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Full text of "Vital records of Freetown, Massachusetts, 1686-1795"

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3 1833 01396 4793 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 

PR .::3 r OWN , I'iASSA JHUS u P PS 

Birtas and Deaths, 1686 - 1793 1 

Intentions of Marriage, 1695 - 1795 75 

Copied froR typev/ritten cooies of the records 
deposited in the Fall River Massachusetts Public 
Library. Tne records were indexed by Mrs. ilthel 
(Aldrich) Gallotta. 

Presented by: 

Lee D. van Antwerp, M. D. 
113^ V.'ildwood Lane 
Glenview, Illinois 


Vital Records 
V. 1 Births, uaalhs, 1686 - 1793 

Copied from City Clerk's ofrico records 
Fall River, Macs. 



Ri-corvDS or T?rs tov.'n of f rsstov.'h' 1712 to 1774 

Abigail I.:al:opea30 tho dauiihtor of V/llllar. Makops 

llovciuuer the 25" » 

Anna Malcapeaae born L'ay 4", -^ ' . 

I'&vy Makepeaae borci "arch 22 

Susaniia l^akcpcase b6rn 23d of Septcmbor 

Lldda I.'n!:cpoa^-.e born in ICovciiiber 4" 

Deborah :.!",kcpca3o daughter oT Wllllara Makeperiae 

afore 5 a id born January the 13" day 

Seth I.iakcpoase the son of V.'illiaia Kakepoasc T/as 

born in June 2ud day 

luary Tor.ienon tho daughter of James Toiaeson and V. 
v/lfe born in Fi'oeto'.va /^pril ye 19" day 

Joshua Tisdall born April tho first 

Samuel Ticdell born Inaroh the 3d 

Elizabeth Tisdrl born June the 2 in tho year 

Eo^ziba/x'- Tlsdcll bora I.^arch th?; 19 

Abicall Tifidcll born April tho 11 

Henry Tlsdcll born V.r.j the 17 

aco born 



ar-r his 



Jar.-ies V.'lnsloTi- \;as born the 9 of May 
luai'y V.'inaloT.' born the 1 of April 
Ceoi'jio UinrUov.- -./as born the 2 of January 
Jonathaii V/inclov/ was born the 22 of NovoMbor 
Jolin Winslov," v/a3 born the 20 of Februrry 

These five above f. re the piindrcn of Job V/inclov; 
Lieu. Job V/inslov/ doccascd in Free town July the li Day 1720 



Joiui 'robb t'ao so!i ox Sarauel T.bbb and Ecirth.lch his v.-lfo wac born 
in Freetc.n t}is 23 day of April 1730. 

Soth V.'ebb the ccn of t].\: i,d oana;.')! V.'eVrb and E^rthiah hin • 

1 '.■/■''• 

Ezoklol V.'abb the son of yo 3d Samuol V.'ebb and born of 

Barthlali ais v/ifa in Freetown, Marcli yo 4 day 17C^ 

Hannah Farrah the daii-^hter of Seth Farrah S; born of 
!.!ercy his wife May 15" day " 1737 

Mr. John Baley dloi L\o 22 of Jane 1686 

i.Iary Evins tho daut^hter of Duvid Evlns and oc-rah Evins was 
born the last day of I<'ay 1701 

Anna Evlns the daughter of the S"^ David and Sarah Evlns 

was born the 5 ' day of Iv!ay 

Sarah Evlns v/as born 16 of July 

Jomi EvliiS vvas born the 16 of October 

Abigail Evlns v/as born the 20 of i.'arch 

Thoraas Evlns the son of S^^ David Evins and 

Sarah his wife v/aa born the 16" day of Dccouiber 

David Evlns tho son of the S"^ David Evlns and 

Sarah his rife v/as born t'no 17" day of irovembci^ 

i'ary Traritter was born th.o 12 of Koveriibor 

beini^ the daughter of Trantter 

Anna Tranttom v/as born the 3 of April 

belnf; the daughter of Thoiaas Tranttcr. 






Ralph Earl's birth of his ciiildren 
V/illiar,. Earl 11 year old ye 12 day last T'oveiubor 1701 
Mary Earl rras S year old yc 24 day of Octobor (1701) 
John Earl was 7 year old yc 24 day of last April 1701 
Ellsabchh Earl '..-as 5 year old yo 24 clny of Dccei.-.bor 1701 
Sarah Sp.rl vac 3 years old ye IF. cny of Januo.ry 1701 
Mart'ia Earl v/ac 1 ^-car old yc 21 d; y of Ir.i'l Doc- 

CMhcr . (1701') 

Patience Earl born 24 'day of IJovcnbcr 1702 

Ralph Earl boi^n 14 day of I.:arch . 1704 

Robert Earl born 2 day of March 1706 

Karcy Earl tho daughter o^ Ralph Earl of Frcctov/n was born 
the 13 day of t.'arch 1708, and Bonjainin Earl y>'&3 born the 14 day 
of I.!arch 1711. 

T;llliam Earl the son of William Earl of Freotovm was born 
tho 27 day of April 1715 

Elizabeth Earl tiic daughter of the said V/llliaM Earl v/as born 
the 2' day of I.!dy 1715 

Tho birth of Halph Earls children born according to calculation 
as here uiider^vrittcn 

William Earl v/as born yo 12 day of ITovember ICGO 
I.!ary Eai^l was born yo 24 day of October 1695 

John Earl was born ye 24 day of April 1694 

Elizabeth Earl was born ye 24 day of Decer.iber 169C 
S.iSarah Earl was born ys 18 day of January IOCS 

I'artVia Earl v;an born the 21 day of December 1700 
Ablcl Chase ye son of Benjamin Chase and '.'ary hlc 

v/lfe v/as born January ye 20" day 1752 

Thovaas Chase the second son of tho above sd parents 
was born October ye 16" day 1755 

Job Chase the 5d son t>x the above said parents 

was born January ye 27" day ■ 1759 

I'ary Chase the daughter of ye above sd pai'onts 

was born April ye 18" day 1741 

Sariuel Hov/land t;ie sen of Joshu'ji Xlovrland end born of 
Dorotr.y Vils wife Febx'uary ye 6" day 1725. IsasiC Kcv/land 
the son of the said Joch'ia Howland and born of Dorothy 
his wife I.'arch ye -1 day 1727. 

lUioda Chase yc dauiihtor of PhlXlp Cliaae and Sarah his v;ife 

was born ya 27" day of October 1737 

Sllva Chcisc ye Socond dau^^htor of the above said parents 

was born January the' '17" day 1738 

Sarah Chase yc third dau^^htcr of the abovesaid parents 

T/as born October ye 2S" day 1741 

Constfuit Chase son to the abovsaid parents 

T7a3 born i.'arch the fourth day 1743 

Susanna Chase the fourth daughter to the above s- 

parants was born ^e 4 day of January 1745 
Charity Chase the fifth dau£,htor to the above said 

parents v/as born }IoveiAber ye 30" day 174G 

Dolaiicy Chase daughter to Philip Chase and Srrah Chase his -.vife 
T;a3 born April the 12 day 1743 

Philip Chase son to the above said parents vas born 
April ye 4" 1750 

George Chase son to" the above sd. parents T.'as bom 
July ye 24" 1755 

Sarauel Tisdale the son of Samuel Tisdalo and of Mary his v/ifc v/aj 

born June ye 22" 1727 

Uary Tisdale the daughter of the sd Samuel Tindale and ^:::/:\: 

I.'.ary his v/ife was born Jonuar^- ye 7 day 1729/o0 
Rebecca Tisdale the daughter of ye sd. Sanaol Tisdale and 

T.lary his wife -.vrs born February'- ye 16 day 1730/l 
Sarah Ti::,Jalo the; third daughter of the above caid parents 

v;as born February ye 22 day , 1732 

Abigail Ti3dr:le the fo'urth dr.ugiitcr of tlio above s-aid 

parentir'. \;t'Z born Doc^nbcr yo 1? day 1733 

Rebecca (Tladalo) ye- fifth daui^hter of the above said parents 
was born November (ye) 24 day 1742 

Henry Chase yo son of Henry Clnse 5: Sarah his v.'lfe was born 
ye 7" day of August A.D. 1748 

Durfey Chaco ye son of Keni'y and Sarah above said was born 
July thQ first day A.D. 1750 

Sarah the daughter of Christopher and Hannnh Fox vcs born 

March 30" 1724 

Hannah the daughter of the above said parent a v.-as born iroveaibcr 

20" 1726 

Thankfull the daughter of the above sd. parents v/as born 

June 30" 1729 

John Pon of the aboi.'a said paronts v/as born April 

24" 1 . . 1733 

Phebc; the daughter of the (above) sd* parents v/as born 

February' 15" . . 1735/G 

Euldah the daughter of the above sd. parents vrus bom 
November 11" ' 1742 

Sarah ToiuprilnG the daughter cf John Toinpkinn & I.:ary his wife v;a3 

born July 22, 1741 on the fourth day cf the v/eck 

Samuel Toiap'clnc ye -Son of the above sd. parents vas born July 15 

1743 on the 6" day of tlv3 v\-ol: 

John Toiripkii'f^ yo son of i,o abcvn sd. parcnLs vas born Scptcrabcr 

14" 1745. D*ccascd Octob:;r IV" 1745 on yo 5" day of tlin v.or^k. 

lot Stran^o the first of Freatov.-n T/as born March tho 4" 
Hannah Strange tho wife of th«sd Lot Strange v/aa born 

February 24" 
Lot Stran-e the con of tho above said Lot Strane© and 

Hannah (his) wife v;a3 born I^ay the 10" 
Philip StrancQ daughter of tho above sd. parents v/aa 
• born October ye 2d 

John Strange was born February the 25" ;• 
I.!arcy Strange v/as born Nover.iber the 14" 
Abigail Strange 's^as bom Septoraber tho 24 year 
Joseph Strange was born January the 5d 

and deceased this life way tho 6" 
Jacob Strange v/as born January the 3d 
" Kallatlah Strange vms born Scptcntcr the 24" 
Sylvanus Strange v/as born August the 10" 
The first mentioned Lot Strange deceased June G" 

. in tho 88" year of his age 

Lot Strange tho 5d the eon of Lot Strange tho 2d and 
Abigail his v/ife was born in February the 27" 

Walter lllchols tho first son of Elcasor irichols 
and Mary his wife was born Decei.iber tho 4" 
Abigail llichols daughter to the above ( s) pr.rents was 
born Jvine the 2d 

Abiel Tripp Strange the son of the above {b) 
Lot Strange and Ar.yr bis second wife was born V.'ednesday 
ye 25 D.-y of October 

Allay Tripp ye daughter of sd parents born Saturday yc 
25 of July 










17V: Meholn the daughter of Mosios ilicliols anc^ Abigail hlj 

wlfo was born June tho 14' day • • • • 1749 ^ 

Dorotliy Nichols daughtoi' to tho abovo 3d parents vms bom 
July the 11" ' 1752 

Honry the son of Joseph 5: Susanna Brl^htman was born September 
19" 171G 

Joseph the son of Joseph and Susanna Brlghtman v/as born 

April ye 26" 171B 

George the son of Joseph S: Susanna Brlghtrian v/as bom 

September ye 16" ^ 1721 

I'ai-y the dau£;}iter of Joseph' L Susanna Brlghtiuan v/as born 

August 13" 1727 

Elizabeth tho daughter of Joseph b. Susfoina BrightLian v/as 

born July ye 9" 1730 

James Brlghtman t]io son of yo sd Josepli and Susaruia Brightmari 
V7as born May the 22d da^? 1734 « Susaraia Brighten. n tlie daughter 
of Joseph and Susanna Brlghtman v/rs born I'ty ths 14" day 1730^ 
Susanna V/ebb daughter of Samuel y/obb v/as boi'-n orBothiph 
his v/lfo November the 10" 173Go"-Eliah Aduas V.'ebb eon of tho 
abovo mentioned parents v/as born Decer.ber tho 14" 1737 

Oliver Sherman son of Tlioiua? ShO.T/.cn was born in Froetov;n 
of Phobc the v;lfo of the sd Thoinas Shcrmo.n Jcnuary the 23 173.1. c 
Hannah Shoriuan v/as bom in Frootov/n April tho 9" 1733 and of 
the sai;;c parents. I'ary Sherman v;as bom in Freeto\.-n August ths 
14" 173G and of tho same pa rent Se 

Vraoi'cas Soth Farrcv- t'ne son of Soth Farrov/ being on record, 
tlic father of sd Soth sav/.. cause to ch^irige ^"^is name from Sotli 
to Ezcklcl as appears belov/. 

Er,ol:lol (Goth) Farrc./ son o." Soth F.'rr-o-./ and born of T.!arc-y 
his \,irc In Fruotov;n Ootobor the 1" 1740. Jolm Farro:/ tho son of 
Soth Farruv; and J.'r.rcy his v.lfe \u\'\ bo:.>n ".-irch tlio 2, 174Go 

I.:ar:; Bavr^rb;/ druglitor of Ambron- Bnrna'/y h El'! ^-'.b: tli his \,lro 


was born Fobruary the 11" In tho year 1728-9. Jr.nca Earnaby 

son to the Same parents above nnmod was born Octobsi* tao 11" 

in tho year 1730, Joanna Barnaby ras born Juno 26 in tho year 

1735, Sanuel Bamaby V/as born April tho 20" In the year 1735 

Elizabeth Barnaby Y/as born February tho 9" In the year 1737-8. 

Tho above nanod I'ary Barnaby doceased October 15" 1742 about 11 

or 12 of the clock in the forenoon. Lydia Barnaby born November 

7" 1740.--I,:ary born December 29" 1743-4 the fifth daughter of 

tho above said paronts--Ainbrose Earnaby the son of the above sd 

parents v/as born Jan, 11" 174-^ Sarah Barnaby the sixth dau£;htor 

of tho above parents was born "ay the 20" 1748. --The above naincd 

Joannn. Barnaby deceased J.'ay 18" 1773 — 40" year of her a£0. Tha 

above nai.iod Elisabeth daughter deceascd/ln the 4G" year of her 

ago. The above named Ambrose Earnaoy Jr.-dcceasod"- Junol8".''lS02" 

57" year of his age. The above named Lydia Earnaby deceased 

August 30" 1803 — 63 year of her age. The above naracd Sarah 

deceased Doc. 1808 in the 61 year of her ago. 

John lliilard son of Robert Millard and Abigail his wife v/as 

born November t!io 4" in the year 1757, David Millard born March 

the 30" day 1739. Sarah Millard born March ye 4" day 1741 

(Oliver Sherman son of Thomas Sherman v,'a3 born in Freetown of Phebe 

the vlfc of yo s Thomas Sliermr.n Jfjiucry the 23 --■ 1731 

Job . Millard v.-is born July the 4" day 1743 

Marah Millard bora August 5" d£.y 1745 

T^rma Millard born September th* 18" day • 1747 

Ebenozor Millard born September tho 17" d.ay 1749 

Abigail Mlllara daughter to tho above s parents v/as born 

April ye 5" day old stile " 1752 

Pationce Millard daughter to tho af ores' d 'par.'^ntjj \Tt\s boi'n 

March the 21" 1755 

Hannah tho first dau^htor to Robort Hlllard and Ltarcy 7 
his second vrlfo was bom May ths 15" 1756 

Sanuel first son to s parents "born February tho 19"1759 
Robert tho 2d Son to od last parents was bom 

Docorabor tho d" 1762 . 

Isaac tho 3d son to sd laat parents "was born 

April tho 8" 1766 

I'arcy Brlg£;3 the Daughter of Amos 3rlgf,3 of Frootovm 
and born of Sarah Brirgs his v;lf o was born the 26" day of June : . . 
In the year 170G. Sarah Brings the daughter of tho s Arios Briggs v.-as 
born the 16 day of J'ano in yo year 1709 

Mary Briggs the daughter of tho ad Alios Briggs rras born the 
1" Day of I.!ay ih the year 1711 

Hannah Briggs the daughter of the cl Amos Briggs v;as born the 
8" day of Novora"^;er in ye year 1712 

AiTiOn Briggs the son of tho s tawoz Briggs v;as born the 
6" day of Fobjruarj- in tho year 1715 

Thomas Briggs the son of the afcros'd Ai.iOS Briggs was bor-n tho 

twentieth day of June in tho yoar 1717 Briggs the daughter of tho s'd -Araos Briggs was born the 

27 day of June in tho yoar 1719 

John Brigga the son of tho said Ainos Briggs was born tlie 

oightecntri day of Soptcmbei' in tho 

jear 1721 

Nathaniel Briggs the son of the above z^d A-ios Briggs born 

tho 18" day of Doccmbir in thft year 172-1 
Nathan Briggs tlie son of the above s'd Ames Briggs v.-as born the 

. .. 10" day of l.!ay in tho yenr 1727 ' ' 

and all born of Snrah Briggs the v/ife of tho said Amo.t Brig-s 
- Gilbert Hath-:cy J: Tr\-iDhona Il.ithv/^y tV.c son 'c daughter of 
Ebonor.or }h'thv/:iy of Freoto-./n Jr. £. Wollhy ):in v.-ifn y:P3 bora 

yo 6" day of February 174-^. Ebonozer Hathnay/ ye son of the above /c 

said parents was born July 25" 1740 

Welthy HaUnvay yo daughter of ye above said parents was bom 

In Sept. th") 1" day ., ■ "» 1750 

Shadraoh Kathway yo son of the above said parents was bom 

in June ye 9" . 1752 

Elijah Bordon tho son of Joseph Borden and born of 
Susanna his wife 29" of IJay 1737 

Martha Bordin tho daughter of Joseph Bordon and born '. ■ 
of Susanna his vrlfo (September tho 18" 1741) tho 1" day of 
December 1739 _ . - ' 

Peace Bordin daughter of Joseph Bordin and born of Susanna his 
wife Soptonbcr tho 13" 1741 

Phsbe Bordin davghtcr of Joseph Bordon and born of Su3=a:na his 
vrifo in April yo 25"day 1744 

Alice Chase daughter of Janes Chase and 'AD.lce }iis vife ras 
bom October the 8" '1732. Aaron Chaco \;a3 born '.larch the 15" 1733-4 
Paul Chcce was born February tho 7" 17o5"6 

Zacch.nis Ciiaso v/ar. born November the 4" ... 1757 

Mary Chase vas born the G" day July (?) 1757 

all which childi^eii v.ere born of tho above ncriod parents 

Gilbert Beval aon of Jonathuu Deval and Friscllla liii; rife 
was born in Freeto'-m '.'ay tho 12" 174 

Hannah Turner daughter to Jolui Turner and Paticnco his wife 
was born January the 29" 1741 about 6 of tho .clocl: in tho morning 
Gardner son of Jolm Turner and Patience his \7ifo was born Beccmbor 
(the) 26" 1742 about six a -clock in th.o inorningo 

Moses the son of the above sd' parents v/as bom I'ay tho sixtii d.:.y 
John Turn"^!^ yo sen of yn 'ibov? r.d r.-'r-^ -i '- ~ v :-. .- v.r/-. T'^^'h ■ '•- ■ ' :"■ " 


1747-S. •• ■' ' . ; •. • • ; 

Tho birth of Benjamin Chaso ' s. ^childron born in Freotov/n 
Philip Chaao tho daughter of Benjamin Chasa born ... 

5" day of July ' 1679 

Benjamin Chano tho son of Benjamin Chaso bom 

15" day of July 1682 

Walter Chaao Born October 2od day 1684 

Barthiah Chase born Bocombor the 3d Day 1636 

Sarah I^akepcase the daughter of Thoiuaa I.!akopeacu 
born the 22d day of So+)tembur 1695 

Benjamin Grinnol tlie son of Daniel Grlnnol the son of 
Matthew Grinnel of the colony of Rhode Island borii tho 12" 
day of January • 1696 

Benjamin Chase the son of Benjamin Chase Jr» born 
March 28" day . ' . 1704 

Hannah Dunnf.r. the daughter of Joseph Dunnam vras born 
tho first day of Jujio in the year of our Lord • 1707 
Stephen Dunnam tho son of Joseph D^oiinam born tho 5" day 
of May 1709 

Oliver Chase the son of Benjpi.iin Chaso Jr. v/as born 
September the 22d day 1709 and also tho birth of a child of 
the sd Bonjai,;in Ch^sc Octobbi' 1711 end bu:'.'led soon after ■ 
Michael Chizo the son of Benjamin Chaso Jr. bora November 
17" day • 1724 

Israel Chaso the son of the sd Chaso born Juno bho 
25" day • 1710 

Ammio Chanc born June tlao ll'' day 1718 

Caleb Chaco ^ Joshua Chase yo* son:i of yr £d Cbaso born 
ye 25" of K-y 17-^ 

Benjamin Grlnnol tho son of Benjaialn Grlnnol and 
Lydla his v/lfo vraa born Dacombor the 2d day -1728 
Lydla Grlnnol the dau£jhtor of the sd Benjamin Grlnnol 
& Lydla his v.-lfe was born Apri'l tho 5" day 1731 

Rebecca Southv/or^h the daughter of Stephen Southrrdrth 
and Lydla his wife vras born in Froetovm the 7" day of October 1726. 
Thomas Southworth the son of the sd Stephen Southv;orth and Lydic. 

his v/ifo born tho 5" day of Ge|)teuber 1723 

Stephen South-.vorth the son of tho above sd Stephen Southv;orth 
was born tlie 12" day of January 1751 

Remomberanco Siirmions the son of Romenibranco Slirjaono and 
Hannah Sinuuons ras born the 11" day of February in the year 1703-2, 
Hannah Shnrnona tho daughter of Reiirimbranco Slranions born the 15" 
day of llovomber 1704. Byall Sinu-ions tho son of Ronembrancc and 
Hannaii Simmons born the 8 day of December 1707 

Benjcifiin Darfcc the son of Robert Durfee of Frooto-<7n £: 
Mary his •,7ifo was born In the yer.r 1G95 and on the 30^ 
day of Janue^ry 

Margaret Blvmt tho daughter of John Blunt and I'nrget hi? 
wife \7as born In Frootov.Ti tho 16" day of May 162G (?) 

Rebecca VJinolov; the daughter of Jonathan Y.'inslov,- and SiJ-'ah 
his v.'ifo Y/as born in Frcetov/n the 26" day of August 1723 
Jonathan Y/inslov; and John Winslov; the Sions of the sd 
Jonathan 'Vinslov; &v'l Sarch l>is v/lfe v;aci born November tho 
22d day 1725 

Thomas Wlnslov/ tho son of tho sd Jonathan V.'lnclov,' ^ S \rah 
his wife was born the 5" day of July In the \'car 1729 
Surah Y.'innlc'.v th.o daughter of tli^' r. aid Jonathan V.'.'nslow 
born of Sarah his wife tho 15" day of July 1731 
Kat}\iVr.iol V.'inslov; non of Joiintbnn Mvd S.^rah \;inalov, v>i-.3 born 
I'ay tb. 20" dny 1733. Ku "h Vl^nzlo:. drv-;h'ov. lo ;r,-,:i:^ •--.. 

T/lnslow and Sarah hla.wlfo v/as born Fotruary the 1" 1735 . 
Reuben Wlnslow son to Joiiathan Y.'lnalow and Sarah liia wife 
T7a3 born May the IG" 1738. Benjoruln V/lnslow was born the 
14" day of February 1740=41 of , the nbcvo ncjned parents, 

Ell'aaboth Blunt the daughter of yo sd John Blunt and 
Marge t his wife v/as born I.Iarch the 5" day 1727=8, John Blunt the 
son of tho sd John Blunt and of MurgGt his wife v/e.s born the 
16 day of Augur. t, 1731. Gersho;,-; Blunt the son of tho od John 
Blunt and born of Marget his v/ife tho 28" day of Docombor 

Sarah Collins the daughter of Rlcrnrd Collins and Sarah 
his vifc \7a3 borri in Freetovra April the 23 day 1728 about nine 
a clock at night. Thomas Collins the Jion of the sd Richard 
Collins and Sarah his wife v/as born the 23d day of Juno 1730, Hannah 
Collins the daughter of t'ne sd Richard Collins and Sarali his wife 
, was born tho 14" day of December 1732. Richard Collins son of 
Richard Collins and Sarah his v;ife was born February the 3d 
1735/6e Jonathan Collins son of Richard Collins v/as born Septciabor 
the 22 1737. Robert Collins aon of Richard Collins and Sarah 
his v/ife was born tlie 29^ day of October 173G 

Jacob Collino son to tho above sd parents v;as born Fobr\"ry 
yo 14" day 174-^- 

^ ThOEias Vay .and born tlie 12" day of Juno in tlic year 1704 
Abigail 1/ay tho dcughter of V/illiain \.'ay and Jrcnolopo V^ay born 
in Frootov.-n the 13" ciay of March in tiie year 1707. 

Eliakini Eurfce the son ol' Joliu Durfce of Frootov/n and of 
Susanna his v/lfo v/as born the 17'' day of l.'ovcnibc:'.' IVIG 
Eat'naVioba Durfoc the daughter of John and Suaanna loirfoe v/qa bom 
August tho 27" day 1718. Preserved I>a:fee vran born tho b" day of 
July 1720. Phcbc Durfee the da\;ghtcr of Jo/ai P-orfoo and Susai.r.a 
his v.ifo Y/aa born tho 13" day o'" 3optoiibor 1722. JoVu^-r'Vv.'roc- • 

John Durfoo tho son of tho ad John Durfeo waa born tho 16" /</ 
day of llovembor * 1724 

Hannah DurToc tho daughter of tho sd Jolm I\irfoe and Susanna his 
wife was born October the 7" 172G. Elisabeth Durfeo tho daughter 
of the 2d Durfee end Susanna h5 3 v?ife v/as born I.!arch tho 25" 1730. 
Peleg Durfoo the son of the sd Jolm Durfoo and Susanna his v/ifo 
was born Ocbobor the 7" day 1728 Zcbedceo Dirt:' foe tho son of the 
sd John Durfeo v;aa born March the 15" day 17S2o Benjamin Durfeo 
the son of Johji Durfee and Susanna his wife v/as born Juno the 
22d day 1734 

V/illiam Lav/son the son of Jolm Tav/son and Mary his vylfo 
was born in Frcietov/n the 15" day of Janvi.ary 172^. 

Elijah Duglas tho son of John Duglas and Agnes his v:ife 
was born June tho 13" day 1722. Elisha Douglas the son of John 
Duglas and Agnos his wife v.-as born in Freeto^ra June tho 18" day 
1724. Slirabcth Duglas the daugli'cer of tho cd Joh_n D-.iglrs ^r\d 
Agnes v.-as born the 25" day of Octobor 1726,, and Hanna'n Duglas the •■.:•.■ 
daughter of the sd John & Agnos Duglas v/as born tho 12" day of 
July 1729, George Dviglas the ron of Joliin D'.iglas and Agnos his ^7ifo 
was born the 13" day of March 1730 o::- 31. 

Phebo Trcadv/oll tho drughtr-r of Eleacer Troad.rell h Rebecca 
his wife v.-as born the 26" day of July 1724. 

Goorgo Y.'inslov/ tho son of George V.'inslov/ v/as bom the 19" 
day of June in Iho year 1728» Elirabclh Winclo-.; the daughter of 
the sd George V.'inr.lov; v;as borii July tho 23 day 1730« Ellianah V/inslov 
the son of Gocr^go Uinslo'.? and boin of Elizabeth his \.'ifo Januai-y 15" 
1732-3, Earnabcs Y/lnslov; tho son of ^oorgo V/inslow and born of 
ElihabcLli Ills v,-ifo September tl'O 30" day 17o4o Robocca •V.'innlo..- 
tho do.ughtcr of George Y/inslov/ i.-vl Ellr.nbofn \\\.ii v;lfo vas box--n 
Sop tor, lb or tho G" 173G. 

I.'artlia-.) V;j.n?lo-.'' t'no d;v.! ~ht.-j;' of l^. 'Viri; born tho 

first day of May 1702 the G" day of tho wook. Elizabeth Wlnclo:; ^^ 
the daufihtor of Nathaniel V.'inslow born the 16" day of January 
1703-4, Ist day of tho v/eok who docoaacd tho 14" day of March 
1704 the 3d day of the v;eok, ■,Ellzabot>i T.'lnalow the daughter of 
Nathaniel YTinslow bom IG" day of February 1704-5 tho 5" day of 
tho weok. ' 

Robert Croeghcad son to Tho:ais Crcaghoad Jr. in Frcctov.r. vras 
born on the eleventh of June 1721 and baptized on the 18" day of 
sd Jxxne . 

Joslah Wlnslow tlio son of lieutenant Joslali V'lna].o->/ v/as born 
tho 9" of June on the 4" day of the v/ock 1697 ». 

Karcy Y.'lnslov; the daughter of Lieu. Jooiah V.'inslov v/aa born 15" of 
Docember first day of the v/eck 1700, EbonoLer V/lnslov; the son of 
Lieutenant Joalah V/lhslov? born the 22d of November on tho 6" day 
of the v/oek.l705. 

Richaixl T.'inslow the son of Richard Window and Hannah his wife 
was born the 19" day of August 'in the year of ye Lord 1711. 
Hezekiah Tinslov/ tho son of Ricliard ',7inGlov/ and of Hannah his v/lfo 
was born tho 9" day of Decoiube:'' 1711 3. Sarah VJinslov; the dauf^htor of 
Riciiard V.'inslov; and Hannah his rife v/as born the 6" day of May 171G. 
William V.'inslov; the r.on of tho sd Richard V/inslo-.r, v/as born Sopter.ibcr 
tlie 24" day 1718 on tho 4" day of the \;oek 3 in tho morning. Haanah 
Vi'inclow the dr.ughtcr of the ad Richard Winslo'.- and Hannah his v/lfo 
was bo;'"n tho 14" day of April on the 6" day of tho v.cok eight o'clock 
in the morning of cd day in tho yoar 1721 » 

Edward V/inslow tho son of the above sd Richard Winslow v/as born the 
10" day of October and tho 5" day of the week in th:: year 17i^3. 

Mary V.'ln.'lo".T the dai^.gh^er cf Jniaos l.inolov; was born Juno the 2'")'" 
day 1700. Hathan V.'liislor; the Sdi of Ja'^os Winslow end Eiizaboth his 
v/lfo v.-as born th.e fitut day of April 173.5. Job \71nnlow th-O son of • 
Jamos V.'ln^ilo-y I: E!l iv.abot;i }il3 wife v/as hern M wch tlia 50" day 1715e 

Bonjaialn V.'lnalov/ tho son of Jarao3 V.'lnalov; born June the 19" 1717. ^ >_ 

riliiatoth Wlnslo'.v the dauf:,hi:or of the sd Joiro s V/inslow uas bom tho 
C" day <J^ I''^y 1721, Janoa Yi'lnaloT/ tho son of tho sd James Winslow 
born Aui3U3t 6" 1725. • .^ 

Hope Still VJlnslov/ tho daughter of Goori^e '.Tlnalow and Elizabeth 
(his v/lfo) v/as born January tho 9" 1723-2. Aui-all '.Vlnslo-.? ths 
daug^itor of the sd Goorgc T/lnslo^v Has boi-n Dcccmbor IG" day 1724. 
Phebo TTinslov: tho dauglAer of tho.\above sd Goorgc V/lnslow v;a9 born 
October 2" 172G. (For tho rest of this farally see page 14 of this copy) 

Morris Frcolovc's Children ^blrth 
Rebecca Froolovo born the 1" day of July 1683 

Abigail Froclove born tho 12" day of l^iarch 168^^ 

Saraucl Froolovo born the 10" day of March 169t 

Hannah Frcolovo born September 4" , 1696 

Mary Froolovo born the 10" day of August 1700 

Edv/ard Chase born tho 25" day of January ^'^'^Ti 

Constant Chase bora April the 26" 1710 & died August tho 2G" day IVIO 
Soth Chase born October the fourth day 1711 

Ebenozor llathv/ay child was born tho 30" day of December 1711 
and deceased the 29" of January following. 

•Hannah Quithill tho daugViter of Ber.jfjiiln Quithill \.'a3 born 
September 2d day 1711, 

Sarah ITathv/ay the daugViter of Ir.aac Kathway v/as born the 14" day of 
November 1712, Anna Kath\.-ny v/as born the 7" day of DcccmbGr 1714. 
Rebecca Hatn_.7ay born tho first day of Tarch -- 171G. 

Hannah Kathv/ay tho daughter of Jolm Ilath'./ay Jr. of Frootov.-n 
and of his wife ?.:ary v/as borr tho 50" day of Mai'ch 1710 

Abigail HL'.t.h\/ay tho"iter of the cJ Isaac Hfvthwfiy v/as bom 
March the 21'- day 1710 and his son Thoma- Hat'nv.ay v/as born ?!arch tho 
2od day 1721o Tlicholas ITathv/ry tho son of la.-oe Fathv;ay hovw the firyt 
day of Ap:"!! 172G, • - 

T, ,,.., p,,.-.... .^..1, j-i,.-, -,p (.,^ Jf^>-; ■. n'.-^v. r>-^V"*^ of Fr-'-' '';;>i b^'r:'« 

V ^7 

the 16" day of January 1GC^>« Abigail Cudv/orth the daughter of 

Jemes Cudv/orth bomLtho 9" day of March 1G09-1700 
Mary Cudv;orth tho daughter of Janas Cudv^crth bo in ye 14 day 
of llovemuor '» 1702 

Zoruiah Cudv/orth the dauglrier of Jamos Cudv.orth born tho 1" 
day of April 1704 

Jesse Cudv/orth born the 11" day of January 1706 

V.'llliui'ii nou-.iaovoll the son of Philip Ro'onaovell v/as born Octcbor 
10" day 27 minutes past 6 at night in the year of our Lord 1705 

Sarah Potty the dau^^hter of James &■. l!ary Petty v/as boi'n 
September » . : . 1699 

Content Peoty born 5" day of January 170j 

Ebenczcr Peety born April the 5" 1706 

Bershcba Clocsen tho daughter of Caleb Clossen born tho 
21" day of July 1713. Ic'naboi Clcssen the son of Caleb Closson 
and hie vrifc Anna v/as born the 25" day of February 1714 
Abigail Cloascn thu dauglicci' of tho sd Caleb ClocGon and 
Anna his vrife v-as born the 2G" day of I.iarch 1717 

l.!ary Chuech tho daughter of Capt* Cliarlcs Church, ojad 
Kary his wife v/as born the 16" day of ITovomber 1710 " 

Susanna Church the daughter of the above named Capt. Chjirlos 
Church v/as bom In Frootov/n (v;as born in Freotov;n) yc 
22 day of December . 1721 

Hannah Chiu^ch tho daughter of the sd Charles Church v/as 
born tlic 22d day of April 1725, Seth C}iiu^c}i the son of t'ac 
said Capt, Chi.rlos Church v/as bom the 17" day of January 1724 
Alice Chui'oli the daugh:: r of Capt* Charles Churcli was boi-n the 
29'' day o.r Janu!.'.iy 1726 «, Bcnjmnin Ch.urch th.3 son of Charles 
Church tho son of the sd Capt, Charles Churcli f-- born of Francis 
his \/irw Tao 22"' c^.ay of April 175G. (Capt, Charles Chuy^ch died 
!.!aich 9" 1727 ago."; abou;; 4 2) 

Matthovv Boomer tho son of Matthew Boomor Jr. born the /^ 
29'' day of Soptembor 1689. Lydia Boomer v;&3 born tho 3d day of 
Docombor 1G90. Hannah Boomor tho 16" of November 1692. Warcy 
Eoomcr v-as born tho 16" of March '. .. 1694 

Deborah Boomer was born tho 1" day of May 1G96 

Caleb Boomer was born tho 16" day of March 1C98 
Kuth Boomer vras born the last day of March 1700 
Joshau Eooiuer was born tho 8" day of October 1703 
Marcy Boomer the daughter of Matthew Boomer the younger and 
Hannah his v/ife was born the 24" day of Jimo 1721. July ye 23 day 
1723j Deborah Boomer was bom tnd daughter to tho sd Matthev; 
Boomor tho youngci-., Hannah Eoomar the daughter of tho sd Matthew 
Boomer was born August the 25" 1725 » Eleanor Boomer the daughter 
of tho od Matthew Boomer was born January the 8" day 1728-7. 

Benanuol Hov/land the son of Jolin Havlnnd of Free.tov,n end 
of Rebeccp. his wife was born on tho 20" day of Fcljrvnr}^ In the 
year l^iP.. Rebecca Howl^aid tho daughter of the sd Jolm Eowland 
was born September the 13" day 1718, Sarah Hov/land the daughter 
of the sd John Howl and was born March the 10" 1720. Penolopc 
HoT.'land the daughter of tho said JnP. How land was born the 22d day of 
?.!ay 1722, Susp.nna Howland tho daughter of the sd Jn— Rowland was 
bofn November 17" day 1723 

Mary Galge tlic daughter of Thomas G.nigc and born of Mary 
his wlfo Fcbrur.ry tho 7" 1719-20. Susanna Gaigo the daughter of 
the sd Tiioman Gaigo and born of Mary his wife June the 23" day 1721 
Thomas Gaigo the son of the sd Thci:ias Gaigo born May the 1" 172;;. 

William Gaigo tho son of William Gnigc and Hrrinah his wife 

vaa born in Froetown October tho 10" dtiy 1720. John Gage tho sc:i of 

\'illi.r.i.i and Hr.nnah Gage was bovn l'ovo;.:bor tr.o 5'' day ll'.G 

Thori'vs Gfigo th J son of tho sd V'iDlip.i.; was born the 13" day of 

f'-'^-rch 172^ 

Susanna tho daughter of V.'illlara Galgo v/aa born Aut:,u3t Lhs eighth 

day ■ .^' 1731 

Joseph the son of Y/llllam Galge v/as i>orn May the third day 173-i 

Hannah the daui^hter of Hannah' 2c V/llllaia Galeo was "born Sept. 

7" day ' ' 1736 

Remembrance the son of Y/llllara L Hannah Gai^^e wan born 

Sept. 20" 1738 

Simeon Shorman tho son of Elrra.t"hc.n Sl:ie rman and of Exporionco 
Sherman his v;ifo v/as born in Frcetov/n October tho 18" day 1724 

Sylvester the son of V/illiam I: Hannah Gaige v/as born 
l.!ay 27" 1741 

David Gaico tho son of Y/il3.1am Gaic;e £: Hannah his wife r.-as boi'n 
July 15" 1744 

Ell;;abeth Gaige ye daughter of the above sd parents was born 
March second 174^- 

.J T, , 5., 

hin wife was born tho 28" day of March 1720. 

Jolin Boomsr thp son of Matthev; BoomDr tiie younger or third 
and was born of Hrmnah his v/ifo July the G 1729 
Lyditt BooiTiSr the daughter of the sd I.'atthew Boomer and born 
of Hannah his wife July the 26" 1732. Martha BooniOr the daughter 
of Matthcv/ Boomer the third of Freetov.'n was born of Hsnnah Ms 
wife October the 17" 1734. 

Mary Head was born the 19'' day of llovcmbor 1690 
John Rc;id tho con of John Read Jr. was born Cunc the 
12" day " 1694 

Thomas Roed was born May the 9" day of May 1696 
Hannah Read -i/as born the 12" day of October 1697 
V;illlam Read was born tho 9" day of Soptcmbr^r 1699' 
Oliver Read was born Octobor the 14" day 1703 

Ponolopo Rond v-r, born l]\o 12" Cay of Octobov 1703 \ 




Jonathan Read was boi'n January 2od day . . 

Joseph Read v/as born March the 5" day 

Sarah Read was born February tho 1" day 

Nathan Road was born tho 23d .day of February 

Susanna Road was born tho 27" day of Septombor 

The above named Hannah Read deceased October tho 

17" day 

Kary Road tho wife of Jolin Road tho father of tho above v/ritten 

children deceased tho 6" day of May 1726 about twelve a clock of c'd 

day. Entered the ET' day of s'd month 

Sarah Read above named deceased June the 3>d 1723 in the evening 

of said dnye 

Joseph Read the son of JosepTi Road and Sarah v/as born 

tho 51" day of August 1710. Benjamin Read v;as bom the 1?" day of 

Kovenber 1711 

Elizabeth Road v/as born the 19" dr.y of April 171."^ 

Dorety Read (was) born November the 26" day 1714 

Samuel Read born Deceuber the 25" day 1715 • 

Hannah Read was born April the 22d day 1719 

Sarah Read was born October the 3D day • 1721 

I.!ary Read was bor^n September the 12" day 1728 

Phebc Read was born February the 16" day 171G-17 

and stands here entered being omitted b^'- the Clerk above 

Mary Border, the daughter of Stephen Borden and Ponolopc li5 r. 
wife was born tho 14" day of Juiut 1726. Stephen Borden the r.on 
of tho sd Stephen Eoruo.'i hnd Ponclopo; his wife \7aa born October 
the 2o" day 1720. Hannah Borden the daughter of th ; sd Stoph'^n 
£: Penelope was born tho 10'' day of November 1730, Mercbc Borden 
the daughtor of tho cd Stephen and Penelope BorJon was born 
February tho 7" day 1754-3. Goorgo Boi'den tho :ion of tho od 
St-?i:h3n..Bord-.-:r and bo^-r: of Pcd'.O op-: h'.n v;.* fo I'.v.y tlio 21 dcy 1733 = 

Luaanna Eordon tho daushtcr of Stophan Eordon and born of - 
Penolcpo his v/lfo May tho 19" day 1737. 

Nathan Bov/lng son to Jolin Bov;lng and born of Penolops his 
wlfo \7an born April tho 4" 1740. 

John Road thfi son of Jolm I^ead the third and of Sarah his 
wife v;as born November tho 17** day oae thousand seven hundred 
and tv;enty • .-, 1720 

Olivor Road the son of the sd Johii Read wis born In Freotovni 
the tenth day of November 1725. Joseph Read tho son of Olivor 
Read and of Marthan his v/lfc v/as. born the 11" day of Dcccr.:bcr 
ne£:r day. 1752 

Olivor Road tho son of Oliver Read rnd of Martha his rife vaa 
born the twenty one day of August 1734. I'ary Read tho daughter 
of Oliver Road and born of Llartha his v/lfe llarch tho 31" day 
1736. Jonathan Road the son of Oliver Read and born of Martha 
his v;lfo was born, Novorabor tho 13" 1737, Vi'ait Road daughter 
of Oliver Read £c Marth-:: his \;lfe v;as born December the C" 17>59. 
Nathan Read son of Oliver Road and born of Martha his v.ife 
June the IC" 1742. ' 

Silas Terry the son of the afore sd John Terry and Member 
Terry v;as born April tho 8" day 1707. John Terry the son of 
John Terry and his wife Manber was born May 26" 1700^ and 
bom April 1701 (?) end doccrsod Doceuber 1" day 1710. 

Lydif. Wots the daughter of Jolin Yfoto and Elizabeth V.'ots hin 
wlfo \7as born in Froctov,n tho second day of Jfinvary 1719. 

Israel Smith tho son of Joceph Smith was born tho 2^ day of 
Sept. 17^5. Abiol SiTiith v/a.i born in Frcetov.-n tho 0" day of April 
1725 being tho son of the sd Joseph Snith. 

Joanna R-oo-er tho daughter of Caleb Eoor.-.or and Sarah }iLa 
wif'j \7a3 born the 30" day of 1726^ Caleb BooMor the son 
of tho sd C-.lcl Booiaor vrao bor.i Aur.!'r.t the 29" day 1720. Sa:\'h 
noo;,;ei' thj d'n.Tr,;il'.or of '-)<o a i Calcli Loo;-".";.' Afid of ■ '>iT'."'h. hi:: 

wife was born tlio 3d day of August; 1730. I'artl.i Eoomor tho 
son of tho 3d Caleb Boomor and of Sarah his vrlf e v/aa born the 
25" day of Dccombor 1732. 

Vehotabol Thurston bora February 23" day 1737. i:ary Thurston 
born Warch the 9" 1740, SoliuoI Thurslon born luarch tho 7" day 
17^3. Those above sd children are the son and daughter of Edv.-ard 
& Hannah Thurnton part cntorod I'ri pa^e ieS-<-25'l) and part hero. 

Abfahan Slrririons the son of Abraham Sliruaons and Anna Siiainons 
was born tho Q"' day of Septombar 1708. Nathan Siiainons v/as born 
October the IG'; da^' 1709. Janss Simraons v/as born July yc 20" 
day 1712, Morebo Slinmons war. born T.'arch tho 9" day 1715. Job . 
Simirions v;3 3 born October tlio 8" day 1716, Lebens Sliamoas v.aa 
born Februr.ry the 11" day 1718. John Slmnons the son of Abrahairi 
Simmons ras born Av^^uat 16" 1719, ' Anno Sinuono tho daughtor 
of Abraham Slminons was born !Tovembor tho 23d 1720. 

ThorisM 'iVeaver the son to T]ior.ia3 VToavor- of Freetcvn v/t\s 
born July tho 17" 1725 

Edtrard Church son of Constant Church end Pr.tlonco his wife born 
January yo 13" day 17j| 

Bonjara.ln Church son of Constant Church and Pationco his v/lfe 
born January tho C" day IV-^g. I.'J^ry Church daughter of Constant 
Church rnd Pationco hir v,-ife vas born April tho 15" 1720. I'arlhc. 
Church (tho) dnu^htor of Constant Church and Pationco his \.'ifo 
v/aa born September tho 20" 1723 „ Constant I: l^athr.iiiel Clmrch 
tiio son.M of Constant Church and Patience his \,ife v.-as born 
Au-U3t the 12'' 172G. 

Paul Hathway son of Aiitipas Hathaway and Patience his v/lfc 
v/as born October tho 11" da.y 1730. 

Ed'..ard Tivarr.ton tlio son of Edrrnrd Thirrston and Hannah his 
v/ifo vaa bori' in rroctov/a the 6"' day of September 172'5. Poleg 
Thurdori t]i.-^ non of t"iO i.-d Ed.\xrd Tioarotoi; r'.r.d IIi;^'. -Ji }i'* .-■■ "-ifn 

was born tho 24" day of October 172G. Hannah Thuraton tho 

daughter of tho sd Thuraton and Hannah his v/lfe was born In 

Freotovra tho 24" day of February 172-g, 

Tliomas Thuraton the son, of tho sd Edv/ard Thurston and born 
of Hannah his v/lfo Decombor 25" day 1730, Sarah Thurston born 
Novembor 24" 1732. Elizabeth Thurston January tho 24" 1735. • 

Abigail Hathvray tho dau^^htcr of Ebenccer Hathv;ay and 
Hannah his wife wio born in Frcotovm the 25" day of L'.arch 173 4 
Ebcnozor Hathway the son of the sd Sbonoaor Hathaway and Hannah 
his v/lfe v/as born in sd tov/n July tho 13" day 1713. 
Silas Hathaway tho son of the above sd Hr.thF.way and 
Hannah his wife vras born September the 2" day 1721. 
Hannah Hathaway tho daughter of the said Eboncner Hathaway 
and Hannah is wife was born I.Tay 12" day 1724, Eonjlll* Hathway 
yo con of yo sd Ebon£o Kathv/ay 5; Hannah his wife was born the 
12" day of January 1725 

Seth SinuTions the son of Abrah&n Simmdns was born I-'ay yo ?": 
.23d day . • - 1722 

Kary SlmjTions the daughter of the sd Abraham Siirjnons was born 
October ye 9" 1725 

James Sliriinons the son of the stild Sliu!;ion.s was born March yo 
:.8" .• v- ■ ■ .^ " 172 6 

Joromlah Slraaons tho son of yo ad Abraham Simmons was born 
January yo 15" ^^^^ 

Experionco Slimr.oJia first dauchtor to Jorcmlah Simmons 
and Sxpci'ieii.00 his wife was born tlio 8" day 175C. 
ExpcrioncG the \.ife of tho said Joro^ilah doccapod January 
ye 2G" 1756. \ ■ ' " 

Sibyl V.inslow the daughter of Jrjr.o.u Wine] cv; 5-. Elir.-^-^-l, 
his wife wac born October 3d day 1727 

Ichabod Bowon tho 3on of Aaron Bov/on bora In Frootov.n August 
yo 20" day 1727 

Aaron Bov/on born SopLembor tho 2d 1730 and was tho son of 
tho sd Aaron Eov/en. •,' 

Israol Eov.-en tho son of tho sd Aaron Bov/on was born Auguot 
ye 17" day '^- ■ 1733 

PiPrudonce Bov/on the daughter of Aaron Eov/on v/aa bora In 
FreeboT,n 15" of Hay 1736 

V/illia]ii Elsbury the son of Ephraim Elsbury and born of Mary 
hla v/lfe was born January tho first day 1745-6. Mary Elsbury 
tho daughter to the above said parents v/as born Decoiaijor the 
12" day 1748/9 

Ephraim Elsbury tho son of Ephraim Elsbury and Mary his 
wife v/as bom in Frcetov/n June the 30" day, 1727. David Elsbury 
tho sou of the said Ephraim and Mai-y his v/ife v,as bor/i in ■ 
Froctovn Juno tho 20" day 1729. John Elsbury tho sou of the 
said Ephi^alm Elsbury and born of Mary his v/lfc Juno tho 18" day 
1730, Thomas Elsbury the son of the sd Ephraim Elsbury and born 
of I»!ary his •v/ifo March tho 31" day 1733 » Matthew Elsbury the son 
of tho sd Ephraim Elsbury and born of Mai-y his v/lfe April the 
18" day 1735. Kobecca Elsbury daughter to Eplrraiiu Elsbury v;as born 
of I'ary his wife August tho 22 1737 « Job Elsbury son of Ephraim 
Elsbury and born of Mary his v/lfe v/as born February the 9" 1739-40 
Jonathan Elsbui-y son of Ep^iraim Elsbury and Mary his wife was boi-n 
tho 29" day of Sopte.mbor 1743 and deceased Cctobor the 19" 1744;, . 
Tho remainder of Ephraim Elsbury' s children are entered above. 

Lyndo Valentine v/as born tlio cightocnt}i day of March 1730 
boing tho son of Ci;.-;;ucl Valentino and born of Abigrll his \/ire 
Lucy Valcnti)io dauglitor of tliO above sd. pareiito was born Febri'nry 
tlie 20'' day 1730-40, V.'illlar. Valentino son of the abovo . sd p'.rents 
v/as born l.'nrch tii.^ 17" day 1741. John Ynlcnlj.uo was born the 

— (JO*- 

29" day of April 1743 of the above od parents # David ValenLino 
vaa born October the 2d day 1745 eon to the above parents. 

Alice Chase the daughter of Jaines Chase and born of Alice 
bis v?lfo v/ns born (in Freetown Ai>rll the 11" 1739) llay the 4" 
day 1731 In Frootcv.n and deceased the April follov/ing In the 
(year) 1732. 

Isaac Royal 'ohe son of Samuel Hoyal end Prlscllla his v/lfe 
WttS born In Frcctov.n April the 11" 1739, Priscn^a Royal daurhtcr 
of Samuel Royal and Prlscilla his wife v/as born June the 13" 1741. 

Royal Lav.ton son of Jonathan La\,-ton and L'a(ry) his wife '.vas 
boi^n Sopteiaber the 16" 1741. PrsfJic (Priscillc ?) Lav/ton daughter 
of Jonathan Lav/ton and Mary his v/ife v/as born September 11" 1744. 

Jolm Road the first of Freetown deceased the 3d day of 
January 1721 about 8 of the clock of Sd day in the morning. 
Hannah Road the wife of the above sd John Road deceased April 
the 12" dtiy, on the dry of the v;cslc ca?loJ Y/odncsde.y about 9 or ten 
of the clock, in the forenoon of sd day aged about 84 years b. 
departed in the year of our lord 1727. 

Thomas Thurston of Freetown deceased I.'arch the 22d day at night ■ 
about eleven o'clock 1729-50. •■ 

Rebecca V^inslow the daughter of Jonathan V/lnslow of Fi-octown 
deceased the 18" day of December 1731. 

Prudence Durfoo the v/lfe of Eenjfjiiin Durfoo of Freetown deceased 
the 12" day of I.larch 1733-2 r.bout the middle of Sd dny. 
Hope Read the v:ifo of Jonathan Read doceased the 5" day of 
April 1734, 

Susanna Road the v;ifc of John Read tlio second deceased Monday 
morning early thj twenty filLh day of Aag-act 1733. 
Eenjoiiiln Rord eon to Joseph Rvad and r>aruh his -./ifo docccsed 
Octobrr the 25'' 1732 about sJx of the clocL ih the morni?3g 


of 3d day aged tv/onty yoars eleven riontii3 and ol^ht days, -^h 
Ruth Lav;ton wife to Daniel Lawton first of Frootov/n deceased 
tho 10" day of January in the afternoon of sd day in the year 
1737-8 ^ . , 

Stephen Borden deceased this life August the IG" 1738 In the evening 

of sd day botv.een 10 b. 11 of the clock. ' 

Sar.^h Ror.d v/ifo to Joseph Road (v/lfe to Joseph Read) first of 

Free town deceased this life Nov. the 13" day in the evening 

of sd day in the year 1736. 

Thomas Frcolovo first of that name in Freetown deceased this life 

on Friday ye 5" of Jc.nuary 1758-9 between the hours of 9 c: 10 

of the clock of said day. 

Benjaiti.ln Qulthel deceased this life August the first day 

1714-1 between the hours of sd day of one & two of the clock in 

tho ruornin^, 

Susanna l!arsh9ll daughter of John 1,'arshall h Elir-abeth his v.-ife 

deceased July the 8" day aged one year and (8) eight months. 

Jolin Y.'inslow son of Jonath(an) V/inslow ai^.d Sarah his wife 

deceased Sox.torr.hcr 3" day 1742. 

I.'orris Freclovo of Freetown deceased the last day of November 

in the evening in the yoo.r 1742. 

V/illiaiii Davis con of Williaivi Davis Jr. and Slisaboth Ills v/iTo 

v/as born July the 27" 175].. Elir^abcth Do vis was born I.Iarch the 

5" 175G-7 cf tlio above said parents. Tabitha Davis vms born 

January the 4" 1750"9» l.^ary Davis was born LLirch tlie 14" 

•l-'-g. Peter Davis son of Iho above sd parouts was born j.!ay H7 

1744 o Faul "hi.vxs sou of the above sd paronts \.'a3 born Juno 

15'" IV IG. 

Isaac HD.taV/;^y tlio third was born July tlio IG" di-y 1704 y 
the son of Jacob K^t>'''ay. Jorihu?. Knthway the ron of the above 
sd Isaac ilath'./a/ and R-.:bO'jca his wife was born Janr.ary tlio IT'' day ' 

172y , Isaac Hathv/ay tho son of the abovo sd Isaac Kathway ^'/ 

was born July yc 29" 1720. Ii^ana Kathv/ay the daughtox* of the 

sd Isaac Ilathv/ay born May 17 day 1731 

Phinens Ilathway tha son of the sd Inaac EatViway was born 

February yo 11 day ^''''% 

Daniel HathTTf^y the son of tho said Iscac Hathv/ay and born of 

Rebecca his v/lfe Tay tho 2o" day 1735. 

Prudonco Hathv/ay tho daughter of the od Is^ac Hathv/ay and born 

of Robocca his \rlfo March the 7" day 173| . 

Susamir. Hathv/ay the daughter of Isaic Hathv/ay and born of 

Rebecca his v/ife was born April the 28" 1741, 

Isaac Hathv/ay that v/a-s recorded first in the above sd 
record decer.sed on tho seventh day of June 1749, Irene Kathv/t^y 
first daughter to the above sd parents decoaced (deceased) 
on tho 30" day of Sept, ^ 1753 

Samuel Warren the son of Janico Warren k born of Mary 
his v/ife Sept. yo 29 day 1737 

James the son of the above sd parents v/as born Uovciaber tho 
13" 1745 

Phohe Davis df.ughtor of Reinembranoo Pa-^^lLi: C:iia Sarah ihis second v/i 
was (born) MarCh the 26" 1742. 

Lydlu Davi3 the daughter of tho sr.'ue parents born I'arch 21" day 

Sarah Davis tlie daughter of Ropombrancc Dr.vis L Sarah his second 
v/lfe v/as born March the 10" day 1747-8. 

Submit the second daughter of Renombi ance Davis and hin second 
v/ifo v/as born February tho 5'' day 1750 

Sarah tho tliij'd dL.\';;htor to thr- nd ]r;".t prrentn tf\c 8" 
of Kovorfocr 175u 

Nioodcrv\i3 tho second son to the sd ]ant parents born tho 
23d of C-'-,obcr n^,.. 

Job tho third aon to sd last parontc born tho 4" of i.larcxi j./ujl 

Thankful tho fourth daughter to sd last parents born tho 
22d of Septoniber 1763 

Remembrance the fourth 3on to 3d last parents born tho 20" 
■of March * 1767 

George Terry tho son of Benjanln Torry and born of L^argot 
his wife tho last day of Kovombor 1723. 

Joanna Terry the daughter of tho sd Benjamin Terry and born 
of Marget his wife the 6" day of July 1725. 

Lydla Torry tho daughter of Bcnjfajn Terry and bcrn of target his 
TTifo tho 10" day of October 1726. 

Phebo Terry tho daughter of the said Benjamin Terry and born of 
Karget his wife September the 15" day 1729 

VJilllam Terry the son of Benjamin Terry and born of Marget his 
T7lfe April tho 17" day 1751 

Marget Terry the daughter of Eenjamln Terry and born of Marge t 
his v,-ife October the 22d day 1732 

Solomon Terry the son of Benjamin Terr^' and born of I.'.arget 
hl3 T,-ifo Jr.nuar-y th.. 13" day 1734. 

Kiriam Terry daughter of Benjan-iin Torry and born of Marget his 
vife was born May tho 18" 1757 b. Sarah Terry vras born August tho 
13 day 175S, and Dlr.ah Torry was born Soptombcr the 7" day 
1741, tho two last children v/ero born of the same parents above 
mentioned, ' 

According to tho account given by Hannali Negus tho wife 
of Isaac Negus of Freoto-n in tho year 1735-4 of the births of 
her children and then eiitei'rd by i;ie John Rend Town Clerk tho 
14" day of I.Iarcia in said year. 

Isaac ^'cgus tho son of Isaac Nogus and Hannah Ills wife was born 
the 17" day of July in tho year ?.70o. 

Hannah I'ogu^^ th'j drj; :-Vitcr of t]iG nald Iscac I: Hai;nr.h T.'ogus 
v.-u;i boj;a thr. 221 day oT July in t'.m ^oa'r I'/IO. 

Jolin NogU3 t]io 3on of tho ad Isaac and Hannah llogua v/as born 

tho 22d day of Septeinbor 1712 

Job lTogu3 the 3on of the said Isaac and Hannah Hogus was bom 

the 9" day of Juno In tho year 1715 

Thomas Negus tho. son of the abovo said Isaac a Hannali I'egua 

was bom tho 12" day of J.'ay 1718 

Thankful Negus the daughter of the said Isaac and Hannah Nogus 

was bom the 19" day of January 1720 

Marcy Negus the daughter of the (ftfcrosald Isaac ^ Hannah Negus 

was born the 2d day of Docember 1724. 

Benjfu.dn Ncf^ur.'-.tho con of the said Isaac and Hannah Negus 

born the 2 6" dry • of July in the year 1727 

Thomr.s Davis tho son of Thomas Davis b. born of his -.Tifc 

Lydia ye 1" day October 1718 

Alice (?) Davie th2 daughter of ye sd Thomas 1. Ly'lia Davis born 
the 16" day of Jmuar^^ in the year 1720-lo Joseph Davis the son 
of the sd Thomas Davis and of Lydia his v;lfe v/as born September 
the 30" day 1725, L^'dia Davis the dP.ughter of the said 
Davis aiid Lydia his vrife v/ac bom Novem.ber the 24" day 1725 
Benjamin Dnvis the son of the said Thomas Da^is and Lydia liis wife 
was bom Scptei.ibcr tho first day 1728, Job Davis the son of the 
said Thoi.>r..s D.-'vls and Lydia his v/ife v/as box-n April tho 13" day 
1751, Koser; Davis tho son of the said Thomas Davis and Lydia his 
wife v/as born (April the 15'' day 1751) November Iho 14" day lV55o ■ 
Aaron Davis the son to the aforesaid parent s v/as bom April the 
12" day 175G. S(t)cphon Davis the son to the aforesaid parents 
was born July the 20" day 1758. 

Rhola lfic;icls tho daughter of Israel Nichols v/as born 
J^arch the 50" day 1734-5 
Rachel Terry tjio daught^n of John Terry end bD ir. of his \.-lfo Lydia 

c. , ±,,,,., I; Terry tlio durgh:: or of tiio sd Jc^-^ 

Terry and born of Mo v.-lfo Lydia November tho 30" day 1734. Lydlc. . 

Terry was born Juno ye 13" day 1736 

John Terry v;as born I.'ay the 23d day 1730. Zephanlah v/as born 

July yo 23d day 1740 

I V/elthy Terry v/an born April ye 15" day 1743. Ebeneaor Terry 

I v;as boi'n June ye 4" day 1747 

Silas Terry was born Septejfoer yo 3d day 1750. Job Tc-rry \va3 

( • born Au^uat tho 11" day 1753 

j Robert the son of Robert a Anna Evlna was born July tho 

I v/ 28" '. :;- 1724 

I Ti'llliam tho son of Robert & Anna Evinc T;as born Apri] tiie 

j 23d 172G 

John tho son of Robert and Anna Evlns was born I.'arch tlie 

' / 29" .;■ .V • ■ • ■ • 1728 

Hugh tho son of Robert and Anna Evins was (born) April 

15" day 1732 

j Sarah Evins tho dau^^hter of Robert &-. Anna Evlii.s was born 

1 September ye 14" 1734 

j Ruth Evlns the daughter of Robert cc Anna ^vins was born 

I - May 16" 1737 


1 Anna Evins the son of Robort and /jina his wife born 

; October 14" ■ 1741 

' Henry Evins the 8on cf Robert and ^i^na his wife born 
\ Harph ye 11" 1742 

I I.'ary Evlns tho dcmghtor of t_iia__abnvo sd parents 

I.Iarcli 15" 1745 

t David Evins son to Sarah Evins was born Ccto'.'or tho 
• 14'* 1754 

' Kat}\o.ri Pain son of Tarcy Fali'i was bora tho 19" 

of June 1735 

i Hanna/i Fr.rrow dauf_;;htcr of S^th ParTov; tmd I'-V'^cy hi o wifo 

was born I'r.cj tho 15" 1757. Soth Fi.r;.-ov tho sen of tho r-U\ 

olh ■t'Gi'x'uv; and Marcy hla \/iiO v/iia born Oc'co-.jjV txio ilcz*^ auy 


Susanna Farrov/ (daui^htor) daughter of Seth Farrov/ and ^ta^cy 

bl3 wlfo was born April the 24" 1742. 

Huldah V/inslow first daughter of Jolin V/inslov; and Betty 
bis wife born in Fruotovm Inarch tho 10" 1729-10( ?) . ■ 

Abner V/inalo-sv first son of sd John cc Betty born I.:ay 17" 1732 

Slyvia Y/inslov; 2d daughter of sd John k Batty born I'arch 

10" . . 173^ 

Lucia V.'inslov/ 3d daughter of sd John 5: Ectty born January 

20" 173| 

Andrev; Y.'inclor/ son of John V;lnslov; and Botty hie v/ifo bom 

February 19" 1737. .Lemuel \TinsloT,7 son of John Wlnslov/ k Betty 

hj s wife v;as born the 25" day of Doceniber 1759, Lois V.'insloi; 

tho 4" daughter of John V.'inslow and Betty his wife was born 

i'arch 16'' 1741, Eunice Winslovv yo 5" daughter of Joim Vi'inslov; 

& Botty his wife ras born /^pril 24" 1744. 

Benjamin Quitliel son of Benjcniin Qulthol and Mary his 
wife was born in Freetown January the 31" 1737. 

Saiviuol Tube the son of Samuol Tubs o: Lr'ri:::ri3 his wife vac 
born Doceir.ber 9" 173? and I.'ary Tubs daughter of the sd parents 
was born Augufit 25" 1741,- 

Iffle daughbor to Alexander Kccarter c: I'ary his wife was 
born July 19" 1740, Alexander son to the above sd parents was 
borii October ].3" 1742, Henry son to tho above sd parciita was 
borii Scptoi'ibcr 23, 1745, I.'ary j,;cCartor ye second daughter of 
ye above sd parents was born Sept, the 15" day 1748 

l.Iarcy Fein the daughter of Thoi: as Pain and Susanna Pain 
his wife \:a.o bori\ Soptoi.ibor the 22J. 1712. Elir.;iboth Tain \.-a3 
born Juno tho 15" 1714. Ralph Pain was born ::ovo;;ibcr t;ie 25" 
171G. T;io, Pain born K-'y t'r'.) 22a 171G and ratle.t:ce Pain 
wrn born ]::-y fno 4*' ]720» Joi> !•;■,' t. iVr. t}iii'd ,'.o.i to t:-.o pr.roiii. 

abovoaald v/aa born i'rlday tha 11'' of Gcuoboi'" x7<io. 

Klchal Chaao and Thankful his v<lfo, thoir children were born 
as follov/eth. Noah Chaao was born October the 26" day 1739 ' 
Martha Chase v/as born March the 24" day 1741. Joseph Chaoa 
was born February the 10" day '1742-3. 

Anna Chase the daughter of Walter Chase Jr. and Anna his 
v/lfe \7as born on Thursday the 6" day of Juno 1745. Walter Ch^ise 
the son of the above sd parents born on Tuesday the 17" day of 
March 1746. It appears there is a mistake in the record of the a^^c 
of the above said Walter Chsae the son to sd parents for he v/as 
born Tuesday the 17" day of March 1747. Abigail Chase daughter 
to sd parents born Saturday the 27" day of April 1752. Ebencsor 
son to sd parents was born Thui-sdny September the 18" day 1759, ITe.thi 
son to said parents born Thursday July the 18^ 1705. 

Remembrance Terry daughter (of) Silas Terry and Sarah his v/lCo 
was born April the 26" 1728, Silas Davis the son of Jormthan 
Davis &: born of Sarah his v;lfe January t'ae 1" 1751-2. Jonal-Vjaii 
Davis the son of Jonathan Davis and Sarah his wife was born M&y 
the 26" 1756. Jost)ph Davis tlie son of Jonathan Davis and Sarah 
his wife was born Septombor the 20" 1738. Richard Davia the son 
of Jonathan Davis and Sarah his v/ife was born February the 1" 1741» 
Cornoliuo Davis the son of the same parents was born January 24'' 

Lisbon Davis the daughter of Joseph 5: Dina Davis his v/lfe >;as 
born (no date given) . ■ " 

Benjamin Marshall the son of John Marslvall and Elizabetli his vifo 
v/as born October the 19" 1720, John Marshall tlio son of Jolm 
Marshall and Elizabeth his wife was born Soptombar the 19" 1730 
William Mc.rsliall (the) son of John Marsliall and Elig-buth his 
v/ifo v/as boro Jimo the 5" 1733. Susanna Marshall daughter of John 
Mar.ihr.ll at:d Eli-.aboth hin wife was born ITni-ch. tlic 19" 1734. 
F'.uth r->-^ahall daug};tcr of Jolva Mar;.}i(0.-1 r-,v.l Ellr. 'xccth his vrlfo 

was born April tho 1" 1737. Charity "arahall daughter of Jolm ^^^ 
Marshall and Elisabeth his v<ifo vias born February tho 9" 1741. 
Thomas Marshall tho son of the above said parents was bom 
May 17" 1744. Ell^rabeth Marshall daughter of John I'arshall & 
Elicaboth hlo v/lfo v/as born Fobiniary tho 9" 1741. . . 

Sarah Barker daughter of Daniel Barker and Sarah his wife 
was born the 25" of fuay 1742. 

Sarah Hix the daughter of V/llllam and Elisabeth Hlx v/as 
born March the first day 1736-9, Hannah tho oecond daughter of 
the above sd parents was born February the 14" day 1741. 
Priscilla the third daughter of tho abovesald parents v/as born 
July 22d 1745, John Hix son to tho above said parents Vvar, bo:m 
Doceniber the 1" 1745. 

Benjamin Read son of Oliver Read and born of Kartha hi3 v/lfo 
March tho 28" 1744. Gideon Read tho son of tho above sd parentr^ 
born February 5" day 1745-C. 

Hannah and Hopestill V/inslov/ daughters of Jonathan V.'inslov; 
and Sarah his v/lfe were born February the 14" day 1743-4 

John Y/in:jlov7 son of Jonathan Vrln3lo\v Jr. and Fatienco his 
wife was born June the 30" day 1744. Rebecca tho daughter of tho 
abovo said parents v/as born April the 18" day in the year 1740. 
Jesse V.'inslov; the second son of ye above sd parents v;as born 
Juno the 9" 1723» The above sd Jesse V/lnslov/ v/as born Juno the 
ninth & in tho year l748o The above date appears to bo falre 
v/hich v/as the reat;oA it is entered again^ 

Sara;:i Frcclovc daughter of John Froclovo ai:id Sarah his 
wife born February tho 17" 1735. 7vbigail Froclovo daughtor 
of Jolm Fif.clovc and Abigail his \/lfe born July tho IG" 174 
JoxHi Froclovo r.O!i to tho above ?d prrents v;a.? born I'obi''uar^.' tliO 
4" 1741-2 

Mary 5:;hcphOid clrughtor of !'ath^niel Slicphord '..'ar.: born of 

Experience his v/ife Soptonibor tho ^liira aay /■/•yy* 

Mehebabol Winalow daughter to James V/inslov; son to Caot. 

Jo3lah V/lnslow of Freetown and Charity sd Jamos his wife was 

born April tho 22" day 1739, and Ephralm V/lnslov/ v/as (born) 

July tho 7" day 1741 of tho 'above aald parents and r'argrato 

Ulnslov of the above sd parents was born Kovoiabor the 23d day 

1743. Joseph V.'lnslow second son to yo above ad parents born 

March yo G" ' 1744 


Jaiiios TJlnslow third son to the above sd parents born Septe;:iber 

yc 2" 1748 

Shadrach Winslov/ fourth son to ye above sd parents borri 

DeceiTibor 17" 1750. 

Isaac I.'aricl:s Children recorded 

Dighton I.'arlck the daughter of Isaac Marlck and Hannah his 

v/lfe (was) born July 25" 1737. I.Iary I.:arick the daughter of the 

same parents v/as born June 6" 1739, Jolin Marlck the son of the 

; samo pareiits v/ac born Dcceraber 24" 1741. 

i ' Magreat Dolson uY Deborah Dodson the daughters of GcrshoM 

Dodson and of Elizabeth his v;lfe wore born July 31" day 1741 

' Eliaabetii Dodson the 3d dau^litor of yc above sd parents vras 

i born July 20" day 1742 

' Jonathan Dodson the sou of tho above sd parents ^•as born 

i October the 13" 1743 


Rebecca Hathv/ay the daughter of Philip Ilathv/ay and Martha 
t his \7ife Y/as born March the 51" day 1733. Philip Kr-ithT.ay son 
I to the above said parents was born July 19" day 1740, Joseph 
son to tho above sd parents v/as born October tho 9" day 1742c 
MattliCn Hatlrv/ay t)io daug'ater to t;io t f ore sd parcnL? born 
: August tho 10" 1749, 

Hesolciah V.'lnclc.v;' s cl.lldrcn rocordod 
John. V.'inrjlov/ th:- son of i'oi-{iV..' ah Y^inslov- and of riir.vbotii 
v/j fo \,-\r:. born C'-tubor 27'' iji tV.o yrr.r 1737 about 3 a clock in 


tho morninc. ^^. 

Ebonczor V/lnalov; the son of th abovo sd parents v/ao born August 
28" in the year 1742 about 8 o'clock at night. Ecra \71n3low 
the son of the t^bojo sd parents was bom I<'ay the 10" in tho 
year 1751. 17:^7053 

Israel Chase tho son of Israel Chace and Vi'olthy his wife 
was born April yo 2d day 1742 

Ephraim Chase the son of tho above daid parents was born 
Jvuio yo first day • 1744 

Ebener.dr Chase the son of yo above sd parents Y/as born 
June yo 13" day 1746 

Hannah Chaso daughter to sd parents was born July tho 
22" day 1748 

Shadrack son to said parents born August the 27, 1750 
Levi son to said parents born Ootober the 25" 1752 
Simoon son to said parents born May the 22nd 175G 
Esra son to said parents born April tho 30" 1753 
Welthsa daughter to said parents born May the 31" 17G0 ■ 
Rufus son to said parents born Juno tho 29" 17G4 

Content tho daughter of John tc Rebecca Eeggs v/as 
born October yo 1" 1728 

Mary tlio second daughter of tho above said parents v/as 
born Docciabcr yo 9" 1750 

Ruth yo third daughter of yc above said parents was born 
Sept, ye 9" 1752 

Mergrett'. yo fourth daagiitor of yo above sd parents wcs 
born Sopto 21" 1734 

Phcby yo 5" daughter of tho above raid parents vt-.m born 
Juno 20" 1733 

Penolapy yo G" daughter of yo above said parents vrars 
born Au/uot 2-:" 1740 

Susanna tho 7" dp.ught-er of yo above od parents was born -^-^ 

March 24" 1743 

lloblo the son of the above said parents was born 

April 20" • 1745 

'• ye 
Saml. Freolovo/3on of Saral Freelove & f.:ary his wife 

was born June ye 29 day 1732 

Joseph Froclovo the son of tho above said parents v/ns 

born Kaich yc 18" 1735-6 

Elizabeth Aliino ye daughter of Ebeneser Aklno o: 

Abigaxl his vvife was born Aorll ye 17" 1745 

Hannah Eathv/ay yo daughter of Glllfcrd Kath;vay I: Lydla 

his v/ife wan born Sept. ye 21" day 1729 

lydla Hathv/ay tho second daughter to yo above said parents 

was born I'ay ye 23" day . . 1731 

Tj^yphen? Hathv/ay ye third daughter to the above said parents 


ras born Feb« yo 22 day 1735 ■ 

Glllford Eath\.'ay so)i to the above said paronts was born 
lIoveinoGr ye 25" day. 1734 . • 

Phebe Eathv/ay yo fourth daughtei? of ye above^ j-jarents v;as 
born April the 7" day 1737 

Euldah Eathway ye fifth daughtei' of yo abovo said parents 
Y.'as born DeCo yc 0" day 1739 

Drusilla Hathv/ay ye sixth daughter of yo above sd paronts 
y/as born Jan. the 9" day;.v • , ^.742 

Bladaina Hathv.ay ye seventh daughter of ye abo\''c scl parents 
was born Sept. yo 30" day 1743 

Dudley Haohv.ay yo second sou of ye abovo said parents v/aa 
born I.:ay yo 2'1" day _ • 1746 

raticuco Eordon tha daughler of Richard Pordon and Hope 
his wife was born tho 9" day of i^uguot 17^:! 7, 

Y.'llD.ia;; Dtivlo 'oh.-, r.on of V-'llliar. Da\i3 .Tun- ar.'l Eo.-zia 

Davis his wifo v/as born tho 23." day of February 171-. I-'ary Davis .5-/ 

the daughter of ye above sd parents born February 25" day in 

tho year 1714-5 

James Davis ye 2d son of ye above said parents was born Septeiaber 

yo 13" day 1716 

Lydia Dcvis yo 2d daughter of ye above sd parents v;a3 born March 

ye 25" day In yo year 1719 

David yo 3q iion of ye above sd parents was born January 

ye 9" day in ye year 1720-1 

Kezekiali ye 4" son of ye sd parents was born February 25" day in 

the year 1722-3 

Eezia ye 3d daughter of ye above parents was born yo 9" day 

of March in ye year 1724-5 

Elisabeth ye 4" daughter of yo above said parents was born 

ye 27" day of Hay in ye year 1727 

Abicl Davis yc 0" sun of yc above sd parents was born yc 21" 

day of October in ye year 1729 

Ichabod yo G" son of ye above sd parents T.'as born yc 1" day 

of April in yc yt;ar 1732 

T/illiara Davis yo Father of yo above navuod cliildrcn was born 

Juno ye 1]" dn.y « in yo year 1G88 

I'ary Davis tho dau.ghter of Jajncs Davis and Susanna Davir; his '" 
wife was born Septeiaber the 24" day 1743c Susanna the 2d daughter 
of the abovesaid parents was born Januai'y the 25" day 1714-5. 
_Keslah yo 3d daughter of the above sd parents was born A^;ril 
the 10" day 1747. 

TliG above raid Mary deceased May tlio 15" dr.y 1754 
James Davis Jr. son to tho above sd paronts was born Fobrucry 
the 15" day 1750 

and docca'tod Docor/.ber the 4" day 1754 

Siiadr^ii'-.l-i Eavxii con to tho above i'firoiits \-:ixV. born Marc}) 

ye 3d 1752 

Hope Davis son to the a"bove said pai^onts raa born April 
yo 10 day 1754 

Jamoa Davis yo 2d son of that' naino to tho above sd parents 
was born Jrn. ye, 19" day 1756 

T'illiam yo 4" son to tho above said parents was born Friday ye 
31" day of March 1758 

David yo 5" sou to said parents vvac born V/cdiToaday yo 3d day 
of March 17G1 

Abigail Crossmo.n ye daughter of Jesse Ci'ossruan and Sarali 
his v/ife vac born April the 21" day (1V48> 1743 

Sibil Yiflnslov/ the daughter of George V/ihslov/ the second 
and of Fhebe his v;lfo was born September the 7" day 1748 

Stephen Read the son of John ^'^ead the third and Ruth 
his v/ife was born Novcriber tho 28" day 1747, Fonurji Kead 
th'n son of the above said parents v/a^ born March tho 4" day 
1749 -50 

Charles Church the fii'st son of Charles Charcli and Francos 
his wife was born May the 22d day in tho year 1740 
Joseph son to ye above said parents was born May ye 
30" 1742 

Mary ye 1" daughter of the above sd parents was borii July 
9" 1744 

Hannah yc 2d daughter of ye above said parents- was boi'n 
Augutt 20" 1746 

Seth Church tlie 3d son of yc above said parents (born) 
IJovembor 3 6" day 1748 

Gilbert Evens tlie son of Da.vld Evon.v tho second aiid 
Anne Evon;; hie: wife was born irovo:.:bc:r yo 35'' dr.y 1746 
Bonjariin yc con of yo above said pr.rc.nt-ri v<n3 bom 
Janv-ry 9'^ I7/P. 

Mary Evona dauclitor to yo aL)OVO 3d paronto was born February . 
yo 12" . • 1751 

Elizabeth Evons daughbor of yo above sd paronta was born 
February yo 9" •, 1753 

John Drj.ghtnan son to Goorgo Brlghtman and Hannah his 
wifo was born January the 19" day 1745-6 

Lydla Chacc ye daughter of Soth Chase I: Abigail lils wife 
was born Juno ra" 1759 

Deliverance Cha30 yd 2d daughter of yo above said parents 
was born Doc, yo 27" 1742 

Seth Chase the son of ye above sd parents v/as born Fob, the 
10" day 174| 

Abigail Cliaso the 3d daughter of ye above said parents was 
born February yo 10" day 174y 

Lydla Cudv/orth the daughter of David Cudvvorth and 
Abigail his wife was born April tho 19" day 1734 
David Cud\/orth the second son was born August ye 23" 1735 
Charles CuO'.vorth the second son was born August yo 30" 1737 
Jesse Chdworth the tlili-d son '.vas born June the 23d day 1739 
Nathaniel Cudworth the 4" son was born June yo 8" 
day 174l" 

Abigail Cudv/orth the 2d da gliter v/as born Aug-aot 24" 
day 1743 

I'ary Cudv/ort'i the 3d daughter v/as born October 
10" day 174G 

Paul Cud\,'crth yo 5" son of the abovo sd pp.rcnts bo^ni 
Kov» the 20" day 1749 

.. Eoiicster ti:o son of -Jc-.k;,-^ Fdviioster I: Mary 
his \;ifc \:l\u bora laarch 23d clny AoUq 1734 

Mary E.liulstor born April tbio G.'.'' day A.D, 173G 

IJoah Eclnilnctor born February tho 2d day A.D, 1739 ^'^ 
Kope Edminster born May the 12" day A.D. 1741 

Job Edialnlator born May tho 24" day A.D. 1743 

John Edm03ter born DocOi-ubor tho 18" day A.D. 1746 
Zobodoo Edi.ioster born March the A.D. 1748 

James EdiiiGster the Father of tho above naiaed children 
■ was born February the sixteenth day A.D. 1706-7 

Mary Vi'ebt the daughter of Thomas \7est and of Sarah his v/ife 
v.-as born August the first A;D. 1749 

Sarah West daughter to tho above sd parents v/as born 
April ye 14" 1751 

Caleb West 1st son to the above said parents v/as born 
July ye 1" day 1755 

Samuel V/cst son to the above sd parents v/as born April yo 
11" 1765 

Eunice V.'ost dr.vghter to V/cet and Marcy his sccc::d 
v/ifo v.-as born Septenbor tho 11" 1750 

Asa Hathway the son. of Jolin Ilathv.ay tho second b. Eliriuboth 
his v;ife (was) born Augiist the 1" Anno Doiuini 1744 
Lydia liathv/ay daugliter to the above sd parents born June 
ye 29" day AcD. .-. 1740 

Alice ?Iathvjay daughter to tho above said parents born Jan, 
yo 22" day A.D. • 174^ 

Henry Hathv-ay son to the above sd parents was born Kov. 
ye 30" day A.D. 1749 

Zacchoun Ilathv/ay son to ye above sd parents v.'as born 
Dec. tho 25" A.D. 1751 

Elii:abotii llatliv.-i'.y Daughter to' ye above sd parents v;a3 
born Sept. yo 20" ~ 1755 

Konry Hatliway 2d son of that na"..iD to tho above 5;r.ld par:'nts 
born Sopt. yo IC" 1755 

Aaron Kathv.ay 36n to the abovo sd paronta vma born April 
yo 14" • 1757 

Jonah Hathv/ay Son to the above sd parents was born Jan, 
ye 19" ' 1758 

John Kathv;ay Son to the afores'ald parents v/as born 
Fob. ye 27" 1761 

Susanna Barker the dau[^hter of Francis Barker Sc 
Sarah his wife was born November the 27" day 1749 

Sibyl Cudv/orth the dauglitsr of Jaiaes Cudworth L Sibyl 
his wife was born V.^vc\\ the 13" dr.y A.D. 1736 

Deliverance daughter to ye above said parents was born 
June ye 29" day ' • 1758 

James Cudworth ye son of yo above said parents v/as born I'ay 
ye 16" day A.D. 1740 

Lydia tho 3d daughter was born of the above sd parents Feu* 
ye 22d day A.D. ' ' 1744 

John ye 2d aon born February 20'- 1746 

Edward the third son born August the 6" day 1748 
-Israel the fourth son born June the 17" day A.D. 1750 

Abiel Briggs tho sen (of) Elijt.h Brlggs and 
Sv).rvl,oh his wife was born July the 23d 1748 

Olivo Brett the first daughter of I.h-. Silas Brett 
Pastor of tho Congregational Church of Christ in Freetown 
and born of- Thankful his wife July the 13" day A.D, 1749 

Joshua Euward Brett fj.rst son to the above said parents 
was born Jvino the twenty ninth day 1751 

Susanna Brett ye 2d daughter of ye above sd parents was born 
June 9" ilcw Stile A.D. . 1753 

Thankful Brett 3d daugliLor of ye above said parorits war, 
borii July 23 A.I'« 1755 

Sila>u E-;'-.t 2d con c-f yc above sd parents -./as born ::ay 
23d A.D. 1V-.V 


uiiJ diud Soptc;u'.-or iiitccnua Luno i>Oi;.-Liix j.ioj 

IDboneiior Brett yo 3d son to yo above said parents bom 

April yo 3d .- . 17G1 

Calvin Brett the foiirth son vas born llovembor ye 23" 17G3 

Silas Brett the fifth son v/as born May the 16" 17G6 

Elisabeth Strange daughter to John Strange and 

Johanna iStrango his v.'lfe vras born the 20" of I.'.arch 1750 & 

docoased the 4" day of Kay follov/lng 

Hannah Strange doAighter to the above said parent bom 

August ye 13" day 1757 

and docoased the 17" of Septeiubcr follov,-lng 

Lot Strange the son of Johi^i Strange and Johanna Strange 

his iTlfe v/as born June the 21" 1746 

Ruth Strange daughter' to the above sd parents was born 

I.!arch ye 26" 1748 

John Strange son to the aforesaid parents was born 

October the 3d • ■ 1753 

Bettey Strange daughter to the aforesaid parent v/as bom 

. December ye 16" day 1756 

Ciiarles Strange son to the aforosald .parent born October 

the. 11" 1758 

Ablel Terry the son of Thomus Terry Esq. and Abigail 

his \7ifc-.was born the tliird day of Decciaber 1714 

Abicl Torx^y the son of Abiol Terry and Hannah his 

wife v/as born July the third day 1740 • 

Zcbcdec Terry son of the aforo sd parents v/us born 

September yo 11" 1741 

Joceph Terry son of the afore, cd parents was born June 

the 3d day • '' 1743 

Hannah Torry the daughter of the aforo sd parents vns born 

Soplcmljor ye 30" 1746 

l:-( 1 ucconnod or. M-.n th.1 t 1 d-;' c^ I'/iy f o"Llo\/lr)..-; 

'"hoinas Terry tho son of tho aforoaaid paronta v/a3 "born 
:.-6rch tho 2G 1V47 

jnd docoasod on tho aevonth day of July following. 

Mary Evins the first daughter to John Evins ^ Ruth 
liio wlfo v/as "born January the fourth day 1732 

Sarah Evlns daughtor to tho abovoaaid paronts was born 
October the 4" day 1736 

Ruth Evlns daughter to the above sd parents was bora 
Febnxary yo 19" day 1742 

Jolin Evins son to yo abovo sd parents born 
Koveinber the 16" day 1747 

Joseph Evlns son to the abovo sd parents v/as born 
September the 16" day 1749 

The aforesaid Mary deceased January 1806 

The aforesaid Jolai, the son, deceased January 27" 
1806 in the 59" year of his ago 

Bailey Evius the first son to Daly Evins and Mary his 
YTife waa bora May the 24" 1738 

Sarah Evlns daughter 'to ye above sd parents v/as born Friday 
April the 18" 1740 

Thomas Evlns soii to the above sd paronts v/as born Thuraday 
May ye 51" 1744 

Mary Fathvvoy daugh!;,cr to Joshua Hathv;ay and Mar^' his 
v.ifo was born on Monday March the 1" 1751 

barren son to yo abovo sd parents born Monday July 
the 15" 1752 

I':aac Ilathv/ay son to tho abovo said Joshua Hathv/ay and 
Mary his v/ifc born the eighteenth day of May 1753 
Si(iioi\ Katliv;ay son to ye abovo sd pcu-onts \;as born the 
23day of October 1754 

iJoboy Ii>ai;v,ry daughter to yo parents aforosa-Ul v/as born 


J^ly tho 9" ■ . • . 1757 

Joanua Hathv*ay son to yo aforesaid parents was born 
April tho 15" 17G0 

Coroliaa I.'atilda daughter to yo aforo£:uid parents v/as 

born Dccembor yo 9" 1761 

John Kf.thv/ay the son of Ephrain Hath.voy Z: Abl(;ail iiis 

wife vas born September tho 2C" 1718 

Jeiniiua Hat/iway ye daughter of yc afoio sd parents was born 

January ye 10" 17— 

Ephra.Lin Kathv/ay yo son of ye afore sd parents \/as born 

I,;arch yo 23d 172-1 


William Hathv/ay the son of the afore.sald parents was born 
June tliC C" 1725 

I-'ary Kathv/ay the daughter of ye aforesaid parents was bom 
April the od 1727 

Joi^athan Kath.vay tlio son of ti^.e aforosaid parents was born 
April the 2d 1729 

Asariah Hatlrway the . son of the above said parents was born 
September 11" 1751 

James Hathv/ay the son of the aforesaid parents v/as born" 
December yc 16" 1753 

Israel Hathway tlio son of the aforesaid parents was born 
February yo 4" 1734 

Zephaniuii Hathway tho son of yo aforesaid parents was born 
I.'arch yo 2d 1740 

Seth Hath\.'ay son of the above said parents was born 
I.Iay yo 27 1747 

RSGOuDC TOV.:: Or r .ll^LIuVui 177G to loJ2J. 

John, son to Prlscllla V.'ard and Joronlah Ward as she 
sayoth was born Eoptombcr the 5" 1762. 

Eplirri VTinslow f J rat son to Jaraea V.'inslow born 
July ye 7" - : 1741 

Clarissa first daughter to ye above parent L Hannah his v/lfo 
born Jan, yo 21" Jay 1770 

Gilbert Winalow sou to yo above parents boi'n I'ay the 
3d day 1772 

»■ Kitto daughter of said parent;; born Juno the 27" -1774 
Deborah daughter to said parents born Dccer.bor ye 27" 1779 
Pegga daughter to said parents born February 18" 
day 1737 

Pruda daughter to said parents born February 19" 
day ■ . 178G 

Eliza daughter to said parents born March the 30" 1791 
EphrHi second son nov; living of sd parents boi-n the 
18" of October 1793 

Marcus llorton fj.rst son to "atlJL Norton yo 5d and Polly 
his wife born Fobruar;,^ the 19^^ day 1764 

Polly fli-nt deugVitor of the above parents born September 
ye 28" day . 1785 

Carah V.'lDson daughter to David V/ili^on and Judlt}i his •..■ifo 
bora I'ay the fo'rrth day , 1774 

Betsey dau^'iitcr to the above parents born ^ugast 
11" ■ 1777 

;oeokiah son to Iho above parents born Juno the 

10" ' ' 1779 //^ 

;:arcy daughter to above parents born March 11" 1782 

Sdward son to the above parents born Karch 25 1784 \'^^ 

Isaac J. Eaton first son of Joseph i-'aton and Susanna 
Uls wife born the 27" of Ootobor 1773 

Ebenener Spoonei^ V.'inslovv the fli'st son to Jorm V'inslow and 
Bethlah his v.'lfe v/as born Octooer the 1" A»D. 1765 
i^ary I.'arick Y/lnslow daugliter to sd parents born J'o.y 
the 5" 1767 ., 

Seth Y.'lnslov; son of said parents born Janua'^ 27" 1789 
Polhcxii V/ihslov; son \o said parents born llovembor 
9" 1790 

John V;inr.lov.- Jnn. son~bo?.ni October 17" 1792 

Karcy V.'inslow-daurlitcr-born Ootobor 22" 1794 

Daniel V.'inslow, son, born February 24" 1797 

Bethiah V/inslov,-, daughter, born June IS" 1799 • 

Frederic Y.'inslo.v, son born I'arc>i 19" 1801 

EliSf,beth Winslov,- daughter of ye aforosd p?.rcnt3 v.-as 
bom April Jd 1805 

Jenkins Vruite son to Thonias V.nlte and Elir.abolh his 
v.'lfo T.-as born JanuiU-y the 15" 1763 

Nancy, tVio fii'st daugiiter of Joshua E« Erott and /umo 
his wife was born March the 26" AcDv 1765 

Gardner V.'oavcr first son of Eejijfvrdn V/eavor and Aiiiy 
his v;lfo v;a3 born October 24" A.D« 1764 

JoamiH V.'oavcr dau^;iter to the aforer;aid parents v;ns born 
May 8" 176G 

Joseph V/oavor;, second con to the aforesaid parents was born 
ocpteinbor D.V'' 17G7 


Aniy Weaver cecond daughtei' to 3d parents was born 
October 7" 1795 • 

Almy the daughter died October 30" (all on yo) 1808 

(Sabbath ) 

Gai'dner the son died January 14" (or 1" day) 1510 

(of yo ) 

Almy the v/lfo died luay 20" (^eek near) 1804 

(ye middle) 
(of yo day) 

Joseph the son died L»oc. 26" 1614 on J'onday morning 
botv^een 5 ic 6 o'clock. This v/rote the day said Joseph, would have 
been 28 year of ago* had he been living. 

Asa V/lnslow the second son of Ezra Vi'lnslov/ £.; Rachel 
Yi'inslovi- his v/ife v/as born August the 15" 1764 

Anna Iv'ason first daughter of Alexander I'oson 5: Lydla 
hi£- v/lfo born Janu.vry 27" 1789 

Joseph Chase first son to I.'ichal Chase and Lucy xiiJi 
v/ife was born April the 26" . 1775 

Betsey tho first daughter to the above said parents was 
born September ye 15" 1777 

Mavcy tho second daughter to ye above said parents was born 
Octbbor -yo., 25" 1779 

Phenix the second son to tho abovo sd parents was born 
September yo 25" 1785 

Lur.rj-ina dr-.ughtcr to ye above parents was born in 
Febri^o.ry ye 7" day 1707 

Job Sncll !'• son to Amos Snoll and ■ his wife 
v/as born April th? 17" 1765 

Abigail Snoll daughter to the above r.uid parents was born 
Nov. ic,2r." .:.■■ 1764 

Goorgc Sn'll son to tlio above said parentv^. was born 
/.-'gust yo 8" ... 17GG 

Aj:!03 Snoll son to -tho abovo raid parents was born 
Jv:ao ye 15'^ . ^^^3 

Bethany Cbase first dau-ihter to Anuny Chaso and Kary ¥ (i 
his v/ife v/as born Kugust tho 18" 1741 

Josiah ChaGo son to the above said parents vras born 
Feb. ye 25" • ' 1V43 

Almy Chaso daughter to tho aforesaid parents v/as born 
Dec. ^e. G" 1V44 

Levine Chase daughter to tho parents above said v/as born 
July ye 26 ' . . ' 1747 

Arimy Chase son to tho parents above said was born 
Karch ye 1" 1750 

I'ary Chase daughter to the abovesaid parents v.'ac born 
July ye 9" . 1757 

Loess Chase daughter to the aforesaid parents v.'as bom 
Jan. ye '4" 1754 

Eboneser the first son to Ebeneacr Hathway Jr. and 
Mary his vifc was born March tho IS" 1772 

Viarron tlie second son to the above parents was born 
January ye' 9" 177- 

Cushi the third son to tho above parents was born Juno 
the 1" 1776 

Hannah Griffith daughter to Dai;ilol Grimth and 
I'ary Griffith his v.lfe was born October tho 30'' 1750 
Daniel Griffith son to the above sd parents was born 
Kov. yo 7" 1752 

Stephen Griffith son to the above said pa'-'ents v;as bora 
IhOv. ye 9" 1754 

Charity Griffith daug'hter to yc above sd parents v/as bom 
Augart yo 28^' 1756 

Roboccr. Griffith daughter to th.o above sd parents \.'ao born 
Juno yo C" I753 

Sarah Evons the daueliter of Thomao Svona and Hannah ^c^ 
his wifo v/a3 born Kovoi.ibor tho ?d 1750 

Lydia Evens daughter to ye aforosd parent was born 
TJay yo 15" •, 1752 

Guilford Evons son to tho aforesaid parent,; was bora 
Kay yo 4" 1754 

" Hannah Evens dau^jhter to tho aforesaid parent was born 
j-ay ye 1" • ' ' ~ iV56 

Abigail Evons daughter to the aforesaid parent was born 
Sept. yo 12" 1V58 

Kary Evens daughter to the aforesaid parent v.-as born 
Sept. ye 4" 1760 


\ David Evens, 3d son to said parents born I.:ay the 12" 1772 (17G2 ?) 
Thomas Evens 2d son to said parents v/us born I.'arcli 
the 8" 1763 

Rhoda Evins d<^.\ighter to said parents v/as born April tlic 
22d 1767 

Sarah Palncr the daughter of V.'illlnn Fal!r.or and Esther 
his wife born in Frootov.n Pebruaiy the 15" 1733-9 
Berlah Pi^lmer son to the above sd parents bor^i December 
yo 15" 1740 

Prlscilla Palmer daughter to tho above sd parents bora 

. 14 ay the 18" 1743 

Joshua TisJalo son to Ephraini Tisdale and Martha . 
Ms wife was born Septe),; the 15" 1737 

Ilaimah Tijdalo daugliter to the aforesd parents was born 
April ye 15" 1739 

and said Hannah deceased /.prll tho 1" 1755 
Elisabeth Tisuale daughter to th^^ above sd parents v, as 
born January yo 8" 1741 

Abigail Tlsdale daughter to tho afore sd parents var, born 

laiuiary yo t, / j. i ^a _ 

Eripralni Ti-dale sen to the at.ovo said parents v/as "born 
. February yo 8" . - 1745 

pUllena Tlsdalo dau^jhter to the aboveoald parents was born 
February yo 27" ' 1747 

and said Philona deceased January the 5" 1752 
I.!ary Tlsdalo daughter to the above said parents was born 
I.!arch ye 31" 1749 

Heni'y Tlsdalo son to the abovcsald parents v/as born 
July the 22d _ 1751 

Fhilona Tlsdale d'^u^htor to the aforesaid parents was 
born October ye 22 1753 

Anna Evens daughter to John Evens and the above sd 
I.'arthou his v;lfe v/as born April the 7" 175:: 

Jeremiah Slimaonn son to Jercwlah Siiiunons and Ruth 
his wiro v.-as born I.:ay the 6" 1758 

Desire I'ltchel daughter to Hallet Mitchell and 
Kuth his v/ife v/as born July the 3d 17C0 

Jacob Strange the son of Content Baggs and Jacob 
Strange as she sayeth born September txio 21" 1754 
n Walter Corfeo first son to Polcg Durfee and Hanm-h • 
^is v/lfe vas born August the G" 1751 

Sarah Durfee daughter to the above said parents v/as 
born Dec. jO 1" J754 

Ruth Durfee daugnter to the abovesd parei:!te v/as (born) 
Febr'arrj^ ye 14 1757 

Ajiiy L'urfct; daughter to the abovosoid parents \/ao born 
Supt. ye 18" . 1759 

Zenas irtl'-'ay rcn to r]:;".;:eas I-athv/ay and ''cl^o table liis v/lfo 
v/as born March the IG'' 1755 

Epiiraiiii Elsbury fjrst sen to T)io:.;as Elr.uury tud 
I'ury lil.'j v;j. To \,as V.orn Fobrurry i'lo T.-O'' 1757 



David Perkins aon to Ignatiua Pcrkiiia and Kezlah . ^j)""/ 

his v/lfe WQ3 boi'n Fabruary tho 14" 1744 

Caleb Ciia3o son to Caleb Chase and Ruth his wlfo 

v;a3 born Docoraber the 4" < 1741 

John Chase son to the above sd parents born October the 

27" ' 1753 

and deceased with the small po>. Ilovenbor the 15" 1760 

Wary Chase dua^hter to tho abovesd parents ;/as bom 

l^ay ye 5" 1745 

Marcoy Chace daughter to the abovesd parents was born 

August yc 3d 1746 

., Ebehocor Chaco son to tlio abovesd parents was born 

October tl'O 3d 1752 

■^ Thomas Chaee son to the abovesd parents v/as born Sept, 

yo 28" 1755 

Bettey CViase daughter tc tho abovesd parents born Ai'rll 

ye IS" 1758 

Guilford Ch-anc son of Charles Chase and Kuldah his 

v;lfo was born October the 27" 170-1 

IXidloy, son to the above sd parents v;as born October 

ye 6" 1766 

Kuldah daughter to tho above (said) p?.ronts v/as born Scpte 

ye 15" 1770 

Lydla daughter to tho above parents v/as bor^n September the 

21" 1772 

Elisabeth Hathv/ay daughter to Fonjamin Hath'.;ay and 

].:ary his vrife v;as bom October the IG" 1757 

Clot'icr Hathv-uy son to tho afor^^aid parent v.-as born 

July yc n" 1759 

I'ary Kat}a\.-vy daughter to tho p,\ront£ aforucald v/aa born 

Octob:r yo 11'= ■ " ■ 

17'- 1 

Kosia Kathwoy dauL;Jitor to yc aforoaald was born Aiic^st 

ye 7" 1743 

Zllpah Hathv/ay dai^htor to ye afoi^eaaid parents v/as born 

May ye 27" « . 1745 

to ' 

Benjamin Hathv/ay son/blie parents aforesaid v/as born 

March ye 26" • = 1747 

Sarah Hathway daughter to the parents aforesaid v/as born 
May yo 7" - 1753 

At>iol Hathway, son tt> the parents ^foresaid v/as born Dccc-mbcr 
yo IG" ' 1759 

Richard son of Theophllus Clark and Mchipsabah v/as 
born January the 15" ' 1762 

Theophllus sen to the above parents v;as born February 
ye 15" ■ ■■ 17G1 ■' 

Amos son to the above parents was born May the 17" 1770 

Sllvca Davis daughter to Hcr.ekiah D^vls and Rebecca 
his wife was born February the 15" 1785 

Philip Davis son to the above sd parents was born 
November ye 15" 1786 

John Barnaby the first son of Samuel and Silvia 

Barnaby his wife was born December ye 20" 1757 -•- died 

in October 1759 

Joanna tVic first daugiitor of ye above sd parents v/as born 

March ye lOl- 1759 

died February 14" 1760 

Lydia the second dauglitcr of ye above said parents v/as born 

llovei.foor yc 28" 17C0 

liathan Bca'-naby the 2nd son of ye abovcsaid parents war. boi-n 

in Dccei:\ber yc 16" 17G^ 

Karlow Bamaby the 3d son of the abovosaid parents was born yo ir," 



Eotty hcrual)-/ yo 3d daughLor of yu abovc3Rld parents -^ 

v/a3 born Goptciaber ye G^' 176G 

died May the 6" 1771 
Josopli the fourth son to the above said parents v/as born 
January yo IG" 17G9 

Hannah yo 4" daughter to yo above parents v.'as born 
January ye 20" 1771 

Lois tho 5" daughter to ye above parents was born Juno 
the loth . 1773 

Hannah Barnaby tho dau£;hter of James and Lois 
Barnaby v/as born Dccembei' the 11" 1757 

Benjamin V.'eaver the son of Benjamin V/oaver and 
Joanna his v;ifc v/as born Juno 25" 1755 

Isaiah Broden the first son of George Borden and 
Rebecca (his rife) Borden his v/ifc v/as born June the first 

Thomas the second non of tlic above sd parents v/as born 
I.:ay ye 15" ' 1763 

George Eordsn son to said parents v/as born October 4" 

Stephen Borden son to said parents was boi-n October 
22d ' • . 1772 

Pc2ielope Borden ds.ughtor to said parents v/aa born 
February 15" 1775 

Mary Borden daugiiter to said parents v/as born ScptCinbor 
21" 177-3 ■ ■ 

Pclcg Borden son to said parents v/as born February 
27" . 1760 

raticncu Borden daTi^,h.tGr to sd parents v:as born 
Fobrur. ry 17" . 1782 

Ada.a Eordon son to sd parents v/r.s born June 11" 1781 
1/ '.ia Borden dr.uj-itnr to cd paror't:; born 5Joptc;..bor 

-iu- 5 4 

27" 1767 

Harvey Slmmona tho first son of Nathan Siimnoua Jr. 
and Lydla his wlfo was born I.'arch the 17" 1705 

Tnary Slirunons tho first daughter of yc abovesd parents 
was born I<Iay ye 24" 1765 

llathan Sirauons ye 2d son to sd parents was born December 
ye 27" . . 17G7 

Janes Simnons yc third son to sd parents was born 
Aucust ye 7" ' 1770 

Nathan Colo the eighth son of V/lllla:n Cole end 
Elisabeth his wife was born July the 50" 1751 

Job BooLior son of Joshua Boomer and Robocca his 
wife vas born July the 25" 1765 

James Briggs son of David 5: Sibyl Briggs his wife born 
June yc 11" 1759 

Sibyl Briggs tho daughter of David Eriggs & Sibyl his v;ifc 
was born Doceiiibor yc 20" ■ 1761 

Lovlsa Ch;\3e the daugiitor of Ablol Clia^o and Ruth 
his v:ife v/as born March the 13" 1755 

Salah Chiase the daugliter of ye above parents born 
July ye 11" 1757 

Ruth the 3 daughter of ye above parents (was) born 
DeoGinbcr yo 9" 1761 

Abiol tlie son of the above parents born July tlio 3d 1759 
Fairfax Chasu, ye 2d so)i of t'ne above parents born 
October yc Co" 17C3 

Eara Chaso first son of Jaiacs Chaoo and Huldah 
his v/iCo v.c.r. born Sopteir.ber the 16" 1755 

Abnor VA son of tho abovesd parents wan bora Novombor 
^" 1755 

Eloasor Oiaae 5d sou of yo abovc3d pai^en'ca v/as born Soptombor ^5 
ya 3d 1757 

Isaiah Bordon the first son of Goorgo Borden i Rebecca 
his wife was born Juno the flrpt 1760 

Thomas Boi'don yo 2d son of the abovosd parents was born 
May ye 15" 1763 

Lydia Bordon yo 1" dauchtor of ye above parents was born 
July ye 1" day 1766 

Silvia daughter to 'said parents born April the 2d 17G3 
Geor^je the 3d son of the above £;aid parents was born 
October the 4" 1770 

Stephen Borden yo 4" ^on to sd parents was born October the 
22" 1772 

Penelope Borden 3d daughter to sd parents born February 
ye 15" 1775 

John Hathv;ay the first son ,Oi Isaac Hathway and 
Fhebe ills v/lfe was born Decciuber the 10" 1755 

Isaac Kathvvay yo 2d son of tho above t^ parents born 
October 28" 1755 

• I.'ary Eathv/ay tlie first daughter of ye abovcsaid pra^'ento 
born llovombcr 21" 1757 

Irane Huohway the second duugh.ter ooi-n September- tho 
11" '.. . 1759 

■ The above Irane died December the 28" ■ -.■ 1759 
Robert Hr.thway tho od ron born April tiio od 17G1 

T}ic above iiobert died April tho 28" 1761 

Phobe Hf,thv/ay third dauglitor bora Taroh tlic 13" 1763 
Robert Hr.thv.ay tho fourth cow born June the G" 1764 
I'rudonco Hath\-ay tlio fifth douf^itur box^n I.'ny tiie 
2^" • 1766 

L'~V.Iyo Chuco t}jc first dau-htcr of Abicl Ci^^u.o l: 

Rubh born Unrc)! tho 13'! 1755 j-^ 

Salah bora July tho 11" 1757 

Abiol Chase tho son of tho above parents born July tho 

5d • 1759 

Ruth Cha30 the 3d daughter born Doccinber tho 9" 1761 • 

Fairfax Chaso the 2d son of the abovosald parents born 

Octobor 25" 17C5 

Hannah i.'ason the first daughter of Bonjarain Mason 
and Anna his wife was born October the 9" 1763 

Phobe Road the daughter of Joseph Road Jr. and Kavy 
Read his v/lf e • was born November yo 25" 1755 

Sainuol Read ye 1" son of tho above parents was born 
August yc 4" 1757 

George Read ye 2d son of the above parents born Dcceiubor 
the 14" . 1760 

Joseph Read ye 5d son of the above parents bora ?'arcii 
tho 9" 1763 

•Betsy Dimhai.T daughter to Sofli Dunhari and '.'Martha 
his v/ifc was bom December the 27" 1767 

The aforesaid Botsey deceased April 9" in the 
thirty nintli year of her age 1606 

Deborah Gilbert the daughter of '^hoiiias Gilbert Esq. 
and I/Iary his wife born July the 19'' 1760 

Jarrios Brightiuan alias Fersons tho son of tho Widow Anne 
Persons of Newport Hliode Island was born Juno 2!-'' 1702 

Ambrose ClGav]and fat}ier to the following children 
was born August the 4" . . 1755 

Ambroao Clcavlar.d the first son of Ambrose Cloavland 
Koturah his \;ife was born August tho 14" ' 17i 
Tabitha C?eavl;uid yo 1:" davightor of yo above parents war 
bora Nov, yc 25" 3 757 



Elisabeth Cloavland 2d dauishtor Ox yo abovo parents was 
bom May yo 51" 1760 

T/llliam Cler.vland 2d son of the above paronta was born February - 
ye 11" •. 1763 

Jonp.than Cleavland 3d sou of the above parents was born 
January yo 27" 1766 

Elizabeth Read the first dauighter of V.xlllam Read and 
Ruth hir, wife was born July the 9" 1763 

Rebecca Read ye 2d datig'titor of the above parents born 
Jvr.e ye 14^ 1765 

Ruth Road ye 3d daughter of the above parents v/as born 
April ye 27" 1767 

>'^illian first son to the above parents v;as born July the 
15" 1769 

Sarah yo 4" daughter to the abovo parents was born July 
ye 15" 1769 

Thomas yo 2d son of the above parents was born July the 
14" ■ • 1771 

Rachel the 5" daughter to yc above parents was born 
July ye 1" 1773 

John 3d soTi of the above parents born ilpril the 5" 1775 
Joseph liv 4" son to the aoove parents v/as boi'n Soptei.iL'cr 
ye 14" 1776 

^my Y.'o 6" daughter to the abovo parents was bcrn January 
ye 5d 1779 

The above nciaed Tiionias deceased Scptenbor yc 2o" 1773 
llancy yc 7" daughter of the above parents bcrn October yc 
8" 17G1 

Phobc yc 8" duigbx;-, mt of tj-'o abovo parents born Cctob3r 
yo 4" 1785 

Eli:'"\bot]\ Ecj-.d the first daughter of JoLi^-ph. Road 

the third of that narao In Frootovra & Deborah hl3 v/ifo born ^'^ 
July 21" " 1760 

Doborah Read yo 2d daughter of the parents born May the 
10" '» 1762 

Gardner Road ye- 1" son of ye above parents born October 
20" 1764 

Thomas Read 1" £on of Rebecca Head born Soptoiabor 
18" 1750 

Nathaniel Winslow the first son of Reuben Winslov/ 
and Mary hio v/lfe was born March the 16 1765 

Jonathan the second son to said parents was born 
Tuesday the 5" of May 1767 

Ruth Valentine first daughtsr to Barriuel Valcnbine Jr. 
and Mary his wife was born Thursday May the 20" 1756 
JoT-m Ir-it son to the parents aforesaid born Saturday 
Sept. the 24" . .^ 1757 

Mary, daughter to the above said parents born Friday 
May the 25" 1759 

Samuel f,on to said parents born (Saturday) Sunday 
April the 19" 17G1 

Lynde son to said parent bom Saturday the 12" (of) 
February 1763 

EliBubath daut^^htei? to said parent, born Sunday 
Pebrui'.ry the 5d ■ ■ 1765 

Lydia daughter to said parents born Friday May the 
15" 17G7 

Ollvo t]io firct daugiiter to Jolm Valentine and Hannr.h 
hin v;ire was born Thursday the 1-1" of August 1766 
Sarah the 2d daughter to said p.uiontn was born Saturday 
the 14" day of May 1768 

Carfoo ye 1'' son of said parcn:;:^ vns born TuL^cday yo 15" 

day of April IVVl-diod July tho 9" 1771 '>1 

Stophon tho second sou to said paronta was born V/odncaday 
the 13" day of Hay 1772 Lynde tho 3d son to said pni^onts v/as born Scptembor 
tho 14" 1776 

Jonathan 4" son to said parents, vma born Au^^uat 16" 1780 

Hannah tiio first daughter to Zobedoc Torry and Hannah 
his Avlf e was born I.ionday tho 11 of March 1765 

Zobedeo tho 1" son to the above parents was born Konday 
the 8" day of Kovombcr . 1766 

Molly-EllsQ, the 2d daughter to cd parents bora Friday 
the 17" of Juno 1768 

Seth V.illiaius, tho 2d son to sd pe.rents v/as born Monday 
the 16" day of April 1770 

Thoraar, the 5d sori to said parents, v;as born I.ionday 
the 4" day of i:ay 1772 

Kathaniel Lis comb the 4" son to sd parents v/as bom 
Saturday yo 8 day of October 1774 

The above Thomas 3d son of the abovesaid Zebedeo Terry 
& Hannah his wife, deceased Sept. tho 7" 1778 

Anthony tho first son to i.icoes D^^vis and Lois liis 
wife was born Friday the 50" day of i.:arch 1764 
I.'osos Dc-vis tlie 2d son to the above parent^ was born 
I.ionday yo 4" day of Sept. 1765 

Lois, the lr;t draighter to tho paren ts afo .i'coa.l d ^vas 
born Tlvarcdr.y the 26" day of Tarch 1767 

Abigail yo 1" do.ughtcr to Aaron Davis t^'c Rachel liis 
v/ifo \;as born I.'onday fp.o 4" of March • ■ 1765 
Aaron Buvis Ist ^ori to said parcritfj v/as born Thursday 
tVio 30" O'v of July 17G7 

Lydia th.o 2d danghsor to sd naronts born 1)}G 7" day of the 

v,ook, tao '^0" or ; . - x/oj 

Susanna tho 3d dauclifor to sd paroaho bom the 5" day 
of the v.-eok the 11" of April 1771 

Joseph the 1" sou to Jolin Allon S: Ahifeall hl3 v/lfa v/a3 bom 
Thursday tho 15" of !Iovembor 1752 

John tho 2d son to tho abovo parent 3 v.- as bom Thursday tho 
28" of March 1754 

, Abrahain tho 5d son to tho aforesaid parents v;a3 born I.'ionday 
the C" driy of Jnnuary 1755 

■ and decoased the 26" of January follov/inp 1756 

Bonjaiain the 4" son to the parents aforooaid v/as born Wednesday 
tho 4" day of I.'ay.y • 1757 

Abigail the 1" daughter to sd parents born Tuesday tho 
20" day' of February 1759 

Clother^ the 5" son to sd parents born lionday the first day 
of June 1761 

ard docoasod the 23" of January fo?.lo^7inr; 1762 

Hope, the 2d dauj^htor to said parents bom I'onday tr.e 11'' 
day of July 1765 

Patience tho 5u daughter to sd parents born Sunday the 
20'" day of October 1765 

Benjm tiio 1st son to Taos, V.j.n si o "..'"" c: Lydia his wife 
v.'as born Sunday tho 6" of October 1766 

Silas Hath:--v.'C-y -Son to V.'au Kutho"\.;iy '.!c Kei.iciuber liis wife 
\Yas born" May the 29" ■ 1754 

Lois tho 1st dr.ughtor to I^ot Hath:;\.'ay l<. Marocy his v.ifc^ 
v/as born July the ol'* IVt^l 

Robocc>^'. the 2d daugh.tor to said parents v/a.-"; born M-irch the 
l^--l' • 17GG 

Anna the first -uau;^htor of Solomon Torry arid Sue anna C- 1 
ills wlfo \vu3 born Thursday tho 24" of January 1765 
Joanna the 2d daughter to sd parents born Sabbath day the 
15" of March *' ' 1768 

Shubael Torry son to said parents was born February 4" 

Bonjmriin Torry son to said parents v/as born ilov ember 
28" 1773 

John Terry son to said parents v;as born April 5" 1776 

Betty the first daughter of William Turner and 
I.!argaret his v;lfe v/as bora Tuesday the IZ': of July 1756 • _ 

Sarah the first daughter of Tho;nas Southv/crth and 
Sarah his wife was born Fridi^y the IS" July 1754 
Rebecca the 2d daughter to said parents v/as born Friday 
the 1" of October 1756 

Lydja the third daughter to sd parents v/aa born Tuesday' 
the 10" of Juno ' . 1759 

Eliz;;beth the 4" daughter to said parents was born Konday 
the 11" of January 1762 

Joshua the 1st son to said parents was born Monday tho 
10" of July 1764 

Lucy the 5" daughter to said parents was born V.'edncsday 
tho 26" of Nov. 1766 

V.'arrcin tho 2d son to iaid parents born March tho 25u 

Susanna the 1" daughter of Elljaii Dordon L Sarah his 
wife was born Lhc 7" of August 1761 th.'; 2d daugi^ber to s? id parents wa't born J'jranry 

the 6" • ■ ■ • 1763 Q^' 

llathnn the first son to said parents was born March 
the 4" 17G5 

Rachel the third dau£ihter tp sd parents was born September 
the 19" . 1766 

Almy the first daughter of Zephaniah Hathaway and 
I'artha his v.'ife was born Wednesday September the 9" 

Leiauel flrat son to said parents was born Tuesday r-Iay the 
28" 1765 

Zephaniah second son to said parents born the 4" of 
August • 1768 

Micliaol Hathev/ay son to said parents was born April 
8" 1772 

Charlotte daughter to said parents wes born i.iay 19" 

Eannuh daughter to a aid parents was born February 11" 

Enoch Hathcway son to said parents was born Septeiabor 
16" 1781 

Betty the 1" daughter to Job fayne li Hannah his v^-ifo 
v/as born Docenbor the 11" 1759 

Lydia the second d:\ughter to said parents born July the 
24 1761 

Thoiias first son to said parents born Hay the 16" 17G5 
Susanna third daugh.ter to said pai'-ents born May 
the 18" 17G5 

Olive fourth dr.ughtor to sdprronts born October tlie 
3d 1707 

Silas son to said paronts born April 7" 1772 

Job, con to said parents v/a^ torn July IG' 


11" . 1'7'7V / ^ 

Jamoa the 1" son^ to Lyildo Valontlne JSc Sarah hi 3 v/ifo 
v/aa born June the 15" 1765 

and docoasod September the 25" 1765 

Thoraaa the 2d son to said parents torn September the 
21" 176G 

Francos daughter to said parents born March the lo" 17G9 
Jaracs Lyndo the 3d son to said parents was born October 
the 11" ' 1770 

Ichabod the first son to Ichabod Davis and Sllvca 
his wife was born April the 2d 1756 

Philip the 2d son to said parents born March the 3d 1758 

"- 5d' son to said parents born February the 

28" 1760 

Kesokiah the 4" son to said parents born Septeiabcr 
the '25 1761 

Josf^o the 5" son to said parents born March the 15" 1764 
Ichabod the 6" son to said parents Vorn January 21" 1768 • 

Fanny the first daughter to PenjaiaJ.n ivans and 
Thankful his wife was born February the IP,^ 1775 

Pegge, second daughter to said parents born A\i.grist 
the 5" . . 1777 

Susanna third d::ughter to said parents born October 
the 1st 1779 

Sarah fourth daughter to said parents born July the 
21" " 17C2 

Elisabetii 5" daughter to said parents bor;i Decciubor 
the 20" • 1764 

Cliarity 6" daughter to said parents born Scptci:-.bor 
the 2;D 173C 

Benjamin flrat son to said paronlM born Januur;y the 10'" 170'!' ^ 

Gilbort second son to 3uid pai'onta born Octobor the 
24" 1791 

John son to Joohua Boomer tho 2J and Robocca his 
wife was born March tho 31" 1759 

Edna, son to said parents bom February tho 12" 1761 

Ephraim son to said parents born April the third 1763 
Job son to said parents born July the 25" 1765 

Kary daughter to said parciits born August tho 20" 1767 

Jawca Boonior son to I-'ai'tin Boomer and Jontiida his . 
wife v/as born I'ay the 2C" 1759 

llathaniol Booraer son to said parc".nts born August tVic 
6" ■ 17C2 

Martin Boomer son to said parents born Kovciabor the 
25" 1766 

\7illlarii Boo]:ier son to said Martin Boomer and 
Sarah his second \/ife v;as oovn Docembcr 25" - 1787 

Henry Booii:0r son to said parents v/as born Ma:.'ch 13"1791 
Abraham son to said parents v;as born DeccmuOr 12" 1796 

Caleb son to Daniel Boomer and Hannah his v.lfe 
v/as born February tho 20" 17G7 

Lemuel son to said parents born March tho 0" 17C9 

Daniel Boomer the foiirtli Bon to sd parents born 
Octobci' ye 22 1770 

Koah the fii-st son to Iloah Chace and Phobo his 
v/ifo v/as born Sunday the seven'ccontii of Juno 176-1 

Phebf; the firjt daughter to said pi.rents v;aa born March 
yo 24" 1759 

Lydia ye 2d daughter to sd parents was born Jtiuo yo 
24" 1775 

Jesse tho 2d son to said parents v/as born Docembcr the 




Max'garot the first dau^htor to Jotiiii Davla and I.'argaret 
hl5 wifo was born the 8" of Sopteidbcr 1765 

Jonathan son to said parents was born January 7" 1770 

Marcy Davis daughter to said Jonathan Davis arid 
Sarah his last wife was born January 27" 1773 

EloGzor son Lo said parents was born L'ay 11" 1775 
Jaiues son to said parerits was born Juno 10" 1777 

Charity Mason the daughter of Eenjar.iin Mason ai'id 
Anna his v/lfc v/as born the IS day of April 1765 
Keiiiah Mason dau^rhter to said parents born the 8" of 
p'ay 1767 

Charles son to said parents born the 18" of 
September 1769 

John Strange the first son to Lot Stranf|;e and 
■Mary his v/ifo vras born SeptcKibor the 21" 1771 

Chlo* dau <■■''■' '"■'^"^ to s'^'d 'D'^''^e'~'^s w"s b'^'^n /■'^•■^il t"''"'^ 
■ 4" 1772 

Sarah daughter to Samuel V/'arron and Slisabeth 
his wife wf.s bom Monday the 16" of October 1764 
Vrilliai,; son to sd p:arents wr.s born Monday the 19" day 
of May 1760 

.Anna, daiirVitcr to said parents v/as born Tuesday ye 
■ 27" day of Juno 1768 

Elkanah t'nc first son of Earnabas V/Jns3o".v and 
Sarah his v/ifo v/as born August the 22 1761 

LydJa first daughter to sd parents born 23d Septcrr.bcr 1763 
Abigail 2d daughter of said parents born 26" of Juno 1766. 
Earnabas 2'1 con to said parents born 20" of April 1763 
Job tiilru son. to said parents bori'i AprlD yo 18" 1770 

David the first r,o:\ to JonuDiar. Ilatlr.v^.y and Mary 
his v/lfo v.i<.i! born May th'") 


Abigail the first daughter to sd yarenta v/ua 'oorn 

Jvily yo 20" 1755 • 

Olive tho first daugLtor to Cornelius Bavia and 
Kesiah his lifi.fe v/as box-n the 8'! of February 1769 
Chloe the 2d daushter to ad parents born ye 1" of 
April 1770 

Nathan Daggett first son to Joseph Daggett and " : 

Phebe his v.lfe v/aa born September tlio 5" 1754 

Benjamin 2d son to sd parents born August the 2d 175G 

Hannah ye 1" daughter to sd parents born October tho 

27" 17G3 ) 


Joanna ye 2d daughter to sd parents born October the ) 

27" 1765 ) 

The above named Berijamln deceased July 16" 1653 

Benjamin the 5d son of Benjamin Baker and Susanna 
his wife was born the 14" day of Aprn. 1770 

Eliriabeth daughter of I'athan Boweri aiD.d Hannali(Cooic) 
his wife v.'as born the 24" of September 1763 

Bathsheba daughter to sd parents v,"as born Febi'njary tho 
20" . . .. 1765 

Lusanria, daughter to sd parents boi'-n February thj3 
15" 1767 

Ruth daughter to said parents was borrx Tlovembcr th-o 
8" 1768 

Hhoda daughter to said parents born November the 
7" 1770 

Abraham son to said parents born t'ne 22d I.iarch 1773 

rhoVjc dr.ughter to said pprcnts boi'n the 20" of 
March 1775 

Martha drj.ightor to said parents born t'no 31" of July 1777 
Nathan Bov.c-n son to sd parents boin Jul;, 17" 1782 


Hannah, dauchtor to Boiijaaiin Cleavland and Joruaha (^r/ 
lilo v.'lfo was "born August the 2C" 1750 

Benjamin son to said parents born Api'll the 10" 1755 
Jolm, son to said parents bori\ January the 21" 1757 
Martha dauglitet. to said parents born January the 21" 1759 

David C3.oavland son to the said Bonjaiiun Cleavland 
& Bctlioah his v.-lfo \7as born DccoMOcr the 11" 1764 
Joseph C]eavlarid son to yo last mentioned parents was 
boi^n August the 2S" 1706 ~ . 

Alpheus son to said last parents ^7as born Septciabei' 
the IS" ; 1760 

Enos, son to sd parents born November the 4" 1770 
Eli:iabeth daughter to said parents born Joiie the 
2nd 1773 

Furruan first son to JJ'onathan Read and Eunice his wife 
was born September the 27" 1757 

Ichabod the 2d son to said pai''ents was born April 
ye 26 1760 

James Read Z6 son to said parents born June the 7" 1762 
Lydia the first daughter to said parents born 
September tl-.c 7'" 1761 

Susantit daughter to said parents born July tiio 5d 1767 
Karrnrh daughter to said parents born Augo. st the 
first 176G 

Jonatl-an son to said p? rents born Soptejnbcr the 7" 1771 

Guilford th.o first son of Dudley rrat}i->.-ay and I.largaret 
his wife wa.'j born Ilonday the IG" of Lifirch 1770 the 2cT son to sd parents was born tl:e 12^' day of 
June 1771 

Jo'an, son to said parents was born A-.rll 4" 1775 
Philip aun to said parents :vaa born Y..r^^ 7" ^''"^ 


^:arga^3t dauj^liter to said parents v/aa born 

February IS" 1762 

Daniel 3on to said paronlG was boi'n July 1" 1764 

David Siiiimona, son to said parents was born liarch 

15" 1787 

Jacob son to cald parents born Dcccir.bcr 30" 1788 

Dladaina daughter to said parents ras born July 

22d - 17S1 

Betsey tlxc first dau^^hter of Zcphanlah Terry and 

Eopostil]. his wife was born Karcli the 9" 1771 
Jol-m the 1" son to sd parents v.-as born SepteMbcr the 

2*7" 1772 

Zephanlah 2d son to sd parents was born r'arch 1" 177G 
Betsey daujhtoi' to said parents \vus born Jani\ary 

22" -^rjrj^ 

I'eribah daughter to said parents was born Febiniaiy 

^ _ 17G0 

Silas son to said parents was born August 20" 1762 

Abigail daughter to sd parents v;as born November 


'i- 1764 

•Noah son to luichael Chase and ThanVful his wife 

was born October; the 2u" l7o9 

^'artha daughter to sd parents born Llarch the 24" 1741 

Joseph son to said parents born Fobrui'.ry the 10" 174:, 

"cnjaniin son to sd parents born April the 24'' 1745 

•■■ichaol son to :aiu parents born August the 1" 1747 

^hani:fun. daui.;K.-r to said parents burn July tlie 



Joso-ph V.', the first son to I^'icl-iard J.ollaVi'l born 

yc 20" of Jan. 1770 

Jos30 son io Shadi'ach Booth and Sobrcy hia v/lfo was 
born January tho 15" ' 1764 

Lornhamah uau[:;,iiLor to sd parents Lorn July 10" 1765 
Rov/land son to said parents bqrn February tho 18" 1767 
Dorotliy daughter to said parents born March the 
6" 1769 

SanuGl son to cald parents born Au^-^/ast tho 7" 1771 
Rachel dauij/itcr to said parents born I.'.ay the 1" 177x 

Abigail the first daughter to Joseph Valentine and 
Hannah his v/lfo \:es born the 14" of July 1756 

William Valentine son to said parents born January 
21 1753 

Josoph son to said parents born I^ecciubor the 7" 17S0 

The above said Hannali the parent to the said c'alldren 
and daughter to Lot Strp,ngo £: Hannah his wife v;as born 
the 22 of October ' 1736 

Benjamin the 1" son to Benjai;u.n Tov; and Abigail ;iiG 
Y/lfc was born Septcrubcr the 17" 1754 

Deceased Dccor.iber the 26" 1734 

Philip the 2d son to the above parents v/as born Decciubor 
the 9" - . 1765 

Elizabeth ye 1" diiughter to tlie above parents was born 
Septeirujer ye 22d 1787 

Sarah;, the daughter of Dr.vid V/llson and Judith hie 
v/ife vae born I'ay the 4"- 1774 

Elizabeth daughter to said parents born Auguct 11" 1777 
Hesokiah son to said parents born Juno 10" 1779 
j.'arcy daughter to said parents born I.Iarc/i 11" 1782 
Edv/ard son of said pare 'its v;:i.'t born i!arch 2b'' 1784 

Lucius Q. Co Fuller, first son of Capt. Jorui Fuller 
was bcrn July 50" 1734 

Fuller born Novo. 23d 17oG 

llancy, 1" daughter to yo above pnrcnt born Au^iust 
13'' day ' ^'^^O 

Sarthy tiie first son to Swarthy Miles and Abigail 
^ his wife was born July the 2d 1772 

■ Saiauel Volentlno Miles ye 2d son to sd parents was born 
July the 11" . • 1774 

Rachel tho 1" daughter to said parents was born April 
ye 23d . 1776 

Abigail Volenti uc daughter to 3a:;iuGl Volcntine ai"i.i 
Abigail his vdfe was born the 25" of Sopbeinber. 1745 

Lucy the first daughter to V.'illiaiu Davis and 
Abigail his wife was boiri Jrnuar^ the 17" 1750 

Luther V/inslow con to Willia" V.'inslov; and Elisabv-th 
his wife was born Juiu the 7'' 1747 

Frederic son to said parents boiTi I.iarcli tiic 14'' 1745 
Mercy daughter to said parents born Febiniary tlic 13" 1750 
Merrick son to said parents born October tho 8" 1753 
John son to said parents born Septci.ibor the 1?,'" 1755 
Isaac, son to said parents born May the 13" 1758 
William son to cald parents born Aug\ist tlie 30 1700 
Luther son to Luther Vrinslov; and Lucy his wife was 
born January the 10" 1774 

Lucy, daughter to said parents was borj"i Mpy the 11" 1751 
Gideon, sori to said parents was born Deocinbcr the 
IS" 1762 

Frediok, son to said parents was boi"i:i Ilovcinber tlie 
the 24" 1775 

Mei'x^ick son to said parents was bcrn May t)ie 2i" 1777 
Y.'illlt'ji son to said pT.rcn'cs was born January t'lO 
10" 1785 

Sai'ah V.'luylow daughter Lo aalcl pax'OuLa born July 2d 1787 ^j^ 
Julauy V/ln3lov; daui^itor to the said Luther V/laslov/ aud 
Klpsabeth his v.'lfo was bom June 9" 1793 

Jairiea Winalow 3on to said pare^nta born April 3d 17S5 
Smith V.'inslov; son to said parents was bom May 29" 1500 

Priacilla Lav/ton first daughter to Royal (?) Lav/ton 
was born February 22d 17G5 

Mary Lav/ton 2d daughter to ye above parents was born 
March ye 18" * 1772 

Betty Roper second daughter to V/llllara Roper- and 
loia his v.-lfo was born July the lo" 17G3 

Abraiiam I'orton First aon of T'athanlel Morten ye ?A 
and Rebecca hio v/lfe v/as born August the 12" 1700 
Ruth, 1" daughter to the abovesaid parents was born 
December ye 13" 1771 

Andrew, 2d son to said parents born December the 20" 1772 

Ruth Morton first daughter to Nathaniel Morton o.rid 
Martha his v/ife v-'ao born July 22d 1750. Died Septerubcr 

Martjia Morton born December 1" 1751 

llajjiianiel Morton yc ou/ 1" son to ye above parents born 
June the 1" . • 1755 

Jabe" Morton 2q son to ye above parents v/as born 
September yc 16" 1755 

deceased October tlio 4" 1755 
Martxia tiie 3d daughter to the above parents was born 
April the 17" • 17G0 

Jemima, 4" daughter to yo above parents born October 
ye 2d 1705, deceased Jaii, ye IC" 17G0 

r'nillp Ilathv.'.Hy Jr. was born July t'no 19" A.D, 17-10 
Lucy Vol Titino wrs born Fobrocxry Ih.; 20" 1740 

Their son Philip was bora January the 4" 1765 

Their daxii^hcr Abigail v;n3 'iiorn Octobor the 1" 17G7 

Their son Guilford was born Aucust tho 31" 1769 

Their son EJiuund v/aa born Sep-t^oiabcr the 20^ 1771 

Thoir daui3htar Polly was born April tho 1" 1775 

Their dau£;,htor LTartha was born June tho ].7" 1775 

Thoir daughter Lucy v/aa born i.!ay tho 15" 1779 

Thoir son Siuurions born March tlio S" 1781 

Nathaniel Ble'thon Jr. v/aa born September 13" 175x 
Mary Eletheii v.lfo to t'ao above ITatlianiel born 

September ye 17" 17 

Their son V.'illiaiu v/as bom Febimary the 15" 17 

Their son Volcntino v/as born Juno tho 19" 17 
Their daugiitor Prlscllla was born April the 12" 

died April yo 26" 17 

Their duuKhber Abigail v;as bom August tho 18" 17 

Their son /jison v;as boin October tao 31" 17 

Daniel first son to Arabroso Barnaby and Eli::abcth 

his v.'lfc v,-as born March the 2od 1770 
Anna^ first daughter to the above sd parents v/as born 

December the 11" 1771 
Sarali, 2d daughter to tho abovosd parent v/us born 

September 14" 1774 

The above Sarah deceased July tho 20" 1779 
Sarah daughter to /vKibrose & Plillcno. his 2d v/lfe born 

October 51" 17o0 

Ambrose son to said parents v/as born April 10" 17c5 

James son to said parsiits v/as born June 25" l7o7 

Stephen .'■on to said p^rontfl v/as bo-'n /.oi'il G" 17G0 

Ell:i^\L)ot:i daughter to Ai.'.o;^ &-. I'arth:'. Drojor (?) 

V/as borii Octobor G" dry , 1772 


David VolCi"itln.'5 './aa bora Octobor 2d 1745 


Hannah Volontlna wife to tlic abovo David v/aa born ■ . 

Sopt. yo 12" ■ 1752 • ' 

Tholr son Elson ;7a3 born Dcccinbcx" the IS" 1771 

Thciv d2.ui;,Vitur Choice was born Juno the 10" 1774 

Their daughter Abigail v/aa born ?uay the 12" 177G 

Their dau<£;hter I.iartha was born Juno ye 1" 1778, Their 

dauj^htor Betsey was born Apr. ye 2?d 1783 

Phila Tihovo thc^ daughter of Ai.arlah Shove and Subbrina 
his v;lfc was born ye 27" day Fob, called by tlicr.; second 
rionth. 1791 

Azariah Shove son to yo abovo parents born yc 5" day of 
ye second luontii 1793 

By the advice of some of the principal inhabitants of this 
to\7n I have thought fit to record the births and deaths of the 
Indians of thib towii, v/hcn by tlicir desire etc. which being 
as follov/oth 

Richard V'ateri/.on tlic son of Hero Vratormon and Experience his 
v/lfe was born the 10" of TJoveiibcr 1751 

Hannah Tausrion tlic daughter of John Tausnian b. Dinah his 
wife was horn the 10" of Juno 1720 • 

Hero, the fr'rot son of the above said -Richard V.'atcriuon and 
t'ae aforesaid Hannah^, being his wifo, was bon"* the 
2d of Dccciiibor 1751 

Richr.rd tlio 2d son. to said parents born the 17" of February 

Patience the first daughter to said parents boi-i: yo 31" 
of January 1757 

Ben jrjfiin the 5d soii to 5.;iu pai-onts born tiiC 15" of 
February 1750 

Joim th'i •!" so'"i t'.i said parojits born tho 1" of Fehru'>.r'y 


Israol ths 5" son to said parents born the 15" of 

August 1762 

Karuiah daughtor to aald parents .bora the 20" of 
i - 

I llovombor 1756 

Insendor the dau£3hter of Benjamin Raiid--^ Hannah hiA 
wife v/as born the 15" of Juno 1748 

Jolm (C;.uu-ch) Son to Friscilla Ward and George Church 
as she sayoth was born September the 5" 1762 

* 74 

Vital Records 
V.2 Intentions of I'crv^^co^^ , 1695-1795 

Copied fro;a rocorda In City Clerk's office. 
Fall River, Mass. 

VolUTuO I 

Josiah V/lnslow £c "argaret Tlsdol v/as legally publlchcd 
Juno 13" •, 1695 

Nathi. V.'inslov/ aiid Eliaaboth Kolbrock was legally publlohed 
June 13" ■ 1701 

ReiaeinbrancG Simmons fi: Hannah Smith legally published 
December 16" 1701 


Richard Peard of Fi^oetov/j''. entered his purpose o.f marriage 
to Sarah Allabe late oT Little Co."ipton this 15 day of Sspter.ber 173" 

Thomas Freelove JunZ* entered his purport of marriage to 
Thankful Edminater both of this tovm Sep tern':/ or ye 20 day 1731 

October ye 11" day 1751 Joiiii than Dodson Jun— « entered his 
purport of marriage unto Mary Fai'row botii of Freetown v;ith mo 

i John Pain Jun--, entered his purpose of marriage to Phillip 

; Strange February the 14" day • 1757-8 

James V.'inslov; of Freetov/n Entered ;iis 'purpose of marriage vrito 
Charity Hodges of "orton this 15" day of February 1737-8 

Juric the I'l" Ambrose Barnaby 5: Eliiiabeth Gjrdnei' Entcrov 
purpose of marriage 1723 

Sffiuuel Tisdcl Entered his intents of I.'arria-ve with Mary 
C'nurch of Little Compton January the 30'' day 172.'. 

Joshua Hov/lavLl Entered xiis purpose of to Dorotiiy 
Lee Fobrtury the IG'' day 172-''- 

llaihciuiel Portei- and Soohia Cud-.vorl'-Ji Eiit-c-jj t'r.uir . 5ntoni. 

of Iuai'i-ia£;e this S" day of Fobriiary 1725 

Ebenozor Hathv/ay and Mary Tuba Entered tholr intents 
of luarriaGO March tho 4" day 1725::5 

March ye 12" 1723 Stephen Davis <^: Gemimn Barker Entered 
their intents of Llarria^c 

I'arch ye 16" day 1723 Benjamin Darlin of ?reetov/n or residing 
in sd tovai Entered his purjose of Marrlagje to Sarah Phillips of 

Thomas Francis Entered his purpose of marriat^c to Hannah 
Weaver, V.'idov; tc Relic 'of Tliomas 'Vcavcr . this 4 day of I.'ay 1723. 
sd Thoiaas resident on this tov.r. and sd V.'idow resident in Svvanzey 

I.!ay the 20" day 1723 Daiilel Smit'i and Rebecca Elv.ell entered 
their purpose of luarriago being residents in this tovrn both 

Ksnry Tisdale Entered his purpose of Kfa"ria:^£ vmto Elizabeth 
Bellins of Little Goinpton this 11" day of Soptombcr 1723 

November Liic 15" day 1723 Then entered oaraes Culwoi'th of trds 
town and Anno Staples of Taunton tljeir intents of ivarria^e 

■ lloveiiibcr the 15" day 1723 Jar.ies Vrnitconb of noohester and 
Mercy V.'inslow of this town of P'roetovni entered their purport 
of laarriage hero in sd town 

Guilford riathv/ay of Freetov.n and Lydia Siuuaons of Dighton 
entered their intents of I.Iarrit'<;,e 14" day of January 1723-G, 
Freetov.Ti Febru-:. ry 1723 tho 21" day T'nen Ricliard "Bonfoy" and 
Hannah Gary of Diijb.ton Entered their pu'oport of marriage. Seth 
V/lthcrel resident of this town and Sarah Fain of said town 
had tiisir purport of marriage entered this 15" day of Ilarch 1722 
Freetowii May the 2?d day 1730. Sliarpcr negro, entered his purport 
of marriage to rhilliii, ncgi'O 

The pui'porb of marriage V;ct\.een TJioiina Corlc of Dight o".\ and 
Saraii Briggn of Frcotov^n entered the 22d day of Augu.-jt 1750 

Freetown Jun." the 20" uay 172? Lb^n Saiviael Valentine 


uooj-CLi'u.^ a.Lo puri^ori: Ox iaarria^o uuto Abigail Durico, rivorLou 7/ 

July the 2ou day 172S Antipas Kathov/ay of Dartmoulh, alias 
Cuslinnet, and Patlenco Church of Freetown had their purport of 
marrir.^e entered per law, 

Froetov.n Au-usb the 29" day 1729 Richard Jo^lin of Attleborou^h 
and ?.:ehotQbel Thurston of i'reetov/n the youn-or hath had their pur- 
port of iiarria-];o published in sd tov.'n per lav; allow 

Freetown Septeraber the 12" day 1729 John V.'inslow t: Betty Kathwa: 
of sd towii entered their purport of raarria^o in sd tow;: per law alow 
Freetown :.:arch the 20^' day l729/o0 then was entered \V.a. V;itherl 
and Mary Pain purport of luarria-e sd V.-ithcrle of Taunton £- sd Pain 
of Freetown and was delivered to r,ie by Thor.ias Pain of sd town. 

Freetown "arch the 25" the 1729-30 then Jonathan Read declared 
his puri^ort of Liarrlage to Hope Diirfee of Tiverton 

Freetown Septeraber the G" day 173 Bonjaiuin Chase the third 
entered his purport of narria^e unto Hary Brisks both of this to;vn 

Freetown Choke, Indian, entered his purport of ^.arria-o 
to Dinah Tossmon the twenty sixth day of Scptehfocr 1750 

Freetown Soptor;bcr the 28" day 1750 then Gideon Post ' entered 
his purport of jparriage to I'ar:,- Chase of this town, sd Post of the 
towTi of He burn 

Freetcv.r. Hoveiuber the 23" day 1750 Jonathan favis of sd town 
then entered his purport of Marriage to Sarah Terry of sd town 

Oliver Road Entered his purport of n^rria^e to "artha Durfee 
of Rhode la:; and tho 27" day of DecC:nber 1750 

Janes Eiiaistcr entered his purport of i.arria-o unto Hary Cane 
ooth of this io^.n the 29" day of D.ce:;iber 1750 

Richr-i Hor-th entered his purport of marriage unto Sarah Gary, 
od north of Freeto'.'n and cd Gary of Pourts:.;outh in the colony of 
-node Island this 10 day of Pobruax'y 1750-51 

Tho,:ian Pain catered }.!:; purport of ^:r,rTl^^-,. unto Annabel 
Gnnody of Kir^dld'Oiioii^h tiiin 2 -; ■' clay of 0^.a\ 1751 


Gershoa wanchoster of Tiverton entered his purporl of marriage 
unto I.Iary Farrow of Frcebov.'n Kovoiaooi' the 6" day 1731 

Molatiah Hatbway ontorod his purport of marriage unto Anna 
Hos^<i'''-s of Taunton the 14" day 'df Dcccnbor 1731 

John Terry entered his purport of marriage unto Lydia 
Y/illiains, this 14" day of Docorabor 1731, both Inhabitants of 
this tovr-n 

January the 5" day 1731 Hill Chf.: idler entered his purport of 
marriage to Anna L:akepca3e, i.:ay the 1" day 1752 

Aboolair. Garricr, "l.Ialatah", entered his purport of niarria-;;^ 
unto I.'alle Church, Iridian 

John Evins entered his purport of marriage to Ruth 'Vliislov/ 
of sd Freetown the second June the 10" day 1732 

Joseph Read Jr. and Grace Pray entered tiicir purpose of 
marriaco 1" day of January 1752 ■ '. 

John Hatmvay and i.'urabeo oiiiuuoas entered their purpoce cf 
marriage January the 6^ day 1732 

Saiauel Durfoc and T'ercy Durfee entered thoir purpose of 


marriage the 3d day of February 17C>^,- 

LTarch the 30" 1733 John King of I'orton and Mai'get '.Vlnslov; 
t'ne daughter of Capt, Josiah WinsloV; of Frcetov.ji entered fnolr 
purpose of marriage 

David Cudv.'ort;i and Abigail Joslin entered tiieii- pui'pose of 
rarriag^e ^ay the 26" 1735 

Benjarain Cui'^fee Jr. and .'a.iy Chacc of Tiverton entered on 
purport of r.'urriagc the 25d day of February 173%- l- tool; out 
certificate Mar. 12" day 173^ 

Eenjariin Loonri^'d of Dight O'l arid I'ary Cudwort}: of Froctov.-,i 
entorod on purport of marT-iage I,:ay yc ''" day 1734. Joiui Freolovo 
of Freotov;n and -'arah Gausuy roi-iding in sd tov.-n entered on 
P^^rport of ii:.arriagu yc IG" day of i.:ay 173-1 

/jliOO SllOli iji'» Oi. Ui'j-U^^ ./J. L,^:.'- Cilo-.'iJl.L U. 


I Diivrvla"C to Sarah. Froblovo tho voun^or of thi3 town Augua b tho 

, 9" 1734 

Samuel Jones entered his purpose of marriage to Dorcas 
Elv/ell both of tills town this l4" day of Decoiiibcr 173-1 

Oliver Chaso entered his purport of marriage to Elizabeth 
Cloavoland both of Fi-eotown this 19" da: o^ Dccor.bor 1734 

James Cudv/orth oncterod his purport of marriar;e to Sivoll 

Chase JariUary 51" day 1754-5 

John McCully entered their puroort of marriage to Joanna 

' Pickens April tlio 4" day 175o both residing in this tovrn 

Benjamin Hnthway entered his purport of marriare to Mary 

Davis the younger July the 10" day 1755 

John King entered his purport of marriage to Sarah Hat/iv/ay 
the daughter of Isaac Hathvvay July the 10" day 1755 

Y/illiam Davis the thrid entered his purport of marriage 
to Slizab'.tn Fain daughter of John Pain August the IC" day 1735 

James Wan-en entered his purport of marriage to Mary Terry 
this--; 4" day of September 1755 

Philip Kathv/ay 'entered his purpose of marriage to Martha 

Slmjnons of DigViton ITovemljcr tlic 21" day 1755 

Joseph Borden Jr. entered his purpose of marriage to 

Susanna Read of Frectovni Jcnuax'^y the 20" day 173^r 

llathaii Simiiioi:is and Lydia Dr^.vls t'ne younger entered their 
purport of marriage February the 24" day 1755-G 

John Rider and Freelove Kill entered their intents of 
marriage Marcxi Vuq 8" day 1755-0 

Philip Ciiase entered his pvirpose of m^arriage to Sarah 
Chcc5(c)iuan Juno the 10" day 1736 

Ichabod TJddy and S;'rah V.'inslov; entered tlioir purpose of 

marriage May the 6" day 1737 

Jothav.i Fairt entei-od \i'\.z purpose of marriage to Abigail 
Poarcc of Dlg-'^'ton 14" day of Mtr; 1737 

•.•o20-cia'a V.'inalov; ontci'oa his purpocc of marriago to Eotty 

pain this 14" day of May 1757 

tonjamin Quithil and Mai-y Church the second entered their purpose 

oC inarrlare (the) last of June or beginning oT August 1737 

John Kaffords and Thankful Pecne entered tVicir purpose of 

marriage 5" day of Deceniuor 1757 

John Turner entered his pui-pose of marriage unto Fatience 

Gardiner the 4" day of February 173;^ 

_ 7 

rroetov.n I>'arch Ve 1" day 175'x- Robert Terrv entered his 

" o ' 

onr-iose of mai^riage to Rebecca Lav/ton of Freetown afox^esaid 


John Pain and Philip Strange entei'ed Lheii- purposes of 
marriage -being both of Freetown the third day of I.'arcii 175— 

Freetown April the 1" 1758. Fortin a negro man so naried 
belonging to Joseph Read entered his purpose of marx^iage to a 
negro v/omox) named Vilat belonging to Mr. Sanuel Rial of Freetown 

Freetown April the 28" 1758 Jonathan Divol of sd town entered 
his purpose of xnarriage to "Px'osilah" Alien of Sand\.-ich 

Frocto'.vn April- the 28" 1758 John Read residing in said Freetown 
entered his puryosc of mari^iage to Sar-ah Cleriionrb"; of said to\ax 

Freetown Juno the 19" 1758 Sarmel T~abs entered his purpose of 
mra'Tiagc to "Dai.iros" (Daraaris ?) Hathway oi Berkley 

Freetown July th.e 20" 1758 Abiel Terry of Freetown entered his 
purpose of xnarriage to Hannah Tisdail of Taunt ori 

Freetown September 19'' 1758 Capt. Jus ion V.'i.rslow of Taunton 
entered Viis purpose of naxn'-iage to V/idov/ Hannah V,'.*i;;slov, of Freetown 

Elis}ia "Pcaro" of Illddlebox^ougri entered his purpose of 
laai-riage to ]:argrat Fain of Freetown tiiis IS" day of Cctobor 1758 

Froctovax TIoveMbcr tlic 4" 1756 Jolin Froolovo of Fx'octown. aforesd 
entered his purnofie of irarriage to Angill Marr.h born of Bridgcwat-;r 

Frectowix Nov^.-ronr th"! 11" j758. Kicr.ard V;ir.slo-j of FiOt;town 

entered his purpoco of .mari'lai^o to Anne Anthony roaldinG in 
Froetov/n aforosd 

• Freetovni Docombor tho IS" 1758. E[/nralm Koon of Froetov.Ti 
aforesaid entort)d his purpono of* marria^^e to "Marcy Alin of 
■ Mldclbex'oy."" 

Decomber the 19" 1758 "Mchal Chas" of Frootov/n entered his 
purpose of marriage to "^'hankful Clcvelan of Froctov.i-i aforesaid 

January tho 26" 1756-9 Thon V.'illlan: Hix entered his purpose 
of marriage to Slizaocth Gibbs of Sv.ansey 

February the 26. 1758-9 Then Seth Chase of Freetown entered 
his purpose of f"iarrla<ie to "Abgil Brigs of BarkDo" 

Freetov;Ti L'arcli the 5d 1753-9 Abel Crane; of Berkley entered 
his purpose of marriage to Ha.nnah Hathv/ay of Z''reetov;n aforesaid 

Freetown I.iarch 1?" 1758-9 Robert Harlo of Lebanon entered 
his purpose of marriage to liary Fi'eelovo of Freetown 

Freetown May the 25" 1759 Thon Joseph Petrson of Frcotov.-n 
entered his pui'pose of marriage to I.'ary Bllff of Dlght on 

Freetown Jmic the 12" 1759 then John Eowoii of Tiverton 
entered his purpose "of marriage to renelopo Eorden of Freetown 

Freetov.Ti June the 17" 1759 t;ien Joseph Read of Freetown 
aforesaid entered his purpose of marriage to Hannah Huiit of 

Freetown July the 2d 1759 Then John Hoimd of Seekonk 
entered bis purpose of marriage to Eli?,abetli Hiks of Fi'^eetovrn 

Freetown Octobor the 10" 1759 Ti:-en AUcxandor l^cCr^rtor, 
entered his purpose of marriage to I.'ory Freelove as he saitb I'oth 
of Freetown 

Freetov.ii November tlio 10" 1759 Tron Jaol hathwuy entered 
his purpose; of to Rebecca Cii.-cuws they being botn of 
Bi'eetov.'.i a fore .Maid 

rrot. Lr 

:ov ember tlio 25d 1759 John Gutter resldln : li 

Frcctov/ii ontoroci hlo purpooo of niarria^^e to Christian Ir'axfield 
of Dighton • ; 

Freetown Doccmbor the 25" 1759 then Ephraiui Hunt of Dartmouth 
entered his purpose of marriage 'to Dority Read of Frootown 

Freetown January the 16" 1739, Gers'noi.i Lodson entered his 
purpose of marrla;;e to Elizabeth Shernan of Pourtsiaout'n on 
Rhode Island 

Hugh Dau3 son entered his purpose of m rrla-36 to Mary 
Briggs being both of them residing now in Freetown I.'.arc:i the 
4" 1759-40 • ' 

Freetov.-ii I.!arch the 5" 1759-40. 3eth Randall of Rocib:ster 
entered his purpose of rrari'-lage to Rebecca Kathway of rrecto\,'n 

Freetown April the 50" 1740 i.;r.. Eiv/ard Shove ox" "Di^hton 
entered his purpose of narriage to widow I.'ai'y Chui^cli of rrettown 

Freeto./n July the 18" 1740 Sanuel Axtell of Bei-kloy enl^ei-eu 
his purpose of iiiarriago to Har.xiah Hathway of Freetown afor<;:3aid 

Fi^eetovrn October the 8" 1740 then Jonatiian Lawton entered 
his purpose of tiurriagc to I.'ary Royall of Freetown aforesaid 

Freetown October the 21" 1740 tlie n Walter Ch?>sc Jr. entered 
his purpose of r;>arriage to Anne Sirrjiions daugliter of Abraiian 
Simmons and Anne his wife of Freetov/n aforesaid 

Freetown Docci/oer the 2d 1740 Joiin To!,.i:T:lns resident cf 
Freetov.ii ashed his banns of i^arriagc to I.'ary Clcaveiand of 
Freetown aforesaid 

Freetown February the 5" 1740-41 Then Caleb Clnce entered 
his purijose of r:arrlagc to "Ruth Pain 

Freotowii ?,'arch the 7" 17^:0-41. Then Job 5i:..iu0n5. critered 
his purpose of marriage to K.^anab. Trcurn of r.iddloboroagh 

Freetown Inarch the 11" 17-J0'-41 tlica An;-i Cliacc entered 
hin piu'pose or iaari\ir^;u to I'pr^v Gb■i.5^o being both of r^'octcn 

.0. ^ Si 

Fi'eetov/n March the 25" 1741 Then Goorgo Chase entered 
his purpose of inarrlace to I'ary Strange boin^ both of Frcotov,n 

Freetovm April the 17" 1741 then Paul Hathv/ay entered 
his purpose of ir^rria^e to Rachel Caswell 

Freetown August the 21" 1741 Israel Chase entered his purpose 
of marriage to '.Voalthy "Ceen" (Keen) 

Freetown October the 0" 1741, Joraes ivlcholl entered his 
purpose of iriarrlage • to I'^ary Fickin 

Freetov.'ii October the 9" 1741 Androv/ Plcl'in entered his 
pui''posc of rr^rrlago to Elizabeth Read 

Freetown October the 14" 1741 then John Clcmons entered 
his purpose of marriage to Lydia V.'ales of Bei'kloy 

V Freetown Octo'.er the 27" 1741, then Keiaoriroranc:: Davis 
entered his purpose e of Marriage to Sarah Soul of Tiverton 

Freetown December the 11" 1741 then Joseph Eilghtnan Jr. 
entered his piir-pose of raarr-iage to Rebecca Kill of S\:ansey 

Freetown Jr^nuary the 1" 1741-2 then Sf:,iuel Road of Frcctovm 
aforesaid entered his purpose of marriage to I.iarcy Sayer of 

April the 20" 1742 then Ralph Pain entered his purpose of 
marriage to Elizabeth Karlo 

Freetown April the 27" 1742 V/iHiam Had entered his pm-pose 
of marriage to Martha Cleveland 

Freetown Jul;- the 10" 1742 D-:iiel Hunt Jr. c£ I.'orfcon 
entered his purpose oT rrarrlagc to Mary Vrinslow of Freetovai 

Freetown o~uly the 23" 1742 then V/illian Shearinan of ?o-fc-'::outh 
entei-ed his purpose of r.arrl;;ge to JciuLHia Kathwa;; of ?rcotow;i 
aforesaid ^• 

Freetown Septc:.bor the G" 1742 p-'njar.Jn Spooncr of Middlc^-^oroug 
entered his purpose of marriage to"ZorLiiari" Potter of Freetown Bocoi.ibor tho 10" 174-> thon Jar-.cs Davis cntt)rO'l hia 
purpose of marrlaee to Sunanna Gaigo, thoy are both of Freetown 

aforesaid • . • 

Freetown Jmimry the 1" 1742-5 then Silas Hathway entered 

his purpose of marriai^o to Doborah Coal bcln^ botii of Fi-ectown 

Freetown January the 12" 1742-3 then Oliver Cook of 
•Tiverton entered his purpose of ir.arriaisc to Hope V.'inslov/ of 

Freetown lairch' tho 16" 1742-3 tVien Ger shorn Wood of Tiverton 
entered his purpor.e of marriaje to :.:ary Ge^zo of Freetown 

Freetown April the 4" 1743 then Eohraiia Kath\.ay of Frectowri 
entered his purpose of raarria<^e to i.Iary Ti-affen of Freetov/n 

Freetown-! I'ay the 14". 1745 then V.'illiaia V.'lnslow entered his 
purpose of iiiarria^e to Elizabeth i.!aric]:, they are botij of Fi'eetown 

Freetown June the 26" 1743 then Jonathan Hodges of Frectowii 
aforesaid entered his pui-pos e of irari-i&^e to Abigail S-jiford of 

Septeinbor the -28" 1743 Sylvan\is Soul Jr. of Tiverton entered 
his purpose of luarriag^ (to) Ruth "Dano"" (Davis) of Fi'eetown 

Freetown the 21" day 1745 tlicn Ignatius Perkins of Frectowri 
of the one part entei'ed his pur-por.e of mari'iage to Ker.iah Davis 
of Freetown aforesaid 

Freetown' Nover.i'jer the 22d day 1743 thon Jonaljiari Wlnslov; Jr 
entei-ed his purpose of jvarriage to ii-,tier:ce Pain botli of Freetown • 

Freetown Docciiiber the 3d day 1743 then Ciiarles C'nase 
entered liic (intention of ir.:i rx'lage) puiposc of niarrJrge to 
Abigail Sti'ange 

Freetown Deceiaber the 13" 1743 thon George ?Iar(r)is of 

Dighton entered his purpose of ir.arriago to Sarah Lai.ib of ?rooto-."n 

Freetown Jani;:a\v tne 13" 1743 then ru^h Di'.glar-s entered 
liis rairposc oT '...arrlagc to Phcbo Paivi 

Fi^ootown Janmry the 14" 1743 thon " Jons" of 
Berkley en tore J his purpoao of irarrlaiio to Sarah Chaae of 
pre town 

Froctowii April the 15" 174-1 then Daniel Lone entered his 
purpose of marriacc to Juay demons being both of Frccto^vn 

Froetov/n April the 13" 1744 then, Sb^nczcr Aclotis of 
Dartmouth catered his purpose of luarriaee to Abigail V/inaloN/ 
of Freetov.n 

Freetown Septomber the 7" 1744. George Erightman entered 
his purpose of marriage to Haiinah Pe(.c)khan of middle town on 
Rhode Island 

Freeto-m Septei.iber the 8" 1744 then Micholas Hath\.ay of 
Freeto\7n. entered his purpose of marriage to Robecca Merick of 

FreetovAi September the 13" 1744 then Solomon Paiii cf 
Freetown entered his purpose of marriage to Lydia Soul of 

Freetown November the 16" 1744 George Terry entered his 
purpose of marriage to Abigail "Jibbes" (Gibbs) of Swans.jy 

Frectovrn "ovomber the 31" day 1744 Banjainin Eddy of Swanscy 
entered his purpose of marriage to-I.'ary Hill of Froclown 

Freetown February the 22d 1744-5 then Lot Strange Jr. 
entered his purpose of marriage to Abigail Hath.way 

Freetown February the 18" 1743-4 Then Kbenezer Hafnvay Jr » of 
Prcetowoi entered his purpose of vaarriage to '.Vcltlioy Gilbert of Berkl' 

Freetown I.iarth the ^o"i744"5 thon Lot Strange Jr. entcrod'ais 
purpose of ir.arriage to Abigail Hathwry both of FrGcto'.rn 

Freetown '.'arcli the 30" 1745 thoii Jo'in Read Jr. unlei-ed jils 
purpose of mnrriag.o to Faith Lawton both of Freetown 

Freetown Api-i]. 13" 1V45 t/icn Elijah ::rigg of Perkl-jy resident 


and Zervlah Po'cLor of rrfietowu onfcored theii' purpone of marriage 

Freetov.Ti April 27" 1745. then Elijah Parker of Illddloboroush 
entered his purr>ose of marrie£;o to Sarah Smith Residont of Frectov/n 

Earnot Millard of Freotov/a enloi-ed his purpose of marriage 
to Elizabeth Kix of Sv/ansey July the 4" day 1745 

Roberd Gibs of Swansey Jr. entered his purpoio of marriage to 
Joanna Terry of Freetown July 27" day 1745. Hezelciah Davis of 
Frectov/n entered his purpose of raarriage to f.'argarot Parker of 
Freetown July 27" day 1745, 

Rich^X'd Poli'co of Iviiddle'iorou^h entered his purpose of 
marriage to Mary Sin.mons of Frectov/n Aii^ust 50" day 1745 

David Evens Jr. of Freetown entered ills purpose of innrrlage 
to Anne V'eavcr of Swansey Noveialiei' ocl 1745 

Joseph Dsvls of Freetown entered his purpose of inarriaivc to 
Dina Clevelard of Freetown ^'ovombcr 9" 1745 

Seth Sima.ions of FrectowTi entered his purpose of luarria^e to 
Priscilla Eooth of r.^lddleborough Jariuary 4" 1745-5 

Gideon Hathway of Freetown entered his purpose of i.iarria^o 
to I.!ary Durfee of Freetown January' 24" dav 1745-6 

John Stran50 of Freetown entered his purpose of riarriajj^e to 
Johanna Joslin of Di(;;hton January 24" day 1745-G 

Enos Eddy of Swanaey entcr-^d his purpose of mi;rria£;e to 
Eleanor rtiller i-esident in Freetowxi Jonuary 51" Jay 1745-G 

Robert Evens Jr. of Freetown entered his purpose of marriage 
to Thankful Pray of Pei'kley January 51'' day 1745~G 

Edward V.'inslow of Rochester Jr. entered his pui'poso of 
marriage to Rachel '.Vin.slow of Freetowi; March 29" 174G 

Eenjai.o'.n Clc viand cntei'ol Iris purpose of riarrlaro to 
Pi'iscllla Pain both of T-'roctown Apx'll 26" 174G 

David Davis entered his puroose of iii-^.ji'ria^^^e to Ro-eiuber 
Tex-ry botii of Froctovn Jr.'io 21" • 1746 

i Simeon Rwidall of Rochester entered his purpose of raarrla(je 

to i.iartha Hath.vay of Fruotown August 2od 1V46 

V;i311ani Fisher of Freetown entered his purpose of murriaco 
to Fhc'.o Piorco of Taunton Jul^' 9" 1746 

John Omee entered his purpose of raarrio^-,e to Judith 
luaxfiold both of Frecto\.-n October 11" 1745 

George Rosins resident in Freetown entered his purpose of 
marria£;;e to Sarah V.'lhslovv of Freetown Lecerubor the G" day 174G 

Thomas Richmond of I.:iddleborou£;h entered his purpose of 
marriage uiito "ary Dodson ye daughter of Anthony Dodson of 
Freetovai Janua^'y ye 17" day 174— 

Edv/ard Y.'ihslov/ entered his purpose of mrrla;:^e to Abigail 
Davis both of Froetovrn I'a'rch 22d 1Y4y" 

Thorias Durfee the second entered his purpose of ruarria^e 
to Patience Bo^^'den both of i'h'e«tov,-n fnls IG" day of I^ey 1747 

Reruerribrancc Davis entered his purpose of marriaf_,e to 
Sarah Fox both o£ Freetovm September the 5" 1747 

Jesse Grossman entered his purpose of marria^^c to Sarah 
Davis both of Freetown Septeiabcr the 9" 1747 

Henry Chase entered his purpose of Marria^^e to Sarah 
Durfee both of Freetown Scpteivibeio the 12'' 1747 

George V.'inslow Jr. of Frectov;n entered his purpose of 
inarriai^c to Fhebe Tisdalc of Swansey i,*oveiuber the 28" day 1747^ 
Joloji Bag^s of Freetov/Ti entered Ijis pui'pose of marriar^e to 
Abigail Bryant of Eerhlcy Jcnuary 13" day 174=- 

■ Srr.ucl Sheriii'.ui of S'l'ansey entered his purpose of irarriu^c 
to wary Borden of Fre-;town the 15" df.y(of) Februaiy 1747 

Willia-: Evens of Frootov.T, entered his p\rrpose of mari'la^e to 
Abigail Ilathway of Berkley the 11" day of March 1747 

I George Pitts of Di^htoa entered hl.'> purpose of i.iarrla^^o to 

I Elisabeth Brl-hl:n::n of Freutos.-^ the IB" df.y o£ Apr"! 174G 



PcloG HaoViway of Pi''Cctov/n 0i"iLci.-cd aia purpco c of narx^ia^i 
to Luco Poberson of aoclioatcr the 11" day oi Juno 1748 

Sylvariua ord of Fi'oobov/n ontorod his purpose of marrla^;^G 
to Jenovoi'an'oO V.'clkcr of Dertmou*th July the 5d day 1748 

Johii Bordon cT Middle bo rou^^h entered xiis purxj0 3-j of mai-i'lago 
to Deborah Gifford of Freotovm July the 3d day '1748 

Edward Wlnslow entered his purpooc of marria^^c to Fhouc 
VJinslov; oot/i of Fi'ootovm August the G" day 1748 

Ben jajviin ITar'ion resident iii Freetown entered his purpoce of 
marrj.a£ie to Joanna Hobbet of Berkley t'ae 20" day of August 1743 

Philip Rounsevel entei-od his purpooe of marriage to 
Hannah Jinney both of Fi-eetov;n Au^ the 20" 1748 

Jolm Evens Uie second entered his purpose of inarria(;;e to 
Cattreon Curlile both of Freotov.n August tlie 21" day 1748 

Stephen Borden of Freetov.Ti entered hia purpose of i;;arrla£ie 
to Mary Gray of Tiverton the S" day of October 1748 

Thomas Gifford entered his purpose of marriage to Content 
Borden botli of Fi-eetov.n tiio 8" da^' of October 1743 

Moses ITichols entered his pui'posc of marriage to the Widow 
Abic^ail £tran£;;c bolh of Free town the 15" day of Oct^ 1748_ V.'ilkinaon of Froeto\.ii cnlercd "nis pui^pooe of )narrla50 
to I'ary Olivet of Tiverton the 28" day of Iloverriber 1748 

Christopher Boi-den of Tiverlon entered his purpose of narriaoC 
to Hannah Forden of Freetown Djcenbcr the 24" 1740 

ThOiuas West entered liis i)urpor,e of nari-iaf^e to Carali EoOiier 
both of Freetown Dccci.-.ber the 24" day 1748 

Ephi-aim Elsbui'y of Freeto"./n Cxitered his purpose of hiiirx-iaro 
to Jeiuiira Shepherd of Dtr tji\out}i January the 21" 174C-G 

Capt. Jcsiah V.'ln-low of FrcetowTx entered his purpose of 
luarriagc to ye widow Ilnnnali Boot'n of Middloborou^h r'^ebruary 
the 11" 3 7/. 3 

"^"~ ■ ^-9 

Isanc Kov/land of MiddlGboi-o' entered riis purpcoo of ri-arrlai^c 

to Kathorina Howard of Froctovai July the 11" 1740 

Jairios Brayiiiaa of Freotovni enLorod his purpose of marriage 

to ye V.'idov/ Bothlah Kathway of Berkley "ovciabcr the 4" day 1740 

Capo. Josiah Wlnslovv of Freotov/ri entered his purpose of 
marriage to I'artha Kathv/ay of Freetown I.'ov.cii'ocr 15" 1740 

Joseph Davis yo son of Thonas Dfvis of Freetov/u enti'— , his 
purpce o of niarr:^ a,;;e. to I-lary Soul of DartniOuth Decet.'iber 25 day 

Eleazer IIlcliols entered his piii'pose of riarriage to I.'ary 
Tisdale both of Freetown Jraiuary the 18" day 1740 

Thomas V.'inslov/ of Freotov/Ti entered his purpaso of marriage 
to Mary Hoar of Dighton September 25d day- 1740 

' Idaac Rlcket of Froetov/n entered his pui'pose of marriage 
to Susanna Tounson of Berkley February the 17" day A.D. 1740 

Thomas ITeaver of Freetown entered his p\irpo3e of irnrriage 
to Eannah Soul of Tiverton April the 21" day 1750 

Thoims 2vens entered his purpose of marriage to Kanrtah 
Kathway both of Fi'eetown April the 25d doy 1750 . 

Thoriias Gaige of Frectov/n ye 2d (entr. his purpose of 
marriage) to Cloe Hurtles tone of Dariuouth the 12" day of 
I.:ay " 1750 

IiicViard Durfeo of r'rootown entered his purpose of marriage 
to uebccca Dole of Plyiaouth J-anc the IG" day 1750 

Joirn John Fi-ancis entered iiis purpoc-e of marrics^.c to Sarah 
Burden both of Freetown July 14" 1750 

Blisha Hatch of Froet<"'wn entered his purpose of iiiarriage unto 
-^lizaboth Tjioui-^G of Dai.'t.,!Oiifn /'.U'yast the 11" A.D, 1750 
1750 S.jptcmbei' C" Elijah Parker resident in Fi'ootovri entered hie 
purpose of i.'.arringo to Abignil roliuos of uochester (1750) 

Capt. JoGiah V:in3lo\/ of-FrocLown outored his purpose of rriari'la^^o '-^/ 

to ''ary Jono3 of Berkley Sep'ceialior C" 1750 

Benjamin Clcavlc:"id of Freetown entered hi3 purpose of marriai^e to 

Jei'usha Rourid to Kehoboth Octouof* 20" 1750 

Richard '.VatoriHan of Sv/ancey Indian man entered hia purpose of 

marriage unto Kc-.roiah Ramsdale Indian woiaan roaident in Fi-eotown 

TIov; ye od day 1750 

Poleg Diorfee entered his purpose of marriare to Hannah Chase both 

of Freetown Febmary 10" 1750-1 - ; 

Jeremiah Sii.n.ions of Freetown encerej his purpose of mai'ria^^e to 

Ruth T\\bs of Berkley Febiniary 20 175-1 

John Vi'arren of Goshen in the Province of ilev/ York now i-csident 

in Freeto'wn entered hia purpose of laarriage unto Juditii Ricurd 

of Freetown Febr-oary 20" 1750-1 

V.'nereas I, Judith Kicard of have been published to 

John V.'arren of Goohon abovosd foi' soiue reasons to be given- at- a 

convenient season I do Ibis 27" day of Fobi'uary 1750/l prott-st a 

object against any further proceedings herein. Given ui'ider i,:y 

he r 
hand in Freetown this 27" day of February 1750-1 Judith X Ricard 


Benjaiiln ITogus of Freotov/n entered his purpose of i.-Jirriage 

to-. Issahcl Sholdcn of V.'arrentoii in Rriode Island Govcir. i.iorit 

I.'ay yc 25" 1751 

Thomas Vrnite of Freetown Jr. entered his purpo;; c of'i'iage (to) 

Elizabet'n Jeniicns of I)artmout]i July L'ne 20" 1751 

3oth Crapo of Roches tei' cnter'od his purpose of marriogn uiito 

Abigail Palmer of Freetovcn July t'no 20" 1751 Ciiase of Frcetowri entered liis p\irpose of r.j.rriagc to 

I.Iary Ba;.go of Fr^-otov.-u ;.ugu,3 1 the IV" 1751 

Joseph Iain Jr. of Freetown entorC'I his purpose of mai-oiage to 

ElcaTxor Stowar-d of Rociieatr.r ScptCiabcr t'nc 25" iv;..! 

Soth ChaGo of Fruolov/n. entoroi hia pui'pooc of marrla;_;;e to ' 

Philip Tain Ox" Rhodo lalaud llovcmbor Iho 7" 1751 . ' 

Clivor Read enterod his pui^pono of luarriaco to Hannah Collena 
both of Freetov.-n Jnnviary tho 25'1 1752 

Jcinc s Eiini-stur entci'od his purpose of raarriagc to Judith Ricard 
both of Freetovni February the 18" ■ .' 1752 

Joseph Landed of Siiorborn entered purpose of inarrj.aiio to 
Phcbe Terry of Freetown July tlia 1" 1752 

V.'llliaiii 1,'osher of Dartmouth entered his purpose of marriage to 
Hannah T/xusto^i of F;.-eoto\vn July tlao 1" 1752 

Isaac Hatfiav/ay t/ie second of Free town entered his purpose of 
niarria<30 to Phobo Eailey of Tiverton in Rhode Island July 1" 

John Allen of FToeto'.vn entered his purpose of marriage to A^-i^ail Tearc: 
of Taunton July ye 1" 1752 

Ephraini Shav/ of Rhodo Island entered his purpose of Hiarria^e to 
Irar^o Hathv/ay of Fractown July 18'' 1752 

Job Gibbs' entered -his :pui"po-rG of marrio^jc to Ruth Francis both ' ' 

of Fi'-eotown August the 8" 1752 

Abiel Kath\.ay Oiitei-od his purpose of marriage to I'atthov/ 
Hathvav botii of Frooto\rn Au^Ais t the 17" 1752 

V.'illian Tarhcr of Freetown entered his purpose of irarrlfigo to 
Sary Tobcy of DartUiOUt;: So'pte-.r,jcr tho 2od 1752 

'..illiari Davis Juaior of Freetown ensured his purpose of iiiarrlai;,c 
to Euvlah Kach ef Sctiato Febriury the 6" 1753 

^.'dol Davis cnterai his purpose of ith-irriaoe.. to Susanna Ga^e 
^oth of Fi'SoLown I'ovciii'ocr the 11" 1752 

^avid Brlt.f^s oC Borlrlcy entered his purpose of ivarrla^^o to 
'•■^"i'l Cudwerth Junior of FrcoLo\.n M.-ircii tiie 20" 1753 

I ^ohn Cx'ano of Dorklcj tl'io entered /lis of ii.Arria-c 
S ^'^ Rcoiiol Terry of l''r.-e towi: fnc 50'' day of Karch one thousand 

so van hundred ^c fifty tlireo 1753 

Jacob Stran^^o of "ov/port In Hhodc Island Govcrnmont onterod 
his purpose of mari'iaoo to Content Bo.cgs of Froetov/n tho 
tenth day ♦ 1753 

Benjaiain Pottoi" entered his purpoG o of nrxi-rle^^c to ]-'ary 
Eujnistor both of Freetown July tho 3l:x:th 1753 

Joslah Kaalcell of Frectov/n entered his purpose of innrria<^e to 
L'argrlb V.'encoat of L'iddleboroiigh July tho 21" 1755 

Benjariiii V.'eavor Jr. of Swansey entercrl his purpose of r.wrria^e 
to Joanna Barnaby of Fi^eetov/n September the first 1753 _ ' 
Edward ?ain entered his purpose of rrarriage to lilllzabctii 
Steward both of Freetown Sept, the 8" 1753 

Mt. John Read entered his pui'poae of r^arria^^o to Karj-- Dodson 
both of Freetown September the 29" 1753 

Thonas Southworth of Freetown eiiterud his purpose of narria^^G to 
Mary Ward of Plymouuh, V.'ldow October the 11" • 1755 

Henry Tew of Di~iitoiJ entered his purpose of marriage to 
Elizabeth Hat'nway of Frectuv/n October the 20" 1753 

V.'illiam Kathoway entered his purpose of marriaco to Reinciabcr 
Davis both o£ Froetovvn Soptember the 21" 1755 

Tho;aas Faliiior of rlanover in Pl^nnouth Co^ entorod his purpose of 
rnarrir.£;e to Sarah Collons of Freetov/n October the 20" 1753 
Joi'j D:.v1d of Frootov.a cntoroA hla pui-porio of iiiari'la[;;o ( to) 
Anrie Soul of Darriiouth lIovCi,iV)Oi' trie 12" 1753 

j.:iGu,uo ..liiUi.'u6 c'hteroa hio ii.touLioar, of narrlar-o to I.!ary 
Parke !■ bot?. of Freetown E'..cci;.bor t;ie 21" 1753 

Elija'u Ti.-;dnle of Eaaton resident of iyo(r)ton entered " 
hl3 intention of marriage to 'Mrlam Terry of Freetown :.!r:rch 
the 3d !17^>^ 

J-'-hn Freelovo o? Fi-ootowa entered his intentions of i,'\rria^o to 
I.:a7'.--ey C\^-' -■:. of D-.-tiaoutii V.Mdo\.- I,:r.rc}i tbu 17" 1750 

r^wr'.r.-i Slicriiiond of Kcxihoslor entored hia Intonlloao oT mp-rric^o 
to Lusaniian. Hatriv/iiy W.'dovv luai^ch the twenty fourth 1759 

Bonjamlh ,Toj::pklriu fehtei^od his Intentions of man-ia^Q to 
Cusaiina Loan both of rrocito''.rn Dotembcr the IG" 1753 

Daniel Aztlll of Berkley entei^ed his intentions of marriage .to") 
phebe Road of P'rcetova'. Januax'y tho tentri (day) 1750 

David Cudv;orth of Froctov.-n entered his intentions of ir^rria^jO to 
Phebe Drlnkwater of Dighton r'ebruary the 5d 1753 

Jacob Strange of I^'ewport in Rliodc Islani Gov errir.iont wintered 
his intentiono of rnarria;_,e to IClizaboth V.'lnslov/ of Frcctov/n 
June ye 14" day 1754 

Fraetov.'ii JUiie tho 20" 1754 Then Cojitent Ea^^s forbid the 
banns of tho above sd proceedings by setting up a paper lender the 
publis'uiient of her own hand for that purpose 

Sylver. tor Chilse of V.'ai'i-en in tiic colony of Rhode Island 
entered his intentions of irai-ria^c to Joanna V.eavor of Freetown 
Kovembor yo 25" 175S 

Martin Booiiior entered his intentions of r.iarria-je to 
Jemiraa Elsbree both of Freetown October the 21" 1753 

Paul Perry of Tiverton eiitei'ed his intentions of marriage to 
Drusilla Hathway of Freetov.ii October the 4" 1753 

Shoman I'erarivell entered h.l^ intentiorje of raarrJa^e to !.!aroy 
Kiinels both of Froeto^/n Kovciiibor the 4" 175S 

/uuos 3noll of Fx'ectov.n entered hla intentions of iv.ari'la^j^e. to 
Lusanna Rnn-all of Dartmouth llovoiat'cr ye 11" 1753 

Jaiaes Cuf.worth of F'reetC'V.n unteroA his intention.': of !..'irriai;^e to 
AaiuG Rryarit of Situate T:oveia"?er t;i0 j.8" 1753 

Gcr."hoiic Iiov. IcMid of I.;iddleboi'Ou^h entered his intoitlonc of 
iiiarrif;;o to Dlii:.abct}i Farkoi' of Froetow/i April ^e 1'' day 1753 
kichard Collin- ento?.'od ziis int-.nll ons of j,;a:;riny_o to Grace 
Read both of Fi-cetrov.T.. Vs-.y tlhe tVi'rd 175G 

Aoiel Sjaith entered hiy intentions of ■ riiarria;;e Lo Else Stran;_;o 
both of Freotov/n June the first day . 1750 

Joshua Booiiicr the second entei'ed his intentions of marriage to' 
Kebecca Klsbroe both of Freetown'. August tViO fourth 1753 
I.Iellatiah Kathv/ay of Taunton entered his intentions of rr^arriaco 
to Sarah Kin^ of Frcotov/n Au£3U3t the twenty fifth 1753 
Peter V.'eaver of Swansay entered his intentions of i.nri-iaj^e to 
Lydia Davis of Freotov/n February the fifteenth 1754 

Thor.ias Davis Junior of Freetown entered his intentions of niari'la^G 
to Hannah V.'ood of Dartniouth V'idov; March the tv/onty third 1754 
Benja'airi Babbit of Berkley entered his intentions of iv.arriaf^c to 
It'ary "CerelilS"of Freetown April the sixteenth 1754 

Joseph Road Junior entered his intentions of iiiarria^,e to !'ary 
Cornal "Both" of Fi-eetov.n u'over.iber the twenty sccorid 1754 
David Eriant of vSltuate entered his intentions of liiari'ia^c to 
Lydia Cudv/orth of Freetown, tiiC daughter of David Cudwcrth 
Nov. yo 6" 1754 

Jolin Dean of Dighton entered his intentions of marriage to 
Susanna Brightr.ian of Freetown December the seventh 1754 
Gideon Buths entereA his intentions of u^arria^e to Else 
Buffin^ton both of Freetown December the 21" 1754 

Jereralah Sir.:uojis of Frectowp. entered his intentions of i.arris^c 
to Fxpcrien.ce I.Iillard of Rehoboth December the twoiity fifth 1754 
/vRibrose Cleveland of Freetown entered his intentions of rnrria^e 
to "Calurah" (Keturali) Bri^L'.s of Berkley i'ovenber the tw-i^i-ty 
seventi: 1754 

Joseph Yrlontine of Freetown critcred his intentions of i.-^rria^c 
to I-''''n-iah Stra^i^e of I'ev/port in Rhode Island Gov.' r, •."'.ant 
January yo 25" da> 17^5 

Abiel C'naso of Tr.untcn entered his int'jntion.*: of i::-irriaje to 
ALitfi Ea.--,^-,s of Fi'cetov/n V'^ebruai-y the two.-.ty foiu't-i 1755 

9 5 

;.'r. ThoMCio Galj: of Fi'C-otowr. entered his Intcnlloas oT i,ari"la(;o 
to Re'riocca V.'llcox oT Tiverton iu uhodo Island Governnient 
April the eighth 1755 

Thomas Thiicton entered hia intentions of iriiirria^o to r,lizabeth 
Perco of Sv/ansey I'ovenbcr the twenty ninth 1755 

John Perce of niddleborou^^h entered his intentlonc of r.urria^e 
to Sarah uoui"»ccvoll of Freetown kaVy the twenty third 1755 
Bonnet 2aley of Tiverton in Raoclc Island Govcr-iir.ient ontcrod 
his intention of marriage to rnidence Kathv/ay of Froetov/n 


BenJBTain Kni;^ht of Tiverton entertd his intention of luarx'ia^.e 
to Ruth Frances of Freetov/n July the third 1755 

Aiubrose Draley Junior of Frectowij 6ntcx'e:' his intentions of 
marria^-,e to "feby" Wescot of I.'lddlcb'oro' Aut^ust the second 


Ivlay ye 29" 



Stephen Boi-dexi entered his intentions of iiirirriaj^e to 
Diana Dodson both of Freetown Aurust the fifteenth 1755 
Barnabas- Spooiier of Dartiiiouth entered his intentions of i'larria^c 
to Joanna botar of Freeto^/n Ccitober the eighteenth 1755 
Guilford Hath'.vay entei>ed his intentions of iriirilage to Rebocca 
Durfee both- of Freetown Deccnber th.c -1" day 1755 

Joseph JonoS of Taunton entei-el his intentions of r;^-.rrla^,o to 
Dority fajn of Freetown Jraiuai'^ the twenty sixth 1756 

Samuel Valentine Junior entered his intentions of linrriago to 
'■■f-ry Evins both of Freetown JcJiuary the thirty first 1756 

V.'llliara Turner of Mew 

iJUx'o in i 

vhode Island entered his lnteritio;i 

C'f iaari\iage to I'argrct Terry of Freetov.n February the second 

"lay 175G 

•• -■ahaia r.ordt^ni (of Freetown) cntei'ed his Interitions of jnarrlji^e 

to Ann I.'uiuord of Tlvci'ton in Phodo Island Fubru.-'.ry the 

LctTiUol KancOip. of Fx'cqtov/ii entered liic intunbiona of irari-la^^o to 
Inary Fvlclcots of Middloborou^ii February the aixtuc/ith 17oG 
Thonas '.Vest of Fr-eetov.-n entere"r his Intontlona of irarrlaf^^c to 
I.'arcy Parker of Erld£,c\vater Iloj/ciuVier the twentieth 175G 

TAiorcas LIr. Thoraaa Gaise of Freotov.Ti has entered his 
intentions of Liarrla^c to Rebecca Wilcocks of Tiverton April 
the 8" 1755 before the foi-crtecn days was expired of the pub- 
lication I received a letter from thcM v.hlch la as f ollo'.veth 

April ye IG" 1755 To AV)lcl Terry of Freetov;::, v/hereas 
we the subscribers do stand published by you In sd to"-'-; we have' 
agreed to have sd publishmcnL, taken dov.'n before the fcui^teen 

I days are expired as the lav: directs and desire you to confona there- 


? unto fc'r v;e have a::;reod not as to marriage as yet. Given under 

our hands In presence of John Bur ring ton Thoi.ias Oalgo 

which letter I received x\pril ye 13" 1755) Rebecca X V.'lllcocks 

J ■ trk 

Able 3. Terr\'- Tov;n Clerk 

?'r. ThOiUas Galge of Freetovrn entci^ed his intentions of r.urrlago 

to Rebecca V.'llcoclio of Tivcrtov/n, '.Vldov;^ Au-^us t t'lc 5" 1755 

Sarriuel Ridei^ of Dartmouth entered his intentions of znarriagc to 

Sarah Thurston of Freuto\.'n Eepterioer the nineteenth 1755 

Lien Robci"l I'lllaru entered hl3 ' ateritioiiS of luaiTlago to I'arcy 

k'egurs bofn ox Frectov/n September tiic eighteenth 1755 

Thciaas V.'escott Junior of liiddloboro ' entered his intentions of 

laarrlage to Eli/,a'v'th Braley of Fi'setov/n GeptCMbei- the cightee:ith 

i- I ^^ 

And on the r^o" of tiio above sd Ceptei.ibcr then received a 
D.etter directed to rac vnid-jr the bnncl of the afo"''e3d F.llzabeth 
Trraley (\,hleh) is ao follov,ot;;» Tl^osc lir.'.;.'j ore to desire you to 

taku cov/n tiiat ]■" blishiriOn.t t}:at is of T;.ciir<s '.■.'estcutt Jr. and 

hor braloy for i^-^iO forbid-" tl-.-j saji:e Elizabeth X Praley 

Attest /.biel 'X'.yr; Ten Clork 

Jacob Davia entoi'od hii; intentiouc oT iiiari^iu^o to Cilvo Ciiri.30 
both of Fi'cotov/ri OcLo'ooi' tlio tenth 1755 

Beojauiln Rend entered his" Inten tlona of marriage to Carah 
Evlns the second ooth of Fi'cctcv.'n Septeiaoer the IC" 1753 
AdaiVi look of Rochester entei'ed his Intention oT i;arria^o to 
Sarah Pi-eelove of Frectov/n September the sixteenth 1753 
luai'tin Boomer entered his Intentions of r,urriaij;e bo Jcr.ii-r.ia 
Elsbree both of Freotov/n October the tv.onty fii-st 1753 
Thoi.ias Pratt residing in Freotov/n entered his intentions of 
marrla^^e to I.'arcy Jonos of Freetov.-n May the sevucith day 175C 
Jaraos Laak of Tiverton entered liis liitontions of i,;arria. o to 
Rebecca Braton of Freetowi-i I.Iay the 7" day (1756) 175G 

Elijah Hach of Frectov/n entered his intentions of irarriaj;e to 
Kezlah Barrov/ of Middle borou^^h April the sixth 175G 

Stephcii Baker of Taunton entci-ed his intentions of i.varria^je to 
Mary Kathv/ay of Freetov/n "ay the 21" 175G 

John "Evicnr." (Evin;:.} entered his Intentions of ivarria-L.' to 
I'atthon Tisaale V/idov/ both of Fr-v-cto-w-ii October the 2d 1750 
Benjamin Tubbs residing in Frcotov/n entered his ir;tcnti('nc ux 
marriage to L'ary Tubbs of Berkley l:oveinl;or the 5" j.75C) 
Sai;iuol Tui'l'is of Fr'eetov/n entered his intorxticns of i,.;.i'ria£;c to 
I.'ar(j,aret Babbit of E'Ui-kley llov ■z'.],ihcv the fifth 175G 

Felo^j Tliurston of Froetov/n enlcrca his intontioixs of r r.rria^-.e to 
Ahiir.e (Ahiy) r^arton of V.'arren in RIioIj Islcind kover.bor ye G" 175G ■ 
Leonard Carlisle of Frceto\/n cntcired his iiit cnti oris oC iaarrin^',e 
to "otty Burnal of Glooccstoi- in the county of Essex Vo^-civAzv 
yo G'' 175G 

Jsi::es Hathv;ay entered his iritentioTis of niarriar^c to I.ydia Pa.'n 
V.'idov.- botV' of to./.) B,;cei;;bcr yc v" day 1750 

Lieu. Joslr.h V.'inslov/ yc 2d of thit rifiia of Freotov/ii entui'cd his 
iutontiOi'iS of Im'^.t 1' Inj- to j\bokt Ch" of Litt!l-.; Co::i"-ito:i in yo 

Col5ny of Khodo Island -Duccubei' yo 1-1" 1750 

Joreniiah Sinmiona ontcrod his inttnLlons oT ncrriai^o to Ruth 
TuVo3 of Taunton Joiiuary the scventli day 1757 

Abner Smith entered his intentl'cfns of marriage to Delivcranco 
Cud worth both of Freetown January yc 22d 1757 

Francis Harrison entered his Intentions of niai-rla£;o to I'ohc Label 
Thurston both of Freetown j.'ay the 15" 1756 

Thonias Clerk entered his intentions of warrlo^je to I'ary Brauinan 
both of Frootovm January yo twenty ninth day 1757 

Francis Braton of Frostovm entered his intentions of niarriai^o to 
Cattrem Iluttloston of Dartmouth January ^e tv/eiity ninth 1757 
Ebenezer Dean of Di^hton entered his intentions of narrla^jC to 
j.!ary Read of Freetown February the twenty el£;i"ith 1757 

Jonathan Dg^vls entex^ed his Intenllons of inarrla^e to Ruth Ea^^[v3 
both of Freetown February the twanty ei^jhth 1757 

Barnabas Canody of Taunton entered his Intentions of marr'ia^e to 
Eetty Hathway of Freetown April the twentieth 1757 

Benjamin Grcricl Junior entered his intentions of rrrirrla^^e to 
Lydla Hathway both of Freetown Juno the eleventh day 1757 
Jaines Laddock late from i.iiddleboro' now residing in Freetown 
entered his Intentions of r.iarrla^e to /um Kacksui.i of Freetown 
July ye 8" 1757 

Sar.n.iel entered his Intention.^ of marriage to Cylvca 
V.'iiislo-.v both of Freetown Septeinbcr the' 10" 1757 

"Iciiard Curbc;. of Dart;:;oat?i entered his l;it cr.tlons of^o 
to Rebecca '.Vlnslov/ of Fi'Oeto'...: CoLober the first day 1757 
3enja:,ilii Dean of DJij^-itoii entered his intentions of i-.arria^,o to 
-••■iry Turner of Freetown tho firtoepth 1757 

v-'oeo]-,h Rouncevol cr.terod his Intention:, of raari'la^e to Ciiarlt'^'' 
".sooner joth of }"i'octov;n Kovoiriber the fifth. 1757 

^' -25- 

I ],'atLho\/ Doouicr ciitei-ei liio iiitcn'oionG of raari'lajjO) to Jcua 

I T.'ollo both Ox Froetov/ii irwcnibor the alxteonth 1757 

Richard ColllU'^s of Fi-ootov/n entered his intcutloMG ox iuarrla^o 
to Elizabeth Ridor of Dartmouth "ovenibar the tv/eaty aixth 1757 
I Nathaniel Blethen of Cwansoy ent-jrcd hi3 IntenLioriS of uiari'ia£;o 

I to "ai-y Valentine of Froutov.Ti DocembGr the tenth day 1757 

I John Ferry of Sv/ansey entered his Intontlous of iiiarria(j,e 


I to Matthew Wood V.'idov/ of Freotov/n April the sixth 1759 

I Josiah Brav.'.'nan of Freetown entered his intentionc of idarria^e to 

.1 Anno Richer of ""oton" ("orton) Ar>ril tlie thirteenth 1750 

David Cudv.orth of Froctc>v.Ti entered his iiitentiona of ni-j. .-.■^iago to 

Fhebc Lrinl-r.vatcr of '^\f^:^' 'yci. February the second 1759 

Edward Shcrr^an of I.addll.cboro' entered xiis intentions of iaarria£;;e 

to Lusanna Ilathway of Freetov/ii V.'idov; i.'t'.rch the 2od 175S 

fioner iij.ns.LOV.' ox xreeoown eni^crco. j.niy en'Jxons Cx iiiiri'iair^e to 

Rebecca Fathv/ay of Freotov;n aforesaid July the 15" 1759 

Job Pain entered his Intentioris of runrria^e to Kannah Terry 

both of Freotov.-n August the 15" 1759" 

Eenja:iiin Eordcri of V.'arren ij-i the colony of Rhode Island entcica 

his intentions of iTiarriagc to Rebecca Borden of Frcotovni 

Septoiubcr the o" 1759 

Hcllet wichcl of Dprtrnouth cr.torel his intentions of irarria^o to 

Ruth V'inslov; of Froetovn Se-otcn:ber the 15" 1759 


llaLjian RoaJ entered his intentions of marria(^e to Phcbe 
Teri'y both of rrcotov.ii Februax^y tho 18" 1775 

Wilbur Southv.'icl: of Rochester entered his intention:: of 
marrlai^o to Lola Ropor of Freotovrn February the lo" 1775 

Jolm Shaw of Dartmouth entered his intentions of marrlai^o 
to Lovisa V.'inslow of Froetov.Ti October the 5" 1775 

David Douglass of Frectov.-n enLored his intentions of mar- 
riage to Rachel 3r'l|^£G of Berl:lcy February the 10" 1775 

Weston V.'lnslo'.v of Cartiiiouth entered his intentions of 
marria'^c to Elli^abcth Wlnslow of Freetown Decciaber the C" 1775 

Abner Easklns of Froetov/n entered his intentions of marria^^o 
to Susanna resident of sd towTi ^ay yc 5" 1775 

Elijah Borden entered his intentions of niarrlage to Sarah 
Parker both of Freetov.Ti Nov^raber the 25d 1759 

Isaac Butts of Dart:^out;\ entHred his intentions of r.:arrlaro 
to Wait Cain of Freetown lloverabcr the 2C" 1750 

Joseph Read the third of that naiae in Fi-eotov.n entered 
his intentions of marriage to I.'ary Knoldos of Swansey December 
ye 2d 1750. 

Thoinas Ilasl'ns entered his intentions of iiiarriaj^e to I'ary 
SoOjj both, of Fi^eetov.n Deccrnbor the 25" 1750 

lot IIa1"hav/ry entered his intentions of iiiarria20 to I'arccy 
. Kai!}iv/ay both of Freoto\."a February tiio 23d 1760 

Ebonczer Barrowy entered his Iritenfcl ons of i.ri.rrla(_,e to 
Susanna Par':or botii of Freetown I.'larch the 15" 17G0 

Nathan Si:...:.cns Jr. entered his intentions of n^arriare to 
Lydia Bc>rnaby bot:i of Freetov.n .'pril tho 5" 17G0 llathway of Frectc\..n entered his inLv-'Utions of ' 
inarria^.e to Abigail Babbitt of Berkley April the 12" 17C0 

Tlio;.'.ri3 p'reclvT.'^ entci'ei liis Int jntj. c;\fi of ii.arriaj^.c to 

A:i3tru3 Stuard of Tiverton In tho Colony of Rhode Island / C?-> 
February tho 2od 17G0 

James Gifford of Dartmouth entored his intentions of 
marriage to Tabitha Dnvis of Freetown April the 12" 17G0 

Barnabas V.'inslow entered his Intention of ri-arria£;e to 
Sarah Terry both of Freetown April the 2C" • 1760 

Thomas Wood of Little Compton in the Colony of Rhoilc 
Island entered his intention of marriaj^e to Lusanna V.'inslov; 
of Froetov.-n ?.:ay yc 5d 1760 

John MajLuaett of Dartmouth entered his intentions of iriarriago 
to Pi'isclllu Falincr of Freetov^n I'ay the 24" 1760 

John rclson of Mlddleborough entered his intentions of 
D'arriage to Hope Still Rourisewell of Freetown I.'ay the 24" 1760 

Jonathan Collins of Freetov:n entered liis Intentions of 
marriage to Sarah Rider of Dsi^'tmouth Jvme the 23" 1760 

Saiiiuel Paj-iuor enoex'eci xixS inuejioj-ons Ox rxirrxage ^o ...arj 
Park-jr both of Freetov.Ti July tho IC" 1760 

V.'illiaia Terry of Freetov.-n entered his intentions of marriage 
to L'ary Balccr of Sv.ansoy October the 11" 1760 

Samuel Fdwards entered his intentions of marriage to Judah 
Parker bot'a of Freetov.'n October the 11" 1760 

Vracrca:-' Sai.aiol Sdv;ardG and Judah Parker both stand cnlscred 
ar.d publichcd iri order for laarriagc, I, F-ottey Parker the wife 
of Josopii Paricer and laother of the abovesald Ju:lah Parker for 
some reasons to be given at a convenient time, do this 15" day 
of Cctober 1760 pi'oter.t and object against any furtlicr proceed- 
ings he ruin, '.Vhereof I, the above nemod BeLtey Parker 
hereunto set my hand the day and above written 


r>3ttcy X Parker 
i.ia rk 

Cor.sidei' ICiug of Roehccber entorca his li'itentlona of i.crriage 

to Garak V ^'^.u. .v of Freelc.n ac^ob..,r 2C'' 17v0., 

Jolin Bennett of "idciloL)oroU(3h cntox^ed hia Intontloii or /V 3 

r.iai'riaij,c to Jcdidah White of ?i'bCto\;n Noveir.bex' 2d 1760 

Soiuuol '.Veavor of Swonoey ontfai'od his Intontioiia oT laarriavo 
to Wait Road of rreotov;n uecoiat/er the 5" 1760 

llathaniol Braloy ontsrod hia Intention of iriarriRt?,o to Sarah 
Runnels hoth of Freetown Jexiuary the 3d 17G1 ' • 

Jacob Benson entered his intantions of niarriajj^e to Rebecca 
Juclcet Loth of i-'rectov.r. January the 3d 1701 

James Ediuister entered his lntention3 of Marriage to I'lrlam 
Phillips "both of Free town Januai-y the 17" 1761 

Zephaniah Hathaway and Martha Ciiase both of Fi^'cetown 
entered theJ.r intentions of marria^-^o February the 21" 17G1 

Joseph Jonen of Taunton entered his intentions of imrrlage 
to I.'^ary Jucket of that part of the tov.Ti that iins boon lately 
annexed to this to-.'n of Fi'Octov;n April t'no 11" 1761 

William Borden Ji?. of Fre e c own ( raid Rua&uia}:) er.'cei'ed "nls 
intentiOiiS of r.iarria^e to Kuharr.ah Ginings of TivcrLori in the 
Colony of Rhode Islcjid May the 2od 1761 

Job Dur fee of Tiverton entered his intentions of j::::.rriaL5C 
to Sarah Braton of Froetovn iyovciri)Gr the 6" IVGl 

Percevel As/iley of Freetovrn entca-ed his intenticns oT 
mai'rla^^e to Anne Bishop of Roclvjster June the 2d IVGl 

LinclV Mayo of Middle borour^h ei;tercd his intenLlons of 
warria^.o to Marcey Griffith of Freetown Juiie the 6" IVGl 

Siraruons Pain entered his intentions of niivrria^.e to Susr.nna 
Ea£;gs bot'u of Freeto'.Tn ye 4" ' ; . 17G1 

Job V.'ilcox of Fracto'.vn : entered his jn tent ions of r.;arria^e 
to Elizabeth Merhev,- of l"a-^t:r.out}i ye 11" IVGl C'..lworth. entered liis intentions of marriage to I!ary 
Pain both of Frectov.n Au^st the 8" IVGlc 

James Gi:r;^r-e entered his intentions o^ nurric-c to Diadj:.a 

J. Oi 

Kathv/ay both of ?i'ootov,n Au^uat the 31" 17G1 

Lemuel V/inolow oritorod ali: indentions of raiTia^jO to 
Abigail Kalhv/ay trith of Frectoviw oopteir.bcr the 20" day 17G1 

Williciin Road onterud his Intentions of irjiTi'io.^Q to Ruth 
Evans both of Frectov.Ti October tho 24" 1761 

John '.'illard of Freetown entered his intention of marria^ic 
to Kuldah Forrin^ of V.'arohaia Sopteiabor tho 4" 1761 

Ar.ios Snell Jr. of Froetov/n entered his intentions of 
marriage to Sarah parlrer, widov;, of Dartmouth October tho 
51" 17G1 

Clother Hathway of Freetown entered his intentions of 
mari'iage fo Dorcas V.'richtin^ton of Dighton lyovcrabcr the 21" 1761 

Noah Edi.-iister of Frectov.Ti entered his intentions of n^rriage 
to Louise Bri£5S of Berkley I'over.iber the 21" 17G1 

John lilcholn of Eerirlcy entered his intentions of j.xirrlage to 
Hannah Volcntino of Fraetownj wldov.'^ January the 2d 17C2 Dorfee entered his intentions of irarrij.^;^ to Huth 
Borden both of Frectovm, Jiciiury tiu. 30" 1762 

Caleb Ciiuse Jr. of Freetown entered his iiitentions of hiarriage 
to Sarah Chase of Swanccy, Febrrary tho 15" 1762 

Elkajiah Eobit of i.'iddleboi'ou^h entered his intentions of 
marriage to Hopcstill Edjuister of Frcetowii Fcbi-uary tr.e 20" 17C2 

Eleclovs Reynolds Jr. of I'ludlcborough entered his intentioiis 
of carriage to I.^ary Chase of Freetown ?.:aroh the 12" 1762 

Jolvn Sii.i.iions resident of Freetovn entered his intentions of 
raarriage to Eliriabeth De"oranvillc of Dai'tu-ovitli April tho 21" 1762 

Josepli Pool of Ferklcy entered his intentions of j;^\rria^;o to 
tu.'Y of Froeto>.n I'tiy tho 8" ' . 1762 

Eon jaiiiin Cri\'\o of Eerklcy entered his Intcnticrs cf J.-nrrisr,e to 
Tryph'^njL }^'i b]T„-ay of Freetovn Fohrr.ary the 5" 1765 

Seth ^tiys, Resideijt of rreetov.:; entered his intoTitions of 

i;iArrl£;£;,tD to iatlonco FlGlior oC Dartmouth, wldov/, Januixry tho 

2nQ 1762. 


i Dan Tow of Dighton entorod his Intentions of marrla-e to ' ■ 

I Kesiah Hath-way of Frectov.n Jilnc the 12" 17G2 

^ Charles Cudv/orth of (Si-hton) Freotov/n entered his intentions 

I • of n-arriage to Mary Dranv/alter of Dighton July the 10 1762 

I Ryel Lav/ton of Newport in cho Colony of Rhode Island entered 


I his intentions of marriage to rhcbo Ba~g3 of Froetowri July tho 

I 10" 1762. 

\ Charles Church of Fi' entered hi3 intontlono of n.-'irriaco 


I to Lilies Eov.'on of owansey July the 24" 1752, 


-f Barnabas Canady of Taunton entered his intentions of ii^>r2-ia£,c 


'■ to Elizaboth Barnaby of Freetown July the 31" 17C2 

I . Charles Chase resident of Freeto'.vn entered his iritentioris 

I of .raarrlacre to Kuldah Hathaway of Frjotov.n July the 51" 1762 

I ElectiOuS Reynolds of Middle boroui_;h entex-ud hlo lnL-jaLlv<:i^ 


Saniu'jl Tubbs ^r, of Berkley entered his intentic.-.j of 

rriarrla[^e to Hannah Extell of Freetov;-n August tho 21" 1762 

V.'illiaiu Jcperson of the town of Duglass entered riis i;.ttjnllc:".c 

of nai'rinGe to Elizabeth Parker of Frootcv.Ti Au^. yc 27" 176;? 

Benjai.'iin Benson resident of rrcetcv.n entered his intentlcrin 

of raarricgd to !.!ary Juckct of Freotov/n ITovcn.ber yo 13" 1762 

Sanuol Fi'oelove entered intentions of ir-arria^e to ITdc^..1 

Froelove both of Frootov.-n ITovenibcr ye 22d 17C2 

Christopher Fox of Froctov/n entered his Intc^iitior.s of J.'."r2"lr-e 

to Phebe Williai'.s resident of datod Be cc >..'.: c-r yo 10 1761-. 

Cornelius V/orron of Tivo^.-ton ontei'cd his inLen'cio.:.: cf r.-.^rr';,^ : 

to Mary Terry cf Freetown Dccc.v.bor tho 2 1" 176:; 

Ic}i.-'j.bod Johnson o^. I.'lddleboro-ii;r;b er.tercd lits ItiLc-nl'lcns cf 

maxvla^o to Mrry Asbiley of Frc^tC'wn Jr^nnrvy th;^ G" 1V63 

• Silas Terry of Frootov.n cntoi-eJ-hio intontions of narri&^o 
to Ellzabolh Tobcy of Dartnouth January the 15" ., 1763 

Thomas Jono n of Li^ixton entered his intentions of marria^^o 
• to V.'oalthy Torry of Freetown January the 15" 1763 

Sar.iucl V.'ari'on of Tiverton entered his intontiona of iriirriase 
to Elizabeth Parker of Freetavn January the 29" 1763 

Jcreriiah Cliaso of Dartnouth entered his intentions of juarrlago 
to Pennct Barden of . Frectov.-n Februc.ry ths 25" 1763 

Peter Snoll of Frectcvn entered his intentions of narriai^e 
to Phobo Tripp of Dartmouth !!arch the 12" 17G3 

Soloiuon Terry entered hie Intentions of raai'rlage to Susanna 
\Vinslov; both of PreetoTrn ?,'arch the IS" 1763 

Benjaiiiin I>arfec entered hi:; intentions of iua^ria^;;o to 
Borden both of Freetown -1" 1763 

Benjar.iin Porter resident in Freetov.-n entered his intentions 
of JTiarrla^e to Rebecca Tisdalo of Froetorrn I.!ay ye 7" 1705 

Zariel Haskell entered his intentions of ivjuTia-^c to Thank- 
ful V.'escoat both of Frectov.n r.:ay the 21" 1765 

Henry Bric-atr;&n entered his intentions of r.arriaeo to T'ary 
Reed both of Frectovrn the -i" of June 1763 

Reuben V.',' of Frcetov/n entered his intentions of ii^arriage 
to I'ary V.'ebster resident in r'raetov.n July the 2d 1765 

Abrahan SiLi:rtonr, entered his intentions of i.:arria£e to 
^ Susanna Pain both of July the 16" 1765 

Jonath" li Bi'iant of Frectovn entered his intentions of r.r.rria^c 
to Elizabeth Dli:k;/ater of Di^ht on July the 2?" 1765 

Shadrac-h Booti' of Freotov.n cntei-:;d his intcritions of i.'r.rrla^e 
to Shcba BL.iTlir.cs botbi of Fr-oetov.n Au;;ust t'ne G" 1765 

Roburt I>o.ri\:c of Froetc.ii ontevod his intentions of r.arrirvv^ 
to Eacanor Gr^ffoth, of Rochester Soptc^ibor the 51 1765 


Daniel Vialtinarsn of Dichtoa entered his purpose of L-arrla^^o 
to Lovlna Chase of Froetown Soptoriibor 25" 1763 

Stephen Eorcen the 2d entered his purpose of liiarrla^j^e to 
I'ary Church both of Froetov/n fectobor the 15" 1763 

Noah Chas<5 entered his purpose of marriaji^e to Phcbe Davis 
both of Freetov.-n lIoveLiber the 19" 1753 

John Pain of Frectov/n the 2d entered, his purpose of r^rriage 
to Barbary Rico of V/arwlck in the Colony of Rliode Island 
Decenber yc 2d 17G5 

Edv;ai'd Chase entered his purpose of rnarrla^^e to Ablr^ail 
Pain botli of Freetov.n Dccei.roor the 17" 17G3 

Sylvanus Strange entered his purpos2 of niarrjage to Fhobo 
Hathv/ay both of Freetov.n Decenber the IC" 17C3 

David Perl:ir.s entered his puipose o^ i,i?.rria^o to Zilph 
HatxiV/ay both of Frcotov.-n January the 14" 17G'i 

Zebedec Terry of Freetov/n entered his purpose of r.arrla<j;c to 
Earjiah V.'illio^as of Taunton Jaxuary the 14" 17G4 

Benjanin V.'oscoat of Freetown entered his purpose of 
inarriaG<3 to /jina Bla clamor of Dartmouth Jaauary the l^i" l7G-i 

SaTi'iUol Bra?.cy entwrud als purpose of narria^e to Sf;.i'ah 
Tailor both of Freetown March the od 176-^ 

David Peircc of I'iddlcborough entered his purpose of r.iarria^c 
to Abigail Kathv.ay of Freetovra April tlio 7" 17G-i 

•SaR.uel V/escoat resident in Freetov/n entered his purpose of 
iiiaiTia(;,o to Sarali Hall of 1,'lddloboroUi^h I.'ijy the 21" day 17G^. 

3enjai:;ii; Borden of Freetov/ri. entered his pvirpose of j.'jii-^ria£;o 
to Patience Barlcr of Middle borough i!oy the 2o" 17C'i 

Jonat)-?."' Soul entered his purpcsc of rr.rrlaGu to I'ary 
ClctiVj a':''.d bot]-' of fi-eetovn June the 9'' IVG-r V.'inslow ontored his purpose of j,.irrJago to Lydla 


i ul: 

Terry both of Juno tho 30" . 17C4 

Vi'illiam Joumicaon of Tiverton in yo Govoi-nii-j^nt of Rhode 
Island entered his purpose of marriage to /j^.no Eordon of 
Frecto'.vn July yc 20" 17C4 

Philip HatliT.-ay eriterod his purpose of riirriaj3Q to Lucy 
Vulentine both of Freotov/n August tho 5" 17G4 

Nathr.n Spooncr of Dartrr.outh entered his purpose- of narriago 
to Inda Ed'.vard of Frectovai September the 2od 1764 

Jaol Kathv/ay entered his purpose of marriage to Mary 
Chase, dau^jhtor of Goor£^e both of Frcetov,-n September yc 2ou 

Benjamin Cleveland of Fi'ootov.Ti entered his purpose of 
marriage to Eethltih V.Tiitny resident in Freetovr-n October ^e &" 
17G4 . • , 

Lyndc Volcntliic entered his purpose of marriage to Sarah 
Evens both of Froctovcn October the 13" 1764 

Ai7iOS Bourn of Sv/ansey entered his purpose of mirriage to 
Lovlso SiKur.ons of Frccto'.rn !^over.bor t}ie 10" 1764 

Michael Reynolds entered his purpose of Lari-iage to Marcy 
Chase both of Frootovrn ITovember the 10" 1764 

Abraham ITiloo of riddloborough entered his purpose of 
:narriage to l.arj Casewell resident of Freotov.n October the 13" 

Sylvester Sii:.:.cn3 of S-jansey entered liis purpose of mai-riage 
to Eli::abot)\ Br-' of Fro-jtovn Janu.iry tho 25 17G5 

Kathan Borden of Freetov/n entered hir, puvposc of r/iarrlago 

to Ilnnnah Pratt of :.:iddloboroug/i Februarv tho 2d 

1 ( I 

opViCn \'f.v^'.irc'i c>£ Grocn-i.ich in 


of Khcde Islanci 

c-ntered his p-;.rposo of i, to Grace Collins of Frcvtov.n, 
-.'dov/, ?' • >ry yc 24 17G5 

Daniel Aldrld^jo -ox S.viithriold ia the Colcriy of luiodo Island ' 

entered hio purpo"o oT i.r. rrlaj,o to Rcbocca Androso of Freotov.-n 
L^arcli tho 5d '. 17C5 

Elnathan Crape eatcred hl's purpose of r..arrlaijO to Else 
Snitri, Widov;, both of Frectov/n Jwnc the fxrst 17C5 

V.'illlam Roper resident of r'rcetovn'i entoi'ed hl3 purpose of 
luarringe to Lois '.Viuslo'j of Free town July 27" 17C5 

Joseph Church entered hir, purpooe of rrarrlnge to Sarah 
Brlclitrian both of Froetov/n Au;3U3t the 5d A.D. 17G5 

Daniel Boomer entarud his purpose of rrarriage to Harinah 
Church both of Freetown hi-Qxz':. 3d ■ 1755 

Jesse Bullock late of Rchoboth nov; of Fji-aotov.-n entered hlo 
purpose of i.inrrlaj;;e to !'uhctable Wlnslow of Frootov.n Septonber 
the 1" 1765 . ^ 

John Vfaite of Freetov/n entered his purpose of r.-^^vrrla^e to 
I'ary Hathway of Taunton Septeaber t/\e £0" 17C5. 

TiiOi.ias Gilbert of Berkley entoi'ed his purpose of rivn,rriago 
to Eliz.abetVi Ti^dale of Freeto'./n Cctober t'ne 12" 17G5 

Johui Volc:itino entered hj s purpose of inarrlfigc to Kani:ah 
V/inslov; both of Freeto'.Tn Ocboboi' the ' 12" AcD. 17G5 

Daniel Jucliet entered liis pva^por>e of ip.rriage to Hannah 
Kilos both of Fi'oetoyn llovci.iber the 17" 17G5 

BonjaiTiin V.'escoat of Froetcvn entered his p-ai''pose of i.'.roi'riage 
to Orange Lu'.-.bard of Yarr.out>i in the County of Barnstable Oct, 
yo 2G'' 17G5 C} entered "nis pui'posc of i-.iari-lagc to B^tty Doi; 
both of FroctcvM October the 30" A.^. 17G5. 

V/ai. t::r Chase the od entered hi." purpose of i-arrj.-go to "etty 
f:oran'-e bchV, of F-vctov;.. llovt-. >ber the 17" A.D. 17C5 

Poleg Gardnsr of ::^.Tr^oy Jr. Z: Lydia 5;lMi;-ons the dauglitor . 
of TTath.^v. SJ; ;i*^i-:., of Fj-ootov/a Dccoiuber the 20" 17G5 

// fj 

Capt. Lot Sti'an^e of Frootov/n entered his purpose of ' 

iTtarria^e to Ami Tripp of Tourtsmouth in yo Govornnicnt of R'nodo 
Island ■Jlovaiabor 17" '• * 17C5 

Job Grlm.ian of Swancoy entered his purpoac of i.iarria^jO to 
Lucretia Braynan resident of Freetown Deceriber the S" 1765 

Benjanin Hathv/ay of Freetov/Ti cnterod hia purpose of narrlage 
to Phcbo Burt of Berkley Jairaary the 11" 1766 

Ephrain Chase and Lydia Hathv.ay both of Frcetov.-n woi-e 
publisi'iCd at Fi' January tho 2G" 1766 

BenjaiTiin Read entered his purpone of niarria^e to Elizabeth 
Dodson both of Fi'oetov.n tho 7" day of Februcr-y 1766 

Elijah Mayo rosidont in Freetov.-n entex-ed his purpose- of 
marriage to Deborah Borden of I!arc)i the 7" 1766 

Silas Terry of Freetov.r. entered :;l3 purpose of rarricge to 
Sarah Terry of Dartmouth I.'arch the 29" 1766 

Jolin Cleric entered his purpose of marriage' to' Iif.nnah fchen 
both of Freeto\,n I.Iay the r-'5" 17C5 

Paul Cusljx'ian entered his purpose of r.iarriage to Aivno Parlrcr 
both of Freeto\ni Juno the 2 2d 17S6. 

Benjarain Cliass the od of Freetov/n entered lils p'urpose of 
marriage to Phebo Sirnaona of S-wanncy, August the G" 1760.--- 

!.'r, Saiuuel 'v^alentlr.o of Fror.'cowu entered his purpojc of 
carriage to I'rs. rvubocca Hall of Sv/ansey Septci.iber the 21" 17GG 

Gershora V.'odv.oll of Tiverton Jr» entered his purpose of uarrlpge 
to Huldah Fox of Frcotov-n Sept'.v.-iber the 21" 1766 

John Tei'ry Jr. entered \A.z purpose of n-.-.rriai,u to I'ax'y 
V/lnslov; both of Fi-ontov/n October- 12'' 1765 

John Pain t'ne 2d eiitereo Ills purooso of r,:arriage to *'ary 
Soul of Freetown 0:. lober tiio 18"' 1766 

Joseph Da:''i3 the 2d of Froetcv.-n entered h:'.s purpose of 

r:arria.-';e to Susanna Davis of Fi.'C.otn',r/i Cctob-:r trio 10" Vt 


-11- ■ill 

Staphon Hath\.'ay of rroctovji entered his purpose of i:CiVcisLr,o 
to Eopcsuill Foirco of "iddloborouch DocembGr 28" 17GG 

Soth Kcthv.-ay ontai'od his pui-posc o2 riarrla^o to Lisbon 
Davis both of Freotov/n Decc:,.bor yo 28" 1766 . • • 

Ednond Androcc resident In Froetov.Ti entered his purpose of 
marriai^t, to Elbe Hefferd of I'iddloborou^h January 18" 17G7 

u'llllar.i Valentino entered his purpose of laari'la^e to Sybil 
''Vlnslov,' both of Fieotovn February the 8" 1767 

Joreiiiiah Sliiuaons entered his purpose of marriar-o to I'artha 
Durfee both of Frceto\,n Decciubur the 50" 1756 

Joseph Uouncovoll cntc-i'ud his -Intentioiis of i.-iarria^e to 
Bathsheba HolriSS both of Freetov/n I'arch the 16" 1767 ' • ;. 

V/illiaiii Glfford of Tiverton entei'o'd his intentions of rriarrla^^e 
to Priscllla Lav/ton of Freetovrn I.'arch the 28" 1767 

llathaniel I.'.orton of Drid^^c\.'ater entered his intentions of 
marraij^c to RLibecca I^'orton of Freetowii April yc 4" 1767 

Josiah Kail Indian irian unbered his intentions of i:-arriaj;o tO- 
Darkis Hope, Indian TToriaii, botl.L of Freeto'"n April ye •l'"17G7 

(V/illiaiii Fiounoevell of Freetov.n entered his intentions cf 
marriage ,to rA\ldah Callcnder both i-esidcnts of Froclov/n !Tay t}ic 
2d 1767) . 

Joliii Collins entered his intentions of r.;arria~e to Ilaldah 
Callcnder both residents of Freetown l.'zcj the 2d 1767 

V.'illia"! Rcuricev/cll of Fi-eetov;n entered his intentioiis of 
r.iar.- h.^u to Rebceoa Ilore of I'iddlobor'oar;h I'.v-i the 2d 1767 

V.'illiari Baffin-ton of Frceto'..n entered his intentions of 
narria^o to Sarah Eedy of S\.r-.nscy April t'ne 4" 1737 

Stephen Ta':'er of D:'rt:.".outVj entered liis intentions oT r^rriajc 
to Hope still Wln.'ilov/ of Fi'ee tc. ■;■■; !-'.o,y th:> 2od 1767 

Seth Durihciu entered his intentioi^.s of iparriej^e to ?'artha 

Hathway both of Frootov.n July tho 4" 17G7 

Elijah Elo30Oi(i entered his Intontlons of nnrria^o to Eothany 
Davis both of Frootovai June tho 27" 1767 

peter Phillips of Cartncuth wntorcd his Intontions of i/.arrir-c 
to Sarah Spra^o of Fraotov.-n July tho 4" 17G7 

Joshua Purlnton of Mlddleborou^h entered his intentions of 
marrlaco to Raehol Parlccr.of ?roetov,-n July the 11" 1767 

Stopheii Doiaoranville of Dart;aouth entered his intentions 
of narrlago to Dullveranco Burden of Fruetavn July tho 25d 

SaLiuel G:,vet Resident of Preetov.n entered liis intontions o.f 
marriage to Sarah West of Freetov.n kago.s'c the 1" 1767 

Andrew Hitchio resident of Frcetovai entered his intentions 
of marriage to Issabella Mcnlgoniery of I'iddleboro' Sept. 
ye 26" 17C7 

Jolm Lewin of Swarijrcy entered riis intentions of nurrla(_e to 
J'argaret Turner of Freotov.-n October the 10" 17G7 

Thoiiias Hath/tTay ye 2d of that, njuno in Dartmouth entered }iis 
Intentions of riarriage to T'olly Gilbert of Fi'eotov.n Oct, 
ye 17" 17G7 

Burden WodUe of Tiverton entered his intentions of Mari-ic'-ge 
to Eunice D.:ivis of FrLctavn October the 17" 17G7 

Ephr.niu TlGdale entered his intentions of iiiar-riage to Ruth 
Str^'rge both of Frcetov;n Oetobei- tho 17" 1VG7 

Eenjard.n 'Jxnclo'w' entered his intcutioiis of'iiagc to 
Cont'-.nt ".ebSber both of Freetov.n !Iovenber ye G" 1767 

hichui'd V.'inslov; Jr. entered his iritohtj or.s of nnrriage to 
Chi.rit, Rio s so;:; 2d both of Freetov.n !'Gvo.;ber ye 21" 17G7 

Silas;! Ciitex^ed hi.s intentioiifj of ;uarriar,s to 1'o.yy 
Burden both of Freul.ov,n Noveiubcr t}vD 21" ' 17G7 

■ Ellja'i Braley of Rochester entered his intentions, of i,\r.-ia--e 

•4 o- 

;o Lydia Arjlxlcy of Fraotov.Ti January the 21" 1768 

., Joroiiilah C:ccoon of Howporb Ir. tlio Colony of Rhodo Island 
entorod hl3 Intentions of imrrlago to Judah ParVcor of Preotov.-n 
February yo 13" "» 17G3 

Nathr-.nlol Cudv/orth of Freotov.T^ ontorod his Intontlonr. of 
EiarrJ a£jo to Dorothy Drlnkwator of Dl£-hton Februax-y 27" 1703 

Johai EdiTiistor of Freetown ontorod hln Intcntioiio of ir^rrloro 
"to I'arcy Hcv.-land of I.'lddloborou^h February yc 27" 1768 

nonryPearco of Froetovm entered his intentions of juarriago 
to Saloiuj Hindos of Middlebor cu'ii February the 27" 1768 

Jereialah Farlrer of Freetovrn entorod his Ihtentior.o of rrarriacc 
to Lucretia Gene of Dartmouth I'arch the 2d 1763 

Silas Shermon resident of Freoto'.vn entered his intentions of 
marriage to Penelope Eaggs of Freotov;n February ye 27" 17G3 

Pardon Davol resident of I-'roeto'-rn entered his intentions of 

Prince Oldrago of Providence in the Colony of Rhode, 
Yiogro entered hio InLcntions of laarrlage to Phillis FuriVis:*! 
of Fi^eetov.n, negro v/onian April ye 15" 17GS 

I'ichael Juckot eixtsred his intentions of ru'-.ri'iago to Aliuy 
Fry both of Fi-oetov/ii April t'ne 22d 176S 

Ecnjarlri Ingrai.'i of Freetovii cnterc'd his intent:! one of 
inarrio ge to Jena Crapo of Rochester Vcy the 19" 1768 

VoMliavi Elsbreo of Freotov/n entei'od his intentions of 
raari'iage to Susannr; V.'ordle of Tiverton T'ay tjie 1-1" 17G8 

Isaac ilathv/ay the 2C>. in Freotovrn entered liis i}:Ltentions of 
iruArrlago to Judiih V.riore of T-!iddleboru July yc 50" 17G8 

Daniel ]'.;:.y the 2d in Di' ent-jred his intoritioriS 
of ;,i:iVrjage to '.''iry PAirdcn of Fi-eetcwn July thj CJO" 17r,o 

SolOi.ion Iain of Fi'ectov;n entered his inU^nti or.;i of i:-.\rriago 
to i.-ry Rashins of Taunton August th-j IL^" 1'}G3 

Ephraira V.'inclov; cntorccl liia InLontions of i.iaxTla^;;,o to //'/' 

Hannah Cilboi-t both of Frcotov/ii Sopborabor tho 24" 1768 

Oliver '^aitv/oll cntoi'od'hl3 Intentions of rj.rria£;G to 
Hannah Road both of Froo tov/n . Oclobor tho 1." 1703 

Comclluo Davis entered his intentions of nxn-riago to 
Koziah Davis both of Froetov.n October the 1" 1768 ■ '. 

rhilip Sanford of Tiverton entered his intcnLions of Ljxrr'.at^o 
to Rnth Glfford of Frootov.n October tho 3.G" 17GS 'Svins -the 2d entered his intentions of rnarria^o to 
Elizabeth Luther both of Freetown October the 22d 17CC 

Luke Perkins of entered his intentions of riarric-30 
to j.'argarot Pearce of Midciloborou-h October tlic^Q" 17GC 

Israel Hatliway entered his intentions of r.arria^e to Thard:- 
ful Chase t'ae 2d both of Freetown, November yc 19'' 17G3 

Justice Borden, of Freetown entered liis intentions of i.iarria^o 
to Nancy Siimaons of I'lddleboi'ough Decexiibdr t'le 8d 3 7C8 

Ebono^er Pajn entered his intentions of marriage to V.'ait 
Freeborn both of Freotov-n December the 17" 17G8 

Jonathan V.'eaver of Svansoy entered h'-S intentions of iua:.-"ria£jC 
to I'ary Evins of Freetov/Ti D^'ccnber tlic 24''' 1708 

Joseph Read .the 2d entered his 'intentions of n'r>.rris~e to 
Ruth Read both of Freetovrn December the 51'' 17C3 

Parker Borden of Frecto'.vn entered his intontions of L-nrriage 
to Lusanna Ginln^^s of Tivertova. Doceiribec tlio 51" 17C3 

Sair."ael Purinton of Middle borou^2,h entered his intentions of 
marric-^e to Patience Parker of Fi^eetov/n Jararar;,' the 7" IVoC 

Earjonaa. Wilcox entei-ed his ir.tentions of v.ivylin'^^: to Hannah' 
C' both of Freeto\,-n Febi'unry tiic 4" 17G0, 

, • Nathaiiie... Luon of Swans ey cnter'^d bis inuer.tions of r^ia'ia^>- 
to Dinah Tci-ry of Frootov/n Vov^.iahor the IC" 17G0 

JciiiVi Cr.n-.uon of Dart!,-out;i ent'jred. Vils ir.tontions uf i.:ari-la"e 

to Philip ChaiJO of Fx'ootov.n yo widow oT Soth Ciiaac lato //-y 
dC-.^.-'Moveiubcr yo 26" 176G 

wlchacl Chaso oT Freetovm cr.tered hi3 intentions of i.-r. rriago 
to Lusanna TalLet roaidont of S^/ansoy Fcbruax^y the 4" 17C9 Kovciscv/ell entered his Intentlona of mari-ia-o to 
rhilanrai Hathway both of Freetov/n "arch ye -1" • 1769 

Jonatlian "Davio entered his intentions of riiarrlaf^c to 
Mary Soul the v.ido'.v of Jonathan Soul deceased, both of Frectovm 
March ye 4" 1769 

Lot Strange tho 2d en to rod ills intentions of raarriago to 
I'ary Douglass both of Freetov/fn April tho 1" 1769 

Jai:s3 s Graves resident of Frectov,-n entered his intuntionc 
of Kiarrla^e to Hops S-ordon of said Fr^otown April the 29" 17C9 

Daniel Diur'don entered his intentions of laarria^^o to /j-^ne 
Brightr^an both of Freetorn May tho 20" 1769 

Asa Kath.v.'ay entered his intentions of narriago to Mary 
Phill-'ps both of Frectov/n May tViC 2V" . 1769 

Axiibross Barnaby of Frcetov.n Jr. entered his intentioris of 
marriage to Elir'.abctri T.'ilber of Swancoy July the 1" 1769 

Richard Holland resident of Freetov.n entered "nls intciitions 
9f r/iarriage to PJioda V.'oaver of Tiverton August t>io 19" 1769 

Dudley Hatliway of Frootov;n entered his Intentions of ir.arriago 
to Margaret Eriggs of Berkley Soptexnbor tho 2d 1709 

Ebenozer Hathv.ay tho 2d entered his int':.-ntions of luarriage to 
Mary '-athway the 2d both of Freetown Ootobor the li" 1769 

Jo)m Ila'.iblcton resident of F.oectov:n cntoi'od liia intcntior.s 
of narriago to Elizabeth Haslrbis of r/i':-t;..ou'L"h Oct. ^e 1-1" 1769 

ThOiiias Purdcn of Freetown entered his intentions of Lii^x-riagc 
to Ruth E^rl of Rhoile Island October tlio 21" 17C9 Ber/nett resi.lont of Frcol-own oritorec" his intentions 
Ox' rrarrio-'-c to .^Inucr Mlllr-r of sd Fi'OCtov.T, Movoi:;bur yc 11" IVOO 

David Millci- eiitui-oJ his intontlona of marria^^c to Di^h'cor. 
Morlck "both of rrootavn Dcccr.iuer the- 0" ' 17CQ 

Jacob Hasklnn of Taunton onterod his intentions of niari^ia^;;e .' 
to Marcy PiLLs of Fx^octov.n D-jCoiuber the IC" 17C9 

Porc~rino Wliito of Frcutov.n entered his intenticno of ].-iarria£;;c 
to !'ax''y Howland of !'idQloboroup;h DGceuibcr the IG" 17o0 

Seth Chui'ch ontorod hie intentions of inarria^e to Elisabeth 
Palr.ier so called both of rrootcvn Decowbci' the IC" 1769 

Viheroas tiiC afoi'osaid Jacob Hasklns of TBunton S: "arcy Pitts 
of Froctovrn stands entered and published in order for inar.riCiie 
Z, the said I'arcy Fltts do this 22d day of Deccr'vcr 17G3 pi'otest 
and object against any further proceedln-s h'-^reln as v.itness ny 
hand the day &Jid year above v.riLten I.'crcy Pitts 

Joch'^a llichols of V.'ellfloct now resident of Fi-ectown eutui'ed 
his intentions of . ir^arriaj^o to Mehctable Harrison of said Fruclov.n 
the v;idOv/ of P'^rancis Harrison, decease a, December ye 9" 17G0 

Ebona?er D:vis of TrovtowA enLei-ed his intentions of ;u?a'ria{;;c 
to Elizabeth Scliofiold of Dartmouth JcOiuary the S" 1770 

Dennis Snith cf Freetown entered his intention of raarria^^e to 
Ann- Rav/scn of V.'arren in the Colony of Rhode Island January 
ye 20" 1770 

Aid on Spooncr of Dart^r.ouoii cnb^x'ed his int unlic:ic oT iio-vr-lu: c 




th Roirnccv.'ell of Freutov/n Januar,"- the 27" 177! 

The above said I.!arcy Pitus hath reno-,.<.:d tiC aforcsd intor.ti one 
of r.iarria^e bet\.cc.; the abovesaid Jacob II;--.s!:ins ar.d hors<jlf by 
v/rltii'.^ to the Publibbt-^i' tiicryof -o^ider her land that tiic said 
ir.tcr;Lion of iuarrla^je bub'-.c-en yc sd Jacob Fa^lzina Cc said Marcy Pitt 
'•as .^ijreed upon and djsirt^d j.ic to proceed and publish. tri.c;a 
v,ar/...a.'y ^c 2-1 '' 17'/0 Zeb cdeo Te;_xa'y Tovai Clerk 

Sur ^.■.^-;e ;. lies entered bl;; iiite'i'ti on of );varrla^-,e to Abl^f-.ll 
ValcnLinc both of Frc.;io'.vn Fubru-.ry i'C 17" 1770 

Poter Davis oi" Freetown ontorod hla Intontion of r.arrlGgo ^^^ 
to Kotwnh Gorr of Borkloy March tho 3d 1770 

Prince Earl of Frooto'>fn entorod his intentions of marriege 
to Phoho Mingo resident of Tlvorfcon both nogro pooplo March 
yo 20" 1770 

Zophnniah Terry and IIopo Hathrray both of Freotorm ontorod 
their intontion.n of marriago July tho 21" 1770 

Joseph Hat}i\7ay tho 2d entered hi.-i intentions of riarriago 
to Eunice V/lnalo';? both of Freotov.n Soptorabor tho 1" 1770 

Aino3 DresGor entered his intentions of msrriage to Martha 
Burden both of Preetorai October the 13" 1770 

Booaor Elsbreo entered his intertions of aarrlago to Hannah 
lj,uther both of FreetOT.Ti Doceraber the 1" 1770 

Lot Strarge the 3d. ontorod his intentions of rnarricgo to 
Mary Hethv.'ay ye daughter o* Ephr-aim Ilalhway Jr. botli of Froobcvn 
Dec. ye 8" 1770 

Gideon Head entered hiri intentions of rarricgo to Marcy 
WinolOiV both of Freetov/n Doceraber tho 8" 1770 

Bar:2;illai Har.koll ontorod liic inter tiono of r.arriago to 
Elizabeth Bcnron both of Froeto-rn Decoinber tho 22d 1770 

Peron RiciiTiiond of Dartmouth entered hia jntontiono of 
narrlage to Earuinh rrlghtnian of Piosto-.'n Doconbor yo 29" YVi^ 

Nr.thoniel Purin:;;ton of Mid'"''.lcbor Oligh entered his JjitontlC's 
Of rarrlage to Margaret Parker of Frectovn Jam-ory (^o) 
12" 1771 

Jesno Pearco of J'iddlcborovg'n ontorod iiio intentions of 
n.Arriago to Ruth Perlclm oC Froeto-.m February the 2d 1771 

i;xcVinls ',;5.11;Vn-r';n o"" the P:.'OV.tnf"o o^' L'ov; Yor)":, no; rer. ioont 
0* Frcotc-.:n entered his inttntionn of ir.nrr'.ago to Zi].i-.hia Fcrl:ln.': 
of rn'd Frooto-.'u, a wldo-.;;, Fub/u-ry tho 9" l'/71 

JJoVio:niah LlacoM of Ta-'.;''ton c.itovc-1 }iin jntont'i.on of r.oiTirgo 

to Anna Darfoe of i'rogtov.u I'arca the 2d 1771 ^^3 

Anron Sccona Jr. of rrtc bov.-a onLcrod hio Intontlono of 
marriage to TaVAtha Kayiiiont of S"r.Iv;icli ]'arcn ye IC 1771 

Tiraothy B\irdoa of Freuto.vri entorod his intentions of 
marriage to '-torlbah Sirar.ona of I'iddloboro' "arch yo C" 1771 

P'lchard Ku^sles of Kai'dv.lch nov/ resident of Freetown " . 

entered his intentions of r.nrriLige to V.'elthoy Hathv.ay yo 2d 
of said Freetov.-n May the 25" 1771 

Paul Fol-^cr of ITantuckot, nov/ resident of x-^ooccvn entered 
his intentio'is of marriage to Margaret Dodson of sd Freetov.n May 
ye 25" 1771 

Abner Eutlcr residei\t of Freetov.n entered his intentlonr^ of 
marriage to ratience Borden of sd Freetov.n June the 8" 1771 

David Valentine entered his intentions of ri:arrlage to Kc.nnah 
Kathv/ay both of Freetov/n June the 15" 1771 

Israel Eraley of Freetov.-n entered his intentions of r..arriage 
to Lindol Chacc of sd Frcetov.'n August ye 5" 1771 

John Marfleld of Darti.iouth er.tered his intent! one"', of ir.arriagc 
to i.Ieiiotable Harrison of Fi'eetov.n after ye sd Mehetablc obtained 
a bill of divorooiJient from the BotU'd--3eptsirrDcr th.o 21" 1771 

David Slociun of Dartr.iouth entered his intentions of irarriago 
to Hope Page of Freetov.n Cot. yo 26" 1771c Both Indian people Spooncr of Middleboro', nov,- i'<jside:it of Frectov.'u critcred 
his iT.te-ntlon oi" iriarriage to Abigail HFithv/ay of sriid Freeto-,.n 
Nover.;ber the 2q 1771 

Jonatha'n Davis entered IlIs Iritenticns c'"'rliige to Sarah -. 
Treadv.-oll both o2 Movojibor the 9" 1771 

Chris topbier £h:rr.;ai'i of llortli Aing.sto;i in y- Colca'iy of FViode • 
Island entered his intentions of riiarriage tc> PrudonC':; Audroso of 
Freoto-.-.r. 'Movcii.ber ye 15" . 1771 

Jvna-t]io.n A.vchor.y e-ntcrod Ivl.s irit e:;''. ion.-;, of ri irri-.igc: to ?i\\vc\\ 


Ciiaac, negro Pooplo both of Froctovrn Novombor yo 15, 1771 

I Banj£u,ilxi Ilcth rosluont of l-reetov-n'cd aia Irifccnticns 


of Tiarriai^e to 'Doljoi'ah Aaaluy oT 3d Frtjetown Dccor.ber the 13" 1771 

i Slraoon Cncll enterod his intentions oT riuarric^j^o to Tliaukful 

f Booi.ior, vidov; both of rruetov.-xi Janaury the 11" 1772 

I' . ■ Benja'i.iln Borden of Tivertoii in the Colony of Rhode Iclar.d 

i entered his in^contions of r;^rriase to Rachol Cobb rosldcrit of 

I Freetov;n January the 16" 1772 

I Henry Carter of i''rcetov.-n entered his Intentiona of r.rvrria^c 

,- to '!ary Gi-iraioll of Tiverton In jc colony of Rhodo Inland rcjbraary 

f ye 8" 1772. 

I ~ Joseph Plgsley entered his intentions of i;.arria~o to Hannah 


J Rainoat both resident of Freetovai February, the 15" 1772 


! Jo':in Pi^sley resident oi i-rcetov.n entered nis ir-veriticnc of 

I narria;3e to Abigail Eoskins of Rochester Mai'ch the 21" 1772 

; Aaron Ecrlen of Kocliester entered his intentions of r.jirria~e., 

to I'ary Terry of Freetown a v/idov; "arc'n fne 28" 1772 

Georij;e !!iles resident of I-reetovm entered his intentions of 
marriage to Lydlu rou-j;lass of said FrecLov.ri ''arch the 20" 1772 

Thorras Schofleld entered his intentions of :r;arri''^;;;e to Avic 
- both re aider: to of Froetown I.!arch the 28" . ■ 1772 

George Pottice of Tiverton in ye Colo.iy of R'node Island 
entered his intentions of ii^'vrriagc to EariTiaVi Tooth of Fi^uctov.n 
April the IS" 1772 

Potur Thatcher resident of Frectov/n cnterud VAs iiiteiitior. s 
of v.^rrlKZ-^ to Sarah Toli'.sn of Tiverton in th.o Cclo'.iy of Rhode 
Islund ;.pril the 24" 1772 

Renry Poi\:i-r^c of Bart.-outii oni.ered his intentions of rr.i-ria^c 
to />biah Aslilcy of Freoto-M-n '■'?-y t'nc 1" 17'/2 

Daniel V/ll"!-u:^ of Sv.anr!ey entorud his intentions of ::. rria^e 

to Mary Barnaby o£ Frootov.ii I'ay tliu G" 1772 

Geort_;o ^a^jot cntorcj his Intcntiona of raarrla(;;,6 to I.^ary 
Hathway yc v/ldcv oT Jale Ifathway docoased toth of Frootov/n 
I.!ay tho IC" 1772 •, ' ' 

Edward Cudv/orth of Frculovrxi "entered his lntentioii3 of rnarria^^o 
to Abigail Drlnkwatcr of Dl~nton May the 50" 1772 

Joseph Durfce entered his Iriten'clous of irari'la^c to Elizabeth 
Turner both of Froetov.-n July the 4" 1772 

JoVm Pathway the son of Jale Ilnthv/ay entered his intentions 
of rnarrJ^S'^ ^^ Flhoda Davis both of Freetown July the 11" 1772 

Joseph Saton of Hopewell in yc V.gv: Jerseys nov; I'esident of 
Freetown entered his intentior.s of ircrriage to S-Lisanna Turner of 
Frootow-n Septeiaber the 12" 1772 

Nero V.' of Freeto\a"L Indian iuan entered his intor.tions 
of ii:arria£;;e to Kancy V'asr.cnckr. resident of Freeto-,."n Indian v/c.-nan 
Septeniber the 10" ^.772 

Joseph Southv.'icl: of l\'Ovrport ir^ the Colony of Rhode Island 
entered his intention of riiarriu^-^e to Susanna Pitts of Frot^tov/n 
Sept. ye 26" 1772 • 

Clement Hill resident of Fi'ectown cn'oered his in'centitns 
of£;e to I'crlbah L^ike of Tiverton in ye Colony of Rhode 
Island' Oc to „ ye, 10" 1772 

Shf'.di-aeh Hathv/ay cr.tei'ed his Intentions of ir^rrla^e to Hannah 
Chase both" of Freetov.-n Cetobor the 51" 1772 

Joseph Kathway tlie sori of Silas Ilatliway of Fi-eeto/n entered 
hie intontioris of r.arriai^o to Bathslicba r.iraaons of Dij/nton iTrveiJoer 
the 7" l'/V2 

Set'n Chase entered his intrntjons of r,-i.rriaj,e to Ii"iani-.h fvarv-e 
botji of Freetown r;ece:iber the 2C" :i 772 

Prince Wood of Di^hton, ne^ro nan eritered his Intentions of 
jr;arriac;e to "'hJllis Cr:^.:^: of Frceto-v:i V.vvo v-o^u^^n ••-■^ 

-21- ;. il\ 

26" 1772 ■ ' 

Ollvor VJlnDloTr entered his intoutlona of tiarric^o to Lydl/x 
Evinu both of Frcctovra Janiaary tho 30*^ 1773 
I Honry Tindalo entered hla intontiona of narrin^o to 

Elizaboth Evlns both of Frootovm Fobrucry tho 13" 1773 

JohJi Brlss^ tho 4" or that nar^o i.n Borkloy ontorod his 
Inbontio.iG of r-arriage to Sibyl ChDoe of Frootov/a Narch yo O" 

• 1773 

Co^Jfort .Soarlo of Eaat Gre^mTlch in tho Colony of Rhode 
I'slaiya ontorca hlo intontlona of r.arrlnrio to Sarah Brlr;htuan 

■ of Preotov.n Ilar-ch tho l-l" 1775 

■ Bonjainii ^Ivana entered hlo intontiona of r.arrlago to 
Thanltfial V;inslo->: both of Fro3to-.Yr- I.Tarch the K-" 1775 

I ■ V/llliam Cory of ITovi-ort in thd CorJity of NeT/port in tho Colon; 

I of Rhode Islc.p.d entered his intontlona of Earria^^e to Sarah Butte 

? Of Freoto-.-n Ilrrcb tho 20" 1773 

\ Soth nilDxion Ox Dartmouth entered hl:i intentioiia of jnarrlago 

I •■ to nary V.hito of Froetovr/i April the 3d 1775 

\ Jonath?u Dodccn entorod hio iutontiona of marriage to 

I Suaanna Read both of Frootov.oi T.ay the 22d 1775 

\ __ ■ Eorculr>n Gifford of Frcoto^rn entered hia intentions of 

narrlr^e to Xydia Pain of Tiverton in yo Colony of Rhode Island 

Jvuno tho 19"' 1775 

Tobey r:riith of Froetor-Ti no^ro man entered hia intentions 

of r.a-^ria-c to Ei'atcr Taucor.-nonor rcsidont of nd Frootov;n 

Indian v.o;-'-n J-uly y^i 10'' 1775 

Sir.oon Sif.or'; entered hlo intcntiora of r-.arrlagc to Thai>':::ul 

V;ai'd both of r.^v.-.)to..n both Indian poo,)lo July tho 10"' 1775 
Luther Vlnalo-./ cntox-cd hlr. inteniVor.a of Eiavrlajo to 

Lucy WLJ-to both of Fro o town July tho 17" 1775 

V/horaas tho Intontlona of marrlago botv/oon Luthor Winalov/ 
and LuCy V/hlto above v.Tltton now stands ontsrcd h published in 
ordor for riarr-ia^o* I» Judah Sl'n*r.on3 of Frootov/n do this 25" 
day of July 1773 protest and object acalnst any fvirthor proccodlnga 
heroin, for sorr.o reasons to bo given at a convonlorit tiipo as v/ltness 
ny hand tho day and year above v/ritton Judith Situf.ions 

Whereas the banns of rr.atrl'nony between Luther V.'inslov/ and 
Lucy White aforesaid v/ero forbidden as aforesaid end hath been 
inquired into by two of His I'ajosty's Justices of the Peace and 
thoy certify from undor their handy f.s followoth 

Bristol Ss. To tho Tov.n Clorli: of Frootownc V/o tho subjcrlbors, 
two of his I'ajosty's Justices of tho Peace for ad County on tho 
12" and 14" days of Augi^^t Current made jrablic inquiry v/hy and 
v/hcr-oforc ye bans of matrimony bv^twcen Lutbor Wlnslov; and Lucy 
Vi'hit'j of Frootov/n v/oro forbidden by Judith Sisiinons and no eufi'i clone: 
causo hath been offered by said Judith or any other person. Therefore, 
you fro at liberty to proceed fvirthor to publish their intentloniS 

Given under our hands at F;*ao'cov.'n aforesfiid this fou.rtecn'oh 
day oC Au.^rast in tho 15" year of H"! a Majesty's rol^n rf'75 
^ ■ Thc^-. Gllbor"J 

Ablel Terry 

Jaboii Cowen entered his intention.-, of rarrla^e to Sai'ah 
Bordon both of Freetown J-^ly the 24'* 1773 ' ' . . . 

Kenry Porlcins of D- '■L'thicath entered his intontiono of :7iarr.!.r-;;o 
to Aiir.a /shlcy of Freetown F.opte-.;ber tho 9'' 1775 

Thomas T) ivis entered his intentions of iiiarria^o to Dobor:h 
Road Vof'-i of Freetown Soptcnbor the 11" ' 1775 

Thori'io Tal'.'.on of Providence in the Colo;r,- of Kh^do IslL.nd 
enter., d IJ.s Intentions of to Abl^jvill ::.'^.cholr> of rroeto\--i 

Soptoubor tho 27" 1773 ' ^ 

Eleazor Hath.vay of Frootov/n onterod his Intontloru of narrlago 
to B©tty Polrcs of I.^iddloboroush Octobar the IG" 1773 

Datilol Par^e Indian nnn entered his Intontiono of c.nrriaca to 
Lusondor Randal Indian both of Frootown Oct. yo 30" 1773 

• Charles DcT.'oranvlllo Cx'' Dartno-uth onteroid his intontiorxS of 
marriage to Doborah Lr-nibsr o2 Froeto-.,-n Novoriib-ir yo 6" 1773 

uoor^o Burden the 2d cntarcd hia Intentions of n-.arrla{:o to 
Susanna Chr-uch both of Fpootov/n llo\'0mbor yo 27'* 1773 

Jacob \V:';.nslov,' of Frootov/n cntcrod his intentions of r.arflaj^o 
to Ruth Brown of Sv/anscy January tbo 1" 1773 

Edv/ard Hath , -ay of Dg^rtmoiath ontorod Mo intontioiis of rnarrla^o 
to Jabeth Bardon of Fi,ootov;n February the 6" 1774 

John Burden of Freetown entered his intentions of marriage to 
Peace Cook of Tiverton in tbo Colony of Rhode Island Fvbrar.ry 
tho 5" 1774 

DariiAS ITcwol o? E.^rlcley oTitored his ?.ntontions of r.;arrlr.5e to 
J©:uini&h i:.-.ths;ay of F^oobown Fobi^Kry tho 19" 1774 

Ewnj'Mr.ln DaT'."oe entered his Intcatious of marr.lago to Sr.rah 
Borden bw',;h of Frootown Fybi^iary tho 19"' 1774 

Don^i'-ain Johi\aor. of IJcwport onr.orcd his IntoitiOMr. of 
rr.arriase to Lois Chase of Precto-n }.!ay the 25'' 1774 

John Julab of Frootov.n (in yo Colony of Rjiodo Tol.ant^.) ontorcd 
his lnton';lon'j of i.'.arrlagc to De^ii'o V.'arnor of Tlvcrtc>n O'xily 

rV r. r.rW ^. ■-,.-! 1 
U- '■» O'J J. t t U 

V.'hoT lao tho 3nterl;iorr, of r.iarria^ro hetv/oon John Jalat of 
F:,-ioto-.;n and Dcsli-o Mj^r-aev of Tiverton in the Colony of nbodo 
Islar-.d rC'.v r. tai^'hi onl.oi'od G>:id publ:" r.hod In oi-'ei- for t..:' I, 
tho sr'i.d John J. ^. . of Fr^^etovn do Diir; th.lrto'jnth day of :\v.^,->?.t 
1774 object and protest ai;a.inst a: y fxirthor pi-ococdin;;;n hoj eiri 

lox" so.r.'j Tousoiv^ 'CO Oj ^L^'on at a coiivoiixoni. u.l;:'.o, aa v;i oi.o:i:j 

• _ hlo /c^l^ 

ny hand ' John X Jalcit 


Soptomber tho 10" 1774. V.'hareas tho Intentions of marriago 

hotv.-oen John Jal''"»t and D;5olro- V<'f^rnor han boon objoctod a^iinst 

as above said '&.■, the said John this day appoarod in his ov.n 

porson and doaired tho publisher to proceed and publish him t: 

ye sd Dosiro according to law 

Tho sa'.d John TiVitneasoth his hand John X Jalat 


Pigsley of FreotO'.vn ontored his IntcntlonG of 

to Sarah Ra-^-rnont of Rochester October the 10" 1774 

Shadrach CI-jso entered his intentions of marriage to Ruth 
Volentlno both of Fr30tov;n Juno tlio 11" 1774 

Robort Torry the 2d enterc;d his intentions of ip>^rriagc to 
Rhoda V.'yaver both of FrCotov7n Augu.3t th3 15" 1774 

I John Giffoi>i entered his intentions of marriage to Ruth 

Lutbor both of Froatown Scptembor tho 10" 1774 

Joseph Tprry outorod his intortlons of marriage to "ary 

I Thurston both of Pr'^otown S^ntonibor tho 17" 1774 


iDaVld Barton of --■ on'.orod Ms intentions of r.nrricgo 
^to Robocca Brightr-an of Frocto-.n October tho 8'' 1774 

I Gideon Bui'don onto red hlr, intent lorn of marrlago to Croan:*:. 

• Barlov; both of GoPtcnibor tho 24" 1774 

f Eb:'no::or rhilDlps Jr. Ox Dighton entered hlr;. intonllor. -, of 



I r,.'.f";'iiV-o to Han::aVi Jl/ithv/riy tho 2d or "F root ov.n Ooiob^r t]^3 .\0" 

I 1774 

I Atnos Luis resident of Fi-ootovm outorod his intoi.-..tion ^. of 



I marriage to Sarah Coiy of Pourtsncat}i In yo County ox Po'..pert 

I ITovo;-ib:>r yc 2d 1774 

I Sy" -n^s Bloi-,ao;n of Frcotov.n entered h5 a InteutlonL; of 

• r. riiage . to T.\\rtha Aldon of Bridge, ./at-jr i:ovci..b,-;r ty ". 2d IVV-:.- 

David Davls entorod hlo Inbontiony of marrlago to Jci.ilma /j2^^^ 
Shorman both of Frootown (Fcbraary) Nov. the 2G." 1774 

V/llbour Soi-^thworth of Rochester entorod hi3 Intentions of 
marrici^e to Lola Ropor of February the 20" 1775 

Shadrach Duvis of Frootov;n entered his Intontiono of marrlare 
to Lydia Davls of said F^octov/n Fobruary tho 25" 1775 

Philip Rouucov/oll of entered his intentions of marrla^cj 
to Marcy Colo of said Frootov/n Fobinaary tho 18" 1775 

Sylvanus Bloos'om of Froetov/n entered his intentions of narrlf.c^ 
to I'artha Aid.on of Bi-idsev/ator February tho 26"- 1775 

Stephen Kec-is of Tiverton entered his intentions of marriri;o 
to Patience I.vilard of Froetov/n Novomb:jr tho 25" 1775 

Joseph Chaso of Sv/ansey noj^ro man entered his intentions of 
marriaco to Phobo Church of Freetown Indian Girl March 25" 1775 

Jonathan Haxson of Newport entered his intentions of riarriagc 
to ?.:ary Millar-d of Freetown April tho 1" 1775 

Edrrard fiaclcot cC Freetcv/n entorod hla intentions of iv.^rr'.rrjo 
to Phobo /shlcy of said tcv.n April the 1" 1775 

Benjamin Eoi-^don of Frootov/n ontored his intontiono of niarilaf^o 
to Lovico Coo^: of T.Worton April tho 15" 1775 

Asa Clc rk of Freetown entered hJLn intontiono of marriage to 
Fiary Clor.-.nions resident of Berkley August tho 5" 1775 

Ebin.'izor C^ase l.h.o 26 of Froctovin entered his int rntlono of 
carrla^o to Ph^bo Payno of Frcotov/n aboves aid Soptenibor yo 
20" 1775 

Y/ardor. Fay^ie of Froetov/n entered his intentions of riarricL£;c 
to Susaixiia /Brett of said Soptc;;ib;)r thj 27" 1775 

Goor^o B\'l3ht;.:ax'. of FractOw-n entered bis intoaticr.j of n:"«rilr.~o 
to S:' (•■■.lorvi Wido,; of said town OctobjrL I'-ho 5" 1775 

Isaac Ricad of Berlrloy entered ills intcntrlons cf ii'arr.'.: ro to 

Dnioilia Ricl-.-.or.d of Froctov;n Doccnbor tho 1" 1775 ^ 

Samuol Par!cor of Freetown entered his Intontlcna of rrari^iaco 
to Hannah Fuller of I.:iddloboro\i::h March the 2d 1776 

Thonas Chaso of F^ootcn- , entered his Intentlona of narrlago 
to Pho"bo Hathv.-ny of said Frootov/n J\mo the 5" 1776 

John Dcur;;lns;i of Middloboroii^^Tt ontorod his intentiona of 
tiarrio^o to Lydia So'^ith.vorLh of Ppoeto-.-.n July the 31" 1776 

Paul Cud'.vorth of Frcotov.n entered his intontlona of narriago 
to Sarah Drinlr.vatcr of Di-^-ton the 5" 1776 

Abnyr Bri£;c;3 of FrcotOT.-n entered his intentions of narrlar;o 
to Dotty S tr^^JC^o of said Froctov/n Au^uct tho 15" 1776 

William Rounco.rul of Froetov/n entered his intentions of 
ciarr'la£';o to Gaoriclo Dc''oi^^i-"^'-llo of sd Frootov/n Soptoicbor 
yo 7" 1776 

Capt. Lsvi Kouvicoful of Frootovm entered bis intontiorG of 
Earr.Tr^tj to !:rry Brovn of I-^ilton Soptrr^ioor tb-; 7" l^Vo 

Kartin Eoori:3r of Froetov/n entered his Ihtontious of r;:arrlaf o 

I to Sarah So^-l'vell of said Frccto-,/n September ye 17" 1773 


I Bradford Gilbert of Proetov/n ontorod hie intcr.tiono of 


\ - narriaro to L'ary Tisdalc of cd Frcotov/n September tho 2'/" 1776 

I Jonathr^Vl D;:vol of Tivorton entered hie intcnbions of i.-.arr.1 a^o 

-^ to Mr.ry Sb-or-non cf Frcotov/n October th^ 19" 1776 

I . . Jr-.ioa WrLpiilov Jr. of Frectov/n onto)'cd his int^ntiono of 

I ■ • uaiO.\la£;o to Sai--'-b Barn.nby of said Frootcs/n October CO-' 17'/G 

; . Walter Cj lienor roDidont of Frecto./n entered bla intcnticrij 

[ of r.iar-ria;3c. to HoPo Lux'fce of Freetov/n Jr.nii'.ry t'no 5" 1777 

1 Sariiiol V.'eMt of F;^octcv.ri oiit:;rod bis intontlonn of liiarr-icf^o 

! to bary i;ieb:.->:o of naid Frocto-,/n Janaary tho H'' 1777 

I Da^^^-1 bill .^eoidont of V^<^^Uy.:<\ or-t-- ' hie intcnt.'.o:i:; cf 


« tr.aA^7,\iajo to F-" i.':abo">.h b'h^- i-e of j;d to.n'arry the 20' 1^7'/ 

Isaac Hathv/ay tho 2d of Fro'^ ^v/n ontoi-cd his intoutlono of 
i-.arrin^c to Slizabooh of Tivsrton January tho 2d 1777 

San:uol Eathv/ay of Fr:;-:to..n outorod his intontlona of r.arrlago 
. to Sarah S to phono of I.Ilddloborc'-ij.h Jaivaary tho 31" 1777 

I ' Jonath' a Tobcy Jr. of Dartmouth ontorod hia intontiona of 

I marriage to Glovo V."hito of Frcetcv.n tho 12" 1777 

I Joseph Bi-'5 chtnan Jr. of onLorod liis lutcntlor.-j of 


I . marrlfco ^o Flin:i.both Hill of Sv/ansoy July the 19" 1777 

I . V/lllian V.'arron of V/alhara entered hio Intontlona of ii:arrlaco 

I to RobDy Ilatlr.ray of Frootown Inarch tho 15" 1777 


I _ Simeon Hathway of Frocfcovai entered his Intontions of riiarria^o 

f to Botooy V;ollin:jto:i of '.Valth-iru Kay th'j ?d 1777 

I Riifus Ralnciit rcsioont of Frcotov.n cntorod his intentions of 

f EarriageCto) Survah Poirco of Dishtca Au^^oast tho -2d 1777 


I Richard Cnrith of Sv;ai:soy cntoi'-cd his in-L^uticnj of ir.arria^o 


[ ■ to Su^auu-^ Tribe of Frootown October tho 5" 1777 

[ Kichaol Ashley of Frootown entered his intontions of narrirso 

i to Sarah Roynolds of I^iddlcboroush i:o\oi-.:ber ^'o 2G'' 1777 

; Philip Hath-.vay of Tfa\nton entered his iirtcntion;; of narria^o 

I ■ to Abiah Ashley of Frootovrn Septcrabor tho 5" 1777 

Bonjar:i.ln Church, entered h:".3 intontionj of marriajje to 
Mohotable Ti'cby both of Prootcvrn Ilarch the 5" 1773 

Joshua lav/rciico of Freetown entered hj.c intontio'ie of narjiage 
to Tharjhfui Sno-.- of Rochester I.:arch the 9" 1770 

• ■ Danael CoPlirr; entered h*.a intent? ora of juarria-jo to • 

Ashley both of Frootonn Octobcrt 9'' 1778 

G-oo-r;:;e Cnace Jr. entered h:"..", intentici!.: of n.arriaro to 
Rc.boce^ Dooo^ass both of rreatc..-:. j'.-.v-'a: y th;.> 5" 1779 

Thoii ..3 I. a V. ton of Freetcv.n or. tcr^d hi,':, intention:, of r.arrinr^a 
to Ea)::^'<■• Bar/ c;by r.:'sid;nt of S'.-.naay Jany. tha V^ 17V9 

Isaac iuarrlck ciit;;rou. his intontionu of marj-iago to /^^ 

Ruth Pray both of Frcotov/u January tho 9" 17V9 

Jonathan BrO'.Tnor rcsldont of cntorod his intentions 

of narrla^o to Patience Boomor of Frc'5toT.n Docombor 70 11" 1779 


Eli:;ha Hathv.-ay entered his intentions of Karri<3co to I'artha 
Raad both of February tho 5" 1779 

V/illian Waters entered his intentions of marria^io to Mary 
Luther of Swans cy February tho 5" 1779 

JaTiios Katlr.vay o-f Fiootov/n entered his intentions of marriaco 
to Mary Donnl-. of Tiverton Ap:.'ll tho 3d 1779 

•• - Bonjandn E^oon resident of Preetov/n entered his intent; ens 
of mArrla^c to Elizabeth Holnios of Frootown April ths 5'' 17Y9 

Samuel Road 2d of Freotov;n eriterod Ms intentioiis of r;:arrla2o 
to Ch^irity Bov.on of Sv/ansoy I,!:,y tho 5" 1779 

Sf;niUGl Tubbs resident of Frectcvni entered his intorition'3 of 
marrlaco to Chloe Slinnons of Dlgliton July tho 10" 1779 

Peter Bo^vde:':* of R^ ynaaji ontorcd his intcntiorui of rrarrlan^o 
to Lovina Androso of Freotov/n July tho 15'' 1779 

Benjcitiin Llaecn of Frcctov;n entered his intentions of 
Eiarriago to FreoAOvo B^rr-oy of S\.ai-scy Septcir.bor tho IC" 17V9 

Darius Ghai,o entered hj.3 intentions of i^iarrla^o to jlealthy 
Polrco both of Freetov/n Sept:„-ber the IC'' 1779 

Aubroso of Froctov.n cr.ti,rod liis int'::iitloi'.s of 
carria-o to Pi/Llo:ua Burt of Bor]:loy ScP'^^'''i^oi' ''■•^"'■'' 1^" 1779 

Eav.-ard Boo.-cr of Dartmouth entered his intentions of 
marrlf^e to Rejo.'.co II- caniore of Freetown Scrtcr.ib'?r tlie 18"' 1779 

Ephra'i Hath.vay of Fi'-ctov;n entered hie iivLcntio);:. of 
r-Arria^e to r.;,ry <" tor of Bo;. ton Oeteboi' th.^. &■• 1779 

.Tosh.ia Davis of Freotown. entoi'^d his int^n'/'^^ns of :;-iari'lr-o 
to Roth (l\'c.-,r\ of Tiverton i:ov-;:::;'o: Ih:^ ^lO'" 1779 

nonr./ Storer rco.ldent of Fr'^'-'-o-.n cv.tcred )ils inl^r-tiOi. of 

Anna Chaso or Frootov.n Novo;;;'bor llio 20" 1779 /^o 

Gldoon Bui^-ion of Frcotcv/n entered his Intontlona Ox 
niarr.'!"3o to lla^y Poliis or Dartmouth Doconbor tho 4" 1770 

Silas Hathv/ay 2d ontorod his intontlons oT marri-c^'^ to 
Uary Volontlno both of Frcctov/n Doccn:bor tho 11" 1779 

Isaac of entorod his intontlom of 
■ narria-o to Ciindico Luthor of Sv.^nsey Doccnbor tho 18" 1779 

Thoaias Evlns of FrsotoT.n ontsrcd h:j.s intentions of r.r.rri?.co 
to Rebecca Lv.thcr of'ST<r.nocy Jannary tho 14" 1700 

Ebonazer Terry of Frc onbei-cd his intontlon3 of niarrle.:;_,o 
to 011<.-o Ilason of Sv/ansoy January the; 29" 17C0 

Rlchar-d Wimlov; Jr» of Fi^octov/a entered his intent! ona of 
nai'r'.aco to Scltih Ilathv.ay of Dl^hton Fobruai-^^ tho 1" 1780 

San:-iol Drinlx-at'^r of Dighton ontorcd his intontionc of 
marria-o to Hani-.ah Fayno of Froctov/n Fob).T.xar-vr tho 5" 1780 

Josoph St:'lv;ell entered his intontiono of marriage to 
I.jdia Lv.thor both of Freetown L'aruh the 5'- 17G0 

R:lch-ird Durfei of Tiverton crtorcd his intcntlono of r.arrio-o 
to Pa'tionco Bordon of Froctov;r. I,!ay the 5" 1780 

Ichabod Road of Frocto\;n entered his intention': of narria^o 
to Ell:-',aboth ]...".no of Sv.-ansoy y^y t>:o 30" 1780 

CoOT^e WiV"', lo.v Jr. entered hio intentiorjs of narrla^e to 
Amy nath.vay both of Frcrtovn Jvro thr 0" 1780 

Tho'.iab Drlnl' .;ator of rii^-aton entered hir, intontionc of 
'marrla-o to ly'lla Payn,) of Ppoetov/n Hay oh3 20" 1780 

Abraha!-: Hath.;ay of Freetov/r onloi-od Ma intontiop.o of 
raarria,;;r to Ila^^y Eio-.;n of ^ivertcn J\inc the b" 17S0 

D.:.nic:l Lre-.n of ^'iva.rton ente;-od his intont.iom of r.arrla;^^. 
to Kunv.-V yichO.j of I'ractov/n Jvn^ th^ 5" 1780 

f ..>-.j Ii;/L.>v,'a;,'- Jr. of j^^ entered Ida intoitlcije of 
Xuarria-o lo darl-tl-e ra:'.d cf Fr.:.oto..r Jun- tho 5"" 1V80 

John V;lii3lo-.v ontorod hla Intentions of marrii^so to Mary 
liorrick both oi' I'rootov.n Juno tho 30" 1780 

Church V*i 113 lov; cr.toi^od Mr. intont.i.ona of narriago to I'ary 
Jelatt both of Fi'ootovn Jx^no feo 30" 1780 

Luthor Vi'inolov/ ontorcl Mo Intsntiot.s of niarrin^o to 
Julanah Corah boljh of Frcotov.n July tho 15" 1780 

Jolin Doan of Dl^hton ontorod his intontlon:^ of riarrla£;o 
to Eleanor Pay^i'" of Frer^ Aur^unt the 19" 1780 

Thomas Fr^elove entered his intentions of a-.arriagc to 
Anna Road both of Fi'ooto\.n Sopt-i.ubcr tho 23" 1780 

Sauiucl Eat}i7,'ay ontored his intentions of niarria^^e to Mary 
Evlns both of Frooto^/n October th^ 7" 1780 

Aaron Nichols of Dl^hton ontsred his intentions of r.arriage 
to Rhoda Kathv/ay of Freetown Uovoriibcr th3 11" 1780 

Hoi'-h Ashlo'j- of FiDotcu cntsrod h-is intentions of marriage- 
to Abigail Hoaro of ^:iddlobo^ou-h D.-.ccMbor- thD 2d 1730 

Robert Fi(;slcy entered Ms intentions of marriago to I.'ercy 
Braley.both of Frootov/n Docorbcr tlio 23d • 1780 

Elijah PaT^ker entered hi'.s intentions of Karrin^o to 
Hannah Ashloy both of Frcotov.n DoCoinbor tho 23d 17G0 

Eai''! Tabo\" of Tiverton entered his Intentions of r:iAn^la^o 
to SiLsauna BriGhtman of Fi->;:- tho 29" 17C0 

Uriah Peiree of Tavaiton cntoied hJ.s intontior.s of ciarria^'^d 
to Doborah Katb-vay of Froetov;n January the G" 1781 

Seth Ramsdalo of '.'Iddlobo^.-ou^^h ontcrod his intentions of 
rnarrlaeo to S-avl^^h Fc.yn of rrcetov n April tho 21" 1781 

O'ohr. Luthjr cntcre-d his intentions oi" uari-ia^o to Ft^rny 
I'u^jhs both of rv-.3te\-n April the 21" IVCl 

'i''tVianio] i-'ost:.'.' Jr. cf I.:iddlcbo::ou;3h entered bis intontj or,s 
of r;ar.'ia-.. to Tydia Eai>-^by of IVoot^^wn /prll tho 2C" 1781 


Davld Tul^ort of Di2^^ton onuorcd hl3 Intontior.o of 
narrlaco to I'.argarot V.'lnolov; of Frootov.n I.'.ay tho 5" 1781 

Gideon Girrord of Frootov.n ontoi'od hla intention of ir.arrla^o 
to Ruth Euttri of Tiverton I'ay tho 5" 1781 

Eu^h Dou^IclSs entered his intontiono of marria^o to Robocca 
Er^thrray 2d wido'.v, both of Prootown AuG^ot tho 4*^ 1781 

Janos D-iVis entorod his intontiono of r.arria^^o to Sarah 
Wlnsldu both of Frc>:5to\.n AviSust tho 5" 1781 

Isaac Road oiitorod his intontion of inaiTlr{;;o to Dicdar.^.a 
Shsruisn alias Gray bol-h of Frooto„n August th3 15'' 1781 

Geor;^o Lr yton of Frcoto-./n cntei-ed his intentions of nsrri&^o 
to Anna Sh3ar;;ian of Sv.-ansoy Axigx^st tho 25" 1781 

Stophon Tallm^n of Tiverton entered his intentions ci: narriago 
to Elisabdth Boodenton of Frootov.n August tho 25'' 1781 

Abiol Torry Jr. entered his intention of ciarria^o to Il-nnah 
Foster of i:idciloboror.2h Setpoinhcr tho 12'- 1781 

Ebono;ier Srlth entered his intention-j of narrir-.^c to 
Por:v.;illa Ci^ase both of Froeto.^n Augrst the 25" 1781 

Job iorry entered his intention of marriage to Rofcecca 
Winslov; both of Freetown SoPter.her tho 15'' 1731 

Ichti-bod Davis of Frectcvn entered his inbenl-lorv'/s of mari■ia^;e 
to Barbery Cc-.-lo of Dart;r.ov.Lh Septeribor the 15" IVSl 

ITathanlel I-'erton 5d of Freeto;7n entered h!.s int-.-ntions of 

-,.1 r '/ 

o Polly Ccry c. Bridcevater S.^ptoMher the 20" 1781 

rarrla^o co i-'O.L.iy ^-'c^ry 

Ai.^f.a Fi.llor entered liis inti^ntio-'': of ii-.^rria£;^ '■'o I'-i-y 

lUson beth. of Freetov;n October the G" 17S1 

Fi'ancis Drev; -.entered liis i tc^iition'; of jiLarria^o to T-ry 

Da vis both of Freoto\,n October t'/r/j G" 1781 

John f.tran;;e ontoro5 his intentionT. of j->u-ri\iaro to Abigail 

Stnith boju of Fj-:.eto.-n Kov:.;:d}er tv.e Cd 1781 

ChArlon Str^n^o of Frootcv/n entorod his in--- of r.arrlajo 

I ■ ■ 

I to Eathor Babt^it of Berkley :rovo:,ibor tho 4" 176; 

I , Benjamin Crlnnoll ontorod his. Intention of marriage to 

I Abis^"^^-! Oi:clv/orth both of Froot'own ITove-bor tho 9" 1781 

I John Larr'.nco entered his intontion of jTiarrla3o to E-jldah 

I Lop XX both of FroctOT/n ITovembor tho 9" 1731 

I Elislva V.'illlaris entered his intentions of rr.arriace to Lydia 


I Eov/land both of Preotov/n Decombor tho 22d 17S1 


I JohiH Caporon entered his intentions of marrias'^ to Eqp3 


I Davis botli of Fxcetov.n January tho 19" 1702 

I Joshraa Eov/aid Brett of Froctown entered his Intentions of 


l" . marrlrvgo to Anna Dunbar of Easton February the 9" 1762 

i Joseph V.'inolov; of Froctov/n entered his intentions of r.arrla^e 

I to i,!ary Craro of Berkl-iy February the 27" 1782 

I Ilorculur^ Gifford of Frecto-./n entered his intentioiis of n.arrlar^o 

I to Jenny St-fford of Tiverton Llarch the 23d 1782 

I Lemuel Bor-dnn of Freetov/n entc7.-ed his intentions of marriage 

I to Sarah Kc,ad of Dartmouth October tho 20" 1781 


{ Robert Hathv.-ay entered hij.s intention of rn^rrla^o to Eliziabcth. 

I - Ro&d both of Freotc-./a Doceruber tho 9" 1781 

■; Abiv/1 Ilath.vay of Freotov/n entered hie intention of marriage 

\ to Elizabeth Babbit of Berlcloy February tho 2od 1782 

J ■ . - Abner Ericc^ '^f Freetov.-n entered his lnto;;itlons of r.arria^c 

■ to Sarah Phillipa of Berkley March 30" 1782 

-• ■ Jonathan Anthony entered his intontion of ir.arrlaco to C arah 

^ ~h:;r;e both of Froetown Llarch tho 30" 1782 

■^ Sar.iu... .u rcu'-rcu of Little Co'Tipton entered, his int-^ntion of 

i n^rriac:- to Be' 'oy Srdth of I!ay the 1.1" 1732 


i Charl e C'--j.<^-'''orth- of Froeto-n entered lij.s Intentloii of 

\ narrla;^o to Contjrjt Y.o\-':iij of Ov-foid Hay the 11'" y/C2 

ThOiV.u:: D^vic of Froctov/n entered Intontlon of ir.arrlR~o / 3 "5 

to Mary Lant i-ocldcnt of FrooLov.n June 15" 1782 

Danlol Dou^lac3 entered his Irtsr.tion of niarria^c to I^ctty 
Porter Loth of Fryetov.n Ji::\3 Lh{) 22d 1782 

Eenry Taw of Dii/hton eritei'cd his Intention of ncrria^o to ■ • 

Betty Hath-.vr.y of Fre-jtcv;n July the C" 1782 

Solor.:on Sir.ons of Frcelov/n entered hi3 intention of r.urria^o 
to Thar.]:ful T.'ill- of Sandwich July 2C" 17G2 

Gilbert Cl.aso entered hi.T intention of nviirrio^c to Chc3tly 
Peirco both of Froetov-n July tlic 27" 1782 

Isaiah Eordsn and Abij^ail Sr.e-ll both of Fr.5otov.-n entered ■ 
thftlr intention of r.arriarve A-ur; the 17" 1782 

Augustus Chaso cnterod his inttntion of Liarriagc to Oliv.i; 
Ch&36 both of Frootown October ths 4" 1782 

Joseph Jon'jG entered his intention of ir.ari'ia;;;^ to Joanna 
PiCiJley boti! of Preotov.n October the 17'' 1782 

Job Sncll entered hi3 intention of raarria-e to Ab^iail 

V/inclcv,- both of Freetown Oetober the 24" 1782 

John Hcrv/ood of ITewport entered hiy intentions of i.-iarria^c 
to Esther Hathvvay of Freotown Movenber the l" 1702 

Siruon Clark of Freetovrn entered his intention of i,.arriage 
to Sarah Alien of Darti.iouth ]Iovc;.iber the l" 1782 

John Ashley of Freetov;n entered his intentions of rjarriagc 
to Chrrity Shcrnan of Rochester Docerr.ber the 14" 1782 

Abrahar. Ashley cnt'jrcd his intention of L:nrria^,o to 

Hannah Crapo both of Freetown Jiuiuary the 14" 17r-~ 

Abraham Shi-v.- Jr. of '.'iddlcboro entered his int'-ntions of 

luc.x'v 1 F r,o to I-'artha 1,'orton of Freetown Jc.iU.ary yo 2od 178'"^ 
Joseph Cardnor of l;ev,port entered his intentions of 

ri.arria^e to Frudonce Dv^fec of Fi'cetov.n February the 5d 1783 

Sii.icon Furr cnterod his ir.LontiO:i of riavria^e to E] i:',;-,beth 
KeAd both of Freeto-,;n February the 20" 1783 

Ichabod johrnr-or^ entered his i '^ention of irurri;je to 

l5c.t:intho Durfoc both of Fj^ootown !,:arch tho 15" 1733 

\ llathan Bordon of Froetov.-n ont3rod his Intontlon of marriage 

to Phobo Earl of Pourtnr.outh I.'arch tho 15" 1783 

T.*illla!a Davj.3 entered hln ' Intention cf marrlag?5 to Anncr 
PiOad, alia:3, filler both of Frsotorrn I,!a7 tho 9" 1783 

Benjamin Lav/ronco Jr. cntorod his intontionj of narrlaco to 

.1 llarcy Lo-.vis of Mlddlcborou^h May tho 9" 1783 


\ Oliver Ruaci onterod hi;* intontlon of marriage to Grace 

I Vaxishan both cf May tho 18" 1783 


\ Aloriandor Fainter rosidont of Froctov/n onterod hio Intontlono 

I of marriage to I^ary j'uckot of Freetown Juno tho 27" 17C3 

:. ■• Daniel Grlneli entered his intentio/i of r.arriagj to Susanna 

* Read both of Frootov/n July tho 10" 1783 

I Ords I>urfoc ontored his intention of marriage to Olive 


I S;0p9r both of Frooto'.m July tho 10" 17S3 

Ir Bonjarln Pornoy of Ta'oitcn cnt'-.rod his intentions of 

I narriago to Deborah Grapo of Froetov/n July IG" 1783 

I Stcphor l.:oltcn of Stafford in yo state of Gonnocticut 


I entered his intention of narriare to Ilan.iah B\ii*ro'..'n of Fj-.ootova • 

f AUoLi^i o yo X a, < bo 


I Beiijc.! Ea:-tcrbrool:3 of Frocto\;n entered hi? intcntionn 

I of marriage to Mary llegora of Dartr:;cuth Avgu£t yo 22d 1783 

I . Y^illiam Ashley cntorod rj.3 intention of marriage to 


! Elizabeth V/hite both of Frcetovn Avgust the 25d 1783 

' Jo.rn Sarroon of F,,-eetov.-n entered hlc interitlon of marriage 

\ to Jori-r:hi Marthev/a of Rehoboth Auguat t]:e 30" IVtio 

: Fn^^-'-^P Chace entered hi.a itrtcntion of r.ari'iage to Polly 

I R>j.>-d both of Frc-cl own Sopteubcr thj lo" 1703 


\ J:;; a CO '»■ ..ijlow entered Kla int-ntiore of rarrl.-g^ to 

E.t:^- Failr both of Freetovai ^oP-'Cber the 25" 1703 

Ro'oort Lav ton or Pourtcr.outh ontorod hla Intontlon or 'n-^ 

marrla^o to liannor Tvirnor of Frootcr.a Sopton:'bor 70 27" 1783 

Joseph HathT/ay ontorod his Intontlona of v,rxvTlogQ to 
Diadcrna Strr.n^o both of Frootown, October the 11" 178? 

Uxllif.Tn Davio onterod hl3 intontloiin of riarrirgo to Abigail 
Blothons both of Frooto-.m Octobor tho 15" 1785 

Gulirord Ilvans entei'od hia intention of irarricge to 
Robocca Rccd both of Froetov.Ti October tho 25" 1783 

Hozo^^'.ah Davis entered his intentions of ri.arrinjo to 
Rebecca Apploton both of Frooto-..n October tho 29" 1783 

Ed-.?ard Etiloy of Tiv-c^i-ton entered lils intention of riarringo 
to Mra'y Borden of Freoto-.n October the 25" 1785 

David V.'inslo'..- of Froetova entered his intention of r.ari-ia^e 
to Botty Kothel of Dartr.outh :;ovor:bor tho 1" 1783 

Sotli I\oen of I'lddlf.borov^h entered his intention of :::arriE^o 
to J.vuia VJ.n3lO'./ of Freetown October tho 25" 1785 

Benjo.,iin V/caver of Freeto-.rn entered his intention of 
marria^-e to /n.ry of Pom^tGr.onth i:ove::;ber the <!" 17G5 

.George Dean of Di'ghton entered his /.ii tontion of j.arri.ige 
to S>r.vt';\ Jorhland of Frceto-./n ::ovcr.b-r the 10" 1785 

Thomas Uoddol of Dartn^outh entered hl3 intontlono of narrir.g'.-j 
to Piiebo 2orden of Freotov;n Ko\jh.bor the 20" 1785 

Bollony Chajjo entered his intention of r..:'.rria~e to Sarah 
Road boti: of Free torn Ilove-bcr the 20'* 1705 

Porrcc Phillips of Dig''^"*^-"^ entered his inti>ntion of 
marrirgo to Elir.abeth Tor.pkr'n- of Freelov.n Jann-^ry ye 15" IVol 

Ephrc-i::r, cf Frcotcvii ent'^^red his intc^ntion of i:n>rriar;e 
to /.bjg.'il Croc' of Tlvcrt'^/n Janr:-ry tho TC" 178' 

Bonj^-'in Te..' of Dightc'n ontorod b.5.o intor.tion of r.':'r-rir.go 
to /i:)!^;,!! I-ath-.;ay of Fro- to. ^n Fob.-csvy tho 7" 17t:. * 

Oliver Glado or Sr/anaoy onloi'od hia intention of rr.'irrlago /3 

to Eli::aboth Lnton Oi* F,.-ootov/n Fobrucry tho 20" 1784 

Asa Knapp oT DDrtinouth ontorod his Intontion o2 marrlngo 
to Sarch Froulovo of Frectovai r.'arch tho G" 178» 

Joseph Tr,jr\ Jr. of FroQtov.n entered his intention oT 
Earringe to Abi^^il Perlor of Rochoator Marv^.h tho 15" 1784 

Joseph liov.'land entered his intontion of^o to Avir^ 
Chase both of Freetown March tho 12" 1784 

John Vonson entered his Intontion of K-cirriago to Sibyl 
Brifjgs both of Frectov.ii I'arch tho 5.2" 1734 

Uillian Canada Jr. of Mlddloooro' ontorod liis Intentions 
of worrir-go to Mary BrOw'n of Frcoto^/n March tho 29" 1784 

Lenyard ;HncIt;s of Iliddloboro entered his intontion of 
r.iarriagc to Mary Rounsofvil of Freoto-vn MarCii the 29''" 17C4 

David Davis of Fraoto-.m ontorod I'd.'; intention of riiarric^e 
to llaoKil Booth of Dartmouth April tho 15" 1784 

Joliii Bolton ont orcd hif; intention of carriage to 
Tryphoua Kathv.-ay, alias, Stra.n;;;;o both of Frooto-.-n April 15" 

Jamer. Bri^'-;^ of Freotovn entered his inter;tio:i o.f rarrla;;e 
to Lydic Philip:- of jJighton May tho 8^-' 1764 

John V/lnalov of Frootov;r. entered IjIl intontion of ir'.-.rrifge 
to Bothirh Spooner of Trvciton May the 2?d 1784 

Ichatod ro'ljtor of DartiaO-atn critercd his Intantion of r.arriar;^ 
to Pr-adancG Potter of FreetovTi I'ay tho oO'' 1764 

iistthov,- p.andal entered his intention of r.V'.rrin^o to 
Eannf^h f'rinlr./ator both of Frootc-..-r. Juno tho 10" 1701 

lioury Obodarxt of D'.rtnouth o/itoro'"! h' o intention of r.arrln-;o 
to 'fhan'-.Tul Fr'uolovo of FroetO". n .Imi:, tho 10" 17.0:; 

Jorer:i.'-..h ""f.^Viuan aliao r:o,,Cj:'a of T Ivor to?! entered his j.ntont" 
io}. of :.-vvrlr^o tc Luo.^ Borden cf Fiooto-.rn A\\i]C::t yo 21" 3.7 C -- 

Asa Clurlc ontorod his Intontion of narrlcgo to / 3 7 

Ruth Payno both of Froolov.n Avi^ust tho 21" 1784 

Simoon YAilto entered his Intention of marriage to Sarah 
Winalo\7 bol'h of Freoto~n Sepljcnbor tho 4" 1784 

Polo£; Cran'x entered hie intentions of marriage to Phebo 
Simons both(or)rrootov,Ti Geptoiabor the 4" 1784 

Jankinn V.hite entered his intentions of marriage to 
Mary Kathv/ay both of Frooto-.ra October the 3d 1781 

George Bri^ntaian Jr. entered his intention of marrlr,'-,o 
to H-rnnah Doggott both of Freotov/n October tho od 1784 

Joseph l'ayn3 Jr. entered his intention of marriage to 
Betty Chr.30 both of Frooto-;.n October the 9" 178-1 

Jack Chainplaia of Korth King.-iton entered his intention of 
marriage to Lubiuor Peirco of Freotovrn IJoverriber ye 27" 173< 

Benjr.nln IJachcll entered his intentions of marraigr? to 
Elizabeth Ke^.iiolda both of Freotovai Jime the lO" 1784 

Philip S^lssol of Tiverton entered his intention of inr.rricgo 
to Luey Bowon of Freotov.-n December the 10" 1764 

Daniel Lt'Viton entered his intention of m.arriage to Fanny 
StilT/oll both of Frcetov;n Dccerr.ber tho 10'* 1784 

Isalf:h Sncll resident of Freotov-n entered his intention 
of En:rriagc- to L^dia Kathv.ay of Freoto-.m Janur^ry tho 8'^ 1701' 

William B'.rncy of Taunton entered hit^. j.ntention of mari'if^go 
of ?"ary Crcpo of Frcetorn Jiv.iucry the l?.^' 1785 

Baloy Bead entered his intention of r'^.rriagc to Ellr. abotii 
Valentine bot}\ of Fi--eetovn Jar/aory the 29'' 1785 

Georgo Lav/ton of Pciai'tii?r,o-uth entered }iis Intontlo-.i of 
marriage to tho V.'id. ilrncy Ivwrenco of Frcjtovn !:arch the C." 

Vi'ilillr;,; Val;.r>.tino entered hir. intcnlions of mr.rrirge to 
i:iiJ-(.both >^orc;- i) bvth of Freotovrn "..rch tho 19" 1705 

-03- ;•■ f -^ 

Honry Uiloor of Dartr.outh entered his intontlon of r.arrlcxgo 
to Dobor^A ri'oolovo of Frootown I'arch tho 19" 1785 

David Ch:i3c rooldon'c of Frootov/n on'corod his intention of 
inarA^ii^o to Chloo Folrco of Frootov/n J-'orch tho 19" 1705 

Alexander i.iason of Freetown ontorod his intention of r.arritgs 
to Lydia Chase 2d of Dartmouth March tlje 19" 1765 

Joseph Smith of Middleboroush entered his intention of 
marrl.-.go to Elizabeth Cole of FreotOT/n April tho 2d 1785 

Phllibort Ravel resident of Freotov/n entered his intention 
of rarrlago to Mary Fuller of Jiorton (May) April tho 2d 1785 

Stephen Eakor Jr. of Berkley entered his intention of 
inarrla^'O to Tryphcna Hathv.-ay of Freetovn I.'ay tho 1" 1785 

Vi'llllan Keon of Dartnouth entered his Intention of riarriage 
to Phobe Masoii of Freetovm May the 21" 1785 

Y/llliain Ennls entered his intention of i.'iarricso to Anne. 
Evans both of Froetov/n June tho 18" 1785 

Isaac V/lnslov; entered his intention of laarriare to 
Joanj:ia Da;3;j;ett both of Freotov.n Juno the 23d 1765 

Jethro Dii:noro of l;ev/port entered hio inL:ontlor>. of 
inarriago to Fhoda Evans of July the 3d 1765 

Richard Clark entered his intontion of nari'lc-e to 
Lydia Cuu-..orth both of Freet07,n Jxily tho 3d 1785 

Ephrai::; Braley entered his Intention of r.arria-o to 
Hercarot So'rina both of Freetown kX'^'^\i^.t tho 15" ' 1765 

Moaoo Kicj.oln Jr. entered his intentioii of i.:, rrir^c to 
Sucan:-)nh Crinvicl both of Frcotov.'n Ausu^t th 13'' 17c 5 

', ...^i/cino Blethcn-j ontoi-ed hia intcTition of r.arrla^o to 
Fi'/ruiah i',v. nr^ roth of Froeto'./n Sop'oorr-bor th-O 10'' 1785 

Da\ld ITiloj recidont of Freotovn entered hia Irioc.itloa 
of ETiarric^o to S':ra}i Ci.asc of Fr.ioto..n Scptcnibor tho 17'' I'rSo 

-o9- ---- ■'''i 

David Collins 'on'corod hia intent ioa of rarria^e to 
Rhoda Chase both or Frocto-.m SoptciT;ber tho lO" 1785 

:• Jalo Katr:v;ny of Frooto-./n ontorod hla intentions of r.arrl&ge 

t to Ellzc.'both French of Rap-ihrjr. Septeii^bor tho 24" 1705 

Jacob Ar.OG of Freotov.n entered his Intention of norria^© 
to Mary Sukonoss of Little Corrpton Soptoiibor tho 16" 1705 

Job Pelrce of niddlcboro' ontorod hin intcntlonii of rarrlago 
to Betty Payne of Freetown the. 24" 1785 

Jair.oo Dcniston entered hlr, intention of 3r.L.rrirT0 to 
Abigail Butts both of (Freotcv/n) October tho 2d 1785 

: Thoinas Lulloo of Tiverton entered hi?, intention of ir^rrir^se 

to Rebecca Dol'.ori nvillo resident of Freotov/n October the 22d 

.' 1785 

} Henry Tisdale of Freotov;n entered his intention of v.e.Tr^<t.[^o 

I • to PatloncG Erindley of Ports;i:;outh Kovoirbcr the 19" 1785 

I Nosh Chi'':ie entered his intention of marric^e to Rebecca 

i ' Eath^.'ay both of Frooto^Tn Kove^uber the 19" 1785 

] Paul Shoi-iuon of Tl/ertoa cntorod hir. Intention of rurrir^c 

V to Bathchoba Bov;c.n of Freoto^Tn llovo:.iber the 26" 1785 


f Jonathan Crapo of Froeto\vn entered hiD intention of ::arri?.-c 

to Sola;. Rand.:J.l of Rochester- Docewbor tho 2/" 1765 

Joshua Scuth-:,-lclr. of Freetov/n entered his intention of 
^ marrlrcc to Abis^H Polrco of Df^hton Decovabor the 24" 1VC5 

\ Nohcril>:-h Shor::ian of Mid-, entered his intention of r.arria-o 

^' to Djbo-ah Pclrcc of Frcetovaa Docc..:b;.r the 50'' 1785 

I . (Ebo)nozer Dailoy entered hla intention of r.vrrlr^e to 

': Lydla r'rinh\,-atcr both of Frcoto-..n Fobru.a-y 'cho 4" 17CG 

• \.-xlbor Fx'eolovo of Froetov.n entered hir. Jntortion of 

norriao'^ to Silvia Davenport cf Brid-e.utor Fobrua--y the 4" 


John Bicr.oro rooldont ox" Frootov/n entered hl3 Intention 
of narriaco to Lydia DciviG of Froetov/n February the 8" 1786 

Y/illiani Cleavlund reoidont of FrootO"n entered his intention 
Of marrlaso to Rhoaiu Kativ.v^y of rroetov.n March the 4" 178G 

Benjamin llaaon entered his intention of ir.arrinrc to Ollvo 
Durfeo both of Frooto-.7n Ilai-ch the IG" 1V66 

Philip K.\thv;Dy 3d of Freetov.n entered hia Intention of 
marrlaco to S'--rah De^ of Dlghvon April the 15" 1785 

JOGoph Crandcl of Tiverton entorvd his intontionc of 
inarrlc£0 to Sarah Earl of Freoto-.m April tho 15" 1736 

Consider Ho\,-lr.nd of Mid-, entered hlc intention of r.arrlarc 
to Betsey Hall of Freetov.n April tho 15" 1^86 

Benjamin Daggett entered his intention of r-mrrla^e to 
Rhoda Wlhslo" both of Freetov/n April 15'* 1V86 EvanG Jr. entered his intention of rr.arrlaso to 
Botsey I/rohun both of F.'oetorr.. Jvly tho 20" IVSG 

Abner Cook of Tiverton entered his Intention of marriage 
to EliJ-.aboth Francos of Froetov/n Scptcnber 2d 1786 

Ep'm-aiLi Erigss of Dartr;outh entered his .intention of 
marrla-" to Hannah Francos of Freeto'..n Soptcrubor S" 1786 

Elijah Kins of Tau::itcn entered hi" intontion of rr-rrlcso. 
to Phobo Ro^d of Frooto-.rn Septo:rber tho 15" ' 1766 

Joshua Doan entered his intention of ir^^rrir-o to Forbrr:, 
Poirco both of Froetov;n .Septcmbor tho 15'"' I'^SC 

Thoophllv- Cirri: Jr. entered his intention of r-rrl'-co -to 
Lydia Grlnnoll both of Froctov,n i:o7c:^^ber tho 4" 1786 

John rv.^3 Jr. entered hi.s Intention of jnarrirr;e to }^ic:uor 

1- ... •■ '•, /'! 1787 

Payn both of Frcotovrn Janvri^y >...mj C: 

\;a..ton Earl of Dortrnoxxth entered liis Intention of ir-.rrla£;D 
to -arah Frances of Freoto;;n Jar.uary tho 5'' 17G7 

George Gnoll oritored his Intention of i.,urrla^-u to Olivo .^ 
Bloosom both of Frootown October the 17" 1786 

Jacob Ar.03 of FrootOT.ii cntorcd his intention of marrlcgo 
to Morlbr;h Cornoll of Dart.v.otxth Mnrch tho 3d 1787 

Pelog Brl^htnian of Frocto.Tn entered hia intention of r.i-:irria20 
to Eothany Hill of Sv/ansey "arch tho 9" 1787 

David Cleavland entered his intention of irarrlago to Dobcrch 
Durfea both of Freetov.n March tho 9" 1787 

Willicr,; V.'odle of Tiverton entered his intention of narrie^c 
to Sarah lAirfoc of Freotov.n Kerch tho 9" 1787 

Goor';;e Barror-'s of Tamiton ontorod his intention of r.arria^^s 
to Kechol Clerk of Freoto-./n Inarch tho 30'' 1767 

John V,'ill:o;ison entered his intention of ir;arri;\go to Patienco 
Kath-./ay both of FroetOT.ri Apri] the 1" 1787 

-John Sidnell resident of Froetov/n entered his Intentions 
of narriago to Deborah Borden rosidoi^ii: of Freoto'.,n April tho 
I'l" 17 u7 

Isaac i:errlck entered his ixitention of L^arrla^o to Rutii 
Shaw both of Freetovm i:ay tho r>" 1787 

Elihu i:--'.da.vay of Dcrtriouth entered his Intention of I'.arrir^c 
to Eli?,w-both L'v.vroneo of Frectcv.n June tho 29" 1787 

Ricliard V.'inolov; of Freotov;ri entered hio intention of irarrl^.^o 
to Jean J/cCvaiy of ::iOdlo borov-Vi Jvsno tho 29" IVBV 

John Sir.u'.ons entered his intcvition c.C niarrla^o to Xozit-h 
Bordon both of Freoto-./n Jvvae the 29" " 1787 

Sa:._^;30n A-.o^ entered bir. intention of l- .rria~o to Roba 
South..'lc:: bo' '. of Frceto-,;n Jnno tho 29'' 17b7 

J0o02-'h '..'cav a* of BartriCJth entered his intention of 
Karr'".;j"o to Sarah i'jrlant of Freetown Ai'^ns t tho 20' 1787 

::.enja:'i:..i- V.'xna lo'.; evitored hio ir.t ontio:; Ox rr.airio'-e to 
Tr\r)he.-ia ""-th^ray both of Fr'.oto-..r U-vc:. ">^r th.; 5d 1767 

Jonathan Kichirond ontercu his intentions of :::ai-i'laijo jtJ9^ 

to Porsilor Thustcn'toth of Frootovm Ilovor.ber tho 3cl 1707 

William Wlnslorr of S-./ansoy ontorod hla intentions of TnarriJi^o 
to Pntlenoa H:^,•ny of Fro-^^OTTn PocnTubo-p tho Q" 1707 

rroGsrvod ?uirco of S\;an3e7 ontorod hlo intention of irarria^o 
to Lydia Sirnr.ons of FroetO'.rn Docochor tho 29" 1787 

David Pratt of Middlchoro' on'r.orod his intention of r.arriage 
to Phobe Chcoo of FrootOTrn April tho 12" day 1738 

Bcn^airiin Davis entered his intention of r.arrla^o to Paticnco 
Chase both of Frootovn Toy tho 3d 1738 

Sacuol Heart of Tiverton resident in Frecto-.m entered his 
intention of m^.rriage to llc.ry Breton of Freetovrn April 19" 1783 

Siiueoii B-:;rden of Frootov'-n entered hla intention of T:.arrlure 
to ;j-ny Brigss of Tiverton May tho 31" 1763 

Percival Ashley entered his intention of r.arriago to Sarah 
Ol5.ver both of Frootov/n July the 12" - 1788 

Jonathan Dodson entered his intention of iriarriage to 
Sarah Road both of FreetOTrn July the 26" 178GV 

Ahiol Chaao entered his intention of narrl^co to Phobe 
Chano both of Freetown July the 30" 1788 

Goor£,o Eooth of Frceto\.i\ entered his intention of riairla^^'O 
to ATioorr.asa. Gixfor-d of Tivor^ton Aiic^ust the 10'' 1783 

Job Shorr.-:an of Tiverton entered his intention of riarrlase 
to A::viba Crapo of Frceto'.vn Av^unt the 16" 1788 

Joseph Peirco Jr. of Uor^hostor entered his intcotllon of 
marriacc to Terpi-ranco r.ortor. of ;-rooto-,,-n Au;-,uat tlvj 19" 1763 

EphraiT7-. Jones of D:3hton ontrr cd his intention of r.a-i^ri-'.^o 
to Ilarth--'. V.'inslov; of FrKetc-.;n Sopter.-ber tiio 3d day 1703 

Calvin Du'don entered h'.j intention of narria^o t- Sc?.rh 
V/iriylo-,.' "... a of Frootov;n Sopt ciibvr tho 'l" 17?:3 

Polo5 i:c.thv;ay or rrocto:ra oiiuorod hl3 Intention of ncrriagQ 
to Ellsaboth J.IcCally of :.:idulctioro' Soptenbor tho 6" 1788 

T/illlara Blyo of Mlddloboro* onlerod hi3 Intentions of rr.arrlDgo 
to Lixsnnr.a Manon oi* l-'reotov.n Septonbor tho 13" ' 1788 

John Froelovo (of Froctov.-n entered his Intontion of 
to Sarah Ijx.qs or Rochoctcr Soptenbor tho 17" 1783 

Bethuol Biu^Q&n entered his intentions of mrrln^o to "ary 
Crapo both of Froetov.-n Sopter.iber tho IC" 1788 

Y^o^i!Oz::^n c:J.lcd Baston of Froetov.-n entered hlo Intontion of 
riarr'.ago to Sarah"Caff oi-' Din" of V.'oatport Sept. yo 19" 1768 

Poro, no^ of Sv-ancey entered hia intontion of ir:arriego 
to llancy Negro v/oman of FrcotOuTx October' tho 11" 1768 

Thor.ins AiuDS of Freetov-n entered his intention of r.arriJic;o 
to Patience Jennings of V.'eotport llovenber tho 1" 1788 

Peter Aiibry of Nov/port entered his intentions of ir.irrir.^jO 
to Anno Louise Adaiiiount of Freotovrn Sept. the 22d day 1788 

llor.h Ed:rJ.r^ tor 'entered his intention of r.arriage to Mary 
Terry, Y.'ido-.-, both of Freetov,-n SeptCTr.bor ^<:" day 1788 

Koali Edir.istor ordered his piibliahment tho 12'-'- cl.ay of 
its bein^* up, but it had been up 3 public dc-js 

Philip C'ox'j7,ln;;j.o of Froetown entered lils iiitentinn of irarria^'o 
to Keturah Booth of Dartmouth Gctobdr the 16" 17SB 

Georgo Road tho 5d entered his intention of iixa-ric-'o to 
Issabel Evina both cf Froeto'.;n October the 20" 1788 

Isaac Butts Jr. entered hie iritontion cf v.orrlc.[^e to Ruth' 
Church both of Frootcvn i:ove:.iDor S" 1780 

Tho-r.'iS Earl entered his intention C'f r^airia^o to Hannah 
Bxu-'don both of FreotOi."n Octob 25'' 17S3 

V.illi. ..: Collin.^. Ox Dartmouth eritcrca his intent 'on of r..arrl-: ^,a- 
to Haamah ]T--ton Ox Freotov,-i Daco-.ber t}io T* 17a8 

/ ^on Tumor of Fruoto-vn ontored r.'r. iriti-'r. tion of riarria eo 

to Cioithin Sirjviona of Di^hton DGC02:"bor 6'' 1780 

David Porkinn ontorod his Intontlona of r.arrinp;e to Lois 
Eath\7ay both of Froetovci Docei.nbor the G" 1788 

JIathaniol Boorvjr ontorod his intontlon of r.arraiso to 
Sarah Burden both of Frcotov.-n Docorabor 12" 1788 

Jos5.ah HasVoll Jr. cnterod his intention of r:arriC2;o to 
Sarnh Vostcoat both of Freotov.-n Docer.oor tha 24" 1788 

Ichabod Pain ontarod his intontlon of r.arriago to Dladana 
CuEEi'.lnss both of Freotovni Jr>:nuary yo 24" 1769 

Geor^G Doi-^laca Jr. of I'.'iddloboro' entered hl3 intention 
Of carriage to Margaret V,'oi;tco:.'t oT Frootovm Feb. the 4" 1789 

Sar.:uol Richinond of Freotorai entered his intention of marrlr.gc 
to I.'ary Booth of ?:iddloboro' roby. tlie 3d 1739 

Abncr Roun".ofiil onterod his intention of rrarrir^c to 
Hannah Oliver both of Freetown January the 50" 1709 

Bonj-^iniii Jucl:ct cntorod hln intention of r:crj.-'ia£;o to 
Charlotte Oldrld^^e both of Frootov.-n January the 50" 1789 

The above said Juclrets publish" nnt talron dcni 

Jo^hma Hov.'land entered hia intention of laarria-e to Abl^,'"^^ 
Peirco v/idov;, both of Freetown Feb. 15" 1709 

Ell: an ah V/.itson Jr. of Frcetov.n entered hin intontlon of 
marriage to l^achol S:r,lth of ITorton Fob. ic" 17G9 

Isaiah Bvirden of V.'estport entered hia intention of rarria^,o 
to I.^;iry Road, v;;ldov,-, of •F:,-eoto-./n February 21" 1789 

Gideon I.'ead entered hly Intention of irinrrir^e to Kar-;;;aa-et 
Hi ten both of Frootovm I'aroh the 7" 1789 

Jo", n Blybvry onter-jd his Intention of marria^o to liany 
Mart'n both o^ Fi.'-.otovrn March. 27" 17G9 

Isaac IIar3'':ol entered hi:i intention of j.'.-.ri'lr^o to M'ry 
'^raloy bo".' of Frceto-,/.\ May the 11" 1789 

-45- y^J-- 

Isaac Bnrro-.Ts entorod his inton'cioii of ninrrlc^ije to 
Ch-*rlotto H::.chr,'ay both oi" Frootown :.!ay th'^ 16" 1789 

Ooo-^^o Cornish of Pl^-mouth entered h^3 intentions 
of :r,aiTir-?;.5 to Hannah Road of Freoto-;m May 23d 1789 

Richard Crapo of Freotorrn ontorcd hlc intention 
of Biarrlage to "ary Shorrr.on of T Ivor ton I'ay 23d 1780 

Thonas' llnir;ht of Tiverton enteJ'cd his intiintlon of 
ir.arri£r;;e to Pnticmco Road of Freetown Jvine 6" 1789 

Goorgc Frrll of IMddleboro ontorcd hlc intention 
of niarriage to Cynthia Crr-po of Freotov.^^ Jtily 29" 1789 

Thomas Collina entered hie intention of r-crrla^c to 
Mary Rend both of Freatov/n Au^Uot lo" 17C9 

Peter Crapo of Freetovai entered hin intention of . 
mzirriaso to Content Il^th-./ay, widcv; of DartL-.outh Sept. 4, 

Josiah entered hie intont5.on of to 
Phllena Rounsoful both of Sept. V" . 1V89 

Asahel Fisher of Kiilinrrly entered \Az intention of r.r.rrlc!-o 
to Anno Burden of Frootovm Soptorfoor the IG" 1739 

Luthor V.'ilson entered hla intention of rin-rrlace to Svearaia 
Road both of Frooto-.m Octobor 3d • 1789 

Philip Chase entered his intention of r.v.rrir^- to 
Expt^rience V.'hito both of Frcetov/n llove.v.bcr 7'" 1780 .' 

Abiel Harlvlnc Jr. of lV--7'l:loy entered his 
intent:lonn of ntrria^o to Sarch Pa^n^e of Frooto^.n llovo::;bor 

7"' 17G9 

Sr;r.V!ol Boc-er entered Y'.^^ intention of r.i-ria^e to 
Lydla both of ?reetcv.-n iTov, I'l" 17i'9 

A:no3 Bralcy of Roeh.cnter entorod hir. intenti-'-n of 

-45- . X4C 

Eurriaru to Lucy Morton of Frootov.-n ITov. 28" 1789 

Job Road ontered his intention of marritiso to Betney 

Davlo both of Frooto-.Tn Nov^-L-bor (tho) 30" 1769 


Robort .V.illcr Jr. entei'ed hla intention of 
marrir.^o to Phol'a V/oaver, \7ldov,', both of Fi."'6ctov;n January 
2d 1790 

Clothor ;'..-ay entered his intention of r.crriago to 
Mary Borden bo'clx of FreetcTrn January 2d 1790 

Jonathan Bordon of Tiverton entered his intention of 
marriage to Elisabeth Bov.-on of Freeto-.m January 25d 1790 

Nero, nc£ro;nrn, entered his inter.tion of narricco to Coopor both of Froctov.n Fob. the 4" 1790 

David Butts entered hia intention of ii-.arrif-se to Content 
Cleavland both of Freotov.-n Feb. the 20" 1790 

James Wins lev; 2d entered hie intention of Lirrrin^o to 
Karthn Pa-jTno both of Frcetovri Ilarch tho 19" 1790 

Bor).;5r.r;:lu Eraloy of Freetov;n entered his intention of 
marrie-e to L-.thshcb:-. Phillips of Borlrley April 2d 1790 

David perh-lna of Taunton entered his intention of r.iirrit^o 
to L''i3 Pr.yne of Freoto-.ra April t}ie 9"- day 1790 

Ebon>-, Juc::ot cf Freetovrn entered his intention of r-rrlrre 
to Sllva Spoo.- r of l.:iQdI-:boro' liay tho 1" day 1790 

SE^nuel Bui'don enterod his intention of r.arria^io to 
Abi-ail "Evine both of Freeto-.-n July 24" 1790 

Ed^vard ^•;ieo Jr. anc Per-Mla Durfeo both of Frcotov.n 
ente:>ed his intention of rarrl.^G^ Au-u';t tho 7" 1790 

V.'illlrr.-. Hoaro Jr. of I'.icdleboro' entered hirj 
intention of xnarri::r;o to Catharine I>ro^,■n of Vroel.o-.:n Ai:ru:jt 
2G" -.790 

I 4 
John Rc;^:^old3 ontorod hlo Intention of mcrriago to Poirco 

LoT.ia both of Frootor.ii Sept onbor 25" 1790 

Ich'.bod Pr.;,-n ontorod his intention of rr.crvlc^e to Diodara 
Cur:r::in23 b:)th of Frootovm Ocuobor 29" 1790 

Y/illiam Mo'.vlcnd of I.:iddloboro' entered hia intention of 
marrifijo to Elii;aboth Bx'^iant of Frooto-;.-n lla- . 11" 1790 

John Baker and Mary Salo both of Fr^etOY/n entered their 
intention of r.orrlcge lTove:ribor 15" 1790 

William Allen of Dartmouth entered his intention of r.arri?-^G 
to Susanna AL;hlo7 (of) Froetov.n Octo. 29" 1790 

Wlllicu:) Lc.'ic of Freetown ontorod his intention of rarric^e 
to Hcnnr:h KobV-ins of Tiverton IJov, ye 20" 1790 

Hax^voY Sirr^ons ontorod his intention of r.arriafro to 
Plradenco V/ilkonson both (of) Freotov/n I'ov. 20" ' 1790 

Joxm Jcrf:s of Tiverton entered his intention of narrir.^e 
to Eli;iubotli D:.vi3 of Freetov.n D.jce;..bor 8" 17C0 

George Barro\73 of I'dinton ontorod his intention of r.:arria^;c 
to Esther Buni'in of Frcctov;n Docciabor 10" 1790 

Isaac Rc^^-olds of liiddloboro' cnterod his intention of 
inarr.'a;3e to Jcar.ofi.'^ITo-.vland of Freotov/n llov. 20'' 1700 

Joseph cf Ports:;:Outh eritorcd his intention of 
marriajj;e to r;c:-:ilanan'3arinr; of Fi'Ootov;n D:^co:.'.bor 27'' 1790 

\,'lll^ai.i Ciai-':: of Klddloboro' entered hi:, intention of 
ip.arrla^;e to Patieneo Rowland of Fr coto-./r^ Jcniuiry 8" I'/'&l 

Daniol Boo.'.ior Jr, of Froetc".rn cvitcred his iritcnt'on of 
aarria^-o to Pv/:h Porhino of Mostpoy'c JcJ":uary 12" 17G1 

P.lch-:rd 3.'. stor-rool-: entered hio inlvantion of narria^o to 
rianr..-'-, "a.ller both of Freotov/n J^ni-ary l:'-" 1791 

^ of f , r.-'j^-'O r-n^ en' -'<-C h5"^ of :::'a'rirjo to 
T^-ucy ''oc'-'O \;cr.\oi\ both of Frootov;n Fcibrivry the 16" IV;,! 


Noro, no^ro ran ontorod his Intontlon of r.arrlago to 

Abl£;all Cooper both of Frootov/n tho socond tlmo. Fob. 16" 1791 

Poleg Diirfoo ontorod his intention of r.arriago to Priscilla 

Johnson both of February tno 17" 1791 

Sion Allen of Tlvorton ..ntercd his intention of narricgo 
to Elisabeth Dro::3er of Llcrch tho 7" 1791 

Arthur Tlnkhs^n ontcrod his intention cf r.arrlcge to T7cit 
,Pa3nc both of ?ro.eto\,n liorch 5" 1791 

Uillirua Braley ond Thanl^ul Braley entered their Intention 
of ra.irrla^'o to each other of Freetov/n JvUiO 17"- 1791 

Abrahan IJorton entered his intuntlon of Eiarrla£o to 
Eliz<.bGth Ro-anneful both cf Froctov/n Juno 26" 1791 

Amos Clor'>: of Freetov.-n entered his Intontlon of ir.crrla^o 
to Rebecca Cleavlend of Borhley June the 30" 1791 

Elijah Dijrfoo of Frootov.n ontorod hia intention of rarrla^j:; 
to FJ^oG^ Sorpson of II ov; Bedford Jiily SO" 17.91 

Edv/ard Snlth of Freetown entered his Intention of r.arrlago 
to Lydla Poircc of Tcunton Av-urt tho 6" 1791 

Aaron Doan of Dl^^'^^ton entered his Intention of marriage 
to Eliv.abuth V/o-^vor of Frcetov-n Auc■u^3t 6" 1791 

Pei'clval Achloy Jr. of Frceto\."n entered his Intcitlon of 
inarrle.30 to }.:ehotablo i:aco;nbor of Mlddloboro Ar^^ust 15" 1791 

Zophaniah ITolloT.Tiy of r.iddloboro ontcrod his intontlon of 
marrif-ce to Kan-iah pain of Frootorn Sopt . 5d 1791 

Isaac V;arrcn of V/ectport entered his intention cf i,;arr'a^o 
to Frudonco Eri^ of Freotov/n Sept. tho 15" 1791 }ir thv.-ay Jr. of Freoto-..n orterod his intontlon of 


.rj. j-a, ,u 

to .'.blah ^i7i'':h"n o" I'lddlcbcro" 


John Freelovo of Frootcv.-n entered hl£- intr:itloh o" i.crr: 
to Lu.^y Read of Tanntca Octob:;r tho 1" d..y 1701 

John Sin-..on3 of entered his intention of 
'marriare to l.:ai>2;arot Hathr.T.y of Kov/ Bccirord Octo, tlio 17" 1791 

Joseph Brir-htran tho 3d ontorod his intention of imrricgo 
to Jcr.ii:r.a Eli/ouv'y both or Freoto-.7n Octo. the 22d 1791 

Aisnoi' Biirdon or Tiverton entered hia intention of r.arrlc£;c 
to Merlbah Burden of Froator/n i,'ove:'n. 19" 1791 

George Barney of Taunton entered his intention of r.crrir.^o 
to V/r.itGtill Crapo of Freetown December 2a 1791 

Ephrai::; Erl.Tiss onterod his intention of r.-rriago to 
Mary B.ui'bsnh both of Frectovn DoceLibor 2d 1791 

Jororriiah Chaco of Dr^/rtr.iouth entered his intention of r.ari'iti^o 
to nop 3 V/ilson of Freetovra Do con, 2d 1791 

ElkanJih Watson of Frootov/n enlovod his intention of iriarrif.^e 
to Fanny C-lo/or of :.:arbleh':-^d Doc. 1<:" 1791 

Stopbon \V.'-\to of Vi^ostport entered his iritention of r.arric^;e 
to Candace Pottor of Freeto-.rn Ja:iuary the 12'' 1792 

Alphour; Cloavicnd of Freetov.-n entored hi£ intention of 
morriago to Olive Dra>e of Fasten the 28" 1792 

Merchant T.hite entered his intention of r.f'rr.U'/^e to Er.n.nsh. 
Brown both (of) Freetov.n Feb. 1&" 1792 

Robert Porter entered hin intention of r:?,rrinro to Krth 
Read both of Froetovn'y the 25" 1792 

Johi\;&ll entered his intention of to Joruciia 

":;iccr son"' of Chatha^^i February the 2-^" 1792 

( h ichoi's OTi ) 

John ?. Plullin of So:-er3ct entered his intention of !'Crrlr;,-o 

to Polly Sir.nons of Frectovrn "arch 18" 1792 

oontithaii Read Or. entered his intention of narriajo to 

Elurn'.- T.r:: both of Freetov.n Ilarch 31'' 1792 

Abiol /,."i'"ro;: entered his intentio.; of ina,rria^o to A'^' j"il . 

HiL..on bot}i of Frcotcv/n A-;-ril the 7" 1792 

Eoonosor ra;v.a^ -ontorod hla Intention of ric^rricfTo to 
Hannah Randall, v.ldovr, both of Frootov.n April 21" 1792 

David Stran.£;o of Frootovm ontorcd hln intontlon of rr.avvlac^e 
to Tahitha Ei-i^.-a of Borhley April the 2l" 1792 

Coi'nolluc Tobcy rosldont of Sv.-cnG07, onterocl his Intontlon 
of r.arria-o to Ilancy Earnaby of Frootov.Ti April 27" 1792 

Jonathan Cloavlcnd entered his intention of r.arri&j--^ to 
Abigail Bonnot both of Froetov.n April 27" 1792 

ATubrooO tazniabyof Freotov,-n entered his intention of 
narrlajo to Aol^iail V7illlar.o of Taunton I,Iay the 19" 1792 

Elijah V.'odlo of V/ostport entered hla intention of p.crria^o 
to Betty Crrpo of Freeto-.m I'ay the 25" 1792 

Jonjathan ncCocn of S-./ansoy entered his intention of r.arrir.^c 
to Marth-v r/arhai;:^ Y,ido\7, of Freetov.n, Juno 9" 1792 

John Cooh- of Tivertori entered his intention of r.arriago 
to Polly Burden of Freeto--n J-.-ne th-'^ 23d 1792 

Shoffioj.d V.'caver of Sonorset entered his intention of :.'arrir.^o 
to Lydia Read of Freotov.-n Juno the 2C" 1792 

Walter Barfoe entered hl.'^ intention of norrlv.;~e to Anna 
Ashley both of Freo.tov.n July the V" 1792 

Benj."^i:;in x0:;.phin3 Jr. entered hi.s intention of jnarriarjo to 
Susanna Brii;ht";n both of Freetov/n July 9" 1792 

V-'llJlr.:n Cudv/crth of Frootov/n cntorod hi.': intention of 
narrir-je to Anna Babbit of Berlclcy Avjj,. the <1" day . 1792 

Daniel }"'arnaby of Frootc.n oiitcrcd hi.'. intentio:\ of r.:arria^e ■ 
to Hopeatill ::acon of V;urron Au^;. the C^' day 1792 

Ze2)h'>nird-i h'athv.'ay Jr. of F:.'oetcv.ri ontei'od hie intention of 
inerrla^. to Ah^-all Cha..o of B.rhlcy Septe;;ber .he 6" 1792 

Jan;or; Eocrrer entered his int:.ntion of );■. vrir.^-.:- to ^■iizcnr'- 
Burd'n both of Fro.;to.M Octebor the 12'' 1792 

Aw .1 Burdin of' Tiverton, entered his intention of r.crrlr.30 
to llsncy Caurcli or Frectov.n OctoLor 12" 1792 

. Bonjrur.ln L"-.'-tGn of Tortcinonth In Kaodo Island State entered 
hl3 intention of r..-rrla£;e to Eotty Pr^ot of Frootov/n OctohDr 
15" 1792 

Parlror Burdln of Tivorton entered his intention of r.orrlcge 
to Lusanna Dui'feo of Freetov.n Octobor tho 19" 1792 

CharlcG I>urfoe entered hi^; intention of r.arrlf-^e to V.'oalthy 
Eathway both of Freetov.n October tho 19" . 1792 

Jonathan Morten Jr. entered his '.ntontion of rnarriJ^o to 
L"U3an:-iah Hathv.ay both of Frootov.n I.'ov. tho 17" 1792 

ITathan I>ai-fec entered his intontioii of r.arriaro to Rut.h 
Burdln both of Frootov.n I'ov. tho 17" 1792 

Robert Tripp of Tiverton entered his intention of ir.arrla^o 
to Jenoa Fr 00 love of Freetovm i'ov, 17"' 1792 

Luthor VVinslov: entered his Intention of rcvrria^e to 
Kipsobeth Smith teth of i:ov. the 19" . 1792 

Josiah I.loranvol of Dartr;;ovthi entered hi3 intention of 
marriage to Sarah Ha3kin:j of Freetown llov, 2 5d 1792 

Goor£^"e Brif;2;3 of Eerhley entered his intention of r.arrla3o 
to Hope Payne of Freetovm Doce:..oer the 8" 1792 

On the IS" day of 2ece".;:hei' the ahov-j Hope P-ayno of Freetov/n 
appeared and forbid there being any further proceedings of 
this ]rlnd 

Sohii r-av'iJ entered his intonticn of E.arria^e to I-artha 
Doiroranvilie both (of) Frcctev.n D.c. the 22d ■ 1792 

Ricliard Bedon of Dai't;.:Oivtri entert-u }iis iiJ.'..ention of rir-rri^-re 
to JlrjL-cy Freo.i.ovo of Fr.-icto-. n Dae, 22d 1792 

Toahua We.jha of Tiverton entered hir, lntoritl:n of r.-arrlr3e 
to S; Iva B-arc>.n of Ficetov.n Dec, the 23d 1792 


The cibovo I!ai'tha Dorioranvlllo this day forbid z\y proceodlnj; 
by pu'ollr,hln^ or ci-ylni;; hor to Jolui Davia, January tho 2d 

day 1705 

Ber.jamln Crirjioll ontor'vd his int-jntlon of marriage to 
Botty Evin.j \/idov/ both of Freotov/n Jaxmary the 5" 1793 

Nathan Sirji'.ons of Frcctov.n entered his intention of 
marriGgo to Rebecca Burden of Tlverlon Janiiary the 12" 1795 

Joseph Dcty of Easton entered his intention of r.^irria^e to 
Content Road of Froetov.n January 19" 1795 

John Davis entered his intontlon of I'.arriaso to Martha 
DoHoranvillo both of Freetown January 19" 1793 

Seth Kilr-:cn of Freetov/n entered his intontlon of irarriago 
to Sarah Sar.±annv of Dsrtr.outh January 25'' 1793 

Ebcnezor Babbit of Berkley entered his intontlon of r.arriave 
to Sally Cudv.orih of Ornuary 51" 1795 

Dudley Kath^7ay Jr. cntorod his Int^^ntlcn of narris-e to 
Sarah Cur:.nin3s both (of) Freetov.n February the 23:1 1795 

" llosh Hathway of i:ov/ Bedford entered his intention of 
marriage to Abisa;;! Votar of Frontov/n ?:arch 2d 1793 

Peter (Seth) Crapo Jr. of Froeto.,n entered his intention 
of iiarria^e to Poace V/odoll of V;ostport, Freeto-.Tn l.'.arch the 12" 

•!- r> 'f '-^^- ; 

V;ill5a'a Warron onterod his intontlon of li^arrln^^o to !! 
Perkins both of Froeto\vn ITai^ch the 29" l''^-^ 

Gilford Chase entered hir; intention of v.arris£:o to Ailno 
Butts both of Froctov.-n !::.rch 50" I'^-S 

Joseph Borden of Tivor.on entered his intention of :...>rria^e 
to S-.<s,nra Ch>^rr:h of Frento-. An-il the 21'^ 1793 

Job Sir,;;-cns and 21i:-.aboth Burden both of Frc.-to;.n ontorcd 
their intention of i.^arris^c April the 27" 1V93 

of narrl.-£^o to Ellzr/ooth Bu:.-.p oT ?i;-r.pton r^oidjnt of Frootown 

l!lch:iol Chano tho 2d entered hln intent Ion of ir.arrlago to 
Merib.ih Hcthv/ay both of Freot'own I.'ay tho 25" 1793 

Oidoon Eathv,-ay of Frootov;n entered his Intention of r:erri:^3e 
to Avl3 Luther of Sv/ansey Kay the 29" 1793 

John Mcrric': M:.ller of Froetov;-n entorod his intention of 
mari'i:i.;;o to Polly Jones of Dartmouth Juno tha 19" 1793 

Lot Sl&do ntjgro of Sor.-ierset entered hio intention of 
mJLrricge to Betty Hr.ll of Frootovm June the 22d 1793 

Jc:nes V.'hitv/ell entered his intention of r;&rriaro to Hcnnah 
Read both of Frootovn Jun-j the 25" 1V93 

Henry Kiloo of Midcloboi-o' entered his intention of r.^rring^ 
to Hannah Fry of Frootov.-n Au:-U3t 2d 1795 

George Brings of Eorkloy entered hin intention of n.nrrirro 

to Eo^oo P.-..yne of P'reeto-wn Au^-uat the Sd 1793 

John !3hcr]7::n of Froctov'7i entered hio liitention of j.-.arrir.^c 
to Judy Eov.en of Tivcr-ton August 3d 1793 

Ebono2cr Pain 2d ei'tered hir. Intentior of jr.arriago to 
Rachel Perlrlni both of Froetov/n August 31" ,. 1795 

Frc.ViC.lL pi^sle^'- entered Pils intention of r,ra'rl:'£;;e to 
LinC'a Burden bot}\ cf Fi-eetov.n Sopto:r.bor tho 21" 1795 

John Booi.!'jr onterod hiy Int-^ntlon of jr,i\rric^') to 
Eordon both of F7'©ctO"'./n October 20" 1793 

Ar:OS Sou] Jr. entered' his intontlon of ncvrrin^o to Iiyd;l". 
Bocr,.or, both of Frectc„n, \;lcio\;, Novoj.ib^r V" 1795 

John Brr/.vn of Tiverton entered his intenl.iori of rarric.^e 
to Sus:;nu:i P-urdcn of F:-ootov;n l[ovo::.bor tho IC" 1793 

Eli:jh:i Hr.thv.ay entered his intension of r.-vrri^^o to 
Susanna Cr.:-po h3th of F.-eetorrn Eovo;':ber thj 23d 1793 

Crdnor of :;or.'.crr;-. t entorod h's intorition of 2:.rrri:-~c 
to G.-.10C ..3 of F.^oolov;n Drc. 11" 1793 

Rufua Blossom entorod his intention of r:arriao;e to 
Eannah Thuston both of Frcotov/n Doc. 21" day 1793 

John Conloy onterocl his intention of r:nrrlr>-c to Robocca 
Chase both of Fi'eotor.n Docor:;bjr 27"' 1793 

llathcnicl Thuston entered hia intention of carriaro to 
Vina DaviG both of Fi^eotovn January the 4" 1793 

Abrahari Sirj.ons Jr. entered his intention of^o to 
Polly Burdin both of Freetov;n Jan\:ary the 10'' 1793 

Jale }Iathv;ay 2d entered his intention of narrlage to 
Marcy Davis both of Frooto-.;n January the 19" 1794 

Joseph Bi'ovnoll of Portfinouth entered his intorition of 
xnarriaco to Betsey Tvrner of F/r-eetov.-n Janu'-ory the 25" 179-1 

Charles Marvel Jr. of Sor.-ircot entered intentilcn of 
marriage to Phobo Cudv;orth of Frcotov,-n Jonnary the 2d 179<^- 

llalbonc Hathv.-ay of Freetov.n entered his intertion of 
marriage to Kancy Marvel of Sc;.:oriiet I'carch the G" 179-1- 

Kathanlel Braley Jr. entered his intention of irari-ia^e 
to Margaret Kaclcoll both of Froetov.n March 11" 1791 

Nathan Read entered his inton1;ion of r.orriago to Mchf.j.a 
Road both of Mai^ch the 12" 1794 

Jnnes Filldington ontcrod his 'ntention of rr.arriago to 
Patience Durfco both of Freotov;n March 20'' 179^1 

Benjamin Ci-apo ('o:?) Freuto\ n entered his intcnbicn of 
marriage to Hannfli Ho\.'land "of Middleboro' 7.pril I'l" 1794 

Aaron Davi:-. Jr. entered his rVntontici cf r.arrlrge to 
Tidia ChaDO both of April 19" . 1794 

Zophaniah Jones cf Frocto;ni entered lils intention of 
inai-. lagf to ^^uth Mosler of D^rt:;:ovth /-pr'l 25" 1794 

Isc.c.w x.:-sT-'-OJ ontMred hio intention of inarriage to r.alo:.. 
Br^.ley both of Freotov.n I.'.ay 2d 1791 

John ChUi^ch ontorod his intention of r.arriaro to 
Sally Churcli bo oh of Frootov;n May tho 10" 1794 

Nehor.lGh DcMoranvillo of Dartmouth entered his intentiona 
Of t\arvlcr,Q to Mary Haskell of Fr-eotc./n I.!ay 13" 1794 

Levi Dean of Prooto^Tn entered his intention of r.arrlage 
to Betsey Denn of Dighton Juno 27" 1794- 

Job Idason of Svansoy ontex^od his intention of nci^riago 
to Choice VclontirxO of Frooto.Tn May 51" 1794 

Scr.nioT Fathray of Freetown entered his intention of 
marriage to Abl^-;ail Mot of Dartmouth July the 18" 1794 

James llason of Sv/ansey entered his intentions of ciarriagc 
to Joanna Torry of Freetown ;.i;-;ust 2d 1794 

Y/illian Ivounseful the 2d entered his intention of marrietjo 
to Rhoda Durfeo \/ldo-.7 both of Fx-Gctovrn ll" 1794 

Vi'illlara Rldington entered his intention of marriage to 
Harxnah Sav-l both of Freetown Lvr-at\. tho IC" 1794 

JOii:i Ridington entered his intention of ir.arricge to Dolly 
Divoal boL,}i of Freetovrn August 28" 1794 

J03h>."'a Hunt of Cranston in Rhode Island State entered his 
Intention of ciarriage to Lydia Ch.ase of FrcotoT.n Sept, the 
10-' 17 9-: 

Jolin Cri.ig resident of Freetown entered his intention of 
iiarriago to Edno I.'acor.ber, v/idov;, of Fi' Sept. tho 15'' 

Jonatha'c). Davj s Jr. entered his intention of r:arriago to 
Chloo Sii;.;,-:Ons bol.}i of Freetown Sopt(.;;ber 15" 1794 

Uleazer Davis entered his intention of r-rriago to Rach..l 
Miles bo'ch of Septt:.:ber t}\-j £', ■ 1794 

Edson Valentine entered his Inlontion of T.javriag? to 
Karn.-h iiath\ ..:y both of Freetown OcvOoor od 1794 

-56- •• . ^'■'^ 

Jo^n Str:in^'o entered his intention of iiiarriago to Joanna 
CusiY/orth both of Frootov/n Octo. 17" ^ 1794 

Bonjamln Bonnot Jr. entered hio intention of narrla^o 
to Graco Read both of Froetov/n October the 16" 1794 

Abrar. Ashley 2g entered his intention of narriago to 
Polly Purlngton both of Freetov,n Nov. 1" 1794 

Seth Burden of Frootov/n ^/itered his intention of Eiarriego 
to Rath Erov/n of 'I'iddleton llov. 1" 1794 

Ecnjsi.iiv} Ch^Go 2d of FreotOT.-n entered his intention of 
marrir^o to Chloo Hathway of Rhode Icland Nov. l" 1794 

Dudley Ghace entered his intention of r.arrlarc to Polly 
Durfco Doih of Freotorni IToverriber l" 1794 

Do'j:$lac£ Chase entered his intention of tiarriarje to 
Kannah Clarl: both of Freetovrn Hov, 7" 1794 

Seth Hathv,ay of Freetovm entered his Intention of narria^e 
to Betty Si: -none of Sor.vorsot ITov. 15" 1794 

Shifoaol Tori-y of Freetovm entered hia intention of r.arria^e 
to Reliance Ilathv/ay of Dart-^-.outh Kov. 15" 1794 

Pardon Divoal Jr. entered his intention of r.arrlage to 
Penolcpe Shor-jr^an both of Frectov;n Uov. 30" 1794 

Abrahar; Boi/en of Froetovn entered hia intention of nr-rriar^o 
to Kuth Graven of Provldenoo Rhode I^.land State Nov. 7" 1794 

Caleb V/odlc of Tiverton entered hie intention of r.arriago 
to 01 'vo Drvls of Freetov.7-. P-cerr.bor 12" - 1794 

TiiC.naa Rounsofull encored his intention of r.arrii'^e to 
Anna Colo v.-ido-,7 both of Frootov.n D.^c .-.nbor 19" 179-';':er o ? cnto;-ed hi? intention of 
marj^icjo to nary B.i-ov.n of Dartionth D:^c. the 2l" 1794 

Een;;a:.:in Collins of Dartncuth entered rXc intention of 
:. ttHc^-o to S-rah V'ilnon of ^-rootovn Djc. the 25" 1794 

Isaac Bonnet entered hie intention cT i.-.trrriac-o to ;'~ry 
Ridin-ton both of Fraotow-a January the Sd 1V95 

Richard Borden Cr. entered his intention of morri-ro to 
Martha Bov.-en both of Frooto-.m Jcnuary the 3d 1795 

John Peck of Bristol entered his intention of narric^o to 
Patience of Froetov.n Fob. the lO" 1795 

Allen Chase of Sor.erset entered his intention of marriage 
to Huldah Chase of Freetown Feb. 15" 1795 

Tho^ Conhlin D-arfeo 2d entered his intention of r.arriagc 
to Elizabeth Read widov/ both of Freetown Feb. 20" 1795 

Prlnco Ea:,jnond of IIov/ Bedford ontorod his intonticn of 
marriage to I'ary Jo':inson of Frootov^n Marcii the 4" 1795 

V/illiajn HathiWay of Hew Bedford entered his intention of 
marriage to ?olly Ciiase of Freeto-irn T'arch the 5d 1795 

Gilbert Snith of Froetov.n entered his intention of r.frria^c 
to C^Tlthia Eadda\;ay of Kew Bediord March od . 1795 

Considor Crapo 7r. of Frootov/n eiitered his intention of 
marriag- to Anna Barney of Taunton March tv.e 7" 1795 

John Allen of Rochc.tor entered }-ii3 intention of r.;arriaro 
to Mary Ashley of Freotov.n i'zTch the G" ' 1795 

Asa Braloy of Rocliostor entered his intention of r.arria;-;o 
to Ruth Morton of Freetown Mcrch the 9" 1795 

^vbedco r.ccth 5a of Miadloboro' c}-,torod his intontiC'n cf 
n&rria2<2 ''^^ Abi:,;ail Tarry of Freetown M^rch the 21" -1Y95 

Richard Cirri: entered hia intention of ),-'.errlaf^e to J'ary 
Grinnoli toU> of Freetown M^.-cii 2G", _^ . 1795 

V;illia-i Cool: of Tiverton i;-;' the ntato cf }\ho3o Island entered 
his intention of i^arrir^e to Patienoo B'^i'don of Frootcn April 

Sarr.e-. Bourno of Sor/.i^rsot onterrd his intention of i.:arr':':;r 
-j Hannah Siwncnu of Fj-ccto/ai M ; 5d r(95 

■ ..58- ^ ^ 5g 

Abnoi' Kathv.ay cr P'roc'cov.n entered his intention o£ rrMvrla^o 
to .V.ij- LT.Tton of Kcv/p...-t in tho State of Rhodo Island i-v-.- 16" 

Edr.ond Davie entered his inte.ition of r.r.rric^o to Kop'j 
Davis botii of Frootov.n July 2V ' 1795 

Job/Millor of FroetoT/n eritc;rcd bin ii'itcntion of rxirriago 
to Priscilla Sraith of I'iddleboro' 'Auguct 6" 1795 

ACIONS, Ebenczer 86 
ADAMOUNT, Anne Louise 143 
AKINE, Abigail 36 

Ebenczer 36 

Elizabeth 36 
ALDEN, Martha 124, 125 
ALDRIDGE, Daniel 109 
ALIN, Marcy 82 
ALLABE, Sarah 76 
ALLEN, Abigail 60 

Abraham 60 

Benjamin 60 

Clother 60 

Hope 60 

John 60, 92, 157 

Joseph 60 

Patience 60 

Prosilah 81 

Sarah 133 

Sion 148 

William 147 
AMES, Sarah 143 
AMOS, Jacob 139, 141 

Sampson 141 

Thomas 143 
ANDROS, Abicl 149 

Edmond 111 

Lovina 128 

Prudence 118 

Rebecca 109 
ANTHONY, Anne 82 

Jonathan 118, 132 
APPLETON, Rebecca 135 
ASHLEY, 127 

Abiah, Abiah 119, 127 

Abraham 133, 156 

Anna 122, 150 

Deborah 119 

Hannah 130 

John 133 

Lydia 113 

Mary 105, 157 

Michael 127 

Noah 130 

Percevel 103, 142, 148 


Phebe 125 

Susanna 147 

William 134 . , 

AUBRY, Peter 143 
AXTILL, Daniel 94 

Samuel 83 


BABBITT, Abigail 101 

Anna 150 

Benjamin 95 

Ebenczer 152 

Elizabeth 132 

Esther 132 

Margaret 98 
BAGGS, Content 35, 50, 93, 94 

John 35, 88 

Margrett 35 

Mary 35, 91 

Noble 36 

Penelope 35, 113 

Phebe 35, 105 

Rebecca 35 

Ruth 35, 95, 99 

Susanna 36, 103 
BAILEY, Phebe 92 
BAKER, Benjamin 66 

John 147 

Mary 102 

Stephen 98, 138 

Susanna 66 
BALEY, Bennet 96 

Edward 135 

John 2 
BANDAL (Riindall?), Matthew 136 
BARDEN, Bennet 106 
BARKER, Daniel 33 

Francis 41 

Gemima 77 

Sarah 33, 41 

Susanna 41 
BARLEN, Aaron 119 
BARLER, Patience 107 
BARLOW, Joanna 124 

BARNABY, Ambrose 7, 8, 
128, 150 

Anna 72 

Betty 53 

Daniel 72, 150 

Elizabeth 7, 8, 72, 105 

Hannah 53, 127 

Harlow 52 

James 8, 53, 72 

January 53 

Joanna 8, 52, 93 

John 52 

Joseph 53 

Lois 53 

Lydia 8, 52, 101, 130 

Mary 7, 8, 120 

Nancy 150 

Nathan 52 

Philena 72 

Samuel 8, 52, 99 

Sarah 8, 72, 126 

Silvia 52 

Stephen 72 
BARNEY, Anna 157 

Freelove 128 

George 149 

William 137 
BARROWS, Ebenczer 101 

George 141, 147 

Isaac 145 

Keziah 98 
BARSLINES, Shcba 106 
BARTEN, David 124 
BARTON, Amme 98 
BEDON, Richard 151 
BELLINS, Elizabeth 77 
BENFOY, Richard 77 
BENNET, Abigail 150 

Benjamin 115, 156 

Isaac 157 

John 103 
BENSON, Benjamin 105 

Elizabeth 117 

Jacob 103 
BERNE Y, Benjamin 134 
BISHOP, Anne 103 
BISIMORE, John 140 

72, 76, 115, BLACKMOR, Anna 107 

£LETHEN, Abigail 72, 135 

Anson 72 

Mary 72 

Nathaniel 72, 100 

Priscilla 72 

Valentine 72, 138 

William 72 
BLIFF, Mary 82 
BLOSSO:vi, Charity 112 

Elijah 112 

Lydia 145 

Olive 141 

Rufus 154 

Sylvanus 124, 125 
BLUNT, Elizabeth 13 

Gershom 13 

John 12, 13 

Margaret 12 

Marget 13 
BLYE, William 143 
BOBBET, Joanna 89 
BOBIT, Elkanah 104 
BOLTON, Jolin, 136 
BOODENTON, Elizabeth 131 
BOOIMER, Abraham 64 

Caleb 18, 21, 22, 64 

Daniel 64, 109, 147 

Deborah IS 

Edna 64 

Edward 128 

Eleanor 18 

Ephraim 64, 135 

Hannah 18, 19, 64 

Henry 64 

James 64, 150 

Jemima 64 

Joanna 21 

Job 54, 64 

John 19, 64, 153 

Joshua 18, 54, 64, 95 

Lemuel 64 

Lydia IS, 19, 153 

Marcy 13 

Martha 19 

Martin 22, 64, 94, 93, 126 

Mary 64 


Matthew 18, 19, 100 

Nathaniel G4, 144 

Patience 128 

Rebecca 54, 64 

Ruth 18 

Samuel 145 

Sarah 21, 22, 64, 89 

Thankful, widow, 119 

William 64 
BOOTH, Dorothy 69 • 

George 142 

Hannah 89, 119 

Jesse 69 

Keturah 143 

Lornhamah 69 

Mary 144 

Naomi 136 

Priscilla 87 

Rachel 69 

Rowland 69 

Samuel 69 

Sebrey, 69 

Shadrack 69, 106 

Zebedee 157 
BORDEN, Abraham 96 

Adam 53 

Anne 108 

Benjamin 100, 107, 119, 125 

Christopher 89 

Content 89 

Deborah 110, 141 

Elijah 10, 61, 101 

George 20, 53, 55 

Hannah 20, 89 

Hope 36 

Isaiah 53, 55 

John 89 

Jonathan 146 

Joseph 10, 80 

Justice 114 

Keziah 141 

Lemuel 132 

Lusanna 21, 136 

Lydia 55 

Martlia 10 

Mary 20, 53, 88, 135, 146 


Merebe 20 

Nathan 62, 108, 134 

Parker 114 

Patience 36, 53, 88, 129, 157 

Peace 10 

Peleg 53 

Penelope 20, 21, 53, 55, 82 

Phebe 61, 135 

Rachel 62 

Rebecca 53, 55, 100 

Richard 36, 157 

Ruth 104, 106 

Sarah 61, 122, 123 

Silvia 55 

Stephen 20, 21, 26, 53, 55, 89 

Susanna 10, 61, 153 

Thomas 53, 55 

William 103 
BOTAR, Joanna 96 
BOURN, Amos 108 

Samuel 157 
BOWDER, Peter 128 
BOWEN, Aaron 24 

Abraham 66, 156 

Bathsheba 66, 139 

Charity 128 

Elizabeth 66, 146 

Hannah (Cook) 66 

Ichabod 24 

Israel 24 

John 82 

Judy 153 

Lilies 105 

Lucy 137 

Lusanna 66 

Martha 66, 157 

Nathan 66 

Phebe 66 

Prudence 24 

Rhoda 66 

Ruth 66 
BOWING, John 21 

Nathan 21 

Sarah 21 
BOYS, Scth 104 
BRALEY, Ambrose 96 

96, 107 


Amos 145 

Asa 157 
• Benjamin 146 

Elijah 112 

Elizabeth 97 

Ephraim 138 

Israel 118 

Mary 144 

Mercy 130 

Nathaniel 103, 154 • 

Samuel 107 

Thankful 148 

William 148 
BRATON, Francis 99 

Mary 142 

Rebecca 98 

Sarah 103 
BRAUMAN, Mary 99 

Josiah 100 
BRAYMAN, James 90 

Lucretia 110 
Susanna 101 
BRETT, Anne 4G 

Calvin 42 
Ebenezer 42 
Joshua H. 46 
Joshua Howard 41, 132 
Nancy 46 
Olive 41 
Silas 41, 42 
Susanna 41, 125 
Thankful 41 
BRIANT, David 95 
Elizabeth 147 
Jonathan 106 
Sarah 141 
BRIGGS, Abiel 41 
Abigail 9, 82 
Abner 126, 132 
Amos 9 
Amy 142 
Calurah 95 
David 54, 92 
Elijah 41, 86 
Ephraim 140, 149 
George 151, 153 

Hannah 9 
' James 54, 136 
John, 9, 121 
Keturah 95 
Louise 104 
Marcy 9 
Margaret 115 
Mary 9, 78, 83 
Nathan 9 

Nathaniel 9 

Rachel 101 

Sarah 9, 77 

Sibyl 54, 136 

Surviah 41 

Tabitha 150 

Thomas 9 
BRIGHTMAN, Anne 115 

Elizabeth 7, 88, 108 

George 7, 39, 86, 125, 137 

Hannah 39, 117 

Henry 7, 106 

Isaac 129 

James 7, 55 

John 39 

Joseph 7, 84, 127, 149 

M^ry 7 

Peleg 141 

Prudence 148 

Rebecca 124 

Sarah 109, 121 

Susanna 7, 95, 130, 150 
BRINDLEY, Patience 139 
BROW, Francis 131 
BROWN, Catharine 146 

Daniel 129 

Elizabeth 127 

Hannah 149 

John 153 

Josiah 145 

Mary 126, 129, 136, 156 

Ruth 123, 156 
BROWNE LL, Amy 135 

Joseph 154 
BROWNER, Jonathan 128 
BRYANT, Abigail 88 

Anne 94 


William 111 
BULLOCK, Jesse 109 
BUMP, Elizabeth 153 
BUNYIN, Esther 147 
BURBANK, Mary 149 
BURDIN, Abel 151 
BURDEN, Abner 149 

Anne 145 

Bethuel 143 

Calvin 142 

Daniel 115 

Deliverance 112 

George 123 

Gideon 124, 129 

Hannah 143 

Hope 115 

Isaiah 144 

Jabeth 123 

John 123 

Joseph 152 

Linda 153 

Martha 117 

Mary 112, 113 

Meribah 149 

Parker 151 

Patience 118 

Polly 150, 154 

Rebecca 152 

Ruth 151 

Samuel 146 

Sarah 90, 144 

Seth, 156 

Silva 151 

Simeon 142 

Susanna 150, 153 

Thomas 115 

Timothy 118 
BURNAL, Betty 98 
BURR, Simeon 133 
BURROWS, Hannah 134 
BURT, Jotham SO 

Phebe 110 

Philena 128 
BUTHS, Gideon 93 
BUTLER, Abner 118 

BUTTER, John 82 
BUTTS, Abigail 139 
' Ailse 152 

David 146 

Isaac 101, 143 

Ruth 131 

Sarah 121 

"CAFF" (or "Din") , Sarah 143 
CAIN, Wait 101 
CALLENDER, Huldah 111 
CANADA, William 136 
CANEDY, Annabel 78 

Barnabas 99, 105 
CAPERON, John 132 
CARLISLE, Leonard 98 
CARTER, Henry 119 

Mary 128 
GARY, Hamiah 77 

Polly 131 

Sarah 78 
CASEWELL, Mary 108 

Rachel 84 
"CEEN", Wealthy 84 
"CERELILE", Mary 95 
CHALONER, Walter 126 
CHAMPLAIN, Jack 137 
CHANDLER, Hill 79 
CHASE, Aaron 10 

Abiel 3, 54, 55, 56, 95, 142 

Abigail 32, 39, 150 

Abner 54 

Alice 10, 25 

Allen 157 

Almy 48 

Ammie 11, 48, 83 

Amy 79, 104 

Anna 32, 129 

Avis 136 

Barthiah 11 

Bellony 135 

Benjamin 3, 11, 68, 78, 91, 110 

Bethany 48 

Betsey 47 

Bettey 51, 137 

CHASE Cont. 

Caleb 11, 51, 83, 104 

Charity 4 

Charles 85, 105 

Constant 4, 16 

Darius 128 

David 138 

Delancy 4 

Deliverance 39 

Douglass 156 

Dudley 51, 156 

Durfey 5 

Ebenezer 32, 35, 51, 125 

Edward 16, 107, 146 

Eleazer 55 
. Ephraim 35, 110 

Ezra 35, 54 

Fairfax 54, 56 

Gardner 153 

George 4, 84, 127 

Gifford 152 

Gilbert 133 

Guilford 51 

Hannah 35, 91, 114, 120 

Henry 5, 88 

Huldah 51, 54, 157 

Israel 11, 35, 84 

James 10, 25, 54, 109 

Jeremiah 106, 149 

Jesse 64 

Job 3 

John 51 

Joseph 32, 47, 68, 125 

Joshua 11 

Josiah 48 

Levi 35 

Levine 48 

Lindol 118 

Loess 48 

Lois 123 

Lovina 107 

Lovise 54, 55 

Lucy 47 

Lusanna 47 

Lydia 39, 51, 64, 138, 155 

Marcey, widow, 93 

Marcy 47, 51, 108 

Martha 32, 68, 103 

Mary 3, 10, 48, 51, 78, 83, 104, 108 

Michael 11, 68, 115, 153 

Michal 32, 47, 82 

Nathan 32 

Noah 32, 64, 68, 107, 139 

Olive 133 

Oliver 11, 80 

Patience 142 

Paul 10 

Permilla 131 

Phebe 64, 142 

Phenix 47 

Philip 4, 11, 80, 115, 134, 145 

Polly 157 

Rebecca 154 

Rhoda 4, 139 

Rufus 35 

Ruth 51, 54, 56 

Salah 54, 56 

Sarah 4, 5, 86, 104, 118, 119, 132, 138 

Seth 16, 39, 82, 92, 120 

Shadrack 35, 124 

Sibyl 121 

Silva 4, 98 

Simeon 35 

Sivell 80 

Susanna 4 

ThanJdul 32, 68, 114 

Thomas 3, 51, 126 

Tidia 154 

Walter 11, 32, 83, 109 

Welthea 35 

Zaccheus 10 
CHEESE MAN, Sarah 80 
CHILSE, Sylvester 94 
CHOKO, James 78 
CHURCH, Alice 17 

Benjamin 17, 22, 127 

Charles 17, 38, 105 

Constant 22 

Edward 22 

Frances 38 

Francis 17 

George 74 

Hannah 17, 38, 109 

John 74, 155 


Joseph 38, 109 

Malle 79 
* Martha 22 

Mary 1 , 22, 38, 7G, 81, 83, 10' 

Nancy 151 

Nathaniel 22 

Patience 22, 78 

Phebe 125 

Rhoda 98 

Ruth 143 

Sally 155 

Seth 38, 116 

Susanna 17, 123, 152 
CLARK, Amos 52, 148 

Asa 125, 137 

Hannah 156 

Mehipsabah 52 

Rachel 141 

Richard 52, 138, 157 

Simon 133 

Theophilus 52, 140 

William 147 
CLEVELAND, Alpheus 67, 149 

Ambrose 56, 95 

Benjamin 67, 87, 91, 108 

Bettieah 67 

Content 146 

David 67, 141 

Dina 87 

Elizabeth 57, 67, 80 

Enos 67 

Hannah 67 

Jerusha 67 

John 67 

Jonathan 57, 150 

Joseph 67 

Keturah 56 

Martha 67, 84 

Mary 83, 107 

Rebecca 148 

Tabitha 56 

Thankful 82 

William 57, 140 
CLERLMONS, John 19, 84 

Judy 19, 86 

Mary 125 


Reuben 19 

Sarah 81 
CLERK, John 110 

Thomas 77, 99 
CLOSSEN, Abigail 17 

Anna 17 

Bershcba 17 

Caleb 17 

Ichabod 17 
COAL, Deborah 85 
COBB, Rachel 119 
COLE, Anna, widow, 156 

Elizabeth 54, 138 

Marcy 125 

Nathan 54 

V/illiam 54 
COLLENS, Hannah 92 

Sarah 93 

Richard 100 
COLLINS, Benjamin 156 

Daniel 127 

David 139 

Grace, Vvidov.- 108 

Hannah 13 

Jacob 13 

John 111 

Jonathan 13, 102 

Richard 13, 94 

Robert 13 

Sarah 13 

Thomas 13, 145 

William 143 
CONLEY, John 154 
COOK, Abner, 140 

Hannah 66 

John 150 

Lovice 125 

Oliver 85 

Peace 123 

William 157 
COOPER, Abigail 146, 148 
CORAH, Julanah 130 
CORBEY, Richard 99 
CORNELL, Joseph 147 

Meribah 141 
CORNISH, George 145 

CORY, Sarah 124 

William 121 
CRANDAL, Joseph 140 
CRANDON, John 114 
CORNAL, Mary 95 
COWEN, Jabez 122 
CRAIG, John 155 
CRANE, Abel 82 

Benjamin 104 

John 92 

Mary 132 
CRANK, Pelcg 137 

Phillis 120 
CRAPO, Azuba 142 

Benjamin 154 

Betty 150 

Consider 157 

Cynthia 145 

Deborah 134 

Elnathan 109 

Hannah 133 

Jena 113 

Jonathan 139 

Mary 137, 143 

Peter 145, 152 

Richard 145 

Seth 91, 152 

Susanna 153 

Waitstill 149 
CREAGHEAD, Robert 15 

Thomas 15 
CROCKER, Abigail 135 
CROSS-MAN, Abigail 33 

Jesse 38, 88 

Sarah 38 
CUDVVORTH, Abigail 17, 39, 132 

Charles 39, 105, 132 

David 39, 79, 94, 95, 100 

Deliverance 41, 99 

Edward 41, 120 

Israel 41 

James IG, 17, 41, 77, 80, 94 

Jesse 17, 39, 103 

Joanna 156 

John 41 

Lydia 39, 41, 95, 138 

Mary 17, 39, 79 


Nathaniel 39, 113 

Paul 39, 12G 

Phebe 154 

Sally, 152 

Sibyl 41, 92 

Sophia 76 

William 150 

Zerviah 17 
CUMMLNGS, Diadama 144, 147 

Philip 143, 

Sarah 152 
CURLILE, Cattreen 89 
CUSHMAN, Paul 110 

DADDOCK, James 99 
DAGGETT, Benjamin 66, 140 

Hannah 66, 137 

Joanna 66, 138 

Joseph 66 

Nathan 66 

Phebe 66 
DAILEY, Ebenezer 139 
DANGED, Joseph 92 
"DANO", Ruth 85 
DARLIN, Benjamin 77 
DAUSSON, Hugh 83 
DAVENPORT, Silvia 139 
DAVIS, (child) 63 

Aaron 29, 59, 154 

Abiel 37, 92 

Abigail 59, 70, 88 

Alice 29 

Anthony 59 

Benjamin 29, 142 

Bethany 112 

Betsey 146 

Chloe 66, 153 

Cornelius 32, 66, 114 

David 37, 38, 87, 125, 136 

Dina 32 
• Ebenezer 116 

Edmond 153 

Eleazer 65, 155 

Elizabeth 2G, 37, 147 

DAVIS Cont. 
Eunice 112 

Hezekiah 37, 52, 63, 87, 135 
Hope 38, 132, 158 
Ichabod 37, 63, 131 
Jacob 98 

James 37, 38, 65, 85, 131 
Jesse 63 
Job 28, 29, 93 
John 151, 152 
Jonathan 32, 65, 78, 99, 115, 

118, 155 
Joseph 29, 32, 60, 87, 90, 110 
Joshua 128 

Kezia 36, 37, 66, 85, 114 
Lisbon 32, 111 
Lois 59 
Lucy 70 
Lydia 27, 29, 37, 59, 80, 95, 

125, 140 
Marcy 65, 154 
Margaret 65 
Mary 26, 37, 80, 131 
Moses 23, 59 
Nicodemus 27 
Olive 66, 156 
Paul 26 
Peter 26, 117 
Phebe 27, 107 
Philip 52, 63 
Rebecca 52 
Remember 93 

Remembrance 27, 28, 84, 88 
Rhoda 120 
Richard 32 
Ruth 85 

Sarah 27, 32, 65, 88 
. Shadrach 37, 125 
Silas 32 
Silvea 52, 63 
Stephen 29, 77 
Submit 27 

Susannah 37, 60, 110 
Tabitha 26, 102 
Thanlvful 28 

Thomas 29, 90, 95, 122, 133 
Vina 154 

DAVIS Cont. 

William 26, 36, 37, 38, 70, 80, 92, 
134, 135 
DAVOL, Jonathan 126 

Pardon 113 
DEAN, Aaron 148 

Benjamin 99 

Betsey 155 

Ebenezer 99 

George 135 

John 95, 130 

Joshua 140 

Lfevi 155 

Sarah 140 

Susanna 94 
DEARING, Roxaland 147 
DeMORANVILLE, Charles 123 

Elizabeth 104 

Gabriele 126 

Martha 151, 152 

Nehemiah 155 

Rebecca 139 

Stephen 112 
DENISTON, James 139 
DENNIS, Mary 128 
DEVAL, Gilbert 10 

Jonathan 10 

Priscilla 10 
DILANORE, Jelhro 138 
"DIN", Sarah 143 
DINKWATER, Elizabeth 106 
DIVOL, Dolly 155 

Jonathan 81 

Pardon 156 
DODSON, Anthony 88 

Deborah 34 

Diana 96 

Elizabeth 34, 110 

Gershom 34, 83 

Jonathan 34, 76, 121, 142 

Margaret 34, 118 

Mary 88, 93 
DOLE, Rebecca 90 
DOUGLASS, Betty 109 

Daniel 133 

David 101 

Qeorge 144 



Hugh 131 

Lydia 119 
* Mary 115 

Rebecca 127 
DOTY, Joseph 152 
DRAKE, Olive 149 
DRESER, Amos 72, 117 

Elizabeth 72, 148 

Martha 72 

Dorothy 113 

Hannah 136 

Lydia 139 

Phebe 94, 100 

Samuel 129 

Sarah 126 

Thomas 129 
DUGLAS, Agnes 14 

Elijah 14 

Elizabeth 14 

George 14 

Hannah 14 

Hugh 85 

John 14, 126 

Mary 14 
DUNBAR, Anna 132 
DUNHAM, Betsey 56, 140 

Hannah 11 

Joseph 11 

Martha 56, 150 

Seth 56, 111 

Stephen 11 
DURFEE, Abigail 78 

Amy 50 

Anne 118 

Baths he ba 13 

Benjamin 12, 14,25, 79, 104, 

Charles 151 

Deborah 141 

Elijah 148 

Elizabeth 14 

Eliakim 13 

Hannah 14, 50 

Hope 78, 126 

Job 103 

John 13, 14 
Joseph 120 
Lusanna 151 
Martha 78, 111 
Mary 12, 87 
Mercy 79 
Metanthc 134 
Nathan 151 
Olive 140 
Patience 154 
Peleg 14, 50, 91, 148 
Permilla 146 
Phebe 13 
Polly 156 
Preserved 13 
Prudence 25, 133 
Rebecca 96 
Rhoda, widow 155 
Richard 90, 129 
Robert 12, 106 
Ruth 50 
Samuel 79 
Sarah 50, 88, 141 
Susanna 13, 14 
Thomas 88 
Thomas Conldin 157 
Walter 50, 150 
Zebedee 14 

EARL, Benjamin 3 
Elizabeth 2, 3 
4 Hannah 155 

John 2, 3 
Marcy 3 
Martha 2, 3 
106, 123 Mary 2, 3 
Patience 3 
Phebe 134 
Prince 117 
Ralph 2, 3 
Robert 3 
Ruth 115 
Sarah 2, 3, 140 
Thomas 143 


EARL Cont. 
Wanton 140 
WUliam 2, 3 
EASTERBROOKS, Benjamin 134 

Richard 147 
EASON, Benjamin 128 
EATON, Isaac J. 46 
Joseph 46, 120 
Susanna 46 
EDDY, Benjamin 86 
Enos 87 
Ichabod 80 
Sarah 111 
EDMESTER, James 39, 40, 78 
John 40 
Mary 39 
• Hope 40 
Hopestill 104 
James 92, 103 
Job 40 
John 113 
Mary 93 

Noah 40, 104, 143 
Thanlrful 76 
Zebedee 40 
EDWARDS, Lida 108 

Samuel 102 
ELSBREE, Boomer 117 
Jemima 94, 98 
Mary 126 
Rebecca 95 
Thomas 93 
William 113 
ELSBURY, David 24 
Ephraim 24, 50, 89 
Jemima 149 
Job 24 
John 24, 144 
Jonathan 24 
Mary 24, 50 
Matthew 24 
Rebecca 24 
Thomas 24, 50 
ELWELL, Dorcas 80 

Rebecca 77 
ENNIS, William 138 

EVANS, AbigaU 2, 49, 146 

Anna 2, 30, 50, 138 

Anne 38 

Bailey 43 

Benjamin 38, 63, 121 

Betty 152 

Catherine 105 

Charity 63 

David 2, 30, 49 

David 38, 87 

Elizabeth 39, 63, 121 

Fanny 63 

Gilbert 38, 64 

Guilford 49, 135 

Hannah 49, 138 

Henry 30 

Hugh 30 

Isabel 143 

John 2, 30, 43, 50, 79, 89, 98, 140 

Joseph 43 

Lydia 49, 121 

Martheu 50 

Mary 2, 30, 39, 43, 49, 96, 114, 130 

Pegge 63 

Rhoda 49, 138 

Robert 30, 87 

Ruth 30. 43, 104 

Sarah 2, 30, 43, 49, 63, 98, 108 

Susanna 63 

Thankful 63 

Thomas 2, 43, 49, 90, 114, 129, 140 

William 30, 88 
EXCEEN, Jeremiah 113 
EXTELL, Hannah 105 • . 

FAILS, Betty 134 
FARRAH, Hannah 2 

Mercy 2 

Seth 2 
FARROW, Ezekiel 7 

Hannah 30 

Marcy 7, 30, 31 

Mary 76, 79 

Seth 7, 30, 31 

Susanna 31 


FEENE, Thankful 81 
FERRING, Hiddah 104 
FISHER, Anne 100 

Asahel 145 

Patience, widow 105 

William 88 
FOLGER, Paul 118 
FOSTER, Hannah 131 

Nathaniel 130 
FOX, Christopher 5, 105 

Hannah 5 

Huldah 5, 110 

John 5 

Phebe 5 

Sarah 5, 88 

Thankful 1 5 
FRANCES, Elizabeth 140 

Hannah 140 

Sarah 140 

Ruth 92, 96 
FRANCIS, John 90 

Thomas 77 
FREEBORN, Wait 114 
FREE LOVE, Abigail IG, 32 

Deborah 138 

Hannah 16 

Jenea 151 

John 33, 79, 81, 93, 143, 148 

Joseph 36 

Marcy 151 

Mary 16, 36, 82 

Morris 16, 26 

Naomi 105 

Rebecca 16 

Samuel 16, 36, 105 

Sarah 33, 80, 98, 136 

Thankful 136 

Thomas 26, 76, 101, 130 

Wilber 139 
FRENCH, Elizabeth 139 
FRY, Almy 113 

Hannah 153 
FULLER, Amasa 131 

Eleanor 87 

Hannah 126, 147 

John 69 

Lucius 69 


Mary 138 

Nancy 70 

Nathaniel Morton 70 
FURMAN, Phillis 113 

GAGE, Mary 85 

Susanna 92 
GAIGE, David 19 

Elizabeth 19 

Hannah 18, 19 

John 18 

Joseph 19 

Mary 18 

Remembrance 19 

Susanna 18, 19, 85 

Sylvester 19 

Thomas 18, 90, 96, 97 

William 18, 19 
GANSEY, Sarah 79 
GARDINER, Patience 81 

Elizabeth 76 

Joseph 133 

Peleg 109 
GARNER, Absolam 79 
GAVET, Samuel 112 
GENE, Lucretia 113 
GIBBS, Abigail 86 

Elizabeth 82 

Job 92 

Roberd 87 
GIFFORD, Antemasa 142 

Deborah 89 

Gideon 131 

Hercules 121, 132 

James 102 

John 124 

Ruth 114 

Sylvanus 89 

Thomas 89 

William 111 
GILBERT, Bradford 12G 

Deborah 56 

Hannah 114 

Molly 112 



Thomas 5G, 109, 122 

Welthey 86 
GININGS, Lusanna 114 

Ruhamah 103 
GLOVER, Fanny 149 
GOFF, Keturah 117 
GRAVES, James 115 
GRAVES, Ruth 156 
GRAY, Diadama 131 

Mary 89 
GREEN, Ruth 128 
GRIFFITH, Charity 48 

Daniel 48 

Eleanor 106 

Hannah 48 

Marcey 103 

Mary 48 

Rebecca 48 

Stephen 48 
GRINMAN, Job 110 
GRINNEL, Benjamin 11, 12, 99, 
132, 152 

Daniel 11, 134 

Lydia 12, 140 

Mary 119, 157 

Matthew 11 

Susannah 138 


HACH, Elijah 98 

Suriah 92 
RACKET, EcKvard 125 
HACKSUM, Ann 99 
HAD, William 84 
HADDAWAY, Cynthia 157 

Elihu 141 
HAFFORD5, John 81 
HALL, Betsey 140 

Betty 153 

Josiah 111 

Rebecca 110 

Sarah 107 
HAMBLETON, John 115 
HAMiMETT, John 102 
HAMMOND, Prmcc 157 
HARLO, Elizabeth 84 

HARLO Cont. 

Robert 82 
HARRIS, George 85 
HARRISON, Francis 99, 116 

Mehitablc 116, 118 
HARSIvEL, Isaac 144 
HASKELL; Barzillai 117 

Benjamin 137 

Isaac 154 

John 149 

Josiah 93, 144 

Margaret 154 

Mary 155 

Zariel 106 
RASKINS, Abiel 145 

Abner 101 

Elizabeth 115 

Jacob 116 

Mary 113 

Sarah 151 

Thomas 101 
IL-^TCH, Elisha 90 
HATILAWAY, Aaron 41 

Abiel 52, 92, 132 

Abigail IG, 23, 44, GG, 72, 86, 88, 
104, 107, lis, 135 

Abner 158 

Abraham 129 

Alice 40 

Almy 62 

Amy 129 

Anna 16 

Antipas 22 , 78 

Asa 40, 115 

Azariah 44 

Benjamin 23, 51, 52, SO, 110 

Bethiah, widow, 90 

Betty 78, 99, 133 

Charlotte 62, 145 

Chloe 156 

Clother 51, 104, 146 

Content, widow 145 

Carolina :Matilda 44 

Cushi 4S 

Damaris 81 

Daniel 27, 68, 113 

David 65 

David Simmons 68 


Deborah 130 

Ettadama 36, 68, 103, 104 '• 

Drusilla 36, 94 
Dudley 36, 67, 115, 152 
Ebenezer 9, 10, 16, 23, 48, 77, 86 

Edmund 72 
Edward 123 
Eleazer 123 
Elisha 128, 155 
Elizabeth 40, 51, 93 
Enoch 62 

Ephraim 44, 85, 117, 128 
Esther 133 
Gideon 87, 153 
Gilbert 9 
Gillford 36 

Guilford 67, 72, 77, 96 
Hannah 16, 23, 36, 62, 82, 83, 90 

118, 124, 155 
Henry 40 
Hope 117 
Huldah 105 
Irana 27, 55, 92 
Irene 27 
Isaac 16, 26, 27, 43, 55, 80, 92, 

113, 127 
Israel 44, 114 
Jacob 26, 68 
Jael 82, 108 
Jale 120, 139, 154 
James 44, 98, 128 
Jemima 44, 84, 123 
John 16, 40, 41, 44, 55, 67, 79, 120 
Jonah 41 
Jonathan 44, 65 
Joseph 34, 117, 120, 135 
Joshua 26, 43, 44 
Keziah 52, 105 
Lemuel 62 
Lois 60, 144 
Lucy 72 
Lot 60, 101 
Lusannah 94, 100, 151 
Lydia 30, 40, 63, 99, 110, 137 
Malbone 154 

Marcey 60, 101 
Margaret 67, 08, 149 
Martha 34, 62, 72, 88, 90, 111, 112 
Mary 16, 43, 44, 48, 51, 55, 65, 98, 

109, 115, 117, 120, 137 
Matthen 34 
Matthew 92 
Mehetable 50 
Melatiah 79, 95 
Meribah 153 
Michael 62 
Nicholas 16, 86 
Noah 152 

Patience 22, 141, 142 
Paul 22, 84 
Peleg 89, 143 
Phebe 36, 55, 107, 126 
Phil ana h 115 
Philip 34, 67, 71, 72, 80, 108, 127, 

Phineas 27, 50 
Polly 72 

Prudence 27, 55, 96 
Rebecca 16, 26, 27, 34, 60, 83, 100, 

131, 139 
Reliance 156 
Remember 60 
Rhoda 130, 140 
Robert 55, 132 
Robey 43, 127 
Samuel 127, 130, 155 
Sarah 16, 52, 80 
Selah 129 
Seth 44, 111, 156 
Shadrach 10, 120 
Silas 23, 60, 85, 120, 129 
Simeon 127 
Simmons 72 
Simon 43 
Stephen 111 

Thomas 16, 101, 112, 148 
Tryphena 9, 36, 104, 136, 138, 141 
Warren 43, 48 
Wealthy 9, 10, 118, 151 
William 44, 60, 93, 157 
Zacchcus 40 



Zenas 50 

Zephaniah 44, G2, 103, 150 

Zilpah 52, 107 
HEART, Samuel 142 
HEFFERD, Else 111 
HELLIN, John P. 149 
HERWOOD, John 133 
HIKS, Elizabeth 82 
HmL, Bethany 141 

Clement 120 

Daniel 126 

Elizabeth 127 

Freelove 80 

Mary 86 

Rebecca 84 
HILLMAN, Abigail 149 

Seth 121, 152 
HINDES, Lenyard 136 

Salome 113 
HITEN, Margaret 144 

Elizabeth 33, 82, 87 

Hannah 33 

John 33 

Priscilla 33 

Sarah 33 

William. 33, 82 
HOARE, Abigail 130 

Mary 90 

William 146 
HODGES, Charity 76 

Jonathan 85 
HOLBROOK, Elizabeth 76 
HOLLAND, Joseph W. 68 
. Richard 68, 115 
HOLLAWAY, Zephaniah 148 
, HOLMES, Abigail 90 

Bathsheba 111 

Elizabeth 12S 
HOPE, Darkis 111 
HORE, Rebecca 111 
HORTON, Jonathan 151 
HORTH, Rickird 78 
HOSINS, George 88 
HOSKINS, Abigail 119 

Anna 79 
HOTH, Benjamin 119 

HOVEY, Content 132 
HOWARD, Katherina 90 
' HOWLAxN'D, Bcnanuel 18 

Consider 140 

Dorothy 3 

Gershom 94 

Hannah 154 

Isaac 3, 90 

James 147 

John 18 

Joseph 136 

Joshua 3, 76, 144 

Lydia 132 

Mary 116 

Marcy 113 

Patience 147 

Penelope 18 

Rebecca 18 

Samuel 3 

Sarah 18 

Susanna 18 

William 147 
HUGHS, Fanny 130 
HUNT, Daniel 84 

Ephraim 83 

Hannah 82 

Joshua 155 
HUNTER, Alexander 134 
HUTTLESTON, Cattren 99 

INGRAM, Benjamin 113 


JALAT, John 123, 124 
JEMNIESON, William 108 
JENKS, John 147 
JENNINGS, Elizabeth 91 

Patience 143 
JE PERSON, William 105 
JINNEY, Hannah 89 
JOHNSON, Benjamin 123 

Ichabod 105, 133 

Mary 157 



Priscilla 148 
JOLATT, Mary 130 
JONES, Ephraim 142 

Joseph 96, 103, 133 

Marcy 93 

Mary 91 

Polly 153 

Samuel 80 

Thomas 106 

Zephaniah 154 
JONS, Co me is 86 
JOSLIN, Abigail 79 
JOSHLAND, Sarah 135 
JOSLIN, Johanna 87 

Richard 78 
JUCKET, Benjamin 144 

Daniel 109 

Ebenezer 146 

Mary 103, 105, 134 

Michael 113 

Rebecca 103 


KEEN, Ephraim 82 

Seth 135 

Wealthy 84 

William 138 
KETHEL, Betty 135 
KING, Consider 102 

Elijah 140 

John 79, 80 

Sarah 95 
KNAPP, Asa 136 
KNIGHT, Benjamin 96 

Thomas 145 
KNOLDES, Mary 101 

LAAK, James 98 
LAKE, Meribah 120 
LAMB, Sarah 85 
LANE, Elizabeth 129 

Mary 133 
LARILANCE, John 132 

LATON, Elizabeth 136 
LAW(?), Eleanor 149 
LAWRENCE, Benjamin 134 

Elizabeth 141 

Joshua 127 

Nancy 137 
LAWSON, John 14 

Mary 14 

William 14 
LAWTON, Amy 158 

Benjamin 151 

Daniel 26, 137 

George 137 

Jonathan 25, 83 

Mary 25, 71 

Priscilla 25, 71, 111 

Prsahe 25 

Rebecca 81 

Robert 135 

Royal 25, 71, 105 

Ruth 26, 86 

Thomas 127 
LAYTON, George 131 
LEE, Dorothy 76 
LEONARD, Benjamin 79 
LEWIN, John 112 
LEWIS, Marcy 134 

Peirce 147 

William 147 
LISCOM, Nchcmiah 117 
LONG, Daniel 86 
LOOK, Adam 98 
LOP—, Huldah 132 
LUEN, Nathaniel 114 
LUIS, Amos 124 
LULLOO, Thomas 139 
LUMBARD, Orange 109 
LUMBER, Deborah 123 
LUTHER, Avis 119, 153 

Candice 129 

Elizabeth 114 

Hannah 117 

John 130 

Lydia 129 

Mary 128 

Rebecca 129 

Ruth 124 



MACAMORE, Rejoice 128 
MACOMBER, Eclne 155 

Mehitable 148 

Anna 1, 79 

Deborah 1 

Lidda 1 

Mary 1 

Sarah 11 

Seth 1 

Susanna 1 

Thomas 11 

William 1 
MANCHESTER, Gcrshom 79 
MARICK, Dighton 34 

Elizabeth 85 

Hannah 34 

Isaac 34, 128 

John 34 

Mary 34 
MARION, Benjamin 89 
MARSH, Abigail 81 
MARSHALL, Benjamin 32 

Charity 33 

Elizabeth 26, 32, 33 

John 26, 32, 33 

Ruth 32 

Susanna 26, 32 

Thomas 33 

William 32 
MARTIN, Alary 144 
MARVEL, Charles 154 

Nancy 154 
MASON, Alexander 47, 138 

Anna 47, 56, 65 
. Benjamin 56, 65, 128, 140 

Charity 65 

Charles 65 

Hannah 56 

Hopestill 150 

James 155 

Job 155 

Keziah 65 

Lusanna 143 

Lydia 47 

MASON Cont. 
Mary 131 
Olive 129 
Phebe 138 
MATTHEWS, Jerusha 134 
MAXFIELD, Christian 83 
John 118 
Judith 88 
MAXON, Jonathan 125 
MAYO, Elijah 110 

Linel 103 
McCARTER, Alexander 31, 82 
Hfenry 31 
If fie 31 
Mary 31 
McCALLY, Elizabeth 143 
McCOON, Jonathan 150 
McCULLY, Jean 141 

John 80 
McMENEMON, James 153 
MERANVELL, Shoman 94 
MERHEW, Elizabeth 103 
MERICK, Dighton 116 
Isaac 141 
Mary 130 
Rebecca 86 
MICHEL, Hellet 100 
MILES, Abigail 70 
Rachel 70, 155 
Samuel Volentine 70 
Sarthy 70 
Surthee 116 
MILLARD, Abigail 8 
Anna 8 
Bamet 87 
David 8 
Ebenezer 8 
Experience 95 
Hannah 9 
Isaac 9 
Job 8 

John 8, 104 
Lien Robert 97 
Marah 8 
Marcy 9 
Mary 125 
Patience 8, 125 



Robert 8, 9 

Samuel 9 

Sarah 8 
MILLER, Anncr 115, 134 

David 116 

Job 158 

John Merrick 153 

Robert 146 
MINGO, Phebe 117 
MITCHELL, Desire 50, 

Hallett 50 

Ruth 50 
MONTGOMERY, Issabella 112 
MORANVEL, Josiah 151 
MORTON, Abraham 71, 148 

Andrew 71 

Jabez 71 

Jemima 71 

Lucy 146 

Marcus 45 

Martha 71, 133 

Nathaniel 45, 71, 111, 131 

Polly 45 

Rebecca 71 

Ruth 71, 157 

Temperance 142 
MOSHER, William 92 
MOSIER, Ruth 154 
MOT, Abigail 155 
MOULTON, Stephen 134 
MUMFORD, Ann 96 


NEGUS, Benjamin 29, 91 

Hannah 28, 29 

Isaac 28, 29 

Job 29 

John 29 

Marcy 29, 97 

Mary 134 

Stephen 125 

Thankful 29 

Thomas 29 
NELSON, John 1U2 
NEWEL, Darius 123 

NICHOLL, James 84 
NICHOLS, Aaron 130 

Abigail 6, 122 

Dorothy 7 

Eleazer 6, 90 

Hannah 129 

Israel 29 

John 104 

Joshua 116 

Mary 6 

Moses 6, 89, 138 

Rhoda 29 

Walter 6 
NICKERSON, Jerusha 149 
NILES, Abraham 108 

David 138 

Hannah 109 

Henry 153 
NORTON, Hannah 143 

OBEDANT, Henry 136 
OLDRAGE, Prince 113 
OLDRIDGE, Charlotte 144 
OLIVER, Hannah 144 

Sarah 142 
OLIVET, Mary 89 
OMEE, John 88 

PAGE, Daniel 123 

Hope 118 
PAGET, Betty 151 

George 120 
PAIN, Abigail 107 

Betty 81 

Dority 96 

Ebenezer 114, 153 

Edward 93 

Elizabeth 31, 30 

Hannah 148 

Ichabod 144 

Job 31, 100 

John 76, 80, 81, 107, 110 

Joseph 91 


PAIN Cont. 

Lydia 98, 121 

Marcy 30, 31 

Margrat 81 

Mary 78, 103 

Nathan 30 

Patience 31, 85 

Phebe 85 

PhUip 92 

Priscilla 87 

Ralph 31, 84 

Ruth 83 

Sarah 77 

Simmons 103 

Solomon 86, 113 

Susanna 31, 106 

Thomas 31, 78 
PALMER, Abigail 91 

Beriah 49 

Elizabeth 116 

Esther 49 

Priscilla 49, 102 

Samuel 102 

Sarah 49, 102 

Thomas 93 

William 49 
PARKER, Anne 110 

Bettey 102 

Elijah 87, 90, 130 

Elizabeth 94, 105, 106 

Jeremiah 113 

Joseph 102 

Judah 102, 113 

Marcy 97 

Margaret 87, 117 

Mary 93, 102 

Patience 114 

Rachel 112 

Samuel 126 

Sarah 101, 104 

Susanna 101 

William 92 
PAYNE, Betty 62, 139 

Ebenezer 150 

Eleanor 130, 140 

Hannah 62, 63, 129 

Hope 151, 153 

PAYNE Cont. 

Ichabod 147 

Job 62 

Joseph 136, 137 

Lois 146 

Lydia 62, 129 

Martha 146 

Olive 62 

Phebe 125 

Ruth 137 

Sarah 145 

Silas 62 

Susanna 62 

Suviah 130 

Thomas 62 

Wait 148 

Warden 125 

AbigaU 80, 92, 139, 144 

Barbara 140 

Betty 123 

Chloe 138 

David 107 

Deborah 139 

Elisha 81 

Elizabeth 96 

Hannah 120 

Henry 113 

Hopestill 111 

Jesse 117 

Job 139 

John 96 

Joseph 142 

Lubiner 137 

Lydia 148 

Margaret 114 

Phebe 88 

Preserved 142 

Richard 87 

Samuel 132 

Survah 127 

Uriah 130 

Wealthy 128 
PEARD, Richard 76 
PECK, John 157 


PECKHAM, Hamiah 86 

PERKINS, David 51, 107, 141, 146 

Henry 119, 122 

Ignatius 51, 85 

Keziah 51 

Luke 114 

Mahala 152 

Rachel 153 

Ruth 117, 147 

Zilphia, widow 117 
PERLER, Abigail 136. 
PERRY, John 100 

Paul 94 
PERSONS, Anne, widow 56 

James 56 
PETERSON, Luce 89 
PETRSON, Joseph 82 
PETTICE, George 119 
PETTY, Content 17 

Ebenezer 17 

James 17 

Mary 17 

Sarah 17 
PHILLIPS, Bathsheba 146 

Ebenezer 124 

Lydia 136 

Mary 115 

Miriam 103 

Pearce 135 

Peter 112 

Sarah 77, 132 
PICKENS, Andrew 84 

Joanna 80 

Mary 84 

Francis 153 

Joanna 133 

Joseph 119 

Robert 130 
PITTS, George 88 

Marcy 116 

Susanna 120 
POLLIS, Mary 129 
POOL, Joseph 104 
PORTER, Benjamin 106 

Betty 133 

Nathaniel 76 


Robert 149 
POST, Gideon 78 
POTTER, Benjamin 93 

Candice 149 

Ichabod 136 

Prudence 136 

Zerviah 84, 87 
PRALL, George 145 
PRATT, David 142 

Hannah 108 

Thomas 98 
PRAY, Grace 79 

Ruth 128 

Thankful 87 
PURINTON, Joshua 112 

Polly 156 

Samuel 114 

Nathaniel 117 


QUITHILL, Benjamin 16, 26, 31, 81 
Hannah 1 6 
Mary 31 


RAIMENT, Rufus 127 

Hannah 119 
RAMSDALE, Hannah 91 

Seth 130 
RAND, Benjamin 74 

Hannah 74 

Insender 74 
RANDALL, Hannah 150 

Lusender 123 

Lusanna 94, Matthew 133 

Selah 139 

Seth 83 

Simeon 88 
RANSOM, Lemuel 97 
RAVEL, Philibert 138 
RAWSON, Anna 116 
RA"i7.I0NT, Sarah 124 

Tabitha 118 
READ, Amy W, 57 


READ Cont. 
Anna 130, 134 
Baley 137 

Benjamin 20, 25, 33, 98, 110 
Charlotte 129 
Content 152 
Deborah 58, 122 
Dority 20, 83 

Elizabeth 20, 57, 84, 133, 157 
Eunice 67 
Forman 38 
Furman 67 
Gardner 58 
George 56, 143 
Gideon 33, 117, 144 
Grace 94, 156 

Hannah 19, 20, 25, 67, 114, 145 
Hope 25 
Ichabod 67, 129 
Isaac 131 
James 67 
Job 146 
John 19, 20, 21, 25, 28, 38, 57, 

81, 86, 93 

Jonathan 20, 21, 25, 67, 78, 149 
Joseph 20, 21, 25, 26, 56, 79, 81, 

82, 95, 101, 114 
Joseph E. 57 
Lucy 148 

Lydia 67, 150 
Mahal a 154 
Martha 21, 33, 128 
Mary 19, 20, 21, 56, 99, 106, 144, 145 
Nancy 57 

Nathan 20, 21, 101, 154 
Oliver 19, 21, 33, 78, 92, 134 
Patience 145 
Penelope 19 

Phebe 20, 56, 57, 94, 140 
Polly 134 
Prisciila 113 
Rachel 57 

Rebecca 57, 58, 135 
Ruth 38, 57, 114, 149 
Samuel 20, 56, 84, 128 
Sarah 20, 21, 23, 26, 57, 132, 
135, 142 

READ Cont. 

Stephen 38 

Susanna 20, 25, 67, 80, 121, 134, 145 

Thomas 19, 57, 58 

Wait 21, 103 

William 19, 57, 104 
REYNOLDS, Electius 104, 105 

Elizabeth 137 

Isaac 147 

John 147 

Michael 108 

Sarah 127 
RIAL, Samuel 81 
RICARD, Isaac 125 

Judith 91, 92 
RICE, Barbary 107 
RICHMOND, Druscilla 126 

Jonathan 142 

Peres 117 

Samuel 144 

Thomas 88 
RICKET, Isaac 90 

Mary 97 
RIDER, Elizabeth 100 

John 80 

Samuel 97 

Sarah 102 
RIDINGTON, James 154 

John 155 

Mary 157 

William 155 
RITCHIE, Andrew 112 
ROBBE>JS, Hannah 147 
ROPER, Betty 71 

Lois 71, 101, 125 

William 71, 109 
ROUNCEVILLE, Abner, 144 

Elizabeth 116, 148 

Hopestill 102 

Joseph 99, 111 

Levi 126 

Mary 136 

Philena 145 

Philip 17, 89, 125 

Sarah 90 

Thomas llo, 150 

William 17, 111, 126, 155 


ROUND, Jerusha 91 

Johii S2 
ROYAL, Isaac 25 

Mary 83 

Priscilla 25 

Samuel 25 
RUGGLES, Richard 118 
RUNELS, Marcy 94 

Sarah 103 

SALE, Mary 147 
SAMPSON, Ebenczer 156 

John 134 

Rhoda 148 
SANFORD, AbigaU 85 

Philip 114 
SAYER, Marcy 84 
SCHOFIELD, Elizabeth 116 

Thomas 119 
SEARLE, Comfort 121 
SEKEN, Hannah 110 

Margaret 138 
SHAW, Abraham 133 

Ephraim 92 

John 101 

Ruth 141 
SHELDEN, Issabel 91 
SHEPHERD, Experience 34 

Jemima 89 

Mary 33 

Nathaniel 33 
SHERMAN, Anna 131 

Charity 133 

Christopher 118 

Diadama 131 

Edward 94, 100 

Elizabeth 83 

Elnathan 19 

Experience 19 

Hannah 7 

Jemima 125 

Job 142 

John 153 

Mary 7, 126, 145 

Nehemiah 139 


Oliver 7, 8 

Paul 139 

Penelope 15G 

Phebe 7, 8 

Samuel 88 

Silas 112, 113 

Simeon 19 

Thomas 7, 8 

William 84 
SHOVE, Azariah 73 

Edward 83 

Phila 73 

Subbrina 73 
SIDNELL, John 141 
SIMMONS, Abraham 22, 23, 106, 154 

Anna 22 

Anne 22, 83 

Baths he ba 120 

Betty 156 

By all 12 

Chloe 128, 155 

Cynthia 144 

Experience 23 

Hamiali 12, 157 

Harvey 54, 147 

James 22, 23, 54 

Jeremiah 23, 50, 91, 95, 99, 111 

Job 22, 83, 152 

John 22, 104, 141, 149 

Judah (Judith) 122 

Lebens 22 
: Lovise 108 

Lydia 54, 77, 125, 142 ° 

Martha 80 

Mary 23, 54, 87 

Merebe 22, 79 

Meribah 118 

Nancy 114 

Nathan 22, 54, 80, 101, 109, 152 

Phebe 110, 137 

PoUy 149 

Rebecca 82 

Remembrance 12, 76 

Ruth 50 

Sarah 152 

Seth 23, 87 


SIMMONS, Simeon 121 

Solomon 133 

Sylvester 108 
SISSEL, Philip 137 
SLADE, Lot 153 

Oliver 136 
SLOCUM, David 118 
SMITH, Abicl 21, 95 

Abigail 131 

Abner 99 

Betsey 132 

Daniel 77 

Dennis 116 

Ebenezer 131 

Edward 143 

Else, widow 109 

Gilbert 157 

Hannah 76 

Hipsebeth 151 

Israel 21 

Joseph 21, 138 

Priscilla 158 

Rachel 144 

Richard 127 

Sarah 87 

Tobey 121 
SNELL, Abigail 47 

Amos 47, 80, 94, 104 

George 47, 140 

Isaiah 137 

Job 47, 133 

Peter 106 

Simeon 119 
SNOW, Thankful 127 
SOCONS, Aaron 118 
SOOG, Mary 101 
SOPER, Olive 134 
SOUL, Amos 153 

Anne 93; Barbery 131 

Hannah 90 

Jonathan 107, 115 

Lydia 86 

Mary 90, 110, 115 

Sarah 84 

Sylvanus 85 
SOUTIIWICK, Joseph 120 

Roba 141 


Wilbur 101 
SOUTHWORTH, Elizabeth 61 

Joshua 61, 139 

Lucy 61 

Lydia 12, 61 

Rebecca 12, 61 

Sarah 61 

Stephen 12 

Thomas 12, 61, 93 

Warren 61 

Wilbour 125 
SPOONER, Alden 116 

Barnabas 96 

Benjamin 84 

Bethiah 136 

Charity 99 

Nathan 108 

Samuel 118 

SUva 146 
SPRAGUE, Sarah 112 
STAFFORD, Jenny 132 
STAPLES, Anne 77 
STEPHENS, Sarah 127 
STEWARD, Eleanor 91 

Elizabeth 93 
STILWELL, Fanny 137 

Joseph 129 

Sarah 126 
STORER, Henry 128 
STRANGE, Abiel Tripp 6 

Abigail 6, 85, 89 

Almy Tripp 6 

Amy 6 

Betty 42, 109, 126 

Charles 42, 132 

Chloe 65 

David 150 

Diadama 135 

Elizabeth 42 

Else 95 

Hannah 6, 42, 69, 95 

Jacob 6, 50, 93, 94 

James 103 

Johanna 42 

John 6, 42, 65, 87, 131, 156 

Joseph 6 


Lot, 6, 42, 65, 69, 86, 110, 
115, 117 
• Mallatiah 6 

Marcy 6 

Mary 65, 84 

Philip 6, 76, 81 

Ruth 42, 112 

Sylvanus 6, 107 

Tryphcna 136 
STUARD, Anstrus 102 
SUKENESS, Mary 139 

TABER, Earl 130 

Stephen 111 
TAILOR, Sarah 107 
TALBOT, David 131 

Lusanna 115 
TALMAN, Jeremiah 136 

Stephen 131 

Thomas 122 
TAUCOMMONER, Easter 121 
TAUSRIAN, Dinah 73 

Hannah 73 

John 73 
TERRY, Abiel 42, 81, 97, 122, 131 

Abigail 42, 68, 157 

Anna 61 

Benjamin 28, 61 

Betsey 68 

Dinah 28, 114 

Ebenezer 30, 129 

George 28, 86 

Hannah 29, 42, 59, 100 

Hope still 68 

Joanna 28, 61, 87, 155 

Job 131 

John 21, 29, 30, 61, 68, 79, 110 

Joseph 42, 124 

Lydia 28, 29, 30, 107, 108 

Margct 28 

Margret 96 

Mary 80, 105, 119, 143 

Member 21 

Meribah 68 

TERRY Cont. 

Miriam 28, 93 

Molly-Ellse 59 

Nathaniel Liscomb 59 

Phebe 28, 92, 101 

Rachel 29, 92 

Remember 87 

Remembrance 32 

Robert 81, 124 

Sarah 28, 32, 78, 102, 110 

Seth Williams 59 

Silas 21, 30, 32, 68, 106, 110 

Shubael 61, 156 

Solomon 28, 61, 106 

Susanna 61 

Thomas 42, 43, 59 

Wealthy 30, 100 

William 28, 102 

Zebedee 42, 59, 107, 116 

Zephaniah 30, 68, 117 
TEW, Abigail 69 

Benjamin 69, 135 

Dan 105 

Elizabeth 69 

Henry 93, 133 

Philip 69 
THATCHER, Peter 119 
THOIVUS, Elizabeth 90 
THURSTON, Edward 22, 23 

Elizabeth 23 

Hannah 22, 23, 92, 154 

Mary 22, 124 

Mehitable 22, 73, 99 

Nathaniel 154 

Peleg 22, 98; Priscilla 142 

Samuel 22 

Sarah 23, 97 

Thomas 23, 25, 96 
TINKHAM, Abiah 148 

Arthur 148 
TISDALE, Abigail 1, 4, 49 

Elijah 93 

Elizabeth 1, 49, 109 

Ephraim 49, 50, 112 

Hannah 49, 31 

Henry 1, 50, 77, 121, 139 

Hepzibah 1 



Joshua 1, 49 

Margaret 76 

Martha 49 

Mary 4, 50, 90, 126 

Matthen, widow, 93 

Phebe 88 

Philena 50 

Rebecca 4, 5, 106 

Samuel 1, 4, 76 
TOBEY, Cornelius 150 . 

Elizabeth 106 

Jonathan 127 

Sary 92 
TOLMAN, Sarah 119 
TOME SON, James 1 

Mary 1 
TOMPIvLNS, Benjamin 94, 150 

Elizabeth 135 

John 5, 83 

Mary 5 

Samuel 5 

Sarah 5 
TOSSMON, Dinah 78 
TOUNSON, Susanna 90 
TRAP FEN, Mary 85 

Mary 2 

Thomas 2 
TREADWELL, Eleazer 14 

Phebe 14 

Rebecca 14 

Sarah 118 
TREBY, IMehetable 127 
TRIBE, Susanna 127 
TRIPP, Ami 109 

Phebe 106 

Robert 151 
TROUAN, Hannah 83 
TUBES, Benjamin 98 

Damaris 31 

Mary 31, 77, 98 

Ruth 91, 99 

Samuel 31, 81, 98, 105, 128 
TURNER, Aaron 143 

Betsey 154 

Betty 61 

Elizabeth 120 
Gardner 10 
Hannah 10, 135 
John 10, 81 
Margaret 61, 112 
Mary 99 
Moses 10 
Patience 10, 157 
Susanna 120 
William 61, 96 

VALENTINE, Abigail 24, 69, 70, 73, 116 

Betsey 73 

Choice 73, 155 

Darfee 58 

David 25, 73, 118 

Edson 73, 155 

Elizabeth 58, 137 

Frances 63 

Hannah 58, 69, 73, 104 

James 63 

James LjTide 63 

John 24, 58, 109 

Jonathan 59 

Joseph 69, 95 

Lucy 24, 71, 108 

Lydia 58 

Lynde 24, 58, 63, 108 

Martha 73 

Mary 58, 100, 129 

Olive 58 

Ruth 58, 124 

Samuel 24, 58, 70, 77, 96, 110 

Samuel Lynde 59 

Sarah 58, 63 

Stephen 59 

Thomas 63 

William 24, 69, 111, 137 
VAUGHAN, Grace 134 

Stephen lOS 
VENSON, John 136 
VOTAR, Abigail 152 



WALES, Lydia 84 
WALKER, Jencrerante 89 
WARD, Jeremiah 45 

John 45 

Mary, widow 93 

Priscilla 45, 74 

Thankful 120 
WARNER, Desire 123, 124 
WARREN, Anna 65. 

Elizabeth 65 

Isaac 148 

James 27, SO 

John 91 

Mary 27 

Samuel 27, 65, 106 

Sarah 65 

William 65, 127, 152 
WASHONCKS, Nancy 120 
WATE, Stephen 149 
WATERS, William 128 
WATERMAN, Benjamin 73 

Experience 73 

Hannah 73, 74 

Israel 74 

John 73 

Nero 73, 120 
.Patience 73 

Richard 73, 91 
V/ATSON, Elkanah 144, 149 
WAY, Abigail 13 

Penelope 13 

Thomas 13 

William 13 
WEAVER, Almy 47 

Amy 46, 47 

Anne 87 

Benjamin 46, 53, 93, 135 

Elizabeth 14S 

Gardner 46, 47 

Hannah, widow, 77 

Joanna 46, 53, 94 

Jonathan 114 

Joseph 46, 47, 141 

Peter 95 

Phebe, widow, 146 

Rhoda 115, 124 

Samuel 103 

Sheffield 150 

Thomas 22, 77, 90 
WEBB, Barthiah 1, 2 

Bethiah 7 

EliahAdam 7 

Ezekiel 2 

John 1 

Samuel 1, 2, 7 

Seth 1 

Susanna 7 
WEBSTER, Content 112 

Mary 106 
WEEKS, Josiah 151 
WELLINGTON, Betsey 127 
WELLS, Joan 100 
WESCOAT, Benjamin 107, 109 

Feby 96 

Margrit 93, 144 

Sarah 144 

Samuel 107 

Thankful 106 

Thomas 97 
WEST, Caleb 40 

Eunice 40 

Marcy 40 

Mary 40 

Samuel 40, 126 

Sarah 40, 112 

Thomas 40, 89, 97 
WHITCOIMB, James 77 
WHITE, Elizabeth 46, 126, 134 

Experience 145 

Qove 127 

Jedidah 103 

Jenkins 46, 137 

John 109 

Lucy 122 

Mary 121 

Merchant 149 

Peregrine 116 

Simeon 137 

Thomas 46, 91 
WHITAL-^RSII, Daniel 107 
WHITNY, Bethiah 108 
WHITNVELL, James 153 



Oliver 114 
WHORE, Juclah 113 •, 

WILDER, Daniel 119 

Elizabeth 115 

Henry 138 
WILCOX, Barjonas 114 

Job 103 

Rebecca 96, 97 
WILKENSON, John 141 

Prudence 147 ^ • . 

Thomas 89 
WILLE, ThanldLd 133 
WILLIAMS, Abigail 150 

Elisha 132 

Hannah 107 

Lydia 79 

Nichols 117 

Phebe 105 
WILSON, Betsey 45 

David 45, 69 

Edward 46, 69 

Elizabeth 69 

Hezekiah 46, 69 

Hope 149 

Judith 45, 69 

Luther 145 

Marcy 46, 69 

Sarah 45, 69, 156 
WINSLOW, Abigail 16, 65, 86, 133 

Abner 31, 100 

Andrew 31 

Asa 47 

Barnabas 14, 65, 102 

Benjamin 13, 16, 60, 112, 141 

Bethiah 46 

Betty 31 

Charity 34 

Church 130 

Clarissa 45 

Daniel 46 

David 135 

Deborah 45 

Ebenezer 15, 35 

Ebenezer SjxDoner 46 

Edward 15, 87, 88, 89 

Eliza 45 


Elizabeth 14, 15, 16, 23, 34, 46, 
70, 94, 101 

Elkanah 14, 65 

Ephraim 34, 45, 114 

Eunice 31, 117 

Ezra 35, 47 

Frederic 46, 70 

George 1, 14, 10, 38, 88, 129 

Gideon 70 

Gilbert 45 

Hannah 15, 33, 45, 81, 109 

Hezekiah 15, 34, 81 

Hipsabeth 71 

Hitte 45 

Hope 85 

Hopestill 16, 33, 111 

Huldah 31 

Isaac 70, 138 

Jacob 123 

James 1, 15, 16, 23, 34, 45, 71, 

76, 126, 146 
Jemaco 134 
Jesse 33 
Job 1, 15, 65 
John 1, 26, 31, 33, 34, 46, 70, 78, 

130, 136 
Jonathan 1, 12, 13, 25, 26, 33, 58, 85 
Joseph 34, 132 
Josiah 15, 34, 76, 79, 81, 89, 90, 

91, 98 
Jul any 71 
Lemuel 31, 104 
Lois 31, 109 
Lovisa 101 
Lucia 31 
Lucy 70 
Lusanna 102 

Luther 70, 71, 121, 122, 130, 151 
Lydia 60, 65, 135 
Marcy 15, 46, 117 
Marget 79 
Margrate 34 
Martha 142 
Marthan 14 

Mary 1, 15, 53, 84, 110 
Mary Marick 4G 



Mehitable 34, 109 

Mercy 70, 77 • "» 

Merrick 70 

Nathan 15 

Nathaniel 12, 14, 15, 58, 76 

Oliver 121 

Patience 33 

Pegga 45 

Pelham 46 

Phebe 16, 3S, 89 . 

Pruda 45 

Rachel 47, 87 

Rebecca 12, 14, 25, 33, 99, 131 

Reuben 13, 53, 106 

Rhoda 140 

Richard 15, 81, 112, 129, 141 

Ruth 12, 79, 100 

Sarah 12, 13, 15, 26, 33, 65, 71, 
80, 88, 131, 137 

Selah 142 

Seth 46 

Shadrack 34 

Sibil 23, 3S 

Smith 71 

Susanna 106 

Sybil 111 

Sylvia 31, 99 

Thankful 121 - 

Thomas 12, 60, 90, 107 

Weston 101 

William 15, 70, 85, 142 
WITHEREL, Seth 77 

William 78 

WODDELL, Burden 112 

Caleb 156 

Elijah 150 

Gershom 110 

Peace 152 

Thomas 135 

William 141 
WOOD, Gershom 85 

Hannah 95 

Matthew, widow, 100 

Prince 120 

Thomas 102 
WORDLE, Susanna 113 
WORREN, Cornelius 105 
WOTS, Elizabeth 21 

John 21 

Lydia 21 


BASTON, negroman, 143 
FORTIN, negro, SI 
GOFF, negroman, 147 
LUCY, negrowoman 147 
NERO, negroman 146, 148 
NANCY, negrowoman 143 
PEDRO, 143 
VILAT, negro, 81