention not recorded. 


PRIOR (see Pryer), Deborah and Ebenezer Tomson, ,* 


PROCTOR, Bathsheba late of Boston and Joseph Edson, int. 

Nov. 8, 1776. 

PRYER (see Prior), Ann and James Allen, Nov. 10, 1742. 
Hannah and William Phillips, Jan. 16, 17 18.* 
Martha and Jo[h]n Hanmer, Oct. 9, 1760.* 
Mary and Joseph Latham Jr., Jan. 27, 1747-8.* 
Sarah and Theodosius Moore, June 30, i'j2[worn].* 
Sarah and Josiah Fobes Jr., Nov. 6, 1766. 

PUFFER, John Jr. of Weymouth and Abigail Crooker, May 19, 

PURDY, Rachel P. and Simeon M. Bump, Feb. 9, 1843,* 

PUTNAM, Franklin and Mary L. Rice, int. May 22, 1841. 
[m. June — , C.R.5.] 

QUACKOW (see Quocko, Quoker, Quokum), Mary Jane and 
Benj[amin] H. Johnson, int. Oct. i, 1849. 

QUANWEN, Molly and Jack Celong, int. June 20, 1772. 

QUAY, Elisabeth, "MoUatto Girl brought up by Anthony 
Winslow," and Cuph [int. Cuff] Ashpot, "Nathan Mitch- 
els negro man," Feb. 6, 1772. 

QUINLY, Thomas [int. Quinley] and Betsey [int. Betty] 
Smith, Apr. 5 [Apr. 5 in later handwriting], 1804. 

QUOCKO (see Quackow, Quoker, Quokum), Thomas and 
Phillis Richards, Apr. 15, 1789.* 

QUOKER (see Quackow, Quocko, Quokum), Caesar and Abi- 
gail Jeffre, blacks, int. Dec. 15, 1792. 

QUOKUM (see Quackow, Quocko, Quoker), Thomas of Pem- 
broke and Letice Switchet, blacks, int. July 16, 1785. 

QUOY, Hannah [int. Zoye] and Prince Rickard [int. Rickards], 
Mar. 4, 1779. [Quoy and Prince Richard, c.r.i.] 

RADCLIFF, Emily A. and Enoch A. Simpson of Charlestown, 
int. Apr. 20, 1845. 

RADSFORD, James and Margaret Bells, Dec. 26, 1738.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


RAMSDAL (see Ramsdale, Ramsdel, Ramsdell, Ramsdil), 

Charles [int. Ramsdil] of Pembroke and Betty Terrill [int. 

Bettie Terril], Jan. 23, 1783. [Ramsdel of Pembroke and 

Betty Terrill, p.c.r.] 
Mathew [int. Ramsdel] and Marry [int. Mary] Allen, Dec. 20, 

1779. [Matthew Ramsdell and Mary Allen, p.c.r.] 

RAMSDALE (see Ramsdal, Ramsdel, Ramsdell, Ramsdil), 

Joseph [int. Ranesdel] and Lydia Gloid [int. Loyd] of 

Abing[to]n, Oct. 10, 1787, in Abington. 
Joseph Jr. (see Joseph Randal Jr.). 
Noah [int. Ramsdell] of Abington and Hittie Whitmarsh, 

June 10, 1790. [Ramsdel of Abington, p.c.r.] 
Noah [int. Ramsdel Jr. of Abington] and Betsey Allen, Jan. 11 

[sic, int. May 16], 1818. 

RAMSDEL (see Ramsdal, Ramsdale, Ramsdell, Ramsdil), 
Betty and Ebenezer Noyes of Abington, Dec. 31, 1795. 

Gideon of Hannover and Sarah Ferrington, June 24, 1736.* 

James and Eunice Allen, Nov. 17, 1785. [Ramsdell, p.c.r.] 

John of Pembroke and Hannah Allen, Sept. 30, 1784. 

Levi of Milton and Amie Dunbar, int. June 20, 1801. 

Lott and Lucenda Gannett, Jan. i, 1794. [Lot Ramsdell and 
Lucinda Gannet, p.c.r.] 

Lucy and James Dorren [int. of Milton], July 16, 1797. 

Mary and William Whiting, June 8, 1748.* 

Nathan[ie]ll and Mary Pratt, Jan. 10, 1753.* [Nath[anie]l 
Ramsdell, p.c.r.] 

RAMSDELL (see Ramsdal, Ramsdale, Ramsdel, Ramsdil), 
Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll Ramsdel] and Betty Soul [int. Bettie 
Sole] of Pembrook, Aug. 22, 1776, in Pembroke. 

Hannah P. of Hanson and William F. Harden, Nov. 4, 1839. 

Joseph Jr. of Pembroke and Mary Daws, Dec. 30, 1741, in 

Lydia [int. Ramsdel] and David Brown 2d, Dec. 24, 1818. 

Nabby [int. Nancy Ramsdel] and David Brown [int. 2d], 
Dec. 24, 1812. 

Nathanael [int. Nathaniel Ramsdel] and Sally Johnson, Apr. 3, 

Polly [int. Ramsdel] and John P. [int. Porter] Reed, Oct. 24, 

RAMSDIL (see Ramsdal, Ramsdale, Ramsdel, Ramsdell), 
Orrin of Boston and Elizabeth H. Josselyn, int. Feb. 27, 

• Intention not recorded. 


RANDAL (see Randall, Randel, Randall, Randoll), Jonathan 
and Bithiah Haward, Aug. 12, 171 2.* 

Joseph [int. Ramsdale] Jr. and Sabina Dawes, Nov. 15, 1820. 

Lucy and David Byram, Sept. 29, 1791. [Randall, p.c.r.] 

Mary [int. Mercy Randel] of Scituate and Elijah Whitman, 
July I, 1764 [sic, int. June 12, 1784], in Scituate. 

Phebe [int. Randel] and George Byram, Oct. 16, 1788. [Ran- 
dall, P.C.R.] 

RANDALL (see Randal, Randel, Randell, Randoll), Asa [int. 

Randel] and Silence Churchell [int. Churchill], July 29, 

Bethiah and John Hayss, Apr. 21, 1726, in Plymouth.* 
Cynthia [int. Randell] and Cyrus Bassett, Dec. 11, 1808. 
Hannah of Easton and Jacob Record, Apr. 14, 1757, in Eas- 

Henry M. [int. Randal] and Amanda Shaw, Nov. 8, 1829. 
Israeli and Mary Willis, Jan. 25, 1701.* 
John and Experience Willis, May 4, 1732.* [May 17, p.c.r.] 
Mary [int. Randel] of Easton [int. adds Bristol Co.] and Pela- 

tiah Pheney [int. Phinney Jr.], Oct. 25, 1764, in Easton. 
Nathan [int. Randel] and Sarah W. Haden [int. Hay den], Nov. 

7, 1820. 
Rebecca [int. Randel] of Easton and Oliver Howard, Oct. 11, 

1781, in Easton. 
Robert [int. Randel] Jr. of Easton and Anna [int. Amie] Phin- 
ney, Oct. II, 1764, in Easton. 
Zeruah [int. Zeruiah Randel] of Easton and Thomas Tribu [int. 

Tribou], [int. Nov. 13], 1790, in Easton. 

RANDEL (see Randal, Randall, Randell, Randoll), ApoUos 
[int. of Easton] and Bethiah Dunbar, May 22, 1796. 

Isaiah and Deborah Leach, Mar. 30, 1786. 

Jonathan and Abigail Allen, July 27, 1749.* [Randall and 
Abigial Allen, p.c.r.] 

Mary and William Edson Jr., July 11, 1790. 

Mathew [int. Randall] and Sally Packard, Mar. 7, 1802. 

Ruth of Easton and Manassah Dickerman, int. June 12, 1773. 

Samuel of Easton and Roxsa Packard, int. Jan. 26, 1805. 

RANDELL (see Randal, Randall, Randel, Randoll), Abiah 
[int. Abia Randel] of Easton and Mary Drake [int. wid.], 
Nov. 25, 1778, in Easton. 

Benjamin [int. Randel] and Lucy Snow, July 7, 1819. 

Hannah and Jacob Dunbar, July 8, 1756.* [Randall, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Randell, James [int. Randel] of Easton and Rebecca [int. 

Rebeccah] Howard, June 24, 1779, in Easton. 
Rebecca [int. Manley] of Easton and Peter Edson, Sept. 6, 

1784, in Easton. 

Robert of Easton and Rebeca Conant int. Dec. 5, 1761, 
Timothy [int. Randel] of Easton and Lydia Walker, Mar. 14, 

1785, in Easton. 

Ziba of Easton and Amey Pratt, int. Feb. 26, 1792. 

RANDOLL (see Randal, Randall, RandeV Randell), Mary 
[dup. Randall] of "North purchase" and Isaac Lenord, 
Apr. 16, 1701.* 

RANSOM, Deborah of Halifax and Peres Simmons of Halifax, 
Oct. 3, 1753.* 

RANYARD, Chloe and Quark Mathareck, int. Sept. 29, 1787. 

RATHBUN, Hannah of Bellingham and Dr. Barzillia Hay- 
ward, int. Dec. 11, 1813. 

RAWSON, Edmund and Elisabeth Hayward, May 22, 1717.* 
John and Mary Smith of Rehoboth, Dec. 2, 1742, in Reho- 

Susan B. of Westborough and Melvin Swift, int. Nov. 30, 1844. 

RAYMOND, Irena T. of W. Bridgewater and Stephen Hall of 
E. Bridgewater, June 10, 1841.* 

Samuel E. of New Bedford and Lucretia H. Bryant, int. Sept. 
12, 1847. [i^- Sept. 29, C.R.I. Sam[ue]l E., shoe dealer, 

of New Bedford, s. Rev. , and Lucretia Hall 

Bryant, d. Dion and Lucretia H. (Briggs), m. Sept. 29, 


Sophia L., 25, d. Stetson and D. L., and Otis Bullard, 37, 
dealer of lumber, of Boston, Apr. 30, 1846. 

READ (see Reed), Abigail and Nathanael Whitaker of Reho- 
both, Dec. 20, 171 1.* 

Esther and David Hearsay, Aug. 6, 1707.* 

Mary and Josiah Allen, Dec. 25, 1707.* 

Mary and Ebenezer Shaw, June 14, 1733.* 

Obadiah [int. Reed] of Abington and Elisabeth Shaw, Apr. 12, 

Samuel and Mary Davis, Oct. i, 1705.* 

Sarah and Hezekiah King, May 14, 171 2.* 

Silas [int. Reed] and Rebecca Rusel [int. Russel of Pembrook], 
Jan. 28, 1768. [Read and Rebecca Russell, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Read, Stephen and Mary Whitmarsh, Mar. 12, i'ji[worn]* 
[Mar. 12, 1714, P.R.103.] 

READING (see Redding), Jonathan L, of Raynham and Ann 

Maria Mitchell, int. Aug. 25, 1845. 

RECKARD (see Reckards, Record, Records, Richard, Rich- 
ards, Rickard, Rickards), Betty [int. Bettie Reckards] and 
Noah Edson, June 27, 1782. [Betty Richards, p.c.r. 
Betty Recka:^d, c.r.i. Elizabeth Rickard and Noah Ed- 
son, s. Samuel 4th, C.R.2.] 

Hannah [int. Reckards] and William Badger, Apr. 3, 1819. 

Sarah and John Willis [int. 2d], Dec. 9, 1779. [Richards and 
John Willis, p.c.r. Reckhard and John Willis, c.r.i.] 

RECKARDS (see Reckard, Record, Records, Richard, Rich- 
ards, Rickard, Rickards), Calvin and Huldah Leonard of 
Middleborough, int. Oct. 5, 1782. 

Chloe and Nehemiah Pratt of Pomfret, Vt., int. Dec. 21, 1793. 
[Cloe Richards, m. Jan. 28, 1794, p.c.r.] 

Claricy and Abiel Drake Jr. of Sharon, int. Feb. 14, 1789. 

Hannah and Benjamin Crosswell of Easton, int. Dec. 10, 1791. 

RECORD (see Reckard, Reckards, Records, Richard, Rich- 
ards, Rickard, Rickards), Alice and Joab Willis Jr., Apr. 
14, 1772, [Reccord, p.c.r.] 

Jacob and Hannah Randall of Easton, Apr. 14, 1757, in 

John and Sarah Clocks of Pembroke, Feb. 5, 1747, in Pem- 

RECORDS (see Reckard, Reckards, Record, Richard, Rich- 
ards, Rickard, Rickards), Dominicus [int. Reccords of 
Pembrook] and Martha Dailey, Aug. 19, 1768. [Records, 


Elisha of Pembroke and Ruth Chamberlain [dup. Chamber- 
lin], Feb. 2, 1775. 

REDDING (see Reading), Hannah and Nathan White, Apr. 

14, I735-* 
Luther of Middleborough and Experience Lennard, Nov. 11, 

Zachariah of Midleborough and Deborah Hardin, int. May 30, 

REED (see Read), Abia [int. Abiah of Abington] and Jane 
Gurney, May 23, 1814. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Reed, Bela and Polly Beal, Aug. 27, 1793. [Read, p.c.r.] 
Benjamin of No. 5 and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Huldah Pratt, 

Dec. 3, 1778, in Abington. 
Calvin and Hannah Louden, int. Aug. 22, 1807. 
Charles Muzzey, 25, merchant, of Boston, and Mary Eliza 

Cushing, 19, d. Jona[than] and Sarah, Oct. 23, 1844. 
Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll Read], Capt., of Abington, and Sarah 

Davis [int. Dawes, wid.], Sept. 30 [sic, int. Oct. 14], 1765, 

in Abington. 
Daniel and Nancy Foster of Middleborough, int. Nov. 14, 181 2. 
Deborah and Jonathan R. Gurney of Abington, int. Aug. 24, 

Edwin and Fairosena [int. Fairozina] Glass, June 3, 1822. 
Eliza [int. Elizabeth] of Scituate and Seth Gannett Jr. [int. 

omits Jr.], Dec. 30, 182 1. 
Emma [int. adds C] and Jacob Terrill [int. Tirrill], Aug. 8, 

Experience of Middleborough and Samuel Tisdale, int. Apr. 6, 

Ezekiel and Rebecca Edson, Apr. 17, 1794. 
Ezekiel and Hannah Littlefield of Randolph, int. Oct. 17, 1807. 
Frederick Jr. [int. of Randolph] and Sally Packard, Oct. 26, 

Hannah and Jonathan Copeland 3d, Dec. 23 [dup. Nov. — ], 

Henry, 23, gardner, s. John and Elizabeth, and Hannah P. 

Hayward, 19, d. Timothy and Mary, May 2, 1847. 
Hesekiah [int. Hezekiah Read] and Deborah Tirrill [int. Ter- 

ril] of Abington, Aug. 21, 1766, in Abington. 
Isaac and Sally Stetson, Apr. 14, 1803.* 
James of Abington and Ruth Porter, Jan. i, 1784. 
Jane and Daniel Bates, Jan. 10, 181 1. 
Jared and Mehetabel Gardner, Feb. 27, 181 1. 
Jesse [int. of Randolph] and Hannah Howard, Oct. 26, 1800. 
John, Rev., and Mrs. Hannah Samson of Middleborough, int. 

Oct. 14, 1780. 
John [int. of Yarmouth, Barnstable Co.] and Olive Alger, 

Sept. 17, 1809. 
John Jr. of Abington and Harriet Churchell, Jan. 28, 1819. 
John P. [int. Porter] and Polly Ramsdell [int. Ramsdel], Oct. 

24, 1816. 
Jonathan Loring and Charlotte Brown of Abington, int. Oct. 

12, 1816. 
Joseph and Charlotte Stetson, Jan. i, 1807. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Reed, Josiah and Jannett [int. Jennet] Keith, Sept. 3, 1820. 

Lucy and Plina Edson, Sept. 23, 1819. 

Lucy Ann, 22, of Weymouth, b. Weymouth, d. Quincy, and 
Joshua E. Crane, 25, merchant, b. Berkley, s. Barzillia 
and Lydia E., Jan. 9, 1849. 

Maria, 22, of W. Bridgewater, d. Josiah and Jenetta of W. 
Bridgewater, and Sidney S. Kingman, 22, shoemaker, of 
W. Bridgewater, s. Alvah and Minerva of W. Bridge- 
water, Nov. 18, 1847.* 

Mary, wid., and Timothy Hayward, Nov. 12, 1730.* 

Mary of Abington and Simeon Gannet, Nov. 26, 1775, in 

Mary and Caleb Benson of Middleboro, Mar. 7, 1823. 

Mary T. and Opher Howe, June 16, 1818.* 

Mehitable of E. Bridgewater and Pliny Edson of E. Bridge- 
water, June 6, 1826.* [Pliney of E. Bridgewater, C.R.3.] 

Naomi [int. Naomie] and Obadiah Hearsey [dup. Hearsy] of 
Abington, Apr. 17, 1777. 

Olive and Samuel Pratt French, Oct. 27, 1801. 

Oran of Abington and Charlotte Harden, int. Nov. 8, 181 7. 

Polly of Abington and Oliver Tirrill, int. Mar. 4, 1797. 

Polly of Pembroke and Nathan Kingman, int. Mar. 16, 1822. 

Rachell of Pembroke and Isaac Snell, int. Nov. 4, 1800. 

Rebecca and Nathan Allen, Nov. 30, 1743. 

Rhoda and Richard Smith of Taunton, Sept. 6, 1773. 

Rotheus H. of Easton and Ruhamah F. Howard of W. Bridge- 
water, Sept. 18, 1831.* 

Ruth and Seth Whitman, June 23, 1741.* 

Ruth [int. wid.] and Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] Porter, May 31, 
1764. [Read and Samuel Porter, p.c.r.] 

Ruth of Abington and Adam [int. Adams] Bailey, Oct. 20, 1784, 
in Abington. 

Ruth of Abington and Samuel Snell, int. Apr. 23, 1814. 

Sally of Middleborough and Amos Keith Jr., Dec. 20, 1801 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Samuel of Commington [int. Cummington, Berkshire Co.] and 
Metilda Doty [int. Dota], Mar. 7, 1786. [Samuel of Com- 
inngton and Metilda Doty, p.c.r. Samuel of Comington 
and Tilda Doty, c.r.i.] 

Samuel P. of Abington and Polly Bates, int. May 13, 1815. 

Sarah of Easton and Samuel Lothrop [int. Lemuel Lathrop], 
Sept. 20, 1795, in Easton. 

Seth [int. Reead] of "Number five in y*" Massachusetts Bay" 
and Thankfull Whitmarsh, Mar. 20, 1773. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Reed, Seth of Number five, Hampshire Co., and Mary Lazell 
[int. Lazel], June 12, 1776. 

Solomon and Abigail Howard, June 16, 181 1. 

Susan J. of E. Bridgewater and Benjamin F. Wheeler of Can- 
ton, Dec. — , 1843,* C.R.I. 

Timothy [int. of Middleborough] and Hannah Kingman, Jan. 
31, 1788. [Timothy, p.c.r. Timothy Esq.,] 

William, Rev., of Easton, and Olive Pool, May 20, 1784. 

W[illia]m of Weymouth and Julia Andrews, d. Manassah and 
Harriet, .* 

REMINGTON, Albert of Abington and Susanna Packard, 
Feb. 7, 1820. 

RENOLDS (see Reynold, Reynolds, Runels), Azel [int. Rey- 
nolds] and Susan Nash, Oct. 28, 1812. 

REVERE, Paul, Col., and Sarah Orne, Aug. 17, 1757 [? in Bos- 
ton],* P.R.55. 
Paul and Sally Edwards, d. Dolin, Aug. 22, 1782 [in Boston],* 

Paul of Boston and Caroline Lazell, Nov. 6, 1816. [Lazelle, d. 

Nathan, Nov. 7, p.R.55.] 
Susan L. and William S. Sampson, int. Sept. 18, 1841. [Susan, 

d. Paul and Caroline (Lazelle), m. Nov. i, p.R.55.] 

REYNOLD (see Renolds, Reynolds, Runels), Polly [int. Rey- 
nolds] and Oliver Belcher of Stoughton, May 20, 1799, in 

REYNOLDS (see Renolds, Reynold, Runels), Amie and Ashley 

Curtis, int. Mar. 25, 1769. 
Amie and Silas Dunbar, July 2, 1772. 
Amy (see Anna). 

Anna and Josiah Perkins Jr., Jan. 14, 1790. 
Anna, Mrs. [int. wid.], and Dea. Elijah Snell, Nov. 24, 1798. 
Anna [int. Amy] and Zepheon [int. Ziphion] Howard, June 9, 

Avis Ann of Fall River and Waldo Ames of Providence, R. I., 

Apr. 25, 1838.* [[both of] Bridgewater, C.R.5.] 
Charity and Leonard Orcutt, Sept. 13, 1797. 
David and Sarah Bartlett, Apr. 21, 18 18. 
Elizaboth [int. Elizabeth] and Peres Packard, Aug. 14, 1803 

[date in later handwriting]. 
Hannah and William Packard Jr., June 8, 1769. 
Hannah, wid. [int. omits wid.], and Enos Thayer, May 30, 1782. 

[Hannah, wid., p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Reynolds, Ichabod and Polly Brett, Jan. 21, 1796. 

Isaac and Mehitabel Ford [int. Foard], Dec. 23, 1806 [date in 
later handwriting]. 

John and Falley Wales of Stoughton, int. Nov. 28, 1802. 

Jonas and Annee Perkins of Stoughton, int. Mar. 19, 1768. 

Jonas and Rebeccah [int. Rebecca] Hay ward. May 30, 1798. 

Jonathan of Sidney, Lincoln Co., and Anna Theyer, Oct. 18, 
1794. [Thayer, p.c.r.] 

Joseph and Jemima Perkins [int. of Stoughton], Sept. 17, 1772. 

Joseph [int. Jr.] and Patty Dunbar, Apr. 19, 1798. 

Joseph Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Phebe Whitcomb [dup. Whit- 
man], Nov. 3, 1817. 

Josiah and Mary Phillips of Abington, int. Dec. 10, 1785. 

Martha and Permenus [int. Parmenas] Packard, Apr. 9, 1778. 
[Permenas, p.c.r.] 

Mary and David Ames, July 12, 1722.* 

Mary and Ebenezer Packard, Mar. 31, 1774. 

Nathaniel [int. Nath[anie]ll Raynolds] and Mary Tolman [int. 
Tollman] of Stoughton, June 14, 1744, in Stoughton. 

Nathaniel [int. Jr. of Sidney] and Hannah Porter, Apr. 11, 181 1. 

Nathan[ie]ll Jr. and Bethia Keith, Apr. 20, 1777. 

Olive and Joseph Macumber, Apr. 9, 1798. 

Phillip and Hannah Packard, Oct. 29, 1765. [Philip, p.c.r.] 

Polly and Isaac French [int. of Stoughton], Nov. 26, 1801. 

Simeon and Mary Snell, Jan. 19, 1809 [date in later hand- 
writing] . 

Susanna and Oliver Howard [int. Jr.], Nov. 2, 1780. [Oliver, 


Susanna and Silas Dunbar [int. Jr.], Sept. 24, 1807 [date in 
later handwriting]. 

Tho[ma]s and Elisabeth Turner, Nov. 3, [i7]48.* 

Thomas [int. Jr.] and Tabitha Thayer, Feb. 10, 1785. [Thom- 
as, P.C.R.] 

Thomas and Nancy Pike, Aug. 20, 181 9. 

Timothy and Rebecca Tolman [int. Toleman] of Stoughton, 
June 15, 1769, in Stoughton. 

Vesta and Isaac Clapp, June 15, 1815. 

William and Martha Snell, Nov. 3, 1791. 

Zilpha and Joshua Howard [int. of Sidney], Feb. 17, 1805 [date 
in later handwriting], 

RICE, Jesse of Lynn and E. Jane Jackson, int. Sept. 17, 1848. 
Mary L. and Franklin Putnam, int. May 22, 1841. [m. June — , 

• Intention not recorded. 


RICHARD (see Reckard, Reckards, Record, Records, Rich- 
ards, Rickard, Rickards), Sarah and William Davenport, 
Apr. 16, 1730.* [Richards, p.c.r.] 

RICHARDS (see Reckard, Reckards, Record, Records, Rich- 
ard, Rickard, Rickards), Anna of Weymouth and Joseph 

Pratt, Dec. 14, 1721, in Weymouth.* 
Anna and Edward Bintom of Providence [int. blacks]. Mar. 27, 

Benjamin and Mehetabel Allden, Jan. i, 171 1.* 
Benjamin and Polly Bartlett [int. Barttlett], Sept. 25, 1782. 

[Bartlett, p.c.r.] 
Daniel and Mary Packard, Sept. 16, 1740.* [Rickards, p.c.r.] 
Daniel of Dartmouth and Lintha [int. Lentha] Hartwell, June 

7, 1812. 
Elisha and Hannah Bowers, blacks, int. June 28, 1800. 
Elizabeth and Thomas Burdine of Boston, blacks, int. July 7, 

Hannah and Philip Bryant, May 25 [1779]. 
Isaac and Easter Hollbrook [dup. Easther Holbrook, int. 

Esther Holbrook], Dec. 29, 1816 [dup. Jan. 4, 181 7]. 
James and Susannah Pratt, May 15, 1740, in Abington.* 
James of Newton [dup. and int. Newtown] and Dorothy [dup. 

Dorotha, int. Dorithy] Packard, May 8, 1777. 
James and Susanna Pratt, int. Apr. 4, 1798. 
Jenny and Libeus Prince of Marshfield, blacks, int. Mar. 8, 

John and Kezia Bayley, Nov. 27, 1751.* [Keziah Bailey, p.c.r.] 
John and Hannah Kingman, Feb. 3, 1820. 
Joseph and Mary Hamlen [int. Hambling], Sept. 28, 1742. 
Josiah and Anna Robinson of Raynham, int. Nov. 19, 1781. 
Jupiter, "Free negro man," and Lettice Steuart, "Mollato 

woman," int. Feb. 24 [1776]. 
Kezia and James Ingley [int. Inglee of Middleborough], Nov. 

25, 1787. [Keziah and James Ingley, p.c.r.] 
Letice and Pito Snow, blacks, Dec. 24, 1792. [Lettice and 

Pitto Snow, blacks, p.c.r.] 
Lydia and Nathan Alden, July 7, 1757.* [Lidia, p.c.r.] 
Mehetable and David Packard, June 30, 1736.* 
Millicent and Silvanus Washburn, int. Feb. 9, 1865 [sic, ? 1765]. 
Nathan and Lydia Hayward, Nov. 24, 1813. 
Phillis and Thomas Quocko, Apr. 15, 1789.* 
Polly and Marcus Leonard, int. Apr. 20, 1793. [Marcus of 

Pomfret, Vt., m. Jan. 9, 1794, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Richards, Prince and Nanny [int. Nanna] Peegin [int. blacks], 
Mar. 5, 1787. [Nancy, p.c.r.] 

Rhoda and Samuel Green Alden, Nov. 20, 1804. 

Sarah and William Packard, Sept. 16, 1740.* [Rickards, p.c.r.] 

Sarah and Joseph Thayer of Stoughton, Nov. 19, 1795. 

Seth and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Snow, Dec. 3, 1791. [Me- 
hitable, p.c.r.] 

Susanna and Silas Williams of Easton, Oct. 13, 1760.* [Su- 
sannah Rickard, p.c.r.] 

Susanna and Josiah Edson, Feb. 9, 1791. [Susanna Briggs sic, 


Tamzin and Joseph Snow, Mar. 24, 1795. 

Timothy of Dedham and Sarah Edson, Oct. 8, 1778. 

Zeba and Polly HartweU, Nov. 18, 181 7. 

RICHARDSON (see Richerson), Charles and Hannah King- 
man of Braintree, Dec. 2 [int. Dec. 4 sic], 1773, in Brain- 

Hannah [int. wid.] and Nathaniel [int. Nathan[ie]ll] Thayer, 
May II, 1777, in Abington. 

Hannah of Leicester and Joseph Burr, int. Apr. 28, 1792. 

Hannah of Danvers and Zenas Crooker, s. Zenas and Content 
(Stetson), ,* P.R.I. 

Lewis H. and Celia M. Whitman, int. Mar. 6, 1841. 

Martha and Consider Robbins Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Carver, 
Feb. 26, 1835. 

Rebecca and Zebulun Packard, Mar. 15, 1764. [Zebulon, 


Winslow and Rhoda [int. Ruth] Johnson, Mar. 24, 1763. 

[Rhoda, P.C.R.] 
Winslow and Elisabeth Byram, Apr. 27, 1768. [Elizabeth, 


RICHERSON (see Richardson), Stephen [int. Richardson] and 
Mary [int. Mercy] Darling of Pembroke, Apr. 7, 1767, in 

RICHMOND, Abiel of Midleborough [int. Taunton] and 

Joanna Orcut, Feb. 11, 1773. [Abiel, c.r.i.] 
Abigail P. of Taunton and Bela Fobes, int. Apr. 16, 1848. 

[Abigail Padelford Richmond and Bela Fobes 2d, s. Bela 

and Alice Washburn, m. May 10, p.R.79.] 
Allen and Grace Bisbee [int. Bissbee] of Middleborough, Jan. i, 

1806 [? in Middleborough]. 
Allen and Lucy L. Eaton, int. Jan. 6, 1821. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Richmond, Asa [int. of Taunton] and Eunice Washburn, Nov. 
28, 1782. [Asa, p.c.R. Asa of Taunton and Unice Wash- 
burn, C.R.I.] 

Betsey of Taunton and Samson Ames, int. Feb. 13, 1819. 

Caleb of Taunton and Bethia Snow, int. Mar. 22, 1788. 

Edward of Taunton and Mary King, int. Dec. 25, 1784. 

Edward of Taunton and Susanna Leach, int. Dec. 22 [1787]. 

Enoch of Middleboro and Susanna [int. Susan] Ames, Dec. 2, 
1824. [Richmand of Middleborough and Susannah Ames, 

Gershom and Susanna Edson, Sept. 28, 1773. 

Hannah and Daniel Snow Jr., Nov. 28, 1790. 

Hannah and Laban Fobes, int. June 22, 1816. [m. , 1816, 


Hathaway and Vina Kyes, int. Oct. 3, 1818. 

Isaac and Betsey White, Nov. 30, 1794. 

Joshua of Taunton and Sarah Snow, int. May 29, 1784. 

Lorinda K. and Ansel B. Bump, int. Nov. 10, 1845. 

Micah and Hannah Sumner of Stoughton, Oct. 11, 1798, in 

Molly of Taunton and Nymphas Kinsley, int. Oct. 25, 1800. 

Nathan of Midleboro and Patience [int. Reliance] Washburn, 
May 2, 1754. 

Reuel of N. Bridgewater and Emily W. Alger, July 17, 1833. 

Robertt and Martha Wasburn, May 17, 1733.* [Robert and 
Martha Washborn, c.r.i.] 

Salter and Olive Tolman [int. Toalman], Jan. 29, 1807. 

Sarah A. and Elisha Orcut of Abington, int. Aug. 3, 1834. 

Silence and William [int. Wellman] Forrest, May 12, 1811. 

Susan, 14, of W. Bridgewater, d. Enoch and Susanna, and Wil- 
liam Howard, 26, shoemaker, of W. Bridgewater, s. 
Charles and Betsey, Mar. 19, 1848.* [Susanna of W. 
Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 

Susan R. [int. K.] and Emery A. Johnson, Aug. 10, 1841. 

RICKARD (see Reckard, Reckards, Record, Records, Rich- 
ard, Richards, Rickards), Abigail and Samuel [dup. and 
int. Sam[ue]ll] Blake, Nov. 30, 1768. [Sam[ue]l, p.c.r. Abi- 
gal and Samuel Blake, c.r.i.] 
Amasa and Deliverance Pratt, Mar. 12, 1759.* 
Elisabeth and John Whitman, Nov. 29, i'j2[worn]* [Eliza- 
beth, Nov. 29, 1726, P.C.R.] 

Elkanah and Bethia Conantt, Oct. 15, 1733.* [Elkana and 
Bethiah Conant, c.r.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


RiCKARD, Hannah and Jotham Willmath, int. Sept. i, 1781. 
JosephofPlimtonandLydiaWillis,Nov. 17,1737.* [Lidea,c.R.i.] 
Lucey [int. Lovicey Reckards] and Joshua Washburn, Mar. 2, 

1786. [Lucy Rickard, p.c.r. Luwcy Rickard, c.r.i.] 
Mehetable and Arthur Harris, Nov. 12, 1730.* [Mehitabel 

[dup. Mehetable], p.c.r.] 

Nathan [int. Richards] and Mary Snell, Dec. 3, 1767. [Rick- 
ard, P.C.R. Richards, c.r.i.] 

Nathan[ie]ll and Jerusha Dunbar, Aug. 22, 1751.* [Na- 
th[anie]l and Jerusha Dumber, Aug. 23, p.c.r.] 

Prince [int. Rickards] and Hannah Quoy [int. Zoye], Mar. 4, 
1779. [Richard and Hannah Quoy, c.r.i.] 

Rebekah of Plimton and Seth Allen, Nov. 19, 1735.* 

Saloma [int. Silomi] and Enoch Pratt [int. of Easton], Apr. 20, 
1784. [Saloma and Enoch Pratt, p.c.r.] 

Sam[ue]ll and Mary Bumpas, Feb. 8, 1749.* 

Seth and Susanna Perkins, Sept. 15, 1757.* [Susannah, p.c.r.] 

Uriah and Zilpha White, June 2, 1761.* 

RICKARDS (see Reckard, Reckards, Record, Records, Rich- 
ard, Richards, Rickard), Salmon and Olive Edson, Nov. 4, 

1787. [Reckard, c.r.i. Rickards, P.R.105.] 

RIDEOUT, Susan W. of Quincy and Emerson H. Shaw, int. 
Apr. 30, 1842. 

RIDER, Deborah T. and Obadiah Morse, int. Oct. 10, 1844. 
Lucy S., 19, d. Nathaniel and Deborah, and William F. Bessey, 

20, laborer, of Wareham, s. Edgar and Harriet, May 16, 

1846. [Besse of Wareham, c.r.i.] 
Lydia of Middleborough and Walter Dunbar, int. Feb. 27, 1796. 
Lydia and Lucius Thompson, Aug. 16, 1840. 
Mary and Richard W. Lyon, May 22, 1831. [Mary, d. 

Samuel, c.r.i.] 
Mary Ann and Edwin Hayward, int. June 10, 1841. 
Samuel and Lydia Washburn, int. Nov. 23, 1799. 
Sarah W. and Benjamin Darling, Oct. 22, 1829. [Sarah W., 

d. Samuel, c.r.i.] 
Susanna of Middleborough and Joseph Look, int. Apr. 22, 1797. 

RIDLINGTON, Sarah C. and Galen Conant Jr., Dec. 2 [sic, 
int. Dec. 3], 1842. 

RIPLEY, Abigail and Stephen Pettingail, Sept. 20, 1764. 
Bethiah [int. Bethia] of Easton and Jabez Bolton, Oct. 24, 
1765, in Easton. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Ripley, Christopher and Sarah Haward, Nov. 2, 1737.* 

Daniel and Martha Harvey, int. June 21, 1783. 

Deborah, wid., and Nath[anie]ll Bolton, Mar. 24 [1739-40].* 

[Nathaniel, Mar. 24, 1739, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 
Deborah and Cyrus Hay ward, Aug. 18, 1804. 
Elisabeth and Jacob Keith, int. Apr. 6, 1801. 
Hannah [int. Riply] of Easton and Samuel Edson [int. 3d], 

Jan. 20, 1797. 
Jane and William Ormsbee of Stoughton [int. Amsbury of 

Stoughtonham], June 9, 1767, in Stoughton. 
John H., 23, blacksmith, s. Eden M. and Sarah J., and Mel- 

lona [int. Melona] Sears, 21, d. John, Jan. 28, 1849. ' 
Lydia of Plymton and Zephaniah Lothrop Jr., int. Apr. 18, 

Marlborough and Ruth Whiting [int. Whiteing], July 16, 1787. 

[Whiting, P.C.R.] 
Marlborough A. (see Molbry A.). 
Mary and Benjamin Hanks of Pembroke, Mar. 23, 1727, in 

Mary and Amos Howard [int. Hay ward], Nov. 6, 1766 [? in 

Molbry A., 22, wheelwright, of W. Bridgewater, s. Malbry and 

Daty B., and Lois C. Haskell, 20, of W. Bridgewater, d. 

Zebulon and Sarah N., Nov. 7, 1848.* 
Orra and Alson Field, [July 7] 1820. 
Polly and Sihon Morse [int. of Stoughton], July 2, 1804. 
Sally of Plymton and Nathan Hartwell, int. Sept. 26, 1789. 
Samuel and Abigail Bolton, May 11, 1736.* 
Sarah and Seth K. Leach, s. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), Jan. 8, 

1839,* P.R.65. 
Solomon and Miriam Brigs, May 18, 1758.* [Briggs, p.c.r.] 
Waitstill and Isacc Lee, Dec. 15, 1751.* [Isaac, p.c.r.] 

RITCHIE, James and Mary Jane Kimball of Needham, int. 

Oct. 25, 1843. 
Sophia of Needham and Nicholas Tillinghast, int. Feb. 16, 


ROBBIN (see Robbins), Hannah and John Barker of Middle- 
borough, Indians, int. Dec. 11, 1773. 

Prince [int. Robbins, "Free negro man"] and Margret [int. 
Margrett] Curtis, "alias Pegg Wampee," Sept. 15, 1764. 
[Robbin, "negroman," and Margaret Curtis, "alias Pegg 
Wampee," p.c.r.] 

Sam[ue]ll and Bathsheba Wompee, Feb. 2, 1737-8.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


ROBBINS (see Robbin), Abigail [int. Robinson] and Salmon 

Keith Jr., Apr. 11, 1813 [? in Middleborough]. [Robbins, 

Benjamin of Middleborough and Susannah [int. Susanna] 

Keith, Mar. 10, 1789 [? in Middleborough]. 
Benjamin jr. and Patience Morton of Carver, int. Nov. 26, 1814. 
Betsey [int. Robins] and Alfred Whitman, Sept. 14, 1808. 
Consider Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Carver and Martha Richardson, 

Feb. 26, 1835. 
Mille K. and Nahum Dean of Taunton, Feb. 12, 1824. 
Moses of Middleboro[ugh] and Patience Hooper, Jan. 19, 1777. 
Patience, Mrs., of Plympton, and Zepheniah Keith, int. Oct. i, 

Saba [int. Robins] and Zephaniah Keith, Feb. 8, 1825. 
Samuel and Rhoda Cornish, int. Dec. 24, 1785. 
Silas P. of Middleborough and Sally W. Mitchell, int. Mar. 25 

[dup. crossed out, Mar. 4], 1826. 
Susan and Oliver Keith, Mar. 9, 1809 [? in Middleborough]. 

ROBBINSON (see Robinson, Robison), Abigail [Abigail writ- 
ten above Bethia crossed out] and John Fobes, Nov. 14, 

Abigail [int. Robinson of Boston] and Tho[ma]s Bibby [int. b. 
England], July 28, 1776. 

Benjamin and Eve Packard, May 29, 1770. 

Benjamin and Kezia Packard, wid., int. May 13, 1798. 

Debby [int. Deborah Robinson] and John Alden, Apr. 16, 1798. 

John [int. Robinson] and Molly Packard, Feb. 22, 1781. [Rob- 
binson, p.c.r.] 

Mara [int. Mary] and David Packard [int. of Lebanon, Grafton 
Co., N. H.], Dec. 15, 1785. [Mary Robinson and David 
Packard, p.c.r.] 

Martha and Archabald Thomson [int. Jr.], Oct. 15, 1761. 
[Robinson and Archibald Tomson, p.c.r.] 

Mary (see Mara). 

Mehitable and Daniel Perkins 2d, int. Apr. i, 1809. 

Robert and Bethia Kingman, Dec. 2, 1772. 

Susanna [int. Robinson] and Ichabod Keith, Apr. 28, 1802. 

Zacheus H. and Margaret S. Fillebrown of Mansfield, int. 
June 19, 1819. 

ROBERTS, Robert of Boston and Sarah Easton [int. Eston], 
blacks, Aug. 29, 1813. 

ROBINS (see Robbins). 

* Intention not recorded. 


ROBINSON (see Robbinson, Robison), Abigail [int. Robbin- 
son] and Sylvanus Lazell [int. Silvanus Lazel], Oct. 30, 


Abigail (see Abigail Robbins). 

Alexander and Abigail White of Abington, int. Nov. 10, 1744. 

Anna of Raynham and Josiah Richards, int. Nov. 19, 1781. 

Anselm [int. adds D.] and Judith [int. Judeth] Standish, Dec. 
28, 1835. [Anselm and Judeth Standish, c.r.i.] 

Benjamin [int. Robbinson Jr.] and Mary Packard, Dec. 5, 1809. 

Charles and Ann Maria Keith of E. Bridgewater, Nov. 24, 1825. 

Charlotte F. and George W. Bassett, int. Aug. 23, 1844. [m. 
Sept. — , C.R.I.] 

Clarissa and John Ripley Hayward, Dec. 14, 1802 [? in Middle- 

Clarissa and Solomon Perkins, Feb. 4, 1813. [Solomon, s. 
Ebenezer and Mary (Pratt), p.R.64.] 

Deborah J. and John Washburn, Oct. — [int. Oct. 2], 1841. 

Dyer and Abigail Stetson, June 21, 1787. [Robbinson, p.c.r.] 

Dyer Jr. and Lydia Standish, Jan. 22, 1826. [Dyer, s. Dyer 
and Abigail (Stetson), p.r.i.] 

Fanny of Taunton and Levi Hooper, int. Sept. 24, 1837. 

Gad and Margret Orr Keith, Jan. — , 1821. [Gad, s. Dyer and 
Abigail (Stetson), and Margarett Orr [sic], Jan. i, p.r.i.) 

Hannah A. and Henry Boyd, Nov. 24, 1833. [Hannah Allen 
Robinson, c.R.2.] 

Increase [and] Rachel Bates [int. of Hingham], Feb. 6, 1755, in 

Increase and Hannah Edson, May 11, 181 2. [Hannah, d. Ben- 
jamin and Deborah, c.R.2. Hannah Allen Edson, d. 
Benjamin, Increase, s. Dyer and Abigail (Stet- 
son), and Hannah Edson, p.r.i.] 

Jacob and Rhoda W. Chandler, May 11, 1823. 

James and Jerusha Bartlett of Duxbury, Oct. 31, 1751, in 

Jane [int. Robbison] and William Johnson, Nov. 8, 1779. 
[Robinson, p.c.r.] 

Joseph and Hannah Snow, Oct. 25, 1759.* 

Lydia H. and Peleg S. Bradford, Feb. 25, 1847. 

Marcus and Charlotte Barstow of Pembroke, int. Dec. 30, 

Margaret [int. adds W.] and Axel Dearborn, Nov. 11, 1839. 
[Margaret, c.r.i.] 

Margrett and Joseph Wesley, Dec. 14, 1773- 

Marshall and Martha Jane Griffin of Lowell, int. Feb. 20, 1849. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Robinson, Martha and Eliphalet Bailey [int. Baily], Jan. 29, 

1782. [Bailey, p.c.r.] 
Martha P. and Daniel Francis Alger of W. Bridgewater, Feb. 

8, 1842. [Martha P., third d. Increase and Hannah, c.r.2.] 
Mary and Richard Bartlet, Nov. 17, 1757.* [Bartlett, p.c.r.] 
Miranda C. and Jackson Sprague, int. Oct. 5, 1834. [Miranda 

Catharine, m. Nov. 21, C.R.2.] 
Nabby of Middleborough and John Ripley Hay ward, Sept. 13, 

1 801 [? in Middleborough]. 
Nabby and Samuel P. Condon, int. June 10, 1821. 
Nanny and Uriah Brett, May 2, 1799. 
Peres [int. of Raynham] and Hannah Holmes, Feb. — , 1790. 

[Robison, p.c.r.] 
Perez and Margaret Thomson of Hallifax, int. Aug. 14, 1819. 
Robert and Chloe Harvey of Freetown, int. Oct. 3, 1807. 
Sally [int. Robbinson] and Solomon Johnson, Oct. 22, 1788. 

[Robinson, p.c.r.] 
Salome and Zenas Keith Jr., Sept. 30, 1821. [Salome, d. Dyer 

of S. Bridgewater, and Zenos Keith of E. Bridgewater, in 

E. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 
Susanna and Christopher Askins, Oct. 15, 1729.* 
Susanna [int. Robbinson] and William Vinton, Sept. 22, 1774. 
Velina and Robert Thomas Jr., Jan. 18, 1835. 
William [int. Robbison] and Hannah Egerton [int. Eggerton], 

Nov. 9, 1780. [Robinson and Hannah Egerton, p.c.r.] 
William Jr. and Abigail Dellino of Duxborough, int. Mar. 21, 

William H. and Matilda J. Hayden, int. Sept. 2, 1843. 

ROBISON (see Robbinson, Robinson), Archabald and Mercy 
Field, Jan. 29, 1746-7.* 

ROGERS (see Roggers), Charles and Sarah Thompson, Sept. 

20, 1821. 
Nabby and William Newhall [int. Newall], Sept. 11, 1808. 
Samuel and Betty Allen, Aug. 9, 1790. 
Sarah and Josiah Churchell [int. Churchel], Feb. i, 1781. 

[Churchill, p.c.r.] 

ROGGERS (see Rogers), Bathsheba of Weymouth and Ebene- 
zer Hill, int. Feb. i, 1777. 

ROOPS, Hannah D. and Jesse Vaughn, int. Nov. 18, 1832. 

ROUNSAFULL (see Rounseville), Chloe and Boston Boalden, 
blacks, int. Nov. 19, 1796. 

* Intention not recorded. 


ROUNSEVTLLE (see Rounsafull), Job P. [dup. int. omits P.] 
and Laura Washburn [dup. int. of Middleboro[ugh]], June 
3, 1827. [Job P., both of Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 

Susan C. of Freetown and John Long, int. Sept. 30, 1842. 

RUGG, Permilla [int. Parmilla] of Dorchester and William 
Shaw Jr., Oct. 9, 1791. [Parmilia of Dorchester, Oct. 19, 


RUNELS (see Renolds, Reynold, Reynolds), Isaac and Doro- 
thy Seeker of Middleborough, Nov. 24, 1707.* 

RUSEL (see Russel, Russell, Russells), Rebecca [int. Russel of 
Pembrook] and Silas Read [int. Reed], Jan. 28, 1768. 
[Russell and Silas Read, p.c.r.] 

RUSSEL (see Rusel, Russell, Russells), Abigail and William 
Keith Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Oct. 20, 1789. [Russell and Wil- 
liam Keith Jr., p.c.r.] 

Mary and Isaac Alden, May 14, 1781. [Russell, p.c.r.] 

RUSSELL (see Rusel, Russel, Russells), Betsey [int. Russel] 
and James Barrell [int. Barrel], Sept. 15, 1785. [Russell 
and James Barrell, p.c.r.] 

Experience, wid., of Plymouth, and Beza Hayward Esq., int. 
Mar. 28, 1801. 

RUSSELLS (see Rusel, Russel, Russell), Josiah [int. Joshua 
Burrill] of Abington and Lydia Bonney, Feb. 5 [sic, int. 
Nov. 5], 1785, in Abington. 

RYAN, Julia A. of Wareham and Calvin Holmes, int. Dec. 15, 

SABINE (see Sabins), James, Rev. [int. omits Rev.], of Bethel, 
Vt., and Dorcas [int. adds W.] Munroe, Oct. 11, 1840. 
[Rev. James of Bethel, Vt., and Dorcas Munro, wid. Rev. 
Matthias, c.R.2.] 

SABINS (see Sabine), Mercy, Mrs. [int. wid.], and Henry Ash, 
July 4, 1800 [? in Middleborough]. 

SABLE, Mary of Stoughton and Elkanah Willis, int. June 2, 

SALMON, Peter of Hanover and Eunice Whitman, wid. [int. 
omits wid.], Feb. 17, 1785. [Eunice, wid., p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


SAMPSON (see Samson), Addriann and Beza Hay ward, int. 
May 13, 1841. 

Betsey of Middleborough and Seth Leach, int. Sept. i, 1827. 

Betsey J. [int. Samson], 24, of Pembroke, d. Thomas (Samson), 
and Eleanor, and Richard Edwards, 26, teacher, s. Rich- 
ard and Anne, July 5, 1849. 

Bridget of Halifax and Silas Pierce [sic, ? Besse, see Halifax 
Vital Records], June 16, 1752, in Halifax.* 

Deborah B. of E. Bridgewater and Luther Thayer, Feb. 3, 1841. 

Lydia T. and Snow W. Munroe, Apr. 20, 1837. [Monroe, C.R.3.] 

Marry [int. Mary] of Wareham and Enoss [int. Enos] Hayward, 
Nov. 16, 1769, in Wareham. 

Meribah and Boston, "M' Hugh orrs Servant man," int. May 
20, 1764. 

Miles and Deborah Bonney, June 9, 1752,* p.R.63. 

Newland of Hallif ax and Lucy Waterman, Aug. 28, 1 766. [Sam- 
son of Hallif ax, p.c.r. Newlend Samson of Halifax, c.r.i.] 

Passon Howard and Hannah Perkins, Dec. 19, 1833, 

Priscilla and Thomas King, int. Nov. 9, 1799. "Sd Priscilla 
Sampson forbade her Publishment Nov' 23*^" 

Warren W. and Keziah R. Leach, d. Hosea and Hannah 
(Keith), Oct. 25, 1846,* p.R.65. 

William S. and Susan L. Revere, int. Sept. 18, 1841. [Susan, 
d. Paul and Caroline (Lazelle), m. Nov. i, p.R.55.] 

SAMSON (see Sampson), Benjamin [int. Sampson] and Anna 

[int. Anne] Packard, Jan. i, 1778. [Samson and Anna 

Packard, p.c.r.] 
Bethiah and Simeon White [int. of Sharon], Aug. 20, 1808 [date 

in later handwriting]. 
Betsey of Duxbury and Sidney Humphrey, int. Dec. 4, 1838. 
Deborah and Ebenezer Leach, Oct. 10, 1751.* 
Ephraim and Susanna Bosworth [int. Bozworth], Jan. 30, 1821. 
Hannah, Mrs., of Middleborough, and Rev. John Reed, int. 

Oct. 14, 1780. 
Hepzibah of Pembroke and Martin Samson, int. Aug. 20, 1808, 
Joseph and Hannah Gurney, Dec. 28, 1780. 
Martin and Hepzibah Samson of Pembroke, int. Aug. 20, 1808. 
Mercy of Middleborough and Seth Leach, int. May i, 181 9. 
Stephen and Lucy Harris of Easton, int. Mar. 19, 1796. 
William and Sally Clark of Hanover, int. May 17, 1806. 

SANBORN, Susan C. of Meredith, N. H., and Levi Leach Jr., 
int. Apr. 2, 1845. [Levi, s. Levi and Betsey (Conant), m. 
Apr. 30, P.R.50.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


SANDERS, James [int. Saundrus] and Sally Chase, Oct. 27,1819. 
Laura and Ebenezer Gay, May 13, 1818.* 
Lydia and Stillman Barrows, int. Nov. 8, 1818. 

SANGER, Caraline [int. Caroline] and Rev. Samuel Clark of 

Burlington, Vt., Oct. 11, 1810. [Caroline, d. Zedekiah 

and Irene (Freeman), p.r.i.] 
Deborah and John Ames Jr., int. Feb. i, 1800. [Deborah, d. 

Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), and Ames of 

Easton, m. , p.r.i.] 

Joseph and Hannah Mercy of Plymouth, int. Sept. 13, 181 2. 
Olive and George More [int. Moore] of Burlington, Oct. 27, 

1815. [Olive, d. Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), and 

George Moore of Burlington [Vt.], p.r.i.] 
Ralph, Rev., of Dover, and Charlotte Kingman, [rec. 

between July 8 and Nov. 23], 181 7. [Ralph, s. Zedekiah 

and Irene (Freeman), and Charlotte Kingman, d. Ezra 

Esq. of E. Bridgewater, p.r.i.] 
Richard and Sally Tisdale of Taunton [Taunton written in 

pencil], int. Mar. 7, 1807. 
Samuel F. and Susan Alden, June i, 1823. [Samuel F., s. Rev. 

Z. dec'd, and Susan Alden, d. Caleb and Sally, c.r.i. 

Samuel Freeman Sanger 3d, s. Zedekiah and Irene (Free- 
man), p.r.i.] 
Sarah, d. Zedekiah and Irene (Freeman), and Dr. Allen 

of Providence, R. I., ,* p.r.i. 

Zedekiah and Irene Freeman, June 5, 1777,* p.r.i. 

SARGENT, Mary [int. Sergeant] of Methuen and Ward Baily 

[int. Bailey], Feb. — , 1765, in Methuen. 
Sarah, b. Gloucester, and Samuel Worcester, b, Thornton, 

N. H., Jan. 2, 1817.* 

SASH, Ann and Robbin Freeman, Jan. 12, 1737-8.* [Robbin, 

free man, c.r.i.] 
Mary, ''Negro woman," and Tom Drew, "Negro man," June 

18, I755-* 
Moses and Sarah Colly, molatoes, May i, 1752.* 

SAUNDERS (see Sanders). 

SAVEL, Mary of Sharon and William Tolman, Nov. i, 1744 
[? in Sharon].* [This entry typewritten on paper pasted in 

SAVERY (see Savoury), Patience E. and Howe Keith Jr., 
Aug. 9, 1845, in Thompson, Windham Co., Conn.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


SAVILLE (see Savel). 

SAVOURY (see Savery), Eliza Ellis [int. Savory] and Nahum 
Johnson, Oct. 17, 1842. [Savoury, c.R.2.] 

SAWEN (see Sawin, Sawing), Daniel, Dr., and Deborah 
Clushing [sic, ? Gushing] of Hanson, int. Apr. i, 1820. 

SAWIN (see Sawen, Sawing), Daniel, Dr. [int. omiis Dr.], and 

Hannah Barrell, Nov. 18, 1810. 
Daniel C. and Catharine F. Bassett, Nov. 24, 1842. [Catherine 

F., C.R.I. Catherine, d. Paschal and Mary (Hooper), 


SAWING (see Sawen, Sawin), Sarah of Braintree and Enos 
Thayer, int. July 5, 1777. 

SCARBOROUGH, Catharine of Broklyn, Conn., and Albert 
Conant, int. Dec. 12, 1848. 

SCATE, Rebecka and Ebenezer Allen, Oct. 11, 1698.* 

SCOT (see Scott), Lois, Mrs. [int. Scott, wid.], and Apollos 
Eaton of Middleborough, Oct. 31, 1838 [sic, int. Oct. 13, 
1839]. [Mrs. Lois Scott, Oct. 31, 1839, C.R.3.] 

Sippio and Peg Howland, Dec. 13, 1752.* 

SCOTT (see Scot), Abigail of Dedham and Sihon Packard, 

Oct. 16, 1794, in Dedham. 
Consider Esq. of Charlemont and Lois Keith, Feb. 23, 1824. 
William and Celia P. Munro, Sept. 25, 1825. [Celia P., d. 

Henry, c.r.i.] 
William and Ann E. Adams of Kingston, int. Aug. 2, 1829. 

SEANTHY, Mary Dunivan and Timothy Canty, int. May 6, 

SEARES (see Sears), Josiah and Judith Gilbert, Aug. 18, 

Josiah [int. Sears] of Hallifax and Mary Porter, June 5, 1817. 

SEARS (see Seares), Abner of Middelborough and Lydia Per- 
kins, July 15, 1762. [Lidia, p.c.r.] 

Alfred F. of Boston and Augusta Bassett, int. Dec. 9, 1849. 

David of Middleborough and Elisabeth Snow, int. July 30, 

Desire of Halifax and Benjamin Washburn Jr. [int. 3d, omits 
Jr.], Apr. 29, 1762, in Halifax. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Sears, John of Bristol [int. Greenwich] and Melinda Keith, 

Dec. 17, 1805 [? in Middleborough]. 
John and Clarrisa Simpson of Abington, int. Nov. 12, 1848. 
Lydia and Timothy Leonard of Middleborough, int. Nov. 16, 

Mellona [int. Melona], 21, d. John, and John H. Ripley, 23, 

blacksmith, s. Eden M. and Sarah J., Jan. 28, 1849. 
Roland of Ashfeild [int. adds Hampshier Co.] and Jedidah 

Conant, Apr. 9, 1777. [Jedida, c.r.i.] 

SEAVER (see Sever, Severs), Benjamin, s. William and Mary 
(Foster), and Mary Porter, d. John and Lydia (Leonard), 
Oct. — , 1803,* P.R.73- 

Margaret and Edward Mitchell, s. Edward and Chloe (Wash- 
burn), June 24, 1830, in Taunton,* p.R.92. 

Mary Cordelia of Taunton and Bela Mitchell, Oct. 26, 1835, 
in Taunton. [Mary C, d. Benjamin and Mary (Porter), 
and Bela Mitchell, s. Daniel and Eunice (Mitchell), 

Wendal [int. Wendall] and Joanna Dickerman of Easton, Oct. 
30, 1813. 

William and Mary Foster, abt. 1767,* P.R.73. 

William and Thankful Stetson, , 1770,* P.R.73. 

SEEKER, Dorothy of Middleborough and Isaac Runels, Nov. 

24, 1707.* 

SEELE, John of Easton and Sebrina Snow, int. June 6, 181 8. 

SEPET, Israel, "Indian man," and Lillee Floyd, "Indian 
woman," int. Nov. 8, 1766. 

SERGEANT (see Sargent). 

SEVER (see Seaver, Severs), Christopher and Hannah Harden 

[int. Hardin], [Oct.] 17, 1771. [Hardin, p.c.r.] 
Robert and Priscilla Smith, int. May 23, 1818. 

SEVERS (see Seaver, Sever), Ruth and Oliver Drake of Eas- 
ton, int. Aug. 3, 1793. 

SEWAL (see Sewall, Suel), Eunice and Cesar Eason [int. 
Ezen, "Free negro man," of Norton], blacks, Mar. 19, 
1778. [Sewall and Cesar Eason, p.c.r.] 

SEWALL (see Sewal, Suel), Elias [int. Sewal] and Amie Dun- 
bar [int. "Free Negros"], Oct. 28, 1776. 
Nancey [int. Nancy] and Ceasar Agustus, negros,- Feb. 20, 1772. 

• Intention not recorded. 


SHANKLAND, John of N. Bridgewater and Deborah F. 
Cushman, June 14, 1832. 

SHARP, Gibeon [int. Gibbens] and Sophronia [int. Sofrony] 

Gurney [int. of Abington], Nov. 23, 1820. 
Oliver and Mary French, Jan. 11, 182 1. 

SHAW, Abigail and Daniel Alden, Dec. 25, 1717.* 

Abigail [int. Nabbe] and Daniel Copeland [int. Jr.], Apr. 28, 

1 79 1. [Abigail and Daniel Copeland, p.c.r.] 
Abigail and Ziba Wood, Apr. 25, 1796. 
Abigail T. A. [and] Cyrus Tucker, Sept. 4, 1841. 
Alexander and Sally White of Middleborough, Mar. 21, 1802 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Amanda and Henry M. Randall [int. Randal], Nov. 8, 1829. 
Asahel of Raynham and Sarah Alden, int. Sept. 20, 1777. 
Betsey of Middleborough and Bezer Leach, Sept. 15, 1793 [? in 

Middleborough] . 
Betsey and Isaac Horton, May 6 [May 6 in later handwriiing], 

Charles and Lucy Thomas [int. Thomson] of Middleborough, 

June 26, 1811. 
Chloe of Middleborough and Ziba Leonard, May 5, 1783 [? in 

Middleborough] . 
Clarissa [int. Clarrissa] of Paris, Me., and Jonathan C. Keith, 

Mar. 28, 1822. 
Cynthia K. and Henry J. Stevenson, Aug. 12, 1835. 
Dan and Joanna Perkins of Middleborough, Mar. 30, 1780 [? in 

David of Middleborough and Martha Dunbar, int. Nov. 25, 

Ebenezer and Mary Read, June 14, 1733.* 
Ebenezer Jr. of Middleborough and Deborah Keith, int. June 

9, 1764. 
Ebenezer of Middleborough and Mary Dickerman, May 19, 

Elisabeth and Noah Washburn, Jan. 25, 1709-10.* 
Elisabeth and Obadiah Read [int. Reed] of Abington, Apr. 12, 

Elisabeth and Ephraim Harlow of Middleborough, int. Jan. 14, 

Emerson H. and Susan W. Rideout of Quincy, int. Apr. 30, 

Experience [int. Eperience] and Luther Jenison [int. Janison of 

Union, Conn.], Dec. 10, 1801. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Shaw, Frances and Ebenezer Bourn, int. Feb. 2, 1788. 
Gideon of Raynham, Bristol Co., and Abigail Fobes 2d, int. 

Jan. 16, 1768. [m. June 30, c.R.i.] 
Hannah and John Haines, Aug. 11, 1709.* 
Hannah and Isaac Snow, Nov. 19, 1722.* 
Hannah, Mrs., of Raynham, and Constant Southworth, int. 

Jan. 6, 1770. 
Hannah and Mark Packard, Dec. 15, 1774. 
Hannah of Abington and Eliab Packard Jr., int. Sept. 30, 

Hannah [int. of Abington] and Eliphalet Leach, Dec. 11 [Dec. 

II in later handwriting], 1806. 
Hannah [int. adds Whitmarsh] and Joseph Ames Jr., Dec. 27, 

181 2. [Hannah W., d. Samuel (s. Rev. John and Ruth 

(Angier)) and Olive (d. Zebulun Leonard of Middle- 

boro[ugh]), and Capt. Jos[eph] Ames, p.r.i.] 
Hannah and Lyman Hooper, May 28, 1820. 
Harriet and Ford Pearce [int. Bearce], Mar. 28, 1820. [This 

entry marked "Should be 'Bearce.' "] 
Horatio and Lydia H. Staples of Middleborough, int. Apr. 4, 

Huldah and John Bisbee, Mar. 11, 1779. [Bisbe, p.c.r.] 
James and Margrett Mora, Aug. 10, 1752.* [Margerett Murry, 


Jerome and Elizabeth Dunphe, int. Mar. 13, 1841. 

John (see John Snow). 

John of Raynham and Dinah Leach, Jan. 8, 1761.* 

John, Capt., of Raynham, and Mary Pratt, wid., int. Oct. 9, 

John of Cummington, Hampshire Co., and Hannah Dyer of 

Abington, Plymouth Co., Sept. 20, 1784.* 
John, Rev. [int. of Abington, omits Rev.], and Susanna Cary, 

Oct. 17, 1807 [date in later handwriting]. 
John A. and Mira Washburn, Oct. 17, 1830. [Hon. John A. 

and Mira , d. Capt. Ephraim Sprague and Vina (d. 

Ezra Edson), c.r.2. John A., s. Samuel and Olive 

(Leonard), and Mira Washburn, wid. John, d. Ephraim 

Sprague and Vina (Edson), p.r.i.] 
John Angier, s. Samuel and Olive (Leonard), and Sarah H. 

White, Mar. 29, 1821, in Woodville, Miss.,* p.r.i. 
Jonathan of Middleborough and Ruth Carver, int. Nov. 16, 

Joseph and Olive Dike, Apr. 9, 1806 [date in later handwriting], 
Judith and John Edson [int. 2d], May 3, 1770. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Shaw, Laura Ann and Osgood Graves, Dec. 2, 1830. 

Lydia of Abington and Daniel [int. David] Edson [int. Jr.], 
Mar. 18, 1783, in Abington. 

Marcus of N. Bridgewater and Chloe B. Tolman, May 26, 1828. 

Martha and Eliezer Allden, May 11, i'j2[worn].* [May 11, 
1720, P.R.103.] 

Martha of Middleborough and David Hooper, Mar. 23, 1769 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Martha and Jesse Byram, int. Nov. 28, 1794. "Said Jesse 
forbid his Publishment." 

Martha H. and Erastus Adkins of Marietta, Ohio, Sept. i, 1840. 

Mary ( ) [Mary Shaw, p.r,io3.] and James Gary, 

Jan. 4, 1681.* 

Mary and Benjamin Aldrich, Aug. 24, 1 721.* , 

Mary of Raynham and Ezra Fobes, int. Sept. 7, 1776. 

Mary Gary [int. omiis Shaw] and Abiel Kingman, Jan. 12, 1819. 

Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Ebenezer Bisbee, Mar. 12, 
1778. [Mehitabel and Ebenezer Bisbe, p.c.r.] 

Micah and Jenny Kingman, [Nov. 11] 1793. 

Minot G., 24, merchant, of E. Bridgewater, s. Samuel and Abi- 
gail, and Orra P. Winslow, 21, d. Kenelm and Orra P., 
Sept. 22, 1847. [Orra Pierce Winslow, d. Kenelm and 
Orra (Pope), p.r.i.] 

Nabby (see Abigail) . 

Naphtali, Rev. [int. of Kenzington, N. H.], and Polly Grafts, 
June 10, 1798. 

Nathan [int. of Middleborough] and Rosamond [int. Rosa- 
mon] Leonard, Dec. 10, 1782. [Nathan and Rosamond 
Leonard, p.c.r. Nathan of Midleboro and Vosamond 
Leonard, c.r.i.] 

Nehemiah and Molly [int. Molley] Hill, Nov. 16, 1775. 

Newton and Olive Packard, Dec. 3, 1818. 

Olive R. and David Perkins [int. Esq.] of Fall River, Jan. 29, 
1843. [David of Fall River, c.r.i. Olive Rosalie, d. John 
Angler and Sarah H. (White), and David Perkins, s. Jacob 
and Mary (Thomas), Jan. 30, p.r.i. Olive R. and David 
Perkins, s. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), Jan. 30, p.R.13.] 

Patience and Nathaniel Southworth, Nov. 7, 1793. 

Rhoda (see Rhoda Packard). 

Ruth and Joseph Snow, Feb. 7, 1759.* 

Ruth and Brig. Gen. Nathaniel [int. Nathanel] Goodwin [int. 
of Plymouth], Oct. 3, 1782. [Mrs. Ruth and Brig. Gen. 
Nathaniel Goodwin, p.c.r. Ruth and Nathaniel Good- 
win of Plymouth, c.r.i.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Shaw, Ruth and Jacob Washburn, Apr. i8, 1797. 

Samuel and Olive Leonard of Middleborough, int. Sept. 29, 

Sarah and James Gary, Feb. 8, 1721-2.* 
Sarah (see Sarah Snow). 
Sarah and Elijah Snow, Sept. 7, 1780. 
Sarah of Middleborough and Azor Harris, Sept. 5, 1813 [? in 

Sarah and Quartus Snell, int. Aug. 26, 1832. 
Sarah M. and Abram Washburn [int. 2d], Oct. 14, 1832. 

[Sarah M., d. Dr. Samuel dec'd, and Col. Abram Wash- 
burn 2d, C.R.I. Sarah Millar Shaw, d. Samuel (s. Rev. 

John and Ruth (Angier)) and Olive (d. Zebulun Leonard 

of Middleboro[ugh]), and Abram Washburn, p.r.i.] 
Silas of Ringe [int. Range], N. H., and Lucy White, May 29, 

Simeon of Middleborough and Mary Pool, Sept. 17, 1772 [? in 

Solomon and Anna Hayward, Oct. 31, 1782. 
Soranus and Elizabeth M. Alden, int. Mar. 16, 1816. 
Sullivan of Middleborough and Cynthia Keith, Mar. 12, 1797 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Susanna and Pollycarpus [int. Polycarpus] Snell, Nov. 27, 1766. 
Susanna [int. of Abington] and Cyrus Snell, July 22, 181 8. 
Susannah of Abington and Jonathan Whitmarsh of Abington, 

June 13, 1771.* [Susanna of Abington, p.c.r.] 
Tirzah B. of E. Bridgewater and William E. Joslyne of E. 

Bridgewater, Jan. 14, 1843,* c.r.i. 
Willi [int. William] and Dorcas Smith, June 24, 1773. 
William and Hannah West, July 15, 1754. 
William Jr. and Deliverance Washburn, Oct. i, 1778. 
William Jr. and Permilla [int. Parmilla] Rugg of Dorchester, 

Oct. 9, 1 791. [Parmilia of Dorchester, Oct. 19, p.c.r.] 
William and Molley Crosman [int. Molly Crossman], Nov. 9, 

Zacharias and Hannah Bisbee, Oct. 7, 1777. [Bisbe, p.c.r.] 
Zachary and Sarah Packard, Aug. 30, 1733.* 
Zephaniah of Middleborough and Lucy Crooker, Mar. 27, 

1 83 1. [Lucy, d. Zenas dec'd, c.r.i. Lucy, d. Zenas and 

Content (Stetson), p.r.i.] 

SHELLEY (see Shelly), Benjamin [dup. Jr.] of Raynham and 
Mary Turner, Dec. 21, 1749.* [Benjamin Jr. of Rain- 
ham, P.C.R.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


SHELLY (see Shelley), Abner and Melinda Howe, Sept. 6, 1812. 
Rachel of Norton and Seth Wilbar, Oct. i, 1801 [? in Middle- 
borough], [WUbore, p.r.8.] 

SHEPARD (see Shepherd), Bette of Milton and David Allen, 

int. July II, 1783. [This entry crossed out.] 
Calvin and Mary Byram, Dec. 20, 1807. 

SHEPARDSON, Nathan [int. Nathaniel of Dedham] and 

Sally Edson, Dec. i, 1808 [date in later handwriting]. 
Nathaniel of Dedham and Nancy Edson, Apr. 17, 181 5. 
Nathaniel of Attleboro and Sally Dickerman, Oct. 5, 181 7. 

SHEPHERD (see Shepard), Samuel [int. Shepard of Stough- 
ton] and Susanna Brett, Apr. 17 [Apr. 17 in later hand- 
writing], 1806. 

SHERBY, Debby [int. Sherry] and Samuel Wood, blacks, 
Sept. 30, 1801. 

SHERMAN, Amelia and Henry Perkins, s. Solomon and 
Clarissa (Robinson), July 16, 1848, in Stafford, Conn.,* 

Betsey [int. Betty] and Joseph Keith 2d, Feb. 15, 1787. [Bet- 
sey, P.C.R.] 

Deborah P. of Middleborough and Noah Alden Jr., int. May 

13, 1832. 

Hannah and Josiah Newton of Brookfeild, June 13, 1776. 
Jane [int. Jean] and Eleazer Barrow of Rochester, Feb. 27, 

John [int. Jr.] of Newton and Lucy Withrell, May 13, 1827. 

[John Jr. of Newton and Lucy Witherell, c.r.i.] 
Lois and Zenus Stetson of Pembrook, int. June 13, 1781. 
Lydia and Thomas Whitman, Nov. 22, 1781. 
Lydia and Lambert Leach, s. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), 

Apr. 29, 1835,* P.R.65. 
Lydia L. of Marshfield and Ellis W. Holmes, int. Mar. 8, 1845. 
Ruth and Jarib White of Amherst, Hampshire Co., Feb. 24, 

Ruth of Pembroke and Joseph Hobert, int. Mar. 4, 1820. 
Thomas of Brookfield and Betty [int. Bettie] Keith, Aug. 27, 

1 781 [? in Middleborough]. 

SHERRY, Debby (see Debby Sherby). 

SHERWIN, David and Hannah Keen of Pembroke, int. Aug. 

14, 1802. 

• Intention not recorded. 


SHIRLEY, Abner of Raynham and Mary Hartwell, int. 
Nov. 19, 1781. 

SHIRTLIFF (see Shurtleff, Shurtlifif), Ichabod [int. Shirtleff 
of Plymouth] and Betty Pettingill, Sept. 8, 1787, [Shurt- 
leff, P.C.R.] 

SHORES, Benjamin of Taunton and Nanny Sturtevant, int. 
Feb. 12, 1773. 

SHORT, Anna of Taunton and Benjamin Leach, int. Oct. 20, 

Samuel and Celia Lothrop of Easton, int. Mar. 8, 1806. 

SHURTLEFF (see Shirtliff, Shurtlifif), Lucy [int. of Stoughton] 

and Eleazer Cole, July 11, 1769. 
Sarah and James Tyler of Canterbury, Windham Co., int. 

Sept. 15, 1769. 
Simeon [int. of Stoughton] and Submitt [int. Submit] Kingman, 

Aug. 16, 1 78 1. [Simeon and Submit Kingman, p.c.r.] 
William [int. Shirtlief] and Sarah Kingman, Feb. 7, 1745. 

[Shurtlefif, p.c.r.] 

SHURTLIFF (see Shirtliff, Shurtleff), Abigail, wid., and Capt. 

Josiah Dunbar, pauper, int. Dec. 29, 1797. "The Select 

men . . . gave Notice to forbade giving a Certificate to 

the above Said Capt Dunbar" 
Almera A., d. Benj[amin] and Priscilla, and Eaton Nichols, s. 

Charles E. and Amandana, Dec. 29, 1849.* 

Sn^VESTER, Cynthia (see Cynthia Sylvester Bonney). 
Gustavus and Patty Field, Nov. 30, 1809 [date in later hand- 
Israel and Abigail Snell, Dec. 12, 1734.* 
Joseph [int. Jr.] and Hannah Howard, Aug. 15, 1786. [Joseph, 


Lucretia of Marshfeild and Jonah Newel, int. July 28, 1753. 
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Zachariah Snell, Jan. 24, 1793. 

[Mehitabel, p.c.r.] 
Rachel and Joseph Newell, July 11, 1734.* 
Sally and Capt. Jesse Perkins, Aug. 17, 1808 [date in later 

Zachariah [int. Zachary] of Duxborough and Mehetabel Cary, 

Nov. 14, 1771. 

SIMMONS (see Simon, Simons, Symmonds, Symmons), Peres 
of Halifax and Deborah Ransom of Halifax, Oct. 3, 1753.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Simmons, Rebec[c]a of Hal[ifa]x and Samuel Bolton, Oct. 21, 

1742.* [Oct, 25, P.C.R.] 

William and Nabby Greenwood of Rehoboth, Dec. 27, 1795, 
in Rehoboth.* 

SIMON (see Simmons, Simons, Symmonds, Symmons), Deb- 
. orah, "Indian woman," and Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] 
James, "Indian man," Nov. 29, 1764. 

SIMONS (see Simmons, Simon, Symmonds, Symmons), 
Richard and Chloe Squib, blacks, Jan. 20, 1788. 

SIMPSON, Clarrisa of Abington and John Sears, int. Nov. 12, 

Enoch A. of Charlestown and Emily A. Radclifif, int. Apr. 20, 


SINGER, Lydia of Salem and Samuel Pratt Newhall, int. 
'Mar. 26, 1814. 

SKINNER, John [int. Jr.] of Boston and Rebecca McClench, 

Dec. 25, 1797. 
Lucy [int. Skiner] of Mansfield [dup. Stoughton] and Daniel 

Bryant, Apr. 20, 1817. 
Sally of Mansfield and Orren Packard, int. Mar. 24, 182 1, 

SKIP, Sarah and Pompey Stevens, negro's, Apr. 25, 1771.* 
[Sckips and Pompie Stephens, p.c.r.] 

SLADER, Hannah of Acworth, N. H., and Winslow Cope- 
land, int. Sept. 15, 1804. 

SLOAN (see Slone), Samuel, portrait painter, and Calls ta 
Hayward, Nov. 27, 1843. [Calista, d. Calvin and Mary 
(Fobes), P.R.I.] 

SLONE (see Sloan), Anna and Nathan[ie]ll Packard, Oct. 17, 
1758.* [Anna Stone, p.c.r.] 

SMALL, Prisalla P., 23, of Abington, d. James and Mary, and 
Jedediah Caswell, 24, mechanic, of Abington, s. John and 
Mary, Apr. 6, 1848.* 

SMITH, Abigial [int. Abigail] and Joshua Bowen of Roxbury, 

Mar. 26, 1782. [Abigail, p.c.r.] 
Allen and Salley [int. Sally] Leach, June 13, 181 5. 
Amasa, Rev., and Mary Haskell of Westborough, Worsester 

Co., int. July 22, 1815. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Smith, Anna of Lexington and Simeon Leonard [int. Lennard], 
Apr. 10, 1764, in Lexington. 

Bathsheba of Hanson and Eleazer Carver Jr., int. Apr. 21, 
1821. [m. , 1821, P.R.34.] 

Becca and Daniel Tuel Dickerman, Aug. 9, 1803 [date in later 

Benaiah of Easton and Mary Hill, , 1738.* [Benajah of 

Easton, Nov. 22, p.c.r.] 

Benjamin and Silence Keith, Aug. 2, 1739, in Halifax.* 

Betsey [int. Betty] and Thomas Quinly [int. Quinley], Apr. 5 
[Apr. 5 in later handwriting], 1804. 

Bettie and Eliphaz Mitchel, int. Apr. 26, 1777. 

Ceaser [int. Seasar] and Elisabeth Fortune [int. Elisaboth For- 
tin of Taunton], blacks, Aug. 8, 1786. [Ceasar and Eliza- 
beth Fortune, p.c.r.] 

Chloe of Norton and Nathan Kingman, Dec. 19, 1785, in 

Dorcas and Willi [int. William] Shaw, June 24, 1773. 

Elijah and Mary Beal, Feb. 7, 1803 [date in later handwriting].* 

Elisabeth and Josiah Whitman, Oct. 7, 1747.* 

George and Sarah P. Josselyn, Jan. 14, 1841. 

Hannah and William Urrohart, Sept. 21, 1698.* 

Henry Thornberry and Priscilla Brown, Mar. 12, 1792. 

Isaac of Braintree and Mary Conant, Jan. 24, 1785. 

James W. and Susan W. Hall, Sept. 9, 1838. 

Jeremiah and Margrett Farr of Easton, July 9, 1773. 

John and Mary Hanmer, Oct. 5, 1749.* 

Jo[h]n and Elanor Curtain, Sept. 29, 1774. 

Jo[h]n and Susanna Hill, June 17, 1777. 

John and Ruth Cornish, July i, 1779. 

John and Bathsheba Joy, Mar. 2, 1803 [date in later hand- 

John [int. of Canton] and Hannah Edson, Nov. 29 [Nov. 29 in 
later handwriting], 1805. 

Joseph Jr. and Eunice Muxam, Nov. 14, 1799. 

Judith of Pembroke and Rev. Samuel Angier, Nov. 29, 1796, 
in Pembroke. 

Libbeus [int. Lebbeus] and Polly Bates, July 24, 181 7. 

Libeus of Abington and Salome Howe, int. Dec. 3, 1814. 

Lydia of Walpole and Roland [int. Rowland] Leonard, Feb. 8, 
1787, in Walpole. 

Lydia Ann W. and William H. R. Benton, int. Dec. 15, 1843. 

Margret of Milton and Robert Thomson, int. Nov. 16, 1754. 

Martha and John Gillimor, int. Oct. 20, 1764. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Smith, Mary of Rehoboth and John Rawson, Dec. 2, 1742, in 

Mary and Benjamin Southworth, Mar. 3, 1763. 
Mary (see Polly). 
Matilda Jane, 22, ofW. Bridgewater, d. Nathan and Sally, and 

James Jacobs, widr. [int. omits widr.], 28, forgeman, s. 

Seth and Susan, Dec. 30, 1849. [James, c.R.i.] 
Nabba and Silas Leonard, Dec. 15, 1785. 
Paul and Susanna Perryway [int. Perreway], Apr. 6, 1775. 

Pelatiah and Jane Dunbarr, wid. James, .* 

Phebe and Seth Macumber of Taunton, int. July 15, 1780. 
Polly and John Crooker of Pembroke, Dec. 20, 1798. [Mary, 

d. Joseph, and John Crooker of Pembroke, s. David, 

Priscilla of Middleborough and Daniel Allen, int. Jan. 11, 1815. 
Priscilla and Robert Sever, int. May 23, 1818. 
Rachel and Jonathan Lawrance [int. "Transtient person"], 

May 22, 1765. 
Rachel and Nathan Alger 2d, Feb. i, 1809. 
Rebecca (see Becca). 
Rhoda and John Terril Jr., June 4, 1794. 
Richard of Taunton and Rhoda Reed, Sept. 6, 1773. 
Rufus of Easton and Ruth Cook, int. Nov. 3, 1770. 
Samuel [int. of Stoughton] and Lydia Potter, Feb. 20, 1802 

[date in later handwriting, sic, int. Jan. i, 1803]. 
Solomon [int. of Easton] and Elisabeth Cole, Feb. 11, 1762. 

[Solomon of Easton and Elizabeth Cole, p.c.r.] 
Submit [int. Keith] and William Curtis [int. of Randolph], 

Sept. 15, 1806 [date in later handwriting]. 
Susanna [int. wid.] and John Dyar, Dec. 7, 1778. [Susanna 

and John Dyer, c.r.i.] 
Thankful! of Hanson and Elbridge Keith, int. Aug. 24, 1822. 
Thomas and Espey Brown of New Bedford, int. July 29, 1849. 
Zephaniah and Lydia Conant, Sept. 23, 1773. 

SNEL (see Snell), Phillis (see Phillis Suel). 
Susanna and Nathan Orcut, Mar. 16, 1756,* c.r.i. 

SNELL (see Snel), Abigail and Israel Silvester, Dec. 12, 

Abigail and Robert Haward Jr., May 5, 1757.* [Hayward Jr., 


Abigail and James Haward Jr., Dec. 5, 1775. 

Abigail and Levitt [int. Levit] Thayer, Oct. 21, 1783. [Levitt, 


* Intention not recorded. 


Snell, Abigail and Lloyd Howard, Oct. 3, 1796. 

Abigail and Eliphalet Packard of Minot, May 30, 1814, 

Abigail and Col. [int. omits Col.] Caleb Howard [int. Esq.], 
May 17, 1820. 

Abigail K., 17, of W. Bridgewater, d. Edward and Emeline, 
and Hiram G. Washburn, 21, shoemaker, of E. Bridge- 
water, s. Hiram and Olive, Oct. 13, 1849.* 

Alvin and Abigail Bryant of Plympton, Oct. 17, 1799, in 

Ama [int. Anna] and Charles Hunt [int. of Dorchester], Dec. 
24, 1807 [date in later handwriting]. 

Amelia and Salmon Howard, int. Mar. 29, 1800. 

Amos and Mary Peckerd, May 2, 1700.* 

Amoss and Experience Washburn, Mar. 13, 1759.* [Amos and 
Experience Washburne, p.c.r. Amos and Experience 
Washburn, c.R.i.] 

Anna and Edmund Hay ward, Aug. 22, 1751.* 

Anna (see Ama). 

Anne and Nicholas Byram, Aug. 3, 1708.* 

Anne of W. Bridgewater and Richard Thayer of W. Bridge- 
water, Apr. 27, 1824.* [Richard Jr. of W. Bridgewater, 


Barnebas and Hannah Holmes of Hallifax, int. Mar. 24, 1781. 
Barnebas and Eunice Conant, Jan. i, 1783. [Barnabas, p.c.r. 

Barnabas and Unice Conant, c.r.i.] 
Benjamin and Rebecca Conant, May 23, 1782. 
Betsey and Salmon Copeland, Oct. 6, 1799. 
Bettie and Jonathan Copland, Jan, 14, 1723-4.* 
Caleb and Sally Bailey, int. Oct. 26, 1799. 
Caleb and Hannah Snell, wid., Apr. 13, 1808. 
Calvin and Polly [int. Policy] Packard, Sept. 8, 1785. [Polly, 

Charity and Sylvanus Blossom, Nov. 16, 1738,* c.r.i. 
Charity and Elisha Washburn [int. of Roxbury], Dec. 8, 1763. 

[Washburne, p.c.r. Cerity and Elisha Washburn, c.r.i.] 
Charles and Susanna Packard, Mar. 26, 1745. 
Charles and Mary Kingman, Apr. 16, 1778. 
Charles and Rebecca Packard, wid., Nov. 26, 1807 [date in 

later handwriting]. 
Chloe and Nehemiah Packard, Feb. 25, 1807. 
Cyrus and Betsey Keith, int. Aug. 15, 1801. 
Cyrus and Susanna Shaw [int. of Abington], July 22, 1818. 
Daniel and Joana Harlow, Sept. i, 1732.* [Joanna, c.r.i.] 
Dan[ie]ll Jr. and Abigail Packard, Nov. 27, 1753. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Snell, David and Molly Buker, July 17, 1783. 

Deliverance and Nathan[ie]ll Chamberlain, Mar. 19, 1767. 

Ebenezer and Sarah Packard, Apr. 5, 1764. 

Edward of N. Bridgewater and Maria Hooper, int. May 5, 1849. 

Elijah and Susanna Haward, May 29, 1760.* [Susannah, p.c.r.] 

Elijah Jr. and Abbe Copeland, int. Apr. 16, 1796. 

Elijah, Dea., and Mrs. Anna Reynolds [int. wid.], Nov. 24, 

Ephraim and Anna Keith, Mar. 23, 1780. 
Ephraim and Hannah Williams, Jan. 4, 1792. 
Hannah and Nathan Keith, Aug. 26, 1746.* 
Hannah and Benjamin Chamberlain, Sept. 23, 1756.* 
Hannah and Jonathan Keith, Aug. 28, 1777. 
Hannah, wid., and Hugh Pettingail, int. Apr. 15, 1786. 
Hannah and Daniel Field, July 13, 1786. 
Hannah and Jonathan Upham of Canton, Feb. 5, 1799. 
Hannah and Oakes Terril of Abington, int. July 6, 1805. 
Hannah, wid., and Caleb Snell, Apr. 13, 1808. 
Hannah and Gordon Stone of Easton, int. Mar. 24, 1821. 
Henry C. and Sally Swift, May 30, 1824. [Henry C, s. 

W[illia]m and Eunice, and Sally Swift, d. Isaac, c.R.i. 

Henry C, s. William and Eunice (Cary), and Sally Swift, 

d. Isaac and Sally (Pratt), p.r.i.] 
Huldah and Daniel Brett, Mar. 25, 1784. 
Isaac and Rachell Reed of Pembroke, int. Nov. 4, 1800. 
Isaac H., 22, farmer, s. Henry C. and Sally, and Charlotte M. 

Leonard, 22, d. Seth and Charlotte, May 21, 1848. 
Isachar [int. Issachar] Jr. [int. Dr.] and Mary Keith, Oct. [Nov. 

written in pencil in later hand] 28, 1799. 
Issachar [int. Isachar] and Sarah Hay ward, Nov. 8, 1769. 

[Issachar, p.c.r.] 
Jemima and Benjamin Snow, Mar. 7, 1 721-2.* 
Jeremiah and Sally Holbrook, Dec. 9, 181 9. 
Joanna and Jacob Hay ward 3d, Oct. 24, 1759.* 
Joanna H. and Nathaniel Washburn, [June] 29, 1823. [Jo- 
anna H. Snell, d. William and Eunice, c.r.i. Joanna [dup. 

Joannah], d. William and Eunice (Cary), p.r.i.] 
John and Susanna Packard, Feb. i, 17 14-15,* 
Jonathan and Martha Fobes, Sept. 16, 1751.* 
Jonathan and Nabby Hudson, June 17, 1809. 
Joseph and Hannah Williams, Dec. 3, 17 12.* 
Joseph Jr. and Hannah Cook, May 10, 1785. 
Josiah and Abigail Fobes, Jan. 23, 1728.* 
Josiah Jr. and Susanna Ames, Dec. 21, 1752.* 

* Intention not recorded . 


Snell, Josiah Jr. and Lydia Haward of Marsfield, int. Jan. 16, 

Josiah Jr. and Ruhama Hartwel [int. Hartwell, wid.], May 26, 
1763. [Ruhamah Hartwell, p.c.r.] 

Kezia [int. Keziah] and Jeremiah Washburn, Aug. 19, 1777. 
[Keziah, c.r.i.] 

Keziah and Benjamin Benson, Oct. 30, 1745. 

Levinea and Zibion [int. Zibeon] Brett, Aug. ig [Aug. 19 in 
later handwriting], 1804. 

Lucy and Whitcom Stetson of Abington, Mar. 3, 1796. 

Lydia and Calvin Washburn, int. May 16, 1767. "publish- 
ment was forbidden by the s*^ Calvin Washburn." 

Lydia and Jonathan Dawes, int. Oct. 31, 1772. 

Lydia and Henry Withington [int. Withinton of Canton], Nov. 
25, 1801. 

Martha and Ephraim Fobes, Apr. 22, 17 14.* 

Martha and Jonatham Benson, Nov. 7, 1740.* [Jonathan, p.c.r. 


Martha and Sam[ue]ll Bisbee of Pembrook, May 2, 1751.* 

[Samuel Bisbe of Pembroke, p.c.r.] 
Martha and William Reynolds, Nov. 3, 1791. 
Mary and Hugh Mahurin, Dec. 17, 1725.* 
Mary and Abiah Keith, Aug. 22, 1737.* 
Mary and Nathan Rickard [int. Richards], Dec. 3, 1767. 

[Rickard, p.c.r. Richards, c.r.i.] 
Mary and Martin Burr, Jan, 23, 1792. 
Mary and Luke Perkins, Nov. 14, 1797. 

Mary and Simeon Reynolds, Jan. 19, 1809 [date in later hand- 
Mathew and Susanna South worth [int. of Abington], Aug. 31 

[Aug. 31 in later handwriting], 1806. 
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Ebenezer Copeland [int. Jr.], 

July I, 1798. 
Melzer and Anna Trew of N. Yarmouth, int. Apr. 25, 1789. 
Moses and Hannah Washburn, int. Dec. 3, 1763. 
Mosses and Mary Bessey, July 28, 1736.* [Moses and Mary 

Bessy, c.r.i.] 
Nathan and Bettie Haward, Feb. 22, 1770. 
Nathan Jr. and Abigail Keith, Jan. i, 1800. 
Olive [int. of Easton, Bristol Co.] and James Alger 2d, Jan. 2, 

1781. [Olive, p.c.r.] 
Oliver and Hannah Beal, Nov. 15, 1792. 
Parnel (see Pernel). 
Patty and Daniel Hudson, Nov. 15, 1806. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Snell, Peres and Hannah Kinsley, Oct. 28, 1787. 

Pernel [int. Parnel] and Jesse Howard [int. Jr.], Sept. 4, 1799. 

Polly and Dr. Elisha Tilson [int. Tillson], Sept. 2, 1792. [Til- 
son, P.C.R.] 

Polly and Damon Kingman, Aug. 12, 1814. 

Pollycarpus [int. Polycarpus] and Susanna Shaw, Nov. 27, 

Quartus and Sarah Shaw, int. Aug. 26, 1832. 

Quartus of E. Bridgewater and Lovisa [int. Lovicea] W. Hall, 
Jan. 19, 1836. [Lovisa W., C.R.3.] 

Rebecca [int. Rebeccah] and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] George 
Baker of Duxbury, Feb. 23, 1816. 

Rhoda and Elijah Copland, Oct. 31, 1765. [Copeland, p.c.r.] 

Rhoda and Charles Ames, Sept. 3, 1789. 

Rhoda and Nahum Leonard, Mar. 5, 181 2. 

Robert and Joanna King of Taunton, int. Sept. 30, 1786. 

Sally and Seth Alden, int. Nov. i, 1800. 

Sally and Turner Torry, Mar. 22, 1803 [date in later hand- 

Samantha (see Semintha). 

Samuel and Phebe Cole [int. Coal], Dec. 2, 1810. 

Samuel and Ruth Reed of Abington, int. Apr. 23, 1814. 

Sarah and Jeremiah Collins of Scituate, R. L, int. Jan. 26, 1771. 

Semintha [int. Sementha] and Sidney Keith [int. of Winslow], 
Aug. 26, 1806. 

Shepard and Amie Thayer, June 8, 1794. 

Silence and Elijah Hayward, Feb. 14, 1750-1.* [Elizebeth [sic] 
Hayward, p.c.r.] 

Silence and Ebenezer Howard [int. Haward Jr.], Dec. 23, 1773. 

Smardeus [int. Smardees] and Lucy Phillips, Oct. 18, 1807. 

Stephen and Patty [int. Polly] Cole, Feb. 9, 1796. 

Sukey and John Carver 2d of Raynham, Nov. 17, 1822. [Suky, 
Oct. 25, P.R.I. Sukey, d. Benjamin, Nov. 17, p.R.27.] 

Susanna and Sam[ue]ll Willis, Dec. 24, 1747.* 

Susanna and Abial [int. Abiel] Harris [int. of Abington], Nov, 
17, 1774. 

Susanna and Jedediah Willis, Sept. 28, 1775. 

Susanna and John B. [int. omits B.] Harris [int. Jr.] of Abing- 
ton, Apr. 19, 1818. 

Thomas and Abigail K[i]nsley of Milton, Sept. 3, 1702, in 

Tho[ma]s Jr. and Bethia Allen, Oct. 30, 1755.* 

Thomas and Susanna Allen, May 3, 1792. 

Vashti and Barzillai [int. Barzillia] Cary, June 11, 1808. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Snell, William and Martha ("quere if this should not be 
Abigail") [int. Abigail] Alden, Nov. i, 1774. [Martha, 


William [int. 2d] and Eunice Gary, Aug. 30, 1781. [William, 
p.c.R. William and Unice Gary, c.r.i.] 

Zachariah and Abigail Haward, Mar. 11, 1 730-1.* [Hay- 
ward, P.C.R.] 

Zachariah and Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] Silvester, Jan. 24, 
1793. [Mehitabel, p.c.r.] 

Zebedee and Martha Haward, Apr. 9, 1761.* 

Zebedee [int. Zebede] and Mary Hayward, July 2, 1777. 

Zebedee Jr. and Hannah Ames, Aug. 28, 1803 [date in later 

SNELLING, William of Boston and Rachel Lazell, Jan. 20, 

SNOW, Abijah of Abington and Sarah Porter, int. Nov. ii, 


Benjamin and Elizabeth Alden, Dec. 12, 1693,* p.c.r. 

Benjamin and Sarah Gary, Oct. 25, 1705.* 

Benjamin and Jemima Snell, Mar. 7, 172 1-2.* 
' Bethia and Galeb Richmond of Taunton, int. Mar. 22, 1788. 

Betsey [int. Mehitabel of Easton] and Asa Bryant, May 26, 

Bettie and Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] Warren Jr. of Middle- 
borough, Oct. 30, 1770. [Sam[ue]l Jr. of Middleboro[ugh], 


Bithia and Elisha Hayard, Feb. i, 17 20-1.* 
• Calvin and Mehetable Gampbel, int. Jan. 29, 1777. 
Calvin and Hannah Ghurchell, July 20, 1784. [Churchill, 


o Charles and Hannah Place, May 6, 1820. 
Cyrus and Ruth Makepeace of Norton, int. July 4, 1801. 
Daniel Jr. and Hannah Richmond, Nov. 28, 1790. 
Daniel 3d and Sally Allen of Brookfield, int. Jan. 28, 1792. 
Dan[ie]ll and Abigail Fobes, Feb. i, 1753.* 
Dan[ie]ll and Hannah Dunbar, Apr. 19, 1764. [Daniel, p.c.r.] 
David and Joanna Hayward, Mar. 11, 1 730-1.* 
David and Jemima Hayward, June 26, 1787. 
David of W. Bridgewater and Deborah Bancroft, int. May 2, 

Ebenezer and Sarah Leach, Dec. 14, 1737.* 
Ebenezer Jr. and Sarah Pool, Oct. 7, 1783. 
Eleaz[er] Jr. and Mary Wood, Jan. 13, 1757.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


Snow, Eleazer [int. 3d] and Hannah Dunbar, Apr. 20, 1780. 

[Eleazer and Hannah Dunber, p.c.r.] 
Eliab and Lydia Snow, Feb. 5, 1782. 
Eliab and Dorcas Churchell, Dec. 23, 1787 [sic, int. Nov. 15, 

1783. [Dec. 23, 1783, P.C.R.] 
Eliezer and Mercy King, July 11, 1728.* 
Elijah and Sarah Dunbar, Dec. 9, 1767. 
Elijah and Sarah Shaw, Sept. 7, 1780. 

Elisabeth and Joseph Carver, May 4, 1725.* [Elizabeth, p.c.r.] 
Elisabeth and Nathan Ames, Dec. 31, 1750.* [Elizebeth, p.c.r.] 
Elisabeth and David Sears of Middleborough, int. July 30, 

Elisabeth and Josiah Washburn, July 6, 1775. 
Eunice and Alfred Edson, int. Apr. 16, 1796. 
Hannah and John Whitman, Mar. 16, 1742. [Dec. 16, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Joseph Robinson, Oct. 25, 1759.* 
Hannah [int. wid.j and Benjamin Mahurin, Dec. 3, 1767. 

[Hannah, p.c.r. Hannah and Benjamin Mehuren, c.R.i.] 
Hannah and Benjamin Alger, int. Jan. i, 1785. 
Hannah and Jonathan Bolton, Aug. 21, 1794. 
Hannah and Heman Linnel, Dec. 3, 1797.* 
Hannah H., 20, of W. Bridgewater, d. David and Deborah, 

and Albert W. French, 23, moulder, of W. Bridgewater, s. 

Jonathan and Joanna, Sept. 7, 1845.* 
Harriet and Sullivan Hayward, int. May 15, 1824. 
Huldah and Jonathan Snow, int. July 10, 1784. 
Huldah and Stilman [int. Stillman] Willis, Nov. 2, 1809 [date 

in later handwriting]. 
Isaac and Hannah Shaw, Nov. 19, 1722.* 
Isaac and Elisabeth Bondage, Sept. 8, 1748.* 
James and Hannah Hovey of Weymouth, Aug. 6, 1741, in 

James Jr. and Mary Edson, Jan. 10, 1758.* 
James and Rebecca Alden, Dec. 10, 1789.* 
James (see Jervis). 

Jemima and Elijah Leach, Dec. 4, 1745.* 
Jervis [int. James] and Frelove Monk of Easton, Apr. 3, 1794, 

in Easton. 
Joanna and Nathan[ie]ll Edson, Mar. 29, 1759.* 
John and Hanah Hayward, July 15, 1731.* [Hannah, July 11, 


Jo[h]n and Hannah Willis, wid., Nov. 30, 1756.* [Jo[h]n Shaw 

and Hanah Willis, p.c.r.] 
John Jr. and Mary Ames, May 5, 1784. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Snow, John Jr. and Rebeccah Lothrop of Easton, int. July 13, 

John and Hannah Perkins, wid., June 4, 182 1. 

Jonathan and Betty [int. Bettie] Packard, Dec. 8, 1761. 
[Bettie, p.c.r.] 

Jonathan and Lydia Perkins of Easton, Oct. 20, 1778, in 

Jonathan and Huldah Snow, int. July 10, 1784. 

Jonathan of Augusta, N. Y., and Zeruah Snow, int. Jan. 18, 

Jonathan Jr. and Sally Bryant, int. Oct. 20, 1810. 

Joseph and Ruth Shaw, Feb. 7, 1759.* 

Joseph and Tamzin Richards, Mar. 24, 1795. 

Judith and Jo[h]n Barrell, Apr. 20, 1756.* 

Lucia [int. Lucy] and David Mahuren [int. Mahurin] of Eas- 
ton, June I, 1767, in Easton. 

Lucy and Benjamin Randell [int. Randel], July 7, 181 9. 

Lydia and John Whitman [int. 3d], Nov. 11, 1764. [Jo[h]n, 


Lydia and Eliab Snow, Feb. 5, 1782. 

Lydia and James Churchel, int. Oct. 17, 1788. 

Malatiah and Abiether Witherel [int. of Easton], June 24, 1807. 

Martha and Simeon Whitman, Mar. 16, 1749-50.* 

Martin and Anna Wilbar of Easton, int. Mar. 17, 1821. 

Mary and Joseph Lathrop, Jan. 17, 1718.* 

Mary and Samuel Dunbar Jr., May 11, 1758.* 

Mary and Seth Snow [int. Jr.], Nov. 17, 1778. [Seth, Nov. 17, 

1779, P.C.R.] 
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Seth Richards, Dec. 3, 1791. 

[Mehitable, p.c.r.] 
Mehitable (see Betsey). 
Melatiah (see Malatiah). 

Mercy and Jacob Johnson of Stoughton, Feb. 28, 1760.* 
Mercy and Nath[anie]l Welmarth [int. Willmarth of Easton], 

Feb. I, 1795. 
Molly and John Wade, Aug. 11, 1791. 
Phebe and Moses Crafts, Feb. 24, 1799. 
Pito and Sally Sutten of Scituate, blacks, int. Mar. 15, 1788. 
Pito and Letice Richards, blacks, Dec. 24, 1792. [Pitto and 

Lettice Richards, blacks, p.c.r.] 
Priscilla [int. Prescilia] and Simeon Snow, Feb. 9, 1780. [Pris- 

cilla, P.C.R.] 
Rebecca and Thomas Waed [sic, Wade], Dec. 20, 1722.* 
Reuben (see Ruben). 

• Intention not recorded. 


Snow, Rhoda and Ezra Whitman, Sept. i, 1768. 

Ruben [int. Reuben] and Hannah Willis, May 5, 1768. [Reu- 
ben, P.C.R.] 

Ruth of Eastham [int. adds Barnstable Co.] and Levi Packard, 
Oct. — , 1789 [1789 written in pencil], in Orleans. 

Sabrina (see Sebrina). 

Sam[ue]ll and Bettie Perkins, June 15, 1775. 

Sarah and Benjamin Harris, Dec. 18, 1751.* [Sarah Shaw, 


Sarah and Nathan[ie]ll Packard, Nov. 15, 1753. 

Sarah and Nathan Hall of Raynham, int. Apr. 13, 1776. 

Sarah and Silvanus [int. Sylvanus] Hay ward, June 11, 1781. 

[Sylvanus Howard, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Joshua Richmond of Taunton, int. May 29, 1784. 
Sarah and Jacob Lathrop, Aug. 22, 1787. 
Sarah and Ezekiel Merrit [int. Merritt], Apr. 20, 1788. [Mer- 

ritt, P.C.R.] 
Sarah and Daniel Thompson [int. and dup. int. Tomson], Apr. 

8, 1794. [Tomson, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and William [int. Willaim] Dunbar, Sept. 14, 1807. 
Sebrina and John Seele of Easton, int. June 6, 1818. 
Seth [int. Jr.] and Mary Snow, Nov. 17, 1778. [Seth, Nov. 17, 

1779, P.C.R.] 
Seth [int. 3d] and Anna Packard, Oct. 23, 1795. 
Silas and Hannah Cole, Apr. 10, 1800. 
Simeon and Priscilla [int. Prescilia] Snow, Feb. 9, 1780. [Pris- 

cilla, P.C.R.] 
Solomon and Bathsheba Mahurin, Apr. 8, 1724.* 
Solomon [int. of Raynham] and Bettie Perkins [int. wid.], 

Oct. 5, 1780. [Solomon and Betty Perkins, p.c.r. Solo- 
man and Betty Perkens, c.r.i.] 
Sprague and Nancy Kingman of Mansfield, int. Nov. 11, 1820. 
Susanna and Israel Alger, Dec. 25, 1717.* 
Susanna and Abijah Edson, Sept. 29, 1747.* 
Susanna and Jeremiah Hixon [int. Hickson of Stoughton], 

Nov. 5, 1809 [date in later handwriting]. 
William and Naomi Whitman, "last of" Nov., 1686.* [Nov. 

30, P.R.103.] 
William and Mary Washburn, Nov. 8, 1722.* 
William and Hannah Hill, [Nov.] 7, 1743. 
William and Jerusha Hill, Apr. 18, 1776. 
Zeruah and Jonathan Snow of Augusta, N. Y., int. Jan. 18, 1800. 
Zilpha [int. Zilpah] of Raynham and David Bolton, May 24, 


* Intention not recorded. 


SOLE (see Soul, Soule), Asa [int. Asaph of Plimton] and Mary 
Hudson, May 20, 1767. [Asaph, p.c.r. Asa Soul of 
Plympton, c.r.i.] 

Ebenezer of Plimton and Silence Hudson, Apr. 3, 1764. [Soul, 

P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

Mercy and David Dunber [int. Dunbar], Apr. 21, 1763. [Soul 
and David Dunbar, p.c.r.] 

SOPER, Amasa and Ruth Dwellee, Oct. 11, 1763. [D welly, 


Edmund and Bettie Fobes, May 22, 1754. [Bethiah, p.c.r.] 
Edmund and Eunice Curtis, Dec. 30, 1756.* [Unice Curtiss, 

Esther and Seth Briggs, May 2, 1751.* 
Hannah and Dan[ie]ll Pettingail, Oct. 15, 1750.* 
Mary and Daniel Hartwell Jr., Aug. — [int. Aug. 4], 182 1. 
Nathaniel [int. of Pembroke] and Bette [int. Bettie] Price, 
Oct. 25, 1782. [Nathaniel and Betty Price, p.c.r. Na- 
thaniel of Pembrook and Betty Price, c.r.i.] 
Samuel and Esther Littl[e]field, June 23, 1731.* 

SOUL (see Sole, Soule), Betty [int. Bettie Sole] of Pembroke 
and Daniel Ramsdell [int. Dan[ie]ll Ramsdel], Aug. 22, 
1776, in Pembroke. 

James and Eunice Tomson, Apr. 25, 1786,* P.R.19. 

Rebecca of Middleborough and Sampson [int. Samson] Wash- 
burn, Jan. 28, 1806 [? in Middleborough]. 

Wniiam of Hallifax and Rachel Dillingham, Jan. 25, 1791. 

SOULE (see Sole, Soul), Hannah of Plimton and Nathanael 

Hayward, int. Mar. 5, 1768. 
Joanna [int. Soul, Mrs.] and Nathan Alden Esq., Jan. 24, 1819. 
John of Middleboro and Huldah L. Washburn, Sept. 22, 1823. 
John [int. Soul] and Betsey Tucker of Middleboro, Apr. 9, 1835. 
John M. of Halifax and Aroline P. Pratt, June 23, 1842. 
Marsha of Kingston and Asa C. Sturdevant, int. Oct. 7, 1838. 
Nathan of Middleborough and Charity Brett, Apr. 8, 181 5. 
Stephen D. of N. Bridgewater and Tabitha F. Jackson of N. 

Bridgewater, Oct. 27, 1838.* [Tabitha T., Oct. 27, 1839, 


SOUTHWORTH, Benjamin and Mary Smith, Mar. 3, 1763. 
Benjamin and Content Packard of Sidney, int. Mar. 20, 1819. 
Bettie [and] Joseph Cole Jr., Dec. 8, 1757.* [Betty, p.c.r.] 
Bridget, wid., and Capt. Jo[h]n Phillips, Apr. 19, [i7]49.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


SouTHWORTH, Catherine (see Katharine). 

Charies and Susanna Harris, Oct. 2, 1794.* 

Constant and Martha Keith, Apr. 18, 1734.* 

Constant and Mrs. Hannah Shaw of Raynham, int. Jan. 6, 

Edward and Abiah Packard, Dec. 15, 1750.* 
Edward and Rhoda Howard, Dec. 7, 1815. 
Eunice and Daniel Alden, Dec. 11, 1815. 
Ezekiel and Mary Newman, Apr. 7, 1761. 
Hannah [int. wid., of Roynham] and Robert Keith, Jan. i, 

1782. [Southworth, p.c.r. Southerd of Raynham, c.r.i.] 
Hannah and John Ames [int. 3d], Sept. 26, 1802 [date in later 

Harmoney [int. Harmony] and Seth Alden [int. of Abinton], 

Jan. II, 1802. 
Jedidiah and Mary Atherton of Stoughton, int. Mar. 24, 1770. 
Jenny, wid., and Ephraim Groves, Apr. 28, 1789. 
John and Eliza Hayward, July 10, 1806. 
Katharine [int. Catharine] and Ambrose Keith [int. of N. 

Bridge[ water]], Oct. 20, 1796. 
Lemuel and Patience West, Nov. 6, 1757.* 
Martin and Ruth Packard, int. Apr. 11, 1811. 
Mary, wid., and Lt. [int. omits Lt.] Zachariah Gurney, Aug. 7, 

Mehetabel and John Gurney, Jan. 29, 1777. 
Nathaniel and Patience Shaw, Nov. 7, 1793. 
Nathan[ie]ll and Katharine [int. Catharine] Haward, Aug. 27, 

1762. [Nathaniel and Catharine Haward, p.c.r.] 
Nathan[ie]ll and Jenny Brett, Mar. 18, 1777. 
Perez [int. Jr.] and Betsey Leach of Stoughton, Jan. 4, 182 1. 
Perses and Eunice Kingman, int. Mar. 18, 1780. 
Reuma and Otis Howard, Aug. 28, 1818. 
Sarah and Peter Edson, Mar. 28, 1745. 
Simeon and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] Anderson, Dec. 24, 1789. 

[Elizabeth, Dec. 4, p.c.r.] 
Susanna [int. of Abington] and Mathew Snell, Aug. 31 [Aug. 31 

in later handwriting], 1806. 
Uriah and Patience Goodspeed of Easton, Mar. 11, 1773, in 


SPAIN (see Speen), Bula, "Indian Woman," and Job Mahau- 
ton, "Indian man," int. Oct. 5, 1865 [sic, ? 1765]. 

SPAULDING, Christopher W. and Cornelia A. Herb, Nov. 11, 
1838,* C.R.5. 

* Intention not recorded. 


SPEAR, Edward and Cathrine [int. Catharine] Dorman, Dec. 

7, 1773- 
Elias of Braintree and Sabery Hemery, int. Nov. 27, 1802. 
Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] and Nathan Willis 2d [int. Jr.], 

Apr. I [1779]. [Elisabeth and Nathan Willis 2d, p.c.r.] 
Relief and Samuel Harden of Abington, Jan. 13, 1785. 
Samuel and Lydia Henchman Perkins, int. Oct. 24, 1795. 
Samuel of Boston and Lucy Perkins, int. June 9, 1798. 
Samuel of Randolph and Ruby Edson, int. Sept. 3, 1814. 

SPEED, William and Elizabeth Gardner, Apr. 21, 1791. 

SPEEN (see Spain), James, "Indian man," and Judith Ma- 

hauton, "Indian woman," int. Nov. 3, 1768. 
Zilpah and Henry Traveler, blacks, int. Apr. 23, 1796. 

SPOONER, Betsey, Mrs., of Middleborough, and Edwin 

Howard Esq., int. Aug. 15, 1812. 
Nathaniel Sprague of Fairhaven, Bristol Co., and Sophia 

Howard, Nov. 8, 181 2. 

SPRAGE (see Sprague, Sprauge), Benjamin [int. Sprauge] 
and Priscilla Churchel [int. Churchell], Nov. 17, 1785. 
[Sprague and Priscilla Churchill, p.c.r. Sprague and 
Prissilla Churchel, c.r.i.] 

SPRAGUE (see Sprage, Sprauge), Benjamin and Lucy Ames, 
Mar. II, 1818. 

Betsey Copeland and Warren White Barker, Oct. 22, 1837. 

Edgar and Betsey Carey Gilbert, Oct. i, 1837. 

Ephraim [int. Sprauge] and Vina Edson, June 29, 1783. [Capt. 
Ephraim Sprague and Vina Edson, d. Ezra and Rebecca 
(Johnson), c.R.2. Sprague, p.r.i.] 

Ephraim Jr. and Jane Ames, Feb. 2, 1813. [Ephraim, s, Capt. 

Ephraim and Vina (d. Ezra Edson), and Ames, d. 

Joseph, "went to Bristol," C.R.2.] 

Ephraim H. and Lois H. Washburn, int. Nov. 10, 1833. 

Eunice and Calvin Washburn [int. Jr.], June 4, 1809. [Eunice, 
d. Capt. Ephraim and Vina (d. Ezra Edson), and Calvin 
Washburn, c.R.2. Calvin, p.r.i.] 

Holmes and Betsy [int. Betsey] Copeland, June 28, 1808. 
[Holmes, s. Capt. Ephraim and Vina (d. Ezra Edson), and 

Copeland, d. Daniel, c.R.2. Holmes, s. Ephraim 

and Vina (Edson), and Betsey Copeland, p.r.i.] 

Jackson and Miranda C. Robinson, int. Oct. 5, 1834. [Mi- 
randa Catharine, m. Nov. 21, c.r.2.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Sprague, Lydia and Solomon Perkins, Dec. 31, 1733.* 
Lydia and Aza [int. Asa] Pratt, Mar. 21, 1799. [Asa, s. Seth 

and Hannah (Washburn), p.r.i.] 
Lydia and Barney Leonard [int. Jr.], Aug. 27, 1815. [Barnabas, 


Mary and Nathan Edson, Feb. 27, 1738.* 
Mira and John Washburn, July 27, 1828. 
Vina and Oliver Alden Jr., int. Jan. 3, 1818. 

SPRAUGE (see Sprage, Sprague), Benjamin and Eunice 
Holmes, Aug. 12, 1762. [Sprague, p.c.r. Sprague and 
Unice Holmes, c.R.i.] 

Eunice, wid., and Solomon Ames, int. Nov. 19, 1781. 

John and Susanna Cob, June 20, 1746.* [Sprague, p.c.r.] 

John and Rebecca Alden, Oct. 12, 1767. [Sprague and Re- 
becah Alden, p.c.r.] 

SQUIB, Chloe and Richard Simons, blacks, Jan. 20, 1788. 

STACY, James of Easton and Mehetabel Willis, Apr. 21, 1743.* 
[Stacey of Easton and Mehitable Willis, p.c.r.] 

STANDISH, Experience and Simeon Ames, May 28, 1765. 

Hannah and Dan[ie]ll [int. Daniel] Fobes, Dec. 7, 1769. [Dan- 
iel, P.C.R.] 

Judith [int. Judeth] and Anselm [int. adds D.] Robinson, Dec. 
28, 1835. [Judeth and Anselm Robinson, c.r.i.] 

Lydia and Dyer Robinson Jr., Jan. 22, 1826. [Dyer, s. Dyer 
and Abigail (Stetson), p.r.i.] 

Miles Jr. and Naomie [int. Naomi] Keith, Dec. 15, 1774. 

Moses [int. of Lynn] and Harriot Faxon, Nov. 13, 1816. 

Penellope and Nathan[ie]ll Cobb Jr. of Plimton, int. Feb. 11, 

Sarah of Hallifax and Allen Hatch, int. Mar. i, 1788. 

Sarah and Daniel French, Nov. 23, 1817. 

Zachariah [int. Jr.] of Plimton and Olive Pool, Jan. 9, 1770. 
[Zachariah [dup. Zacariah] of Plimton, p.c.r.] 

STAPLES, Jacob Jr. of Tanton and Lois Edson, May 24, 1765. 
Louisa Ann of Taunton and George Sanderson Wilbar, int. 

Sept. I, 1844. 
Lydia H. of Middleborough and Horatio Shaw, int. Apr. 4, 1846. 
Samuel and Elisabeth Prat, Dec. 25, 1704.* 
Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] of Hannover and Betty [int. Bettie] 

Washburn, Dec. 9, 1765. [Samuel Staples of Hanover and 

Betty Washburne, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


STARKEY (see Starkley), Betsy, Mrs., of Rochester, and 
Spooner A. Cole, int. June 20, 1846. 

STARKLEY (see Starkey), Amos [int. Stearkey] of Attle- 
borough and Miriam Thomas [int. Tomson], Dec. 6, 1780. 
[Abraham Starkley of Attleboro[ugh] and Miriam Thom- 
as, p.c.R. Amos Starkly of Attleborough and Miriam 
Thomas, c.r.i.] 

STARR, James Jr. and Lois Leach, Nov. 26, 1797 [? in Middle- 
Pegge and Libeus Leach, Aug. 31, 1791. [Peggy, p.c.r.] 
Polly and Luke Leach, May i, 1788. 

STEEVENS (see Stevens), Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth Steephens 
of Randolph] and Isaac Beal, Apr. 21, 1797. 

STEPHENS (see Steevens, Stevens). 

STERLING, Henry Paul of Providence [int. adds R. I.] and 
Christian Little, Oct. 18, 1791. [Christiana, p.c.r.] 

STERTEVANT (see Sturdevant, Sturtevant), Sarah [int. 
Sturtevant] of Halifax and Josiah Whitman, Nov. 27, 
1774, in Halifax. 

STETSON (see Studson, Stutson), Abigail and Dyer Robin- 
son, June 21, 1787. [Robbinson, p.c.r.] 
Abisha and Alice Allen, July 18, 1796. 
Abisha, Capt., and Mary Johnson of Kingston, int. Sept. i, 

Adam and Parna Washburn, Jan. 8, 181 7. 
Bethiah and Calvin Keith, int. June 7, 1794. 
Charlotte and Joseph Reed, Jan, i, 1807. 
Delpha and James H. [int. omits H.] Gurney [int. of Roxbury], 

June 14, 1813. 
Elizabeth of Abington and Isaac Brown, Aug. 26, 1790, in 

George Barstow, s. Nahum and Sarah W. (Barstow), and 

Mary L. Sumner, d. F. A. Esq. of Pawtucket, R. I., Nov. 

21, 1849,* P.R.I. 
Jenny and John Harden Jr., June 23, 1803. 
John and Irene F. Ames, Jan. 16, 1823. [Irene Freeman Ames, 

grand d. Rev. Zedekiah Sanger, S.T.D., dec'd, c.r.i. 

Irene F., grand d. Zedekiah Sanger and Irene (Freeman), 


John Croal and Loise [int. Lois] Leonard, Apr. 16, 1795. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Stetson, Jonathan and Hulda Magowen [int. Huldah Mun- 
goon] of Pembroke, Dec. i6, 1791, in Pembroke. 

Lucinda [int. Lucenda] and John Lazell Jr., Nov. 8, 1787. 
[Lucinda, p.c.r.] 

Mary (see Mercy). 

Mary Crooker and Timothy Hayward, Feb. 10, 181 7. 

Mercy [int. Mary] and Oliver Leach, Jan. 8, 181 7. 

Molly and Benjamin Pinchin, Nov. 15, 1787. 

Nahum and Sarah W. Barstow [of] Hanson, int. Sept. 20, 1828. 
[m. Nov. 13, P.R.I. Nahum, s. Abisha and Allice of E. 
Bridgewater, and Sarah Wilson Barstow, d. Rev. George 
and Sarah of Hanson, m. Nov. 13, p.R.95.] 

Nahum and Lucy Barstow, July 5, 1843,* p.r.i. [Nahum, s. 
Abisha and Allice of E. Bridgewater, and Lucy Ann Fores- 
ter Barstow, d. Rev. George and Sarah of Hanson, July 4, 

Peleg and Clarissa Gurney [int. of Abington], June 3, 1819. 

Prudence of Scituate and Ebenezer Leach, Dec. 17, 1707, in 

Ruth of Pembroke and David Snow Whitman, May 31, 1798. 

Sally and Isaac Reed, Apr. 14, 1803.* 

Sarah, wid. [int. Studson, omits wid.], and Solomon Packard, 
June 23, 1779. [Stetson, p.c.r.] 

Sarah and Harlow [int. Harler] Harden, Sept. i, 1795. 

Susanna and Barzilla Goodwin, int. May 4, 1796. 

Thankful and William Seaver, , 1770,* P.R.73. 

Whitcom of Abington and Lucy Snell, Mar. 3, 1796. 

Zenus of Pembrook and Lois Sherman, int. June 13, 1781. 

STEUARD (see Steuart, Steward, Stewart, Stuart), Margrett 
and Kalla Brewster, negroes, int. Mar. 9 [1776]. 

STEUART (see Steuard, Steward, Stewart, Stuart), Lettice, 
"Mollato woman," and Jupiter Richards, "Free negro 
man," int. Feb. 24 [1776]. 

STEVENS (see Steevens), Caleb of Randolph and Deborah 

Leonard, int. Mar. 28, 1840, 
Deborah of Pembroke and Isaac Drake, int. Mar. 17, 1798. 
Elihu [int. Steevens] and Susa Foy, "Mulato people," July 9, 

Pompey and Sarah Skip, negro's, Apr. 25, 1771.* [Pompie 

Stephens and Sarah Sckips, p.c.r.] 
Pompey [int. Pompy] and Hannah Thomas [int. Tomas], blacks, 

Nov. 7, 1787. [Pompey and Hannah Thomas, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Stevens, Richard of Randolph and Sarah Ann Conant, Oct. 
24, 1839. 

STEVENSON, Henry J. and Cynthia K. Shaw, Aug. 12, 1835. 

STEWARD (see Steuard, Steuart, Stewart, Stuart), Margaret 
and William Gillmore, Aug. 5, 1742.* [Margarett Stew- 
art and William Gilmore, p.c.r.] 

STEWART (see Steuard, Steuart, Steward, Stuart), Sarah and 
Winsor George, blacks, int. Nov. 5, 1785. 

STOCK (see Stocks), John [int. Stocks] and Phebe Cotherel 
[int. Cothrel], Feb. 24, 1785. [Stock and Phebe Coatheral, 


John [int. Jr.] and Polly Whitting [int. Patty Whiting], July 3, 
1809 [date in later handwriting]. 

STOCKS (see Stock), Patty and Isaac Gould [int. of Ran- 
dolph], Apr. 3 [Apr. 3 in later handwriting], 1805. 

STODDARD (see Stoder), Susanna and William Torrance, 
Oct. 15, 1787. 

STODER (see Stoddard), Abigail of Abington and Ebenezer 
Hill, Jan. 24, 1748-9, in Abington.* 

STOEL (see Stowel, Stowell), David [int. Stowel] and Mary 
Hollis, Sept. 3, 1789. [Stowel, p.c.r.] 

STONE, Anna (see Anna Slone). 

Elizebeth [int. Elisabeth] of Easton and Nathan Woodcock, 

Sept. 28, 1765, in Easton. 
Gordon of Easton and Hannah Snell, int. Mar. 24, 1821. 
Lydia of Easton and Eliphalet Thayer, int. Aug. 21, 1819. 
Mercy [int. of Easton] and Ebenezer Dickerman Jr. [int. omits 

Jr.], Jan. 18, 1769. [Mercy and Ebenezer Dickerman, 


Pruda [int. Stones] and Zebah Thayer, Oct. 8, 1820. 

Sarah and Timothy Harding [int. Harden], Sept. 2, 1793. 

[Stones and Timothy Harding, p.c.r.] 
Solomon of Easton and Sylvia Hay ward, June 8, 181 7. 

STORES (see Storrs), Elijah and Susanna Swift, Mar. 17, 
1782. [Mar. 7, P.C.R. c.R.i. Storrs and Susannah Swift, 


STORRS (see Stores), Mary Ann of Boston and Laban Burr, 
Sept. 25, 1820. 

' Intention not recorded. 


Stores, Susan and Newell Withington of Boston [dup. b. 
Sharon], Dec. i, 1808. [Susan, d. Elijah and Susannah 
(Swift), P.R.I.] 

STOUGHTON, Abigail and Jonathan Willis, Jan. 14, 1712-13.* 

STOWEL (see Stoel, Stowell), Abijah of Newtown and Rhoda 

Packard, Oct. 17, 1771. 
Rachel and Solomon Hill, int. Nov. 21, 1790. [m. Feb. 24, 

1791, P.C.R.] 
Richard [int. Stoel of Boston] and Mille [int. Milla] Fuller, 

blacks, Nov. 6, 1794. 
Susan [int. Susanna] of Hingham and Joseph Hill, Nov. 26, 

1773, in Hingham. 
Warren [int. Stowell] and Mary Kingman [int. of Brantree], 

Feb. 27, 1782. [Stowell and Mary Kingman, p.c.r.] 

STOWELL (see Stoel, Stowel), Abigail of Newton [int. New- 
town] and Jacob Packard [int. 3d], Oct. 4, 1770, in Newton. 
Daniel (see Daniel Howell). 

STROBRIDGE (see Strowbridge), Gordon and Sally Keith, 
Dec. 29, 1801 [? in Middleborough]. 

STROWBRIDGE (see Strobridge), Benjamin [int. Trou- 
bridge] of Middleborough and Elizabeth [int. Elisaboth] 
Whitman, Apr. 16, 1789. [Strowbridge of Middle- 
boro[ugh] and Elizabeth Whitman, p.c.r.] 

Elisabeth and Thomas Thomson, int. Oct. 27, 1754. 

William and Gennet Tomson, June 26, [i7]48.* 

STUART (see Steuard, Steuart, Steward, Stewart), Mathew 
of Boston and Margrett Moyles, int. Aug. 8, 1778. 

STUDLEY, Mary and William Whitman, May 26, 1761. 

STUDSON (see Stetson, Stutson), Abthia and Moses Wade, 
Mar. 16, 1737-8.* 

STURDEVANT (see Stertevant, Sturtevant), Asa C. and 
Marsha Soule of Kingston, int. Oct. 7, 1838. 

STURTEVANT (see Stertevant, Sturdevant), Betsey and 
Lewis Johnson [int. of Stoughton], Oct. [Nov. written in 
pencil in later hand] 28, 1799. 

Cementha T. and Spencer Leonard Jr., Aug. 12, 1840. [Stur- 
tivent, C.R.I. Sturtevant, p.r.8i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Sturtevant, Deborah and Isaac Doten of Hartford [int. adds 

Oxford Co.], Me., Sept. 13, 1820. 
Eleanor T. and Van R. Swift, June 11, 1839. 
Ephraim and Abigail Howard, Nov. 10, 1791. 
Francis of Halifax and Mary Orcut, wid., Nov. 14, 1750, in 

James [int. of Middleborough] and Ann Leach, Jan. 19, 1769. 

[James, p.c.r.] 
Jessee Fuller [int. of Easton] and Nanne [int. Nanney] Alger, 

Mar. 14, 1771. [Nanne, both of Bridgewater, p.c.r.] 
Joshua of N. Bridgewater and Louisa Munroe, int. June 15, 

Lucy and Oliver Howard [int. Jr.], Dec. 4, 1808 [date in later 

handwriting] . 
Nanney [int. Nanny] and Thomas Ames Jr., Feb. 4, 1789. 

[Nanny, p.c.r.] 
Nanny and Benjamin Shores of Taunton, int. Feb. 12, 1773. 
Nanny and Amos Keith Jr., June 6, 1774. 
Patience and Jonathan Ames, Dec. 28, 1783. 
Ruth and Martin Wentworth, Aug. 17, 1826. [Sturdevant 

and Martin Wentworth, s. Theophilus and Betsey, p.R.90.] 
Samantha T. (see Cementha T.). 
Samuel and Sarah Packard, Sept. 14, 1769. 
Samuel [int. adds W.] and Abigail Holmes, Feb. 11, 1816. 
Silvanus and Polly Leonard, int. May 16, 1801. [Salvanus 

Stutavant, m. , p.R.32.] 

Susanna of Hallifax and John Williams of Easton, June 24, 

William, 20, mechanic, s. Isaac and Polly, and Harriet N. 
Fobes, 20, d. Ruel and Sybil, Feb. 8, 1846. 

STUTSON (see Stetson, Studson), Hannah and Martin Leon- 
ard, ,* p.R.32. 

Peleg of Abington and Ruth Gurney, Aug. 3, 1775. 

SUEL (see Sewal, Sewall), Phillis [int. Snel] and Roger Sut- 
man, black [int. blacks]. May 25, 1786. 

SUIKAMUG, Joel and Priscilla Curtis, "alias Priscilla Wam- 
pee," int. Jan. 16, 1773. 

SULLIVAN, James and Mary O. Conners, int. Oct. 22, 1848. 
Mary and John McFadden, int. Nov. 22, 1845. 

SUMNER, Hannah of Stoughton and Micah Richmond, Oct. 
II, 1798, in Stoughton. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Sumner, Mary L., d. F. A. Esq. of Pawtucket, R. I., and 
George Barstow Stetson, s. Nahum and Sarah W. (Bar- 
stow), Nov. 21, 1849,* P.R.I. 

Rodger [int. Roger of Stoughton] and Zibby [int. Zibeah] 
Gary, Apr. 5, 1801. 

Waitstil and Israel Washburn, Nov. 3, 1708.* 

SUTMAN, Roger and Phillis Suel [int. Snel], black [int. 
blacks], May 25, 1786. 

SUTTEN (see Sutton), Frank and Polly Jotham, blacks, int. 

Apr. II, 1795. 
Sally of Scituate and Pito Snow, blacks, int. Mar. 15, 1788. 
Sipio [int. Scipio] and Mary Gork, blacks, Apr. 22, 1783. 

[Sipio Sutton, p.c.r,] 

SUTTON (see Sutten), Francis [int. Sutten] and Lydia Choers, 
black [int. blacks], Sept. 21, 1796. 

SWALLOW, Glark and Sarah T. Gardner, int. Nov. 8, 1841. 
Mark N. of Nashua and Martha Thayer of Randolph, Oct. 10, 

1839, in Milton,* P.R.43. 

SWAN, Galeb, Dr. [int. of Easton], and Ruth Barrel [int. Bar- 

rell], Oct. 3, 1816. 
Luther [int. of Stoughton] and Hannah French, Nov. 10, 1796. 

SWIFT, Gharlotte T. and Fitzwilliam S. Worcester, Dec. 29, 

1840. [Dec. 22, C.R.5.] 

Desire of Sandwich and Thomas Lawrence, July 17, 1732, in 

Fanny B. and William S. Mitchell, July 20, 1842. 
Isaac and Susanna Ames, Jan. 26, 1748-9.* 
Isaac 2d and Sarah [int. Sally] Pratt, Apr. 13, 1797. [Sally, d. 

Nathaniel and Betsey (Washburn), p.r.i.] 
Jireh and Lucie Keith, Dec. 17, 1772. 
Keziah of Plymouth and Thomas Mitchell, Dec. 6, 1757, in 

Lois and Walter Kies, Aug. 20, 1793. 
Martin and Sarah Ames, Aug. 13, 1809. 

Martin Jr. and Louisa S. Ames of Hardwick, int. Nov. 8, 1845. 
Mary and [int. Gapt.] Jacob Leonard, Dec. 4, 1788. [Jacob, 

P.C.R. P.R.I. Gapt. J., P.R.105.] 
Melvin and Susan B. Rawson of Westborough, int. Nov. 30, 

Rachel and Gharles Brett, int. Sept. i8, 1824. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Swift, Rebecca S. and Eleazer Cole, int. Oct. 9, 1841. 
Reuel and Mary Barden [of] Middleborough, int. May 5, 182 1. 
Sally and Henry C. Snell, May 30, 1824. [Sally, d. Isaac and 

Henry C. Snell, s. W[illia]ni and Eunice, c.r.i. Sally, d. 

Isaac and Sally (Pratt), and Henry C. Snell, s. William 

and Eunice (Gary), p.r.i.] 
Sarah A. and Washington L, Ames, int. Mar. 14, 1840. [m. 

Apr. 26, 1841, P.R.41.] 
Sion and Susanna Hall, Jan. 23, 1818. 
Susanna and Elijah Stores, Mar. 17, 1782. [Mar. 7, p.c.r. 

C.R.I. Susannah and Elijah Storrs, p.r.i.] 
Van R. and Eleanor T. Sturtevant, June 11, 1839. 
William and Rachel Leonard, Apr. 16, 1795. 

SWITCHET, Letice and Thomas Quokum of Pembroke, 
blacks, int. July 16, 1785. 

SYLVESTER (see Silvester). 

SYMMONDS (see Simmons, Simon, Simons, Symmons), Jo- 
seph [int. Simmons] of Pembrook and Elisabeth Chamber- 
lain, Dec. 4, 1770. 

SYMMONS (see Simmons, Simon, Simons, Symmonds), 
Mosses [int. Moses Simmons] and Lois Hayward, Nov. 23, 
1769. [Moses Simmons, p.c.r.] 

TABER, John M. [int. of Fair Haven] and Lucy K. Kies [int. 

Keies, ofnits K.], June — [int. June 9], 182 1. 
Julia M. and Daniel L. Noyes, Aug. 2, 1846.* [both of Boston, 


TAINTER (see Tanttor). 

TALBIT (see Talbot, Talburt, Talbut), Tobie [int. "Servant 
man of y= Widow Lydia Keith"] and Dinah Goold [int. 
"Servant woman of Deacon Ephraim Fobes Deceased"], 
Feb. 3, 1755. 

TALBOT (see Talbit, Talburt, Talbut), Israel of Londonderry, 
N. H., and Adeline Pierce, blacks, int. Apr. 17, 1824. 

John and Lydia Ann Brown, blacks, int. Sept, 9, 1827. 

Peter [int. Talbut] of Winslow, Kennebeck Co., and Keziah 
Keith, June 10, 181 2. 

TALBURT (see Talbit, Talbot, Talbut), John [int. Talbut] of 
Stoughton and Hannah Ames, June 12, 1814. 

• Intention not recorded. 


TALBUT (see Talbit, Talbot, Talburt), Dinah and John Foy, 

blacks, Sept. 29, 1785. 
Jacob [int. Talbot] of W. Bridgewater and Lydia Ashport, 

colored, Nov. 21, 1830. [Tolbot Jr. of W. Bridgewater 

and Mrs. Lydia Ashport, coloured, c.r.i.] 
Metilda and John Foy, blacks, int. Aug. 20, 1785. "John Foy 

forbid his Publishment to the Said Mitilda and was Pub- 
lished to Dinah Talbut" 
Metilda and Peter Pierce [int. Peirce], blacks, Mar. 31, 1788. 

[Peirce, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Prince Brown, blacks, Dec. 4, 1783. 
Tamer [int. Tamar] and Samuel Cordiner, blacks, June 16, 

1785. [Tamer, p.c.r.] 

TANTTOR, Esiel and James Norton, .* 

TARBIT (see Tarbot, Terbert), Jacob and Susanna Dunbar 

[int. blacks], Sept. 16, 1794. 
Jacob and Hager Lewis, wid., blacks, int. Oct. 7, 1820. 
Levi and Rachel Hardin of Taunton, blacks, int. Jan. 30, 1796. 

TARBOT (see Tarbit, Terbert), Abraham [int. Tarbet] and 
Mary Dunbar, blacks, Sept. 3, 1787. [Tarbut, p.c.r.] 

TAYLER (see Taylor), Benjamin and Martha Childs, Apr. 5, 

Simeon and Sibyl [int. Sibbel] Fobes, Dec. i, 1816. [Taylor 

and SybU Fobes, p.r.i.] 

TAYLOR (see Tayler), Archippus [int. of Pembrook] and Han- 
nah Warren, Oct. 27, 1778. [Archippus, Oct. 27, 1779, 


Benjamin of Pembroke and Abiah Phillips, Jan. 7, 1762, in 

Benjamin and Sarah Torrey, Mar. 7, 1784. 
Celinda and Charles S. Burt of Boston, July 22, 1846.* 

TERBERT (see Tarbit, Tarbot), Rowena [int. Tarbet] and 
Permenus Pierce [int. Peirces, blacks], Nov. 4, 1819. 

TERRELL (see Terril, Terrill, Teryl, Tirrell, Tirrill), Rebecca 
A. and Joshua Warren, int. Apr. 5, 1840. 

TERRIL (see Terrell, Terrill, Teryl, TirreU, Tirrill), Abigail 
[int. Terrill] and Lewis Hayden of Stoughton, Oct. 17, 

Abijah and Mary Tompson of Abington, Aug. 4, 1774.* 
Alexander and Lydia Bryant, Mar. 17, 1788. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Terril, John Jr. and Rhoda Smith, June 4, 1794. 

Lucy and Nathan Warren, June 12, 1783. 

Noah of Abington and Reliance Fuller, int. Aug. 25, 1792. 

Noah and Reliance Leach, Mar. 11, 1794. 

Oakes of Abington and Hannah Snell, int. July 6, 1805. 

Zibeah of Pembrook and Ezra Warren Jr., int. Nov. 4, 1779. 

TERRILL (see Terrell, Terril, Teryl, Tirrell, Tirrill), Betty [int. 

Bettie Terril] and Charles Ramsdal [int. Ramsdil] of 

Pembroke, Jan. 23, 1783. [Betty Terrill and Charles 

Ramsdel of Pembroke, p.c.r.] 
Experience and Thomas Nightingale [int. Nightengill of 

Quincy], Jan. 23, 1809 [date in later handwriting]. 
Jacob [int. Tirrill] and Emma [int. adds C] Reed, Aug. 8, 1813. 

TERRY, Ruth [Terry sic, Perry] of Scituate and Abraham 
Harden, Oct. 22, 1740.* [Perry of Scituate and Abraham 
Hardin, p.c.r. Perry and Abraham Hardin, c.R.i.] 

TERYL (see TerreU, Terril, TerrHl, Tirrell, Tirrill), William 
and Deborah Hearsay, Apr. 27, 1709.* 

THATCHER, James [int. Thacher, Dr.] of Plymouth and Su- 
sanna Hayward, Apr. 28, 1785. [Thatcher of Plymouth, 
P.C.R. Dr. Jam^es Thacher of Plymouth and Susannah 
Hayward, c.R.i.] 

THAYER (see Theyer), Abijah and Betty Howard [int. Bettie 

Haward], Mar. 16, 1779. [Betty Howard, p.c.r.] 
Abijah Jr. [int. 2d] and Sally Bassett, Apr. 7, 1802. 
Alexander [int. Theyer of Braintree] and Lucy Edson, Apr. 3, 

1788. [Thayer, p.c.r.] 
Amie and Shepard Snell, June 8, 1794. 
Anna of Braintree and Dea. Eliphalet Packard, int. Sept. 27, 

Banabas [int. Barnebas of Braintree] and Susanna Packard, 

May 28, 1807 [date in later handwriting]. 
Betsey and Paul Bailey, Feb. i, 1798. 

Deborah of Braintree and Zenas Packard, int. Oct. 12, 1793. 
Deborah of Randolph and Ebenezer Warren Jr., int. Sept. 7, 

Earl and Orra Williams, Jan. 14, 181 2. 
Ebenezer [int. 3d of Braintree] and Lidia [int. Lydia] West, 

Sept. 23, 1779. [Ebenezer and Lydia West, p.c.r.] 
Elijah [int. of Braintree] and Elizabeth Glack [int. Betsey 

Clerk], Nov. 15, 1803 [date in later handwriting]. 

* Intention not recorded* 1 


Thayer, Eliphalet and Lydia Stone of Easton, int. Aug. 21, 

Enoch and Rebecca Curtis, July 4, 1765. [Rebeccah, p.c.r.] 
Enos and Sarah Sawing of Braintree, int. July 5, 1777. 
Enos and Hannah Reynolds, wid. [int. omits wid.], May 30, 

1782. [Hannah, wid., p.c.r.] 
Enos 2d and Mary Dammon of Hanson, int. Mar. 24, 1821. 
Eunice and Isaac Brown [int. Jr.], Mar. 10, 1813. 
Hannah and Dan[ie]ll [int. Daniel] Cary, Sept. 20, 1773. 
Hannah and Freeman Pope, Oct. 25, 1795. 
Hannah and Thomas Dunbar, int. Sept. 15, 1810. 
Henry and Philebert [int. Phile] Packard, Jan. 27, 1783. 

[Philebert, p.c.r.] 
Isaac of Braintree and Hannah Joyce, int. May 9, 1782. 
Jeremiah and Tabitha Levit, Nov. 11, 1756.* 
Jeremiah [int. Jr.] and Katharine [int. Katherine] Pratt, Jan. 

17, 1 781. [Jeremiah and Katharine Pratt, p.c.r.] 
Joanna and Ephraim Thomson, int. Dec. 30, 1769. 
Joel of Randolph and Lydia S. Gleason of Boston, Dec. i, 1808, 

in Boston,* P.R.43. 
John and Lydia Brown, int. Sept. 28, 181 1. 
Joseph of Stoughton and Sarah Richards, Nov. 19, 1795. 
Joseph G, of E. Stoughton and Bathsheba A. Mayo of Plym- 
outh, Mar. 21, i8T,[bloUed, ? 1830], in Stoughton,* p.R.43. 
Levitt [int. Levit] and Abigail Snell, Oct. 21, 1783. [Levitt, 

Luther and Deborah B. Sampson of E. Bridgewater, Feb. 3, 

Lydia Ann Eliza, d. Joel and Lydia S., and James K. Leach, s. 

Alpheus and Cassendana, May 21, 1842, in Randolph,* 

Martha of Randolph and Mark N. Swallow of Nashua, Oct. 10, 

1839, in Milton,* P.R.43. 
Mary [int. Theyer] and Silas Hayward [int. of Brantree], Dec. 

9, 1779. [Thayer and Silas Hayward, p.c.r.] 
Mary of Milton and William S. Boden of Milton, Aug. 17, 1837, 

in Randolph,* P.R.43. 
Molly [int. Molley] and George Lathrop, Nov. 6, 1783. [Molly, 

Naomi and Ezekiel Washburn [int. Jr.], Nov. i, 1781. [Eze- 

kiel, P.C.R.] 
Nathaniel [int. Nathan[ie]ll] and Hannah Richardson [int. 

wid.], May ii, 1777, in Abington. 
Policy of Braintree and Seth Thayer Jr., int. Sept. 24, 1786. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Thayer, Richard and Eunice Edson, July 14, 1786. 

Richard of W. Bridgewater and Anne Snell of W. Bridgewater, 

Apr. 27, 1824.* [Richard Jr. of W. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 
Richard of Marshfield and Roxanna Vaughn of Carver, Apr. 

27, 1837, in Marshfield,* P.R.43. 
Sally and Alpheus Howard, Feb. 24, 1803. 
Sally and Francis Tribou, Nov. 28, 1816. 
Sarah and Nathaniel Thomson [int. Tomson] of Hallifax, 

Apr. 28, 1785. [Tomson of Hallifax, p.c.r. Thomson of 

Halifax, c.r.i.] 
Seth and Hannah Pray, June 14, 1744. 

Seth Jr. and PoUey Thayer of Braintree, int. Sept. 24, 1786. 
Silence and Thomas Cole, int. Sept. 15, 1810. 
Solomon and Sarah Hubbard [int. Hobart of Boston], Apr. 20, 

1789. [Hobart, p.c.r.] 
Sukey and Isaac Fisk [int. Fish] of Kingston, Aug. lo, 1813. 
Susanna, wid., and Daniel Field, July 3, 1733.* 
Susanna and John Dyer [int. 2d], Nov. 6, 1783. [John, p.c.r.] 
Susanna and Thomas Pratt, Feb. 27, 1788. 
Susanna and Benjamin Clark, int. Mar. 16, 1793. [m. Apr. 4, 


Tabitha and Thomas Reynolds [int. Jr.], Feb. 10, 1785. 

[Thomas, p.c.r.] 
Thankfull and Jacob Dunbar, Oct. 11, 1776. 
Thomas of Randolph and Cynthia Warren, int. Apr. 13, 1805, 
Zebah and Pruda Stone [int. Stones], Oct, 8, 1820. 

.THEYER (see Thayer), Abigail [int. Nabby Thayer] and John 

Holmes [int. of Hallifax], Dec. i, 1799. 
Anna and Jonathan Reynolds of Sidney, Lincoln Co., Oct. 18, 

1794. [Thayer, p.c.r.] 
Cornelius [int. Thayer] and Thankful [int. Thankfull] Pope, 

Aug. I, 1796. 
Nabby (see Abigail). 

THOMAS (see Tomas), Abiah of Abing[to]n and Ephraim 

Orcut, July 23, 1777, in Abington. 
Abigail of Abing[to]n and Luther Packard, Apr. 13, 1787, in 

Adoniram of Halifax and Eliza G. Bryant, Mar. 6, 1825. 
Anna Cushing of Pembroke and Abiezer Alger Jr., int. Apr. 18, 

Bettie of Marshfield and Japheth Allen, int. Oct. 30, 1761. 
Betty, "Indian woman," and John Wampee, "Indian man," 

of Groton, int. Nov. 3, 1768. 

' Intention not recorded. 


Thomas, Deborah Winslow and Noah Hobart of Abington, 

Nov. 5, 1789. 
Experience and John Hearsay of Abington, int. Mar. 19, 1773. 
Francis and Elizabeth Co wit of Midlebor[ough], int. Aug. 31, 


Hannah [int. Tomas] and Pompey [int. Pompy] Stevens, 
blacks, Nov. 7, 1787. [Thomas and Pompey Stevens, p.c.r.] 

James and Mary Holbroke [int. Holbrook], Mar. 17, 1810. 

[J]ohn of Pembrook and Mercy Cowet, Nov. 22 [blotted, ? 2], 

Levi of Pembroke and Lydia Thomas, Dec. 11, 1800. 

Linata [int. Lanata] and Nathan Kingman, Sept. 7, 1773. 

Lois and William Hooper, s. John and Sarah, ,* g.r.i. 

Lucy [int. Thomson] of Middleborough and Charles Shaw, 
June 26, 1811. 

Lucy and Nathaniel Pratt, s. Nathaniel and Betsey (Wash- 
burn), Nov. 28, 1816,* P.R.I. 

Lydia and Levi Thomas of Pembroke, Dec, 11, 1800. 
Marcy [int. Mercy Thomes] of Abington and Perez [int. Peres] 

Packard, Mar. 15, 1793, in Abington. 
Mary of Pembroke and Jacob Perkins, int. Oct. 15, 1808. 

[m. , P.R.I, m. Dec. — ^ P.R.13.] 

Mary W. and William Harris Jr., Dec. 26, 1819. 

Melissa [int. Malissa] N. and William F. Perkins, Jan. 15, 1843. 

Mercy (see Marcy). 

Miriam [int. Tomson] and Amos Starkley [int. Stearkey] of 

Attleborough, Dec. 6, 1780. [Thomas and Abraham 

Starkley of Attleboro[ugh], p.c.r. Thomas and Amos 

Starkly of Attleborough, c.r.i.] 
Nabbe and David Laughson, int. Sept. 18, 1790. 
Patience and Job Burges, Mar. 23, 1748.* 
Peter [Thomas sic, ? Thomson] of Halifax and Hannah Polton 

[sic, ? Bolton], Mar. 18, 1740, in Halifax.* [See Halifax 

Vital Records.] 
Priscilla [int. Precilia] and Samuel Faxon, Dec. 11, 1783. 

[Priscilla, p.c.r.] 
Robert Jr. and Velina Robinson, Jan. 18, 1835. 
Winslow and Polly Cole, Nov. 23, 1790. 

THOMPSON (see Thomson, Tompson, Tomson), Albert of 
Halifax and Charlotte Maria Warrin [int. Charlotte 
Mariah Warren], May 23, 1841. [Charlotte Maria War- 
ren, d. Silas and Charlotte, c.r.2.] 

Bethiah [int. Tomson] and Capt. Thomas Cushman, June 25, 
1794. [Thomson, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Thompson, Charity (see Rebecca). 

Charles and Hannah Bates, Aug. 16, 1815,* p.e.i. 

Charles and Hannah Pratt, int. May 18, 1816. 

Daniel [int. and dup. int. Tomson] and Sarah Snow, Apr. 8, 

1794. [Tomson, p.c.r.] 
Daniel [int. Thomson] and Sibel [int. Sibbil] Horton, Sept. 23, 

Eliab Jr. of Hallifax and Levina Washburn, int. May 22, 1819. 
Elisabeth and Giles Leach, s. Levi and Betsey (Conant), Feb. 

25, 1833,* P.R.SO. 
Eliza Ann of Middleborough and Rev. Joseph F. Phillips of N. 

Hemstead, L. L, N. Y., Sept. 30, 1832.* [Rev. Joseph F. 

Philips of N. Y., C.R.2.] 
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth). 
Elknnah [int. Elkanah] [of] Halifax and Rachel Bump, [June i] 

1823. [Elkanah of Halifax, c.r.i.] 

Hannah of Wilmington and Dr. W. P. B. Judson, int. Jan. 13, 

1824. [Hannah, d. Benjamin Esq. of Wilmington, and Dr. 
Walter Price Bartlett Judson, s. Rev. Samuel of Uxbridge, 
m. Apr. 13, in Wilmington, c.r.i.] 

John [int. Thomson] and Elizebeth [int. Elisabeth] Bisbee of 

Pembroke, Apr. 13, 1762, in Pembroke. 
Joseph and Elisabeth Bolton, Feb. 7, 1732-3.* [Joseph of 

Plymton and Elisebeh Bolton, c.r.i.] 
Lucina of Halifax [and] Cornelius Pratt, int. Feb. 8, 1823. 
Lucius and Lydia Rider, Aug. 16, 1840. 
Marshal [int. Marshall] and Urana B. Howard, Sept. 18, 1838. 

[Marshal, c.r.i.] 
Mary, wid., and John Tower of Weymouth, May 26, 1816. 
Nathan of Hallifax and Elizabeth Fobes, int. Oct. 23, 1802. 
Rebecca [sic, see Halifax Vital Records] [int. Charity Thomson] 

of Halifax and Isaac Chamberlain [int. Chamberlin], 

[int. Mar. 15], 1794, in Halifax. 
Sarah and Charles Rogers, Sept. 20, 1821. 
Thomas [int. Thomson Jr.] and Martha Kingman, Aug. 5, 

1792. [Thompson, p.c.r.] 

THOMSON (see Thompson, Tompson, Tomson), Agnis [int. 
Agnas] and Robert Fulton [int. Fullton of Londonderry, 
N. H.], July 23, 1767. [Agnis and Robert Fulton, p.c.r.] 

Almira of E. Bridgewater and Sidney Packard of N. Bridge- 
water, June 3, 1826.* 

Archabald [int. Jr.] and Martha Robbinson, Oct. 15, 1761. 
[Tomson and Martha Robinson, p.c.r.] 

Bettie and Aron Conquance, Indians, May 29, 1755.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Thomson, Betty and Andrew Gamel, Oct. 27, 1756.* [Tom- 
son, P.C.R.] 

Betty [int. Bettie] and Nicholas Wade Jr., Nov. 25, 1762. 
[Betty, P.C.R.] 

Boadicea of Middleboro and Simeon Leonard, int. Mar. 22, 
1817. [Thompson, m. , p.r.i.] 

Charlotte and Charles Packard, Oct. 29, 1818. 

Ebenezer and Mary Wright, ,* p.R.19. 

Elisaboth [int. Elisabeth] and John Pettingill [int. Pettengill], 
July 15, 1784. [Elizabeth and John Pettingill, p.c.r.] 

Ephraim and Joanna Thayer, int. Dec. 30, 1769. 

Ezra and Polly Bates, int. July 17, 1813. 

Jacob of Halifax and Mary Howard, Sept. 4, 1735,* c.r.i, 

Jacob Jr. of Middleborough and Freelove Phinny [int. Phin- 
ney], Oct. 27, 1761. [Frelove Phinny, c.r.i.] 

James and Abigail Allen, Nov. 14, 1765. 

James and Olive Cheesman, Dec. 24, 1798. 

Jane and Nathan[ie]ll Bolton, int. Nov. 15, 1777. 

Jane N. of Rochester and James M. Leonard, int. Sept. 8, 1842. 

John and Jennett [int. Jennet] Allen, Mar. 12, 1778. [Jannet, 


John [int. Thompson] and Sally Jones, Nov. 18, 1819. 
Lucy (see Lucy Thomas). 

Margaret of Hallifax and Perez Robinson, int. Aug. 14, 1819. 
Mary and Cary Hay ward, Apr. 29, 1779. 
Nathaniel [int. Tomson] of Hallifax and Sarah Thayer, Apr. 28, 
1785. [Tomson of Hallifax, p.c.r. Thomson of Halifax, 


Peter (see Peter Thomas). 

Rebecca of Hallifax and Francis Woods, int. Oct. 4, 1766. 

Robert and Margret Smith of Milton, int. Nov. 16, 1754. 

Sarah and Luther Keith, July 23, 1767. [Thompson, p.c.r.] 

Seth of Hallifax and Bethiah Benson, Jan. i, 1815. 

Shubael of Middleborough and Ruth Hall, int. Sept. 13, 1766. 

Thomas and Jane Washburn, Oct. 31, 1745.* [Washburne, 


Thomas and Elisabeth Strowbridge, int. Oct. 27, 1754. 

THORN, Hannah and Independance [int. Independence] Hay- 
ward, [int. Oct. 5], 1799, in Halifax. 

THORPE, Thomas H. and Cordelia W. Osborn, int. July 16, 

THRASER (see Thrasher), Olive [int. Thrasher] and Caleb 
Conant, Dec. 30, 1789. [Thrasher, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


THRASHER (see Thraser), Abigail and Ransom [int. Ramson] 

Packard, June 22, 1797. 
Betsey and James Thrasher of Stafford, int. May 19, 1798. 
James of Stafford and Betsey Thrasher, int. May 19, 1798. 
Seth and Abier Andress of Raynham, int. Sept. 20, 1794. 

THURBER, Abby F. of Warren, R. I., and Moses L. Tillson, 
int. May 14, 1842. 

THURSTON, Abigail and Jessee Byram, June 30, 1742.* 

[June 4, P.C.R.] 
David of Rehoboth and Mercy Gary, Apr. 28, 1713.* 
James and Phebe Perkins, Feb. 10, 1748.* 
John of Lancaster arid Mehitable [int. Mehetable] C. Alden, 

June II, 1829. [John Jr. of Lancaster and Mehitable C. 

Alden, d. Caleb and Sally, c.r.i.] 

TH/DEN, Betsey of Hanover and John Garner, int. May 3, 

1806. [Gardner, m. , p.r.i.] 

David and Diana Drake of Easton, Aug. 21, 1799 [sic, ? 1791, 

int. July 30, 1791], in Easton. 
Deborah of Hanover and Elias Barrell, int. Oct. 23, 1813. 
John and Polly Hayward, Dec. 31, 1795. 
Mary of Hanover and John Tribou, int. Apr. 28, 1810. 
Nathan[ie]ll and Susanna Brett, Nov. 11, 1755.* [Tillden, 


TH^LINGHAST, Nicholas and Sophia Ritchie of Needham, 

int. Feb. 16, 1841. 
Nicholas and Ruby H. Potter of Dartmouth, int. Oct. 12, 1848. 

THrLSON (see Tilson), Joanna of Hallifax and Daniel Alden, 

int. Dec. i, 1804. 
Lydia of Plymton and Eben[eze]r Leach, Nov. 27, 1739.* 

[Lidea Tilson, c.r.i.] 
Mary L. and Horace W. Hill of Swanzey, int. Mar. 11, 1842. 
Moses L. and Abby F. Thurber of Warren, R. I., int. May 14, 

Susan C., 17, d. Ephraim and Susan, and Horace A. Bird, 19, 

shoemaker, s. Elijah and Sarah of E. Bridgewater, May 16, 


TILSON (see Tillson), Elisha [int. TUlson], Dr., and Polly 

Snell, Sept. 2, 1792. [Tilson, p.c.r.] 
Elisha S. and Betsey Chandler of Easton, int. May i, 1819. 
Holmes and Olive Packard, Jan. i, 1797. 

* Intention not recorded. 


TiLSON, Joseph and Lucenda Whitman, Aug. 17, 1794. [Aug. 

7, P.C.R.] 

Mary [int. Polly] of Halifax and William Hooper, Mar. 5, 1794, 
in Halifax. [Mary and William Hooper, s. William and 
Susanna, g.r.i. Mary and William Hooper, p.r.i.] 

Mercy and Josiah Washburn, Feb. 11, 1702, in Plymouth.* 

Polly (see Mary). 

Rhoda and Asahel Allen, Aug. 11, 1794. 

TINKHAM, Betty of Middleborough and Jephthah Whitman, 

int. Dec. 19, 1789. 
Ephraim of Middleborough and Molly [int. Molley] Gurney, 

Mar. I, 1787. [Molly, p.c.r.] 
Ephraim of Hallifax and Silence Palmer, int. July 28, 1810. 
Kezia and Jonathan Ames, Nov. 17, 1757.* [Keziah, p.c.r.] 
Noah and Sarah Porter, June 16, 1751.* 
Patience of Middleborough and Perkins Gurney, int. Aug. 21, 

Shubael of Middleborough and Sarah Woods, Aug. 7, 1765. 

TIRRELL (see Terrell, Terril, Terrill, Teryl, Tirrill), William 
H. [int. Terrill] and Hannah S. Macomber, July 12, 1836. 

TIRRILL (see Terrell, Terril, Terrill, Teryl, Tirrell), Deborah 

[int. Terril] of Abington and Hesekiah Reed [int. Hezekiah 

Read], Aug. 21, 1766, in Abington. 
Isaac [int. Terril] of Abington and Lydia Davis [int. Dawes], 

May 19, 1757, in Abington. 
Lucie [int. Terril] of Abington and Ezra Warren, Sept. 12, 1776, 

in Abington. 
Mary A. and Robert O. Jenkins of Fairhaven, int. Apr. 28, 

1842. [Mary Ann Tirrell, d. Jacob (Terrell), m. , 

1842, C.R.2,] 

Oliver and Polly Reed of Abington, int. Mar. 4, 1797. 

TISDALE, Charlotte L., Mrs., of Weymouth, and Mitchell 

Keith, Jan. 20, 1840. [Mitchel, c.R.3. Mitchell, p.R.62.] 
Elizabeth and Benjamin Waldren of Dighton, int. Jan. 20, 

Isaac and Joanna Ingell of Middleborough, int. Dec. 15, 1798. 
Ruth of Taunton and Holden Wilbar [int. Wilbur], July 5, 1781 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Sally of Taunton [Taunton written in pencil] and Richard 

Sanger, int. Mar. 7, 1807. 
Samuel and Experience Reed of Middleborough, int. Apr. 6, 


* Intention not recorded. 


TiSDALE, Simeon Jr. of Taunton and Charlotte Lazell, May 
25, 1815. 

TITUS, Hannah of Rehoboth and Nathaniel Willis, June 25, 

1712, in Rehoboth.* 
Lydia and Robert Packard, Mar. 2, 1748-9.* 

TOALMAN (see Toleman, Tolman), Daniel and Chloe Boz- 
worth [dup. typewritten on paper pasted in hook, Tolman 
and Chloe Bosworth], Feb. 10, 1784. [Tolman and Cloe 
Bozworth, p.c.R. Tolman and Cloe Bozward, c.r.i.] 

Israel [int. Tolman] and Susanna Packard Williams, Nov. 21, 

James of Stoughton and Sarah Alden, Apr. 2, 1818. 

Lucinda [int. Toloman] and Ansel [int. Ansell] Hayward of 
Boston, June 29, 1812. 

Thomas [Toalman sic, Totman, int. Totman of Abington] and 
Rhoda Whitman, Sept. 27, 1805. 

TOBEY (see Toby), John and Mary Jennings, Aug. 30, 

TOBY (see Tobey), Sarah A. of Wareham and Hamden K. 
Pratt, int. Aug. 16, 1829. [Sarah B. Tobey and Hamden 
K. Pratt, s. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, m. Sept. 9, P.R.12.] 

TOLEMAN (see Toalman, Tolman), Bettie [dup. Bettee Tol- 
man, int. wid.] and Micah White [dup. and int. of Brain- 
tree], Dec. 22, 1768 [dup. Nov. 24, 1768, in Braintree]. 
[Bettie Tolman and Micah White, Dec. 22, p.c.r.] 

TOLMAN (see Toalman, Toleman), Chloe B. and Marcus 

Shaw of N. Bridgewater, May 26, 1828. 
Cyntha [int. Toleman] of Stoughton and Ezra Cary, May 31, 

1770, in Stoughton. 
Ebenezer W. [int. omits W.] of Stoughton and Mary A. Vinton 

[int. Vinten], Sept. 26, 1820. 
James Ames and Nancy Bolles (Lorton) Grant, Nov. 24, 1846.* 

{This entry typewritten on paper pasted in hook.] 
Mary [int. Tollman] of Stoughton and Nathaniel Reynolds [int. 

Nath[anie]ll Raynolds], June 14, 1744, in Stoughton. 
Olive [int. Toalman] and Salter Richmond, Jan. 29, 1807. 
Rebecca [int. Toleman] of Stoughton and Timothy Reynolds, 

June 15, 1769, in Stoughton. 
Samuel and Experience Clapp, Nov. 21, 1704, in Dorchester.* 

[This entry typewritten on paper pasted in hook.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


ToLMAN, Thomas and Elizabeth Johnson, Nov. 4, 1654 [in 

Lynn].* [This entry typewritten on paper pasted in book.] 
William and Mary Savel of Sharon, Nov. i, 1744 [? in Sharon].* 

[This entry typewritten on paper pasted in hook.] 
William of Stoughton and Bettie [dup. typewritten on paper 

pasted in hook, Betty (Snow)] Ames, wid., Sept. 29, 1757.* 

[Bettie, p.c.r.] 

TOMAS (see Thomas), Betty, 'Indian Woman," and Bristol, 
"Servant man to Co" Edward Haward," int. Apr. 25, 1772. 

TOMPSON (see Thompson, Thomson, Tomson), Mary of 
Abington and Abijah Terril, Aug. 4, 1774.* 

Nancy of Middleborough and Caleb Fraincisco Leonard, int. 
Mar. 7, 1807. 

TOMSON (see Thompson, Thomson, Tompson), Cephas of 

Middleborough and Oliva Leonard, int. Feb. 20, 1802. 

Ebenezer and Deborah Prior, ,* p.R.19. 

Ephraim of Middleborough and Molly Washburn, Jan. 12, 

Eunice and James Soul, Apr, 25, 1786,* p.R.19. 
Gennet and William Strowbridge, June 26, [i7]48.* 
Hannah of Hallifax and Elisha Mitchell, int. Jan. 18, 1781. 
Jacob and Abigail Wadsworth, Dec. 28, 1693,* p.c.r. 
Jacob of Hallifax and Lucina [int. Lusanna] Keith, Jan. 22, 

1795. [Lucina, p.c.r.] 
Janet (see Gennet). 

Martha of Hallifax and Jonah Benson, int. Nov. 26, 1782. 
Mary of Hallifax and Elijah Hayward 2d, int. Oct. 15, 1785. 

[m. Jan. 5,1786, p.R.19.] 
Miriam (see Miriam Thomas). 
Molly and Edmund Alger, int. Apr. 9, 1796. 
Rebecca of Hallifax and Lewis ChamberHn, int. Nov. 23, 1793. 
Reubin [int. Reuben] and Eunice Whitman, Mar. 23, 1791. 

[Reuben, Mar. 22, p.c.r.] 
Sarah of Hallifax and John Phinney, int. Nov. 20, 1779. 
Susannah and Stephen Ellis, ,* p.R.19. 

TORRANCE, William and Susanna Stoddard, Oct. 15, 1787. 

TORREY (see Torry, Tory), Abigail of Scittuate and Samuel 

Howard Jr., Jan. 13, 1725, in Scituate.* 
Bethiah, Mrs., and Josephus Freeman, Nov. 7, 1822. 
Havilen [int. Havelin] and Harriet [int. Harriot] Nash, Dec. i, 


* Intention not recorded. 


ToRREY, Phillip [int. Philip Torry] and Mary Dyer of Abington, 

Feb. 14, 1793, in Abington. 
Sarah and Benjamin Taylor, Mar. 7, 1784. 

TORRY (see Torrey, Tory), Josiah and Olive Pratt, Aug. 29, 
1782. [Torrey, p.c.r.] 

Lewis of Middleborough and Bethiah Washburn, July 9, 1809. 

Mary P. and Erastus Hayward, int. May 8, 1813. [Mary 
Perry Torrey, m. June 6, p.R.19.] 

Philip and Rosanda Nash of Abington, int. Sept. 6, 1817. 

Turner and Sally Snell, Mar. 22, 1803 [date in later hand- 

TORY (see Torrey, Torry), William of Plimton and Molly 
Perry of Plimton, July 2, 1770.* 

TOTMAN, Thomas (see Thomas Toalman). 

TOWER, John of Weymouth and Mary Thompson, wid., 

May 26, 1816. 
Sally and Zenus [int. Zenas] Lathrop, Apr. 27, 1788. [Zenas, 


TOWLE, Ann and Simeon S. Ames, Oct. 18, 1836,* P.R.41. 

TOWNSELL, Hephzibah [int. Hepzibah Townsel] and Joseph 
Pettingail Jr., Feb. 20, 1764. [Hephzibah Townsell, p.c.r.] 

TOWNSEND, Jeremiah H., s. Job and Lucy (Hack), and 
Almira A. Phillips, d. Edward and Bethia (Danforth), 
Nov. 13, 1828 [? in Taunton],* p.R.78. 

Mary of Abington and James Hatch, int. Oct, 9, 1819. 

TRACY, Ann Janett of Raynham and George P. Alger, int. 
Oct. 28, 1838. 

TRASK, Abizer (see Ebenezer). 

Bathsheba and Ephraim Jackson, Sept. 26, 1765. 

Bettie and Abel Edson Jr., May 2, 1771. 

Caleb and Bathsheba Downing [dup. int. of Easton], Sept. 29, 

1 791. [both of Bridgwater, p.c.r.] 
Ebenezer [int. Abizer] of Hallowell, Lincoln Co., and Polly 

Downing, Dec. 10, 1788 [? in Middleborough]. 
Mary F. of Pembroke and Cushman Hathaway, int. Jan. 29, 

Molley [int. Mary, dup. int. Molly] and William Hollowell, 

June 23, 1772. [Molly and William HoUowel, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


TRAVELER, Henry and Voilet Powel, blacks, Feb. 27, 1770.* 
Henry and Zilpah Speen, blacks, int. Apr. 23, 1796. 

TREW, Anna of N. Yarmouth and Melzer Snell, int. Apr. 25, 

TRIBOU (see Tribu), Alpha and Hannah Curtis, Oct. 10, 1803 

[date in later handwriting]. 
Alpha and Ruth Clark of Hanover, int. June 10, 1809. 
Amasa and Molly [int. MoUey] Pratt, Nov. 16, 1780. [Molly, 


Ann and Jacob Hill Jr., Sept. 25, 1780. [A. Ann, p.c.r.] 

Francis and Sally Thayer, Nov. 28, 18 16. 

Isaac and' Molly [int. Molley] Lyon of Middleborough, Mar. 6, 

1 78 1 [? in Middleborough]. 
John and Mary Tilden of Hanover, int. Apr. 28, 1810. 
Peter and Martha Hall, Jan. 3, 181 7. 
Rhoda and Daniel French, May 17, 1792. 
Tho[ma]s and Margret Pratt, July 11, 1746.* 
Walter of E. Bridgwater and Huldah Holmes, Dec. 17, 1828. 

[Huldah, d. Howland, Dec. 7, c.r.i.] 
William and Anna [int. Amie] Belcher of Sharon, Nov. 24, 1784, 

in Sharon. 
William and Polly Ford, July 14, 1816. 

TRIBU (see Tribou), Thomas [int. Tribou] and Zeruah Randall 

[int. Zeruiah Randel] of Easton, [int. Nov. 13], 1790, 

in Easton. 

TRIPP, James, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], of Fair Haven, and 
Jane Hooper, Mar. 28, 1825. [Capt. James of Fairhaven 
and Jane Hooper, d. Joseph Sr., c.r.i. James and Jane 
Hooper, d. Joseph and Lucia (Mitchell), Mar. 29, p.R.54.] 

TROUBRIDGE, Benjamin (see Benjamin Strowbridge). 

TROW, Bartholomew and Mary Washburn, Mar. 24, 1803.* 

TROWBRIDGE (see Troubridge). 

TRUANT, Joseph and Mercy Pierce, May 15, 1707.* 

TRUE (see Trew). 

TUCKER, Andrew of Middleborough and Lucy Peirce, wid. 

[int. omits wid.], June 19, 1814. 
Benjamin and Betsey Keith, Nov. 20, 1800 [? in Middle- 

* Intention not recorded. 


Tucker, Betsey of Middleboro and John Soule [int. Soul], Apr. 

9, 1835- 
Betsey K., 28, d. Benj[amin] and Betsey, and Joseph Batchel- 

der, 33, farmer, of Roxbury, s. Josiah and Martha of 

London [sic, ? Loudon], N. H., June 3, 1847. 
Cyrus [and] Abigail T. A. Shaw, Sept. 4, 1841. 
Hannah of Middleboro[ugh] and George W. Bates, Oct. 6, 1836. 

[[both of] Bridgewater, C.R.5.] 
Lydia and George [int. adds W.] Wood, May 13, 1821. 
Nelley of Milton and Heman M. Burr, int. Dec. 12, 181 2. 
Olive of Canton and Daniel Alden, int. Oct. 2, 1819. 
Sarah E. and , Aug. — , 1834,* p.R.25. 

TUEL, Abigail and William Manly of Easton, int. Aug. 28, 1773. 
Ruth and Dan[ie]ll Dickerman, Mar. 20, 1777. 

TUPPER, Sophia of Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., and Nathan 
Willis Jr., int. Mar. 15, 1788. 

TURNER, Abigail and Nehemiah White of Sharon, int. Oct. 9, 

Ann and Joseph Keith Jr., Oct. 7, 1746,* p.c.r. 

Content and Eben[eze]r Kingman, Aug. 15, 1740.* 

David and Sarah Ha ward, May 4, 1721.* 

Desire (see Keziah). 

Elisabeth and Tho[ma]s Lindsay, Oct. 3, 1745.* [Eliza[beth] 
and Thomas Lindsey, p.c.r.] 

Elisabeth and Tho[ma]s Reynolds, Nov. 3, [i7]48.* 

Emma D. of Hanson and Hiram Dunphe, Nov. 4, 1839. 

Eunice and Asa Leach of Killingsley, Windham Co., Conn., 
Mar. 15, 1787. 

George and Jane Lindsey of Pembroke, Nov. 9, 1758, in Pem- 

Grace and Abner Hayward, Dec. 4, 1784. 

Hannah and James Linsey [int. Gillmore], Dec. 3, 1744. [Lin- 
sey, P.C.R.] 

Hannah and Lott Drake of Easton, int. May 4, 1782. 

Jean of Weymouth and Elias Conant, int. Jan. 16, 1773. 

Joanna and David Manley of Easton, Apr. 8, 1751.* [Apr. 8 

[1752], P.C.R.] 

Job of Pembroke and Nabby Cleft, int. Sept. 5, 1818. 

John and Mary Bicknell of Weymouth, May 8, 1717, in 

John and Elizebeth Phillips of Easton, Nov. 27, 1746, in 


* Intention not recorded. 


Turner, Josiah and Lydia Pettengail [int. Pettingail] of Easton, 

Dec. 12, 1776, in Easton. 
Keziah [int. Desire] and Oliver Harvey, July 4, 1793. [Keziah, 


Lemuel of Easton and Mary Fuller, Dec. 14, 1769. 
Margret and Joseph Grossman Jr. of Easton, Feb. 26, 1756.* 
Mary and Benjamin Shelley [dup. Jr.] of Raynham, Dec. 21, 

1749.* [Benjamin Jr. of Rainham, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Job Bryant, May 3, 1764. [Briant, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Daniel Lathrop Jr., Sept. i, 1785. 
Micah of Weymouth and Bethiah Allen, Aug. 21, 1734, in 

Plato and Sarah Hay ward, Apr. — , 1803,* p.r.i. 
Rachel and William Whiting of Stoughton, int. Aug. lo, 1811. 
Samuel and Lydia Hayward, Mar. 23, 1794. 
Sarah of Rehoboth and John Burr, Aug. 13, 1746, in Reho- 

Sumner and Ann Maria Hall, Mar. 7, 1827. [Sumner Turner, 

s. Plato, and Ann Maria Hall, d. Joseph, c.r.i. Maria 

Ann Hall of Halifax, p.r.i.] 
Warren and Mary G. Gook of Kingston, int. Aug. 27, 1848. 
William and Elanor Whittman of Weymouth, Dec. 30, 17 14, 

in Hingham.* 
William and Joanna Pettingail [int. Pettingill], June 27, 1782. 

[Pettingell, p.c.r.] 
William T., 41, joiner, s. Galeb and Deborah, and Martha W. 

Fobes, 21, d. Laban and Hannah, May 3, 1849. [William 

I. and Martha W. Fobes, d. Laban and Hannah (Rich- 
mond), P.R.45.] 
Winslow of Pembroke and Polly Bucar, int. Dec. 21, 1782. 

TYLER, Daniel [int. of Pittsfield] and Olive Alger, June 4, 1811. 
James of Ganterbury, Windham Go., and Sarah Shurtlefif, int. 
Sept. 15, 1769. 

UPHAM (see Upman), Ann S., 21, of Duxbury, d. Antoine 
and Rebecca, and David Chandler Jr., 21, shoemaker, 
of Duxbury, s. David and Edith, Oct. 25, 1846.* 

Jonathan of Ganton and Hannah Snell, Feb. 5, 1799. 

UPMAN (see Upham), Ruth G., 21, d. Antoinne and Rebecca, 
and John Fuller, 28, farmer, s. Samuel and Lydia, Nov. 4, 

URROHART (see Orcut, Orcutt), William and Hannah Smith, 
Sept. 21, 1698.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


VAIL, Edward [int. Vails] and Mary Orberton, Mar. 11, 1773. 

VAUGHAN (see Vaughen, Vaughn), David [int. Vaughn] of 
Middleborough and Phebe Aldrich, July 15, 1802 [? in 

VAUGHEN (see Vaughan, Vaughn), George of Middlborough 
and Faithful Packard, Aug. 13, 1719.* 

VAUGHN (see Vaughan, Vaughen), Ebenezer of Middlebor- 
ough and Lucie Pratt, int. Dec. 25, 1778. [Vaun of Midle- 
boro and Luce Prat, m. , c.r.i.] 

Hannah G. of Abington and Charles H. Dill of Abington, 
Oct, 10, 1847, in S. Hingham,* c.r.i. 

Jabez of Middleborough and Martha Pratt, Apr. 14, 1817. 

Jesse and Hannah D. Roops, int. Nov. 18, 1832. 

Mary, d. George, and Jonathan Washburn, s. John, , 

1683,* P.R.36. 

Roxanna of Carver and Richard Thayer of Marshfield, Apr. 27, 
1837, in Marshfield,* P.R.43. 

VENECA, Anderaus [int. Venaca] and Elisabeth Pratt, Mar. 
10, 1778. [Venaca and Elizebeth Pratt, c.r.i.] 

VIAL, John, Capt. [int. Viol of Philadelphia], and Mercy 
Nachy [int. Maschy], July 4, 1791. [Vial and Mrs. Mercy 
Nachy, p.c.r.] 

VICKERY (see Vickory), Benjamin and Mary Allen, Feb. 3, 

VICKORY (see Vickery), Benjamin and Mary Kingman, Dec. 
21, I739-* 

VINAL, Mary and Joseph Edson, Jan. 4 [sic, int. June 10], 

1786. [Jan. 4, P.C.R.] 
Sarah of Scituate and Seth Byrum [int. Byram], Aug. 12, 1762, 

in Scituate. 

VINING, George [int. Vineing] and Abigail Alden, July 27, 

1778. [Vining, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Nicolas Whitman, Nov. 19, 1700.* 

VINSON, Hannah of Weymouth and John Packard, int. 

Sept. 3 [1774]. 
Mary of Weymouth and Moses Curtis, Nov. 17, 1757, in 

Rhoda, "Free negro Woman," and Pero, "Negro Servant man 

of M"^ John Hardin of Abington," int. Sept. 29, 1764. 

* Intention not recorded. 


VINTEN (see Vinton), William [int. Vinton], Capt., and Cla- 
rissa [int. Clarisa] Otis, Apr. 2, 181 7. 

VINTON (see Vinten), Abigail and Ezra Alden, Oct. 24, 1798. 
Edward [int. Vinten] and Lydia Porter [int. of Abington], 

Feb. 16, 1820. 
Joseph [int. Vinten] of Braintree [and] Anna [second dup. 

Ann] Hill, Sept. 30, 1774 [second dup. July 30, 1774, in 

Mary A. [int. Vinten] and Ebenezer W. [int. omiis W.] Tolman 

of Stoughton, Sept. 26, 1820. 
William and Susanna Robinson [int. Robbinson], Sept. 22, 

William [int. Vinten] and Mary Alden, Nov. 30, 1797. 
William and Nabby Otis, Apr. 4, 1803.* 

VIOL (see Vial). 

VORSE, Rachel and Joel Edy, Mar. i, 1741.* 

WADE, Abigail and Spencer Forrest of Hallifax, June 17, 

1784.* [Forest of Hallifax, p.c.r.] 
Abthia and Jonathan Chandler, May 23, 1745.* 
Ann of Pembrook and Seth Bolton of Hallifax, Aug. 13, 1761.* 
Anna [int. Anne] and Reuben Mitchell, Oct. 23, 1783. [Anna, 


Arnold and Anna L. Bennett, May 5, 1822. 

Bethiah O. of E. Bridgewater and David H. Wilbar, int. Aug. 

22, 1846. 
Betsey of Hannover and Charles Howard, int. Sept. 14, 1816. 
Caroline of Hanson and John Wade, int. Oct. 27, 182 1. 
Celia and Comfort Carpenter Dresser of Chester, Vt., Mar. 4, 

Cynthia of Hallifax and Benjamin B. Hayward, int. Oct. 16, 

David and Mary Littlefield, Sept. 9, 1756.* 
Deborah and Jonathan Phiney of Midleborough, Oct. 16, 

1735,* C.R.I. 

Ebenezer and Mehetabel Kingman, Mar. i, 1759.* [Mehitable, 


Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] and Samuel Harden, May 16, 1739.* 
Hannah and William Lincoln of Tanton, Mar, 28, 1751.* 

[Mar. 20, P.C.R.] 
Hannah and Thomas Osburne [int. Osbourne], Dec. 16, 1784. 

[Osburne, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Wade, Hannah and Melvin Holmes [int. Holms] of Hallifax, 

May 21, 1801. 
Hopestill and Zepheniah Allden, Sept. 25, 1748.* 
James and Ann Clark [int. Clarke] of Plymouth, Nov. 14, 

1753 [int. Aug. 31, 1754 sic], in Plymouth. 
John and Hannah Kingman, Sept. 19, 1751.* 
John and Molly Snow, Aug. 11, 1791. 
John and Caroline Wade of Hanson, int. Oct. 27, 1821. 
Keziah and Job Packard, Mar. 6, 1 750-1.* 
Levi of Pembrook and Deborah Phillips [int. Phillip], Feb. 20, 

1766. [Phillips, P.C.R.] 
Lydia of Hallifax and Samuel Harden, int. May 22, 1819. 
Mary and Seth Mitchel, Feb. 21, 1760.* 
Molley [int. Molly] and Isaac Hudson, June 10, 1819. 
Moses and Abthia Studson, Mar. 16, 1737-8.* 
Naomi and Elijah Pratt, Jan. 7, 18 13. [Elijah, s. Nathaniel 

and Betsey (Washburn), Jan. 9, p.r.i.] 
Nicholas and Anne Latham, Feb. 17, 17 14-15.* 
Nicholas Jr. and Betty [int. Bettie] Thomson, Nov. 25, 1762. 

[Betty, P.C.R.] 
Nicolas and Bethiah Hudson, June 16, 1822. 
Rachel and Israel Alger, June 24, 1731.* [Rachael, p.c.r.] 
Rebecca and Elisha Dunbar Jr., Nov. 24, 1757.* [Rebeccah, 


Rebecca and Robert Drake Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Easton, Sept. 

29, 1774, in Easton. 
Rebecca and Israel Cowing of Scituate, Nov. 25, 1788. 
Robert and Molle [int. Molley] Edson, Nov. 2, 1780. [Molly, 

P.C.R. Wed and Molly Edson, c.R.i.] 
Sabina W. of Halifax and Abel Cushing, int. Jan. 17, 1836. 
Samuel of Pembroke and Patience Niles, Apr. 7, 1782, in 

Thomas (Waed) and Rebecca Snow, Dec. 20, 1722.* 
Thomas and Elizabeth Hanmer, May 5, 1743. 
Tho[ma]s and Abigail Ames, Jan. 20, 1752.* 

WADSWORTH, Abigail and Jacob Tomson, Dec. 28, 1693,* 


WALDO, Hannah and Ephraim Cary, Feb. 3, 1708-9.* 
Shubael and Abigal Allen, Oct. 14, 1731.* [Shubal Waldow 

and Abagail Allen, Oct. 14, 1730, p.c.r.] 
Susanna and Richard Field, Jan. 17, 1705-6.* 

WALDREN, Benjamin of Dighton and Elizabeth Tisdale, int. 
Jan. 20, 1798. 

* Intention not recorded. 


WALES, Anna and William French Jr., int. Oct. 27, 1810. 

Falley of Stoughton and John Reynolds, int. Nov. 28, 1802. 

Hannah and James Gary, June 5, 1803 [date in later hand- 

John [int. of Stougton] and Mehetabel [int. Mehitable] How- 
ard, Jan. 8, 1789. [John and Mehitabel Howard, p.c.r.] 

John and Sukey [int. Susanna] Capen of Stoughton, Nov. 10, 
1 791, in Stoughton. 

John jr. and Olive Howard, June 13, 1820. 

Joshua Jr. and Polly Briggs, int. May 5, 1804. 

Mary and Nathaniel Collamore [int. Collimore] of Pembroke, 
Nov. 9, 1813. 

Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Isaac Curtis, Jan. 26 [Jan. 26 
in later handwriting, int. Jan. 4], 1806. 

Nathaniel 2d of Stoughton and Phebe French of Stoughton, 
Jan. I, 1815.* 

Sarah and William Packard [int. Jr.], Feb. 18, 1784. [William, 


Susannah [int. Susanna] and Eliab Whitman Esq., May 18, 

Thomas Jr. and Chloe Packard, int. Apr. 28, 1811. 

WALKER, James and Chloe Leach, int. Sept. 23, 1775. 

Lucy T. and Benjamin D. Clifford, Mar. 6, 1845. 

Lydia and Timothy Randell [int. Randel] of Easton, Mar. 14, 
1785, in Easton. 

Marshal and Hannah Dunbar, int. Aug. 17, 1776. 

Mary A. and Erastus C. Hayden, Dec. 26, 1843. 

Mary Jane and Charles [int. adds T.] Hall, Jan. 5, 1847. 
[Charles T., C.R.2.] 

Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] and Walker Gasset, Oct. 29, 1840. 
[Mehitable, C.R.3.] 

Olive [int. adds M.], Mrs., and [int. Lt.] Isaac Fobes of Ware- 
ham, Dec. 5, 1822. [Mrs. Olive M., d. Edward Mitchell, 
and Isaac Fobes of Wareham, s. Alpheus, c.r.i. Olive 
M., wid. Dr. Rufus, and Isaac Fobes, p.R.22. Olive M., 
wid. Dr. Rufus, d. Edward Mitchell and Chloe (Wash- 
burn), and Isaac Fobes, p.R.92.] 

Rufus, Dr. [int. omits Dr.], of West Port, and Olive Mitchell, 
Dec. II, 1814. [Dr. Rufus and Olive Mitchell, d. Edward 
and Chloe (Washburn), p.R.92.] 

Silvanus and Polly Johnson, int. July 3, 1819. [Sylvanus and 
Mary Johnson, m. Aug. 8, p.r.i.] 

Silvia and Benjamin Chipman of Taunton, int. Feb. 12, 1773. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Walker, Silvia and Caleb Edson, Mar, 11, 1788 [sic, ? 1778, 
int. 1778, ? in Middleborough]. 

WALLIS, Alice [int. Abigail] and William Drew [int. blacks], 

[Nov. 19] 1795. 
Elisabeth and James Haward, Jan. 26, 1709-10.* 
Obadiah [int. Obediah of Stoughton] and Rebecca Mitchell, 

blacks, Mar. 4, 1789. [Obadiah, p.c.r.] 
Robert of Pembrook and Anna Hooper, Jan. 30, 1751.* [Jan. 

30, 1752, P.C.R.] 

WALTON, Joseph and Abigail French, int. May 24, 1823. 

WAMPEE (see Wompee), John, "Indian man," of Groton, 

and Betty Thomas, "Indian woman," int. Nov. 3, 1768. 
Lucy and Prince Green, blacks, int. Oct. 28, 1797. 
Margaret (see Margrett Curtis). 
Pegg (see Margret Curtis). 
Priscilla (see Priscilla Curtis). 

WARD, Abiah and John Doty 2d, int. Mar. 7, 1772. "pub- 
lishment forbiden by Zobiah Ward." 

George of Middleborough and Caroline L. Leonard, Oct. 20, 

John of Middleton [int. adds Conn.] and [int. Mrs.] Sarah 
Hudson, Oct. 27, 1768. [Sarah, p.c.r. c.r.i.] 

Zobiah and Jo[h]n Dotty Jr. [int. Doty 2d], May 7, 1772. 
[Doty Jr., p.c.r.] 

WARE, Elias of Wrentham and Abigail Leach, Nov. 13, 1809 
[? in Middleborough]. 

WARNER, John, Capt., of West Port, and Mary Etson, int. 
Mar. 17, 1821. 

WARREN (see Warrin), Cynthia and Thomas Thayer of 

Randolph, int. Apr. 13, 1805. 
Cyrus and Olive Bissbee, Nov. 3, 1814. 
Ebenezer and Mary Nightingail, Oct. 19, [i7]47.* 
Ebenezer [int. Jr.] and Eunice Warren, May 9, 1776. 
Ebenezer Jr. and Deborah Thayer of Randolph, int. Sept. 7, 

Eliza Ann, d. David and Sally (Dunham) , and Willard W. Fobes, 

s. Reuel and Sibel, Aug. 26, 1840, in Duxbury,* P.R.37. 
Eunice and Ebenezer Warren [int. Jr.], May 9, 1776. 
Eunice and Joseph Mann [int. Jr. of Randolph], Feb. 14 [Feb. 

14 in later handwriting], 1805. 

* Intention not recorded. 



Warren, Ezra and Mary Phillips, Jan. 13, 1752.* 

Ezra and Lucie Tirrill [int. Terril] of Abington, Sept. 12, 1776, 

in Abington. 
Ezra Jr. and Zibeah Terril of Pembrook, int. Nov. 4, 1779. 
Hannah and Archippus Taylor [int. of Pembrook], Oct. 27, 

1778. [Archippus, Oct. 27, 1779, p.c.r.] 
Ichabod of Middleborough and Molley Lennard, Sept. 22, 

1772. [Icabode of Middleboro[ugh] and Mary Lennard, 


Jabez of Middleboro[ugh] and Zilpha Hooper, Feb. 17, 1767. 

[Jabez Washburne of Middleboro[ugh], p.c.r.] 
James of Raynham and Betsey Macomber of Raynham, July 

27, 1837.* [Macumber of Raynham, July 20, C.R.5.] 
Jane and Seth Wentworth [int. of Stoughton], Nov. 7, 1776. 
Jane and Judah Peterson [int. of Pembroke], Sept. 12, 1797. 
Joseph and Marcy Perkins, Aug. 3, 1756.* [Mercy, p.c.r. 

Mercy Perkens, c.R.i.] 
Joshua and Jane Orcut, May 10, 1725.* 
Joshua Jr. and Rebecca Leach, July 8, 1760.* [Rebeccah, 


Joshua and Rebecca A. Terrell, int. Apr. 5, 1840. 

Mary of Stoughton and Ebenezer Edson, int. Sept. 25, 1790. 

Mercy and James Loring, Nov. — [int. Nov. 4], 1800. 

Molly and Tho[ma]s Delano of Dartmouth, int. [Feb. 15] 1777. 

Nathan and Lucy Terril, June 12, 1783. 

Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] Jr. of Middleborough and Bettie Snow, 
Oct. 30, 1770. [Sam[ue]l Jr. of Middleboro[ugh], p.c.r.] 

Sarah and Nathan [int. Nathan[ie]ll] Billings [int. of Stough- 
ton], Aug. 19, 1778. [Nathan, p.c.r.] 

Sarah [int. Sally] and Silvanus Burr [int. of Easton], Dec. 23, 
1790. [Sarah and Silvanus Burr, p.c.r.] 

Simeon and Rhoda Harris [int. of Abington], Apr. 14, 1802 
[date in later handwriting]. 

Susanna and Seth Harris [int. Jr. of Abington], Apr. 2 [sic, int. 
Apr. 13], 1776. 

WARRIN (see Warren), Charlotte Maria [int. Charlotte 
Mariah Warren] and Albert Thompson of Halifax, May 
23, 1841. [Charlotte Maria Warren, d. Silas and Char- 
lotte, C.R.2.] 

WASBURN (see Washbourn, Washbun, Washburn, Wash- 
burne), Hannah and Nathan Basett, Mar. 15, 1733.* 
[Washborn and Nathan Basset, c.r.i.] 

Levi [int. Washburn 2d] and Sally Harris, Sept. 22, 1807. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Wasburn, Martha and Robertt Richmond, May 17, 1733.* 

[Washborn and Robert Richmond, c.r.i.] 
Susanna and Jephtha Byram of Mendham, N. J., Feb. 19, 

1 761.* [Susannah Washburne and Jeptha Byram of 

Mendham, N. J., p.c.r.] 

WASHBOURN (see Wasburn, Washbun, Washburn, Wash- 
burne), Elizabeth and Jo[s]iah Conant, Sept. i, 1701.* 
James and Mary Bowden, Dec. 20, 1693,* p.c.r. 
Marjorum and Josiah Lenord, Nov. i, 1699.* 
Samuell and Deliverance Lenord, Jan. 9, 1701.* 

WASHBUN (see Wasburn, Washbourn, Washburn, Wash- 
burne), Levi, Capt., and Mary Rowland, int. Jan. 17, 


WASHBURN (see Wasburn, Washbourn, Washbun, Wash- 
burne), Abiam [int. Abram] 2d, Lt. [dup. omits Lt.], and 
Pamelia Keith, Apr. 14, 1822. [Abram 2d and Pamelia 
Keith, d. Isaac and Joanna, c.r.i. Abram, s. Nathaniel 
and Salome Simmons [Simmons written in pencil above 
Howard crossed out], and Pamelia Keith, d. Isaac and 
Joanna (Pratt) (Bessee), p.r.i.] 

Abigail and Josiah Lennard, Nov. 21, 1717.* 

Abigail and John Lindsey, Feb. 7, 1734,* c.r.i. 

Abigail and John Freelove, May 10, 1739.* [John of Free- 
town, p.c.r. John, C.R.I.] 

Abigail and Jonathan Waterman, Oct. 24, 1768. 

Abigail and Levi Blossom, May 28, 1797. 

Abraham [int. Abram] and Rebecca Lennard, Oct. 28, 1765. 
[Abram Washburne and Rebeccah Lennard, p.c.r. Abra- 
ham Washburn Jr. and Rebecca Leonard, c.r.i. Abram 
Washburn and Rebecca Leonard, p.r.i. Abram Wash- 
burn and Rebecca , p.R.87.] 

Abram and Mary Carver, Jan. 15, 1804. 

Abram 2d (see Abiam 2d). 

Abram [int. 2d] and Sarah M. Shaw, Oct. 14, 1832. [Col. 
Abram 2d and Sarah M. Shaw, d. Dr. Samuel dec'd, 
c.r.i. Abram and Sarah Millar Shaw, d. Samuel (s. 
Rev. John and Ruth (Angier)) and Olive (d. Zebulun 
Leonard of Middleboro[ugh]), p.r.i.] 

Albert and Clarrisa Sumner Pratt, May 17, 1842, in New York 
City.* [Clarissa S., d. Calvin Esq, and Clarissa, p.r.i 2, 
Albert, s. Solomon, and Clarissa Sumner Pratt, d. Calvin 
and Clarissa, p.R.36.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Washburn, Albert and Maria Otis Pratt (second w.), , 

in New York City.* [Albert, s. Solomon, and Maria Pratt 

(second w.), d. Jared, p.R.36.] 
Alice and William French, Aug. 12, 1773. 
Alice of Middleborough and Bela Fobes, int. Dec. 15, 1805. 

[m. , _p.R.79.] 

Alice [sic, Olive, int. Olive] and Luther Gannett, Apr. 12, 1810. 
Ann E. and James S. Alden of E. Bridgewater, int. Sept. 19, 

1830. [Anne E., m. , 1830, p.R.63.] 

Anna and Amos Whitman, Nov. 22, 1764. [Washburne, p.c.r.] 

Anna and Oliver Hayward, Aug. 31, 1797. 

Anna of Turner, Cumberland Co., and Branch Byram, int. 

Aug. 28, 1802. 
Asa and Betsey Hooper, int. Mar. 28, 1789. 
Barnebas and Katurah Conant, Dec. 5, 1782. [Barnabas and 

Keturah Conant, p.c.r. Barnabas and Katura Conant, 


Benjamin and Bithiah Kingman, Feb. 11, 1713-14.* 

Benjamin and Martha Kingman, Aug. 6, 1729.* 

Benja[min] and Susanna [int. Susannah] Battles of Hingham, 

Mar. 23, 1743-4, in Hingham. 
Benjamin Jr. [int. 3d, omits Jr.] and Desire Sears of Halifax, 

Apr. 29, 1762, in Halifax. 
Benjamin and Charity Fuller, Feb. 7, 1836. 
Bethiah and Nehemiah Bryant, Feb. 24, 1740.* [Washburne 

and Nehemiah Bryant of Middleborough, p.c.r. Bethia 

Washburn and Nehemiah Bryant, c.r.i.] 
Bethiah and Lewis Torry of Middleborough, July 9, 1809. 
Betsey (see Elisabeth). 

Betsey B. of Middleboro and Philip D. Kingman, June 24, 1834. 
Betty [int. Bettie] and Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] Staples of 

Hannover, Dec. 9, 1765. [Betty Washburne and Samuel 

Staples of Hanover, p.c.r.] 
Betty (see Elisabeth). 
Bula and Ebenezer Pratt, Aug. 8, 1760.* 
Caleb and Mehetabel Allen, May 27, 1756.* [Mehitable, p.c.r.] 
Calvin and Lydia Snell, int. May 16, 1767. "publishment was 

forbidden by the s<^ Calvin Washburn." 
Calvin [int. Jr.] and Eunice Sprague, June 4, 1809. [Calvin 

and Eunice Sprague, d. Capt. Ephraira and Vina (d. Ezra 

Edson), C.R.2. Calvin, p.r.i.] 
Carver and Harriet Harden, Mar. 14, 1827. [Washburne, 

C.R.3. Washburn, s. Solomon, and Harriet Harding, d. 

Samuel, p.R.36.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Washburn, Carver and Jane [int. adds M.] Hayward, May 25, 

1835. [Jane M., c.r.i. Carver, s. Solomon, and Jane 

Hayward, d. Calvin, p.R.36.] 
Cephas and Mary Paris of Halifax, int. Oct. 14, 1826. 
Charles and Elizabeth Holmes of Kingston, int. Nov. 3, 1833. 
Chloe and Edward Mitchell Jr. [int. 3d, omits Jr.], Oct. 21, 

1789. [Edward Jr., p.c.r. Cloe and Edward Mitchell, s. 

Edward and Jane (Latham), p.r.i. Chloe and Edward 

Mitchell, Oct. 11, p.R.92.] 
Chloe and Isaac Washburn of E. Bridgewater, int. Nov. 13, 

Content and Joseph Lathrop Jr., Oct. 24, 1746.* [Washburne, 


Cornelius and Lois Benson, int. Nov. 11, 1775. 

Daniel 2d [int. omits 2d] and Melatiah Keith, Apr. 30, 1795 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Dan[ie]ll and Experience Harlow, June 4, 1752.* [Dan[ie]l and 

Eperiance Harlow, p.c.r.] 
Deliverance and Ephraim Jennings, Feb. 18, 1718-19.* 
Deliverance and Joseph Bolton, Feb. 6 [1739-40].* [Feb. 6, 

1739, C.R.I.] 

Deliverance, wid., and Abiel Packard, int. Nov. 16, 1771. 

Deliverance and William Shaw Jr., Oct. i, 1778. 

Ebenezer and Mary Leach, Apr. 27, 1772. 

Ebenezer and Abigail Weston of Middleborough, int. Sept. 23, 

Eleazer and Anna AUden, Nov. 22, 1738.* [Alden, p.c.r.] 
Eleazer and Huldah Woods [int. Wood], Feb. 23, 1769. [Woods, 


Eliab and Anne Edson, int. Oct. 9, 1762. 

Eliab and Molly Lazell [int. Molley Lazel], Feb. 20, 1777. 

Elisabeth and John Benson, Dec. 4, 1710.* 

Elisabeth and Isaac Harris, July 22, 1717.* 

Elisabeth and Joseph Crossman, Aug. 20, 1752.* [Elizabeth 
Washburne, p.c.r.] 

Elisabeth [int. Bettie] and Nathanael [int. Nathan[ie]ll] Pratt 
Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Nov, 12, 1778. [Elizebeth and Na- 
thaniel Pratt, c.r.i. Betsey and Nathaniel Pratt, s. Seth 
and Hannah (Washburn), p.r.i.] 

Elisha [int. of Roxbury] and Charity Snell, Dec. 8, 1763. 
[Washburne, p.c.r. Washburn and Cerity Snell, c.r.i.] 

Eliza H. and Almarine [int. Almorine] Hayward, Apr. 9, 1829. 
[Almarine, s. Solomon, c.r.i. Almarine Howard, p.r.i.] 

Elizabeth (see Elisabeth). 

' Intention not recorded. 


Washburn, Elizabeth and Elisha Hayward Jr., Oct. 7, 1740.* 
[Washburne, p.c.r. Elizebeth Washburn, Oct. 9, c.r.i.] 

Elizabeth, wid., and James Edson, Oct. 24, 1796. 

Eloisa R. and Thomas Hooper, Aug. 15, 1832. [Eloisa R., d. 
Calvin, and Thomas Hooper, s. WUliam dec'd, c.r.i.] 

Ephraim and Rebecca Dunham, int. Feb. 12, 1785. 

Eunice [and] Benjamin Crane, June 13, 1770. [Unice, p.c.r. 


Eunice and Asa Richmond [int. of Taunton], Nov. 28, 1782. 

[Asa, P.C.R. Unice and Asa Richmond of Taunton, c.r.i.] 

Eunice and Jonas [int. Jonah] Besse, Sept. 20, 1787. [Jonah, 


Eunice and Warren Hunt of Canton, Oct. 28, 1835. [Wash- 
burne, C.R.3.] 

Experience and Amoss Snell, Mar. 13, 1759.* [Washburne and 
Amos Snell, p.c.r. Washburn and Amos Snell, c.r.i.] 

Experience and Jonathan Orcut, Nov. 5, 1759.* [Washburne 
and Jonathan Orcutt, p.c.r.] 

Experience and Jonathan Alden, Nov. 26, 1766. [Washburne, 


Ezekiel and Experience Curtice, Oct. 4, 1749.* [Washbourn 

and Experiance Curtis, p.c.r.] 
Ezekiel [int. Jr.] and Naomi Thayer, Nov. i, 1781. [Ezekiel, 


Ezra and Susannah Leach, July 20, 1742.* [Washburne and 

Susanna Leach, p.c.r.] 
Gideon Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Ruth Whitman, Sept. 24, 1765. 

[Washburne Jr., p.c.r.] 
Hannah and John Keith, Apr. 18, 171 1.* 
Hannah and Zachariah Whitmarsh, Jan. 28, 1729-30.* 
Hannah and Thomas Davis, June 2, 1737.* 
Hannah and Seth Pratt, Apr. 27, 1753.* [Apr. 24, p.c.r.] 
Hannah and Moses Snell, int. Dec. 3, 1763. 
Hannah and James Carkis Woodwis [int. Woodswis], Feb. 12, 

Hannah and Benjamin Perkins, May 24, 1789. 
Harriet and Hezekiah [int. adds H.] Keith, May 21, 1836. 

[Hesekiah, c.r.i.] 
Henry [int. Jr.] and Susanna Hutchins of Middleborough, 

Aug. II, 1768 [? in Middleborough]. 
Hephzibah and Benjamin Leach, Sept. 8, 1702.* 
Hephzibah and John Hutchinson, Oct. 29, 1708.* 
Hephzibah of Midleborough and Benjamin Perkins, July 28, 

1 761. [Hepsibah of Middlebo[rougb], p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Washburn, Hephzibah [int. Hepzibah] and Lewis Edson, Jan. 

30, 1770. [Hepsibah [dup. Hephzibah] Washburne and 

Lewis [dup. Luice] Edson, p.c.r.] 
Hermon and Harriet Bonney, Dec. 27, 1822. 
Hervey and Dolly B. Clark [int. Clapp], Feb. 27, 1822. [Dolly 

B. Clark, d. Benjamin, c.r.i. Clarke, p.r.i.] 
Hiram and Abigail Keith, May 7, 1806. 
Hiram G., 21, shoemaker, of E. Bridgewater, s. Hiram and 

Olive, and Abigail K. Snell, 17, of W. Bridgewater, d. 

Edward and Emeline, Oct. 13, 1849.* 
Hosea and Weltha W. Packard, Jan. 29, 1845. 
Hulda and Solomon Bartlet, June 10, 1781,* c.r.i. 
Huldah L. and John Soule of Middleboro, Sept. 22, 1823. 
Isaac and Deborah Conant, Sept. 11, 1753. [Washburne, p.c.r.] 
Isaac and Huldah Allen, Feb. 6, 1781. 
Isaac of Taunton and Eunice Cary, int. Mar. 4, 1786. 
Isaac and Nabby [int. Abigail] Pope, Dec. 9, 1807 [date in later 

handwriting] . 
Isaac of E. Bridgewater and Chloe Washburn, int. Nov. 13, 

Israel and Waitstil Sumner, Nov. 3, 1708.* 
Israel and Leah Fobes, Jan. 3 [1739-40].* [Jan. 3, 1739, p.c.r. 


Jacob [int. gent[leman], of Middleborough] and Mercy Pool, 
Dec. 3, 1761. [Jacob, c.r.i.] 

Jacob and Ruth Shaw, Apr. 18, 1797. 

James and Elisabeth Lennard, Nov. 23, 1720.* 

Jane and Josiah Dean, Aug. 18, 1737.* 

Jane and Thomas Thomson, Oct. 31, 1745.* [Washburne, p.c.r.] 

Jane A., d. Calvin and Eunice, and Samuel H. Worcester, 20, 
teacher, of Charleston, S. C, b. Gloucester, s. Sam[ue]l 
and Sarah, Sept. 23, 1844. [Jane Ames Washburn and 
Samuel Howard Worcester, Sept. 22, p.R.77.] 

Jemimah and Josiah Leonard Jr., Jan. 24 [1739-40].* [Jemima 
and Joseph Leonard, Jan. 24, 1739, c.r.i.] 

Jeremiah and Charity Pratt, Apr. 24, 1754. 

Jeremiah and Kezia [int. Keziah] Snell, Aug. 19, 1777. [Keziah, 


Jeremiah Jr. and Sally Edson, int. Jan. 25, 1801. 

Jessee and Silence Washburn, Dec. 29, 1748.* [Jesse, p.c.r.] 

Joana and Ebenezer Leach, Dec. 26, 1734.* [Joanna Wash- 
born, C.R.I.] 

Joanna and Samuel Hacket of Rainham, Sept. 23, 1736.* 
[Samuel of Raynham, c.r.i.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Washburn, Joanna and Solomon Lennard Jr., Oct. 5, 1756.* 

[Leonard Jr., p.c.r. Leonard, c.r.i.] 
Joanna and Dan[ie]ll Connant [int. Daniel Conant], Aug. 2, 

1767. [Daniel Conant, p.c.r.] 
Joanna and Phinehas [int. Phineas] Conant [int. Jr.], Aug. 25, 

1785. [Phineas, p.c.r. Phinny, Aug. 15, c.r.i.] 
John and Margret Packard, Feb. 16, 1709-10.* 
John and Bethiah Keith, Jan. 12, 1737-8.* 

John and Mira Sprague, July 27, 1828. 

John and Deborah J. Robinson, Oct. — [int. Oct. 2], 1841. 

Jonathan, s. John, and Mary Vaughn, d. George, , 1683,* 

Jonathan and Rebecca Perry of Sandwich, Dec. 27, 1711, in 

Jonathan and Rebecca Johnson of Hingham, Dec. 17, 1719, 

in Boston.* 
Jonathan and Thankful Newton, Apr. 9, 1724.* 
Jonathan and Rebecca Perkins, Jan. 18, 1757.* [Rebeccah, 

P.C.R. Rebecca Perkens, c.r.i.] 
Jonathan [int. Jr.] of Midleborough and Hannah Conant, May 

14,1778. [Jonathanof Midleboro and Hanna Conant, C.R.I.] 
Jonathan and Sally K. [int. Sarah W.] Pratt, Feb. 8, 1827. 

[Sally K., d. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, p.R.12.] 
Joseph Jr. and Mary Washburn, Sept. 23, 1755.* 
Joshua and Lucey Rickard [int. Lovicey Reckards], Mar. 2, 

1786. [Lucy Rickard, p.c.r. Luwcy Rickard, c.r.i.] 
Joshua and Charity Williams of Taunton, int. Jan. 30, 1836. 
Josiah and Mercy Tilson, Feb. 11, 1702, in Plymouth.* 
Josiah and Elisabeth Davenport, June 20, 1723.* [Josiah, s. 

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Davenport, p.R.36.] 
Josiah and Abigal Curtis, Jan. 29, 1745.* [Washburne and 

Abigail Curtiss, p.c.r.] 
Josiah Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Phebe Hayward, May 3, 1753. 
[Washburne and Pheba Hayward, p.c.r. Josiah Wash- 
burn, s. Josiah, and Phebe Hayward, d. Thomas, p.R.36.] 
Josiah and Hulda Lennard, Oct. 15, 1755.* [Huldah Leonard, 


Josiah and Elisabeth Snow, July 6, 1775. 

Judith and Seth Kingman, int. July 14, 1787. 

Kezia and Andrew [int. Andrue] Conant, Nov. i, 1795. 

Keziah[and]JosephHarveyJr.,,i749.* [Joseph 2d, p.c.r.] 

Laura [dup. int. of Middleboro[ugh]] and Job P. [dup. int. 

omiis P.] Rounseville, June 3, 1827. [Job P., both of 

Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Washburn, Lavinia (see Levina). 

Leah of Raynham and Jason Fobes, int. May 25, 1770. 

Lebbeus (see Libeus). 

Levi and Molly [int. Molley] Allen, Nov. 22, 1774. 

Levi of E. Bridgewater and Susan J. White of Raynham, 

Nov. , 1843,* C.R.I. 

Levina and Eliab Thompson Jr. of Hallifax, int. May 22, 1819. 

Lewis and Lydia Ager of Weymouth, int. Nov. 17, 1833. 

Libeus of Plimpton and Alice Keith, Mar. 16, 1792. 

Lois H. and Ephraim H. Sprague, int. Nov. 10, 1833. 

Lucia C. and William J. Cutler of Boston, Apr. 4, 1843. [Lucia 
Conant Washburn, d. Abram and Pamelia (Keith), p.r.i.] 

Lucy and Nathan[ie]ll Morton, Sept. 13, 1757.* 

Lucy and Abel Kingman, Nov. 15, 1792. 

Lucy and Lawson Lyon of Boston, Apr. 22, 1813. [Lucy, d. 
Abram and Rebecca (Leonard), p.r.i. p.R.87.] 

Luke and Desire Packard, Aug. 30, 1763. 

Lydia and Samuel West, Mar. 10, 1736-7.* [Lidea, c.r.i.] 

Lydia and Simeon Wood, May 6, 1778. [Lidea, c.r.i.] 

Lydia and Samuel Rider, int. Nov. 23, 1799. 

Marcia (see Maria S.). 

Margaret and Ephraim Holmes, Feb. 19, 1740.* [Margarett 
Washbun and Ephraim Holmes of Hallifax, p.c.r. Mar- 
garet Washburn and Ephraim Holmes, Feb. 19, 1 740-1, 


Maria S., d. Solomon and Sarah, and Alonzo Masters, , 

in New York City.* [Marcia, d. Solomon, and Alonzo 

Marsters, p.R.36.] 
Martha and Jonathan Leonard, Apr. 25, 1758.* 
Martha and Elijah Edson, Mar. 13, 1766. 
Mary and Thomas Perkins, Feb. 20, 1716-17.* [Thomas, s. 

David, P.R.64.] 
Mary and William Snow, Nov. 8, 1722.* 
Mary and Eleazer Cary, Mar. 7, 1753.* [Washburne and 

Eleazer Carry, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Jabez King, Apr. 12, 1753.* [Washburne, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Joseph Washburn Jr., Sept. 23, 1755.* 
Mary and Job Pratt, Feb. i, 1757.* [Washbourne, p.c.r. 

Washburn, c.r.i.] 
Mary and Sam[ue]ll Packard [int. 4th], Sept. 2, 1761. [Sam- 

[ue]ll, C.R.I.] 

Mary, d. Josiah Jr., and — — [Oct. 18, 1782],* c.r.i. 

Mary and Benjamin Munro of Hallifax, Dec. 6, 1787. [Monro 

of Halifax, c.r.i. Molly and Manroe of Hallifax, 


• Intention not recorded. 


Washburn, Mary and Bartholomew Trow, Mar. 24, 1803.* 

Mercy and Pelatiah Phiney, Dec. 28, 1738,* c.r.i. 

Mira and John A. Shaw, Oct. 17, 1830. [Mira, d. Capt. Ephra- 

im Sprague and Vina (d. Ezra Edson), and Hon. John 

A. Shaw, C.R.2. Mira, wid. John, d. Ephraim Sprague 

and Vina (Edson), and John A. Shaw, s. Samuel and Olive 

(Leonard), p.r.i.] 
Molly (see Mary). 

Molly and Ephraim Tomson of Middleborough, Jan. 12, 1791. 
Nabby and Zenas Mitchell, Dec. 15, 1796. 
Nahum and Anna Mitchell, int. Dec. 4, 1816. 
Nahum and Christiana Pratt, d. Calvin Esq. and Clarissa, 

May 16, 1836,* P.R.12. [Nahum, s. Solomon, p.R.36.] 
Nancy A. V. and Greenough Wood of E. Bridgewater, int. 

Feb. 23, 1834. 
Nathan and Mary Mahurin, Apr. 20, 1748.* [Washburne and 

Mary Mehurine, p.c.r.] 
Nathaniel and Joanna H. Snell, [June] 29, 1823. [Joanna H., 

d. William and Eunice, c.r.i. Joanna [dup. Joannah], d. 

William and Eunice (Cary), p.r.i.] 
Nehemiah and Jane Haward, Mar. 26, 1713.* 
Nehemiah and Ruth Eggarton, Mar. 29, 1770. [Washburne, 


Noah and Elisabeth Shaw, Jan. 25, 1709-10.* 

Olive (see Alice). 

Oliver and Hannah Gannett [int. Gannet], Mar. i, 1781. [Gan- 
nett, P.C.R.] 

Oliver and Martha Fobes, Jan. 19, 1787. 

Oliver and Polly Hay ward, Feb. 5 [int. Mar. 17 sic], 1804. 
[Mary Howard (second w.). May 20, p.r.i.] 

Oliver [int. adds A.] and Jane Keith, Oct. 5, 1814. 

Parna and Adam Stetson, Jan. 8, 181 7. 

Patience [int. Reliance] and Nathan Richmond of Midleboro, 
May 2, 1754. 

Phebe and Samuel Kingman, Feb. 3, 1736-7.* 

Phebe and Luther Hooper, Nov. 25, 1779 [? in Middle- 

Polly and Oliver Conant, July 6, 1796. 

Polly and Barzillia Latham, int. Oct. 24, 1801. 

Rebeca and Sam[ue]ll Alden, Dec. 28, 1752.* 

Rebecca and David Johnson, Jan. 7, 17 19.* 

Rebecca and Lemuel Leach, Oct. 12, 1767. [Rebeccah, p.c.r.] 

Rebecca and Isaac Pool, Oct. 18, 1774. 

Reliance (see Patience). 

• Intention not recorded. 


Washburn, Reuben and Abigail Murrey, int. Dec. lo, 1743. 

Reuben (see Ruben). 

Rhobe S. and Joshua Jackson, int. Feb. 12, 1837. 

Rob[er]t and Mary Fobes, Mar. 6 [1739-40].* [Mar. 6, 1739, 

P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

Roby S. (see Rhobe S.). 

Rotheus and Mary Hayward, Oct. 18, 1829. [Rotheus, s. 
Solomon and Sally, and Mary Hayward, d. Solomon Jr. 
and Mary, c.r.i. Rotheus and Mary Hayward, d. Solo- 
mon and Betsey (Bates), p.r.i.] 

Ruben and Betty [dup. Bettie] Dilley, May 11, 1749.* [Betty, 


Ruth and Calvin Leach, int. Sept. 18, 1779. 

Ruth and Benjamin Price, int. July 6, 1805. 

Sally and James Johnson Jr. [int. 2d], Nov. 22, 1798. 

Salmon and Hannah Orcutt, Sept. 15, 1785. [Solomon and 

Hannah Alcutt, p.c.r.] 
Sampson [int. Samson] and Rebecca Soul of Middleborough, 

Jan. 28, 1806 [? in Middleborough]. 
Sarah and John Ames, Jan. 12, 1696-7.* [Job, p.R.103.] 
Sarah, Mrs., and Ephraim Keith, Sept. 21, 1732.* [Miss 

Sarah, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Sam[ue]ll Crane, Feb. 13, 1737-8.* [Sarah, wid., 

and Samuel Crane of Milton, c.r.i.] 
Sarah and Henry Caswell, May 11, 1738,* c.r.i. 
Sarah and Dan[ie]ll Bryant, July 16, 1767. [Daniel Briant, 


Sarah [int. Sally] and Seth Hayward, Feb. 2, 1792. [Sarah, 


Sarah W. of E. Bridgewater and Charles Hayward, int. Jan. i, 

Seth of Middleborough and Elisabeth Dunbar, July 21, 1772. 

[Elizabeth, p.c.r.] 
Seth and Sarah Willis [int. wid.]. Mar. 31, 1812. [Seth, s. 

Abram and Rebecca (Leonard), and Sarah Willis, p.r.i. 

Seth, s. Abram, and Sarah Carver, d. Dr. Eleazer, p.r.88.] 
Seth Jr. and Casindana Pratt, Nov. 29, 1839. [Seth Jr., s. 

Seth and Sarah (Carver), and Casindania Pratt, p.r.88.] 
Silence and Jessee Washburn, Dec. 29, 1748.* [Jesse, p.c.r.] 
Silvanus and Millicent Richards, int. Feb. 9, 1865 [sic, ? 1765]. 
Solomon and Martha Orcut, Jan. 13, 173 1-2.* [Orcutt, p.c.r. 

Washborn and Martha Orcut, c.r.i.] 
Solomon and Ann [int. Anne] Mitchel, Mar. 17, 1773. [Solo- 
mon, s. Josiah, and Anne Mitchell, d. Seth, p.R.36.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Washburn, Solomon (see Salmon). 

Solomon [int. Jr.] and Sarah [int. Sally Carver], Mar. 

i8, 1801. [Solomon, s. Solomon, and Sarah Carver, d. 

Jabez and Sarah of Raynham, p.R.36.] 
Southworth [int. Southwarth] and Rebecca Bissbee, July 7, 

1794. [Southworth and Rebecca Bisbee, p.c.R.] 
Stephen and Sarah Faxon, Nov. 20, 1770. 
Susanna and Timothy Perkins, Mar. 18, 1735-6.* 
Susanna of Middleboro[ugh] and Zadock Leach, Dec. 6, 1763. 

[Susannah of Middlebo[rough], p.c.r.] 
Susanna and James Hooper Jr., Feb. 6, 1772. 
Susanna and Simeon Jones of Pembroke, Mar. 7, 1803.* 
Susanna and Macey Hall of Raynham, int. Apr. 11, 1807. 
Tabitha and Soloman Leach, Apr. 14, 1736.* [Solomon, c.r.i.] 
Tabitha and Mark Perkins, Oct. 17, 1784. 
Thankfull and John Kinsley, Feb. 19, 1746.* [Thankful 

Washburne, p.c.r.] 
Thomas and Sarah Lennard, July 28, 1708.* 
Thomas Sr. and Abigail Hefford, July 24, 171 1.* 
Thomas Jefferson [dup. of Orono, Me.] and Marcia [int. Maria] 

Perkins, July 3, 1836. [Thomas J. of Orono, Me., and 

Marcia Perkins, c.r.i. Thomas and Marcia Perkins, d. 

Jacob and Mary (Thomas), p.r.i. Thomas J. and Marcia 

Perkins, d. Jacob and Mary (Thomas), p.R.13.] 
Waitstil and Ebenezer Pratt of Waymouth, Dec. 15, 1720.* 
Wealthy [int. Welthy] of Middleborough and Benjamin Dun- 
bar, June 9, 1774 [? in Middleborough]. 
Willard and Alvira Bryant, int. Dec. 2, 1843. 
William and Experience Man, Jan. 13, 1715.* 
William and Rebecca Curtis, May 8, 1738,* c.r.i. 
Zenas [int. Zenus] and Salence [int. Silence] Ames, Apr. 2, 1789 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Zenas and Lydia Whitman, Feb. 3, 1799. 
Zeruiah and Solomon Hay ward, Apr. 16, 1782. [Zerviah, 

P.C.R. C.R.I. Zeruiah and Solomon Howard, p.r.i.] 
Zilpha and Noah Whitman, July i, 1779. [Zilpah, p.c.r. 

Zilpha, C.R.I. Zilphia, p.r.i.] 
Zipporah and Timothy Perkins, Oct. 7, 1753. [Washbourne, 


WASHBURNE (see Wasburn, Washbourn, Washbun, Wash- 
burn), Jabez (see Jabez Warren). 

John Jr. and , Apr. i6, 1679.* [John Washburn 

and Rebecca Lapham, G.R.7. John Washburn Jr. and 
Rebecca Lapham, p.R.103.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


WATERMAN (see Watermon) , Abigail and Charls [int. Charles] 
Perkins, Mar. II, 1762. [Charles, p.c.r. Charles Perkens, 


Betsey, wid. [int. omiis wid.], and Daniel Hudson, Jan. 5, 1822. 
Calvin and Salome Allen, Sept. 29, 1793, in Halifax. 
David and Betsey Pratt, int. Feb. 6, 1802. 
Elisha of Hallifax and Martha Benson, Jan. 25, 1774. 
Eliza of Hallifax and Nathaniel French, int. July 27, 181 1. 
Hannah and Ornon Perkins, int. Dec. i, 1833. 
Jabez [of] Hallifax and Hannah Benson, Nov. 28, 1805. 
Joanna and Frederick [int. Frederic] L. Dean, Apr. 2, 1826. 
[Joanna, d. Dea. W[aterman], and Frederick L. Dean, 


John of Hallifax and Mercy Orcutt, int. Nov. 11, 1769. [John 
Jr. of Halifax and Mary Orcut, m. Apr. 10, 1770, c.r.i.] 

Jonathan and Abigail Washburn, Oct. 24, 1768. 

Lucy and Newland Sampson of Hallifax, Aug. 28, 1766. [Sam- 
son of Hallifax, p.c.r. Newlend Samson of Halifax, c.r.i.] 

Lucy B. of Kingston and Lewis Leonard, int. Nov. i, 1846. 

Minerva and Isaac Alden, Apr. 19, 1821. [Apr. 29, p.r.66.] 

Nathaniel and Jane E. Adams of Kingston, int. Aug. 2, 1829. 

Oliver of Mansfield and Sarah Freelove, Feb. i, 1786, in 

Otis of Kingston and Betsey Watermon, int. Aug. 19, 1820- 

Peres and Ruth Nye of Sandwich, int. Nov. 19, 1784. 

Rebecca and Elisha Bartlet of Brookfeild, May 11, 1778. 
[Barklet of Brookfield, c.r.i.] 

Ruth and Nathan Hall, Feb. 24, 1790. 

Sarah, "Indian woman," and Thomas Conquance, "Free 
Negro man," Feb. 13, 1753.* 

Sarah of Halifax and Samuel Whitman, Nov. 7, 1776, in 

Susan [int. Susanna] of Halifax and Francis Perkins, Dec. 14, 
1762, in Halifax. 

Uriah A. and Polly Horton, Mar. 13, 1826. 

William and Margrett Curtis, "alias Margrett Wampee," int. 
Jan. 16, 1773. 

WATERMON (see Waterman), Betsey and Otis Waterman 
of Kingston, int. Aug. 19, 1820. 

WATERS, Ellener and Caleb Chard, Apr. 23, 1700.* 
Sam[ue]ll and Jane Kennedy, Feb. 26, 1756.* 

WATKINS (see Wattkins). 

• Intention not recorded. 


WATSON, James E. [int. W.] and Harmony Gary, Jan. i, 1821. 

WATTKINS, Zachariah and Abigail Keith, Sept. i, 1761. 
[Zechariah Watkins, p.c.r.] 

WEBB, Benjamin of Eastham and Mrs. Mehetabel Williams, 

Oct. 20, 1720.* 
Benjamin and Abigail Ormsby of Taunton, Bristol Co., int. 

Apr. 23, 1778. 
John of Bran try and Mary AUden, Oct. 6, 1720.* 
Silence and Ephraim Cole, Dec. 18, 1777. 

WEBSTER, Mary of Pembroke and John Orcutt, Mar. 31, 
1740, in Pembroke.* 

WEEKS, Andrew K., 23, painter, s. Samuel P. and Huldah, 
and Harriet T. Pratt, 22, of Halifax, d. Stillman and Mary, 
Nov. 22, 1846. 

WELMARTH (see Willmath), Nath[anie]l [int. WiUmarth of 
Easton] and Mercy Snow, Feb. i, 1795. 

WENTWORTH, Darius and Olive Pratt of Middleboro, Oct. 
21, 1834. [Darius, s. Theophilus and Betsey, p.R.90.] 

Edward of Stoughton and Sarah Winslow, Jan. 22, 1745-6.* 

Eliza and Ezra Edson, Apr. 3, 1819. [Ezra, s. Libeus (s. Ezra) 
and Joanna Keen, c.R.2. Eliza, d. Theophilus and Bet- 
sey, Apr. 4, p.R.90.] 

Eliza, 18, d. Martin and Ruth, and Seth W. Conant, 23, cord- 
wainer, s. Seth and Hannah, Nov. 23, 1845. 

Hiram and Ann Leach, Apr. 2, 1833. [Anna, d. Levi and Bet- 
sey (Conant), Apr. 3, p.r,5o. Hiram, s. Theophilus and 
Betsey, Apr. 2, p.R.90.] 

Lewis and Matilda [int. adds B.] Leach, Apr. 20, 1841. [Ma- 
tilda, C.R.3. Lewis, s. Theophilus and Betsey, and Ma- 
tilda B. Leach, p.R.90.] 

Martin and Ruth Sturtevant, Aug. 17, 1826. [Martin, s. 
Theophilus and Betsey, and Ruth Sturdevant, p.R.90.] 

Oliver and Sarah Leach, June 15, 1779.* 

Seth [int. of Stoughton] and Jane Warren, Nov. 7, 1776. 

Soranus and Rebecca Leonard, Apr. 8, 1834. [Soranus, s. 
Theophilus and Betsey, p.R.90.] 

Soranus and Sophia Kingman of Middleborough, int. Mar. 17, 
1839. [Soranus, s. Theophilus and Betsey, and Sophia 
Kingman (second w.), m. Apr. 8, p.R.90.] 

Theophilus and Betsey [French], Nov. 19, 1794,* P.R.90. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Wentworth, Wales and Polly Bacon, Dec. 4, 1820. [Wales, 
s. Theophilus and Betsey, Nov. 19, p.R.90.] 

WESLEY (see Westley, Whestley), Joseph and Margrett 
Robinson, Dec. 14, 1773. 

WEST, Hannah and William Shaw, July 15, 1754. 

Lidia [int. Lydia] and Ebenezer Thayer [int. 3d of Braintree], 

Sept. 23, 1779. [Lydia and Ebenezer Thayer, p.c.r.] 
Mercy and Redding [int. Reeding] Carr, Jan. 19, 1795. 
Patience and Lemuel Southworth, Nov. 6, 1757.* 
Samuel and Mehetabel Ames, Dec. 15, 1727.* 
Samuel and Lydia Washburn, Mar. 10, 1736-7.* [Lidea, c.r.i.] 
Tho[ma]s and Mercy Packard, Dec. 9, 1756.* [Martha, p.c.r.] 
Timothy and Zibia [int. Zibba] Edson, Nov. 29, 1787. [Zibea, 


WESTALL, John of Fall River and Sophronia Wight of Lowell, 
Aug. II, 1839.* [[both of] Bridgewater, C.R.5.] 

WESTLEY (see Wesley, Whestley), Jannett [int. Jennett 
Worsley] and Byram Lazell, Sept. 26, 1793. [Jennit 
Wesly, P.C.R.] 

WESTON, Abigail of Middleborough and Ebenezer Wash- 
burn, int. Sept. 23, 1787. 

Darius A. of Middleboro and Pamela W. White, int. June 25, 

Hannah S. of Plympton and Amos I. Cook, int. Sept. 29, 1839. 

Mary, wid., of Plymouth, and Samuel Nute, int. July 7, 1804. 

Rufus of Middleborough and Sarah Whitman, int. Mar. 29, 

Seth and Lucy White of Easton, Dec. 4, 1788 [? in Middle- 

WETHEREL (see Witherel, Witherell, Withrell), Mary [int. 
wid.] and Joseph Chamberlain, Feb. 12, 1767. [Wethrel, 


Nathan[ie]ll of Norton and Mary May, Oct. 9, 1755.* 

WHARTON, Charity [int. of Dorchester] and Libeus Lathrop, 
May 26, 1803. 

WHEATLEY (see Whitly). 

WHEELER, Benjamin F. of Canton and Susan J. Reed of E. 

Bridgewater, Dec. — , 1843,* c.r.i. 
Eli Jr. and Julia A. Fish, int. Oct. 31, 1847. 

* Intention not recorded. 


WHESTLEY (see Wesley, Westley), Joseph and Jean Gill- 
more, Nov. 27, 1739.* [Whesley, p.c.r. Westly and Jane 
Gilemor, c.r.i.] 

WHITAKER, Nathanael of Rehoboth and Abigail Read, 
Dec. 20, 171 1.* 

WHITCOMB, Phebe [dup. Whitman] and Joseph Reynolds Jr. 

[int. omits Jr.], Nov. 3, 1817. 

WHITE, Abigail of Abington and Alexander Robinson, int. 

Nov. 10, 1744. 
Abigail of Middleborough and Thomas Hooper, Mar. 15, 1759 

[? in Middleborough].* 
Abigail of Abington and Nathan Dawes, int. Oct. 17, 1772. 
Anna of Marshfield and Ezra Edson, int. July 13, 1782. [Ann 

of Marshfield and Ezra Edson, s. Samuel 3d, m. , 

1782, C.R.2.] 

Bartimeus, 34, farmer, of Grant Co., Wis., s. Samuel and Mary 
of Randolph, and Nancy Leach, 23, of E. Bridgewater, 
May 25, 1845-* 

Benjamin Jr. of Hanover and Mary Chamberlain, Dec. 12, 
1780. [Chamberlin, p.c.r.] 

Benjamin and Mahtable [int. Mehetabel] Pool of Abington, 
June 5, 1795, in Abington. 

Betsey and Isaac Richmond, Nov. 30, 1794. 

Cornelius and Susanna Howel, Oct. 14, 1747.* [Howell, p.c.r.] 

David [int. of Randolph] and Bathsheba H, [int. Wales] Hub- 
bard, May 26 [May 26 in later handwriting], 1806. 

Eleanor of Millbury and Capt. Spencer Lothrop, int. Aug. 30, 

Eliphalet of Raynham and Bethany Alden, Aug. 10, 1791. 

Eliza B. and Ira Dickerman of N. [int. N. W.] Bridgewater, 
Dec. 27, 1842. 

Esther and Ambrose Packard, June 23 [June 23 in later hand- 
writing], 1805. 

Hannah and Jonathan Allen [int. Alden], Dec. 4, 1777. [Allen, 


Hitty and Jacob Bicknel [int. Bicknell] Jr. of Abington, Aug. 3, 

Isaac of Raynham and Olive Fobes, int. Mar. — , 1792. 
Jarib of Amherst, Hampshire Co., and Ruth Sherman, Feb. 24, 

Jarvis of Raynham and Minerva Leach, int. Oct. 2, 1819. 
Kesiah and Edward Hay ward of Easton, Oct. 26, 1748, in 


• Intention not recorded. 


White, Louisa, 24, of Mansfield, d. Augustus and Mariah, and 
Leonard Ames, 23, farmer, of Mansfield, s. Franklin and 
Polly, June 15, 1847.* 

Lovisa Maria [int. Luezar Mari] and Arza Leonard, Apr. 4, 

Lucy of Easton and Seth Weston, Dec. 4, 1788 [? in Middle- 

Lucy and Silas Shaw of Ringe [int. Range], N. H., May 29, 


Lydia Clushing [int. Gushing] and Bela Dyer of Abington, 
Feb. 17, 1813. 

Mary and Elijah Peck [int. of Abington], Nov. 17, 1776, in 

Mary and John Dwelly of Quincy, int. Sept. 19, 1807. 

Mary A. and Sylvester W. Hall, Sept. 17, 1848 [? in Bridge- 
water],* P.R.65. 

Mehitable (see Hitty). 

Micah [dup. and int. of Braintree] and Bettie Toleman [dup. 
Bettee Tolman, int. wid.], Dec. 22, 1768 [dup. Nov. 24, 
1768, in Braintree]. [Micah and Bettie Tolman, Dec. 22, 


Micah and Lucey Hatch of Hingham, int. May 4, 1771. 

Micah Jr. and Jane Hersey [int. Hearsey] of Abington, Dec. 6, 
1792, in Abington. 

Micah Jr. of Abington and Esther Hobart, int. Jan. 3, 1818. 

Nathan and Hannah Redding, Apr. 14, 1735.* 

Nathaniel, Dr., of Weymouth, and Abigail Keith, July i, 1755, 
in Weymouth.* 

Nathan[ie]ll and Sussanna Grossman, May 27, 1745.* [Na- 
thaniel and Susanna Grosman, p.c.r.] 

Nehemiah of Sharon and Abigail Turner, int. Oct. 9, 1802. 

Nehemiah of E. Bridgewater and Ghloe E. Leach of E. Bridge- 
water, Oct. 23, 1838.* [Oct. 23, 1839, C.R.3. Nehemiah 
and Ghloe E. Leach, d. Hosea and Hannah (Keith), Oct. 
23, 1839, P.R.65.] 

Pamela W. and Darius A. Weston of Middleboro, int. June 25, 

Perez of Raynham and Deborah Leach, Jan. i, 1788 [? in 

Peter and Rebecca Nero [int. Negro], blacks, Apr. 22, 1783. 
[Nero, P.C.R.] 

Polly and Noah Pool [int. of Boston], June 17, 1808. 

Raney of Marshfield and Luther Hay ward, int. Aug. 30, 1794. 

Ruth and Adam Kingman, Mar. 27, 1760.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


White, Sally of Middleborough and Alexander Shaw, Mar. 
21, 1802 [? in Middleborough]. 

Samuel of Middleborough and Olive Hathaway of Middle- 
borough, Nov. 6, 1792.* [Hatheway of Middleborough, 


Sarah of Marshfield and Nathan Willis, int. Sept. 8, 1792. 

Sarah and Joseph Hearsey Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Abington, 
Aug. 29, 1799. 

Sarah H. and John Angier Shaw, s. Samuel and Olive (Leon- 
ard), Mar. 29, 1821, in Woodville, Miss.,* p.r.i. 

Simeon [int. of Sharon] and Bethiah Samson, Aug. 20, 1808 
[date in later handwriting]. 

Susan J. of Raynham and Levi Washburn of E. Bridgewater, 
Nov. — , 1843,* C.R.I. 

Susanna and John Leach, Feb. 20, 17 18.* 

Thomas [int. of Abington] and Hannah Green of Abington, 
Jan. 2, 1772. [Tho[ma]s of Bridgewater, p.c.r.] 

Thomas and Nancy Harden of Abington, int. June 25, 1803. 

Thomas and Issabella D. Harden [int. Isabella Dom Hayden 
sic, D. Harden written below], Mar. i, 18 10. 

Zilpha and Uriah Rickard, June 2, 1761.* 

WHITEING (see Whiting, Whitting), Sally of Attleborough 
and Daniel Lathrop 3d, int. Apr. 14 [1787]. 

WHITEMORE (see Whitmore), David of Randolph and 

Urania Bassett, int. Oct. 31, 1840. 
John and Ruth Bassett, Dec. 22, 1692,* p.c.r. 

WHITING (see Whiteing, Whitting), Amos and Polly How- 
ard, int. May 25, 1810. 

Ruth [int. Whiteing] and Marlborough Ripley, July 16, 1787. 
[Whiting, P.C.R.] 

Samuel and Abigail Willis, Aug. 17, 1806 [date in later hand- 

William and Mary Ramsdel, June 8, 1748.* 

William of Stoughton and Rachel Turner, int. Aug. 10, 181 1. 

WHITLY, Betty [int. Bettie Wheatley] and Edward Power 
[int. Powers], Oct. 15, 1772. 

WHITMAN (see Whittman), Abigail and Edward Hobert of 

' Hingam, Nov. 12, i'j[worn].* [Nov. 12, 1714, P.R.103.] 
Abigail and Jeremiah Cobb of Midleborough, int. June i, 1773. 
Abigail and John Whitman 3d, Aug. 5, 1773. 
Alfred and Betsey Robbins [int. Robins], Sept. 14, 1808. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Whitman, Amos and Anna Washburn, Nov. 22, 1764. [Wash- 
burne, p.c.r.] 

Angelina and Curtis Barns of Hingham, int. Oct. 22, 1803. 

Anna and Timothy Bailey, Mar. 24, 1796. 

Anna and Thomson [int. Thompson] Baxter of Quinsey, Nor- 
folk Co., Dec. 16, 1797. 

Asa and Deborah Howard, Mar. 24, 1804. 

Asa and Rachel Chamberlain [int. Chamberlin], Feb. 16, 1820. 

Benjamin and Mary Latham, Feb. 3, 1757.* 

Benjamin 2d and Lucy Leonard of Middleborough, May 24, 

Betsey and James Keith, Oct. 31 [sic, int. Dec. 16], 1815. 

Cassandra and Gaius Conant, int. Dec. 4, 1802. 

Celia [int. Sela] and Timothy Allen, Apr. 3, 1788. [Celia, 


Celia [int. Sela] and William Pratt, Dec. 30, 1816. 
Celia M. and Lewis H. Richardson, int. Mar. 6, 1841. 
Christiana and George W. Barton [int. George Washington 

Barten] of Bath, Sept. 17, 1809. 
Clarissa [int. of Abington] and Isaac Alden 3d, Nov. 21,1811. 
Daniel and Celia Harris, Oct. 31 [sic, int. Dec. 16], 1815. 
Daniel and Sarah Porter, Dec. 6, 1819. 
David and Susanna Hayward, July 13, 1738.* 
David Snow and Ruth Stetson of Pembroke, May 31, 1798. 
Ebenezer and Abigail Barnam, Nov. 17, 1699.* 
Ebenezer Jr. and Abigail Freelove, Nov. 21, 1760.* 
Ebenezer 3d and Ruth Delano of Pembrook, int. Mar. 13, 1779. 
Ebenezer Jr. [int. 2d] and Lydia Whitman, Oct. 7, 1788. 

[Ebenezer Jr., p.c.r.] 
Elanor and Samuel Pratt of Stoughton, int. Oct. 20, 1764. 
Elanor and Nathan[ie]ll Chamberlain Jr., int. Oct. 3, 1767. 
Eleazer and Abigail Alden, Nov. 9, 1742. 
Eleazer Jr. and Nabby Pratt, Sept. 17, 181 2. 
Eliab Esq. and Susannah [int. Susanna] Wales, May 18, 1817. 
Eliezer and Mary Brown of Abington, int. Jan. 17, 1778. 
Elijah and Mary Randal [int. Mercy Randel] of Scituate, 

July I, 1764 [sic, int. June 12, 1784], in Scituate. 
Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] and George Briggs of Norton, Oct. 26, 

1 791. [Elizabeth, p.c.r.] 
Elizabeth [int. Elisaboth] and Benjamin Strowbridge [int. 

Troubridge] of Middleborough, Apr. 16, 1789. [Elizabeth 

and Benjamin Strowbridge of Middleboro[ugh], p.c.r.] 
Eunice, wid. [int. omits wid.], and Peter Salmon of Hanover, 

Feb. 17, 1785. [Eunice, wid., p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Whitman, Eunice and Reubin [int. Reuben] Tomson, Mar. 

23, 1791. [Reuben, Mar. 22, p.c.r.] 
Ezra and Rhoda Snow, Sept. i, 1768. 
Ezra Jr. and Eunice Allen, Mar. 5, 1795. 
Ezra and Thankful [int. Tha[n]kfull] Freelove, Nov. 7, 1796. 
Freedom of Boston and Clarissa Allen of E. Bridgewater, 

Dec. 26, 1825.* 
Frelove [int. Freelove] and Davis Hay ward, Sept. 23, 1804. 
Gilbert and Sirena [int. Cyrena] Fobes, Dec. 21, 1813. 
Hannah and Ebenezer Dean of Plimton, May 11, 1769. 
Hannah and Josiah Keen, July 4, 1792. 
Hannah and Moses Noyes of Providence, Sept. 16, 1802. 
Huldah and Turner Phillips, Apr. 3, 1787. 
Isaac, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], and Bathsheba Allen, June 2, 

1785. [Capt. Isaac, p.c.r.] 
Isaiah and Chloe Phillips, Apr. 29, 1 784. [Cloe, p.c.r,] 
Jannett [int. Jannet] and James Loring, June 4, 1809 [date in 

later handwriting]. 
Jared [int. of Abington] and Abigail Barrell, Apr. 1, 1813. 
Jemimah [int. Jemima] and David Keith, Oct. 2, 1754. 
Jephthah and Betty Tinkham of Middleborough, int. Dec. 19, 


John and [HannahPratt,p.R.i03.], June 10, 1686.* 

John and Elisabeth Rickard, Nov. 29, i'j2[worn].* [Elizabeth, 

Nov. 29, 1726, P.C.R.] 
John and Elisabeth Cary, Nov. 10, 1729.* [Elizabeth, p.c.r.] 
John and Hannah Snow, Mar. 16, 1742. [Dec. 16, p.c.r.] 
John and Margrett Willis, Dec. 11, 1745.* 
John [int. 3d] and Lydia Snow, Nov. 11, 1764. [Jo[h]n, p.c.r.] 
John and Hannah Mitchell [int. Mitchel, wid.] of Abington, 

Sept. 30 [sic, int. Oct. 12], 1765, in Abington. 
John 3d and Abigail Whitman, Aug. 5, 1773. 
Jonathan and Elisabeth Harvey, Nov, 3, 1747,* 
Jonathan and Bithia Edson, Apr. 26, 1753. 
Jonathan Jr. and Ruth Churchill of Plimton, int. June 10, 1775. 
Joseph and Mary Phillips, Sept. 7, 1780. 
Josiah and Elisabeth Smith, Oct. 7, 1747.* 
Josiah and Sarah Stertevant [int. Sturtevant] of Halifax, 

Nov. 27, 1774, in Halifax. 
Leah and Sylvester [int. Silvester] Briggs of Norton, Sept. 28, 

Lucenda and Joseph Tilson, Aug. 17, 1794. [Aug. 7, p.c.r.] 
Lucia [Lucia written below Lydea crossed out] of Portland, Me., 

and Silvanus Lazell Mitchell, int. May 13, 1820. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Whitman, Lucinda (see Lucenda). 

Lucy and Israel Bailey, Dec. 31, 1789. 

Luranna W. of E. Bridgewater [and] Joseph Chamberlain of E. 
Bridgewater, Dec, 13, 1838.* 

Lydia and Dan[ie]ll Dean of Norton, Sept. 27, 1770. [Lidia 
Whittman and Daniel Dean of Norton, Sept. 27, 1771, 
p.c.R. Lidea Whitman and Daniel Dean of Norton, Sept. 

27, 1770, C.R.I.] 

Lydia and Ebenezer Whitman Jr. [int. 2d], Oct. 7, 1788. [Eben- 

ezer Jr., p.c.r.] 
Lydia and Zenas Washburn, Feb. 3, 1799. 
Martha and Thomas Phillips, Oct. 30, 1783. 
Martin and Susanna Hudson, Feb. 16, 1815. 
Mary and Eliab Noyes of Abington, int. Jan. i, 1803. 
Matilda [int. Metilda] and Seth Byram, Aug. i, 1791. [Ma- 
tilda, P.C.R.] 
Mehitabel [int. Mehetabel] and Levi Keith [int. 3d], Nov. — , 

Molly [int. Molley] and Thomas Chamberlin, Feb. 3, 1785. 

[Molly, p.c.R. ] 
Molly and Luther Hatch of Hanover, Sept. 13, 1790. [Molly 

Allen sic, p.c.r.] 
Naomi and William Snow, "last of" Nov., 1686.* [Nov. 30, 

Nathan and Betty Allen, Mar. 19, 1761.* 
Nathan and Mercy Byram, Mar. 27, 1788. 
Nathan Jr. of E. Bridgewater and Semanthe Keith of E. 

Bridgewater, Dec. 26, 1825.* 
Nicholas and Mary Gary, Sept. 14, 1715.* 
Nicholas and Mary Conant, Nov. 17, 17 19.* 
Nicolas and Sarah Vining, Nov. 19, 1700.* 
Noah and Freeiove Manchester of Cranston, R. I., int. July 4, 

Noah and Sarah Hay ward, int. Nov. 19, 1774. 
Noah and Zilpha Washburn, July i, 1779. [Zilpah, p.c.r. 

Zilpha, C.R.I. Zilphia, p.r.i.] 
Noah, Dr., and Mary Perkins, July 9, 1812. 
Oakes and Susanna Barrel, June 16, 1790. 
Olive and Daniel Orcutt, Nov. 16, 1784. 

Peter and Susanna Keith, June 18, 1752.* [Susannah, p.c.r.] 
Peter and Sarah Wright, Aug. 31, 1775. 
Phebe (see Phebe Whitcomb). 
Philebert and Seth Allen Whitman, Nov. i, 1787. 
Piam C. K. and Phebe Conant, June lo, 1833. [Polly, C.R.2.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Whitman, Piam C. K. (see Pyam C. K.). 

Polly and James Allen, Nov. 23, 1778. 

Pyam C. K. and Mehitable Bourn of Halifax, int. Aug. 6, 1837. 

Rebecca and David Howard, Nov. 14, 1791. 

Rhoda and Thomas Toalman [sic, Totman, int. Totman of 

Abington], Sept. 27, 1805. 
Ruth and Gideon Washburn Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Sept. 24, 1765. 

[Washburne Jr., p.c.r.] 
Sally, wid. [int. Salle, omits wid.], and Jacob Mitchell, Sept. 4, 

1783. [Sally, P.C.R.] 
Samuel and Elisabeth Bonney, July 27, 1757.* [Eliza[beth], 


Samuel and Susanna [int. Susannah] Lennard, Sept. 29, 1761. 

[Susannah, p.c.r.] 
Samuel and Sarah Waterman of Halifax, Nov. 7, 1776, in 

Samuel Jr. and Hannah Egerton [int. Eggerton], Mar. 20, 1787. 

[Egerton, p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Eleazer Allden Jr., Nov. 22, 1748.* [Ebenezer [sic, 

Eleazar written in margin] Alden Jr., p.c.r.] 
Sarah and Pelatiah Gilbert of Brookfeild, Feb. 19, 1777. 
Sarah and Rufus Weston of Middleborough, int. Mar. 29, 1777. 
Sarah and Calvin Leavitt of E. Bridgewater, Apr. 2, 1840. 

[Leavett of E. Bridgewater, c.r.i.] 
Sarah W., 26, of N. Bridgewater, d. Eliab and Harriet, and Rev. 

Jonathan Coe 2d, 29, of Bethlem, Conn., s. Daniel and 

Lucy, Oct. 13, 1844.* 
Seth and Ruth Reed, June 23, 1741.* 
Seth and Eunice Bass, Nov. 26, 1781. 
Seth Allen and Philebert Whitman, Nov. i, 1787. 
Silva [int. Sylva] and David Conant, Apr. 15, 1784. [Sylvia, 

P.C.R. Sylva, C.R.I.] 
Simeon and Martha Snow, Mar. 16, 1749-50.* 
Simeon, Capt., and Sarah Byram, wid. [int. omits wid.], Nov. 6, 

1783. [Sarah, p.c.r.] 
Sophia and Melvill [int. Melvin] Otis, Feb. 10, 1809. 
Stephen and Mary Orr, Apr. 23, 1767. 
Susan (see Susan Whitmarsh). 
Susanna and Ezra Kingman, Nov. 14, 1782. 
Susanna and Oliver Allen, Oct. 13, 1790. 
Sylvia (see Silva). 

Terah of Easton and Anna Willis, Feb. 4, 1745-6.* 
Thomas and Jemima Allden, Nov. 22, 1727.* 
Thomas [int. Dea.] and Rebecca Allen [int. wid.], Jan. 29, 1767. 

* Intention not recorded. 


Whitman, Thomas and Lydia Sherman, Nov. 22, 1781. 

Thomas and Lusanna W. Cleft, Nov. 2, 1818. 

Willard of E. Bridgewater and Sophronia M. Hayward, Mar. 
7, 1830. 

William and Mary Studley, May 26, 1761. 

William and Content Cole of Pembroke, Jan. 7, 1779, in Pem- 

Zenas and Sally Allen, Nov. 17, 1791. 

WHITMARSH, Asa and Sarah Gurney of Abington, int. 
Nov. 14, 1789. 

Eunuce [int. Eunice] of Abington and Nathan Orcut [int. Or- 
cuit Jr.], May 29, 1780, in Abington. 

Hittie and Noah Ramsdale [int. Ramsdell] of Abington, June 
10, 1790. [Ramsdel of Abington, p.c.r.] 

Huldah and George Erskine [int. Earskin], June lo, 1784. 
[Erskine, p.c.r.] 

Jacob Jr. and Anna Pool, Apr, 22, 1784. 

Jacob of Abington and Betty Crooker, int. Dec. 20, 1817. 

John and Sally N. Cox, int. June 13, 1823. 

Jonathan of Abington and Susannah Shaw of Abington, June 
13, 1771.* [Susanna of Abington, p.c.r.] 

Lot Jr. and Almira Jenkins, int. June 23, 1818. "Merrit Jen- 
kins father of the Said Almira forbade her being Pub- 

Lot Jr. and Merrill Cothell [int. Coathell], Oct. — , 1820. 

Mary and Stephen Read, Mar. 12, iTilworn].* [Mar. 12, 1714, 

Mary and Reed Erskine of Abington, Mar. 4, 1784.* 

Mary Byram [int. of Abington] and Chandler Bisbee [int. Biss- 
bee], Sept. 22, 1818. 

Mehitable (see Hittie). 

Mercy and Andrew Ford, Nov. 27, 1706.* 

Olive and Moses Noyes of Abington, int. Aug. 19, 1775. 

Richard and Lydia Ford, Oct. 15, 1712.* 

Ruth and Hezekiah Ford, Mar. 19, 1712-13.* 

Sarah and John Norton of Abington, Dec. 21, 1775, in Ab- 

Sarah and Hiram Keith of Wenchester [int. adds Vt.], Apr. 18, 

Susan [int. Whitman] and Micah Packard, Jan. 15, 181 2. 

Thankfull and Seth Reed [int. Reead] of "Number five in y^ 
Massachusetts Bay," Mar. 20, 1773. 

Thomas and Charlotte [int. Charlottee] Gannett, May 23, 181 1. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Whitmarsh, Thomas of E. Bridgewater and Mrs. Diana Allen 

of E. Bridgewater, Dec. 23, 1838.* 
Zachariah and Hannah Washburn, Jan. 28, 1729-30.* 
Zachariah of Weymouth and Mary Pinkney, Jan. 10, 1765. 
Zeruiah and Jacob Pool Jr. of Abington, Aug. 23, 1787. [Zer- 

viah, P.C.R.] 

WHITMORE (see Whitemore), Mary H., d. Richard and 
Elizabeth (Hammond), and Seth Wilber, s. Seth and 
Rachel (Shelly), Nov. 8, 1831,* p.R.99. 

WHITNEY, Abel of Boston and Lucy Lyon, Oct. 14, 1826. 

[Mrs. Lucy, c.r.i.] 
Roger and Elisaboth Foy, blacks, int. Jan. 17, 1789. 

WRITTEN, Isaac (see Isaac Whitting). 

Joseph and Nabby Alden, Sept. 17, 1778. [Whiten, p.c.r.] 

Margret and William Pincin Jr., int. Jan. 24, 1807. 

WHITTING (see Whiteing, Whiting), Isaac [int. Whitten] and 
Polly Jones, Dec. 25, 1803 [date in later handwriting]. 

Marlborough and Nabby French, June 2, 1796. 

Patty (see Polly). 

Polly and Benjamin Pinchin [int. Pincin] Jr., Jan. 29, 1798. 

Polly [int. Patty Whiting] and John Stock [int. Jr.], July 3, 
1809 [date in later handwriting]. 

Ruth [int. Whiting] and Levi Beal [int. Beals] of Hingham, 
Nov. 29, 1810. 

WHITTMAN (see Whitman), Elanor of Weymouth and Wil- 
liam Turner, Dec. 30, 17 14, in Hingham.* 

WICKETT (see Wiket). 

WIGHT, Sophronia of Lowell and John Westall of Fall River, 
Aug. II, 1839.* [[both of] Bridgewater, C.R.5.] 

WIKET, James and Betty Moses, Mar. 5, 1741.* [Wickett, 
Indians, p.c.r. Jeams Wicket, Mar. 11, c.R.i.] 

WILBAR (see Wilber, Wilbor, Wilbore, Wilbur, Willbore), 
Aberdeen and Abigail Hooper, Nov. 30, 1809 [? in Mid- 

Amos and Fidelly Woodward of Taunton, int. Apr. 27, 1800. 

Angelica H. and Charles A. Latham of E. Bridgewater, Dec. 
16, 1841. 

Anna of Easton and Martin Snow, int. Mar. 17, 1821. 

* Intention not recorded. 


WiLBAR, Anne [int. Anna] and Daniel [int. David] Ford of N. 

Bridgewater, Oct. 20, 1836. 
Barack Jr. and Mehetable G. Leach of Abington, int. Sept. 15, 

Baruch [int. Barak] and Lois Leach, Feb. 25, 1799. 
Charles [int. Wilber] of Easton and Lydia Pratt, Dec. 31, 1813 

[? in Middleborough]. 
Charles of Wareham and Agatha Pratt, May 4, 1828. 
Chloe and Salmon Keith, int. Feb. 27, 1779. 
David H. and Bethiah O. Wade of E. Bridgewater, int. Aug. 

22, 1846. 
David H. and Maria J. Rowland of Freetown, int. Oct. 3, 1849. 
Elizabeth P. and Martin S. Witherel of Attleboro, Oct. 24, 

1836 [sic, int. Sept. 3, 1838]. 
Florentius E. and Hannah D. Bearce of E. Bridgewater, int. 

Sept. 10, 1.848. [m. Sept. 27, p.R.56.] 
George and Lydia Wilbar, June 4, 1820. 
George Sanderson and Louisa Ann Staples of Taunton, int. 

Sept. I, 1844. 
Gideon and Azubah Graham of E. Bridgewater, int. Oct. ii, 

Harriet W. and Josiah C. Gushing [int. of S. Marshfield], Jan. 

5, 1845. 
Holden [int. Wilbur] and Ruth Tisdale of Taunton, July 5, 

1 781 [? in Middleborough]. 
Isaac [int. Willbur] and Joanna Leach, June 16, 1791 [? in 

Middleborough] . 
Isaac and Stella Fobes, Nov. 3, 1842. 
Isaac S. of Taunton and Caroline Fobes, int. Apr. 2, 1844. 
Israel, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], and Nancy W. Fobes, Sept. 20, 

1827. [Capt. Israel Wilbur, C.R.3.] 
Jemima and Daniel Keith 3d, Mar. 19, 1826. 
Julia and Oliver Keith, farmer, Oct. 25, 1843. 
Julia Ann and Charles Howard of Easton, Nov. 28, 1839. 
Kezia of Easton and Daniel Hayward 2d, int. Nov. 4, 1815. 
Keziah L. and Elam Howard of W. Bridgewater, int. Dec. 2, 

Lavina and Samuel Howard of W. Bridgewater, Oct. 15, 1840. 
Lemuel [int. Willbor] and Sarah Fisher, July 4, 1771 [? in 

Lemuel and Jenny Leach, int. Jan. 26, 1799. 
Lurana [int. Lurany] and Zepheniah [int. Zephaniah] Fobes, 

Mar. 15, 1810 [? in Middleborough]. 
Lydia and George Wilbar, June 4, 1820. 

* Intention not recorded. 


WiLBAR, Nicholas and Daniel Dunbar, Apr. 2, 1809 [? in 

Ruth and David Keith 3d, Nov. 18, 1806 [? in Middleborough]. 

Sanford of Taunton and Sophia Fobes, Nov. 12, 1832. 

Selina G. and Josiah L. Bassett, int. Sept. 10, 1848. [m. Sept. 
27, P.R.56.] 

Seth and Rachel Shelly of Norton, Oct. i, 1801 [? in Middle- 
borough]. [Wilbore, p.r.8.] 

Seth and Angeline Wood of Halifax, int. Mar. 26, 1848. 

Susanna and Seth Gushee of Raynham, Apr. 23, 1841. 

Zepheniah [int. Zephaniah Wilbur] of Raynham and Cloe [int. 
Chloe] Leach, Nov. 17, 1796 [? in Middleborough]. 

WILBER (see Wilbar, Wilbor, Wilbore, Wilbur, WOlbore), 
Sebery and Hartwell Keith, int. July 8, 1786. 

Seth, s, Seth and Rachel (Shelly), and Mary H. Whitmore, d. 
Richard and Elizabeth (Hammond), Nov. 8, 1831,* p.R.99. 

WILBOR (see Wilbar, Wilber, Wilbore, Wilbur, Willbore), 
Lavinia [int. Levinea] and Timothy Keith, Apr. 18, 1797 
[? in Middleborough]. 

Tryphear [int. Triphana Willbur] and Jabez Hall, Nov. 17, 
1791. [Tryphear Wilbore, p.c.r.] 

WILBORE (see Wilbar, Wilber, Wilbor, Wilbur, Willbore), 
Asa [int. Willbore] and Sylvia [int. Sylva] Jackson, Mar. 
27, 1783. [Wilbore and Sylvia Jackson, p.c.r.] 

Bethany [int. Willbur] and Azel Alden, Mar. 10, 1791. [Wil- 
bore, P.C.R.] 

Ebenezer of Raynham and Lydia Hollis, int. June 26, 1784. 

George [int. Willbor] and Betty [int. Bettie] Packard, Dec. 8, 
1778 [? in Middleborough]. 

Gideon and Huldah Gardner of Raynham, int. Feb. 25, 1786. 

WILBUR (see Wilbar, Wilber, Wilbor, WObore, Willbore), 
Isaac and Susanna Leach, int. Feb. 23, 1781. 

Mehitable [int. Mehitabel Wilbar] and Salmon Keith, Oct. 19, 
1835, in Raynham. 

WILD (see Wilde), Abigail of Braintree and Pardon Keith, int. 

Feb. 15, 1812. 
Atherton [int. Wiles of Braintree] and Lucy Packard, Sept. 22, 

1808 [date in later handwriting], 
Calvin of Braintree and Sally Keith, int. May 26, 1810. 
Joseph of Braintree and Charlotte Packard, Nov. 6, 1817. 
Richard [int. of Stoughton] and Rhoda Cary, Dec. 4, 1794. 

* Intention not recorded. 


WILDE (see Wild), Polly of Easton and David Ford Jr., int. 
Mar. 10, 182 1. 

WILDEY, William and Eunice Kingman, Nov. 29, 181 2. 

WILES, Atherton (see Atherton Wild). 

WILKES (see Wilks). 

WILKINSON, Anna [of] N. Providence [and] Nathan Lazell 
Jr., int. Oct. 13, 182 1. [Ann, d. Abraham of Pawtucket, 
and Nathan Lazell Jr., s. Nathan and Deborah, m. Oct. 31, 
in Pawtucket, R. I., c.r.i. Ann of Pawtucket, R. I., m. 

Oct. 31, P.R.I.] 

Mary [of] Patucket and Rev, Benjamin Fessenden, int. Nov. 
23, 1821. 

WILKS, Lydia of Abington and Daniel Alger Jr., int. June 6, 

WILLBORE (see Wilbar, Wilber, Wilbor, Wilbore, Wilbur) , 
Joanna of Rainham, Bristol Co., and Benjamin Leach, 
July 15, 1751.* [Wilber of Rainham, p.c.r.] 

Joseph and Susannah Harris, [Dec] 22, 1741.* [Wilbore of 
Raynham and Susanna Harris, p.c.r. Willbore and Su- 
sanna Harris, Dec. 9, c.r.i.] 

Mary [of] Raynham and Eben[eze]r Leach, May 26, 1741.* 
[Wilbore of Raynham, p.c.r. Willbore, c.r.i.] 

WILLET, John of Abington and Louisa Hatch, Sept. 17, 1799. 

WILLIAMS, Abler of Raynham and William Bassett, int. 

June 29, 1800. 
Abigail and Peter Hayward, Dec. 14, 1732.* [Howard, c.r.i.] 
Abigail of Easton and Jonathan Bozworth, May 14, 1780, in 

Alonzo and Pethiar J. Paddleford of Taunton, int. Feb. 21, 1843. 
Anna, wid., and Zebulon Feild, Nov. 4, 1733.* 
Anna and Jesse Edson, July 4, 181 1. 
Anna H. and Albert Copeland, int. Feb. 20, 1819. 
Bathsheba of Taunton and Benjamin Willis, int. Dec. 17, 1742. 
Bathsheba and Daniel Perkins, Sept. 8, 1783. 
Benjamin of Norton and Susanna Haward, Dec. 22, 1720.* 
Calvin and Betsey Copeland, int. Sept. 14, 1799. 
Charity of Taunton and Joshua Washburn, int. Jan. 30, 1836. 
Crely [int. "Free negro Woman"], "Living with Seth Mitchel," 

and Pero Jeffry [int. Jeffery], "Negro man of Dr [int. Isaac] 

Otis," May 28, 1778. [Creely and Pero Jeffry, p.c.r.] 

• Intention not recorded. 


Williams, Damaris and Daniel Ha ward, Jan. i6, 1723-4.* 

Daniel Jr. of Easton and Rhoda Lothrop [int. Lathrop], Apr. 5, 
1763, in Easton. 

Edmund of Raynham and Mary Harvey [int. wid.], Aug. 20, 
1781. [Mary, P.C.R.] 

Edward of Easton and Sarah Lathrop, Dec. 3, 1772. 

Elbridge G. of Raynham and Hannah G. Williams of Rayn- 
ham, June 20, 1830.* 

George and Anne Haward, Nov. 17, 1774. 

George Jr. and Eunice Kingman, Nov. 22, 1797. 

George of Raynham and Harriet Bassett, July 3, 1839. 

Hannah and Joseph Snell, Dec. 3, 17 12.* 

Hannah and Ephraim Snell, Jan. 4, 1792. 

Hannah of Raynham and Joseph Bassett 3d, int. Mar. 23, 
1816. [m. May — , p.R.80.] 

Hannah G. of Raynham and Elbridge G. Williams of Rayn- 
ham, June 20, 1830.* 

Huldah K. and Joseph Kingman Jr., Nov. — [int. Nov. 10], 

Jesse of Boston and Silva Mitchell, blacks, int. Sept. 9, 1815. 

John of Easton and Susanna Sturtevant of Hallifax, June 24, 

John of Boston and Meribah Cotton, blacks, int. July 21, 1821. 
Joshua of Middleborough and Bethiah Clark of Abington, 

May 30, 1 77 1.* [Bethia Clerk of Abington, p.c.r.] 
Josiah of Tanton and Martha Haward, Jan. 26, 17 14-15.* 
Josiah and Mrs. Sarah Bisbee of Pembroke, Feb. 4, 1747, in 

Josiah Jr. and Hannah Fobes, Mar. 14, 1750-1.* 
Josiah [int. 2d] and Sarah Ames, Sept. 10, 1778. 
Josiah [int. Jr.] and Hannah Kingman, Mar. 10, 1785. [Josiah, 


Josiah and Sylvia Keith, Apr. 13, 1814. 

Marlborough and Susanna [int. Lusanna] Mitchell, Mar. 20, 
1783. [Susanna, p.c.r. Malboro and Susanna Mitchell, 

C.R.I. ] 

Martha and Jonathan Packard, Sept. 28, 1752 "N: S."* 

Martha and Joseph Ames Jr., Mar. 15, 1770. 

Mary and Josiah Kingman, Nov. 16, 1737.* 

Mary Jane and Joseph Copeland, Dec. 9, 1838. 

Mehetabel, Mrs., and Benjamin Webb of Eastham, Oct. 20, 

Mehetabel and Benjamin Mahurin, Sept. 25, 1749.* [Mehet- 

able and Benjafmin] Mahurine, p.c.r.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Williams, Merribah and Asa Minggles, colored, int. Sept. 25, 

Nancy C. of Mansfield and Thomas Daniels, Nov. 29, 1838. 
Nathan of Raynham and Abthia [int. Abthier] Harvey, Oct. 30, 

1 781. [Abthia, p.c.r.] 
Nathan and Lucy Hall, June 11, 1826 [? in Bridge water],* 

Nathaniel and Alethea Dean of Taunton, int. Mar. 22, 1794. 
Orra and Earl Thayer, Jan. 14, 181 2. 
Perez and Huldah Kingman, Aug. 22, 1788. 
Perez and Polly Pierce [int. Molly Peirce, wid.], Nov. 10, 1798. 
Rebecca, wid., and Daniel Littlefeild, Dec. 5, 1732.* 
Rhoda and Noah Powers, May 14, 1787. 
Sarah and Jo[h]n Benson, Sept. 24, 1765.* [Sarah, wid., c.r.i.] 
Seth and Lusanna Fobes, May 21, 1750.* 
Silas of Easton and Susanna Richards, Oct. 13, 1760.* [Su- 
sannah Rickard, p.c.r.] 
Stephen Jr. of Raynham and Sarah [int. Sally] Hooper, Nov. 

30, 1809 [? in Middleborough]. 
Susanna and Josiah Keith Jr. of Easton, Feb. 28, 1758.* 

[Susannah, p.c.r.] 
Susanna Packard and Israel Toalman [int. Tolman], Nov. 21, 


WILLIS, Abigail and John Keith, Jan. 8, 1734.* [Jan. 8, 

i734-S» C.R.I.] 
Abigail and Jessee Allen, Dec. i, 1768. [Abigal and Jesse 

Allen, C.R.I.] 
Abigail and Samuel Whiting, Aug. 17, 1806 [date in later hand- 
Abigail and Jacob Howard, Sept. 16, 1816. 
Abisha and Zeruiah Willis, Apr, 2, 1741.* 
Anna and Terah Whitman of Easton, Feb. 4, 1745-6.* 
Azariah of Oakham, Worcester Co., and AlDigail Edson, int. 

June 16, 1787. [Willise and Mrs. N[abb]y Edson, m. 

Oct, 9, P.R.105,] 
Benjamin and Mary Lennard, Nov. 27, 1719.* 
Benjamin and Bathsheba Williams of Taunton, int. Dec. 17, 

Benjamin Jr. [int. omits Jr,] and [int. Mrs,] Sarah Bradford of 

Plymouth, Dec, 17, 1761, in Plymouth, 
Benjamin Jr. and Sarah Carver, int. Feb. 21, 1801. 
Beriah and Abigail Hayward, Oct. 10, 1759.* [Haward, 


* Intention not recorded. 


Willis, Bethia (see Bettie). 

Betsey and Benjamin Palmer, int. Mar. 2, 1805. 

Bettie and James Ha ward, June i, 1749.* [Bethia and James 
Hayward, p.c.r.] 

Bettie and Luther Hayward, Dec. 12, 1785. [Betty, p.c.r.] 

Betty [int. Betsey] and Jarvis Pike [int. of Attleborough], Apr. 
18, 1790. [Betty and Jarvis Pike, p.c.r.] 

Chloe and Silas Packard, June 4, 1789. 

Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll] Jr. and Zilpha Edson, Nov. 12, 1778. 
[Daniel Jr., c.r.i.] 

Daniel E. [int. Jr., omits E.] and Judith B. Pratt, Aug. i, 1815. 

Dan[ie]ll and Keziah Willis, Nov. 11, 1756.* [Dan[ie]l, p.c.r.] 

Desire of W. Bridgewater and Henry Hayward of W. Bridge- 
water, Apr. 15, 1833.* [Desire G. of W. Bridgewater, d. 
John Jr. [? in W. Bridgewater], c.R.2.] 

Ebenezer and Mary Jackson, Aug. 28, 1753. 

Ebenezer and Joanna Atwood [int. Attwood], Jan. 30, 1785. 

[AtWOod, P.C.R. C.R.I.] 

Elisabeth and Nathanael Woodward, Apr. 16, 1708.* 
Elizabeth and Richard Barrisford [dup. Berresford, int. Berris- 

ford], Nov. 25, 1817. 
Elkanah and Mary Sable of Stoughton, int. June 2, 1744. 
Elkanah and Sarah Gay of Dedham, Oct. 19, 1748, in Dedham.* 
Ephraim and Elisabeth Gernsey, Apr. 13, 1758.* [Elizabeth, 


Ephraim [int. Jr.] and Eunice Egerton [int. Eggerton], Sept. 23, 
1779. [Ephraim and Eunice Egerton, p.c.r.] 

Ephriam [int. Ephraim Jr.] and Fanny Lamote [int. Lemote] of 
Easton, May 16, 1787, in Easton. 

Eunice and Ruel [int. Reuel] Lincoln, Dec. 30 [Dec. 30 in later 
handwriting], 1804. 

Experience and John Randall, May 4, 1732.* [May 17, p.c.r.] 

Fanney [int. Fanny] and Thomas Willis Jr. of Easton, Apr. 2, 
[int. June 29, 1811]. 

Fanny, wid., and William Hunt, int. Oct. 18, 1817. 

Hanah and William Fobes Jr., Nov. 6, 1759.* 

Hannah, wid., and Jo[h]n Snow, Nov. 30, 1756.* [Hanah and 
Jo[h]n Shaw, p.c.r.] 

Hannah and Ruben [int. Reuben] Snow, May 5, 1768. [Reu- 
ben, P.C.R.] 

Hannah and Mason Hall of Raynham, July 29, 1789. 

Irena and Daniel Hartwell Jr., June 29, 181 7. 

Isaac and Mary Clifford of Dartmouth, Apr. 6, 1724, in Dart- 

• Intention not recorded. 


Willis, Isaac and Hannah Pratt, Aug. 14, 1732.* 

Isaac Jr. and Rebeca Hayward, Oct. 19, 1759.* [Rebeccah 

Haward, Oct. 9,] 
Isaac 3d and Huldah Ames, Apr. 27, 1786. 
Jacob and Parnel Morse, int. Feb. 14, 1801. 
James and Sarah Jackson, Sept. 26, 1786. 
James of Easton and Kezia Willis, int. Feb. 16, 1800. 
James N. [int. omits N.] and Rosanda Foster [int. of Abington], 

Sept. 13, 1815. 
Jedediah and Susanna Snell, Sept. 28, 1775. 
Jedidiah of Easton and Adah Hayward, int. July 3, 1802. 
Joab and Martha Bolton, Mar. 4, 1744. 
Joab Jr. and Alice Record, Apr. 14, 1772. [Reccord,] 
John and Patience Hayward, Dec. 9, 1724.* 
John 2d and Abihail Conant, June 22, 1775. 
John [int. 2d] and Sarah Reckard, Dec. 9, 1779. [John and 

Sarah Richards, John and Sarah Reckhard, c.R.i.] 
John [int. 2d] and Molly [int. Molley] Egerton, July 5, 1781. 

[John and Molly Egerton,] 
John 2d and Huldah Ames, int. Sept. 18, 1784. 
John 4th and Levina Howard, Dec. 16, 1813. 
Jonah and Abigail Hayward, Feb. 11, 1788. 
Jonah and Hannah Hayward, Sept. 18, 1800. 
Jonah and Freelove [int. Mrs. Frelove] Fobes, Dec. 10, 1816. 
Jonah Jr. and Abigail A. Foster of Kingston, int. Apr. 5, 1817. 
Jonathan and Abigail Stoughton, Jan. 14, 1712-13.* 
Jonathan and Judith Packard, Nov. 2, 1752.* [Wellis and 

Judath Packard,] 
Jonathan and Susanna Allen, int. Jan. 14, 1764. [m. Mar. 22, 


Joshua and Experience Barbor, Feb. 4, 1706-7.* 
Joshua and Hannah Woodward, wid., Feb. 19, 1733-4.* 
Kezia and James Willis of Easton, int. Feb. 16, 1800. 
Keziah and Dan[ie]ll Willis, Nov. 11, 1756.* [Dan[ie]l,] 
Lucia T. [int. F.j and Asa Perkins Jr., Mar. 18, 1840. [Lucia 

F., CR.3.] 
Lucy and Cyrus Alger, Oct. 31, 1804. 
Lydia and Joseph Rickard of Plimton, Nov. 17, 1737.* [Lidea, 


Lydia and Dan[ie]ll Lathrop Jr., Sept. 5, 1775. 
Margeret and Nathaniel Harvey, July 4, 1733.* 
Margrett and John Whitman, Dec. 11, 1745.* 
Martha and James Pratt, Nov. 22, 1733.* 
Martha and Jonathan Haward [int. 2d], May 19, 1774. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Willis, Mary and Israeli Randall, Jan. 25, 1701.* 

Mary and Joseph Packard, Nov. 28, 1723.* 

Mary and William Gillimor, Nov. 24, 1731.* [Gillemer, Nov. 

24, 1732, p.c.R. Guilmor, Nov. 24, 1731, c.r.i.] 
Mary and Isaac Johnson, int. June 21, 1744. 
Mary [int. of Easton] and Lewis Dailey, Aug. 8, 1782. [Mary, 


Mary (see Molly). 

Mary [int. Polly] and Cyrus Lothrop, Jan. 28, i8ii. 

Mehetabel and James Stacy of Easton, Apr. 21, 1743.* [Me- 

hitable and James Stacey of Easton, p.c.R.] 
Mercy and Samuel Hall of Taunton, Apr. 15, 17 18.* 
Molly and Noah Edson, June 21, 1787. [Mary, d. Ebenezer, 

and Noah Edson, s. Samuel 4th, C.R.2.] 
Molly and Gideon Howard, May 4, 1788. 
Nancey and Moses Pike [int. Mosses Peck Jr. of Attleborough], 

May II, 1788. [Nancy and Moses Pike, p.c.R.] 
Nancy and Ruel [int. Reuel] Dunbar, Aug. 23 [Aug. 23 in later 

handwriling], 1805. 
Nancy and Galen Orcutt, Jan. i, 1809. 
Nathan and Martha Haward, Sept. i, 1757.* 
Nathan 2d [int. Jr.] and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Spear, Apr. i 

[1779]. [Nathan 2d and Elisabeth Spear, p.c.R.] 
Nathan Jr. and Sophia Tupper of Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., 

int. Mar. 15, 1788. 
Nathan Jr. and Lucy Doggett of Middlborough, int. Dec. 4, 

Nathan and Sarah White of Marshfield, int. Sept. 8, 1792. 
Nathaniel and Hannah Titus of Rehoboth, June 25, 1712, in 

Polly and Jacob Dunbar Jr., Oct. 28, 1802 [dale in later hand- 
writing] . 
Polly (see Mary). 

Polly and Leonard Hill, Feb. 20, 181 7. 

Rhoda and Dan[ie]ll Lathroop, Apr. 19, 1744. [Daniel, p.c.R.] 
Ruth and Edmund Alger, Oct. 22, 1761. [Ebenezer, p.c.R.] 
Sally and Simeon Pratt, Nov. 17, 1791. [Simeon, s. Seth and 

Hannah (Washburn), p.r.i.] 
Sally and Oliver Dunbar, Dec. 10, 1807 [date in later handwriting]. 
Samuel and Margrett Brett, Mar. 18, 1705-6.* 
Sam[ue]ll and Susanna Snell, Dec. 24, 1747.* 
Sam[ue]ll 3d [int. Samuel Jr., omits 3d] and Bethia [int. Bithia] 

Lathrop, Sept. 3, 1767. [Samuel 3d and Bethiah Lothrop, 


• Intention not recorded. 


Willis, Sarah and John Hayward, Dec. 24, 1706.* 

Sarah and Rob[er]t Hoar of Midd[leb]o[rough], Mar. 8, 1743. 

Sarah [int. wid.] and Seth Washburn, Mar. 31, 181 2. [Sarah 

and Seth Washburn, s. Abram and Rebecca (Leonard), 

P.R.I. Sarah Carver, d. Dr. Eleazer, and Seth Washburn, 

s. Abram, p.r.88.] 
Silence and Enoch Monk of Stoughton, int. Sept. 25, 1784. 
Stilman [int. Stillman] and Huldah Snow, Nov. 2, 1809 [date in 

later handwriting], 
Stoughton and Hannah Harlow, Aug. 11, 1741.* 
Stoughton and Mary Monk, Nov. 2, 1767. 
Susanna and John Pool, Aug. 8, 1801. 
Susanna and Charles Dunbar, July 9 [dup. Aug. 7], 181 7. 
Susannah [int. Susanna] and David Johnson, [May] 26, 1743. 

[Susannah, p.c.r.] 
Thomas and Mary Kinsley, Dec. 18, 17 16.* 
Tho[mas] and Susanna Ames, Nov. 11, 1741.* 
Tho[ma]s of Taunton and Bethiah Hayward, July 19, 1743. 
Thomas Jr. of Easton and Fanney [int. Fanny] Willis, Apr. 2, 

[int. June 29, 1811]. 

Timothy and Lavina [int. Levina] Pratt, May 4, 1786. [La- 

vina, P.C.R. Lavina Prat, c.r.i.] 
Vashti [int. Vashty] and Martin Howard, Oct. 21, 1793. 

[Vashti, P.C.R.] 
Zebulun [int. Zabulon] and Susa.n [int. Susanna] Bartlett of 

C[arver], May 19, 1793, in Carver. 
Zephaniah and Bithia [int. Bethia] Hayward, Nov. 28, 1754. 

[Zepheniah and Bethiah Haward, p.c.r.] 
Zeruiah and Abisha Willis, Apr. 2, 1741.* 

WILLMATH (see Welmarth), Jotham and Hannah Rickard, 
int. Sept. I, 1781. 

WILLSON (see Wilson), Jane [int. Wilson] and Jo[h]n Mc- 
Bride [int. Macbride], Jan. 16, 1755. [Willson and John 
McBride, p.c.r.] 

WILSON (see Willson), Ezekiel [int. Willson of Methuen, 
Essex Co.] and Keziah [dup. Kezia] Lothrop, Feb. 2 [dup. 
Feb. 7], 1808. 

WING, Angenette [int. Anngenette], 17, d. Stephen and Abby, 
and Lewis Bryant Jr., 23, shoemaker, s. Lewis and Mary, 
Sept. 5, 1849. [Angenette, c.r.i. Angennet and Lewis 
Bryant Jr., s. Lewis and Polly (Mitchell), p.R.33.] 

* Intention not recorded. 


Wing, Philip H., 23, brick maker, s. Stephen and Abigail, and 
Lucy C. Ball, 21, Apr, i, 1849. 

WINNETT (see Winnit), John (see John Bennett). 

WINNIT (see Winnett) , John of Easton and Anna Edson, int. 
Dec. 29, 1797. 

WINSLOW, John B. and Emeline Mitchell, Nov. 26, 1829. 
[Emeline, d. Cloe, wid., c.r.i. Emeline, d. Edward and 
Cloe (Washburn), p.r.i. Emmeline, d. Edward and 
Chloe (Washburn), p.R.92.] 

Josiah of Freetown and Sarah Hayward, Jan. 10, 1721-2.* 

Josiah and Content Harvey, July i, 1798. 

Kenelm and Orra Pope, Sept. 30, 1822. [Orra, d. Capt. Benja- 
min and Mary, c.r.i. Orra, d. Benjamin and Mary 
(Pierce), p.r.i.] 

Orra P., 21, d. Kenelm and Orra P., and Minot C. Shaw, 24, 
merchant, of E. Bridgewater, s. Samuel and Abigail, 
Sept. 22, 1847. [Orra Pierce Winslow, d. Kenelm and 
Orra (Pope), p.r.i.] 

Priscilla and John Lawrence, colored, Aug. 28, 1832. [Mrs. 
Priscilla, c.r.i.] 

Sarah and Edward Wentworth of Stoughton, Jan. 22, 1745-6.* 

WITHEM, Witherel of Easton and Jemimah Hayward, May 
27, 1733, in Easton.* 

WITHEREL (see Wetherel, Witherell, Withrell), Abiether [int. 
of Easton] and Malatiah Snow, June 24, 1807. 

Eunice [int. Witherell] and Daniel H. Dearlaourn [int. Dear- 
born], Oct. 30, 1834. [Witherell and Daniel H. Dearborn, 

George [dup. Witherell], s. Nathaniel and Lydia (Fish), and 
Mary E. Brown, Oct. 25, 1838, in New York.* 

Martin S. of Attleboro and Elizabeth P. Wilbar, Oct. 24, 1836 
[sic, int. Sept. 3, 1838]. 

Mary [int. Wetherel] and Benjamin Mahurin, Jan. 28, 17 71. 
[Witherel, p.c.r.] 

Nathan of Taunton and Mary Dote [int. Doty], July 13, 1780. 
[Witherell and Mary Doty, p.c.r. Witherell of Taunton 
and Mary Dote, c.r.i.] 

Nathaniel, b. Pembroke, and Lydia Fish (second w.), b. Kings- 
ton, May 7, 181 5, in Kingston.* 

Nathaniel, b. Pembroke, and Lydia Hall, b. Kingston, May 10, 
1830 [sic, 1 8 10], in Kingston.* 

* Intention not recorded. 


WiTHEREL, Nathaniel [dup. Witherell] Jr., s. Nathaniel and 
Lydia (Hall), and Sarah A. Ames, Oct. 19, 1836, in 

Rebecca [int. Witherly] and Zebina Keith, Oct. 31, 1820. 

WITHERELL (see Wetherel, Witherel, Withrell), Alece 2d [int. 

Alice Whitherel, omits 2d] of Norton and Abiel Ames, Feb. 

8, 1792, in Norton. 
Jabez and Olive H. Leonard of Mansfield, int. Oct. 24, 1847. 

WITHINGTON, Alpheus M. of Milton and Mehitabel [int. 

Mehetabel] Fobes, May 13, 1810. 
Ebenezer of Sharon and Elizabeth Perkins, Dec. 7, 1797. 
Eduard [int. Edward Witherington] of Stoughton and Sarah 

Cole, Apr. 12, 1772, in Stoughton. 
Henry [int. Withinton of Canton] and Lydia Snell, Nov. 25, 

Newell of Boston [dup. b. Sharon] and Susan Storrs, Dec. i, 

1808. [Susan, d. Elijah and Susannah (Swift), p.r.i.] 

WITHRELL (see Wetherel, Witherel, Witherell), Betsey [int. 

Witherell] and Shubael S. Lovell, June i, 1823. [Withrell, 

Lucy and John Sherman [int. Jr.] of Newton, May 13, 1827. 

[Witherell and John Sherman Jr. of Newton, c.r.i.] 

WOMPEE (see Wampee), Bathsheba and Sam[ue]ll Robbin, 
Feb. 2, 1737-8.* 

WOOD (see Woods, Woodwis), Angeline of Halifax and Seth 

Wilbar, int. Mar. 26, 1848. 
Betsey and Jeremiah Bencraft of Canton, black, int. Apr. 28, 

Bridget of Foxborough and Ebenezer Copeland, int. Aug. 29, 

Ebenezer Jr. of Halifax and Jane Wood, Oct. i, 1840. 
Eliza and Eli Blanchard Jr., int. July 5, 181 7. 
Ephraim of Middleborough and Sarah French, int. Dec. 12, 

Ester of Hanson and Noah Ashport, coulered, int. July 26, 

Eunice and Albert Ashport, coloured, int. Aug. 22, 1846. 
Eunice H. [int. omits H.] and Christopher D. Copeland, May 

14, 1826. [Eunice H., C.R.3.] 
Francis and Sarah Hooper, Jan. 5, 1709-10.* 
George [int. adds W.] and Lydia Tucker, May 13, 1821. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Wood, Greenough of E. Bridgewater and Nancy A. V. Wash- 
burn, int. Feb. 23, 1834. 

Hannah W., 24, d. Philander and Patty, and Alonzo P. Ben- 
son, 27, farmer, s. Samuel H. dec'd and Rachel dec'd, 
Jan 22, 1845. 

James and Experience Fuller, Apr. 12, 1693,* p.c.r. 

James and Achsa [int. Achsah] Phinney, June 5, 1764. [Achsa, 


Jane and Ebenezer Wood Jr. of Halifax, Oct. i, 1840. 
Jonathan [int. Woods] Jr. and Keziah [int. Kezia] Keith, May 

3, 1764 [? in Middleborough]. 
Judah of Hallifax and Hannah Porter, Dec. 15, 1757.* 
Lusanna [int. Susanna Woods] and Seth Mitchell [int. Jr.], 

Apr. 3, 1794. [Susanna Wood and Seth Mitchell, p.c.r.] 
Lydia and Cyrus Benson, Aug. 7, 1806. 

Mary and Thomas Connant, Oct. 29, 1745.* [Conant, p.c.r.] 
Mary and Eleaz[er] Snow Jr., Jan. 13, 1757.* 
Mary and Spencer Leonard, May 2, 1805. 
Mary Antoinette [int. Antoinett] and Winslow Caswell, Dec. 8, 

1835. [Mary Antoinette, C.R.3.] 
Olive [int. Woods] and Amasa Nash of Weymoth, Apr. 15, 

Olive S. of Halifax and Ebenezer Pratt, int. Apr. 17, 1824. 
Patience and Eliab Keith, int. Sept. 25, 1813. 
Patty and David Bartlett Jr. of W. Bridgewater, Dec. i, 1841. 
Philander and Patty Benson, Nov. 25, 1813. 
Primus, "Servant man to John Willis Esq'"." and Patience 

Burges, "Indian Woman," int. Oct. 4, 1764. 
Rachel and Oliver Allen Jr., Sept. 20, 1819. 
Rebeccah of Hallifax and John Harris, int. Nov. 31 [sic], 181 1. 
Rhoda and Albert Ashport, coulered, int. Aug. 17, 1841. 
Rufus and Susanna Hooper, int. Mar. i, 1800, 
Rufus W., 21, shoe maker, s. Willard and Harriet, and Eunice 

H. W. Copeland, 18, d. C. D., May 3, 1849. 
Samuel and Debby Sherby [int. Sherry], blacks, Sept. 30, 1801. 
Sarah and Isaac Hooper, Mar. 5, 1799. 
Sarah of Middleborough and Samuel Keith, Apr. 3, 1803 [? in 

Simeon and Rachel Atherton of Pembroke, Dec. 12, 1751, in 

Simeon and Mary Keith [int. wid.] of Easton, Oct. 25, 1774, 

in Easton. 
Simeon and Lydia Washburn, May 6, 1778. [Lidea, c.r.i.] 
Simeon of Boston and Keziah [int. Kezia] Dunbar, Dec. 3, 1809. 

• Intention not recorded. 


Wood, Simeon D. and Elizabeth B. Alden, Aug. 28, 1843. 

Susanna (see Lusanna). 

Thomas and Dina Perry, int. Feb. 23, 1744. 

Willaid [sic, int. Willard] and Harriet Caswell, Apr. 30, 1826. 

[Williard and Hariot Caswell, C.R.3.] 
Willard and Mrs, Anna Caswell, int. May 5, 1844. 
William and Amie Mear, Jan. 2, 1753.* 
Ziba and Abigail Shaw, Apr. 25, 1796. 

WOODCOCK, Nathan and Elizebeth [int. Elisabeth] Stone of 
Easton, Sept. 28, 1765, in Easton. 

WOODMAN, Jabez [int. of New Glocester, Cumberland Co.] 
and Damaris Howard, Jan. 14, 1810. 

WOODS (see Wood, Woodwis), Bettie and Ephraim Allen, 

Mar. 16, 1758.* 
Francis and Rebecca Thomson of Hallifax, int. Oct. 4, 1766. 
Huldah [int. Wood] and Eleazer Washburn, Feb. 23, 1769. 

[Woods, P.C.R.] 
John Jr. of Easton and Rachel Barrow, Nov. 27, 1766. 
Jonathan and Ann [int. Anne] Edson, wid., Feb. 11, 1771. 

[Ann, wid., p.c.r.] 
Josiah [int. Jr. of Middleborough] and Salome [int. Saloma] 

Woods, Mar. 31, 1768. [Josiah and Salome Woods, p.c.r.] 
Mary (see Polly). 

Nancy and Thomas Danforth, Jan. i, 1783. 
Polly [int. and dup. int. Mary Woodwiss] and Abner Morse 

[dup. int. of Middleborough], July 4, 1804. 
Salome [int. Saloma] and Josiah Woods [int. Jr. of Middle- 
borough], Mar. 31, 1768. [Salome and Josiah Woods, 

Sarah and Shubael Tinkham of Middleborough, Aug. 7, 1765. 
Sarah [int. Wood] and John Freelove, Jan. 4, 1774. 

WOODWARD, Fidelly of Taunton and Amos Wilbar, int. 

Apr. 27, 1800. 
Hannah, wid., and Joshua Willis, Feb. 19, 1733-4.* 
Nathanael and Elisabeth Willis, Apr. 16, 1708.* 

WOODWIS (see Wood, Woods), James Carkis [int. Woodswis] 
and Hannah Washburn, Feb. 12, 1770. 

WORCESTER, Fitzwilliam S. and Charlotte T. Swift, Dec. 29, 

1840. [Dec. 22, C.R.5.] 
Samuel, b. Thornton, N. H., and Sarah Sargent, b. Gloucester, 

Jan. 2, 1817.* 

• Intention not recorded. 


Worcester, Samuel H., 20, teacher, of Charleston, S. C, b. 
Gloucester, s. Sam[ue]l and Sarah, and Jane A. Washburn, 
d. Calvin and Eunice, Sept. 23, 1844. [Samuel Howard 
Worcester and Jane Ames Washburn, Sept. 22, p.R.77.] 

Sarah P., 23, d. Samuel and Sarah, and Charles J. Doughty, 25, 
of New York, s. Charles J. and Elizabeth of New York, 
June 15, 1845. 

WORMAL (see Wormel), Sarah and Nehemiah Allen, Jan. 8, 

WORMEL (see Wormal), John and Mary Bryant, June 10, 
1729.* [Wormal, p.c.r.] 

WORMWOOD, Lidia and Richard Holt, May 10, 1693,* p.c.r. 

WORSLEY, Jeannette (see Jannett Westley). 

WRIGHT, Cuffe [int. Cuffee of Middleborough] and Anna 

Cordner, blacks, Aug. 6, 1778. [Cuffe, p.c.r.] 
Elisabeth and Elias Monk, May 27, 1752.* [Elizebeth, p.c.r.] 

Mary and Ebenezer Thomson, ,* P.R.19. 

Polly of Marshfield and Isaac Johnson Jr., int. July 15, 1786. 
Sarah and Peter Whitman, Aug. 31, 1775. 

WYMAN, Lucy and Nathaniel Davenport, Dec. 22, 1729.* 
[Wyeman, p.c.r.] 

YOUNG, Christopher [int. Christophur] and Molly [int. 

Molley] Bonney, Mar. 21, 1785. [Christopher and Molly 

Bonney, p.c.r.] 
Eunice and John Harris, Apr. 29, 1795. 
Jennet and John Phillips, Oct. 21, 1784. 
Jo[h]n and Eunice Bass, Nov. 22, 1752.* 
John and Mrs. Leah Bonney of Pembroke, int. Feb. 8, 1783, 
Joseph of Wareham and Mary Leonard, Mar. 5, 1826. 
Mary and Richard Drake, int. Nov. 7, 1767. 
Mary of Fall River and Joseph M. Bassett, int. Sept. 15, 1843. 
Robert and Molly Kingman, Dec. 31, 1776. 
Thomas and Bethiah C. [int. Gushing] Baldwin of Hanover, 

Jan. 5, 1792, in Hanover. 
Welcom [int. Welcome] and Jennet Orr Harris, Sept. 11, 1816. 

ZOYE (see Quoy). 

* Intention not recorded. 



— ^ (second w.) and Joseph Edson, Nov. 2, 1686.* 

[Mary , P.R.103.] 

— , and Mary Washburn, d. Josiah Jr. [Oct. i8, 

1782],* C.R.I. 

— , and Sarah E. Tucker, Aug. — , 1834,* p.R.25. 


Beulah (see Bulah). 

Boston, "M' Hugh orrs Servant man," and Meribah Sampson, 

int. May 20, 1764. 
Bridgwater and Kate, "Colonel Holmans Negroes," Nov. 20, 

1739.* [Gate, "Co" Homans Negroes," p.c.r.] 
Bristol, "Servant man to Co" Edward Haward," and Betty 

Tomas, "Indian Woman," int. Apr. 25, 1772. 
Bristol, "Servant man to Col° Edward Howard," and Lear 

Haughton, "India woman," int. Aug. 4, 1781. 
Bulah, "Free negro woman," and Jessee, "Negro Servant man 

to Co" Josiah Edson," int. Apr. 6, 1865 [sic, ? 1765]. 
Fidelia and Francis Cuffe, negros, Nov. 24, 1708.* 
Gambo, "Negro man," and Mary Drake, "negro woman," 

June 21, I749-* 
Jessee, "Negro Servant man to Co" Josiah Edson," and Bulah, 

"Free negro woman," int. Apr. 6, 1865 [sic, ? 1765]. 
Kate and Bridgwater, "Colonel Holmans Negroes," Nov. 20, 

1739.* [CatC; "Co" Homans Negroes," p.c.r.] 
Nero, "Servant man to Rev'* mr Dan" Perkins," and Sarah, 

"Servant woman to y"" Widow Hannah Snell," Apr. 11, 

Oxford, "negro man of Joseph Gannet Jun'," and Sarah Kips, 

"negro woman," int. Mar. 29, 1755. 
Pegge and Scepio, blacks, June 8, 1764, in Pembroke.* 
Pero, "Negro Servant man of M' John Hardin of Abington," 

and Rhoda Vinson, "Free negro Woman," int. Sept. 29, 

PMIlis, "a Negro Woman of George Keith," and Prince Pero, 

"Negro man," int. Oct. 23, 1784. 
Plato [int. "negro Servant man to M' James Mears of Roxbury 

in the County of Suffolk"] and Rachel CoUey [int. Colly], 

negro's, Nov. 8, 1764. [Colley, p.c.r.] 
Pompey [int. Pompy, "Negro Servant man to Samuel Stevens 

of Roxbury in the County of Suffolk"] and Mehetable 

* Intention not recorded. 


CoUey [int. Mehetabel Colly, "Free negro woman"], 
negro's, Nov. 8, 1764. [Pompey and Mehetable Colly, 


Primus, negro, and Jane Frank, Dec. 8, 1737.* 
Robbin, free man (see Robbin Freeman). 
Sarah, "Servant woman to y^ Widow Hannah Snell," and 
Nero, "Servant man to Rev** mr Dan" Perkins," Apr. 11, 

[S]ash and Mary Cornish, Dec. i, 1706.* 
Sash, negro, and Margret Linsford [dup. (second w.)], Nov. 11, 

1724.* [This entry crossed out.] 
Scepio and Pegge, blacks, June 8, 1764, in Pembroke.* 
Sippio, "Servant negro man of Jn° Robbison of Dorchester in 

y^ County of Suffolk," and Eunice Primus, int. [Mar. 21] 

Will, negro [int. "negro Servant to M' Tho' Childs"], and Zil- 

pha, negro [int. "Servant woman to M" Mary Edson], 

Dec. 21, 1775. 
Zilpha, negro [int. "Servant woman to M" Mary Edson"], 

and Will, negro [int. "negro Servant to M' Tho' Childs"], 

Dec. 21, 1775. 

• Intention not recorded. 




ALDEN (see Allden), Abigail, ch. John (Allden) and Hanah, 

July 2, 1747. 
Abigail S., w. Lewis T., June 19, 1849, a. 51, G.R.12, [Abagail, 

in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Abigail T., ch. Noah, Mar. 7, 1801. [d. Noah and Elizabeth, 

in 6th y., G.R.12. Abagail, p.R.106.] 
Abner, M.D,, s. Eleab and Mary of Cairo, N. Y., Sept. 28, 

1818, a. 25 y. 9 m. 17 d., G.R.12. 
Amasa, h. Sally H., May 13, 1837, ^- ^i, G.R.12. [in Titicut, 

Amelia, d. Joseph and Polly, consumption, Aug. 19, 1848, a. 

42 y. I m. 8 d. [Aug. 16, G.R.7. d. Joseph and Mary 

(Hay ward), Apr. 19, p.r.i.] 
Andrew, Mar. 26, 1836, a. 66, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Bethiah, wid. Capt. Joseph, May 19, 1821, in 66th y., G.R.7. 

[May 20, a. 66, P.R.3.] 
Betsey, d. Seth Jr. and Mary, Aug. 8, 1775, in 2d y., G.R.7. 

[Betce, P.R.3. Allden, p.R.4. Alden, Aug. 7, p.R.106.] 
Caleb, ch. Seth and Mehetabel, Aug. 20, 1747. [s. Seth and 

Mehitabel, G.R.7. ch. Capt. Alden, P.R.4.] 
Caleb, m., farmer, s. Oliver and Experience, consumption, 

Apr. 22, 1845, 3" 78 y- 5 na. [influenza, Apr. 20, c.R.i. 

[h. Sally] Apr. 20, g.r.i. Apr. 20, P.R.3.] 
Caleb C, Sept. 2, 1838, a. 14 y. i m. 10 d., G.R.12. 
Cromwell, ch. Oliver and Experience, Oct. 31, 1775- [in 3d y., 

G.R.7. ch. Ollever, P.R.4.] 
Deborah, w. Eleazer, June 20, 1804, in 40th y., G.R.7. [w. 

Eleazar, June 19, p.r,io6.] 
Deborah, lung fever, Feb. i, 1840, a. 38, c.R.3. [Feb. 27, g.r.i. 

d. Eleazer, Feb. i, G.R.5. Feb. i, a. 39, P.R.3.] 
Eleazer, h. Martha, Jan. 29, 1773. [in 70th y. sic, G.R.7. 

uncle of Oliver, P.R.3. Allden, Jan. 30, p.R.4. Alden, 

Jan. 28, P.R.106.] 
Eleazer, May 2, 1803, in 8oth y., G.R.7. [Eleazor, May 3, 

a. 80, P.R.106.] 



Alden, Elizabeth, w. Noah, Jan. 12, 1798, in 23d y., G.R.12. 

[a. 24, P.R.106.] 
Esther, ch. John and Rebecca (second w.), Jan. 9, 1762. 
Eunice, consumption, Mar. 23, 1830, a. 42 "on the 6"' inst.," 

C.R.I. [Mar. 14, a. 42, G.R.7. "Cousin Eunice," Mar. 23, 

Experience, w. Oliver, Oct. 24, 1818. [Oct. 21, a. 75 y. 2 d., 

G.R.7. Experience (Leonard), Oct. 24, p.r.i. Oct. 24, 

a. 75, P.R.3. Oct. 24, P.R.94.] 
Frank, ch. Dr. Samuel and Mary [Mary A. H., g.r.i.], dis- 

entery, Oct. 22, 1847, 3.. 6 y. 3 m. 29 d. 
Hannah, w. John, Dec. 26, 1744. 
Hannah, w. Joseph, Jan. 14, 1747. [wid. Dea. Joseph, Jan. 14, 

1747-8, in 78th y., G.R.7. AUden, wid., Jan. 13, 1748, 

Hannah, Feb. 19, 181 1, a. 63. 
Hannah, Feb. — , 1847, ^- 89, in Titicut, P.R.106. 
Isaac Jr., h. Martha, May 9, 1758. 
Isaac, Oct. 21, 1781, p.R.106. 
Isaac, h. Minerva, Oct. 31, 1835. [Oct. 30, a. 38, G.R.7. Oct. 

24, a. 38, P.R.3. h. Minerva (Waterman), Oct. 31, 1838, 


Jael (see Alden). 

James, [twin] ch. John (AUden) and Hanah, June 21, 1747. 

Jane, Dec. 25, 1842, a. 22 y. 9 m. 9 d., g.r.i 2. 

John, [twin] ch. John (Allden) and Hanah, June 24, 1747. 

John, h. Hanah, h. Rebecca, Apr. 17, 1759. 

John, Mar. 27, 18 21, a. 102 y. 6 m., in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Joseph, h. Hannah, Dec. 22, 1747. [Dea., in 80th y., G.R.7. 

Allden, Dec. 23, P.R.4.] 
Joseph, Capt., Apr. 8, 1803, in 56th y., G.R.7. [brother of 

Oliver, P.R.3. Apr. 9, p.R.106.] 
Joshua, Lt., Mar. 21, 1809, in 80th y., G.R.7. 
Lemira E., d. Lewis T. and Abigail S., Aug. 4, 1842, a. 4 y. 

I m, 4 d., G.R.12. [in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Lewis, s. Eleazer and Deborah, Mar. 30, 1796, a. 6 m. 20 d., 

G.R.7. [ch. Eleazer Jr., P.R.3.] 
Lucinda, May 12, 1849, a. 67, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Lydia, Jan. 10, 1823, [a.] 90. 
Martha, w. Eleazer (Allden), Jan. 6, 1769. [Jan. 6, 1760, a. 69, 

G.R.7. "Ant" Marther, Jan. 6, 1769, P.R.3. Jan. 6, 1769, 

Martha Hyde, d. Samuel and Mary A., May 4, 1849, a. i y. 

5 m. 17 d. [Martha Williams Alden, ch. Dr. Samuel and 

Mary A. H., g.r.i.] 


Alden, Mary, w. Nathan, July 19, 1755. 

Mary, wid. Seth, Dec. i, 181 1, a. 63, G.R.7. [wid. Joshua, 

Dec. 2, P.R.3.] 
Mary, Jan. 5, 1814, a. 47. [mother of James Sullivan Alden, 

Mary, Dec. 4, 1818, in 65th y., G.R.7. [Moly, sister of E., 

Jan. 5, 1819, a. 64, P.R.3.] 
Matilda, w. Thomas, consumption, June i, 1849, a. 69 y. 9 m. 

21 d. 
Mehetabel, ch. Daniel and Abigail, July i [blotted, ? 13], 1729. 
Mehetable, w. Seth, Oct. 14, 1757. [Mehetibell, w. Capt. Seth, 

in 52d y., G.R.7. w. Capt. Alden, p.R.4. w. Capt. Seth, 

Mehetable, d. Seth Jr. and Mary, Aug. 11, 1775, in 5th y., 

G.R.7. [Mehatebel, P.R.3. Allden, p.R.4. Alden, p. r. 106.] 
Melinda, w. Oliver, May 3, 1838, a. 45, G.R.7. [d. Edward 

Mitchell and Chloe (Washburn), Apr. 3, p.R.92.] 
Melinda (Copeland), w. Thomas, June i, 1849, a. 71 [date and 

age written in pencil], p.r.i. 
Minerva, w. Isaac, Apr. 12, 1843. [wid, Isaac, Apr. 11, a. 48, 

G.R.5. P.R.3.] 
Molly (see Mary). 
Nancy, d. Solomon Jr. and Polly, Sept. 17, 1793, a. 7 m. 12 d., 

G.R.12. [Sept. 20, P.R.106.] 
Nathan, h. Mary, h. Lydia, May 18, 1807. 
Olive, June 24, 1821, a. 21, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Oliver, ch. Oliver and Experience, Nov. 12, 1775. [in 7th y., 

G.R.7. Allden, ch. Ollever, p.R.4.] 
Oliver, h. Experience, Sept. 29, 1825. [old age, a. 85 "the 17"' 

of last August," C.R.I, h. Experience (Leonard), p.r.i. 

a. 85, P.R.3.] 
Polly, w. Solomon Esq., May 31, 1821, in 55th y., G.R.I2. 

[June I, in .Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Polly, w. Caleb, Nov. 29, 1829, a. 40 y. 4 m. 22 d., G.R.12. 
Polly, w. Joseph, July 30, 1842. [Polly H., w. Capt. Joseph, 

July 31, a. 69, G.R.7. w. Capt. Alden, July 31, p.r,3.] 
Prisilla [dup. Priscilla] M., ch. Cromwell and Mary, dropsy, 

June 29, 1843, a. 4 m. 7 d. [Priscilla M., d. Cromwell and 

Mary H., g.r.i.] 
Salina, Mrs., May 4, 1847, a. 75, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Sally H., w. Amasa, July 3, 1845, a. 63, G.R.12. [wid., a. 64, 

in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Samuel, Mar. 24, 1783, p.R.106. 
Samuel, ch. Dr. Samuel and Mary A. H., May 9, 1835, g.r.i. 

[a. I, p.R,3,] 


Alden, Sarah (see Alden). 

Sarah, wid. Solomon, Aug. 28, 181 5, in 86th y., G.£.i2. 

Sarah, w. Nathan, May 28, 1816 [dup, a. 61]. 

Sarah, wid, Eleazer, Apr. 26, 1818, G.R.7. [mother of Eleazer, 

a. 92, P.R.3.] 
Sarah, Mar. 13, 1839, a. 79, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Sarah, w. William S., puerperal fever, Jan. 16, 1844, a. 28. 

[Sarah V., Jan. 17, a. 27 y. 11 m. 19 d., g.r.i. Jan. 17, 

Sarah, wid. Caleb, d. Benjamin Hayward and Mary, fit, 

Oct. 29, 1847, a. 79 y, 4 m. 16 d. [Sally, g.r.i.] 
Sarah H., ch. Cromwell and Mary, Oct. 3, 1839. 
Selina (see Salina). 
Seth, s. Seth and Mary, Aug. 10, 1775, in 7th y., G.R.7. [Seth 

3d, P.R.3. Allden, p.R.4. Alden, p.R.106.] 
Seth Jr., Aug. 29, 1775, in 34th y., G.R.7. [brother of Oliver, 

P.R.3. Allden, p.R.4. Alden, p.R.106.] 
Seth, Capt., Sept. 6, 1784, in 75th y., G.R.7. [father of Oliver, 

P.R.3. Allden, p.R.4.] 
Silas, Mar. 12, 1766, p.R.106. 
Solomon, Dec. 13, 1813, in 86th y., G.R.12. 
Thomas Jr., s. Thomas and Matilda, Mar. 7, 181 7, a. 9 m., 


Vodicia (see Alden) . 

, ch. Samuel, Sept. 29, 1744, p.R.4. 

, "Sixth" s. John and Hannah, 12, 1744. 

, ch. Solomon, Feb. 14, 1765, p.R.106. 

, ch. Eleazer, , 1770, P.R.3. [ch. Elezer, Dec. 31, 

, d. Eleazer, Aug. 8, 1778, P.R.3. [Sara Allden, p.R.4. 

Sarah Alden, p.R.106.] 
[? Jael], "Mother," Dec. 17, 1781, P.R.3. [w. Capt. 

Allden, p.R.4. Alden, w. Capt. Seth, p.R.106.] 

, wid., Nov. 20, 1785, a. 75, p.R.106. 

, ch. Caleb, Aug. 8, 1791, P.R.3. [ch. Calep, Aug. 9, 


, w. Oliver H., Feb. 11, 1821, a. 25, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, w. Noah, Sept. 6, 1827, g.r.i. [Vodicia, Sept. 7, in 

6ist y., G.R.12. Vodica, cancer, Sept. 7, a. 61, p.R.106.] 
, ch. Dr. Samuel and Mary A. (Hyde), still born, Sept. 

15, 1829, P.R.I. 

, ch. Peter O., Apr. 21, 1830, a. 4, in Titicut, P.R.106. 

, ch. Horatio H., Sept. — , 1832, a. 2, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, wid., July 17, 1833, a. 89, in Titicut, pji.io6. 


Alden, , wid. Elijah, Sept. 25, 1839, a. 83, in Titicut, 

, w. Dea. Job, July 3, 1846, a. 67, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

ALDGER (see Alger), Thom[a]s, Dec. 21, 1793, old, P.R.3. 

ALDREDG (see Aldredge, Aldreg, Aldrich, Aldridg, Aldridge), 
, ch. Widow Aldredg, Jan. 15, 1762, P.R.4. 

ALDREDGE (see Aldredg, Aldreg, Aldrich, Aldridg, Aldridge), 
-, twin ch. John, found dead in the bed, Oct. 9, 1733, 


ALDREG (see Aldredg, Aldredge, Aldrich, Aldridg, Aldridge), 
Josiah, Dec. 7, 1748, p.R.4. 

ALDRICH (see Aldredg, Aldredge, Aldreg, Aldridg, Aldridge), 

Betsey, Mar. 10, 1820, a. 58, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
James, Oct. 28, 1828, a. 75, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
John, Feb. 21, 1776, "in the camp," p.R.106. 
Joseph, June 24, 1801, a. 69, P.R.106. 
Tilden, July 5, 1832, a. 15, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, ch. Nathan, Feb. 17, 1833, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, wid., July 20, 1834, a. 81, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, wid. Nathan, Mar. 21, 1839, a. 72, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

ALDRIDG (see Aldredg, Aldredge, Aldreg, Aldrich, Aldridge), 
, wid., Apr. 17, 1750, p.R.4. [Aldrich, p.R.106.] 

ALDRIDGE (see Aldredg, Aldredge, Aldreg, Aldrich, Aldridg), 
Reuben, pauper, Jan. 21, 1836, a. 65, P.R.3. 

ALEN (see Allan, Allen), , ch. Jassa, Sept. 8, 1769, 

P.R.3. [ch. Jesi, Aug. 8, P.R.4.] 

, ch. James, Aug. 11, 1779, P.R.4. 

, wid. Maj. Jams, Feb. 11, 1819, a. 74, P.R.3. 

ALGER (see Aldger), Allice, w. Israel, Jan. 30, 1715-16. 

Daniel, Mar. 29, 1786, p.R.106. 

Edmund, ch. Nathan and Ruth, Mar. 24, 18 10. 

Edward, ch. Joseph Jr. and Naomie, Sept. 17, 1750. 

Eliza Jane, d. Adin and Clarissa, May 11, 1836, in 17th y., 
G.R.6. [d. Adan, p.r.2. d. Aden, a. 15, P.R.3.] 

Emiley, ch. Nathan and Ruth, Nov. 11, 18 10. 

Hannah, wid. Dea. James, old age, Jan. 16, 1845, a. 73. [Han- 
nah (Bassett) p.r.i.] 

Israel Jr., h. Abihail, May 3, 1755. 

Israel, h. Allice, Nov. 13, 1762. 


Alger, James, h. Martha, May 20, 18 10. 

James, June 29, 1822, a. 68, c.r.i. [July — , P.R.3.] 

James, h. Hannah [(Bassett)], Nov. 2, 1844, g.r.6. [in Chelsea, 


Jesse, ch. Capt. Abiezer and Hephzibah, June 16, 1784. 

Joseph, June 30, 1769, p.R.106. 

Joseph, Nov. 30, 1790, a. 70, p.R.106. 

Martha, w. James, Aug. 23, 1813. 

Nathan, ch. Joseph and Mary, May 28, 1753. 

Olive, wid. James, old age. Mar. i, 1832, a. 79 "the 29"" ult,," 


Polly, ch. Ebenezer and Polly, Oct. 25, 181 7. 

Ruth, , 1826, a. 55. 

Sarah, ch. Israel Jr. and Abihail, Mar. 6, 1755. 

, s. Israel and Allice, Feb. 16, 171 5-16. 

, "first born," d. Dan[ie]ll and Susannah, July 24, 1749. 

, d. Dan[ie]ll and Susannah, June 16, 1750. 

, wid., Apr. 30, 1776, p.R.106. 

, s. James 3d and Hannah, Mar. 6, 1797, a. 14 d., g.r.6. 

[ch. James 2d, P.R.3.] 

ALLAN (see Alen, Allen), Kathrine, w. William, Sept. 28, 1757. 
, "first Born," d. William and Katharine, Nov. — , 1757. 

ALLDEN (see Alden), Abbee, ch. Ezra and Rebeccaa, Mar. i, 

Abraham, ch. Eleazer and Martha, Sept. 2, 1726. 
Adam, ch. John and Hanah, Sept. 5, 1746. 
Caleb, ch. Eleazer and Martha, Apr. 21, 1733. [a. 2, c.r.i.] 
Hannah, ch. Daniel (Alden) and Abigail, July 2, 1726. 
Isaacc, ch. Nathan (Alden) and Lydia (second w.), Aug. 29, 

Jonathan, ch. Joseph (Alden) and Hannah, Nov. 10, 1704. 
Joseph, ch. Joseph (Alden) and Hannah, Dec. 19, 1695. 
Joseph, ch. Joseph (Alden) and Hannah, Oct. 25, 1704. 
Mary, ch. Daniel (Alden) and Abigail, Mar. 6, 1737-8. 

, s. John and Hanah, Mar. 12, 1740. 

, "first born," s. Ezra and Rebeccaa, Dec. 4, 1757. 

, ch. Eleazer, July 19, 1765, p.R.4. 

ALLEN (see Alen, Allan), Abigail, ch. Barzillai and Lucy, 

June 3, 1819. 
Benj[amin], killed with a cart, Aug. 2, 1760, p.R.106. 
Benjamin, pauper, drunkenness, Nov. 10, 1825, a. 54, c.r.i. 

[Nov. 19, a. 49, P.R.3.] 


Allen, David, ch. Elisha and Rebecca, Oct. 11, 1756. 

Ephraim, ch. Jacob and Abigail, Mar. 14, 1746-7, 

Jacob, "coming from Weymouth with his team tumbled down 

and the cart ran over him and killed him," Nov. 18, 1751, 

Jacob, Capt., ch. Jacob and Abigail, "Killed at the Capture of 

Burgoyne," . 

James, ch. Isaac and Joanna, Feb. 28, 1756. 

James Sr., Dec. 12, 1778. [in 75th y., G.R.7. Alen, Dec, 2, 

James, Jan. 18, 1782, in 23d y,, g,r.7. [s. Maj, Allen, Jan. 18, 

1789, P.R.3. Alen Jr., Jan. 17, 1789, p.R.4. Allen Jr., 

consumption, Jan, 18, 1789, a. 22, p.R.105. Allin Jr., 

Jan. 18, 1789, P.R.106.] 
James, Maj., small pox, Jan. 10, 1789, in 54th y., G.R.7, 

G.R.13. [Alen, p.R.4. Allen, a. 52, p.R. 105. Allin, Jan. 9, 

James, ch. Oliver and Susannah, Nov. 19, 1825, in Canada, [h. 

Mary (Mitchell), in Montreal, p.r.i.] 
Jonathan, ch. Jonathan and Sarah, May — , 1759. 
Joseph, s. Samuell Jr. and Rebecka, Aug. 14, 1693. 
Josiah, h. Sarah, Jan. 6, 1744-5. 
Mary, [twin] ch. Seth and Rebecca, June 16, 1747. 
Mary M., d. James S. and Mary, consumption. Mar. 19, 1845, 

a. 27 y. 8 m. [Mary Mitchell Allen, ch. James and Mary 

(Mitchell), P.R.I. Mary, Mar. 18, P.R. 3.] 
Mathew, ch. Mathew and Sarah, Sept. 9, 1749. 
Nehemiah, ch. James Jr. and Martha, Oct. 3, 1776, [s. Capt. 

James and Martha, in 14th y., G.R.7. Alen, s. Capt. 

James, Oct. 4, P.R.3. Nemiah Alen, Oct. 2, P.R.4.] 
Oliver, h. Susannah, Apr. i, 1843. [Mar, 31, a. 77 y. 8 m., 

G.R.5. Mar. 31, P.R.I. Apr. i, P.R.3.] 
Rebeca, [twin] ch. Seth and Rebecca, June 20, 1747, 
Rebecca, Mrs., Oct. 22, 1829, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Rebeckah, w. Samuel Jr., Oct. 29, 1697. 
Samuel Jr., h. Mary, June 28, 1750. 
Seth, h. Rebecca, Jan. i, 1760. 
Simeon, ch. Simeon and Huldah, Oct. 23, 1789. 
Susanna, ch. Simeon and Huldah, Mar. 5, 1786. 
Susannah, w. Oliver [dup. paralysis], Aug. 2, 1844 [dup. a. 77]. 

[a, 77 y. 5 m,, G.R.5. wid., a. 77, p.r.i, wid, Oliver, a. 

77, P-R-3-] 
Zephaniah, Mar. 28, 1842, a. 75, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
, s. Samuell Jr, and Rebecka, stillborn, Oct. 26, 1697. 


Allen, , "first" ch. Seth and Rebecca, still born, Nov. 

20, 1736. 

, wid., May 20, 1739, P.R.4. 

, ch. James, May 4, 1741, P.R.4. 

, ch. James, Oct. 6, 1747, P.R.4. 

, twin infs. Eph[rai]m, Jan. 3, 1763, P.R.106. 

, w. James, dropt down dead, Feb. 20, 1766, P.R.106. 

, s. Barzillai and Lucy, Nov. 3, 1803. 

, Mrs., pauper, Feb. 28, 1834, a. 62, P.R.3. 

AMES (see Fames), Abigail, [triplet] ch. John and Susanna, 

May 5, 1762. 
Abigail, w. Timothy, Jan. — , 1784. [Jan. 3, p.R.106.] 
Abihail, third w. Joseph, Sept. i, 1803. [mother of James, 

a. 73, p.R.106.] 
Abraham, ch. William and Elisabeth, Nov. 25, 1731. [Nov. 

24, C.R.I.] 

Achsah Standish (see Exa Standish Ames). 
Barnabus, ch. William and Elisabeth, Oct. 31, 1736. 
Barzilla, ch. Simeon and Experience, Nov. 7, 1769. [Nov. 6, 

P.R.3. Nov. 5, P.R.4.] 
Benjamin, Aug. 19, 1773, P.R.106. 
Bettie, w. James, Aug. 4, 1773. 
Betty, w. Fisk, Dec. 21, 1817. 

Charlottee, ch. Capt. Abiel and Alice, Feb. i, 1797. 
Cynthia, ch. John and Susanna, Oct. 30, 1774. [fit, Oct. 31, 

Cyrus, ch. Fisk and Betty, Nov. 22, 1806 [sic, see birth]. 
David, Aug. i, 1794, p.R.106. 
Deborah, w. Thomas, May 9, 1819. 
Dorcas, second w. James, Mar. 28, 1816. 
Ebenezer, Mar. i, 1772, in 40th y., G.R.9. 
Eben[eze]r, Lt., drowned himself. Mar. i, 1779, P.R.106. 
Edwin, s. Alexander, hemorrhage, June 22, 1832, a. 29 "last 

April," C.R.I, [asthma, C.R.3.] 
Edwin Fisher, ch. Edwin and Marsha, Nov. 2, 1831. [a. 16 m., 

C.R.I. Nov. 3, worms, a. 16 m., C.R.3.] 
Eunice, mother of Capt. Sprague, bur. Oct. 14, 1833, a. 94, 

C.R.2. [wid. Solomon, d. Oct. 12, a. 92, G.R.7. wid., d. 

Oct. 12, a. 92, P.R.3.] 
Exa Standish, Aug. 12, 1842, P.R.41. 
Experience, wid. Simeon, old age. Mar. 30, 1824, a. 79 "the 

29* last August," C.R.I. 
Hannah, ch. Timothy and Abigail, Oct. 13, 1783. 
James, Aug. 26, 1788, p.R.106. 


Ames, James, Aug. 29, 1S03. 

John Jr., h. Sarah, , 1756. [Jan. i, p.R.106.] 

John, ch. Daniel and Hannah, Oct. 24, 1773. 

John, h. Susanna, July 17, 1805. [Capt., a. 66, P.R.106.] 

Jonathan, h. Kezia, Nov. 4, 1775. 

Jonathan, h. Patience, Dec. 14, 1836. 

Joseph, h. Susanah, h. Ruth, h. Abihail, May 14, 1790. [May 

13, a. 80, p,R.io6.] 
Joseph Jr., h. Martha, Mar. 7, 1813. [a. 65, G.R.9.] 
Joseph, ch. Joseph Jr. and Martha, Sept. 9, 1813. [Capt., 

suddenly, a. 85 sic, G.R.7. Capt., h. Hannah W. (Shaw), 

suddenly, a. 35, p.r.i. drounded, P.R.3.] 
Joshua, Dec. 26, 1755, p.R.106. 
Kezia, w. Jonathan, Feb. 8, 1823. 
Keziah, [triplet] ch. John and Susanna, June 26, 1764. 
Leonard, ch, James and Jane, Sept. 28, 1796. 
Leonard, ch. James and Jane, Feb. 7, 1817. 
Lucy, d. Joseph and Martha, Oct. 6, 1790, in 7th y., G.R.9. 
Marcia, wid. Edwin, consumption, Sept. 21, 1832, a. 32 "the 

28"" last April," c.r.i. [Sept. 20, a. 33, c.R.3. Sept. 21, 

a. 32, P.R.3.] 
Martha, w. Joseph, June 2, 1837, a. 85, G.R.9. [a. 84, P.R.3.] 
Mary, w. William, Nov. 5, 171 2. 
Mary, w. David, Mar. 28, 1757. 
Nathan, Mar. 13, 1756, p.R.106. 
Nathan, ch. Nathan and Bettie, Apr. 16, 1776. 
Nathaniel, June 5, 1805, a. 64, p.R.106. 
Nath[anie]l Fisher, Jan. 21, 1843, g.r.i. 
Otis Gleason, Aug. 9, 1840, p.R.41. 
Patience, w. Jonathan, May 12, 1835. 
Peres, s. Joseph and Martha, , G.R.9. [ch. Joseph Jr., 

Oct. 3, 1780, P.R.106.] 
Rebecca, ch. Thomas and Deborah, Feb. 19, 1771. 
Ruth, second w. Joseph, Apr. 30, 1768. 

Sally, w. Jonathan, throat distemper, bur. Apr. 7, 1839, c.R.2. 
Sarah Jane, b. Boston, ch. Nath[anie]l Fisher and Mariah C, 

consumption, July 31, 1847, a. 22 y. 4 m. 12 d., in Boston. 
Seth, m., farmer, ch. Joseph and Martha, old age, June 14, 

1845, a. 74 y. 5 d. [h. Elizabeth (Bartlett), p.r.S-] 
Simeon, h. Experience, Dec. 26, 181 1, [in 73d y., G.R.7. Sim- 
mon, P.R.3.] 

Simeon, ch. Alexander and Susanna, . 

Solomon, July 14, 1745, in 37th y., G.R.7. [July 12, P.R.4.] 
Solomon, ch. Solomon and Susanna, Feb. 24, 1814. [a. 72, 

G.R.7. P.R.3.] 


Ames, Susanna [dup. Susannah C], b. Middleborough, w. 

[dup. w. Alexander], d. Nathan Cole and Hesadiah, old age 
[dup. consumption], July 9, 1846, a. 83 y. 8 m. [Susanna, 
w. Alexander, c.r.i. g.r.i.] 

Sussanna, w. Joseph, June i, 1753. 

Thomas, h. Keziah, Nov. 28, 1774. 

Thomas, h. Deborah, Aug. 23, 181 2. 

Warren, ch. Edwin and Marsha, Oct. 16, 1832. [ch. Edwin 
dec'd and Marcia, a. 11 m., c.r.i. ch. Edwin dec'd, 
hydrocephelas, a. 11 m., c.R.3. ch. Edwin dec'd, a. 11 m., 

William, Nov. 20, 171 2. 

William, in the army, July 29, 1776, in New York, g.r.q. 

Zedekiah S., s, John, Nov. 20, 1806, a. 11 m., G.R.7. 

Zephaniah, Oct. 28, 1774, a. 19, P.R.102. 

Zephaniah, Nov. 3, 1798, in 23d y., "at the Ohio," G.R.9. [in 
Ohio, P.R.106.] 

, w. Jona[than], Dec. 19, 1782, P.R.106. 

, ch. Alex[an]d[er], May i, 1802, P.R.3. 

, ch. John, Nov. 19, 1807, P.R.3. 

, ch. Alexa[nder], Dec. 4, 1818, a. 10, P.R.3. 

ANDREWS, Azubah S. A. (see Andrews). 

Calvin W., ch. William and Polly, Apr. 21, 1841. [Calvin 

Washburn Andrews, consumption, a. 17, c.r.2. Calvin 

W., G.R.2. a. 19, P.R.3.] 
Mary, b. Gloucester, Me., w. Zepheniah, puerperal fever, 

Apr. 17, 1849, a. 26 y. 7 m. [Mary F., w. Zephaniah, d. 

Thomas Johnson of Maine, Apr. 15, g.r.2.] 
Philena, d. Rufus dec'd, Feb. 16, 1828, a. 40, c.r.i. [asthma, 

c.R.3. Philene, a. 41, p.r.2.] 
Rufus, old age, Dec. 23, 1825, a. 78 "last August," c.r.i. 

[stoppage, Dec. 24, a. 73, c.R.3. Androws, Dec. 24, a. 78, 

p.R.2. Andrews, P.R.3.] 

, wid.. May 12, 1805, P.R.106. 

, inf. s. Manasseh, Aug. 5, 1827, c.r.i. 

, w. Zepheniah, consumption, bur. Nov. 27, 1841, a. 38, 

C.R.2. [Azubah S. A., w. Zephaniah, d. John Murdock 

and Azubah, d. Nov. 29, a, 37, G.R.2.] 
, s. Zepheniah and Mary, stillborn, Apr. 16, 1849. 

ANGIER, Eunice, sister of Rev. John, Oct. 5, 1771. 
John, Rev., Apr. 14, 1787. 

Oakes Esq., h. Susanna, Sept. i, 1786. [Oaks Esq., P.R.106.] 
Samuel, Jan. — , 1805, a. 62, p.R.106. 


ASHPORT, Adeline Brown, coloured, d. Lydia, wid., quincy, 

July I, 1827, a. 4 "the 24"" of last April," c.r.i. 
Calvin, coloured, influenza, Mar. 4, 1826, a. 35 "the i"* of last 

May," C.R.I. [Mar. 5, P.R.3.] 

Cuff (see Ashport). 

Cuff, "An honest & faithful black," Aug. 31, 1827, a. 81 "last 

June," C.R.I. [Sept. 8, P.R.3.] 
Everette, coloured, ch. Rebecca, grand d. Cuff, dropsy, Dec. 

21, 1823, a. 12 "the 12* current month," c.r.i. [Everett, 

Lidia, Mrs., coloured, [Oct.] — , 1842, P.R.3. 
Luther, coloured, suddenly, May 11, 1826, a. 39 "the 20 of 

Dec," C.R.I. [h. Hannah (Mortiss), p.r.i, June — , 


Lydia (see Lidia). 

Rebecca, coloured, ch. Cuff, consumption, July 12, 1825, a. 30, 

, s. Calvin, coloured, July 12, 1822, a. 8 m., c.r.i. 

[Cuff, P.R.3.] 
, coloured, s. Luther dec'd and Hannah, Nov. 15, 1826, 


ASKIN, , s. John, Mar. 15, 1754. 

AUGUSTUS, Nancy, Mrs., coloured, Oct. 29, 1838, a. 88, p.r,3. 

AYER, Albert Edwin, s. John and Lucy, Mar. 3, 1842, a. 28 m. 
16 d., G.R.12. [in Titicut, P.R.106.] 

BACKUS, Isaac, s. Joseph A., Sept. 4, 1843, a. 4 m., in Titicut, 

Simon, July 20, 1833, a. 67, in Titicut, P.R.106. 

BACON, Alice, w. Dea. Bacon, Mar. 18, 1788, a. 69, p.R.106. 
John, Apr. 6, 1820, a. 62, G.R.7. [a. 63, P.R.3.] 
Priscilla, w. John, Dec. 13, 1812, a. 47, G.R.7. 

BAILEY (see Baly), Israel, May 4, 1750. 
Salley, ch. Seth and Deborah, Apr. 20, 1776. 
Sarah, d. Israel and Keziah, Sept. 7, 1745. 
Sarah, w. Adams, Aug. 28, 1774. [Baily, p.R.106.] 

BALY (see Bailey), Lidey, Jan. 13, 1794, P.R.3. 

BARGE (see Bearce, Bearse). 

BAROWS, , ch. Joseph, May 25, 1808, p.R.3. 


BARREL (see Barrell), James, ch. William and Sarah, Sept, 4, 

John, Mar. 7, 1762. 

BARRELL (see Barrel), Content, [Jan.] 20, 1823, [a.] 58. 

James, Maj., Oct. 11, 1810, a, 45. 

James C, Jan. 5, 1812, a. 25. 

Jonathan Bass, ch. Joshua and Olive, Nov. 16, 1779. 

BARROWS (see Barows). 

BARSTOW, George, Rev., Feb. 11, 1826, g.r.i. 

George Wales, s. Rev. George and Sarah, July 23, 1834, g.r.i. 

BARTLET (see Bartlett), Bethia [w. ], d. Sam[ue]ll 

Packard and Elisabeth, Oct. 7, 1750. 
James, June 17, 1796, P.R.3. 

BARTLETT (see Bartlet), Charllottee, ch. David and Polly, 

Dec. — , 1812. 
Job Packard, ch. Samuel (Bartlet) and Susanna, Dec. 19, 1774. 

[Bartlet, p.R.102.] 
Joseph A., Oct. 2, 1849, a. 29, g.r.i. 

BASET (see Bassett), Joseph, Aug. 5, 1741, P.R.4. 
Thankful, Aug. i, 1752, P.R.4. 
, ch. Ben, May 12, 1739, P.R.4. 

BASS, Bethia, ch. Jonathan and Susanna, June 11, 1747. 
Mary, ch. Jonathan and Susanna, June 22, 1747. 
Ruth, ch. Jonathan and Susanna, June 20, 1747. 

BASSETT (see Baset), Cynthia, w. Cyrus, Oct. 25, 1812. 

David, ch. Nathan, , 1756, p.r.2. 

Davis, ch. Joseph and Ruth, Apr. 12, 1804. [Basset, P.R.3.] 

Elisabeth, w. Joseph, Jan. 18, 1743-4. [Basset, wid., P.R.4.] 

Elnathan, Apr. 20, 1750. 

Gustavus, ch. Abiel and Mary W., Nov. 4, 1838. [ch. Abial, 
hydrocephelus, Nov. 5, a. i, c.R.3. s. Abiel and Mary W., 
a. I y. 2 m., g.r.i. ch. Abial, Nov. 4, p.r.2. Basset, ch. 
Abiah, Nov. 4, a. i, P.R.3.] 

Hannah, w. Nathan, , 1756, p.r.2. 

Hannah, w. Joseph, Sept. 9, 1834. [wid., old age and dropsy, 
Sept. 10, a. 81, c.R.3. Hannah (Lothrop), w. Joseph 
Esq., G.R.I. wid. Joseph Esq., Sept. 10, a. 81, P.R.3.] 

Joseph Jr., h. Elisabeth, Apr. 4, 1741. 

Joseph, Lt., May 6, 1803, g.r.6. [May 5, p.r.2. Basset, May 
6, P.R.3. Basset, May 6, a. 72, p.R.106.] 


Bassett, Joseph, h. Hannah, Mar. 13, 181 7. [Joseph Esq., h. 

Hannah (Lothrop), g.r.i. Joseph 2d, Mar. 14, p.r.2. 

Basset Esq., Mar. 13, a. 88, P.R.3.] 
Josiah B., ch. Josiah and Lucretia, Aug. — , 1828. [Josiah 

Bradford Bassett, idiotism, July 12, a. 7, C.R.3.] 
Mary Fobes, ch. Abiel and Mary W., July 20, 1843 [dup. a. 

I y. 5 m. 3 d.]. [a. II m., G.R.I, a. i,p.r.3.] 
Mary W., w. , d. Caleb Fobes and Molly, consumption, 

Oct. 19, 1844, a. 22 y. 3 m. [w. Abiel, g.r.i, P.R.3.] 

Nathan, ch. Nathan, , 1756, p.r.2. 

Nathan, s. Caleb and Bethia, July 10, 1796, a. 2 y. 8 m. 24 d., 

G.R.7. [Basset, P.R.3.] 
Paschal, ch. Paschal, Mar. 20, 1832. [scarlet fever, Mar. 21, 

C.R.I. Paschal Jr., Mar. 21, g.r.i. Paschall, ch. Pas- 
chal and Mary (Hooper), Mar. 21, p.r.i. Mar. 21, a. 2, 

Paschall, consumption, Dec. 20, 1849, a. 60, g.r.i. [Paschal, 

h. Mary [(Hooper)], g.r.i. Paschal, h. Mary (Hooper), 


Phebe, w. Lt. Joseph, Feb. 25, 1796, in 59th y., g.r.6. [Basset, 

P.R.3. P.R.106.] 
Ruth, d. William and Sarah, Apr. 26, 1730. 
Ruth, w. Joseph, Mar. 11, 1848, c.R.4. [a. 76, G.R.6.] 
Sally (Leonard), w. Jonathan, Oct. 17, 1818, g.r.i. 
Sarah, w. William (Basset), Apr. 13, 1703. 
Sarah, wid. Lt. Joseph, Sept. 29, 1839, in 103d y., g.r.6. 
William [dup. farmer], h. Abler [dup. cancer], Dec. 20, 1843 

[dup. a. 67]. 
, [? triplet] inf. Cyrus, Aug. 26, 1829, g.r.i. ["one of 

three at a birth," Aug. 23, C.R.3.] 

, [? triplet] inf. Cyrus, Sept. 10, 1829, g.r.i. 

, Mrs., pauper, July 17, 1831, a. 90, g.r.i. [a. 85, at the 

Almshouse, p.R.106.] 
, s. Abiel, farmer, and Mary W., s[till] b[orn], Sept. 25, 


BATES (see Batts), Asa, Aug. 18, 1810, a. 45. 

Christopher, ch. Moses and Deborah, Nov. 2, 1814 [dup. a. 

I [y.] 4 m.]. 
Christopher, May 27, 181 7, a. 56. 

Hezekiah H., ch. Benjamin and Elizabeth, Sept. i, 1823. 
Joshua, Sept. 14, 1839, G.R.9. [Sept. 20, a. 70, P.R.3. h. Be- 

thiah (Ames), Sept. 14, p.R.24. p.R.91.] 
Molly, Oct. 12, 1816, a. 52. 


Bates, Nahum, Nov. 10, 1820. 

Samuel, s. Samuel W. and Hellen, scarlet fever, Apr. — , 1844, 

a. 4 m. [ch. S. W. and Helen L., Apr. 16, g.r.i. ch. 

Samuel Ward and Helen L. (Crocker), Apr. 16, p.R.91.] 
, inf. Jacob, Aug. 15, 1822. 

BATTLES, Daniel Dyer, ch. Samuel, Dec. 22 [1790]. 
Mary Dyer, ch. Samuel, May 13, 1809. 

BATTS (see Bates), , ch. John, drouned, Sept. 10, 1803, 


BAXTER, , wid. Thompson, Apr. 20, 1821. 

BEAL (see Beals), Abigail, Aug. 26, 1779. 

David, ch. Sam[ue]ll Jr. and Elisabeth, Feb. 23, 1750. 

Hannah, ch. Jonathan and Abigail, "first of" Apr., 1761. 

Joseph, [twin] ch. Sam[ue]ll (Beals) and Mary, Apr. 19, 1736. 

Mary, ch. Sam[ue]ll (Beals) and Mary, Aug. 9, 1747- 

Samuel, h. Elisabeth, July 19, 1747. 

Seth, ch. Sam[ue]ll (Beals) and Mary, Oct. 22, 1736. 

BEALS (see Beal), Joseph, ch. Sam[ue]ll and Mary, Aug. i, 

Samuel, h. Mary, May 5, 1750. 
, ch. Solomon of W. Bridgewater, bur. Apr. 29, 1832, 


, w. Solomon Jr., May 6, 1849, a. 18, in Titicut, p.R.106, 

BEARCE (see Bearse), Ford, s. Jacob and Hannah, Apr. 20, 
1778, G.R.13. [Barce, small pox, P.R.3. Foard Bears, 

BEARS (see Bearce, Bearse). 

BEARSE (see Bearce), Job, Mr., small pox, Apr. 20, 1778, 

BELCHER, Amie, wid., d. Jonathan Howard and Sarah, 
Sept. 10, 1812. 

BENNET, Keziah, Apr. 19, 1745, in 20th y., G.R.7. 
, w. Arter, Apr. 20, 1743, P.R.4. 

BENSON, Benjamin, h. Kezia, Feb. 14, 1749. 
Betsey, Mar. 20, 1847, a. 67. [Mar. 19, a. 71, g.r.s.] 
Bety, Mar. 15, 1742, p.R.4. 

Caroline, d. Martin and Phebe, consumption, Feb. 22, 1825, 
C.R.I, [inf. Martin, P.R.3.] 


Benson, Chloe, d. Ebenezer and Silence, Aug. 16, 1782, a. 4 m. 

25 d., G.R.7. 
Chloe, d. Ebenezer and Silence, Dec. 24, 1784, a. 2 m. 2 d., 

G.R.7. [Dec. 23, P.R.3. Bensen, Dec. 23, P.R.4.] 
Chloe H., ch. Jonah Jr. and Chloe, Aug. 30, 1826. [Cloe, d. 

Jonah and Cloe, lung fever, a. 18 m., c.r.i. Chloe Hatha- 
way Benson, d. Jonah Jr. and Chloe, a. 17 m. 20 d., G.R.7.] 
David, rheumatic affection, Feb. 22, 1823, a. 66 "the 12*'' last 

Sept.," C.R.I, 
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Silence, Feb. 16, 1787, a. 4 m. 26 d., 

G.R.7. [Feb. 6, P.R.105.] 
Jane, w. Jonathan, Sept. 10, 1839. [a. 41, G.R.5. w. Johna- 

than, Sept. 16, a. 39, P.R.3.] 

John (see Benson). 

John, Mar. 6, 1805, in 27thy., G.R.7. [Mar. 7, p,r.3. p.r.io6.] 
John, s. Cyrus and Lydia, Sept. 20, 181 2, a. 2 y. i m. 11 d., 

G.R.7. [ch. Cirs, Sept. 21, P.R.3.] 
Jonah (see Jonathan). 
Jonathan, Lt., small pox, Dec. 16, 1788, in 71st y., G.R.12. 

[Capt., Dec. 17, p.R.105. Capt., Dec. 8, p.R.106.] 
Jonathan, Oct. 31, 1802, in 50th y., G.R.7. 
Jonathan, Feb. 25, 1842, in 83d y., G.R.7. [Jonah, P.R.3.] 
Kezia, w. Benjamin, Feb. 10, 1750. [wid., p.R.4, p.R.106.] 
Lucia, d. Jonah and Martha, July 20, 1804, a. 2 y. 9 m., G.R.7. 
Martha, w. Jonathan, Mar. 21, 1801, in 85th y., G.R.7. ["Gran- 

na," Mar. 22, P.R.3. wid., Mar. 23, a. 90, p.R.106.] 

Martha (see Benson). 

Martha, ch, Jonathan and Martha, Oct. 20, 1847 [sic, ? 1747]. 

[Oct. 21, 1747, P.R.4.] 
Nahum, s. Jonah, Sept. 30, 1825, a. 36, c.r.i. [typhus fever, 

a. 33 y. 6 m., c.R.3, a. S3, G-R-7- a. 36, p.R.3. Oct. i, 

a. S3, P-R-I06,] ^ 

, ch. Benjamin, Oct. 16, 1747, P.R.4. 

, w. John, Mar. 9, 1765, p.R.4, [w. Lt. Benson, p.R.106.] 

, Lt., May 30, 1770, old, p.R.3. [John, p.R.4.] 

, w. Benja[min], Aug. 6, 1771, P.R.3. P.R.106. 

, ch. Benja[min], Aug. 10, 1771, P.R.3. [ch. Benjaman, 

Aug, 13, p,R.4.] 

, ch, Jonathan Jr,, Apr, 9, 1777, p,r,4. 

, Mrs., Nov. — , 1782, old, p.R.106. 

ch. Eben[eze]r, Nov. 19, 1788, P.R.3. p.R.4. [a. abt. 

8 m,, p.R.105. 
— , ch. Jonathan, Nov. 10, 1794, P.R.4. 
— , ch. Jonathan, 1795, p-R'3' 


Benson, , wid. Jonathan, Jan. 23, 1815, a. 63, P.R.3. 

, d. David, Nov. 22, 1819, a. 22, p.R.3. 

, w. Jonah, cancer, Mar. 9, 1822, a. 56 "last Nov.," 

C.R.I. [Martha, a. 57, G.R.7. a. 57, P.R.3.] 

BESSE, Adam, small pox, Jan. 11, 1793, in 23d y., g,r.i3. 
[Bassa, P.R.3. Besse, p.R.106.] 

BIGNEAR, Joannah, pauper, wid. John Frederick, old age, 
Feb. I, 1829, a. 88, c.r.i. [Biganier, P.R.3.] 

John Frederick, pauper, old age, Feb. 27, 1826, a. "78. the 25"' 
last Dec," c.r.i. [John Bigney, Feb. 28, P.R.3.] 

BILLINGS, Olive, wid. Robert, languishment, Sept. 18, 1825, 
a. 63 "the 6'*' of last March," c.r.i. 

BIRAM (see Byram), Bethiah [dup. Bithia Byram], ch, Nick- 
olas Jr. [dup, Nicholas and Mary], Nov. 20, 1685. 

Margreat [dup. Margret Byram], ch. Nickolas Jr. [dup. Nicho- 
las and Mary], Nov. 20, 1685. 

Nicolas Sr., Apr. 13, 1688. 

[dup. Byram], s. Nickolas Jr. [dup. Nicholas and Mary], 

Mar. 19, 1686. 

BISBEE (see Bisby, Bissbee), Nehemiah L., Mar. 20, 1822, 

[a.] 2. 
Rebecca, w. John, Aug. 30, 1777. 
Samuel, ch. Samuel and Martha, May 28, 1845, in Canton. 

BISBY (see Bisbee, Bissbee), , w. , Nov. 3, 1766, 


BISHOP, Keturah (Leonard), w. William of Glocester, R. I., 
May 30, 1836 [? in Glocester, R. I.], p.R.107. 

BISSBEE (see Bisbee, Bisby), John, Nov. i, 181 7, a. 70. 

BLACKNEY, , , 181 1, old, p.R.3. 

BLAKE, Patty, w. Phineas, consumption, Mar. 31, 1847, a. 65. 

[Martha, a. 64, c.R.2. Martha P., a. 64, g.r.ic] 
Phineas, Nov. 5, 1849, a. 76, c.R.2. 

BLOSSOM, Naby, w. Levi, Feb. i, 1800, in 23d y., G.R.7. 
Seth, s. Barnabas and Sarah, Sept. 17, 1782, in 17th m., G.R.7. 

[ch. Barne, Sept. 18, P.R.3. Blosam, ch. Barne, Sept. 17, 


, chn. Salvanus, Apr. 27, 1744, p.R.4. 

, s. Salvenus, Oct. 11, 1747, p.R.4. 


Blossom, , ch. Salvenus, July 20, 1749, p.R.4. 

, ch. Charity, Nov. 17, 1800, p.R.3. 

BOBET, Pleney, Jan. 8, 1775, p.R.102. 

BOLDRA (see Boldry), , ch. James, Aug. 22, 1808, P.R.3. 

BOLDRY (see Boldra), Anna, ch. James, dysentery, Oct. 15, 

1825, C.R.I, [a. 4, P.R.3.] 
Zephaniah, ch. James, Jan. 3, 1829, a. 2, c.r.i. [Bouldry, P.R.3.] 
, ch. James, Oct. 4, 1825, c.r.i. 

BOLTON, Betty, wid. John, Nov. 10, 1801, a. 76, G.R.7. 

[Nov. II, P.R.3.] 
Bety, Dec. 3, 1812, P.R.3. 
Deliverance, wid., May 28, 1755, p.R.4. 
Elias, Mar. 7, 1759, P.R.4. [ch. Nath[anie]l, p.R.106.] 
John, June 5, 1755, p.R.4. [Ens., p.R.106.] 
Joseph, Mar. 12, 1751, p.R.4. 
Mary, w. Nicholas, Mar. 2, 1747, in 53d y., G.R.7. [w. Niklos, 

Mar. 2, 1748, P.R.4.] 
Mary, wid. Elisha, July 30, 1786, in 78th y., G.R.7. 

Nathaniel, , 1769, p.r.2. 

Nathaniel, Aug. 8, 1770, P.R.106. 

Nikles, Mar. 2, 1750, p.R.4. [Nicholas, p.R.106.] 

Philip, pauper, disease of heart, Nov. 25, 1843, a. 70. 

Samuel, May 30, 1753, p.R.4. 

Silance, May 29, 1814, a. 19, P.R.3. 

(Bolten), ch. Joseph, Jan. 16, 1741, P.R.4. 

, ch. Nath[anie]l, Oct. 20, 1743, p.R.4. 

, wid., Oct. 24, 1743, P.R.4. 

, ch. Joseph, [torn] 1745, P.R.4. 

, ch. Elisha, Nov, 30, 1746, p.R.4. 

, d. Nath[aniel], Sept. 13, 1747, p.R.4. 

, d. Nathfaniel], Sept. 17, 1747, P.R.4. 

, w. John, May 17, 1755, p.R.4. [w. Ens. Jo[h]n, p.R.106.] 

, wid., May 17, 1755, p.R.4. p.R.106. 

, ch. Nathaniel, Dec. 13, 1758, p.R.4. 

, w. Nathaniel, Mar. 26, 1759, P.R.4. p.R.106. 

, ch. David, Aug. 8, 1801, p.R.106. 

BOMAN (see Bowman), Ruth, Nov. 6, 1764, p.R.4. 

BONNEY, Allen, ch. William and Molly, Aug. 18, 1814 [dup. 

Aug, 17, 1814, a. 18]. 
Vesta, ch. William and Molly, Sept. — , 1815 [dup. Sept. 11, 

1815, a. 18]. 


BOSWORTH (see Bozworth), Mary, Mrs., May 13, 1846, a. 

66, C.R.3. [Polly, wid. Capt. Jonathan of N. H.,] 
Polly, d. Jonathan, , 1764, p.r.2. 

BOULDRY (see Boldra, Boldry). 

BOURNE, Daniel Wilson, s. Abram and Mary Ann, Jan. 4, 

1843, a. 4 ni. 8 d., G.R.3. 

BOWKER, Benjamin, Aug. 16, 1842, c.R.5. 
Mary, Oct. 24, 1838, c.R.5. 

BOWMAN (see Boman), Levi, m., farmer, stoppage, Dec. 9, 

1844, a. 71. 

BOYD, Henry, s. Henry and Hannah, canker, bur. May 28, 
1839, a. 3, C.R.2. [Henry W., g.r.i. d. May 27, P.R.3.] 

, ch. Mr. Boyd [dup. Henry and Hannah] of Weymouth, 

bur. May 28, 1844, c.r.2. [Maria L., g.r.i.] 

BOZWORTH (see Bosworth), Israel, ch. Jonathan and Abi- 

hail (second w.), Sept. 20, 1767. [Bosworth, p.r.2.] 
Jonathan, h. Mary, h. Abihail, Feb. 4, 1767. [Bosworth, Feb. 

3, in 37th y., G.R.6. Bozworth, Feb. 4, p.R.4. Bosworth, 

Feb. 4, P.R.106.] 
Mary, w. Jonathan, Nov. 2, 1754. 
Mary, d. Jonathan and Mary, June 2, 1758. 
Sarah, ch. Jonathan and Abihail (second w.), Feb. 20, 1813. 
, "first born," d. Jonathan and Mary, still born, Sept. i, 


BRADFORD, Deborah, d. Charles and Clarissa, canker rash, 
bur. July 13, 1842, a. 17 m., c.r.2. [Deborah S., d. Charles 
and Clarissa A., g.r.i. d. July 12, P.R.3.] 

Hannah, d. Pelham, consumption, July 12, 1843, a. 21. [July 
II, P.R.3.] 

BRECK, Joseph G., ch. Joseph and Lucy C, Aug. 31, 1837, 

Lydia C, Dec. 3, 1846, g.r.i. 

BRETT, Alice, d. Nathanael and Sarah (Hay ward), Mar. 7, 

Elbridge, typhus fever, Nov. 16, 1832, a. 22, c.r.i. [Britt, 

C.R.2. Breet, P.R.3.] 
Elihu, h. Susanna, Apr. 29, 1745. 
Eunice, ch. Samuel and Hannah, Oct. 11, 1756. 
Huldah, w. Daniel, Mar. 9, 1805. 


Brett, Lucinda, ch. Permenus, Jan. 19, 1814. 
Mehetabel, ch. Samuel and Hannah, June 13, 1747. 
Nathaniel, h. Rebekah, Apr. 11, 1779, a. 74 y. 5 m. [Dea., 

Nathan[ie]ll, h. Sarah, Nov. 19, 1740. 
Nathan[ie]ll, ch. Uriah and Charity, Feb. 20, 1770. 
Rebecca, w. Nathan[ie]ll, May 12, 1771. 
Samuel, ch. Samuel and Hannah, Mar. 25, 1747. 
Sarah, w. Nathanael, July 11, 1737. 
Sarah, ch. Samuel and Hannah, Mar. 11, 1747. 
Sarah [d. Nathanael and Sarah], Dec. 28, 1774. [Sary Britt, 

a. 80, P.R.102.] 
Seth, s. Nathanael and Sarah, smal pox, Feb. 11, 1721-2, in 

34tli y. 
Uriah, h. Charity, Mar. 28, 1768. 
, "first born," s. Nathanael and Sarah (Hayward), still 

born, Jan. 2, 1684-5. 

, s. Nathanael and Sarah (Hayward), Dec. 9, 1686. 

, s. Nathanael and Sarah (Hayward), June 11, 1690. 

, s. Nathanael and Sarah (Hayward), June 15, 1691. 

, s. Nathanael and Sarah (Hayward), Feb. 15, 1697-8. 

, s. Nathanael and Sarah, Jan. 11, 1706-7. 

, s. Simeon and Mehetable, Aug. 25, 1769. 

, wid., Jan. 21, 1780, p.R.106. 

BRIGGS, Ama, deaf and dumb, town pauper, Sept. 8, 1822, 

a. 93, C.R.I. 
, ch. Mr. Briggs, Oct. 13, 1840, p.r.2. 

BRIGELAM, Thomas Bourne Fearing, s. W[illia]m P. and 
Anna L., Dec. 30, 1848, g.r.i. 

BRITT (see Brett). 

BROOICER, Harriet, wid., coloured, palsy, July 28, 1823, a. 53 
"the 3"* last Nov'," c.r.i. [Broker, negroe, P.R.3.] 

BROWN, Adeline, coloured, consumption, May 21 [1822], a. 18 

"Feb. 5'"," C.R.I. [May 22, a. 17, P.R.3.] 
Almira (see Elmira). 

Ann, ch. David and Jennett, Dec. 15, 1746. 
Betsey, Feb. 21, 1819, a. 37. 
David, h. Jennett, Apr. 2, 1753. 
Elisabeth, ch. David and Jennett, Dec. 21, 1746. 
Elmira, Nov. 16, 1816, a. 2. 
James, ch. David and Jennett, Dec. 14, 1746. 


Brown, Jane, wid., coloured, consumption, Aug. lo, 1823, a. 

37 "the 16* of last April," c.r.i. 
John, ch. David and Jennett, Dec. 12, 1746. 
John 3d, June 26, 1813, a. i. 
John Jr., Sept. 5, 1816, a. 37. 
Lydia, Nov. 13, 1816, a. 72. 
Nancy, Nov. 3, 1816, a. 25. 

BRYANT, Cyrus, h. Polly, Sept. 23, 1798. 

Elvira, ch. Lewis and Polly, scarlet fever, Oct. 2, 1844, a. 16. 

[a. 15, G.R.I. Oct. I, a. 15, P.R.3. ch. Lewis and Polly 

(Mitchell), Oct. 2, P.R.33.] 
Hannah, second w. Dr. Philip, Dec. 19, 1816. 
Hannah Hooper, d. Geo[rge] and Mary, dissentary, bur. Sept. 

26, 1849, a. 2, C.R.2. 

Ichabod, Nov. 22, 1759. [in 60th y., g.r.6. Icabod Briant, 

dropt dead in the road, P.R.106.] 
Phillip, h. Silence, h. Hannah, Feb. 18, 1816. 
Polly, w. Cyrus, Aug. 2, 1798. 
Samuel G., s. Lewis and Polly, Aug. 19, 1838, a. i y. 5 m. 4 d., 

G.R.I, [s. Lewis and Polly (Mitchell), p.R.33.] 

(Briant), ch. Nehemiah, Mar. 27, 1741, P.R.4. 

, inf. Lewis and Polly M., Mar. 12, 1827. [d. Lewis, 

Mar. II, a. i d., c.r.i. d. Lewis and Polly B. (Mitchell), 

Mar. II, P.R.I, d. Lewis and Polly (Mitchell), Mar. 10, 

, inf. d. Lewis and Polly (Mitchell), Mar. 30, 1842, 


BUCK, Elisabeth, w. Thomas, Jan. 8, 1760. 
Thomas, h. Elisabeth, Apr. 4, 1755. 

BUMP (see Bumpus), Warren, July 29, 1838, a. 43, in Titicut, 

BUMPUS (see Bump), , ch. Mrs. Bumpus, Dec. 28, 

1845, a. 10, P.R.3. [Susan, a. 11, in Titicut, P.R.106.] 

BURGESS, , w. Steven, May 11, 1834, a. 79, in Titicut, 


BURR, Ephraim, h. Susanna, Sept. i, 1786. [Capt.,of Easton, 

"cut his own throat," p.R.105.] 
John, h. Sarah, Oct. — , 1776. 
John [h. Silence], May 16, 1777. 
Silence, w. John, May 6, 1773. 


BURT, Margaret, wid., consumption, bur. June 5, 1842, a. 47, 

C.R.2. [d. June 3, g.r.i. P.R.3.] 
Margaret, consumption, Nov. 26, 1844, s-. 23. [Margaret H., 

G.R.I. Margaret, Nov. 25, P.R.3.] 

BUTTERFIELD, Jonathan, Mar. 19, 1769, in 75th y., G.R.7. 
[Mar. 26, P.R.3. Butterfeld, Mar. 19, p.R.4. Butterfield, 
Mar. 19, P.R.106.] 

Rachel, w. Jonathan, May 22, 1779, in 82d y., G.R.7. [Butter- 
feld, P.R.3. Butterfeld, wid., May 2, p.R.4. Butterfield, 
wid.. May 22, p.R.106.] 

BUZZELL, Lucy Anna, Nov. 26, 1840, c.R.5. 

BYRAM (see Biram), Josiah, ch. Theophilus and Elisabeth, 

May 4, 1750. 
Ward, ch. Benjamin and Rachel, Dec. 4, 1763. 

CALDWELL (see Collwell, Colwell). 

CAMPBELL, Rebeckah, w. Ebenezer, Sept. 4, 1763, in 
69th y., G.R.7. [Cambel, p.R.4. Campbell, p.R.106.] 

CANE, , ch. Mr. and Mrs. Cane, bur. Feb. 15, 1848, a. 

3 W., C.R.2. 

CAPEN (see Capin), Benjamin, June 15, 1823, a. 21, in Titicut, 

Joanna, Mrs., Mar. 3, 1822, a. 36, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
, ch. Dr. Capen, Mar. 3, 1822, in Titicut, P.R.106. 

CAPIN (see Capen), , w. Mr. Capin of W. Bridge water, 

consumption, bur. Mar. 24, 1843, c.R.2. 

CAREY (see Cary), Zechariah, Sept. 5, 1788, p.R.106. 

CARIER (see Carrier), , "A Child of Miss Carier," 

June—, 1823, P.R.3. 

CARRIER (see Carier), Fortune Butler, s. Luke dec'd, col- 
oured, consumption. May 30, 1823, a. 2 "the lo"* last 
March," c.r.i. 

Frederick, coloured, s. Luke dec'd, disease in the head, Mar. 14, 
1824, a. 10 "the 27'^ of the present month," c.r.i. [Fred- 
eric, P.R.3.] 

Henry Lee, coloured, s. Luke and Sally, chronic dysentary, 
Apr. 3, 1847, a. 29 y. 8 m. 29 d. [consumption, C.R.3.] 

Luke, coloured, consumption, Jan. 16, 1823, a. 39 "the 25"* 
inst.," C.R.I. [Carier, Jan. 10, a. 35, P.R.3.] 


CARTEE, Betsy, rupture, Aug. 20, 1844, a. 62. [Betsey Car- 
ter, Aug. 21, G.R.5. P.R.3.] 

CARVER, Abiezer, ch. Joseph and Eliz[abe]th, Aug. 31, 1755. 

[in 2ist y., G.R.7. Abizer, p.R.4. Abiezer, p.R.106.] 
Bethia, d. Lt. Eleazer, Oct. 6, 1758 [sic], in 22d y., G.R.7. 

[Bethiah, Oct. 6, 1753, P.R.4. p.R.106.] 
Caroline, ch. John, hooping cough, Sept. 27, 1839, a. 3, c.R.3. 

[ch. John and Sukey (Snell), p.R.27.] 
Cata, Mar. 15, 1813, P.R.3. 
Eleazer, Dea., Jan. 25, 1744, in 75th y., G.R.7. 
Eleazer, Lt., May 15, 1755, in 31st y., G.R.7. [Eleazer Jr., 

p.R.4. Eliezer Jr., p.R.106.] 
Eleazer, Dr., h. Sarah, Mar. 21, 1827. [a. 77 "the 4*** of last 

November," c.r.i. Mar. 9, a. 77, G.R.7.] 
Elisabeth, w. Joseph, July 6, 1755. [Elizabeth, in 51st y., 


Ellen M. [Carver], w. , ch. Jacob Perkins and Mary 

(Thomas), May 28, 1848, p.r.i. 
Experience, wid. Dea. Eleaz[e]r, Jan. 16, 1746, in 82d y., G.R.7. 

[Jan. 17, 1747, P.R.4.] 
John, s. Nathaniel, killed by a mill, Sept. 8, 1732, c.r.i. [a. 

4 y. 4 m., G.R.7.] 
John, Aug. 3, 1803, P.R.3. [a. 65, p.R.106.] 
John [ch. Grenville and Sarah], Sept. 5, 1849, G.R.5. 
Joseph, Sept. — , 1778, p.r.2. [uncle of Oliver Alden, Sept. 24, 

p.R.3. Sept. 24, p.R.4. p.R.106.] 
Lucia, ch. Eleazer and Bathsheba, Oct. 12, 1823. [dysentery, 

C.R.I. ch. Eleazer and Bathsheba (Smith), p.r.i. Oct. 

II, P.R.3. ch. Eleazer and Bathsheba (Smith), p.R.34.] 
Mary, , 1735, c.r.i. [w. Nathaniel, Apr. 26, in 42d y., 

Massa, Apr. 6, 1767, P.R.3. [Marcy, p.R.4. Mary, p.R.106.] 
Sarah, w. Dr. Eleazer, Mar. 16, 1815, a. 61, G.R.7. [May 16, 

a. 62, P.R.3. ch. Ephraim Keith and Sarah W., May 16, 


, ch. Timothy, Mar. 17, 1756, p.R.4. 

, ch. John, Oct. 12, 1766, P.R.3. P.R.4. 

, w. Eleazer (uncle of Oliver Alden), Nov. 26, 1776, 

p.R.3. [w. Lt. Carver, Nov. 22, p.R.4.] 
, ch. John, Dec. — , 1786, p.R.106. 

GARY (see Carey), Benjamin, ch. Henry and Martha, Apr. 28, 

Beriah, [twin] ch. Recompence and Mary, Apr. 10, 1726. 


Gary, Bethuel, ch. Zachariah and Susannah, Oct. i8, 1763. 
Bettie, w. Eleazer, Jan. 31, 1749. [Betty, in 26th y., G.R.7. 

Jan. 31, 1750, P.R.4. Betty Cory [sic], w. Eliezer, Jan. 31, 

1750, P.R.106.] 
Caleb, h. Mary, May — , 1783. [May 13, in 36th y., G.R.7. 

May 13, P.R.3. P.R.4. P.R.106.] 
Caleb, ch. Caleb and Mary, Mar. 28, 1816. [Mar. 22, a. 2,3, 

G.R.7. Mar. 29, a. 34, P.R.3.] 
Ebenezer, ch. Recompence and Mary, Aug. 5, 1744. 
Eleazer, June 23, 1806, in 83d y., g.r,7. 
Eleazer, June 5, 1814, a. 47, G.R.9. 
Eliphalet, Maj., Mar. i, 1820, a. 87, G.R.7. [Carey, a. 88, P.R.3. 

Cary, a. 88, p.R.74.] 
Elizebeth, w. John Sr., Nov. i, 1680. 
Ephraim, ch. Ephraim Jr. and Susanna, Apr. 14, 1747. 
Ephraim, h. Hannah, July 18, 1765. 
Experience, w. John, Apr. 7, 1729. 
Experience, wid. Capt. Jonathan, Mar. 25, 1782, in 82d y., 

G.R.7. ["Old Ant Cary," P.R.3. Cory, p.R.106.] 
Experience, Aug. 10, 1828, a. 93 "the 20"" last March. O. S.," 

C.R.I, [a. 92, P.R.3. ch. Jonathan and Experience, a. 39 

[sic, ? 93] y. 4 m. 10 d., p.R.74.] 
Hannah, w. Maj. Eliphalet, Jan. 24, 1819, a. 79, G.R.7. [Carey, 

Jan. 22, a. 80, P.R.3.] 
Huldah, ch. John and Sarah (fourth w,), Aug. — , 1735. 
Huldah, ch. Jonathan and Mary, Feb. 20, 1759. 
Jabez, ch. Nathan and Ann, Nov. 11, 1747. 
James, h. Mary, Nov. 20, 1706. 
James, h. Sarah, Nov. 18, 1762. 

John, "first borne," ch. John Jr., bur. Dec. 29, [i6]7i. 
John Sr., h. Elizebeth, Oct. 31, 1680. "John Cary's death 

according to the record . . . must be a mistake, . . . 

his death was probably in 1681." 
John, h. Experience, h. Mary, h. Susanna, h. Sarah, Oct. 12, 

Jonathan, Capt., h. Experience, Oct. 8, 1745, in 51st y., in 

Boston, G.R.7. 
Jonathan, ch. Zachariah and Susannah, July 3, 1750. 
Jonathan, Sept. 3, 1766, in 31st y., G.R.7. 
Jonathan Jr., s. Jonathan and Louis, Oct. 12, 1775, in 21st y., 

Joseph, ch. Jonathan and Experience, Aug. 26, 1737. 
Joshua, ch. James and Sarah, June 26, 1747. 
Joshua, ch. John and Sarah (fourth w.), Dec. 29, 1751. 


Gary, Josiah, ch. Recompence and Mary, Apr. 5, 1743. 
Lois [Gary] [w. ], d. William Hooper (s. John and 

Sarah) and Lois (Thomas), Apr, 7, 1769, g.r.i. [Louis 

Gary, w. Jonathan, Apr. 3, in 36th y., G.R.7, Loes Gary, 

wid., Apr. 8, P.R.3. Loes Gary, wid., Apr. 7, p.R.4. Lois 

Gary, wid., Apr. 7, p.R.106.] 
Lucy, w. Eleazer, Apr. 29, 1795, in 30th y., G.R.9. [w. Eleazor, 

Mary, w. Recompence, Mar. 8, 1725-6. 
Mary, w. John, June 18, 1732. 
Mary, w. James, June 19, 1736. 
Mary, d. Jonathan and Mary, Apr. 5, 1768. 
Mary, w. Eleazer, Apr. i, 1790, in 74th y., G.R.7. 
Mary (Perkins), w. Caleb, Feb. 12, 1840, a. 87, G.R.7. [Molly, 

a. 88, P.R.3.] 
Mehetable, w. Zebulun, Mar. 6, 1747-8. 
Molly (see Mary). 

Recompence, ch. Recompence and Mary, May 18, 1759. 
Sally, Oct. 29, 1838, a. 79, G.R.7. [a. 78, P.R.3.] 
Sarah, w. James, June 12, 1730. 
Seth, ch. Recompence and Mary, Feb. 10, 1742. 
Seth, ch. Jonathan and Lois, Sept. 29, 1759. 
Susanna, third w. John, May 5, 1734. 
William, s. Jonathan and Louisa, Nov. 26, 1775, in 14th y., 

Zebulun, h. Lydia (second w.). May 7, 1759. 
, "first born," d. James [dup. James and Mary], Nov. 

24 [dup. Nov. 26], 1683. 

, s. James and Mary, Mar. i, 1684. 

, ch. Ens. Gary, July 3, 1741, P.R.4. 

, ch. Jonathan, May 22, 1743, P.R.4. 

, s. Widdo Gary, May 4, 1747, P.R.4. 

, ch. Elezar, Nov. 10, 1747, P.R.4. 

, d. Simeon and Mary, Feb. 20, 1762. 

, s. Mosses and Susanna, Sept. 7, 1775. 

, d. Ezra and Gynthia, Nov. 30, 1775. 

, wid., small pox, Dec. i, 1792, p.R.106. 

CASWELL, Freeman Winslow, ch. Winslow and Antoniette, 

Apr. 14, 1837. [canker, a. 9 w., c.R.3. s. Winslow and 

Maria A., a. 9 w., G.R.7.] 
Mary Antoniette, w. Winslow, Mar. 14, 1837. [puerpural 

conv[ultions], a. 22, c.R.3. Maria Antoinette, a. 22, G.R.7. 

a. 22, P.R.3.] 


Caswell, Susanna Hooper [dup. Susan, omits Hooper], ch. 
Zephaniah and Azubah, Dec. 16, 1829. [Susan H., rheu- 
matism, a. 15 "the 15"' of last Sept.," c.r.i. Susan, 
sudden cold, a. 15, c.R.3. Susan H., a. 15, G.R.7. Susan, 
Dec. 18, P.R.3.] 

Winslow, h. Mary Antoniette, Apr. 26, 1837. [consumption, 
a. 28, c.R.3. a. 28, G.R.7. Apr. 19, a. 25, P.R.3.] 

Zephaniah, ch. Zephaniah and Azubah, Sept. 16, 1834. [Zeph- 
aniah Jr., rheum[atis]m and consumption, a. 30, c.R.3. 
Zephaniah Jr., a. 30, G.R.7. P.R.3.] 

CHACE, Diedamia, "Teacher of Model School," dysentery 
and brain fevre, Sept. 30, 1847, a. 37, c.R.3. 

CHAMBERLAIN (see Chamberlen, Chamberlin), Meleson, w. 
Ebenezer, d. David Benson dec'd, suddenly, inflammation 
of the brain, Feb. 18, 1824, a. 23 y. 7 m., in Boston, c.r.i. 

Sarah, w. Nathan[ie]ll, Sept. 8, 1765. 

CHAMBERLEN (see Chamberlain, Chamberlin), Nathan, ch. 
Job and Rachel, Sept. 28, 1759. 

CHAMBERLIN (see Chamberlain, Chamberlen), Benjamin, h. 

Hannah, Mar. 29, 1803. 
Deliverence, second w. Nathaniel, Apr. 4, 1814. 
Nathaniel, h. Sarah, h. Deliverance, Mar. 26, 18 14. 

CHANDELER (see Chandler), , wid., May 19, 1752, 


CHANDLER (see Chandeler), Abiah, ch. Samuel and Mercy, 

Mar. 27, 1712. 
Abigail, w. Jonathan, June 13, 1743, in 41st y., G.R.7. 
Abthiah, w. Jonathan, May 27, 1792, in 86th y., G.R.7. [Chang- 

lar, P.R.3. Chandeler, wid., P.R.4. Chandler, wid., a. 86, 

Jonathan, Feb. 4, 1775, in 76th y., G.R.7. [Feb. 3, P.R.3. 

P.R.4. P.R.106.] 
Samuel, Sept. 12, 1748, p.R.4. 

CHAPMAN, Eveline, Mar. 3, 1841, in nth y., G.R.9. 

CHASE (see Chace). 

CHILD, , Lt., Feb. 26, 1779, p.R.4. 

CmPMAN, Albion, Feb. 25, 1840, a. 35, G.R.7. 
Charlotte Lazell, ch. George, Aug. 24, 1829. [d. Dea. George 
and Huldah, consumption, a. 19 "the 26"" inst.," c.r.i. 


dyspeptic consumption, a. 19, c.R.3. d. Dea. George and 
Huldah, a. 19, g.r.6. ch. George and Huldah (Leach), 
P.R.I, a. 19, P.R.2. Chitman, P.R.3.] 
Huldah, w. Geo[rge], consumption, Dec. 12, 1835, a. 57, c.R.3. 
[Huldah L., w. Dea. George, g.r.6. w. Dea. Chitman, P.R.3.] 

CHOAT, , Mr., bur. Oct. 19, 1833, from the Almshouse, 


CHRISTIAN, Charlotte C, ch. Caleb and Roxelana (Dun- 
bar), Aug. 15, 1832, P.R.I. 
George (Christion), Mar. 10, 1841, P.R.3. 

CHURCHELL, Eleazer, h. Lucy, Dec. 2, 1818. 

CLARK (see Clarke), Abagail, d. Adna, Oct. 4, 1849, a. 10, in 

Titicut, P.R.106. 
Amos D., Oct. 30, 1848, a. 34, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Dordana, Oct. 15, 1834, a. 42, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Nancy W., pleurisy, Feb. 11, 1837, a. 24, c.R.3. [w. John, Feb. 

12, G.R.4. w. John, Feb. 11, P.R.3. w. John Jr., Feb. 12, 

a. 25, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Sam[uel], Rev., h. Caroline (d. Zedekiah Sanger and Irene 

(Freeman)), May 2, 1827, p.r.i. 
Sukey, d. Benjamin, Sept. 19, 1814, in 5th y., [a. 5, 

Susan, d. Lurinda, consumption, bur. Feb. 21, 1841, a. 14, 

C.R.2. [d. Feb. 19, G.R.IO.] 
Susanna, w. Benjamin, Mar. — , 1821, c.r.2. [Mar. 21, a. 44, 

G.R.IO. Mar. 24, a. 74, P.R.3.] 
, ch. David, Nov. 7, 1844, in Titicut, P.R.106. 

CLARKE (see Clark), Benjamin, consumption, July 14, 1831, 
a. 59 "the i'' of last Oct.," c.r.i. [Clark, c.r.2. Clark, 
a. 60, G.R.IO. Clarke, p.r.i. Clark, P.R.3.] 

CLEAVLAND, Lois, ch. Ephraim and Hannah, Dec. 22, 1752 


CLIFFORD, Axel Wilson, s. Luther and Abagail [Abigail W., 
G.R.I.], inflamation of bowels, Aug. 11, 1848, a. 2 y. 3 m. 
24 d. 

(see Unidentified). 

, ch. Simeon, June 14, 1837, P.R.3. 

COBB, Selvanes, Oct. 2, 1786, P.R.3. [Silvanus, s. Widow 

Cobb [of] Middleborough, Oct. 3, a. abt. 14, P.R.105.] 
Susan, Dec. i, 1846, a. 14, in Titicut, p.R.106. 


COF (see Coflf, Cufif), , ch. Ed, Sept. 21, 1814, p.R.3. 

COFF (see Cof, Cuff), Freelove, Nov. 4, 1818, a. 26, p.R.3. 

COLBY, Maria, Mrs., May 20, 1821, a. 33, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Philip, s. Rev. Philip, July 11, 1831, a. 17 d., in Titicut, p.R.106. 
, s. Rev. Philip, July 19, 1820, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

COLE, Eugene Watson, d. [sic] Eleazer and Hannah, diseased 

liver, Jan. 5, 1846, a. 24 m. [sic, ? 24 d.] [s. Eleazer and 

Hannah W., a. 3 w., g.r.i. ch. Eleazer, Jan. 15, a. 3 w., 

Hannah W., b. Middleboro, w. Eleazer, consumption of the 

blood. May 29, 1848, a. 24 y. i m. 5 d. 
Lucy S., w. Eleazer, July 24, 1841. [a. ^2, g.r.i.] 
Rebecca S., second w. Eleazer, Apr. 17, 1843. [Rebekah S., 

a. 25, G.R.I. w. Eleazar, Apr. 16, a. 25, P.R.3.] 
Rebecca S., ch. Eleazer and Rebecca S. [dup. omits S.] (second 

w.) [dup. throatale], June 2, 1844 [dup. a. i y. 2 m.]. [ch. 

Eleazer and Rebekah, a. 14 m., g.r.i. P.R.3.] 
Samuel, ch. Sam[ue]ll and Sarah, Oct. 9, 1760. 
Silence, ch. Joseph and Mary, May 13, 1756. 
, Mrs., Dec. 7, 1822, in the Poorhouse, P.R.3. 

COLL WELL (see Colwell), Sarah, w. Ebenezer, Aug. 27, 1816. 

COLWELL (see Collwell), Hannah, w. John, Apr. 2, 1815. 

CONANT, Abial, w. John, Apr. i, 1815, a. 90, G.R.7. 
Abigail, small pox, Apr. 8, 1778, G.R.13. P.R.3. p.R.4. 

Alvin, ch. Seth and Hannah, Oct. 20, 182 1. [ch. Seth and 

Hannah (Pratt), Oct. 21, 1820, p.r.i.] 
Ann, w. Gershom, Oct. 8, 1791, in 82d y., G.R.7. [w. Garshom, 

p.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Bethia, Sept. 26, 1758, p.R.4. 

Bethiah, Aug. 22, 1778, P.R.3. p.R.4. [d. John, p.R.106.] 
Betsey, w. Zenas, May 4, 182 1, G.R.4. 
Betty, w. Lot, June 19, 1778, in 51st y., G.R.7. [June 21, P.R.3. 

Caroline Leonard, ch. Ira and Lucy, Sept. 12, 1835. [a. 3 y. 

9 m. 24 d., G.R.7. Sept. 5, P.R.3.] 
Celia M., d. Mrs. H. Monroe, quinsy. May 21, 1837, a. 10, 

David Jr., h. Rhoda, June 24, 1760. [small pox, June 23, 

David, Dec. 25, 1792, in 31st y., G.R.7. 


CoNANT, Debby, ch, Jacob, Jan. 7, 181 7. [a. i, P.R.3.] 
Deborah, w. Lot, Sept. 26, 1773, in Sad y. [Sept. 27, p.R.3. 

w. Lott, Sept. 27, P.R.4. Sept. 27, p.R.106.] 
Deborah, w. Dea. John, consumption, Nov. 6, 1843, ^- 92* 

[Nov. 7, 1844, G.R.4. Nov. 7, 1843, a. 93, P.R.3. Dec. 7, 

1843, a. 92, P.R.25. w. Dr. John, Nov. 7, 1843, a. 92, 

Elisabeth, second w. Nathan[ie]ll, Feb. 27, 1757. [wid., P.R.4.] 
Enoch, ch. Seth and Hannah, Aug. 12, 1822. [suddenly of 

dysentery, Aug. 11, a. 19 "the 6* last March," in Ran- 
dolph, C.R.I. Aug. 10, a. 20, P.R.3.] 
Ezra, Mr., Feb. 2, 1840. [old age, a. 90, c.R.3. a. 89, G.R.4. 

a. 90, P.R.3 .] 
Gershom, Mar. 14, 1792, in 78th y., G.R.7. [Garsham, P.R.3. 

P.R.4. Gershom, p.R.106.] 
Hannah, d. Timothy and Hannah, Oct. 31, 1791, in 15th y., 

G.R.7. [Hana, P.R.4.] 
Henry F. [ch. Liba and Deby J. (Leach)], Nov. 28, 1836, 
Jacob, ch. Phinehas and Joanna, Oct. 14, 1778, in nth y. [s. 

Phineas and Joanna, G.R.7. ch. Pheneas, Oct. 15, P.R.4.] 
Jane, d. Peter and Jane, May 4, 1796, in 8th y., G.R.7. 
Jemima, ch. Jonathan and Jane, Feb. 23, 1769. 
Jemimah, ch. David and Sarah, June 7, 1755. 
Joanna, w. Phineas, Jan. 5, 1804, in 77th y., G.R.7. [mother of 

Dea. Conant, P.R.3.] 
Joanna [w, ], ch. Daniel Washburn and Experience, 

Feb. 24, 1829. [Joannah, w. Phineas, influenza, a. 70 

"the 2^"^ of this month," c.R.i. w. Phineas, P.R.3.] 
John, Feb. 19, 1816, a. 90, G.R.7. [a. 91, P.R.3.] 
John, son-in-law of Nathaniel Washburn, consumption, Dec. 

26, 1831, a. 44, C.R.I. 
John, Dea., widr., carpenter, old age, May 4, 1844, a. 95 y. 

3 m. [May 4, 1845, G.R.4. May 4, 1844, P.R.3. May 6, 

1844, P.R.25. Dr. John, h. Deborah, May 6, 1844, p.R.76.] 
Lot, h. Deborah, June 6, 1774, in 85th y. [June 5, p.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Louisa, ch. Seth and Hannah, , 1836. [putrid sore throat, 

Oct. 22, 1835, a. 21, c.R.3. Oct. 22, 1835, a. 21, G.R.4. 

Luther, ch. Lot and Betty, Aug. 13, 1753. [Aug. 30, P.R.4.] 
Martha, ch. Phinehas and Joanna, Aug. — , 1778, in 22d y. [d. 

Phineas and Joanna, Aug. 22, G.R.7. Aug. 21, P.R.3. 

P.R.4. Connant, Aug. 21, p.R.106.] 
Mary, w. Thomas, Aug. 19, 1802, in 83d y., G.R.7. [mother of 

Ezra, P.R.3. wid., a. 83, p.R.106.] 


CoNANT, Mary, d. Marlborough of Maine, grand d. Dea. John, 
inflammation of the brain, Feb. 26, i823,a. i9,c.r.i. [a. 17, 

Mary, Mrs., Dec. 5, 1835. [w. Ezra, old age, a. 83, c.R.3. w. 
Ezra, a. 83, g,r.4. P.R.3.] 

Mary Eliza, ch. Oliver Jr., Oct. 17, 1826 [sic, see birth], [d. 
Oliver Jr. and Mary, dysentery, c.r.i. cholera infantum, 
Oct. 18, a. I, c.R.3. d. Oliver and Mary, Oct. 17, a. 13 m., 
G.R.7. ch. Oliver Jr., Oct. 17, P.R.3.] 

Nathan, Oct. 6, 1778, P.R.3. [Oct. 7, p.R.4. Oct. 6, P.R.106.] 

Nathanael, h. Margret, h. Elisabeth, Sept. 8, 1745. [Na- 
thaniel, G.R.7.] 

Nathaniel, Aug. 22, 1732, old, c.r.i. 

Nathaniel, Jan. 28, 181 2, in 69th y., G.R.7. [Jan. 25, P.R.3.] 

Peter, ch. Phinehas [Phinias, P.R.4.] and Joanna, June 22, 1752. 

Phineas, May 15, 1798, in 72d y., G.R.7. [Pheneus, P.R.3.] 

Phineas, Jan. 23, 1838, a. 79, G.R.7. P.R.3. [in Titicut, 

Polly, w. Marlborough, d. Peter Dunbar and Alice, Oct. 5, 
1796, in 22d y., G.R.7. [ch. Peter Dunbar and Alice 
(Alger), P.R.69.] 

Polly, w. Oliver, gall stones, July 19, 1834, a. 57, c.R.3. [July 
19, 1836, G.R.4. July II, 1834, P.R.3.] 

Sarah, ch. Lot and Betty, Jan. 2, 1743. 

Sarah, w. David, June 6, 1755. 

Silence, wid. Nathaniel, old age, Sept. 5, 1830, a. 85 "the 17"" 
of last May," c.r.i. [Sept. 6, P.R.3.] 

Silvanus, s. Lot and Deborah, Dec. 8, 1777, in 58th y., in 

Solomon, ch. David and Sarah, May 9, 1755. 

Susannah, ch. Timothy and Hannah, Apr. 16, 1758. 

Thomas, June 14, 1786, in 82d y., G.R.7. [a. 82, P.R.106.] 

William, ch. David and Sarah, , 1731. 

Winslow, s. Benja[min], Nov. 30, 1800, P.R.3. 

Zenas, old age, June 6, 1829, a. 78, c.r.i. [age and consump- 
tion, c.R.3. ] 

, ch. Gershom, June 20, 1739, P.R.4. 

, ch. Jerimiah, Nov. 19, 1742, P.R.4. 

, w. Thomas, [torn] 10, 1745, P.R.4. 

, ch. Lot Jr., Jan. i, 1748, p.R.4. 

, ch. Gershom, May 18, 1749, P.R.4. 

, ch. Lot Jr., Dec. 9, 1749, p.R.4. 

, ch. Thomas, Mar. 2, 1750, p.R.4. p.R.106. 

, ch. Lot, Mar. 24, 1759, p.R.4. 


CoNANT, , ch. Thomas, May ii, 1759, P.R.4. 

ch. Timothy, , 1770, P.R.3. [Dec. 20, P.R.4.] 

ch. Daniel, Jan. 29, 1773, P.R.3. [Jan. 30, P.R.4.] 

ch. Ezra, Aug. 17, 1774, P.R.4. 

ch. Ezra, July 5, 1775, p.R.4. 

ch. Daniel, Nov. 23, 1777, P.R.3. P.R.4. 

second w. Lot, Nov. 12, 1790, P.R.3. [Nov. 13, P.R.4.] 

d. Zenas, Nov. 23, 1791, P.R.3. [ch. Zenes, P.R.4.] 

ch. Mollbory, Oct. 2, 1796, P.R.3. 

ch. Oliver, Aug. 29, 1803, P.R.3. 

ch. William, Nov. 10, 1805, P.R.3. 

d. Phenes, July 12, 1808, P.R.3. 

ch. Seth, Oct. 17, 1820, a. 9, P.R.3. 

inf. Ira, canker, Apr. 7, 1837, a. i w., c.R.3. [Apr. 8, 

CONWELL (see Corn well). 

COOK, Hannah, d. Amos and Hannah, consumption, Aug. 28, 

1843, a. 8 m. 
Hannah S., b. Plympton, w. Amos, d. Benj[amin] Weston and 

Lucy, consumption, Dec. 20, 1847, a. 27 y. 5 m. 22 d. 

[bronchial affection, c.R.3.] 
Morgiana, d. Amos and Hannah, bur. Sept. 2, 1842, a. 17 m., 


Sarah, w. Kingman, Oct. 23, 1833, a. 43. [consumption, Oct. 
24, a. 46, c.R.3. Oct. 23, P.R.2. P.R.3.] 

, mother of Kingman, Mar. 13, 1843, P.R.3. 

, ch. Amos, Nov. 18, 1843, P.R.3. 

COPELAND (see Copland), Abagail, ch. Cyrus Jr. and Phebe, 
Feb. I, 1835. [Abigail, consumption, a. 13, c.R.3. Abi- 
gail Dyer Copeland, Jan. 31, a. 13, g.r.6. Abigail, d. Si- 
rus, Jan. 31, in 14th y., p.r.2. ch. Cyrus Jr., Jan. 31, P.R.3.] 

Abbe, w. Ebenezer, , 1800. 

Augustus, s. Asa, canker rash, Feb. 18, 1832, c.r.i. [s. Asa and 
Hannah, a. 16 m. 16 d., g.r.2. ch. Asa and Hannah 
(Jackson), p.r.i. Sept. 18, p.R.65.] 

Bettie, ch. Jonathan (Copland) Jr. and Mehetable, May 19, 
1775. [Coplan, May 18, p.R.102.] 

Betty, ch. Ebenezer and Abbe, , 1800. [This entry written 

on slip pasted in book.] 

Charles, h. Mehitabel, Mar. 19, 182 1. 

Cyrus, h. Abigail, Nov. 8, 1840. [Dea., lung fever, a. 72, c.R.3. 
Dea., in 72d y., g.r.6. Dea., p.r.2. P.R.3.] 


CoPELAND, Daniel, old age, Sept. 11, 1827, a. 85 "the 24'^ last 

Sept.," C.R.I, [h. Susanna [(Ames)], g.r.i. h. Susannah 

(Ames), Sept. 10, p.r.i. Sept. 11, P.R.3.] 
Ebenezer, h. Abbe, Apr. — , 1829, in Foxboro. [This entry 

written on slip pasted in book] 
Elizabeth, ch. Jonathan Jr. and Deborah, Dec. 13, 1806. 
Eunice H., w. Christopher D., July 12, 1831, a. 27. [Eunice 

W., w. C. Dyer, canker, in Braintree, c.R.3. Eunice H., 

w. Christopher D., G.R.4.] 
Hannah Cowan, ch. Joseph and [Mary Town, G.R.9.], 

whooping cough, July 30, 1847, a. 4 m. 
James, ch. Ebenezer and Abbe, , 1800. [This entry written 

on slip pasted in hook.] 
Jonathan, Sept. 11, 1790, a. 90, p.R.106. 
Jonathan Jr., h. Mehetable, Nov. 16, 1820, a. 92. 
Joseph, h. Rebecca, Jan. 9, 181 1. 
Julia, ch. Cyrus Jr. and Phebe, Mar. 24, 1832. [Mar. 23, a. 15 

*' the 5"' last August," c.r.i. consumption, a. 15, Mar. 24, 

c.R.3. Mar. 24, a. 15, g.r.6. ch. Cyrus and Phebe 

Cushman (Alger), Mar. 23, p.r.i. d. Sirus, Mar. 24, in 

i6th y., p.r.2. ch. Cyrus, Mar. 24, a. 14, P.R.3.] 
Lucius, ch. Christopher D. and Almira [dup. Eunice] (second 

w.) [dup. scarlet fever]. May i, 1844 [dup. a. 5 y. 8 m.]. 

[s. Christopher D. and Almira, g.r.i. ch. Dyer, P.R.3.] 
Martha, [twin] ch. Jonathan (Copland) Jr. and Mehetable, 

Feb. 7, 1773. 
Martin, debility and consumption, Oct. 15, 1830, a. 56, c.R.3. 

[a. 57, P.R.106.] 
Mehitabel, w. Ebenezer, Mar. 11, 1800. 
Molly, ch. Ebenezer and Abbe, , 1800. [This entry written 

on slip pasted in hook] 
Rachel, ch. Ebenezer and Abbe, , 1800. [This entry writ- 
ten on slip pasted in hook] 
Rebecca, w. Joseph, Jan. 15, 1820. 
Ruth, ch. Ebenezer and Abbe, , 1800. [This entry written 

on slip pasted in book] 
Samuel Dunbar, ch. Jonathan Jr. and Deborah, Jan. 13, 

Susan, Nov. 18, 1848. [Susanna, d. Daniel and Susanna, 

Nov. 19, G.R.I.] 

Susanna, w. Daniel, July 9, 1834, g.r.i. [wid. Daniel, July 8, 

a. 90, P.R.3.] 
, d. Ebenezer and Hannah (second w.), Nov. 3, 181 2. 


COPLAND (see Copeland), Bettie, d. Jonathan, June 14, 1750. 

CORDNER, Amos, Dec. 15, 1805, old, p.R.3. 

CORNWELL, Harriet, d. Flushing and Harriet, typhus fever, 
Feb. 18, 1849. 

CORTIS (see Curtis), Content, Jan. 18, 1763, P.R.4. 

CORY (see Cary). 

COWING, Abigail, Oct. 3, 1823, a. 50, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Asenath (see Sena). 

Bathia, June 30, 1824, a. 44, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Hannah, Mrs., Oct. 30, 1828, a. 45, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Jane, w. Joseph, Jan. 22, 1794, in 74th y., g.r.6. [Jan. 23, 

Joseph, Dec. 27, 1780, in 65th y., g.r.6. ["Dropt Down Dead," 

P.R.2. Couin, P.R.4. Cowing, p.R.106.] 
Joseph, June 14, 1828, a. 83, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Sena, Mar. 6, 1826, a. 35, c.r.i. [Asenath, Mar. 7, in Titicut, 


, d. Joseph and Jane, June 13, 1749. 

, s. Joseph and Jane, Apr. 10, 1750. [Couin, Apr. 11, 

P.R.4. Cowing, Apr. 10, p.R.106.] 
, w. Joseph, Aug. 9, 1823, a. 76, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

COY, Caroline Eliza, w. George W., d. Sylvanus Keith and Mar- 
garet, "lost on board the Pulaski," June 14, 1838, *'in the 
passage from Charleston to Norfolk," g.r.6. 

Caroline Eliza, d. George W. and Caroline E., "lost on board 
the Pulaski," June 14, 1838, "in the passage from Charles- 
ton to Norfolk," G.R.6. 

George W., h. Caroline Eliza (Keith), "lost on board the 
Pulaski," June 14, 1838, "in the passage from Charleston 
to Norfolk," G.R.6. 

CRAIN (see Cran, Crane), Sophiah, May 12, 1768, P.R.3. 
[Suruia Crane, May 11, P.R.4.] 

CRAN (see Grain, Crane), Pheeba, Apr. 21, 1789, P.R.3. 

CRANE (see Grain, Cran), Ann, d. Daniel and Ann, Jan. 7, 
1820, G.R.9. [ch. Daniel Esq., Jan. 9, a. 3, in Titicut, 

Ann, w. Daniel, Aug. 5, 1825, G.R.9. [w. Daniel Esq., a. 48, 
in Titicut, p.R.106.] 


Crane, Charles, ch. Dr. Jonathan and Mary, Oct. 29, 1776. 

[Nov. I, P.R.106.] 
Daniel Esq., suicide. Mar. 15, 1827, a. 55 "last Nov.," c.r.i. 

["graduated from Brown University in the class of 1796," 

Jonathan, M.D., "A graduate of Harvard University in the 

class of 1762," s. Ger shorn and Susannah (Whitmarsh) of 

Berkley, Dec. 31, 1813, G.R.9. 
Julia, d. Daniel and Ann, Sept. 4, 1825, G.R.9. [a. 18, in Titi- 

cut, P.R.106.] 
Lydia, w. Dr. Jonathan, Mar. 11, 1826, a. 82, G.R.9. [wid., a. 

80, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Lydia Adams, d. Daniel and Ann, Aug. 30, 1825, G.R.9. [a. 14, 

in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Mary, Sept. — , 1778, P.R.106. 

Mary, w. Dr. Jonathan, Sept. 15, 1780, a. 31, G.R.9. 
Mary, ch. Dr. Jonathan and Mary, Oct. 19, 1780. 
Mary Anne, d. Daniel and Anne, Oct. 5, 1808, G.R.9. 
Mary Edson, d. Daniel and Anne, Sept. i, 1804, G.R.9. 
Samuel, May 31, 1809, a. 71, g.r.ii. 
, wid., June 9, 1787, old, P.R.3. [mother of Sam[ue]l, a. 

86, P.R.105.] 

CROCKER (see Crooker), Hellen Maria, d. Calvin and Mercy, 
dissentery, bur. Oct. 25, 1841, a. i, c.R.2. [Crooker, d. 
Oct. 23, P.R.3.] 

Theodore Francis, s. Walter and Eliza E., fits, Aug. 11, 1848, 
a. 2 y. 6 m. 21 d. [Aug. 11, 1849, g.r.i.] 

CROOKER (see Crocker), Edward L., ch. Zenas and Hannah, 

June 2, 1822. [s. Zenas Jr., a. 8 m. "May 24%" c.r.i. s. 

Zenas and Hannah, a. 8 m., G.R.7. ch. Zenas, P.R.3.] 
Eliza Ann, ch. Zenas and Hannah, fever. May 18, 1846, a. 18. 

[May 19, a. 17, c.r.i. May 19, P.R.3.] 
Hannah R., b. Wareham, d. Zenas and Hannah, fever, July 25, 

1844. [a. 19, P.R.3.] 
Isaiah S., s. Ralph and Maritta H., Sept. 15, 1831, a. 6 m. 15 d., 

Ralph, s. Ralph and Maritta, May i, 1827, a. 2 y. 20 d., G.R.7. 
Zenas, h. Content, Oct. i, 1826. [rhumatism, a. 57 "the 3rd 

last May," c.r.i. h. Content (Stetson), G.R.7. p.r.i.] 

, grandmother of Zenas, Jan. 11, 1821, a. 100, P.R.3. 

, ch. Benjamin, June 20, 1836, P.R.3. 

CROSBY, , Miss, Mar. 21, 1841, p.R.3. 


GROSSMAN, Elizabeth, wid. Joseph of Easton, formerly w. 
James Washburn, d. Josiah Leonard, Oct. 14, 1783, in 
8ist y., G.R.7. [Crossmon, Oct, 14, 1782, P.R.3. Cros- 
man, Oct. 14, 1782, P.R.4. Grossman, Oct. — , 1782, 

CROSWELL, Joseph, May 31, 1799, a. 87, p.R.106. 

CUFF (see Cof, Cofif), , ch. Calvin, July — , 1822, p.R.3. 

CURTIS (see Cortis), Francis, ch. Isaac, Apr. 24, 181 1. 

Hannah, ch. Isaac, Aug. 14, 18 14. 

Horatio, ch. Simeon and Bathsheba, Nov. 8, 1804. 

Jesse, small pox. Mar. — , 1778, p.R.106. 

, wid., Apr. 18, 1757, P.R.4. 

CUSHING, Charles Frederick, s. Jonathan and Sarah L., 

Aug. 18, 1823, a. 8 y. 2 d., g.r.i. 
, d. Betsey, July 16, 1828, a. 6, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

CUSHMAN, Bethiah, wid., suddenly of pleurisy, Nov. 28, 
1822, a. 67 "the 15* of Nov.," c.r.i. [Bethia [(Thom- 
son)], w. Capt. Thomas, g.r.i i. wid. Capt. Cushman, 

Earl, Apr. 25, 1847, a. 81, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Edwin, ch. Thomas and Lucy, Sept. 21, 1826. [dysentery, 
C.R.I, ch. Thomas and Lucy (Pratt), p.r.i.] 

Franklin, ch. Thomas and Lucy, Sept. 29 [1826]. [dysentery, 
C.R.I, ch. Thomas and Lucy (Pratt), p.r.i.] 

Huldah, Apr. 19, 1816, p.r.2. 

Jane Mitchell, d. Noah and Susan L., Sept. 20, 1847, a. 6 m. 
18 d., G.R.3. 

Julius, ch. Thomas and Lucy, Apr. 5, 1844. 

Thomas, Capt., h. Bethia [(Thomson)], Oct. 15, 1820, g.r.ii. 
[a. 84, P.R.3.] 

, s. Capt. Thomas and Bethia, still born, Sept. 11, 1797, 


, mother of Capt. Cushman, Oct. 12, 1803, P.R.3. 

CUTLER, Lucia L., b. Boston, d. W[illia]m J. and Lucia C, 
dysentery, Sept. 10, 1848, a. 2 y. 5 m. 20 d. [Lucia Lowe 
Cutler, G.R.I.] 

CUTTER, William Eugene, ch. William P. [dup. omits P.] and 
Bethiah S. [dup. omits S., dysentery], July 25, 1844 [dup. 
a. 2]. [s. W[illia]m P. and Bethiah S. H., g.r.i. ch. Wil- 
liam, a. 2, P.R.3.] 


DAMON, William L., ch, Lewis and Paulina T., brain fever, 
Sept. 4, 1847, a. I y. 9 m. 23 d. [W[illia]m Lewis Damon, 
dysentery and inflamation of the brain, a. i y. 9 m, 24 d., 
C.R.3. W[illia]m L. Daman, g.r.i.] 

DANEL (see Daniels), Marcy, Apr, 14, 1763, p.R.4. 

DANIELS (see Danel), George W., s. Charles and Hepsebah, 
brain fever, Nov. 23, 1844, a. 9 y. 9 m. 24 d. [s. Charles 
and Hephzibeth, a. 9 y. 10 m., g.r.i. a. 11, P.R.3.] 

Mahetable, w. Charles, Sept. 27, 1823. [Mehitable, consump- 
tion, Sept. 27, 1822, a. 32 "March id"" 1822," c.r.i. 
Mehitable (first w.), Sept. 27, 1822, p.r.i. Mehitable, 
Sept. 27, 1822, a. S3y p-R-S-] 

DARLING, George B., s. Daniel [sic, ? Benjamin] and Sarah, 
atrophy, Oct. 17, 1843. [George D. Boardman Darling, 
ch. Benjamin and Sarah W., a. 3 m., g.r.i i. ch. Benja- 
min, Oct. 6, P.R.3.] 

Lemina Lewis, ch. Daniel and Huldah, Nov. 11, 1849, 3-. 3 y. 
7 m., G.R.ii. 

Mary A. Perkins, ch. Benjamin and Sarah W., Oct. 21, 1840, 
a. 7 w., G.R.II. 

, d. Benjafmin], Jan. 6, 1796, P.R.3. 

, ch. Benja[min], Jan. 10, 1796, P.R.3. 

, w. Benja[min], July 3, 1803, P.R.3. 

, s. Daniel and Huldah, Mar. 21, 1843, a. 21 d., g.r.ii. 

DASSANES, Phebe, Feb. 2, 1775, p.R.102. 

DAVENPORT (see Devenport), Richard, , 1785, G.R.7. 

[Ritchard, Dec. i, old, P.R.3. Devenport, Dec. 2, P.R.4.] 
Sammuel, Apr. 27, 1752, p.R.4. 

DAVIS, Rass, Mar. 23, 1775, p.R.102. 

DAWES (see Daws), Bettie, [twin] ch. Samuel and Abigail, 

Nov. 27, 1759. 
Nathan, ch. Robert and Lydia, July 18, 1747. 
Robert, h. Lydia, Apr. 27, 1755. 
Sarah, [twin] ch. Samuel and Abigail, Feb. 16, 1758. 
, s. Robert dec'd and Lydia, July 14, 1755. 

DAWS (see Dawes), James, m., shoemaker, b. Baltimore, Md., 
consumption, Nov. 14, 1846, a. 33 y, i m. 27 d. [Dawes, 
a. 32, C.R.3. Dawes, Nov. 11, a. 33, g.r.i.] 

DEAN, Esther (see Esther Smith). 
Lucius (see Dean). 


Dean, Margret of Mansfeeld, Jan. 17, 1798, in 520! y., p.R.102. 

Nathaniel, Aug. 21, 1761, p.R.4. 

Ruth, wid., consumption, Mar, 16, 1846, a. 70. [Mar. 15, a. 77, 

C.R.3. w. Lazell, Mar. 15, a. 77 y. 3 m., G.R.5. wid. La- 

zell, Mar. 16, P.R.3.] 

, ch. Abiel, Jan, 14, 1801, P.R.106. 

, s. Philander, Dec. 13, 1832, a. i w., c.r.i. [Lucius, s. 

Philander and Lavina, G.R.7.] 

, ch. Zephaniah, June 3, 1836, P.R.3. 

-, w. Tho[ma]s (Deane), bur. Jan. 19, 1842, a. 30, [in] 

W. Bridgewater, c.R.2. 

DEARBORN, , s. Daniel and Eunice, croup, Oct. 16, 

1846, a. I. [Daniel Francis, a. 2, c.R.2.] 

DEVENPORT (see Davenport), , M[r]s., June 23, 1785, 

old, P.R.3. [w. Richard, P.R.4.] 

DEXTER, Mary, mother of Nathaniel Morton Dexter and 
Henry Morton Dexter, Oct, 16, 1822, a. 37, p.R.87. 

DOGGETT, , ch. Mark, , 1799, p.r,2. 

DRAKE, Ebenezer, pauper, dropsy, Apr. 4, 1823, a. 80 "the 

21'' last June," c.r.i. 
Peter (Drack), Mar. 6, 1740, p.R.4. 
William, Dec. 15, 1848, a. 87, in Titicut, P.R.106. 

, twin infs. Ira, [Aug.] 19, 1822. 

, ch. Enoch, Dec. 24, 1833, a. 13, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, ch. Enoch, Jan. — , 1834, a. 6, in Titicut, p.r,io6. 

, ch, Enoch, Aug. 9, 1836, a. 4, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, w. Enoch, Jan. 31, 1837, a. 38, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, wid. William, Oct. 11, 1849, a. 68, in Titicut, P.R.106, 

DREW, Anna, Dec. i, 1791, in 22d y., G.R.7. [Hannah, "a 
black Gale," P.R.3. Ana Dru, p,r,4,] 

, w, Tom, Apr, 27, 1756, p.R.4. 

, ch. Benj[ami]n, Dec. 13, 1813, P.R.3. 

DUMPHY (see Dunpha, Dunphe, Dunphee), Joannah Holmes, 
d. Jotham, Dec. 15, 183 1, a. 8 "last March 17"' day," 
C.R.I. [Joanna Dunphe, d, Jotham and Betsey, a. 8 y. 
9 m., G.R,ii. Joannah Holmes Dumphy, ch. Jotham and 
Betsey (Harden), p.r.i. Dunphy, P.R.3.] 

DUNBAR (see Dunber), Abel H., s. Eliab and Levina, Nov. 16, 

1819, a. 12, G.R.12. 
Abigail, w. Jesse, May 5, 1817, a. 77, G.R.12, 


Dunbar, Alice A., w. Peter, Feb. 25, 1825. [consumption, a. 69 

"the 27"' of last May," C.R.I. Alice (Alger), p. r.i. p.R.69.] 
Alpheus, s. Lt. Samuel and Molly, Sept. 25, 1770, in 2d y,, 

G.R.9. [Dunbor, ch. Sam[ue]l Jr., p.R.106.] 
Anna, w. Jacob, July 5, 1775. 

Asa, ch. Samuel and Mary, June 22, 1787, a. 42, p.R.69. 
Barnabas, ch. Samuel and Mary, Oct. 26, 1816, a. 60, p.R.69. 
Caleb, ch. Samuel and Mary, Dec. 24, 1811, a. 51, p.R.69. 

Daniel, ch. Samuel and Mary, , 1824, p.R.69. 

Eliab [dup. farmer], h. Levina [dup. old age], Feb. 3, 1844 [dup. 

a. 72 y. 10 m. 21 d.]. [in 74thy., G.R.12. a. 73, in Titicut, 

Elias, h. Roxallana, May 16, 1824. [debility, a. 51 "the 26"" 

last Dec," C.R.I, a. 51, G.R.7. h. (Leach), p.r.i. 

a. 51 y. 6_m., P.R.3.] 
George, ch. Elias and Roxallana, Dec. 12, 1804. 
Hannah, w. James, . [Dunber, w. James Jr., June 19, 

1757, P.R.4. Dunbar, w. James Jr., June 19, 1757, 

James, Dec. 12, 1690. 
James, July 25, 1807, old, P.R.3. 
James C., ch. Darius and Sarah M., Oct. 28, 1836. 
Jesse, Apr. 9, 1816, a. 73, G.R.12. 
Josiah, June — , 1800, p.r.2. [Dunber, Capt., June 25, P.R.3. 

Dunbar, Capt., June 25, p.R.106.] 
Keziah, ch. James and Experience, Nov. 11,1747. [Nov. 9, P.R.4.] 
Lemuel, Oct. 28, 1776, p.R.106. 
Lucey, ch. David and Susanna, July 10, 1741. 
Lucey, ch. David and Susanna, Aug. 18, 1760. 
Lydia, ch. Jessee and Mary, Nov. 2, 1775. 
Lydia, May 23, 1843, in 67th y., G.R.12. [in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Mary, w. Josiah, Jan. 16, 1757. [Dunber, p.R.4.] 
Mary, w. Samuel, Feb. 3, 1793, p.R.69. [wid., a. 74, p.R.106.] 
Mary, w. Lt. Samuel, Dec. — , 181 1, a. 79, G.R.9. 
Mary S., d. Samuel and Abigail, Feb. 27, 1801, a. 6, G.R.9. 

[Feb. 26, P.R.106.] 

Melatiah, ch. Samuel and first w., , "in infancy," p.R.69. 

Nathan F., s. Nathan B. and Betsey H., bowel complaint, 

Aug. 29, 1843, a. I. 
Oliver, s. Lt. Samuel and Molly, Oct. 12, 1776, in i6th y., 

G.R.9. [Nov. II, p.R.106.] 
Peter, ch. Peter and Alice (Alger), June 27, 1821, p.R.69. 
Peter, Sept. i, 1836, a. 86, G.R.7. [a. 85, P.R.3. h. Alice 

(Alger), a. 86, P.R.69.] 


Dunbar, Robert [s. James], May 16, 1730. 

Roxellana, wid. Elias, Nov. 29, 1841, a. 67, G.R.7. [Oct. 28, 
a. 68, P.R.3.] 

Samuel, s. Lt. Samuel and Molly, Sept. 28, 1776, in 14th y., 

Samuel, h. Mary, Apr. — , 1786, p.R.69. [Apr. 17, a. 80, P.R.106.] 

Samuel, Lt., Sept. 29, 1814, a. 78, G.R.9. 

Shepard, ch. Peter and Alice (Alger), Feb. 14, 1848, p.R.69. 

Silas, ch. Peter and Alice (Alger), Sept. 27, 1806, p.R.69. 

Simeon, Dr., h. Abigail, Oct. 30, 1810. [a. 58, p.R.69.] 

Susanna, ch. Jacob Jr. and Hannah, Apr. 12, 1796. 

Susannah, w. David, Apr. 12, 1749. 

Thaxter, Sept. 13, 1782, p.R.3. [Dunber, p.R.4. Dunbar, ch. 
Samuel and Mary, a. 24, p.R.69. Dunbar, p.R.106.] 

William, ch. Samuel and Melatiah, Nov. 11 ^ 1774. [ch. Sam- 
uel and Mary, Nov. 13, a. 20, p.R.69. Dunber, Nov. 14, 

William Herbert, ch. William and Eunice, Nov. 2, 1832. [Nov. 
5, C.R.I, ch. William and Eunice (Mitchell), Nov. 5, 
P.R.I. Nov. 5, a. 6 w., P.R.3. Nov. 2, p.R.69.] 

, ch. James jr., Nov. 29, 1747, P.R.4. 

, ch. Daniel, Apr. 30, 1778, G.R.13. [Dumber, sm[al]l 

pox, P.R.3. Dunbar, small pox, p.r,io6.] 

, w. Barnabas, Mar. 20, 1781, p.R.106. 

, wid.. May 26, 1786, p.R.106. 

, d. Peter, Oct. 5, 1796, p.R.106. 

s. William and Eunice (Mitchell), still born, Oct. 6, 

1828, P.R.I. [Oct. 7, p.R.69.] 
— , s. William and Eunice, , "in infancy." 

DUNBER (see Dunbar), James, June 30, 1778, p.R.4. [Dun- 
bar, July I, p.R.106.] 

, ch. Josiah, Sept. 27, 1752, p.R.4. 

, ch. Josiah, Jan. 3, 1757, p.R.4. 

, ch. Beniman, Dec. 10, 1775, P.R.4. 

, w. James, Feb. 20, 1776, p.R.4. [Dunbar, P.R.106.] 

(Dumber), "porpo," Feb. 12, 1815, P.R.3. 

DUNMUN, , ch. James, Sept. 18, 1785, P.R.3. [Donam, 


DUNPHA (see Dumphy, Dunphe, Dunphee), Elisha, h. Mary, 
July 20, 1796. 

DUNPHE (see Dumphy, Dunpha, Dunphee), Eliza Jane [Eliza 
Jane written in pencil], ch. Nathan H. and Lucy, fit, Dec. 5, 
1846, a. 6 m. [Eliza Jane, g.r.i.] 


DuNPHE, Emma, d. Hiram and Emma [Emma D., g.r.i.], 
infantile, Oct. 8, 1843, a. 2 d. 

Emma D., b. Abington, w. Hiram, dysentary, Sept. 28, 1849, 
a. 25 y. 6 m. 5 d. [Emma D. (Turner) Dunphe, g.r.i.] 

Hiram Turner, s. Hiram and Emma [Emma D., g.r.i.], dysen- 
tary, Aug. 5, 1848, a. 2 y. 10 m. 12 d. 

Lowel [dup. Lowell] Quincy, s. Nathan [dup. adds H.] and 
Lucy, scarlet fever, Sept. 16, 1844, a. 4 y. i m. 6 d. [Low- 
ell Quincy Dunphe, ch. Nathan H. and Lucy, g.r.i. 
Dunphy, ch. Nathan, Sept. 17, P.R.3.] 

Lowell Quincy, s. Jotham and Betsey, May 14, 1838, a. 18 y. 
9 m. 10 d., G.R.ii. [Dunphy, a. 19, P.R.3.] 

DUNPHEE (see Dumphy, Dunpha, Dunphe), Elizabeth W., 
ch. Jotham and Betsey, Dec. 27, 1813. [Dunphe, a. 6 w. 
6 d., G.R.II. ch. Jothom Dumphe, P.R.3.] 

Lucy H., ch. Jotham and Betsey, Sept. 25, 1826. [Dumphy, 
dysentery, Sept. 5, a. 10 m., c.r.i. Lucy Holmes Dun- 
phe, Sept. 5, a. 9 m. 19 d., g.r.i i. Dunphy, Sept. 5, P.R.3.] 

DYER, [Bathsheba] w. John, Oct. 4, 1777, P.R.3. 

Betsey, affection of the heart, July 3, 1835, a. 76, c.R.3. 

[Betsy, P.R.2. Betsey, P.R.3.] 
Christopher, May 15, 1800, in 70th y., g.r.6. [Chrisfor, p.R.3. 

Christopher, p.R.106.] 
Clarissa, Mrs., pauper, throat distemper. May 5, 1833, a. abt. 

38, C.R.I, [w. Ezekiel, May 7, P.R.3. a. 42, in Titicut, 

Daniel, ch. Christopher and Sarah, Oct. 21, 1778. [in 4th y., 

G.R.6. Dire, Oct. 20, P.R.3.] 
Jason, ch. Christopher and Sarah, Dec. 2, 1768. 
Jason, Feb. 24, 1838, c.R.4. [a. 70, g.r.6. in 71st y,, p.r.2. 

Feb. 25, a. 70, P.R.3.] 
John, Dec. 27, 1817, a. 89, g.r.6. [Jan. 27, 1818, a. 90, P.R.3.] 
Lydia A., d. Charles and Anna of Weymouth, teething, bur. 

Oct. 5, 1849, a. 16 m., C.R.2. 
Ruth, d. Christopher and Sarah, Mar. 20, 1774, in nth y., 

G.R.6. [Dire, P.R.3.] 
Sally, Apr. 17, 1842, c.R.4. [Sarah, a. 81, g.r.6.] 
Sarah, w. Christopher, Oct. 9, 1805, in 72d y., g.r.6. [Dier, 

wid., Oct. 10, P.R.3. Dyre, wid., Oct. 10, p.R.106.] 
Susannah, wid., consumption, Aug. 5, 1826, a. 74 "last Janu- 
ary," C.R.I, [a. 78, c.R.3. Susanna, w. John, Aug. 4, 

a. 74, g.r.6. Susannah, wid. John, Aug. 4, in 75th y., 

p.R.2. Dier of Scotland, July — , P.R.3.] 


Dyer, , ch. Abijah, Apr. — , 1770, p.r.2. 

, w. John, Sept. — , 1776, p.r.2. 

EAGER, , ch. Mr. Eager, Oct. 26, 1789, p.R.4. 

EAMES (see Ames), Sarah, w. Elisha, July 18, 1790. 

EATON, Alden, Nov. 13, 1848, a. 28, in Titicut, P.R.106. 

Alfred, Aug. 8, 1840, a. 60, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Apollos, Mar. 30, 1849, a. 73, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Benjamin, h. Arebella, Jan. 22, 181 7. 

Elijah, Dea., Jan. 20, 1831, a. 90, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Emily, Oct. 5, 1830, a. 13, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Laura, w. Ruel, Oct. 28, 1843, a. 35, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Parna, Mrs., Oct. 14, 1837, a. 65, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

S., w. Enos, Jan. 5, 1837, a. 55, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Sarah, 21, 1837, a. 27, p.R.25. 

Seth, Feb. 20, 1823, a. 82, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Seth Esq., Aug. 18, 1849, a. 76, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Solomon, Feb. 18, 1834, a. 61, in Titicut, p.R.106, 

, ch. Thirzia, wid., Oct. 24, 1821, a. 3, p.R.106. 

, ch. Ruel, Dec. 16, 1834, in Titicut, p,r.io6. 

, w. Seth, Aug. 3, 1840, a. 61, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, w. Capt. Joel, Mar. 7, 1842, a. 95, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

EDDE (see Eddy, Edy), , ch. Azor, Oct. 5, 1798, P.R.3. 

EDDY (see Edde, Edy), Azor, pauper, apoplexy, Feb. i, 1832, 
a. 72, C.R.I, [paralysis, c.R.3. Feb. 2, a. 74, in Alms- 
house, p.R.106.] 

Desire, Nov. 26, 1830, a. 76, c.r.i. [paralysis, Nov. 25, c.R.3. 
Nov. 25, P.R.3.] 

Hannah, w. Azor, July 29, 1826, a. 67, c.r.i. [languishment, 
a. 64, c.R.3. Eddey, P.R.3.] 

Irene F., w. Morton, d. Isaac Lazell, typhus fever, Sept. 28, 
1847, a. 47 y. 7 m. 15 d. [Irene Fearing Eddy, w. Dea. 
Morton, dyesentery and fevre probably disease of heart, 
a. 48, c.R.3. Irene F., w. Dea. Morton, g.r.i. Irene, d. 
Dea. Isaac Lazell and Jane (Byram), p.r.i.] 

Obediah, , 1789, G.R.7. [Jan. 28, p.R.3. Edy, Jan. 28, 

p.R.4. Eedy, Jan. 28, p.R.105. Obadiah Eady, p.R.106.] 

Sarah, wid., Dec. 17, 1795, P.R.3. [Edy, wid., P.R.4.] 

, ch. Azor, Jan. 25, 1791, p.R.3. 

EDSON, Abiel, Apr. 7, 1823, a. 74, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Abiezer, Capt., July 24, 1791, a. 76 y. 24 d., G.R.9. 
Abigail, ch. Joseph and Abigail, Aug. 16, 1748. 


Edson, Abigail, ch. Joseph and Abigail, Dec. 25, 1768. 

Abigail, w. Joseph, Nov. 7, 1775. 

Alice, May 3, 1835, c.R.5. 

Barnabas, ch. James and Esther, Nov. — , 1781. 

Benjamin, h. Joanna, May 13, 1758. 

Benjamin, ch. Benjamin and Deborah, Dec. 23, 1818, in S. C. 

[Benjamin Jr., ch. Benjamin (s. John and Hannah (Allen)) 

and Deborah (d. Thomas Perkins), c.r.2.] 
Benjamin, h. Deborah (d. Thomas Perkins), s. John (s. Samuel 

3d) and Hannah (d. Benjamin Allen), Dec. 5, 1835, in 

82d y., C.R.2. [a. 80, P.R.3.] 
Betty, w. Noah, Feb. 21, 1784, in 24th y., [Feb. 20, 

Caleb, ch. Josiah Jr. [Jr. crossed oui\ and Ruth, Sept. 24, 1754. 

[s. Josiah Esq. and Ruth, in 15th y., G.R.7. s. Esq. Ed- 
son, P.R.106.] 
Caleb, ch. Jessee 2d and Susanna, Dec. 18, 1769. 
Calvin, ch. Josiah Jr. [Jr. crossed out] and Ruth, Mar. 3, 1744. 

[ch. Josiah, Mar. 3, 1743, a. 11 m. i d., G.R.7. Mar. 3, 

1744, P.R.4.] 
Charles, h. Hannah S. Bassett, s. Libeus (s. Ezra) and Joanna 

Keen, June 23, 1824, a. 28, c.r.2. 
Dan[ie]ll, ch. Josiah and Mary (second w.). Mar. 3, 1747. 

[Daniel, s. Josiah Esq. and Mary, G.R.7. Mar. 3, 1748, 

P.R.4.] ^ 
Deborah, wid. Benjamin, old age, Jan. 3, 1848, a. 86 y. 3 m. 

21 d. [d. Thomas Perkins, c.r.2. g.r.i.] 
Elija, Nov. 29, 1762, P.R.4. [Elijah, p.R.106.] 
Eliza[be]th, Mrs., Nov. 25, 1737, in 86th y., G.R.7. 
Elizabeth Records, ch. Noah and Kezia (third w.), Jan. 19, 

Ephraim French, s. Ezra and Eliza, Mar. 19, 1842, a. 20, 

G.R.4. [ch. Ezra and Eliza (Wentworth), grand ch. 

Theophilus Wentworth and Betsey, Mar. 29, p.R.90.] 
Esther, w. James, Apr. 15, 1794. 
Ezra, h. Rebecca (Johnson), h. Ann White of Marshfield, s. 

Samuel 3d, Feb. 19, 1794, in 63d y., c.r.2. 
Ezra, h. Eliza (Wentworth), s. Libeus (s. Ezra) and Joanna 

Keen, Oct. 4, 1828, a. t^T)^ c.r.2. [typhus fever, a. 34, in 

Assonot, C.R.3. a. ^^, G.R.7.] 
George Fracis, ch. Jesse and Anna, Mar. 2, 1816. 
Hannah, ch. John and Judith, Sept. 27, 1775. 
Henry, eldest s. Noah, suicide from insanity, bur. Feb. 21, 

1840, a. 55, C.R.2. [Zoroaster H., d. Feb. 19, a. 56,] 


Edson, Ichabod, July 6, 181 1. 

Isaiah, ch. Joseph and Abigail, Feb, 5, 1753. 

James, ch. James and Esther, Mar. 29, 1769. 

Jessee, s. Jessee and Rebecca (second w.), Aug. 12, 1768. 

Joanna, d. Libeus and Joanna, bur. Mar. 31, 1818, c.R.2. [d. 

Mar. 17, a. 17, Joana, d. Liba, d. Mar. 28, a. 18, 

Joanna, d. Ezra and Eliza, Apr. 26, 182 1, a. 13 m., G.R.7. 

[ch. Ezra and Eliza (Wentworth), grand ch. Theophilus 

Wentworth and Betsey, p.R.90.] 
Joanna Keen, w. Libeus (s. Ezra), Mar. 17, 1818, a. 50, c.R.2. 

[w. Liba, a. 51, P.R.3.] 
John, h. Hannah (d. Benjamin Allen), small pox, , a. 48, 

in Boston, c.R.2. 
Jonathan, ch. David and Sarah (second w.), Dec. 12, 1768. 
Joseph, h. Lydia, Aug. 26, 1768. [Dea., P.R.106.] 
Joseph, h. Mary, Aug, 27, 1791. 

Josiah (see Edson). 

Josiah, Capt., Jan. 16, 1762, in 80th y., G.R.7. 

Josiah, Col., , 1776, G.R.7. 

Josiah Jr., h. Hannah, Dec. 25, 1779. [Capt., Dec. 26, 1778, 

P.R.3, P.R.4. Capt., Dec. 26, 1778, in Windham, 

Keturah, w, Obed, June 4, 1750. 
Keziah, w. Noah, consumption, bur. Feb. 14, 1840, a. 75, c,R.2. 

[w. Dea. Noah, d. Feb. 12,] 
Lavinia (see Levina). 
Lebbeus (see Libeus). 
Levi, small pox, Jan. 20, 1777, G.R.13. P.R.3. [Apr. 2, 

Levina, ch. Ebenezer and Lucey, Feb. 3, 1761. 
Libeus, h. Joanna Keen, s. Ezra, Jan. 20, 18 19, in 50th y., 

c.R.2. [Liba, P.R,3.] 
Lucy, wid, Capt, Pollycarpus, Nov, 12, 1816, in 56th y., G.R.9. 

[Nov. 13, 1806, a. 56, p.R.io6.] 
Lydia, w. Jessee, Jan. 23, 1762. 
Lydia, w. Joseph, Jan. 25, 1762. 
Lydia, ch. Joseph and Lydia, Aug. 18, 1793. 
Lydia C, b. Vt., w. Simeon, inflamation of brain, Aug. 11, 

1848, a. 40 y. 3 m. 19 d. 
Martha, w. Samuel, Apr. 15, 1803, in 86th y., 
Martha L., Apr. 22. 1844, g.r.i. [ch. Ephraim and Mary, 

a. 15, P.R.31,] 
Mary, ch. Joseph and Abigail, Jan. 27, 1753. 


Edson, Mary, w. Samuel, Feb. 5, 1770. [Mary, sister of Samuel, 

a. 82, C.R.2. w. Samuel, in 83d y.,] 
Mary, w. Capt, Abiezer, Nov. 27, 1778, in 54th y., g.r.q. 

[Nov. 30, P.R.106.] 
Mary, w. Joseph, Mar. 3, 1807. 
Mary W., d. Zoroaster, bur. Aug. 23, 1828, a. 10, c.R.2. [Mary 

Wales Edson, d. Henry and Betsey N., d. Aug. 21,] 
Mehetabel, w. Samuel, Feb. 20, 1736. 
Mehetabel, ch. David and Susanna, Nov. 8, 1751. 
Mehetabel, second w. Sam[ue]ll, Feb. 28, 1776. 
Nathan, Mar. 30, 1751, P.R.4. 
Nathan, Nov. 25, 1825, a. 19, 
Nath[anie]l, Dea., Mar. 19, 1784, P.R.106. 
Nathan[ie]ll, ch. Nathan[ie]ll and Joanna, Oct. 4, 1770. 
Noah of W. Bridgewater, bur. Feb. 13, 1846, a. 89 y. 7 m., 

c.R.2. [Dea., d. Feb. 11,] 
Patty [Edson, w. ], d. Peter Dunbar and Alice (Alger), 

Oct. 15, 1830, P.R.69. 
PoUycarpus, Capt., h. Lucy, Aug. 21, 1796, in 41st y., G.R.9. 

[Capt. Policarpus, p.R.106.] 
Rebecca, w. Ezra (s. Samuel 3d), d. David Johnson, Apr. 23, 

1781, a. 47, c.R.2. [in 47th y.,] 
Royal, s. Capt. PoUycarpus and Lucy, Jan. 13, 1785, a. 11 m. 

28 d., G.R.9. [ch. Palicarpus, p.R.106.] 
Ruth, w. Josiah, May 31, 1743. [in 34th y., G.R.7.] 
Ruth, d. Josiah Esq. and Ruth, Feb. 15, 1756, in 15th y., G.R.7. 

[Feb. 14, P.R.4.] 
Samuel ist, h. Susannah, July 20, 1692, a. 80, c.R.2. 
Samuel, h. Susanna, Apr. 10, 1719. [Samuel 2d, h. Susannah, 

a. 74, C.R.2.] 

Samuel, h. Mary, Dec. 27, 1771. [Samuel 3d, a. 82, c.r.2. 

in 82d y.,] 
Samuel, Feb. 25, 1801, in 87th y., 
Sam[ue]ll, h. Mehetabel, h. Mehetabel, Jan. 7, 1749. 
Sarah, w. Josiah, Feb. 14, 1754, in 72d y. [w. Capt. Josiah, 

G.R.7. w. Capt. Edson, P.R.4.] 
Sarah, d. David and Sarah (second w.), Dec. 13, 1768. 
Sarah, ch. Joseph and Abigail, Oct. 10, 1775. 
Susanna, w. Samuel, Mar. 12, 1 741-2. [Susannah, w. Samuel 

2d, Mar. 12, 1741, a. 93, c.R.2.] 
Susanna, w. David, Nov. 8, 1755. 
Susannah, w. Samuel ist, Feb. 20, 1699, a. 81, c.R.2. 
Warren Anson Kenrick, ch. Nathaniel and Betsey, Apr. 4, 



Edson, William P., ch. Benjamin and Deborah, Mar. 24, 1831, 
"in the Mexican States." [ch. Benjamin (s. John and 
Hannah (Allen)) and Deborah (d. Thomas Perkins), in 
Mexico, C.R.2.] 

Zoroaster H. (see Henry). 

Esq., Oct. 4, 1734, C.R.I. [JosiahEsq., in 84thy.,G.R.7.] 

• , ch. Samuel, May 6, 1739, P.R.4. 

• , ch. Abel, Aug. 10, 1742, p.R.4. 

, ch. Obed, Dec. 10, 1742, p.R.4. 

• , ch. Abel, Jan. 17, 1744, p.R.4. 

, w. Abiza, Apr. 21, 1744, p.R.4. 

, ch. Obed, Dec. i, 1745, P.R.4. 

, ch. Samuel Jr., Apr. — , 1750, P.R.106. 

, ch. William and Martha, Apr. 17, 1759. 

, s. David and Sarah (second w.), Apr. 8, 1763. 

, ch. An, wid., May 3, 1763, p.R.4. 

, ch. Capt. Abiezar, Aug. 12, 1766, P.R.106. 

, d. Sam[ue]l, Aug. 6, 1771, P.R.106. 

, w. Calven, July 15, 1778, P.R.3. P.R.4. [w. Calvin, 

July 17, P.R.106.] 

, wid. Col. Josiah, Jan. 27, 1788, P.R.3. P.R.105. 


— , w. Capt. Abiezer, Nov. 29, 1790, a. 65, p.R.106. 
— , ch. Allen, bur. Nov. 10, 1831, c.r.2. 
— , ch. Allen, bur. Oct. 16, 1833, a. 9 m., c.R.2. 
— , s. Widow Edson, Mar. 19, 1842, a. 19, P.R.3. 

EDY (see Edde, Eddy), , ch. Azer, Mar. 29, 1788, p.R.4. 

, ch. Azor, May 4, 1789, P.R.3. [ch. Azer, p.R.4. Eedy, 

s. Azor, May 5, p.R.105.] 
, ch. Azer, Dec. 24, 1790, p.R.4. 

EGLEE, , M[r]s., May — , 1785, old, p.R.3. 

ELDREDGE, , w. Eaton, formerly w. , Apr. 14, 

1839, P.R.2. [Eldrige, Apr. 13, P.R.3.] 

ELISHA, Rufus, colored, consumption, Feb. 21, 1837, a. 30, 

, ch. Rufus, colloured, Nov. 19, 1836, a. 3, P.R.3. 

ELLIOT, Charlotte Perkins, d. Abial and Mary, Sept. 18, 

1833, a. 15 m., G.R.I. 
Mary, w. Abiel, bur, Sept. 15, 1836, a. 34, c.R.2. [w. Abial, d. 

Sept. 14, in 34th y., g.r.i. Eliot, w. Abel, Sept. 

I3> a. 34, P.R.3-] 


ELLIS, Ann, w. William, consumption, bur, Nov. g, 1841, 

a. 58, C.R.2. 

Clark, Apr. 27, 1836, a. 82, p.r.6o. 

Ebenezer, Aug. i, 1820, a. 68, in Titicut, P.R.106. 

Elizabeth, ch. Oren and Eliza, Jan. — , 1826. 

Elizabeth, w. Orren, Nov. 6, 1841, a. 55, [w. Orin, P.R.3.] 

Rufus, ch. Oren and Eliza, Mar. 23, 1812. 

Ruth, Sept. 19, 1846, a. 84, p.R.60. 

Sarah, wid., May 11, 1816, a. 63, g.r.6. [wid. Philip, p.r.2.] 

Stephen, h. Susannah (Thomson), Mar. 5, 1824, in 76th y., 

Susannah, wid. Stephen, Mar. 24, 1835, in 86th y., p.R.19. 
William, s. Thomas and Margaret, Jan. i, 1840, a. 20, g.r.i. 

[ch. Thomas and Margaret (Josselyn), a. 19 y. 3 m. 25 d., 


ERSKINE (see Askin). 

EV ANSON, William, typhus fever, Feb. i, 1831, a. 15, c.R.3. 
[Everson, Feb. 3, P.R.3.] 

FARO, Deboro, Aug. 3, 1759, p.R.4. 

FEARING, Anna (Lazell) [w. Dr. Noah], July 30, 1845, g.r.i. 

P.R.I, [wid., P.R.3.] 
Isaac Lazell, s. Noah and Anna L., Mar. 28, 1807, a. 3, g.r.i. 

[ch. Dr. Ferin, P.R.3.] 
Noah, Dr., apoplectic shock, June 20, 1824, a. 54 "the 28"' of 

last Nov.," in Roxbury, c.r.i. [a. 55, g.r.i. h. Anna 

(Lazell), P.R.I, a. 55, P.R.3.] 
Noah, July 30, 1845. 

FELTON, Abby Jane, b. Boston, d. Cyrus and Mary, croup, 
Nov. 20, 1846, a. I y. 4 m. 21 d. [dup. a. 2 y. 6 m.] [mea- 
sles and croup, a. 2 y. 5 m., C.R.3.] 

FENE (see Finney, Pheney, Phinney), , ch. Palitia, 

June 30, 1750, p.R.4. [Phinney, ch. Palatiah, P.R.106.] 

FERGUSON (see Furguson), Ann Maria Herder, w. James, 
Feb. 9, 1846, G.R.I. 

FIELD, Deborah, w. John, Nov. 10, 1757, in 60th y., G.R.7. 

[Feld, p.R.4. Field, p.R.106.] 
Edward, Sept. 17, 1817, a. 2. 
Richard, h. Susanna, Sept. 14, 1725. 
Ruth, ch. Richard and Susanna, Nov. 22, 1723. 


Field, Susanna, ch. Richard and Susanna, Nov. 26, 1722. 
Zachariah, ch. Richard and Susanna, Nov. 22, 1723. 
Zobiah, ch. Richard and Susanna, Apr. 3, 1708. 

, ch. Amasa, July 30, 1815, a. 18 m. 

, ch. James B., May i, 1833, a. abt. 9 m., c.r.i. [ch. 

Lt. Field, May 4, P.R.3.] 

FINNEY (see Fene, Pheney, Phinney), Delia, b. Marshfield, 
w. Stephen, coloured, dropsy, Sept. 9, 1848, a. 67. 

FISH, Maria, d. Isaac L. and Suky, teething, July 4, 1825, 


Olive H., w. , d. Peleg Leach and Sally, consumption, 

Jan. 14, 1845, a. 37. [Jan. 15, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 

FISK, Shepard, June — , 1779, P.R.106. 
, wid., Aug. 14, 1795, P.R.106. 

FOBES (see Forbes), Abiah, Jan. 20, 1848, a. 57, g.r.8. [Aug. 

— , a. 59, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Abiah, w. Robert, Dec. 16, 1848, a. 95, g.r.8. [in Titicut, 

Abigail, ch. Ephraim and Martha, Apr. 19, 1738. 

Abigail (see Fobes). 

Abigail, w. John, Feb. 13, 1762. 

Abnar [dup. Abner], Jan. 20, 1767, in 40th y., p.R.102. [Abner, 


Alpheus, Apr. i, 1839, a. 83, c.r.i. [h. Lucy, Apr. 12, a. 82, 

G.R.6. h. Mehitable (Lathrop), h. Lucy (Backus), Apr. 

12, P.R.I. Apr. 12, in 83d y., P.R.2. Apr. 11, a. 86, P.R.3. 

h. Lucy (Backus), Apr. 12, p.R.22.] 
Anna (see Hannah M.). 

Avery Esq., May 16, 1845, a. 75, g,r.9. [in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Azariah, ch. Joshua Jr. and Esther, Mar. 2, 1755. 
Bethia, ch. Joshua and Abigail, Apr. 13, 1713. 
Bethiah, w. Ephraim, Nov. 25, 1811. [Bethia, in 63d y,, g.r.6. 

wid. Ephren, P.R.3.] 
Betsey, w. Josiah, June 29, 1835, a. 40, g.r.6. [Betsy, p.r.2.] 
Caleb, ch. Ephraim and Susanna, Apr. 13, 1773. [Apr. 14, 

Caleb, h. Molly, May 28, 1833. [suicide, a. 58, c.r.i. suicide 

by hanging (insane), a. 58, c.R.3. a. 58, g.r.6. h. Molly 

(Fobes), P.R.I, suicide, May 30, a. 53, P.R.3.] 
Chloe Wilbar, ch. Joshua and Chloe, Oct. 29, 1819. [d. Joshua 

and Chloe K., a. i y. 10 d., G.R.9.] 
Cornelia, ch. Avery and Lois, July 19, 1841. 


FoBES, Davis, ch. Jason and Leah, Mar. 3, 1784. [a. 6 m., 

G.R.6. Mar. 3, 1774, p.r.2. Mar. 2, 1784, P.R.3.] 
Dwelle, ch. Timothy and Mary, June 19, 1783. ["hurt the 

June y' 9 : 1783 by a Stak of [illegible] foiling on his head 

& Brok his Scol Boon So that the Branes Came out & his 

Sholder Brok," p.R.102.] 
Edward, Sept. 15, 1736, in 30th y., G.R.7. 
Edward, ch. William and Thankful, Mar. i, 1746-7. [Mar. i, 

1747, in 9th y., P.R.102.] 
Eliab, Dec. 27, 1778, in 40th y., G.R.9. [Elieb, P.R.106.] 
Eliza Evelina (see Eveline). 
Enos, s. Alpheus and Mehetable, Feb. 4, 1782, a. 3 w. 3 d., 

G.R.6. [ch. Alpheus and Mehitable (Lathrop), p.r.i. ch. 

Alfearce, P.R.3.] 
Ephaim, h. Martha, Dec. 11, 1756. 

Ephraim, Mar. 22, 1802, in 87th y., G.R.6. [a. 85, p.R.106.] 
Ephraim, s. Ephraim and Susanna, Aug. 15, 1811. [in 64th y., 


Ephraim Davis, s. Caleb and Molly, June 14, 1804, a. 4 w., 

G.R.6. [June 15, P.R.3.] 
Esther, June 10, i8oi, a. 85, p.R.106. 
EveUne, ch. Salmon and Chloe, Feb. 15, 1825. [Eliza Evelina, 

d. Salmon and Cloe, consumption, a. 4 "the 24**" of last 

Oct.," C.R.I, ch. Col. Salmon, debility, a. 4, c.R.3. 

Eveline, p.r.i. a. 4, P.R.3.] 
Ezra, strangury, Aug. 15, 1823, a. 72 "the 27* last Jan*'," c.R.i. 

[a. 71, c.R.3. G.R.6. a. 72, P.R.3.] 
Fanny, July 19, 1841, c.R.5. [d. Avery Esq. and Lois, in 

31st y., G.R.9. July 18, P.R.3. July 19, a. 30, in Titi- 

cut, p.R.106.] 
Franklin B., ch. Ezra and Hannah, June 28, 1835. [lock jaw, 

a. 24, c.R.3. ch. Dea. Ezra and Hannah, a. 24, g.r.6. 

a. 24, P.R.3.] 
Frederick Handel, ch. Shepard and Phebe, Dec. 16, 1824. [a. 

3 y. 6 m., G.R.6. Dec. 16, 1825, p.r.2.] 
Freelove, wid. Josiah, Apr. 19, 1811, in 93d y., g.r.6. [Frelove, 

Apr. 14, P.R.2. Frelov, Apr. 14, P.R.3.] 
Hannah, wid. William, Apr. 10, 1820, a. 84, G.R.9. [a. 34, in 

Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Hannah M., ch. Ezra and Hannah, Apr. 8 [8 written over 17], 

1830. [Anna Forbes, d. Dea. Ezra, croup, Apr. 7, a. 6 

"15* last Nov.," c.R.i. Hannah Fobes, d. Dea. Ezra, 

quinsy, Apr. 8, a. 6 y. 6 m., c.R.3. Hannah Fobes, ch. Dea. 

Ezra and Hannah, Apr. 8, a. 6, g.r.6. Apr. 8, P.R.3.] 


FoBES, Huldah, ch. Isaac and Mary (Hay ward), Dec. — , 1816, 

Isaac B., ch. Isaac and Mary (Hayward), Apr. — , 1818, 

Jason, July 12, 1809, in 65th y., g.r.6. 
Jennet, Jan. 26, 1795, a. 15, p.R.106. 
John, Aug. 16, 1725, in 47th y., G.R.7. 
John, Jan. 10, 1783, in 69th y., g.r.6. p.r.io6. 
John Wilkes, s. Caleb and Molly, Sept. 22, 1807, g.r.6. 
Joshua (Fobs), Apr. 6, 1767, p.R.4. [Fobes, Dea., found dead 

in his bed, P.R.106.] 
Joshua, Oct. 12, 1787, a. 72, p.R.106. 

Joshua, Jan. 29, 1827, a. 77, g.r.8. [a. 78, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Josiah Jr., "in the service of his country," Nov. 4, 1776, in 

37th y., in Horseneck, Conn., g.r.6. 
Josiah, Sept. 14, 1794, a. 78, g.r.6. [Sept. 17, "on his Birth 

Day," P.R.2. Sept. 17, p.R.3. p.R.106.] 
Justin, ch. Salmon and Chloe, Mar. 16, 1826. [Mar. 17, 

idiocy, c.r.i. Justin M., ch. Salmon and Cloe (Leech), 

Mar. 17, P.R.I. Justin, Mar. 17, p.r.2. Mar. 19, P.R.3.] 
Kezia Jr., Dec. 18, 1794, a. 13, p.R.106. 
Lear, wid., old age, Mar. 6, 1831, a. 81 "20"" O. S. last Nov.," 

C.R.I, [w. Jason, g.r.6. w. Jason, Mar. 5, p.r.2. Laeur, 

wid., Mar. 7, P.R.3.] 
Libeus, pauper, old age, Feb. 3, 1824, a. 80 "the 28"' last May," 


Libeus, Jan. 23, 1831, a. "between 50 and 60," c.r.i. [con- 
sumption, Jan. 22, a. 55, c.R.3. Jan. 22, a. 55, p.r.2. 
Liba, P.R.3.] 

Loretta, idiot, decline, Dec. 23, 1834, a. 25, c.R.3. [Loritte, d. 
Salmon, p.r.2.] 

Lucie, Feb, 15, 1775, in 43d y., p.R.102. 

Lucy, second w. Alpheus, Mar. 4, 1837. [a. 73,g.r.6. in 74th y., 
P.R.2. d. Rev. Isaac Backus, p.R.22.] 

Lucy W., d. Willard and Eliza Ann, fits. May 12, 1848, a. i m. 
16 d. [ch. Willard W., a. 7 m., c.r.i. Lacy W., d. Wil- 
lard W. and Eliza A., a. 6 m. 5 d., g.r.i. Lucy Williams 
Fobes, ch. Willard and Eliza Ann (Warren), May 12, 1847, 

Lurana W., ch. Zephaniah and Lurana, Oct. 29, 1831. [a. 19, 
in Titicut, P.R.106.] 

Martha, ch. Ephraim and Martha, Dec. 13, 1725. 

Martha, w. Ephraim, Mar. 19, 1750. 

Martha, w. John, Jan. 31, 1795, in 83d y., g.r.6. [mother of 
Libe, P.R.3. ] 


FoBES, Martha, ch. Eliab and Mehetable, Feb, 21, 1803. 
Mary, ch. William and Thankful, Mar. 17, 1746-7. [Mar. 17, 

1747, in ist y., P.R.102.] 
Mary (see Molley). 

Mary, Jan. 24, 1799, in Rehoboth, P.R.106. 
Mary, w. Timothy, Nov. — , 1814. 
Mary (Hayward), w. Isaac, Nov. 23, 1819, P.R.22. 
Mary, d. Libeus, typhus fever, Dec. 4, 1830, a. 20, c.R.3. [d. 

Lebbeus, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Mary S., ch. Ezra and Hannah, Apr. 17, 1830. [Mary Shaw 

Fobes, d. Dea. Ezra, croup, a. 3 "last Nov.," c.r.i. 

Mary, d. Dea. Ezra, quinsy, a. 3 y. 6 m., c.R.3. Mary, 

ch. Dea. Ezra and Hannah, a. 3, g.r.6. Apr. 18, p.r.3.] 
Mehetabel, w. Alpheus, May 5, 1786. [Mehetable, in 25th y., 

G.R.6. Mehitable (Lathrop), P.R.I, w. Alfears, p.R.3. w. 

Alpheus, p.R.106.] 
Mehetable, d. Libius, Dec. 18, 1814, p.r.2. [ch. Liba Jr., a. 6, 

Molley, ch. Abner and Phebe, Mar. 14, 1756. [Mary, "little," 

Molly, w. Caleb, Sept. 13, 1842. [a. 67, g.r.6. wid. Caleb, 

Sept. 12, P.R.3.] 

Nathan, , 1721, a. 18 m., G.R.7. 

Olivia L., wid., Apr. 7, 1825, in 52d y., p.R.40. 

Orpha, ch. Joshua Jr. and Esther, Oct. 20, 1748. 

Phebe D., w. Shepard, Sept. 17, 1849, a. 55 y. 4 m., g.r.6. [ch. 

Peter Dunbar and Alice (Alger), p.R.69.] 
Reuel Battles (see Ruel Battles Fobes). 
Robert, Feb. 20, 1836, a. 82, g.r.8. [in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Robert, s. Reuel and Sibbel, June 23, 1836, a. 18, G.R.7. [a. 19, 

p.R.3. ch. Reuel and Sibel, p.R.37.] 
Ruel Battles, ch. Ruel and Sibbel, Apr. 15, 1815. [Reuel B., s. 

Reuel and Sibbel, Apr. 13, G.R.7. ch. Ruel, Apr. 13, a. 4, 

p.R.3. Reuel B., ch. Reuel and Sibel, Apr. 13, p.R.37.] 
Salmon, h. Chloe, Oct. 25, 1832. [Col., suicide, a. 51 "last 

April," C.R.I. Col., suicide by hanging, a. 51, c.R.3. 

Col., a. 51, G.R.6. h. Cloe (Leach), suicide, p.r.i.] 
Sarah, Apr. 20, 1796, a. 20, p.R.106. 
Seth, ch. Jason and Leah, July 11, 1779. [a. 4 w., g.r.6.] 
Seth, ch. Alpheus and Mehitable (Lathrop), Jan. 30, 1816, p.r.i. 
Sibbel, w. Ruel, Feb. — , 1843. [w. Reuel, Mar. 6, a. 56, G.R.7. 

Sibel, w. Reuel, Mar. 6, p.R.37.] 
Sibbel B., d. Reuel and Sibbel, Apr. 17, 1840, a. 18, G.R.7. 

[Sibyl, P.R.3. Sibel B., ch. Reuel and Sibel, P.R.37.] 


FoBES, Sumner, ch. Salmon and Chloe, Feb. 21, 1818. [Feb, 22, 

a. II, P.R.I.] 
Susanna, w. Jesse, Apr. 28, 1793. 
Susanna, w. Ephraim, Jan. 11, 1802, in 84th y., g.r.6. [Jan. 12, 

p.R,3. Jan. II, P.R.106.] 
Susannah, ch. Josiah and Freelove, Dec. 3, 1753. [a. i m. 12 d., 


Thankfull, w. William, Apr. 9, 1776. [Thankful, mother of 
Timothy, in 70th y., P.R.102. wid., P.R.106.] 

Thomas Warren (see Fobes). 

Thomas Willard, b. Duxbury, s. Willard and Eliza, consump- 
tion, June 5, 1844, a. 9 m. [ch. Willard W. and Eliza A., 
June 7, G.R.I. June 6, P.R.3. ch. Willard and Eliza Ann 
(Warren), June 5, P.R.37.] 

Timothy, h. Mary, Oct. 20, 1803. 

Vestia, ch. Avery and Lois, Mar. 3, 1831. [Vestia H., d. Avery 
Esq. and Lois, in 27th y., G.R.9. Vesta, a. 28, in Titicut, 

William, h. Thankful, June 26, 1764. [father of Timothy, in 
66th y., P.R.102.] 

William, May 29, 1797, in 64th y., G.R.9. [a. 60, P.R.106.] 

William, h. Freelove, Apr. 30, 181 2. 

William Davis, s. Shepard and Phebe, Feb. 28, 1816, a. 4 m., 
G.R.6. [ch. Shapard, P.R.3.] 

Zephaniah, Apr. 7, 1846, a. 65, g.r.8. [Capt., in Titicut, 

(Fobs), w. Josha, Apr. 11, 1750, P.R.4. [Abigail Fobes, 

w. Jos[hua] Apr. 14, P.R.106.] 

, ch. Ephraim Jr., Mar. 27, 1770, p.R.106. 

, ch. Eph[rai]m Jr., Mar. i, 1771, P.R.106. 

, 2 chn. Edward, , 1771, P.R.2. 

, ch. Edward, Apr. 6, 1774, P.R.106. 

, ch. Robert, Jan. 30, 1783, p.R.106. 

, ch. Daniel, May 27, 1787, p.R.106. 

, inf. Daniel, July 5, 1788, p.R.106. 

, ch. Robert, June 17, 1794, P.R.106. 

, w. Solomon, Apr. 24, 1803, a. 43, p.R.106. 

, w. Libius, Jan. 29, 181 2, p.r.2. [w. "Old Liba," P.R.3.] 

, d. John, Jan. 13, 1821, a. 22, P.R.3. 

inf. Willard W. and Eliza A., May 14, 1842, g.r.i. 

[Thomas Warren Fobes, ch. Willard and Eliza Ann 
(Warren), May 17, P.R.37.] 

FOORD (see Ford), , s. Joseph and Bettie, June 25, 



FooRD, , s. Joseph and Bettie, , 1772. 

, d. Joseph and Bettie, May 27, 1773. 

FORBES (see Fobes), , inf. Ruel, Apr. 6, 1830, c.r.i. 

[Fobes, Apr. 7, P.R.3.] 

FORD (see Foord), Bathsheba, ch. Prince and Kezia, July 16, 

Hannah, June 25, 1801, P.R.3. 
Nancy Whitman, ch. David, Nov. 11, 18 10. 

FORRIST, Asa, h. Susannah, Dec. 19, 1805, p.r.i. 

FOSTER, Edward (see Edward Foster Hay ward). 

FRANCES, Easter, May 7, 1759, p.R.4. 

FRAWLEY (see Frawly), , w. Patrick, June 13, 1836, 

, d. Thomas and Bridgett, teething, Oct. 17, 1846, a. 2. 

FRAWLY (see Frawley), , ch. Patrick, May 31, 1834, 


FREELOVE, John (Frelove), Feb. 10, 1755, p.R.4. 

FREEMAN, Lucinda, coloured, suddenly, Apr. 26, 1827, a. 22, 
C.R.I. fFreman, Apr. 27, P.R.3.] 

FRENCH, Joseph, Feb. 6, 1799, p.R.3. 
, wid., July 14, 1750, p.R.4. P.R.106. 

FULLER, Jabes, small pox, Dec. 8, 1788, in 95th y. [sic], 
G.R.13. [Jabez, P.R.3. Jabez, "a young man," P.R.105.] 

Lemuel, ch. Isaac and Sarah, May 25, 1762. 

William, h. Tabitha, July 11, 1847, a. 72 y. 2 m. 18 d., G.R.5. 

, mother of Sameuel, July 26, 1814, a. 72, P.R.3. 

FURGUSON (see Ferguson), , w. James, bur. Feb. 18, 

1834, a. 32, C.R.2. [Ferguson, d. Feb. 16, 1833, p-R.3.] 

GANNET (see Gannett), Hannah, w. Joseph, Sept. 9, 1731. 
Hannah, second w. Joseph, Jan. 12, 1777, in 78th y. 
Phebe, ch. Seth and Susanna, July 7, 1768. 

GANNETT (see Gannet), Betsey, Mar. i, 1813, a. 86. 
Caleb, Feb, 24, 1819, a. 20 m. 
Caleb, ch. Luther and Olive, Feb. 17, 1820. 
George, ch. Luther and Olive, June 16, 1815. 


Gannett, Joseph, h. Hannah, h. Hannah, Apr. 30, 1774, in 

8ist y. 
Nancy, Dec. 21, 181 7, a. 30. 
, ch. Capt. Luther, June 16, 1815, a. 2. 

GARDNER, George Williams, s. William [William E., c.r.i. 

G.R.I.] and Betsey B., tumour, Sept. 3, 1849, a. 2 y. i d. 

, ch. John and Betsey, Oct. 10, 1823, a. "a few minutes," 


GAY, Laura, ch. Rev. Ebenezer and Laura, Nov. 29, 1838. 
["by her clothes taking lire," a. 10, c.R.3. d. Rev. Ebene- 
zer and Laura S., a. 10 y. i m. 9 d., g.r.i. a. 9, P.R.3.] 

Olive Chapin, ch. Rev. Ebenezer and Laura, Oct. 10, 1842. 
[d. Rev. Ebenezer and Laura S., a. 21 y. 2 m., g.r.i. 
Oct. II, a. 22, P.R.3.] 

GELLEMORE (see Gilmor, Gilmore), , ch. John, Mar. 

26, 1768, P.R.3. 

GILBERT, Charles, ch. Nathainel and Betsey, Nov. 2, 1816. 
[a. 9, G.R.7. ch. Nathaniel and Betsey (Gary), p.r.i. 
ch. Nat[haniel] Gilbert, a. 10, P.R.3.] 

Marshall B., ch. Nathainel and Betsey, June 13, 1834. [Mar- 
shal B., June 14, in 19th y., G.R.7. Marshall, June 13, 
a. 18, P.R.3.] 

Nathaniel, h. Betsey, May 8, 1837. 

GILMOR (see Gellemore, Gilmore), , w. Willim, May 

25, 1741, P.R.4. 

GILMORE (see Gellemore, Gilmor), , ch. John, — —, 

1771, P.R.2. 

, d. , Oct. I, 1811, P.R.3. 

GOODWIN, Lucy, wid., Sept. 29, 1822, a. 56, in Titicut, 

GORDON, Alice Jane, d. W[illia]m and Lucretia, dissentery, 

bur, Sept. 7, 1849, a. 11 m., c.R.2. [ch. William L. and 

Lucretia 0., d. Aug. 30, a. i,] 
James Henry, s. W[illia]m and Lucretia, dissentery, bur. Aug. 

31, 1849, a. 3, c.R.2. [ch. William L. and Lucretia O., d. 

Aug. 22, a. 3 y. 3 m.,] 
Lucretia, w. W[illia]m, dissentery, bur. Oct. 3, 1849, a. 26, 

c.R.2. [Lucretia Otis Gordon, w. W[illia]m L., d. Oct. i,] 


GOULD, Avis Harriet, w. Theodore Besse, Feb. 5, 1849, a. 

21 y. 9 m. 4 d., G.R.I. 
Mariah, Mar. 16, 1839, p.r.2. 

GRAVES, Nathaniel, s. Joshua and Jane, dissentery, bur. 
Aug. 31, 1849, a. 2, C.R.2. [Nathaniel P., d. Aug. 29, 


GREEN, Mary, Sept. 4, 1810, a. 57. 

GROSS, George Rogers, s. Geo[rge], hydrocephalus, Nov. 5, 

1835. a. 3, C.R.3. 
Harriet, w, Geo[rge], puerperal fever, Apr. 21, 1836, a. 24, 

C.R.3. [a. 25, P.R.3.] 

GURNEY, Adam, ch. Seth and Rebecca, May 27, 1801. 

Alpheus, ch. Zachariah Jr. and Metilda, Mar. 22, 1787. 

Benjamin, ch. Benjamin and Bettie, Aug. 25, 1755. 

Daniel, Apr. 13, 1848, a. 48, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

David, Dec. 30, 1819, a, 29. 

Hannah, ch. David, Feb. — , 1847, a. 4, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Jane, wid. Rev. David, Jan. 2, 1842, a. 85, in Titicut, p.r.io6. 

Jane, ch. David, Feb. — , 1847, a. 6, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

John, h. Mehitabel, Dec. 11, 1796. 

Jonathan, Feb. 5, 1849, ^- 22, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Mary, w. Zachariah Jr., Feb. 6, 1800. 

Molly, w. David, July 2, 1791. [July i, p.R.106.] 

Patience, Mar. 14, 1810, a. 75. 

Polly, [twin] ch. Zachariah Jr. and Metilda, Apr. 8, 1803. 

Rebekah, Sept. 21, 1822, [a.] 55. 

Sarah, d. Zachariah and Sarah, Mar. 12, 1747-8. 

Zachariah, h. Mary, June 9, 18 13. 

, s. Elisha and Jane, May 15, 1762. 

, ch. Capt. Seth, Apr. 5, 1820. 

, ch. Daniel, Apr. 28, 1830, a. 11 m., in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, ch. Daniel, Feb 13, 1837, a. i, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

GWINETH (see Gwinith), Rebecca, Miss, , 1845, in 

Titicut, p.R.106. 

GWINITH (see Gwineth), Haridon, Mar. 27, 1832, a. 8, in 

Titicut, P.R.106. 
, wid., Mar. 25, 1829, a. 79, in Titicut, P.R.106. 

HACKETT, Augusta C, Mrs., Dec. 31, 1842, a. 43, in Titicut, 

, d. Widow Hackett, drowned, July 11, 1762, p.R.106. 


HAINS, Ebenezer, ch. Ebenezer and Susanna, May 24, 1749. 
John, [twin] ch. John and Hannah, Apr. 19, 1712. 
Susanah, w. Ebenezer, Apr. 5, 1751. 
Susanna, ch. John and Hannah, Mar. 30, 1721. 

, ch. John and Hannah, Feb. 16, 1715-16. 

, ch. Ebenezer and Susanna, Apr. i, 1751. 

HALE, Caroline Augusta, ch. Artemas and Deborah, Jan. 31, 
1841. [ch. Artemas and Deborah (Lincoln), p.r.i. a. 22, 

HALL, Almeria, ch. Ebenezer and Nancy, Jan. 22, 1825. 

[billious fever, a. 3 "the 17"" of Jan''," c.R.i. Almeriah, 

a. 3 y. 5 d., G.R.ii. Almaria, ch. Eben, a. 3, P.R.3.] 
Asa, Feb. 10, 1817, a. 56, g.r.ii. [Feb. 11, a. 25, P.R.3.] 
Asa, ch. Ebenezer and Nancy, June 9, 181 7. 
Asa, June 21, 1822 [? in Bridgewater], p.R.65. 
Asa, h. Lucy (Leach), June 29, 1843 [? in Bridgewater]. 
Caroline, d. Sybel, consumption, bur. July 23, 1840, a. 37, c.R.2. 

[d. Amariah and Sibyl, d. July 21, a. 36, d. July 

21, a. 36, P.R.3.] 
Charlotte, d. Sybel, consumption, bur. Nov. 5, 1840, a. 30, 

c.R.2. [Charlotte Emeline, d. Amariah and Sibyl, d. June 

3, G.R.IO. Charlotte, d. Nov. 3, P.R.3.] 
Emeline, June 25, 1833, a. 17, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Hannah, ch. Hannah, wid., debility, May 9, 1827, a. 32 "last 

Nov.," C.R.I, [a. 31 y. 10 m. 26 d., g.r.ii.] 
Hannah, wid. Sylvanus, apoplexy, Oct. 18, 1830, a. 74 "last 

March," c.r.i. [a. 74 y. 7 m. 6 d., g.r.ii. wid. Silvanus, 

Huldah [w. John L.], July 9, 1831 [? in Bridgewater], p.R.65. 

Jabez, Mr., Jan. 25, 1813, p.R.3. 

John L. [h. Huldah Padelford, h. Mary Ann (Leach)], Aug. 9, 
1836 [? in Bridgewater], p.R.65. 

Julia, consumption, Nov. 27, 1846, a. 50. [d. Amariah and 
Sibyl, Nov. 26,] 

Lucinda, w. Rev. Silas, Oct. 12, 1839, a. 35, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Lucy (Leach), w. Asa, Apr. 3, 1842 [? in Bridgewater], p.R.65. 

Melancy, d. Amariah and Sibyl, Jan. 27, 1834, a. 35, 
[Malansa, Jan. 29, P.R.3. ] 

Melinda, d. Joseph, dysentery, Sept. 15, 1826, a. 20, CR.i. 
[Milinda, Sept. 17, P.R.3.] 

Nancy, ch. Ebenezer and Nancy, Mar. 3, 1825. [cholera mor- 
bus, a. 5 "the 8* of last October," c.r.i. ch. Ebenezer 
and Hannah, a. 5 y. 10 m. 23 d., g.r.ii. d. Eben, Mar. 4, 
P.R.3 •] 


Hall, Ruben, Sept. 5, 1788, P.R.3. [Mr. Reuben, consumtiom, 
Sept. 4, P.R.105.] 

Sarah, w. Hezekiah, Feb. 18, 1800, a. 44, G.R.7. [Feb. 19, P.R.3.] 

Sarah, wid., Jan. 4, 1844, a. 93, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Sibyl, b. Raynham, wid. Amaziah, old age, Jan. 15, 1848, a. 
78 y. 8 m. 28 d. [w. Amariah, d. Samuel White of Rayn- 
ham, G.R.ic] 

Silvanus (see Sylvanus). 

Sophia C, ch. David and Hannah, Sept. 12, 1828. 

Sumner, Feb. 19, 1828 [? in Bridgewater], p.R.65. 

Susana, Mrs., Jan. — , 1813, P.R.3. 

Sylvanus, July 24, 1815, a. 52, g.r.ii. [Silvanus, a. 53, P.R.3.] 

Sylvester, Jan. 9, 1824 [? in Bridgewater], p.R.65. 

, ch. Deris, June 6, 1807, P.R.3. 

, ch. Erastus, June 6, 1807, p.r.2. 

, w. Joseph, Jan. 28, 181 2, P.R.3. 

, [triplet] d, Ebenezer and Nancy, July 3 [1824]. 

, [triplet] d. Ebenezer and Nancy, July 3 [1824]. 

, [triplet] s. Ebenezer and Nancy, July 3 [1824]. 

, ch. Caleb, July 4, 1835, a. i, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, ch. Percy, July 2, 1839, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, d. David, Apr. 8, 1849, a. 14, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

HALLO WAY (see Hollaway, Holloway), Jona[than], killed by 

a fall from a horse, Jan. 23, 1771, P.R.106. 
, ch. Jona[than], Dec. 19, 1761, p.R.106. 

HALLOWELL, Seth, Dec. 30, 1772, p.R.106. 

HAMBLEN, Abner, ch. Isaac and Sarah, Dec. 14, 1752. 
Nabby, ch. Isaac and Sarah, Mar. 28, 1758. 

HAMMOND, Jane, w. Roger Wing, Apr. 3, 1838, a. 27, g.r.8. 

[Jane (Leach), Apr. 4, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Roger W., Dec. 27, 1849, a. 42, g.r.8. [Wing, a. 44, in Titicut, 

Virginia F., Dec. i, 1839, a. 3 [? in Bridgewater], p.r.6o. 
Wing (see Roger W.). 

HARDEN (see Harding), Alice, w. Zenas, Nov. 8, 1820. 
Daniel, Nov. 6, 1775, P.R.3. [Danel, Nov. 7, P.R.4.] 
Deborah, Miss, bur. Feb. 4, 1833, c.R.2. [d. Jan. 9, a. 24, 


Deborah, Feb. 18, 1834, in 92d y., g.r.ii. [Feb. 20, a. 92, 

Elizabeth, Mar. 12, 1821, a. 3. 


Harden, John, Aug. 20, 181 2, old, p.R.3. 

John, [Aug.] 28, 1822, [a.] 65. 

John, h. Lucy H., Dec. 28, 1834. [Dec. 28, 1824, in 68th y., 

G.R.ii. Hardin, Dec. 28, 1834, a. 67, P.R.3.] 
John Madison, s. John Constant, inflammation of brain, Mar. 

30, 1832, a. 18 ''the 15"' of last September," c.r.i. [s. 

John C. and Nancy, a. 18 y. 6 m. 15 d., g.r.2. ch. John 

C. and Nancy (Bates), p.r.i. a. 18, P.R.3.] 
Jonathan, July 18, 1830, a. 59, g.r.ii. 
Martha, Mar. 16, 1749, P.R.4. 

Mary, June 5, 1835, a. 77 y. 9 m, 8 d., g.r.ii. [Molly, P.R.3.] 
Melvin, ch. John, Jan. 16, 1798. 
Nancy, w. John C, Apr. i, 1837, a. 44, g.r.2. [w. Constant, 

Apr. 2, a. 46, P.R.3.] 
Nathan, Nov. 9, 1800, in 52d y., G.R.7. 
Nathan, ch. John and Lucy H., Mar. 9, 1806. [s. John Jr., in 

2d y., G.R.II. ch. John and Lucy (Holmes), p.r.i. ch. 

John Jr., p.R.3. ] 
Rebecca of E. Bridgewater, pauper, hernia, June 28, 1824, a. 

abt. 45, C.R.I, [a. 45, P.R.3.] 
Samuel, May 22, 1759, P.R.4. 
Samuel, consumption, Jan. 30, 1823, a. 57 "the iS"" Jan%" 

C.R.I, [a. 56, G.R.7. a. 57, P.R.3.] 
Sarah, Jan. 28, 1812, a. 31. 
Sarah, w. Jabez, paralysis, Dec. 15, 1846, a. 44. [Harding, 

Dec. 16, a. 43, C.R.I. Sarah S. Harden, g.r.2. Sarah S. 

(Pratt) Harden, Dec. 16, p.r.i.] 
Silence (see Tiley). 
Stephen, Jan. 17, 1807, P.R.3. 
Tiley, w. Samuel, Nov. 30, 1816. [Silence, a. 46, G.R.7. Nov. 

29, a. 48, P.R.3.] 
Ward, ch. John and Lucy H., Mar. 16, 1832. [rheumatic 

affection, a. 36 "the 7''' last July," c.r.i. in 38th y., 

G.R.II. h. Betsey H. (Osborne), s. John and Lucy 

(Holmes), p.r.i. a. 37, P.R.3.] 
Willis, ch. John, July — , 1806. 

, ch. Samuel, still born, [Jan.] — , 1732-3, c.r.i. 

, w. Samuel, Feb. — , 1735, c.r.i. 

, ch. Samuel, May 31, 1741, p,r.4. 

, wid., Oct. 22, 1764, P.R.4. 

, ch. John, , 1770, p.R.3. [Sept. 4, P.R.4.] 

, ch. John, Jan. 21, 1776, P.R.4. 

, w. John, Nov. 18, 181 1, P.R.3. 

, inf. Noah, May 10, 1819, a. i. 


Harden, , s. Samuel dec'd, Apr. i, 1823, c.r.i. 

, s. John Constant and Nancy, Feb. 8, 1825, c.R.i. 

, ch. William, June 7, 1840, P.R.3. 

, ch. Ward, June 5, 1842, a. 11, P.R.3. 

HARDING (see Harden), Lucy (see Harding). 

, ch. Mary, , 1790, p.r.2. 

, ch. Widow Harding, Mar. — , 1823, P.R.3. 

, wid. John, consumption, Nov. 30, 1846, a. 80. [Har- 
den, Dec. 2, a. 78, C.R.I. Lucy Harden, Nov. 30, a. 77 y. 
10 m. 10 d., G.R.ii.] 

HARLO (see Harlow), , wid., June 10, 1753, P.R.4. 

HARLOW (see Harlo), Almera Niles, d. Timothy and Hul- 

dah, Oct. 29, 1832, a. 18 m., G.R.3. [Oct. 30, P.R.3.] 
Asael Shaw, s. Ephraim and Elizabeth, Sept. 2, 1835, in 

i6th y., G.R.12. [Sept. 3, in Titicut, P.R.106.] 
Caroline, ch. Calvin H. and Eliza, Sept. 27, 1839. 
Eliza J., d. Timothy S. and Sarah, Jan. 2, 1816 [sic, see mar. 

rec. of Timothy S. and Sarah], a. 2 y. i m., G.R.3. 
Francis, Sept. 18, 1841, in 35th y., G.R.3. 
Francis, Sept 19, 1844, a. 30, P.R.3. 
Huldah, w. Timothy, Aug. 2, 1837, a. 50, G.R.3. 
Isaac 2d, Dec. 9, 1805, in 45th y., g.r.8. i , '.'i-'C' 

Isaac, Capt., old age, Mar. 23, 1827, a. 80 "last July," c.r.i. 

[Mar. 16, G.R.3.] 
Jonathan B., shoemaker, b. Halifax, s. Timothy and Huldah, 

billious fever, July 27, 1848, a. 24 y. 5 m. 11 d. [in 97th y. 

[sic], G.R.3.] 
Martha, wid. Capt. Isaac, Nov. i, 1829, in 83d y., G.R.3. 
Sylvanus, July 25, 1847, in 67th y., G.R.3. 
William, Feb. 15, 1750, p.R.4. 
William Stephens, s. Lewis and Sylvia, Oct. 19, 1826, in 

14th y., G.R.3. 

, mother of Capt. Harlow, Jan. 14, 1804, P.R.3. 

, ch, Calvin, Oct. 25, 1843, P.R.3. 

HARRIS, Benjamin, ch. Benjamin and Sarah, July 23, 1757. 

Isaac, ch. Benjamin and Sarah, May 10, 1767. 

James, ch. Benjamin and Sarah, Aug. 3, 1778. 

Jane, w. Isaac, Feb. 8, 1716-17. 

Mary, m., ch. David Howard and Bithia, Oct. 22, 1816. 

Sarah, ch. Benjamin and Sarah, May 19, 1782. 

HARTWELL, Betsey, eldest d. Dan[ie]l and Mehitabel, dissen- 
tery, bur. Oct. 12, i84i,a.56,c.R.2. [d. Oct. 10, a.58,] 


Hartwell, Daniel, bur. Apr. 5, 1844, c.R.2. [d. Apr. 3, in 

89th y., G.R.IO.] 
Hannah, ch. Nathan and Susanna, Dec. 20, 1753. 
Hannah, ch. Jonah and Ruhama, Jan. 30, 1761. 
Irena, w. Daniel Jr., May 25, 1818. 
Jonah, h. Ruhama, Feb. 18, 1761. 
Marcus, ch. Daniel and Mehitabel, May 9, 1781. 
Mehitabel, wid. Daniel, bur. Oct. 15, 1844, c.R.2. [Mehitable, 

d. Oct. 20 [sic], in 88th y.,] 
Nathan, h. Susanna, h. Sarah (third w.), Jan. 27, 1811. 
Samuel, father of Jonah, Dec. 25, 1760. 
Susanna, w. Nathan, Aug. 6, 1758. 
Susannah, ch. Nathan and Susanna, Dec. 20, 1753. 
Zilpha, ch. Nathan and Susanna, Dec. 28, 1753. 
, Mrs., small pox, Dec. 25, 1760, P.R.106. 

HARVER (see Harvey, Harvy), , w. Nat[hanie]ll, Apr. 

12, 1781, P.R.3. [Harvey, w. Nath[anie]l, a. 76, p.R.106.] 

HARVEY (see Harver, Harvy), Abigail, ch. Joseph [Jr., 

p.R.106.] and Bettie, Jan. 2, 1755. 
Bettie, ch. Joseph [Jr., p.R.106.] and Bettie, Mar. 23, 1760. 
Betty, small pox. May 25, 1778, p.R.106. 
David, h. Content, June 19, 1814. 
George, s. Galen, worms, Aug. 3, 1833, a. 2 y. 10 m., c.R.3. 

[George F., s. Galen and Sally, g.r.6. George Francis 

Hervey, p.r.2.] 
Hercules, found dead, Jan. 29, 1829, a. abt. 58, c.r.i. 
Joseph 2d, Feb. 21, 1756, in 36th y., G.R.9. 
Joseph Jr., Dec. 30, 1770 [sic], in 48th y., G.R.9. [Dec. 30, 1776, 

Joseph, Sept. 18, 1771, in 66th y., G.R.9. 
Joseph, small pox, Apr. 9, 1778, p.R.106. 

Mary, ch. Joseph [Isaac Jr., p R.106.] and Bettie, Mar. 4, 1758. 
Nathan, h. Mehitabel, Apr. 12, 1815. 
Natha[nie]ll, Oct. 29, 1801, old, P.R.3. [Nath[anie]l, a. 96, 

Olive, w. David, Apr. 11, 1820. 
Seth, s. Joseph 2d, "in the glorious cause of liberty," July 25, 

1776, in 24th y., in New York, G.R.9. 
, wid., Mar. 24, 1767, P.R.4. [old, p.R.106.] 

HARVY (see Harver, Harvey), Abiah, July 10, 1776, p.R.106. 

HASKINS, Cornelia, w. Mirick, Sept. 12, 1842, a. 23, in Titi- 
cut, P.R.106. 


HATCH, Luther, ch. Luther and Polly, killed by lighting, 
Aug. 2, 1819, in Pembroke. 

HATHAWAY, James O., May 2, 1849, a, 8, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Levi, June 13, 1823, a. 77, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

Ruth, w. Leander, d. Josiah Mehurin and Patience, fall, Dec. 

5, 1827, a. 25 "the 26"' of last February," c.r.i. [Hath- 

way, P.R.3.] 
Silas R., July 10, 1829, a. 22, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
, wid. Capt. Hathaway "formerly of Raynham," Apr. 

19, 1839, a. 67, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
, ch. Otis, Feb. 28, 1840, a. i, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

HAUGHTON (see Horton), , w. David, Nov. 20, 1820, 

a. 27, P.R.3. 

HAWARD (see Hay ward, Howard), Abigail, ch. Robert and 

Abigail, Dec. 9, 1747. 
Abigail, w. Ephraim, Oct. 17, 1758. 
Abigail, ch. John and Abigail, Jan. 27, 1761. 
Alice, ch. Seth and Mary, July 27, 1747. 
Amie, ch. Edward Jr. and Susanah, Dec. 25, 1758. 
Amie, ch. Jonathan Jr. and Phebe, May 4, 1766. 
Amos, July 20, 1816, a. 86, G.R.9. 

Artemas (Howard), ch. Nathan and Jane, Dec. 15, 1809. 
Benjamin, Jan. 29, 1733-4, c.r.i. [Hayward, Jan. 20, 1733, 

in 56th y., G.R.7.] 
Bethia, w. David, May 26, 1746. 
Bethia, ch. Eliakim and Mary, Jan. 5, 1766. 
Bettie, w. James, Oct. 29, 1760. [Oct. 30, P.R.106.] 
Calvin, ch. Seth and Mary, June 4, 1766. 
Catharine, ch. Ebenezer and Catharine, July 29, 1747. 
Charles (Howard), ch. Jessee and Melatiah, Sept. 20, 1788. 
Cyrus, ch. Eliakim and Mary, Apr. 16, 1771. 
Cyrus (Howard), [twinl ch. ban[ie]ll 4th and Vesta, July 19, 

Damaris, Jan. 25, 1757. 
Daniel, s. Dan[ijell, Apr. 25, 1731. 

Daniel (Howard), ch. I)an[ie]ll 3d and Abigail, Feb. 6, 1814. 
David Sr., h. Bithia, June 4, 1751, a. 47 y. 3 m. 
David, h. Kezia, Mar. 17, 1760. 
Ebenezer, ch. Ebenezer and Catharine, Aug. 6, 1747. 
Edward, s. Edward Jr., Aug. 2, 1749. 

Edward, h. Mary, July 14, 1770. [Maj., July 13, 1771, P.R.106.] 
Elisabeth, ch. Jonathan Jr. and Phebe, Dec. 23, 1812. 


Haward, Elisha Jr., small pox, June — , 1778, P.R.106. 

Elizabeth (see Elisabeth). 

Ephraim, Lt., Aug. 11, 1750, a. 84. 

John, ch. Theophilus and Susannah, Mar. i, 1753. 

John, Feb. 19, 1790, P.R.106. 

Jonathan, ch. Ebenezer and Catharine, Aug. 7, 1747. 

Kezia (Howard), ch. Robert and Abigail, Sept. i, 1749. 

Kezia, d. David and Kezia, May 19, 1760. 

Kezia, ch. John and Abigail, Jan. 20, 1773. 

Keziah, w. David, Mar. 20, 1768. 

Lemuel, ch. Ephraim and Hannah, May 15, 1768. 

Lucy (Howard), [twin] ch. Dan[ie]ll 3d and Abigail, Feb. 10, 

Mary, w. Seth, Sept. 7, 1758. 
Mary, w. Ephraim, Feb. — , 1760. 

Mary, w. Edward, Jan. 11, 1767. [w. Maj. Edward, P.R.106.] 
Mehetabel, ch. Eliakim and Mary, Jan. 17, 1770. 
Mehetable, ch. Daniel and Damaris, Mar. 6, 1757. 
Mercy, ch. James and Elisabeth, Jan. 26, 1704-5. 
Phebe, ch. David and Bithia, May 23, 1803, a. 72 y. 7 m. 
Polly (Howard), ch. Dan[ie]ll 4th and Vesta, May 11, 1784. 
Rachel, wid.. Mar. 2, 1821, a. 73, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
Sarah, ch. Seth and Mary, July 17, 1747. 
Sarah, ch. Ebenezer and Catharine, Aug. 3, 1747. 
Sarah (Howard), ch. Jessee [Jasse, p.R.102.] and Melatiah, 

Jan. 28, 1775. 
Seth, negro, Feb. 22, 1750, P.R.4. 
Seth, h. Mary, 0(;t. 12, 1794, a. 91 y. 11 m. [Oct. 11, a. 93, 

Sidney (Howard), [twin] ch. Dan[ie]ll 4th and Vesta, Aug. 30, 

Simeon, ch. Edward Jr. and Susanah, Apr. 18, 1783. [s. Col. 

Howard, p.R.106.] 
Simeon, ch. David and Bithia, Aug. 13, 1804, a. 71 y. 35 m. 
Stilman (Howard), ch. Jessee and Melatiah, July 22, 1784. 
Susanna (Howard), ch. Dan[ie]ll3d and Abigail, Mar. 17, 1814. 
Uriah, ch. Ephraim and Hannah, Dec. 6, 1769. 
Walter, ch. Jonathan Jr. and Phebe, Aug. 29, 1770. 

, ''first born," d. Seth and Mary, July — , 1737. 

, s. John, May 9, 1739, p.R.4. 

, ch. John, Nov. 17, 1740, p.R.4. 

, ch. Wido Haward, Jan. 25, 1741, p.R.4. 

, ch. Jacob, Mar. 6, 1741, p.R.4. 

, ch. Jacob, Dec. 17, 1742, p.R.4. 


Ha WARD, , ch. [ ]ciah [? Josiah], Feb. 21, 1743, p.R.4. 

, s. David and Kezia, Nov. 25, 1751. 

, s. Jonathan Jr. and Phebe, Nov. 30, 1757. 

, d. Jonathan Jr. and Phebe, Nov. 26, 1760. 

, s. Jonathan Jr. and Phebe, Sept. 19, 1764. 

, wid., June 4, 1767, p.R.106. 

, ch. Eliab, Oct. 13 [1772], p.R.4. 

, s. EHakim and Mary, Mar. 22, 1774. 

HAYDEN, Abigail, w. Lewis, Aug. 31, 1849, a. 53, g.r.i. 

Bettie, ch. Jonathan and Hannah, Aug, 30, 1762. 

Edwin, ch. Abner Nathaniel and Sarah, Feb. 24, 1832. [canker 

rash, C.R.I, a. i y. 4 m., g.r.2. a. 18 m., P.R.3.] 
Isaac Keith, ch. Abner Nathaniel and Sarah, Oct. 25, 1837. 

[a. 8 y. 8 m. 22 d., g.r.2. a. 9, P.R.3.] 
Sarah, w. Abner N., d. Howe Keith, Sept. 4, 1848, g.r.2. 

HAYNES (see Hains). 

HAYWARD (see Ha ward, Howard), Abigail, d. Peter (Ha- 

ward) and Abigail, 21, 1760. 

Abigail, w. Beza Esq., Dec. 24, 1800, in 46th y., G.R.7. [w. Be- 

zer, Dec. 12, P.R.3. w. Beza Esq., Dec. 12, p.R.106.] 
Abraham, ch. Josiah and Sarah, Mar, 30, 1723. 
Adam, ch. Nathan and Susanna, May 7, 1750. 
Adam, [twin] ch. Nathan[ie]ll Jr. and Hannah (second w.), 

Mar. 27, 1777. [s, Nathaniel and Hannah, Mar, 7, a, i y. 

[sic] 12 d., G.R.I I.] 

Alvin, carpenter, s. Solomon and Betsey, May 26, 1849, a. 

39 y. I m. 18 d. [suicide by drowning, g.r.i. h. Sarah C. 

[(Hooper)], g.r.i.] 
Alvin Lewis, ch. Alvin and Sarah C, June 3, 1842, g.r.i. 

[Howard, June 2, P.R.3.] 
Andrew, s. Beza and Adrian, inflamation of brain, Aug. 25, 

1844, a. 4 m. 15 d. [Andrew M., s. Beza and Adriann, a. 

3 m. 14 d., G.R.ic] 
Anna, w. Edmund, May 14, 1776. 
Azariah, Jan. 30, 1802, in 53d y., G.R.7. [Ezariah, P.R.3. Aza- 

riah, p.R.106.] 
Barzillia, Lt., Nov. 13, 1801, in 24th y,, G.R.7, [Barzillei, 


Bela, Aug. 6, 1846, p.R.19. 
Benjamin, s. John Sr., Oct. 4 [1684], in 7th y. 
Benjamin, ch. Jacob and Martha, Nov. i, 1736. 
Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Sarah, Feb. 15, 1 750-1. 


Hayward, Benjamin, h. Sarah, Dec. 15, 1773. 

Benjamin, Lt., Oct. 16, 1807, in 64th y., G.R.7. [Oct. 15, P.R.3.] 

Benjamin, ch. Otis and Betsey, Mar. 24, 1814. [ch. Otis and 

Betsey (Parris), p.r.i. ch. Otes, a. i, P.R.3.] 
Benoni, s. Seth and Tabitha, still born, Aug. 31, 1765. 
Bethia (see Bithia). 
Bettsey, ch. Nathan and Susanna, Sept. — , 1775. [Betsey, 

Sept. 25, in gth y., G.R.7. Betce, Sept. 15, P.R.3. Sept. 

15, P.R.4.] 
Bithia, W.Thomas, Aug. 14, 1745. [Haward, wid.,Aug. i9,p.r.4.] 
Caleb, Nov. 24, 181 1, a. 65. 
Caleb Strong, ch. Otis and Betsey, Feb. 5, 1829. [debihty, 

C.R.I, ch. Otis and Betsey (Parris), p.r.i. a. i y. 6 m., 

Cephas, ch. Nathan and Susanna, Mar. i, 1756. 
Charles 2d, ch. Charles and Elener, July 20, 1821. 
Charles Henry, ch. Charles and Sarah W., June 6, 1832. 
Constant, w. Thomas, Dec. 28, 1770. [Constance, in 67th y., 

G.R.9. Haward, w. Ens. Tho[ma]s, p.R.106.] 
Constant, farmer, consumption, Feb. 5, 1844, a. 72. [Feb. 4, 

P.R.3. Feb. 5, a. 77, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Cornelius, ch. Jacob and Tabitha, Apr. i, 1813. 
Daniel, ch. Joseph and Mehetabel, June 25, 1749. 
Deborah R., b. W. Bridgewater, w. Cyrus, palsy, Oct. 3, 1847, 

a. 70 y. 8 m. 13 d. 
Desia Crapo, w. Henry, bur. Nov. 7, 1837, c.r.2. 
Dinah, wid. Josiah, Dec. 4, 1822, a. 75 "last Jan^ is**" day," 

C.R.I. [Dec. 3, P.R.3.] 
Dorcas, d. Nath[anie]l and Mary, June 12, 1756, G.R.7. 
Eben P., Nov. 25, 1832, in 25th y., g.r.8. [Ebenezer P., 

Ebenezar, Jan. — , 1786, p.r.2. [Eben[e]z[e]r, Jan. 15, old, 

P.R.3. Ebenezer, Jan. 15, a. 85, p.R.106.] 
Ebenezer P. (see Eben P.). 
Edward, Sept. 25, 1818, in 66th y., G.R.7. P.R.3. [a. 6$ y. 

4 m. II d., P.R.19.] 
Edward, s. Elijah dec'd, consumption, May 9, 1832, a. 35 

"the last Sept.," c.R.i. [s. Elijah and Mary (Tomson), 

a. 35 y- 7 m. 19 d., P.R.19.] 
Edward Foster, adopted s. Timothy, Dec. 27, 1818, a. 6, G.R.7. 

[Hayard, Jan. 28, 1819, P.R.3.] 
Elener, ch. Charles and Elener, Nov. 23, 1813. 
Eliab, old age, Sept. 4, 1824, a. 89 "the 22""* last February," 



Hayward, Elijah, h. Silence, July — , 1800. 

Elijah, Sept. 30, 1815, a. 74 y. 3 m. 12 d., g.r.ii. p.R.19. 

Elisabeth, w. Nathan[ie]ll, Nov. 20, 1766. [Elizabeth, w, 

Nathaniel, Nov. 7, in 47th y., g.r.ii. w. Natha[nie]ll, 

Nov. 20, P.R.3.] 
Elisabeth, d. Thomas and Susanna, May 2, 1772. 
Elisabeth, w. Tho[ma]s 3d, Feb. 27, 181 2, a. 94. 
Eliza, w. Elijah, May 19, 1834, in 46th y., p.R.19. 
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth). 
Erastus, m., farmer, consumption, Sept. 25, 1844, a. 53. [s. 

Elijah and Mary, a. 54, p.R.19.] 
Esther, wid., Feb. 4, 1793, P.R.106. 
Eunice, ch. Nathan and Susanna, Sept. 23, 1762. 
Experience, ch. Jacob and Tabitha, Jan. 9, 1776. 
Ezra, h. Lydia, May 8, 1808. 
Hannah, d. Robert and Hannah, Jan. i, 1778, a. i y. i m. 25 d., 

G.R.9. [Haward, p.R.106.] 
Hannah, w. Nathaniel, Jan. 15, 1795, a. 62, g.r.ii. [wid. 

Nath[anie]ll, Jan. 5, P.R.3.] 
Hannah, d. Timothy, Sept. 9, 1807, a. 5 d., G.R.7. [Sept. 10, 

Hannah Pope, d. Erastus and Mary P., Feb. 16, 1843, a. 18, 

G.R.II, [ch. Erastus and Mary Perry (Torrey), p.R.19.] 
Hasadiah (see Hezadiah). 
Hephzibah, d. Josiah Jr. and Mary, Nov. 27, 1748, G.R.7. 

[Haward, P.R.4.] 
Hezadiah, wid,, old age, Feb. 3, 1829, a. 75 ''the i"' last Aug^V' 

C.R.I. [Hasadiah, w. Hezekiah, Feb. 4, G.R.7. Hezadiah, 

mother of Mrs. Keith, Feb. 3, p.r.i. Hasadiah, wid., 

Feb, 3, p.R,3.] 
Hezekiah, ch. Hez[ekiah] and Huldah, Jan. 25, 1740. [Hese- 

kiah, ch. Hesekiah and Huldah (Edson), p.R.19.] 
Hezekiah, Apr. 22, 1790, in 83d y., g.r,7, [Hezeciah Hayard, 

p.R,4, Hesekiah Hayward, h, Huldah (Edson), a. 81 y. 

5 m. 4 d., p.R.19. Hezekiah Howard, a. 89, p.R.106.] 
Hezekiah, ch. Hez[ekiah] and Huldah, Aug. 17, 181 1. [Aug. 

16, in 66th y., G.R.7. Aug. 16, P.R.3. Hesekiah, Aug. 16, 

in 66th y., p.R.19.] 
Huldah, w. Hezekiah, July 14, 1800, in 88th y., G.R.7. [Hul- 

dey, wid., p.R.3. Huldah (Edson), a. 87 y. 2 m., p.R.19. 

a. 85, p.R.106.] 
Huldah, w. Timothy, Sept. 18, 1807. [in 33d y., G.R.7.] 
Ira, s. Timothy and Mary [dup. Polly (second w.)], typhus 

fever, Aug, 15, 1844, a, 14 y. 8 m. 


Hayward, Jacob, ch. Thomas Sr, and Susanna, May — , 


Jacob, Dea., Mar. 27, 1778, in 67th y., G.R.7. p.R.106. 

Jane, wid. Edward, old age, May 21, 1848, a. 84 y. 7 m. 7 d. 
[Jenny, G.R.7. Jane, d. Edward Mitchell and Jane (Lat- 
ham), P.R.I.] 

John, h. Susanna, Apr. 14, 1705. 

John Alden, s. Beza Esq., Dec. — , 1796, in 9th y., G.R.7. [s. 
Beze Esq., Dec. 7, P.R.3.] 

John Porter, s. John C. and Eliza J., Nov. 30, 1843, g.r.2. 
[Howard, P.R.3.] 

Jona[than], Maj., May 18, 1762, p.R.106. 

Joseph, s. Joseph, Oct. 17, 1738. 

Joseph, ch. Peter and Abigail, Oct. 8, 1741. 

Josiah, s. Josiah Jr. and Mary, Oct. i, 1745, G.R.7. [Haward, 

Josiah, h. Sarah, Feb. 4, 1764. [in 76th y., G.R.7. Haward, 

Josiah Jr., Oct. 15, 1773, P.R.3. [Howard Jr., P.R.4.] 

Josiah, Dec. 21, 1797, old, P.R.3. 

Laura, w. Bela, Feb. 26, 1836, in 31st y., p.R.19. 

Lemuel, s. Jos[ia]h Jr. and Mary, Sept. 3, 1747, G.R.7. [Ha- 
ward, P.R.4.] 

Lucy, w. Ziba, consumption, Apr. 5, 1824, a. 70 "the 29"' last 
August," C.R.I. [Lucy (Conant), p.r.i.] 

Lydia, ch. Seth and Tabitha, Aug. 27, 1775. [Aug. 29, 1779, 
in 2Sth y., G.R.7. Aug. 27, 1775, P.R.3. Ledea Hayard, 
Aug. 27, 1775, P.R.4. Haward, Aug. 27, 1775, P.R.106.] 

Lydia, w. Ezra, Mar. 25, 1816. 

Malason, ch. Seth and Tabitha, Aug. 12, 1775. [Maleson, in 
14th y., G.R.7.] 

Malleson, Mrs., Nov. 16, 1801, in 26th y., G.R.7. [Melle, sister 
of Barzillei, P.R.3.] 

Martha, ch. Josiah and Sarah, Feb. 18, 1727-8. 

Martha, w. Dea. Jacob, Apr. 27, 1780, in 67th y., G.R.7. [wid., 
P.R.3. P.R.4. Howard, wid., p.R.106.] 

Martin, s. Solomon and Betsey, Jan. 8, 1817, a. 14 m., G.R.7. 
[a. I, P.R.3.] 

Mary, d. Josi[a]h Jr. and Mary, Aug. 29, 1747, G.R.7. [Ha- 
ward, P.R.4.] 

Mary, ch. Benjamin and Sarah, June 15, 1749. 

Mary, w. Amos, Mar. 17, 1787, a. 57, G.R.9. [Howard, asthma, 
May 17, P.R.105.] 

Mary, w. Jonathan, Oct. 6, 1813. 


Hayward, Mary, wid. Lt. Benj[amin], Dec. 4, 1819, a. 75, 

G.R.7. [Howard, P.R.3.] 
Mary, wid. Elijah, Sept. 20, 1846, in 90th y., g.r.ii. 
Mary Fobes, ch. Calvin and Molly, Apr. 3, 1813. [Apr. 13, in 

8th y., G.R.7. ch. Calvin and Mary (Fobes), Apr. 3, p.r.i. 

Apr. 13, P.R.3.] 
Mary M., d. Timothy and Mary, Apr. i, 1821, a. 6 w., G.R.7. 

[Howard, P.R.3.] 
Mehetabel, ch. Benjamin and Sarah, Jan. 16, 1771. 
Mehitabel, ch. Daniel and Bethia, Aug. 30, 1778. 
Melicent (see Malason and Malleson). 
Molly (Howard), ch. John and Bettie, Aug. 22, 1817. 
Nabby, w. John D., June 10, 1802, in igth y., g.r.q. 
Nathan, June 29, 1794, in 75th y., G.R.7. [June 28, P.R.3. 

Haward, June 28, p.R.4. Hayward, June 28, p.R.106.] 
Nathaniel, Nov. 9, 1780, in 63d v., g.r.ii. [Natha[nie]ll, P.R.3. 

Nath[anie]l, Nov. 8, p.R.106.] 
Nathan[ie]ll, s. Nathan[ie]ll, Feb. 23, 1755. [Nathaniel, in 

65th y., G.R.7. Nathaniel, p.R.4. p.R.106.] 
Oliver, s. Robert and Hannah, Dec. 18, 1776, a. 7 y. 6 m. 12 d., 

Oliver, Sept. 7, 1819, a. 47, P.R.3. 
Oliver, Rev., afifection of the heart, Sept. 26, i83i,a. 50 "the 

lo"* of last April," c.R.i. [Howard, P.R.3. Hayward, in 

Titicut, P.R.106.] 
Parna, w. Edward, Dec. 20, 1818. 
Peter, ch. Peter and Abigail, Jan. 13, 1754. 
Peter, h. Abigail, July 14, 1765. 
Phebe Sackee, ch. Sippio and Sarah, Aug. 19, 1767. 
Phillip, ch. Nathan[ie]ll Jr. and Elisabeth, Aug. 20, 1769. 

[Philip, in 2 2d y,, g.r.ii. Philup, P.R.3.] 
Pierce, s. Eliab and Martha, Oct. 13, 1782, a. 6 m. 13 d., G.R.9. 
Ruth, b. Middleboro, wid. Walter, d. John Alden and Rebeca, 

asthma, Aug. 5, 1848, a. 80 y. 3 m. 22 d. 
Sara, wid., Jan. 19, 1755, p.R.4. 
Sarah, Mrs., May 14, 1738, in 47th y., G.R.7. 
Sarah, ch. Nathan and Susanna, Aug. 27, 1760. 
Sarah, Apr. 20, 1768, P.R.3. 
Sarah, w. Benjamin, Apr. 10, 1776. 
Sarah, w. Ira, June 29, 1819. 
Sarah Jane, d. Alvin and Sarah, bowel complaint, June 29, 

1844, a. 3 m. 12 d. [ch. Alvin and Sarah C., G.R.I. How- 
ard, P.R.3.] 
Seth, h. Tabitha, Sept. 11, 1778. [in 57th y., G.R.7. Howard, 

p.R.4. Hayward, p.R.106.] 


Hayward, Silence, w. Elijah, Oct. 22, 1802. 

Solomon, old age, Oct. 24, 1832, a. 78 "the 27* last June," 

C.R.I. [Howard, h. Zeruiah (Washburn), p.r.i. Hay- 
ward, P.R.3.] 
Sophia, d, Benjamin B. and Cynthia, scarlet fever, Nov. 10, 

1844, a. 8. [Sophia W., a. 7 y. 10 m., g.r.ii. Howard, 

P.R.3. Sophia W. Hayward, p.R.67.] 
Susanna, "first born," d. Thomas Sr. and Susanna, Feb. 10, 

Susanna, w. Tho[ma]s, June 9, 1746. 
Susanna, w. Nathan, Nov. 23, 1811, in 83d y., G.R.7. [mother 

of Beza Esq., Nov. 22, P.R.3.] 
Tabitha, w. Seth, Mar. 15, 1789. [in 64th y., G.R.7. wid., 

P.R.3. Hayard, wid., P.R.4.] 
Thomas, ch. Thomas Sr. and Susanna, May 23, 1706. 
Tho[ma]s, h. Bithia, Mar. 20, 1741. [Dea., Mar. 23, in 67th y., 

G.R.7. Dea. Haward, Mar. 23, P.R.4.] 
Thomas Sr., h. Susanna, May 18, 1746. 
Thomas, Ens., Feb. 12, 1789, in 87th y., G.R.9. P.R.105. 
Timothy, June 5, 1750, P.R.4. [Haward, p.R.106.] 
Timothy, Oct. 17, 1788, in 57th y., G.R.7. [Timthi, P.R.4. 

Timothy, P.R.105. p.R.106.] 
Vesta, ch. Thomas 3d and Hannah, Aug. 10, 1787. 
Walter, Oct. 17, 1835, a. 27, G.R.9. [suicide, P.R.3.] 
Walter, Sept. 26, 1838, a. 70, G.R.9. [Howard, P.R.3.] 
W[illia]m Henry, s. Solomon, Mar. 13, 1820, a. 4 m., G.R.7. [ch. 

Solomon Jr., P.R.3.] 
Zeruiah, wid. Solomon, old age, Feb. 20, 1844, a. 87. [Zerubah, 

Feb. 29, in 84th y., g.r.2. Howard, Feb. 21, P.R.3.] 
Ziba, s. Ziba, Oct. i, 1832, a. 58 "the 29"" last June," c.r.i. [h. 

Sarah (Bosworth), p.r.i.] 
Ziba, Dec. 17, 1837, a. 88, g.r.ii. P.R.3. 
, "first born," d. John Sr., June — , 1662, a. "a few 


, s. John Sr., [Feb.] — , 1665, a. abt. 5 w. 

, s. Thomas and Bithia, Sept. 22, 1709. 

, s. Thomas and Bithia, June 23, 1712. 

, ch. Josiah and Sarah, Nov. 12, 1715. 

, s. Peter and Abigail, Apr. 17, 1737. 

, s. Peter and Abigail, June 12, 1739. 

, d. Peter and Abigail, Oct. 12, 1744. 

, w. Josiah Jr., May 17, 1756, P.R.4. 

— , wid., July I, 1756, P.R.4. 

, wid., Sept. 12, 1756, P.R.4. 


Hayward, , w. Josiah, June 2, 1761, p.R.4. 

(Hayard), ch. Seth, Oct. 31, 1764, p.R.4. 

, "first born," s. Joseph Jr. and Olive, Nov. 5, 1769. 

, ch. Jonathan, Aug. 28, 1774, P.R.102, 

(see Unidentified). 

, s. Eliab and Martha, Aug. 8, 1783, G.R.9. 

, ch. Joseph, , 1784, P.R.2. 

, w. Azariah, Jan. 24, 1802, in 56th y., G.R.7. [w. Ez- 

ariah, P.R.3.] 

, w. Oliver, Feb. 22, 181 7, a. 38, P.R.3. 

(Hayweard), w. Eliab, June 22, 1819, a. 78, P.R.3. 

, s. Solomon, Mar. 4, 182 1, a. 20 d., G.R.7. [Howard, 


, ch. Constant, May 2, 1821, a. 12 d., P.R.3. 

, ch. Henry, bur. Jan. i, 1834, c.r.2. 

, ch. Kinsley, Dec. — , 1837, P.R.3. 

-, ch. Beza and Adrian, emeris, Apr. 15, 1845, ^' 3 ^' 

[sic, see birth] 

HEARSEY, Delpha, Sept. 19, 1813, a. 11. 
Lydia 2d, Oct. 8, 1816, a. 25. 
Polly, Aug. 26, 1813, a. 19. 
William, May 7, 1816, a. 97. 
William, Sept. 26, 1819, a. 66. 

(Harsey), inf. Jacob, Mar. 16, 1816. 

, ch. David, Oct. 16, 1820. 

HERVEY (see Harvey). 

HEWETT, , s. James and Abigail, June 13, 1737. 

HIDE (see Hyde), Mary, wid., d. Rev. John Angier, Dec. 12, 

Mary, d. Rev. Ephraim of Rehoboth, grand d. Rev. John 

Angier, Apr. 3, 1790. 

HIL (see Hill, Hills), , d. Josiah, [1772], P.E.4. 

HILL (see Hil, Hills), Abel (see Abul). 

Abigail, d. Josiah, , 1787, p.t?.2. 

Abigail, Jan, 5, 1789, P.R.106. 

Abul, Jan. — , 1789, P.R.3. 

Ebenezer Sr., h. Susanna, July 6, 1760. 

Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Susanna, Mar. 8, 1768. 

Elizabeth, d. Josiah, , 1778, p.r.2. [Sept. 3,p.r.3. Sept. 4, 



Hill, Elizabeth, [twin] ch. Barnum and Mary, May lo, 1816. 

[May 17, P.R.2.] 
Hannah, ch. Abijah and Sarah, Feb. 16 [1752]. 
Hezekiah, ch. Ebenezer and Susanna, Dec. 13, 1745. 
Huldah, Dec. 10, 1814, p.r.2. 
Israel, ch. Israel and Beriah, Nov. 22, 1753. 
John, ch. Israel and Beriah, Dec. 12, 1753. 
John, ch. David and Mary, Nov. 19, 1760. 
Josiah, Aug. 31, 1805, a. 85, g.r.6. 
Mary, w. Josiah, June 5, 1819, a. 94, g.r.6. [Molly, p.r.2. 

wid., June 6, a. 96, P.R.3.] 
Moses, ch. Ebenezer and Susanna, Dec. 15, 1737. 
Susanna, w, Ebenezer, Nov. 19, 1764. 
William, small pox, Feb. — , 1778, in Boston, p.R.106. 
William, [twin] ch. Barnum and Mary, May 10, 1816. [May 

17, P.R.2.] 

, ch. Josiah Jr., , 1784, p.r.2. 

HILLS (see Hil, Hill), Mary Remington, Nov. 14, 1841, c.R-S. 

HINDS (see Hines), Abia, Mar. — , 1797, p.R.106. 

Susanna, w. Ebenezer, d. John Keith, Apr. 5, 1750, in 23d y., 

G.R.7. [Susanah Hins, p.R.4. Susanna Hinds, p.R.106.] 
, Mrs., Feb. 22, 1760, old, p.R.106. 

HINES (see Hinds), Elebut, Mar. 19, 1741, p.R.4. 
John, July 3, 1741, p.R.4. 

, wid., Sept. 5, 1741, P.R.4. 

, ch. Ebenezer, Mar. 30, 1750, p.R.4. p.R.106. 

HOBART (see Hobert), Edmund, Jan. 11, 1744, in 31st y., 
G.R.7. [Edmon Hubard, [torn] 10, 1745, P.R.4.] 

Esther [dup. Hobert, w. Seth], May 13, 1813, a. 54. 

Jonathan, Oct. 24, 1819, a. 34. 

Lydia M., ch. Caleb and Mary, Nov. 20, 1831 [in Hingham], 

Seth [dup. Hobert, h. Esther], June 7, 1814, a. 58. 

HOBERT (see Hobart), Allen, ch. Seth and Esther, Mar. 7, 

Eunice, ch. Seth and Esther, Mar. 11, 1798. 
Jacob, ch. Seth and Esther, July 11, 1806. 
Seth, ch. Seth and Esther, Feb. — , 1789. 

HODGES, Benja[min] Manning, June 30, 1830, a. 19 [? in 
Bridgewater], p.r.i. 


Hodges, Joseph, s. R. M. and E. Q., "scarlet fever, attended 

with quincy," May 6, 1832, c.r.i. [ch. Richard M., P.R.3.] 
William Donnison, s. Rev. R. M. and E. Q., croup, Jan. 29, 

1825, C.R.I. [William Donerson Hodges, Jan. 24, a. 2, 

William Donnison, s. Rev. R. M. and E. Q., croup, June 21, 

1830, C.R.I, [ch. Richard, P.R.3.] 

HOLDEN, Hannah, d. William and Hannah, Mar. 14, 1739. 
[d. Dr. William and Hannah, Mar. 14, 1738, a. 3 y. 3 m. 
4 d., G.R.7.] 

HOLLAWAY (see Hallo way, Hollo way), Phebe, ch. Jonathan 
and Elisabeth, Apr. 21, 1750. [Holloway, Apr. 22, p.R.4. 
Halloway, Apr. 21, p.R.106.] 

HOLLOWAY (see Halloway, Holla way), , w, Jona- 

[than], June 8, 1783, p.R.105. 

HOLMAN, Ann, w. John Jr., Feb. 28, 1757. 
John Jr., h. Ann, Apr. 25, 1755. 

HOLMES, Charles, typhus fever, June 24, 1840, a. 46 y. 6 m., 

C.R.3. [June 22, a. 47, G.R.5. June 22, a. 46, P.R.3.] 
Charles Bailey (see Charles M.). 
Charles M., ch. Charles and Hannah, typhus fever, Nov. 19, 

1846, a. 17. [Charles Bailey Holmes, s. Hannah, wid., 

Nov. 18, C.R.3. Charles B., Nov. 18, G.R.5.] 
Content, w. Dea. Ellis, consumption, Nov. 21, 1822, a. 59 "the 

is"' last May," c.r.i. [third w., P.R.3.] 
Cornelius, Dea., Oct. 17, 1847, a. 93, c.r.i. [a. 92 y. 10 m. 

14 d., G.R.7. h. Elizabeth (Lanman), p.r.i.] 
Elizabeth, d. Cornelius and Elizabeth, June 29, 1787, a. 3 m. 

23 d., G.R.7. [ch. Cornelas, June 27, P.R.3. Homes, ch. 

Cornelous, June 29, p.R.4. Holmes, d. Cornelius, June 29, 

Elizabeth, w. Cornelius, June 28, 1836. [w. Dea. Cornelius, a. 

80, G.R,7. w. Dea. Cornelius, a. 81, P.R.3.] 
Ellis, "Deacon of the Church in Halifax," Dec. 11, 1825, c.r.i. 
Gaius Jr., ch. Gains and Julia Ann, July 3, 1842. [a. 19 d., 

George M., ch. George W. and Melinda S., Mar. 19, 1838. 

[George Myron Holmes, fit or hydrocephales, a. i, c.R.3. 

George Myron Holmes, a. 14 m., G.R.4. Feb. 19, a. i, 

Henry, h. Bethiah, Nov. 3, 1834. [a. 41, G.R.7. P.R.3.] 


Holmes, Huldy, w. Howland, Feb. 8, 1822, c.r.i. [Homes, w. 
Howlon, P.R.3.] 

Maria, w. Ezra of Taunton, consumption, Mar. 23, 1822, a. 21, 
C.R.I. [Mar. 30, P.R.3.] 

Martha, d. Henry and Bethiah, Feb. 3, 1832. [canker rash, 
Feb. 9, a. 3 "the i s"' of last August," c.r.i . d, Henry and 
Bethia, Feb. 9, 1822 [sfc], a. 3 y. 6m.,G.R.7. ch. Henry and 
Bethiah (Fobes), Feb. 9, 1832, p.r.i. Feb. 8, 1832, P.R.3.] 

Martha Louisa, ch. Cornelius 3d and Hepzibah, June 9, 1839. 
[scarlet fever, a. 9I m., c.R.3. a. 9 m. 25 d., G.R.4. ch. 
Cornelius 3d and Hepzibah (Conant), p.R.46.] 

Mary, ch. Henry and Bethiah, Feb. 9, 1832. [Mary Fobes 
Holmes, canker rash, Feb. 8, c.r.i. Mary, Feb. 8, a. 10 m., 
G.R.7. Mary Fobes Holmes, ch. Henry and Bethiah 
(Fobes), Feb. 8, p.r.i. Feb. 9, a. 3 [siC, see Martha], p. R.3.] 

Ruth, Mrs., Apr. i, 1835, a. 25, P.R.3. 

Wate M., ch. Benjamin and Wate, July 17, 1830. [Waite 
Miller Holmes, dysentery, a. 2 "the 7"" of last April," 
C.R.I. Wate Miller Holmes, a. 2 y. 3 m. 11 d., G.R.7. 
July 19, P.R.3. Wate M., ch. Benjamin and Wate (Ben- 
son), P.R.18.] 

William, ch. Cornelius and Elizabeth, July 18, 1836. [a. 40, 
G.R.7. a. 39, P.R.3.] 

[Holmes], sister of Lt. John Washburn, Jan. 6, 1744, 


(Holms), ch. Charles, June — , 1787, P.R.106. 

, ch. Dea. Holmes, May 31, 1800, P.R.3. 

, w, Dea. Holmes, Mar. 29, 1808, P.R.3. 

ch. Howland, Mar. 5, 1826, a. 6 "12*^ of last July," 

C.R.I. [Mar. 7, P.R.3.] 
— , ch. Lewis, Dec. 27, 1834, a. 2, P.R.3. 
— , s. John and Sarah E., Jan. 21, 1848, a. 3 d., G.R.3. 

HOOKER, Augustus, paper maker, ch. George and Lydia [sic], 
consumption. May 18, 1846, a. 25. [George Augustus, a. 
25 y. 3 m., C.R.2. Augustus, May 19, c.R.3. George A., 
May 19, a. 25 y. 6 m., Augustus, May 19, P.R.3.] 

Harriet Moor (see Hooker). 

Mira, second w. George [dup. paralysis], Jan. 15, 1844 [dup. 

a. 57]- 

Reubin, s. George and Harriet, consumption, Jan. 27, 1840, 
a. 20, c.R.2. [Reuben More Hooker, a. 20 y. 6 m., 
Reuben, a. 20, P.R.3.] 

, w. George, . [Harriot Moor Hooker, consump- 
tion, Jan. 9, 1833, a. 40, c.r.i. Hariot,] 


HOOPER, Abigail, w. Capt. Thomas, June 28, 1785, in 

47th y., G.R.9. 
Anna Jane, ch. Cyrus (s. William and Mary) and Bianca J. 

(Crocker), Mar. 8, 1835, g.r.i. [ch. Cyrus and Biancy 

Jane (Crocker), p.R.84.] 
Betsey, w. Joseph of New Bedford, bur. Apr. 26, 1838, c.R.2. 

[w. Joseph Jr., d. Apr. 24, a. 42, P.R.3. Betsey (Alden), 

d. Apr. 24, P.R.54.] 
Betty, wid., May 9, 1784, a. 78, P.R.106. 
Bianca J. (Crocker), w. Cyrus (s. William and Mary), Jan. 14, 

1837, G.R.I. [Biancy Jane (Crocker), p.R.84.] 
Calvin, ch. William (s. John and Sarah) and Lois (Thomas), 

Jan. 14, 1798, G.R.I, [a. 48, p.R.106.] 
Calvin, s. Luther and Phebe, Sept. 4, 1825, a. 24, G.R.9. 
David, ch. William (s. John and Sarah) and Lois (Thomas), 

Feb. 10, 1831, G.R.I, [in 88th y., G.R.9. a. 88, in Titicut, 

David, s. Apollos and Vodisa, Sept. 29, 1841, a. 30, G.R.9. [in 

Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Ebenezer, Dec. 31, 1782, p.R.106. 
Elisabeth, ch. John and Elisabeth, Feb. 20, 1724-5. 
Elisha, ch. William (s. John and Sarah) and Lois (Thomas), 

Nov. 23, 1814, G.R.I. 
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth). 
Elizabeth, Mrs., July 10, 1744, in 43d y., G.R.7. [Hoper, wid., 

Elizabeth, w. Lt. Hezekiah, Nov. 4, 1799, in 63d y., G.R.7. 

["Sister," P.R.3. Nov. 7, p.R.106.] 
Eunice, d. James and Susanna, June 29, 1795, in 17th y., G.R.7. 
Hannah, w. John, Sept. 2, 1782, in 36th y., G.R.7. 
Hannah, wid., paralytic, Feb. 25, 1825, a. 88 "the 26"" of last 

July," C.R.I, [wid. Hezekiah, a. 87, P.R.3.] 
Hezekiah Jr., Rev., "late pastor of the Church of Christ, in 

Boylston," Dec. 2, 1795, in 25th y., G.R.7. [Hesekia 

Hoper, Dec. 3, P.R.4. Hezekiah Hooper, A.M., Dec. 2, 

Hezekiah, Lt., Feb. 22, 1813, in 8ist y., G.R.7. 
Hezekiah, ch. Winslow and Mary, Nov. 7, 1819. [a. 21, G.R.7.] 
Isaac, ch. William (s. John and Sarah) and Lois (Thomas), 

Dec. 6, 1757, G.R.I. 
Isaac, ch. William (s. William and Lois) and Susanna (Cary), 

Aug. 6, 1775, G.R.I. [Aug. 8, P.R.4. Aug. 6, p,r.io6.] 
Isaac, ch. William (s. William and Susanna) and Mary (Til- 
son), Dec. 17, 1815, G.R.I. 


Hooper, Isaac, Oct. 30, 1846, a. 70, in Titicut, p.R.106. 
James, ch. John and Sarah (Harden), Jan. 30, 1784, g.r.i. 

[June 30, in 77th y., G.R.7. June 30, old, P.R.3. Hoper, 

June 30, P.R.4. Hooper, June 30, a. 75, p.R.106.] 
James, s. James and Susanna, Mar. 27, 1789, a. 10 m., G.R.7. 

[Mar. 29, P.R.3. Mar. 27, p.R.4. Mar. 28, p.R.106.] 
James, Lt., old age, Oct. 31, 1828, a. 82 "last May," c.r.i. 
John, h. Sarah (Harden), Jan. 9, 1708, g.r.i. 
John, ch. John and Sarah (Harden), Sept. 20, 1741, g.r.i. 

[Aug. 19, in 44th y., G.R.7. Hoper, Aug. 10, P.R.4.] 
John, May 7, 1750, in 25th y., G.R.7. 
John, s. John and Hannah, Dec. 17, 1777, a. 3 d., G.R.7. [Dec. 

20, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
John, Mar, 26, 1809, P.R.3. 
Joseph, h. Lucia, Oct. i, 1838. [Capt., a. 72, G.R.7. P.R.3. 

h. Lucia (Mitchell), p.p. 54.] 
Levi, s. Levi of Walpole, July 16, 1790, in 20th y., G.R.7. 

[Levi Jr., P.R.3. Hoper, p.R.4. Hooper Jr., p.R.106.] 
Lois (Thomas), w. William (s. John and Sarah), Oct. 22, 1756, 

G.R.I. [Louis, in 50th y., g.r.8. Lois, wid., p.R.106.] 
Lucia, w. Joseph, Feb. 27, 1824. [w. Joseph Sr., d. Edward 

Mitchell and Jane, typhus fever, a. 54 "the 30"" last 

Dec," C.R.I, w. Capt. Joseph, a. 54, G.R.7. P.R.3. 

ch. Edward Mitchell and Jane (Latham), p.r.i. Lucia 

(Mitchell), P.R.54.] 
Luther, ch. William (s. John and Sarah) and Lois (Thomas), 

May II, 1831, G.R.I. [in 85th y., G.R.9. a. 85, in Titicut, 

Lyman, Jan. 24, 1833, a. 45, G.R.9. ["by his wagon wheels 

passing over his body," p.R.106.] 
Martha, w. David, June 17, 1832, in 84th y., G.R.9. 
Mary, w. James, Dec. 28, 1757, in 42d y,, G.R.7. [w, Jeams, 

p.R.4, w, James, P.R.106.] 
Molly, d. James and Susanna, dropsy, Dec. 26, 1845, a. 71. 

[a. 71 y. 6 m., c.R.3. Mary, g.r.i. Molly, P.R.3.] 
Nath[anie]l, ch. John and Sarah (Harden), Oct. 27, 1774, g.r.i. 
Parnel, d. James and Susannah, apoplexy, Sept. 27, 1825, a. 39 

"the 6''' of last April," c.r.i. [d. Lt. James, G.R.7. Par- 

ney, P.R.3.] 
Phebe, Mar. 21, 1781, p.R.106. 
Phebe, w. Lyman [sic], Feb. 7, 1827, a. 60, G.R.9. [w. Luther, 

a. 66, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Polly, ch. John, Jan. 12, 1817. [ch. John and Betsey (Ellis), 

p.R,i, Jan, 13, a, 2, p,r.3.] 


Hooper, Sarah (Harden) , w. John, May 19, 1749, g.r.i. [Wood, 

wid., P.R.4.] 
Sarah, ch. John and Sarah (Harden), Aug. 10, 1750, g.r.i. 
Sarah, July 15, 1755, P.R.106. 
Susan C, ch. William (s. William and Susanna) and Mary 

(Tilson), Sept. 3, 1839, g.r.i. [a. 39, P.R.3.] 
Susanna, ch. William (s. John and Sarah) and Lois (Thomas), 

Oct. 15, 1756, G.R.I. 

Susanna (Gary), w. William (s. William and Lois), Sept. 6, 

1795, G.R.I. [Susanna, wid., Sept. 2, P.R.3. Susana 

Hoper, wid., Aug. — , p.R.4. Susannah, ch. Jonathan 

Gary and Experience, Sept. — , p.R.74.] 
Susanna, w. James, Mar. 9, 1833. [Susannah, wid. James, old 

age, a. 84, c.r.i. Susanna, wid., old age, a. 84, c.R.3. 

Susanna, a. 83, G.R.7. wid. James, Mar. n, a. 84, P.R.3.] 
Theodore, s. Thomas and Eloisa, scarlet fever, Feb. 6, 1844, a. 3. 
Tho[ma]s, ch. John and Sarah (Harden), Feb. 6, 1759, g.r.i. 
Thomas, ch. William (s. John and Sarah) and Lois (Thomas), 

May 2, 1789, G.R.I. [Gapt., in 58th y., G.R.9. Gapt., 

Thomas, s. Luther and Phebe, Mar. 2, 1796, a. 35 y. [sic, see 

birth] I m., G.R.9. [Mar. i, p.R.106.] 
W[illia]m, h. Lois (Thomas), s. John and Sarah (Harden), 

July I, 1755, G.R.I. [in 54th y., g.r.8.] 
William, h. Susanna (Gary), s. William (s. John and Sarah) 

and Lois (Thomas), May 10, 1773, g.r.i. 
William, h. Mary, suddenly, Mar. 27, 1825, a. 61 "the 13* of 

last October," c.r.i. [h. Mary (Tilson), s. William (s. 

William and Lois) and Susanna (Gary), g.r.i. h. Mary 

(Tilson), p.R.i.]. 
W[illia]m, s. William (s. William and Susanna) and Mary 

(Tilson), Mar. 19, 1846, g.r.i. 
Winslow, h. Mary, Dec. 19, 1834. [a. 72, c.r.i. G.R.7. P.R.3.] 

(Hoper), ch. Widdo Hoper, Apr. i, 1743, p.R.4. 

, ch. Nathaniel, July 20, 1746, p.R.4. 

, ch. Eben[eze]r, Dec. 27, 1773, p.R.106. 

, ch. Eben[eze]r, July 26, 1776, p.R.106. 

, wid., Feb. 3, 1780, p.R.106. 

, s. James and Susanna, Mar. 10, 1781, G.R.7. [ch. 

James Jr., Mar. 9, p.R.3. Mar. 9, p.R.4. ch. James Jr., 

Mar. 9, p.R.106.] 
, ch, William, Mar. 6, 1795, P.R.3. [ch. Wilam, Mar. 5, 

, ch. Luther, Dec. — , 1797, p.R.106. 


Hooper, , ch. Luther, Jan. 11, 1803, p.R.106. 

, Mr., Nov. 4, 1842, P.R.3. 

HORTON (see Haughton), Barnabas, drunkenness, Feb. 4, 
1825, a. 62 "the i" of last Aug*.," c.r.i. [Haughton, a. 67, 

HOWARD (see Haward, Hayward), Abiel, Dr., Jan. 11, 1777, 

Abigail, w. George, Mar. 27, 1809. 
Abigail, w. Dan[ie]l Esq., July 5, 1818. 
Abigail, second w. Edward Jr., Apr. 14, 182 1. 
Abigail, w. Ammi N., d. Asa Packard and Susanna, Jan. 7, 

1844, a. 31 y. 7 m. 20 d., g.r.i. 
Abner, Capt., Mar. 14, 1807, P.R.3. 
Amasa, h. Molly, July 30, 1797. [a. 40, p.R.106.] 

Anna, ch. Jonas and Abigail, . 

Asa, ch. James Jr. and Abigail, Oct. 17, 1810. 
Azel, ch. Gamaliel and Olive, Nov. 2, 1813. 
Barnabas, h. Mehetabel, Nov. 8, 1813. 
Bathsheba, ch. Thaddeus and Kezia, Jan. 10, 1813. 
Bethiah, sister of Solomon, fall, May 19, 1827, a. 69 "the 21^' 

of last June," c.r.i. [Bethia Hayward, G.R.7. Bethiah 

Howard, p.r.i. Bethiah Howard, June — , P.R.3.] 
Chrels, Feb. 16, 1775, P.R.102. 
Cloe, Dec. 28, 1774, a. 18, p.R.102. 

Daniel, h. Damaris, , 1779, a. 80. [Esq., Apr. 16, P.R.106.] 

Daniel, Mar. 23, 1782, p.R.106. 

Daniel, ch. Oliver and Susanna, Nov. — , 18 12. 

Daniel 4th, h. Vesta, Apr. 21, 182 1. 

Darius, [twin] ch. Darius and Sophia, Apr. 17, 1815. 

Edmund, Feb. 12, 1781, p.R.106. 

Edward, h. Susanah, h. Abigail, Mar. 20, 1809, a. 85. 

Edwin, h. Sally, Nov. 15, 1820. 

Eliza Jane, w. John C., puerperal fever, Aug. 6, 1843, a. 25. 

Ephrim, Feb. 20, 1775, P.R.102. 

George Jr., h. Parnel, Sept. 22, 181 2. 

George, h. Abigail, Apr. 3, 181 5, a. 93. 

Hannah, Feb. 13, 1785, p.R.106. 

Hannah, w. Simeon, July 12, 1805. 

Hepsy Keith, ch. Thomas and Hepzibah, Oct. 4, 182 1. 

James Jr., h. Abigail, Mar. 10, 1809. 

James, h. Bettie, h. Elisabeth, June 28, 1809. 

Jane, w. Nathan, . [w. Nathan Esq., June — , 1791, 



Howard, Jonathan 2d, h. Martha, Oct. 13, 1805. 

Jonathan Jr., Capt., h. Phebe, May 18, 1809. 

Julia Francis, ch. Beza and Adrian, bur. Dec. 2, 1848, a. 9 m., 


Kezia, w. Thaddeus, May 26, 1811. 

Kezia, ch. Thaddeus and Kezia, July 24, 1817. 

Lucy, ch. Gamaliel and Olive, Sept. 29, 1813. 

Luther of W. Bridgewater, bur. Nov. 15, 1832, a. 74 [? in 
Bridgewater], c.R.2. 

Mary (see Polly). 

Mehetabel, w. Barnabas, Nov. 22, 1813. 

Melatiah, w. Jessee (Haward), Apr. 4, 1814. 

Molly, w. David, June 18, 1791. 

Nathan, h. Jane, . [Nathan Esq., Oct. 3, 1800, a. 80 y. 

6 m., P.R.106.] 

Noble, ch. Robert, Aug. 19, 1800. 

Otis, bur. Oct. 17, 1849, a. 67, c.R.2. [Hayward, h. Betsey 
(Parris), d. Oct. 16, p.r.i.] 

Parnel, w. George Jr., June 30, 1819. 

Polly, d. Elijah and Mary, June 2, 1794, a. 13 d., g.r.ii. [Hay- 
ward, P.R.3. Mary Hayward, d. Elijah and Mary (Tom- 
son), P.R.19.] 

Sally, w. Edwin, Dec. 25, 181 1. 

Sally Ames, ch. David and Molley, July 29, 1791. 

Samuel, , 1753, p.r.2. 

Seabrey, w. Thadeus, Feb. 23, 1834, in 67th y., p.r.2. 

Silva, w. Caleb Esq., Sept. 17, 1819. 

Sophia, ch. Amasa and Molly, Sept. 13, 1791. 

Sophia, w. Darius, Aug. 15, 1807. 

Susanna, w. Edward Jr., Oct. 16, 1785. [w. Col. Ed[war]d, 
Oct. 17, P.R.106.] 

Susanna, ch. Martin and Vashti, Jan. 11, 1800. 

Susanna, w. Oliver, Dec. 30, 1817. 

Sylvia (see Silva). 

Whitman, wheelright, typhus fever, Sept. 20, 1843, 3.. 22. 
[Wightman R. Hayward, s. Dr. Barzillai and Hannah, 
G.R.I. Wyman R. Hayward, P.R.3.] 

William (see Howard). 

William H., ch. Ammi N. and Abagail, Mar. 4, 1834. [a. 6 w., 
C.R.3. ch. Amari, P.R.3.] 

Wyman R. (see Whitman). 

, d. John, May 8, 1739, p.R.4. 

, w. Jams, Mar, 28, 1775, P.R.102. 

, ch. Seth Jr., June 30, 1783, P.R.106. 


Howard, , ch. Joseph, June 28, 1786, p.R.106. 

, w. Amos, May 14, 1787, p.R.106. 

, wid. Daniel Esq., Sept. — , 1795, a. 97, p.R.106. 

, wid., Dec, 24, 1801, a. 95, p,r.io6. 

, w. Jona[than], May 27, 1802, p.R.106. 

, ch. P., May 18, 1820, a. 14, P.R.3. 

, ch. Benjamin, June 29, 1833, a. 2 m., c.r.i. [William 

Hayward, s. Benjamin and Cynthia, June 20, a. i m. 
27 d., G.R.I I. Hayward, June 28, P.R.3. William Hay- 
ward, ch. Benjamin B. and Cynthia, June 28, p.R.67.] 

, wid. Robert, July 19, 1838, a. 95, P.R.3. 

HOWE, Asa, consumption, bur. Nov. 7, 1841, a. 76, c.r.2. 

[Azor, d. Nov. 6, g.r.2. Azor, d. Nov. 6, a. 77, P.R.3.] 
Lydia, w. Azor, July 22, 1790, in 23d y., G.R.7. [How, w. Asar, 

P.R.4. Howe, w. Azel, p.R.106.] 
Lydia [sic, Ruth], wid. Azer, Mar. 26, 1845, a. 75, in Abington. 

[Ruth, wid. Azor, in 74th y., g.r.2. ] 
, ch. Azor, Dec. 10, 1793, P.R.3. [How, ch. Aze, Dec. 11, 


, ch. Azor, Jan. 20, 181 2, P.R.3. 

, ch, Azor, Nov. 30, 1818, a. 10, P.R.3. 

HOWLAND, Charles E., ch. Robert and Melinda, bowel com- 
plaint, Sept. 15, 1847, a. 9 m. 18 d. [Sept. 17, c.r.i.] 

HUBARD, Edmond (see Edmund Hobart). 

HUDSON, Abigail, wid. Lt. Daniel, formerly w. John Fobes, 

Feb. 12, 1762, in 8ist y., G.R.7. [Feb. 13, P.R.4.] 
Daniel, Jan. 31, 1731, a. 80, G.R.7. 
Daniel, Lt,, Feb. 7, 1750, in 74th y., g,r,7, [Daniel, Feb, 7, 

1751, P,R.4.]_ 
Eli, pauper, hernia, Dec, 10, 1828, a, 78, c.r.i. 
Martha, w. Daniel, Dec. 21, 1817. [a. 34, P.R.107.] 
Mary, Mrs., June 28, 1738, in 63d y., G.R.7. 
Sarah, w. William, Aug. 10, 1789, a. 77 y. 6 m. 6 d., G.R.7. 

[July 10, P.R.3. Aug. 10, P.R.4. P.R.105, p.R.106.] 
Sarah, w. Eli, d. Thomas Perkins and Mary (Pratt), , 

1842, a. abt. 90, C.R.2. 
William, Dec. 16, 1796, in 88th y., G.R.7. 

HULL, M., Miss, bur. Jan. 29, 1834, a. 35, c.r.2. 

Stephen, Rev., h. Susannah (d. Hon. Christopher Lippitt of 

Cranston, R. I.), July 19, 1843, a. 66, p.r.i. 
Susannah, w. Rev. Stephen, d. Hon. Christopher Lippitt of 

Cranston, R. I., Aug. 16, 1818, a. 41, p.r.i. 


HUNT, Charles W., ch. Warren and Ruth (Dickerman), Dec. 

31, 1832, P.R.96. 
Mary Louisa, d. Caleb S. and Sarah R., consumption, Oct. 25, 

1848, a. 6 m. 20 d. [a. "nearly" 9 m., c.r.i.] 
Ruth (Dickerman), w. Warren, July 7, 1834, p.R.96. 
Warren, h. Ruth (Dickerman), h. Eunice (Washburn), Dec. 

16, 1845, p.R.96. 

HYDE (see Hide), Edward Augustus, s. Joseph A. and Harriet, 
bowel complaint, Sept. 19, 1845, a. 4 m. 

Ezra, July 15, 1823, g.r.i. 

Francis A., July 11, 1821, g.r.i. 

Ledyard, ch. Ephraim and Mary, Nov. 21, 1796. 

Margaret P., b. Boston, d. Ezra and Martha [(Ames) p.r.i.], 
consumption, Dec. 14, 1848, a. 30 y. 6 m. 14 d. 

Martha, b. Boston, ch. Ezra and Martha, consumption, June 
21, 1846, a. 34 y. 5 m. [Martha W., g.r.i. Martha Wil- 
liams Hyde, ch. Ezra and Martha (Ames), p.r.i.] 

Oaks Anger, s. Joseph A. and Harriet, Dec. 17, 1846, a. i m. 
[Oakes A., g.r.i.] 

INGELL, James, h. Kezia, Sept. 11, 1816. 

JAAKURORY, Dock [?], July 5, 1743, p.R.4- 

JACKSON, Ephraim [h. Bathshebah], May 29, 1814. 
Sally, d. Lt. Ephraim, Aug. 14, 181 1, in 20th y., g.r.i i. 
, ch. Joshua, [Sept. — ] 1838, P.R.3. 

JACOBS, Abigail, w. James, bur. Oct. 23, 1849, a. 20, c.R.2. 

JAMES (see Jeames). 

JAMESON, Ansel, ch. William and Eunice, Dec. 13, 1786. 

JEAMES, Jeen, Jan. 3, 1768, P.R.3. [Jean Jeams, P.R.4.] 

JENINGS (see Jennings), Mary, w. Richard (Ginings), May 
21, 1734. [Jennings, c.r.i.] 

JENKINS, Robert, bur. July 23, 1848, a. 30, c.R.2. [Robert 
Oliver Jenkins, d. July 21,] 

JENNINGS (see Jenings), Joseph, s. Richard, Feb. 27, 1756. 
Richard, h. Mary, Sept. 23, 1751. [Jenings, P.R.4.] 

JERRAL, , w. Mica, Jan. 31, 1794, P.R.106. 

JOHNSON (see Jonson), Anna, ch. Benjamin and Ruth, May 

17, 1753- 


Johnson, Asa, ch. Benjamin and Ruth, Aug. 4, 1742. 

Benjamin, h. Ruth, Nov. 22, 1768. 

Bettie, w. Daniel, Oct. 14, 1782. [w. Daniel Esq., Oct. 21, 

Betty, ch. Dan[ie]ll Esq. and Betty, Dec. 8, 1743. 
Calvin, Mar. — , 1780, p.R.106. 
Charles, consumption, Oct. 27, 1831, a. 35 "the 16 of last 

Sept.," C.R.I. 
Daniel, ch. Dan[ie]ll Esq. and Betty, Mar. 27, 1743. 
Daniel Esq., Mar. 6, 1785, a. 86, p.R.106. 
Ebnezer, ch. Benjamin and Ruth, Jan. 9, 1752-3 [sic]. 
Helen M., d. Job H. and Betsey, Sept. 27, 1849, a. i y. 4 m. 

23 d., G.R.8. [ch. Job H. and Betsey (Leach), 

Sept. 26, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Isaac, h. Mary, May 2, 1807. 
James, Feb. 20, 1800, p.R.106. 
John, ch. John and Pegge, Jan. 13, 1733. 
John, s. Maj. John and Margaret, Oct. 17, 1757, in i6thy.,G.R.7. 

[Jonson Jr., p.R.4. Johnson, s. Capt. John, p.R.106.] 
John, Maj., , 1770, P.R.3. [Jonson, Nov. 12, p.R.4. John- 
son, Nov. 12, P.R.106.] 
Joseph, ch. Isaac and Abiel, Nov. 6, 1730. 
Joseph, ch. Daniel and Bettie, Dec. 26, 1745. 
Joseph, June 30, 1792, p.R.106. 

Lydia, w. Nahum, canker, Apr. 3, 1842,'a. 38, c.R.2. [a. 39, g.r.i.] 
Margaret, w. Maj. John, Oct. 26, 1757, in 47th y., G.R.7. 

[Jonson, p.R.4. Johnson, w. Capt. John, Oct. 27, p.R.106.] 
Mary, wid. Isaac, Oct. 5, 1828, a. 64 "the 25"' of last October," 


Mary E., d. Job H. and Betsey, Aug. 11, 1846, a. i y. 11 m., 

G.R.8. [ch. Job H. and Betsey (Leach),] 
Pegge, ch. John and Pegge, July 19, 1741. 
Solomon Jr., ch. Solomon and Susanna, Apr. 10, 1753. 
Susanna, w. David Jr., Aug. 6, 1750. 

, twin daughters John and Pegge, Aug. 26, 1750. 

, d. Benj[amin], Nov. — , 1757, P.R.106. 

, w. Maj. Isaac, Oct. 27, 1799, P.R.106. 

, ch. Nahum, July 30, 1842, P.R.3. 

JONES, Jonathan B., ch. Samuel and Nabby, Dec. 18, 1833. 
[a. 20, P.R.3. ch. Samuel and Nabby (Benson), a. 20, 

Lydia B., ch. Samuel and Nabby, Mar. 25, 1834. [Lydia Ben- 
son Jones, a. 16, G.R.3. Lydia B., ch. Samuel and Nabby 
(Benson), a. 16, P.R.19.] 


Jones, Nabby, w. Samuel, Oct. 31, 1837, a. 47, G.R.3. p.R.19. 
Samuel, h. Nabby, July 19 [dup. July 17], 1842. [July 19, a. 

54, G.R.3. July 18, P.R.3. July 19, a. 54, P.R.19.] 
, wid. Isaiah, Aug. 24, 1829, in Titicut, P.R.106. 

JONSON (see Johnson), , ch. David, June 6, 1750, 

P.R.4. [Johnson, ch. David Jr., P.R.106.] 

— , ch. David, June i, 1754, P.R.4. 

, ch. Isaac, Dec. 11, 1787, P.R.3. P.R.4. 

JORDAN (see Jorden), , ch. Charles, bur. Oct. 14, 1834, 

C.R.2. [Jorden, d. Oct. 13, P.R.3.] 

JORDEN (see Jordan), , ch. Charles, Sept. — , 1838, 

, ch. Charles, Oct. 7, 1840, p.R.3. 

JOSSELYN, Mary, Jan. 23, 1809, a. 74. 

KEENE, , ch, Benj[amin], June 29, 1791, P.R.106. 

KEITH, Aberdeen, ch. Seth and Hannah, Apr. 4, 1821, p.R.53. 
[a. 35, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 

Abiah, h. Mary, Sept. 9, 1781. 

Abigail, ch. Benjamin, , 1758, p.r.2. [Sept. 9, p.R.106.] 

Abigail, w. Seth, Apr. 10, 1771. 

Abigail, m., consumption, Nov. 7, 1845, a. 35. [w. Jacob, c.R.i. 
Abigail P., w. Jacob, a. 36, g.r.2. w. Jacob, P.R.3.] 

Abigail R., w. Salmon, Nov, 2, 1833. [Abigail (R[obbins]), 
G.R.9. Abigail (Robbins), P.R.7. a. 41, in Titicut, 

Abner, ch. Samuel [Jr., p.R.106.] and Hannah, May 12, 1750. 

Agathy, w. Jeremiah, Mar. 28, 1819, a. 66, G.R.9. 

Alexis N. (see Elixis). 

Alice, w. Jo[h]n, Nov. 2, 1766. [Nov. 3, p.R.106.] 

Almira, w. Ambrose, July 5, 1849, a. 32 y. 4 m. 16 d. [chronic 
diarrhoea, July 3, c.R.i. July 3, g.r.i. Almira (Bar- 
rows), July 3, P.R.51.] 

Amos, Sept. 30, 1782, in 77th y., G.R.9. [Lt., P.R.106.] 

Anna, ch. Caleb and Susannah, May 2, 1846, P.R.62. 

Asa, small pox, Dec. 26, 1792, P.R.106. 

Bartlett, ch. Solomon and Lucinda, Apr. 20, 1836. [s. Solo- 
mon and Lusarder, a. 16, G.R.9. a. 15, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 

Benjamin, Oct. i6, 1802, p.r.2. [Oct. 16, 1801, old, P.R.3. 
Oct. 16, 1801, a. 78, p.R.106.] 

Benjamin 2d, h. Martha, Sept. 9, 1814. 


Keith, Benjamin [dup. farmer], h. Olive [dup. influenza], 
Dec. 24, 1843 [dup. a. 80]. [a. 79, g.r.6. Dec. 26, P.R.3. 
Dec. 24, a. 79, P.R.47.] 

Benjamin Hayward, oldest s. Howe, consumption. May i, 1829, 
a. 33 ''the 25"' last July," c.r.i. [h. Lucia (Harden), p.r.i.] 

Bethia, w. Samuel, Jan. 8, 1770, in 87th y., g.r.6. [wid. Sam- 
uel, P.R.3. Bethiah, wid., P.R.4.] 

Bethiah, w. Eleazer, Nov. 9, 1797. 

Betsey M., w. Lloyd, , 1847, g.r.i. [Betsey Hoyt Keith, 

June 7, P.R.51.] 

Cabeb [sic], ch. Ebenezer and Mary, Oct. 9, 1843. [Caleb, h. 
Susannah [(Mitchel)], p.R.62.] 

Caleb, ch. James and Sarah, Apr. — , 1782. 

Caleb, h. Hasadiah, June 7, 1835, a. 48, G.R.7. [June 10, P.R.3 J 

Caleb F., s. Hezekiah H. [dup. omits H,] and Harriet, debility, 
Sept. 7, 1843, a. 6 y. 9 m. 26 d. [s. Hezekiah and Harriet 
W., a. 6 y. ID m., g.r.i. s. Hezekiah H., a. 7, P.R.3.] 

Caleb Thaxter, s. Hezekiah and Harriett, cholera infantum, 
Sept. 15, 1849, a. I y. 24 d. [ch. Hezekiah H., c.r.i. s. 
Hezekiah and Harriet W., a. i y. 25 d., g.r.i.] 

Chloe, w. Salmon, Sept. 24, 1818, a. 60, G.R.9. 

Clarissa, ch. Solomon and Lucinda, Sept. 23, 1835. [Clarrissa, 
a. 24, G.R.9. Clarissa, a. 24, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 

Daniel, Apr. 28, 1803, in 78th y., G.R.9. ["father," a. 77 y. 
II m. 14 d., P.R.6. a. 79, p.R.106.] 

David, h. Lydia, Apr. i, 1813. 

Ebenezer, h. Hephzibah (wid. Lt. Eleazer Carver), small pox, 
Apr. 12, 1778, in 62d y., G.R.7. 

Eleazer, h. Elisabeth, Jan. 27, 1809 [dup. a. 75]. 

Elixis, s. Jacob and Abigail P., scarlet fever, Jan. 7, 1845, a. 12. 
[Alexis N., a. 11, g.r.2. a. 12, P.R.3.] 

Elnathan W., s. Samuel and Sarah, Oct. 7, 1808, P.R.28. 

Ephraim Esq., Feb. 25, 1781, in 74th y., G.R.9. P.R.106. 

Ephraim, Jan. 25, 1829, a. 40, in Titicut, P.R.106. 

Ephraim, ch. Ephraim and Sarah W., Mar. , P.R.3S. 

Fanny W., Jan. 6, 1827, a. i, G.R.9. [ch. Jonathan C, in Titi- 
cut, p.R.106,] 

Franklin, Mar. 27, 1846, a. 11 m. [ch. Jacob, Mar. 29, c.r.i. 
Franklin A., s. Jacob and Abigail, g.r.2. ch. Jacob, 
Mar. 27, P.R.3.] 

George W., Nov. 3, 1831, in 25th y., g.r.8. 

Hannah, w. Timothy, May 23, 1765. 

Hannah, w. Ens. John, Mar. 4, 1766, in 77th y., G.R.7. [Han- 
ah, wid., Mar. 9, p.R.4. wid.. Mar. 4, p.R.106.] 


Keith, Hannah, w. Nathan, Feb. 10, 1773. 

Hannah, ch. Nathan and Hannah, May 9, 1773. 

Hannah, w. Dea. Samuel, Mar. 28, 1792, in 83d y,, G.R.9. 

p,R.38. P.R.40. 
Hannah, ch. Simeon and Molley, Nov. 21, 1797. 
Hannah, w. Capt. Seth, June 12, 1823, in 65th y., G.R.9. 

P.R.53. [in Titicut, P.R.106.] 
Hannah, wid., b. Titticut, d. Robert Hayward and Hannah, 

consumption, Aug. 23, 1848, a. 79 y. 9 m. 18 d. [wid. 

Thomas, c.R.i. Hannah A., wid. Timothy, Aug. 22, a. 

69 y. 10 m. 17 d., G.R.9.] 
Hartwell, h. Sebre, . [h. Seabury (Wilbur), s. Robert 

and Silence, Apr. 21, i8oi, g.r.6. Hartwill, Apr. 21, 1801, 

P.R.2. Hartwell, Apr. 21, 1801, P.R.3. Hartwel, Apr. 21, 

1801, P.R.106.] 
Henry (Kith), June 14, 1775, P.R.102. 
Hephzibah, wid. Ebenezer, formerly wid. Lt. Eleazer Carver, 

Apr. 12, iSoo, in 8ist y., G.R.7. 
Howard, May i, 1829, p.R.3. 
Ichabod, ch. Ephraim and Sarah, Jan. 10, 1763. [a. 21, G.R.9. 

ch. Ephraim and Sarah W., P.R.35. Icabod, P.R.106.] 
Ichabod, ch. Seth and Abigail, Jan. 6, 1770 [sic, see birth]. 
Ichabod, ch. Solomon and Lois, Feb. 22, 1830. [Feb. 26, in 

37th y., G.R.9. Feb. 24, a. 36, p.R.106.] 
Isaac, ch. Abiah and Mary, Mar. 5, 1747. 
Isaac, h. Hannah, Oct. 31, 1776. 
Isaac, s. Seth and Hannah, Oct. 3, 1780, a. i y. 7 m. 25 d., G.R.9. 

[Oct. 30, P.E.53.] 
Isaac, Mar. 24, 1824, in 36th y., G.R.9. [ch. Seth and Hannah, 

P.R.53. a. 36, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Isaac [dup. farmer], h. Joanna [dup. disease of heart], Dec. 28, 

1843 [dup. a. 71]. [h. Joannah (Pratt) (formerly w. Adam 

Bessee), Dec. 29, p.r.i. Dec. 28, P.R.3.] 
Israel, May 23, 1748, in 30th y., G.R.7. [Israll, May 20, P.R.4.] 
Jacob, ch. Jacob and Abigail, Jan. 29, 1752. 
Jacob, Oct. 30, 1782, p.R.106. 

James, Rev., "came to America 1662." July 23, 1719, G.R.6. 
James Drances, ch. Mitchell and Salome [dup. adds C. (La- 

zell)], Jan. 24, 1834. [James Diances Keith, s. Mitchell and 

Salome (Lazell), p.r.i. a. 19, P.R.3.] 
James Thomas, ch. Tho[ma]s M, and Caroline J., Oct. 9, 1838. 
Jane (see Jene). 
Jared, s. Jeremiah and Agatha, June 20, 1777, a. i y. 4 m. 5 d., 



Keith, Jemima, ch. Levi and Jemima, Jan. 20, 1766. 

Jene, d. Daniel Jr. and Ruth, Mar. 24, 1818, a. 13, G.R.9. 

Jeremiah, Dec. 31, 1822, a. 73, G.R.9. [in Titicut, P.R.106.] 

John Jr., Sept. 6, 1747, p.R.4. 

John, ch. Israel and Bettie, Sept. 26, 1760. 

John, Ens., June 11, 1761, in 73d y., G.R.7. p.R.4. 

Jonas, ch. Jonathan and Hannah, Oct. — , 1792. 

Jonathan, s. Isaac and Abigail, Sept. 19, 1775, in 4th v., G.R.7. 

[ch. Israel, P.R.3. P.R.4. P.R.106.] 
Jonathan, ch. Jonathan and Sarah, Mar. 24, 1805, g.r.6. 

["Killed By the horse," p.r.2.] 
Jonathan, palpitation of the heart, Aug. 16, 1824, a. 58 "last 

March," c.r.i. [Aug. 17, c.R.3. h. Sarah (Leach), s. 

Robert and Silence, Aug. 16, g.r.6. h. Sally (Leach), 

Aug. 16, P.R.I. Aug. 16, P.R.2. P.R.3.] 

Joseph, Oct. 25, 1789, P.R.106. 

Joseph, Capt., Feb. 15, 1792, p.R.106. 

Kezia, ch. Joseph 3d and Chloe, Feb. 21, 1763. 

Lois, wid. Solomon, July 14, 1847, a. 91, G.R.9. [in Titicut, 

Louis, ch. Benjamin, , 1758, p.r.2. 

Lucia H., w. Benjamin H., consumption, Aug. 25, 1827, a. 34 
"the 19'** of last June," c.r.i. [Lucia (Harden), p.r.i.] 

Lucy, m., consumption, Aug. 10, 1845, a. 43. [w. Benjamin, 
Aug. 19, a. 43 y. 7 m. I d., g.r.6. w. Benjamin, d. Al- 
pheus Fobes and Lucy (Backus), Aug. 10, p.r.i. w. Ben- 
jamin, Aug. 17, P.R.3. ch. Alpheus Fobes and Lucy 
(Backus), Aug. 10, p.R.22.] 

Lydia, d. Capt. Seth and Hannah, Apr. 24, 1791, a. 8 y. i m., 
G.R.9. [Keeth, P.R.3. Keith, P.R.53.] 

Mahala, d. Zephaniah and Susanna, Dec. 28, 1837, a. 20, G.R.9. 

Martha (see Patty). 

Martha W., d. Zephaniah and Susanna, July 21, 1830, a. 12, 
G.R.Q. [July 23, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 

Martha W., d. Hezekiah H. and Harriet, cholera infantum, 
Sept. 29, 1843, a. I y. 2 m. 26 d. [d. Hezekiah and Harriet 
W., Sept. 27, a. 14 m. 21 d., g.r.i. ch. Hezekiah H., 
Sept. 29, P.R.3.] 

Martin, ch. Eleazer and Elisabeth, Nov. 18, 1809. 

Mary, ch. Ephraim and Sarah [Sarah W., p.R.35.], June 30, 

Mary, w. Ebenezer, Aug. 9, 1758. [m 41st y., g.r.6.] 

Mary, ch. Nathan and Hannah, Mar. . 

Mary Ann W., July 6, 1812, a. i. 


Keith, Mehetabel, Apr. 30, 1813, a. 35. 

Mehetable, ch. Abiah and Mary, Mar. 21, 1747. 

Mehetable, w. Edward, Oct. 29, 1790, in 50th y., G.R.9. 

Molley, ch. Levi and Jemima, Oct. 2, 1769. 

Nathan, h. Hannah, Jan. 9, 1786. 

Nathan, ch. Caleb and Susannah, July 4, 1818, p.R.62. 

Olive, d. Benjamin and Olive, "Taking the oil of tansy by 

mistake," Feb. i, 1825, a. 27 "the 11"' of last December," 

C.R.I. [Jan. 30, P.R.3. Feb. i, p.R.47.] 
Olive, w. Benjamin, dysentary, Sept. 14, 1843, a. 72. [Sept. 13, 

a. 73, P.R.3. Sept. 14, a. 71 y. 10 m., p.R.47.] 
Patty, w. Howe, pleurisy, May 3, 1846, a. 75. [May 4, a. 74, 

C.R.I. Martha, May 4, a. 74, g.r.2. Martha, May 4, 

a. 75, P.R.3.] 
Philibert, ch. Ephraim and Sarah W., Oct. 5, 1814, P.R.35. 
Polly, ch. Caleb and Susannah, Apr. 3, 1790, p.r,62. 
Polly, July I, 1809, a. 22. 
Reuben (see Ruben). 

Reuben, ch. Levi and Jemima, June 19, 1768. 
Robert, h. Tabitha (Leach), s. Samuel and Bethia, June 2, 

1796, G.R.6. [Robart Keth, old, P.R.3. Robert Keith, 

June 3, a. 77, p.R.106.] 
Robert, h. Silence (Hartwell), s. Robert and Silence [sic, 

? Tabitha], July 10, 1818, g.r.6. [July 11, a. 75, P.R.3.] 
Robert, ch. Jonathan and Sarah, Feb. 15, 1849, g.r.6. 
Ruben, ch. Abiah and Mary, Apr. 11, 1758. 
Rufus, ch. Daniel and Melatiah, Jan. 2, 1771. [Ruphus, s. 

Daniel and Milletiah, a. 20 d., G.R.9. ch. I)an[ie]l Jr., 

Jan. 20, P.R.106.] 
Ruth, June 19, 1773, p.r.2. [d. Benja[min], July — , P.R.3. d. 

Benj[amin], June 19, p.R.106.] 
Ruth, Dec. 15, 1840, in 69th y., G.R.9. [in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Sabar, w. Zephaniah, Dec. 20, 1848, G.R.9. [Dec. 23, a. 54, in 

Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Sally, ch. Caleb and Susannah, Mar. 31, 1800, p.R.62. 
Salmon, Feb. 26, 1815, a. 54, G.R.9. p.r.6. 
Salmon, Oct. 16, 1847, P.R.7. [Salmon Jr., a. 25, in Titicut, 

Salome L. [dup. Salome C. (Lazell)], w. Mitchell, July 18, 1838. 

[Salome (Lazell), p.r.i. July 17, a. 50, P.R.3. Salome 

L., July 18, P.R.64.] 
Samuel, h. Bithia, Feb. 3 [worn], [s. Rev. James and Susanna, 

Feb. 3, 1759 [dup. 1757], in 82d y., g.r.6. Feb. 3, 1759, 

P.R.2. Feb. 3, 1758, P.R.38. Feb. 3, 1759, old, p.R.106.] 


Keith, Samuel, Dea., Apr. lo, 1798, in 91st y., G.R.9. p.E.38. 

P.R.40. P.R.106. 
Samuel [h. Sarah], Mar. 5, 1812, p.R.28. 
Samuel, Apr. 5, 1820, in 8ist y., G.R.9. [a. 81, in Titicut, 


Sarah,ch. Robert and Tabitha, , 1755. [ , 1756, p.r.2.] 

Sarah, d. Amos and Anna, Dec. 2, 1778, in 4th y., G.R.9. [ch. 

Amos Jr., Dec. i, p.R.106.] 
Sarah, w. Ephraim Esq., Mar. 7, 1796, in 87th y., G.R.9. [a. 

87, p.R.106.] 
Sarah, w. Lt. Amos, Sept. 25, 1800, in 94th y., G.R.9. [wid., a. 

93 y. 6 m., p.R.106.] 
Sarah, Nov. 5, 1842. [w. Jonathan, d. James Leach and Hasa- 

diah, G.R.6.] 
Sarah P., ch. John A. and Sara Perkins, Sept. 20, 1842, p.R.53. 

[Sept. 19, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Seabury, w. Hartwell, d. George Wilbur and Lydia, Feb. 23, 

1834, G.R.6. 
Seth, ch. Jacob and Abigail, Feb. 4, 1752. 
Seth Jr., s. Capt. Seth, Apr. 8, 1805, in 25th y., G.R.9. [ch. 

Seth and Hannah, p.R.53.] 
Seth, Capt., Aug. 16, 1830, in 74th y., G.R.9. [in Titicut, 

Silence, w. Robert, d. Samuel Hartwell, Jan. 19, 1808, g.r.6. 

[w. Robart, P.R.3.] 
Silvanus (see Sylvanus). 
Solomon, h. Lois, Nov. 14, 1823, a. 74. [Lt., in Titicut, 

Solomon [dup. h. Lucinda], ch. Solomon and Lois, Sept. 17, 

1832. [a. 49, in Titicut, p. R. 106.] 
Sumner, ch. Solomon and Lois, July 10, 1828. [Capt., a. 58 

[sic, see birth], G.R.9. Capt., a. 38, p.R.106.] 
Susan H., w. Zephaniah, Apr. 6, 1824, a. 41, G.R.9. [a. 42, in 

Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Susan L., d. Daniel and Ruth, June 22, 1810, a. 9 m., g.r.8. 
Susanna, ch. Joseph and Susanna, Sept. 6, 1725. 
Susanna, ch. Daniel and Elisabeth, May i, 1759. 
Susannah [Keith], ch. Nathan Mitchell and Anna, July 11, 

1803. [Keith, w. Caleb, p.R.62. ch. Nathan Mitchell Sr. 

and Anne (Cary), in 46th y., p.R.74.] 
Susannah, Dec. 28, 1812, a. 28. 
Sylvanus, s. Robert and Silence, "lost on board the Pulaski, 

in the passage from Charleston to Norfolk," June 14, 1838, 




Keith, Tabitha (Leach), w. Robert, Oct. 2, 1780, g.r.6. [w. 

Robbart, P.R.3. w. Robert, p.R.106.] 
Timothy, ch. Ephraim and Sarah W., Nov. 20, 1760, P.R.35. 
Timothy, ch. Levi and Jemima, July 12, 1764. 
Timothy, h. Hannah, Nov. 8, 1767. 

Timothy, m., farmer, disease of heart, Feb. 22, 1845, a. 68 y. 
10 m. 20 d. [in Titicut, p.R.106.] 

Wealthy, ch. Robert and Tabitha, , 1756. 

Weltha, ch. Robert, , 1760, p.r.2. 

William, Feb. 16, 1824, a. 77, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

William E., s. Elbridge and Caroline, consumption, Nov. 4, 

1843, a. 7 m. 
Zephaniah, s. Daniel and Milletiah, Oct. 8, 1778, a. 6 y. 11 m. 

28 d., G.R.g. 
Zilpha, w. Samuel, Sept. 12, 1828, in 80th y., G.R.9. [wid. 
Samuel, a. 85, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 

, "first," d. Robert and Tabitha, Nov. — , 1741. 

■ , ch. John Jr., Aug. 20, 1742, P.R.4. 

, w. James, May 26, 1744, p.R.4. 

(Kith), w. John Jr., Jan. 20, 1746, P.R.4. 

(Kith), ch. Ebenez[er], June 28, 1747, P.R.4. 

ch. Joseph Jr., drowned, July 13, 1752, a. 2, p,r.io6. 

ch. James, Feb. 20, 1756, p.R.106. 

w. Daniel, Feb. 24, 1756, p.R.106. 

ch. Benjamin, , 1760, p.r.2. 

w. David, Aug. 3, 1762, p.R.4. [Aug. 23, p.R.106.] 

d. Nathan, Mar. 22, 1766, P.R.106. 

s. Levi and Jemima, June 17, 1766. 

ch. Robert, May — , 1770, p.r.2. 

s. Joseph, Feb. 27, 1776, p.R.106. 

twin s. Amos and Anna, Oct. 28, 1779, a. 13 d., G.R.9. 

, Amos Jr., Oct. 29, p.R.106.] 

d. Eph[rai]m, Mar. 2, 1782, p.R.106. 

w. Calvin, May — , 1785, P.R.106. 

s. , Apr. 9, 1788, P.R.6. 

inf. Timothy, Apr. 7, 1799, P.R.106. 

ch. Jer[emiah] Jr., Sept. 9, 1802, p.R.106. 

ch. Jer[emiah] Jr., Sept. 25, 1802, p.R.106. 

"Mother," Aug. 17, 1806, in 78th y., p.r.6. 

w. Benjamin, Sept. — , 1806, p.r.2. [wid., Sept. 3, 

twin chn. David and Lydia, Feb. 23, 1813. 

w. Aberdeen, Feb. 3, 1820, a. 28, in Titicut, P.R.106. 

w. Daniel, Mar. 20, 1825, a. 81, in Titicut, p.R.106. 



Keith, , wid. William, July 8, 1827, a. 77, in Titicut, 


, ch. Nahum, , 1835, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

"=-, d. John A. and Sara Perkins, Sept. 21, 1837, p.R.53. 

[Sept. 24, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
, d. John A. and Sara Perkins, July 15, 1839, P.R.53. 

[in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
, s. John A. and Sara Perkins, May 4, 1841, P.R.53. [a. 

5 w., in Titicut, P.R.106.] 

, ch. John A., Oct. 29, 1844, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, ch. Jared, Mar. 2, 1849, a. i y. 6 m., in Titicut, p.R.106. 

KENSLEY (see Kingsley, Kinsley, Kinsly), , ch. Sam- 
uel, Jan. — , 1780, P.R.3. [Kinsley, Jan. 6, P.R.4.] 

KEYES (see Keys, Kise), Walter, pauper, intemperance, Sept. 
15, 1839, a. 70, C.R.3. [Kize, P.R.3.] 

KEYS (see Keyes, Kise), Walter, laborer, b. Plymouth, con- 
sumption, July — , 1838, a. 67. 

KIMBALL, Mary Ann, w. Harvey, July 19, 1847, a. 38, G.R.9. 
[formerly second w. John L. Hall, d. Hosea Leach and 
Hannah (Keith), p.R.65.] 

KING, , [twin] s. Jabez [Jabos, P.R.4.] and Mary, Jan. 

25» 1754. 

, [twin] d. Jabez [Jabos, P.R.4.] and Mary, Jan. 26, 1754. 

, ch. Israel, Aug. 4, 1837, a. i, P.R.3. 

, s. George and Cassandra A., inf[lammation] of bladder, 

July 6, 1844, a. 3 d. 

KINGMAN, Abigail, ch. Henry and Abigail (second w.), 

May 22, 1747. 
Benjamin, ch. Henry and Mary, May 18, 1747. 
Benjamin, ch. Henry and Abigail (second w.), June 6, 1758. 
Caleb, ch. Ebenezer and Content, Sept. 25, 1753. 
Caleb, h. Freelove, Sept. 16, 1807. 
David, ch. David Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Abigail, Nov. 8 [dup. 

Nov. 12], 1762. 
David, h. Mary, Apr. 15, 1769. 
Deborah, wid., town pauper, dropsy, Sept. i, 1822, a. 86 "last 

May," C.R.I. 
Freelove, w. Caleb, Jan. 3, 181 5. 

Galen Otis, ch. Jonathan and Mehetabel, Jan. — , 1813. 
Hannah, w. Jonathan, Oct. 11, 1808. 
Henry, h. Mary, h. Abigail, Oct. 5, 1775. 


Kingman, Hosea, Sept. i, 1820, a. 36, in Tilicut, p.r.io6. 

Isaac, Mar. — , 1779, P.R.106. 

Jane, ch. Mathew and Jane, Oct. 27, 1766. 

John, h. Desire, h. Bithia, Jan. 8, 1755, in 95th y. 

John, Oct. 22, 1778, P.R.106. 

Jona[than], Apr. 5, 1792, a. 93, p.R.106. 

Jonathan, h. Hannah, Mar. 9, 1S13. 

Joseph, ch. Jonathan and Mary, May 9, 1747. 

Joseph, ch. Jonathan and Mary, Mar. 15, 1751. 

Judith, w. Seth, Dec. i, 1809. 

Lucy, w. Abel, May 13, 1806. 

Martha, ch. Henry and Mary, June 9, 1730. 

Martha, ch. Henry and Abigail (second w.), Sept. 7, 1742. 

Mary, w. Henry, Aug. 20, 1740. 

Mary, [twin] ch. John and Rebecca, May 3, 1747. 

Melzar, ch. Ebenezer and Content, Dec. 20, ij^lworn]. 

Rebeca, w. Jo[h]n, Dec. 8, 1746. 

Seth, ch. John and Rebecca, Sept. 14, 1756. 

Sidney, s. Benjamin, inflamation of brain, May 5, 1845, a. 6. 

Susannah, wid., Jan. 20, 1822, a. 80, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, d. Henry and Abigail (second w.), Apr. 7, 1747. 

, s. Henry and Abigail (second w.), June 21, 1748. 

, ch. John and Elisabeth (second w.), still born, Sept. i, 


, ch. Abner and Susanna, Apr. 12, 1766. [ch. Abnar, 

Apr. 18, P.R.4.] 

, w. Jona[than], Mar. — , 1781, p.R.106. 

, wid., July 20, 1802, old, P.R.3. 

, ch. Bela, Oct. 2, 1820, a. i, in Titicut, p.R.106. 

, s. Benjamin and Sally S., infantile, Sept. 13, 1843, 

- a. 17 d. 

KINGSLEY (see Kensley, Kinsley, Kinsly), Charles Austin, s. 
G. H. and Serena P., July 18, 1843, a. 2 y. 3 m. 7 d., g.r.i. 

KINSLEY (see Kensley, Kingsley, Kinsly), Cephas, Mar. 15, 

1800, p.R.106. 
Hannah, ch. Samuel and Sophia, Feb. 14, 1749. [Cinsly, Feb. 

14, 1750, p.R.4.1 
Samuel, Sept. 25, 1773, p.R.4. ["died on the road to Worcester," 

Sept. 24, p.R.106.] 
Sophia, July 5, 1811, a. 89, G.R.7. [Kensley, wid., P.R.3.] 

KINSLY (see Kensley, Kingsley, Kinsley), Sophia, Feb. 28, 
1800, a. 56, G.R.7. [Sophiah Kensley, P.R.3.] 


KISE (see Keyes, Keys), , ch. Walter, Feb. i6, 1814, a, 

9, P.R.3. 

BINAPP, Anna, ch. Alpheus Leach and Cassandana, July 14, 
1820. [w. Zenas, G.R.6. p.r.2. P.R.43. Knap, w. Zenas, 
a. 33, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 

LAMBERT, Abby Maria, d. Edward and Abigail, disease of 
the glans in the bowels, bur. Oct. 12, 1838, a. 2, c.r.2. [d. 
Oct. 10, a. 2 y. 4 m., d. Oct. 9, a. 2, P.R.3.] 

Emily Francis, d. Edward and Abby, bur. June 8, 1847, a. 
II m., C.R.2 . [Enoch Frances, ch. Edward and Abigail, 
d. June 6, a. 11 m. 19 d.,] 

James How, [twin] s. Edward and Abby, bur. Nov. 5, 1843, 
C.R.2. [James Howe Lambert, ch. Edward and Abigail, 
d. Nov. 3, a. 9 m. 3 d., d. Nov. 3, a. 2, P.R.3.] 

LAMSON, Lucinda, m., consumption, Feb. 21, 1846, a. 39. 
[a. 38, P.R.3.] 

LANDMAN, , Mrs., Sept. 28, 1818, a. 94, p.r.i. 

LANE, Aubrey G., s. Giddins and Cassanda, Sept. i, 1836, 
a. I y. 2 m., G.R.7. [Sept. 13, P.R.3.] 

LARANCE (see Laurence, Lawrence, Loaranc, Lorance), 

(Lar[a]nce), ch. Thomas, , 1770, P.R.3. [Lar- 

anc, Dec. 13, P.R.4.] 
-, Mrs., Jan. i, 1789, old, P.R.3. [Laranc, wid., Dec. 31, 

1788, P.R.4, Lawrence, wid., Jan. 2, 1789, p.R.106,] 

LARTROP (see Lathrop, Latrop, Lothrop, Lotrop), Edward, 

Feb. 21, 1775, P.R.102. 
Hann[a]h, Feb. 2, 1775, P.R.102. 
, ch. Johnnathan, Feb. 2, 1775, P.R.102. 

LATHAM (see Lathum), Charles, h. Susanna, July 5, 1788. 

[in 88th y., P.R.105.] 
Chilton, small pox, Jan. 16, 1793, in 53d y., G.R.13. [Lathum, 

Jan. 14, P.R.106.] 

Chilton, , 181 1, G.R.7. [Lathrom, Oct. 29, P.R.3.] 

Deborah Hathaway, w. Charles, child birth, Oct. 14, 1831, a. 

29 "the 20"^ of last April," c.r.i. [Lathoome, Oct. 13, 

Galen, h. Susanna, May 25, 1844, a. 69. 
Mary, w. Robert, Apr. 20, 1752. 
Mary, wid., paralysis, Oct. 9, 1825, a. "74 the 27"' last June 

O.S.," C.R.I. [Lathom, Oct. 8, a. 75, P.R.3.] 


Latham, Molley, ch. Joseph Jr. and Mary, May 11, 1759. 
Rebecca, w. Woodward, July 8, 1820. 
Susanna, w. Charles, Feb. 18, 1761. 
Woodward, h. Rebecca, Dec. 13, 1802. 

, ch. Chilton, Feb. 14, 1775, P.R.4. 

, wid., Feb. — , 1790, a. 98, p.r.io6. 

, ch. Chiltren, Oct. 3, 1809, P.R.3. 

LATHROP (see Lartrop, Latrop, Lothrop, Lotrop), Abigail 

(Lahrop), Dec. 23, 1774, P.R.102. 
David, ch. Edward and Hannah, Oct. 14, 1807. 
Gamaliel (Latharop), ch. Josiah and Sarah, Sept. 17, 1758. 
Hannah, ch, Edward and Hannah, Jan. 27, 1739. 
Isaac, h. Pattience, Nov. 25, 1774. [Nov. 24, P.R.102. P.R.106.] 
Jonathan, h. Chloe, July 31, 1818. 
Josiah, h. Sarah, May 15, 1808. 
Lydia, w. Seth, Sept. 23, 1756. 
Lydia, d. Seth and Lydia, Oct. 8, 1756. 
Lydia, ch. Seth and Mehetable (second w.), June i, 1770. 
Mark, ch. Edward and Hannah, Feb. 21, 1740. 
Rhoda, w. Maj. Lathrop, May 6, 1802, a. 73, p.R.106. 
Ruth, d. Jacob and Sarah, Mar. 13, 1799, a. i y. 5 m. 8 d., 

G.R.7. [Larthrop, Mar. 14, P.R.3.] 
Samuel, Jan. 13, 1772, p.R.106. 
Sarah, ch. Samuel and Elisabeth, Jan. 3, 1759. 
Sarah, w. Zephaniah, Feb. 14, 1790. 
Sarah, w. Barnabas, Feb. 20, 1813. 
Sarah, w. Josiah, Aug. 28, 1815. 
Seth, h. Lydia, h. Mehetable, Mar. 2, 1804. 
Simeon (Lothrop), ch. Edward Jr. and Abigail, Feb. 3, 1808. 
Susanna, ch. Edward and Hannah, July 5, 1734. 

, w. Daniel, Dec. 22, 1774, P.R.102. 

, w. Edward, Dec. 24, 1774, P.R.102. 

LATHUM (see Latham), Robert, Dec. 9, 1788, p.R.106. 
Tho[ma]s, Apr. 27, 1778, p.R.106. 

, w. Rob[er]t, Aug. 28, 1778, P.R.106. 

, wid., May 26, 1786, p.R.106. 

LATROP (see Lartrop, Lathrop, Lothrop, Lotrop), , w. 

Seth, Nov. 24, 1795, P.R.106. 

LAURENCE (see Larance, Lawrence, Loaranc, Lorance), 
Thomas, suddenly, "on his return from Nantucket," 
July 27, 1787, in Sandwich, p.R.105. 


LAWRENCE (see Larance, Laurence, Loaranc, Lorance), John, 
s. Tho[ma]s and Desire, Jan. 25, 1740, a. 4, G.R.7. [Lar- 
ance, P.R.4.] 

Thomas, Mar. 17, 1759, in 53d y., G.R.7. [Loaranc, p.R.4. 
Lawrance, P.R.106.] 

, pauper. Mar. 20, 1831, P.R.3. 

LAWTON, Frederick Plummer, s. Howland and Mary J., 
Aug. 6, 1842, a. 2 y. 9 m., g.r.6. 

LAZEL (see Lazell), Silvanus (see Sylvanus). 

Susanna (Lazell), ch. Silvanius and Abigail, Oct. 17, 1783. 

Sylvanus (Lazell), ch. Silvanius and Abigail, July 8, 1780. 

LAZELL (see Lazel), Ann, Oct. 9, 1838, c.R.5. [w. Nathan, 
G.R.I. Ann (Wilkinson), w. Nathan, in Pawtucket, R. I., 
P.R.I. Mrs. Ann, a. 35, P.R.3.] 

Anna, July 30, 1845. 

Anne, ch. Nathan and Anne, Jan. 7, 1832. [Ann, d. N. Jr. 
Esq., dropsy in head, a. 11 m., c.r.i. Ann, d. Nathan 
and Ann, g.r.i. Ann, ch. Nathan and Ann (Wilkinson), 
p.R.i. Jan. 6, P.R.3.] 

Bethia, ch. Silvanius (Lazel) and Abigail, Nov. 2, 1786. [ch. 
Selvanus, Nov. 3, P.R.3. Bethiah, oldest d. Silvanus, 
canker rash, Nov. 2, p.R.105. Lazel, d. Silvanus, Nov. 2, 

Caroline, ch. Nathan and Deborah C, July 4, 1796. 

Isaac, ch. Isaac and Mary, Sept. — , 1721. 

Isaac, ch. Maj. Isaac and Jane, May 4, 1795. [ch. Dea. Isaac 
and Jane (Byram), p.r.i. ch. Maj. Lazel, P.R.3. Lasel, 
ch. Isack, P.R.4.] 

Isaac, Maj., h. Jane, June 20, 1810. [Dea., in 54th y., G.R.7. 
Dea., h. Jane (Byram), p.r.i. Dea., P.R.3.] 

Jacob, July 25, 1751, in 23d y., G.R.7. [Laysel, P.R.4.] 

Jane, wid., b. E. Bridgewater, d. Benjamin Byrum and Rachel, 
old age. Mar. 14, 1846, a. 85 y. 2 m. 7 d. [wid. Dea. Isaac, 
C.R.3. Jane (Byram), w. Dea. Isaac, p.r.i. wid. Dea. 
Lazell, P.R.3.] 

Joseph, ch. Isaac and Mary, Feb. — , 1740. 

Joshua, ch. William and Eunice, Oct. 4, 1760. [Laizel, P.R.4.] 

Lydia, ch. Nathan and Anne, Apr. 27, 1830. [Lydia Wilkin- 
son Lazell, d. Nathan and Ann, dropsey in the brain, 
C.R.I. Lydia, d. Nathan and Ann, G.R.I. Lydia Wilkin- 
son Lazell, d. Nathan and Ann (Wilkinson), p.r.i. 
Apr. 29, P.R.3.] 


Lazell, Martin, ch. Maj. Isaac and Jane, Aug. i, 1799. [Aug. 
3, a. 15 y. 2 m. I d., G.R.7. ch. Dea. Isaac and Jane 
(Byram), Aug. i, p.r.i. Aug. i, P.R.3. July 31, a. 15, 

Martin, ch. Nathan and Deborah C, Feb. 11, 1822, at sea. 
[a. 20 "the 25*^ Sept. 1821," c.r.i.] 

Mary, ch. Isaac and Mary, Nov. — , 1726. 

Mary, wid., May 27, 1786, old, P.R.3. [Laysel, wid., p.R.4. 
Lazel, wid.. May 26, p.R.106.] 

Nathan, h. Deborah C, June 20, 1832. [Nathan Escj., pneu- 
monic fever, a. 73 "the 18*^'^ last May," c.r.i. Nathan, 
h. Deborah (Conant), p.r.i. Nathan Esq., a. 74, P.R.3.] 

Nathan, ch. Nathan and Anne, Feb. 24, 1835. [s. Nathan and 
Ann, G.R.I. Feb. 23, a. 2, P.R.3.] 

Nathan, h. Anne, May 12, 1835. [Nathan Jr., May 13, a. 39, 
C.R.I. Nathan, May 13, c.R.5. Nathan, May 12, g.r.i. 
Nathan, h. Ann (Wilkinson) of Pawtucket, R. I., May 12, 
P.R.I. Nathan Esq., May 13, a. 39, P.R.3.] 

Salome, ch. Maj. Isaac and Jane, July 18, 1838. 

Sarah, ch. Nathan and Anne, Nov. 21, 1826. [d. Nathan and 
Ann, lung fever, a. 4 "the 7*^ of last Aug^*-," c.r.i. d. 
Nathan and Ann, g.r.i. ch. Nathan and Ann (Wilkin- 
son), P.R.I.] 

Susan, ch. Nathan and Deborah C, Oct. 29, 181 7. 

, s. Maj. Isaac and Jane, June 21, 1796, "in the hour of 

his birth," G.R.7. 

, Miss, pauper, Oct. 11, 1832, a. 60, P.R.3. 

LEACH (see Leech), Alpheus, Aug. 17, 1841, a. 76, g.r.6. [h. 
Cassanda (Keith), s. James, p.R.43.] 

Ana, Mar. 29, 1750, p.R.4. [Anna, p.R.106.] 

Anna, Dec. 31, 1803, a. 91, p.R.106. 

Anna, ch. Levi and Betsey, Aug. 26, 1807. [Leech, P.R.3. 
Leach, ch. Levi and Betsey (Conant), p.R.50.] 

Apollos [dup. h. Chlo'e], ch. James and Hasadiah, Oct. 22, 1832 
[dup. Oct. 12, 1832, a. 63 y. 19 d.]. [apoplexy, Oct. 12, 
a. 63 "the 23'"'^ last Sept.," c.r.i. paralysis, Oct. 12, 
C.R.3. Oct. 12, G.R.6. P.R.2. P.R.3. h. Cloe (Dyer), 

Oct. 12, P.R.I.] 

Barnice, Nov. 10, 1832, P.R.43. 

Barzilla, ch. Elijah and Jemima, Dec. 6, 1753. [ch. Elia, 

Dec. 5, P.R.4.] 
Barzilla, ch. Elijah and Jemima, Sept. 5, 1756. [Sept. 6, p.R.4.] 
Benjamin, Feb. 29, 1756, p.R.4. [Benjamin Jr., p.R.106.] 
Benj[amin] Sr., July 13, 1764, p.R.106. 


Leach, Bernice (see Barnice). 

Bethia, ch. Daniel and Bethia, Sept. 5, 1763. 

Bethiah, wid., Jan. 14, 1826, in 90th y., P.R.38. p.R.40. 

[Jan. 15, P.R.106.] 
Betsey, Sept. 30, 1839, p.R.50. 

Betsey, w. Levi, paralysis, Sept. 29, 1849, a. 69 y. 11 m. 21 d. 
Caleb, s. Zebedee, Sept. 24, 1754, P.R.106. 
Caleb, Nov. — , i783,p.r.2. [Nov. i4,p.r.3. Nov. 15, p.r,io6.] 
Chloe, w. Apollos, Dec. 30, 1834. [wid., pleurisy, a. 61, c.R.3. 

a. 6i,G.R.6. wid. Appollos, in 62d y., P.R.2. wid. Apollos, 

a. 61, P.R.3.] 
Constance, wid., old age, Sept. 20, 1835, a. 82, c.R.3. [Con- 
stant, wid. Nehemiah, p.r.2.] 
Daniel Jr., Oct. 2, 1797, in 27tli y., p.R.38. p.R.40. 
Daniel, Dea., Apr. 19, 1800, in 65tli y., p.R.38. p.R.40. P.R.106. 
Deborah, wid., Mar. 17, 1795, a. 89, P.R.106. 
Ebenezer, Mar. 10, 1750, p.R.4. P.R.106. 
Ebenezer, Feb. 19, 1753, P.R.4. 
Ebenezer, Feb. 12, 1803, p.R.106. 
Ebenezer, Sept. i, 1834, a. 66, g.r.8. [Sept. 21, a. 66 y. 5 d., 

p.R.38. Sept. 21, p.R.40. Ens., Sept. 21, in Titicut, 

Elizabeth, w. David, June 6, 1750, in 43d y., G.R.7. [June 7, 

p.R.4. P.R.106.] 
Elizabeth S., w. Unite K., Dec. 15, 1840, a. 25, g.r.6. [Elisa- 
beth, a. 26, P.R.3.] 
Emerson, s. Caleb and Elizabeth G., Sept. 5, 1841, a. 3 m. 

10 d., G.R.6. 
Ephraim, June 30, 1771, P.R.106. 
Eunice, w. Ebenezer, Jan. 31, 1842, a. 71, g.r.8. [wid. Ens. 

Ebenezer, Feb. i, in Titicut, p.R.106.] 
Experance, May 6, 1766, p.R.4. [Experience, p.R.106.] 
Ezekiel, s. Jesse and Alice, May 6, 1751, g.r.8. 
George Henry, s. Unite K. and Elizabeth S., Sept. 30, 1840, 

a. 8 m. 6 d., g.r.6. [Oct. 31, p.r.2. Sept, 30, P.R.3.] 
Giles, June i, 1799, p.R.106. 
Hannah, ch. David and Hannah, July 31, 1716. 
Hannah, w. Ambrose, d. Nehemiah Howard, Nov. 22, 1838, 

Hannah K., w. Hosea, Apr. 14, 1832, a. 42, G.R.9. 
Hasadiah, w. James, Mar. 4, 1826. [Hezadiah Leech, mother 

of Apollos, old age, a. 79 "the 12*^ of last Nov.," c.r.i. 

Hazadiah Leach, wid., influenza, c.R.3. Hasadiah Leach, 

a. 79, G.R.6. Hassadiah Leach, wid. James, in 8oth y., 

P.R.2. Leach, P.R.3.] 


Leach, Hephzibah, w. Ben[jamiii], Apr. 4, 1750, p.R.106.