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Full text of "Vital records of Foxborough, Massachusetts to the year 1850"

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3 1833 01783 2178 


V-r /"T^ A '^r Ty r7* g^ f^X TJ 'T\ Q 




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" i / 

. V. i ; 


'n- l'.\.\yg. 

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■piii: •^■•■A 1897599 

|~^HIS publication is issued under the authority of a vote 
passed by the Nfav England Historic Gekealogical 
SociETy, November 6, 1901, as follows : 

Voted: That the sum of $20,000, from the bequest of the la,te 
Robert Henry Eddy, be set aside as a special fund to be called 
the Eddy Town-Record Fund, for the sole purpose of publishing 
the Vital Records of the tov.ns of Massachusetts, and that the 
Council be authorized and instructed to make such arrangements 
as may be necessary for such publicaiion. And the treasurer is 
hereby instructed to honor such drafts as shall be authorized by 
the Council for this purpose. 

(■; ' Cotnmittce ofi Fublicaiions 

Henry Winchester Cunningham Francis Everett Blake 

Charles Knowles Bolton Don Gleason Hill 

Edmund Dana Barbour 

F. Apthorp Foster 

Btaiibcpc Iprcss 



X County, was established June lo, 1778, from parts 

of Stoughton, Stoughtonham, Walpole, and Wrentham. 

March 12, 1793, parts of Sharon and Stoughton 
were annexed and bounds established. 

February 3, 18 19, bounds bctwecii Foxborough and 
Wreiitham were estabhshed. 

February 7, 1831, part of Wrentharn was annexed. 

January 30, 1833, bounds between Foxborough and 
Sharon were established and part of each town annexed 
to the other tov/n. 

March 27, 1833, part of Foxborough was annexed to 

March 28, 1834, part of Foxborough was annexed 
to Walpole. 


ition by 


1790 (U.S.), 





1810 (U.S.), 





1830 (U.S.), 





1850 (U.S.), 





i860 (U.S.), 




^■77S ; 

1870 (U.S.), 





1880 (U.S.), 





1890 (U.S.), 





1900 (U.S.), 







1. When places other than Foxborough and I^Iassachusetts are 
named in the original records, they are given in tiae printed 

2. In all records the original spelling is followed. 

3. The various spellings of a name should be e::auiined, as 
items about the same faniily or individual might be found under 
different spellings. 

4. Marriages and intentions of nnarriages are printed under 
the names of both parties. When both the marriage and m- 
tention of marriage are recorded, only the marriage record is 
printed ; and where a marriage appears \vithout the intention 
recorded, it is designated with an asterisk. 

5. Additional information which does not appear in the 
original text of an item, i.e. any explanation, query, inference, 
or difference shown in other entries of the record, is bracketed. 
Parentheses are used to shov/ the difference in the spelling of a 
name in the same entry, to indicate the maiden name of a wife, 
to enclose an imperfect portion of the original text, and to sep- 
arate clauses in the original text — such as the birthplace of a 
parent in late records. 


Drfr ;»i 


c. — age ' 

b. — born 

ch. — child l/'t.f '!\ 

c/w. — clr'ldrftn '•' ^•' 

c.s.i. — churcK record, Orthodox CongregatIo?ial Church 

C.P..2. — ■ church record, Baptist Church j,'^ 

Ci). — county 

J. — daughter; died; day ■:■> ^;. .;:••- ::c;l ;v 

7Je'j. — Deacon 

dtip. ■-- c'.-'^pUcate entry 

G.R.i. — grav.?stone record, Centre Buiial Ground, Fox- 

bcrough Centre 
G.E.2. — gravestone record, Paj'son or Moise Graveyaid, 

Foxborough Centre 
G.K.3. — gravestone record, Wading River Graveyard, South ^. 

G.R.4. — gravestone record, Ilodges Burial Ground; East ^ 

G.R.5. — gravestone record, Boydcn Burial Ground, Cocasset ,^v 

Street, East Foxborough 
G.R.6. — gravestone record, Sherman or Quaker Hill Burial 

G.R.7. — gravestone record, Wilber Burial Ground, Spring 

Street .n 

G.-R.8. — gravestone record, Clapp Burial Ground, Beach '^ 

G.rg. — gravestone record, Rock Hill Cemetery '»<-• P«>^^^^<^5^3•>'» 
A, — husband 
hrs. — hours 



inf. — infant '" '"" 

ini. — pubJisliment of intention of marriage 

Jr. — junior 

m. — married; month 

min. ■ — minutes 

P.R.I. — private record, from tiie records of the Cemetery 
Deportment for Rock Hill Cemetery 

p,R.2. — private record, from records in ahr.sracs kept by 
Lenora Winslow, now in the possession of Robert W. 
Carpenter of Foxborough 

F,'R.3. — private record, from a record of deaths kept by Lenora 
Jane Winslow, nov/ in the possession of Robert W. Car- 
penter of Foxborough 

P.R.4. — private record, from a record of deaths kept by 
David Carpenter, now in the possession of Robert W. 
Carpeiiter of Foxborough 

p.5.5. — private record, from the Hevnns family Bible, now 
in the possession of John H. Fisher of Foxborough 

P.K.6. — private record, from the Amos Morse Bible, now in 
tht possession of John H. Fisher of Foxborough 

P.R.7. — private record, from the Prescott family Bible, now 
in the possession of I\Irs. Emma L. Chamberlain of Fox- 

P.11.8. — private record, from a Bible now in the possession 
of Mrs. Benjamin B. Shepard of Foxborough 

p.R.p. — private record, from the Morse family Bible, now 
in the possession of Edson A. jNIorse of Foxborough, — private record, from the French family Bible, now 
in the possession of INIiss Sarah 0. Shepard of Fox- 

P.R.ii. — piivate record, from the Capt. Thomas French 
Bible, now in the possession of jNIiss Sarah 0. Shepard 
of Foxborough 

P.R.12. — private record, from a Bible now in the possession 
of Miss Sarah B. Doolittle of Foxborough 

P.E.13. — private record, from the Warren family Bible, now 
in the possession of Henry G. Warren of Foxborough 


P.R.14. — private record, from a Warren record, nov/ in the 
possession of Henry H. Warren of Foxborough 

S'.r<.i5. — private record, from a Wilbur family Bible, r!0>v 
in the possession of Henry H. Warren of Foxborciigh 

P.R.16. — private record, from a record kept by Mrs. FJliza- 
beth H, Mann, now in the possession of Mrs. E. E. 
Chessman of Somerville 

P.R.I7. — private record, from the Bible of Daniels Carpen- 
ter, now in the possession of ISIrs. Joseph E. Bartktt of 

P.n.18. — private record, from the Bible of i\chsah Carpen- 
ter, nov/ in the possession of Airs. Joseph E. Barilctt of 

P.S.19. — private record, from the Bib's of Isaac Winslou, 
Jiow in the possession of ]\Iiss Isabel H. Winsiow of New 
York City 

TQC. — recorded 

5. — son 

Sr. — senior 

V). — ^^'ife; week 

"wid. — \vidow 

'i^ndr. — widower 

y. — year 

;)R(.M. <.A.\ BIRTHS 


t-.' S- 

aHT>im J 


To THE YEAR 1850 

x-lLDEN, Albert Henry, ch. Albert and Charlotte B., Oct. -c, 

Arthur Bates, s. AJbert, manufacturer (b. Jay, Fvanklin Co., 

Me.\ and Charlotte B. (b. Easton), Apr. iS, 2S49. 
Charles H. [h. Mary Pratt (King)], June 8, 1S22. c;.r..v. 
Charles Thompson, s. Charles H., jacichaEt, and IMary, 

Aug. 7, 1844, in Central Village. 
Charlotte Ljivina, ch. Albert and Charlotte B., A.'jjt. ?3, iSaj. 
Eliza Alice, d. "^.Varren, boot maker (b. V/a-polc)^ ?.nd Jedida 

(b. New Bedford), Oct. 20, 1S4S. 

J. Thompson, [1S24]. G.R.9. 

Leshe, s. Albert, straw goods dealer or manufacturer, and 

Caroline B., Oct. 31, 1846, in Central Viilcige. 
JMartha Jane, d. Charles II., trader, ai!d Mary K., Mar. 26, 

TS47, in Central Village. 
William Harrison, Rev., Apr. 14, 1825, g.r.cj. 
, d. Albert, manufacturer, and Charlotte J.^.., May 10, 

1845, in Central Village. 

ALDMCH, Henry D., [1S20]. p.R.3. 

ALEXANDER, Adaline Augusta, ch. James A. and Jerusha, 

Jan. 29, 1S29. 
Ann Meria, d. James A, and Jerusha, Feb. 22, 183 1. 
Edwin Tilton, ch. James A. and Jerusha, Apr. 20, 1S25'. 
Elbridge Franklin, s. James A. and Jerusha, Nov. 10, 1832. 
Henry Aldrich, ch. James A. and Jerusha, Jan. 20, 1824. 
Seraphina Deborah, ch. James A. and Jerusha, Jan. 28, 1827. 

ALLEN, Charlotte [w. John Morse 2d], Nov. 6, 1786. 

John, Rev. [h. Sarah Bonney], , 1792. G.R.9. 

Sarah Bonney [ ], w. [Rev.] John, , 1794. G.R.9. 

AMES, George Henry, s. Benj[ami]n K., iron moulder, and 

Sarah D., Apr. 24, 1S48. 
Sarah Derby Carpenter, d. Benj[ami]n K., iron moulder, and 

Sarah D., June 30, 1846. 

II 0/C 

,oz vr.J.l ,.r 


ATTGELL, William W. [h. Annie D. (Hobbs)], Mar. 7, 181 7. 


ARI'iTS, Abby Louisa, d. Rev. Josiah L, and Marcia K., 
Nov. 5, 1845, in Furnace Village. 

ARTdSBY, Arnos, s. Joshua and l^lizabeth, Sept. i, 1781. 
Catharine ICingsbery [dup. Hingsbury], d. Joshua and Elissa- 

betli [dup. Elizabcrh], Apr. 24, 17S9. 
Daniel, s. Jorbua and Elizabeth, Aug. 27, 1791. 
Jedidah, d. Joshua and P^lizabeth [dup. and second dup. 

Elezabethl, Apr. 2, 1785. 
Jor.hua Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], s. Joshua and Elizabeth [dup. 

E[l]ezabeth, Nov. 28, 17S7. * 
Lucy, d. Joshua and Elizabeth, Apr. 15, 1780. 
Nathan, s. Joshua and Elizabeth, Apr. 29 [dup. Apr. 9], 17S3. 

ATIIERTOIT, Betsey [ — ], w. Jesse, [1782]. G.R.5. 

Dudley, s. Uriah and Mary, Oct. 3, 1782. [Dudly, c.R.i.] 
Elizabeth [w. Martin Dassance], Oct. 22, 1755. 

Jesse [h. Betsey], [17S0]. G.K.5. '.'■;-,!, j" 

Susanna [w. Scth Boyden], Jan. ?i, 1768. 

BACON; Abba Ann, ch. Harlow and Abby Ann (second w.), 

Oct. 5, 1S40. 
Charles Deane, s. Dean and Sibil C, Aug. 20, 1840. 
Emily Melissa, d. Dean and Sibil C, Apr. 8,_iS38. 
George Boardman, s. Harlow and Elizabeth, Jan. 22, 1837. 
George Harlow, s. Harlow and Elizabeth, Apr. 19, 1838. 
James Birney, s. Harlow, housewright, and Abby Ann, Aug. 

6, 1S44. 
James Gillispie, s. Harlow, housewright, and Abba A., Nov. 22, 

John Herbert, s. Dean, farmer, and Sybil, Oct. 11, 1847. 
Josephine Day, ch. Harlow and Abby Ann (second w.), 

Mar. II, 1 84 2. 
Newton Wesley, s. Deane, farmer, and Sybil, Sept. 27, 1S44. 
Susan Eunice, d. Harlow and Elizabeth, Jan. 9, 1S36. 
Warren Smith, s. Dean and Sibil C, Aug. 9, 1842. 

BAINE, Abijah (see Abijah Paine). 

BAXER, Ann E. [ ], w. Moses H. [July — , 1835]. 


Ida Florence, d. John, farmer, and Emily C, Aug. 21, 1847. 



BALCKOM, Moliy [dup. Eolkcom], ch. Samuel and Sarah, 

Mar. 28, 1778. 
Otis [dup. Bolkcoinj, ch. Samuel and Sarah, Mar. 22, 1776. 

BAIiDEN, Joei, ch. Jesse and Arsenath, Aug. 18, j8i8. •'-' 

BATES, Mary Perry, d. Lloyd, blacksmith (b. Leeds, Kenne- 
bec Co., Me.), and Mary T. (b. Stoughton), May i, 1848. 

BEARSE, Loretta. d. Joseph, moulder, and Fanny, Jai.. 27, 
1844, in southerly part, 

EELCKER, Ab:, d. Eleazer and Ehzabeth, Sept, 21, 1776. 

Abiathar Henry, ch. Ira and Lydia, Oct. 13, 1852. 

Addison, ch. Friend and Chloe, June 27, 1814. ' . •■ 

Albert, s. Comfort and Abigail, Sept. 7, 181 4. 

Albert Kidder, ch. Lev/is T. and Almira, Feb. 11, 1S33. 

Alfred Wood, ch. Lewis T. and Almira, June 5, 1838. 

Alien Francis, ch. Ira and Lydia, Jan. 25, 1842. 

Almira Fales, ch. Ira and Lydia, Oct. 19, 1S29, in Woon- 

socket, R.L 
Alphonso Frederick, ch. Ira and Lydia, Mar. 11, 1835, in 

Alson Foster, ch. Ira and Lydia, Aug. 25, 1S3C. 
Anna Josephine, d. Ira, iron moulder, and Lydia H., Sept. 8, 

Annette Hewes, ch. E^lery and Truelove IL, Aug. 26, 1839, 

in Sharon, 
Arthur Stebbins, s. Ira, iron founder, and Lydia K., Aor. 5, 

Chloe, ch. Friend and Chloe, Sept. 10, 1S08. 
Comfort, s. Eleazer and Elizabeth, Aug. 3, 17S5. 
Debby Reynold, d, Samuel Thompson [dup. omits Thomp- 

soji] and Sally, Apr. 14, 1796. 
Edward, s. Comfort and Abigail, Aug. 10, 18 iS. 
Edward, s. Comfort and Abigail, Sept. 5, 1824. 
Edward Emery, ch. Emery and Truelove H., Apr. 28, 1838, 

in Sharon. 
Edward Sumner, s. Edward and Celia A. W. of Mansfield, 

Aug. 18, 1S46. 

Eleazer [h. Elizabeth (Morse)], , 1745. 

Eleazer [dup. Jr. [h. Esther (Baker)]], s. Eleazer and Eliza- 
beth, Feb. XI, 1770, in Mansfield. 
Eleazer, s. Friend and Chloe, Feb. 16, 1S13. 
Eliza, ch. Samuel Thompson [dup. omits Thompson] and 

Sally, Aug. 21, 1803. 

14 > roxBOROUGH Birvxns i- 

Belciifr, Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth Bclher], d. Eleazer and 

Elizabeth, Jan. i6, 176S, in Stoughton. 
Elizabeth Margaret, d. Friend Jr. and x\rny, Apr. 14, 1S30. 
Emeline Reynolds [dup. Reynold], d. Samuel [dup. adds 

Thompson] and Sally, Nov. 28, 1S05, 
Emery [dup. Emorcy], ch. Comfort and Abigail. June 7, 

iSio. [Emery, c.R.i.] [Emery [ri. Trulove], G.R.g.] 
Esther, d, Eleazer and Elizabeth [dup. [v,'. Peter Carpenter]], 

Dec. 21, 1773, in Stouc;htonh:im. 
Esther, d. Eleazer Jr. and Esther [dup. [w. Warren Bird]], 

Sept. o, 1792. [w. Warren Bird, G.R.g.j [ch. Eleazer and 

and Esther (Baker), w. Warren Bird, p.R.i.] 
Frederick Thomas, s. Friend Jr. and Amy, Nov. 4, 1S32. 
Friend, s. Eleazer and Jilizabeth, Nov. 27, 1780. 
Fiiend, ch. Fricjid and Ch^oe, June 26, 1S04 Isic, see 

George Cah'in, s. Addison, iron moulder, and Sviltana F. 

(b. Mount Holly, Rutland Co., Vt.j, Feb. 2S, 18.19. 
George Guild, s. Ira and Sally, Apr. 15, 1813. 
Harriet Almira, d. Lewis W., butcher, and Harriet M. (b. 

Westmoreland, Cheshire Co., N-H.), May 1, i8jo. 
Harriet Hannah, d. Emory, machinist, and Truelovc, Tuly 27, 

Harriet Spaulding, d. Friend Jr. and Amy, May 16, 1826. 
Harriet Spaulding, d. Joseph, farmer, and I\Iary M. (b. Wren- 

tham), J^.lay 24, 184S. 
Henry Thompson, ch. Samuel Thompson [dup. omits Thomp- 
son] and Sally [dup. Sarah], June 26, 1815. 
Hilos Clark, s. Comfort and Abigail, Feb. 25, 1832. 
Ira, s. Eleazer [dup. Ekizcr] and Elizabeth, Oct. S, 1778. 
Ira Jr., s. Ira and Sally, Apr. 24, 1S05. 
Jason, s. Eleazer nnd ]Ali:!abeth, Apr. 4, 1772, in Stoughton- 

Joel Addison, ch. Addason and Sultana F., IVIar. 17, 1842. 
Joseph, ch. Friend and Chloe [dup. Cloe], Oct. 20, 181 1. 
Joseph Alfred, s. Joseph, farmer, and Mary M. (b. Wrentham), 

Oct. 15, 1S49. 
Lewis Tucker, s. Samuel Thomson [dup. Thompson] and 

Sarah [dup. Sally], Sept. 27, 1798. 
Lewis Warren, s. Lewis T. and Almira, July 13, 1S26. 
Louisa Ann, d. Comfort and Abigail, AJay 24, 1S29. 
Maria [dup. Meriah], ch. Samuel Thompson [dup. Thomson] 

and Sally [dup. Sarah] [second dup. [w. Francis Jones Jr.]], 

Feb. 25, iSoi. 


Belcher, Mariett Anna, ch. Joseph and Mary M., Aug. 14, 

Mary, d. Comfort and Abigail, Aug. 13, 182:^. [bp. June 3 

sic, C.R.I.] 

Mary LJmina, d. Joseph and Mary M., Nov. 7, 1856. 

Nancy Bartlett, d. Fiiend Jr. and Amy, Dec. 22, 1835. " 

Orcn, s. Jra and Sally, June 14, 1807. 

Sally T. [dup. omits T.], d. Samuel Thompson [dup. omits 
Thompson] and Sally, Feb. iS, 1794. 

Sarah Fales, ch. Ira and Sally, Feb. 4, 1815. 

Truelove Elizabeth, ch. Emery and Truelove H., Dec. 6, 
i836,in Medway. 

Trulove [ ], w. Emery, Dec. 9.6, 1S12. G.R.9. 

Unity, d. Eleazer and Elizabeth, l\lar. 31, 1783. 

Wiliard Bnker, s. Comfort and Abigail, July 20, 1834. 

William Fi'^her, ch. Emery and Truelc'e H., Jan. 28, 1841. 

William. Loring, ch. Samuel Thompson [dup. omits Thomp- 
son] a ad Sally [dup. Sarah], Aug. 11, 180S. 

, s. Friend and Chloe, May 9, 1S02. 

, d. Friend and Chloe, Feb. 22, 1805 [sic, see Friend]. 

, ch. P'riend and Cliloe, Sept. 16, 1S09. 

[ ], w. W[i!lia]m., [iSooj. P.E.4. 

, ch. Friend and Chloe, July 18. iSxo. 

, d. Friend and Chloe, [Mar. 30] 1S17. 

BERRY, George Waterman, s. George W. and Betsc}' [dup. 
Betsy], June 5, 1812. 

BICKNELL, Nehemiah, s. \V[illia]m and Martha, Dec. 27, 

BILLINGS, [dup. Amerst, second dup. [h. Experi- 
ence (Shaw)]], s. Jacob and Betty (second w.), Oct. 28, 

Amherst Warren, ch, Amherst and Experience, ISIar. 14, 


Ann E. [ ■ — ], w. Josei)h [Dec. — , 1S06]. G.R.5. 

Anne [dup. BiUing], d. Lcavett and Ann [dup. d. Levett and 

Anne], Jan. 11, 1781. 
Betsy [dup. Betsey], d. Jacob and Betty (second w.), June 12, 

Ciiristiana, [twin] d. Spencer and Ruhamah, Apr. 26, 17SS. 
Dudley, s. Spencer and Ruhamah. Aug. 26, 1790. 
Elkaiiah [dup. Billing], s. Samuel and Hannah, Oct. 19, 



Billings, Emily S. [ ], w. J[oseph] Maynard [Jan. — 

1836]. G.R.5. 
Enoch [uup. Billinf^-], s. Samuel and ITsnnah, Mar. 21, 1790, 
Franklin V/., s. Warren, mechanic, and Julia, Oct. 24, 1S43. 

in southerly part. 
Galatia [dup. Gelatial. d. Spencer and Ruharnah [dup. 

Ruairiah], Jan. 14, ijS^.. 
Hannah [v/. Samuel Eillings], Aug. i, 1759. 
Hannah [dup. Billing], d. Jacob and Eetty (second w.), 

Feb. 12, J7S3, 
Herbert Warren, s. Warren H,, box maker (b. Walpole), and 

Anginette (b._Walpoie), Apr. 19, 1S.18 [dup. 1S49]. 
Jesse [dup. Billing], s. Samuel and Hannah, Oct. 9, 1792. 
Joseph, p. Jacob and B-itty (second w.), Mar, 21, 1788. 
Joseph [h. Ann E.j, Mar. 8, 1S05, in Sharon. g,r.5. 
Jojieph iTaynard [h. Emily S ], s. Joseph and Ann E. [Dec. — , 

1839]. C.R.5. 
Juliet, d. Warren, boot maker, and JuUa, Dec. 29, 1846. 
Ke?Ja [dup. Keziah Billing], d Jacob and Hannah, Oct. 16 

[dup. Oct. 15], T77S. 
Kczia [dup. Keziah Billing], twin d. Samuel and Hannah, 

Mar. 27, 1781. 
Lewis [dup. Billing], s. Leavett and Ann [dup, Anne], May 29, 

Nancy, d. Jacob and Betty (second w.), Mar. 12, 1794. 
Polly, d. Jacob and Betty (second v:.), Apr. 3, 1796. 
Ruhamah, [twin] d. Spencer (Bellingsj and Ruhamah, Apr. 26, 

Ruthe [dup. Ruth Billing], d. Samuel and Hannah [second dup. 

[w. Calvin Grover]], Feb. 6, 1787. 
Saily (see Sally Hodges). 

Sally, d. Spencer and Ruhamah, Apr. 17, 17S6. 
Samuel [dup. Billing], s. Jacob and Betty (second w.), May 2, 

Sarah Emeline, w. Joseph Shepard, , 1814 [in Mansfield]. 


Spencer, ch. Dudley and Ackseh, Jan. 4, 1819. 

Susanna [dup. Susanah Billing], twin d. Samuel and Hannah, 

Mar. 27, 1781. 
Trulove [dup. Billing], d. Jacob and Betty (second w.) [dup. 

Betsey], Dec. 7, 1799. 
Willard [dup. Billing], s. Samuel and Hannah, Dec. 7, 1797. 

BIRD, Alpheus Warren, ch. Alpheus and Polly, Apr. 17, 1824. 
Angeline Cordelia, ch. Warren and Esther, Jan. 2, 1S26. 



Bird, Ann Eliza, ch. Warren and Esther, Jan. 10, 182S. [w. 

Ezra Pickens, g.r.q.] 
Anne[w. Peter T. Carpenter], Sept. 19, 179S. [Anna, Sept. 29, 

Catha.rine Emma, ch. Warren and Esther, Jan. 26, 1817. 
Ciementina Luthera, ch. Warren and Esther, Aug. 10, 1819. 
Edward Eveiett, s. Alphcus and Amelia (second w.), June 27, 

Emily Jane, ch. Alpheus and Polly, Sept. 23, 1826. 
Esther Belcher, ch. Warren and Esther, Mar. 3, 1S23. 
Fidelia Lorane, ch. Alpheus and Polly, Feb. 6, 1S21. 
Gardner Carpenter, s. Alpheus and Amelia (second Vv.), July 

3, 1840. 
Herbert Leonard, ch. Alpheus and Amelia (second w.) Apr. 

?9, 1842. 
Flerbert Leonard, s. Alpheus, manufaoiuier, and Amelia, Apr, 

13, 184G, 
Julia Ann, ch. Alpheus and Polly, Sept. 23, 1820. 
Mary Eoyden, d. Warren and Esther, Dec, 26, 1814. 
Mary Ehzabeth, d. Alpheus and Amelia (second w.), Tan. 

14> 1837- ' ., , 

Polly, May 14, 17S9. G.R.4. '•^■ 

Sarah Pratt, d. Alpheus find Amelia (second w.), June ?/, 

Warren [h. Esther (Belcher)], Oct. 25, 1791. [Oct, jk, J790, 


BLAKE, Charles Dupce, ch. Dupee and ivoxa, Apr. 4. 1S31. 
Polly [w. David PetteeJ, , 1770. 

BOLKCOM (see Balckom). 

BOlTiEK, Abner, s. Elijah and Amity, . 

Adison, s. Elijah and A:r:;ly, May 2, "iSos. 

Alexander, s. Seth and Susannah [dup. Susanna], Feb. 14, 

1791. [[h. Rachel] G.R.5.] 
Amos, ch. Stephen and Hannah, Aug. i, 1824. 
Esther, d. Amos and Anna (second w.) [dup. Amy] [Ama, 

C.R.I.], Feb. 23, 1799. 
Frankhn, s. Seth and Susanna, Jan. 28, 1807. 

George, s. Elijah and Amity, . 

Hannah, d. Amos and Alary, Apr. 6, 1781. 

Hannah, d. Elijah ai.d Amity, Nov. q, 1796. 

Hannah, d. Seth and Susanah [dup. Susanna], June iS, 1S02. 

Hannah, ch. Stephen and Hannah, Dec. 10, i3i6. 


BoYDEN, Rannath [dup. Hannah], d. x\mos and Mary (first 
w.), bp. Dec. 21 [dup. Dec. 31], 1786. c.R.i. 

Jacob, ch. Amos and Ama (second w.), Jan. 19, 1789. 

James Le\A-is, s. Dea. James and Lucy, June 21, 1822. 

Jarus Payson, ch. Amos, bp. Dec. 31, 17S6. c.R.i. 

Jason, s. Amos and Amc (second w.), July 20, 1793. 

Jason, ch. Stephen and H?nnah, Oct. 17, 18 14. 

Joseph, ch. Stephen and Hannah, Feb. 15, 1827. 

Lidia, ch. Amos, bp. Dec. 31, 1786. C.R.i. 

Mary J. [? m.], ,1827. G.R.9. - . ■• 

Ohver, s. Elijah and Amity, . 

Otis, s. Seth and Susanna, Aug. 31, 1797. 

roily, d. Amos and Ama (second w.) [dup. Ame], Jan. 5, 

Rachel [ ], w. Alexander, l\Iay 20, 1799, g.'R.j. 

Sabra, d. Seth and Susanna, Apr. 22, i8co. 

Sanford Edwin, s. Dea. James and Lucy, Sept. :'5, i8:?7. 

Sarah, d. Seth and Susanna, June 18, 1795. 

Sona_, ch. Stephen and Hannah, Oct. 20, 1S22. 

Seth [h. Susanna (Atherton)], Apr. 22, 1764. 

Seth, s. Seth and Susannah [dup. Susanna], Nov. 17, 1788. 

Stephen, s. Amos and Ama (second w.), Dec. 19, 1785. 

Stephen, s. Amos and Ama (second w,), bp. Dec. 31, 17S6. 


Stephen Lewis, s. Stephen and Hannah, May 17, 18 12. 
Susan Mellen, d. Benj[ami]n F., farmer, and Lucinda Ann, 

Oct. 5, 1846, 
Susanna, d. Seth and Susanna, May 2, 1793. 
Thomas, ch. Stephen and Hannah, Jan. 19, 1834. 
Timothy, ch. Amos, bp. Dec. 31, 17S6. c.R.i. 
Uriah Atherton, s. Seth and Susanna, Feb. 17, 1S04.. 
Uriah William, s. Benjamin F., farmer, and Lucinda A., 

Mar. 30, 1 848. 
Warren, ch. Stephen and Hannah, Oct. 18, 1819. 
William Pitts, s. Seth and Susanna, Aug. 12, 1809. 

BRADSHAW, Aaron, s. Nathanael and Mahatable, Julv 16, 

Adeline Sophronia, d. Carlos, machinist, and Adeline S. of 

Lowell, Sept. 14, 1846. 
Carlos, ch. Joseph and Abitjail, June 5, 1S04. 
Caroline, ch. Joseph and Abigail, May 17, 1S06. 
F.liza, d. Joseph and /\bi<-^ail, Dec. 27, 1802. 
Joliii Albert, s. Joseph and Abigail, Sept. 9, 181 2, 
Kctbaniel, s. Nathaniel and Melictabel, Aug. 16, 1787. 



BRASTOY/, Harrison Lewis, ch. Samuel and Eunice, ^Mar. 

iS, 1813. 
Oliver Shcpardj cli. Samuel and Eunice, ]May 29, 1S06. 
Samuel [li. Eunice (d. Ephraim Shepard and Freelove)], 

[1778]. G.R.3. 

Samuel Fiankiin, ch. Samuel and Eunice, Sept. 7, iSio. 

BRAYMAN, Selah [w. Job Wyllys], , 176S. 

BRENAN, Ann, d. Patric, laborer, and Sarah C, July 2, 

i844j in Central Village. 
Mary, d. Patric, laborer, and Sarah C, x^pr. 9, 1847. 
Timothy, s. Patrick, laborer, and Sarah C, Dec. 5, 1845. 
William, s. Patrick, laborer (b. Ireland), and Sarah C. (b. 

Ireland), Dec. 7, 184S. 

BRIGGS, Anna [w. Henry Hobart], Aug. 29, 1797. 
Calista, second w. Vv'arren Bird, Nov. 30, 1799. 
Ella Agnes, d. Daniel II., student of medicine (b. Norton), 
and Caroline E. (b. Raynham), Oct. 25, 1848. 

BRIGHAM, Olive A.[ ], w. Joseph [Apr.—, 1824]. g.r.q. 

BRINTNEL (see Brintnell), Mary, ch. , w. Turner 

Sumner [Dec. — , 17S5]. F.ii-3. 

BRINTNELL (see Brintnel), Nancy [w. Robert Shepard], 

, 1780. 

Thomas Osro, s. Obadiah, farmer (b. Mansfield), and Adri- 

anna (b. Sharon), Alay 7, 1S49. 

BROWN, Anson, ch. Sirrel and Lois, Sept. 21, 1823. o.u.> 

Eliza Ann, ch. Sirrel and Lois, Mar. iS, 1S07. Cc."; 

Elmira Jane, ch. Sirrel and Lois, Dec. 21, 1818. 
Fanny, ch. Sirrel and Lois, Aug. 21, 1S09. 
John, ch. Sirrel and Lois, June 28, 1811. 

Lois [ ], w. Seril [Sept. — , 1779]. G.R.3. 

Lois, ch. Sirrel and Lois, Jan. 12, 1S04. 

Lone, d. Sirrel and Louis [dup. Lois], Oct. 24, 1800. 

Lowell, ch. Sirrell and Lois, Oct. 18, 1S16. 

I^Iarcus, ch. Sirrel and Lois, July 21, 1821. 

Marcus Nason, s. jNIarcus, farmer, and Lucy N. (b. INIans- 

field), Julys, 1848. 
Salome, ch. Sirrel and Lois [dup. [Louis]], Oct. 28, 1S02. 
Seril [h. Lois] [Dec. — , 17S1]. G.R.3. 
Susana Jane, d. Thomas and Florilla, iSIar. i, 1S23. 
Wellington, ch. Sirrel and Lois, Mar. i, 1814. 

.d) .:, 



BRYANT, Sophia Maria Louisa Josephine, d. ^.I.artin and 
Sophia [Sophia, written in pencil], Oct. 7, 1027. 

William Henry [Henry, written in pencil] Harriso)i, s. Martin 
and Sophia [Sophia, written in pencil], Mar. 20, 1826. 

BULLMID, Ellen T. [dup. R.], d. Rev. E. [dup. Edwin] B. 
and Ellen H. [dup. omits H.] of Eurman Empire, May 5, 
18-^3, near Corey's Factory. 

BURR, Edson Warren, s. Simeon and Anna, Oct. 29, 1831, 

in Wren t ham. 
Sanford Smith, s. Simeon and Anna, Oct. — , 1839. 

CAIN, George Henry, s. Edward, laborer (b. Ireland), and 
Joanna (b. Ireland), Mar. 16, 1849. 

C.APEN, Augustus White, s. Charles and Olive Maria, Nov. 

30, 1838. [[h. Frances 0.] G.R.9.] 

Caroline [ ], w. David E. [Oct. — , 1791]. G.R.9. 

Caroline Louisa, ch. David E. and Caroline, Oct. 25, 1839. 
Charles, s. DaAdd and Anna, Feb. 9, 1811. [[h, Olive M] 

David Esq. [h. Anna, h. Phcbe, h. Tryphena (Clark)], 

[1778]. G.R.Q. 
David Edson, ch. David and Anna, Feb. 18, 18 14. [[h. 

Caroline] o.R.9.] 
Edson, s. Da\ad and Anna, Feb. 18, 1814. 
Ella Maria, d. Charles, bonnet presser, and Olive W. (b. 

Mansfield), Aug. 9, 1S48. 

Frances O. [ ], w. Augustus W., July 2, 1834. G.R.9. 

Haniet Anna, d. David E., bonnet presser, and Caroline, 

Oct. 3, 1844, in Central Village. 
Horace (soe Horrncc). 

Horatio, ch. David and Anna, Nov. i, 1806. 
Horrace, s. Wilham and Ann, bp. Oct. 22, 1809. c.R.r. 
James, ch. David and Anna [s. William and Ann, c.r.i.], 

Dec. 9, 1808. 
Mary Anna, ch. David E. and Caroline, Sept. iS, 1841. 

[Mary Ann, ch. David Edson and Carohne, Sept. 13, 


Olive M. [ ], w. Charles, [181 5]. G.R.9. 

Oliver [h. Mary (Morse)], May 20, 1773. 

William, ch. David and Anna, Nov. 24, 1804. 

William Clark, s. William and Ann, bp. Oct. 22, 1S09. c.R.i. 

• , s. W[illia]m and Sophronia, Aug. 26, 1S32.J 

.d) >' 


CAPRON, Mary Frances, d. \Vill[ia]m, manufacturer, and 

Sarah F., Mar. 22, 1845, i^ Central Village, 
Sally (see Sally French). 

CAREY (see Gary). 

CARPENTER. Achsch, d. Ezra and Mary (second w.) [dup. 

Molly C], Dec. 22, 1803. [Achsa [dup. Achsah], d. 

Ezra and Mary, c.R.i.] [Achsah [ch. Ezra and Mary] [\v. 

Isaac Tiffany], p.r.iS.] 
Albert, ch, James and Nancy, Apr. 11,1822. 
Anna Louisa, d. Oliver and Ann P., Oct. 19, 1841. 
Arson, s. Peter and Esther, Dec. 5, 181 1. 
Antoinette Frances, ch. Daniels and A.bigail, May 31, 1S37. 

[ch. Daniels and Abigail (Payson),' v.'. J. E-'Bartlett, 

Arthur Worth'ng'on, s. Thacher B. [Bird, p.r.i.], trader, and 

Susan P., May 2, 1S45, in Central Village. 
Asenath, d. Neheiniah Jr. and Anna, July 27, 17S5. 

Asenath, d. N cheniiah Jr. and Anne, . 

Augustus Jioiies, cli. ^\ iCiam and 3.[eriani E., Mar. 23, 1S41, in 

Petersburg, Va. 
Betty, d. Dea. [dup. omits iJea.] Nehemiah and Elizabeth, 

Dec. 21, 1754. 
Calvin, s, Linus and Louisa, Aug. iS, 1S33. 
Caroline, d. James and Nancy, JNIay iS, 1S13. 
Charles Louis, ch. Linus and Louisa, Apr. 21, 1842. 
Cynthea [dup. Sinthe], d. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] Nehemiah 

and Sarah (second w.), Aug. 19, 1774. 
Daniel, s. Ezra and INIary (second w.) [dup. Polly], I\Iar. 13, 

1705. [Daniels, h. Abigail (Payson), r.R.17.] [Daniels [ch. 

Ezra and Mary], p.r.i 8.] 
Daniels Gardner, ch. Daniels and Abigail [(Payson) p.R.iy.], 

Oct. 3, 1821. 
David, ch. Ezra Jr. and Eliza, Jan. 6, 1S30. 
Dennis Sanford, s. James Jr., carpenter (b. Mansfield), and 

Harriet (b. Sharon), Dec. 26, 1849. 
Edmond, s. Peter and Esther, Oct. 14, 1809. 
Edmund Peter, ch. Peter T. and Anne, June 6, 1829. 
Edson, s. Peter and Esther, Dec. 5, 1S02. 
Edwin Walcott, ch. Thacher B. and Susan P., Apr. 21, 1S41. 
Eleanor Francis, ch. Francis and Roxey, Apr. 2S, 182S. 
Eliza Ann, d. Ezra Jr. and Eliza, Mar. 11, 1S34. 
Elizabeth JL, w. V/illiam P. Shepard, Aug. 26, 1830. G.R.9. 
Emcline, d. James and Nancy, Mar. 16, iSii. 


Carpenter, Emma Eliza, d. Thacher B.. trader, and Susnn E., 

Sept. 28, 1847. [ch. Thacher Bird and Susan, Oct. 7, p.r.i.] 
Emory, twin s. Peter and Esther, Jan. 7, 1818. 
Erastus Payson, ch. Daniels and Abigail, Nov. 23, 1S22. 

[h. Catherine E. (Kerr), ch. Daniels and Abigail (Payson), 

Esther, d. Dea. Nehemiah and Elizabeth [dup. [w. Nathaniel 

Clavk Jr.]], Mar. 4, 1766. [ch. Nehemiah and Elizabeth 

(Sweet) [w. Nathaniel Clark], p.e.i.] [vvid. Nathaniel 

Clark 2d, P.R.3.] 
Esther, twin d. Peter and Esther, Jan. 7, 1818. 
Esther Euphemia, ch. Peter T. and Anne, Mar. 16, 1824. 
Ezra [dur». [h. Margaret (Daniels)]], s. Dea. [second du]<. 

emits Dea.] Nehemiah and Eliza])eth, Mar. 21, 1753. 
Ezra Jr. [dup. on)its Jr.], s. Ezra and Mary (second w.) [dup 

Marey], Nov. 7, iSoi. [Ezra, s. Ezra and Polly, c.r.i.] 

[Ezra ]i-, [ch. Ezra and Mary], p.r.iS.] 
Ezra Gardner, ch. Ezra Jr. and EHza, Mar. 23, 1842. 
Francis [dup. Francies], s. Ezra and Mary (second w.) [dup. 

Polly], Jane 24, 1793. [Francies [ch. Ezra and Mary], 

Francis, brother of Capt. Daniels [June — , 18 13]. P.R.4. 
Francis Augustus, s. Edson, merchant, and Sarah R., May 26, 

1843, ^^^ Centre, 
Gardner Anderson, s. Erastus P., merchant, and Catherine E., 

Nov. 22, 3.844, in Central Village. 
George Anson, s. Preston and Nancy, Oct. 21, 1S25. 
George F., Aug. 4, 1S26. g.r.q. 
George Shaw, s. Linus, bonnet presscr, and Louisa, July 19, 

1845, in Central Village. 
George Stratton, ch. Jedcdiah and Hannah, , in 

Batestown, N.J. 
FLenry Preston, s. Preston and Nancy, Dec. 16, 1823. 
Herman [dup. Herraon], s. John and Sukey, June i, 1798. 
Horace, s. Linus, bonnet presser, and Louisa S. [dup. omits 

S.], Apr. 22, 1848. 
Isaac Pratt, ch. Linus and Louisa, May 29, 1836. 
Isaac Pratt, s. Linus and Louisa, bp. May 24, 1840. c.r.i. 
Isaac Warren, s. James and Harriet, bp. June 16, 1S39. 


James, s. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] [Capt., c.r.i.] Nehemiah 

and Elizabeth, July 26, 1768. 
James, s. Ezra and Margaret [dup. Margeret] [[Margaret] 

P.R.18.], Apr. 30, 17S5. 

,.3 anhodSBO 



Cakpentek, James Jr.. ch. Ja-05 r.nd Nancy, [rec. 

between ch. b. July 3. 1S15. ar.a cli. b. Apr. 11, 1S22]. 

JameSj s. Nehemiah Jr. and Anne. . 

James Edson, ch. Ed'son and Sar.ih R.. Jan. 30, 1S29. 
James Edson, s. Edson and Sarah R.. bp. Mar.^29, 1S35. c.r.i. 
James Oliver, s. Oliver, merchant, and Ann P., Tan. 8, 184S. 
James Southwick, ch. Jedediah and Hannah, , in 

Sm-ithiieid, R.I. 
John [dup. [h. Su];ey mrastov.-'^;!. s. Dea. [second duD. omits 

Dca.] Nehemiah and Elizabeth, Apr. 25, 1763. 
John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], s. John and Sukey, Dec. 4, 1704. 
John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], s. John and Sukey [dup. Susanna], 

July 24, iSoo. 
John Tyler, s. Tyler and Betsey. Aug. 30 [dup. crossed out, 

Aug. 31], 1827. 
John Tyler, s. Tyler and Betsey, bp". Nov. 16, 1834. c.r.i. 
Joseph Warren, s. Preston and Nancy, Oct. 27, 1828. 
Julia Maria, d. Albert, farmer, and Mary E. (b. Chester, 

Windsor Co., Vt.), :Jay r, 1S40. 
Laura Annah, ch. Nehemiah and Laura (second w.\ Jan. 21, 

Laura Louisa, ch. Nehemiah and Laura (second w.), Aug. 8, 


Lewis Allen, s. Francis and Roxey, ]\ray 10, 1S32. 

Linus [dup. Lynus], s. Pecter [dup. Peter] and Esther, Jan. 30, 

Linus Emmons, ch. Linus and Louisa, Oct. 10, 1830. 
Linus Emmons, s. Linus and Louisa, bp. :May 24, 1840. c.r.i. 
Lois Augusta, ch. Nehemiah and Laura (-second w.V May 21, 


Lucy M. [ ], w. Linus E., [1824]. r.R.3. 

Marcus Storey, ch. Francis and Roxev, Jan. 4, 1S22. 

Martha, twin d. Francis and Roxey, Aug. 20, 1S3S. 

Martha Ann, ch. James and Nancy, Mar. 29, 1827. [w. John 

J. Coburn, G.R.9.] 
Martha Ann, d. Maj. James, bp. Apr. — , 1828. c.r.i. 
Martha Ann, ch. Peter T. and Anne, July 8, 1837. 
Martha Elizabeth, ch. James and Nancy, Jan. 11, 1S29. 

[Martha Elizebeth, d. Maj. James and'Nancy, c.r.i.] 
Mary, twin d. Francis and Roxey, Aug. 20, 1S3S. 
Mary Abigail, ch. Daniels and Abigail, May "24, 1S24. [w. 

Samuel Dana Prescott, p.R.7.] [ch. Daniels and Abigail 

(Payson), w. S. Dana Prescott, r.R.17.] 
Mary Frances, d. Oliver, merchant, and Ann P., May 21, 

[dup. Nov. 22], 1S44, in Central Village. 


Carpentej^, Mary Louisa, cb. Nehemiah and Laura (second 

v;.), May 79, 1S35. 
Mary ralmer, ch. Edson and Sarah. R., May 21, 1838. 
Mary Palmer, d. Edson and Sarah R. [dup. crossed out, J., 

omits R.], bp. June 9 [dup. crossed out, June 30], 1S39. 


Martha (see Patty). 

3>Jancy, d. Ezra and Margaret [dup. [w, Joseph Paine]], June 

[second dup, Jan.] 3, 17S1. [Jan. 3, r.R.iS.] 
Nancy, ch. Ezra and Peggy, bp. Aug. 16, 1801. c.R.i. 
Nancy Mariah, ch. James and Nancy, Feb. 16, 1824. 
Nehemiah, Dea. [h. Elizabeth (Sweet), h. Sarah Hartshorn], 

'•'The first settler in this Village about 1750," Oct. 20, 

1731, in Attleborough. g.r.i. 
Nehemiah jr. [dup. omits Jr., second dup. [h. Anne (Daniels)]], 

s. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] Nehemiah and Elizabeth, Aug. 

9 [dap. Aug. 2], 1760. 
Nehemiah, s. Peter and Esther, Nov. 15, 1794. 
Olircr, 3. James and Nancy, July 3, 1815. 
Oi-haii;'. Kingman, d. James and Harriet, bp. [Oct. 31], 1844. 


Olis Sanford, s. Ezra Jr. and Eliza, Oct. 7, 1S39. [[Oct. 7, 

1838] P.R.4.] 
Patty, d. Ezra and IMargaret, June 24, 1787. [Martha, ch. 

Ezra and IMargaret (Daniels), w. Stephen Pvhoades, p.r.i.] 
Peggy [dup. Pegge], d. Ezra and Margaret [dup. Margetretj, 

May 13, 1783. [Peggy [ch. Ezra and Margaret], p.R.18.] 
Peggy, ch. Ezra and Peggy, bp. Aug. 16, 1801. c.R.i. 
Peter [dup. [h. Esther (Belcher)]], s. Dea. [second dup. omits 

Dea.] Nehemiah and Elizabeth, Sept. 24, 1771. 
Peter Thaclicr [dup. fb. Anne (Bird)]], s. Peter and Esther, Apr. 

22, 1706. [[h. Anna Bird] G.R.9.] 
Polly, d. Ezra and -SLary (second w.) [dup. Polly, second dup. 

[w. Fisher Hartshorn]], Dec. 20, 1796. [[ch. Ezra and 

Mary] p.R.18.] 
Preston, s. Peter and Esther, Tvlar. 13, 179S. 
Rachel, d. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] Nehemiah and Elizabeth, 

Jan. 31, 1757. 
Richard, s. Peter and Esther, Aug. 13, 1807. 
Richard St:'i)hen, ch. Preston and Nancy, Dec. 8, 1832 [dup. 

1833, sic]. 
Sally Eliza, ch. Ezra Jr. and Eliza, Mar. 4, 1827. 
Sanford, ch. Francis and Roxey, Mar. i, 1820. [Mar. 3 [?], 



Carpenter, Sarah Derby, d. Preston and Nancy, Sept. [dan. 

Dec. sic] 13, 1S30. 
Sarah Tsnbei, d. Edson and Sarah R., Dec. 12, 1S33. 
Sarah Jane. ch. Francis and Roxey, Sept. 25, 1824. 
Sary Ann, cb. [edediah and Kannah, , in Sraithfield, 

Susan [diip. Siikey], d. John and Suke)-, Aug. 19, 1796. 
Susan, ch. Ezra Jr. and Eliza, Ivtar. 11, 1828. 
Susan Almira, ch. Daniels and Abij^aii, Jan. 21, 1S20. [Suson 

Almirfi, ch. Daniels and Abigail (Payson), p.R.17.] 
Susan Samanlha, d. Ezra Jr. and Eliza, IMar. 11, 1832. 
Thacher, s. Peter T. and Ann [dup. Anne], May 19, 1S18. 
Thatcher Bird, ch. Peter T. and Anne. June 19, 1819. 

(Thacher B. [h. Susan P. (Fulier)j, G.R.9.] 
Thomas Williams, s, Edson and Sarah R., Oct. 30, 1835. 
Tyler, s. Peter [dup. Feeter] and Esther, Is'ov. 19, iSoo. 
Warren, s. James and Nancy, bp. Oct. 19, 1S17. c.r.i. 
Willaid, ch. Peter T. and Anne, June 28, 1S21. 
Willard Mason, ch. Peter T. and Anne, Feb. 26, 1826. 
Wiilard Mason, ch. Peter T, and Anne, July 9, 1835. 
William, s. Peter and Esther, July 2, 1815. 
William Frederick, ch. Peter T. and Anne, July i, 1841. 
William Harrison, ch. William and jNIeriam E., Apr. 14, 183S. 
— , "Children'"' Ezcra and -^lar}' (second w.), bp. July 16, 

1797. C.R.I. 

[ ], w. Ezra [Aug. — , 1803]. r.R.4. 

, d. Eleanor, Oct. 31, 1849. 

CARROLL, Amanda Leland, ch. Joseph Jr. and Lemira, Feb. 

9, 1839. 
Anna Frances, ch. Joseph Jr. and Lemira, Aug. 14, 1842. 

GARY (see Corey, Cory), Charles, ch. Otis and Mary Dodge, 

Mar. 7, 1842. 
George, s. Otis, iron founder, and Mary D. [Dodge, p.r.i.], 

Feb. 15, 1844, in southerly part. 
Hannah Wales, ch. Otis and Mary Dodge, Jan. 5, 1S40. 
John, ch. Olis and Mary Dodge, Mar. 20, 1836. 
Mary Ann, ch. Otis and Mary Dodge, Aug. 15, 1831, in 

Sarah Thomas, ch. Otis and ]Mary Dodge, Apr. 25, 1834. 

CHAMBERLAIN (sec Chamberlin), Leonard, , 1S05. 

Lewis L. [h. Chloe F. (Swift)], , 1S25. G.R.9. 


CB.AMBERLIN (see Chamberlain), Eleanor Frances, d. Leon- 
ard, laborer, and Lydia, Oct/g, 1844. 
Ilolman, [twin] s. Leonard, laborer^ and Lydia, May 11, 1S47. 
Homer, [twin] s. Leonard, laborer, and Lydia, May 11, 1S47. 

CHILDS, Edson T.hayer, s. Col. Childs and w., bp. Sept. 25, 

iSlI. C.E.I. 

Hannaii, d. Amos and Mehitable [July — , 1833]. G.R.9. 
CLAFLIN, Lydia M., d. Le\-i and Hannah [June — , 1830]. 

CLAP (see Clapp), Harriet, w. Lepreiitc Morse, , 1800. 


C-LAPP (see Clap), Adela Bartlett, d. Thomas, fnrm'^r, and 

Ar.rilla, .Feb. 7, 1S47. 
Albert Warren, s. Nathaniel and Olive, Oct. 18, ;iS.^2. 
Alrnira Belcher, d. Tho[n-iajS, farmer (b, Sharon), and Aurelia 

(b. Sumner, Oxford Co., Me.), Oct. 28, 1S48. 
Ann Eliza, d. Nathaniel and Olive, Aug. 25, 1S29. 
Ascnath [dap. Assenah Clap], ch. William and Marv, Anr. 16, 

AurcL'a Eoyden, d. Thomas, farmer, and Aurelia A., Dec. 5, 

Caroline, ch. Reuben and Roxana, Feb. 27, 1826. 
Edwin Herbert, s, Nathaniel and Olive, Apr. 6, 1S43. 
Edwin Herbert, s. Nath[anie]l, farmer, and Olive, Jan. 23, 

Ellis, ch. Reuben and Roxana, Feb. 26, 1S31. 

Esther [w. Swift I'ay:en Lsq.j, , 1746. 

George Henry, s. Nathaniel and Ohve, May 25, 1838, . , --" 

Harvey, s. Natlianiel and Olive, Mar. 20, 1S27. 

James [dup. Clap], ch. William and !Mary, Feb. 10, 1792. 

Lucinda, ch. Thomas and Jemima, , 180S. 

Lucy [dup. Clap], ch. William and Mary, Aug. 29, 1790. 
M'dvy Louisa, d. Nathaniel and Olive, Nov. 4, 1S40. 
Mehetibel [dup. iMehetable Clap], ch. William and ]Mary, 

Aug. 31, 1785. 
Nathaniel, ch. Thomas and Jemima [dup. [h. Olive (Clark)]], 

Mny 7, 1802. 
Olive [dup. Clap], ch. Thomas and Jemim.a, June 7, 1792. 
Polly, ch. William and ^lary, June 10, 1782, in Sharon. 
Reuben [dup. Ruben Clap], ch. Thomas and Jemima, Nov. 20, 


.2 -53' 


Clapp, Sally [dup. Salley Clap], ch. Thomas and Jemima, 
Jan. 30, iSoo. [Sally Ciapp, w. Asa Page, Jan. 30, 1S02, 

Seth [dup. Clap], ch. William and Mary, Aug. 15, 17SS. 

Sibbil [dup. Clap], ch. Thomas and Jemima, May 26, 1795. 

Warren, ch. Reuben and Roxana, July 27, 1S23. 

WiJliam, ch. William and Mai-y, Dec. 20, 17S3, in Sharon. 

CLARK (see Clarke), Abigail, d. William and Hannah, 

Oct. iS, 1774. [w. Phillips Payson, G.R.9. P.R.3.] 
Abigail, d. Hosea and Hcpzibah, Oct. 10, 1791. 
Abigail Pratt, ch. Nathan and Nancy, May 18, 1S09. 
Alvan Waterman, s. Nathan, laborer (h. Easton), and Hannah 

(b. Freeman, Franklin Co., Me.), Nov. iS, 1S49. 
Anna [dup. Clerk], ch. William and Hannah, Aug. 9, 1783. 
Elias, ch. Etheridge [Ethridge [dup. Etherege], c.r.i.] and 

Olive, Aug. 24, 1S05, 
Elizabeth [w. OHver Pettcc], Nov. 20, 1761. 
Emma Lucella, d, W[illia]m P., baker, and Cynthia (b. 

StcrHng), Oct. 20, 1848. 
Esther, ch. Nathaniel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Esther, May 9, 

Esther, d. Nathaniel and Esther, bp. June iS, iSoi. c.r.i. 
Etheridge [h. Olive (Richardson)], Mar. 4, 17&S. 
Etheridge Jr. [dup. Ethridge, omits jr.], s. Etheridge [dup. 

Ethridge] and Olive, jN'ay 21, 1795. 
Ethridge, ch. Ethridge and OHve, bp. Aug. 18, iSoi. c.r.i. 
Everett, s. Thacher and Trulove, Oct. 20, 1797 [dup. 1798]. 
Hannah [dup. Clerk], d. William and liannah, Aug. 26, 1781. 

[Clark, C.R.I.] 
Hannah [dup. Clerk], d. Thacher and Trulove [dup. Truelove], 

Nov. 30 [second dup. Nov. 13J, 1789. 
Harriet Maria, d. Will[ia]m P., bonnet presser, and Cynthia, 

Aug. 26, 1844, in E. Foxboro. 
Harvey, s. Etheridge and OHve, May 30, iSoi. [Hervey, 

ch. Ethridge and Olive, c.r.i.] 
Harmon, ch. Elkanah and Cjmtha, Aug. 20, 1802. 
Horatio, ch. Nathaniel Jr. [dup, omits Jr.] and Esther, Jan. 5, 

Hosea, ch. Hosea and Hepzibah, Alar. 27, 1707. 
James R.ussel [dup. Clerk], ch. William and Hannah, Dec. 

24, 1788. [Clark, c.r.i.] 
Jane Warren, ch. Elkanah and Cyntha [dup. Svntha], June 7, 

Jemima, d. William and Hannoh, May 15, 1773. 

<l) i, 


Clark, Joseph Hcvres, s. Thacher and Trulovc, Oct. 19, 

1792, "Moved to Wreiitham." 
Laura, d. Elkanah and Cynthia [dup. Cyntha], Apr. 23, 1S04. 
Lewis, s. Likanah and Cynthe [dup. Cyntha], July i, iSoi. 
Lois, d. Thacher and Trulove, jNIar. 24, iSoi. 
Lucctta, ch. Hosca and Hepzibah, Nov. 19, 1802. 
Luther, s. Elkanah and Syntha [dup. Cyntha], Jan. 25; 1796. 
Mfjria, ch. Nathan and Nancy, A]jr. 27, 1S07. 
Mary, d. William and Hannah, Feb. 28, 1778. 
Mary, ch. Rosea and Hcpzibah, Nov. 29, 1794. 
Mary Adelaide, d. Wil'iam P., bonnet presser, and Cynthia, 

Feb. 14, 1S46. 
Nancy White, d. Nathan and Nancy, Dec. 5, 1S04. 
Nathan, ch. Nath[aniell], bp. Sept. 14 [1781]. c.r.i. 
Nathan Geo[rge] Harrisson [dup, Harrison], ch. Nathan and 

Nancy, Dec. 19, iSii. 
Nathaniel, Dea. [h. Mary (Conant)], Oct. 8; 1733. 
Nathaniel 3d, ch. Nathaniel Jr. and Esther, Oct. 28, iSoi. 

[Nalhanael, s. Nathanael Jr. and Esther, c.R.i.] 
Nehemiah, s. Elkanah and Syntha [dup. Cyntha], Oct. 20, 

Olive Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], d. Etheridge and Olive [dup. [w. 

Nathaniel Clapp]], June 15, 1S07. [Olive, d. Ethrige and 

Olive. c.R.i.j 
Otis, ch. Etheridge [dup. Ethridge] and Olive, Sept. 16, 1797. 
Payson, s. Elkanah and Syntha [dup. Cyntha], May 28, 1707. 
Rowcjia [dup. Roena], d. William and Hannah, ]May 30, 1793. 
Sally, d. Thacher (Clak) and Trulove, Aug. 26, 1794. 
Schuyler, s. Tliacher and Trulove, Oct. i, 1799. 
Scyler, s. Thacher and Trulove, Sept. 28, iSoo. 
Stillman Jackson, ch. Nathan and Nancy, Jan. 11, 1S15. 

Thacher [h. Trulove (Hev.-cs)], , 1766. 

Thacher Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], s. Thacher and Trulove, Sept. 23 

[dup. Sept. 26], 1796. 
Trulove, d. Thacher and Trulove, July 21, 1791. 
Tryphcna, ch. Nathaniel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Esther, 

May 29, 1792. [\v. David Capen, G.R.9.] 
Virginia Delator, d. Thacher and Trulove [dup. [w. Otis 

Hodges]], July 28, 1S04. 
William [dup. Clerk], ch. William and Flannah, Oct. 17, 1785. 
WilHani. ch. Hosca and Hcpzibah, Aug. 31, 1810. 
, s. Nathaniel and Esther, bp. June iS, 1801. c.R.i. 

CLARKE (see Clark), Edwin Winchell, ch. Ethridge Jr. and 
Abagail, July 7, 1S22. 


Cl.\rke, Mary Louisa, cb. Ethridge jr, and Abagail, Jan. 4, 

CLEWLBY, Walton, s. Isaac and Abiah, June 30, 1785. 

COEB, Fanny, d. Ebenezer and Polly, Nov. 23, 1808, 
Nancy, d. Ebenezer and Folly, July 25, 1S07. 
Nancy Juliet, d. William H.', manufacturer (b. Wrentham), 
and Nancy J., June i, 1848. 

COLE, Frank Willard, s. Charles, blacksmith, and Maria, Oct. 
9, 1S4S, in Central Village. 

COMEE (see Comcy), Aaron, ch. Benjamin and Ruthe, 

Nov. 13, 1785. 
Aaron, s. Oliver and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], July 15, 1789. 
AaronLowell [dup. Lov/ill], ch. Aaron and Charlotte, Dec. 10, 

Adaline, twin d. Willard and Celia (second w.), Aug. 31, 1825. 
Albert, twin s. Willard and Celia (second w.), Aug. 31, 1825. 
Ann Llariah, ch. John Jr. and Hannah, Sept. 24, 1826. 
Benjamin [h. Ruthe (Trov/)], Julv 5, ^7^S, in Lexington. 
Betsy [dup. Petty], d. John jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Betty, 

Aug. 26, 1784. 
Betty, ch. John Jr. and Betty, bp. Aug. 17, 1794. C.R.i. 
Charles, s. Oliver and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Apr. 9, 1807. 
Charlotte Bates, ch. Aaron and Charlotte, May 19, iSiS. 
Chester Holbrook, ch. John Jr. and Hannah, Feb. 22, 1S32. 
Chloe Sabrina, ch. Aaron and Charlotte, Nov. 10, 1827. 
Clarissa, ch. John Jr. and Betty, bp. Aug. 17, 1704. c.R.i. 
Clarisy [dup. Claracy], d. John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Betty, 

May 29, 1783. 
Elbridge Carpenter, s. Thacher and I\Lary, Sept. 23, 1S36. 
Eliza, d. Oliver and Elizaljcth [dup. [w. Abijah Fales [of] 

Walpole]], Apr. 27, 1791. 
Elvira Cordelia, ch. Aaron and Charlotte, Aug. 9, 1S30. 
Esther, d. John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Betty [dup. Betsey] 

[ch. John Jr. and Betty, c.R.i.], ]\Lir. 6, 1794. 
Eunice, d. John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Betty [dup. Betsey], 

June 6, 1792. 
Eunice (see Unice). 
George Anson [dup. Antson], s. Lyman and Nancy, Apr. 7, 

George Preston, ch. John Jr. and Hanrah, Mar. 30, 1825. 
Hannah Robinson, ch. John Jr. and Hannah, Mar. 31, 1830. 
Henry Thacher, ch. Thacher and Mary, Apr. 30, 1S27. 


CoMEE, James Allen, s. Thaclier and Mary, Mar. 22, 1831. 
James Munroe, ch. Spencer and Polly, Mar. 29, 1829. [James 

Monroe Comey, c.R.i.j 
Jaso)i, s. Oliver and Elizabeth [dup. Eliza], Oct. 4, iSoo. 
Jason, ch. Jason and Tryphena, Sept. 8, 183 1. [Cumey, [ch.] 

Jason and Triphene, c.r.i.] 
Jerusha, ch. Oliver Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Keziah, Mar. 24, 

181 7. 
John 3d [dup. omits 3d], s. John Jr. and Betty [dup. Betsey] 

[Betty, C.R.I.], Apr. i, 179S. 
John Franklin, ch. John Jr. and Hannah, Mar. 10, 1837. 
Joseph, ch. Jason and Tryphena, May 18, 1835. [tomey, 

bp. Mar. i, sic, c.r.i.] 
Julia Ann, d. Oliver Jr. and Keziah, Mar. 12, 1815. 
Laura Amanda, ch. Oliver Jr. and Keziah, Sept. 26, 1S26. 
Louisa, d. Oliver Jr. and Kezia [dup. Keziah],' Jan. 25, 1813. 
Lowell, s, Aaron and Charlotte, Jan. 24, 1814. 
Lyman, s. Oliver and Elizabeth [dup. [h. Nancy (Fisher)]], 

Aug. 6, 1793. 
Lyman [Lyman, written in pencil], ch. Oliver and Olive, 

bp. Nov. 10, 1816. C.R.I. 
Lyman Fisher, s. Lyman and Nancy, Aug. 20, 1S14. 
Martha Leonard, ch. Oliver Jr. and Keziah, Jan. 27, 1820. 
Mary, ch. Oliver Jr. and Keziah, Mar. 22, 1822. 
Mary Esther, ch. Willard and Esther, June 2, 1S23. 
Mira [dup. iNIire], d. Oliver and Elizabeth [dup. Eliza], Dec. 8, 

Mira [Mira, written in pencil], ch. Oliver and Olive, bp. 

Nov. 10, 1816, C.R.I. 

Nabby, d. John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Betty [dup. Betsey], 

Aug. 9, 1790. 
Naljby, ch. John Jr. and Betty, bp. Aug. 17, 1794. cr.i. 
Nabby, d. John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Betty [dup. Betsey], 

Mar. I, 1797. 
Nancy, d. Benjamin and Ruth [dup. Ruthe] [second dup. 

[w. Milton Stratton]], Apr. 8, 1787. 
Nancy Maria, ch. Aaron and Charlotte, Feb. 11, 1S24. 
Oliver Jr. [dup. Olive sic Come, omits Jr.], s. Oliver [dup. 

Olive, sic] and Elizabeth [dup. Elezabeth], Oct. 23, 17S8. 
Oliver Edson, ch. Oliver Jr. and Keziah, Apr. 8, 1830. 
Oman, s. Capt. Oliver and Elizabeth, July 31 [dup. July 30], 

Otis, ch. Benjamin and Ruthe, Aug. 12, 1791. 
Otis, s. Oliver and Elizabeth [dup. [Eliza]], Feb. 3, 1805. 


CoilEE, Otis, ch. Oliver and Olive, bp. Nov. 10, 1816. c.R.i. 

Prudence, d. Oliver [and] EJizabeth, July 7, 179S. 

Ruth [dup. Ruthe], d. Benjamin and Ruth [dup. Ruthe], 

Mar. 17, 1790, 
Sanford Erastus, ch. Spencer and Polly, Mar. 5, 1S26. 

[Comey, c.R.i.] 
Spencer [dup. Spenser Come], s. John Jr. and Betty [dup. 

Elesabeth] [second dup. [h. Pollv (Leonard)]], Apr. 2, 

Spencer, ch. John Jr. and Betty, bp. Aug. 17, 1794. c.k.i. 
Spencer Augustus, s. Spencer and Polly, Nov. 19, 1S32. 

[Com_ey, C.R.i.j 
Spencer Augustus, s. Spencer and Polly, Aug. 27, 1S34. 

[Comey, c.k.i.] 
Susan Daniels, ch. Jason and Tryphena, July 16, 1827. 
Thachcr, s. John Jr. [dup, omits Jr.] and Betty [dup. Betsey], 

Mar. 22, 17SS. 
Tbacher, ch. Oliver and Olive, bp. Nov. 10, 1S16. c.r.i. 
Thatcher, ch. John Jr. and Betty, bp. Aug. 17, 1794. c.r.i. 
Thomas Hayden, s. Aaron and Charlotte, July 30, 1833. 
Unice, ch. John Jr. and Betty, bp. Aug. 17, 1794. c.r.i. 
Vodisa Jane, d. John Jr. and Hannah, Dec. 30, 1842. 
Warren Gardner, ch. Spencer and PoUy, Sept. 15, 1821. 
Willard, s. Oliver and Elizabeth, ]Mar. 26, 1796. 
W[iliia]m Skinner, ch. Aaron and Charlotte, Sept. 30, 1S20. 

COMEY (see Comee), Amanda Francis, d. Oliver Jr. and 

Kcziah, bp. Nov. 16, iS^4. c.r.i. 
Charles Berry, s, Charles and ^Martha M., INIay 12, 1836. 
Charles Berry, s. Ch-arlcs and , bp. June i.^, 1F40. 


Charles ZMelvin, s. George A., housewright, and Lydia F., 

Sept. 11, 1S46, in Central Village. 

Charlotte [ ], w. Aaron, [1791]- P.R.i. 

Daniels, [ch.] Jason and Triphene, bp. June 17, 1S32. C.R.i. 

Elizabeth [ ], w. Oliver, [1767]. p.R.i. 

Erastus Fisher, s. Lyman F. and Harriet N., May 16, 1842. 
George Anson, s. George Anson, housewright, and L}'dia 

(Fisher), Sept. 9, 1S44, in Central Village. [George A. 

Jr., P.R.I.] 
George Otis, s. Geo[rge] A., carpenter, and Lydia F., Nov. 17, 

Harriet Elizabeth, d. Lyman F. and Harriot N., ]Mar. 23, 1S3S. 
Henry Harrison, s. Charles and , bp. , 1841. c.r.i. 

^>C'.( .ts 


CoMEY, Lewis Edgar, s. Lyman F., laborer, and Lydia, Sept. 

12, 1844, in Central Village. 
Martha Leonard, d. Oliver Jr. and Keziah, bp. Nov. i6, 

1834. C.R.I. 
Mary, d. Oliver Jr. and Keziah, bp. Nov. 16, 1834. c.r.i. 
Mary Angcline, d. Sanford, trader, and Mary A. (b. Boston), 

Sept. 27, 1848. 
Olive Alvina, d. Lyman F., laborer, and Lydia, Aug. 17, 1847. 
Oliver Edson, s. Ohver Jr. and Keziah, bp. Nov. 16, 1S34. 


Otis WilHams, s. Charles and Martha, bp. Sept. 3, 1837. 


Sarah Annah, d. George A. and Lydia F., Feb. 2, 1843. 

[Sarah Anna, c.r.i.] 
Su[san], [ch.] Jason and Triphene, bp. June 17, 1832. c.r.i. 
Warren Wesley, g. Lyman F. and Harriet N.., Jan. 20, 1840. 

CQ'NAliT, Mary [w. Dea. Nathaniel Clark], May 8, 1738. 

COOK, Caroline Jane, d. Silas, laborer (b. Cumberland, R.I.) 

and Joanna (b. Bellingham), Apr. 4, 1849. 
Charles Reuben, s. Reuben S., shoe maker (b. Cumberland, 

rrov[idence] Co., R.I.), and Rachel (b, Burrellsville, 

l^rov[idcnce] Co., R.I.), Oct. 19, 1S49. 
George, s. Jacob and Hannah, May 12, 1768. 
Hannah, d. Jacob and Hannah, Dec. 15. 1760. 
Jacob Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], s. Jacob and Hannah, Sept.' 2, 1766. 
Lois [dup. Louis], d. Jacol) and Hannah, July 15, 1773. 
Molly, d. Jacob and Hannah, Jan. 12, 1765. 
Sa'ly, d. Jacob and JTiinriali [dup. Rachel], Jan. 13, 1777. 
Sally, ch, Jacob and Ester (third w.), bp. Aug. 13, 17S5. 


COPELAND, Abigail Jinks, ch. Okes and Polly, Mar. 28, 1824. 

Ephraira Martin, s. Martin and Alira, Feb. 20, 1838. 

George, s. Okes and Polly, Sept. 21, 1817. 

Joseph, s. Okes and Polly, Nov. 12, 1819. 

Joshua Wood, ch. Okes and Polly, Jan. 12, 1829. 

Lydia Townsend, ch. Okes and Polly, Sept. 6, 1826. 

Mary, ch, Okes and Polly, Nov. 19, 1821. ^- .,, \, 

Otis, ch. Okes and Polly, Dec. 18, 1S30. " " , 

Simon Pettee, ch. Okes and Polly, Dec. 9, 1835. 

ThomaSj ch. Okes and Polly, Oct. 12, 1833. 

Thomas, ch. Okes and Polly, Oct. 13, 1S38. . ,. • • 



CORBIN, , s. Otis, factory operative (b. Dudley), and 

Nancy (b. Dudley), Oct. 10, 1849. 

COREY (see Gary, Cory), Ann Elizabeth, d. Joseph S., 

teamster, and Pamelia A., iVlav 4 [dup. ^lay 5], 1843. 
James Leonard, s. Leonard and Adah, jNIay 12, 1S17. S. [dup. Carey], ch. Leonard and Adah, Feb. 22, 1S16. 

CORY (see Cary, Corey), Amanda FitsLind, ch. John and 
Nancy, Nov. 2, 1S26. [Corey, d. John and Anna, c.r.i.] 
Anna ]\lilcs, ch. John and Nancy, Apr. 30, 1S38. 
IMary ]'\.ralvina, ch. John and Nancy, Dec. 19, 1821. [Corey, 


COWELL, Kiram Augustus, s. Joseph, wheelwright, and 
Emily, Jan. 17, 3845, in W. Foxboro. 

CREIGHTON. CaroUne Elizabeth, d. John C, harness 
maker (b. England), and Eliza (b. Canadaj, Aug. 27. 

CROSBY, Mary, w. David Hewes, , 1S02. G.R.9. 

CROSMAN (see Crossman), Llisa M., d. Seth and Sally, 

[1815]. G.R.I. 

CROSSMAN (see, Sally, w. Seth, • U'^'^l 

G.R.I. [Sarah M., mother of Eliza, [1780], P.R.3.] 

CURTIS, Caroline Sabrina, d. Austin and Polly, Apr. 4. 1S35. 
Ellen Augusta, d. Austin and Polly, Apr. 15, 1S41. 
Polly Ann, d. Austin and Polly, Apr. 10, 1833. 

Rcbekah [ ], v. Theophifus, [1771]- G.R.5. 

Samuel Edwin, s. Austin and Polly, Feb. 4, 1839. 
Tin"iOt])y Au-lin, 3. Austin aiid Poll}-, Feb. 19, 1837. 

DANDY, Mary Ann, d. William, laborer (b. England), and 
Ann (b. Ireland), Jan. 14, 1S49. 

DANIELS, Albert James, s. Lewis G., farmer, and Sarah A., 

Oct. 13, 1S46. * 
Almira, ch. James Jr. and Lydia, June 17, 1826. 
Anne [dup. Anna Daniell], d. Francis and Kezia [dup. Keziah, 

second dup. [w. Nehemioh Carpenter Jr.]], ]Mar. 27, 1763. 

[Anna Daniels, ch. Francois and Ke-ia (Rockwell; of 

FraukliiU 1'.r.t7.] 
Anne [dup. Anna], d. Jnmes and Elizabeth (second w.) [dup. 

Eli.sabeth], Mar. 3, iSii. [.'\nna, c.r.i.] 


Daniels, Benjamin, ch. James Jr. and Lydia, Mar. 3, 1S25. 

Chloe (Daniel), d. James and Naama [dup Naamahj, Dec, 31, 

Elizabeth [/ m.], [i77^]- v.v..i. 

Elizabeth, d. James and Elizabeth (second w.), July 15, 1S07. 

ElizabctJi, ch, James Jr. and Lydia, jNIay 29, 1831. 

Francis [h. Kezia (Rcckwood)], , 1723, in Xormandy. 

[Francois, h. Kezia (Rockwell) of Franklin, June 2c, in 
Norniand}-, France, p.R.iy.] 

James [dup. Daniell, second dup. [h. Naamali (Guild).]], s. 
Francis and Kezia [dup. Keziah], Aug. 10, 1 761. [Diunels, 
ch, Francois and Kezia (Rockwell) of Franklin, p.R.xy.j 

James, s. James and Naamah [dup. Naama], Nov. o, lygS. 

James Francis, ch. James Jr. and Lydia, July 31, 1S39. 

Jemima, d. James and Naamah [dup. Naama], Nov. i, 1794. 

John Perrigo, s. Lewis G,, farmer, and Sarah, Sept. 20, 1S44. 

Junia [dup. Daniell], d. Francis and Kezia [dup. Keziah], Aug. 
17, 1767. [Daniels, ch. Francois and Kezia (Rockvrell) 
of Franklin, P.R.17.] 

Lewis Gay, s. James and Elizabeth (second v;.), Sept. 16, 
iSoo. [Louis Gay Danieis, c.n.i.] 

Levv'iri Shepard, 3. Lewis G. and Sarah Adam.r: (second w.), May 
19, 1S41. 

Margarctt [dup. Daniell, second dup, ^largaret], d. Francis 
and Kezia [dup. Keziah, second dup. [\v. Ezra Carpenter]], 
Mar. 5 [second dup. Mar. 15], 1757, [Margaret Daniels, 
ch. Francois and Kezia (Rockwell) of Franklin, r.R.17.] 

Mary [dup. Daniel], d. Francis and Kezia [dup. Keziah], Sept. 
27, 1759. [Daniels, ch. Francois and Kezia (Rockwell) of 
Franklin, , 1760, p.r.i/.] [[Daniels] [w. Ezra Car- 
penter] Sept. 27, 1760, p.r.iS.] 

Naamah, ch. James Jr. and Lydia, Jan. 23, 1828. 

Susanna [dup, Danicli], d. Francis and Kezia [dup. K.eziah], 
Apr. I, 1769. [Susannah Daniels, ch, Francois and 
Kezia (Rockwell) of Franklin, p.r.i 7.] 

Tryphene, d, James and Naamah [dup. Namah], Dec. i^;, 

DASSANCE, Albert Shubael, s. Shubael P., boot maker, and 

Eliza F., Oct. i, 1S47. 
Betsy, ch. ^NLarlin and Elizabeth, Apr, iS, 1793. 

Caroline F. H. [ ], w. Shubael P. [Feb. — , 1S44I. G.K.9. 

Charlotte F, [ ] [w. Martin], Feb. 21, 1821. g'.r.5. 

Daniel, ch. -Nlartin and Elizabeth, July 25, 17S9, 


Dassance, Dominic, ch. Martin and Elizabeth [dup. [h. Anna 

(Field)]], Mar. 31, 1787. 

Eliza F. [ ], w. Shubael P. fjunc — , 1S21]. G.R.9. 

Harriet, ch. Dominic and Anna, Feb. 6, iSii. 

Harriet Frances, d. Martin, boot maker, and Charlotte F., 

Nov. 5, 1S47. 
Julia, cii. Dominic and Anna, Ang. 6, 1S15. 
Martin, ch. Dominic and Anna, Dec. 15, 1S17. [[h. Charlotte 

F.] G.R.5.] 
Olive, ch. Dominic and Anna, Feb. 10, 1S22. [w. .Silas Gay, 

Shubael Pratt, ch. Dominic and Anna, Apr. 13, 1S25. 
William Albert, s. Shubael P., boot maker, and Eliza F. (b. 

Ta\mton), i\Jar. 29, 1S49. 

DAVIS, Walter "A Native of Ircland<|"|rj4c,K, #^^^i-So6]. 
G.R.5. -A.V-^«Ll?'/f 0:-vj?^l> 

DAVOLj Lucy M. [ ], w. Edward G., Oct. 14, 1S41. 

Mary, d. Joseph Bowen and Mary L., Oct. 2, 1832. 

DAY, Annie L. [ ], w. William, Apr. iS, 1S34. G.R.9. 

T^enjamin, s. Joseph and Elizabeth, Sept. 10, 1779. 

Drvid, s. Joseph and Elizabeth, July 30, 1793. 

David, s. Joseph and Eli.Tcbcth, bp. Aug. 3, 1794- c.r.i, 

Elizabeth [dup. Elezabeth], d. Joseph and Elizabeth [dup. 

Eiezabeth], July 6, 17S7. 
Jeremiah, s. Joseph and Elizabeth, June 5, 1790. 
Jeremiah, s. Joseph and Elizebeth, bp. June 10, 1701. c.R.i. 
Joseph Jr. [dup. omit^ Jr.], s. Josci)h and Elizabeth [dup. 

Elisabath], Oct. i, 1777. 
Polly, d. Joseph and Elizabeth [dup. Elezabeth], Nov. 13, 

Rebeca, d. Joseph and Elizebeth, bp. July 0, 179S. C.r.i. 
Rebeckah [dup.'Rebcccah], d. Joseph and Elizabeth, July ^o, 

Sally, d. Joseph and Elizabeth, Oct. 12, 17S1. 
Samuel, s. Joseph and Elizabeth [dup. Elezabeth], Aug. 6, 

1783. „p,. ,, 

Sam[ue]ll, ch. Joseph, bp. Aug. 2, 17S5. c.r.i. 

DEAN (see Dcane), Asahel [h. Harriet H. (Sumner)], Sept. 19, 

181 1. [Deane, G.k.o.J 
Asahel Sumner, ch. Asahel and Harriet H., Mar. 31, 1S37. 




Dean, Asahel Sumner, s. Asahel and Harriet, bp. June 17, 

1838. C.R.I. 

Cliarles Abijah, s. Abijah C. and Emeline, Feb. 6, 1841. 
Harriet Louisa, d. Asahel and Harriet, bp. Mar. 17, 1S39. 


Harriet Louisa, ch. Asahel and Harriet H., Nov. i, 1S40. 
Henry Augustus, ch. Asahel and Harriet H., May 3, 1S42. 
Herbert Francis, s. Abijah C. and Emnlinc, June 25, 183S. 
Herbert Francis, s. Abijah and Emeline, bp. Aug. 9, 1840. 


Isabella Cehnda, d. Charles M., farmer, and Cclinda \V. of 

Rehoboth, Sept. 20, 1846. 
Lucy Anna, d. Asahel, farmci (b. Norton), and Lucy H. (b. 

Sharon), July 26, 1S49. 
Marcus Edgar, s. Asahel, farmer, and Lucy IL, Sept. 14, 1S47. 
. M^ary Aiigu-na, d. Otis, shoe maker (b. Rayn-ham),* i iid 

Augusta (b. lioston), Sept. 17, 1S4S. 

DEANE (see Dean), Harriet Emma [dup. Dean], d. Abijah 
C, manufacturer, and Emeline, Dec. 12, 1844. [Dean, 


Harriet H. [ ], w. Asahel, Jan. 10, 1813. G.R.9. 

Mary Skinner, d. Asahel, manufacturer, ard Harri;,-t H., Nov. 

19, 1844, in E. Foxboro. [Dean, c.R.i.j [Dean, ch. 

Asahel and liannah (Sumner), Nov. 14, p.r.i.] 
Merton ()., s. Otis and Augusta [Aug. — , 1841]. G.R.4. 

DEXTER, Rhoda [ w. John ^lorse], Dec. 23, 1779. 

DICKERIvlAN, — , s. James, laborer, and Sally of Wren- 

tharn, Dec. 24, 1S4S. 

DOOLITTLS, Alfred Scv.-all, s. Allen C, factory operative, 

and Orra, Aug. 25, 1S45, in Cory Fac[tur]y Village. 
Allen [ch. Joseph Chilson and Lorena (Dunham)], Apr. 16, 

1812 [? in Conn.]. p.R.12. 
Allen Chilson [h. Orra (Hodges)] [ch. Joseph Chilson and 

Lorena (Dunham)], ^lay 13, 1S17 [in Ik'rlin, Conn.] p.R.12. 
George Whit.eheld [ch. Joseph Chilson and Lorena (Dunham)], 

Feb. 8, 18x6 [? in Conn.]. p.R.12. 
Joseph Chilson [of Conn.] [h. Lorena (Dunham)], Apr. 11, 

1793 [? in Conn.]. p.R.12. 
Martha Azuba [ch. Joseph Chilson and Lorena (Dunham)l, 

A})r. 20, 1822 [? in Conn.]. p.R.12. 
Mary [ch. Joseph Chilson and Lorena (Dunham)], Nov. 9, 

1819 [? in Conn.]. p.R.12. 


DooLiTTi.E, Sari'.h Billings [ch. Allen Chilton and OiTa (Hod- 
ges)], Mar, 19, 1S40. P.R.T2. 

William Dunham [ch. Joseph C'liilson and Lorena (Dunham)], 
Nov. 20, 1S22 [? in Conn.]. p.R.12. 

[d. Allen Chilson and Orra (Hodges)], Jan. 25, 1844. 


DIUKE, Abigail Priscilla, twin d. Abraham H. and Priscilia. 

Juiic 17, 1838. 
Benjamin Russell, s. Abraham H., carpenter (b. Easton), and 

Priscilla B. (b. Easton), 2.1ar. 11, iH.:\q. 
David Washington, ?. Comfort D. and Emeline, .^.I'jr. 2, 1875. 
Kannah Rosllia, twin d. Abraham H. and Priscilla, June 17, 


Polly [ ]. w. Benjamin, 'i?"^?]- G.F.4. 

Thomas J. W.', [1803!. G.R.4.' 

DREY/. Betsey Anna, d. Lysandcr, boot maker, and :\Iary j. 
of Wrentharn, Nov. 22, 1846. 

DRISCOLL, John, s. Michael, ware dresser (b. Ireland), and 
Margaret (b. Ireland), Oct. 14, 1S40. 

DUKB/iR, Ann Eliza, d. Bernard P., bonnet prcsser, and 

Eliza, Aug. -19, 1S4&, in Central Village. 

Betsey [ j, w. Ebenczer, Mar. 33. 1794. 0.1^.4. 

Charles, Apr. zg, 1830. G.R.4. 

Ebenezer [h. Betsey] [Nov. -7-, 17SSI, G.R.4. 

, s. Bernard T., butcher, and Eliza II., June 16, 1S45. 

, s. Charles L., carpenter, and Margaret R., Apr. 24, 

1846, in South Fac[tor]y Village. 

DUNIMM, Lorena [v/. Joseph Chilson Doolittle], Aug. 27, 1791 
[? in Conn.]. r.R.i:^ 

DURFEE, Jane [ ], w. Peleg, [iSoo]. r.R.3. 

Warren, [182 1]. G.R.5. 

EDDY, Almira F. [? m.], , 1829. G.R.9. 

Herbert Philander, s. Philander, factory operative, and Mary, 

Dec. 2, 1844, in E. Foxboro. 
Philander [Feb. — , 1820]. G.R.5. 

ELIOT (sec Elliot), Caroline, ch. Joel and Mary, Apr. 15, 
iSii, in Cambridge. 

Charles Edwin, ch. Joel and Mary, Jan. 16, 1S13, in Cam- 




Eliot, Hannah, ch. Joel and Mary, May 20, 1815, in Cam- 
Joel Augustus, ch. Joel and >\Iary, Oct. 7, 1819. , , ; ; 

Joseph, ch. Joel and Mary, Jan. i, 1807, in Cambridge. 
Mary Joanna, ch. Joel and Alary, Dec. 5, 1S05, in Cambridge. 
Nancy Maria, ch. Joel and Mary, Oct. 26, 1S21. 
Sarah Eliza, ch. Joel and Mary, Apr. 10, 1S09, in Cambridge. 
Timothy, s. Joel and Mary, Oct. 12, 1S17. 

ELLIOT (see Eliot), Joel [h. Mary], [1776]. G.R.9. 

Mary [ ], w. Joel, [1783]. G.R.9. 

EVANS. Hannah [w. John Sumner Jr.], Nov. 28, 1770. 

EVERST (see Everett), Zibr, s. Aaron and Cloa (second w.), 
bp. Apr. 17, 1799. C.R.I. 

EVERETT (see Everet), Aaron Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], s. Aaron 

and Abigail, July 3, 1781. [Everitt, c.r.i.] 
Abigail, d. Aaron and Abigail, Sept. 28, 1775, ^^ Alendon. 
Abigail, d. Joseph and Abigail, Jan. 3, 1S03. [Abigal, c.R.i.j 
Abigail, d. Metcalf and Fanny, Mar. 25, 1S07. 

Abigail, ch. John and Abigail, . 

Abijah Pond, ch. Daniel and Clarisy (second w.), Aug. 10, 

Alexander (see Elcxander). 
Alexander Koutousoff [dup. Koutosoff], s. Metcalf and Fanny, 

Mar. 17, 1815. 
Betsy [dup. Betsey], d. Joseph and Abigail, Sept. 8, 1795. 
Betsy, d. Joseph and Abigail, Sept. 19, 1S16. 
Chloe, d. Aaron and Chloc (second w.), June i, 17S7. [Cloa 

[dup. Everet], d. Aaron and Cloa (second w.) [dup. bp. 

Apr. 15 sic], C.R.I.] 
Cyrus [dup. Curus], s. Joseph and Abigail, Nov. 25, iSoo. 

[Cyrus, C.R.I.] 

Cyrus, ch. John and Abigail, . 

Daniel [dup. [h. Sally (Mann)]], s. [Dea., c.r.i.] Aaron and 

Abigail, June i, 17S3. 
Edmund" Tyler, s. Daniel and Clarissa [dup. Clarisy (second 

w.)], May 25, 1812. 
Eleanor [dup. Elcnor] Ware, d. ^Metcalf and Fanny, Mar. 26, 

Elexandcr, s. Daniel and Clarisy (second w.), Dec. 10, 1S22. 
Eliza, d. Joseph and Aliigail, Jan. 9, 170Q. 
Eliza Meriah, ch. Daniel and Clarisy (second w.), June 21, 




,CT .guA ,(.V. 

,Vftaft'i hiir. l 

.OJCl ,^t .vo 


E\TRETT, Eunice, d. Jes-e [dup. (Everitt)] and Eunice, Dec. 

6, 1796. 
Eunice [dup. Unicc] Guild, d. Aaron and Eunice (third w.) 

[dup. Unice], Nov. 2, 1792. [Unice Evcret, d. Aaron and 
. tlnice (third w.), c.ii.i.j 
Fanny Shepard [dup. Everitt], d. ;^[ctca!l [dup. Medcalf] and 

Fanny, Dec. i, iSoi. 

George, s. Joseph and Keziah, June 2, 17S0. 

George, s. jOs.irjh and Abigail, Nov. 2, 1793. 

George, ch. Joseph and Abigail, bp. Aug. iS, iSoi. c.r.i. 

Harriet, ch. Marcus and Jemima, Feb. 12, 1799, "Moved to 

Harriet Ednah, ch. Metcalf and Fanny, June 9, 1821. 
Horace, ch. John and jMelatiah (second v,-.), July iS, 1779. 

[Horris Everitt, c.r.t.] 
James, twin s. Jesse [dup. (Everitt)] and Eunice, June 11, 

Jane, twin d. Jesse [dup. (Everitt)] and Eunice, June 11, 1S07. 
Joanna, d. Aaron and Abigail. Nov. 30, 1777. in ]\Iendon. 
John i\Ietca]f, s. Metcalf and Fanny, Mar. 16, 1S03. 

John Isicholson, ch. John and Abigail, . 

Joseph Caswell, s.' Joseph and Abigail, Aug. 23, 1706. 
Joseph Caswell, ch. Joseph and Abigail, bp. Aug. iS, iSoi. 


Laura, ch. j^Jetcalf and Fanny, July 10, 1S09. ' • ■ 

jMarcus, s. Aaron and Abigail, Feb. 20, 1772, in ^Slendon. 
]\Ielatiah, [twin] ch. John and Melatiah (second w.), June 24, 

Tkleletiah, tvrin s. John M., farmer, and Elizabeth M. (b. 

Ashby), June 20, 1S.1.S. 
Metcalf, [twin] ch. John and JMelatiah (second w.), June 24, 

Metcalf, twin s. John ]\E, farmer, and Elizabeth M. (b. 

Ashby), June 20, 1S4S. 
Nancy, d. Jesse [dup. (Everitt)] and Eunice, Dec. 10. iSc2. 
Nancy, d. Jcssee and Unicc, bp. Oct. 12. iSoo. c.r.i. 
Nancy Shaw, d. Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] ^letcalf and Fanny, 

June 17, 1S17. 
Nathaniel [dup. Nathanael] Ware, 3. Joseph and Abigail, 

Nov. iS, iSio. 
Samuel Baldwin [dup. omits Baldwin], s. Joseph and Abigail 

[dup. Abagail], Sept. iS, 1S13. 
Samuel Holbrook, s. Aaron and Abigail, Oct. 5, 1773, in 

Mendun, . , . . ,,. . ^ ,^. 

,:!<>; I //; 


E\'ERETT, Samuel Ilclbrook, s. Capt. fdup. omits Capt.] Dam'el 

and Clarissa [dup, Clarisy (second w.)], Jan. 23, 1S15. 
Sarah Hewes, d. Jesse (E\eritt) and Eunice, Sept. 3, 1794. 
Sarah Mann, d. Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] Daniel and Clarisy 

[dup. (second w.)], Jan. 17, i8xS. 
Tryphcne, d. Kichard and Catharine [dup. Catv], Nov. 2, 

Tyler, s. Aaion and Chloe (second w.), Jan. 14, 1790. [Tilor 

Everet, s. Aaron and Cloa (second w.), c.r.i.] 
Vvllliam, ch. Joseph and Abigail, [rcc. lifter ch. b. 

Sept. 10, 1S16]. 
, s. Metcah" and Fanny, Oct. 7, 1813. 

FAIRBAIUCS, Le^vis, [1S20]. p.R.4. 

FALES, Abijah [of] Walpole [h. Eliza (Comee)], :May iS, 17SS. 

Abijah, ch. Aijijoh and Eliza, Xov. 9, 1S20. 

Abner, ch. Abijah and Eliza, July 5, 1827. 

Charlotte Amanda, d. Alfred, bonnet manufacturer, and 

Charlotte N., Sept. 22, 1S47, i^'^ Central Village. 
Eliza Maria, ch. Abijah and Eliza, Mar. 6, 1814, [in] Walpole. 
El'zabeth Eelcher, ch. Abijah and Eliza, Sept. 25, 1822. 
Ellis Copeland, s. Ellis C, cabinet maker (b. Templeton), and 

Mary J. (b, Middleboro), June 14, 1849. 
Emily Comcc, ch. Abijah and Eliza, Apr. 26, 1817, [in] 

Temple ion. 
Hannah Lemira, ch. iVlvan and Hannah D., Aug. 7, 1837. 
Vioiette L. [ ], \v. Henry E., [1840]. G.ii.6'. 

FARRINGTOK, Ackseh [dup. .A-xchy], ch. Eliphalett [dup. 

Eipalet] and Jemima, Oct. 30, 1794. 
Dolly Ware, ch. Eliphalett and Jemima, [rec. before 

ch. b. Apr. 19, 1797]. 
Elijah, ch. Eliphalett and Jemima, [rec. before ch. 

b. Apr. 19, 1797]. 
Frederic, ch. Eliphalett and Jemima, [rec. before ch. 

b. Apr. 19, 1797]. 
Harriot [dup. Farington], ch. Eliphalett and Jemima [dup. d. 

Eliphlet and Jamima], Mar. 27, 1803. 
IcJiabod [dup. Ichabad], ch. Eliphalett [dup. Eliphalet] and 

Jemima, Apr. 19, 1797. 
John. ch. Eliphalett and Jemima, [rec. before ch. b. 

Apr. 19, 1797]. 
Otis [dup. Fariiigton], ch. Elii>halett and Jemima [dup. s. 

Eliphlet and Jamima], Apr. 16, 1800. ■ \ 

iv.lil] .f 

.>^,-f n.,,1 ..^^ 


Farrington, Otis, ch. Ellpha'.ett and Jemima, [rcc, 

between ch. b. Oct. 30, 1794, and ch. b. Apr. 10, 1707]. 

FELCH, John Henry Hobcrt (see John Henry Hobart Fitch). 

FENSOM, Tames Washington, s. , Oct. i, 1S43, in S. 


FIELD. Anna [w. Dominic Dassance], Apr. - — , 1788. 
William Augustus, s. Emeline, Oct. 2, 1844. 

FIKH, Mary, [1S30]. p.R.3. 

FISHER, Albert Gardner, s. Charles, bonnet presser, and 

Maria L., Aug. 9, 1S47. 
Anson, ch. Rodolphus and Hannah, May 24, 183T. 
Arnou, ch. Ebenezer and Sally, ■ — [rec. after ch. b. Jan. iS, 

Betsy [dup. Betsey] Curtis, ch. Plina [dup. Plyne] and Betsy, 
July II, 1S05. 

Charles [);. Maria L. (Freeman)], , 1820. g.r.q. 

Charles jvlellen, s. Charles, farmer, and Maria L., Feb. 16, 

1845, in Central A^ilkige. 

Cynt.he, th. Ebenezer and Sally, [rec. after ch. b. 

Jan. 18, 1704]. 
Frederic Amos, s. John J. G., hoe-maker, and Mary, May 26, 

1846. [Frederick A., f.r.s.] 

Handel P. [ch. John J. G. and Mary], Oct. 28, 1S44. p.R.5. 
Hannah Joan, ch. Rodolphus and Hannah, Dec. 7, 1828. 
John H. [h. Anna R. (Hewins)] [ch. John J. G. and IMary], 

Jan. 2S, 1837. P.R.5. 
John J. G., h. Mary [(Morse)] [Oct. — , 181 2]. p.r,5. 
Kendall, s. Darius and Su.sanna, I\Iay 10, 1799. 
Hilary Jan.e, ch. Rodolphus and Hannah, Apr. 2, 1S30. 
Messinger [dup. Messenger], s. Ebenezer (Fasher) and Sally, 

Jan. 18, 1794. 
Sally, ch. Ebenezer and Sally, [rec. after ch. b. Jan. 18, 

Sophia Maria, ch. Rodolphus and Hannah, Oct. 8, 183S. 
Zadok [dup. Zadock] Ho\vc, ch. Plina and Betsy [dup. s. 

Plinny and Betsey], Dec. i, 181 2. 

FITCH, John Henry Hobart [dup. John Henry Hobert 
Fclch], s. Walton and Lydia, May 3, 181S. 

FLETCHER, Mary Adelia,d. Staples and Mary, Feb. 21, 1823. 

bn'i ,i»«ri$iq I 


FOORD (see Ford), Betsy, d. Harvey and Lydia, Aug. 26, 

Edson Warren, ch. Harvey and Lydia, Nov. n, 1S26. 
Harriot, ch. Harvey and Lydia, Dec. 13, iSio. 
John Sewell, s. Harvey and Lydia, July 18, 1S30. 
Lydia Ann, d. Harvey and Lydia, Apr. 18, 1S54. 
Lyman, ch. Harvey and Lydia, Oct. 9, 1814, in Pembroke. 

[Ford, Cii.o.] 
William Harvey, ch. Harvey and Lydia, Nov. 27, 1S21. 

FORD (see Foord), Harvey [h. Lydia (Shepardson)], Jan. 13, 

1787. G.K.9. 
Mary Evelina, d. Lyman, blacksmith, and jAIary S., Apr. 21, 

FOKEST (see Forrist), Calvin, ch. Ebenezer and Hannah, 

bp. Aug. 17, 1794. c.R.i. 
Hannah, ch. Ebenezer and xL-innah, bp. Aug. 17, 1794- 


Sophia, ch. Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. Aug. 17, 1794. c.r.i. 
Susana, ch. Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. Aug. 17, 1794. c.R.i. 

FORRIST (see Forest), Adison Pratt, ch. Calvin and :»:ary, 

Dec. 20, 1S16. 
Albert Emory, s. Emory and Harriet P., Apr. 27, 1S39. 

Amos [h. Lydia (Petlee)], , 1764. 

Amos, ch. Samuel and Charlotte [dup. Charlottec], Mar. 14, 

Betsy [dup. Betsey], d. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] Ebenezer and 

PLannah, Dec. 2, 1797. 
BcLsy Whitacar, ch. Samuel and Charlotte, Apr. 23, iSoi. 
Calvin, s. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] Ebenezer and Hannah, 

June 2, 1792. 
Calvin, ch. Calvin and Marv, Oct. 9, iSiS. 
Caroline Matilda, ch. Martin Clare and Prudence While, 

Dec. 22, 1S3S. 
Charles Allen, ch. Calvin and ALiry (second w.), Sept. 5, 

Charlotte [dup. Charlottee], ch. Samuel and Charlotte [dup. 

Charlottec], Dec. 23, 1790. 
Cordelia Frances, d. Martin C, machinist, and Prudence W., 

T\Lay 20, i8.J3, in Central \'illagc. 
Ebenezer Sumner, s. Dea. [dup. and second dun. omit Dea.] 

Ebenezer and Hannah [dup. Hanah], June 7, iSoi. 

[Forrest, s. Ebene.^.er (Forrist) and Hannah, c.R.i.] 

JT .fii 



FOKRIST, Edmund Allen, s. Calvin and (second w.), bp. 

Jan. 6, 1845. c.R.i. 
Edward Francis, s. Emory, bonnet prcsser, and Ellen M., 

Jime 29, 1S46, in Central Village. 
Emeiine Prudence, tvdn ch. Martin Clare and Prudence 

White, Jan. 4, 1828, in Franklin. 
Emily Jane, tv/in ch. jMartin Clare and Prudence White, Jan. 4, 

1828, in Frankl-'n. 
Emory, s. Dea. [dup. omits Dca.] Ebenezer and Flannah, 

Sept. 7, iSii. 
Fanny, ch. Samuel and Charlotte [dup. Charlottec], Feb, ig, 

Frederic Dunbar, s. Emory and Harriet P., ;>.Jay 7, 1S37, in 

Taunton. [Frederick Dunbar Forrest, s. Emery and 

• , C.R.I.] 

George Calvin, ch. Calvin and M/iry (second w.), Sept. 22, 

Hannah, d. Dea. [dup. oniits Dea.] Ebenezer and Hannah, 

Feb. 26, 1795. 
Hannah Robbius, ch. Samuel Jr. and Hannah, Aug. 31, 1818. 

[Forist, C.R.I.] 
Harriet Amanda, d. Emory [Emery, c.R.i.], bonnet pre^^er, and 

Harriet P., Aug. 14, 1S43, in Central Village. 
Harriet Ellen, d. Emory, bonnet, and Ellen ]M. (b. 

Wal})olc), Sept. 23, 1849. 
Harriet Emma, d. George C, bonnet presser, and Sarah I. 

(b. Mansfield), Aug. 20, 1849. 
Laura Ware, ch. Samuel and Charlotte, xA-pr. 6, 1804. 
Martin Clair, ch. Samuel and Charlotte [dup. Charlottee], 

Sept. 12, 1799. 
Mary Augusta, d. Calvin and (second w.), bp. Jan. 

6, 1845. c.n.T. 
Mary Goddard [dup. Godard], ch. Samuel Jr. and Hannah, 

Mar. 12, 1 8 14. 
Mary Goddard, ch. Samuel and Hannah, bp. Sept. — , 1S16. 


Permelia [dup. Forrest], d. Dea. Ebenezer [dup. Ebenazer, 

omits Dea.] and Hannah, Aug. 29, 1S06. [Pamela 

Forrist, d. Ebenezer and Hannah, c.R.i.] 
Sally [dup. Forist], d. Dea. Ebenezer [du]). Ebonezar, omits 

Dea.] and Hannali. July 6, 1S04. [Forrist [dup. Forist], 

d. Ebenezer and Hannah, c.R.i.] 
Samuel Jr. [dup. 3d. second dup. [h. Hannah (Robbins)]], ch. 

Samuel and Charlotte [dup. Charlottee], Aug. 27, 17SS. 

nt ,-'■■':' 

.(j) .!^ a-jJ( 

.1 d.-,i/5?. brt/; .Ta' 


FoPJRiST, Samuel Otis, ch. SamueJ Jr. [diip. omits Jr.] [Samuel, 

C.E.I.] and Hannah, Apr. 6, 1816. 
Sophia, d. Dca, [dup. omits Dea.] Ebenezer and Hannah 

[second dup. [v/. Simon Pettee Jr. J], Oct. 6, 1789. 
Susanna [dup, Forrest], d. Dea. [dup. omits I)ea.] Ebenezer 

and Hannah, Apr. 14, 17S7. 

FOSTER, Daniel R., s. Perez, manufacturer, and Hannah, 

June 4, 1843, in southerly part. 
Fanny P'Jizabeth, d. Peres and Harriot, ^lar. 29, 1829. 
Henrietta, d. Dr. James W. (b. Southbridge) and Harriet D. 

(b. Attleboro), July 14, 1840. 
Henry Walcutt, s. Dr. James W. and Harriet D.. May 27, 

Jane Frances, ch. Dr. James W. and Harriet D., Jan. 22, 1S41. 

FREEMAN, Asenath [dup. Assenah], d. James and Rachel, 

Aug. 17, 1789. 
Caroline Elizabeth, ch. George W. and Louiza [Louisa, G.K.9.], 

Apr. 7, 1S36, in Prov|idence], R.I. 

Catharine [v/. Geor^'e Stratronl, , 1755. 

Charles, ch. Ebenezer T. [dup. Ebenezar, omits T.] and Polly, 

Apr. 15, i8co. 
Ebenezer Tyler [dup. omits Tyler], s. James and Rachel, Mar. 

15, 1781. 
Edward Mason, ch. George W. and Louiza, June 12, 1838. 

Ella L. (see Freeman). 

Fanny, d. James and Rachel, ^lay 25, 17S4. 

George Henry, ch. George W. and Louiza, Aug. 8, 1S26, in 

James Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], s. James and Rachel, Apr. 10, 17S2. 
James Enjicis, ch. George W. and Louiza, Oct. 0, 1S33. 

Lucy Ann [ ], w. Geurge H. [Xov. — , 1S25]. g.r.o. 

Maria, ch. Ebenezer T. [dup. Ebenezar, omits T.] and Polly, 

Sept. 25, 1802. 

Maria L., w. Charles Fisher, , 1822. G.R.9. 

Nancy, d. James and Rachel, Feb. 10, 17S6. 

Polly, d. James and Rachel, July 27, 1793. 

Rachel, d. James and Rachel, Feb. 22, 17SS. 

Sally, d. James and Rachel, Oct. 2, 1791. 

Sarah Hawes, ch. George \V. and Louiza, Oct. 19, 1S30, in 

■ , d. George II., moulder (b. Franklin), and Lucia A. 

(b. Braintree), Dec. 3, 1S49. [Ella L., d. George H. and 

Lucy A., G.R.9.] 

. -H^i ,M 

>^>>. o 


FRENCH, Louisa, ch, Thomas and Sally, [1833]. p.R.3. 

[ch. Thomas and Sally (Cayjron), Aug. 31, 1832 [Pin 

Attleborough], p.r.ii.] 
Maria, Sept. 12, 1S24 [? in Attleborough]. [Alariah, 

[twin] ch. Thomas and Sally (Capron), p.r.ii.] 
Mary [ ], w. Tho[ma]s, Nov. 5, 1760 [? in Foxboro]. 


Mary, ch. Tho[ina]s, Feb. 12, 1785 f? in Foxboro]. 

Mary, Sept. 12, 1824 [Pin Attleborough]. [[twin] 
ch. Thomas and Sally (Capron),] 

Mercy, ch. Tho[ma]s and Mary, Dec. 17, 1792 [? in Fox- 
boro]. P.R.IO. 

Nancy, ch. Tho[nia]3 and Mary, Oct. 29, 17S6. 

Rachel Adelaide, Mar. 18, 1S30 [? in Attleborough]. 
[ch. Thomas and Sally (Capron), p.r.ii.] 

Rachel Amand, Sept. 6, 1S26 [? in Attleborough). 
[Rachel Amanda, ch. Thomas and Sally (Capron), p.r.ii.] 

Sally [ ], w. Thomas, [1794]. R-R-3. [Sally (Ca- 
pron), Apr. 27 [in Attleborough], p.r.ii.] 

Sally, ch. Tho[rna]s and Mary, Dec. 21, 1797 [? in P'oxboro]. 


Sally I'.Iinerva, Oct. 21, 1822 [? in Attleborough]. 
[ch. Thomas and Sally (Capron), w. David Lewis Shepard, 


Tho[mia]s [h. jNlary], Apr. 13, 1760 [? in Foxboro]. 

Tho[ma]s Jr., ch. Tho[ma]s and i\Iary, July 4. 1790 [? in Fox- 
boro]. P.R.IO. 

Tho[ma]s 2nd, ch. Tho[ma]3 and !Mary, Jan. 17, 1795 [•'' ^^ 
Foxboro]. P.R.IO. [h. Sally (Capron) [of xVttleborough], 


FROST, Alvira, d. Antipas and Polly, Jan. 22, 1826. 

FULLER, James, s. Stephen and Lucy, Aug. 14, iSio. 
Susan P., w. Thacher B. Carpenter, July 21, 1S23. G.R.9. 

• , d. Charles C, carpenter, and" Sally 0., Sept. 13, 1S48. 

[This entry crossed out.] 

GANDOLFO, Josephine ]\Ligdalena, d. James, merchant, 

and Abigail of Boston, Oct. 2, 1S45, in W. Foxborough. 
Mary Frances, d. James and Abigail Fl., Sept. 26, iS.j2, 

GAY, Charles Albert, s. Albert C, carriage painter, and 

Almira, Sept. 8, 1845. 
Esther Elizabeth, d. Albert C, carriage maker, and Almira, 

Dec. 22, 1847. 


GEORGE, Charles Henry, s. Thoma? M. and Rcbeca S., 
July 14, 1839. 

Daniel Farnngton, s. Thomas M, and Rebcca S., Aug. 29, 1S31. 

Edward Ihurston, s. Thomas 'M. and Rebeca S., Dec. 17, 

Emily Cov.ell, d. Thomas M. and Rebeca S., June 6, 1838. 

Harriet Adelaide, d. Tho[ma]b M., dealer in lumber, and 
R^ebccca S., Dec. 5, 1S43, in South End. 

James Augustus, s. Thomas M., lumber merchant, and Re- 
becca of iNiansfield, Jan. 9, 1S46, in S. Foxboro. 

R.ebecca Salina, d. Thomas iM. and Rebeca S., June 24, 1833. 

Schuyler Stratton, s. Thomas M. and Rebeca S., Ju'ie 7, 1S36. 

Thomas iSIetcalf, ch. Thomas M. and Rebeca S., May 21, 

Tim.othy Porter, ch. Thonias M. and Rcbeca S., Nov. 30, 

GERRY, James Albert, s. Mrs. Pamelia, bp. July 5, 1840. 


Pamelia Ann, d. Mrs. Pamelia, bp. July 5, 1S40. c.r.t. 

GILBERT, Deborah [ ] H: David] [May— 1773] [? in 

jSlansheld]. P.R.13. 
Hannah Green [ch. David] [w. Joseph V\ arrcn], Feb. 25, 1803 

[in Ivlanslield]. p.R.13. 

GILLOOLEY, , s., laborer (b. Ireland), and 

Celia (b. Ireland) of Easton, Apr. 2, 1S49. [This entry 
crossed out.] 

GILMORE, Edward Herbert, s. George R., bonnet presser, 
and I'.nielinc L., Jan. 3, 1S4S. 

GLINES, Lucy F. [ ], w. Anson V/., Apr. 3, 1829. g.r.s. 

GODFREY, , d. Nelson, bonnet presser (b. Norton), 

and ]Mary E. (b. Medway), Nov. 4, 1849. 

GRAY, Hannah, w. Calvin Sumner, July 19, 178S. G.R.9. 
Mary [ ], w. John, Nov. 27, 1779. G.R.9. 

GROVER, Abigail, ch. Amasa and Eleanor, bp. Aug. 25, 

1816. C.R.I. 

Abigail Ann, d. Amasa and Eleanor, Aug. 16, 1S09. 

Albert Barclay, s. Robert 1>. and :^iary S. [Sept. — , 1S37]. 

Albert Jenkins, ch. Ephraim. and Caroline, June 28, 1S35. 

C^ ./[)>< 

. r .ii,.- ,01.6 



Grover, Alvan Jr., ch. Alvan and Arbela, Sept. 25, 1820, 

Alvin, s. Amasa and Olive, Sept. 8, 179S. 

Alvin, ch. Olive, wid., bp. Oct. 12, 1S06. c.r.i. 

Araa?a [second dup. [h. Eleanor (Pettee)]], s. Amasa and Olive, 

Aug. 9, 17S6. 
Amasa, ch. Olive, wid., bp. Oct. 12, 1806. c.R.i. 
Araasa Ariston, s. Amasa and Eleanor, Apr. 7, 1S18, in Wren- 

Angela, d. Lindol, housewright, and Maria, Zslay 18, 1844, 

in Thread Factory Village. 
Calvin [dup. [h. Rut he (Billings)]], ch. Jabez and Rachel, 

May 6, 17S1. 
Calvin Jr., ch. Calvin and Ruthe, Apr. 2, 1813. 
Calvin 3d, ch. Calvin and Rulhc, Sept. 5, 1S15. 
Calvin, ch. Co.lvin and Ruth, bp. Sept. 22, 1S16. c.R.i. 
Caroline Elizobcth, ch. Ephraini ard Caroline, Dec. 26, 1832, 

in Xev;lon, [Coroline Elizebeth, c.R.i.] 
Catherine Chloc, ch. Lindel and Maria, May 27, 1S26. [This 

entry crossed out.] 
Charles, ch. Amasa and Eleanor, bp. Aug. 25, 1816. c.r.i. 
Charles Pettee, s. Amasa and Eleanor, Dec. 5, iSii, in !Mans- 

Charles William, ch. Charles P. and Emeline C, r.Iay i, 1S3S. 
Coidelia Maria, d. Alvan and Arbeta, bp. Dec. 15, 1S31. 


Cordelia Mariah, d. Alvan and Arbela, ]Mar. 16, 1S26. 
Cynthia Abba, ch. Charles P. and Emeline C, Xov. 7, 1842. 
Eibridge Harrison, "Engineer under Farragut U. S. N.," Nov. 

27, 1839. G.R.9. 
Elizabeth Frances, d. Alvin and , bp. July 5, 184c. 


Elvira Annn, d. Eutlier 3k., farmer, and Almiia ]\I., "^-lay 26, 

Emily, d. Amasa and Eleanor, Oct. 13, 1807. [w. Levi R. 

Hewins, P.R.5.] 
Emily, ch. Amasa and Eleanor, bp. Aug. 25, 1S16. c.r.i. 
Ephraim [h. Caroline (Pettee)], Aug. 8, iSoi, in iNIansfield. 

George [h. Fanny (Stratton)], [1797]- G.R.3. 

George Adelbert Henderson, s. Charles P., clock and watch 

maker, and Emeline, Nov. 26, 1846, in Central Village. 
George Sumner, ch. Lindel and Maria, Sept. 4, 1S27. [T/:is 

entry crossed out.] 
Harriet Amanda Malvina, d. Charles P., clock and watch 

maker, and Emeline C. (b. I*'ranklin), Mar. 23, 1S49. 


•inniJi n'l ,110, ^, 

.Ofc-ii ,(i ■■A,jI .q.j 


G.ROVER, Harriet Lane, ch. Ephraira and Caroline, Aug. 28, 

Jane Ann, ch. Calvin and Ruthe, June 21, 1809. 
Jane Ann, ch. Calvin and Ruth, b'p. Sept. 22, 1816. c.r.i, 
Joanna, ch. Amasa aiid Eleanor, bp. Aug. 25, 1816. c.r.i, 
Joanna Lane, d. Aniasa and Eleanor, Mar. 3, 1814. 
Josephus, 5. Amasa and Eleanor, June 8, 1827. 
Josephus, s. Amasa and Eleanor, bp. Aug. — , 1830. CR.i. 
Luther, s. Amasa and Olive, Mnr. 3, 1S04. 
Luther, ch. Olive, wid., bp. Oct. 12, 1S06. c.r.i. 
Luther Richmond, ch. Luther and -^v., Nov. 10, 1S23. 
Manly, ch. Alvan and Arbela, Apr. 6, 1822. 
Margaret Ann, ch. Charles P. and Emeline C, Jan. 13, 1S41. 
Martha T. [? rn.], June 12, 1799. G.R.9. 
Mary Ann, d. Eph[rai]m and Caroline, bp. May 6, 1S38. 


Mary Ann, ch. Ephraim and Caroline, Dec. 17, 1S3S. 
Mary Augusta, ch. Alvan and Arbela, Dec. 26, 1827. 
Mary Augusta, d. Alvan and Arbeta, bp. Dec. 15, 1S31. C.R.i. 
Mary EHza, d. Erastus, manufacturer, and Caroline, July 21, 

1846, in Central Village. 

Mary S. [ ], w. Robert B. [Aug. — , 1810]. G.R.3. 

Nancy, d, Amasa and Olive, June 3, 1795. 

Nancy, ch. Olive, wid., bp. Oct. 12, 1806. c.r.t. 

Nathan Mann, s. Charles P. and Emeline C, July iS, 1S36. 

Preston, s. Amasa and Olive, Feb. 2, 1791. 

Preston Martin, s. Amasa and Eleanor, Apr. 20, 1822, in 

Preston Martin, s. Amasa and Eleanor, bp. Aug. — , 1S30. 


Reuben Castle, ch. Luther and w., Julv — , 1829. , . • ■, ' -, 
Robert B. [h. .Mary S.] [Tan. — , 1808]. G.R.3. 
Sally, ch. Jabez and Rachel, Mar. 4, 1787. 
Sarah Ann, ch. Willard and Sally, May 27, 1817. 

Sarah E. [ ], w. Edmund, [1803]. G.R.3. 

Susan Eleanor, d. Charles P. and Emeline C, Aug. 12, 1S34. 
Willard, s. Amasa and Olive, Apr. 27, 1789. 
Willard, ch. Olive, wid., bp. Oct. 12, 1806. C.r.i. 
Willard Pratt, ch. Willard and Sally, Sept. 11, 1814. 
William Hervey, ch. Ephraim and Caroline, Feb. 7, 1S2S, in 

, s. Luther R., farmer (b. Taunton), and Almina ^l. (b. 

Dover), Jan. 5, 1849. 

GUILD, Almira Abigail, ch. Freedom and Eliza, Oct. 26, 1S35. 



Guild, Gurus, ch. Elias and Mary, hp. Au;^. — , 1801. c.r.i. 

Gyrus, 5. Elias and ]Mary, Aug. 15, 17S3. 

Cyrus Ecntley, s. Cyrus and Nancy, Sept. 5, 1S14. 

Elias, s. Elias and ^lary, Aug. 27, 1787. 

Elias, cb. Elias and Mary, bp. Aug. — , iSoi. c.r.i. 

Eliza Maria, ch. Ereedom and Eliza, July 18 [? 11], 1822. 

Emily Caro'ine, cli. Erecduni and Eliza, Apr. g, 1829. 

Ereedom [dup. Fredom], s. Elias and Mary, ]\Iar. 29, 1792. 

Freedom, ch. Elias and ^lary, bp. Aug. — , 1801. c.k.i. 

Harriet Parkman, ch. Freedom and Eliza, Feb. 23, 1S25. v 

Joseph, tv;in ch. Freedom and Eliza, Jan. — , 1827. 

Josephine, twin ch. Freedom and Eliza, Jan. — , 1827. 

Julia iNlorton, d. Freedom, farmer, and Eliza, Oct. 21, 1S43, 

in westerly part. 
Mary Ann, d. Cyrus and Nancy, Feb. 25, iSii. 

Nancy [ ], w. John [Feb. — , 1755J. p. 1-3. P.R.4. 

Nancy, d. Cyrus and Nancy, Mar. 2, iSio. 

Polly, d. Elias and Mary, Oct. 29 [dup. Feb. 29, sic], 1795. 

Polly, ch. Ellas and Mary, bp. Aug. — , iSoi. c.r.i. 

Saliey, ch. Elias and ^lary, bp. Aug. — , iSoi. c.r.i. 

Sarah, d. Elias and Mary, j\Iay 22, 17S5. 

Shubacl [dup. Shubal], s. Elias and Mary, Apr. 3, 1790. 

Shubal, ch. Elias and Mary, bp. Aug. — , iSoi. c.r.i. 

HALE, Ruth [dup. Ruthe] [w. Rev. Thomas Williams], ]Mar. 
29, 1788, in Nev/bury. 

HALL, Hannah [w. William Kerr], Aug. 11, 1794. 

HALLOWELL, Emma Priscilla, d. James, shoe maker, and 
Maria N., Mar. 6, 184S. 

HARDON, Susanna [v/. Daniel Saliey], ]Mar. 29, 175S, in ]\lans- 
fickl, Bristol [Co.]. 

HARDY, Ida Isadore, d. Stephen, r[ail]road laborer (b. Troy, 
Orleans Co., Vt.), and Caroline ^l. (b. Winslow, Kennebec 
Co., jNIe.), Oct. 29, 1S49. 

■ , s. Stephen, laborer, and Caroline ]M., Feb. 5, 1S47. 

HARLOW, Charles Phineas, s. Capt. Phineas and ^Liry H., 

May 18, 1836. 
Polly, ch. Ebenezer, w. Col. Alpheus Bird, Aug, 7, 1795, in 

Sharon. r.R.i. 

HARTSHORN, Betsy [dup. Betsey], d. Silas and Betsy [dup. 
Betsey], Sept. 25, 1796. 

, r; ; ' r 

. -^irZi ,?< 

•^^■^y ,1 

-?j:fA/ v.\ 


H^VRTSHCKN, Clara cy [dup. Clarisy], d. Jesse and Jemima, Sept. 
II, 1800. 

David Thomas, s. Fisher and Poliy, May 9, 1837. 

Eunice [dup. Unice], ch. Jeremiah and Rebeccah [dup. 
Rebcckahl, Sept. 5, 1786. 

Eunice (see Unice). 

Fisher, s. Jesse [dup. Jessce] and Jemima [second dup. [h. 
Polly (Carpenter)]], i^.iar. 11, 1795. 

J'ishc)- Emmons, s. Fisher and Polly, Nov. 24, 1S26. 

Flora Coraline, d. Geo[rge], boot maker (b. Franklin), and 
Seraphina D., Nov. 26, 1848. 

Fredciic Mortimore, s. Samuel and Mary, Aug. 16, 1S16. 

George Walter, s. Cco[rgCj, boot maker, and Seraphina D., 
July 10, 1846. 

Hervey [dup. Harv}-], s. Jeremiah and Rebeckah [dup. Rebec- 
cah], l\Iay 25 fdup. Tvlay 21], 1795. 

Hervey, ch. Jeremiah and Rel^eckah, bp. Aug. 16, iSci. C.R.i. 

Jeremiah, s. Jeremiah and Rebeccah, Aug. 28, 1784. 

Jeremiah, ch= Jeremiah and Rebeckah, bp. Aug. 16, iSoi. 


Jesse [dup. Jessee], ch. Jeremiah and Rebeccah [dup. Rebec- 
kah], May 17, 1789. 

Jessee, ch. Jeremiah and Pvcbeckah, bp. Aug. 16, iSoi. c.k.t. 

Lewis [dup. Levveis], s. Silas and Betsy [dup. Betsey], Apr. 10, 

Mary Bullard, d. Samuel and Mary, Dec. 19, 1S17. 

Mary Elizabeth, d. Fisher and Polly, May 26, 1S33. 

Nancy, d. Silas and Betsy [dup. Betsey], June 3, 17S9. 

Rebeckah [dup. Rebccah], d. Jeremiah and Rebeckah [dup. 
Rebeccah], Aug. 11, 1791. 

Rebeckah, ch. Jeremiah and Rebeckah, bp. Aug. 16, iSoi. 


Salley, ch. Jeremiah and Rebeckah, bp. Aug. 16, 1801. c.r.i. 
Sally, d. Jeremiah and Rebecca [dup. Rebeccah], Nov. 15, 17S2. 

Sarah, w. Nehemiah Carpenter. , 1729. g.r.i. 

Thomas P., ch. Fisher and Polly, May 25, 1821. 

Unice, ch. Jeremiah and Rebeckah, bp. Aug. 16, 1801. c.r.i. 

HATHAWAY, Lorenzo Dow, Oct. 9, 1S37. G.R.9. 

HAWES, Caroline Hannah, d. William, wheelwright, and 
Sophia, Sept. 30, 1847. 

HAWKS, , d. Albert and w. of Lowell, Sept. 23, 1S46. 

HAYDEN, Joseph Shcpard, ch. Di-uiel and Abigail [dup. Aba- 
gail], July 31, 1S02. 


HERSEY, Alice Amanda, d. Ira, manufacturer, and Amanda F. 
of W. Windham, N.H., Oct. 25^ 1S45, in Central Village. 
Elizabeth Mills, cli. David and Eliza F., June 20, 1842. 
Mary Elizabeth, d. David, merchant, and Eliza F., Aug. 25, 

Samuel Houston, s. David, trader (b. E. Bridgewater;, and 

Eliza (b. Becket), Oct. 26, 1S49. 
Temple Jackson, s. J. D. Temple, m.erchant, and Julia A., 

July 3, 1S47. 

HliVv^ES, Bartlett, s. Joseph and Sarah, Dec. 3, 1789. 
Benjamin Albro, ch. Rufus ]M. [dup. omits M.] and Densey 

[dup. Dence)']. Oct. 5, 1S12. 
Daniel Albert, ch. Rufus M. and Densey, Feb. 25, 1828. 
David Fales, s. John and Esther, Feb. 24, 1799. [[h. :\Iary 

(Crosby)] g.k.q.] 
Esther Mann [dup. Man], ch. John and Either, June 25, 1792. 
George, ch. John Jr. and Sabra, July 2, iSiS. 
Hannah Experience, ch. Rufus M. [dup. omits M.] and Densey 

[dup. Dencey], Mar. 6, 1S15. 
John Jr. [dup. omits Jr., second dup. [h. Sabra (Crowley)]], s. 

John and Esther, Feb. 18, 1794. 
Joseph [h. Sarah (Hodges)], July 4, i75[5/f;]. 
Joseph, s. Joseph and Sarah, June 30, 1770. 
Judith Pratt, d. William and Judith, Jan. iS, 1797. 
Laura, d. John (Hews) and Esther, Oct. 22, 1796. 
Laura Mariah, ch. Rufus iSI. and Densey, Apr. 21, 1823. 
Lois, d. Joseph and Sarah, Apr. 25, 1777. 
Nabby, d. Joseph and Sarah, Sept. 30, 1774- 
Olivia, d. John and Esther. Oct. 16, 1790. [[w. Lewis Shep- 

ard] P.K.I I.] 
Olivia Ann, ch. Rufus M. [dup. omits !\L] and Densey [dup. 

Dcnce}'], Feb. 21, 1S18. 
Polly, d. Joseph and Sarah, Dec. 5, 1793. 

Robert, s. Joseph and Sarah, Sept. 28, 1781. « - 

Robert, s. Joseph and Sarah, Oct. 2, 17S7. 
Rufus Mann [dup. Rufus ZMan Hews, second dup. [h. Densey 

(Williams)]], s. John and Esther, Dec. 19, 1788. 
Sabra Ann, ch. John Jr. and Sabra, June 13, 1826. 
Sabra Ann, d. George, farmer, and juha A. F., July 8, 1S45, 

in S. Fo.xboro. 
Sally [second dup. Sail], d. William and Judith, June 18, 1799. 
Sarah, d. Joseph and Sarah, Dec. 30, 17S3. 
Shubael Pratt, ch. Rufus M. and Densey, Mar. 3, 1825. 

J, .V7;i 


HrA^rES, Sophia [dup. Hews], d. John and Esther, July 7, 17S7. 

Trulove, d. Joseph and Sarah, Feb. 14, 1770. 

Warren Williams [dup. William], ch. Rufus M. [dup. omits 'M.] 

and Denscy [dup. Dencey], Sept. 5, iSio, in Mansfield. 
William, s. Joseph and Sarah, June 11, 1772. •,•.'... 

William, s. Wilham and Judith, Feb. 26. iSoi. 

, s. George, farmer, and Julia of Webster, Jan. 20, 1847. 

, twin s. Benjamin A., r[ail]r[oad] engineer, and Martha 

A., Oct. 14, 1S49. 
■ 5 twin s. Benjamin A., r[ail]r[oad] engineer, and Martha 

A., Oct. 14, 1849. 

HEWINS, Anna Richards, ch. Levi R. and Emily, Oct. 20, 

1838. [[w. John H. Fisher] P.R.5.] 
Daniel L. [h. Annette (Pettee)], May 5, 1812. g.r.q. 
Edward Daniel, ch. Dan[ie]l L. and y\nnett, Aug. 10, 1841. 
Edward Daniel, s. Dea. Daniel L. and , bp. Apr. ii, 

1843. C.R.T. 
Eleanor Eli?:abeth, ch. Levi R. and Emily, Jan. 12, 1842. 
Ellen Annette, d, Dan[ie]l L., boot maker, and Annette, ]\Iar. 

4, 1S45, in Crack Rock Village. 
Ellen Annette, d. Dea. Daniel L., bp. Apr. 30, 1S47. c.r.i. 
Gardner Levi, ch. Levi R. and Emily, Feb. 24, 1834. 
Gardner Levi, s. Levi R. and Emily, bp. [Nov.] — , 1S36. c.R.i. 
Levi R. ih. Emily (Grover)], Sept. 10, 1807 [in Sharon]. P.R.5. 
Louisa Emely, d. Levi R. and Emily, bp. [Nov.] — , 1856. 


Louisa Emily, ch. Levi R. and Emily, Feb. 7, 1833. 

Martha Jane, d. Levi R., manufacturer, and Emily, Jan. 2, 

1847. [June 9 [?], P.R.5.] 

Maria, "Cousin," [1S31]. P-R-S- 

Mary Frances, d. Levi R., hoe maler, and Eniily, Feb. iS, 

1S44, in northerly part, 

Mehetable [ ], w. Ebenezer, Aug. 30, 17S6. G.R.9. 

Willard Grover, ch. Levi R. and Emily, Apr. 22, 1S36. [Apr. 

29 [?], P.R.5.] 

HIGGIRS, Carrie M. [ ], w. Wilham D., Sept. 26, 1841. 


HITCHCOCK, Sarah Rhodes, ch. W[illia]m R. and Martha, 

Apr. 9, 1841. 
Sarah Rhodes, d. I^Lartha, bp. Oct. 31, 1S44. c.r.i. 

HOBAI'T, Aaron, ch. Noah and Deborah W., Oct. 8, 1S03, in 


,S. Mi^l ,V 


HoBART, Aaron, s. Noah and Deborah W., bp. Apr. 13, 181 7. 


Aaron, ch. Henry and Anna, May 31, 1S2S. 

Albert, ch. Noah and Deborah W., Nov. 8, 1792, in Abington. 

Albert Winslovv, ch. Henry and Anna, Sept. 6, 1825, in W ren- 

Anna xvlaria, ch. Henry and Anna, July 20, 1S22, in Wren- 

CaroHne, ch. Henry and Anna, Dec. 24, 1820, in Wrentham. 
Deborah Ann, ch. Noah and Deborah W., Jan. 29, 1S06. 
Deborah Ann, d. Noah and Deborah W., bp. Apr. 13, 1S17. 

Edv>'in, s. Henry and Anna, Apr. 11, 1S36. 
Emily Jane, d. Henry and Anna, 'Ma.v. 26, 1S34. 
George Wilb'am, s. Henry and Anna, Nov. 4, 1S32. 
Harriet Briggs, ch. Henry and Anna, Apr. 14, 1S30. 
Henry [di:p. [h. Anna (Eriggs)]], ch. Noah and Deborah VV., 

Sept. 13, 1790, in Abington. 
Henry, ch. Henry and Anna, Jan. 24, 1824, in Wrcntham. 
James, ch. Noah and Deborah W'., July 12, 1801, in Abington. 
Jane Talmnn, ch. Noah and Deborah W., June 28, 180S. 
Jane Tolrnan, d. Noah and Deborah W., bp. Apr. 13, 1S17. 


Nathaniel, ch. Noah and Deborah W., Aug. 30, 1794, in Abing- 

Noah [h. Deboah W. (Thomas)], Mar. 17, 1767. [Noah Esq., 

Thomas, ch. Henry and Anna, July 30, 1S19. 

KOBBS, Annie D., w. William W. Angell, July 24, 1S19. 

HODGES, Abigail [? m.], May 28, 1805. G.R.4. 

Abigail Sherman [ch. Sewall and Judith (Sherman)], June 10, 

1S20 [? in Sharon]. p.E.12. 
Abijah [dup. Hodgers], s. Dca. [dup. omits Dca.] Spencer and 

Marcy [dup. Mercy], May — , 1773. 
Albert C. [dup. omits C.], ch. Elkanah and Trulove [dup. ' 

Truelove], Oct. 10, 181 2. 
Alfred [h. Jerusha (Comey)], ch. Sev.-all and Sally [(Billings)], ; 

Feb. 16, 1809 [? in Sharon]. r.R.12. 
.\lvira (see Elvira). 
Ann Maria, ch. Sewall and Judith [(Sherman)], Apr. 25, 1825 

[? in Sharon]. P.R.12. 


lot ,|s.S Au]^ Jl;>j^rA 


Hodges, Apollos [dup. Appollos Hodgers], s. Dea. Spencer 
[dup. (Hodger), omits Dea.] and Marey [dup. Mercy], 
Mar. — , 1777. 

Benjamin, Apr. 11, 1789. G.R.4. 

Charles Henry, s. Henry, manufacturer, and Ruth M., Apr. 30, 


Daniel, Jan. 28, 1775. G.R.4. 

Daniel [May — , 1802]. G.R.4. 

Daniel Allen, s. Daniel and Irena, Apr. 20, 1S30. G.R.4. 

David Sewall, ch. Sewall and Judith [(Sherman)], Aug. 26, 

1827 [? in Sharon]. p.R.12. 
Eliza, [ch.] Spencer and Esther, bp. Nov. 2, 1822. c.r.i. 
Elkanah [dup. Hodger], s. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] Spencer and 

Marey [dup. Mercy], July 17, 1788. [Elkenah Hodges, 

s. Spencer, c.r.i.] 
Elvira [dup. Alvira] ch. Elkanah and Trulove, Nov. 21, 1814. 

[Elvira, w. Sanford Leonard, P.R.3.] 
Esther Clapp, d. Spencer and Esther, Oct. 11, 1816. 
George Delatour, ch. Otis and Virginia D., Mar. 7, 1837, in 

George Walter, s. Henry, manufacturer, and Ruth M., Oct. n, 

Harriot, d. William and Elonor, Dec. 21, 1820. 
Henry, ch. Spencer and Esther, Oct. 5, 1819. 
Henry, [ch.] Spencer and Esther, bp. Nov. 2, 1822. c.r.i. 
Henry Otis, s. Otis and Virginia D., Dec. 29, 1832. 

Irena [ ], w. Daniel, Aug. 13, iSoi. G.R.4. 

James [dup. Hodgers], s. Dea. Spencer [dup. (Hodger), omits 

Dea.] and Marey [dup. Mercy], June 4, 1786. [Hodges, 

s. Spenser Hodges, c.r.i.] 
Josiah [h. Mary Coolidge], June 17, 1710, in Taunton. G.R.4. 
Judith [ ], w. Sewall [Sept. — , 1784]. G.R.4. [Judith 

(Sherman), Sept. 17, 1783, P.R.12.] 
Judith Sherman [ch. Sewall and Judith (Sherman)], June 26, 

1823 [? in Sharon]. p.R.12. 
Lewis, s. Benjamin and Hannah T., Nov. 9, 1821. G.R.4. 
Lydia [dup. Hodgers], d. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] Spencer and 

Marey [dup. Mercy], July 3, 1775. 
Mary [dup. Hodgers], d. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] Spencer and 

Marey [dup. Mercy], May i, 1771. 
Mary [ch. Sewall and Sally (Billings)] [w. Job Sherman], 

Dec. 17, 1811 [? in Sharon]. p.R.12. 
Mary Coolidge [ ], w. Josiah, June 17, 1722, in Water- 
town. G.R.4. 


Hodges, Nabbe [? m.], Feb. 3, 1779. G.R.4. 

Orra, w. Allan C. Doolittle, Nov. 13, 1814. o.R.g. [ch. 

Sewall and Sally [(Billings)] [in Sharon], p.R.12.] 
Otis [dup. Hodgers, second dup. [h. Virginia D. (Clark)]], s. 

Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] Spencer and Marey [dup. Mercy], 

July 4, 1792. [Hodges, s. Spenser, c.R.i.] 
Phebee [dup. Phebe Hodgers], d. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] 

Spencer and Marey [dup. Mercy], Dec. 18, 1779. 
Ruth Allen [ch. Sewall and Judith (Sherman)] [w. Solomon 

Sherman], Dec. 20, 1821 [? in Sharon]. p.R.12. 
Sally [ ], w. Sewell [dup. Sewall], Feb. 27, 1778. G.R.4. 

[Sally (Billings), w. Sewall, p.R.12.] 
Sally, d. Sewall and Sally [(Billings)] [w, James Daniels], 

Feb. 23, 1807 [? in Sharon]. p.R.12. 
Sewall [h. Judith], Feb. 3, 1773. G.R.4. [[h. Sally (Billings), 

h. Judith (Sherman)] [? in Sharon] p.R.12.] 
Sewall, s. Alfred and Jerusha, June 15, 1839. 
Spencer Jr. [dup. Hodgers, omits Jr.], s. Dea. Spencer [dup. 

(Hodger), omits Dea.] and Marey [dup. Mercy], Oct. 27, 

1769, in Taunton. 
Spencer Jr. [dup. Hodgers, omits Jr., second dup. [h. Fsther 

(Payson)]], s. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] Spencer and Marey 

[dup. Mercy], Aug. 24, 1783. 
Spencer Payson, s. Spencer and Esther, Apr. 11, 1812. 
Spencer Payson, [ch.] Spencer and Esther, bp. Nov. 2, 1822. 


William, Sept. 12, 1826. G.R.9. 

William Sewall, s. Sewall and Judith [(Sherman)], Aug. 6, 

1818 [? in Sharon]. p.R.12. 
Williams [dup. William Hodger], s. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] 

Spencer and Marey [dup. Mercy], Oct. 12, 1781. 
, [ch.] Spencer and Esther, bp. Nov. 2, 1822. c.R.i. 

HOLMES, Elizabeth [w. Job Shermon], , 1746. 

HOWARD, Charles Taylor, Oct. 2, 1822. G.R.9. 

ROWLAND, Elizabeth, d. Stephen, cooper, and Lucy W. of 
New Bedford, May 8, 1843. 

HUGHES (see Hewes). 

HUNT, Angenett, ch. Albert and Harriet, [1841]. G.R.4. 

Augustus A., ch. Albert and Harriet, [1835]. G.R.4. 

Emma Frances, d. Albert, boot maker (b. Sharon), and Har- 
riet (b. N. Bridgewater), May 7, 1849. 


Hunt, Eunice, d. Albert, farmer, and Harriet, Oct. 1, 1S44, 
in E. Foxljoro. 

JEWETT, Herbert Willard, s. Joseph, laborer (b. Mansfield), 
and Adaline M. (b. Willington, OTolland Co., Conn.), 
Nov. 15, I £48. 

JOHNSON, Olive, w. David Wyman, Nov, 29, 1823. G.R.4, 
Susai) Frances, colored, d. Charles H., bricklayer (b. Wil- 
mington, N.C.), and Eliza A. (b. Boston), Feb. 14, 1S40. 

JONES, Albert Temple, ch. Benjamin and Eliza, Jan, 24, 

Alfred Warren, s. Francis Jr. and Maria, Sept. 3, 1S29. 
Benjamin, ch. Francis and Issabel [dup. 3. Francies and 

Iscabel], Mar. 17, 1704. 
Benjamin Austin, ch. Benjamin and Eliza, IvTar. 7, 1S26. 
Cyntha [dup. Syntha], d. Francis and Issabel [dup. d. Francies 

and IseabelJ, Alar. iS, 1790. 
Cyntliia Susan, d. jMartin, farmer, and Susan, Sept. 13, 1S45, 

in S. Foxboro. 
Edward Francis, s. Francis Jr. and Maria, Oct. 30, 1824, in 

Edward Francis Jr., s. Edward Francis, carpenter, and Eliza- 
beth W. (b. Taunton), June 29, 1848. 
Ella Frances, d. John G., electrician, and Harriet, Oct. 21, 

Emily M., d. Francis, housewright, and Maria, July 20, 18^3, 

in southerly part. 
Francis [dup. Francies, second dup. Jr.], ch. Francis and 

Issabel [dup. s. Francies and Isabel, second du}). [h. 

Maria (Belcher)]], July 24, 1798. 
George Seneca, ch. Jolin G. and Harriet, June 13, i8:io, in 

Harriet Eliza, d. John G., elecrician, and Harriet, Oct. 4, 1S44. 
Harriet ]\laria, d. Benjamin and Maria (third w.), July 26, 

John Francis, s. John G. and Harriet P., bp. [July 7] 1S39. 


John Gilmore [dup. Gilmor], s. Francis and Issabella [dup. 
Issabel], Aug. 3, 181 1. 

Leonora, ch. Francis and Issabel [dup. d. Francies and Isca- 
bel], Aug. 12, 1701. [v»-. Isaac Winslow, r.R.iQ.] 

Lj'dia [? m.], sister of Mrs. D. B. Robinson, [1816]. p.R.3. 

Martin, ch. Francis and Issabel [dup. s. Francies and Isabel], 
July 23, 1796. 



Jones, Mary Eliza, ch, P.enjarnin and Eliza, Dec. 27, 1823. 
Samuel Gardner, s. Francis Jr. and Maria, Nov. 23, 1S26. 
Sarah Reed, d. Francis and Isabel [dup. Issabel], Julv 27, 

Sophia Isabel, ch. John G. and Harriet, Aug. 21, 1S41. 
William Henry, s. Francis Jr. and ]Maria, ivlay iS, 1S34. 

KEER (see Kerr), Catharine, d. William and Hannah, bp. 

Nov. 16. 1S34. C.R.I. 

Julia Ann, d. William and Hannah, bp. Nov. 16, 1S34. c.r.i. 
Robert Williams, s. William and Hannah, bp. Nov. 16, 1S34. 


KEITH, Marcia Adelaide, d. Albert, merchant (b. N. Bridge- 
water), and Charlotte (b. Attleboro) of Attleboro, Oct. iS, 

KEMP, Nancy [ch. John and Harriei (Tinkham) [of Wren- 
tham], w. Hiram Ware], Tvlay 20, 1S33, in Marblehead. 

KENDALL, David [dup. Kendal], ch. Rev. [dup. omits Rev.] 
' Thomas and Ruthe [dup. Ruth], June 24, 1789. [Ken- 
dall, s. Rev. Thomas and Ruth, c.R.i.] 

Thomas Jr. [dup. Kendal, omits Jr.], ch. Rev. [dup. omits 
Rev.] Thomas and Ruthe [dup. Ruth], Aug. 3, 17S6. [bp. 
June 4 sic, c.r.i.] 

KERR (see Keer), Catherine, ch. William and Hannah, 

July 7, 1820. 
Julia Ann, ch. Vv'illiam and Hannah, Aug. 19, 1S22. 
Robert \VilHam, ch. William and Hannah, Aug. 27, 1S26. 
William [h. Hannah (Hall)], , 1796, in Ireland. 

KING, Mary Pratt, w. Charles II. Alden, Aug. 15, 1817. 

Uriah S., s. Uriah S. and ]\Iary K. [Feb. — , 1S30]. G.R.9. 

KINGSBARY (see Kingsbcrry, Kingsbry, Kingsbury), Eliza- 
beth [ch. Joseph and Sarah], ]X-c. 3, 1S06. 

KINGSBERRY (see Kingsbary, Kingsbry, Kingsbury), Caro- 
line Frances Hobart, d. Seth, laborer, and Caroline, Dec. 
24, 1S44, in E. Foxlioro. 

KINGSBRY, (a-c Kingsbary, King>berry, Kingsbury), Emmons, 
s. Nathan and Az\ibah, Apr. 25, 177S. 


58 roxBoi^ouGH births 

KINGSBURY (see Kin.-^sbary, Kingsberry, Kingsbry), Addi- 
son, s. Joseph and Sally, Aug. 6, 1S09. 

Ann Elizabeth, ch. Joseph and Sally, Dec. 3, 1806. 

Caroline [ — ], w. Se'lh R. [May — , 1803J. G.R.5. 

Caroline [dup. Kingsbary], d. Joseph and Sally [dup. Sarah], 
Apr. 3, 1805. 

Emons [dup. Emmons Kingsbery], s. Nathan and Azubah 
[dup. Asubah], Nov. 11, 1779. [Emonds Kingsbury, 


Joseph Jr. [dup. Kingsbr^/, omits Jr.], s. Joseph and Sally, 

Jan. 4, 1797. [Joseph Kingsbury, G.K.5.] 
Joseph Addison, s. Addison and Louisa, Aug. 17, 1S37. 
Nancy [dup. Kingsbry], d. Nathan and Azubah, Sept. 7.4, 1792. 
Nathan, s. Nathan and Azubah [dup. Zubc], Apr. 25, 1778. 
Peggy [dup. Kingsbry, second dup. Kingsbery], d. Nathan 

and Azubah [second dup. d. Nathon and Asubah], Oct. 22, 

Sally, d. Joseph and Sally, [rec. after ch. b. Aug. 6, 


Sarah [■ ], w. Joseph Esq. [Oct. — , 1771]. G.R.5. 

Sarah, d. Jose])h and Sarah, Apr. 24, 1799. G.-R.5. 

Sena [dup. Senee Kingsbry], d. Nathan and Azubah, Mar. 3, 

Seth Nelson, s. Seth, teamster or carter, and Caroline, Jan. 30, 

1846, in E. Fo."(boro. 
Seth Robbins [dup. Robins], s. Joseph and Sally [dup. Sarah], 

Nov, 21, 1801. [Seth R. [h. Caroline], G.R.5.] 
Susanna [dup. Kingsbery, second dup. Kingsbry], d. Nathan 

and Azubah, Jan. 27, 1787. [Kingsbery, c.r.i.] 
Warren [dup. Kingsbry], s. Joseph and Sally, Dec. 9, 1794. 
William Augustus, s. Addison, merchant, and Louisa, May 13, 

1845, in E. Eoxboro. 

KNAPP, Mary, d. Peter and Mary, Sept. 9, 1836. [ch. Peter 

and Alary (Cooper), Sept. 10, p.r.t.] 
Thomas Cooper, s. Peter and Mary, Sept. 9, 1835. 

LAKE, George S., [1847]. p-R-3- 

LANE, Loring [dup. Loran], ch. William and Matilda, Nov. 24, 

Hermon [dup. Harmon], ch. William and Matilda, May 10, 

William Sanford, s. William and ]\Iatilda, Jan. 2, 1807. 


LARKDDEL, Abigail [ ], wid. , [1767]. 


LEAVITT, Catherine Chloe, ch. Liberty and Chloe, May 27, 

Celia Ann Winslow, d. Liberty and Chloe, Nov, 4, 1830. 
Francis William, twin ch. Liberty and Chloe, July 27, 1S40. 
Frederick Perry, tv;in ch. Liberty and Chloe, July 27, iS^o. 
George Sumner, ch. Liberty and Chloe, Sept. 4, 1827. 
Hiram Liberty, ch. Liberty and Chloe, Apr. 5, 1S25. 
James I/cprclet, ch. Liberty and Chloe, Sej:»t. 6, 1S36, in Wal- 

John Quinc}^ Adams, ch. Liberty and Chloe, Aug. 18, 1834. 
Joseph Sanford, ch. Liberty and Chloe, June 29, 183S, in 

Leuniza Luthua, d. Liberty and Chloe, Apr. 23, 1832. 

LEEDS, Polly [w. Timothy Morse], Dec. 13, 1794. [Mary, 
w. Dea. Timothy, G.}i,5.] 

LEONi^D, Albert Sanford, s, Sanford, merchant, and Elvira, 

Sept. 29, 1S44, in Central Village. 
Amelia [dup. Amelia], ch. Jacob Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Mille 

[dup. Amelia], Aug. 2, 1805. [Amelia, d. Jacob and 

Mille [dup. Melea], c.R.i.] 
Ann Maria, ch. Jacob Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Mille, Dec, 17, 

Anna [dup. Nanny], d. Spencer and Junia, Apr. 25, 1790. 
Anna, ch. \\id. Junia, bp. June 18, 1801. c.R.i. 
Arville, d. Oliver and Sally [dup. Salley], Mar. 29, 180S. 
Betsey, ch. Jacob and ]\Iilly, bp. Aug. 18, iSoi. c.R.i. 
Charles, s. Lewis and Bethiah [dup. Bethia], Oct. 27, 1S13. 
Charles, [ch.] Lewis and iJethiah, l)p. July 27, 1S22. c.R.i. 
Charles Frederick, s, Charles and Elvira, Sept. 30, 1838. 
Charles IMellen, s. Sam[ue]l B., blacksmith, and Fanny, Aug. 

10, 1S46, in Central Village. 
Charles Mellcn, s. Samuel B., blacksmith, and Fanny, Apr. 9, 

Edwin Brown, ch. Lewis and Bethia, June 3, 1S2S. 

Edwin Brown, s. Lewis and Bethiah, bp. [1S31]. c.R.i. 

Eliza Ann, ch. Ellis and Nancy, Aug. 10, i8?9, in Rheoboth. 

Elizabeth, ch. Hartford and Betsey, Dec. iS, 1S20. 

Ella lsa(h)re, d. Charles, housewright, and Elvira, Apr. 22, 

1846, in Central \'iihge. 
Ellice, ch. Jacob and Milly, bp. Aug. 18, iSoi. c.R.i. 



■>:\i\r ; 

[jr-. dun.l. .. 

/ ,L,: 

,v -y^^^M'- 

.or.^i .:• 

.^•lA ,• 


L£ONAT?D, Ellis [dup. Elicc], ch. Jacob Jr. [dup. ornifs Jr.] 

and Millc [dup. Amelia], June 23, iSoo. 
Elvira France:^;, cli. Sarford and Elvira, Jan. 24, 1841. ■'■' 

Emons, ch. Hartford and Betsey, May 17, 1825. [Emmons, 

Esther, ch. Jacob and Ivlary. bp. Feb. 9, 1794. C.R.i. ' •' ' ■ 
Eveline, [cli.] Levds and Bcthiah, bp. July 27, 1S22. c.R.i. 
Everline, d. Lewis and Bethiah [dup. Bethia], Nov. j6, iSit. 
Fanny Elizabeth, ch. Samuel B. and Fanny, June 21, 184 1. '^ 

Frank Fiov.ard, s. Charles, carpenter, and Elvira (b. Sharon), 

Apr. 10, 1849. 
George F>astv.s, ch. Lewis and Bethia [Bethiah, c.R.i.], July 30, 

George j\Iiiler, ch. Ellis and Xancy, Sent. 22, 1836, in Walpole. 
Harford, ch. Jacob and ^liily, bp, Aug. 18, 1801. c.R.i. 
Harriet Eliza, d. Williams, livery stabler, end Eliza H., P^eb. iS, 

1847, in Central Village. 
Hartford, s. Jacob 2d [dup. Jr.] and ?.Ieletiah [dup. Millc], 

Apr. 14, 1796. !" 

Hartford (see Harford). 

Hartford Pratt, ch. Hartford and Betsey, May 3, 1822, 
Harvey [dup. Harvy], s. Jacob [dup. Jr.] and Mille, June 22, 

181 2. [Harvey, s. Jacob and w., c.R.i.] 
Helen Thurber, d. Harvcv, bonnet manufac[turer], and Svbil 

E. (b. Mansfield), Oct. 2, 184S. 
Henry Webster, s. Sam[ue]l B., blacksmith, and Fanny, Nov. 

II, 1S43, i;i Central Village. 
Jacob John Ellis, ch. Ellis and Xancy, Jan. 8, 1826, in Mans- 
Jacob V\"oous, ch. Ellis and Xancv, ^Lir. 28, 1824, in ?>Ians- 

James, ch. Thomas and Mary, Mar. 29, 1S41. ■ .;. 

James Foster, ch. Samuel B. and Fanny, Apr. 15, 1837. 

James William, s. William and , lip. Sept. 6, 1S40. c.R.i. 

Julius Warren, s. Warren, manufacturer, and Mary E., Dec. 3, 

1844, in Central Milage. 
Kezia [dup. Keziah], d. Spencer and Junia, July 4, 1791. 
Kezia, ch. Junia, wid., bp. June iS, iSoi. c.R.i. 
Luis, ch. Jacob and Mary, bp. Feb. 0, 1704. c.R.i. '..^-^ !»i 

Islaria, d. Lewis and Betliiah [dup. Bethia], Jan. 29, 1810. 
I^Iarlha Aim, ch. Ellis and Xancv, Sept. 4, 1827, in Reho- 

bolh. ' ■^' 

I^Iarth;i Emelinc, ch. Harvey and Sybil E., Feb. iS, 1S42. 
Mary Aim, ch. Tliomas and Mary, Dec. iS, 1842. »; '. 


Leonard, Mary Brown, d. Levvis and Eelliiah [dup. Eetliiaj, 

June iS, i8iS. 
Mary Brown, [ch.] Lewis and Bethiah, bp. July 27, 1S22. c.r.i. 
Mehitebel, cb.. Jacob and Mary, bp, Feb. 9, 1794. c.r.i. 
Nanny (see Anna). 

Olive, di. Jacob and Milly, bp. Aug. iS, iSoi. c.r.i. 
Oliver, s. Oliver and Sally, Oct. 4, 1801. 

Olover, ch. Jacob, bp. [rec. before , 1770]. c.r.i. 

Patty, d. Jacob 2d [dup. Jr.] and ^^leletiah [dup. MiUeJ, Feb. iS, 

Polly, d. Jacob Jr. and ]MeIetiali [dup. Milk], Apr. 10, 1708. 
Robert Blake, ch. Jacob Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and I^Iillc [dup, 

Amelia] [s. Jacob and Mille, c.r.i.], June 3, 1803. 
Sally [dup. Salley], d. Oliver and Sally [dup. Salley], Dec. 10, 

Samuel Binings [dup. omits Billings], ch. Jacob Jr. [du]\ omits 

Jr.] and Mille, Oct. 24 [dup. Oct. 4]," 1S07. 
Samuel W., ch. Samuel B. and Fanny, Aug. 19, 1832. 
Sanford, s. Jacob [dup. Jr.] and Mille, :^iar. 31, iSio [dup. 

Mar. 2, 1811 sic]. [Sanferd, c.r.i.] 
Shephard, ch. Jacob and Mary, bp. Feb. 9, 1794. c.r.i. 
Spencer, ch. Jacob and Mary, bp. Feb. 9, 1794. c.r.i. Jacob, ch. Samuel B. and Fanny, Feb. 17, 1834. 
Warren, twin ch. Jacob Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] [Jacob, c.r.i.] and 

Mille, Mar. 10, 1S17. 
William, s. Levris and Bethiah [dup. Bethia], Mar. 10, i8j6. 
William, twin ch, Jacob Jr. [dup, omits Jr.] and Mille, Mar, 10, 

William, [ch.] Lewis and Bethiah, bp. July 27, 1S22. c.r.t, 
William Spencer, ch. Fills and Nancy, May 8, 1831, in Reho- 

, s. Williams, livery stabler, and Eliza IL, Sept. S, 1845, 

in Central Village. 

LEVER, Adeline, d. Henry, manufacturer, and Elvira, Oct. iS, 

1844, in Corey Factory Village. 
, s. Henry, factory operative, and Elvira of Nortb- 

borough, Sept. 22, 1846. 

LINCOLN, Willard Nason, s. Apollus [dup. Apollos] Lincoln 
and Olive Morse, Jan. 30, 181 2. 

LINDGEY, James McKay, s. Thomas, baker (b. Scotland), 
and Nancy (b. Scotland), Feb. 12, 1849. 

LITTLE, Abigail [w, Simon Pettee], Oct. 29, i76i[ztw«]. 







LOCH^*, John C, Dec. 12, 1826. G.P..4. ::^- 

MADDOCKS, Lewis, [1825]. r.K.3. 

Lewis, s. Lev-is, bonnet presser (b. Chesterville, Frank- 
lin Co., Isle.), and Lovisa (b. liome, Franklin Co., Me.), 
I\Iay 19, 1S49. 

MAKN, Artluir Fairbanks, s. Sam[uc]l, farmer, and Elizabeth 

(Eiizabeih FL (Pike), P.R.16.], Oct. 29, 1845, in Crack 

Rook Village. 
Benjamin Houston, ch. Dr. Benj[ami]n and Lydia E. C. 

[Lydia E. G., c.k.i.], Nov. 6, 1842, 
Charles Lewis, ch. Charles and Ann ^luna, Jan. 27, 1842. 
Elizabeth H. [ ], w. Samuel, Apr. 6, 1819. G.R.g. [Eiiz- 

abelh IL (Pike) [dup. ch. Benjamin and Eiizabeih H. 

(Newton)] [in Hoijkinton], I'.r.i6.1 
Ellen TvLaria, ch. Charles and Ann i'iai.a, Dec. 20, 1839, in 

Elvjra Elizabeth, d. Samuel, hoe maker (b. Sharon), and 

Elizabeth (b. Ashland) [Elizabeth H. (Pike),], 

Sej^t. 5;, i?49. 
Emily Percy, d. Dr. Benj[ami]n and I>ydia E. [Emily, c.r.i.], 

Sept. 12, 1844, in Central Village. 
Ernest S. [ch. Samuel and Elizabeth H. (Pike)], Oct. 18, 1847. 


Esther [w. John Hcwes], , 1757. 

Francis D. (see ^lann). 

George Augustine, ch. Samuel and EHzabeth [Elizabeth H. 
(PiVe), T'.R.i6.], Aug. 20, 1840. 

Horace Webster, s. Samuel, hoc maker, and Elizabeth [Eliz- 
beth H. (Pike), p.R.16.], July 16, 1843. 

Sallv FiMrbanks, w. Newell Morse, ]\Lir. 5, 1813. P.R.9. [[sister 
\.r Saiuuel] P.R.16.] 

Samuel [h. EhV.abeth H.], Apr. 10, 1815. G.R.9. [h. Eliza- 
beth IL (Pike) [dup. ch. Benjamin and EHzabeth H. 
(Newton) [in Hopkinton]], p.R.16.] 

Samuel Ernest, s. Samuel, hoe maker, and Elizabeth, Oct. iS, 

• , s. Samuel and Elizabeth, Aug. 12, 1842. [Francis D. 

[ch. Samuel and Elizabeth H. (Pike)], p.R.16.] 

MARSH, .-Xrnariah. ch. Ai;iariah and Lois, . 

Betsey [dup-. .lietsy], d. Amariah and Lois, Oct. 12, 1783. 
John Fisk, s. .\mariah and Lois [dup. Louis], Feb. 2, 1781. «■• > 
Juliet, d. Am.ariah and Lois [dup. Louis], Jan. 30, 1776. 


Maesh, Lois, d. Amariah and Lois, Apr. 24, 1778. 

Martin, ch. Amariah and Lois, . 

Nancy, d. Arnarah [dup. Amariah] and Lois, Aug. 22, 1786. 
Olivia, d. Amariah and Lois, June 2 [dup. June 8], 1789. 

Seneca, ch. Amariah and Lois, . 

Sjivia, d. Amariah and Lois [dup. d. Amcriah and Louis], 
Feb. 2, 1793. 

MARSTON, Frances A. [ ], w. Albert, [1834]. 


McDOKALDj William Henry, s. James, gardener, and Ann 
of Albany, Sept. 5, 1846. 

IrlEARS, John Calvin, s. John and Mary R., Oct. 18, 183S. 

MELVEK, .Alaiy, w. Willard T. Paine [July — , J.S20]. g.r.o. 

METCALF, Abigail Guild, a. Timothy and Abigail, ?>[ov. 6, 

Benjafmin] Graves [dup. IMedcalf], s. Tijnothy [dup. Timathy] 

and Abigail, Jan. 14, 1705. 
Emeline \V., w. William P. Shepard, Feb. 3. 1831. G.R.g. 
Esther, d. Timothy and Abigaii, Jan. 4, 1797. 
John, G. Timothy and Abigail [dup. Abgailj, Nov. 19, J.7S7, 

MiERS, Clarissa, d. John and Lois, Feb. 14, 184.1:. 

MILLER, Mary [w. Miles Standish], Dec. 27, 179S, in Boston. 
Nancy, d. John and Nancy, Jan. 7, 1S03. 

MISNER, William Ross, s. John and Elizabeth, Aug, 4, 1S23. 

MORSE5 Abi, d. Amos and Mary [(Pettee) r.u.6.], Jan. 15, 


Abigail [ ] [\v. Soloman], , 1719. 

Abigail, ch. Eiisha and Abigail [dup. d. Elsa sic and Abagoil], 

May 23, 1781. 
Abijah Mason, Dec. 26, 1842. G.R.g. 
Abner, ch. Cornelius and Merium, Oct. 13, 1816. 
Albert, s. Stephen and Sally, Jan. 14, 1816. ■ ' • • 

Albert G., ch. Stephen and Sally, Oct. 3, 1810. 
Alfred Leprelilc, ch. Lcprelite and Harriet, May 25, 1838. 
Almenah Elizal^^eth, d. Jason, farmer, and Betsey (b. Boston), 

Aug. 31, 1848. 
Alvarus E., s. Elisba C. and Emily R. [Nov. — , 1849]. G.R.5. 
Ama, d. Eiisha and Joanna, Aug. 27, 1753. 

iioA bni: 

/■) .V 

iiOleoK. ir; 


MoKPE, Amasci, cli. Cornelius and Merium, Oct. 5, 180S. 
Amos [h. Mary (Pettee)], Nov. 28, 1738. [s. Jedediah and 

Hannah, p. 11. 6.] 
Amos [dup. Amon sic Jr.], s. Amos and Mary, Dec. 7, 17S1. 

fAmos Jr.[li. Submit], g.r. 2.] [ch. Amos and Mary (Pettee), 


Angeline Esther, ch. Jason and Julia, May 13, 1S33. 

Ann Eliza, ch. LepreHte and Harriet, Dec. 12, 1835. [Ann 

Eli'/a Cromwell 3,Iorse, , 1S34, G.R.9.] 

Ann Maria, ch. Harvey and Sally Lewis, Oct. 25, 1840. 
Anna [dup. Anner Moyse], ch. Simon and Anne [dup. Anna], 

June 12, 1789. 
Anna Sopliia, ch. Jacob and Sophia S. [(Pike) p.R.16.], Sept. 8, 

Ann jennet (Mnnjennet) [dup. Annzennett], d. Isaiah and 

Lydia, Jan. 12, 1S15. [Angenette, w. John B. Morse, 

G.R.5.] [Angenette, w. Bradford Morse, P.R.16.] 
Asa, May 22, 1782. G.R.5. 
Belle [? m.], Oct. — , 1S42. P.R.16. 
Betsey [dup. Betsy], d. Elisha and Abagail [dup. Abigail], 

Dec. 8, 1782. 
Betsy Page, d. Isaiah and Lydia, Oct. 23, 1S16. [Betsey, 

Apr. — , p.R.16.] 
Calvin, s. Elisha and Abigail, Aug. 5, 1787. 
Caroline, d. Jairus [dup. Jarius] P. and Hannah, July 30, 1809. 
Charles, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Feb. 8, 1829. 
Charles Harvey, ch. Harvey and Sally Lewis, Aug. 14, 1838, 

in Walpole. 
Charles Newell, s. Newel and Sally, bp. Nov. — , 1S36. c.r.i. 

[ch. Newell and Sally Fairbanks (Mann), b. Mar. 5, 1833, 


Charlotte Elizabeth, ch. David 2d and Parmelia, Oct. 28, 1S40. 
Charlotte Elizabeth, d. David 2d and Parmelia P., bp. Aug. 29, 

1844. C.R.I. 

Chester Freeman, s. Chester F., trader, and Arrilla B., June 17, 

1844, in Thread Factory Village. 
Chloe, ch. Amos and Mary [(Pettee) P.R.6.], Feb. 6, 1776. 
Chloe, d. Joel and Chloe, July — , 1782. 

Cornelius [h. Merium (White)], , 1764. 

Cyrus Bassett, ch. Chester F. and Arrilla, Aug. iS, 1842. 

]3anicl, s. Asa and I\Iary, Oct. 13, 1775. 

David [dup. [h. Betsy (Page)]], s. Adam and Phebe, Dec. 13, 

1778. [[h. Betsy, h. Patty, h. Eunice] g.r.2.] 

,rti.«it ,^l 


Morse, David sd [dup. omits 26.], s. John fdup. 2d] and 
ft Charlottee [dup. Charlotte], June 21, 1807. [David, s. 

? John 3d and Charlottee, c.r.t.] 

; Edson Alberton, s. Newell, hoe maker, and Sally (b. Sharon), 

Sept. 30, 1848, [PMson Alburton Vxor^c, ch. Newell and 
} Sally Fairbanks (Mann), i-.r.q.] 

Edward, s. Israel and Azubah, June 22, 1796. 
Edward ^.deli.iert, s. Jacob, farmer, and Sophia S., Sept. 6, 
1S46. [ich. Jacob and Sophia (Pike)] Sept. 6, 1845, 


Elbridge Francis, ch. Jesse and Joannah, Nov. 27, 1836. [El- 
bridge Frances sic [ch. Te?se and Joanna (Pike)], p.R.16.] 

Elisba [dup. [h. Abigail (Holmes)]], s. Ehsha and Joanna, 
Nov. 3, 1760. 

Elirha, ch. Eiisha and Abigail, Apr. 30, 1785. 

Elisha Jr., s. Eiisha, bp. May 6, 1801. c.p.i. 

Eiisha Alvarvs, s. Eiisha C, "farmer, and Emily R. (b. Stough- 
ton), Aug. 12, 1849. 

Eiisha Clark, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Aug. 24, 1818. 

Eliza, ch. Amos Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Submit, Mar. 28, 181 7. 
[w. Albert Phmpton, G.R.9.] 

Elizabeth [dup. Elezabeth], d. Asa and Mary, June 27, 1779. 
[Elisabatb, c.p..i.] 

Elizabeth Emily, d. Eiisha C, laborer, and Emily, July 8, 

Elizabeth Sophia (see Sophia Elizabeth). 

Elizatbeth [ ], w. Leonard, [1819]. p.r.6. 

Ella Sandford, d. Edward S., shoe maker, and Mary J., Sept. 
29, 1847. 

Ellen I'^ranccs, s. Newell and Sally, bp. Mar. 4, 1847. c.r.i. 

Emery, ch. Coinelius and Merium, Jan. 27, 1S22. [Emory, 


Emogine Elisabeth, d. Jason, farmer, and Betsey, Jan. ig, 

Eugene Elon, s. Sam[uc]l Otis, farmer, and Lucinda A, (b. 

Freeman, Franklin Co., Me.), jMay 4, 1848. 
Eunice, d. Joel and Chloe, June 15, 1793. 
Eunice (see Unice). 
Everett Nelson, s. Nelson, hoe maker, and Betsey, Nov. 5, 

1843, in northerly part. 
George, s. Israel and Azuboh [dup. Azubah], Oct. 7, 1708. 
George Leonard, ch. Leonard and Lucinda, Apr. 23, 1S36. 
George Leonard, s. Leonard and Lucinda, bp. Oct. 20, 1839. 




J) .A 


Morse, Hannah, d. EHslia and Abigail, Sept. i, 1791. 

Hannah, d. Llisha, bp. Oct. 9, 1792. c.R.i. 

Hannah, d. Elisha and Abigail, June 17, 1796. [Hannath, 

Hannah, d. Jarius P. and Hannah, Apr. 6, 1799. 
Hannah Dexter, d. John ist [dup. omits ist] and Rhoda, Nov. 

26, 1811. 

Hannah E. [ ], w. Jams P., [1778]. G.R.5. 

Harriet Frances, d. Leonard and Lucinda, bp. Oct. 20, 1839. 


Harriot Frances, ch. Leonard and Lucinda, Jan. 3, 1830. 
Harvey, ch. Asa Jr. and Susanna [dup. Susannah], Sept. 3, 

Helen Frances, d. Newell, hoe maker, and Sally [Sally Fair- 
banks (Mann), P.R.9.], July 25, 1844, in Crack -Rock 

Hepzibah [chip. Hipsabah], d. Joel and Chloe, July 25, 17S7. 

[HepziLah, \v. James Wilbar, G.R.7.] [Hepzibah [w. James 

Wilbur], p.p. 15.] 
Herbert Francis [ch. Jacob and Sophia (Pike)], Sept. 22, 

1843. P.R.16. 
Hezekiah, s. Adam and Phebe, Apr. i, 1774. 
Hiram Hoton, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Mar. 8, 1S27. 
Imogene Elisabeth (see Emogine Elisabeth). 
Isaiah [dup. [h. Lydia (Morse)]], s. Adam and Phebe, Feb. 25, 

1776. [Isiah, G.R.2.] 
Jacob [Mar. — , 1773]. P.R.3. 

Jacob, s. Isiah [dup. Isaiah] and Lydia, Mar. 11, iSoS. 
Jairus Jason, cIi. Jason and Betsey (second \v.), Aug. 13, 1842. 
Jarius [dup. Jams] Payson, ch. Jacob and Lydia, Dec. 31, 

James Albert, s. Harvey, poulterer, and Sarah L., of Taunton. 

Mar. r, 1846, in E, Foxboro. 
James Allen, ch. Chester F. and Arrilla, Nov. 26, 1S3S. 
Jams Payson, ch. Jacob and Sarah, bp. Aug. 4, 17S9. C.R.i. 
Jason, s. Jarus [dup. Jarius] P. and Hannah, Aug. 8, 1806. 
Jemima, d. Jcdediah and Jerusha, Mar. 4, 1796. 
Jesse, s. Isiah [dup. Isaiah] and Lydia, Oct. 21, 1S04. 
Joanna, d. Elisha and Joanna, Sept. 17, 1751. 
Joel Jr. Idujt. omits Jr.], s. Jocr[dup. More sic] and Chloe, 

Nov. 4 (dup. Nov. 7], 1778. 
Johanna, d. Jairus [dup. Jarius] P. and Hannah, Aug. 17, 1814. 
John, s. Jacob and Lydia, Apr. 16, 1770. 

,?> .da': 


Morse, John ?d [dup. omits 2d, second dup. [h. Charlotte 
(Allen)]], ch. Adam and Phebe, May i, 17S2. [Mors, c.r.i.] 

John Bradford, s. John and Rhoda, Oct. 5, 1S04. [[h. Ange- 
nette (Morse)j p.R.16.] 

Joseph Allan, 5. John 2d and w., bp. Apr. — , tSio. c.r.i. 

Joseph Allen, s. John 2d and Charlotte, Nov. 23, 1815. 

Julia Ann, ch. Ja^^on and Julia, June 7, 1836. 

Lavhia^ d. Tyler, laborer, and EiJza, Feb. 17, 1845, in E. 

Lavina Ann (see LcvJTia Ann). 

Leonard, ch. Amo^ Jr. and Submit, j\Iar. 14, 1S06. 

Leprelette, ch. I-:aiah and Lydia, Dec. 27, 1S05. [Leprelitc 
[h. Harriet (Clap)], , 1806, G.R.9.] 

Levina Ann, ch. Jesse and Joannah, Jan. 15, 1S31. [Lavina 
Ann [ch. Jesse and Joanna (Pike)*], p.R.16.] 

Lewis Wheaton, ch. Jacob and Sophia S. [(Pike), p.R.16.], 
Jan. 4, 1839. 

Lidea, ch. Jacob and Sarah, bp. Aug. 4, 17S9. c.r.i. 

Linus, s. Israel and x\zubah, Apr. 24, 1809. 

Lois, ch. Amos and 2\iary, Sept. 14, 1784. [ch. Amos and 
Mary (Pettee) [dup. [w. Asa Plimpton]], Sept. 22, p.r.6.] 

Lois, ch. Cornelius and Merium, Apr. 9, 1819. 

Lurana WJhnarth, d. Leonard, hoe manufacturer, and Eliza- 
beth H., Feb. 27, 1S45, in Crack Rock Village. 

Lurana Wilmarth, d. Leonard and (second w.), bp. 

Oct. II, 1S46. C.R.I. 

Lydia, d. Jacob and Lydia, Sept. 5, 1779. [w. Isiah Morse, 


Lydia (see IJdea). 

Lydia Ann, d. John B., farmer, and Anginette [Angenette 

(Morse), r.R.i6.], Sept. 20, 1847. 
Lydia Fisher, d. John and Rhoda, Dec. 21, 1818. 
Maria Elizabeth, ch. Leonard and Elizabeth (second v/.), Nov. 

8, 1S42. 
Maria Elizabeth, d. Leonard and Elizabeth W., bp. May 5, 

1844. C.R.I. 

Martha, twin d. Amos and Mary [(Pettee) p.r.6.], Sept. 18, 

Martin Clark, s. Elisha C. and Emily R., Apr. i, 1S44. 
Mary, twin d. Amos and ]\Lary [dup. [w. 01i\er Capcn]], Sept. 

18, 1773 [dup. 1703]. [w. Capcn, Sept. iS, 1773, 

G.E.2,] [w. Oliver Capcn [Sept. 18, 1773], P.R.3.] [ch. Amos 

and Mary (Pettee), Sept. 18, 1773. p.r.6.] 


•RKU'd b 

.(yi ^(■■(f brtf;.);?^,,! 



Morse, Mary, ch. Amos Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Submit, 

Feb. 14, I Si 5. [w. John J. G. Fisher, P.R.5.] 
Mary, d. Tyler, Laborer, and EHza (b. Easton), Sept. 15, 184S. 
Mary Ann [duix Mariann]; ch. Oliver and Waitstil [dup. 

[Waity]], Mar. 1:4, 1S02. 
Mary Ann [w. Elijah ISI. Paine], June i, 1809, in Sharon. 
Mary Elizabeth, d, Abncr, farmer, and Roxana, Nov. iS, 

1847, in New Slate. 
Mary Elvira, ch. Jesse and Joannah, Dec. 27, 1840. [[ch. 

Jesse aTid Joanna (Pike)] Dec. 29, P.K.16.] 
Mary Jane, ch. Leonard and Lucinda, July 12, 1832. 
Mary Jane, d. Leonard and Lucinda, bp. Oct. 20, 1S39. c.R.i. 
I\leletiah, ch. Joel and Meletiah, bp. Nov. 3, 1805. c.R.i. 
Melinda, d. Amos Jr. and Submit, Jan 22, 1S08. 
Melvi'na Betsey, d. Jason, farmer, and Betsey [dup. (second 

Vv'.)], Nov. 2, 1S43, in E. Foxboro. 
Miile, d. Joel and Miilatiah [dup. Mille (second v/.)l, July i;, 

1798. [Milly, G.R.5.] 
INIilton, ch. Oliver and Waitstil [dup. [Waity]], Dec. 25, 1799. 
Nancy, d. Isaiah and Lydia, Dec. 24, 1S12. 
Nelson, s. Amos Jr. and Submit, Apr. 23, 1S13. 
Newel, ch. Amos Jr. and Submit, [rec. between ch. b. 

Jan. 22, 180S, and ch. b. Apr. 23, 1813]. [Newell, h. 

Sally Fairbanks (Mann), Sept. 11, 1810, P.R.9.] 
Olive, d. Israel and Azubah, Nov. 16, 1701. 
Oliver, ch. Oliver and Waitstil [dup. Waity], Oct. 17, 1797. 
Oswell Newton, ch. Jacob and Sophia S., Sept. 4, 1840. [ 

Newton Morse [ch. Jacob and Sophia (Pike)], p.R.16.] 
Otis, s. Samuel Jr. and Sarah. Oct. iS, 1S16. 
Polly, d. Jaros [dup. Jarius] Payson and Hannah, Feb. 9, 

1802. ' 
Pruda, ch. Cornelius and '\Ierium, !Mar. 25, 1801. 
Rachel, d. Joel and Chloe, ]\Iay 2, 17S5. 
Rhesa Hartford, s. John and Rhoda, June 14, 1809. 

Rhoda Allen [? m.], , 17S6. G.R.9. 

Richard Ecntley, s. Chester F., trader, and Arrilla, Nov. 13, 

Rodman Elbridgc, s. Stephen and Sally, Mar. 15, iSio. 
Roger, s. Elisha and Joanna, iSLar. 12, 1764. 
Rosilla, d. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, July 27, 1821. 
Sally Forrist, d. Asa Jr. and Susanna [dup. Susan], Jan. 6, 

Samuel Jr., ch. Samuel and Sarah, Dec. 10, 1783. 
Samuel, ch. Soloman and Abigail, . 

-v •-"•"» 


Morse, Samuel Otis, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Oct. 18. 1S16. 

Sarah [w. Joseph Tiffany], , 1753. 

Sarah, d. Arnos and Mary [(Pettee) p.r.6.]. Feb. 14, 1780. 

Sarah, ch, Samuel and Sarah, Oct. 25, 1785. 

Sarah, d. John and Rhoda, Feb. 25, 1S07. 

Sarah Angenette, d. Bradford, farmer, and Angcnette [(Morse) 

P.R.16.], Aug. 23, 1S45. 
Sarah Belcher, d. Israel and Azubah, Feb. 20, 1812. 
Sarah Emeline, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Dec. 4, 1824. [w. 

Tyler Morse, G.R.5.] 
Sarah Welman, ch. John and Rhoda, Feb. 25, 1807. 
Sidney Chester, ch. Chester F. and Arrilla, June 29, 1S37. 
Sophia Elizabeth, ch. Jesse and Joannuh, Feb. 21, 1833. 

[Elizabeth Sophia [ch. Jesse and Joanna (Pike)], r.R.i6.] 
Spencer, s. Israel and Azubah, Feb. 23, 171)4. 
Stephen, s. Joel and Chloe, May 12, 17 "o. 
StiUman, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, i\pr. — , 1S37. 
Susan Adella [dup. Adelaj, d. John 1st [dup. omits ist] and 

Rhoda, Mar. 19, 1814, [Susan Adela, c.R.i.] 
Susanna, ch. Ehsha and Abigail [dup. Abagail], July 16, 17S9. 

[Susana, c.R.i.] 
Susanna, ch. John 2d and Charlotte, Feb. 4, 1812. 
Susannah [dup. Susanna], d. Elislia and Joanna, Sept. 14, 

Susannah Ilanuah, ch. Asa Jr. and Susanna, Jan. 15, 1825. 
Thankful, d. Asa and Mary, Mav 14, 1777. 
Timothy [dup. [h. Folly (Leeds)]]! s. Jacob and Lydia, Oct. 17, 

1783. [Dea. Timothy, w. Mary L., G.R.5.] 
Timothy Jr., s. Timothy, bp. Dec. 21, 17S6. c.R.i. 
Timothy, ch. Jacob and Sarah, lip, Aug. 4, 1789. C.R.i. 
Tyler, ch. Cornelius and Mciium, Feb. 25, 1S06. 
Unice [dup. Eunice], ch. Joel and Mclctiah, bp. Nov. 3, 1805. 


Warren, s. Elisha and Abigail, July 31, 1794- 

William Asa, s. Harvey, marketer, and Sally L. [dup. Lev^-is], 

Dec. 10, 1843, in E. Foxboro. 
William Derwin, s. Jacob, farmer, and Sophia S. (b. Ashland), 

June 20, 1S48. [Willie Derwin Morse [ch. Jacob and 

Sophia (Pike)], r.R.i6.] 
, "the Children of" Jacob and Sarah, bp. Dec. 31, 

17S6. C.R.I. 

, s. David and Patty (second v^-.), . 

MYERS (see Miers). :.• ^ .. 

•'') .*.- 

■c'^''-i ,r. 


I>fASON, Elia?, s. Elias and Lois, Oct. 30, 1796. 

Harriet Ani), cb. Elias Esq. and Susanna (second w.), May 1, 

1827 [dup. jNIay i, 1820]. 
Ileniy Bradford, s. Elias Esq. [dup. otnits Esq.] and Susanna 

(s'.;Cood ^v,), June 22, 1S3T. 
Heimon, s. Elias and Lois, June 20, iSoc. 
Lois, d. }:'lias and Lois. Sept. 27, 1794- 
Lois, d. Elias and LoLs, bp. May 31, 1801. c.r.i. 
V/illwn;' Wan en, ch. Elias Esq. and Susanna (second w.), , 

iSi ]. 
Will-'ara Warrin [dap. Warren], s. Elias (Nasson) and Lois, 

Dec. 22, 1S06. [William Warren Nason, c.i-M.J 

KEWTOIT, Miudweli [ ], w. [June — , 1772], 


mCKi'.RSOK, Silas Wright, s. W'illard, manufacturer, and w. 
of Norton, Dec. 13, 1845. 

I^TTING, Hannah [w. John Sumner], Oct. 24, 172S. 

OmOlJj Aldisa Lamira, d. Asa F., Apr. 17, 1S20. 
Charles Henry, s. Asa F., Dec. 25, 1831. 

l^ACKAPsD, Hannah Fersis, d, EU^ridge G. [Elbridge H., 
c.K.i.], overseer of foundry, and Nancy, June 22, 1845, 
in Furnace Village. 

Richard, ch. Elbridge H. and w. [Nancy,, Jan. 22, 1842. 

Vesta [Mar. — , 1806]. G.ii.9. 

PAGE Mary, w. Ezra Pickens, , 1827. g.r.q. 

Mary J. [ ], w. Asa, , 1S23. g.r.q. 

PAINE, Abigail Ann [- ], w. Nathaniel W., Aug. 16, 

1809. G.R.9. 
Abijah [dup. Pain], s. James and Anne [dup. Anna], Oct. 19, 

1793. [Baine [dup. Paine], s. James [dup. Jr.] and Anna, 


Amanda Laura, d. Joseph A. and Amanda 0., Jan. 24, 1843. 


Amos [h. Ro.xey (Paine)], , 17S0. 

Amos [dup. Pain], s. Enoch and Thankfull, Sept. 3, 17&1. 

Asa, s. Lemuel and Rachel, luly 28, 1781. 

Asa [dup. Pain], s. Asa and Patty, Dec. 13, 1704. [Painc, s. 

Asa and Patta, c.R.i.] 
Asa Morse [dup. Pain], ch. Jacob and Hannah, Feb. 19, 1795. 


Paine, Asa Warren Esq., s. Asa and PaLty (Bacon), Dec. 

3, 1795. G.R.9. 
Betsy [dup. Betsey Pain], d. Enoch and Thanki'all, Jan. 31, 

1 7 8,3 [dup. 1782 sic]. 
Chloc, d. Nelson and Belind;i, bp. June 13, 1836. c.R.i . 
Cyntbea [dup. Cynthia Pain], d. Abiai and Cynthea [dup. 

Cyjithia], Oct. 25, 1779. 
Elias Bacon [dup. Pain], s. Asa and Patty, Dec. 3, 1796. [Paine, 

s. Asa and Patte, c.r.i.] 
Elijah M. [h. Mary Ann (Alorse)], Dec. 2, 1S07, in Poxbury. 
Esther, d. Lemuel and Rachel, Oct, 25, 17S3. 
Esther, d. Enoch and Thankfull, Feb. 23, 1802. [Pain, c.r.i.] 
Frederic [dup. Ferderick], s. Lemuel and Rachel, Nov. 21, 

Frederic, s. Nelson and Belinda, bp. Apr. — , 1829. c.r.i. 
Hannah [? ni.], Aug. 9, 1763. G.R.9. 

Hannah Maria [Paine, written in pencil], d. flcrvey and Han- 
nah, bp. May 9, 1824. c.r.i. 
Hartford, s. Stephen and Abigail [dup. Abagail], June 26, 

1802. [Harford Pain, s. Stephen and Abigail, C.R-i.] 
Harvey (sec Hervey). 
Henry Nelson, s. Nelson and Belinda S., bp. ]May 5, 1S34. 


Hervey [dup. Pain], s. Asa and Patty, July 5 [dup. July 15], 

1793. [Harvy Paine, c.r.i.] 
Hosea Erastus, ch. Isaac and Polly, July 22, 1814. 
Isaac [dup. Pain], s. Enoch and Thankfull, Apr. 8, 1786. 
James Jr. [dup. Pane, dup. and second dup, omit Jr., second 

dup. [h. Sally (Morse)]], s. James and Anne [dup. Anna], 

Mar. 6, 1785. 
James, s. James and Anna, bp. Jan. 27, 17S8. C.r.i. 
Jerusha [? m.], Mar. 10, 1760. G.R.9. 
Jose])h [dup. [h. Nancy (Carpenter)]], ch. Joseph and Mary, 

Nov. 14, 17S0, *' Moved to Westmoreland." 
Joseph, ch. Joseph and Mary, bp, Aug. iS, 1801. c.r.i. 
Joseph Edison [dup. Adison], s. Asa and Patty, May 24, 1802. 

[Joseph Adison Pain, c.r.i.] 
Keziah [dup. Pain], ch. Jacob and Hannah, Feb. 19, 170S. 
Lemuel Jr. [dup. Laniucl Pain, omits Jr.], s, Lemuel [dup. 

Lamuel] and Rachel, Dec. 2, 1777. 
Lois [dup. Pain], d. Enoch and Thankfull, Aug. 12, 1791. 
Lucinda [dup. Pain], d. Abiai and Cynthea [dup. Cynthia], 
.._, Sept. 5, 1782. . 


I. . w 
IS . . 

1. 1, >:.:.' 


72 ro:<:BORouGiT births 

Paine, Martha Throop [diip. Patty Thoop Pain], ch. Asa and 

Patty, June 14, 1799. [Patta Troop Paine, d. Asa and 

Patta, C.R.T.] 
Mary Ann, ch. Isaac and Polly, Sept. 22, 1S16. 
Mary Ann Frances, d, Elijah M. and Mary Ann, Aug. 9, 1S32. 
Nancy, ch. Joseph and jNIary, Feb. 21, 1785, " Moved to 

Nancy, ch. Joseph and ivlarv, bp. Aug. 18, 1801. C.R.i. 
Nathan [dup. Pain], ch. Jacob and Hannah, July 14, 1792. 
Nathaniel \V., ch. Asa and Patty, Jan. 3, 1806. [Nathanael 

Ware Paine, c.r.\] [Nathaniel Ware Paine [h. Abigail Ann], 

s. Asa and Patty (Bacon), Jan. 3, 1805, G.R.9.] 

Olive [w. Amasa Grover], , 1764. 

Otis, s. Lemuel and Rachel, Aug. 26, 1770. 

Otis [dup. Pain], s. Stephen and Abigail, Sept. 29, 1799. 

Otis, s. Stephen and Abigail, bp. Sept. 1^7, 1801. c.r.i. 

I'atty Thoop (see 3*Iartha Throop Paine). 

Polly, d. Joseph and Mary, Apr. 7, 17S3. [w. Dea. Harvey 

Pcttee, P.R.3.] 
Polly, ch. Joseph and ^\Iary, bp. Aug, iS, iSoi. c.R.i. 
Rachel [dup. Pair], d. Lemuel and Rachel, Aug. 2, 17S9. 

[Rachal Paine [dup. d. Lemuel and Rachal], c.r.i.] 
Rhoda, ch. Joseph and ]\Iary, July 26, 1776, " Moved to 


Richard, ch. Joseph and Nancy, . 

Robert Wait [dup. Eaine], s. James [dup. Jr.] and Anna, bp. 

Aug. 24, 17S8. C.R.I. 
Robert Wait [dup. Pain], s. James and Anne [dup. Anna], 

June 30, 17S9. 
Sally [dup. Salla], ch. Joseph and ]Mary, I\Iay 13, 177S, "Moved 

to Westmoreland ." 
Sarah, d. Nelson and Belinda, bp. May — , 1831. c.r.i. 
Submit, d. Joseph and Mary, iSL^y 31, 17S7. [[w. Amos 

Morse Jr.] I\lay 30, G.R.2.] 
Submit, ch. Joseph and i\Iary, bp. Aug. iS, iSoi. c.r.i. 
Susan Ardilla, ch. Isaac and Polly, Oct. 27, 1S18. [Susan 

Ordelia, c.r.i.] 
Willard T. [h. Mary (r^Ielven)] [Mar. — , 1820]. G.R.9. 
William [dup. Pain], ch. Jacob and Hannah, Sept. 8, 17SS. 

, ch. Enoch and Tliankfull, bp. June 15, 1799. c.r.i. 

, ch. Enoch and Thankful!, bp. June 15, 1709. c.r.i. 

, ch. Enoch and I'KankfuII, bp. June 15, 1799. C.r.i. 

• , ch. Enoch and Thankful!, bp. June 15, 1799. c.r.i. 


P;aiTniDGF, Harvy Pratt [dup. Patndge], s. Harvy and 
Rachel; July 28, 1815. 

PATTEN, Daniel, s. David and Sarah, [rec. after ch. 

b. Feb. 19, 1709]. 
David, s. David and Sarah, Jan, 27, 1790. 
Jenny, d. David and Sarah, Jan. 19, 1705. 
Mary Robbins, d. David and Sarah, Feb. 19, 1799- 
Saliy [dup. Salley], d. Da,vid a^d Sarah, Feb. i?, 179?. 

PAYSON, Abby Jane, ch. Dr. Williora and Abi^'ali, :\Jar. 3, 

Abigail [dap. Nabby], ch. Phillip;- and Abigail, Feb. 22, i8co, 

[w. Daniels Carpenter, p. 11.77.] 
Abigail, d. Phillips and Abigail, bp. June 26, 1S03. C.R.i. 
Albert S'tvift, ch. James and Saily. Apr. 26, 1S16. 
Ann Warren, d. [dup. adds Dr.J William and Abigail A. [dup. 

omits A.J, Mar. 5, 1S13. 
Ann W^arren, ch. Dr. VViniam and Abi^dl, Mar. 7, 1S17. 
Esther, d. Swift Esq. and Esther [dup. [\y. Spencer Hedges]], 

Jan. 6, 1785. [Jan. 5, p.R.17.] 
Hannah Holder, d. Albert S. and Lucy G.; Oct. 9, 1S39. 
Hannah W'arren, ch. Dr. William and Abigail, Apr. i, iSiq. 
llarrici Alice, ch. Wili[ia]nj P. and Catherine, Mar. 31, 1840. 
James [dup. [h. Sally (Stratton)]], s. Sv.itt Esq. and Esther, 

Aug. 10, 1782. 
James Albert, s. Albert S., box manufacturer, and Lucy G. 

(b. Berlin), June 11, 1S48. 
James Gardner, ch. James and Sally, ]\Iar. 7, 1819. 
Martha Carpenter, d. W'[illia]m P., manufacturer, and Cath- 
erine, Aug. 29, 1S46. 

Mary 'H. [ j, w. James, [17S7]. t.-r.i. 

Nancy, d. Phillips and Abigail, Kov. 5, 1798. [>y. Daniel 

Pettee, G.R.9.] 
Nancy, d. Phillips and Abigail, bp. June 26, 1803, c.r.t. 
Phillips, s. Swift Esq. and JEsther, Oct. 24, 1773. [[h. Abigail 

[(Clark)]] G.R.9.] 
Samuel Russel, s. James and Sally, Feb. 2, 1S13. 
Su.san, d. Phillips and w., bp. June — , 1S04. c.r.i. 
Susanna, d. Swift Esq. and Estlier, June 19, 1777. [Susanah, 

Susanna, ch. Phillips and Abigail, Dec. 2, 1804. 

Swift Esq. [h. Esther (Clai.p)l, , 17^,8. 

William, Dr. [h. Abigail (Warren)], Mar. 25, 17S0. 
William, s. James and Sally, July 31, 1809. 



Payson, William PLiilips [dup. Philips], ch. Phillips [dup. 
Philips] [Philips, c.r.i.] and Abigail, Oct. i6, iSio. 

, twin ch. Swift, Apr. 9, 1771. r.R.17. 

, twin ch. Swift, Apr. 9, 1771, P.R.17. 

PECK, Benjamin Cranston, ch. Gardner M. and Elizabeth, 

May 22, 1S32. 
Elizabeth Mason, ch. Gardner I\I. and Elizabeth, Apr. 6, 1S37. 
Gardner M., s. Gardner M. and Elizabeth, Apr. — , 1S25. 
Josei)h Mason, ch, Gardner M. and Elizabeth. jMay 25, 1834. 
Martha Elizabeth, ch. Gardner M. and Elizabeth, Jan. 14, 

Thomas Gardner^ ch. Gardner M. and Elizabeth, Dec. 22, 


PENNEY (see Penny), Loring E. [Mar. — , 1S31]. p.R.3. 

PENNY (see Penney), William Llewellyn, s. William A., 

trader, and Susan H., Aug. 9, 1S47. 
, s. Wiil[ia]m and Susan, June 20, 1847 i-^''^. f* 1S46]. 

PERIGO, Robert; ch. James, bp. [rec. before , 

1779]. C.R.I. 

PERRY, Caroline Abigail, ch. Oliver and Caroline, Feb. 4, 
1828. [Caroline Abbie, P.R.3.] 

Mary Florentine, d. Oliver A., boot maker, and Eliza (b. Salis- 
bury, N.Y.), Dec. I, 1848. 

Oliver Augustus, ch. Oliver and Caroline, July 8, 1826. 

PETTEE, Adison, ch. Hezekiah and Chloe, July 20, 1S09. 

A.dison, ch. David and Polly, Aug. 31, iSog. 

Albert Franklin, ch. 2\Iartin and Sally, July 15, 1827. 

Almira, d. Jnnies H. and Joanna, Aug. i, 1S35. 

Amanda jSIalvina, ch. Ixlartin and Sally, Se]:tt. 2, 1S35. 

Annet, ch. Hezekiah and Chloe, Feb. 28, 1806. [Annette, w. 

Daniel L. Ilewins, G.R.9.] 
Annette, d. Hezekiah and Chloe, bp. Apr. 13, 1S17. c.r.i. 
Benjamin, s. Cyrenius and Hittey [dup. Mehetebel], Feb. 8, 


Benjamin, ch. Benjamin and Hannah, . 

Betsey [dup. Belsy], d, Oliver and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], 

Feb. 15, iSoo. 
Calvin, s. Simon Jr. and Sophia, May 10, 1814. 
Calvin, ch. Simon Jr. and Sophia, Feb. 13, 1816. 
Calvin, [ch.] Simon and Sophia, bp. Sept. 11, 1S31. c.r.i. 



Pettee, Caroline, ch. Harvy [dup. Hervcy] and Polly [second 

dup. [w. Ephraim Grover]], June 9, 1S05. 
Caroline, ch. Hervey [Hervey, written in pencil], bp. Oct. 13, 

1816. C.V-.I. 

Celia E. [ ], w. Willard, [181S]. g.r.q. 

Charles, ch. Harvey [dup. Lt. Hervey] and Polly, ]May 11, 

Charles [Charles, written in pencil], ch. Hervcy [Hervey, writ- 
ten in pencil], bp. Oct, 13, 1816. c.r.i. 
Charles Addison, s. Addison, farmer, and Eliz[abc]tli J., May 

27, 1844. 
Chloe, d. Hezckiah and Chloe, Feb. 20, 1793. 

Cyrenius, ch. Benjamin and Hannah, . 

Daniel, s. Hezekiah and Chloe, May 8, 1795. 
Daniel Lewis, ch. Daniel and Nanc}'', Nov. 8, 1S20. 
David, ch. David and Polly, Nov. 17, 1805. 

David, ch. Benjamin and Hannah, . 

Edward Francis, J?n. S, 1S27. G.R.9. 

Eleanor [dup. Eleoaner], d. Oliver and Elizabeth [second dup. 

[w. Amasa Grover]], Mar. 14, 1790. 
Eliza, ch. Harvy [Hervey, c.R.i.] and Polly, Aug. i, 1819. 
Eliza G., Sept. i, 1824. G.R.9. 
Eliza G., Apr. i, 1S29. G.R.9. 
Elizabeth, d. Simon and Abigail (third w.) [dup. [w. Joseph 

Stratton]], Apr. 9, 1779. 
Elizabeth Ann, ch. Martin and Sally, June 13, 1822. 
Ellen Francis, ch. Martin and Sally, Mar. 11, 1832. 
Elvira P., w. Albert A. Wilmarth, Mar. 19, 1S22. G.R.9. 
Emalinc, d. Cyrenius and Hit Ley [dup. ^Mchetebel], May 12, 

Esth<.:r, c\\. Ho./ekiah and Chloe, Apr, 24, 1803. 
Esther M. [? m.], June 25, 1792. G.R.9. 
Franklin William, s. Addison, farmer, and Elizabeth J., Aug. 

20, 1847. 
George Madison, s. Cyrenius and Mehitablc [dup. ISIehetebel], 

Oct. 30, 1812. 
Hannah, d. Hezekiah and Chloe, June iS, 1788. [w. Stephen 

Boyden, G.R.5.] 

Hannah, ch. Benjamin and Hannah, . 

Hariot, ch. Simon Jr. and Sophia, Dec. 14, 1S17. 
Harriet, ch. Hezckiali and Chloe, May 9, 1S02. 
Harriet, [ch.] Simon and Soj^hia, bp. Sept. 11, 1S31. C.R.i. 
Harriet N., d. Doniel and Nancy, , 1S20. g.r,9. 


.oibi J .^irk ,vi' 

,w XL:. ,: 


Pettee, Harvy, s. Simon and Abigail (third \v.), Aug. 23, 17S2. 

[Hervey, r.R.i.] 
Hepzibah Sumner, ch. Simon Jr. and Sophia, Mar. 18, 1825. 
Hepzibah Sumner, [cb.j Simon and Sophia, bp. Sept. 11, 1831. 


Hezekiah, ch. Benjamin and Hannah, . 

Horace [dup. llorraccl, s. David [dup. (Pette)] and Polly, Aug. 

5. 1706. 
James Ileniy [dup. lienery], ch. Cyrenius and Mchctebel [dup. 

s. Syrenius and Ivlaiiitablc], Aug. 24, 1814. 
James Henry, ch. Hervey [Hervey, written in pencil], bp. Oct. 

13, 1816. C.R.I. 

James Hervey, ch. Harvy [dup. [Hervey]] and Polly, Aug. 22, 

Jane Ann, d. David and Polly, Feb. 19, 1818. 
Joseph, s. Simon and Abigail (third w.), jMar. 13, 1781. 
Joseph Gardner, ch. Simon Jr. and Sophia, July 22, 1828. 
Joseph Gardner, [ch.] Simon and Sophia, bp. Sept. 11, 1831. 


Keziah, ch. Benjamin and Hannah, . [Mar. 3, 1760, 

Lewis, s. Hezekiah and Chloe, Nov. 24, 1797. 
Lewis A., June 20, 1S20. g.r.q. [ch. Tyler and Esther M., 

June 16, in Sharon, p.r.i.] 
Maria [dup. ]\iarlah], ch. Karvy [dup. Tlervy] and Polly, Jan. 

27, 1804. 
Maria, ch. Hervey, bp. Oct. 13, 1S16. c.r.i. 
Mariah Norton, ch. Martin and Sally, May 21, 1820, in 

Marielte [dup. T\Iyritta], d. David and Polly, July 27, 1799. 
Martin, s. Oliver and Elizabeth, Feb. 3, 1704. 
Mary [v/. An-'os Morse], Nov. 24, 1742. [ch. Sam[ue]l and 

Elizabeth, in Walpole, r.R.6.] 
Mary Abigail, d. Simon [Simeon, c.r.i.] Jr. and Sophia, Oct. 2, 

Mary Ann, d. Cvrcnius dec'd and Mehitiblc [dup. Mehetebel], 

July 15, 1816. 
Nancy Adalaide, ch. IMartin and Sally, Apr. 5, 1833. 
Nancy Harriot, ch. Daniel and Nancy, May 2, 1819. 
Nancy Jane, ch. Harvy [Hervey, c.R.i.] and Polly, Apr. 20, 

Oliver [h. Elizabeth (Clark)], July 4, 1761. 
Oliver Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], s. Oliver and Elizabeth, Nov. 29, 


.fifif , 

•K>Ti -U' 


Pettee, Oliver Cromwell, ch. Martin and Sally, Oct. 23, 1825. 

Otis, s. Simon and Abi^^'ail (third w.), j\Iar. 5, 1795. 

Otis, ch. Otis and Matilda, July 6, 1818. 

Polly, d. Simon and Abigail (third w.), May 17, 1793. 

Polly [dup. Poly], d. Simon [dup. (Pette)] and Abigail (third 

w.) [dup. Abigal, second dup. [w. Okes Copelaud]], June 

26, 1790. 
Polly, ch. David and Polly, Dec. 3, iSoo. 
Rebeccah, ch. \Vi]liam and Rcbeccah, . [Rebeca, bp. 

June 18, 1786, C.R.I.] 
Sally, d. Simon and Abigail (third \x.), Aug. 20, 1791. 
Sarah Jane, ch. Martin and Sail}-, Nov. 22, 1S29. 
Seneca [dup. Senaca], s. Simon and Abigail (third w.), May 15, 

Simon [h. Abigail (Little)], July 4, ij^ilworn], 
Simoji Jr. [dup. omits Jr., second dup. [h. Sophia (Foirist)]], 

s. Simon and Abigail (third \v.), Feb. 20, 17SS. 
Simon Erastus, ch. Simon Jr. and Sophia, July 3, 1S22. 
Simon Erastus, [ch.] Simon and Sophia, bp. Sept. 11, 1S31. 


Simon jMetcalf, ch. Simon Jr. and Sophia, Nov. 17, 1S20. 
Sophia Metcalf, d. Simon Jr. and Sophia, Sept. iS, 1S12. 
Sophia Metcalf, [ch.J Simon and Sophia, bp. Sept. 11, 1831. 


Stephen, s. Simon and Abigail (third w.), June 27, 17S9. 
Stephen Albert, s. Hervey and Polly, May 7, 1S24. c.r.i. 
Tyler, s. Ilczckiah and CJiloe, Aug, 31, 1790. [Aug. 30, g.r.2. 

Tyler A., July tQ, 1S16. g.e.q. 
Ursula, ch. David and Polly, Feb. 27, 1803. 
Warren ElaKe, s. David and Polly, ^lar, 19, 1S12. 
Wilkes Herbert Francois, s. Calvin, bonnet presser, and Louisa 

M., July 24, 1S47. 
Willard, s. Hosekiah [dup. Flezekiah] and Chloe, Oct. 14, 1S12. 

[[h. Celia E., h. Lucy (Prown)] G.R.9.] 
W^illard, ch. Flezekiah and Chloe, bp. Apr. 13, 1S17. c.r.i. 

William [h. Rebeccah], , 1724. 

William [ch. Flervey and Polly], July 25, 180S. 

William Clapp [dup. Clai)], ch. Cyrenius and Mehetebcl 

[dup. Ilittey], Sept. 15, iSio, 
William Warren, ch. Ilarvy and Polly, July 25. iSoS. 
W[illiajm Warren, ch. Hervey [Hervey, "d'ritlcn in pencil], 

bp. Oct. 13, 1S16. c.r.i. 

q*i .'• 

,11 •{*; 

> >^ ' 

.i ■ ■ 

•^••-> K-'r -^A'^iJ 


Pettee, , first ch. Ilezekiab and Chloe, [b. 

before cli. b. June iS, 17S8]. 

, s. Charles and w., Jan. — , 1843. 

, s. Charles, farnier, and Mary H., June 30. 1846. 

PHELPS, Mv.vy Abigail,ch. Alvah and Mary Jane, Aug. 6, 1839. 

[jMary Abigal, c.R.i.] 
Sarah Elizabeth, ch. Alvah and Mary Jane, Apr. 8, 1S42. 

PICIIENS, Anna Gertrude, d. Ezra, mariner, and Ann Eliza, 
Aaig. ig, 1S45, in Central Village. 

PIERCE, Alexander Everett, ch. Rev. Willard and El an or 

[Eleanor, c.r.i.j W., July 27, 1831. 
Ann, d. Rev. Willard and Eilenor, bp. I\Iar. — , 1829. c.P-.i. 
Ann, ch. Rev, Willard and Elanor W., Aug. 20, 1S29. 

Betsey [ ], w. Mason R., [1814]. G.R.9. 

Charles Aison, s. Thomas N., farmer (b. Vvxlllleetj, and Erne- 

Hue (b. Raynham), Mar. 27, 1849. 
Edv/ard Willard, s. E.ev. Willard and Elenor W., bp. May i, 

1836. C.R.I. 

Eleanor, ch. Rev. Willard and Elanor [Eleanor, g.r.i.] W., 

Nov. 24, 1825. 
Ellen, ch. Rev. Willard and Elanor W., Oct. 16, 1S27. 
Gardner, s. Rev. Willard and Eleanor W., bp. July — , 183S. 


Harriet Ann, d. Rev. Willard and Elenor W. £., bp. May 5, 

1834. C.R.I. 

Lucy Emelinc, d. Thomas N., farmer, and Emeline, Dec. 20, 

Mason R. [h. Eet-ey], [1S17]. G.i:.(j- 

PIERSOK, , s. John and OHve, Sept. 8, 1842. 

PIKE, Elizabeth H. (see Elizabeth IT. i\lann). 

Ellen Elizabeth, d. David, farmer (b. HopUnton), and Betsey, 

Oct. 4, 184S. 
Henry David, ch. David and Betsey, IMar. 8, 1840. 
Nathan, ch. David and Betsey, Feb. 19, 1842. 
Sylvester, s. David, farmer, and Betsey, July 27, 1S45, in W. 


PLIMTOri (see Blimpton, Plymton), Albert, ch. Elijah dec'd 

and Sally, bp. Sept. 11, 1831. c.R.i. 
Charles Lewis, ch. Elijah dec'd and Sally, bp. Sept. 11, 1S31. 



,.V7 { i.'A.r^ ,-ioo 

.or -ootl ,'j 


Pltmton, Elijah Edson, ch. Elijah dec'd and Sally, bp. Sept. 

II, 1831. C.R.l. 
Francis Huston, ch. Elijah dec'd and Sally, bp. Sept. 11, 1831. 


Harrison, ch. James dec'd and Ann, bp. Sept. 11, 1831. c.r.i,- 

James, ch. Asa and INIary, bp. Jan. 7, 1787. c.r.i. 

James Stratton, cti. James dec'd and Ann, bp. Sept. 11, 1831. 


PLIMPTON (see Plimton, Plymton), Albert, ch. Elijah Jr. 

and Sally, Jan. 24, 1S17. [[h. Eliza (]\Iorse)] G.P^g.] , 
Ann Eliza, ch. Willard and Eunice, Nov. 10, 1S23. 
Anna Josephine, d. Albert and Eliza, Apr. 19, 1S49. G.R.9. 
Asa, s. Asa and jNIar}', Aug. 19, 17S2. 
Augustus, ch. James and Amy, i\Iar. 21, 1S20, 
Charles Lewis, ch. Elijah Jr. and Sally, Mar. i, 1820. 
Elias, s. Asa and Mary, Nov. 12, 1794. 
Elijah Jr. [dup. Plimton, omits Jr.], s. Elijah and ^Slary [dup. 

Marah], Is^ov. 17, 17S4. 
Elijah Edson, ch. Elijah Jr. and Sally, May 7, 1825. 
Ellen jSIaria, ch. Willard and Eunice, Feb. 10, 1S28. 
Emily, d. Lewis and Harriet, Feb. 3, 18x8. 
Francis Newton, ch. Elijah Jr. and Sally, Mar. 2, 1S28. 
Frederick Sanford, ch. Willard and Eunice, Feb. 22, 1S34. 
Georgiana Eliza, d. Albert and Eliza, June 7, 1842. g.r.q. 
Henry [dup. Henery], s. Asa and INIary, Jan. 28, 1787. [Henery 

Plymton [dup. Plimton], c.r.i.] 
Horace, s. Asa and Louis [dup. Lois], Apr. 21, 180S. 
James [dup. Plimton], s. Asa and Mary [dup. ISIarah], Apr. 22, 

James Edmund [dup. Edmond], ch. James and Amy [dup. 

Am.a], Aug. 10, 1817. 
Jane Ann, twin d. Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] Asa and Lois, 

Aug. 2, 1S17. 
Joseph Warren [dup. Plympton], ch. Elijah Jr. and Sally, 

June 29, 1810. 
Julia Ann, twin d. Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] Asa and Lois, 

Aug. 2, 1817. 
Lewis, s. Elijah and INIary, May 24, 1790. [Luis Plymton 

[clup. Plimton], c.r.i.] 
Lydia, d. Asa and ?\Iary, Nov. 4, 1790. [Lidia Plymton, 

ISIarv, d, James and Ama [dup. Amy], Sept. 3, 1815. 
Mary, ch. Elijah and Marv, [rcc. before ch. b. Nov. 17, 





Plimpton, Otis, ch. Asa and Lois [dup. [Louis]], Apr, 24, iSii, 

Sally, d. Asa and Mary, Jan. 28, 17S1. 

Silas Fisher [dup. Plympton], ch. Elijah Jr. and Sallv, Aug. 26, 

Willard, s. Elijah and llary, Nov. 25, 1794. [Plymlon [dup. 

Piimton], C.R.I.] 
Willard Pratt; ch. Willard and Eunice, May 7, 1S21. 

PLYMTON (see Piimton, Plimpton), Asa [dup. Piimton], ch. 

Asa and Mary, bp. Jan. i [dup. Jan. 7], 17S7. c.r.i. 
Sally [dup. Piimton], ch. Asa and Mary, bp Jan. i [dup. Jan. 

7], 17S7. C.R.I. 

POLLEY, Plannah Day, ch. John and Hannah, July 25, 1809. 
Nathaniel Manard, s. William and Mary, i\Iar. ^o, iSoS, 

POOL, Levarna [ ], w. John, "formerly" w. Ithiel 

Smith [Dec. — , 1803]. G.R.9, 

POOR, Charles, s. Rev. D. [dup. Daniel] [Daniel, c.r.i.] J. 
and Susan T., Jan. 17, 1S45, '^^ Central Village. 

Daniel, s. Rev. Daniel J. and Susan T., Nov. i, 1S46, in Cen- 
tral Village. 

Mary Elizabeth, d. Rev. Daniel J. and Susan [Susan F., c.R.i.], 
Jan. 21, 1S43. 

Susan Frances, d. Rev. Daniel J. and Susan, Aug. 4, 1841. 

POWDERLY, Alice, d. James, moulder (b. Ireland), and Ann 

(b. Ireland), Dec. 15, 1849. 
Catherine, ch. James and Ann, Dec. 15, 1S42. 
James Francis, s. James, mechanic, and Ann, Apr. Ji, 1845. 

John, [1804]. P.R.3. 

Mary J<'ne, ch. James and Ann, Sept. 18, 1840. 

PRAT (see Pratt), Joseph, s. Elijah and Sybbil, bp. May 31, 

180I. C.R.I. 

PRATT (see Prat), Abigail, ch. Elijah and Sibil, June 7, 181 7. 

[w. David Wyman, r.R.3.] 
Abijah [second dup. [h. i\lary (Robbins)]], s. Capt. [dup. om.its 

Capt.] Josiah and Abigail, Mar. 28, 1759. [Abijah Esq. 

[h. Mary], G.R.5.] 
Amanda, d. Isaac and Rachel (second v:.) [Elizabeth, c.r.i.], 

June Tj, 1802. 
Benja[min] Franklin, ch. Elijah and Sibil [dup. [Sybiel]], Sept. 

t 5> 1803. ;, j ■;; 

,[.i.;i.o,. ,. 


Pratt, Benoni, s. Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] Josiah and Abigail, 

Aug. 22, 1765. 
Betsey [dup. Betsy], d. Jessee [dup. Jesse] and Maiy, Apr. 13, 

1701. [Bettc, ch. Jessa and Alary, c.R.i.] 
Calvin, s. Isaac and Mary, June 9, 1781. 

Damarius [dup. Dameria], d. Joseph and Sarah, Jan. 10, 1777. 
Elbridge Gerry, s. Elijah and Sybil [dup. Sibil], July 14, 1S14. 
Elijah, s. Joseph and Sarah, Aug. 7, 1775. 
Elijah, G. Elijah and Sybil [dup. Sibil], May 28, 181 2. 
Eliza, ch. Josiah and Salley, bp. Aug. iS, 1801. c.r.i. 
Eliza Ann, d. Elijah and Sybil [dup. Sibil], July 24, 1S09. 
Elizabeth, d. Isaac and Mary, Sept. 12, 1773. 
Ellis, ch. Josiah and Salley, bp. Aug. iS, iSoi. c.R.i. 
Esther, d. Jesse [Jessa, c.r.i.] and Mary, Nov. 23, 1788. 
Eunice [dup. Unice], d. Isaac and Rachel (second w.) [dup. 

Rachal], Oct. 15, 1798. [Eunice, d. Isaac and Rachal 

(second w.), c.r.i.] 
George Franklin, ch. Benjamin F. and Eliza, Oct. 6, 1S2S. 
Harrfet [dup. Harriot] [ch. Elijah and SybiclJ [dup. Sibil], 

Dec. I, 1806. 
Harvy [dup. Karvey]; s. Isaac and Rachel (second w.), Feb. 3, 


Isaac, [twin] s. Capt. Josiah and Abigail, , 1753- 

Isaac Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], s. Isaac and Mary, June 18 [dup. 

June 13], 1 771. 
Jesse [second dup. [h. Mary (Rhodes)]], s. Capt. [dup. omits 

Capt.] Josiah and Abigail, Apr. 12, 1761. 
Jesse Jr. [dup. Jessee, omits Jr.], s. Jesse [dup. Jessee] and 

JNIary, Apr. 15, 1795. 
Joel, s. Isaac [dup. I^-aack] and jNIary, Sept. 4, 1775. 

Joseph, s. Capt. Josiah and Abigail, , 1751. 

Joseph, s. Elijah and Sybiel [dup. Sibil], Jan. 23, 1790- 
Joseph, ch. Joseph and Sarah, [rec. after ch. b. Oct. 4, 


Josiah, Capt. [h. Abigail (WilHams)], , 1720. 

josiah, s. Isaac 2d [dup. omits 2d] and Mary, Sept. 14, 1769. 
Josiah, s. Josiah Jr. and Salley, bp. June 24, 1802. c.r.i. 
Levi, s. Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] Josiah and Abigail, Aug. i, 

Lucy, d. Jesse and Mary, Mar. 2, 17S7. [Luca, d. Jessa [dup. 

d. Jessa and Mary], c.r.i.] 
Luther, ch. Josiah and Salley, bp. Aug. 18, iSoi. C.r.i. 
IMarcus, s. Abijah and Mary, May 14, 1799. 
Marcus, ch. Abijah and Mary, bp. Aug. 25, 1S05. c.r.i. 

.qub] ?i 


Pratt, Mary, d. Abijah and Mary, Mar. 12, 1796. [w. Calvin 

Forrist, G.R.5.] 
Mary, ch. Abijah and Mary, bp. Aug. 25, 1805. C.r.i. 
Mehelibel [dun. Mehetabel], d. Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] Josiah 

and Abigail, Oct. 27, 1770. 
Miriam [dup. Merrium], d. [dup. adds Capt.] Josiah and Abi- 

gyel [dup. Abigail], May xo, 1755. 
Nabby, d. Joseph and Sarah, Oct. 4, 1780. 
Nancy [dup. Nancey], ch. Elijah and Sibil [dup. [Sybiel]], Feb. 

28, 180:. [Nancy Prat, d. Elijah and Sybbil, c.R.i.] 
Peter, s. Capt, !_dup. omits Capt.] Josiah and Abigail, June 7, 

Peter, s. Awjah and TvTary, Oct. 14, 1791. 
Peter, ch. Abijah and Mary, bp. x'Vug. 25, 1805. C.R.i. 
Polly, d. I''.aac and IMary, Aug. 27 [dup. Aug. 17], 1777. 
Polly, d. Jesse [dup. Jessce] ijessa, c.r.i.] and Mary, M3.r. 31, 

Rachel, d. Capt. [dup. ornits Capt.] Josiah and Abigail, June 

26, 1767, 
Rachel, d. Jesse [dup. Jessee] [Jessa, c.r.i.] and Mary, Aug. 6, 

Rhoda, d. Jesse [dup. Jessee] and Mary, May 27, 1797. 
Rosilla, ch. Elijah and Sibil, Aug. 8, 1820. 
Sally, d. Joseph and Sarah, Sept. 22, 1778. [Sarah, G.R.4.] 

Sarah, [tMun] d. Capt. Josiah and Abigail, , 1753. 

Shubael [dup. Shubal], s. Abijah and Mary, Dec. 24, 1789. 

[Shubael, G.R.5.] 
Shuhall [dup. ShubilJ, ch. Abijah and Mary, bp. Aug. 25, 1S05. 


William Gardner, ch. Benjamin F. and Eliza, June 5, 1830. 

PRESCOTT, Irving Augustine, s. Samuel D., merchant, and 
Mary A. [ch. Samuel Dana and ]Mary Abigail (Carpenter), 
r.R.7.], May 9, 1846. 

Mary Almira, d. Samuel D., merchant (b. New Sharon, Frank- 
lin Co., Me.), and Mary A. [ch. Samuel Dana and IMary 
Abigail (Carpenter), p. 5.7.], June 4, 1848. 

Samuel Dana, h. Mary Abigail (Carpenter), Nov. 7, 1817 [in 
New Sharon, Me.]. r.R.7. 

PRESSEY (see Pressy), Henry Mcllcn, s. Cyrus, factory 
operative, and Ann H., Oct. 9, 1S46. 

PRESSY (see Prcssey), Walter Stewart, s. Cyrus, factory engi- 
neer, and Nancy A., Nov. 10, 1847, in Thread Factory 


PUTNAM, Bathsheba [? m.], [1789]. g.r.6. 

Rosrnond [? m.], [1769]. g.r.6. 

Thomas H. [h. Sophia], [1799]- G.r.6. 

RAFFERTY (sec Raffety), Thomas, s. Michael, iron moulder 
(b. Ireland), and jNIary (b. Ireland), May 21, 1848. 

PAFFETY (see Rafferty), Bernard, s. Michael, furnace man 
[dup. founder], and Mary, Mar. 25 [dup. Nov. 23], 1845. 

Charles Henry, s. Michael, iron moulder, and Mary, Sept. 18, 

EATRBUN, Adeline Metilda, ch. Samuel and Polly, Feb. 5, 
1805, in Conn. 

Eliza Ann, ch, Samuel and Polly, July 21, 1807, in Wrentham. 

Henry Augustus, s. Samuel and Polly, June 25, 181S. 

Poll}', ch. Samuel and Polly, Jan. 11, 1803, in Conn. 

Sally Emelinc, ch. Samuel and Polly, July 20, 1809, in Wren- 

Sophronia, d. Sam[ue]l and Polly, Sept. 27, 1815. 

William Payson, ch. Samuel and Polly, Feb. 5, 1S12. 

REED, John Davis, s. Charles J., furnace man, and Pamela, 
Jan. 23, 1S48. 

RKOADES (sec Rhoads, Rhodes), Almira Elizabeth, ch. 

Stephen Jr. and Betsy, Feb. 3, 1835. 
Anne [ ] [w. Stephen] [wid. Carpenter], Mar. 27, 

Anne fdup. Anna Rhoad], ch. Stephen and Anne [dup. Anna], 

July s [dup. July 6], 1799. 
Catharine [dup. Rhodes], ch. Stephen and Patty (second w.), 

Mar. i;?, 1S16. 
Elizabeth Carpenter, ch. Stephen and Patty (second w.). May 

20, 1824. 
Ellen Frances, ch. Stephen Jr. and Betsy, Dec. 30, 1839, in 

John Corey, ch. Stephen Jr. and Betsy, [rec. between 

ch. b. Apr. 30, 1829, and ch. b. Feb. 3, 1835]. 
Lucretia Maria, ch. Stephen Jr. and Betsy, Sept. 2, 1819. 
Marcus Morton, ch. Stephen Jr. and Betsy, Jan. 22, 1822. 
Maria [dui:). Rhodes], ch. Stephen and J'alty (second w.), 

Nov. I, 181 7. [Rhoads, c.r.i.] 
Martha, ch. Stephen and Patty (second w.), Dec. 4, 18 19. 

[Rhoads, c.IvM.] 

,7 .d:5'l .'^ilo'-i: j:,»ic 



I^OADES, Mary, ch. Stephen and Anne, [rec. after ch. 

b. July 5, 1790J. 
Mary Bird, ch. Stej)hen Jr. and Betsy, Apr. 30, 1S29, in Frank- 

Sarah, ch. Stephen and Patty (second v/.), Jan. 9, 1S28. 

[Rhoads, d. Dea. Stephen and Patty, c.r.i.] [Rhoades, 

ch. Stephen and IMartha (Carpenter), p.r.i.] 
Sccpheri Holbrook, ch. Stephen Jr. and Betsy, Nov. 7, 1825, 

in Franknn. 

RHOADS (see Rhoades, Rhodes), Anna, d. Stephen (Rhoad) 
and Anna, bp. "May 31, iSoi. c.r.i. 

Catherine, d. Stephen and Patty, hp. 2, 1815. C.R.i. 

Liicinchi [':\-. Silas Smith], Nov. 8, 17S9. 

Stephen, s. Stephen (Rhoad) and Anna, bp. T\Iay 2,iy iSoi. 


Susanna, d. Stephen (Rhoad) raid Anna, bp. May 31, iSci. 


RHODES (see Rhoades, Rhoads). Achsa [dup. Rhoades], d- 

Stephen and Anna [dup. Anne], Apr. 14, 1793. 
Levina [dup. Rhoades], d. Stephen Jr. and Betsey [dup. Betsy], 

Oct. 17, 1817. 
Mary [dup. Rhoads], d. Stephen and Anna, bp. Oct. 14 [dup. 

May 13], 1S04. C.K.I. 
Stephen, Dea. [h. ]\Iartha], Oct. 16, 1769. G.R.9. [Dea. 

Stephen of Taunton, P.R.4.] 
Stephen [dup. Rhoades Jr.], s. Stephen and Anna [dup. Anne], 

J^Iar. 15, 1795. 
Susanna [dup. Rhoades], d. Stephen .and Anna [dup. Anne], 

May 10, 1797. 

RICHAVCDS, Beninmin Baldv.-in, s. Lot and Patience, June 3, 

Elizabeth, d. Lot and Patience, Jan. 20, 1820. 
Rachel [ ], w. Solomon [May — , 17S4]. G.R.4. 

RICHARDSON, Alice, d. Alfred, stone cutter (b. Attleboro), 

and Harriet, Nov. 23, 184S. 
Allen, s. Isaac and Jamima [dup. Jemima], Feb. 12, 1787. 
Asa, s. John and Dorrity [dup. Dorotha], Mar. 9, 1779. 
Charles Daniel, s. Alfred and Harriet, July S, 1842. 
Edward, s. Alfred, stone cutter, and H'arriet, Feb. 23, 1S45. 
Fanny, ch. Isaac and Jemima, June 15, 1S04. 
Hannah, d. John and'Dorithy [dup. Dorotha], Sept. 2, 17S2. 



RicnA"RDSON, Isaac, ch. Isaac and Jemima, [rec. be- 
tween ch. b, Feb. 12, 17S7, and ch. b. Nov. 3, 1796]. 

Josiah Yinal [dup. Vinel], s. John and Dorathy [dup. Dorotha], 
Aug. 18, 17S4. 

Masa, s. John and Dorrity [dup. Dorotha], Dec. 3, 1777. 

Matihe\v*[dup. ivlathew], s. John and Doiithy [dup. Dorotha], 
Nov. 23, 1780. 

Nancy, d. Isaac and Jemima, Nov. 3, 1796. 

Olive [^v. Etheridge Clark], , 1770. 

William Alfred, s. Alfred and Harriet, Sept. 4, 1840. 

RIDER, Sarah Jane, d. Lloyd A., housev;right, and Sarah E., 

Feb. 17, 1S4S. 
, s. Lloyd A., housewright, [and] Sarah of Taunton, 

May — , 1 8^6, in Central Village. 

EIPJ-EY, Helen Amelia, d. Silas S., bonnet presscr (b. Han- 
over), and Fanny W. (b. Mansiield), Jan. 11, 1S49. 

Lusanna Coilamore, ch. R.ev. Silas and Lydia S., . 

Maria Gilbert, ch. Rev. Silas and Lydia S.., . 

Silas Spencer, ch. Rev. Silas and Lydia S., . 

RIXFORIO, Sarah Isadore, d. George L., bonnet prcssei, and 
Elizabeth J., Feb. i, 1S4S. 

ROBINSON, Abiather [dup. Abiathar], s. Seth and Rachel 

June 22, 17S8. [Roberson [dup. Robinson], ch. Seth and 

Rachal, c.r.i.] 
Adaline Frances, d. Abiathar and Lucretia H., Sept. 25, 1S3S. 
David Brainard, s. Sylvanus and v., bp. July 16, 1820. C.R.i. 
David Braynard, ch. Sylvanus and Anna, June 14, iSiq. 
Francis A., s. David B., trader, and Elizabeth, Jan. 17, 1S44, 

in southerly part. 
Hannah, d. Seth and Rachel, Feb. 7, 1777. 
Lydia Frances, d. David B., manufacturer, and Elizabeth, 

Sept. 13, 1846. 
i^^Iary Louisa, d. Sanford, manufacturer, and Sallv D., Dec. 22, 

Nancy, d. Seth and Rachel [Rachal, c.r.i.]. May 14, iSoi. 
Peddy, d. Seth and Rachel, June 26. 1781. 
Rachel, d. Seth and Rachel, Oct. 13. 1778. 
Sanford, s. Sylvanus and Anna, Sept. 27, 1813. 
Spencer Leonard [dup. Robertson], ch. Sylvanus and Anna, 

Aug. 15, iSii. 
Sylvanus [dup. Silvanus], s. Seth and Rachel, Jan. 27, 1784. 



ROGERS, Susan, ch. Molly [Feb. — , 1775]. P.R.3. 

ROFPS, Jchri Davis, s. Jolm and w., Sept. 16, 1S26. 
Williara, s. John and w., leb. jO, 1S29. 

RO^VE, Adeline Roberts, ch. Joseph and Susan H., Nov. 6, 
1836. *- .. 

Charles Henry, ch. Joseph and Susan H., May 22, 1S41. • 

Joseph Robert, ch. Joseph and Susan H., Sept., 24, 1S34, in 
IN.rediield. ' ' ^ 

Susan Frances, ch. Joseph and Susan H., Mar. 15, 1S39. 

William Dean, ch. Joseph and Susan H., Mar. 5, 1832 [sic]. 

RUSSEL (see Russell), Hannah [w. William Clark], , 

Jemima, ch. William and Hannah, May '5, 1773. 

RUSSKLL (see Russel), Horace Skinner, s. Rev. James W. (b. 
Bath, Lincoln Co., Me.), and Rhoua (b. Bcwdoin, JLin- 
coln Co., jMe.), Nov. 3, 1849. 

SALLEY, Charles Washington, s. George, basket maker, and 

Roxa, May 7, 1S4S. 
Charlotte, ch. Daniel and Susanna, Nov. 15, 1788. 
Danier[h. Susanna (Hardon)], Mar. ig, 1767, in Vassalboro, 

Kennebec [Co.]. 
Daniel, ch. Daniel and Susanna, Dec. 20, 17S9. 
George, ch. Daniel and Susanna, Sept. 22, 1797. 
George Jr., ch. George and Susanna, Apr. 23, 1820. 
James, ch. Daniel and Susanna, Oct. 29, 1794. 
Luna, ch. Daniel and Susanna, Feb, 20, 1792. 
Peggy, cli. Daniel and Susanna, Aug. 24, 1799. 

Roxa [ — ], w. George W., [1830]. g.r.6. 

Roxey, ch. Daniel and Susanna, Apr. 26, 179T. [Rox.i, cr^.C] 
Susanna, ch. Daniel and Susanna, Mar. 10, 1796. [Susan, 

w. McBride, P.R.3.] 

SAWYER, Hannah Hcwins, d. Phillip [dup. Phillips] and 

Keziah, July 16, 1S03. 
Otis, s. PhilHj:) [dup. Phillips] and Keziah, Aug. 25, 1801. 
Susan, d. Phillip [dup. Phillips] and Keziah. Apr. 4, iSoS. 
William, s. Phillip [dup. Phillips] and Keziah, Sept. 12, 1805. 

SCKENCK, Samuel Blackwell, s. Samuel B., machinist, and 
Caioline, Jan. 4, 1847, in Central Village. 

SEAVER, Eliza Maria [Seavcr ?, ivrittcn in pencil], d. Samuel 
and \s., bp. July 2, 1820. c.R.i. 

hue ,rj'>y.'.n J 

.oiu'fir,?<r.V fil ,^i,^ 



SHAW, Abigail, ch. Asa and Poily (second w.), Dec. 11, 1S13. 

Arvilla, cb. Asa and Lois, Feb. 5, 1806. 

Belinda, d. Asa and Lois, Oct. 7, iSoo. 

Betsey, d. George and Elizab[e]th, bp. :May 31, iSoi. c.r.i. 

Betsy [dup. Bet:;eyl, d. Geo.T^e and Elizabeth," Dec. 6, 1798. 

Experience, d. Asa and Lois [dup. [w. Amherst Billings]], Sept. 

8, 1788. 
George, s. George and Elesebeth [dup. Betsy] [Elisabeth, 

C.R.I.], June sS, 1S02. 
Hannah, r.h. Asa and Polly (second w.), Apr. 28, 1815. 
Hannah White, ch. Marshal and Hannah, May 11, 1S27. 
Hariot, cb. Loring C. and Jemima, Apr. 28, 1822. 
Joel Eaton, ch. Joel and w., Dec. 5, 1825. 
Lois, d. Asa and Lois, Jan. 22, 1791. 
Loring Carter, s. Asa and Lois, Feb. 10, 1796. 
Louisa, d. George and Elizabeth, Sept. 5, iSoS. 
Marshal Francis, ch. oSIarshal and Flannah, Aug. 15, 1S25. 
Sally Fisher [dup. omits Fisher], d. Asa and Lois, Apr. 27, 

Sarah, ch. Loring C. and Jemima, Apr. 30, 1827. i 
Sukey, d. and Lois, Mar. 21, 179S. 
William Loring, ch. Loring C. and Jemima, July 22, 1S25. 

SHEARMAN (see Sherman, Shermon), Elizabeth, d. Job and 

Elizabeth, Oct. 28, 17S7. 
James Stowel], s. James N. and Catharine, Sept, iS, 1S40, in 

Theodore Nelson, s. James N. and Catharine, Oct. 17, 1S41. 
William Miller, s. James N. and Catharine, Apr. 13, 1S43. 
, d. Scth and Abigail, Oct. 12, 1S28. G.K.9. 

SHED, George Edwin, s. Jeptba and Aveny, ]\Lar. 13, 1S29. 

SHEPARD (see Shepherd), Abigail, ch. Joseph and Abigail, 

Albert Hathaway, ch. Jacob G. and Hannah H., Feb. 24, 18.13. 
Almira, ch. Preston and Hannah, Jan. 19, 1807, in Taunton. 
Amelia [dup. Emilia] [ch. Joseph ajid Abigail] [dup. ch. Joseph 

Jr. and Nabby], Feb. "22, 1S03. 
Angelinc Nelson, ch. Joseph Jr. and I^^Iary (second w.), ]\Lar. 

9, 1820. 
Benjamin P. [Jan. — , 1844]. G.R.9. [ch. Joseph and Sarah 

Emeliiie (Hillings), Jan. 2, r.R.S.] 
Beriah, s. Joseph and Abigail, June 2, 17S2. 
Betsey, w. Robert Stratton, [1777]. G.K.3. 

4..; I'-:! .■^f 

^ ;n vie], ,1. ,Jl':.;/.::ii.,I ,(: 



SiTEPARD, Betsy [dup. Betsey] Stratton, ch. Joseph Jr. [dup. 

omits Jr.] and Mary (second w.), July 21, 1817. 

Betsy, ch. Joseph and Abigail, . 

Catherin Freeman, ch. Joseph Jr. and Mary (second w.), ISIar. 

22, 1823. 
Chickery, cli. John Jr. and Lois, bp. Apr. 17, i79[ ]. c.R.i. 
Cloe, ch. John Jr. and Lois, bp. Apr. 17, i79[ ]. c.R.i. 
David Lewis, ch. Lewis and Olivia, Jan. 5, 1819. [[h. Sally 

Minerva (French)] [ch. Lewis and Olivia (Hewes)J p.r.ii.] 
Elijah Hod[!;es, ch. Joseph and Abigail, [rcc. after ch. 

b. June 2, 17S2]. 
Elizabeth, d. Ephraim Jr. and Charlotte, July 7, 1817. 
Elvira Ann, ch. Jacob Jr. and Rachel, Aug. 13, 1S08. 
Emilia (see Amelia). 
Emma Freelovf, d. Jeremiah M., farmer, and Emeline G. (b. 

Patriclitown, Lincoln Co., Me.), Feb. 3, 1849. 
Ephraim Jr. [dup. Ephrain Shepherd, omits Jr.], ch. Ephraim 

and Frcelo\'e [dup. s. Ephrain and Trulove], Feb. 19, 17S0. 
Eunice, ch. Ephraim [dup. Ephereham] and Frcelove, May 31, 

Experience Craman, ch. Jacob Jr. and Rachel, June 23, 181 1. 
Fanny, d. Joseph and Abigail, Mar. 10, 17S0. 
Frances E. 13., ch. Joseph and Sarah Em.eline (Billings) [w. 

William Franklin White], Dec. 5, 1842. p.r.8. 
Franklin [dup. Franklen], ch. Ephraim [dup. Ephereham] and 

Freelove, Jan. 31, 17S4. 
Franklin Burr, ch. Lewis and Olivia (Hewes), Apr. i, 1825. 


Freelove f — ], w. Ephraim, w. Hall, , 1754- 

Flannah, ch. John Jr. and Lois, bp. Apr. 17, I79[ ]. C.R.i. 
Harriot, ch. Joseph Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and NalDby [dup, Aba- 

gail], Feb. 4, 1799. 
Horace, s, John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Lois [dup. Louis], Jan. 

1, 17S2. 
Jacob, s. Jacob and Lydia, Sept. 4, 1778. 
Jacob Gardner, ch. Jacob Jr. and Rachel, Sept. 22, 1817. 

[Jacob Gardiner Shepard, c.R.i.] 
James Stratton, ch. Joseph Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Mary 

(second w.), Mar. 20, 1S15. 
Jane Ann, d. Robert and Nancy, Apr. 6, 1808. 
Jeremiah Mann, cli. Lewis and Olivia, Feb. 13, 1823. [[h. 

Emeline Glitten Colby] [ch. Lewis and Olivia (Hewcs)] 


John, Feb. 25, 1704. G.R.3. 1, ; . i'.:y 1 <•■ 

r-i O 

rtni ,e^ ■>*! 


SiiEPAKD, John Franklin, ch. Lewis and 01i\'ia [(Hewes) 
p.R.ii.], Aug. 30. 1S32. 

Joseph 3d, ch. Joseph Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Mary (second 
w.), July I, 181 2. [h. Sarah Emcline Billings [of Mans- 
field], July TO, P.R.S.] 

Joseph Jr., ch. Joseph and Abigail, . 

Josephine Louisa, d. Preston and Hannah, Nov. 9, 1S15. 

Lemuel Harrison, ch. Robert and Nancy, Nov. 2, 1810. 

Levi Gardner, ch. Jacob G. and Hannah H., INIar. 11, 1S40. 

Lewis, ch. Ephraim [dup. Ephereham] and Freelove, ]May 4, 
. 1787. f[h. Olivia (Hcwes)]] 

Lois [dup. Shepherd], d. John Jr. and Lois, Auq. 14, 1779. 

Lois, ch. John Jr. and Lois, bp. Apr. 17, i79[ ]. c.r.i. 

Louisa, ch. Joseph Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Nabby [dup. Abi- 
gail], June 10, rSoi. 

Lucy Ann, d. Jonathan and Jcmin a, Dec. 10, 1S28. 

Lydia [dup. Lyddia Shephard], ch. Jacob [dup. (Shepherd)] 
and Lydia, Apr. 7, 1783. 

Mary, ch. Joseph Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] ami Mary (second w.), 
July 29, iSio. 

Nabby Kewes, ch. Joseph Jr. and Mary (second w.), Dec. 14, 

Nancy, d. Jacob and Lydia, Dec. 25, 1779. 

Nancy Comce, d. Franklin and Ruth [dup. Ruthe], Sept. 24, 

Nancy W. [dup. Jr., omits W.], ch. Robert and Nancy, Feb. 
6, 1809. 

Oliva Freelove, ch. Lewis and Olivia, Aug. 24, 1S29. [Olivia 
Freelove, ch. and Olivia (Hevres), p.R.ii.j 

Olivia [ ], w. Lewis, [i/Qi]- G.R.3. 

Rachel, ch. Jacob Jr. and Rachel, ISLar. 31, 1806. 

Redmond Burr [dup. Shepherd], ch. Ephraim and Freelove 
[dup. Trulove], Nov. 17, 1794. 

Robert, s. Jacob and Lydia, Dec. 10, 1781. 

Robert BrintncU, ch. Robert and Nancy, Oct. 23, 1813. 

Ruth A.[ ], w. S. C.,w. Solomon Sherman, Dec. 20, 1S21. 


Samuel, ch. John Jr. and Lois, bp. Apr. 17, i79[ ]. c.r.i. 
Sarah Bicknell, ch. Preston and Hannah, Jan, 4, 1S12, in 

Seth Robenson, s. Jacob Jr. and Rachel, bp. Apr. 28, 1S05. 


Seth Robinson, s. Jacob Jr. and Rachel, Feb. 19, 1S04. 
Sophia G.,ch. Lewis and Olivia (Hewes), Jan. 7, 1835. p.r.ii. 







Ml ,VD 





Shepard, Sylvia, ch. Joseph and Abigail, . hi^':y. j' ': 

Thomas Jr. [Sept. — , 1824]. g.-r.q. 

William Arnold [dup. Shepherd], ch. Ephraim and Freelove 

[dup. Trulovc], Mar. 20, 1791. 
William Penn, ch. Lewis and Olivia [(Ilewes) p.r.ii.]. May 8, 

, d. Lewes and Olivia [(Hewes)], Sept. 2, 1R20. p.r.ii. 

SHEPARDSON, Lydia, w. Harvey Ford, Dec. 9, 1790. G.R.9. 
Lydia \V. [? m.j, , 1807. G.R.9. 

SHEPHERD (see Shepard), David [cup. Shepard], s. Ephraim 

and Trulove [dup. Freelove], Dec. 2, 1792. 
Esther [dup. Shepard], d. Jacob and Lydia, Sept. 14, 1702. 
Lemuel [dup. Shepard], s. Jacob and Lydia, Oct. 4, 17S6. 
Lucy [dup. Shepard], d. Jacob and Lydia, Apr. 28, 17S8. 
Newel [dup. Shepaid], s. Jacob and Lydia, Mar. 17, 17S5. 
Polly [dup. Shepard], d. Jacob and Lydia, Feb. 14, 1790. 

SKERMAIT (see Shearman, Shermon), Abi Brings [ ], 

v;. Stephen S. [Jan. --- , iSoy]. g.r.6. 
Albert Holmes, s. Job, farmer, and ilary [Mary H., g.r.6.j 

(b. Sharon), Oct. 23, 
Albcrtus R. [h. Laura Susan (Smith)], Jan, 9, 1830. G.R.9. 
Benjamin Franklin, s. Seth, wheelwright (b. BeUingham), and 

Nabby H., Aug. 5, 1848. 

Caroline [ ], w. George, Aug. 19, 1813. g.e.6. 

Caroline Abigail, ch. Elisha and w., Feb. 4, 1828. [This entry 

crossed out.] 

Clara N. [ ], w. Hezekiah E., [1841]. g.r.6. 

David Obadiah, s. Obadiah, farmer, and Julia, Nov. 27, 1845. 
David S. [dup. Shcr)non], s. Stephen and Lucinda, Sept. 22, 

1808. [Sherioan [h. Nancy T.], Sept. 22, 1S09, g.r.6.] 
Elbridge Gerry, twin s. Solomon, farmer, and Ruth A. (b. 

Sharon), July 30, 1848. 
Ellery Channing, twin s. Solomon, farmer, and Ruth A, (b. 

Sharon), July 30, 1848, 
Emily Jane, d. George, farmer, and Caroline, Sept. 24, 1846. 
Emniajudson, d. Selh, carriage maker, and Nabby H., Dec. i, 

1S44, in Central Village. -.». ■ 

George B. [h. Waity Ann], [1807]. g.r.6. 

George Gardner, ch. George and Caroline. Jan. 24, 1835. 
Henrietta Augusta, d. Seth, wheebv right, and ISabby H., 

July 13, 1847. 
Henry Hartshorn, ch. Obed and Clarissa, Sept. 14, 1823. 

(.0.51.0. ,.• 



SnERM.A.N, Herbert Elhvood, s. Job, farmer, and Mary, July 

21, 7846. 

Herbert Roger, s, Stephen S., , 1849. G.P..6. 

Jane Ellis, ch. Job 3d and Jane W., Nov. 14, 183 1. 

Joanna, w. Silas Cooke, Oct. 23, 1803. g.r.6. 

John El.iner, s. Obediah, farmer, and Julia A. (b. Cumber- 

laiid, .R.I.), Feb. 26, 1849. 
John Hodges, s. Job and IMary, Sept. 16, 1842. 
Judith (see Judith Hodges). 

Julia A. [ 1, w. Obadiah, Aug. 12, 1827. g.k.6. 

Lucinda [ ], w. Stephen, [1774]- 0.1?. 6. N'j. 

Lucy [ ], \v. John Esq. [Feb. — , 1803J. g.e.6. 

Nabby Hewes [ ], w. Seth, — — , 180S. G.R.9. 

Nancy, ch. Elisha and w., June 3, 1827. 

Nancy T. [ ], v/. David S., Mar. 1, 181 1. g.r.6. 

Nathan Ellis, ch. Elislia and w., ]3ec. 31, 1825. 

Obadiah [h. Julia A.j [June — , 1817]. G.R.6. 

Oliver Augustus, ch. P^lisha and w., July 8, 1825. [Tin's cnlry 

crossed ovJ.] 

OIney, s. Elisha and \v., . 

Orra Eveline, d. Stephen S. and Abi B. [Sept. — , 1837]. c.k.6. 

Scth [h. Nabby Hewes], , 1805. G.R.9. 

Stephen Harrison, ch. George and Caroline, May 6, 1S40. 
Stephen Sampson [dup. Shermon], s. Stephen and Lucinda, 

June 13, 1806 [dup. 1816]. [[b. Abi liriggs] [July — , 

1806] G.R.6.] 

Waity Ann [ ], w. George B. [Oct. — , 1803]. g.r.6. 

, d. Solomon, farmer, and Ruth, Sept. 16, 1S46. 

SHERMON (see Shearman, Sherman), Albert Gallatcn [dup. 

Galatin], s. John and Polly, May 18, 1808. 
Belsy, d. job and Elizabeth, Oct. ?8, 1787. 
Eliza [dup. Shearman], ch. John and Polly, Nov. 26, 1800. 
Elizabeth Holmes [dup. Elisabeth Holmes Sherman], ch. 

Obadiah and Matilda, Oct. 27, iSoo. 
E.xperience Holmes [dup. Experience liolm Shearman], s. Job 

and Elizabeth, Apr. 28, 17S4. [E. Holmes Sherman, 


George [dup. Shearman], s. Job and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], 

Aug. II, 1781. 
George [i[\\\^. Slu^irman], ch. Sleidicn and Lucinda [dup. 

Cvnthi:i1, Jan. 16, 181 2. [Sherman Esq. [h. Caroline], 

G.R.6.] ' 

James H., twin s. John and Polly, Jan. 25, 1814. 






Shermon, Job Jr. [clup. omits Jr., second dup. [h. Abi;»ail 
(Sbermon)]], ch. Job and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], July 
19> i7V3> J-'i Middleborougli [dup. Middlebury], 

Job 3d [dup. Shearnion], ch. John and Polly, May 15, 1S05. 
[Sherman fh. Jane W.], s. John Esq., g.r.6.] 

John [dup. Shearrnon, second dup. [h. Polly (Skinner)]], s. 
Job and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Dec. 2, 1775, in Middle- 
bury [dup. Isliddlcborough]. 

John [dup. Shearman], s. John and Polly, July 26, 1799. 

Joseph, s. Ob'cdiah and Ivlatilda, July 26, 1S03. 

Jotham [dup. Shearmon], ch. George and Sarah [dup. Sary], 
Oct. 24, 1805. 

Julia [dup. Juicy], d. Obadiah [dup. Obediah] and Matilda, 
Jan. 31, iSoi. 

Laura, d. joh^i and Polly, Aug. i, 1803. t •. . , 

Mary (see Poliy). 

Matilda [dup. S^bcarjuan], d. Obadiah [dup. Obed] and Isiatilda, 
May 25, 1706. 

iMiianda, s. Obadiah and Matilda [dup. s. Obidiah and Isle- 
tiids], Sept. 22, 1805. 

Nabby [dup. Shearman], d. Obadiah [dup. Obed] and Ma- 
tilda, Aug. 5, 1702. 

Obadiah [dup. Obediah], s. Job and Elizabeth [dup. EHsabeth], 
Mar. 29, 1 77 1, in Middlebury [dup. Middleborough]. 

Obed [dup. Shearman], s. Obadiah and Matilda, Jan. 5, 1799. 

Polly [dup. Shearman], d. John and Polly, Apr. 6, 1798. [Mary 
Sherman, G.r..6.] 

Solomon [dup. Shearman], ch. John and Polly, Apr, 11, 181 2. 
[Sherman [h. Ruth A.], g.r.6.] 

Sophia, d. Stephen and Lucindia [dup. Lucinda], Dec. 8, 1803. 

Stephen, s. Job and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Aug. 16, 1778, 
in Rochester [dup. Rdrcherslcr]. [Sherman [h. Lucinda], 


Susanna [dup. Susanah], d. Job and Elizabeth [dup. Elisa- 
beth], June 3, 1769, in Middlebury [dup. Middleborough]. 
, tvvdn ch. John and Polly, Jan. 25, 1814. 

SHUTE, Mary Gushing, d. Gharles Jr., housewright, and 
Elizabeth, July 10, 1847. 

SKELTON, Gatherine [dup. Gatharine] Emma, d. Rev. Thomas 

and Emma, Dec. 27, 1S12. [Gatherine Emma, c.R.i.] 
Thomas Willard, s. Rev. Thomas and Emma, Sept. 16, iSio. 
Thomas Willard, second s. Thomas and Emma, June 7, 1815. 



SMITH, Almira, ch. Silas and Lucinda, Aug. 2, 1822. 

Amanda Caroline (see Ormanda Caroline). 

Amos Augustus, s. Francis, blacksmith, and Caroline, Mar. 10, 

1845, in E. Foxboro. 
Caroline, ch. Silas and Lucinda, Oct. 15, 181 7. 
Elizabeth Maria, ch. Warren and Sibbel, Sept. 12, 1831. 
Esther, ch. Silas and Lucinda, June 10, 1820. 
Harriot, en. Silas and Lucinda, Nov. 5, 18 15. 
Koratio Davis, s. Henry, mariner, and Harriet i\L, Jan. 28, 

1845, in \Y. Foxboro. 

Josephine Lawton, d. Lawton and Lucy B., . 

Laura Susan, w. Albertus R. Sherman, May 31, 1832. G.R.9. 
Lucinda, ch. Silos and Lucinda, jMar. 20, 1825. 
Lucinda Anna, ch. Warren and Sibbel, Aug. 4, 1827. 
Lydia Arnold, d, James A. and Mary A., May 9, 1835. 
Mary Ann, d. Francis, blacksmith, and Caroline M., Jan. 19, 

Ormanda Caroline, ch. Francis and Caroline,~Apr. 23, 1840. 
Payson Francis, ch. Francis and CaroHne, Dec. 3, 1842. 
Sanford, ch. Silas and Lucinda, Dec. 11, 1830. 
Sibbel Ciapp, ch. Warren and Sibbel, July 27, 1S18. 
Sidney Baldwin, s. Sidney Baldwin Smith and Olive Morse, 

Dec. 25, 1816. 
Sidney Lawton, s. Lawton, overseer in factory, and Lucy B., 

June 15, 1845, in Thread Fact[or]y Village. 
Silas [h. Lucinda (Rhoads)], Sept. 28, 1788. 
Willard, ch. Silas and Lucinda, Dec. 27, 1S13. 

SPOFFORD, W[illia]m Sumner, s. W[illia]m, shoe maker (b. 
Bradford), and Sarah j., May 3, 1848, in Saugus. 

STAIX, John Herbert, s. George W., trader (b. Taunton), 
and f^aomi (b. Coventry, Eng.), July iS, 1849. 

STANDISH, Amanda, d. Thomas, bonnet presser, and Rhoda, 

June 16, 1844. 
Augustus, ch. Thomas and Lucinda, June 24, 1841. 
Augustus Miles, ch. Miles and Mary, Sept. 18, 1817. 
Charles Albert, s. Thomas, bonnet presser, and Rhoda, Apr. 28, 

Elizabeth Frances, d. Thomas, bonnet presser, and Rhoda, 

July 15, 1846. 
Ella, twin d. Tho[ma]s, bonnet presser, and Rhoda S., Oct. 18, 

1S47, in New State. 
Emma, twin d. Tho[ma]s, bonnet presser, and Rhoda S., 

Oct. 18, 1847, in " New State (so called)." 

,<JS .Bi 


Standish, Franklin Miller, ch. Miles and Mary, T\Iar. i6, iSio. 

George, ch. Thomas and Lucinda, Feb. 24, 1824. 

George, ch. Thomas and Lucinda, Jan. 3, 1S27. 

Harriet Lucinda, d. Warren [dup! adds T.] and Harriet S. 

[du|j. omits S.], May 8, 1S43. 
Harriet Maria, d. Vvarren, shoe maker, and Harriet S., Jan. 23, 

Henry^Mcrton,_s. Thornas, bonnet presser (b. Pembroke), and 

Rhoda S. (b. Sharon), Jan. 29, 1849. 
Levv-is Hardi-ig, ch. Thomas and Lucinda, July 17, i.S:?S. 
Louiza. ch. Tliomar. and Lucinda, Oct. 25, 1S20. 
Lucinda Mariah, ch. Thomas and Lucinda, Nov. 7, 1S20, in 

Miles, ch. Thomas and Lucinda, July 4, 1832. 
Sarah, ch. Thomas and Lucinda, Feb. 24, 1834. -' "" " ' 
Warren Th.xmas, ch. Thomas and Lucinda, Mar. 11, 1823. 
William B.-adford, ch. Thomas and Lucinda, Jan. i^, 1S37. ;- 
, s. George, boot maker, and Harriet E. (b. Vv'alpole), 

May 20, 1S48, 
, s. George, bootmaker, and Harriet E. (b. Walpoie), 

Tune S, 1849. 

STATTLEY, Charles Shepard, s. Shepard C., teamster, and 

Mary A., Sept. 5, 1847. 
Charles 'Wood ward, 3. Shepard C., teamster (b. Attleboro), 

and ^vLary A. (h. Dighton), Oct. 9, 1849. 
Shepard Gushing, s. Shepard C., teamster," and :Mary Ann, 

Sept. 30, 1845, in Furnace Village. 

STEBF/EMS, Lucinda [? m.], , 1781. G.R.9. 

STOKE, Julia Francis, d. John and Mary, Mar. 27, 1829. 

STRATTON, AdaUne Augusta, ch. James and Eliza, July 18, 

Adeline, d. Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] John and Lucy, Dec. 6, 

Amy [dup. Ama], d. James and Lyddia [dup. Lydia], Sept. iS, 

Carohne, ch. Joseph and Elizabeth [dup. [Betsey]], Apr. 24, 

Chandler, s. Robert and Betsv, Au?. 18, 1814. [[h. Cynthia 

A.] G.R.3.1 
Charles, s. William and Rebeccah [dup. ch. Wellcome and 

Rebecca], Feb. 8, 1S09. 


Stratton, Charlotte Nason, d. John and Lucy, Oct. 24, 1S13. 
Clarrissa Elizabeth, d. Richard and Eliza Ann, Sept. 9, 1834. 

Cynthea, ch. Richard and Sarah, . 

Cynthia [dup. Cyntha, second dup. Syntha Strator,], ch. 

Joseph and Ehzabeth [dup. and second dup. Betsey], 

Dec. I, 1796, 

Cynthia A. [ ], w. Chandler [Apr. — , 1S08]. G.R.3. 

David, s. Richard and P^liza Ann, July 15, 1839. 

David, ch. Richard and Sarah, , 

Elbridge Gerry, s. Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] John and Lucy, 

Apr. 3, iSio. 
Eliza, ch. Joseph and Elizabeth [dup. [Betsy]], Sept. 20, 1802. 

Eliza A. [? rn.], , 1805. G.R.9. 

Elvira, ch. Joseph and Elizabeth [dup. [Betsy]], Jan. 21, iSoi. 
Emeline, d. Welcome and Rebekah [dup. ch. \Vellcome and 

Rebecca], Aug. i, 1814. 
Emily, d. Chandler, farmer, and Arvilla, June 24, 1844. 
Fanny, d. John and Lucy, Sept. 12, 1799. [w. George Grover, 


George [h. Catharine (Freeman)], , 1759. 

George Jr. [dup. Straton, omits Jr.], s. George and Catharine, 

Mar. 31, 1792. 

George, ch. RJchard and Sarah, . 

Hannah [dup. Straton], d. George and Catharine [second dup. 

[w. Jedediah Carpenter of Seekonk]], May 3, 1790. _ _ 
Harrisoji, s. Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] John and Lucy, Sept.i i, 
• 1805. 
Henry Ed\\'ard, ch. Wellcome and Peddy (second v/.), June 16, 

James, s. John and Lucy, Dec. 10, iSoo. 

James, ch. Richard and Sarah, . 

John, s. James (Straton) and Lyddia [dup. Lydia], Nov. 27, 


Joseph, ch. Richard and Sarah, , 

Joseph Pettce [dup. Petty], ch. Joseph and Elizabeth [dup. 

[Betsey]], Sept. 15, 1805. 

Lemuel, ch. Richard and Sarah, . 

Lucy Nason [dup. Straton, second dup. omits Nason], ch. 

Joseph and Elizabeth [dup. and second dup. Betsey], 

May 8, 1798. 
Lydia Ann, d. Welcome and Rcbeckah [dup. ch. Wellcome 

and Rebecca], Nov. 27, 18 10. 


. r 'jr. I 
b:JK ;i 

,'>fiiii*.i',.:j [ 

i«3i oru'l. .(.V. 

,\z .V 


SxRATTON, Mary [dup. Polly], d. James and Lydia [dup. Lyddia], 

Oct, 23, 1782. [Mary, w. Joseph Shepard, G.R.3.] 
Meritt [dup. Mericl], ch. John and Lucy, Nov. 22, 1802. 
Milo, s. Richard S., farmer, and Eliza N. (b. Norton), Nov. 15, 

184S. [ , 1849, c.R.g.] 

Milton [dup. Straton], s. George and Catharine [second dup. 

[h. Nancy (Comee)]], May 6, 1782. 
MiltCM Warren, s. Welcome and v/., bp. July 8, 1821. C.R.i. 
Nabby, ch. Joseph and Elizabeth [dup. Betsy], Aug. 21, 1799. 
Nancy [dup. Stiaton], d. George and Catharine, Ecb. 27, 

Nancy Ann, d. Richard and Eliza Ann, Oct. 23, 1836. 
Polly (see Mary). 

Rachel, ch. Richard and Sarah, . 

Richard, ch. Richard and Sarah, . 

Richard Shepard [dup. Richard Shepherd Straton], s. Robert 

and Betsy [dup. Betsey], Feb. 18, 1798. 

Robert, ch. Richard and Sarah, . 

Sally, d. James and Lydia [dup. Lyddia, second dup. [w. James 

Payson]], Sept. 19, 17S6. 

Sally, ch. Richard and Sarah, , 

Schuyler [dup. Scuyier], s. Robert and Betsy, Sept. 26, 1801, 
Schuyler, s. Chandler and Cintliia A., June 13, 1837. 
Sophronia [dup. Sophrona], ch. Joseph and Elizabeth [dup. 

[Betsey]], Aug. 25, 1806, 
Tyler [dup. Straton, second dup. [h. Sally (Bird)]], s. George 

and Catharine, May i, 1785. 
Waitstill [dup. Waitty], d. Janies and Lydia [dup. Lyddia], 

Mar. 17, 1777. 
Welcome [dup. Wellcome], s. James and Lyddia [dup. Lydia], 

Nov. 20, 1779. 
, s. Chandler and Cinthia A., Nov. 5, 1S41. 

SUMNER, Abby Sophia, d. Henry H., merchant, and Ex- 
perience R., Dec. 3, 1844, in Central Village. 

Adelaide Frances, ch. Bradish and Junia, Apr. 9, 1843. 

Albert Allen, ch. Milton and Sally, Dec. 27, 1827. 

Almira Louisa, d. Calvin and Hannah, Aug. 4, 1833. ' '• 

Asenath, ch. William and Susanna, bp. Aug. — , iSoi. C.R.i. 

Betsey Turner, ch. Bradish and Junia, Feb. 16, 1827. 

Braddish, ch. William and Susanna, bp. Aug. — , 1801. c.R.i. 

Bradish [dup. Braddish], s. V/illiam and Susanna [dup. Susan- 
nah], Sept. 15, 1793. 

Bradish Leonard, ch. Bradish and Junia, Jan. lo, 1830. 

Bradish Metcalf, ch. Bradish and Junia, Feb. 25, 1839. 

i.a.l .1 

-•/:•{ J^ 


Su]sn-n]:R, Calvin, s. William and Susanna [dup. Susanahl, Jan. 

8, xySa. 
Calvin, s. \Villiam and Susannah [dup. Susanna], Dec. 31, 

1795. [[h. Hannah (Gray)] g.r.q.] 
Calvin, ch. William and Susanna, bp. Aug. — , 1801. c.R.i. 
Caroline, d. Turner and Polly, Dec. 15, 181 1. 
Caroline Elizabeth, ch. Jonathan N. and Susan, Sept. 3, TS33. 
Catherine ]SIiller, ch. Jonathan N. and Susan, Apr. 5, 1S2S. 
Charles Calvin, s. Calvin and Hannah, ]\Iay 3, 1832. 
Charles Clark, s. Vv[illia]m Fisher and Hannah, Sept. 8, iSio. 
Charles Warren, s. Charles C, bonnet manufacturer, and 

Clarissa L. (b. Norton), Dec. 3, 184S. 
Ellen Frances, ch. Jonathan N. and Susan, Nov. i, 1S42. 
Esther Vodisa, d. John E. and Esther H. (second v/.), ]Mar. 20, 

George INIilton, ch. I^Iilton and Sally [dup. Sallcy, crossed out], 

Sept. 12, 1S24. 
Hannah Evens, ch. Jonathan N. and Susan, Nov. 23, 1S29. 
Hannah Nuttin, ch. Bradish and Junia, l\Iay 12, 1824. 
Harriet Bullard, ch. Bradish and Junia, Apr. 4, 1836. 
Harriet Hannah, d. Calvin and tiannah, Apr. 26, 1S35. 
Harriot Hannah, ch. William F. and Hannah, Jan. 22, 1814, 

in Hopkinton. 
Helen Augusta, ch. Henry H. Escf. and Experience [d. Gen. 

Henry H. and Experience R., c.R.i.], Jan. 31, 1S39. 
Henry Abisha, s. Henry H. Esq. and Experience, ]SIar. 14, 

Henry Clay, ch. Henry H. Esq. and Experience [Experience 

R., C.R.I.], Aug. 31, 1S42. 
Henry Harvey, ch. John Jr. and Hannah, bp. Aug. 14, 1S02. 


Henry Hervey [dup. Henery Hcrvy], ch. John Jr. [dup. omits 

Jr.] and Hannah, July 26, iSoi. 
Hiram Gardner, ch. Bradish and Junia, Jan. 28, 1S33. 
Isaac Newton, ch. John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Hannah, Feb. 

2, 1805. 
James Edson, ch. Jonathan N. and Susan, Oct. 17, 1S35. 
John Jr. [h. Hannah (Evans)], Apr. 26, 1760, 
John J^vans [dup. Evens], ch. John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and 

Hannah, Feb. 2 [dup. Oct. 2], 1793. 
Jolin E\-ans, ch. John Jr. and Hannah, bp. Aug. 14, 1S02, 


John Evens [dup. omits Evens], ch. John Jr. and Hannah, 
May 6, 1799. 



Sumner, John Henry, ch. Milton and Sally, Jan. 29, 1830. 
Jonathan Edwin, ch. Jonathan N. and Susan, Aug. 19, 1831. 
Jonathan Nutting, ch. John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Hannah, 

Mar. 29, 1795. 
Jonathan Nutting, ch. John Jr. and Hannah, bp. Aug. 14, 

1802. C.R.I. 

Juhette Frances, ch. Henry H. Esq. and Experience, Mar. 7, 
1837. [JuHet Frances, d. Gen. Henry H. and Experience, 


Junia Ann, ch. Bradish and Junia, Feb. 25, 1823, in \Vin- 
ch ester, Vt. 

Lucy, d. William and Susannah [dup. Susanna], Aug. 13, 1800. 

Luther, s. William and Susanna [dup. Susanah], July 28, 

M^ary, d. Roger and Hannah, Dec. 20, 179S [dup. 1793 sic], 

Mary Caroline, ch. Turner and Polly [dup. [w. Yv'illiam A. 
Thom^jsonj], Dec. 15, 181 1. 

Mary Skinner, d. Charles C. and Mary, Nov. 21, 1842. 

Milton, s. John Jr. and Hannah, Apr. 14, 1797. 

Milton, ch. John Jr. and Hannah, bp. Aug. 14, 1802. c.R.i. 

Roger [h. Hannah], [1771]- p.R.i. 

Sarah Jane, ch. Milton and Sally [dup. Salley, crossed oiif], 
Apr. 29 [dup. Apr. 22], 1826. 

Sena, d. William and Susanna [dup. Susanah], Dec. 13, 1790. 

Seth, ch. John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] [Jr., c.r.i.] and Hannah, 
Feb. 6, 1803. 

Susan Eunice, ch. Jonathan N. and Susan, Apr. 5, 1838. 

Susanna [ ], w. W[illia]m, [1763]- g.r.i. 

Susanna [dup. Sur.annah], d. Williani and Susanna [dup. Susan- 
nah], Apr. 17, 1798. [Susannah, w. Sewall Hodges, G.R.4.] 

Susanna, ch. ^^'illiam and Susanna, bp. Aug. — , 1801. c.R.i. 

Susanna Eunice, ch. Turner and Polly, Oct. 21, 1S16, in Vt. 

Truelove'[dup. Trulove] Hewes, d. W[illia]m Fisher and Han- 
nah, Dec. 26, iSii. (^■),-, ^., 

Turner, s. William and Susanna, Jan. 23, 1783. 

Turner, ch. William and Susanna, bp. Aug. — , 1801. C.R.i. 

William Brintnell, ch. Turner and Polly, Mar. 24, 1819. 

William Fisher, s. William and Susanna, July 25, 1785. 

William Fisher, ch. William and Susanna, bp. Aug. — , 1801. 


SWEET, Antionette Percival, ch. Henry L. and Sarah F., 

Apr. 2, 1840. 
Elizabeth, w. Nehemiah Carpenter, Sept. 23, 1733. g.r.i. 


S^\^:ET, Ella Maria, d. Henry L., manufacturer, and Sarah F., 

Sept. I, 1846, in Central Village. 
Ernily Anna, ch. Henry L. and Sarah F., Apr. 26, 1S42. 
Henry Leonard, ch. Leonard and Lemira F. [dup. omits F.], 

Sept. 8, 1810. 
John Lerue, s. Kenry L., bonnet bleacher, and Sarah F., Apr. 

12, 1849. 
Sarah Elizabeth, ch. Henry L. and Sarah F., Aug. 10, 1S35. 
Susan, ch. Leonard and Lemira F. [dup. omits I'.j, June 29, 

Virginia L., ch. Henry Leonard and Sarah, May 14, 1S44. 


Willfiajm Henry, ch. Henry L. and Sarah F., Sept. 29, 1837. 

SV,nEETING, James [h. Tirzah Skinner], [1784]- G.R.5. 

SYVLFT, Chloe F., w. Lewis L. Chamberlain, , 1S37. G.R.9. 

TALBOT, Hannah; w. Sewall Hodges, Feb. 11, 178S. G.R.4. 

THAYEH, Elizabeth Alice, d. Enos W., boot maker (b. N. 

Biidgevatci), and Elizabeth L. (b. Attleborough), Feb. 4, 

Granville LyTnan, s. Susan, Oct. 14, 1834, • • ■ .■■ 

THOMAS, Deborah W, [w. Noah Hobart], May 13, 1767. 

THOMPSON (^ec Thomson), Charles Allen, s. William A. 

and ]Mary C, May i, 1S33. 
Chester, s. K-alph and Mary, Feb. 26, 1794. [Thomson, ch. 

Krelph and jSiary, c.R.i.] 
David Turner, s. William A. and i\Iarv C, Sept. 5, 1S34, 
Heniy V.'iliiam, s. William A. and Mary C, Feb. S, 1836. 
Mary Blacburn, d. Wilham A. and Mary C, Aug. 12, 1S40. 
Polly Parker, d. Ralph and Mary, May 13, 178S. 
Ralph Billings [dup. Billing], s. Ralph and Mary, Oct. 22, 

1 7 85, in Sharon. 
Susan Elvira, d. Will[ia]m A., bonnet presser, and Caroline, 

Feb. 14, 1S47, in Central Village. 

THOMSON (see Thompson), Polly Parker, ch. Rrclph [dup. 
and second dup. d. Ralph] and 2\lary, bp. Apr. iS, 1788. 


Ralph [dup. omits Ralph] Billinge, ch. Rrelph [dup. Ralph] 
and Mary, bp. Nov. 19 [dup. Nov. 26], 17S6. c.r.i. 


TIBBETTS, Emily Caroline, d. W[iilia]m, mason (b. Belgrade, 
Kennebec Co., Me.), and Eliza M. (b. Wrentliam), Oct. 
9, 1848. 

TIFFANY, Daniel s. Riifus and Sally, Jan. 27, 1812, 
Elvira, ch. Rufus and Sally, Dec. 21, 1831. 
Fanny [dup. Tiffaney], ch. Isaac and Fanny, Feb. 19, 1801. 
Isaac [dup. Tiffaney], ch. Isaac and Fanny, Feb. 19, 1803. [[h. 

Achsah (Carpenter)] Jan. 7, p.R.18.] 
Joel, ch. Rufus and Sally, Sept. 9, 1825. ..-^.j. 

Joseph, s. Joseph (Tiffeny) and Sarah, Nov. 6, 1777. 
Levv'is, ch. Rufus and Sally, June 6, 1819. 
Lydia, ch. Rufus and Sally, Aug. 6, 1816. '■ ' ' '■/ '' 

Otis, ch. Rufus and Sally, July 30, 1828. 
Rufus [dup. Tiffeny, second dup. [h. Sally (White)]], 5. Joseph 

[dup. (Tiffcrny)] and Sarah, Aug. 12, 17S2. 
Sarah [dup. Tiffeny], d. Joseph and Sarah, Oct. 8, 1786. 
William, ch. Rufus and Sally, Apr. 3, 1814. 
, d. Lewis, laborer, and Emily, Jan. 13, 1847. 

TILLSON (see Tilson), Holm[es], ch. Benj[ami]n, bp. Aug. — , 

17S0. C.R.I. 

TILSON (see Tilhon), Betsy [dup. Betsey], ch. Nehemiah [dup. 
Nehamiah] and Abigail, Feb. 20, 1795. 

TINGLEY, Nancy Bliss, d. Rev. Timothy C. and Nancy, 

Ju]y IT, 1836. 
Timothy Chcever,s.Rev. Timothy C. and Nancy, Aug. 15, 1S33. 

TITUS, Benjamin, ch. Comfort and Esther, -. 

Harriet [dup. Harriot], d. Samuel and Eunice, June 29, 181 2. 
James, ch. Comfort and Esther, [rec. bctvreen ch, b. 

Nov. 12, 1822, and ch. b. Sept. 4, 1S27]. 
Lewis, ch. Comfort and Esther, [rec. after ch. b. !\iay 

3, 1830]. 
Lydia Jane, ch. Comfort and Esther, May 3, 1S30. 
Mariah, ch. Comfort and Esther, Sept. 4, 1827. 
Nancy, d. Samuel and Eunice, [rec. after ch. b. June 

29, 1812]. 
Olive, ch. Comfort and Esther, Nov. 12, 1 82 2. 

Samuel, ch. Reuben and ]\lary, . 

Sarah [dup. Sary] Ann, d. Samuel and Eunice, June 16, iSio. 

TOLMAN, Nancy, d. Spencer and Hannah, Sept. 22, iSio. 

Spencer, ch. Spencer and Hannah, [rec. before ch. b. 

Sept. 22, iSio]. 



.i^Sfx A 


TORlvEY, Alraira Little, ch. Martin and Susanna, Jan. lo, 

Caroline, ch. IMartin and Susanna, Apr. 30, 1829. 
Ellen Mariah, ch. Martin and Susanna, Apr. 14, 1S27. 
Emily, ch. Martin and Susanna, Apr. 21, 1832. 
Harriet Sherman, ch. Capt. JMartin and Clarissa, Oct. 5, 1S42. 
Jason Leach, ch. IMartin and Susanna, [rec. between 

ch. b. Sept. T, 1818, and ch. b. Jan. 10, 1823]. 
Louisa, ch. Martin and Susanna, Oct. 15, 1833. 
Martin Merrick, ch. Martin and Susanna, Dec. 28, 1824. 
Susan, ch. Martin and Susanna, Sept. i, 1S18. 

TUCKER, Nancy [w. Hon. Ebenezer Warren Esq.], , 1752. 

[Ann, Apr. 4, in Boston, P.R.13.] 

TURNER, Antoinette Geitrudc, d. Salmon, farmer, and Ckn^- 

entine L., Nov. 21, 1S47. 
Catherine Bird, d. Willard P. and Catherine E., Feb. 26, 1836. 
George Salmon, s. Salmon Jr. and Clementina L., Sept. 27, 

Mary Clemicntina, d. Salmon Jr., laborer, and Clementina L., 

Mar. 5, 1845, in Central Village. 
Willard Warren, s. Willard P. and Catherine E., Jan. 30, 1839. 

WALKER, John Gardner, s. Nathan, iron moulder, and Sarah, 
July 20, 1845, ill Furnace Village. 

WALLACE (see Wallis), Charles Oscar, s. Geo[rge] W., phre- 
nologist, and Caroline, Aug. 10, 1846. 

George Fowler, twin s. George Vv^, phrenologist, and Caroline, 
Sept. 15, 1S44, in Central \'illage. 

Georgiana, twin d. George \Y., ]^hrenologist, and Caroline, 
Sept. 15, 1844, in Central Village. 

WALLIS (see Wallace), , s. William, laborer (b. Ire- 
land), and Mary (b. Ireland), Nov. 26, 1S49. 

WARE, Betsy [dup. Betty], ch. Meletiah [dup. :Melatiah] a)id 

Chloe, ]\Iay 19, 17S0. 
Charlotte, ch. Meletiah and Chloe, July 31, 1761. 

CWoe [ ] [w. Meletiah], May 26, 1741. 

Chloe, ch. Meletiah and Chloe, Apr. 28, 1767. 

Daniel Leonard [dup. omits Leonard], s. Maletah and Cloe 

[dup. ch. Meletiah and Chloe], I\lar. 5, 1783. 
Fanny, ch. Meletiah and Chloe, I\Iar. 10, 1705- 
Horatio Gates (Wares), s. Meletiah and Cloa [dup. Chloe], 

June 8, 1778 [dup. 1777]. 


I02 rOXEOP.OUGlI I3i}^T:iS •' 

Ware, Liicretia, cl-.. IMeletiah and Chloe, June 21, 1770. 
Meletiah [h. Chloe], Apr. 30, 1736. .-^..- 

Mfcietiah, ch. Meletiah and Chioe, Feb. 16, 1775. 
Poily, ch. Meletif.h and Chloe, Sept. 24, 1759. 
Seh'na, ch. Meletiah and Chloe, July 14, 1772. 

Y/APJIE'N, Abi!;ail, ch. Hon. Ebenezer Esq. and Nancy [dup. 

[w. Dr. William Payson]], Oct. 8, 1790. [[ch. Ebenezer 

and Nany ? (Tucker)] p.p.. 14.] 
Abigal, d. Ebene/er, bp. Apr. 10,, 1702. c.R.i. 
Ebenezer [h. Ann (Tucker)], Sept. 25, 1748, in Roxbury. 

Ebene/ef T. [dup. onnts T.l, ch. Hon. Ebcne/er Esq. and 

Nf.incy, Sept. n, 1779. [Ebenezer [ch. Ebenc-z.-r and 

Nar'3^? I'Tucker)], I'.r.i4.1 
Ei'zabeth, ch. Hon. Ebenezer E,5q. and Nancy [Nany ? (Tuck- 
er), r.R.i;.], Aug. 7, 1783. 
Hannah, ch. Hon. Ebenezer Esq. and Nancy [Nany ? (Tucker), 

P.R.14.], Dec. 16, 1795. 
Henry Gilbert, ch. Joseph Esq. and Hannah Green [(Gilbert) 

p. p.. 13.], Jan. 12, 1836. 
Jane Thompsoji, ch. Hon. Ebcnezci Esq. and Nancy, Aug. .?o, 

1777. f[ch. Ebenezer and Nany ? (TuckerVj in Roxbury, 


Joseph, cl... Hon. Ebenezer Esq. and Nancy, Dec, 14, I'^S^. 

[[h. Hannah Green (Gilbert)] ch. Hon. Ebenezer ana Ann 

(Tucker), P.R.13.] [[ ch. Ebenezer and Nany ? (Tucker)] 

Joseph Edward, ch. Joseph Esq. and Hannah Green, Aug. 21 

[dup. Aug. 22], 1039. [ch. Joseph and Hannah Green 

(Gilbert), Aug. 22, P.p.. 13.] 
M?ry, (h. Hon. Ebenezer El-q. and Nancy [Nany? (Tucker), 

p.p. 14.], Oct. 13, 17S1. 
Nancy, ch. Hon. Ebenezer Esq. and Nancy, Aug. 26, 1775. 

[Nancey [ch. Ebenezer and Nany ? (Tucker)], in Milton, 

Samuel Stephen [dup. Steven], ch. Hon. Ebenezer Esq. and 

Nancy, Apr. 14, 1793. [Samuel Stevens Warren [ch. Ebe- 
nezer and Nany ? (Tucker)], p.p. 14.] 
Sarah Seaver [dup. Sever], ch. Hon. Ebenezer Esq. and Nancy, 

Feb. iS, 1788. [Sarah Seaver Warren [ch. J^benezer and 

Nany ? (Tucker)], p.:i.i4.] 

V/ASHBURX"f, Frank Murray, s. W[ilHa]m S., bonnet presser 
(b. Sharon), and Mary A., Apr. 10, 1849. 

hr.f. .u-Ci 

t .•:^^;/ 


Wasiibtirn, Henry William, s. WillLia]m S. and Mary Ann, 

July 16, 1838. 
John Murray, s. William S., bonnet presser, and Mary Ann, 

Sept. 27, 1843. 

Mary Ann [ ], w. William S., July 15, 1S16. g.r.o. 

Mary Mehetible, d. W[illia]m S., bonnet presser, and ]Mary 

Ann, Sept. S, 1846, in Central Village. 

WELCH, Ann Joseph, d. Patrick, farmer (b. Trekiid), and 
Margaret (b. Ireland), Aug. 7, 1S49. 

WELLINGTON, Mary Louisa, d. George, bonnet presser (b. 
Ashby), and Mary (b. Leominster), Oct. 19, 184S. 

WESTCOTT, Fred, s. George J., tanner and currier, and 

Charlotte R., Sept. 10, 1847. 
Martha, ch. Stephen and Mary (second w.), Aug. 20, 1S29. 
Mary Ellis, d. George J., currier, and [Charlotte R.], Aug. 29, 

1845, in W. Foxboro. 
Stephen Everett, ch. Stephen and Tryphena, Oct. 31, 1822. 

WETRERELL, Adaline [? m.] [July — , 1S16]. G.R.9. 

Emery [Mar. — , 1819]. G.R.9. 

George Everett, s. Albert, farmer (b. Mansfield), and Rose E. 

H. (b. W^iitefield, Lincoln Co., Me.), Aug. 29, 1849. 
Orren [h. Caroline (Wilber)], Apr. 5, 1813. G.R.9. 

WHEATON, Lydia [ ], w. George Esq. of Norton, w. 

Col. Jonathan Shaw of Raynharn, June i, 1745, in Taun- 
ton. G.R.I. 

VniTT'E, Abby Louisa, d. Gardner H., farmer, and Julia A. 

(b. WTlton, Franklin Co., Me.), Oct. 24, 1S4S. 
Catharine Paulina, d. Will[ia]m, shoe maker, and Louisa S., 

June 17, 1847. 
Charles Rufus, ch. Eli and Peggy, Nov. 25, 1S27. 
Eli Erastus, ch. Eli and Peggy, June 19, 1825. 
Elisabath, ch. Lem[uc]ll, bp. [rec. before , 1779]. 


Eucas, s. David and Lois, bp. Dec. 14, 1793. c.r.i. 
Gardner Hiram, s. Friend and Betsy, Apr. 12, 1829. 
Harriet Matilda, d. Jared, farmer, and Harriet, Jan. 20, 1S47, 

in Central Village. 
Isaac Jared, s. Jared, laborer (b. Sharon), and Harriet B. (b. 

Norton), Oct. 31, 1849. 
Lois, ch. David and Lois, bp. Jan. 6, 17SS. c.r.i. 



White, MsLvy Gilmore, d. W[:'llia.]:n A., iron monger, and 

Althea M., Nov. n, 1S47. 
Meriani, ch. David and Lois, bp. Jan. 6, 1780. c.r.i. 
lleriiim ['.v. Cornelius Morse], Oct. 16, 1770. 

Otis, ch. Levi and Dolly Ware (Farrington), . 

Pc^^;2;y Sailey, cli. Eli and Pegt^y, Apr. S, 1823. 

Preston Luther, s. Levi and Dolly Ware [dup. (Farrlngton)], 

May 24, 1818. 
Roxa, d. Eli and Peggy, ]\Iay 21, 1830. 
Puna, s. Asa and Hannah, July 17, 1708. 
Sarah Forbush, d, Elisha, bonnet manuf[acturer] (b. Wrentham), 

and Betsey S., July 10, 1S49. [Sarah E.. ch. Elisha Jr. and 

Betse)', r.j<.i.] 
Susan Cook, d. Jason, moulder (b Attleboro), and Lucind (b. 

Wrentham) of Mansheld, Feb. 28, 1849. 
Susan Elvina, d. Eli and Peggy, June 21, 1S36. 
Wiiiiam Fraiildin [h, Frances E. B. (Shepard)], Mar. 20, 1838 

[Pin Fo.xboro]. p.r.8. 
, ch. Jored, laborer, and w,, . [7'his entry crossed 


V/HITKEY, Charles Henry, s. , laborer, Feb. 20, 1849. 

Frances Maria, d. Timothy P. ar^d Susan, ?slay 15, 1815. 
Francis James, ch, 'Timothy P. and Susan, Nov. — , 1S13. 
Timothy Palmer, ch Timothy P. and Susan, Dec. 26, 1816. 

WHITTEMORE, Albert Horatio, s. Horatio C, carriage 

painter, and Lucy A., I\tar. 17, 1848. 
Alfred, ch. Joshua and Eunice, Apr. 9, 1830. 
Hannah, ch. Joshua and Eunice. June 17, iSr.',, in Sharon. 
Horatio Clark, ch. Joshua and Eunice, JNIar. 4, 1828. ; 

Jesse, ch. Joshua and Eunice, ISiar. 11, 181 2, in Sharon. 
Joshua Lewis, ch. Joshua and Eunice, TJar. i, iSio, in Canton. 
Lucy, ch. Joshua and Eunice, Jan. 20, 181 7, in Sharon. 
Mary, ch. Joshua and Eunice, Xov. 28, 1819, in Sharon. 
Preston Boydcn, ch. Joshua and Eunice, July i, 1825. / 

Ruth Andrew, ch. Joshua and Eunice, Feb. 18, 182 1. 
Samuel Wait, ch. Joshua and Eunice, Apr. 23, 1S23. < 

WIGHT, Elizabeth, d. Lemuel and Elizabeth, Aug. 16, 1778. 
Foster, ch. Lemuel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Rhoda, Jan. 18, 

Hannah, ch. Lemuel and Elizabeth, [1771]. P-K-3. 

James, s. Lemuel and Elizabeth, Mar. 31, 1776. 
Joseph Nelson, s. Lemuel Jr. and Rhoda, Oct. 11, 1798. 

,>ll:>^".v \y\\\?> -'liVVj 


Wight, Polly, d. Lemuel Jr. and Rhoda, Sept. 12, 1800. 
Simeon, k. Lemuel and Elizebetb, bp. June 18, 1786. c.r.i. 
Willard, ch. Lemuel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Rhoda, Dec. 8, 

WIGMOPJJ, Eleanor [ ], w. , [1790]- P-R-3- 

\^1L3ER (see Wilbor, Wilbur), Adelaide, ch. James A. and 
Eliza A., May 16, 184.3. [Adelaid Wilbur [ch. James A. 
and Eliza A, (Ware)], P.R.iS.] 

Bradford, s. Daniel Jr. and Sarah, Nov, 24, 1806. 

Daniel Jr. [h. Sarah (Ro::ers)], Mar. 5, 1775. 

Elisha [dup. Wilbor]. s. Elisha and Abi, June 31 [sk]. 1798. 

Harriot [dup. Wilbor], d. Elisha and Abi, Sept. 17,^ 1800. 

James Hayden, s. James A., furnace man, and Eliza A., Oct. 
20, 1845. [James Haydn Wilber [ch. James A. (Wil- 
bur) and Eliza A. (Ware)], Oct. 20, 1S47, p-^R-iS-I 

Laura A. [ ], Vv'. L. Bryant, [1S25]. p.R.3. 

Leprelctte [dup. Wilbor] [ch. Elisha and Abi], Aug. 2, 1803. 

V^ILBOR (see Wilber, Wilbur), Abi, d. Elisha (Wilber) and 
Abi, June 23, 1706. 

Abiathar Erastus, ch. Abiathar and Eunice, Sept. 25, 1S19. 

CaroHne [dap. Wildborc], ch. James and Hepzibah. June 22, 
181 2. [Wilber, w. Orrcn \yetherell, G.R.9.] [Wilbur [ch. 
James and Hepzibah (Morse)], P.R.15.] 

Caroline, d. James and Hephzibah, . 

Emerline [dup. Erneline], d. Abiathar and Eunice, Apr. 13, 

George, s. Abiathar and Eunice, Nov. 5, 1S17. 

James Aldrich, ch. James and Hepzibah, July 18, 1S16. [Wil- 
bur [h. Elisa A. (Ware)] [ch. James and Hepsibah (Morse)], 

Lorenzo Bryant, ch. James and Hepzibah, Jan. 4, 1825. [Wil- 
bur [ch. James and Hepzibah (Morse)], P.R.15.] 

WILBUR (see Wilbex, Wilbor), Caroline, ch. James A. and 

Eliza A. (Ware), Apr. 20, 1S41. P.R.15. 
Eliza [w. Henry Gilbert Warren], Aug. 20, 1837. P.R.13. 

[Wilber [ch. James A. (Wilbur) and Eliza A. (Ware)], 

P.R.I c;.] 
James [h. Hepzibah (Morse)], Feb. i, 17S6. P.R.15. 

WILKINSON, Betty, d. David and Abigail, June 27, 17S1. 

[Biltce, C.R.I.] 
Nabby, d. David and Abigail, Sept. 26, 1779 


'''"^ ,}■ -i'l '-^ ,o:liii:y[ hiir ii 


fmr, .A '.- 

II r r , - n 


V/ILLIAMS, Abigail [w. Capt. Josiah Pratt], , 1723. ■ 

Densoy [w. Rufiis M. Hewes], Dec. 11, 17S8. 

Frances Lydia, d. P'rands D., carpenter (b. Dighton), and 

Lydia T., May 3, 184S. 
Joseph Stevens, s. T. and R. H., JMar. 13, 182 1. c.r.i. 
Laban [dup. Sabiu], s. Amasa and Phebe [dup. Phebee], July 

[dup. June] 11, 1805. 
Mary, d. Rev. Thornas and Ruthe [dup. Ruth] H. [dup. and 

second dup. omit H.] [Ruth H., c.r.i.], Apr. 20, 181S. 
Nathan Witter, ch. Rev. Thomas and Ruthe [dup. Ruth], 

Mar. 12, 1816, in Prov[idente], R.I. 
Sabin (see Laban). 
Thomas, Rev. [h. Ruthe [dup. Ruth] (Hale)], Nov. 5, 1779, 

in Pomphret, Conn. 
Thomas Hale, ch. Rev. Thomas and Ruthe [dup. Ruth], Aug. 

I, 1813, in Prov[idence], R.I. 

WILLIS (seeAVyllys). .• , .. •,. •' ' ' '' 

WILMARTH, Albert A. [h. Elvira P. (Pettee)], Aug. 14, 1822. 

George H., Oct. 25', 1827. G.R.9. 
Lucinda C. B. [? rn.], Jan. 16, 1831. G.R.9. '■ 

WINSLOY/, Betsey [dup. Betsy] Peck, d. Shadrack and 
Betsey [dup. ch. Dr. Shadrach and Elizabeth], Sept. 29, 

17 S3. 
Cyntliia Jones, ch. Isaac and Leonora, !May 12, 1826. [Cin- 

thia Jones Winslow, c.r.i.] [Cynthia Jones Winslow [ch. 

Isaac and Leonora (Jones)], w. Alvah Richmond Chace, 

Eleazer Robbins, s. Shadrack and Betsey [dup. ch. Dr. Shad- 

racli and Eli/.abcth], Mar. 21, 1785 [dup. 1786]. 
Elisebeth, ch. Eleazer Robbins and Elisabeth, , 1764, in 

Stoughtonham. p.r.i. 
Fanny, ch. Dr. Shadrach and Elizabeth, Mar. 6, 1805. 
Isaac, s. Shadrack and Betsey [dup. ch. Dr. Shadrach and 

Elizabeth], Feb. 21, 1791. [h. Leonora (Jones), P.R.19.] 
Isaac Shepard, ch. Isaac and Leonora [(Jones) p.r.i 9.], Nov. 7, 

James, s. Shadrack and Betsey [dup. ch. Dr. Shadrach and 

Elizabeth], May 14, 17SS. 
Jessce [di;p. Jesse], s. Shadr[a]ck and Betsey [dup. ch. Dr. 

Shadrach and Eli.'.abeth], ^lay 25, 1704. 
Joseph, ch. Dr. Shadrach and Elizabeth, Aug. 28, 1S07. 

.r,;'-M .A. 

y r c f »i 

roxBOP.cuGH Bip/rns 107 

WiNSLOv;, Leonora Jane, ch. Isaac and Leonora [(Jones) P.R.I 9.], 
Feb. 14, 1825. 

Mary, ch. Dr. Shadracb and Elizabeth, Oct. 3, 1802. 

Mary, ch. Isaac and Leonora [(JoneO-], May 7, 1828. 

Samuel, ch. Dr. [dup. omits Dr.] Sbadrach and Elizabeth, 
Aug. 15, 1797. ^ 

Shadrach, Dr., ch. James and Charity, Dec. 17, 1750, m Free- 
town. P.P.I. 

Thomas Jefferson, ch. Dr. Shadrach and Elizabeth, June 6, 

William C, s. Simmons, blacksmith, and Ruth T., July 13, 

, s. Simmons, blacksmith, and Ruth T., Apr. 5, 1S45. 

WOOD, Eli, s. Zephaniah and Mary, Aug. 20, 1778. 

Eli, ch. Zeph, bp. Jan. — . 1781. c.ii.i. 

Eunice (see Unice). 

Harriet Augusta, d. Joseph, bonnet presser, and Lvdia F., 

Feb. II, 1847^ in Central Village. 
Lewis, ch. Zepli, bp. Jan. — , 1781. c.p.i 
Molly, ch. Zeph, bp. Jan. — , 17S1. c.p.i. 
Otice, cli. Zeph, bp. Jan. — , 1781. c.p.i. ' \ • • ; c 

Unice, ch. Zeph, bp. Jan. — , 17S1. c.p.i. 
Zephaniah, ch. Zephaniah and I\Iary, . 

WORTHINGTON, Samuel, s. Tho[ma]s, dyer and bleacher 
(b. England), and Elizabeth (b. England), Feb. 16, 1S49. 

WYLLYS, Job [dup. Willis], ch. Job and Selah, Nov. t8, 1802. 
[Willis, s. Job and Sela, c.p.i.] 

-], w. David, • [181 7]. G.p.4. 

David [h. Abigail] [h. Olive (Johnson)]. I\Lir. 2, 1S09. G.p.4. 
Elbridge Gardner, s. David, manufacturer, and A'big.ul, Aug. 

I, 1845, in E. Foxboro. 
Martha Frances, d. David and Abigail, July 8, 1841. 


.,-i.:'f ..'. '"K*. ..T ^iJ»;M :-nj5 .rit) 

.CO-' : ,.^? .« 

.•T.:, .[^i?,i] 

y '2 m 


:, K\j.^:^. 




ADAMS, George of Franklin, and Hannah Piltee, Jul> 21, 

ALBRO, Ann Mumford of Wrentham, and Rev. Abraham 
Vv^hecler of Fairhaven, June 11, 181 7.* 

ALDEN, Albert and Charlotte B. Comey, [int. May 6, 


J. Thompson, 21, merchant, and S. Almiia Carpenter,. 16, d. 
Daniels and Abigail, Apr. 15, 1845. [S. Almira, d. Dan- 
iels and Abigail (Payson), p.R.iy.j 

Jason F. of Middleboro, and Keziah E. Shaw, int. June 17, 

Lydia B. of Walpole, and Seth R. Aldrich of Uxb ridge, Oct. 
17, 1841.* 

ALDRICK, Amos R., 24, clerk, b. Cumberland, R. I., s. David 
and Jemima, and Charlotte A. Gline, 10, b, Westmoreland, 
N. H., d. Phineas and Betsey, Oct. 15, 1S4S. 

Julia F. of Oxford, Worcester Co., and George HoTs-es, int. 
Aug. ?7, 1844. 

Ruth M. of Mendon, and Henry Hodges, s. Spencer, Nov. 14, 

Scth R. of Uxbridge, and Lydia B. Alden of Walpole, Oct. 17, 

ALEXANDER, Henry A., 23, factory operative, s. James A. 

and Jerusha M., and Abigail Bassett, 24, Dec. 12, 1S47. 
James A. [int. of Cumberland] and Jerusha [int. adds M.] 

Skinner, [int. Jan. iS, 1823]. 

Seraphina D., 18, d. Ja[me]s and Jerusha M., and George 

Hartshorn, 24, shoe maker, of N. Bridgewater, s. Seth L. 

and Lydia, Oct. 8, 1S45. 

AXGER, Willard of Attleborough, and Lois Brown, Apr. 12, 

• lutention not recorded. 
Ill - r/< 

,0 '^fllA .J fit] 


ALLEN, Aurilia (second w.) and Thomas Clapp, Mar. 24, 

1845, in St-onington, Conn.* 
Caroline C. [int. of Rehoboth] and Briggs Starker, Apr. 20, 

Charlotte [int. Sharlot of Walpole] and John Morse 2d, Aug. 6, 

Fanny of Mansfield, and Rodman E. Morse, mt. Isov. 5, 1S35. 
Harriot [int. Harriet] and Hermon [int. Herman] Patridge of 

Templeton [int. Walpole], Feb. 2, 1S17. 
Mary and Albeit A. Sumner, Aug. 21, 1S49, in Sherburne. 
Rhoda and Jacob Morse of Sharon, int. Feb. 25 [iScg]. 
Samuel, widr. [int. Ailyn, omits widr.], 47, machinist, s. Asa 

and Helena L., and Caroline Carpenter, 32, d. James and 

Nancy, Oct. 10, 1846. 
Wiliam M. and Fanny Tolman, Nov. 27, 1S34.* 

AInIBLEYj Mary L. and Elijah Briggs of Sharon, int. Oct. 3, 

AMES, Benifami]n K., 19, iron moulder, of Boston, s. Franklin 

and Polly, and Sarah D. Carpenter, 15, d. Preston and 

Nancy, Dec. 6, 1845. 
ARM.SBY, Joshua and EHzabeth , , "Moved to 

ARNOLD, Eunice and Asa P. Holmes [int. of Norton], Jan. 21, 

Mary L. of Attleboro, and Theodore J. Paine, mt. Jan. 31, 

ATHERTON, Daniel, Capt., of Walpole, and Fanny Bowker 

of Walpole, Mar. 13, 1S14. 
Daniel and Rebecca G. Brackett [int. Bracket], Sept. 27, 1S32. 
Eliza of Mansfield, and Benjamin F. Pratt, [mt. Mar. 2, 

Elizabeth, :Mrs. [dup. omits :Mrs.], of Stoughton, and :slarten 
[dup. Martin] Dassance of Sharon, Oct. 26, 17S6.* 

Jessee of Canton, and Betev Pierce of Canton, Feb. 6, iSco. 

Mary, wid. [int. Marah Artheton, omits vid.], and Reuben 
[int. Rubin] Titus of Mansfield, Oct. 28, 17S4, in Mans- 
field. , 

Mary [of] Mansfield, and Charles William [int. omits ^^ ilham] 
Evans, Feb. 28, 1S22. . tt i 

Rebecca G., Mrs., and Hiram Leonard of Stoughton, mt. [Jr.n.J 
24, 1836. 

• Inlentioa'not recorded. • 

iK ■ 

o) hovoU" , — 



Atherto>7, Susannah, Mrs. [dup. Susanna, omits Mrs.], of 
Manssfield, and Seth Boyden of Stoughton, Feb. 13, 1788.* 
Uriah and I\Iary Savage, .* 

AUSTIN, Abijah [int. of WeHington], and Phebe Hodges, Ivlay 
4, 1820, "Moved to Wellington."' 

Nancy and David 0. ]\lann [int. I\Ian], ^May 14, 1S44, in Pem- 

Sarah J. and W[illia]m W. While of Mansfield, int. Oct. i, 

AVENS (see Evans), Ezckiel of Shelborn, and Betsy Starns, 
int. Feb. 12, 1S02. 

BACON, Abigail of Dorchester, and John Carpenter, int. Sept. 
24, 1825. 

Alpherd of Wrentham, and Susannah Brown, int. INIar. 10, 
1804. [Alfred of Wrentham, and Susanna Brown, m. 
Mar. 5, 1S04, C.R.I.] 

David Esq. of Dutch Guiaana, S. America [int. "of his Br[ilt- 
tan'' Majes^ dominions Dutch Guiaana South Anierica"], 
and Cornelia D. Groot of "Xuit Horn Kingdom of the 
Netherland" [int. De Groot ''of Nuit hovern King of the 
Netherlands"], Oct. 15, 1828. 

Dean of Walpole, and Sibil [int. Sybil] C. Smith, Dec. 18, 1S36. 

Eunice and Samuel Titus, .* 

Harlow and Elizabeth Billings, Apr. to, 1S35. 

Harlow and Abby Ann Day (second w.) [int. of Killingly, 
Conn.], [int. [Oct.] 26, 1S39]. ■ — 

Martha and John Shepard, .* 

Mary M. and Joseph Belcher, Dec. 3, 1S35. 

Patty [int. of Wrentham] and Asa Paine [int. Pain of Wren- 
tham], [int. Oct. 14, 1791]. 

Sally Lewis [int. Sarah L. of Walpole] and Harvey IMorse, 
[int. Dec. 14, 1836]. 

BAILEY, Jemima, Mrs., of Mansfield, and Amasa Grover, int. 
[Jan.] 17, 1S43. 

BAKER, David A. of Dedham, and Jane A. Grover, Dec. i, 

Esther and Elcazer Belcher Jr., Oct. 3, 1701. 
John v., 23, farmer, s. John •and Betsey, and Emily C. Guild, 

17, d. Freedom and Eliza, July 20, 1S46. 
Jilehetcble of Sharon, and Xell [male] Mckcoy of Ware, Dec. 

6, 17S4.* 

• Intention not iccordeJ. 



Baker, Samuel and Mary Boyden, .* 

Willard of Walpole, and Lucettee [int. Lucetta] Clark, Aug. 3, 

BALCKOM (see Balcom, Balcomb, Balkcom, Balkham), Sam- 
uel and Sarah , .* 

BALCOM (see Balckom, Balcomb, Balkcom, Balkham), Hul- 
dah of x\ttIeborough, and Simeon Wight of Wrentham, 
May 4[?], 1796.* 

BALCOMB (see Balckom, Balcom, Balkcom, Balkham), Ben- 
j[ami]n C, 26, carpenter, of Mansfield, s. Sam[ue]l and 
Anna, and Polly K. Wild, 29, of Mansfield, d. John and 
Poll}'-, Sept. 2c, 1846.* 

BALKCOM (see Balckom, Balcom, Balcomb, Balkham), 
Charlotte E. [int. Elizabeth], 20, of Attleborough [int. 
Attleboro], d. David, and Manley Grover, 23, mechanic, 
s. Alvin, Aug. 6, 1S44. 

BALKHMA (see Balckom, Balcom, Balcomb, Balkcom), Jacob 
[int. Balkcom] of Attleborough, and Tryphena Everett, 
June 30, 1785, in Walpole. 

BAKDSN, Ebenezer of Walpole, and Chloe Ingraham, Apr. 7, 

Jesse of Walpole, and Arsenath [int. Asenath] Clapp, [Sept.] 

25, 1817. 
Joel and Alpha Waldin of Attleborough, int. Mar. 12, 1S42. 

BARKEI^, Judith M. and William Wcstcott, Dec. 14, 1S37. 
Mary (second \v.) and Stephen Westcott, June 22, 1826. 

BAIIRETT, Elizabeth :\I. of Ashby, and John M. Everett 
Esq., int. May 12, 1S47. 

BARRON, William E., widr. [int. omits widr.], 25, manufac- 
turer [int. of Wrentham], s. Warren, and Sarah J. Car- 
penter, 20, d. Francis, Mar. 16, 1845. 

BARROWS, Caroline of Templeton, and Erastus Grover, int. 

July 24, 1836. 
Edw[ar]d W. of Mansfield, and Olive Gerry, int. [Sept.] 7, 

Lucy A., 19, of Walpole, d. Ed\v[ar]d and i^Iary, and_ Horatio 
C. Whittcmore, 19, painter, s. Joshua and Eunice, Oct. 
17, 1847. 

• Inteutiaa not recjrJcJ. 

rl :!riT .f,.,.M-.f.-Vr 



BARTON, John F. of Medway, and Sarah Johnson, int. May 
9, 1849. 

BASSETT, Abigail, 24, and Henry A. Alexander, 23, factory 
operative, s. James A. and Jerusha M., Dec. 12, 1S47. 

ArriJIa and Chester F. Morse, .* 

Ruth, 34, d. C3TUS and Anna, and Brown S. B. Taft, 31, 
mechanic, of Richmond, N. H., s. Brown and w., May 3, 

BATE (see Bates), John and Ruth Sweetland, int. Aug. 13, 

BATES (see Bate), Lydia fint. of Norton] and James Daniels 
Jr., [int. Oct. 25, 1823]. 

EELCHERj Abi and Elisha Wilbor [dup. Wildboar, int. Wild- 
boor], Aug. 14, 1794. 

Adda&on and Sultana F. Knights, June 6, 1836. 

Aimira F., 18, b. Woonsocket, R. I., d. Ira and Lydia, and 
Hovv'ard A. Richardson, 21, factory operative, s. Howard 
and ]\iary, Aug. 6, 1S4S. 

Chloe and Liberty Leavitt [of] Pembroke [int. Levitt of Pern- 
brook], Nov. 18, 1824, 

Comfort and Abigail Clark, Mar. 8, 1810. 

Deborah [dup. Deberah] R. and Abncr Fairbanks of Dedham, 
int. Mar. 27, 1819. 

Edw[ar]d, 20, farmer, s. Comfort and Abigail, and Cclia Ann 
W. [int. Winslow] Leavitt, 14, d. Liberty and Chloe, 
Oct. 9, 1845. 

Elea^er Jr. ajid Esther Baker, Oct. 3, 1791. 

Eleazer and Patty Fales of Walpole, int. Jan. 6, 1S21. 

Elcazer and Elizabeth ]Morse, .* 

Eliza and Ezra Carpenter Jr., Apr. 30, 1826. 

Elizabeth [dup. ]Mrs. Elezbelh] and Oliver Comee [dup. Olive 
sic Come], Dec. 12, 1786.* 

Emehne and Richard Carpenter, Apr. 17, 1S31.* 

Emery [dup. and int. Emory] and Truelove H. Sumner, Apr. 
28, 1833. 

Esther and Peter Carpenter [second dup. s. Dea. Nehemiah 
and Elizabeth], Nov. 7, 1793. 

Esther and Warren Bird, Nov. 25, 1813. 

Friend [int. ]'>ind] and Chloe ^M'orse, Jan. 21, 1802. 

Friend Jr. and Amy Randal, June 26, 1S25.* 

George G. and Silence M. Dixon, Jan. 23, 1S34. 

• lutcntion not rorordcJ. 


■bir// Jfli 

'fi^H ]o Jjiv'jJ. 


Belcider, Ira and Sally Fales [int. [of] Walpole], [int. 

Sept. 1 8, 1803]. 

Ira and Lydia Stebbins, .* 

Jason and Bcckey Fales of Walpole, int. Mar. 30, 1800. 

Joseph and Mary M. Bacon, Dec. 3, 1835. 

Lewis T. and Almira Kidder, Dec. 2, 1S24. 

Lewis W. and Harriet M. Cobb, int. Mar. 18, 1S4S. 

Maria [int. Mariah] and Francis Jones Jr., i\Iar. 18, 1824. 

Mary of Canton, and James S. Siiepard, int. Aug. 3, 1839. 

Mary and Erastus A. Wilber, ]\Iar. i, 1S42. 

Samuel Thompson [int. omits Thompson] and Sally Tucker, 

• [int. Dec. 11, 1791]. 

Sarah F. and Henry L. Sweet, IMay 22, 1S34. 
Sarah T. and Bowdoin Frastow, int. Sept. 4, 1813. 
Unity and Jabez Fales of Walpole, Oct. 13, 1799. 

BERRY, George W. and Betsy White, .* 

Islartha M. and Charles Comey, June 11, 1835. 

B1CK:KELL, Aidon and Esther Harkness of Pelham, int. 

[Nov.] 2Q, 1845. 

William and i\Iartha Boson, .* 

BILLING (see Billings), Beriah of Walpole, and Mrs. Elisa- 
beth [dup. Elizabeth Pettee, omits Mrs., int. Elizabeth, 
omits Mrs.] Stratton [dup. wid. Joseph], Dec. 13, 1S09. 

BILLINGS (see Billing), Amherst [int. Billing of Wrentham] 
and Experience Shaw, [int. Apr. 25, 1S12]. 

Betsy [int. BilHng] and Oliver Pettee Jr., [int. June 27, 

1S12], " ]\Ioved to New Jersey." 

Dudley and Ackseh Thayer, Nov. 22, 1S18. 

Elizabeth and HarloAv Bacon, Apr. 10, 1835. 

Enoch of Stoughton, and Nancy Ware, Feb. i, 17S1, in Wren- 

Hannah [int. Billing] of Stoughton, and Samuel Billings [int. 
Billing Jr.], July 27, 1780, in Stoughton. 

Jacob and Betty Comee (second w.), Oct. 19, 17S0.* i 

Jacob and Hannah Flewins, .* 

Joseph of Sharon, and Ann Elizabeth Kingsbury, Feb. 20, 

Keziah and John Fisher of Dedham, int. Nov. 28, 1S02. 

Kcziah and ]~'hillips Sawyer, .* 

Leavett and Ann , .* 

^Liry and Jacob Leonard, .* ''•"' '•' " ''■ 

* Intention not recorded. 

-n-nV/' :w ,tZ':i 


Billings, Futhe [int. Ruth] and Calvin Grover, Oct. 30, 1S08. 

Sally and Sev/all Hodges [of Sharon], Nov. — , 1805.* r.R.12. 

Sally [dup. and int. Billing] and [int. adds Dr.] Stephen Morse, 
May 28, i8og. 

Samuel [int. Billing Jr.] and Hannah Billings [int. Billing] of 
Stoughton, July 27, 1780, in Stoughton. 

Sarah E. of Mansfield, and Joseph Shepard, int. [Nov.] 14, 
1840. [Sarah Ji[meline], rn. Dec. 10, 1S41 [in Mans- 
field], r.R.S.] 

Spencer [dup. Billing] and Buhamah Comee, J\Iar. 20, 1783.* 

Warren and Julia VVilhams of Alansfield, int. [Aug.] 29, 1835. 

Willard and P^unice Skinner of jMansfield, int. Oct. 31, 1S23. 

BIRD, Alphcus and Polly Harlow [int. and dup. int. of Sharon], 

Dec. 2, 1819. 
Alpheus [int. Esq.] and Amelia Leonard (second w.), Sept. 19, 

Ann Eliza, 16, d. V/airen and Esther, and Ezra Pickens, 26, far- 
mer, b. New Bedford, s. James and Priscilla, Sept. 23, 1844. 
Anne [int. Ann] and Peter T. Carpenter, [int. July 27, 

Betsy and Stephen Rhoades [dup. Rhodes] Jr., Jan. i, 1S17. 
Catherine E. and Willard P. Turner, Mar. 12, 1835. 
Clementina [int. Clemintina] L. and Salmon Turner Jr., Nov. 

26, 1840. 

Elijah and Sarah Pratt, .* 

Elizabeth W. and Edward E. Jones, int. July 10, 1847. 

Esther B. and Erancis D. Gray, int. July — , 1S47. 

Sarah [dup. and int. Sally] of JMansfield, and Tyler Stratton, 

May 23, 1809. ■' 

Warren and Esther Belcher, Nov. 25, 1813. 
Warren and [int. adds Mrs.] Calista Briggs (second w.) [int. 

of Norton], Apr. 15, 1845, i" Boston. 

BISHOP, Tiffany [int. adds F.] and Susan [int. adds E.] Mann 
[int. of V/alpole], Aug. i, 1S33. 

BLACKINGTOK (spe Blackinton), Emily of Wrentham, and 

Lewis TilTany, int. Aug. 9, 1843. 
W[iliia]m [int. Jr.] of Wrentham, and Chloc Everett, May 26, 

1806, in Wrentham. 

BLACKINTON (see Blackington), W(illia]m ^{., 26, farmer, 
of Attlei)orough [int. Atlleboroj, s. Geo[rge] and ^lary, 
and Lydia Hewins, 23, d. Eben[ezc]r and Mchitibfe, 
June id, 1845. 

• IntcntiuM not rcconlc-J. 


,pv .ir-id ,(, 




BLACKMER, Timothy and [int. adds Mrs.] Rebeckah Samp- 
son, Jan. 24, 1791. 

BLAK (see Blake), :\Iilletiah [dup. I\lille, int. Meletiah, dup. 
and int. Blake] of Wrentham, and Jacob Leonard Jr., 
May 2, 1793. 

BLAKE (see Blak), Cornelia Denson, 22, of Wrentham, d. 
Drayton and Harriet S.. and Charles H. Farrin<;^ton, 22, 
basket maker, of Wrentham., s. John and :>,Iary, Sept. 25, 

Dupee and Roxa Boyden [int. of Dedham], [int. Sept. S], 

Eunice (third w.) [int. of Walpole] and David Morse, 

fint. Nov. 25, 1S26I. 
Henry W. and Angeline L. Briggs of Attleboro, int. Sept. 3, 

Henry W. and Angeline D. Gifiord of N. Bridgcv;ater, mt. 

Aug. iS, 1849. 
Ira of N.Y., and Anna M. Polley, int. [Sept.] 10, 183 1. 
Julia Ann and George E. Sherman of Easton, Sept. 21, 1S37. 

Lois and John Shcpard Jr., .* 

Lucy and'Alpheus Lyon, Apr. 25, 17S2.* 

Polly of Wrentham, and David Pet tee, IMay 29, 1796. 

Susanna of Wrentham, and Milton S. Morse, int. July 29, 


BLISS, Nancy [int. of Attleboro] and Rev. Timothy C. Ting- 
ley, [int. Liar. 8], 1832, " Moved 1S37 to Boston." 

BLODGET, John of Salisbury, Conn., and Betsey Forrist, int. 
[Dec] 17, 1S20. 

BOSON, ^Martha and William Bicknell, .* 

BOV^TERS, William T., 24, milk vender, of Boston, =. Jer- 
[emia]h and Dorothy, and Mary Comey, 24, d. Olivcr 
and Keziah, Apr. 21, 1S47. 

BOV/KER, Fanny of Walpole, and Capt. Daniel Atherton of 

Walpole, ALir. 13, 1814. 
and Lucetta Clark, , " Moved to Walpole." * 

BOYDEN, Alexander A. and Harriet G. Fuller of Easton, 

int. Feb. :S, i\S.;i. 
Amos and Ama [dup. .Ame] Morse (second w.), Apr. i, 1783.* 
Amos and ^Lary Paine, .* 

• I:i:cciti)D not re.-ordoi. 

H^ .In-] .{r 

Vii'i Jii; ,■- 

..If'. J I'.' t •■ :j- ' <!. U.'.-. ,.iM",i V 




BOYDEN, Benjamin F. (see Franklin). 

Dclpha [int. Delpa] and Polly ZMorse, July 8, 1798. 

Elijah and Amity Fisher, /^ 

Elisba S. and Mary Ann Wallis, Nov. i, iSiS. 

Esther and Willard Comee, Apr. 27, 1820. 

Ezekiel [int. Boreden] and Hannah Cook, Aug. 27, 1794- 

.Franklin [int. Benjamin F.] and Lucinda [int. adds A.] Clapp, 

Jaji. I, 1829. 
Hannah and Roger Sumner, No\. 30, 1797. 
Hannah (second w,) and Benjamin Pettee [dup. Pettie], Dec. 

13, 1798.* 
James of Walpoie, and Lucy Clap, int. Sept. 5, 1811. 
Jesse of Walpoie, and Esther Paine, int. July 31, 1S03. 
Joseph and Nancy Ann Huff, int. ]May 14, 1S42. 

^Mary and Samuel Baker, ." 

Otis and Fanny Tiffany, int. July 15, 7821. 

Phebe [dup. Phcei^e], wid. (second Vv.) [dup. of Walpoie] and 

William Pettee, July 7, 1796. 

I'hebe aiid Adam Morse, .'^' 

Roxa [int. of E'edham] and Dupee Blake, [int. Sept. 8], 

Sabra and [int. adds Capt.] Silas Smith of Walpoie, Apr. 10, 

Seth of Stoughton, and Mrs. Susanah [dup. Susanna, oirit? 

Mrs.] Atherton of Mansslield, Feb. 13, 17SS.* 
Stephen and Hannah Pettee, Feb. 18, 1810. 
Stephen L. and iMueline Hodges of Sharon, int. JMay 4, 1839. 

BRACKETT, Hcrmon and Hannah B. Titus, int. [Oct.] 27, 

Rebecca G. [int. Bracket] and Daniel Atherton, Sept. 27, 1S32. 

BRADSHAY/, Caroline and Oliver Perry [int. of Wrentham], 

June 15, 1825. 
Eliza and Freedom Guild, Oct. 5, 1S21. 
John A. and Maria A. [int. Ann] Caldwell, Jan. 6, 1834. 
Joseph [int. Bradsaw] and Abigail Stearns [dup. Nabby Starns, 

int. Sterns], Dec. 11, iSoo. 

BRAGG, Alexis of New York City, and Laura Merrifield, 

Sept. 5, 1S43. 
Francis jNL (see Francis Bray). 

BRASTOW (see Prastow), Samuel and Eunice Shepard, 
Nov. 29, 1S04. [Unice Shepherd, c.R.i.] 

• Ji)ti.-ntii.)n net rn.C'ril.d. 


Beastow, Suky [dup Sukey] of Wrentham, and John Carpenter 
[second dup. s. Dea. Nehemiah and Elizabeth]. Feb. 7 [1793]- 

BRAY, Francis [int. Francis M. Bragg] and Susan [int. Sus- 
anna] Salley, Dec. 30, 1824. 

BRAYMAN, Rachel and Seth Robinson, .* 

Selah [int. Braymon] and Job Wyllys [int. Willis], [int. 

,, Dec. 26 [iSoi]]. 

BRAZEE, Susan and Jonathan N. Sumner, .* 

BRENTNELL (see Brintnal, Brintnall, ErintiTcll), Levina, 
Mrs., of IMansfjeld, and Seth King, July 20, 17S6.* 

BRETT, Sarah Ann and Jacob R. Pike, int. Aug. iS, 1833. 

BRIGGS, Angeline L. of Atlleboro, and Henry W. Blake, int. 

Sept. 3, 1847. ,- ^ T 

Anna [dup. Ann of Norton] and Henry Hobart [int. Hobert], 

ch. Noah and Deborah W., July 17, 1S17. 
Calista (second w.) [int. adds Mrs., of Norton] and Warren 

Bird, Apr. 15, 184;, in Boston. 
Elijah of Sharon, and Mary L. Ambley, int. Oct. 3, 1S18. 
Elijah E., 24, mechanic, s. Elijah and' Hilary, and Mary G. 

]\Jitchcll, wid. [int. ]\irs., omits wid.], 27, d. Richard 

Smith and Ellen, Apr. S, 1S47. 
Jacob of Attleborough, and Salome Brown, int. July 3, 1824. 
Lemira and Joseph Carroll Jr., Oct. 9, 1S36. 
Lucinda [int. of Walpole] and Leonard IMorse, Nov. 27, 1S28. 
IMargaret of Walpole, and John Marsh of Walpole, Nov. i, 


BRINTNAL (see Brentnell, Brintnall, Brintnell), [Margaret, 
j\irs. [int. j:\lavgarctt Briilnal, omits Mr?.], and Timotliy 
• Morse, June 16, 1791. 

BRINTNALL (see Brentnell, Brintnal, Brintnell), Nathaniel 
of Mansfield, and Mrs. Eunice Sliepard, int. [Oct.] 24, 

BRINTNELL (see Brentnell, Brintnal, Brintnall), Eunice 
[dup. Unice Brintnal, int. Brintnall], wid. (second w.), 
and John Shepard [dup. and int. Shepherd] Jr. [dup. 
omits Jr.], May 3, 1790. 

J^iary (see Polly). 

Nancy [int. iJrintancll of Mansfield] and Robert Shepard [int. 
Shapard], [int. Feb. 6, 1S07]. 

• lutcuti'^a Dot rccorilod. 

li) .. ,(8i!;;7/ 


Brintnell, Polly [int. Mary] and Turner Sumner, [int. 

May 8, 1808]. 

BRITTON, Priscilla of Easton, and Abraham H. Drake, May 
25, 1S36. 

BROCKS, Lydia S. and Rev. Sikis Ripley, , " Removed 

to Foxboro 14 Oct. 1837." * 

BROWN, Anson and Mary B. Codding of Norton, int. July 21, 

Asa of VVrentham, and Anna Shepherd, July 25, 1793. 
Elijah of Cumberland, R.I., and Elmina Wellman, int. Nov. 8, 

Eliza Ann and Elijah H. Shepard Jr. ot Mansfield, Feb. 4, 

Fanny and Cephas Grover of Mansfield, Sept. 29, 1841. 
Lois and Willard Alger of Attlcborough, Apr. 12, 1S29. 
Lowell and Ehza A. :Miller of Newport, R.I., int. Aug. 3, 1843- 
Marcus and Lucy N. Grover of Mansfield, int. [Oct.] 30, 1S46. 
Salome and Jacob Briggs of Attlcborough, int. July 3> 1S24. 
Sirrcl [dup. Sirrill. int. Sarril] and Lois Shepard [clup. Shan- 

ard, int. Shepherd], Feb.. 6 [sic int. June 14], 1800. 
Susannah and Alpherd Bacon of Wrentham, int. iSIar. 10, 

1804. [Susanna and Alfred Bacon of Wrentham, m. 

Mar. 5, 1804, C.R.I. ] 

BUCK, Sylvester [int. of Easton] and Amanda B. Randall 

[int. Randal], Aug. 19, 1S33. 
BUILARD, Ecnj[ami|n [int. of Plymouth] and Lydia Dixon, 

Dec. 3, 1835. 

Edwin B., Rev., and Ellen Huntley, . 

Junia and Bradish Sumner, .'^ 

Lewis of Sharon, and Polly [int. Molly] Leonard, Apr. 5, 1797- 

BURI^AM, Thomas and Julia Ann Keith, int. June 2, 1832. 

BURR, Hannah P. of Mansfield, and James Dunn, int. Feb. 

28, 1S32. 
Simeon and Anna Smith, .* 

BURT, Daniel of Norton, and Sally D. Patten, int. Apr. 2, 

CALDWELL, IMaria A. [int. Ann] and John A. Bradshaw, 

Jan. 6, 1834. 

• Intention not recorJcJ. 

Jh:l>r.' ^i 

,s .•; 


C.4PEN (sec Capion), Chailcs and Olive ?>Iaria YVhite [int. of 

Mansfield], June 22, 1S37, in Munsheld. 
Ds-vid [dup. Capin, int. Capin of Sharon] and Anna [int, 

Anne] Clark [second dup. ch. Wiiliarn and Hannabj, 

July 31, 1S03. 
David and Pbebc [int. Phebr-e] Everett, wid. [int. omits v/id.l 

(second w.), Sept. 15, 1S16. 
David [int. Esa.] and Tryphena Clark (tbird w.), I\Iay 15, 

David E. and Caroline Packard, Feb. 2, 1837. 
James, 39, farmer, s. David and Anna, and Nancy 1. Capeu, 

34, d. John and Peggy, Dec. 16, 1847. 
Nancy J., 34, d. Tobn and Peggy, and James Captn, 39, farmer, 

s. ]^avid and Anna, Dec. 16, 1847. 
Oliver [dup. and int. Capron of Sharon] and I'.Iary Morse, 

Nov. 14, 179S. 
Sarah and Joseph Pratt, .* 

CAPRON (see Capen), Sally [of Attleborough] and Thomas 
French, Dec. 25, 1821 [in Attleborough].* p.k.ii. 

Thaddeus C, 24, housewjight, of Attleborough [int. Attle- 
boro], s. Jacob and Deborah, and Roxana D. Prime [int. 
Paine], 19, d. Lewis and 2vlary, May 9, 1S47. 

CARPENTERj Achsah and Isaac TiiTany, Dec. — [int. De-.-. 

12], 1828. [m. Dec. 28, P.R.18.] 
Albert, 23. farmer, s. Ja[nic]s and Nancy, and i\Iary E. Guild, 

21, of Mcdfield, d. Luther and Sophia, Apr. 2, 1846. 
Ann P. [dup. and int. of Wrentham] and Oliver Carpenter, 

[int. May i, 1S30.J 

Anne [seond dup. Anna, third dup. and int. Jdrs. Anna, omit 

Avid.], Avid. Nehemiah, d. Frpncis Daniels and Kczia, r.nd 

Stephen Rhodes [dup. Rhoadcs], Apr. 15, 1792. 
Asenath and Joseph Carrell of Walpole, int. Sept. iS, 1S03. 

Betty and John Comee Jr., .* 

C. and ]\Iary Clark, ch. William and Hannah, , " Moved 

to Rehoboth." * 
Caroline, 32, d. James and Nancy, and Samuel Allen, widr. 

[int. Allyn, omits widr.], 47, machinist, s. Asa and Helena 

L., Oct. 19, 1846. 
Daniels and Abigail Pay.^on, [int. Oct. 8, iS.-'o]. [m. 

Nov. 15, r.K.i7.j 
Edson and Sarah R. Jones, A])i. 14, 1827. 
Emeline and Comfort D. Drake, l^Iay 12, 1S33. 

• Intention Dot nciirilcd ' 



i -i---' 


Carpenter, Erastus P. of Richmond, Va., s. Daniels, and 
Catherine E. Kerr, d. William, Feb. 4, 1S44. [Erastus 
P., s. Daniels and Abigail (Payson), p.R.17.] 

Esther [dup. adds Mrs.] and Nathaniel Clark [dup. Nathael 
Clerk] Jr., Dec. 7, 17S8.* 

Ezra [int. of Wrentham] and Margarctt [dup. Margaret, int. 
Margrett Daniel] Daniels, d. Francis and Kezia, Oct. 21, 

Ezra and [dup. and int. add Mrs.] Mary Daniels [second dup. 
adds (second w.)], d. Francis and Kezia, Dec. 16, 1790. 

Ezra Jr. and Eliza Belcher, Apr. 30, 1S26. 

Francis and Roxey Story [dup. and int. Storey], June 4, iSiS. 

George, Rev. [int. omits Rev.], 28, s. James and Anna, and 
Julia C. Dow, 21, d. James and Elizabeth, Apr. 18, 1847. 

Hannah D. of Norton, and Williami Carpenter, ]\Iay 12, 1842. 

Jamics and Nancy Day [int. of \Vre.^th<im], [int. Apr. i, 


James and Susan Drake of Manslield, int. Nov, 30, 1S22. 

Jedediah of Roxbury [second dup. Seekonk], and Hannah 
Stiatton [dup. d. George and Catharine], l\h'.y 23, 1S09. 

John [second dup. s. Dea Nehemiah and Elizabeth] and Suky 
[dup. Sukcy] Brastow of Wrentham, Feb. 7 [1793]. 

John and Abigail Bacon of Dorchester, int. Sept. 24, 1825. 

Linus [int. LynusJ and Louisa Shaw, Nov. i, iS;q. 

Marcus S. and Emily King of Norton, int. Feb. 27, 1845. 

I^Iary A., 20, d. Daniels and Abigail, and S. Dana Prescott, 
26, manufacturer, s. Sam[ue]i and Eliz[abetjh, Dec. 29, 
1844. [Samuel Dana Prescott, P.R.7.] [Mary A. Carpen- 
ter, d. Daniels and Abigail (Paysonj, and S. Dana i'res- 
cott, P.R.17.] 

Nancy and Joseph Paine, [int. June 17, 1S0.1]. [m. 

Oct. 22, 1804, C.R.I.] 

Nancy M., 25, d. James and Nancy, and Simmons Vvin":ov,-, 
widr. [int. omits widr.], 40, blacksmith, of Berkley, i;. 
Berkley, s. Gardner and W^ealthy, May 15, 1849. 

Nehemiah [dup., second dup. and third dup. Jr., dup. s. Dea. 
Nehemiah and Elizabeth] and Anne [second dup. Ana] 
Daniels, d. Francis and Kezia, Mar. 24, 17S3.* 

Nehemiah and Lois Nason, [int. [Nov.] 14, tSi8], 

Nehejniah and Laura llcws (second w."), Oct. 20, 1824. 

Nehemiah, J)ca., and Sarah Harlshorn, wid. (second w.), 

Nehemiah, Dea., and Elizabeth Sweet, 

• Inteati'jn nol rccoiJjJ. 


Carpenter, Oliver and Ann P. Carpenter [dup. and int. of 

Wrenthamj, [int. May i, 1S39]. 

Patty (second w.) and Stephen Rhoades, Mar. 20. iSic;. 
Peter [second dup. s. Dea. Nel-iemiah and Elizabeth] and Esther 

Belcher, Nov. 7, 1703. 
Peter, widr. [int. omits widr.], 74, fanner, s. Neh[emia]h and 
Elizabeth, and Susan Thayer, 30, d. John and Abigail, 
Aug. iS, JS44. 

Peter T. and Anne [int. Ann] Bird, [int. July 27, iSf7]. 

Polly and Fisher Plartshorn, ch. Jesse and Jemima, 'Apr. o, 

Preston and Nancy Skidmore, .* 1 , j • 

Rachel and Lemuel Paine, .* ' 

Richard and Emeline Belcher, Apr. 17, 1831.* 
S. Aimira, 16, d. Daniels and Abigail, and j. Thompson Alden, 
2i,_mcrchant, Apr. 15, 1S45. [S. Aimira, d. Daniels and 
Abigail (Payson), p.R.17.] 
Sarah D_., 15, d. Preston and Nancy, and Benj[ami]n K. Ames, 
19, iron moulder, of Boston, s. Franklin and Polly, Dec. 
6, 1845. 
Sarah ]., 20, d. Francis, and William E. Barron, widr. [int. 
omits widr.], 25, manufacturer [int. of Wrentham], s. 
Warren, Mar. 16, 1845. 
Susan and Shubael Pratt, Feb. 17, 1822. 
Thacher B. and Susan P. Fuller, June 28, 1840. 
Tyler and Betsey Packard, Apr. ■?, 1S26. 
William and IMcriam E. [int. Elizabeth] Guild, Dec. i, 1S-.6. 
William and Hannah D. Carpenter of Norton, May 12* 1S42. 

CAPPELL (see Carroll), Joseph of Walpole, and Asenath Car- 
penter, int. Sept. rS, 1803. 

CAPJIOLL (see Carrell), Joseph Jr. and Lemira Briggs, Oct. 

9, 1836. 
Julius, 24, farmer, of Walpole, b. Walpole, s. Joseph and Asce- 

nath of Walpole, and Ann Eliza Plympton, 21, d. Willard 

and Eunice, June 13, 1844. 

CARTEE (see Carter), Mary L. and Stephen E. Westcott of 
Boston, int. [Dec] 13, 1S47. 

CARTER (see Cartee), Louisa and Redmond B. Shepard, int 
Oct. 28, 1820. 

CAI^Y, Olis and Mary Dodge Torrey, , "Moved 1S34 

from I'^aston.'"* 

• Intention not recordcj. 

/ li i : J rrjtii\ ii.u. 


CASWELL, Abigail [int. Castle] and Joseph [int. Josiph] 

Everett, Dec. 23, 1792. 

Abigail, wid. (third w.), and Simon Pettee, .* 

Lucy W. and Stephen G. Howland [int. of Fairhaven], June 

19, 1842. 

CHADWICK, ^.lary and Samuel Hartshorn, .* 

CHAMBERLAIN (see Chambcrlin), Benjamin H., widr. [int. 
omits widr.], 33, boot maker, of Medway, s. James and 
Jane, and Mary Hannahs, 35, Feb. 24, 1S4S. 

Prudence White [int. omits White, adds of Franklin] and Mar- 
tin Clare Forrist, [int. Sept. 17, 1S25]. 

CHAMBERLIK (see Chamberlain), John F. of Cleveland, 0., 
and Sarah B. Shcpard, int. Oct. 3, 1840. 

CHASE, Alvah R., 25, carpenter, of Attleborough, b. Attle- 
borough, s. Alvah (Chacc) and Clarissa, and Cynthia J. 
Winslow, 22, d. Isaac and Leonora, ?n'ov. 30, 1848. 
[Alvah Richmond Chace and Cynthia Jones Winslow, 

p. R. 19.1 

George G., 23, manufacturer, of Plymouth, s. IMo^es and Mary, 
and Charlotte A. Fletcher, 19, d. Zacheus and Adeline, 
-' ■ - . July 29, 1S46. 

CHILDS, Amos, widr. [int. omits v.idr.], 51, laborer, s. Phi- 

nchas, and Betsey W. White, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 

43, d. Samuel Forrist, Oct. 2, 1S44. 
Amos, widr. [int. omits widr.], 53, laborer, s. Phinehas and 

Martha A., and Hannah ClalHin, wid. [int. :.Irs., omits 

wid.], 52, Aug. 8, 1S47. 
George W.,' 25', farmer, b. Y\'i]ton, Franklin Co., ^le., s. Amos 

and Mehitable, and Caroline A. Hall, 21, b. HaIlo\s-clI, 

Kennebec Co., Me., d. Hartshorn and Caroline, Dec. 21, 

Julia A. and Gardner H. White, int. Oct. 2, 1S47. 
Lucretia (second w.) and [int. adds Adjt.] Robert Shepard, 

[int. Oct. 15, 18x4]. 

Roxana, 19, d. Amos and iSIehctible, and Abner Morse, 29, 

farmer, s. Cornelius and Isliriam, Nov. 18, 1S45. 

CLAFFLIN, Hannah, wid. [int. Mrs., omiis wid.], 52, and 
Amos Chiids, widr. [int. omits widr.], 53, laborer, s. 
i*' ■ Phinehas and Martha .A., Aug. 8, 1S47. 

• Inlcntiuu not rcccnitd. 



CLAP (see CJapp), Luc}'- and James Boydcn of Walpole, int. 

Sept. 5, 1811. 
Olive and Osmin Smith of Walpole, int. Feb. 14, 1812. 

CLAPP (see Clap), Arsenath [int. Asenath] and Jesse Bard en 

of Walpole, [Sept.] 25, 181 7. 
David of Waipole, and Betsy Peck Winslovv, int. Oct. 23, 


Esther and Swift Payson Esq., .* 

Harriet and Leprelite Morse, Dec. 29, 1834. 

James and Polly Woodard, Apr, 9, 1818. ■ '-*■'""' 

Lucinda [int. adds A.] and Franklin [int. Benjamin F. 

Jan. I, 1859. 
Mehetebel [int. Mahitable] and Cyrenius Pettec 

Nov. 9, 1804]. [Mahitable Clap and Cyrenos Pettce", m. 

Feb. 25, 1805, C.R.I.] 
Nathaniel and Olive Clark [dup. Jr., d. Ethcridge and Olive], 

Dec. 10, 1826. 

Reuben and Roxana Smith, .* 

Sally and Asa Page of Walpole, int. Dec. 15, 1S21. 
Sibbel and Warren Smith [int. of Walpole], Jday 27, 1815. 
Thomas and Abby H. Woodworth of Walpole, int. Dec. 10, 

Thomas and Aurilla Allen (second w.), Mar. 24, 1845, in 

Stonington, Conn.* 
Thomas and Jemima Rhodes, .* 

CLARK (see Clarke, Clerk), Abigail [second dup. ch. William 

and Hannah] and Phillips Payson, Oct. 2, 1797. 
Abigail and ConiCort Belcher, Mar. 8, iSio. 
Anna [int. Anne, second dup. ch. William and PTannah] and 

David Capen [dup. Capin, int. Capin of Sharon], July 31, 

Betsy E. and William W. Pettee, Aug. 29, 1S33. 
Charlotte W., 30, b. Westmoreland, Cheshire ^Co., N. H., d. 

W[illia]m and Nancy, and Joshua Jennison, 27, bonnet 

presser, b. Templeton, s. W"[inia]m and Eunice, Sept. 4, 

Eliza of Easlon, and Tyler Morse, int. Feb. 4, 1826. 

Elizabeth and Oliver Pettee, , 1787.* 

Elkanah and Cyntha [int. Syntha White], [int. 

Dec. 13, 1794.] 
Ethcridge [dup. and int. Ethridge, dup. Clerk] and OHve 

Richardson, Oct. 28, 1794. 

• lateution not recorded. 

ni ,>;•.£) ,^: ,ir.iV: ,(.w ht: 


Clark, Hannah [dup. ch. William and Hannah] and Spencer 

Tolman [int. of Sharon], [int. j^»Iar. — , 1S06, dup. 

''Moved to Wrentham"]. 
Hannah and William F. Sumner, Dec. 7, i8og. '•'"■ 

Harvey and Nanc\ Robinson, May 29, 1825. 
Hosea [dup. Hosa Clerk, int. Clerk] and Kepzibah [dup. and 

int. Hipsabah] Robinson, ]^Iar. 17, 1791. 
Jemima [second dup. ch. William and Hannah, int. Clerk] and 

Marcus Everett, May 17, 179S [second dup. "IMoved to 

Joshua and Miriam Tiffany [int. ]Meriam Tipheney], ]\Iay 27, 

1779, in Mansfield. 

Lucetta and Bowkcr, , "Moved to Walpolc."* 

Lucettee [int. Lucetta] and Willard Baker of Walpolc, Aug. 3, 

Mary, ch. William and Hannah, anc- C. Carpenter, , 

"Moved to Rehoboth."* 
[int. Mary H.] and Charles Pettee, [int. May 9, 


Nathan [int. 2d] and Nancy Wliite, [int. Jan. — , iSo2j. 

Nathan and Hannah Huff, July 17, 1842. 
Nathaniel, Dea., and Mary Conant, Nov. — , 1757.* 
Nathaniel [dup. Nathacl Clerk] Jr. and [dup. adds IMrs.] 

Esther Carpenter, Dec. 7, 178S.* 
Olive [dup. Jr., d. Etheridgc and Olive] and Nathaniel Clapp, 

Dec. JO, 1826. 
Phebe and Caleb Gifford, int. July 10, 1834. 
Sarah of Stoughtonham, and John Reupeke, Nov. 18, 17S2.* 
Sarah [int. Clarke of Easton] and Samuel J^Iorse Jr., 

[int. July 23 [1815]]. 
Schuvler and Hannah Warren, Nov. 22, 1S32. 
Thac'her [dup. Clerk, int. Thatcher W[illia]m Clerk] and Tru- 

love Hewes [int. Truelove Hews], July 19, 1789. 
Truelovc [dup. Trulove] and Elkanah Hodges, i\Iar. 17, 1S12, 
Tryphcna (third w.) and David Capen [int. Esq.], May 15, 1836. 
Virginia D. and Otis Hodges, Aug. 9. 1829.* 
William and Hannah Russel, .* 

CLARKE (see Clark, Clerk), Edwin W. and Maria E. Fisher 
of Sharon, int. [Nov.] 26, 1S45. 

Ethridge J. [int. Ethcridge Clark 'jr.] and Abagail [int. Abi- 
gail Leeds, [int. [Dec] 10, 1S20]. 

W[illia]m P. and Cynthia M. Newhall of StirHng, int. [July] 
22, 1843. 

• Intention not recorded- 


;■•>■ < 

.Ucv : .-•- .iinT'jin 


CLEAVELAND, Albert of Franklin, and Mary [int. Nancy] 
J3. Guild, Nov-. 5, 1835. 

CLER-K (see Clark, Clarke), Rachel of Sharon, and Agustus 
Fuller of Wrenthara, July 7, 1796.* 

COBB, Charlotte F. and Martin Dassance, s. Dominic, Nov. 

22, 1S43. 
Cynthia (sec Syntha). 

Eliza of Sharon, and Martin Willi?, int. [Mar.] 25, 1830. 
Harriet M. and Lewis W. Belcher, int. Mar. tS, 184S. 
Mary (second w.) [int. of Mansfield] ana Calvin Forrist, 

[int. July 9, 1823]. 
Mary E. and Marcus Reed of Mansfield [int. Read of Attle- 

boro], Oct 20, 1839. 
Sarah S. and Edwin Read of ]\Iansrie]d, Oct. 20, 1S39. 
Syntha [int. adds L.] and Zxlaj. [int. omits ]Maj.] T. [int. 

Thomas] A. Lawton of Exeter, N. H. [int. R. I.], June 12, 

William H. and Mary [int. Nancy] J. Pettee, June 11, 1837. 

CODDING, Mary B. of Norton, and Anson Brown, int. July 
21, 1S49. 

COGGSHALL, Jeremiah and Sally Greenrnan of Mendon, 
int. Aug. 7, 1S18. 

COLBY, Emeline G., 23, of Franklin, d. John and Almira, 
and Jeremiah M. Shepard, 23, farmer, s. Lewis and Olivia, 
Dec. 10, 1S46. [Emeline Glittcn Colby and Jeremiah 
Mann Shepard [ch. Lev/is and Olivia (Hewes)j, p.r.ii.] 

COLLINS, Elisha K., 25, merchant, of Boston, s. Jesse and 
Rachel, and Aijigail C. Kingman, 21, d. ]\Iartin and 
Phebe, Jan. 4, 1848. 

COMEE (see Comey), Aaron and Charlotte Skinner [int. of 

Mansfield], [int. Jan. 3, 1S12]. 

Benjamin and Ruth [dup. Ruthe] Trow, Mar. 24, 1785. 

Betty (second w.) and Jacob Billings, Oct. 19, 17S0.* 

CeUa Leonard (second w.) [int. Cclia Leonard, omits Comee] 

and Willard Comee, Dec. — [int. Dec. i], 1824. 
Eliza [dup. d. Oliver and EHzabeth] and Abijah Fales [of] 

Walpole, June 3, i8r3, "Moved to Fo.\bo[ro] 1S18." 
Jason and Tryphena [int. Tryphene] Daniels, Oct. 8, 1S26. 
John Jr. and ilannah Robinson, May 23, 1824. 

• Intention not rcroidcd. 





COMEE, John Jr. and Betty Carpenter, .* 

Joseph and Hanah [int. Hannah] Skinner [int. adds wid.] of 

Mansfield, Nov. 17, 1800. 
Lyman [int. Limon] and Nancy Fisher [int. of Wrentham], 

[int. June 27, 1S14]. 

Mary and Joseph Paine, .* 

Nancy [int. Comic] and Milton Stratton [dup, s. George and 

Catharine], Feb. 7, 1S05. [Comee, c.r.i.) 
Oliver [dup. Olive sic Come] and Elizabeth [dup. Mrs. Elez- 

beth] Belcher, Dec. 12, 1786.* 
Oliver Jr. and Kezia [dup. and int. Keziah] Leonard [dup. 

Lenard], Feb. 6, 1812. 
Ruhamah and Spencer Billings [dup. Billing], Mar. 20, 17S3.* 
Ruth [dup. Ruthe] and Franklin Shepard. Nov. 8, iSii. 

Spencer and Polly Leonard, [int. Sept. 10,1820]. 

Thacher and 3.1ary Thompson, Dec. :i, 1823. 

Wiliard and Esihcr Boyden, Apr. 27, iSro. 

Willard and Cclia Leonard Comee (second w.) [int. Celia 

Leonard, omits Comee], Dec. — [int. Dec. i], 1S24. 

COMEY (see Comee), Abigail, 48, d. John and Bettv, and 
Amos Keith, vridr. [int. omits widr.], 49, farmer, o'f Nor- 
ton, s. Seth and Anna, June 10, 1S45. 

Ann Maria, 23, d. John and Hannah, and Daniel 'M. Mayhew, 
24, provision dealer, of Charlcstown, b. Medford, s.' Free- 
man F. and Dorcas, Dec. 4, 1849. 

Charles and Martha M. Berry, June 11. 1S35. 

Charlotte B. and Albert Alden, [int. ^vlay 6, 1837]. 

Esther [int. Mary] E., d. Willard, and Warren G. Comey, s. 
Spencer, Aug. 29, 1S43. 

George A. and Lydia F. Morse, Nov. 26, 1S40. 

George P., 21,, s. John and Hannah, and Clarissa A. Dean, 21, 
b. Norton, d. Abijah and Polly, Oct. 15, 184S. 

Jerusha and Alfred Hodges of Sharon, Oct. i8, 1S38. 

Junia Ann and Addison P. Forrist, Nov. S, 1839. 

Louisa [int. Loiza] and Addison Kingsbury, June i, 1836. 

Lyman F. and Harriet N. Skinner of ^Nlanslield, [int. 

Apr. 8, 1837]. 

Lyman F., widr. [int. omits widr.j, and Lydia Walden [int. 
Waldin] of Cumberland, R. I., Nov. 30, 1S43. 

Mary, 24, d. Oliver ami Keziah, and William T. Bowers, 24, 
milk vender, of Boston, s. Jer[emia]h and Dorothy, Apr. 
21, 1S47. 

Mary E. (see Esther E.). i?.- »'"'4t. 

• Intcnfon not rccor-ieJ. 




CoMEY, Mira and ISIartin Copeland of Easton, Dec. 13, 1835. 
Nancy M. and Elias C. ISIiller of Hopkinton, int. [Apr.] 10, 

Oman, 35, farmer, s. Oliver and Elizabeth, and Susan A. 

Morse, 32, d. John and Rhoda, Nov. 19, 1S46. 
Sanford E., 21, trader,, s. Spencer and Polly, and Mary Ann 

Neal, 24, d. Danfie]! S. and Mary A., Oct. 14. 1S47. 
Warren G., s. Spencer, and Esther [int. Mary] E. Comey, d. 

Willard, Aug. 29, 1843. 

COMSETT, Calista and Albert Nickerson, Sept. 27, 1837. 
CONANT, Mary and Dca. Nathaniel Clark, Nov. — , 1757.* 

COOK, Eliza J., 21, d.Sarn[ue]i and Joanna, and Cyrus Leonard, 
25, teacher, of W. Bridgev/ater, s. Nahum and Rhoda, 
Nov. 23, 1845. 

Kannah and Ezckiel Boyden [int. Boreden], Aug. 27, 1704. 

Jacob and Rebeccah [dup. Rebeckah, int. Rebekah] Richard- 
son, ^Yid. (second w.), Mar. 31, 1793. 

Jacob and Hannah , .* 

Julia A., 17, d. Silas and Joanna, and Obadiah Sherman, 27, 
farmer, s. Stephen and Lucinda, Dec. 13, 1S44. 

Mary, Llrs.. and John Gillmore of Francklen, Nov. 5, 17S6.* 

COPELAND, Ebenezcr [int. and dup. int. Coplin of Bridg- 
water] and Bridget Wood, wid. [int. and dup. int. omit 
wid.], [int. and dup. int. Aug. 29, 1801]. 

Joseph, s. Oakes, and Lucy Ann Keith, Mar. 3, 1S44. 

Lydia T. and Francis D. Williams of Prov[idence], R. I., int. 
June 12, 1S47. 

Martin of Easton, and !Mira Comey, Dec. 13, 1835. 

IsLnry and Charles F. Hovrard, Nov. 28, 1S44, in Stoughton. 

I>Iehitable and Abiather Fales Templeton, Dec. 5, 1822.* 

Okcs [int. Oaks] and Polly Pettee, Apr. 17, 1817. 

Sarah [dup. Copland] 01 ^Mansfield, Bristol Co., and Josiah 
Pratt 2d, Sept. 17 [dup. Aug. 6], 1795, in Mansfield.* 

CORBETT, Ann of Dorchester, and Eleazer Winslow, int. 
Apr. 3, 1813. 

COREY (see Cor)-), Amanda F., iS, d. John and Anna, and 
Ira Hersev, 25, manufacturer, s. Jacob and Polly, Dec. 3, 

Joseph S. and Pamclia A. Foster, June 17, 1841. 

• lutcntioQ QOt tccorded. 







Corey, Leonard and Adah Skinner [int. of Mansfield], 

[int. Aug. 26, 1814]. 
Mehetibel, wid. (second w.) [int. Mehitable Cora, omits wid.], 

and Roger Sumner, [int. May 0, iSoo]. 

CORY (see Corey), John [int. Corey] and Nancy Rlioades [int. 

Anna Rhoads], [int. — 31 [rec. between July 8 

and Sept. 10], 1S20]. 

COWELL, Joseph and Emily George of Wrentham, int. Feb. 
28, 1835. 

CRAM, Olive, Ishs., of Hallov-'ell, Me., and Jabez Fales, int. 
[Sept.] 9, 1838. 

CREIGIiTON, John C, 25, harness maker, b. England, s. 
Charles and Anna of England, and Eliza Donnels, iS, b. 
Canada, d. Michael and Bridget of Ireland, Oct. 10, 1848. 

CROSBY, Mary and David F. Hewes, int. Aug. 27, 1838. 

GROSSMAN, Isaac of Mansfield, and Peggy Eddy, int. Mar. 
23, 1802. 

CROTTY, James P. of Wrentham, and Mary L. Storer, int. 

Jan. 4, 1842. 
Patrick of Wrentham, and Ann Flaven, int. July 10, 1849. 

CROWLEY, Sabra [int. Sahara of IMansfield] and John Hewes 
Jr., ch. John and Esther, [int. Aug. 24, 1S17]. 

CURTIS, Austin and Polly !\Iorse, Apr. 17, 1S32. 

Caroline of Boston, and Seth R. Kingsbury, int. Apr. 20, 1839. 

CUSHING, Hannah [int. adds G.] and Samuel R. Payson of 
Boston, July 27, 1S37, in Boston. 

CUTLER, Charles C. and Cynthia C. Randall, int. Oct. i, 

DAGGETT, Joab of Attleborough [int. Attleboro], and Cath- 
erine [int. Catharine] A. Peck, Apr. 21, 1S44. 

DATJ'A, Harriet and John Gilbert of Walpole, int. Apr. 14, 

DANE, Francis, Rev., of ^.lansfield, and Fanny Wilber, int. 
Apr. 30, 1815. 

• Intention Dot rccurdL-J. 


:u .■n-o^^ A Yu.i/: I) 



DANIELS, Anna and Joel H. Robinson of Franklin, Nov. 28, 

Anne [second dup. Ana], d. Francis and Kezia, and Nehemiah 

Carpenter [dup., second dup. and third dup. Jr., dup. s. 

Dea. Nehemiah and Elizabeth], Mar. 24, 1783.* 
Elizabeth (second w.) and Joel H. Robinson, Mar. 22, 1838. 
Francis and Kezia Rockwo.od, .* [Francois and Kezia 

Rockwell of Franklin, p.R.iy.] 
James, s. Francis and Kezia, and Naamah Guild, Jan. [second 

dup. June] 27, 1794. 
James and Elizabeth [int. Elezebeth] Gay (second w.), 

[int. [rec. between I\Iay 31 and Sept. 13], 1806]. 
James jr. and Lydia Bates [int. of Norton], [int. Oct. 25, 

James Jr. and Sally Hodges (second v»-.), Jan. 6, 1834, 
Junia and Sj)cnccr Leonard, Jan. 12, 1.790. 
Lewis G. and Experience B. Shepard, May 24, 1836. 
Lewis G. and Sarah Adams Perrigo (second w.) [int. of \Yrcn- 

tham], Apr. 25, 1S39, in Walpole. 
Margarett [dup. Margaret, int. Tvlargrett Daniel], d. Francis 

and Kezia, and Ezra Carpenter [int. of Wrentham], Oct. 

21, 1779. 
Mary [dup. and int. add Mrs., second dup. adds (second w.)], 

d. Francis and Kezia, and Ezra Carpenter, Dec. 16, 1790. 

Sarah and David Patten, .* 

Tryphena [int. Tryphene] and Jason Comee, Oct. 8, 1826. 

DASSANCS (see Dorsance), Betsy [dup. ch. Martin and 
Elizabeth, int. Dorsance] and John Drew [int. of Taun- 
ton], • [diip. Sci)t. 8, 1813, '' Moved to Easton " ]. 

Dominic [int. Dorsance] and Anna Field [int. of Taunton], 
Nov. 30, 1809. 

Dominic and Mrs. Polly Eddy of Taunton, int. Oct. 12, 1837. 

Julia A. [int. Ann] and Benj[ami]n F. Hodges [int. of Sharon], 
June 23, I S3 5. 

Marten [dup. JNIartin] of Sharon, and Mrs. [dup. omits Mrs.] 
Elizabeth Atherton of Stoughton, Oct. 26, 17S6.* 

Martin, s. Dominic, and Charlotte F. Cobb, Nov. 22, 1843. 

Olive and Silas Gay of New York Citv, int. Feb. 25, 1842. 

Shubacl P. and Eliza F. Eddy, int. Dec. 5, 1846. 

DAVIS, Waller and Mrs. Betsey Drew, May 12, 1835. 
DAVOL, Joseph Bowen nnd IsLary L. Saunders, .* '■" 

• lulciitiou uot rccordc'i. 



11 V 


DAY, Abby Ann (second w.) [int. of Killin^Iy, Conn.] and 
Harlow Bacon, [int. [Oct.] 26, 1839]. 

Plannah lind Enoch Jenkins [int. Jenkens], Aug. 22, 1785. 

Hannah and John Policy, .* 

Joseph and Elizabeth , ,* 

Mary and V/illiam PoUey, .* 

Nancy [dup. and int. of Mansfield] and Cyrus Guild [dup. 
Guilde], May 2?, 1800. 

Nancy [int. of Wrentham] and James Carpenter, [int. 

Apr. I, 1810]. 

Robert [and] Keziah Turner of Wrentham, Apr. g, 1784.* 

DEAN (see Deanc), Abijah C. and Emeline [int. Emerline] 
Dunbar of Easton, Aug. 10, 1837. 

Asahel of Rehoboth, and Harriet H. Sumner, May 26, 1836. 

Asahel and Lucy Hodges of Sharon, int. Oct. 24, 1846. 

Clarissa A., 21, b. Norton, d. Abijah and Polly, and George P. 
Coniey, 23, 3. John and Plannah, Oct. 15, 184S. 

Elijah Jr. of Mansfield, and Sally Guild, Dec. 16, iSio. 

Joseph E., 24, farmer, of Woodstock, Conn., b. Woodstock, 
Conn., s. Joseph and Lucy of Woodstock, Conn., and 
Nancy E. Phillips of Woodstock, Conn., b. Woodstock, 
Conn., d. W[lllia]m and Nancy, Apr. 9, 1S49. 

Marey and Dea. Spencer Plodges, .* 

DEAITE (see Dean), Polly, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 83, 
and Daniel Salley, widr. [int. omits widr.], 84, farmer 
May 8, 1845. 

DE GROOT, Cornelia (see Cornelia D. Groot). 

DELY, Ann and James Powdcrly, .* 

Mary and Thomas Leonard '' Forigner," .* 

DEXTER, Hannah and Jeremiah j\lan, Dec. 29, 1794.* 
Rhoda [dup. Roda] and John Morse, Mar. 6, 1799. 

DIXON, Eleanor and Charles Stratton of Mansfield, Nov. 26, 

Lydia and Benj[ami]n Bullard [int. of Plymouth], Dec. 3, 1S35. 
Silence M. and George G. Belcher, Jan. 23, 1834. 

DONNELS, Eliza, 18, b. Canada, d. Michael and Bridget of 
Ireland, and John C. Creighton, 25, harness maker, b. 
England, s. Charles and Anna of England, Oct. 10, 1848. 

DOOLITTLE, Allen C. and Orra Hodges, int. I^Iar. 9, 1S39. 
[m. Apr. 4, 1839, P.R.I.}.] 

• IiitciUion rccordcJ. 

■OootD rr 


DORSANCE (see Dassance), Elizabeth [int. Betty, adds 
wid.l and John Fanny of Mansfield, July 4, iSio. 

DOW, Julia C, 21, d. James and Elizabeth, and Rev. [int. 
omits Rev.] George Carpenter, 28, s. James and Anna, 
Apr. 18, 1847. 

DRAKE, Abraham IT. and Priscilla Britton of Easton, May 25, 

Asahel and Olive Dunbar, Jan. 20, 1S33. 
Catharine [int. Catherine of Smithfield, R.I.] and James N. 

Shearman [int. Sherman], Oct. 30, 1S39. 
Comfort D. and Emeline Carpenter, May 12, 1833. 
Emiiy R. [Drake] [int. of Abington] and Elisha C. Morse, 

[int. Sept. 2, 1S42]. 

Kannah A. and Metcaif Everett 2d, May — [int. June 20, 

sic], 1835. 
Julia [int. Juhan of Sharon] and Jason IMorse, [int. 

June 9, 1832]. 
Polly and Jeremiah Fuller of Sharon, July 24, 1793. 
Susan of Mansfield, and James Carpenter, int. Nov. 30, 1S22, 
Susanna [int. of Sharon] and George Sa.liey, [int. Nov. 

25, 1819]. 

DREW, Betsey, Mrs., and \Valter Davis, May 12, 1835. 
John [int. of Taunton] and Betsy Dassance [dup. ch. Martin 

and Elizabeth, int. Dorsance], [dup. Sept. S, 1S13. 

" jNIovcd to Easton "]. 

DRISCOLL, Michael and Margaret Galvin, int. Dec. 26, 1848. 

DUI^BAR, Emehne [int. Emeriine] of Easton, and Abijah C. 
Dean, Aug. 10, 1S37. 

Harriet P. [int. of Easton] and Emory Forrist, [int. 

Jan. 4, 1836]. 

Laura A., 21, d. David and Nancy, and L. Bryant Wiiber, 21, 
mechanic, s. Ja[me]s and Hcpzibah, Nov. 5, 1S46. [Lor- 
enzo B. Wilbur [ch. James and Hepzibah (Morse)], P.R.15.] 

Olive and Asahel Drake, Jan. 20, 1S33. 

Sibil [int. Sybbel Dunbor of Stoughton] and Elijah Pratt, 
[int. July 7, 179S.] 

DUNLAP, IMargaret and Josiah W. Kingman of N. Bridge- 
water, Feb. 26, 1835. 

DUNN, James and Hannah P. Burr of IMansficld, int. Feb. 28, 

' IiU'.-ntion not roconioj. 


DURFEY, Peleg and Jane Patten, int. Oct. 20, 1816. 

DWIGHT, Timathy of Medfield, and ]Mrs. Experience Fuller 
of Medfield, Sept. 19, 17 88.* 

EAMES, Moses of Hopkinton, and Sabrina [int. Sebrina] 
Skinner, Dec. 5, 1S25. 

EASTMAN, Elizabeth M. of Boston, and Thomas Hall, pro- 
■ vision dealer, of Boston, Oct. 29, 184S.* 

EDDY, Eliza F. and Shubael P. Dassance, int. Dec. 5, 1S46. 
Peggy and Isaac Crossnian of .I\Iansticld, int. Mar. 23, 1S02. 
Polly, Mrs., of Taunton, and Dominic Dassance, int. Oct. 12, 

EDWAP.DS, Eliza A., 23, and Charles H. Johnson, 29, mason, 
£. \y[iriiajm T. and Ruthy, Dec. 2, 1S47. 

ELIOT (sec Elliot, Elliott), Hannah and Jarius Payson jMorse, 

July 16, 1797. 
Joel and Mary • , .* 

ELLIOT (see Eliot, Elliott), Joseph and Zenora Tucker of 

Mt. Holly, Vt., int. [Nov.] 21, 1S35. 
Mary J. and Nathan Nurse of Watertown [int. Wartertown], 

Apr. 13, 1828. 

ELLIOTT (see Eliot, Elliot), Hannah. 32, d. Joel and :\Iary, 
and Silas Frost, 36, farmer, of W. Cambrid[g]e, s. Jona- 
than and Sybil, Apr. 12, 1848. 

ELLIS, Amanda M. [int. IMariah] of Mcdway, and Willard 

Smith, Aug. 8, 1S36. 
Caty [ijit. Cata of V/aljnile] and Richaid Everett, [int. 

Sept. 27, 1800]. 
Jane [int. Nancy] T. and David S. Sherman, Dec. 19, 1S30. 
Jane W. and Job Sherman 3d, Aug. i, 1S30. 
Timothy of ]\iid\vay, and Mrs. [int. omits I\Irs.] Susanah Pain, 

Feb. II, 1790. 

EVANS (see Avens"), Charles William [int. omits William] 
and Mary Atherton [of] Mansfield, Feb. 28, 1822. 

George, [int. omits Kcv.l, of Salisbury, and Chloe Pettoc, 
Apr. 23, 1828. 

Hannah [dup. and int. of Grafton] and John Sumnc.v Jr. [int. 
omits Jr.], Jan. 10, 1793, " Moved to Sharon." 

• ]atcii!ion not iccordcJ. 

.Of. 'At 

k> !',".%' juT '".ion 

l)»i'„{iiV/ DHL ,^^r,v/Lr/l^. IQ 


EVERETT (sec Everitt;), Aaron and Chloe Holbrook (second 

w.), [int. Oct. 17, 1785]. 

Aaron and Eunice [dup. and int. Unice] Guild (tliird w.) [dup, 

and int. of Wrentham], Xov. 17, 1791. 

Aaron and Abigail Holbrook, ,* 

Abigail (see Nabby). 

Axbigail H. and James Gandolfo of Boston, Oct. 11, 184 1. 

Betsey Eliz[abe]th [int. omits Eliz[abe]th] and Nelson Morse, 

Nov. 27, 1S36. 
Chloe and \V[illia]m Blackington [int. Jr.] of Wrentham, May 

26, 1S06, in Wrentham. 
Daniel and Sally [int. Salley] ^Nlann [int. of Medfield], 

[int. Sept. 13, 1806]. 
Daniel and Clarisy Pond (second w.) [int. 01 Wrentham], 

[int. Feb. 16, iSoo]. 

Elanor [dup. Eleaner] W. [int. Ware' and Rev. [int. omits 

Rev.] Wiliard Pierce [dup. "Settled 1824"], Feb. 10, 1S25. 

Jesse and Eunice Hartwell, .* 

Joanna and Joseph Pettee of Salisbury, Conn. [int. Salsbury, 

omits Conn.], [int. Sept. 13]." 1S06 [dup. "Moved to 

Salisbury Conn'"]. 

John and Abigail Nicholson, .* 

John and Melatiah Ware (second w.), .* 

John M. Esq. and Elizabeth M. Barrett of Ashby, int. :May 

12, 1847. 
Joseph [int. Josiph] and Abigail Caswell [int. Castle], Dec. 23, 


Joseph and Keziah Ware, .* 

Lemira F. [int. Field, omits Everett] and Leonard Sweet [int. 

Lenord Sweat] of Attleborough, [int. Dec. 6, 1S05]. 

Marcus and Jemima Clark [second dup. ch. William and Han- 
nah, int. Cierk], May 17, 179S [dup. "Moved to Wren- 
Melctiah and Nancy Shaw, Oct. 20, 1805, "Moved To Wren- 
tham 1S32."* 
Metcalf and Fanny [int. Fanney] Shepard, ch. Joseph and 

Abigail, [int. June i, iSoi]. 

Metcalf 2d and Hannah A. Drake, May — [int. June 20, sic], 

Nabby and Joshua Stetson [int. Steetson] of Walpole, Nov. 8, 

1 70S. 
Nabby [int. Abigail] and James Westcott, Nov. 6, 1S31. 
Peggy and Samuel H. Everett [int. of Dorchester], Nov. 29, 


* Intcnlion not recorJi;!. 


Everett, Phebe, wid. [int. Phebee. emits wid.] (second w.), 

and David Capen, Sept. 15, 1816. 
Richard and Caty [int. Cata] Ellis [int. of Walpole], 

[int. Sept. 27, 1800]. 
Samuel H. [int. of Dorchester] and Peggy Everett, Nov. 29, 

Tryphena and Jacob Balkham [int. Balkcom] of Attleborough, 

June 30, 1785,. in Walpole. 
Tryphena [int. Triphene] and Stephen Westcott [int. Westcot], 

Jan. 24, 1822. 

EVER.ITT (sec Everett), Betsy, I^Irs., and Allexandre Eoster 

of Attleborough, June 11, 1786.* 
Meletiah and John Whiting of Wrentham, int. Jan. — , 1S02. 

ESTES, Joseph and Mrs. Lucy Sturtcvant of Walpole, int. 
[Nov.] 30, 1834. 

FAIRBANKS, Abner of Dedham, and Deborah [dup. Deberah] 

R. Belcher, int. Mar. 27, 1S19. 
John Jr. of Wrentham, and Sally Withcrel, Aug. 3, 1794. 

FALES, Abijah [of] Walpole, and Eliza Comee [dup. d. OHvcr 

and EUzabclh], June 3, 1813, "Moved To FoxboLro] 

Abijah Jr. and Abby Hill of Medway, int. Aug. 5, 1845. 
Alfred and Charlotte N. Stratton, Nov. 9, 1834. 
Alvan and Hannah D. jMorse, July 7, 1836. 
Ann A. and W[iUia]m J. Pond of Wrentham, int. Apr. 2, 1842. 
Beckey of Walpole, and Jason Belcher, int. Mar. 30, 1800. 
Cata of Walpole, and Jacob Smith of Walpole, Aug. 12, 1S09.* 
Elizabeth J. and Addison Pettee, Nov. 12, 1840. 
Emily C. and William R. Fuller, Nov. 26, 1840- 
Henry M. and Esther P. Pond of Wrentham, int. oNlar. 19, 

Jabez of Walpole, and Unity Belcher, Oct. 13, 1709. 
Jabez and Mrs. Olive Cram of Hallowell, 2\lc., int. [Sept.] 9, 

Mehctible S. C, Mrs. (second w.), and [int. adds Col.] Henry 

Hobart, Jan. 16, 1S40. 
Patty of Walpole, and Eleazer Belcher, int. Jan. 6, 182 1. 
Peter of Attleborough, and Chloe Shepherd, Sci)t. 10, 1797. 
Sally [int. [of] Walpole] and Ira Belcher, [int. Sept. 18, 

William of Wali)oIe, and Sarah Leach, int. July 2, 1814. 

* Intention not rci-or^icJ. 



.;!'•' i 


FARRINGTON, Charles H., 22, basket maker, of Wrentham, 
s. John and Mary, and Cornelia Denson Blake, 22, of 
Wrentham, d. Drayton and Harriet S., Sept. 25, 1845.* 

Dolly Ware and Levi White [int. of Sharon], [int. 

Mar. 5, 1814]. 

EHphalett and Jemima Morse, .* 

Rebeca S. [int. of Wrentham] and Thomas M. George, 

[int. July 8, 1827]. 

FARWELL, John [of] Roxbury, and Lucy Stratton, Feb. 13, 

FAXON, Priscilla Winslow and Dr. Horatio Stockbridge of 
Hanover, Sept. 26, 1S12. 

FIELD, Anna [iut. of Taunton] and Dominic Dassance [int. 

Dorsance], Nov. 30, 1809. 
Emeline, 21, d. James and Rhoda, and Thomas N. Pierce, 

widr. [int. omits widr.], 43, farmer, s. Sam[ue]l and Grace, 

June 2, 1S46. 
Lemira (see Lemira F. Everett). 

FILLEBROWN, Mary ^.I., 21, of Mansfield, b. Mansfield, d. 
Rodolphus aud Mary of Mansfield, and Ephraim White, 
widr., 27, basket maker, of Mansfield, b. Mansfield, s. 
Eliab and Sally of Mansfield, Nov. 27, 1S49.* 

FISHER, Amity and Elijah Boydcn, .* 

Calvin of Wreiitham, and Polly PHmpton, Jan. 21, 1796. 

Charles and Maria L. Freeman, Sept. i, 1842. 

Daniel of Kecne [int. Keen], N. H., and Susan Shaw, Sept. 18, 

Darius and Susannah Wilkinson of Attleborough, int. Dec. 10, 

Ebenezer [dup. and int. Jr. of Wrentham] and [dup. adds T^Irs.] 

Sally Stratton [dup. and int. Straton], Mar. 25, 1790. 
Harriet [dup. and int. Harriot] and Lewis Phmpton, Sept. 14, 

Jabcz of Cambridge, and Betsy IMorse, int. Mar. 8, 1805. 

[Betsey, m. i\Iay 14, c.R.i.] 

Jemima and Jesse Hartshorn, .* 

John of Dcdham, and Keziah Billings, int. Nov. 28, 1S02. 

John J. G. and ^Slary Morse, Sept. 11, 1S36. 

Lois and Asa Shaw, Nov. 28, 1786.* 

Maria E. of Sharon, and Edwin W. Clarke, int. [Nov.] 26, 


• lutcntion not iccordod. 

(/:ii ■yjm.-^'Mi.l :''Mi<".ia.' ( b 

L„: ,r ...., — ./. 

.to8£ ..^ 


Fisher, Nancy [int. of Wrentham] and Lyman [int. Limon] 

Comec, [int. June 27, 1814]. 

Nancy of Atllehorough, and Abiathar Robinson, int. Nov. 10, 

1832. ["Countermanded," ivriiien in pencil.] 
Nathan of JSIansfield, and Remembrance Grover, Oct. 24, 

1782, in Mansfield.* 
Plina and Eetsy Hill, [int. Feb. 10, 1S05]. [Pliney, m. 

Mar. 27, C.R.I.] 
Rodolphus [int. Rhodolphus] and Hannah ]Morse, Apr. 2, 1826. 
Sam[ue]l Jr. and Amelia Williams of Atticboro, Apr. 22, 1838. 
Sarah and Scth Grover of ]Siansfield, int. Apr. 12, 17S5. 
Susan of Attleboro, and .Martin Jones, Jan. 11, 1S41. 
Timothy T. of Attleboro, and Betsy Paine, Apr. 2, 181 2. 

FLAVEN, Ann and Patrick Grotty of Wrentham, int. July 10, 

FLETCHER, Charlotte A., 19, d. Zacheus and Adeline, and 
George G. Chase, 23, manufacturer, of Plymouth, s. 
Moses and !Mary, July 29, 1S46. 

FOORD (see Ford), Harvey of Pembroke, and Lydia Shepard- 
son of Milton, Jan. 6, 1813, "Moved April 1815 To Fo.x- 

FOPJD (see Foord), Betsey and Sam[ue]l W. Page of Milton, 

June 28, 1S3S. 
Harriet and Alfred Richnrdson, Oct. 20, 1S39.* 
Lyman and jNIary S. Ford, Dec. 29, 1839. 
Mary S. and Lyman Ford, Dec. 29, 1839. 

FORRIST, Addison P. and Junia Ann Comey, Nov. 8, 1839. 
Amos I'.iid lydi:'. [dup. Ab'-:. Lyddin] Pri tec. May 30, t7?S/'' 
Betsey and John Blodget of Salisbury, Conn., int. [Dec] 17, 

Betsey W. and Friend W'hite, int. Apr. 12, 1S2S. 

Calvin and ^lary Pratt, [int. Aug. 20], 1S15. 

Calvin and Mary Cobb (second w.) [int. of Mansfield], 

[int. July 9, 1S23]. 
Charlotte and Josiah Newcom of Norton, int. Oct. 12, 1833. 
Ebenezer, Dca. [dup. Ebenezar Forrest, int. Ebenzer Forrest, 

dup. and int. omit Dea.], and Haniuih Sumner, ISLar. 16, 

Emory and Harriet P. Dunbar [int. of Easton], [int. 

Jan. 4, 1836]. 


.X5J ^\on\Vi\ .{yo'- 

^:^<:--l .7/ [[. 



FoRRiST, Einory, widr. [int. omits widr.], 23, bonnet presser, 
s. Eben[eze]r and Hannah, and Ellen M. Jackson, 22, 
d. \Vil)[iaim and Nancy, Sept. 3, 1845. 

Fanny (second \v.) and Levi Wliite, Oct. 19, 1825. 

Hannah and Hervey Paine, Mar. 4, 1823. 

Martin Clare and Prudence White [int. omits White] Cham- 
berlain [int. of Franldin], [int. Sept. 17, 1825]. 

Parnelia [dup. Pamela, ini. Pcrmelia] and James S. [dup. D.] 
Gerry [int. Gorrey] uf Montville [dup. Montvill], Conn., 
Oct. 2, I S3 1. 

Rachel [dup. Forrest] and James Freeman [dup. Freemon], 
Sept. 18, 1780.* 

Samuel and Charlotte V/arc, Aug. 30. 17S7.* 

Samuel Jr. and Hannah Robbins [int. Robins], [int. 

Nov. 7, 181 2], " Moved 18x9 to Cumberland." 

Sarah and Sam[ue]l iIor?e of Stoughton, June 26, 1783, in 

Sophia and Simon Pettee Jr., Dec, 13, 1810. 

Susanna [dup. and int. Susannah] and Asa Morse Jr., Nov. i, 

FOSTER, Allexaiidre of Attleborough, and Mrs. Betsy Evcritt, 

June II, 17S6.* 
James W., Dr., and Harriet D. Richards [int. of Attleboro], 

[int. June 9, 1839]. 

Pamelia A. and Joseph S. Corey, June 17, 1S41. 

FREEMAN, Catharine [dup. Caty] and George Stratton [dup. 

Stratten], Jan. 27, 1782.* 
Ebenezei T. [int. Ebeneze, omits T.] and Polly Morse [int. of 

Sharon], [int. Mar. 10, 1800]. 

George H., 20, iron moulder, s. Geo[rgci W. and Louisa, and 

Lucia A. Hill, 20, dress maker, d. Eben[ezc]r and Lucia H., 

Oct. 22, 1S46. . 

George W. and Louiza Gerry, .* 

James [dup. Freemon] and Rachel Forrist [dup. Forrest], 

Sept. 18, 1780.* 
Maria L. and Charles Fisher, Sept. i, 1842. 

FRENCH, Lucretia and Rufus ^L Ring, Apr. 20, 1837.* 

S. Minerva of Attleboro, and David L. Shepard, int. Dec. 15, 

1849. [Sarah Minerva [of Attleborough] and David 

Lewis Shepard, p.r.ii.j 
Seba C. of Attleborough [int. Attleboro], and Emeline Morse, 

June 2, 1S41. 

• latfuiim not ri-:orJcd. 

i>: .f,' VI S- 

.ouh] no'- 



French. Thomas and Sally Capron [of Attleborough], Dec. 
25, 1821 [in Attleborough].* p.r.ii. 

FROST, Antipas and Tolly Guild, Aug. 15, 1S25, " Moved to 

Silas, 36, farmer, of W. Cambrid[g]e, s. Jonathan and Sybil, 

and Hannah Elliott, 32, d. Joel and Mary, Apr. 12, 1848. 

FULLERj Agustus of W rcntham, and Rachel Clerk of Sharon, 

July 7, 1796.* 
Amos L. and AJzada L. Glover of Mansfield, int. Jan. 27, 

1847. " Mis? G's mother objected & certif with held." 
Augustus (see Agustus). 
Experience, Mrs., of :faedr;dd, and Timathy Dwight of Med- 

field, Sept. 10, 1788." 
. Harriei G. of Easton, and Alexander A. Boyden, int. Feb. 28, 

1 84 1. 
Jeremirh of Sharon, and Polly Drake, July 24, 1793. 
Mary E., iS, d. Jane, and Lewis Pond, 23, shoe maker, of 

Wrentham, b. Wrentham, s. Lucas of Wrenthan:, Dec. 24, 

Susan P. and Thacher B. Carpenter, June 28, 1S40. 
William R. and Emily C. Fales, Nov. 26, 1840. 

GAI.VIN, Margaret and Michael Driscoli, int. Dec. 26, 1848. 

GANDOLFQ, James of Boston, and Abigail H. Everett, Oct. 
II, 1841. 

GARY (see Gerry). 

GAY, Albert C. of Walpole, and Almira Smith, int. Sept. 6, 

Elizabeth (second w.) [int. Elezebeth] and James Daniels, 

• [int. [rec. between May 31 and Sept. 13], 


Hannah and Calvin Sumner, [int. Feb. 5], 183 1. 

Joseph and Elizabeth Wilbor of Wrentham, Feb. 4, 179S.* 
Silas of New York City, and Olive Dassance, int. Feb. 25, 

GEORGE, Emily of Wrentham, and Joseph Cowell, int. 

Feb. 28, 1835. 
Roxa (second w.) [int. of Brewer, Me.] and Rufus M. Hcwes, 

Feb. 23, 1S36. 
Thomas M. and Rebeca S. Farrington [int. of Wrentham], 

[int. Julys, 1827]. 

• Intention Dct rcfonic.l. 


1 ■>■. ':.;(l .1<:' .iifij/ii'iU 

Dilf. ,! 



GERRY, James S. [dup. D., int. Gorrey] of Montvillc [dup. 

MontvillJ, Conn., and Pamelia [dup. Pamela, int. Per- 

melia] Forrist, Oct. 2, 1S31. 

Louiza and George W. Freeman, .* 

Lucinda [dup. Gary] and Tliomas Standish [int.' of ^Nlerrimac, 

N.H.], [int. Nov. 17, 1819]. 

Olive and Ed\v[ar]d W. Barrows of Mansfield, int. [Sept.] 7, 


GIFFORD, Angeline D. of N. Bridgewater, and Henry W. 

Blake, int. Aug. 18, 1849. 
Caleb and Phebe Clark, int. July to, 1834. 

GILBERT, Hannah Green [int. of Mansfield] and Joseph 
Warren Esq., [int. Nov. 28, 1S34]. [m. Dec. 25, 


James [int. Samuel] of Walpole, and Melinda Morse, Nov. 24, 

John of Walpole, and Harriet Dana, int. Apr. 14, 1S16. 
Samuel (see James). 

GILLMORE (see Gilmor, Gilmore), John of Francklen, and 
Mrs. Mary Cook, Nov. 5, 1786.* 

GILLOOLEY, James of Easton, and Cella Ward, int. Oct. 30, 

GILMOR (see Gillmore, Gilmore), Issabcl and Francis Jones, 

GILMORE (see Gillmore, Gilmor), Althca M. [int. Z^Iaria], 
20, d. James and Ceiia, and William A. [int. Augustus] 
White, 28, laborer, s. \Yillis and Phebe, Nov. 17, 1S44. 

GLINE (sec Glines), Charlotte A., 19, b. Westmoreland, N.H., 
d. Phineas and Betsey, and Amos R. Aldrich, 24, clerk, 
b. Cumberland, R.I., s. David and Jemima, Oct. 15, 1848. 

GLINES (see Gline), Anson W. of Easton, and Lucy ^lorse, 
int. Oct. II, 1846. 

GLOVER, Alzada L. of ^fansfield, and Amos L, Fuller, int. 

Jan. 27, 1S47. " Miss, G's mother objected & certif 

with held." 
Samuel and Charlotte Policy, int. [Nov.] 29, 181S. 

GODFREY, Shepherd of Norton, and Milsom Randall, int. 
Nov. 28, 1834. 

* Ii!t-::Uioa not recorJod. 

il^- ••'■! ha-, n 
.}'. .;in; ml 


GOFF, Hannah H. [int. of Rehoboth] and Jacob G. Shepard, 
[int. [Sept.] 9, 1S37]. 

GRANT, Ezekiel C. of Bellingham, and Adaline S. Stratton, 
int. Sept. 27, 182S. 

GPAY, Francis D. and Esther B. Bird, int. July — , 1847. 

GREATRACKS (see Greatreaks), Bridget of Stoughtonham, 
and Dr. Joshua Wood of Stoughtonham, Jan. 17, 1782.* 

GREATREAKS (see Greatracks), Survea of Wrentham, and 
Daniel Ware of Wrentham, July 14, 17S5.* 

GREEN, Abaline C. G. of Wrentham, and Eli E. White, int. 
May 16, 1S46. 

Ann Maria and Charles .Mann, .* 

Lj'dia W. and Alden Howard, ^;o^^ .1, 1S43. 

GREENMAN, Sally of Mendon, and Jeremiah Ccggshall, 
int. Aug. 7, 1818. 

GROOT, Cornelia D. of " Nuit Horn Kingdom of the Xether- 
land " [int. DeOroot '•' of Nuit hovern King of the Nether- 
lands "], and David Bacon Esq. of Dutch Guiaana, S. 
America [int. " of his Br[i]tLan^^ Majes'' dominions 
Dutch Guiaana South America "], Oct. 15, 182S. 

GROVER, Abigail Ann and Nathaniel W. Paine, July 2S, 

Alvan [int. Alvin] and Arbela White [int. of Raynham], Jan, 

27, 1820. 
Amasa [int. Masa] of ]\Iansneld, and Olive Paine, Nov. 17, 

1785, in Mansfield. 
Amasa and Eleanor [int. Elcnor] Pcttce, [int. , 

Amasa and Sarah Howe, int. [Aug.] 21, 1842. ''Notice Re- 
called Notice taken down by Mr. G. ." 

Amasa and Mrs. Rhoda White, int. Jan. 14, 1843. " Notice 

Amasa and Mrs. Jemima Bailey of Mansfield, int. [Jan.] 17, 

Amasa A. and Martha M. Stearns [int. of Wrentham], Oct. 2, 

Calvin and Ruthe [int. Ruth] Billings, Oct. 30, iSoS. 
Cephas of Mansfield, and Fanny Brown, Sept. 29, 1841. 
Charles P. and Emeline C. Mann, Dec. 28, 1831. 

• Intention not rooTtieJ. 

rn .r>jM7/ ,;-l 

'i:L /jnlr/i .7/ 


Grover, Emily and Levi R. Hewins, Apr. 15, 1832. 

Ephraini and Caroline Pcttee, , " Moved to Foxboro 

. April I, 1833." * 
Erastus and Caroline Barrows of Templeton, int. July 24, 

Fanny and Isaac Tiffany [int. of Manslield], [int. Apr. 

3, 1799]- 
George [of] Mansfield, and Fanny Stratton, Jan. 17, 1822. 
Holsey of Mansfield, and Sally Tiffany, int. Nov. 25, 181 2. 
Jabez and Rachel Grover, Jan. 18, 17S0.* 
Jabez and Olive Giover, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.] (second 

w.), [int. July 28, 1S14]. 

Jane A. and David A. Baker of Dedham, Dec. i, 1836. 
Joanna [int. Joannah L.] and James H. Pettee, Mar. 6, 1831. 
Lindel [int. Lindolj of Newton, and ^-laria Pettee, IMay 25, 

Lucy N. of Mansfield, and Marcus Brown, int. [Oct.] 30, 1846. 

Luther and , ^■ 

Luther R. and Almira M. Twitchell of Dover, int. [Apr.] 25, 

Manley, 23, mechanic, s. Alvin, and Charlotte E. [int. Eliza- 
beth] Balkcom, 20, of Attleborough [int. Attleboro], d. 

David, Aug. 6, 1S44. 
Nancy and Daniel Williams of Mansfield, Jan. i, 1793. 
Nancy and Williams Paine of ]Mansficld, Nov. c8, 1S16. 
Olive, wid. [int. I\Irs., omits wid.] (second w.), and Jabez 

Grover, [int. July 28, 1814]. 

Rachel and Jabez Grover, Jan. 18, 1780.* 

Remembrance and Nathan Fisher of Mansfield, Oct. 24. 1782, 

in Mansfield.* 
Robert Barclay of Mansfield, and JNIary Shepard, [int. 

Sept. 4, TS30J. 
Sally and Lemuel Starkey of Attleborough, int. Oct. 30, 1808. 
Sarah A. and Albert G. Morse, Apr. 10, 1S42. 
Seth of JNIansfield, and Sarah P'ishcr, int. Apr. 12, 17S5. 
Simeon of ALansfield, and Sally Paine [int. Pain], Oct. 11, 1798, 

in Sharon. 
Wiilard and Sally Pratt [int. of :^Lansfield], Nov. 3, 1811. 
Willard P. and Julia A. Guild of Attleboro, int. July 20, 1837. 

GTHLD, Abigail and Timothy Metcalf. .* 

Cyrus [(.iup. Guilde] and Nancy Day [dup. and int. of Mans- 

ficldl, :\Iay 22. 1809. 
Elias and Mary White, Aug. 30, 17S2.* 

• IiUciUioii niH rccordcJ. 

,■5-: ;'i:i/ I 'rrf ,i'>"«iU 

,;*;'■• tJt .^- -J 


Guild, Eliza IMaria, 25, d. Freedom and Eliza, and William 

Stearns, 22, machinist, of Lowell, s. Hugh and Lydia. Feb. 

9, 1845. 
Emily C, 17, d. Freedom and Eliza, and John V. Baker, 23, 

farmer, s. John and Betsey, July 26, 1846. 
Eunice (third w.) [dup. and int. Unice of Wrentham] and 

Aaron Everett, Nov. 17, 1791. 
Freedom and Eliza Brad?haw, Oct, 5, 1S21. 
James A. and Lucena Winn of Franklin, int. Sept, 21, 1S39. 
Julia A. of Attleboro, and Willard P. Grover, int. July 20, 

Mary [int. NancyJ D. and Albert Cleaveland of Franklin, Xov. 

5, 1835- 
Mary E., 21, of Medfi.eld, d. Luther and Sophua, and Albert 

Carpenter, 23, farmer, s, Ja[me]= and Nancy, Apr. 2, 1S46. 
Meriam E. [int. Elizabeth] and Wiliiam Carpenter, Dec. 1, 

Naamah and James Daniels, s. Francis and Kezia, Jan. 

[second dup. June] 27, 1704. 
Nancy and Isaac Hunt of Walpole, int. Oct. 25, iSro. 
Nancy D. (see Mary D.). 
Polly and Antipas Frost, Aug. 15, 1825, "iMoved to V.'ren- 

Sally and Elijah Dean Jr. of Manslield, Dec. 16, iSio. 

HALE, Ruthe [dup. Ruth] and Rev. Thomas Williams, "Set- 
tled 1S16 Resigned 1S21," .* 

HALL, Caroline A,, 21, b. Hallowell, Kennebec Co., ]Me., d. 
Hartshorn and Caroline, and George W. Childs, 25, farmer, 
b. Wilton, Franklin Co., Me., s. Amos and ;Mehitable, Dec. 
21, 1S4S. 

David Newton and Sally Daniels Patten, Dec. 6, 1S21. 

Freelove, wid., and Ephraim Shepard, .* 

Hannah and William Kerr, .* 

John of Norton, Bristol Co., and Mrs. ]\Iolly Leonard, int. 
Feb. 26, 1S03. 

Lucinda F., 22, of Stoughton, b. JelTerson, Lincoln Co., Me,, 
and Jacob G. Shepard, widr., ^2, boot maker, of Stoughton, 
s. Jacob and Rachel, Nov. 28, 1840.* 

Mary Ann and George J. Smith of Canton, int. July 21, 1S40. 

Natliancl Jr. of Rainham, and Keziah Pettoe, int, Apr, 3. 1790. 

Thomas, provision dealer, of Boston, and EHzabeth M. East- 
man of Boston, Oct. 29. 1848.* 

• Icti-ntion nu rti.i.'ri.K-J. 



IIALLOWELL, James of Windsor, Me., and Maiia N. Pettee, 
Apr. 17, 1842. 

HAMMON, Betsey M. and Horace Pettee, int. [Sept.] 22, 

H/iNKAHS, Mary, 35, and Benjamin H. Chamberlain, widr. 
[int. omits widr.], 35, boot maker, of Medwa.y, 5. James 
, and Jane, P'eb. 24, 1848. 

HARDING (see Hardon), IMelinda (second w.) [int. of Mans- 
field] and Benjamin Jones, Apr. 21, 1834. 

HARDON (see Harding), Maria (third \v.) and Benjamin 

Jones, Sept. 29, 1839. 
Susanna and Daniel Salley, Jan. 4, 1788.*' 
Susanna [int. Susannah of Mansfield] and Martin Tcrrcy, 

Nov. 25, 1817. 

H.ARKNES3, Esther of Pelham, and Alden Bicknell, int. 
[Nov.] 29, 1815. 

HARLOW, Phineas, Capt., and Mary H. Marsh, Oct. 31, 

Polly [int. and dup. int. of Sharon] and Alpaeus Bird, Dec. 2, 

HARTSHORN, Caty and Nathaniel Policy Jr., • .* 

Clarissa [int. Clarisa] and Obed Sherman, [int. Dec. i, 

F. Emmons and INTaria Vincent of T>ennis, int. Oct. 20, 1849. 
Fisher, ch. Jesse aud Jemina, and ]*olly Carpenlei. Ay)r. 9, 

George, 24, shoe n-ia]:er, of N. Bridpcv/ater, s. Scth L. and 

Lydia, and Seraphina D. Alexander, 18, d. Ja[m.ejs and 

Jerusha M., Oct. 8, 1845. 

Jeremiah and Rebeccah Richardson, .* 

Jesse and Jemima Eislier, .* 

Richard of Walpole, and Mary ]\Iorsc, wid., Apr. 3, 1S06. 
Sally and Dr. Hezekiah Skinner of Mansfield, int. Sept. 2, 

1S04. [m. Nov. 15, C.R.I.] 

Samuel and Mary Chadwick, .* 

Sarah, wid. (second w.), and Dca. Nehemiah Carpenter, 


Siias and ]ictsy Vv'ithercll [dup. Mrs. Betsey Wilhcrale], Oct. 
30, 1788.* 

• Intention not n.-'ordcd. 

ci fit/-} in II Ur.y, '.v.' 

j: ' .'I'MT.h/'ti »:i»t>lA baa ,jti! 


HARTWELL, Eunice and Jesse Everett, *. 

KAWS, Bcnja[rain] of Boston, and Nancy Morse, Jan. 17, 

HAYDEN, Daniel [int. Danniel Haden of Attleborough] and 
Abigail Shepard [dup. ch. Joseph and Abigail, int. Abi- 
gale Shopard], [int. Mar. 2, iSoi]. 

HERSEY, David and Eliza F. Mills, .* 

Ira, 25, manufacturer, s, Jacob and Polly, and Amanda F. 

Corey, iS, d. John and Anna, Dec. 3, 1844. 
J, D. Temple, s. Jacob and w., and Julia A. Kerr, 23, d. W[il- 

Iia]m and Hannah, Jan. 11, 1S46. 
Mary Jane and Alvah Phelps, .* 

HEWES (see Hews), David F. and Mary Crosby, int. Aug. 

27, 183S. 
Esther Mann and Tyler Pettee, int. Feb. 22, 1S13. 
George and Julia F. Aldrich of Oxford, Worcester Co., int. 

Aug. 27, 1844. 

Hannah and Joshua Stearns, .* 

John [dup. Hews, adds Lt.] and Esther [dup. Mrs. Easthcr] 

Mann [dup. [of] Wrhentham], Jan. 20, 17S7.* 
John Jr., ch. John and Esther, and Sabra [int. Sahara] Crov/ley 

[int. of jM'ansfield], [int. Aug. 24, 181 7]. 

Joseph and Sarah Hodges, , 1769.* 

Nabby and Joseph Shepard Jr. [dup. and int. Shepherd, dup. 

omits Jr., second dup. ch. Joseph and Abigail], Feb. is, 

Ohvia [int. Olive] and Lewis Shepard, Dec. 25, 1S17. [Olivia, 


Rufus M. [and] Dcnsey [int. Dency] Williams of Mansfield, 

Feb. II, iSio. 
Rufus M. and Roxa George (second w). [int. of Brewer, Me.], 

Feb. 23, 1S36. 
Rufus M. and iSIary Lewis (third w.) [dup. and int. of Boston], 

Oct. 31, 1S41. 
Trulove [int. Truelove Hews] and Thachcr [int. Thatcher 

W[illia]m] Clerk [dup. Clark], July 19, 17S9. 
William and Judith Pratt of Mansfield, Apr. 17, 1796, in 

William and Mary Ware, .* 

HEV/INS, Dan[ie]l L. [int. of Sharon] and Annett Pettee, 
Oct. 20, 1S35. 

• Intection not rccordi-J. 


*i .It .F.t .livva .i. 

i.'ii ,.ijO W-liy ic/V ,'..ioi/.0 ^u 


Hewii^s, Eben[cze]r of Sharon, and Mrs. IMehctibJe [int. 

Mehetabd] Pettee, June 6, 1S33. 
Elizabeth and Eb"sha Rockwood of Wrentham, Oct. 21, 1S41. 

Hannah and Jacob Billinos, .* 

Levi R. and 'EivAiy Grovfr, Apr. 15, 1832. 

Lydia, 23, d. Eben[eze]r and Mehitible, and W[inialm ^L 

Blackinton, 26, farmer, of Attleborough [int. Attleboro], 

s. Geo[rge] and Mary, June 10, 1S45. 
William T. of Walpole, and Rebecca S. Tapiey of Walpole, 

Jan. 165 1842.* 

HEWS (see Hewes), Laura (second w.) and Nehemiah Car- 
penter, Oct. 20, 1S24. 

HILL, Abby of Medway, and Abijah Fales Jr., int. Aug. 5, 

Betsy and Plina Fisher, [int. Feb. 10, 1S05]. [Plincy, 

m. Mar. 27, c.r.i.] 
Lucia A., 20, dress maker, d. Eben[eze]r and Lucia H., and 

George H. Freeman, 20, iron moulder, s. Geo[rge] W. and 

Louisa, Oct. 22, 1846. 

HINDEE, Ann Lucretia, ig, of Vv'rentham, d. Thomas and 
Martha, and Jacob Smith, widr., 25, farmer, of Wren- 
tham, s. Robert and Mary, Dec. 30, 1849.^ 

HITCHCOCK, Eliza H. and Williams Leonard, s. Jacob and 

Milly (Blake), Dec. 3, 1S43. 
W[illia]m R. and I\Iartha Rhoades [int. Rhodes], Apr. 20, 


HOBART, Henry [int. Hobert], ch. Noah and Deborah W., 

and Anna [dup. Ann] Briggs [dup. of Norton], July 17, 

Henry [int. adds Col.] and ]\lrs. Mehetible S. C. Fales (second 

w.), Jan. 16, 1840. 
Noah of Abington, and Deborah W. Thomas of Duxbury, 

Nov. 5, 1 7 89, " :Moved 2^ :\Iay 1S04 From Abington to 


HODGERS (see Hodges), Lydia and Leonard White of Man- 
field, int. July 10, 1794. 
Polly and Mclsar Skinner of .Mansfield, int. ^Mar. 16, 1799. 

HODGES (see Hodgcrs), Abigail and Joseph Shepard, .* 

Alfred of Sharon, and Jerusha Comey, Oct. iS, 1S38. 

lion iiol rLCoiJud. 

... ..■ ::iu\ Lfii; 

.;!.;A Jni ;\\ ^.iii,, 

M*'-!:], .j .bin II'. 


Hodges, Benj[a]m[in] of Stoiighton, and Mirali Pratt, Aug. 

28, 1783, in Mansfield.* 
Benj[ami]n of Sharon, and Susannah [int. Susanna] Sumner, 

Dec. 24, 1839. 
Benj[ami]n F. [int. of Sharon] and-Juiia A. [int. Ann] Das- 

sance, June 23, 1S35. 
Betbuah [dup. Bcthia] of Taunton, and Lewis Leonard, Apr. 23, 

Betsey B. and Ilervey [int. Harvey] Ruggles, Aug. 3, 1823. 
ElkanaL and Truelove [dup. Trulovc] Clark, Mar. 17, 1S12. 
Elvira and Sanford Leonard, Apr. 25, 1839. 
Emeline of Sharon, and Stephen L. Boyden, int. May 4, 1839. 
Henry, s. Spencer, and Ruth AL Aldrich of Mendon, Nov. 14, 

Lona of Mansfield, and "William Hodges, int. July 8, 1S20. 
Lucy of Sharon, and x^isahel Dean, int. Oct. 24, 1S46. 
Ma.ry of Sharon, and Job Sherman, Oct. 31, 1841. 
Orra and Allen C. Doolittle, int. I**Iar. 9, 1839. [m. Apr. 4, 

1839, P.R.12.] 
Otis and Virginia D. Clark, Aug. 9, 1829.* 
Plicbe and Abijah Austin [int. of Weihngton], jMay 4, 1,820, 

" Moved To Wellington." 
Ruth A, [int. omits A.] of Sharon, d. Se\Yall, and Solomon 

[int. Soloman] Sherman, Dec. 20, 1S43. [Ruth A[rien] 

Hodges [of Sharon] [ch. Sewall and Judith (Sherman)] 

and Solomon Sherman, p.R.12.] 
Sally (second \v.) and James Daniels Jr., Jan. 6, 1834. 

Sarah and Joseph Hewes, , 1769.* 

Scv/all [of Sharon] r,nd Sally Eillings, Nov. — , 1S05.* P.R.12. 
Sewall [? of Shaion] and Judith Sherman, Nov. 6, 181 7.* 

Spencer and Esther Payson, May 20, iSii. 

Spencer, Dea., and Marey Dean, .* 

William and Lona Hodges of Mansfield, int. July 8, 1820. 
Williams [int. of N.Y.] and Lucy Weston, [int. Oct. 5, 

1811], " I^Joved to N. York State." 

HOGAN, ALargaret, Mrs., of Walpole, and Josiah H. Tubbs 
of Walpole, Oct. 31, 1S41.* 

HOLBROOK, Abigail and Aaron Everett, .* 

Chloe (second w.) and Aaron Everett, [int. Oct. 17, 

Mary J. and Gilbert D. Scott [int. of Attleboro], June 27, 

• Intention not ri-cordcd. 


,S .l^.h .iV 

'--' vJ- VO. 

■i}-'ia'r'. ii.iibiji i)r:.i:. 

.pici ,.j 


HOLBROOK, Schuyler and Mary Sebii, Aug. 2, 1S20, " Moved 
From Wrentham." * 

HOLDER, Lucy G, and Albert S. Payson, , in Boston.* 

HOLMES, Abigail and Elisha Morse, 

Asa P. [int. of Norton] and Eunice Arnold, Jan. 21, 1836. 

Elizabeth and Job Shcrmon, .* 

W[illia]m S., 1*9, iron moulder, of Easton, s. W[illia]m and 
Malancey, and Catharine [int. Catherine] C. Leavitt, 22, 
, d. Liberty and Chloe, Apr. 27, 1848. 

HOWARD, Abi,f^ail of Sharon, and Sumner C. Palmer, int. 

Oct. 5, 1844. 
A] den and Lydia W. Green, Nov. 4, 1843. 
Charles F. and Mary Copeland, Nov. 28, 1844, in Stoughton. 
Elvira and Charles Leonard, Oct. 16, 1S36. 
Joseph and Nancy White of Mansfield, int. Apr. 22, 1837. 

ROWE (see Howes), Sarah and Amasa Grover, int. [Aug.] 21, 
1842. " Notice Recalled Notice taken down by Mr. 
G. ." 

Zadock, Lt. [int. omits Lt.], and Mary Pettce, vnd., 

[int. Apr. 6, 1794]. 

HOWES (see Howe), Fanny M. and Horace Skinner, Nov. 21, 

HOY/LAND, Stephen G. [int. of Fairhaven] and Lucy W. 

Caswell, June 19, 1842. 

ETTFF, Hannah and Nathan Clark, July 17, iS.;2. 
Lucinda Augusta and Samuel O. Morse, int. July 3, 1846. 
Nancy Ann and Joseph Boyden, int. May 14, 18/, 2. 

HUNT, Isaac of Walpole, and Nancy Guild, int. Oct. 25, 1S28. 
Thomas, 43, teamster, of Boston, s. OHver and Hannah, and 

Nancy Jackson, 34, d. W[illia]m and Nancy, June 30, 


HUNTLEY, Ellen and Rev. Edwin B. Bullard, .* 

INGRAHAM, Chloe and Ebenezer Barden of Walpole, Apr. 7, 

JACESON, Ellen M., 22, d. WiH[ia]m and Nancy, and Emory 

Forrist, widr. [int. omits widr.], 23, bonnet presser, s. 

Eben[eze]r and PLannah, Sept. 3, 1S45. 

• Intention not recorded. 

i',)tfi:j/X .0 U' 

ijft::'' >.i^ •ill .; 

IS .voVI ,ioa(i..l?. '.iDBXoli ban .'< 

.0^3i ,. 


Jackson, Nancy, 34, d. W[ilHa]m and Nancy, and Thomas 
Hunt, 43, teamster, of Boston, s. Oliver and Hannah, 
June 30, 1847. 

JENKINS, Enoch [int. Tenkens] and Hannah Day, Aug. 22, 

JENNISON, Joshua, 27, bonnet pressor, b. Templeton, s. 

VV[illia]m and Eunice, and Charlotte W. Clark, 30, b. 

Westmoreland, Cheshire Co., N.Ii., d. W[iUia]m and 

Nancy, Sept. 4, 1S48. 
Mary E. and Warren Leonard, July 17, 1842. 

JOHNSON, Charles H., 29, mason, s. W[illia]m T. and Ruthy, 

and Eliza A. Edwards, 23, Dec. 2, 1847. 
Falley [of] Shaicn, and Edmun Low [of] Stoughton, Sept. 30, 

Obcd Jr. [int. of Sharon] and Lydia Packard, Apr. 6, 1825, 

" Moved to Sharon." 
Sarah and John F. Barton of Medway, int. May 9, 1849. 

JONES, Benjamin and Mehnda Harding (second w.) [int. of 

Mansfield], Apr. 21, 1S34. 
Benjamin and Maria Hardon (third w.), Sept. 29, 1839. 

Benjamin and Eliza Temple, .* 

Edward F. and Elizabeth W. Bird, int. July 10, 1847. 

Elizabeth and David B. Robinson, May 19, 1839. 

Francis Jr. and Maria [int. Mariah] Belcher, Mar. iS, 1824. 

Francis and Issabel Gilmor, .* 

John G. [int. adds A. B.] and Harriet Pettee, Dec. i, 1836. 

Leonora and Isaac Winslo'.v, Jan. 21, 1S22. 

Martin and Susan Fisher of Attlcboro, Jan. 11, 1841. 

Mary D., 27, of Stou,c;hton, and Nathaniel IVI. Warren, 28, 

teamster, of Stoughton, s. Nathan and Ruth, I\iay 10, 

Sarah R. and Edson Carpenter, Apr. 14, 1827. 

KEITH, Albert, 23, clerk in a store, s. Arza and Ivlarcia, and 

Charlotte Pearce, 20, d. Stephen and v/. of Attleboro, 

Apr. I, 1847. 
Amos, widr. [int. omits widr.], 49, farmer, of Norton, s. Seth 

and Anna, and Abigail Comey, 48, d. John and Betty, 

June 10, 1845. 
Julia Ann and Thomas Burnam, int. June 2, 1832. 
Lucy Ann and Joseph Copeland, s. Oakes, Mar. 3, 1844. 
Susanna (second w.) and Elias Nason Esq., Dec. 3, 1824. 

• lutcntiou not recorded. 


i .auK ,v/.Cl 



KENDALL, Elisabeth, Mrs., and Benj[ami]n Witherell of 

JMansfield, int. June 8, 1842. 
Thomas, Rev., " 1786 Settled Resigned 1800," and Ruthe 

Waters, .* 

KERR, Catherine E., d. William, and Erastus P. Carpenter 
of Richmond, Va., s. Daniels, Feb. 4, 1844. [Erastus P., 
s. Daniels and Abigail (Payson), p.E.17.] 

Julia A., 23, d. W[illia]n:i and Hannah, and J. D. Temple 
Herscy, s. Jacob and w., Jan. 11, 1S46. 

William and Hannah Eall, .* '*• 

KIDDER, Almira and Lewis T. Belcher, Dec. 2, 1824. 

KILTON, Elijah of Dorchester, and Diana Lyon of Dorchester, 
Aug. 13/1784.=^ 

KIIVG, Emily of Norton, and Marcus S. Carpenter, int. Feb. 

27, 1846. 
Fanny W. of JMansiield, and Silas S. Ripley, int. May 17, 

Seth and Mrs. Levina Brentneil of Mansfield, July 20, 1786.* 

KINGMAN, Abigail C, 21, d. Martin and Phebe, and Elisha 
K. Collins, 25, merchant, of Boston, s. Jesse and Rachel, 
Jan. 4, 184S. 

Josiah W. of N. Bridgewater, and Margaret Dunlap, Feb. 26, 

KINGSBURY, Addison and Louisa [int. Loiza] Comcy, June i, 

Ann Elizabeth and Joseph Billings of Sharon, Feb. 20, 1834. 
Joseph [dup. Kingsbry, int. Kingbry, dup. and int. of Wal- 

pole] and Sally Robbins, Aug. 24, 1794. 

Nathan und Azuhah , .* 

Seth R. and CaroHne Curtis of Boston, int. Apr. 20, 1839. 

KNIGHT (see Knights), Benjamin of Wrentham, and Polly 

Wight [int. Wright], i\Lay 27, 1798. 
Benjamin of Newton [int. Newtown], and Patty [dup. and int. 

Martha] Morse [dup. twin d. Amos and Mary], Mar. 2, 


KNIGHTS (see Knight), Sultana F. and Addason Belcher, 
June 6, 1S36. 

LAKE, Phillip B. of New Bedford, and Peggy S. White, int. 
Oct. I, 1S42. 

• Intention not recorded. 

.^tsl ,1 


LANE, Clarissa L., 21, of Norton, d, Cahan and w., and 
Charles C. Sumner, widr. [int. omits widr.], 35, manufac- 
turer, s. W[iliia]m F, and w., Nov. 13, 1845. 

Eunice of Mansticid, and Joel Paine, int. Dec. 6, iSig. 

William and Matilda White, [int. Oct. 9, 1S03]. 

LAWRENCE, Elsey of Lov/ell, and R. Hartford Morse, int. 
[Sept.] 28, 1844. 

LAWTON, T. [int. Thomas] A., T^Iaj. [int. omits Mai,], of 
Exeter, N.H. [int. R. I.], and Syntlia [int. adds L.] Cobb, 
June 12, 1S42. 

LEACH, Polly (second w.) [int. adds Mrs., of Mansfield] and 

Asa Shaw, Feb. 20, 1S13. 
Saiah and William Fales of Walpole, int. July 2, 1814. 

LEAWTT, Catharine [int. Catherine] C, 22, d. Liberty and 
Chloe, and W[iilia]m S. Holmes, 19, iron moulder, of 
Easton, s. W[illia]m and Malancey, Apr. 27, 1S48. 

Celia Ann W. [int. Winslow], 14, d. Liberty and Chloe, and 
Edw[ar]d Belcher, 20, farmer, s. Comfort and Abigail, 
Oct. 9, 1845. 

Liberty [of] Pembroke [int. Levitt of Pernbrook], and Chloe 
Belcher, Nov. 18, 1824. 

LEE, Charles of Somerset, and Rachel A. Leonard, int. Aug. 
2, 1841. 

LEEDS, Abagail [int. Abigail] and Ethridge Clarke Jr. [int. 

Etheridge Clark Jr.], [int. [Dec] 10, 1S20]. 

Poliy and Timothy I-.iorse, ALir. 13, 1S12. 

LEOHARD, Amelia (second w.) and Ali)heus Bird [int. Esq.], 

Scj>t. 19, 1S33. 
Ann J. and M. Merrick Torrey of Newton, int. Nov. 15, 1848. 
Anna and Sylvanus Robinson [dup. Robertson], Nov. 16, 1S09. 
Celia (see Celia Leonard Comee). 
Charles and Elvira Howard, Oct. 16, 1S36. 
Cyrus, 25, teacher, of W. Bridgewater, s. Nahum and Rhoda, 

and Eliza J. Cook, 21, d. Sam[uc]l and Joanna, Nov. 23, 

Ellis and Nancy Woods, Apr. 10, 1S23. 
Ii]sthcr and Lazarus Tinkham of Norton, Nov. 29, 1810. 
Evelina and Thomas T. Rockwood of Holliston, Feb. to, 1S41. 
Hartford and Betsey [int. and dup. int. Betsy] Shaw, 

[int. and dup. int. Oct. 30, 1R19]. 



.> i2 ' .c vluT .J'w .-•.'Ii... 






Leonard, Karvey and Sybil E. Skinner of Mansfield, Sept. 

26, 1838. 
Hiram of Stoughton, and Mrs. Rebecca G. Atherton, int. 

[Jan.] 24, 1836. 
Jacob Jr. and Milletiah Blak [dap. JMille, int. Melctiah, dup. 

and int. BlalzeJ of Wrentham, May 2, 1793. 

Jacob and Mary Billings, .* 

Kezia [dup. and int. Keziah, dup. Lenard] and Oliver Comee 

Jr., Feb. 6, 181 2. 
Lewis and Bethiah [dup. Eethia] Hodges of Taunton, Apr. 23, 

Mary B., 30, d. Lewis and Bethiah, and Enoch Tebbets, widr. 

[int. omits widr.], 40, grocer, of Roxbury, s. Samuel and 

Lydia, June 17, 1849. 
Molly (sec Polly). 
Molly, i\Irs. and John Hall of Norton, Bristol Co., int. Feb. 

26, 1S03. 
Oliver and Sally Paine [dup. and int. Salley Pain], Oct. 22, 

Polly [int. Molly] and Lewis BuUard of Sharon, Apr. 5, 1797. 

Polly and Spencer Comee, [int. Sept. 10, 1820]. 

Rachel A. and Charles Lee of Somerset, int. Aug. 2, 1S41. 
Samuel E. and Fanny Winslow, Sept. 24, 1S29. 
Sanford and Elvira Hodges, Apr. 25, 1839. 
Spencer and Junia Daniels, Jan. 12, 1790. 

Thomas "Forigncr," and I\Iary Dely, .* ' ■ ' ' 

Warren and ISLiry E. Jennison, July 17, 1S42. 

William and Eliza Pettce, Apr. 12, 1839. 

Williams, s. Jacob and 3,.Iilly (Blake), and Eliza H. Hitchcock, 

Dec. 3, 1843. 

LEWIS, ATary (third v,-.) [dun. and int. of Boston] and Rufus 

M. Hewes, Oct. 31, 1841. 
Mary A. [int. Almira], 16, d. James W. and Ruth A., and Alfred 

P. [int. Perry] Prophet, 21, laborer, S.Sally A., Oct. i, 1S48. 

LINDOLL, Sarah of Providence, R.I., and WilHam Mullick, 
int. [July] 8, 1837. 

LITTLE, Abigail and Simon Pettee, .* 

LORING, Daniel, Rev., "Settled 1S04 Resigned 1S06," and 
Mary Stone [int. of Knatic, sic], [int. Apr. 4, 1S04]. 

LOTHROP, Sarah H. and Frankhn A. W^hite [int. of Mans- 
field], May 28, 1835. 

• Inlrntioa not recorded. 

,f:. -rqA .r ■■j 



LOliDy Harriet of Providence], R.I., and Warren T. Slan- 
disii, , in Weymouth.* 

LOW, Edmiin [of] Stoughton, and Falley Johnson [of] Sharon, 
Sept. 30, 1825.* 

LYON (see Lyons), Alpheus and Lucy Blake, Apr. 25, 17S2.* 
Diana of Dorchester, and EHjah Kilton of Dorchester, Aug. 
13, 17S4.* 

LYONS (see Lyon), Mary and Michael Rafferty, int. Nov. 30, 

MACAEOY, Elizabeth and V/illiam Morris, int. Oct. 29, 


M.ADDOCES, Lev/is, 25, bonnet presser, s. Richard and Esther, 
and Lovisa Spauling, 23, d. Hosea and Lydia, Aug. 6, 


MAJIEPEACE, Lurana of Norton, and John Tisdale, int. 
Dec. 16, 1S42. 

MALOY, Betsey (second w.) and Jason Morse, June 27, 1S41. 

MAN (sce'lMann), Jeremiah and Hannah Dexter, Dec. 29, 

MAl^N (see Man), Adoniram J. of Wrentham, and Lydia 

Shepard, int. Aug. 27, 1S09. 

Benj[anii]n, Dr., and Lydia E. C. Morse, .* 

Beriah ( ) [int. Beriah I\Iann] and Nancy Strat- 

ton, d. George and Catharine, Mar. 17. 1S05. [Beriah 

Mann and Nancy Straton, Mar. 14, c.R.i.] 

Charles and Ann ISInria Green, .* 

David 0. [int. Man] and Nancy Austin, I\Iay 14, 1S44, in 

Emelinc C. and Charles P. Grover, Dec. 28, 1831. 
Esther [dup. Mrs. Easthcr of Wrhentham] and [dup. adds Lt.j 

John Hcwes [dup. Hews], Jan. 20, 17S7.* 
Lydia of Walpole, and David Morse, int. Oct. iS, 1S2S. 

IMary and Stephen Pettce, .* 

Sally [int. Salley of Medfield] and Daniel Everett, [int. 

Sept. 13, 1S06]. 
Sally [int. Salley] F. and Newell Morse, Dec. i, 1831. [Sally 

Fairbanks Mann, r.R.9.] 
Samuel and Elizabeth [int. adds H.] Pike, Aug. 28, 1S39. 

• Intcniion not ricorJc.l. 

. r ». "i I. ' 

,'..: D'aU .iCfJy'i'.J 

fill,' .1 l> r: a , rn r.ih ttfn 7/ \< 



Mann, Susan [int. adds E. of Walpole] and Tiffany [int. adds 

F.] Bishop, Aug. I, 1S33. 
Susan and Timothy P. Wliitney, ■ .* 

MAIiSH, Amariah and Lois , .* 

Jolin of Walpole, and Margaret Briggs of WalDole, Nov. i, 

Mary H. and Capt. Phineas Harlow, Oct. 31, 1833. 
MASON, Elizabeth and Gardner M. Peck, .* 

MAYllEW, Daniel M., 24, provision dealer, of Charlestown, 
b. Afedfordj s. Freeman F. and Dorcas, and Ann iNiana 
Comey, 23, d. John and Hannah, Dec. 4, 1849. 

Lie AVOY (see Macaboy). 

Lie COY (see Mekcoy). 

MEAPvS (see Miers), John and Mary R. Patten, Aug. 11, 

MECARN, Daniel, 30, stone cutter, of Uxbridge, s. John and 
M^ajgarct, and Hannah Shaw, 29, weaver, d. Asa and 
Polly, July 19, 1844. 

MEECOY, NcU [nmlc] of Ware, and Mcheteblc Baker of 
Sharon, Dec. 6, 1784.* 

MERRIFIEI-D, Laura and Alexis Bragg of New York City, 
Sept. s, 1843. 

MESSJNGER, Polly [int. Jlcssengcr] and Lemuel B. Shepard 
[of] ProvidciiCL [int. adds R.LJ, Nov. 24, 1830. 

IViEIC.M.F, Coindins and llcpznba [dup. crossed out, Ucpy?- 
bath, second dup. Hepzibah, int. Hepzabeth] Sumner, 
Sept. 27 [second dup. Sept. 7], 179S. 

Timothy and Abigail Guild, .* 

MIERS (see Mears), John and Lois Morse, .* 

MUXER, Elias C. of Hopkinton, and Nancy M. Comey, int. 

[Apr.] 10, 1S47. 
Eliza A. of Newport, R.I., and Lowell Brown, int. Aug. 3, 

John and Nancy Slicpard, [int. Apr. 6, iSoi]. 

Lucy B. of Providence, R.I., and Willard Petlec, int. [Sept.] 
24, 1836. 

* Intention iidt rocrdid. 

It .jjuA ^ii.>.Un'I .51 '(lijK ba: 

>0 lOi/lH 

,vJlO :■• 


Miller, Mary and Miles Standish, Dec. 26, 1816. 

Sally and Nathanael ]\Iunroe of Bristol, R.I., Feb. 28, 179S. 

MILLS, Eliza F. and David Hersey, .* 

MirCnEL (see Mitchell), Sally and John White of Easton, 
int. July 6, 1S17. 

MITCHELL (see Mitchel), Mary G., wid. [int. Mrs., omits 
wid.], 27, d. Richard Smith and Ellen, and Elijah E. 
Briggs, 24, mechanic, s. Elijah and Mary, Apr. S, 1S47. 

MONROE (see Munroe). 

MORPJS, William and Elizabeth Macaboy, int. Oct. 29, 
1849. .,, ,, ,.,._j ,» , 

MORSE, Abby (see Aby). 

Abigail and Nehemiah Tilson, Apr. 19 [second dup. Apr. 7], 

Abigail [duo. Abigael] and Stephen Paine [int. Pain], Oct. 16, 
1798. ' 

Abner, 29, farmer, s. Cornelius and Miriam, and Roxana 
Childs, 19, d. Amos and Mebetible, Nov. iS, 1845. 

Aby and Nathan Pettee of Dover, int. Sept. 22, 1801. 

Adam and Phone Eoyden, .* 

Albert G. and Sarah A. Grover, Apr. 10, 1S42. 

Ama (second \v.) [dup. A me] and Amos Boyden, Apr. i, 17 S3.* 

Amos and Mary Pettee. Mar. 12, 1772.* 

Amos Jr. and Submit Paine, [int. Sept. 24, 1805]. [m. 

Sept. — , i8o5j C.R.I.] 

Amy (sec Ama). 

Angcnett; 29, d. Isaiah and Lydia, and John B. Morse, 30, 
laborer, s. John and Rhoda, May 26, 1844. [Angenette 
and Bradford Morse, P.R.16.] 

Asa Jr. and Susanna [dup. and int. Susannah] Forrist, Nov. i, 

Asa and Mary Rhodes [Rhodes, li'rillcn in pencil above Pat- 
ridge crossed out], wid. [wid., icriiten in pencil], .* 

Betsey and David Pike, Apr. 17, 1S37. 

Betsy and Jabez Fisher of Cambridge, int. Mar. 8, 1S05. [Bet- 
sey, m. May 14, c.R.i.] 

Bradford (see John B.). 

Caroline and Francis Smith, Sept. 16, 1S35. 

Chester and Levina Sherman, int. Feb. 20, 1830. 

Chester F. and Arrilla Bassett, .* 

* IctcntioD not receded. 

^''1 .ci 

,pc Jjt" 

.01 .T'>0 


Morse, Chloe and Friend [int. Frind] Belcher, Jan. 21, 1802. 
Cornelius and Merium White [int. of Sharon], Jan. 18, 1801 

[sic, int. Dec, 12, 1802]. 
David and Betsy Page [int. of \yalpole], Sept. 22, 1804. 
David and Patty Page (second w.) [int. of Walpole], 

[int. Aug. 24, 182 1]. 
David and Eunice Blake (third w.) [int. of Walpole], 

[int. Nov. 25, 1826]. 
David and Lydia Mann of Walpole, int. Oct. 18, 1.32S. 
David 2d and Parinelia [int. Perinclia] Pike [int. of Walpole], 

[int. [rec. between [Sept.] 15 and Oct. 1], 

Edward S., 22, shoe maker, of Holliston, s. Edw[ar]d and Cles- 

tina, and J.lary Jane W^hitc, 24, d. Levi ancl Dolly W., 

Oct. 6, 1844. 

Elisha and Abigail Holmes, .* 

Elisha and Joanna Rogers, .* 

Elisha C. and Emily R. [Drake] [int. of Abington], 

[int. Sept. 2, 1S42]. 
Eliza and Albert Plimpton of Boston, Nov, 26, 1840. 
Eliza and Peter Post of Sharon, int. Oct. 28, 184S. 

Elizabeth and Eieazcr Belcher, .* 

Er^eline and Seba C.French of Attleborough [int. Attleboro], 

June 2, 1841. 
Eunice and Abiathar Wilbor [int. Abiather Wildbore], 

[int. Nov. 12, 18 14]. 

Eunice and Joshua Whittemore, .* 

Hannah and Asa W'hite of Sharon, Apr. 4, 1797. 

Hannah and Rodolphus [int. Rhodolphus] Fisher, Apr. 2, 1826. 

Hannah and Jacob Paine, ."^ 

Hannah and Benjamin Pcttee, .* 

Hannah D. and Alvan Faks, July 7, 1836. 
Harvey and Sally Lewis Bacon [int. Sarah L. Bacon of Wal- 
pole], [int. Dec. 14, 1S36]. 

Hepzibah [dup. Hephsibah, int. Hephzibah] and James Wil- 
bor [dup. and int. Wilber], Nov. 23, 1809, 
Isaiah [int. Isiah] and Lydia Morse, [int. Sept. 25, 

Israel and Azubah Tupper, July 11, 1791. 
Jacob of Sharon, and Rhoda Allen, int. Feb. 25 [1800]. 
Jacob and Sophia [int. Sophi] S. Pike [int. of Hopkinton] 

[int. Mar. 10, 1S37]. [Sophia [of Hopkinton] 

m. Apr. 12, 1837, P.R.16.] 

• Inleution not rocorde<L 


in> .( r .•vn ,ij ^fii 

d.^i /.; .-KiA ,r;. 


Morse, Jacob and Lydia Welman, .'' 

Jarius Payson and Hannah Eliot; July 16, 1797. 

Jason and Julia [int. Julian] Drake [int. of Sharon], 

[int. June 9, 1832]. 
Jason and Betsey Maloy (second w.), June 27, 1841. 
Jedediah and Jcrusha White of Manstield, Apr. 30, 1795. 
Jemima and Eliphalett Farrington, 

Jesse [int. Jessee] and Joannah Pike [int. of Hopkinton], 

[int. Sept. 13, 1829]. [Jesse and Joanna Pike [of Hop- 
kinton], m. Oct. 20, P.R.16.] 
Joel and ISIeletiah [dup. Mille (second vv-), int. Melletiah] 

Pettee, Oct. 19, 1797. t, „.. \^ 

Joel and Chloe Patridge, .* 

John and Rhoda [dup. Roda] Dexter, iSIar. 6, 1799. 

John 2d and Charlotte [int. SharlotJ Allen [int. of \Va,lpoie], 

Aug. 6, 1806. 
John B., 39, laborer, s. John and Rhoda, and Angenett Morse, 

29, d. Isaiah and Lydia, ]May 26, 1844. [Bradford Morse 

and Angenelte Morse, P.R.16.J 
Joseph and Anna Sherman, Oct. 14, 1828. 
Leonard and Lucinda Bricigs [int. of Walpole], Nov. 27, 1828. 
Leonard and Elizabeth [int. adds H.] Wilmxarth (second w.), 

Aug. 22, 1 84 1. 
LepreHte and Harriet Clapp, Dec. 29, 1834. 
Lewis and Ann Pierce, Dec. i, 1824.* 
Lois [int. Louis] and Asa Plimpton [int. Jr.], [int. May i, 


Lois and John ISIiers, .* 

Lucy and Anson W. Glines of Easton, int. Oct. 11, 1S46. 
Lydia and Isaiah [int. Isiah] ]\lorse, [int. Sept. 25, 


Lydia E. C. and Dr. Benj[ami]n jNIann, .* ;• 

Lydia F. and George A. Comey, Nov. 26, 1S40. 

Martha (see Patty). 

Mary and Oliver Capen [dup. and int. Capron of Sharon], 

Nov. 14, 1798. 
Mary, wid., and Richard Hartshorn of Walpole, Apr. 3, 1806. 
Mary and John J. G. Fisher, Sept. 11, 1836. 
]\Iary Ann [int> of Cumberland] and Elijah M. Paine, Nov. 26, 

1829, in Providence. 
Melinda and James [int. Samuel] Gilbert of Walpole, Nov. 24, 

Milton S. and Susanna Blake of Wrentham, int. July 29, 1824. 

• Intention not recorJe J. 


,1 v.gK .J/5i] — 




]\loESE, Nancy and Benja[min] Havrs of Boston, Jan. 17, iSog. 
Nelson and J^etscy EIi^[abe]th [int. omits Eliz[abe]th] Everett, 

Nov. 27, 1836. 
Newell and Sally [int. Salley] F. Mann, Dec. i, 1831. [Sally 

P'airbanks Maim, P.R.9.] 
Oliver and Waitstii Stratton [dup. and int. Weighty Straton], 

July 23, 1797. 
Patty [dup. and int. ]\Tartha, dup. twin d. Amos and Mary] 

and Benjamin Knight of Nev^ton [int. Newtown], Alar. 2, 

Polly and Delpha [int. Delpa] Boyden, July 8, 1798. 
Polly [int. of Sharon] and Ebenezer T. [int. Ebeneze, omJts 

T.] Freeman, [int. Mar. 19, 1800]. 

Polly and Austin Curtis, Apr. 17, 1832. 

R. Hartford and Elsey Lawrence of Lowell, int. [Sept.] 28, 

Rachel and Mope Wetherell of Easton, int. Aug. 6, 181 2. 
Rodman E. and Fanny Allen of j\Iansneld, int. Nov. 5, 1835. 
Sally and James Paine, May 23 [dup. May 22], 1809. 
Sam[ue]l of Stoughton, and" Sarah Forris't, June 26, 1783, in 

Samuel Jr. and Sarah Clark [int. Clarke of Easton], 

[int. July 23 [1815]]. 
Samuel 0. and Lucinda Augusta Huff, int. July 3, 1846. 

Sarah and Joseph Tiffany, .* 

Sarah Emeline, 23, d. Samuel and Sarah, and lyler ]\Iorse Jr., 

20, shoe maker, s. Tyler and Eliza, Feb. 17, 1S48. 
Simon and Anna [dup. Anne] White of Mansfield, May 27, 

1 781, in ]\Lan?rield.* 
Simon and T^Lar)' Pain, Avid., int. Dec. 25, 1801. 

Soloman and Abigail , .* 

Stephcu [int. ad<J< Dr.] and Sally BilHngs [dup. and int. Bil- 
ling], May 28, 1S09. 
Susan A., 32, d. John and Rhoda, and Oman Comey, 35, 

farmer, s. Oliver and Elizabeth, Nov. 19, 1846. 
Susan H. and Will[ia]m A. Penny. Sept. 15, 1S45. 
Thankful [dup, and int. Than];full] and Enoch Paine [int. 

Pain], Dec. 8, 1770, in Mansfield. 
Timothy and I\Irs. ALirgaret Brintnal [int. ]\Iargarett Brntnal, 

omits Mrs.], June 16, 1791- 
Timothy and Polly Leeds, ALar. 13, 181 2. . 

Timothy and Lydia Robinson, .* 

Tyler and Eliza Clark of Easton, int. Feb. 4, 1826. . . ■ • 

♦ Intention not recoxded. 

lAt ?l ouA 

. "Jl- 



Morse, Tyler Jr., 20, shoe maker, s. Tyler and Eliza, and Sarah 
Emelinc Morse, 23, d. Samuel and Sarah, Feb. 37, 1S48. 

MULLICK, William and Sarah Lindoll of Providence, R.I., 
int. [July] 8, 1S37. 

MUPTROE, Nathanael of Bristol, R.I., and Sally T\Iiller, Feb. 
2S, 1798. 

MYERS (see .Mears, Miers). 

MYRICK, Ira L., 25, of Vt., s. Nathan and Harriet, and Ann 
Eliza Tower, 24, d. Calvin and Ann, Apr. i, 1S46. 

NASON, Charlotte [int. of I^,Iarlborouc:^h, N.H.] and Ephraim 

Shepard Jr., [int. May 30, 1S16.J 

EIi3.s [dup, ?,.nd int. Nasson] and Lois Richardson, Feb. 13, 

Elias E?q. and Susanna Keith (second \\'.\ Dec. 3, if, 24. 
Jeniima jini. of Nov/ :,Iarlborou-h, X.H.] and Lorin- C. 

Sh:uv, [int. [Dec] 10, 1820]. 

John and Susanna RliOdcs, ^lay 28, 1783.* 

Lois and Nehemiah Carpenter, [int. [Nov.] 14. 181 8]. 

Lucy and John Slratton [dup. and int. Straton], j\Iar. 27, :. 799. 

irEkL, Mary_^Ann, 24, d. Dan[ie]l S. and Mary A., and San- 
ford E. Comey, 21, trader, s. Spencer and Pollv, Oct. 14, 

KEWCOM (see Newcomb), Josiah of Norton, nnd CJjnr'otte 
Forrist, int. Oct. 12, 1833. 

ITEV/COMB (see Newcom), Washington L., 23, farmer, of 
Norton, s. Hezekiah and Nancy, and Sarah Jane Smith, 
T7, of Norton, d. Serh and Sarah M., iNfar. 27, iShQ.* 

NEWELL, Lydia and Jacob Shepard, .* 

Sarah and Ridiard St rat ton, .* 

NEWHALL, Cynthia U. of Stirling, and W[illia]m P. Clarke, 
int. [July] 22, 1S43. 

NICHOLSON, Abigail and John Everett, .* 

NICKERSON, Albert and Calista Comseit, Sept. 27, 1S37. 

NORTON, Sally and ^Lirtin Pettee, — .* 

NOYES, Matilda H. and Job WilUs, int. June 12, ^824. 

• Intention not recorded. 


.u.'''i ,rl. 


NURSE, Nathan of Watertowii [int. VVartertown], and Mary 
J. Elliot, Apr. 13, 182S. 

NUTTING, Hannah and John Sumner, .* 

OAKES, Jeremiah, 23, bonnet presser, b. New Portland, 
Franklin Co., Me., s. John and Jane, and Catherine M. 
Sumner, 21, d. Jonathan N. and Susan, Nov. 29, 1849. 

O'BRIEN, Nancy of Providence, R.I., and George A. White, 
int. [Nov.] 28, 1846. 

OLNEY (see Oloney), Jerry A. [int. of Smithfield, R.I.] and 
Eliza Sherman, Oct. 27, 1835. 

OLONEY (see Olney), Mary A. and James A. Smith, .* 

PACKARD, Betsey and Tyler Carpenter, Apr. 2, 1826. 
Caroline and David E. Capen, Feb. 2, 1837. ,.. ( 

Elbridge H. and , / ' ' 

Levarna and Ithiel Smith [int. Jr.] of Dunstable, N.H., June 

28, 1835. 
Lydia and Obed Johnson Jr. [int. of Sharon], Apr. 6, 1825, 

"Moved to Sharon." 

PAGE, Asa of Walpole, and Sally Clapp, int. Dec. 15, 1S21. 
Betsy [int. of Walpole] and David Morse, Sept. 22, 1804. 
Esther of Walpole, and Joseph S. Stearns, int. [Mar.] 12, 1S35. 

Patty (second w.) [int. o-f Walpole] and David Morse, 

[int. Aug. 24, 182 1]. 
Sam[ue]l W. of Milton, and Betsey Ford, June 28, 183S. 

PAIN (see Paine), Joel and Azubah Williams of Mansfield, 

Aug. 15, 17S2, in Mansfield.* 
Mary, vvid., and Simon Morse, int. Dec. 25, iSoi. 
Susanah, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Timothy Ellis of Islid- 

way, Feb. 11, 1790. 

PAINE (see Pain), Abial [int. Abiel Pain] and Cynthia [dup. 

Cynthea, int. Cyntha] Robinson [int. Robbinson], Aug. 5, 

1779, in Mansfield. 
Amos [int. Pain] and Roxey Paine [int. Rocxona Pain], 

[int. ]\Iar. 26, iSoS,]. 
Asa [int. Pain of Wreniham] and Patty Bacon [int. of Wren- 

tbani], [int. Oct. 14, 1791]. 

Betsy and Timothy T. Fisher of Attleburo, Apr. 2, 1S12. 
Cynthia (see Syntha). 

♦ luttntioa not recordcL 

biia f.IJT ,bbaji?mji^ 

.^?-<- 1 

-I/tM i: 


Paine, Elijah M. and Mary Ann Morse [int. of Cumberland], 

Nov. 26, 1829, in Providence. 
Eliza and James Stratton, Apr. 23, 1826. 
Enoch [int. Pain] and Thankful [dup. and int. Thanlcfull] 

Morse, Dec. 8, 1779, in Mansfield. 
Esther and Jesse Boyden of "Walpole, int. July 31, 1S03. 
Esther and Comfort Titus of Seekonk, July 4, 1S22. 
Hervey and Hannah Forrist, iMar. 4, 1823. 
Isaac and Polly Paine of Mansfield, Apr. 5, 1S12. 

Jacob and Hannah ^MorsC; .'*' 

Jaraes and Anna Richard [dup. Anne Richards] of Sharon, 

Jan. 15, 1784, in Sharon/"^ 
James and Sally IMorse, May 23 [dup. May 22], 1809. 
Jemima [dup. Pain] and Isaac Richardson, May 4, 1786. 
Jesse and Polly Robinson, May 19, 17S5. 
Joel and Eunice Lane of Mansfield, int. Dec. 6, 1819. 
Joseph and Nancy Carpenter, [int. June 17, 1S04]. 

[m. Oct. 22, 1S04, C.R.T.] 

Joseph and Mary Comee, .* 

Lemuel and Jane Warren, int. Sept. 30, 1S05. [Jane Thomp- 
son Warren, m. Nov. 28, C.R.i.J 

Lemuel and Rachel Carpenter, .* 

Lois and Charles Simpson of Attleboro, int. Feb. 15, 181 2. 

Mary and Amos Boyden, .* 

Nathaniel \V. and Abigail Ann Grover, July 28, 1833. 

Nelson and Belinda Shaw, int. May 31, 1828. 

Olive and Amasa [int. Masa] Grover of ^Mansfield, Nov. 17, 

1785, in Mansfield. 
Polly and Ilaivy [dup. Hervy] Pel tee. May i, 1S03. 
Polly of jMansfield, and Isaac Paine, Apr. 5, 1S12. 
Rachel, v;id. (second w.) [dup. and int. Pain], and Isaac Pratt, 

May 4, 1797. 

Rachel and Harvy Patridge, .* 

Rhoda [dup. Pain, int. Roda Pain] and Lemuel Wight Jr., 

Apr. 16, 1795. 
Roxana D. (see Roxana D. Prime). 
Roxey [int. Rocxona Pain] and Amos Paine [int. Pain], 

[int. Mar. 26, 180S]. 
Sally [int. Pain] and Simeon Grover of Mansfield, Oct. 11, 

1798, in Sharon. 
Sally [dup. and int. Salley Pain] and Oliver Leonard, Oct. 22, 

Samuel and Mrs. Ama Plimpton, Mar. 26, 1835. 

• himlk'ii 1101 rcoiriie'J. 

[I!:.v - 


i64 roxBOROUCH marriages />5 

Paine, Stephen [int. Pain] and Abigail [dup. Abigael] Morse, 
Oct. i6, 1798. 

Submit and Amos Morse Jr., [int. Sept. 24, 1805]. 

[m. Sept. — , 1805. C.R.I.] 

Syntha and Joseph Tiffany Jr., int. July 22, 1S05. [Cynthia 
and Joseph Tifany Jr., m. Aug. 22, c R.i.] 

Theodore J. and Alary L. Arnold of Attleboro, int. Jan. 31, 

Will[ia]m A. [int. Augustus] of ^^lansfield, and Pvhoda R. Phil- 
lips, Mar. 12, 1834. 

Williams of jNIansfield, and Xanc}' Grover, Nov. 28, 1S16. 

PALMER, Sumner C. and Abigail Howard of Sharon, int. 
Oct. 5, 1844. 

PANNY (see Pen]iy), John of Afansfield, and Elizabeth [int. 
Betty] Dorsance [int. adds v/id.j, July 4, iSio. 

PARISH, Polly of Conn., and Samuel Rathbun of Conn., 

PARKER, Sabra D. and Dennis Sawyer of Providence, R.I. 
int. July 20, 1833. 

PARTRIDGE (see Patridge). 

PASMORE, Hannah and Preston Shepard, .* 

PATCH, John of Providence, R.I., and Rachel Robinson, 
Oct. 13, 1831.=*= 

PATRIDGE, Chloe and Joel Alorse, .* 

Harvy and Rachel Paine, .* 

Herrnon of Tcinpleton [int. Herman of Walpole], and Harriot 
[int. Harriet] Alien, Feb. 2, 1S17. 

PATTEN, David and Sarah Daniels, .* 

Jane and Peleg Durley, int. Oct. 20, 1S16. ■ 

Mary R. and John ^Nlears, Aug. 11, 1836. 
Sally 1). and Daniel Purt of Norton, int. Apr. 2, 1S19. 
Sally Daniels and David Newton Hall, Dec. 6, 182 1. 

PAYSON, Abigail and Daniels Carpenter, [int. Oct. 8, 

1S20]. [m. Nov. i^, r.Fv.i;.] 

Albert S. and Lucy G. i [older, , in Boston.* 

Esther and Spencer Hodges, May 20, iSii. ,^ , 

James and Sally [dup. Salley] Stratton, Apr. 26, 1S08. 

* Intealiou not iccordi J. 

;.•: ,n...Tj.'i^' \< 

MlvJ K> . 

.I./I .: >-!^Liivy.'i'^I to yy/u-.y, ah 


itiJI ban ,(•, 


Payson, Nancy and Daniel Pettee, [int. May 24, 1818]. 

Phillips and Abigail Clark [second dup. ch. William and Han- 
nah], Oct. 2, 1797. 

Samuel R. of Boston, and Hannah [int. adds G.] Cashing, 
July 27, 1837, in Boston. 

Swift Esq. and Esther Clapp, .* 

William, Dr. [int. omits Dr.], and Abigail [int. adds A.] Warren, 
Tunc 7, 1812. 

Willfia]m P. and Catherine Rhodes, May 16, 1839. 

PEARCE (see Pierce), Charlotte, 20, d. Stephen and w. of 
Attleboro, and Albert Keith, 23, clerk in a store, s. Arza 
and jNIarcia, Apr. i, 1S47. 

PECK, Catherine [int. Catharine] A. and Joab Daggett of 

Atile])orough [int. Attleboro], Apr. 21, 1844. 
Gardner M. and Elizabeth Mason, .* 

PENNY (see Panny), Will[ia]m A. and Susan H. Morse, Sept. 

iS> iS45- -- 

PERRIGO, Sarah Adams (second w.) [int. of Wrentham] and 

Lewis G. Daniels, Apr. 25, 1839, in Walpole. 

PERRY, Cynthia R. of Claremont, N.H., and Jesse Whitte- 

more of Boston, Oct. i, 1840. 
Oliver [int. of Wrentham] and Caroline Bradshaw, June 15, 


PETERS, Will[ia]m H., 23, laborer, s. John and Caroline, and 
Plannah S. Ring, 40, of Mansfield, d. Rufus and Fanny, 
May 26, 1845. 

PETTEE (see Pittee), Addison and Elizabeth J. Falcs, Nov. 12, 

Annctt and Dan[ic]l L. Hewins [int. of Sharon], Oct. 20, 1835. 
Benjamin [dup. Pettie] and Hannah Boyden (second w.), 

Dec. 13, 1798.* 

Benjamin and Hannah Morse, .* 

Betsey and Ethan B. Whipple [int. of Eairhaven, Vt.], Sept. 23, 

Calvin and Louisa j\L Sunderland, Aug. 6, 1S35. 
Caroline and Ephraim Grovcr, , '' Ivlovcd to Foxboro 

April I 18^3." * 
Charles and — [int. Mary H.] Clark, [int. ]May 9, 


* Imciiliou no! ri-ci.nk\l. 


,.1ij'''' .■•••lol/i. .11 Xl.^^J.I 

-•i;il i7,' rp<:^;'j[ bn."- ,11 '/ J/i-wr 
bar ,-•.'! r!nir.'> bni: n:f(,>[ .^ .r>;'i 

,f,s .)q'>B,[. 


Pettee, Cliloc and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] George Evans of 

Salisbury, Apr, 23, 18 28. 
Cyrenius and Mehetebel [Int. jNIahitabie] Clapp, [int. 

Nov. 9, 1S04]. [Cyrenos and Mahitable Clap, m. Feb. 

25, 1805, C.R.I.] 

Daniel and Nancy Payson, [int. May 24, iSiS]. 

David and Polly Blake of Wrentham, May 29, 1796. 
Eleanor [int. Eienor] and Amasa Grover, [int. , 

Eliza and William Leonard, Apr. 12, 1839. 
Elizabeth [dup. and int. Betsey] and Joseph Stratton [dup. 

and int. Slraton], Dec. 13, 1795. 
Emaline and Ellis Richards of Canton, int. 'Mv.y 24, 182S. 
Esther II. (second \v.) [int. of Needham] and John E. Sumner, 

Aug.—, 1 84 1. 
Hannah and Stephen Boydcn, Feb. lO, 1810. 
Harriet and John G. Jones [int. adds A. B.], Dec. i, 1S36. 
Harvy [dup. Ilcrvy] and Polly Paine, May i, 1803. 
Hezekiah and Chloe Ware, May 5, 1786. 
Horace and Betsey Al. Hommon, int. [Sept.] 22, 1820. 
James H. and Joanna [int. Joannah L.] Grover, Mar. 6, 1831. 
Joseph of Salisbi^ry, Conn. [int. Salsbury, omits Conn.], and 

Joanna Everett, [int. Sept. 13],' 1806 [dup. " Moved 

to Salisbury Conn"']. 
Keziah and Nalhanel Hall Jr. of Rainham, int. Apr. 3, 1799. 
Lydia [dup. Vlvs. Lyddia] and Amos Forrist, ISIay 30, 178S.* 
Maria and Lindel [int. Lindol] Grover of Newton, 2»Iay 25, 

I\Iaria N. and James Hallowell of Windsor, Me., Apr. 17, 1S42. 

Martin and Sally Norton, .* 

Mary and Amos ilorse, Mar. 12, 1772.* 

Mary, wid., and Lt. [int. omits Lt.] Zadock Howe, 

[int. Apr. 6, 1794]. 
Mary Ann and Will[ia]m S. Washburn, Oct. 20, 1S34. 
Mary [int. Nancy] J. and William II. Cobb, June 11, 1837. 
Mehetible [int. Mehetabel], Mrs., and Eben[eze]r Hewins of 

Sharon, June 6, 1S33. 
Meletiah [dup. Mille (second w.), int. Melletiah] and Joel 

Morse, Oct. 19, 1797. 
Nancy J. (see Mary J.). 
Nathan of Dover, and Abv IMorsc, int. Sept. 22, 1801. 

Oliver and Elizabeth Clark, , 1787.* 

Oliver Jr. and Betsy Billings [int. Billing], [int. June 27, 

1812], " Moved to New Jersey." 

* Inteiilioa cot recorded. 


fXL :..:-^ 


pETTEE, Otis and Matilda Shcrmon, Sept. 25, 181 7. 
Polly and Okes [int. Oaks] Copelancl, Apr. 17, 181 7. 
Sally [dup. Salley] and Elijah Plimpton [dup. Plemton] Jr., 

Nov. 26, 1807.* 
Simon Jr. and Sophia Forrist, Dec. 13, iSio. 

Simon and Abigail Caswell, v.-id. (third w.), .* 

Simon and Abigail Little, .* 

Stephen and Mary T\lann, .* ' ^' ■ 

Tyler and Esther Mann Hewes, int. Feb. 22, 1813. 

Will^rd and Lucy B. Miller of Providence, R.I.. int. [Sept.] 24, 

William and Phebe [dup. Pheebe] Boyden, wid. (second v,-.) 

[dup. Oi Walpole], July 7, 1796. 

William and Rebeccah . .* 

WilHam W. and Betsy E. Clark, Aug. 29, 1833. 

PHELPS5 Alvah and Mary Jane Hersey, .* 

PHILLIPS, Nancy B. of Woodstock, Conn., b. Woodstock, 
Conn., d. W[illia]rn and Nancy, and Joseph E. Dean-, 24, 
farmer, of Woodstock, Conn., b. Woodstock, Conn., s. 
Joseph and Lucy of Woodstock, Conn., Apr. 9, 1S49. 

Rhoda R. and Will[ia]m A. [int. Augustus] Paine of :\Iansi3eld, 
Mar. 12, 1834. 

PICKENS, Ezra, 26, farmer, b. New Bedford, s. James and 
Priscilla, and Ann Eliza Bird, 16, d. Warren and Esther, 
Sept. 23, 1844. 

PIERCE (see Pearce), Ann and Lewis :\Iorse, Dec. i, 1824.* 
Betcy of Canton, and Jessee Atherton of Canton, Feb. 6, iSoc* 
Thomas N., widr. [int. omits widr.], 43, farmer, s. Sam[ue]l 

and Grace, and Emeline Field, 21, d. James and Rhoda, 

June 2, 1846. 
Willard, Rev. [dup. " Settled 1824," int. omits Rev.], and 

Elanor [dup. Eleaner] W. [int. Ware] Everett, Feb. 10, 


PIERSOW, John and Olive Tibbetts, .* 

PIKE, David and Betsey Morse, Apr. 17, 1S37. 

Elizabeth [int. adds JL] and Samuel Mann, Aug. 28, 1S39. 

Jacob R. and Sarah Ann Brett, int. Aug. iS, 1S33. 

Joannah [int. of Ilopkinton] and Jesse [int. Jessee] Morse, 

[int. Sept. 13, 1829]. [Joanna [of Hup'anton] 

and Jesse Morse, m. Oct. 20, p.R.16.] 

♦ InUDtion not rccorJed. 



Pike, Parmelia [int. Permelia of Walpole] and David ]^.Iorse 2d, 

[int. [rec. between [Sept.] 15 and Oct. i], 

Sophia [int. Sophi] S. [int. of Ilopkinton] and Jacob !Morse, 

[int. I\Iar. 10, 1837]. [Sophia [of Hopkinton], m. 

Apr. 12, 1837, P.R.16.] 

PITTEE (see Pettee), Hannah and George Adams of Franklin, 

July 21, 17S5. 
Samuel [ijit. Pettee] and Fanne [int. Fanna] Ware, July 7, 

PLIMPTON (see Plympton), Albert of Boston, and Eliza 
Morse, Nov. 26, 1S40. 

Ama, Mrs., and Samuel Paine, Mar. 26, 1835. 

Asa and Mary Smith of Walpole, Apr. 20, 1780, in Wrentham.* 

Asa [int. Jr.] and Lois [int. Louis] Morse, [int. May 1, 


Elijah Jr. [dup. Plcmton] and Sally [dup. Sallcy] Pettee, Nov. 
26, 1807.* 

Elijah and ^lary Pond, .* 

James and Amy Stratton, [int. Oct. 15, 1814.] ' ■' •' 

Lewis and Harriet [dup. and int. Harriot] Fisher, Sept. 14, 

Lydia and Zachariah [int. Zechariah B.] Smith [int. of Litch- 
field, Me.], Aug. 14, 1825, " Ivloved to Litchfield, Maine." 

Polly and Calvin Fisher of Wrentham, Jan. 21, 1796. 

Willard and Eunice Pratt, Apr. 20, 1820. ' Z^' 

PLYMPTON (see Plimpton), Ann Eliza, 21, d. Willard and 
Eunice, and Julius Carroll, 24, farmer, of Walpole, b. ■ 
Walpole, s. Joseph and Ascenath of Walpole, June 13, 

POLLEY, Anna M. and Ira Blake of N.Y., int. [Sept.] 10, 

Charlotte and Samuel Glover, int. [Nov.] 29, 1818. -j -., 

John and Hannah Day, .* 

Nathaniel Jr. and Catv Hartshorn, .* f.., . ,, ' ^v ' 

William and Mary Day, .* 

POND, Charles W., 21, farmer, s. Jacob and Rebecca, and 

Elmira J. Thayer, 21, Dec. i, 1846. 
Clarisy (second w.) [int. of Wrentham] and Daniel Everett, 

[int. Feb. 16, 1809]. 

• Intention not rccorJoJ. 

f.-'ti':f hrn ,o>;ii3>aH :o Ji.voIA 

• JN'-J 



Pond, Eliza of Attlcborough, and Spencer Tohnan, Int. [Sept.] 

I5S 183 1. 
Esther P. of Wrentham, and Henry M. Fales, mt. Mar. 19, 

Lewis, 23, shoe maker, of Wrentharn, b. Wrentham, s. Lucas 

of Wrentham, and Mary E. Fuller, iS, d. Jane, Dec. 24, 


Mary and Elijah Plimpton, .'^ 

Phebe A., 15, d. Cha[rle]'^ E. and Phebe F., and George W. 

WilHams, 18, machinist, s. Geo[rge] and Hannah F., 

Jan. 2, 1846. 
Wiillia]m J. of Wrentham, and Ann A. Fales, int. Apr. 2, 1842. 
Zebulon of Wthenthon, and Lucretia Ware, Jan. 25, 1787.* 

POOL, John Jr., widr. [int. omits widr.], 48, " Math'. Ins'. 
Maker," of Easton, s. John and ]^.iary, and Levarna 
Smith, v,-id. [int. INIrs., omits wid.], 41, d. Jedcdiah Pack- 
ard and Mehitable, Apr. 15, 1845. 

POOR, Daniel J., Rev., and Susan Thompson of Wobourn 
[int. Woburn], [int. Mar. 14, 1840]. 

POST, Peter of Sharon, and Eliza jNIorse, int. Oct. 28, 1S48. 

POWDERLY, James and Ann Dely, .* , . 

PRASTOW (sec Brastow), Bowdoin and Sarah T. Belcher, int. 
Sept. 4, 1S13. 

PRAT (see Pratt), Abigal and David Ruggels of Walpole, int. 
[rec. between May 31 and Sept. 13], 1S06. 

PRATT (sec Prat), Abigail and David Wyman, Dec. 19, 1839. 
Abijah and Mary Robliins of Stoughton, Nov. 27, 1788.* 
Benjamin F. and Eliza Atherton of Manstield, [int. 

Mar. 2, 1S27]. 
Elijah and Sibil Dunbar [int. Sybbel Dunbor of Stoughton], 

[int. July 7, 179S]. 

Elizabeth and George [dup. Georg] Shaw, Feb. 15, 1797. 

Eunice and Wilhird Plimpton, A\)v. 20, 1820. 

Isaac and Rachel Paine [dup. and int. Pain], wid. (second w.), 

May 4. 1797, 

Isaac and Mary , •* 

Jesse and Mary Rhodes [dup. and int. Polly Rhoads], Feb. 23, 

Joseph and Sarah Capen, .* _ . ^ 

• Inltiiuon c. 't rccx-Jed. 

'ba rrf 

,(.-.7 LaO30»:) 



Pratt, Josiah 2d and Sarah Copeland [dup. Copland] of 
Mansfield, Bristol Co., Sept. 17 [dup. Aug. 6], 1795, in 

Josiah, Capt., and Abigail Williams, .* 

Judith of Mansfield, and William Hevves, Apr. 17, 1796, in 

Mary and Calvin Fcrrist, [int. Aug. 20], 1S15. 

Mehitible [int. Mehatable] and Elijah Thayer of Mansfield, 
Apr. 25, 1792. 

Mirah and Benj[ajra[in] Hodges of Stoughton, Aug. 2S, 1783, 
in Mansfield.* 

Rachel and Benjamin Trov; of Oxford, Oct. 3, 17 89. 

Sally [int. of Mansfield] and Willard Grover, Nov. 3, iSii. 

Sarah and Elijah Bird, .* 

Shubael and Susan Carpenter, Feb. 17, 1S22. 

Spencer, Dr., and Eliza [ini;. Elczebeth] Wood [int. of Fr[aViCk- 
lin], [int. Sept. 19, tSoi], " Moved To Franklin." 

Susan, wid., and Peter Thacher of Attleborough, Jan. 5, 1S26. 

Vesta and Loring C. Shaw, Nov. iS, 1832, " Moved to Mans- 

PREvSCOTT, S. Dana, 26, manufacturer, s. Sam[ue]l and 
Eliz[abct]h, and I'^Iary A. Carpenter, 20, d. Daniels and 
Abigail, Dec. 29, 1844. [Samuel Dana Prescott, P.R.7.] 
[S. Dana Prescott and ZNlary A. Carpenter, d. Daniels and 
Abigail (Pay son), P.r..i7.] 

PRIME, Roxana D. [int. Paine], 19, d. Lewis and IVIary, and 
Thaddeus C. Capron, 24, housewright, of Attleborough 
[int. Attleboro], s. Jacob and Deborah, May 9, 1S47. 

PROPHET, Alfred P. [int. Perry], 21, laborer, s. Sally A., and 
Mary A. [int. Almira] Lewis, 16, d. James W. r.nd Ruth A., 
Oct. I, 1S4S. 

PUTNAM, Thomas H. and Sophia Sherman, ^lay 27, 1S26. 

RAFFERTY, Michael and Mary Lyons, int. Nov. 30, 1S44. 

RAI^AL (see Randall), Amy and Friend Belcher Jr., June 26, 

RANDALL (see Randal), Amanda B. [int. Randal] and Syl- 
vester Buck [int. of Easton], Aug. 19, 1833. 
Benjamin of Sharon, and Molly Wares, July i, 1784, in Sharon.* 
Cynthia C. and Charles C. Cutler, int. Oct. i, 1S47. 
Milsom and Shepherd Godfrey of Norton, int. Nov. 28, 1S34. 

♦ Inttinicn not recuriicj. 


. ■ h 

.>?."' i 


RATHBUN, Samuel of Conn., and Polly Parish of Conn., 

READ (see Reed), Edwin of Mansfield, and Sarah S. Cobb, 
Oct. 20, 1S39. 

REED (see Read), !vlarcus [int. Read] of Mansfield [int. At- 
tleboro], and Mary E. Cobb, Oct. 20, 1S39. 

REUPEKE, Tolm and Sarah Clark of Stoughtonham, Nov. 18, 

RHOADES (see Rhoads, Rhodes), Anna (see Xancy). 
Martha [int. Rhodes] and \V[ilhalm R. Hitchcock, Apr. 29, 

Nancy [int. Anna Rhoads] and John Cory [int. Corey], 

[int. 31 [roc. betvreen Juh S and Sept. 10], 1S20]. 

Stephen and Patty Carpenter (second w.), Mar. 20, 181 5. 
Stephen Jr. [dup. Rhodes] and Betsy Bird, Jan. i, 1817. 

RIIOADS (see Rhoades, Rhodes), Aaron and Mrs. Poly Wil- 

kinsson, Feb. 26, 17S9.* 
Lucinda and Silas Smith, Dec. 24, 1S12.* 

RHODES (see Rhoades, Rhoads), Catherine and Vv'iH[ia]m P. 

Payson, ISlay 16, 1839. 

Jemima and Thomas Clapp, —.^' 

I\Iary [dup. and int. Polly Rhoads] and Jesse Pratt, Feb. 23, 

Mary [Rhodes, wriUcn in pencil above Patridge crossed out], 

vdd. [wid., li-rliten in pencil], and Asa ]^.Iorse, .*' 

Stephen [dup. Rhoades] and Anne [second dap. Anna, third 

dup. and int. ilrs. Anna, omit v.dd.] Carpenter, wid. 

Nehemiah, d. Francis Daniels and Kezia, Apr. 15, 1792. 
Susanna and John Nason, !May 28, 1783.* 

RICHARD (see Richards), Anna [dup. Anne Richards] of 
Sharon, and James Paine, Jan. 15, 17 84, in Sharon.* 

RICHARDS (see Richard), Ellis of Canton, and Emaline 

Pettec, int. May 24, 1S28. 
Harriet D. [int. of Attlcboro] and Dr. James W. Foster, 

[int. June 9, 1S30]. 

RICHARDSOIf, Alfred and Harriet Ford, Oct. 20, 1839.* 
Elvira and Phillip TraiTord [int. of Dartmouth], Oct. 20, 1831. 

• luttniiiiQ not roc f Jo J. 





RiCHAKDSON, Howard A., 21, factory operative, s. Howard 

and Mary, and Almira F. Belcher, 18, b. Woonsocket. 

R.I., d. Ira and Lydia, Aug. 6, 184S. 
Isaac and Jemima Paine [dup. Pain], May 4, 17S6. 

John and Dorotha , .* 

Lois and Elias Nason [dup. and int. Nasson], Feb. n 1793 
Martha A., 2^, b. Belgrade, Kennebec Co., Me., d. John and 

Martha, and David Shaw, 28, bonnet shaper, b. Abington 

s. Nathaniel and Betsey, Nov. 28, 1849. 
Olive and Etheridge Chirk [dup. and int. Ethridcve, dup. 

Clerk], Oct. 28, 1794. ^ 

Rebcccah [dup. Rebeckah, int. Rebekah], wid. (second w ) 

^ and Jacob Cook, Ivlar. 31, 1793. 
Rebeccah and Jeremiah Hartshorn, .* 

RING, Francis C. of Mansfield, and Roxalaney Salley, int. 

[Nov.j 17, 1S43. 
Hannah 5., 40, of Mansfield, d. Rufus and Fanny, and Wil- 
][ia]m H. Peters, 23, laborer, s. John and Caroline, :\Iay 
^ 26, 1845. 
Rufus M. and Lucretia French, Apr. 20, 1837.* 

RIPLEY, Silas, Rev., and IMary F. Wilder of Hingham, int. 

July 14, 1847. 
Silas, Rev., and Lydia S. Brooks, , "Removed to Fox- 

boro 14 Oct. 1S37." * 
Silas S. and Fanny W. King of ]Mansfield, int. May 17, 1S4S. 

ROBBINS, Elizabeth and Dr. Shadrach Winslow, * 

Hannah [int. Robins] and Samuel Forrist Jr., '— [int 

Nov. 7, 1812], ^ Moved 1819 to Cumberland." 
Mary of Stoughton. and Abijah Pratt, Nov. 27, 17SS * 
Sally and Jo?oph Kingsbury [dup. Kingsbry, 'int. Kingbry, 

dup. and mt. of Walpole], Aug. 24, 1794. 

ROBINSON, Abiathar and Nancy Fisher of Attleborough, 

int. Nov. ID, 1S32. [" Countermanded," lirilfen in pencil 
Abiathar and Lucretia li. Strange [int. of Taunton] 

fint. July 20, 1S37]. 
Abisha of Raignham [int. Abisa Robbinson of Rainhom], and 

Hannah Robinson [int. Robins], Sept. 10, 1797, 
Cynthia [dup. Cynthea, int. Cvntlia Robbinson] and Abial 

Pame [int. Abiel Pain], Aug. 5. 1779, in Mansfield. 
IJavid J), and Eli;^abcth Jones, IMay 19, 18^9. 
Experience and Henry H. Sumner Esq.,' July iS, 1832. 

* iTiK-niion not rccord.d. 

ht^i^.i ,w 




Robinson, Hannah [int. Robins] and Abisha Robinson of 
Raignham [int. Abisa Robbinson of Rainhom], Sept. 10, 

Hannah and John Comee Jr., May 23, 1824. 

Hepzibah [dup. and int. Hipsabah] and Hosea Clark [dup. 
Hosa Clerk, int. Clerk], Mar. 17, 179 1. 

Joel H. of Franklin, and Anna Daniels, Nov. 2S, 1S32. 

Joel H. and Elizabeth Daniels (second vr.), ^^lar. 22, 1S3S. 

Lydia and Timothy ]\Iorse, .* 

Nancy and Harvey Clark, May 29, 1825. 

Peddy (second w.j and Wellcome Stratton, Oct. 20, 1S17. 

Polly and Jesse Paine, ^lay 19, 1785. 

Rachel and Jacob Shepard [int. Shapard] Jr., Mar. 13, 1S03. 

Rachel and John Patch of Providence, Pv.L, Oct. 13, 1831.* 

Sanford and Sally D. Shores of Taunton, int. Aug. 26, 1S3S. 

Seth and Rachel Brayman, . ■ 

Sylvanus [dup. Robertson] and Anna Leonard, Nov. 16, 1S09. 

Vodisa and John E. Sumner, Nov. 16, 1S23. 

ROCKAVOCD, Elisha of Wrentham, and Elizabeth Kevins, 

Oct. 21, 1841. 
Kezia and Francis Daniels, .* [Rock\vell of Franklin. 

and Francois Daniels, P.R.17.] 
Thomas T. of FloUiston, and Evelina Leonard, Feb. 10, 1S41. 

ROGERS, Joanna and Elisha Morse, .* 

Sarah [int. Sally Rodgers of >.Iansfield] and Daniel Wilber 
[int. "\Vildl)ore] Jr., [int. Oct. 14, 1S04]. 

ROWE, Joseph [int. of Medfield, dup. int. of Boston] and 
Susan H. Sweet, Nov. 2S, 1S33. 

RUGGELS (see Ruggles), David of Walpole, and Abigal Prat, 
int. [rec. between May 31 and Sept. 13], 1S06. 

RUGGLES (see Ruggels), Hervey [int. Harvey] and Betsey 
•B. Hodges, Aug. 3, 1S23. 

RUSSEL, Hannah and William Clark, .* 

SALISBURY, Mary J. of E. Greenwich, R.I., and Sanford E. 
Whiting, int. Oct. 11, 1S49. 

SALLEY, Daniel and Susanna Harden, Jan. 4. 17S8.* 
Daniel, widr. [int. omits widr.], 04. larn^.er, and Fully Deane.. 
wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], S3, ALay S, 1S45. 

• Intc'-.t-rn ii( t reai.- Jc>i. 


.(\uii\ ;iiijJ''J 

- i '-' I .r 

;i.Mr.'/ hinj 


Salley, George and Susanna Drake [int. of Sharonj, 

[int. Nov. 25, iSiq]. 
George W. of ISIansneld, and Roxa White, int. Nov. 27, 1S47. 
Peggy and Eli White [of] Manstield, Oct. 2, 1822.* 
Roxalaney and Francis C. Rino: of Mansfield, int. [Nov.] 17, 

Susan [int. Susanna] and Francis [int. adds M.] Bray [int. 
Bragg], Dec. 30, 1824. 

SAMPSON, Rebeckah [int. adds :Mrs.] and Timothy Black- 
mer, Jan. 24, 1791. 

SAUNDERS, I\Jary L. and Joseph Bowen Davol, : .* 

SAVAGE, Mary and Uriah Atherton, .* 

vSAWYER, Dennis of Providence, R.I., and Sabra D. Parker, 

int. July 20, 1S33. 
Phillip [int. Philip] and Abigail Simmonds [int. Simmons], 

Sept. 18, 1810. 
Phillips and Keziah Billings, .* ■ •.■•..-■■■■ ••• 

SCOTT, Gilbert D. [int. of Attleboro] and Mary J. Holbrook, 
June 27, 1836. 

SEBU, Mary and Schuyler Holbrook, Aug. 2, 1820, "jNIoved 
From Wrentham.'"^ 

SHAW, Asa and Lois Fisbcr, Nov. 28, 17S6.* 
Asa and [int. adds ^Mrs.] Polly Leach (second w.) [int. of Mans- 
field], Feb. 20, 1813. 
Belinda and Nelson Paine, int. May 31, 182S. 
Betsey [int. and dup. int. Betsy] and' Hartford Leonard, — : 

[int. and dup. int. Oct. 30, iSig]. 
David, 28, bonnet rhnper, b. Abington, s. Nathaniel and Betsey, 

and Martha A. Richardson, 23, b. Belgrade, Kennebec Co., 

Me., d. John and ^Lartha, Nov. 28, 1840. 
Experiejice and Amherst Billings [int. Billing of Wrentham], 

[int. Apr. 25, 1S12]. 

George [dup. Georg] and EUzabeth Pratt, Feb. 15, 1797. 
Hannah, 29, weaver, d. Asa and Polly, and Daniel Mecarn, 

30, stone cutter, of Uxbridge, s. John and Margaret, July 

19, 1844. 
Jason, 21, boot maker. ?. Nath[anicll and Betsey, and Hannah 

N. Sumner, 21, d. Bradisii and junia, July i, 184^. 
Joel and Todd [int. Eliza 'AL Todd of Mansfield], 

[int. Sej^t. 15, 1821]. 

• Intenfi.i'i ni; rccorJcJ. 

.Xi.Al ,?t 

'^juii.i V'4J*'';;'' ■«■ LHi 



Shaw, Kcziali E. and Jason F. Alden of Middleboro, int. 

June 17, iS?o. 
Loring C. and Jemima Nason [int. of New Marlborough, 

N.H.], [int. [Dec] 10, 1S20]. 

Loring C. and Vesta Pratt, Nov. iS, 1S32, "Moved to Mans- 
Louisa and Lines [int. Lynes] Carpenter, Nov. i, 1829. 
Marshal and Hannah White [int. of Taunton], [int. 

Sept. II, 1824]. 
Nancy and Meletiah Everett, Oct. 20, 1805, "Moved To 

Wrentliam 1S32."* 
Nathan B. of Abington, and Maria [int. adds L.] Standish, 

Oct. 24, 1S39. 
Susan and Daniel Fisher of Keene [int. Keen], N.H., Sept. 

18, 1826. 

SHEA.RMAN (see Sherman, Shermon), James N. [int. Sher- 
man] and Catharine [int. Catherine] Drake [int. of Smith- 
field, R.L], Oct. 30, 1S39. 

SHEPAP.D (see Shepherd), Abigail [dup. ch. Joseph and 

Abigail, int. Abigale Shopard] and Daniel Hayden [int. 

Danniel Haden of Attic-borough], [int. Mar. 2, 

Amelia and Willard Starkey of Wrentham, Oct. 7, 1832. 
Betsy [dup. and int. Betsey Shepherd, second dup. ch. Joseph 

and Abigail] and Robert Stratton [dup. and int. Straton], 

Sept. 22, 1797. 
David L. and S. Minerva French of Attlcboro, int. Dec. 15, 

1S49. [David Lewis Shepard and Sarah Minerva French 

[of Attleborough], p.r.ii.] 
Elijah H. Jr. of Mansiield, and Eliza Ann Brov.-n, Feb. 4, 1S41. 

Elijah H. and Lona Todd, .* 

Ephraim Jr. and Charlotte Nason [int. Marlborough, N.IL], 

[int. i\Lay 30, 1816]. 

Ephraim and Freelove Hall, wid., 

Eunice and Samuel Brastow, Nov. 29, 1S04. [Unice Shep- 
herd, C.R.I. ] 

Eunice, Mrs., and Nathaniel Brintnall of I^Iansficld, int. [Oct.] 
24, 1818. 

Experience B. and Lewis G. Daniels, May 24, 1S36. 

Fanny [int. Fanney], ch. Joseph and Abigail, and Metcalf 
Everett, [int. June i, iSoi]. 

Franklin and Ruth [dup. Ruthe] Comee, Nov. 8, 1811. 

• Intention not recorded. 


.i.v>?. ...H.X /ao^JT 



SiiEPARD, Jacob Jr. [int. Sbapard] and Rachel Robinson, :Mar. 

13, 180.5. 

Jacob and Lydia Newell, .* 

Jacob G. and Hannah H. Goff [int. of Rehoboth], [int. 

[Sept.] 9, 1837. 
Jacob G., widr., 32, boot maker, of Stoughton, s. Jacob and 

Rachel, and Lucinda F. Hall, 22, of Stoughton, b. Jeffer- 
son, -Lincoln Co., IMc., Nov. 28, 1849.* 
James S. and Mary Belcher of Canton, int. Aug. 3, 1839. 
Jeremiah M., 23, farmer, s. Lewis and Olivia, and Emeline G. 

Colby, 23, of Franklin, d. John and Almira, Dec. 10, 1846. 

[Jeroniah I\lann Shepard [ch. Lewis and Olivia (Hewes)] 

and Emeline Glitten Colby, p.R.ii.] 
John Jr. [dup. and int. Shephe'rd, dup. omits Jr.] and Eunice 

Brintnell [dup. Unice Brintnal, int. Brintnall], wid. (second 

w.), Afay 3, 1796. 

John and Martha Bacon, .* ' '' ' '■"-'■ 

John Jr. and Lois Blake, .* 

Joseph Jr. [dup. and int. Shepherd, dup. omits Jr., second dup. 

ch. Joseph and Abigail] and Nabby Hewes, Feb. 15, 179S. 
Joseph Jr. [dup. ch. Joseph and x\bigail, int. Shopord] and 

jVIary [int. Marey] Stratton (second w.), ]\Lay 5, iSoS. 
Joseph and Sarah E. Billings of iManstield, int. [Nov.] 14, 1840. 

[Sarah E[meline], m. Dec. 10, 1S41 [in I\Lansfield], P.R.8.] 

Joseph and Abigail Hodges, .* 

Lemuel B. [of] Providence [int. adds R.I.], and Polly Messinger 

[int. ]\lessenger], Nov. 24, 1S30. 
Lewis and Olivia [int. Olive] Hewes, Dec. 25, 1S17. [Olivia, 


Lois [dup. Sliapard, int. Shepherd] and Sirrel [dup. Sirrill, int. 

Sarril] Brown, Feb. 6 \sic, int. June 14], iSoo. 
Lydia and Adoniram J. :Mann of Wrentham, int. Aug. 27, 1809. 
JNLiry and Robert Barclay Grover of Mansfield, [int. 

Sept. 4, 1S30]. 
Nabby [int. adds H.] and Seth Sherman of Billingham [int. 

Bellingham], Jan. 6, 1S2S. 

Nancy and John ^filler, [int. Apr. 6, 1801]. 

Preston and Hannah Pasmore, .* 

Redmond B. and Louisa Carter, int. Oct. 28, 1S20. 

Robert [int. Shapard] and Nancy Brintnell [int. Brintanell of 

ALanslieldj, [int. Feb. 6, 1807]. 

Robert [int. adds Adjt.] and Lucrctia Childs (second w.), 

[int. Oct. 15, 1814]. 

• Iiiicnlion tvA recorded. 

.qi;': bnoo-;.'. , ij 


Shepard, Sarah B. and John F. Chamberlin of Cleveland, O., 
int. Oct. 3, 1840, 

SHEPARDSON, Lydia of ?^lilton, and Harvey Foord of Pem- 
broke, Jan. 6, 1813, " Moved April 1815 To Foxboro." * 

SHEPHERD (see Shepard), Anna and Asa BroNsn of Wren- 

tham, July 25, 1793. 
Chloe and Peter Fales of Attleborough, Sept. 10, 1797. 

SHERMAN (see Shearman, Sherm.on), Anna and Joseph 

Morse, Oct. 14, 1S2S. 

Carohne and George Sherman, [int. May 10], 1S33. 

Clarissa [int. Clarisa], ]Mrs., and Capt. MartinTorrey, Dec. 30, 

David S. and Jane [int. Xancy] T. Ellis, Dec. 19, 1830. li;!, 

Eiisha and , .* 

Eliza and Jerry A. Olney [int. of Smithfield, R.I.], Oct. 27, 


George and Caroline Sherman, [int. May 10], 1833. 

George E. of Easton, and Julia Ann Blake, Sept. 21, 1S37. 

Job 3d and Jane W. Ellis, Aug. i, 1830. 

Job and Mary Hodges of Sharon, Oct. 31, 1041. 

John [dup. Shermon, int. Shearman] a.nd Polly Skinner of 

Mansfield, Nov. 12, 1797, in Mansfield. 
Judith and Sewall Hodges [? of Sharon], Nov. 6. 181 7.* P.R.12. 
Levina and Chester ]\forse, int. Feb. 20, 1S30. 
Miranda [int. JMaranda] and Samuel Thaver of Bellingham, 

Dec. 4, 1826. 
Obadiah, 27, farmer, s. Stephen and Lucinda, and Julia A. 

Cook, 17, d. Silas and Joanna, Dec. 13, 1S44. 
Gbed and Clarissa [int. Clarisa] Hartshorn,' [int. Dec. i, 

Seth of Billingham [int. Bellingham], and Nabby [int. adds 

H.] Shepard, Jan. 6, 1S28. 
Solomon [int. Soloman] and Ruth A. [int. omits A.] Hodges 

of Sharon, d. Sewall, Dec. 20, 1S43. [Solomon and Ruth 
•" A[llen] Hodges [of Sharon] [ch. Sewall and Judith (Sher- 
man)], P.R.I 2.] 
Sophia and Thomas H. Putnam, May 27, 1S26. 

SHERMON (see Shearman. Sherman). Al)ic;ail and Job Sher- 
mon Jr. [s. Job and ]'>lizabcth], .^^ 

George and Surah [int. Sally] Skinner [int. of MansUeld], 

[int. Feb. 24, 1805]. 

• IntiTition not recorJeJ, 


,r- JjU .[.l.>i .!>!>t!i!/L,id ]u 

Ui n 

i;r!x;*[ bn' 

I .jjLI Jn, 


Shermon, Job and Elizabeth Holmes, 

Job Jr. [s. Job and Elizabeth] and Abigail Shermon, .* 

Matilda and Otis Pettee, Sept. 25, 181 7. 

Obadiah [du]). Shearman, int. Sheearman] and jNIatilda [dup. 

Matildah] Witherel [int. Wetherl], Feb. 27, 1791. 
Stephen [int. Shearinan] and Lucinda Skinner [hit. of ]\Ians- 

fieldj, — [int. Jan. 5, iSoi]. 

SHORES, Sally D. of Taunton, and Sanford Robinson, int. 
Aug. 26, 1838. 

SHUTE, Charles Jr., 25, housewright, s. Charles and Mary C, 
and Elizabeth Wilson, 19, d. Amasa and C, Apr. 11, 

SIMMOKDS, Abigail [int. Simmons] and Phillip [int. Philip], 
Sawyer, Sept. 18, 1810. 

SIMPSON, Charles of Attleboro, and Lois Paine, int. Feb. 15, 

SKELTON, Thomas, Rev., " Settled 1807 Resigned 1816," 
and Emma Willard, .* 

SKIDMORE, Nancy and Preston Carpenter, .* 

SKINNER, Adah [int. of Mansfield] and Leonard Corey, 
[int. Aug. 26, 1S14]. 

Charlotte [int. of Mansfield] and Aaron Comce, [int. 

Jan. 3, 1812]. 

Eunice of Mansfield, and Willard Billings, int. Oct. 31, 1823. 

lianah [int. Hannah, adds v^id.] of Mansfield, and Joseph 
Comee, Nov. 17, 1800. 

Harriet N. of ISIansfield, and Lvman F. Comey, [int. 

Apr. 8, 1837]. 

Hezekiah, Dr., of Mansfield, and Sally Hartshorn, int. Sept. 2, 
1804. [m. Nov. 15, C.R.I.] 

Horace and Fanny M. Howes, Nov. 21, 1S33.* 

James, Capt,, of jNIansfield, and Sally Sumner, int. ]\Iar. 15, 

Jcrusha [int. adds M.] and James A. Alexander [int. of Cum- 
berland], [int. Jan. 18, 1S23]. 

Lucinda [int. of Mansfield] and Stephen Shermon [int. Shear- 
man], [int. Jan. 5, iSoij. 

Mary [int. of Mansfield] and Charles C. Sumner, [int. 

[Mar.] 26], 1840. 

♦ Intention not recorded. 

.Jim] T-— ,::> 



I Skinner, Melsar of Mansfield, and Polly Hodgers, int. Mar. 

; • 16, 1799. 

I • Polly of Mansfield, and John Sherman [dup. Sheiraon, int. 

i Shccirman], Nov. 12, 1797, in iMan.sfield. 

I Sabiina [int. Sebrina] and .Moses Eames of Hopkinton, Dec. 5, 

; 1825. 

; Sarah [int. Sally of Mansfield] and George Shermon, 

i [int. Feb. 24, 1805]. 

; Sybil E. of Mansfield, and Har\'ey Leonard, Sept. 26, 183S. 

; SMITH, Almira and Albert C. Gay of Walpole, int. Sept. 6, 


Anna and Simeon Burr, .* ' •'' - ■ ■■ . :■ - 

' Francis and Caroline Morse, Sept. 16, 1S35. 

i George J. of Canton, and Mary Ann Flail, int. July 21, 1S40. 

Henry G., 23, R. Road overseer, of Mansfield, s. Waterman 
and Susanna, and Almira White, 33, of jSIansfield, d. 
Eliah and Sarah, Oct. 5, 1S45.* 

Ithiel [int. Jr.] of Dunstable, N.FL, and Lcvarna Packard, 
: June 28, 1S35. 

Jacob of Walpole, and Cata Fales of Walpole, Aug. 12, 1S09.* 

Jacob, widr., 25, farmer, of Wrentham, s. Robert and Mary, 
and Ann Lucretia Hindee, 19, of Wrentham, d. Thomas 
and JNlartha, Dec. 30, 1S49.* 

James A. and Mary A. Oloney, .* 

Lawton and Lucy B. Thompson, .* 

Levarna, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 41, d. Jcdcdiah Packard 
and Mehitable, and John Pool Jr., widr. [int. omits widr.], 
48, " Math' Ins' Maker," of Easton, s. John and Mary, 
Apr. 15, 1845. 

Mary of Walpole, and Asa Plimpton, Apr. 20, 17S0, in Wren- 

Osmin of Walpole, and Olive Clap, int. Feb. 14, 181 2. 

Rebecca [int. Rebackah of Ivlansfield] and Vv'ellcome Stratton 
[int. Wilcom Stratten], [int. Aug. 22 [1S07]]. 

Roxana and Reuben Clapp, .* 

Sarah Jane, 17, of Norton, d. Seth and Sarah ]\L, and Wash- 
ington L. Ncwcomb, 23, farmer, of Norton, s. llezekiah 
and Nancv, ^lar. 27, 1S49.* 

Sibil [int. Sybil'] C. and Dean Bacon of Walpole, Dec. iS, 1S36. 

Silas and Lurir.da Rhoads. iXc. 24, 1812.* 

Silas [int. adds CapL.] oi Wali)ole, and Sabra Bo^'den, Apr. jo, 
1842. ' , 

Sybil C. (sec Sibil C). 

* Ir.lemiun not rcc"rJ.-i.l. 



u;/j >j}M •^jv.r.yj.i h.'ia 

7/ ,! 



Smith, W^arren [int. of Walpole] and Sibbel Clapp, Ma}' 27, 

Willard and Amanda M. [int. Mariah] Ellis of Medvray, Ausj. 

8, 1836. 
Zachariah [int. Zechariah E. of Litchfield, ^^.le.] and Lydia 

Plimpton, Aug. 14, 1S25, "Moved to Litchfield Maine." 

SOUTHY/ICK, Keziah and Ira Wallice of vVrenthani, int. 
Oct. I, 1825. 

SPAULDir-TG, Hosea II., 20, laborer, s. Hosea and Lydia, and 

Julia M. Wilson, 17, Xov. 21, 1S47. 
Lovisa, 23, d. Hosea and Lydia, and Lewis Maddocks, 25, 

bonnet presser, s. Richard and Esther, Aug. 6, 1848. 

SPOFFCRD. \Vill[ia]m and Sarah J. Sumner, int. [Mar.] 25, 

STANDISR, George and Harriet E. Wight, int. Xov. 6, 1S47. 
Maria [int. adds L.] and Nathan B. Shaw of Abingtou, Oct. 24, 

iNliles and Mary Miller, Dec. 26. 1S16. 
Thomas [int. of Merrimac, X'.H.] and Lucinda Gerry [dup. 

Gary], [int. Xov. 17, iSio]. 

Thomas and Mrs. Rhoda S. Wight (second w.), July 27, 1S43. 
Warren T. and Harriet Loud of Prov[idence],"^R.i., -, 

in Weymouth.* 

STAJRKEY, Briggs and Caroline C. Allen [int. of Rehoboth], 

Apr. 20, 1834. 
Lemuel of Attleborough, and Saliy Grover, int. Oct. 30. iScS. 
Willard of Wrentham, and Amelia Shepard, Oct. 7, 1S32. 

STARNS (see Stearns), Betsy and Ezekiel Avens of Shelborn, 
int. Feb. 12, 1802. 

STEAD, Charlotte of Bristol, R.I., and WilHam C. Van 
Doom, int. Oct. 6, 1S27. 

STEARKS (see Starns), Abigail [dup. Xabby Starns, int. 

Sterns] and Joseph Bradshaw [int. Bradsaw], Dec. 11, 

Joseph S. and Esther Page of Walpole, int. [^Lir.] 12, 1S35. 

Joshua and Hannah Hewos, .* 

Martha M. [int. of Wreniham] and Amasa A. Grover, Oct. 2 


• InU'iiiija :ijt rccorJ-d. 

,[ M't;tK)iio>f V> .?• 


Stearns, William, 22, machinist, of Lowell, s. Hugh and 
Lydia, and Eliza Maria Guild, 22, d. Freedom and Eliza, 
Feb. 9, 1845. 

STEBBINS, Lydia and Ira Belcher, .* 

STETSON, Joshua [int. Steetson] of Walpole, and Nabby 
Everett, Nov. 8, 1798. 

STOCKBRIDGE, Horatio, Dr., of Hanover, and Priscilla Win-, 
slow Faxon, Sept. 26, 1812. 

STONE, Mary [int. of Knatic, sic] and Rev. Daniel Loring, 
"Settled 1804 Resigned 1806," [int. Apr. 4, 1804]. 

STORER (see Story), Mary L. and James P. Crotty of Wren- 
tham, int. Jan. 4, 1842. 

STORY (see Storer), Roxey [dup. and int. Storey] and Francis 
Carpenter, June 4, 1818. 

STRANGE, Lucretia H. [int. of Taunton] and x\biathar Robin- 
son, [int. July 20, 1837]. 

STRATTON, Adaline S. and Ezekiel C. Grant of Bellingham, 

int. Sept. 27, 1S2S. 

Amy and James Plimpton, [int. Oct. 15, 1814]. 

Chandler and Cinthia A. White, Apr. 25, 1836. 

Charles of Mansfield, and Eleanor Dixon, Nov. 26, 1S40. 

Charlotte N. and Alfred Fales, Nov. 9, 1834. 

Elisabeth, Mrs. [dup. Elizabeth Pcttee, wid. Joseph, omits 

]Mrs., int. Elizabeth, omits Mrs.], and Beriah Billing of 

Walpole, Dec. 13, 1S09. 
Fanny and George Grover [of] Mansfield, Jan. 17, 1S22. 
George [dup. Stratten] and Catharine [dup. Caty] Freeman, 

Jan. 27, 1782.* 
Hannah [dup. d. George and Catharine] and Jedediah Car- 
penter of Roxbury [second dup. Seckonk], May 23, iSoq. 
Harrison and Hannah Talbot [int. of Sharon], Dec. 13, 1S32. 
James and Eliza Paine, Apr. 23, 1826. 

James and Lydia Tower, .* 

Jo!m [dup. and int. Straton] and Lucy Nason, Mar. 27, 1799, 
Joseph [dup. and int. Straton] and Elizabeth [dup. and int 

Betsey] Pettcc, Dec. 13, 1705. 
Lucy and John Farwell [of] Roxbury. Feb. 13, 1S23. 
Mary (second w.) [int. iNLarey] and Joseph Shepard Jr. [dup. 

ch. Joseph and Abigail, int. Shopord], May 5, 180S. 

♦ Intention not rccorJi.Nj. 



-rlW .Jib?::'! h.v^ to70iWiII 

il-.iirrr.'^ [rA.'^ [v;ro'?. Jfii biif; .qv' 


Stratton, Milton [dup. s. George and Catharine] and Nancy 

Comee [int. Comie], Feb. 7, 1S05. [Coniee, c.R.i.] 
Nancy, d. George and Catharine, and • [int. 

Beriah jNIann], Mar. 17, 1S05. [Straton, and Beriah 

jNlann, IMar. 14, c.r.i.] 
Richard and Eh"za Ann Swetland [int. of Norton], — [int. 

Nov. 24, 1S32]. ■. -i ■ 

Richard and Sarah Newell, .* ■ ' ■ 

Robert [dup. and int. Straton] and Betsy .Shepard [dup. and 

int. Betsey Shepherd, second dup. ch. Joseph and Abi- 
gail], Sept. 22, 1797. 
Sally [dup. and int. Straton, dup. adds Mrs.] and Ebenezcr 

Fisher [dup. and int. Jr. of Wrentham], Mar. 25, 1790. 
Sally [dup. Salley] and James Payson, Apr. 26, 1808. 
Tyler and Sarah [dup. and int. Sally] Bird of Ivlansiield, May 

23, 1809. 
Waitstil [dup. and int. Weighty Straton] and Oliver iMorse, 

July 23, 1707. 
Wellcome [int. Wilcom Stratten] and Rebecca [int. Rebackah] 

Smith [int. of Mansfield], [int. Aug. 22 [1S07]]. 

Wellcome and Peddy Robinson (second \v.), Oct. 20, 1S17. 

STURTEVANT, Lucy, ^Irs., of Walpolc, and Joseph Estes, 
int. [Nov.] 50, 1S34. 

SUMNER, Albert A. and Ivlary Allen, Aug. 21, 1849, in Sher- 

Bradish and Junia Bullard, .* 

Calvin and Hannah Gay, - — - [int. Feb. 5], 1831. 

Catherine Yi., 21, d. Joanthan N. and Susan, and Jeremiah 

Oakes, 23, bonnet presser, b. New Portland, Franklin Co., 

Mc., s. John and Jane, Nov. 20, 1S49. 
Charles C. and Mary Skinner [int. of Mansfield], [int. 

[Mar.] 26], 1S40. 
Charles C, widr. [int. omits widr.], 35, manufacturer, s. W[il- 

lia]m F. and v.-., and Clarissa L. Lane, 21, of Norton, d. 

Calvin and w., Nov. 13, 1845. 
Hannah and Dea. [dup. and int. omit Dca.] Ebenezer Forrist 

[dup. Ebenczar Forrest, int. Ebenzer Forrest], INIar. 16, 

Hannah N., 21, d. Bradisli and Junia, and Jason Shaw, 21, 

boot maker, s. Natlilanicjl and Betsey, July i, 1845. 
Harriet IL and Asahel Dean of Rehoboth, May 26, 1S36. 
Henry H. Esq. and Experience Robinson, July 18, 1S32. 

• latrntion nol rcconii-J. 


sytnUi f) 

-T)f1c! i'il ,^>^'iI 



Sumner, Hepzaba [dup. crossed out, Hepzabath, second dup. 

Hepzibah, int. Hepzabeth] and Cornelius Metcalf, Sept. 27 

[second dup. Sept. 7], 179S. 
John Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Hannah Evans [dup. and int. of 

Grafton], Jan. 10, 1793, "I\Ioved to Sharon." 

John and Hannah Nutting, .* 

John E. and Vodisa Robinson, Nov. 16, 1823. 

John E. and Esther H. Pettee (second v;.) [int. of Needham], 

Aug. — -, 1841. 

Jonathan N. and Susan Brazee, .* 

Mary C. [int. CaroUne] and William A. [int. Allen] Thompson 

[int. of Wrentham], Aug. 23, 1S32. 
Milton and Sally [dup. crossed oul, Salley] Thompson [int. 

of Enston], [int. May 24, 1823]. 

Roger and Hannah Boyden, Nov. 30, 1797. 

Roger and iNlehetibel Corey [int. Metiitable Cora], wid. [int. 

omits wid.] (second w.), [int. ISIay 9, iSoo]. 

Sally and Capt. James Skinner of Mansfield, int. ]\Iar. 15, 

Sarah J. and Will[ia]m Spofford, int. [Mar.] 25, 1847. 
Susannah [int. Susanna] and Benj[ami]n Hodges of Sharon, 

Dec. 24, 1839. 
Truelove H. and Emery [dup. and int. Emor}-] Belcher, Apr. 

28, 1833. 
Turner and Polly [int. Marv] Brintnell, [int. May 8, 

William and Susanna Turner, Mar. 13, 1782.* 
William F. and H;innah Clark, Dec. 7, 1809. 

SUNDERLAND, Louisa M. and Calvin Pettee, Aug. 6, 1S35. 

SV/EET, EHzabcth and Dea. Nchcmiah Carpenter, .* 

Henry L. and Sarah F. Belcher, May 22, 1S34. 

Leonard [int. Lcnord Sweat] of Attleborough, and Lcmira F. 

[int. Field] Everett [int. omits Everett], [int. Dec. 

6, 1805]. 
Susan H. and Joseph Rowe [int. of ]\ledfield, dup. int. of 

Boston], Nov. 28, 1833. 

SWEETLAND (see Shetland), Ruth and John Bate, int. Aug. 
13, 1795- 

SWETLAND (see Sweetland), Eliza Ann [int. of Norton] and 
Richard Stratton, [int. Nov. 24, 1S32]. 

♦ luioniion not recorjL\l, 


,linE(\b'i'i'A io 



TAFT, Brown S. B., 31, mechanic, of Richmond, N.H., s. 
Brown and w., and Ruth Bassett, 34, d. Cyrus and Anna, 
May 3, 1846. 

TALBOT, Charles, Dr., and Adeline Wood of Dighton, int. 
[Aug.] 22, 1835. 

Hannah [int. of S.haron] and Harrison Stratton, Dec. 13, 1S32. 

Isaac W. of Turner, Cumberland Co., and Elizabeth P. Win- 
slow, int. Jan. 22, 1S03. 

TAPLEY, Rebecca S. of Walpole, and William T. Hewins of 
Walpole, Jan. 16, 1842.* 

TEBBETS (see Tibbctts), Enoch, widr. [int. omits widr.], 40, 
grocer, of Roxbury, s. Samuel and Lydia, and Mary B. 
Leonard, 30, d. Lewis and Bethiah, June 17, 1S49. 

TEMPLE, Eli.-a and Benjamin Jones, .* 

TEMPLETON, Abiather Fales and Mehitable Copeland, 
Dec, 5, 1822.* 

THACHER, Peter of Attleborough, and Susan Pratt, wid., 
Jan. 5, 1826. 

THAYER, Ackseh and Dudley Billings, Nov. 22, 181S. 
Elijah of Mansfield, and Meliitible [int. Mehatable] Pratt, 

Apr. 25, 1792. 
Elmira J., 21, and Charles W. Pond, 21, farmer, s. Jacob and 

Rebecca, Dec. i, 1846. 
Samuel of Bellingham, and Miranda [int. Maranda] Slierman, 

Dec. 4, 1826. 
Susan, T,o, d. John and Abigail, and Peter Carpenter, widr. 

[int. omits v/idr.], 74, farmer, s. Neh[emia]h and Elizabeth, 

Aug. 18, 1844. 

THOMAS, Deborah W. of Duxbury, and Noah Hobart of 
Abington, Nov. 5, 1789, " Moved 2^ May 1804 From 
Abington to Foxboro." * 

THOMPSON, Lucy B. and Lawton Smith, .* 

Mary and Thacher Comee, Dec. 21, 1823. 

Ralph and Mary , .* 

Sally [dup. crossed out, Sallcy, int. of Easton] and Milton 

Sumner, [int. May 24, 1823]. 

Susan of Wobourn [int. Woburn], and Rev. Daniel J. Poor, 

[int. Mar. 14, 1840]. 

* luiLMitiun not recorJcd. 

, I'iv/ , 


TiiOMTSON, William A. [int. Allen of Wrcntham] and I^Iary C. 
[int. Caroline] Sumner, Aug. 23, 1832. 

THRASHER, Sarah G. and Nathan Walker, widr. [dup. and 
int. omit widr.], Oct. 2, 1843. 

TIBBETTS (see Tebbets), Olive and John Pierson, .* 

TIFFANY, Fanny and Otis Boyden, int. July 15, 1S21. 
Isaac [int. of Mansfield] and Fanny Grovcr, [int. Apr. 3, 

Isaac and Achsah Carpenter, Dec. — [int. Dec. 12], 1S2S. 

[m. Dec. 28, p.R.iS.] 
Joseph Jr. and Syntha Paine, int. July 22, 1805. [Tifany, 

and Cynthia Paine, m. Aug. 22, c.R.i.] 

Joseph and Sarah Morse, .* 

Lewis and Emily Blackington of V/rentham, int. Aug. 0, 1S43. 
Miriam [int. Meriam Tipheney] and Joshua Clark, May 27, 

1779, in Mansfield. 
Rufus [s. Joseph and Sarah (Morse)] and Sally White, Oct. 11, 

Sally and Kolsey Grover of Mansfield, int. Nov. 25, 1S12. 

TILSOR, Nehemiah and Abigail Morse, Apr. 19 [second dup. 
Apr. 7], 1792. 

TINGLEY, Timothy C, Rev., and Nancy Bliss [int. of Altle- 
boro], [int. Mar. S], 1S32, "Moved 1S37 to Boston." 

TINKHAM, Lazarus of Norton, and Esther Leonard, Nov. 29, 

TISDALE, John and Lurana Makepeace of Norton, int. Dec. 
16, 1S42. 

TITUS, Comfort of Scckonk, and Esther Paine, July 4, 1822. 
Hannah B. and Hermon Brackett, int. [Oct.] 27, 1S3S. 
James and Rebecca Wood, Sept. 21, 1S47.* 
Reuben [int. Rubin] of Mansfield, and Ivlary Atherton, v.'id. 

[int. i\Iarah Arthcton, omits wid.], Oct. 28, 1784, in 

Samuel and Eunice Bacon, .* 

TODD, Eliza M. ( ) [int. Eliza i\I. of Mansfield] and 

Joel Shaw, [int. Sept. 15, 1S21]. 

Lona and Elijah H. Shepard, .* 

♦ Intention not recorJixl. 


,1 1 


TOLMAN, Fanny and William M. Allen, Nov. 27, iS34.*_ 
Spencer [int. of Sharon] and Hannah Clark [dup. ch. William 

and Hannah], [int. JNlar. — , 1S06, dup. " Moved 

to Wrentham "]. 
Spencer and Eliza Pond of Attleborough, int. [Sept.] 15, 1S31. 

TORREY, M. Merrick of Newton, and Ann J. Leonard, int. 
Nov. 15, 184S. 

Martin and Susanna [int. Susannah] Hardon [int. of Mans- 
field], Nov. 25, 1S17. 

Martin, Capt., and Mrs. Clarissa [int. Clarisa] Sherman, 
Dec. 30, 1838. 

Mary Dodge and Otis Cary, , " Moved 1S34 from 

Easton." * 

TOWER, Ann EHza, 24, d. Calvin and Ann, and Ira L. Myrick, 

25, of Vt., s. Nathan and Harriet, Apr. i, 1S46. 
Lydia and James Stratton, .* 

TRAFFORD, Phillip [int. of Dartmouth] and Elvira Richard- 
son, Oct. 20, 1831. 

TROV/, Benjamin of Oxford, and Rachel Pratt, Oct. 3, 17S9. 
E.uth [dup. Ruthe] and Benjamin Comee, Mar. 24, 17S5. 

TUBES, Josiah H. of Walpole, and ]\Irs. I\Iargaret Hogan of 
Walpole, Oct. 31, 1S41.* 

TUCKER, Ann (see Nancy). 

Jesse of Alilton, and Eliza Warren, Dec. 29, 1S17. 

Nancy and Hon. Ebenczer Warren Esq., .* [Ann, 

Dec. 14, 1774, P.R.13.] [Nany ?, Dec. 14, 1774, P.K.T4.] 
Sally and Samuel Thompson [int. onn'ts Thompson] Belcher, 

[int. Dec. 11, 1791]. 

Zenora of Mt. Holly, Vt., and Joseph Elliot, int. [Nov.] 21, 

TUPPER, Azubah and Israel Morse, July 11, 1791. 

TURNER, Keziah of Wrentham, [and] Robert Day, Apr. 9, 

Salmon Jr. and Clementina [int. Clcmintina] L. Bird, Nov. 26, 

Susanna and William Sumner, Mar. 13, 17S2.* 
Willard P. and Catherine E. Bird, Mar. 12, 1S35. 

♦ Intention not recorded. 

■b^dui-a iilvia hue f 

1o nr.;iOJ-i .ioicyj/..wi . 

,(Tn/-.) *.- 


TWITCHETX, Alinlra M. of Dover, and Luther R. Grover, 
int. [Apr.] 25, 1S46. 

VAN DOORN, William C. and Charlotte Stead of Bristol, 
R.I., int. Oct. 6, 1827. 

VINCENT, Maria of Dennis, and F. Ernmons Hartshorn, int. 
Oct. 20, 1S49. 

WADE, Elisabeth of Sharon, and Simeon White of Sharon, 
June I, 1797.* 

WAKEFIELD, Olive and Laban Witherell, int. July 8, 1S09. 

WALDEN (see Waldin), Lydia [int. Waldin] of Cumberland, 
R.I., and Lyman F. Comey, widr. [int. omits widr.], Nov. 
30, 1843- 

WALDIN (see Walden), Alpha of Attleborough, and Joel 
' Larden, int. Mar. 12, 1S42. 

WALKER, Nathan, widr. [dup. and int. omit widr.], and Sarah 

G. Thrasher, Oct. 2, 1S43. 
Nathan and Rebecca , .* ' :■ • • . -, -, 

WALLICE (see Wallis), Ira of Wrentham, and Keziah South- 
wick, int. Oct. I, 1825. 

WALLIS (see Wallice), Mary Ann and Elisha S. Boydcn, 
Nov. I, 1 8 18. 

WARD, CeUa and James Gillooley of Easton, int. Oct. ^lo, 
1 848. 

WARE (see Wares), Abigail [Ware, ivritien in pencil] and 

David Wilkinson, .* 

Charlotte and Samuel Forrist, Aug. 30, 1787.* 

Chloe and Hezekiah Pettee, May 5, 17S6. 

Daniel of Wrentham, and Survea Greatreaks of Wrentham, 

July 14, 1785.* 
Eliza A. ( ) [Ware] and James A. Wilber, ."^ 

[Ware, and James A. Wilbur, Nov. 23, 1836, P.R.15.] 

Elizabeth and Lemuel Wight, • .* 

Fannc [int. Fanna] and Samuel Pittee [int. Pettee], July 7, 

Keziah and Jo.-cph Everett, .* 

Lucrctia and Zebulon Pond of \\ ihcnthon, Jan. 25, 1787.* 
Mary and William Hewes, .* 

♦ IiiUntion rot rctor !..\1. 


.noTiMiS Jo 

,o;, J'jO Jni .!ioJ^/«7l 


Ware, Melatiah (second v;.) and John Everett, .* 

Melctiah and Chloe , .* 

Nancy and Enoch Billings of Stoughton, Feb. i, 17S1, in 
Wrentham.'*' '"* 

WARES (see Ware), Molly and Benjamin Randall of Sharon, 
July I, 17S4, in Sharon. "*" ■<" 

WAHPEN, Abigail [int. adds A.] and Dr. [int. omits Dr.] "" 

William- Payson, June 7, 1S12. 
Ebenezer Esq., Hon., and Nancy Tucker, .* [Ann, '' ' 

Dec. 14, 1774, r.R.13.] [Nany ?, Dec. 14, 1774, p.R.14.] ^^ 
Eliza and Jesse Tucker of jMilton. Dec. 29, 1S17. 
Hannali and Schuyk-r Clark, 2^7ov. 22, 1S32. 
Jane and Lciriuel Paine, int. Sept. 30, 1S05. [Jane Thompson 

Warren, m. No^. 2S, c.R.i.] 
Joseph Esq. and Ilaimah Green Gilbert [int. cf Alansfield], 

[int. Nov. 2S, 1834]. [m. Dec. 25, f.p,.i3.] 

Nathaniel M., 2S, teamster, of Stougliion, s. Nathan and 

Kuth, and Mary D. Jones, 27, of Stoughton, May 10, 


WASHBURN. Will[ia]m S. and Mary Ann Pettee, Oct. 20, ■ 

WATERS, Ruthe and Rev. Thomas Kendall, "1786 Settled 

Resigned iSoo," .* ^^, 

"WELLMAK (see Welman, Willman), Elmina and Elijah 
Brown of Cumberland, R.I., int. Nov. 8, 1S23. 

WELMAN (see Wcllman, Willman), Lydia and Jacob Morse, 


WESTCOTT, George J. and Charlotte R. Wight of Upton, 

int. [Mar.] 25, 1S42. 
Jamics and Nabby [int. Abigail] Everett, Nov. 6, 1831. 
Stephen [int. Westcot] and Tryphena [int. Triphene] Everett, 

Jan. 24, 1S22. 
Stephen and Mary Barker (second w.), June 22, 1826. 
Stephen E. of Boston, and Mary L. Cartee, int. [Dec] 13, 1847. ).%■ 
William and Judith il. Barker, Dec. 14, 1S37. ii»t 

WESTON, Lucy and William.s Hodges [int. of N.Y.], 

[int. Oct. 5, iSii], "Moved to N. York State." 

WETHERELL (see Witherel, Withcrcll), Mcse of Easton, and '■■' 
Rachel Morse, int. Aug. 6, 181 2. 

* Intention not rccorcicd. 

[.:Ci rilrc.i ;r.'.] .-^1 

n;o^-;fnol i ur;jujj 


WHEELER, Abraham, Rev., of Fairhaven, and Ann Mum- 
ford Albro of Wrentham, June 11, 1817.* 

WHIPPLE, Ethan B. [int. of Fairhaven, Vt.] and Betsey 
Pettee, Sept. 23, 1823. 

WHITE, Alraira, 33, of Mansfield, d. Eliab and Sarah, and 
Henry G. Smith, 23, R. Road overseer, of Mansfield, s. 
Waterman and Susanna, Oct. 5, 1845.* 

Anna [dup. Anne] of Mansfield, and Simon Morse, May 27, 
1781, in Mansfield.* 

Arbela [int. of Raynham] and Alvan [int. Alvin] Grover, Jan. 

27, 1820. 

Asa of Sharon, and Hannah Morse, Apr. 4, 1797. 

Betsey W., v/id. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 43, d. Samuel Forrist, 

and Amos Chiids, widr, [int. omits widr.], 51, laborer, s. 

Phinehas, Oct. 2, 1S44. 

Bets)'' and George W. Berry, .* 

Cinthia A. and Chandler Stratton, Apr. 25, 1836. 

Cyntha ( — ) [int. Syntha White] and Elkanah Clark, 

■ [int. Dec. 13, 1794]. 

Eli [of] Mansfield, p.nd Peggy Salley, Oct. 2, 1S22.* 

Eli E. and Abaline C. G. Green of Wrentham, int. May 16, 1846. 

Ephraim, widr., 27, basket maker, of Mansfield, b. Tvlansfield, 

s. Eliah and Sally of IMansfield, and i\Iary M. Fillebrown, 
!■ 21, of Mansfield, b. Mansfield, d. Rodolphus and 2\Iary of 

Mansfield, Nov. 27, 1S49.* 
Franklin A. [int. of Mansfield] and Sarah H. Lothrop, May 28, 

Friend and Betsey VJ. Forrist, int. Apr. 12, 1S28. 
Gardner H. and Julia A. Chiids, int. Oct. 2, 1S47. 
George A. and Nancy O'Brien of Providence, R.I., int. [Nov.] 

28, 1846. 

Hannah [int. of Taunton] and Marshal Shaw, ■ [int. 

Sept. II, 1824]. 
Jerusha of Mansfield, and Jedcdiah Morse, Apr. 30, 1795. 
John of Easton, and Sally Mitchel, int. July 6, 1S17. 
Leonard of INIanfield, and Lydia Hodgers, int. July 10, 1794. 
Levi [int. of Sharon] and Dolly Ware Farrington, [int. 

Mar. 5, 1814]. 
Levi and Fanny Forrist (second w.), Oct. 19, 1S25. 
Mary and Elias Guild, Aug. 30, 1782.* 
Mary 3d [int. adds Mrs., omits 3d] of Mansfield, and Dr. John 

Willman [int. Wclman], Aug. 25, 1790, in JNlansfield. 

♦ lutt'iilic'n not rccorJcJ, 



,'^i -,_£]/. ^q:.. 



White, Mary Jane, 24, d. Levi and Dolly W., and Edward S 

Morse, 22 slice maker, of liolliston, s. Edw[ar]d and 

Clestma, Oct. 6, 1S44. 

Matilda and William Lane, [int. Oct. o, iSo^] 

Merium [int. of Sharon] and Cornelius Morse, Tan. 18 iSoi 

[sic, int. Dec. 12, 1802]. 

Nancy and Nathan Clark [int. 2d], [int. Jan. — , 1S02]. 

A'ancy of Mansfield, and Joseph Howard, int. Apr. 2- 18^7 '• 
Ohve Maria [int. of 3,Iansllcld] and Charles Capen, Tune 2 i 

1S37, in Mansfield. t- , . , 

Peggy S. and Phillip 13. Lake of New Bedford, int Oct i 

1842. ' ' 

Rhoda, Mrs., and Amasa Grover, int. Jan. 14, 184^. "Notice 

Roxa and George W. Sallcy of Mansfield, int. Nov. 27 1S47 
Sally and Rufus Tiflany [s. Joseph and Sarah (Morse)], Oct.' 

II, 1811.* 
Simeon of Sharon, and Elisabeth Wade of Sharon, Tune i 

William A. [int. Augustus], 28, laborer, s. Willis and Phebe 

and Althea M. [int. Maria] Gilmore, 20, d. James and 

Ccha, Nov. 17, 1844. 
W[illia]m W. of IMansfield, and Sarah J. Austin, int Oct i 

1836. ■ ' 

WHITING, John of Wrentham, and INIeletiah Everitt, int. 

Jan. — , 1802. 
Sanford E. and Mary J. Salisbury of E. Greenwich, R.I., int. 

Oct. II, 1849. 

WHITNEY, Timothy P. and Susan I^Jann, .* 

V/HITTSMORE, Horatio C, 19, painter, s. Joshua and 
Eunice, and Lucy A. Barrows, ig, of Walpole, d. Edw[ar]d 
and Mary, Oct. 17, 1S47. 

Jesse of Boston, and Cynthia R. Perry of Claremont, N.H 
Oct. I, 1840. • ' 

Joshua and Eunice Morse, .* 

V/IGHT, Charlotte R. of Upton, and George J. Wcstcott, int. 

[Mar.] 25, 1842. 
Harriet E. and George Standish, int. Nov. 6, 1S47. 
Lemuel Jr. and Rhoda Paine [dup. Pain, int. Roda Pain], 

Apr. 16, 1795. 
Lemuel and Elizabeth Ware, .* 

♦ Intention not recorded. 


Wight, Polly [int. Wright] and Benjamin Knight of Wren- 

tham, May 27, 179S. 
Rhoda S., Mrs. (second w.), and Thomas Standish, July 27, 

Simeon of Wrentham, and Huldah Balcom of Attleborough, 

May 4 [?], 1796.* 

WILBER (see Wilbor), Caroline and Orren Witherell [int. 

Wetherell], June 16, 1839. [Wilbur [ch. James and Hep- 

zibah (Morse)], p.R.15.] 
Daniel Jr. [int. "Wildbore] and Sarah Rogers [int. Sally Rodgers 

of IMansfield], [int. Oct. 14, 1S04]. 

Erastus A. and iMary Belcher, Mar. t, 1S42. 

Fanny and Rev. Francis Dane of ^Mansfield, int. Apr. 30, 1S15. 

James A. and Eliza A. [Ware], .* [Wilbur, and 

Eh'za A. Ware, Nov. 23, 1S36 P.R.T5.] 
L. Bryant, 21, mechanic, s. Ja[me]s and Hepzibah, and Laura 

A. Dunbar, 21, d. David and Xancy, Xov. 5, 1S46. 

[Lorenzo B. Wilbur [ch. James and Hepzibah (Morse)], 

P.R.I 5.] 

WILBOR (sec Wilbcr), Abiathar [int. Abiather Wildbore] and 

Eunice ]\Iorse, [int. Nov. 12, 1S14]. 

Elisha [dup. Wildboar, int. Wildboor] and Abi Belcher, Aug. 

14, 1794. 
Elizabeth of Wrentham, and Joseph Gay, Feb. 4, 1798.* 
James [dup. and int. Wilber] and Hepzibah [dup. Hephsibah, 

int. Hcphzibah] Morse, Nov. 23, 1S09. 
Sally [int. Wildbore] and Asahel Williams of Mansneld, Jan. 

ID, 1804. 

WILD, Polly K., 29, of ^lansfield, d. John and Polly, and 
Benj[ami]n C. JBalcomb, 26, carpenter, of ^^lanslield, s. 
Sam[ue]l and Anna, Sept. 20, 1S46.* 

WILDER, Mary F. of Hingham, and Rev. Silas Ripley, int. 
July 14, 1847. 

WILKINSON (sec Wilkinsson), David and Abigail Ware 

[Ware, written in pencil], .* 

Susannah of Attleborough, and Darius Fisher, int. Dec. 10, 


WILKINSSON (see Wilkinson), Poly, Mrs., and Aaron 
Rhoads, Feb. 26, 1789.* 

* IntLiuion not recorJcJ. 


Imo, |:./.:.iM»7/ Tw 


WILLARD, Emma and Rev. Thomas Skelton, "Settled 1S07 
Resigned 1816," .* 

WILLIAMS, Abigail and Capt. Josiah Pratt,, 

Amasa of Mansfield, and Phebe Witherel, int. June iS, 1791. 
Amelia of Attleboro, and Sam[ue]l Plsher Jr., Apr. 22, 1S3S. 
Asahel of Mansfield, and Sally Wilbor [int. Wildbore], Jan. 10, 

Azubah of Mansfield, and Joel Pain, Aug. 15, 17S2, in Mans- 
Daniel of IMansfield, and Xancy Grover, Jan. i, 1703. 
Densey [int. Dency] of 2slanstield, [and] Rufus M. Hewes, 

Feb. II, 1810. 
Francis D. of Prov[idcnce], R.I., and Lydia T. Copeland, int. 

June 12, 1S47. 
George W., 18, machinist, s. Geo[rge] and Hannah F., and 

Phebe A. Pond, 15, d. Cha[rle]s E. and Phebe F., Jan. 2, 

Julia of Mansfield, and Warren Billings, int. [Aug.] 20. 1835. 
Thomas, Rev., "Settled 1S16 Resigned 182 1," and Ruthe [dup. 

Ruth] Hale, .* 

V;^LLIS (sec Wyllys), Job and Matilda H. Noyes, int. June 

12, 1824. 
Martin and Eliza Cobb of Sharon, int. [I^lar.j 25, 1039. 

WILLMAN (see Wellman, Welman), John, Dr. [int. Wel- 
man], and [int. adds ]^.Ir5.] Mary White 3d [int. omits 3d] 
of Mansfield, Aug. 25, 1796, in Mansfield. 

WILMARTH, Elizabeth [int. adds H.] (second w.) and Leon- 
ard Alorse, Aug. 22, 1S41. 

WILSON, Elizabeth, 19, d. Amasa and C., and Charles Shute 
Jr., 25, housewright, s. Charles and ^lary C, Apr. 11, 1S47. 

Julia M., 17, and Hosea H. Spaulding, 20, laborer, s. Hosea 
and Lydia, Nov. 21, 1S47. 

WINN, Lucena of Franklin, and James A. Guild, int. Sept. 21, 

WINSLOW, Bety Peck and David Clapp of Walpole, int. 
Oct. 23, 1S19. 

Cynthia J., 22, d. Isaac and Leonora, and Alvah R. Chase, 25, 
carpenter, of Attleborough, b. Attleborough, s. Alvah 
(Chace) and Clarissa, Nov. 30, 184S. [Cynthia Jones 
Winslow and Alvah Richmond Chace, p.R.19.] 

• bitenaou not recorded. 

^Jjrji .Jf.i .cl 

'/oZ .:i ;,bii;..U .'■ 

■!>V/ .in-] .^M 
I'-r .-:J;rno jnij 

;i..^ ( bi-.G (..V J: 



WiNSLOW, Eleazer and Ann Corbett of Dorchester, int. Apr. 

3, 1813- 
Elizabeth P. and Isaac W. Talbot of Turner, Cumberland Co., 

int. Jan. 22, 1803. 
Fanny and Samuel E. Leonard, Sept. 24, 1829. 
Isaac and Leonora Jones, Jan. 21, 1822. 

Shadrach, Dr., and Elizabeth Robbins, .* 

Simmons, widr. [int. omits widr.], 40, blacksmith, of Berkley, 

b. Berkley, s. Gardner and Wealthy, and Nancy M. 

Carpenter, 25, d. James and Nancy, May 15, 1849. 

V/ITHEREL (see Wetherell, Witherdl), ?^Iatilda [dup. ^^latil- 
dah, int. Wetherl] and Obadiah Shermon [dup., 
int. Sheearman], Feb. 27, 1791. 

Phcbe and Amasa Williams of ^Mansfield, int. June iS, 1791. 

Sally and John Fairbanks Jr. of Wrentham, Aug. 3, 1794. 

WITHERELL (sec Wetherell, Witherel), Benj[arni]n of Mans- 
field, and Mrs. Elisabeth Kendall, int. June 8, 1842. 

Betsy [dup. Mrs. Betsey Witherale] and Silas Hartshorn, 
Oct. 30, 1788.* 

Laban and Olive Wakefield, int. July 8, 1S09. 

Or^en [int. Wetherell] and Caroline Wilber, June 16, 1S39. 
[Caroline Wilbur [ch. James and Hepzibah (JNlorse)], 

WOOD (sec Woods), Adeline of Dighton, and Dr. Charles 

Talbot, int. [Aug.] 22, 1835. 
Bridget, wid. [int. and dup. int. omit wid.], and Ebenczer 

Cupeland [int. and dup. int. Coplin of Bridgwater], 

[int. and dup. int. Aug. 29, 1801]. 
Eliza [int. Elczebeth of Fr[a]ncklin] and Dr. Spencer Pratt, 

[int. Sept. 19, iSoi], " ^Slovcd To Franklin." 

Joshua, Dr., of Stoughtonham, and Bridget Greatracks of 

Stoughtonham, Jan. 17, 1782.* 
Rebecca and James Titus, Sept. 21, 1S47.* - 
Zephaniah and Mary , .* 

WOODARD, Polly and James Clapp, Apr. 9, 1S18. 

WOODS (see Wood), Nancy and Ellis Leonard, Apr. 10, 

WOODWORTH, Abby H. of Walpole, and Thomas Clapp, 
int. Dec. 10, 1S44. 

• Intfiition not r<.'>.(>rJt.'d. 



.r,'l tni 

•J. -J .,f,.r . 

^•ii-:;iii3 .^•■ 



WYLLYS (see Willis), Job [int. Willis] and Selah Brayi 
[int. Braymon], [int. Dec. 26 [iSoi]]. 

VAT^-IAN, David and Abigail Pratt, Dec. 19, 1839. 

-, Abigail and Soloman Morse, 
Ann and Leavett Billing: 

, Azubah and Nathan Kingsbury, 

, Chloe and ^Nleietiah Ware, 

. Dorotha and John Richardson, ,* 

— , Elizabeth and Joshua Armsby, , " Moved to 

Sutton." * 

-, Elizabeth and Joseph Day 
-, Hannah and Jacob Cook, 

-, Lois and Amariah Marsh, .* 

~, Mary and Joel Eliot, .* 

— , Mary and Isaac Pratt, .* 

— , :Mary and Ralph Thompson, 

— , ?\Iary and Zephaniah Wood, 

— , Rebecca and Xathan Walker 

-, Rcbeccah and William Pettec, .* 

-, Sarah and Samuel Balckom, .* 

-, and Luther Grover, .* 

•) and Elbridge H. Packard, 

-, and EHsha Sherman, .* 

• IntcQtiou not recorded. 

' ; . I < 


\' • \, 




ADAMS, Hannah, w. , d. Benjamin Pettee and Han- 
nah, Dec. 22, 1785, in 30th y. g.r.i. 

ALDEN, Charlotte B., w. Albert, d. Aaron Comey and Char- 
lotte, anemia, Apr. 29, 1849, a. 30 y. 11 m. 10 d. 

Harriet Eli/a, d. Albert and Charlotte B. [(Comey) p.r.i.], 
dysentar}', July 24, 1S46, a. i y. 2 m. 14 d. 

Leslie, s. Albert and Charlotte B. [(Comey) p.r.i.], measles, 
Apr. 5, 1847, a. 5 m. 5 d. 

ALDRICR, , wid., July i, 1S23. [Anna Aldridge, wid., 

June 30, P.R.2.] [Anna Eldridge, wid., June 30, P.R.3.] 
[Eldridge, June 30, P.R.4.] 

ALLEN [Joanna], w. Samuel, Feb. 23, 1843. 

Louisa, b. Sumner, Me., d. William and Naomi, consumption, 

May 5, 184S, a. 22 y. 6 m. [May 6, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Susan, Feb. 17, 1831. c.R.2. [Alden, Feb. 16, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

, ch. Capt. Alien ''from Bilrica," Nov. 10, 1822. 

, Mrs., Mar. 28, 1836. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

BACON, Elizabeth (Billings), w. Harlow, July 16, 1838. 

[Betsey, July 15, a. 27, p.r.i.] [July 16, p.p.2.] [Betsey, 

ch. Billings, P.R.3.] 

Elizabeth, b. Plymouth, s. David and Abigail, congestion of 

brain, Dec. 24, 184S. [Betsey, p.R.3. P.E.4.] 
George Boarclman, s. Harlow and Elizabeth, Sept. 22, 1837. 

[George W., ch. Harlow and Betsey, a. 8 m., p.r.i.] 
George Harlow, s. Harlow and Elizabeth, Aug. 3, 1838. [ch. 

Harlow and Betsey, a. 3 m., p.r.i.] 
James Birncy, s. Harlow and Abba A., dropsy on brain, Oct. 

7, 1845, ^' I y- 2 m. I d. 

BAKER, Mary (Boyden), w. [Dea., P.R.3.] Samuel, Dec. 30, 

Samuel, h. Mary (Boyden), Sept. 29, 1821. [Dea. Samuel, 

a. 78, C.R.I.] [Dea. Samuel, P.R.3.] [Dea. S., P.R.4.] 

197 .A^ 


, -oltiiv'iP.T J.r.u. 



BALLOU, , ch. Nathan, Sept. i8, 1825. p.r.s. p.R.3. 

HARDEN, , cli. Jesse, Mar. 10, 1825. p.e.2. p.R.3. 

[Barnes, P.R.4.] 

BARRETT, John "from Hoplanton," Apr. 5, 1821. 
, Mar. 6, 1821. p.R.3. [schoolmaster, P.R.4.] 

BASSE'IT, Anna, wid. Cyrus, Oct. 5, 1846, a. 60. p.r.i. 

BATES, John, Dec. 11, 1828. [Dec. 10, p.R.3. P.R.4.] 
• — , wid. John [?], June 20, 1835. P.R.3. 

BELCHER, Almira (Kidder), w. Lev.-is T., Dec. 11, 1S28. 

[This entry crossed out.] 
Chloe (Morse), w. Friend, Oct. 28, 1S42. [Oct. 26, C.R.2.] 

[Oct. 2S, P.R.3.] [Nov. 28, P.R.^.] 
Ed^Ya^d, ch. Comfort and Abigail, May 21, 1823. [May 22, 

P.R.2. P.R.3.] [Mar. 22, P.R.4.] 
Eleazer, ch. Friend and Chloe, premature, Feb. 16, 1S13. 
Eleazer, h. Elizabeth (Morse), Dec. 24, 181S [dup. a. 73]. 

[a. 73, C.R.I. G.R.I. P.R.3.] 
Eleazer Jr., h. Esther (Baker), Sept. 30, 1821. 
Elizabeth (Morse), w. Eleazer, Apr. — , 1838. [Elizabeth, 

wid., P.R.2.] [wid. Eleazer, ch. IVIorse, Apr. 21, 

r.R.3.] [wid. Eleazer, Apr. 21, P.R.4.] 
Esther (Baker), w. Eleazer Jr., May 19, 1820. 

Friend (see Belcher). 

Hannah A., b. Lynn, d. Emery and Truelove H., cholera 
^infantum, Aug. 10, 1845, a. i y. 6 m. 4 d. [ch. Emory, 

June — , P.R.3.] [ch. Emery, June — , P.R.4.] 
Harriet Spaulding, d. Friend Jr. and Amy, Jan. 8, 1S32. [Har- 
riot, Jan. 7, P.R.3.] [Jan. 7, P.R.4.] 
Ira, h. Sally (Fales), Mar. 11, 1832. [a. 58, g.r.i.] 
Sally [dup. (Fales)], wid. Ira, consumption, Sept. 7, 1S43, 

a. 58. [Sept. 8, p.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Sally T., d. Samuel Thompson and Sally, June 18, 1S14. 
Sally (Tucker), w. Samuel Thompson, May 15, 1S42. [Sarah, 

C.R.2.] [Sally, d. Lewis Tucker and Sarah, a. 67, p.r.i.] 
Samuel, widr., farmer, b. Boston, s. Sam[ue]l and Jane T., 

disease of heart, ]in\. 22, 1S46, a. 78 y. q m. 4 d. [Jan. 

26, c.R.2.1 [Jan. 22. p.r.i.] [Samuel T., Jan. 22, P.R.3.] 
Unity, d. Eleazer and Elizabeth, Nov. 24, 1S23. 
, s. Friend and Chloe, May 9, 1S02, a. 12 hrs. [Friend, 

s. Friend and Cloe, in 14th y., g.r.i.] 

.£..«•{ .t 

.1 «.1 .C«. 

.H'ihi ,ti .ooU 

.ff t '•'* •»!' i'i <5: -i «i 


Belcher, , d. Friend and Chloe, Feb. 22, 1S05, a. 24 his. 

, ch. Friend and Chloe, premature, Sept. 16, 1S09. 

, ch. Friend and Chloe, premature, July iS, iSio. 

, d. Friend and Chloe, Apr. 6, 1817, a. 7 d. 

(Beleaer), ch. Mr. Beacher, Sept. 19 [1825]. 

BILLINGS, Amherst, h. Experience (Shaw), June 13, 1816. 

[a. 31, P.R.I.] [father of A. Warren Billings, P.R.3.] 
Ann Elizabeth, d. Joseph and Ann E., Oct. 11, 1S47, a. 12 y. 

8 ra. G.R.5. 

Betsey, wid. Jacob [?], , 1S16. p.R.3. 

Enoch [dup. Billing], s. Samuel [dup. Jr.] and Hannah, Apr. 

10, 1810. [Billings, ch. Samuel Jr. and Hannah, P.R.3.] 
Franklin W., s. Warren and Julia, inflamed lungs, Feb. 3, 

1844, a. 3 m. 15 d. 
Hannah, b. Canton, Me., vvid. Samuel, typhus fever, Aug. 30, 

1844, a. 85 y. 29 d. 
Helen Augusta, d. Joseph and Ann E., Sept. 10, 1S47, a. i y. 

7 m. G.R.5. 

Jacob, h. Hannah (Hewins), June 2, 1816. 

Julia A., ch. Warren, Mar. 6, 1837. P.R.i. 

Juliet, d. Amherst W. and Julia, dysentery, Sept. 25, 1848, 
a. I y. 8 m. 26 d. [Juliette, ch. Warren, Aug. i, a. 2, 
r.R.i.] [ch, A. Warren, Sept. 27, P.R.3.] [ch. Warren, Sept. 

27, P.R.4.] r .1 

Ruhamah (Coinee), w. Spencer, Nov. 26, 1S29. [wid. Spen- 
cer, Nov. 26, 1830, p.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Ruhamah, twin ch. Spencer and Ruhamah, Oct. 5, 1831. 
[Ruhama, c.R.2.] [Ruhama, Oct. 6, p.r.2. P.R.3. ] [Rov/- 
ena, Oct. c;, P.R.4.I 

Samuel, Maj. [dup. Billing], Oct. 3 [dup. Oct. 2], 1810. [Bil- 
lings, Oct. 2, p.p. 3.] 

Samuel, h. Hannah (Billings), ]Mar. 19, 1834. 

Sarah Robbins, d. Joseph and Ann E., Sept. 24, 1847, a. 10. 

Spencer, h, Ruhamah (Comee), Apr. 9, 1799 [dup. in 30th y., 
second dup. crossed out, in 40th y.]. [a. 38, P.R.3.] 

Sybil Kingsbury, d. Joseph and Ann E., Oct. 30, 1847, a. 5 y. 

8 m. G.R.5. 

BIRD, Elijah, h. Sarah (Bratt), Nov. 20, 1S21. [Nov. 20, 
1S24, G.R.4.] [Nov. 20. 1821, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Esther (Belcher), w. Warren, July 2S, 1840. [ch. Eleazer Belcher 
and Esther (Baker), July 20, a. 47 y. 10 m, 19 d., p.r.i.] 
[July 18, P.R.2.] [cb. Eleazer Belcher Jr., July 28, p.p. 3.] 


Bird, Fidelia Lorane, milliner, d. Alphcus and Polly, con- 
sumption, Oct, 28, 1S44, a. 23 y. 8 m. 22 d. 

Herbert Leonard, s. Alpheus and Amelia, dropsy on brain, 
Aug. 21, 1846, a. 4 y. 3 m. 22 d. [Aug. 24, a. 4 y. 3 ra. 
24 d., p.R.i.l [Aug. 23, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Maty Boydcn, ch. Warren and Esther, Sept. 28, 1821. 

Polly, Apr. I, 1S39, in 50th y. G.R.4. 

Polly (Harlov:), v/. Alpheus, Aug. 22, 1S31. [w. Col. Alpheus, 
ch. Ebenczer Harlow, a. 36 y. 21 d., p.r.j.] 

Sarah (Pratt), w. Elijah, Oct. 12, 1821. [in 69th y., G.R.4.] 

BISHOP, Charles Wesley, s. Tiffany, Dec. 31, 1838, a. 2. 


BLAKE, Charles Dupee, ch. Dupee and Roxa, Apr. 23, 1851. 

[Apr. 8, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Enos, s. Ebenezer Jr. and Tamer, "He was Bitten with a mad 

Do,-." Jan. 9, 1772, in 10th y. G.R.3. 
Oliver, June 10, 1841. . -^l -. 

Roxa (Boyden), w. Dupee, Apr. 7, 183 1. 
Tamar, v,-. l.bc-nezcr Jr., Nov. 13, 1775, in 39th y. G.R.3. 

BOWERS, , jNIiss, Feb. 12, 1838. p.r.2. [w. , 


BOYDEN, Ama (]Morse), second w. Amos, Nov. 29, 1822. 

[Amy, C.R.I.] [Amy, ch. Morse, P.R.3.] 

Amos, h. iNlary (jPaJne), h. Amu (]\Iorse), Feb. 5, 1823. 
Amos, ch. Stephen and Hannah, Dec. 10, 1831. [a. 7, G.R.5.] 

[Dec. II, P.R.2. P.R.3.] [ch. Spencer, Dec. 11, P.R.4.] 
Amy (sec Ama). 

Asa, ch. Seth, , 1813, a. 51. P.R.3. 

Hannah, d. Seth and Susanna, ]Mar. 29, 1S03. 
Jacob, ch. Amos and Ama (second w.), Mar. 27, 17S9. 
Jason, s. Amos and Ama (second w.), Sept. 27, 1806. 
Laura, , 1S26. c.R.2. [ch. Asa and Mary, Dec. 4, a. 29, 

G.R.5.] [ch. Asa and Mary, Dec. 4, a. 29 y. 5 m. 11 d., 

P.R.3.] [Dec. 4, P.R.4.] 
Mary [dup. adds wid.], w. Asa, Dec. 29, 1830, a. 69. G.R.5. 

[wid. Asa, r.R.3. P.R.4.] 

J^Iary, wid., . [Feb. 27, 1S05, a. 70, c.r.t.] 

Polly, d. Amos nnd Ama (second w.), Jan. 2, 17S6. 
Preston, s. .-Vsa, May 9, 1S22. [ch. Asa and I\Iary, a. 19, 

C.R.5.] [ch. Asa and Mary, May 9 or iS, a. i8, P.R.3.] 

[May 18, P.R.4.] 

' .0 



BOYDEN, Sarah, ch. Seth and Susanna (Atherton), , 

1834, a. 39. P.R.i. [Sally, P.R.3. P.R.4-] 

Seth, h. Susanna (Atherton), Aug. 15, 1840. [ch. Seth and 
Mary (Patten), a. 78, p.r.i.] 

Stephen, m., farmer, s. Amos and Mary, consumption, Mar. 7, 
1849, a. 63 y. 2 m. 18 d. [[h. Hannah (Pcttee)] a. 63, 

Susan Mellen, d. Eenj[ami]n F. and Lucind[a] A., inflamma- 
tion of lungs. May 31, 1S47, a. 7 m. 26 d. [ch. B. Frank- 
lin, P.R.3.] [ch. r.. Frankling, P.R.4.] 

BR/iDSH.AW, Adeline Sophronia, w. Carlos, anemia, Nov. 12, 

1846, a. 29. 

Adeline Sophronia, d. Carlos and Adeline S., hernia, Apr. 4, 

1847, a. 6 m. 20 d. 

BliASTOW, Eunice [dup. (Shepard)], vr. Samuel, consump- 
tion, Dec. 24, 1843, a. 58 y. 6 m. 24 d. [d. Ephraim Shep- 
ard and Frcelove, a. 57, G.R.3.] [ch. Ephraim Shepard, 


Henry Willard, s. Samuel and Eunice, Sept. 5, 1845, a. 14 y. 
8 m. P.R.3. 

Sarah T., \v. Bowdoine, June 18, 1S14, a. 20. [Sally, w. Sam- 
uel sic, ch. Samuel Belcher and Sarah (Tucker), a. 21, 
P.R.I.] [w. Bow-doin, a. 20, P.R.3.] 

BFJKNAN, Mary, d. Batrick and Sarah C, measles, ^lar. 2, 
1849, a. 1 y. 10 m. 23 d. [Brennan, P.R.3. r.R.4-] 

BRIGGS, Elvira, Aug. 2, 1S36, a. 26. P.R.i. [Mrs. Briggs, 
P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

BROWN, Lone, ch. Sirrel and Lois, Sept. i, iS^'o. [Elono, 

d. Seril and Lois, a. 19, G.R.3.] 
Marcus N., s. Marcus and Lucy N., dysentery, Oct. 13, 1S4S, 

a. 3 m. 5 d. 
WeUington, ch. Sirrel and Lois, June 16, 1S31. [s. Seril and 

Lois, a. 17, G.R.3.] [s. Sirrel, p.r.2.] [Wilhston, P.R.3. 


BRYANT, James Hervey, s. IMartin, Sept. 5, 1S25. 
, ch. ALirtin, Aug. 30 [1S25]. 

BULLARD, Edwin B., Apr. 5, 1S33, " out of town." C.R.2. 
Harriet, d. Lewis, Mar. S, 1S32. 
Polly, June 4, 1S42, a. 39. 

.|'".^^J!>Ll•^ .TM.iqJ .rf')j i.f.w.n , 


BURT, Catherine " from Norton," Oct. 4, 1822. 

CAPEN, Anna (Clark), w. David, Mar. 17, 1816. [a. 38, 

G.R.9.] [ch. William Clark and Hannah, Mar. 16, a. 33, 

P.R.I.] [a. 33, P.R.3.] 
Fanny, July 15 [1840]. [d. William and Irenne, g.r.i.J 
Horace [dup. Horatio], s. David and Ann [dup. Anna], Apr. 14, 

1810, a. 3. 
Mary Anna, d. David E. and Caroline, dysentery, Oct. 15, 

1843, a. 2 y. 1 m. 2 d. [Oct. 15, 1846, G.R.9.] [Mary Ann, 

ch. David Edson and Caroline, Oct. 15, 1843, p.r.i.] [ch. 

Edson, P.R.4.] 
Phebe (Everett), second w. David, Feb. 27, 1822. [a. 40, 

G.R.9.] [Phoebe, ch. Thayer, a. 40, p.r.i.] 

Samuel, May 19, 1816. [a. 63, G.R.9.] [b. Sharon, ch. Eben- 

ezer, a. 63, p.r.i.] 
, s. Wiiliam and Sophronia, Sept. 15, 1832. 

CARPENTER, Anna "from Norton," Aug. 26, 1821. [w. 
James, P.R.3. p.r.4-] 

Anson, s. Peter and Esther, Oct. 9, 1821. 

Arthur Worthington, s. Thacher B. [Bird, p.r.i.] and Susan 
P., cholera infantum, Sept. 5, 1846, a. i y. 4 m. 3 d. 

Augustus Bolles, ch. William and Meriam E., Aug. 14, 1842. 
[ch. William and Elizabeth (Guild), a. i y. 5 m., p.r.i.] 
[ch. William and Elizabeth, P.R.3.] 

Calvin, s. Linus and Louisa, Aug. 30, 1833. 

Charles L. [dup. Louis], s. Linus and Louisa, bowel complaint, 
Sept. 8, 1843, a. I y. 4 m. 17 d. 

Cynthea [dup. Sinthe], d. Dea. Nehemiah and Sarah (second 
w.), Aug. 30, 1775. [Sinthe, a. 12 m. 12 d., g.r.i.] [Sin- 
the, P.R.3."] 

Daniels Gardner, ch. Daniels and Abigail, Oct. 24, 1837. 
[Daniel Gardner Carpenter, p.r.2.] [Daniels Gardner 
Carpenter, P.R.3.] [Daniels G. Carpenter, ch. Daniels and 
Abigail (Payson), a. 16 y. 21 d., P.R.17.] [Daniels G. Car- 
penter, P.R.18.] 

Edmond, s. Peter and Esther, July 30, 1811. 

Elizabeth (see IMeriam E.)- 

EUzabeth (Sweet), w. Dea. Nehemiah, Jan. 14, 1773. 

Emma E., ch. Thacher Bird and Susan, Apr. 21, 1S48, a. 6 m. 
14 d., in New Haven, Conn, p.r.i. 

Emory, twin s. Peter and Esther, May 22, 1S18. 

Esther, twin d. Peter and Esther, June 18, i8i8. 


•W] .Itf. 


Carpenter, Esther [dup. (Belcher)], w. Peter, consumption, 

Dec. 19, 1843, a. 69 y. 11 m. 29 d. 
Ezra, h. Margaret (Daniels), July i, 1841. [ch. Nehemiah 

and Elizabeth (Sweet), a. 89, p.r.i.] [Ezra Sr., P.R.3.I 

P.R.4.] [Ezra [h. Margaret, h. Mary], p.r.iS.] 
Ezra Gardner, ch. Ezra Jr. and Eliza, May 8, 1842. [a. i m. 

IS d., P.R.I.] 
George S., s, Linus and Louisa S., croup, Nov. 26, 1847, a. 2 y. 

4 m. 7 d. 
Herman [dup. Hermon], s. John [dup. s. John and Sukey], 

Aug. 19 [second dup. Aug. 15], 1798, a. 2 m. [second dup. 

7 w.]. [Herman, ch. John and Susan, Aug. 19, a. 2 m., 

P.R.I. ] 

James, s. Dea. [Capt., g.r.i.] Nehemiah and Elizabeth, Aug. 
28, 1775. 

James, s. Nehemiah Jr. and Anna, June 8, 1783, a. 22 d. g.r.i. 

James Jr., ch. James and Nancy, Feb. 17, 1S22. [Feb. 15, 
a. 2 y. 6 m., p.r.i.] [ch. James [of] Norton, P.R.3.] 

John Jr., s. John and Sukey, Jan. 25, 1795 [dup. a. 52 d.] [ch. 
John and Susan, a. 2 m., p.r.i.] [ch. John and Susanna, 
a. 52 d., P.R.3.] 

John Jr. [dup. 3d, omits Jr.], s. John and Sukey, Feb. 11, 1802. 
[John Jr., ch. John and Susan, a. i y. 6 m., p.r.i.] [John 3d, 
ch. John and Susanna, P.R.3.] 

John [h. Susan], ch. Nehemiah and Elizabeth (Sweet), Oct. 11, 
1838, a. 76. P.R.I. [in Attleboro, P.R.3.] 

Lois (Nason), w. Nehemiah, Oct. 27, 1S21. [a. 27, p.r.i.] [ch. 
Elias Nason, P.R.3.] 

Margaret (Daniels), w. Ezra, Mar. 19, 1790 [dup. in 33d y.]. 
[Margarett, ch. Francis Daniels, a. 33, p.r.i.] [Margarett, 
ch. Francis Daniels and Kezziah, a. 32, P.R.3.] [Mar- 
garet, ch. Francois Daniels and Kezia (Rockwell) of Frank- 
lin, P.R.17.] 

Martha A., ch. James and Nancy, June 6, 1829, a. 2. p.r.i. 
[ch. Maj. J., P.R.2.] [June 8, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Meriam E. (Guild), w. William, July 4, 1841. [Elizabeth 
(Guild), C.R.2.] [Elizebeth, b. Norton, w. William, ch. 
Amherst Guild and Lucy, a. 25, p.r.i.] [Elizabeth, 
P.R.3-] . y. - : 

Nancy, d. Ezra and IMargaret, Aug. 11, 1821. 

Nehemiah Jr. [dup. h. Anne (Daniels)], s. Dea. Nehemiah and 
Elizabeth, Oct. 26, 1785 [second dup. in 26th y.]. [in 
26th y., G.R.I.] [a. 25, P.R.3.] 


Carpente-r, Nehemiah, Dca., h. Elizabeth (Sweet), May 14, 
1709 [dup. a. 68]. [in 6Stli v., c.r.i.] [[h. Sarah Hartshorn] 
"Ihe first settler in this Village about 1750," g.r.i.] [a. 
68, P.R.3.] 

Peter, m., farmer, s. Neh[emiah] and Ehzabeth, congestion 
of brain, ]Mar. 27, 1849, a. 77 y. 8 m. 3 d. 

Sally Eliza, ch. Ezra Jr. and Eliza, IMar. 22, 1S27. [a. 18 d., 


Sanford, ch. Francis and Roxey, Sept. 23, 1S22. [ch. Francis 

and Roxa, a. 2 y. 6 m. 22 d., p.r.i.] 
Sarah Hartshorn, second w. Dea. Nehemiah. Dec. 22, iSio. 

[wid. Hartshorn, wid. Dea. Nehemiah, P.R.3.] 

Sarah Isabel, d. Edson and Sarah R., Jan. 14, 1835, [a. i y. 

I m. 2 d., P.R.3.] 
Sukey (Brastow), w. John, Sept. 14, 1821. [Susan, Sept. 21, 

a. 53, P.R.I.] [Susanna, Sept. 14, P.R.3.] [Sept. 14, P.R.4.] 
Susan, ch. Ezra Jr. and Ehza, May 26, 1829. [a. i y. 2 m. 

15 d., P.R.I.] 
Thacher, ch, Peter T. and Anne [dup. Ann], June 3, iSiS. 

[a. 15 d., P.R.3.] 
Willard, ch. Peter T. [Jr., P.R.2.] and Anne, Nov. 17, 1S23. 
Willard ]\lason, ch. Peter T. and Anne [Ann, P.R.3.], June 17, 

, ch. Daniel, Oct. 18, 1S41. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

CARROLL, Anna Frances, cli. Joseph Jr. and Lemira, Sept. 17, 
1842. [a. I m. 3 d., P.R.I.] [ch. Joseph Jr. and Lemira C, 

GARY, George, s. Otis and Mary D., scarletina, ]May S, 1S49, 
a. 5 y. 2 m. 23 d. [ch. Otis and Mary Dodge, a. 4 y. 10 m. 
23 d., P.R.I.] 

CAS'^'F^LL, Daniel, m., shipwright, b. ]\Iiddleboro, consump- 
tion, July 23, 1847, a. 66. [ch. Elijah and Louis, July 23, 
184S, a. 67 y. 10 m. 19 d., p.r.i.] 

CHAMBERLIN, Homer, s. Leonard and Lydia, bronchitis, 
June 3, 1847, a. 2 d. 

CHILDS, Betsey Whitaker, w. Amos, d. Sam[ue]l Forrist and 

Charlotte, consumption. Mar. 22, 1847, a. 45 y. 11 m. 
Daniel L., , 1S39. P.R.3. [Child, P.R.4.] 

CLAPP, Edwin H., s. Nathaniel and Olive, bowel complaint, 
Sept. 29, 1843, a. 5 m. 23 d. 

.1^: ,r 


Clapp, Esther (see Esther CLark). 

Jemima (Rhodes), w. Thomas, Feb. 21, 1842. [a. 70, p.r.i.] 

Mary (Rhodes), w. William, Oct. 17, 1827. [Clap, in 72d y., 

G.R.8.] [Clapp, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Polly [dup. Clap], ch. William and Mary, Dec. 24, 1801. [Clap, 

Warren, ch. Reuben and Roxana, Oct. 28, 1835. [ch. Ruebcn, 

Oct. 25, P.R.3.] [ch. Reuben, Oct, 25, P.R.4.] 
William [dup. Clap], ch. William and Mary, Oct. 19, 1801. 

[Clap, P.R.3.] 
WiUiam, h. Mary (Rhodes), May 27, 1829. 
, ch. James, Oct. 3, 1828. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

CLARK, Abiel, Feb. 22, 1814, a. 37. [Miss Abiel, P.R.3.] 

Elias, cb, Etheridge and Olive, Jan. 31, 1806. 

Esther, ch. Nathaniel Jr. and Esther, Feb. 28, 1832. [a. 43, 

P.R.I.] [Clapp, p,R.4.] 
Everett, s. Thacher and Trulove, July 17, 1S40, in ]\Iedway. 
Everett Seaver, ch. Everett of Medway, Sept. iS, 1829. 
Hannah (Russcl) [dup. adds wid.], w. William, Mar. 17, 1812 

[dup. a. 66]. [wid. Wilham, a. 66, P.R.3.] 
Hannah, w. Nathan, Feb. 28, 1823. 

Hannah, w. Nathaniel, Oct. 4, 1S23. c.r.i. [wid. 

■' •■ Clark, Oct. 12, P.R.2.] [wid. Nathan, P.R.3.] [wid. Dea. 

! Clark, Oct. 12, P.R.4.] 

• ' Hermon, s. Elkanah and Cynthia [dup. Cyntha], Sept. 25, 

'' 1802. [Herman, ch. Elkanah and Cynt'ha, P.R.3.] 

'".i- Horatio, ch. Nathaniel Jr. and Esther, Nov. 8, 1S27. [Nov. 9, 
a. 32, p.p. I.] [Horatio N., Nov. 9, P.R.3.] [Nov. 9, P.R.4.] 
Hosea, cb. Hosea and Hepzibah, June 21, 1801. 
Hosea, h. Hepzibah (Robinson), July 31, 183S. 
' James Russel, ch. William and Hannah, June 13, 1S17. [a. 28 y. 
' ^5 m., P.R.3.] 

Jemima, w. Nathan, June 22, 1793, in 79th y. 
Joseph Hewes, s. Thacher and Trulove, Feb. 28, 1S29, [Feb. 

23, a. 37, P.R.I. ] [Feb. 23, p.r.2. P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Mary, ch. Hosea and Hepzibah, July 22, 1798. 
Mary (Conant), w. Dea. Nathaniel, Feb. 28, 1S23. [a. 87, c.R.i.] 
Nathan [h. Jemima], Sept. — , 17S2, in 79th y. 

Nathan, . [Sept. i, 1804, a. 73, c.r.i.] 

Nathaniel, Dea., h. ]\Iary (Conant), July 12, 1823. [a. 69, 


Nathaniel Jr., h. Esther (Carpenter), Dec. 28, 1841. [a. 74, 


J . ;i 

- — — J/lV/j .T.V! 


Clark, Olive (Richardson), w. Etheridge, Apr. 2, 1832. 
Otis, ch. Etheridge [dup. Ethridg] [Etheridge, P.R.3.] and Olive, 

June 16, iSco. 
Thatcher [dup. Thacher, h. Trulove (Hewes)], Apr. 8, 181 2, 

a. 46'. [Thacher, P.R.3.] 
William, ch. William and Hannah, Nov. 21, 1796 [dup. in 

12th y.]. 
William, h. Hannah (Russel), Apr. 19, 1S03. 
William, . 

COBB, Aurinda, Apr. 16, 1834. C.R.2. .... ■ . (»i. -S 

CODDING, Elisha, Dec. 15, 1811. 

COFFEE, Cephas R., Sept. 17 [1841]. . ' 

COGSWELL, , ch. Horatio, Sept. 2, 1825. P.R.4. 

, ch. Horatio, ]*.Iar. iS, 1831. . P.R.2. [Coggswell, ch. 

Horatio and Nancy H,, P.R.3.] [Cogsv/ell, P.R.4.] 
, July 23, 1S47. P.R.3. [Mr. Cogswell, p.R.4.] 

COMEE (see Comey), Aaron, ch. Benjamin and Ruthe, Nov. 

13, 1785- 

Abigail (see Nabby). 

Adaiine, twin d. Willard and Celia (second w.), July 14, 1833. 
[Comey, July 17, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Albert, twin s. V/illard and Celia (second w.), June 16, 1833. 
[Comey, r.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Benjamin, h. Ruthe (Trow), Oct. 11, 1S42. [Maj. 
Comey, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Betty (Carpenter), w. John Jr., Feb. 8, 1823. [Betsey, Feb. 
12, c.R. I.] [Betsey Comey, ch. Nehemiah Carpenter and 
Elizabeth, Feb. 12, a. 69', p.r.i.] [Feb. 12, P.R.2.] Betsey 
Comee, Feb. 12, r.R.3.] [Comey, Feb. 12, P.R.4.] 

Esther, d. John Jr. and Betty, May 25, 1831. [Comey, P.R.3. 

Esther (Boyden), w. Willard, June 2, 1823. [Comey, P.R.4.J 

Eunice (see Unice). 

Hannah, wid. Joseph, Mar. 22, 181 5. 

John, Feb. S, 1S15, a. 89. [Comey, ch. John and Abigail, a. 90, 
P.R.I.] [Comee, a. 89, P.R.3.] 

John Jr., h. Betty (Carpenter), May 24, 1S30. [ , 1S31, 

c.R. I.] [[h. Betsey (ch. Nehemiah Carpenter and Eliza- 
beth)] May 24, 1830, a. 77, p.r.i.] [Comey, May 24, 1S30, 
P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Ill quh] C0\, 

•■":.y. ,«r'jiiM l,.ii. 


; 207 

CoMEE, Joseph, Jan. 29, 1815, a. 87. 

Laura Amanda, ch. Oliver Jr. and Pleziah, Sept. 19, 1828. 

[Coiney, Sept. 20, p. 11.3. P.R.4.] 
Lowell, s. Aaron and Charlotte, Jan. 25, 1815, a. i y. i d. 

[Comey, p.r.i.] [Comce, P.R.3.] 
Mary, w. Joseph, Dec. 26, 1799, in 67th y. [Comey, G.R.2.] 

[Comec, a. 66, P.R.3.] 
Nabby, d. John, Jan. 11, 1790, a. 28. [Abigail Comey, ch. 

John and Abigail, Jan. 11, 1770 sic, p.r.i.] [Nabby Comee, 

Jan. II, 1790, P.R.3.] 
Nabby, d. John Jr. and Betty, July 13, 1796 [dup. a. 6]. [a. 6, 

Nancy, ch. Benjamin and Ruthe, July 20, 1811. 
Nancy (Fisher), w. Lyman, Apr. 27, 1833. [Comey, P.R.3. 

Oliver, h. Elizabeth (Belcher), Jan. 4. 1S42. [Jan. 3, c.R.i.J 

[Jan. 4, a. 84, p.r.i.] [Capt. Oliver Comey, Jan. 4, P.R.3. 

Prudence, d. Oliver and Elizabeth, Nov. 12, 1800. [Comey, 

a. 3, P.R.I.] [Comee, P.R.3.] 
Spencer, s. John, Feb. 3, 1780, a. 21. [Comey, ch. John and 

Abigail, p.r.i.] [Comee, P.R.3.] 
Spencer Augustus, s. Spencer and Polly, Mar. 25, 1S33. 

[Comey, a. i, p.r.i.] [Comey, P.R.3. P.R.4-] 
Susan Daniels, ch. Jason and Tryphena, Aug. 11, 1842. 

[Comey, Aug. 15, a. 15, p.r.i.] [Comey, Aug. 11, P.R.3. 

Thomas Hayden, s. Aaron and Charlotte, Aug. 7, 1S34. [a. 

II m., P.R.I.] [Comey, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Unicc, d. John, Aug. 9, 1792, a. 27. [Eunice Comey, ch. John 

and Abigail, p.r.i.] [Unice Comee, P.R.3.I 

COMEY (see Comee), Aaron [h. Charlotte], Jan. 6, 1846, a. 56. 


Abigail, w. John, May 10, 1806, a. 70. p.r.i. [Comce, P.R.3.] 
Charles Berry, s. Charles and Martha M., Feb. 21, 1837. 
George A., s. George A. and Lydia F., scarlet fever, July 9, 

1847, a. 2 y. 10 m. [George A. Jr., p.r.i.] 
Harriet N. (Skinner), w. Lyman F., ^lay 21, 1S42. 
Maria, b. Sandwich, d. Lyman and Nancy, consumption, Oct. 

25, 1S40, a, 25. [Oct. 26, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Olive A., ch. Lyman and Lydia, Sept. 10, 1S45, a. 2. p.r.i. 

, V.'. Benjamin. ^Lir. 5. 1840. p.r.2. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

— , ch. Lyman F., Sept. 10, 1849. p-K-3- ^-^A- 



.TV 1^1 .c- yitrf 

i ■'■■ i , 1 ! 

•i^^'i -M^f .' •S*^'^ 


COOK, Jacol., h. Hannah, Nov. 26, 1803. 
Rebeccah Richardson, second w. Jacob, Aug. 29, 1821. [Re- 
beckah, wid., P.R.3.] [wid. Cook, P.R.4.] 

COOMBS, Carohne (White), Nov. 13, 1837. c.e.2. 

COPELAND, Bridget Wood, ^Y. Ebenezer, Dec. 24, 183 1. 

[Bridget, wid., Dec. 28, p.r.2.] [wid. Ebenezer, Dec. 24, 

P.R.3.] [wid. E., Dec. 24, P.R.4.] 
Ebenezer, h. Bridget Wood, May 7, 1830. 
Thomas, ch. Okes and Polly, Nov. 20, 1S35. [ch. Oakes and 

, Nov. 21, P.R.3.] [ch. Oakes, Nov. 21, P.R.4.] 

COREY (see Cory), James S., s. Leonard and Adah, Mar. 13, 
1816, a. 19 d. 

CORY (see Corey), John, h. Nancy (Rhoades), "lost with the 
Steamer Lexington," Jan. 13, 1840. [Corey, a. 42, p.r.i.] 
[Corey, p.r.2. P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

COTTON, Sarah D., , 1821. c.r.2. 

COWELL, Elizabeth, Mrs., July 8, . [w. Joseph, July 8, 

1834, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Mary Ehzabeth, d. Joseph, inflammation of the brain. Mar. 

19, 1S44, a. 12. 
, ch. John and Laura, July 2, 1S41. p.R.3. 

CUTLER, Cynthia C, w. Charles C, puerperal fever. Mar. 9, 
1S49, a. 22 y. 8 m. 8 d. [Cutter, I\Iar. 8, P.R.3. p.r.4-1 

DAMON, G. L. "from Boston," Nov. 5, 1820. 

DANIEL (sec Daniels), , ch. Sally, canker rash, . 

, ch. Sally, canker rash, . P.R.3. • ■ ■ 

DANIELS (see Daniel), Almira, ch. James Jr. and Lydia, 
July 29, 1S27. 

Benjamin, ch. James Jr. and Lydia, !Mar. 10, 1825. 

Elizabeth, ch. James jr. and Lydia, Oct. 23, 1831. [Nov. — , 
P.R.2.] [Oct. 23, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Experience B. (Shcpard), w. Lewis G., Mar. i, 1S37. [ch. 
Jacob Shcpard and Rachel, a. 25, p.r.i.] [ch. Jacob Shcp- 
ard and Rachel, F.R.3.] 

Francis, h. Kczia (Rockwood), June 23, 1S13 [dup. a. 90]. 
["(French)," a. 90, p.R.3. 1 



■.) .■'1:1/. ('Cl 

— A;, 

. — .V'. 


Daniels, James, m., farmer, s. Francis and Kezia [ch. Fran- 
cois and Kezia (Rockwell) of Franklin, p.R.17.], influenza, 
Jan. S, 1849, a. 87 y. 4 m. 28 d. 

Jemima [dup. Jamima], d. James and Naamah, Dec. 24, 1797. 
[Jemima, P.R.3.I 

Kezia [dup. Keziah] (Rockwood), w. Francis [dup. Francies], 
May S, 1790. [Kezia, c.r.i.1 [Kezia, w. Francis, P.R.3.] 

Lydia (Bates),' w. James Jr., Oct. 5, 1S31. [Oct. 4, P.R.2. 
P.R.3.] [Oct.. 5, P.R.4.] 

Nahama, \v. James, . [Dec. 20, 1804, c.R.i.] [Naa- 
mah, Dec. 25, 1S04, a. 43, P.R.I.] 

Susanna, d, Francis and Kezia, Oct. 6, 1838. [Daniel, a. 69, 
C.R.I. ] [Daniels, Oct. 7, a. 69, p.e.i.] [Susan Daniels, 
Oct. 8, P.R.2.] [Susannah Daniels, Oct. 8, P.R.3.] [Susannah 
Daniels, Oct. 7, p,r.4. r.R.17.] 

, ch. James Jr., Feb. — [182^]. 

DART, Adelaide, d. Thomas and Betsey F., Feb. 12, 1835, a. 5. 


DASSAKCE, Albert S., s. Shubael P. and Eliza F., dysentery, 
Oct. 13, 1S48, a. ly. i2d. [Oct. 12, G.R.9. p.r.i. P.R.3. 

Anna (Field), w, Dominic, Jan. 4, 1837. [a. 48, G.R.9.] [b. 
Taunton, ch. Fields, a. 48, p.r.i.] 

Dominic, m., farmer, s. Martin and Elizabeth, casualty, Nov. 
24, 1848, a. 61 y. 7 m. 24 d. [[h. Anna] G.R.9.] [ch. Domi- 
nic and Betty, P.R.3.] 

Elizabeth (Atherfon), w. Martin, Mar. 21, 1840. 

liarriet, ch. Dominic and Anna, Mar. 13, 1S31. [in 21st y., 
G.R.9.] [Mar. 13, 1S37, a. 20, p.r.i.] [Mar. 13, 1S31, P.R.2. 

Martin, h. Elizabeth (Atherton), Sept. 13, 1807. 

DEAN (see Deane), Phebe, wid., :May 31, 1791. [wid. John, 
May s, in 76th y., g.r.i.] [May 31, P.R.3-] 

DEANE (see Dean), Harriet H., b. Hopkinton, w. Asahel, 
consumption, Apr. 2, 1845, a. 31 y. 2 m. 11 d. [Dean. ch. 
William Sumner and Hannah, a. 32 y. 2 m. 22 d., p.r.i.] 
[Dean, ch. William Fisher and Hannah, P.R.3.] [Dean, 

Mary S., d. Asahel and Harriet H., dropsy on brain, May 14, 
'1S45, a. 5 m. 26 d. [Dean, ch. Asahel and Hannah (Sum- 
ner), Apr. 14, a. 5 m., p.R.i.] [Dean, ch. Asahel and Har- 

^ riet, P.R.3.] [Dean, P.R.4.] 



-ilKVIj i.l.A 

.? .a ,j.vS! ,t: .'.la'r . i 

,VT>;;:>^, h ,.1 iisji.'i bor. .'J biufuii? 

,nr! .{^ .hiy; 


DOOLITTLE, Alfred S., s. Allen C. and Orra, scarletina, 
July 23, 1S49, a. 3 y. 10 m. 28 d. [Alfred Sewall Doolittle, 
s. Allen C, and Orra H., a. 3 y. 11 m., G.R.4.] [Alfred 
Sewall Doolittle, ch. Allen C[hilson] and Orra H[odges], 

Allen [ch. Joseph Chilson and Lorena (Dunham)], Nov. 7, 1813 
[? in Conn.]. P.R.12. 

, inf. d. Allen C[hilson] and Orra (ri[odges]), Jan. 25, 

1844. P.R.12. 

DRAKE, Benjamin R., s. Abraham H. and Priscilla B., cholera 

morbus, Sept. 3, 1849, a. 5 m. 22 d. 
Betey, d. Spencer, Mar. iS, 1S13, a. 13. 

, ch. Sandford, Jan. 8, 1S40. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

, ch. Sanford, Mar. 4, 1840. p.r.2. [ch. Sandford, 


DREW, Betsey A., d. Lysander and !i\Iary, cholera infantum, 
Oct, 2, 1848, a. I y. 10 m. 10 d. [Betsey Anna, d. Ly- 
sander T. and Mary J., G.R.5.] [Oct. 3, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

John, h. Betsy (Dassance), Dec. 13, 1831. [Dec. 15, 1S32, in 
41st y., G.R.5.] [Dec. 15, 1831, P.R.2. P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

DUNBAR, , s. Bernard and Eliza H., infantile, June 17, 

1845, a. I d. [June 16, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

DUNHAM, Hannah, wid., of Attleborough, June 14, 1S31. 

[w. , June 13, P.R.3.] [Dunam, , Mrs., June 

13, P.R.4.] 

ELLIOT (see Elliott), Charles E., Nov. 7, 1834, a. 24. G.R.9. 

[ch. Joel, a. 21, p.r.i.] [Elliott, P.R.3.] [Elliot, r.R.4.] 
Mere}'-, Dec. 15, 1S36. [Marcy, a. 73, g.r.i.] []\Iercy, P.R.3.] 

[]\Lannery, P.R.4.] 

ELLIOTT (see Elliot), , wid. , Dec. 7, 1837. 

P.R.3. [Elliot, P.R.4.] 

ESTY, Ruth, June 9, 1S3S. [May , P.R.2.] [Estey, June 9, 

P.R.3.] [Esty, June 9, P.R.4.] 

EVERETT, Aaron Jr. [dup. adds Dr., omits Jr.], s. Aaron and 

Abigail, Jan. 24, 1S07 [dup. in 24th y.]. [Dr. Aaron, a. 23, 

Aaron, h. Abigail (llolbrook), Apr. 17, 1824. [Dea. Aaron, 

P.R.2. P.R.3.] [Aaron Esq., r.R.4.] 
Abigail, ch. John and Abigail, May iS, 1S31. [Nabby, P.R.3. 


inti itif.'' ■ 'l ». f-.l. .rf'>" 

•Vc^t ,T .- 



Everett, Abigail (Caswell), w. Joseph, Apr. 4, 1S24, 
Abigail (Holbrook), w. Aaron, May 6, 17S5 [dup. a. 34]. [in 

34th y., C.R.I.] [a. 34, P.P.3-] 
Alexander (see Elexanderj. 

Alexander Kontosotf, ch. MetCcaif and Fanny, Apr, 21, 1S16. 
Betsey Foster, d. Joseph, Oct, 25, 1787, a. 27, 
Betsy [dup. Betsey], d. Joseph and Abigail, Nov. 9, 1795 [dup. 

a. 2 m, I d.]. [Betsey, a. 2 m, i d., P.R.3.] 
Chloe (Holbrook), second w. Aaron, Feb. 10 [dup, Feb, i], 

1790 [dup. in 2Sth y.]. [Feb, 10, a, 27, P.R.3.] 
Cyrus, ch. John and Abigail, Dec, 20, 1794 [dup. a, 27]. [a, 27, 

Elexander, s, Daniel and Clarisy (second w.), Feb. 23, TS23. 

[youngest ch, Capt. Daniel, Feb. 24, r.R.2. P.R.3.] [Feb. 

23, P.R.4.] 
Eliza, d. Joseph and Abigail, Feb. 19, iSoi [dup. a. 2]. [a. 2, 

Eunice, d, Jesse and Eunice, June 2, 1S22. [a. 26, p,r.i.] 

[June 15, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Eunice (Guild), third w, [wid., P.R.3, P.R.4.] Aaron, Mar, S, 

Eunice (Hartwell), w, Jesse, June 23, 1823. [a. 51, p.r.i.] 
George, s. Joseph and Keziah, Nov, 3, 17 S3. 
George, s. Joseph and Abigail, Sept, — , 1S26, [Oct. 3, P.R.3. 

Jesse [dup. Everitt], ch. Jesse and Eunice, Aug. 9, 1S07. [Jes- 

see Everett, ch. Jesse and Eunise, P.R.3.] 
Jesse, h. Eunice (Hartweil), 2\Iay 24, 1S24. [a. 57, p.r.i.] 

[May 25, r.R.3.] [Jessce, May 25, P.R.4.] 
Joanna, Sept, i, 1814, a. 70, []\Iiss Joanna, Sept. 17, P.R.3.] 
John, h. Al)igail (Xicholson), Mar, 25, 1799 [dup. in 63d y.]. 

[a. 62, P.R.3.] 
John Nicholson, ch. John and Abigail, Nov. — [dup. Nov. 6], 

17S3 [dup. a. 21]. [Nov. 6, a. 21, P.R.3.] 
Joseph [dup. adds Lt.], h. Keziah (Ware), Sept. 17, 17S5 [dup. 

a. 53], [Lt, Joseph, a. 53, P.R.3.] 
Joseph, h. .Abigail (Caswell), Sept. 23, 1S38. 

Kaly, , 1849. P.R.3. 

Keziah, old age, Jan. 2S, 1S47, a. 89 y. 4 m. [Kcsiah, P.R.4,] 
Keziah (Ware), w. [wid., P.R.4,] Joseph, .-\pr. 4, 1S24, 
Laura, ch. Metcalf and Fanny, Nov, 13, 1009, 
Melatiah (Ware), second v.-. John, ]u!v 28, 1S21, 
Meletiah, s. John M. and Elizabeth 'M. (b. Ashby), cholera 

infantum, Aug. 23, 1849, a, i y. 2 m. 3 d. 




1 K ' 
■ ■"'f 

; <7 

," >■• 




Everett, Nabby (see Abigail). ' •< *' " • 

Richard, Dec. 22, 1S34. P.R.3. p.R.4- , ^ .,, 

Sally (Mann) [dup. Salley Everitt], w. Daniel [dup. Danilj, 

Mar. 18, 1808 [dup. a. 26]. [Sally Everett, w. Daniel, 

a. 26, P.R.3.] 
Sarah Hewes, d. Jesse and Eunice, Jan. 3, 1822. [Sarah K., 

Jan. 23, C.R.2.] [Sally H., June 24, a. 28, p.r.i.] [Sally, 

Jan. 3, P.R.3. r.R.4-] 
Tyler, s. Aaron and Chloe (second w.). May 6, 1790. 
, s. [dup. adds Capt.] Metcalf and Fanny, Oct. 11, 181 3 

[dup. a. 4 d.]. [ch. Metcalf and w., a. 4 d., P.R.3-] 
, wid., Apr. 3, 1824. P.R.2. 

FAILE (see Fales), Pereis M., Apr. 6, 1812. P.R.18. 

FALES (see Faile), Charlotte A., d. Alfred and Charlotte N., 

dysentery, Sept. 24, 1848, a. i. 
Elijah, s. Jabez and Unity, Jan. 22, 1S18, a. 13. 
Jabez, m., blacksmith, b. Walpolc, s. Moses and Rebecca, 

cancer on tongue, Apr. 26, 1S46, a. 66 y. 19 d. [Jabes, 

Rebecca, wid. \V[illia]rn, cancer, Sept. 25, 1847, a- 55- [Sept. 

26, P.R.3. r.R.4-] 
William, m., painter, b. Walpole, s. Abner and Abigail, fever, 

Oct. 5, 1S46, a. 60 y. 3 m. 6 d. 
, Yv. Jabez, Nov. 24, 1S23. p.r.2. P.R.3. p.R.4- 

FARRINGTO'W, Ackseh [dup. Axchy], ch. Eliphalett [dup. 
Eliphalct] ;uid Jemima, July 4, 1796. [Aurely, ch. EHph- 
alet, P.R.3.] 

Harriot, d. Eliphlet and Jamima [dup. ch. Eliphalett and Je- 
mima] [ch. Eliphalct and Jamima, P.R.3-], May 15, 1S03. 

FISIIER, Charles IMellen, s. Charles and Maria L., cholera 

infantum, Sept. 14, 1S46, a. i y. 7 m. 
Eleazer, " found Drowned in Wading River," May 30, 1799. 
Hannah " from Wrcntham," July 20, 1820. 
Mary, Sept. II, 1830. [xMoUy, P.R.3. P.R.4-] 
Nancy, Feb. 18, 1842. [Feb. 8, P.R.3. P.R.4-] 
Rebecca, Nov. 28, 1830. [Nov. 27, p.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Ruth, d. Eleazer and Ruth, old age, June 21, 1S49, a. 85. 
Ruthe, wid., Oct. 12, 181 5. [Ruth, wid., r.R.3.] 
Sarah, Miss, Feb. s, ^7^^- 
, ch. Samuel, Jan. 13, 1S23. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

I-0-" • I " f» •" 



Fisher, , w. Samuel. Aug. 20 [1S25]. [Aug. 13, p.r.2. 

P.R.3.] [Aug. 20, P.R.4.] 
, Miss, June 12, 1831. p.r.2. P.R.3. , ,. • ,. ,, ! 

FISK, Olive, Apr. 18, 1789, in 24th y. g.r.2. 

Polly, July 21, 1S02, in 25th y. ■ ' 

FORD, , ch. Harvey, Mar. 3, 1825. p.r.2. P.R.3. p.R.4. 

FORREST (see Forrist), , v/id., Nov. 15, 1S24. p.r.2. 

[Mary (Skinner) Forrist, wid. Samuel, ch. Skinner, 

P.R.3.] [wid. S., P.R.4.] 

FORRIST (sec Forrest), Amos, h. Lydia (Pettee), Dec. 18, 
1813 [dup. a. 49]. [a. 50, P.R.I.] [a. 49, P.R.3.] 

Calvin, ch. Calvin and Mary, Oct. 3, 1S22. [Calvin S., Oct. 9, 
a. 4, G.R.5.] [ch. Calvin and ^NJary (Pratt), P.R.3.] [For- 
rest, P.R.4.] 

Charlotte (see Forrist). 

Ebenczer, Sept. 27, 1S04. c.R.i. 

Ebenezer, Dea., h. Hannah (Sumner), Sept. 7, 1S37. [2- 77> 
C.R.I.] [Forrest, a. 77, p.r.i.] [Forrest, Sept. 6, p.r.2.] 
[Forrist, Sept. 6, P.R.3.] [Forrest, Sept. 7, p.R.4.] 

Ebenczer Sumner, s. Dea. Ebenezer and Hannah, July 5, 1S27. 
[Forrest, a. 27, p.r.i.] [Forrist, P.R.3.] [Forrest, p.R.4.] 

Edward Francis, s. Emory and Ellen ]SI., infantile, Aug. 17, 
1846, a. I m. iS d. [ch. Emery and Ellen, a. 2 m., p.r.i.] 
[ch. Emory, P.R.3.] [Forrest, cli. Emery, P.R.4.] 

Hannah (Sumner), w. Dea. Ebenczer, Oct. 28, 1S40. [a. 75, 
p.Pv.i.] [Hannah Forest, wid., p.r.2.] [Forrist, wid. Dea. 
Ebenezer, ch. John Sumner and Hannah, P.R.3.] [Han- 
nah Forrest, wid., Sept. 27, p.R.4.] 

Harriet Amanda, d. Einory and Harriet P., fits, July 22. 
1844, a. II m. 8 d. [ch. Emery, p.r.i.] [ch. Emoray 
and Harriot, July 18, P.R.3.] [Forrest, ch. Emcrv, Juiv 
iS, P.R.4.] 

Harriet P. [dup. (Dunbar)], b. Easton, w. Emory, lung fever, 
June 28, 1844, a. 31. [Harriet P., w. Emery, p.r.i.] 
[Harriot, w. Emory, P.R.3.] [Forrest, ch. Emery, p.R.4.] 

Laura, ch. Samuel and Charlotte, Nov. 25, 1S37. p.p. 3. 
[Forrest, P.R.4.] 

Lydia, wid. .Vmos, d. Samuel Pettee and w., old age, ]\Lar. 21, 
1S47, 'T- 80 y. 7 m. 21 d. [Forrest, P.R.4.] 

Mary (Pratt), w'. Calvin, Sept. 2, 1822. [d. Abijah Pratt and 
Mary, in 27lh y., G.R.5.] [Forrest, P.R.4.] 


.%.A.<i .;^.33.'i i 

.0 .r>. 

'CT -EI .> 

.It .1 
b.ic i 


FoRRiST, Sally [dup. Salley],, d. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] 

Ebcnezer and Hannah, Feb. 24, 1810. [Sally Forrest, a. 

6, P.R.I.] [Salley Forrist, ch. Ebenezer and Hannah, P.R.3.] 

Samuel, , 1805. P.R.3. 

Samuel, h. Charlotte (Ware), Oct. 6, 1838. [Oct. 7, p.r.2. 

P.R.3.] [Forrest, Oct. 6, P.R.4.] 
, w. Samuel, , 1833. c.R.i. [Charlotte, Oct. 10, 

1832, P.R.3.] [Forrest, Oct. 10, 1832, P.R.4.] 

FOSTER, Daniel R., b. Boxford, s. Perez [Peres, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
and Hannah, bowel complaint, Sept. 11, 1843, a. 3 m. 7 d. 

Harriot (see Foster). 

Henry W., s. James W. and Harriet D., dysentery, July 19, 

1848, a. I y. I m. 22d. [ch. Dr. J. W. and Harriett, P.R.3.] 
[ch. Dr. J. W., P.R.4.] 

Josiah, Sept. 17, 1835, " at his son's." [Oct. 17, P.R.3. P.R.4-] 

, w. Perez, Sept. 11, 1S33. [Harriot, w. Peres, ch, 

Asahel Williams and Sally, P.R.3.] 

FRENCH, Kesiah, w. Dea. Tho[ma]s, Nov. 13, 1804. 

Maria, Oct. 14, 1826, a. 2 y. i m. 2 d. [? in Attleborough]. 

P.R.IO. [Marlah [ch. Thomas and Sally (Capron)], Oct. 

14, 1825, P.R.II.] 

Mercy, " m.other," Nov. 17, 1799, a. 39 [? in Foxboro]. 

Rachel Adelade, Mar. 6, 1S36, a. 5 y. 11 m. 19 d. [? in Attle- 
borough]. P.R.IO. [Rachel Adelaide [ch. Thomas and 
Sally (Capron)], p.r.ii.] 

Rachel Amanda, ^Nlar. 31, 1828, a. i y. 6 m. 24 d. [? in Attle- 
borough]. P.R.IO. [[ch. Thomas and Sally (Capron)] 

Sally, " Sister," Oct. 28, 1S21, a. 27 [?] [? in Foxboro]. 

Tho[ma]s Jr., ch. T]io[ma]s and Mary, Dec. 26, 1791 [? in Fox- 
boro]. P.R.IO. 

Tho[ma]s, Dea. [h. Kesiah], Sept. 16, 1793, a. 71 y. 6 ra. [? in 
Foxboro]. P.R.IO. 

FULLER, , d. Charles C, carpenter, and Sally 0., 

still born, Sept. 13, 184S. [This entry crossed out.] 

GARY (see Gerry), , ch. John, . p.r.i. 

GAY, Esther E., d. All'crt C. and Almira, measles, IMar. 7, 

1849, a. I y. 2 m. 15 d. 

GEORGE, Eniily Cowell. ch. Tliomas M. and Rebeca S., 
Sept. 24, 183S. [a. 4 m., p.r.2. P.R.3.] 

,r.j .j>0 
[.{...y.'l .' 

' :a''\ iji *^ifi: jt; ,v 

.1 K.I 


GERRY (see Gary), , ch. James, Sept. ii, 1S37. P.R.2. 

P.R.3. [Ga,ry, Sept. 12, P.R.4.] 
GILBERT, David [h. Deborah] [father of Hannah Green (w. 

Josepli Warren)], Sept. 12, 1S42, a. 71 [in MansnclclJ. 


GILI-OOLEY, , s. James, laborer (b. Ireland), and 

Celia (b. Ireland) of Easton, still born, Apr. 2, 1849. 
[This rntry crossed out.] 

GRAY, Francis D., m., b. Attleboro, s. Lewis and Louisa, 

typhoid fever, Oct. 29, 1S49, a. 26. . , . 

Mary, w. John, June 6, 1S45. G.R.9. ' ■' - ' ' ■ 

GROVER, Amasa, m., s. Amasa and Olive, typhoid fever, 
Oct. 31, 1848, a. 62 y. 2 m. 22 d. [Oct. 31, 1838 sic, a. 61, 
P.R.I.] [Oct. 30, 1S4S, P.R.3. P.R.4-] . ^ ^ 

Calvin [dup. Jr.], s. Calvin and Ruth [dup. Ruthe], Feb. 27 
[dup. Feb. 26], 1S14, a. 11 m. [Calvin, ch. Calvin and 
Ruth, Feb. 27, P.R.3.] 

Edmund [h. Sarah F.], Apr. 15, 1S36, a. 32. g.r.3._ 

Eleanor (Rettee), w. Amasa, Apr. 24, 184T. [Elhnor, wid., 
a. 61, P.R.I.] [Eleanor, ch. Oliver Pettee, P.R.3.] 

Jabcz, h. Rachel (Grover), Apr. 22, 1823. 

Jabez, Apr. 21, 1S2S. P.R.3. [Jabes, P.R.4.] 

Martha Burr, d. George and Fanny S., Aug. 14, 1832, a. 5. 

OUve (Raine) [second dup. adds wid.], w. Amasa [dup. second 
w. Jabez], Feb. 11, 1844 [second dup. a. 81]. [Ohve, vvid., 
P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Rachel (Grover), w. Jabez, Aug. I, 1813. > - 

Sally, ch. jabez and Rachel, Nov. 24, 1810. 

■ , vv-." Seth, Apr. 12, 1828. P.R.3. P.R.4- 

, s. Ephraim and Caroline, Dec. 21, 1831, a. 11 d. P.R.i. 

[Dec. 22, P.R.3. P.R.4-] 

, s. R. B. and Mary S., Aug. 14, 1832, a. 2 d. G.R.3. 

— ^ , s. R. B. and Mary S., July 23, 1839, a. 2 m. 12 d. 

^,"s.' R. B. and :\rary S., Apr. 9, 1S42, a. 2 m. G.R.3. 

GUILD, Benjafmin], Nov. 3, 1S09. 

Cvru^ [dup. h. Nancv (Dav)], s. Elias and Islary, Oct. 26, 1817. 
Eiias, h. Mary (White), Feb. 5, 1840. [a. 82, P.R.i.j [Guile, 
p.R.2.1 [Guild, r.R.3. P.R.4-] u- 

Jemima, \v. Benjamin, iMay 7, 1789, in 6ist y. G.R.2. 


\ •— \ 

,&-hn>A b:is: ?r,7"r ' 


I'n;; iii/iuj .11 ) ,(1! /ic ^j .ni i i 

■ ?, 1 ,iE?i 

T.^.-i .h 


Guild, John, Apr. 30, 1841. 

Joseph, tv/in ch. Freedom and EHza, Sept. 22, 182S. [Joseph 
E., ch. Freedom and EHza (Bradshaw), a. i y. 8 m. 15 d., 


Josephine, twin ch. Freedom and Eliza, Oct. 3, 1828. [Jose- 
phine E., ch. Freedom and Eliza (Bradshaw), Oct. 2, a. i, 


Mary (White), w. Elias, Aug. 28, 1840. [wid. Elias, Aug. 25, 
a. 82, P.R.I.] [Guile, Sept. — , p.r.2.] [Guild, wid. Elias, 
Aug. 28, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Nancy, d. Cyrus and Xancy, Mar. 28, iSio, a. 26 d. 

HALL, David Newton, h. Sally Daniels (Patten), July 18, 

1831. [Hull, P.K.2.] [Hall, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Mary, wid., formerly w. Jacob Leonard, Jan. 1, 1S38. P.R.3. 
Sally Daniels (Patten), w. David Nnvton, May i, 1S27. 

KALLOWELL, Julia ^I., b. Medfield, d. James and Maria N., 
tumor, ]May 23, 1S49. [Julia Maria, Islay 24, a. 4 y. 
9 m. 20 d., G.R.2.] 

HARDON, Polly, May 22, 1842. [Harding, p.R.3. p.R.4.] 

HARKKESS, Abbie, sister of Mrs. Bicknell, May 29, 1848. 
p.R.3. P.R,4. 

HARTSHORN, Betsy [dup. Betsey Hartson], d. Silas and 

Betsy, Oct. 2, 1798 [dup. a. 2]. [Betsey Hartshorn, 

a. 2, P.R.3.] 
Jemima (Fisher), w.Jesse, Jan. i, 1832. 
Jesse, widr., farmer, s; Thomas and Sarah, apoplexy, Nov. 13, 

1846, a. 84 y. 2 m. 12 d. [Maj. Jesse, P.R.3.] [Maj. Jessee, 

Mary, Mar. i, 1809. [Polly, d. Thomas and Sarah, in 43d y., 

G.R.I.] [Mary, ch. and Sarah, P.R.3.] 

Mary, wid. Richard [of] Walpole, formerly w. Paine, 

mother of Mrs. Harvey Pettee, Feb. — , 1S26. P.R.3. 
Thomas, Aug. 27, 177S, in 22d y., in R.I. 
Thomas P., ch. Fisher and Polly, July 12, 1821. [July 11, 

p.R.3. p.R.4. P.R.18.] 

HAWS, Abijah, [rec. between Aug. — and Oct. 5], iSoi. 

KERSEY, Elizabeth Zvlills, ch. David and Eliza F., Nov. 17, 

1842. [a. 10 m., P.K.T.] 
Julia A., w. J. D. Temple, d. W[illia]m Kerr and Hannah, 

consumption, Sept. 12, 1S48, a. 26 y. 23 d. 

♦» •'' I** r." 

|.>il -US ■{ 


Hersey, IMary E., d. David and Eliza F., scarletina, May 

19/1849, a. 3 y. 7 m. 24 d. [a 4, p- R. i.] 
Temple J., s. J. D. Temple and Julia A., consumption, Sept. 

10 184.S, a. I y. 2 m. 7 d. [Temple Jackson Hcrsey, ch. 

J. b. T. and Julia Ann, Sept. 8, P.R.3.] [Sept. 8, P.R.4.] 
HEY/E3 (see Hews), Bartlett, ch. Joseph and Sarah, Apr. 5, 

Benjamin, Nov. 12, 1S04, m 90th y. G.R.3. 
Densey (Williams), w. Rufus M., Aug. 15, 1834. [Dency, 

b. Mansfield, ch. Jacob Williams and Experience, a. 45 y. 

8 m. 7 d., P.R.I.] [Dency, P.R.3-] 
Esther (Mann), w. John, Aug. 28, 1812 [dup. a. 55]. [a. 55, 

John^'h.^ Esther (Mann), Oct. 15, 1831. [John Sr., P.R.3. 

John [dup! Jr.], m., farmer [dup. h. Sabra (Crowley)], s. John 
and Esther, inilamation of bowels, Jan. 23, 1845, a. 50 y. 
II m. 5 d. [John, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Joseph, ch. Toseph and Sarah, Jan. 29, 1783. _ 

Mary, Mrs. [sic], d. William and Mary, Feb. 23, 1783, m 40th y. 

Mary" (Ware), w. WilHam, Jan. 4, i797 I^up. a. 89]. [w. 
Joseph, in S9th y., c.R.i.] [w. William [dup. w. JosephI, 
a. 89 [dup. a. SS], P.R.3.] ^ r ^ . i i 

Robert, ch. Joseph and Sarah, Jan. 29, 1783. [s- Capt. Joseph 
and Sarah, Jan. 29, 1785, in 2d y., G.R.3.] [Jan. 29, 1763, 

Sabra',\^.' Mansfield, wid. John, d. Abraham Crowley and 
Sarah, disease of liver, J^Iay 10, 1S45, a. 50 y. 1 m. _ 

Sabra A. [dup. Ann], d. John [dup. Jr.] and Sabra, consumption, 
May 29, 1S44, a. 17 y- n m. 15 d. [Sabra A., r.R.3. 

Warren' Williams, ch. Rufus M. and Densey, Aug. 29, 1S35. 

[b. Mansfield, ch. Rufus and Dency (Williams), a. 24 y. 

II m. 24 d. P.R.I.] [ch. Rufus and Dency, P.R.3-] 
William, h. Mary (Ware), Oct. 18, 1778 [dup. a. 72]. [in 72d y., 

G.R.3.] [a. 72, P.R.3-] 

, s. John and Esther, still born, July 7, 1787- G.R.3. 

, twin s. Benj[amin] A. and Martha A., Oct. 17, 1S49, 

a. '2 d. 
^ twin s. Bcnj[amin] A. and Martha A., Oct. 16, 1S49, 

a. I d. ^ , 

HEWINS, rhilip, , 1827. C.R.2. 


.(.1 H ..1? I'jfloTJ ,r^?,i . 


HEWS (see liewes), , w. Benjamin, Nov. — , 1S04, 

a. 90. C.R.I. 

HITCHCOCK, Sarah R., d. W[illia]m K. and Martha R., 
Oct. 13, 18^5, a. 4 y. 6 m. 4 d. G.R.9. 

HIXSOR, John, June 7, 1776, in 56th y. G.E.5. 

HOBART, Aaron, ch. Henry and Anna, Feb. 27, 1832. [Feb. 

28, P.R.3. P.R.^.] 

Albert W. [dup. Winslow], s. Henry and Anna, consumption, 

June 16, 1S44, a. 19 y. 9 m. 10 d. 
Anna (Eriggs), w. Henry, Apr. 18, 1836. 
Deborah W. (Thomas), w. Noah, Dec. 3, 1834. [Dec. 4, 

P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
George William, s. Henry and Anna, July 5, 1S39. 

HODGES, Abigail, Mar. 20, 1830, a. 24. G.R.4. 
Abijah [dup. Hodger], s. Dea. [dup. omits Dca.] Spencer and 
Marc}', Sept. i, 1775 [dup. a. 2]. [Hodges, ch. Spencer 
and Mercy, a. 2, P.R.3.] 
Apollos [dup. Appollus Hodgcrs], s. Dea. [dup. omits Dea.] 
Spencer and Marey, Mar. 27, 1778 [dup. a. i]. [Appalliss 
Hodges, ch. Spencer and Mercy, a. i, P.R.3.] 
Benjamon [h. Esther, h. Miriam], May 8, 1814, in 70th y. 

Daniel, Nov. 3, 1S49, ^- 74- G.R.4. 
David Scwall, s. Sewall and Judith, Dec. 26, 1831, a. 4 y. 4 m. 

Esther, w. Benjamin, Aug. 9, 1781, in 52d y. G.R.4. 
Hannah Talbot, w. Sewall, Jan. 19, 1838. G.R.4. [w. Ben- 

j[amin], p.r.2. P.R.3.] 
James [dup. Hodger, second dup. Hodgers], s. Dea. [dup. and 
second dup. omit Dea.] Spencer and Marey, May 7, 1790 
[dup. a. 4]. [Hodges, a. 4, p.r.i.] [Hodges, ch. Spencer 
and ]\Icrcy, a. 4, P.R.5.] 
James, s. Benjamin and Miriam, Feb. 21, 179c;, a. 7 m. G.R.4. 
Josiah [h. Mary Coohdge], May 28, 179S. G.R.4. 
Lewis, s. Benjamin and Hannah T., Oct. 17, 1822. G.R.4. 
INIarey (Dean) [dup. adds wid.], w. Dea. Spencer, Apr. 5, 
1S16. [Mercy, Mar. 29, a. 68, c.R.i.] [Mercv, wid., Mar. 
29, a. 68, P.R.I.] [INIarcy, wid., Apr. 5, P.R.3.] 
Mary Coolidge, w. Josiah, Aug. 25, 180S. ' G.R.4. 
Miriam, wid. Benjamon, Dec. 31, 1825, in 71st y. G.R.4. 
Nabbe, Aug. 12, 1842, a. 63. G.R.4. '- 

U.oBi ,- 


!:3 id'jq^ .lt> , 

7 :i;c-j rn j. 

-)tt>tf .'f/l J..H.;; 



Hodges, Sally, w. Sewell, May 1, 1S16, a. 38. G.R.4. [Sally 

[(Billings)], w. Sewall, P.R.12.] 
Sewalh; s. Alfred and Jerusha, Oct. 7, 1S41. [Sevrell, a. 2 y. 

3 m. 22 d., P.R.I.] 
Sewali [h. Judith], Oct. 22, 1S40, in 77th y. G.R.4. [[h. 

Sally (Billings), h. Judith (Sherman)] P.K.12.] 
Spencer Jr. [dup. Hodgers, ornits Jr.], s. Dea. [dup. omits Dca.] 

Spencer and Alarey, ]\Iar. 28, 1778 [dup. a. 9I. [Hodges, 

ch. Spencer and I\Iercy, a. 9, P.R.3.] 
Spencer, Dea., h. Marey (Dean), ^dv.y 6, 1S09. [a. 63, p.R.i.] 
William Sewali, s. Sev>ail and Judith, Sept. 6, 1S20, a. 2 y. i m. 

G.R.4. [Sept. 3, P.R.12.] 

HOWE, ^lary, wid. Zadok [dup. w. Lt. Zadock], [former] w. 

Stephen Pettee, old age, Sept. ii, 1843, ^- 9°- t"^'''- Lt. 

Zadoc, "formerly" w. Stephen Pettee, Oct. 5, 1S44, a. 91, 

G.R.2.] [wid. Zadok, Sept. 11, p.p. 3.] 
Zadock, Lt., h. Mary Pettee, Nov. 7, 1819. [Zadok, a. 77, 

C.R.I.] [Zadock, a. 77, g.r.i.] 

HUGRES (see Hewes, Hews). " " ' ' 

HUNNEWELL, , ch. Mr. Hunnewell, :May 24, 1849. 

p.R.3. [June 2, p.p. 4.] 

JEWETT, Joseph B., ch. Joseph, Mar. 5, 1833, a. 2 y. p.r.i. 
Joseph G., ch. Joseph, Dec. 9, 1840, a. 2. p.r.i. 

JOKES, Benjamin Thomas, ch. Bcnj[a]m[in] and Eliza, iNIar. 

8, 1825, a. 5 y. 6 m. p.R.3. 
Cyntha, d. Francis and Issabel, May 29, 1S31. [Cynthia, d. 

Francis and Isabel, in 42d y., g.r.i.] [Cynthia, p.r.2.] 

[Cynthia, ch. Francis and Isabel, a. 41 y. 2 m., p.p. 3.] 

[Cynthia, P.R.4.] 
Eliza (Temple), w. Benjamin, Oct. 30, 1S32. [a. 34, p.r.i.] 

[ch. Thomas Temple and Ruth, a. 34 y. 6 m., P.R.3.] 
Ella F., d. John G. and Harriet, scarletina, Apr. 25, 1S49, 

a. 2 y. 6 m. 4 d. [Ella Frances, ch. John and Harriot, 

Apr. 24, P.R.3.] [Apr. 24, P.R.4.] 
Francis, li. Issabel (Gilmor), July 10, 1S3S. [h. Isabel, a. 73, 

G.R.I.] [ch. ])cnj[a]m[in] and Rebekah of Raynham, a. 73 y. 

II m. 13 d., r.R.3.] 
Issabel (Gilmor), w. Francis, Dec. 12, 1S34. [Isabel, in 6Sth y., 

G.R.I.] [Isabel, r.R.3.] 
Melinda (Harding), second w. Benjamin, Feb. 4, 1S30. [a. 40, 

P.R.I.] [ch. Isaac Hardon and Abigail [of] Mansfield, a. 40, 




•rlji .1- 

.id/: .£viia . 



JUCKET, Peter '"'from Freetown," Nov. 30, 181 9. 

KENDALL, David, ch. Rev. Thomas and Ruthe, Oct. 22, 

1703. [s. Rev. Thomas and Ruth, a. 4 y. 4 m., c.r.i.] 
Thomas Jr., ch. Rev. Thomas and Ruthe, Feb. — , 1832. 

KERR, Margarett, ch. WilHam and Hannah, July 28, 1S26, 
a. 2 y. 6 m. 4 d. p.r.i. 

KIDDER, Sally, b. Falmouth, w. Nathan, Feb. 28, 1840, a. 61. 
P.R.I, [wid. Kddder, P.R.2.] [S., wid., P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

KINGSBURY, Azubah, w. Nathan, Feb. 28, 1831. [Mar. i, 

P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Caroline [dup. Kingsbary], d. Joseph and Sally [dup. Sarah], 
June 19, 1805. [Kingsbury, a. 7 \v., C.R.i.] [Careline 
Kingsbury, d. Joseph and Sarah, a. 7 v\^, G.R.5.] [Caroline 
Kingsbury, ch. Joseph and Sarah, a. 2 m. 6 d., P.R.3.] 

Joseph, h. Sally (Robbins), Aug. 3, 1810. [h. Sarah, in 44th y., 
G.R.5.] [ch. Scth, P.R.3.] 

Nancy, d. Nathan and Azubah, Oct. 24, 1825. [Oct. 23, p.r,2. 
P.R.3.] [Oct. 24, p.R.4.1 

Nathan, h. Azubah, ^^Iav 5, 1837. [a. 83, c.R.i.] 

S. A., Dr. "from Franklin," Oct. 8, 1821. 

Sally, d. Joseph and Sally, Nov. 17, 1822. [Sarah, d. Joseph 
and Sarah, in 24th y., G.R.5.] [Sally, ch. Joseph and Sarah, 

Seth C, s. Seth and w., dropsy on the brain, Feb. 10, 1844, 
a. I y. 2 m. [s. Seth and Caroline, a. i y. 2 m. 17 d., 
G.R.5.] [ch. Seth and CaroHne, P.R.3.] 

ENAPP, IMary, d. Peter and Mary, dropsy on brain, June 8, 
1845, ^- S y. 9 m. [ch. Peter and Mary (Cooper), a. 8 y. 
8 m. 28 d., P.R.I.] 

Thomas Cooper, s. Peter and Z^Iary, i\Iar. 7, 1836. 

, ch. Mr. Knapp, Oct. 6, 1837. p.r.2. [ch. Peter and 

IMary, P.R.3.] [Oct. 2, P.R.4.] 

KNIGHTS, Benjamin, May 28, 1824, a. 48 [? in Foxboro]. 


Martha, Nov. 24, 1844, a. 71 [? in Foxboro]. p.r.6. 

LAKE, Charles II., s. Phillip B. and Sally, Sept. i, 1843, a. i m. 


George Sanford, b. Easton, s. Geo[rgc] W. and Hannah R., 

brain fever, May 17, 1846, a. 7 y. 2 m. 2 d. 
Mary E., ch. George W., Sept. 11, 1S42, a. i. p.r.i. 

,.b \-i .i.(i c .( I 


LANCASTER, Mary L., bonnet sewer, b. Edington, Me., d. 
\\ill[ia]in and Mary, consumption, Feb. ii, 1S46, a. 22 y. 
8 m. 23 d. [d. William and ]Mary of Eddington, 'Me., a. 
22 y. 8 m. 22 d., G.R.5.] 

LAKE, , ch. John, June 5, 1S32. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

LEATH (see Leith), Mary, w. Isaac, consumption, ]May 29, 
1845. [Leith, a. 49, p.r.i.] [Leach, P.R.3.] [Leath, P.E.4.] 

LEAVITT, Liberty, h. Chloe (Belcher), June 29, 1841. [Lca- 
vett, P.R.3.] [Leavitt, p.r,4.] 

LEITH (see Leath), Isaac, b. England, Oct. 28, 184S, a. 50. 


LEONARD, Albert Sanford, s. Sanford and Elvira, casualty. 

May 26, 1849, a. 4 y. 7 m. 27 d. [a. 4 y. 8 m. 17 d., p.e.i.] 

[ch. Sandford and Elvira, P.R.3.] [ch. Sanford, P.R.4.] 
Ann Maria, ch. Jacob Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and ^Nlille, Sept. 13, 

1816 [dup. a. 21 m.]. [ch. Jacob and Milly, Sept. 15, 

a. 2, P.R.I.] [a. I y. g m., P.R.3.] 
Charles Frederick, s. Charles and Elvira, Feb. 6, 1839. [a. 

4 m., P.R.I.] 
Charles M., s. Sani[ue]l B. and Fanny, scarletina, ]May 4, 

1849, a. 2 y. 8 m. 24 d. [Charles iMellen Leonard, ch, 

Samuel B. and Fanny W., P.R.3.J [^iay 5, P.R.4.] 
Harriet E., d. Williams and Eliza II., scarlatina, Apr. 22, 1S49, 

a. 2 y. 2 m. 4 d. [a. 2 y. 2 m. 8 d., p.r.i.] 
Harriet F., b. Taunton, d. Abijah and Hannah, consumption, 

Sept. 23, 1S4S, a. 20 y. 2 m. 14 d. [Harriot, sister of 

Mrs. M. M. Torrey, Sept. 24, P.R.3.] [Harriet, Sept. 24, 

Jacob, h. Mary (Billings), June 28, 1799. [Jacob Sr., b. 

Stoughton, June 27, a. 56, p.r.i.] [June 28, P.R.3.] 
Jacob Woods, ch. Ellis and Xancy, Aug. 3, 1825. [Aug. 23, 

a. 17 m., G.R.I.] 
Junia, Avid. Spencer, d. Francis Daniels and Keziah, old age, 

Dec. 31, 1846, a. 79 y. 4 m. 18 d. [Junia D., a. 80, r.K.i.J 

[Junia, wid. Spencer i?t, P.R.3.] 
Maria, ch, Lewis and Bethia [dup. Bethiah] [Bethiah, r.R.3.], 

Nov. 11, iSio. 
IMartha Ann, ch. Ellis and Xancy, Sept. 24, 1S27. [a. 24 d., 

Mary Ann, d. Tho[ma]s and ALiry, croup, Dec. 14, 1845, a. 

2 y. II m. 26 d. 


c? -.r. ,'■'■',■?" 

o\ .v-.u ,{> Jri ,f 


Leonard, Patty, d. Jacob Jr. and Mille, Dec. — , 1816 [dup. a. 

21]. [Dec. 20, a. 22, C.R.I.] [ch. Jacob and Milly, Dec. 22, a. 

22, P.R.I.] [ch. Jacob and Melatiah, Dec. — , a. 21, P.R.3.] 
Spencer, h. Junia (Daniels), Oct. 18, 1791. [a. 25, p.r.i.] 
, s, Williams, livery stabler, and Eliza IL, still born, 

Sept. 8, 1S45, in Central Village. 

LITTLEY/OOD, -, Sept. 30, 1832. p.R.3. [ch. , 


LYONS, Jarnes, widr., laborer, b. Ireland, consumption, Feb. 

14, 1846, a. 62. 
Mary, May 31, 1S42. [w. James, May 30, P.R.3.] [Lyuns, w. 

James, ]\Iay 30, p.R.4.] 

MANN, l^ucy, May 23, 1S35. ••. ft. ,-...... ' 

■ , Avid., Sept. 10, 1S36. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

, s. Samuel and P-^lizabeth, Aug. 14, 1S42. [Aug. 13, 

P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

MAPvSH, John Fisk, s. Amariah and Lois, Dec. 13, 1783, a. 
2 y. 10 m. 

Mc GOVAH, Michael, laborer, b. Ireland, sun stroke, July it,, 
1849, ^- ^o- 

Mc KAY, Letitia, b. Fitchburg, d. Alexander and Margaret, 
dysentery, Sept. 26, 1849, a. i y. i d. 

MEARS, , ch, John, Oct. 31, 1837. p.R.3. p.R.4. 

, ch. John, Aug. 10, 1S38. P.R.3. P.R.4. '' 

MERRIFIELD, Metcalf, Mar. 11, 1S40. 

MESSINGER., Adaline, Jan. 3, 1S29. [Miss IMessingr, Jan. 4, 
p.R.3. P.R.4.] 

METCALF, Cornelius, h. Ilepzibah (Sumner), July 16, 1840. 
[a. 80, P.R.I.] 

MORS (see Morse), John, s. T., Oct. i, 1756. G.R.5. 

MORSE, (see Mors), Abigail, w. Soloman, Feb. 28, 1814 

[dup. a. 95]. [a. 95, P.R.3.] 
Adam, h. Phebe (Boydcn), Oct. 20, 1S04 [dup. a. 63 " In Febu- 

ary "]. [Oct. 20, a. 63, c.R.i.j [Oct. 20, in 65th y., G.R.2.] 
Albert, s. Stephen and Sally, Feb. 26, 1S17. 
Amos, h. Mary (Pettee), May 22, 1S17. [in 79th y., g.r.2. 



,T^•i','r■l•i:^'l" ucjJ «::ib" ■ ' • 
.^:t.'l .f. 



Morse, Amos Jr., h. Submit (Paine), Dec. 30, 1824. [Dec. 
30, 1825, G.R.2.] [Dec. 30, 1824, P.R.2. P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
[Dec. 30, 1825, in 44th y., p.r.6.] 
Anna Sophia, d. Jacob and Sophia, bowel complaint, Oct. 16, 

1843, a. I y. I m. 8 d. 
Anne [dup. Anna] (White), w. Simon, Oct. 5, 1801. [Anna, 

in 53cl y., G.R.2.] [Anna, P.R.3-] 
Aristan (see David Ariston Morse). 

Asa, h. Mary Rhodes [Rhodes, ivritten in pencil above Pat- 
ridge crossed out] [dup. [h. Hannah]], Dec. 10, 1818. 
Azubah, w. Israel, fit, July 25, 1844. [in 73d y., G.R.3.] [July i, 

P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Betsy (Page), w. David, Sept. 7, 1820. [Aug. 27, m 36th y., 
G.R.2.] [Betsey, P.R.3.] . r . j < i 

Chloe, ch. Amos and Mary, Feb. 22, 1776. [a. 16 d., p.r.6. 
Chloe (Patridge), w. Joel, Aug. 4, 1796. [in 40th y., g.R-s.] 
Cornelius, ra., farmer [dup. h. Merium (White)], s. Solomon 

and w., fit, June 23, 1845, a. 89. 
David Ariston, farmer, s. David and Patty, consumption, 
Sept. II, 1846, a. 24. [Aristan, P.R.3.] [Harrison, P.R.4.] 
Edward A., b. Holliston, s. Edward S. and Mary J., dysentery, 
Oct. 17, 1848, a. 3 y. 3 m. 15 d. [ch. Jane (White), wid., 
Oct. 16, P.R.3.] [ch. Jane, wid., Oct. 16, P.R.4.] 
Elisha, h. Joanna (Rogers), Apr. 21, 1806. 
Ella Sandford, d. Edward S. [and] Mary J., dysentery, Oct. 18, 
1S4S, a. I y. 19 d. [ch. Jane (White), wid., Oct. 17, 
P.R.3.] [ch. Jane, wid., Oct. 17, P.R.4.] 
Emogine Elizabeth, d. Jason [Jascn, P.R.4.] and Betsey, bron- 
chitis, Feb. 14, 1S47, a. 26 d. 
Eunice (Blake), third w. David, Mar. 30, 1S2S. [a. 33, g.r.2 ] 
Hannah, ch. Elisha and Abigail, Nov. 5, i794 [dup. a. 3]. 

[a. 3, P.R.3.] 
Hannah, w. Asa, Dec. 10, 1818. 
Harrison (see David Ariston Morse). 
Hexekiah, :Mar. 14, 17O1, in 25th y. g.r.2. 
Hezekiah, ch. Adam and Phebe, Oct. 19, 1S04 [dup. a. 30 y. 
6 m. 19 d.]. [a. 30, c.R.i. g.r.2.] [a. 30 y. 6 m. 19 d., 

P R ■^ 1 

Hiram Hoton, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah. Feb. 28, 1828. [Hiram 
Hoten Morse, s. Samuel and Sally. Mar. 4, a. i, G.R.S.] 
[ch. Samuel Jr. and Sally. Feb. 28, P.R.3.] 

Imoginc Elizabeth (see Emogine Elizabeth). 

Israel [dup. adds widr.], h. Azubah (Tupper) [dup. disease of 
stomach], Sept. 12, 1S44. [in 75^^^ >'•- G-R-3-] (S^^P- i^' 
r.n.3. P.R.4.] 


A .. ./ h .-^^ ..1 -N--, 

-jjv-<' .vcirlo^I hns 


Morse, Jacob, h. Lydia (Welman), Sept. 23, 1S19. [[h. 

Sarah] a. 76, G.R.5.] 
Jedediah, Apr. i, 1790, in 90th y. [Jedadiah, P.R.3.] 
Jedediah, h. Jerusha (White), Nov. 18, 1S09. [a. 78, p.r.i.] 
Jemima, d. Jedediah and Jerrusha, Oct. 12, 1796 [dup. a. 7 m.]. 

[a. 7 m., P.R.I. P.R.3.] 
Jerusha (White), w. Jedediah, Mar. 22, 1839. [Jerusha, wid., 

Mar. 28, a. 80, p.r.i.] 
Jesse, m., hoe maker, s. Isiah and Lydia, consumption, Apr. 9, 

184S, a. 43 y. 5 m. 18 d. 
Joanna (Rogers) [dup. adds wid.], w. Elisha, Nov. 14, 181 5. 

[Joanna, wid., P.R.3.] 
Joanna (see Johanna). 
Joel Jr., s. Joel and Chloe, Apr. 7, 1S07. [Apr. 6, in 30th y., 

G.R.5.] [Apr. 7, P.R.3.] 
Joel, h. Chloe (Patridge), Jan. 11, 1820. 
Johanna, d. Jairus V. and Hannah, Oct. 6, 1816. 
John 2d [dup. h. Charlotte (Allen)], s. Adam and Phebe, con- 
sumption, Feb. 20, 1845, a. 62 y. 9 m. 19 d. 
John, widr., farmer, s. Jacob and Sarah, lung fever, Feb. 6, 

1S47, a. 76 y. 9 m. 20 d. 
Joseph A., farmer, s. John 2d and Charlotte, consumption, 

June 2, 1847, a. 31 y. 6 m. 9 d. 

Julia Ann (see ]^\Iorse). 

Lucinda, w. Leonard, Oct. 24, 1839. P.R.3. [a. 35, r.R.6.] 

Lucinda, Oct. 25, 1S42, a. 36. p.r.i. 

Lydia Robinsonldup. adds wid.], w. [wid. Lt., P.R.3.] Timothy, 

Apr. 30, 1816. 
Lydia (Welman), w. Jacob, Jan. 3, 1813. 
Margarctt, wid., Nov. 15, 1S15. 
Martin Clark, s. Elisha C. and Emily R., intluenza. Aor. 8, 

1845, a. I y. 7 d. [Ajjr. 8, 1843, a. i y. 8 d., G.R.5.] [Apr. 7, 

1845, P.R.3- r.R.4.] 
Mary Jane, ch. Leonard and Lucinda, ]May 31, 1842. [a. 9, 

P.R.I.] [ch. Leonard and Lusinda, P.R.3.] 
Mary [dup. ]Molly] (Pcttcc), w. Amos, Apr. 27, 181 2 [dup. 

a. 69]. [^Lary, in 70th y., G.R.2.] [:\lolly, a. 69, P.R.3.] 

[Mary, in 7otfi y., p.r.6.] 
Mary Rhodes [Rhodes, ivrilten in pencil above Patridge 

crossed onl], w. Asa, Dec. lo, 181 8. 
Mchctable, July 20, 1S27. r.R.3. [Mehitablc, P.K.4.] 
Mille (Pcttcc),' second v;. Joel. July lO, 1831. [Mclcliah, 

C.R.2.] [Milla, wid., P.R.2.] [Mclatiah, wid. Joel, P.R.3.] 

[Milly, wid., P.R.4.] 

.[An ^ 

V {Uo<\ n: ^<> .1(1 A j .vo8i 

•{rii.'nuii'i' l,f^.«.g ,JJ 


Morse, Patty (Page), second w. David, Xov. 17, 1S25. [in 

35th y., G.K.2.] [Xov. 15, P.R.2. P.R.3. P.R.4-] 

Phebe (Boyden), w. Adam, Mar. 2, 1823. [a. 84, c.r.i.] [in 
83d y., G.R.2.] [Phebe, ^Yid., P.R.2.] [wid. Adam, P.R.3. 

Pruda, ch. Cornelius and ]\Ieiium, Nov. 29, 1S02. 

Rhoda (Dexter), w. John, Aug. 31, 1S27. ^ 

Roger, ch. Elisha and Joanna, Xov. 22, 1S26. 

Rosilla, d. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Jan. 31, 1S26. [d. Samuel 
and Sally, a. 4 y- 6 m., G.R.5.] [ch. Samuel Jr. and Sally, 

Sally, d. John, complication of diseases, Dec. 21, 1S43, a. 36. 
Sally (Billings), %v. Stephen, Aug. 31, 1S34. [Sarah, C.R.2.] 

[Sally, P.R.3.] [Sept. i, p.R.4.] ^. 

Sally Forrist, ch. Asa Jr. and Susanna, Mar. 14, 1823. [m 

9th y., G.R.5.] 
Samuel, h. Sarah (Forrist), Mar. 28, 1832. [a. 82, G.R.5.] 
Sarah, w. Jacob, Jan. 3, 1S13, a. 63. [a. 64, G.R.5.] [a. 63, 

Sarah A., d. Bradford and Angenette, erysipelas, Sept. 29, 

1845, a. I m. 6 d. [Oct. i, P.R.3. P.R.4-] 
Sarah (Forrist), w. Samuel, June 27, 1S25. [in 63th y., G.R.5.J 

[June 26, P.R.4.] 
Sarah Welman, ch. John and Rhoda, Dec. 21, 1S43. 
Sidney Chester, ch. Chester F. and Arrilla, Aug. 24, 1S37. 
Simon, Dec. 3, 1805. c.R.i. [[h. Anna] in 72d v., G.R.2.]^ 
Sophia E., d. Jesse and Joanna, consumption, Dec. 13, 1S40, 
a. 16 y. 9 m. 22 d. [ch. Jesse dec'd and w., Dec. 14, p.R.3- 
Susanna, Dec. 11, 17S5, in 20th y. 
Susanna, ch. John 2d and Charlotte, Feb. 6, 181 2. 
Timothy [dup. adds Lt.], h. Lydia (Robinson), Oct. 20, iSio. 
[Lt. Timothy Jr., ch. Timothy, p.R.3. ] 

, w. Daniel, [rec. between Feb. 19 and Aug. — j, 


, s. David and Betsev, still born, Aug. 27, 1S20. G.R.2. 

, " adopted " ch. Timothy, Xov. 3, 1S22. P.R.3. 


, s. David and Patty (second ay.), Xov. 5, 1825. [Xov. 

4, P.R.2. P.R.3.1 [Xov. 3, P.R.4.] 

, ch. David, Apr. 23, 1S35. P.R.3. [ch. Daniel, p.r.4-1 

• , ch. lohn. Aug. — , 1S3S. P.R.2. .., 

. ch. David, , 1S39. P.R.3. P-R-4. 

•Y u>c'.i luj .^-iCi.! ,\;5.- 

.01:-' I 


Morse, , v,-. Jason, Jan. — , 1840. p.r.2. [Julia Ann, 

Jan. 14, P.R.3.] [Jan. 14, P.R.4.] 
, ch. Samiiel and Sally, Mar. 13, 1841. P.R.3. 

NASON, Elias, s. Elias and Lois, Feb. 15, 1800. [Elias Jr., 
Sept. II, a. 4, P.R.I.] [Elias, Feb. 15, P.R.3.] 

Elias Warren, Sept. 22, 1825, a. 6 m. p.r.i. [ch. Elias, 
Sept. 25, P.R.4.] 

Harriet Ann, ch. LJias Esq. and Susanna (second w.),.Sept. 9, 
1832. [a, 5, P.R.I.] [Harriot, ch. Elias and Susan, Sept. 8, 

KerrrjOR, s. Elias and Lois, July 31, 1800. [Herman, a. i m. 

5 d., P.R.I.] [Hermon, P.R.3.] 
Lois (Richardson), w. Elias, Oct. 9, 1821. [a. 52, p.r.i.] 

[ISJasen, P.K.4.] 
Susanna (Keith), second w. Elias Esq., Mar. 14, 1840. [a. 

40, P.R.I.] [I\Iar. 15, P.R.2.] [Susan, Mar. 15, P.R.3.] 
William Warren, Aug. 11, 180S, a. i. p.r.i. 
William Warren, ch. Ehas Esq. and Susanna (second w.) [dup. 

Lois], Sept. 24, 1825. [Sept, 26, p.r.2. P.R.3.] 

ITEWCOMB, Thumas, Apr. 21, 1837. C.R.2. 

JnEWLAKD, Jacob, ,1823. c.R.2. ^ 

I^ICKOLSON, Charles, "factory lad, drowned at the Straiton 
Cotton factory," July 18, 1819. 

PAGE, Sally (Clapp), w. Asa, Nov. 21, 1842, in Baltimore, 
Md. G.R.9. 

PAH^ (see Paine), Joseph, Nov. 23, 181 1. p.r.iS. 

PAIKE (see Pain), Abial, h. Cynthea (Robinson), Jan. 3, 1S40. 
["oldest member of the church," Jan. 2, c.r.i.] [ch. Wil- 
liam and Mary, Jan, 3, P.R.3.] [Abiel, Jan. 3, P.R.4.] 

Abigail A., w. Nathaniel, Oct. 3, 1841, a. 42. p.r.i. 

Amos, h, Roxey (Paine), diseased throat, June iS, 1842. 

Anne (Richards), w. James, Oct. 21, 1836. [Anna Pain, c.R.i.] 
[Anna Paine, wid., Oct. 20, a. 79, g.r.i.] [Anne Paine, 
Avid. James, P.R.3.] [Paine, wid. James, P.R.4.] 

Asa, s. Lemuel and Rachel, June 7, 1794. [in i3ih y., G.R.i.] 

Asa, h. Patty (Ikicon), ^Liy i, 1810. [a. 53, G.R.9.] [ch. Wil- 
liam and Mary, P.R.3.] 

Asa Warren Esq., s. Asa and Patty (Bacon), Apr. 19, 1847, 
in W. Newton. G.R.9. 


.'„.a[.o .. 

,U8l ^'l 


Paine, Cynthea (Robinson), w. Abial, Oct. 30, 1S26. [Syn- 

thia, Nov. — , c.r.i.] [Cynthia, Oct. 30, P.R.3.] 
Enocb, h. Thankfull (Morse), Nov. 9, 1822. [Pain, Nov. 29, 

1823, C.R.I. ] [Paine, Nov. 9, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Hosea, Oct. 21, 181 2, a. 22. 
James [dup. Pain], h. Anne (Richards), July 25, iSoo [dup. in 

49th y.] [Paine, July 24, in 49th y., g.r.i.] [Pain, ch. 

William and jNIary, a. 48, P.R.3.] 
James Jr. [dup. omits Jr., h. Sally (Morse)], s. James and 

Anne, Dec. i, 1831. [James, p.r.2. P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
John, Sept. 21, 1820, a. 75 y. 5 d. G.R.9. 
Joseph, h. Mary (Comee), ^lar. 17, 1787. 

Joseph, ch. Joseph and Mary, . ' ' '"■ 

Lemuel [dup. Pain], h. Rachel (Carpenter), Dec. 22, 1794. 

[Paine, in 47th y., G.R.i.j [Paine, ch. William and Mary, 

Lucus, s. Lemuel and Rachel, Feb. 28, 17S7, a. 6 m. g.r.i. 
Maiy, w, William, Feb. 4, 1810, a. 88. G.R.9. 
Nancy (Carpenter), w. Joseph, Aug. 11, 1821. [ch. Ezra Car- 
penter and I\Iargarett (Dauiels), a. 41, p.r.i.J [Nancy, 

wid., ch. Ezra Carpenter and Margurett, P.R.3.] [Nancy, 

wid., P.R.4.] 
Patty B., v/. Asa, Oct. 12, 1S38, a. 71. G.R.9. 
Roxana, b. Mansfield, wid. Amos, typhus fever, Dec. 11, 1847, 

a. 62. 
Samuel Jr., Aug. 7, 1S42. 

Sarah, wid. James, June i, 1830, a. 65. G.R.i. 
Thankfull (Morse),' w. Enoch, Oct. 8, 1833. [Pain, C.R.i.] 

[Thankful Paine, wid. Enoch, ch. jNIorse, P.R.3.] 

[Paine, wid. Enos, P.R.4.] 
William, July 17, 1811. [[h. Mary] July 18, in 93d y., G.R.9.] 

[[h. Mary] July 18, a. 93, p.r.i.] 
Williams, h. Nancy (Grover), Aug. 4, 1830. [William, Aug. 5, 

P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
, s. James and Sarah, still born, !Mar. 25, 1810. g.r.i. 

PARTRIDGE, , Mrs., Sept. 12, 181 2, a. 77. 

PATIN (see Patten), John [h. ^Lary], Feb. 13, 1769, in 6ist y. 

PATl'EN (see Palin\ David, h. Sarah (Daniels), July 16, 1S22. 
David, s. David and Sarah, June 26, 1823. [David Jr., P.R.3. 

Mary (see Patten). 


W.y.i ,M /Ml 

\ X.P..0 ,j)/:' 


Patten, Mary Robbins, d. David and Sarah, May i, 1827. 

Sally, May 14, 1S33. c.R.2. 

Sarah (Daniels), w. David, Nov. 18, 1819. 

Sybbil, Dec. 28, 1797, in 45th y. • . . • 

,wid., ]\rar. 4, 1S05, a. 98. c.R.i. [Mary Patin, wid. 

John, a. 99, O.R.5.] 

PAYSON, Ann Warren, d. Dr. Will[ia]m and Abigail, Aug. 4, 

1815, a. 2 y. 5 m. 
Esther (Clapp) [dup. adds wid.], w. Swift Esq., Mar. 23, 1S16 

[dup. a. 70]. [a. 70, C.R.I.] [wid. Swift, a. 70, p.r.i.] 

[Esther, vdd., a. 70, P.R.3.] 
Hannah Holder, d. Albert S. and Lucy G., Sept. --, 1842. 

[Sept. 7, a. 3, P.R.I.] 
James, ni., farmer, s. Swift and Esther, consumption, May 15, 

1S49, a. 66 y. 9 m. 5 d. [[h. Mary H.] jAJay 6, a. 67, 

P.R.I.] [May 16, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Sally (Stratton), w. James, Nov. 16, 1827. [x\^v. 19, a. 41, 

P.R.I.] [Nov. 15, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Susanna, d. Swift Esq. and Esther, Jan. 7, 1S36. [a. 59, 

P.R.I.] [Susan, P.R.3. P.R.4-] 
Sv/ift Esq., h. Esther (Clapp), Jan. 27, 1816 [dup. a. 78]. 

[a. 78, C.R.I. P.R.I. P.R.3.] 
William, s. James and Sally, Dec. 26, 1S09. [William D., a. 

4 m., P.R.I.] 
, ch. James, Nov. 19, 1S27. p.r.i.. [Nov. 8, P.R.3. 


PECK, Elizaljeth Mason, ch. Gardner :M. and Elizabeth, Feb. 
II, 1838. [d. Dr. G. :\I., a. 10 m., p.r.2.] [ch. Dr. Gard- 
ner M. and , a. 10 m., r.R.3.] [Feb. 9, p.p. 4.] 

Gardner AI., s. Gardner AI. and Elizabeth, Apr. 3, 18.75. [ch. 
Dr. Gardner, Apr. 4, p.r.2. P.R.3.] [ch. Dr. Peck, Apr. 4, 

Joseph :\Iason, ch. Gardner M. and EHzabeth, Feb. 9, 1838. 

[s. Dr. G. M., a. 3, p.r.2.] [ch. Dr. Gardner M. and , 

a. 3, P.R.3.] 

I^Iartha Elizabeth, ch. [Dr., P.R.3. P.R.4.] Gardner M. and 
Elizabeth, Sept. 10, 1S32. 

Thomas Gardner, ch. [Dr., p.p. 3. P.R.4.] Gardner M. and 
J'Uizabeth, Sept. 10, 1S32. 

PENNY, , vs-id.. Mar. 21, 1S40. p.r.2. [Betty, P.R.3.] 

[•'Wid E. ]\'nney," Apr. — , P.R.4.] 

PERRIGO, Eli/.abeth, w. James, [1798]. P.R.3. 

.ti ,.(J fo/uliiV/j .(K 

-l.A.'l ^H .vo'/I „i.«.a .■\'£<Jt ,01 


PERRY, :SIary F., d. Oliver A. and Eliza, cholera infantum, 
Aug. 26, 1849, a. 8 m. 25 d. 

PETTEE, Abigail Casv.-cll, lliird w. Simon, May 25, 1832. 

[Abagail, a. 76, p.r.i.] [wid. Simon, r.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Adison, ch. Kczekiah and Chloe [July 22], 1809, a. 2 d. 
Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Hannah, Aug. 17, 1778. 
Benjamij), ii. Hannah (Morse), Jan. 15, 1S12 [dup. a. 85]. [a. 

85, G.R.I. P.R.I.] 

Calvin, s. Sirnon Jr. and Sophia, Apr. 13, 1S15. [ch. Simon 

and Sophia (Forist), a. 11 m., p.r.i.] 
Chloe, wid. Hezekiah, influenza, Apr. 13, 1848, a. So. [Apr. 

13, 181S sic, a. 81, G.R.2.] [Apr. 12, 1848, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Cyrenius, h. Mehetebel (Clapp), July 2, 1816. [Cyrenus, in 

43d y., G.R.I.] [Cyrenius, P.R.3.] 
David, h". Folly (Blake), Mar. 13, 1S35. [a. 65, g.r.i.] 
Eliza G., Sept. 27, 1S24. G.R.9. 
Ellen F., ch. Martin and Joanna, J»Iay 8, 1841, a. 9. p.r.i. 

[Mar. 8, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Esther, ch. Hezekiah and Chloe, Aug. — , 1S05. [Aug. 20, a. 

abt. 2 y. 6 m., c.r.i.] 
Hannah (Boyden) [dup. adds wid.], second w. Benjamin, Jan. 

3, 1819. [wid. Beiijamin, a. 70, g.r.i.] [Hannah, wid., 

Hannah (Morse), w, Benjamin, June 24, 1798 [dup. a, 72]. 

[in 72d y., c.R.i. g.r.i.] [a. 72, P.R.3.] 
Harriet, ch. Hezekiah and Chloe, May 10, 1802, a. i d. 
Harvy, h. Folly (Fainc), Jan. 3, 1843. [Hervey, ch. Simon and 

Abigail, a. 60 y. 4 m. 10 d., p.r.i.] [Dea. Harvey, P.R.3. 


Hezekiah, h. Chloe (Ware), Mar. 16, 1S22. [a. 58, G.R.2.] 
James Henery [dup. Henry], s. Syrenius and I\Iahitable [dup. 

ch. Cyrenius and ^Nlehetebel], Feb. 14, 181 5, a. 5 m. 20 d. 

[James Henry, ch. Syienius and IMehitable, P.R.3.] 
Jane A., d. David and Polly, typhus fever, Nov. 16, 1S45, a. 

27 y, 8 m. 28 d. 
Keziah, ch. Benjamin and Hannah, Feb. 6, 1830. [Kesiah, 

Lewis A., clerk, b. Sharon, s. Tyler and Esther M., disease of 

brain, June 23, 1S40, a, 29. [a. 29 y. 7 d., p.r.i.] 
Lucy Brown, w. Willard, Sept. 4, 1S42, a. 28. G.R.9. 
ISIary A., d. Simon and Sophia, consumption, June 15, 1847, 

a. 14 y. S m. 13 d. [ch. Simon and Sophia (Forist), a. 14 y. 

8 m. 10 d., P.R.I,] 


.5 .OS ;." ' ' ' ■: : , 

.[m .^: .^i,^ 

.y f i 


Pettee, Nathan, Aug. — , 1S37 [? in Foxboro]. p.r.6. 
Oliver, h. Elizabeth (Clark), ]\Iay 12, 1818, in Wrentham. 

[a. 55, C.R.I.] 
Oliver Jr., s. Oliver and Elizabeth, ^lay 11, 1821, in N.J. *- 
Otis, ch. Otis and Matilda, Jan. — , 1823. [Otis Jr., Jan. 10, 

a. 4 y. 6 m. 4 d., p.r.i.] [Jan. 9, p.r.2.] [Jan. 19, P.R.3.] 

[Jan. 13, P.R.4.) 
Polly, d. Simon and Abigail (third v,-.), June 28, 1796 [dup. in 

4th y.]. 
Polly, ch. David and Polly, June 6, 1S42. [Patty, P.R.4.] 
Polly (Blake), w. David, Aug. 21, 1S42. [a. 72, g.r.i.] [wid. 

David, P.R.3, P.R.4.] 
Rebeccah, w. William, Dec. 12, 1792. [Rebeckah, c.r.i.] 

[Rebekah, P.R.3.] 
Rebeccah [dup. Rebeckah], ch, William and Rc-beccah, July i, 

1799. [Rebeckah, CR.i.] [Rebekah, ch, William and 

Rebecca, r.R.3.] 
Sally, June 2S, 1796, a, 3, P.R.3. 
Simon, h. Abigail (Little), June 2S, 1823. [June 28, 1S2S, 

a. 74, P.R.I.] [June 28, 1823, p.r,2, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Simon, m., stone cutter, s. Simon and Abigail, lung fever, 

Nov. 28, 1848, a. 60 y. 9 m. 8 d. [Nov. 23, p.r.i.] 
Simon Metcalf, ch. Simon Jr. and Sophia, Feb. 6, 1S21. [ch. 

Simon and Sophia (Forist), a. 3 m., p.r.i.] 
Sophia Metcalf, ch, Simon Jr. and Sophia, jvlay 11, 1S36. 

[a, 23, p.r.i.] 
Stephen, h. Mary (Mann), May 5, 1792 [dup. a. 47], [May 

15, a, 47, P-R-3-] 
Stephen, s, Simon and Abigail (third w.), July 14, 1796 [dup. 

in 7th y.] [in 8th y., g.r.i.] [a. 6, P.R.3.] 
Stephen Albert, s. Hervey and Polly, Aug. 7, 1824, c.r.i, 

[ch, Flarvey, Aug. 6, P.R.2.] [ch. Harvey and Polly, Aug. 6, 

P,R.3.] [ch, Harvey, Aug, 7, p,r,4.] 
Tyler, Apr. 11, 1835, a. 44. g.r.2. 
Tyler A., Sept. 15, 1S17. G.R.9. 
VVilliam, h. Rebeccah, June 17, 1S17 [dup. a. 93]. [a. 92, c.R.i,] 

[a. 93, P.R.3.] 

, first ch. Hczekiah and Chloe, Feb. 20, 1787. 

, ch. Simon, Feb. 5, 1S21. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

■ , s. Charles and w. [Mary, P.R.3.], Jan. — , 1843. 

PHILLIPS, Joseph "a German," Feb. 26, 1835. 

PIERCE, Ann, ch. Rev. Willard and Elanor W., Mar. 13, 1S32. 
[Peirce, ch. Rev. Willard and Eleanor, p.r.3.] [Pierce, 


1m;.-; liint.^ti .1 

,?.r..?.i ,?A onwT! .?,t=^' 

.C'-.9l ,IJ -r-^i'- jJ 


Pierce, Charles Edwin, s. Tho[ma]s N. and Lucy F. [Fuller, 

P.R.I.], influenza, Feb. 15, 1845, a. i y. 7 m. 9 d. [Pierse, 

P.R.3.] [Pierce, P.R.4.] 
Eleanor, ch. Rev. Willard and Elanor W., Nov. 5, 1827. [d. 

Kev. Willard and Eleanor W., g.r.i.] [Peirse, ch. Rev. 

Willard and Eleanor, P.R.3.] [Pierce, P.R.4.] 
Lucy E., d. Thomas N. and Emeline, scarletina, Apr. 23, 1849, 

a. 2 y. 4 m. 3 d. 
Lucy E., ch. Thomas and Lucy (Fuller), Dec. 20, 1S49, ^- 2. 


Lucy F., w. Thomas N., d. Ebcn[eze]r Fuller and Experience, 
consumption, Mar. 10, 1S45, ^- 39 Y- 4 ^^- 28 d. [b. 
Middleboro, p.r.i.] [Pierse, P.R.3.J [Pierce, P.R.4.] 

PIERSON5 , s. John and Olive, Sept. 12, 1842. [Sept. 

II, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

PLIMPTON (see Plymton), Asa [dup. Plemton], h. Mary 

(Smith), Mar. 22, 1808. [Piimton, P.R.3.] 
Asa, h. Lois (jNIorse), Mar. 12, 1827. [Plympton, P.R.4.] 

[Plimpton, a. 44, P.R.6.] 
Augustus, ch. James and Amy, Dec. 4, 1S21. [Plympton, 

Nov. 30, P.R.3.] [Plymipten, Nov. 30, P.R.4.J 
Elijah, h. Mary (Pond), June 8, 1817. 

Elijah Jr., h. Sally (Pettee), Sept. 9, 1S30. [Plympton, P.R.4.] 
Georgiana Eliza, d. Albert and Eliza, Oct. 25, 1844. G.R.9. 

[b. Boston, a. 2, p.r.i.] 
Huldah, w. James (Piimton), Apr. 2, 17S2. 

James, , 1785. p.R.3. 

James, h..Amy (Stratton), Feb. 23, 1S29. [Plympton, F.R.4.] 
James Edmund, ch. James and Amy, Dec. 16, 182 1. [Plymp- 
ton, P.R.3.] [Plympten, P.R.4.] 
Mary (Smith), v/. Asa, Feb. 22, 1823. [ALary, vrid., p.r.2. 

P.R.3.] [wid. Asa, P.R.4.] 
Mary (Pond), w. Elijah, Oct. 8, 1833. [wid. Elijah, Oct. 7, 

p.R.3. ] [Plympton, wid. Elijah, Oct. 7, r.R.4.] 
Otis, ch. Asa and Lois, Sept. 21, 1833. [Plympton, P.R.4.] 

[Plimpton, a. 22, p.r.6.] 
Sally (Pettee), w. Elijah Jr., Dec. 17, 1S40. [Piimton, c.R.i.] 

[Sally Plymi)ton, wid., P.R.2.] [Plympton, wid. Elijah, 

P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
, ch. Amy, wid., Aug. i, 1820. r.R.2. [ch. James and 

Amy, r.R.3.] [Plympton, ch. James dec'd ajid w., Aug. 2, 

, ch. Amy, wid., Sept. 5, 1833. P.R.3. 




PLUMB, Sarah, May 20, 1842. 

PLYMTON (see Plimpton), Daniel, s. Asa and Sarah, Sept. 

18, 177S. [Plympton, Tune 15, P.R.3.] 
Sarah, w. Asa, Sept. 11, 1779. 

POLLEY, Nathaniel, May 31, 1830. [Maj. Polley, P.R.3.] 
[Maj. Polly, P.R.4.] 

POND, William, Apr. 26, 1S45. c.r.2. 

POOR, Elizabeth, b. Wobourn, wid. Lemuel, apoplexy, June 
4, 1S46, a. 65 y. 5 m. 22, d. [mother of Rev, D. J. Poor, 

POWDERLY, — , ch. James, Apr. 4, 1S39. P.R.3. p.R.4. 

POWERS, James, b. Ireland, typhus fever, Oct. 4, 1849. 

PRA.TT, Abigail (Williams), w. Capt. Josiah, June 2, 1S14 

[dup. a. 91]. [in 920 v., G.R.4,] [a. 91, P.R.3.] 
Abijah, h. ilary (R.obbins), Dec. 6, 1832. [Abijah Esq., in 

74th y., G.R.5.] [Abijah, ch. Josiah and Abigail, a. 73 y. 

8 m., P.R.3.] 
Amanda, d. Isaac and Rachel (second w.), Xov. 14, 1S24. 

[Nov. 13, C.R.I.] [Nov. 14, in 23d y., g.r.i.] [ch. Dea. 

Isaac and Rachel, P.R.3.] 
Benjamin F., h. Eliza (Atherton), I\Iar. 2, 1S32. [in 29th y., 

G.R.4. ] [Frankhn, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Betsy [dup. Betsey], d. Jesse [dup. Jesse] and r\Iary, Aug. 25, 

1796 [dup. in 5th y.]. [Betsey, ch. Jese and ^iary, in 

5th y., G.R.4.] [Betsey, ch. Jesse, a. 4 y., P.R.3.] 
Damarius [dup. Dameria], d. Joseph [dup. ch. Joseph and 

Sarah], Nov. iS, 1794. [Damarius, P.R.3.] 
Elijah, s. Elijah and Sybil [dup. Sibil], June 24, 1S12. [s. Dea. 

Elijah and Sibbyl, June 25, a. 4 w., G.R.4.] [ch. Elijah 

and Sybil, June 24, P.R.3.] 
Elijah, h. Sibil (Dunbar), Jan. i, 1S2S. [in 53d y., G.R.4.] 

[Dea. Elijah, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Eliza Ann, ch. Elijah and Sibil, Jan. 12, 1822. [d. Dea. Elijah 

and Sibbyl, in 13th y., G.R.4.] [Jan. 11, P.R.3. P.R.4. ] 
Elizabeth, \v. Isaac, June 20, 1796, in 44th y. c.R.i. 
Franklin (see Benjamin F.). 
Harriet [dup. Harriot], d. Elijah and Sybil [dup. Sibil], Sept. 

20, 1808. [Harriet, d. Dea. Elijah and Sibbyl, in 2d. y., 

G.R.4.] [Harriet, ch. Elijah and Sybil, r.R.3.] 




X dU'i *'■;! ^.' 


Pratt, Harvey, g. Isaac and Rachel, Apr. 2, iSoi. [a. 2 m. 

I d., P.K.3-] ,_ ^ , 

Isaac, h. Mary, Nov. 14, 1820. [Dea. isaac, a. 74, c.r.i.J 

[Isaac, in 74th y., C.R.4.] [Dea. Isaac, P.R.3.J 
Jesse jr. [dup. Jessee, omits jr.], s. Jesse [dup. Jesseel and ^lary, 

Aug. 24, 1796 [dup. a. I y. 5 m-l- tjesse, ch. Jese and 

Mary, a. i y. 4 m., G.R.4.] [Jessee, ch. Jesse, a. i y. f, m., 

p. 11.3.] 
Joseph [dup. Prratt], ch. Joseph and Sarah, Dec. 19, 17S0. 

Josiah, CapL, h. Abigail (Williams), Feb. S, iSoo [dup. )n 

80th y.]. [Feb. 7, in Soth y., G.R.4-] [Feb. S, a. 79, 

^•^•2-1 r. . 1 

Levi, Aug. 13, 1S25, in 69th y. G.R.4. [Aug. 6. p.r.2. P.R.3.I 

[Aug. 13, P.R.4-] , , 

Lucy, d. Jesse [dup. Jessee] and Mar/, Aug. 2S, 1796 [dup. m 

'gthy.]. [d. Jesse and Mary, in 9Lhy., G.R.4.] [ch. Jesse, 

a. 8, P.R.3.] 
Marcus, ch. Abiiah and ^lary, Oct. 10, 1S21. [ member of 

the junior class in Brown University," G.R.5.] [Oct. 14, 

P.R.3. P.R.4-] , -T . 1 

Mary, w. Isaac, June 2c, 1795, m 44ln y. [June 26, G.R.4.J 
[June 20, P.R.3.] 

Mary, wid. Abijah, d. Eleazer Robbins and Elizabeth, dysen- 
tery, Sept. II, 1S4S, a. 79. _^.. 

Nancy, ch. Elijah and Sibil, Feb. 8, 1829. [d. Dea i-i:jah 
and Sibbyl, in 2SLh y., G.R.4.] [Feb. 9, r.R.2.] [Feb. 8, 
P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Rachel, ^vid. Dea. Isaac, wid. Lemuel Paine. Sept. 20, iS.?S, 
a. 72. G.R.I, [ch. Xehcmiah Carpenter and Eliz^abet.h, 


Rosilla, ch. Eliiah and Sibil, Oct. 26, 1S22. [d. Dea. Elijah 

Sibbyl, Oct. 15, in 3d y., G.R.4.] [Oct. 25, P.R.3. p.k.4- 
Sarah (Capen), w. Joseph, Dec. 26, 1S33. [Dec. 12, c.R.2.] 

[Dec. 19, in Sist y., G.R.4.] [Sarah, wid., Dec. 14, p.R.3. 

Shubael, h. Susan (Carpenter), July 18, 1S22. [in 33d y., 

William Gardner, s. Benjamin F. and Eliza. Feb. 2, 1S33, in 

3d y. O.K. 4. [ch. F. dec'd and \\., Feb. 7. r.K.3. r.K.4.] 

PUTNAM. Sophia, w. Thomas II., Feb. 28, 1S40, in y,i\\ y. 
G.R.6.' [Feb. 27, P.R.2. P.R.3-] [r^^b. 2S, P.R.4.] 



RABOSHAW, Joseph, Dec. — , 1786, a. 31. [Rabashaw, 

RAFFETY, Bernard, s. Michael and Mary, congestion of 
brain, Nov. 25, 1845, ^- S m. [Rafferty, Nov. 2^, P.R.3.] 

REED, William Vose, s. Charles J. and Pamela, measles, 
Aug. I, 1847, a. I y. 3 m. [Aug. 2, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

RHOADES (see Rhodes), Achsa [dup. Acksa Rhodes], ch. 
Stephen [dup. (Rhods)] and Anne, Oct. 30, 1795 [dup. 
a. 2 y. 6 m.j. [Achsa Rhoadcs, d. Stephen and Anna, 
a. 2 y. 6 m. 16 d., g.r.i.] [Achsa Rhoadcs, ch. Stephen 
and Anna, a. 2 y. 6 m., P.B.3.] 

Patty (Carpenter), second w. Stephen, Apr. g, 1839. [Martha 
Rhodes, in^sd y., G.R.9.] [Martha Rhoades, ch. Ezra 
Carpenter and Alargaret (Daniels), Apr. 6, a. 51 y. g m. 
12 d., P.R.I.] [Patty Rhoades, ch. Ezra Carpanter and 
Margarettc, Apr. 9, P.R.3.] [Rhodes, P.R.4.] [Patty 
Rhodes, Apr. 9, p.R.18.] 

Sarah, ch. Stephen and Patty (second w.), Jan. 3, 1839. 
[Rhodes, d. Stephen and Martha, a. 10 y. 11 m. 25 d., 
G.R.9.] [Rhoades, ch. Stephen and Martha (Carpenter), 
a. 16 y. II m. 24 d., p.r.i.] [Rhoadcs, ch. Stephen and 
Patty, P.R.3.] [Rhodes, P.R.4.] [Rhoadcs, p.r.iS.] 

RHODES (see Rhoades), Anne (Daniels) [dup. Anna Rhoades, 
second dup. Anne Carpenter Rhoadcs], w. Stephen, wid. 
Nehemiah Carpenter, Jan. 25, 1814 [dup. a. 50]. [Anna 
Rhoadcs, in 51st y., g.r.i.] [Anna Rhoades, a. 50, P.R.3.] 

RICHARDS, Hannah, Apr. 5, 1816, a. 64. G.R.4. 

Henry Ellis, s. Ellis and Emelinc, Aug. 4, 1835, in 6th y. 


Solomon [h. Rachel], Oct. 18, 1842, in 64th y. G.R.4. 
, ch. Olive, Sept. 2, 1828. P.R.3. 

RICHARDSON, Abigail, July 5, 1842. [w. Joel, a. 59, p.r.i.] 

]\v. Joel, July 4, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Benjamin, Feb. 15, 1S13. 
Eunice (see Unicc). 
Isaac, Feb. 21, 1788, a. 54. 
Isaac, Mr., Mar. 5, 1814. 
Masa, s. John and Dorotha [dup. Dorrity] [Dorrity, P.R.3.], 

Nov. 14, 1778. 
Richard (sec Richardson). 


Richardson, Unicc, d. Isaac, Nov. 13, 1785, a. 20. 

Warren, s. Sabury, June 23, 1S14, a. 14 m. [Warin N., s. 
Isaac and Sabray, g.r.i.] [Warren, P.R.3.] 

, Mr., Nov. 17, 1823. P.R.2. [Richard, P.R.3.] [Rich- 
ard, Nov. 18, P.R.4.] 

Ps.II>ER, Sarah J., d. Lloyd A. and Sarah E., dysentery, July 
25, 1S4S, a. 5 m. 8 d. [Ryder, P.R.3.] [Rider, P.R.4.] 

, s. Lloyd A., housewright, [and] Sarah of Taunton, 

still born. May — , 1846, in Central Village. 

RIPLEY, Lusanna Collan-iore, ch. Rev. Silas and Lydia S., 
Oct, 19, 183S. [Oct. 20, a. 10, P.R.2. P.R.3.] 

Lydia S., b. Hanover, w. Rev. S. [Silas, P.R.3. P.R.4.], dropsy, 
Jan. 12, 1847, a. 41. 

ROBBINS, Eleazer, s. Lt. Eleazer and Elizabeth, Dec. 27, 

1763, in 2d y. G.R.5. 
Eleazer, s. Lt. Eleazer and Elizabeth, Jan. 5, 1768, in 6th m. 

Eleazer, Capt., Feb. 18, iSoi, a. 83. [[h. Mary, h. Elizabeth] 

in 83d v., G.R.5.] 
Elizabeth, w. Capt. Eleazer, Feb. 17, 1807, in 79th y. G.R.5. 
Mary, v,\ Ens. Eleazer, Apr. 2, 1759, in 36*h y. G.R.5. 

ROBINSON, Anna (see Robinson). 

Anna, w. Sylvanus, d. Spencer Leonard and Junia, dysentery, 

Sept. 20, 1S4S, a. 58 y. 4 m. 25 d. [ch. Spencer Leonard 

ist and Junia, Sept. 21, P.R.3.] [Sept. 21, p.R.4.] 
Caty, Feb. 8, 1822, [Catherine (" Aunt Kate "), P.R.3.] 

[Catherine, P.R.4.] 
Francis Andela, s. David B. and Elizabeth, fits, Jan. 16, 1S46, 

• a. I y. II m. 30 d. 
Hannah, d. Seth Robinson and Rachel, Alay 9, 1827. [v;. 

Abishai, P.R.3.] [Hannah, wid., P.R.4.] 
Lucretia H., b. Dighton, \v. Abiathar, dropsy, ]May 31, 1848. 

[May 29, a. 45, g.r.i.] [w. Abiather, May 30, P.R.3.] [w. 

Abiathar, May 30, P.R.4.] 
Lydia F., d. David B. and Elizabeth, dysentery, Sept. 16, 

1S48, a. I y. 3 d. [ch. David Brainard and Elizabeth, 

a. 2, P.R.I.] [Sept. 17, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Nancy, d. Seth and Rachel, Aug. 22, iSoi. [in 4th in., g.r.i.] 
Rachel, d. Setli and Rachel, Oct. S, 1833. 
Rachel (Brayman), w. Seth, Feb. 23, 1S27. [ch. 

Braman, Feb. 24, r.R.3.] [Fpb. 24, P.R.4.] 
Seth, h. Rachel (Brayman), Mar. 27, 1S35. 




Robinson, Spencer Leonard [dup. Robertson], ch. Sylvanus 
[dup. Sylvanius] and Anna, Apr. 17, 1S12 [dup. a. S m.]. 
[Robinson, s. Silvanus and Anna, a. 8 m. 2 d., G.r.i.] 
[Spencer P. Robinson, ch. Sylvanus and Anna, Apr. 17, 
1811, a. 8 m., P.R.I.] [Spencer Leonard Robinson, ch. 
Sj'lvanius and Anna, Apr. 17, 1S12, a. 8 m., P.E.3.] 

— , w. Joel, Jan. 8, 1837. p.r.2. [Anna, P.R.3.] 

ROGERS, Mary, '"' From Stoughton," May 20, 1S21. 

SALLEY, Charles W., s. George and Roxa, dysentery, Aug. 31, 

1S48, a. 3 m. 24 d. [Aug. 29, p.p.. 3.] [Sally, Aug. 29, 

James, cb. Daniel and Susanna. Apr. 2, 1796. 
Luna, ch. Daniel and Susanna, Apr. 10, 1796. 
Ro.\;a, V.'. George, d. Eli White and Peggy, puerperal fever, 

May II, 184S, a. 17 y. II m. 20 d. [^lay 12, p.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Roxey, d. Daniel and Susanna, cancer in breast, Dec, 30, 

1844, a. 53 y. 8 m. 4 d. [Roxa, p.p. 3.] [Roxa Sally, P.R.4.] 
Susarma (Hardon), w. Daniel, Apr. i, 1S43. [Sally, p.R.4.] 
, ch. George and v.-,, July 31, 1S24, p.r.2. p.p. 3. 

[Sally, July 30, P.R.4.] 

SAWYER., Hannah Ilevdns, d. Phillip and Kcziah, . 

[Sept. 29, 1S04, a. I y, 2 m., C.r.i.] [Sowyer, , 1804, 

Keziah (Billings), w. Phillips [dup. Philip, second dup. Phillip], 

May iS, 1808. [a. 30, p.r.i.] ['.v. Phillip, P.R.3.] 
Phillips, Feb. 10, 1S37, a. 66. p.r.i. 

SEAVER, Samuel, Aug. 7, 1S21. c.r.i. r.R.3. 

SHAYv'', Asa [h. Lois], Dec. 14, 1S40, a. 77. g.r.i. 

George, ch. George and Elizabeth, Oct. S, 1S36. [George Jr., 

p.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Jemima (Nason), \v. Loring C., Sept, 3, 1S31. [a. 38, g.r.i,] 
Joel, May 16, 1S40, 
John, Mr,, Apr, 9, 1S34, 
Jonathan, Col., " late " of Raynham, h. Lydla, Nov. 26, 1796. 


Lois (Fisher), w. Asa, Feb. 25, 1S12. [a. 51, g.r.i.] 
Lois, d. Asa and Lois, June 23, 1S25. [a. 34, G.r.i.] 
Thomas [f.ither of Asa, p,R.3.], Apr. 2, 1S22, 

■ , ch. Joel, Jan. 14, 1S25. 

, ch. Joel, Jan. 16. 1S32. P.R.3. P.R.4, 

, ch, Loring C. and Vesta P., Aug. 8, 1S34, a. 4 d. G,R,i. 


Shaw, , ch. Joel, Oct. 12, 1S3S, a. 4 m. p.r.2. p.R.3. 

[Oct. 15, P.R.4] 

SHEARMAN (see Sherman, Shermen, Shermon), James S., 
s. Seth and Abigail, Apr. 7, 1835, a. 8 y. 2 m. 13 d. G.R.9. 

, s. John and w., Jan. 31, 1814, a. 4 d. 

, ch. Elisha, July 31, 1829. P.R.2. [Sherman, P.R.3.] 

[Sherman, Aug. i, P.R.4.] 

SHEPARD, Abigail [dup. (Hodges)], w. Maj. [dup. omits 
Maj.] Joseph, Apr. 16, i8o5. [w. Maj. Joseph, in 62d y., 
G.R.3.] [w. Maj. Joseph, P.K.3.] 

Abigal, w. Joseph Jr., . [Shepherd, Oct. 28, 1804, 

a. 80, C.R.I.] [Nabby Shepard, Oct. 28, 1804, a. 30 y. 
28 d., G.r..3.] [Abigail, , 1S04, r.R.3.] 

DaNad [dup. Shepherd], ch. Ephrairn and Freelove, Jan. i, 
1795 [dup. a. 3]. [Shepard, a. 2 y. i m., g.r,3.] [Shep- 
herd, a. 3, P.R.3.] 

Kphraim, h. Freelove Hall, Apr. i, 182 1. [in 73d y., G.R.3.] 

Esther, Mrs., July 27, 1779, in 36th y. G.R.3. 

Experience R., , 1837. c.r.i. 

F.vankiin Burr (see Shepard). 

Freelove FlalJ, w. Ephrairn, Jan. i, 1843. [in 90th y., G.R.3.] 
[wid. Ephraira, P.R.3.] [wid. E., P.R.4.J 

Hannah H. [dup. adds (Goff)], \v. Jacob G., consumption, 
Oct. 22, 1843, a. 25. [wid. Jacob G., a. 26, p.r.i.] [w. 
J. Gardner, P.R.3.] 

Harriot, ch. Josiah Jr. and Nabby, Jan. 16, 1S28. [Harriet, 
d. Joseph Jr., a. 29 y. 11 m., C.R.3.] [Harriet, Jan. 17, 
p.R.3. p.rU.] 

Jacob, h. Lydia (Nevrell), May 30, 1815. [in 76th y., G.R.3.I 

Jacob [dup. Jr., h. Rachel (Robinson)], ch. Jacob and 
Lydia, Nov. 26, 1S42. [Jacob [h. Rachel], a. 65, p.r.i.] 
[Jacob, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

John Jr. [dup. Shepherd], h. Lois (Blake), Aug. 4, iSoo. [Shep- 
ard, C.R.I.] [Shepherd, P.R.3.] 

John, Apr. 5, 1S09, a. 105. G.R.3. 

John, [1809], a. 10. P.R.3. .3 ,;• 

John, June 17, 1817, a. 104. c.r.i. 

Joseph Jr., h. Nabby (Hewes), May 12, 1829. [a. 57 y. 7 m. 
9 d.> G.R.3.] 

Joseph, h. Abigail (Hodges), Jan. 4, 1S32. [in 86th y., G.R.3.] 
[Maj. Josei>h, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Levi GnrJncr, ch. Jacob G. and Hannah H., Islar. 27, 1S41. 
[a. 1, P.R.I.] [ch. J. Gardner Shepard, P.R.3.] [ch. Gardner, 


f.j,.a.o ,./ bix iii] 

.'A.-^ .V 

i f :t :-. V rf • 

n ■r>i,l 

'<\^Mi^] .o 


Shepaed, Lewis, m., farmer [dup. h. Olivia (Hewes)], s. 

Ephraim, consumption, Dec. 17, 1843, a. 56 y. 7 m. 13 d. 

[[h. Olivia] in 56th y., C.R.3.] [h. Olivia (Hewes), p.r.ii.] 
Louisa, ch. Joseph Jr. and Nabby, Dec, 9, 1S30. [Mrs. Louisa 

sic, a. 29 y. 6 m., G.R.3.] 
Lydia, w. Jacob, IVIar. 6, 1816, in 65th y. G.R.3. 
Martha (J3acon) [dup. Shepherd], w. John, Apr. 3, 1800, a. 95. 

[She]>ard, c.R.i.] [Shepherd, P.R.3.] 
Mary, d. Joseph and Abigail, Sept. 27, 1772, a. 6 w. 3 d. G.R.3. 
Nabby (see Abigal). 
Nancy, d. Lt. Robert and Nancy, Feb. 6, 181 9, a. 33 hrs. 

Nancy (Brintnell), w. Robert, Oct. 25, 1813 [dup. a. 33, second 

dup. a. $'^ y. 5 m.]. [w. Lt. Robert, in 34th y., G.R.3.] 

[a. 33 y. 5 m., P.R.3.] 
Nancy W. [dup. omits W.], ch. Robert and Nancy, Feb. 7, 

Nancy W., d. Robert, Jan. 20, 1814, a. 3 m. 
Rachel (Robinson), w. Jacob Jr., Oct. 8, 1833. [wid. Jacob, 

Oct. 7, a. 55, P.R.I.] [ch. Seth Robinson and Rachel, Oct. 

I, P.R.3.] [Oct. I, P.R..^.] 
Robert liiintaell, s. Robert and Nancy, Jan. 20, 1814. [s. 

Lt. R.obert and Nancy, a. 2 m. 27 d., G.R.3.] 
Sarah E. [w. Joseph], July 9, 1847, a. 33, in Mansfield, p.r.8. 

Sophia G. (sec Shepard). 

• , " little " d. Lewis and Olivia [(Hewes)], Sept. 4, 1820. 


, ch. Lewis and Olivia, July 13, 1826. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

[Franklin Burr Shepard [ch. Lewis and Olivia (Hewes)], 


ch. Lewis and Olivia, Jan. 10, 1S35. P.R.3. [Sophia 

G. [ch. Lewis and Olivia (Hewes)], p.r.ii.] 

SHERMAN (see Shearman, Shermen, Shermon), Abigail, w. 

Job Jr., Aug. 2, 1849, a. 76 y. 2 m. g.r.6. 
Benjamin F., s. Seth and Na.bby H., Nov. 23, 1848, a. 3 m. 

18 d. [Nov. 25, a. 3 m. 20 d., p.r.i;] [Nov. 23, P.R.3. 

Elizabeth, Oct. 26, 1787. g.r.6. 
Henrietta A., d. Seth and Nabby H., scarletina. May 6, 1S49, 

a. I y. 9 m. 23 d. 
Henry PLarLshorn. ch. Obed and Clarissa, Sept. 17, 1825. 

[a. 2, P.R.I. ] [Shearman, p. R.2.] [, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Jane Ellis, d. Job and Jane W., consumption, May 18, 1845, 

a. 13 y. 6 m. 4 d. 

.3.51.1 .; 


Sherman, Jane W. (Ellis), w. Job 3d, Dec. 7, 1831. [in 23d 

y., G.R.6.] (Dec. 6. r.R.2. P.R.3. P.R.4-] 

John Esq. [h._Lucyl, Nov. 14, 184S, a. 49 Y- 4 m. 19 d. G.R.6. 

John H., s. Job and :Marv, bowel complaint, Oct. 22, 1S4S, 

a. 6. [John Hodges Sherman, s. Job and Mary II., G.R.6.1 

Laura, d. John and Polly, consumption, Aug. 28, 1845, a. 42 y. 

22 d. [a. 42 y. 28" d., G.R.6.] 
Matilda, w. Obadiah, Sept. iS, 1847, in 79th y. g.r.6. 
Obed, h. Clarissa (Hartshorn), Apr. 20, 1835. [ch. Obediab 

and Matilda, a. 36, p.r.i.] 
Olney, s. Elisha and \v., Nov. 26, 18,^2. 
Steel, s. Elisha, Feb. 21, 1838, a. 22. P.R.2. P.R.3. [Stoil, 

Susanna, b. Middleborough, d. Job and Elizabeth, disease of 

heart, May 3, 1845, a. 65 y. 11 m. [in 76th y., g.r.6. j 

[Susannah, P.R.3. P.R.4.I 

, ch. Obed, June S, 1S2Q. P.R.3. P.R.4- 

, s. David S. and Nancy T., Oct. 3, 1836, a. 17 d. g.p.6. 

, d. Solomon, farmer, and Ruth [still born], Sept. 16, 

SHERMEN (sec Shearman, Sherman, Shermon), Elizabeth 

[dup. Elizabeth (Holmes) Shermon], w. Job (Shermon), 

Nov. — , 1S17, a. 71. [Sherman, Nov. 19, g.r.6.1 [Sher- 
man, Nov. — , P.R.3.] 
SHERMON (see Shearman, Sherman, Shermen), Job Jr., 

h. Abigail (Shermon), Feb. 21, 1833. [Sherman, in 60th 

y., g.r'.6.] [Job Sherman 2d, P.R.3. P.R.4-] 
Job, h. Elizabeth (Holmes), Feb. 24, 1S37. [Sherman, Feb. 23 

in 91st y., G.R.6.] [Sherman, Feb. 24, P.R.2. P.R.3-J 

[Sherman, Feb. 23, P.R.4.] 
John, h. Polly (Skinner), July 12, 1842. [John Sherman Esq., 

in 67th 'y., G.R.6. ] [John Sherman Esq., P.R.3. P.R.4-] 
Jotham [dup. Sbearmon], ch. George and Sarah [dup. Sary], 

May ic;, 1S06. 
Julia, d. Obadiah and Matilda, Sept. 28, 1827. [Sherman, 

Sept. 24, in 27th y., g.r.6.] [Sherman, Sept. 24, P.R.3. 

Obadiah [dup. adds Capt., second dup. h. Matilda (Witherel)], 

s. Job and Elizabeth, Julv 28, 1S17. [Obadiah Sherman, 

h. 'Matilda, in 47th y., g.r.6.] [Capt. Obadiah Sherman, 


Polly (Skinner), w. John, Apr. 25, 1S42. [Sherman, v.-. John 
Esq., in 6Sth y., g.r.6.] [Sherman, w. John Esq., P.R.3. 


SuERMON, , twin ch. John and Polly, Jan. 28, 18 14. 

— , twin ch. John and Polly, Jan. 28, 18 14. 

SHUTE, Mary C, d. Charles Jr. and Elizabeth, erysipelas, 
July 19, 1S49, a. 2 y. 10 d. 

SIMPSON, Lois, Mrs., June 7, 1842. [w. Charles, p.R.3. 

SKELTOM, Thomas Willard, s. Rev. Thomas and Ernmy 
[dup. Emma] [Emm>, r.R.3.], Mar. 13, 1S15, a. 4 y. 6 ni. 

SKINNER, Avice, w. William, Apr. 7, 1839, a. 69. g.r.i. 
Chloe, Mar. 11 [1825]. [d. \V[illia]m and Avice, Mar. 10, a. 27, 

G.R.4.] [Mar. 10, p.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Tryphena, Oct. 14, 1810. t,,,;,. • ,;.. 

William [h, Avice], Oct. 24, 1834, a. 69. g.r.i. 

SMITH, Amos Augi^stus, s. Francis and Caroline, marasmus 

Sept. 25. 1S45, a. I y. 6 ra. 15 d. 
Azubah, Mar. 25, 1S16. r.R.3. v, . ' ■.^.,. ' 

Ezra, Mar. 5, 1770, in 64th y. g.r.2. 
Ithiel [h. Levarna], May 22, 1841, a. 37 y. 7 m. G.R.9. 
Josephine Lawton, d. Lawton and Lucy B., Aug. 15, 1842. 

[Aug. 16, P.R.3. P.R.4.J 
Lucinda, ch. Silas and Lacinda, May 10, 1825. 
Lucinda Anna, ch. Warren and Sibbel, Jan. 6, 1836. 
, ch. Sila.s, Mar, 7, 1834. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

SPOFFOPJD5 Catherine Paulina, b. Georgetown, d. Daniel 
and Hannah, fever, Nov. 26, 1846, a. 16. [Nov. 24, 
p.R.3. P.R.4.] 

STANDISH, Ella, [twin] d. Thomas and Rhoda S., canker, 
Nov. 2, 1 84 7, a. 15 d. 

Emma, [twin] d. Thomas [dup. crossed out, adds S.] [Thomas, 
P.R.3.] and Rhoda S., canker, Nov. i, 1847, a. 14 d. 

Frankhn Miller, ch. Miles and Ivlary, July 18, 1819. 

George, ch. Thomas and Lucinda, Sept. 17, 1S25. [Sept. 16, 

Harriet Lucinda, d. Warren [dup. adds T.] and Harriet, infan- 
tile (premature). May 10, 1843, a. 2 d. [ch. Warren and 
, P.R.3. ] [ch. Warren, P.R.4.] 

Lucinda (Gerry) [dup. (Gary;], w. Thomas, ]\Iar. 20, 1S43. 
[a. 41, P.R.I.] 

■ , s. George and Harriet E., infantile, June 3, 1S48, a. 13 d. 



STANLEY, Charles S., s. Shepard C. and Mary A., dysentery, 

Sept. 13, 184S, a. I y. 8 d, 
Shepard C, s. Shepard C. and Mary A. [Ann, P.R.3.], infantile, 

Oct. 6, 1845', 2.. 7 d. 

STARKEY, Briggs, Feb. 28, 1841. p.R.3. P.R.4. 

, Mr., Nov. — , 1840. P.R.2. [Nathan, Nov. 18, 

p.R.3. P.R.4.] 

STEARNS, Ferdinand, s. Joshua, Mar. 28, 1814. 

Plannah (Hewes), w. Joshua, Apr. 30, 1812. [Apr. 20, in 63d y., 

G.R.3.] [Apr. 30', p.R.3. ] 
Joshua, h. Hannah (Hewes), Oct. 7, 1829, [Oct. 7, 1830, 

p.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Patty, Aug. 29, 1830. [Sept. 29, C.R.2.] [ch. Joshua, Aug. 

29, P.R.3.] 

, ch. Joseph, Oct. 4, 1828. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

, ch. Joseph, Oct. 10, 1828. p.r,3. p.R.4. 

STONE, Reuel, May 24, 1825, "at the Furnace." [Ruel, 
P.R.2.] [Reuel, r.R.3.] 

STORER, Harriet C, b. Norton, d. William and Hannah, 
consumption, Oct. 19, 1S49, a. 15 y. ic m. 24 d. [Catha- 
rine H., G.R.3.] [Catherine Storey, Oct. 18, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Nancy, b. Norton, d. William and Betsey, dysentery, Nov. 20, 
1848, a. 59. [Story, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

STORY (see Storcr). 

STEATTON, Adeline, ch. John and Lucy, Sept. 30, 1831. 

[Oct. I, C.R.2.] [Adaline, Oct. i, p.e.2.] [Adeline, Oct. i, 

r.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Catharine (Freeman), w. George, ]\iar. 3, 1S30. [\Yid. Capt. 

George, Mar. 2, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Cynthia [dup. Cynthiae], ch. Joseph and Elizabeth, Jan. 24, 

1812 [dup. a. 16]. [Cynthia, a. 16, p.r.i. P.R.3.] 
Elbridge Gerry, ch. John and Lucy, Sept. 3, 1832. 
Elvira W., d. Joseph and Elizabeth [Eliza, P.R.3.], apoplexy, 

July 29, 1S46, a. 45 y. 6 m. 8 d. 
George Jr., s. Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] George and Catherine 

[dup. Catharine], Apr. 3 [dup. Apr. 4], 1S14, a. 22. [ch. 

Capt. George and Catherine, Apr. 3, P.R.3.] 
George [dup. adds Capt.], h. Catharine (Freeman), July 14 

181 7 [dup. a. 59]. [Capt. George, a, 59, P.R.3.] 
James, h. Lydia (tower), Jan. 27, 1S09. 

.^oA ,£ud;o[ .Hr->; 

,!xu>I] '".o:>Gin''-^ 


Stratton, Joseph, h. Elizabeth (Pcttee), Dec. 21, 1806 [diip. 

in 37th y.]. [a. 36, P.R.3.] 
Joseph, ch. Richard and Sarah, Dec. 21, 1816. 
Joseph Pcttee [dup. Petty], ch. Joseph and EHzabcth [dup. 

Betsey], Oct. 2, 1S05 [dup. 1S06]. 
Lucy (Nason), w. John, Aug. 14, 1S36. 
Lydia [dup. adds Ann], d. Welcome and Rebeckah [dup. ch. 

Wellcome and Rebecca], Apr. 10, 1813, a. 2. [Lydia, ch. 

Welcome and Rebeckah, P.R.3.] 
Lydia (Tower), w. James, Sept. i, 1S35. [wid. James, Sept. 12, 

P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Milton [chip, adds Gen.], m. [second dup. h. Nancy (Cornee)l, 

s. George and Catharine, Mar. 12, 1S12 [dup. a. 29]. 

[Gen. Milton, a. 29, P.R.3.] 
Milton Warren, s. Welcom., Aug. i6', 1S24. p.R.2. [ch. Wel- 
come and Peddy, P.R.3.] [ch. Welcome, Aug. 17, :\R.4-] 
Nancy (Comee), w. [dup. adds Gen.] [Gen., P.R.3.] iNlilton, 

July 20, I Sri. 
Rebecca (Smith), w. Wellcome [dup. \Velcome] [Welcome, 

P.R.3.], Dec. 4, iSid. 
Robert h. Betsy (Shcpard), Feb. 2S, 1S42. [in 76th y., G.E.3.] 
Sally [d\!p. Sarah] (Bird), w. Tyler, Mar. 10, iSio [dup. a. 22]. 

[Sarah, a. 22, P.R.3.] 
Sarah (Newell), w. Richard, Dec. 27, iSc6 [dup. in ySth y.]. 

[a. 77, P.R.3.] 
Schuyler, s. Robert and Betsy, Sept. 14, 1S35. [m 34th y., 

, s. Chandler and Cinthia A., Nov. 5, 1S41. [Nov. 7, 

P.R.3.] [Nov. 6, P.R.4.] 
, nif. s. Chandler and Cynthia, Nov. 5, 1845. G.E.3. 

SUMNLR, Bradish Leonard, ch. Bradish and Junia, Aug. i, 

1833. [a. 3, P.R.I. ] 
Calvin, s. William and Susanna, Nov. 6, 1790 [dup. a. 2 y. 

10 m.]. [Nov. 6, 179S, G.R.I. ] [Nov. 6, 1790, a. 2 y. 10 m., 

George M., ch. I\Iilton and Sally, July 10, 1S42. a. 19. p.r.i. 
Hannah, wid. John, July 15, 1847, a. 77. p.r.i. [wid. John 

Jr., P.R.3.] 
Hannah (Boyden), w. Roger, Feb. 4, 1799. [in iSth y., g.r.i.] 

[Sept. 14, a. 18, P.R.I.] 
Hannah (Nutting), w. John, Feb. 25. 1831, a. 102 y. 4 m. i d. 

[a. 102 y. 5 m., CR.i.] [wid. John, b. Milton, a. 102 y. 

4 m. 1 d.", P.R.I.] [Hannah, wid., P.R.2.] [wid. John, a. 102 y. 

5 m., P.R.3.] [HaMnali, wid., P.R.4.] 

qi,..i i. 

.{' ,:"'.i .01, .1:11/. , 


SuMN'ER, Harriot Hannah, cli. William F. and Hannah, Apr. 

2, 1845, in Hopkinton. 
Henry Abisha, s. Henry H. Esq. and Experience, July 7, 1833. 

[ch. Henry H. and Experience (Robinson), a. 3 m., p.r.t.] 

[ch. Haivey and Experience, P.ii.3.] [ch. Harv^ey, P.R.4.] 
Isaac N., July 31, 1849, a. 44. p.r.i. 
John, h. Hannah (Nutting), Oct. 5, 1807 [dup. a. 82]. fa. 83, 

P.E.I.] [a. 82, P.R.3.] 
John, Mav. 19, 1839, a. 79. p.r.i. 
John E., rn., metchant, s. John and Hannah, diabetis, Nov. 12, 

1846, a. 47 y. 6 ra. 6 d. [[h. Vodisa R.] Nov. 13, G.R.9.] 

[[h. Vodisa] Nov. 13, p.r.i.] [Nov. 12, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
John Evans, ch. John Jr. and Hannah, Aug. 19, 1796 [dup. 

a. 2]. [Aug. 20. a. 2, P.R.I.] [Aug. 19, a. 2, p.p. 3.] 
Lucy, d. William and Susanna, Sept. 7, 1800. [a. 3 w., g.r.i.] 
Luther, s. William and Susanna, June 5, 1S36. [in 32d y., 

G.R.I. ] 

Mary (Skinner), w. Charles C, Nov. 26, 1842. fa. 23, p.r.i.] 

'(vv. Charles Clark, ch. Apollos Skinner [of] Mansfield, 

Mary Skinner, d. Charles C. and Mary, Dec. 4, 1842. [ch. 

C. C. and IMary S., Dec. 5, a. 13 d., p.r.i.] [ch. Charles 

Oark and I\Lary, P.K.3.] 
Nancy W., May 20, 1S45, a. 7 m. p.r.i. ' • ' ■' •' "^ 

Seth, Oct. 18, 1839, a. 37. p.r.i. 
Susanna Eunice, ch. Turner and Polly, June 25, 1S34. [Susan 

E., b. Muncton, Vt., ch. Turner and ^lary, a. 17, p.r.i.] 

[Susan E., P.R.3.] [Susan, p.p. 4.] 
Vodisa (Robinson), w. John E., Oct. 10, 1S40. [in 41st y., 

• G.R.o-] [a. 41, P.R.I.] 
William,' h. Susanna (Turner), Nov. 26, 1S32. [in 7Sth y., 

G.R.I.] [ch. John and Hannah, p.p. 3.] 

SWEET, Ella ALaria, d. Henry L. [Leonard, p.r.i.] and Sarah 

F., epilipsy, Nov. 4, 1S46, a. 2 m. 3 d. 
Virginia L., d. 'Henry L. [Leonard, p.r.i.] and Sarah F., scar- 

letina, May 14, 1S49, a. 4 y. 11 m. 14 d. 

SWEETING, Tirzah Skinner, Sept. 23, 1837. c.R.2. [w. 
James, Sei)t. 22, a. 50, G.R.5.] [w. James, Sept. 15, p.p. 2. 
P.R.3.] [av. James, Sej^t. 15, P.R.4.] 

THAYER, Bclscv, June 27, 1833. r.R.2. 

Charles A., b. Altleboro, s. Enos W. and Eli/abelh L., con- 
sumption, Nov. 22, 1 848, a. 2 y. 1 m. 11 d. 


THOMPSON, Susan Elvira, d. W[illia]m A. and Caroline, 
lung fever, May 8, 1847, a. 2 m. 24 d. [ch. William 
Allan and Mary, a. 3 m., p.r.i.] [ch. Allen and Caroline, 
a. 3 m., P.R.3.] [ch. Allen, P.R.4.] 

TIFFAirf, Joseph, h. Sarah (Morse), , 1834. [Feb. 23, 

P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Lydia, ch. Rufus and Sally, , 1824. [Sept. 21, p.r.2. 

P.R.3.] [Sept, 29, P.R.4.] 
Rufus, h. Sally (White), May 12, 1835. 
Sarah (Morse), w. Joseph, Oct. 18, 1813 [dup. a. 60]. [a. 60, 

William, ch. Rufus and Sally, May 13, 1825. 

TITUS, Coinfort of Seekonk, h. Esther (Paine), Aug. i, 183S. 

[a. 34, V.R.2. P.R.3.] 
Harriet [dup. Harriot], d. Samuel and Eunice, Sept. i, 1814, 

a. 2 y. 2 m. [Harriet, ch. Samuel and Eunise, P.R.3.] 
Olive, d. Comfort and Esther, consumption, Jan. 17, 1849, 

a. 26 y. 2 m. 5 d. 
Reuben, h. Mary Atherton, Sept. 23, 1S17, [Ruben, a. 76, 

c.R.i.J [Reuben, P.R.3.] 

TOLMAIT, Hannah (Clark), w. Spencer, Feb. 25, 1832. [wid. 
• Tolman, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

TORREY, Almira L., instructress, d. Martin and Susannah 

[Susanna, p.r.i. P.R.3.], consumption, Oct. 21, 1S45, 

a. 22 y. 4 m. 11 d. 
Caroline, ch. Martin and Susanna, Dec. 6, 1831. [Sept. 6, 

a. 2 y. 4 m., p.r.i.] [Sept. 5, p.r.2. P.R.3.] [Sept. 6, P.R.4.] 
Caroline, ch. Martin and Clarissa, Sept. 22, 1841, a. i m. 

P.R.I. [Feb. 22, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Emily, ch. i\Iartin and Susanna, May 15, 1832. [a. 24 d., 

P.R.I.] [i\Iay 13, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Harriet S,, d. Martin and Clarissa, dysentery, Sept. 19, 1S4S, 

a. 5 y. n m. 14 d. 
Jason Leach, ch. Martin and Susanna, Oct. 25, 1S21. [a. 3 m., 


Susanna, ch. IMartin and Su>anna, Feb. 21, 1831. a. i d. p.r.i. 
Susanna (Ilardon), \v. Martin, Mar. 3, 1838. [ch. sic Martin, 
a. 41, P.R.I.] [vv. Martin, a. 41, p.r.2. r.R.3.] 

, ch. ^lartin and Susanna, May 11, 1836, a. i d. p.r.i. 

, wid., Apr. 9, 1837. P.R.3. P.R.4, 

,0'!) ..fij !■■ V .r- 

,-.; ,.;. ,'J«sOuMl .'{/>•!» ,j.i: .."1'.: 

ri,-.....':. .'^ 




TURI^R, Betty, Mar. 30, iSio. [ch. Ichabod and Susanna, 

Ichabod [father of Mrs. \V[inia]m Sumner, P.-R.3.J, Nov. 13, 
1809, a. 83. ^ , . ^ 

Mary C, d. Salmon and Clementina L., scarletina, June 2, 
1849'; a. 4 y. 2 m. 27 d. [ch. Salman and Clemintine, 
P.R.3'.] [ch. Solomon Jr., May 24, P.R.4.] 

WALKER, ?vlary G., b. Swanzey, d. Henry and Polly, disease 
of heart and consumption, June i, 1845, a. 33 y. 4 m. 9 d. 
Rebecca, w. Nathan, Oct. 27, 1842. 

WARE, Charlotte, ch. Meletiah and Chloe, Oct. 10, 1S32. 
Elanor, d. Jonathan, Feb. 21, 1797, in 26th y. [Eleanor, 

Ezra [ch. Ezra and Hannah (Pratt) [of Wrentham-j], July — , 

1836, a. 64. P.R.15. 
Lemuel [ch. Ezra and Hannah (Pratt) [of Wrenthaml], , 

1849, a. 73. P.R.I 5. 
Levi [ch. Ezra and Hannah (Pratt) [of Wrentham]], Aug. 20, 

T846, a. So. 
I'.feictiiih, b. Chloe, Feb. 13, 1799. 

V/aRllFJ'-f, Ann, w. Hon. Ebenezer, ]\Iay 2, 181 6, a. 64. 
Ebenezer Esq., Hon., h. Nancy (Tucker), Jan. i, 1824. [Judge 

Ebenezer [h. Ann], brother of Gen. Dr. Joseph, a. 76, 

P.R.I.] [[h. Ann (Tucker)] P.R.13.] 
Joseph, s. Gen. Warren, Apr. 2, 1790. [ch. Gen. Joseph, P.R.3.] 
Joseph Edward, ch. Joseph Esq. and Hannah Green, Sept. 12, 

1841. [a. 2, P.R.I. ] [ch. Joseph and Flannah Gr?en (Gil- 
bert); P.R.13.] 
Mary, ch. Hon. Ebenezer Esq. and Nancy, Sept. 12, 1S51. 

[a. 49, P.R.I.] [Polly, P.K.2.] [Polly, ch. lion. Ebenezer 

and Ann, P.R.3.] [Polly, Sept. 13, P.R.4.] 
Nancy, ch. Hon. Ebenezer Esq. and Nancy, Sept. 12, 1841. 

[a. 66, P.R.I.] [ch. Hon. Ebenezer and Ann, P.R.3.] 
Nancy (Tucker), \v. Hon. Ebenezer Esq., May 2, 1S16. [Ann 

[(Tucker)], P.R.13.] 
Polly (see Mary). 

WASHBURN, John :^r., s. W[illia]m S. and Mary A., lun? 
fever, Nov. 27, 1S45, a. 2 y. 2 m. [Nov. 26, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

WELD, Henry Kirk, s. Fitz Henry and Angelina B., Apr. 15, 
1S46, a. 15 m. 17 d. G.R.9. 


!"t ^ v <.:-. ■** i^:' -I 


.c^ -^lA 


WELLINGTON, Mary L.,=d. George and Mary, hydroceph- 
alus, Dec. 19, 184S, a. 2 m. 
, Mr., [Dec] 17, 1S4S. P.R.3. P.R.4. 

WEST, Benjamin, booi: and shoe maker, b. Salem, suicide, 
Aug. 31, 1846, a. 72. 

V7ESTC0TT, Tryphena (Everett), w. Stephen, Feb. 22, 1823. 

[Wcscot, Feb. 21, p.r.2.] [Westcott, Feb. 27, P.R.3.] [West- 

cott, Feb. 22, P.R.4.] 
, ch. George, , 1S43. p.R.3. [May — , P.R.4.] 

WETHERELL, Betsey, tic doloru, T^Iay 23, 1844, a. 58 [dup. 

56]. [Alay 23, 1814, G.R.I.] [Witherell, May 23, 1844, 

p.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Rachel, wid. j^.Iace, consumption, June 4, 1847, a. 62 v. r rn. 

2 d. [Witherell, P.R.4.] 

V/HEATON, George Esq. '' late '^ of Norton, [secoi;d] h. 

Lydia, June i, 1803. g.r.i. 
• , wid., Dec. 22, 1826. [Lydia, wid. George Esq. " late" 

of Norton, wid. Col. Jonathan Shaw " late " of Raynham, 

WHITAKER (sec Whittaker), Ellen, d. W[illia]m and Catha- 
rine, Dec. 20, 1S32. [Whittaker, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

Emeline, d. W[iUia]ra and Catharine, Dec. 6, 1832. [Whit- 
taker, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 

WHITE, Amasa, Feb. 12, 1808, in 27th y. G.R.5. 

Asa [of] Sharon, h. Hannah (Morse), July 31, 1832. [July 30, 

P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Damaris, June 20, 1S36. r.R.3. [Damarus, P.R.4.] 
Dolly Ware (Farrington), w. Levi, Sept. 16, 1820. [a. 30, 

Elizabeth, b. W^rentham, d. Rufus and Nancy, lung fever, 

Jan. 22, 1848, a. 17. [Jan. 27,, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Lemuel, June 7, 1821. p.R.4. 
Lois, w. David, Sept. 28, 1819, a. 72. • c.r.i. 
Luther "from Sharon," Oct. 28, 1821. [a. 24, p.r.t.] 
Otis, ch. Levi and Dolly Ware (Farrington), May 20, 1837. 

[June — , P.R.2.] [-May 20, P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Preston Luther, s. Levi and Doliy Ware [dun. (Farrington)], 

Scpl. 14, 1818. [ch. Levi and Dollv Ware, a. 3 m. 21 d., 




White, Ssrah !■., d. Elirha end Betsey, dropsy of brain, Aug. 

lo, 1849, a. I m. [Sar.ih E., ch. Elisha Jr. and Betsey, 

Aug. 9, p. R.I. ] [.Vu;;. S, p.K.o- r.R-4-1 
Susan, Feb. 17, iSu;, a. 44. [Susannah, a. 45. I'-R-i-l [Susan, 


, ch. Sam[ucil S.. Jan. ?7, 1S27. P.R.3- P-R-4- 

, wid., June 5, 1S40. P.R.2. P.R.3- 

V/HITING, Wilatiah, wid., July 28, 1S21, a. S4. c.R.i. [Me- 

latiah, ^vid., Aug. a, i'.R-3-] [-^^g. 4, P-R-4-] 
Y/PIITNEY, Francis James, ch. Timothy P. and Susan, Sept. 

2, 1814 [dup. a. ID m.]. 
WmXTAKER (sec Whi taker), , w. , Dec. 6, 

1834. P.--3- P-P-4- 
WHITTEMORK, Alfred, ch. Joshua and Eunice, Aug. 22, 

183s. [ch. Toshua, Auc;. 21, P.R.3. P.R.4-] 
Hannah; Mar. 10, iS;S. c.k.2. [a. 23, p.R.i.] [Wnitarnore, 

a. 28, P.R.2.] [Whittemore, ch. Dea. Joshua and , 

a. 23, P.P. 3-1 
Ruth Andre%v, ch. Jo.hua and Eunice, Oct. 26, 1820. [a. S, 


Susan M., Aug. 17, 1S33, a. 5 m. p.R.i. 

WIGHT, Ehzalicth (\Vare\ pauper, w. Lemuel, Nov. 7, 1813. 

Lemuel, h. Elizabeih (Ware), June 21, 1S21. [June 7, P.R.5.] 

WILBER (see Wilbor, Wilbur), Adelaide, d. James A. and 
Eliza A., dropsy on the brain, Aug. 14, 1844, ^- i Y- 2 m. 
29 d. [Wilbur,' P.R.3.] [Adclaid Wilbur, r.R.15.] 

Benjamin, Dec. 27 [1840]'. [Wilbur, r.R.3.] [Wilber, Dec. 24, 


, w. James A., Aug. 14, iS44- P.R.4- 

V/ILBOR (sec Wilber, Wilbur), Daniel [dup. Wilbore], Oct. 13, 
1S15. [Wilbore, P.R.3.] 

WILBUR (see Wilber. Wilbor), Iluldah, July 11, 1S29. c.R.2. 
. , wid. Daniel, June 27, 1S23. p.R.3. [Wilber, P.R.4.] 

WILLIAMS, Amasa, July —, 181 2. 

Hannah, b. Wrenlham. w. George, d. Beni[ami]n Iisher and 

w., tvphus fever, Xov. 1:. 1846, a. 48. 
Lucy, b. Vl., heart aiTection, Feb. 18, 1848, a. 20. [Feb. 17, 
'p.R.3. P.R.4-i ■ .-.. ,Ni 


.nnfiu?.] f. 


.uv}C .n- 3(1 .A r... 

.(II : .-■ < ' 


WILLIS (see Wyllys), Celia [dup. Selah (Brayman) Wyllys], 
wicl. [dup. omits v/id.] Job, consumption, Jan. 3, 1844, 
a. 75. [Cclia Willis, wid., p.r.i.] [Selah Willis, wid. 

Job, ch. Braman, P.R.3.] [Celia Willis, wid., 


Joseph [h. Lj'dia], Sept. 18, 17S0, in 84th y. ^ , 

Lydia, v;. Joseph, Sept. 3, 1790, in 88th y. ' ''' - •• "!' 

Alartha, d. Noah, Jan. 12, 1796, in 31st y. 

Patty, Jan. 12, 1797. 

, ch. Job Jr. and • , Sept. i3, 1829. P.R.3. 

V/ILSON, John, drowned, [rcc. June 26, 1845], a. 16. 

WINSLOW^ Edward, th. Simmons and Cynthia, July 12, 

184S, a. 3. P.R.I. 
Elizabeth, wid., d. Eleazer Rcbbins and Elizabeth, disease of 

heart, Apr. i, 1846, a. Si y. 11 m. 2 d. [Elisebeth, b. 

Stoughtonham, ch. Eleazer Robbins and Elisabeth, r.R.i.] 

[EHzabeth, wid. Dr. Shadrach, P.R.3.] 
George \V., s. Simmons and Ruth [Synthia, p.r.i.] T., dropsy 

on brain, Nov. 4, 1845, a. 4 y. 5 m. 7 d. 
INIary, ch. Dr. Shadrach and EHzabeth, Mar. 14, 1804. [Polly, 

d. Shradrrich and w., a. i y. 5 m., C.r.i.J [r.Iary, a. i y. 

5 m. II d., F.R.I.] 
Ruth T., w. Simmons, consumption, Feb. 27, 1848, a. 32. [b. 

Tiverton, R. L, ch. William Tabor and Cynthia, p.r.i.] 
Shadrach, Dr., h. Ehzabeth (Robbins), Feb. i, 1817. [ch. 

James and Charity, a. 66 }'. i m. 14 d., p.r.i.] 
Thomas TelTcrson, ch. Dr. Shadrach and Elizabeth, June iS, 

1S03. [a. 3 y. 12 d., p.r.i.] 

"WISWELL, Emily, w. George, July 12, 1848, a. 31. p.r.i. 

WOOD, Joshua [dup. Woods], Dr., h. Bridget (Greatracks), 
Apr. 9, 1799 [dup. in 4Sth y.]. [Woods, a. 42, P.R.3.] 

Zcphaniah [dup. Zcpheniah], ch. Zcphaniah [dup. Zeph[enia]h] 
and i\Iary, June 9, 177S, a. 2 [dup. in 3d y.]. [Zcpheniah, 
ch. Zcpheniah and Mary, a. 2, P.R.3.] 

, Rev., , 1842. P.R.3. [May — , P.R.4.] 

WYLLYS (sec Willis), Job, h. Selah (Brayman), Julv 7, 1829. 

[Willis [h. Ccha], July 8, a. 25, p.k.i.J [Willis, July 8, 

P.R.2. P.R.3. P.R.4.] 
Lydia [sister of Job, P.R.3.], Nov. 20, iSiS. 

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WYlvlAH, Elbridge G., s. David and Abigail, dysentery, Sept. 
14, 1848, a. 3 y. I m. 13 d. [s. David and Abigail P., 
a. 3 y. I m. 14 d., G.R.4.] 


. , Patrick, July 13, 1840. p.R-S- P-R-4- , „ ., , 

, , "Man drowned at F. Boyden's," July 31, 

1844. P.R.3. P.K.4- 


_ ^ ^ 'X'olored man at Mr. Wnittaker's," June 8, 

1833. P.K.3. P.R.4. 

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