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Full text of "The Vought family; being an account of the descendants of Simon and Christina Vought"

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By William Gordon Ver Planck 

t«ll»ction ff^Uectir 




An Account of the Descendants 


Simon and Christina Vought 

By William Gordon Ver Planck 
< t 

Edition of One Hundred Copi 


New York 

Press of Tobias A. Wright 







Copyright, 1907, by 


Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 

On the 28th day of April, 1708, a small band of Lutherans 
with the Rev. Joshua Kockerthal at their head, having left the 
lower Palatinate in Germany, journeyed to England and pre- 
sented to Queen Anne a petition showing that they had lost 
all their property at the time of the ravages committed by the 
French, and that they were in absolute want, and requesting 
that they might be transferred to her Majesty's colonies in 
America. They presented to the Queen testimonials which 
they brought, duly authenticated by the magistrates of the 
several towns in which they resided, showing that they were 
of good character; and they made such a favorable impression 
that Queen Anne granted their request and they were accord- 
ingly sent to America in the year 1708. 

On June 13, 17 10, a second immigration of Palatines arrived 
at New York in the ship Lyon, which brought also General 
Robert Hunter, the new governor of New York and New Jersey. 
A large number of the immigrants died on the way over, and 
many were sick and disabled when they arrived here, owing to 
the poor food furnished them and the crowded condition of 
the ships. The authorities of the City of New York, fearing 
danger from infection if they were landed in the city, ordered 
that the immigrants should be landed on Governors Island, 
and directed that three doctors from the city should visit 
them, and that huts should be built for their accommodation. 

Among these German immigrants were Simon Vought and 
Christina, his wife, from whom the members of the Vought 
family in America are descended. In the official list of the 
Palatines who came in this second immigration, appears the 
name "Simon Vogdt," and it was stated that he was then 
thirty years of age, and his wife twenty-six. 

In 1 7 10, a large tract of land on the Hudson River, near 
Newburgh, was bought by Governor Hunter from Robert 
Livingston and there in October of that year most of the 
Palatines were settled. A few of them remained behind at 
New York City, and afterwards settled in New Jersey and 

Simon Vought and his wife were among those that re- 
mained behind in New York. It is probable that he stayed in 
New York City until the spring of 171 1, when most of the 
remaining Palatines left the city. 

Simon Vought settled in Western New Jersey in either 
Middlesex or Hunterdon County. 

I. Simon' Vought was b. in Germany in the year 1680; he 
m. there previous to 17 10 his wife Christina, who was b. in 

4 Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 

1684. When he and his wife arrived in this country in 17 10 
they were unaccompanied by any children; probably their 
only children were those whose baptisms are recorded below. 
Simon Vought was alive as late as 1749. In that year he 
joined with seventy-seven other members of the Lutheran 
Church in Western New Jersey in a call to the Rev. John Albert 
Weygand. The names signed to the call are mostly German, 
and the signatures are written as a rule in German, though 
some are written partly in German and partly in English, 
while a few are entirely in English. Among the latter is 
Simon Vought's who wrote his name "Simon Vogt." In the 
baptismal record of his children, made by the Rev. Justus 
Falkner, Lutheran minister at New York, his name always 
appears as " Vocht." 

Children of Simon' and Christina Vought: 

2 i. Johannes Christoffle,' b. Feb. 24, 17 14; bap. by Rev. 

Justus Falkner, Aug. i, 17 14, "at the house of Ari 
de Guinee on the Raritans, at our Christian Luth- 
eran gathering." Sponsor: Johannes Wimmer. 
ii. Margareta, b. Feb. 3, 1716; bap. "at Raritans," June 
17, 1 7 16, by Rev. Justus Falkner. Sponsors: 
"Johannes Wimmer, but in his place stood Ulrich 
Simthinger and Margareta Langmansen." 
iii. Johannes, b. at Middlebush, Feb. 17, 17 18; bap. "On 
the Raritans Middlebosch," Aug. 17, 17 18, by Rev. 
Justus Falkner. Sponsors: Johannes Wimmer 
and Catharina Messnerin. 
iv. Abraham, b. Jan. 22, 1720; bap. Aug. 7, 1720, "On 
the Raritans," by Rev. Justus Falkner. Sponsors: 
Hannes Wimmer and Catharina Messnerin. 


2. John Christopher" Vought (Simon'), was b. in New Jer- 
sey, Feb. 24, 1 7 14. He m. Cornelia Putnam (the widow of 
Ralph Traphagen and daughter of David Putnam or Pootman.) 
John Christopher Vought resided in 1735 on the West Jersey 
Society's land in Hunterdon County. Among his neighbors 
at that time was Roeliff Traphagen, whose widow John Chris- 
topher Vought afterwards married. Cornelia Putnam was b. 
March 23, 1 7 1 1, and bap. in the Dutch Church at Freehold, April 
29, 171 1. After the death of her first husband and before 1750, 
Cornelia m. John Christopher Vought. Although bap. "John 
Christopher" he was known as "Christopher," and the name 
John does not appear to have been generally used by him. It 
seems to have been a custom with these German families to 
give to several of their children the same first Christian name, 
the middle name only being different, and the child was then 
known by the middle name only. This is no doubt the ex- 
planation of the fact why John Christopher Vought was called 
sometimes "John Christopher" and sometimes "Christopher." 

Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 5 

In 1759 Christopher Vought bought from the executor of 
James Alexander a farm of 285 acres in Lebanon Township, 
Hunterdon Co., N. J., for;^7i2, io.f. Here he built a large 
stone house, barn and other buildings. His son bought a farm 
adjoining this in 1773. 

At the breaking out of the Revolution, he with his son 
John took the side of the British, becoming staunch loyalists. 
He and his son John were at one time put in gaol and fined for 
their loyalist activities, and in December, 1776, they joined the 
British troops as the army under Sir William Howe marched 
to Trenton. Christopher lived on Staten Island during the 
war. After the surrender of Cornwallis he and his family were 
forced to go to Nova Scotia, where in 1783, they settled at a 
place called Parrsborough. He lived there with his son John 
until the year 1792, when they all returned to New York and 
settled at Duanesburgh, N. Y., on a part of a large tract of land 
containing 2,000 acres, which he bought of John Leake, May 
19, 1770. 

Family tradition says that he received a grant of a large 
tract of land in Canada, the present site of the City of Toronto, 
and his son a pension of 365 crowns a year from the British 

Family tradition does not always agree with the facts as 
reference to the record in regard to this matter discloses. 

A Commission of Enquiry into the Losses and Services of the 
American Loyalists, held under the Acts of Parliament of 23, 
25, 26, 28 & 29, of George III., preserved amongst the Audit 
Office Records in the Public Record Office of England, shows 
that Christopher Vought and his son John made a claim for 
their losses and services during the American Revolution 
which was passed upon and partially allowed. 

In a volume entitled American Loyalists, Audit Office 
Transcripts, Volume 28, Determinations in Nova Scotia, etc. 
On Claims for Various Provinces, at page 203, is to be found the 

"Jst Report Chris'. & John Vought, late of New Jersey. 


Amount of Property, ^337i, 10, '• 

Determination, ist April 1786. 
Loyalty Christopher Vought is a Loyalist. 


Real Estate 285 Acres with house and improvements ) jQ 
in Lebanon Township, N. Jersey, \ 850 
2000 Acres in Albany County, New York, 375 1225. 

Confiscation & sale of property in N. Jersey proved. 
Proof of Confiscation & sale of property in New 
York required. 

6 Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 


°^f ^ The claimant is a Loyalist & Bore Arms, 
services •' 

Real Estate 203 Acres in Lebanon Township, ^£^1° 

Persl. Estate Various Articles of Persl. Property, 226 

Claims Disallowed 


The claim for crop in the ground under the 
General Resolution. 


The claimant enjoys half pay as Captain. 

Confiscation proved. 

The claimants reside at Parsborough. 

The claim of Christopher and John Vought appears in 
Volume 15, Examinations in Nova Scotia etc. and New Jersey, 
Book /., Claimants, at page 283, and is as follows: 

To THE Honorable the Commissioners appointed by Act 
of Parliament for enquiring into the Losses and Services of 
the American Loyalists. 

The Memorial of Christopher Vought, late of Hunter- 
don County, New Jersey, and of John Vought, his son, 
Captain in the 2d Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers, 
also late of the same County, but both now of the Province 
of Nova Scotia, by their attorney Daniel Cox, being there- 
to specially authorized, 


That your Memorialists in the Fall of 1776, as faithful sub- 
jects, joined his Majesty's Army, under the command of Sir 
William Howe on his advance in the Jersies to Trenton, and 
by every active service in their power, endeavored to assist in 
crushing the Rebellion then existing in that province. 

That your Memorialist John Vought took up arms, raised a 
Company, and was appointed a Captain in the 2nd Battalion of 
the New Jersey Volunteers, and in that capacity has acted and 
done Military Duty in various and severe services to the 
Northward and Southward during the whole course of the War 
in America. 

That in consequence of the active loyalty, services and 
attachment of your Memoralists to the British Government, 
their Estate, Real and Personal, both in the late Provinces of 
New Jersey and New York, have been confiscated, and sold by 
the authority of the said States to the amount as in the 
vSchedule thereto annexed and to which they beg leave to refer 
for the amount of their joint losses. 

Your Memoralists therefore pray that you will take this 
case into your consideration in order that your Memor- 
ialists may be enabled under your report to receive such 

Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 

aid or relief as their losses and services may be found to 

(signed) Christopher Vought, 

John Vought, by their attorney, 

Daniel Cox. 

Schedule and Valuation of the Real and Personal Estate 
of Christopher Vought, Esqr., late of Hunterdon, New Jersey 
and his son John Vought, Captain in the Second Battalion of 
New Jersey Volunteers, late of the same place, but now both 
of the Province of Nova Scotia, as confiscated and sold in the 
States of New Jersey and New York on account of their 
loyalty, services and attachment to the British Government, viz. : 

Voucher A ' 

To a Plantation or Farm consisting 
of 2 Tracts, one of 285 acres of 
land, the other of 203 acres of 
land, laying in the County of 
Hunterdon, in the Township of 
Ringwood near the Union Iron 
Works, on the North Branch of 
Rarity River, containing in the 
whole and forming one plan- 
tation of 485 acres of land valued 
at ;£ p. acre Proclamation 
money or Dollars at 7/6 amounts 

Voucher B 

To the amount of the Personal 
Effects and Property of John 
Vought as sold by the Commis- 
sioners of Forfeited Estates in 
Jersey agreeable to the Inven- 
tory thereof No. i in the above 

To ditto of No. 2 in the same Voucher, 

Voucher C 

To a plantation in the County of 
Albany and Province of New 
York, containing 2,000 acres of 
land with three houses and im- 
provements thereon belonging 
to the said Christopher Vought 
and purchased by him of Cap- 
tain John Leake of New York, 
valued at ;^2,ooo. New York 
money at 8/- the dollar is in 
New Jersey currency, / 

£ Currency £ Sterling 


1,610. 8 

838.17. 6 503. 6. 6 

223.16. 4 

134- 5- 7 



;^4,6i9. 3.10 ;^3,37iio- I 

8 Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 

Halifax, 31st March, 1786. 

Evidence on the claim of Christopher and John 
Vought, late of Hunterdon County in the Province of 
New Jersey. 

Christopher Vought, the father, sworn: 

Memorial read. 

Says he is a native of America and at the commencement 
of the troubles he lived in Lebanon Township, Hunterdon 
County, on his own property. 

He never took part with the Americans, but was imprisoned 
by them for opposing them, and three more of his family were 
likewise put in gaol and kept there for five days. They gave 
_^2oo security to appear. They were afterwards tried for and 
fined £100 for which they gave bond. Soon after they joined 
the British Troops, and he has resided on Staten Island all the 
War, and came here at the Evacuation. He now resides at 

His son John joined the army with him and was soon after 
appointed a captain in Colonel Lawrence's Battalion, New 
Jersey Volunteers. 

Property 285 Acres with a large stone house, barn and 

No. J outhouses in Hunterdon County. Deed produced 

dated in 1759 from Mary Alexander, Executrix to 
the will of James Alexander to claimant, conveys 
285 acres as above in consideration of ;^ 

After he bought it he improved it and built the 
house, thinks the house was worth ^500. The land 
and house he thinks were worth ^2,000 currency. 
He had paid for it and there was no incumbrance 
on it. 

No. 2 203 Acres adjoining the last, both No. i and 2 in 

possession of his son. The claimant was old and 
unable to cultivate them. Deed produced ist 
August, 1775, from John Stevens and James Parker, 
conveys 203 acres Society Lands in consideration of 
^^407, Proclamation money, which sum he paid. 

His son was in possession of it some time before 
the War. He was offered ^100 for his bargain. 

He had made considerable improvements on it. 
Thinks it was worth ;£,!, p. acre. 

Property 2,000 Acres in Albany County, New York 

No, 3 Province. Deed produced from John Leake to 

Claimant dated 19th May, 1770, in consideration of 
^600, New York currency. Conveys 2,000 acres as 
above and a receipt for ^55.8.4, New York currency 
Quit Rent. 

This wild uncultivated land he bought as a pro- 
vision for his children and grandchildren. He 

Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 9 

settled two tenants on it, 20 years free. They had 
cleared some little. He values it at ^^2,000 New 
York Currency. 

All the stock, furniture, &c. were lost when they 
joined the army. 

John Vought, sworn: 

He is son to Christopher Vought. He is the only son and 
the only child; he had a sister who died in child bed leaving 
one son George Young. The father George Young resides in 
the States. 

His father and he joined the British Troops in 1776 at New 

Before that he had signed an Association and attended the 
training of the Militia, and says he durst not declare his senti- 

The Company he belonged to were turned out to be drafted 
to serve in the Militia, when to a man, they refused to turn out. 

After this he was ill used, as they blamed him and Captain 
Lee for the Company not serving. 

He resisted and raised men, and returned the ill usage. 
He was obliged to fly, but in consequence of the oppression 
his father met with, he delivered himself up when he was ptit 
in gaol for some days, was tried and fined ^100 currency. 

In December following he joined the British Army with 
85 inhabitants of Hunterdon County. He soon after had a 
Company given to him in the New Jersey Brigade and was En 
Second in 1778. He now enjoys half pay and resides at Pars- 

Produces Commission of Lieutenant from Sir William 
Howe, December, 1776, and of Captain from Sir Henry Clinton, 
July, 1778. 

No. J There was a good house on it, the land was under 

good cultivation, 165 acres were in tillage, 25 acres of 
meadow, and the rest timber. 

He thinks that the 285 acres with the houses and 
buildings would have sold for ^7 currency p. acre. 

No. 2 203 Acres adjoining was his property. He pur- 

chased in the fall of 1773, he did not get his title 
until the ist August 1775. Says he had paid the 
whole price many months before he got his title. 

He had cleared about ten acres, thinks it was 
worth ;^4 p. acre in 1776. There were several acres 
cleared besides the ten improved. 

No. 3 He was on it with his father in 1770. He settled 

three tenants on it. They were to sit free 10 years 
and to pay ^10 p. annum afterwards. 

Produced a lease to that purpose. He values 
this at ;^2,ooo currency. Thinks he could have sold 
it for _;^2,ooo. 

lo Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 

Christopher Vought, the father, in consequence 
of his old age, made over all his personal property to 
the witness John Vought, his only son, which he 
now claims: 

Stock as p. 

, account, 




Farming utensils. 


Grain and 



Wheat gro 





His wife came to him on Staten Island in 1777 and told him 
that the rebels carried off everything they had. 

Produces a valuation of No. i and 2. 

On oath sworn 14th October 1784, at New York City, by 
William Rutherford and Philip Gradin (Grandin?), at ;2^s, losh., 
proclamation money p. acre. 

And an Inventory of Effects the Property of John Vought 
with a certificate to this being sold for ^1,062, Signed by John 
Forster who signs himself Clerk to the Commissioners for the 
sale of Confiscated Money. 

Produces certificate of sale sworn to before Henry Trap- 
hagen made by Peter Brunner, one of the Commissioners to 
dispose of the Real and Personal Estate of Refugees. 

By this certificate it appears that he sold No. i and No. 2 
and made three sales of goods and chattels. 

William, witness sworn: 

Says in the course of last year he rode past the property 
late Christopher and John Vought and understood that it was 
sold under confiscation and in possession of the purchaser." 

There were several lawsuits as to the land at Duanesburgh. 
This land was part of what was known as " Braines Patent." 
It was part of a larger tract of land bought of the Indians in 
the year 1733, by Walter Butler. It was patented by the 
Province of New York to Thomas Braine, of Queens County, 
N. Y., Feb. 24, 1752, and sold by his executor, Jacob Banks, to 
John Leake, Sept. i, 1768, and by him sold May 19, 1770, to 
John Christopher Vought. After Christopher Vought bought 
this land he went in the year 1770 with his son John and 
settled two or three tenants upon it, who were to have the use 
of the land for ten years free and after that at the rent of ^10 
per annum. A dispute arose as to the boundary line between 
the Vought tract and land which had been granted to James 
Duane. An ejectment suit was brought by Christopher and 
John Vought against a man named Wood. This case was 
decided in May, 1805, in the Voughts' favor, and the Court held 
that the boundary of the Voughts' land on the West ran to the 
Van Rensselaer Manor line. The case is reported in 3 Caines 
Cases, page n8. 

Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 1 1 

John Christopher Vought d. at Duanesburgh, N. Y., June 21, 
1809, in his ninety-sixth year; and his wife Cornelia d. at the 
same place in Sept., 1801, aged ninety years. They are both 
buried in a private graveyard at Duanesburgh. 

Children of John Christopher Vought and Cornelia Putnam: 

3 i. John,' b. Aug. 6, 1750. 

4 ii. Christiana, b. , 17^2, in Hunterdon Co.; m. Rev. 

John Young. 


3. John ' Vought (John Christopher,' Simon ' ), was b. Aug. 
6, 1750, in Essex Co., N. J. He m. Nov. 22, 1772 (M. L. Sec'y 
of State, N. J., Nov. 21, 1772), Mary Grandin, b. March 10, 
1755, of Hunterdon Co., N. J., dau. of Philip Grandin and 
Eleanor Foreman. The ceremony was performed by the 
Rev. Mr. Frasier, an Episcopal clergyman. 

John Vought was a farmer, lived at Clinton, Hunterdon Co., 
N. J., in the stone house built about 1760 by his father, and 
occupied in 1895 by James Painter. In the fall of 1773, he 
bought a farm of 203 acres adjoining his father's farm, for 
which he paid ^407, and received a deed Aug. i, 1775, and 
which he had partly cleared at the commencement of the 
Revolution. When the Revolution broke out he sided with 
the English, and raised a company of volunteers. He belonged 
to Capt. Lee's Company of Militia which refused to turn out 
when they were ordered to be drafted. It was supposed to be 
largely owing to his influence that the company refused to 
obey orders, and he became unpopular with the Americans. 
He was imprisoned and fined. He joined the British Armj' at 
New Brunswick in December, 1776, and received a commission 
as lieutenant from Sir William Howe, and in July, 1778, he 
received his commission from Sir Henry Clinton as captain in 
the Second Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers, commanded 
by Col. Lawrence. He served throughout the whole war. He 
was at one time during the war living on Staten Island, where 
his wife joined him in 1777, and where his son Christophor, b. 
May 2, 1783, was baptised in St. Andrews Episcopal Church on 
June 2, 1783, as appears by the Church records where the name 
is misspelled as follows: "C/tristopker Vokc, son John Voke, 
Capt., and Mary his wife!' He was a man of the greatest up- 
rightness and honor. An interesting story about him is told 
in Clute's History of Staten Island, to the effect that he was 
billeted upon a farm in the vicinity of Richmond for some two 
or three months, and unlike many of the other officers he reg- 
ularly paid for his board and lodging. The farmer came to him 
one day and said his house had been entered and he had been 
robbed; that he suspected some of the British soldiers from a 
button he had found. The captain took the button which 
indicated the company and regiment of the soldier. During 
the parade that day he noticed a soldier with a button missing 

12 Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 

from the front of his coat. He told the colonel and the soldier 
being sent for was after various questions accused of taking 
the money. Taken by surprise, the soldier admitted the theft 
and gave up the ten guineas, and Capt. Vought had the satis- 
faction of returning the money to the farmer within twenty- 
four hours after it was stolen. 

After the war John Vought took his father, mother and his 
family to Parrsborough, Nova Scotia, where he remained until 
1792. On May 8, 1797, they all embarked in a schooner for the 
United States, reaching New York May 31, and Duanesburgh 
June 13. A diary of the trip was kept by Christiana, Capt. 
Vought's eldest daughter, then nineteen years old. The diary, 
which is interesting enough to be given in full, is still pre- 
served in the family of John Bogert of Albany, N. Y., the son 
of Christiana Vought. It has the following endorsement: 
"iT/y Mother's Joiirjial on her Voyage from Nova Scotia to 

John Vought d. at Duanesburgh, Sept. 7, 1803, in his fifty- 
fourth year, leaving his wife and eight children surviving him. 
His will is dated Sept. 4, 1802, and a codicil thereto is dated 
Sept. 5, 1803. It was proved Nov. 10, 1803, and is to be found 
in Liber 3 of Wills, p. 76, Albany County Surrogate's Office. 
He leaves to his son Philip lot No. 3 of his farm, containing 
250 acres; to his son Christopher, lot No. i, 250 acres; to his 
son John, lot No. 4, and 10 acres out of lot No. 2; to his son 
Abraham, lot No. 2. He directs his executors to sell his 
lands in Nova Scotia. 

Mary Grandin Vought, his wife, d. March 29, 1831, in her 
seventy-sixth year, and is buried at Duanesburgh, N. Y. 

Children (See Vought Family Bible, printed by T. & J. 
Swords, 1818): 

5 i. Christiana,' b. Sept. 13, 1773; d. June 17, 1836; m. 

Capt. John Bogart. 

6 ii. Eleanor, b. Dec. 17, 1775; ^- Feb. 13, 1849; m. May 

27, 1799, Myndert Van der Volgen; he d. Sept. 2, 
iii. Cornelia, b. June 18, 1779; d. Sept. 15, 1779. 

7 iv. Philip Grandin, b. Jan. 11, 1781; d. Feb. 27, 1858; m. 

Leah Manning. 

8 V. Christopher, b. May 2, 1783; d. June 16, 1826; m. 

Mary J. Throckmorton, 
vi. A daughter, unnamed, b. May 26, 1785; d. same day. 
vii. Mary Grandin, b. June 19, 1788; d. Nov. 17, 1879; m. 
Rev. Cyrus Stebbins; no issue. 

9 viii. John Graff, b. May 22, 1791; d. July 23, 1832; m. 

Helen Frances Mumford. Was a physician; no 
ix. Abigail, b. Oct. 24, 1794; d. Feb. 16, 1883, at 
Schenectady, N. Y., unm. 

10 X. Abraham, b. Dec. 19, 1795; d. Jan. 25, 1873; m. May 

9, 1820, Ruth Voorhees. 

Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 13 

Christiana' Vought (John Christopher,' Simon"), was b. 
-, 1752; m. 1772, Rev. John Young, a Lutheran Clergyman 

of Hunterdon Co., N. J. In the testimony given by Capt. 
John Vought for compensation for losses in the Revolution he 
says his brother-in-law's name was George Young. This must 
have been the mistake of the clerk who transcribed the testi- 
mony. Christiana Young d. at Hagerstown, Md., two weeks 
after the birth of her son George in May, 1773. In an old 
Dutch Bible, printed at Amsterdam in 1736, by Peter and 
Jacob Keur, the entry of her death and of the birth of her son 
are given as follows: 

"Christiana Young dep (the page is torn) day of May 

in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and 

" George Young was born the twenty-third day of April in 
the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and seventy- 

This bible belonged to Mrs. C. H. Porter who bequeathed it 
to her nephew William Grandin Vought, of Buffalo, N. Y., in 
whose possession it now is. 

After the death of Christiana Young her husband m. again 
and had a family, one son of his afterwards becoming a Judge 
in Ohio. The Rev. John Young was in 1783 settled in Wash- 
ington Co., Md., at a place called Conecoheague. In a letter 
from the Rev. H. M. Machlenberg to the Rev. Dr. Freyling- 
hausen of the University of Halle, Germany, dated Dec. 6, 1782, 
it is stated that " Rev. Young in Maryland is a man who labors 
with industry and fidelity and faithfully discharges his duties 
both in life and doctrine." 

Christiana Vought and John Young had but one child: 

11 i. George,' b. in Hagerstown, Md., April 23, 1773; m. 

Nancy Waldron; d. Aug., 1844. 


5. Christiana* Vought (John,' John Christopher,' Simon' ), b. 
Sept. 13, 1773; m. at Duanesburgh, N. Y., April 11, 1796, as his 
second wife, Capt. John Bogart of Albany, N. Y. (b. Sept. 5, 
1761), son of Henry Isaac Bogart and Barbara Marselis; he d. 
at Albany, N. Y., Aug. 22, 1853. His wife d. at Albany, June 
17, 1836. Her children were: 

i. Henrietta," b. Nov. 28, 1797; m. Abraham S. Brincker- 
hoff, Jan. 12, 1825; who d. in 1852; she d. Nov. 28, 
1882, without issue, 
ii. John Vought, b. July 16, 1799; d. Aug. 20, 1800. 
iii. Mary Grandin, b. Aug. 13, 1801; d. Jan. 26, 1886. 

12 iv. Stephen Van Rensselaer, b. March 14, 1804. 

v. Evelina C, b. March 27, 1807; d. Sept., i, 1865. 

13 vi. John Henry, b. Aug. 31, 1809. 

vii. Isaac, b. Dec. 31, 181 1; m. Jeanette Mott; d. Oct. 15, 

i860; no issue, 
viii. Philip Grandin Augustus, b. Aug. 31, 1814; d. Sept. 
13, 1837; no issue. 

14 Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 

6. Eleanor* Vought (John,' John Christopher," Simon"), b. 
Dec. 17, 1775, at Clinton, N. J.; m. May 27, 1799, Myndert Van 
der Volgen, who was b. Oct. 17, 1772, and d. Oct. 14, 1843. 
Eleanor Van der Volgen d. Keb. 14, 1849. 


i. Gertrude,' b. March 31, 1800; d. April 25, 1827. 
ii. Mary, b. April 25, 1803; d. Oct. 28, 1848; m. Rev. 

Bunnell; no issue, 
iii. Susannah, b. Jan. 20, 1806; d. Sept. 7, 1826. 
iv. Peter, b. Jan. 9, 1809; d. Sept. 29, 1876. 
V. John, b. Feb. 20, 1812; d. March 18, 1812. 

14 vi. John Vought, b. Jan. 27, 1814; d. Sept. 4, 1851; m. 

Margaret A. Schuyler. 

15 vii. William Boardman, b. Sept. 29, i8i6; d. July 13, 

1892; m. Jane C. Carnahan. 

16 viii. Cornelius, b. Oct. 29, 1819; d. ; m. Eliza Mary 

Graham, Feb. 22, 1849. Children: 
i. William Vought,' b. April 5, 1850. 
ii. Charles Graham, b. June 17, 1851; d. May 31, 

iii. Harry Matthews, b. Oct. 16, 1856. 

7. Philip Grandin* Vought (John," John Christopher,' 

Simon"), b. Jan. 11, 1781; d. Feb. 27, 1858; m. Leah Man- 

nmg. Leah Vought d. Aug. — , 1847. 


i. Christiana,' lived in Schenectady, and d. there unm 
ii. Elinor. 

iii. Samuel, lived in Ypsilanti, Mich, 
iv. Edward. 

8. Christopher * Vought (John,* John Christopher,' Simon ' ) 
was b. at Staten Island, N. Y., May 2, 1783; m. June 11, 1812,' 
Mary Johnson Throckmorton, dau. of James Throckmorton 
and Frances Barbaric. She d. June 17, 1849, at Freehold, N. J 
aged 62 years. Christopher Vought d. at Duanesburgh. He 
took part in the War of 1812. He received a commission as 
1st Lieut, m the 3d squadron of a cavalry regiment in New 
York County in 1807. In 1810 he was made a Captain in Col 
Rensselaer Westerloo's Regiment, and in 1820 was promoted 
to Major. He d. in New York City, June 16, 1826, and is 
buried in Trinity Churchyard. 

17 i. James Throckmorton,' b. June 8, 1814. 

ii. John, b. Nov. 11, i8i6; he was a physician and lived 
at Freehold, N. J.; never m., and d. there May 21, 
iii. Philip Grandin, b. Nov. 16, 1819; he lived at Free- 
hold, N. J.; m. Louise R3^al, and d. July 28, 1882; 
his wife died . No issue. 

Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 1 5 

iv. Frances Eliza, b. April 22, 1821; never m., and d. at 

Freehold, N. J., May 14, 1849. 
V. Mary Anna, b. Oct. 13, 1823; never m., and d. at 
Duanesburgh, N. Y., June 3, 1846. 

10. Abraham* Vought (John,' John Christopher," Simon'), 
b. at Duanesburgh, Dec. 19, 1795; d. Jan. 25, 1873; m. May 9, 
1820, Ruth Voorhees (b. at Florida, N. Y., Sept. 24, 1798, and d. 
April 8, 1891), daughter of John Henry Voorhees and Beulah 
Sheldon. He was a farmer and lived at Duanesburgh, N. Y., 
till 1831, and then moved to Mendon, Monroe Co., N. Y. He 
was cornet in 1816 in 3d Regiment of Cavalry, Albany Co., and 
promoted to 2d Lieut, in 1820. From 185 1 until his death he 
lived at Pittsford, New York. 

His children (all b. at Duanesburgh, N. Y.) were: 

i. William Grandin,' b. Feb. 16, 182 1; he was a civil 

engineer, and d. March 4, 1846, without issue, 
ii. Jane Leslie, b. July 15, 1822; m. Jan. 27, 1849, 
Chauncey Henry Porter (who d. June 9, 1897); she 
d. at Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 20, 1902, without issue. 
i8 iii. John Henry, b. Feb. 13, 1825; d. Nov. 4, 1882; m. 
June 9, 1858, Anne Webster, dau. of Hosea Web- 
ster of Brooklyn. 
19 iv. Mary Grandin, b. April 14, 1828; m. Sept. 20, 1854, 
Samuel Hopkins Ver Planck. 

11, George* Young (Christiana,' John Christopher,' Simon"), 
was b. in Hagerstown, Md., April 23, 1773. His mother dying 
when he was two weeks old, he was taken by his mother's 
brother, Capt. John Vought, of Hunterdon Co., N. J., and 
brought up to manhood. 

Capt. John Vought conveyed one-half of the tract of 2,000 
acres of land at Duanesburgh to his nephew Capt. George 
Young, as shown by the records in New York Secretary of 
State's office, Liber 36 of Deeds, p. 164. Here Capt. Young 
lived for many years. He commenced business as a merchant 
at Schenectady, subsequently removed to his farm where he 
built a large hotel which he kept for over thirty years, and 
then moved to Elk Horn, Walworth Co., Wis., where he settled 
in June, 1843. He d. there in August, 1844, from the results of 
an injury. He served many years as captain of an independent 
company of cavalry which was called into the service of the 
United States in the War of 1812. He m. in 1800 Nancy (or 
Anna), daughter of Capt. Hendrick Waldron, who was alive 
in 1866. 

Capt. George Young had the following children: 

i. Christina Vought,' b. Sept. 9, 1801; d. 1850, unm. 
ii. Margaret, b. Nov. 30, 1802. 
iii. Mary G., b. Jan. 9, 1805; m. Lewis Freeman, 
iv. Jean C, b. Nov. 13, i8o6; m. John Pike. 
V. Christopher Vought, b. Oct. 26, 1808; d. young. 

1 6 Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 

20 vi. Gertrude, b. at Duanesburg, March lo, 1810; m. Hon. 

George Gale (b. Burlington, Vt., Nov. 30, 181 6), 
Dec. 5, 1844. 
vii. John Vought, b. March 17, 1813; d. young, 
viii. Anne, b. March 16, 1815; m. William Vanderpool. 
ix. George Henry, b. March 8, 1817; m. March 21, 1838, 

Hester Hilton. 
X. John, b. July 28, 1819; m. Eliza Tygert. 
xi. Catherine, b. Oct. 31, 1822; m. Thomas Liddle. 
xii. Jacob Hollenbeck, b. Oct. 20, 1824. 
xiii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 15, 1826; d. Oct. 15, 1828. 
xiv. William McKowan, b. March 31, 1829. 


12. Stephen Van Rensselaer" Bogert (Christiana,' John,* 
John Christopher,' Simon'), b. March 14, 1804; m. March 7, 
1826, Amanda Strong (b. Jan. 12, 1804, daughter of Rev. Joseph 
Strong and Sophia Woodbridge). He was a physician and 
practised at Geneva, N. Y., for eighteen years. In 1844 he was 
appointed resident physician of the Sailor's Snug Harbour, and 
continued to be associated with that institution until his death, 
Jan. 10, 1896, at West New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y. His 
wife d. Feb. 27, 1885. 

Children of Stephen V. R. Bogert and Amanda Strong: 
i. John Shankland,' b. Dec. 7, 1826; d. Aug. 24, 1828. 

ii. Mary Christiana, b. ; m. Dr. Samuel Day Flagg, 

of St. Paul, Minn., and d. without issue. May 27, 
iii. Harriet Sophia, b. Sept. 21, 183 1; m. William M. 

Whittemore, Aug. 3, 1859, who d. May 15, 1893. 
iv. Stephen Maltby, b. Oct. 30, 1833; d. Dec. 18, 1833. 

21 V. Edward Strong, b. May 7, 1836. 

vi. Grandin Augustus, b. Nov. 4, 1838; d. Feb. 20, 1839. 
vii. Henrietta Evelina, b. March 25, 1840. 
viii. Catherine Eliza, b. April 24, 1842; m. (i) Capt. 
Thomas Melville, June 4, 1868, who d. March 5, 
1884; m. {2) Kenneth G. White, Nov. 20, 1894. 

22 ix. Isabella Lee, b. Nov. 8, 1844. 

23 X. Amanda Strong, b. June 6, 1847. 

13. John Henry' Bogart (Christiana,* John," John Christo- 
pher," Simon'), b. Aug. 31, 1809; m. April 8, 1835, Eliza Her- 
mans, a dau. of Hermans and Elizabeth Halsted. He d. 

Dec. 27, 1901, at Albany, N. Y., and his wife d. March 17, 1889, 
at New York City. 

Children of John Bogart and Eliza Hermans: 

24 i. John," b. Feb. 8, 1836; m. Emma Clara Jefferis, Nov. 

2, 1870. Children: 
i. Eliza Hermans,' b. Oct. 2, 1871; d. July 19, 

Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 17 

ii. John, b. April 5, 1875; d. July 16, 1875. 
ii. James H., b. March 24, 1839; Major in U. S. Vol., 
killed in Battle at Port Hudson, La., June 14, 1863. 

25 iii. Augusta, b. Jan. 17, 1841; m. Rev. William R. Harris, 

April, 25, 1867. 
iv. Elizabeth Hermans, b. Nov. 4, 1843. 

26 V. Henrietta, b. Aug. 21, 1849; m. Dec. 19, 1876, Charles 

E. Spencer. 

14. John Vought' Vander Volgen (Eleanor,* John," John 
Christopher,' Simon ' ), was b. Jan. 29, 1814; he m. Margaret A. 

Schuyler, dau of , on Dec. 28, 1840. She was b. Feb. 20, 

1824, and d. Feb. 12, 1843. John Vought Vander Volgen was a 
Dutch Reformed clergyman. He d. Sept. 4, 1851. He had 
but one child: 

27 i. Margaret A.,' b. Oct. 9, 1842; m. Jan. 29, 1885, Cor- 

nelius F. Conde (son of Abraham F. Conde and 
Margaret Kinsella), who was b. Dec. 4, 1837. 

15. William Boardman' Vander Volgen (Eleanor,* John,' 
John Christopher," Simon'), was b. Sept. 29, 1816; m. Sept. 25, 
1849, Jane C. Carnahan, of Rob Roy, Ind.; he d. July 13, 1892. 

His children were: 

28 i. Albert,' b. May 8, 185 1; m. Sept. 24, 1874, Sarah 

Louise Campbell. Children: 
i. Blanche.' 
ii. Edgar, 
iii. Bertha. 

29 ii. William Myndert, b. June 27, 1856; m. Kate Mc- 

Williamson, , 1894. 

30 iii. Mary Eleanor, b. March, 1868; m. William D. Geb- 

hardt. May 24, 1888. Child: 
i. Ethel, b. March 29, 1889. 

16. Cornelius' Vander Volgen (Eleanor,* John,' John Chris- 
topher,' Simon' ), was b. Oct. 29, 1819; m. Feb. 22, 1849, Eliza 
Mary Graham (b. Dec. 4, 1827); lived at Pittsburgh, Carroll 
Co., Ind. Children: 

i. William Vought,' b. April 5, 1850; m. Nov. 12, 1879, 

to Rachal Davis, 
ii. Charles Graham, b. June 17, 185 1; d. May 31, 1853. 

31 iii. Harry Mathews, b. Oct. 16, 1856; m. Dec. 9, 1880, to 

Amanda Swatts, and has following children: 
i. Lawrence Freeman,' b. Oct. 14, 1881. 
ii. Charles Myndert, b. Sept. 22, 1885. 
iii. George Webber, b. Aug. 27, 1892. 

17. James Throckmorton' Vought (Christopher,* John,' John 
Christopher,' Simon ' ), was b. at Duanesburgh, N. Y., June 8, 
1814; m. (i) Louise Sherwood, in July, 1850, who d. at Mendon, 
N. Y., in June, 1852; m. (2) Mary Jane Tracy of Milwaukee, 
Wis., June 6, 1856, dau. of Luther Martin Tracy, M.D., and 

1 8 Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 

Content Baldwin, and who was b. , and d. July 22, 1868. 

James Throckmorton Vought d. April 7, 1894, at Pittsford, 
N. Y., and was buried at Freehold, N. J. He had no children 
by his first wife. 

His children were: 

32 i. Grandin Tracy," b. Oct. 31, 1858, at Milwaukee, Wis.; 

m. (i) July 13, 1886, Mary E. Loud, who was b. 
Dec. 19, i860, at Easton Md., and d. at Pittsford, 
N. Y., Oct. 9, 1895; m. (2) Mary Wells May, June 25, 
1901. His children by his first wife ai^e: 
i. James Throckmorton,' b. May 9, 1887. 
ii. Grandin Tracy, b. July 20, 1889. 
iii. Mary Lookerman, b. Nov. 15, 1891, and d. Dec. 

9, 1894. 
iv. Ida Barrington, b. Sept. 24, 1893. 

33 ii. Marianna, b. March i, i860, at Milwaukee, Wis.; m. 

William A. Hover, of Denver, Col., Sept. i, 1886, 
(b. March 9, 1856, son of William N. Hover and 
Harriet Harbaugh). Children: 
i. William Tracy,' b. June 17, 1887. 
ii. Mary Throckmorton, b. Nov. 19, "1888. 
iii. Ruth Grandin, b. April 15, 1891. 
iv. Dorothy Adgate, b. Aug. 11, 1893. 
V. Harriet Harbaugh, b. Jan. 6, 1895. 
vi. Anna Vought, b. March 9, 1897. 
vii. James Throckmorton Vought, b. April 15, 

viii. Charles Stedman, b. June 14, 1900. 
ix. Barbara, b. March 27, 1902. 

18. John Henry' Vought (Abraham,* John,' John Chris- 
topher,' Simon'), was b. at Mendon, N. Y., Feb. 13, 1825; m. 
June 9, 1858, Anne Webster, dau. of Hosea Webster of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.. and d. at Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 4, 1882. He was a 
grain merchant. His widow now resides in Buffalo, N. Y. 

34 i. William Grandin,' b. at Buffalo, N. Y., May 14, i860, 

graduateof Yale University 1882; m. June 19, 1888, 
to Natalie Sternberg, dau. of Charles F. Sternberg, 
and Mary Blackmarr. He lives at East Aurora, 
N. Y. He has the following children: 
i. Grandin Sternberg,' b. June 20, 1889. 
ii. John Henry, b. July 3, 1892. 
iii. Schuyler Ver Planck, b. March 16, 1894. 
ii. Walter Joy, b. at Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1862, graduate 
Yale Scientific, 1882; M.D., College Physicians and 
Surgeons, Columbia University, 1884; practiced 
to time of his death in New York City; d. Sept. 24, 
1893, at New York City. 

35 iii. Anne Webster, b. at Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1863; m. 

Edward Webster Dann, Sept. 14, 1895, and has the 
following children: 

Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 19 

i. Dorothea,' b. Aug. 27, 1896. 
ii. RadclifFe, b. Nov. 5, 1897. 

36 iv. Mary Ver Planck, b. Nov. 8, 1866, at Buffalo, N. Y.; 

m. Williams Lansing, June 4. 1890. Children: 
i. Ruth Voorhees,' b. Jan. 17, 1896; d. 
ii. Helen Webster, b. Aug. 3, 1898. 

37 V. John Henry, b. April 29, 1870, at Buffalo, N. Y.; m. 

Mary Warren, Oct. 8, i'895, and has following chil- 

i. Katharine Warren,' b. June i, 1897, at Auburn, 
N. Y. 

ii. Anne Webster, b. Jan. 5, 1902, at Hazelton, Pa. 

19. Mary Grandin' Vought (Abraham,* John,' John Chris- 
topher,' Simon'), was b. at Duanesburgh, N. Y., April 14, 1828, 
and bap. by the Rev. William Thomas; m. at Pittsford, N. Y., 
Sept. 20, 1854, Samuel Hopkins Ver Planck (b. Jan. 31, 1827); 
lives at Geneva, N. Y. 


i. Mary Elizabeth,' b. Aug. 11, 1855; d. Sept. 29, 1890. 
ii. Ruth Leslie, b. Dec. 8, 1857; d. Nov. i, 1885. 
iii. Susan Sill, b. Nov. 22, 1859; d. Oct. 27, 1868. 

38 iv. William Gordon, b. April 15, 1861; m. Harriet An- 

derson Clark, June 16, 1891, at New York City; 
lives in New York City, and has had the following 
i. Margarita Schuyler,' b. Oct. 17, 1892. 
ii. Ruth Leslie, b. March 25, 1896; d. Feb. 27, 
v. Jane Leslie, b. Sept. 18, 1863. 

21. Edward Strong' Bogert (Stephen Van Rensselaer,' 
Christiana,* John Christopher,' John," Simon' ), b. May 7, 1836; 
m. June 6, 1866, Helen M. Hart, dau. of Joseph R. Hart and 
Elizabeth Cook. She d. at New York City, Aug. 27, 1902. 
Edward Bogert graduated at University City of New York, 
receiving the degree of M.D. He entered the U. S. Navy in 
1861, and served through the War of the Rebellion. He re- 
ceived his promotions as follows: Surgeon, April 6, 1866; Medi- 
cal Inspector, 1880; Medical Director, 1889; and is now 
stationed at New York City. 

His children are: 

39 i. Edward Strong, Jr.,' b. April 30, 1867. After being 

graduated at the College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, and receiving his degree of M.D. at Colum- 
bia College, he followed his father's example and 
entered the U. S. Navy as Assistant Surgeon. He 
served through the Spanish War on the Hospital 
ship Solace. He m. Eva Wade, dau. of K. H. Wade 

and . He was in 1905 stationed at Annapolis, 

Md., as instructor in the U. S. Naval Academy. 

20 Descendants of Simon and Christina Vought 

40 ii. Rosalie Bates, b. Jan. 10, 1870, at Brooklyn; m. Nov. 

15, 1894, Arthur Sherwood, son of C. K. Sherwood 
and Sarah Miller; they live in New York City, 
and have the following children: 

1. Gordon Bogert," b. July 29, 1895. 

ii. Newton Bates, b. March 23, 1897. 

22. Isabella Lee' Bogert, b. Nov. 8, 1844; m. June 5, 1873. 
Francis H. Bagley, b. Jan. 16, 1840, son of Wm. Chandler 

Bagley of Boston, Mass., and Roche; he volunteered for 

the defense of the Union and served four and a half years. 
After the war he entered the Presbyterian ministry and was 
settled at Elmsport, N. Y. He d. July 12, 1878, at New 
Brighton. His widow lives at West New Brighton, Staten 
Island, N. Y. 

Child of Francis H. Bagley and Isabella L. Bogert: 

41 i. Harriette Woodbridge,' b. Jan. 9, 1875; m. John 

Craik of Scotland, son of John Craik and Isabel 
Elliot; they live in London, Eng., and have two 

i. Douglas Elliot," b. March 19, 1897. 
ii. Marjorie, b. Sept. 14, 1904. 

23. Amanda Strong' Bogert, b. June 6, 1847; in. Feb. 16, 
1884, Jacob Le Roy Brown, son of Francis Gordon Brown and 
Charlotte Downs Le Roy. He was in business in New York 
City, and afterwards removed to Redlands, Cal.; he d. at Staten 
Island, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1892. His widow is now living at 
Staten Island. Her only child is; 

42 i. Isabel Le Roy,' b. Jan. 3, 1887. 

25. Augusta' Bogart (John Henry," Christiana,' John,' John 
Christopher," Simon'), b. Jan. 17. 1841; m. April 25, 1867, Rev. 
William R. Harris, now rector of the Episcopal Church at 
Palenville, N. Y.; she d. Sept. 6, 1899. She had one child: 

43 i. Henrietta Laura,' b. March 26, 1868; m. May 5, 1892, 

Edwin Vander Veer Bartine, and has issue: 

i. John Harris,* b. Nov. 7, 1897; d. Dec. 17, 1897. 
ii. Edwin Bogart, b. Nov. 19, 1901. 

26. Henrietta' Bogart (John Henry,' Christiana,* John,^ 
John Christopher,' Simon'), b. Aug. 21, 1849; m. Dec. 19, 
1876, Charles E. Spencer, and is now living in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
She has issue: 

44 i. William Bogart,' b. Oct 9, 1877. 

ii. Herbert, b. Jan. 15, 1879; m. Fanny Turner Ran- 
dolph of New Orleans, La., June i, 1905. 

45 iii. Ernest Edgell, b. Dec. 5, 1881. 

46 iv. John Henry, b. May 20, 1891. 

Diary of Christiana Vought 

From On Tuesday Evening. The 8th of May 1792. My 

Nova Scotia father with his family Embarked on board of the 
Scooner Alice, Comanded by John Osburn. 

Wednesday 3 o'clock in the Morning Saild from Patridge Island 
9th May with wind N. E., in the afternoon very Calm. 

tOth May 

nth May 

J2th May 

I3th May 

J4th May 

I5th May 

J6th May 

I7th May 

, Friday 
f J 8th May 

I9th May 

Wind S. W., went in at Aple River ; the afternoon 
went a Shore to Capt. Doves and had tea ; in the 
evening Came on board again. Sail.d out in the 
Night with a fair Breeze. 

Anchor.d 5 hours in Cumberland Bay. 

Went in at Quawes harbour, went a Shore to Capt. 
Howards, where we spent the afternoon in Chear- 
fulness, was used with a great Deal of Politeness, 
Mrs. Howard a lively Agreeable Woman, had tea 
and Came on board at 6 o'clock. Now the Breeze 
from N. E. weigh, d anchor to sail but diretly the 
wind dyed away and tide took us very near Quawes 
Rocks so that the Captain Gave orders to Pull away 
on the owers to keep the vesel from being stove; 
again we are favoured with a Breeze wc'h set us off 
the Rocks at 10 o'clock. Got out of the harbour and 
Sail,d very fast all Night. 

Foggy went in an harbour at one of the Pasmaquady 

Wind S. W. went in little River, in the evening wind 
haul,d round to N., left the harbour at 7 o'clock. 

Wind W. S. W. Made a harbour at Moosepecka 

Wind N. E. sail.d Past Mount Desert. 

Came across Boston Bay with big wind N. E. 

Anchor,d off Chatham at Night Came across Nan- 
Tucket Shoals with high wind W. N. W. a double 
reef in the Sails. 

Went in at NanTucket was ashore 15 minutes. Now 
a Messenger Comes and says we must be on board 
that the wind was Come round accordingly we was 
and sail,d from this at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. 
Struck on a Shoal. 


Diary of Christiana Vought 

20th May 

2Jst May 

22nd May 

23rd May 

24th May 

25th May 

26th May 

27th May 

28th May 

29th May 

30th May 

3Ist May 

Wind W. S. W. Made an harbour at Matthews 
Vineyard. Mr. Dwolf & My Father went ashore re- 
turn, d in the Evening and deverted us with the de- 
tail of what they had heard and seen, they told us in 
Particular they had seen at A small distance a 
Woman lead 4 Children in a Grave Yard and going 
to a grave she fell Prostrate over it. A very affect- 
ing scene indeed. 

Wind still W. S. W. My Father took us ashore to 
Capt. Deagetts where we were to dine on a Turky 
but the wind shifting to N. E. frustrated our inten- 
tion and Blew so high made Such a sea was obliged 
to hire a Whale Boat to Put us on board. We then 
Got Under way and sail.d very Pleasing 4 hours, 
the remainder of the day Calm. 

Past Block Island, a Cloudy Morning and every 
thing apeard very Dull. 

Anchor,d off Fishers Island, sail,d in the Evening 
with a Breeze N. E. 

Wind S. W. went in at Say brook. 

Wind S. W. in Saybrook, we went a Shore and Saw 
a very Pretty Country Place every thing looks very 
Promising for the season. 

The fore Part of this Day the wind S. W. the after- 
noon N. weigh, d anchor and Sail,d out of the har- 
bour, at 6 o'clock beCalm,d anchor,d in the Sound, 
at 7 run back to Saybrook, in the evening had a 

Wind S. W. Showers the fore Part of the day. the 
Evening wind N. W. Hoised Sail and bid adieu to 

Anchor,d off Old Mans Harbour. 

Anchor,d off Smith's harbour. 

Anchor,d in Oyster Bay Early in the morning, 10 
o'clock went ashore; Met with an old Lady that took 
us to her house and used us very kindly indeed, in 
the afternoon the wind sprang up N. E. and we left 
this, with joy. 

At Break of day was alarm, d out of our beds by 
Striking on the Rocks Called the Executioners, was 
fast 15 Minutes, Breeze very light and the Scooner 
went on easy; Received no damage — but we were in 

Diary of Christiana Vought 



1st June 

2nd June 

3rd June 

4th June 

5th June 

6th June 

7th June 

8th June 

. Saturday 
•th June 

th June 

nth June 

a disagreeable situation for a little while, at 3 o'clock 
Came a Pilot on board from Hart Island at lo 
Anchor,d at 4 Hoised Sail at 5 a very heavy thunder 
Gust accompanied with rain, at 6 Came through Hell 
Gate, at 10 Arrived in New York — My Pappa took 
Mamah, My sisters and I to Charles McLeans who 
lives at White Hall. 

Pappa introduced us to A Mr. Covenhoven from 
Jersey who gave us some account of our friends 
there, also to A Mr. Bell from Halifax, also to Capt. 
Bogart with whom we are to go to Albany. 

He introduced us to A Mr. Younglove from Albany 
Who told Mamah he had Come to Welcome her to 
his Part of the World. 

Papa, Sister & I dined on board of Capt. Bogarts 

Wrote to my aunt in Jersey and to my friend Miss 
Crane in Novascotia sent her the Particulars of my 
Pasage from Novascotia to New York; 

Nothing in Particular. 

Embarked for Albany at 9 o'clock in the Morning 
with a fine Breeze S. 

A good wind and every thing agreeable, our Capt. is 
very Polite and obliging. 

Wind very high N. at anchor before Mr. Timbrooks 
house; here Capt. Bogart leaves us as he is obliged 
to be in Albany at an appointed time. In the after- 
noon we were invited ashore to tea by Capt. B's. 
Sisterinlaw, A young Lady where we were treated 
with Politeness — they are Dutch People and apear 
to be very Neat and Clean. 

Wind N. 

Beat up the River as far as the City of 

Wind N. our Captain is Come down from Albany 
in a scooner, you are Welcome Sir on Board, again 
is Echo,d through the Ship. This is about 2 o'clock 
in the afternoon. We find him more agreeable as 
we are more acquainted with him. 

In the Morning My father left us and took the land 
in order to Provide Wagons by the time we ariv,d 
10 o'clock in the Evening we arived in Albany. 


24 Diary of Christiana Vought 

Tuesday Early in the Morning Capt. Bogart Went to his 
J2th June Father's (Who lives in the City) and Brought his 
Brother Garet on board to introduce him to our 
family. After Compliments were Past and we sat 
Down, " Mrs. Vought ", said he, " shall we have you 
& Family to dine with us to Day". "I thank you 
sir", said Mamah, " our Family is very large." " No 
Matter for that we shall be hapy to wait on them ". 
— Just as we were finishing breakfast Came in Mr. 
Gurst and with A Mr. Wright, Who after they were 
set down and welcom,d us to Albany said he \yas 
Come to invite Mamah and Family to dine with him. 
" I am much obliged to you sir, I am engaged to Mr. 
Bogarts." "Well Madam to Tea then". "No", said 
Garet Bogart, "where they dine they must Drink 
Tea"; accordingly we went with Capt. B. to his 
Fathers; we met the old lady (his Mother) on the 
Porch Who Conducted us in a well furnished room 
then turn.d about "your welcom here" said she — 
Now Comes in Miss Bogart (Sister to Capt. B.) 
" Miss Vought you are welcome here I hope you will 
make this as your home". "I thank you Madam", 
said I; "you have had a long Passage"; "Yes, but A 
very agreeable one, Miss Bogart ". So the Conver- 
sation turn,d Now in Comes Garet B. "I am 

hapy to see you here Ladys I wish you not to Make 
Strange ". Mamah returned the Compliment; When 
diner was ready we were bid in, Garet and Miss B. 
did the honours of the table; their Parents is old 
People wich I expect is the reason they take this on 
themselves— After Tea Miss Bogart Took My sister 
& I thro the Most Capital Streets of the City. 
When we returned Mr. Garet asked us if we would 
not walk up to the Springs (this is a Spring about 
3 quarters of Mile out of Town where many walks 
about Sun set and after). "I have no objection" was 
the General answere; accordingly we went and saw 
A Number of People there Drinking of this Very 
Cold Water— We all sup.d at Mr. Bogarts and then 
returned to the Sloop where we Lodged. 

Wednesday At Eleven o'clock we left Albany, at 2 o'clock din,d 
J3th June 7 mile from Albany, at 9 in the evening we arrived 
on Voughts Patton our Place of residence. C. V. 



Alexander, James 5,8 

Mary 8 

Bagley, Francis H 20 

Harriette Woodbridge 20 

Isabella Lee 20 

William Chandler 20 

Baldwin, Content 18 

Banks, Jacob 10 

Barbaric, Frances 14 

Bartine, Edward V. V 20 

Edwin Bogert 20 

John Harris 20 

Henrietta L 20 

Bell, Mr 23 

Blackmarr, Mary 18 

Bogart, Augusta 17, 20 

Barbara 13 

Capt 23, 24 

Christiana 12, 13 

Eliza 16 

Elizabeth Hermans 16, 17 

Emma Clara 16 

Evelina C 13 

Caret 24 

Henrietta 13, 17, 20 

Henry Isaac 13 

Isaac 13 

James H 17 

Jeannette M 13 

John 12, 13, 16 

John Henry 13, 16 

John Vought 13 

Mary Grandin 13 

Philip Grandin A 13 

Stephen Van Rensselaer 13 

Bogert, Amanda Strong 16, 20 

Catherine Eliza 16 

Edward Strong 16, 19 

Eva Wade ig 

Grandin Augustus 16 

Harriet Sophia 16 

Helen M 19 

Henrietta Evelina 16 

Isabella Lee 16,20 

John Shankland 16 

Mary Christiana 16 

Rosalie Bates 20 

Stephen Maltby 16 

Stephen Van Rensselaer 13, 16 

Braine, Thomas 10 

Brinckerhoff, Abraham S 13 

Henrietta 13 

Brown, Amanda S 20 


Brown, Charlotte D 20 

Francis Gordon 20 

Jacob Le Roy 20 

Isabella Le Roy 20 

Brunner, Peter 10 

Bunnell, Mary 14 

Rev 14 

Butler, Walter 10 

Campbell, Sarah L 17 

Carnahan, Jane C 14 

Clark, Hannah M ig 

Harriet A 19 

William N 19 

Clinton, Sir Henry 9, 11 

Conde, Abraham F 17 

Cornelius F 17 

Margaret A 17 

Covenhoven, Mr 23 

Cox, Daniel 6, 7 

Craik, Douglas Elliot 20 

Harriette W 20 

Isabella E 20 

John 20 

Marjorie 20 

Crane, Miss 23 

Dann, Anne W 18 

Dorothea 19 

Edward W 18 

Radcliffe ig 

Davis, Rachel 19 

Deaggetts, Capt 22 

De Guinee, Ari 4 

Dove, Capt 21 

Downs, Charlotte 20 

Drake, William 10 

Duane, James lo 

Dwolf, Mr 22 

Elliot, Isabel 20 

Falkner, Rev. Justus 4 

Flagg, Mary C 16 

Samuel D 16 

Frazier, Rev 11 

Freeman, Lewis 15 

Frelinghuysen, Rev 13 

Foreman, Eleanor n 

Philip II 

Forster, John 10 

Gale, George 16 

Gertrude 16 





Gebhardt, Ethel 17 

Mary Eleanor 17 

WilliamD 17 

Gradin, Philip 10, 11 

Graham, Mary Eliza 14 

Grandin, Eleanor II 

Philip II 

Gurst, Mr 24 

Halstead, Elizabeth i5 

Harbaugh, Harriet 18 

Harris, William R 17,20 

Augusta 1 7. 20 

Henrietta L 20 

Hart, Elizabeth 19 

Helen M ig 

Joseph R ig 

Hermans, Eliza 16 

John 16 

Hilton, Hester 16 

Hover, Anna V 18 

Barbara 18 

Charles Stedman 18 

Dorothy Adgate 18 

Harriet H 18 

James T.V 18 

Marianna. 18 

Mary Throckmorton 18 

Ruth Grandin 18 

William A 18 

William N 18 

William Tracy 18 

Howard, Mrs 21 

Howe, Sir William 5, 6, 9, 11 

Jefieris, EmmaC 16 

Kinsella, Margaret 17 

Kockerthal, Rev. Joshua 3 

Langmansen, Margareta 4 

Lansing, Helen Webster 19 

Mary V. P 19 

Ruth Voorhees 19 

Williams I9 

Lawrence, Capt 8 

Col 8, II 

Leake, John 5, 7, 8, 10 

Lee, Capt 9, 11 

Liddle, Thomas 16 

Loud, Mary E 18 

Machlenberg, Rev. H. M 13 

Manning, Leah 12 

Marselis, Barbara 13 

May, Mary Wells 18 

McWilliamson, Kate 17 

Melville, Catherine Eliza 16 

Thomas 16 

McLean, Charles 23 

Messnerin, Catherina 4 

Miller, Sarah 20 

Mott, Jeannette 13 


Mumford, Helen Frances 12 

Osburn, John 21 

Painter, James II 

Parker, James 8 

Pike, John 15 

Pootman, Cornelia 4 

David 4 

Porter, Chauncey H i3> '5 

JaneL 15 

Putnam, Cornelia 4 

David 4 

Roche, 20 

Rutherford, William 10 

Ryal, Louise 14 

Schuyler, Margaret A 14 

Sheldon, Beulah IJ 

Sherwood, Arthur 20 

C.K 20 

Gordon Bogert 20 

Louise 17 

Newton Bates 20 

Rosalie B 20 

Sarah M 20 

Simthinger, Margarita 4 

Spencer, Charles E 17, 20 

Henrietta 17, 20 

William B 20 

Herbert 20 

Fanny T 20 

Ernest E 20 

John Henry 20 

Stebbins, Rev. Cyrus 12 

Mary G 12 

Sternberg, Charles F 18 

Mary B 18 

Natalie 18 

Stevens, John 8 

Strong, Amanda 16 

Joseph 16 

Sophia 16 

Swatts, Amanda 17 

Throckmorton, James 14 

Mary J 12, 14 

Timbrook, Mr 23 

Tracy, Content 18 

Luther Martin 17 

Mary Jane 17 

Traphagen, Cornelia 4 

Henry 10 

Ralph 4 

Tygert, Eliza 16 

Vanderpool, Anna 16 

William 16 

Vander Volgen, Albert 17 

Amanda S 17 

Bertha 17 

Blanch 17 





Van der Volgen, Charles Gra- 
ham 14, 17 

Charles Myndert 17 

Cornelius 14. 17 

Edgar 17 

Eleanor 12,14 

Eliza Mary '4. 17 

George Webber 17 

Gertrude 14 

Harry Mathews 14, i7 

Jane C 14. 17 

John 14 

John Vought 14, 17 

Lawrence Freeman 17 

Margaret A 14. '7 

Mary 14 

Mary Eleanor 17 

Myndert 12, 14 

Peter 14 

Rachel 17 

Sarah Louise 17 

Susannah 14 

William Boardman 14, I7 

William Myndert 17 

William Vought 14, 17 

Ver Planck, Harriet A 19 

Jane Leslie 19 

Mary Elizabeth IQ 

Mary Grandin 'S. '9 

Margarita Schuyler I9 

Ruth Leslie ig 

Samuel Hopkins 15. '9 

Susan Sill 19 

William Gonion ig 

Voke, Christopher 11 

Voorhees, beulah 15 

John Henry 15 

Ruth 12, 15 

Vought, Abigail 12 

Abraham 4, 12, 15 

Anne Webster 15, 18, ig 

Christiana 11-14, 21 

Christina 3 

Christopher 1 1, 12, 14 

Cornelia 4, 12 

Edward 14 

Eleanor 12. 14 

Elinor 14 

Frances Eliza 15 

Grandin Sternberg 18 

Grandin Tracy 18 

Helen F 12 

Ida Harrington 18 

James Throckmorton. . . .14, 17, 18 

Jane Leslie 15 

Johannes 4 

Johannes Christopher 4 

Johannes Christoffle 4 

John 5,6, II, 14 

John Graff 12 

John Henry 15, 18, ig 

Katharine Warren 19 


Vought, Leah 14 

Louise R 14 

Louise Sherwood 17 

Margareta 4 

Marianna 18 

Mary II 

Mary Anna 15 

• Mary E 18 

Mary Grandin 1 1, 12, 15, 19 

Mary Jane 17 

Mary Johnson 14 

Mary Loockerman 18 

Mary Ver Planck 19 

Mary Warren 19 

Mary Wells 18 

Natalie S 18 

Philip Grandin 12, 14 

Ruth 12, 15 

Samuel 14 

Schuyler Ver Planck 18 

Simon 3 

Walter Joy 18 

William Grandin 13, 15, 18 

Wade, Eva 19 

K. H ig 

Waldron, Capt. Hendrick 15 

Nancy I3, 15 

Warren, Mary 19 

Webster, Anne 15 

Hosea 15 

Weygand, Rev. John A 4 

White, Catherine E 16 

Kenneth 16 

Whittemore, Harriet S 16 

William M 16 

Wimmer, Hannes 4 

Johannes 4 

Woodbridge, Sophia 16 

Wright, Mr 24 

Young, Anne 15, 16 

Catherine 16 

Christiana 13 

Christiana Vought 15 

Christopher Vought 15 

Eliza 16 

Elizabeth 16 

George 9. 13. '5 

George Henry 16 

Gertrude 16 

Hester 16 

Jacob Hollenbeck 16 

Jean C 15 

John II, 13, 16 

John Vought 16 

Margaret 15 

Mary G 15 

Nancy 15 

William McKowan 16 

Younglove, Mr 23 






^Af^ 81 1907 


24 ^^Q'^