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B M 5Sfl IS? 








N. GERRARD, b.a., bch., b.a.o., m.d.. dub. umv. 

D.T.M H. Univ. Cantab. 

L. M. and Special Certificate Rotunda Hasp., Dublin; Forcif^n 

Corresponding Member Dub. Univ. ; Appointments 

Association ; Member of The Authors' Society, 

London ; Diplomate {with distinction) of 

the London School of Tropical 

Medicine: District Surgeon, 

F.M.S. Medical 

Service . 

Printed with the Assistance of the Federated Malay 
States Government. 

Siiuiapore : 

32, Raffles Place and 194, Orchard Road. 



( "i ) ^ 


A — Conversations . 

B.— Affinity Table 

C. — Numerals. 

D. — Days of the Week, names of the Month, etc. 

E. — Weights and Measures. 

F. — Snellen's Test Types Malay adapted. 

Abbreviations, etc., in the Text. 

W Wilkinson's Malay-English Dictionary. 

C. & S. ...Clifford and Swettenham's Malay- English 

^I Marsden's Malay- English Dictionary. 

Shel Shellabear's Vocabulary. 

S Swettenham's English- Malay and Malay- 

F Faure's French-Malay or Malay-French. 

C Crawford's Vocabulary. 

Phng. ...Pahang. 

Kel Kelantan. 

Sel Selangor. 

( vii ) 


In presenting this volume to the English-speaking 
Medical Profession of the Malay Peninsula and Archi- 
pelago, some brief Vorivavt is perhaps necessary to help 
in the extenuation of its incompleteness and no doubt 
many inaccuracies. 

It has been compiled from the following sources : — 

The Standard English-Malay and Malay- 
English Dictionaries by Wilkinson, Swettenham, 
Marsden, Clifford & Swettenham (unfinished), 
Crawford, Shellabear, and ^Maxwell. The work 
of Favre, Malay-French and French-Malay, and to 
a limited extent also from the work of Klinkert, 
Dutch- Malay and Malay-Dutch, and lastly from 
personal attention to and the valued assistance of 
educated Malays. 

My apologies for its appearance are briefly the 
following facts : — 

1. That on my landing in the country I found 
myself in a sea of unsurveyed technical language. 

2. The paucity of Malays in the Government 
Hospitals at the present date in the States of 
the Federation. This, I believe, the majority of 
enquirers must agree with me in believing to be due 
largely to the fact that the subordinate, and even the 
executive, members of our profession are not familiar 
with the accepted terms in the Malay language for 
certain diseases well recognised by Malays, and 
consequently that the unfortunate sufferers rarely 
receive a diagnosis of their complaints. 

( viii ) 

In order to teach the Malay that we recognise his 
requirements, understand his diseases, and are interested 
in his bodily welfare, there can be but one method 
adopted, and that is to leavn first his vocabulary, and to 
grasp his ideas of medical and surgical processes as 
they appear to him, in the pathological human frame. 

The feeling, be it noted, which first prompted me to 
compile and collect the enclosed words was, I regret to 
state, more one of shame at my own ignorance and 
failure to convey my meaning to the sick than one of 
strict philanthrophy, but my "Students" (if I may 
flatter myself so far) will, I trust, use this outcome of my 
chagrin in all true philanthropy. 

To those medical men or magistrates who may use 
this pocket book for reference from time to time, I would 
point out a few Malay fallacies, according to our ideas 
of medicine (for they all understand more or less about 
the common diseases) ; amongst many such the follow- 
ing are worthy of note : — 

1 . Lunar influences, to w^hich many phases — 
which we recognise medically as sequelae or con- 
comitants of given diseases — are attributed by them, 
e.g., Kedal Biilaii, Kiivap Bulan, etc., and the relaps- 
ing or recrudescence of diseases, which is also 
frequently accounted to the long suff"ering moon. 

2. The division by them of the stages of 
Leprosy, Syphilis Cancer, Malignant Ulcers, etc., 
into separate diseases, e.g. : [a.) Penyakit stong, or 
restong (syphilitic ulceration of the palate or 
disease of the nasal bones), which is not recognised 
by them as in any way connected with the previous 
Hunterian chancre. All the skin eruptions of 
syphilis, in fact, are '' Kudis,'' unconnected in their 
minds with previous venereal disease ; (b.) Cancer, 
w^hich is unrecognised as such, each phase being 
named, as '' Ba^a batii,'' or hard abscess, the con- 
sequent ulceration will be either Bara, if there is 

( ix ) 

much pus, or '' Puvu jahat,'" or '' Lnka yang jahat''; 
(c.) Malignant ulcers will be " Luka " when they 
start, " 'iohaV when the edges are undermined and 
infiltrated, ^'Pekong'' when large, and '' Jahaf 
when the patient is evidently succumbing to the 
ulcerative process alone. 

3. The arbitrary interference of various 
Hantus, or S{)irits, e.g., Klitisan, Tetanus (which 
occurs as the result of coming into bodily collision 
with a jungle spirit), etc., which fantastic ideas do 
not, howev^er, materially affect the actual names of 
the diseases with which we deal. 

The Medical Malay in some matters, however, 
shows remarkable acumen, for example, when ^ve come 
to consider the operation of retroversion of the uterus, 
by external manipulation, for the prevention of fertilisa- 
tion, one is driven to reflect that some of their methods 
or devices must be at least worthy of study. Of 
little known or uninvestigated diseases also, the Malay 
supplies not a few, amongst which may be reckoned 
'' KedaT' in its various forms and stages, and numerous 
forms of '' Kitrap,'' fcvev, and ''Latah,'" etc. Their 
midwifery is "non-meddlesome," and, therefore, fairly 
good, the chief mistakes occurring during the puer- 
perium in early walking (or even working), with con- 
sequent subinvolution of the uterus, in uncleanliness, and 
in the early feeding arrangements of the child. Some 
idea of the soundness of the practise of some midwives 
may be gathered from the reply to a question I once 
asked an old Bidan. My question was: " W^hat would 
you do if an arm came down and labour didn't 
progress?" and the answer: "Pull down both legs 
and deliver quickly," only differs practically from 
the Rotunda teaching, in the addition of the " accouche- 
ment forcee " as a grand finale. 

Of Pathology, Histology, and Anatomy, they know 
nothing ; their pathology depending on the Hantu 
theory ; and as no dissections nor P.-M.'s are permitted, 
the two latter subjects are closed books to them. 

( X ) 

With regard to their drugs, an endless field for 
research lies before us, which cannot fail in time, I 
believe, to produce useful adjuvants to our British 

Their '' Daun Glengang'' is the leaf of a shrub 
from the pith of which our Chrysophanic Acid is manu- 
factured, and there can be no doubt that some of their 
sedative leaf poultices are useful. 

Amongst their "one-hundred drugs " given in place 
of our ergot after accouchement, there may easily be its 
equal if not superior. 

In Abortifacients they are rich, and some, doubtless, 
are useful Ecbolics. 

In concluding this apology and brief sketch of 
the medical methods in vogue amono^st a fascinating, 
enquiring, and superstitious race of born gentlemen, 
the mantle of prophecy falls upon me, and I beg leave 
to state that when their Lister is born and we have 
succeeded in driving out Hantus by Pathology, the 
Malays will be valuable allies to European medicine, 
but we must, in the first place, gain their confidence by 
using the right medical words in the right places at the 
right time, and if I have herein in any way assisted at 
the commencement of such a scheme, my reward is now 
with me. 

To Messrs. J. F. Owen, T. C. Fleming, H. Norman, 
and T. G. Bishop, for assistance, and to Miss 
C. Hoffman, for French and Dutch translations, and 
to Mr. F, Em ERIC de St. Dalmas, for the collection 
of Sakei terms, I am very deeply indebted. 



Page 4, word I, for *'Au" read ''An." 

9, line 7, „ " telopah " read " klopakr 

1O5 ,, 28, ,, '' pengakW „ '' penyakit:' 

^5' »» I?' n '' pengahif ,, ''penyaJcit:' 

29, ,, 26, read '' mata nilas'' or '' m.pasak{\\ .). 

35, ,, 2, for " mengnap '" read " mengiiap:' 

4^^ >' 29. ,, ''tulang" ,, ''T. tegrimo:' 

50. »• 21, ,, '' pengakW ,, '' penyakit." 

56, „ 27, „ ^'Buair' ,, '' Bauhr 


Abdomen. Prut. 

A custom amongst Malay's of washing the abdomen of 
pivi^nant women at 4^ months is called mandi tiyan, and is 
accompanied by a festival. 

Abnormal. Y^^u^y tiada tcvatur {¥.). 

Lain dcvipdda scgala : out of the ordinary. 
Gaiijat (W.). , 

Abortion. Ka^^n^ovau. 

To procure abortion : mcmbuang ujiak kliiron (C). 
Abortion is sometimes procured by a process called 
jiilitk (M.), which I have not been able to obtain a descrip- 
tion of. 

A foul discharge occurring after abortion : scgiigiit bdiikai . 
Abortion is produced amongst Malays : — 
{a) by administration of medicine. 
(/') by inserting a block oi gctah into the cer\i.\. 


Jajas or J ijas : short small abrasion. 

Melelas : a long abrasion. 

Lnchiii (W.). 

Liipas V. mclupas ; to rub the skin off (W.). 

Abscess. Barak. 

Axillary abscess : hanili hehnvav. 
Vide: carbuncle, boil. 

Absent-minded. Mayan, })roiioiinced iiiai-vio 


Accident. Takdir (s.). 

Avraz : Anything that befalls a person (C. & S.). 
Kena rosaA (Convers.). 


Ache. Sakit ; or scnak, spasm, (-ramp. 
Aching, dizziness of the head. Xi^'elu. 

Xgilii : teeth on edge (W.). 
"Adam's apple," thyroid cartihii^e. (Arabic) li'ldi- 

Buiih, snldi. 


Hclckom (common). 

NoTK — Arabic explanation : — Adam swallowed the fruit 
" h'ldi " which stuck in his throat, hence the Arabic name 
" Ii'ldi " applied. 

( 2 ) 

Adenitis. Man^r^a (bubo). 

c. Fever : dcmam hclcnjaran. An undescribed fever 
accompanied by lymphatic swellings. 

(Acute Pseudo Leukaemia or elepbantoid fe\"er ?) 

Adultery. Zinah. 

Chuhul : adultery or fornication (C. & S ). 


Intrigue, etc. : Berkendak (W.). 

Agar agar, of a superior kind. SangtL (w.). 

Age. Uinor. 

How old are you : aivuk or angkau, brapa iimur. 

Note. — Few Malays know their age but may be able to 
give information as to the number of padi seasons. 

The paymen t of a fee (I'etra) to the mosque may also indicate 
the age of a child as annual payments are made from the year 
of birth. Parents liability ceases at puberty (e.g., How old is 
this child : aiuik itii sudali brapa mussim padi). 

Agony. Sakarat (c). 
Sangsara (M.). 

Ague. Deinam kura. 

The cold shivering stage of fever is spoken of as 5^7'?//^. 
To shiver, mengletar. Wilkinson gives if warn gigil, "feverish 
fits." (AlsoC. &S.). 

Demam dingin : the cold stage of fever (M.). 

Devi am kiira. 

Ketar : shivering. 

Meng-letar : shivering. 

Ague fits, violent shivering. Gelugut (w.). 

Round a sick man which is said to be infected : imbas, (W.). 
Air, to (clothes, etc.) : mengtirak (F.) (kain). 
Jemor : to dry in the sun, to air, of clothing or anything 
which has been exposed to damp (or infection). 
Air : angin (Convers.). 
Breath : haiva (F.). 
Breath bad : haim bus2ih {¥.). 
Climate : Iiaiva negri (F.). 
Wind-borne infection : haiva. 
Infected by : kena hawa. 

Ala nasi. Ckuping hidong. 

The " win" " of the nostril. 

( 3 ) 

Alata, cassia. Daun glcugang (the leaf). 

Daun kurap : used as we use the extracted chrysophanic 
acid in skin diseases. 

Albino. Ovang balar. 

Alive. Hidup. 


Allayed, of inflammation. Seroh. 

Reduced : surut, " gone down." 

Aloes: Alawat. 

Native extract aloes : jadam. 
Aloes lignum : gharu (M.). 

Alum. Taw as. 

Amenorrhoea, generalh-. Berhentian haidl (F.). 

Cessation of menstrual flow : berhentian bulan ; berhentian 
haith ; sengugut (W.). 

Ammonia, sal ammoniac (chloride of ammonia) 

Sadir (\v.). 

Amputate, to. Mengudong (F.). 

Memangol (F.) ; mengerat (F.) ; mengkudangkan (F.) ; memotong. 

Amuck, to run. Mengainok. 
Anaemia. Puchat: paleness. 

Anaemic : basan (C. & S.). 
Anasarca, from any cause. Semak. 


Anatomy. Ilmu d tesrih (F.) (lit.). 
Anaethesia. Kebas (numb), tepok, includes para- 
lysis of legs and is used in that sense also. 

Ta 'sadar. 

Tiada rasa (Convers.). 

Mabok : if from effects of poison, narcotic, or alcohol. 

Pengsan : if caused by illness. 

Bins : if under chloroform or other drug. 

Anaesthetic, an. Biush or Bins. 

(Chloroform or ether.) 

To administer an anaesthetic : biuskan. 

To be stupified with a drug by inhalation ; kena bins. 
The smoke of kachubong (datura) leaves is said to be used in 
this manner for the purposes of theft, etc. To be stupified by 
this drug administered in the food : pukau. 

Anchylosis. Scndi yaug jadi kaku (¥.). 
(Stiffness of a joint.) 
Seiidl berkiiHchi. 
Siitdi ada mcmhri ataii tidak : can you move the joint ? 

Aneurysm. Bcngkak nadi {¥.). 

B II song day ah. 

Aniseed. Adas-nmnis. 

J ill tan. 

Ankle. Mat a kahi. 
Buku kahi. 

Anoint, to. Lmnavkan (W.). 
Anopheles^ mosquito. Xyamok tetirop. 
Antidote. Penawer. 
Anus. P ant at or pung gong. 

Also buntut; jiihor (W.). 

Aphonia doss of voice). Ka Hang an suara (F.). 
Aphrodisiac. Ubat zakav. 

An aphrodisiac is prepared from the roots of the chandau tree 
mixed with the roololtonkathari^.n(l other ingredients (C. & S.). 

Aphthae. Seriawan (F.). 

(White patches on tongue or in the mouth) : also cheriawan 
and SinruLjn (C. & S.). 

Apoplexy. Tcrkejut (S.), sudden. 

Death from apoplexy : mati terkejui. 
Saivan hangkai (C.). 
San'an jiialat (C). 

Appetite, the. Ka laparan. 

To be hungry : lapar. 

lica (iiepra\ed appetite) : irigin makaii yang tiada patiit {¥ .). 

(Sensual): Jndaiii (F). 

Areola, round nipple. Gelanggang snsu (W.). 

Arm, the. Lcngan. 

Upper : pankm leiigan or kochiiig-koching. 

Armpit. Ketiak. 

Aliscess in the armpit : barah kclawar. 

( 5 ) 
Arrowroot. Sagu bdanda (W.). 
Artery. U rat— or tcmpat danili. 
Arsenic. Warangan. 

White arsenic : warcwi^an piitch. 
Ascites. Pcnyakit busong. 
Asleep, fast. Lena (pronounce as \i layna). 


Asphyxia, suffocation. Lemas. 

Death from asphyxia or drowning : inati lemas. 

Assafoetida. Inggu. 
Asthma. Lelah. 

Spasmodic asthma : batoh lelah . 
Also dada sesak. 
Also isa. 

Dia sudah kena isa orang itii : that man is troubled with 
asthma (W). 

Astringent. Kelat (C.^. 

Asylum, hospital or charitable institute. Balai 
derma (C. & S.). 

Atmosphere. Udara (lit.). 

Atrophy, retinal. Buta chelek. 

A form of blindness in which the eyes are apparently 
sound (S.). 

Attack, of an illness. Tetamhas. 

Auricle, of heart. Liang kelhu. 

Autopsy. Prexdan may at. 

Awake, to. Grakan. 


Axilla, the armpit. Ketiak. 

Axillary abscess : harah kelawer. 
Axillary boil : ketiibong (W.). 

( 6 ) 

Baby. Anak. 

Male : anak j ant an. 
Female : anak bet in a. 
Very young: anak ketchil. 

Backbone. Ula-ula. 

Tulang blakang. 

Back; the hollow of. Rnang blakang. 

Bald. Botak. 

Gundul (M.). 

Temporal baldness: stdah. 

Bandage, to : Balntkan. 

A : pembalut. 

BUt: to wind jM.). 

If the wound is bandaged : jikalau liika itu bcrbalut. 

Bandage used after partus, binder: ponbahit panjang. 

Bandage used after circumcision : tali kundang. 

Tangol kundang. 

Barren. Mandul. 

Balus [C.&S.). 
Kemp us (F.). 

Basin. Batil. 

Small basin : mangko. 

Bastard. Anak gampang. 

Anak gundek : child born of a concubine. 

Bath. Tuwi, a foot bath (W.). 
Bathe, to. Mandi. 

Of Rajas : seram. 
Bear, to (children). Beranak. 

Born : per an ah. 

Still-born child : kababangan (F.) ; Also a difficult labour 
kluar mati (Convers.). 

Beard. Janggut. 

"Bearing down pains." Pereh. 

( 7 ) 

Bed, a. Tcmpat tidov. 

Katil : grei : raised from floor. 
Lecher: tilam : mattress. 
Kasur (Sumatra). 
TiVi'^/r .• sleeping mat. 
Bantal : pillow. 

Bedlift. Tali a gas. 

The bedlift used during the ^4 days post partum the 
" pantaug beraiiak." 
Also tali kaUlah. 

Bedridden, or confined to bed by illness. Sakit 

telantar (W.). 
Beef. Daging Uinhu (ox). 

Daging kerbau (buffalo). 

Belch, to. Blakak. 

Sardaivci (C). 
Ddah (C). 

Belly, the, or epigastrium. Prut. 

The order from above downwards on the surface of the 
body is: — 

1. Rmuaug or dafor susu : intramammary space. 

2. Sudu hati : " pit of stomach." 

3. Frut : belly (used generally), abdomen. 

4. Pusat : umbilical region. 

5. Ari ari : hypogastrium, also used of pubis. 
A corporation : prut bunchit. 

Belt. Tali pinggang or prut ikat. 

Benzoin gum. Ka-minyan. 

Beri-beri. Penyakit sebah (C. & S.). 
Badi{K.). , 

Badi has three forms B. kayii, B. ruse, B. harimau. 
B. harimau causes paralysis of feet and hands. 

Betel (areca nut). Pinang. 

To chew betel : makan sireh. 

Between. Antara. 

Besmear, to, to anoint. Lumarkan (W.). 

Biceps. BuaJi lengan. 

KuicJi ing-liutch ing. 

Bier, a. Lerang. 

( 8 ) 
Bile. A mpcdn. 

Scfra {¥.). 

Bilious remittent fever. Demam hlasini, 

A fe\er accompanied by weakness, thirst, some jaundice, 
some puffiness of face, quotidian, remittent, yellow vomit 
(muntah chicka) . 

Binder (obstetric). Balut panjan^. 
Birth. Beranak. 

Fever after : demam merian ; demam snsu. * 

Birth mark : changga, also a deformity from birth ; tanda 
(usual) ; andang (C. & S.). 

Still : B . matt beranak ; kluar mati ; vide Born. 

Bite. Gigit. 

To bite the lips : keham ; ketab bibir. 
Of a snake : chetok ; patok ; pagiit. 
Of an insect : ketik. 

Bitter. Pahit. 
Black. Hitam. 

A black eye : mata benkak. 

Bladder. Kandong ayer (Menankabati j. 

Labii, labii aver. 

Blanched. Manai or puchat manai (W.). 

Bleb, a. Retell. 

Mereteh : to vesiculate. 

Bleed, to. Sanggerah. 

The operation : peteh. 

Berbekam .to " wet cup." 

Berpantek : to incise. 

Bekam, three methods : B. api ; B. tanduk ; B. angin. 

B. api is similar to our dry cupping process, incision is 
made after application of the cup and cup again applied. ir%-| 

B. tandok. A horn is applied to a cut and suction by the 
mouth exerted. 

B. angin. As B. api, but milder and no blood drawn, 

Kluar darah . 

Bloody : berdarah . 

( 9 ) 
Blemish. Panit, vide scar. 

On the eye ; matatuuihoh. 

I'earl or pterygium: kelabu (M.); cliachat (C. & S.). 

Blepharitis, marginalis, sore-edged eyelids. 
Penyakit mat a. 

Upper lid : tclopak. 
Lower lid : bibir. 

Blind. Buta. 

But a hitlar. 

Blindness, night, nyctalopia: B. lavan^; B. ayam; B. rahun : 
raban ayam. 

Blindness, with destruction of eyeball. Buta kcscp. 
Blister, to. Mdechnp. 

By sun or heat: Icpah v. vielcpali (W.) 

Blood. Da rah. 

Faintness at sight of blood: mabok darah. Also used to 
express collapse from loss of blood (W.). 
A flux of blood : raj an. 
Bloodshot eyes : mata biji saga (W.). 

Bloodshot. Rcjch (W.). 
Blow the nose, to. Maigesang. 


Body, the. Badan. 

Tuboh . 

Soul and body: nyawa diin tuboh. 
All over the body : scluroh tuboh (F.) ; sa genap tuboh. 
The act of twisting any part of ; a bent or folded 
appearance of any part of: geleh. 

Boil. Bisnl (on the body). 

B. lada : pepper boils, small scattered pustules. 

B. scbun : a blind boil. 

B. sell nap : an eruption of boil*^. 

B. susu kubpng : an axillary boil. 

B. tunggal : a large boil. 

Perachut or rachut, also used for an eruption of boils (W.). 

To open a boil, " lance " : chuchoh bisul. 

Core of : punat. 

( 10 ) 

Bone. Tulang. 

Caries of : pckong. 

Pain in the bones: pini ; aatham (C. & S.). 
Sakit dalam tulang (Convers.). 
Occipital, the : godok. 

Borax. Pijar (M.). 
Borborygmi. Gemk-gemk prut. 

Internal gurglings : pnit mendru. 
Bosom. Dada. 
Bottle, a. Balang. 

Of glass : balang hacha. 

Boulimia. Sahawat makan. 

Voracious hunger: jditjuk viakan. 

Bow-legged. Pcngkar, 

Bandy : kang-kang. 

To walk straddle-legged: hevjalan hang-hang koyah (F.). 

Bowels. Tali prut. 

Isi pi'iit. 
Ural prut. 

Bowed, or bent slightly : Lengkor. 

Also longlai. 

Gently bowing : Icmalt longlai. 

Brains. Otak. 

Bcna (M.). 

" Break wind," to. Knntut. 

Biimata (C). 
Breaking out (of eruptive diseases). Tumhoh (W.). 

Katumbohan or pcngahit chachav : small pox. 
Of a sore : tuhah or tuhoh (M.). 

Breasts, or a. Susu ; kopek. 

Of a suckling woman or animal : tltek. 

Membri titeh : to suckle. 

To " take the breast " : viam. 

Chest : dada. 

Tumor of: barah ampang. 

To suckle : mengopeh. 

Firm, hemispherical : 5. bundar. 

Hanging : hopah ; lanjut. 

Nipple of, and areola: tampoh susu. 

Nipple : puling. 

Including all except nipple and areola: dapor susu (W.). 

( " ) 

Breath. Men^awap {¥.) nafas; nyawa. 

To breathe : tarek nafas. 

To draw a deep breath, to sigh : meugeloh. 

Breathe, to : mcnafas. 

Tarck nafas. 

Bridge of nose. Batang hidong. 
Brimstone. Balcmng. 
Bronchitis. Sakit scnkuang {¥.). 

Sengkiiii'ang : the carotid artery (F,). 

Bronchi. Rengkong. 

More correctly the trachea. 

Brothel. Rumah orang jalang. 

Perempuan jalang or sundal : a harlot. 

Brow. Kening (eyebrows). 

Bruise, a. Lebam ; pipis (S.). 


A deep bruise with tumefaction : binchut (F.). 

Bubo. Mangga. 

Bentil sampar (F.) (Bubonic Plague?). 

Venereal : bentil rastong (F.). 

Fever and adenitis (enlarged glands) : dcmavi hdenjaran (W.) . 

Bubol. A cracked, fissured, or ulcerated, condition 
of the sole of the foot. 

B. sarang : when sinuses exist. 

B. susu ayam : when redundant granulations occur. 

Bucket. Timha (a dipper). 

Large : tong. 
Beldi (port). 

Bug, a. Kepi j at. 

Finding (M.). 

Bullet. Pehiru. 

Small shot : penabor. 
Cannon shot : pclurn meviam. 

Bump. Bengkak. 


Risa (F.), tumor. 

To raise a bump, to swell slightly : binchut. 

f 12 ) 

Burning sensation. Kanipang (M.) 

Ut skin, itchiness, irritation: miang. 

Buttocks, the. Buah pantat. 

(iLuUpoiig (M.). 
Duhor (C. & S.). 


Cajuput oil. Minyak cayu piiteh. 
Calamity (accident). Aalit (C. & S.). 


Calcis, OS, the heel-bone. Tulang tumit. 
Calculus. Batu hatuan. 

Urinary : butu-batuan dalam tempat kenching. 
Biliary : hatu-hatuan didalam tempat ampcdu 

Calf of leg. Jantong bctis. 
Buah betis (W.). 

Callosity cutaneous. BUiilang. 
Calomel. Zibeh maiiis. 
Camphor. Kapor hams. 
Cancer. Piiru ayal (C.) (M.). 

Char ana (C.) (M.). 
Purujahat (M.). 
Restongjahat (M). 
Chcnia : rodent ulcer. 
Of breast : penyakit pepak. 

There does not exist in Malay any definitive term for 
cancer, the above are understood in a general way. 

Canine teeth. Gigi anjing. 

G. si gong. 
G. asii. 

Cantharides. Dendang. 

Canthus, inner of the eye. Poun mata. 

Caput succedaneum. Menyama. 

( 13 ) 

Carbuncle. Pmyakit raja. 
Cardamom. Kapulaga. 

Buii'uh pelaga. 

Carica papaya. Bctik. 

The papaya : Jniak bctik. 

Caries of bone. Pchmg. 
Carnal affections. Haiva nafsu. 
Carotid artery. Scn^^knang {¥.). 

Am vis (Max.) 

Cartilage. Rawan (C). 

Tulaiig muda (C). 

Thyroid (Adams apple) : Biiah kelebi {W .). Vid. "Adam." 

Xyphoid cartilage, the cartilage at end of breast bone 

tuhun: chuffing (W.) ; fitluiig iilii liati (W.) ; tulang sudu Jiati (W.). 

Cassia alata, leaves of. Daim <^lengang. 

Used similarly to its extracted acid chrysophanic, in skin 

Castor oil. Minyak jarak. 

Castrated. Kcmhivi. 

Baliyu (M.). 
Beliu (C. & S.). 

Castration : sida. 
Castrate, to: menyida. 

Cataract. Bular (shel). 

Catarrh, heavy cold. Bcska (C. c^ S.). 

I'cngakit yang beriuvuu bcska dan rAikiim : the ailments known 
as catarrh and coryza. 


Catechu. Katcku. 
Catemenia. Dataug bit la n (C). 

Haiti (C). 


Heidi (hail, Eng.), used with /.•///({;-, e.g., ktiuir haili^ 

Kotor (vulvar) 

Kluar kotor. 

Days of menstruation : //((// chamai' kain (F .) . 

Vid. " diaper." 

( 14 ) 

Catgut. Tangsi. 

Caul, a, a membrane integument. Salaptit. 
S. otak : dura mater. 
S. gili-gili : kidney capsule. 
S. jantong : pericardium. 
5. lu/ia : a scab. 

Cauterize, to. Ckuchu ; dwchok api. 
Cavity. Looang. 

Lekok (indent). 

Rciiggaiig : separated, not yet united of a wound. 

Centipede. Halipan. 
Cerumen. Tahi telinga. 
Chancre. Luka (wound). 

Sakit karang includes all venereals practically. 

Charcoal. Arang. 

Chattering of teeth. Gigi bemntok. 

From cold: galctek (M.). 

Cheek, the. Pipi. 
Chew, to. Mamah. 

Kimia (M.). 

Chicken broth. Keldu (W.). 
Chicken pox. Jcluntong ov jeliutong. 

Ahilah (W.). 
Chachar ayer (F.). 

Child. Anak. 

First : A. sulong. 

Last : A. hongsu. 

With: mengandong ; hamil ; bunting {vu\ga.r). 

Heavy with : bunting sarat ; bunting bantang. 

Bunting kcrbau : protracted pregnancy. 

Male : A. j an tan. 

Female : A. betina. 

Step : A. tiri. 

Adopted: A. ankat. 


(Fits or convulsions of vide " Convulsions.") 

( 15 ) 

Chill, a. Keiia sejiik. 

Dcvuvn simerong (Kelantan): a low fe\er recurring frequently 
during the dav " flushes." 
Pilak {¥.). 

Chin. Dao^u. 

Jug lit (W.). 

Chloroform. Ubat bins. 
Choke, to. Chekek. 
Cholera. Pcnyakit taun. 

Also P. haivar. 

H invar : epidemic, q.v. 

Waba (Ar.). 

Choleraic diarrhoea. Chika. 

A severe diarrhoea accompanied by partial collapse 
occurring at night usually. 

Chorea. Sakit sekalau {\N.). 

Chronic, of maladies. Pengakit yang tiada dapat di 

Cicatrix. Takat, 

Farut, vide scar (C). 
On the face : palaii. 

Cinnabar, crude mercury. Galaga. 
Circular syphilide. Kudis pepa. 
Circumcise, to. Snnat. 

Circumcised; he r sun at ; bersayit kulop (M.). 
Circumcision: ketanet {¥.). 

Circumcision. Modin (W.). 
Citron, a. Limau kerbatt. 
"Clap," a. Karang-Karang (M.). 

Sabuii . 

Clavicle, the. Tidang selangan (M.). 

Sasagan (C). 

Tiilang chcnak (C. & S.). 

Tiilang selanka (W.). 

Claw. Kuku. 

( i6 ) 

Clear the throat, cough. Daham. 

Cleft, between the fingers. Chclah javi. 

Cleft palate : sengam ; ngingong. 

Clitoris. Kalintet. 

Kalintat (M.) 

Close the eyes, to. Pcjam or pcnjam (W.). 

Clot, of blood. Kebul. 

Clotted, coagulated: bcr gnmpal-giimpal. 

Clothes, swaddhng. Bedong. 

Clothes, grave : kafan. 
Clove. Changkc. 

Coccyx, the cartilage at the end of the spine 

Tulang sulbi (W.). 

T. tongkeng (W.). 
T. tonggeng (W.). 
Subi [¥.). 
Chcnonut (C. & S.). 

Coffin. Long. 

Papan mati (Malay). 

Coition. Chnki. 


A input. 

Ant am. 

Satuboli dciigan pevempuaii : to copulate {Iwncstc dicitur M.) 

Cold, a. Sasama. 



Salema (M.). 

Cold stage of fever : dciiuvn diiigiii. 

A cold, coryza : isiihi-zsnia {sec " Catarrh "). 

Colic. Sakit prut. 

Besati : mild colic. 

Chika : severe, accompanied by diarrhoea. 

Bisu : slight pain. 

Rengat (W). 

" Gripes": niiiUis, scnak, in the stomach. 

Renggut prut : intestinal colic (M). 

( 17 ) 

Collapse, extreme. Kambii (\\ .). 

Utterly " pulled down " of a sick man. 

Collyrium, an eyewash. Son^al. 

Colon, large intestine. Tali pvut yan^ piitav (P.). 

Coma, insensibility. Pengsaji. 

Pitam : fits, q.v. 

I have had cases returned as death from " saimuii " loss 
of consciousness ending in death ; {sawaii) ? 

Commencement of labour pains. Sakit mat 
tdiiban, i.e., pain in the ''tendon'" or "nerve" 
of the membranes. 

Complete, fulfilled. Chiiknp. 

C. buhm : " full time." 

Complexion. Aycr mnka. 
Compound, to. Champor. 

Fracture : patah riyot (Kelantan). 

Concha, the, of the ear. Anak telinga. 
Concubine. Gundek. 
Condition, in. Badan sedap. 

" Fit ": B. scgar. 

Confine, to restrain. Pasongkan. 


Confined, to be (obstet.). BevsalUi. 

Confused (intellect), muddleheaded. Susan (W.). 

Congealed. Baku. 

Ice : Ayir balm or batu. 
Of blood : berbiiku. 

Conjunctivitis. Sakit vejck. 

Chemosis c. suppuration ; inflammation of white part of 
eye . 

Conscious. Sadar. 

To become, after unconsciousness : sigoman or sajuman (W.) . 
Semi-conscious: ingau (W.). 

( i8 ) 
Constipation. Ta-huleh ka sungei. 

Raj an (C). 
Kakrasan prut (M.). 
Selesima (M.). 
Costiveness ; semhelit (W.). 

Constitution. Tnboh. 

A strong: T.yang kwat (F.). 

Consumption. Bato darah. 

B. kring. 

Wasting: kakunisan (M.). 

Belasini [M.).! 

Contagion. Katnlaran. 

Contagious : tular. 
Lampar (C). 

Continence. Ka sedrana-an {¥.). 

Continent: orang ivarra. 

Continued fever. Dcmam kepialu. 

Any fever lasting continuously over three days, usually 
accompanied by jaundice. 

Contraction, e.g., of waist b}^ a belt, stricture. 
Herat (\V.). 

Convalesence. Adfiat (C. & S.). 

Convalescent : hctah. 

Betah dan aafiat dcripada s'barang penyakit nya .convalescent 
and recovered from all his ailments. 

Convulsions. Sawan. 

S. tangis : crying fits. 

5 /j(/'o«o'.- convulsions proper. 

In convulsions, violently agitated: keliipHV (F.). 

An attack of " nerves" also saivan. 

Cooled down, e.g., of defervescence. Siyaii. (W.). 
Cooling, a co!3lin^ lotion. Tiyaram- 


Copulate, to. Awk (C. & S.). 

Ay oh. 

A mpiit. 

Anchok, heranchok {see "Coition"). 

( 19 ) 
Cord, spermatic. Urat tegang. 

Testicular : U. zakxir. 

Umbilical : tali pusat (before the cord is severed it is uri). 

Core, of a boil or abscess. Piinat (F.). 

Corpse. Maiat (human). 

Banket (animal). 

Corpulent. Pmt humhit. 

Very corpulent : berdus. 

Corpuscle. Dzerret {¥.). 

Cotton wool. Kapas. 

A kind of, used by natives: bulu pnsi 
Kabii-kabu : the wool from the tree cotton 

Cough. Bato. 

A chest cough : kong-kong (Pahang). 

Accompanied by aphonia: B. bavah (W). 


Whooping : B. salak. 

Consumptive: B. kving. 

With hsemophysis: B. davah. 

Crack. Retak. 

Cracked (slightly) : serpih. 
" Cracked," simple, lacking in brains. Rcinpang 

Fissured : mavka ; mirekak ; meretak. 

Cradle. Bnaian. 

Cramp. Senak, besa, vide " Colic." 


Kekrasan (M.). 

In arms or legs : patah mengkarong. 

Cranium. Tengkonik, vide " Skull." 
Craving, for opium, drink, etc. Ketageh. 

Crease, or fold in the skin. Ketak, deeper than 

Crisis, in disease. KeniehU. 

Period just before : K. naik. 
Period just after : K. turun. 

Crocodile. Buaia. 

( 20 ) 

Cross-eyed. Mata jnling. 

Croup. Dongkol-dongkol. 
Crown of the head. Batii kepala. 

Crutches. Tonkat ketiak. 

Cry out with pain, to. Mengemug (W.). 

Cubebs. Tcmukm (\V.). 

Lada harehor (C). 

Cupping, wet. Bekam (M.), vide " Bleed." 
Curable. Yang dapat di sembohkan {¥.). 
Curare. Ipoh. 
Curds. Dadeh. 

Whey : ayer dadeh . 

Cure, to. S em boh. 

Mcny emboli. 

Curvature of spine (kyphosis). Bonkok. 
Cut. Potong. 

Cut off; hrat, vide " Amputate," " Lance." 

Cut off the hair : tuhong. 

Cut off a 'limb: kudangkan (C). 

Cut off, e.g., umbilical cord : sayat. 

Cyanosis. Tiada chita, loss of colour. 
Cyst, an encysted tumor. Buuga bavah. 


Dance, St. X'itus", chorea. Goyang-goyang, no 
proper term. 

Sakit sekahut : this is used of any shakiness during or after 
illness, e.g., the floccitatio and tremblings in late typhoid. 

Dandruff. Daki. 

Dangerously ill. Sakit trok. 

Datura. Kachubong. 

Dazed (confusion of mind). Sasan or sasav (W.). 

( 21 ) 

Deadly sickness. Sakit paliit. 

Dangerous sickness : 5. payah (W.). 
Dead. Mali; mankat (used of Rajas only). 

Ilan^ (lit. " lost "). 

Dla siidah mati : he is dead. 

Mampiis (vulgar), of animals chiefly, »oi used oiMahomedans. 

Death. Kamatian. 

Without any apparent cause or trace of injury : mati 

D. Register: daftar orang iitati (F.). 
By violence: mati di buiioh (W.). 
By choking : mati modur (W.). 

Deaf. Tuli (stone deaf). 

Pekak (ordinary deafness). 
Deafness, temporary : bengal. 

Deaf mute. Tuli dan kelu (F.). 

Deaf : pchak talingga. 
Dumb : bisu. 

Debilitated, constitutionally. Rentan. 

Tired, weak : badan ta'rot (C. & S.). 

Debility, general. Ka lemah an. 

With wasting, especially of children, vide "Tabes": 


Deceased. Datu. 

Dead: mati (common). 

Habis nyaiva (lit. " no longer breathing"). 

Suda tiada : (lit. " is not "). 

The deceased : si mati. 

Decline, emaciation, wasting. Sampii. 
Decomposition. Hanchov. 

Habis mati tuboh kitujadi JiancJior : when we are dead we 

Very advanced: danor (C. & S.). 

Decomposed; buruk ; maggoty : berulat ; stinking ; busttk. 

Deep, of a wound. Rebak. 

Of sleep : chedera (C. & S), also jeftdera. 

Deep bruise. Banchat. 

( 22 ) 

Defaecate, to. Mendiahar. 
Berak (common). 

Pergi ka siDigei (lit. " go to the river"). 

Have the bowels moved this morning : an'a ka sungei ini 
pagi kail ? 

Defective. Rumpiug. 

Maimed : kiidong. 

Tangan nia kudong siiblalt : he had lost one hand. 

Deflower, to Rugul. 

Deformed, distorted, of the arm. Pekok (W.). 

Chapik, used of lameness also. 


Mutilated : lasa. 

Deformity. Chachat (C. & S.). 

Cliacliat : a fault or flaw in anything animate or inanimate. 

Degeneration. Per ubah an. 

UbaJi : alter, change. 

Dejection. Tahi, kidap (lit. tilth, dirt). 

Delicacy, constitutional. Kaleuiahan tuhoh. 

Delirious. Gila (lit. mad). 

Chdapeta (C. & S.). 
Mamey (F.). 

Dementia. Gila (lit. mad). 

Dengue. '' Demam airopaj' used in Singapore and 

Dentition. Tnmhuh gigi. 

Dentifrice : liiviat inengosok gigi (F.). 

Depression, e.^., effect of pressure without lacera- 
tion. Kesan (W.). 

In the upper lip, normal notch. Alor bibir ; lorah hidong. 
Seediness, "out of sorts" : romok. 

Descendants. Anak (child), chuchu (grandchild), 
chichi t (great-grandchild). 

Desire, sensual. Hi da J 11. 

( 23 ) 

Desperate, dangerous, of a wound. Tenat. 
Desquamation, peeling of the skin. Knlit tangaL 

Bersalin kiilit (lit. changing skin). 

Diabetes. Sakit derdah. 

Salasal (M.). 
Kenching manis (Shel.). 

Diaper, *' sanitary towellette." Chawat. 
To wear a diaper : berchaivat. 

Diarrhoea, severe, due to ptomaine poisoning, e.g.y 
bad shell-fish, etc. Mising (Kedah) (W.). 

C fieri t : watery scanty motions. 

C hue liar. 


Buang-buang ayer : copious watery. 

Cherah prut. 

Cherit Under : dysentery (M.). 

Die, to. Pulang ka rahainat AllaJi (lit. "to return to 

"Difficult labour," a. Bebang ov kabebangan (lit. 
a stoppaf;e of the womb in labour). 

Orang pcrcvipuan mati kabcbang : women die from delayed 
(difficult) labours. 

Aiiak kabcbangan : child of a delayed labour hence a still- 
born child. 

Digest, to. Menglianclwvkan makanan (F.). 

Digestion, if bad, is treated by a bitter wood infusion 
called widara. 

Dimple. Chawak. 

Dirty. Kotor. 


Discharge, a. Menanah (of pus). 

From ear : torek. 

From uretha : karam-karang. 

From the head : kclemiimiir (F.). 

Vaginal other than ordinary : puteh piitehnn. 

( 24 ) 

Disease. Pcnyakit. 

So far from leaving him, his disease went from bad to 
worse : usakan scniboli iiiakin bertamboh-tamboli kesakitan nya 

Attackin,!^ voung children, vide Thrush : gmvam. 

Without anv visible cause, e.g., "growing pains": sakit 
hidop (W.). 

Diseased : sakit. 

Disfigured, markedly, with small-pox. Bopeiig. 
Disinfect, to. Menchevia kan. 

Menyuchi kan. 
Mcngilanqka>i, kajan or kitan. 

Dislocated. Tulang kiyat (W.). 
Dislocation (luxation). Tnlaiig herchirai. 

T. bcrselisch. 

Tcrgliat {¥.). 

Pdechuk (F.). 

Dislocated : terchabut. 

Bail nya tcrchahut : his shoulder is dislocated. 

Dismember, to. Menchcrcikan. 

Dissection. Tesvih. 

Distended. Bunchit. 

K inn bang. 

Prut kumbang : distended stomach. 

Distress. Susah. 

Diuretic, a drug to promote the flow of the urine. 
Ubat incngjalankan kenching {¥.). 

Urine : ayer kindling. 

Diurnal. Tiap-tiap Jiari, or hari-havi, daily. 
Dizziness. Liutoh (W.). 

1 en nig hcpdlii. 
Ngalu (C). 

Doctor. Bomo. 

Paivang (practises incantation chiefly). 


European usually called Tuan Doctor. 

Midwife : bid an. 

Doctor in medicine. Hakim ilmu hikmat (F.). 

Tab lb (W.). 

( 25 ) 
Domesticity, extreme uxoriousness. Kcrnytip. 
Down, " fluffy " hairs of body. Roma. 
Doze, to. Men^anto. 
Dream, to. Mimpi. 

Angiit : to talk nonsense (F.), 

Evil dream accompanied by emission : hhatahun. 

Drink. Minmn. 

Drop, a. Titek. 

Drops of sweat : jamjam. 

Dropsy. Biual. 


Jcmah if affecting extremities onl\- 

'Smbap (Shel.). 

Dross opium. Tain chandu ; teugko. 

Cooked opium : chandu. 

Drown. Lcmas (lit. stifled). 

Death from drowning : mati lemas. 

Drug. a. Pukau; uhat. 

Rcmpali . 

Drunk. Mabok. 

From alcohol : M . arak. 

Mahok is also used of poisoning however caused, and also 
of sea-sickness : mabok laut. 

Dry. Keying. 

Dry poultice : tuivam (bran or sand). 

Dumb. Bisu. 

Kelu {¥.). 

Deaf and dumb : tuli dan kclu (F.), vide Deaf mute. 

Dura mater, one of the coverings of the brain. 

Selaput otak. 

Dust, in the eyes. Chermn. 

Tolong buang cheravi di jnaia kauan : help me remove this 
foreign matter from my eye. 

( 26 ) 

Dwarf, a. Keredil {¥.). 

Dysentery. Buang ayer darah ; chevit Under. 
Berak dara. 
Berak ingics (mucous). 
Cher it darah (C), 
Rajan (C). 
Rangout (C). 
Kaayaran (C). 

Dysmenorrhea a, painful menstruation. Segugut 

Membranous : 5. kidit. 

Dyspepsia (indigestion). Prut kumbang, fullness 
after meals. 

Dysphagia, due to throat lesion (difficulty of 
swallowing. Sengkol. 

Dyspnoea, shortness of breath. Xafas seugkah. 

N. sesah. 
Kasesakan dada. 


Ear. Telinggci. 

Concha : da^in T. 
Tympanum : anak T. 
Lobe of : ch aping T . 

A disease of the ear accompanied by a discharge : torek 
(vide article in " Lancet " Otitis Externa Tropica). 
The border of : pelipitan T. 
Part which joins the head : pohoii T. 
Piercing the : tindik. 
External meatus : Hang T. 

Eat, to, to consume. Kumi. 

Eating, to eat. Makan. 

Tired of eating a monotonous diet : jemu. 

Sahya jemu makan ay am : I am tired of eating chicken. 

Ecbolic. Selmoh (W.). 
Eclampsia. Sawan (fits). 

Due to the " haniu polong" according to Malays. 
Pcnyakit scnmbok. 
Sesak perauakan. 

( 27 ) 

Ectropion, a condition of eversion of the eyelids. 

Besan (JSIenangkahit) . 
Blenseh, terplenseh (W.). 

Eczema. Kndis. 

Intertrigo : hiring. 

A kind of, affecting the scrotum : sengkelang. 

Egg. Telor. 

" Egg flip" : T. minta. 
(Raw egg : 7". mentah). 

Ejaculation (sexual). Pancharan meni (F.), vide 
" Spermatic." 

Elbow. Siku. 

Elder. Lehih tua. 

E. brother : abang. 
li. sister : kaka. 

Elephantiasis. Penyakit untut. 

p. burn (M.). 
Nambi (M.). 

Emaciated. Kums (thin). 

Extreme emaciation : kedengkek. 

Emasculate, to. Mengida (W.). 
Embryo. Jcuin. 
Emetic. Ubat muntah (F.). 
Emission, nocturnal. Khatalam. 

Of semen : pancharan meni. 

Empty, free, vacuity, feeling of ease Vv'hen mouth 
or tongue has been rid of an unpleasant taste. 


Endemic. Penyakit ncgri. 

p. temp at. 

Entrails. Tali jy rut (intestines). 

I si prut (contents generally). 

Protrusion of entrails in a wound : tcrtmnpah isi prut. 
And his entrails gushed out : dan tertiinipah lah tsi prut 
nya (F.). 

( 28 ) 

Epidemic, an. Hawav. 

Bena (C. & S.). 

Priiah (M.). 

To become : menjadi mclarat, also to become serious. 

Ml- 1 a rat : to spread. 

Epidermis. Kulit avi. 

The black rolls which come away when shampooed : daki. 

Epilepsy. Gila hahi. 

SiUi'iin bahi. 

Malays say if a child is born on the i6th of the month 
it will be an epileptic. 

Epistaxis, bleeding at the nose. Hidong kluav 

da vail. 
Erection, priapism. Jadi kemhang (F.). 

Bcrhemban^an (F.). 
Bii rcgang (F.). 

Erotic. Iski (F.). 

Yang berahi (F.). 

Eruption. Katuinbohan. 

Of boils : rachutan : selinap bisiil (W.). 
Of large black spots : sindap (W.). 

Erysipelas. Balal api. 
Eunuch. Orang pnntong. 

O. kembiri. 

Evacuation. Chahav. 

Every morning ; to be taken. Di minum saban 

pngi (W.). 
Excoriated. Kalnpas. 
Excrescence, on skin. Tekok (C. & S.). 
Exhausted, from exercise. Leteh. 

From illness: tyok (vide " Dangerous illness"). 

Expectorate, to. Gviyak. 

Ludah . 

To "hawk": gavut (M.). 

To expectorate, a catarrh : beska (M.). 

Experimental inoculation. Menjankitkan. 

( 29 ) 
Extract opii. Chandu. 

The strength of chandu is about j;'v-th that of the extract 
opii B.P. The dose as an antispasmodic is ^ to ^ a chi, as a 
soporific about i chi given mixed with water ; :Jclii has relieved 

Exude, to, to sweat. Bcrpliih. 

Sweat : pluli. 


Berpanchoran pluh deripada tiibo/i nya dan teihit dantli fada 
Hang ritma nya : sweat ran in streams from their bodies and 
blood exuded from the pores of their bodies (C. & S.) 

Eye. MiiUi. 

Pupil : anak M . 

Ball : hiji M. 

Lash : brihi M. 

Lid, upper: hlopak M . 

Lid, lower : hibir M . 

Black eye, a: bcnkak bakup. 

A stye on the eye : tembel (vide " Hordeolum "). 

Bloodshot, conjunctivitis: rcjeJt. 

Outer canthus : ckor mata. 

Inner canthus : ujong mata ; piiliii mata. 

Brow : alls. 

Eyebrows : viiicJiat (F.) or bulu kcning. 

Sight : pangliatan. 

Blue-eyed: mata nilas. 

Dust in eyes : cheram (dust). 

Eyelids, stiffness of. Kakii mata. 

(Might be applied to \'on Graefte's sign.) 

Eyes, dimness of, in sickness or just ante mortem. 

Bloodshot : mata biji saja (W.). 

Eye socket, the. Liau<^^ mata. 

Face. Muka. 

Complexion : ayei' muka. 

Faeces. Tahi. 


( 30 ) 
Faint, to. Pengs an. 

Mnrka (murcha F.). 

To faint at sight of blood : mahok day ah. 

Faintness, weakness: halemahan. 

Faint, weak, languid : lemah. 

Feeble, exhausted, powerless: leteh liisii (M). 

Fainting. Mercha (W.). 

Nearly fainting: hampiv-hampir pengsan. 
Faint, to fall in a: rebah pengsan. 

Fall out, of hair, due to illness. Bnbus (C. & S.). 

Family, relations. ~Kaiun ; waris. 
Household: isi rumah. 
Household or family : kiamin (Phng). 

Famine. Kalaparan. 

Fancies, e.g., ante partum longings. Edan. 

Mengedan handak santap ayev niyor gading itu : she become 
mad with longing to drink the water of the pale yellow 

Fast asleep. Lena. 

Fat, grease (rich to taste). Lemah. 

Swollen: gempul (F.). 
Features, efface. Paras. 
Feeble, faint, weak, Lemah. 

Exhausted ; leteh. 
In a faint : halangar. 

Feebleness. Kalemahan. 
Feel, to. Rasa (taste q. v.). 

Feel the pulse, to : pegang nadi ; rasa nadi (M.). 

To feel " seedy " : bingit. 

Lay the hand upon : jamah (M). 

Feign, malinger. Buat-huat or piira-puva. 

Tipu : deceive. 

Female. Bctina (human or animal). 

F. pudenda: chiiki (C. & S.). 

Fester, to. Bevnanah. 

Jadi uicUau. 

( 31 ) 
Fever. Dcmam. 

Puerperal sepsis or sapracmia : D. siisu. 

Tertian or quartan, simple ague : D. kuvra ; D. mcngilan. 

Quotidian, double tertian, triple quartan, any daily fever : 
D. VI i noun. 

Rheumatic : D. mat. 

A low fever accompanied by frequent chills : D. simerong. 

D. blasini: phthisis (C. & S.) ; or bilious remittent with 
jaundice and yellow vomit {munta chicka). 

D. kepala mata : a three-day fever with headache. 

D. kepialu : any fever which runs over the third day, a 
continued fever, malarial, possibly malignant quotidian. 

Kepialu is used of any continued fever immediately the 
third day is past and the fourth has commenced with fever 
still on. 

Small deep ulcers, pus secreting accompanied by fever : 
kuchi (penyakit). 

D. terselang ; D. hiilat : intermittent fever. 

D. gigil : ague, the cold stage. 

D. 5«('?»a .• influenza (W.). 

D. panas : the hot stage. 

D. ding in : the cold stage. 

Feverish, hot : dcdav. 

The hour at which fever is expected to recrudesce is 
spoken of a.s piantan demam (C. & S.). 

Filaria loa (a worm found in the eye) : Chaching 
an gin. 
C. biar. 

Filter, a. Tapisan. 
To : tapis. 
Filtered water : aycr tapisan. 

Finger. Jari tangan. 

First : /. teliinjuk. 
Middle : /. hantu. 
Ring : J . manis. 
Little : /. kalingking. 

Fissure. Chelah. 


Fissured : mavka (C.) 

Fist, the. Kuntau. 

To box : bennain l<untau 

Fitness, health. Segav. 

( 32 ) 

Fits. Pitam. 


Epileptic : gila babi . 

Apoplectic : terkejut (keiia). 

Nervous fit : badi. 

Apoplexy also : saivan hanhai (C). 

Five senses, the. Panchcudar. 

Flatulence. Sadawa (Shel.). 

Flea. Kutu anjing. 

Pinjal {C.) 

Flesh. Ua^in^. 

Also used of muscle, q.v. 

To lose, to become thinner: tuboh siisiit (W.). 

Flow, to flow copiousl}'. Aiir. 

Ayer niata mengaJir : the tears flowed copiously (C. & S.). 

Flux, of blood. Raj an. 
Foetid. Ban^^ar (C). 

Ha ring (M ). 
Amis {¥.). 

Foetus. Kaudun^an anak (M.). 
J en in (¥.). 

Fold, the fold of the knee, the popliteal space : 
pdipat (C. & S.). 

Folds, of the abdominal skin han,!L(ing. Gcndiii. 

Foment, to. Dcmakkan. 

Fomenting: dcniah (W ). 

A poultice of leaves : gendanisa. 

Fontanelle, sup, the soft spot on top of a young; 
child's head. Ubuii-ubiin. 

Fool. Bodoh. 

Does not strictly imply insanity or idiocy, " an ass." 
Foolish, weak of intellect, simple : daleh. 

Foot. Kaki. 

Leg : bet is. 
Sole of : tapak K . 

A disease causing ulceration of the soles of the feet is 
called bubnl of which there are four (or more) varieties. 
B. sarang, accompanied by sinuses. 

( 33 ) 

B. susu ayain, accompanied by redundant granulations 

B. mala I. 

B. bubok. 

Footbath, a : tiiivi . 

Side of : peremping kaki . 

Dorsum : kehitra kaki ; blaltang kaki. 

Outer edge of : tenibiring kaki. 

Forbidden. Teirah. 

These things are prohibited : barang iiii yaiig tega/i. 

Forehead. Dahi. 

Foreskin. Chaugerai. 

^' Fork," the. Clielah kangkang. 

The median raphe of the scrotum : cJnieh kamaliian 
" Fork " : kerangkang (W.) ; kerampang. 

Formication. Renayam. 


Fornication. Zinah. 


Milk at. 


Persundalan . 

Fornicate, to : berninkat : burzaua. 

Sexual intrique : berkeiidak (W.). 

Foul. Nijis (of the body). 

Fracture. Patah tulang (general). 

With overriding of fragments : tulang bersclisili . 
Impacted : tulang selisih menyalisih : tulang tegrinio (Kel. 
Greenstick : tulang pichah : tulang patah blah. 
Compound : tulang patah riyot ; tulang tcrsembol. 
Comminated : Patah rumok. 
Transverse ; Patah pepat. 
Oblique : Patah menycrong. 

Fresh water. Ayev tawar. 
Freckle, a. Bintik. 

Tahi lalat. 

Freckles : intek-intek (M.). 

Friction. Gosok (W.). 
Fright, fear. Katakutan. 

( 34 ) 

Froenum linguae, the tendon below the ton-ue. 

Tali tidah. 

Frown, to. Krot. 
Fruit. Buah. 

Pomegranate: B. ddimau. 
Grapes: B. anggor. 
Mangoe : B. mangga. 
Mangosteen : B. nuuiggis. 
Nutmeg : B pala. 
Areca nut : B. pinang. 
Custard apple : B. srikaya. 

Fullness, after meals, flatulent, dyspepsia. Si\i(ah. 
" Full time." Chukup bulan. 

Sudali chukup gcnap bulan nya : her time was full (C k S ). 

Fumigate, to. Ukup. 

Funeral procession. Perarakan maiat. 

Furrow, on the skin. Tekek (C. & S.). 
In the upper lip : alor hidong. 

Furuncle, a boil. Bisul. 

A crop of small boils : B. lada. This is a tropical affection 
and is said to occur after surfeits of mangoes. Also B. sclinap : 
a crop of boils. 

Blind boil : B . scbun. 

A large boil : B. tinggal. 

An axillary boil : B . susu knbong. 


Gag, to. SuDibatkan. 

Gait, rolling or swaggering, swinging the arms 
when walking. Leuggang. 

Ceremonial washing of body of a woman in seventh 
month of pregnancy : L. perut. 

Gall. Empcdu (W.). 

Gallbladder. Bundi pundi (\\.). 

H empcdu (W.). 

Ganglion, of tendon sheaths. Pirei. 

Localised swellings connected with tendons (usually occur 
on the wrist.) 

Gangrene. Pekong. 

Purujahat (M.). 

( 35 ) 
Gape, to. Ngaji<^a. 

Yawn : meugnap. 
Gaping, of a wound. P>abau^. 
Gargle, to* Kehninor. 

A : ubat kiimor . 

Gasp for breath, to. N<^^eu-ap (W.). 

Gastrocnemius muscle, large calf muscle. 

Jantong bctis, vide " calf." 
Buiili bet is. 

Gathering. Bhul {vide boil). 
Gaunt. Chaung. 
Gaze. Pandang. 
Genitals. Kamalnan. 

Sahwat {¥.). 

Giddiness, due to a height, etc. Gayot. 
Giddy. Pening kapala. 

Giddiness due to weakness : bent an. 

Ginger. Haliya (W.). 


Glanders. Sevdci. 

A disease occurring in horses similar to glanders: cngus 
(C. &S.). 

Engus : mucus. 

Glandular inflammation, l\'mphatic, sympathetic, 

adenitis. Kelenj avail. 

If suppuration takes place: niangga. 
A buboe, q.v. 

Glass bottle. Balang kaclia. 

Glaze, or "p.m." dimness of the eves. Mata piidav 

Goa powder. Made from the pith of a shrub named 
gleugaiig, the Malays use the leaves as a remedy 
for ringworm, etc. 

Goggle-eyed. Mata bilus. 

( 36 ) 
Goitre. Begok. 


Gondong (Petani) 
Gerondong (Kedah). 
Bengo (Perak). 

Gonorrhoea. Kaning-kavang, cr karang. 

The term karang is used as a general term for venereal 
disease, luka being used to express any kind of chancre. 

Gooch (splint). Belat (made of rotLui). 
Good health. Aafiat. 

Good health is granted by the Lord : A . dihernia Tiilian 

In : naman. 

Well, healthy: bandan sehat (C. & S.). 

Good condition, in, " fit " : badau sedap. 

Gout. Perai, kurai (Siamese) (S.). 

Sengal (F.) (rheumatism). 

Graft, to, of the skin. Meuamun kulit. 
Grapes. Vide " Fruit." 
Grave, serious. Murani. 

A : knbor. 

Grave clothes : kafan. 

A grave wound: luka yang parah. 

Grazed wound. Serapeh. 

Greenstick fracture. Tulang pcchali, vide " Frac- 

Tulang pat all Mali 

Grind the teeth. Mengarat gigi. 
Gripes, colic. Mulas. 

Ranggiit (M). 
Senak prut (M.). 

Groin, the, region of the lymphatic <^dands. Kelcn- 

Kunchi pah a. 
Chechichah (C. & S.). 

Gullet. Lakum (W.). 

Gulp, to. Jogan. 

( 37 ) 
Gums. Gusi. 


Gum benzoin. Minyan. 


Haematemesis. Muntah kadarah (W.). 

Vomiting of blood : miintalikan darah ; muntah darah 

Haematoma, a tumor of blood. Pechah kedarah. 
Haematuria, blood in the urine. Kinching darah. 
Haemorrhage. Kluar darah. 

Haemorrhoids, piles. Penyakit bawasiv or wasiv. 
Dia sahit wasir : he's got piles. 
Samhilik (F.). 

Haggard. Muka bengis. 
Hair, to cut off. Tukong. 

Menggunting ramhiit. 

Mcnchukor kapala : to shave the head. 

Hair. Kambut. 

Of body : bitlu runia. 

Of the neck : bulu pel i pis. 

Of pubes : ari-ari. 

Hairy. Berbidu. 
Hallucination. Salak melihat. 
Hand, the. Tangan. 
Handfeed, to. Suwabi. 

Snap . 

Hang down loosely, to. Kidai. 

His arm was broken and hung down loosely : tangan nia 
patah terkulai. 

Hanging, to sit with the legs ''dangling." Duduh 

Hard, of a tumor. Bavah batii. 

( 33 ) 

Harlot. Pereinpuan jalan^. 

Head. Kapala. 

Skull : tcngkorak. 

Headache. Pcdih kapala (M.). 
Migraine: ngilu (AI.). 
Sakit kepala. 

Pening kepala ; sakit kepala. 
Neuraljjic : kepala umbaug. 
Heavy headache : kinupinan. 

Head downwards. Snugam (W.). 

Heal, to. Seinbolihan. 

Sumbohkan . 

Health. Aafiat. 

In health: badan sehat 

" Fit " : badaii sedap. 

Health, to be restored to : betah 

Health, in, to be well . sitmboh. 

His wound is healed : snmboh lah litka nya. 

Hear, to. Dengar. 

Hearing, sense of. Pendengaran. 

Heart. Jantong. 

Palpitation of : debar. 

Heavy, of sleep. Chcdeva; also jcudera (C. & S.). 

Heel, the. Tiimit. 

Hemiplegia, one-sided paralysis. Tepoh stengah 

T. sa'blah tuboh. 
Kipai {¥.). 

Hereditary. Pesaka. 

Hereditary disease. Pcnyakit baka. 

Hermaphrodite. Papak. 

Kunsa (F ). 

Banc/ii {C & S). 

Where the female elements proponderate : kedi. 

( 39 ) 
Hernia, rupture. Burnt. 

Umbilical : pcnyakit burnt pusat 

Any protrusion, e.g., bowels in a wound ; burci (C. 8c S.) 

Hiccough. Sadii. 

Chakub (C ). 

Hip. Pan^kal paha (S.). 
Hips, the. Pcmcn<^}:^nk. 
Hoarse. Pavau. 



Sambar (F.). 

Of the voice : gurok : also guyu. 

Hole, a small hole, e.g., in the tooth. Siukil. 

Ord. Lobang. 

Hollow, of the cheeks, gaunt. Cluiiiu^. 
" Drawn" : kepom (W.). 

Hop, to. Jinkek. 

Hordeolum, a stye. Bintal. 

I'cmbel (W.). 
Ketuii (Phng,), 

Hornet. Tahuan. 
Hot. Hangat. 

H. water: ayerliangat. 
Feverish : dedar. 

Hough, to. Mengeting. 

Sever the Tendo Achillis 
Tenotomise, to. 

Hump. Bongko. 

Hunchback, a. Orang benkok (or bougkok). 

" Hundred," the hundred drugs given after parturi- 
tion. Rempah ratus. 

Hunger, ravenous. Kemavok (W.). 


Hungry: kelaparan. 

Ravenous: kemarok. 

Hurt. Sakit. 

Luka (wound). 
Rosak (damaged). 

( 40 ) 

Husband. Laki. 

Hydrocele, a liuid accumulation in the scrotum, 

Used of any orchitic (testicular) swelling. 
Biinit, rupture (not always distinguished). 

.Hymen, maidenhead. Selapiit pevdaradn. 

Rupture of: hilang data. 

Hysterics. Sawan-pevanakan (M.). 


Ice. Aycr batu. 

A he /at. 

Idiot. Oraug gila. 

0. bodoh, vide " Fool." 

Ileum, the crest of the. Tulang kilek buyong (W.), 

The pelvic bone. 

111. Sakit. 

Ill looking, not looking well : hnyu. 
Sickly countenance: muka knyii. 

Illness. Penyakit. 

The protraction of an : sdap . 

To be protracted (of illness) : niengidap. 

Intractable : sukar. 

A very troublesome illness : penyakit terlahi sukar. 

Grievous : sahit payah ; sakit paliit. 

Illusion. Keyai {¥.). 

Maya (F.). 
Pengliatan (F.). 

Imbricata, taenia. Kuvap losong. 

.\ scaly skin disease. 

Impacted fracture {vide fractures). Tulang. 

Tulang selisiJt. 

Impetigo. I bit sawau (F.). 

A pustular eruption on the head. 

( 41 ) 

Impotence, conj^^enital. Kcdi. 

Inipotency (in male) : mati puchok ; darai. 
Impotent : lemah zakar (M.) ; lasa (F.). 
A?i impotent person : sa orang lasa. 

Impotent. Mati puchok (\N.). 

Incest. Siuubaiiir. 

Incised, of a clean cut wound. Rebak (W.). 

Incoherent. Champav bauv (F.). 

Mei-cpet (S.). 

Incontinence. Dolali. 

of urine : be sell ; bcser (W.). 
Lust : gasang (W.). 

Incontinent. Dokana {¥.). 

Gatal {¥.). 
Pcnghidam (F). 

Incubation. Hal mm^cram. 
Incurable. Tiada di pevsumboh. 
Indelicate. Beka. 


Indigestion. Semelit (W.). 

" Fullness " : prut kembang. 
Dyspepsia: semelit: scmbelit. 

Indolent, of a wound. Reiigsa (W.). 
Infanticide. Pembiuwhan anak. 
Infantile convulsions. Saw an. 

Of two kinds (i) s. tangis : crying fits; (2) s. tujong : true 

Infectious. Jankit. 


Infected : terjankit. 

Inferior, the inferior apertures of the body. Abai- 

Inflammation, round a boil, etc. Geldu<(i^a}i(( 
mcvah (W.). 

Bengkak (lit. swelling). 

Over laryngeal cartilages : goiidong 

( 42 ) 

Inflated, distended. Bunchit. 

Infuse, to (e.g., tea, etc.). GedoJi, uien^cdoh (W.). 

Inhale, to. Mcn^isap. 

Cherop {C. ScS.). 

To suck up, to suck in : isap. 

Injection. Pendirisan. 

Paiicharan kadalam. 

Inject, to: mendiris ; menanciuirkan kadalam. 

Inoculate, to. Menaruk or nicmbiibuli or inenanauu 

{Chachar if small pox vaccine is used, also chankil.) 

Inoculation, experimental : Mcnjaiikitkan {¥.). 
Insane. Gila. 
Insect. Sangat (M.). 

The sting of : snigat (M ) : kt't/k. 

Insensibility (to faint). Peugsan. 
Kebas (F.). i^t'Z^as also = numbness. 

Insomnia. Arik (W.). 

Instep, the. Belakang or kckura-kaki. 

Instructions. Pelisa (W.). 

" Directions for use " of medicine. 

Instrument. Perkakas. 

Surgical, etc. : pawei ; perkakas 

Insufflation. Meniap kadalam. 
Integument, membrane. Salaput (M.). 

The dura mater : 5. otak. 
Renal capsule : 5. giU-gili . 
l^ericardium : S. jantong. 
A scab : 5. luha. 

Intellect, weak of. Kiirang akal : {\wh^.) hodolu 

Second childhood : nyanyok (W.). 

Intemperance. K a letch an {¥.). 

Kalampaxvan (F). 

Intercourse (sexual). Jima. 

To have : berjantan (coarse). 

( 43 ) 

Intermittent fever. Demam berlat {\\.). 

J) I't'ischuif^ (^V.), vide "Fever." 

Internal. Yang didalam. 

Intertrigo. Sekatan hiring. 

I^czema between adjacent surfaces. 

Intestinal colic. Mulas. 
Intestines, hi prut. 

Small intestines : pyut lingav, or prut sani. 
Tall prut, vide colon. 

Intoxicated. Mabok (W.). 

Intoxication, " to ride the green horse." Xaik ata% 

kiida Jiijan. 

Due to eating fungi : M. cliendaivan . 

Intractable, of a disease. Bitit. 
Intrammary furrow. Ruwang susu. 

iJiipcr susu. 

Investigation. Sidek. 

Involuntary evacuation. Kinchit (small in quan- 
tity) (W.). 

Inunction, treatment by. Chaniar. 
Medicinal: melomor (W.). 

Ipoh. Getah ipoh. 

Poisonous sap of the Antiaris toxicaria. 
Irrigation. Peniraman. 


Irrigator, an. Perkakas pengiram. 

Perkakas mengiras . 

Iris. Pasok niata (Phn^^). 
Iron. Besi. 

Steel : best bajas. 
Ischium, the " sittin*^^ down '' bones. Tulang 

T. pungong. 

Itch, to. Gatal. 


(Gener.) liudis api : vesicates and suppurates ; kudis buta : 
true scabies. 

( 44 ) 

Itchiness, slight discomfort. Miang. 

The leaf of a plant called " saivang" is used as a remedy, 
also daun gleiigang. 

Itch on scrotum. Scugkclang (W.). 
Itchy. Gatal. 


Jaw. Rahang. 
Jaundice. Derdah. 

Penyakik kuning (F.) : pcnyakik sefra (F.) ; memhang (Shel.). 

Joint, a. Sendi. 

Jug. Buyong. 

Jugular vein. Urat hcmarg. 

U. Ichev. 


Kedal. A disease of the pahns and soles accom- 
panied by Palmar desquamation and cracking 
in the flexures, two species. Kedal anging, black : 
kcdal hulan, pinkish. 

Sopak : an advanced stage of the Bulan* form, in appear- 
ance like leucodermia of the hands 

Kick, to. Scpak. 
Kidneys. Gili-gili (M.). 

Buah pinggang. 
Gagdli (C). 
Gingal (Kl.). 

Kill, to. BunoJi. 

Killed. Terbunoh. 

King's evil. Vide " Hereditary disease." 

Knee, the. Lutut. 

Knees, the: riba (F.). 

The fold of (Popliteal space) : pclipat. 

Front of (Patella) : kepala lutut. 

Vide article by author in Dub. Journ. Med. Science. 

i 45 ) 

Kneel, to. Mclutut. 
Knit the brows, to. Kcvcsut. 
Knock-kneed. Kempon^. 
Knuckle. Bukujavi, 


Labour, delayed. Bebaiig or kabebang. 

" Women die from a stoppage of the womb in labour : " 
oriitig perempttan mati kabebang. 

A still-born child or child of a difficult labour : anak 

kahcbangan . 

Labour pains, commencement of. Sakit urat 

Hearing down pains : perch {W .). 
Completion of second stage : jijak sour. 
Delayed, prolonged : berannk sebun (W.) ; bersalin sebitn 

Leucorrhoea " the whites" : lendtr : pnteh-piitcltan. 

Lacteal ducts, the. Mata siisu. 

Lame (deformed, awry). Enchiit. 

One who limps : tercnchut-enchut (F.). 

Lame: bangkang (C. & S.). 

P-specially of paralytic lameness : lumpoh (W.). 

Lameness. Tempang. 

Through rickets : pedor (W.). 
Lance, to. Mencherat. 
Lancet, a. Pisan dann padi {\\.^. 

p. cherat (C. & S.). 
Better, a tenotome (W). 

Languid. Lemah. 


Lap. Pangkuwan (W.). 

Lard. Lemak babi, or iiiinyak babi. 

Laugh, to. Tertawa. 

Roaring with : T. geluk-gelah. 

( 46 ) 

Larynx. Rcugkou<(. 
Lassitude. Kaldahau. 


Gemalai . 

Extreme : Icmali gemnlai (W.). 

Leviah hemalai . 

*' Latah/' a nervous disease in which the higher 
cerebral functions can be thrown out of action 
by an}^ sudden fright. 

Chokak : to dig or prod a lataJi person in order to produce 
the " status latah." 

Latah mulus : a mild form of shock causing an outburst of 
coarse language only (W). 

Laxative, a. Uhat menchachar. 

PencJiachar {C. &S.). 

Lean (thin). Kuvus. 

Lean to : bcrsandar. 

A back rest : pcrsandar. 

Leech, Pachat. 

Horse: Untah. 

Left-handed, Krcja kiri. 

Leg, calf of. JtDitoug betis. 

Binvah betis. 

Legs, or leg. Kaki. 

Thigh : palia . 
Knee : lutiit. 
Leg : betis. 

Legitimate. Gara. 


Legitimate child : anah gara. 

Lemon, a. Limau. 

Lime : L kapas, or nipis or assam 
Orange : L. man is. 

Lemon grass. Serai. 

Citronella oil : niinyak serai 

Lens of eye. Batu mata. 

Leper, a. Ovang kosta. 

( 47 ) 
Leprosy. Kusta. 

With white ulcers : biinf^aii. 

Discoloured patches of : A', biniga. 

With black ulcers, sloughing : K. dcndang. 

Causing amputations (pathological) : K. limhong (W.). 

Sakit salak pomali . 

Bahak (a kind of L). 

Budoh (Phng.). 

C hag It (F.). 

Faure specifies biidok as the last stage of leprosy. 

Early leprosy : bddani (C. & S.). 


A kind of : dangkong (C. & S). 

Leprous. Bcrkosta. 

A leprous disease of the feet : nambi. 
Leucodermia, whiteness of skin. Balar-halav. 

Occurring in small patches : panau bunga. 
Black hair-covered spots, " moles : besi. 
White hair-covered moles ; mengkarang. 

Leucorrhcea. Puteh-putehan (W.). 

Lice (generally). Kntu. 


Lick; to. Jilat. 

Lie, crosswise, to. Baring melintang (W.). 

Lie down without a pillow : melitak (W.) ; mcliyiit (W.). 
Life. Nyawa. 

Lightheadedness, after a bad night. (Rasa) 

gayang (W.). 

Limb. Anggotci. 

To amputate a : kudangkan. 
A withered : cliinku. 

Lime. Kapov. 
Limp, to. Enclwk. 

Chapck (W.). 

Limping. Penchang. 

Lineament. Pava^. 

Linguae Frcenum (the tendon below the tongue). 

( 48 ) 

Tali lid ah. 

Liniment. Ubat uieu^urap. 

U rap an. ' 

To rub in : mengiinit . 

Lips. Bihir. 

Mucous membrane of : mcrah B . 

The depression in the upper hp is called alor bihir or lorali 

The projection of the mucous membrane in the middle of 
the upper lip : uring. 

A pimple or small ulcer on the lip : hcnta. 

Liquid. Chaiev. 

Sometimes used to express diarrhoea. 
Listen to. Mendengar. 
Little finger, the. Kelingldng. 
Little toe. Kelingking kaki. 
Liver, the. Hati. 

Limp a (M.). 
Ampadas (M.). 

Livid, to become, of a bruise. Lechar. 

Lobe of the ear. CJmping tdinga. 

Ala nasi : chuping liidong. 

Lochia, the post-partum discharge. DaniJitahiinyi, 
Lockjaw. Kelitasan. 

This is due to colliding in the jungle with a "Juiiitii pari " !f 

Loin cloth, a. Chai^uit. 

Loins, the. Pinggang. 
Selbi {¥.). 
Pangkal paha (Shel.) 

Long, slender, graceful, of the human hgure. 

Longings (e.g., occurring in pregnancy). Idani. 

Edam (C. & S ). " 1 

She became mad with longing to drink the water of the 

pale yellow coconut : mengedam handak santap ayer nyiorlgading 


( 49 ) 

Look after, a sick person, to nurse. Membela. 
Look, to. Tengoh. 

Look at, to : pandan^. 

Looseness, of bowels. Chirit. 

Ch lie liar. 

Loss of consciousness. Bins. 

Chloroform : ubat bins. 

Scdav dcripada B.: to recover consciousness after. 

Lotion, a cooling. Tiyavam (W.). 

Penjaviun (W.). 

Lousiness. Kemomong. 
Low fever. Deman simevong. 

Recurs frequently during the day possibly a "severe chill." 

Lumbago. Sakit unit ping gang. 

Lumbar vertebrae. Tulang papan pungkor (W.). 

Lump, swelling. Jendal. 

After a knock : hcngkak (W.). 

Swelling : bengkil (W.). 

Slightly swollen : benggil (C. & S.). 

Lungs, the. Pani-parn. 
Rabu (W.). 

Lupus of nose, or syphilitic disease of nasal bone. 

Pcnyakit restong. 

Seduan hidong. 

Lymphatic glands. Biji kchnjaran. 

Swollen ; biiiL'ah K . 
Inflammation of : sakit K . 


Mad. Gila. 

Madman : orang gila. 
Maggots, in wounds. Chaching rambu. 
Maiden, a. Bikir. 

Anak day a. 
Maidenhood : bikir. 
Perdaradn (C. & S ). 

( 5" ) 
Maimed. Kitdon^i;- lof hand or foot) (F.). 

Rtimpiit;:: (especially of an eroded feature) (W). 

Malady. Pcnyakit. 

Malarial fever. Dcnuuu kuya. 

Cold sta^e : D. dingin : J), gi'gil. 
Hotsta.sje; D.panas. 

Male. Jautan. 

Malignant tumor. A^/.s//r (F.). 
Malignant ulcer. Penyakit raja. 

("arl)un' le also coWed penyakit raja. 

Malingering. Pnra-puva. 

liuhHit biiu'at. 
Malleolus, internal or external. Mata kaki. 
Malodorous. Amis, or htamis. 

I 'J It busuh. 

Mandible (the lower jaw), RaJuuig dibawa. 

riie articular process of: tithing keng. 

Mange. Kuvap hinatang. 
Mangoe. lUtak mangga. 

Mangosteen. Buah mungk. 

Marginal blepharitis, sore-ed^ed eyes. Pcngakit 

}}iatd hiring. 

Marrow. Snni-snni. 

Otak tulang. 
Marasmus (wasting). Helasini (F.). 


Massage. Unit. 

To ; mcngunit. 

Superficial pinchin<i; : chohit. 

Deep pinching : ambil rirat. 

Deep pressure, grasping : pigit. 

Punching: tiimhok ; mcnumbok. 

Following tendons with pressure : urut. 

Massage: meramas {¥.). 

Massage, to : memijitkan (F ). 

( 51 ] 
Mastication. Pcpok (\N.). 

Kill II III. 

To chew, to mouth : mengulinii. 

Also iiiaiihui 

Masturbation. Menchcmnrkan diri. 

Matritis. Chagu. 

Inflammation of finger or toe nails, onychia. 

Matter (especially of the eyes). Daki (vide " Pus "). 

Manubrium sterni, the large chest bone. Tulaug 
riuiau menangis. 

Maxilla (upper jaw). Tulang rahaug. 

Meal, a. Bilor (W.). 

Measles. Champak. 

Tampak (C). 
Meat, raw. D aging incntah (W.). 
Median raphe, of scrotum. Chclah keinalnan. 
Medical diction. Bekasj iahib (W.). 
Medicine. Ubat. 
Melancholy. Duka chita. 

May an. 

Melon, water-. Madelikei. 

Mendikai (W.). 

Membrane, a. Selaput. 

" Membranes," the (obstet.) : tetitban. 

Memory. Kaingatan. 

Mental confusion, duHness, "cracked." Pikdu. 

Tevpihau (W.). 

Mercury, quicksilver. Raksa. 

Crude mercury, cinnabar : guUii^a. 

Metrorrhagia. Merian. 

A discharge of blood occurring between the dates at which 
menstruation occurs properly. 

Microscope. Tropong tmna. 

( 52 ) 

Midwife. Bidau. 
Milk. SnsH. 

To curdle milk the Malavs use " ti'oni^ hlanda" 
To milk : chian . 
Milking : chiang (Perak). 

Mind, the, intelligence. Akal. 
Miscarriage. Kagngovan. 



Premature delivery : anak gugor. 

Mix, to, to compound. Champor. 
Moan, to. Mevatap. 
Mole, a. Talii lalat. 

A black mole : kumbaug bertcdoh. 

Monsoon. Mmim. 
Mons veneris. . Tundnu. 

Monthly (of females). Kluar hay. 

Datang bulan. 

Baivah bulan [menangkabu) 

Datang kotor. 

Chaniar kain (F.). 

Period : hari chamar kain. 

Morning. Pagi. 

"To be taken every morning or evening: di milium saban 
('e\'ery) pagi or malam (W ). 

Mortify, to. Mengiisati (S.). 
Mosquito, a. Nyamok. 

Anopheles: N. tirup : N. tiruk : .V. unjaiig langit. 
Mosquito bite : binfat ; bintit. 
Larvae : jcjinteh. 
Curtain : klambu. 

Moustache. Misci. 


Mouth. Mulut. 

Open your mouth : iiganga. 

Mucous membrane, of lips. Menih bibir. 

( 55 ) 
Mucus. Ddluik (F.). 

U 1)1 tie I. 

Belanim (AV.). 
Nasal : sang (C ). 

Mumps (parotitis). Dc^^iom. 

Benkok telor chicka. 
Seralihrok (C. & S ). 
Biigok (Shel ). 

Murder, to. Bunohkan. 

Murdered : terhunoh . 

Muscle, generall}' speakin<^. Da^in^. 
As compared with tendon : iirat. 
No precise term. 

Adelat {¥.). 

Muscles, the dorsal. Unit helikat. 
Muscular. Tegap. 
Mustard. Sesau'i. 
Musty. Biisi. 
Mutilated. Empok. 

Lasa (F ) 

Mutter, to (to mumble). Kiilnni. 
Muzzle, to. Simpalkan. 
Mycetoma. Pekong. 

A fungoid disease usually of a foot or the feet. Syn. 
madiira foot. 

Myopia, shortsightedness. Biita vabnn. 

Mata civcim (F.). 
Kabiit mata (W.). 
Kahur )iiata. 

Myrrh. Mu', 

Naevus. Tamia. 

Black : 7 . arang. 
Blue : T. brau. 
Yellow : T. kuroh I 
White : T . kapor ) 
Red : 7". bevmoh . 



( 54 ) 
Nail. K Ilk II. 

Skin at the base of : pcnyirat kukn. 
A gathering under, whitlow : chuwit. 
The matrix of : hunga kuhu : kulit cuhim. 

Naked. Telanjii)i<: (W.). 

Pukas (W ). 

Nape of neck. Tcuko. 

Kodak (C.) 
Maiigko (C). 

Narcotic. Ubat tidor. 

U. mcnidovhan 

Nausea, without \()mitini^'. Loiah hati (Pliiig.). 
Dugal (W.) 
Repulsion : luu'nt (W .). 

Nauseous. Yan^ kammcalau {¥.). 

Y. kugelian (F ) 

Navel. Piisat. 

Umbilical Cord : tali piisat. 

Neck. Lehcr. 

Batang L (C. cS: S.). 

A stiff neck : L. Ickiyat (W.). 

Necrology. Daftar orani( mati. 

Register of deaths : D. kumatian oiaiig. 

Nepenthe. Dauu kcndi (¥.). 

Nerves. Vtav (F.k 

Nervous, a nervous tit. Badi [W .). 

Nervous trembling, quiverin.i^. Kapah. 

Nettlerash, sort of. GcUi^ata. 

Neuralgia. Pcu^i^hikit f^ehan^i: (Phng.). 
Sukit tajcvu. 
Sakit nviban (fhug.). 

Night. Malam. 

To-night . M . sckarani:. 
Last night : M. tadi. 

Night blindness, nyctalopia. Butalaran^ (Phng.), 
B . ay am (Kelantan) 
Rabun sinyoJi (Perak) 

( 55 ) 
Nipple. Tiuiipok susK. 

Piitiug siisii (C.) 
}fiita SKSU (C). 

Nitre. Sandttuui. 

Cjunim tiiisiyii (F ) 

Nits, on hair. Liii<;s(i (Jav.). 
Nocturnal emission, a. Khntalaiu. 

The three si^iis of puberty are : — 

T. Umor lima bias talnin : t'r.e age of 13 years. 

2 HaitJi : the menses 

j. Khatalam : nocturnal emissions. 

Nose. Hido)i<;. 

To blow the nose, vide " J^)l()\\ . " 
Flat, due to disease : //. kciiick (W.). 

Nostril. Lobau<^ hidoni(. 
Stoppage in : selmt (W.). 

Noxious, venomous. Bisa. 
Numb. Kebas. 

Numbness: hunipnli (C.) . 
l^>enumbed .• scrimii. 

Nurse, to, sick peoplf. Mciiihcla. 
Children : 7nnii:asol! . 
Wet : dayali 

Nymphomania. ' (riln nrat " (W.). 
Nystagmus. Pcniu<^ kdam {\\ .). 

Obstruction, an. a stoppaj^c. Busoii^. 
\'idc " Aneurism." 

Occipital bone, tlie. Godok kcpalu. 
Oedema, dropsy. Bunkak. 
Oesophagus, .i^ulle't. Hclekou^. 
Oil. Minyak. 

Castor : M . javah. 
Olive : M. zeitun. 
Coconut : M . kalapa. 
Kerosine : M. tanah . 

( 5^ 1 
Ointment. Minyak unip. 

^alve : mesuh (W.). 

Pou:; lira pan {¥.). 

To smear the body with ointments : chanuir (inunction). 

Sooth ins: '■ peparan. 

Old. Tiiti ciged). 


One-eyed. Mata sablaii. 
Onychia. Makan sebian. 

Inflammation of the nail : clmd'it (W.). 

Ooze, to. Tivis. 

Open the mouth. N<^cin^ii. 

Opium. Afiiin. 

Cooked (extract) : iliaiidu. 
Dross: triisko. 

Orbit (ocular). Biuj^kiv uuita. 

L/(ing mata. 
Lobaiis mata. 

Orchitis, swelled testicle. Sakit pusang-pasaii}^'. 

Buah bunkah. 
Sakit J/iiaJi piicr 

Orifice. Liaui;-. 

Ounce. Dua chamcha iapprox.). 

Chamclui : a Chinese spoon. 
One tablespoon (approx.). 

Out, dislocated. Terchabnt. 

His shoulder is out : hiiah nya teichabut. 

*' Out of Sorts," '' seedy." ( liering-cheriiii^. 


Ovarian cystic tumor. Musong. 

A pathological swelling accompanied by amenorrhoea 

\'ide "Dropsy." "Ascites." 

Ozcena. Kenchang (W.). 

( 57 

Pain. Tikaui-tikam : sharp pain. . 

Bisa : dull gnawing pain, 
Mtiiiieiita-ocnta : throbbing. 
To put to : saktti (W.). 


Painless permanent swelling, *' a wen.' Risa. 
Pains in the Stomach. DugaL 


Cramp : scnak dalum pnit. 

I'ains in the bones : ///// (M ). 

Palate, the. I'alangit. 

Pale complexion. Puchat. 
Pallor, extreme. Puchat leu. 

White as death : putch Icsi. 
On is (W.), 

Palm of hand. Tapak tangan. 

Sole of foot : 7'. kaki 

Palpitate, to. Bcvdchar. 
Palsy, paralysis. Tepok. 

Parnlysis agitans, tremors affecting old people : kctar 

Papaya (c;irica papa\a). lUiaJi betik. 
B. kctda (Perak). 

Paraethesia, or anaesthesia. Jani {W .). 
Local lf)ss of sensation. 

Paralysed, numbed. Lasa (W.). 

Swelling at the back of neck : tiimhoh lasa. 

Paralysis agitans, palsied shakings chorea 
Kercnniit (\V.). 

Paralytic. Lnmpoh. 

Kasoh . 
Tepok . 
To become : wciijadi ttpnk lasa. 

( 5^ ) 

Parietal bone. Pnsar kcpala [\\ .). 

The centre of the " parietal eminence." 
The side bones of the head 

Parturition, the state of. Hal bcraiiak. 

•' In lalionr." 

Pass water, to. Kin chilli;. 

Patches. Puuju. 

of white on skin : a mild leucodermia. 

Patella, knee cup. Tiuiipnrojii^- luiiit. 
Patients, sick people. Miiradhi. 

"Pearl." Kalabu. 

Corneal blemish. 
Cicatrix on cornea 
Corneal opacity. 

Pederasty. Laicat. 

" Vidt Sodom V." 

Peel, to, of scalded skin. Lcbav. 

Pelvic bones. TnUini^ piin<rkor (\V.). 

Pendent, of l)reasts. Susn kopek. 
S la II J lit. 

Penis. l^::akar (Arab and scientific). 
Butu (coarse). 
Chick ell. 

Biirong (of a bov). 
Gain (F.). 

Chiiek (C. & S.) (East Coast islands) 
Body of. as distinct from head : kontal (W.). 
Of animals : saivat (W.). 
Pcsairat (machine) (W ) 

Pericardium. Sclaput janton^:. 

Perinseum. Pukan<:; or scla pukan}.^ (\\\). 

The part of the Ijody immediatel\- between the legs 

Peritoneum. Sclaput prut. 

Jala I'sl prut . 

Pernicious. Chikil. 


Perspiration. Kcbah. 

The commencement of, during l"e\er. 

His fever is reduced : kchah dcmaiu iiva. 


I'erspire, to : Jicrpluh 

Kluar pluh . 

Take this medicine immediately you begin to sweat : hihi 
Intdiin berpluli, hahni Inilili makau ubat mi . 

The sensation of just beginning to perspire is expressed by 

Jumjam (F.). 

Phagedoena, of lej^, etc. Chabok. 

A severe ulceration with gangrene. 

Phalanges. Raw as jari. 

Small bones of fingers. 

Phlegm. Dahak. 

Umbd (W) 
Belay am (W ). 
Gelema (W.). 

Phthisis. Bclcuini {¥.). 

Pengakit parau-paratt . 
Batok day ah. 
Batok kyim:. 

Physical weakness. Toya. 

Depression : yowoh. 

Physiognomy. Pams. 

Ayey mukn (W.) 

Piles. Sakit biiwassir or 5. iiuissir. 
I'liyii sumbilik (M ). 

Pillow. Bantal. 
Pimple, a. Biiitit. 


'Bentil (C. & S.). 

Bcntil danjcyair/t dan tahi lalat : pustules and pimples and 

Pinch, to (lighth). (lickit. 

A, of anything : ketit : ketil. 

Pinna, of ear. Daiin teiinga. 

"Pins and needles," the sensation of. Scnnit- 

I>om a blow on the " funnv bone " : scunvay. 

( ^>o ) 

Pit, to, on pressure. Bakam (C). 
Pit of stomach. Sudu hati. 
Placenta, the afterbirth. Tivnbunyi. 

Praevia: T. dahulu (no proper term). 
Treatment of. Mala\-, draw down both legs. 

Plague. Penyakit hawav. 

A pestilence, an epidemic : P. sampay. 

Plaster, adhesive. Tainpal. 

That plaster sticks. Lckat lali tampul itu. 
Medicinal : koyo. 

Plethora. Kalimpahan da rah. 
Kahanyakan dara. 

Pleurisy. Sakit msok. 

>. chuchuk ; S. tajam. 

Plug. Siimpil. 

To plug up, e.g., the ears with wool, etc.: sumbathan (W .]. 

Pockmarked. Bopeng (severeh). 

Chcvechah (slightly). 
Rcxhiih {¥.). 

Poison. Rachun. 
Poisonous. Bisa. 
Popliteal space. Pdipat. 

Space behind the knee.s. 

Pores, of skin. Liang ninia. 

Sweat ran in streams from their bodies and blood exuded 
from the pores of their skins : berpancharan pluh deripada tiihoJi 
iiya dan terhit dtiiah pada Hang runia nya. 

Post partum pain and weakness. Lehang 

piuggaug [W.]. 

Poultice. TiLwam. 

.\ dry poultice, e.g., bran, sand 

Of dry leaves : gendariaa. 


To apply a : hiiboh pupok (W.j. 

Powder, to, e.g., a wound. Bedaki. 

Pregnancy, the longings which occur dnriiii^. 

( 6i ) 

Pregnant. Meugaudouo. 


Bunting (coarse). 

Pregnancy protracted : bunting kcrhau. 

Heavy with child (end of eighth month): bunting saiat 
or hunting ban tang. 

Premature delivery. Kagugorau. 

No distinction is made between abortion, miscarriage, anil 
premature birth by Malays. 

Prepuce, the. Kulop. 

Changerai (W.). 

Priapism. Dzakar berkembang. 

Biitu berkembang. 
Peler berkembang. 
Chicheh ber/iembang. 
Vide " Penis." 

Pricking pain. Antak. 
Prickly heat. Ruwan. 

A small pimple like P.h. (W.). 

Private parts, the. Abaimana. 

Of a boy: burong. 
Of a girl : bunga. 

Probing, e.g., a wound. Doga, 

Prolific. Biak. 

Prolonged " labour," delayed. Bcvannk scbiiii. 

Prone. Tiarap. 

Prostitute. Sundal. 

Previpuan jalang. 

Prostration. Terap. 


Of an illness, to " drag on " : meliyut (W.). 

Protraction, of an illness. Hap. 

Protracted, to be : mcngidap. 

Protrusion. Burai. 

Of intestines in a wound. 
'^ Psychological moment," the. Periyang. 

( 62 ) 

Ptosis, drooping of an eyelid or eyelids. Ruditl. 


Puberty. Balir. 

Kiiniaja (C). 

Signs of puberty : — 

1. Umor lima bias taliun : the age of 15 years. 

2. Ilaith : the menses. 

3. Khatalam : nocturnal emissions. 

Pubes, the. Ari-ari. 

The region over the bhulder. 

Pubic bone, the bone over the bladder region. 

Titian^ pungkor (W.). 
In women : t. so>ii. 

Pudenda, private parts. Kiuualuan. 
Patu (M.). 
Any at. 

Of female : puki. 

Vide "Vagina." 

Of a boy : burong. 
Of a girl: bnnga. 

Pull out, to. Chabut. 

A tooth : C. gigi. 

Pulse, the. Nadi. 

To feel the pulse : pcgang nadi . 
Raba nadi. 

Pungent. Pedas. 

Pupil, of eye. Anak mata. 

Purgative. Penchachav. 

•' Ubatjclaap." 


A disease akin to \-a\vs, consisting in raised ulcerations 
on face or body. 

Four species are distinguished by Malays, the fourth ot 
which is really a different disease [vide " Preface"). 

1. Puru siput : very elevated ulcers. 

2. P. beha : flat but large ulcers. 

3. P. dedah : small ulcers over a large surface. 

4. P. kuchi : phagadenic ulceration of the penis 

Puru : frambcEsia indica (W.). 

Pus. Xiiiiiih. 

Dauai (C. & S). 

Pustule. BentiL 

Vide " Pimple." 
A minute : hediiii 

Put out the tongue. Ilnhn- lulah. 

Khiay lidah (understood). 

Putrid. Busnk. 

Stinking : kolioiif^ (W.). 


Quartan or tertian fever. Dciuaiu lucnt^ilan. 
Quicklime. Kapov tohor. 
Quiet, be. I Ham. 

Quiet (rest) : berbann^'. 

Quinine. Ubat kivininc. 

U. pahit i bitter) 

Quinsey. Sakit <:;mcaiiui (C.) (M.). 
Quotidian fever. Dcuidin uuuoun. 


Rabbit. Kuwilu (W.). 

Rabies. Gila anjing. 

Raphe (median of scrotum). Cliclah keiualuaii. 

Rapid breathing, shallow. Clmn^rak (C. & S.). 

Rash, afflicting very young children. Surap (W. 

Raw meat. D aging men f ah (W.). 

Raving. Chelapeta. 

Rave, to: mamai (C). • 

M any i gun (C). 

Recline, lie down. Banng. 

( ^4 ) 

Recover, to, from illness. Aafiat. 
Puleh (C). 
Recovered : sumhoh . 

His wound is healed : siiiiiboh lah luha nwr 
Convalescent and recovered from all his ailments : betcfh 
Liiitiut deripada s'baning penyakit iiya. 

Recovery after a faint, etc : siyomau : iayumcn. 

Rectum. Rumbong (S.). 

Prolapse of : kliiay rumbong. 

Recumbent. Tevbaving. 
Recuperative power. Biukas. 

He has no recuperative power: dia tiada binkas. 

Red. Mcvah. 

Pink : M . muda. 
Scarlet : M. tua. 

Red rash, early leprous patches. Badani (C. & S.). 

Red rash (urticaria) : bcdan-bedaii. 

Reduced, wasted. Bengkavik (C. & S.). 
Reel, to. Hoyong. 

After a blow : melilan 

Register, a. Daftev. 
Relapse, a, of illness. Biutciu. 

Beridang sakit (S ). 
BclangLi (F ). 

Relapsing mania. Saw an gila. 
Relations. Kaum. 


Khvnin (a family) (Phng.). 

Relations with one of an opposite sex. 


Relaxed stool. Chabar (C. c\: S.). 

Remedy. Penawar. 

Repeat, to (e.g., " the dose "). Kcvapi. 

Resin. Damar. 

Respiration. Nafas. 

Draw the breath : mcnafas : " tarck nafas." 

( C^5 ) 
Rest, to. Bcvhariu^j^. 

Restless : Usah . 

Restored to health. Bctah. 

Resuscitate. Mcmhankitkan (P.). 
Retch, to. Belilah. (C. & S.). 

Mengliiak (C. & S). 
Rheum. Sahamah (C). 

Sail' Willi (M.). 
Vide " Coryza." 

Rheumatic fever. Dciuam kcpiaUi. 

D. hctulangan. 

Rheumatism. Sensed. 

Sakit dalam tuluitg. 
Bisa (S.). 
Selimat {¥.). 

Rhubarb. Rcnvand. 

Rice water gruel. Ayer hauji. 

Rigor, a. Ketak ; kdav. 
Ringworm. Kurap. 

Of head : K. ayam. 
Imbricate: A', losoiig. 

Rise. Bankit. 

Get up : bangiiu. 

Roar, to. Bertiiak. 

Rolls of epidermis. Daki. 

Root, a. Akar. 

Round worms. Chachin^ gclcui<^. 

Rupture. Burnt. 

Of Hymen : liilang darn. 

Rusted, to become. Bcvkarat. 

( 66 ) 


Saffron. Kunyit. 

Kamkama (C). 
Sago. Sa^ll. 

S. riiuduno (W.). 

Sal ammoniac. Sadiv(\\.). 
Saline. Masiii. 
Saliva. Aycr liov. 


Salivation. Lenga. 

Fits with salivation : scrwaii Uiiga (W.). 

Sallow. Puchat. 

Sallowness : perang. 

Very sallow: perang pirns ( W). 

Salt. Gavani. 

Saltpetre : scndaiva. 

Scab. Kniping. 

Selapnt Inka (M.). 

Scabies. Kudis. 

With suppuration : A', apt. 

Severe itching, true scabies: A.', hnta. 

Scald, to. Lechorkan. 


Scalded : sndah kena merechor. 

Scapula, shoulder blade. Tulaiig hlikat. 

Tainpuran nyamok. 
Tnlang hipas. 

Scar, cicatrix. Parut. 

Scattered, e.g., of an eruption. Chcvci-clicrci. 

Scissors. Glinting. 

Scorch, to. Garingkan. 

Scrape, to. Gamkan. 

Knkorkan (coconuts only). 


To rasp : knhor. 

( 67 ) . 
Scratch, to. Gam, 

Ciuikcr . 

Menggarn ( W.). 
A : gun's. 

Scream. Bcvtviak. 
Screen, a. Tivai. 


Scrofula. Pcnyakit haka. 
Scrofulous ulcer. Pum haka. 
Scrotum. Kulit bnah. 

Sarong batu pelcr. 
Temput bnah pctt'v (M.). 

Scurf. Kamomoh. 

Gurah (C). 

Sea, the. Ayer laut. 

Sea air : angin hint. 

A change to the seaside : makan angin laut. 

Change of air : beralih angin. 

Seasick. Mabok di laut, or M. omhak. 
Sediment. Tahi. 
Seduce, to. Mevugul. 
See, to. Nanipak or tampak. 

Vide " Look." 

" Seedy," to feel. Binpt. 

Chering-chcring (C. & S.). 
Vide "Out of Sorts." 

Semen, sperm. Aycr meni ; niaui. 

Benih (M.). 
Galadir (M). 
Kantal (M). 

Semi-conscious. Ingan. 

Stcngah pengsan. 

Sensation of just beginning to perspire 

Sense, touch or taste. Rasa. 

Of touch : jabatan. 

Senseless : pengsan (swooning) ; ta seder (S.). 

{ 68 ) 

Senses, the, smell, touch, hearing, sight, taste. 
Panclia iiidera. 

Separated widely, of the legs. Terkanokniii^' (\\\). 

Severe diarrhoea. Chika. 

(Accompanied by cramp, which usually occurs in the 
early morning, 4 a m., possibly a ptomaine poisuning). 

Sew, suture. Mcnjait. 
Sexual intercourse. Jima. 

Berjantan ; sa-tuhoh ; bcrsatu ; wati ( F.). 
Sexual parts, vide " I'rivate parts." 

Sharp, from emaciation. Chans. 
Sharpen, to. Tajamkan. 

To a point : ranchong. 

Shave, to. Chukor. 

Razor : pisnu penyukor, or peiiclnikor. 

Shin bone. Tulang kving. 

T. betis. 
Shingles, zona. Kudis dpi. 
Shivering, result of extreme cold. Gojoh. 
Shoulder. Baku. 
Shroud, a. Kafan. 
Shrunk. Sennvi. 

" Cione down " of a swelling : sunit. 

Shrunken. Kechut (W.). 

Shrivelled, eg, the hands after long immersion. 
Sick. Saliit. 

Sickness : penyakit ; geriiig (F.) (of Rajas). 

A little : mcrusing. 

Sickness, deadly: penyalat pahit . 

Sickly, weak. Clicliiinis. 
Side, a. Sahlah. 

Which side is painful : sahlah iiuuia sakit. 

Sigh, to, to draw a deep breath. Mciigeloh. 

Kesah, Jiitin^lsaJi. 

( 69 ) 

Sight. Pcrniandiingivi. 
I )im : kabor. 
Sharp: viatatajam. 
Near or far : hiahu. 

Silk. Sutra. 

S'tra (I'hng). 
Tliread : benang sutra. 

Silly, dazed. Pikau. 

" Knocked," dizziness the result of a blow on the head : 
tiicH'^jy, lengar. 

Silver. Pcrak. 

Sinapism, a mustard plaster. Tainpal sesaivi. 

Sinew. Unit. 

Singe, to. Hanguskaii. 

Singultus, hiccough. CJiakut ; scdu. 

Sip, to. Men gimp. 

Sit. Dndok. 

Cross-legged : bersila. 
Squatting : changkong. 

Squatting with knees supporting chin : changkong ber- 
tungkat dagit (W.). 

Squatting with arms round knees ; cluiugkong pdok hititt (W.). 

Skeleton. Rangka. 

hciikarah (W). 

Skin. Knlit. 

Skin disease, variable sized white spots. Panau. 

Skull. Tengkorak. 

Sleepy. Menganto. 

Slice, to, sHce off. Sayit. 

To circumcise: bersayit kulop. 

Slimy. Lendii. 

Sling, a. Gendong (W.). 

Slough, the. Selona; seiuniiL 

Slough off, to, or peel off" of skin : menylonw ; menylumu. 

( 70 ) 
Small-pox. Penyakit cliachav. 

Sakit haticmbohan . 

Abilah {¥.). 

Scar : parut bopeng. 

The eruptions are classified by Malays as follows: — 
Katumbohan jintan ; K. katumbar : K. jasoiig : K. lahom : all 
mild. K. tapok hutching ; K . ekor vuisang : K hatcha puteh : 
K. hatcha merah ; K. hatcha hilat : K. biuih berembang ; K. diiii 
nangha ; all severe. The last is in\ariablv fatal and deep-seated. 

Smart, to. Pedih. 
Smear, to. Ltiuwrkan. 
Smegmas preputii. Tahi kalat. 
Smell, a. Ban. 

To : menchium. 

Smoke. A?;ap. 

To smoke tobacco : merohok. 
Opium : viengisap. 

Snake. Ular. 

Python : U . sawa. 
Cobra : U . tedong scndoh. 
Hamadryad: U. tedong abu. 

Snap, of bones. Patah. 
Fracture, a: P. tulaiig. 

Sneeze, to. Bersin. 

A: benhas (C.&S.). 

Snore, to. Ngi^oh. 

Loudly : denghar (C. & S.). 
Gently : garuh (M.) ; het'oh. 
Moderately : sendar. 

Snuffle, to, to talk through the nose. Raban. 

Soak, to. Rendam. 

Soap. Sahuii. 

Sob, to. Sedu. 

Sole of foot. Pevnijak kaki {\\.). 

Sour. Basi. 

Per at (W.). 

Socket, of a joint. CJienchawan. 

( 71 ) 
Sodomy. I^ut. 

Palat (M.). 
Scmburit (W.). 
Lhnit (W.). 
Main punggong (W.). 

Sore, painful. Pedih. 

Sore-eyed, " bleary " : mata hilas. 
Spreading sore : tokak. 
To be : sakit. 

Sore throat. Kail -kail. 

With dysphagia; S(/A77 kekail. 

Spasm. Raiiggut. 

In stomach (cramp) : senak. 

Spasmodic asthma. Sakit lelah. 
Speak, to. Chakap. 

He had lost the power of speech: tiada kuwasa herkatd-hata. 
Speculum, reflector. Chermin. 
Spectacles. Chermin inata. 
Speech, difficulty of. Kakii niuliit. 
Spermatic cord. Tan<^kai pelev. 

Unit pclcr. 

Spit, to. Liidali. 
Spleen. Kura. 

Limpah ketcliil. 
Anah limpah (M.). 

Splitting open along the spine. Layak (W.). 
Spot, a, or freckle. Andang. 

Vide " Birthmark." 
Spots on the skin, whitish. PanatL 
Spout out, to, to gush. Mcncmhav. 
Sprain, strain. Glial. 

Salak urat. 

Sprained or strained : tergliat. 

Spread, e.g., ulcer or epidemic. Melarat. 

Kcrengkel, bcrkercngkcl (W.). 

To, deeply, of an abscess : mcrobok. 

Of an ulcer or skin disease : meroyak (M.). 

( 72 ) 

Spreading ulceration. Pckmvj^. 

Sprue. Sakit ^cbala. 

Spurt out, to, e.g., blood from a wound. 

Mcui^cnibor (W.). 

Sputum, the expectoration. Ludah. 
Squat and then stand up a^^ain. Siiig^an^. 

(As a test of power in the quadriceps extensor crtiris.) 

Squeamishness, nausea. Mcdn. 
Squint. Mata jiilin<^. 
Stab, to. Tikaiu ; incnikaui. 

Stagger, to. Hoyoug. 
Stagnant. Tcnaug. 

*' Stars," to see. Pciidar luata (W.). 
Staunch, e.g., blood. Babak. 

Vide " Styptic." 

Sterile, barren. Mandul. 
Keiiipus (F.) 

Sternum (manubrium sterniK Tulaiii^ riinau 

As a whole : tulan^ papan dada 

The liollow just above the: laklah (W). 

Also kuhong iiadi. 

Stick, to. Lckat. 

Vide " Plaster." 

Stick in the throat, to, e.g., fish bone, etc. 

Sticky. Biengas. 

Stiffness. Kiyat (W.). 

Tulang K. : a dislocation. 

After exercise : Iciigoh (W.). 

Of a gait : kcjang. 

Of a joint : ktjang. 

Of limbs, cramp : hantu. 

( 73 ) 
Still-born. Mail hcninak. 

Kliiiir mati. 
Stillbirth; kabahangan. 

Sting, a, of an insect. Scw^at. 

To : in I ny en gat. 

Stinging sensation, a. Singit {\\.). 
Stinking, putrid, smelling vilely. KoJuui^. 
Stomach. Prut. 

I'ains in : mulas. 

Stout, muscular. Tegap. 

Strained, sprained, twisted. Tergcliyat. 

Stramonium. Terong puugah. 


Strangulation. Kujut. 

Stretched out on the ground. Tclautav (W.). 
Strong, e.g., strong man. Setcrong (W.) ; knat. 

To feel : segar. 

He felt strong : 5. lah tnboh nya. 

Strong man : setcrong (W). 

Stump, after amputation. Kctong. 

Stunned. Pengsan. 

Vide " Swoon, Faint." 

Stupid. Bod oh. 

Stupified. Ta seder. 

P>v a drug : ) kcna bins. Usually by the prepared 

By inhalation : )' \ea.\'es oi kacJiiibong {Stramon'mm}. 

Stutter, to. Gagap. 


Stye, a. Tembel. 

Ketitmbit (W ). 

Styptic, a, a drug to check hemorrhage. Tasah. 

Subinvolution of uterus after labour. Datu meroi- 

( 74 ) 

Suckle, to. Mciigusui. 
Suffocate, to. Lcmas : pujud. 
Sufiocated in mud. Mati lepor (W.). 
Suicide. Bum^h diri. 
Sulphate of arsenic. Balerang bang. 
Sulphate of iron. Tntsi. 
Sulphur. Balerang. 
Sulphuric acid. Temsi. 
Sunstroke. Timpa mata hari. 

Panah mata hari (Shel.). 

Superior fontanelle. Uhong-uhong. 


Vide " Fontanelle." 

Supine. Terlentang. 

Suprasternal notch, the, the notch between the 
collar bone ends. Chenkong Ichcr. 

Kubang nadi ; laklak (W.). 

Suppurate, to. Merebok. 

Suppurating, " coming to a head." Mcnangkut 
nanali (W.). 

Swaddling clothes. Bcdong. 
Swallow, to. Telan. 

At one gulp : lulu. 

Sweat. Pluh. 

To : bcrpluh. 

Swell, to. Bengkak. 

Swelling caused by an abscess : B harah. 

Swelling, dropsy. Basal. 

A lump after a knock : jcndol (F.). 

Swollen breast, abscess. Kayap bavah. 
Swoon. Pengsan. 

To: terpengsan ; morcha (M.). 
In a : kalangar (M). 

( 75 ) 
Symptom. Tanda. 

nakat (C. &S.). 

Symptoms of small-pox : hakat katumbohan. 

Syncope, to collapse. Mcnjadi pengsan. 

Synovial fluid, the fluid in joints. Minyak chcn- 
M. sendi. 

Syphilis. Seduan sundal. 

Of nasal bone : rastoug. 

Bangang (F ). 

Raja siiiga ( F.). 

Hard chancre : matchang. 

Syringe. Bomba. 


Tabes mesenterica, an acute diarrhoea of children. 


Tap, to, e.g., ascites. Menchcvat. 

Cherat : a lancet. 

Tape worm. Chachiug besar. 
C. siisu (C. & S). 
C. pipeh\C.&S.). 

Taste, to. Merasa. 

Tear, to. Koiakan. 

Tears. Aycv mata. 

To shed : bei leiiaiig-lenaug ; menangis. 

Teeth, milk : Cigi kanak-kanak. 
Artificial : G. tint. 
To gnash : mcngelegiit G . 
" Buck " : G kapak. 

On edge (the sensation) : scriyau ; gcleman. 
To grind the : meiigarat G. 
Chattering of: galatok, or mcngelatoh. 
To file the : merepung G . 
Incisor : G . mams. 
The four front : G . suloitg. 
Undershot : G sambiit. 
Front, large: G. kapak. 
To fall out : gelup ; mcnggditp. 

( 76 ) 
Temples, the. Lipis ov pclipis (\\\). 

Temporal neuralgia. Chickam. 
Temporary deafness. Bengal. 
Tendo- Achilles. Unit kcting (W.). 

Urat pengividar. 

Tendon, a. Urat. 

Tenesmus, strainin- at stool. Ejan (C. & S.). 

ReJiDi . 

Tenvi handah berak (F.). 

Tengko (i.e., opium dross), Tahi chandu. 

Tepid. Suam. 

Tertiary syphilis. Rastong. 

Restoug (nasal). 

Note. — The manifestations of secondary and tertiary 
syphilis are. bv Malays, unconnected with the original disease^ 
Penyakitbudok (C. & S.) 

Testicles. Buah butok (C. & S.). 

B. peler. 


Kali per (W ) 

Jiibil(C. & S.). 

Swollen : pasang-pasaiif;. (Vide " Hydrocele.") 

Tetanus. Klitasan. 

Kan (W.). 

Vide " Lockjaw." 

Thigh. Paha. 

Thigfh proper: pangkal palta (W.). 
Fleshy part : jantong ptiJta (W). 

Thin. Kurus. 
Thirsty. Haus. 

Dahga . 

Thirst, to quench the : apushan dahga. 

Thought confused, Lemas pikiv (W.). 
Thread worms. Chachiug krawit. 

( 77 ) 
Throat. Reugkong. 

Kungiin (M ). 

Tckak (F.) ; uvula (C. & S.). 

To clear the: dakak ; daliam ; garut. 

To cut : kcnit lehev. 

Throb, to, of a boil. Gcvcinut. 

Menfigrennit (W.). 
Tern lit. 

Throbbing, of abscess, l)oil, fontanelle, etc. 

Deng lit (W.). 
Throb, to: mcngcmbok. 

Thrush, ulceration of mouth, e.g., in sprue, etc. 
Seviaivan (W.). 

Thumb. Ihu jari. 

Chun (F.). 

Thyroid cartilage, "Adam's apple." Buah kclebi. 
Tick, a. Kutu lenibu. 
Tickle, to. Glikan. 

Ticklish : gli. 

Tinea imbricata, a scaly skin disease. Kurap 

longsoiig or iosoug. 
Tingling. Gelennyav (W.). 

After hurting " funny bone ": sennyav. 

Tired. Penat. 

Badan terok (C. & S ). 

Toe. Jclatang (F.). 

Jari kaki. 
Great : ibii kaki. 

Tongue. Li dak. 

Put out the : Jiiiliii' liaaJi. ♦ 
Speech : lison. 

Tooth. Gigi. 

First of a child : gat ; iiiegat. 

Eye : G. taring. ' 

Front : G . svi ; G. save (W.). 

Canine : G. siyiing (W.) ; G . asit (F.); G anjing. 

Molar : G. gavaam or graham. 

Vide " Teeth." 

( 78 ) 

Toothache. Saldt gigi. 

Torpor, numbness. Kebas. 

Touch, to, la\^ the hand upon. Jcmah. 

Towel. Tuala. 

Trachea, wmdpipe. Buluh-huluh. 

Transverse presentation. A uak meUntang (W.) . 

Travail, to be in (obstet.)- Sakit akan beranah. 

Treatment, Malay, of Placenta Praevia. Draw- 
down both legs and deliver at once. 

Tremble, to. Gomitar (M.). 

Giinchdus. (M.). 
Katar (M.j. 

Trembling, nervous. Kijai. 

Triceps muscle, muscle at back of upper arm. 

Kntchiug-kutching ( W.) . 

Tumid, swollen. Bcngkak. 
Tumour, a. Busoug. 


Barak baiii (C. & S.). 

Of breast : harali ampang 

Encysted : bitnga baruh (C. & S.). 

Twins. Kembar. 


Twitch, a, spasm. Rcnggut. 

Tympanum, the, drum of the ear. Anak tclinga. 

Udder. Susu. 

Amhing (C. & S.). 
Amhing susu (C. &. S.). 

( 79 ) 
Ulcer. Luha. 

Hard, on penis: kiichi ; niattiuiiig. 
Soft, on penis: bcvctck. 
If sloughing : nicmJ)aung. 
Malignant, carbuncle : penyahit nij'ii. 
Undermined, callous edges : toluik: piirii. 
Puru Jiiliat : cancer. 
Piiru kocJii : lues. 
Pepar (S). 

Puru; rastung ; hisiil (boil); bentil nanah (pustule) (F.), 
Syphilitic, lupoid, or tuberculous: restong. Usually used 
of syphilitic ulceration of nasal cartilages. 
Rcsiong kuchi : lues. 
Ulcers, special: — 

Scrofulous, puru baka {¥.). 

Chancrous : puru heidl (F.). 

Syphilitic : restong kochi (F.). 

Malignant: restong jahcit (F.). 

Umbilical cord. Uvi. 

Tambunyi besar (C). 

Undershot, of the jaw. Gigi sambut (W.). 
Undress, to. Tauggal pakian. 

Buka kain. 

Uneasy. Lisali. 

Unhealthy, of a place, due to " hantu pariy Tcinput 

Unmarried. Bujang. 

Unwell. Badan sakit. 
B. ta-sedap. 

Unwholesome. Bnruk. 


Urethra. Jalan aycv scnii. 

J . kenching. 

Urine. Ayer kenching. 

A . sani . 

Kamah (C). 

Retention of : selesima (C). 

Incontinence of: besch ; beser (W). 

Urticaria, nettlerash. Bedan-bcdan. 

( 8o ) 
Uterine hasmorrhage (Sy narcological). Scu^^- 

S. hangkai. 
S. biiugu. 
S. kuUt. 

Uterus, the womb. Pcranakau. 

To retrovert the : snsut pcranahcin. Done as a pre- 
ventative against childbearing amongst Malays by external 

rapuMi (C). 

Any enlargement of, after labour (subinvolution) : hatu 

Kundong (F.). 

Rahivi (¥.). 

Uvula. Tikak. 

Anak liduh (W.). 

Vaccination. Tanam chacliar ; cliankil ; cliolck. 

Vaccine : nhat cliachar. 

Vagina, the parturient canal. Limibouf^ pcranakcui. 

Normal: puki ; ?iuno ; pcitii : kamahian ; furaj or jetj ; 
saluran {¥.). 

Vulva: honek (C. & S.), East Coast Islands only ; parat. 

Varicella, chicken pox. Chachav uycv. 


Vein, a. Urat da rah. 

Tcnipat darah . 
Venereal disease, .gonorrhoea. Pcnyakit kavan^^. 


Bannann ; ptiting-daiuur ; riijusiiiga : pnru kochi : rtstong 
kocJii (C). ' 

Veneris-mons. Tnndun. 

Venom. Rachun (C). 

Venomous. Bha. 

Vernix caseosa. Kapang ; tahi kcmang (W.). 

Vertex. (7^//;/. 

( 8i ) 

Vertigo. Pcnin<^ kapala. 
Kcpala ngilu (W). 

Vinegar. CJmka. 

Violent cramp, of stomach. Mulas. 

He has violent cramp in the stomach: pynf nya mnlas. 

Virgin, a. Anak dam. 

Virginity, maidenhood. Bikir (W.). 

Vision, dimness of, senile presbyopia. Kiabor (W.). 

Vital spot, to hit a. Kena pasang (W.). 

Voice. Suara. 

Voluptuous sensation. Shawat. 

To increase voluptuous sensation (as by aphrodisiacs) : 
})icnamhahkan S. 

Vomit, to. Lnak. 

M lint ah. 
Violently : dadok. 


Waddle, to. Bevjalan terkendek-kendek. 

Waist. Pinggang. 

Wake, to. Grakan. 

Walk, gait, unevenness of. Sengkang. 

If your leg is painful you will do well to foment it, stiffness 
of one leg will cause you to waik like a cripple : sakit cniggotci 
baik di-demah, kiyat sa-helah jalan mcnyengkan (W.). 

Wan. Piichat. 

Perang (M.). 

Wandering, in sleep or delirium. Igau. 
To be delirious : mengigan. 

Wart, a. Mat a ikan. 

Pedunculated : ketinvat (W.). 

( 82 ) 

Wash, to. Mciiyucliikan. 


The act of washing the abdomen at 4^ months pregnancy 
which is accompanied by a feast : mandi tiyam. 

Wasting, decline. Saiupii, or deniaui sanipii (\\ .). 
Water. Aycv. 

Hot : A . hangat. 

Cold : A. sejuk. 

Warm : A . s'uam. 

Drinking: A. minnm. 

Fresh : A taway. 

Salt : A . masin 

Filtered : A . tapisan. 

Boiled: A. yang sudah imisak. 

Boiling : A . mendidi. • 

To, of the mouth : gcchar. 

"Waters, the," obstet. Ayev tetuhan. 
Wax. Tahi telinga. 
Weak. Uzor. 

Tired out ; lesii, stn^nger than leteh (W.). 
Weak feeling after illness : kemamam. 
Of intellect : daleh. 

Weakness, fatigue. Leteh. 

Extreme weakness : lejar. 

Tired out : lesit. 

Pale with weariness : piichat lesu. 

Weakness and pain following childbirth : lehung. 

Wean, to. Cherei susii. 

Sarakkan (C). 
Mengarakkan (C). 
SapiJt (Jav.) (W.). 

Weary, tired. Penat. 

Extreme weariness : sesal habut (W.). 

Weep, to. Meuangis. 
Well, in health. Seliat. 

Badan sedap. 

Wet cupping. Bckam (M.). 
Wet nurse. Day ah. 

( 83 ) 

Wet season, the. Pujama. 
The first rains : axual pujama. 
Close of the wet season : sayup pujama. 

Wheal, a. BiLor. 


Wheeze, to. Ua. 

Tcrscsafi dada. 

Whey. Ayev dadch. 

Whistle, to. Bevsiol. 

White, pale from loss of blood, blanched: manai ; 
puchat manai W.). 

White arsenic. Waran^an puteh. 

White lochia, lochia serosa. Davah tabunyi (lochia 

The post-partum discharge. 
Whitlow. Kahitnitan. 


Whooping cough. Batok rcjam. 
A disease like : B. sisck (W). 
B saUtk (Shel). 

Widow. Janda, 

Widower : bujaiig. 

Wife. Bint, 
Windpipe. Reu^kon<^. 
Wink, to. Kejip. 
Withered, of a limb. Chinhi. 
With young. Mengandong. 

With child : liamil ; bunting, (coarse). 

Wool, cotton-. Kapas. 
Womb. Kandong. 

Papuyu; peranakan ; prut: raJiim. 
Inertia of, in labour : behang ; hahebang. 

( 84 ) 
Worms. Chaching. 

Tape : C. besav ; pipch (W.). 
Thread : C. kranit. 
Round : C. gclang. 

A wandering worm sometimes found in the eye (filaria 
loa ?) is called C. angin or biar. 
In wounds : C. rambii. 

Wound. Luka. 

Tiini (W.). 

The effect of a weapon ; ehit (F.). 
Penetrating, especially of abdomen : taifct (F). 
Penetrating to bone: inadlihct 

Of the head from which a jet of blood comes (semi-severed 
temporal artery?) : damiah. 

A grazed or scraped : L. scrapet (W.). 

Wrinkle, a. Kamt. 

Wrist. Biikn taiigan. 
Wry. Hcnit. 


Xiphoid cartilage, the soft bone at the pit of the 
stomach. Tiilaug chaping. 
T . iilu hati . 
T . sudii hati. 


Yaws. Puru. 

Yawn, to. Mcnguap. 

Yellow swelling of the body (jaundice 

anaemia). Basai (C. & S.). 
Yellow vomit. Mtmtah chicka. 
Young. Miida. 


Zinc. Timah sari. 

Tcmbaga piiteh (C). 
Zona, shingles. Kayap. 

Zygomatic process or malar bone. Tulang 
kamkaui (W.). 

( ^^5 ) 


Two DiALixTs. — T. Tembi.— S. Senoi, 


Ankle, the. Katik (T.). 
Kel/uu'l (S.). 

Anus, the. Holkcvin (S.). 7u^-'tf 

Arm, the (upper). Kendritn (S.). 

Armpit, the. Cheris (S.). '^'^' 

Awake, to. Bcknitn (S.). 

Backbone, the. Jaak chclokn (S.). ^'-^ 

Bite, to. Kevp (S.). 

Body. Baadan (T.). /^^. 

Bone. Jaakn (T.) (S.). 

Brain, the. Kdok (S.). 

Bruise, a. Blaak (T.). 

L»;/;' (T.). 

Beard. Chakak (T.). : 

Sen to I nengka (S.). 

Belly. AV^» (T.). 

J.'^ (T.). 

Bent. Wakn (S.) (T.). 
Biceps, the. Kanang (T.). 
Blind. Biitak (S.) (T.). 

i?d'/^(/// /«(/(/ (T.). 
Kebul (S.). 

Blood. Lo^ (T.). 

Bclu'pn (S.). 

( ^^ ) 

Breasts, the. Botu (T.). 

Mem (T.) (S.). 

Breathe, to. Nehem (S.) (T.). 
Buttocks, the. Belok (T.). 

Lcmpah (T.). 


Cheek, the. Ming (S.j. 

Kapang (T.) 

Chest. Karerb (T.). 

Untcrh (S.). 

Child of. Kemacs (T.). 

A small : nam machot (T ) : mess (T.) ; popcrt (T.). 
Chin, the. Nengka (S.). 
Colic. Jeaet (T.). 

Natnik kertn (T.). 

Corpse, a. Lokaak (S.^. 
Cough, to. AWzo/ (S.). 

/u'«7io/ (T.) ; sfftj^/ (T.). 


Dead. Datn (S.). 

AV^dt's/i (T ). 

Deaf. Tulik (S.). 
Defaecate, to. Chaclwh (S.). 

£>.^^ (T.). 

Doctor. Blian (S.). 
Dumb. Kalok (S.). 


Ear. Eutakn (T.) (S.). 
Eat, to. Chaa (T.) (S.). 

( «7 ) 
Elbow, the. Kanaug (S.). 

Kilkacl (T). 

Eyebrows. Chamycng mad (T.). 

Smtol mad (S.). 

Eyelashes, the. Sempoi (T.). 

Sanpoi mad (S.). 

Eyelid, lower. Kvup (T.). 

Upper : engpak (T.). 

Eyelids, the. Keldalmat (S.). 
Eyes, the. Mad (S.) (T.). 


Face, the. Maad (T.). 

Father. Berh (T.). 

Female. Kerdoh (S.). 

Fever, malarial, " spleen sickness." Natnik klaap 


Fever : nanik (S.). 

Sickness generally : nik {S.). 

Finger, the. Kikn (T.). 

Jar as (S.). 

T.ittle : kemun terkn (S.) 

Forearm, wrist. Chendreug iihn (S.h 
Forehead. Pentemg (T.). 

Tergikn (S.). 

Foot. /»^« (T.) (S.). 

Sole of : paaljuku (S.) (T). 


Gums, the. Linsitn (S.). 

( ^« ) 


Hair. Sental (S.). 

Sentiil (T.). 

Of head: soohn (S.) ; shog (T.) ; sohn (T.). 

Hand, palm of. Paltevkn (S.). 

The: tihn (T.) ; ting (T.). 

Head, the. Kiiwi (T.) (S.). 

Headache. Piutkul (T.). 

Hear, to. Gertikn (S.). 

Heart, the. //»/>;; (T.). 
Ad (S.) ; «o/ (S.). 

Heel, the. Kenerl (T.). 

Hungry. Chuam (T.). 

Husband, a. 7^rto/i (T.). 


Itch. Bchidn (T.). 

Itchy : beJiaetii (T.). 


Kiss, to. Nui (S.). 

Knee. Karol (T.) ; /^^ro/ (T.). 

Kerul (S). 
Knuckle, a. Rmnis (T.). 


Lame. Kanjatn (S.). 

7V;/ya// (T.). 
Lenghaak (S.). 

Leg, the. Kedok (T.). 

Kemong (S.). 

Lie down, /r?;/ (S.). 

( 89 ) 
Lip, a. Sentar (T.). 

Lips : ninol (S.). 

Living, alive. Goish (T.). 

Isui (S.). 

Look at, to. Pcvjoi uS.). 


Male. Bcvh (T.). 

Man : kraal (S.). 

Micturate, to. Kanom (\\). 

Xiiiiiiom (S.). 

Mother. Bo^^rk (T.). 
Mouth, the. A //.^ (T.). 

Empahn (S.). 


Nail, finger or toe. Chiiidros (T. 

Chendvus (S.). 

Nape of neck. Tangem (T.). 

Tenkak (S.)- 

Naval, the. SZ/ie-a^J^ (T.). 
Neck. Kowok (T.). 

Lrto'/^A (S.). 

Nose. Merkn (T.). 
il/on (S.). 

Nostrils, the. H obi oh (S.). 


Old. Rank (T.). 

( 90 ) 

Palm of hand. Palterku (S.). 
Pass water, to. Nimnom (S.). 

Kanovi (T.). 

Penis, the. Nom (S.). ^-^' 


Repose, lie down. Jaji (S.). 

Ribs. Cherersh (T.). 
Claap (S.). 

Ringworm. Gaik (T.). 
Rump, the. Eantaal (S.). 
Run, to. Z)rt^//A; (T.). 

Aral (S.). 


Satiated. Beheek (T.). 
Scratch, to. A'rt'jf)^^ (T.). 
See, to. Meng (S.). 
Shin, the. Dulkadokn (T.). 

Jangkemong (S.). 

Shoulder, the. P^ir (T.). 

Gel/^aal (S.). 

Sickness, ill. Pakatn (S.). 

Iji (T.). 
Nam/;? (S.). 

Sit, to. Moin (T.). 
Skin, the. Seugkah (T.). 
Sleep, to. Brt^f» (S.). 


Sneeze. Ramcrk (T.). 

Ravioh (S). 

( 91 ) 
Speak, to. Yetiik (T.). 

liedoi (S.): bdokn (S.). 

Spine, thfc'. ]aak chclokn (S.). 
Spleen, the. Klaap (T.). 

N.B. — The "aa" is shorter than usuall\- spoken 

Stomach, the. Kevtn (S.). 
Stout. Menuk (T.). 
Sweat, to. Kvapn (S.). 
Swollen. Mehis (T.). 


Taste, to. Sevikn (S.). 
Teeth. Lamm (T.) (S.). 
Tendo- Achilles. Kern jakn (S.). 
Tendon muscle. Urat (S.). 
Testicles, the. Entap (S.). cL/. 

SotaP (C. &S.). / ;" 

Thigh, the. BlokniT.). "' ' 

Lempaakn (S.). 
Thin, lean. Oimenakn (T.). 
Thumb, the. Tahu terkn (S.). 
Toe, a. Jarasjukn (S.). 
Tongue, the. Lentaag (T.). 

Lcntakn (S.). 


Umbilicus, the. S/izcr/o- (T.). 


Vagina, the. Leek (S.). 
Virgin, woman. Babohi (T.). 

( 32 ) 

Void, to, to defalcate. Chacholi (S.). 
Vomit, to. Koh (S.) (T.). 


Waist, the. Wiikkn (T.). 

Hon (S.). 

Water, to pass. Ximjwm (S.). 

Kanom (T.). 

Whisper, to. Maiuun (S.). 
Wife. Lch (T.). 
Woman. Kevdoh (S.). 

Female : baber (S.). 

Womb, the. Makok (S.). 
Wound, a. Pliik (T.). 
Wrist. Cheudreng tikn (T.). 

Choidraing terkn (S.). 


Young. .Y^?;// (T.). 

^^ ' 


( 95 ) 

Beri-beri Cases. 

Q. — What are you complaining of? 
*{Lu) Apa'siikit {aicu)} 

.J. -Weakness of the legs, I cannot eat, my feet are swollen and 
my breathing is distressed. 
Kaki ta'kuat, ta'hulih makan, kaki besav {hiiiigkah),susah dada. 

Q. — How long have you been ill ? 
Brapa lama sakit ? 

A . — Ten days. 
Su'puloh halt. 

Q. — What is your work ? 
A pa kreja ? 

A. — I am a vegetable gardener. 
Sayah kreja kahiin sior. 

Q. — Where do you live ? 

Mana tempat (rumah — house) ? 

A. — At the sixth mile road. 

Batu anam jalan . 

Q. — How many live with you ? 
Brapa orang dalam rumak ? 

A. — Six: My mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, and a friend. 
Anam : Mak, bapa, abang, adik betiua, sodara, dan satu katoan. 

Q. — Are you the only one sick ? 
Lu satu orang sakit ? 

A. — My elder brother is also sick. 
Abang sakit juga. 

Q. — What's the matter with him ? 
Dia sakit apa ? 

A . — He complains of palpitations and lieadache. 
Berdebcr dada, dan kcpala sakit. 

Q. — How long have you lived there ? 
Brapa lama duduk situ ? 

* The pronoun " Lu " imi<it not be used to Malays. 

( 9f> ) 

A . — x\bout a 3'ear 

Lcbih kurang satu taJiini. 

Q. — How did the illness commence ? 
Apa macham sakit mula-mula ? 

A . — Slight fever and vomiting. 
Sedikit deman dan miintah. 

Q. — Have you had any other illnesses ? 
Ada sakit lain diilii ? 

A. — Yes: Dysentery, diarrhoea, gonorrhoea, rheumatism, cough, 
and a broken leg. 
Ya : Sakit hera daraJi, buaiig-bHaiti:; aycr, kaiang-karang, sengal, 
bato, dan kaki patah. 

R. — Very bad luck. 
Banyah susah. 

Q. — Do you drink spirits ? 

Ada biasa miniim arak {sam shii) ? 

Q. — What does your daily food consist of' 
Apa tnakan hari-hari ? 

A. — Rice, curry, sago, vegetables, meat and bread. 
Nasi (boiled rice), lank, sagu, sior, daging, dan roti. 

Q. — Do you smoke opium ? 
Ada makan chandti kali ? 

Sit on that bench, let you legs hang quite loosely. 
Dudok di-atas banko {meja — table) ini beijuntai kaki. 
(irasp your hands and pull hard 
Tangan pegang dua-dua dan tank kitat. 
Now stand up. 
Sekarang bediri. 

Q. — When I grasp you like this does it hurt ? 
Bila sayah pigit (pegang) bagini ada sakit kah ? 
Grasp my hand hard, walk a bit. 
Pegang tangan sayah kiiat.jalan sikit. 
Turn round quickly, now walk backwards. 
Fusing cJiepat, sekarang jalan undor. 
Shut your eyes and place your feet close together. 
Tjitup viata, tar oh kaki dekat-dekat . 
Put your hands by your sides. 
Tangan lepas kiri kanan. 
That will do, lie down. 
Sudah. bavins' lah. 

NoTK.— The above will be understood by the majority of Chinese, new arrivals 
in the country excepted. 

( 97 ) 

Venereal Diseases. 

Q— What's the matter? 
Apa sakit ? 

A . — I've got a running, Sir. 
Berhenching uanah, tiuin. 

Q. — How long have you had it ? 
Br apa lama sudah ? 

A . — Three months. 
Tiga bulan. 

Q. — Does it hurt when you make water ? 
Rasa sakit imktii kenching hah ? 

A. — Yes, it hurts severely. 
Ya, tuan, rasa pedih s'hali. 

Q. — Any swollen glands in the groin ? 

Bcngkak-kak klenjavan di knnchi paha, or chechichak, or klcnjar. 

A. — Yes, Sir, swollen on the right side, and I feel great pain there. 
Ya, tuan, bengkak sa'blah hanan, di-sutu yang merasa sah/t saiigat. 

Q. — Any pain in the testes ? 

Buah pelev sakit ha jiiga ? 

A. — No, but I've got a pain on the right side running up inio tlie 
Tidak, tetapi rasa sakit sa'blah kanan sampei ka prut. 

Q. — I see you ve got a chancre also. 
Adajuga bcvctek nampa nia. 

Q. — Is that long there ? 
Sudah lama kah ? 

A. — About two weeks. 

Barang kali dua miuggo. 

Q. — Is your throat sore ? 

Sakit leher (or vengkong) kah ? 

A. — I did not notice it. 
Tiada rasa nia. 

Q — Have you had any rash ? 

Kluar bedan-bedan di knlit kah ? 

A. — I don't remember. 

R. — Take this medicine thrice daily. 

Ubat ini haiidak di makan sa'hari-hari tiga kali. 
Come back when it is finished. 
Apa bila habis kamai i juga. 

( 98 ) 

If you cannot bear the pain sit into hot water up to \'Our 

Jikalan rasa pedih ta'tahan clioha dnduh bcnudam di ayer haiigat 

sampti ka pusat . 
If the glands swell any more come back quickly and we'll 

incise them. 
Jikalan hcngkok lag! hliiijaran dras lah dataiig biilih di blah [chcrat) 
You may .sjet a buboh. 
Brangkali nanti jadi mangii.i. 

Q — Is your hair falling out ? 
Lnroli hall rambiit ? 

Q. — Any pains in the bones ? 

Rasa sakii didalam tiilang kah ? 

Q — How long have you had these spots ? 
Jeraivat (or tutuboh) ini sudali lama kali ? 
Remember when you've used the medicine to wash your han(i> 

and don't let them touch your eyes. 
Ingat fasal iihat ini apabila sudali buboh basoli tangaii scpaya jangaii 
di kena ka mat a. 

Fever Cases. 

Q — What is your complaint '^ 
Apa kasusahan aiva ? 

A . — Fever, Sir 
Demam, tuan. 

Q. — How long have you had it ? 
Berapa lama sudah sakit ? 

A . — Eight days 

Sudah lapan hari. 

Q. — Do the attacks occur daily ? 
Awah dcmain sa'hari-hai i kali ? 

^.— No ; about three attacks a weeks 
Tidah ; didalam sa'minggo ti^^a kali. 

Q. — What day did you last have fever? 

Hari yang kemdian s'kali hari apa ? 

A . — Yesterday. 

The day before yesterday. 
Kt'lmarin, or sudah diia hari, or Siiang sa'hari. 
Three days ago. 
Keliiiarin dahiilu, or sudah tiga hari, or selang tiga iiaii 

Q — Have you taken any medicine ? 

Sudah bcrubat atau belom ? 

( 99 ) 

A— I have had some Malay medicine. 
Sudah bevubat char a Malayu. 

Q. — Do you get ague ? 
Demam ketar kah ? 

A — Sometimes severe ague, sometimes none at all. 
Kadang ketar kuat, kadang tidak. 

Q. — What time did you have your cold stage yesterday ? 
Pukol berapa]^ ^^^^^^, .^,,^^^^^^^,^ , 

Mana hari [ ■^ 

A. — About mid-day. 

Pukol dtia-blas, or tcngah hari, or tepat, or lohor (nearly i p.m.). 

Q. — Do you use a mosquito curtain ? 
A ivah tidor berklambii kah ? 

A. — No, Sir, I am a policeman, and have no curtain. 
* Tidah, tuan, sahya kreja mata-mata tiada klambu. 

Q. — You had better buy one, you ought always to use one. 
Lebih balk bit klambu, selalu patut dipakai. 

R. — Take your coat and singlet off, and lie down there 
Buka baju dan baju dalam baring disitu. 

R. — Draw up your knees. 

Ketalkan kaki, or lipatkan kaki. 

R. — Draw a deep breath 
Tarik napas kuat-kuat 

R — Once more. 

Lagi sekali. 

Q. — Does that hurt you ? 
Sakit kah ? 

A. — Yes, there's pain on the left side when you press it. 
Ya, bila tuan tekan rasa sakit vusok sablah kiri . 

Q. — What service have you got ? 
B crap a lama sudah kreja ? 

A . — Five years. 
Lima tahuii. 

Q. — Have you had any leave ? 

Ada bcrchuti kah ? 

A — Only once. 
S'kali sahaja. 

Q. — For how long ? 
Berapa lama ? 

* The Police are now supplied with curtains in the F.M.S. 

7 « 

( loo ) 

A. — Fourteen days. 
Amput-blas Jiari. 

R — Your liver and spleen are both enlarged. 
Hati dan kuni kumhang diia dua. 

You had better come into hospital for a few days. 
Bulih baih tinggal di-ritmah sakit barano dun tiga havi . 
I shall tell your master you ought to have a months leave. 
Sahya membri tahu hcpada hum lebih baik awa berchuti sntu bnhin. 

R. — That is a bit inconvenient as I have children and a wife at home. 
Susah sedikit sebab sahya ada anak bini di-rinnah 

R. — Very well then take this medicine 
Baik lah bawa nbat ini. 
When your master grants you leave you had better go to the 

Apabila tiiaii iiwiiiberi chiiti libili baik pergi seblaJi tepi hint (or 
pantai laiii). 

R.—You can take this medicine either when vou begin to sweat or 
three hours before you expect the cold stage. 
Ubat ini bulih dimakan lepas kluar peloh atau tiga Jam dcr.pada 

li'aktu datang sejok. 
When 3'ou are in ague or very hot don't take it. 
Waktu ketar atau panas jangan skali kali dimakan. 
When it is finished come back again. 
Habis ubat ini bulih datang pula kasini. 

Suspected Phthisis Cases. 

Q. — What's the matter ? 
A pa sakit ? 

.t!.— Cough, Sir. 
Batoh, tuan. 

Q. — How long have you had it 1* 
Sudah brapa lama safdt. 

A . — A long time. 
Sudah lama. 

Q.— How many months or days ? 
Brapa bulan atau brapa hart ? 

A. — About six months more or less. 
Anam bulan lebih kurang. 

Q. — Have you ever spat any blood ? 
Ada ludah dara kah ? 

( 10. ) 

A. — Once, about three months ago. 
Skali sehaia, siidaJi tigahiilan. 

Q. — Was there much blood ? 
Banyak dara kah ? 

A. — About a cupfull. 

Ada lebili kunxng sa'mangko. 

Q. — Have you lost flesh lately ? 
Kuriis kah d-sripada dahuhi ? 

A . — Yes, Sir, I used to be quite stout and strong. 
Ya, tuan, dahiilu gemoh dan tcgap. 

Now I'm thin and can't walk far without losing my breath. 
Sharang kurns da)i apabila bevjalan siisali menavik napas. 

Q. — Are your parents alive ? 

Ibn bapa ada lagi hah ? 

A. — No. Sir, my mother died when I was born. My father died 
two years ago 
Tidak, tuan, mak sahaya mati jam beranak sahaya. Bapa (ayah) 
mati sudah diia tahiin. 

Q. — Any brothers or sisters ? 
Ada adik beradik ? 

A . — No ; they all died young. 

Tidak, tuan; lagi niuda ia mati semita. 

Q. — How old are you now ? 

Brapa lunor aivah sekarang, or brapa musim padi iimor awak ? 

A. — About 19. 

Libih kurang sembilan-blas tahun for mnsnii). 

Q — Does the cough hurt you anywhere '^ 
Bila batoh ada rasa sakit kah ? 

A. — Yes, sometimes I have a sharp pain in my side. 
Ya, kadang-kadang rasa sakit tajam di vusuk. 

Q. — What time of day is the cough worst ? 
Mana hari datang batoh ktvat ? 

A . — In the early morning. 

Q.— What is the expectoration like ? 
Mana rupa Inda nia ? 

A . — It's a greenish lumpy sort of stuff. 
Hijau berbiiku, tuan. 

R . — Open your coat, I want to examine your chest. 
Buka baju, sahya mau preksa dada . 

/r*. — Cough a little! 

Choha batoh sedikit ! 

( I02 ) 

R. — Now draw a long breath. 
Tarik napas plahan. 

Q. — Where was that pleurisy you mentioned just now i* 
Dimana rasa sahit tajam yang kata tadi ? 

A . — At the back on the right side near the shoulder blade. 
Di-blakang sa'blah kanan dekat tulang kipas. 

Q. — Do you sleep well ? 

Biilih kah tidor senang ? 

A. — No, I always dream and sweat a lot. ^ 

Tidah, selalu bermimpi dan khiar peloh. 

Q. — Is your appetite good i* 

Ada rasa handak makan nasi scgahi nia (napsu ada baik). 

A. — No, I don't care much for my rice, and hot curries give me 
Tidak bcrasa brapa siidi makan nasi dan bilali makan lank pcdas 
rasa kembong pernt . 

R — Bring some of your expectoration to-morrow in a cup, I want 
to examine it 
CJwba baiva esok sedihit ayer Indah aiiah didalam bekas saliya 
Jiandak prcksa. 

R — I'm afraid your lungs are affected ! 

Berang kali ada kena pcnyakit di pant pant ! 

Q — What is your work ? 
A pa perkerjaan aivah ? 

A — I work in the tin lampans 
Kerja lamp an biji. 

R — I'm afraid you cannot " stand " that work any longer. 
Berangkali tali tahan membuat krcja itu lagi 
However we can decide that to-morrow. 
Tetapi besok bulih menenUikan. 

R. — Now I want to take your weight 
Sekarang hiindak timbang brat an'ah. 

R. — Go home now and come back again to-morrow. 
Pulang lah dahuln esok datang pula. 

Dysentery Cases. 

Q. — What's the matter with you ? 

Apa hal aiva P 
A. — Dysentery, Sir. 

Bera darah, tnan. 

( 103 ) 

Q— Is there both blood and mucous? 
Bcrdarah dan berlindcr kah ? 

A . — Yes. and a great deal of pain. 
Ya, dan terlampau sakit rasa niu. 

Q. — How many motions to-day ? 
Brapa kali ka sungei ini hari ? 

A . — Five times. 
Lima kali. 

Q. — And yesterday ? 
Sa'malam ? 

A . — Ten times. 
Sa'puloh kali. 

Q. — How long have you been ill like this ? 
Brapa Luna siidah sakit hagiiii ? 

A. — Two days. 
Dua hari. 

R - You had better come into hospital. 
LebiJi b.iik tinggal di rumali sakit . 
There is a Malay ward ! ! ! 
Ada tempat orang Malayu. 

You will probably be well in two or three days. 
Dua atau iiga hari muda-mudahitn biilili baik. 

Q. — Have you had this before ? 

Ada kena penyakit ini dahulu kah P 

A. — Yes, Sir, once two years ago. 
Ada sakali, tnan, siidah dua tahun. 

Q. What's your work ? 
Apa kreja ? 

/4.— Padi planter, artizan, gardener, bullock-cart driver. 

Kreja padi, krcja tukang, reja kai>un, kreja menark kreta lenibu. 
Put out your tongue. 
Ulorkan lida. 

Q. — Any fever ? 
Demam kah ? 

A. — Strong fever last night, with giddiness, and I couldn't sleep. 
Kuat s'kali demam malam sa'malam, pening kepala, ta'dapat tidor. 

Q. — Where's your house ? 
Mana rumuh awa .^ 

A . — In the town. 
Di bandar. 

Q. — Where do you draw your drinking water from ■* 
Di-mana tempat awa ainbil aycr minum ? 

( I04 ) 

A. — From a well in the house. 
Di telaga (or perigi) di rumah . 

Q.—ls the water clear ? 
Jerneh kah ayer itu ? 

A . — Clear enough, but when it rains it becomes muddy 
Jerneh juga tetapi waktu hari hujan kroJi. 

R. — You ought to boil your drinking water. 
Handak di rebus {or masak) ayer mimim. 
Don't walk about. 
Taiisa berjalan-jiilan daJiulu. 

( 105 ) 

T a 












■= ^ 




























- — ' 















■ o 












( io6 ) 


First . . Pert a mil. 


.. Per tarn a. 

Second . . Yang kadiia. 


Yang kadiia. 

Third .. Katiga. 


Yang katiga 

^ Stengah. 

% Dua-pertiga 

1 Sa'pertiga 

k Tiga 

perampat (tiga 

1 Satu suku (sa'perampat). 


1 Sa'perlima. 

^ Ampat perlima. 

I. Satu. 

21 . 

Dua puloh satu 







Tiga puloh, etc. 




Tiga puloh satu, etc. 




Ampat puloh, etc. 




Lima puloh, etc. 




Anam puloh, etc. 


Lapan or dilapan. 


Tujoh puloh, etc. 




Lapan puloh, etc. 




Sembilan puloh. 





Dua bias. 


Sa' ratus. 


Tiga bias. 


Dua ratus, etc. 


Ampat bias. 


Sa' ribu. 


Lima bias. 


Dua ribu, etc. 


Anam bias. 


Sa' puloh ribu, or 


Tujoh bias. 

sa laksa 


Lapan bias. 


Sa' ratus ribu, or 


Sembilan bias 

sa' puloh laksa. 


Dua puloh. 


Sa' ratus laksa. 

Days of t 

he AVeek. 

Sunday .. Hari AJiad. 

1 Thursday 

Hari Kumis. 

Monday .. Hari Isnaiii. 

i Firday 

. . Hari Jcmaat. 

Tuesday . . Hari Selusa. 


. . Hari Salitu 


ednesday .. Hari Rabu 

A. D. 1903 = 1320 Mohammedan year 

Malay Months. 


Rabi x\la\val. 
Rabi Alakir. 
Jemad Alawal. 
Jemad Alakir. 
Jemad Rajab. 








Zurka edda 



Thil Aajah. 


( 107 ) 

VSfeights and Measures. 


I Tahil 
i6 ,, 
loo Katis 
40 Pikuls 

I Kati 
I Pikul 
I Kovan 

i^ oz. 

i"^ lb. 

133 i lb. 

5.3333 lb. 

10 Tee's 

I Hoon 

10 Hoons 

I Chi. 

10 Chis 

I Tahil 

2 Gills 
2 Paus 
2 Pints 
4 Marks 

I l^au. 
I Pint 
I Mark 
I (iallon 

^ Chiipak. 
I Chupak. 
I Gantong. 


Jengkals . . 

I Hasta. 



I Ella 



I Depa 

I Yard. 
I Fathom. 










- — 

- — 



■ — 









— • 

I Quarter . 




I Cwt. 



I Ton 




32, Raffles Place and 194. Orchard Road. 



♦ ♦♦♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ 




gr ^ 





SI ^^ 

IG ■ 

^ ^^'i 

= ■<.: 


f L 





? V 

3 ^^ 

> f Oot* 




o r 

G V 



>■> '♦'^JK