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•^Jy// r/f'Of/ (f'O /'/,' (6 r/one t/te /ray anfo c/o t/iffn/j. /////e 6f/ /////e. - kJjf/ca(^('o • z/ear/i 

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\ i\ at, our school vearhook, is the product of countless h 

students^ faculty and staff. This tribute page is a ^i^all 
the patronage pro\ided bA^ manv SAIUS parents and fan' 
support of our sponsors enables las to create a naore col^ 
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ikve and 

Published in Canada 
Printed in USA 



"The beginning is 
the most important 
part of the work." 

~ Plato 




y •«_. 


■^ Hit 

Junior School 
Middle School 

Senior School 


/-1 1^1 (^1 

As the year draws to a close there arc z 
number of occasions when I and 
others contemplate the task of sum- 
marizing the whole great mass of 
events and accomplishments that 
has been this school year. So many 
students, so many successes large 
and small, and so little space. Ard 
every year, V/Vaf accepts this task an( 
does it so admirably. 

The Junior School, Middle School 
and Senior School all have so many 
opportunities for the students to 
display their various interests and 
talents. Occasions such as our 
whole school concerts, or the 
Christmas assembly, allow every- 
one in the school to get a sense 
of the sweep of experiences that 
our students are involved in. 
This book is a record of that 
sweep of experiences, in more 
detail, and in greater breadth. 

It has been a year when our 
sense of community has come 
to the fore on a number of occa- 
. sions. In the aftermath of cata- 

f J strophic world events last Sep- 
p« tember, our students, teachers, 
parents and alumni all had their 
moments of leaning on this 
diverse, embracing community 
which is ours. At the other end of 
the spectrum, our Spring Fair, 
which brought together so many 
families, students, faculty and staff 
inspired so many positive feelings 
of support and good cheer that it 
was impossible to go away from the 
day without a smile. 

I want to thank the students and faculty 
who spend many unsung hours putting 
together this book. It is a wonderful piece 
of work that you produce, and we are 
grateful for it. 



Well, here is the reason I took this job. I get a whole two pages to voice all my 

opinions, slander anyone I choose, and write as much controversial material 

as I can think of. I figure it is my editorial right. Actually, I don't really know why 

I took this job except for the fact that no one else would do it, really. The first 

time I sat down in the editorial chair, I realized that we had not missed one, two but actually three consecutive deadlines 

and were set to receive the books sometime in November (this of course, was with the delusion that something was going 

to get done). Today, these two pages are all that we have left to finish in this 233-page publication - and I can honestly 

say that I have had something to do with every single one of them. On this note, of course, if you find that we have 
misidentified you somewhere, or you find a couple of spelling mistakes, or a photo that hasn't been cropped properly I 
would like to extend a heartfelt "sorry" (with a small 's') - keep in mind, this really is harder than it looks. To all my 
friends, thanks for helping out with all and any menial tasks and keeping me company in the Yearbook room. Ms. 

Worth, thanks for your guidance and for never doubting that we could finish this (haha). And Peege, my o 

^^^ trusty steed, you know I could not have done this without you (that's right, it's all about ->/\. 

f%^ the sparkling conversation). All the same, I hope you enjoy the book and that ,, v,# ^ | ^ 

'S. a B y/^ ^ it has captured something of the year for you to look back on. ■< ^( ^ 9 

( -Anna Burianova 


This year, the yearbook has had more than its share of catastrophes. You would not be sitting there, carelessly flipping 
pages without the hard work of the yearbook crew. Considering the sheer size of this publication, there were surprisingly 
few people who put it together, and I would like to extend a huge thanks to all of them. DK who got us off on the right foot. 
Ann, Lavinia and all those hours with that 'expletive* grad section and everything else. Deanna, Claire, Kasim, Jaime and 
the borderline loss of sanity when it came to finding pictures for the middle school. Liz, Amanda and the junior school 
(enough said). Chantal, Clarence and the artsy part of this book. Evan and his single-handed mastery of photos. All the 
minions (Alex, Jimmy, Beckie, Whitney, Mike, Kaz, Jav, Vicky, Ash, yo mama etc) for all their moral support. And of course, 
PJ who did nothing... absolutely nothing (except for all the graphics in the entire book). 

On a more serious note, a huge thanks to Ms. Worth for keeping us in line; to Mr. Humphries, Mr. Marchand and Mr. Jackson 
for their support with photography; to our school computer technicians, Mr.Przybylski, Mr.Ross and Mr.Archer for 
continuously increasing our account space; to Ms. Card, Sandra Moore, Janice Iverson, and the accounting department.for 
their support; and our Junior and Middle School Coordinators Diana Nason and Connie Booth respectively for keeping the 
lines of communication open. 




What they're REALLY like. 


B.R: Mr. Chan, Mr. Jones 

M.R: Mr. Harris, Ms. McLeish, Mrs. Pollard, 

Miss Moore, Mrs. Duffas, Ms. Blyth, Mrs. Cook 

F.R: Ms. Pearce. Ms. Wilson, Mrs. Larsen, Ms 

Lisiewicz, Mrs. Nason. Ms. Sandquist, Ms 

Dicks, Mrs. Davis, Mr. Barber 

Below: Tiiikerbell and Mother Nature. 


"Stay back.'! They 're NOT done yet! ' 

of Wisdom? 

Teachers and Staff 

Above: '7? '5 a bird.'s a plane.'s a camera!" 
Left: "The hills are alive with the sounds of recess!' 
Below: "Just be cool and we'll blend in perfectly. " 

'Where did you get that hat'.' " 


Not quite.. 

SMUS Kindergartens! 


V ^P 



And he's got a wide open field... 
I have never seen moves like these folks!! 

Class Photo - B.R: Jeremy C. Keating G., Quinn B., Benjamin B., Nicholas 

C, Bryce Z., Adam C, Karen D. 

M.R: Jack J., Elisha G., Jenna D. 

F.R: Emma U., Hayley B., Jessica C.. Emma D.. Cimarra L.. Caitlin H., 

Vivian L. 

Group projects- a chance to share wisdom, 
news and the latest to\. 

«iasss{^>^^3£-;««. ,. 

Who's that below? 

Why, ifs the Grade Ones! 1 3 

The new cooking show.SMUS SURFRJSL 
is on channel 1... 


Make Way! 

Grade 2 on the Magic Schoolbus 






D'you think that's 
the right word? 


B.R: Johnathan S., Tavish G.. Michael C. Derek H-L.. Daniel C. 

Logan G., Jonty C. 

M.R: Miss Moore, Sean T., Victor S., Sara T., Breanna G.. Quinn 

K.. Robbie T. 

F.R: Nicole C, Ali P., Ashton L., Cassandra Q., Tiffany B.. Sarah 

B., Laura S., Madison H. 

Friends Forever! 

Taking pictures of me again? 



The Grade 3s are here! 

The meaning of life is... 

B.R: Johnathan K.. Stewart E., Rick S., Brian 
C. Liam M.. Colin S., Kelvin D. 
M.R: Eric B., Jeffer) M.. Harrison D., Mary L. 
Marie D., Michael S.. Charles B., Mrs. Pollard 
F.R: Haley G.. Robyn H., Katherine L., Sophie 
Y.. Shelby C. Tanya R., Annie P., Nuraiyah K. 

"Hey! Check ihis our.'. ..Wait. ..what's that guy doing? 

Mischievous angels 



/ Tought I Taw 
the 4D Class! 

I Did/ 1 Did see the 4Ds! 


^W^^^^^^^^B ^H 1 

: I % I f 

?i:,f ^^% 


aOOl -2002 
GRADE 40 I 1 


Happy Halloween... is that 
Harry Potter in front? 

Class Photo - B.R: Cameron B., Lukas G., Thomas N.. Ross P., 

Scott D.,Travis D. 

M.R: Mrs. Nason, Marc V., Nicolas K.. Eric F. 

F.R: Max C. Julia D., Portia B., Genna P., Laura D., Celina S-G. 

Mina P., Nathaniel R. 


The .species of 4D... showing their wild side'. 

A rockuVfi chair, a i^ood .story - perfect pastime for two friend: 

Gwanny, have you teen 
the 4G'S? 

Sylvester didn't get at them, did he? 

«^i * « 1 1 


1 lilK 



2001 - ZOOZ 

kA^', ■ 








Class Photo - F.R: Tycho M-S., Daniele T., Rebecca T.. Claire J., 

Angelica T., Lisa E., Liana B., Benjamin H. 

M.R: Eric M., James S., Jamie Y., Mr. Chan 

B.R: Parker L.. Jeremy B.. Oliver B., Simon W., Anton D.. Benji S., 

Shaun K. 

It appears to me that 4G have secret identities... 


Is it recess 



The bell will ring, the bell will 

Class Photo - B.R: Ms. Sandquist. Elliot W.. Mackenzie S., John 

H., Kent O., Olev A., Jake K. 

M.R: Evan L., Thomas B.. Scott S., Jonathan C. 

F.R: Olivia D., Taylor M., Amrita P., Elizabeth P., Lauren K., 

Claire M.. Monica R. 

Psst! Ya wanna biiv some candxcane 


"I've heard that one before! " "Me too!' 


Sound the Alarm! It's Grade 5J! 

Fort Langley. Work detuion has 
new meaning. 

Class Photo - B.R: Mr. Hams. Samuel S., Calum M., 
Charles L.. Benjamin E., Douglas G.. Joel N. 
M.R: Ian C. Colin B., Francis Q.. Matthew W. 
F.R: Nicole v.. Rachel D.. Emily R.. Katherine P., Kirsten 
M.. Nicole G. 

hoys + comic relief = insanity. 


Trick or Treat! 

Spooks and talking tables alike filled 
the halls ofSMUS Jr. this Hallowe'en. 
Candy, a major priority, was collected 
from strangers . . .or were those the teach- 
ers incognito? A night (or day) to 
remember for sure. 

Top - Left: Here 's Minnie. ..or is it Mickey ? 

Right: I say. a game of quidditch? Whata 

simply groovy idea, professor! 

Middle - Left: Tlie tliree deaths. All ye who 

pass, beware! 

Right: "Alright, this is the final show. Act 

spooky now!" 

Bottom - "Tlie cooking show features a magic 

table with scrumpcious eyeballs. Bon 

Appetit! " 



Holiday Special! 

ChiTstmas stnjck without snow. I 
warm carol services and Christmas 
pagents. No Christmas bazar set this 
year apart from the others, but a good 
time was had by all, from the Senior 
School helpers to the performers and 
parents. Merry Christmas! 


Top - Right: Snow White and the 17 
Dwaifs, a Holiday Premier! 
Left: Mug Gallery- Entry #1: Rogue 
Elf. Contents of pack unknown. Thought 
to be untraded toys from last year's 

Middle - Left: "Hark the Herald Jun- 
iors sing!" 

Right: "You know, if it weren't for the 
candy.... " 

Bottom: "Sh! We're plotting Santa's 
rooftop kmding...he can 't hit the staff 
room! " 



m m 

i'op: That is definitely a sharpi 

Bottom: Dedicated musicians. 

Column: Top: From the top iioh- Middle: 

Conductor ' What conductor'.' Bottom: The 

harmony of practice... 


\ Jr. Strings & Choir 

Top: "One. two, three. ..what bar are 

we on.*" 

Right: Freeze! No one move their 

bow ! 

Column: Top: Olcay, that's a really 

really low note. Middle: Want to hear 

ll^ sing? Bonoin: Intensity of cello 





JSC Jr Sports Channel 










„.Snacl< time! 



? « -Jto«STV^-^^ 



Oliver Brooks, 4G 



By Claire Jackson. 4D 

Fluttering around in the sky 
Sitting on branches of trees 
Making things bright with colour 
Looking like confetti sailing in the wind 
Making people feel peaceful. 


I Wish 

By Robyn Hope, 4G 

I wish I could own a farm 

So I could have a horse. 

I would saddle myself up. 

So the horse could ride me, of course. 

The horse would put me in a stable 
With cows, a chicken and a hen. 
If 1 could not get out. 
I would sleep in a pen. 

Clockwise from Left: 

Adam Chun, Kindergarten: Robbie 
Thomas, Gr.2; Sinon Witt. 4G. 

It's Halloween! 

By Anna Willnis, Grade Ofie. 

I see a witch. 

I hear owls. 
I taste candy 

I feel my mask. 
I smell soup. 

By Taylor Moon, 5H 

Tight, tight, pull, pull 
And aiound the hooks and tie a bow 

I had just tied my skates 
So I walked up all the 

stairs and took off my guards, 
I stepped on the ice one foot at a time 
Then glided off, 

I felt excitement being on the ice again 
First the lesson, 
I can always hear the edges of my coach coming 
up behind me. 
But not today, so it's just me 
And the ice 
I spinned and twirled and looped and for my sui-prise, 
I heard the zambonie honked so it 
Was time to get off 
I put on my guards and went downt the stairs 
And took off my guards. 



Mary Lapp. Gr.3 

Free Verse Poem: 

The Pencil Sharpener 

By Eric May. 4G 

Kids lining up to sharpen their pencils 

Buzz, buzz - there they go 

Now they're nice and sh;irp 

A gray machine is everything to a pencil 

It loses mv concentration. . 

If My Face Were Outer Space: 

By Jeffery Miller, Grade 3 

My head is Jupiter, fiery hot with an enormous spinning storm. 

My eyes would be moons with craters deep. 

My eyebrows would be spitting, shouting stars. 

My mouth would be a black hole sucking up the Milky Way. 

My forehead would be a rockship going to the moon. 

My ears would be satellites, looking at Jupiter. 

My teeth would be craters drifting in space. 

My nose would be an astroid belt heading for Earth. 

Olev Aniko. 5H 


The Beach 

By Claire Mackenzie 

I hear loud waves crash against the shore 
1 see a million seagulls maybe more 
I scoop up sand into my palms and let it run through my fingers 

I smell salt from the sea, a scent that always lingers 
I balance on rocks that have been washed to shore by the tide 
I build a sand castle with tall towers and pebbles on each side 

I feel a salty breeze blow through my hair 
The beach is full of tr^quillity. a beauty that is rare. 

Matthew Wunwr. 5J. 

Sea Otter 

By Elizabeth Fenje, grade 5h 

As I stare into the sea so dark and blue. 
All of a sudden bubbles appear. 
Rippling our boat"s retlection. 
A little sea otter pops his head out of 

the water with a "splash." 
But he also has a rock and a clam in his paws. 
As I sit frozen with interest, he turns onto his 
back and starts to crack open his shell, 
"Click, Click, Click." 
Then with a final "bang!" 

It falls apart, with one swift motion 
He gobbles up the inside. "Slurp!" 
Then he dives down and picks up another one. 
Over and over again. 





Nathaniel Reid, 4J 

By Scott Dallen, 4D 

Transition is hard to learn 

Running long distances 

I did 5 major triathlons last year 

At transition you can lose a lot of time 

Transition time is critical 

Hydration is very important 

Losing 1 event could lower your confidence 

Only determination and practice gets you to 

the finish line 

Needs lots and lots of training 

Swimming, sweating, satisfaction 

Clockwise from Left: 

Kelvin Doore. Gr.3: Paige 

Wergeland: Laura Shaw. 

How did die 
bears get blapk 
noses? - 

By Derek Hyde-Lay. grade 2 

A long time ago bears had red noses. 
But there was a bear that wanted a black 
nose. So he went to lie under the black 
fiiiit tree on his back. Suddenly a fruit 
fell off the tree and hit him in the nose. 
That's how the bgargot a black nose. 


By Tavish Gudgeon, Grade 2 

I wanted to make a 

Snowman but it was Summer. 
Instead I made a dirt man 

And threw it at my brother. 


By Ross Prager, 4D 

In the pocket, 

I go along 

Musky smells and darkness 

Hand is lifting, up I go 

Balanced on stub, ready to go 

Feels like a barstool 

Wind is rushing 

Bang. I'm hit 

Flying higher and higher 

Dimples catch the air 

What can I see, what can I do 

Suddenly thump, I land on a green patch 

Scmed ready to be hit again 

Voice says "What a good shot" 

Plunk in the hole I go. 


■hRm " ^ ^IHISI 


Benjamin Bartleti. Kindergarten 




By Emma Donald, Kindergarten 

There were no dinosaurs when people were alive! 

But how do scientists know about dinosaurs? 

How do scientists know how big dinosaurs' brains were? 

You might have seen a cartoon on TV that was about dinosaurs. 
"You might think that people were alive when dinosaurs were alive", said 
Emma. "But they werenlj!" 

Just imagine the world With dinosaurs. I couldn't imagine the world with 
dinosaurs on earth! 

Micheal Rossi, Kindergarten 

Once upon a time there w as a prince and a princess and 
there was a dog. "'Princess, we must sell our dog." "Look 
how much money we have made! I want to spend it." 

Serenity - Based on "The fall of the Cowboy" 

By Kate Peiffer. grade 5J 

The horses' s hooves crunched into the new fallen snow as the horses moved toward the gate. 
There was serenity as the men slowly and quietly tied up the creatures, 
A light breeze was blowing as a blanket of darkness fell o\ er the farm. 
Then the horses lay down to sleep, the men left, and everything was peaceful. 

Olivia de Goede. 5H 



Various Artists. Grade 5 

The Ghost Town 

Based on "View of Toledo" 

By Ben Effa, grade 5J 

Thunder booms in the ebony sky. 

A bolt of brilliant lightning cracks through the 

Sky. sending light across a desolate city. 

Darkness reigns. 

In the next flash, a deserted 

City can be seen. 

Clinging to the over-grown 

Hillside, the old city sits 

Crumbling, year after year. 

A palace sits in ruins, 

Its walls breaking down to blocks 

Of ancient marble. A screaming wind 

Blows through the luscious trees. 

Rustles through the wild untamed undergrow lli. 

Tragedy has struck this city. 

Mrs. Pollard 


Sunny Pollard has been a teacher at SMUSfor 30 years and retires this year after a fulfilling, creatively 

brilliant life as a professional in the school. Sunny will he reiucmhered for nuun ihiniis. nut the least of 

which will he her professional attitude towards all aspects of teaching and also her wonderful gift 

of teaching drama and the creative arts to her students. Best wishes in your garden. Sunny; 

* may the hnig days ahead be just as creative as the long days behind. " 

~Ms. Sally Blyth, Jr. School Closing Ceremony 





The sign on the lawn says. 'Our Last SUNNY Day. " After thirty years of teaching at 
^St. Michaels University School. Sunny Pollard retired this week. The students at the 
school serenaded herwith "You are my sunshine" , recalled their favourite memories 
of Mrs. Pollard in poetry and presented a beautiful widt hanging they had created 
in an Ancient Egyptian theme. Mrs. Pollard spent most of her time at the Junior 
I where site Taught many grades, but for the past several years she has been 
■rade Three teacher and Primaiy Department Head. Her students have 
benefited from her nurturing yet firm manner aiul her joy in researching topics with 
them such as mythology, spiders, bats. Ancient Egypt, pirates, dinosaurs, Shakespeare, 
the Elizabethan Era and Leonardo de Vinci. Mrs. Pollard is best known for her 
creative drama productions, many of which she wrote herself She seemed topeiform 
miracles, transforming Grade 3 students into Mythological or Shakespearean 
characters or transporting them to the North Pole each Christmas. Her students were 
always well prepared and the costu?nes and sets looked professional. Her colleagues 
have appreciated her humour in the staff room and her profess i( malism. We 'II miss 
you, Mrs. Pollard. Enjoy your well earned retirement!! ^mmimmaam 

Teacher. Friend. Family. Mrs. Pollard 
plays nnmy vital roles in the SMUS soci- 
et^•, and is admired for her positiveness 
and cheerfulness. An inspiration to me. 
personally. Mrs. Pollard leads her stu- 
dents on the road to success atui cares fin- 
each and eveiy one of them, as does a 
shepherd to his sheep. Like the sun she 
guides us from dawn to dusk, always radi- 
ating love and joy. It has most definitely 
been my privilege to have been her stu- 
dent, and I wish her the best in the future, 
as we willtniss her dearly. She willahvays 
be remembered in the SMUS family. We 
love you, Mrs. Pollard! Thank you! 
-Amanda Quan. student 1993 





You Got 

"Go long! 



'Look what ive made!" 


Good EVEning" 



... You Got 

"No! This is not a model of my head!' 

And tonight, Pinky, ive take over the luorld.. 

Guess what we're hiding behind our backs. 


Elizabeth Ayre 

Qristina Bachand 

Jason Bains 

Terra Barnes 

Stephanie Bentzon 

Darren Broome 

Heather Buckingham 

Erik Burke 

Annelies Bekes 

Zachary Chan 

Nicole Cook 
Andrew Crow 

Peter Currif- 

Paul Da 

Jennifer Debroni 

Joshua Evans 

Siobhan Glen 

Riley Gudgeon 

Elementary 1^ 


illian Harper 

Ian Harper 

Christopher Hawe 

Louis Hayes 

Graham Inglis 



Jennifer Jackson 
Adam Kennes 
Victoria Ket"='~~" 
Terry Kho 
Nicholas Lampard 

Chelsea Langlois 
Angus Lennox 
Stephen Lyon 
Courtney Mahrt 
Taylor McCarten 

Chelsea McLean 
Sarah Moselle 
Richard Moser 
Michaela Onasick 
Iliya Pavlovic 

Emily Prager 
Evan Rankin 
Ottilie Short 
Peter Short 
Christine Silvei 

Christopher Smith 
Curtis Smith 
Derek Stedman| 
Clayton Thombie 
Michael van der 

Olivia Whittick 
Jordan Wiedemann- 

41're on 
Candid Camera!! 

Clockwise from top left: 

2) "It's my turn to read the book!" 

3) "You're sucking out my will to 
live" -Wayne's World 

You're not the boss 
of me now! 

Emily Bridger 

Aaron Brook 

Nicholas Burnett 

Molly Cameron 

Jack Chan 

lie Edgar 
Dreiuian Fong 
Sean Godwin 

Craig Gorman 

Ellis Gray 

Charlotte Houston 

Angle Hsieh 

Katie James 



Po-Wei Chuang 


Kevin Copes 

B^ **? 

Justin Courtnall 

'» «■»- 





Daniel Dale 





AiidiLi; ■41. ^. 'Ocde 

^^P^^MTV; ««. V 

Danielle Dcnley 

^fc '''■" 

jagjitpal Dharivval 

_^K "' 

Andrew Diba 



Diandra Barsalou 
Zachary Blumer 


-.jH^ '*' m 

^^B^^ «*8 



Andrew Johnson 
Ryanne Johnson 
Shane Keepence 
Jesse Kiiman 
Justin Ko 

Margaret Lapp 
Ria Mavrikos 
Camden McAllister 
Duncan Mclntyre 
Mckyla Mclntyre 

David McLaughlin 
Kevin O'Riordan 
Emily Peiffer 
Anne Penner 
Megan Pohorecky 

Stephanie Pollard 
Alexander Reid 
Cassandra Santilli- 

Kelly Sharp 
Jaime Sharpe 

Jennifer Smith 
Mariel Spence 
Kyrle Symons 
Ry ley Tapping 
Dalen Thierry 

Callie Waters 
Elizabeth Weir 
Teddy Whittick 
Joshua Wilson 
Sam Witt 


A meeting oL 



...the Tribal Council 


Back Row: E. Denley. J. Gill. E. Ayre. B. Allan, B. Saravana-Bawan. K. Cook. 
Mr. Williams. C. Hawes, R. Vivian. J. Evans, Ms. Van Alstine. 

Middle Row: A. Bekes. J. Jackson, K. Sharp, S. Doug. A. Reid. C. Smith. J. Evans. 
C. Cutmingham, R. Kelly. D. Christensen, S. May. J. Tara. 

Front Row: K. Benloiilou. M. Pohorecky, E. Peiffer. Q. Bachand. D. Moran. M. Fealhersoonhaugh. D. McPeake. 


Back Row: J. Knappett, R. Moser. R. Onisick R. Kelly. C. Cunningham. Mr. Floyd. 
Middle Row: A. Kennes. P. Davison, P. Short. C. Smith. C. McAllister E. Burke. I. Pavlovic. 
Front Row: A. Lenno.x. D. McPeake, D. Moran. C. Smith. 



The Ocean 

The tranquil waves 

Lapped against the side of the boat 

The candles burned brightly 

Under the darkening sky. 

A ring of honeyed light 

Surrounded the horizon, 

Pouring its golden rays 

Over the highlands. 

The air was cool 

Against my hollow cheeks 

The wind lightly 

Played with my hair. 

you 'd always have to clean it 
If we cantaloupe 

Lettuce marry 

-J,/ cherryish you 

Tvsin why you won 't answer me ' 

Sheji , , iswered saying, 

— "ji.i^l^gf^^rape guy. 

You 'II make a swell pear with someone else. " 

Stephanie Klak 


and Minds 



I set the teacher's hair on fire. 


I put spiders in her cup. 


I cheated on my test. 


I burned down the school. 


Finally the weekend is here! 



Detention all year... 

Anne Penner 


The autumn leaves were colours of red and orange. 

The little rows of cottages had sweet smells 

Of freshly baked pumpkin pie drifting out of the windows. 

The scarewcrow stcmds still on the pumpkin patch. 

It's Hallowe'en, that's all he knows. 


Kids of all ages dress up in funny little clothes. 

When night time falls, they run around in the neighbourhood. 

With candy sack in one hand and flashlight in the other. 

They have no worries, but one. their mother. 

She stands there waiting, annoying them with her presence. 

When their tummies are full and they're pleased, they go to their beds. 

With the scan visions of monsters prancing around in their heads. 

That's it folks, nothing to see there. 

I'm just telling you the tale of the Hallowe'en scare!! 

Sarah Goulding 

77/ be there 
for you.. 


Sarah Adair 

Brittany Allan 

Alison Angus 

Jasmine Bains 

Andrew Battershill 

Kyra Benloulou 

Matthew Blumer 

Alexandra Bowman 



James Bridget 

Kiri Cook 

Kerryn Cooper 

Robert Crapo 



Alastair Crow 
Korbin Da Silva 
Emily Denleyia 
Karl Down 
Jonathan Effa 

Jeremy Evans 
Laura Faryna 

Evan Finlay 
Nicolas Gething 

Julia Gill 
Sarah Goulding 
Eddie Gudewill 
Nicolas Gudgeon 
Alexander Hache 

Min-Gee Han 
Jane Hauser 
Jerry Ho 

Nicholas Houghton 
Emma Houston 

Hayley Hudson 
Lauren Johnson 
Robert Kelly 
Taylor Kipp 
Stephanie Klak 

Morgan-Lee Kliman 
James Knappett 
AUie Lee 
Claire Lewis 
Oscar Lien 


. 'cause you're there 
for me too! 


Dennis Lin 

Monica Liu 

Jasmine Luchuck 

Sabrina Lueck 

Aidan Maclnnis 

Connor MacNeil 

Jesse Margolus 

Mary Maung 

ii^^arica May 
Galium McClure 

Emi nzie 

Taylor ivictviruion 

Daniel McPeake 

Kate Middleton 

Dylan Moran 

Christina Moser 
Kathleen Noble- 

Ryan Onasick 
Henry Pai 



Kate Partridge 
Bern Phaisaltantiwongs 
Scott Pommerville -^ 
Brin Porter 
David Pullen 


Gabrielle Quinlan 
David Sanders 
Bianka Saravana-Bawan 
Max Seeley 
Drew Sollis 

Matina Somlai-Maharjan 
Quintin Stedman 
Scott Stone 
Sean Suga 
Jessica Tara 





Jimmy Tseng 
Ross Vivian 
Gavin Walman 
Alexander Wrm 
Lee Ling Yarig; 


..^^..v.- .,,■:;-. w--^ 


Ready, Set... 


BR: Ms. Baudot 

Nicole Cook, 

Stephanie Pollard. 

Stephanie Bentzon. 

Nicole Edgcii 

FR: Michaehi 

Onasick, Gillian 

Harper. Heather 

Buckingham. Ellis 

Gray, Chelsea 


BR: Mr.Jones. Robert 
Crapo, Calluni McClure, 
James Bridger, Drew 
Sollis, Benz 

Phaisaltantiwongs, Sean 
Suga. Mr. Manson-Blair, 
Gavin Walman, Alex 
Hache, Kobin de Silva, 
Connor MacNeil 
FR: Eddie Gudewill, 
Taylor Kipp. Scott Stone, 
"' lex Wray, Alex 

ridgenmn, Aiden 
%laclnnis, Henry Pai. 
Alastair Crow, Wille 



BR: Andrea deGoede, 
Danielle Denley. Ria 

Mavrikos. Mrs Van Alstine, 
Emily Peijfer. Callie Waters. 
Angle Hsieh. Cassandra 
FR: Jamie Sbarpe. Katie 
James. Mckyla Mclntyre. 
Ryanne Johnson, Nicole 
Edgar. Mariel Spence, 
Missing: Diamiru Barsalou 

BR: Mrs. Hyd^- 

Lauren Johnson, Ja- 

Hubbard-Hauser, Biaii 

Saravana-Bawan, Sabri 

Liieck. Mr. Willja 

FR: Sarica May, Ste 

Klak, Jessica i , 
Kathleen Noble-McCoU 

Grade Seven girls' volleyball team had a successful season in their league play 
placed fourth in the final tournament. Congratulations girls on your improved 
. wonderful enthusiasm and sportsmanship. 

This year, our girls' volleyball team took a few weeks to "gel"" and settle into a regular 
commitment to the team and to the sport. However, once we got into our season in October, 
the girls enjoyed themselves as their skills developed. By the end of the season, in spite of 
remaining w inless. the team had shown significant personal and group improvement. Some 
members even had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the game by helping w ith 
scorekeeping for a Junior Girls" Volleyball tournament in the Senior School. Congratula- 
tions on your individual developments, girls! 


In Action! 




- '' ' 


1 • 

'^^--!®*.e. aiA 


f - 

^^^^'^^S^ -.-«-•** ''^ . -^ 

' 1 

B/?; G.Inglis, I.Pavlovic. 

J.Kilman. A. Crow, R.Moser, 

J.Chan, C.Hawe, T.Chuang, 

E.Burke, J.Evans, A.Lennox, 

J.Dhariwal, S.Keepence. 

P.Chuang, C. orman, S.Doug, 

C. Cunningham, Mr. Newman. 


MR: R.Tapping. L.Hayes. 

A.Reid, D.McIntyre, 

M.Lampard, P Currie, 

C.Smith. C.Thornber. A.Diba, 


FR: D.Thierry, A.Johnson 

S.Witt, S.Dong, 
G. Duff us, R.Orr. 
M.Bridgeman, B.Porter, J.Eff'a 
J.Chan, J. Effa. B.Porter. 


BR: R.Moser, A.Leimox. 

J.Dhariwal, J. Bains, 

C.Tlwmber, C.Hciwe. 

C. Smith, G.Inglis, C.Smirli. 

K. Copes, 

FR: D.Broome. Z.Chan. 

P.Chuang, E.Gray, 

A.Johnson. B.Fong, 

J.Evans, L.Ha\es. 


'V tlMOl 















If n 







B.R: Mr.Yoralh. K.ORiordan. 
C.Gorman, K.Synions. J.Courtnall. 
D.Piillen. S.Godwin. A. Crow, 
Mr. Pol lock. 

F.R: D.Sanders, R.Gudgeon. 
N. Burnett. M. winder Westhnizen, 
A. Crow, D.Thierry, D.Dale, 

BR: Goede, 

R.Mavrikos, R. Johnson, 

C. Waters, S.Adair, 


E. Houston. J.Sharpe. 

M.Lapp, M.McInfyre, K. 

Noble, L. Johnson. 


Mrs, Richards. 

FR: L. Weir, C.Houston 



This page is sponsored by the Adair family 




BR: H.Buckingham, T. Barnes. 

O.Short. S.GIen. C.Silver 

MR: V.Ker, N.Cook. S.Bentzon. 

S.Moselle. T.Kho. Mrs. 


FR: E.Prager. O.Whittick. 

G.Harper. C.Mahrt 

4 T1 a °t 

» IS G^ ,^ 


f- - 


pB/?: D.PuUe: 
J.Effa. O.L 

FR: A.Crow. G. 

.A.MacInnis, S.Si 

JBSt »»L 





18 ^ trHLETIC, si ll Jl 

A/. Vanderwesthuizen. 
C.Thornber, R.Moser. 
J. Bains. A. Crow. C.Hawe, 

FR: E.Burke. R.Guclgeon. 
T.McCarten, C.Smith. 
T.Chuang, J.Evans. 
^. Hayes. 




BR: Mr.Newniiin (coach) 

Mr. Cook icocich) 

MR: LJohnson. B.Allan. 

E.Hoit.'itoii. K.Noble. 

R. Johnson 

FR: J.Haiiser. F.Chapheaii, 

S.Adair. K.Cooper. 

S.GouUlini;. H. Hudson, 

G. Quintan. M.Sonilai. 


J^. :-S,ms\,z.... 


BR: Mr. Pollock. C.Waiers. 

M.Spence. C.Houston. 

R.Maurikos. M.Lapp. 


FR: K. James. A.Hsich. 

D.Denley, M. Ciinuron. 

E. Weir. M.McIntxre 

^ L 



The wild... 


and the adventurous 

/ Shall Scream' 





sooner hi 
'€ returned fro. 
the Christmas 
)reak, than we 
nt into re- 


unch break, af- 
January and 
February for the 
iroduction of 





The Sounds. 


Our string ensembles started a new year under the baton of Mr. 
Trevor Jones, who took Mrs. Smith's place for the year while she 
took a leave of absence to be with her husband in Kuala Lumpur. Mr. 
Jones, a veteran strings teacher for 30 years in Victoria public 
schools, enjoyed a busy and productive year with our string students. 
Reviewing old skills and learning new skills was first on the year's 
agenda. A grade seven and eight string ensemble played for one of 
the first chapel sei"vices, and later in December, performed for the 
Middle School Carol Service. Then the grade eight strings joined the 
grade fours for the grade fours' debut concert at the Junior School 
assembly on Novermber 28. The grade eights along with a number 
of grade sices and sevens performed very successfully at the tradi- 
tional noon hour concerts at Chateau Victoria (December 7). and 
then at the Ocean Pointe Resort (December 12). 

The second half of the year included two assembly concerts at the 
Junior School, one given by the grade six strings (February 26) and 
one by the grade seven strings fFebruai^ 6). to which parents and 
friends were invited. >ca«j«>i 

•eluded pe 

-as well as the Cross Grade Strmgs Ensemble perforrned 
* My in the String Orchestra classes held at the UVic Au(^^ 
; very next night. May 2, at the same venue, we held d 

.„les made their ^^^^H^^HP^ an appreciative audience. Fi- 
■•, the Closing Cereifl^l^NKune provided yet another oppor- 
'to show the achievement and progress of our string orchestra 

of Music 


Music at the Middle School 

Another busy year has come and gone. Following spring 
break, rehearsal went into full swing for the many perfor- 
mances in which our students participated. On April 20th, the 
Stage Band performed at the Spring Fair. This was followed 
a couple of days later with a clonic for the Honour Band 
administered by music educator/adjudicator Mr. Dave Dimnet. 
The Grade 7 Intermediate Band performed at the Junior 
School with students demonstrating some of the instruments to 
the younger children. The annual SMUS Middle School 
Spring Concert took place at the University of Victoria 
involving even' student in Middle School in string ensemble , 
band imd^Micert Choir. The Evening of Jazz followed with 
School Stage Band joining with the Junior and 
Senior Jazz Bands and Vocal Jazz from Senior School in 

The year concluded with our Closing Ceremonies being 
held this year at the MacPherson Playhouse. Wind players 
from the Honour Band joined w ith the members of the Cross- 
Grade strings to form the Middle School Orchestra for this 

Throughout the year, many students performed solos in our 
weekly chapel as well as the many performances mentioned 
above. Our congratulations to all of our young musicians on 
a job well done. 

Over 100 studeiUs 

registered in the Smus 

Middle School Concert 

Choir. They participated 

in the massed choir ' s- 

perfonuance at 

Rememberance Day in 

November. Christmas 

followed with the choir's 

annual perfonnance at the 

Delta Victoria Ocean 

Pointe Resort and Spa 

and the Christmas Carol 

Service. Soloists from the 

choir also performed at 

the Chateau Victoria. 


\^ ; 

,-7, -'iniiiiu 






* • 

1. Texasf:m'glrlsl }'££/?|~ ._ 
2.Sum(9S a. 

5. hfoiistrmihL'ajff'bii^ 

^Joyeux Noel^. 















it V 

: 1 



SeSaMUS Street 

Allison Archibald 

J.J. Avery 

Minjung Baek 

Jeannine Bartz 

Mark Bazett 

Trevor Blakeney 


Nader Ahmed 

Charles Bodman 

Taryi\ Bodrug 

Marisa Brook 

Sarah Brown 

Kit Brown-Watts 

Christopher Burnett 

Jesus Camargo 

Andrew Cavin 

Kevin Chang 

Natasha Chao 

Matthew Charleton 

Tamar Cherniawsky 

Navraj Chima 

Julie Chun 

Hilary Cohen 

Adam Courtnall 

Nicholas Csomany 

Susan Davis 

Gavin Duffus 

Natalia Esling 

Arshia Farhangi 

Liam Flannigan 

William Gall-Tallboy 

Eleanora Gibso; 

Justin win 


Jeremy Hanson-Knger 


Pablo H^nandez 

Evan Hesketh 

Christopher Hoiflet 

Andrew Horton S 

Phillippa Houghton 

Elizabeth Humphries 

Brendan Inglis 

Diana Izard 

Sara Jacobson 

Philip James 


/O Sojungjung 

ManviUe Kang 
David Kim 
Jay Kim 
Melissa Ko 
Bonita Lam 
Carol Lam 
Louis Lay 
Michelle Lee 

Justin Lightboum 
Calvin Lin 
Ellen Lin 
Monica Lin 
Joni Llnd 
Michael Loomer 
Richard Ma 
Christopher MacCarthy 

Brian Martin 
Kaitlin Martin 
Justin McElroy 
Sidney McLaughlin 
Giovanna Meardon 
Yui Mogaki 
Anik Mommsen-Smith 
Evan Morgan 

Emery Moses 
Gretta Nelson 
Gregory Nicholson 
Robert Orr 
Brian Paick 
Kurt Penner 
Jose Purato-Castro 
James Reid 

Aaron Roth 
Mark Rozanski 
Dominik Rozwadowski 
Megan Sandover-Sly 
Andrew Sharp 
Megan Sharpe 
Ayako Shirayama 
Victor Short 

EUie Shortt 
Sean Smith 
Brendan Snarr 
Marianne Stevulak 
John Tapping 
Simon Ting 
Howard Tseng 
Tisah Tucknott 

John Vernon 
Alexander Volkovskis 
Andrew Weir 


Alexander White 
Janel Willms 
Jason Wong 

Varinda Wongkulnaparit 
Jing-Sheng Xu 
Jason Zapantis 


David Crapo 
Brittany Crow 
Kendall CuUer 


Patricio De La Garza 
Annie Deng 
Frances Dunn 
Sean Flanagan 
Elizabeth Francis 
Derek Fung 
Daralee Gilbertson 
Caylee-Britt Goshko 

Rachelle Goulding 
Benjamin Gadewill 
Ryan Hache 
Nicholas Hargro% e 
Alec Harper 
Dione Harrison 
Clare Hauser 
Shaun Hefferman 

Michael Ho 
Michelle Hou 
John Huddart 
Tomomi Ibe 
Fahad Jahangir 
Lincoln Jiang 
Jack Jung 
Malvina Kang 

uji Kawashima 
Diana Kim 
Jill Knudsen 
Shannon Ko 
Sara Kropp 
George Kuo 
Jamie Lai 
Victoria Lai 

Gamer Lea 
Irene Lee 
Jaimie Lee 
Sanhyung Lee 

Poonphas Leenutaphong 
Meredith Lewis 
Harvey Li 
Claire Lin 

Jessica Mabee 
Sarah Macdonald 
Colin Macintosh 
Nikolas Macintosh 


Jory Mackay 
Michael MacNeil 
Ellise McCarten 
Patrick McCuUoch 

Huf Mclntyre 
Adam McLean 
Rowan Melling 
Michael Millerchip 


Jeffrey Mitchelmore 

Calvin Ng 

Connie Ng 

Aron Nimani 

Cameron Noble 

Becky Nolan 

Rebecca Paick 

Clayton Pang 

Seu-Na Park 

Jessie Patrick 

Stephen Paulson 

Nicolaus Pfendmenges 

Chelsea Phipps 

Robyn Plasterer 

Justin Pommerville 

Massey Poon 

Katherine Pui 

Nikolas Purcell 

Tobin Rotchford 

Nadia Salmaniw 

Sarah Sapsford 

Samantha Saravana-Bawan 

Laura Saunders 

Luke Seeley 

Whitney Shiels 

Deanna Singh 

Kyung-Hye Sohn 

Ashiyana Somlai-Maharjan 

Nikolas Sopow 

Sarah Stevens 

Sarah Strocel 

Andrew Tape 

Tom Taylor 

Hark Tsai 

Grace Tso 

Andrew Van Der Westhuizen 

Ariane Vincent 

Hafeez VWIl)i 

Shannon WJters 

Taylor Mpllms 


Erica Wray 

Hsin-Jung Yang 

Michael Yang 

Mark Zakus 




Alexandra Ballantyne 

Trefor Bazett 

Alexander Bodman 

Jaimie Boyd 

Paul Bregg 

Emma Brownlee 

Takaya Brunner 

Jan Burian 

Kevin Burkett 

Leah Carlson 

Craig Cavin 

Janet Chan 

Julian Chan 

Caitlin Charles 

Daniel Charleton 

Allan Chen 

Justin Chen 

Tali Chemiawsky 

Wilson Cheung 

Danny Chiang 

Lewis Cho 

Mathew Cho 

Thomas Cho 

Brandon Choi 

Adrian Cochrane 

Corryn Craven 

Miranda Cross 

Stephen Csomany 

Whitney Dorin 

Jeffrey Downs 

Elizabeth Ef fa 

Harvey Fang 

Nicholas Fa^ha 

Jaclyn I^ten 



Zoe Gamache 

Tristan Gething 

Liam Gorman 

Stephanie Graham 

-r--;-Tony Adams 

Calvin Ahn 

Kenji Akiyama 

Annie Au 

Gene Au Yeung 

Boone Avasadanond 


Katherine Guy 
Yola Handoko 
Stephen Harmer 
Mimi He 
Adrianne Ho 
Mandy Ho 
Victor Ho 
Peter Hotter 

Hailey Holberg 
Joseph Hsu 
Clementine Hudson 

Kathryn Humphries 
Patrick Hunter 
Jessica lulianella 

Vera Kapalle 

Rebekka Keough 
Thomas Killins 

Clmstopher Kim 
Anna Kohlen 
Catherine Koo 
Samantha Kwok 
Jin Kwon 
Michelle Lai 
Erin Langwith 
Winfield Lau 

Fraser Lee 
William Lee 
Jack Li 
Justin Lim 
Amy Lobb 
Emily Lyall 
Henry Mabee 
Duncan MacRae 

Malina Margolus 
Tosh Matsumura 
Andrea McLean 
Cassidy McLean 
Alandra Miller 
Elizabeth Mitchell 
Tanner Mitchell 
Elise Moon 

Asami Morita 
Peder Mork 
Milica Mrdjenovich 
Michael Mulroney 
Chiaki Murakami 

Emma Naismith 
Elena Ovetchkina 
Jimmy Pai 
Maureen Palmer 
Pete Panasupon 


David Redpath 

Justin Ross 

Courtland Sandover-Sly 

Elizabeth Saunders 

Tsubasa Sawashima 

Alvin Sheng 

Stephanie Shergold 

Cleare Shields 

Dalyce Skelton 

Logan Smythe 

Sunhye Sohn 

Kerry Spearing 

David Spicer 

Benjamin Slrocel 

Kevin Sun 

Ken Svensson 

Carl Swanson 

Evelyn Tan 

Chelsea Tirling 

Chad Travis 

Clare Tweedie 

Chris U|pbrd 

Talia VVlston 

Liberty Williams 

Evan WiUms 

Ryan VVillms 

Andrew Wilson 

Malcolm Wollach 

Ryman Wong 

Nicholas Wray 

Wendy Yang 

Si Park 

Owen Parrott 

Diana Parton 

Eric Penner 

Robin Pierce 

Aman Pooni 


Today is a day of celebration, a day marking a new era for the 2002 graduating class. Looking back, our 
days at SMUS were full of unforgettable memories... Though I was not a lifer — I remember vividly the 
day we stepped into the shiny halls of middle school as a bunch of bratty nobodies, looking real 
innocent and lost. We were instantly granted responsibilities with lockers and complicated sched- 
ules, as well as the title of being a middle schooler. We created artifacts for Egyptian night, had 
blast - literally! - in the huge school watertight on the fields, and experienced the joys and sorrowi 
of art class, among other things. With no desire of slowing down, we barged our way onto th( 
senior school scene. First arriving in grade nine, we were astonished by the amount of freedom 
in high school. Though the classes were larger and more demanding, we were presented with ^ 
great deal of academic and extracurricular choices, such as science electives, CAP program, etc| 
that eventually guided us to our interests and passions. Our years at senior school have been 
awesome. We strutted our stuff at the fashion show, had an awesome midnight skate, and put together 
a wonderful rendition of South Pacific. We will never forget the joys of lounging on sunny days in the quad, 
or simply hanging out in Challoner. Regardless of whether we were kicking back in the library or kicking 
soccer balls during spares, life at SMUS was in full motion. Ours is a diverse class with students from all over the world, from the gulf 
islands to Big brother down south, from southeast Asia to Slovakia, with a multitude of different cultures and interests. We learned from 
each other, sharing our strengths and weaknesses. We have built strong bonds of friendship which will last a lifetime. Our class has 
come a long way, producing national science and math competition winners. Besides academics, our class features national and 
provincial sports players, accomplished musicians, and wonderful outdoor leaders. Our class has well-versed essayists, talented 
actors and actresses, and even a geography champ! But we could never have come this far without the loving support of oui 
parents and the strong guiding influence of our teachers. They have taught us to pursue our dreams with passion. They have 
patiently endured our incessant parade of questions and numerous (stupid) mistakes. Their commitment to us, we will 
never forget. As Jacqueline Schiff said, "Travel the road that you have chosen and don't look back with regret. You have 
to take chances to make your dreams happen." Our future is full of opportunities; our options limitless, and potentials 
immeasurable. Now we are hopping off the senior school bandwagon to take long strides forward. We, 
the graduating class of 2002, will always have our friends, teachers, and SMUS to rely on. Through 
our blood, sweat, and tears, we have struck gold, the granddaddy of all prizes: graduation! To 
fellow grads, thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak, and best wishes to you all! 

It is by no means an easy task to sum up the wealth of unique talent, warmth and richness 
of personality that the 1 34 unforgettable people sitting before you possess. Forthe last twelve 
years, I have had the pleasure of being a part of the growth of this class, in both maturity and 
numbers. Our final high school year in particular has seen a lot of individual successes. With the 
introduction of our new school mascot. The Blue Jaguars, we have left behind a banner to hang in 
the new gym in the hope that it will help kindle enthusiasm and growth of school spirit in future spectators and 
athletes. Our days here at SMU, whether it's been 12 years or 12 months have been spent collecting stories of 
sorts. It seems that life so far has been a continuous chain of unexpected events. It's hard to imagine as a wide-eyed 
and carefree kindergartener the long, sometimes chaotic, sometimes serendipitous, but always exciting path we would 
endure to be standing here today. All the laughs, tears and stories we created along the way are the essence who we 
Yes, it is the end of a chapter in our lives. No more mad dash Slurpee runs, or rainy lunchtimes crowed in the tuck shop and 
hallways of Challoner. It's the end of the thrilling out-trips where so many stories and friendships were built. And, with a sigh of relief 
we have had our last 2400-meter run! Now, as we all disperse across the globe, gathering enough air miles I'm sure to circle the earth 
more than a couple of times, we will all begin a new chapter, and we are more than prepared to face whatever challenges we will 
encounter. We owe a huge part of our preparation to the people who filled our inquiring minds with so many questions, and then 

showed us the tools to answer them ourselves. I am of course talking about our teachers and coaches. To 
the English teachers who have helped us unearth meaning behind the seemingly foreign language of 
Shakespeare. To the music teachers who charmed music out of us at unnaturally early times in the ■ 

day. To drama and art teachers that give us opportunity to explore the wild and wacky depths of 

,N our complicated minds. To the science teachers who taught us about naughty bits above and p 

beyond the curriculum. To the humanities and math teachers who have such unbelievable 

enthusiasm for their subject. To the second language teachers who've shown us a whole new 

culture. And to coaches, that help us experience synergy, and the value of teamwork. We thank 

you for your dedication, respect, and hard work. Hold out your hand in front of you. At the tips 

of each finger is a complex swirl of lines. That pattern is different from the person sitting next to 

you, from every other person in the world. We will all use our fingerprints, our own unique package 

of talent, creativity and passion to make marks, take chances and break the moulds wherever we 

travel. Today we celebrate each graduate, as we continue to write our stories. To everyone sitting here 

today, you never know what new stories will be created if you don't seize the opportunities you are given. 

Carpe Diem! And Vivat! 

- DAY 




A'. - 



« .. •« 


^ "''^H, 

-.•*! ^f 




I I 

^i«(i- -,-?'- 



« ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 


Ir- ,^^r< 

•i ' 


1 f^PW 



» ^fPI^Uk^P 



ji i^» ' 


jJeHV > 

/Vi? . 







The Graduates 


Hansi Abraham 


A word to remember me by: hmm, I don t even remember last week. The last two years have come and 
gone and new hope is on the honzon. First. I wish to thank my parents, by far the most influential and 
important people in my life. I know we havent always seen eye to eye. but its nice to know somebody will 
support you through whatever decisions you make. To all the people I should mention. Im sorry I cgn t 
To Patrick, however, I'm glad you always stuck close to me: I dont know what I could have done without 
you always there willing to help me out. Try not to forget all the crazy weekends, especially Van. and Mano 
plus the Nelly Furtado concert and John Payne. To all the laid-back house parents like Anderson and Field. 

you guys are doing good jobs realizing its not fun having someone breathe down your neck all the time. To all the other grads, 

the world is a scary place; I hope you haven't been sheltered too much. Peace Out. 


Christopher Adair 


lying if I said I wasn't glad to. Grease Ball. 1 

around is the way to go. Spaz. late nights and blin( 

Fran Jo, Yori, "goo times and goo dindins when we were so hungy ", love all of you. Emp. Martin. Pelle. > 

Tim Fellenz Peder, you guys brought bowling to a whole new level. Liz. Clemmie, Jess, thanks for always 

being there for me: love you! Jessie, Steph, love you both: it was great to have you two there to get me 

through the last year. Thanks to all my teachers and an indescribable thank you to my parents for putting up with me and 

pushing me to do all the things I did: I wouldn't be where I am without you. To the grads and to all the other 

we're done- "either you dig it or you don't, we won't settle for less: you should hate us with a passion, or love us to death . 

Javier Alfaro 


It really doesn't feel that much different, this last year at SMU. It'll be weird leaving, though: I ve gone to 
SMU for thirteen years! Ah well, here's to Peegamagiz and his K-Car expenence: Jay. thanks for being so 
supportive of me: Tucky. don't drive: Kenny, you are a trez funny dude: Anna. Super cool volleyball girl 
Kazmani Quazy ' You have the funniest name! Conal, Mike and Hugh — that's right, you're a unit and pretty 
funny together, Bougz, buddy, we've got to do lunch sometime. Danny! You're so humorously blunt. Ashlin' 
I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of each other in the next few years. Alex! You're such a mac' 
un at Johns Hopkins. One day we might meet in med school. Stu. Dave. Johnny — you guys rock. Sorry il 
Pmissed anyone. Most important. Vicky. I look forward to my years with you after grad. See ya all around and keep in touch' 


Vicky Alfred 2000-2002 

Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you cant be promoted, Abado, Well, a quick shout to the 
gang: Anna, Alex. PJ, Kazim, Jason, Ashlin — you know how the list always goes on (sorry for missing 
anyone') All of you have made my SMUS expenence memorable: thank you to all my friends and teachers 
for my senior high school years! Best wishes to grad 2002! And finally. Javito, Mi amor porti crece cada 
dia. forever and a day.., Jaju 

Yong Seok An 


;d with waves of good and bad times. They 
will airrem^ai'nThoweveras great memories for the rest of my life. Thank you everyone for the unforgettable 

to come here and for all your help. Gam-sa-ham-ni-da! Yun-Young: my great chin-goo. Go-ma-wuh and 
a\-p Hyung-Suk Jin-Hoo, Young-Ik: my sneak-out (kuku) family, 4 mut-jang-e-dle, YYJH zzang! Ju-Wan: 
my comedian guh-boo-gi, Hoo-hoot~ Jun-Suk hyoung: my great sun-bae hyoung mm. Thanks hyoung, 
, „ , , , V , ,.^ .... Jle- always do your best because there's no turning back in life. My three vie hyung-ah die: Mm , Jjun, Hyuk 
hyoung Great times. Yeah. And to my fnends in Korea: you guys and girls are the best. See you all this summer again. Also 
to my friends from other countries: thank you and best wishes in the future. Now, a quotation also left by my sun-bae hyung- 
ah before. "There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first. 
When you learn to live for others, they will live for you, " Paramahansa Yogananda. 

man's dreams are an index to his greatness." -Zadok Rabmmtz 

Yeon-Joo Bae 


I remember the first time I stepped into SMUS. All I could think of was the huge green field full of tall 

strangers. Now, I look around the school campus and I notice the faces that have become far too familiar 

simply to pass by. I have numerous valuable memories and I know I will remember them forever. My 

awesome buddies, whom I will never forget, you have made my ordinary school life into a joyful and special 

time, DeresaMs! I always sympathized with you - the funniest creature, 24 hrs available! Thanks for 

carrying my freezer! Yoo-Hang. my giraffe! long-thin-living charisma! Anna, JTL lover, your shocking, 

unpredictable manner had me laughing hysterically everyday, Hulia, let me know if someone bothers you. Dear, princess 

JenJang! (and her loyal family) my loveliest sis, lazy, sleepy, hungry, harmful. You princess, please move your body! Our 

maison is waiting for our next mission! Finally, thanks to my mommy, daddy, and brother whom I love infinitely. Also thanks 

lo alien sonja, cute minji, quiet si yeon, hungry kyonminkun and yuko. You guys rock! Grad 2002, best wishes to all of you! 

I made it lo graduation and now I can say "life is beautiful!" 

Jinwoo Baek 


Andrew Baile* 

Jinwoo knows: the five long unforgettable years: the middle school: the first two years at Bolton: the late 
night fire alarm: the night-time activities: cooking: when he left SMUS in1 999: when he came back next year 
because he missed it so much: entering Barnacle; the Grade 1 year which he felt was the best time; the 
Korean Garden: the rough Grade 1 1 year: the dish washing: the music: snowboarding and basketball: the 
university applications; the prefect tie: the cool Barnacle House staff; the neighbours: women: the outlaws; 

Whistler; the night time DVD: the valuable talks. He will also keep these people in his mind forever: JH-back 

le days, some fun; the Lim brothers- you are cool: Sam- good talk, workout, cars, snowboards, girls, and stuff; JW- we 

keep in touch, all right? SY, I remember the Yang Chow Fried Rice; Jig- have fun in Toronto; JC- you have been the best 
roommate; YY -good luck in the future: US- you are tall; JW- hope you get faster, my friend; Ladies, work hard in the 
universities; RK- a.k,a. Magic Art Keum; HJ- the head size matters; RM- the super horse: Sister- have fun at SMUS; HS- hope 
you become a prefect later; good luck GRAD 2002! 


To sum up my years at St, Michaels University School in 250 words is ndiculously impossible because I 
simply don't have that kind of time on my hands, I'll write about 200. 1 was here for four years (came in Grade 
. 8). I had a lot of parties; I went to a lot of parties; I had my heart broken once: and I watched a lot of football. 
Needless to say. I didn't do much work. but. hey! I still graduated so you might say I managed to beat the 
system. Anyway, thanks Mom, for always being there whenever I pretended not to need you; your 
incredible insight into my life and the advice you have given me is almost spooky but definitely cool as even 
the best looking teenage dudes need some words of wisdom now and then. I'd like to thank Neil Diamond for "Brother Loves 
Traveling Salvation Show." That's all I got eh. so I'll just say a humble good night and if you ever need me I'll be chilling 
somewhere near Riverdale with Josie and her Pussycats. P.S. Brett Favre sucks and he single-handedly killed the Packers 
chance at an incredible dynasty. 

Pelle Bjornet 

Sean Bell 


I was dragged kicking and screaming into SMUS Middle School in grade six and after seven long years I 
have shared some great memories and made some incredible friends. Over the last few years many a night 
has started and ended in my basement, but a couple of highlights stand out. Grade Ten — messengerthree. 
clashes with the coastguard, dowhyfest. island champs with drinking tickets, and the Oak Bay native 
garden. Grade Eleven — listening to Too Short with Dewar, alumni and Howard Russell heartbreak, the 
arrival of Sollis, and Shawnigan Lake skinny dipping. Grade Twelve — Mt, Washington, a legendary trip, 
scenic routes with Sollis and the boys, Oburner and I on a tear, pool-wit Pyke, and Jawl always moving. To all my buddies, 
let's hope there are many more memories to come. To the girls who know I am all about sharing, caring, healing and feeling, 
thanks for your friendship. Thanks to the PE department for letting me be part of teams that lived and died together. Many 
adults have helped me throughout the years and although that's hard to believe, I am very thankful to the coaches, teachers 
and most of all my parents for their continuing support. My Dad once said, "you only live once" and I hope all the grads 
remember that wherever they go next, OQQ OftHO 

Thirteen years ago it all started. Some twenty little runts came together to make the first of the 2002 grad 

class. Now there are only a couple of us left, but many were added along the way. The Junior School was 

chill, not much to worry about except naptime. The middle school was different; but the last four years are 

the ones that really counted. Grade 9; everything here is huge. Grade 1 0; BH and I putting JP in the fridge. 

Jazz band, Mexico, ML drank the water, JH handing out darts. Grade 1 1 : OB High, lunches at Bagga. JP. 

BH, RE, start the chill, alien, hey hunter! Whistler. Vinced. MILO. M&J. Mischievous Robot. Smokey and 

the Bandit. Priz Wok. Grade 1 2: It has been a long road, but we're almost there. To my friends, you know who you are. thanks 

lor the great time! Peace. vn 



Nicholas Black 



Aaron Bogutz 

I have spent six years at SMUS. I arrived in grade 7, not knowing what to expect, I then proceeded to 
conquer all. Petie. Gormie, Brent. Zulu is the language of The Hoodlums, but seriously it was Oak Bay 
O'Lyall does rule. Colson, maverick and iceman. Tony. I don't know what to say. Bogie, trade chemistry 
for McDonalds. Kipper, all I can say is resist. Ge-off. you're hilarious. Couvie. you're a bear. Jawly. you 
make me feel so short. Burnso. there is never a dull moment. Cob. squirrels are not safe. Davie. ACDC, 

incredible event. Dew. you're the man. Vera, you're a great friend. Seaner. Jerry Springer and xanavison, 

ha, summer of grade 9. Sally, you're so money and you don't even know it. Oy boss, this one time in Armstrong, we saw 
Stephanie? Michael Pykel Peek, you're my brother, but no Dragon Ball Z. Grannys, pappa. mom, dad. you are all the best, 
thanks, roox, you're an inspiration. "If you didn't care what happened to me, and I didn't care for you. we would zig-zag our 
way through the boredom and pain occasionally glancing up through the rain wondering which of the buggers to blame and 
watching for pigs on the wing. " Roger Waters. No regrets! 


Four years: whether they've been long or not I'll leave to the imagination. Thanks first to everyone who 

welcomed me to the school back in grade nine. Everything was built on that year, so I'm glad it turned out 

so well. I'm almost sorry to see this school go. but we're on to bigger and better. I played my first rugby here. 

and met great people. JC, anatawa henna hito desu. Stu, be smart (enough said). DK. you cheap Tekkeh 

player. Johnny, you live right up the road, and I hardly ever see you. Nicola. I won't call you Neec. Nick. 

you crazy kid, we need to get together more. Everyone else, just know that this is a rush job. so sorry if I 

don't get you. Of course. I couldn't write this without AMP. Thank you for everything. You've been great to me, I merely hope 

that I can make everything up to you, staying with you forever. I love you. And now, I bid adieu. Thanks, that was fun. 

Florencia Bonet 1993-2002 

Two thousand seven hundred days. Nine years of my life have been spent at SMUS and I think it s fan 
enough to say I'm ready to move on. These unforgettable years have been possible only thanks to my 
parents: Ma y Pa. gracias por todo lo que han hecho por mi. los amare para siempre' To all of my friends, 
I thank you all infinitely for the countless and unforgettable memories that you have given me. Knsten 
thank you for being there from day one. You have been and will live to be the greatest friend I will ever have 

Marisol Brulot-Cossette 


Well, "my life has reached its pinnacle,.. the time to hesitate is through," Ladies, here we go. shoulders 

back, chest high, feet apart, head up and strut! " Superb. "Say it again Lucas. " Superb. My yellow bnck road 

is just over the horizon, and I thank all the beautiful people who have helped me along the way. To SMUS 

and the staff, thank you for your guidance and the opportunities you have given me. To my family, what can 

I say. "look at us. we're a complete set!" To my girls, thank you for your unconditional support, "don't let the 

man get you down." Ashley, could you please tell us the definition of biodiversity? Elise. "always let your 

conscience be your guide." Mandy. your kindness surpasses all. Anne-Marie, "you got a lot of spunk." the world of art doesn t 

know what is coming! Boom baby! Devon, let me know if you ever need a translator in your future International Blow-Up Sheep 

Company. Anna, you are the reason my love for the game is so great: youre an inspiration to all. Kristie, I think you get it 

"You are guided by a force much greater than luck, thus striking a blow at all that is evil and making the world a better place 

to live in." "If I had a world of my own. everything would be nonsense." It would be "perfect. Well, not entirely perfect 

Anna Burianova 


Eighteen years ago the insanity began as I came into the world (kicking and screaming. Im sure). Mom 
and Dad. dakujem za vsetko: I could never have come so far without your love and support (to my little Pro: 
all I need to say is keep growing): to my teachers and coaches. I thank you for giving me direction. I think 
I might even have learned something along the way: and my friends - how could I have survived without 
you? Youre all crazy and 1 will treasure all the memories: Razzmatazz and all that jazz (remember 

Nickelback?). banana boats & nutella. freezing during the OL trips, chem and bio class in general, cruising 

in the K-car (or the shagon" wagon?!). McDs and "copious" amounts of welfare ice-cream, bum buddies, yellow mustangs. 
Australia, bbq and movie nights, looking for petty change with a metal detector, yearbook room all day/everyday, volleyball. 
basketball, volleyball. ..back to back Provincials = late night practices (and subsequent procrastination), too many bad llamas 
and so many good times. You guys really made it all worth it! So really, who is the more foolish - the fool . or the lool who 
follows him? Keep in touch and best of luck. 'Till the fork in the road meets again.,. My motto - sans limites. 

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." -Henry David Thoreau 

David Burnett 


Although still sporting the maturity of a two year old. I've made it to grade 1 2. After thirteen years at SMUS 

I think I can safely say that thirteen years is quite a long time to spend in one place, especially when you're 

there seven hours a day. There are a few choices I wish I'd made, and some I wish I hadn't, but I regret 

nothing {except, of course, for the wrong choices I was just alluding to). As we approach grad I'm reminded 

o( our first day in kindergarten. I don't remember much about that day, but there is one thing I am sure of; 

we were a lot smaller. Over the years our class has grown in number, in size, and in spirit, and we are now 

the most unruly group of people I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. To friends I've had for years, fnends I've had 

for months, and friends I just never got around to making; I wish you all the best life has to offer. To teachers who have awed 

and inspired me. as well as those who have left something to the imagination; thank you for your time and patience over the 

years. I legve you now with this insanely useless bit of advice; laughter really is the best medicine. 

Jamie Callendar 


My four years at SMUS have been full of unforgettable and unique experiences. I wish to thank everyone who has 
been part of the experiences, starting with my three roommates; Jin Woo. Speedo and Chan. Jin Woo, thanks 
for all the math help: John — I've now seen most of Tom's movies or at least their trailers; you never dropped out 
either, but the virus gets us all somehow; Trevor, you've been a great roommate and there won't be another like 
you despite what the phone book thinks; don't forget about Babe or Horse and remember no one wants to see 
It, especially not at dinner. To the rest; Adam — hope you never have to ride the bus again. Dual Bios!! Elliott, 
you are a mess, don't ever forget that. Fish-on. Orsy — Canucks 6 Leafs 1 . eh. Franklin?. Hansi — have fun. Brad. Aki — keep playing 
soccer because one day Canada will beat Japan. Mike Hu — happy 1 9th again. I will always remember it. Daisuke — happy birthday. 
I wish also to thank; Golian. Kuhn. Bogutz. Whitey. Stu, Chris Kim. Aashish. Liz Mitchell, Jose, Patricio, Melon head Lui. Yun Young, 
the tennis team and all the Bolton Buds (Penguins) for being the best house. Last and most, many thanks to Mom, Dad, Ed, and Chris; 
and. to the Camerons for making my stay here so much more enjoyable. BHSflHBBE^^H; 

John Campbell 


I came to SMU way back in Grade 4. With a bunch of newbies. I remember meeting a group of great guys. 

including that maniac E.H. First day of school was great, where Dave. Stu and Jav took me into their little 

group. Junior school was awesome, middle school was interesting and senior school was amazing! I have 

to say. O.L was great and camping in the snow was awesome. For those 17 years I've spent up at the 

Alders, the last few have been sweet. And Stu. I schooled you at ping-pong, alright! Above anyone. I have 

to thank T.C for teaching me everything he knows about Cncket for 8 fantastic years. Cricket has been a 

great expenence. meeting tons of interesting people. I met Kaz, Rudi. Seb. Aslam, Henry and countless others. Winning that 

shield. I can only hope to live up to expectations. So many great players have won it before. I'm running out of room and 

time at SMU so I'll cut it short. Stu (Mr. Mac), you've changed a lot; I'm still taller and listen; Matt Good Band is way better 

than Nickelback. you know it. Dave, you're still crazy and I won't forget I wouldn't be hanging around you guys if it weren't 

for you. Thanks for so many great years! 

Martin Chan 


Over the past two years. I've learned so much from SMUS. but most important I've learned after two 
years that I'm leaving this summer! Take care, all of you who are still staying — like Au-Yeung Chu. 
Eat more, you're not fat ah! Jo li yun. have you found a smart roommate yet? Wait a minute, get a 
girlfriend! Wilson, hope you get what you want! People who are leaving; Lavin (get more handsome 
friends!); Ann (still won't believe you'll go to Langara); Angel (main 41 ^' ) and Kelvin (diu! Take care 
la!). Keep in contact! To Clarence, good luck in Cornell ah! I have faith in you! 

Trevor Chan 


I arrived at SMUS in grade 10 and at first. I was nervous. My parents unloaded my bags and drove off as 

soon as they could, leaving me alone with my 1 0th grade roommate, Hugh Macintosh. I quickly introduced 

myself and he did the same, but in the weirdest fashion. As I recall, he said. "Hey, F. Hugh," and shook 

my hand. Naturally. I took offence and this relationship didn't last; I got a new roommate in grade 1 1 . Jamie. 

He was slightly better. Anyway. Ouinn. thanks for not coming back to SMUS; instead, you have the 

priceless opportunity of wasting your life on some deserted island, trying to learn to speak French. Adam. 

thanks for being a nice little bear and have fun studying at Cambndge. Don't spend all your time at the pubs. guy. Well, three 

years have passed and with them have gone many of the best times I have ever experienced. I have met many interesting 

people and through them. I have learned many important lessons that I will carry for the rest of my life. Oh. I almost forgot. 

Happy Birthday, Daisuke! 

JHMk. . l a iuwHwii iiii i i iBw iii i ' 

Jim Chan 


I cant believe life in SMUS is coming to an end. but to me it's only the beginning. Got to step onto the stage. 
go after the big money scheme and hustle for the cash, right? But I sure am going to miss this place. First 
I want to thank my mum and dad for their love and support. Big brother in Toronto, thanks for watching out 
for me all these years. We Thuggin". To my Dawgs. Tha Outlaws.' Steph. Sam. thanks for everything. We 
■Outlawz for Life! " To Jennie, thanks for being such a nice female fnend: you're the best and I'm going to 
miss you We tight! Jinwoo. you're the best roommate. Peter, lead your self to success. Jeff. Michael. Alice, 
Miles and all the people who have ever shown me love and support, you've got my love and support back. Thanks to San 
San plus love MiMi Also thanks to Mr. Fu: you're the smartest and the greatest! Thanks to fnends of the grad 00 + 01 . Jack. 
John Scott Tommy Matt, and Jen Tsen. Thanks to all the Barnacle prefects and house parents: the Jacksons. Matt. Mike 
and Shaye. Thank you all for the love and support: if you ever need help, you know I'm going to be there for you. I am going 
to the top. baby! All of you just watch me. Picture me rolling! 

Christopher Chapheau 


My ordeal at SMUS began in the big K where I met the likes ot i 

dramatically changed in gr. 4 when GM decided to come to SMUS - you ve aiwayb u«e, . u ...,= ,w, ,. ,<. ...c... 

thanks- tell your mom I'm really sorry about the sink. Middle school was another big step: I met Embryo 

and 6-dawq - Ernest soon becoming their second home: still high off life boys^ Another character I made 

close ties with was CA - black from the waist up. eh? Don't hate the player, hate the game: am I nght. 

mv friend-? Moving from middle to senior school wasn't easy, but the senior school's been good to me. ve 

made many a fnend here: Greaseball-O'Lyall rules: we will be famous. And how's Mr. Bums'? PC. two 

words- shibby and Satan. PB/Skinny - the fiercesome threesome, and III be dnnking Coke tonight - mean Pepsi. You guys 

are my boys I'll be back don't worry. Cols- thanks. Fran - completely innocent, totally platonic. and obviously just fnends. 

JP- we're still not finished our game, let's not forget the good times. Papa - like father like son: Papa/Mom - in tough times 

you kept me going, you did so much for so little, thank you. Steph/Felicia- I love you: don t ever forget that, you guys a,e 

everything to me. "I guess this is growing up"-Mark Hoppus 

John Chien 


It's been a while since I've looked back on my years at SMUS: in this moment of reflection I realize now 
many people have been significant to me: teachers who have influenced my academic and athletic careers, 
peers from whom I have learned much, and buddies whom I consider more valuable than confidant(e)s. 
David Burnett VIVE LE FOOTBALL! Be wary. Stuart, there are lots of bad girls out there, so make sure 
you have the right bait when you fish. Kasim. it's really been a pleasure being your fellow-tenor- saxophone 
player for the past four years: keep up that interest we share. Bogutz kun. I'm really going to miss the many 
hours we spent on Playstation 2TM. especially Final Fantasy X. -Thanks be to Yevon." Anne-Mane, my 
years at SMUS would've been completely different without you: be sure always to keep your optimistic attitude and be happy- 
Dear Mahsol. thanks for all those e-mail messages that helped and encouraged me: 1 wish you ^^f 7f,^'"9 J^ll. N'^^f , ^^J;, 
Nicola not Neec) my final year at SMUS became so much more interesting having known you: I II still lememlDer to call you 

I that so you'll know it's me when I look you up. Meara chian, you know you'll always be my girl chum: good luck with rowing 

wherever you end up. For the rest of you. my thanks are ineffable. Godspeed. 

Thelesa Chung 1997-2002 

Hello people Remember me? You probably don't. It's pretty sad. After all. l stayed in viaona ror seven 

years' I wouldn't have survived without these dudes: Yeonja. Yoohang. Hulia. and Anna. First. Yeonja! You 

cone head stop calling me -bulson" or -byuntae" because I sacrificed myself to entertain all you guys. But 

it was fun Right? I will miss you. Yoo-hoo, I'm going to call you from now on and forever. Hulia. you 

"maegookno"- stop studying -NiHonGo." And Anna, you JTL psycho! Just remember that I have a high taste 

inqals-?! And boys kukuku. And Sonja! Even though you're in Japan, chillin' with your beef, you re always 

gc^ng to be my only -Hayashi". I want to thank John S. for Chem and Ken for allowing me to call him "Banana Head. My cousin . 

Minqee for supporting me financially-?! All other Koreans: M.Baek. J.Baek. Kyonmin Kun, JW.Lim, YY.Lee, YJ.Lee. YS.Ahn. 

E.Kim. Thank you. You guys were fun to be around. Last, my Bro. Jin-Hyuk: thanks man. I'm graduating, can you imagine 

that? And my parents — Thanks and I Love You! 

Peter Churcher 


, Mutt, and I'm proud of it. I came 
)ntario with the. 
U-1 3 team and what do I get? Benched so that someone from our team can score on us. But I got even 
this year getting injured 5 minutes in. Oops. If I learnt anything it's that expectations will be crushed, so 
sometimes you just have to run with it. When I got to Senior School the story finally got interesting. There 
I I was again at the bottom of the pack just waiting for my turn and now I'm here. Graduating. All that build 
up for this? I'm still the same little grade 9 ,ust waiting for my turn, just a little taller. Oh well. I'm sure I'll remember a 'ew things, 
maybe To the Grad class, I don't want to mention any names or expenences to remember me by. because if you need a small 
paragraph to summarize the awe that is Pete, then clearly I haven't been loud enough. You've all made the tuTie something 
to remember, good or bad. Karma will prevail. Coach Cordle. thanks for making it If^^^'f/^;:''^^!^^^^^^^ 
and I will never forget you. Mom and Dad. thanks for not giving up on me. "PAIN HEALS. CHICKS DIG SCARS. GLORY. 

the impossible." ~\Na\t Disney 

Pieter Colson 



Above all I thank my lord Jesus Christ, whose spirit provides everything. To Mom and Dad. you are the light 

that guided my path, always illuminating the horizon. Mohammed, we share souls. Dave (best friend), 

Woody. Lyall. all three Chrises. Cuds. Ivan. Spice. Kipp, Byrnso (just for the ladies). Dews (my bud), Nick 

(Maverick). MP. and Mr. K - "for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother"— W.S Rugby 

took hold of me. I didn't take hold of it. Grade, we'll be friends forever! Alex K. — you were wrong but I see 

why, Snowden. thanks for everything. T.C. you pointed me in the right direction. Mai, thanks for the late night 

wakeups. Avalon. Tim and Peder. high times and riding. Chaps, you're so strange. Sol Ice. go long. Brian, the year's not over 

yet, stay true. James - sand and waves. Rodney. Ben Corns. Rich C. Malcolm, and the rest of the thugs. I'm out. Kristen 

and Flor. thanks for being my first friends. ACDC boys. wow. To all those mums who fed me while I lived here, I love you! 

Thanks to the Gs and Jacksons, Frank, Shay. Ison. thanks for rolling with my punches: only you know my true confessions 

- keep thdm sacred. Last, to the person I admire most, my brother. Luke "sehasho. " you shine always. I'm proud of you. 

Chelsea Combest-Friedman 


"Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye." - Helen Keller. Ahh SMUS 

- Two years of 2:00 a.m. mornings, crazy nights (watch out for those limos girls), laughing attacks, and 
gourmet cuisine (Brickyard and Ebizo). Nothing has proven more rewarding and worthwhile. Yoyster and 
Gracie-Poo — to beach babes, pina coladas. and getting caught in the rain — I love you gals! All my girlies, 
you are my sunshines, keep smiling! "The most wasted day of all is that during which we have not laughed." 

- Sebastian R.N. Chamfort. Harvey boys: It's been a pleasure. To the tennis gang - one word - 
Wimbledon! Thanks to all my family for their love and support. I could never have made it without you! "Throw your dreams 
into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country." — 
Anais Nin. 

Christopher Couvelier 


I came to SMU in Gr. 8 unsure, fresh from 8 years at an all-boys school. Now a 1 100 days of school. 48 
exams. 1 2 university applications, too many early mornings, lots of friends, several litres of Coca-Cola, and 
. 72 km worth of 2400 runs later. I leave the school knowing that these past five years will forever be among 
tfie best of my life. My teachers: thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. My friends: Lyall-keep 
on Kermit dancing. Brad-you know I will always be better at everything (tennis and Smash Bros, included). 
Kipp/Dave/OByrne-RyReDaCh legacy will live on. Liz-Baby got back!. Florensh-need I say more? Buena 
suerte mi amiga!. Karlie-the Peach Rap. Ho-I didn't even have to undo the zipper!. Andrea- 1 love. ..cake. 
GracePH-rowing/fat whiney/big goofy. I cant even begin to write about all the good times I've had: Lyall's parties, stakeout 
at Munroe's. tennis provincials. Mario partying, addiction to pop. Mt. Washington (what photo?), golfing, dungeonball. rainy 
rowing and rugby days. OL. prefect-meeting cuisine (long live the mini-sandwich), road trips. Spanish, and being sarcastic. 
My "family (Mom. Dad. Yennis/Tlun Tlun/Fet Bet. Papa, and Grandma): A simple thanks doesn't do justice to your 
unconditional love and support. To GRAD 2002: Good luck, stay in touch, and Vivat! Couvie/Bear/Couvs/Dutch/Big Couvster 

Meara Crawford 


As I've meandered about SMUS for the last twelve years of my life. I've come to conclude that the best way 
to fill up my jar of life is first to put in two precious gemstones: one. my family: Mum and Dad, so much to 
thank you for. Curran and Evan, thanks for paving the way. I love you forever: and two. my friends: you know 
who you are. Your craziness and kindness are forever embedded in my memory. You've proved that with 
great friends, even hippos can dance. I thank each of you for teaching me about being respectful, brave, 
and original. I couldn't have made it without you. Next into the jar, some smaller pebbles: passion, the music 
notes, rowing, education, ambitions to travel and work for National Geographic. Sprinkled in the gaps, sand warmed by the 
sun that soothes the toes, the moments, the experiences that my life would be incomplete without: Mercla. banana boats, 
llamas. Banff road tnp. Gladiator look-a-likes. chemistry class in general, a fair bit of ice and a whole lot more! If I've left a 
few grains of sand in some other people's jars of life. I'm satisfied. And. finally, no reflection is complete without a metaphor 
involving a road. So. just remember that on the road of life there are no passengers, only drivers. Drivers Wanted. 

Christian Dewar 



It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness." 
It was the age of da man. I came to Saint Michaels University School in grade 8 skeptical and nervous, Until 
Now. I am leaving Saint Michaels University School skeptical and nervous (realistically I'm leaving as a 
vibrant young man). Memorable moments at SMUS: Grade 8. can't remember; Grade 9. can't remember: 
Grade 10. Messenger III: OByrnes boating adventure: "The sun is shining over the rainbow.": influences 
and teachings of Sean Bell: rugby with the boys: Ramone: Dowhyfest: walking up and down Beach Drive. 
Grade 1 1 . rugby: Dowhyfest: Sean's basement: Shawnigan (breaking my face / Lyall's diving ability): car rally: going over 
■ to Lyall's house every day with Brent and Liz: Ryan Sollis. Grade 1 2. video games with Pyke: Mt. Washington with Sean and 
O'Byrne. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on my journey through school. You have influenced me in ways 
you can't imagine. My parents taught and guided me through all my hardships and achievements: my friends have always 
been there through thick and thin: finally, the teachers who have expanded my curiosity and taught me a bit on the way. Grad 
2002. its been a pleasure. 



No how are YOU doing? Strangely enough, high school for me resembled a Black Sabbath song (yes. with 
Ozzy and no not the upbeat happy kind: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath fits the description pretty well). To the 
people who talked me into mentioning them; whafs up Mallory? You're the greatest. Ali and Liz; you re all 
cool and thanks for being so nice to me: it's appreciated. To Jo and Fran, if you ever see a skinny Insh kid 
downtown come over and say hi. To Fran, especially, thanks for not letting me ruin my life: there isn t room 

here for me to give you enough credit. Nick Black, youve always been a great guy to me. so thanks. If 

anyone wants to find me I'll be at 4510 Satinleaf Lane. Sarasota, Fl. fishing at the lake in Uncle Johns backyard. I m going 
home. baby. Woooo! , . ■ 

I 'l^^lll' l 


I have attended SMUS for the past six years and have had good times, not because of the stimulating 
learning environment, but because of good fnends. Without you guys the last few years would have 
seemed more like a phson sentence than high school. There are too many people to mention, so all I have 
to say is you know who you are, and I wish you good luck. -If you can 1 convince 'em, confuse em. - 

Steven Fellenz 


First I'd like to thank the boarding houses: props to Mr. Jones and Mr. Cook, who told me the rules, f hanks 
to all'the Symons girls, the best in the world, especially Haley. Heather. Leah. Bntta, and all of you this year. 
Grace you are the picture of perfection: stay San-Franciscan. Thanks. Jack, and Peder who influenced 
my favourite pastime(s), riding and bowling. Tim Nolan, you are a true friend: Nolenz. Nolberg. Nolezinsky, 



;■;;>;-. .1:^. ,V!' ^ * S'.'^r'^s^R^B 

Elise Fincham 


First and foremost I'd like to thank my family for their continuing love anu buppui i. i ^uu.ui , i nav^ wv., .^ .> 

without you Mum. thanks for the support when times got rough. Mike, thank you for the late night computer 

help and for keeping me grounded, Stephen, don't ever change. Thank you for always being there and 

understanding Gavin, you're hilarious, Jeff, 'keep on truckin'; Steve. I'm happy that you're happy. To all my 

bros thanks for always making me smile, Ris, it started with Austin and just got better: Mar, all I have to say 

is the Olympics, I hope you two will happily find your way down the Yellow Brick Road. Andie. Mt. 

Washington memohes, us and our Andrews. Robyn, Cowichan, I think I'll be babysitting you now! Mands^v,. „ --.;^'--^ 

the beach: Ash, that was the best 1 7- birthday ever. Susanna, Ophelia, fish bait, keep listening for dogs^Rebecca New Years^ 

Louise we will conquer French. Aleksa, Money Shot! Devon, Roasting! Anne-Mane: Anne-Mane! Stu, Ris, Nicke h^- 

Megan, thanks for the best summer ever, Jon, let's keep the aisles clear from now on. Thank you to those special t< 

encouraged me! To all the graduates, always remember: work hard and party hard, love lots and live your life to the fullest! 

Keldi Forbes 


"When we leave this year we won't be coming back, " After nine years at biviub, mai s naru ,u t.u,nM.-.-=. -; 
For more than half my life I've come here every day, and in the last year ,t has become my home^ my fnends 
and my family That this school has had a major impact on who I am goes without saying. Thank you to 
all the fnends, teachers, and house parents who have supported me, especially this year. To my parents, 
thank you for giving me the opportunity to be at SMUS, To Pat and Jim, thank you, Symons House, I love 
you guys Thanks for the best year of my life (so far). Personal Notes: Alex; too many memories - rowing, 
^Gregs, Saltspring, yaks', boarding, Susanna: caterpillars, grade 8 out tnp, a certain type of ^f "^^'^ ^;<l°' ^^'keeTon 
and so much more. Rebecca: Je ne parle pas francais, everything else and there was hfe before Bailey. G^^c ^ . 'l^J °" 
mnning and you're adorable. To all my other fnends who don't need names: you know who you are. I love you al thank you 
fTblg there for me throughout the years: if we dnfted apart sometimes, I'm sorry. Good luck next year, not that any of you 
need itilt's been sweet; too bad we can't do it again some time. 


"The best way to predict the future is to invent it. "-Alan Kay 

Devon Gavfer 


During my two years at SMUS. I ve made awesome friendships and have had a lot of fun. I wish to thank some 

special teachers who inspired me and brightened many of my days: (Wis. MacDonald, for your enthusiasm: 

Mr Kayal. for saving me from Math 1 1 : Mrs Skelding. for being so much fun: and Mr Buckingham torthe cheesy 

lOkes of Info Tech 1 1 Mansol. maybe when this is printed, you II be howling. Mandie. thanks for being such 

a sweetheart and give me back my pink pen. Knstie. the eyeballs of terror are forever watching. Anne Marie, 

the beach and ■blonde people' . keep it dangerously cheesy. Elise: diurnal, like an owl. Sam. Bambi and Raoul. 

and keep wearing your dew rag. Andrea H. you can always call me Devo! Rebecca. Grace. I wouldn't have made it through Pot 

Roast without you. Hashley [flash freeze) Hashley. is Freddy Kruger there? One day you will realize that -obesity" isn't all that: its just fat. Even though you 

are self-discredited through gangsterism, thanks for making me laugh till I performed reverse peristalsis. Lin. thanks for being my best buddy for so long 

and Wolfe, thanks for good times last summer and all the good advice. Higgs. you're awesome! Adam, you're my rock and my closest friend. To my whole 

grad class! in the words of Les Brown: -Shoot for the moon Even if you miss, you 11 land among the stars." 

Ivan Golian 


Well we did it: the graduating class of 2002. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Coming to SMUS as a sophomore 
(grade 1 0) to be one of the few. true, proud Americans to come through SMUS with a background of football. 
I did not find it easy. I managed, however, with the help of my friends. First, I wish to thank to my family 
for supporting me (and paying) through my years at SMUS. Colson - we're as American as they come. 
BB - I love you: your parents are cool. too. Aki -Sensi Dkke-chinko. (osoi yoruno ai). Kenny - you'll always 
be my li'l brother. Nick gets his rnoney for nothing and his chicks for free. Dewar is THE MAN. Finally. I would 
like to thank Cookie, for his guidance. Tanbe Club! Congratulation to all the grads of 2002! Good luck wherever you may go. 

Kathryn Gordon 



Graduation, the end of high school — the end of our childhood, the end of our beginning. I entered SMUS from 

a small public school in Campbell River, not knowing what to expect. For my first and last year of SMUS its been 

quite an expenence. Ive braved the most challenging and incredible year of my life: coming here was the best 

decision I veever made. Thisyearhas zoomed by with the hoursof homework, studying, school activities.councils. 

university applications and late-night chats to "Xiao Zhu. ' Timmis girls, what can 1 say. I love you and will miss 

you tons. Bolton boys. well, let's just say it's been interesting living with you guys. Adios mis pequenos mejicanos. 

I want to thank all my teachers for helping me through the tough times this year: I appreciate all the patience. Gratitude goes out to 

Jonesy for the ab workouts in chem. class. Thanks to Mr. Gardiner for pushing me to learn to my fullest ability: 1 will never forget you 

or your facetious classes To all my fellow prefects, boarders, f nends. and grads. good luck in your future endeavours. Grace. Chels. 

Yon. and Aleksa: MU AH! I love and miss all of you guys at home. Clarence, you are definately my savior. I don't know how I'd survive 

SMUS without you. I'll miss our late night chats and study sessions. Thanks for always being there with your good advice. 

Mark Gorman 1999-2002 

Choose SMUS. Choose classes. Choose sports. Choose fnends. Choose freaking big hair. Choose 
quadblobs. bottle hockey, and slurpy runs. Choose sitting in "character-building." sleep-inducing classes, 
stuffing your head with information. Choose swankiness. "sensitivity." procrastinating, roaming, and 
sticking it to the man. Choose your future. Choose life: but why would I want to do something like that? 
I started at SMUS in grade 1 0. Those were some crazy times. After that, grade 1 1 . also crazy times. Grade 
12. you guessed it. crazy times. It's funny how that happens. Good night, and God speed. PS: Smoke me 
a kipper: 111 be back for breakfast. 

Franqelica Gouldin 


My two years at SMU have been filled with good times and bad times. I have made good friends here (I 

love you all) who have given me memories III look back on and laugh, cry or deny ever happened. Like 

the time.VIP fast, fun and free girls! Mt. Washington trips. I was playing cards. I swear. Out of control 

summer. Movie days and dinner dates. Mystery bachelor #3. My girls! Trouble when we're together. Look 

what I can do. I think you need more minions. I swear you could pull it off. You are the ultimate TT. oh you 

and your boys. Hey. you still owe me S5. Remember, it s a totally platonic. friendly date. Bumpy, dontforget 

me when you re famous. Picture time. This one s for you. . un peu! Narf. I'll never forget the window, oh sweet window. TR. 

best friend forever Australian reunion 2003. we're moving in. Life filled with surfers and sun. I cant wait. What a Mess! Good 

times at the mountain, thong pants, and of course "1 got your back." Basically, all I can say is good times, good times and 

of course the not-so-good times but nonetheless memories I'll never forget. Finally, thanks to my family for loving and 

believing in me. I wouldn't be here without you. Good luck to GRAD 2002! Spread your wings and live your dream because 

It s our time to fly. 


"The secret of staying 

young is to iive iionestiy 

eat slowiy and lie about 

your age" ^Lucille Ball 

Nicola Harper 


I have been at SMUS for a little over a year now. and even though a year is not a lot of time, my life has 
changed completely So many great things have happened to me during my short stay. I wish to thank my 
family for encouraging me to come here, the best decision I have made, so far. To all my friends who have 
made my time here amazing-thank you. Especially to Chantal and Chelsea - I will never forget you two. 
the best friends I could ask for. (One word: -Bnckyard.-) Grace-we have had some fun times together 

(backing out of a stall at Thriftys. -Bacon -. the crack). Rebekka-I am glad we had a chance to be roomies 

- and best wishes to you next year! To all the Harvey boys - good times, good times. Geoff-what am I going to do without 
you as my mac n' cheese lunch date? Aleksa- 1 wonder how people would react if I told them about the time. . .oops' Andrea- 
Starbucks is still awaiting a visit from us; those fantasy caramel-fudge bars are calling our names. To those of you I have 
not mentioned. I will miss you. Finally, good luck to all the grads. We are done' -Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss. you II 
land among the stars." Les Brown 


Ive spent over half my life here and its hard to believe it was nine years ago when I entered my tirst bMUb 
class Japanese Apparently 1 unknowingly introduced myself as a little boy. (My Japanese did improve!) 
Perhaps the most important thing I learned dunng my time at the junior school was that -cows eat grass 
Mercla is and always will be a legend. The middle school is a blur of memories: hiking with the boys, flamenco 
dancing Iretiru toil and trouble. I cant possibly sum up all the great times. The senior school has been . well , 

and bio forever For the record, lavender ice cream IS good! Peppo. Mo. Dood. and Piki eased the pain. SALTS was sweet 
I dont think I was ever really awake during early morning stnngs. Nickelback was incredible. Bad llamas, drag queens and blow- 
up dolls the locker told all. Volleyball rocked! We made provincials ladies! I used to think Id be here forever but it looks like 
forever has come and gone. Lots of love to my family and all the fnends Ive made along the way. You know who you are and 
your friendship has been truly invaluable to me. You wont be forgotten. Best of luck to the Grad Class of 2002. 

Ashlev Heaslif 


Memories begin where moments meet. There are certain people to whom a simple thank-you is not enougii 
Mr McLeod Ms McDonald, Mr. Humphnes. Mr. Skinner and Mr. Kayal. you have shown me what it means to 
really love what you do. -if we all did the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves 
~T Edison I think you all believe that. There are many other -special people who have taught me well . shizat 
Of these people the only thing that can really be said is. 'The only normal people are the ones you don t know 
well --J Aneis I know you far too well. To Anna. Elise. Rebecca, Anne-Mane. Knstie. Megan, and Aleksa 
untless laughs. To Mansol. well, -good times, good times': spnng break -incidences', strip -candle-outage 
shaqqin' wagon, and splifu/moomba in general. And Devon, to protect the innocent. -Tevon": its been fat I mean fun! Thanks 
for introducing me to the -farm revolt" and 4-bying. Make sure Adam takes care of his box. To Mom. Dad. Robyn and Jesse, thanks 
for not buying a boat and for all the support. And finally . to Mands. -Handi". well . life in general would not be right without you , Thanks 
for being my rock I love you, man! Best of luck to the Grad 2002. Life starts here. In the words of Vanilla Ice Let s kick it 

Brent Hemsworth 


From the moment I came to SMUS in grade seven I've had some great times, bad times and met some 
good people I have also met some terrible excuses for human beings (you know who you all are) whom 
1 poorly chose to befriend and who subsequently ruined my life. All I have to say is that St. Michaels has 
definitely not failed in shaping me into the wonderful young man that I am today. 1 greatly cherish every 
minute I spent at this school but Id have to say that Im glad its all over so I can kick off my life-long career 
as a professional janitor. Good times that 1 will always remember; Dankshar. Washington. Shawnigan. I 

Putting everything in Lyall's Fridge/freezer in his bed. Putting everything from Lyalls garage on his bed. Near-dea h 
experiences in Martins car every day. Parksville. Gang beating Andrew Orr at Duggans. Chapheau ... if you don t voluntarily 
get your useless French libs cut off to prevent you from ever playing the drums again, it will become my mam priority in life 
to make sure this happens. My overhand thrust is a motion I cant trust and confide in. 

Andrea Hession 


Well kids some would say the trips been long, and others that it is just the beginning. Me, well I m finding, 
it really hard to sum up all my feelings from the past five years in 250 words. Its hard to believe that 
something I've been planning since grade 9 has now become so hard to do. Ive had so many great 
memories and made so many amazing fnends that its impossible to list them all: I guess that s what the 
supplement is for. I'd like to thank my mom for her undying support and all those teachers who believed 
in me when no one else would. Its been one heck of a ride, and I cant say that Im glad it s done, I m 

^^ ^., ^„,„^ to miss it. Special thanks to the dancer, the rear-ender, the dude, the g-man. the heavy eater, munroe. K- 

9 JO the girts, and everyone else who made my times at SMUS )ust so memorable. You know who you are. For those 
who Inever got the opportunity to get to know, all the best. Hope to see you all in ten. Up for a rematch. Tyrrell'' It s not 
what happens to us, its what we make of what happens to us," A, Huxley 

"Life's truest happiness is found in friendstiips we make along the way." -Unknown 

Yuko Higuchi 


Three years have passed faster than I thought it could. When I first came here. I only could speak a little English and 

It was very hard for me to adapt to life at SMUS. I had moments when I thought to give up trying and go back to Japan. 

However, by the grace of precious people. I overcame many difficulties at SMUS. First of all. I am really thankful to 

my mom and dad! Thank you for listening to my complaints on the phone! And I am also thanks to Yuml. Yumi is 

a one of my best friends. She always helped me when I was depressed, and I always helped her when she was 

depressed. I am sure I couldn't have survived without her help. Chiaki, you are my math teacher. Thanks for teaching 

me math and staying with me in the foyer when I was on duty! Tsubasa, you are my special friend! Let's meet in Japan sometime. Anna, 

I thought Fiona was the best roommate for me, but you are as good as Fiona! I am glad to be roommates with you this last year. I am 

really worried that you might be late for school next year if I don't wake you up! Last of ail. Kyungmin, you are the one that I want to thank 

the most' I spent most of the time with you in the last three years. I have thousands of precious memories with you that I can't explain 

in words, t quarreled with you almost everyday, but we always made up! I hope I can stay with you forever. . .1 love you! 

Winnie Ho 


Finally, its the end of an everlasting journey. I have to say three years at SMUS was too long. It was no 
doubt a worth while experience and the happy times will forever remain in me but I am very glad that it's 
all over now. Farewell to the place where I learned a lot about the real world. Farewell to the ones who will 
never be able to understand. I'll never forget my days here: it is too deep of a scar. Thanks to all those who 
helped me along. Mandy, don't let anything get in the way, hang on tight and never give up. Chantal, you're 

the only one who truly understood me. Thanks for listening. Aleksa, Beaver can never beat Monkey up. 

Angle. See you in HK. Becks, thanks for the entertainment. Mom and Dad, thank you for everything, and you were right, this 

was only an experience. 

Elliot Holtham 


After 8 longs years I cant believe its finally over. Coming in grade 4. junior school was lots of fun with jail 

lag and other adventures. I still remember in grade four I thought that by the time I graduated I would know 

what I wanted to do with my life. With four months left I still don't have a clue. I've learned a lot over the 

■years, but it seems the more I learn, the less I know. Maybe one day I will learn to keep notesand be 

organized. I've had lots of great memories, which I will take with me and remember for the rest of my life. 

Along the way Ive had some great teachers to guide me Including old man head McLeod and friends, mind 

melt. Mr Leggatt for a great chem. class and teaching Andy and I how to fish To my parents and all those who made my 

times her a little brighter I thank you. Remember: the great things in this world are not so much where you are but in what |^'^ 

direction you are moving. To all the grads of 2002 I wish you good luck. ^^^B 

Michael Hu 


A big thanks to the Camerons - you are the best Houseparents: I'm sure III miss you guys very much. Please 
take care of yourselves. Ruth: Even though you are not around me anymore, but I want to thank you and 
tell you that you are still the best. Yin-Fu: It's been three years already, we had some great times, we had 
some rough times. But the important thing is we'll kit in the future, okay? Yin-Lun: The next time we will have 
our Taiwan Trip " is going to be after four years. Kit. then we will do it again in Japan! Bro: Taichung-Double- 
Wolves! We are going to ride our motors together in the future! Sis: You're the best sister I ever had. please 

lake care of yourself. No more crying, ainght? Steve and Jennie: You guys are great, thanks for waiting me during ski trip. 

We should do it again! Fern; Its nice to know such a unique' girl like you. E-mail me sometimes and send me your articles. 

Kyun-min: Even though we had only one song finished, but its fun to play music with you. Come to Japan, and lets start over 

again. Yin and Frenzie forever! 

Kelvin Hum 


I entered SMUS as a boarder in 1 998; now it is hard to believe that I am graduating soon. In these four years. 

besides going to school. I have learned how to solve many different situations. In my boarding life, there 

have been lots of happy and sad memories in the past four years, and also I made lots of friends at SMUS. I 

would like to thank my parents, who always have been there for me when I most needed it. To my two 

brothers in SMUS. Martin and Wilson. Good luck to you all. God (and girls) be with you! To my sisters. Ann 

and Lavin. really hope you can get a rich husband. Angel, get a boyfriend - and sometimes you work too 

hard Clarence, nothing to say about her. Genius, we are in different level. Jeff . treat Clarence good. Sam. my sexy roommate 

how come girls always go to your side? 

Kasim Husain 


Ifs been a wild ride since I arrived a terrified thirteen-year-old at SMUS. All I can say is thank you to those 
people who made the past 5 years worthwhile. You know who you are. Ive had good times, met people 
who have changed how 1 think, and a few who ril never forget. I think Ive learned a lot. not |ust academic 
learning, but how to deal with life and my peers. Nickelback and New Years 2002. Saltspnng 2001 . Duen 
2000 and who knows how many movie nights and yearbook room mornings are probably my best memones 

(though there's probably some important stuff Ive forgotten). To the class of 2002. the only piece of advice 

I have is to do what you want with the rest of your life: otherwise you'll never be happy. Always challenge authority, stay true 
to what you believe in, and you will rise to the top. To Anna, the girl who stole my heart one January night, no matter what 
happens next year III always look back on our time together as some of the best days of my life. 'Life is a far too importanl 
thing to ever talk about seriously." -Oscar Wilde 

Bradley Jawl ^^^^^Si 


Ghpped by fear and apprehension I pushed my way through the heavy double doors to embark on my first 
day of kindergarten. Thirteen years later I find myself at another set of doors, these however, dont seem 
quite as daunting. .. I accredit this to both my behemoth size and also the wisdom that awaited me on the 
other side of that fateful entrance. My days at Saint Mikes have had their ups with their fair share of downs. 
The memories made, I know, will relive themselves in my heart many times as I walk the road that is the 
rest of my life. To all the people that made these memories I apologize for not knowing the words to tell you 
what you.mean to me. And to all my fellow grads- don't be afraid of excellence, and never deny the dance 

David Jawl 


Paul Jenkins 

In my five years at SMUS I have had many great experiences and met many inspiring people. The people 
I have met both teachers, coaches and fnends have impacted me in more ways than one can imagine. Mr 
Hyde-lay .and Mr. K, your teachings in sport have been invaluable to me on and off the field and I will carry 
them with me a long way. My memories and experiences at SMU include; out trips, rugby tours ^nd 
provincials boot and alumni games versus Oak Bay and of course one very entertaining rock concert put 
on by ACDC. To my close friends, and the guys, four of which I have schooled with since kindergarten 
H , ,ao uc^, , ,un cid I wish you all the best in the future. To all the teammates I have played with overthe years, those memones 
are irreplaceable! To the family. Mom, Dad, Liz and Pete, the thanks I can give you is never enough for what you have been 
and how much you mean to me. Lastly I wish to my class the best in the future. For all of those I didnt mention you know 
who you are and how much you mean to me! Always remember, '1 0% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you react 
to it". , ■ '. 


"SMUS has been such an experience for me. In every moment of eveiy memon/ ot my time at siviua mere is a wan i m i. 

a beauty a love. Every action and every inaction of my surroundings and of myself has shaped me into what I am and 

what I will be. I can only hope that after I graduate the life lessons I have leamed in the SMUS community will stay in 

me forever and I will continue to exist in the world as a worthy person, always acting with passion and com ' " " 

striving for excellence, to be excellent, and to radiate excellent-ness." -Anonymous SMUS lifesiyie panicipam 

That said I would just like to thank everybody who has helped me. whether by being a friend, or perhaps being a 

parent or even by just being - without all of you I wouldn't be here putting this yearbook together right now. Of course were I not doing 

this I wouldn't be losing circulation to my lower extremities due to prolonged sitting. But ultimately I think the loss of feeling is worth it. 

I neverthought I'd say this, but in the end, it really has been worth it (this time Im not being sarcastic!). Although had there been no llamas. 

excessive amounts of ice-cream or my extensive duties as a taxi dnver (of the K-car variety), it may not have been. No, that s a lie. It 

definitely would not have been worth it without those things. "Welcome to PJ's taxi - where would you like to go today? - The Little Mei maid 

Stuart Jones 


I came to SMUS in kindergarten. Thirteen years, that's a long time, but it has been full of great memories 
To Dave we've been fnends since kindergarten. I'll never forget those Vikes soccer camps and your- 
•■allergy" to cold salt water. Have a great time next year wherever you go. Johnny, Thanks for all those great 
summers up at the Alders. Maybe one day you will beableto beat me at Ping-Pong. John Chien. have a 
great time next year, play lots of soccer and keep on fishing. To Kristie and Elise. Nickleback was great 
(yeah that's nght Johnny) but I owe all of that to one person. Ashley thanks for everything. Kristie. driving 
=en an interesting experience with you. You're right. I must be jinxed. Meara and PJ. Banff was a lot of fun 
t"hanks to you Bogutz, thanks for another stunning soccer season. Anne-Mane, you made Cabaret a whole bundle of fun, 
Mandie Marisol. and Aleksa I'll never forget you. To everyone else who I haven't mentioned I wish you the best for the future. 

"A person travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it." -George Moore 

Jeff Kao 



My four years of education at SMUS are finally completed. There were lots of people who helped me get 

through the toughest times here. A decent education, some unhappy times, and the memohes of a few of 

the most amazing people. To Kathryn. you've helped a lot between Clarence and me and I really 

appreciated that. To Wilson. Derek. Clayton, and Jerry. CS forever! Stephen, don't let me see u in my room 

eating my food and playing on my computer whenever I get back! Michael, and Peter, YIN family will be 

together forever. Jennie, no more phone call looking for Steve. I know you two " have a leg. "P. Miles, when 

can I see your Ferrari?! Agung. practice more badminton, I am always waiting for your challenge. Fern, I won't tease you 

anymore about your secret. Gong bo eh. zai xue xiao li. you huan xiao ye you bei shang, suo you de dian dian di di dou ji 

zai wo xin li, bi ye zhi hou wo bu ke neng zai ni shen bian pei ban ni, dan shi ni yao hao hao zhao gu zi ji hao ma?bu yao rang 

wo dan xici le. YONG YUAN Al NI DE '^(00)'^. Finally, thanks to my family for their support. Grade 2002, best wishes to all 

of you!! ' 


Richard Keum 


Time just keeps flowing and now we are graduating from high school. When I came here last year. I was naive 
and helpless. I went through lots of troubles. Then I realized that I have to be responsible and stand up for 
myself. Now as I look back. I find high school experience worthy. I would like to thank my friends for friendship 
and encouragement. Moreover, it was a life lesson. I will remember: 84 Pride!! Juoh, Kenji, Lewis, Jin, 
Brandon, Jack Jung, and last and least Jun Guk Do-just kidding-, we are the best! Grad 2002 hyung dul, 

Juwan, Yong Seok, Yun Young, Sam. Jin Woo. and Kyung Min. Good Luck with universities! 85. 86 hoo- 

bae-dul. Dae-doo Hui-jai. Sun Hyung. Rebecca. Seu-Na, Richard Ma, Jay, and Brian-huhu enjoy the rest of SMUS life! And 
by special request, Yeon-Joo nuna, Deri nuna and Piggy Julia. I wrote your names! I think Koreans in SMUS are awesome. 
It was so fun being with you guys. Good times ahead! Keep in touch and see you all in peace. 

Daniel Kim 


When I first came to SMUS in grade eight I was nervous. I had come from Vernon, a small town where I 
spent most of my years growing up. so I wasn't used to SMUS. But it wasn't long until I settled down. And 
as the year progressed. I met some good people who made me smile. Bogutz - you're a good friend. I still 
owe you for that trip to the F. Terminal. Johan - what can I say? you were always there for me. Thanks 
a lot, you're a true friend. Rach - you're the modest person I know, thanks for putting up with me. Chien 

- you're right. I am competitive, but is that so wrong?! Pork E.- 1 swear this'!! be the last time, it's just that 
there's a word limit. Anna. Alex. Aspartame, and the YB people - I'm so sorry about yearbook. I never wanted things to end 
the way it did. Herman. Stu. Campbell. Nicola. Meara. Kasim. Javier, you guys are the best, it was fun knowing you all. Jennie 

- will we every stop laughing at one another? Lavinia & Ann - thanks for trying to help me with YB. I owe you two a lot. To 
all fny friends, thanks for helping me through the toughest of times. I hope we'll all meet again. 

Erica Kim 

Thanks to my family and friends. Good luck Grad 2002! 




I was blessed to learn how friendship and love can make one's life so bright and beautiful at SMUS. I came 
here 1997 from grade 8 to now. I met a lot of people whom I'll never forget in my life. Especially. Yuko H. 
it was really fun and that always stays with you. I had a rock band with Michael, hiro and menn. Frenzies. 
It was one of the best memories in my life when we played music and composed songs. Frenzies forever 
man! All koreans. thanks for being nice to me. And Jack and Steven, who is my roomate. it was really fun 
to stay with you in Harvey house. Jack, don't forget the question "Are you happy? " Finally I'm out of here. 
Thanks to all the teachers who cared about me. Everybody - Bye. 

■ f<V^- 


Reed Kii 


Jason Ko 

It's scary thinking that I am almost done my time here. SMU has left me with so many memories. Gr.8-12, 
five years have gone by fast. Jawl-best friends, fam. My hockey brother Ryan-clubber, hockey trips, salsa, 
jungle, westerns, and provincial champs! Couvie-J.Lo fan club, sarcasm. Golf Tournaments. GNSby thesea 
Running everyone's show! Outdoortrips(or lack there of), Shawnigan, Italy, driving, loud music, mail box runs, 
4x1 00 champs, rugby games, rallies and blonde hair, ACDC concert! Nick-resist the temptation, Colson-girl 
chats, double dates, Dewar-cabbies, videotapes, Stevie, Woody, Black-hot sisters, Seaner-rock/rat connec- 
tion, messes, "1 st XV— lets go", Sollis-go time, muckers. Stevulak-ricers, the fam, Pyke-superhuman breeding, Lyall/Brent-play 
on, you got talent, Lyall Rules! To the girls, you are the greatest. To my parents, you have guided me all this way and pushed 
where needed, thank you for all your love and support. To my brother, watch out for the senior girls, and to my sister, don't talk 
to senior guys. To my baby, we have been through so much together; you are my first, my last, and my only. Thank you for making 
my life as bright and beautiful as you are, Grad02, never forget where you came from, ■Remember, the cream always rises to 

thetop -IHL ««„ 1989-2002 

I started out at the very bottom (kindergarten) in Jr. Sch. That was such a long time ago. but I still have 

these dreadful memories of the "bluebook" and winters in the little dress shorts. My journeys then led me 

to the Mid. Sch, where my rugby career started with DMB, We weren't that good then, but I'd like to think 

we're better now. The gr,8 dinner dance on the HMS Beaver signaled my end at the Mid, Sch, and I was 

deported to where I am now, Sr, Sch, has given me many fond memories thus far: movie hangout nights, 

BBQ/Hot tub at Tucker's, Japan TripOl , Castaway Wanderers BC Champs, rugby 7s and BCs in Van, a 

number of fine social gatherings, some wonderful teachers, and great rugby coaching, Jav-pro body builder(when are you 

going to lift with us?) PJ-our double is money. Tuck: I'll be driving you around soon and take it easy you juice monkey, B- 

ya goof remember the bet if we win the BCs AL-kudos for taking up my "weakness is not tolerated" training I'll join you 

sometime, Bkand IHL-I will convert in the Kozone one day! To all the rugby boys-"Do your job" Thanks to mum and dad for 

sending me here and standing behind me and to everyone else who has put up with my misohief and bad humour. The bus 

Akinori Kokubun 


Brian Kuhn 

Three years of my life in SMUS is about to come to an end. It was hard at first to get used to the life here, Ipu 
somehow I managed to ease through. I would first like to thank my family. Thank you all for your suppor 
emotionally AND financially! You guys are the best and I love you! Next, thanks to all my cool Jap fnends in H.K 
and Japan. Kousaku, Hiroshi, Ebicchi, Shibacchi, Teppi, Kemji, Chichiban, Marimin, Yuki. Yukiccho, Takafusa 
Daichan: thanks for all the fun we had! You guys are truly the coolest and best friends I've ever had in my life 
I really appreciate your support during my hard times. Also, thanks to my MSN buddies, although I didn't hav£ 
much time to talk to them. Last but not the least, the SMUS people, Mrs, Cook, Cookie, and HP's: Thank you for your support foi 
my three years in boarding! Mr. Cook: I regret that I didn't have guts to call you Cookie Ivan: Don't bring girls into boarding anc 
clean your room up. Austin: Sleep more. Peter: Don't spend too much time with girls and study hard. Yun-Young: Don't cry in May 
You know what I mean. Stephen: You are the funniest guy I've ever met. Jennie: I will not be there anymore to help you with youi 
calc and math. Alice and Clarence: I had fun teasing you two in chem. And finally to the teachers and Grad 2002. let's enjoy oui 
lives! P.S. Happy Birthday Daisuke! rsnnn nnnn 

Over my two years at SMUS I have had some great expenences and hard reality checks. A certain rhyme 

comes to mind when trying to express these ideas. "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had 

many great academic, physical and personal falls, but with the help of his parents, teachers and friends 

he managed to put his brutally beaten body back together again " Life lays many great opportunities down 

for you. but it all comes down to whether you have the courage to take a chance on yourself and other 

people, I had a great time meeting new people but remember friends don't come easy when you're the new 

face on campus, but you can't be afraid to throw yourself to the lions. But in all seriousness, thanks for being there for me 

in the line of fire— you're all good friends, "White Spot " yah buddy! Keep circulating because you know it's the right thing to 

do. I move on leaving my footprint upon they rugby pitch where I will live in infamy as a member of the elite I was ever so 

proud to join. Lastly, I would like to thank my parents, the true inspiration and support you offered me was what kept me going 

and made me realize how lucky I am to have parents like you. 

Angel Lai 


Although I have been at SMUS for five years. I cannot honestly say that I will be sorry to leave. More a 
I will be jumping up and down and celebrating. But a small part of me will certainly miss this school (a little). 
I wish to thank to all my teachers for helping me with stuff that looked like gibberish to me at times: thanks 
also to all my house parents for cooking the yummiest food on Wednesdays, and thank you to all my friends 
for supporting me and cheering me up when I'm down in the pit. Ann and Lavin. you gals have been married 

for four years now. and I wonder what you are going to do without each other. Im going to miss you guys 

a lot, love you, and keep in touch! Clari, thank you for everything, -ah xim, " Alice, I wish you the best of luck next year (wherever 
you may be going). Ho, I'm really going miss you. our nightly chat about food. Ho #2. one more year to go, so work hard and 
good luck! Martin, Congratulations! You have graduated from the "La Ying'' school, Kelvin and Wilson, don't swear too much 
and don't play too much. Annie and Masey, have "fun" next year in boarding, I leave you with my sympathy! Kathie you have 
been a wonderful roommate throughout the year, thanks. Finally, Grads of 2002- wherever you may go, remember never to 
lose hope in everything you do, and good luck to you in the future! 1 

'You've got to stand for something or you willfall^ anything." -Unknown 

Miles Lai 

Thanks to my family and friends. Best of luck to the grads! 


Alexandra Lea 


Five years ago I took the longest ferry ride of my life and never looked back. I have been climbing relentlessly 
upward, and now stand with the cliff edge in front. All those that have loved, supported and helped me stand 
behind, holding their breath. This is takeoff, but before I step Into the air I would like to thank my parents 
who showed me what was possible, helped with the landings that weren't so smooth and refused to let me 
stay too long on the ground. I am propelled by memories, steered by friendships. As I prepare for liftoff. I 

test the strength in my body and mind, confident that these opportunities and experiences have made me 

more powerful than I can realize. My future is gleaming softly before me. Time to take flight. Goodbye and good luck 

Candace Lee 


; My friend once said to me. 'Apathy is the best medicine ". My apathetic nature I obtained after moving from 
i a public school in California to SMUS has allowed three years to quickly pass by. leaving me virtually no good 
I memories to chensh. My memories still belong to California and Vancouver. Rob. FF. The Voyeur Pad. The 
Full Green, ferry rides to Vancouver each weekend, the donut phncesses. Saigon Night. Pho Hoa. trips to I 
Rowland Heights, the T Ing days. tofu. Orange Hill, Happy Saturday. Nation, IVC, ACI. rolling. Nonetheless. I S' ' 
I there are a few golden moments I will treasure about this school. It has definitely made an impact on my life. I ' ' 
! I will remember my roommates, the Timmis girls, the houseparents, the Taiwanese community, the teachers. "— 
I and my fellow Timmis prefects. I wish you all the best. Terry, you're my best friend, my homegirl, my "American soul mate ", like 
i family to me. Although we are separated by a 2 1/2 hour flight, you have been (and always will be) my closest friend. To my 
i family, you are my greatest supporters, and I am thankful to have your encouragement. To all my friends In California. 
t Vancouver, and Victoria, we had good times that I will always remember. I'm free at last. "What we call the beginning is often 
I the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. "-T.S. Eliot 

Julia Lee 


1 Physically. I m graduating, but mentally. I still feel like I'm In kindergarten. I would like to first thank God for 

always being with me. The most Important person in my life, my one and only sister Jen! Love you always 

sis! Sister love forever. Sorry for being a bad girl mommy and daddy! Whatever I say, Julia Is always your 

little girl. People who gave Julia the most memorable moments In SMUS. The four unnles! Anna unnie- 

Thank you for always letting us stay In your room. Well never forget your kindness. Hot forever. Or is it JTL 

forever? Yoo-Hyun unnle-You will always be our hero. Deri unnle-You made us laugh the most-'As one. 

As two'. I ought to be thy Adam". Yeon-Joo unnle-No matter what they say. "Hey. you got better than me "(pointing finger 

with double chin) Is the cutest. All five of us huddling around one pot. Oh. these unfortunate souls-Unnles! I'm going to miss 

■ you guys so much!! Last of all I would like to thank the two most Important men In my life. Julia's one and only oppa. Tae- 

Wan oppa. I'll never forget the first year that I met you. You will always be Julia's oppa no matter where we are. Finally. Jung- 

Hyun ah- 1 thank God for letting us meet each other! Wish everyone the best of luck. I am going to miss you all. 

Yun-Yonq Lee 1999-2002 

My three years at SMUS have passed quickly but they have been awesome! However. I will be out of here 

soon (which really sucks!) and then graduation. Id like to thank those who have made my every moment 

at SMUS precious and unforgettable. Mr. Leggatt. you're one of the nicest and undoubtedly the hottest 

teachers out there! Mr. Gardiner, you're the best Biology teacher and also the best sniper (you know what 

I mean). I've really learned a lot from you in the past two years. Yong-Seok: I really appreciate your help 

in every aspect of my life, whether it was academic or something else (you know), 1 was so lucky to meet — 

a guy like you in such a small place like Victoria, AkI: It was really fun to have you around. You showed me what the boarding 

life IS like and how nice it is (really?). By the way. you gotta admit that I am still superior In W11! Also thanks to the other 

wonderful guys (Rach, Ken, Juwan, Couvie. Trevor... can't name them all!) I will never forget you guys! Finally, my biggest 

gratitude goes to my family. My sister YunOJI sorry for calling you "dooeji" and stretching your cheeks all the time. You are 

an awesome sister! Mom and Dad. thank you so much for all you've done for me. You are the greatest! I will always remember 

your advice and most importantly, your love that nobody can ever imitate! 113 



Chantal Leonard 


Kenrick Li 

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened... It seems like only a little lime ago when I first came to SMUS 
I'm only starting to truly appreciate my experience here when It's about to end. but the end means a new 
beginning. . .and although we'll all be moving on to bigger and better things, I know my time at SMUS and the people 
I've met here will stay with me. I'd like tothank my family fortheir love and support: I couldn't have come Ihisfarwithoul 
you, merci de tout mon Coeur. Granny, thank you for sharing your love of travel with me and guiding me through 
the first two years at SMUS. To the Symons girls; boarding will never be the same without all of you. To my -math 
study buddies Chiaki and Rebecca: have fun in calc next year: Whits: my French-Canadian neighbour: Alex'll never 

understand us, and Ivan don't even start with the jokes! Dave: who am I going to beat on next year? Aki: thanks for all the comp help. 

Chels- the best roomy ever, thanks for putting up with me. Yori: little miss p...if it's a plan, you're behind it... you. Chels and me have 

had some crazy time, I'll never forget you guys. Punky and Ho: my crazy Timmis buds-thanks for putting up with the seafood Becks. 

and Winnie, don't worry, you'll be back in the homeland in no time... thanks for being such a great friend! 'Today is your dayi Your 

mountain is waiting. So get on your way, " - Dr. Seuss 


So many things have happened in the last 5 years that I don't even recall most of them. A big thank-you 
to all my teachers and coaches; you either contributed, or were 'unique. everybody else. To my 
parents, thank you for giving me an opportunity to attend such a wonderful place. To the people I have 
been honored to meet; Fiona, Angel, Kyung-Min, Jin-woo; Ever since grade 8. Tim; I knew it would happen, ■ 

I just don't believe it happened. If anything goes wrong, I'll meet you in the bottom of Chapters. BallBall: 
Best friends, great memories: keep in touch and good luck. Karen; Thanks for introducing me to Christina! 
I don't like grief though, Stephen; It's been great knowing you for the last couple of years. Skye is hot. I'm 
coming to Beijing; I swear it. Martin: I'm sorry! Kelvin; Since grade 9 HK buddy, thanks for teaching me a lot of stuff! PJ; M- 
Class Rally Hansi; Remember Halloween, Yuji; dakishimetai. Kathie;l love the Sleeping Lionheart. Take care of SD WZC. 
Evelyn- Late night talk with your grandma, Chnstina; I think 1 met you dunng one of Karens whims, thank god! Fern; Keep 
practising snowboarding! Ko Zone, Tucknot, Jav: Forever shall the memories be in my heart. Peace to Kazuya, my brother 
in Japan For my real brother, take it easy when you get back. It's been really different not having you around for one year. 

Rebecca Liqhtbourn 



Writing this, I have realized I made many more good friends than I ever knew. We've all had crazy nights 
and inside jokes we would like to forget. I know I'm forgetting people and blatantly leaving some out because 
I never really liked them. To the rest I do want to mention: Knstie- lets not go back to cattle point! Smose- 
the bus! Keldi-subway! Conal-DWA! WEKA! Hobo! Hugh, aka Hugh 1 . my Aryan fnend - two ladies. Hojiis- 
since gr.6you've been there-thanks. Mike-lCQandfireworks; III remember it all, Mark-you had some good 

times. Anna-Sweet! Dude! Sweet! Dude! Grace, my companion in shortness, will you teach me to speak 

British? Daniela-my locker buddy, and fellow academic council member. Alex, we could've been better friends. Ashley- 
Batman and Robin! 

Ju-Wan Lim 


It seems it's been a long time since I came here. It was my first time living in a foreign country; I couldn t 
understand any English and I would just smile when I didn't understand what people said. Even though my 
English still sucks, I learned many things in this school during these unforgettable three years. Thanks to 
my friends and to my parents who helped me most. Good luck to Grad 2002. 

Lavinia Lin 


I can't believe that it has been four years at SMUS; it seems like I just came here yesterday. Most 
importantly, I would like to thank Mom and Dad, for giving me unconditional canng and support: you are ■ 
like the guide of my life who leads me and always encourages me to achieve my goal. Lala, there are lots. 
of ups and downs in my life, but we have been through a lot together. Thanks for the eternal love you give 
me. Ann, you are the most understanding fnend and the best listener. Without you, I don't think I could have 
survived in this school. I will always be there tor you even if we are apart: stnve for what you really want 
to do Alice you are the youngest Grandma that I have ever met. 1 will always remember that when I cry. you will cry with 
me for no reason. Angel, I will always remember your special giggling. Kelvin, sorry for the prank I pulled on you in grade 
10 but 1 do like you as a friend. Martin, I believe that you will be successful in your piano career. Ross, knowing you is the 
luckiest thing in my life. No matter what happens in the future, I will devote myself to you as the promise that I have made. 
Lastly many thanks to: Wilson. Peter. Jeff. Clarence, Michael, John and Jennie. Best of luck to the Grade Class of 2002! 

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." -Forster 

Alice Liu 


My journey at SMUS is coming to an end. Five years of learning have shaped me into the person I am today. 

First, my gratitude to God for blessing me everyday. Dad: thanks for always giving me the best. Mom: 

thanks for all the support and care. Sis: thanks for all the great jokes when I needed. Andy: "I want bow 

bow la!" -Let's go eat fish chips next Saturday." "Let's go watch movies this weekend." " Let's go eat fried 

banana with ice-cream today." Although I won't be here, my hugs will always be here when you need them. 

I will never forget all the memories we share. You've made my life beautiful! Please take care of yourself 

when Im not around. Thanks for always being there for me and loving me! I Love You! Lavin, Ann: is my 

hair longer? Ill never forget the time we've spent together, da san ba. Allan: I'll miss our long talks, my sister. Ivy: be confident! 

Youre always my little sister! Yeonjoo. Thelesa: it's Andy La. Yoohyun: thanks for all the advices and food. Jennie: I hope 

were still friends. Sam: na. Angel: hi angel. Time flies in a high speed and in a one-way path. Although my path wasn't always 

stable. I appreciate all the people who walked through it with me. No matter how long before we see each other, no matter 

how far we are apart, each one of you will remain dear in my heart. 

Nurrachman Liu 1995-2002 

Well, what can I say? My six years at SMUS. and twelve years of school, have come and gone. Time flies 
when you're having fun (most of the time, anyways). When I first arrived in middle school, I was a shy, short 
guy. Actually. I think I still am. Darn. But wait! At least I learned a lot, academically and personally. Along 
the way. I've met many amazing people. I've had a wonderful time at the school, and it has given me much... 
I'll always remember these memories. I thank all my teachers, who have taught me well and instilled in me 

a fondness for learning, and especially those who have helped me so much in grade 12. Thanks to my 

family, my mom. dad. and bro: your support has been invaluable. To all my friends, thanks for the great times, and I hope 
we'll keep in touch. To all the grads: I wish you all the best! "What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters 
compared to what lies within us." -Emerson . 

Clarence Lo 


I can still remember the first day when I came, crying on my dad's shoulder. I had never experienced boarding 
life until two years ago. It was really hard for me because I had to leave my family and friends and explore 
■ this new place alone. These two years have been unforgettable, with the love from my teachers and friends. 
■Thanks to Mrs. Skinner, who has always been nice to me. Math and music do go together! Mr. Gardiner, you 
helped me find fun in Bio. Ms. Johnston, thanks for pushing me up to ChemH. Also, many thanks to Mr. 
Weinerman, Mr. Leggatt. Ms. Hawes, Ms. MacDonald. Ms. Stanford. Ms. Ding and Ms. Tobacco. I mustn't 
forget to mention my dearest roommate. Kathryn. I really had fun rooming with you. I enjoyed the late night chats witn you, 
though sometimes I didn't get any response from you since you'd already fallen asleep. I will never forget the time when we 
studied for the Bio provincial together. Those stupid jokes (about your bf and the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) made me 
remember the diagrams. You're my best roommate: my best friend in SMUS. I'll miss you very much, ang eh, wa ga li gong 
daiyi. he be? kan bu dong bu yao xiao. gam xia li yi di di wa eh xim bi. m guan hua xing xia mi dai ji. ze xi 
wa yin wan boeh boeh gi eh dai ji. wa eh jin xiu li '^(oo)'^ li eh gong bo eh- 

Matt Lyall 


1 It feels a little awkward writing this since it is based upon the assumption that I am actually going to graduate. 

Like a lighthouse in a bog. I've been described as brilliant, but absolutely useless. Nevertheless, I arrived at 

SMUS in 1 998 with little more than a mullet, a hockey stick and a slight hint of an Arabic accent. As none of 

these seemed to impress anyone at SMU, (tough crowd) I had to find a way to make friends. Three BC finals 

and one shiny nng later I thank god that rugby found me. To the band of brothers. No regrets! To the girls/ 

future groupies?? I really meant it when I told you all you were the best. To the mountain crew, just remember 

lappensin the woods, stays in the woods. Except for three steps and Bojangles. To the band, if we aren't famous by now, 

we're probably living in a van - down by the river! Finally - to my family, thank you all so much for your support. I love you guys... 

its like we're family... wait a minute. Final thoughts - Dankshar, Shawnigan, Kermit dances, Edgefests, lyallpoloozas - all this 

leads us to the inevitable conclusion of what we knew all along - Olyall Ru.... well do I really need to finish that. Tum up the radio. 

It's been a slice. "But everybody's gone, and I've been here for too long To face this on my own. well I guess this is growing up 


Beckle Macdonald 


Thank you so much Stephen for everything you've done for me: I would never be the person I am today 

without you. Mom. Leah and Deisha. - thanks for keeping me company on the phone: I love you guys so 

much. My sports career at SMUS will never be forgotten: to the volleyball girls- I don't know, Suz huh I 

don't know. Clari- Fire alarm! Anna- well what can I say. without us. . .things would definitely be different. 

Stump- Australia 2001 was a blast, thanks for making me laugh. Jo- wake me up. before you go go. Aleksa- 

weve sure come a long way since grade 10: tell your mom she's the best! Ho- two years of being roomies, 

my fondest memory is the day we got a hot shower, p.s. who are the top two and don't hold it! Chantal- J'aime le garcon de 

noir.. .my French is getting there :) You're the most caring person I know, thanks for being you. Three years at SMUS has 

left me with unforgettable memories I'll always treasure. 

Huah Macintosh 


James Maled' 

At last, the adventure of high school that will soon fade into gilded memories in my already far-too-crowded 
emotional database is at an end. I am still debating, however, which parts to remember and which to forget 
and be reminded of at somewhat embarrassing moments in my future (I already have the TV contracts). 
ril always remember being able to travel around the world (25 countries) and living overseas (Nepal, 
Denmark, Pakistan), experiences which have definitely contnbuted positively to my life. Mike: Where would 
I be had you not opened my eyes to the wonder world of the Internet? (Don't answer that question). Conal: 

Arr, matey, keep them Spaniards at bay! Bailey: woof! Rebecca: My hair belongs to me. but you can always 

join my crusade. Grace: Remember, you can go far with an accent like that (so long as everybody s like me) And here's advice 
foryou all: 1.) By utterly crushing a transgressor in full view of his compatnots, an enforcer not only solves the onginal problem 
beyond all doubt but also ensures that all that see it dare not stray from the path of the law. Eventually the actual physical 
presence of the enforcer is not required to enforce the law. 2.) Light a man a fire, and he's warm for a day. Set a man on 
fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life. And finally, 3,) When life gives you lemons, invade Poland... Huzzah! 


What can I say about my two years at SMUS? Well I guess after a rocky year of "insomnia in grade 1 1 , 

I really found who and what I cared about in grade 12. It's been a great grad year with great people. The 

barnacle boys, Colson and Brian, and without a doubt Kat, have had a huge impact on my life. I wish I could 

mention everyone but hey. you know who you are! I don't know where I'll end up next year or what I'll be 

doing but I'll never forget any of you. Neither will I forget the places, the Rise, the beach. John's and 

Barnacle house. To my house parents you've guided me through some hard times. To my best fhends 

(you know who you are) I've had a great year with you guys and I will always remember the lost hours of sleep. Brian, hopefully 

you will have an awesome time next year. Colson, never forget about what we talked about that day on the beach. Finally 

Kat, What ever happens I'll always need you to organize my life! Well, Peace to the izzout,"lf you can look into the seeds 

of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not, speak then to me, "—Mac Beth, 1:3 

Geoff rev Martin 


Of all my days at SMUS since 1 993, I've never encountered a sadder moment than the time my grad wnte- 
up didn't make it to the yearbook staff.. . but I can explain. The reason you are not reading my own words 
right now is that a band of thirty-two and a half ghost pirates jumped me while I was walking briskly to the 
computer lab to send off my 960 characters of fond memories and inspirational quotes. Before I knew it, 
the ugliest thirty-two and a half ghost pirates you've ever seen were jumping out of their ghost pirate ship 
cursing ghost pirate swears, and grabbing at my chehshed write-up. To make a long story short. I failed 
to hand in my own grad whte-up as it was in the possession of ghost pirate hoodlums. 

Sean McKa' 


For me St. Michaels was like a bad thp. There were a few parts I really got off on. but for the most of it I 
just truly wanted it to end. My friends, I will never forget you and some of the crazy stuff you did J.W. M.G. 
C.C, J,D, G.M, C,A, R,E, Y,E, G,P,H and my great friends Sebastian and Emilie. J.D take care of yourself 
in Brazil,' The road trips were great Van, Mt, Wash, Mexico, I look forward to seeing more of the world. We 
are only teenagers for a short time in our lives. Let's not waste it trying to be adults. 

Avalon McLean 


It's not about the place, it's about the people. Not what you leave behind but what you take with you and 
who you let come along for the hde. During my years at SMUS wonderful people that have taught me so- 
much about life and myself. Always my family comes first. My parents for their vision. C for the years of 
craziness, Adam and his silent strength. Uncle for your constant support and big brother for always looking 
out I wouldn't be here without Mrs, I and Mrs. H (my 2nd Moms). My best friends JM. the greatest summer 
of my life. CD to the stars and back. The Bonairs! Diva- for being my other half never judging and always 
' understanding. Senorita- you're nuts but! love your strength you've given me so much. Yankee- my blonde 
darling always saying the hght thing at the nght time and making me smile. Hooter- due to all our talks you've made me tough 
and helped in so many ways. NB for all we've been through. I love you. A combination of music and SMUS girls and guys 
thanks for all the fun and good luck! "Because you leave when you have to or when you're meant to And part of you dies when 
you go You leave it there, it stays there. And what's left of you moves on to someplace else. ' 

"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional." -Roger Crawford 

Sam McLoughlin 


Here it is. Life as I know it is about to change dramatically. For the past thirteen years I have lived one school 

week at a time, and now it's all about to change. Thank you everyone who made it all possible: my family, 

friends, teachers, peers, and God. Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, you have been like a second set of parents to 

me: thank you for being you and always being supportive. To my classmates and friends, we had some 

good times, but not nearly enough. The Bolton Prefects: Shorty T (Chan), Speed, Jamie, Adam, and my 

roommate in gr. 1 1 Mike (who?), thanks guys. To the bailers in gr. 1 1 : Tuks, Chris K, and Matt, keep working 

hard. JD (automatic) and Chris (snipe): my roommate in gr. 1 2, keep shooting. Hansi-man (ya bum) thanks 

for everything: keep in touch. Dev. I wouldn't have survived without you, thanks for everything. Some memories to leave with: 

late night movies, bball after prep, watching sports and Simpsons, not doing homework, playing guitar, MJ shrine, and just 

everything. To all my fnends. see you on the flipside. -Sam "Can I rise above everything that's in my way . . .when push comes 

to shove not used to walking away. I keep on looking up. cause these times are getting tough father fill my cup, give me 

strength io power up. a light to shine, you're the diamond in this rough" 

Alison McVie 


Adam Miron 

These past four years have been challenging, insightful, memorable, but mostly fun. SMUS has seen me 
through the good and difficult times. To the best friends I could ask for: AM-you have been my mentor, Sunday 
sister and my closest friend. Thank you for your inspiration. MP- no more VIP, bhindi marks or Douglas furs! 
You've shown me my strengths and weaknesses. KV and FB-you've been so much fun. I'll never forget car 
rally and Jem and the holograms. Bonair crew?the hotness's have rocked this school! FG-Summer '01 was 
out of control" and I'm glad you were there to share it with me! Thanks for the pie, lazy weekends and dinner 
dates! Marlee-Last year was fun! Celebrating our passing grades with McLean is something I'll always 
remember! Ainsley- You've always been there for me. Thanks for being my best friend and sister for 1 5 years, for your support 
and for putting up with me! Lacy underwear, Diesel, Arby, "peace outs", pajama/movie hung over day, Jo's hospital visit, hot 
tubs, clean up. Where's my pants? To my Rio, Joel- I'm so thankful you're in my life! Thanks to my family for giving me constant 
support, encouragement and the opportunity to go to SMUS. Andrew-thanks for your answers and guidance. I hope I have made 
you all proud! 


I would first like to thank my parents and grandparents for making this incredible opportunity for me 
possible. As I embarked on this life changing adventure. I was not sure what to expect, but with a warm 
welcome from Mr. and Mrs. Cameron and the rest of the Bolton House. I immediately started to enjoy 
. myself and to feel at home. I would like to thank my mentor. Father Edward, for his continual guidance and 
support. Jamie Ford for always being there for me and for making Victoria much more entertaining, and 
Walter for a truly appreciated fnendship. I would also like to offer my thanks and praise to my house parents, 
the Camerons. my room mate John Speed, my good friends Jamie and Trevor, and a paean to Mr. Common for everything. 
Finally I extend my greatest appreciation to my grandmother for making this possible and to my dear mother for her unstinting 
support and her truly unbounded love. It has been one of my greatest honors to attend St. Michaels, and I will carry the 
school s pride for the rest of my life. "It's no use trying to be clever - we are all clever here: just try to be kind - a little kind."- 
F. J. Foakes Jackson Congratulations to my fellow graduates and best of luck to the class of 2003. 

Susanna Mosele" 


Nkosi (thanks), my friends: Anna: The vball superstar, you'll be on the national team! Alex: Good luck with 
rowing. Anne-Marie: yeah Capncorns. keep eating dangerous cheese. Elise: The little dog was on there! 
Remember Outdoor Leadership. Grace: It was great to know you this year, keep in touch. Jennie: The best 
roomie ever, remember the fish and tricking those pesky Barnacle boys! Keep playin' that Forest Gump! 
Keldi Fellow new boarder, we survived! Remember Wanda. Nicola: I'll miss vball with you, we had great 
times, thanks. Rebecca three words: Remember the bus! To the other people (especially Barnacle boys, 
History. English classes): Thanks for making my years here so special. To this year's volleyball team: 
Thanks for all the great times. To Winslow House (the best house): I'll miss you all. Thanks. Prefects: Were we not great? 
Thanks a lot. Grace (want chocolate?). Jennie. Ann (rock climbing is fun) and Lavin (biology class). Thanks to my wonderful 
houseparents (the Tweedies, Nicole. Becky, Alice. Tara-Lynn) for making my year in boarding memorable, and to all the 
teachers who were great over the years (Mr Gardiner. Sr Cameron, the Skinners). Good luck to the Grad Class of 2002! Mum, 
Dad. Christina, thank you for the love and support you've always given me. 

Aleksandra Mrdienovich 


Coming to SMUS in grade 1 was a huge and very drastic change for me. I couldn't ask for more! Kristie 

- 1 can't believe I just did that. So many laughs off of that one! Winnie - Remember grade 10 always! I'm 

always here for anything. Monkey! Beckie - Don't forget San Diego! "Turn the lights on, I'm scared"! You'll 

miss the quality of the massages! Mar - Wanna go to the gym? Ashley - Gr.1 1 were the days! Elise - I lost 

the number! Yori - I only wish I saw you around more! I love hanging with you! See you in Alberta. Anna 

-The banana card says it all! Yellow mustang...! know this isn't the end! Kathryn - Hot tub? Thanks for just 

being you! So many good times! B-ball - The bank is open! Milica - What am I going to do without you 

around? We will always be the girls! Jelena - If only I got to know you better, I will always look up to you (even though I am 

taller than you)! Milan - I can't count the number of times you made me laugh so hard. I'm your DD. Mom and Dad - You 

are the ones who have helped me through it all. -Aleksa 

"In order to get from what was to what will be, you must go through what is." 

Elizabeth Munroe 


My arrival at SMUS in grade 8 came as a great shock to me. I was fresh out of catholic school; holding hands 
was a sin and certain ■liquids" were only intended for the use of cleaning cuts. But in all honesty . and minus 
a few details, the only difference between elementary school and high school is the lack of a playground. 
Right now my goal in life is to be as carefree as I was when I was eight. I cannot imagine a time in my life 
when I cant laugh at my own foolishness even if it includes, well, basically almost everything I've done so 
far. The reason why I am who I am today is because I have never stopped laughing. I must credit this to 
the fact that I have been surrounded by the most interesting and incredible group of people for five years 
I don't think there is any possible way to sum up friendships that mean the world to me. You guys truly understand me and 
I could never thank you enough for that. To my parents, thank you for letting me spread my wings and soar among all my 
hopes and dreams. Without you I would be lost. You have given me every opportunity possible and I will' never forget that 
All I can say now is that graduating is a beautiful thing. Cheers! 

Andrew Murqatroyd 


■Time of your life" echoes through the nearly vacant theatre as the white credits roll up the screen. I read 

"Mexikanz played by Nikita, Geoff, (What are ya doinman?) Nate. Andy, Pete. Chns. Bailey. Mark. J. P. 

J.D. Support Crew ■■D.Williams. C. Skinner and the Family. " I close my eyes and feel like I did at the end 

of Empire, when I knew there was so much more still to come. Sitting back. I just want to rewind and watch 

it all over again. It's a backwards blur of a million mornings and classes, but the focus never stays there 

for long: it draws in on the in-between times. The old friendships and the new ones, and the people I've 

loved and love still. It skips over summers of skimboarding. bombin' the bay, Thetis. Kings Of The Street, 

40 Mexikanz. frizz, beaches, sailing and sun. and whips past the long wet winters. I see myself shrink and get fat and I'm 

suddenly at my first day at the old school (not yet so old). Who knew it would be these same people, love them or hate them. 

that would be part of the strange community that grew with me and helped me to grow. Sitting alone in a dark theatre for long 

periods of time isn't normal; sol step out. squint in the sunlight, and turn back to reality, thinking about what a sequel might 

be like. "Lovin' is what I got. I said remember that. " Bradley 

Timothy Nolan 

Thanks to my friends and family. Good luck Grad 2002! 


Ryan O'Byrne 



A young, shy catholic school boy arrived at SMUS in grade 8 with hair only on his head. The girls with short 

skirts and braces attacked Ryan leaving him with a sense of fashion and a girlfriend. The boys (or saints) 

welcomed Ryan into the Fnday night PPC full of movies. N64. and moms. Dewar-1 2 years. 3 schools, a great 

friendship, and a lot of fun. Sean; my partner in crime, showed me the other side of life, what memories! Sollis; 

new-found love. He saw a witch once. Tweak it. Jawl-Bros; before Hoes, you never listened. Pyke; my 

dedicated workout budy, you tried Mike. Kipp-Clubbers for Life. Woody, Nick, Couvie, Colson, Robby; Keep 

it real. Kristen, high-school sweetheart, what a horrible boyfriend I was. Sorry! UWC. the boat journey. Mt. 

Washington trip, summer of Shawnigan. dewar the sun is shining over the rainbow, chapeaus parties, bean-bag chair, the 78. 

RYRADAC. dowhy-fest. Oak-Bay tea party. I missed a lot because of hockey (RED HOT SALSA) but would not trade my hockey 

memories (Provincial champs. 2nd in Western Canada). I missed rugby and I missed basketball (wow was I good). But a man 

once said. ■'Freedom is being able to live with the consequences of your decisions." Thank you Mom. Dad, family for pushing 

me to be the best I can be. PS. I apologize to the people that hate me. See you in the next life. 

Karlie O'Connor 


SMUS has been more than just something to look back on; Ive lived a lifetime here. Well, at least thirteen 
years anyway. Each one of those years seemed to go by slowly. I never expected to be thrust into my grad ■ 
year, with plans for the future, and a whole new beginning to life. And only now (with a few short months 
left), have I realized that the years I thought would last forever have slipped by without my even noticing. 
I've had so much fun with friends that nothing I wnte could do justice to the times we've spent. Some of 
the best fhends I'll ever have I've met here, some right from the young days of kindergarten, and many more 

along the way. To my girls; I love you all. and never forget how fun. and amazing each of you are. in your own way. To all 

the guys; It's definitely been fun! To those I have left behind; Hang in there; you'll be finished before you know it' To my family; 

I want to thank you for everything, you've been great. I love you all! And to the siblings; You may have a long way to go yet. 

but treasure every moment, have fun. and be good! And finally to everyone I've already mentioned, and to those I haven't; 

I've learnt from you all, and with the knowledge I have acquired. I'm finally ready to cross the finish line. Good luck to the 

graduating class of 2002. I wish each of you the very best! IT'S BEEN FUN! 

"You've got to stand for something or you will fall for anything. " ~ Unknow, 

Andrew Orr 


If 1 were to acknowledge anyone for my triumpli and failure, it would be my parents. My 46 cfiromosomes 

were pretty much essential in my life, as well as my education. Yes indeed, eacti of their 23 segments of 

genetic information have come in handy, and I am grateful Mommy and Daddy. As far as faculty goes. Alan 

will always be remembered. He introduced me to the pain and pleasure of two wheels. Judy T: I must thank 

for getting me to run as hard as I could, even if she never remembered to bring Oreos. Leggat was 

instrumental for teaching me to properly fly fish, instead of just waiving a stick above my head. McLeod 

was a great...! cant quite place what it was but he was really great at it and I owe him more than I know. To anyone I have 

made friends with. I wish you all the success, because I'm sure not going to have it. Keep in touch so I can borrow money 

some day. The future is hazy and I think I lost the manual. Ah well, dam's de brakes. 

Anna Park 


Finally the school is over! Thank you mom and dad for supporting me till now. I also appreciate my fellows 
whod always been there for me. My lovely sis. I won't forget about what we were always fighting for in the 
residence. Deri. I won't forget your hairstyle which was much like woo hyuk's, Yeon Joo, wherever you go, 
whatever you do, I hope you wouldn't change your mind too often. Yoo hang. I'll miss your cooking so much! 
Hyun Joo. don't give too much flirt on every boys- Min Gee, I hope you will survive at SMU. Min Jung, don't 

put yourself too tight (you are too skinny!). Yuko, it was nice to be your roommate this year. (I wish I could 

go to Japan dunng this summer.) Hyo Jung. I hope you'll get tanned a little (your skin is too pale!). And thanks a lot to my 
all class teachers. Lastly, to someone I truly love, thank you for being there' when I needed although you might have been 
suffered at the same time. I wish you the best and hope you'll achieve everything you wanted. 

Mallorv Paul 


So I've finally made it! The years have been fun and now its time to say goodbye. First of all I would like to 
say thanks to my Mdgirls and LPgirls sd.lg thanks lor sticking by me! Marnstar. thanks for the 
talks! Kd snd Sd sleepovers were fun! To those who judge-don't its not your life. Flor/pookie. I'll never forget 
goat and your Argentina music, enjoy North Dakota. Knsten enough minimen. Pclub-no more pincher 
■ goodluck in USA! AN- you will always be hooter and don't forget peaceouts enjoy next year. Avalon- no more 
curbs and beamers. car rally and MD bathroom! Thanks for your support and never forget get two ladies! | 
Mt. Washington was great! Sinonta and Yankie eating all night long! Our trek home in the snow! Don't forget 
Jem and the Holograms! Bonairs forever. SMU boys-good luck in the future, keep in touch! Mike-thank you for everything. I II 
love you always. I couldn't have made it without you! Thank you also to my family your support! Mom- sending me here was 
the right decision I truly appreciate it! Dad-thanks for all the advice. Charlotte-you are the best. I learnt a lot! Poppy and 
Granddad-I miss you both and hope you are proud of me. Thanks so much for everything! Highschool times have been fun, 
I will never forget them! ^^^^^^S 

Grace Pellew-Harve^ 

Danke shon darlings, Danke schon 


Anne-Marie Pohoreck' 


You'd think after 5 years of school here Id have more to say. I'll probably think of something profound to 
write long after this has been published but I suppose these things happen. I could always give my shout 
outs to AB and CD in the EFG but then I'd end up looking at this years and years from now and wondering 
who AB and CD are and if they still make EFGs anymore. In short, my time here has been well spent and 
I have lots of people to thank for that. You know who you are. To those I have loved, you know I love you. 
To those I didn t know, well-l loved some of you, too. To those I never got along with- don't worry: somebody 
else probably loved you for me. 

This IS the Great Theatre of Life. Admission is free but the taxation is mortal. You come when you can and leave when 
you must. The show is continuous. Good-night.' - Robertson Davles 

Michael Pyke 


931 1 30 has enjoyed his time at SMUS and would lil<e to start off by thanl<ing his mother for her outstanding 
patience and his grandmother for mal<ing it all possible. When contemplating what to say in this seemingly 
unimportant bulletin of 1 8 years of life, it is hard to pick out specific moments which I can sincerely say that 
I will remember for the rest of my lite. However, a few things stand out in my life at SMUS. In chronological 
order: Playing soccer in grade 4, Breaking Brad's arm. Presents from Glen. Highlight reel soccer with 
Woody, Snowboarding with Karlie. Colts Rugby. Rugby Tour and the following second bout of 

pneumonia. Joining the bodybuilding community with an equally as skinny Patnck in grade 1 1 . Discovering that -Life is all 

part of a master plan that we don't understand. "-BK 

Grace Quinn 


It seems strange to be saying my goodbyes, when 1 feel as it I've only just arnved! I stepped of the plane 

to glorious sunshine, thus was lulled into a false sense of security as I topped up my tan into September. 

Somewhere along the line, the heavens opened and someone forgot to close the door. Several rain-filled 

months later (and no, it does not rain THIS much where I am from!), I've finally grasped the 'lingo" of a 

land where "pants" are trousers and "fries" are chips, and seem to have survived the culture shock! My 

biggest thank you's must go to my roomie Candace, for putting up with me; Kathryn, for always being there; 

and Rebecca, for all the car rides (lock the door!) and weekend adventures. There are so many people I have to thank for 

making this year the success it has been, and there isn't enough room for you all. But to those people, you know who you 

are. I will never forget you. There is always floor space in my crummy student flat in Edinburgh! Till we meet again... "The 

word 'Now' is like a bomb through the window, and it ticks." Arthur Miller. 

Louise Rem 


A lot of people are really glad that school is over and they can move on to bigger and better things. I feel 
exactly the opposite. I really didn't want school to end— but the old cliche is true: ■All good things must 
come to an end." Before I finish, however, I would like to say, here's to the Grad class of 2002! Thanks 
Khstie (Here's to dancing around the room in kindergarten). Thanks Elise (we're going to conquer that 
French). To all the lifers: I'm really going to miss you guys. Thanks Kate and Jen for always sticking by 
me. To my family: thanks for such a wonderful education. And last but not least, thanks to all my teachers 
who made this the best time I could ever irhagine.^^ ._ 

Ashlin Richardson 


"To my array of friends and acquaintances: it's good to see you again at SMU, after returning from ESQ (long 

live the music). Cronies established during the middle school era include: Conal (remember blackjack?) , Jav 

(what kind of connect 4 will we invent next), and Kasim (Razmatazz, when are the dolls coming out of the 

closet)! Senior school is a blast. Anna, I enjoyed your comments on 'bitch sport'. Alex, sometime tell me 

some advanced rowing tips and thcks (haha). PJ man, you must admit the K car is a pretty phat place to be. 

KOzone, we should chill more. Vicky, your teths skill is mind numbing. Sorry if I have omitted anyone. Yes. 

I have some splendid teachers this year. Mr. Gardiner, thanks for your part in the cultivation of our brains. Mr. Leggatt. your 

frequent tinkering with colourful potions suggests that you are none other than a wizard! Thanks most of all to my family, you 

are very important to me. To the grads, I am glad to have known you, and wish each the best of luck. Witness grad diffusion 

across this continental cytosol! And above all, welcome to the real world!" - Ash (AKA smASH) "People demand freedom of 

speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid." - Soren Kierkegaard 

Amanda Ronning-Sammet 


Well it has been three years and I have had a blast at SMUS. Out of all the schools I have gone to. SMUS 
is by far my favourite; But I don't think I could have made it without the support from family, teachers and • 
fhends. My love and thanks go out to Elsie and Mahsol, my geology study buddies, for all the times you 
guys stood by me. Khstie: I will never forget searching for your tennis balls in Windsor Park, a true 
adventure if you ask me. Devon: I'm so glad we got to know each other better. Thanks for being my 
geography partner in grade 11.1 hope I returned all your pens. To Rebecca, Megan, Anne-Mane and 

^ ju forthe wonderful memohes. And Ashley, you have made my years atSMUS complete. Your ongoing love, 

support and sense of humour will stay with me forever and may our fhendship continue for many years to come. To my family. 

you are the reason I am the person I am today. I love you guys very much. And finally to the Grad class of 2002. this is only 

the beginning. Live it all! ■ 

"Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else." ~ Judy Garland 

Conal Shepherd 


So many years, such little space. Since starting SMUS way back in Grade 4, 1 ve made a lot of good triends, 

and had some excellent times (Arr. me mateys). Naturally, there have been bad times too, but I prefer not 

to remember those. I want to thank all my friends, and hope we stay that way. Hugh: Try not to be TOO 

Aryan, says I: Mike: I don't think III EVER like D.T, but you never know; Kasim: Just missed me - again!; 

PJ: III drag my Mini vs. your KCar one day: Ashlin: 1'!! come around to jazz eventually: Meara: I am NOT 

RUSSELL (or am I?): Nicola: Waiiuwe!: Javier: good times (too many to list!); Rebecca: Weka! Dwa! 

tThanks for listening: Bogutz: would you like the oil checked today, too?; Grace: You're NOT annoying: 

Alex: Hey look! No pessimism, Saltspring jokes, or my being misanthropic! Thanks for always being there. To my parents: 

Thank you for everything, although I may not have ever expressed it enough. To anyone I forgot: my apologies - you know 

it wasn't intentional. "I was trying to feel some kind of a good-bye ... I don't care if it's a sad good-bye or a bad good-bye, 

but when I leave a place I like to know I'm leaving it. If you don't, you feel even worse." -Holden Caulfield, Catcher In The 

Rye Well, that's it. Good luck all. and keep in touch. 

Daniela Smolov 


Ryan Sollis 

The end of the beginning has arrived. Five years ago. when I first arrived in grade eight at the Middle School, 
I thought that graduation was a long way away. But time is a tricky thing: the present drags on. the future 
beckons, and the past whizzes by. My years at St. Michaels have taught me a lot about academics and about 
other people; but more importantly, SMUS helped me discover more about myself. An enormous part of this 
personal development and discovery I owe to my teachers: Mr. Young, Mr. Richards. Mr. Keble, Ms. Roth, 

Mr. Gauthier, Dr. Matthews. To all of you, thank you. To those who made it possible for me to come to St. 

Michaels in the first place - Mr. Wilson, the Hudsons. Mr. Snowden - thank you. To my parents for always being there - thank 
you. From the support, encouragement and inspiration of these people and many others, I have now arrived at a place of many 
diverging paths. Perhaps they all ultimately lead to the same place - 1 don't know. But what I do know is that with one hand holding 
a St. Michaels diploma and the other hand outstretched, anything is possible. One of my favourite authors. Oscar Wilde, once 
said, "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. " I want to not only look at. but also reach for the stars. 


Ryan came to SMUS in the year 2001 as a mid-sized, skinny kid from Philly. He walked and talked 
differently from everyone else, but there was something he had which others did not: the chill factor. What 
is the chill factor? It's something that Sollis brought to SMUS life, and something that has brushed off on 
his friends in a good way. Ryan wants to thank his mom and dad. To the SMUS guys: Keep muckin' it in 
the corners and keep it real. Ryan spent lots of time in the gym, but unfortunately it didn't pay off as he 
left SMUS as a mid-sized, skinny kid from Philly. 

Tristan Spearing 


Wow. After 13 years of SMU, I'm not sure what to say, except that I guess I get one of those beer mugs. 
I've learned a lot. though I'm not sure that I can remember any of it. Junior school was fun, as was middle 
school, but the highlight was definitely senior school: parties, skiing, snowboarding and rock climbing. It 
was great. To those who helped me, my friends and family, thanks for everything. 

John Speed 


Upon entering the school in grade 9, 1 was oblivious to what was going on around me. I had no idea that 

people were cutting corners by skipping the occasional class or, as a boarding student, sneaking out at 

night. It was a sure fire way for me to lose my focus and to end up with the rest of the crowd. Despite it 

all. I overcame the challenge by working hard and by being naive. Following that year, things started to 

pick up and I found a new found respect for the school, as well as the students, upon the discovery of some 

profound people who have taught me more than what I've learned in the classroom. There was the 

eccentric Brian Wu who was my friend and mentor, my soft-spoken friend Daisuke Yukawa and my brother Paul who kept 

me well grounded. Last but not least there's my parents who deserve more than their share of credit and appreciation for 

lifting me up when I was down. I love them and thank them for offering me a fuller life. In a category of her own, I'm going 

to mention someone who has been more than a friend. Talia Weston is unlike many who I have met and deserves a thousand 

kisses for her impact on my life. In embarking into university, I can look back on my times at SMUS and say that they were 

some of the best times of my life. I may forget the things I learned from my teachers but I'll never forget the people who have 

paved my path to life long success and happiness. 

a. J, 



Robert Stevulak 


am an indescribable mass of wonderful exhilarating 
rriateriairthat myself and my peers can bet will be amazingly helpful in our future years. Like Im talking 
amazing stuff we learned here, totally awesome, out of this world material. Unfortunately, however. I didnt 
study, practice, nor remember a thing but I will be sure to look back on my notes in times of trouble. I entered 
the SMU scene in 1996, grade 7. Throughout those years. I have had and shared some amazing times. 
The GNS crew - no one will be forgotten, all my friends I have accumulated at SMU, you are awesome. 
I somewhere (exception Ryan Sollis), All the best to you! Out tnps, Olyalls, Sean's glass door. Shawnigan 
in the summer (boo yeah!). The G-Ride Rice Rocket, Speeding, Weekends. Breaks, and all the good times I ve forgotten 

can qo right here ' Lastly. I would like to mention The fam and how intense we have been all the way up, absolutely 

unstoppable, what, A final congratulation to my grad class (exception Sollis pg. 28 -Expulsion list') and a tremendous thanks 
to my good-hearted teachers and parents I could not have done it without you. Cheers, Grad 20021= 

1999-2002 ^ 

First of all I would like to thank my parents who gave me the opportunity to study at school and also my 
brother who helped to teach me. Dad, Mom, and all my brothers and sisters, thanks for your support. I also 
want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Ison, Mr. Franklin and Mr, Anderson, who taught me how to 
become a responsible person. And to all my fnends in boarding, I will never forget you guys, Thomas: Don't 
always talk on the phone, Stephen Yang: Dude, don't sleep in class, Akinori: One day, I will defeat you in 
chess, Jeff Kao: Take care of yourself. Wilson: Always be number one in badminton and OS. To the 
Barnacle Boys: Work hard. 

Ann Tan 


Time flies: I cannot imagine i nave oeen in aiviUS for four years. 1 have had a good time here with all my 
fnends and these are my most valuable memories. I would like to thank my parents and my brothers for 
their supports. Lavin. you are the best roommate ever. Thanks for always being by my side to help me out. 
Alice grandma thanks for giving me advice. Kelvin, you just are like my dad who always provides me food 
and snacks. Angel, you should try to stop playing with your food. Martin, your tissue paper high voice is 
always fresh in my mind. Wilson, stop sweanng. Clarence, "ah xim". practice your screaming more. Good 
iter, Jeff, Michael, Jennie and all the scorekeepers. Have good futures for all grad 2002. 

Andrea Thompson 


■■We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing. - anon. 

To all my teachers and coaches, thank you for giving me so much of your time and pushing me so hard. 

To all my teammates, you made those late nights and tough practices worth it. Mom and Dad, your support 

has been unfailing, and Jen, without you I would not be the person I am today, Pete, no one could make 

me smile as much as you could. Come find me on that tropical island some day. To all my fnends, it s 

impossible to put the memories into words, I'll miss you next year. You're all crazy, but that's why 1 love you, i hank you to 

everything. To the graduating class, you are incredibly talented people and I cant wait to hear about all of your adventures 

Enjoy the freedom and keep in touch. g 

•■Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It's what sunflowers do." - Helen Keller 

Jennie Tsai 


I'm very reluctant to, say that my three years at SMU have come to an end at last, misi^oi an. i u iik^^ lu 
thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to come to this boarding school, 
opportunity, I have met a few true friends, friends who were always there to help 
times. To my brothers, thank you for your endless support, Jim: High school is fin. 
everything and good luck in the future. Big D: You're "p.h.a.t." Thanks for always be 

Take care of yourself Peter: You know I'm always joking with you, right? I'm gonna miss doodling in your 

notebook Hu- Good luck in finding hot chix in Japan. Justin: Taiwanese bball team is aH yours. Jeff: Two words for you^-'ZHU 
TOU" Aki- Thanks for all the homework help. Susanna: We have no luck with fish, but you're a great roomie! Grace: Wanna 
qo visit our "neighbors"? Danny: You're a great artist, Nick: I do have to admit you look a bit like Brad Pitt Wins ow house 
parents- Thank you for making my life easier in boarding, I'll miss you all. Barnacle house parents: Thank you for always 
making me laugh. To all the Winslow girls: You are the best and will always be! Work hard! To ttje res t of my friends and 
Barnacle boys: Good luck in the future. 

'Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts." -Churchill 

Peter Tsai 


Thanks to BH food and staff. I managed to loose some weigfnt. Tanbe Association: it's sad that we always 

ran out of tanbe. Mimi: don't fall down on the street again. Sandy: think less and be happy. Claire: I won't 

forget all the sweet memory with you. Cookie, you are the man. Take good care of little Johnny, To "Yin " 

group: -Only" Jeff managed to finish our task and motto. Michael: let's finish our missions. To K.M.K.: don't 

think there is another chance to be your roommate. Jim: remember our long ■'journey " to Vancouver every 

week? To my fake sister (same last name): xiao hei. you are small and black. Stephen: I will go Beijing 

someday. To Aki: thanks for waking me up everyday, sorry about swearing. To Hark: take care and study hard. M.L.; don't 

spend too much money on girls. Andy and Leo: thank you for your support, and encouragement, best friend forever. Justin: 

let's have same kind of spnng break again. H.F.: Comosun trip is over. Last but not the least, thanks to my family, mom, and 

dad: you gave me the greatest help and support. Anyways, to all grads. I love you all!! 



This is my first and hopefully (I don't really want to repeat Gr.12) my last year studying at SMUS. In these 
few months, I've already gained so much experience that I feel my self grow old all of a sudden. Although 
not all things that I've gone through are good, it's not bad at all. Last but not least, thanks to all who became 
my friends and cared about me. I would really like to spend more time with you people, maybe outside 
school? A movie would be nice. 

Sean Tucknott 


Well. Its been a long 13 years here at SMUS. Fnends. family and the odd teacher have made life here 
bearable, sometimes fun. Regrettably, I haven't been able to do everything I set out to accomplish: 
however, I've made many fond memories throughout my school days. Junior school: i can't remember 
much of those days. Middle school was great: DMB starting us off on our rugby careers. Senior school 
was, well, you all know how senior school is. Rugby was exciting as always, with 7's. KoZone Adventure 
Tours, and XV's. 



I want to thank the school for keeping an eye on me since kindergarten. To the lifers, oh, the days of running 
around in kindergarten trying to kiss each other. Elise. to the best spring break ever! Always remember 
•Who gives a S@&S#! " Mar, shock me, shock me. shock me, with that deviant behaviour. Thanks for always 
being there for me, and always go sing in the rain. Aleksa, did he just cut me off? Mitsy. Amy and Aleksa, 
Oh I can't believe I just did that! " Mandie and Devon, keep a lookout for the eyeball of terror. Ashley. I can't 

believe you missed our surprise party! By the way thanks Mandie for all the parties, Louise, to the rolling 

of pumpkins down the hall. Sofball rocks Rebecca, keep playing. Elise and Stu, yay for Nickelback! Stu. to the good times 
driving (you are so jinxed). To my bunch of gals, we've had our rough times but thanks for being there. Granny thanks for 
the awesome education and support. Mom and Dad, you have supported me !00°o of the way. I will always be grateful and 
always love you! To the grad class of 2002. ..Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance 
like nobody's watching. Sing like nobody's listening. Live like there's heaven on earth. 

Kristen Vernon 1995-2002 

It must've been good, if I can look back and realize its been worth it. My time at SMU has been enjoyable 

thanks to a few certain people. Flori. for the last 7 years you've been my best friend and partner in crime. 

I will never forget the memorable times in Argentina (feme & iguana, the twins. Alta Gracia at the Bossi's, 

and La Fontana) , and our snowboarding supremacy. Thank you for always being there for me, and making 

these years more exciting and unpredictable. Avalon: thank you for your invaluable friendship, support. 

and all the good times. You are a kind and talented person and you truly deserve your success in the future. 

To Mallory the founder of the P-Club. AN the Afghani pnncess. and VIP-girl Fran: you guys have been great friends, and I 

will never forget you. Ryan, you've always been a very important person in my life, I will never forget our times together. 

Johnny: stay strong, embrace your Amencan blood, and watch out for the girls. I have faith you'll follow the footsteps of Uncle 

Mike into the NHL. Mom and Dad. thank you for your constant love, support, and confidence. I love you guys. To all the rest 

who have affected me in some way during my years at SMU. adversity has only made me stronger, so thanks for the hurdles. 

Yoo-Hvun Won 


Michael Wood 

First and foremost, much love and thanks to mom and dad for blessing and chenshing me until this date 
No words can express my gratitude. To my one and only sister Sung Hyun who still haven't found the 
perfect one: I love you so much for always trusting and believing in me. To sweetest little piggy Julia Lee, 
I wish you good lucl< with your boyfnend. I l<now you are going to marry him. To Anna Park who 
"H.O.T", I know you are going to meet them someday. Just keep on dreaming. To Thelesa Chung who 

hopes to marry a rich guy who's sister owns a beauty shop so she can get her hair done everyday. I know 

you can make that dream come true. You just have to become super slender and loose at least 20 pounds from now on. To 
Yeon Joo Bae, I will miss our trips and missions to Ebizo (chop chop scallop cone and hot port noodle). To all the people 
I know in SMUS (including all the Koreans), you guys will remain most dear in my heart, I wish you guys the best. Lastly, 
thanks to all the teachers in SMUS. ^ 


I came to SMU in Grade 9 as a social outcast, a pasty sullehfriendless glasses-and-braces-weanng geek. 

Now, four years later, I no longer have glasses or braces,,, I've got so many people to thank that I'd 

personally strangle the character limit if it had anything resembling a neck. Hugh, thanks for Ph34r1 ng my 

I33t h4x0r ski Hz and passing the Goat-torch to the next generation. Conal: always remember, if the 

Scatman can do it, so can you. Rebecca, words cannot express how muchsdfhs°o'^@/DWA! Grace, thank 

you for not kicking me in the groin repeatedly, even when I was being somewhat less than "devilish". Kasim, 

just remember - we always do something fun. Pick two while you're thinking about that, Nicola, please don't shoot guys in 

the head when they ask you what time it is. And, of course, thanks condolences to everyone else who's been in a room with 

me on a regular basis and avoided going insane. It's been alternately fun and not fun, just like life, hmm? I know you're 

supposed to end these things with a quote, so I'll use the only one that seems suitable... 

"I could've stayed in the past. Could've even been king. But in my own way, I am king. Hail to the king, baby," 

Matthew Woodland 1996-2002 

After receiving the call up from the GNS farm leaguesto the big show at SMU. Matt made a formidable 

impression. His career spanned the same years as Big Country Reeves', although the latter enjoyed less 

success. His illustrious career was highlighted by victories over Lakehill and Spicer's team, a tour to the 

UK where he put his medicinal instincts to use to fix a remedy for Paps in suburban Glasgow and days 

spent pondering the existence of the quintessential rabbert. Memories of peering out of a seedy stnp club 

door to see Dunga and his version of Glasgow Jenny and the honey pot. Chucking the pigskin with Sally 

' (So I was talking to Stephanie,,, you won't believe what happened). Learning the finer points of rucking 

upon admitting to my sins at Maddenfest, A blery good Kaffir calling me boss ja? Sagasse, Expenencing the Cold War in 

Costa Rica and the unforgettable adventures of scalp man. Matt showed his philosophical side as he contemplated how 

many could fit in a car or on a cross (Good luck in Dagobah). Hambone good luck at Reefer U. Flori, Skipp, and Dutchie good 

luck and stay chill, Bekki. you've made it all memorable, more than all the stars. Mom, Dad, Nana, and Georgie - thanks 

for the opportunity to go here it was the greatest of pleasures. "A witty quote proves nothing," ^ 

"A conclusion is simply the place where someone got tired of thinking. " -Block 

Joanna Wynn 


I came to SMU a short (true) four year old with terrible hair, and I am proud to leave with a future in sight, 

a million memories, decent hair, and the best friends anyone could dream of. Thirteen years of tears, 

melodramatic middle school (Flor and Kristen), boys, time with friends, and so much laughter it hurts. And 

gosh we had fun. The girls: you are my sanctuary, my shrinks, my saviors, and my replacement sisters. 

Liz. you've always been there for me, and I will always be just a call away. Never forget our trips: Costa 

Rica. Montreal, the Lake, and the laughs (millions of them)! Grade my US girl. Minions, dinner nights with 

Sheila, -why are you STILL eating?" movie nights, and more, Aussie 03 is on. I'll miss you. Franny: you'll always be a mess. 

TT was created on Halloween. You and Grace: Vancouver trips, modeling photos and all over trouble. Andrea: your 

excitement and positivity will take you places that no one could ever dream of. Gall me when you've written your book (chem 

1 1 ). Karls Mt.Washington is our haven. Stakeout at Liz's. The Bball girls:Steve will always be our princess. Bear you prove 

that there are some amazing males on this earth. Mom and Dad, thank you for believing in me. Kath: my hero and my best 

friend. I love you. To everyone who has touched my life at all, Thanks. 



Sam Yoon 

Two years in SMUS. I've had enough! But my experiences here has been rewarding. My first and foremost 
thanks goes to Mom and Dad. Without your everlasting love, support, and guidance, I would not be here 
now. It's been rough this last year, but I ain't a kid no more,Where my dogs at?Outlawz(Jim&Sam)-You 
know we tight for life ?Jennie(Lil'Butch)-Your so cute!Not!Lotz of smiles, fries, bubble tea & photo 
cards.Jeff-Thanks for putting up with all my e-mails & keeping me well-fed. Baek-Scratch it yo!Peter-Keep 
failing Calc!Mike-How's your bum?Aki-Good times, I'll see you in china?Hansi-Whitey!Ken-Where's your 
van parked?John-U got any- protein Ronnie?Agung-Smasha!Thanks for the late night food parties & 
waking me up in Math/Calc.Alice-You never say HilAnd' I swear you look like my mom. James-Hey, at least you won't have 
to clean the room again. Annie-Beijing Pride?!Barnacle House-Proud to be a Bulldog. 
Wilson. Aivin.Thomas, Justin, Derek, Peng, Hafeez,Sun-hyung-CS? Oh yeaahhIBarnacleTerroristWinslTo all the people I am 
honored to meet, forever the memories will be in my heart.Skye-My strength, my will, my love. So when are we getting 
married? Enough rambling. Only God can judge me now. Peace. Big D signing out. *Gone Skye Diving* 


I would like to thank God for everything. Its been 12 years of hard work and without my parents and their 
constant support I would not have made it. Thank you so much, SARANGHAEYO! To the Barnacle House 
parents and boys, thanks for canng and sharing. Boarding has truly been a great experience. To all my 
.friends, you know who you are. I will never forget you all. Thanks for being there for me in the good and 
bad times. Natsu, you are the best. I will always remember your love, the care and help you gave me. 
Thanks for always being there for me. Korean Grads: YA.YL.JL.RK.JB. Good luck to you guys. Jinwoo. 1 
don't forget all the fun we had together, late night movies, workouts, b-ball, everything. I wish you the best. Sunhyung, two 
more years of school. Study hard and keep in touch. School has been challenging, but great. It has taught me so many things; 
I will never forget all the experiences. I'm ready for new challenges in the real world. Good luck grads of 2002. 

"A ship in a harbor is 

safe — but that is not 

what ships were built 

for." Go for it, you have 

nothing to lose. In times 

of indecision remember 

Yoda and his timeless 

wisdom — "Do or do not, 

there is no try." 

7 never think of the 

future - it comes 

soon enough" 

- Aibert Einstein 

Good Lucic Grad 2002 

Wind. Rain. More rain. Blisters. Any sport 
that involves so much discomfort is very 
special. A record number of almost 60 row- 
ers participated this year, and achieved ex- 
cellent results during a competitive season. 
Due to the extremely large team, some ath- 
letes practiced on the water Tuesday, Thurs- 
day and Saturday, while others attended on 
just Saturday. Regardless, all crews pulled 

-y and sent on six crews to the Island Champi- 
onships. Special recognition goes to the Se- 
nior Girls 2x, which placed 2nd at the Islands; 
the Senior Novice Girls 8+ also placed 2nd, the Senior Novice Boys 8+ placed 
third; and the Junior Novice Boys 4x placed 3rd. All of the athletes involved this 
season improved tremendously, due to their commitmentand their great coaches. 
Thanks to Mrs. Walinga, Jeff Len and Tracy for their tremendous effort and 
dedication (sorry about all those crashes.'). This is the first year that SMUS will 
be sending a team on to the Nationals in June, in St. Catherine 's, Ontario. To all 
the rowers congratulations on a great season and pull hard! 

This page sponsored by Karen Lynch & Whitney Dorin 


Jr. Girls 

B.R: Ms.T.Laidlaw, A.Farhangi, S.Brown, J.Moll, 
C.Hauser.A.Bowering-Elcock, B.Bentzon, J. Couvelier, 
M.Sharpe, T.Ibe, R.Purdue. F.R: J.Chan, J .Lal.E.Shortt, 
M.Lewis, M.Stevulak, S.Davis. L.Saunders. S.Macdonald. 



Our team began the season with many return-^ 
ing plaxers. Our overall standing in league play was 5- 
/-/ towards the end of the season. .At the City tq 

0) in a hard fought game. We placed fourth at the I 
tournament, which was held in PortAlberni on tk 
weekend in November. Many of our key players mi 
to the senior team next year. These include Jenny 
Couvelier and Brianne Bentzon who have been playing 
on the team since grade 8; our defensive line of Jessica 
Moll. Lcnira Saunders and Meredith Lewis; our speedy 
right- winger Sarah Macdonald and our ever-patient lef 
post Clare Hauser. Good-luck ne.xt year girls! 



Sr. Gil-Is 


next rear. 

The Senior Field Hockey Team spent the majority of the season 

celebrating the "Year of the Pony". With a theme in place, the 

k. team comoeted aeainst other AA schools during leaaue 

In aaaition to 

many tournaments including: Friendship Cup. 

Bridgman Cup, ISA, Islands, andBC's. The Islands this 

year were held in Victoria, and the team finished in 2'"' 

, place, after knocking offGNS and SMS. The team then 

/traveled to Burnaby, and competed in the Provincial AA 
Championships. After a gritty and inspiring performance, 
the team finished a respectable 5''' place in the province. 
Key performers for the team this year included co-captains 
Liz Munroe and Andrea Thompson, Florencia Bonet, and 
Karlie O'Connor. I look forward to another excellent season 



^ mi 



B.R: A.Lohb, K. O'Connor, D.Skelton, A.McVie, 
K.Vernon M.R: L.Saunders, C.Craven, 
M.Margolus, M.Ronning, C.Leonard, Mr. J.Hunt 
F.R: S.Shergold, C.Tweedie, A.Thompson, ^Hi 
A.Hession. L.Munroe, A.Heaslip, G.Quinn ^K^ 

the roof...' 

B.R: B.Davis (coach). C.Galli. 

arpeir A .Diiriaiwva. 
R.Pierce, M.He, J.Parker F.R.: 
M.Mrdjenovich, S.Moseley, B.Macdonald, 
J.Flaten, Y.Hagi, M.Brulot 

The Senior Girls' team had the most successful season in SMUS history. The first 

indication of the team's talent came with a strong second place finish at the ISA 

K tournament where the girls were undefeated until the finals. At the Saltspring 

\ tournament, the teamfmishedfirst in a very strong pool. Once again, the girls went 

■ \ down in the finals, losing another veiy close third game to Highlands. At the city 

41 tournament, however, the team came out on top over rival Lambrick Park. 

^ j finishing first in AA. Going into the Islands ranked third, hopes we^" hi oh fnr n 

' Provincial berth. A hard-earned third place finish at the Islands i 

secure a place at the Provincials, though it did give the girls a chance to make it via 

'^ a Wildcard. Anna Burianova was named an All-Star at the Island Tournament. A 

■ second place finish at the Wildcard tournament meant that the SMUS volleyball team 

' would get a chance to compete against the top teams in the Province, arguably for the first 

^ ^ time. So, the hotel in Mission became somewhat of a second home for two weekends in a row, 

as both the Wildcard and the'Provincials took place in "downtown " Mission. During a stressful! exam week, the girls played volleyball during 
the day and wrote exams in the hotel at night. Making it to the Provincials, however, made this slight inconvenience worthwhile and the memories 
of this season will last longer than the pain caused by the exams. Thank you very much for a great season girls! -Anna 


...our team is 

f^*^ RED I » 

I: -hot' 

"Our team is red hot..." both on the court and ^J>^^yerall. the Jr. Girls 
Volleyball team had a very successful season. After steadil^lllfff^vfff^i^siiWs / 
over the course of league play, and a fifth place finish in our league pool, SMUS / 
narrowly missed City Championships in a challenge match against Claremont. I * 

Although we didn 't make City Finals, we had some outstanding league and I 
tournament play, particularly at the ISAs, and in a sweet victory against top- \ 
seated Arbutus. Much of the team 's success was due to Ms. MacDonald and Ms. \ 
Hoffer, whose hysterical laughter and wonderful coaching were inspiring and 
uplifting. Tremendous improvements were made by each individual, and by the team 
as a whole. 

Olga 's unfailing cheers came.through even at the worst of times. Ellise played several 
positions and learned to set half way through the season, which, particularly for a new 
player, was impressive. Rachel was extremely dedicated 

' the start, and could. " ' ^ ' "-.^-" 

it her strong j^mmftKm^mK/KKKtKKttgreat 
libera in years to come! Sarah "Firecracker" Sapsford . _ 

provided a great deal of entertainment for the whole team, 
and developed her skills as a setter. Andrea "Spank-it" ^ • 

Bosenberg was our formidable front court presence and 
made All-Star at ISA's. Sarah Strocel, one of only three ^ 

returning player,s ^||g||||m||||||||||H||||||||g|||H|||^ grit 
"The Rock" Crow J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 


hip both on and off the court throughout the season. And 

jnally Joni, our single Grade Nine, made incredible im- 

"provements and will be a great team leader next year! To the 

coaches and players: remember the laughs from this season 

and good luck next year! 

Jr. Girls 

• •• 


B.R: Rebecca Hoffer (coach), C.Battershill, E.McCarten, 
J.Lind, A.Bosenberg, S.Sapsford, Susan MacDonald (coach) 
F.R: R.Goulding, B.Crow, O.Bezroukova, S. Strocel, 
M.Poon, A.Bellward, R.Park 



After the season opening ISA exhibition tournament, the team [ 
finished 2-2-2, which proved to be an uncanny prophecy of the season to 
come. The first fidl ISA game was tragically lost 24-12 to Brentwood. The 
team showed a general disinterest in tackling, which was further ham- 
pered by the season ending loss of P. Fernandez, the team 's best defender. 
Following a veiy lopsided home defeat to Shawnigan. the team quickly 
refocused its attention on St. George's, traditionally the toughest oppo- 
nent. Despite tremendous SMUS pressure in the waning minutes, several 
missed opportunities allowed the hosts decisively win. A 32-5 victory over 
Dover Bay, achieved with a balanced effort from both forwards and backs, 
certainly boosted team confidence. At Shawnigan, the team led for much 
of the match but couldn't pull together to win, which resulted in a 17-17 
tie. B. Paick demonstrated some excellent skills, while A. Cavin again 
played a strong game as well. On a muddy day. D. Kim had tremendous 
success in the hooker position. The best performance of the season was 

also the final ISA game at Brentwood. J. Kim was outstanding in open field play; his tremendous work rate in.%trumental m several of th 
-Many others also did their bit, especially in two e.xhibition victories against Esquinmit, and it was shame the season finished just as the _ _ 
f^- actually starting to win. Congratulations to those who joined the Grade 10 squad for the Island Tournam ent. Thanks to Mr. Shergoldand 
W^ommon for their expertise and enthusiasm. 

B.R: J.Wong, S.McLoughlin, A.Homer, G.Nicholson, 
R.Ma, B.Paick, J .Tapping M.R: Mr. C.Shergold, J.Kim, 
J.Reid, D.Kim, L.Lay,A. Weir, D.Rozwadowski, P.James, 
A.Volkovskis, C.Baumann, Mr. R. Common F.R: 
T.Blakeney, B.Martin, M.Charlton, A.Courtnall, 
J.Lightbourn, C.McCarthy, A.Cavin, P.Hernandez, 

A lack of playing numbers, jusl^^^ty-four, and a 
lack of real size and power, did not stop*lheGrade 1 
rugby team from achieving many of its goa!^ 
sixteen games. The team played in both ISA and Victc 

school matches, resulting in a record of 9 . 

wins and 7 losses. Finishing with a re- / 
spectable 6- 1 record and in 2nd place in ■ 
the city competition. The team qualified I 
for the Island tournament, and claimed a ^ 
well-deserved 4th place finish. The season 
should not be judged however by the record ^ 
of wins and losses, but by the personal K 
progress and team goals achieved along the 
way. Co-captains J. Mitchelmore from fly-half, and B. 
Cooper who played in a multitude of positions, led the 
team well and were most valuable on and off the field. 
Number eight G. Lea, prop S. Heffeman, flanker P. 
~ cCulloch (team leadiuAgii^^nidjiiri^MilMD der 
Westhuizen (goal-kicker ^^^^^^^^^^^^r with 
103) were the pick of theVRI^HHRlback J. 
Huddart and centres A. McLean and M. Zakus (7 tries) 
were the keys in a skilful backline. Thanks to Mr. 
Kuklinski and Mr. Anderson for their great coaching. 
Thanks also to parents and all who supported. 

^B 1 il I* 

>:. * 


B.R: S.Heffeman. R.Hache. A. van der Westhuizer. 
D.Crapo. M.Zakus, N.Pferdmenges. G.Lea, T.Taylor 
M.R: Mr.Kiiklinski, A.McLean, P.McCulloch, 
C.Noble, S. Paulson, M.Cooperrider, C.Ng. B.Cooper 
F.R: J.Huddart, M.Ho, S.Lee. M.Macneil, B.Cooper, 
J. Mitchelmore, C.McIntosh. T.Willms. H.Walji, 




'This page sponsored by Sun-hyung Lee 

BR: 1. Hyde-lay, J. MacKay, G. Lea, B. Cooper, M. 
Zakus, K.Penner, M. Bridgeman, FR: H. Mdntyre, I. 
Broome, J. Zapantas, J. Purata Castro, A. Cavin, J. 
Michelmore, B. Paik 

A freakish snap of cold 

change programe in 

like and endless 

for the start of what 
' three games had to be 

with three weeks to ' 
, offs. We had no time to 

looked like they knew 

told, won eight,lost three, 

final game against Stelly's a 
, Jose Purato in goal,Andrew Cavin ( 8 

weathena band tour, students leaving for an ex- 
New Zealand and Australia and what seemed 
spring break left us without our better players 
could have been areally good year. Our first 
posponed,and when we got started we were left 
play twelve games before going into the play 
practice and so selection was eleven players who 
how to play as a team. We played eleven games all 
scored 42 gols,with ten against, including a quarter 
real heart breaker. They were notable performancesfrom 
goals ) and Ian Broome who after returning from his trip to New 

joserurawingoui,nnurew\...uviii\u a / - - -- 

Zealand settled into the left side of midfield perfectly. Mark Zakus, six goals. Jeff Mite he I mo re 5 goals, Jory Mackay 8 goals, along 
with Garner Lea Nik Purcell and Mark Bridgeman. plaved some very matured stuff. Most of this squad should go on tojom the senior 
boys soccer squad in September . However, there is always the lure of golf rugby training for a club side outside of school, or maybe 
the never ending carrying of a basket ball thinking that it will some how get me into the NBA. Still, there will always be enough students, 
good or not so good.who are willing to answere the call for the school VIVAT tc. 


This year's cross-countiy team possessedagreat deal of 
thusiasm. The seasor^tKt/^included 

)/7f fi^^^^^^m^^ increasing the fitness "^^^^^ athletes 
and having afiill team participate in all league races. With lots of 
hard work and determination, all goals were met, with most 
runners advancing their running skills and fitness levels to pro- 
duce excellent overall lesults. Hard work and consistent training 
were the cornerstones to the success of many of the athletes, 
especially those new to the sport. Throughout the fall, numerous 
outstanding performances were produced and many personal records 
Highlights included a fifth place finish by the girls ' team and a fourth 
' ^ place finish by the boys ' team in the Island Series. Strong 
' ' "A individual peiformances by Andrew Orr, Keny Spearing and 
Justin Pommerville in the Island Championships led to three 
excellent performances in the highly contested B. C. Champi- 
onships. All participants are to commended, especially those ■ 

suaea m amazmgaeveiopmems avernw courseoftne season. 

The relative youth of this year's group bodes well for a 
.successfid season next year. Congratulations! 

Alf- ;:S^ 

FR: D. Singh. J Reid. R. Orr, A. Vincent. J. 
Pommen'ille. G.Licata, S. Ha, Mr. Marchand 






B.R: W.Lau, S. McLaughlin, 
J. Pommerville, J. Downs. J. Kao, L. Smythe, 
A. Cochrane M.R: D.Singh, K.Li, K.Sun, J.Hsu, A. Orr, A.Tang, 
A.Lai, Ms.Tobacco F.R: A.Vincent, T.Brunner, J.Boyd, 
K.Spearing, E.Holtham, L.Lin, C.Lo 
Missing: M.Cho, H.Li 







W' '^. 


V 4 


- .- -. ■-.- If, 

This year's cross-country team possessed a great deal of talent, potential 
and enthusiasm. The season's goals included personal improvement, increasing 
the fitness level of new athletes and having a full team participate in all league 
races. With lots of hard work and determination, all goals were met, with most 
runners advancing their running skills and fitness levels to produce excellent 
overall results. Hard work and consistent training were the cornerstones to the 
success of many of the athletes, especially those new to the sport. Throughout the 
fall, numerous outstanding performances were produced and many personal 
records set. Highlights included afifth place finish by the girls ' team andafourth 
place finish by the boys' team in the Island Series.. Strong individual perfor- 
mances by Andrew Orr, Kerry Spearing and Justin Pommerville in the Island 
Championships led to three excellent performances in the highly contested B.C. 
Championships. All participants are to commended, especially those whose 
determination, persistence and tremendous efforts resulted in amazing develop- 
ments over the course of the season. The relative youth of this year's group bodes 
well for a successful season next year. Congratulations! 



^ -.^ — ---JIH^ 

"Ae^J^'.-^.if.-. ^ ■ 

As school began in SeptemberTm^ anticipated by many that this would be a very successful 
season for the Senior Boys Soccer Team^^H^the exception of a few players, the team list 
looked very similar to that which won the Islaiw^^t^^r Championship two years earlier. ^^^^ 
The position of goalkeeper was one, which took timet^Si^with rookie, Andrew Bailey ^r 
assuming this role. He showed considerable improvemen^f^ ' ^ ' 

season, with both skill and positional play. The team also suffered the loss of three / 
key players early in the season due to injury, or in the case of Craig Covin, pending 
jaw surgery. Throughout the regular season, the team started slowly against | 
opponents and found themselves trying to fight back from early goal deficits. The 
team worked hard and was led by Aaron Bogutz, Sean Bell and David Spicer. The 
league was also quite strong this season and we finished in a disappointing eighth 
place, which allowed us to compete in the Colonist Shield playoffs. With all players 
back from injury, we defeated fifth place Claremont in an exciting 6-5 overtime game 
and then went on to victory in the Colonist Shield final against Stellys. This was a strong fmish 
to a disappointing season, that left many wondering what could have been, lest the injuries. 

B.R:P.Churcher, A.Kokubun, D.Redpath, O.Parrott, 
D.Burnett, P.Coulson, Mr. T.Cordle M.R: C.Calvin. 
P.Leggatt, C.Chapheau, D.Spicer, R.Willms, J.Callendar, 
J.Chien, Mr. S.Kerr, M.Gorman F.RiL.Gorman, N.Black, 
D.Jawl. A.Bailey, S.Bell, M.Lyall, B.Kuhn, A.Bogutz 


BR: A. Kolen, C. Phipps, A Chan gr* 

A. OrR, R. OrR. C. Ing, I. Cehizak, J 

Pommerville, H. Tseng, C. Ng, R. Hoffer j^^^^ 

MR: J. Tobacco (coach), Jaime Lai, V. Lai, M ^^ 

Mrdjenovich, A. Ho, K. Spearing, A Lobb, J. Blumberg j^^ 

J. Reid, J. Hsu ,||| 

FR: J.J.Avery, G. Tso, D. Sing, S. Ha, B ^^^^ 

Benson.G.Lacota M. Ho, E. Tan, F. Tse, K.Hii ,f 

l^ .Jl 

A » 


The 2002 Track 
and Field team 

featured a wide vari- 
ety of talents, from those that have never previously competed on 
a school team to others whose main athletic focus throughout the 
third term have been the meets in May and June. Overall goals for 
the season included personal improvement and encouragement of 
new athletes. With lots of hard work and cfefgrm^^p |j i (Hp^^ . 
jumpers, and throwers advanced their skills and produced some 
excellent results. Once again the format of the Grand Pri.x League 
allowed students to experiment, receive expert coaching and enjoy 
extensive competitive opportunities. At the junior level, students 
were encouraged to try new events, maintain a high level of 
participation and develop fundamental skills. As the season ad- 
vanced impressive progression was evident, producing strong 
overall and individual results in the Ci^wtd-Island meets. At fh«i 
senior level several talented runners and vaulters focused on their 
specialties, resulting in numerous outstanding performances, sev- 
eral league records and many personal bests. Provincial qualifi- 
ers included Andrew Orr (2000m steeplechase), Anna Kohlen 
(pole vault), and Keny Spearing (3000m and 1500m steeple- 
chase). At the B.C. Championships all three of these exceptional 
athletes ran personal bests in their perspective events and finished 
in the top eight. The coaches. Ms. Tobacco and Ms. Hoffer wish to 

I congratulate and thank all of the students who participated during 
the season. Well done! 

Although, this year's 
Junior Girls basketball team didn 't 
have the most successful season they did 
have a great time playing together. Made up 
of a great mix of girls, we certainly proved to be the 
most fun loving of teams. Missing the city playoffs was 
definitely disappointing, but that didn 't discourage. The girls continued to 
practice and play extremely well, which was evident in the concluding 
tournament in Vancouver. It was wonderful to see the huge improve- , 
ments made by everyone from the first day oftryouts in December, right i 
the way through to the final games late in February. Congratulations . 
to all of the girls who played on the team this year, and it will f 
undoubtedly be exciting to see them progress over the next few years 
here at SMUS. Thanks also to their fabulous coach, Ms. Rebecca 
Hoffer, who pushed them to the limits, and helped develop their 
basketball skills. For the gr. 9 's. keep up the good work for next year's 
junior team, and good luck to the gr. JO's who are continuing on to the 
senior level. Remember, "Go hard or go home! " 

Jr.Girls B 


/ ^ 

Jr. Girls "A" Basketball 

B.R: S.Brown, S.Green, J.Couvelier, A. Bosenberg, Ms. 

Hoffer (coach) 

F.R:B.Crow, CBGoshko, C.Phipps, S.Sapsford,C.Coclough 

Jr. Girls "B" Basketball 

(in no particular order): Julie Cheung, Gretta, Kailtin 
Martin, J J Avery, Elizabeth Humphries, Victoria Lai, 
Frances Dunn, Becky Nolan 






B.R: Steve Macdonald (coach). 
C.Tweedie, J.Flateii, Z.Gamache, 
R.Keougk R.Pierce, A.Ballentyne, A.Lobb, 
C.Cravin, D.Skelton, Etienne Orr-Ewing 

F.R: J.Wynn, A.Mrdjenovich, B. Macdonald, 
A.Burianova, A.Thompson. M.Crawford, W.Ho, 
M.Mrdjenovich (Missing: coach Jo Holdsworth) 

From the outset, it appeared 
that perennial rival Mt. Douglas would be the elite squad on the Island, 
but that any one of six others might grab the coveted second berth to the 
BC AAA Tournament. So it proved for the team, after a topsy turvy 
regular season and playoffs. 

In the City Tournament, a late game collapse against Claremont 
resulted in an eventual South #4 starting position in the Islands, an event 
sperhaps fortunately held at SMUS. 

t In the opening game, against North #1 NDSS, some inspired second 
%alf defence against opposition star Angel Mack produced a six point 
WA>in. and another crack at Claremont, this time with a BC berth on the 
pne. A tremendous third quarter, sparked by Beckie Macdonald and 
^nna Burianova, saw the team up 15 points with only seven minutes to 
%lay. A nerve jangling final few minutes, complete with the traditional 
M0meback by the visitors, ended only after a crucial foul line jumper from 
tare Tweedie and some late free throws guaranteed the win. \ 
At the BCs, the school 's first visit since that of the 1 998 Final 4 ted 
e team won one of four games to finish 13"'. Macdonald and Anna 
mrianovawere the main cogs in the team, with Tweedie. Jaclyn Platen, 
'ebekka Keough and Andrea Thompson also playing a lot of minutes. 
Hhers who made valuable contributions included Robin Pierce, Jo 
^ynn, Meara Crawford and Zoe Gamache. 

; A solid nucleus of players returns for the 2002-2003 .season, with both 
le City and Island zones promising to be just as competitive. Thanks to 
ft for their efforts. 




Theseasonbeganwith L; 
' great expectations, given the \ :' 
^ arrival of several talented Grade \ 
1 Is from a successful Junior pro- 
gram. To this group was added three returning seniors, and 
newcomers Chris Ufford and Jeff Downs. 

Unfortunately, a steady stream of injuries seriously dis- 
rupted any meaningful exhibition season, with key starters out for 
extended periods of time. However, despite the public school job action, 
which limited play throughout January, the team eventually began to show 
some kind of form in the New Year. 

An 8-0 league record (including a 7 1-67 win overBC#8 Claremont) 
-et the stage for playoffs. With BC qualification at stake, the team came 
%rough underpressure, although two second half collapses against Claremont 
Itboth the City and Island finals underlined some fundamental weaknesses. 
I At the BCs, the squad played in fits and starts, never getting 

mtracked against a powerful En ver Creek outfit on Day 1 . A subsequent win 
per LV Rogers (Nelson), and tough loss to Surrey's Fleetwood Park ended 
ite quest for a top 8 provincial finish. 

i When at full strength, Logan Smythe, Ryan Willms, Jeff Downs, 

'Craig Cavin and Mike Pyke formed the starting unit. David Spicer was an 
kjivaluable 6"' man. with Dave Jawl and Mark Quinlan also in the main 
Rotation. With all but three plovers returning, the team will begin the 2002- 
f003 season ranked top 4 in BC. How it will handle life under the microscope 
Remains to be seen. 

I Manx thanks to Mr. Rick Humphreys and Mr. Cam Clark for their 

Assistance, and to the minor officials for a difficult job well done. 


B.R: /. Hyde-Lay (coach), B. Avasadanond, C. Kim, L. 
Smythes, S. Mclaughlin, J. Downs, M. Pyke,M. Quinlan, 
T.Willms,0. Parrot 

F.R: C. Ujford C. Cavin, M. Clio, F. Lee, D. Jawl, B. 
Brunner, A. Cochrane, D. Spicer, R. Humphries (assis- 
tant coach) 

B.R: J.Piirata, G.Lea, N.Chima, D.Crapo. G.Nicholson. J.Wong, 

M. Franklin 

F.R: M.Bridgeman. A.MacLean. A.Cavin, M.Zakus, J.Michelmore, 

B.Cooper. R.Ma (missing: coach T.Anderson) 

The Junior Boys played through adversity^ this season. They began-^as-wt 
inexperienced group but showed steady improvement and learned to play well as 
a team. The season record was 15W - 8L. After a slow start to the season, and 
injuries to key players, the boys rallied to win 13 games in a row. This winning 
streak included a ]" place finish in the Emerald Tournament at Vancouver College 
and an exciting home victory in overtime over Reynolds in league play. The team 

ended league play with 7W -2L and entered the city 

, playoffs with high hopes. A teacher 's strike reformatted 
the playoffs to a single knockout format and 
unfortunately, a first round loss to Reynolds ended a 
promising season. Congratulations, to the boys, for 
their dedication and enthusiasm. Taylor Willms and 
David Crapo showed excellent leadership throughout 
the season. Adam Maclean gave a new meaning to 
hard work on the court. Grade 9's, Richard Ma and 
Andrew Cavin, played admirably all season. 

BR: Mr. Mclntyre (coach), T.Chan, 
H.McIntyre, R.O' Byrne, M.Quinlan. T.Willms 

!! fl 

In 2002 the golf team enjoyed its best season ever. Beginning with 
1^ the Lower Island Championship, in which the team finished third, 

we went on to a third place finish in the Police To urn anient, and then 
/ to our first ever appearance in the Island Championship, where we 
finished 7th. The season was topped off in June when the team won 
its first ever I.S.A. Golf Championship. The final event of the season was the annual Staff-Student Match in which the l.S.A. 
Champions were only able to earn a 3-3 draw with the staff. Perhaps their luck will be better nex year. To Trevor Chan and Ryan 
O 'Byrne who are graduating I would like to say well done and good luck in the fiiturf^Mor the returnins playem. Taylor Willtm, 
Mark Qidnlan, Huf Mclntyre. and Niv Purcell its off to the Provincial Championsk 


^ 0, 



BR: B. J awl, E. Holtham, T Chan, N. Macintosh, D. Chaing, J. Hunt (coach) 
"R: K. Tyrrell, J. Lai, M. Pooa-SJUiLA. N. An, J. Blumburg. 

'iKc^liliiiX'Mtldfl'IiiiH''^ .-. 


The badminton team is a team that competes against all AA and AAA high sch 
top players from all the students in Grades 9-12. 

In league play this year, the team had a 6-1 record. At the Lower Island Tournament, the SMUS team ousted last year's champs Oak 
Bay, and won in convincing fashion, beating Claremont 9 games to 2. This qualified the team for the provincials. 

At the Provincial Tournament in Vancouver, the SMUS team appeared nervous at the start of the tournament, but settled in and 
performed very well for the remainder of the tournament. 
The games went as follows: 

6-5 Loss vs. Eric Hamber i^ 

9-2 Win vs. Kelowna ^: 

9-2 Win vs. Crawford Bay ^v 

6-5 Loss vs. J. P. Burnett 
6-5 Loss vs. Maple Ridge 
9-2 Win vs. North Delta 

The SMUS Badminton team finished a very respectable 7"' place in the province. This finish was the top on the island, second for AA 
schools, and was the best result the school has had in 6 years. 

Leading the way this year was the undefeated singles champion. Brad Jawl. In addition, the doubles play ofKristie Tyrell and Shannon 
Ko was outstanding. The twin towers of Elliot Holtham and Trevor Chan proved to be too much for most teams, while Annie Au and Massey Poon 
gave their opposition the 'Hong Kong Flu '. 

I thank each individual on the team, and I look forward to another unbelievable season next year. 





This year's tennis season was one of the most suc- 
cessful in recent memory. Tennis stirred an unprecedented 
amount of interest this year, and as a result we were fortunate 
enough to have a very large and competitive team consisting 
of players of all different abilities from grades 9 through 12. 
Under the leadership of coach Dave Kirstine, the team en- 
joyed an unb eatetf Sfe'tU ' tf/K awitf c ontinued this streak 
Vancouver Island Championships, ultimately dej, 
Shawnigan Lake in the finals to win the Island title for the j. 
time in many years. Ranked T" in the province heading i>,.,, 
provincials, it was understandable that the team had high 
expectations for itself. Unfortunately, after easily passing 
through to the finals, the team met its 
match — Selkirk — and lost 6-5 in a heart- 
breaking defeat. Nonetheless, a second 
place finish remains a noteworthy ac- 
~ complishment. Brad Jawl and Andrew 

=r--rr- r VoH dcr Westhuizen. and Chelsea 

, Combest-Friedman and Andrea 

Bosenberg proved formidable doubles 
Trevor Chan 's and Liberty 
Williams' singles expertise was sinii- 
\ larly integral. Thanks in particular are 

' s due to coach Dave for his leadership, to 

\ the graduating players for their commit- 

ment over the years, and to the younger 
players for their continual enthusiasm 
.. . J and support of the programme. 





BR: D.Kirstine (coach). T.Chan, P.DeLaGarza, C.Couvelier, A.Orr, 

J.Callendar, B.Choi, J.Purata Castro, R.Liu 

FR: C.Murakami, S.Macdonald, E.Cohen, M.Cross, L. Williams, G. Au Yeung. 


B.R: G.Nelson, B.Crow, D.Harrison, 
.J.Couvelier, S.Sapford, E.Gibson 
^M.R: T.Rotchford, C.Hauser, 
%A.Mommsen-Smith, K. Cutler, 
mL.Francis, D.Izard, B. Johnston 


ind,S^Davis. J.Patrick, S.Kropp, 
K.Martin (missing: coach S.Kerr) 

ffi SOCCER ' 

This year the junior girls ' soccer team had high 
hopes, with the skills of the returning players and 
I enthusiasm right from the beginning, hi a very 
competitive league in which many teams had several 
players with Metro and club affdiations, the inexpe- 
rience of the team and injuries led to a slow start. 
The team displayed tremendous determination through- 
out the season and were the only team to score on a very 
powerful Oak Bay squad. Coaches Steve KerrandBeth 
Johnston were pleased with the effort of all players 
and were impressed by the marked improvement in 
the team 's ball control and passing. 


* -» a 

r. Girls 





BR: W. Shergold, B. Macdomild. D. Skelton, Y. 
Hagi, F. Bonet, L Effa. K. Tyrell, Peter Leggatt 
FR: D. Smolov. S. Shergold. C. Cravin. Z. 
Gamache, C. Tweedie, A Kolen. S. Graham 
Missing: V. Alfred 

^^ > I- t % 1§ % 



The 2002 version of the Senior Girls Soccer Team 
began the season with great promise due to numer- 
ous returning players and an excellent goalkeeper 
in Vicky Alfred. The large number of teams in the 
league, combined with a late start to league play 
resulted in two pools being created and then a 
cross -over at the mid-sea son point into tiers "A^ 
"AA" arm "AAA^ /Ai^ a~''AA" school this~ 
vented us from having some challenging mate 
against "AAA " teams late in the season, whii 
would have proven beneficial. Our league pl< 
was strong, winning five of eight games, enablin'^ 
us to qualify for the first ever Island Tournament. 
In a back-and- forth match against Gulf Islands, 
we were defeated in the final minutes 1-0. tlius 
ending our bid to return to the Provincials. I 
commend all of the girls for their efforts this 
season and wish them much success in the future. 

B.R: I.Hyde-Lay (coach), 
S.Tucknott, M. Woodland, 
" LSmythe, C.Cavin, C.Couvelier, T.Killins 
M.R: N.Black, C.Dewar, P.Colson, F.Lee, 
D.Spicer. B.Strocel, N.Wmy, C.Chapeau, P.Tongue 
F.R: R.Kipp, J.Ko, M.Pyke, D.Jawl, M.Lyall, 
%}or: T.Brunner, P.Jenkins, A.Bogutz, S.Bell 


The 2002 senior rugby sea- \k ||y y^ ' H F . _ Y . m 
son began with much anticipation as ■ 

tlw 1st XV set its sights on claiming the provincial title. The squad competed in the BC Premier I 
competition before entering local playoffs, while the 2nd XV played in the local league as well I 
as exhibition games. The 2nd XV produced some promising rugby, recording two wins over each 
of Spectrum, Esquimalt and Claremont but going down to the Brentwood College and Oak Bay 
2ndXV's, and visiting Holy Trinity School from Ontario. To the team S credit, it ended the season 
with a fine come from behind win over West Vancouver and a one-sided victory against 
Claremont in the city semi-final. Among the many solid performers we re fullback and goal-kicker 
Liam Gorman, flyhalf Chris Dewar. hooker Paul Bregg, prop Ryman Wong, lock Conal 
Shepherd and number eight and leading try scorer Tosh Matsumura. The 1st XV season started 
well with t^vo victories overBrent\vood College. Most unfortunately, in the second of these games. 
fullback Mike Pyke. recently returned from National team duty at the U19 World Cup in Italy, 
suffered a serious hand injury that would keep him out of action for a month. This altered the 
team 's preparation for the weather delayed Boot Game against Oak Bay, played in front of 1200 
people at UVic. The tecun played well, but despite a late rally the Boot returned to Oak Bay. 
iM-elve of the squad then took part in the BC Sevens Tournament, reaching the Cup semifinals. 
The team then defeated G.P.Vanier in Premier play before inking on Oak Bay in the much 
anlicipated Alumni Dax match. After a slow stan the team bounced away to lead by 1 7 points . 
midwtt y th rough the second half but had to hold on desperately as Oak Bay fought hack to within 
three points at the final whistle. This victory guaranteed a game against Car.wn Graham from 
North Vancouver for the overall Premier title. Although the team began well. Carson Graham 
was too strcmg on the dav. winning 55-24. Next up was the Howard Russell Cup final, with the 
sea.wn series against Oak Bay, and crucial ranking position for the BCs at stake. Sdly errors 
immediatelv after halftime left the team not only playing into the elements but also 22-7 in arrears, i , 

Then in the best nassaee of play all year, the squad caught fire, scoring three spectacular tries V. , ; 

J 2:^2 wiLtufminJlesiplay. Unfortunately, three bad errors then allowed Oak Bay a penally ,oa, and more f"-^"^;^' ';;"™;:f;;:j;:^:' 
on full time. At the BC Tournament, the .^quad opened with a solid 34-0 victory over Rutland and inicked up wuh a hard-fought 36-24 quarterfinal win over St. 

Gorges This produced a semifinal rematch against #1 seeded and unbeaten Carson Graham. In a game with real test match pressure, every plaverdcend.l 
hroLl. aJnst much bigge opposition. Yet. Carson Graham s direct, brute force approach eventually proved too much and the game slipped out of rea. h. 

Zlmjurlefo^dfurigue taking a'great toll, the team went down in the bronze medal matc h the next day to Kits ilano. Carson Graham went on to beat Oak Bay . 

w the final. Despite a disappointing fourth place BC finish, the season still had its J^ 

successes. Much fine rugby was played while all involved gained many valuable I 

memories and experiences. While not wishing to take anything away from the team 

effort, .several players deserve mention. Scrumhalfand captain Dave Jawl lead from the _ __ -, — ...- 

front and was named as a non-traveling reserve for the Canada U19 team. He was ably kn. < 

supported in the backs by wings Reed Kipp and Pieter Colson (who represented the USA 

at the U19 World Cup), fullback Craig Gavin, while centre Dave Spicer was top scorer 

(10 tries, 118 points) and was named to the BC School Commissioner's XV. In the 

forwards, prop Paul Jenkins, lockJasonKo, andthebackrowofMattLyall, Chris Adair, 

hick Wray and Sean Tucknott led a group of unsung heroes. Further thanks to coaches 

iMr. Kuklinski, Mr. Hyde-Lay. Mr Tongue, Mr. Shergold and Mr. Common, and to the 

parentsfor their support. 

B.R: C.Shephred, P.Hojfer, 

E.Penner, B.Jawl, C.Travis, 

R.Wong, K.Li, C.Dewar 

M.R: S.McKay, 

C.Cooperider, T.Spearing, 

A.Cochrane, O.Parrot, 

LGonnan, C.Noble, 

C.Swanson, C.Chapeau, 

C.Shergold (coach) 

F.R: M.Ho, A.Bodman, 

D. Cha rieton, S. Hefferman, 

S.Harmer, M.Cho, C.Wong 


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Yet another good year is unfolding. Again some 60+ students have been actively involved in playing 
cricket this year at SMUS. The players were given the opportunity to play in J or more of 4 different types 
of teams, namely: 1"' XI, 2'"' XI. Midweek League and Girls. Good leadership was shown in these teams 
by Andrew Murgatroyd, Stuart Jones, John Campbell, Kasim Husain, Hugh Macintosh, Nick 
Black, and Meara Crawford, who. between them, organised teams for the approxi- 
\ mately 40 games we played in the 6 weeks of "Summer". 

- J 



In general we did very well against the competition, which in the Midweek league 
is quite formidable with many players having some 20 or 30 years cricket experi- 
ence. In general, our fielding was extremely good, our bowling excellent, but 
unfortunately, perhaps, there was often insufficient depth in the batting. Neverthe- 
less, with excellent all-round ability shown by Takaya Brunner, Owen Parrot, 
Ashish Kumar, Fahad Jahangir, Colin Macintosh, Ivan Celuszak and Nader 
Ahmed, combined with the excellent wicket-keeping ofNavraj Chima, and for the 
I girls Jaimie Lai, Victoria Lai and Chelsea Phipps the next couple of years bode well. 

As usual I would like to thank Tony Cordle, Mel Jones, Donna Williams. David 
Gauthier and, in particular, Mike Walsh for all their help and assistance. 



BR: LBorgerson (coach), M. Ho, 
^ R. Orr, A. On: J. Alfaro, 
P. de la Garza 

^ ^ 









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^ V 

"••« 'SiEjr 

Our core team this year consisted of the Orr brothers, Andy and 
Robert, Cassidy McLean, Jason Zapantis, the Mexican connection of 
Jose Piirata and Patricio de la Garza, Mark Bridgeman and Jonathan 
Ejfa from the Middle School. Our race season consisted of three 
mountain bike challenges at the local "mecca ", the Hartland Road 
Dump, a "time trial" road race at Willis Point, and culminated with 
the BC High School Open Mountain Bike Race in North Vancouver 
on May 25. While we didn't win any races, we were an enthusiastic 
group that showed steady improvement during the campaign. Andy 
Orr is the one rider who will be graduating this year. He has proven 
himself a hard-working and very capable cyclist. Special thanks go 
to Sheila Campbell (SMUS '95) for her assistance during the 





Rain or shine (with lots of enthusiasm) the 

Senior School students set out on their grade 

^ trips at the beginning of they ear. Sea Kayaking in 

the Gulf Islands, Surf Kayaking in Tofino. mountaineering in the 

mountains, "Jionie-cooked" meals, rock climbing in Skaha, whale- 

"watching... these are just a few activities that the students had the 

opportunity to enjoy. As always, thanks to the Grade 12 leaders who 

played an invaluable role in helping oversee and organise the trips. 

After the initial burst of activity in the fall, the spring ^nd 

summer proved to be equally exciting. With the new group of 

leaders in training testing their skills, more trips were in order (sea 

kayaking, backpacking and snow-camping among ihe many 

activities available). In short, another great year in the outdoors at, 

SMUS. Thanks to everyone for your support and enthusiasm over 

the year! 




■ ii 

>■-. 'Pi'^Si^v. .,*- 

Grade 9 Choir 

^ ^ 


Grade 10 Choir 


^S.-^i-k.:il.. ::-t::%t 


^ r^ 

•- •<*• 








Grade 11 Choir 

Alumni Choir 

Grade 9 Strings 




}rade 10 Strings 











Grade 11 Strings 



r ' 

i : 





Bi I ■ ■ 

Grade 12 String: 

Grade 9 Band 




~<a M 


Grade 10 Band 

:*!. « 





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Concert Band 



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kV --« 

f 1 

II 7' 

^^Hi f m 


WX -^ 

• ^■*fcLp 




















r MIL' » 

^A A 




Junior Jazz Ba 

Chap el Re flections 


The Chapel 

Chapel services at Senior School occur on Wednesdays 
and Fridays and this year, Boarders Chapel had special 
events in addition to the usual Sunday evening services: 





The Venerable Bagdro, a Buddhist monk, shared his 
experiences of imprisonment, torture and escape from a 
terrible life in Tibet. A meeting with the Dalai Lama 
resulted in the dedication of his life to World Peace. 
His visit to SMUS elicited many questions from stu- 
dents who learned that freedom of speech and freedom 
of religion' are not available in some countries and that 
to express one's thoughts/beliefs can result in imprison- 
ment or more. 

At Christmas, a candlelight "Lessons and Carols" 
service with wonderful singing by the mass choir and 
gathered community contributed to the festivity of the 
season soon to begin as students left for their break. 

Chapel Wardens, Grade 1 2 students Ivan Golian, James 
Maledy, Avalon McLean, Adam Miron and Grace 
Quinn assisted the Chaplain in the preparation of the 
Chapel for Senior School and Boarders 

services, serving with dignity, rever- 

Ience and joy as lectors, taper bearers 
and Crucifers at regular and special 

Top (left to right): Reverend 
Maffin, Ivan Golian, Grace Quinn, 
James Maledy, Adam Miron, 
Avalon McLean. Bottom: Art- 
work by Middle School students. 

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South Pacific. 

Sr. School Musical 

Reid Kipp, one of the musical's 
leads, getting his make-up done 
by Mallory Paul. 

Mrs. Humphries, the conductor 
of South Pacific 's orchestra, and 
a couple stage hands. 

Two pretty nurses: Mallory 
Paul andAvalon McLean. 

Pieter Colson showing off his 

a tropical adventure, 

Two taiitalisingS0iuties: Judy 

Left: Kaye who directed the 
musical 's make-up team and an 
unsuspecting victim. Above: Geoff 
Martin and Frangelica Goulding. 

From Dreams. 

Arts and Lit 


When the world was 

still drying off, raw 

as an eggshell, trees blurred the skyline 

everything smelled wet. 

A scratching in the back of God's 
mind: i 'm here. 

Eve pulled out I 

of Adam, smoothed her haefi, 

tasted the dust on her hands and listened: 

i remember a smile, i was charred 
by touch. ."" 

The stars were as bright 

as a million pair of hungry eyes. 

cla ws everywhere, 

soft breathing in the night, 

a moan from the canopy: 

i am so hungry. This bone and 
sinew is not enough. 

We were torn 

from clay and pressed to the likeness 
resembling something, taught to form 
wordsT-tree, hand, fire. 

Then abandoned in a world 

behind every kiss. 

Alex Lea 

Clockwise from top: chalk paste] 
piece by Michael Ho;awatercoioiir 
by Daniel Kim; gr. 1 1 student Kerry 
Spearing works on a pen and ink 
drawin" in the art room. 





Gr. 12 art students used collage tech- 
nique to create vivid artwork. Left: a 
pieceby Yuko Higuchi. Below: a piece 
ea Combest-Friedman. 



Above: chalk pastel abstract 
by Jaimie Lee. 

tjiffnpus Doloremmnit 

- ii' , 

c to the stars, 

hg to find an answer. 

e's current, 

\.uging across the h ^ ' 

" unds me of a '- 
Cold, endless, comforting. 
A bitter abyss filled with nothingness. 
Never backwards, only forwards. 
A glacier, breaking at the end of Its journey. 
Not ever able to return. 
It leaves. No explanation. 

If anything was there before. 
There is nothing now: 
For pain purged all possible love. 
That was. i 

Remember. il 

What is done is done, ; 
And If It hurt along the\^ay. 
Only time .softens pain. J 

Takaya Brunner 

1 .. 181 



Arts and Lit 

Monday to Sunday 

Amusing how rain always thundered 
On broken couples. And under shadows. 
Perhaps laughter depresses the sun. 

Not motivational on crippled Mondays, 
More cynical then I first looked, your 
Pictures still refuse to move out of the fames. 

Ever since I was blinded, I fail to see 
Reflections. Dreams should stay dreams, 
While reality should be as cruel as the last. 

Sorrow lives like us, under milestones 
Of life. Born and died at the same time. 
With senconds to spare, moments to remeber. 

I gave the last gasp, and sank like the old 
Lady sitting dead on the front porch that 
Sunday afternoon, where no one cared at all. 

So goes life as we refine the definition 
Again and again. So goes death as we 
Define the moments of weakness. 

So goes love as we weaken the strength of three words. 

Jimmy Pai 

Top: collage by Jennie Tsai. 

Bottom: ink piece by Malvina 


of Expression 

Arts and Lit 



M. a. 

Standing Out in the Crowd 

nior citizens talk to me, 

ding they should. 
As if I am their lost grandchild, 
the one they forgot at the supermarket 
fifteen years ago. 
I never know what they want. 
Speaking of nonsense to me. 

Especially in the mall elevator going down. 
I like to help, with human kind 
Do my part. 

Though listening to anonymous perfumed prunes. 
Does not interest me. 
I say my hello, ' 
Nod my head, 
Smile and stroll away. 
Just another day of standing out in the crowd. 

Stephanie Graham 

gouache. Bottom: ink piece by 
Clayton Pang. 

Expressing the 

Arts and Lit 

In response to the September 
11th tragedy, the grade 11 art 
class tried to "express the inex- 

-Jt mm r 

■■ m ._.^^_^. .. 




^^l^^^^lv'l^^^V^B^' ' 

Clockwise from top left artwork 
by: Karlie O'Connor, Whitney 
Dorin, Si-Yeun Park. Above: 
Grade 1 1 students setting up a 
group exhibit of their work. 



'.-- ^-pp Pl 



[^^^^■i •^■i 


J* ' 




1 £■*; f 

Putting the 



ise from top left: Collages 
leara Crawford, Min Jung 
: and Soung-Ah Ha. 



/*«» f* 





Chicago Jazz ■% 

Inside the club . i 

sweaty fog envelops 
your body. 

Shards of glass and 
spilled drinks on the floor, 
more asthetics *■ 

than nuisance. 

You watch the singer, 
his smile that 
begs to be broken. 

It would not satisfy 
i his narcissism 
to give the crowd 
a simple melody. 

This edgy art from thirty years ago 
grates more than 
a chainsaw. 

Kasim Husain 


First Love 

Tears of silence. 

Sad echoes in your voice, 

A constant reminder of hell. 

You made me say. 

And 1 promised, 

I sealed my fate... 

You'll never see me smi 

I've walked along the fire. 

To the point of no return 

All the words I promised, were true 

But now I'll never love another like you. 

Karlie O'Connor 


Top right: piece by Danny Kim. 
Bottom left: grade twelve collage. 

The Leaing ] 

"Flee!" the fly of the frozen /«*e 
the can 't of the far north 

lies above my 
As I sit and ponder 

my existence. -i 

Let me free 

I tell you 
Let me free 
or let me die. 
I can not feel. 
I can not 


Fly away. 

Courtland Sandover Sly 


to Greatness 

Arts and Lit 


Out the picture window - 
A blue sea, distant and vast, 
soundly slumbering under the horizon. 
An azure sky, remote and infinite, 
comfortably lying on the silent sea. 
White clouds, silky and feathery, aimlessly danc- 
ing with the light breezes. 

Sea, sk}', clouds, 
bound as one, in illusory connection. 

' Nature scprns the individual. 


Top left: collage by Yuko Higuchi. 
Bottom right: painting by Danny 

Just tell 
Dpn 't s\ 
Allow m 

.^ alone. 

Clare Hauser 



d emotions 

ble my opinions 

'd, allow me to fight my thoughts 


■)ut this war and 
lend me. 


V ^^- 


Once again, dozens of students ha\ e brou|HHBBi^nd enthusiasm as well as many hours to 
helping out in the Admissions office in a numbei of w ays Our student tour guides introduce 
prospective families to the school on a diiily ba^is. Then eager and honest approach and 
commitment to SMUS make them wonderful ambassadors of the school. Our Discover SMUS 
hosts also did a wonderful job in hosting potential boarders in residence. Thanks to all the 
tour guides and Discover SMUS hosts for helping make our visitors feel welcome and 
comfortable. We have a number of students who drop in at the admissions office on a 
..regular basis to help put togetlier information packages and assist in other administrative 
tasks They are a friendly group of helpers who learn new tasks quickly and aie always 
a pleasure to have around the office! A number of other students helped ni other various 
projects undertaken by the admissions office - photos and design, powerpoint presenta- 
tions, etc. Their work is so appreciated! ! Finally, we were thrilled with the response from 
the number of sUidents who helped out at the SMUS second annual participation in the 
Victoria Festival of Trees event. This year's theme of "Youth and Peace" proved to be a 
wonderful choice and the students and staff who participated and those in the community who 
viewed the trees at the Empress Hotel enjoyed the event! This community service programme 
contributed $1500 and many gifts and toys to the BC Children's Hospital. Great work! Thanks 
to all the students who support the Admissions office in so many ways throughout the year! 



Video Oub an 


The video club meets after school to experiment 
with different aspects of cideo production including: 
camera techniques, lighting and editing. They also 
\ideo tape various school artistic events such as 
concerts and plays. This year's members include 
sponsor Mr. Don MacKay. Carol and Bonita Lam. 
Derek Fung. Brendan Inghs. Jeremy Hanson-Finger, 
Kevin Sun. Michelle Lee and Howard Tseng. 

Maitin Chan, Caitlin Charles, Chris Couvelier. 
Clemmie Hudson, Jessica lulianella. Brad JawL 
Paul Jenkins. Rehekka Keough. Jason Ko. 
Samantha Kwok. .Angel Lai. ChatUal Leonard. 
Ken Li, Calvin Lin. Lavinia Lin. .Alice Liu. 
Clarence Lo. Jimmy Pai. Maureen Palmer. Diana 
Parton . Amanda Qu;m, Louise Reid. Kevin 
Sun. .Ann Tang. .Andrea Thompson. Chelsea 
Tirling. Kathie Tse, Clare Tweedie, Evan 

Peer counselling at SMUS is made up of a keen group of students who volunteer their time to help their friends. Acquiring basic counseHing 
skills is the main order of business, backed up by learning what resources are available to people who need help with life situations. One of the 
most difficult things that peer counsellors learn is that people have to provide their own solutions to their o\\ n problems. Harassment, violence, 
suicide, depression, addictions, eating disorders, sexual issues are some of the topics that get .specific attention. The time conmiitnient for peer 
counsellors is significant, but so is the satisfaction of helping. It is a tluee-season activity . and the formal meeting times are a small part of the time 
spent. Some students have been with the group for three years and continue to learn. The concrete advantages of being a Peer Counsellor Lue varied: 
the hours can be counted toward CAPP work experience or for the service component cif the Duke of Edinbiugh program, it is a useful acti\ ity 
to have on a university resume, and the learned communication skills are attractive to employers. Besides all that it is fun. and an opportuni!\ to 
relate to other students in a very different wav. It is also fun I 

■ 191 


Art and Squash Clubs 

The art club began this year when students expressed a desire tor 
more time to work in the art room and to try unusual projects 
together as a group. We began our first projects experimenting 
with clay and paper mache and tossed around ideas of how to 
develop a project idea wiih a\ lew to sell our work. For Halloween 
we carved the peel ol pumkins away and allowed for a variety of 
levels of light to show through. In December, students designed 
and painted their own ties with a holiday theme and created a 
beautiful group display in the library. As the year progressed, more 
projects unfolded including designing and making the stage sets for 
the musical "South Pacific" and other playful explorations in the 
world of the visual arts. 



y v 

Squasli is game offiitense skill, fitness, and concentration. The SMUS squash club metevery 
Tuesday and Thur.sday at the Nautilus Sports Centre on Quadra St. and Reynolds. The club 
comprised a wide range of skill le\ el. and so everyone and anyone was welcome to drop in. 
Instruction and lessons were also offered, if desired. Some students have fun playing each other 
and developing a healthy sense of competition, whereas others take a more relaxed approach, and 
are more sociable on the court. Some even enjoy practicing squash on their own time. This year, 
squash was enjoyed thoroughly by all, so come join the fun! 


Debating atidChess Club 

i ^^^^at do > ou put on the end of the line in order to catch the fish? 

r Debate, of course! - 

[ In many ways, this has been a building year for both the Junior 

t iuid the Senior debate teams as a crop of new faces has verbally 

t jousted their w ay through a great variety of tournaments ranging 

E as far afield as Nanaimo and Vancouver. Our favorite, of course, 

%: is the pizza debates which we hold against private schools closer 

C to home ever\' year. There is nothing like the taste of a 

t vegetarian slice to cool the palette after some heated quibbling 

I over a tough resolution! With each tournament, we gain 

kLpenence and gallop our way closer to the winners' circle, 
ext year. GNS. watch out for the wittv' heckles of SMUS! 

Chess is an excellent activity for the mind that involves planning, 
problem solving, strategy and intuitive thinking. The SMUS chess club 
meets every Monday and Wednesday in the Science Building in room 210 
at 3:30pm and ains until 4:45pni. Chessboards and pieces are provided, and 
everyone is welcome to drop in. The current membership comprises a wide 
range of ability levels, as well as a wide range of age levels. Junior and 
Middle School students are welcome to drop in as well as Senior School 
students, and in fact some of the most regular current club members are 
Middle School students. The club provides an opportunity for students to 
play chess with other students, and chess puzzles are set up on a demonstra- 
tion board to be solved by the insightful student. Saidents add variety to the 
afternoon by playing chess variants such as Siamese Chess or chess-like 
games of their own creation, which seems to be a big hit especially among 
Middle School Students. Come join in the fun! 






.^^S ^ 

Meara Crawford 

Andrew Murgatroyd 

Nick Black 

Jenny Tsai 

Alice Liu 

Daniel Kim 

Yola Handoko 

Pete Panasupon 

Tristan Gething 

Sabrina Chang 

Jamie Lai 

Robert Orr 

Natalia Esling 

Ellie Short 
Steven Paulson 
Mrs. Williams 

Arts Council is a devoted group of students consisting of at least two students from grades nine to twelve. 

These students have been selected by their peers and meet every week to discuss student life on campus and how 

I we can expand their experience and involvement in and out of school. We do this by planning activities and events 

hat will interest, motivate, and encourage students in art. music, and drama, whether it is within the school or 

intside. For instance, the council has set up trips throughout the year to watch theatre at the Belfry, to watch 

ymphony performances, and to see operas. The council is also in charge of setting up special e\ents such as the 

soon to be annual talent show. The goal of all these activities is to give students the opportunity to experience 

things that they normally would not be able to. These are a few of the things the Fine Arts Council does to 

encourage student involvement in all sorts of arts and to show the students that there is more to St. Michaels 

University School than academic. And second, expose students to something they may have not seen before. 

Academic Council 

?*ijjanieia smoiov 

Rach Liu 

Alex Lea 

Clarence Lo 

John Chien 

Rebecca Lightbourn 

Liz Effa 

A man Pooni 

Jaimie Boyd 

Rowan Melling 

Claire Battershill 

Ariane Vincent 

Shannon Waters 

David Kim 

Nader Ahmed 

Matthew Charleton 

Marisa Brook 

Janel Willms 


The /Vcademic Council consists of student representatives from all grades who bring 
forward various concerns. The counciFs role is to search for solutions to these issues and 
to nnpro ve situations for the future. The council also worked on improving rapport between 
faculty and students; one way in which this was done was by creating an academic council 
e-mail address. Another project undertaken by the Academic Council was to recognize 
students who do not normally receive formal academic recognition. In the future, the 
Academic Council hopes to expand the connection between the representatives and other 
students in order to facilitate the best possible exchange of ideas. The reputation that this 
council hopes to begin to establish is one of pro-activity and enthusiasm. All its members 
meet on a regular basis and are continuously working for the benefit of the students. 



Florencia Bonet 

Aaron Bogutz 

Anna Burianova 

Jamie Callendar 

Pieter Colson 

Cliris Couvelier 

Meara Crawford 

Elize Fincham 

Yori Hagi 

Nicola Harper 

Brad Jawl 

David Jawl 

Paul Jenkins 

Stuart Jones 

Akinori Kokubun 

Alexandra Lea 

Rebecca Lightbourn 

Nurrachinan Liu 

Beckie Macdonald 

Elizabeth Munroe 

Andrew Murgatroyd 

Daniela Smolov 

Andrea Thompson 

Jenny Tsai 

Joanna Wynn 

lAndrea Thompson 

Chris Couvelier 

Liz Mumoe 

Brad Jawl 

Peter Churcher 

Nicola Hiirper 

Rebekka Keough 

van WiOnis 

iric Peniiei 

I Bezroukova 

Andrew van de Westhnizen 

Meredidi Lewis 

Evan Hesketh 

Justin McElory 

Julie Chan 

Mr. Tongue 

Student council— the presidine student leader'sWp co""'^'' ^t the school— senses as a forum for strident concerns 
to be discussed, voiced to faculty, and ultimately acted upon. This year' s council, comprised of 1 4 dedicated student leaders 
ft-ora grades 9 through 1 2 under the superN ision of Mr. Tongue, tackled several pertinent issues such as the school dress code. 
school awards, and school social functions. It is always difficult to simply make reforms to school traditions, yet this year s 
council succeeded in makina amendmems to the school's uniform policy, and also in initiating positive change on seve- 
other fronts Though severarprojects have not yet been fully completed, hopefully next year's council will be able to p 
up where this year's left off. Thanks go out to all of student council members for demonstrating such a high level of 
commitment, and for representing their grades Sft. well. 

Paul Jenkins 

Stuart Jones 

Jo Wynn 

Hansi Abraham 

Matt Woodland 

Katlrryn Gordon 


Tanner Mitchell 

Andrea McLean 

Katherine Piii 

Robyn Plasterer 

Calvin Lin 

Simon Ting 

Navraj Chima 

Jory Mac Kay 

Mrs. Jean Ives 

David Jawl 

Beckie Macdonald 

Florenica Bonet 

Yon Hagi 

Mike Pyke 

Krystie Tyrrell 

Mihcia Mrdjenovich 

Amy Lobb 

David Spicer 

Mark Bridgeman 

Sitrah Macdonald 

Shaun Heffeman 

Andrew Weir 

Sarah Brown 

John Tapping 

Mr. McLeod 





Toronto Rughy team. The team also visited many 

AD in all. it was a successful trip, much fun had with m 

unfailme dedication! 

This Spring Break 1 5 of the field hockey team hit Barba- 
dos, lead by Mr. Hunt and Wendy. Some may think we 
mainly went for the sun, sea, sand and nightlife. . . and they 
would be wrong. 

The Trip didn't exactly start off the right way. with a4- 
hour delay in Toronto, but this did not dampen the spirits 
of those in search of sun. Eventually we reached 
Bridgetown. Barbados, to sweltering heat (not helped by 
black tracksuits). 

We played our first game the next day at a "hockey 
pitch"" which mysteriously resembled a "4' s" cricket pitch 
with a set of goal posts. Sadly, due to extreme heat and 
fatigue we lost our first game to the Barbados All Star 
Juniors. Tlie run of bad luck didn't end until our third 
game, which was a convincLng 4-0 witi. OvenOL our 
hockey playing was superb, merely caught off guard by 
heat, fatigue, strange potholes and funny humps. 

In our free time the team spent many tiring hours 
perfecting tans (excluding a certain Ms. McVie) and 
socializing, at the expense of Mr. Hunt's blood pressure! 
Many a night was spent at "Harbour Lights" and within 
our own complex at the Rosstrevor. socializing with a 
_ the caves, 
any stories to tell when we returned. Big "thank you"" to Mr. Hunt for his 




The annual S. M. U.S. Recitation Evening was | 

held on Wednesday, Feb 6th in the School . 

Chapel. Students from grades 9 through 12 J ^ 

peiformed various recitations ranging from 
poetry to dramatic and comic monologues. ; «, 
All students at the senior school are required ^ 
to learn and recite from memory a selection 
which is presented in their individual English 
classes. Finalists from each class then par- 
ticipate in their grade finals from which se- JT.} 
lected students are sent on to the Recitation ..^ 
Evening. All 18 participants delivered superb ^ ** 
performances. The judges for the evening 
were: David Duvan, director of the Speech \ 

and Drama, and Bernie Skelding, a seminary 'vtd^s^- 

student at Knox College and an orthopaedic A " ' 

physiotherapist. It is worth noting that the 
judges were impressed with all 18 peifor- ^ 
mancesandfound their task of choosing winner 
a most difficult enterprise. Thanks to all who attende 
support of these students. Natalia Esling, a grade 9 stai 
captivated both the audience and the judges with the poem, 
"Wszelo Wypadek" (Could Have). She was awarded 1st place 
in the International Recitation category, as well as Best Ovef^ 
all. The other winners are as follows: 

1st place Sr. Poety - Caitlin Charles (Gr. 11) 

2nd place Sr. Poetry - Emily Lyall (Gr. 11) 

1st place Sr. Monologue - Milica Mrdjenovich (Gr. 11) 

2nd place Sr. Monologue - Trefor Bazett (Gr. 11) 

St place Jr. Poetry - Shannon Waters (Gr. 10) 

2nd place Jr. Poetry - Claire Battershill (Gr. 10) 

1st place Jr. Monologue - Susan Davis (Gr. 9) 

2nd place Jr. Monologue - Patrick McCulloh ^QjrJ^J-^"'"*:- 

People's Choice Award - Daniela Sinolov (Gr. 12) 


Top and bottom: Winners of the 

SMUS Poetry Recitations 


and Field Trips 

Geography's been most jortumate 
To have the Hintoii Chair. 
Come afar to SMUS 
Her expertise to share. 

The Grade 12s have been caving 
Amongst the stalactites. 
In the karst around Home Lake 
With pristine .stalagmites. 

TheAP Hm^^G erg rap hers 
Have walkec^^udtural road. 
While the Geog^^^^J class 
Has been in Global 

The Grade 9 and 10 Ged^, 
Have explored with GPS. ' 
And all the students without fc. 
Have made maps in GIS! 


^ '^^ 


Clockwise (from top): Geography 12: inside the limestone 
caverns at Home Lake; Mrs. Johnston is trapped!; AP Human 
Geography: students enjoy their Cultural Evening; students 
learn all about salmon. 



Spring Fair 2002 was a very successful and enjoyable venture 
both for the SMUS school family and for the general public. In 
a joint effort involving the SMUS Developement Office, t^ 
SMUS Parent's Auxiliary, SMUS parent convenors (under^ 
leadership of Debbie Couvelier and Kathy Jawl), and SM 
parent and student volunteers, the fair raised over $ J 00,&M'^"' 



Sunny skies and brisk wind, music from school q "" ~" 

bands, choirs, and the vocal jazzgroupenhano^ 

fair. People jumped at the chance to buy 0^^ 

hopes of winning a 36" Sony Wega TV c^jf^ player vv 

surround sound. i 


ts in the 

irt ..-^-'.' 

Crowds were attracted to the numerous booths, many of which 

were sponsered by SMUS parent donors. Autograp' ' 

jerseys, fine dining and vacation gateways were amoi 
the items auctioned at the Silent Auction. The Z| 
booths sold books, clothing, electronics, furniture, hi 
jewelry, toys and treasures. Hanging baskets, plai{ 
chairs and plant obelisks were available for purckasedTWe 
Gardening Centre. The Arts and Crafts booth sold many beau- 
tiful hand sewn items such as cushions, bedcovers, scarves OJid 
table runners. Wonderful refreshments were available at the 
International Food Fair & BBQ, Tea Garden, and Qgnuf-rino 
and Desert booths. 1| 

Children enjoyed participating in the midway and a va. __ _ 
games at the "Children 's Amusement Park. " Bingo, the Bottle 
Booth, face and nail painting, the cake walk, and pony rides are 
just a few examples. 






Congratulations to all who participated and helped to make this 
fair a success! See you in two years' time for a repeat peifor- 



f f'-f r 

Mr&Mrs. Jackson 's Barnacle Bulldogs were a force to bt 
reckoned with this year. First things first, we did whoop oi 
Bolton in basketball, for all of you who thought it was i 
rumour, it wasn 't. The blend of people this year was a strong 
one - with such superbulldogs as Kevin and Sunhyung'. 
genius (wow), Tom Taylor's Skateboarding extravaganct 
(watch out for landings!), and Hafeez taking care of tin 
ladies, who wouldn't agree. The ruffians this year can b( 
summed up in a single name, Manville, a one man gang 
totally devoted to creating unrest and playful disturbance 
' but I must say he added a great amount of excitement to thi 
house. Late night activities were put somewhat to an end dm 
to the great affection of our houseparentsfor the video cameras, yet maybe one or two or thirty slipped away unnoticed, or maybi 
they thought they got away, all I can say is paper and tape, paper and tape!! Once again this year we let Winslow thmk, key worH 
THINK they were in charge, but we know who really rules the BARAVIN scene! As head of house I couldn 't have been a part c 
a better group of prefects, Sam, Tim, Brian, Stephen, Jinwoo(Asst. Head), Jim, Agung the third, and assisted by Jeff were all to, 
form The hard work that the prefects put in to the house can only be known by those who have done it. Helping the younger boys 
house duties, and contributing in everyway possible is all part of the prefects 'job, and with some ups and downs they did a grea 
job and more than once covered for me while I was away. Barnacle nights out were spent at the Max, ice cream parlour, thi 
Keg laser tag, Japanese Village, and other venues. The main men of the house big man SHA YE, rock star FRANKLIN, and twinkl 
toes ISON were indisputably the best houseparents ever, keeping us out of trouble and helping us to achieve everything we coulc 
I speak for everyone when we give them a huge thank you. Well, as this year of the bulldog closes, it won't be without grea 
memories - huge feasts, and happy smiles, and the friendships made should last for a long time. Thanks to our Houseparenti 
Mr&Mrs. Jackson who have completed another successful year in Barnacle, thanks for your guidance, good humour, and food 

-Pieter Colson, Head of Barnacle Houst 






We began this year looking to continue our dominance ofth^ 
house competitions, but a limited schedule has left it i 
doubt to this point. The beginning of the year prove 
challenging due to the lack of prefects and Trevor Char 
arriving several days late, leaving the ship to be run by 
Callendar and the four other prefects. The early addition oj 
Adam "BEAR " Miron, contributed to the spirituality and 
. video collection of the house. Bear was an excellent replace- 

# W ^ Up C 4^ I mentfor Brian "Dexter" Kuhn despite his many traumatic 

experiences in the infirmary. The house also welcomed many 
new faces including a bumper crop of immigrants from the 
Mexican border and unnaturally tall basketball players. 
Despite defying sleep and spending most of his time with "Homo, " Boone managed to fit in time to "work out" with "Speedo " 
and run the school newspaper. The house also received another member from the beaver family. Henry "I don 't know " Cheung 
united with his older and wiser brother Alex to terrorize third floor. After the heart-breaking split between Mike Hu and Whitey. 
Miles took over as Mike 's new roommate leaving the room vacant on frequent visits to Queen 's University. Meanwhile. "Whitey " 
teamed up with fellow basketball player Chris Ufford. Certain members of the house migrated over to Tinimis House, occasionally 
returning for a friendly visit. The house was also well represented by Saudis of first floor. Winfield "Limpie" Lau, a fellow first 
floor bud unfortunately cracked his cranium during an extreme snowboarding excursion, but thankfully has recovered fully. Mr. 
Common proved to be more than up to the task of assistant House Parent with his late night espionage and musical ensembles. 
Many Congrats to Mr. Bat man on his new role as the school 's art teacher. Mr..... ham, your Starbuck runs are very appreciated 
and be prepared forfuture tests of house member's names. A final thankyou to the Cameron 's for being outstanding house parents 
throughout all ten years that a Callendar has been in the house. The house is much indebted to you for your warmth and patience. 
Best of luck to all future Bolton Buds. -Trevor Chan & Jamie Callendar, Heads of Bolton House 



Harvey House had another outstanding year. Without the 
seemingly parental guidance provided by the Cooks and Mi 
Walsh we would of had no foundation from which to grow 
We welcomed the year with seven prefects: Akinori, Peter, 
Kyung-Min, Steve, Hansi, Martin and myself. For the othei 
32 boys living in Harvey House cleanliness was obvious!) 
an option which many cared not to partake in. I believe the 
boys cleaned their rooms a collective 8 times over the course 
of the year, myself included. House games was (to a fen 
students) sometimes referred to as "nap-time ", but a strong 
effort was put forth at house games where we consistently 
played well. However, this so called "nap-time " was generally the only sleep harvey boys had, since our main nocturnal pastimt 
was prowling the halls and ordering pizza at 2AM in the morning. Ready tofdl the departing grade 12 's shoes, the grade Us 
are working on their leadership skills and I think it 's safe to say that I leave the house in good hands to the elite few who can become 
harvey house prefects. Spirit is something that thrives in Harvey House because we are all like one big happy family. We were 
sad to see the departure ofgrade.8 advisor Steven MacDonald, who left mid-way through the year, only for a James Tesarro to 
assume the position. Thanks to the house parents Mr. and Mrs. Cook, Mr. Walsh, Andrew Field and Elliot Anderson for a 
wonderful year. -Ivan Golian, Head of Harvey House 





Welcome to Syinoiis house radio news, live from Symons 
foyer. We are your hosts, Alex and Yori assisted by all the 
Symons prefects. Overall, the year went by well with a 
minimum amount of gatings, Friday night preps and work 
parties. This is especially impressive considering the flex- 
ible interpretations of curfew and lights-out that prevailed 
for most of the year. As for the sports highlights of the year: 
housegames began with a marvellous victory and culmi- 
nated in a tug of war triumph. However, we will not mention 
what happened between these two events. For a change, 
Symons was actually acknowledged as a somewhat sporty 
house. Evidence leading to this would be the frequent spotting of shoes and shin guards left to air out, either in the halls or hanging 
out of windows. Academically speaking, our girls did surprisingly well. Considering that during prep many of them where caught 
with a phone-shaped tumour attached to their heads or were at least chatting on msn or icq. Despite this, the house did well 
academically with an average IQ of at least two times that of Harvey house. For Entertainment news, relationships and boys were 
a big part for most of the Symons girls this year. The house did well romantically, despite the Harvey boys ne.xt door (except for 
Minjung and Richard, Yuko and Kyung Min, and Fellenz who developed a following of grade 10 's). Warning: stay off the couches. 
One event that provided laughter for many people was the incessant roaring that went on between Miranda and Clarissa 
throughout the year. Now onwards with news in Health: Everybody knows that you gain weight when you enter boarding life. The 
cause of this is evidently BH or the weekly baked goods provided by Mrs. Forbes. Or was it the prefects who organised the different 
food nights, including Thai snacks, Nacho night, and bake night. Our weekly squeaky cleans soon turned into biweekly, even 
monthly squeaky cleans. Throughout the year, new species of bacteria were found dwelling somewhere in Clare House r 's room. 
To top it off, we would like to thank all the House Parents, Mrs. Forbes, Mrs. Farrish, Mrs. Ford, and Ms. Parker, for making 
this year successful and enjoyable. The prefects of the house, Chelsea, Chantal, Keldi, and Yuko, greatly added to this success. 
Symons girls, you are all great! Wait a minute: News, just in... there seems to be two, no wait, three brand new species of bacteria 
dwelling somewhere amongst Clare Hauser's room. We tried to record everything that happened, but could not keep track of all 
the occurrences. -Alex Lea and Yori Hagi, Heads of Symons House 



You have to pay price to live in the best house on campus. 
Walking to and from classes everyday to the far off home in 
the back corner isn 't easy, but there is no complaining; I 
mean we do, and will continue to DOMINATE house games. 
The view out of our big windows is incredible, and we 're not 
talking the sunset we 're talking the box seats we have to the 
guys rugby fields. ..Speaking of guys, I'm sure if you asked 
cmy Timmis girl they would have countless "wondeiful" 
things to say about the Bolten Buds next door. HMC, more 
formerly known as Mr. Ed. has managed to find his way up 
stairs to visit Ms. Shergold on numerous occasions, Speedo, 
should we even count the casual walk-ins during the wee hours of the morning. And not to mention having wet T-shirt contests 
with water balloons 24-7. That pretty much sums up the great memories we will always cherish of the Buds. Thcmksfor the good 
times boys, don't forget what comes around goes around: }.. . What ever happened to the penguin anyway? However, having Bolton 
next door did have its up sides. The Camerons ' always treated us as their own providing the goodies and making sure we were 
up to speed with our languages. Not to say we weren 't provided with treats from our own house parents. The delicious Wednesday 
nights, Timmis house parents spend all day cooking up a storm just for our luxury of spending family time together. Our favorite 
chef Wendy was a newcomer to our house this year, as was the cheerful spirits of Jasmin; both newbies defmitely filled the shoes 
of our long lost Ms.Hannan and Ms. Walinga. Joining the crew with the returning of J ana and Ms. Hyde -Lay, all 4 together made 
the perfect team. Thanks, you made a difference. Now to the girls. Considering the chat queen and the English exchange student 
did have the highest priced seats in the house, they didn 't seem to pay much attention to the hotties down below because the ball 
was already rolling in Grace 's love life and Candace was just too preoccupied in her overwhelming studies. On the second floor 
you willfmd Clarence with her nose in the books and then there is Katherine, who didn 7 seem to mind the Bolten Boys all that 
much. Finally in the front, there is the stress free Kathie always smiling while Angel, on the other hand, loves observing her roomie 
watch movies while she spends quality time with Hebden. Being co-heads in Timmis this year left us with amazing memories we 
will always cherish. Thanks for the fun time girls and good luck next year. 

-Winnie Ho & Beckie Macdonald (Punky and Ho), Heads of Timmis House I 





Winslow House has survived yet another year filled with | 
crazy girls and wonderful memories. On behalf of the whole 
house, we would like to thank the Tweedies, Nicole, Becky, 
and Alice for their endless support and putting up with our 
countless shenanigans. We enjoyed many house activities 
during the year and will always remember the Christmas 
dinner at the Empress, go-karting, the pottery and craft 
evenings, the final pool party and dinner at Milestones. We 
also welcomed the new gr. 8 's this year with the help ofTara- 
Lynn. Mr. and Mrs. Tweedie, we'll always remember Santa 
' Claus,(We 've never been more scared), the 20 extra pounds 
put on due to your delicious dessert nights and charades (we 'II pronounce it your way!}. Nicole, your energy has made our house 
lively and exciting. Becky you 're crazy just like us; we 'II always love you! Alice, congratulations! You survived your first year 
with Winslow, and we SWEAR we did not mean to leave you at the bowling ally; we blame it on Barnacle. Ann and Lavinia, what 
will you do next year without each other? Chaka will miss you guys! Cait and Cleare, too bad there 's no room for that telephone 
booth. Aly and Gretta, raise the roof Dalyce, Robin, Zoe, Corryn, and Clare, (hardcore athletes!) your rowdy wrestling was 
always entertaining. Don 't be deceived by the Somlai beauties, they are trouble! Pui, our closets have space if you need it. Kendall 
and Becky, what a dynamic duo! House games would be lost without Gene, and so would the mail. Adrianne the masseuse, you 
should get paid by the hour. Celia, so glad you came. Susanna, thanks for always being there during those chocolate emergencies. 
I (Grace) will remember being mocked for months about my horrific face expression in the newspaper rowing photo, and being 
sabotaged by the Barnacle hoodlums with shaving cream in the middle of the night. (Don 't think the fight 's over yet boys. ) I (Jennie) 
will remember my hair catching on fire at the Empress Hotel - that was pretty embarrassing! Thanks to Alice Liu for the fire alarm. 
From us, and the rest of the prefects; you girls rock! Good luck and take care of the house next year. WINSLOW FOREVER. 

-Grace Pellew-Harvey & Jennie Tsai, Heads of Winslow House 





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Danish proverb 



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W^\ \ 

Miiy Hiifnplifi^s 


f~J ♦^ I'j jL J.-*, ^j.^ ^ ^ J 

Mrs. Humphries' long and distinguished career 

at SMUS has been marked by her participation 

in the direction of many school musicals, her 

dedicated instruction of choir class after choir 

class, and her tireless encouragement of her 

students to reach their full potential. The school 

and its population have benefitted tremendously 

from her musical prowess and unwavering 

dedication, and she will be sorely missed as she 

tours Europe over the next year. Many thanks 

for the wonderful experiences and all the best in 




fhMm LBommd 

Barbara Leonard, originally from the Midlands of 
England, came to SMUS in 1982 after working for 
several years in an insane asylum and as a nurse in 
the British Armed Forces stationed in Hong Kong. 
Hired as a temporary part-time replacement for the 
head nurse, who was leaving the schooL Mrs. 
Leonard's "temporary" assignment soon turned into 
a full-time indefinite tour of duty, often involving 
24-hour-long shifts. In addition to her nursing 
duties, she w as the houseparent of the now-defunct 
Har\ ey House for several yeais, and acted as a 
counsellor, friend, and "granny figure" for the 
young students under her supervision. Seeing the 
children in her care grow up and become \oung 
adults has been one of the most satisfying aspects 
of her career, and although she has recently scaled 
back her contribution to part-time weekend work 
rather than full-time, she will thoroughly miss the 
school, its students, and its faculty. Her retirement 
this year, after 20 years of faithful service to the 
school, coincides with the graduation of her grand- 
daughter. Chantal. 






m* ^ ^ 
- •i%^. 



chaels University School 



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