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Full text of "Vital records of West Newbury, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849"





1833 01396 9222 






PUBLISIiri') [iV 





TlldS. 1'. NlCUiiI;, & So.s Co. 





The following records uf birlhs, inarria^cs and diatlis 
incliuk- all ciitrith lo be fuund in llie Imoks of record kept 
by ihe town clerks; in the record-; in the ceineter}' 
inscriptions; and in jirivale records loiiiul in family liibles, 
etc. 'Idiese records are printid in a condensed form in 
which every essential iiarlicular has beui preser\'eil. All 
duj)licatiou uf the town clerk's record has been eliminated, 
but dilterences in entry ami other e\i)laiiatorv niatter 
appear in brackets, rarentheses are used when they occur 
in the original record; also to iiuliiatc the maiden name of 
a wife. 

Wlieii jilaces other than \\ e^t iSiewbury and Massachu- 
setts are named in the oriizinal reiords, the}- are i;i\en in 
the printed co[)y. Alarriat^es .iiul iiUeiUioiis of marriage 
are printed under the names of both parties. In all records 
the original spelling of names is f(illowed, and in the alpha- 
betical arrangement the wiriuns forms should be examined, 
as items about the same family ma}' be found under dilfer- 
ent spellings. 


TIk- territory whicli compri-fs this tnwii was orijiinally 
a part ut Nc\vt)ury until T'cli. IS, ISl'), \\ luii it was slI olT 
as the town uf Pardons. This name was changed on June 
14, 1S2U, to West Newi)ury. 

The po|nilation of West Newijury at different periods 
was as follows: 

IS.'O, 1,279. 18').S, 1,043. 

ISSt), 1,.SS(). l')0(), 1,558. 

1840, l,5(iU. 19U5, 1,4(»5. 

185U, 1,740. 1915, 1,529. 


a. — aiic. 
ubi. — ubuut. 

b. — burn. 
brf. ~ hctoro. 
bti. — hctv.-ft-n. 
bp. -- haiili/cil. 
bur. — Iniricd. 

c. K. 1. — cluircli record, l''ii>t C'diifircgatiiuial C'liurch. 

c. K. 2. — church icconl, Sccmul CDiiLircKatiDiial Ctuirch. 

c\ A'. 3. — ihurch record, Aiiicblairy Monthly Meeting of 

f//. — child. 
chn. — children. 
Co. — county. 

d. — daughter; da>'; died. 
IJea. — deacon. 

ditp. — duplicate entry. 

c. K. I. — [;ra\e^tuiie record, Walnut Hill CViiietcry. 

G. R. 2. — >^ravestone record, Uridine .Street Cemetery. 

<;. A'. .1. — gravestone record, AKrrini.ic C'cnu'lcry. 

C. N. 4. — graveirtone record, Rural Cenieleiy. 

f;. A. .S. --gravestone re(onl, ( lahe NeJv llill Cemeteiy. 

G. A. (). - grase.slone ret iird, 1 i iind's liurying place, 'I'urkey 

llill r.iad. 
6. A. 7. - gra\'e^tone ricord, S.n\ \ er private burial ground, 

imli.iii llill .Sliecl. 
(.-.A. S. gi.iNestone record, piivale liuri.d grotnnl on 

Coodridge farm, Indian Hill Street. 
(,. A, ''. graxcbtone ret^oid, private burial ground oa 

I '. W . I )i dvvay farm. 


h. — liushand, hour. 

int. — iiit.iiit. 

int. '— iiiU'iilinii uf iiKini.i^e. 

jr. — junior. 

;;;. — in.ilf, nuirrirtl; iiiDiith. 

/'. A-. 1. — I'.iniil)' iicoiil iiiiw ill [iii^^L-^sioii of Jamcb L. 

('. A'. 1. — I'uinily n-coi'il now in [losaL-jsion of Mrs. J. L. 

/'. /.'. 3. — Family rt-coni now in [loi^SL-ision of Alnnzo 

/'. A'. A. -- I-'.imily record iiuw in [)o?sc.s.^ion of Alonzo P. 

/'. A". 3. — Family record now in po.-jscssion of Edwin S. 

/'. R. 0. — liible record now in possession of .Miss Marietta 

/•. K. 7. — Family record now in [jossession of Miss Harriet 

N. Hills. 
p. K. 8. — Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Ellen M. 

(Nelson) Pocjre. 
p. R. y. — F'aniily record now in possession of Joshua Hills. 
t\c. — recorded, 
i. — son. 
sr. — senior. 
unm. — unmarried. 
li'. — wife; ueek. 
vid. — widow. 
7vidr. — w ido\'. er. 
V. — >ear. 


TO TUli KND (IF JilK VF.AR liS4') 

ABBOTT, Daiiirl, s. Daniel i;., .sliocmaker, and Sarah, 

-Mar. ,■;, 1S17. 
\n.:v Luiilla I'Jizalnlh, il. Iiaiiicl H., hliuciiiakcr, and 

Sarah, Jan. IS, ISV>. 
William i'aiward, s. Ltanicl ii., cordw aincr, and Sarah Ann, 

Apr. (,, 1,^15. 

ANDREWS, Fraiais, ^. Francis and Mary, Dec. 11, 1S4,?. 
Geori^c Warren, b. I'rancib, .sliueniaker, and Sarah, Ocl. 17, 

APPLETON, Harriet i'leanur, d., physician, and 

Kii/.aI.elh M,, Jidy l'>, IMI. 
Sarali [ane, .1. John, phxbician, and l^li/.alielh, Mar. IS, 


ATWOOD, Idlen, d. Jahe.'., iiainler. and Manrarel, Jnly 11, 

Harriut Ne-.vell, d. Sanuicl and Sarah, Dec. 24, ISol. 

BABSON, Edwin, s. James and Susan, June 17, 
Janie.T, jr., s. James and Susan, .Vul;. lo. ISJI. 
Rciherl, s. James and Susan, I'elj. .i, IS.vJ. 
Susan, d. James and Susan, J. in. 19, 1SJ7. 

BACIIELDEI^ Wlillialm V., s. W'lillialm, carpenter, and 
lietj.e_\ O. 11., Oct. K-i, ISIS. 

BAILEY, Au,^ustus, s. John and .Vnielia, Jan. 11, 1844. 
Au;.!;uslus l-ranklin, ;. L ri.ih and Julia, ai Newbury, CJct. 

\\i:sr M'W'lll'KV 1UKII1^ 

Uaiii.v, HcImv C'aioliiu, d. SaiiUR-l N., cunil) maker, ami 

liclM'v 1'.', Juiu- I.\ IS 17. 
lict..v L'aioliiic, (1. Sainurl, li|., )uiic IS, IS-ki. v. R. 2. 
farolinc Calibla, d. liriaii ami j'ulia, O^l. 2i, 1S27. 
t'liarlolU' Hruwii, d. KikhIi ami CharlciUc C. li., Jan. 18, 

CliarloUc Crosby, d. Tappaii ami Hannah, Apr. 0, 1S22. 
I'aimuiKl Morse, s. lu^hua and .\l)i;;ail, I'elj. 25, 1S27. 
Kninui Carr, d. Waiter an.l .Mary 1\, .\pr. 27, 1S2(). 
Enoch P., s. T'lnoch, earriai^e manufacturer, and CliarKitte, 

-May M, 18)0. 
Kphraim. s. 'I'a[)|)aii and Hannah, -\pr. 11, 1S2S. 
Ephraini, s. Tappan and Hannah, ieh. 28, 18,32. 
F. Nelson, s. JcjIiii N., cupmlii, .md .Mary .Ann, |an. 27, 

Gilbert LaFaMlle. s. Tappan and Hannah, .Apr. 27, 1824. 
Gilnian Brown, s. KnoJi and C'liarlolle C. li., Nov. 2, IS.H. 
Gu.^tavub .\dolpluis, s. jo^hu.i and Kliza G., Apr. 2o, 1820. 
Hannah i'appan, d. Haniel, ji. and Sarah, Alar, 5, 1825. 
llannali Tenne), d, l!iiali and Julia, .\uu. 2S, 1823. 
Harriet l^nury, d. Samuel N. ami liets\ , bp. June Ki, 18-11. 

c. R. 2. 
Harriet Newell, d. Enoch and Gharlolle G., Aui^. ,il, 18J8. 
Heur> Glay, -. Enoch ,iml Charlotte H., N.iV. 15, 18-12. 
Henrv 'rapi)an, s. Tajjpan and Hannah, May 10, 1826. 
Horace Newton, s. L riali and Julia, -\pr. .•>, 1825. 
Horace Newton, .-. L'riah ami Julia, June — , 18.5,i. 
John, s. Richard S. and Susan 1'., Jidy Ml 182'>. 
John H., s. RicluirtI S. ami Susaji 1'., Jan. ,i, 183,i. 
Josejih James, s. Tappan and Hannah. Mar. l,-!, 18,50. 
[useph lames, s, Warrin K,, condj maker, ami .Abbv S., 

Sept. 18, 18-17, llSlo. dup.l 
Judilh Cokir, d Gilberl I,., condi m.d^er, ,ind 

Judilh S,, Au-, 2, is 17, 
Julia Ga.ue, d, kikih an<l Julia, \)vc. 2, 1821. 
I.aban Merill, s, Rieh,ird"s, ,iiid Susan 1',, Dec, 20, IS,^). 

\[>c,. 25. dup.l 
Eaunaice Ibjw.ird, s. Sani|ue|l N., Condi maker, and liilsev 

1'. klmerv, May ", 18|5. 
Eanrentio, d. twin, Criali and |nlia, I'eki. 7. 182'). 
Eauriiida, il. twin, Cri.di .oul jalia, l-'eb. 7, 182'). 
Eaurinda, d. l.lriah and |ului, .\u,!^. 27, ls,H, 
Leon,Hd, s, Ee.mard, d.M.ied, and Saiah IE, Nov. 2, 1827. 

WIM \i;\Vi:rKY lUIMIlS V 

I'\iii\, l.roiuud Knwc, ^, Aiii.i.'.i.ili, larmiT, ami llaniut, 

Mar. IS, 184';. 
I.IK\ l'ii>cilla, .1. WaiiLMi K., lamil. inaki.|-, and Al.l)y S., 

.Ma\ 11. 1S4'). 
Marictia kullin^, .1. Haiiicl, ji. ami Sarah, Oi I. -'S, ISI'). 
Mars, .1. (.iilliL-rl I.., macliini.,1, an. I Jiulitli S., Jan. 7, l.S-1'^. 
Mary luinicc Noyc>, il. Walter aiul Alary 1'., June H, 18,ii. 
Mary Helen Palmer, J. Warren K., eiiinli maker, and Abby 

S., May 1, 1S4,S. 
Samuel Waldo, s. Samuel N., hp. May 12, IS,-;'), c. u. 2. 
Tlicimas Spemer, s. 'I'aiipaii .iml Hannah, at Newbury, 

Sept. 5, ISIS. 
Uriah (;aue, -. Iriah and |ulia, |an. ,il, ISl'). 
Warron Kirby, h. T.ippan ,iml Hannah. .\ui;. (», IS2(). 
, s. I'lnueh, carriai^e m.inufaet urer, and t'liarlolle li., 

Oa. 2'), IS IS. 
, .1.|ue|l N., comb maLer, and l>eL>ey 1''., June 15, 


BARRUS, Charles Wesley, s. Kuius and Betsey, June Is, 

BARTLET (see also Hartlelt), William Henry, s. William 
and I'di/.lalbelh, May 2, 1S2-J. 

BARTLETT (see also liartht), Alcine M., d. Geor,-e, eomb 

maker, and Harriet, June IS, 1S4(). 
Kduard iieee-her, b. Theodore and iMais, June 2'*, IS.vS. 
Kdward Wisner, .,. Jeremiah I >. and .\nn Merrill, Mar, l.-i, 

KnoJi Idiurlo, s. Capt. Samu.l W., bp. ( ». I. 11, 1S40. c. k. 2. 
Hannah, d. I heudoreand .Marv.Oet. II, 1S'!2. 
Hannah .\bi-.dl, d. jeiaani.di I i. ,uid .\nn M., I'eb. U., 1SJ8. 
llann.di hdi.-.dnt h, d. John IbiK ry and N.incy, July S, 1S21. 
John I.., s. Jereini.dl and Jnli.i Ann, Apr. (i, IS.vl. 
luli.i Ann, d. Jeremiah, farmer, and |ulia Ann, |.in. 21, IS47. 
i.uey liu-vvell, d. | \\. ami NanJv, Ian. IS," 1S24. 
Lucy Fuller, d. bfieudore and Mar>' I ., Sept. 20, 1SS7. 
Mar\- .\nn, d. John llmerv .md Wines', Au;,'. 22, ISl'.;. 
Al.ov j., d. Muos and UebeL.i, |ulv IS, IS22. 
M.irs- l.ine, d. i'hius and Kebr, l,,di, July 17, lS2.i. 
r., s. (leorge W. and I Ian let, M,iv 2, ISIi. 
Samuel Dickinson, s. Samuel W ., bp. Sept, IS, c. k, 2. 
Samuel I'uller, s, Theodore- ami Marv, Auu. .-11, 182'^. 

10 \Vi;Sl MWilliKV lUKIllh 

liAIMini, WalUr, s. John and |),.ll\, ixilh li. Anir.^hury, 

Mas _M, IS 10. 
- , (1 (..oli^rl W., eumi, uial.rr, and llairiil, Mar. S, 

BENTON, Caroline Eli/,al.rtli, d, Umiv F. an.l Hct^ey 

M., July 2, lS-14. 
iM-anklin '('.,' s. Ili^nry I', and Hcl-^rv .M., Dec. _'5, ISiS. 

15LAKE, Ann Idiza, d. li.i, i. .upcnlcr, and l''di/.a, Sc|il. Jd, 

Ira I'. II., ^. Ira and Urania, Jan. S, 18-11. 

liOClAirr, I'al^ar '1'., s. James, carriage maimer and Mary, 

i'\h. 1. KS-l'). 
James II,, s. J.inies, cariia,i;r maker, and Mary I']., Mav 7, 

BOYD, Al.l.v \Vel..,ler, d, I.-,aae, plivsiian, I,. Londonderry, 

N. II., and Sarah C, Mav 12. ISll. 
t'harlt. M.deondi, .s. Dr. Lsaae ami .Sarah C\. I'eli. 1,^, KS4(I 
I:>aae IlilU, >. |Dr. i'. k. 2.| Ls.iac and Sar.ili ('., Vch. l.S, 


BRADLEY, |ohn, s. Thomas, farmer, li. Kn^land, and 

Sarah, b. Niwlniry, Ma_\- l-\ . 1S44. 
Sarah Eliza, d. William and 'Mar\-, Nov. 5, IHH). 
William v.. s. Williuin an<l Mary, Apr. J, 
, d. Idiomas, farmer, a]ul Stirah, Apr. 14, 18-17. 

BRICKETT, llenrv M|oodv. c. k. 2.|, s. :\loodv and Kli/.a- 

helh, No\'. <), IS.vv 
Phiein Sli|iheiis, d. twin, Aloody and l'.;ii/.al>el h, July .5, 

18 JO. 
Sarah H.iilleU, d. twin. Moody an.l I'di.-aliil h, July .■>, 182l), 

I5ROCK, Al.ij^ail I', d. I win, Daniel and luiniee 

J. me, I'el). l.i, 18.vv 
Carolinr Smith, d. twin, Daniel and I'uiiiee fane, 1m4). 1,i, 

Mary Xoyes, d. Daniel, bp. May 31, 1835. c. i;. 2. 
Rcbekah Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Eunice Jane, Mar. 2, 



BROWN, AcMison, jr., s. Addisuu and (.'alhcriiic l>., 

Ffl). 21, ISJO. 
Ann Chase, d. ()li\cr and Mary, Mar. 27, l.S-'O. 
.\nna llairict, d. .\ddison and Cathaiint-, Sept. IS, 1S4J. 
.Vnna Maria, d. Addi-un, hp. Aii.u. 11, ISd 1. r. K. I. 
Calvin Francis, s. KbL-n|r,u |r and AliiL'aii, Jan. M), 1S42. 
Catharine Babson, d. .Vd.lisim. hp. - , IS35. c. u. 2. 
Charles Ilenrv, s. Addison and Catherine Jiahson, May 2S, 

Klizalicth C, d. l.-hn and Marv, Mar. 1'*, 1S2<^ 
Kli/abeth Clark, "d, L';i.ien|e,a-]r and Ai.i.^ail. July M), 1839. 
F.iigene CI., s. OagDiul, euinh maker, and .\nn (."., Jidv 2S, 

C;eu(r;jc| F., s, John and M.iry, at Newbury, Mar. ol, 1821. 
(leuru'e Cdlnian, s. Francis F., shueniaker, and Susan C, 

Apr. 0, 1840. 
Ceur-e Handel, s. Handel, bp. May 12, 1839. C. R. 2, 
Harriet ( „rr, d. Henjainin, jr. and Alary (J. C, Dec. 6, 

Harriet Finer\-, d. H:iydn, comb maker, and Harriet K., 

Sept. 11,' 1844. 
Herbert M., s. Stephen, jr., shoemaker, and Eliza A., 

July 27, 184(1. 
John .^ppleton, s. C V. Handel, condj maker, and Asenath, 

11). New Hampshire. dup.|, Jul\- 12, 1844. 
|uhn Appleton, s. I'raneis Ik, slioemaker, and Susan G., 

()et. 27, 1847. 
John Carr, s. Oliver and Mary, (Jet. 20, 1833. 
Joseiih Warren, s. Benjamin, jr. .iml Mar\- C)., Nov. 30, 

Laura .\nn Hall, d. Fben[ezejr, shoeniaker, and Aliigail, 20, 1848. 
Marv Flizail.ieth, d. Oliver and Marv C, Feb. 9, 1830. 
Mary i:u.-,lace, d. Cdllman W. and .Mary B. 1., Au.i;. 12, 1829. 
Mar\' lane, d. James, shoem.ikei' [cord\\,iiner. dup.], and 

'H,"inn.ih 1)., Sept. ,S, 1844. 
Melvin, s. Addison, bp. Dec. 12, isll. r. k. 2. 
Miriam M., d. John and Mary, May 15, 1825. 
Oliver Abert, s. (Jliver and Marv, June 1(.), 1827. 
Sarah, d. Robert L., farmer, and Mar}- .Mice, Jan, 7, 1847. 
Sarah A., d. John and Mary, Nov. lo, 183o. 
Steijhen H., s. Stephen and F^liza .\nn, Aivj,. 8, 1S43. 
Susan k'r.inces, d. I'rancis Ik and Susan C. d., Aul;. 17, 


l)Ki)\\N', Susan M., d. John .unl M.iry, Julv 27, 1S2,<. 
William r., s. John and .Mary, JunL-'2S, 1827. 

, s. James, shucniakcr, ami Hannah, Apr. 2S, 1817. 

, (1. lla\'dn, comb inaktr, and Harriet, .Xpr. 14, 181''. 

BIIRNH.\A\, .Mnia A., d. .Mubcs, farmt-r, and Susan S., 

July 31, 18-18. 
Sarah dark, d. lCben|(.-zc]r, lahiirrr, and Sarah -\nn, [an. 30, 

Sarah hli/aliclii, d. Muses and Klizabelh. Ian. 27, 1821. 
, d. .Mo-cb ant! Susan S., .Apr. 7, 184-1. 

BURNS, Eliza, d. Patrick, lahurer, and Rebecca, Jan. 6, 

BURPEE, Henry C, s. John and Sarah .Ann, Jan. '>, 1844. 

BURSIEL Isee also BuswcHi, Susan Reed, d. Humphry 
and Rebecca, Sept. 10, 1821. 

BUSWELL (see also BursieM, Charles Humphrey, s. Hum- 
phrey and Rebecca, \>\-). .Apr. 21, 1840. c. i;. 1. 

Hannah l-^lizabeth Stickney, d. Humphre\' atul l\ebecca, 
bp Nov. ,?, 183.1. C-. i;. 'l. 

Alar\- I'illen, d. Humphrey and Rebecca, bp. , 1837. 

'c. l:. 1. 

Susan Weed, d. Humphrev' and Rebecca, bp. Se]it. 4, 1831. 

CALDWELL, I'rank Weston, s. Jame,., c h.d.-,e tiimmer, 

and Hannah S., May 21. 1845. 
James (iardner C'olb)', s. James and Hannah S., i-el.i. 2.5, 

Sarah .A., il. |ames, coach trimmer, and Hannah, .\pr. 6, 

184 7. 

CARLETON (.see also Carlton), Dalmer feronie, b. Samuel 

and Nancy, Mar. 1, 1842. 
Uavid Emery Noyes, s. I'homas, Ijp. Sept. 25, 18,?o. c. k. 2. 
Ella Celeslia, d. Samuel and Nancy, Mar. 15, 1840. 
Lucinda M., d. Daniel N. P., C(.imb maker, and I'^lizabeth, 

leb. 12, 1847. 
.Mar_\ lirowne, d. .Amos and Catharine li., Sept. 0, 1843. 

Wl.bT M.WUUKV lilKll I.- 


Caki.i: TON, SaniiK'l li., s. Saimicl, coinh iiiaki-r, and Nancy, 

DrL. 24. ISK,. 
S.uiiuc I liiijokr,, b. Saimicl ami Nancy, Ni>\-. (t, ISl.i. 

CARLTON i.scc al.-^u CaiKlnni, Davi.l llnicry, .s. 'l'lu)|rna|s 

an,l l.ucinila, Au.l;. .i, 1.S2S. 
John I'lk-n, i. J.)SL'|>h and llannali W., J.m. 2, \SM. 
Jo.-cph K., s. Josopli and Ihninah W., Apr. 2.S, \^2'>. 
.Nl;;r\- Li/rcn/.a |Ni)ve^. c. K. l.\. d. 'riii/|nia|s an<l l.uiin.l.i, 

Dec. 1(., KS.v^.' 
Roscnmuuda, d. 'rhu[nia|.s and J.ucinda, Jul)' (), lS2o. 
ThonuiD Sylvanuj, s, d'ho[niajs and Lucinda, Sept. 7, 1S22. 

CARR, Alden SccU, <. \V. and Su-an .A. (Cokci), 

Sept. 1.1. IS 11. 
Caroline, d. William and Mary, at Ne\vl)ur\ , Mar. 2(1, 1S15. 
Caroline Day, d. Willi, im aJid Munice 11., .Mar. 7, l.s.vS. 
Charlotte lo.-,ephine, d. .M . .m-.-, .iiid Hannah M., liil\ 1, \S.U,. 
Kliz.i. d. \\illiani and .Mars, Dl-c. hS, 1,S22. 
linim.i, d. Capl. Sanuiei and l'diza|bel|h (Chase), (Jet. 17, 

KS17. !■. K. 1. 
Enoch Dole, s. James and .Vnn. Jan. ,31, 1S41. 
l^unice koiina, d. Willi.un, jr. .md Eunice, Sept. '*, 18jl. 
Georj;c Robert, s. (K'o|ri.'e| W . and Suh.iii .\. iCoker), Nov. 

26, 18,34. 
Geor,t,'e Robert, s. George W. and Su.saii .\. (Coker), Sept. 

\.\ 1S41. r. K. '). 
ll.innah, d. Mo.-,et, and Hannah M., Nov. 11^ ISol. 
Harriet Moriah, d. Moses and Hann.di .M.. Nov. 21, 1,S2S. 
Harriet N., d. John and Harriet N., M,ir. 2'), \s^l. 
Horatio Franklin, s. Moses and H.umali Al., Aut;. 1'), 1S25. 
John Calhoun, s. .Moses and Hannah M., 5, 18. -iS. 
Luther 1'. D., b. W(illia|ni and ALirv, liiue 2,3, 182(1. c. k. 2, 
Mary Elizabeth, il. Moses and Hannah M., Feb. 20, 1827. 
Mary Elizabeth, d. .Mo-es ,ind Hannah .M., Jan. I'l, 18,30. 
Mary G., (.1. \\lillia|m ,iml .Mary, at Newbui") , Oct. 1, 1800. 
Mehitable Cireenleal, d. Willi, im .md M,ir\-, at New bur)', 

June U), 1812. 
.MoM'-, l-'ran.i-, s. Mobe.-, and ll,inii,di .M., .\pr. Uj, 18,31. 
Robert, s.|ue|l, jr., bunier, ami Sophia 1'., June 12, 

Robert Josiah, b. William am! .Mary, .Mar. 4, 18,31). 
Samuel .\., s. S.iinuel and I'r.ince.-. S., J.m. 12, 18,38. 
Sarah (.ireeii, d. John C. and lielscN', Jan. 23, 183L). 

14 \Vi:.ST NKUlll'KV lilKlIlS 

Cakk, William, jr., s. William ami Marv, al Nl-wIuiiv, 

Xos-. 21, 1SI\^. 
William X., s. John C. ami lictsi'V, Nov. 25, 1823. 

CHASE, AhLv 1)., d. Sani|uL-ll S. ami Kuiiicc iN,, Junr ,S, 

Al.-cl Washington, s. Ahil ami Kli/abclh, OlI. 5, IS v-i. 
Adc-huK- CliflU.n, d. Iloiari' L. and l-;iviia M. L'.. Mar. 12, 

.Anna I-'., il. Samuel S., luL-bandman, and Kluhic-, [urn- A, 

.\nii.i Mar\-, d. Rufu.s TL, aiul Sarah H., at Ncwliur}-, Nov. 

11, 1M4. 
Augustus Sullivan, s. Stanford anil Sarah, July 17, 1S2S. 
I}ctSL-y Carton, d. Stanford and Sarah, Au-. 21), lS,i2. 
Cabtiiu' liaron, s. Stanford and Sarah, Jan. 22, 1S27. 
(^harh's 1'.. .-.. Sauuu/l S., hu^handnian, and I'lnnite, Ala\' 6, 

David l), s. Abel, jr. and Elizabeth Dole, No\-. 15, 182o. 
Kli/aljclh Klk-n, d. Sani[ucll S. and Kunicc, Sept. ,i, 1.S43. 
Ella, d. Sam|uc]l S., farmer, and Eunice N., .\ug. 1, 1,^1'). 
Ellen L., d. Sam[uc']l S. and Eiinitc N., Mar. 28, 1812. 
I'^lwood N., s. Tho[nui]s M., comb niaker, and J\lar\, Se]il. 

5, 1840. 
E.nier_\ . s. Moses and Sallv, Sept. 20, Ks2o. 
ICunice Dole. d. William, l»p. July 8, 18,-i8. c. k. 2. 
George Sumner, s. Mo^e.■, b. anc'l Eli,;abelli, Sept. lo, 1843. 
Hannah Eli.'.abeth, d. Abel and E.lizabeth, Sept. 4, 182'). 
Hariet Edgell, d. William and Sarah, Eeb. 20, 1833. 
Henry Jehu, jr., s. Jehu and Caroline H., Oct. 1'), 1835. 
Horace l.unimus, s. Ibiraee L. antl Elvira .M. C, Mar. 27, 

Imrease Sumner, s. Increase S., comb niaker, and .Maria 

N., May 7, 1847. 
Janu'S .Miierl Cireenough, s. James .\., ctjmb niaker, and 

Rosanionda, June 17, 1847. 
Jane Dole, d. .\be!, jr. and Eli/abelh Dole, Ni.v. 22. 1824. 
Jehu, ^. Horace I., ami l':i\ir,i .M . ('., Jan. 2A, 1844. 
lohn .\pplelon, s. Aloses li., cond; maker, and Elizabeth 

c;., Sept. 22, ISKi. 
John Edgell, s. Willkim, bp (1,1. 5, 1839. c. K. 2. 
J< Ilanibal, s. Jehu and Caroline, Nov. 22, 1832. 
Judith Dole, (1. William and, Dec. 17, 182,S. 

WKSi M'\\iiri;v muriis 


CuASi., Jmlitli ril;-l)ur\-, d. J.iiiu-, A|llifrt. ilup.|, coiiil) 

maktr, .iiul l-iii-.nnumi.i, Aii.l;. 2.\ l.Sll. 
Julia, d. Jcliu, o.iiili malar, aii.rCaroliuc, July 15, IS-Ui. 
Julia Dcriiul.iii-, d. Jiliu and Caidlinf, Sept. 6, \SM). 
Leonard A., ^. Rul'us 1\., ciiinli makfr, and Sarali \V., l\:h. ~\ 

LulIkt Wl'^Iuh, s. Lutliri- k., jiaiiitcr, 1). Nfwbury, ;iii(l 

Lucy H., Mav 8, I.S44. 
Mai-\ !•:.', d. .Sarnliicll S. and lumicc N., Aug. '>, 1840. 
M..>.c> c;L-orm.', s. Muses !>.. lomtj malar, and I'.li/abcth 

G., Au-. JO, 1S4<). 
Olia (iras', s. Horace L., c-omh maker, and Alvira M., Uet. 1, 

SaniiiLl N., s. Sam|uc|l S. and Kunici; N., Aug. 21, 1836. 
Sarah Hn.un, d. William and Sarah, June l.s, 1827. 
Sarah .iIh ih, d. Slanl.ird and, Jan. 10, 
Slanlurd Saliinc, b. Stanl<jrd and S.irali, .Nlay 2V, KSJO. 

Stanford Sahinc, s. , bp. Sept. 2, 1838. c. k. 2. 

Susan Brown, el. Stanford, bp. Mar. .S, 18,i7. c. K. 2. 
Susan 'Ihurlow, d. William and Sarah, .Mar. 17, 18,i0. 
Thomas M., s. \V[illia]m, farmer, and Sarah, June 26, 1847. 

[June 27. duj).) 
Thomas N., s. Sam|ue]l S. and F.uniee N., lulv 18, 1838. 
William Wallaee, s. Wiliian, and Sarah. July 20, 1831. 
, s. bihn 4"., cundj maker, b. Newluiryport, and Abby, 

May US, 1848. 

CHIPMAN, Dolly B., d. Thomas ]. and Dolly B., July 7, 

tieorge Keniiey, s. twin, Tlmmas J., .--hoeniaker, and Dolly 

li.. Mar. 23, 1847. 
Ilann.ih W., d. 1 homas |. and Dullv li., .May 14, 183(,. 
Harriet b., d. lholma|s J. and Dolly li., Mar. 3, 1838. 
John KeiineN , s. twin, 1 J., shoeniakei', ami Doll)' 

li.. Mar' 23, 1847. 
Joseph \\'|illia|ni, s. 'I"h(jlmalb J., condi maker, and Dolly, 

Mar .S, 18 1V. 
Thoniab I'arjiell iieaeh, s. 4 homa^ J. and D(4lv li., Noy. 21, 

184 2. 
, s. Iholmajs J., eomb maker, and Dolly H., Apr. IS, 


COFFIN, Abbv Ann, d. I'noth ami .M.igail N., Sept. 2, 

16 w 1 sr M \\ 1,1 UN i;ii; nis 

C'liFilN, Ch.uli.Ur IVltiiiuil, il. Williani 1\a\v and HcIslv , 

Ian. U), lS,i_'. 
lili/.alnlh I'raiKL-^, d. Williani II. an. I lirl.scs', Vv\>. 1, IS.-id. 
George I'rcdcrir, .s. \V|illia|ia II. an.! Krl.M-y, June .iO, IS.iS. 
Ciorhani, s. laiotli and .AliijAail N., .\|ir. 21, IS.vS, 
John CiardiuT, s. C'liarks 1'. and C'alhariiie, Ala>' -1, ISlv 
Lvdia KnaTv, d. llr/.cLiah, lip. Srpt. 5, 1822. c'. u. 1. 
M'arv HaU'.'d. William Hal.' and liclst'V, July 2M, 1830. 
Sara'h .\nn, d. Il./rkiah and Sallv, Mar.'l?,' 1S22. 
Williani Oliver, s. Wlillia|ni II. and lul.My, .\uk. 23, 1S,M. 

COKER, CathariiU' tireenkal, d. John and Susan, l;|). 

Mar. 31, 1822. r. k. i. 
John Fhiliptf, s. John ami Sii^an, bp. Mar. 31, 1822. c. i;. 1. 
Robert Adams, s. John and .Susan, bp. Alar. 31, 1822. c. K. 1. 
Susan .\daline, d. John and Susan, hp. Mar. 31. 1822. e. i:. 1. 

COLCORD, , s. Geo(ri^e| I'., eomb maker, and Han- 
nah ]■:. W., Oet. 31, 184'). 

COLLEYER, Mary Al.ii^ail, il. Samuel and Sally C, Mar. 
1.^, 1831. ' 

COLAIAN, Klizal.eth, <l. Thomas W. and Kmila, Ian. 28, 

COOK, Sarah Ellen, d. |ohn N. and Judith S., Nov. 2, 

CURRIER, t;eor-e R., s. Rremiah S. and Mary, Au-. 13, 

Susan Elizabeth, il. Thomas S. and Betsey, Oet. 25, 18,i5. 
Thomas Murian, s. Thomas S. and lietsiy, No\'. U), 1833. 

CURTIS, I'nima Lee, d. Joseph and Louisa S., Inly lo, 

DAM, Maria Augusta, d. Leader and Alalinda, Apr. 12, 

DANE, C;eorge Henry, s. Henry and Hannah, Sept. 24, 

Harriet Newell, d. Henry and Hannah, \)lx. 30, 183'). 

u , si M \\ III KV lUK ins 17 

DANl''OR'l'll, l)i-aii kohiiisi.n, .>. lulii, Jo^rpli an. I Jiulilh, 

.\l,i\ '>, l,s.l5. 
Kli/.a Rol.iiiMiii, >l. l,,.s.|.li aiul Jihlilli, Au.u. JO, IS.M. 
I'lliza Robinson, d. ]n^L\,U, I, p. Jiil\ ,S, IS.iS. r. k. _'. 
Jo-i'ph Newell, s. twill, Joseph ami Ju.lilh, May 9, 1S25. 
Rodolpluis, s. William aiul i\lar>-, N.)\. 10. l^i.iS. 
StLphen Haile>, s. William an.l lFaiiii„li, .Mar. 24, 1S2,S. 
William Kdwi'n, s. William and Hannah, Aug. IS, 1S2.^. 

DAVIS, Helsev, d. Wadlei-h and lielsev, lune (,, 1S20. 
Charles Snlli\an. s. Wadlei.^h and lietsey, Apr 2S, 1S2.S. 
Julia Ann, d. Samuel and Marv, hp. .\(i\. (>. IS.^l. i . i<. 1. 
Rufus Wadlei-h, s. Wadlei,i:h and llelsey, Julv !,S, l,S2i. 
Sarah l''ranees, d. Samuel and Mai>-, l)ee. ,S, ISil. 

DEAIOND, Charles IJrown, s. Rev. Klijali and Lucv ii., 

All-. \, 1M2j. 
l.uev Ann, d. Rex. Klijah and Lnev \i., l-'el;. 6, 1825. 
Sarah hdlen, d. Rev. Klijah and l.u'e> \i., Apr. 2, 1S26. 

DENNIS, John, s. John (,. and Klizahelh 1',, 
bee. 111. hS43. 

DOLE, Anna, d. Kuoeh and Martha, at Newburv, Oct. 12, 

Lydia No\es, d. luioeh and Martha, Ajjr. .^1), 1S21 
Sarah, d. Lnoeh and M.irlha, al Newbury, July ,S, ISU). 

DOW, Arllun |Abram .Vrthur. e. v. I.], s. Abraham, jr. and 
lieiirietla i>. |lCarr). e. k. 1.|, Mar. .i, l.S.iO. 

George Carr, s. Abraham, jr. and Henrietta |I). iCarr). c. k. 
i.|, .May 11, KS.^4. 

Henrietta Carr, d. .Vbraham and Heiirietle D. (Carr), bp. 
N(j\. (), 1S45. e. R. 1. 

Justin I'alwards, s. IJenjamin and ldi..abelh I , Dee. 17, 

DOWNER, Caroline Abbv, <l. Amos, laborer, and Abi^ail, 

Feb. 19, 184S. 
IMar> .\niia, d. .\mos and .Abi;.,'ail, .^ug. 25, 1S43. 

DURGIN, Horace Wadlev, s. James, shoe manufacturer, 
and Martha, I'eb. 15, is4.S. 

IS w I >:■ M w i;ri; V iiiK ! ll^ 

1Hk<,.in, S.LinucI, s. S.iimu-1, >li(>r inaiiiil.u'lurcr, ;aiil I.yilia 
A., (kl. 10. 1S4", 

DWINELL.S, NaiiLV Shorl, .L \aco\> C, wh.-clv, i i-hl, an.l 

Achsah II., .Mar. '>, ISI.r 
Otis Scwall. -. Jadil. (,. an.l .\.■ll.^all, .\\n. IS, IS.-iS. 

i':\'roN. i),.iiui iuiIhu. s. n.n.ij w., i,mi.i-c IiikK 

l.iiiMrr, .uul ^aiaU 1.., Juur J'>, IM''. 
yarah Addic-, d. Daniel W .. Jiai-c maker, and Sarah I.., al 

Luwrll, Julv -'4, lS-17. 
William (ki.:;L'. .-,. David and Rutii 1.., .\|.r. 21, LSI'). 

EDGELL, Gc-orue Cowli-, ^, J, (j. A , l.i). N,.v. 1, lS4ii. 

c. R. 2. 
Harriet Klizaheth, d. [Kcv. c. u. 2.] John (J. A., cleru\in,in, 

and ILirrii-l II. .\ , O.t. 19, 1S47. 
Horace Arthur, s. Horace and Catharim, "In Canada," 

lip. I-'cl.. '>, 1S45. c. K. 2. 
John .\dam.-;, h. Rlx . Julin (,). .\. and Harriet A., Nuv. It., 

IS.-; 5. 
Susan I-.ii.;al.itli, d. k> \ . juhn i). A. and Ilarrii.t, .Xpr, 11, 


EDWAKDS, IlLiiiaiidn, jr., s, Hcnjamin and Harriot, Dei 

.S, l,s2.v 
Henjamin \\'., >. lienj|ainin |, jr., ^hlK■nlak^■r, and .Mai>' I'.., 

Dee. S, 1S4S. 
Charles llenr\, s. licnjanun and llarrici, Aut;. .5, ]S.i2. 
tJeur.i'e Aui;uMu<, s. lienjainin and llarriol, Oet, 4. 1S2S. 

Juseph. lienrN-, r,. , uid. Jos-pli, h|). .M a V .^ l.^vvv e. k. 2. 

Mu.-^e= Warren, s. jo.seph and l.ydia W,, .\pr. 2-!, IS.H. 

EAlER'i', llenj.uiiin l■'rald^li^. s. Ilumia-. and .Mai\, June 

2'', lS2,x 
Helx;, Caroline, d. .NLe-e-and lu-l:-,e\, al .\'ev. Iiury, De, . II, 

HeP-ev l-ollanshee, d. .M,wi> ami I'.et^e\, at Neulauv, 

Dee. 1'), ISIO. 
Calvin, s. laced) ami l.vdia, Nov. 1 ,-, 1S21. 
Charles lloraee. s. Ah.-e, and 1M'.\, il Newburv, Apr. l.S, 

Charle-. Horace, s. Alo.-e-, ai,d liet^e\■, at Nev.l.urv, .Ma\ '». 


\\i;ST M'.WIUKV lUKTIlS l'> 

F,\ili;v. e'lunlc> Horace,.-. Mo-r-, II. .iii.l I' I'lli/ahrl h, 

Dec. I'J, lS-1.-!. 
David Fr;uuii>, s. Mom> aiul lietsix , |aii. S, 1S2S. 
EheiRzer, s. Jacob M. ami |aiic R.," I'ili. -'S, 18^1. 
Kliza llaniilton, ,1. Ludaii .\. aii.l Kli. a, Icl,. 1, I.SJ'J. 
Kli/a llaiuilloii, .1. l.uciaii, hp. .Vu;;. 1(1, [^6^A. c. K, 2. 
Eliza Jane, d. John, jr. a]id Mcliilalilc, Mar. 2,-i, KS.i7. 
Eliza Tappan, d. Jacob and L\-(lia, lunc IS, l,s|'). 
Elizal)cth WaUh, d. John, jr. ,nid MVliitalih', Jan. 12, l.S,S2. 
Ephraiin Ru-,>cll, .-. ■^holna^ and .Mar\-, at Ncv.bnrv, Ocl.'2, 

Eunice .Marv, d. Moodv and .Xhi-ail, bp, .\u-. 4. 1S22. 

e. u. 1. ' 
Francis liernell, s. Rufus K. ,ind .Mary li.. Jan. 2'', IS Li, 
Geuri;c' Wasliin.^loii, ^. l■|lonla^ aiid Maiy, Se|,l. 10. 1S21. 
Cirace Li\ini;ston, d. N. 1 .. lonib inakir, ami .M,li\' Ann, 

Sept. lb. 1S45. 
Gusla\us B\ron, h. J<din ,ind Mihelable (i,, .\pr. 15, 1S2S. 
Hannah No'ye-;, d. Moody and .\lii-ail, I. p. .Vu-. 1, 1S22. 

Harriot Kind.all, d. Moses and l!else\', Jan. '^ ISl'). 
John Gilnian, >. J(din, ir. and Mchila'bh", .Ma\- >, IS, id. 
Jolm Cdlnian, .-.. |ohn, jr. and Mehilable, Oi l'. 2, IS,i'). 
Jolin Mood), s. jacol) M. an.l R., Dl, . 17, lS,i2. 
Lillian .\li\an<ler, .-. Moses and lielse\', al Ncwliury, Ian. 

10, ISOl. 
Lucian llamilloii, s, Luciau A. and I'diza, Dec. 4, ISil. 
l.inv i':niilv, d. Mosrs and liclsi'v, al Ne\vbLU\-, Oct. 20, 

I.nlh. r .M.irlin, .s. .Moses and Rctsey, |ulv Z, 1S24. 
.Maii^icl bine, d. |acob M. .mil bmJ N., fune Id, ISiO. 
Mai\ hllrn, d. j.uoh .M., slioenMLer, aiuf bme R.,Julv 10, 

Marv F:slher, d. |ohn, jr. and .Mahilable, .Au-. 2A. IS.vb 
Mar'v 11, iK-, d. Fliphalel and Saiah, Sept. 24, 1S21. 
Moseb Hale, s. M,,sesand licLsey, al Newbury, leb. (., ISlO. 
Nihenuah, s. Moscs'and Hctsr'. , bri, 2'^ 1S21. 
Saiah !• ranees, d. John. jr. and Melul,d<]i', ( )el . 11, IS.-i.S. 
Sarah, d. Thomas and M,ir\, luls' 21, IS2,>. 
Sarah X'oyes. d. Ldiphalet and Sai.d'i, (une 1 ,\ 1S24. 
Saruh Noyes, d. Rev. Samuel M. and Marv lb, Sepl. 6, 

Thomas Cale, s. 'llunnas and .Marv, ),in. 17, I S20. 
, s. Jidiii and .Mehilahle,", 1S44. 

20 \ m;\\i;lkv nikiiis 

ENGLAND, IlaniL-t Maii.i, d. Daniel li., l.lacksiniih, ami 

Sarah, al New l)ur\ [loil , A|)r. 12, ISIS. 
Jehu j., Do. 1, ISJO.'i'. k. 5. 
Jiili.i Ci , tl. .SUpluii J., (uinli malar ami Ihium- joiner, and 

lulia C, .Mar. S,'lS4'). 
Sti'i'lR'H J., 7, lS2.i. 1'. [<. 5. 

EVKRETT, Kli/.a Dov...l. Iliuma^ Kli/a, 1,|,. Mav6, 

KSo2. c. K. 1. 
Lucy Hill. d. 'Lln.|ma|s IL and Ahiiianm-, Jiuu- 2S, IS.iL 
ALiriannc Hum, d. 'Idioinah 11. and .Mari.iniic, Jan. S, LS2'*. 
'I'liiin;,ih Hum.-, ^. Tlioina.- Hnsr .ind Mar-/ .\nn. |an. 2, 

1S21. Hum-, .-. id^oma^ H. ami Alariannr, Mar. II, 18.5 >. 

FARRINGTON, Can. line L., d. Daniel, shuemaker, and 

Louisa AL, ALir. .L LS-17. 
Gei)ri;e Wa^liinutijn, s. Lewis, shoemaker, and Sarah Jane, 

Aul;. 27, 1S.17. 
Sarah li., >1. l)aniel, tordwain^.-r, and Louisa AL, Kov, 1, 


FEE, William, s. James, laborer, Ai)r. —, 1S4'). 

HELD, Harrnd .Ann Tenny, d. Charles and Harriot, al 

Xewlniry, Oet. 10, ISLS. 
Mar) Jane I'il.-bury, d. (diaries and llarrioi, ( )u . 12, 1820. 

P^TTZ i>ee also Fit./.), Cdn.rles N., s. Charles and Hannah 

IL, ALu- 2(), 1S2<). C.d\'in, s. (di.irle.-,, deee.ised, and Lehecea. Dee. II, 

1 8.-; 2. 

FITZ (see also Fitl.:), |au.l. liarllet, s. William ami I'ris- 

eilla. Line M, 1S2I. 
Sophia H.i"skell, d. William and I'ri.Milla, keh. l.S, 182.5. 

FOLLANSBEE, Hetsey L-ahell, d. Somerby C. and Alay 

Abbv, Sei)t. 14, 1843. 
Butler .Vbbut, s. Julin and Judith, Aug. Id. 182,S, 
Georf,'e Abbot, s. liutler Abbott, farmer, and Alma H., 

Aug. 4, 1847. 
Jenett, d. Samuel, comb maker, and Susan S., N'ox. 27, 1847. 

\Vi:sT M'.WIU'KV BIKIllS 21 

Foi.i. wsiiKi', |i)lin Al)l)cill, ^. luliu M . d\n\ l\hn(|.i S , fan. 

IS, IS.vS. ■ 
Ju.lilli H.iilcs', ,1. John M., ( iiiakci, aii.l Rlunla S., 

(1.1, in,'lS-l7. " 
Lucv luiiioii.l, (I. John ami Jmlilli, (),:l. 1, [iMl. 
Wallrr llciraii', s. Simicthv ('., coinii inaktT, and Marv 

Alil.y. Jiinr 12, 1,S47. 

FRENCH, Cvovnv llollis, ,v li(.lli>, slioL-niakn-, aii.l .Sarah, 

on, 1, IS 17, 
Sarah iMiblcr, .1. Ilollis and .Sarah, Sept, 12, ISLi. 

FLll.l,ER, ll.innah Hart, d, |,lln^■^, kp, Sci.l. 14, 1S,U. 

(-. K. 1. 
James Edward, s, Janus and I'di/.ahcth, May M), \SM). 
John Smith, ?,. J.inu-s, jr. and ]'di,/alj(.lh, Oa, j, 1S_\S. 
jo>iah Wil.M.n, s. Janus and Idi.'.al.c ih, Oct. 1.^ 18,3.'. 

GILMAN, Ch.irk-s S., s. Lewis, shoumal-.iT, and iMarv 
Jane, Eel), 1, 1847. 

GOAIERLY, fatharine, .1. Miiluul, laljnrcr, Nov. 22, 1848. 

GOODRIDGE, , s. Joseph and Mary, .May 31, 184.i. 

, d. l)a\id E., yeoman, and Snsan R., Apr. 25, 1847. 

GOODWIN, Lvdia Mary Hale, d. Steplien and Elizabeth, 
Mar. 25, is,5,v 

GORDAN (>ee also tiorden), Al.i-ad Sawver, d, CieorKc and 

.Mai>, Dec. 15, 1.S22. 
Joseph /.elndon, s, Ceurue and Marv, An-, 2.\ 182(1. 
Judith liaile\, d. Ceori^e and .Marv,' |aii. 2(1, 1828. 
Mary .\nn.i,'il. Cvovyy and .Mary,' Aii^;, .il, 1825. 

GORDEN (sie aEo (nirdan), Jo^ph /elmlon, s, (;eorK'e, 
hp. .\ug. 10, 18,54. C-. K. 2. 

GOWEN, Iranus llenrv, s. E/.ekiel, jr., farmer, and llau- 

n.di 1',, .May 5, 1848. 
(Jeori^'e, s. i';zekiel, jr., farmer, and Hannah 1',, July 1, 184(). 

JJ \\'l:S 1' M W III l<\ 111 li IMS 

GRIFFIN, Chalks, s. I!, K. S., Ir.ulnr. aii.l Alaiv ('. I'., 

Apr. 14, I84'i. 
C'liarlrs ['arkniaii, s. I'u'njaniin I'lanklin Slmir, si houl 

l<ML-lur, ami Mar\' Caw. Srpt. _'(i. IS 14. 
I'.ilward i'arkiiian. s. iHiiiaiiiin !■', S., Uatlicr, .iiid Marv 

(\ 1'., lail. -'5, 1SI7. ■ 
iTaiiLliii \\|illia|iii I'illsliiirv, s. H. F. S. and Mary C. I'., 

JuK 1(., 1S4(). 

GROSVENOR, l':d'.vin A., s I'.dwin ]•., phy.sii ian, and 
Harriet W . Sanbuni, Aui;. ,Ul, 1S45. 

ISALE, Alii.-ail, d. Oliver an. I Judith, Jan. 7, 17o7. 

HARDY, CharlL-s K.hvar.l, .s. luliii and .Martha W., Au.t^. 

10. IS.vv 
Charles .S., .s. Daniel and Catherine, C)(t. 10, KSol. 
Cliarlotle .ViiL'Usta, d. h>hn and .Maltha \V., |an. _!5, KS2t). 
Ceor.-e liiistas, =. johii\iiid Martha \V., An.i,'.'^, 1S2'). 

HARRINGTON, Sarah i'.li/ahelh, d. Al-el C. and .Sarah 
11., Jan. .S, Ps.v;. 

HEATH, Dudley, jr., ^. Dudley ami Aehsah, Oct. 14, 1822. 
Hannah Hrnvvn,'d. Dudley and Aehsah, lip. May .S, 1,SJ4. 

r. l:. 1. 
Henry, s. Dudley and Aehsah, Fell. .S, I8.i(). 
Lydi.'i Ann, d. Dudley and Acsah, Oit. lo, ISl'). 
.\ielyin Otis, s. Dudley and Aehsah, Dee. l.'i, IS.H. 
Rieli.ird, s. Dudley ami .\ehsah, Oet. 5, 1827. |1828. dup.] 
Sarah Jane, d. Dudley and Aehsah, Jan. 8, 1820. 
'J'luiniaa lirown, s. Dudley and .\i hsah, June 21, 1824. 

HILLS, lienjainin .Mnndv, s. iMlnunul and |udith N., Jan. 

4, 182(1. I Ian. 5. v. u. 7.| 
Cdiaries Carroll, s. lalmund and Judilh Nii\es, Nov. 2'^ 

Harriet Noyes, d. Fdniund and Jmlith N. I'.. A]ir. 2o, l.S3(). 
John A>er, s. l^dniund and Judith N., Aw^. 14, 183S. 
Joseph I'ranklin, s. Corhain and .\nn, Noy. ,S, 1842. 
Joshua, s. Joshua and Naiie\- .MetKiillen, Sept. 2,3, 1821. 

V. K. '). 

w IS I M u lUJKV iiu; Ills 23 

ill! IS, loshua, s. jusluia, t'.ii nuT, li, Niwiuuvp'irt, aiul .Mill)' 

K.'ll rLimrvl". P. K. ".|, (). t. 1, l.SUS. 
Judilli I'lu.r, iriMiinin,! an.l Jiulilli \u\hs. Siiil. KS, ISJ'). 
Laura Ann, il. (...ilian,,, aiul Ann, Mav Jl, ISl'). 
Li.:, ir. il. lo.luia, f.irmcr, ,;ii.l .Mars- 1-.. |i 1\ iiiir\ ). r. K. ''.|, 

.May I'-l, 1,S47. 
L\'di:i Ann, <l. I'Mmun.l ami |iuliili Nos'l-.-, |i I'oorc). i'. i;. 7.|, 

I'vl,. 21. ISJ.i. 
.M,ir\ luihiali, il. |olin and .Maw, at Nfuljinw .Xpr. 20, 

Ruins l)an|i\|l, ^. I'.dimind and Judilli N., .Mas M, 1832. 
TlKun.iS (";.irluiiii, ■.. idiMlu'in and .\riii, .\u,^. 2''». ISIO. 

MOSLl.'M, l.vdia Ann, d. Gnu,-c and Sarali, Apr, — , 1830. 
Sarah, d. Cunvisv and Sarah, July 2W. 182S. 

HOYl', Ann .Maria, d. luhn. ;h<jL-i.iakcr, am! Sarah .M., 

Julv 13, 1M7. 
Chark-s Kdward. s. Hunii)hry and AUicc Ij.. I'cb. 12, 182'). 
Cha.rlfs I'luninu'V, s. JJaiiiul C. and Nancy, Mar. 0, 182''. 
Eli./a .-Vnn, d. l)..nii-l C. and Nancy, Julv'2'), 1825. 
George William, r,. DaiucI C. and i.\di:,! Apr. 10, 1833. 
Mary Wyman. d. D.micl C. and !.>dia \V., .Xu.l^. 22, 18.i5. 

ILSLEV, .Vildison, s. Junalhan ami .Marv, Jan. 23, 182o. 
.\l(kn liradford, ^. Jon.Llhan .md .Mar>, .Nlay 2'>, 1824. 
.-Vlfrcd, =. Junalhan and ;\lary, .Apr. 28, 1828. 
Jonathan, jr., s. Junalhan and .Mar), .\ul'. 1, 1822. 
Julia .Mary, d. Jonathan and\-, l\i). .S, 1821. 
.Mary Ada'ms, d. Jonathan and .Mary, Au,'. 21, 1S30. 

JACQUES isce also Jaquc,), Cvnthia, d. .Moses and 
Hannah, Feb. 28, 

JAQUES (src ako JacpiL-), Allon/.o I'arhrr, s. Moody and 
.Maria [(CkKulrid-c). p. i;. .i.|, Oct. 27, 1820. 

Hct.-,c>- K. Chase, d. Mosr.-, and Hannah, l\\,. Hi, 1823. 

Charles Smith, s. Giles M. ami Mary Ann, Jul\ 2.S, 1833. 

I' Shepard, s. Gile^ hp. May 12, 18.i'). c. K. 2. 

Kllen M.uia, d. Alfui/o ['. and 'Marv Ann |( liarllelt). p. K, 
-t.|, Oct. I'J. 1843. 

Gih- MIrrrill e K. 2.|, .-. Gih> M. aiM .Mar\ A., Sept. 18, 

lNi8. 1'. ,:. ,-. 

24 • W I'h 1 .\I w i;i: k\ III i; I lis 

J.\OVi:s, II., d. M(i,i'.-, and llaimali, N.iv. M), I.SJO. 
]o>v\,h ("., ;,. Moms ami Hannah, N.i\, J7, l,S_'.l. 
I.vdia l.ii.-alulli, ,1. Willi. mi ami l,\(lia, June 1'', 1S_"J. 
-Mai-y Adams, d. C.ilcs M. and M.iiy .\., lUc 1^, IS.iS. 

1'. K. 5. 

.M,ir\ .\nn, d. Cilcs M. and .Mars' .\. .\|.r. Id, ISlll. v. k. 5. 
.MiiMiida I'.li/.a, d. (iiUs M. and .M.ii\' Ann. |iiiic,S, ISil. 
kt■lHd^ah, d. Miiscs and Hannah, al Niuluin, Dia . I, I.SIS. 
Rumulus. b. Most's and llanindi, '.)lh . _', ISJ7. 

JOIlNSrON, IMsrv Can-, d. .md Hannah, Jul\ 

II, 1.S2.S. 
lUiinh.ini .Morrill, s, Ihonnis and ILiiiii.ili, Jiil\- 1, 1,S_'7. 
(\iroliiu-, d. 'riioinas ,ind H.iiiindi, |iil\- .S, IS.i.-!. 
Cliark'S I'Mward, s. I'dwar.l and Judilli iJ., Ain,'. H, 18.55. 
George 'Hiomas, s. 'Idionias and Hani. ah, Jnnc .S, 1,S,52. 
Hannah Morrill, d. 'rho[iiia|s and H.mnali, Jul)' 2A, ISi'). 
JaniL's Francis, s. I'aUick, Mar. 19, KS.-il. 
Mary Ann, d. 'l'ho|ina|s and Hannah, |iil\' 12, IS.H. 
William 1!., s. l'alri(.k, Jan. IS, IS..5,i. ' 

KEELER, Enu-lv Jam-, d. William and Marv Ann, Dec. 19, 

M,M\' IraniTs, d. Hcnrv and S.irah, .\|ir. '), 1,XK). 
Snsari, d. Henry and Sarah, Apr. .S, IS.-i.S. 

KENNETT, Charles Henrv, s. Thlom.ils, l.ihorer, an.l 

Rehe. ca, .Si'|il. 11, KSd.S. 
Hannah Maria, d. and Kelu-i ca, ^,'ov. S, IS.vS. 
James, s. 'l'hu[iiia|s and Rehccia, l.'cc. .■>, JMll. 
James, s. Charlolle, Dec. -1, IS-LS. 

Ly.lia Saunders, d. and Rebecca, iMai. 2S, KS-12. 
William .Ml), in, s. Tlioinas and Rehecia. .May.d, IS.-id. 

KIAIHALL, C h.irlcs James, s. Charles and Rillh S., Aug. 0, 

lolin (diarle., March, s. John R., shoemaker, ami .Sarah 11., 

Oil. 12, IS 17. 
John Re.-ers, :. (diaries and Ruth S., M.iy 0, IS21. 
RuUis i;nier\', s. 'riiomas, 1)|). June A, isil). c. i;. 1. 
Sarah Kllen', ,1. John R., slioeimiker, and Sarah \l., Oct. 

.H, IS 19, 

\\]^r M \VI:ri:V lilUllii Z.I 

i-'.NKVilT, Jo^ciihiiir 11, il, Allurt 11, l.irnur, aii.l Mary K., 
li'l.. 11, IM'). 

LANE, IKiuv \Viii,!;alc, :,. Wiiiualr .iii.l .Mary, Feb. -L ISll. 
W.illcr, >. \\i'iit',ale, lahcircr, and .Mar\, Jiiiu- 7, KS-ld. 

LANG, Hannah Elizabelh, .1. I.owlI \". ami Klizaluih 1'., 

Oct. 2S, 18,vS. 
Thomas E., s. LoulH V. and Kh'/aLcth 1',. lulv 24, 1,S.^7. 
Valira, .1. Luv/dl V. and Kli.'.ahclli, Au-. 2,^, \sM). 

LARKLN, Hannah \., d. ■niolnia|> and Hannah A., June 

21. K^2,S. 
NantN .\.. d. lluilmal.-, and Hannah A., |nl\ .^ l<S.i3. 
'rhon;.,^ W., =, 1 h.>[nia|- and Ihinnah A., Srpt. 14, IS.iO. 

LITLLE, Catherine Tennx , d. adopted. Olii, lip. An-. 10, 

1834. c. K. 2. 
Charles l-^dmund, s. Edmund, jr. and Sally, July IS, 1838. 
Ednunul Hartlelt, b. Joseph Ihiitlett and .Marv, Au;:. 26, 

GeofL'e Chase, s. Edmund, jr. and .Sallv, Julv 10, 1836. 
J^aac lioyd. i. Edmund, jr. and Sally, .Mar. 27, 1832. 
Joseijh C'eoriie Smith, b. J.)..eph H.uilett and Marv, Sept. 6, 

JMoses Sv.-eetser, =. Edmund, 2d and Sallv, Dec. 5, 1827. 
Otis Warren, s. lulmund, jr., Non-. 2(., 1826. 
Siiphen Henrv, s. Stejihen ami Sallv, S.'pl. 20, 1827. (1826. 

LORLNG, Charles H.nace, s. \\[illia|m F., lomh jnaker, 

and Jane, .Mar. 15, IS'l'J. 
, ,-. \V(illia!m I"., eumli, ami Jane, Apr. (., 1845. 

LOVEJOY, lohn, .-,. Al.ial and 41ind\ l.iiuiv, at Ne^^l)ury, 

Sq»l. S, 'l817, 
.M.irw d. .Mii.d and 1 hud\' l.iiuly, at Newl.urv, Au^. 26, 


LOW, Luther Webster, s. Jo>ei)h and Mehitahle G., July 
15, 1838. 

Jo \\i:sr MUi.UKV iiii;iii> 

LUNT, J..>q)h {i.po.lrhl-r, ~. X.iiluui '1. aiul SvIhI, l.p. luly 

I, KSSJ. c. K. 1. 
Mcliiut.i Aimn>l.L, .1. Nalliaii 1. ,iikl S\\,\\. I, p. \u\\ 1, \SM. 

<-. K. 1. 

Susan (;o,.,lii>l.;.-, >l. N'atlian S. [V. ... k. 1| and Sil.vll, .Mar. 
12. IS.'.T. 

IMCKINSTRY, (ici.r-L-, s. Hcnjamin an>l Miriam M.. 
.\\,v. 22, IS.'i:. 

AlcQUESTEN, flint. )n,s. Roluil and Kinilv, An-. 5, l,s4,-). 
Ik'iirv, s. Rolicrl and I'.nulv. Jan. S, Ks.vS. 
I.uIIu't, s. RiihiTl and I'Jiuiv. JiUK- l(j, IMl 

MARCH. |..,^pli Sanuu-I, b. StL-plKii and Marv, Jan. '), 

Malindca Ann, d. Su-ida-ii and .Mar\- 1'., Jul\- 21, IJ^.vl. 
.Sti-l)lR'n W-wcIl, a. StL-phen and Mai>^ l'.."li.''t. lO, 182'!. 

MARSHALL, lirtsev Ohauk-n, d. John and Kli/.alicth, 

Au-. 5, 1S22. 
Lvdia Rosalie, d. Chalric-ls P. and I'.nnice A., Aui;. 22, LSd.i. 
.Niarv i ., d. John and Kli/ahclli. Uuu '), RSvv 
Xane\ l'arl;cr. d. Cdiarks 1'. and kuiu, c A., Dui . 2, IS.iS. 

MERRILL, Ann .Maria Kicliar.l^on, d. .Mosc.-, C, \,\>. Apr. 

2,S, l.M.i, a. 4 in. c. u. 2. 
Catiiarinr I'., d. \\ |illia|r.i. larniur, and CaUicrine, Sept. '', 

L'harlcs .M., s. Charli-s and .Mary, hp. Ma> 5, I,S22. r. k. 1. 
Ilcnr\, .v William, farmer, Junc'.i, LSI'). 
John, s. and Sarah, June 7, 1S2I). 
.\larv Abi'-Mil, -raiidd. I)ia. iohn Liule. hp. SepL. 13, 

'l^-lti. (. i;. 2. 
.Mo.^is I!., s. and Sarah, J.m. I '^ 1,^24. 

AIERWIN, Frances .Maria Whiu, d. I h|.Mi,al-, (.'., eomh 

nialver, and Marv |ane, Aui,'. 11, 1S47. 
ILirriel Achun-,, (h 4 I'loma-, hp. .May 24. 1,^4(,. i . k. 2. 

MOODY, John Horace, s. Knueh and Euniu:. Mar. 7, IS.-il. 
Samuel, s. Samuel and .Marllia 1... l)ee. 1,^, lS^l/. 
Sar.di liahh. .1. Eiu,eh .uid Ivunice, .Vu;;. 2, 1S2S. 

\\i;si' NK\\iu,i;v lUKi'iis 27 

AlOORK (sec also M(U)ICS), Alfir.l l.rltiulon, s. Cicrnlral 

,irnl .Maiy, li|.. Si,|.l. _>, KSS_'^ r. )■. 1. 
Mary ( iiL-cnlcal, .1. Ciieiilrat aiul .M,ii\, l)|.. Sept. J, IS.<_'. 

AlODRKS ^>ru also Moure), ll.-nry Clark Wiii^hl, s. (uhnan 
ami Haiinali, Ma>' 2S, ISJo. ' 

MORRllX, Alnia Ann, d. lohii '['.. ..hocniahrr, an,l Kliza 

I'., Sept. 7, 1S47. 
I'alwarcl, s. Jacol), laboiL-r. .iinl Al.i-ail. Mar. ,i, 1,S17. 
Ccor.uc Ilrniy, s. Jaiol), shuenial-ar, Jan. JS, l.Si'). 

AlORSE, Allien, s. Mo.-cs, jr. ami Hannah li., Nov. 2J, 


Ariana, d. Wehher K. and IMu-be H., , ISIl. ,,. k. 2. 

Eliza Ann, d. Sainurl and lictscy, Ni)\ . .^, Ksjd. 
Hannah Davi^, d. Samuel and ]ielsev, Sept. 2 1, 1S25. 
Jacoli, s. Samuel and Betsey, Ma> \.\ 1S2,-;. 
John .Appleton, .•^. Wehlier K., eordwainer, and I'hehe, 

Dec. .i, 1S44. 
Joseph, b. Mo>es, jr., wheelwright, and Ilaniiah !>., June 26, 

Mei\iiia Rebecca, d. John and Rebecca I'., .\\n. 2'), KS.iO. 
Ollive l.ani|)Sori, d. Amos and Lucrelia Swase\, Jan. 4, 

Samuel li., s. John and Rebecca I'., Sept. 12, bS.Ui. 
, s. John, shoemaker, and Rebecca I'., .Mar, 21, bS47. 

MOULTON, iJaniel r.duard.s, s. |Col. c. K. 2.| Daniel and 

Diedamia, July 10, 1,S21. 
lumch .Adams, s. |C'ul. c. i;. 2.j Daniel and l.)ied,imia, .\|)r. 

(I, l,S2,i. 
Enoch Ailams, s. Daniel ami Diedamia, Nov. 24, KS2.S. 
Hannah Matilda, d. [Col. e, i;, 2.| Daniel and Diedamia, 

.May II, KSl'J. 
Harriot Dcmond, d. [Col. c. K. 2.| Danii 1 and J^iedemia, 

Jan. 20, l.S2(j. 

MOWATT, Hannah .Merrill, .1. Henry and .Mary, Dec 0, 


28 w 1 M NiwiiUkv nil; I IIS 

NMl.SON, Aliij;ail, (1. Daniel ami Sarah M., lice. ,S, 1S2I). 

I'. K. S, 

I )a\i.l lUiii V, ^. Daniel and Sarah M., Oc[. !(>, ISI'). v. i;. S. 
I'.lliii M., (Ll'i.Kler ami M a i >■ ( ll-.\l), Nov. 10, IS-l.-i. i-. i;. 8. 
I'uiUiir, s. twin, Daniel ami Sarah .M., .May 12, 1S22. 

r. K. 8. 
Joseph v., s. I'Kieler ami .Mary (llo)l), June 22, 184'). 

I'. K. S. 
Mar\' .\lil)\-, (I. Daniel .ind S.irah i\l., ()>l. ■!(), 1827. I'. l(. 8. 
William, s.luin, Daniel ami S.irali M , .MaN' 22, 1822. i'. k. 8. 
Willi, im II., >. I'l.utM ami .Maiv 11., July 2(i, 1812. v. k. 8. 

NKWKl.l., John, s. iMoM". ami S.ilK, Dee. ,il, 

Joseph, jr., s. Moses ami Sally, June 12, 18l'». 

"Moses, jr., s. Moses and Sally, Dee. 1, 1820. 

Moses, jr., s. Moses ami Sall>', Sepl. lo, 1822. 

Moses Cerrish, ^. Josepli, fanner, and Het^ev N., Dee. 1<), 

Rt'bekah, d. Aloses and Sallv, Dec. 4, 1827. 
Sarah Elizabeth, d. Moses a'nd Sallv, May 27, 1825. 
Sarah Rebecca, d. Moses and Sally,' Dec. 4, 1827. 

NICHOLS, Leonard liailev , s. Daniel ami Marv \dm', 

.May 2S, 1848. |iMav 2.<. dup.| 
Mai\ Jane l'ilslnir\', d. Daniel and Marv [am, A[>r. 2'', 

Su-idien, s. Daniel and Mary Jane, |aii. 8, 18 il. 
Siis.m I'di/.al.elh baiicruft, d'. l")anitl'and .Mar)' Jane, Jan. 8, 


NORLMS, lieoi-ian, d, D,i\i<l I;, buinei, .ind M.iry {■]., 

I I, I. 1 I, IMo. 
S,dl\' .\iine, d. W.dter, l.p. .Mar, 1, LS.-i.S. c. i<. 1. 

NOYES, Addison li., s, Anson W. and Nam v, A^l!^ 24, 

.Vdolfus S.ihine, V I'Mward D. ,iml 1'. li., l\l,. 1(), 

Amo. .Moody, s. William, jr., I. p. July 'J, ISl.v c. i;. 2. 
.\llii l.ueasla, d. S(nnerli\' (',, muuIi maiiiif.u I iirer, ami 

.Marv li., Nov. 1'), 1817. 
Caroline I'di/.al.el h, d. jaiol, ('. ami l.vdi.i 11 , ,il, 

W'Ksr N'i;\\ \\vu\ lui; i iis 29 

Novi;s, C"li;nics llorac.-, .->. SoiiuTliN (\ and M.iis li., at 

Xl'w liuiApiiii , Juiu' -1, ISi,^. 
Cluu-lr^ l.aurciuc, s. I'Muai.l D. an. I llaiiiiali W. H., I >. ,'. 

].\ IS 11. 
l•lat■i^a, (1. llaiinali, lip. An,- I, ISJ^. , . u 1 
l':(l\v;iril Dean, s. Furdvtc', i.p. \nnv IS, IS-l.v c. k. 2. 
ElfaiiK-o .Ma--.rulina, ^. havul l'.. ami I'ullv H., Oct. 1", 1S2,S. 
VAWn, d. SonarLv ('. and .Mary !!., Mai. 11, IS-lv 
r.ppcs Aii-u>tu-. ^. Thomas and J'.-lly, Dec. IJ, 1S.::,V 
iMauci.s \\'.i\ laiiil, s. Si.muTliv ('., coinh iiiakc-r, and Mary 

11., Itec. 1, 1SI5. IISU. dnp.l 
Jane Rni-lil, d. Sleplien i:, an.l l.ydia, |uiy M, IS-IO. 
Joseph ()>Lar, s. Jc-^eph S., I,p |une IS, ISl.V v. i;. 2. 
Joseph I'und, s. David K. and i'olly I!., Mav IS, IS.iS. 
Julia Cianl.iv, d. Sunuiln' C- and Maiv H,, JnK .\ lS.-!(). 
Lueasia Ophelia, d. David i:. and I'olly li., -Non. .((I, 1S27. 
Lucinda (.'aileton, d. Somei l>> (. and Mar\ li., Mar. 9, 

Lusela Amelia, d. Da\id K. and I'uUy li., .May -'.i, IS.^U.\, d. .\ddi-on li., eonil. maker, and Margaret 

h\, Jan. M, ISIS. 
Mary Ann, d. I'ordyce II., bp. Jidy 11, lS-17. f. k, 2. 
Marv l.oran.'.a, d. tuiii, .Sor.ierliy I", and .Mary li., Mar. 11, 

Marv l,oren./.a, d. .SunierUv (.'. and Mary H., Au,a, 11, 1S28. 
Sally Ann, d. An:,on W, and Nane\ , Dee. 2S, 1S2'). 
bonierhy Neulon, b. twin, .Soinerhy C. and Mary li.. Mar. 

Thonuis C, s. Anson W. and Naney, Nov. 2,j, 1S27. 
Tho|nia]a L., s. Stephen E., farmer, and Lydia, July 2, 18-lS. 
William Herbert, s. \V[illia]m, jr., machinist, and I'Ir-Ljc S., 

Feb. l.i, 1S48. 
William SvKanus, s. Kilward D. and Hannah 1'. li., Oct. 10, 


ODIORNE, Ch.nles W., s. James L., shoemaker, and Emma 

C, May 5, IS-IS. 
Emma farr, d. |anies 1,. and l'".m/na (',, July I>^, IS-IO. 
James l.|o, k. c' i;. l.|, ji., ^. J.mies I,, .md iMuma A. \C. 

V. i;. 1,|, June 2'), IS.i;. 
John, s. J.iiueb 1.., .ihoi-maker |cord\s ainei'. dnp.|, b. New- 

buryporl, and l-^mnui A, \('. 1'. i:. l.|, Auf,'. '', 1S14. 
Samuel ('arr, s. J.irnes 1.., slioenuiker, and Emm.i ('., Nov. 

2, KS4(). 


Ulsr .M.Wm.KV I!1KI1I^ 

ORDWAV, .\\,\>\ 1.UU-, (1. \uA\u.i II., iiiirbcrvman, ami 

S.u.ih JaiK-, Jul") 17. ISio. 
Abln- laiic, il. |i).>luia II.. luirscrynian, ami Sarah Jam-, 

Mar. 17, KSis. 
.Mnuail Maria .or Maria Alu-aili, d. M.rrill aii,l .M.i^^ail 

li,, .\.i\. ],i, I.S27. 
AdLJim laiic, >l. Moodv ami krl)OCa H., Dec. 12, l^A'l. 
.Wived, >'. Xallianiil an.l Marllia, l,i,. Julv 7, IS-^J. ( . r:, 1. 
Anna i raiiCLS, il. I'lun.iorL- and Mary Carr (liiiiuU, , 

I.^.1(). 1'. K. _'. 

Arlliur Miio(l\, b. .Mciii(i\-, nur.MT\maii, and i-icltccca 14., 

(),i. (,. KSdl. 
.\iii,'nstub Harilill, s. NatlianiLi aiui Martiia, li]). July 7, 

1822. c. K. 1. 
Charicb, s. Niwi-ii, farmer and ^ardincr, Nov. ,5, 184». 
Cliarlcb, s. Tlicodorc and Alarv C. i:., , 1848 or 1844. 

Cyrus Kini,', s. twin, Thomas ami l.\dia, Aug. 16, 1820. 
Kli/a Co1,;lt, d. Isaac and .Saraii, Ijp. (kt. 7, 1827. ... k. 1. .Mcivina, d. Tli.i|ma|s an.i l.v.lia, Mar. 2o, 18^2. 
EIIlii Maria, .1. Tlurodorc and Mary C. V.., , 184.5. 

p. i;, 2. 
EnoLli, a. Nallianicl and Ann \V., July 4, 1827. 
Francis Mo.jiIn, >. .Moses M. and Irma li., Oa. 24, 18.5<>. 
George Keweli, s. .\e\vell ,ii;.l Kli/ 1., I-.n. 17, 1841. 
George Newell, b. Newell, I'.irmer, ami I'li./.aljali, (.).l. II, 

George Warren, s. Warren and Caroline O'.joD, bp, Jul\' — , 

is,55. ( . u. 1. 
ll,i.-:en Klliot, .^. llieodore and .Mary Carr (I'.Uiot), , 

l.s.-;u. I'. K. 2. 

Helen .M., .1. .M Iv ami KelK-ec, li.. Aul'. I'), 1857. 

Ilemy l...uell. b. I'.'riex .iml Carulini- M,, Jan. 4, 1828. 
ll.i.bea Wlueler, .-,. iwui, lliomas an.l Lv.lia, Aug. lo, 1820. 
Hosea Wh.-eler. .-,. 4ho|nia]s and Lydia,' Oct. .50, 1S2(). 
Ira Sliekne\. >. I1u.|ma|s and Lyilia, Mar. 11, 182';. 
Joshua, :-. .M.Midv ami K.Ih-. ea li , .\\,v. (., Is42. 
|...-.hua Alluil, s.' jcblimi II. and ,S,irah Jaue, J. in. 2<>, 184.3. 
j.i-hii.i Merrill. .-.".Meirill an.l Abigail, Julv '). 182<>. 
Ju.iilh, .1. Ib.iae ami .s.irali, l)e. . '), 182,5. 
I.ueia, d. I'erlev and Ciroline .M., Juiv 28, 18.52. 
iMarv Ann .M.ilihla, d. IVrlv an.l C.irolui. .Malihl.i, Mav 12, 

w 1 s 1 M.w r.ukv liiu i us 31 

OkDW \\, Marv Ann M.itilil.i, d. 1VtI\' mid Carolina Malilda, 

Ma\ 17, l.S.iU. 
MaiA I'ii/al.nli, .1. ■l'luu.l..rr aiul Maiv Can ll'llicl), , 

KS.U. r. k. .'. 
Akliital.U lla-,rliiiu-, (I. ■I'Iku.Ioi,' aii.l .Mary Cair (I'lliot), 

. IS.ik V. u. 2. 
Ri-!.<_L>a 1)., .1. Mo.nlv, nur-crvniaii, aii.l Ki'hi-ea.i, Oil. 9, 

Sarah Itiiwncr, A. Nalliaiiiil and Marllia, I. p. July 7, 1^^--- 

('. K. 1. 
Sarah Kli/al.cth, d Nrwrll and Kli./al ul h, 1 : .S in : 1S42. 
Sarah Mariah. A. Isaac and Sarah, Mar. 27, 1S2(). 
So|ihia Jo^rphinc, d. i>rrlc\- and t'an.linr M., J.iii. 2'J, 1S,3.S. 
Snsan S.iwycr, d, Iduniia^ and I. \ ilia, Ain;. 21, lS2/i. 
Susan Sawyer, d. 1 lumuib S. ami Kli/ahL-lh i\l., Oct. .50, 

1«25. ' 
Tliomas (IrL't-nical, s. Isaac and Sarah, lip. Oct. 7, 1S27. 

c. k. 1. 
Walter, s. Naih.micl and Marllia, lip. Jnly 7, lcS22. c. k. 1. 
W'.dur S., >. Waller and Sahnne li, i W'cn'l Worth ), Scpl. 18, 
William 'lY-niuy, ^. William .md Sophia C, .Mar. lA, 1,S2'J. 

OSGOOD, IMward I'ayM.n, ... John, l.p. Aug. 10. 18.U. 

I', u. 1. 
(k'orj^u CuwUb, -. John, hp. Jnly II, IS.S'J. c. u. 2. 
(hi.shun.-. (liiriin, >. |ohii and D.'Kms, 2, 1S2.S. 
John, jr., s. |ohn .uid M.irv .\nn l)., .\l.i\' 2S, 1,S2I. 
|ohn, jr., s. lohn and Mary Ann H . |nK' 2(>. lS2.i. 
jo.-L-ph, ^. John anvl Dorcas, Sept. (>.' i^2'>. 
l.ydia Newel, d. |ohn, hp. Ink 10, 18-12. c. k. 2. 
.\iary Ann li.d.-on, d. J.ihn'and I lor.a.-.. Mar. 2, 1827, 
Sarah C.erri-di, d. John' and Dorcas, Od. 2i>, ]^M. 
W|illia|m Kal.Mm, s. John, hp. Dei. 11, I8.';(.. c. k. 2. 

PALMER, .\l,i;r.iil I'oyen, d. fh.drlcl.-, 11., MackMiiith, h. 
Salem, A,u\ i.iiiy /)., Ij. Haverhill, May 9, 1844. 

PARKER, Alherl Walhue, :-. John li. and Caroline, Dec. .-i, 


Geori^e i'orrister, s. Jusiali W, and l.Ui s 15., , 1842. 

Nancy, d. John iJ. and l.vdi.i, Dec. 18, I82S. 

William 11., s. (diaries (i., ciMch maker, .md Marlh.i IJ., 2,-!, 1817. 

,1J \\i:sr M.wiii'Kv luuiiis 

PARSONS, M.irv Kli/alnlh, .1. |.,lin, >h.nMiial;LT, and Char- 
l.itu, Oct. 1'', ISKj. 

PATTKN (>rr also I'alliiO, Addiii,-, d. William and Hc-l.v.-v, 

tlcor-c, .s. William aii.l llrl-.s', Jan. 2(>, l.S.vl, 
tlcdi-r C'air, s. William and Hrlsry, .Ma\ ID, l.X.-i_>. 
I'aul l)a\lcy, s. William and li.-l.-cy, Jan. 27, IS.i.S. 
William llrnry, s. William aial Drlsc)', Sipt. 15, IN.iO. 

PATTIN (see a\<>i I'atlcnl,|.liaKll Ihinforlli, >. William 
and iu-lsry, Fch. J'), ISi'J. 

PEARSON, Alma Hail, d. Lnilur and I'lul.c S., May 14, 

Chark-s, .-,. Jusr|.h C, lahcrcr, and I'lu-hr, Apr. 12, ISlU, 
KlizabL'lh Amanda, d. Lullu-r and I'lu-lic S,, Jnnc ,i, 

PILSBURY, lick 11 Frances, d. Alfred and Sally, Aug. 17, 

Marv I'arr, d. William and Saraii, Sepl. I.S, ISl'A 
Sarah Cdlmaii, d. Alfred and Sally, 17, ISSO. 
Sti-phen .Me.nly, s. .\hred and Sally, July 2(., l.S2(i. 

PLUMER, rharle^ Ru^er,-, _v luhn 1., and Juanna, lune 

30, 1S2(). 
Charles Rogers, s. John L. and Juaniia, Sept. 1'), 1,S2'). 
Elizabeth Gove, d. John L. and jtianiia, I Uc. .ii), 1S27. 
Elizabeth Cuive, d. John L. and Joanna K,, June 12, 1837. 
Eunice iMary Ihnery, d. John 1.. and J(janna, .\pr. 22, IS.i,?. 
Samuel Roger.--, s. Jolin 1.. and Joanna, Ma\' lo, 
Valira J-ewis, d. John and Jwann.i, J, in. 2S, I.SJ.i. 
Vienna Morrell, d. John L. and Juann.i, Se|)l. 27, l.S2.|. 

POOR (see al.M, I'uure), Abel .Merrill, ^. John and Lvdia, 

.Mar. 12, 1S,)2. 
I':iizabelh Sa\v\-er, d. Stephen, bp. .\ng. 10, 1.S34. i . k. 2. 
J':iizabeth 'rhuilo, d. Amos and Alary,' No\-. 12, ISIO. 
George Henry, s. Amos, jr. and Salley S., Sept. 11, 18, ■il. 
Hannah, d. John and Lydia, bp. July 1.^, 18. vS. ( . u. 1, 
Isaae .\aron, s. Isaac, Feb. lO, 1844^ 
John Merrill, s. John and Lydia E., Aug. 14, 1820. 

\\i;sT Ni:\\ HI K V lUk I lis ,^,< 

Took, l.vdia Merrill, >1. John M. .,ii>l ILmiot II., l.p. Ni,v. 

. 'iS.vS. c. K. 1. 
M.uilui Anil, d. lohii and I.\(lia 1:',., |uls' \.\ KS-'7. 
Manila i;ii/aljcth, d. KhniV.xi and Aliiia, l-i'. N>'V. ,i, 

ISJJ. r. K. 1. 
Alai'N Jn.-,(|)hiiK-, d. Amos, I'aiiiKi', and .Mai\, Apr. 15, 1.^19. 
.\luM-,. -.. John and l.ydia. J.iik- S. 
.S.dlv SDiiufliy, d. Aniu>, jr. and .S,dl_\ ^., Mar. .-i, lS,i5. 
— ', d. Jol.ii", 1. inner, and l.>di,i, J.i'n. J-^, 1S47. 

POORE l.sec also Poor), Alma Hall, d. Id.eiKvxr and .\lma 

11.. I'Vb. 21, kS27. p. K. 0. 
i:i,cii CaKiii, ^^. I'dicnczcr and .\l:ua 11., .\ii-. 1, IS.vl. i>. i;. (,. 
I'dizaljL'lii riuaiiAv, d. .\mo>, jr., lariner lliusliandman. diip.l, 

and Sally R. (S. dup.|. Sept. U, 184-1. 
Marielta, d. Kla-nc/.er .md .Vlma 11., X..v. IS, ISJO. p. r. (j. 
Martha Elizabeth, d. Eheiiezcr and Alma H., July 3, 1.S24. 

1'. R. 0. 
.Mose.- Hall, s. Ebc-nczcr and Alma (Hall), July 17, KS22. 

p. K. (I. 

PREBBLE, Eli.:a .\nn, d. and Rehecui, Oct. 15, 


I. dm Wlilliajm, s. William and Rebcaa, July 12, 1843. 
"M.iry J.aie, d. William ,iiui Rcliccca, June .lU, 18.>Q. 

PRESSEY (^ee aUo I'le^^y), lielsey Ann, d. Daniel and 

.\nna. .\lar. \.\ 
Claii~>a, d. ])aniel .md Anii.i, Jul)' 2.-), 1820. 
Joseph, s. I»aniel and .\nii. Del. (j, 1821. 

PRES.SY (>ee also PreSheyl, AUir.i, ,1. Daniel and Anna, 
June 1, ISl'l. 

QUESTED, Ellen Jane, d. Geor-e K., farmer or laborer, 

and Charlotte, Eel., (i, 1848. 
Geotf^e W., s. George W., laiiwrer, aiul Charlotte, Julv 2.3, 


RAND, Sarah, d. Riehard ,ind .--aiah, J.m. 12, 1822. 
Sarah d. Richard and Sally, bp. Sept. 4, 1831. c. R. 1. 

34 \\i;.sT M-.wiu kv itikiiis 

RIDGWAY, l.mK^ l.ucki-, .s. .M(.^^■s M. and Sarah, \\.r. M), 

Josi'pli, >. Mii^c", .M. aiul Saiali, 1'iIk 17, 18.vS. 
-M.irN- Ann, .1. Muses M. aii.l S,ir.i!i, JuK I'*. l,S4.-i. 
Mocs .M., jr., ^. .Moses M., luishan.lm.u., ,iml .Sarali, Dec. 

M, KS4,S, 
.^ar.ih .M.iri.i, .1. .Mo><-s .M .m.l S.hmIi, 10, I,S-1(). 

RILEY, .Sarah llalc, J. .\.. hi,. .\u,^. 10, ISSI. l. k. 2. 

ROBINSON, Willi.ini .XlhAaiulcr. i.'. k. 2], s. |ainrs, hihor- 

c-r, aiul N.ihill.i, JuK Jl, l.s4(). 
, h. James, iOiul, maker, aial l-ahelL,, I'eh. Jo, 1S48. 

ROGERS, .Ann. ,1. Charles an4, leh. 20, \S.Vl. 
-Arthur, s. S.iniuei, jr. and Kliz.i R., Oet. _', K^24. 
.Arthur, s. Sanuicl and Eliza, bp. Jan. 7, l,^,-i2. c. u. 1. 
Charles Henry, s. Charles and Louisa, Nov. 4, 1S41. 
Eliza Cokcr, d. .\rthiir, cirpenier, ami .\l)liy 1'., Sept. 14, 

Georue' CaUin, s. Charles and Reheeia I'ilz, lip. Mav .5, 

L^vL I. K. 1. 
Hor.Kc Cahin, s. Elljriijgc li. .md Lvdia, Dec. 15, 1824. 
John L., .s. (diaries and Louisa, .Mar.' 2(1, 1S4 1. 
Malinda I'kinier. d. Joseph C. and luditli, .Mar. '), LSJcS. 
Mar-aret .Ann, il. Joseph (L and jLulith, Dec. l.S, 1.^2'). 
.\Lirgaret i., d. J,icol), shoemaker, and ILinnah, Julv 14, 

.Mehin Burton, s. Joseph (L .md Judith, Dec. 2.\ 18.5,5. 

ROSWELL, Ch,irle.s Rich.ird, s. ddiomas and .Marv -Vnn, 
:\u,l,'. 17, 18,-io. 

RUDDOCK, .Anna, d. Charles, shoemaker, Nov. 7, 1848. 
Idlen S.. d. riionuis, carpenter, aiul, June 10, 184(). 
C;eori;e Ri,l.cri. s. 4'h<)lnia|s and Sarah, July Li, 184.L 
Harriet Llleu, d. William, .May 2,L 1843. 
|ohu Carman, s. I'honuis and S.irah, ALir. 10, 18,U. 
Joseph \Vlillia|ni, s. William, laborer, No\-. 7, 1848. 
Sarah Elizabeth, d. Idioiuas ami S:irah, Oct. ,L 1840. 
Thomas S., s. Tliomas and S.irah, Sept. 20, 18,xs. 
Walter Rednal, s. Thom.L-, e,irpentei, and, Oct. 4, 

William Henry, s. Thomas and Sarah, Dec. 28, 18,i7. 

w isr M.w HI i;\ i.iR i lis .i,-) 

SARGENT, CharU- William, h. |,i|in W. an. I lul^;ev S., 

Juno _"), IMl. 
(koiu-- W., >. |>'lin W., comb nial.Lr, anil Iu'Im-\ , On. 17, 

Joiui Warnn, jr., ^. j..lin \V. .ind lul.-cy S., 1 V'b. 1 1, IMO. 
--- , s. John W., i-cnih makiT, ami Holsuy, .\'o\ . 2,S, ISIS. 

SAWYKK, ,-\lii-ail C, d. David and kelRVca. Julv 11, 1S2}. 

I'Muin, s. D.tsid and RrKc.ea, Mar. d, ISJ.i. 

KIk-n Maiia, d. ( liailir 1;., larnnr, and .XI.iL'ail T., Mav 11, 

Nic()hi>, >. lvicli,u<l, hlKHniakir, I). Anic>l)nr\', anil iMarv, 

Junr _',■!. IS(S. jjiiiic _'_'. dLi|i.| 
RcbLi.a J-, (1. lia\id and KlIu.i.i, Jan. 2\, ISJd. 
.Sarah .\n"n, d. l>.i\id and RilaaLa, (Ut. 5, ISJl. 
.Sarah hdi/aln-lh, d. Cliarlr^ \'>. and AlaiMil 'W, <.v\n. 21, 


SHELDON, Winthro]) DikIKa, .-,. An^.n aii.l .\iin W., hp. 
.M.iy — , IS-IJ. c. R. I. 

SHORT, .Mrxan.k-r I.Ld^ov, >. Alcvandcr 11. |N. dup.] and 

I'olly, Nov. (), IS.iS. (KS.^'J. dup. I 
Catharine I'lviiilon, d. Alc|Aanld|rr| 11. and l'..llv C, May 

1\. IS.-id. 
IMniund Worth, s. Amos I'!, and Mary AI., Jan. 7, l.S.vS. 
I'di/.a Ann JohiR-,on, il. Barnr.s and Mary, May 1, !S,i(). 
Klizahcth AlKn, d. Isaac and Judith, July ", 
Emilv !■:., d. Daniel II., farimr", and Diana 1'., Oct. 19, IS-iS. 
Jame.s fienrv, s. Anios E. and Alil)v R., Apr. 27, 1S44. 
Judith D. C., d. Alv.>;[amk|r 11.,'romh maker, and I'ollv, 

June (., 1S44. 
Julia" D. (.'., d. .\le\|ande|i- II,, lond) nud<er, and I'olh', |une 

(.. 1S45. 
Marv Caroline, d. Alivander 11. and I'ollv, .\pr. o, 1S4_\ 
Minerv.a [.ueina, d. .Vle\ander and l'oll_\'lI., Au^. kS, 18.53. 
Samuel Kimball, s. Isaac and Judith, July 4, KS28. 
Susanna Sa\\\er, d. Isaac and Juililh, )ul\' S, 1827. 
Thoma- R., 's. Amos kk, farmer, ami Abbv R., 20, 


SHUFF, John Henry, s. John C. and Eunice, .Mar. 23, 1822. 


M) WKsr .\l:\\ ui K\ lURiiis 

SlIOWAV, Al.i-.iil Cha^r, J. D.Lliirl ali.l NaiK) , June 2b, 

Ki.tIiv, s. I'anifl ami NaiKN, Aui,'. IJ, I.'^.IS. 
LuLv'j.iiic, d. Daniel an.l Nan. \ , Si pi. M), 1S23. 
I'li^alla W'.. <1. Daniel an. I XanVy, June 5, lS-'7. 
Samuel, s. I'aniei and i\aiK-\', June S, IS^J. 

SiMITll, Calharine Ali.e, d. I'atriik, laliwier. .Mai. Id, 1S4'). 
CaLherine, d. .\I.wes and .M.iiy .\un, Jul_\ ,\ IS.-i.i. 
I'oniiina, d. S.iniucl \V. aiul Su.-an, Ik I. 2l), ISIM. 
Emily Mirandy, d. David and I^niily, Sept. ,S, 18,i7, 
GeiiiL,a- K., >. twin. Tlioin,!^ .uid llanuali J., ,Mai, .1, 1S27. 
C'leur^e r.ip|ian, .-, Da\id, eond' malar, auil I-uiiK 1!., June 

(., lS-17. 
iiannah Idi/ahetli Woodiuiii, d. .Mi)>ei and :\larv Ann, 

May U), KN25. 
Joseph W',, s. ■rhunla^ and llaunah J., Dee. Id, 1S2'J. 
Leun.ird, .■^. Samuel W. and Su.sui, .May 1, 1>S22. 
Leonard Wmidman, s. .Amus, larnier, and Saiali D., June 8, 

l.ewi.> Willel, s. .Mu.,eb and Alarv -\nu, (lit. 2(i, lS2,i. 
Luey E., d. Iiihn C, farmer an'd >liuemaker, Mar. 2,S, 1849. 
Lvd'ia, d. Daniel II. and CharluUe, Au^. 9, ISl.v 
M',ir\ .\un ()li\ia, d. .M.i^eb and .Mar_\- .\nn, Au.l'. 27, 1829. 
.Mar\ J., (1. twin, iliomas and Hannah J., .M,ir. ,1, 1S27. 
Oi^den IhilTnuiU, .s. Davi.l I'lmily, Fel>, 5, 1S42. 
Rebekah R. N., d. riiolmals and Hannah |J. dup.], Oct. ,?, 

1830. [Oet. 2. dup. I 
Rebekah R. X., d. d"lu/|ma|= an.l Hannah, Sept. !''<. \SU. 
Sarah Kllen, d. .\muri and Sarah D., No.-. 2S. 1840. 
Sarah Leonard, d. Muse^ ami .Mary .Vnii, .\u!;. 1I, 1S27. 
Su.-iau IJamrott, d. .Muse^ ami Al.iry .\iin, l.iee. 16, 

STANWOOD, Dean Robinson, s. William and Kdnah I'., 

Sept. 13, 1827. 
Kbenezer Poor, s. William and i:duah P., Aug. .U), ls.52. 
Edna Pour, d. William and Eilna P., at X"e\vliur\, Now 11, 

luiieline, d. Joseph, Feb. — , 1819. 

Emeline Julia, d. Joseph and Eli^a, bp. Jan. 7, 1832. c. r. 1. 
Francis iSrown, s. Josei)li and Eliza, bp. Jan. 7, lSi2. c. u. 1. 
Francis G., d. Joseiih, Apr. 11, 1S22. 

Hanii.di Amanda, d. William and lulnah P., .Mar. 12, 1830. 
Helen -Maria, d. Joseph and lielbcy D., .Aug. 2, 1830. 

NVI^T M.Wr.l RV lilKlU.S 37 

Stanw oul), Jnscph I''., s. I' rank H., (diiili maker, and 

Caiuliiic II,, \),x. 2S. KS15. 
lulia Ann, (k loscph an.l UtImv I)., .Ma\ _'(,, 1S4I. 
"Manila I)., (k |os(pli, Jan. 11,' l,N-'7. 
Manila |anr, ,f William ami i'Mnah P., Api. •! , IS.'O. 
.Mc,^c^ I'm.r, > William ami kalna I'. jS, .lup.l, |an. 7, ISiO. 
Rulh I'lniK, (k William ami IMiiali 1'., |aii. 25, IS.-i.S. 
William e'.! .-.. M(,,i- 1'.,, ami Lli/a A., Junr 0, ISIS. 

STEELE, KcboL-ia jiisqihinr, .1. jnsci.h S., sliociiiakcr, ami 

kcl.cL.a, AuL'. '-'S, KSK). 
Sinu.n, .-,. J,,>L|ili S. ami Krl.o.a, O. t. 17, lS4.i. 

STEVENS, .\,lriinr W, d. [ovinia ami Marv, .Vu-. K?, 1,S-1J. 

Alkcrt W.irrcn, ^. C'ak'li aiul Sallv, |ulv Uk IS.-io. 

AJniira, .1. l..-,luia Mai\, junr _'(), \^M,. 

AiiLjcliiic O-lvkhI, iI. IuiIki-'c." an.l Nam \ I'., Julv 2.=i, 1S_'5. 

C'aivin J., >. M...-,ei and Ikuinah, Alar. 1", IS.U.' 

CaroliiK- IraiHL-v, d. .\lubL> and Hannah, ()( t. JS, lS4,i. 

Cluirlrs AKin, >. Ju.luia and Marv, Mar. 4, 1S<7. 

Daviil, .s, Ju.^luia and .Mar\, Oct. 27, 18,^'k 

J'li.a Jane, d. M.i-e-'- and llaiinali, June Id, KS,i,i. 

(ieorgiaiina Franeis, d. ('alek and S.dl\ , Apr. 27, iN.vl. 

llannah Elizabelh, d. l.oien/n ]>., earpeliter, ami Susan P., 

Sept. 1, 1847. 
Hannah I., d. Moses, lalnuer, ami llannah, |une .id, 1S48. 
llarriul, d. iMoses and llannah, Dec, ,i, 1S2'). 
lohn We>loii, s. Muses, lal.oi. i, ,iml Ikiiinah, Mav ■> 1 , 1S45. 
jnli.i ,\nn, d, .Mc^es and llann.ili, Ma> 2o, IS.i.v ' 
Laura A., d. l.uren.-.ei 1)., Imiise joiner, A|.i. 4, lS4'k 
Loien/.o \'., s. Moses, jr., shoeni,d;er, and Alars', Ali.l;. o, 

Marv W., d. Luther (.',. and Nanev, An,-. 2S, 1S2''. 
Moses Austin, s. .Moses and Hannah, Aulv .ilk ISIO. 
kilie.i.i Ik, d. Joshua and .Mar;,, Jan. 2,i, 1S,^4, 
Sarah k'.lizahelh, d. Joshua, fanner, and Mar\', June 2S, 

Willi,. in, s. Muses ami Hannah, Dec. 2S, 1S27. 

SYLVESTER, Ccor^c Perkins, s. Samuel and J'.li.saLdh M., 
Dee. 1 I, lS.i7. 

TAl?LTON, Sarah Kllen, d. John and Hannah, Apr. 12, 18,i5. 

,iS wisr Ni:\\ lu icv iiik riis 

'lAMOK, Caroline I.., d. i:ii/,ili<lli (l.uiUl, Dr.. -',•-, KSSO. 

i'. :;. S.'.al.clli 1.., .1. Kli/alulh ll.uiil;, Mar. 17, IS-l.i. I'. K. S. 
IJolin. c. K. 2.1, .s. J.ilm, >Kiui.-^l, JS, 1815. 
S„r.ili, >1. Juliii. (kiui.-t. l>|i Jul\ \A. 1S15. c. i;. 2, 

TF.NNEY, .Mji-.iil 1'.m,i, ,1. S.unuA and .Mars L. P., Au.^. 

IS, lS2(i. 
Calliarinc ludilh Poor, .1. ('..I. S.inui.l, il.a imv.mI, ,uiil 

Marv P., .\UL'. (), PS2S. 
Julia i:.,'.l. Pulhrr ,111(1 ^Plrv J. iKo-rr-.i, 1 >ci . .(, PSI2. 
"Piillur W., >. Pinlirr, larnur, .md .\Pir\' J. (,Ko;;rr.s), Dec. 

4. ^~^Pr ■ ■ 

!.', di,i Mrriill, d. Sanua-l .ind\ P. 1'., Oct. Id, P^22. 
Alary IdizaPctli, d. Sanuu-I and Mars P., .\ii-, 2P \S14. 
.Mo>c> i:., >, liciij.iMiin !■'. and IPninali ( l'ciiiu\ I, |an. S, 

PIkcPc J., d. Putlicr and APiry J. (Rui;crsl, J.m. 20. PS4(). 
l\cbccca I".., d. Puthcr, I'arnur, and .NPii\' J. iRuf^cib), 

Oa. 20, 1S47. 
Sybil CP, d. Puihcr and Ahiry J. (Roucr..), Pclj. 28, PS,!7. 

TEVVKSBURY, I'di/al.cth .M . d. Thomas and Sarah, 
.May 20, PS22. 

THO.MPSON, Pvdi.i, d. PcUr and Sarah Pi., Mar. lU, 

.Mary J., IcP. 21. 1841, l'. K. ,S. 

THURLOW, .\nn Au,L;u^ta, d. William and .Miiiam, Pel). 

", PS2(). 
Hannah CoHin, d. Slc|dicn C. and Poi.-, S., Dec. 1, 18,PP 
pidilh Sinilli, d. William and, No\'. 11, PS2.S. 
Pol. Ann, d, ,Mc|iln n P., larnici-, ,ind Poi-, S., APir. 2.\ PS19, 
Poih J.uir, ,1, (.eoi-c and, Jnnr 12, 18U. 
i-vdia, .1. Slr|.lu 11 C. and Poi> S.," pin. 2, ISPs. 
Niary I'ylcr. d. William ,iiid .Miriam, Pel). PP 182.P 
Olib Pitlle, s. Stepluii P., larnur, P. NewPurv, and Pois S., 

!.. KiiiL-lon, .\. IP, .\u's. 2.S. 1814. 
Sle|ilien, s. Sle|)iieii C. and Pois S., Sepl. 12, 18.^0. 
Slephen P., s. I'anl and Rulh IP P.. .\im. IP 18 i2. 
Snsaii ChiM', d. Ceor^e and Su^a]l, Dec, IP 18.^0. 
'Phonuib Phase, s. Cieiirge and Su.^an, Dec. Ml, 18,i2. 

W 1 ST M W lilKV I'llM US .i'> 

'ITl'CCXnB, Cli.irlr_, C, s. Kluiluid aiul llaiiiiali M., 

Icl). It, INH. 
llairiil Aul;u>Ui, il IcIi.iImhI, Iuum- jnimr. and Ilaiinali iM., 

.Mar. 1'), 1,S4S. 

TODU, CaKiii l.ullicr, >. 'rh..|inah ;iii>l .M.iry, July d, ISl'J. 
TOl.l., Jamc>, >. .MallliL-u ami .\,L;iiista, June lo, 1S4.?. 

TYIJ-'.R, KuL'Li.ia ha.Kira. il. lu^.r-c W. and Francc> li., 

Jan. 1", ISi.i. 
CicoiL't-- tiarchui', ^. (icdiuc \\'., minlj nialcr, and I'lanccs 

H,. Oil. 1, l.^Lv 
.Mar\ 1 rancL-s. d. ticcr^u W. and 1 r.nncs li., .Mar. 23, ]AM>. 

VICKIRY, CharU-s ilanin-t.-n, s. William ami Eli./al)Llh, 
Oct. 21), IJ^JI). 

WHITTIER, Clcor-e Dudk-v, >. Dudlcv 11., .■^hoemakL-r, 

and Sallv .\nn, June 1\ . lS-17. 
.Murv Stihna'n. d. Nalli|anir!l li. ami l!cl-i-y 1'., July 22, 

William 'Tluirlow, ^. Jo^|^.■l)ll| i;., (.urduaiiiL-r, and .Vnii 'I'.,, S, 1-S4,S. 

WILKIE, Jane, .1. Rol.crt and .Mars, Nciv. 2, 1H34. 
R.d.erl, jr., s. Rul.eiL ami .M.uv, .Ma> In, l,S,i2. 

WILLI.A.MS, Charles WhcducL, .>. |aim-^ T., farmer, and 
.Mar> Jam, July 4, 1S47. 

WILLIS, .\nn Klizalnth, d. William .iml Marv, Nov. 6, 

UetseN-, il. William and .Marv, Dee. 2.S, l,S,i7. 
Lli/.aheLh .V., d. |ame.■^ .S.,, .\|n. 2, 184^'. 
W|illia|m Henrv,^. \\|illia!m, eimdneer, and .Marv, May .il, 


WILSON, .\hi-ail Kli.^al.ielh, d. Thomas H. an<l -MjiKail 

'I'., June S, 1.S42. 
C'areline .\u«iUsla, d. Henj|,imin| II. , enrdwainer, and 

Keiiecea .Ui,^u-Ui, I'eb. .\ 1S4.S. 

-10 U IST M:\\ HI KV lUK 1 ll> 

WOODAIAN, Davia C;., s. C\iIl1. M. and Saiali K., Apr. 1, 

(uHUi^L- I'IkiU'Irt, s. SuniiRT aiul Mai\-, O.t. 7, ISM. 
Ilaiiiiali lane, d. Nathan S. and Sarah |aiic, Sept. ^'), IS.iS. 
.Mar> N." d. lUiirs .\. and Mary J., Id). I, ISII. 

WORTH, l.ydia, d. Kdmund, jr. and .Vnna, Mar. 27, 18-'J. 
Sarah .\iin. d. Kdmund, jr. .ind' .\nna, ,\u,i:. JS, 1,S2(). 

WORTHEN, Calvin Stowc, s. Nathan, hp. July .S, 1835. 

YOUNG, C'atharini^ Kllcn, d. William and Jane, Sept. 1, 

Edward Rifhards, .s. William and Jane, July it), l.S.U. 
FranCLb Lucy, d. W[illia|m and, July 2b, hSll, 
Henry, s. William and Jane, in England, I'eb. 21, 1828. 
Jane Ann, d. William and Jane, Sept. l'>, 18.57. 
Marv Kli/al)etli, .1. Willi.iin an.l Jane, in England, Uec. 12, 



Kj iiii: i:nii hi' iiii; vilAK 18-I'I 

AHHOTT, l>aniil li., conlw aiiicr, ami Sarah Ann lliuck, 
1,. lai.ulaii.l, ,1. Daiml, Jan. 7, 1M,5,' 

ADAMS, Eli.'.a, aiul Mo„dy Adams, jr. [of Ncwliury. ial.|, 

Ma\- 1(1, 18o2.* 
riuiljurn, (.{ Nc\vl)ur.y, and Riilli Adams, Nnv. 27, 1S28.* 
Gcor^f \\'., of Nuv.burv, and AJarv 'i'. 'I'hurlow, iiil. Oct. 

2S, 1848. 
HaniLt, of .\ml"vcr, and kr\. John (Jiiinty .Vdams I'M^^cll, 

int. Oct. 7, 18, ■i2. 
Wira, and Leonard S. Hood [Wood, int.] of liiadford. 

Mar. 12, 182,i.* 
Moodv, jr. [of Ncwhury. int.|, and I'^H/a Adams, May lU, 

Ruth, and FroL-ljorn .\dams of Newbury, Nov. 27, 1828.* 

ALLEN, Charles H., of (h-or^ctown, and Dianthc Ann 

Cdlman, int. Dec. 8, 18.i8. 
Isaac, of Nev.burs', :,hocinal>ei , a. 2,S y., 1). IJobcawen, 

N. II., s. Johii ami Sarah, of lioscawen, N. 11., and 

Mary lane Oreen, a. 17 \'., b. Ne\\bur^', d. I'diphalet, 

(IcceasJd, and May, May '18, I81.S. 

ARCHISON, Ann, a. 25 y., b. Iielamb ib John, and I'atritk 
l»ui)n, 2d m., wheelv. ri,i;hl, a. 28 \'., b. Ireland, s. John 
ami l.ydia, No\-. 1'^ bS|<).'- 

ATKINSON, l.ydia, of Nev.buiy, and Jdbridgo Ci. Ko-ers, 
int. May 21, 1824. 

MnUhtioii M^u roor.i. J. 

■iJ. w 1- s 1 Muiu I'V .mai;kiai;i:s 

A'rWOOI), S;iiiuil1, ;iu(1 S.irali \\il-.u\ Spark- u\ l.\iiii. iiit, 
J 111 J(i. IS.iO. 

AVER, Faimv, <.f Ilavnliill, ..ii.l ■riuuiK,> Hills, inl, |ai,. 4, 

BABB, Mary Ai.ii, of 1 lanip^lcail, X. (1., aiul J..nR, M. 
Hal.:>un/iiil. Au}^. 1, 1810. 

BABSON, Jaiiu- M, ami Mars- Ann BaM) ol Ilamp-trad, 
N. 11., int. Auj 1, 1S4(). 

BACllKIJ.ER, William, an.l lia-ev (>. 11. .Mar^liJI, Xuv. 
2(1, 1840.* 

BAGI.EV, Rirhanl, uf AmL-l.urv, an.l Sarah liailcv, inl. 
Ma\ 1,1, \SIU. 

BAILEY (bcc aUo Baylcy), Aina/.iali, ami llarriul L. Chasu, 

inl. .\u.l;. 4, l,s,i2. 
Ann. ami Mo^ls .Scaruiant, jr. ul .•\iric>!»ur<.-, int. .\u\ . II, 

Anna W., ami Mu>c> K. 1-n-mli of lira.llunl, Au,-, .'(,, 18_'V,- 
AuL'ti^lus v.. cdiiili maker, a. 28 v., s. I'riali and Julia G., 

ami Mclinda D. IVu kshurv^ a. 21 v., d. Jamc.-, an.l 

.Mrhilaklc, Jan. 4, 181').* 
Hcljt> I,"., hiiinster, a. 5.i v.. h. N.v.luiry, .1. Stcplu-n, <W-- 

na;;L-d, and Nam-}', and Simciii C'luihr, widi., of lIa\iT- 

hill. corilwainer, a. 52 )■., \>. Nt-wburw s, SimLon, dc- 

cc-a^L-d, an.l Eunice, Mav 10, 1844.* 
Caroline K., and \V(illia]m f. I'liorn, Mar. 1'), 18,i7.* 
C'harl.iUe C. |E. int.|, and Daniel H. Smith, May '>. 1841.* 
Daniel (,'.. and Loi- V. Barnard of .Ameilnirv, int. O.t. 27, 

El)en|.v..|r C, shoe inanulaclurer, a. .lO _\-., .s. Walter and 

Mar\- P., and Sarah J[auo. d\i[).\ Hosiiin, a. 2U _\-., li. 

('.eo(rt,'e] and Sarah, May 11, 1848.* 
Eliza, and Elhanan W. Hill of I'..rilan.l, Me., Oct. .S, 1820.* 
Eiiiilv, ami l)a\iil Smith of N. Akur\ port , int. I'eh. 11. 


Emma C ., and Benilamijn \\ . Maniiiiii; of Boston, No\ . 
27, 183').* 

*liUciili.m :ilao rceorJu.1. 

W i;.S 1 NI.WIllIKV MAKKiAt.lS 

li\U.|-.Y. I'lnoch, and Charlotte (.'. liiown, Si'iit. -1,' 
Ciillprit I.., nuiirliinist, a. 21 \., .-.. J'a|iiiaii and Hannah, 

and ludilh S. 'I'hurhiw, a. 20 y., ch W'iHiani and .Mcriani, 

J.uu' J,S, 1S40.' 
Hannah, and Willian; Danloilh, (»a. >S, \S2\.* 
Hannah, aiul hf. l.nlhci", of I'orllaiid, Mc, int. 

JuiiL 1, IS.-i-l. 
Hann.di L. H.. and lo>ci)h K. ^od,^^ >>{ Xcwhnrv, int. 

Nov. 4, hS.i.v 
H.innali d'ciinw, a 24 y. \2() v. int.], d. LJriali and luliu C!., 

,ind I'honi'a.. C NovL^/ronih maker, a. 21 1-2 v., s. 

.\nson W. an. I N.mcv, .Ma\- S, 184'J.* 
James, ami Susan ( l.irk,' .\lav '.i, KSl'.i.* 
John L., and CliailoUr CLuk, .May 20, ISi').* 
Joseph, ami Mra. Susan M. Will ol .Mai1l)orou'j;h, int. 

Nov. 2. 1S3'). 
Judith, and Jor-eph I Linforlli, Da. 11, h>^21.'- 
Judith S., and lohn N. Cook of Newburv[K)rt, int. .Vpr. IS, 

Julia Ci.. a. 24 \-., d. L'riaii and Julia, and Stephen J. KnL;laild, 

hon:-ejoiiu'r, a. 24 y,, s. John am! Sarah li., Oet. 7, 1847.* 
Laura, and Leuis W'illett of New luir) port , .May 0, IM';.* 
Lasinia, and |ohn KielKirdson, |une lo. 181').* 
LecMiard, amfSarah H. Noves, Si.u-. 2.i. 1S2().* 
Lvdia, and William .\. Hopkin.-,, Oet. 22, lSo7.* 
M'arietta K., d. Daniel, and Ira liradlev |l.<.lh of Haverhill. 

c. K. 2.\. Dee. 21, ls4.-i. 
M.irw .md Stephen IJo.-^hn.i. int. .md c. i;. l.| liailev. Mar. 

■.H, KS.H.^ 
iMar\ .\nn, and Alose- Smith, Uet. 17, 1,S22.* 
Mar'v li., d. I-aac, and James li. Cre.L'.i;, widr., of .Medloril, 

'li. Medford, ()Lt. 2, 1S44.* 
.Marv K., and Simeon iulwards of llaveihill, int. .\pr. M, 

I'aid, ,ind .Aliii^.ul Riihaidson, Sept. 2, KSl'^* 
Riih.ird S., .iml Sn,-,an i'.i^'e o| N.wijuryport , A|)r. 2.i, 1828.* 
koheil .\1., of Del r\ , N. 11., nierthant, a. 2(1 \-.. Ii. lirookliiie', 

I'eiin., .-.. Irederick and I'olh , of Hrookliiie, Penn., and 

S.ii.di 1.. Sniilh. ,1. 21 \., d, .\l<,Ms and Mar'v .\nn, Oel. 

2.S. IS 18.* 
Sally, ami Cdeh Sle\en-, Jan. 2, 18. M.* 
Samuel, jr. |2il. int.|, and .\ane\ [.\nn. int.l Chase, Oct. — , 


*lntciilioii alju liLurdeU. 

-14 \ ni.wiu'kv m\kkia(,i.s 

li.Miiv, SanuiL'l N., uiul l)ii>^y 1''. luiu-ry, Aw^. U), 1S,?7.* 
Sar.ili, and Laban Merrill, Sipt. J3, 181''.* 
Sarah, and RiLdiard liat.;ii.v ui .\nic>l.ui v, iiii. Ma\' l.-i, KS_'(). 
Sarah II. |Mrs. iiil.j. and .Micl C. llarrirmloii,' Mar. 22, 

Sarah S., and M.xuly Haihv .n AiKhucr, int. Au.u. 25, 1.S.32. 
StLplua I lu.^hua. inl. and c. u. l.|, and Mar\' liailcy, Mar. 

j1, 18,M.* 
Susan ('., and Ivulu? Ordway, Ma_\' 7, KSj'>.* 
Theodorr S., cif l-lradinLS and liriiUut W. liurrows. int. 

Apr. 20, IS^iS. 
Warren k., and Abbic C. SilK.way, Oct. 6, 1842." 
William v.. and Ann Matilda Ibqikin-^uii ui Uradford, int. 

.Mav 7, KS.M, 
William'!'., and .Martha \. I habc, .\\)\-. 2(i, I8.18.* 

BALCH, Luui...i .s . .\h>., and Amos I'arkcr, lis.|., both of 
iir.alfurd, .M.ii. I", 18.-17. c. k. 2. 

BARNARD, l.oi.s '1., of Ame.^bury, and Daniel C. Bailey, 
int. Oct. 27, 1821. 

BARNE'IT, Frve li., of Lawrence, and .Marv .Morrill, int. 
Apr. 22, 1848. 

BARRAS, RulLi.., and Betsey Rogers, Nov. 2, 1835.* 

BARTLET (see al=u liartlett), Jeremiah 1 »ole, and Ann 
Merrill Ewins of South Ilaniptun, N. II., inl. A\n. II, 

BARTLETT (see also Bartkt), Abi-ail, and Merrill Ord- 
way, (Jet. — , 1826.* 
Caroline |., and Samuel Bartlett, DeL. 1, 1834.* 
Georjie W., and Harriet Bradley, .\ul'. ,S, 1840.* 
Hannah H., and Charles Fitz. Awj,. 12, 1828.* .M., of Lowell, and bmath.m C. Rieliard-on int. 

J. Ml. (., 1841. 
Jane i., and b'hn (dines, eondj jn.iker. May 21, 1844.* 
John L., and ■Lli.:ubelli Worth, \(.v. il), 1843.* 
Josiah. and Mr.-,. Bel^-ev Cha.^e, Leb. 4, 1823.* 
Lucy H., and Jo.dah w". Parker, M.iy 8, 1842. 

'Intention aF.. iLxonled. 

\\'i;si' M'wiii'KV M \ki;i \i;i:s 4.T 

|{\kil,i 11, M.uv Ann. aiul Aliin.n 1'. Jiuiins, at Ni-\vlniry, 

(>a. Ml ISIJ,' 
M.ifv Jane, and ll.;/AlJah lanic^.n (.1 UiaJlurd, inl. |uur 1, 

'is 15. 
SaninrI, and t'.noliiir J., Drr. I,* 
■I'licdor,'. and M.irv I'ullrr, Apr. l-l . ISJS.' 

BAYLEY (^,^L• al.-o Hailcv), Janus, and Sai.ili M . ilavky 

of l)crr\-, X. II., int. A|n. o, IS 11. 
S.irali M.. ol l)irrv, N. 11., ,ind lanu-^ llaxliA', int. A|]i. (), 


BENTON, Ikiiry i\, and lUt^-cy M. (.'Imm-, Jan. 11, IS.iS.* 

BERRY, Juhn, jr., ul Hamstcad, N. 11., and .Mary Ann 
.McDcMuuiLdi llo-.m, I'cli. II. 1S_'-1 * 

BICKFORD, .\larv M., and Lewis I'inklunn. I.oth of 
Derry, N. !1 . Oa. S, lS,i7. 

BLAISDELL, hLo..i I'., and Daniel li. Short, at Haverhill, 
.\pr. 11, ISH ' 

BOLTON, Ann W., and Nathaniel Ordvwiv, iiit Aug. 5, 

BOWLEV,, and .Mary Nichols, lunr (,, 1S22.^ 
Mary, and Jonatli.m llsle> , Nov. Jl, 1S2I1,^ 

BOYD, Isaac. l)r , and Sar.di C. Hills, Jan. JS, IS.-IO.* 

BOYNTON, Alfred, and .Xhi-.iil .Moo,ly, inl. .Mar. 2-1, \SM. 

BRADLEY, l:li„.d.elh, .nnl Jai.ih W. Morse, Apr. II, ISII. 

I.Vpr. I. lSf_'. int.r 
ILuriet, and tieor-e W. liarllill, .Aul' .^ IS-IO.* 
lia, and .Marietta K. l!aile\-, d. D.miel |Loth of Haverhill. 

e. K. J.l, l)>e. I\, LSI r. 
iM,ii> , ,ind Knfu^ K. !• meiy,, D.e. Ml, ISlL^ 
-Mary Ann, a. 1'^ y., L. Iji/land. d, William, dt-reased, anel 

.Mary C, and Leiuin \V. .\'o>es, eoinh niakcr, a. II y., 

s. Lnoch and .Sarah. Dee. 21, IS-lO.' 

Minn. 11.. I, .il,„ rci.a.U-.i. 

10 \vi>r Ni.wiuKV M \i;ki \r,i:s 

l)KAin.i;v, M,ir>- C, wid., a. 43 v., 1j. lMi;^hin(i, il. , of 

I'^iiL^hiiul, .iiiil liinotlu C'ruiiiiiL', lalMiii-r, a. ,i5 v.. b. In-- 
laii'd, s. iL-rcniiah .mil' Kllcii, >.t Ireland, fan. 1a. lS-17.* 
Tlu)|ma|s, aiul Sarali Jailr Wa.llri-h, Mav 17, \S.U* 
William, jr., and Su^an Aliii;ail l'o>^, int.' .Apr. 1(), IXM>. 

BRAGDON, Barak, and Lvdia Page of .\nieblnirv, julv lo, 

C'athurinf, and Sanuiid Stcvins, Oct. 12, IS.SO.* 

BRICKETT, .\l.i-ail S. I'l'. r. k. J.|, and CharU'.-, Ji. Sauvrr, 

.\pr. 25, IS,-!''.* 
lanu-. of IIani[i^tratl, N. 11., and |Ahs. int.| Ruth Smith, 

.\u-. 21, l.S.vS.* 
I'lulu' S., and \\!illia|m Noycs, jr., Dec. ,>, KS4(I.* 

BROCK, Charlotte, a. IS v., h. Ka-land, d. Daniel and 

Ivunice, and Charles Ruddock, shoeniaker, a. 27 v., b. 

England, i. John and .Marv, of England, Jan. 29, l'S48.* 
Daniel, jr., and Mr^. Caroline |C. int.] Parker, Mar. 1«J, 1S41.* 
Louisa Al|alilda. v. k. 2.), and Daniel larrington, Jul\ 14, 

Sarah Ann, I). England, d. Daniel, and Daniel R. Abbott, 

lordwainer, Jan. 7, 1S4.S.* 

BRO\\i\\ Abigail, and Charles Prebble, Mar. V), 1S4().* 
Aeldi-oii, ari<l Sarah Chase, of NeuburN'iiorl, inl. Aug. lb, 

Addison, and Catharine H. Grifhn, Dec. 14, 1S27.* 
Ann C, and John Ployt, at Bradford, Sept. >>, ISV).* 
Benjamin, jr., and Mar\- O., Oct. M, 1S2,S.'' 
Charlotte C, and Enoch B.iiley, Si pi. 4,* 
Cornelia, and Mo.-es O. [C. c. u. l.| Tojjpan, A]ir. — , 1S2S. 
I'^benezer, and Abigail Rogers, No\ . 2, IS.iS.* 
Erancis E., and Su.-an C. B. Ceorge of Salisbury, int. .\ug. 

12, 1S4j. 
Frances S|(ji)liia. int.], and Samuel Carr, jr., .\pr. 17, lS.i7.* 
Oilman \V., and Mary B. Stanwood, (hi. 24, 1S2S.* 
James, and Hannah 1). Morse, Mav 11, lS4.'i.* 
John ()., of Bradford, sh<icmaker, a. 2(. v., b. Bradford, s. 

jonaithanl and Marv Chene\-, ,ind l.niiiicia I'. If.irvey 

of Bradford, a. 22 v.', b. Bradford, d. lol.u an<l Mehita- 

I'le, Sejit. 2S, 1849. 

'liiLUiliou al-. rcior.kd- 

\\1>1 M.WIUINV .\1 \KI;I,\lil'S 47 

Hkown. josiali, of Jlasnliill, aii.l Marv C'liasc, A|.i. ,•!, 1S2.^.* 
l.iu\ , ol" KcvdK , ami kv\ . Illijali lknn)ii(l, int. Ai)r. 28, 

Lu( \ II., an. I Juliii W'ailr, An-. 2 1, IS.w.* 
.Maiw .imi I'inKTMUi Ciaialinci', iiil. .\|)r. ,\ 1S2(i. 
Marv !■:., .i. IS \., il. (.iihnan, lUitaM.I, ami Mary H., and 

lu-njaniin I'alw aril.-^, ji., slnu'inai.i'i , a. 22 y., b. lunj- 

laniinl and Harriet, Nov. I 1. 1SI7.* 
iMuscs, Ad, and i^li/.a .\nn ril>l)ni\- ul .\inL'ilnir\-, int. 

Mar. 1, 1822. 
MoM'-, Dim,, ami Mr... .\l,ii;ail I'arl.rr of Haverhill, int. 

Xo\. 28, I8i2, 
Olisir, and .Marv (.'lia.^u, .Ma\- 21, 181').* 
OM^ood, coml) iiMl;rr. a. 2(i \., 1., .Mhanw Mr., .-. ()>L;,„,d 

..nd .s.u.di, of .Mhanv, Mr., and .\nn M. Clia.M', a. 21 v., 

d. I. .S. and .M. N-, .May \ 18 l<,.* 
Sarah, ami H.innj ( hand i.i l.un ol .S.dcni, int. .May 1-', 

Sarah .Ann, and !'d)cn|c/,c|r liniadiain, int. Now 2, 18.i'J. 
Sarah ,\nii, of Salishury, and John Unr|Ka-, int. .Mar. 14, 

Sarah 11., and jo>rph S. Nove., Apr, 25, 18,i').* 
So|.hi,i, and C'a'|il. .Mmvr (.lonliMf jji, int.|. Nov. I.v 1822.* 
Stephen, and M.iiL^aiel -Ann Monin |Moii<e. i . K. l.|, lYdj. 

24, I8.H.^ 
Stephen, jr.. and Eliza Ann .Mor.-.e, .May 2(<, 1842.* 

BURBANK, :\lary L., of Hradlord, a. .i^ y., d. lienjlamin] 
and liethiah, and lJa\id 1m\ in of, N. H., 
farmer, a. 45 y., s. David D., .\pr. '', 1810. 

BURNHAiM, ];ijen|e/.< |r, and Ann IJrovvn, int. Nov. 

2, 18,i')., ami Susan S. (Irdw.iv of N( \vlini\ port, Inne 21, 

Sarah I.., .md William S. Wheehr, Dee. 2 1, 1840." 

BURPKE, |(4in, .ind .\nn llrown of Salisl.urv, int. 

.Mar. 14, 1840. 
I'lunur, farmer, and Sarah II, de, h. .\'ewl)lirv, il. Stephen, 

deex-ased, Nov. 20, 1844.' 

•liileiiliun ,il-u r.. uj.le.l. 

48 \\i:si NKWiii'kv maurlacI'^s 

BURl^F.L IMC alM, llunilli, Ahii;ail, aii.l .\iii.>. I)..unri 
ol Niwlmry, int. .Ma)- 1\. ISJS. 

BUIv'RU.L ihiH- aUi) lliiirrli, Al.i;;ail, and J.Miatlian\il, 

int. Au'j,. M, ISo.i. 
Naiu\ I)., anil Janus l». I'.iol, Fi'li. 2,S, IS.jS/* 
William, and Ann lMc>, inl. Nov. .S, 

BURROWS, lirid-ct W., and TIiluiIuic S. Hailcy ul Rca.l- 
ing, inl. .\\>r. 2(1, IS.v-;. 

BIJRSIKL IMT IUl.:..tll). lluin|.lirv, and kcl.r.,,, I'.km, 

.\im. :•,, isjo.^ 

BUSWl-LL, .ser liuz/,11. 

BLTMAN, [onalhan, and Ri'hccia Onllin oi NuwhurviHirt, 
i'nl. SL-p't. 20, 1S22. 

BUZILL (sL'c also lUizzcll), |ohn, of Kasl Kin,i;stun, N. H., 
and L\dia ICngiand, June 4. lS2,i "^ 

BUZZELL (SL-c also Jiursiel, liuzill), Sally, and Kaiah 
Soulhwick of Nvwbury, inL. Ocl. 25, LSJ.x 

CALDWELL, laniL-s, and Hannah S. IKlan.l of Salem, int. 
June 1, IS.V). 

CARLETON (see also Carllon), Amos, ami ralli.irine li. 

Merrill, Jan. 2.-i, 1835.* 
Daniel N. I'., and Elizabeth 1'. Mar.-hall, June 2, IHM}.' 
Rosamonda, ami James A. Cha-e, Apr. 10, RSIL' 
Samuel, arid Nani. \' Rii liaiaUon of Newl;ur\ port , .\ul;. 4, 

1 8,1(1. '■ 
'I'lionia.s S., and I'di/.a .\. laAerin^, .\u,i;. I.i, 1848. c. K. 2.* 

CARLTON (see also Carlelon), Joseph, and ll.inn.ih W. 

Cdiipman, Sept. .\ 1828. ' 
Marv Annette [M. int.|, and John Huid.ins |of Haverhill. 

'int.], Aiir. 21, is.i^ ^ 
Roily IL [M.e. i;. L|, and .\le.\ander Short, \'o\-. A, \SM:' 

'luleiiLien .il>o reLOided. 

WIS 1 NI.W lil l; V M XKKIAC.IS 4'J 

CARR, I'.li.M A., .iinl Moses I'. Slanwuo,!, Muj- 17, ISl,^* 
iMiinui A. |(1. C"a|.l. Saimh'l .m.l i'li.Ml.Irl li | (CliaM-). 

1'. i;. l.|, ami JaiiU'^ I.. Ddioinr [s. J.,liii aiul Su.,an 

(HuarLliiiaii). 1'." K. l.|, .Ma\ Id, KS,i;.'" 
Gcorg..' W., ami Susan A. CokcV, J)ic. M).* 
HarriL-t N., and Jului Carr, Now ,i, l.S.vS." 
HcnriL-lta, ami Ahraham Dow, jr., Jiiiir 2\, IS.i.v* 
Horatio 1'., and K. I-di/alu I li llaiulci.-, of Soiiih Hanii)toii, 

N. n., int. Nov. IS, KSIS. 
Janu-s, and Ann Dole, Nov. l.\ \SM .* 
John, of Nvwliur>[.orl, and .\nn Cluisc, Oct. S, KS26.* 
John, and llairit't N. fair, N..v. .\ IS.i.v* 
lolui, and i:ii>alivlli llouv, |.ni. 21, \^.V>* 
John C, and No\vs,"t)a. S, 1S21.* 
|ohn C. and Hannah W. l'ill-,linrv of fharlcslown, int. 

I'vli. 1'), 1S.?7. 
Mar>- Iv, a. IS 1-2 y., d. Mo-c^ and Hannah |.M. diip.l, 

and Albert H. Knii^lit, fanner, a. 21 y.. h. New Iniryptjrt, 

s. Kihmind and liaiinali, Sept. ,■>, ISfS.' 
Mary C, and James li. Kelhs of llopkinton, N. H., int. 

An-. 21, lS-17. 
Mar\- O , and Henjaniin Hrown, jr., Oct. Jl, 1825.* 
Meh'itable (i., and Joseidi l.ov., at Hr.idford, Apr. 11, 1S.59.* 
Moses, and Hannah M. Ordway, .\pr. 2\ 1S25.' 
Samuel, jr., and Frances Slojihia. inl.| Broun, .Apr. 17, KS.w.'' 
William, jr., and Kunice Heatli eif Aiuesbury, Dec. 5, ISoO.* 

CHADWICH (=ee also C'hadv.'icL 1, Thomas, and Abigail 
llill^, Dec. 0, 1S25.* 

CHADWICK (see aUo Cha.hvich), Abigail |\vid. int.], and 
(.uoriie Shepherd |of New l.omhm, N. 11. inl.|, |une 17, 

Kli/.a li., and Abner Jone^, May IS, KS.H.* 

CHA.'NIBERLAIN, D.miel, oi S.dem, and Sarah lirown, int. 
,M.i\ 12, lS2o. 

CHASE, Abel, jr., and Fdi/.abeth D. Wadleigh, Oct. 13, 

.\nn, ami John Carr of Newbur\pori, Oct. S, 182().* 
Ann, ,imJ Da\id li. Mar^, Ih-c. 20,* 

* .ibo iLLi.rclu.l. 



CuAsi, Ann M., ;i. i4 v., d. I.S. ami M . N., an, I ()^^,',h,.1 
liiDWn, conili niaki'i, a }.(> v., Ii. Alhanv, Ale, s. Os- 
,t;uotl and Sarah, (i| All.anx , Ak., .Ma> S. ISId.^ 
Hcl^^\, Mi.-., and ju.Mah llanlrlt, lil. 1, ISli.* 
HrtM\ 1)., and jo>r|)h S(an\vo(Ml, jr., Oil. _M, l,S2,-i.* M., and Uoiiry !•'. lu-nh.n, Jan. II, Is'vS.* 
C.'.ir.iliiK- III. inl.l, and jiliu Clia.-c," J urn- II), I.SJ.S.*" 
Caroline II., and I'r.incis l>. Slaiiwuod, inl. Jan. I,S, l,S-l,S. 
Kli..:a Ann, of Ando\a'r, an<l I'aul K. lolLindnr inl An,u, S 

i;i\iia M. (.'., ami Ilorarc i.. tdi.iM-, Oil. 1, l.^.i.S.* 
Mmilx-, ami I'luunas \V. C'olnian, Ani^. 2^, ]SM).* 
I;.mIkt, a. _'l >■., Ii. l.comin^lir, d. iMcti|,lioi and Nam\ , ol 
l.romin.^h r, and llrniy 1>. La\-, c liai-.c maker, a. _'4 y-, 
I). ('oiimTtiail. s. William ami Jidia, Apr. ill, ISIS.*' 
Kunicf H., and John Mardeii, .Apr. IS, * 
George, and Susan A. (/base, int. June •), IS 11. 
Hannah, and John Ordway ol" Newbury, inl. lAl.i. Id, lS.i7. 
Ilannali M. C"., ,ind Enoch (ioodrid.t^e, .\pr. _'4, ISJ,5.* 
il.irriot 1.., and .Xniaziah Bailey, inl. .\u^'. -1, 18,]2. 
Harrison C. ()., and Idi.-a [ones, Sept. S, ISJo.* 
Horace L., and l-.Mr.i .M. C. Chase, Oct. I, IS.S.S.* 
James A., and kosainonda Carlelon, Apr. JO, 1844.* 
Jaines G., and Jiulilh I'ildmr), Alay .•il), ISi4.* 
Jehu, and Caroline |H. ini.| cii,i.,e, June Id, 1S2S.* 
John T., ami Jndilh 11. I ■ollansbee, .Ala> IS, IS.^.* 
John 1'., uidr., coinli maker, a. AA v., b. Ne\vbur)porl, s. 
iNalhan an<l l!etse\-, ami Abigail Poor, a. .il v., d. 
Stephen and H.inmdi, .\u<^. 12. I,s47.* 
Judith S., and Joseph (;. Ro-eis, Ma\ IS, 182'). 
I.ulher R., and I. my I), kollan^, I'eb. 24, IS.-I';.* 
iMarlh.i .\., and Wifiiam I'. Ikiile)', Apr. 2(i, ISiS.* 
Alarth.i .Ann, and I'onhee |II. int | Noyes, Sept. 24, ISa5.* 
Alary, and Oliver lirown. Alav 24, 1S1').+ 
Alary, and Josiah lirown of ILuerhill, .Apr. ,>, lS2,'i.* 
Mary K., of Newbury, a. 2(. >., b. I.eondnsUr, d. Aletiplior 
and Nancy, of Leominster, .ind Kol)erl .A. Sndlh of New- 
bury, brickmaker, a. 27 y., b. Newliury, -,. Kiclnird 
and Mary, of Newbur\, I'eb. '), 1,S4S. 
bloody, of Andover, and S.irah S. li.iiley, inl. .An-. 2.\ lS.'i2. 
iAloses li., and I'diz.djil h George, Now '), IS,i';. |Nov. 7. 
c. K. 2.r 

•Inlriiliui. ;,U..- 

w i.M' Ni',\\i;iKV .MAKi;iA..i:s 31 

t'llASJ-, Nain)- [Ann. int.|, and Samuel Hailc\\ jr. |Jil. inl.|, 

Oi'l. , 1S2').-^ 
Kufus 11,, an.l Sarah 11. Ro^rr.-^ (if Nrwl)ur\-, int. Aiit;. .•> 1 , 

IS 11. 
l\nl'n> N., shiicniakcr. a. 21 y., \>. LL-uniin^tcr, s. Mi-cjaiilior 

and Nanc\, of l.ciiniin>UT, and C\iiolinr 1". Maish [ni 

l!nnlv..H,d, X. 11. inl.!, a. _'U > ., \>. liia. nt wood, N. 11., 

d, Cdln.aii and Hannah, nl ilrcnlwciod, X. 11., Mav 14, 

Rnth, and Knoch Smith, Otl. S, ISJo.* 
Sanuicl, of i'orthmd, Mc, and Dihurah Kuurrs, No\ . li), 

SanuiL-l S., and KunicL- N. C'olhy, Sept. 11, I.S.U.' 
Sarah, of Xcwhurv [lort, and .\ddi^on lirown, int. .Vug. 2o, 

Sarah, and Stephen M. Little, May Ml, 18^').* 
Sarah iJ., ami Stanford flia-e, int. Apr. 1, lS2o. 
Sarah I)., Mrs., and Moseb C. Merrill, Apr. 17, ISll. 

IKS42. int.]* 
Simeon, uiiir., of Ha\erliill, eortlwainer, ,i. 52 y., I). Xew- 

l)urv, s. Simeon, deeeased, and hauiiee, ami Hel-ey (". 

Haile}', si)inster, a. 53 \'., h. Newlmrs , il. Stephen, de- 
ceased, and Nancy, May 10, 1844." 
Stanford, and Sarah D. Chase, int. Apr. 1, 1S26. 
Stephen, uf Plaistow, N. II., and Sarah Merrill, Apir. .5, 1810. 
Susan, and George Thurluw of Newbury, int. May 8, 
Susan A., and Geor).;e Chase, int. June 9, 1841. 
Thomas H., and Ann Ladd of Haverhill, int. iK-c. 14, 1822. 
riiomas Meady, and Mary Tabker, heh. 8, 1844.* 
Warren, of I'laistow, X. H., f.irnier, lj. I'l lislow, X. H., s. 

Stejjhen and Sarah, and Martha .Ann I'our, a. 22 y., d. 

John and Lydia M., int. A[ir. 7, 184'^. i Warren Chase 

died before the marria.ue of the parties.) 
William, an.l Sarah C. Wadiei.Ldi. Jan. 7, 1827.* 

CHENEY, Joseph, and Sarah Jane Kilhourn, both of New- 
bury, det. ID, I8,i8. 

CHIPAIAN, Hannah W., and Joseph Cirlton, Sep)!. 3, 1828.* 
'Ihoma^ J., ,md l)wll_\' li. iJur^.m, Xo\ . 28, 183.5.' 

CHOATE, l.ydia, of Newl,ur>iioit, and Samuel Norris, 
int. .\uf^. 8. 1835. 

MiiU-iilitai ,il-ij rceorde.l. 

,lj \Vi;.Sr NKWIIUKY MAKRl \(;i:s 

CLARK, Charlnil;-, an, I J.iliii 1.. liailc\ , May 2o, KS3'J.* 
Sii-aii, and James Haiky, May .^, ISl''.' 

CLIFFORD, Alio- P., oi N\-wliui\, and William Falls, inl. 
Stpl. 17, ISjj. 

COFFLN, Ann .\Liria, and Kohcl X'inu, int. June lU, LS4S. 
C'liarU-. 1'., and Catharine Jlincrs', June 2, KS.U.* and Al.i^aii N. Wurlh, Apr. 27, 1830.* 
L\dia K., and William Smiley oi Ameslnn\-, inl. No\-. 14, 

Sarah A., a. 21 y., d. W|illialni H. and lietsey, and Martin 
II. Williams, chaise Irimmer, a. 2,S y., li, liurliiiuton, 
\ I.. ~. James and Elizaheth, Oet. I'l, 1,S4'». 
William IF. and Betsey Cnrrier of Lowell, inl. ,\lar. 1, 1828. 

COKER, Catharine C., and ])a\id Orduay, inl. Aug. 12, 

Fli/:a R., and Samuel Roj,'ers, jr., Flee. 22, 1823.* .v., and Ce-or.i^'e W. Cari", \hc. 31), FS.vF* 

COLBY, I'dnumd K., and Judith J. Short, JuK 16, FS,i7.* 
Eli./a I., Mrs., oi I^-ijini^, \. II. , and Ccurge H. Gordon, 

inl. Sept. IS, 1841. 
Eunice N., and Samuel S. Chase, Se])t. 11, 1834.* 
Rhoda S., anil John Milton !■ ollanshee, Gel. 7, 183.S.* 
William W., and Eli/.,d)elh .\. F. Geor-e ol Haverhill, int. 

Xo\. 1, 1841). 

COLCORD, Retsev .\1. (N. int., .M.r. K.2.|, ul Danvers, 

and Charle.-, 11. Emerv. .Mav 17, l.S.SS.* 
Caroline, and l':phr,uin li. "I'.irI.eV, Dee. 2, 1 8.-iO * 
George 1'., eondi m.iker, a. 2.^ v., h. Kin^-toii, X. 11, , s. i'eter 

and L\di,i, ,ind ll.iiin.di I'.. W. Smith, ,i, II y., d. M<,bes 

and Maiy .Vmi, Oct. 14. 1M7.' 

COLAL\N, Mary, ol New hurvport, and Siiilman Man, int. 

Jul) I, 182'''. 
Thorn, iJ W., and Emily Chase, Aug. 2.^, FS.U).* 

CONNERLY, Julia, and Iholm.ij.- E. .M..\lan, comb maker, 
h. I'iigland, inl. Jan. 20, IS4'i. 

•hllLIIlMl, .ll... l..olik.l. 

\M SI M;\u;rKV makim.\c;i:.s .i.i 

Ci)Nni;ki V, l.vdi.i A., a. 17 y. []>. NlwIjuiv. iiil.|, il. Jaiiirs 1'. 
anil Jiulitli 1.., aiul lK"iir\ II. I'o.sli-r, ^liucinakcr, a. 27 
y. |a. J.-i y. inl.|, I). Mcniiiuu , N. II., >. Daniel P. 
I'D.ivhl. iiil.l ami Calliai iiic |S. iiil.|, .May 22, 1S1'>.* 

Sarah II , anil Julin K. kiuiball, ml. S.|,l. M, 18-11. 

CONNIF, John, and Mary Townlcy, int. Jan. 1, KS4S. 

COOK, Klias, of Ncwlnirvport, and Mr.s. .Miij-'ail Jcwl-U, 

May 2(1, 1S2,-;.* 
John N., ol .\( wlnirvpurt, and Judith S. llaiUv, int. .\\>r. IS, 


COOPER, i;il)ridKc, of Haverhill, and Charlotte Kmnelt, 

int. Jnl\ 2, 18-12. 
GeorgL* S., of Haverhill, carpenter, a. 2J y., \>. Aniesluiry, 

s. Jusiah and -Sophia, and Maria (Jue^teel, a. 18 y., \i. 

Kn,i;land, d. W [illia|ni an. I Ann, Dee. 2-1, 184o. 
William, and l.ydia T. McKinstrx, Dee. 24, 18,55.* 

CORLISS, Lvdia, of Ame^l)urv, and Thomas C;rant, int. 

Auf^. 2,'l, 182'). 
Vashti, of ]la\erhill, and John Oeor.ue, int. Apr. It), 182,S. 

CRAAi, Hannah Lane IJane. int.| W., and Hiram I oute, 
.It Xewl.uryport, JJee. 1, 18,-iO.' 

CRONINC., Timothy, laborer a. ,i5 y., h. h eland, s. Jere- 
mi.di and Kllen.'of IreUuiil, and M.iry C. llraillev,, 
a. 15 v., 1). Knt^land, d. , of Ln-land, Jan. 25, 1817.* 

CRUiV.BY, Thomas Nelson, of Rowlev, and Kuth M. R. 
Neiyes, int. Feb. 2, 1828. 

CURRIER, iiuitlelL J. [ol Newlniry. int.), and Sd-an L. 

GoodridL,'e, Mar. 19, 1829.* 
Betsey, oi Lowell, and William II. t'ollui, int. Mar. 1, 1828. 
john.'ol Aine:d,ury, ami i:li.',.i H. Sawyer, Det. 10, 18,-,ll,' 
N.imy D,, ol Newbury, and John S.lwn er, int. .\pr. (j, 185''. 
Rebee.ih, d. I)a\id and Abii;,dl, oi Aiuesb.nry, ami Ii,i\id 

Sawyer, s. .Micah and S.irah, 12 : 10 m : 1820, c. K. .v 

• .,1m, Kt.iidcd. 

,■^■1 \vi;s-| Ni\vni'i;v maiu;! acks 

(iKiMi u, Su^Liii I'i., Ill Neul>ury, .iiul Daviil I. (iuoili iiluc, 
int. Sept. 1, 18i7. 

CURTIS, JiiiKithan |Corli\s. iiil. and r. k. 1 |, ami llaimali 

|1.. iiil.l Ran. I, Jan. - , 1SJ7.* 
i.>,c|>li. and l.uuisa'S. Diulky, No\ , '), IS.i/.* 

DAM, A., and FrolKriLk| A. llaulcv, June !,•;, 
IS II. i>. K .V 

DANFORTH, io.,-\>h, an.l Judilli liaiUv, O.t. II, 1S21.* 
William, and Hannah llailrs, Ocl. S, isn.' 
William, anil Fdi.'.a ()id\sa_\, N\i\ . .!,S, KSJ7.* 

DAVIS, Al,i-ail C, and Charles W. lIopkuiMin, both .il" 

liradfoid, O.t. 21, lS-l,i. V. R. 2. 
Anna, Mr.s., nf ( diuicc-^lcr, ami I'liilip Nourll, int. Sc-pt. 9, 

Janu-s, jr., of [lavcrliill, and l.\dia Murbc, Alar. 23, 1^25.* 
Jane N., ol Newbury, a. 20 y., b. Newbury, d. Oliver, and 

Daniel P. Nuyes of Newbur)', shoemaker, a. 22 y., b. 

Neuburv, s. Dani<-1 and Sarah, Dee. 25, 1819. 
lulia .\., and' Hiram Ri.-ers, Oa. 20, IS-l.i.* 
"rrisLilla, and Will|iajm Davis, Nov. 15, 1821."^ 
Rebecea H., and Moody Ordwa>-, int. Sept. 10, 18,^6. 
Sally G., and I'eler Thomson, Sept. 1, ISiO.* 
Samuel, and Alary Swase',' of New hur\ port , inl. Ocl. 11, 

Wadlei-h, and Hetsey Randall, Nov. 'I, 18>ll.* 

DELANO, Hannah S., of Salem, and jame.s Caldwell, int. 
June 1, 18S'). 

DEMOND, Idijah, Re\., and Luey llr,,un of lieverlv, int. 
Apr. 28, 1821. 

DOCKIN(;S, Hannah Marin, of Neuburv, ami jaines Hod- 
den, inl. Nov. 20, 18-17. 

William, and j'.li.^abelh Ro,L;er.s of Newbury, int. June 9, 

*lnlriitioii aUi) illoiiIlJ. 

w'K.M' Ni:\\iUK\ M \i;ki.\(;i:s .■j.t 

DOLE, Ann, an.l J.mir^ Can, Nuv. 2.\ IS.w * 

Joshua, .i| CliKiniiali, Oliiu, an.l lUlb^v l.illlc, Aiii;. 2'), 

l.iwis II., Ill Ru\\U-\-, sliDL- nianulat lurcr, .1. .-iiS v., Ii. Rdw- 

Icy, ^. M>.>cs a'n.I .Mary, u[ KouU'y, an,l ,\|iin. 

int. I MikmK. a. i,S N\, |j. N'i'\\l.ur\|nirl, d. |<.hii and 

.M.Lr>. Julv 0, ISI.S ' 
l.yJia N., a. 27 v., d. JMKjrh and Martha, and Cvruh K. 

Ordwav, farintr, a. JS v., h. d'hi)| ina|b and Lydia, Ot 1. 

2(,, ISl's.* 
Sarah, and Amus Sndlh, iMay I'), 1S31.* 

DOl.lVEF?, Sarah V., and William A. Iloiikins, Jaii. .'(., 

DOW, Alirahaiil, jr., and HcnriiUa C'arr, Junr 24, IS.vv* 
Samuel, oi I'laisUnv, N. 11,, and Mrs. Abit^ail Ktiidriek, int. 
Nov. 12, 1821. 

DOWNER, Airu.o, ul Ncwliury, and .Vl.i-ail lUirrcl, int. iMav 

24, 1S28. 
liL-t^cy, and (;L-ort;L- Could of Ncwhury, int. Sept. 17, 1842. 
iMarlha, of Nouliur\- |of West Kc\\liur\-. iiil,|, a. 27 y., d. 

Danlic-jl an.l Ju.lilh, and \\lillia|m 11. J'la.e, laU.rrr, 

a. 2,1 \'., 1). Nuwluirvii.irt, .-. W|illia|ni an.l Ju.lilh, kW- 

teasc.r, ()lI. 27, ISkV' 
.\ancy, of \\\\lmr>, an.l William C..ul.l, int. .Xpr. 24, 1827. 
SanuiLd [T. inl.|, bli.ii.'in,iki r. s, l)aiji..l, and Ruth Coul.l, 

wid., \>. NL-\vliur>-, ()i t. 1(1, 184,S.*- 

DUDLEY, L.aiiba S., an.l JoM-|ih Curtis, Nov. '), 18,57.* 

DUNCAN, k..l.rn, an.l Sar.di l.csliv, Sc|.l. 1(1, 18,)5.* 

DUNN, I'atri.k, 2.1 m., wlaal wri.-ht , a. 28 v., h. Ireland, 
s. |olui and L\i!i.i, ami .\nn .\ri hison, a. 25 y., h. 
Irclan.l, d.', N..v. 19, 18 1'). |Nov. 2,S. c. u. 2.\* 

DURC.AN i^ec also DurKin), O.dly B., ami Thonia,-, J. 
(.dii|)nian, No\. 28, is3,v* 

•lull iilioii alb.) rcc.irJtik 

56 w i:a r nfwiu'kv mauimai.ks 

DURC.IN i>>.. Dui-aii), Maiy \V., ami Rirhaid Sawy.T, 

.\|.r. id, KSvl.' 
.Saimul, aiiil l,_\tlia Ann I'jikiv, Mas I,* 

DUTrON, KlizaliL'lh M., and S. O.duav, int. 
\hx. 4, 1824. 

DWINKLI.S, Jacob (',., of .\nu-tuii-y, aii.l .Arh^ah Shoil, 
inl. .Vpr. 15, 1SJ7. 

EATON, Daniel W., ol llavLiliill, chain maker, a. 31 y., 
h. Haverhill, ^. I'hinca. and K., of Haverhill, an. I 
Sarah 1,. Smith, a. 2.3 v., d. Josleph] and S.irah, Nov, l.i, 
IS IS.* 

ludith H., and Mdward |ohn>tun (ol Charhitoun. inl.l, 
July (., lS.-;2.* 

EDGEL.L, John (Juimy Adam^, Rev., and Hariiet Adams 
of .\nduvcr, int. Oct. 7, lcSJ2. 

EDWARDS, IJenjamin, and Harriot Emery, Oct. 13, 1824.* 
lienjamin, jr., shoemaker, a. 22 v., s. ljenj[amin] and ilar- 

riel, and Mary E. Brown, a. IS y., d. (iihiian, deceased, 

an.l Mary B.,'Nov. 11, 1,S47.' 
jojei.h, and Lydia W. Smith, Aui,'. 5, KS2S.* 
Simeon, of Ha\erliill, ,ind Mary K. liaileN', int. .Apr. ,i(l, 


ELLIOT, Elizabeth ]'., and Lowell V. Lan,L', Apr. 2, 1S.?5.* 
Nathaniel, and Mrs. Mary Randall, Eeb. 2'J, 1,S41.* 
Thorn. IS, widr., farmer, a. 04 y., s. Tho[n]a|s, deceased, and 
Judith, and lietsev Georj^e, divorced, a. 48 y., d. Aus- 
tin, decea^ed, Dec'. 13, 184.S.* 

EATERY, Anna, and Edmund \V(,nh, jr., Dec. 1, 181').* 
Retsey I'., and Samuel N. liaileN, Aui^. 10, 18,^7.* 
CaKin, comb maker, a. 2.S \., >. Jamb and l.\'dia, and Waita 
Todd [of Raymond, N. 11. int.), a. 20 y., b. Raymond, 
\. IL, (1. John and S.dly, of Raymond', N. II. , Oct. 29, 
Catharine, and Charles P. Coliin, June 2, 1834,* 

*]iUL-nUuii albo rcLurde-l. 


Kmi.kv. ClK.rlcj II., and JU-tM-y M. IN. int.; M. (. k. _'.| 

L'okunI, 01 DanviT.s, May 17, IS.iS.* 
t'lcniL-nlinc, and Albert Clranl' May 12, IS.iO." 
Mdward, and |iMr.s. int.| Saiah Quiniln, Mar. (>, 1S36.* 
KliphalL't, Capt.. and Sarah llalc, A])!-. -1, KSil).' 
r:ii..;a T., and Rev. Jo.^iali II. 'lilion of Limnicl., Me., July 

2i>. isl.i.' 
I'dizalicUi, and l''la\ins Emery nf Ne\\l)ur\', inl. Oil. X, 

18 Jo. 
I''lavius, of Newhurv, and Elizalielh Emery, inl. (Jet. y, 

Harriot, ami Henjamin Edwards, Oet. 2,i, ESJ-l.* 
Is.iae, and Sarah liu-uni, :\lav 1'', ISJl." 
John, and Mahitalile Grant, Apr. l.i, 1.S28.* 
Judith K., a. !'-» y., d. 'rho[nia].s and Mary, and William K. 

Gilinun, shoemaker, a. 1'' y., \i. New hnr\ jmrt. a. lewis 

and Alary J., int. June lo, 18-)''. 
Lucian Aliexander. int.], and Eli/a Stan"\vuod, Apr. — , 1828.* 
Lyilia Ann, and Samuel Durgin, May 1, 18. U* 
Alarv E., and josiah II. Tilton t'f Limerick, Me., im. Otl. 

5, l.SoO. 
Mar)- II., anil Rev. Samuel M. h^nierv of rorlland, Conn., 

int. Oct. 28, 1841. 
Muses II., and luiiih' E. Slanwoud of Newhuryjiort, inl. 

Eel). 1, 1S41. 
Nancy, and Auson [\V. inl.| Noyes, Nov. 0, 1824.* 
Nehemiah E., and Mary .Ann Wvatl, int. .Apr. 13, 1844. 
Nicholas, Capl., and Sarah RoLan-on, int. J.ui. 1<», 1822. 
Rufus K., and Alary Bradley, Dec. .^0, 1841.* 
Samuel Al., Rev., of Portland, Conn., and Alary II. I-^merv, 

int. Oct. 28. 1841. 
Sarah, and George Hosuin, .Ajir. 22, 1823.* 
Sarah jane, a. 21 y., d. Tho[ma]s and Alary, and Levis tL 

Earrington, shoen\aker, a. 20 y., s. Eben, ,Mav 1, 1845.* 

ENGLAND, Rime. .\., and .Marv A. I'raN , al ILtNerhiU, 

Sept. 14, 1842.* 
Lvdia, and JcjIui HuziU of Iia-t Kingston, N. IE, |une 4, 

Mary AL, and Erederick OlTuU of Ajueslniry, Nov. 15, 1830.* 
Stejihen J., Iiousejoiner, a. 24 y., s. John and Sarah IL, and 

Julia G. liailev, a. 24 v.,' d. Lriah and Julia, Oit. 7, 


'Inti'iuioii al.-o rc^iiriiid. 

58 \vi:si' Ni:\\in i;s' m \i;kia(,i:s 

ERVIN, Uavi.l, ul Hani|.Mr.ul, X, 11., l.iriiR-r, a. l.S y., ;,. 
l>.i\i.i !>., ami M.iin 1.. liuiluml. >,! liia.lloul, a. .vi > ., 
d. lu'iij|amiii| ami lulliiali. Apr. '», IMd. 

ESTALL, Sha.lrarL, .sli,,rinak.r, a. 41) \., I,. I'liuLunl, s. 
Janu■^ aiiil Cliarl.ilU, ami Riluica 'i'liMili', .M ui.,' a. 
.il v., h. l':nglaml, d. Jciliii Siiiitli, May Jl, IS-l'^* 

EVEREST, 'I'lionias 11., ami Mary Ann kimliall, IVl. l.S 

EWINS, Ann Merrill. (,| .Snnlli llamplon, N. 11., ami 
Jeremiah iJole iiartlel, inl. .\|ir. 11, 1,S_"). 

FALLS, William, and Alice P. Clillord ul" Newbury, inl 
SeiU. 17, \S.U. 

FARMER, Allreil, uf Salisbury, and Hannah Jane i'age, 
inl. Mar. 17, l,s,3J. 

FARNI-IAM, i:ii/,a H., and Dr. Asa Story wf Manchester 
Apr. _',■!, lS2,i* 

FARRINGTON, Abi-ail, and Jacob Morrill, int. Ai.r 

Ann, and (lorhani Hills, int. Apr. '>, l,S.i(). 
Daniel, and l.oui.-,a iM|atilda. c. k. 2.] Hrock, July 14, 1838.* 
Hannah H., and Mo^e.s Mor^e, jr., .Aul;. 25, 18.^5.* 
Lewis (i., shoemaker, a. 20 y.. s. KJien, and Sarah Jane 

Kniery, a. 21 y., d. Tholniajs and Mar), Mav I, ISLS.* 
.Mary, and Lewis (dinian, Oct. 21, 1824.* 
William li., and Martha Steven^, int. Nov. '), ISA'). 

FITTZ (see also Litz), Charles, ami Rebekah I', ^b,rse int 
Oct. 22, IS.H. 

FITZ (see also Fittz), Charle = , and Hannah H. Hartlett 

AuL'. 12. 1828.' 
Rebecca 1'., Mr.,. |\vi(l. int.|, and John Mor.-e, Dec. 7, 1835.* 
\Vill|ia!ni, and l'ri=u'lla Davis, N(jv. 15, 1821.* 

'hilLiul.iii aUu rcioratd 

\vi;sr Nic\vi;i;i<Y mai;kiai;i:s 5'> 

FLANDERS, James, ami Unia- (l.uxhidL'c, Apr. M), IS.'^* 
K. Kli.ialn-tll, of Suutli llain|iluii, N IL, aihl lluraliD 1'. 
Can-, int. Niiv. US, ISIS. 

FLOYD, Joseph, c)l N'cwliurv, bhcn-makL-r, \i. Newbury, aiul 
luiiiiLi- Ciiiuld, iiil. .May lb, ISl'). 

FOLLANSBEE, Al.i^'ail, an.l William Staekpcle ul AIMoii, 

Me., KeK. *), ISJ.r* 
Almira C, ami Walter R. Nuve-,, Ann,. 8, ISJ.i.* 
.\iiu.s M., ami b.irah Aiui Hale, Apr. (>, IS24.* 
liutler .M.bott, enmh maker, a. 1\ v., s. |nhn and Judith 
U.. ami Alma Hall IN.or, a. 1'/ y., d. i:hen|ezelr, de- 
ceased, and .\lma. i\uv. 4, ISld.* 
I.ihn Milton, and Jilioda S. Colbv, Oct. 7, 1S,;5.* 
Judith l;.. and John T. Cha-e, ,Mav IS, ISM .* 
Louisa IL, and Lurdvce Hill.,, June 2cS, ISIS.* 
Lue\ IJ., and Luther R. Chase, Feb. 24, 1839.* 
Lyd'ia, and John B. Parker, July 23, 1S25.* 
Laul H., and Eliza Ann Chase of Andoxer, int. Aug. 8, 1834. 
Samuel, and Susan S. Gould of Lofton, int. Apr. 2, 1844. 
Silas, aiul Elizabeth S. iMclvin,tr\-, Sept. 10, 1840.* 
Sonierby C, and iMar) Abby Wliillhr, June l.-i, 1843.* 
Ursula, and Samuel C'. iMowaii, .\uL^ 21, 1,S30.* 

FOLSOM, Hannah, il. Benjamin and .\bif,'ail, of Ejiping, 
N. IL, anil iJayid Sawyer, s. Alicah and Sarali, both 
deceased, 8 : lU m : 1835. c. i;. 3. 

FOOT (=ee also Loute), Caroline C, of ILiv, thill, ami War- 
ren (Jrdway, at Hayerhill, July 3, 1S34.* 

FOOTE ibee also Foot), Hiram, and Hannah Lane (Jane, 
int.] W. Cram, al Newbur) port, Dee. 1, 1836.* 

FOSS, Susan .Abigail, and William liiadley, jr., int. Apr. 
lo, 1836. 

FOSTER, Henry H., shoemaker, a. 27 y. [a. 13 y. int.|, b. 
Alerriniac, N. H , b. Iianiel 1'. ] l)a\ id. int.] and Catharine 
IS. int.], and L\'dia A. L'onnerL', a 17 \-. [b. Newbury, 
iul.], d. James' L. and Judith L., .May' 22, 1849.* 

'Inlenlioii alau icxiirdeJ. 

60 \vi;sT MWiiruv makimacks 

l''usii:i;, 1-ois, ;iiul Hen jaiiiiii I'cirson ul Nrwliurv, Dih . 4, 
IS JO.* 

FRENCH, Holli.s, ami Sarah Kciiiull, Mav S, 1S-|().* 
Mu>c> l'., of Ura.llor.i, and Anna W. liailcy, \u-. >(>. ISl'). 
[Au-. (I. r. K. l.|" 

FULLER, KdwarJ, ul DanvL-rs, and Lli/.a Afnn. inl.| Link-, 

Apr. 2J, LS-IU.* 
Janu's, jr., and I'.li/aLclli Nrntun uf NlwIhua [mrl, |an. 2, 

Mar), and ThcDilorf Hartlclt, :\\ir. _'l, ISJS.* 

GARDINER, Kmcrsun, and Marv liruwn, int. .\i)r. 5, 

GEORGE, Amos P., and C. Stanf.>rd, int. Apr. 2'), 

BetSfV, divorcL'd, a. 48 y., d. Austin, deCl'a^L■d, and Tiiumas 

Elliut, widr., farmer, a. 04 y., s. I'liolmajs, duicaMal, 

and Judith, Dec. ],?, 1845.* 
CalharinJ |S. int.], an<l Daniel Ilardv. Dec. 2, I8.i().+ 
Elizabeth, and Moses H. ("liase, Nov. '), l8,-!0. [Nov. 7. 

r. K. 2r 
Elizabeth A. F., of Haverhill, and William \V. Culby, int. 

No\-. 1, 1840. 
John, .md \'a-hti Corliss of Ila\erliill, int. Apr. !(>, 18_'5. 
iMuiain M., and lieiijaniin .MeKinstrv', No\ . 8, 18, JO * 
Raehel, uid., aiid James Smith, ,id', Oct. 2, 184J. [Dec. 

Susan C. H., e'f Salisbur\', and Iraneis K. lirown, int. Aug. 

12, 184i. 
Washin.L'ton G. L., shoemaker, a. 25 v., b. Salisbury, and 

Sarah A. ILmson, b. Hrentwe.ud, N. II., Apr. .^O^ 1848. 

GIDDINGS, William, of Newbury, and Mary N. Jae.|ucs, 
int. Aug. 1, 1840. 

GILMAN, Diantha .\., and William |one^, int. Aug. lO, 

Di.mthe .\nn, and Charles II. .Mien of ( leurgelown, int. 

Dee. 8, 18.i8. 

•Inttntiuli ;iL-(j iLCoriJeil. 

(111, MAN, Lewis, :iii(l Mai\ 1 an iiiL'ton, Oil. 21, IS2-I.* 
William !■;., shuL-iuakci, a. 1'' y., Ii. Ncwimrs pta I, s. Lewis 

aiul .NLiry J,, aiul Judilli K., Linn y, a. L' y.. d. riuilmals 

aiui ALuy, iiu. June lo, LSI'). 

GLINES, John, evmb maker, and Line V Harllelt, ALiv 11, 

GOODRIDGE, David L.,aud Su:,aii R. Currier ui iVcv.bury, 

nil. S^i>t. 1. 1837. 
Knuch, and Hannah M. C. Cha^e, Apr. 24, 1825.* 
Jo.seph, and .Mary Poeir, Sept. 2,), LS.iU.* 
Maria, and Muody Jaques, July 1.-!, 181').' 
Moses, and Sarah 1^ I'oveii of Haverhill |ol .Merrimac. 

p. K. .-i.l, iiil. Nov. 12, '1831. 
Susan, and Samuel \V. Smith, Sepl. (), 181') * 
Susan L., and Harllelt J. Currier |ol' i\'i a luiry. int.]. Mar. 

19, 182').* 
Svbill. and Nathan S. Lunt, Oct. 28, 1823.* 
U'nice, and James Flanders, .\pr. 311, 182^.* 

GOODWIN, Elizabeth, of Sahsbury, and William P. 

Morrill, int. Apr. lo, 1841. 
Hannah, of Ne\vbur^ port, and Jo-eph \'. Reed, June 13, 

Jacob, of .Amesbury, and Jane Smith, int. Nov. 1, 1845. 
Joanna, and John M. Tuke^burv of Newburvport, May 2'), 


GORDAN ^^ee also Cordon), Ceorge, au<l .Mar> S.iwyer, 
Dee. 2, 181'^.- 

GORDON (:,eealso Gordan), Ceorge li., and Mrs. Eliza T. 

Colley of Ei)ping, N. IL, int. Se|)t. 18, 1841. 
Joseph /.., xietualer, a. 1') y., b. (ieofrge] and .Mary S., and 

Vienna Rundlett of Gilmantoii, N. H.., a. 2o y., b. 

Cilmanloii, N. H., d. Josiah and Betsey, int. Julv 28, 


GOULD, Ann, and Joseph Roger,-, of Newbury, int. Sept. 
2U, L^2S. 

'Iiilcnliun aLu rcLuKkd. 

62 \\i;sT M:\vnukv maicki \(ii:s 

(iiiilD, luinirc, anil JuMph Moyil uf \i-\vliur\', bluH/makcr, 

h. Nc\vl)ur\, int. .\hi\ 1(>. isi';. 
(!i_'"ri;c'. iti Nc\vl)ur\', aii'l llciscs Dowikt, iiil. Sl'1>i. 17, 

Janice, and Marv Kent of Wu Ixiiv, iiil. Aur. IS, \S1'). 
Lois, anil I'trlcN' Ro.ucrs, Dec. 1,1, 'lS21.* 
I'hubL', and i'ranci.-. K. I'ilshury oi Newbury, June- ,S, 1.S2S.* 
Ri'ln-i-ca, and Jusciih Su-el uf Newbury, int. June 10, 1S43. 
Ruth, will,, ii. Newbury, and Samuel I'l". int,| Downer, 

shoemaker, ^, Daniel, Oct. lo, 1S4,S,* 
Su>an S,, of Ijoston, and Samuel I'dllansbec, int. :\\n. 2, 

'i'ri^tr.ini S,, .md .\iin.i I'erkins, int. No\ , \S, 1S2S. 
Willi.ini. and Nanev Downer of Newbury, inl, Apr. 21, l,s27, 
Wlillialm II., shoemaker, a. 20 y., s. \V|illia|ni and Naney, 

and Hannah M. Howard of Newburypuil, a. 17 y., b. 

Newbur\ [lort, d. Henj[ami|n and Hetsey, inl. July 7, 


GOWEN, Ezekiel, 2d m., shoemaker, a. 75 y., b. Kittery, 
Me., s. F../ekiel and Sarah, and Rachel Smith, od m., 
a. 76 y. [a. 70 y,, b. Newburv. int.], d. John and M. 
Cooper, Sept. 2, 1849. [Aug. 2. c. r. 2; Aug. 11. int. J* 

GRANT, Albert, and Clementine Kniery, May 12, \6Mi.* 
Hannah, of York, 2vle., and Moses Steven, int. .Aug. 15, 

Mahitable, and John ICniery, Apr. IJ, KS28.* 
Sally, Mrs., and Joseph W'.irthen uf Newbury, int, Auu, 5, 

Thomas, and l.ydia Corliss of .Xnusbury, int. .Aug. 2,^, 182''. 

GREEN, Mary Jane, a. 17 y,, b. Newbury, d. Eliphalet, 
deceased, and May, and Isaae Allen uf Newbury, 
shoemaker, a. 25 y., b. licjStawen, N. H., s. John and 
Sarah, of liuscawen, N. II,, .May IS, 1S45, 

GREENLEAF, Abiur, Capt, |jr, int,|, and Sophia Brown, 

Nuy. 1,^ 1S22,* 
Emilv .\,, of Bradford, and John li, 'i"ew k^l)ury, int. Oct, 7, 

Malhew II,, and l.ydia llosum,, ] .\ 18,51. * 

•liuci.liou aK.) rnualL-.l, 

WKsr Ni;\viiUKY .\iakri.\i;ks 63 

GREGG, lame- H., wiilr., of AkHilnivi, b, Mrdionl, and 
Mary H. liaiK-y, <l. Isaac, Oa. 1, I^'-IL* 

GRIFFIN, iJkiijamiii. int.] !■ . S . ol' Amolnirv, an.l Mary 

C. rill>l.urv, Scpl. l'», IS.i"'.* 
('alliariiic li., and AddiMin Hrwun, ] )n . 14, 1SJ7.* 
Dorcas, ui Cloiui-slcr, and t'apl. John 0>uhioiI, int. Jan. 10, 

Mary .Ann 1>., of (douccstcr, and Julin Cls,i.;ood, int. Ma> lU, 

KcliccLa. of New l)ur\]iort, and Jonathan Bntnian, int. 

Sept. -'(), KSi_'. 

CiROSVENOR, lalwin P., Dr., and Harriet W. Sanhorn of 
llaniplon Falls, N. II., int. .\u-. ,i, 184-1. 

HALE, Dani^l, jr., of Ro\vle\-, and l.xdia 1.. .Merrill, int. 

May 3, \^lb. 
Mar\- llhise. inl.|, of .\niesljure, antl William Smith |jr. 

'int. I, at IFiserhill, Apr. 2, 184.5.* 
Phebe, of K.xeter, N. H., and Wel.her E. Morse, int. Aug. 

15, 1S41). 
Sarah, and Cajit. l':iii)halet Emery, .\pr. 4, IcS^U.* 
S.;r.ili, 1). Xeuhury, tl. Stepluai, deceased, and I'lumer 

lUirpee, f.irmer, Nov. 2(), 1.S44.* 
Sarah .\nn, and Amos M. Follan^bee, A[)r. 6, 1S24.* 

HALL, AhiKail 1'., of Boscawen, N. II., and Thomas B. 

Wilson, ml. June 11, 1841. 
.Alma, of Bradford, and |Ca|)t. int.] Ebenezer I'oor, June LS, 

18.'!. 1'. R. 0.* 

HANSON, Caroline M., and Perley Ordway, June 4, 182.5.* 
S.irah .\., b. Brentwood, N. II., and Washington G. L. 

Cieor^e, ahoeniaker, a. 25 y., b. Sali.-burv, .Apr. 30, 


HARDY, .\nn N., and Joel R. .Mor.-^e, int. July 1, 1843. 
L'liarlotte .\., and .Auio.t C lle.ilh of .\mesburv, int. Sept. 

23, 1848. 
Dajiiel, and Catharine |S. int.) CJeor.t^e, Dec. 2, 183(1.* 

•Intcnuun ;ilsu iLLunkJ. 

()4 WLsi NLWiu'in M AKi;i \(.i:s 

IIakii'i, Cicor^'c i;. [a. l'> \. iiil.], ami Ri'Ijchu L. Noyt-h 

[a. 21 y. ini.l, An-. ID,' IS IS. c. u. _'.* 
Lauia M., and Nalliaii Sai-ciit, jr. uf liiailluid, iul, Nuv, 6, 


HARRINGTON, .\hci C, and Elizahdli X. Siniili, Out. 

24, 1S27.* 
Ahi-l C, and l.Mr>. iiU.| Sarah IL Hailry, Mar. 11. \SM.* 

HARVEY, I.ucinda V., of Bradfurd, a. 22 v., \,. UratllCrd, 
d. Jdhn and MchkalilL', and John (). lir.nui ul lirad- 
furd, shoi-niakcT, a. 1(> \'.,-li. Hradlord, .s. J(jna[lhan| 
and Mary tda-nry. .SL|it.' 2S, 1S4''. 

HAWES, Nancy !•;,, of WrL-ntham, and Rev. Benjamin 
(Jlirr, int. o'lI. 1(1, IS.vS. 

HEATH, Aclisah IJ., and William F. Slanuuod of Nrw- 

l)ur\ purl, int. .\ui;. 11, I.n.vI, 
Ainob L"., of ;\nR>liin \ , and (.'liarloltc A. ILinK, int. .^cpt. 

2.-;, 1S4S. 
Eunice, of Amcbbnry, and William Carr, jr., Dec. 5. IS.-il).* 
Kaac, of Ilam[)btcad, N. 11., aiul Eniiiia C. Jaqnes, .^|ir. '', 


HILL ^ aFo HilL^i, l.llianan W., of i'orllaiid. Me., and 
Eliza Bailey, Oct. 3, lS2tl.' 

HILLL'VRD, l.ncinda V., and Nathan Worlhen, Nov. 10, 

HILLS IMC aUo Hill), .\l,i-ail, ami Cdiadwich, 
hcc. 0, lS2,r* 

l':dnuind, I'Im]., and Jndith N. I'oor. .May S, 1S22.* 

Edward, jr., and Mary ('. Ordway, iiii. 'Mas 10, IS.M. 

Fann_\- .\yer, wid., a. (i.S y., Ii. ll:i\-crliill, d. — , deceased, 
and Stephen Nnye.s, widr., farmer, a 72 \., he NeV. - 
Bury, s. Ste|)hen,' dec eased, Oct. 11, JSl/.'' 

Fordvce, and i.onisa U. I'ollansbee, June 2S, lS2,-i.* 

Gcjrh'am, and Antise, May 11, lS.i2.* 

Ciorham, ami .\nn I'ariin^lon, int. .\pi . '', IS.-iCi. 

•Iiitciuion ,il.,u iccumU.I. \i:\viiL'i:v MARKi.vcr.s (),i 

llii 1 s. l.i-liLui, and Marv !•;. I'liiucw Dec. J5. IS l.S. p k. ').'' Ann, a. 2(i \-l >.,'.]. Ivlmlunld and Judilli N. I'., and 
l.oxLicH \V. I'vicr t.f liradlonl, _M"ni,, -In.r uHlrr, 
a. 2') \., I). Hia'dlord, >. Jo.iaii and l.Ndia C, Sepl. 1, 
Saiah ('., and Dr. l^aac HcmI, jail. JS, ISM).* 
■riioi.ia- and l'ann\ .\>ar >.! lla\ l-i liill, int. Jan. -1, lS_'i. 

HODGKINS, E., .,f W-wbury, and [lannah 1.. 11. 
H.dlLy, int. Nov. 4, 18.i5. 

HOGAN, Maiv .\nn McDonau-^li, and John lU-rrv, jr. of 
Harn^-t.acl, N. 11., I'cl,. 11. \SH.' 

HOGDEX, Janio, and Hannah .Marin Duckings of Ncw- 
linr_\ , inl. Nu\ . li). 1.'^ 17. 

HOOD, Lcunard S. [Wood, int.], of Bradford, and Mira 

.\d.iii.^,, Mar. \1. Lsj.i.* 

IIOPKI.NS, A., and Sarah \'. Dulivcr, Jan. .'(., 

Wilhani A., and Lydia liailey, Oct. 11, 18J7.* 

llOrKlNSON, Ann .Malihhi, of iira.hord, and William 

I' lladts, inl. .Ma\- 7, ISU,. 
Chark-5 W.,\.nd ALic'ail C. Da\i=, liith of Bradford. Oil. 

11, LSI.-;, c. k. _'. 

HORN, :Mar-ara W., of Neumarl.rl, X. 11., and JanifS 
-M. Ordwa) of Xrwliuryporl, Alil'. 1(>. 1~-H). 

IlOSUiM, EliLiilc/A'ir, and Mrs. Anna Trer^buy, OlI. 1H, 

George, ami Sarah I'^nicry, Ajjr. 11, 1^23.'' 

J.ydia, ajid Mathew II. (.Ireenleaf, Sept. l.i, 1S31.* 

Sarah, and I.-,aae IJnery, .May I'J, l^.S!.* 

Sarah Jlane. dup.|. a. 20 y.,' d. Gco|rgel and Sarah, and 

El)en[e/;elr C. liaile\-, bhoe manufacturer, a. JO y., s. 

Waller and -Mary 1'', May 11, 1S4S.* 

'llilihlioli ai.-u iLtuiiicd. 

(i() wisr Ni;\\r,i)i;v m \i(i<i \(;i':s 

HOWARD, llaiuiah M., ul Nrwl.urypoi t, a. 17 y., I,. Ncu- 
l)Ul_\ port, il. I>fjii|aiiii|ii anil lirbcv. and \\'|illia|in II. 
Ciiuilil, .slun'iuakfi-, a. JO \'., >. \\'jillia|iii ami Naiu\', 
ml. jul\ 7, l.s-jv. 

HOWE, I'lisalicth. .111,1 John Carr, J.m. 21, IS.iy.* 

HOYT, lict.-cy S., and John .Salami, im. July 1, lS,i'). 
n.iuiil C, and Naniy riuinnui", Oil. 17, l.Sj'i.* 
I), mid t'., .md Lydi.i Willi. inis, inl. I)ic. .i, 
Ilumplirv, ol llavuliill, .ind .Mire II. Saw vcr, inl. Jan. 20, 

Julm, and .\nii (.'. IJrown, at Hradfoid, .Sept. '), IS.-i''.* 
John, and Sarah M. Or.lw.iv, Sept. 21, KSk-i.* 
Maw I', and I ).mirr Procter N^'lbon, Nov. JO, lS4l). 

!■. K. .X 

HUDSON, Jonatlum, of .Xndoxer, woo! carder, a. 24 y., s. 
Jotin and Martha .Nhiriah, .iiid Mar\- .\im Kfimett, 
a. KS v., I>. i:nt;land, d. |olm ,iiid .Mari.i Iv., Oct. 20, 

HUNKINS, John |of Ilaxrrhill. inl.|. and .Marv .\niictte 

[M. I'arlton. inl.|, .\|a-, 21, KS.vv* 
Sarj^cmt, Idis., of 1 l,i\ crjnll, and Rcliccca Kicliardboii 

Noycs, int. July .-ill, 1,S2(). 

HUNTINGTON, Stephen, andM,iry J'oor, June 24, 1S24.* 

HUSE, l.ois S., uf Kin,^^ton, N. II., and Stepluii ('. Thiu- 
lov., int. I'd). 8, KS.vl. 

ll.SLEY, .Ann, ami liurrill, inl. Nov. 5, IS.?(.. 
Jonathan, and .Mary liuwley. Now 21, 1,S2I).* 
Pcahodv, and M.iry I'erkins of Seal. rook, N. H., int. .Mar. 

JAMESON, llezekiah, of liradford, and Jane liart- 

lett, inl, June 1, ISIS, 
Jane ]'., and William I', l.orinj;, June J, IS.M.* 

*liitcnli..ii als.. i.coi,Il.1 

\vi:.^T N'i;\\ i.ii;\ M \Ki.'i \(,i.:i 67 

JAQUES, AKm/.,i P., ami Alai\ Ann Harlku , al Nrwlnii v, 

Oct. MK \^A2/ 
Bi-tM-\ F.., a. 25 y., and Nathaniel C. Kinil.all of Luv.tll, 

inl. Oct. 15, IS48. 
Kmma C".. and l?aat' Heath <<\ llainiistcad, N. 11., Apr. '), 

Jane, and l.-^aac 'lliuniiisun. inl. Alar. 11, ISIII. 

Marv N., and \\ ilhaiii Ciiddint'.-^ of N'e\\liur\-, inl. Auj^'. 1, 

'Ks4t)., and Maria Goodrid-e, July I.i, LSl'J.* 

JEWETT, Al.i-ail, Mrs., and Klias Cook ul Newbnrvpurt, 
May _'(). \S2^.' 

JOHNSON, Thuinas, ami Hannah Murril, Au^. 2'), 1SJ4.* 

JOHNSTON, Kdward [of Charlestown. int.], and Judith 
B. Katun, July 6, KS.i2.' 

JONES, Abncr, and Eli,da li. Chadwick, May hs, 1S51.* 
Clarisa. and Aaron Parker of Bradford, ()ct. 4, 1852." 
Eliza, and Harrison G. O. Chase, Sept. S, lS5(i * 
Naiuy, a. 2.i y., b. \Vilniin,L;lon, d. Ji)na(thari| and Clarrisa, 
and Niles G. Parker of lla\erhill, bhue culler, a. 22 y., 
b. Bradford, ^. Nalh|anie|l and Meliilable C, , .\Iav\s, 
Sally, and Solomon H. Parker of Bradford, int. Nov. 13, 

' 1830. 
Susan, and Moses Stiles, at East Bradford, A' ay 4, 1839.* 
William, and Hiantha A. Ciilman, int. Am^. 1(), 1845. 

KELLEY (see al.o Kellv), James B., of llopkiiiton, N. II., 
ami Mary G. C"arr,'int. An.;;. 21, 1S17. 

KELLY (see alsu Kelleyi, Alfred 1)., of Chichester, N. IL, 
b. Philip C, of Aloultonlioro, and Abiirail, deceased, and 
Abiiiail B. Sawyer, wid. William, il. James Bean of 
Farmin.^ton, Me., and Hannali, 4 : 11 m : 1841. c. i;. 3. 

KENDRICK, Abigail, Mrs., and Samuel Dow of Plaistow, 
N. II., int. Nov. 12, 1821. 

'InlelUii.n al.-o rLLiadei]. 

68 WKSl' N'L\\liL'l;V M XRKIAOl.H 

KENNE'lT, Aim I'lizalu-lli, .i. 18 y., I>. Kn-laii.l, ,1. •lhw|nia|s 

anil IsihcHia, ami Jaiiir.-, (hioUil, laluirrr, a. 21 \.. Ii. 

I'li-laii.l, s^ \\'jillia|iii alMl Aiili, X.,\-. \2. KS-K).' 
Cliailiiltf, anil l''.lliri(hM' C'ddiur nl liawrliiil, int. July _', 

C'liailiillr -M|ar>. iiil.|, h. lui-laml, ,1. ■|'li.)|ina|s and R., 

anil C'lcorm' K,. (Jui.-lril, conil) maker, lj. ImiuLukI, s. 

\\|illia|m. Oil. 1, 1.^ Ir" 
Kli.-ahclli A., ami William Knutt, int. iKl. \I, 1844. 
Mary .\nn, a. 18 _\., Ii. lui^laii.l, d. John ami Maria. K,, 

anil Junatliati Ihidsun of .\mlo\rr, wool lardrr, a. 

14 \., s. John and Martha Mariah, Oct. 20, 1848.* 
Sarah, and lloUis French, May 8, 18l(J.^ 
William, and Frances Willi^i of .\ndovcr, inl, ,'<riii, ,>, 1,S42. 

KENNEY, Cuor-c W., and Olive Iv ]'a,^c, Dec. 11, 1,S42.* 
KENT, .Mary, of Newhury, ,ind Janie- (Jotild, int. .\pr. 18, 

KIEBOURN, Sarah Jane, and Josei)h Cheney, lioth of 
Newliiiry, Od. 10, l,S,i8. 

KIMBALL, Charles, and Lucn' Stanwood Uo'^er,, Aul^. 1'), 

lohn R., and Sarah IF Conm rlv, int. Sept. 14, 1844. 
Mary Ann, .md Idiomas IF I'.veretl, I'el,. 15, FX2n.'^ 
.Mar\- l;., ol Sanhornton, N, IF, and Joseph Morse, inl. 

.Mar. 8, 182.S. 
N'.ithaniel C, of Fowell, and iielsey F.. Ja'|Ues, a. 2,s y., 

int. Oct. FS, 1848. 
Selimla 4'., and Jolm \'. \ovi^, .Xii^. ", IS.-;2.' 
William farr, and S.dly RoL'er>, July II, 1824.* 

KINGSLEY, Alary J., of ISri-hlun, and Fhonias C. Mer- 
uin, inl. Alar. ,iU, FS45. 

KITTREDGE, Alfred, Esq. |of Bradford, inl.], and Marv 
F. Noyes, Ocl. 15, 18i2.* 

KNIGHT, All.erl IF, farmer, a. 21 y., b. Nc\vl)ury])ort, s. 
I'Almnml ami Hannah, and Mary 1^ Carr, a. 18 1-2 y., 
d. Moses and llann.ih |.M. dup.|, Sept. ..i, 1S48.* 

♦Intciiliua uImi reeiirdcil- 

WKST MWlil'KV M \l<kIA(;i:S ()') 

KNOTT, William, ami Klizahelh A. KciincU, ii.i. On. 12, 
IM I. 

LADD, Ami, 111 Ha\cihill, and Thomas li. Cliaso, inl. 
h.c. 11, lS-'_'. 

L.\NG, I.cnvL-ll v., and Klijalaih 1'. Klliot, Apr. 2, KS.55.* 

LANGLEV, Jdiiathun, and Mary Sawyer oi liradford, 
int. Apr. Id, 1^25. 

LAY, llcnry D., chaise maker, a. l-\ y., h. Cunnectitut, s. 
William' and Julia, and Esther Chase, a. 21 v., 1). Ee.i- 
min>tiT, d. .Metiiihur and Nancy, of Leominster, Apr. 
20, h'^-hs.* 

LEAVrr, Jonathan, and Al.i-ail Burrill, int. Au.l'. 31, 18J.?. 

LESLIE, .Marv Ann [Lester, c. K. l.], and RuLerl Wilkie, 

Sept. 19, fSol. (Sept. 18. c. i;. l.|" 
Sar.ih, and Robert Duncan, Sept. Ul, 1XJ5.* 

LEWIS, James, jr., of Lynn, and Maiinda Short, inl. Se[)t. 

Sarah, of New ljiir\-port , and John \'(alcntine. C.I:. 2.) 

Noyes, Oct. IS.'lS-vS.* 

LLLTLE, liet=eN, and Jo?hua bole of Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Amj. 2'), 1S.33.* 
EdnnuKl, jr., and Sally Sweetser of Reading,', int. Alar. 7, 

Eli/a A|nn. int.], ami Edward h'uller of Daiuers, Ajir. 2.\ 

Joseph i;.. and -Mars' Smith, Oct. S, LS22.* 
Mary ll.dc .md D.ivid RichardM.n, .\u,!,'. 24, 181'^* 
AKwer, S., farmer, a. 22 \., s. l.dmuiid, jr. and Sarah, and 

L\(lia M|errill. int.| Tenne\, a. 21 y., d. Sam|iu|l .ind 

.M'ar. L. 1'., Sept. 3, LSI').'- 
Otis, an. I Oalharine C. I'ooi. Apr. 12, 182').' 
Ruth 11. |.M. c. K. l.|, and I'aul I'hurlov,, 8>cpt. 15, LS.H." 
Sarah li., and .Mo^es G. Merrill of Andes er, Mc, Oct. 11, 


*InlLntiun alhu recorded. 

7l) \M:sr .Ni'WitrKV m \ui;i.\i;i:s 

1.1111,1.. .SicpliLii iM., ami Sarah L'ii.isi', May .id, l.S.i').* 

l.OCKE, Sallw >.[ Srahruuk, X. II., ami .Mus,. M. Ri,lg- 
\say, int. \o\\ J.S, l.K.i -1. 

LORING, William 1'., ami Jam.' V. Jaim.soii, Jum' .\ ISi-l.* 

LOVERING, Kliza .\., an<i Thuma^ S. Carlcton, Au-. l.i, 

1S4S. <■. u. 2* 
.Mary J.iiK-, a. 2-1 y., b. \r\v 1 laiiipsliiri.-, il. \\|illia|m and\, ul Now liam|isliiri-, ami Jamrs S. | I". iiiL,| 

Williams, iui.-liamlm.iii, a. J 4 y.. li. Ww llamii^hirc, s. 

l)cnj|ami|n ami llaniiali, vi New llanii/sliirc. Oa. 1'*. 

iiarah Jam.-, a. IS v., b. Raymoiul, N. IL, d. |ulin and .Sarah, 

111 kavmond.'N. 11.. and John O-.-nu.l, lurriir, a. 22 \.. 

6. John .md Mary -■\nn, of Lo\vl-11, Scpl. 25. IS4,=;.* 

LOW, Hannah I', li, and Kdward L). .\o\a.^,()a. IS, hS.iZ." 
JoM|di, ,imi Mcliil.ibh- G. Carr, at lira.lford, .Vpr. 11, \SM).* 

LUNT, Mar\- Ann, of NLwImrx', and Hanson (Jnlway, int. 

Dec. J7,'lS_"J. 
Nathan S., and Sybill Goodrid-e, Oct. 2.S, hS2,v* 
Sail\- Sonicrln, of N\wbiir\-, and .\nos I'oor, jr., int. Jan. 
'22, l.s.H.' 

MCKINSTRY, Hcnjamin, and Miriam M. tlcorge, Nov. S, 

Elizabeth S., and Silas Follan^bee, Sept. lu, Ls40.* 
Lydia T., and William Coojier. Dec. 24, 18.i5.* 

AL\N, Stillman, and\' Colnian of New biiryporl, int. 
Jul;,- 4, 1S2'J. 

MANNING, l)enj|ami|n \V., of lioston, and Emma C. Bailey, 
Now 27, LS.S'J.-^ 

IMARCll, Slepheii, of Haverhill, and .M.irv 1'. Short, int. 
Sci-l. 10, 1625. 

MARDEN, John, and Eunice IL Chase, Apr. IS, IS.^J.* 
'iuUuliuii ulbo rL-cufilcil. 


MARSM, CarnliiK- F. |ol lircnluood, N. II. int.|, a. 20 >., 
1). lircnlwoocl, N. H., il. (iiliiiaii aiul llanuah, of llrt.iil- 
woikI, N. II.. aiul kufus .\. CluiM,-, shuL'iu.iki-r, a. 11 y., 
I). l.i-imiin^UT, s. .MLil,i|)luir aiul\-, ol I.i.-oinin>,UT, 
May 14, IS-K).'' 

M.\R.S11.\LL, ii.'lM-v (». II., an. I William H.k hdlcr, Nov. 

Jo, KS4().' 
ClKi[rli.'is P., aiul Luiiicc .\. I'aikcr oi i,,n\(.ll, int. .Ma\ 7, 

Kli.:alji'tli P., anil Uanicl N. 1'. L'arlLlon, Juik- .', l.Sio.* 

MARSTON, I)avi>l H.. an.l .\iin C'Ikim', Ik-c. 2(1, l^.^O.* 

MAYTHAM (sc-c al=u M.iylluin/, 'I'liumas, an.l Sarah Ann 
Smith, Oct. 23 or 25, lS,i7.* 

MAYTHAN (,sL-cal..i Alavtham), Alarv, an.l William Willis, 
I)l-c. 1, 1S34. [Dec. is. i;. r. 2.]* ' 

MERRILL, Catharine H.. an.l Am.)^ CarlLt...n, Jan. 23, 

Labaii, and .Sar.ih liailcy, .Scpl. 23, IS]';.* 
Lydia E|mery. ial.|, and Juhn Vuuv, jr.. May l'^, 1825." 
L\dia 1.., and Uaiiifl Hale, ji'. ol Rowley, int. Mav .i, 1826. 
Ai.iM's (;., of ,\n.l..vcr, Mr., ami Sarah li. Link-', Oct. 11, 

Mo.cs C, an.l Mr^. Sarah 1). Cha.c, Apr. 17, 1S41. [1842. 

Mo.-,ir, (;., an.l iKihclla Smith vi Mcthucn, int. Julv 27, 

Sarah, an.l Stephen Chase of Pl.iistuw, N. IL, Apr. 5, 1819. 

MERWIN, Tluimas C, and Mary J. Kin.Lj^ley uf Pri-hlon, 
int. Mar. 31), 1S45. 

MOODY, Abi-ail, and Alfre.l H.,yiUun, int. .Mar. 24, 1832. 
lietiey N., a. 22 y., I). Nev.hurypurt, d. John ami Mary, 

and Joseph Ne\scll, lumlier merchant, a. 2o v., s. 

Moses and Sally, Oil. IS, 1S15.'' 
Eliza, ami Oliadiah Smith of New Ilamplun, X. II., Sept. 1, 


-liitLiilioii ..Im. ruL.a.lL-a. 

1 2 \\i:.-.i m:\\i;lkv MAKUiAiu.ri 

M(H'i)\, l.vili.i A[nu. int. I, a. J5 \ ., h. Nrwlmryixut , d. Jolin 
anil Mai". , aiitl la'wis 11. l)iili- of Knulcy, ^h'U- manu- 
fai'iurcr, a. ,iS y., I). l\i)\\K'\', .^. Mn.-r.-, and Mar}', ()[ 
KowIl'V, July d', 1S45.* 

SLiniucI, iif Nr\vl)iu\-|»iri, and Marlh.i I.. KoliiiiMin, inl. 
Mar. 8, lS,i4. 

MOORE, sec- Moorcs. 

MOORKS ibcc also^, Murrsi, Gilman, and Hannah 
Hills Ordway, Scjit. A, lS2,v* 

MOORIS (^UL■ aUo Mucrr^), Cliccnlcaf, and Mary I'uor ui 
r.raJlord, inl. M<iy >S, 1S_'I. 

MORES (sec also Moorcs), Joseph K., of Newhuiyi-urt, and 
Marlha Drdv, ay, int. Jan. 4, \i^3-\. 

AlORRIL I see also Morrill), Hannah., and 'I liomas Johnson, 
Auii. 29, ]Sl-i* 

MORRILL l.^ee aUo Morril), Jacol., and Ahii^ail Larrin-ton, 

inl. Apr. '). Knvv 
Mary, and I'ryc H. IJarncti of Lawrence, int. Apr. 22, iMkS. 
William 1'., and I'lli/.ahclh (lijodwin of Sali.~J)iirv, inl. Apr. 

lo. IS 11. 

MORRIN, Alar-arcl Ann, and Stephen Ilrown, Feh. 24, 

MORSE, Eliza Ann, and blephen lirown, jr., Mav 2(i, 

Hannah D., and James lirown, May 11, lS4.i.* 
Jacob \V., and I':iizaljeth liradley, Apr. 22, Ln4L |KS42. int.]" 
James M. |e)f Boston. inl.|, and Sarah C Sa\v\'er, .\pr. 7, 

Joel R., and Ann N. Hardv, int. Jnlv 1, 1S1.5. ■ 
John, and .\h>. Uehecea J'.' hit./ |\wd.'int.), Dee. 7, IS.S.T.* 
Jo.-eph, and -Mary li. Kimball of Sanbornton, N. H., inl. 

Mar. S, 1S2S.' 
Jo^hua C, of IVirtland, Me., and Judilh Worth, Dec. 2i, 


*Intenli..n al.,o reenrdccl. 

\m:si' Ni.wia kv m\i;ki.\i;i^ 73 

MiiKsi;, Lvdi.i, aiiil James Davi^, jr. oi llavirlnll, Mar. '2\ 

Mar\, ami Jo.-.luia .^tt■\■|.■ll^, int. Juur 15, IS.S.i. 
Maiv |. 111.," and kitluuil S. I'altni nl .\ mr.-lairx , iiil. .Apr. 

\2\ IS.vS. 
Al.uv I'., and N.illianicl H. Wliiuirr. .Sept. \2, 1829,* 
Mom-, and .\lr>. Uvi^cv i'.diR- n| N, u luuM h )i 1 , (),l. ,-iO, 

MiiM>, jr., and llannali li. I'.ii rini^hm, .Au.i;. 2.S, l,s,i5.' 1'.. ,ind (.'liarlc. liu.-., inl. Oct. 22, ISSl. 
WVbhrr E., and IMuIil- Hale ul J',.\eirr, N. 11., mt. Au^. 15, 
IS 10. 

MOULTON, Daniel E., of Georgetown, shoe manufac- 
turer, a. 27 y. |a. 2S y. inl,|, s. l)aniel and Diedaniia, 
and Reheeea [. Sawyer, a. 2,> v., d. David and Reliecea, 
Max 1, KM''.* 

ILmnah'.M., and lehabod 'riteomh, jr., Mar. .], 1830.* 

MOWAIT, Samuel C, and Ursula Follansbee, Au-. 24, 

MOYLAN, Tho|iiiajs E., tond) maker, li. I'lnglaud, and 
Julia Coniierly, int. Jan. 21), 18 |<). 

NELSON, Daniel, and Mrs. Elizabeth l.unl Taylor, Dec. 7, 

18.1 5. 1'. K. 8. 
Daniel I'rocter, and Mary Pearson lloyt, Nov. 30, 184U. 

!■. K. 8. 
Irene li., of Sacarajjpa, Me., and M. Ordway, 

int. Sept. 8, 1838. 

NEWELL (see a'lso Nouell), Joseph, lundier mercliant, a. 
2() \-., s. Moses and Sallv, and Detsey N. :\Ioodv, a. 22 
y..'b. Ne\vi>uryport, d. John and Mary, Oct. 23, 1845.* 

NICMOLS, Daniel, of Ame?burv, antl Marv Jane fiUbury, 

Dee. 25, 1827.* 
:Marv, and Ebenczer Boule\, June (,, 1822.* 
Fhebe, and Jo^epii G. Pearson, at Xev,bin\, Apr. 18, 1836. 

[May 14. int.j* 

*IntelUio]i alio recoided. 

74 WlCbl' NLWIUKV MAKKI \lll:S 

NORRIS, SamUL-l, and l.x.lia Cluialc of New hurvpurl, int. 

Waller, of lira.l'oial, an. I Mar-arel I. N.ive^, Nov. 1(,, 

NOIM'ON, I'li.'.al.elli, (,f Ne\sluirv|,oil, and J.inie:, 1 idler, 

jr., 2, ISIS.* 
.M.ii\ |.uie C, iif Newliui \ purl , and ive\. Henrs .\ni;nstU5 

"W'.uuinian, int. Dee. .'(., \S\2. 

NOWEl.L (see al.M) KeuelH, i'lnlip, and Mrs. .Anna Davii 
ul Cdoueesler, inl. Sept. <), IS.i'). 

NOYES, .\ddi.on li., tomb maker, a. 21 v., s. .\nson \V, and 

Naney, and Margaret 1'. Wortiien, a. 24 >■., Ii. .Vine^- 

liur\, d. Jusiah anil Mar\ , of .\niebljLiry, Nu\'. 20, 

Anson [\\ . int.], and Nanc}' Emery, Nov. 0, 1824.* 
Augusta K., and Benjamin H. Wilson, May (>, 1,S41.* 
Reisey. and John (\ Carr. Oet. S, 1821.* 
Danitl i'., ul New lji.n\-, slmemaker, a. 22 y., li. Newjjury, 

b. l)aniel and Sarah, and Jane N. lJa\is of Newhur)", 

a. 2il v.. I.. Newbur\-, d. ofixer, 1 »ee. 2,S, 1840. 
Edward 1)'., and H.innah 1'. li. I.</w, (Jet. 18, ISM .* 
Edwin W., eomi) maker, a. 22 \., s. l-^noeh and S.irali, ami 

Marv Ann liradlev, a. \') v., h. Emd.ind, d. W|illi.i|m, 

(leeeas,-d, .md Marv C, Ike. 21, iSKe* 
Elfameo .M , ^..nd) m,, ,i. 21) \., h. i). i:. ,ind i'olly li,, 

and k:niclnie |. Slanwood, a. 20 \.. d. Jo.^|epli|, de- 

eea~ed, and l'.!o;a, Oet. \l,. 18 15.* 
l'ord\ee III. inl,|, and Martha .\nn Chase, Sept. 24, 18.i5.* 
Il.uniali J., and 1 liomas Smith, int. Jul> 22, \S2(>. 
Jaeoo C, and L\dia K. Smith ol Newluirv, int. Ma\ 12, 

John \'., ami Selinda 4'. KimhidI, Aug. 0, 1832.* 
John \|alentine. e. R. 2.|, and Sarah Lewi-, (.f Ne\<. I)ur\ port, 

(kt. 18, 18,58.* 
jose|)h S., and Sarah H. llrown, .\pr. 2.S, 18^0." 
Margaret 1.. ami Waller Noi ris of Ura.lford. Nov. 2o, 1820.* 
Mar\ E.. and Alfred Kittred-r, i;Mp |of Ur.ulford, int,|, 

(Kt. 1.5. l,S,i2,* 
I\lar\ v., and Somerhy C. Nose-,, Oet. 13, 1827.' 

-iiitciUi.ili aka rcLunlei! 

wiosr Ni:uniii<\ ,m.\kkiac;i;s /,i 

Novis, I'.iikir, and Sar.ili I''.. W'ilsuu oi Ncwhuiyporl, int. 

No\. 1'), 1S4J. 
Rcl/Lvca 1,. |:i. 1\ V. inl.|, an. I (Ilmpkc Iv llanly |a. I') y. 

int. I, Au,^. iO,'lSl,S. c. k. !.*■ 
i\rl)(\ia kiLJiarilsi)!!, ami I'ais. Saimant lliinkiii.s til llavcr- 

iiill, int. jiil\- M). 1S_'(,, 
ivuiii M, R.. ami TluMna.-, Ni-Uon Cruinl)\ ul" ivnwlcy, int. 

I'rii. 2. ISJ.S. 
Sallv Ann, and Dudley H. WhiltiLT, Nov. JS, l.StO. 
Sarah Ji., ami Leonard liailey, Mar. 23, 1S2().* 
Somerhy C, and Mary li. i\'..\e>, Oct. 13, 1SJ7.* 
Stephen, widr., farmer, a. 12 y., b. Newhiiry, s. Stephen, 

ileeeased, and Faiin\' .Ayer Hills, wid., a. 65 \'., li. 

Haverhill, d. , deceased, Del. II, 1S47.'^ 

Stephen iMiiery, and 1,\ dia C)rd\va_\-, .Mar. li,* 
Thomas C, conib maker, a. 21 1-2 \., >. .\n.•^()n W. and 

N,ine\-, and Hannah Tenuey Uaile)', a. 2i y. [a. 2i> y. 

iiil,|,'d. Uriah and Julia G., May S, KSl').*' 
Waller R., and .Almira C. Follansbee, Au^. 8, 1S3J.* 
Wlillialni, jr., and I'hebe S. Hriekelt, Dec. ,i, IK-IO.* 

OBER, lienjamin. Rev., and Nancy V.. Hawes of Wrentham, 
int. Oct. 10, KS.55. 

ODIOKNE, James L. |s. John and Susan (Hoardman). 
1'. K. l.|, and I'jnuna .A. t'arr |d. (,'apt. Samuel and 
Kli/.abelh (Chase), f. K. l.|. May lo, l.S.i?." 

OFFUTT, Frederick, of Aniesburv, and .Mary M. England, 
Nov. 15, kS.U).' 

ORDWAY, Abigail [Mrs. int.|, and Joseph Riley, Feb. — , 

.Alfred, and Rebeckah L. Scril.ncr cjf Newbury, int. Dec. 27, 

.Anna M.iry, and iJaniel I'earson, int. Oct. IJ, FSJ3. 
('>rus K., farmer, a. 2S y., .^. lholm.i|- and i.\'dia, and 

Fvdia N. Dole, a. 27 v., d. l-:noch and .Martha, Oct. 2(>, 

1,'^^S * 

David, and Catharine C., int. .\ug. 12, ISMi. 
VAl/Ai, ami William Danforth, Nov. 2S, 1>^27.* 

Ml. until. 11 iiU.. rcc.r.Jeil. 

/() WIST NI.WllUIJV ^)AI:U1.\^,I^S 

Ounw w, I'raiucs I'.., and Orolif^rl \V. I'vlcr, .il lira.lfnrd, 

llaiuiali llili^, aiul (uliiiau Mi.orcs, S.-pt. ,\ ISli/ 

Hannah M., ami ^loM^ Can, Apr. 2,i, ISJ.S.'^ 

llan-oa, and Maiv Ann Lnnt of Nc\vLui\, iiil. |)ll-. 27, 

|aini-s .M., cif Nov, l)ur\ poll , and Alar^arrl \\\ Hum (d' 

Ncwniarl.rt, N. \l.'. An-. !(., ISIO. 
John, i>l .Niwljnrs, and Hannah C ha.-.c, inl. I-'lI). Id, \SM. 
loshna H., and Sarah J. Suihmcr, inl. ()(l. _'_', I.S,i(.. 
"kalliarinr |.Mr^, inl. |, "and Danic'l Silh.way, Jan. 7, KS,i2.* 
l.nlliii-, I'l Ni'\vlinr\, luililui'. a. _'_' )■., 1>. Nc\\liur\-, s. .Moses 

and i'lnniir, ol Ncwlmry, ami i.xaha I'a-r, ul Ncw- 

luM\, a. 21) y., I>. NcwluM)-, d. Stephen and Mai'v, oi 

Nc\vIhu\', .Vni;. 0, IS-ld. 
Lytlia, and Steplun l-'nicrN Noycs, Mar. l.i, lS,i(i.* 
Mariha, ami Jo.M-pli is.. Mores oi Neu ijnr\ purl , int. Jan. 4, 

Mary I'., and Kdward lliiis, jr., int. May Id, IS.M. 
Mary ^i., ami Jolm Saryenl, Det. 1, IS.i.x' 
Alerrili, and Aiiigail Ikiiliett, Get. — , IS2().'' 
.Mooil\-, and l^eixTca Ji. Davis, int. Sept. ID, IS,i6. 
Moseh Ai., and Irene IJ. Neisdii of Sa(arapp,i, Me., inl. 

Sept. S, KN>vS. 
Natlianiel, and Ann \V. ii.illoii, inl. .An;:. .S, 1S25. 
J'erlew antl e'aroline M. Han.M)n, Jnjie -1, 1825.* 
I'liebe, and Luther I'earsun, iiiL Ai)r. 17, 18o0. 
l\ufu^, and Susan C. llailes', MaN 7, IS-!''.* 
Sarah M., and John Hon t ,' Sept. '21, KS-li.+ 
Susan S., eif New liur\ port, and Mo-es Hurnliain, June 21, 


Tllo|nla|^ C;., I'anner, s. l^aae and Kli/.a, and Marliia I'ilii/.a- 

lielii. 1'. K.().| I'oor, d. Mo-es |Eljeiie/er. in peneil.| amJ 

Alma, June 27, 1.S14. [June 25. i'. k. ().|' 
'I'homas S., and lllizahetli M. Dutloii, int. Dee. 4, 1,S24. 
Waller, .ind S.doine 1>. Wentwoith (if Newlmrv, inl. |an. 24, 

Warren, and Caroline ti. I'oot of Haverhill, at llaxeihill, 

July A, IS.U.* 
William, and Sophia C. 4'enne>', July M, 182.S.* 

OSBORNK, Kiizaheth M., and Samuel Sylvester, int. 
Apr. ,-!(l, DS.-!1. 

M[UciUii)ii aUij reeunleil. 


OSGOOD, l.iliii, ami Alarv Ann li. (Irillin uf CIuucl-Ici , 

int. .M.a 1(1. l.S-'O. 
Iiihn, C.i\<[.. .iiul l>(iua^ (iiillin ol ( ;liiim-ln , inl. |.ui. Ill, 

JliIiii, tiirricr, a. 21 v., s. John .mil .\l.n\' Aim, of l.nwill, 

ami -Sarah Jane LoviTiii.^. a. IS \ . Ii. i;,is iikuuI, N. 11., 

.1. John and Sarah, of Raynioud.N. 11., Si'pt. 25, ISl.S.* 

PAGE, ll.iim.ih, an. I .Vllif,! I'aiimr ol S.ilibhuiy, int. 

.Mar. 17, IS.i'j. 
l.ydi.i, ol .\iuc.,liuiy, an.l B.irak Hia.^don, Juix- Id, IS-IO.* 
Lydia, ol .\l-\^\-, a. 20 y., 1). N'rwlmry, d. Stephen and 

M.u\-, of Xrwhury, and l.iillKr t)rd\va\-, of NewljLiry, 

IuUiIkt, a. 22 v., h. Xe\'. I)ur\, s.^ and lumiLC, 

of Nr\vhnr\-, Aui;. (., ISdo. 
Olive i:., and (Jeor-e W. Renney, Dec. 11, \Xi2.* 
Susan, of NewhurN'puit, ami kich.ird S. li.diey, Apr. 25, 


PAINE, Hetsev, Mrs., of Neu burs port, and Moses Morse, 
Oct. .ill, KS.U.* 

PALMER, Charles IL, and Lucy M. Toyen of Amesbury, 
int. Kov. 25, 1S43. 

PARKER, Aaron, of Bradford, and Clarisa Jones, Oct. 4, 

Abigail, Mrs, of Haverhill, and Dea. Mobcs lirown, int. 

\\ov. 2H. l,Si2. 
Amos. i;,-,.p, and .Mrs. Louisa S. ll.dch, bolh of Bradford, 

■ D, 1,S(7. r. k. 2. 
(Airolnu' \C. iul,|, .Mrs., ami Daniel llroik, jr., .Mar. l'>, 

ISU.^ li., .ind t'.iroline C'olcord, Dec. 2, IS.itl.^ 
LuniLc .\., .il Lowell, and Chalrle|s 1'. Mar^llall. inl. May 7, 

John II., and l.vdi.i lollan>lM',-, July 2.3, IS25.* 
JoM.ih W'., .md'LuL) IL, Md\ S, 1.S12. 
Niles O., of ll.iverhill, shoe culler, ,i. 22 \'., b. lir.idlord, s. 

Nathlaniejl anil Ak-hitable 0., and .Nancy Jones, a. 

2A )■., b. Wilmington, d. Jon.iltlKMil ,uid Clarris.i, 

May S, LSd').* 

*liUeiiliuii .iImi rnoiilni. 

78 wiiST Ni:wiiUKV makkiaci.s 

1'.\i;ki K, l^h.ul.i. aiul Ixwi.^ W . Smilli, int. All,!;. I'-*, \^\><. 
Solomon II., ol Jir.ulforil, aiul Sally Jones, inl. Nov. I,?, 

PATTEN, kiduir.l .S., of, ami Mary |an.- Morse, 

int. Apr. 12, IS.iS. 
Willis, ui .\nR■^lJury, ami C'larrisa i'. I'li'sscN', inl. |iinc 1, 


PEARSON, Benjamin, ul Ncwluirv, and Lois Foster, Dec. 

4, 1S21)." 
Daniel, and Anna Mary Ordway, int. Oct. 12, l.S,^,5. 
Jo>e|)li C, and Phelic Nicln)ls, at Newbury, Apr. 18, IS.U). 
Luther, and IMielie Ordway, int. Apr. 17, LS.iO. 
ALiry, ol Newhury, and Amos I'oor, int. \uii. I, 18.>_'. 
Susan P., and Loren.'.o D. Stevens, int. Apr. 10, 1845. 
Tappan, of Newlmry, and Martha 4". I'oor, Sejit. 11, 18,i0.* 
William M. (N. int.j, and Lli/.aheth I'erkins, J.ui. lU, 1828.* 

PERKINS, Anna, and 44iblram S. Gould, int. Nov. 15, 

Elizabeth, and \\41liam M. |N. int.| Pearson, Jan. 10, 1828.* 
Jane, and Greenleaf Koy;ers of Newdjury, int. July 2, 1825. 
Maria E., and Daniel Rogers of Newljury, int. .\Ia\' 2. 18. U. 
Mary, of Seabruok, N. H., and I'eabody lislev, int. Mar. 20, 

■18.-; 5. 

PERRY, Josei)h, and Caroline Ro^e-rs of Newluiry, int. 
Dec. 1, 185(1. 

PHELPS, I'lielH-, ol .\ndover, ,ind S.imuel ddinrlow, Nov. 
i:. 182 7.* 

PILLSBURY (see aKo I'ilslmry), Hannah W., of Gliarles- 
loun, ,md John C. Cirr, inl. IMi. 1'', 1857. 

Mar\- (", ,ind H|enj.imin. inl.| I''. S. (irirfin of .\inesbuiy, 
Sept. I'), 185'),* 

PILSBURY (see al.M) rill>bury), Alfred, and Sally Pil.s- 
burv of Newdjuryport, int. Jan. 18, 1825. 

Betsey, and Jidui E. [G. int.] Whittier of Bradford, May 20, 

Miileiiliuri al>o neunKd. 

\\i.>T m;\vi;l:i;v MAi;iaAc.i: 


ru.siUKN, I'li/Li Ann, I'l Anusliurs , and Muses lirown, .id, 

int. 1, \^21. 
Fruneis R., of Newbury, and 1'IrIk- (u.uld, June .S, ISJS.*, and IcwcU Rogers u( New l.ur\', inl. Nov. 17, 1S27. 
Judilh. an.l )."[nu'^ C. l"h.i.-c, .M.iv .■!0, KSJ 1. 
iMary Jane, and D.uiirl Nii liol:- (,|" Anirshur) , Doc. 15, 1S27.* 
.Sallv, <jl .\'cul)ur\ poit, .md Allud I'iL-lnirv, inl. J. in. 18, 


Susan, and d'lunnas Puur, Apr. -, 1820. [yi.-i)t. 2.i, !S2(). 

PINKHAM, l.L', and Marv M. Hirkfurd, hotli ul Dcrrv, 
.V. II., Ort. 8, KS37. 

PLACE, Indilh S., .Mr>., and 'llioinas SinitJi, .it Hradl'unl, 

Ni)v."2.S, 18,^';." 
Wlillialin II., lalHii-L-r, a. J.i y., L. NL-v.lniryperl, s. \V|illi.ijin 

and jmlilh, dcCL.isi-il, and Martha iJuwncr of Ncw- 

ijiiry |(>f Wrst Nu\vl)nry. int.|, a. 27 v., d. l)an|ic|i and 

Jud'ith, Oct. 27, IS-lo.* 

PLUMMER, liilm L., and loanna Ro-vrs, int. May I^, 

Nancy, and D.inicl C. ll.iyi, Oa. 17, 1822.* 

POOL, J.inu-5 1)., and Nancy 1». liurrill, I'ci,, 28, 18.i8.* 

POOR, AhiL'ail, a. 31 v., d. Stephen and llannali, and John 

1. t'lia-e, uidr., conili maker, a. ,i.i v.. h. New kmrypnrt , 

s. Nath.m and Betsey, ,\ui;. 12, 18-17.* 
Alma Hall, a. 1'^ v., d.' Ehen|e.:e|r, deevased, and Alma, 

and lUitler .Aldjolt I'olkinsljee, eondi jnaker, -a. 21 y., 

s. John and Jmlith li., Nov. 4, KS-lo.* 
Amos, and Mary i'earson <.)f Newliury, inl. .Ati^'. 4, 18.-i2. 
Ainus, jr., and Sail}' Kiinirs, int. .\pr. 8, 18,57. 
Anus, jr., and Sall\' Somerbv Lunt of Newlmrv, inl. Jan. 

22, 18.51. 
Catharine ('.., and Otis Little, A|ir. 12, 182<).* 
Lbene.'.er |(\ipt. int.], and .\lnni Ila1l |of liraiHord. int.), 

June 1,^. 1821. p. i;. ().* 
John, jr., and L\(lia E|merv. int.| .Merrill, Ma\- 1'^ 182.S.* 
judilh N., and Ldinund Ililis, I•:^<p, May 8, 1822.* 

♦luiL-nliuii ;iIm> rforileil. 

St) \vi:si M.wiirKV mai<i;i \i;i;s 

l'o..i;, Manila Ann, ;i. 11 y.. .L anJ M., .in.l 
Wairi'n C'lui-c of l'lai>l..\v, X. II.. farmer, li. I'laisl'.u, 
N.Il,, ^. SU'iiliLii aihl Sar.ih, int. .Apr. 7, 1S4''. i Warrni 
C' ilicil lu'lorc tlir niarria^^e ul llic ])artier,.) 

Manila \i., d. .Mu.-,cs |1';1ii.iu.-:it in pciRil.l ami :\lnia, ami 
■rho|m:M^ <■!• ('rtl\va\. farmer, >. l>aai- anil l-'.li. a, 
June 11, 1S4-I.* 

.Martha T., an^l Tajipan I'earson of Keuburv, Sept. 11, 

Mar\-, of Bradford, and tircenleaf Mooris int. .Ma> 8, ISil. 

.Mary, and Steijheu Iiuntimj;lun, June 21, US2-1.'' 

JNlary, and Joseph Goodridge, Sept. 1.^. \SM):'" 

JNIary L., and Maj. Samuel Tenne\, Xo\. 1,^, 1821.* 

Reheeca, and IIumphr\' liur^iei. .\ii;j. ,>, 1S2().* 

'I', and Su.-,an I'ilslmry, .\pr. -, 1820. [Sept. l.\ 1820. 

William, of Haverhill, and Hannah Snnlh, July J, 1821.' 

POYEN, Lucv -M., of .-\nie,.liurv, and Charks H. Palmer, 

int. .\o\'. 2.S, 1845. 
Sarah K., of Haverhill [of Merrimae. r. i;. ,i.|, ami .\lo-es 

t.i..udrid-e, int. Nov. 12, 18,U. 

PR.'VY, .Marv .v., and Janiei .X. Kn-land, at Haverhill, 
Sepit. 14, 1842.' 

PREBBLE, Charles, and .U.i-ail Hrown, .Mar. 1'), Ks4ii.* 
Reljee.a, 2d m., a. .51 \-., l.i. luii;lan(l, d. John Siiiilh, ,ind 

Shadraek Kbtall, bliueUiaker', a. 40 v., b. En;,'land, i. 

Janus and Charlotte, May 21, 184M.* 

PRESSEY, .\lvira, and J()>eph I.., inl. Sept. 1, 18 57. 
.\nna, .Mr.-^., ,ind i:i,en|e/,e|r ilo.■^um, ( )ii . 28, 18,5.S.* 
Clarri-.i C, and \\illi> I'ancn of .\me>l)urs'. inl. Junt' 1, 

1 84 1 . 
Jo.-eph, .ind S.irah Smith, Oct. 28, 1842.* 

QUESTED, Ellen, a. 19 y., h. Kn-land, d. William and 

-\nn, and Henry Youn;,', ^hoem.iker, I*, hni'laml, :^. 

William, int. Ott'. (), lS4'k 
Ceorj^e R., eonih maker, b. i;n.i,d.ind, h. U'(illia!m. and 

lotte Mlary. int,| Reiiiietl, b. En,L;land, d. 4 liolma]:. 

and R., Oct. 4, 184,S.* ,il-u u-Lur.lcd. 

\\i;si' NE\vi;rK\ makkiAi:i:.s SI 

Ql'Iistkd, JaiiU'S, l;ilj(irri-, ;i. JJ v., 1". I'.ii.^, s. \\|illi,i |iii 
;inil Aim, ami Aim Mli/abctli Rnuuit, a. IS y., Ij. I''n;^^ 
laiKl, a. rii.i|iua|.s an.l RcluLCa, Nov. 1^, 1S4().* 

Maria, a. IS \-., h. Kiiulaml, il. Wlilliajii] and Ann, and 
(Iforgc S. Ciiopcr of I la\ n hill, laiiu-ntcr, a. 2,5 v., I). 
Anii>l)urv, s. Jo.^iali and Sophia, l)i\. 2\, 1S-1(). 

William ll'^., ji. inl.|, slioi.nial.iT, a. 21 \., h. I'ai^ijaiul, s. 
William, ami Maiv\, .i. ll\.. I.. I r. I.iiid,, d. 
John, .Sc|.t. , ISl'). IScpi. 21). r. k. 2.1' 

QUIMBY, Sarah [.Mrs. inl.|, an.) Edward I'.mcry, Mar. (i, 

RAND, Hannah |1>. int.], and Jon.illian Curtis [Corliss. 
int. and .'. i:. l.j, J. in. -, 1S27." 

RANDALL, Jk-i.sry, and Wadlci-h Davis, Nov. '), 1S2(I.* 
r^hirv, and Btujamin Smith ol Niwinirs', int. May 21, 

'IS4.^. lluiiL- 1(1, diip.l 
Mary, .Mrs., and Nathaniel Klliot, Feb. 2", 1S44.* 

REF.D, Josijih \'., and Hannah Goodwin ol Ncv, l)Ur\ port, 
June Ij, 1^41.''• 

RICHARDSON, Abigail, and Paul Bailey, Sept. 2, ISl'J.^ 
Jiclinda D., and Kbenezer Tasker, late oi ()ssi[iee, N. H., 

int. Oft. 2i, 1S42. 
Helinda 1 1., and William d'asker, widr., trader, Ij. liartlelt, 

N, IL, June 2,S, IS 14.' 
David, and .Mar\ Il.ile Little, Au-. 24, ISl'). [Sept. 2. 

e. K. i.r 

Elizabeth (A. inl.|, and William d'asker. Dee. 2.i, 1S4L* 

John, and La\iiiia Haile\, \unv Id, ISl'),' C., and lianiiaii .M. liartlelt ol Lowell, int. Jan. (i, 

Nane\-, of New bui \'porl, ami S.iiiuiel Caileton, .\ug. 4, 


RICKER, Joseph L,, and Alvira Lressey. int. Sept. L LS.57. 

RIDGW'AY, Moses M., and Sallv J.oeke of Seabruiik, 
N. IL, int. Nov. 25, LS.LL 

'InUiilioii alsii rceorJeil. 

82 WKSi KKWiiiiKV M.\i;Ki.u;rs 

RILEV, loscpli, and [Mrs. int.| Aiii-.iil Onlwav, Fch. — , 

RISK, William [Kirk. c. r. I.|, ami Sarah 'J'lioiiias, Jul) .i, 

ROBBINS, Ahhv R., vi Amcsl.urv, an.l Amos V., 
Junr 4, Ks-l.v'-^ 

ROBINSON, Martha 1.., and Saimirl MocmIv uf Nrwl.ury- 

port, int. Mar. S, KS.vl. 
Alary, of Hrciitwooil, N. II., and I hoinas 1'. ko,ma>, ml. Jan. 

27, KS21. 
Sar.ih, and C'apl. Nicholas lancry, inl. Jan. 1'^, 1S.'_', 

ROGERS, Ahi-ail, and KhinfZLr lirown, Nov, 2, IS.vS.* 
Arthur, carpenter, a. 21 y., s. Sam|iR-|l, jr. and \\. R. C, 

and Ahliy I'. TeniU'V, a. 10 \., d. , di-ct-abcd, Oct. '), 

BetscN', of NculnuN, ami l-dhridL'c Tfrincx', iid. June 1, 

Iklsey, and Rufus liarras, Nov. 2, lS,-i5.* 
Calvin, and Jdi/alicth R. RoLicrs, int. June (i, Ks.i7. 
Caroline, oi Ne\vhur_\', and Joseph l'err\', int. LU'C. 1, KS.iO. 
Charles, anti Louisa Uo.L^ers," int . Apr. 21, hs.i8. 
Daniel, of Newliury, and Maria V.. Perkins, int. May 2, 

Deborah, anil Samuel Chase of Portland, Me., Nov. H), 

KlhridL'e C., and Lydia .Atkinson vi Ne\\liur\, int. .May 21, 

Elizalieth, of Ne\\lnir\', and Wdlliani l.)ockini;s, iid. lune 9, 

Kli/.aketh R., ami CaKiii Rol'c r.5, inl. June (i, I8.i7. 
luiiiiee C, ()[ Neubur)', and Samuel Stii\', jr., inl. 

\u'j. !(., 1821. 
Cireeideal, ui Newbury, and Jane Perkins, int. Jul} 2, 1825. 
llirain, and Jidia A. Davis, Uet. 2o, 184.-;.* 
lewetl, of Ne\\bur\-, and Hannah I'ild.uiv, int. Nov. 17, 

Joanna, and John L. I'lumnur, inl. i\lay 1'', 1821. 
j.e-,eph, of Nev.bury, and .Vnn Geiuld, in't. Sept. 21), 1828. 

*liiltnuun .cl:o retiirdud. 

WIS I M.w liL'KV M \Ki;i.\(,i s ^.■) 

RocFKS, JuM'i.h i;,, and Jiulith S. CIuim-. May 25, ISi'). 

laiuisa, aiiil C"liarK-> R.),Lii.-r^, iiil. Apr. 21, l.S.v"!. 

Liu-v SlaiiwaHicl. ami Charles KiiiiLall, Aul'. \'>. KM''.* 

l.uliur. Dr., of I'lUilaiid, i\U., ami llaiiiiali UaiKy, int. 
luiiL' 1, IS.M. 

.Mai.iiaia 1 Ami, nl Ni.-wliui-\ , a. 1') > ., b. Nrw liury, d. JiisK-i)li| 
(i., (if Ni'wliuis-, and Idin ('. Smith, nf Newbury, sIml'- 
niaktT, a. 22 v., !>. Niwbnry, A|ii. l.S, lS-18. 

Marv JlaiK'. inl.], uf Ncwlmrv, and l.ullirr 'rrnnL'V, May 2, 


\\vW-\. and l.ois Could, Dcl. 1.-;, 1,S21.' 

Sally," and William C'arr Kindiall, Jid>' 11, 1S2-1.* 

Sallv, and Amo^. I'oor, jr., inl. .\|ir. ,s, |,S.-i7. 

SaiiiuL-l, jr., and Kli/a R. C', Dec. 22, IS2.V* 

Sarah, and CaKl. M. Wnudmaii, Apr. S, IM').* 

Sarah 11., ul' Ne\\l.ur\, ami Rulus II. C'li.isi', inl. Aii^'. .il, 

Sarah Jane, of Newhurv, ami Andrew L. Tarhu.x, int. Dec. 

20, IS.U. 
'llnnnas P., and .Mary Kohinsuii ol Brentwood, N. H., int. 

Jan. 27, 1S21. 
Warren, and Harriet J. Sawyer o( Neuburv, int. Mar. 4, 


ROW'ELL, iietsev, of NoUin,L;ham, N. II., and Elbrid.ue 
c;. \uuuis., ini. Oct. 20, 1814, 

RUDDOCK, Charles, shoemaker, a. 27 v., b. Englaiul, s. 
|ohn and Mary, of Eiit;land, and Charlotte Brock, 
a. 18 y., b. England, d. Daniel and Eunice, Jan. 29, 1848.* 

Thomas, anti S.irah Stevens, No\'. 28, 1833.* 

RUNDLETT, Vienna, of Cilmanlon, N. II., a. 2(. y., b. 
(lilmanton, N. IE, d. Jo.d.di and lieC-ey, and Josei)h Z. 
Cordon, \iclualer, a. 2'' )., s. Ceo|rge| aJid Mary S., 
int. July 28, 184'>. 

SANBORN, Harriet W'., of Hampton VaW., N. H., and Dr. 

halwin 1'. (ho^venor, int. Ami. .>, 1841. 

SARCiENT (see also Seargeant), John, and Mary U. 
()rdwa\, Oct. 1, 1835.* 

Mnunliiin al;.u ircordtil. 

J>4 Ni';uHri;\ m aikiadks 

S \i;i,i;ni\ John, ,iiul li, Im) S. lloyt, inl. jul\' 1, 1 SS')^ 
Nathan, jr., ol lliailfoul, ami Laura Al. Haul), inl. Ndv. (>, 

SAWYER, .\l)i,-ail H., ui,!. William, (1. JanK--, ni 

h"armin,mon, Mo., ami ilanuah, ami .\llrc.l I'. Kriiy 

ui I'hirhestL-r, N. II., -, l'liili|i (',, of Mouhonlioi o, ami 

.M.i-ail, iluci-asL-tl, I ; II m : 1J<I1. c. k. A. 
Alice U.,\m(i Iliimpluv llo\i of Haverhill, iiil. J in. .'(), KSJ7. 
Cliarles li., ami .M.ii^ail .S. |l'. e. r. 1.\ JiriLkett, Apr. 25, 

I\i\id. s. Alicah ami .Sar.ih, an. I ReliKali Curlier, .1. David 

am! Alii-ail, of .\nud.ui\, \1 : Id ni : hSJd. i . u. ,i. 
I)a\ia, ^. -Micali an.l Sarah, hoili direar-ed, and Hannah 

h', d. lienjandn an. I .\liiL;ail, .it I'lipiiiL', Xll., 

S : Id m ; IS.i.S. c. u. ,v 
I'di. ,1 H.. and John e'urrier of .\nie.-,l)Ui >, Ocl. Id, IS.iO.'^ 
Harriet |., of Ne\\l)ur\', and Warren Ko.^ers, inl. -Mar. -I, 

|ohn, ami Nancv H. Currier of Xewhury, inl. .Apr. 6, 18.->''. 
Alary, ami Ceor'i^e, Dee. .', ISI').' 
AIar\, of Bradford, .md Jonathan Lantdew inl. A[)v. \(>, 

Uclieeea J., a. -'.i y., d. l)a\ id and Reheeca. an.l Daniel E. 

lAIoidUm of Cieorj,'eto\\ n, shoe maiuifael urer, a, 27 y. 

[a. i.S y. int. I, s. Dani.'l and Die.lamia, Ala> 1, 184'). '^ 
Riehard, and Alarv W. Dnr^in, \\n. M). 18J4.*' 
Sarah C., and Jame= Al. Alor-,e |of lio^lun. inl.|, Apr. 7, 

Thunias C, of .Aniesliur\', hlachr^nuth, a. -'4 v., b. Newburs', 

.s. .Moses and Abi-ai'l, ,ind i'riseilla W. Sill. .way, .i. 21 y., 

.1. Dani. I ami Nam>', int. De. . 8, 18|i>. 

SCRIBNEI^ Rel.eil.ah 1.., ..I Neuliury, ami Ailie.l Oi.l- 

way, inl. 1 »ec. 21 , IS.i 1. 
Sarah J., and Joshua 11. Or.lway, int. Oct. 22, 1S,50. 

SEARGEANT (sec aLo Sai-ent),, jr., .jI Amesbury, 
and Ann Bailey, int. N'<iv. 11, \S2(>. 

SHEPHERD, Geor,:.;e |of New L.)nil..n, N. H. int.|, and 
Abiu'ail Chadv.iek |\vi.l. inl.|, June 17, 18Ji." 

Mnl.-nliun al,.. 

\\ i:ST M'wiiiuv M AKiii \(;i:s 85 

SHORT, Acli-ah, and |,iculi (I Dv.inrllv ,,f Anusliurv, int. 

.\|H. 13, \SM. 
AU-x.imler, ami I'nllv II. |.\l. c i;. 1,| Carlton, N,,v. .i, IS.-ll.' 
.\nio-, !■;., ami Mar\' M. Worlli, .Mar. IS, IS.vl.' 
Ani.i^ i:,, an. I \\>\>\ k. ui .\iiK>lMir\-, June 1, 

Danirl H., and Diana i'. Hlaisd. II, ,it Haverhill, Ajn. 11, 

ISl v' 
Judith j., and I'diiumd k. Colby, Jul\' 1(), l.S.i/.'' 
.Malnida, ami Janir^ l.iui.^, jr. ui l.\nn, int. ,Sc|il. Jl, 1S2.S. 
Mai\ 1'., amrSliplR-n AlarJi ol liavrihill, inl. Si'iil. 10, 

'is 25. 
.Su.-.uin.ih S,, .1. 12 v., d. Isaac and |uditli, and iii.'-r|ih 

Williams, shutnialur, ,i. 11 \ ., 1 ". kin-slon, N . 11., 

-. Ill|in| and 11. inn, ill, int.' Nov. l.i, lS-1'). 

SILLOWAY, .Vldiic C, and W.incii K. K.dlrv, Od. (., 1S4_'.* 
Daniul, and [.Mr-. iiil.| Kalliaiinc Ordwa) , Jan. 7, IS.-i.'.'' 
rrisLill.i \\ ., a. 11 y.. <l. Haiiicl and NaiK>, ami 'rinniias 
C. Sau\cr ol .\'\-, lihiLk^init h, a.' 24 v., h. Nrw- 
l)ur>, b.' Mo^cs and AluVsiil, int. Dec. S, 1S4'>. 
S.uah k., .iiid l.-.iac .M. Weed ul .Xniesluirv, inl. Dec. 15, 
IS 17. 

SAlll.EY, William, of .Anu-.-Luirv, and Lvdia E. Coflm, 
inl. Nov. 14, IS.vS. 

SMITH, Adedine P., and Iluialio 'I'real, inl. Nov. 14, 1840. 

Amos, and Sarah 1>uIl-, May 1'^ 1S51.* 

lu'iijainin, of Nr\\liui\, ,iiid .Mi.-,. M.irv kandill, inl. |nnc 

'id. ISd.i. |.M,iv 2l'. du|.,| 
D.iniol 11., .iiid I InirlolU- C. [E. inl.| liaiUy, -May ';, ISll.* 
Ua\id. ol Nculiurvporl, and Einilv liaih-v, inl. leh. 11, 
I::ii/;al.elh N., and Alal C. llarrin^lon, On. 24, \S17.* 
Enoch, and kulh ( lla^c, Oct. S, 1826.* 
Hannah, and William I'.ior of Haverhill, |nlv .\ KS21.* 
llannah K. \\'.. .i. 22 v., d. Moms ami Marv Ann, and 

t;cor'_;c !■■. Colcord.'comh mafcr, a. 15 v., I'i. Kiimslon, 

N. IE, s. I'ct.r and Evdi.i, Ocl. 14, ES47.' 
Isabella, of .Melhuen, and .Mo,es Ci. .Mtrrill, int. Julv 27, 

IS 14. 

♦Inlnilinn al-,u reumk.l. 


W 1-Sl M.W 111 KV M \Rl<lA^;i;S 

.Smuii, J;iiik-s, .h1, ami ('alh.uiiif Walker, inl. Sept. 11, \^^'). 
I.imes, 3.1, aiul wid. Ra. lul Ccnyj^-. Oct. 2, \S42 lliee 

]ai\c, aiul Jacob G'UHJwiii ui .\iinhl)ur\-, iiil. Xi)\ . 1, ISJS. 
Julin C, 1)1" !\\\\i)ui >', shoeiii.ikcT, a. _'_' _\-., h. Ni.\\ Lui \-, ami 
.Mar^.irel Aim l\i)L,'Li^ nl Ne\\i)ur\, a. 1'' \-., li. New- 
burv, d. J.l^lL■|)ll| (i., ill Ncv.luirv, A|>r. 15, i84S. 
Lewis \V,, and Rlu.da I'aikrr, inl. .\u,l!. 1'), 1,^4.S. 
Lvdia K., n[ Neuluirv, an. I Jaeuh ('. ^^)\e^, inl M.iv IJ, 

l.v.lia W., and J(.>e|)ii kMuai d-, Au-. 5, l.SiS.* 
Mary, and Ju-epli H. l.illie, (»lI, S. ]S22.' 
.Mary J., d. ldio|in.i|h ,ind il.mnali. .md llioiuiah W. Slit k- 

ne> , iiMduailier, I). Hi,.dl..rd, [iiiie _', jSll.' 
.Mars \V., ,1. -',■; >., Ii. Hu>l,.n. I'.ni, d. John .ind Jane, of 
Ne\vlnir\', and Willi. iiii {•. Sleveii-., imdw aiiier, a 
22 v., s.'\V|illia|in and Harriet, .\lav 11, l.SiS.*- 
Mose^. .iml Marv -\nn H.dle\-, Oet. 17,' 1S22.' 
'Jh.idiah, ot Ne.\ Hampton, N. H., and VAl/.n .Mood)', 

Sept. I, UN-^l),^ 
Raclicl. .nl 111., .1. 7o y. |a. 7U y., b. New burw int.), d. John 
aiul M. Cooper, and Ezekiel Goweii, id ni., .--hoeniaker, 
a. 75 v., b. K.ittery, .Me., s. l-"..akiel and, Sept. 2, 
ISl'k JAiif^. 2. f. ii. 2; Aui,'. 11. int.]* 
Robert .v., oi Xe\vbur\', brii, .i. 27 \-., b. Newbury, 
s. Ricli.ird and .Mary, of Xe\\bnr\-, and Mare K. Cduise, 
of Xewkiury, a. 2o >., b. Leuminster, d. .Meliphor .md 
Nancy, of Leominster, Feb. 9, 184S. |Leb. lU. i . k. 2.| 
Rutli |Mrs. int. I, and James Hrickelt of H.impbtead, N. H., 

Aim. 21, LS3.S.* 
Samuel W., and Sus.m Ooodridj^e, Sept. o, Lsl').* .md Jo.M-ph l're_-ey, Oct. 2\ IS 12.' 
S.irali .\nn, and 'Idionias .M.iMliam, Oct. 2.5 or 25, 18.57.* 
Sarah L., a. 2.5 y., d. Je = leph| .md Sarah, and D.miel \V. 
L.iton of Haxeihill, eliain maker, .i. .51 y., b. ll.iverhill, 
s. I'hinea.-^ and !•;., of Havertiill, Nov. 1,5', 1845.* 1... a. 21 v., d. .Moms ,md .M .u \ .\nn, and Robeil 
M. L.iile\ of herr,, N. 11., menhant, ,i. 2(, v.. b. 
Iboukline, Lenm, s. I'rederick .md I'olK", ol l!r<.ok- 
lim^ i'<iin.. Oct. 25, 18 18.'" 
.Susan S., .md l-.d\\,ird 1 app.m of New bur)', int. Dec. '>, 

IdiDiiia.-, and H.mnah J. N'oye^, int. Jnls 22, 182(). 

w'Ksr M;\\iiri;\ m akki \(ii:s 87 

Smuii, riioma>. aihl Mrs. |uililli S. I'l.ur, at liiailhiiil, 

Nov. .'.\ IS.i",^ 
Willi. nil Ijr. int.!, ami Mais Half Illume inl.| ol Anirshurv, 

at llavciliill, .Apr. 1. \S\ i.' 

SOIJTHWICK, Isaiah, i.f Xc«lunv, aiul Sally Hu/„:dl, 
iiil. OlI. _',S, I.XJ.v 

SPARKS, .Sarah Wilsun, of Lviiii, ami Saiiuai Alwood, iiil. 
jail. 2(1, KS.^O. 

STACKPOl.K, William, of .Ml. ion, .\ic,, an,! .Vhi-.iil 
1 ollaii.-|l,rc|, 1-cb. '), IS.'.S.' 

STANFORD, Alona C, ami Amos 1>. Co.r-u, iiil, .\|>r. 2'», 

STANWOOD, i':ii.;a, and l.udan A|lc.\aiulcr. iiil.| luiii-ry, 

Apr. - , ISJS.* 
KiiKlinc J., a. J(i v., il. Joslcph], deceased, and Idiza, and 

I'dfamco M. Noves, eoml.i maker, a. JD v., s. Jj. K. and 

I'olly l;., (Ul. I'l), 1S1.S.' 
ImiiIIn Iv, of Ne\vl)ur\porl, and Moses II. iMiiery, inl. 

I\l.. 1, 1,N-11 

Fraiuis H., ,ind Caioline II. Cha^e, inl. |an. IS, 1,S45. 
loseph, jr., ami Betsey |1. (dia:,e, Oel. 2.\ hS2.x* 
Mars li., and Cilnian'U. Hrosvn, Oel. 2 1, 1S2S.* 
.Mo-is 1'., and I'di/.a .\. larr, May 17, 1S4 v* 
William !■■., of NesvliUr\poii, ,ind .\elisah IJ. Heath, int. 
-\n,-. 12, IS.vf 

STEEI., loseph, of Nesslmrs, ami Kehetia (lonid, inl. June 

111, IS4S. 

STEI'llKNS (see also Stesens), i.uther C, and Nancy 
1 1', inl. I Whitlier, No\. 14 1S24.* 

STEVEN (see aUo Stevens), Moses, and Hannah (dan! of 
^■o^l;, Me., inl. .\n-. 1 .S, 1S27. 

STEVENS (see also Stephens, Steven), Caleli, and Sally 
liailey, Jan. 2, I.S.U.' 

'liileiilhMi albu leeunkd. 

8S \\i:s'i' Ni':\\nri;v m \i;i;r \(;i.s 

Sirx'lNS, Jushu.i, and .Mar;, Mnrso, int. Juiir 15, ISvi. 

l.orni/u I)., and Sii-an 1'. I'carMin, inl .\|u. 1(1, ISl.S. 

.Marlh.i, .iiid Willi, mi l;. I ,,i riii-lon, inl, Xu\', ", i,S,i'<. 

Mosi-b, jr., and\- Iv \ uuiil', ml., 27, ISId. 

Samuel, and ( ',il lun iiu; lli.iL'doii, ()(l. L', I.S.SI).' 

S.uah, .md Tlionias lUnldu.k, Nov. JS, KS.^v' 

Willi. ini (;., tordw, liner, .i. _'_' y., s. \\'|illia|ni and lianiil, 

.ind .M.irv \y. Sniilli, a. 2A'\., 1.. !;l.^I(ln, Imi'j,., d. |ulin 

and Janr, cf Now luirs', M,iy I I, ISI.S.' 

S'1"F.\\'.-\RT, l.inu:., an.l .\ii>. Mary 1,. d'cniuy, ]\o\. JS, 

S'l'ICKNEV, S.muK-l, jr., and I'luhin (,. ku;;Lr> ol Nculniry, 

inl, .\u:^. lo, l^JI. 
■rii(i|in.i|h W',, n.rdw.iinrr, li. Inadldid, and .\lar\ J. .Sndlh, 

.1. ldiulmai,s and llaiiiiali, June .', l^d-l.' 

STILES, MuM.b, and bu^an Junes, .U Ivi-I llradlord, May ", 

STORY, A<a, Dr., ul Mandiesler, and I'.liza H, I'arii- 
hani, .\|)r. lA, l.Sjj.'" 

SWASEY, .Mar\, of New linr\ purl, and S,nnuel l)a\'i^, inl. 
(.)i t. 11, 1S2.'. 

SWEENEY, Mary, a. 22 y., 1,. Ireland, ,1. J. din, and William 
|l;. inl, I (ha-ted, Ijr. inl.|, -.lioem.i ker, a. 22 w, h. 
i'di^laml, s. William, .Sepl. -, KS-l'i. |Se|it. _'(!. c. u. 2.\'- 

SWEETSER, Sallv, oi J^aulin.K, and ialmund l.illle, jr., 
inl. .Mar. 7, 1824. 

SYLVESTEI^ S.iniuel, .md Eli/aluth M, ()-l.orne, inl. 
.Vpr. M), ISM. 

TAPPAN (>ee aUo Tu|.|,.m). lalward, u| Newlmry, .md Su.-^.m 
S. Sndlh, inl. 1 ii . . ''. ISJd. 

TARBOX, .\ndrew 1.., and S.uali Jane U..-ers ul Ne\vluir\, 
int. DiA. 20, I,S,vl. 

Mnl.-uliuii ,il,., i,iwi,|..| MwiiuKV ma];kiai;ks 


TAKM.TON, Jolin, ami ilaiinah W.ulKiKh uf Kin^^.Um, 
N. II-, ini. .Si|-I. 1\, l.s.vv 

TASKER, Khcl.e/cr, l.itr ,.l O.Mpcc, N. II., .111.1 lUliiKJa 

|i. Ricliar,l.~oii, iiil. Oil- Jl, IS 12. 
.\l,n\. .111(1 TlioiiKLs t'h.i-L-, l\lj. S, KS-l-l."- 
Willi.nn, .iiid j;ii.;,il)Llli \\. iiil.| kii lKll.l^.,ll, Di.'. i:-,. lS-11.* 
Willi. Mil, wi^lr.,, ii. H.irllull, N. I!., ami H.liml.i !). 

Richanl^on, Jui.u 25, ISll. Ijimc 2.<. c. k. 1.\* 

TAYLOR, KlizalKih l.uni, .Mis., an.l Daniil Nd-on, 
iHc. 7, l.s.>5. r. K. ,s. 

TEN.NEY, I'., a. 19 v., J. , dcct-asL-J, and Arthur 

k.)L;t.r.s, cariitiitfr, .;. 21 v., <. Saiii|ucll, jr. and E. R. C, 

Oil. >'. 184,S.* 
Ilunjaniin ]■'., .uul lianiiah 'rLiiiiuy, Nov. 1<S, ISvl.* 
Klbriduc and llclscv Ro'^cii of Newbury, iiU. iuiic 1, 

liann.di, and HLnjaiiiiii I", 'rcniiey, Nov. 18, hS.U.* 
LiitluT, .uul M.iry l(.iiu'. int.] Ro^'crs of NL\vLur\-, .M.i-\- 2, 

Lydia Allcrrill. iiU.l, a. 27 y., d. .Sam|iu]l and Mary L. P., 

,ind Mu.-,c.T S. I.IiiIl', f.irnar, a. 12 \., s. Julnuiiid, jr. 

and Sarah, .Sipt. 3. 1S4'A'- 
Mary K., and Jodui.i IIili=, Dec. 25, 1845. p. k. •>.* 
Marv l.., .Mr;., and JaiiK-.-, .Stew all, Nov. 28, IS.i'J.* 
Samuel, .M.ij., and .Mary 1.. I'oor, Nov. 15, 1821.* 
Sophia C. and William 'Ordw a> , July 'J, 1828.' 

TEWKSBURV uee aL-o Tuke-buryj, (Jilman, laborer, 
a. M v., i. dhulma].- and S,dl\-, of Hani])Stead, N. IL, 
.Old Adeline C. \ia.ey |\i,_kerv. int.], a. 25 y., b. Ne^-- 
buryporl, d., (let. 21, RSU).' 

John Ii.' and I•.mil^■ A. tilcenle.if of lii.idfoid, int. Oct. 7, 

Melind.i I)., a. 27 y., d. James and .Mehitable, and .\u,mi>lus 
r. liailev, eoinb, .i. 2.s v., s. L'ri.di and |ulia (i., 
J, 11,. I, i84'^* 

THOMAS, and Willi.nn Ki.l. |Kirk. c. k. l.\. Julv o, 

'iiilciai.n .li o rr(ui.k(l. 

'Ml W I- .^l' NI^WIUM;^ MAKKIAl.KS 

TllO-MPSON (Mr aUo rh.)inb..iil,, luul Jane |.n|Ucs, 
inl. Mar. 1-1, ISll). 

THOMSON (sre al^o ■rhuiiii,S(.ii), IMer, ami Sallv (',. 
I )a\ i-, Si'|i|. 1. ' 

THORN, \V|illia|m J., and Caroline K. liaili-y, Mai. 1", 

THURLOW, Ann .An^usla, and |..s>|)li 1!. Whilli.r. inl. 

A|ji. 2.S, IS 10. 
Ciforgc, (if Ni-\\l)urv, am! Sn^aii C'lia-,i, int. Ma\' >S, ISil), 
Jiulilh S., a. 10 y.,'.l. Willi, ini ami Meri.mi, and ( L. 

liaik'V, iiiachinisl, a. 11 \., .^. l'a|i|.an and Mahn.ili, 

June'_'5, IS-IO.* 
Mar\ v., and Lk-ur^a- \V. .\danis ul" Ne\vliiii\', int. (let. IS, 

Paul, and Ruth II. |M. e. k. i.| Little, .Sept, 1,S, IS.^1.'^ 
S.muiel, and I'liehe I'lleli.:; of Andux'el, Nu\ . 11, 1827.'- 
Stephen (.'., and lau> ,S, llu>e of Kiimjton, N. II , int. 

IVl.. S, IS.vl. 

TILTON, jo^i,dl II., ul l.imeriek, Me., and .M.iry K. Knieiv, 

int. ()a. 3, IS.i'). 
Jubiali 11., I\e\-, iif Linieliel., Me., and Eli. '.a d'. F.niery, 

Jnly lb, 1843.* 

TITCOMB, lehahod, ji-,, and Hannah .M . M.iultoii, Alar. ,i, 

TODD, Waita [of Kavniund, N'. II. int.], a. 2(1 v., h. Kav- 
ninnd, .\. II., d. John and Sall>-, of RaMii.ind, N. II., 
and C'aKin IOniei\, eundj maker, a. 2,5 y., s. laioli and 
L>(lia, ()(t. 2'', IN-lo.* 

TOPPAN tM'e also Taiipali), .Mose= (). [C. c. K. l.J, and 

Cornelia Uruwn, Apr. — , I82.S. 
Sar.di lane, and Nathan S,irL;ent Woodman of Neuljnr\', 

July 11. \SM.* 

TOWNLEY, Alary, and John Cunnif, int. Jan, 1, 184S. 

•Inlenliuii aUo rLv.yrilc(l, 

wi:sr NKWiuiKV m.\rkiai,i'.s 91 

TREAT, IK.ralio, and Aikliiu- I'. Smith, int. Nov. M. 1S4(). 

TUK.ESBURY (^,CL■ also Tcwk^hnry), John M., of Ncwhury- 
|iorl, an<l Joanna (looilwin, ,Ma\' -"', IS id/ 

TVLKK, (;co|i;^r| U., an.! I'rano-^ If. Onluav, at Ui.nlforci, 

An-. J.i, l,S,i(,.* 
I.r\airll \V., of iiraihoul, 2.1 in., ^ho(■ lUltci, a. .") )■., 1). 

liiadfonl, s. Jobiali ami l.\'ilia C, and l-ydia .\nii 

Hill., a. Jo 1-2 y., d. Kdin|uii|d .md Judith N. 1'., 

S^pt. 4, IM').' 

VICKEY, .Vd.linc C. l\'iik(.ry. int.], a. .'.■=; y., I). Ncuiuiiy- 
[loit, d William, and Clilnuui IVw k>l)nry, lalioier, a. 
.il v., s. 'llio|maJs and Sally, of Uampbtcad, N. H., 
Ocu 21, kS4(,.* 

VINE, Robert, laborer, a. U) 1--' y., i). England, s. Thunip- 
siin, of llowcll, Eng., and Alary .Ann Walton, a. 
17 3-4 y., li. i:ngland,\l. John and Jane, OU. ,-il, KS40.* 

Rubet, and .Ann .Maria Collin, int. June 10, 18IS. 

WADEElCill, Eli./abeth L)., ami Abel Chase, jr., Oct. 23, 

Hannah, of Kingston, N. H., and Jkihii 'J'arllon, int. SejU. 

21, 1S3j. 
Sarah ('., and William Chase, Jan, 7, 1S27.* 
Sarah J.uie, and d'holmajs Bradley, May 17, 18.U.* 

WAITE, John, and Lucy 11. lirouii, Aug. 24, 1837.* 

WALKER, Catharine, .iml James Smith, nl, int. Sept. 14, 

WALTON, Mary Ann, a. 17 3-4 y,, b. England, d. John 
and Jane, a'ml Robert Vine, laborer, a, 1'* 1-2 >., b. 
I'ligiaud, s. 'Iliumpson, of Howell, hjig., (,lel. 31, 1840.* 

WEED, Isaac M., of Amesbury, and Sarah R. Silloway, 
int. Dec. 2.S, 1847. 

•lulentioa :iL-u ic.cmled. 

02 \vi;sT NiwiiuKV M \i;kia(;i;s 

WF.NTWOirn I, S.ilumr H., dt Niwhuiy, an. I W.ilhr (ii.l- 
\v.i\ , iiil . Jan. -'-I, K^.iS. 

WHEKLEU, William S., and Sarah !■;. liurnliam, Dec. J4, 

WIIITTIER, Diullrv 11., aiul Sallv Ann Novcs, int. Nov. 

is, IS-lo. 
John E. |(;. ini.|, ol IWaill.uil, and li.lbc\' I'iUlun-y, iMa\- 21), 

JoMph 11., ,ind Ann .Vu-n-t,! riuulou, inl. .\|ii. 2S, 1S41). 
Maiv .\I.I)V, and St.ninh.s ('. I'oLinsl.cL', Jnnc l.i, l.Sl.i." 
Nancv |1-'. inl.j, and I.uiIri- G. SlepliL-n^, N.iv. 1-1, 1SJ4.* 
Nalh-miil l;., and Mary 1'. Mores, SLpt. IJ, ISJ')." 

WILKIE, Robert, and Marv Ann L.^lie [Lcsler. c. k. 1.|, 
Sqit. I", IS.-il, [Sept. LS'. c. K. l.|^ 

WiLLETT, Lcwib, ol Ncwlniryport, and Laura liailcy 
[Louisa, l.olli ol l'ar.-ori>. l. R. I.), .\la> 0, l^l').' 

\VILLL'\lMS, James .S. |1. int. I, l,usbanilman, a. 24 y., b. 

New Hampshire, s. lienjlanii|u and Hannah, ol New 

Haiiipbhire, and Ahiry Jane' Lovering, a. 24 y., b. New 

Hampshire, d. \\'|illia]in and Mary, of New 1 l,imi).^hire, 

(Kl. 1'), 1840.* 
Joseph, shuemal-ier, a. 22 }.. b. Kini.'>ton, N. bL, s. Uenjani- 

|in| and Hannah, and Susannah S. Slum, a. 22 y., d. 

Isaac and Judith, int. Nov. 1,-i, 1<S49. 
L>dia, and Daiiiel C. Hoyl, inl. Dee. .\ \SM. 
.\ia!lin 11., chaise trimmer, a. 25 y., b. Hurlinj^'lon, \'t., s. 

|,lnu•.■^ ,ind Elizabeth, and Sarali A. Colhn, a. 21 v., d. 

\Vlillia|ni H. and Hel.ey, Oct. 1", 184". 

WILLIS, I'rance.,, ol Andover, ami William Keniutt, int. 

Sept. ,■!, 1842. 
William, and .Mary Ma\ than, Dee. 1, 1834. |l)ec. 18, ( . k. 2.\* 

WILSON, .Vntibc, and Gorham Hill.., May 11, 18,^2.* 
Benjamin II., ami Au.iiusla R. Noves, ^lay 6, 1841.* 
Surah ¥.., of Newburxporl, and I'arker Noyes, int. Nov. 19, 

•liUi-iiliiin .lUn rei (iOled. 

\\i:sr Ni:\\i;rKV ii \i;kiai;ks ''.> 

Wilson, 'l'lioiii.i> H., .jul .M.i-.iil T. Hall ..f liu-cawcii, 
N. 11.. iai. June 11, l.Sll. 

WITT, .Mi-an -M., -Mrs., ol MarihcrouL'h, ami Joseph iJaik-y, 
iiil. Nov. 2. KS.5>>. 

WOODAIAN, t'aleh M., an. I Sarah UoL'rrs, .\|.r. S, 1S1«).* 
Henry AulilisUis, Uev., ami .Mary Jane ('. .\urio]i ol New- 

linryport, int. Hee. id, ISii. 
Nathan Sargent, of Neuljur\-, anil Sarah Jane Toppan, 

Jnlv 11. IS.U.* 

WORTH, Abi-ail X., an.l Knoeh ('ollin, .\pr. 11, \SM).* 
Edmund, jr., and Anna l^niei\, l)ec. 1. ISl'*.* 
Eli;;al)eth, and John E. liariiei't, Xo\. 3(1, lS4v* 
Jiulilh, and Jo-hua C, Moi.-e of Portland, .Ale., Dec. 2,i, 

-Mary .M., and Anius E. Short, .Mar. 18, I^.-i-l.' 

WORTHEN, Jobeph, of Newbury, and .\Ir>. Sally Grant, 
int. .\ug. 5, 1848. 

Margaret F., a. 24 y., b. .Vrncsbur)-, d. Jo-iah and Mary, of 
Anieslniry, anil .\ildison H. Noses, eund) maker, a. 21 
y., >. .Vn>on W. and Nanev, Nov. 20, 18 46.* 

Nathan, and Lucinda Y. HillLird, Nov. lo,* 

WYATT, .Mary Ann, and Nehemiah F. Emery, int. Apr. l.y, 
18 11. 

YOUNG, l:;ibridge G., and liet^ey Rouell of Noltin_;ham, 

N. II., ini. Uel. 20, 1S44. 
Henry, shoemaker, b. iMiLdand, s. William, and Idlen (Jues- 

l(d, .1. 1'* )•., b. I'jigland, d. Willi. im and .\mi, int. 

On. (,, isl'/. 
M,ir\ 1,., ,ind .Mo.,es Steven.-, jr., int. .Mar. 27, 18 lO. 

*IiUfiitiuii .iL-o U'Lurdeil. 


lU llll: l;.\U UF IJIL YLAK \i^V) 

ADAMS, i;iiz;ilR;th, luim frvcr, June 24, lcS4(), a. 81) y. 

r. K. 2. 
I lam. all, Mi^-,, .Mar. 27, 1S,?S, a. 57 y. 
Sarah (wid. SU'plicn. c. K. l.j, Ocl. 17, 1820. l'. R. 5. |a. 8(i y. 

r,. K. 1.1 
Sarah, June 7, IS.iU, a. (i8 y. 
Sti.|)liLn, 11.., rurnur. con-iimption, Nuy. 1'^, 18-18, a. (.4 y. 

.> m. |Nuv. 21. p. u. .S.| 

APPLETON, [Sarah J. in pencil], d. Julin and I'.lizabclh, 
])renKiI.urL- liirth, A]jr. 3, 184'', a. lo d. 

BACHELLER, , ch. \V|illia|ni, l\:h. 11, 184.'-i, a. 1 m. 

BAILEY ( al=o liayley), Abi-ail, w. Asa, iMav 4, 1826, 

a. 81 y. 
Abigail, Mi.-s, t)cl. 4, 18,57. |al llic almshouse, a. 8S v. 

c. K. 2.) 
Abi-ail |.\i. (;. K. 2. 1, w. Joshua, |uly II, 18,50, a. 40 y. 
Abner, Dea., Jan. 29, 1821, a. alniobi 8,S y. r. r;. 1. 
Amos, s. Slephen and Anna, Dee. 24, 1829, a. 20 y. c. k. 2. 
Anna, w. i)ea. Slephen, del, 12, 18,i(), a. uA y. 
Anna, w . JiJseph, i\lay 11, I8.i,i, a. .58 y. c, u. 4. 
Ann, I, ,Mi-.-,, N(i\. 1 1 ,' 1 8 II , a. 5() y. o.'k, 2, 
Asa, .Mar, l,i, 1828, a. 8,i y. 
Ciroliiie |Helse\' (.\iruline. c. K. S.\, d, Samuel |N, c, k, i.\ 

and liet^y'|l■. ll. u. k. J.|, l\phus lexer, Oct. 21, 1845, 

a. ,i _\ , e. K. 2. 
(.'aroline'Cilihl.i, Ivplui.-, fever, Sept. 12, 184(i, a. 19 y. 

c. K. 2. 
C'arr, - - , 1845, a. 5,5 y. c. i<. 2. 
CharloUe C, b. Newburyport , w. ]ohn L., ron^umplion, 

Apr. .5, 1847, a. 29 y. |a. .52 v. c! k. 2. J 
Daniel, .\l.i;,' 9, 18,33, in his 8l)lh y. 

\vi;si m:\\hiii;v iii:.\iii.- 

Haii i;v, Danii'l ('., ni., liu--hamliiiaii, in-:tiiil\ , Ian. J.i, 1S15, 

a. 49 y. 
Eliphalcl, Oct. 12, 1S4,t, a. 2i y. 7 in. i,. k. 1. 
Kphraim, s. Tappan ami llaiuiali. Now 1,, a. J 1 2 y. 
Harriil 1.., il. .\ma<;i,ili ami llaiiicl L., July -'0, l^^.i'', a. 

Horace Ncwloii, s. Iriah and Julia, June 1(), 182(), a. It ni. 

Isaac, i-cb. 21, 18.55, a. 71 v. |lfl,. 24. c. u. 4.| 
John, s. Richard S., Dec. .r 1S2'). 

John, .s. Richard S. and .Sll.■^.ln I'., Jan. 2,\ \SM), a. .5 iii. 2 i d. 
John, Dec. 3, KS.v-), a. 72 y. [\)vc. 2. >'. k. 2.| 
Joseph, Dec. 2, hS.iS, a. (<1 y. jDcc. I '^ a. ()<) y. c. i;. 2.| 
Josc])li, at Ncwpcjrl, inlluciiza, Dec. 4, 1,^11, .i. ,S() y. c. !■:. 2. 
Jose[)h II., clergyman |^radu,ile ol Amlita^l ColleL'e, IS.-i'), 

ordained at North Diiihton |an. M, 1,^11. c u. 4.|, 

5. Jo.seph, Nov. 10, 1S44. a. .i5"y. 2 m. IS d. 
Josei-ih S. IJ. c;. \<. .v], comh maker, s. Tajjpan and llann.di, 

ihroal ili-teinper (-carlet fever, c. K. 2.|, Ma^■ 4, lS4(i, 

a. 15 y. 11 ni. 17 d. 
Judith, will., Aut;. 17. 1SS7, a. ').i y. 
Laurinda, d. Uriah and Iiilia, .\uu. 20, 1,S2'^ a. (> m. 12 d. 

(Aug. 7. G. K. .v] 
Leonard, h. Sarah H., drowned, Aug. 2(i, 1827, a. 28 y. 
Leonard |s. Leonard and Sarah, o, r. ,i , coji-iimption. < . u. 

2. 1, Nov. l.-i, 1842, a. 15 y. 
Leonard Rowc, s. Ama/Lih and ILuriel, d\.sentery, Sepi. 17, 

184'). a. (> m 
Lucind.i N., d. Daniel, jr. and Sarah |N. (,. k. 2.|, June 28, 

1827, a. 20 y. 
-Martha Ann C.'at Newport, Feh. — , 1842. c'. k. 2. 
Martha N.. d. D.miel and Sarah |N. c. k. 2.), Sei)t. ,?(),, 

a. 2(1 w 
.Marv, vid. Daniel, Nov. 10, IS.i'), a. 84 v. c k. 2. 
Mary, .Mi,-^, Jidy 8, 1S40, .i. 8'' y. 
Mary, wid. Isaac, .\ug. 15, 1841, a. 78 y. 
Myron, Jan. --, 18.i(>, a. 25 y. c.i:. 2. |i)ec. 27, l8.-!5, a. 

24 y. G. u. 2. 1 
Nanc}-, \v. Jo>iali, Dec. 2'>, 18,i7, a. 80 y. c. K. 5. 
Nancv, ivphu.-, lever and relapse, Nov. 14, 1S41. c. i;. 2.. 
Polly,' palsy, July 8, 1842, a. 89 y. 6 rn. c. k. 2. 
Prudence, Miss [at the almshouSe\ c. i;. 2.|, May 15, 1841, 

a. 93 y. [May 14. c. K. 2.[ 
Reljccca True, inf. ch. John L., at Newport, . 1847. 

c. li. 2. 

wihi ni.\\ium;v hi Mil;- 


liAiii.v, S;illy, Miss |.oll^,um|lIl()n. >.. u. 2.\, Au,i;. IJ, !S12, 

^1. 5,S \\ 
Sauiurl, Maj., siuMciils, Ian. '), \SM>, a. 7-1 ), 
ISarah. .;.;;. ,v|. ui,l. l-liihiMim , |)>c. II, 1SS7, a. 7S v. 

I . K. 2. 
Sarah, v.i.l. | lolm. c. i;. _'.|, \\\, 1 1, ISIO, a. ')() y. 
S,ir,.h, w. Aim. -I, Mav M, IS 11, a. d" y. |a. (.'» \ . S m, ,,. u. J.| 
Sar.ih |\. I,, k. _'.|, w'. Danid, .ScpL l', ISll, .i' (,1 \ . 
Strplun, Di-a., Now 2S, ISil, a, (w y . 
L'li.ili Cia^c, iiiiiiK, faniUT, s. I ri.ih ami Juli.i (1., inlcr- 

niilu-iil lL'\Lr, .May .^1), I.SIS, a, _'7 y. 

BALl.S, I'.li.alHlh, .1. j.iliii all,! M.irv, Au.l;. '», K^Sll, ,i. \2 y. 

laiiiiur, J. Jului am! .Vlarw SclU. 7, \SM), a. 15 y. 

-Man , w. John, June S, 1S,<(), a. 44 y. 

Su-an, iL joliu a'uil Alary, Si_iil. 11,'lS.ill, a- _H) y. 

nAirri.KT (sll- al.Mi llanhlO, JoM.ih, Jan. l.i, 1S_'<,. a. 74 y. 

HARTLEIT (sl-c also Barllct), Daxul, Jan. 1. 1840, a. 80 y. 
rji.;al.clh, wul. |furiiicrly i\ . Jcliii cMiasc'. i,. k. 2.], Sept. Ji, 

IS.vS, a. S5 V. 
Eiius, Oct. 2'), l.S.iO, a. 52 V. 
Hannah, d. 4'hcoil.ML- and .Mar\-, Mav Id, 18,vi. |a. 7 ni. 

<;. K.I.I 
Hannah, w. Jonas, Aui;. 2, 1S42 
jacol,, Ian. d, lS.i2, a. 00 v. o. k. 4. 
John, jr., (\t. 12, 1S10, a' o5 \. ,1 ni. 7 ,1. 
iohii, Ocl. 2o, 1825, .1. al,l. 78 w 
"|una^, DcL. 14, 18 1,>, a. 07 v. 
Mar\-, ^v. John, Jan. 18, 1822, a. 82 y. 
Naniv, w. lolin K. |d. Michael Walsh, .\. M. c. u. l.|, 

|an. J, "l82", a. 44 v. 
KrlK'il;.ih, Ka.ic. \\\k 5, 1828. 
.S.iniuol iMilIrr, ... Ihcodor,- .ind .M.irv, .\u^. II, IS.ill, a. 11 

ni. 20 ,1. |.\ii;; |(), ,1. 1 , . c. K. I.| 
SaniULl W., Capt., al New OrKan-., villow l'r\er, , 1841. 

0. K. 2. 
Sarah, wid. [obcpli, 1 tec. 5, 1820, a. 80 v. 
Sar.ih I). |H". r..u. l.|, d. \V|illi.i|in |and i:ii>al.Llh. c. u. 4.|, 

mnsuinplion, .Xu;;. 24. 1844, a. 2^ y. 
Sus.iii, \v. l)a\iil, Jul\' 17, 184(1, ,t. 8.1 y. c. k. 4. 

, ch. Theodore, , l8,-;2. r. K. 2. 

. Mr.-., , 18J5, a. 84 y. e. u. 2. 

, th. CJcor^'c, Mav .5, I, St J, a. 'i d. c. k. 2. 

98 \\i:sr m v. iu;kv im.a i lis 

BAYl.EY ^SL■^ aUo Uaikyl, Al'ii^ail, w. I'aul |i luuinat iMii. 

r. u. J. I, l'\-l,. _'7, IS 11, a. 5S v. 
I'aul, ,il, ISll, a. ,M) >. S in." 1-1 .1. 

BEDEI.L, Daiiirl, Jan. S, IS.vS, a. 51 y. 

l>0\'l^, K.iac, Dr. kiailiLilnl iKnn I )arl inoul li Coll. c. u. 
1 I. .\ J.^, US 11. a. II V. |a. II v. (. ill. i. K. 2, i.i S'. 
c. K.I.I 

BRADBDIvY, Imliili, VvU. 25, ISJl. r. k. I. 
I'm, U IK.', .Ml-,.' In. . 1 1, IS.-il, a. 37 y . 

BRADLEY, JaiR', n.ii-niii|iii()n, .Mar. II, iSlS, a. I') y. 

(.-. I.'. _'. 
.Maru.ird, d. 'riiw|nia|^, luni; lever, |iihc 14, 1S,5'', a. I.i in. 

(.-. R, -'. 
Sar.ih, Sc|il. 25, ISSo, a. _'() v. IScpl. 2(;, ,i. l'» \'. i;. k. J,| 
Willi. nil, an l;ll.^li^llnlan, Jul\' 10, ISl|, a, 4l'\. (July \2. 

r. k. J.] 
William I'., b. Wlilliajni ami Mary, .Mar. 7, 18,-1'), a. (i y. 

BREWSTER, Jdio_sua, Mar. 2, 18,^0, a. 01 v. |l'\li. — , 

lS,i(,, a. tiO V. c. K. 2. 1 
l.\alia, will. |\v. JelmMui.i. u. u. 2.\, Aii^. 27, ISl'), a. d') y. 
Lydia, Mib,^, al llic aliii-huubc, Apr. 25. IS.-l'i, a. (i-l y. 

BRICKETT, Mosrs, |an. 17, 18.^7. |)an. .S, a. 0,5 y. c. u. 2.| 

, ch. Muudy lanil Kli.'.abclh. .;. k. 1.|, .Mar. '), ISfi, 

a. 2 \v. c. K. 2. 

BROCK, , ch. Uanirl, jr., Apr. 28, 1842, a. w. c. K. 2. 

BROWN, .Mice, unm., old a.^e, .May lo, 1.S4'), a. 7U y. 

.\lmira. 1 : m : 1S4(), a. 2o v. c. k. (>. 

licniah, St-pt. 9, 1828, a. oS v'. c. i<. o. 

Fdanor [Miss. c. k. 2.|, Jan. '20, 1827, a. 52 y. 

luinic-i-, Junu 8, 1840, a. 8() y. c. i;. 0. 

HarriL-l Carr, d. Ucnj|ami]ii, jr. ami Mary ( ). |Lon.suinplion. 

c. K. 2. 1, July 5, 18411, a. 5 y. m. 2'J d. 
John r.irr, s. Oliver and Mary C, drov.ncil v.hiK: lialliiiiL; 

in .Mrrriniai- Ri\cr, liilv 10, IS45. a, 11 v. 8 ni. 20 d. 
Jo.-a;ph, ^. Dr.i. Mos,., Jiil>'5, 1 8 i 1 , ,i. 20 y. in. 


liKuWN, Juiliih, Mib.N No\. I, KS.i/i, a. 57 y. 

l,uc\- I II. (;. i;. .vl, \v. lU'iiJ|ami|n, iiuiililKalinii, Au^',. 1-1, 

'IMS, a. (il \. 
l.ia\ lllills. ,;. k', 1.|, ,1 llaclMi an. I llaliicl, An-. 20, IS-l'), 

a. ,■! w (I 111. (Aiiii,. I''. ('. I;. _'.| 
Mais, w.' Dr.i. Mo.-cs, .\lil', 1 1. 1 .^ 1 1 , a. (.1 y. 
M.iiN H. S., u. (;iliiiaii U., ,\|.r, \2,, .i. II y. 
Miiiaiii, _'.S :7m: K^.vS, a. "i >'. <;. i;. (i. 
Miriam, w . Mu.ij.ili, I'lli. .v IMS, a. 7.S )■. i.. k. i>. 
(). .\llini, ..I \Vli'iU.-.l..u]i, N. \ ., Iiinu, l>\cr, Dn. J(>, ISU., 
a. 1" \-. .-. K. 2. 

RluHJa, iimii., (I. J.i.s,|ili, ,.1,1 aiT, (M. I, iSl'), a. SO y. d iii. 
Sarah, \\i>l Slipluii, liim .i, 1S27, a. M \. 

, ill. jIU'.-liii.ialc'Siipl. 27, 1S41, a. s'.l. c. k. 2. 

, inf. l1i. aihipKil, li., jr., niiiMmi|iti, iii, |iiiu' d, ISId, 

c. K. 2. 

BURNllAM, lUisc'v, w. Alu..c>, Dec. lo, 18-11, a. 4S y. 
Mo^is, A|>r. IS, 184.1, a. C.2 y. 

Sarah Chirk, b. Nl-wIjuiv, d. KljuncA-r an.l Sar:ih A., Die 17, 
1S45, ,1. 10 ill. 

BLIRREL (m:v aJMi lUirrill), Jaiub, Dec. 4, 1S21, a. S2 y. 

BURRILL (SCI- ahso Hurrcl), , .Mr*., , KS.^d, a. 

')7 y. c. K. 2. 
, w'. William, at the alinbhuutc. May Id, 1S47, a. SO y. 

I. K. 2. 

BUSVVELL, Humphrey, Au-. 1, 1S40. <;. r. 4. 

.Mary Kllen, il. Humphrey and Rcliecia, Sej)!. d, lS,->7, a. 

CAin.ETON (see als.i CarlloiH, D.ilmer Jei.mie, ..lily di. 

Samuel an, I N:uiev K. | m ,irl,i ilia. i". i;. 2.|, Dee. 20, 

IS.i'', :i. IS 111. Il.iee. 1'). i. l:. 2.| 
Samuel Jiiax.ks, s. Samuel ami Nancy, iiillammali.m i.n llic 

l...\vels, N..\. 1, 1S4,S, :i. 1 y. 11 m. 2.S d. 
■riu.mas, m., farmer, i ..n^umplii.n. Oil. 17, ISl'', a. dl y. 
■— , eh. Daniel. June , IS.-iS. a. .5 w. .'. K. 2. 

, il. .Am..-,, Marleliiia, Jmii -iO, lS-12, .i, .s m. .■, K. 2. 

, ch. .Xiiu.s, cholera infaiiluin, Aw^. 10, IS-ld, a. 5 ni. 

c. K. 2. 

100 wv.wv .\i;\vi;i;k\ di \i]is 

CAKI/rON (SCO als.i Carlriuii), AiiK.s, Muv 14, IS.ii. 
Da W.I I'.nuTN', s, 'l'li(.|iiia|, ami I, u. in. la, Aul'. A, 1S2'J. 
la. 1 y, .■;. K. .v| 

CARR, Aiiiui, I). Nc\vl)iii-\ , will. J.iM.ili, paralvhis, Aufj;. 2", 

1S4*>, a. 7,S V. 1 in. 1 .1. 
ilitscy N., w. loiui ('., lull.' 1",, a. .^5 y. |.i. 3.i y. 

c. K. 2; a. 4,S \-. ... k. 2.] 
Charlotif J.).M'i.liiiir, .1. iM..-c- an.l Hannah M., -Mar. 19, 

KS,57, a. ') ni. |a. ') w. .;. i;. l.\ 
iMiima, will. .Mai. Sani!uc|l, 1 Uc. 1. lS,-;2, a. .H.S y. 
(u-ur._H- Roli.rl, s. (;r.i|r''.-l \V. an.l Susan A., internal 

.ihscc-s, Sriit. I'). 1,S4,S, ,1. 1,1 \. ') ni. 2.^ <1. 
llanicl M.iri.ih, .1. .M..m-s ami Hannah M., J,m. 12, 1S2'). 

la. 7 w. .;. i:. 2, 1 
llarricl N., w. John, Scjit. '), lS.i7, a. 21 y. in. 
jusiah, .\i.r. \A. IS.-ll), a. O.S v. 
"Luther F. 1)., >. William ami i\iar\', at (Ailifornia, Oct. M), 

1849, a. 29 y. ,;. r. 2. 
Mary Elizabeth, d. Muses and Hannah .M., July 12, 1829. 

(a. 2 V. (i m. .;. r. 2.| 
R.ihcrt Josiah, s. William ami Mary, .Sept. 7, 1830, a. m. 

o .1. 
Sar.ih Green, .1. J.ihn ('. ami Betse\-, July Id, 18,i0, a. 3 ni. 

21 .1. 
Sarah W. [d. Sanuicl ami Idiz.ihcth. (.. k. 2.], Apr. 17, 

1838, a. 24 v. |a. 2.i v. ■■. u. 2.| 
William N., s. John V. an.l Hclscy, Nov. 28, 1823. 

CARTWRIGHT, Mary, w. Walter Ipuerperal fever, c. R. 
2. 1, Sept. 21, 1842, a. 2'' y. 

CHADWICK, Thumas, Apr. 4, 1830, a. 20 y. G. u. 2. 

CHASE, .Vi.el, [)i:i:. 29, 1828, a. 9u y. 

Al.i-ail, Miss, Feb. 13, 183'», a. 75 y. 

Adelade CliUeud, d. H...ra..e 1.. and Flvira M. [hydrocepha- 
lus, c. u. 2.], Mav I.'', 18 b), a. 8 \-. 2 m. 11 d. |a. v. 
c. K. 2,| 

Adelade nilTl>.n, .1. IF.r.KC L. and Idvira M. C. Scalded, 
c. K. 2. 1, May 11, 183", ,i. 14 ni. 

Almira, d. Simeon and H.uinah, Se|)t. l.i, 1822, a. 31 y. 
c. R. 1. 

\vi:sr M.wiiruv l)l:A^ll^ 


CiiASi:, Auj;usui:i Siillixan, uiuii., innib iiialuT, .'i. .Slaiil'iiril 

and Sarah I)., coiiMimplion, Julv ,il, ISJX, a. .'() \-. \1 d. 

IJuly 24. L-. K. .'.1 
Bctsi-v [B. c. u. _',|, (I. will, llannali H. | Imialliaii and Ihin- 

n'ah. .-.. K. 2.\, Mav 7, ISl.S, a. 14 v. " 
Ikl.MN C'aiUluii, d. Siaiifurd and Sarali, .Mar. M, IS.vS, a. 

5 _\ . (i m, 
Caroline, d. JlIiu and Caroline, Cdiisuiuiitiuii, \'\]i. 1, 1S4'I, 

a. (I )■. 
Ca>linc H., cundi maker, s. Stanford and Sarah, lii)lli dr- 

ira-cd, cun.-uniplioii. Dec. 20, 1S4(). a. 1'* v. 10 ni. 25 d. 
D.iniel, ^. David an, I Sarah, .Ma)- Di, INII, .i. (il \. o. n. 2. 
i'dl.i, d. S.muiel S|e\val. i'. i;. ' 2.\. ami iMinirr N., lun- 

.■,inrii.ti.)ii ill\■dr^K-cl)halll^. r. i;. 2.|, OlI. 17, 184'', a. 

2 n., 17 d. |(iit. 11, K^48. .,. K. 2. 1 
Kllen 1.., .1. Sani|ur|l Sleual. c. R. 2.|, and KuniLe N., 

Dc. 2.S, 1,S12, ,L. 10 111. [Dec. 2'), a. '» iii. r. k. 2.] 
KKira .M. ('., v.. Horace 1.., Oa. 2, IS Id, a. ,^0 \. 
Khcich D,, b. hurease and Mariah, I'd.. 11, 1S23, a. 4 ni. 

Hannah, wid. Siniciui |d. Re\ . William Johnboii. i... u. l.j, 

Mar, 7, 18,51, a. 7() y. 
Hannah, witl. |Ji-re]iii,di. c. k. 2.], old age ld\.M'nU-ry. 

I . K. 2. 1, Nov. 10, lS4(i, ,1. S,i V. 
Haiinali, wid. |ona|lhani, apoplcw, Au<;. 1<), 184<^ a. 78 y. 

|a, 77 y. (';. k. 2.| 
Jenndah, Uel. oO, l82.i, a, (i2 y. o. i;. 1. 
julm, June 5, 1819, a. ()0 )■. on llic 19lh uf Apr. [ircLudin}^ hia 

Joiiathan, Mar. 2'). 1828, a. 34 y. 
Judith ]>., w. J(4in T., luni^ lever, Mav 17, 1846, a. 2') y. 

IJune 24. (,. K. 2 I ' ' 

Judith Dide, d. William and Sarah, June 11, 18,?,5, a. 4 y. 
Jnlhi D., d. Jeliu ami (".iioline Itoiibiimption. c. K. 2.|, 

June 1';, 1844, a. Ki >. ') ni. 1 .i d. 
r.N'dia Dustin, w, Nalhaidel l.ow, Jan. 1,S, 1842. c. k. ,v 
.\\-, Daidel, Apr. 4, \SM. in her 8Dt v. 
Marx,, ■■Mother ol De.i. I'.," May - -, i8,i6, a, 84 y. 
Mira, d. Simeon and li.inn.di, Sipl. 1,-i, 1822, a. ,il y. () m. 
Mo-es, .\ov. 8, 182(1, ,1. 70 } . 1.. t:. 2. 
Nathan|ie|l, J.m. -, IS.-lo. c. i;. 2. 
J^athaniel L.ow , pri\.ite in C'apt. Rogers Co., 1775, dium- 

mer, 1777, Jan. 12, 18.i(j. o. r. .-!. 
Os.i^ood, of iSo.ston, .May 1'', 18,^0, a. 23 y. 
l'ri.-,Lilia, wid. l'ri.~trani, J)i.c. IS, 182.3, a. 83 y. 

\01 \\l;Sl- NLWIU'KV PI AillS 

C'ii\si:, kclii'cca, Miss, June , lS/!(). |.M,iy 2.^. r. r. _>.| 

Sarah, w . t'ol. Soiiirrhy, - , IS. id. .;. K. ,i. 

Saiali Urowii, il. William ami S.ii.ili. Jiiiif (i, IS.i.i. 

Saiali .Suiai 1 , w . .Mouih-, il. S.uii|ui.|l and Il.innali Sliiail, 

,il D.iiivilk-, 111. I., I'rl). _"i, IS.ii), a. M y. r,. u. .v 
Siiiic.iii, a LMa.luaU' ol ll,ir\.ir,l ('..llia'c," .S<|.l. 1 >, 1S_"), 

a. SI V. () 111. 

Snmcrby, Col., . ISJJ. c. i;. ,•!. 

Stanford, July <), IS.^S, ,i. .id \. 

Suiiifdril Saliiiif, inl. s. wi.l. S.uali, Nov. I.S, IS.iS, 

Sl.uil'oril Sahiiic Strccter, s. Slanloi.l and S.irali, |uiic 2'), 

IS.vS, a. S y. |Jill\' ,V ('. K. -',| 
Mi-,,111 lirouii, d. y\id. S.iiah |uid. ol Slaiilonl. c. k. ^.|, 

Srpl. 25, IS.iS, a. 1 V. d III. 
Idioiiias ICajil. r. l:. -',|, in., f.irinrr, ,ilTr(li<iii of tlic iicart 

|a|io|.lL-\v. 1 . K. -'.|, .Viii;. .i. IS |d, a. 77 V. I III 
--, >!.. Joliu 1'. ,ind Al.l.y T., May LS, isis. ,,. k. 2. 

CHKNEY, John, Julv 21, \S^^, a. dd V. d. K. 4. 

i'lu-l.c, \\id. John, Jan. 1, 1S42, a. 74 y, 

CHIPMAN, John Kciuuy, >. Thoinas | Fliomas J. and Do!- 
I\- li. o i:. ,i.|. -- ■■, 1S4 7, a. ,i in. c. k. 2. 

CLARK, , Mr., ai thr alinshou.-,L-, Apr. — , 1S41. c. k. 2. 

COFFIN, Eli/al)L'th, wid., June 2'», KS.i'), a. dS y. 

Frances |., s. Ch.irU's, SLarlciina, Nov. 2l), IS,V), a. 3 v. 

r. i<."2. 
Ilc/A-Liah, SL-pl. IS, lS.i2, a. dl y. 
i.vdi.i, wid. h;ii|ih,drl, .Ma)' 12, iS2.>. a. S4 y. 
Sally, w. llr..Ll.iali, Scl)l. 10,, a. ,S() y.' 

COKER, Rol.crt Adams, s. John and Susanna (LiUlu), 
.Mar. S, IS.v-i, a. iiuarl;,' 2d y. i'. u. '>. 

COLUY, ludiih, Mi.> r'liviii^^ ai W" lliurlow\, I'.iUv." 

r. K, 2 |, ,\|)r. IS, ISl.i, .i dS \., .Mis,, \)cc. 2d, ISl.i, A. U2 y. 

COLCORD, Sarah, wid. | Idnnlcaji . d. k. .S.|, |uly .i 1 , 
lS-;7, a. SI V. I', l;. 2. 

\vi;si' Ni:\\ia:i;v ui'.atiis 10, > 

CeM.LlVKK, M.nv AhiM.iil, ,1, ^,;IlUl('l ;m<l Sally ('., I'fc. 
Jl, 1SJ(). 

COI.MAN, llaiiiKih, will. IWilliiiin. c. u. 2.|, Au^. 5, hst.-l, 
.1. ;i N. 

COOPER, Miii.mi, .1, l-ilin aii.l Miriam, uatiT in IIil- 
ihi-l, Jul)' II, KS4'),"a. 00 \-, 

COF'PS, -, wid., at Rowley, Mi.klciiK , Oil. lo, 1.S17, a. 

; I >. .'. u. -'. 

CURRIER, I'licln-, h. New ll,iiu|.-liiK-, w. Janu'b, allfdi.jii 

of ihe brain, Mar. 27, ISIO, a. 4S \. 
, ch. , ISo-', a. 2 d. c. K. 2. 

CURTIS, lu=L|ili, ni., Ij. Ncwhuryporl, lomlj malar, hepa- 
li.jnl runu>, July U), KS45, a. ".i2 y. 11 ni. 

DAM, Malimla, w., .Vpr. 2^, 181'^ a. 25 y. 
Maria .Vu-Ui-la, J. Leader and Maliuda, Ai.r. 2,?, ISlo, 
a. 12 d. 

DANFORTH, Dean Robinson, s. Joseph, Aug. S, 1S25, 

a. o m. 
Eli/a, w. William, May 17, 1S,32, a. M y. o. k. 2. 
Hannah, w. William, June 1, 1S27, a. 2o y. |a. 27 y. o. k. 2.| 
Hannah I'.li/abelh, (1. Wdliani and Klui.i, Sept. 20, IS2'), a. 

1 \. d. (.. K. 2. 
William, Oel. 12, l.S,-)'), a. -1,^ y. c. u. 2. 

DAVIS, lleL.e\', wid. .Stephen, |ul,- 11, ls42, a. S-i y. i.;. k. 4. 

lohn. I'eb. 2.f,'bS/;i, a. 7(1 y. (..'K.'d. 

I'liMiila, ^v. John, May 1", 1S.';2, a. 7b >'. <.. I;. 4. 

DAWKINS isee al.Mi Dorkiii..), bet^ey h., d. William and 

I'aroline, ()i t. 2, 1S4.S, a. 4 m. c. K. .i. 
(.'aroliiie, w. Willi. im |l\-pliu, l'c\fi'. c. i;. 2,|, Sept. lo, PMo, 

a. 11 >. (,. K. ,5. la.'l.i >. ^ . i:. 2.| 

DINSMORE, Martha, , 1S27, a. 10 y. r. k. 1. 

Mary, wid., b. Nev,4juryport, drop-y, May S, ISl.S, a. 74 y. 

1(11 Wl.bT NKWIUKV i)i:.\-iiis 

DlXt)N, , ,1. , iiillamnialion i.l IkuvcI^ Sept. 11, 

ISli, a. 1 y. () in. c. u. _'. 

DOLE, Al.ij;ail, ^vi(l., Jan. 1(), IS,-;?, a. SI v. 

David, Ocl. l'>. ISS'), a. S7 >•. c. k. _'. (Od' 1.^, a. S4 y. (,. k. 

Kiioeh, m., fanner, graxel, Ocl. 15, lS-17, a. (i-l y. (a. W y. 

ll.mnali, v. id. |Ca|.t. .Sainiirl. c. k. 1.|, .\|,r. 7, IS-l.-l, a. 80 y. 

lal.o, .\li->, Frb. -•!, lS_>.v a. Sl v. c. K. ,S. 

Judiili, Miss, .\u-. 17, 1S.?7, a. ')() y. 

UiLJiard, d.oji.v, ()>t. .S, ISll), a. dS v. c. K. J. [a. o7 v. 

u. K.,v| 
Su-aiin.i, \-,id. SU'idiLii. Mar. 2.S, ISiS, a. S_' y. 

DORKINS l-L-c aN(j n.i\vLin>), lU-i-.y, tvpluis fever, No\-. 
17, lS-10, a. 17 V c. !■. 2. 

DOW, Ahraliain, widr., f.unier, li. N. Salem, N. II., con- 

-dinpliuii, June l.i, IS I';, a. 71 \. |Jnne _'l. ti. i;. 4.| 
IlelirieUa L). |C. (... K. 4.), w. .Mnaiiam, jr. |d. Samuel and 

I'li.'.aheth Carr. c. i;. 4.|, eon^umptinn, Nu\ . 25, 1S45, 

a. 37 V. 10 ni. 5 d. 
llenrielta ' 1). C, d. .\l)raluim, jr. and Heiirietla 1). (.'., 

June .S, 1S40, a. 10 m, i.. li. 4. 
Sail;, 1'., w. Ahraliam, Ocl. 7, IStl, a. ()3 y. (j in. i,. k. 4. 

DOWNER, Mary, d. Am>.s, c.m^umpliijn, Ocl. 21, lcS48, 

a. 5 }■. 
Susanna, wid. Slephen, Ocl. .il, 1S2'). 

DURGIN, Francis, s. Sam|ue|l, al Newport, Oct. 15, IS.w, 

,1. 10 m. (-. u. 2. 
Nicolas, n)., slmt maker, 1.. Durham,, Iniij; fever, 

Vr\,. I'r,, 1S4V, a 7,-i \. |l'eli. 24, 1S40, a. 75 y. i,. k. I.\ 

DUTTON, Idiumas, v.idr., lal.urer, I.. Neul.ury, old aye, 
l.ur. Xev. I.iir\, d. OO. 21, IS4", a. SO v. 

EDGELL, John Adam.-, .-,. I'., v. |olni (J. A. and llaniel A. 
III. II. .\. o. K. 2, .-cailelina. c. K. 2. J, July 2S, ISj'), 
a. 3 y. S m. [July 22. >,. k. 2.\ 

ui;sr M;\viiL'KY dimuis 1U5 

i:i)i,i,i 1, Sii>,iii l';ii/,il)Ltli, il. I<>\. JmIui (K a. and Il.inirl A. 
[11. 11. A. 1., K. 1; ^i.iiKlina. c. k, -'.|, while on ,i \ 
to tluii- frifiiil> in luisl Oraiibv', C'duu., .Sipl. 11, KS.iV, 
a. 5 \-. 5 ni. 

, d. ^lilil.orn, J. n. A., Julv 27, 1,S-I5. r. k. 2. 

EDWARDS, tuoiuc AumisUis, s. licnjlaminl and ilariiet 
lojnMunpiion. c. i;. l.\. [uly •(, ISIS, a. 15 v. (a. 12 y. 
c. K. 2.1 

Joseph, Squ. 24, IS.vl, a. 27 y. 

ELLIOT t-;cc al:-u Fdli.iU), IKIi/ahLlh. (,. k. L], w. Tlioma.^, 

|ulv ID, 1S4-I. |a. (.4 y. c, u. l.| 
AIum"- H., s. Kiihraini and .M.iiy i llascllinc ), at I'cn-acula, 

Fhi., Sept. 22, 1S22. r. i . 2^, Au-. —. 1SS4, ... 'M y. [May .^0, a. 04 y. c. R. 2.] 

ELLIOTT (see also Llliut), Helsev, d. dliomas an.l Ju.lilh, 
July 15, LS31, a. 47 \. i., i;. 1. 

EMERSON, .Mary, wi.l., May 1'), 1.S2S, a. 7,i y. 

EMERY, Ahi-ail, wid. Nathaniel, Dec. 10, lS4,i, a. '>1 y. 

A m. 
Alii-ail, wid. M>.(k1\, uld a.L'e, .Srpl. \.\. KSlS, a. SO y. 
A^u.^, Jan. , IS.ih, a. ,VS y. r. i:. 2. [Jan. 1. e.. k. 2.| 
lielsey Caruline, d. Muses and Betsey, at Newliuiy , I'el). 

'>, IMO. 
Charles, .-. .Mu-,e> and Detsey, at Newbury, Sept, 16, 

1,^1 )S. 
Daniel, I'-sip, J,in. IS, iSll, a. 74 y. 
I'.phrain:, .Maj., .i palrii.i i.| ihe Revululiiui, Sept. 2'', 1S27, 

a. (i7 y. ,,. R. 2. 
lumiee M.iry, d. Moud)' and .\l)i-ail, I'el). 17, 1S.52, a, 2S y. 
Hannah, wid., Au^. 24, lS.i'». 
Jaeob, at Limeriek, Me., Jan. 15, 1S42. c. R. 2. 
John, July 27, 1S21, in his 52d )■, 

J(,lin, s. Jt)hii, jr. and Mehilable, Oet. ,^0, IS.iO. 
LuiN I'liiilly, d. Moses and Helse\, at Newbury, leb. S, 

iMary, wid. Maj. Ephraini, .Mar. M), IS43, a. 7'> y. o. R. 2. 
Cloudy, ni., b. Newbury, shoemaker, paralysis, June 5, 

1S45. a. 7(j V. 

106 \vi:s r M u lum m \ i lis 

I'Imkuv, N.illianirl, |ulv 14, IS.'i, ,i. SI v. 

Rilfus >. anil AliiL'ail, N..\. K\ fsi'), :,. J|) v. 

Sai-.ih No>rs, ,r I'lliplialit ami Sarah, Jan. KS, IS.vJ, a. '^ y. 

7 III. 
SUi>lu-ii AKn.ily, Juni- 7, IS.vl, a. IS \. 
'Hioiiia.--, at tlu- almshouse, Nnv. 1_', IS-IO, a. 50 y. r. k. 2. 

, I'athiT ul l.iK-iaii A.. l'\:li. - -, \S12, a. (il v. r. u. 2. 

] s. loliu and Mchilahlr, .Scpi. 10, IS-M, a.'s m. |a, (j m. 

ENGLAND, Julia (',.. w. SUpluu J., .IIslmm- ul the luail 
[aiicmi.i. ^lull.!, .M,ii. ,il, ISl'), a. J7 v. -I m. |a. .'() v. 
r. R. J. I 

EVERETT l.sif also Kvrr.IU). rimmar, II., latr of Lowell, 
at the reMilrme ol Cha|rh|s Kiml.all, Mar. 7, IS.'!'), 
a. 40 y. 

EVERETTE (>ec also FAvrcK), John, s. 4"homas 11., , 

1827. f. R. 1. 

FARMER, , Lh. , 1S44. c. k. 2. 

FISHER, t.;uoi!;c W.. An-. IS, IS4S. ,;. r. 1. 

FITZ, ll.iniiah, w. Cha^k:.•^, June 5, 1S2'), a. 20 y. c. i:. 1. 

FOELANSBEE, Ahigail, unni., Nov. 11, 1S20, a. 4cS y. 
Hel~ev |i\. i;. k. .v|, il. Newman ami .Maw, Mav .i, IS.iS, 

a. 14 y. 
l\li,:al)el h ,\,, d. Soniei 1)\' C ami Marv .\ |con| u>iou ol' lira in. 

r. K. 2.1, An:;. 11, ISK,, a. 1 1 m.'o. i; . J. 
Hannah, Nov . l.s, lS2l), ,i. .S'l v . 
lame^, |an. M), [SM , a. 77 y. 
ju.lilh li.. (1, John jM|ill,.ii. e. k. 2.| ami |.S. o. i;. 2 I, 

cholera inl'.iiitum |il\<i nlerv. e. k. 2.), .Sept. S, IS4'', 

a. 1 \-. il m. (1S4(). '<■. k. 2 I 
l.y.lia, w.' Samuel, Julv l'>. 1S2S, a. 02 y. 
Nelieliiiali, wiili., hii-lMmlmali | Ki'\ olut ioiia r\' soldier. 

e. k, 2. 1, All-. 12, 1SI4, a. So \. 
Samuel [lunt;^ fever. ( . k. 2,|. I'eli. 21, 1S40, a. 77 v. 
Saraii, Feh. 1, 1S21, a. oo v. 

Sarah, il. janies ami Sarah, Mar. l.S, 1S27, ;;. 1') >. o. k. .v 
S.irah, will. IJanies. c. k. 2.| |une 4, 1S4.?, a. 7') y. 

\Vi:Sl- NiaVliURV DlCAlliS 107 

Ful.l.A.NMii:!,, WalliT ll.-r.icr (WalUr 11 W. c. k. .i.], s. 
SoiiK-rliN- C. ami Alihy iM. |M:ii> A. i,. u. A.\, ruiilubion 
111 liic iiUoliiU'.-,, Jan. .■il, ISIS, a. S ii\. |a. 7 in. <.;. k. ,i.] 

FULLER, James, Dec. 2'), ISSl, a. 0,5 y. 

I.ucy, il. Jamc- ami .Mary, Aug. 17, ISJH, .i. 20 y. 

CjARDINER, fathcriiic, sisler of Eiiitr.suii, .Mar. S, 1S17, 

a. 10 y. o. k. 4. 
C'lauilius B. L., s. EmLTSon ami Marv, l)cc. .i, 1S35, a. S ni. 

u. K. 4. 

ElUn C, il. I'.nierbou ami .Mar\-, .Vug. 5, 1S41, ,i. ,S m. o. k. 4. E., b. EjikTscu ami Marv, Oct. 25, 1S4S, a. 1,5 v. 
,,. i;. 4. 

CIEORGE, Jomuhan, .May 7, 1S,^>. a. 05 y. 
Xliucn, \v. .\nios 1'., I'vh. 0, 1S4j, a. 47 y. 

GILMAN, Elizabcih !•;., d. I.cvi^ and .Mary J., \uv. '), 

1S4S, a. ^> \. .;. u. 4. 
Hannah A., d.'l.cwis and .Marv J., Feb. '), 1S4'), a. 5 m. 

2 d. >;. k. 4. 

GOODRIDGE, Joseph, Capt., Dec. o, lS2(i, a. 0.5 v. 
J<i-rph, jr., Dci-. 0. 1S50, a. 25 \. 

-Mary, w . Juricph, l\|)liU5 fc\cr, Mar. 7, 1817, a. 4S y. 
Sarah, wid., old agi-, Jan. l'», 1S45, ,i. SM v. 
|.Susann,i. o. u. ,5.|, wid. Jo.-^cph, .Mar. 50, 1S50, a. 09 y. 
[Mar. 5. u. R. 3.) 

GR.'VNT, Alhcrl, ni., hlack,.niitli, h. ( Icorgrlou ii, con- 

lumplion, .Srpl. 5, ISI'', .1. .i5 \. 
I'.li/.,i \'[\ o. u. 5. 1, d. .\ll>crl ,iml Clcn.nilim-, l\plm> fr\iT, 

Aug. 12. ISl I, ;,. 7 y. 
(IcorL'c, ML, |j. New 1 lamp-ihii c, ,-<, consumplioii, 

June 20, 1S47, a. 52 _\ . 
Cicorgc I'., 1j. i\'c\v llainp-hirc. -. ad(ii>U-d, dcorgu, con- 

sumplivin, ItIi. 21, lS-15, a. S y. 1 1 m. I d. 

GREENLEAF, .\'oncr, Apr. 1, Ks,i4, a. 72 y. 

GRIP'FIN, idiarlcs I'arknian, >. lirnj|aniin| I- . .S. and .Mary 
('. 1'.. inllainniaUou on llic b.jwcds, .\ul;. 24, 1S40, a. 
1 >. 11 111. 

lOS \vi;sr m:\\ iuk v pia i us 

(■Kill IN, IMw.ii.l KirkLiii.l, s. li. I', S. and M . (". 1'., Oa. 

11, IS-Kv .1. 11 m^ 7 .1. 
Franklin N. 1'., -. H. l'. S. .mil Marv C. 1'., |unc 24, 1SI,>, a. 

J \. 11 III. .;. i;. -'. 
Willi, in, ]•■. [',, ^- li I'. S. ,in,l M. C. \'., tionp. Juin' 21, 

IS-k-i, a. 2 \. 11 ni. ,S il. 

GROUT, C'.cor-c, aal^unl|lli..n, l\'li. 20, IS 15, a. '* v. c. k. 2. 

HALE, .\hii;ail |Mr>. i'. k. 1.|, .1. Oliver an.l Jiulith, An-. 7, 

KM'), ,i. .^2 y, 7 111. 
N'.ahanicl, Sept. 2", IS.vS, ,i. So y. 
Su'plicn |.M. A. (',. k. 4. 1, li. Hoxhird. li\Lr coniiilaint and 

inUni|)L'ranLi.-, Oct. 4, 1S44. a. ()1 y, .5 in, 2 d. ('.., ScpL 22. lS,i(., a, 17 y, i-.'r. 2. 

HARRINGTON, Abd C, .\pr. 7, I8,?5, a, o5 v. c. r. 2. 
Kli,:abL'tli N., w. Ahtd C, Ang. 22,, a, 25 y, 
Sarah I'li.^ahL lli, d. Abel C, .Vpr. 17, IS.v'l, a. 3 ni. ') d. 
S.irah 11., w. Abel C, Dec. 2.),, a. 27 y. 

HEATH, lo>Li>h, s, lUidlev and Aclisaii, ul MeUuien Mmr. 

al AlL-thuen. l. k. 2.|, Nov. 1,S, 1S,-;s, a. 22 \. [a. 21 v. 

c. K. 2.1 
Richard, ni., b. Haiiipalc-ad, N. II., yeoman [conbiiniplioii. 

c. u, 2. 1, Sept. 12, 1S4(), a, oO _\ . I'l in. 

HILLS, -\nn, Miss, fune 12, 1S28, a. 7,? y. 

Arisiice W., w. i;orhani, June 2(1, IS.U, a. 22 y. 

lieiijainin. Sepl. 14, 1S32' a SO v. 

Lli/a, w. Idhanan \V., .Mar. 11, 1,S41, a. 44 y. .Matilda, d. Elhanaii W. and Eliza li.. May M, KSJ8, 

a. 17 V. [Mav M). ( . u. 2.] 
Elizabetii.'w. Nathaniel, .Vuu. 21, \S2(>, a, 74 ). 
Eli/abetli, Apr. 2(), 1842, a. 'M \. [a. '/2 y, e. i<. 2.] 
H.iiinah, Nounyesl d. Heiij[ainin), decea^ed, Mar. '), 1832, 

a. 74 'v. 
loseph, .\pr. 1,1, 182'), a. 8'> v. 
joshna. Sept, 22, 1821, a. 7J y, 

Laura, .Mi>> |eonsuniption. c. u. 2.], .\pr. Id, 1843, a, 17 y, 
Marv, .Mi^.-, Dec. (.. 1822, a. 8') y. 

N.tthaiiiel, Sept. 30, 18.i2, ,i, 8') or ')() v. |a. 87 v, c, K, 2.1 
I'ri.Mill.i, MK„, J.iii, lO. 1830, a. ')5 y. 

WLS r Ni-,\vniik\ in; \ i us II)') 

lliLi.s, Sarali, 1). Lancaslcr, wi.l. | l':ii|)liaK 1. r. k. i.|, uM 

a.LH', Mar. J7. ISIS, a. '>! y. 
Sarah \V., coiisii]n|)ticin, May 2'>, lS-17, a. 51 y. c. i;. 2. 
^lu>^Kl^, Ksq. [I'ostiiKiblcr. t . i;. J.|, May Id', ISiS, a. SI y. 
-, iwiii cliu. Ciorluim, Ma\- 21, IS.i.'i, a. J il. l'. k. 2. 

IIODCjES, , ch. , 1832, a. o y. c. k. 2. 

HOPKINS, , Mrs., , IS.U). c. k. 2. 

nOSUM l.\im. (.. u. 2. 1, \\i,l. |u. KlKiKvrr. c. k. 2,|, "Inr- 
iiKily will. I'rc»i>," Ort. --, 1S45. c. i;. 2. [Oa. 11, 
a. .S(j y. 1.. k. 2.] 

Kl>cnc.:LT, 111. |I\c\iiliititHiar\-. t;. r. 2.|, soldiLr, old ai^c, 
IV-li. 5, 1S4.S, a. S-1 y. |1SI1. <;. k. 2.| 

HOYT, .\iiii ('., w. iuhn, lioiiMiiiiptiDn. c. K. 2.|, Nov. 1, 

IS 11), a. 20 y. c. k. 1. 
Charles F.dward, s. Humphry, Sept. 2ll, IS.-iU, a. 1') m. 
NaiR-y, w. Oaiiicl C, July d, IS.iO, a. .ill >•. 

ILSLEV, Jcwctl, July 12, lS-15, a. S2 y. o. k. 2. 
.Marv, \v. Joiialhau, Sc|>l. 15, 1S2S, a. 77 )■. *.;. k. 1. 

JAQUES, Charic:, iL'harlcs Muudy, s. Moscs and Hannah. 

(.. R. .v|, Ucl. 1.3, KS.iS, a. 28 y. 
Charles Smith. Dec. 25, 18.30. v. R. 5. 
Kdauh, Feb. 11, 1832. 

Elizabeth, Nov. l.i, 18.37, a. <)U y. •Mast March." c. R. 2. 
Giles M., Sept. 1'), 18. id. ]■. k. 5. 

Hannah (l.ur. at llampsiead), Ma\- 15, 1838. C. R. 2. 
J.uie, Oct. 2(), 18.1(1, a. 7.3 w |a. 8,i y. r.. k. 3.| 
John, Jul\- 21, 1821), a. 21 v. 1 m. 22 d. I', k. 5. 
M.uia, w. Moody, Dec. 2ll'. 1S27, a, 2d y. 

Mary. \v. Stephen, Nov. 20,, a. 7.3 y. 2 m. 17 d. v. r. 5. 
.Mar\ ,\dam>, Sept. II, lS25. i'. k. 5. 
Alollv, Ian. 27, 1824, a. dd v. c. R. 3. 
Reheca, .Mi.-, .M.iy 28, 18,33, a. 82 y. c. r. 2. 
Samuel, June 4, 1821, a. ''5 y (> in. c. k. .•!. 
Stephen, Jan. 15, 1827, a. ()7 \, d m. |5 ch l'. k. 5. 

, Ji. Ciles, , 1835, .1. d 1,1. c. R. 2. 

, eh. Giles, Sept. — , lS,3d, a. 2 y. c. R. 2. 

JAMESON, laien iM., inllammatiun of boweU, Am;. 20, 
I.SIS. a. 2 m. 2 d. la. 2 v. e. k. 2.1 

1111 W I M' Ni' W HUK-i' UFAI IIS 

J011NSl)N (Mc also J..|uisluii), , ih. , \»:U. r. K. 2. 

JOHNSTON (see also JoIuimui), Car,, line, .1. Tlioiiias and 

1 laiiiKih, July 5, 
.Mar> Ann, d. 'rii.i|nia!s and llannali, Jul> \1, \SM. 

JONKS, C'laii>-.a, w. Jonallian, Sipt. I. lS.-i5, a. 51 y. c. k. J. 
Jonathan, Juiir iO, ISIl, a. iil y. i;. k. .i. 

KEl.LY, Jului, July 5, IM'). r. k. 1. 

KIMBALL, Cal,!,, Capl,, Apr. _'7, \SM), a. S5 v. 

Hannah, w. Capl. C.ihl., I),r. 2. l.SJIl, a. 77 y. ' 

Hannah, w. John, Jnl\' IS, l,^.->o, a. (jS \. c. i;.' -1. 

lohh, Oil 2u. ISM), a' 7'i \. '' 111. ... l;. 4. 

John C. iManh, -. |ohn R. and .Sarah 11., scalilcd, Nov. 22, 

1.S4'), .1. 2 y. 
Taniar, Miss, l'v\>. 4, KS.-iJ, a. 7.5 y. c. i;. 2. 
Thonias N., Oa. .=;., .1. 25 y.' 

KNIGHT, Edmund, jr., s. Kdnuind, Apr. 21. IS4J, a. 17 y. 
iMolly, Mr-., 1-cl,. 20, 1S1'». c. k. 1. 

LADD, lunjainiii, ol I )LLaruld, N. H., drowned in .Merri- 
in.ic l\i\er, Jul}' .i 1 , IS. •id, a. 21 y. 

LARKINS, Asenalh 1'., Apr. 10, l«,i\ a. 7 y. c. k. 2. 

LEE, , drowned, Mar. 2.\ KS41. c. k. 2. 

LITTLE, Catheiine C. 1'., w. Oli.. |d. hanicl Noyes I'oor, 

M.L). ,;. K. l.|, l\l,. 7, IS45. a. 40 v. 
Il'di/.dnth. (;. K. 1. 1, w. Siephen | .M . t .' i; . 2. 1, heh. .i, lS,i7, 

a. (,l V. 
(■■-noih, Aun. 15, 1S20, a. 72 y. 
John, \\\k 2S, |,s2S, a. 81 y.'i,. k. 1. 
Jo.seph, .\pr. 4, l,S2.i, ,1. .S2'v. i,. h. 5. 
Jo.seidi li. |Col. ,,. R. l.|, al "Haverhill, Dec. 2, 1S,?8, a. 38 y. 

c. K. 2. 
Josepli Li., at Haverhill, eoii-uniptiun, Jan. 3, 1848, a. 44 v. 

e. k. 2, 
ludilli, w. Ldimiiid, JnK 2'>, 18.i8, a. ()8 y, |a. o\er 70 y.- 

c. K. 2.1 

\vi>r Niu :u Kv or \ i iis 1 1 1 

l.niii ,\„ w. l''.uoch, |uiK- S, !>'2ll, in lier 70ili \-. 
.Mar\. \\i>l. jc.>c'].h [cl. Rev. \\'|illi.i|iii Jului.M.ii. .'. k. 5,1, 

'|;in. KS,"lSJ'^ ,i. S5 v. 
Maiv S., w. Col. Ju.-oph li., j.ih. .-;, I^IS, a. 11 y. r,. l;. 1. 
kulh, wi.l. John, JuiiL 1, \Sl'i. a. 8.-! \'. 
Suplian .M., ni., laiimr. li. \t>', lini w s. John, [irriloiiitis, 

|ul\ _'(), 1S45, a. 74 y. 
Willi. iiii, Apr. J, IS.i-l, a. (K> \. 

LORING, ChailL-s Horace, b. William V. ami Jane, eon- 
>iiin|ilion ihearl eli.-ea^e. (lu|i.|, Jul_\' J'', lS-17, a. \1 y. 

-r lU. 

.ill. Wlillialni I'"., niea^len ami w lioo|)inK eoLi^li, .Mar. -I, 

IS! 1, a, ,s ni. c. K. _'. 

LOUGIEE, .\nne, Nov. -~, KS,i7, a. 21 y. c. k. 2. 

LOVEJOY, Alary, Apr. 1,, a. KS y. 7 :n. c. k. 2. 

LOW, lo^eph, m., comb maker, b. Esbc.x, Apr. V, KS48, a. 
44 V. 

LL'NT, , ill. , 1.S2S. r. k. 1. 

MCHINSTRY i-ee also AleKinMrv), (ieorj/e, b. Jienj|amin] 
ami Miriam iM., Dec. IM, IS.U', a. 2 y. 8 m. 

MCKINSTRY l-eealsu McHinstrv), lienjamin !■'., s. Iniij.i- 
min, May 2", ISvS, a. 23 y. [a. 21 \. c. k. 2.\ 

I,\alia |i"eiiney. G. u. 1.], \vii|. W|illia|m, rni)Uire, Mar. JU, 
1S4'), a. 57 y. 10 m. [a. 0(1 y. r. k. 2.\ 

William, No\-. 5, 18.i(i. a. 54 y. i;. u. 1. 

iMcQUESTION, , w. Robert, at Maiicliebler, N. H., 

, 1S47. e-. i;. 2. 

MARCIl, -Marv F., w. Stephen [cun,-,umptioii. c. k. 2.], 

Alar. 1, l.siu. 
. d. Stephen, scrofuluub conbumiition, Nov. 2, 1840, 

a. y. c. R. 2. 

MARSHALL, [ohn L., s. |ohn ami F.lizabeth |H. c. i;. .5.], 
June 29, 1,S28. [1827. c. '.:. 3.] 

112 wisr Ni.wiiriiv pi. amis 

AlERRIL (SLC aUu Merrill), Sarali l.illlr. al I. vim, cun- 
sumptiiin, Aul;. 2, ISIU. c. k. I. 

MERRILL (.src al>o Miiiii, .MuiiiU),, D.j., [uly 1. 

Ks,;-t, a. SI \. 11 111. 1^ ,1. IJuiu- M). i;. k. 1.| 
\mvd. w. l)i-a. .\\h[ lliu.u lL-\rr. c. k. 2.], Mav JS. hslD, 

a. SI V. c. K. 1. 
lohn, Mav -M, 1S_'1. c. i;. 1, [a. 71 y. c. i;. l.| 
lal.ail, MC .Morrill, Lai. an. 
Mary, wid. Julin, |an. IS, ISJS, a. 7S v. i;. k. 1. 

Mary, Mrs., ,"lS2S, a. SJ y. r. u. l' 

Sarah, \v. Hcniamin, ?\lai\ \2, Ts-l-I, ,l 05 w |a oS )-. 5 m. 

11 d. u. K. 4. 1 
Sarah 1».. w . Mos,.-, (',., .\|.r. .^U. lS4,i. a. ,.i!i y. lMa\- 1. r. k. 2.| 
, Mr;,., ..f L<i\M.-ll, , IS.vS. c K. J.' 

MOODY, l)uroth\', \\\d. C'akii, Alar. IS, ISid, a. S') \'. 
Kli/.a Cronihy, d. Jo.^iph and Uel-^cs, Feb. 10, ISJl, ,i.' S y. 
I'd'anci's Kllcii, li. New liur\'|uirl, d. John .'nd Mar\, di.ihctL-s, 

Dec. IS, 1S47, a. 15 v. 1 m. |lkr. 1';. (,. u. 2.'| 
Ruth, wid.. Fell. 17, IS.Vi, a. 75 y. 

MOORES, Martha, \s . j^.^eph R., Mar. 15, 1S57, a. 35 y. 
c. K. 4. 

AIORRILL (scr aUu Mcrriin, Lahan, \\.r. \2, lS5l), a. 34 y. 

MORSE usee al.-,o Mnr.-,^), .Xri.m,., d. \\\l, K. and I'hel.e 

II., , 1S45. u. K. 2. 

Daniel, Feh. 5, ISJl, in hi., 7Jd 3. la. 7l) v. <.. r:. l.\ 

David. I'eb. 11), lS.-;_', .1. .i 1 y. ,;. k. 4. 

Jose[)h, drovvued, Aiil;. 22, 1S3J, a. 21 y. »;. u. 4. 

Mahina R|cbekah. (.;. k. 4.|, d. Jiihn and Reheeca I'., dropsy 

of the brain, J.m. 4, 1S4,\ a. 5 y. S ni. 5 d. 
jNlary, w. Daniel. Mar. 5, IS.vS, a. S2 y. c k. 2. 
Miijes, jr., ni., u lieelw rieht , lli^ea^^■ of the heai't, Jan. 17, 

1S48, a. 43 y. 
Rcbekali, \v., [■"eb. 22, 1S31, a. 5S y. c. k. 4. 
Samuel, jr., s. Samuel, Ucl. IS, 1S5(), a. In y. 
Samuel li., June IS, IS.U), a. 1(j \. o. k. 4. 
, inf. cli. Samuel and lielse\ , June 12, lS2'i. e,. k. 4. 

AlORSS (bee albo Morse;, Caled), June 22. IS ID. a. '^5 V. 

v.. R. 2. 
Marv, w. Caleb, Oct. 2S, 1S37, a. 89 y. u. 1;. 2. 

U I :, ; MW l;( i;V hi \ 1 llN I I / 

, MOULTON, Aiulrrw Wo.Mlhury, h. Dcci-nrM, N. II., > 
Nathan A. an. I Mar\ i:., . r. r.]i, l/ur. DicHkM, N'. II. 
>l. Ian. J, IS-1,^, a. .^ v. .^ in. 1(1 .1. 
Knodi Allan.-, Oct. 1-1, ISj-l, a. 1 \. i, m. S d. 
Hannah |1'. c. k. 1.|, v, . Sila-, ho. _'(,, KSil, a. 78 y. 

NELSON, Ahi-ail, d. Iiauid, Apr. I, ISil. i'. a. 8. 
I'nthni:, >. h,.i,h'l, June 12, \S12. v. k. ,S. 
S.irah, w. Hanicl, An.i^. KS, IS.i.S. v. l:. S. 
WilUam, s. Danie-l, June l,s, ls_'2. r. k. S. 

NEWELL, Anna, wi.l. J.iM|.h, .May 17, IM,^, a. 7S y. |a, 

71 V. C. K. ->.l 

JoMph iF.M|. .;. K. l.|, Jan. 2, \S1>, a. 7.' \-. 

lMuM>, jr., -. |1I>H1. ... u. l.\ \iu~x-r and .Sallv, I'lIk '/, KSJl 

a. 1-1 ni. ,S d. |,i. ') w. I,. K. 1 J 
Rcbfkali. d. .M...-L> and Sails', Aui;. JS, 1S27, a. 11 v. 
Sarah lai .iLl-i1i. d. .Mubcs and .^allv, |an. 21, 1827, a. 2 v. 

NICHOLS. StL-phen, May lO. 1^47, a. K. y. c. k. 2. 

,Su=aii i:ii?alK-lh iiancrufi, d. Daniel and Aiarv jane, Nov. 21, 
lS-12, a. 2 y. lU ni. If. d. 

NORK'IS, --- -, eh. W.dler, Oel. I'K l,s,58, a. -1 h. r. i;. 2. 

NOYES, AtiK.s .Muody, .v \V|iMia!in, jr. and I'hel.e I;., waterv 

head, Apr. .\ 1S4S, a. .^ v. (> m. 
CeHnda [T. c. k. .^.\, w. luh'ii \'|alenline. ■•. u. I.\. I'eh. '), 

1S36. a. 27 V. 
C'ha.rle.,' s. I'urdvec IL and Mailh.i .\i,n, |ulv il, 

IS.i^;, a. 2 \-. 
FJizaI.elh,'j(.lin, June 2S, 1,S2,S, a. (.1 y. r,. |.'. .?. 
I'lnKJine J., w . ilfanii.; Al,, eon- uinpl ii.n, Nt.w '), 1.8-1'), a. 

2') V." |a. 81) V. .:. k. 2.| 
iuiueh, Mar. 28, l82,s, a. 8.S y. [Mar. 8. c. i;. 8.| 
I'iphraini, Au;;. 1, 1>22, a. .^.^ \. (.. i;. 8. 
C.eur!;e Henry, ^. Jiilin \'. an'd Silenda T., Oil. 17, 18^.S, 

a. 8 ni. (.. K. 8. 
John \"|aleniine, -cn.l'ula. c. R. 2.], Eel). 28, 1841, a. .'<2 v. 
i.ydia. Mi.-.,, I'eh. l.i. 182(1. ,,. 81 v. ,,. r. .i. 
Aiarlha li., w. \Viillia|ni. Ii\er e'on.phiinl , X.^n. -' 1,M'.', 

a. d! \. 

11-1 M,\\HUl;V l>l,,\lll^> 

Nu\i:s, Mary I.oian/.a, d. .Sinii(|r|li>' C. and iMar\', Mar. 

I'', ISvi', a. •) \. 7 III. 
TaikiT, Ian- 17, hVid, a. S7 v. 
I'aiktr, drouiuil [at J'Iliiii l.-laiul. c. i;. -'.|, Oi 1 . '», lS-l,i, 

a. Jo V. 
RrlKkah, \^ul. M'arktT. c. K. J.|, Mar. .-i 1 , KS.-lS. |.Mar. J-l, a. 

,SS y. c. K. -'.| 
Islilh .\., w. .SlipliLii Icanrar. v. K. 2.\, S, 1SI7, a. (jS y. 

(_.. K. _'. 
Sally .Ann, li. Knotli and Sarah, Sept. II,, a. 1') y. 

(.. i;. ,5. 
Samuel, suddenly japople.xy. C. i;. i.j, .Au^;. 2b, IS,-!'), a. 77 y. 
Sarah, uid. Nathaniel, uf Salisliurv, N. II., l)ec. 14, 1SJ7, a. 

-IS V. 
Sarah, uid. Enoch, Nov. l,i, IS.ii, a. cS7 y. 

, ch. Joseph S., Jan. 17, 1,n42, .i. ,S h. c. i;. 2. 

, ch. Parker, May 5, IS-l.'i, a. 4 d. c. k. 2. 

O'BRIEN, Betsy, wid. Jusepli, Ksip, Jan. 2'), 1827, in her 
,S4th y. u. K. 5. 

ODIORNE, Kmnia Carr, d. Janie.-,, suirletina, I'eh. 22, KS4.-i, 

a. 2 y. m. c. i;. 2. [2 y. 7 in. i;. i<. 2 \ 
Saimiel Carr, s. James 1.. and l.mina L'., cholera, Jul\' 30, 

1S47, a. 7 m. 2S d. |a. 9 m. c. k. 2.] 

ORDWAY, .AMjv Jane, d. joMuia II. and Sarah lane, Sept. 

'), 1S47, a. I \. 1 m. 22 d. 
.Alii^ail, d. William, late of West Newl.ury, .May 23, 1,S24. 
.\ljiL;ail Ami, d. Cha|rle|s ainl jiilia .Ann, ^carlet l\'\er, 

" May 14, KS4.5, a. 2 y. 10 m. " 
Caroline, d. Perlev, .Aul;. 24, lSi7, a. 2 m. c. k. 4. 
Caroline .Matilda, 'w. l'e-rle\-, July 14, 1,S,S7, a. M y. c. k. 4. 
Uavid, 111., trader, Isphus fever, Ott. 22, 1,S47, a. d'' y. 
Ilosea Wlieeler, s. 'liiomas and L\Mi.i, .Mar. 0, 1S22. 
Isaac, May 4, 1841, a. 57 v. 
Joseph, Sept. ,^t), 18.50. 
Joshua, kel). 27, 182(), a. 8S v. 
Judith, keh. Ill, 1821. e, i^'l. 
Louis. I, I). .Anusiiurv, tk ]'erle\ and Caroline M., coiisunip- 

tion, D.t. 21, 181'), a. 17 v. 1 n.. I d. 
.Marv Ann, d. Jo.diu.i ,uid M.iiv, Auu. 1(1, lS.ii, a. 21 y. 

o. i;. 4. 

wi:sr N'Kw iH'K\ [)j,.\ Ills ! 15 

Ouuw A\, Marv Anil M.iliM.i, il. IVrlv ami Carolina .Malilil 

A|>i. 11, is.Sd. a. (. >. 
Alarv liimrv, w. Daviil'ln, c. k. l], Ocl. 21, IM'i. a. if) n 

G. k. -l,'|i ).t. Jl). ,-. k. 1.] 

ML-hilaljIc lla>cltiiir, (!. lluD.loii-, , KS-;7, a. .i y. 1'. l 

Miiiill, Sipl. Hi, IS.SO, a. Jo \. 

Rclioira, wi.l. SUphcii, old a-f, IMi- HI, ISl'l, a. SI v. n 

|a. SI \. (I 111. 5 (1. .lup I 
Ri'lK->cali, .1. Su-|.liiii and Ucl.rx.ili, .Vpr. _'s, ISJS, a. IS y 
Saiaii, Apr. 17, ISJO. r. i;. 1. 
Sarah, w. l-.i.ic, Jiil> _'S, ISJS, a. -) 1 y. i.. k. 1. 
Sarah 1)., d. N.aliaiiiL-i and .\l.ii iha,' J liik- 7, IS.ill. a. 1" y 

c. K. 1. 
Slc-pluii, ^^inldi-iiiy, N.A-. 2S, lS-11, a. SJ v. (. k. 2. 
'1 iioiiia>, IVli. \1, IS.ii, a. 51 y. i;. k. ". 

OSGOOD, Fry, Sept. IS, lS.-;7, a. 14 y. c. k. 2. 
John, Dca., suddL-iily, Apr. 5, 1S2(1, a. (id \. 
Jiilui, jr., s. John and Mary Ann li., Oct. \'K 1S22. 
Lydia, d. John, ilcccasc-d, and L\-dia, (ki. .■> i , ISJl, a. 4(1 v. 
Lydia, wid. Dca. John, h\4). I,, a. S2 \-. 
Mary Ann H., w. Jului, Jul\ SI. lS2.i, a. 21 \'. S in. 
Sarah t;Krri.-,li. i\ u. 2.|, d. John and borca:-,' OlL 12, ISii, 
a. 2 y. |()lI. is. r. k. l.\ 

PARKER, Jusiah, •■died in laov.ll, l,uii./d helc," Dec. 2S, 

lS,i7. c. k. 2. 
Lydia, w. John li. |f.-ver. c. k. 2.|, |an. H), 1S4S, a. M) y. 
Nancv, .1. John li and L\di.i, Dee. IS, lS2.r 
Riley'lH. e,. k. ,v], Dee. 13, IS.iU, a. 24 ) 

PATTEN, Kliphalett Danlorlh, s. William and iielbey, 

Det. 2U,, a. 1 y. S m. 
GeoTLie L'arr, ^. William and iiet;,e_\-, Dee. 4, IS.-i.], a. 1 y. 

7 111. 
William, Jan. 14, lS42, a. i7 y. 

PAUL, Uli\er 4'aylor, b. Maltliew ,ind Hannah, scarlet lever, 
Nuv. 23, 1S4.S, a. S m. 15 d. 

PERKINS, Hnos, of Salem, J.iii. 15, ISil, a. 35 y. 

PERRY, i'./ra, s. Joseph, ol I'.iii.-,, Me., Jnlv '), 1S24, a. 
22 y. 4 in. o. k. A. 

1 1< 

wisi m:\\i!ui:S' 1)1 amis 

Pll.I.SlUII^Y (mc alM. I'il.-liur\ ). Musis fan. II, ISSl, 

a. S^ V. c. K. J. 
, w. William, Icli. 1'), ISid. a. 7 1 y. c n. -'. 

PIl.SBURV iSLV al.M) I'ill.liurv), D.n.icl, C'ai'l-, M:"-. 27, 

1811, a. (.,•! 1-2 \. 
l.ydia, u. Maj. OIImi, f)rt. 15, 1S,^5, a. (.1 \'. 
Alary, v, .>, Si|>i. A, KS.SD. 
Mdsrs, Mar. 22, IS.-ll. |a. ''2 v. c. u. 2.| 
Moms. Juiu' 11, IS.v-;. 

Saiah, w. M(i>cs, .\|)r. .■!, \SM), a. 7(i v. c. i;. 1. 
Saiali Ciliii.iii, il. Allrcl, Sr\,\ . \ .\ IS.iO, ,i. (, in, 
William Ills,]. I,, k. 2 |, r'lh. 1'^ IS. -Id, a. 71 ). (; m. 

Pl.UAlKU, CliaiKs R., at I'rn^aLula, Ma., Am;. 7. 1818, 

a. I'' y. I.. K. 4. 
Cliark-.s kirj,rr>, s. |iiliii I,, ami |uaiiiia, Siiu. 27, 1828. 

|a. 2 V. 4 111. c. K. -t.| 
I'lli/alu'thllox,', il. J. 4, 11 1,. and Joaniia [R. ■;. u. 4 |, Scpl 

81), 1828. |,i ^> m. t;. l;. 4.| 

POOR, l!riij|,iiiiiii], Dr., J, 111. 2.1, 18,i7, a. 78 y. (> m. 

(■. k. 2. 
Daniel Nloyc-.T. c. i;. l.|, Dr. |s, IJL-iijaniiii, s. Saimal. c;. u. l.|, 

Jan. 28, IS.w, a. 78 y. t> in. 
lCl)i'nc/.cr, Scjil. 27, I8i7, a. .S4 y. 
Elizabeth 1 liurlmv, il. Aiims ami Maiv, Aug. 1, 1843, a. 

2 V. '.' m. 
Ilciiriclta Ak-iiill, d. Benjamin and Mai\- 1'., Feb. 1'), 1841, 

a. 8 in. 
Julia, d. .Sle|iheii and Uaniiali .M., Jan. 1, 182U. i;. R. 1. 
Sall\- ()., w. .\mo.s, jr., June .S, 1885. a. 2(j y. i;. k. 4. 
Stei'iheu Sev.all, s. Stephen and Hannah IM.'c. k. l.|, Jul>- 25, 

18, i8, a. 2tl V. (I m. 

, w., ' , 1827, a. ')] y. ( . l;. I. 

PREBBLIl, Charles, m., larmei, b. lunjland, lun^ fever, 

.\|n. 1, 18 1", a. 52 \. 
Uilllaiii, iiL, laborer, b. ' I'hi-land, e,\|Hisuie lu eold, |aii. 18, 

18 Id, a. M) y. 

PI(I':SCOTT, Kuniee, sister in Abigail I'diiery, Jan. 24, 1840, 
.1. 77 \. G. k. 4. 

w 1 .- 1 Mwuiu; V HI .\ Ills I 1 1 

PKESSF.Y, lU-t-cv Ann, .1. wi.l. \ |l),iii!<l and Anna. 
... U. _' I, Wax 7, l^vi. |.\lav U), a _' N. .. r. 2.\ 

DaiiiLl, Aim. J(i. IS.-il, a. 15 y. 

PRlNDLi':, lici.y, Mi.-^s, Dec. 2,S, ISiJ, a. I\ y. <'. k. 2. 
K'AM), l-:icl.aia|, in., lai.olLT, canirr, .\|.r. 14, ISl.S, a. OO y. 
REEN'ES, l<i^lilcuu>, ••EiiL'li-.hman," Aul'. ID, \SAS, a. 

RICHARDSON, |Haimah. .-,. u. .v|, w. Jc.ri.h K., Jan. 7, 

IS.iO, a. SS y. <) in. 
JuM.'|)h, Nov. 25', hS3(>, a. S') y. |Nuv. 0. .;. k. .^.\ 
, ch. , Alls. 15, KX45, a. J w. r. k. 2. 

RIGBY, Charles, al l.awivncu, Jan. 3, KS4S. c. K. 2. 

ROGERS, Ann, d. C'harks and Euui.^a, Sept. 21, 1S40, 

a. 1') ill. o. R. 4. 
Calcl), widr.. iiUcni]aTancc, Sept. ,>, 1.S47, a. 7.S _\ . 
liasid, b. lJa\id and l-'.^llur, Oil. 2, KS2(i, a. (» v. r.. u. 1. 
llrhorali, Mi>., Ucl. —, IS.vl, a. '»() \. 
Dudley, leli. I'J, KS2.\ a. 71 y. 
llaiinaii, w. Xallian, Sept. .S, IS.iU, a. 70 y. 
Janjl,, ni., I'arnur, alTectiuii <4" the heart, Mar. 25, l<S4y, 

a. 7'; V. 
Lucy, A|.r. IS, 1S21. . . i;. 1, 
.Mary, I el.. 14, Ks25, a. .SS y. 
Nathan, Aiii^. 21, 18,i7, a. <SS v. 
Rhuda, d. l),i\id and ^:^ther, '( let. 11), 1820, a. 2 v. c. k. 1. 

, .Mr., , 1827. e-. u. 1. 

, twin ch. , .Mar. 1'), 1841, a. 2 d. c. r. 2. 

, tuin ch. , Mar. 2(,, 1811, a. ') d. c. K. 2. 

ROLLINS, Catherine, wid., Feb, 2, ]S-\^, a. 8,5 y. 

Kiibeil, li. S.deni, lahorer, consuiiipthiii, .Mar.' 14, 1845, 

a. 48 y. 

SAFI'ORD, Julin, Ajir. 27, l84.i, a. 47 y. 

SARGEANT isee alse. .Sar-enl), , .Mr., from Chi. he,.^ter, 

N. II., at the alni.^huUM-, inteiiiperance, July 4, 184o, a. 
45 \\ c. k. 2. 

\\:< \vi:sj' NtwHL'k'i ui:.\rns 

SARCiENT i^see .lU.. Mirj^caiU), , w. John. |;in. 20, 

KS.-iS, a. oViT M) y. r. k. 1. 
, s. Joliii \\\ ami lu'l-y, alTcLlimi ol ihc luait, I He. '), 

184S, a. 2 y. 2 iii. 2 tl. 

SA\\'\'ER, Ann, \>. AiiiL-sliiir\-, d. Sinui_in, nin.-uiiiplion, 

July (I, ISU. 
Edwin, b. l>a\iil and Rchccia, dcLcastd, A|ii-. 2, 1S27, a. 4 y. 
Hannah, in Maiiu\ apnplcw, - - -, I.S-IO. ( . u. 2. 
Jacul), Jan. .U), l.Sl.i, a. 72 \. c. u. 7. 
Judilh, Mibb l-Mrs. ^;. k. 2.|, .Vpr. 27, IS.'li), ,i. i,'i y. 
Judilh. wid. Jacob, Sl'^I. l.i, lS-17, a. 75 y. c. k. 7. 
Mai\. unni.. |an. 13, KS24, a. .S() v. .i in. 
.Miriam, No\ ." 24, IS.i'). [a. 71 y. (';. k. (>.| 
KfliLxca, w. ii.ivid, Od. 5, IS2o, a. 2() \-. |2(i v. 2 m. c. k. ().| 
.Saiah, w. Mic.di, 1(1 : 1 m : l,S2(i, a. 77 \. i..'k. (j. 
Saiah .\nn, .1. l)a\id, ,Sc|.l. 10, lS.-;7, ,'.. \(, v. |a. 10 v. 

.;. k.<..| 
.Sarah Ann, d. Daxiiland l\cl)i.L-e.i, .il ; 8 m : KS44, a. 1 y. 

S m. l.S d. c. k. (j. 
William, Middcnly, July 2S, ks..<i), a. .-10 y. 

SCHOFIELD, Tliomas, uidr., K'^-"tk-man ...1 IcisurL-, L. 
England, old a-c. May 2,.i, IMN, a. SI y. 

SHORT, Isaac, m., faniur, s. liarncs and Sarah, paralysis, 

Jan. 5, KS4(], a. 13 y. (> m. 
Isaac Allen, s. Isaac and Judilh, .\ui;. 13. \S3\. |a. 10 y. 

G. k. 2. J 
Jacob, Dec. — , 18. Ul, a. 44 y. 
Mary, wid. Barn, Alar. 10,'l.S22, a. SI y. 
.Marv |M. O.K. 2,1, w. Anu.b E. [d. Edmund and Alary 

Worth, o. k. 2. 1, Jan. 28, 1840, a. 27 y. 
Scwall, Aiir. 4, 181'', in his 4inh y. 

SILLOW'AY (sec also Siluway), Samuel, Jan. 19, 1849, 
a. 27 y. g. k. 1 . 

SILOWAY Isee also Silloway), Jose[)li, of Bi)ston, Sept. 30, 

18,iO, a. 44 >. 
Nancy, w. iJ.miel, Jan. 28, 1831, a. 40 y. 

SMITH, Corina [d. Samuel W. and Susan, g. k. 3.\. Oct. 17, 
18.^6, a. 17 y. 

W 1 .-,1 MA\'lli:|;V DKAIIIS 1 1') 

SMirii, iMi.uh, N>,v. _M, IS.^7, ;i. 71 \. |Nuv. _',X. ,;. k. ,i.| 

Ihiiuiali, u. luu.rli, luK _'S, ISid, a. A'> y. c. K. .v 

lla.iaah Jaur, w. 'Ihonias Jul) 2'>. 18.i'). |.i. M ). C. K. 2.| 

Jainc>, .id, Aui,'. 17, IS Id, ,i. -Id y. c. K. _'. 

J(.hii, Sciil. .i. IS.iU, a. 7() y. 

M.irv, w. John, J, in. 7, 1SJ7, a. d-l y. 

Il'i-uikncc. d. u. 5. 1, w. Janus I'cc.'.il, IS.-id, ,i. d.i y. ||)lt. 

1. c. n. J; a. d') y.'d. k. .r| 
Rchckah R, K., d. 'l'holnia|s ami llanii.ili, Sipt. .iO, 
Saimu-I W., |ulv 2d, ISSl, a. So v., Mi>s," Irh. 27, IS-l.S, .i. S.S y. ,;. i; . ,r 
Su.-an, will. S.muirl \V., Oil. 11, iS.i.i, a. M \. [Oct. l.i, 

ISvi, a. .il y. ( . K. 2. 1 
\\'|illi,i|in I'arker, unni., iiKahiiii^l, s. \Vlillia|ni, t\iiluib 

ivvvv. Dec. M, lS4d, a. 21 y. S ni. 
, lIi. riiuiiias, JliI\' 2'), IS.-id. c, k. 2. 

STANWOOD, Charlutlr |<1. JoL.cph and Kliza. ,,. k. 2.|, 
al [.c.^\cll, Apr. .i, IS.iS, a, 22 y. c l:. 2. ja. 21 \-. u. li. 2.| 

llaiinali S., d. Ju.-.L-ph, lih. 2(>, ISSl), a. 20 \-. 

Jusc|jh, al LuwcU, Feb. l.i, 1S^2. c. k. 2. 

loSL'i)h L., b. Josejdi, Juiu- 17, ISiO, a. 10 y. 

iMar^arfl [., d. Ju^q,h [and Kli/.i. ... k. 2.|, Apr. 11, ISSO, 
a. IS V. 

Martha 1)., d. Joseph, Ocl. ,iO, 1S2'). 

Ruth Eniilv, d. William and lldna P., Mav 2d, 1.S37, a. 
2 y. 4 m. 1 d. 

William, rn., farmer, [i.dsy, leh. 1, 1S4'.), a. 6d y. 

STEVENS, Charles F.dwin, >. \\|illi.tim (i. and .Marv W., 

Feh. 2, 1.S4'), a. 5 d. >.. l:. 4. 
l''ranci> J. me, d. .^l^l^e^ and Alar\- 11. (\(juiigi, canker, 

Ai)r. 27, 1S47, a. ,i m. 

, ch. William, - — , 1,S27. c. u. \. 

, al llie, - - - , lS-17, a. SI y. c. li. 2. 

STICKNEY, Reliecea Pour, d. Samuel, jr. and Funice, Oct. 
7, 1S25, a. 5 y. c. k. 8. 

SUTTON, Charles J., , IS.vS. (;. k. 4. 

TASKER, Elizabeth A., w. W|iliialm, June 27, 1843, a. 

25 V. (a. 2d V. 1-. K. 2.1 

120 \S 1 SI M;\\lil!l:v HI \ I ll: 

TAYl.OR, Kli.M ]•;., June 7, 1S41, ;i. JO y. l'. K. S. 

TENNEY, Kli/.alHlh, wid. |Saiiuul, caiucM. c. i;. J.|, old 

a.LU', l'\l.. 2t\ IS-ld. a. ').S n-. 
Liay.'il. Moms and liaiuiali, iKi. lr<, ISIS. a. 2S y. i,. k. '). 
Sallv, Julv 2S, IS.iJ, a. .So v. i'. k. 2. 
Saiiiurl, 1')l\;., .\L.y _'", 1S21, a. 7,-i \. (i ni. 
Samuel, Col., .\|ir. .S, ISJS, ,i. M \.\.. k. I. 
Sarah, .\ug. 2S, l.S.iJ, a. .So y. ... li. 1. 

TEWKSBURV, Idizalidb, Mrs., lime I'K 1.S26, a. 0') y. 

o. I.'. 1. 
Jonathan, Sept. 2s, l,s27, ,i. 7i y. r.. u, 1. 

THORN, C'.iioline E., Mr^., Eel,. 10, EX,:;,s, a. 22 y. i. K. 2. 

THUREOVV, Enoch. Nov. 1'), 18.^0, a. O.S y. 
(uijith S., d. William and Miriam, .\u,n. 17, 1.^2 1, a. w 
I.xdia 1)., wid. [Enoch, c. k. 2], .Aul;. S, 18-12, a. (>1 >. 

Ruhania, Mv^., , ES.iO. c. k. 2. 

Sarah, wid. Samluejl, I'eb. 11, I82.S, a. 7.S y. 

THURSTON, EH/aheth, wid. lion. Daniel, of liradford. 
Now 15, l8l'J, ill her ')7lli y. 

TILTON, George Eewis, ^. Rev. |. IE and Eli/a T., Sept. 

14, 184S, a. 2 y. 4 d. t;. k. .E 
Mary Eli/abuth, w. Re-v. J. I!., at I.inuriel., Me., cordine- 

meiit, Jan. ES, 1842, a. ,i2 )■. i,. k. ,E 

TlTCOlVlIE Charles C., s. l.luil, od ,ind llann.di .M., mal- 

I'orm.ition, lei.. 21, IS 15, ;,. 1 y. 7 d. 
C hailes Carrol, s. lehaliod and ll.innah M., watery head, 

Jnne 28, 1847, a. 1 y. f) ni. 2o d. 

VIOKERY, Ch.irles lIerrin;;lon, s. William and l-'.li.'.d.el li^ 

Jan. 20, IS2.V 
Elizalath .\nn, d. William and Idi/.d.eth, leh. 11, 18i'>. 

VINE, Marv .Ann, .Mrs., "peridied on llie .\llanlic-," Dee. 
, 1840. 1-. k. 2. 

\vi:sr NiJWHUKV Di:-. nis l.'l 

WALTON, Julin. ■•hi^ w^ ami ,i Lliil.lrcn i)rri.lic(l >.ii llu 
.Vl.iiilii",' \hi-. . IS-ld. 1-. K, J. 

WF.LI.S, Rich.irJ, a .-lr:in,uii, \\\,. J.S, IS.^'t, a. 4.-; y. 

WIIEKI.OR, Su>aniKi M., -Mr^., ,1. Hca. Mu^c. lir.AMi, 
>i ;il. J'', ISSl, a, -U y. o in. 

WlllTTIER, IM^iv, wid. IJchn. ronMiiniili.iii. c. k. 2.|, 

ic-1.. S, 1S4.-!, a. 5') >•. 
fan liiK- .\u,L;ll^la, d. lla/.iii, searktiiia, Oct. 4, 18,i'), a. 

1 ,i m. I . i;. 1. 
Cnni II. IciinMiinpliiin. i'. K. 2.j, |uiu- .lO, 18,^'). a. l'> v. 
Johl! c;., No\. 1'', 1^.1-'. a. _") \''. |Nov. 14, IS.iJ, a.' 2S y. 

r. P.. 2.j 
.M.irlha. wi.i. J<-lin, Nov. 1", 1S2';, a. ^0 v. 

, v.. Ji.lm C... ai (.'IiarK-tu.vii, , 18o6. i;. i;. 2. 

, ch. --ill rare (.1 Mi^j Ik-l-v tiuu.lrij^e ," Alar. 12, 1 ,S4 1 . 

,1. " III. L. K. 2. 

WILLIS, William, b. William ami MaiN M., ualcr in the 
liiail, .\u.-. 12, 1.S41, a. 7 y. |.i. o y.'c. i<. 2. J 

WILSON, ^.irali, July 1(1, lS.-;4, a. 1') y. 

WOODMAN, bavid C, s. ("aleb .M. and Sarah K., Oct. 16, 

1820, a. 1-2 m. 
Eli/.abclh, wid. Samuel. |aii. 11, lS2(i, a. 87 y. 7 m. 17 d. 
Mark. Nov. 1, 1821, a. 77 w 
Suniuei, Fell. 2(i, 1820, a. 84 w 20 d. 

Sarah, wid. Mark, July 11,, a. 74 v. IJulv 10. c. k. 2.| 
Thachcr, <. .Mw^c- and Lli/.alictli, Sept! l'», 181", a. lo )'. 

W^ORTH, Ldmund, Nov. \5. 182(,, a. 85 y. 

Lydia, ynuiiLH-.^t lI. I'^dnuuid |aiid .Anna I'', i;. K. 2; tun- 

^umplion. c. K. 2,|, Dee. 21, 18.-;'), a. 18 y. |a. 17. v. 

e. K. 2.1 

Sarah .\iin, il. I'.lmund and .\niui L., c I'li.-uinplion, .\pr. 

2i, 1847, a. 2(. \. 7 111. 25 <l. |a. 27 y. i,. k. 2.| 

WORTIIEN, Abi.iiail, unim, I.. Amohurv, l\ (hur. 
Ar.,erl,ur_s ,1, Feb. (), 1848, a. 40 y. d in. 


W I M' M W iil 1, \ HI \ I I 

^'OUNC^., I'Muai-a R., ^. William ,.ii.l \.uiv, Aul-. _',S, l.s.i.S, 

.1. I \-. 1 in. i;. u. 4. 
William, .■^. William an. I Jam-, .Ic.iwm.l, Jan. J.^ l.Sj.-i, a. 

S y. " m. i;. i;. -J. 
, \v. llMniagc-, con^ninplion. I l1.. J.i, ISIS. c. i;. 2.