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What Is A Vixen? 

Vixen is the name given to the fe- 
male fox of the genus Vulpes. Phys- 
ically, a vixen has a long, pointed 
nose, large, furry, triangular ears, 
and a full, bushy tail. Its red, black, 
or silver fur is among the most beau- 
tiful known. But her physical attri- 
butes are secondary to her other 
traits - speed, agility, and cunning. 

The vixen is traditionally praised in 
legends and fables for her graceful- 
ness and intelligence .... 



Villa Maria College 

2551 West Lake 


Erie, Pa 16505 

~j/£d$ 4 PvrnoNS 



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— -£m I 

JftS i oneANi NATIONS 













Welcome To Villa 

The year began in the family tradition at Villa 
with the members of Student and Residence 
Councils helping to move the Freshmen in. To the 
surprise and delight of many new students and 
their families, bands of Villa girls descended on 
their loaded cars to help unpack. No matter how 
large or small the chore, the Villa movers man- 
aged to get everyone settled-in quickly. This first 
day gave both the new Freshmen and the upper 
classes a chance to get to know each other. 

A Labor Day Weekend To Remember 



B tfg " WP 


Labor Day Weekend was off to a roaring start 
with a bonfire sponsored by Student Council. 
Scorched weiners and marshmallows were the 
gourmet meal of the evening. Monday, Labor 
Day, Villa prepared for the annual front-yard 
picnic. The weather had other plans. Thanks to 
Ted "SAGA" Foessett, the day (and corn on 
the cob) was saved by moving the picnic in- 

Once Upon A Time 

... on a Saturday in September, a bus loaded 
with girls from VMC took off for a day at 
Niagara Falls, Canada. 

When they arrived, they were struck by the beauty of the 
American Falls, 

and the roaring majesty of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls 

During their time in Canada, the Villa girls bus- 
ied themselves seeing the sights. 

4 Some girls chose the easy way to get around 




jjMfeta 4 

but most chose to walk it. Of course, buying 
souvenirs was part of the fun too! 

A few of the Villa women went a little wild and almost lost 
their heads, 

while others went to great lengths to get the most 
picturesque view of Niagara Falls. 

Luckily, there was always a lovely garden to rest 
beside after their tiring ordeals. 

All too soon, the day ended. Tired and happy, the 
girls of VMC dreamt of their Canadian holiday as 
the bus brought them safely back to Erie. 

The End 

Roudin' Up The Freshman 

The Sophomores got together to lasso up the 
Freshman and herd them into the cafeteria for 
a rip roaring night of good old western enter- 
tainment. There was plenty of dancin', refresh- 
ments, cheers from the crowd, not to mention 
an eager helping hand. It was a "happy hour" 
to be remembered. 




9 * ^M 


Commuters Set Up For Volleyball 

Commuter Council's project week was a five-day 
event filled with bake sales and free lunch-time ve- 
gies. But Friday was the day everyone was waiting 
for: a match-up between the commuters and the 
Villa Victors. The campus was "set" for a good 
volleyball match, and they weren't disappointed. 
The commuters got "bumped," but they were good 

Commuters Top Off Project Week 

As icing on the cake, Commuter Council ended 
its project week with a pie-eating contest. The 
"cream" of the Villa crop was on hand to 
"face" the competition. Even umpire Shirley 
Fletcher got a piece of the pie. Beth Gatesman, 
a freshmen nursing major, "took the cake" and 
the winning trophy. 

Villa Shows Spirit 

On Thursday, October 7, Villa celebrated Spirit 
Day. To cheer the Victors on for their match with 
Theil and Gannon, students wore buttons 
throughout the day announcing their support. 
That evening, between matches, Student Council 
had a contest for the student wearing the most 
Villa clothes. Luann Myers and Patty Perlinger 
were chosen as the most "spirited" students. The 
large turn out and supportive energy of the 
crowd made Spirit Day a huge success. 

Councils "Serve" Cerebral Palsy 

Why would over 30 girls spend 10 consecutive 
hours playing volleyball on a Saturday? To bene- 
fit Cerebral Palsy, of course. The poster child was 
on hand to watch the action. The day was long, 
but the rewards were many. 

Lunch With The Ghouls 

The "ghouls" of Villa Maria love to dres; 
up. That's why Halloween is such a specia 
time. Dorm rooms, class rooms, and espe 
daily the cafeteria were "haunted" by witch 
spirits, and never-before-seen creatures 
At lunch SAGA "dug up" a special treat foi 
their frightful guests and helped spread c 
little "spirit." 

An Evening With The Goblins 



That night, Residence Council threw a Hal- 
loween party in the gym for students and 
their visiting little sisters. Even more cos- 
tumed creatures were on hand (including the 
Villa Vixen) to dance the night away. Con- 
tests were held for the best costumes in four 
categories. All in all, everyone had a "devil- 
ishly" good time. 

Villa Shapes Up 


Weekends at Villa are a good time to catch up on all the things 
neglected during the week: homework, laundry, and . . . 
exercise! Friday afternoons and Sunday nights, Student Ser- 
vices provided aerobic dance classes. The fun and music gave 
real "shape" to the weekends. 

Precious Villa Moments 

1. Sometimes your teddy bear is your best 

2. It's a dog's life at Villa Maria College. 

3. Be quiet or I'll strangle you! 

4. This party is just totally, like wow! 

5. CHEESE1 . . . and pepperoni pizza! 

6. Hi! I'm a Theatre Arts major! 


Christmas is a traditional time at Villa. The holiday 
season officially begins with Christmas in Song 
and Ceremony. Members of the faculty, adminis- 
tration, student body, and the Erie community gath- 
er to listen to holiday music supplied by the College 
Chorus and to enjoy readings which express the 
holiday meanings. After the ceremony, everyone 
gathered in the cafeteria for refreshments and a 
chance to chat with friends. 

A Giving Season 

Chris Angel Week is another Villa Christmas tra- 
dition. Sponsored by Residence Council, it is a 
week-long event of mysterious packages, anony- 
mous cards, and lurking gift givers. After receiv- 
ing a small gift each night for five nights, all 
participants join in a Christmas party on Saturday 
afternoon to find out who has been sending them 
gifts. Everyone has a good time and usually winds 
up making new friends. 

It Was Like . . . Totally Awesome 

Like for sure, it was like one of the most 
tubular times. Like, it was Punk Rock Night at 
VMC. Like, all us gals just dressed in awe- 
some outfits and like, spent the whole night, 
you know, dancin' and listenin' to Doug Neville 
and his music. Like, wow, they even, you 
know, gave out records, like heel Awesome! 
But like, gag me, the night just had to end and 
we, you know, had to leave, but like, wow, it 
was a cosmic time, you know?! 

Villa Enjoys A Little Friction 

A coffeehouse at Villa gives everyone a 
chance to let their hair down, and this 
year, they were better than ever. One of 
the most memorable was when Friction 
played in the gym for almost 200 stu- 
dents. Friends from Gannon, Mercyhurst, 
and Behrend were also invited to this 
musical event. All night long (until 1), Villa 
women again proved they could get down 
and get funky. 


1. Could you repeat that please? 

2. Sugar and spice and everything punk. 

3. "D". Who took the "D"? 

4. What?! Our final is tomorrow?! 

5. You're not really going to take my picture . . . 

6. Hmmm. I wonder if he ever mentioned that in 

Commuters Make A Big Splash 

The commuters proved again they were 
good sports by sponsoring an Inner Tube 
Polo Match during their second semester 
project week. Everyone was invited to try 
their hand at this most exhausting of 
water sports. Of course, laughing your 
way in and out of inner tubes does not 
help the progress of the game (but it sure 
is fun). After the match, everyone enjoyed 
the culinary delights of Skip's Pizza. The 
evening was "all wet," but there were no 
"wet blankets" among the participants. 

You'll Love Erie 

They come by bus, by train, by plane, and by 
car. They are the college students that come to 
the Erie area to study. But there is more to Erie 
than books and term papers. Erie is the third 
largest city in Pennsylvania. Historically, it was 
from Erie that Commodore Oliver Hazard Per- 
ry launched his fleet to defeat the British in the 
Battle of Lake Erie. For recreation, Presque 
Isle State Park is the place to be summer and 
winter. Erie: what a nice place to be! 





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171 CnUrn^AL 



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9 °0 0(/t7 

Carta Rogean Andrews - 


Chemistry-Chorus, Folk 
Group, Student Council, Sci- 
ence Club, Residence Coun- 
"What a zoo." 

416 Beach Avenue 
Cambridge Springs, PA 

Charlene Sue Aylesworth 

- "Char" 

Elementary Education/Early 
Childhood Education-SPSEA 
(Pres.) Yearbook Staff. 

190 Meadville Pike 
Franklin, PA 16323 

Kathleen Ann Caracciolo 

- "Kathy" 

Early Childhood/Elementary 

Education - Sophomore Class 

Vice-President, Chorus, 

Chamber Singers, Campus 


30 Short Street 

Falls Creek, PA 15840 

Robin R. Carlin 

Nursing (A.D.N.) 


Amy Elizabeth Clouse - 


Nursing (B.S.N.) - College 
Chorus, Intramural Swim- 
ming, Inter-class Swim Meet, 
President of Campus Girl 
Scouts, Vice President of 
Senior Class, Senior Rep. to 
Student Life Committee, 
SNO, Folk Group. 
"It doesn't matter." 

R.D. #2 Box 1413 
Chicora, PA 16025 

Jeanne M. Collins - 

Nursing (A.D.N.) 

354 West 22nd Street 
Erie, PA 16502 

Diana L. Compel "Dr. 
Compel; Princess Di" 
Biology - Science Club- Vice 
President, Yearbook Staff 

422 E. Garden Road 
Pittsburgh, PA 15227 

Rhonda Kay Court right 


"You Bet." "Read the News- 

101 Orchard Road 
Du Bois, PA 15801 

Margaret Mary Church - 


Nursing (BSN) Vice President 
of Commuter Council, Mem- 
ber of Student Council 

4416 McClelland Ave. 
Erie, PA 16510 



Nadine Joy Damico - "N 


Therapeutic Recreation 


"Ya all." 


3512 Melrose Avenue 
Erie, PA 16505 


Lori Jean Davis - 


Nursing (BSN) - Volleyball, 

Basketball, Softball, Athletic 

Task Force. 

"Is it time to panic yet?" 


2040 Shadyside Avenue 
Ashtabula, OH 44004 

Cynthia Dee Deibert - 


Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Inter- 
class Swim Meet, Junior 
Class President, Senior Class 

"Do you want to read the 
newspaper? No, I'd rather do 
my laundry." 

601 Michigan Avenue 
Johnstown, PA 15905 

Catherine Dibble 

Nursing (A.D.N.) 

Patricia DiBello - "Patty' 
Elementary Education 

Sandra Jo Domeracki - 


Nursing (B.S.N.) - Secretary 
of Commuter Council, Presi- 
dent of Commuter Council, 
Rep. to Student Life Commit- 
tee, VMC Nursing Honor So- 
ciety, Inter-class Swim Meet, 
Swimming Intramurals, Cam- 
pus Girl Scouts. 

649 Marne Road 
Erie, PA 16511 



Nursing - 





Marie Eaton - 

North Dorm Swim 

times and great 
right cell block 

Portville, New York 

Laurie A. Fisher - "Deb" 
Nursing (BSN) 

"I don't believe we have 9 
million pages to read . . . but 
it doesn't matter." 

4625 Darcie Dr. 
Erie, PA 16506 

Carol Cole Flanagan 

English - Woman's Fair 1982 

300 Glenridge Road 
Erie, PA 16509 


Jacqueline S. Fonzo 

Nursing (A.D.N.) 

240 Pacific Street 
Franklin, PA 16323 

Lori Franks 

Kathleen Fulton - "Kathy" 
Elementary Education - Edu- 
cation Club 

"All things are subject unto 

2720 East 38th Street 
Erie, PA 16510 

Gayle Louise Glosner ■ 

"Punk Woman" 
Nursing (B.S.N.) - SNO, Intra- 
mural Swim Team, Tennis 
Team, Swim-A-Thon for 
American Red Cross. 
"You, too, can be a Villa 
Woman." "Oh my God, I 
can't wait 'till B.D." 

130 East Avenue 
Greenville, PA 16125 

Rita A. Goebel 

Elementary Education 

Rebecca Granger - 

Nursing (B.S.N.) 

91 Hartshorn Drive 
Painesville, OH 44077 


Michelle Dupree Harris - 


Elementary Education - Stu- 
dent Council, Student Affairs 
Comm. of Board of Trustees, 
JR. Class Rep. to Student 
Council, Yearbook and News- 
paper Photographer. 
"Oh Lord, get me through 
this year at Villa!" 

30 Phoenix Ave. 
Morristown, N.J. 07960 

Beth A. Hitchcock - 


ADN Nursing - Volley Ball 


"One day at a time." 

RD # 2 Irish Road 
Edinboro, PA 16412 

Dolores Jo Hugar- "Lori" 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education - SPSEA Vice 
President Yearbook Staff, 
Education Club. 
"Well, excuse my stupidity!" 

917 Buffalo Street 
Franklin, PA 16323 

Lori Izbicki - "Lori" 
Nursing (B.S.N.) - Tennis, 
Softball, Bowling, Activities 
Coordinator of Commuter 
Council, Rep. to Student Life 

"And here is my secret: it is 
only with the heart that one 
can see rightly; what is essen- 
tial is invisible to the eye." - 
Antoine De Saint-Exupery. 

Joni James - "Double J" 


Nursing (B.S.N.) - Softball, 

Volleyball, Secretary of 


"Don't put off for tomorrow 

what you can do today!" 

RD #2 Box 930 
Conneaut Lake, PA 16316 

David Jankowski 

Nursing (B.S.N.) 

^^BhaajSjL * 


9> <h\ 







Merri Frances Janoski - 


Nursing (A.D.N.) - SNO, Soft- 

Depot Street 

Mill Village, PA 16427 

Pam Johnson - "P. J." 

Business - Class Rep. to Stu- 
dent Council, Curriculum 
Committee Rep. to Student 
Council, Campus Girl Scouts, 
SNO, Yearbook Staff, Public- 
ity Co-Chairperson of Sopho- 
more and Junior Class. 

185 Hazelwood Drive 
Washington, PA 15301 

Cynthia J. E. Keyler 

"CJ, Spook" 

Psychology - Campus Girl 

Scouts, Science Club, SNO. 

23 Magnolia 
Denville, NJ 07834 

Cynthia R. Lewandowski 

"Cindy-Lewi - Pygmy" 
Nursing (BSN) - Program 
Planning Coordinator-Resi- 
dence Council, External Af- 
fairs Rep., Student Council 
"Do it in your spare time." 

R.D. 4 Box 296 
Slippery Rock, PA 16057 

Marianne Kirkwood 

Nursing (BSN) 

Patrick M. Knoll 

Nursing (BSN) 

"And now I go on, I'll tell you 
where when I get there. Same 
as it ever was. And I will ask 
myself, Why do it again? And 
I will say to myself, To find 
out why same as it ever was, 
same at it ever was." 

510 West 29th Street 
Erie, PA 16508 

Brenda Jean Marie Leo 


Nursing (BSN) 

"... and in your spare time . 

123 Lake Cliff Drive 
Erie, PA 16511 

Carolyn F. Lerch - 


Home Economics: Foods and 
Business - Residence Council 
Vice President, Residence 
Council Social Planning, 
Yearbook Staff, Yearbook 
Co-Editor, SAGA Student 

208 Ashland Avenue 
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 

Kathleen A. Luhr 


Nursing (ADN) - SNO. 

136 Martin Road 

St. Mary's, PA 15857 

Mary Bridget McBride 


Elementary Education - Vice 
President of Commuter 
Council, President of Spanish 
Club, Commuter Council 
Rep. to Student Council, 
SPSEA, Education Club 

2074 Charleston Ave. 
Erie, PA 16509 

Marsha Kay McCullough - 


Therapeutic Recreation A.D. 
Program - Freshman Yr. Pia- 
nist for choir, Readers The- 
ater, Chorus, Commuter 
Council, TRAC 
"Give it more! That was 
good, but we want more" 

152 Second Street 
Youngsville, PA 16371 

Christina Marie Mclndoe - 


Nursing (BSN) - Folk Group, 
Student Nurses Organization 
"Lots of hard work - Never 
giving up - Many friends and 
wonderful times." 

R.D. 2 Herman Road Box 

258 A 

Cabot, PA 16023 



Crystal A. McMillen 


Nursing (B.S.N.) - Sophomore 
Class President, College Cho- 
rus, Swimming Intramurals. 
"T.G.I. F." 

532 Hill Street 
Reynoldsville, PA 15851 

Diane Merkel • 

Therapeutic Recreation 

Tina Marie Monks - 


Nursing (B.S.N.) - SNO 

"Yes, I'm going home 


303 Jefferson Street 
Oil City, PA 16301 

Catherine Muravcki 


Dietetics - Freshman Publicity 
Chairperson, College Chorus, 
Chamber Singers, Student Di- 
etetics Association 
"How the *#&* did I end up 
in Erie?" 

165 Greenpoint Avenue 
Brooklyn NY 11222 

Susan Muye - 

Nursing (BSN) 

Jacqueline Marie Myers - 


Nursing (BSN) - Freshman 

Class President, Class Rep. to 

Student Council, Publicity 

Co-Chairperson of Student 

Council, Student Council 

Rep. to Analytical Studies 

Committee, SNO. 

"Do you want to read the 

newspaper? No, I'd rather do 

my laundry." 

Box 162 

Harmony, PA 16037 


i 4 

Luann Renee Myers - 


Psychology-Sophomore Rep. 
to Student Council, Social 
Vice-President of Student 
Council, President of Student 
Council, Psychology Club, 
Humanities Club. 
"Now What?" 

R. D. #3 Box 345 
Corry, PA 16407 

Mary Angela Francesca 
Pellegrino - "Mary" 
Elementary Education - Stu- 
dent Life Committee, Resi- 
dent Assistant, Junior Class 
Secretary, PSEA, Education 
Club, Elementary Education 
Rep. to TEAC, Folk Group. 

36 Foulkrod Street 
Sheffield, PA 16347 

Patricia Ann Perlinger - 


Business/ Accounting - Resi- 
dent Assistant, Senior Class 
Secretary, Residence Council 
President, Student Rep. to 
Business Department. 
"Let's have a food party!" 

390 Winterset Drive 
Pittsburgh, PA 

Julie Ann Pockey - "Julie" 

Early Childhood Education 

(Associates) - 

"The Key to Happiness is 

having Dreams; the Key to 

Success is making them come 


60 Jefferson Street 
Bradford, PA 16701 

Maureen Forde Power - 


Nursing (BSN) - SNO Nursing 

Honor Society. 

Marie Louise Quinn - "Ma- 

Nursing (BSN) - Senior Rep. 
to Student Council, Student 
Life Rep., Nursing Honor So- 

R. D. 6 Quarry Road 
Sewickley, PA 15143 

Debra Lynn Rafalski 


Therapeutic Recreation - Co- 
captain of basketball team, 
volleyball, softball, Vice- 
president of Residence Coun- 
cil, Senior Rep. to Student 

"Good-bye Villa - Hello 

4024 Eliza Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 

Susan Janeen Louise Hit- 
ter "Sue R." 
Nursing (BSN) - SNO. 
"I have no yesterdays, time 
took them away ... all I have 
is today!" 

16 E. Greenville Drive 
Greenville, PA 16125 

Mary Cecilia Rudge "Mar- 

Communications - Tennis 
Team, Student Council Club 
Coordinator, Student Council 
Academic Vice-president, 
Yearbook Staff, Yearbook 
Editor, Inter-class Swim 
Meet, Modern Language 
Club, Folk Group. 
"Just deal with it." 

537 Middle Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15227 

Natalie Schwab 

Nursing (B.S.N.) 

Louann C. Scully - "Lou" 
Elementary Education - 
PSEA, Education Club, Folk 

243 Locust Street 
Lakewood, NY 14750 

Paula Rae Shaken - 


Nursing (B.S.N.) - SNO, Sen- 
ior Class Treasurer 
"Do you want to read the 
newspaper? No, I'd rather do 
my laundry." 

1909 Irwin Street 
Aliquippa, PA 15001 

Mary Anne Shubert "Shu- 

Nursing (BSN) - Basketball, 
Volleyball, SNO. 

170 Penwood Road 
York, PA 17402 

Amy J. S/o//"Amy" 

Nursing (ADN) - SNO. 

485 Walnut Street 
St. Mary's, PA 15857 

Amy L. Smith - "Ames" 
Nursing (BSN)-Freshman 
Class Treasurer, Junior Rep. 
to Student Council, Treasur- 
er of Student Council. 
"How many more months 

21 Murray Street 
Union City, PA 16438 

Janet Sobleskie 

Nursing (BSN) 


Julie Stemplinski - Julie" 
Nursing (BSN) - SNO. 
"Do you want to read the 
newspaper? No, I'd rather do 
my laundry." 

701 Moore Avenue 
North Apollo, PA 15673 

Sally A. Sunseri - "Sally" 
Nursing (BSN) - SNO (Corre- 
sponding Secretary, Aca- 
demic Vice-president, Presi- 
dent), VMC Honor Society, 
Junior Rep. to Student Coun- 

"Do you want to read the 
newspaper? No, I'd rather do 
my laundry." 

309 Main Street 
Rouseville, PA 16344 

Laura Ann Szymanowicz 

- "Laura" 

Nursing (BSN) - Vice-presi- 
dent of Commuter Council, 
Commuter Rep. to Student 
Council, Chorus, Yearbook 
"It just doesn't matter." 

3202 West 26th Street 
Erie, PA 16506 

Tina Marie Todhunter 

Nursing (BSN) 

Carol Frances Van Zile - 


Social Work - Softball, Secre- 
tary of Social Work Club, 
President of Social Work 
"Patience is everything." 

Second Street 
Roulette, PA 16746 

Mary Lou Vincent 

"Mary Lou" 

Nursing (BSN) - Commuter 


"I'll do it in my spare 


3523 Atlantic Avenue 
Erie, PA 

Cheryl Ann Wallace - 


Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Cho- 
rus, St. Catherine Award, Sr. 
Doloretto Memorial Award, 
VMC Honor Society. 
"In your spare time." 

R. D. 

#2 Box 64-A 
PA 16735 

Julie Marie Willems 


Nursing (BSN) - Social Vice- 
president to Student Council, 
Junior Rep. to Student Coun- 
cil, SNO. 
"Oh well, that's life." 

8340 Post Road 
Allison Park, PA 15101 

Deborah Cawoski - 


Nursing (BSN) - Resident As- 
sistant, SNO. 

233 Loyalhanna Avenue 
Latrobe. PA 15650 

Deborah L. Gill "Deb" 
English - Perceptions Staff, 
Vixen Staff, College Chorus, 
Science Club 

"The light at the end of the 
tunnel is probably the head- 
lamp of an oncoming train." 

2171 Darlington Road 
Beaver Falls, PA 15010 

Douglas E. Rohde - 


Medical Laboratory Technol- 

"A closed mouth gathers no 

2708 E. Park Lane 
Erie, PA 16506 

Seniors Experience Practicums 

An important part of senior year for most ma- 
jors is the time spent in practicums and intern- 
ships. Area hospitals, like Hamot Medical Cen- 
ter and Saint Vincent's Health Center, offer 
students in nursing, allied health, therapeutic 
recreation, psychology, and social work a 
chance for hands-on experience. Education 
majors are placed in private and public schools 
throughout Erie as student teachers. Other 
area facilities also sponsor intern programs. 
On-campus practicums are also available to 
some majors. The practical experience gained 
from these practicums are an invaluable part of 
a Villa education. 



Saint Vincent 
Health Center 

>* .1- 

Look Out World, Here I Come! 


^^_^^H IHa^HH? _^j 


*l « 




n d 


Student Council 


Senior Reps. - Jan Nolf, Rhonda 
Courtright, Pam Johnson, Marie 
Quinn. Junior Reps. - Kim 
Palsa, Bridget Pastor, Mary 
Margaret Mcintosh, Trish 
Kenawell. Sophomore Reps. - 
Anne Milkowski, Sharon Davis, 
Anne Davis, Todd Gustafson. 
Freshmen Reps. - Sue Okert, 
Sandy Gurecka, Mary Alyce 
Nelson, Angie Fitzinger. Resi- 
dence Council Rep. - Carla An- 
drews. Commuter Council Rep. 
- Laura Szymanowicz. 

n ■■■■■■la 


Pres. - Luann Myers, Academic 
V. P. - Mary Rudge, Social V. P. 
- Julie Willems, Recording Sec. - 
Nina Corpus, Corresponding 
Sec. - Jena Wyatt, Treasurer - 
Amy Smith, Publicity Co-Chair- 
women - Teresa Walter and 
Nancy Herrington, Club Coor- 
dinator - Patty Caldwell. 

Academic Affairs Rep. - Mary 
Rosenbaum, Curriculum Com- 
mittee Rep. - Tina Todhunter, 
Discipline Committee Rep. - 
Terry Langdon, Analytical 
Studies Rep. - Jackie Myers, 
Student Life Rep. - Sherry 
Merglowski, Academic/Faculty 
Affairs Rep. - Linda Van Scoter, 
Budget/Business/Finance Rep. 
- Betsy Lake, External Affairs 
Rep. - Cindy Lewandowski. 

Residence Council 

North Dorm Rep. - Linda Van 
Scoter, South Dorm Rep. - 
Kathy Hawes, Floor Manag- 
ers - Elaine Vey, Michelle Pot- 
ter, Kathy Bon, Lisa Beder- 
man, Germaine Hornig, An- 
nette Palo, Katie Turner, 
Paula Fisher. 

Pres. - Mary-Margaret Mcintosh, 
Vice-Pres. - Carolyn Lerch, Sec. - 
Elaine Vey, Treas. - Kelly Roche, 
Publicity - Sharon Davis and Mary 

S ■■■>■«■ k( 
iiiiMiniiiiiiHiiiiii ■■■*■■ 


■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■ 

Commuter Council 

Pres. - Sandy Basik, Vice-Pres. - Laura 
Szymanowicz, Sec. /Treas. - Donna Cic- 
cone, Activities Coordinator - Lori Iz- 

Class Officers 



Pres. - Cindy Deibert, Vice-Pres. - Amy Clouse, Sec- 
retary • Patty Perlinger, Treasurer - Paula Shahen. 

Pres. - Trish Kenawell, Vice-Pres. - Kim Palsa, Secre- 
tary - Maureen Gallagher, Treasurer - Mel Afton. 


Pres. - Melissa Landis, Vice-Pres. - Beth Smelas, Sec- 
retary - Valerie Weygandt, Treasurer - Gayle Klein. 


Pres. - Mary Alyce Nelson, Vice-Pres. - Justine Alli- 
son, Secretary - Leah Burden, Treasurer - Karen 

Resident Assistants 

&» M* &» H • Jr\ 

Charlene Aylesworth (Pres.), Lori Hugar 
(Vice-Pres.), Patti Kramer (Sec), Jeanne 
Corey (Treas.), Michelle Harris, Janine 
Bonyak, Joanne Morris, Anne Tronetti, 
Chris Alteri, Elaine Duclas, Sandra Miller, 
Holly Anderson, Marcia Karpinski, Mari- 
anne Henshaw, Bea Kaplan, Mary Pelli- 
grino, Louann Scully, Melanie Afton, Amy 
Motto, Norma Conklin, Mary Hopkins, 
Sue Mclndoe, Moreta Christy, Laurie 
Close, Lori Conley, Alice Miller, Mary 
Koskoski, Cheryl Francis. 

Jackie Bellizzi, Debbie Cawoski, 
Cheryl Erich, Maureen Gallagher, 
Alice Miller, Patty Perlinger, 
Tammy Potts, Jenean Swanson, 
Ann Szustak, Libby Tahara, Sister 
Mary Frances Humenay (Director 
of Residents). 


Heidi Hosey (Editor), Sarah 
Bond, Deb Gill. 


I • mi.A.C. 

Pres. - Jena Wyatt, Vice-Pres. - Nancy Herrington, 
Treasurer - Patty Caldwell, Secretary - Deb Ra- 
falski, Mary Jane Barber, Judith Bostaph, Kim 
Chandler, Therese Conaboy, Maria Cutter, Na- 
dine Damico, Denise Dozois, Linda Ellsworth, 
Kathy Frew, Maureen Gallagher, Doreen Gos- 
tomski, Eartha Grimes, Gail Guzzetta, Kristin Har- 
dinger, Nel Hurley, Sr. Helen Heher, Louisa 
Leeper, Michelle Matz, Kathy McGowan, Vicki 
Page, Lynn Peake, Pam Plasket, Cindy Polesnak, 
Rosemarie Van Der Molen, Teresa Walter, Kathy 
Hammond, Cathay Kramer, Marsha McCullough, 
Diane Merkel, Kim Przepifriski, Wilma Shirley. 

Social Work 

Pres. - Carol Van Zile, Vice-Pres. - 
Ann Majerik, Secretary - Marie 
Dougherty, Treasurer - Germaine 
Hornig, Kim Losak, Celia Wood, 
Deidre Hamel, Betsy Lynn. 

Science Club 

Carla Andrews (Pres.), Diana Com- 
pel (Vice Pres.), Sue Ames (Sec), 
Sherry Merglowski (Pub.), Mel Afton 
(Treas.), Barb O'Connor, Cindy 
Lewandowski, Cindy Keyler, Linda 
Van Scoter, Kelley Roche, Tim Kim- 
mel (advisor), B. J. Chitester (advi- 
sor), and "Blip." 


Elaine Zasada (M), Catherine Mur- 
avcki (VMC), Lisa Skrzypczak 
(VMC), Paulette Vacarro (M), Sandra 
DeDad (VMC), Marcia Stallmann (E), 
Colette Fusco (M), Jill Macauley (M), 
Maria Haas (M), Sue Baker (M), Tom 
Murphy (M), Libby Tahara (VMC), 
June Snell (M), Jackie Bellizzi (VMC), 
Dianne Bergman (VMC), Jill Babay 

Student Nurses Organization 

Sally Sunseri (Pres.), Mary Ann Shubert 
(Social Vice Pres.), Ann Szustak (Vice 
Pres. of Academic Affairs), Bridget Pas- 
tor (Recording Sec), Tina Staab (Corre- 
sponding Sec), Merry Kay Turk 

M. Anderli, L. Anyzek, K. Barker, M. Bayne, J. Bidwell, A. Brazeau, T. Burkhart, K. 
Carlson, J. Carr, A. Clouse, A. Davis, S. Davis, C. Diebert, S. Domeracki, P. Douglas, 
C. Emery, M. Emery, M. Engman, C. Erich, D. Evans, C. Feldman, A. Fritzinger, B. 
Gatesman, M. Gaynord, G. Glosner, S. Gurecka, M. Hallett, L. Hogan, K. Howard, C. 
Huber, S. Hurley, M. Janoski, T. Kenawell, K. Kerstetter, A. King, N. Kisegy, G. 
Klein, B. Lake, L. Lynch, D. Mack, B. Mangold, M. Martin, K. Matava, M. McGovern, 
M. McGuire, C. Mclndoe, M. Mcintosh, L. Mclntyre, A. Meyer, T. Monks, J. Myers, 
C. Noche, J. Nolf, A. Palo, K. Palsa, H. Pilarczyk, M. Potter, V. Powell, M. 
Rosenbaum, P. Shahen, L. Shannon, S. Shotter, G. Shreckengost, B. Smelas, K. 
Stebell, J. Swanson, J. Stemplinski, J. Tye, E. Vey, S. Walmer, C. Wallace, V. 
Weygandt, C. Wrobleski, S. Zamborsky, C. Borrero, S. Rose, T. Ropelewski, J. 
Allison, K. McGroder. 

Campus Girl Scouts 

Pres. - Amy Clouse, Vice-Pres. - 
Mary Reilly, Secretary- Beth Sme- 
las, Treasurer - Pam Johnson, Cin- 
dy Keyler, Cindy Lewandowski, 
Linda Van Scoter, Sandy Domer- 
acki, Michelle Gaynord, Kelly Ker- 
stetter, Sharon Davis, Annette 
Palo, Judy Micale, Ann Heidt 
Flick, Miriam Kneller 

Home Economics Club 

Pres. - Nancy Bauer, Vice-Pres. - 
Mary Jean Tkach, Secretary - Ju- 
lie Tubbs, Treasurer - Kathy Mat- 
tis, Holly Anderson, Kim Rawa, 
Mary Genk, Kathleen Johnson. 

SAGA Food Service 

Ann, Brenda, Joann, Alan, Madeline, Sharon, Bobby, Fran, and Ted 

College Chorus 

Folk Group 

Cindy Lewandowski, Amy Clouse, Cheryl Wal- 
lace, Carla Andrews, Laura Szymanowicz, Sis- 
ter Lucille DeStefano, Marsha McCullough, 
Carolyn Pakiela. 

Louann Scully, Amy Clouse, Katie Turner, 
Pam Johnson, Mary Rudge, Michelle Gayn- 
ord, Chris Mclndoe. 


VMC Honor Society Of Nursing 

Executive Board 

Agnes Priscaro, Lu- 
cille McCarty, Joyce 
Boxer, Jolynn Er- 
rante, Sandra 
Kramer, Sister Janet 
Goetz, Kathleen 
Burke, Katherine Bry- 
an, Elaine Britton, 
Ann Wildblood 

Senior Members 

Sally Sunseri, Mau- 
reen Power, Natalie 
Schwab, Sandy Do- 
meracki, Peg Church, 
Paula Shahen, Cindy 
Lewandowski, Marie 
Quinn, Mary Jo Tay- 
fur, Cheryl Wallace 

IE — 

Mary Rudge (Editor), Rick Allen (Josten's 
Rep.), John Young (Advisor), The Villa Vixen. 

Mary The Editor says: "We only have to finish 
ninety pages by tomorrow. No problem." 

Michelle Adams, Sandy Hurley, Diana Compel, 
Deb Gill, Lori Hugar, Tina Todhunter, Patti 
Kramer, Charlene Aylesworth, Antoinette Ra- 
tigliano, Norma Conklin. 

Special Thanks to Laura Szymanowicz, Car- 
la Andrews, Cynthia Lewandowski, and Amy 

Before Final Deadline 

After Final Deadline 





Sr. M. Lawreace Antoun, SSJ- seventeen years, Presi- 
dent: B.S. VMC, M.S., Ph.D. University of Notre Dame. 

Dr. Dorothy Jean Novello- twenty-two years, V.P. for 
Academic Affairs, Academic Dean, Dean of Erie Institute 
for Nursing: B.S.N., M.S. Duquesne University, Ph.D. Har- 
vard University; enjoys reading, traveling, walking, danc- 
ing, writing; involved in College Committees, SNO (faculty 

Sr. Jean Baptiste DILuzio- six years, V.P. for Busi- 
ness Affairs: B.A. VMC, M.A. Case Western Reserve 
University; enjoys reading, crosswords. 

Dr. Joann D. Painter' thirteen years, V.P. of Student 
Affairs: B.S. Penn State, M.Ed. Gannon Univ., Ph.D. 
Case Western Reserve University; enjoys tennis, piano, 
skiing; involved in Student Life Committee, Executive 
Council, Planning Team. 

Sr. Mary Mark Doubet- ten years, V.P. for Planning and 
Management: B.A. VMC, M.S. John Carroll University, 
Ph.D. University of Iowa; enjoys golf, bowling, bridge; in- 
volved in Bowling Club. 

K. Steven Bird' two years, Vice President for External 
Affairs: B.S. Northern Michigan University, M.Ed. State 
University of New York; enjoys bridge, golf, reading. 

Sr. Mary Yvo Moosmann- thirty-three years, 
Director of Physical Resources and Auxiliary Ser- 
vices: B.S. VMC, M.A. State University of Iowa; 
enjoys travel, cooking, making afghans. 

Monsignor Homer C. DeWalt- first year, As- 
sociate Dean of Education: A.B. Canisius College, 
M.A. John Carroll University, Ph.D. University of 
Minnesota; enjoys music, gardening, stamp col- 

Ann Heldt Flick- 4 years, Dir. of Fin. Aid: B.S., 
M.Ed. Edinboro S.C.; enjoys skiing, baking, sew- 
ing, reading, tennis, involved in Campus Girl 
Scouts, Social Comm. of College Council, Ex. 
Comm. of College Council. 

Gary D. Froehlich- first year, Director of Ad- 
missions: B.A. Gannon College, M.A. St. Mary's 
University; enjoys running, basketball, trivia. 

Timothy P. Fogarty first year, Registrar: B.A. 
Gannon University. 

Sr. Marilyn Terwilliger- Director of Place- 

Sr. Mary Thomas Downing- six years, Librarian: B.S. 
VMC, M.L.S. University of Pgh., PA Certification Edinboro 
State; enjoys reading, helping and clowning; involved in 
Academic Affairs Committee, Grievance Committee, Col- 
lege Council and College Clowns. 

Sr. Eleanor Jones- fourteen years, Assistant Librarian: 
B.A. VMC, M.L.S. Case Western Reserve; enjoys reading, 
sewing, latch hook. 

Sister Mary Julia Scully- seven years, Director of Media 
Library: B.S. VMC; enjoys reading, sewing, knitting. 

Sister Joachim- six years, Director of Curriculum Li- 
brary: B.A. VMC, M.E. Duquesne University; enjoys 
walking, traveling, crafts, needlework. 

Sister Eunice Carlos- thirty years, College Archivist: 
B.S. VMC, M.A. ST. John College, post grad work 
George Peabody College; enjoys children, research; in- 
volved in Early Childhood Education Club. 

Jan Sweny- three years, Director of Public Relations: 
B.A. IUP; enjoys photography, camping, hiking, motor- 
cycling, skiing, writing. 

H -^—-———^.j^^-,^—,, 

■n^B Pwm^ ?» 

f w% 

■0 - 1?? 

— 1 — ^^H 


M, V 

Sandra Williams Mead- seven years, Director 
of Counseling Services: B.A. VMC, M.Ed. Gan- 
non University, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, 
Inc.; enjoys T'ai Chi, jazz piano, cooking; involved 
in College Council, Advisor to Student Council. 

Sr. Colette Palmer, R.N.- first year, Director 
of Health Services: B.S.N. VMC; enjoys plants, 
crochet, tennis. 

Mrs. Otteni- Housemother. 

Fr. Jerome Simmons- seven years, Campus 
Minister: Masters of Counseling Gannon Universi- 
ty, Masters of Christian Spirituality Creighton 
University; enjoys basketball, swimming, racquet- 
ball, jogging, photography. 

Sr. Mary Frances Humenay-iour years, Direc- 
tor of Residents: B.S. VMC, M.Ed. Boston Col- 
lege; enjoys music, reading, puzzles; involved in 
Student Life Committee, Campus Ministry, Folk 

Sr. Karen Soliwoda- three years, Associate 
Director of Residents: B.A. VMC, M.A. Universi- 
ty of Notre Dame; enjoys reading, trying to play 
the piano. 

Sr. Phyllis DiFucria- four years, Dean for Alternative 
Learning: B.A. VMC, M.A. Middlebury College; enjoys 
fishing, reading, dancing, bicycling, rug hooking, cooking; 
involved in College Council. 

Sr. Mary Fromknecht- two years, Learning Consultant 
for Adults, B.S. VMC, M.S. Gannon University, M.T.M. 
Loyola University; enjoys people, bike-riding, reading, 
sketching; involved in R.E.A.P., Commuter Council. 

Marie F. Yost' Director of Continuing Education Pro- 

Sr. Virginia Ann Gardner' Director of Community 
Relations/REAP: B.A. VMC, M.A. Marquette Universi- 
ty; enjoys reading, writing, crossword puzzles. 

Sr. Margaret O'Brien' Assistant Director of Physical 

Holly Beth MacTaggart- first year, Admissions Coun- 
selor: B.A. Penn State; enjoys running, racquetball, bik- 
ing, hiking, camping. 

Sister Christine Quirk, SSJ- ten years, 
English/Director of Alumnae Relations: B.A. 
VMC, M.A. Marquette University; enjoys 
music, drawing, embroidery, cake 
decorating, sewing, swimming, walking, table 
decorating; involved in Social Committee of 
College Council, Advisor to National and 
Erie Executive Boards of the Alumnae 

Ted Foessett- four years, Food Service 
Director: B.A. Mercyhurst College; enjoys 
Softball, racquetball, hockey; involved in 
Food Committee. 

Sister Mary Rose- Nursing lab. 

Lois Folino- Secretary to the President. 

Betty Benson- VMC Bookstore. 
Doris Carniewski- Information Office. 

V.I 1 

St> ' ft; 

1 1 j 


ffuf/} F. Hahn- twenty-one years, Chairperson, 
Business Dept.: B.A. VMC, M.A. Gannon Univer- 
sity; enjoys sewing, swimming; involved in Soci- 
ety for Advancement of Management. 

John E. Wroblewski- three years, Marketing: 
A.A. Penn State, B.S. LaSalle College, M.A. Gan- 
non University; enjoys racquetball, skiing; in- 
volved in Society for Advancement of Manage- 

Sr. Elizabeth Ann Niebauer- five years, Busi- 
ness: B.S. VMC, M.B.A. Xavier University; en- 
joys reading, sewing, playing piano, art. 

Shirley Fletcher- six years, Director of Athlet- 
ics and Volleyball, Basketball, Softball Coach: 
B.S., M.Ed. Edinboro State College; enjoys 
sports of all types (golf, softball, racquetball). 

Miriam S. Kneller- eighteen years, Physical 
Education Coordinator: B.S. East Stroudsburg 
State College; enjoys swimming, crafts, nature 
study, reading; involved in American Red Cross, 
Campus Girl Scouts, Student Life Committee. 
Sr. Ann Marie Cappello- eight years, Elemen- 
tary Education: B.S. VMC, M.E. Edinboro State 
College; enjoys sewing, arts and crafts, music, 
travel; involved in Executive Committee, Teacher 
Educational Advisory Committee, member of 
Campus School Advisory Board. 

Dr. Robert Buchmeier- seven years, Educa- 
tion: B.M.E., M.Ed. University of Minnesota, 
Ph.D. University of Chicago; enjoys computers, 
cross-country skiing, camping. 

Nancy Briggs- six years, Early Childhood Edu- 
cation: B.S., M.Ed. Penn State; enjoys sewing, 
baking, music. 

Roberta Barilla- four years, Education: B.S. 
VMC, M.Ed. Edinboro State College. 

Dr. Mary Jo Cherry- eight years, Education: 
B.S. VMC, M.Ed. University of Maryland, Ph.D. 
Kent State University; enjoys cooking, baking, 
latch-hooking, playing piano; involved in Educa- 
tion Club. 

Donald L. Tronetti- Education: 
Bonaventure University. 

M.Ed. Saint 

Dr. Jean A. Williams- eighteen years, Educa- 
tion: B.S. Slippery Rock State College, M.Ed. 
University of Pgh., Ed.D. University of Sarasota; 
enjoys bridge, reading. 

Dr. Suzanne Perry Loss- six years, Human 
Ecology: B.S. IUP, M.S., D.Ed. Penn State; en- 
joys gardening, collecting old furniture, reading, 
ballet, theater, music. 

Elaine N. Clyburn-s\\ years, Social Work: B.S. 
Le Moyne College, M.S.W. Howard University; 
enjoys camping; involved in grievance commit- 
tee, College Council. 

Dr. Richard LeVan- Psychology. 

Mark L. Mitchell- first year, Psychology: A.B. 
Washington and Lee University, M.A. Ohio State 
University; enjoys tennis, basketball, letter-writ- 

Gene Powers- first year, Social Work: B.A. 
University of Georgia, M.S.W. Flordia State Uni- 
versity; enjoys writing, motorcycles. 

Joyce Miller lutcovich- five years, Sociology: 
B.A. Edinboro State College, MA., Ph.D. Kent 
State University; enjoys family activities, reading, 

Roy Olsson- Therapeutic Recreation: M.S. Kan- 
sas State College. 

Diane Knight-Kallor- first year, Therapeutic 
Recreation: B.S. Kent State University, M.S. 
Penn State; enjoys art, travelling, canoeing, gar- 
dening, skiing, tennis. 

Dr. Gary R. Klrby- seven years, English: M.A. 
Loyola University, Ph.D. Northwestern Universi- 
ty; enjoys camping, nature, writing, soccer coach- 
ing, racquetball. 

Sr. Lucille DeStefano- fifteen years, Music- 
Fine Arts: B.A. VMC, M.M.Ed. Roosevelt Univ., 
Graduate Study Dequesne Univ., Northeast Mis- 

souri State Univ., Temple Univ.; enjoys Liturgical 
Music, reading, traveling, art and theatre perfor- 
mances; involved in Cultural Activities, Student 
Life Committee, Curriculum Committee, Director 
of College Chorus. 

John Young- twelve years, English: B.A. Col- 
lege of St. Thomas, M.A. Gannon University, 
Ph.D. Studies University of Denver; enjoys 
sports, films, photography, fishing; VMC Year- 
book Advisor. 

Margaret Y. Krider- over thirty years, Fine 
Arts: B.F.A. CMU, M.Ed. Edinboro State Col- 
lege; enjoys fiber artistry, professional painting, 
writing. . 83 


Dr. Ann D. Cossette- three years, Religion- 
Philosophy: B.A. Rivier College, M.A. Boston 
College, M.A. Manhattanville College, Ph.D. Mar- 
quette University. 

Sr. Michele Healy, SSJ- two years, Theology: 
B.S. VMC, M.A. Sacred Science St. Bonaventure 
University; enjoys gardening, cooking, camping, 
travel in the Holy land; involved in Student Life 
Committee, Sophomore Class Advisor. 

Dr. Consuelo M. Sague- fifteen years, Spanish- 
Spanish Civilization: Stgo de Cuba College, Ed.D. 
Havanna University, New York University; en- 
joys golf, pottery, knitting, reading, writing; in- 
volved in Spanish Club. 


Thomas Parthenakis- eleven years, History: 
B.A. Heidelberg College, M.A., Ph.D. Kent State 
University; enjoys wrestling, baseball, coaching 
youth football, travel, reading history and con- 
temporary politics; Senior Class Advisor. 

Dr. Anthony Grimaldi-iive years, Humanities: 
B.A. Hofstra University, M.A., Ph.D. Ohio Uni- 
versity; enjoys vintage wines, cooking and eating 
fine meals, eighteenth century music; involved in 
Analytical Studies Team. 

Teresa Ann Peduzzi- seven years, Psych and 
Mental Health Nursing: B.S.N. Duquesne Univer- 
sity, M.S.N. University of Pennsylvania. 

Deb Gorny- four years, Nursing: B.S.N. VMC, 
M.S.N. University of Pittsburgh. 

Mary Smith- Director, Continuing Education 
Program EIN: M.N.Ed. University of Pittsburgh. 

M. Howard- nine years, Adult Health: M.A. 
Gannon University, M.S.N. Edinboro State Col- 

Sandy Kramer- iour years, Nursing: B.S.N. Uni- 
versity of Pgh., M.S.N. Case Western Reserve 
University; enjoys reading, gardening, plants, 
sewing, going to beach; involved in VMC Honor 
Society of Nursing. 

Ann Wildblood- first year, Nursing: B.S. Penn 
State, B.S.N. VMC, M.S. Virginia Common- 
wealth University; enjoys swimming, macrame, 
hooking rugs, handicrafts; involved in VMC 
Alumnae Association, VMC Honor Society of 
Nursing. 85 

Mrs. Lois Bernardini- ten years, Adult Health: 
B.S. VMC, M.S.N. Edinboro State College; en- 
joys swimming, reading, hiking, cooking. 

Shirley Francisco- seven years, Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Nursing: B.S.N.VMC, M.S.N. University 
of Pgh., Part-time Ph.D. Studies University of 
Pgh; enjoys reading, listening to music, spending 
time with family. 

Pat Messmer- two years, Adult Health: B.S. 
University of Pgh., M.S.N. Edinboro State Col- 

Jolynn Errante- two years, Parent-Child Nurs- 
ing: B.S.N. M.S. University of Michigan. 

Nancy A. Lester- first year, Assistant Professor 
of Nursing: B.S.N Case Western Reserve Univer- 
sity, M.S.N. Catholic University of America; en- 
joys boating, needlecraft, sumi, painting; involved 
in Honor Society for Nursing. 

Kathy Lu Peganoff- two years, Laboratory As- 
sistant- Nursing: B.S. Mercyhurst College, B.S.N. 
VMC, M.S.N. Studies University of Texas Medi- 
cal Branch; enjoys traveling, photography, music, 
dance, movies; involved in AACN, PNA, VMC 
Honor Society for Nursing. 

Katherine G. Bryan- two years, Clinical In- 
structor-Nursing: B.S.N. VMC, Graduate Study 
Edinboro State College, enjoys swimming, em- 
broidery, cats; involved in Student Life, VMC 
Honor Society of Nursing, VMC Alumnae. 

Mary Wade- first year, Nursing Instructor. 

Barbara McNally- first year, Chemistry: B.S., 
M.Ed. Edinboro State College; enjoys racquet- 
ball, sewing. 

James E. Zaranek- Chairperson, Dept. of 
Science/Allied Health: M.S. West Virginia Uni- 

David J. Gustafson- eleven years, Biology: 
B.S., M.Ed. Gannon University; enjoys underwat- 
er photography, scuba diving, camping, hunting, 
fishing, traveling. 

Betty Jo Chi tester- four years, Chemistry, 
Medical Technology: B.S. Lockhaven State Col- 
lege, M.S. Youngstown State Univ.; enjoys hunt- 
ing, fishing, reading, photography, peace and jus- 
tice issues; involved in College Council, Faculty 
Welfare Comm., Academic Affairs, TEAC, Sci- 
ence Club, American Chemical Society. 

Sr. Raymond Marie Bohrer- twenty-one years, 
Director of Cancer Research, Scholar in Resi- 
dence: B.S. VMC, M.S. Notre Dame University, 
Ph.D. St. Thomas Institute; enjoys cross-word 
puzzles, crocheting, travel. 

J. Timothy Kimmel- two years, Biology: B.S. 
IUP, M.A. Southern Illinois University; enjoys fal- 
conry, nature photography, hunting, fishing, 
backpacking; involved in Science Club. 

Dawna T. Mughal- ten years, Dietetics: M.S. 
Southern Illinois University, Ph.D. candidate 
Penn State; enjoys travel and music. 

Dr. Billie L. Perkins- three years, Biology. 

Joan M. Miller- eight years, Philosophy-West- 
ern Civilization: B.A. (Math and Philosophy) Car- 
low College, "Graduat" University of Louvain, 
Ph.L. Institut Catholique de Paris, Ph.D. candi- 
date University of Louvain, Ph.D. candidate 
Ecole Pratique Des Hautes Etudes; enjoys travel, 
photography, tennis; involved in College Council, 
Executive Committee, League of Women Voters, 
Travel and Tours Information Service. 

It All Happens Here 

The academic complex of Villa Maria Col- 
lege is made up of A'Hearn Hall (the Ad- 
ministration Building), the Academic 
Building, the Lecture Hall, the Auditor- 
ium/Gymnasium, and the Natatorium 
(Swimming Pool). Completed in 1961, the 
Academic and Administration Buildings 
were the first structures on the newly relo- 
cated Villa Maria College campus. The 
Gymnasium and Natatorium were com- 
pleted in the Fall of 1963. The newest 
building on campus, the Lecture Hall, was 
build in 1972. Together, these buildings 
form the backbone for life at Villa Maria 


'Nancy Nurse, reporting for duty, sir." 

"Decisions, decisions. And only 3 minutes 
between classes." 

'Excuse me. I'm trying to get some work done here. 

" Why must they teach the linguistics of English in 


"I can only interrupt my studies for a minute. So 
hurry up with the picture already." 

grade A 



Set For Victory 

The Villa Victors lived up to their name this 
year with another outstanding season. Mem- 
bers of this year's team were: Joni James, 
Anne Davis, Pam Plasket, Lori Davis, Nancy 
Fay, Camille Sachenik, Julie Carr, Melissa Lan- 
dis, Merry Turk, Beth Gatesman, Sandy Gur- 
ecka, Kathleen McGroder, and Marianne Hen- 

jli V1UM 

II ! 

/ \ 


Sept. 22 

Sept. 25 

Sept. 30 

Oct. 2 
Oct. 4 
Oct. 7 
Oct. 12 
Oct. 14 
Oct. 16 
Oct. 18 

Oct. 21 

Oct. 26 
Oct. 28 
Oct. 30 

Nov. 2 

Nov. 4 
Nov. 6 
Nov. 8 
Nov. 10 

Gannon & Fredonia 

at Gannon 
Behrend, Geneva, 
& Pitt Bradford 
Westminster & Butler 

CC at Westminster 
Thiel & Gannon 
Grove City 
Pitt Bradford 
Geneva & Cal. of Pa. 

at Geneva 
Behrend & Clarion 

at Behrend 
Allegheny Tournament 

at Allegheny 
Thiel & Robert 

NAIA Districts 
Grove City 











11:00 AM 


11:00 AM 


9:00 AM 



Villa Basketball 

\ / 

Special Note 

Due To A Number Of 
Uncontrollable Factors, An 
Intercollegiate Basketball 
Team For 1982-1983 Was 
Not Possible. Here Is A 
Wish From The Yearbook 
Staff That Basketball May 
Return In The Near Future. 

Villa Gets Sporty 

i. V r.<ji 

^^ . 

T >n'-".- 


April 12 Westminister Home 4:00 

April 14 Behrend Home 4:00 

April 16 Allegheny Away 1:00 DH 

April 19 Grove City Away 4:00 

April 21 Mercyhurst Home 4:00 

April 23 Thiel Away 1:00 DH 

April 25 Geneva Away 3:00 

April 29 Gannon Home 4:00 

A Special Note 

To The Softball 


Due to the publication deadlines, the 
Yearbook Staff was unable to obtain 
pictures for this year's team but we 
were able to obtain pictures of last 
season. We would like to wish you the 
Best of Luck! 

Make A Splash 



Commuter and dorm students were pitted against 
each other in the Annual Intramural Swimming 
Meets held for six consecutive weeks in the Villa 
pool. The match-up consisted of the commuters 
vs. north dorm vs. south dorm. Events included in 
the meet were freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, 
freestyle in relay, and medley relay. The north 
dorm team were the overall winners, but all the 
swimmers were champions. 

To Make Villa Maria Dorm Life 

Villa Maria College is more 
than a small, woman's col- 
lege; it is home to almost 300 
girls living in the dorms. The 
atmosphere is friendly and re- 
laxed with just enough aca- 
demic tension to keep the 
girls on their toes. The size 
and layout of the campus 
keeps all the residents as 
members of one big family. 


■ ' .«- -4" ... 





I! fl 

~ mr v% ' "^ '.^^^m^ 

Begin With % Lb. Of Third South 

Sr. Eleanor, Sr. Lucille, Sr. 
Jean Baptiste, Sr. Mary Fran- 
ces, Sr. Eunice, Sr. Mary 
Mark, Sr. Ursula, Sr. Chris- 
tine, Sr. Raymond Marie, Sr. 
Joachim, Sr. Elizabeth Ann, 
Sr. Mary Thomas, Sr. Virgin- 
ia Ann. 

Add 4 Tbsp. Of Second South 

Michele Bayne, Lynn Lira, Jeanne 
Collins, Annette Rainey, Maureen 
Gallagher, Cheryl Derrick, Leah 
Burden, Diane Merkel, Lynn 
Peake, Annette Meyer, Jeanine 
Tye, Christy Hallett, Nancy 
Chmiel, Merri Janoski, Lynn Ca- 
spary, Robin Rawlings, Stasia 
Coyne, Mary Jean Trach, Gayle 
Glosner, Mary Ann Schubert, 
Mary Pellegrino, Louann Scully, 
Julie Pockey, Julie Carr, Debra 
Kimmy, Michelle Mealie, Susan 
Okert, Libby Tahara, Christina 
Noche, Sheila Walmer, Angela 
Fritzinger, Sharon Zamborsky, 
Christine Schloder, Amy Sloff, 
Valerie Erich, Susan Mclndoe, 
Barbara O'Connor, Christine Au- 
teri, Patricia Simpson, Mary Turk, 
Debra Evans. 

Sift In 3 Cps. Of First South 


All 1 

Jeanine Sherbondy, Susie Bouch, Julie 
Labesky, Jane Livingston, Kathy Gilders- 
leeve, Lori Franks, Jacgueline Fonzo, Eli- 
zabeth Gatesman, Antoinette Rutigliano, 
Lauri Christopher, Julie Stemplinski, Jen- 
ean Swanson, Mary Alyce Nelso, Judith 
Micale, Debbie Mack, Kim Howard, 
Cheryl Wallace, Tina Staab, Nancy Eisler, 
Kimberly Ackelson, Harriet Pilarczyk, Ja- 
net Bidwell, Cindy Polesnak, Polly Clarke, 
Mary Margaret Mcintosh, Tina Monks, Pa- 
tricia Caldwell, Therese Langdon, Desiree 
Sperling, Gayle Klein, Betsy Lake, Mary 
McGuire, Elaine Vey, Denise Dozois, Jill 
Anderson, Rosemarie Vander Molen, 
Kathleen Mattis, Cynthia Morris, Alice 
Miller, Nancy Bauer, Melissa Landis, Su- 
san Shippling, Denise Zimmerman, 
Rhonda Courtright, Bridget Pastor, Jena 
Wyatt, Paula Shahen, Sally Sunseri, 
Kathy Hawes, Cynthia Palik, Cynthia Dei- 
bert, Jacqueline Myers. 


Mix Well With 1 Tsp. Third North 

„ -^ lommii _ 



Mary Brunner, Nancy Detesta, Carol 
Huber, Julie Idzi, Stephanie Dorn, Ka- 
tie Turner, Greta Shreckengost, Beth 
Smelas, Diann Christopher, Julie 
Tubbs, Paula Fisher, Kim Kollatz, Mi- 
chele Matz, Kim Chandler, Patty Per- 
linger, Eartha Grimes, Amy Matto, 
Becky Granger, Joanne Morris, Kristen 
Hardinger, Leanne Shannon, Jennifer 
Brown, Mary Koskowski, Norine 
O'Laughlin, Luann Myers, Julie Wil- 
lems, Amy Smith, Janet Sobleski, Me- 
lonie Afton, Kimberly Stebell, Brenda 
Fabrey, Jean Williams, Kelly Roche, 
Catrina Wrobleski, Laura Fastine, Kim- 
berly Rawa, Debbie Magee, Laura 
Ruby, Nina Corpus, Tammy Potts, Su- 
san Ames, Sherry Merglowski, Mary 
Anderle, Valerie Weygandt, Katie 
O'Keefe, Dianne Bergman, Norma 
Conklin, Mary Reilly, Linda Angle, 
Tammy Schlossler, Patty Eaton, Mi- 
chelle Harris, Mary Nell Hurley, Debra 
Rafalski, Therese Conaboy, Trish 

Blend In 2 Pints Of Second North 

1 l ®m? 


Laura Flechsig, Kathy McGowan, Ella 
Zawacki, Camille Sachenik, Ann Horvat, 
Jennifer Baker, Vicki Powell, Patricia Burk- 
hart, Lisa Mclntyre, Janine Bonyak, Mary 
Beth Emery, Marcia Karpinski, Deborah 
Cawoski, Colleen Emery, Karen Carlson, 
Teresa Walter, Nancy Herrington, Catherine 
Muravcki, Dolores Hugar, Patricia Kramer, 
Charlene Aylesworth, Sandra Gurecka, Lin- 
da Gobin, Gail Guzzetta, Pam Plasket, Be- 
atrice Kaplan, Marianne Henshaw, Kathleen 
Matava, Kimberly Palsa, Kelly Kerstetter, 
Kathleen McGroder, Annette Palo, Lisa 
Poklembo, Stephanie Taggart, Justine Alli- 
son, Elizabeth Benigni, Cheryl Erick, Mary 
Anne Pasquale, Marie Dougherty, Betsy 
Lynn, Jennifer Davis, Germaine Hornig, 
Holly Anderson, Kathleen Johnson, Diana 
Compel, Cynthia Keyler, Pamela Johnson. 


And A Dash Of First North 

Heidi Hosier, Suzanne Hareczmak, 
Ann Brazeau, Beth Hitchcock, Ann 
Davis, Michelle Adams, Sandra Hur- 
ley, Marie Quinn, Jan Nolf, Julie Wil- 
son, Susan Martin, Vicki Didon, Ann 
Szustak, Cathy Luhr, Lisa Beder- 
man, Linda Van Scoter, Tina Tod- 
hunter, Carolyn Lerch, Kimberly 
Geibel, Carol Frescura, Cynthia 
Lewandowski, Carla Andrews, Carol 
Van Zile, Kimberly Barker, Mary 
Rudge, Amy Clouse, Cathy Bon, 
Sharon Davis, Mary Alice Hogan, 
Brenda Sankiewicz, Jacqueline Bel- 
lizzi, Laurie Close, Noreen Kisegy, 
Linda Anyzek, Kathleen Bishop, 
Marcia Aiken, Dawn Huffman, Karen 
Shutters, Dolores Surkala, Beth Man- 
gold, Michele Gaynord. 



Mr. & Mrs. R. D. Allison 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Anderson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. C. R. Andrews 

Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse J. Bon 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Bouch 

Mrs. James B. Cairns 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley R. Chmiel 

The T. P. Church Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Clouse 

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Davis 

Michael S. Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Deibert & 


Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Didion 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Domeracki 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Eaton 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Fay 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Foltz 

Frances and Sal va tore Fonzo 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Gallagher 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Gatesman 

Shirley Ann Gobin 

Dan and Betty Hallett 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hitchcock 

Alice J. Hurley 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. lzbicki 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Johnson 

Robert and Lois Keyler 

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Kisegy 

Mrs. E. Mellitus Knoll 

Dr. & Mrs. Orlando Leo 

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver R. Lerch 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. McBride 

James and Joanne McGroder 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. McKnight 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Merkel 

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Micale 

Mrs. Eleanor Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. John Muravcki 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Myers 

Martin and Alice Nelson 

Dr. & Mrs. Cesar N. Noche 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. O La ugh tin 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Joseph Pellegrino 

The Perlinger Family 

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Quinn 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Roche 

Mr. & Mrs. C. David Rogers 

The Art Rudge Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Leon Sachenik 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Schwab 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Scully 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Sloff 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Sperling 

Stephen P. Stankiewicz 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Szymanowicz 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Turk 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Vincent 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Wallace 

Mr. & Mrs. Quincy Walmer 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Walter 

Mr. & Mrs. A. R. Willems 




William and tola Lewandowski 


Mr. & Mrs. John S. Meatie 


Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Stemplinski 


Professional J^^k 


^j^ PORTRAITS %^" 

Specialist in Yearbook Photography 
Proms. .Family Portraiture . . Weddings. .Sports Groups 


3659 HARLEM ROAD BUFFALO. N.V. 14215 (716) 835-7351 

Thanks For 





P<vt6 pUfx, 


2510 W. 8th St./Erie PA 16505/814-833-9841 

Opposite Villa Maria College & West Erie Plaza 

Special Villa College Rates 

Beautifully Appointed Rooms 

Spacious Heated Pools 

Air Conditioned 
2 Heated Pools 
Open 24 Hours 

Direct Dial Phone 
Kitchenetts And 

Cable TV/Movies 

Va Mile From Villa Maria 

Va Mile From Presque Isle State 


Within Walking Distance Of 

Restaurants & 2 Shopping 


North-90 Rooms 2880 W 8th Street 814-833-1116 
South-40 Rooms 3041 W 12th Street 814-838-1978 

Good Luck 
Class Of '83 

Stop Down For 
Senior Week 


Siegel 9 s 

./est Eighth Street 
Erie, Pa. 16505 Phone: 455-9720 

Birthday Cakes Made to Order 




2250 West 8th Street 
Erie, Pa. 16505 
Phone 833-8275 

best wishes 

to the 



C W///t<WU 

3040 West 8th Street 
Erie, PA 



To The 

CLASS OF 1983 


West Erie Plaza 


A Complete Line Of 
-u. Hallmark Products 

-ff*lU»*AJL Gifts And Collectibles 

r eninsuld 

Peninsula Village Plaza 

2310 W. 8th Street 

Erie, PA 16505-4490 



"The Best In Health 


2250 W. Eighth Street 

Erie, PA 16505 

Phone 459-2435 



ERIE, PA. 16505 

PHONE: (814) 454-7432 



2212 W. Eighth Street 

Erie, PA 16505 


Where Cooking 
Is An Art 








your college food 


ted foessett, 




iliD ' 





2827 W 26th St. 
Erie, PA 16506 
Class Of '83 

e rccrcok 

tilth sty (c( 

Good Luck 


►J L@s (Drag)® JttwdOdir, flontgo ») 

Stephen L. Crago 


Colored Gems A Diamonds 

Estate Brokers 

2626 West 6th St. 
Erie. PA 16505 


Atari Home Computers offer you a wide selection of prewrit- 
ten software for entertainment, office, or education. Just plug 
in an Atari program cartridge, cassette, or diskette and unlock 
a world of information by simply a few keys. ATARI Home 
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MACE Carries The Full Line Of ATARI Accessories 

As Well As The ATARI 800 

For More Advanced Home And Business Uses 


2631 W. 8th Street 
Millcreek Mall 
Eastway Plaza 
Meadville Mall 
Chautauqua Mall 
Rt. 20, Ashtabula 
State College 

And The Vixen Is . . . 

Deb Gill 

Mary Rudge 

Allison LaPolt 

1. Once upon a time, in an enchanted forest 

2. President of Student Council and she 
cooks too! 

3. Well, then he said . . . 

4. Future J. C. Penney models. 

5. Hi, Mom. It's me . . . your daughter! 

6. A rose between two . . . foxes? 

7. Those autumn leaves drift past my dorm 

1. Here's to roommates. They're kinda special. 

2. I can't bare to look. Is there really SAGA sauce on 
my sweats? 

3. My books are my constant companions. 

4. Oh, Linda! Not another Playglrl! 

5. Please, please! No more pictures!