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Full text of "Wakefield memorial, comprising an historical, genealogical and biographical register of the name and family of Wakefield"

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Makefielb riDemovial 


Historical, Genealogical 


Biographical Register 



Compiled by 


" It is wise for us to recur to the history of our ancestors. Those wlio do not 
look upon themselves as a link connecting the Past with the Future, do not perform 
their duty to the world." —Daniel Webster. 

Privately Printed for the Compiler. 



0/ this Edition of 500 Copies of the 
This is AAo.j3Q9 

Press and Jjiiidiry nf 

PaTitii^rajih I'rintin*^ and Stationury Co. 

Bluoniinf'ton, 111. 

Dr. HomerWakefield Dies at 81; 
Internal Medicine SDecialist 


Dr. Homer Wakefield, eighty- 
one, specialist in internal medicine 
who practiced in New York from 
1900 to 1927, died yesterday at the 
Home for Incurables, Third Ave- 
nue and 183rd Street, the Bronx. 
He had spend the last several years 
in nursing homes and had been in 
the Home for Incurables since 
Aug. 19. 

Born in Bloomington, 111., the 
son of Dr. Cyrenius and Harriet 
Richardson Wakefield, he was 
educated at the Shattuck Military 
Academy, Faribault, Minn., and 
lUinoir Wesleyan University, 
Bloomington, 111., being graduated 
in 1885. 

In 1888 he entered Beltevue Med- 
ical College in New York and re- 
ceived his M. D. in 1891. He began 
the practice of general medicine 
in Bloomington. And from 1892 
to 1899 he was the medical direc- 
tor of a private hospital there. 
In 1900 he returned to New York, 
where he established a practice. 

In the course of a trip to Europe 
in the summer of 1892, Dr. Wake- 
field had attended clinics in psy- 
chiatry and hypnosis in Paris. He 
became a member of the Societe de 
Psychologie et Hypnologie and in 
this country was a pioneer in the 
therapeutic use of hypnosis. 

He also studied diseases of the 
heart under Professor Theodor 
Schott at Bad Nauheim, Germany. 
In September, 1892, he became a 
member of the International Con- 
gress of Experimental Psychology, 
at University College, London. 

In 1893 he married Julia Pear- 
son Sherman in Buffalo. 

In New York, he was Chief of 
Clinic of the Department of Gen- 

f A/^^ 

eral Medicine, Outpatient Depart- 
ment, Bellevue Hospital, from 1901 
to 1905. He engaged in cancer re- 
search and therapy until his re- 
tirement in 1927. 

He was the author of more than 
thirty medical monographs, in- 
cluding "The Metabolic Theory of 
Cancer" and "The Psychoneurosis 
of the War." In addition, he wrote 
under the pseudonym of Prescott 
Locke a fictionalized case history 
involving the pathology of religious 
evangelism, entitled "The Conver- 
sion of Hamilton Wheeler." 

In 1897, after twelve years of re- 
search, he published "The Wake- 
field Memorial," a Wakefield fam- 
ily history. He was the descend- 
ant of John V/akefield, who came 
from England to Virginia in 1635 
and whose tombstone is the oldest 
in the Old Granary Burying 
Ground in Boston. 

Dr. Wakefield was a member of 
the American Medical Association 
and the American Association for 
the Advancement of Science. He 
was a fellow of the Medical Asso- 
ciation of the City of Greater New 
York, and a member of the New 
York County Medical Society, the 
New York Pathological Society, 
and the New York Physicians' 
Mutual Air Association. He is also 
a member of the Illinois State 
Medical Society, the McLean 
County (Illinois) Medical Society, 
and the Illinois Society of the Sons 
of the American Revolution. 

Surviving besides his wife are 
two daughters, Mrs. Stephen H. 
Tyng and Mrs. Philip P. Whrit- 
ner, of Milford, Conn.; a son, Sher- 
man Day?' Wakefield, and two 

lilt flDemoiiam. 

Dr. Cigrenius Makcficlb, 

A pioneer genealogist of the Wakefield family, who took great pride in 
the family name, and the high grade of morality, so universal 
among those bearing it. He always believed and taught that 
the ties of blood should be much stronger than any other 
bond of brotherhood. More than a score of years 
ago, he compiled, and left at his death, in man- 
uscript, the nucleus from which the contents 
of these pages originated, and which 
proved the impetus, which has 
culminated in the completion 
of this work. 

Affectionately Inscribed by His Son, 

She Compiler. 


In presenting the present volume to the kinfolk, the compiler has no 
apology to offer. He feels that he has diligently applied himself to the task 
of making the best possible compilation of such records as are at the dis- 
posal of genealogists. 

It is not assumed that he has finished a work that is perfect, complete, 
or free from error, but to the contrary, he rather expects some criticism 
on those points. No one, however, who has not himself made genealogical 
researches and attempted the compilation of a family history, on a large 
scale, has any idea of the difticulties and perplexities that have to be met 
and conquered; especially in a case like this, where no previous compila- 
tion, on which to add, improve, and correct, has been at the disposal of 
the compiler. The meagerness of early New England records are a 
constant source of annoyance to the genealogist. Ofttimes when the 
town records fail, he has recourse to the church records of the town; 
often both fail, and he is dependent on the county registry of deeds 
and probate. Much trouble is often encountered in tracing the removals 
from one town to another, and connecting up of families, in their proper 
relationship. Not infrequently the clue to the identity of isolated persons, 
families, and sometimes many generations together, is so small that their 
ultimate classification is almost guesswork; so far does it depend upon the 
judgment of the compiler. Much care and caution has been exercised in 
this particular, however, the compiler fully realizes that at times, if greater 
different data had been brought to bear in certain instances, a different 
conclusion might have been the result. In many cases i^resent day descend- 
ants have most ridiculous traditions of their early forefathers, which are 
generally very widely different from the official records, as preserved to 
us; therefore, family traditions, in many cases, are of little or no value. 
Incomplete early records, however, are not the only bugbears; the unfor- 
tunate lack of education on the subject, of family history, of the Ameri- 
can people, and their consequent lack of information, and even interest, 
in the subject, sufficient to induce them to reply to letters or circulars, 
beseeching them to divulge their lineages and family histories, to the 
extent of their knowledge, has caused the writer the most unsurmount- 
able perplexities. Continually, he has been obliged to resort to public 
records for data, of comparatively recent date, when it should have been 
easily and cheerfully furnished by the descendants. Again, whole families 
would have had to be omitted, but for the industry and sagacity of rela- 
tives, who, in addition to their own records, have collected and furnished us 
with collateral branches, of their families. Should any member of the 
family, who has not personally furnished records, of an authentic nature, of 
his own family, on inspection of this volume, find any of his lineage or 
family records incomplete or incorrect, let him blame himself for not insur- 
ing its correctness, by sending to the compiler the very knowledge, by 
which he judges of the error, as herein made. 

vi Preface. 

The compiler of this volume will consider it a favor if any member of 
the famii}', possessing the necessary information, will kindly furnish him 
with any additions or corrections to the contents of this edition, that the 
next edition of the Wakefield Genealogy, whenever that may be compiled, 
may be that much more correct and complete. While the writer of this 
work will never compile another genealogy, he will consent to act as his- 
torian of the family, and preserve all records that come into his hands, 
until some other member of the kinfolk begins a revision of this edition, 
when he will cheerfully turn all records over to him. 

One of the greatest annoyances to genealogists is the idea in the minds 
of many persons, that the compilation and publication of a genealogy, is a 
commercial enterprise, and is fostered by mercenary motives. Nothing, 
however, could be further from the fact, as all genealogists agree that 
their productions never have been financial successes. The reasons are 
many: seldom more than 500 volumes of a single family history, are ever 
sold and the cost for composition, which is the greater part of the en- 
tire cost of publication, is as great for an edition of 500 copies as it would 
be for several thousand; and, moreover, everything else, cost of paper, 
press-work, and binding, are greater in proportion, per volume, for a small 
than for a large edition. Family pride demands first-class paper, binding, 
workmanship, and clear tj^pe, and it all increases the cost of publication. 

As all great families are composed of persons in all conditions and sta- 
tions of life, a family history, in order to meet with a general sale among 
them, must not be priced at higher than $5 or $6 a volume, however costly 
the compiler finds it to publish. Another aspect of the subject is the cost 
of compilation of the contents of the work. As a rule, this is entirely lost 
sight of by critics, and many will probably question the statement, that in 
the compilation of this work, the total cost of obtaining the immense 
amount of historical, genealogical, biographical, and miscellaneous records 
herein contained, from the registries of deeds, probate courts, towns, 
churches, etc., has far exceeded the cost of publication. In order to admit 
of the compilation of this work within a space of twelve years, it has been 
necessary to give almost continual employment to an amanuensis, for 
more than three years, in conducting the immense amount of correspond- 
ence, issuing circulars, and compiling and editing of the contents of the 
work. Several hundred dollars have been invested in stamps alone, while 
much money has been expended in the purchase of printed stationery and 
circulars, which have been sent out by the thousand. 

In conclusion, a compiler of a genealogy does not labor for profit, but 
for a philanthropic purpose, that his family might preserve an historical 
record of itself. He not onl}' devotes years of persistent, tedious, and 
patient labor to the compilation and editing of the genealogy, but advances 
many hundreds of dollars for its compilation and publication, much of 
which he never expects to have refunded. Such is the way of the family 

The nucleus of the present volume, was compiled by Dr. Cyrenius 
Wakefield during his lifetime, and was left by him in manuscript form at 
his death; it comprised an incomplete record of the posterity of his ances- 
tors, Thomas and Dorcas (Pratt) Wakefield, of Boston and Reading, Mass., 

Preface. vii 

and Amherst, N.H. A copy of this record was given to his brother Orin, 
and on his (Orin's) death, fell into the hands of his son, Hon. George W. 
Wakefield, who, becoming' interested in the subject, began in that year, a 
general correspondence among persons bearing the name, of whose ad- 
dresses he could learn, endeavoring to extend and possibly complete 
a genealogy of the posterity of the said Thomas Wakefield. He proposed 
to print the same in the form of a small pamphlet for private circulation. 
The original manuscript, of Dr. C. Wakefield, became the property of 
the writer, who also became interested in the subject, and who as occasion 
permitted, extended his knowledge of his family. While in Elngland in 
1892, he made considerable research on the English origin of the family, 
and the following year he proposed to Hon. George W. Wakefield, that they 
consolidate their compilations to date: and unite their efforts for an organ- 
ized system of collecting, compiling, and editing of the historical, genea- 
logical, and biographical data of all of the Wakefield families of the 
world, or such as could be obtained. Thereupon a large four page circular, 
containing a prospectus of the proposed work, and a blank form, to be 
filled in and returned with complete family and ancestral records, was 
formulated and printed. These were sent out in great numbers, to all ob- 
tainable addresses, in all the English speaking countries of North America 
and Great Britain. During the summer of 1895, the official records of the 
early colonists of America and the more recent generations of the various 
branches of the family, were duly connected together, classified into great 
families, descending from common progenitors, and duly edited for publi- 
cation. There being, however, many omissions of immediate families 
and persons, it was thought best, before publishing, to issue broadcast, 
another circular, notifying the entire family of the near approach of pub- 
lication, and that unless they furnished their records immediately, they 
would have to be entirely omitted from the work. The results from this 
circular were marvelous. The amount of material received was nearly, if 
not quite as great as the total amount collected in the space of ten years 
preceding the issuance of that circular. Instead of being able to publish 
the work at that time, it has required a year to prepare the immense 
amount of new material for publication, and now without daring to prey 
longer upon the patience, of the early patrons of the work, we publish 
it, without further warning to those who have been thus far omitted. 
Owing to the pressing duties as district judge, Hon. George W. Wakefield 
found himself unable to devote to the work the time that he had at first 
anticipated, and fully appreciating his embarrassment in that respect, he 
relinquished his claim as co-compiler and graciously took rank among the 

The compiler has been informed thatDr. George W.Wakefield, of Cherry- 
field, Me., Mr. .lohn L. Wakefield, of Boston, and Kev. David H. Wakefield 
of Redstone, Penn., had all collected records of their respective branches 
of the family, with an intention of themselves publishing them. But they 
had all either failed to complete their preparation for publication, or had 
rested satisfied with the simple collection of them, and preservation in 
manuscript form. Be it said to their credit, however, that all of 
them turned over the fruits of their labors to the compiler of this work, 
and they have accordingly been incorporated into this volume. We have 
learned with regret, that much of the manuscript history of David Wake- 

viii Preface. 

field, of Path Valley, Penn., his ancestry, and posterity, had been lost or 
destroyed, and was, therefore, not amenable to the pages of this work. 
Also that Hon. John Allen Wakefield, author of a history of the Black 
Hawk war and "squatter courts"' in Kansas, compiled quite an extensive 
manuscript history of his branch of the family, which was destroyed on the 
night of September 1, 185G, when his house in Douglas county, Kas., was 
burned by invading pro-slavery men, from Missouri, and other southern 
states. The compiler wishes to take this opportunity, in behalf of himself, 
and the family in general, who now come into the possession of the first 
genealogy ever published of the Wakefield family, to express their sincere 
appreciation of the material contributions of time and labor, of Judge 
George W. Wakefield, who has made extended researches, and by extensive 
correspondence, has collected many records from private sources, as 
well as from registries of Probate, of Suffolk and Essex county, Mass., and 
York county. Me. His generous assistance and wise counsels during the 
entire period that this work has been in preparation, have been much ap- 
preciated by the compiler. 

The compiler is much indebted for the patient and tedious labor and 
valuable assistance: 

Of Mr. John M. Bancroft, in the libraries of the "Greater New York," 
as well as by original correspondence and individual research, extending 
over several years. 

Of Mr. Jno. Lathrop Wakefield, of Boston, who examined and tran- 
scribed from the Suffolk and Middlesex county, (Mass.,) registries of deeds 
and probate and ancient records of Boston, the transcription from which 
makes quite a volume in itself. 

Of Mrs. Elizabeth Phelps Soule, of Boston, who has devoted many 
months to research in the Boston libraries and in transcribing records from 
the archives of the state capital and the Boston city records. 

Of Benjamin A. Wakefield for the extensive collection of descendants 
of Aaron and Olive (Wight) Wakefield, of Oxford (South Gore), Mass., and 
for the examination and transcription of several county probate and town 
records in Massachusetts and Connecticut. 

Of Miss Mary Briggs Paul, of Windsor, Vt., Mrs. Harriet (Wakefield) 
Shaw, of Newton Highlands, Mass., and Mr. William Wakefield, of St. Paul, 
Minn., he is principally indebted for the very complete records of the 
posterity of Jonathan and Abigail (Smith) Wakefield, of Sutton, Mass. 

Of the late Mr. Frederick H. Pilch, of Newark. N.J., who died since the 
work was begun; David B. Pilch of Jersey City, N.J.; David H. Wakefield, 
of Redstone, Penn.; Dr. J. B. Wakefield, of Grapeville, Penn., and Mr. J. M. 
Samuels, of Clinton, Ky., deserve mention for collections of records and 
historical material of the Anglo-Irish- American families. 

Of Dr. George W. Wakefield, of Cherryfield, Me., who furnished him quite 
extensive records of the posterity of Samuel and Ruth (Godfrey) Wakefield, 
of Kennebunkport and Steuben, Me. 

Of Hon. Josephus Wakefield, of Fremont. Wis., we owe an appreciative 
acknowledgment for a very extensive collection of records and historical 
data of the posterity of Thomas and Dorcas (Pratt) Wakefield, of Reading 
and Amherst. 

Of William Curtis Wakefield, of South Framingham, Mass., for photo- 
graphs and impressions of family tombs in Boston. 

Preface. ix 

Of F. Manton Wakefield, of Boston, for a complete transcript of the 
Wakefield deeds of Essex county, Mass., and researches on the armorial 
bearing's of the family. 

Many others, too numerous to mention, individually, have furnished us 
with records of other than their own lineages, and manifested a deep inter- 
est in the success of the undertaking, otherwise than substantial aid, mak- 
ing the work possible. All have done a service that should be thoroughly 
appreciated by every member of the Wakefield family. It will be noted 
that even the most valuable contributions are not solely confined to those 
bearing' the name. "Blood will tell." 


Not the least among' the many valuable purposes of a knowledge of 
family history is one that I have not yet seen advanced by any other genealo- 
gist: By the acquisition of knowledge of the life and times of our ances- 
tors, we acquire a realization, in this life, of the essentials of what is 
promised us for the one after death. A spiritual existence without a fond 
memory connecting' it with the mortal one, would be barren, being' destitute 
of the link connecting the two existences, as that of a single individual. 
The same may be said of the memory being' the single link, connecting' the 
infant with the child, the youth with the man, and the young and middle- 
aged man with old age. A change of form and feature, of voice and man- 
ner, of mentality and habits, perhaps of environment and, even of 
circumstances, leaves the memory of one's former self the only connecting 
link. With a knowledge of our ancestors, we are like unto an immortal 
person, who with descent of the same name and blood, a similarity of form 
and feature, voice and manner, mental proclivities and other character- 
istics, descends down the ages, enjoying a mortal immortality, the living 
knowledge of his lineage, being equivalent to the life's recollections, as re- 
corded in the mind of the aged. The paramount beauty of the realization, 
is that the parent of the present day sees and enjoys the company of his 
own successors, his children, who are his heirs to name, blood, form, fea- 
ture, voice, manner, mental characteristics, etc., who with their posterity 
continue the mortal immortality in the ages to be. Their genealogies serve 
as the memory of the past existence. 

It is deemed proper ■|»o warn the kinfolk that genealogies are sometimes 
made to serve very unfortunate ends, in the hands of ''confidence" men and 
women. Books of this kind find their way into public libraries, where they 
can be consulted by any one; here cunning rascals familiarize themselves 
with parts of the family history and impersonate a distant relative and im- 
pose on the family hospitality, borrow money, ask valuable and rare favors, 
on various pretenses, all to beat the selected victim. Sometimes (it is said) 
spirit mediums, clairvoyants, and fortune tellers consult genealogies to ob- 
tain necessary family history to bewilder and defraud their patrons. All 
kinds of schemes are resorted to, nowadays, for defrauding, and genealogies 
offer no exception to the rule. 

411 East Washington St., BLOOMiNGyoN, III. 

X Introduction. 


The genealogical classification of this work is so simple, that an ex- 
tended explanation of it is unnecessary. 

The indexes will be found complete and comprehensive, facilitating 
the location of any person or place in the work. 

To trace a lineage, either toward or from the progenitor of a family, 
the reader will find the consecutive numbering of the members of each 
great family, corresponding, from one generation to another, that is, a 
person has the some consecutive number in one generation, as a parent, 
that he would have in the previous generation as a child. It will be noticed 
that each local family recorded in the book, gives first the entire descent 
from the progenitor, and secondly the complete parentage, the records of 
which will always be found in the preceding generation. 

To trace relationship between two descendants, trace the two back to 
a common ancestor; if it be a parent, they would be brothers; if it be a 
grandparent, they would be cousins: if it be a great-grandparent, they 
would be cousins once removed; if it be a great-great-grandparent, they 
would be cousins twice removed, etc. If one is a grandchild and the other 
a great-grandchild, they would be said to be second, or half cousins, etc. 

There is no established connection between the several great families, 
except that they all undoubtedly descend from the original family of 
Wakefield, of Pontefract (Pomfret), Yorkshire, Eng. 

It will be noted that where a woman bearing the name, is married to a 
man bearing another name, that her children, also bearing the husband's 
name, are indicated as descendants instead of children, as are those bearing the 
name of Wakefield. Also the children bearing other names, do not have 
the consecutive numbering, as do those bearing the name, but are num- 
bered simply according to their order in their immediate familes. and their 
generation of descent from the Wakefield parent or ancestor. The num- 
bers indicative of generation are placed at the end of the given name. To 
further facilite the ready recognition of generations among descendants, 
each generation is offset to the right, from the one preceding it. 

Abridged references and authorities throughout the text of the work, 
will be found more fully in the index of authorities in the back of the book. 

In the early years in New England, ordinal numbers were frequently 
substituted in records for the '"heathen"' names of months and days, and 
"Lady Day," the 25th of March was the first of the year instead of January 
first and the twelfth month was February instead of December. 

The method of computing from New Years day, January 1, as the first 
day of the year, was already in use in Scotland and Europe, so that dates 
between January 1 and March 25, would, by the old method, be numbered 
one year earlier than by the new method, and sometimes both years would 
be indicated. The two dates are now commonly indicated by the use of the 

Introduction. xi 

hyphen, from January 1 to March 25. By an act of parliament, adopted 
September 2, 1752, a change was made from the Julian to the Gregorian 
calendar, when eleven days were dropped, and the next day became Sep- 
tember 14, so that for the tnie dates before March, 1700, ten days should be 
added to the record date, and after March, 1700, eleven days. These 
changes In dates have caused considerable confusion among genealogists, 
in computing the dates of vital records of the early forefathers. 

Pedigrees of ancestors of Wakefield descendants, bearing other names, 
will be found distributed through the work, where the intermarriage be- 
tween the families takes place. The index will facilitate finding them. 



Register of Ancient English Families and Persons, . . 1 

Chapter I. — John Wakefield, of Boston, and his posterity, . 17 

Chapter II.— John Waltefield, of Maine, and his posterity, . . 117 

Chapter III.— Joseph Wakefield, of Dudley, and his posterity, 138 

Chapter IV. — Benjamin Wakefield, of Sutton, . . . 149 

Chapter v.— Jonathan Wakefield, of Sutton, and his posterity, 150 

Chapter VI.— Aaron Wakefield, of Oxford, S. G. and his posterity, 184 

Chapter VII. -John Wakefield, of Salem, and his posterity, . 202 

Chapter VIII -John Wakefield, of New Haven, and his posterity, 204 

Chapter IX. —Miscellaneous mentions of unclassified American 

families and persons, . . . . . 207 

Chapter X. — The Anglo-Irish American family, a consolidation of 
the posterity of the emigrants, Matthew, David, and Andrew 

Wakefield, 213 

Chapter XL— Unclassified Anglo Irish-American families, . . 250 

C'HAPTER X[[. — .John Wakefield, of Oliver township, Mifflin Counly, 255 
Pa., and his posterity, ...... 

Chapter XIII. — Anglo-American families, .... 259 

Chapter XiV. — English families. — Roger Wakefield, of Chatton 
Hall, Preston Patrick Township, County Lancashire, (?) Eng- 
land, and his posterity, . . . . . . 264 

Chapter XV.— Unclassified English families and persons, . . 281 

Chapter XVI.— Encyclopaedia of the name Wakefield, . . 289 

Bibliography of the Name, .... 296 

Gazetteer of the Name, .... 297 
Wakefield Heirs at Law. ... .299 





Ancient English Families and Persons. 





























The names Warfield and Wakeford have probably descended from the same ori- 
gin as Wakefield, but it is not the province of this work to trace any except the latter. In 
the descent of the three names they have come to represent distinct and separate 


Lfu'h'ft Topor/raphical Bictionari/.vol. iv.— Wakefield (Cut of arms ) This place, which 
from the discovery of Roman coins and some slight traces of a militar}' road intersect- 
ing the parish about two miles from the town, has b}' some writers been regarded as the 
site of a Roman station connecting Cambodunum with Legeolium, is indisputably of 
Saxon origin, as its name, In the Domesday Survey, Wac/ifeld, obviously implies. The 
river Calder was made navigable in 1698, arid the Hire and Calder Navigation Company 
have their principal office near the bridge. The navigation opens a direct communica- 
tion with Hull and the whole of the eastern coast. The Barnsley canal connects with 
Barnsley and Sheffield. The town is under the superintendence of a constable appointed 
and sworn into office by the steward of the lord of the manor, at the Court leet, which 
place half yearly at the Moot Hall in Kirk gate, a manor court for the determination 
of petty causes and for the recovery of debts under £5 is held by the steward at the 
Moot Hall every three weeks. 

Sti?-feeK Snciefy. vol. v.. p. 449.— Wakefield is a large and opulent town, delightfully 
situated on the left bank of the Calder, in the center of the parish to which it gives 
name. It is nine miles from Leeds, ten from Barnsley, and one hundred and eighty- 
seven from London. The etymology of the place is probably derived from the appella- 
tion of the first Saxon possessor, combined with that of the estate which he possessed. In 
Domesday Book it is called Wachefeld. 

Castidariiim Sa.voiiicum. vol. i, p. 224.— (A collection of charters relating to Anglo Saxon 
history by Walter de Gray, London, 180.5.) Grant by ^thelbald. Monarch of Britain to 
Abindon Abbey, of land in Wacanesfel or Watchfleld, County Berks, with confirmation 
by King ^thelbard, A. D. 72E-737. Document in Latin. 

Chronicon Monaatern, vol. i, p. 26.— Wachenesfeld (Watchfleld), four miles southwest 
of Famigdore, granted to Abingdon by King Ccsnulf, A.D. 821. 

CaMiilaHum Saxonicm/i. vol. ii, p. 360.— Witena Gemot at Welowe, County Hants, grant 
by King ^Ethelstan to the thegn Aelfric, of land at Wceclesford, or Watchfleld, County 
Berks. 2Ist June A.D. 931. Document in Latin. 

SuHees Soviet]/, vol. 1.— Name of town only. (vol. li, p. 1.51) Wacarfeld, name of a place, 
(p. 1.52) Wackarfleld, name of a place in Staindrop parish or Snottorton. (Possibly hints 
as to the etymology of the name.) 

Before the Conquest, or English Worthies in the Old English Period, by W. H. D. Adams.— 
"In 1086, was completed the remarkable survey of the country known as the Domesday 
Book; the result of a territorial inquest conducted by Henry de Ferrieres, Walter 
Giffard, Adam, brother of Endes the Seneschal, and Remi, Bishops of Lincoln. It shows 
how many acres of land there were in each domain, how many acres were sufficient for 
the maintenance of a man at arms, and how many men at arms there were in each prov- 
ince or country of England: what was the gross amount derived in various ways from 
the cities, towns, boroughs, and hamlets: what was the exact property of each earl, 
baron, knight, or sergeant at arms, what land, how many men holding flefs on that land, 
how many Saxons, how much cattle, how many ploughs each one possessed. The survey 
occupied six years." 


Ancient English Families and Persons. 


Vol. i. 

r n 



West Riding. 


^ * :ic *:!::;= 5i- ***** ^ * ;';: 

C 4 4 4 4 

In Normetune Godric 7 chenicte v. car tre ad gld. Tra ad iiii car, Nc ibi 
e pbrTaeccta, 7 vi uilt. 7 iii bord. cu. iii car. 7iii ac pti. Silua past, vi 

.. _ _ _ 4 O 4 

qu Ig. 7 i. lat. T. R. E. uat xii. fol 7 viii. den. m. x. fol 7 viii den. Toto 

4 4 

h tra iacet loca in Wacliefelt. Pt aecctam. 7 iiii. bo. trae. 

4 4 4 

In Holne. DuneStan. ii. c ad gld. Tra ad. i car. Hanc tra alij dnt 

q 4 4 

inland, alij loca in Wacbefeld. In Linleie, Goduin dim car ad gld. In 
Raftric Goduin dim car ad gld. 

Index 2dus Locorum et Possesionum generalis. 

Loco; Noia. 

Posseson genera. 


Hundred fel 



Wachef eld . . . 

M. Ecctia, pbr &c. 
s. Terr, 

M. Pbri, Ecctia. pbr &c. 
S. Terr 

Eurvicfe W. R. 
Eurvicfe W. R. 
Eurvicfe W. R. 

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Surtees Society, vol. Ixxxiii. p. 61. — Oartularium Abbathiae de Rievalle, p. 61; "Ada 
Clerico, fratre Petri de Wakefeld.'' Grant touching iron-making privileges. Date indefi- 
nite. Appear to be 1122, 1131, 1136, at Kirkham on river Rye. Rievaulx. 

Low d- Piilli/iffn Dktionanj of Eii(iU><h HMory. — Wakefield, Peter of, was a hermit cele- 
brated in the reign of King Johii for the number and success of his prophecies. In 1213, 
John, who had paid little heed eitfier to interdict or ex-communication, was terrified 
into submission to the Pope by hearing that Peter had predicted that on the next Ascen- 
sion Day, John would not be king. Strangely enough the prophesy received a kind of 
fulfillment from the fact that before the day mentioned John had ceded his kingdom to 
the Pope. (p. 1042.) 

Monuineata Francescana. p. 5.52. — Father Alamis de Wakerfield was one of the divinitj^ 
readers at the University of Oxford A.D. 122.5-50. 

From the Surfees Society Publications, vol. xlix, p. 423. — A grant of the marriage of 
William, son and heir of William de Lindele. ■■Omibus, etc. Sciatis nos didisse dilecto 
servente nostra Falconi de Wakefeld maritaquim Wellelmi de Lindele fllii et haeredis, 
Willelmi de Lindele lita quod iden Willelmus marietetur Aliciae tiliae ejusdem Falconis 
et si decedet infra antequam eidem eatatem antequam eidem Aliciae maritatur conces- 
simus dicto Falconi quod alterum fiUium prefati Willelmi qui haeredelarie succedet, 
possit dictae Alicia maritare." (Nonas Junii. 1240. vol. Ivi.) Rolls of Walter Gray, Lord 
Archbishop of York, etc. Wakefield. Wakefeld, Wakefeud. (Index.) (p. 252) Grant to our 
servant Falc de Wakefield of the marriage of Wm. de Lindele, son and heir of Wm. de 
Lindele to be married to Alice, daughter of the said Falc de Wakefield. 'If he dies under 
age before marriage the said Alice shall marry his next brother and heir. If the said 
Alice dies before the said heir is of age. the said Falco shall marry him to whom he will, 
'ita tamen quod non disparagetur.' (p. 266, footnote ) Witness (nodate) Falk de Wake- 
field^ (p. 272.) Fulcasio de Wakefield, etc.. "servientibus nostris et aliis.'' (p. 290.) Agreed 
between Arch Gray and the master and brethren of Kepyer Hospital about the pasture 
called the south Redlem. Witness, Falk de Wakefeud (others). November A.D. mccxlviii. 
(November 1248.;') "servientibus, et multis aliis.'' 

Dunelmense, Ixiv, p. 27.— Robertus Walkar, etc., Dominus Johannes Wakefeld Canicus 
de Egelston. Dominus Thomas Walkar canonicei ejusdem, etc , xi Aprilis mcccclxxxxvi 
(14961. This is in vol. 5; vol. 7. Catalogues of the library of Durham Cathedral. (Appendix 
p. 199.) A list of manuscripts preserved in the library of the Dean and Chapter of Dur- 
ham. A. III. 14. Folio Minore (p. 51 L.) Scriptus et Uteris acuminatis, bene formatis, 
sed ab humore deformatus est. In capite "V Libri Solomonis, ex dono Magistri Alani de 
Wakerfield, extra Communo armoriolum nuUi accommodandi." Rud refers it to the 
year 1260. 

Surtees Society, vol. Ixxxviii, p. 213.— Assize Rolls. 53 of Henry III- begins 40 of Henry III, 
A.D. 12.56, hence 1269. "Uhtradus de Bradshake versus fratrem Willelmum de Featherstan, 
Willelmum Capelamun de Wakefeld et Thomam le Raggede, executors testamenti Garcian 
quae fuit exor Thomam le Raggede, de placito debete debiti, per Willelmum le Messager, 
a die Sancti Michaelis in xv dies apud Leycestriam. Aff. (vol. xxviii, p. 235) V. Prepen- 
daries of Sharow. Thomas de Wakefield, witness with Will de Greenfield and others. 
November 18, 1286. Another article under heading xxxxx. Thomas de Wakefield (reg. 
Carbridge 1.301, September 29.) "He may have been reappointed. He was a prebendary 
of Botevant, chancellor and sub dean of York, as well as canon of Ripon. He was a 
favorite with Arch Bishop Romanus, who granted an indulgence of forty days to all 
who listened to his preaching. In giving Wakefield the chancellorship, the primate 
spoke of "persons tuae nota probitas, meritorumque tuorum odorifera famositas." 
(Fasti, Ebor. 330 n.) (vols. Ixxxix-xc, p. 309) Same Deanery. The Chauntry of our Layde 
in the Sayde Parish Churche, i. e. in Wakefield, foot note to same. In 1332 an inquisition 

Ancient English Families and Persons. 

returned that it was not to the damage of the king or others If license were grante.d to 
•Master John de Watefield, Chaplain, to endow a Chantry in the Church of All Saints of 
Waketield, to pray for the souls of the same John and his parents, brothers and sisters. 
Inq. A.Q. D. 15 Edward II. No. 93. And on the 1.5th of July, 1322, license was granted to 
Thomas Thorald, Clerk of Alverthrop, and Roger de Lancastr', executors of the will of 
William, son of German de Wakefield, to assign a rent from a massauge in York in the 
occupation of Thomas de Beningburgh, goldsmith, to a chaplain to celebrate mass of the 
Blessed Mary the Virgin in the Church of All Saints of Wakefeld. Pat. 16, Edward II. 
p. 1 m. 31. 

The Chetham Society. Lancaster and Chester, vol. xxi, p. 197.— This vicarage was re- 
ordained by Roger, Bishop of Coventry and Litchfield, by letters dated at Hanworth the 
4th of Aprfl. 1310. and of his consecration the isth, whereby he required the prior and 
Convent of Burscough to confirm to Ale.Kander de Wakefield, then Vicar of Ormskirk, 
and his successors, all the rights and perquisites which Richard de Conyngton, the last 
vicar, enjoyed, viz., a competent manse and four acres of land, as well as £I0 a year, to 
be paid by the convent on eight feast da3's named, b.y equal portions, and all ordinary 
and extraordinary burdens due from the said cnurch to be discharged and borne by the 
Priory-Register. Northbury, fol. 80, born Litchf. (vol. xxii) Wakefield, Alexander de, 
Vicar of Ormskirk. 

Surtees Society, vol, xxxi-0, vol. xxxii.— Bishop Hatfield's Survey, a record of the pos- 
sessions of the see of Durham. He held the see from 1345 to 1381. (p. 11) Darlinton- 
Ward— Quesstiowe. Antiqua opera. Willelmus Wakerfeld facit ij precationes cum omni 
famiiia sua, excepta husewyva. et vadit in legationibus Episcopi. ut patet in libro de 
Boldon. {p. 42) Darlington Ward. Coundon. Liberi Tenentes. Willelmus filium Roberti 
de Wakirfeld ten. jiness et viij acr. terae, red. p a. 2-;. (p. 9) Darlington Ward-Quesshowe. 
Liberi Tenentes. Willelmus Wakerfeld ten. j mes. et j bov. terae ut supra, red. ad e, t. 
6s. Id . Vol. xxxiv-0. 

Rymer's Foedera. 1359.— July 15, William de Wakefield is appointed keeper of the 
writs concerning Britain July 16, 1359, the King orders the geneschal of Gasconv and 
the constable of Bourdeaux to grant letters of marke to William de Wakefield, citizen of 
Bourdeaux. York Pontificials Surtees Society, vol. Ixi. p. 363, appears the name of "Wil- 
lelmus Waikeffelde.'' 

Surtees Society, vol. xxxv.— The Fabric Rolls of York Minster. Meremium. Januarv 
7, 1394. Item . . . cxx magnae sperres empiae de WiUelmo Wakefeld de Pontefracto, 
preci 18 L praeter ut supra, date . . . vij die Januarii, Anno Domini mccc, nonagessimo 
[\ January 7, 1394. (vol, Ixxiv, p. 282-3) October 28, 1359, Roger de Clothorum to Ricardo de 
Wakefeld a rent of 2.s' per annum, (vol. Ixxiv.) Memorials of the Church of SS Peter and 
Wilfrid, Ripon. (vol. i, p. 121. xxxiv. ) Foundations of an Obit by John Clynt. Johannes 
Clynt. senior, etc., et hoc praesenti scripto meo sirographito conflrmavi dominis Roberto 
Baschan, Ricardo Wakefeld, and otrhers. Side note.— John Clint to the vicars the land 
at Spettreg . . . Green Lane, etc. (p. 122, xi. ) Foundations of an Obit of Adam de Scotton 
and others, A.D. 1362. Side note.— Adam de Scotton to the vicars (one of them), Ricardo 
de Wakefeld. Cornhill named, (vol. Ixxviii.) Memorials of Ripon, vol. ii, p. 131. Ricado. 
(p. 138) Dominus Ricardus Wakefeld, December 1, 1380. (vol. Ivii) Register of the Guild of 
Corpus Christi in the city of York. List of members, (p. 54) et Dominus Ricardus 
Wakefield, (pp. 73, 78, 91) Signatures of mem.bers per Dominus Ricardus Wakefield- 
(l>. 290) List of jewels, ornaments, etc.. belonging to the Guild. Item, j cocliar deaur. 
atum, ex done Batildus Wakefelde, pret. (blanku). Work is Latin and dates seldom. 

(vol. xxii.) p. XXX Ecclesia de Acle. , . Ricardus Wakeflelde, parocheani ibidem 

dicunt omnia bene. (vol. Ixxiv, p. 134) A. D. 1386. Thomas Pakhardy and Alice, his wife, 
grant a rent of 3>j. M. from a burgage in the market to the vicars. Ricardo de Wakefeld 
mentioned, (p. 143.) Henry de Plompton grants to the other five vicars a messauage. Ri- 
cardo de Wakefelde, the second, named the messauage he had (in Bedernbank) by grant 
of Pauline Warde. deceased, Julv 39, 1369. (p. 147.) The same date, de Plompton, appfs 
attorney, and names Ricardo de Wakefelde with the other vicars, (pp. 147-148. i Johannes 
Frankys grants to the six vicars an annual rent of 6.s-. 8'/. September 34, 1399. Ricardo 
Wakefelde mentioned, (p. 148) Same gi^ant with verbal variations, (p. 151.) Similar grant 
by the two chaplains to the six vicars, all in Latin. April 8, 1391. 

The Genealogist, vol. iv., 1887. p. 103-4.-11 Richard II 20 May loS7-8. John Branyll, citi- 
zen and butcher of London, and Matilda, his wife, daughter and heiress of Nicholas 
Cobbe, son and heir of Alexander Cobbe, both late citizens and butchers of London, grant 
tf> John Wakefield and John Bally messauage and a garden In St. Botolph ''extra Algate 
juxta Turrim," abutting on lands of Johanna, widow'of Thomas Cornwalevs, late citizen 
and vinter. * * * Richard Atte Hoke and Agnes, his wife, formerly wife of Thomas Chig- 
well. late citizen and butcher— extends frorn the king's highway from Algate toward the 
tower of London on the west. Witnesses: Siephen Lalleford, smyth; Richard Hoke, 
"bocher;" HyatteHoke, "bocher;'' Richard Morcock, 'bocher:'' William Burford, "bras- 
yer," and others. Seal gone. 

History of the Chantries, vol. i. p. 128.— Cantaristal de Blackrode, 1349, 11 Td. April. D. 
Henry de Wakeflelde, cap. adm. fuit ad Cant. S. Kats. de Blackrode ad present R, de 
Bradeshaw patr. ejusd. et. institut.— Reg. Northburg, Llchf. He was Chantry Priest, 

Book of Dignitaries, by Joseph Hayden and Horace Ockerby.— Lord Treasurers, Lord 
High Treasurers, Lords Commissioners of the Treasury. The Lord Treasurership, 
though not highest in nominal rank, has generally been the highest political office in the 
state. For many years past the office has been executed by commissioners known as 
lords of the treasury. The first lord is almost invariably the head of the government, 
and the second lord is generally also chancellor of the exchequer Chronological list 
of Lord Treasurers of England. Reign of King Henry III, 1377 Henry Wakefield, bishop 
of Worcester, (p 153.) (3ded.) London 1894 (p. 472.) Diocese of Worcester. This see 
was fcunded by Ethelred, King of the Mercians, In the year 679. The diocese was taken 
from Litchfield. Chronological list of bishops. 1375 Henry Wakefield, Archdeacon of Can- 
terbury, Lord Treasurer. 

Ancient English Families and Persons. 


Henry de Wakefleld.—'''Poxie Gregory II, bj- his bull dated on the '2d of the ides of Sep- 
tember. 137.5, constituted Henry de Wakefield or Wakfield, bishop. He was consecrated in 
the bishop of Ely's chapel at Hatfield on the 28th of October following (1375) and en- 
throned in his cathedral March 30, 1376. In 1377 he became high treasurer of England. In 
1380 he finished his addition of two arches to the west end of the nave of his cathedral 
with a stately window, and in 1386 added the north porch. This bishop had a controversy 
with his prior, John Green, respecting the uses of the mitre, ring, gloves, pastoral, and 
other Kpiscopal ornaments. Bishop Wakefield died at Blokley March 11, 139.i. He was 
buried near the stone pulpit at the west end of the nave of the cathedral. The flat stone 
which marked his grave, between the two lowermost arches of the middle isle, is now 
gone. Walsingham informs us that the monks made choice of John Green, their prior, as 
the successor to Wakefield, but in vain, as on the -ttb of the nones of June. Vi'db, Tydeman 
de Winchcomb was translated hither from the see of Walsingham by the Pope's provisory 
bull. Walsington says he was the king's physician and a Cistercian.'' "Wakefield bore 
for his arms Fretta on a canton a cross pattee. All above from '■MonaMicon Anglirariam," 
a history of the abbeys and other monasteries, hospitals, frieries. and cathedral and 
collegiate churches with their dependencies in England and Wales, by Sir William Dug- 
dale, knight garter, principal king of arms. vol. i. p. .576, London 1846. Appended are three 
double-page plates respectively of the fioor plan exterior and interior of this magnificent 
Worcester Cathedral. 


Henry Wakefield, (p. 193), Archdeacon of Canterbury, whom Pope Gregory XI put into 
this see in preference to Walter Leigh. Prior.chosen by the Prior and convent of Worcester, 
with the approbation of the King. Two years before his appointment to this see. he had 
been unsuccessful in his interest to obtain that of Ely; and his receiving this, is said to have 
been in consequence of that failure and to make amends. He was consecrated Bishop of 
Worcester. October 28, 1375. It 1377, he was constituted high treasurer of England. In the 
year 1380 he finished the addition of the two Saxon arches to the west end of the cathe- 
dral, and in the year 1386, the great porch on north entrance of it. He died at Blockley, 
March 11. 1394-5, and lies buried'between the two lowermosc pillars at the west end of the 
nave of this cathedral (p. 164. No. 51 plan.) In the center of the two lowermost arches, 
in the great middle aisle, was a flat stone over the grave of Bishop Wakefield, who added 
those arches to the church. This stone was removed when the present pavement was 
laid down. (p. 52-3.) Light was wanting, or was insufficient to dispel the gloom that 
must have pervaded the extended length of the church westward. This was overcome by 
raising the vaulting of the aisles internally. Saxon windows, etc. In the year 1380, under 
the auspices of Bishop Wakefield, these ornamental and useful reforms were undertaken 
and accomplished, the ancient arches were completely attached to the new work of 
Bishop Blois and the great west window was opened, etc. It is to be remembered, of the 
erecting of this windosv, that it is always stated as a distinct operation from all the 
others, in the accounts of the improvements of the church by Bishop Wakefield, and in 
such a way as clearly indicates that it was formed in a part already built. [History of 
Worcester, England, by Valentine Green, vol. ii.) 

Surtees Socw^y, p. 114 —The will of Thomas Morton, Canon Residentiarv of York. 
Dated January 10, 1448, pr. May 28. 1149. He was, on August 23, 1423, admitted to the stall 
of North Newbald at York '-Debita clara quae debeontur defuncto. De Willeimo 
Wakefeld, generoso. de magna Eseburn. et Johanne Conlon de Brampton, iij 11 xvj s. 
viij d. (Generoso means "well born.") £3 16.s Hd. 

Plumplon Correspondence. Sir Edward Plumpton. — Written in reigns of Edward I"V, 
Richard III, Henry VII, and Henry VIII. p. 260, letter vi. Letter dated October 5. 1465. 
Attention is called to an agreement between Robert Ross, esq. , and Sir William Plumpton, 
33 Hen. vi. 14.54, that the former should find Sir James Pickering. Kt., and William Wake- 
field, esq,, or two men like them to be bound to Sir William by statute Merchant in 
400 li. 

Siirtees Society, p. 203.— Will of Ralph Snaith, March 11, mcccclxxij (1472). (In Latin.) 
(Foot note. ) A document of great interest which makes us wish we knew more of the tes- 
tator. He makes up for the deficienc}' by his own graphic words. His wife seems to have 
been a daughter of Sir John Saville, p. 205 same. "And, as for William Wakefeld. I will 
he (be) fownd at scole, and be at the rewle of my wife and hir cownsell: and she to fynd 
him. And thalt at is takyn of his Ivylod abune hys fyndyn, my wife to put itt to gud use to 
be hove of hym and his wife.'' Prov. March 23, 1472-73. The above will mentioned that he 
should be buried in the kirk of the college of the Holy Trinity in Pomfret. (Vol. xlv.) A 
selection of wills from the Registry of York. p. 96. The inventory of John Bradford, ma- 
son. He died October 2, 143S, and his effects were appraised the same day He appears to 
have been one of the masons connected with the minster, as he had a chest, probably for 
his tools, standing under the rood loft. The following item: Debita in quibus dictus de- 
functus tenebatur— in primis firma domus xiiij .s. iiij d. Of this among others— Johinni 
Wakefield, iiij </." (vols, xci-xcii. ) Certificates of chauntries, guilds, hospitals, etc., in 
the County of York. All since the Conquest, 1200, some as late as 1400 or 14.50. (vols. 
Ixxxix-xc. p 275) The Deanery of Pontefract. Alexandre Carert, incumbent. To Thomas 
Wakfeylde. j. d. (i. e.. one penny.) (vol. Ixxiv, p. 198.) C. License for Aldfeld Chapel in 
Latin. Margin notes. Chapter of Ripon to Alan de Aldfeld. Alan to present a chap- 
lain. . . Witnesses. 3d, Thoma de Wakefield, (p. 202-3.) Licence for chapel at Hewick 
Bridge. Chapter of Ripon to G. de Hewycke. G. de Hewycke to present a chaplain. Wit- 
nesses, Thomas de Wakefeld. No dates: 1466 on a page previous to these last two. (vol. 
XXX.) Selection of wills from the registry at York, p, 225. vol. ii. Testamentum Domini 
Thomae Chelwarth Militis Defuncti. January 16, 1458. In course of it, "and Richard 
Walkefeld.of Newark, the elder, come with hvm and bare Gode recorde yt hit was dame 
Margaretts Rempston wille that he should tiaue it." (vol. xxix.) Inventories and ac- 

Ancient English Families and Persons. 

count rolls of the Benedictine houses or cells of Jarrow and Monk-Wearmonth, in the 
County of Durham, Anno Domini mcccc nonagesimo quarto dimissus per Dominum 

Thoman Lamcell (blank), successori sou (1494). (Footnote.) On a piece of parchment 

pinned to the roll are contained the names of the prior and his fellow monks in another 
of the Durbam cells; at the present or a later period of these we note -Frater Robertus 
Wakefeld, granarius," (1494) (vol. xxii.) The injunctions and other ecclesiastical 
proceedings of Richard Barnes. Bishop of Durham, from 157.T to 1587, Appendix, p. xiii, 
visitation toy Thomas Savage, 1501 Capella Sauctae Margaretae Dunelm, parochiae S. 

Oswaldi . Dominus * * * Dom. * * * D. Hugo Waketelde, praestiterunt. (vol. 

xli. p. 31: Appendix. Page title.) Elizatoethian Rolls of Northern Heraldry: suto-title. The 
Baliwick of Buckros and Dickering. Edmond Waickfield, gent. Argent, a fess between 
three water bougets gules. (See sketch.) 

mdfUesex County Record!^, vol. i.— Indictments, coroners' inquests, post-mortem and 
recognizances, from'3 Edward VI to the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 1515-16, 24 

September, 7 Elizabeth, True Bill that, on the said day and at other times within the 

last two years, Richard Wakefelde, of Westminster, has exercised the art of a carpenter, 
without having ever been an apprentice in the same. G.D.R.. 70ct., s Eliz. 

Alumni Oj;o»ie«.s'<'.s% 1500-1714, Wakeheld, Richard (Wakefylde), B. Can. L, 11 March, 

Surtees Society, vol. xciii, p. 323.— Same deanery, 65, The Church or Fre Chapell of 
St. Clement within the Castle of Pountfrett, Of Petre Wakfeyld for the rent of the 
wyndmyll ther, parcell of his rent of xls.byyere xxs. (p. 384. same deanery 70.) The 
Chauniry of our Ladv within the town of Waterfruyston— Thoaias Bracewell, incumbent: 
"theires of John Wakefielde payeth a rent of xvii j </." (vol. Icii.) Preface indicates 
date as August 11. 1548. (vol. ii, p, 271.) Yorkshire Chantry Survtys. John Wakfeylde is ben- 
eficiary in Thomas Elyson's will, dated .5th day of March, in the viith yere of our sover- 
eign king Henry the "eyht." 1515. Heraldic Visitation of the Northern Counties, by Thomas 
Tonge, Norroy King at Armes, began August 6. 1530, (vol. xli, p. 35.) The pedigree of Gil- 
bert Middleton. esq., of Newcastle, of Tyne, and his hedd house ys Selbysworth in the 
Bishoprick of Doreham (Durham) and the said Gilbert was Maire of New Castle at the 
time of our visitation. Part of the pedigree, hence, of prior date to the date of the visit- 
ation. -Thomas, son and heir of Thomas (Middleton) married Alice, daugnter of Rauff 
Wyclyff, of Wyclyff, no issue and then married to his second wife Anne, daughter of 
John Wakefield and by her had issue Anne, married to Thomas Rothall, after to (blank) , 
and after to Arthur Longuille, of Buckinghamshere (an early edition.) 

Syalla/nus of Symer's Foedera. p. 4U1 p. 778.— November 9, 1539, appointment of 

Thomas Wakefle'ld as reader of Hebrew at Cambridge with a stipend of £40. 

Ilixtory of the Chantries, vol i, p. 128; vol. ii, p. 180.— Under ''Endowments, Tenants, and 
Rental" appears John Wakerfaild holdyth one tente with thop. pt nance lyencem Standy 
by forsayde in the county of Lancastre by yere xx .v ( 1514). 

Alumni Oxonienses. 1500-1714. Wakefield, John, B. A. 18 June, 1572. Wakiejfilde. Thomas' 
of county Cambridge, pleb. Brasenose Coll., mattric. entry under date 20 July, 1578, aged 17- 

Lancashire Lieutenancy under the Tadors. part 1, p. 45.— John Wakefielde is mentioned 
as one of the soldiers of the Hundred of Leylonde levied from Lancashire, 1574. 

Yorkshire Chantry Surveys, vol. ii, p. 275.— Thomas Wakfyelde becomes heir to "sum of 
the allowance xxxi \s \\d" in Alexander Carters will. 

Lancashire and Cheshire Historical and Genealogical Notes, vol. iii, p. 45.) "John Wake- 
field, master of the grammar school, Nathan Ashworth's predecessor, is noticed in a 
paper by the late Mr. John Fitchett Marsh, which is printed in the proceedings of the 
Hist. Soc. of Lane, and Chesh., vol. viii, p. 51. His burial took place at Warrington Church, 
30 May, 1605.'' 

Transactions of the Historical Society of Lancashire aud Cheshire, vol. vii, 1855-56, p 66.— 
"John Wakefield probably succeeded him; (Sir Richard Taylor, the master appointed by 
the foundation deed) for we find him as early as the 29th of September, 1576. joining the 
trustees in an assurance of the same lands. He took under the will of Edward Butler, 
the great grandson of the founder, dated November 2, 1586, a legacy of £40, and was nom- 
inated one of his executors, but did not prove the will. He died in the year 1605, and was 
buried at Warrington on the 30th of May, in that vear. Lancashire and Cheshire Wills, 
vol. iii, new series, p. 117, James Wackfeilde, of Wigau. is a beneficiary of Edmund Win- 
stanlv. Gentlemen of Winstanley, 1.591. (Same. p. 204. , "John Wackfeilde, of Warrington, 
schoolmaster, received a legacy from Edward Butler, of Bewsey. "John Wackfeilde, 
aforesaid. school (master) is made one of the executors of the will which is dated August 
8, 1587. (Notice different ways of spelling same name in same will.) 

Surtees Society, vol. Ixxix. vol. +. of Wills of York Registry, (p. 15.) Will of Sir John 
Gllliott, Knt. Alderman of York, foot note to same. Under date of July, 1525, will of 
Peter Gilliott. citizen and merchant of the citv of York to Alice my wife * * * to fader in 
law Peter Jackson, to brother in law John Hogeson— Broder William Wakefield my wark 
day gown, (p 1.5, vol. Ixxi.v.) Will. Julv. 1.525, Petir Gilliott, a citizen and merchaunte 
of the city Yorke bequeathed to broder William Wakefield my wark day gowne. 

•'The Genealogist.'' by Georqe W. Marshall, vol. iii, p. 233.— Pedigrees of Cambridgeshire 
Families. Jesus (jollege. Arms granted at the request of Thomas Ithell, esq., Dr. of the 
Civil Law and Master were ratified also and confirmed by Robert Cooke Clar. A, a fess 
inter three Cocks heads erased S, combed and wattled, a border G, seme crowns, or crest 
out of a crown gold, a cock S. membred Gules, dated 11 July, 1.575, 17 Elizabeth. Original 
patent produced 7 July, 1684.'" Then follows a list of names including William Wakefield 
A. M. 

Surtees Society, vol Ixxix.— Will of Sir Thomas Taylor, of Pontefract. Julv 26, 1512, 
Sir Thomas Taylor, of Pontefract, Priest, bequeathed "to Robert Wakefield a boke callyd 
Precian Major." (p. 34.) 

"4 Neiv General Biographical Dictionary." (Rev. Hugh James Rose, B.D., vol. xii p 393.) — 
Wakefield, Robert, a learned divine, was born in the north of England and educated at 

6 Ancient English Families and Persons. 

the University of Cambridge, whence, after taking his degrees in arts, he went abroad to 
studj^ the oriential languages. In a few years he made considerable progress in the 
Greek, Hebrew, Chaldee, and Syriac, and taught these languages at Paris and in Ger- 
many. In 1519 he was made professor at Ijouvain: after holding that office onlj' a few 
months he returned home and became Chaplain to Dr. Pace, then dean of St. Paul's who 
recommended him to Henr}' VIII. as an able linguist, and he was then sent to Cambridge 
and there honored with the degree of B. D. When the controversy relating to Henry's 
divorce commenced, Wakefield is said to have been of the Queen's party and thought the 
divorce unjustifiable: but he was afterwards induced to be of the King's opinion and 
wrote a work in favor of the divorce. In 1.530 the King sent him to Oxford and made him 
public professor of Hebrew. In 153i he was made a canon of Wolsey's College and incor- 
porated B. D. He died in 1537. He wrote Oratio de Laudibus et Utilitate Trium Lingua- 
rum. Aribicae, Chaldaicae. et Hebraicae. atque Idiomatibus Hebraices qual in utrogue 
Testaments inveniunlur 1524 4to: this was printed bv Wynkin de Worde: and the author 
complains that he was obliged to omit his whole third part because the printer had no 
Hebrew types, some few Hebrew and Arabic characters, however, are introduced, but 
extremely rude and evidently cut in wood: they are the first of the sort used in England; 
Koster Codicis. etc.. the same which is mentioned by Bale and Pits with the title De non 
Ducenda Fratria; this is the book he wrote in favor of Henry's divorce: Syntogma de 
Hebreorim Codicum in corruptione; and Paraphrasis in Librum Kohileth (Eccleslas- 
ticen) succincta. clara et, et fidelis. " * * * He saved Hebrew and Greek manuscript at 
the dissolution of the lesser monasteries in 1536. He left some learned works in language 
and controvers}^ See Chalmer's Biographical Dictionary S. V. "Cyclopaedia of Biblical, 
Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature." by John McClintock, D. D., and James 
Strong, S. T. D., distinguished men of letters. 

Alumni Oxonienses. I.500-27J-?.— Wakefield, Robert. B. A., 1513-14, M. A., Louvaine, B. D. of 
Cambridge, 15-35, "sup. Ma}'. 1532. for incorporation" canon of King's Coll. (Christ Church) 
1532. and read a Hebrew lecture, acquired great skill in Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Chaldaic, 
and Syriac, chaplain to the king about 1524, died in London, 8 October, 1537. 

Surtees Society. \o\. Iviii. — Foedarium Prioratus Dem Clmensis. 15th century, (p. 48.) 
Bermeton, Heredes, Walteri Taylbos, Willelmi Taylbos: Walteri Taylbos, et Johannis 
Wakerfeld tenet liberi de Priore Dunelm in viia de Bermeton ij tofta et iiij bovates 
terrae de prima purparte maneris ejusdem villae, (p. 50..) Liberi I'enentes in Villie de 
Bermeton extra manerium et ij bovates sunt in main Johannis Wakefield (p. 82 and 89.) 
Similar items to Johannis Wakefeld. 

Middlesex County Recorda, vol. i. — Indictments. Coroner's inquests-post-mortem- and 
recognizances from 3 Edward VI. to the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. (1 May, 
(1594-5) 36 Elizabeth. True bill against Josias Wakefeilde of Heston c. Midd. glasier, and 
Elizabeth Waters of Ickenham. c. Midd. spinster, alias Elizabeth Waters, wife of Rich- 
ard Waters of Ickenham aforesaid gentleman, for not going to church from 20 December 
37 Elizabeth to the 22nd of March then next following. 

Burke's History Commoners Great Britain and Ireland.— The purchases of the Frank's in 
the County of York, began in the 3rd of James I., (1605), when the manor of Trumflete was 
'bought from Sir William Willoughbv by John Frank, as alderman of Pontef ract, who died 
about the year 1624. He married Dorothy Balue, of Balue, and had with others Anne, who 
married William Wakefield, esq., of Pontefract. 

Sui'tees Society Publications, vol. Ixviii.— Selections from the Household Books of the 
Lord William Howard of Naworth Castle, begin 1612. end 1640, the year of the Lord Wil- 
liam's death, (p. 56. ) Duties to Brampton and other places. Jan. 2. 1612. 28. To Mr. Wake- 
feeld for one quarter ended at May day next . . . 1. s. p. 57, July 12. To Mr. Wakefeeld for 
one quarter due at Lammas next 1. s. 

Ilarlnati Society Publications. Visitations, vol. ii, p. Ivii.— Visitation of County of Leices- 
tershire in the year 1619. Burton pedigree: Ralph Burton married Elizabeth, daughter 
Philip Ockoner, of Ockdner. 16 H.S. daughter Mary wifeof John Wakefeile (p. 104.) Ruding 
pedigree: Gray Ruding married Doroth}', daughter and heir of John Wakefield. (The 
record has the sign ( = ) at each end of her record the last onright hand\= Michael. "Sfllob 
sine prole." Vol.iii. Visitations Count}' of Rutland. 1618-19, p. 8. Haddon pedigree: William 
HadonofEssendine— Jane, daughter of Richard Wakefield of Castle Gresley in Com. Derby. 
Vol. xvi. Visitations of Yorkshire 1.563 4 by William Plower, Narroy King at Arms, p. 41. 
Budwith pedigree: Richard Budwith son and heyre to Water-Elisabeth daughter of John 
Wakefield of Pomfret. 

Surtees Society, vol.lxxviii, p.310.— John Wakefield, M. A. Collated May 7. 1723, p.m. Nalson. 
He was of Queen's College. Cambridge, and graduated there as B.A in 1691 and as M A. in 
1695. He was inducted to the rectory of Sessay, near Thirsk. November 3, 1697, on the pre- 
sentation of Henry, second Viscount Downe. He rebuilt entirely the rectorial premises 
in 1699 at a cos-t of £1,000. but of the buildings then erected, only a barn now remains, the 
present house having been rebuilt in 1799, by the then rector, the Hon. and Rev. William 
Dawnay, afterwards sixth Viscount Downs. Mr. Wakefield was buried in the chancel of 
the old church at Sessay; a brass nlate inscribed to his memory, as follows, has bee pre- 
served and set up in the new church erected by Lord Downe in 1848: ' Here lieth the 
Body of the Rev. Mr, John Wakefield, who was Rector of this Church 52 yrs. and died Oct. 
6, 1749, aged 76 years.'' 

7'he Chelham Society. Lancaster and Chester, vol. xxxi, p. 117.— William Leigh B. D. 
was rector of Standish from 1,586 until his death at the age of 89 in 1633. Notices of him 
are given in Assheton's Journal (pp. 57. 58. note a) and Notitia Cestrienses (vol. ii, part ill, 
p. 393) and a will dated 28th October. 1638, in which he bequeathes small pecuniary lega- 
cies to his cousin, John Wackfleld, and Mary, his wife. 

N. E. Hist, and Gen. Reqister. vol. xlvii.— Waters researches in England. Sir Thomas 
Mowlson, Knight and Alderman, of London. July 6, 1636; proved December 8. 1638. Will 
included a bequest to widow of Edward Wakefield. 

Surtees Society, vol. Ixxviii. p. 296 —Henry Cooke M,A. 1743, born 1690. died 17.50, married 
(2) Bridget, younger daughter and one of the coheiresses of William Wakefield, of Huby, 
Esq. * * * Was rector at Stokesbury for twenty-five years. 

Ancient English Families and Persons. 

The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry iilien Cromwell went to Ireland, or A Supplement to 
Irish Pedigrees, by John O'Hart, Dublin. 1884.— jTA^ Forty-nine 6(^'i:'<;;-.s'.— Enrollments of the 
adjudication.s in favor of (A.D. 1649) officers (formerly denominated the "49 lots"') pre- 
served in the office of the chief. Remembrances of the Exchequer Dublin. See records 
of Ireland 18'31-1825 (pp. 610) 1637. includes John Wakefield. Adjudications— these adjudica- 
tions refer to the arrears of the commissioned ofticers who served Charles II or Charles I 
before tlie 5th of June, 1649, in the wars of Ireland. The index locorum of these enroll- 
ments is given at pp. 638-647 of the records of Ireland above mentioned. (See3ded. of 
0"Harfs Irish Pedigrees, (p. 409) appears name of John Wakefield, 1649. 

Register, vol. xlvii. — Will of Rose Brumpsted, spinster, of St. Martin, in the fields of 
Middlesex, August 18, 166.5, proved July \:l, 1666, makes bequest to her good friend, '"Mrs. 

Siirtees Society, vol. xlvil.— The remains of Denis Granville, D.D.. archlnshop of Dur- 
ham from the Restoration of Charles II to the Revolution of 1688. Under— t>amesley, 
Catherinan Wakefeeld — others — for not paying their Easter dues, January 7, 1674. 

In "'Chelham Miscellanies," vol. iii, 8, is given the name of W. Wakefield, who, among 
800 others took the oath of allegiance to Charles II in April, 1679. Same in "Pole Booke for 
Manchester," May :iri, 169:i (p. 3-'). appears the name of William Wakefield and wife. 

Snrtees Society ^ vol. Ixxvii. — Yorkshire diaries, etc., 17th and 18th centuries, .Sir Walter 
Calverly, Bart. October 16, 1696. At the bai)tisra of Walter, son of Sir Walter Hawksworth. 
Mr. Waketield represented Sir John Ka3^ (p. 73 and p. 103 of the same diary, September 4, 
1704): "We went and dined with Mr. Waketield." 

Plmnpton Corresponden,ce, see p. 4. October 16, 1696.— Sir Walter Hawksworth in a note 
of the above date, mentions Mr. Waketield in note book of Sir Walter Calverly, Bart. 
Sir Walter Calverly, Bart., diary. October 21. 1696: "On Thursday after, went over to 
Osgodly myself and on the day after stood surety for the child with "Mr. Waketield (who 
represented Sir John Kay.)"' (Same p. 103.) September 4, 1704, mentions dining with Mr. 


Rectors of the Church of Ilorseheath (from Ye Register.)— TtionxTis Wakefleld signed ye 
register which begins 1558, but that I take onlj^ to be a copy of ye old one, which he attests 
with the church wardens. He died. 16:i7. Thomas, son of ye aforesaid Thomas, was pre- 
sented by ye charter house in London and was inducted ye same month that his father 
deceased. He died February 4, 1668, and lies buried in this church, (p. 49.) 

In the library belonging to the Cathedral church, of Durham, among the manu- 
scripts of Dr. Christopher Hunter, are two common-place books, which belong to the 
family of Wakefleld, two of whom were rectors of Horseheath. In manuscript Hunter 
19 and 453 occurs the following "memorandum that Thomas Wakefleld, bachelor of 
divinity, etc.. rector of Horseheath. in the county of Cambridge, was born at Radwinter, 
in the county of Essex, June 16, anno, 1560, and buried at Horseheath. December. 16:36," and 
Thomas Waketield. sonne of said Thomas, was also rector of Horseheath, and born there 
Octobris 23, and baptised Octobris :i8, 1600, and buried at Horseheath aforesaid, February 8, 
1668,"' and Mary, the wife of the said Thomas, the sonne, was buried at Horseheath 
Maij. 20. Anno Domini. 163S." Nathaniel, the son of the said Thomas and Mary, was bap- 
tised at Horseheath aforesaid .September 21, 1631, and took the degree of Master of Arts in 
Cambridge anno 16.59. and married by Mr. Punter, September 13. 1660. (p. 399.) On the 
ttrst leaf of the same is this, "Elizabeth Wakefleld, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, 
baptised August 5, 1645,"" and shortly after: ";.'0 shillings distributed to the poore of Horse- 
heath, in consideration ()f £.50 bequeathed by mj^ father and remaining yet in my hands, 
which distribution was made on Monday in Easter weeke in 1628." A list of names, the 
sums attached to which amount to 23.s" arid others of the same follow, one of them being 
headed April 18th, 1630. Given out of the rent of nine acres of land purchased with the 
aforesaid money. At f. 72b: "Nathaniel Wakefleld. Master in Arts, and a minister of 
Wendens a in the county of Essex, was baptised at Horseheath, in the county of Cam- 
bridge, September 21, 1631, and married to Elizabeth Chapman, widow September 13, 
1660,"' then follows these memoranda, "Nathaniel and Elizabeth, twins, at West Wichham, 
county Cambridge, born June 28, baptised July 9, 1661 : Mary, born Pampisford, county 
Cambridge, April 17, baptised 29, 1663: Alice died May 21, 166(5, and burled there May 23; 
Ann, born at Wendens, February 27, baptised May 8, 1667, 

In the Manuscript. Hunter.No. 174, are entries of several baptisms of Horseheath in 
1600 and 1601, of which the following belong to the families of Allington and Wakefleld: 
* * * "Anno Dni 1600. Reginae 42. Thomas Wakefleld. fllius et Judethae :i8th October. 
Memorandum, sayde Thomas Wakefleld was born 23d of October, between vi and vll of 
the clock at night, being Thursday, and the sign being then in Ibra, and his father was 
born at Radwinter, June 16, 1.560." (p. 400.) 

The church of Horseheath. Under the north wall, and close to the rails which divide 
the chancel, lies an exceedingly ancient stone, which formerly had the flgure of a woman 
on it, but now nothing remains but the brass at her feet. * * * Directly over this is a 
neat mural monument of stone for one of the rectors of this parish, carved, and for the 
time, handsomely painted and gilt. Over the inscription is a gothic sort of a pyramidal 
stone-work, and on each side of it two large church bibles in stone, painted and gilt also: 
in the middle is this inscription, in gold letters on a piece of black marble: "Deposltii 
Thomae Wakefleld 37 annos ecctie'hugus Rectoris, nee non Judithae uxoris ejus,qulvus 
parentavit Filius Thomas, qui partri in hac Rectoria successis Anno Domini, 1627. (p. 42, 
vol. iv. ) 

The fount, which has nothing remarkable in it, stands under the gallery, which is 
erected at the west of ye church against ye bellfry, for the use of the singers. Over the 
great arch of the bellfry is a sort of frame, painted as the rest of the church, is this writ- 
ten: "Repaired and beautified. Anno Domini 1721. John Staney and Joseph Wakefield, 
churchwardens, (p. 4.5.) 

The Church of Horseheath.— Manuscript Cole, vol. vll, p. 173. Dr. Mason's book of In- 
cumbents in Ely Diocease, p. 156. which I scrupulous copy. * * * "Thomas Wakefleld, 
Horseheath Rectory All Saints deanery of Champs val. or Rev. Lib. £13, 6s, and 8^;. A.D. 
1676. Inhabitants 115, no resusants, eight dissenters. 1595,3d November and 2d March 

8 Ancient English Families and Persons. 

Mr. Wakefield was rated for his parsonage to raise one Caliver furnished. 1609, 4th April, 
he was rated to raise the same." (p. 53.) 

Pedigree of Frecheoille and Mnsard Families.— "An^er Frescheville de Dugmanton, 
Gent. 5 Henry VIII, 1.513 It p. 47. (.W) The said Anker to marry Isabell, the daughter and 
heir of Thoma.s Wakefield, of Newark, who was to assure lands upon her worth 5 marks 
per ann." 9 Ed. IV, 1468 Freeh. Ev. p. 93. (p. 205.) 

Pedigree of Frechevilles.—lficiheUa., daughter of Petrus Frecheville, de Stavely, and 
Matildis, daughter of Thomae Wortley: married Thomas Wakeiield de Newark ov. 7 Mart. 
1.509 p. 4, vol. iv.) In vear 1688 Wm. Wakefield. A.M., was one of the Fellows of Jesus College- 
Institution of Clergymen in the diocese of Winchester 1713. Novemljer 3, Joshua Wakefield, 
M.A.. to East Woodhey R. co. South'ton. Pres. by Jonathan Bishop of Winchester, xlviii, 
107: Will of Edward Boyleston, of St. Gabriel, Fehchurch. London dated December 11, 1675, 
gives "To every of the children of my sister Elizabeth Wakefield'' £100 apiece. 

Register, xlvii. 114— "The Will of Sir Thomas Mowlson, knight and alderman of Eon- 
don, dated July 6, 1636, mentions Mrs. Wackefield, widow of Edward Wackefield, of Eng- 
land. (47) xlvii. 400: The will of Rose Brump.sted, of Middlesex, England, dated Augest 18, 
1665, speaks of Mrs. Wakefield. 

Plumptoi Correspondence, see p. 6.— Sir Edward Plumpton. Written in reigns of Ed- 
ward IV, Richard III, Henry VII, and VIII. Same September 4, 1703: "I went to Osgodly 
to see Sir Walter Hawkesworth, Mr. Emott with us, and staid till that day seaven night, 
and then returned again with Sir Walter to Esholt. We went and dined with Mr. Met- 
calf one day, with Mr. Baynes another, and with Mr. Wakefield another. 

Surtees Societ II. Yo\ Ixxvii.— William .Streatfield, of Hever Castle, born 1717, married, 
in 1746, Sarah, sister and heir of Oliver Thorpe, esq., and by her who wedded secondly, in 
1768, Charles Wakefield, he left, at his demise, in 1761, an only son, William, of Holden 
House, in Kent, who d. S.p. in 1798. Burks's History of the Commoners of Great Britain, 
and Ireland, vol iv, 1888, London. 

Alumni 0.<;owie/i«z.s, 1.500-1714. Wakefield. John, "ser." Queen's Coll., matric. 10th No- 
vember, 16.54, B.A. 16th February, 1657-78, M. A., (7th August, 1660). Wakefield, Nicholas, 
pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 20th March, 1644-5. 

History of (lorstang, part I. p. 64.— 1721, John Wakerfield, of Bower House, is named as 
an inhabitant. Same p. 70. Thomas Tyldesby and other followers of the Pretender's 
cause were treated by Mr. Muncaster "att Betty Wakeffeilds one' 1712. (Same, p. 96.) On 
a marble slab on the wall in the north isle of the Rectory of Garstang is the following 
inscription: "Here lieth ye body of William Wakefield, interred December ye 8th. 1704, 
age 51.'' (Same p. 1:^5.) John Wakefield is mentioned in a list of the names of the gentle- 
men sidesmen for the Parish of Garstang in the year 1734. 

Alumni O.vonienses. 1500-1714. Wakefield, Christopher, ".ser." Queen's Coll. matric. 14 
June. 1649. See Burrows .545. 

History of Gorstang. part ii, p. 253. — The old Bowers House, named after Robert de 
Bower (1346) came into the possession of John Wakefield in the following way, as the 
story goes: "The next owner of the Bowers House was John Wakefield, a common car- 
rier from Gorstang to Preston: in 1745, in his capacity as carrier, a small, heavy box was 
entrusted to him t(^ deliver at Preston, but about this time the Pretenders troops made a 
hast}' retreat northwards, and the person to whom the box was directed not coming to 
claim it, it was returned to Wakefield, who, upon opening it, found that it contained a 
large sum. of money, no doubt intended for use of the rebel army, but was devoted to the 
purchase of the Bowers House, which was again sold in 18;33 hy Ann Wakefield and others." 

The Landed Gentry.— {B\iv\e, a late edition.)— Meade— Waldo, of Stonewall Park and 
Hever Castle. Lineage: Charles Meade, esq., of Gray's Inn. London and Sawbridge- 
worth, Herts, married. 24th April, 1757, Martha, daughter Col. Charles Wakefield, of 'St. 
James, Westminster, and had issue, among others Edmund Wakefield Meade, of whom 
considerable record is given, etc. 

Fro7n Parish Register, SIdpton-in- Graven, 1592-1608.— W. J. Stavert, M.A., 1894, vol. ii, 
1680-1771, p. 222. Baptised, 7th June, 1741, Margaret, aged two years, and George, aged about 
three months, children of Thomas Wakefield, a Quaker. (Breechesmaker) and Anne, 
his wife, of Skipton. p. 227, 20th June, 1743, baptised Martha, daughter Thomas Wakefield, 
Breechesmaker, and Anne, his wife, of Skipton. p. 236. 15th J une, 1738. marriage Thomas 
Wakefield, (Breechesmaker) and Anne Lawson. Spinster, both of Skipton. p. 261. 14th 
August, 1741. Burials. Margaret, daughter of Thomas Wakefield and Anne, his wife, of 
Skipton. p. 270. 27th of March, 1746. Baptism. Oglethorp, son of Thomas Wakefield 
(Breechesmaker) and Ann, his wife, p, 266. Baptism. 8th September, 1745, Abraham and 
Isaac, twins of Thomas Wakefield and Ann, his wife, of Skipton. 

Inscription from Gravesend Churchyard on Mrs. Charlotte Wal:e field: 

"Of fair descent, of manners most refined, 
Enlightened genius and extensive mind. 
Form'd to delight and ev'ry heart to phase, 
She spoke witli dignity and wrote with ease. 
Sweet in her converse, social and sincere. 
Placid her looks as her conscience clear 
Touched with a spark of pure celestial fire, 
She seemed a member of the Angelic choir. 
Of all the powers of harmony possest. 
Admiring friends, the skilled musician blest. 
Generous and just, benevolent and kind, 
In suff'rings patient, and in death resign'd, 
True to her church, and constant to her God, 
The pious christian's course she firmly trod. 
Of all her sex the ornament and pride, 
She lived respected and lamented died." 

— Webb's '-Select Collection of Epitaphs," vol. i, London, 1775. 

Ancient English Families and Persons. 9 

Epitaph from the Wefsleyan Chapel bnnjing ground at Wakefield, England. 

"Her manner mild, her temper such. 
Her language good and not too much." 

(Much quoted.) No name. 

Index EcclesiaxticHS.~~{:5. Fofitev. ISOO to 1840.) Wakefield, William, M. A., V. Curd- 
worth, county Warwick, U3th January, 1817. 

Harleian Societij Registers, vol. xxiv.— Marriage licenses at the faculty office of the arch- 
bishop of Canterbury at I^ondon. (p. -14) 1()49. December 12, William Wakefield, now of 
St. Faith's, London, merchant, bachelor, 32. and Anne Large, of Camberwell, Surrey, 
spinster. 17, daughter of Thomas Large, late citizen of London, deceased: withc<msent of 
her mother, Elizabeth Harwood. alias Large; at St. Peters, Paul's Wharf. Trinity. Mem- 
ories or St. James, Clerkenwell. (vol. xxiii.) Marriage allegations in the registry of the 
vicar general of the archbishop of Canterbury, p. 124.'l6()B, October. Henry Wakefield, of 
Lambeth. Surrev. Victualler, widower, about 42, and Mary Matthews, of same, widow, 
about 50: at St. Martin's in Fields, St. Mary, Savov. or St. Clement Danes, p. l.'iO, 16tiH, No- 
vember 23, James Hoare. of Middle Temple, esq., bachelor, about 2(5, and Mrs. Anna Wake- 
field, of Nevendon, County Essex, widow, about 31: at St. Sepulchre's, St. Bartholomew, 
the Great or Less, or St. Andrew's, Holborn. p. 2(53. 1676-7,February 12, Joshua Gallard, of 
Edmonton, Middlesex, esq., bachelor, about 40, and Mrs. Anne Wakefield, of same, spin- 
ster, about 22, her mother's consent, at parish church or chapel of Edmunton aforesaid, 
p. 373, 1677, December 10, William Humphries, of Clifford's Inn, Gentleman, bachelor, about 
23, and Anne Wakefield, of Chimpton, County Sussex, spinster, about 23, and at her own 
dispose, at Chimping aforesaid, (vol. ii. p. 19.) Canterbury Cathedral, christenings, 1688, 
May 31.Ellinor, daughterof Simon Wakefield and Anne his wife. (vol. iii. p, 117.) Christen- 
ings at St. Dionis Backchurch, 1(563, November 17, Rebecca Wakefield, daughter of Mr. 
William Wakefield, of ICdmonton, County Middlesex, (vol. vi, p. 3.) Registers of St. Thomas 
the Apostle, London, 1558 to 1754. Marriages 1563. January 22, John Cocklove and Alice 
Wakefield. Christenings.—^. 22, 1.561, April 2, Elizabeth, daughter of John Wakefield, (p. 23) 
1.562. February 23, Agnes, daughter of John Wakefield. Btirial.i.~p. 86, 1563, August 26, 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Wakefield, p. 87. 1563, September 11, Agnes, daughterof John 
Wackfild. Marriages.— Vol. xiv. at St. George, Hanover Square, p. 308, 1804. July 10, Robert 
Wakefield and Martha Wakefield. Vol. ii.— At St. George, Hanover Square, p. 45, 1650, 
February 19, Nathaniel Biggs, of St. James, Westminster, bachelor, and Elizabeth Wake- 
field, of St. Andrew, Holborn. spinster. License from the bishop of London, p. 64, 1756, 
May 27, John Wakefield, bachelor, and Ann Twitchett, spinster, p. 377, 1785, September 13, 
Richard Fidler and Martha Wakefield, (vol. xiv.) At St. George's, Hanover Square, p. 68, 
1791, November 29, John Tvrell, esq., of this parish, and Sarah Tyssen, of Cheshunt, county 
Herts. License. Witness: John Wakefield. 

(Harleian Societij Publications, vol. xix.— True register of all christenings, marriages, 
and burialles in Parishe of St. James. Clerkenwell. Burials, 1666. 1719). 1668, January 8, 
John Wakefeild, an inhabytant. Marriages, (1551. 17.54) 1.581 November 10, Frauncis Wake- 

feild & Joane Foster: 1584. June 26, Augustine Wakefeild & Alice ; (vol. xii. ) Marriages 

at St. James,' Clerkenwell, p. 83, 1649, September 12, Henry Wakefield and Jone Lewes; p. 
187, 1680, July 29, Richard Berrev and Elizabeth Wakefield: p. 210. 1691, September 17. Jef- 
frey Wakefield and Elizabeth Hall, (vol. xvii.) Burials. St. James. Clerkenwell, p. 311, 
1656, September 3, Jane, daughter of Mathias Wakefield: p. 316, 16.57, August 6, Richard, 
son of Mathias Wakefield: p. 325, 16.58. January 12, a male and female, children to Mathias 
Wakefield; p. 326, 16.58-.59, Februarv 20. Alice, wife of Mathias Wakefield, (vol. ix.) p. 318. 
Christenings, of St. James.' Clerkenwell, 1696, October 19. Thomas, son of Thomas and Jane 
Wakelield. (vol.xix.) Burials. St. James.' Clerkenwell. p. 181, 1698, October 22, John Wake- 
field from St. John's Lane. (vol. xx). Burials. St. James. Clerkenwell, p. :i, 1720, Mav 
10, John Wakefield, Turnmill St.. ground given; p. 3, 1720, June 1, John Wakefield, Turnmill 
St., new ground. 

Registers. Harleian Society, vol. i.— Register of St. Peter's Cornhill, 1567, December 
21, Tuesday, p. 13, Christening of a child of Mr. Wakefeeld. 1568, December 16, Friday, 
christening of a child of Mrs. Wakefeeld. p. .58. 1608, January 29. Arthur-Wakefield, the 
son of Arthur Wakefield, haberdasher dwelling in Cornhill. p 165, St. Peter's, Cornhill. 
Deaths.— \&m, September 26. Richard Paine, servant to Arthur Wakefield, haberdasher 
dwelling in Cornhill. 1609, November 4 Mathew Wakefield, the wife of Arthur Wakefield, 
haberdasher dwelling in Cornhill. 1609, November 6, Arthur Wakefield, haberdasher, 
&c., as before. 

Harleian Society Publications, vol. xi. — Parish Register of St. Michael. Cornhill, 
London— Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials, 1546-17.54. Burials.— WAG, September 10, Allse 
Wackfeld (Wakefield) servant to Mr. Pinke: of the seknes. Vol. xii. p. 42, Register of 
Stourton, Wilts-baptisms. P. 52, 1664, July 21, marriages. William Sandle and Elizabeth 

Registers. Harleian Society, vol. xv.— Marriage at St. George's Chapel. Hyde Park 
Corner, p. 28, 1742, February 3, Mr. Thomas Wakefield, of the Savoy, and Mrs. Mar- 
garet Lawrence, of St. Peter's Cornhill. P. 100, 1747, February 22, Mr. John Wakefield 
and Mrs. Ann Trotter, of St. James, Westminster. P. 10.5. 1748, May 15, Frances Scott, of 
St. James West, and Judith Wakefield, of St. Mary LeBon. P. 2:^7, 1752, September 29, 
Thomas Wright and Susanna Wackfield, of Kensington, Middlesex, (vol. 5. p. 44.) Mar- 
riages at St. Mary Aldermary. 1717. Entered in December: marked "No date." George 
Roberts, of St. Clave Jury, London. Coeleby, and Mary Wakefield, of St. Sepulchres, Lon- 
don, p license. 

Registers of St. Thomas tlie Apostle, London, vol. vi, p. 3.-1558 to 1754. Marriages. 1563, 
January 22, John Cocklove and Alice Wakefild. Christenings, p. 22, 1561, April 2, 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Wakefield. P. 23. 1562, February 23, Agnes, daughter of 
John Wakefild. Burials, p. 86. 1.563, August 26, Elizabeth, daughter of John Wakefild. 
P. 87. 1.563, September 21, Agnes, daughter of John Wakefild. Pountney-Gen. Lie. P. 108, 
1582, May 2, Henry Wakefielde, husbandman. & Agnes Urlyn. widow of Northall, 
Middlesex; to marry there. P. 133. 1584, August 11, Richard Wakefield, of Stifford. 

10 Ancient English Families and Persons. 

county Essex, waterman, & Joanna Brewer, spinster, of same, daughter of Nicholas 
Brewer, late of Eastwood, county Essex, "Agricole" deceased; at St. Bennet, Paul's 
Wharf. P. 177, 1589. April 9, William Presgrave, of St. Margaret's, Lothliury, haber- 
dasher, & "Samuela'' Wakeflelde, of St. Mary, Woolnoth. spinster, daughter of (blank) 
Wakelield, of county (blank), yeoman, deceased. Gen. Lie. 

Parish, Register of St. Marij le Strand, London. 1606. April 6. Raphell Wyseman & Anne 
Wakefyld, by lycense. Weddings at Saviour's Southwark, 1616. November 3, fferdi- 
nando, Wakefield & Elizabeth Sidenham. Weddings at St. Saviour's 1619. June 38, 
Richard Wakefield & Betterisse ffarly. (vol. xviii.) The register of Charterhouse Chapel. 
Bnvials. p. 57, 1765, August '.10, Robert Wakefield, manciple, died August 18, 1765. (Manci- 
ple, an undertaker, purveyor, particularly of a college.) 

Register.^. Ilarleian Society, vols, xxxv and xxxvi.— Allegations for Marriage Licenses 
in Hampshire, in the Registrj^ of the Bishop of Winchester. (Vol. xxxvi, p. 306 ) Wake- 
field, Edward, of Studham. County Bedford, gent., 21, b. and Sophia Blake, of Porsea, 
21, sp. at p. 19, January, 1809; Isaac Blake, of the s., shipwright, bondsman. Wakefield, 
Joah-Bates, of Fordingbridge, 21, b.. and Eglington Seton, of the same, 21, sp., at Ford- 
ingbridge, 14 July. 1831. Aff Wakefield, Richard, of H.M.S. Renoummee, carpenter, 
21. b. and Martha Spackman, of Alverstoke. married at Portsea, 7th August. 1802. (p. 3.58.) 
Wilmot, Nathaniel- Noke, of Andover, 21, b..and Mary Ann Jfutcher, of the same, sp., with 
the consent of her guardian, William Wakefield, under the will of her late father, 
Stephen Futcher, deceased, of Andover, 27th February, 1829. 

Harleian Societij Piiljlications. Visitation .t of Yorkshire, vol. 16, p. 103, Drake's Pedigree. 
Robert Drakes ( 1 ) wife Elenor, daughter of Robert Robeley, of Robeley, a descendant (pos- 
sibly a daughter). Kateren married Thomas Wakefield, in Newark, in Notynhamshyre. 
vol. xvii, p. 208. Middleton Pedigree, Thomas Mydleton married (2) Anne, daughter of John 
Wakefyld. Son of Thomas Mydleton, son of Thomas Mydleton, son of Sir John Mydleton, of 
Belso, or Belsay. P. 209, another Mydleton pedigree. John Mydleton married Elizabeth, 

daughter of Richard Benebrigge: one daughter married Wakefield. P. 213. Monford 

pedigree. Sir Thomas Monford, knight, married Elizabeth, daughter Sir James 
Stranguish, Judicis: daughter Hawisia married John Wakefield. 

Visitation of County of Leicester. 1619, vol. ii— Mary, daughter of Raphe and Elizabeth 
(Ockouer) Burton, wife to John Wakefeile. Gray Ruding married Dorothy, fll. et haer. 
of John Wakefeild. 

The visitation of the Count)/ of Rutland. 1618-19, vol. iii.— William Haddon, of Essen- 
dine, in Com' Rutland, married Jane, daughter of Richard Wakefield, of Castle Gresley in 
Com' Derby. 

London Marriage Licenses, 1521-1869, edited by Joseph Foster.— Fountaine, Thomas 
(Fountaynes), of St! Mary Mounthaw, London, merchant taylor, and Joane Wakefield, 
widow of St. Lawrence' Pountney, general license, 3d February, 1569 or 1570. Skelton, 
Samuel, of Christchurch, London, grocer, and Anne Wakefield, of same, widow of George 
Wakefield, goldsmith, at St. Leonard, Foster Lane, London. 13th February, 1615 or 1616. 
F. Wakefeilde, Henry, husbandman, and Agnes Urlyn, widow, of Northall, Middlesex, to 
marry there. 2d May, 1582, B. Wakefield, John, husbandmen, and Dorcas Pulley, spinster, 
daughter of William Pulley, of Barnes, County Surrey, husbandman, at St. Mary Magda- 
len, Old Fish Street. London. 21st June, 1624, B. Wakefield, Thomas, gentleman, and 

Elizabeth White, spinster, daughter of White, clerk, rector of Blakesborne, County 

Kent, at St. Alphage, London, 1st October, 1622. B. (Alderman of Dublin.) (p. 373.) 

From the NonconforniiVs Reqister, J^ondon, 1881. Yorksluire, Lancashire, Cheshire, and 
London. Heywood's register for Coley Chapel, 1650-1702. 

C7imi;ertiM(/« /or 6'0/ey 6'A«/>c;.— 1675, August 25, Thomas, son of Thomas Wakefield, of 
Marsh, in Southorum: 1677. November 12, Elizabeth, daughter Mr. Thomas Wakefield, of 
Marsh, baptised; 1680. 4th Feijruary, Samuel, son Mr. Thomas Wakefield, of Marsh, 
in Southorum, 1682. November 13, Sarah, daughter Mr, Thomas Wakefield, Southorum. 
p. 32, opposite is a view of Coley Old Church. 1684, Januarv 5, Ruth, daughter Mr. Thomas 
Wakefield. Marsh: 1688, November 19, William, son Mr. Thomas Wakefield; 1691, August 7, 
Jane, daughter Mr. Thomas Wakefield, p. 116. Thomas Bentley, constable at Southorum, 
presented an indictment against Thomas Wakefield and others for not attending the 
Parish Church at Halifax and not receiving the sacrament, 1675; also against the said 
Thomas Wakefield for calling the constable a foresworn rouge, and saying the King's pre- 
cept was a ffratching paper. Thomas Wakfieeld's name will be found frequently in the 
foregoing pages from Hevwoods Register, p. 227, J/M/virtfl'e.s'.— John Wakefield, of South- 
orum, and Sarah, daughter John Ramsden, of Park Nook, married April 7, (1731, proba- 
bly.) p. 278. Burials.— Mr. Samuel Wakefield, of Halifax, an attorney, died June 28. (1719 
is the last previous year noted on this list.) 

Register, vol. xivii.— The following extract is from the Register of Jesus Chapel in 
the parish of St. Mary Ejtra, County Southampton. 1738, May ye 25th. Marriages. John 
Wakefield and Sarah Todd, bound for Georgia were married at Jesus Chapel. 

Ancient English Families and Persons. 



Of Pomfret, Kingston-on-HuU and Seassey, Yorkstiire, England. 
Consolidated Pedigree. 
ARMS, see Wakefield Arms. 

William Wakefield 

John Wakefield, married to daughter of Thomas Meering of Co. Notts. 

. L 

Thomas Wakefield, of Pontefract, married Ann, daughter of John Eland, of Carlton. 

Jane, daughter 
of Rouyon Bee, 
of Co. North- 

= Edward = Jane, daughter 
of Kingston- to Johnson of 

1 on-HuU, some 
time mayor 
thereof, liv- 
iag, 1.581. 

Kingston -on- 
Hull, 2d wife. 

Thomas ; 

marri e d 
to Wm. 
Baxter of 

of Skel- 
t on. of 
Po n te- 


5 Alice, wife 
of Richard 
Ashton, a 
house of 

Joshua Wakefield, act. 14 a, married Jane, daughter of 
1.584. still living 1612. Died I Robert Legard. ot Hall, a 

about 16.50. I younger brother to 

I Legard. of Anlaby,in Com-Ebor 

Ann. married to Leonard 

I Lockwood. of Marfleet. 
John, act. a 1.584. 

Edward, in 3 Richard, of Kil- 2 Thomas. 2.5 years 

Co. Gras- dale, in Cleve- old, March 23, 

field. Lin- land. 166.5, died un- 

colnshire. married. 

Mary, wife 
of William 
Croplej-. of 

Jane, ye wife 
of Spenlove, 
of Norwich. 

4 Elizabeth. 

5 FAYTH.died 


William Wake- 
field, of Seas- 
sey, in Com- 
Ebor, 6 years 
old, 1612. ' Died 
in June A.D. 

Married Ann 
daughter of 
John Frank, 
of Pomfret, 

in Com-Ebor. 

1 Ann. wife 
of R(nv- 
land Sim- 
son . of 


Thomas Wakefield, of Seassey. 
in Com-Ebor act. 25 An 23, Mar- 
tii 16.55. 

1 Fayth. wife of John Hitchin, of 
Carleton, justa Pomfret in 

2 Anne. 

Compiled from the Heraldric Visitations of northern counties of England, by Thomas 
Savage. 1.501, by Thomas Tonge, Norrav King of Arms, begun August 6. 1.530. Heraldic Vis- 
itation to Yorkshire by William Plower in 16.53-4. the visitations of 1.584-5 and 1612. and by 
William Dugdale. esq., Norray King of Arms, begun 1665, and finished 1666. The latter 
visitation dated AUertonshire. Wapentake. Yorke 23 Mart., 1665. 

(Note.) To the visitation in 1612. is added in italics: "At the time of the visitation 
of 1.584-5, Edward Wakefield was an alderman of Kingston-upon-HuU." (See publica- 
tions of Harleian and Surtees Societies and Heraldric Visitations, edited and published 
by Joseph Foster. ) 


Wakefield Armoury. 


Wakefield Armoury. 13 

Wakefield Armoury. 

Armoury, miscalled Heraldry, has facetiously been dubbed as "The Science of Fools 
with long memorys.'' To those unacquainted with its beauties it will certainly appear 
so. yet it is a study by which family history and relationship can be proved better than 
by the surname. — s'tinuuiies and siren'amet:. Fialayson, p. o'i. 

1. Wakefield, argenton a chief indented azure three garbs or crest on a ducal coronet 
or a wyvern sans legs proj)er. 

2. Wakefield, argent on a chief, indented, azure three garbs or. 
Berry' a Encyclopaedae Her(tldica. 

3. Wakefield, (Eastwood Park) county Renfrew, 1870. per palee or azure on a chief 
indented three garbs counter- changed, crest a wyvern sans legs vert. Motto Ardua 

4. Wakefield, sable three buirs heads couped argent armed or. 

5. Wakefield, (Dublin) Fun ent. Ulster's Office. Alderman Thomas Wakefield, bur- 
ied in St. Werburgh's Church, 19th February, 1653, Barry of six argent and gules on a 
chief of the second, three owls of the first. Crest (reg. Ulster's Office) a bat displayed or. 

6. Wakefield, sable three eagles displayed ermine. 

7. Wakefield, gules a fess dancette or between three leopard's faces of the first. 

8. Wakefield, (Kingston-on-HuU) County York, sable three bars argent in chief, as 
many bars of the second, crest, a bat displayed argent. 

9. Wakefield, Town of County York, azure a fleur de-lis or. 

10. Wakefield (Henr}' Wakefield) Bishop of Worcester. 137.5-9.5, Lord High Treasurer 
of England, sable fretty argent on a canton gules on a cross patonce or. 

11. Wakefield (Poritefract and Seassey) County York. 1665, barry of six argent and 
sable on a chief of the second, three owls of the first. 

12. Wakefield, argent a fess between three water bougets gules. This bearing was 
conferred on Edmund Waickfleld, Gent. (See Elizahethiun Rolls, The Bailiwicks of Buckros, 
and Dickeiiiiig. App&ndi.r, p. 31. 

From p. 1063 '-General Armoury England, Scotland, Ireland, ani Wales; from ear- 
liest time to date." By Sir Bernard Burke. 

Wakefield, England, on a ducal coronet, a wyvern sans legs proper.— Fairbaion's 
Crests of Great Britain. 

Wakefield, a bat displayed or.— Knight & Rumley's Crests of the Nobility and Gen- 
try of Great Brifd^in and Ireland. 


Argent— Silver or white, indicated in black and white, by blank space. 

Armed— When an animal's horns or hoofs are shown it is said to be armed, also when it is 

of a special color, as all beast's azure are armed gules and vice versa. 
Azure — Blue, indicated in black and white, by horizontal parallel lines. 
Barry— (Bars diminutive of the fess.) when the field is divided by horizontal lines into 

four, six, eight, ten, or twelve equal parts, the intermediate spaces being filled with 

alternate colors the bearing, is called Barry. 
Bull's Heads— This formidable animal in his wild state is used heraldically. 
Canton— Diminutive of the "Quarter ' which covers the upper "dexter quarter" of the 

shield, covering two-thirds of its area. This, like the quarter, is a very honorable 

bearing, and is supposed to represent the banner given by the Sovereign to the 

Knight banneret. 
Chief— Is the upper part or head of the shield, covering one-third of it and parted off by 

a horizontal line. This ordinary, in latter times especially, is one of honorable 

Counter-Changed— Charges (bearings) are said to be counter-changed, when the field is 

of two metals or colors, and the parts of the charge are of the opposite metal or 

Couped — When a head or member is cut off it is said to be couped. 

Cbest— A bearing worn, not upon the shield, but usually above it, or separately as an or- 
nament for plate, liveries, and the like. It is a relic of the ancient cognizance. 
Cross Patonce — A cross with expended ends, having termination in threepoints at each 

Dancette— Meaning tooth. A fess dancette has only three teeth in the whole width of 

the shield. 
Displayed— When a bird is upright with his breast to the front and his tail, legs, and 

wings expanded (spread eagle) it is said to be displayed. 
Ducal Coronet— The coronet, or crown of the Duke, is bordered with eight strawberry 

leaves, all lined with ermine and enriched with jewels. Coronets are classed among 

the honorable bearings, and with crowns and helmets, are among the most prom- 
inent distinctions of rank. 
Eagles— Always shown "Spread Eagles" displayed as on American coins. 
Ermine— The ermine is a fur of great dignity and is said to be an emblem of purity. It is 

also generally used in the robes of royalty and nobility. 
Fess— Is a strip placed horizontally across the middle of the field. 
Field— The entire surface (unconcealed) of the shield or escutcheon. 
Fleur-de-Lis— A fiower design. It stands at the head of heraldic flowers and has a purely 

heraldic representation. 

14 Wakefield Armoury. 

FiiETTY— A fret is a mascle interlaced with a saltire. When the field is covered with 
blendlets dexter and sinister interlaced at equal distances, after the manner of the 
fret, but exceedins; eight pieces, the bearing is called fretty. 

Garbs— Sheafs of wheat. 

GULBS— The color, red. Represented in black and white by vertical parallel lines. 

INDENTBD— Notched like the teeth of a saw: serrated: as an indented border or ordinary. 

Leopards— "The early heralds, who probably were not zoologists, seem to have con- 
founded the lion with the leopard, and to have used the names according to the at- 
titude of the animal. When rampant Arising with fore paws in the air as if attacking) 
he was a lion, when in any other attitude as passant (walking) he is a leopard. He 
is ofen called a pard. 

Or— Yellow or golden color, represented in black and white by a dotted surface arranged 
in parallel lines, both vertically and horizontallv. 

Ordinary— Or ordinaries. These have been supposed to represent the clamps or fasten- 
ings of the shield, converted into ornaments by painting or gilding. They may be 
regarded as nine in number— the chief, the pale, the fes.s, the chevron, the bend, 
the cross, the saltire. the pile, aud the quarter. Wnen charged they are drawn 
somewhat broader than when blank, and each has one or more diminutives. All 
were more or less in use in the earliest times of heraldry. 

Palbe— per pale. When a shield is bisected by a vertical line, and the fields comprised 
in the halves differ, it is said to be partly per pale, or simply per pale. 

Proper— When an object is given in its natural color it is said to be 'proper." 

Quarter— One of the divisions of an escutcheon when it is divided into four portions by a 
horizontal and a perpendicular line meeting in the fess point. The quarter or 
franc-quartier covers the upper dexter (the right hand side of a shield) quarter of 
the shield. When the bearings of several families are marshalled in the same es- 
cutcheon or shield, in compartments formed by horizontal and vertical lines they 
are said to be quartered. 

Sable— The color, black, represented in black and white by small dotted checks or hol- 
low squares, arranged in regular order vertically and horizontally. 

Sans Legs— Without legs. 

Vert— Color, green, represented in black and white by fine parallel lines slanting down- 
ward from left to right. Purple is characterized by lines slanting in the opposite 
direction, from right to left. 

Water Bouget— A vessel anciently used by soldiers for carrying water. This bearing 
has military significance. 

Wyvern— A two legged dragon with the body passing off into a long tail barbed at the 
end and usually nowed or knotted. It i,s"classed among the chimerical birds. 


The transition from the ancient to the modern functions of the herald was as in- 
sensible as that from ancient to modern Heraldry: and nearly collateral. The Nobility 
and Knights retained heralds to proclaim their style, etc., who soon became their authori- 
tative advisors on the subject of armorial distinctions, which, as they increased in influ- 
ential importance, demanded the especial attention of the professional class. When 
private individuals granted arms, heraldic advice was indispensable. Hence came too 
the distinction of Pursuivants, or Probationers for the heraldic ottlce, a distinction which 
still continues to obtain. But it is in the reign of Edward in that we find the first positive 
evidence of their regular recognition by Government. That prince created two kings of 
arms. Surroy and Norroy, who took cognizance of heraldic matters to the South and 
North of the Trent, respectively. Richard II laid the first foundation of a college of 
arms, by giving the Earl Marshal power to preside in the Court of Chivalry, and to sum- 
mon the heralds to his assistance The heralds there appeared as advocates, having 
analogy to Barristers, as the kings of arms might be said to have to Serjeants at law, and 
the Pursuivants to law students. The nature of the causes tried in this court, mostly refer- 
ring to armorial bearings, at once settled and enriched the svstem. But the first regular 
Collegiate Heraldic Chapter was held at the siege of Roueri, A. D. 1420. From that time 
heralds became a corporate body, having their statutes and observances, and it remained 
only for Richard III to establish them in a permanent abode in London, and to give their 
institution the seal of his patronage and authority. They had already been incorporated 
in France by Charles VI A. D. 1406. 

Heraldic visitations of countries, with a view to collect information with respect to 
genealogies and hereditary coat-armour, had occasionally taken place from the time of 
Henry IV. But in 1.528 a regular commission was granted for a general visitation of the 
whole kingdom, and from that time till the early part of the thirteenth century the 
practice was renewed every twenty or thirty years. This circumstance had an important 
influence on heraldry. Everv wealth}^ person was ashamed to have his genealogy re- 
corded without appendant coat armour; and those symbols, which had formerlv been the 
exclusive guerdon of knightly prowess, were now at the purchase of merchandise and 
trade. Hence were introduced a number of devices unconnected with the science, and not 
always strictly harmonizing with its spirit, but significent of the origin and occupation of 
their wearers. Yet there can be no doubt that much irregularitv was hereby removed; 
although the rules to which practice was ordinarily recalled, differed in principal from 
those of purer ages. 

Edward VI reinstated the heralds in an establishment on the site of that which thev 
at present occupy. From that period, as might have been expected, heraldry has in 
England become more settled and scientific: authentic treatises have illustrated, estab- 
lished, and enriched the subject: and there are no variations in the system worth record- 
ing here. England, indeed, may justly claim the honour of having maintained with the 
greatest effect the purity and signiflcancy of heraldrv. The control which the College of 
Arms has always exercised in the assignation of heraldic bearings has prevented rnany 
of the absurdities which disfigure foreign coats-of-arms, where sovereigns, totally ignor- 
ant of the principles of the art, and at least virtually absolute, have obtruded not only in- 
consistent devices on their distinguished subjects, but contradictory rules on the science 
itSQlf.— Transcripts from the Eiicycloijaedia of the Fine Arts, London, 1848. 

The Town of Boston. 


-^ - "-* *»J ^ ,'>, «s o., «>.,(>. cv - ->- 

Note.— Thiy map is reduced 50 per cent, calculate scale accordingly. 


The Town of Boston. 

"Winthrop's company located chiefly within the space comprised between what are 
now Milk. Bromfleld. Tremont. and Hanover streets and the water. Pemberton Hill was 
also a favorite locality, as we shall have occasion to note. The North End. b}' removals 
and accessions soon became also settled: that portion of the town lying north of Union 
street being thus designated, while all south of that boundary was called the South End." 
(P- 10.) 

'•For a hundred years Boston must be considered as little more than a sea-shore 
village, siraggling up" its thicket-grown hillsides." (p. 2.) "The records show that in 
April. 1633. the price paid for the whole peninsula of Boston was £30, assessed upon the 
inhabitants of the town, some paying 6s and some more, according to their circumstances 
and conditions." (p. 3.) "The area of original Boston has been variously estimated. By 
Shaw, at 700 acres: Dr. Morse, the geographer, placed it in 1800 at 7U0 acres, admitting 
that some accounts fix it as high as 1,000 acres, while Dr. Shurtleff says less than 1.000 
acres. There is good authority, however, for computing the original peninsula at not 
more than 625 acres of firm ground." (p. 7) "The character of the first buildings was 
extremely rude. They were of wood with thatched roofs, and chimneys built of pieces 
of wood placed crosswise, the interstices and outside covered with clay." (p. 9, Drake's Old 
LandnMrks of Boston.) 






7- ^T-WV*>'^ 

't^' <"Si 

^.^ V 

• ■^r^y'l^ fr&A^ 

U- -^ ^ 





"The first volume of the Town Records begins September, 1634, and the first entries 
are said to be in the handwriting of Governor Winihrop. An unknown number of leaves 
have been torn out or destroyed and as the first business of the town was the allottment of 
land to the inhabitants, the" loss is irreparable and has proven such to those who have 
had occasion to trace the titles of property. Several later volumes of the records are 
missing, and for many years, while William Cooper was town clerk, no record was made 
of the births or deaths." (pp. 19-20.) 

Communication between Boston and the surrounding towns was at first wholly by 
the Neck. The people of Chelsea thus had a circuit of at least a dozen miles, and a day's 
journev before them to go to town and return. There was a ferry established at Charles- 
town and Winnisimmet (Chelsea) as early as 1635. five years after the settlement of Bos- 
ton. We find by the records that Thomas Marshall "w"as chosen by generall consent for 
ye keeping of a Ferry from ye M3'lne Point vnto Charlestown and Wynneseemitt. for a 
single person sixpence, and for two, sixpence : and for everyone above ye number of 
of two. twopence apiece." Ships' boats were first used, then scows, and this continued to 
be the onlj^ means of transit until 1786. Four years previous to this Marquis Chastellux 
states that he was one hour making the voyage from Winnisimmet in a scow filled with 
cattle, sheep, etc.. seven tacks were required to bring them safely to land. — (p. 24, Drake's 
Old Landmarks of Boston.) 

First Generation. 17 




] . John Wakefield, the progenitor of the Massachussetts family of 
Wakefield, was born in England in the year 1614-15. He, perhaps, was a native 
of Gravesend, County of Kent, England, as Thomas, probably his brother, 
came from there, and we have a record of an inscription from the Graves- 
end churchyard, of Mrs. Charlotte Wakefield, showing Gravesend to have 
been an ancient seat of the family. (See Webb's Select Collection of J^ijitcqjlis, 
vol. i, London, 1775.) Gravesend is a river port, and boundary of the port 
of London. 

The tradition of the descendants of John Wakefield, of Boston, regard- 
ing the emigration of their progenitor, does not differ materially from the 
conventional story, of the emigration and association of three brothers. In 
this case the tradition is only partially corroborated by official records. 
The meagre lists of early emigrants from England, preserve to us the emi- 
gration record of but one of the three Wakefields, supposed to be brothers; 
his name, Thomas, is given among the passengers transported to Virginia, 
embarked in the "America," William Barker, Master, 23 June, 1635. A cer- 
tificate from the minister of the town of Gravesend, of conformity to the 
order and discipline of the church of England, accompanies it. (See Hot- 
ten's original list of emigrants to America.) 

The history of the emigration of the brothers John and Richard, as 
well as the place bf their residence in the period intervening the space 
of time during the absence of record, is left to our conjecture, but in all 
probability John and Richard came over either prior to the one above 
recorded, or followed in another ship soon after. The colonial records of 
the southern coast states are silent as to how the three young men spent 
the first score of years in their new southern home; however, John removed 
to Martha's Vineyard, Mass., sometime prior to 1647, as we find records of 
his residence there in that year; he acting as witness to an instrument by 
Thomas Paine, son of Thomas Paine, London, merchant, deceased, appoint- 
ing his step-father, Thomas Mayhew, merchant, and Jane, his mother, as 
guardians and tutors. Dated October 16, 1647; recorded October 17, 1647. 
It is evident that while a resident of Martha's Vineyard, John Wakefield 
had land granted him on terms which he failed to fulfill, as on November 
11, 1652, it was ordered by the town that certain lands be granted to 
Nicholas Butler under the following conditions: 

■■This land he is to build upon and live on tour years: at the end of which time it is his 
proper inheritance, but if he leave it before, it falls into the town hands again, and he is 
only to make what he can of his labor. 'He hath now the lot next that first given John 
Wakefield.' He hath also a property of commonage upon the sime terms. 'This is a 
true record of ye particular parcels of land of Mr. Nicholas Butler which lands are upon 
Martha's Vineyard, particularly as foUoweth: 'More, four acres of meadow, two given to> 
my house lot. and two I bought of John Jonson. lying on ye north end of Chapequideck, 
John Wakefield now in possession, by his heirs joining" to mine is more or less, etc' 
(Chabbaquiddick is a small island forming one side of Edgartown harbor.) As we have 
record that John Wakefield was in Boston the year before (1651) it is probable that he , 
forfeited the title to his grant at Martha's Vineyard, which would account for its being 
regranted. By a vote of the town (Edgartown) October -32, 1660, the town was divided in 
four parts anJ each part into thirty-seven 'sheares,' of which there are thirty-three and 
one-half now appropriated. ■* * * Thomas Paine, or heirs, given bv ye town, Thomas 
Paine, or heirs, "which was Wakefield's.' " (See Suffolk Deeds Libre f-86, also Edgartown, 
Mass., records pp. 120-147-159.) 

It appears from the following records that John Wakefield retained his 
relations with his brothers in Maryland, after his removal, and conducted 


Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

his own business interests there by occasional trips. We find the following- 
records among the Archives of Maryland, Judicial and Testamentary busi- 
ness of the Provincial Court 1649-50-57, p. 368-9, 1654 (April probably): 

"John Wakefield appointeth Robert Richins his attorney in the cause wherein he is 
arrested at the suit of Hubart Paty to answer at this court, {p. 369.) In the case, Hubart 
Paty, plaintiff, vs. John Wakefield, defendant, the plaintiff is non-suited for want of pros- 
ecution, and is ordered to pay 30 pounds 

of tobacco to the defendant for his trouble 

in attending this court, 
and with court charges. 
Upon the mocon of 
Thomas Connery, being 
summoned for a witness 
on the behalf of Hubart 
Paty against JohnWake- 
field, attending two days, 
and Paty not appearing, 
it is ordered that Con- 
nery be allowed by Paty 
40 pounds tobacco for 
his trouble and charge 
therein, (p. 401,) 1654. 
Richard Collect, attor- 
ney of Lawrence Ward, 
sueth to this court for 983 
pounds of tobacco and 
caske due by specialty 
to the said Lawrence 
Ward, as appears by the 
said specialty by John 
Wakefield, and the said 
Wakefield was arrested 
to appear at this court, 
which he not being able, 
through infirmity of 
bodie to do, it is ordered 
that if the said Wake- 
field shall not appear 
before Mr. Richard Pres- 
ton within 14 days, to 
give sufflcient answer 
why the bill should not 
be paid, that then exe- 
cution upon the said bill 
"be granted unto the said 
attornev for Lawrence 
Ward. Court held Octo- 
ber 16, 1654. '■ 

COL^^ , 


This map reduced 50 per cent, calculate scale accordingly. 

Note.— The following 
are all the records of 
Thomas and Richard 
Wakefield we have been 
able to obtain: Proceed- 
ings of assembly 1678- 
1683. An act for payment 
and assessing the public 
charges of this province. 
Eight hundred ninety- 
five thousand nine hun- 
dred and seventy-nine 
pounds of tobacco have 
been expended in the 
late expedition against 

the Nanticoke Iridians. Order an assessment, etc. Here follows lists of names with 
amounis. November 1678, (p. 94.) William Scriven, Kent county, 300 pounds of tobacco. 
(Same list, p. 101 ) Thomas Wakefield, Charles county, 300 pounds to oacco. (p. 213.) Sep- 
tember, 1681. Similar assessment proceedings and list of names. Thomas Wakefield, 300 
pounds tobacco, (p. 250.) Assembly proceedings, November 1-12, 1681. An act for pay- 
ment and assessment 223,443 pounds of tobacco. To Richard Wakefield, 230 pounds of 
tobacco. No counties given this time. Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1687-8-1693. 
(p. 157.) Address of the inhabitants of Charles county, to their most excellent majesties, 
King William and Queen Mary, 28 November, 1689. Gentlemen, merchants, planters, free- 
holders, and freemen, their majesties' subjects in Charles county, etc. Allegiance, loy- 
alty. About 70 names. Thomas Wakefield. Received from Lord Shrewsbury, 7 Febru- 
ary, 1689." 

Thomas Wakefield's name appears as a signer, among the gentlemen of 
Charles county, Maryland, "their majesties' protestant subjects,'' in an ad- 
dress to their majesties in 1689. (Quoted from the London Public Record 
Office for America and the West Indies, No. 556 B. D. p. 36 in Scharjfs History 
of Maryland, vol. i, p. 331.) 

First Generation. 19 

It will be seen that at the date of the first record, above given, John 
was absent (probably in Boston), but iinally he found it necessary to go to 
the seat of trouble and defeat the party who sought to take advantage of 
his absence. 

The records of the avocation of John, as a boatman or a shipwright, 
and his possession of a half interest in "one old boat" and "one new boat," 
in the records of the administration of his estate, tend strongly to confirm 
the theory of his commercial relations with Thomas and Richard Wakefield, 
of Maryland, the boats being used for intercourse up and down the coast. 
See, also, sketch of John's son Samuel, who on his removal to Salem, after 
his father's death, engaged also in coast trading, and furthermore with 
nearly the same locality, in Maryland. 

This coast trading between John, of Boston, and Thomas and Richard, 
of Maryland, was undoubtedly also the original occupation that caused 
John's son John, and several of his grandsons to become mariners. Note, 
also, Obadiah's connection with the Scriven family in Virginia. He must 
have taken up his residence in Boston prior to 1651, as on that date he wit- 
nessed a deed on July 14: "Even Thomas, inn-holder, to James Bill, of Pul- 
lin Point, planter." (Probably father of Joseph Bill, who married his, John 
Wakefield's, granddaughter. Deliverance.) {Suffolk Deeds, book 1, folio 278.) 
Upon his arrival in Boston, John Wakefield purchased a tract of land on 
the south side of Middle (now Hanover) street, extending from the corner 
of what is now Prince street, to within ninetj^ feet of the street now named 
Richmond, and to rear from Middle street 184^- feet, reaching nearly to 
North Square and North street. Through the center of this, nearly at 
right angles with Middle street, he opened a narrow lane or alley, making 
the entire estate accessible from Middle street. For more than a century 
it was generally known by Bostonians, as "Wakefield's Alley;" the following 
being an example of allusions to it as a land-mark: "Liberty is granted to 
John Carey & Co. to take up pavement in Middle street, near Wakefield's 
Alley, to repair their well, to replace the same, etc., dated August 6, 1724." 
(p. 129.) (Selectman's Proceedings, Becord Comm., vol. xiii. ) In colonial 
days, when this was the business and social center, it contained the homes 
of most of the prominent and historic personages of the town; far ditTerent 
from its present changed occupations as the following quotation well ex- 
presses it. 

"There had, indeed, been a revolution in politics, commerce, and social life; old 
Boston was never to be what it had been, though the seeds sown through the years that 
had elapsed since the flrst step was taken by Winthrop and his followers in England were 
to bear much fruit, and it remains for us to ask what that fruit was. The war had changed 
everything; not only were the most forward people '-new,'' but the very streets themselves 
began to change and those regions that before the war had been frequented by the fash- 
ion and wealth ot the day, were by degrees deserted, and the move toward the south 
and west ends began. The north end, especially, lost by degrees its precedence, and in 
process of time was almost completely abandoned by those families that had given it its 
character." (Oilman's Story of Boston, p. 397.) 

Among his neighbors were Nicholas Upshall, proprietor of the Red Lion 
Inn and the wharf of the same name, and who formerly owned all the prop- 
erty on the northeast side of Richmond street, from Hanover street to the 
water; (the Red Lion Inn was located on the northeast corner of North 
and Richmond streets, almost directly in tht, rear of John Wakefield's;) Dr. 
Snow, the historian of Boston, the parents of Paul Revere, Master Harris, 
of the North Grammar School, four generations of Mathers: Increase, 
Samuel, Cotton, and Samuel son of Cotton, pastors of the Old North 
Church, which stood on the corner of Prince and North streets, on North 
Square (also called Clark's Square), Commodore Dawes and many others 
familiar to historians. John Wakefield was a thrifty, and for his time a 
fairly prosperous man, but his career was not free from very discouraging 
experiences as the following records prove: 

"On March 9, 166i, there was dreadful thunder and lightning in the night which 
smote ye house of one Wakefield in Boston, tore two great rafters of ye house and ve gait 
corner post of ye top, from the top to bottom and sent off ye boards at ye end, yet there 
were three men l3^ing in ye chamber, one lay with his head near ye said post, yet they had 
no hurt, only they smelt a great stink of brimstone." (Rev. S. Danforth's Records, Rox- 
bury, Mass.) 


Posterity of John Wakefield op Boston. 

During the height of the persecutions of the Quakers, we find our only 
record of an infraction of the colonial laws; he was then a resident and 
property owner of Boston, and a near neighbor of Nicholas Upshall, the 
keeper of the Red Lion Inn, who was persecuted and banished for his 
humanity in behalf of the barbarously persecuted Quakers. "John Wake- 
field is fined 20 s. for entertaining contrary to the town order, 

March 30, 1659." {Boston Becords, 1634-1660, p. 152.) 

■■The bearing of the townspeople in public was grave and austere. How could it be 
otherwise under the operation of such ordinances as the following: -No strangers were 
permitted to live within the town without giving bonds to save the town harmless from all 
damage and charge for entertaining the'm.' ■For galloping through the streets, except 
upon cla3's of military exercise or any extraordinary case require." was two shillings tine. 
Football was prohibited in the streets. 'No person shall take any tobacco publiclyTunder 
penalt}' of one shilling.' 'For entertaining foreignors.' or receiving ■inmates, servants, or 
journeymen coming for help in physic or surgery, without leave of the selectmen,' was 
twenty shillings fine a week." (p. il-12. Old Landmarks of Boston.) 

At this time the records abound in fines for friendly acts to Quakers' 
the above record however, is directly preceded by fines imposed on others 
for "entertainment of strangers" which was also contrary to early Boston 
laws, as seen by above record. 

The following is doubtless the story of his death: 

"A sad accident happened at Boston to one Wakefield, a boatman, who helping ye 
ropemaker about a cable, had his head split open and his brains beaten out, dated July 
19, 1667.' (Rev. S. Danforth's Records, p. 166.) 

His memorial in the Granary Burying Ground is mentioned as follows; 

"A short distance west of the Franklin tomb (Benjamin, uncle of the patriot) now 
stands a gravestone that bears the following inscription, the oldest in the yard: * * * * 


! 1 


, > 




1,1 ji 




r i 





■ %-i/ ■ 



From a paper impression taken from the tombstone in 1897, by Wm, Curtis Wakefieid. 

It follows, of course, that the burials must have been infrequent, or else the graves 
were not marked with gravestones, for the burial-yard was laid out certainly seven 
years previous to the date of Mr. Wakefield's decease." (Shurtleff's ToiMgranhical and His- 
torical Description of Boston, p. 219.) 

He died intestate; his wife, Ann, was appointed administratrix, and 
gave bond, dated July 18, 1667, in the sum of £222-12. Inventory of estate 
verified by Ann, "his relict." of same date and same amount. (Suffolk Pro- 
bate Records.) The inventory of his estate gives sundry items of wearing 
apparel, household goods, half-interest in an old boat, half-interest in a new 
boat, and "An house and land that she (the widow) now dwells in, £150, 
amounting in all to £222-12-6, dated July 18, 1667: verified by Ann Wakefield, 
who says this paper conteynes a true inventory of her late husband's 
estate." Before Edward Rawson, recorder. {SnffolTc Deeds, No. 456.) After 

First Generation. 


the death of John Wakefield, his widow" married John Child, a tailor, of 

Boston, and we find his record inscribed on the back of John Wakefield's 

tombstone, as follows: 

"Ere lyeth ye body f 


Aged about 80 years. 

Died Apr. 3. 1703." 

(Bridgeman's Pilgrims of Boston.) 

iVo)'e.--Bridgeman also quotes the inscription of Jolin Wakefield, but the name is 
given as "Wareheld," probably a typographical error of the r for the k. According to 
liis inscription, John Child was born about 16;i3, being eight years younger than John 

We learn from the resristry of deeds, approximately, the date of de- 
cease of the widow Ann. The record of the final distribution of their prop- 
erty between the children, after her death, beiner dated November 4, 1691, 
recorded April 15, 1692. {Suffolk Deeds, 15-180.) Of John Child, the second 

Photographed by Wm, Curtis Wakefield in i897. 

husband of the widow Ann Wakefield, we find very meaner account, but such 
as it is, it is creditable, and commemorates him as a practical humanitarian, 
generously acting in behalf of those most persecuted by the oppressive 
colonial laws, especially those which John Wakefield felt the rigors of. 

"I, John Child, tailor, bind myself in the sum of £40, that Samuel Worden shall not 
be chargeable to the town. February 23, 1679-80 " 

"Jno. Jenkins and John Child became sureties to the town, for Thomas Hobson and 
his family June :i7, 1681." 

"Sept. 22, 1681 Jno. Child, tailor, and Jno. Jenkins, cordwinder, became sureties for 
Mark Tailor and his family." 

"Oct. 31, 1681 Jno. Child became surety for John Smith and his family." (Boston 
Becord Com. Reports. No. 10, pp. 61-65 and 70 ) 

"Sept. 24, 1685 Jno. Child was surety for Richard Savage." (See above reference.) 

John Child is listed as an inhabitant of Boston, 1688-1695, division 2, 
also 1681. {Boston Record Com. Beport, vol. i.. p. 170.) 

John Child's will was made April 21, 1708, and was probated June 11, 
following, Obadiah Wakefield was executor and the estate was bequeathed 
to Obadiah Wakefield and his (Obadiah's) daughter, Anne. 


3.— 1. Elizabeth, born about 1638; married August 20, 1680, to Jasper or Joseph 

Frost, of Boston. 

3.-2. John, born about 1640: married Deliverance : died March, 1703. 

4.-3. Obadiah, born about 1642: married firstly, Susannah , who died 

September 21, 1709. aged 54 years; married secondly. May 26, 1713, 

Elizabeth Willis: died January, 1732-3. 
5.-4. Samuel, born about 1644: married June 3, 1675, Elizabeth Dove; died 

October. 1728. 


Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

yote.—The inventory of the estate of John Wakefield mentions among a list of fifty- 
six items, one di uggett suit and coate. a kersir suite and waistcoate, money, capps, 
neckclothes. handkercheffs and bands, three payer gloves and a hattcase, sheetes, pillow- 
beeres, napkins, tableclothes, ten pieces of pewter, ten pieces latten ware, a sword and 
belt, several chists, 5 pieces of brass, two bibles, one gunne. two pieces of plate, being 
dram-cupps: pictures, tables, cnairs, stools, beds, and bedding, trunks, casks, joyne 
stooles. and a form, cupboards, a landthorne, a brass mortar, and earthen ware, woddon 
ware, a remnant of Pennestone, qt. eight yds., knives, forks, and spoons, iron-ware, three 
hatts and silver bands, carpets, bellowes. candle-sticks, stone bottles, other articles of 
wearing apparel, two piges, half interest in an old boate and takling and half interest in 
a new boate. Boston Lands and Dwellings, virte £2:i2-12-06. 

jyote.— ••As. little as North Square is known to the present generation, few localities 
can surpass it in the interest which attaches to the historic personages who have dwelt 
within its confined area." (pp. 155-158 Drake's Old Landmarks of Boston.) 

Miion St. 

Sectional Map of Boston, showing Original Wal<efield Estate, 1651-171/, 

Note.— No. 5 should be in unnumbered plat. Compass should point a little more to 
the right. Fish street was originall}- called Ship street. 


The original estate of the emigrant, John Wakefield, comprised the rectangular 
space shown in the drawing, comprising Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, and not excepting the un- 
numbered space, partitioned off bv dotted lines. 

No. 4— April 17, 1713, Obadiah Wakefield conveyed to Mary Pearse 19 feet on Middle 
street bounded west by Wakefield's AUev. 

No. 3— June 30, 1714, Obadiah Wake-field conveyed to Deliverance Wakefield land 
bounded north by Mary Pearse, east by John Nichols, south by land of said Deliverance 
Wakefield, and west by Wakefield's alley. This land owned by one Harris in 1717. 

No. 2— Land owned by Deliverance Wakefield in 1714, and by Joseph Wakefield March 
19, 1717-18. who on that date mortgaged same to Samuel Turin. Bounded north (northeast) 
by Nichols, east (southeast) by Samuel Wakefield, south (southwest) by Wakefield's Alley, 
and west (northwest) by "Harris." 

Nos. 5 and6— (5 should be in blank space to the east.) March 2. 1713-14, Obadiah Wake- 
field conveved in trust to John Barnard, his ^'homestead estate" with privilege of alley to 
Middle street, land bounded north (northeast) by John Nichols, east (southeast) b.v John 
Clark, south (southwest) by Charles Lidgett. and west (northwest) by Deliverance Wake- 
field. Porter, in his Hai/ibles in Old Bo.^ton, says the father of Paul Revere lived on this 
site at the time of the birth of the patriot. 

No. 1— This plat descended from John, the emigrant, to John, jr., and his wife, De- 
liverance. The later disposition of it we have not followed up. 

Nos. 7 and 8. The western corner of this lot was the site of the "New Brick," or 
Cockeral church, built in 1721. Suffolk Deeds, iii, 411, and vi. 188. we find under date De- 
cember 18, 1660, a transfer by Richard Cook, attorney, land of Thomas Faulkner to 
Thomas Breden, bounded northeast by John Wakefield, southeast by John Meadows and 
George Burrell, southwest sixty-six feet facing street, and northwest ninety feet on 

Second Generation. 23 

street towards the mill pond (Middle street). Under date February 9, 1669, Thomas Bre- 
den conveyed to Bertha Shrimton 'mansion and garden," with same Taoundaries as 

No. 8. Under date July 15, 1693, Charles Lidgett conveyed to Francis Foxcroft, prop- 
erty bounded on bv property on street leading to mill pond, on northeast by 
land "now or late of John Wakefield,' southwest by land of John Meadows and George 
Burrell, and southwest by street. (Sufolk Deeds, vi, 4^.j 

No. 9. Land of John Meadows and George Burrell, as shown in boundaries of con- 
veyances of 1660, 1669, and 1693. 

No. 10. Land of John Ciark, as shown by boundaries in conveyances dated 1713-14-17 
and 18. This is said to have been the site of the dwelling of Increase Mather. 

No. 11. Land of John Clark, as shown by conveyances of 1652, 53, and 93. 

No. 1-3. Under date May 9. 1653, Jonathaa Balsam conveyed to Mordachy Nichols land 
bounded 39 feet on north by "Highway to New Meeting House," northeast by James Bal- 
sam, and southeast by John Clark, total of 81 feet; and southwest 11 Va rods on land of 
John Wakefield. Under date May 5, 1653. Matthew Chafftn conveved to Mordachy Nichols, 
and August '34. 1692, William Dawes and wife conveyed to John Nichols the same property. 

No. 13. Land of James Balsam, as shown in boundaries 1653, 53, and 93. 

No. 14 According to hisrory, this was the site of the home of Rev. Cotton Mather, 
and later of Master Harris, of the North Grammar school 

No. 15. The site of the Red Lion Inn, an ancient landmark. 

No. 16. The westerly corner of this triangle was an ancient landmark, and known as 
Montford's Corner. 

No. 17. The site of the Old North Meeting House. "Second Church." 


3. Elizabeth^ Wakefield (John^), daughter of John and Ann Wake- 
field, of Boston: born about 1638; married August 20, 1660, to Joseph (or Jas- 
per) Frost, of Boston, by Gov. John Endicott. 


1. Jasper Frost, born February 5, 1664, in Boston. 

2. Elizabeth Frost, born February 34, 1665, in Boston. 

^Vote— Perhaps he was the Joseph Frost of Cambridge and Charlestown, who was 
born January 11, 1639, in Cambridge, and removed to Charlestown where he was admitted 
to church March 27, 1670, and married (perhaps secondlv) at Charlestown, May 22, 1666, to 
Hannah Miller, daughter of Rev. John Miller, of Roxbury, Mass., and by her had nine 
children. He was a constable and removed to Billirica, Mass , about 1690, where he died 
December 33. 1693, aged .53 years. He was a son of Elder Edmund Frost, who was a son of 
Elder John Frost, of Ipswich, England, who came in the ship "Great Hope" in 1635. He 
settled at Cambridge and died there July 13, 1673. Wife was Thomasine. He was made 
freeman at Cambridge March 3, 1636. (Savage's (ienealoqiral Dictionary.) 

iVo/e.— Savage also gives among the Frost records two marriages with Elizabeth, 
daughter of John Wakefield, of Boston, both of same date, which was August 30, 1660: in 
one case he gives the husband as Jasper Frost and in the other as Joseph Frost. The 
reader can draw his own conclusion. 

3. JOHN^ Wakefield (John^), son of John and Ann Wakefield, probably 
born in Maryland or Edgartown, Massachusetts, about 1640. He was 
a shipwright. Removed to Boston with his parents prior to 1651, and after 
marriage to wife Deliverance, about 1663, he built himself a homestead on 
his father's estate on Middle (now Hanover) street, extending his possessions 
by inheritance at his father's death. He lived and died on his homestead 
which continued to be occupied by his wife Deliverance, until her death in 
1691. March 15, 1674-5, John Wakefield was chosen "Hogg Reeves," of Bos- 
ton, at a public meeting. "November 27, 1676, a fire broke out in Boston, 
about five o'clock in the morning, at one Wakefield's house, by the Red Lion, 
by a cand'e carelessly set. which so prevailed that it burnt down about forty- 
five dwelling houses, the North Meeting House, and several warehouses; the 
wind was south-east when it began and blew hard; soon after, it veered 
south, and brought so much rain as much prevented further mischief, with- 
out which all that end of the town had probably been laid in ashes, and 
Charlestown also endangered, by the flakes of fire which were carried over 
the river." (Originally "from an interleaved almanack." copied by Hutch- 
inson's History, vol. 1, p. 349, and included in Massachusetts Historical Collections, 
vol. v. 5th series.) Hubbard, in his history of New England, says the fire 

24 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

occurred "through the carelessness of a boy called up early to work, very 
early in the morning", who falling asleep, as was said, the candle set the 
house on lire." The district burned embraced the space between Rich- 
mond, Hanover, and Clark streets, to the water's side. Notwithstanding 
the hardship entailed by this fire it doubtless proved a fortunate accident 
as "it led directly to straightening the streets, and all persons were 
enjoined against building upon the burnt district until the Selectmen had 
staked out the streets anew and given permission. Those who recollect the 
district burned at the time, can but wonder how the streets could have been 
more crooked than they were even within the second half of the present 
century." (Gilman's IStory of Boston, p. 479.) January 27, l"i78, he was se- 
lected as assistant to manage a fire-engine, "lately come from England." 
March 16, 1685, he is recorded as a subscriber for "ye Alms House." May 11, 
1685, he was chosen Tythingman, of Boston, and was presented to the Gen- 
eral Court. The 14th of the same month, he is recorded as of Captain Ter- 
rill's company. (The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Companj-.) In 1687, 
he is recorded on the tax lists as a resident of No. 2 precinct; of his posses- 
sions listed are "3 housing, mills, tax 35s., 7c?." Two heads (poll tax) valua- 
tion at 20cZ. per head. 16 years and upwards. In 1691, he appears as taxed 
"country rate." He. like his father, is not on record as either a church mem- 
ber or a freeman of the colony. However, the births of his children were 
recorded on the register of the First Church, perhaps by his wife Deliver- 
ance. He died March. 1703, and his will, dated October 18. 1698, was pre- 
sented by his widow and proved March 14. 1703-4. By said will he gives "his 
soul to God and bis body to the earth," and oirects the payment of his debts, 
and disposal of "such worldly estate ye Lord hath lent me." 

"I doe berebygive and bequeath unto mj' beloved wife Deliverance Waliefield (here 
follows itemized list of property, real and personal) with full power to dispose thereof at 
or before her death, by deed. will, or otherwise, to and amons; my children, or such of 
them as shall then be livina;, as to her shall seem most meet. * * * I do hereby consti- 
tute and appoint my beloved wife, ye said Deliverance, to be the sole executrix of this, 
my last will and testament.'' 
Witness: ,Tohn Valentine. Notar\' Publick. 

Thomas Thornton. 

Eleizer Moody , sr. ^^O^O^ ^'% 

No monumental inscription has yet been brought to light to furnish us 
with the exact birth and death records of .John Wakefield, but the follow- 
ing quotation from vol. x of the 'N^w England Hisforical and Qenealogical Reg- 
ister may be of interest as recording the excavation of the same: 

"When the iron fountain was placed on the common, Boston, opposite the Park 
Street Church, the laborers reached the site of former graves of the Granary burying 
ground and exhumed several grave-stones and other relics of antiquity, two of the-e 
stones were saved from the hands of the workmen and one bearing the name Jonathan 
or John Wakefield." 

It is not surprising that we do not derive more from Boston graveyards 
when we learn of their crowded state in early times. 

iVo^e.— Granary burial ground is notable for the honored ashes it contains. It 
dates back to 1660, "and was first called the "South Burying Ground:" the subsequent 
name of "Granarj^" was from the town granary, which stood within the enclosure. It is 
necessary to say here that the Common originally extended in this direction to the Tre- 
mont House, and the cemetery is formed from itsancient territor}'. The eastern margin 
reached to Mason street, and Tremont street therefore runs through the Common, as it 
originally was. After the creation of the Common burving ground, the Granary was 
sometimes styled the ■•Middle" ground. By the year 1737 both this and Kin.g's Chapel 
ground became so filled with the dead that the grave-diggers were obliged to Ijury them 
four deep. In this j-ear the brick wall and tomlw were erected on the front of theold. or 
Chapel, burying place. The Granary' ground was enlarged in 1716-17 by taking in part of 
the highway on the easterly side, but'in about twenty "years it becam'e overcrowded, as 
we have seen, and the town began to cast about for a new location. It was not until after 
the date last mentioned that any tombs were erected here. — (Old Landmarks of Boston. 
pp. 296, 297-399.) 

After the death of John Wakefield we have the following records of his 
widow who, it appears, never remarried: 

Tax lists, Boston. June 27, 1707, Mrs. Deliverance Wakefield, rents £8. 
September 13, 1708, Mrs. Deliverance Wakefield petitioned the selectmen 









Second Generation. 25 

for liberty to repair her cellar wall by adding- fourteen inches on the street; 
disallowed. {Selectmen'' s Records.) The widow died in January, 17]()-7. Her 
son, John, was appointed administrator and made oath that the inventory 
was correct before Samuel Sewall, Boston, Judge of Probate. February 13, 
1716-17. Her son, John Wakefield, gave bond in the sum of £600, November 
19, 1716-17, to truly administer the said estate. Thomas Walker, brick- 
burner, and Thomas Walker, jr., brickburner, both of Boston, signed bond 
with him. 

The following appears to be the deed, by which the greater part of the 
original Boston estate went outside of the family: 

December 18, 1718. John and Deliverance Wakefield et al to Thomas Waite, Samuel 
Wakefield, and son.s of Joseph Bill, and Deliverance Wakefield to Thomas Waite, house 
and land on JMiddle street, as set off to them by "ward," 1718. 


6.— 1. Delivekanoe, born September 8, 1664: married Joseph Bill: they had 

Anna, born September 2. 1666; married Thomas Odell. November 16, 1710. 
John, born January 27, 166S-9; married Elizabeth Walker, November 23, 

1693. He died Januarv 31, 173.5. 
Joseph born , 1670: married firstly, Abigail Lord, September 7, 

1704: married secondly, Esther Archer, November 7, 1706; married 

thirdly, Prlscilla Russell. April 13. 1732. 
Sarah, born March 1, 1674; married John Courser. May 20, 1703. 
SAMUEL, born January 15, 1677-8; died November 12, 1709. 

.iVote— The inventory of the estate of John and Deliverance Wakefield, deceased, 
taken January 15, 1716-17, after the death of Deliverance, lists among 34 lines of items; 
bedsteeds, bolsteres and curtain rods and cord, furniture, pare of brass andioyrns and a 
Coole grate, six turke wood chaers and a bibell with silver claspes, a looking glass and two 
warming pans and a ctirist, chists, chists of drawers, chaers, lantorn, a pare of bellows, 
six leather chars, tables and stools, a standing candle sLlck, a sartan parsell of boocks, 
one long bibell Infold, a pair of loyrne andioyrns, two brass candle sticks, a brass lampe, 
a chatin dish, skimmer, brass ladle and fork, a fine splnnin wheall. a musklt, 51 pounds of 
puter, 55 pounds of brass, a jack and spit goods, a pare of cast doogs, and an loyrn bag, 
an old morter, three tramlls, a fender and grldiovrn, sllse and tongs, money and plate, 
goold, 22 rings. 3 pease of Arabian gold, housing and ground. Total £779-5-7. John Nichols, 
Joshua Gee, and Giles ffifleld; appraisers. 

4. Obadiah- Wakefield {John'^), second son and third child of John and 
Ann Wakefield; probibly born in Maryland or Edgartown, about 1642. 
He removed to Boston with his parents not long prior to 16.")], and resided 
with them until he married and built his own dwelling on his father's 
estate. The earliest record of him, we find dated May 20, 1666-7, when at 
the May session of the General Court, he signed with the handicraftsmen 
of Boston, to the number of 129, a petition for protection to their several 
callings "'against the intrusion of strangers, especially of such as were not 
desirably qualified." (Drake's History of Boston.) The Boston tax list for 
1674. rates him as follows: Three shillings, two shillings, house. {Record 
Com. Reports, vol i, p. 36-8.) We have two separate records of his admis- 
sion as freeman, first on joining the Second (Old North) Church, June 16, 
1682, and again on joining the First Church, February 7, 1682-3. Savage {Gen- 
ealogical Dictionary) probably correctly explains it thus, he "'joined Mather's 
Church in June and became Freeman the February following." On Febru- 
ary 11, 1683, he became bondsman for Henry Pease, jr., as administrator 
for Henry Pease, sr., deceased. The town tax-list for 1685 rated him: "two 
heads, countrj^ rate." March 16, he subscribed for ye Arms House. On 
March 5-14, 1686, he was chosen ty thingman from Captain Terrill's Company 
by the selectmen of Boston. The tax-list for 1687, rates him: "One head, 
5 housin, mills, tax 2.s. 4(7. No. 2 precinct." At a public meeting March 
11. 1694-5, he was chosen tythingman for No. 2 precinct. And again to same 
office on March 14, 1698. He was by trade a "joiner." He is listed among 
the inhabitants of Boston for 1695. March 14, 1698, at a public meeting in 
Bosto 1 he was chosen constable. 

It appears that Obadiah built for himself a new dwelling in 1705, as on 
the 3)th of July of that year "being about to dig a well on his land, on the 
westerly corner of his new house butting on the broad street leading from 
the xMili Bridge towards Winissninnett Ferry, at the north end of Boston, 
and finding himself straightened for room," he petitioned the Selectmen to 
dig about two feet into the street or highway for enlargement of this well, 


Posterity of John Wakefield op Boston. 

on condition that he "will cover and pave over and so maintain and secure 
that part which he digs in the street and will place and maintain a pump 
in said well wholly within his own lot." {Boston, Selectmen's Records.) 

On April 17, 1713, he sold to Mary Pearse of his land a ninteen foot 
frontage on Middle (Hanover) street, with a house on it for £170. On .June 
.30. 1714, he and wife, Elizabeth, deeded to their sister-in-law, Deliverance 
Wakefield, for £140 a plat of land immediately in rear of that sold to Mary 
Pearse and on the east side of Wakefield's Alley. 

Obadiah Wakefield married firstly, Susanna , who died September 21, 

1709, aged fifty-four years. He married secondly, May 26, 1713, Elizabeth 
Willis, by Dr. Cotton Mather, (daughter of Experience and Elizabeth 
Willis, born December 8, 1677. (Savage.) Prior to this marriage, March 2, 
1713, he deeded to .John Barnard, a neighbor, in trust, his homestead estate, 
as a marriage settlement on his affianced bride, recorded December 8, 1716. 
He gave a mortgage on this property to his brothers John and Samuel, 
reserving residence for Elizabeth: acknowledged December 14, 1716: re- 
corded June 4, 1717. September 17, 1718, on the death of his step-father, 
John Child, Obadiah was appointed administrator of his estate; he and his 
daughter, Anne, were sole heirs of this estate. 

October — . 1719, Obadiah Wakefield mortgaged his dwelling house, gar- 
den, etc., on Middle street to Samuel Wentworth, his wife, Elizabeth, join- 
ing to release dower. {Suffolk Deeds, libre 34, folio 94.) 

Obadiah Wakefield died January, 1732-33. His will of date December 9, 
1724, appointed his son, John, executor, or if he were at sea or deceased, 
his (John's) wife, Sarah, to be executrix. "John is to make satisfaction to 
my daughter, Anne Johnson, of all that is between her and I, the remainder 
to be equally divided between all my children, my wife, Elizabeth, to have 
living in his (John's) house for life." John being at sea, his wife, Sarah 
(Russell), probated the will January 30, 1732, bond filed (perhaps by John), 
April 26, 1743, signed by Thomas Lea, .John Adams, and Edward Marion, 










Obadiah, born Maj- 4. 1674: died in infancy. 

Susanna, born — ^167.5; married Humphrey Richards 

1695. She died 

18.— 7. 
19.— 8. 

August 10. 1728. 

(Capt.) Obadiah. born November 11, 1677: married firstly, Rebecca 
W^aters, November 23. 1693: married secondly, Mary Russell, September 
10, 1716. He died May Id. 1733. 
Henry, born September 17, 1678: married Anne Moore, May 4, 1704. 
Mary, (twin,) born September 17, 1678. 

(Capt.) .John, born July 4, 168:2: married firstly. Anne Waters, August 8, 
1706; married secondly. Sarah Russell, January 7. 1713. He died April, 
Sa.muel. born March 15, 1686; married Mary Ward, intentions published 

November 17. 1716. 
Anne, born February 20, 1697: married William Johnson. 

Second Generation. 27 

5. Samuel* Wakefield {John'^), the youngest of the family of John 
and Ann Wakefield, probably lived at home with his parents, Maryland, 
Edgartown, and Boston, until he attained maturity. He was doubtless born 
in one of the three places, probably about 1644 or 1645. On the 2d of 
June, 1675, he was married in Salem to Elizabeth, daughter of Mathew 
Dove, of Salem, who was baptized there September 10, 1654. In 1676 he was 
undoubtedly a resident of Boston, being on record as a member of the 
Ancient an i Honorable Artillery Company, of Boston, at that time. Prom 
the Salem Records we learn that Samuel Wakefield was an appraiser of the 
estate of Anthony Dike, of that place, November 28, 1679. 

"February 12, 1679-80, Jonathan Neale,cordwinder, sold to Samuel Wake- 
field, taylor, 26 poles of ground in Salem towne; acknowledged February 19, 
1679-80; recorded March 3, 1683-4." {Essex Deeds.) "February 28, 1683, Samuel 
Wakefield, taylor, for £110 of good silver, current money of New England, 
sold to Mr. John Bollock, ordinary keeper, 28 or 30 poles of land ia Salem; 
acknowledged February 29, and recorded March 4, 1(583-4. {Essex Deeds.) 
From York Deeds, folio cxxx, we have record that Samuel Wakefield wit- 
nessed a bill binding Edmund Sheere. of Boston, to pay Miss Mary Saywood, 
of Yorke, thirty shillings. May 27, 1683. 

In 1684 he petitioned the General Court to erect a "wooden frame" in 
Boston, which was not granted, reason not given. Having meantime 
erected a homestead, he, with his wife, mortgaged it, in January, recorded 
in February. 1685. At a public meeting of the inhabitants of Boston, 
March 8, 1685-6, Samuel Wakefield was chosen "Hogg Reeves." {Boston 
Records, p. 183): chosen to same office for another year, March 14, 1686-7. 
The Boston tax-list for 1687 gives him as a resident of No. 1 precinct; list, 
"two adults, nine housing and wharf, one cow, two trades; tax, 4s, 6d." 
{liecord Com. Bep., vol. i, p. 86.) November 6, 1687, he sold his Boston man- 
sion to Lady Phipps, and probably removed soon after to Salem, as in the 
deed in reversion after death of his mother, November 4, 1691, he is re- 
corded as "of Salem." November 26, 1687, Mathew Dove (his father-in-law), 
for a consideration of £25, sold to Samuel Wakefield a tract of land in 
Salem, "with the dwelling house in which he then lived." Acknowledged by 
Mathew and Hannah b! Dove, November 26, 1687; recorded February 15, 
1697-8. {Esser Deeds.) 

Samuel Wakefield, who of his father's family was perhaps the wealth- 
iest, purchased a lot on the westerly corner of what are now Salem and 
Charter streets in Boston, and built for himself what was at that time one 
of the largest and finest mansions in Boston. It was of brick and two stor- 
ies in height. It was built probibly in 1685, when a mortgage was put on 
the house and lot, doubtless to help defray its cost. The mortgage-reads in 
substance as follows: 

"Samuel Wakefleld and wife, Elizabeth, to Taylor, mortsjagefor £248, his home- 
stead on Green lane and street leading to north burying ground, adjoining the land of 
Daniel Terrill." Dated January 18, recorded February 23, 1685-6. {Safolk Deedfi, 13-425.) 

Dr. Cotton Mather says, William Phipps, who was in early youth an ap- 
prentice to a ship carpenter, "dreamed when a poor boy that he would be- 
come rich and build him a house on Green lane (the ancient name of Salem 
street). He lived to realize his dream and became the head of the colony." 
Says Samuel A. Drake {Old Landmarks of Boston): "He received knighthood 
for the recovery of £300,000 of treasure in 1687, from a sunken Spanish gal- 
leon near the Bahamas, all of which he turned over to the English govern- 
ment, receiving £16,000 as his share." It is apparent that the residence of 
Samuel Wakefield became "the apple of his eye," for says Sewell, "Only a few 
days after the news had reached Boston that he had been dubbed Sir Wil- 
liam Phipps" at Windsor Castle, his wife, -then "Lady Phipps," purchased 
Samuel Wakefield's homestead and the adjacent premises of Daniel Terrill. 
Later, he added to the estate by other adjoining lots. The following is a 
minute of the historic deed: 

"Samuel Wakefleld and wife to William Phipps, knight, of Boston. November 6, 168r, 
Samuel Wakefleld and wife, and Daniel Terrill and wife, for £3,50, one brick dwelling and 
land appertaining on ye north .side of street leading from the Long street toward the 
burying place." {Svfolk Deeds, 17-221.) 

28 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

Soon after his arrival in Boston on May 16, 1688, Sir William Phipps was 
escorted from his newly acquired mansion to the state house by the Boston 
reg'iment and companies from Charleston, together with magistrates and 
a large concourse of people from Boston and neighboring towns; the new 
charter and the governor's commission were read from the balcony and the 
retiring governor, Bradstreet, vacated in his favor. The residence then 
became known as the Phipps mansion, the street corner, as Phipp's corner, 
and the blind alley in the rear as Phipp's place. This house later became 
the residence of Captain Gruchy, a wealthy privateer or pirate during the 
French and Indian war. In the present century the house was altered by 
the addition of a third story and was used in 1830 as an asylum for indigent 

January 9, 1691-92, Samuel Endecott and wife Hannah, for £36 sold to 
Samuel Wakefield 18 acres of land in Salem. Acknowledged .lanuary 15, 
1691-2: recorded February 15, 1697-8 (Essex Deeds.) Samuel Wakefield and 
wife Elizabeth, of Salem, deeded to Obadiah Wakefield, his = (Samuel's) 
share of the first division of the estate of his father, in reversion after the 
death of Ann Child, now in occupation and use of Ann and John Child: 
dated November 4, 1691, recorded April 15, 1691-92. Here Samuel Wakefield 
is given as a tailor. June 10, 1701, Samuel Wakefield was a constable in Sa- 
lem and is on record as officiating as such, in connection with the disposition 
of a dog coming ashore from a vessel affected with small pox. (Hist. Coll. 
Essex Inst., vol. xi, p. 238 9.) 

Samuel Wakefield, taylor, and wife Elizabeth, deeded September 29, 

1701, for fourty pounds, to .lames Philips, husbandman of Salem, 18 acres 

of land in same: recorded, September 13, 1704, acknowledged, October 6, 

1701. (Essex Co. Deeds.) Felt, in his HisUrry of Salem, mentions him as one 

of the "Tidewaiters" in 1703. We have preserved to us records of some of 

his business enterprises of which we quote some examples. Printed bill of 

lading, ]707: 

"Shipped by Samuel Brown. Captain William Bowdick. William Piciiering, and Sam- 
uel Wakerield in the good ship called the Maj'ttower. at Salem, one-fourth of cargo of 
salt on the account of Samuel Wakefield shipped to and received at a port in Maryland by 
Samuel Wakefield, May 1, 1708." {Hint. Coll. Essex Inst., vol. i, p. 17:i.) 

Another bill received by Samuel Wakefield, associated with Philip 
English and John Swasey, master of the Mayfiower. (Hist. Coll. Essex Inst., 
vol. i, p. 173.) 

In two instruments dated Salem, Essex count}', the first, of November 
17, 1707, between Samuel Wakefield and his son-in-law Samuel Ingersoll, 
the former legally adopted Elizabeth Ingersoll, his granddaughter, and 
daughter of the latter, by his first wife Elizabeth, the said child to inherit 
the clothing of her mother. Acknowledged November 17, 1707, recorded No- 
vember 18. 1707. The second instrument, dated January 16, 1704-5, and wit- 
nessed by Phillip English and William Pickering; Samuel Ingersoll agreed 
to his daughter's legal adoption, by her grandfather, Samuel Wakefield, and 
that she should inherit all her mother's personal property and clothing; 
acknowledged May 28, 1719; recorded .lune 6, 1719. (Essex Deeds.) October 
13, 1721, Stephea Doick executed a power of attorney to his trusty friend, 
Samuel Wakefield, of Salem, in his relations with Jacob Phillips, of Lynn, 
mariner; acknowledged October 13, 1721; recorded August 23, 1722, (Essex 
Deeds.) In 1722-4, a Salem man. Phillip English, who did not believe in 
witches, and so expressed it too vigorously, was fined twenty shillings by the 
grand jury, which he duly appealed, and his friend Samuel Wakefield, went 
on his bond. (Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., vol. i. p. 198-269.) 

Regarding his avocation, he is listed in Boston as having two trades; 
his ownership of a wharf and warehouses there and his shipping records in 
Salem lead us to call him a shipping merchant: while he is chronicled in 
Suffolk Deeds as a tailor, we have no evidences of his having ever worked at 
this trade. Dated January 18, recorded February 23, 1685. On February 2, 
1690-1, prior to the death of his mother, Samuel Wakefield received by deed 
his first (one) share of estate of his father. The balance to continue undi- 
vided during the life of his mother, then the wife of John Child; acknowl- 
edged November 3, 1691: recorded December 2, 1691. Agreement between 
the three brothers to abide by the award of arbitrators. The land divided 

Second Generation. 29 

is described as bounded north by Nictiols, south by Lidgett, rear by Clark. 
"We will quietly and peaceably sit down satisfied with our division and 
allottment." {Suffolk Beedti, L. cxxxviii.) February 9, 1725, Samuel Wakefield, 
John Pratt, and Jonathan Glover testified that in 1709, Robert Hill, of Sa- 
lem, calker, did in Salem publickly cried down Tamson Hill, his wife, for- 
bidding- all persons to creditt her: acknowledged April 12, 172(); recorded 
April 12, 1726. (Essex iJieds.) March 2(i, 1728, Samuel Wakefield deeded to 
his daughter Anne, single woman, the western lower room in the dwelling 
house, where he then lived, and the southeast part of the garden belonging 
to said house with privilege of passing to and from the premises, necessary 
yard room, etc., a black walnut chest of drawers, one large plain looking- 
glass, one large pewter dish brought from Virginia, one large iron pot. and 
six black chain; acknowledged May 1, 1728; recorded June 5, 1728. {Essex 
Deeds. ) 

Samuel Wakefield diei intestate at Salem; his son Joseph was ap- 
pointed, October 2, 1728, to administer his estate. Bond of same date 
recorded. His wife Elizabeth must have died first, as she is not mentioned 
in the distribution of the estate. 


30.— 1. Elizabeth, born March 2, 1675-6: married Samuel IngersoU, September 
6, 1700; died January 22, 1702. 

31.— 2. Anne, born August 6, 1677; married William Brown; intentions pub- 
lished March 20. 1731. 

23. — 3. Samuel, born March 15, 1678. 

33,-4. Susanna, born February 21, 1680; died August 14. 1682. 

34.-5. Su.sANNA, born January 26, 1683: died February 7, 1683. 

85.-6. Ebenezer, born September 12, 1684; married Experience Thornton, in 
Boston, September 24. 1713. 

26.-7. Joseph, born August 12, 1686: married Mary Griffls; intentions published 
August 9, 17;i5: died January, 1745. 

27.-8. Dorcas, born February 3. 1688: married William Dove (of Great Britain) 
June 30, 1715. 

38.-9. John, born October 4, 1692; died March 22, 1711. 
A daughter, stillborn, unnamed. 

i^ofe 7— Inventory of the estate of Samuel Wakefield: One house and land containing 
about 24 pole, excluding the western lower room and the southeast part of the garden, as 
also liberty of passage in the yard, which was a previous gift to his daughter, Anne Wake- 
field, during her natural life. Among 58 lines of items of personal property the following 
were mentioned; One dozen plaine leather chares, one great chare, one-half dozen high 
back leather chares, one large and one medium sized wallnut ovell table, one large pair 
brass andirons, one large and one small pair dogirons, one pair iron andirons, a multiplying 
glass, many pictures, Holland ware on mantle peice, five tire glieses, two spitts, two large 
and two small brass candle sticks, glassware on ye chamber mantle peice. large globe matt, 
fifty-nine pounds putter, fine Camblett curtains and valliants, bedstead, laceing and rods, 
earthernware, tinware, a small brass ladle, a sute of white curtains and teaster, pair 
Holland sheets, diaper tablecloth and napkins, four-fifths of a pew in the east meeting 
house, ruggs. quilts, cotton counterpins, child's cradle, carabin lire lock, 2 perywiggs, a 
Pallate beadstead, a spinning wheall, a sadle, one-half dozen turn'd back'd chares, a 
great square table, one pair bellows, brass scalles and weights, brass skellets, a tinn 
tunnell, a bell mettle morter and pestle, five small German books, etc. Miles Warde, 
Warurick Palfray, and Josiah Willard, appraisors. Sworn to Joseph Wakefield, adminis- 
trator, Essex ss. Ipswich December 11, 1728. before John Appleton, J P. After the death of 
Joseph Wakefield, his widow, Mary, was appointed administratrix, but she, in a letter 
dated Salem, October 16. 1749, declined on account of "bodily indisposition." The adminis- 
tration (fe bo/iiii iioii was next tendered Ann Brown, daughter of Samuel, who, in a letter 
dated Ipswich, October 16, 1749, also declined and recommended Robert Roundy, son-in-law 
to Joseph, the former administrator, who was accordingly appointed, and he gave bond 
of the same date: "Know all men by these presence that we. Robert Roundy and Anthony 
Wood, weavers, and Isaac Woodberry, gents., all of Beverly, in ye County of Essex, 
within his majesties province of the Massachusetts Bay, in N. E. etc." In the statement 
of the administration (dehoiiiii non) by Robert Roundy, among the debtors of the estate 
mentioned, were Phillip English, Joseph Wakefield, former administrator, for coasting 
for his father and Ann Wakefield for attendance in sickness. The total value of the 
estate is not clear, but bonds were in the sum of £1,000. 

Note 'i^^'lt is comparatively recent that Boston begun to be a city of brick and stone 
A few solidly built structures were scattered here and there over a wide area, but the 
mass were of wood, in spite of some attempts made by the town to induce a safer and 
more durable style of architecture. A lady entering Boston in 1795. remarks; "The 
ranges of wooden buildings, all situated with one end towards the street, and the numer- 

30 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

ous chaises we met, drawn by one horse, the driver being placed on a low seat in front, 
appeared to me very singular,'' Another writer observes of the town, in 180.5: "The 
houses were most of them wood, seldom enlivened by paint, and closely resembling the 
old-fashioned, dark-looking editices still to be seen in Newport, R.I," (p. 9, Drake's Old 
Landmarks of Boston.) 


8. John'' Wakefield {John,^ John'^), son of John and Deliverance Wake- 
field, was born at his father's homestead in Boston, .January 27, 1668, a share 
of which he inherited and resided on for some time, but prior to 1718 they 
removed to a residence property on Back (now Salem) street, then owned 
by his father-in-law, Thomas Walker, jr., but by a deed dated October 14, 1718, 
and acknowledged and recorded .July 12, 1738, it was presented to his wife 
Elizabeth. He was the administrator of the estate of his mother. Deliver- 
ance Wakefield, and his administration of same is best described by a 
series of official records. The bond dated November 19, 1716, in the sum of 
£600 was signed by John Wakefield, shipwright, Thomas Walker, brick- 
burner, and Thomas Walker, jr., brickburner, all of Boston. Then follows 
Suffolk Deeds (libre 32, folio 91, October 7, 1717.) John Wakefield and wife, 
Deliverance, estate (and al.) division between Thomas Walker and H. 
Bridgeham, assignees of .John Wakefield, eldest son of -John and Deliverance 
Wakefield, (both John, sr., and John, jr., shipwrights,) Joseph Wakefield, 
shipwright, son of John and Deliverance Wakefield, Samuel Wakefield, 
shipwright, third son of Deliverance and John Wakefield, Joseph Bill, 
husband of Deliverance, a daughter of John and Deliverance Wakefield, 
and John Corsser and Sarah, his wife, daughter of John and Deliverance 
Wakefield, (which said, John, Joseph, Samuel, Deliverance, and Sarah, 
were all children of -John and Deliverance Wakefield, deceased. (Libre 31, 
folio, 81. December 18, 1716.) John, child of John and Deliverance Wake- 
field to Thomas Walker, quit claim by .John, eldest son, administrator of 
his parents, John and Deliverance Wakefield, all his share in his father's 
and mother's property; acknowledged December — . 1716; recorded March 
20, 1716. (Libre .32, folio 92. November 4, 1717.) Deliverance Wakefield 
and John, child, et at. to Thomas Walker, John Corsser and Sarah, his wife, 
all their share of parents estate as above. 

He was married by Cotton Mather, November 23, 1693, to Elizabeth, 
daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Collins) Walker. His father-in-law, 
Thomas Walker, died, and his will, dated July 23, 1724, and proved February 
28. 1725, divided an estate valued at £5.270; inventory dated December 12, 
1727. In the division of the estate, Elizabeth Wakefield received the rear 
and lower part of the Mansion House of Thomas Walker, on Orange street, 
etc., valued at £1,066, which was, on September 6, 1735, sold to Thomas 
Walker's widow, Elizabeth, by Samuel Wakefield, guardian. John Wake- 
field was a mariner or shipwright, but we have no records of his rank on 
shipboard. He died January 31, 1735, and is interred in the King's Chapel 
burying ground, Boston. It is evident that the grief of his widow at his 
loss was very great, as soon after her mind became deranged, and on May 
30, 17.35, Probate Judge Josiah Willard communicated to the selectmen the 
fact that Elizabeth Wakefield, of Boston, aforesaid widow, is a non compos 
person, or so far wanting in reason and understanding as to be incapable of 
managing her own aft'airs. June 6, 1735, five selectmen were duly appointed 
a committee to visit her and report on her case. They accordingly re- 
ported on that date, finding her as above described, and her son Samuel 
was duly appointed guardian, giving bond in the sum of £1,000, June 17, 1735. 
Her guardian, by order of the court, reported house sold for £425, and to 
Interest and other cash receipts a total of £471 18,s00fZ. She must have died 
about August 1, 1738, as on August 4 of that year James Barnard, Benjamin 
Eustis, and Edward Brazer, were chosen by Samuel Wakefield, Paul Sher- 
roch, and David Lennox, heirs, to appraise the estate of Mrs. Elizabeth 
Wakefield, late of Boston, deceased, the inventory of which they reported 

Third Generation. 


July 26, 1738, including- house and land, "Heridittaments & appurtanances 
at ye North End near ye Baptiste Meeting House, £65 00s OOcZ." After her 
decease, her son Samuel was appointed her administrator, and in his item- 
ized account of debits were the following, of special interest: 

"Paid Ester Wakefleld, for sundrys at my father's decease; paid Deacon Lee, the 
former guardian; paid Joseph Wakefisld, for glass and mending windows; paid David 
Lennox, for labor and materials to repair of house: to cash expended during mother's 
sickness; paid Captain Breed, for boarding my mother; sundrys for my mother during 
her last illness; Dr. Perkins, for medicine and attendance; Mr. Mallins & Co., porters' 
notes for pall bell, etc.; George Holmes, for twenty-niae pairs gloves for funeral; Captain 
Turen, for three gallons of wine for funeral; Eliza Adleton, ye dece ised grandchild, for 
mourning; David Lennox, for ye coEfla and sundrys; Joseph Wakefield, note for glass; 
David Lennox, for boarding my mother from August 20, 1734, to June 38, 1738." (Possibly 
the latter date was the date of her decease.) 

4?iU I/^u/Jt^ 













f Thomas Walker, jr.. 
brickburner, Boston, born 
1648. Will of July 23, 1724, 
proved February 28, 1725-6. 


John, born August 14, 1694; baptized "Old North," August 19; died March 

13, 1695. 
John, born September 19, 1695; married December 10, 1719, Susanna 

Trask, Salem. 
Thomas, born January 5, 1698; baptized "Old North," January 9; died 

November. 1761. 
Deliverance, born August 17. 1699; baptized "Old North.'' August 20. 
Joseph, born June 9. 1701; baptized "Old North,' June 15; married Co- 

pia (Bridge) Love, December 7. 1726. He died April, 1732. 
Elizabeth, born July 4. 1703; married March 22, 1722. James Adlington. 
Miles, born September 29,1705; baptized "Old North." September 30; 

died young. 
Samuel, born July 4, 1707; baptized "Old North, "July 6, 1707: married 

Hannah Pearle, August 23, 1728; married secondly, February 5, 1761, 

Anne Utley. 
Benjamin, born June 23, 1709; baptized "Old North," June 26. 
Susanna, born March 15, 1710-11; baptized "Old North," March 18; 

married November 10, 17-^0, Samuel Dolbear. 
Abigail, born June 25, 1712; baptized "Old North," July 6; married Da- 
vid Lennox. 
Miles, born March 17, 1715-16; baptized "Old North," March 25. 

f Thomas Walker, sr., 
brickburner, Boston. Emi- 
grated from England on the 
■■John'' of London. James 
Waymouth, master, Octo- 
ber 2, 1635, bound for St. 
Christophers; born 1615-16; 
died July 2, 1659. He mar- 
ried Ann , who sur- 
vived him. 

John Collins, born Eng- 
land. Residence, Lynn, 
Massachusetts. Came on the 
"Abigail" with parents. 
Probably son of Henry Col- 
lins, born England. Came 
in the "Abigail," 1635; age 
29, with wife Ann, three 
children, and four servants. 
Freeman March 9. 16.37; died 
February 1687. Residence, 
Lynn, Massachusetts. 

9. JOSEPH''' Wakefield [Jolin,'-^ John^), son of John and Deliverance 

Wakefield, of Boston, was born at his father's homestead, , 1670. He 

married firstly, September 7, 1704, Abigail, daughter of Thomas and Alice 
(Rand) Lord, who was born July 2G, 1674; married by Mr. Benjamin Wads- 
worth; she died soon after without issue. He then married secondly, Miss 
Esther Archer, of Boston; married by Mr. Samuel Miles, November 7, 1706. 
She died and he married third, Priscilla, (probably) daughter of William 
and Elizabeth Russell, of Reading, Mass., as "Priscilla Wakefield, alias 
Russell, was dismissed from the North Reading Church, November 8, 1722, 

Elizabeth Walker, born 
1673; died July, 1738; mar- 
ried November '^3, 1693, John 
Wakefield, of Boston, Mass. 

Married March 
Susanna Collins. 


32 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

to the church in Boston;" married by Mr. William Cooper, in Boston, April 

13, 1732. He resided in Boston, and the following mortgage describes the 

location of his residence: 

"March 19. 1717-18, Joseph Wakefield and wife Esther to Samuel Terrill. mortgage, 
property bounded north by NlchoUs, east by Samuel Wakefield, south by Wakefield's 
Alley, and west by Harris." (Suffolk Beeds, libre 32, folio 193.) 

Joseph Wakefield distinguished himself as a brave man and persistent 
fighter, having served under various commanders and in the most bloody- 
battles throughout King Philip's War. AVe find him credited with military 
service under Captain Mosely, amounting to £2 14,s lUcZ, on .June 24, 1676, and 
on August 4 of the same year 12s lOcZ. He probably served with the valiant 
captain, perhaps one of the independent company whose organization was 
thus recorded. "Within three hours" says the old historian, "there were en- 
listed 110 volunteers." These were partly old privateer men. who had jirevi- 
ously served under the captain and partly young men, apprentice boys, etc. 
He was probably with Mosely in that grand and successful assault on Philip's 
stronghold at Narragansett on the 19th of December, 1675, when six of the 
captains in the command fell and Captain Mosely's company, who led the 
van, lost nine killed and ten wounded. {New England Historical and Genealog- 
ical Register, vol. xxxvii, pp. 183-186.) We also find in the same (vol. xxxix, 
p. .382), that Joseph Wakefie^d was a member of Major Clark's company in 
the same war. Quoted from Massachusetts Archives, vol. Ixviii, p. 95. Also 
in the Massachusetts Archives, vol. Ixviii, p. 95, Joseph Wakefield is credited 
with service under command of Captain James Oliver in King Phillip's War. 


41.— 1. Deliverance, born January 23, 1709. 


43.-3. JOSEPH, born October 13, 1733: married 1756, Ruth Cobb, King's Chapel, 

43.-3. Mathew, born August 4, 1734. 

Note i.— Robert Liord, Ipswich, freeman, March 3, 1636, representative. 1638, was clerk of 
courts, marshal and registrar of deeds; married Mary Waite: he died May 13. 1750. A 
widow, Catherine Lord, who had a grant of land at Ipswich may have been his mother. 
Thomas Lord, Charleston, son of Robert, of Ipswich, married Alice, daughter of Robert 
Rand, of Charleston. He died June 4, 1713, aged 80 years. His wife died August 11, 1721. 
aged 88 years. Their daughter, Abigail, was born July 36, 1673; married Joseph Wakefield, 
September 7, 1704. 

A'ote 3.— '-Tiie sturdy mechanics of the North End were ever read}' to act in the cause 
of liberty, no matter what the sacrifice might be. Many of her sons gained a noble repu- 
tation in the wars of the republic. There was that old sea lion, John Manly, who held the 
first naval commission issued by Washington in 1776. He took, in the "Lee." the dangerous 
cruising-ground of Boston Ba3', and captured, in November, the British ordnance brig 
Nancy, a prize so important to the Continental arm}' that the camps were wild with joy. 
Among other pieces taken was a heavv brass mortar, which Old Put mounted with a 
bottle of rum in his hand, while Mifflin christened it the "Congress." The Lee made other 
important captures; and in 1776 Manly was given command of the Hancock frigate, in 
which he captured the Fox, British man-of-war, but was himself taken prisoner by the 
Rainbow, a much heavier vessel than his own. He commanded afterwards the Jason 
and Hague, in both of which he gave evidence that he was a worthy comrade of Paul 
Jones. Manly was a l:)luff but indiscreet seaman, and for some irregularity was court- 
martialed. He died in 1793, at his house at the North End." (p. 330. Drake's Old' Land- 
marks of Boston. ) 

lO. Sarah^ Wakefield {John,- John^), daughter of John and Deliver- 
ance Wakefield; born in Boston March 1, 1674; married May 20, 1703, by Mr. 
John Wadsworth, to John Courser. Residence in Boston. 


1. Sarah Courser, born July 35, 1707. 

3. John Courser, born October 35, 1709. 

3. Mary Courser, born October ), 1711. 

4. Anna Cour^er, born April 15, 1713. 

5. Jonathan Courser, born June 30, 1716. 

13. Susanna^ Wakefield {Ohadiah'^ John^), daughter of Obadiah and 

Susanna Wakefield, born , 1674-5, in Boston; married to Humphrey 

Richards (intentions published September 5, 1695,) who came from London 
about 169.3-4, and settled in Boston, where he died intestate November 15, 
1727, aged 61 years. He left an estate of £725, his widow Susanna being 

Third Generation. 33 

appointed his administratrix, December 11, 1727. She died while adminis- 
tering on liis estate, August 10, 1728, aged 53 years, and her son, John, was 
appointed administrator de bonis non, September 9, 1729. March 14, 1731, 
the administration of the estate of Humphrey Richards was granted to 
John Compton. (See Suffolk Probate, libre xxi, folio 35; libre xxvi, folio 229; 
and libre xxix, folio 430.) Humphrey Richards was no doubt the brother of 
John Richards, of Newbury. He attended Cotton Mather's church (Old 
North), did considerable business, and was a respected citizen. He was a 
baker by trade. 


1. Humphrey Richards, born September 3, 1698; baptized Second Church Septem- 

ber 13. 

2. John Richards, baptized Second Church November 2\, 1697. 

3. Susanna Richards, born January 24, 1700; baptized January 26; died January 

9, 17—. 

4. Mary Richards, baptized September 19, 1703. 

.5. Obadiah Richard.s, born January 14. 1707; baptized January 21. 

6. Samuel Richards, born December 17, 1711; baptized December 23. He being under 

age on the death of his father. Zacariah Fitch was appointed guardian, August 

26, 1728. 

14. Captain Obadiah'' Wakefield (Obadiah,- John^), third child of 
Obadiah and Susanna Wakefield, was born November 11, 1677. He was a 
mariner and became a ship captain. In the New England Historical and Gen- 
ealogical Ite^ister, vol. xxxi, p. jll, we find a Boston record of his arrival in 
port with his brig "Prince Eugene," from London, dated June 17, 1712. 
Obadiah Wakefield was married by Cotton Mather, November 23, 1693, to 
Rebecca, daughter of Sampson and Rebecca Waters, of Boston. 

Among Suffolk Deeds, 30-166, we find recorded the award of arbitrators 
on the estate of Sampson Waters, August 18, 1706, providing for division 
between Thomas Barker, who married Rebecca, widow of Sampson Waters, 
John Jarvis and wife Mary, Obadiah Wakefield and wife Rebecca, and and 
.John Wakefield and wife Anne, three daughters and only surviving child- 
ren of Sampson Waters, as to brick building, wharffe, and movable estate. 
Land was granted to Obadiah Wakefield and wife and John Wakefield and 
wife, in Somerset county, on Nauticook river, Va.; acknowledged December 
20, 1707, recorded June 6, 1716. Another record from same source, 30-123, we 
find a divisional agreement of date September 30, 1714, between Obadiah 
Wakefield and wife Rebecca, John Jarvis and wife Mary, both wives, daugh- 
ters of Sampson Waters, each to have "one-half of housing and wharffe and 
commonage of yard." (libre xxxix, folio 53.) Obadiah Wakefield, to George 
Hopkins, October 5, 1725. Obadiah Wakefield, shipwright, brick house, 
wharf, etc., near High street, dower Released by wife, Mary, (libre xxxix 
folio 138.) Obadiah Wakefield from George Hopkins, October 7, 1725, lower 
room of dwelling house of George Hopkins for life. Obadiah is mentioned 
as a shipwright, (libre xlv, folio 166.) May 16, 1730, another deed, Obadiah 
Wakefield and wife to George Hopkins. George Hopkins was his son-in-law, 
and the above probably are representative in part of a divisional distribu- 
tion of his property among his children. The first deed above given may 
have significant connection with the following record: We find among the 
deeds of York county. Me., book vii, folio 15, that Obadiah Wakefield wit- 
nessed an instrument of power of attorney of Robert Screven, son of Rev. 
William Screven, in which Rev. William Screven, of Somerton, near 
Charleston, S. C , appoints his son Robert (a shipwright) his attorney to 
conduct his afl:'airs and manage his property at Kittery, Me. The same 
made and signed at Charleston, S. C, June 12, 1704, and there witnessed by 
Obadiah Wakefield and John Pitts. Acknowledged before John Clark, J. P. 
of Boston, July 12, 1704, by the witnesses, probably both shipwrights. In 
accordance with the above authority, Robert Screven, then of Kittery, 
sold to Nicholas Frost, of Portsmouth, N. H., a mariner, land in Kittery, 
dated November 12, 1704, acknowledged by witnesses at Kittery, November 
20, 1704. Another Suffolk Deed, 108-270 (1714), is recorded the division of part 
of Sampson Water's estate between Obadiah Wakefield and wife Rebecca, 
and John Jarvis and wife Mary, both wives being daughters of Sampson 


34 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

Rebecca (Waters) Wakefield died May 28, 1715, aged 38 years, and is 
interred in the Copp's Hill burying" ground, Boston. Obadiah Wakefield, 
married secondly, September 10, 1716, by William Cooper, Mary Russell. 
He died May 15, 1733, aged 55 years, and is interred in the King's Chapel 
burying ground, Boston. 


44.— 1. Obadiah, born December 17. 1703: baptized December 20. "Old North." 
45.-2. Ireland, born August 26. 1704: baptized August 27. '-Old Nortli." 
46.-3. Rebecca, born August 27.1707; baptized August 3i. '-Old North:'" mar- 
ried George to Hopkins, March Ifi. 1724, by Mr. Samuel Myles. 
47. — 1 John, born October 8, 1711 : baptized October 14, "Old North." 
48.-5. Elizabeth, baptized "Old North," July 11, 1703. 

CHILD by second MARRIAGE. 

49.-6. Mary, born September 16, 1721. 

15. Henry-' Wakefield {Obadiah-, Jolin^), son of Obadiah and Sus- 
anna Wakefield, born September 17, 1678; married May 4, 1704, by Rev. Cot- 
ton Mather, Anne Moore. Residence in Boston. 


50.-1. Henry, born July 8, 1705: baptized, "Old North,'" July 1,t; married Ann 
Buchanan; intentions published September 17, 1727. 

51.-2. Anne, born Januar}' 5, 1706; baptized, "Old North," Januarj' 12: mar- 
ried, June 20, 1725, to John Friend. 

53.-3. Susanna born August 22, 1710: baptized, "Old North,"" August 27. 

17. Captain .IohN"' Wakefield {Ohadiah,- John^), son of Obadiah and 
Suianna Wakefield: born in Boston July 4, 1682. Capt. John Wakefield mar- 
ried, August 8, 1706, Anne, daughter of Sampson and Rebecca Waters, of 
Boston; married by Rev. Cotton Mather. Anne (Waters) Wakefield died 
January 1, 1712; then John married secondly, January 7, 1713-14, Sarah, 
daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Russell, of Boston, married by Rev. Cot- 
ton Mather. Mrs. Sarah Wakefield was baptized August 31, and the fol- 
lowing March 7, 1735-6, was admitted to the new brick church, Boston. He 
was a ship captain, as is attested by the following record: 

""Arrivals; Impost Office, Boston, Mass. Vessels entered ye month of May, 1712; 
John Wakefield with ye brig "Lisbon Merchant,' vessel from Lisbon; no passengers, but 

Judging from the following record. Captain Wakefield was a man of 
considerable prominence in Boston, as during King George's War, "Septem- 
ber 22. 1746, in public town meeting assembled in Fanueil Hall, Captain 
John Wakefield was chosen one of a committee to wait upon the captain- 
general for his leave in placing cannons, etc., at the ends of the wharfs, 
and take action for the security of the town and defense against the enemy." 
(Boston Records, vol. xiv.) From the following deeds we may judge of the 
location and extent of his real estate possessions: [Suffolk Deeds, libre xlv, 
folio 87.) January 4 1730, John Wakefield (mariner), from Nathaniel Bel- 
knap, a mortgage. (Libre xxv, folio 408.) Ebenezer Thornton, shipwright, 
and wife Elizabeth, of Boston, to Captain John Wakefield (mariner), of 
Boston, land in Dracutt, April 5,1726. (Libre xxviii, folio 446.) Land 
in Dracutt to Captain John Wakefield (mariner), 1728. (Libre 
xxxviii, folio 332.) Land in Dracutt, 1734-5 (following last two entries). 
(Libre lii, folio 219.) July 3, 1732, John Wakefield (mariner), from Thomas 
Russell, land in Worcester, dower released by wife, Elizabeth Russell. 
(Worcester Deeds, book x, p. 180.) Indenture 22, June, 1739, Thomas Rus- 
sell, of Boston, brazier, and John Wakefield, of Boston, mariner. Valu- 
able reasons, £5, land in Worcester, northerly part on road to Rutland, 
100 acres, etc., conditional on payment of £100. Dated May 18, 1732. John 
Wakefield, at special request of Thomas Russell, bound with Thomas Rus- 
sell, brazier, and wife Elizabeth, to John Wakefield, mariner, 100 acres. 
Thomas Russell and wife acknowledged, August 30. 1736. John Wakefield 
transfers to William Brattle, of Cambridge, November 3, 1738. "Rec'd of 
Capt. John Wakefield £150 and £30 at sundry times." (Book xiv, p. 245.) 
Thomas Russell to John Wakefield, of Boston, mariner, same lands, June 

Third Generation. 35 

22, 1732. November, 30, 1738, John Wakefield, for £150, sold to William 
Brattle. No wife mentioned to deed made by John Wakefield. 

Captain John Wakefield died in April, 1754, and on the 17th of that 
month his widow, Sarah, was appointed administratrix of his estate, and 
she, with Thomas Walker, merchant, and Joseph Hiller, jeweler, gave bond 
in the sum of £1,000, of the same date. The inventory of his estate, dated 
June 1, 1754, contains 320 items, and a total valuation of £392 2s 02cZ S. The 
items of the greatest interest are as follows: 

"5 powder horns, 1-1-10 pound of shott, 10 larass, twin buckets, 1 small brass kittle pott, 
8 pr. brass spurs, 2-6 inch brass nob, lox, 2 doz. common brass handels, 1 doz compasses, 
1 mariner's compass, 5 brass kittles, 37 11) old copper and brass at 9 1-2, 4 brass weights wt. 
4 lb, 1 pr. brass scails and beams, 1 large beam and scails and tryangels, 1 pr. small brass 
scails, 18 cooppers visces, .5 powder horns, 11 pr. pistols, 1 gun £7, 1 gun i;8, 8 sawdering 
irons, 1 old desk, 1 dutch tea table, 1 large walnut tea table. 1-2 arm'd chairs with a cush- 
ing, 1 black walnut desk, 1 standing candlestick, 1 pr. brass doggs, 1 pr. brass tongs and 
shovell, 170 oz.,4 pt., 12 grains of wrought plate, 6 blue and white plates, 1 delph frunt 
dish, 31 books of different sorts, 2 plates"l-7 1-2, 4 wine glasses 2-1 1-2, 1 read harreteen bed 
and bed sted, 4 Read harreteen window curtains. 1 read easey chair, 1 Spanish leader 
desk, dreasing glass. Dutch looking glass, 1-2 armed chairs, 1 pr. brass doggs, 1 brass 
hearth brush and chimney hoops, 1 pr. brass nose bellows, 6 pr. double flint wine glasses, 
1 pair Holland curtains and vallions. .5 1-2 pr. Holland sheets. 3 pair tine Holland sheets. 
4 pr. fine Holland pillow bears, 1 dol. Damask napkins and 1 table cloth, 1 doz. diaper 
napkins and 1 table cloth, 7 mappell chairs. 1 pr. curtin rods and bead steds. 1 pr. small 
doggs with brass heads. 1 child's craddle, 1 negro's craddle, 1 larg brass kittle wt. 33, 2 
brass sass pans. 2 brass skillet frames, 1 bell mettle skillett, 1 brass moiter and pessell, 
6 ft old brass, 1 brass laddie and skimmer. 13 brass candlesticks and snuffers, 1 brass 
chaffendish, 1 pr. leather buckets, 1 glass lanthorn, 4 old brass potts and kittles, wt. 50 ft, 
1 pair Braizer's bellows, a negro man named Bonnv, a house and land situated in Wake- 
fields Alley. 


53.— 1. John, born August 4 1709: died young. 

54.-2. John, born April 9, 1711; baptized "Old North," April 1.5; died young. 


55.-3. John, born May 21, 1716. 

66.-4. Jcseph, born February 21, 1717-18. 

57.-5. Sarah, born September 1, 1722: baptized New Brick Church. Septem- 
ber 2; married James Butler, No\'ember :39, 1744. 

58.-6. Sdsanna, born August 8, 1724: baptized New Brick Church. August 23. 

59.-7. Thomas, born August 21, 1727; baptized New Brick Church, August 27; 
died young. 

60.— 8. Mary, born October 12. 17-28: baptized New Brick Church, October 20. 

61.-9. Thomas, born February 25. 1730: baptized New Brick Church, Febru- 
ary 28. 

A^o^f.— Sampson Waters, Boston, .1666, was in 1685 sent out with forty men in pursuit ot 
Veal and Graham, pirates, on the coast off New London. By his wife, Rebecca, he had: 

1. Rebecca Waters, born May 28, 1677: married November 23, 1693, Obadiah Wakefield. 

2. Anne Waters, born , married August 8, 1706, Capt. John Wakefield. 

19 Ann'^ Wakefield {Obadiah, '■^ John^), daughter Obadiah and Sus- 
anna Wakefield; born February 20, 1697, in Boston; married William Johnson, 
of Boston. 


1. Elizabeth Johnson, born December 25, 1741. 
Other children, perhaps, and records lost. 

20 Elizabeth* Wakefield {Samuel,^ /o/mi), daughter of Samuel and 
Elizabeth (Dove) Wakefield: born in Boston, March 2, 1675-6: married in 
Salem, September 5, 1700 Samuel Ingersoll, supposed to be son of John In- 
gersoU, of Salem. She died January 22. 1702, leaving one child, who was 
adopted by her father, Samuel Wakefield. 


1. Elizabeth Ingersoll, born 1701-2. 

25. Ebenezer'' Wakefield {Samuel,^ John'^), son of Samuel and Eliz- 
abeth (Dove) Wakefield; born in Boston, September 12, 1684; married Sep- 
tember 24, 1713, Experience, daughter of Timothy and Experience (Brooking) 
Thornton, who married secondly, between December, 1724, and July, 1725, 
John Coolidge, of Boston. Ebenezer married by Rev. Cotton Mather. 

36 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

January 20, 1731-32, Ebenezer Wakefield, a minor ag'ed about 14 years, 
grandson of Samuel Wakefield, of Salem, had his mother, Experience Coo- 
lidge, widow, appointed guardian, and she, with Ebenezer and Timothy 
Thornton, gave bonds in the sum of £200. It would appear from the above 
that John Coolidge, Experience's second husband, did not long survive their 


62,-1. Ebenezer, baptized •'Old Nortti," Fel3ruarv 17, 1716-17. 

63.-2. Experience, born Julv 28, 1718, baptized "Old North," August 3. 

64,-3. Elizabeth, born Nove'mber 26, 1719, baptized "Old North," November 29. 


Note— Key. Thomas Thornton, Yarmouth, came soon after the Bartholomew act of 
1662, bringing wife and children. At Yarmouth he was as early as June 18, 1663, and in 
1677, removed to Boston, joined Mather's church (Old North) and died February 13. 1700, 
aged 90 to 93 years. In January, 1694, he was called by Cotton Mather to testify how Mar- 
garet Rule was raised from her bed by an invisible force; was probabh' then in second 
childhood. His son, Timothy, born in"l647, was a Boston merchant; born in England, and 
admitted freeman 1672 bv his wife Experience, perhaps sister of the first John Brooking, 
who died March 23. 1694. "Timothy Thornton was representative 1693-4-5. He had another 
wife, Sarah, who died December 3, 1725. He died September 19, 1726. Daughter Experi- 
ence, born February a3, 1687; married September 24, 1713, Ebenezer Wakefield. 

26. Joseph-^ Wakefield (Samuel,^ Jolin^), son of Samuel and Eliza- 
beth (Dove) Wakefield: born in Boston, August 12, 1686; married Mary Grif- 
tis, intentions published August 9, 1735. He resided in Salem and succeeded 
to the business of his father, in shipping trade with southern coast ports, 
acting as administrator of his estate. 

September 1, 1786. Martin Village and Christain, his wife, for £110, in 
bills of credit, deeded to Joseph Wakefield 15 poles of land and dwelling 
houses thereon: acknowledged September 4, ]736; recorded September 4, 
1736. November 4, 1737, Joseph Wakefield, mariner, for £110 sold to Chris- 
tian Village, wife of Martin Village, a dwelling house with 15 poles of land; 
acknowledged November 24, 1737: recorded same date. It is evident that 
Joseph Wakefield was either considerable of a spendthrift or very unsuc- 
cessful in business life, as after the inheritance of a comfortable fortune 
from his opulent father, he died in January, 1745-6, and the inventory of his 
estate, of date June 18, 1746, as presented by his widow, Mary, who was ap- 
pointed administratrix, January 13, 1745-6, shows a total assets' of £39 17s 09(Z, 
and total liabilities of £101 6s Od. Among the items inventoried, of interest, 
were "a pair of Linsawoolsa curtains, a pair of plush briches. and a large 
bible." No real estate at all is mentioned, but cash £29 18.s_ 9c7, which 
would indicate that he had disposed of his property and was living up the 

J/c^/?^ )/o^/a^ 


65.-1. John, baptized First Church, Salem, March 13, 1737. 

66.-2. , daughter, born ; married Robert Roundey, of Beverly Mass 

Fourth Generation. 37 


i^l. Thomas-* Wakefield {John,^ John,^ John^), son of John and Eliz- 
abeth (Walker) Wakefield; born in Boston January 5, 1698: baptized Old 
North Church, January 9. He removed to Ashford, Conn., where he 
resided for several years. The Ashford Registry of Deeds record the fol- 
lowing land conveyances to Thomas Wakefield: Thirty-five acres from 

Dr. Bart, in 1754: eight acres from Samuel Wakefield, in 1755; and 

acres from Ezekiel Badger, in 1856. He married , who 

died after a few years. In 1757 he deeded to his son, William Wakefield, 
his Ashford real estate of seventy-five acres, and removed soon after with 
his son, William, to Woodstock, Conn., and made his home with his son, 
there, until his death, November — , 17(il. He died intestate, and his son, 
William Wakefield, and Ebenezer Williams, esq., judge, were appointed 
administrators of his estate on December 1, 17(51. Among the beneficiaries 
of his estate were Kesia Wakefield, who received £6 12s 8d, July 6.1762, 
from William Wikefield, administrator. Perhaps she was a daughter. 
To his brother, Samuel Wakefield, £30 5s M, and Samuel's daughter, 
Abigail, and son, Nathaniel, the former £1 Is Qd, and the latter a note at 
four per cent interest. He instructs payments to be made as creditors. 


67.-1. William, born : married first, December 24. 1747, Mar}' Holmes, 

at Cambridge, Mass.: married second. November 15. 1751, Dorcus 
Havward, at Ashford, Conn.; married third, , Brookfleld, Vt. 

«8.— 2. Kesia. born : assumed to be a daughter. 

33. Joseph-* Wakefield (John,'^ John,'^ Jolin^), son of John and Eliza- 
beth (Walker) Wakefield, was born in Boston .June 9, 1701: baptized June 15, 
1701, in the Old North Church; married December 7, 172(), Mrs Copia Love, 
widow of Richie Love and daughter of Rev. Thomas and Elizabeth (Turner) 
Bridge. He died April — , 1732. The Suffolk County. Massachusetts, Probate 
Records show (book 23, p. 258): Letters of administration granted to Copia 
Love on the estate of Richie Love, a merchant, and (book 26, p. 417) letters 
of administration de bonis non granted to Benjamin Gray on estate of Richie 
Love, August .23, 1728, on account of decease of his widow, Copia, and (book 
29 p. 305) the inventory de bonis non filed by said Benjamin Gray. Tradition 
states that about a year following the birth of her son, Thomas Wakefield, 
August 5, 1727, Copia Wakefield died, which conforms with the above record. 
The Suffolk Probate Records (book 31, p. 86, No. 6,283) show the will of Joseph 
Wakefield, which provides: 

■'All of the remainder of mv estate, both real and personal, whatever and whereso- 
ever the same is, or may be found, I give, devise, and bequeath the same to by dear and 
well beloved child, Thomas Wakefield, to be holden by him, his heirs, and assigns forever." 

There is no devise or bequest to any other person. Luke Hardy, of Boston, 
innkeeper, is sole executor. His will is dated April 27, 1732. Joseph Wakefield 
is described as a perriwigg-maker and book 31, p. 86, shows it was proved and 
allowed and letters executors issued August 23, 1732. A tradition universal 
among his descendants, relates that he was also engaged in the jewelry 
business, a silversmith. The following copy of their certificate of marri- 
age intentions will be of interest: 

"Boston. A Purpose of Marriage between Mr. Joseph Wakefield and Miss Sophia 
Love, both of Boston, hath stood entred with me for the space of Fifteen Days, and due 
publication of such their Intention or purpose hath been made by asking their Banns 
at three several Publick Meetings within the said Town, as by law is directed. 

'■Certified under mv hand the 6th day of April, Anno Domini. 1727. Married (?) 

2d April 6, 17"27. " Samuel Buckley, ?'oH';i C'/frA'." 

Note—T'b.e date of marriage intentions is later than the Boston date of marriage 
and one or the other must be' erroneous. Note,, name of Sophia instead of Copia 
Love, and Miss for Mrs. 

38 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 


69.— 1. Thomas, born August 5, 1737; married March 24, 1750, Dorcas Pratt; died 
September — , 1791. 

Note i— High-crowned felt hats were worn out of doors, while the velvet skull-cap was 
the favorite head-dress within. In 1750. cocked-hats, wigs, and red cloaks were usually 
worn bj" gentlemen. Except among militarj' men, boots were rarely seen. In winter, 
round coats were worn, made stiff with buckram and coming down to the knees in front. 
Bovs wore wigs and cocked-hats until about 1790. Powder was worn by gentlemen until 
after 1800. (p. 10, Drake's Old LantJmarks of Boston.) 

Note 2— Joseph was a perriwig maker, and his brother Samuel, was a maker of felt 


Note 3. — "Rev. Thomas Bridge was born at Hacknej', in England, in 16.56; was regularly 
educated at Oxford. His first place of residence in North America was West Jersey; he 
there, also received an invitation to settle as a minister of the gospel, refused this call, 
arrived in Boston on the 17th of March, 1704. He was regularly installed as a colleague 
pastor with Messrs. Allen and Wadsworth, May 10, 1705. He had been settled as a clergyman 
previously; preached at Jamaica and Bermuda: at each of these places he had re'ceived 
an invitation to settle as a minister of the gospel. The following is an answer to a vote 
of the First Church of Christ, in Boston, from Rev. Thomas Bridge, dated March 31, 1705. 

"Dearly Beloved:— I have entertained your former invitation and this also, with 
fear and trembling, being sensible of the greatness of the work and my manifest infirmi- 
ties, but I am r.ot my own and my encouragement is that the grace of God is sufficient for 
me. I have therefore solemnl}'," f reel}', and entirely, resigned myself up to His dispose 
and find satisfaction therein. I bless His glorious" name for the acceptance my labors 
have found amongst you: and looking upon it as mj' work, that you have hearts inclined 
to give me this call I therefore thankfuUv and willingly accept it, 

(Church Records.) ' "" Thomas Bridge." 

In the unsuccessful expedition which in 1707 was made against Port Roj'al, he was 
appointed by the governor and council to accompany the commissioners June o; the 
church voted its consent to his compliance. He sailed from Boston July 5, and returned 
on the 1st of September following. 

Mr. Bridge was upright in his dealings, of kind affections, devout in his habits, and 
irreproachable in morals; prayer was his gift and the Bible his library; and so sincere 
and strong were his expressions of huniilit}^ that he frequently kindled a blush in the 
cheek of the forward man and shamed the ambitious out of their love of distinction. He 
received the degree of Master of Arts from Harvard College; his name is affixed to the 
class which was graduated in 1675. Rev. Thomas Bridge, senior pastor of the First 
Church, died in the fifty-ninth year of his age and the 11th of his ministry of this church, 
26th of September, 171.0." Dr. Cotton Mather says of him: "Being invited to the pastoral 
care of a flock whose famous predecessors were to be succeeded, the light was fixed in a 
candle-stick and shown for eleven years together, some of the rays of which we have in 
his printed compositions.'' He was not easilj' excited, yet his patriotism was warm, and 
he omitted no opportunity to manifest his love for civil and religious liberties of the 

•■Rev. Thomas Bridge died suddenlj- on September 26, 1715. His funeral sermon was 
preached by Rev. Dr. Colmaji: his remains were treated with particular respect. The 
church voted to pay his funeral expenses, which amounted to £104 i!f520)." Memorials of the 
Dead in Boston. King's Cliayel Burial Ground, bj' Thomas Bridgman. Boston. 1853: "He mar- 
ried Elizabeth Turner, only child of a widow who married William Patterson, founder of 
the Bank of England. By Patterson's will (1718) he left Elizabeth Bridge £1.500, and made 
her residuary legatee. Bridge for some years lived at Jamaica. New Providence, Barba- 
does. etc.. in the West Indies. Jlemoved later to New Jersev. Came to Boston, with wife 
and four daughters, March 17, 1701; was called as assistant pastor to the First Church in 
170i, and later became its pastor. Familj' records, plate, etc., lost by great fire. He had 
traveled in Europe and the East.'' (From History of First Church in Boston, by A.B. Ellis. 1S80.) 
Mrs. Elizabeth Bridge, relict of Rev. Mr. Thomas Bridge, died May 22, 1722. "Upon the rec- 
ords of the First Church we find Sarah Bridge, daughter of the pastor, born March 1, 1705, 
baptized March 4. Anna Bridge, daughter of the pastor, born October 19, 1707; died October 
23, 1707. Thomas Bridge, son of Thomas and his wife. Elizabeth Bridge, born October 31, 1709, 
at 6 o'clock in the morning; baptized November 6, 1709. The birth of his son was a ver}' im- 
portant event in this family as there had been a great deficiency of male heirs. Mr. Bridge 
made arrangements with "his familv in England, his onlv brother came to America for a 
boy who died very j'oung of the small-pox, no male of this family in America. His first 
place of residence in North Americ? was West Jersey. where he canie with his wife and four 
daughters; Elizabeth. Ellen, L^'dia, and Copia. Elizabeth Bridge, daughter of Thomas 
and Elizabeth Bridge, was maVried to Bryant Parrott, Februarv 7, 1710. bv her father: 
she died December 29. 1711. Elizabeth, daughter of Brj-ant and Elizabeth ("Bridge) Par- 
rott. died May 29, 1712. Ellen, daughter of Rev. Thomas Bridge, was married to Joseph 
Marion, son of John, jr., and Ann Marion. June 7, 1711. by her father. Lj'dia Bridge, 
daughter of Rev. Thomas Bridge, was married to Benjamin Gra}% August 23, 1715. b}' her 
father. Copia Bridge, daughter of Rev. Thomas Bridge, was married to Richie Love, 
from Ireland, November 5, i719, by Rev. Joseph Sewall. Children: William Richie Love, 
born August, 1720. was married to Margaret Ross, August 7, 1746, bj' Rev. Joseph Sewall 
(Boston ffecords) and went to the British provinces; Ebenezer Love" born June, 1724; she 
married secondly, Joseph Wakefield. 

34. Elizabeth-* Wakefield {John,^ John,- John^), daug-hter of .John 
and Elizabeth (Walker) Wakefield; born in Boston, July 4, 1703; married by 

Fourth Generation. 39 

Mr. Samuel Checkey, March 22, 1722, to James Adlington. Residence in 


1. John Welm Adlington, born February 8, 1765 ('0 

36. Samuel-* Wakefield (John,^ John,- John^), son of John and Eliz- 
abeth (Walker) Wakefield: born July 4, 1707; baptized Old North Church, 
Boston, July 6, 1707; married firstly. August, 23,1728, Hannah Pearle,by Elisha 
Clender, intentions published in August, 1728; married secondly, February 5, 
1761, Anne Utiey, at AshforJ, Conn. 

The Suffolk Probate Records show that on June 17, 1735, Samuel Wake- 
field, hatter, was appointed guardian unto his mother Elizabeth Wakefield, 
of Boston, relict, widow of John Wakefield, late of Boston, shipwright, and 
that thereafter, August 26, 1738, he rendered an account to the judge of 
probate, showing expenditures amounting to £508 9s 5cl, which was approved. 
The Record of IS iff oik Deeds shows as follows: 

"(Book 53. p. 2i2) Deed dated September 6. 1735. bv Samuel Waketield, feltmaker. by- 
virtue of power granted by the Superior Court August 13, 1735. sells his mother's property 
with warrant under his mother's title from deed of division September (December'/) 12. 
1727, house on Orange street. (Book 57, p. 13.) Deed by Samuel Wakelield. feltmaker, to 
David Lenox of one-half of one-sixth part of property formerly belonging to his mother, 
Elizabeth Wakefield, on North street, dower released by his wife Hannah, one-twelfth 
of a house and land on North street forty feet, northeast on Richardson eighty feet, 
southeast on Loring. etc.. fortv feet, southwest on Compton eightv feet. Date of deed, 
August 18, 1738. (Book 57. page i-t, ) Deed bv Samuel Wakefield, feltmaker. and Hannah his 
wife, dated September 20. 1738. one-twelfth of dwelling on Back street, northwest forty feet 
and northeast, on land of Richardson, eighty feet, southeast on Loring. etc.. forty feet, 
southwest on John Compton eighty feet, deed to George Holmes. (Book 61. p. 47.) Deed by 
Samuel Wakefield, feltmaker. and Hannah his wife. David Lennox, and Abigail his wife, 
and Susannah Sherrod dated January 24. 1740, of estate on Milk street, to William Hall in 
which Samuel and his wife are described as of Windham countv, Connecticut. (Book 83, 
p. 121.) Samuel Wakefield, of Ashford. Windham county. Connecticut, by deed dated 
November 4. 1742. quit claimed all interests in the estate of John Wakefield, jr.. that said 
John Wakefield had in the estate of Elizabeth Wakefield, sr.. to William Crocksford." 

These records show that Samuel Wakefield removed from Boston to 
Windham county. Conn., prior to 1740. The town records of Ashford. AVind- 
ham county, Conn., show a deed of land to Samuel Wakefield October 1, 
1754. There is a tradition that Samuel was a military man, and practiced 
medicine and surgery in addition to his occupation as hatter and felt- 
maker. He died at Ashford, Conn. 



70.-1. WALKER, born May 26, 1739. 
71. — 2. ELIZABETH, born July 2, 1741. 
73.-3. Abegail, born February 22, 1744. 

73,-4. Patishall. born March 6, 1746-7; married firstly, Margaret Phelps, 
married secondly, Sarah Bernard: died Septembers, 1829. 

children by second MARRIAGE. 

74.— ,5. Oliver, born September 10. 1761: married Susannah Hatch. 

75.-6. TAPOREY, born Februarv 23, 1763. 

76.-7. Nathaniel, born March 17, 1765; 'married August 19, 1791, Susanna Ellis 

in Salem. 
77.-8. Samuel, born April 28, 1767. 

78.-9. Joseph (twin), born April 28, 1767; died January 4, 1770. 
79.— 10. Amasa, born April 23. 1769. 
80,-11. Anne, born January 30, 1770. 

38. Susanna^ Wakefield (John," John,'^ Jolm^), daughter of John 
and Elizabeth (Walker) Wakefield; born March 15, 1710-11: married Novem- 
ber 10. 1730. to Samuel Dolbear, of Boston. Samuel Dolbear, who was born 
May 27, 1707, was a son of John and Sarah Dolbear, of Boston. 

1. John Dolbear, born September 24, 1732. 

40 Posterity op John Wakefield of Boston. 

42. Joseph-' Wakefield {Joseph^ John- John^), son of Joseph and Pris- 

cUla (Russell) Wakefield; born in Boston October 1.3, 1732: married , 17.56, 

Ruth Cobb, at King's Chapel, Boston. AYe have no exact record of their 
children, but the following records from the Massachusetts Bevolutionari/ War 
Archives, probably refer to a son, Joseph: 

".Joseph Wakefield appears as private, in a return of a detachment drafted for five 
■^•eeks. l3j- order of council of May 12. 1777. to serve under Major-General Heath, commanded 
133' Maj. Andrew Sj-mmes. Lieut.'-Col. Jabez Hatch's Boston regiment, in service guarding 
stores at and about Boston. Joseph Wakefield appears in descriptive list of men: Age. 
21 j-ears: stature. r> feet 6 inches: complexion, hrown. Dated Boston. June, 1780. Term of 
enlistment, six months: Captain Boyle's company. Col. Edward Proctor's Boston regi- 
ment. Autograph signature. Joseph Wakefield appears in a descriptive list of men 
raised to reinforce Continental Army for six months: Age. :21 years: stature, 5 feet 9 
inches: complexion, light; residence, Boston. Arrived at Springfield June .5. 1780. Joseph 
Wakefield appears in pav-roll for sis months men raised bj- town of Boston for service in 
Continental Arm3- during 1780. Marched July 1. 1780: discharged December 16. 1780: time 
of service, five months, twenty-six daj's; rank, matross in Colonel Crane's regiment. Jo- 
seph Wakefield appears in a list of men who enlisted from the Boston regiment of militia 
for six months, from Julv. 1780. Colonel Proctor's return. Joseph Wakefield, private in 
muster and pay-roll of Capt. William Bird's company'. Colonel Webb's Suffolk and Middle- 
sex counties' regiment, raised for three month-< bv resolve of June 30, 1781, to reinforce 
the Continental Army; enlisted August 17, 1781: discharged December 1. 1781; time of ser- 
vice, three months, twent5'-four da3^s. eleven da3's' travel included. Joseph Wakefield, 
private, appears in a warrant to pay ofQcers and "men. on roll bearing date March 7, 1783: 
Capt. William Bird's compan3'.'' 

43. Mathew-* Wakefield (Joserjh,^ Jolui.- John^), son of Joseph and 

Priscilla (Russell) Wakefield; born in 'Boston August 4. 1734: married . 

Mathew Wakefield was a Revolutionarj- soldier and the Massachusetts Revo- 
lutionary War Archives give his record as follows: 

"Mathew Wakefield, private in Capt. Thomas Bumstead's compan3', appears on list of 
men detached b3' order of council, Mav 7. 1777. from Boston regiment to do dutv for five 
weeks under Major General Heath. Mathew Wakefield, corporal, in muster pav roll, of 
Capt. (Lieut.) Thomas Holland's companv. drafted to do duty on Prison Ship Kingston. 
Boston Harbor, as guards under Major General Heath, enlisted Januarv 23. 1778. dis- 
charged Ma3' 1. 1778: time of service, 3 months, 9 davs. Mathew' Wakefield, descriptive list 
of enlisted men. age, 47 years: stature. 5 feet, 7 inches: complexion, brown: residence. 
Boston. List dated July 22. i780. Term of enlistment 3 months. Captain Wise's com- 
pany. Edward Proctor's (Boston) regiment marched under Brig. Gen. John Fellows. 
Mathew Wakefield, private, on muster and pav rolls of Capt. (Lieut.) William Bird's com- 
pany. Colonel Thaver's Suffolk Countv Regirnent. raised for three months to reinforce 
the Continental Arrny, stationed at Wes't Point. Enlisted. jQlv 19, 1780: discharged. Octo- 
ber 10. 1780: time of service 3 months, 3 da3's.'' 


81.— 1. John, baptized April 30. 1769. "Old North.'' 

83.-2. William, baptized Januarv 20. 1771. "Old North." 

83.-3. Polly, baptized September 13 1772. "Old North." 

84.-4. Betsy, baptized July 10, 1771, --Old North." 

4B. REBECCA'* Wakefield (OhacUah^, Ohadiah-, John'^), daughter of 
Obadiah and Rebecca (Waters) Wakefield' born August 27. 1707: baptized 
Old Xorth, August 31; married March 1(3, 1724, to George Hopkins, by Mr. 
Samuel Miles, Presbyterian. 


1. William Hopkins, born August 20, 1726. 

2. George Hopkins, born Mav 20, 1729. 

3. Peter Hopkins, born October 29. 1731. 

51. Ann-* Wakefield {Henrys, Ohadiah-, Jolin^), daughter of Henry 
and Anne (Moore) Wakefield; born January .>. 170(5; baptized Old North 
January 12; married June 20, 1725, to John Friend, by Mr. Samuel Miles. 


1. John Friend, born January 25, 1727-8 

57. Sarah-* Wakefield (Ca]jt. John^, Obadiah-^, John^). daughter of 
Capt. .John and Sarah (Russell) Wakefield: born September 1, 1722: baptized 
New Brick Church, September 2: married November 29, 1 744, to James Butler, 
son of James and Abigail (Eustiss) Butler, of Boston, who was born Decem- 
ber 4, 1713, and married firstly. May 17, 1739, Elizabeth Davie, who died Feb- 
ruary 1740, at the birth of her only child Jame=!. who was born Februarv 1.5, 
1739-40. By his marriage with Sarah Wakefield he had but one child. 


1. Sarah Butler, born Mav 8, 1746; died unmarried. 

Fifth Generation. 41 

James Butler was bv occupation a goldsmith. He possessed whole-souled social qual- 
ities: he was a favorite among the British ofticers in Boston and it is said they found a 
welcome rendezvous in a back room of his shop. "As was natural he became politically 
a Tory, socially a high-liver, and financially a bankrupt." He made his way to Halifax, 
Nova'Scotia, but returned poorer than when he went and was afterwards largely sup- 
ported by his son. James. He appears to have boarded with Solomon Holman, of Sutton, 
Mass., a relative, where he probabh' died. — {Extract from Butler Genealoi/y.) 

65. John* Wakefield, {Joseph^, Samuel,^ John'^), son of Joseph and 
Mary (Griffis) Wakefield, was baptized in Salem (First Church) March 13, 

•■February 15, 1754. John Wakefield, a minor, aged about 17 yrs., son of Joseph Wake- 
field, late of Salem, in ye county of Essex, in New England, mariner, deceased; named 
and ordained Edward Broomfield, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk, to be his guardian, 
with full power and authority for him, in his name and to his use, etc., for his best ad- 
vantage and profit, during his minority. Sigaed and delivered in presence of James 
Bradford and John Payne. Acknowledged the same day before Thomas Hutchinson.— 
{Sufolk Co. Probate Records. Xo. lO,(;7-'>.)" 



67. AViLLiAM^ Wakefield (Tlmnas,* John:-" John,- John^ ), son of Thomas 
and Wakefield, was born . He married, firstly, at Cam- 
bridge. Mass.. December 24, 1747, Miss Mary Holmes: he married, sec- 
ondly, November 15. 1751. Dorcas Hayward, at Ashford, Conn.: he married, 

thirdly, , at Brookfield, Vt. He was a soldier in King George's 

War, and his name appears on the roll of Capt. Thomas Cheney's company 
as serving on the expedition against Canada in 1746. He was dismissed Oc- 
tober .31, 1747. (See Register, 18%, p. 72.) 

In 1780, he removed to New Hampshire, and settled first at Lebanon, 
where, on March 31, 1780, he signed a remonstrance against the action of 
the town. Some time before 1785 he removed to Brookfield, where, on 
March 18, 1785, at the first town meeting at Brookfield, he was chosen a 
Selectman. He was still residing in Brookfield in 1789, in which year he is 
on record both as grantor and grantee in land conveyances. About the year 
1800 he removed with his family to Brompton, Canada, where he remained 
until about 1815, when he returned to Brookfield, A^t. While a resident of 
Brompton he attained considerable prominence, and the locality in which 
he lived was named in his honor '^Wakefield Hill."' After his removal to 
Brompton he purchased real estate there, which he disposed of upon tak- 
ing leave for his return home. It is said that his return to the "States" 
was necessitated by the hostilities of the War of 1812. 


85.— I. SiBEL. born April 29. 1752. at Ashford, Connecticut. 

86.— -2. EuNis. born February 25. 1757. at Ashford. Connecticut. 

87.-3. Deborah, born January 12. 1759-60; married May 18. 1784, John Harring- 
ton; died September 20. 1830. 

88.-4. Thomas, born September 28, 1761; married October 26, 1781, Mehetable 

89—5. Dorcas, born February 27, 1765; married . Levi Demmon. 

90.-6. RUF'TS, born February 36, 1767; married , Hannah Boyden; died 

February. 1813. 

91.— 7. William, born July I3, 1769. Removed to Milbourne, Canada. 

92.-8. MARY,born about 1773; married , 1794, Jacob Wilder. 

The last five or six children were born at Woodstock. Connecticut. 

42 Posterity op John Wakefield op Boston. 


Born at Brookfield, Vermont. 

93.-9. Elijah, born ; married . Abigail Whitney. 

94.— lu. Wyman. born ; died single at Greensborough, Ohio, 1859, aged 

90 years. 

95.— 11. Hakby, born . 

96.— 12. John, born about 1778; married Sarah (Sally) Kee, 1810. 

6V>. THOMAS'' Wakefield {Joseph,* John,^ John,^ John^), son of Joseph 
and Copia (Bridge) Wakefield, was born at liis father's residence on 
Back (now Salem) street, Boston, August 5, 1727. Upon the death of his 
mother, in that or the following year, he was taken by his father to the 
home of Dr. Abraham Gould, of Stoneham, on the road between Stoneham 
and South Reading (now Wakefield), there to be kept and cared for. Accord- 
ing to family tradition he was after a time taken home to Boston, but Mrs. 
Gould had become so attached to the child that she could not live without 
him, and her husband went for him again. He remained with the Goulds 
until old enough to learn a trade, when he was bound out to Wm. Beard, 
then living near the Parker Pratt House on Haverhill street, in Reading, 
to learn the carpenter's trade. It was stipulated that he should not be 
fed upon beans and that he should have sugar on his puddings. The ISuf- 
-^'olli Count jj Beg istry of Deeds (book 79, p. 155) show deed dated March 20, 1749, 
by Thomas Wakefield, of Reading, Mass., housewright, to David Lennox, 
conveying one full tenth part of the messuage (dwelling), etc., late of the 
estate of Elizabeth Wakefield, deceased, at north end of Boston. Occupied 
by D. Lenox and William Crocksford, borders northwest on Back street, 40 
feet; northeast on land of .T. Baker, 80 feet: southeast on Butler and Loring, 
40 feet, and southwest on Thomas Crafts, 80 feet, and book 79, p. 162, shows 
deed dated March 20, 1749, by Thomas Wakefield, of Reading, Mass., house- 
wright, to William Crocksford, another tenth oE the estate above men- 
tioned. So on reaching manhood he disposed of his interest in the estate 
of his grandmother, Elizabeth (Walker) Wakefield. 

He married March 24, 1750, at Reading, Mass., Dorcas Pratt, daughter 
of Timothy and Tabitha (Boutwell) Pratt. Mr. Pratt lived "side the pond" 
on the easterly side of what is now Main street of the town of Wakefield, 
in what was called the old "Harrison" house, on land now owned by Mr. 
.Julius Beebe. His domicile has been removed, but many of this generation 
remember its modest yet substantial appearance. Thomas Wakefield 
succeeded to the homestead of Timothy Pratt and there he resided on the 
borders of the beautiful Lake Quannipowitt. This ancient dwelling of Tim- 
othy Pratt, and his son-in law, Thomas Wakefield, had its own charms of 
location, favored by nature and was loved as a peaceful home. The home- 
stead estate is now owned and occupied by Mr. Charles Wakefield. He 
continued to reside in Reading until 1756-7 when he removed with his family 
to Souhegan, West N. H., which was incorporated and received the name 
of Amherst in 1760. He thereafter resided at Amherst until his death in 
September 1791. At Amherst he was selectman and town clerk, taking a 
prominent part in the revolutionary affairs, and performing other important 
duties. He was an honest, upright, and highly respected citizen and his 
death was universally mourned by his townsmen. After his death his widow 
returned to Reading, where she died November 25, 1802. Thomas Wakefield 
was a tax-payer at Amherst as early as 1760, and took part in the renewal of 
the charter, and as selectman certified the pledge of the citizens of Am- 
herst, in 1776, to support the cause of the colonies. His service is stated in 
the following certificate: 

"I hereby certify that Thomas Wakefield was one of the selectmen of Amherst, N.H., 
in the year of our Lord 1761-1762-1763-176.5-1766-1767-1768 and 1769. He was town clerk and 
first selectman in 1770. also in 1771-1776-1777-1778, and from 1779 to 1783 town clerk and first 
selectman, covering a period of eighteen j^ears out of twent3'-six in which he held an offlce 
in the town of Amherst. Mr. Wakefield also held other offices in the town during that 
time.'' — (D. Bussell, Tutrii Clerk of Amherst, A*. //.) 

7^^^ 4^^^^-J^^ 

Fifth Generation. 


— O 



Timothy Pratt, 
born 1702, died 
1795: Reading, 
Mass. : will Octo- 
ber, 1795: grand 
son Timothy 
Wakefield, Exec- 

f Jotin Pratt, b'rn 
[ 1664-5: died 1744: 
■; Reading. Mass.: 
I married, 1691, 
I, Sarah , 


Married, in 17:24, 
Tabitha Bout- 
well: born 1700, 
Reading, Mass, 

John Boutwell. 

born 1671; 

Reading, Mass. 

Married, in 
1695, Grace Eaton: 
I born, 1678, Read- 
•• ing, Mass. 

John Pratt; born 
ab't 1630; England: 
died 1707: will April 
30; Medfield, Mass.; 
married Rebecca 


Sergeant James 
Boutwell. jr., born 
164:2: died Decem- 
ber 5, 1716: resided 
Reading, Mass. 

f John Eaton, born 
September 10, 1645; 

-; died 1691: Reading, 
Mass.; married 

L Dorcas . 

( John Pratt, Dorchester, 
Mass.: freeman. May 10, 
I 1643: died 1647; will of March 
■| 28: abstract will, Genea'l. 
I Regis., vol. vii, p. 36; mar- 
I ried Mary - — . who, second- 
[ ly, married William Turner. 

f James Boutwell, sr., born 

j : died 1651: Salem and 

I Lynn, 1635: freeman March 
i 14, 1639; will of August :';2, 
j. proved November, 26, 1651; 
L married Alice , 

Married, 166.5. Re- 
becca Kendall, brn 
1644; died 1713, Au- 
gust 30, 

f Dea, Thomas Kendall, 
born : died 1681: orig- 
inal settler, Reading, Mass, ; 
selectman for many years; 
married Rebecca •: died 

L 1703; age, 85. 

f Jonas Eaton, Watertown; 
I removed to Reading: liorn 
{ England; died February 24, 
1674: freeman 1653; select- 
t man; married Grace . 


97.— 1. 


lOO.— 4. 

101.— .5. 

102.— 6. 
104. -8. 

Thomas, born January 12, 1751: married , 1772, Elizabeth Hardy: 

died January 11, 1839. 
Joseph, born Mav 9, 1752; married November 5, 1777, Relief Kendall; 

died June — , 1827', 

Ebesnezer, born November 15, 17.53; married , Abigail Damon, 

Timothy, born Pebruarv 15, 17.56: married November 19, 1778 Susanna 

Bancroft: married secondly, April 9, 1793, Hannah Emerson; died 

April 19, 1849, 
William, born , 1757: married November 17, 1786, Sarah Hosea; 

died November 9, 1826, 
Dorcas, born December 13, 1759; married October 28, 1794, Daniel 

Damon: died Mav 1, 1819, 
John, born March 7, 1762: married Pebruar}' 4, 1787, Sarah Underwood: 

died December 18. 1&31. 
Peter, born August 7, 1764; married March 3, 1791, Keziah Burns; died 

January , 1847. 

iVo^'f.- "The selectmen had authoritv, under the colonv, to order parents to bind 
their children as apprentices, or put them out to service, arid, if they refused, the town 
took the children from the charge of the parents (pp, 11-12, Drake's Old Landinm-ks of 

70. Walker-' Wakefield {SamueU* John,^ John,- John^), son of Sam- 
uel and Hannah (Pearle) Wakefield, born May 26, 1739, at Ashford, Con- 
necticut. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and the record of 
his services appears in the Massachusetts Bevolutionary i'Var Ardiives as fol- 

"Walker Wakefield, on Lexington Alarm Roll of Captain Freeborn Moulton's Co,, 
Colonel Danielson's Regt,. marched from Mouson to Cambridge. Belonged to Mouson, 
service 9 days. Left Cambridge April 27. 1775.'' He is said to have been killed by Indians 
in a bloody massacre of the Revolutionary war, leaving a line farm in Pennsylvania still 
unclaimed legally. 



John,^ John ^ John^), son of 

73. Patashall" 
Samuel and Hannah (Pearle) Wakefield, born at Ashford, Connecticut, 
March 6, 174(i: resided at Windsor and Colebrook, Connecticut: married 
firstly, Marg-aret, daughter of Timothy and Margaret (Gillett) Phelps, who 
was born in Windsor, Connecticut, March 2, 1752, and died October 4, 1779. 
He married secondly, Sarah, daughter of Francis and Lucretia (Carroll) 

Barnard, who was born in Simsbury, , 1755, and died April 9, 1814. 

He died December 5, 1829, at Colebrook, Connecticut. He was a successful 
farmer. He enlisted May 16, 1777, from Windsor, Connecticut, in Capt. 
John Harmon's company of Colonel Durkee's regiment, for three years. 




Bethuel. born April 28. 1772. in Windsor. Connecticut: died young. 

Aden, born November 25, 1773; married March 12. 1794. Susannah Barn- 
ard; died June 16. 18.57. 

Harvey, born June 6. 1777: died young. 

Hezekiah. born February 25, 1783; married Harriet Barnard; died Feb- 
ruary 13, 1865, 

44 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 


109— 5. Bethuel. born .1785: married . Elizabetli (Betsey) Walter, 

died March — . 1872. 

110.— 6. LuwAN. born July 30. 1787: married November 14, 1814. Elizabeth Rock- 
well: died March 18, 1850. 

111.-7. Orin, born 1789, died at Kingsville, Ohio, in 1872. Descendants live in 
Kingsville. Ohio; has son Oi'in. 

113.-8. Nathan Bass, born May 15. 1792: married November 20. 1832. Ruth 
Leftingwell: died February 16. 1873. 

113.— 9. Sarah, (Sally), born , 1795; died 1798, 

iVo^e.- The compiler also finds Pattashall spelled Patteshall, Pattishall, etc. 


87. Deborah" Wakefield {William,^ Thomas,-^ John,^ Jolin,^ John^), 
daughter of William and Dorcas (Hayvvard) Wakefield, was born January 
12, 1759-60; married May 18, 1784, John Harrington, a physician of Brook- 
field, Vt., who was born September 13, 1752, and died October 6, 1802. She 
died at Greene, Ohio, September 30, 1830. 


1. William^ Harrington, son of John and Deborah (Wakefield) Harrington, was born at 
Brookfield, Vt., Februarys, 1794: married March 21, 1821, Helena, daughter of James 
Bascom. and granddaughter of Rev. Aaron Bascom, of Chester, Mass. He died at 
Greene, Ohio. April 8. 1885. Issue: 

1. Charles A.^ Harrington, son of William and Helena (Bascom) Harrington, was 
born June 1(5. 1824. at Greene. Trumbull county. Ohio: he married. April 8. 1847, 
Elvira A. Bascom, who died Februarj- 2. 1892, and he married, secondly. Novem- 
ber 28, 1893, Sophia M. Smith, Mr. Harrington has been admitted to the bar 
and practiced law, but is now a bank cashier at Warren, Ohio. 
3. Corydon^ Harrington, born : died November 1. 1894. Painesville, Ohio. 

3. William A.^" Harrington, born : died May 30, 18.43, Greene, Ohio. 

4. Frederick^ Harrington, born : merchant at Jefferson, Ohio, 

1. Charles P.' Harrington, born March 21, 1848: died October 8, 1871. A civil 


2. Frank W.* Harrington, born March 5, 1854: died October 7. 1893. A lawyer. 

88. Thomas" Wakefield iWUliam,^ Thomas,* John,^ John,^ John,'^) son 
of William and Dorcas (Hayward) Wakefield, was born September 28, 1701, 
at Woodstock, Conn. He removed to Sturbridge, Mass., prior to the Revo- 
lutioa and married there October 26, 1781, Mehitable Griggs. He was a 
soldier in the Revolutionary war, and the following records supposed to all 
refer to him, best describes his patriotic services: 

•■His name appears on Lexington alarm roll of Capt. Isaac Hall's company, Col- 
Thomas Gardner's regiment, marched on alarm of April 19. from Medford, belonged to Med- 
ford. service five days. His aame also appears in return of Captain Hall's company, dated 
Prospect Hill, October 6. 1775. 3rth regiment of foot. Belonged to Medford. We find his 
name in order for bounty coEit or its equivalent in money, given by himself and others, 
dated Medford. Januar3f 3, 1776, pa3'able to Captain Brooks, bounty due. on account of serv- 
ice in Capt. Caleb Brooks's, late Isaac Hall's company. Col. Wm. Bond's, late Colonel 
Gardner's regiment. We also find his name in return"^of Capt. E. Cumpston's company. 
Colonel Greaton's regiment, taken from Lt, James Davis's book, reported discharged Janu- 
ary 1, (year not given,) time having expired. His name appears in list of men mustered in 
Suffolk county, Capt. Job Trunner's company. Colonel Greaton's regiment, return made 
by Nathaniel Barber, dated Boston, March 30. 1777. We find his name' in Continental Army 
Pay Accounts of Captain Trunner's company. Col. John Greaton's regiment, for service 
from January 1. 1779. to December 31, 1779. credited to town of Westfield. His name ap- 
pears in Colonel Greaton s regiment, for three 3'ears. certified June 16. 1780. Also his 
name appears as aged 19 years, stature 5 feet 9 incties. light complexion, residence. Stur- 
bridge. Arrived at Springfield. July 5. 1780. 4th division, marched to camp July 5, 1780, 
under command of Captain Frothingham of the artiller3^ Thomas Wakefield's name ap- 
pears in pa3' roll for six months men, raised bv town of Sturbridge for service during 
1780, marched July 4. 1780. discharged December 12. 1780. service 5 months. 15 days. (Jlassa- 
chKnetts Revolutionary TTft/' Arcliives.) ■'Connecticut Men in the Revolution" contains an 
entry of Thomas Wakefield, a resident of Connecticut after the Revolution, who served 
during that war in a Massachusetts regiment. Probably the same. 

89. DoRCAS" Wakefield {William,^ Thomas.* John,^ John,^ John^), 
daughter of William and Dorcas (Ha\'vvard), 3vas born February 27, 1765, at 
Woodstock, Conn.; she married Levi Demmon, and resided at Hartford, 

Sixth Generation. 45 

near Woodstock, Vt. Levi Demmon was a soldier in the Revolutionary- 
war, and T. S. Peck, adjutant general of Vermont, certified March 10, 1896, 
that he served as follows: He was a private in Capt. Joshua Hazen's com- 
pany, Col. Ebenezer Wood's regiment, and marched to Brooktield on the 
alarm October, 1780: also in the company that marched to Bethel Fort in 
August, 1781, '-being called out by authority under William Bramble, of 


1. RoswelP Demmon, born : married . Aurelia Farnsworth 

1. Harriet E.,^ daughter of Roswell and Aurelia (Farnsworth) Demmon, born 

February 15. 1825, at Hartford. Vt. : married .Charles Ranney Vandercook; 

both are now living and residing at Austin. 111. 

1. John Demmon^ Vandercook, son of Charles Ranney and Harriet E. 
(Demmon) Vandercook, was born March 11,1864; married October 29. 
1887, Elsie J. Pierce; he is in the real estate business and is secretary of 
the Illinois Society of the Sons of the American Revolution; he resides 
at Austin, 111. 

90. RUFUS'' Wakefield {William,^ Thomas,* John, ^ John, "^ John) ^, son 
of William and Dorcas iHayward) Wakefield, born at Woodstock, Conn., 

February 26, 176'i; married , Hemnah Boyden: he was an early settler 

of Montpelier, Vt., where he served as selectman several terms, and died in 
February, 1813: he married first a widow with three children, by whom he 
had one son and four daughters (names not known); by his second marriage 
to Hannah Boyden he had two sons and two daughters, our only records of 
which are as follows: 


114 — 1. J. B. (Wakefield), born . 


115 2. Albert Gallatin, born November 1, 1804; married May 22, 1845, Lucy 


92. Mary'5 Wakefield [William,'" Thomas,* John,'^ John,'^ John^), 
daughter of William and Dorcas (Hayward) Wakefield, was born probably 
at Woodstock, Conn., about 177.3; she married in 1794, Jacob Wilder, who 
was an officer in the war of the Revolution, from the battle of Bunker Hill 
to the close of the war; they resided in Woodstock and Plymouth, Vt.; he 
died in 1848, aged 91 years. 


1. Benjamin Wilder, born August 9. 1795; married ■, Elizabeth Davis. 

2. Mary Wilder, born November 1, 1796; married , David Watson. 

3. Frederick Trask Wilder, born September 13, 1798; married Rachel Runnels. 

4. Nancv Wilder, born August 25. 1800; married Daniel Marsh. 

5. Lucy 'Wilder, born November 25, 1802; died April 28. 1811. 

6. Louisa Wilder, born August. 1805; died August 10, 1821. 

7. George Wilder, born October 8, 1807. 

8. Jacob Wilder, born October 24, 1810; died April 9, 1811. 

9. Lucy Wilder, born October 31. 1811; married Joshua Woodburv. 

10. Clarissa Wilder, born September 28, 1814; married Thomas B. Marcy. 

11. Martha M. Wilder, born August 3, 1817; married Lucius F. Green. 

12. Sarah Wilder, born October 8. 1819; died September 8, 1820. 

95. John'' Wakefield (William,'^ Thomas,* John, ^ John, -John^), son of 
Willieim Wakefield by third marriage, born in Brookfield, Vt., about 1778 or 
'81. He married, 1810, Sarah (Sally) Kee. He is on record at Brookfield, 
Vt., as deeding land to his brother Elijah in 1802. He removed with his 
father and brothers and sisters about 1800-2 to Brompton Falls, province of 
Quebec, Can., where he resided until 1812-17, when, on account of the hos- 
tilities of the war of 1812, he was obliged to return to the "states," return- 
ing to Brookfield. He was a farmer. 


116 1. Sarah, born 1812; married Baily; died 1883 or 1891. 

117 2. LuciNDA, born 1816; married — - — Vanakin; resided Ashtabula, Ohio; 

died October 25, 1896. 

118.— 3. Joanna, born 1826; married Hoagland; resides Way Zata, Minn. 

119.— 4. Bradford, born May 17, 1816; married, April 1.5, 1810, Maria Hoagland: 

died November 24, 1868. 
130 5. Sidney R., born April 18, 1821; married, firstly, June, 1850, Helen Lacy; 

married, secondly, March 29, 1873, Mary Hopper. 
181 6. Edwin, born October 24. 1818; married. , 1844, Mary P. Churchill; 

died October 7. 1896. 

46 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

97. Thomas" Wakefield {Thomas/^ Joseph,^ John,^ John,- John^), son of 
Thomas and Dorcas (Pratt) Wakefield, was born at Reading, Mass., January 
12. 1751; died in Reading, Mass., January 11, 1839. He married, in 1772, 

Elizabeth (Betsey), daughter of Phineas and Abigail ( ) Hardy, of 

Hollis, N. H., who was born at Bradford, Mass., Julj' 22, 1750, and died at 
Champion, N. Y., January 10, 1832. They lived iij Amherst seven years, 
thence removed to Dublin in 1778, and to Jaft'ery in 1804. He was a farmer. 
At Amherst, N. H., in 1776, he signed pledge at the risk of life to oppose 
with arms the hostile proceedings of the British fleets and arms against the 
United Colonies. 


133.— 1. Thomas, born August 5, 1773: married Olive Hart, of Castine, Maine, 

123.— 2. OthaNIEl or Otis, born April 25. 1775: died at Seneca. N. Y., Septembers, 

134.-3. Elizabeth (Betsey), born at Amherst. March 8. 1777; married Timothy 

Wakefield, jr.: died at Reading. September 18, 1840. 
135 — 4 Cyrus, born September 16. 1779. at Dublin, N. H. : married June — , 1803, 

Sarah Mason: died October. 5. 1810. 
136.— 5. James, born at Dublin. N.H., September 9. 1782; married October 11, 1803, 

Hannah Hemmenway: died May 25. 1864. 
137 — 6. Abigail, born at Dublin N. H.. June 3. 1781; married January 18. 1807, 

Rev. Amos Pettingil, of Conn.: removed to Champlain. N. "Y. : died 

March 25, 1810. 
138 — 7. Peter, born April 16. 1786. at Dublin. N. H.; married November, 1809;, 

Esther Whitcomb: died July 13, 18.55. 
139 — 8. Martha, born April 11. 1788. at Dublin. N. H. : married November 10, 

1819. Rev. Peter Sanborn. She died at Reading. May 2, 1847 or^ 1849; 

five children. 
130.— 9. Dorcas, born March 11, 1790, at Dublin, N. H.: married , 1816, 

Horace Rudd: died February 22, 1857. 
131 — 10 Joseph H.. born July 7. 1792, at Dublin. N. H. ; married December 13, 

1812, Eunice Sawyer; married, secondl}', , Pepper; died Janu- 
ary 18, 183.5. 

98. JosEPH'5 Wakefield {Thomas, ° Joseph,* John,^ John,- John^), son 
of Thomas and Dorcas (Pratt) Wakefield, born at Reading, Mass., May 9, 
1752: died at Windsor, Vt., June — , 1827. 

In 1774, Thomas Wakefield deeded real estate to .Joseph Wakefield in 
Amherst, county of Hillsborough. Province of New Hampshire, and deed 
was witnessed by William Wakefield. He was living at Amherst, N. H., 
on becoming of age, and on April 23, 1775, he enlisted in Captain Crosby's 
company, of Colonel Reed's regiment, and took part in the Battle of 
Bunker Hill. Captain Crosby's return of losses shows that .Joseph Wake- 
field "lost one pair of deer-skin breeches and one cartooch-box." (See 
Secomb's History of Amherst, pp. 369-370) also page 406, where his name ap- 
pears in the list of soldiers and sailors from Amherst in the war for inde- 
pendence. Vol. i, 1885, Nevj Hampshire State Papers Revolutionary Rolls, shows 
pay roll of Capt. Josiah Crosby's company in Col. James Reed's regiment 
to the 1st of August, 1775, 9th Co., to-wit: 

"57. Joseph Wakefield, rank, private; time of entry, April 23; time in service, 3 
months and 16 days; amount of wages, £7 ;is lOrf. Number of miles traveled at Id, 75, 6. 
3. Coat and blanket, £1 16s. Whole amount, 9, 5. 1 Wages received 2 Coat and Blankett 
received, £1 16«. Amount of Stopages. £3 16.y. Paid bj' S. Hobart. Esqr. £5 9.s \d." 

The same volume also shows receipt of Joseph Wakefield to Timothy 

Walker, jr., for $4 in full satisfaction for regimental coat promised by the 

colony of New Hampshire, which is dated October 12. 1775. After his death 

his widow made application for a pension, which is on file at the Bureau of 

Pensions at Washington, D. C. which shows that Joseph Wakefield served 

eight months in Captain Crosby's company in 1775, as a private, that in 

1777, he served at Portsmouth, N. H., one month as sergeant. He rendered 

other service in the Revolution, and held ranks of orderly sergeant and 

sergeant major. 

The Government publication of the list of suspended and rejected (Revolutionary) 
pensions, contains the following interesting record; ■'Wakefield. Relief, widow of Joseph, 
Watertown, Jefferson Co., New York, application under act of July 4, 1836. Not on rolls of 
Captain House in 1776. Service under Captain Crosby was before marriage and she has 
no claim under act of July 7, 1838. for she died before it was passed." 

Joseph Wakefield made his residence in Deering, N. H., during 1776 
and 1777, and he is among the signers of the Declaration of the Inhabitants 

Sixth Generation. 


of New Hampshire, April 12, 1776, from Deerlng, '-to oppose the hostile 
proceeding's of the British fleets and armies against the United American 
Colonies;" in response to the resolve of the Continental Congress, March 
14, 1776, sitting at Philadelphia. Force's American Archives, vol. v., 
fourth series (1776), p. 882. In the record of his marriage, as registered 
in Dunstable, Mass., of date November 5, 1777, he is given as a resident of 
"Dering."' At or about the close of the Revolutionary war, he removed to 
Windsor, Vt., where he resided until his death. "He was an honest, up- 

Family Relics of Joseph and Relief (Kendall) Wakefield, 
Now in possession of the compiler, 

1. Spinning Wheel Pin .5. Silver Coffee Urn. 

2. Hot Water Pot. 6. Brandy Flask, carried through 

3. Hand Loom Shuttle. Revolutionary War by Joseph 

4. Meeting House Foot Warmer. Wakefield. 

The tablecloth was spun and woven by hand, and the embroidery knitted, by Relief 
Wakefield, after she had passed her eightieth year. The original owner and the exact 
age of the coffee urn is not known, though it is a family heir-loom. 

right man, who despised hypocrisy and whose religion was of the daily 
kind, consisting more of good deeds than of loud words." He was in senti- 
ment a Universalist. He married November 5, 1777, Relief, daughter of 
John and Hannah Kendall, of Dunstable, Mass., who was born May 9, 1753, 
and died in .Jefferson county, N. Y., March 17, 1837. Tradition states that 
Joseph was a very mild, pleasant man, one who always found friends, 

48 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

though not very energetic for business: his wife, Relief, however, was all 
energy and thrift. In June, 1798, Joseph Wakefield, sr., purchased his 
property in Reading, Windsor county, Vt., which passed to his son. Dr. 
.John Wakefield, on the anti-mortem settlement of his estate, February 27, 
1824; deed signed by Thomas Wakefield. 

Our researches devoted to finding of official Revolutionary War records 
to correspond with the family traditions, regarding the services of .Joseph 
Wakefield, have not been thoroughly satisfactory. The record of his later 
services, while really of greater importance than those rendered while a res- 
ident of Amherst, N;H., are the most difficult to identify. While a resident 
of Dunstable, Mass., and vicinity, after his marriage, which occurred in 
November of 1777, Josejjh Wakefield may heive rendered military services 
to the colonies, from either Middlesex or Hampshire counties, having been 
located near the boundary lines until his removal to Windsor in 1798, and 
the following transcripts from the lievolutionary War Archives of Massachu- 
setts, may be the official records of such military services: 

".Toseph Wakefield, private, in muster and pay roll of Capt. John Morgan s company, 
detached from Hampshire and Worcester counties to guard stores and magazines at 
Brookfield and Springfield; enlisted FelDruary 3. 1778. discharged Julj' 1, 1778; time of ser- 
vice, four months, twenty-eight days. Joseph Wakefield, private, in muster and paj' roll 
or Capt. Samuel Hammanfs compaiiy, Col. Samuel Tenny's (2d) regiment; enlisted Octo- 
ber's, 1779, discharged November 23, 1779; time of service one month and one day, nine 
days' travel included; raised for three months' service by Resolve of OctoberO, 1779. 
Joseph Wakefield appears in a list of men who enlisted from the Boston regiment of 
militia for six months from July, 1780; Col. Proctor's return. Joseph Wakefield, private, 
in muster and pay roll of Capt. William Bird's company. Col Webb's Suffolk and Middle- 
sex counties' regiment, raised for three months by Resolve of June 30, 1781, to reinforce 
the Continental army; enlisted August 17. 1781, discharged December 1. 1781; time of ser- 
vice three months, twenty-four days, eleven days' travel included. Joseph Wakefield, 
private appears in a warrant to pay officers and men on roll bearing date March 7, 1783; 
Capt. William Bird's company." 


133 — 1. Joseph, born October 7, 1779; married firstly, September 1. 1803. Susan 

Sawyer; married secondly, Februarv 6, 1837: Mrs. Lucv Howell; died 
Mav6, 1842. 
133 2. Peter, born February 9. 1783; married February 10, 1814, Rachael 

Pierce; died June 26, 1860. 
134. — 3. John, born December 14. 1784; died October 1.5, 1836; married firstly. Mary 

Fav. October 14. 1812; married secondly. Augusts. 1816. Laura Thatcher. 
135 — 4. COPIA, born August 29, 1786: married Samuel Wilson; died July — , 1848. 
136.— ,5. Thomas, born August 19. 1688: married firstly, Chloe Kellogg; married 

secondly, Mrs. Laura T. Wakefield, died Jiily 6, 1858. 
137 — 6. Zeka, born April 16. 1791: died June. -, 1811. 
138 7. Relief, born March 6, 1793; died May 28, 1883; resided in Watertown, 

Jefferson county, N. Y. ; married Gordon Hawkins, November 38, 

1832. No issue. 
139.— 8. Elizabeth (Betsey). bornMay 28. 1794; married Elisha Andrus; resided 

in Watertown, F Y. No issue; died February 14, 1816. 
140.— 9. James, born May 21, 1796: married , 1818, Acksa Parker; died 

March 6, 1865. 


I. Francis Kendall, in Woburn, 1640; married December 24, 1644, Mar3^ daughter of 
John and Rebecca (Wood) Tidd. John Tidd. who was born in England, and resided in Wo- 
burn. Mass. .married April 14. 1660, Rebecca Wood. He was son of John Tead. Teed, or Ted, 
who was born in England, was in Charlestown, 1637; at Yarmouth, May 12, 1637; removed to 

Woburn after 1640. He died April 24. 1657. He married firstly, Margaret , and secondly, 

Alice . Francis Kendall was admitted Freeman. 1647. In 1700 he took oath he was four 

score years old. His wife died 1705; he died 1708 and his will was probated soon after. 

II. Jacob Kendall, born January 25, 1661: married January 2, 1684-5, Persis Hay ward, 
who died October 19,1694; he married secondly January 10, 1694-5, Alice Temple. Residence, 

III. John Kendall, born January 19, 1696-7. in Woburn, Mass.: died July 27, 17.59, at 

Dunstable, Mass. He married Susanna ■ , who died June 17, 1766, aged 66" years. He 

was a lieutenant in a Woburn militia company and probably participated in some of the 
events of King George's War. 

Sixth Generation. 49 

IV. John Kendall, jr., toorn May 5, 1723; died February 13, 1809. He married Hannah 
who died April 30, 1812, aged 84 years. He was a soldier in the war of the Revolution, 

























and was on the first roll (1776) of Capt. Oliver Cummings company of Dunstable, Mass., 
and the "Alarm List.' Also his name appears on the roll of Capt, Oliver Cumming's 
Dunstable company for 1777 and 1778. He was a private. His name also appears among 
the soldiers, creditors of the town in the sum of £10 10.s as his portion for the following 
named services of the company: 


"For each turn to Cambrig 8 months thire be an allowance of 4 

"2 months to Roxburey or Cambrig in winter 2 

"12 months to York in'Person 15 

"3 months to Dorchester 2 

"5 months to Ticonderoga . 12 

"2 months to York ..■ 9 

"3 months to Jerses 12 

"2 months to Rhod Island 4 

"3 months to the Lake 15 

"8 months to Pheledelpeh 20 

"1 month to Stillwater 5 

V. Relief Kendall, born May 9, 17.53. at Dunstable, Mass. ; married Novembers, 1777, to 
Joseph Wakefield: she died March 17, 1837, near Watertown, Jefferson county, N.Y. Hon. 
Amos Kendall, auditor of the treasury under President Andrew Jackson, appointed 1829; 
and postmaster-general 1835-1840, was a son of Zebedee Kendall, brother of Kelief. —JVason's 
History of Dunstable, Mass. 

State of Wisconsin, I 
Waupaca County )' ' 

On this 19th day of September, 1896, personally came before me, a notary public in 
and for said county, Joseph us Wakeheld, a resident of said county, who, being tirst dulj' 
sworn, on oath says, that he is a grandson of Joseph Wakefield, .sr. ; that he used to hear 
quite frequently his father, Peter Wakefield, and the other children of said Joseph 
Wakefield, sr., speak of their said father being in the American Army during the war of 
the Revolution, as orderly sergeant and later as sergeant major. 

That he has often seen and handled the spear or spontoon which his said grand- 
father used as orderly sergeant, and heard the children of said Joseph, sr., speak of the 
sword carried by his said grandfather, while a sergeant major, and which was kept in 
the family for many years, but was finally lost or destroyed. 

That some twenty odd years ago he visited his aunt. Mrs. Relief (Wakefield) Hawk- 
ins, daughter of said Joseph Wakefield, sr., then living in western New York, and was 
told by her that she had many times seen said sword, and it was acknowledged to be the 
weapon carried by her said father while an ofticer, as aforesaid in the Revolutionary war. 

J. Wakefield. 

Subscribed and sworn to before me the day and year first written. 

J. J. Steigeb, Notary Public, Wisconsin. 

99. Capt. Ebenezer" Wakefield {Thomas,^ Joseph,^ John,^ Jolin,^ 
John^)^ son of Thomas and Dorcas (Pratt) Wakefield, born at Reading, Mass., 
November 15, 1753. He was a soldier in the Revolution, enlisting from Am- 
herst, N.H., and his name appears among- Amherst men in the Battle of 
Bunker Hill, belonging to Captain Crosbee's company of Colonel Reed's 
regiment, and as losing at the battle, a set of shoemaker's tools, one shirt, 
two pairs of stockings, and one pair of shoes, by the return made by Cap- 
tain Crosbee. See Secomb's History of Amherst, pp. 369-370.) He married 
Abigail, daughter of Samuel and Abigail (Smith) Damon, of Reading, 
who is mentioned in her father's will as wife of Ebenezer Wakefield. 


141 ]. Elias, born at Reading, March 30, 1783. 

143 2. Mary (Polly) born March 11, 1786. 

143.— 3. Abethusa. born March 9, 1788. 

144.— 4. Ebenezer, born July 27, 1790. 

145.-5. Thomas Love, born April 12, 1792. 

146 — 6. COPIA, born May 4, 1794. 


His name appears "on the pay roll of Capt. Josiah Crosby's company, in Col. James 
Reed's New Hampshire regiment, enlisted (9th Co.) April 23, 1775; served 3 months, 
16 days; miles traveled, 55 4-7: amount of wages, £7 2.< lOd; discharged August 1, 1775. He 
appears on a receipt dated Ticonderoga, October 2, 1776, for wages to October 1, 1776, given 
by company, received of Capt. John Ford. Also on a receipt dated Ticonderoga, August 
28, 1776, for mileage and wages. His name also appears as sergeant on muster and pay 
rolls of Capt Abraham Foster's company. Col. Samuel Ballard's regiment, enlisted 
August 18, 1777: discharged November 30, 1777; service 3 months, 24 days; marched to rein- 
force the northern army. Joined the army under General Gates at the Northward.'' 

Ebenezer Wakefield, who served in the light infantry of Maj. Henry Dearborn, under 
General Gates, at the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga, in 1777, made himself famous 
by writing memoirs of the battles fought at Saratoga in September and October of that 
memorable year. This diary of Capt. Wakefield's, entitled "Unpublished Recollections 
of 1777.'' is much quoted by authors on the Revolution, among them William L. Stone, in 
his "Visits to the Saratoga Battlefields," 1895, p. 191; and Windsors "Narrative and Critical 


Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

Historj^ ot America'' vol. vi, p. 357, and Arnold's paper entitled "Benedict Arnold at Sara- 
toga," "printed in the Vinted Service Magazine for September 1880, and published separately. 
Ebenezer Wakefield attained the title of Captain in 1797 when he became Captain of 
the Amherst "West" (9th) companj- (.Sth) regiment, New Hampshire militia, in which 
capacitj' he served for two years, (lief erence^, Vevoliitionary War Records of New Hamp- 
shire and Massachusetts and Secomb's History of Amherst, New Hctmpshire.) 


I. Dea. John Damon came from Reading, Eng., and settled on Cowdrey's Hill, now 
in Wakefield. Mass. He was l)orn 163-: married Abigail Sherman, who died 1713; he died 
1708: resided South Reading, Mass. 

II. Samuel Damon, son of the preceding, was born 1656; married Mary— , 

M'ho died 1727; he was a soldier in the Narragansett war; he died 1725: residence. South 
Reading, Mass. 

III. John Damon, son of the preceding, born 1697; married 1723, Rebecca Pratt, who 
was born 1698, and died 1767: he died 17.55; resided South Reading. Mass. 


IV. Samuel Damon, son of the preceding, born 1726; married 1754, Abigail Smith, 
who was born 1725, and died 1772: resided South Reading, Mass. 

V. Daniel Damon, son of the preceding, born 1757;' married, firstly, 1783, Anne Emer- 
son; married, secondly, October 28, 1794, Dorcas Wakefield; he was a Revolutionary sol- 
dier; resided South Reading, Mass. 

V. Abigail Damon, daughter of Samuel and Abigail (Smith) Damon, and sister of 
the preceding: born 1768: married Capt. Ebenezer Wakefield: removed to Amherst, N.H. 

lOO. Hon. Timothy" Wakefield (TlmmasJ' Joseph,* John, ^ John,~John^), 
son of Thomas and Doras (Pratt) Wakefield; born at Amherst, N.H., Febru- 
ary f), 17r)(i, and died at Reading;, Mass., April 1!), 1849. He married firstly, 
Susanna Bancroft, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Temple) Bancroft, 
November 19, 1778, who was born October 2, 1758, and died August 30, 1791. 
He married secondly, Hannah Emerson, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth 
(Bruce) Emerson, April 9, 1793. She was born November 12, 1755, and died 
January 10, 1832. Timothy Wakefield lived in Reading. Mass. Was a min- 
ute man and a soldier in the Revolution at Ticonderoga. Town clerk 1799- 

Sixth Generation. 51 

1816, selectman 1813-14, justice of the peace, captain, representative 
1807-1815, and delegate to constitutional convention in 1820. He was in the 
company from third parish, Reading, in Col. David Green's regiment, April 
19, 1775, and encountered the British on their retreat near Lexington, when 
shielding himself behind a rock near a stone fence, he opened fire. 


The Revolutionary War archives of Massachusetts contains the following: "Tim- 
othy Wakefield on Lexington Alarm Roll of Capt. Thomas Eaton's Co.. Col. Green's Regt.. 
marched from Reading, belonged to Reading, service two days: also on list of men in 
Training Band in Reading under Capt. Thomas Eaton, and oh Lexington Alarm Roll of 
Capt. John Bacheller's Co.. Col. Ebenezer Bridges' Regt.. marched from Reading, be- 
longed to Reading, service 13 days. His name also appears as private in Muster Roll of 
Capt. Jesse Wyman's Co., Col. Jacob Gerrish. for February 18 to March 3, 1778, dated 
Bunker Hill. March 6, 1778, enlisted Feliruary 18, 1778, detached as guards to Burgoyne's 
army, reported sick, absent: also on Muster and Pay Roll of Capt. Wyman and Col. Ger- 
rish, enlisted February 18. 1778, service three months, service performed to May 18, 1778, 
of guards doing duty on Bunker Hill. We And him on the Muster and Pay Roll of Capt. 
John Berry's Co., Col. Jacob Gerrish's Regt.. enlisted August 16. 1778. discharged December 
24. 1778, time of service four months, nine days: regiment of guards: roll dated in camp 
Winter Hill: also in Muster and Pay Roll of Capt. Nathan Sargent's company, enlisted 
February 14. 177!). discharged May 14. 1779. time of service three months: Company of 
Guards." Timothy Wakefield was a pensioner, and in the puljlished register of Revolu- 
tionary pensioners the following record appears: ■Timothy Waketield, private, annual 
allowance $52.00, sums received $1.56.00: State troops placed on pension roll August 6. 1833, 
commencement of pension August 6, 1833, act of March 4, 1831 ; age 74 —(Iievol.Nfio».arij 
Peiisionerf!, JIuldlesej; County, Muss. ;;. 20.').) 


147 — 1. Timothy, born Septembers. 1779: died January 22, 1865: married firstly, 

October 19. 1802, Elizabeth Wakerteld: married secondly, April 2, 1849, 

Nancy B. Tuttle: married thirdly. June 30. 1852, Abigail Leathe. 
148.— 3. EbenezTer, born January 20, 1781; died January 20,1802; tombstone in 

Reading, Mass. 
149.— 3. BKiDciE. born June 30, 1783, died September 16, 1836; married December 

20, 1812. Mary Foster. 
150.— 4. Caleb, born April 18. 1785; died March 4, 1876; married firstly, Matilda 

Poole. : married secondly, November 3, 1823. Nancy Temple. 

151 — 5. William, born June 17, 1787; married January 1, 1812, Sally Parker; 

died February 22, 1875. 
153.— 6. Thomas, born February 23, 1789, died August 29, 18:23; married January 

11, 1816. Nancy Eaton. 
153 — 7. Susan, born March 10, 1791; died October 23. 1863; unmarried. 


154 — 8. John, born September 23, 1795; died May 32, 1796. 


I. Thomas Bancroft.' born in England in 1622. son of John and Jane. Purchased 
land in Lynn and also in Reading, Mass., where he resided in 1648, but probably lived 
chiefly in Lynntield. He was a lieutenant, and married firstly, Alice, daughter of Michael 
Bacon, of Dedham: and secondlv, in 1648. Elizabeth, daughter of Michael and Sarah Mel- 
calf. He died in 1691. Children: I.Thomas; 2, Elizabeth; 3, John; 4, Sarah; 5, Raham; 
6, Sarah; 7, Ebenezer; 8, Mary. 

II. Thomas Bancroft, = born in 1649; married in 1673. Sarah, daughter of Jonathan 
and Judith Poole. He was an ofllcer in KingPhillip's (Indian) War, a deacon in the church, 
and a selectman several years. Children: 1, Thomas; 2, Jonathan; 3. Sarah; 4, Mehita- 
bel; 5, Jcjnathan: 6, Rahum: 7, Judith; S.Samuel; 9. Samuel; 10. Elizabeth. 

III. Thomas Bancroft,^ born in 1673, and died in 1731. He was a captain, selectman, 
and representative. He married Mary Webster. Children : 1, Thomas ; 3, Joseph ; 
3, Benjamin; 4, Jonathan: 5, Edmund. 

IV. Thomas Bancroft,* born in 1696: married Lydia Deane, of Reading. He was an 
ensign. Children: 1, Thomas: 2, Moses: 3, Joseph. 

V. Joseph Bancroft^ was born at Reading, Mass., November 10, 1735; died there Feb- 
ruary 18, 1825, in his 90th year. He was a farmer, and admitted to full communion mem- 
ber Third Church at Reading. July 30. 1753. One of the vessels in the commission service 
in the old South Church is inscribed, "Presented by Lt. Joseph Bancroft." He was com- 
missioned 2d lieutenant, 6th regiment, 1776: 1st lieutenant, August 20, 1777. He probably 
spent the winter of 1778 at Water Hill, Somerville A leave "i)f absence signed by Col. 
Jacob Gerrish, dated February 21. 1778, permits him "to be absent from the garrison five 
days and then return." His papers and accounts show that he was later engaged in 
hiring and paying men for army service. One Joseph Bancroft was a private in the 
French and Indian Wars, 1745-59 or 60, The first recorded evidence of the manufacture 
of shoes within the limits of the present town of Reading is found on his account book, 
commencing in the year 1758. He seems to have supplied the home market for about 
thirty years. In the summer of 1794, he charges John Temple, jr. for making 400 pairs 
of shoes. He was .selectman, 1779-84-85, 1788-92-95. September 26, 1777, Lieut. Jo.seph 
Bancroft was ordered to draft or enlist one-half of all the able-bodied men of his com- 
pany to march the northward with six days' provisions, arms, etc. He married Elizabeth, 

52 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

daughter of Lieut. John and Rebecca (Parker) Temple, January 10, 1756. She was 
born July 28, 1736: died suddenly October 5, 181.5. She joined the Third Church— later, Old 
South (Congregational) July 30. 17.53. same day as did her husband. Lieut. John Temple 
was son of Richard and Deborah (Parker) Temple, of Reading, Mass., and grandson of 
Robert Temple, of Saco, Me., who was killed by Indians in 1676. Deborah Parker was 
daughter of Deacon Thomas Parker, who come over from England in the "Susan Ellen" 
in 1635. and his wife Amy. Children all born at Reading. 

lOl. William^ Wakefield (Thomas,^ Joseph,* Jolm,^ John,- John^), 

son of Thomas and Dorcas (Pratt)Wakefiel(i, was born , 1757; married 

November 17, 1786, Sarah Hosea; he died November 9, 1826. aged 69 years. 
They resided in Amherst, N. H. SecomVs History of Amherst, p. 370, shows 
that William Wakefield enlisted in Captain Crosby's company, of Colonel 
Read's regiment from Amherst, N. H., June 19, 1757, and on page 406, he 
is registered in the list of soldiers and sailors from Amherst in the war for 


155.— 1. Mary (PoUv), born April 2, 1790: died May 1, 1815, Reading, Mass. 

156 — 2. Nancy, born January 7, 1792: died June ^8, 1793. 

157 — 3. Nancy, born October 5, 1793. 

158. — i. William, born May—, 1798: died July 23, 1804, aged 6 years and 2 months. 

159 — 5. Thomas, born , 1800, died October 8, 1817, aged f7 years. 

160 — 6. Mary, born 

161 — 7. Sophia, born 

102. Dorcas'' Wakefield {Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ John,^ John{), 
daughter of Thomas and Dorcas (Ir'ratt) Wakefield, was born December 13, 
1759: married October 28, 1794, Daniel, son of Samuel and Abigail (Smith) 
Damon. She was his second wife, he having had four children by his first 
wife, Anne Emerson; Dorcas died May 1, 1819. 


1. Daniel Damon, born , 1795: died , 1848. 

2. Ellas Damon, born ,1797: died 1871: married Ester Austin. 

3. Dorcas Damon, born , 1799; married to Samuel Pratt. 

4. Edson Damon, born , 1804; married , 1829, Ann Stratton. 

103. Dr. John'' Wakefield {Thomas^ Joseph* John'^ John- John^), son 
of Thomas and Dorcas (Pratt) Wakefield, born March 7, 1762; married Feb- 
ruary 4, 1787, Sarah, daughter of Phineas and Mary Underwood, who was 
born January 29, 1753, and died April .30, 1822. He married, secondly, April 
17, 1823, Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith. He removed to Andover, Vt:, January 
26, 1793, and from there to Londonderry a year afterwards, where he died. 
December 18, 1831. He was a physician, and was successful in his pro- 

children by first marrl-ige. 

163.-1. Dorcas, born November 24, 1787; died March 14, 1807. 
163 — 2. John, born May 6. 1790: died May 15. 1807. 

164 — 3. Thomas Bridge, born February 22, 1792; married February 10, 1814, 
Submit Ross; died March 19, 1850. 

iVb^e.— The following transcript from the Jfa^ssachiisfftft Bevolationary War Archives pos- 
sibly refer to the above John Wakefield: '-John Wakefield, on muster and pay-roll of 
Capt. Samuel Waterhouse's company. Col. Jacob Gerrish. enlisted March ,30. 1778; served 
three months, nine days; probably a musician; Regiment of guards at Winter Hill de- 
tached from militia. John Wakefield, landsman, on descriptive list dated September 26, 
1780. The officers and men of brig Adventure, commanded by Capt. James Morris: Age, 
twelve years; complexion, lif^ht; brown hair; belonging to Massachusetts. Jonathan 
Wakefield, in return of men 'enlisted into Continental Army from Captain Putman's 
company. Colonel Holman's regiment: Belonged to and enlisted for Sutton: term of en- 
listment, nine months; mustered June 29 (year not given). 

104. Peter'"' Wakefield {Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ John,- John^), son of 
Thomas and Dorcas (Pratt) Wakefield, born at Amherst, New Hampshire, 
August 7, 1764; died at Windsor. Lawrence county, Ohio, January, 1847; 
married March 3, 1792, Keziah Burns. Removed from New Hampshire, 
1806, to Washington county, Ohio, thence to Lawrence county, Ohio, and 
was a cooper and farmer. He was a prominent pioneer settler and served 
his town as magistrate for forty years. About September 1, 1781, he en- 
listed as a private in Captain John Mill's company. Colonel Runnel's New 
Hampshire regiment, and served therein about three and a half months. 

Sixth Generation. 53 

He was one of the eleven soldiers that march to Charleston, September 
23, 1781. (Secomb's HMory of Amherst p. 397; also Revolutionary Eecords, War 
Department, Washing-ton D. C.) On August 10, 1782, at Boston, Massachu- 
setts, he enlisted on board the frigate "Dean," afterwards the ''Hague," 
commanded successively by Captain Nixon and Captain .John Manley, and 
served about nine months, during which time he was engaged in a number 
of skirmishes and participated in the capture of several prizes. {Becord, 
Pension Department, Washington, D. C.) Peter Wakefield at the age of 
68 applied, August 28, 18.32, for a pension, which was duly allowed. He was 
a pensioner for a number of years before his death. Honorable Josephus 
Wakefield, of Fremont, Wisconsin, writes that Peter was a large, strong, 
active man, weighing 230 pounds. After peace was declared Peter waged 
a fierce warfare and refused to pay taxes for the support of the clergyman, 
and was sent to prison for contumacy. He declared that he had fought for 
freedom and was bound to enjoy it and so sought it by removal to Ohio. 
Peter Wakefield adhered to the Universalist faith in early life but in his 
later years identified himself with the Methodist Church. 


16.5.— 1. Peter, born Septe miser 24. 1794: died in infancy. 

166. — 2. Elhanen Winchester, born August 1. 1799; married September 30, 1837, 

Candace Gillett. He died September .5, 1883. 
167.— 3. Mary Ann Beard, born September 25. 1801; married . to John 

168.— 4. Albert Galitan, born October 16, 1804. in Clairmont New Hamp.shire. 
169 5. Harriet Amanda, born at Marietta, Ohio, October 15, 1806; married to 

J. C. Terry. 
170 — 6. George Washington, born March 15.1812; he married flr.stly. October 

22, 1839. Emily Gillett; married secondly, October 22, 18.56, Ellen Welch; 

he died January 3'J. 1897. 
171.— 7. Benjamin Austin, born August 15,1809; married Parthua Judd; died 

January 4, 1889. 
173.-8. MahalaSingbr, born July 7, 1817: married firstly, to Elias Bragg; mar- 
ried secondly, to James Wall. 

106 Aden""' Wakefield (Patasliall,^ Samuel,* John,'^ John,- John'^), son 
of Patashall and Margaret (Phelps) Wakefield, born in Windsor, Conn., 
November 25, 1773; died .June 16, 1857: married Susannah Barnard, who was 
born June 11, 1774, and died November 23, 1856; date of marriage, March 
10 or 12, 1794; he resided at Colebrook, Conn., and was a farmer. 


173.— 1. Calma, born 1794; married August 29, 1813, to Sheldon Cowles; died July 

16, 1866. 
174 — 2. Hiram, born June 26, 1797; married December 16, 1819, Irene Cutler; died 

Sentember 22 1823. 
175.-3. Sarah (Sally^'born June 20. 1799; married September 16, 1822, to Nisus 

Kenney; died September 28, 18.56. 
176 — 4. Harvey, 'born September 18, 1802; married Eliza Pinney Barbour; died 

July 24, 1884. 
177.— 5. Margaret, born August 9, 1806; married firstly, March 31, 1828, to Lyman 

Worth; married secondly, March 30, 1845, to Timothy Hart; died Sep- 
tember 14, 1875. 
178.— 6. Susan, born December 7, 1810; married March 22, 1866, to John Phelps 


108. HezeivIah« Wakefield (Taiashall,^ Samuel,* John,^ John,^ John^), 
son of Patashall and Sarah (Barnard) Wakefield, born February 15, 1783; 
died in Colebrook February 13, 1865: was a farmer: resided at Colebrook, 
Conn.; married Harriet Barnard, who was born in Simsbury, Conn., Octo- 
ber 17, 1787, and died in Winsted, Conn., May 28, 1866. 


179.— 1. Emily Chloe. born January 25, 1809: married August 29, 1829. to Hiram 

Adams Hopliins. 
18t> — 2. Walter, born December 1, 1810; married Deusy Clemens, March 10, 1833. 
181 — 3. Orrin, born November 19, 1812: married Sarah Wardlaw, of Georgia; 

died in Fort Gaines. Ga., May 19. 1860. 
183 4. Sarah Ann, born December 26, 1814; married to Charles Henry Hunt, 

November 16, 1841: lived in Flushing, Long Island, N.Y., in 1895. 
183.— 5. Charlotte Matilda, born April 26, 1817; died November 15, 1854, 
184 — 6 Francis Bar.vard. born April 15, 1819; married Susan Bryant; died 

October 1, 1881, at Apalachicola, Fla. 

54 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

185.— 7. RUHAMA, born April 15, 1819: died May 14, 1819. 

186 — 8. Hahkiet Abigail, born October 14, 1822; married to Harvey Pinney; 

living in Millbrook, Conn., in 1895. 
187 — 9. Waed Hezekiah, born September 23, 1824; married Roxia Dawkins, of 

Georgia; died in Pittsburg. Tex., July 3, 1894. 
188 — 10. Hiram Pateshall, born September 4, 18;>6; married Amanda Tvrell, 

March. 18.52. 
189 — 11. Maria Deusv, born August 20, 1829: married to Nel.son Pinney: died in 

Winsted, Conn., February 18, 1870. 
190 — 12. TiRZAH Selina, born December 19, 1835: died February 26, 1842. 

no. Dr. Luman Wakefield (Patashall,^ Samuel,* John,^ John,^ John^), 
son of Patashall and Sarah (Barnard) Wakefield, born at Colebrook, Conn., 
.July 30, 1787: died at Winsted, Conn., March 18, 1850; married November 14, 
1814, Elizabeth (Betsey) Rockwell, daughter of Elijah and Lucy (Wri<iht) 
Rockwell, of Colebrook, Conn. Elijah Rockwell was born in Windsor 1744, 
and is a descendant of William Rockwell, first settler of Dorchester and 
Windsor. Luman Wakefield was a physician and resided at Winsted, Conn. 


191.-1. Julia Wright, born October 1, 181,5, in Winstead. Conn.; married May 
12, ]8;«), to Eli T. Wilder; died February U\. 18,5(i. 

Elizabeth Ann, born May 1. 1817: married 1S31, to Normand Adam.s. 

LU(!Y Clahlssa, born May 26, 1820; married 1840, to William H. Phelps: 
died October 14. 1867. 

John Luman. born October 1. 1821: died July 15, 18::2. 

John Luman, born May 25, 1823; married Sarah Brow.i: died Februarv 
17, 1874. 

James Beach, born Mirch2I, 1825: married July, 1864, Nanette Rein- 

Mary Helen, born in 18:27: married 18.52, to Richard Yale; died Septem- 
ber ;i2, 1858. 

112. Dea. Nathan Bass" Wakefield {Patafihall,^ Samuel,* John," 
John,'^ John^), son of Patashall and Sarah (Barnard) Wakefield, born May 
15, 1792, at Colebrook, Litchfield county. Conn.; died February 16, 1873, at 
Kingsville, Ashtabula county, Ohio; was a teacher twenty-four years in 
Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Ohio; removed to Kingsville, 
Ohio, in 1827, purchasing and settling upon a farm; was engaged in mer- 
cantile business several years; was deacon of the First Congregational 
Church; married November 20, 1832, Ruth Webster Leftingwell, daughter 
of Christopher and Margaret (Chester) Leffingwell, and granddaughter of 
Christopher and Elizabeth (Colt) Leffingwell, of Norwich, Conn., who was 
bookkeeper, merchant, and land-holder. Nathan Bass Wakefield was edu- 
cated at Hartford, studying with a clergyman. 


198 — 1. Harriet Winslow, born January 8, 1834: married September 2, 1861, 

to James White. 

Lucius Leffingwell, born September 5. 17;?5: married . 

Nathan Ruthven, born February 2:3, 1839; married Novembers, 1863, 

Mary J. White. 
Ellen Margaret, born April 18, 1841 ; married May 1, 1870, to Franklin 

Barnard Chestney, born July 10, 1843; married January 20, 1874, 

Rachael M. Hoffman. 
Sarah Adelaide, born April 1:2, 1846: a music teacher at Lincoln, 111. 

and died August 15, 1866, at Kingsville. Ohio. 
Amelia Antoinette, born November 26, 1848; married September 31 

1873, to Albert N. Baker. 
Edward Burton, born September 14, 1853; married December 12, 1880, 

Mary E. Kemps. 









— 7 




301 1. 






— 7. 



Seventh Generation. 



115. Hon. Albert Gallatin" Wakefield (Rufus,'^ William,^ Thomas,* 
John,-^ John,- John^), son of Rufus and Hannah (Boyden) Wakefield, was 
born November 1, 1804, at Montpelier, Vt. ; married May 22, 1845, Lucy 
Griffin, daughter of Capt. V^illiam and Lucy (Griffin) Forbes, of West- 
boroutrh, Mass., Mrs. Lucy (Griffin) Forbes, daughter of Ebenezer and Eliza- 
beth (Martin) Griffin, of Hampton, Conn. Lucy (Forbes) Wakefield, born 
October 11, 1817; died October 21, 1883. Albert Gallatin Wakefield gradu- 
ated at Brown University, class of 1830, and has been mayor of Bangor, 
Me., and held several other important political positions. No issue. 

119. BRADFORD' Wakefield (John,''' William,^ Thomas,-*^ John,^ John,^ 
John'^), son of John and Sarah (Sally Kee) Wakefield, was born at Greens- 
burg, Ohio, May IT, 1810; he was a farmer and resided at Long Lake, Minn., 
where he died November 24, 1868; he married April 15, 1840, Maria, daughter 
of Richard and Amy (Stout) Hoagland. 

died November 14. 18C4; killed in 

a phy- 


206.— 1. John Bradford, born April 3:J. 1841 

Civil War. 
307.-2. Kee. born December 28, 1842; married March 7, 1871, Lucy Day 


308.-3. Ellen, born July 14. 1844. 

309.— 4. Thomas Clarkson. born September 19. 1840; married, firstly, July 7 
1874. Susan Gregg; married, secondly. January S, 1881, Nellie Gregg. 
5. Amy. born April U». 1848; died March 7. 1874. 
-6. Warren, born April lit, ISnO. 
-7. Elmer, born April <>, I860; died January 12, 186;2. 




120. Dr. Sidney R.'' Wakefield (John,^ William,-' Thomas,* John,^ 
John,- John^), son of John and Sarah (Sally Kee) Wakefield, born April 18, 
1821, at Greensburg, Ohio; married, firstly, June, 1850, Helen Lacey, who 
died December 25, 187-; married, secondly, March 29, 1873, Mary Hopper. 
He has resided at Greensburg, Ohio, Preemont, Ind., and his present resi- 

dence, Monticello, Minn. He studied 


medicine at the Willoughby Univer- 
sity, medical department, at Wil- 
loughby. Lake county, Ohio, where 
he graduated in 1848. He is now 
practicing medicine at Monticello. 


313.-1. Frank, born July — , 1852. 

314.-2. Carrie, born . 185.5. 

315 — 3. Bert, born January 25, 1876. 

316 — 4. Maude, born July 15, 1880. 

121. Rev. Edwin" Wakefield 
(./o/m,'5 William,-' Thomas,* John,^ 
John, - JoJin'^) , son of .John and Sarah 
(Kee) Wakefield, was born October 
— , 1818, at Greensburg, Ohio; he 

married , 1844, Mary Payne, 

daughter of Major and Eunice 
(Payne) Churchill, of Connecticut. 
He was a widely known and able 
minister among the "Disciples." 
He died October 7, 189(3, at Warren, 
Ohio. He was a great and good 
man, he enjoyed the devotion of 
his parishioners and the'confidence 
and respect of all who knew him. 


317 1. Edmund Burritt, born August 27, 1846: married August 23, 1870, Mar- 
tha A. Sheldon. 

318.— 2. Dora Mary, born , 1852; married to R. P. Crane, Greens- 
burg, Ohio. 

56 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

132. Thomas'' Wakefield (Thomas,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,-^ Jolm,^ John,^ 
Jolin'^), son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hardy) Wakefield, born Aug'ust — , 1772, 
or August 5, 1774, at Amherst, N.H.; married Olive Hart, of Castine, Me., 
in 1805; removed to Maine, thence to Paris, N.Y.; died in Sangerfield, N.Y. 
His will probated January 3, 1859: letters testamentary, issued to Charles 
C. Bacon and Horace Wakefield on same date. 


319 — 1. HoBATio, born . 

320 2. Horace, laorn . 

126. Hon. James" Wakefield {Thomas,'^ Thomas J Joseph,* John,^ John,"^ 
John'^), son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hardy) Wakefield, born January or 
September 9, 1782, at Dublin. N.H.; married, October 11, 1803, Hannah, 
daughter of Ellas and Mary (Molly Patterson) Hemminway. Ellas was 
enlisted in the Revolutionary army from Framingham, Mass. James Wake- 
field was a farmer in Roxbury, N.H. ; a public spirited man; served as town 
clerk. Selectman twelve years. Representative to state legislature two 
years. Justice of the Peace, etc. He died May 25, 1864, at Dublin, 


331.— 1. James Patterson, bora May 31, 1805; married April 12, 1828, Hannah B. 
Hall: died December 7, 1870. 

333.-2. Sylvester, born , 1808: died , 18-23. 

333 3. Cyrus, born February 14. 1811: married October 31, 1841, Eliza A. Ban- 
croft: died October 26, 1873. 

334.-4. Enoch H.. born December 1, 1813; died April — , 1894: married Caroline 
H. Kingsbury. 

335.-5. Elias, born , 1816: died , 1818. 

336.-6. Hannah Hemingway, born 29, 1820: married, firstly. May 27. 
1845, to Joel C. Greenwood: married, secondly, March 13, 1855. to Edwin 

337.-7. Maria R., born June 5. 1827: married 1851-2, to Stephen D. Osborne. 

338.-8. Juliet N., born March 7, 1832; married , to O. G. Dort; died August 

or September, 1861. 

128. Peter" Wakefield {Thomas,'^ Thomas,-' Joseph,* John,^ John,^ 
John^), son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hardy) Wakefield, born at Dublin, 
N. H., April 16, 1786, died near Lowville, at New Bremen, N. Y., July 13, 
1855; married Esther Whitcomb, of Jaffrey, N. H., November — , 1807, who 
was born in 1783 and died October 10, 1866. He was a pioneer in the settle- 
ment, a Presbyterian, acted as leader in the place for many years, and his 
influence is still felt. 


339.-1. Henry Theodore, born September 13. 1809. 

330 2. Otis O.. born October 2. 1811: married, firstly. February 14. 1838. Maria 

Cummings: married, secondly, January 25, 1864, Mrs. Jane H. McCone; 

he died September 3, 1885. 
331.-3. Caroline, born December 5, 1812. 
333 — 4. Cyrus C.born December 6. 1814; died November 20. 1816. 

333 .=i. Delia A., born May 29, 1816. 

334.-6. Cyrus C, born October 8. 1819; residence New Bremen, N.Y. 

33.5.-7. John, born May 24, 1821 : residence New Bremen N. Y. 

336 — 8. Harriet, born January 5. 1823. 

337 — 9. Celestia M., born August 16, 1824. 

338.-10. Joseph S.. born March 20, 1828: residence Martinsburg, N. Y. 

339.— II. Ben.iaminF.. born December 24, 1830; residence, New'Bremen, N.Y. 

340.— 12. Roxana, born March 2, 1832. 

129. Martha" Wakefield {Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ John,"^ 
John^), daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hardy) Wakefield, born at Dub- 
lin, N.H., April 11, 1788; died May 2, 1847, at Reading, Mass. She married, 
November 10, 1819, Rev. Peter Sanborne. Peter Sanborne, the tenth child 
of William and Mary (Sleeper) Sanborne, was born at Kingston, N. H., 
August 13, 1760, graduated at Dartmouth College, 1786, studied theology 
with Rev. Ephraim .Judson, of Taunton, Mass. Commenced preaching May 
24, 1788. As a preacher he was ardent, in his earlier years very impressive. 
He married firstly, Mary Stimson, May 26, 1798. She died at Reading, Mass., 
October 15, 1818. He died August 8, 1857. Resided Reading, Mass. 

Seventh Generation. 57 


1. Plinv Fisk Sanborne, born October 35, 1820. Became a minister. Was living at 
Otego, N. Y.,"1886. 

2. Joseph Chadwick Sanborne, born Janurary 20, 1822. 
,3. Martha Isabella Sanborne, born January 28.182.5. 

4. George Edward Sanborne, born April 16," 1827. Congregational minister, at Hart- 
ford, Conn., formerly of Northborough, Mass. 

5. Mary Jane Sanborne, born March 16, 1832. 

ISO. Dorcas" Wakefield (Thomas,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ John,^ 
John^), daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hardy) Wakefield, born at Dub- 
lin, N.H., March 11, 1T!)0: died at Mayfield, Ohio, February 22, 1857; married 
in 181(5, Horace Rudd, of Champion, Jetterson Co., N. Y. 


1. A son. born August (5, 1817; died the same day. 

2. Charles Rudd, born October 29. 1818. 

3. Maria Rudd. born May 22. 1820; married to Rev. E. C. Sharp, of Atwater, Ohio. 

4. Lucia Rudd. born April 10, 1822. 

5. Horace Rudd. born September 4. 1824. 

6. CuUen Rudd, born August 28. 1826. 

7. Milo Rudd. born December 29, 1828. 

8. Octavia D. Rudd, born February 26. 1831. 

9. Sally Parker Rudd, born June 24, 1833. 

131. Joseph H.'=' Wakefield [Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Joseph.* John.^ John,^ 
John^), son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hardy) Wakefield, born at Dublin, 
N.H., July 7. 1792; died at Willouo-hby, Ohio, on January 18, 1835; married, 
firstly, Eunice Sawyer, December 13. 1812; married, secondly. Miss Pepper. 
In 1833, removed to Willoughby, Ohio. He became a Mormon but re- 
nounced that faith before his death. He married; and resided near Water- 
town, New York, several years. 


341.— 1. Augustus, born June 1.5. 181.5: resided Mentor. Ohio. 

343.-2. Martha, born September 10, 1816: married ; died December 

343.-3. Mary, born April 18.1818; died Februarv 2, 1866: married to H. Cum- 

344.-4. Emmons, born May 29. 1820: died September 8. 1820. 
345.— .5. Thomas Albert, born December 14, 1825: died January 28. 1826. 
346 — 6. Lavinia W.. born March 21. 1828. 
347 — 7. Gilbert, born July 4, 1831; died September :24, 1831. 

132. Joseph" Wakefield {Joseph,^ Thomas,'^ Joscpjh,* John,^ John,- 
John'^), son of Joseph and Relief (Kendall) Wakefield, born in New Hamp- 
shire, probably at Deering or Amherst, October 7, 1779; removed from 
Windsor, Vermont, to Watertown, New York, in 1800; married, firstly, 
September 1, 1803, Susan Sawyer, daughter of Thomas and Susannah (Wilder) 
Sawyer, who was born at Sterling, Mass., December 20, 1787, and died at 
Watertown, N. Y., July 23, 183G; he married secondly, Mrs. Lucy Howell, Feb- 
ruary 2(), 1837; he died May 6, 1842. He opened a farm in 1801, in the then 
wilderness near Watertown, N. Y., where he resided during the remainder 
of his life. He was a democrat in politics and a Universalist in religious 
faith. Charles Richardson, of Watertown, brother of his son Cyrenius' 
wife, says: 

"Joseph Wakefield, as I recollect him, was a man five feet eleven or six feet in height, 
rather stooping or round shouldered, lean and wirv in appearance, somewhat angular in 
form, with dark eyes, hair and beard, though quite gray and bald at my earliest recollec- 
tion of him. about 1828, he at that time being under fifty years of age. He was a very 
industrious, systematic, and thrifty farmer in his dav. and a man of strictest integrity 
and honor. He was a Universalist and a disbeliever in the infamous dogma of a literal 
burning hell, at a time when such belief with manj^of his neighbors and others, of course, 
thought it outright heresy. It was a common saying with believers that no Universalist 
died in his faith, always renouncing it at the approach of death. In reply to this it was 
often said 'Uncle Joe Wakefield won't renounce his religion at death or any other time.' 
He was elected justice of the peace for his town and ever after was called 'Squire Wake- 
field.' " Judge Lorenzo Sawyer, of California, in 1890. wrote of his Aunt Susan (Sawyer) 
Wakefield; "She was a superb woman, built on the model of her mother physically, 
mentally, and morally, who was a jewel of a woman. Everybody respected and loved 
her. " Of her mother Judge Sawyer wrote: "She was a sterling woman, one of the salt 
of the earth." 


Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

Susan Sawyer, born Dec. 20, 1787, Sterling, Mass. 

Married Sept. 20, 1803. Joseph Waketteld, Jr. 

Died July 23, 1836, Watertown, N. Y. 

_3 3?'SSi 

a ^P^< "-! 
• a :/:;-• rtJ 

o P Q o ""^ 

" - p.- 

a ^w 

Cr? pi: rfr 

Seventh Generation. 59 

Joseph Wakefield served in the militia at battle of Sackett's Harbor, 
May 29, 1813. He was so distinguished for his uprightness and honesty that 
his obituary, published at his death in the Watertown, I'imes, titled it with 
the quotation, "An honest man is the noblest workof God." In order to 
distinguish him from his cousin, .Joseph H. Wakefield, son of Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Hardy) Wakefield, who also resided near Watertown, he. being 
much the taller, was called familiarly "Long Joe." His will of May 4, 1842, 
bequeathed his property to his surviving widow and children, as below 
enumerated. Elisha Wakefield and John G. Dresser were appointed sole 


348.— 1. Elizabeth CBetsey). horn August 0, 1804; married, lirstlj', to William 
Waters: married, secondiv, to William Bolin; she died .Tune 1, 1K53. 

349.— ;Z. Elisha. born November l', 1H06; married, tirstly. De<-ember 24. 18;K, 
Daphne Baker: married, seccmdly. September U>. 18:». Marv Wilson: 
married, thirdl3^ October 15. 1867, Mary (Hatcti) Ayer: he died Feb- 
ruary 0. 1870 

350 3. Orin. born August :27, 1808: married, firstly. March 31, 1836, Hannah Mc- 

Cord: married, secondly, February 18, 1858, Susan N. (Cleveland) 
Howard: died May 3. 1885. 

351 4. Zera. born Julv :lr>, 1810: married, firstly, Mrs. Neal; married, 

secondly. April — . 1848. Adelaide Dobsori: he died June 22, 1848. 

353 5. Cyrus, born February 3. 1813: died July 31, 1814. 

353.-6. Cyrenius, born July 12, 1815: married August 17, 1843, Harriet Richard- 
son; he died February 20, 1885. 

354.-7. Egbert, born July 3, 1819; died August 3, 1843, at Watertown. N.Y. 

13iJ. Peter" Wakefield {Joseph.'^ Tltomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ John,^ John^), 
born at Windsor, Vt.. February 9, 1783; married February 10, 1814, Rachael 
Pierce, of Temple. N. H., daughter of Levi and Remembrance (Fletcher) 
Pierce. Levi Pierce was a cousin of Governor Benjamin Pierce. Peter 
Wakefield was educated at Littlebury College, Vermont, intending to en- 
ter the ministrv, but his health becoming temporarily affected he never 
studied divinity. He moved to Watertown, N. Y., in 1814, where all his 
children were born, and where he died June 26, 1860. 


355 1. Rachael Pierce, born November 10. 1814; married February 23, 1838, 

to Joseph H. Rising; died October 28, 1886. 
356.-2. Maria, born May 8,1817; married June 19, 1845, to Solo non H. Knapp; 

died January 3. 1897. 
357.-3. JosEPHUS. born October 10, 1819; married June 10, 1848, Murtie M. Abell. 
358 4. Emily, born January 21, 1822; married August 29, 1844, to Ephraim 

Roberts; died April 21. 1871. 
359.-5. John Fletcher, born January 33. 1826; married December 31, 1850, 

Caroline Overton. 

360 6. Francis Asbury. born July 11, 1828; married August 29, 1853. Maria 


134. Dr. John" Wakefield {Joseph,'^ Thomas,-' JosepJi,* John,'' John,^ 
John^), son of Joseph and Relief (Kendall) Wakefield, born at Windsor, De- 
cember 14, 1784, and died there October 15, 18.36; married, firstly, Mary Fay, 
October 14, 1812. She died October 12, 1814 He married, secondly, Laura, 
daughter of Dr. Thacher, August 8, 1816. Laura Thacher was born Aug- 
ust 30, 1795; died in 1895. John Wakefield studied medicine prior to his 
marriage to Laura Thacher and commenced practice in Waitsfield, Vt., 
and shortly after moved to Surey, N. H., where he lived four years and 
secured a good practice, which, at the earnest solicitation of his father, he 
left, going back to the old homestead in 1824, to care for his parents, which 
he considered it his duty to do, at a very great loss to himself and family. 
Dr. John and his wife were both Universalists. Mrs. Laura (Thacher) 
Wakefield married, secondly, Thomas Wakefield, brother of Dr. John. 

60 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 


361.-1. Mary Ann, born December 8. 1819; married to Mo=es C. Jewett in 1843. 

362.-2. Frederick Aureliods, born March 31. 1823; married Abbie T. Hosmer; 
died July zb. 1894. 

363.-3. Marcus a., born December .5, 18'37: died January 38, 1836. 

364.-4. Marcellus F.. born Marcb 12, 1830; married April 1, 1858. Sarah A. Mc- 

365 — 5. Hannibal C, born February 11,1831: married March 4. 1857. Lavinia 

366 — 6. Laura Janette, born February 11. 1835; died March 11, 1897, Water- 
town, N. Y. ; unmarried. 

135. COPIA" Wakefield [Joseph,^ Thomas, '^ Josejjh,* Jolin,^ John,^ John^), 
daughter of Joseph and Relief (Kendall) Wakefield, born at Windsor, Vt., 
August 29, 1786; married Samuel Wilson; lived at Watertown, N. Y.; died 
July — 1848. 


1. Marj' Wilson, born January 8. 1815; married September 16, 1839, to Elisha Wake- 
field; died November 13, 186.5. 

2. Susan A. Wilson, born ; died September 13, 1859, aged 39 years, 6 months, at 

Bloomington, 111. 

3. Laura Wilson, born ; married to E. White; died ; had one child. 

4. Charles Wilson, born ; residence Watertown, N. Y.; has family. 

136. Thomas" Wakefield {Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ John,^ 
John'^), son of Joseph and Relief (Kendall) Wakefield, born at Windsor, 
August 19, 1788: died in Philadelphia, N. Y., July 6, 1858: married, firstly, 
Chloe Kellogg, of Rutland, N. Y.; she died May 30, 1840: married, secondly, 
in 1843, Laura (Thacher) Wakefield, widow of his brother John: she died in 
Theresa, N. Y., July, 1856. 


367.— 1. CAROLINP-. born March 30, 1820: married September, 1838, to O. C. Ackert; 

died July, 1880. 
368.-2. George, born September 3, 1822; married in 1848, Minerva Smith; died 

February 22, 1876. 
369.-3. Jane, born October 18, 1826; married November 16, 1859, to Madison 


140. James ' Wakefield {Joseph,^ llwmas," Joseph,* John,^ John,'' 
John'^), son of Joseph and Relief (Kendall) Wakefield, born at Windsor, Vt., 
May 21, 1796, and died at Watertown, N. Y., March 6, 1866; resided at Wind- 
sor and Manchester, Vt., Watertown and Alexandria, N. Y., Herman in St. 
Lawrence county, and Vermillion, in Oswego county, N. Y. At time of his 
death his residence was at Alexandria but he died at his son's residence in 
Watertown, where he was visiting and receiving medical treatment. He 

married, in 1818, Achsa Parker, daughter of and Achsa (Winch) 

Parker. She died December 3, 1884. He was a farmer and mechanic. 


370.-1. LOFTUS T., born 1819; married in 1849, Mary A, Perkins: he died April 

30. 1874. 
371 — 2. Lorintha p., born at Windsor, Vt., July 23, 1820; died June 1892, a 

273 — 3. Saluda E., born June 3, 18:25, in Vermont, spinster, resides Redwood, 

N. Y. 
373.-4. Ceylon, born May 12, 18:28: married, in 1853, Catherine Marion King. 
374.— .5. Elmerva, born April 17. 1830; married July 11. 18.54, to Henry Hafford. 
275 — 6. Zera, born August 24, 1838; married December 25, 1859, Harriet A. 

Holmes, died May 6, 1890. 

147. (Capt.) Timothy" Wakefield, jr. [Tlmothn,'' Thomas,^ Joseph,"" 
John, ^ John, '^ John"^), son of Timothy and Susanna(Bancroft) Wakefield, born at 
Reading, Mass., September 7, 1779; died January 22. 18()5. He-married, firstly, 
Elizabeth (Betsey) Wakefield, of Dublin, N.H., daughter of Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Hardy) Wakefield, October 19, 1802. Elizabeth Wakefield 
(Thomas,'^ Thomas,-' Joseph,* John,^ John,'^ John}), was born at Amherst, N.H., 
November 8, 1777, and died September 18, 1848. Timothy Wakefield, jr., was 
a farmer, and also Selectman, 1821-23-35-36; Representative, 1822-25, for 

Seventh Generation. 


Reading, and school committeeman 1825; was Captain of militia company; 
married, secondh', April 2, 1849, Nancy B. Tuttle. of Stoneham, who died 
September 25, 1851; married, thirdly, Abigail Leathe, of Wobvirn, Mass., 
June 30, 1852. He lived on the old homestead, and was superintendent Old 
South Church Sunday school one 3'ear. 


S~6.— 1. Otis, born July 19, 1803: married, firstly, Abigail Hammond, September, 
1836: married, secondly. Susan Paggett: died March 34. 1876. 

877.-3. John, born April 28, 1806; married October 4. 1838, Sarah Parker; died 
May 5. 1863. 

378.-3. Betsey, born April 6, 1808: married January 9 or 10, 1833, to Joseph Ban- 
croft: died September 38. 1844. 

379 1. Timothy, born May 10. 1810: died August 3. 1810. 

380.-5. Abigail, born September 18, 1811: died April 1, 1847; married October 
31, 1834. to Theron Parlier, of Reading. 


381 — 6. Bridge, born June 3.5, 1814; married April 14, 1835, Catherine Cutler; 

died February 3, 1853. 
383.-7. Martha, born June 30, 1817: married to Joseph L. Pratt, February 35, 

1841: died December 33. 1859. 
383.-8. Susannah Bancroft, born February 30. 1830; married to Milo Parker, 

April 7, 1843; died June 17, 1885. 

149. Bridge" Wakefield {Timothy,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,^ JoJin,^ John,'^ 
John^), son of Timothy and Susanna (Bancroft) Wakefield, born at Reading, 
Mass., June 30, 1783; died September 16, 1836; married December 20, 1812, 
Mary (Polly) Foster, of Sangerlield, N. Y.; she died September 23, 1843. 


384 — 1. Emerson, born 

285 2. Claudes, born 

386 — 3. — 

— ; in California. 
— ; in California, 
daughter, born ; Marshall, Mich. 

62 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

150. Dea. Caleb" Wakefield {TimotJiy,'^ Thomas,^ Josejjh,* John,^ 
John,- John^), son of Timoth}^ and Susanna (Bancroft) Wakefield, born April 
18, 1785, at Reading-, Mass., and died there March 4, 1876; married, firsily, 
Matilda, daughter of Jonathan and Ann (Bancroft) Poole; born June 2, 1786, 
in Reading, Mass., and died there December 21, 1822. Ann Bancroft was 
sister to the Rev. Dr. Aaron Bancroft, father of George, the historian; 
married, secondly, November 3, 1823, Nancy Temple, who was born October 
21, 1794, in Reading", and died there November 18, 1873; he lived in Reading; 
was captain of the military company; Selectman 1836-40; representative 
1833-36; Justice of the Peace 1845-51, and 1865; was chosen deacon of the first 
church August 23, 1821; as administrator of Damon estate he laid and sold 
village lots, and at 89 years of age saw every one of them built upon con- 
trary to a prophecy made at time of sale; he was also assessor and overseer 
of the poor 1836-8, and superintendent of Old South Church Sunday school 
twelve years. 

Nancy (Temple) Wakefield died at Reading, November 18, 1873, "a 
woman loved and respected for her virtues, by a large circle of friends, but 
better known and appreciated in the home she had adorned for more than 
fift}' years, in the faithful discharge of her duties as wife and mother." 

Rev. Dr. William Barrows at the funeral of Deacon Caleb Wakefield, 
said of him: 

•'Deacon Wakefield was a man of very strong convictions. Doing liis own thinking 
and liaving convictions tliat were his own, with a large moral element and sense of right 
in his nature, he was prone to be firm and persistent in his positions. He was much like 
one of our pasture oaks, alwaj's ahout in the same place with its open welcome shade for 
the flocks in the summer arid with its stern bald limbs in the winter storms, patiently, 
confidently, waiting for the l^uds and leaves and flocks to return, and tliey always came 
back. He was als'u a progressive man; open to information and conviction, few men 
knew Ijetter when to give up. drop the old and take the new. Very few men of his years 
have kept so near to the front and among the young men of the times, 

■'Deacon Wakefield was a man of deep and strong symjiathies and of tender feelings, 
but outside of his own 'family, where those sympathies centered and culminated in the 
model christian household of the fathers, his strong, sympathetic nature laid hold of 
principles and policies and institutions, rather than persons and individuals. He was 
more deeply interested in the community than in individual families and single, separate 
members. What to the careless observer, or men of emotion and excitement, might 
seem to Ije coolness, or apathy, was comprehensiveness in his interest. It was too wide, 
too deep, to show the local and temporarj' prominence of a more limited nature. Hence, 
probabh' for fifty years, no one man did more to shape the interests of the community 
and aid'and lead in those growths, financial education, moral and religious, that are an 
honor to the town. His tender and sympathetic qualities worked in a general and whole- 
sale waj' for the people rather than for persons; he felt more for the whole town than for 
any section or class in it. 

"Deacon Wakefield was a leading man. This was natural, inevitable, and proper, and 
the process was very simple. He merely foresaw what was needed, and then showed it in 
a plain, common-sense way. When the plans of his foresight commended themselves to 
the people they adopted those plans and him as a leader. He did his thinking over his 
broad-axe and saw, and inevitable immutable square. He did it following his plow, or 
solitary among the pine trees that he loved so well. Afterward he put his ideas simply 
to others, and they liked them and adopted them, and so he was a leading man, more or 
less, in this community for seventy years For this reason men turned toward him. and 
after him. just as any little brook bound for the ocean strikes for the nearst big river. 

"Deacon Wakefield was a good neighbor. He was wise in counsel, he was charitable 
with his hand; and wa-i a comforter in fiis works for the afflicted. The orphan, the young 
man, and the widow sought his advice, and the more the^^ used it the more grateful they 
were for it. He often stood between the living and the dead and executed sacred trusts; 
and the metes and bounds he has set for others very few have had occasion to question or 


387.-1. Dr. Horace Poole, born January 4, 1809; married March 1, 1838. Abi- 
gail Pratt; married secondly, , Mary B. Christy; died August •I'A, 


388.-3. Marilla. born December 10, 1810; died December II, 1811. 

389.-3. Edward, born September 12. 1817; died September 14, 1818. 

390 — 4. Matilda, born January 14. 1821; living at Reading, Mass. 

391 —0. Climena, born December 21. 1825; resided at Reading in 180.5; was a suc- 
cessful school teacher for many years; taught in Reading and New 
York City; was clerk at the Monson State Primarj' School in 1875; was 
on Executive Committee of Reading Cong. Sunday School. 1892. 

393.-6. Nancy, born April 19. 1828: married to Rev. John Lawrence, July 31, 1855; 
died in Reading, Mass.. Januarj^ 6 ,1871. 

293 — 7. Ophelia, born October 31, 1832; living at Reading, Mass. 

151. William' Wakefield {I'lmolhy," T koyna ft, ^ Joseph," John. ^ John, ^ 
John^), son of Timothy and Susanna (Bancroft) Wakefield, born June 17, 








— 5. 




— 7. 



Seventh Generation. 63 

1787, at Reading-, Mass.; married January 1, 1812, Sarah (Sally ),daug-hter of 
William and Sarah (Damon) Parker; born November 4, 1791; she died March 
31, 1883. William Parker was a soldier in the War of the Revolution. Wil- 
liam Wakefield was a stonemason and farmer, and died at Reading, Mass., 
February 22, 1875. "He will be remembered as a good man, who did each 
duty in its proper time and place, and as having been active in promoting 
the moral, educational, and religious interests of the town, and ever ready 
to bear his share of the expense of sustaining them.'" He and his wife were 
original members of the Bethesda Congregation church in Reading, April 
17, 1849. He died October 24, 1887. 


394.— 1. William, jr.. born December .5, 1812; married, fir.stly, August 3, 1841, 

Mary Buru.s Flint; married, .secondly, October 13, 184.5, Clarissa Tol- 

Fkederick, born July 20. 1814; married Elizabeth Damon, November 19, 

1840; died December r«), 1804. 
ANGELINA, born March 38. 1816; married to Daniel Foss, 1836; died July 

19, 1896. 
Louisa, born November 2.5, 1818: married to Nathan Parker Pratt, who 

was born . 1811. Still living in Lowell, Mass. 

Stewart Parker, born December 23, 1820; mason and farmer; soldier 

in Civil War; living in Valley Springs county. Dak. 
Sarah Parker, born December 3, 1822; married to Rev. S. V. Blakeslee; 

died at Oakland. Cal.. February 13, 1880. 
Frutilla, born October 18, 1824; married to Silas Emerson; living Read- 
ing. Mass. 
Thomas Scott, born February 22, 1830; a farmer; died a Union Soldier 

in Andersonville prison, in August, 1863; belonged to Company K, 25th 

Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers. 
303.— 9. Hannah Amei,ia, born August 18, 1832; married to A. O. Banks; living in 

Oakland. Cal.. 189.5. 

303 10. LuciLiA. born November 17. 1834; married to Rev. John Learned. 

304.— 11. Elizabeth, born January 26, 1828; married to Mr. Wilkins; living at 

Oakland, Cal. 


JVote. —T>ea.. Thomas' Parker came from England in the "Susan Ellis" in 16,35; 

stopped first at Lynn and afterwards at Reading, Mass.; he married Amy . and 

was a selectman. Serg. John= Parker married , 1667, Hannah, daughter 

of Dea. Thomas Kendall; she died 1689, and he died 1698. John^ Parker, born 1668, 

settled in West Parish, Reading, where he built his house; married Elizabeth , 1691 

or 4. John* Parker, born March :37. 1701: married February 23. 1723, Sarah Lilly, born 
November 23. 1702, and died July 5, 1775; daughter of Samuel (born May 4, 1665) and Han- 
nah Lilly, and granddaughter of George and Hannah (Smith) Lilly, who were married 
November 15, 16.59. Jonas'* Parker, born February 3, 1728, and married Mary Gould. Wil- 
liams Parker was at the battle of Bunker Hill; married August 21, 1788, Sarah Damon. 

152. Thomas^ Wakefield {Timothy,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* Jolm,^ Jolm,^ 
John^), son of Timothy and Susanna (Bancroft) Wakefield: born at Reading, 
Mass., February 23, 1789; married .January 11, 181(J, Nancy Eaton, who died 
August 4, 1818, and was buried in Reading, Mass. 


305 1. MARY Eaton, born November 13, 1816; Married November IS, 1834, to 

John Knight. 

164. Thomas Bridge" Wakefield {Jolm,^ Thomas,-' Joseph,* John,^ 
John,^ John" ), son of Dr. John and Sarah (Underwood) Wakefield: born Febru- 
ary 22, 1792; died at Westen, Vt., March 19, 1850. He resided at London- 
derry and Weston, Vt., and was a farmer. He married, at Salem, N.Y., 
February 10, 1814, Submit Ross. She died April 18, 1845. 


306.-1. John Hancock, born December 5, 1814: married November 12, 1840, 

Minerva Merrill; died October 12, 1860. 
307.— 2. Thomas Lafayette, born July 15. 1817; died June 31. 1888; married, 

firstly. Jane Perry; married, secondly, Francis A. Lathrop. 
308.-3. Dorcas Maria, born November 18, 1819; died January 11. 1882; married, 

firstly, in 1847, to Samuel Day. born 1794, or '96; died 1885. Married 

secondly, in 1864, to Hiram Goddard, who died in 1869. No issue. 
309. — 4. Jonas Franklin, born June 10, 1825; died in 1887; married Angelina 

Gordon; resided at Everett, Mass.; and Benson. Vt. No issue. He 

was a physician. 
310.— 5. Mary Sophia, born June 17, 1829; died June 30, 1864; unmarried. 

64 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

166. Elhanen Winchester' Wakefield {Peter,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* 
John,^ John,- John^), son of Peter and Keziah (Burns) Wakefield; born at 
Clairmont, N.H., August 1, 1799: died at Proctorville, Ohio. Septembers. 
1883: married, September 30, 1827, Candace Gillette, daughter of Joel and 
Chloe (Griswold) Gillette: born in Connecticut. Joel Gillette was a farmer, 
and he and his wife were members of the Presbyterian church. E. W. 
Wakefield resided at Windsor, was a farmer, a member of the Methodist 
Episcopal church; filled various offices in the church for many years, and 
also in his town and county. 


31 1.— 1. Albert Joel, born August 31. 1828: married May 29, 1851, Hester Skelton; 

died June 14, 1896. 

313 2. Diana, horn October 18, 1829: married to William Holroyd; lived in Wind- 

i sor; was a teacher, a devoted Christian, and died in 1865, leaving two 

sons and one daughter, who are now dead. 
313 3. Marinda, born August 1, 1831; received degree of Mistress of English 

Literature at the Wesleyan Female College, of Delaware, Ohio: 

taught in schools of high order for twelve vears: married to William 

A. Read, who died in 1870: resides in Proctorville, Ohio. Had one son. 
314 4. John Wesley, born November 27, 1832: married, firstly, August 10, 18.59, 

Maria Riggs Valette; married, secondly, April 22, 1890, Mrs. Anna 

315.— 5. Elhanen Winchester, -jr.. born July 2, 1834. 

31G.— 6. Keziah. born June 2.5, 1836: attended Ironton high school; taught in 
public schools several }'ears: died in 1865: unmarried. 

317 7. Peter, born March I, 1838: was a private soldier in the late war: was a 

farmer near Carthage, Mo. 
318..— 8. Chloe, born December 24. 1840: attended Normal University, Lebanon, 

Ohio; taught in public schools at Windsor, and died in 1870: no issue. 
319 9. Columbus Gillett, born October 11, 1843: attended Ohio University, at 

Athens; taught school and became a minister: died October 31, 1876. 

170. George Washington'' Wakefield {Peter, '^ Thomas,^ Joseph,'^ 
John,^ John;^ John^), son of Peter and Keziah (Burns) Wakefield: born 
March 15, 1812, in Lawrence county, Ohio; married, firstly, October 22, 1839, 
Emily, daughter of .Joel and Chloe (Griswold) Gillett, who was born Septem- 
ber 28, 1817, and died July 3, 1852, at Cameron, La. He married, secondly, 
October 22, 1856, Ellen, daughter of .John and Mary Welch, who was born 
August 1, 1833, at Washington Parish, La. He died January .30, 1897. He 
sustained a physical injury in childhood, which left him partially paralyzed 
on one side. This misfortune he has had to contend with throughout life. 
He moved south in 1844 and settled in Cameron Parish, La. Here he estab- 
lished a homestead on which he has lived for over fifty years, engaged in 
farming and stock raising. He lost considerable property by the Civil war, 
and came very near losing his life, for being a Unionist. He being a cripple 
prevented his being forced into the Confederate army. He has been a mem- 
ber of the Methodist Episcopal church since boyhood. 

children by first marriage. 

330 1. Rev. Thomas Gardner, born September 5, 1840: married, firstly, October 

18, 1870, Helen M. Sanderson ; married, secondly, June .5, 1877, Amanda S. 
331.— 2. George Washington, jr., born July 20, 1842; married, firstly, September 

13, 1870, Chloe Wakefield; married, secondly, January 7, 1875, Adela 

Davis Street. 
333.-3. Mary ANN, born . 1845; married, , to Watson Menden- 

tall, Eldorado, Kan. 
333.-4. Candace Emily, born , 1847; married, to David Davis; resides 

Belgresle. Montana. She is a widow with several children. 
334 5. Albert Peter, born January — , 18.50; married : resides Sutton, 

W. Virginia; has six children. 


335 6. Alwilda Hortense, born August 1, 18.57; married, May 20. 1883, to James 

Monroe Davis. 
336.-7. John Wesley, born July 4, 1859; died September 9, 1876. at Cameron, 

337.-8. James Austin, born January 14, 1861. 
338 9. Mahala K., born January 4, 1863; married, August 16, 1886, to Rev. Mr. 


339 10. Martha Augusta, born November 26, 1864, at Cameron, La. 

330 11. Nellie Dorcas, born October 29, 1866; married, September 5, 1889, to 

John Sells. 

Seventh Generation. 65 

331.— 12. Lydia Sarepta, born December 8, 1868; married January 22, 1891, 
to Joseph Belene Erbelding, at Johnson'.s Bayou. La. 

333.— 13. Elhanen Winchester, born December 17, 1871 ; died August 37, 1872, at 
Cameron, La. 

333.-14. DOTTE. born December 13, 1873, at Cameron, La.; attended college two 
years at Lalie Ctiarles College, Lake Charles, La. 

171. Benjamin Austin'^ Wakefield (Peter/ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ 
John,'' John^), son of Peter and Keziah (Burns) "Wakefield; born at Millerport, 
Ohio, Aug'ust 15, 1809; died at Bartramville, Ohio, January 4, 1889; married 
Parthena Judd . He resided in Lawrence county, Ohio. 


334.-1. Kate L., born September 17, 1845; married August 17, 1869, to Augustus 
T. Ward. 

173. Calma" Wakefield {Adcn,'^ Fat a shall, ^' SammV, John,^ John,'' 
John^), daufrhter of Aden and Susanna (Barnard) Wakefield; born in 1794; 
died Jvily 16, 186(i; married August 29, 181.3, to Sheldon Cowles. 


1. Marceline Cowles, born - 

2. Hiram W. Cowles , born ■ 

3. Asahel Cowles, born 

4. Flavia Cowles, born 

5. Henry Cowles. born 

6. Sabrina Cowles, born — 

1 74. Hiram" Wakefield {Aden,'^ Patashall,-' Samuel,' John, ^ John, ^ 
John^), son of Aden and Susanna (Barnard) Wakefield, born June 26, 1797; 
died September 22, 1823; married Irene Cutler, December 16, 1819. He went 


335.-1. Hiram Aden, born , who has six children, one of whom is Harvey 

Wakefield, of Ashland, Sanders county, Neb. 

175. Sarah (Sally)" Wakefield (Aden,^ Patashall,^ Samuel,* John,'' 
John,'- John^), born July 20, 1799; died September 28, 1856; married to Nisus 
Kinney, September 16, 1822. 


1. Harriet Kinney, born . 

2. Sarah Kinney, born . 

3. Andrew Kinney, born . 

4. Susan Kinney, born . 

176. Harvey" Wakefield (Aden,*^ Patashall,^ Samuel,* John,'* John,- 
John^), born September IS, 1802; married Eliza Pinney Barbour; died July 
24, 1884. He had no children, and left the bulk of his property to the town 
of Winsted, Conn., in which a road has been constructed around Highland 
Lake, which is called "Wakefield Boulevard." and a tablet with an appro- 
priate inscription has been placed there to his memory. 

177. Margaret" Wakefield {Aden,<^ Patashall,^ Samuel,* John,'* John,^ 
John^), daughter of Aden and Susanna (Barnard) Wakefield, Ijorn August 9, 
1806; died September 14, 1875; married, firstly, to Lyman Worth, March 31, 
1828; married, secondly, to Timothy Hart, March 30,"^ 1845. 


1. Jane S. Hart, born August 15, 1847; married November 26, 1867, to William H. Viney, of 
Simsbury, Ct. 

1. Aden WakefiekP Viney. born November 8, 1868; married Emma J. Montagnon, 
March 18. 1896. 

2. Roscoe William- Viney, born April 7. 1872; a Methodist minister; settled in Ashe- 

ville. N. C. 

3. Leon Hart-= Viney. born August 24, 187.5; died August 3. 1877. 

4. Lillian Jane^ Viney, born November 2, 1878. 

.5. Florence Margaret"" Viney, born November 4. 1885. 
6. Henry Hart^ Viney, born January 14, 1889. 


66 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

179. Emily Chloe" Wakefield (Hezekiah,'^ Patashall,^ Samuel,* John," 
John,^ John^), daughter of Aden and Susanna (Barnard) Wakefield, born 
January 25, 1809; married to Hiram Adams Hopkins, August 29, 1829. 


1. Orrin Luther- Hopkins, born October 7, 1830; died January 23, 1894; married Mary Ellen 

Tuttle. June 16, 1851. 

1. Maria Louisa'' Tuttle, born June 8, 18.53: died February 16, 1878. 

2. Nellie Tuttle,'' born July 28, 1858; died February 11, 1862. 

3. Frank Leverett^ Tuttle, born June 24, 1868. 

2. Lucinda Martella^ Hopkins, born July 13. 1835; married to Willard Bellows; died April 1. 


3. Susan Emma= Hopkins, born June 5, 1843. 

4. Frank Wakefield'- Hopkins, born November 30, 1847; died August 19, 1861. 

180. Walter^ Wakefield {Hezekiah,'^ ratat^liall,^ Samuel,* John," John,- 
John'^), son of Hezekiah and Harriet (Barnard) Wakefield; born December 1, 
1810; married Deus}' Clemens March 10, 1833; resides in Mt. Carmel, Conn. 


336 — 1. Harmon Walter, born November 22, 1834; married June 2, 1864, Ellen 

337 — 2. Dkusy, born August 28, 1839; died February 11, 1842. 
338.-3. Drusy, born October 9, 1843; married, in 1864, to John K. Twiss, who died 

in Libby Prison in 1864. She died February 22, 1878. 

191 Julia Wright" Wakefield {Luman,^ Patashall,^ Samuel,* John,^ 
John," John^), daughter of Dr. Luman and Betsey (Rockwell) Wakefield: born 
in Winsted, Conn.^ October 1, 1815: married to Eli T. Wilder, May 12, 1839, and 
died at Redwing, Minn., February 16. 1866: he was born November 27, 1813; 
was a lawyer and judge at Painesville, Ohio. 


1. Ann W. Wilder, born May 1, 1841; died May 6, 184.5. 

2. Eliza S. Wilder, born September 6, 1846; died March 24, 1857. 

193. Lucy Clarissa'' Wakefield (Luman,''' Patanhall,^ Samuel,* John." 
John,^ John'^}, daughter of Dr. Luman and Betsey (Rockwell) Wakefield; 
born at Winsted, Conn., March 26, 1820; died there October 14, 1867; married 
to William H. Phelps in 1810; he was the son of Dr. Lancelot and Elizabeth 
(Loveland) Phelps, and descendant of William Phelps, of Tewksbury, Eng., 
first settler of Dorchester, Mass., and Windsor, Conn., and was a banker. 


1. George Wakefleld= Phelps, born July 25. 1842; resided in Winsted, Conn., and in River- 

ton. Conn.; married in 1867, Ellen Maria Forbes, who was born November 13, 1840; 
died July 5, 1896. 

1. Launcelot Lawrence^ Phelps, born June 4. 1869; died September 15, 1869. 

2. Judith Bigelow'' Phelps, born November 8. 1870. 

3. William Henrys Phelps, born March 23, 1874. 

4. Launcelot'' Phelps, born August 24, 1880. 

2. Elizabeth^ Phelps, born at Winsted, Conn., January 22. 1856: married January. 1878, to 

Edward Lincoln Soule, son of Henchman Sylvester and Lydia (Lincoln) Soule, both 
born in Freeport, Me. ; resides at Dorchestei . Norfolk county, Mass. 

1. Lydia Lincoln'' Soule, born October 20, 1878. 

2. Lucy Wakefield-' Soule, born July 1, 1880. 

3. Launcelot Phelps^ Soule, born April 1.5, 1883. 

4. Lincoln RockwelP Soule, born August 22, 1885. 

5. Leslie^ Soule, born April 29, 1889. 


I. William' Phelps was born in Tewksbury, England, 1.599. and probably moved to 
Somerset or Dorsetshire, England, where he married his wife Elizabeth. In 1630, he came 
to Dorchester, Mass.. with Rev. Mr. Warhan, of whose church he was an original member, 
with his wife and five children, in the ship "Mary & John." He was a prominent and 
highly respected citizen, made a freeman November 9, 1630, constable in 1631. and was a 
member of the general court of Massachusetts, from Dorchester, May 5. 163.5. In the 
spring of 1636, his wife having died, he removed to Windsor. Conn., with his children, was 
member of the first court held in Connecticut in 1636, foreman of the first grand jury, 
1643, and deputy to general court for seven years. He married, secondly, Mary Dover, 
who was born in England, and who died November 27, 1675. He died July 14, 1672. 

II. Timothy^ Phelps, born in Windsor, Conn., August 1639; married March 19, 1661, Mary, 
daughter of Edward Griswold, of Kenilworth, Conn., born in Windsor. He was freeman 
in 1664; received commission as lieutenant, in 1709, in Queen Ann's War, and died in 1719. 

Seventh Generation. 67 

III. Cornelius^ Phelps, born in Windsor, Conn., April 26, 1671 ; married Sarah, daughter 
of John and Sarah Phelps Mansfield, of Windsor, November 2, 1704. She was born in 
Windsor, January 5, 1685. 

IV. Timothy^ Phelps, born in Windsor, February 3,1713-14; married April 24, 1746, 
Margaret, daughter of Daniel and Mary Eno Gillet, who was born at Windsor, December 
31, 1723. He resided for a time in Colebrook, Conn. : returned in his old age to Windsor, 
and his daughter Margaret was the first wife of Patashall Waketield. 

V. Launcelot= Phelps, born in Windsor, June 4, 1750; married July 6, 1779, Jerusha Pin- 
ney, born in Windsor; died in Homer, N. Y., March 16, 1842. He was a Revolutionary 
soldier and died in Groten, N. Y., November 12, 1836. 

VI. Launcelot" Phelps, born in Windsor, Conn., November 9, 1784; moved to Colebrook, 
Conn.; lived there and in Riverton, Conn. ; was a physician and Member of Congress in 
18.35 and 1837; died in Colebrook, September 1, 1866; married Elizabeth Loveland, July 6, 
1809. She was born August S6, 1789, and died July 25, 1867. 

1 95. Dr. John Luman'^ Wakefield (Libman, ^ Patashall, ^ Samuel, * John, ^ 
John,- Jokn^), son of Dr. Luman and Betsey (Rockwell) Wakefield, born at 
Winsted, Conn., March 25, 1823; died at Shakopee, Minn., February 17, 1S74; 
was a graduate of the Yale, New Haven, Medical College, class of 1847, and 
after practicing some years in Winsted, Conn., and in California, in 18.34, 
removed to Minnesota, settled at Shakopee and practiced there until his 
death. He married Sarah Brown. 

19t>. Hon. James Beach" Wakefield, (Luman,^ Patashall,^' Samuel,'^ 
John,-* John,'^ John^) son of Dr. Luman and Betsey (Rockwell) Wakefield, 
born at Winsted, Conn., March 21, 1825, graduated at Trinity College. Hart- 
ford, in 1846, by which college he was honored, in 188(i, with the degree of 
LL D. He studied law at Painesville, Ohio, with Judge Eli T. Wilder; 
moved to Delphi, Ind., in 1851; practiced his profession there two years with 
Louis B. Simms, as partner; removed to Minnesota, April, 1854; settled at 
Shakopee and continued practice until 1856, when with three others he re- 
moved to Faribault county, Minn., and laid out the village of Blue Earth 
City, where he has since resided. He was speaker of the Minnesota House 
of Representatives in 1866, having been a member of the House in 1857 and 
1858, and again elected in 1862. Was deputy United States provost mar- 
shal for southern district of Minnesota in 1863-4; was State Senator in 1867, 
'68, and '(>!), which position he resigned to accept appointment as receiver 
of the United States land office, at Winnebago City, which position he held 
until 1875, and then resigned to accept nomination for lieutenant governor, 
to which office he was elected that year and re-elected in the fall of 1877. 
Was elected in 1883 as a member of the 48th Congress of the United States 
from the second district of Minnesota, and re-elected to the 4!)th Congress. 
His health being impaired, he declined another nomination, which was 
tendered to him with great unanimity. Since then he has been on the re- 
tired list, giving, however, some time and work to the duties that devolve 
upon him as a member of the state board of corrections and charities. He 
was married July, 1864, to Nanette Reinhart, a native of Romberg. 

197. Mary Helen" Wakefield (Luman,^' Patashall,^' Samueh* John,^ 
John,- John^), daughter of Luman and Betsey (Rockwell) Wakefield; born in 
Winsted, Conn., 1827; died in New Orleans, La., September 22, 1858; mar- 
ried to Richard H. Yale, 1852. 


1. Helen Wakefield- Yale, born January 1, 1854; married September 13, 1883, in Winsted, 
Conn., to Judge John Hanson Kennard, who died in New Orleans, La., May 2, 1887, 
aged fifty-one years. 

1. Elizabeth Kennard^. born in New Orleans. June 18. 1884. 

2. Mary Helen'' Kennard. born in New Orleans, La., July 24, 1886. 

3. Richard Yale'' Kennard, born in Winsted, Conn.. October 22, 1887. 

4. James Wakefield ^ Kennard, born in Winsted, Conn., October 22, 1887; died Au- 

gust 19, 1888. 

198. Harriet Winslow^ Wakefield (Naihan Bass,*^ Patashall,^ Sam- 
uel,* John,^ John,- John^), daughter of Nathan Bass and Ruth (Leffingwell), 
Wakefield; born in Kingsville. Ashtabula county, O., January 8, 1834; edu- 
cated at the Kingsville Academy and commenced teaching at Monroe 
Centre, April. 1849; taught, with little interruption, until August, 1861, in 
Kingsville, Coneaut, Ashtabula, Jefl:"erson, Martinsburg, Sheffield, Pierpont, 

68 Posterity of John Wakefield op Boston. 

andRavenna, O., and Bath, 111.; joined the Congregational Church in 1851 at 
the ag'e of seventeen years; present residence, Greenview, Menard county, 
111.: engag'ed in teaching instrumental and vocal music. Married Septem- 
ber 2, 1861, at Bath, 111., to James White, a Cumberland Presbyterian 
clerg'yman, son of the Hon. James and Hannah (Spears), White: born 
December 31, 1814, in Green county, Ky., and emigrated with his parents to 
Menard county, TIL, in 1819; began his ministry in 1841; eminently success- 
ful; was instrumental in securing" the location of Lincoln University at 
Lincoln, 111.: was a member of the board of trustees, Union CoUeg'e. Since 
marriage she has resided with her husband in Virginia, Lincoln, Tallula 
and Greenview, 111., and in Martinsville and Washington, Ind. Rev. James 
White died December 19, 1896. 


1. A son, born September 1, 1862, at Lincoln, 111., and died same day. 

a. Harriet Amelia White, born at Tallula. Menard county. Ill-, November 'J7, 1S75: 
graduated wiih the first honors from the Greenview high school, June, 1891, and, 
although the youngest of her class, was awarded the prize of one year's schol- 
arship in Wheaton College for maintaining the highest grade of scholarship 
during the course. She entered Lincoln University at Lincoln. 111., September, 
1891. and remained two years: commenced teaching in September, 1893. and has 
since been engaged in teaching. She is a proficient performer on the piano 
and organ, and "is organist for the Cumberland PresDyterian Church, with 
which she united when 10 years of age. 

199. Dk. Lucius Lefpingwell" Wakefield {Nathan Bass,*^ Patashall,^ 
Samuel,* John,-^ John,'^ John'^), son of Nathan Bass and Ruth (Leffingwell) 
Wakefield: born at Kingsville, Ohio. September, 1835; is a physician and 
resides at Summum, Fulton county, 111. Married . 


339.— 1. MARY Ellen, born July 20, 186.5: died in infancy. 

340.— 2. Julia Adelaide, born August 14. 1866, at Summum; educated at Jack- 
sonville, 111.; married to Samuel Boyer, of Kansas City, Mo., who is 
land agent and probate justice; children; (1) L. Trent Boyer, born in 
1887: (2) Don Wakefield Boyer, born in 1892. 

341.-3. Gay Lilivel, born March 14, 1869. at Summum, III.; educated at 
Jacksonville, 111., and Kansas City, Mo., she is proficient in music and 
art; married to Will Boyer, county clerk of Fulton county, in 1895; 
lives in Lewiston, 111. 

343.-4. Ruth Barnard Gest, born December 25, 1874, in Fulton county. 111.; 
educated at Kansas City. Mo., graduating in the classical course in 
1895; she is a very fine musician and plaj^s several instruments. 

300. Nathan Ruthven ■ Wakefield {Nathan Bass,'^ Patashall.° Samuel,'^ 
Juhn,^ John,^ John^), son of Nathan Bass and Ruth (Leffingwell) Wakefield, 
born at Kingsville, Ohio, February 22. 1839; married November 3, 1863, at 
Lincoln, 111., Mary. I., daughter of Rev. James White, who was born in Tallula, 
Menard county. 111., January 4, 1841; resides in Chicago 111. He was edu- 
cated at Kingsville Academy, taught school, removed to Illinois in 1859. 
Enlisted in United States service in 1861; was commissioned lieutenant; 
acted as quarter master of the 77th Illinois regiment, mustered out in 1863. 
He is a manager in the wholesale house of Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co, 


343.-1. James G., born March 18, 1865; married January 4, 1887, Lillian Blaine. 

344.-2. Mary A., born August 17, 1866. 

345 — 3. Nathan B., born May 8, 1869; died August 17, 1890. 

346 — 4. Nathan R., born August 27, 1883. 

201. Ellen Margaret" Wakefield {Nathan Bass,^ Patashall,^ Samuel,* 
John,^ John,^ John^), daughter of Nathan Bass and Ruth (Leffingw^ell) 
Wakefield; born at Kingsville Ohio, April 18, 1841; was educated at Kings- 
ville Academy; taught five years in Ohio and eight years in the graded 
school of Lincoln, 111.; had quite a talent for music; resides at Lincoln, 
111.; married May 1, 1870, to Franklin Fisk, son of Ezra and Melinda 
(Blake) Fisk, whose ancestors emigrated from England in early colonial 
times to New England. 

Seventh Generation. 69 


1. Ruth Melinda Fisk, born at Lincoln. 111.. Junel, 1871; graduated from the high 

school there in 1889. and from the Lincoln University, in the Classical m 
1893; took the post-graduate course and received the degree of A.M. in 1894. She 
graduated from the Lincoln Conservatory of music in the class of 189,2, and is a 
teacher of instrumental music at Lincoln, 111. 

2. Franklin Fisk. born at Lincoln. February 2S, 1879. Entered Lincoln University as 

a freshmen, taking the classical course, in 1895. 

JVb^e.— The genealogical history of the Fisk family was published in 1867, and a new 
edition is now being published. The immigrant ancestor settled in Massachusetts in 
1637. Franklin Fisk belongs to this family, and also numbers among his ancestors 
Rebecca Nourse, who was hanged as a witch at Salem, Mass., and Robert Blake and 
Martha Dudley, of early colonial times. He was born on his fathers farm in Fayette, 
Hennebeck county, Maine, February 29, 1829. His early life was a struggle, working 
twelve hours a da}' in the mill vard at 7.5 cents per day, from which he paid all his ex- 
penses and secured an education at the Maine Weslej^an Seminary and Waterville 
Academv. living with extreme frugality while at school. In the fall of 18.53 he removed 
to Mt. Pulaski, 111., where he resided until 18.57, when he removed lo Lincoln, which has 
been his residence since. He engaged in ijeddling books and teaching, reading law at 
the same time, and was admitted to the bar. He has been justice ot the peace eight 
years, alderman of his city, and notary public. In politics, first a whig and then a repub- 
lican, and in religion his motto is '-Do right in all matters and trust God for the results." 
He was mustered into Company H, 4th Illinois cavalry as first lieutenant in 1861, and 
promoted to captain July I. 1862: was in the battles of Fort Henry, Fort Donnellson, Shiloh. 
and many other engagements in which he exhibited great skill and courage as an 
officer: was appointed lieutenant colonel of the 3d United States cavalry colored troop 
and was mustered out of the service with broken health after three years and three 

202. Barnard C'hestney' Wakefield (JVaf/w/n Bass,'^ Patashall,^ Sam- 
uel,* /o/m,'' John,- John,'^), son of Nathan Bass and Ruth (Leffingwell), Wake- 
field, born at Kingsville, Ohio, July 10, 18-42; has been a farmer and teacher, 
and is now a salesman residing in Chicago, He was with the squirrel 
hunters in southern Ohio at the time of the Morgan raid in 1862; offered to 
enlist in cavalry at Jefferson, Ohio, in 1863, but was rejected, and in 1864 
assisted in raising a company for the 129th. Illinois, at Lincoln, but after 
six weeks in Camp Butler was again rejected on account of ill health. He 
married, January 20, 1874, Rachael M., daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth 
Hoffman, of Millertown, Pa. 


347.— 1. Samuel N., born April 19, 1875. 

348.-3. Emma Amelia, born November :X. 1876. 

349 3. Lucius Daniel, born December 16. 1877. 

350.— 4. Catherine Elizabeth, born June 1, 1879. 

351.— 5. Rachael M., born Mav 21, 1880. 

352 6. Harriet M. E., born May 13, 1882. 

353 7. Grace E.. born June 21 1883. 

354.-8. William J. C, born February 5, 1885. 

355.-9. Frank F.. born December 5. 1886. 

356 — 10. Albert M., born June 21, 1889. 

204. Amelia Antoinette" Wakefield, {Xathan Bass,*^ Patashall,^ 
Smyiuel,' John,^ John,'^ Jolin^), daughter of Nathan Bass and Ruth (Leffing- 
well) Wakefield, born in Kingsville, Ohio, November 26, 1848; was educated 
at Kingsville Academy; began teaching at the age of 16 years and taught 
almost continuously for eight years, mostly in the grammar grade: has 
served as clerk of the First Congregational Church of Sabetha, Kans., 
seventeen years and taught in the Sunday school: has resided at Kingsville, 
Ohio, Dayton, Ohio, Tallula, 111., and Sabetha, Kans. (present residence); 
married September 21, 187;i, to Albert Neely, youngest son of Theodore and 
Christiana White Baker, of Tallula, 111., and grandson of James White, sr. 


1. Mary Ellen Baker, born June 22, 1874, graduated at High School in Sabetha, 1893; 

graduated State Normal School at Emporia, receiving a state diploma in 1894, 
and now teaching in grammar school in Robinson. Kans. 

2. Albert Barnard Baker, born January 12, 1877; died March 5, 1889. 

205. Edward Burton" Wakefield {Nathan Bass,^ Patashall,^ Sam- 
uel,* John,^ John,''- John^). son of Nathan Bass and Ruth (Leffingwell) Wake- 
field, born September 14, 1853, at Kingsville, Ohio; is a music dealer and 

70 Posterity op John Wakefield of Boston. 

farmer and lives at Ashtabula, Ohio. On becoming of age he engaged in 
agricultural implement and piano and organ business at Kingsville, and 
in 1886 established a large wholesale and retail piano, organ, and music 
business at Ashtabula, Ohio. He married December 12, 1880, Mary E. 
Kemp, of Sheffield, Ohio., who was born July 12, 1857, daughter of John 
and Elizabeth Kemp, of Yevoel, England. 


357.— 1. Lucius Fisk, bornDecember 1, 1882, in Kingsville. 


307. Dr. Kee" Wakefield {Bradford,'' Jolm,^ William,^ Thomas,'^ John,^ 
John,- John^), son of Bradford and Maria (Hoagland) Wakefield: born De- 
cember 28, 1842, at Greensburg, Ohio; married March 7, 1871, Lucy, daughter 
of Enos and Lucinda (Symonds) Day. He studied medicine in the medical 
department of the University of Wooster, of Cleveland, Ohio, where he grad- 
uated in 180!). He has resided in Jefferson, Ohio, but now resides at Hutch- 
inson, Minnesota, where he is in the active practice of medicine. He 
enlisted August 21, 1802, from Minneapolis, Minn., in Capt. W. A. Clark's 
company, in Alexander Wilkin's regiment, company B, 9th Minnesota In- 
fantry, where he served as corporal in many engagements of the Civil war. 
He was discharged July 10, 1865, after a prolonged and honorable service 
for his country. 


358 1. Harry B., born August 1, 1873, at Hutchinson, Minn.; a journalist. 

359.-2. Amy, born July 2, 1875. 

Wote.— John Bradford Wakefield, brother of the preceding, served in the Civil war. 
enlisting with his brother in the same company, but died at Memphis. Tenn., November 
14, 1864. 

209. Thomas Clarkson* Wakefield {Bradford,'^ John,^ William,^ 
Thomas,^ John,'-^ Jolin,'^ John^), son of Bradford and Maria (Hoagland) Wake- 
field; born September 19, 1846, in Trumble county, Ohio; married, firstly, July 
7, 1874, Susan, daughter of John and Susan (Gale) Gregg, who died November 
20, 1877; he married, secondly, Januarys, 1881, Nellie Gregg, sister of his first 
wife, who died February 17, 1895. He enlisted June 29, 1803, in Capt. Allen 
Chamblins' company A, Independent Battalion, Minnesota Volunteer Cav- 
alry; he was mustered out as private, June 6, 1860. He was formerly en- 
gaged in farming, but is now a railroad trainman. Resides at Hutchinson, 


360.-1. Ma.jorib, born September 6, 187.5, at Minneapolis, Minn. 
361.-2. Harper Gregg, born Jul}^ 16, 1883, at Minneapolis, Minn. 

363 3. Kee. born April 26, 1886. at Minneapolis, Minn. 

363.-4. Susan, born March 9, 1888, at Hutchinson, Minn. 

217. Prof. Edmund Burritt^ Wakefield {Edwin," John,^ William,^ 
Thomas,"^ John,^ John,- Jolin^), son of Edwin and Mary Payne (Churchill) 
Wakefield, was born August 27, 1840, at Greensburg, Ohio. He married 
August 23, 1870, Martha A., daughter of Albert and Cornelia (Dow) 

Eighth Generation. 

Mr. Wakefield enlisted, August 25, 1864, at Greensburg", Ohio, in com- 
pany G, 177th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and served at Nashville, Tenn., 

Fort Fisher, Wilmington, N. C., and 
other battles of the War of the Re- 
bellion. He was discharged August 
14, 18()5. Some years of his life 
were passed at North Bloomfield, 
Ohio, and some pleasant memories 
remain of a home near Troy, N. Y. 
In the fall of 1863, the future pro- 
fessor for the first time saw the 
old Eclectic Institute at Hiram, 
and for a year he was a student 
there. In 1870 he graduated at 
Hiram (College with the degree of 
A.B. After the war, in 18()6. he 
returned to Hiram. Excepting one 
year, passed at Bethany College, 
among associations which he has al- 
ways greatly prized, he remained 
steadfastly at Hiram as professor 
of natural science, remaining two 
years. In the meantime he served 
one season as a member of the 
United States Geological Survey, 
under Dr. F. V. Hayden, exploring 
with the original party, the then 
distant wonders of the Yellowstone 
National Park. 

In 1873, Mr. Wakefield became 
pastor of the churches at North 
Bloomfield and North Bristol, close by his family home, and here he re- 
mained ten years. In 1883, he became pastor of the church in Warren. 
Under his pastorate the new^ church at that place was built, and there 
many of the dearest associations of his life were gathered, and ever must 
remain. In 1890, Mr. Wakefield was elected to the chair of law and politi- 
cal economy in Hiram College, and his later life here needs no record. 



3G4.— 1. Edwin Foster, born January 29. 1873; graduated from Hiram College, 

.365.-3. Albert Sheldon, born June 26, 1875. 
3B6 — 3. Arthur Paul, born October 5, 1878. 
367 — 4. Cornelia, born October 31, 1883. 

221. James Patterson** Wakefield (James,'' Thomas,^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* Jolin,^ Jolin,'^ John^), son of James and Hannah (Hemingway) Wake- 
field, born May 31, 1805, at Roxbury, N. H.; married April 12, ]828, Hannah 
B. Hall, who was born September 21, 1807, at Roxbury, Mass. He was a 
farmer and resided, at difl'erent ])eriods, at Boston, Mass., Oneida and 
Jefferson county, N. Y., and Waukesha and Winnebago counties. Wis. 
He died at Nepeuskum, Winnebago county. Wis., December 7, 1870. 


368 1. James Patterson, jr.. born June 10, 1829; died September 32, 1829. 

369 2. Thomas, born May 18, 18;^l; died — . 

370.— 3. Cyrus, born October 20, 1833; married , 1870, Anna B. Pierce; 

died January 25, 1888. 
-4. Sarah, born June 3u. 18.36; died July 3, 1836. 

-5. George Mix, born, February 6, 1839; married January 27, 1862, Eleanor 
F. Vedder. 


223. Cyrus"^ Wakefield {James,'' Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,'* John,^ 
John,"^ John^), son of James and Hannah (Hemingway) Wakefield, was born 
February 14, 1811, at Roxbury, N. H.; married October 31, 1841, Eliza A., 

Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

only daughter of Captain Henry and Eliza (Motty) Bancroft, who was born 
September 26, 1822, and died November — , 1877. She was a granddaughter 
of Lieut. James and Sarah (Parsons) Bancroft, the former of Revolu- 
tionary war fame; and on her mother's side, of Rev. Joseph and Eliza 
(Moody) Motty, of Lynfield, Mass. 

The following sketch of his life is abridged from Eaton's History of 
Beading, Mass.: The early associations of Cyrus Wakefield were those con- 
nected with the rugged discipline of a New England farm boy. He made 
the best use of the school, a mile and a half from his home over the hills, 
and by applying himself with great zeal to his studies early mastered the 
rudiments of the common school. There were numberless projects in his 
busy child brain, to the accomplishment of which he bent not only his own but 


also the abilities of his brothers. He was an enthusiastic lover of nature 
and an acknowledged leader in all athletic sports. The success of friends, 
gone to other states, kindled in his own bosom a generous emulation. He 
first entered a cotton mill at Petersborough, N.H., as a picker boy, where the 
rosy hues of his ideal world were dissipated and he soon returned to the old 
homestead. His father next sent him to live with a clergyman, to study the- 
ology, but a few days' reading of the controversy between Calvin and Armin- 
ius satisfied him that he could not settle the dispute. He returned home, and, 
after a few more futile attempts to find congenial employment near home, 
at the age of 15 years, with his parents' consent, he went to Boston and en- 
tered a retail grocery store, but soon after secured a clerkship with Messrs. 
Stearns, Cobb & Winslow, His aim was to earn sufficient money to allow 

Eighth Generation. 

him to pursue his studies in some established school, but when at length he 
had saved $1,000, the desire for money became still stronger and he bent his 
energies more strongly than ever to the accumulation of property. This 
step he regretted in after life. He did not wholly lose sight of his original 
purpose, but attended evening school and various debating societies and 

The gift of Cyrus Wakefield, 1st, February 22, 1871, 

scientific lectures, and thus laid the foundation of the general knowledge he 

In 1834 he entered the grocery business, under the firm name of Foster 
& Wakefield. In 1836 the firm was dissolved and he formed a co-partner- 
ship with his brother Enoch, under the name of Wakefield & Co., which 
continued until 1844. A favorable purchase of a small lot of rattans led 
him to open an office where he carried on a jobbing trade in rattan. The 


Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

demand for split rattan for seating chairs increased until his importations 
of Canton split rattan were known throughout the United States. This 
branch of the trade was suspended for a time during the opium war, and 
in 1856 he resolved to begin the manufacture of cane in this country, and 
use the whole of the material. He began with two machines, worked by 
hand, in Boston. A fortunate speculation, by the purchase, in New York 




city, of all the available lots of rattan then offered, gave him both credit 
and capital, and soon after he removed his works to South Reading, and 
his business grew until at the time of his death, his manufactories and 
storehouses covered an area of ten acres of floorage. He made profitable 
purchases of real estate in South Reading, changing low swamps and 

Eighth Generation. 75 

meadows into valuable building- lots. In 1867 he gave to the town a lot of 
land and a cash contribution of $30,000 for a new town house in which pro- 
vision should be made for a soldier's memorial hall, and the town accepting 
the offer voted to chang-e its name to Wakefield, which new name was 
finally adopted July 4, 1868, by appropriate and interesting exercises. He 
more than quadrupled the cost of the edifice and surrendered the keys 
February 22, 1871. He did much to induce settlement in Wakefield, and 
favored better school houses and enlarged facilities for instruction, and 
inaugurated a course of free lectures on scientific subjects for the masses. 
He was interested and a leader in various local enterprises and improve- 
ments. He was also interested in real estate and improvements in Boston, 
and was a director in several railroads. He had also conceived important 
plans which death prevented him from executing. He was a man of iron 
will and resolute purpose, combined with great physical endurance. En- 
ergy, perseverance, and indomitable courage in the face of almost in- 
superable obstacles, were his prominent characteristics. He had a keen 
perception, and results that other men reached by hard thought seemed to 
intuitively come to him. He knew human nature thoroughly, and could 
read a man at a glance. To those who knew him best he revealed at times 
a warm, genial, and tender nature, though to a stranger he might seem 
distant. He was charitable, cheering the hearts of the poor with his gen- 
erous gifts. His character and deeds are thus epitomized in the resolution 
adopted by his fellow citizens on the evening after his death: "The valu- 
able citizen, the prosperous merchant, the progressive and intellectual 
leader in ornamental and architectural improvements, the friend and 
helper of education, the chief promoter of our local noble industrial pur- 
suits, our munificent namesake, whose numerous and generous benefactions 
will remain his enduring memorials." He had no children and his wife, 
who survived him but four years, left the homestead to his nephew. Cyrus 

224. Enoch Hemingway** Wakefield (.7ame.s," T/iomas," Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John.'^ John^), son of .lames and Hannah (Hemingway) Wake- 
field; born , 1813 or 1814; died April — , 1894, at Cambridge, Mass. He 

came to Boston from Roxbury, N. H., and was associated with his brother 
Cyrus in business previous to the latter's engaging in the rattan busi- 
ness. Enoch H. married Caroline H. Kingsbury, of Boston, and lived in 
Chelsea, Summerville, and Cambridge, Mass. 


373.— 1. Sarah, born ; died young. 

374.— a. Caroline, born ; married to Livingston Baker; lived in San 

Francisco, and died October 26, 1874, leaving one son. Wakefield 


375 3. Enoch H., jr., born ; now lives in Cambridge. 

376.-4. Grace, born ; married to Clinton Day: resides Oakland, Cal. 

377.-5. Alice, born ; married to David Towner; resides Cambridge, 

378 6. Allin Talbot, Graduated Harvard College 1877, and Harvard Medical 

School, class of isfe. Died of typhoid fever, in Cambridge, in 188(5. 

226. Hannah Hemingway" Wakefield (Jc<.me.s,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,-' John,^ John,'^ John*), daughter of -James and Hannah (Hemingway) 
Wakefield, born August 29, 1820, at Roxbury, N. H.; married, firstly, May 
27, 1845, to Joel C. Greenwood, son of Jonathan, who died December 17, 1853. 
She married, secondly, March 13, 18.")6, Edwin Sawyer, who was born in Tem- 
pleton, Mass., December 8, 1812. He was a son of Joshua and Sarah (Simonds) 
Sawyer, of Berlin, Mass., and grandson of Aholiab Sawyer, of Berlin, Mass. 
She resides at Wakefield, Mass. 

descendant, by first marriage. 

1. Eliza M. Greenwood, born September 22, 1850, at Providence, R. L She grad- 
uated at the Oread, Worcester, Mass., 1870; taught in Petersham and Wakefield, 
Mass., and New London, N. H. (Colby Academy). Unmarried. 

227. Maria R." Wakefield {James,'' Thomas,^ Thomas, •> Joseph,* John,"^ 
John,'^ John*^) , daughter of James and Hannah (Hemingway) Wakefield; born 

76 Posterity of John "Wakefield of Boston. 

at Roxbury, N. H., June 5, 1827, and married to Stephen Decatur Osborne, 
of Templeton, Mass., in 1851 or 1852, and lives at Keene, N. H. Her children 
died in infancy, excepting one. 


1. Arthur D. Osborne, 'born ; resides in Somerville, Mass. 

238. Juliet N." Wakefield (.James,'' Thomas.'^. Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ 
John,'^ John^), daughter of James and Hannah (Hemingway) Wakefield, 
born at Roxbury, N. H., March 7, 1832, and married to O. G. Dort, of Keene, 
N. H. She and her oldest child were drowned in the Potomac river at the 
collision of two steamers, while returning from a visit to her husband, at 
Fortress Monroe. September, 1861, her husband being a major in the <)th 
Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers. 


1. Arthur Dort. born : died September, 18()1. 

2. Frank Dort, iiorn : a druggist; lives at Keene, N. H. 

3. An infant daughter born 

230. OTIS O." Wakefield [Peter,'' Tliomas,^' Thomas,^' Joseph,-* John,^ 
John,"^ John^), son of Peter and Esther (Whitcomb) Wakefield; born October 
2, 1811, in Lewis county, N. Y.: married February 14, 1838, Maria Cummings; 
she died March 10, 1863, and he married, secondly, January 25, 1864, Mrs. 
Jane Hay McCone. He resided at Ottawa, 111., where he died September 3, 
1885, survived by his second wife, Jane, who died October 29, 1896, at Rock- 
ford, HI. 


379.— 1. George W.,born November 23. 1838; married October 28, 1861. Olive A. 

Leach: died February 14. 1873. 
380.— 2. Laura M , born April 16. 1843; died August 13, 1846. 
381 3. Charles M., born August 4, 1855; died October 30, 1864. 


383.-4. Addie, born October 11, 1865: married May 1, 1890, to Howard N. Howland: 
resides at Rockford. 111., where Mr. Howland occupies the chair of 
physics and chemistrj' in the high school. 

383 .5. James M.. born January 4, 1871; died September 25, 1872. 

24-8. Elizabeth (Betsey) ^ Wakefield {Joseph,'' Joseph,^' Thomas,^ 
Joseph, -* John,'* John,'' John^), daughter of Joseph and Susan (Sawyer) Wake- 
field, was born near Watertown, N. Y., August 6, 1804. Married, firstly, to 
William Waters, who died July 3, 1848, in DeWitt county, TIL, aged 47 years, 
11 months. Married, secondly, to William Bolin. Removed to DeWitt 
county. 111., about 1845, and secured 120 acres of land adjoining the farm of 
her brother, Orin, where she lived until after her marriage to William 
Bolin, when she removed to the residence of her husband in Clinton. She 
was a most estimable woman, as was said of her mother, "one of the salt of 
the earth." She died in Clinton, DeWitt county. 111., June 1, 1853. 


1. Henrys Waters, born February 5, 1831; removed to Illinois with his parents; on reach- 
ing manhood worked several years for his uncle, Cyrenius Wakefield; married 
February 5. 1855, his second cousin, Helen Sawyer, daughter of Elias Baxter and 
Priscilla (Gardner) Sawyer; thereafter removed to Kansas where he has engaged 
in farming and other business, and now resides at lola. Kans. 

1. Ella Mav^ Waters born May 22, 1856. at Marion (now DeWitt), 111.; married 
March 30, 1880. to Callmore Whittaker. 

1. Frank Elmo^ Whittaker born January 14, 1881, at lola, Allin county. Kan. 

2. Herbert Eugene* Whittaker. born October 5, 1883, lola, Allin county, Kan. 

3. Charles Frederick* Whittaker, born August 21, 1885, lola Allin county, 


4. Mary Edith* Whittaker born August — , 1887 : died December 28. 1889. 

5. Ethel Mertie* Whittaker. born February 16, 1891, lola, Allin county. Kan. 

6. Ella May* Whittaker, born October 21. 1893, lola, Allin county Kan. 
3. Ida Harriet'' Waters, born January 4, 1860: died March 7. 1862. 

3. Charles Cyrenius^ Waters, born September 6, 18()3; died October 7. 1864. 

4. Frank Philo^ Waters born August S2. 1865; died March 7, 1871. 

5. Susan Betsey => Waters, born October 11, 1868, at Lawrence Kan.; married to Ira 


Eighth Generation. 77 

1. Arthur Edgar* Patterson, liorn August 28. 1890, lola, Allin county, Kan. 

2. Lyford Merle* Patterson, born October 30. 1891, lola, Allin county. Kan. 

3. Ruth Helen* Patterson, born October 19. 1893. lola. Allin county, Kan. 
G. Myrtle^ Waters, born November 20. 1872, in Lawrence, Kan. 

7. Mamie-' Waters, born October 28, 1875, in Lawrence. Kan. 
2. Orin= Waters, born October 31, 1834: married December 1. 1853. Mary E.. daughter of 
Josiah and C3'nthia (Tolman) Richardson, and sister of Mrs Cyrenius Wakefield— 
(see pedigree). Engaged in business of druggist, publishing newspaper, and other 
business. Residing at Clinton and Bloomington, 111. Died July 1, 1890. She was born 
May 9. 1832. and died June 13. 1892. 

1. Frank Richardson' Waters born January 10. 185.5. at Clinton; married Mamie 
Heaton. September 5. 1877, at Bloomington, 111., and is now homeopathic phy- 
sician and professor in the Durham Medical College, Chicago. 111. 
3. Cynthia Bell (Tinnie)^ Waters, born May 29. 1857. at Bloomington, 111.: married 
August 6, 1879. at Bloomington. to George Hastings: resides at Santa Cruz, Cal.. 
where Mr. Hastings is a jeweler and musician, pipe organist, and leader of the 
prize band of California. 

1. Orene* Hastings, born January 31. 1888. at Santa Cruz, Cal. 
3. Emma Dell (Della)^. Waters, born July 18, 1860, at Bloomington, 111.; married 
January 11. 1881. Harry N. Woods. 

1. Lottie May* Woods, born November 22. 1882. at Bloomington. 111. 
3 Zera= Waters, born May 16. 1836; was a graduate of the Eclectic Medical Institute, at 
Cincinnati, O., class of 1862; served in the late war as surgeon in charge of the Octa- 
gon Hospital, two miles west of Alexandria. Va. After the war he settled in Bloom- 
ington. 111., where he practiced his profession. He also invented and patented a 
number of devices. He married January 22. 1871. Martha Adaline. daughter of 
J. Parker Frazer, now a resident of Joliet. 111.; she died September .9. 1888; he died 
January 3. 1892. 

1. Robert Ames^ Waters, born September 1. 1872; resides at Joliet, 111. 
4. Susan Elizabeth^ Waters, born February 14, 1840. in DeWitt county. 111.: married July 
1. 1881. to Uri O., son of Benjamin arid Laura (Palmer) Andrus. They reside at 
Bloomington, 111. No issue. 

JV(9/?.— Benjamin Andrus was a brother of Elisha. who married Elizabeth daughter 
of Joseph and Relief (Kendall) Wakefield. Uri O. Andrus married, tlrstlj'. Frances, 
sister of Harriet Richardson, wife of Dr. Cyrenius Wakefield, and by her had two sons, 
Vincent R. and Fred. B. Andrus. 

249. Klisha" Wakefield {Joseph,'' Jose^ili,'^ Thomas J' Joseph,* John,^ 
John,' John^), son of Joseph and Susan (Sawyer) Wakefield; born on his 
father's country estate near Watertown, N. Y., November 1, 1806. Here he 
was reared to manhood, attending the country school and the Watertown 
Academy, after which he taught school for a few years. He married De- 
cember 24, 1832, Daphne, daughter of Jonathan and Dorcas (Fellows) 
Baker, who was born May 31, 1812. He thereupon erected a cottage upon, 
and cultivated a farm about four miles from Watertown village. His wife. 
Daphne, died November 3, 1838, and he married, secondly, September 16, 
1839, Mary, daughter of Samuel and Copia (Wakefield) Wilson, who was 
born January 8, 1815. 

Upon the death of his father, May 6, 1842, Elisha, who was co-executor 
of his father's estate, removed to the old homestead where he resided and 
managed the country estate for several years. He became a very promi- 
nent and highly respected man, and was elected a justice of the peace, 
which in those days was considered quite an honor. In 1854 he disposed of 
the country estate near Watertown, N. Y., and removed to Bloomington, 
111., where he built a commodious brick residence in the most desirable resi- 
dence portion of the city, and engaged in the grocery business, in which he 
prospered. His wife, Mary (Wilson), died November 13, 1865, and he married, 
thirdly, October 15, 1867, in the city of Watertown, N. Y., Mrs. Mary 
(Hatch) Ayer, widow of Dr. Jesse Ayer, of Watertown. He died at Bloom- 
ington, 111., February 6, 1870. 

Elisha Wakefield was a man of dark hair and eyes, six feet in height, 
broad shouldered, straight as an arrow, and a polished gentleman. Like 
his brother, Zera, he was very fair complexioned and was a strikingly hand- 
some man. He was a great advocate of temperance, and he was very strict 
and even stringent in his intolerance of intemperance. He was a very 
active and nimble man, and was said, even to the last year of his life, to 
have been able to jump over a pole held in his two hands. 


384 — 1. Lucia Amelia, born August 23. 18.35: married September 21. IS58. to 
Hugh M. Fleming. They reside in Bloomington, 111., where Mr. Flem- 
ing is a cigar dealer. 


Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 


385.-2. Jessie Fremont, born August 1, 18.56; married September 19, 1884, to 
Leroy L. Fargo. They reside at Santa Cruz, Cal., and have one childr, 
Bruce Wakefield Fargo, born May — , 1886. 

iVote.— Mary (Hatch) Ayer Wakefield, daughter of Henry and Laurania (Everett) 
Hatch, was born August 19, 1809. and married, firstly, October 29, 18-29, to Dr. Jesse Ayer, in 
Watertown, N. Y. She survived Elisha Wakefield, her second husband, and died Septem- 
ber 3, 1878, in Watertown, N. Y. 

250. Orin" Wakefield (Jb.sep/;/ Joseph,'^' Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ 
John,^ John^), son of .Joseph and Susan (Sawyer) Wakefield; born near 
Watertown, Aug-ust 27, 1808; died Sunday morning-, May 3, 1885, near De- 
Witt, 111., where he had lived from May 28, 1833. He was, when a young 


man, 5 feet 11 inches in height, strong, broad shouldered, and active, and 
was accustomed to cut and split 200 oak rails in a day. He married March 
31, 1836, Hannah, daughter of James and Mary (Moore) McCord. She be- 
long-ed to one of the pioneer families in Central Illinois and was an earnest 
and good woman, wife, and mother: born April 4, 1814. She died at 
their home, April 13, 1856. He married, secondly, February 18, 1858, Mrs. 
Susan N. (Cleveland) Howard, who died at Grand Island, Neb., November 
8, 1885, and was daughter of Moses and Polly Cleveland; born February 26, 
1807. He was commissioned justice of the peace August 31, 1839, for a 
term of four years, and also served his town as assessor and treasurer. The 
Clinton Public of May 8, 1885, said of him: 

"In his boyhood days Orin Wakefield worked in summer on his father's farm and 
in winter attended school. He thereby obtained a good common school education, and 
thereafter taught a few terms of school in the neighborhood. After reaching manhood 
he obtained for a time employment in Sackett'.s Harbor, where he displayed and culti- 
vated that literary taste, that love of books, which marked his after life. Here he had 
access to a library of classic literature with which he occupied his leisure hours. So 
well did he apply himself, that often in after years, in his western home where books 
were scarce, he would from memory amuse and instruct his children, by relating facts of 

Eighth Generation. 79 

history, by telling the wondrous stories of Homer, and by reciting choice selections of 
prose and verse. His life in this county is a part of its history. He held several offices 
in DeWitt township, though not a seelier after oftice, and discharged every trust reposed 
in him with ability and fidelity. In business he was straightforward and fair, and his 
word was as good" as his bond. In the pursuit of his chosen vocation, as a farmer, he 
wrought from his goodly farm and enjoyed a competence. He made no will, as he 
thought the law made a just distribution of a mans estate. He was a Republican in 
politics and cordially supported good government. 

"He was very careful in the training and education of his children, to whom he was 
especially devoted. As husband and father, he was always liind, considerate, and loving. 
His attachment for his friends, his relatives, and family was pure, true, and tender as a 
mother's love. He was quiet and unobtrusive in his manner, yet he had the courage to 
form his own opinions and stand Ijy them, regardless of popular favor. He was temper- 
ate and wallsed a free man. Though he was not formally a member of any church, yet he 
was in belief a Universalist, and in life and conduct, a Christian gentlemen— an exemplar 
of that 'pure religion' defined by St. James. His heart ever went (jut in strong sym- 
pathy for the poor and oppressed. Daring many years of his life, no man ever called at 
his door for food or shelter without receiving it. No man ever had a gentler, sweeter, 
lovelier spirit than he. His life was such, that when his summons came to join the in- 
numerable caravan, that take their chambers in the silent halls of death, he went sus- 
tained and soothed by an unfaltering trust. He died sweetly and peacefully, as the dews 
fall from heaven, and as fearlessly as one draws the drapery of his couch about him and 
lies down to pleasant dreams." 


386.-1. Susan, born July 12, 1837; died October 20, 1840. 

387.-2. May, born November 11, 1838; died November 12. 1838. 

388 3. George Washington, born November 22, 1839; married October 29, 1873, 

Kate Pendleton. 

389.-4. Melancthon, born February 27, 1842; married August 1, 1882, Ellen 

390.— 5. Banddsia, born January II. 1844. 

391 6. Hbphestion, born October 2. 1847; died March 31. 18G6. 

39a 7. Philetus, born January 4, 18.50; married, firstly, August 22, 1871, Re- 
becca F. Williams; he married, secondly, February 5, 1890, Anna 
Elizabeth Edwards. 

393 8. Lycurgus, born June 11, 18.53; married November 10, 1882, Mary H. 

Hoskms; died January 26, 1892. 

Mc cord pedigree. 

James McCord was born in Ireland ia 1739, and died at Spring Creek, Overton 
county, Tenn., November 4, 1824. He was a Scotch-Irishman, and came with his father, 
Robert, or Robin McCord. to Lancaster county. Pa., at the age of four years. He after- 
wards lived in Wilkes county and Iredell county. N. C, and Overton county, Tenn. He 
served in the Revolutionary War. was a wagon master, and repaired wagons for the 
army. His great-grandson. J. S. McCord, of Eagle Creek, Ore., writes that he was under 
the immediate command of Washington, and held the ofllce of wagon master general 
He was married in Wilkes county, N. C, to Jane Scroggs. or Scruggs, a Scotch woman, 
who, when ordered by the British troops to milk the cow for them did so but turned 
the milk on the ground as soon as she had finished milking. She died November 12, 1789. 
They had nine children. 

James= McCord (Jcmies^) was born in Wilkes county. N. C. February 22, 1779; died in 
DeWitt county. 111., December 3, 1852; married March 29, 1804, in Overton county. Tenn., to 
Mary Moore, "daughter of Charles Moore, who was born near Yadkin river, Granville 
county, N. C. October 29, 1779, and died in DeWitt county. 111., May 23. 18,58. They settled 
on Peterman's Bend of Obie's river, Overton county, Tenn., where all their children were 
born. Moved to Spring Creek about 1817 and to DeWitt county. 111., in 18;«. He was a 
member of the Methodist Church thirty-six years, and she was a member for forty-one 
years. Charles Moore was of English and Welsh stock, and resided near the Yadkin River 
m Granville county, N. C. He was a cooper, served in the Revolutionary war, and made 
canteens for the army. He married Sarah Smith, who was the daughter of a Scotchman 
and a French woman, probably a French Huguenot. 

Robert McCord. of Peekskill. N. Y., writes: "JamesiMaccord, about 1689, was a high- 
lander and chief of his clan. He was killed at the battle of Killecrankie Pass, m Scot- 
land, during the Revolution. His son. John Maccord, took part in the numerous wars and 
died about 1715-17. His sons were John, David, William, Robert, Samuel, Benjamin, and 
James. These, after the death of their father, went to Stewart's Town, County Tyrone, 
Ireland. John. David, and William went to Pennsylvania, about 1720, and John after- 
wards went to North Carolina. David and William were killed by Indians. Their father, 
John Maccord, was born in Argyle, Skve, Scotland. His coat-of-arms was a shield, gold 
and black with three hearts and three lance heads on it, surmounted by a closed helmet. 
Families of the name still live at Tyrone and are all Presbyterians.'' 

251. Hon. Zera^ Wakefield, M.D., {Joseph,'' Joseph,''^ Thomas,''' Joseph,* 
John,'^ John,' John^), son of Joseph and Susan (Sawyer) Wakefield; born in 
Watertown, N. Y., July 25, 1810. He was raised on the country estate of his 
father and attended the country school, finishing at the Watertown Acad- 
emy, after which he taught school in Jefferson county for a few years, 
when he accepted a position as member of the faculty of an acad- 
emy or seminary at Montgomery, Ala. Here he taught for some years, 


Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

teaching during the day, and writing evenings in a city public office, 
where he earned enough to support himself, enabling him to save up his 
entire salary, received for the professorship. Having saved a competency, 
he resigned his position and removed to Cincinnati, O., where he entered 
an Eclectic medical college, which must have been the Physio-Medical 
College or the American Medical College, the former having been organ- 
ized in 1836 and the latter in 1839. (Neither have preserved alumni lists.) 
After graduation he removed to Pine Bluff, Ark., where he practiced for a 
short time, then removing to Union county, where he had some acquaint- 
ances, he settled about five miles from Eldorado, in that county. 

About the time of the collapse of the Arkansas State Bank and other 
"wild-cat" institutions, he had converted his real estate in that locality 


into currency, which soon proved to be worthless, leaving him penniless. 
Sick at heart, though not discouraged, he built himself a log office on 
which he hung his professional sign and began anew, in a new locality, and 
without means, to practice his profession. His meagre quarters and shabby 
clothing did not command for him a patronage among the best families, 
however his unusual ability and professional success were soon recognized, 
and he finally became the most prominent physician in the county. 

It is said that during his first year he entered government land and cul- 
tivated it himself, which did much to tide him over until he had become 

professionally established. He married a widow, Neal, a lady of 

culture and refinement, belonging to a fine old family of Montgomery, Ala., 

Eighth Generation. 81 

from which city, she removed to Union county, Ark. By her he had one 
child, a daug'hter, Victoria Adelaide, who died when about three and one- 
half years old, and is interred by the side of her mother, who died shortly 
after, in private grounds about live miles from Eldorado. 

While a citizen of Union county he was highly esteemed. He was 
elected to the office of county judge of Union county, which he held for sev- 
eral years, being finally obliged to resign on account of the pressure of his 
professional work. For the same reason he declined the nomination of the 
Democratic party for state senator, which would have been equivalent to 
an election, in that state. During the Texan war for independence he was 
tendered the post of surgeon in the Revolutionary army, which he accord- 
ingly declined. 

In 1845 he went to Illinois and visited his brother, Cyrenius, who was 
then located at Point Isabelle, in DeWitt county, also called "Yankee 
Town," owing to it having been a settlement of eastern people, but now the 
station of Fullerton on the Illinois Central railroad. While on this visit 
he became so impressed with the superior resources of Illinois that he em- 
ployed his cousin, Hon. Josephus Wakefield, who was then living in Water- 
town, N. Y., to go to Arkansas to settle up his affairs there, dispose of his 
property interests, and pack and ship his personal effects. For some time 
he made his home with his brother, Cyrenius, who was then living on and 
managing his country estate at Point Isabelle, and conducting a general 
merchandise store at that place. 

At the time of his removal to Illinois, the prairie state was an un- 
drained land, and all of the lowlands were marshy, which resulted in the 
great prevalence there of miasmatic diseases. Dr. Wakefield's great suc- 
cess in the treatment of this class of ailments soon gained for him a large 
practice, extending over nearly the entire state, and many young men also 
sought him for medical education, in which he proved so successful, that 
during his entire career in Illinois there was no time that he did not 
have from one-half to a dozen students under his tutorage. In a short 
time his practice grew to such proportions that it was impossible for 
him, with the assistance of his more advanced students, to give personal 
attention to the increasing number of patients who were commanding his 
attention. As a result of this, his senior pupil, his brother Cyrenius, and he 
formed a co-partnership for the practice and manufacture of medicine. An 
additional building was erected, and a stock of drugs purchased. The 
drug store was presided over by his brother Cyrenius, who put up the doc- 
tor's prescriptions in quantity, and bottled and labelled them, with the doc- 
tor's directions, and soon an increasing demand from Illinois and surrounding 
states developed an industry which has since grown to extend over the 
entire United States, Canada, and to some extent in England and the con- 
tinent of Europe, and in 1896 celebrated its anniversary of half a century. 

In April, 1848, he married Miss Adelaide Dodson, of Leroy, 111., and at 
once began the erection of a modern home, and June 20, on the completion 
of it, while engaged in furnishing it, preparatory to moving in, he took a 
very severe cold, followed by pneumonia, which resulted in death in the 
space of thirty-six hours, notwithstanding the most excellent medical at- 
tention and skillful nursing. He died June 22, 1848. 

On the dissolution of the partnership at his death, the widow being the 
sole heir, disposed of her interests to Cyrenius, who developed the business 
to its present proportions. Thereupon Cyrenius removed the drug store to 
Bloomington and continued with great success, the manufacturing medicine 
business, which originated as above stated. The widow married again, 
and removed to the northern part of the state. 

Dr. Zera Wakefield was a very tall and portly gentleman, over six feet 
in height, and weighed between 225 and 230 pounds. He had dark and very 
expressive eyes, complexion as fair as that of a woman, and was emphatic- 
ally a handsome man. He possessed, in an eminent degree, the faculty of 
making friends and shaming enemies. He was positive in his convictions, 
though not stubborn, yet no one could be more ready to acknowledge an error, 
when convinced that he was wrong. He died at the zenith of his success and 
in the prime of life. No man at death was more universally lamented than 
he. In politics he was a consistent democrat, and in religion a Universalist. 

82 Posterity op John Wakefield of Boston. 

He was a very temperate man, and not only set a good example to his asso- 
ciates, but he circulated temperance pledges, and was very successful in ob- 
taining signatures. 


253. Dr. Cyrenius'' Wakefield (Jb.s-e|)/i,^ Joseph,''^ Thomas,^ Joseph,"^ 
John,^ John,'^ John,^), son of Joseph and Susan (Sawj^er) Wakefield; born on 
the country estate of his father, near Watertown, N. Y., July 12, 1815, 
where he was reared unto manhood. He attended the district school and 
assisted his father in husbandry until early manhood, when he went to 
Watertown and attended the Watertown Academj/, where he graduated in 
1837, after which he spent two years teaching school in the immediate vi- 
cinity of Watertown, from fall until spring, and assisted his father during 
the summer. 

Now at the age of 24 years, with $100 presented to him by his father, he 
set out to win his fortune in the new West, bidding farewell to his old home 
and his fiance, Harriet Richardson, an old schoolmate and neighbor, he 
made his way as best he could in that early day, there being no railroads 
and the ice of a late spring having made lake travel impossible, he traveled 
overland to Chicago, thence by stage to LaSalle, steamboat down the Illi- 
nois river to Pekin, and, then having arranged to have his trunk carried by 
ox team, he therewith reached Bloomington, a distance of forty miles on 
foot, and finally the farm of his brother, Orin, who had previously located 
thirty miles south of Bloomington, near the village of Marian, in DeWitt 
county. Here he labored on a farm until November, when he accepted a 
school three miles east of Bloomington, where he taught for fifteen months. 
In May, 1839, he returned to DeWitt, where he made his first purchase of 
real estate, eighty acres of land, and began at once to improve it. 

In the fall of 1810, he returned to visit his kinfolk and friends at 
Watertown, N. Y., where he took a school and taught until the following 
spring. Returning then by the lake route, to DeWitt, he taught school at 
Diamond Grove, in Downs township, nine months, after which he taught in 
Marian village until the spring of 1843, when he built a good frame house 
on his farm and went back to Watertown, N. Y., and was married, August 
17, to Harriet, daughter of Josiah and Cynthia (Tolman) Richardson. While 
in Watertown, at this time, he also shared with his stepmother, sister, and 
five brothers, in a division of the estate of his father, who had died May 5 
of the previous year, receiving as his balance due, $500. Two weeks after 
his marriage he, with his bride, started over the lake route, for their new 
home in Illinois, where they arrived after a month's journey. 

In 1845, he was visited by his elder brother Zera, who being favorably 
impressed with the location of Cyrenius and the bright prospects of the 
country, went to New York and bought a stock of goods and returning in the 
fall, a building was erected and a general store started on Cyrenius' estate, 
facing the intersection in the main roads about a hundred yards north of the 
present Illinois Central railroad station of FuUerton. His practice rapidly 
extended, so that he soon found it impossible to personally attend to one-half 
of his calls. Where it was impossible for him to personally visit patients he 
was called upon to send out his successful medicines, with written directions. 
He constantly had a number of medical students under his instruction, 
and among the most ardent, was his brother, Cyrenius, who was instructed 
in both pharmacy and medicine, and he was at once pressed into service, 
preparing the doctor's prescriptions in quantity, which were duly sent out to 
applicants all over the state. The two brothers were in partnership in the 
general mercantile trade and farming, both having invested their private 
interests together. The medicine manufacturing business became so great 
that the general mercantile department was gradually closed up, the medi- 
cal laboratory succeeding to its store rooms. Printed labels and directions 
were procured, and agents were established throughout the state, for the 
convenience of patrons. 


Eighth Generation. 


About June 1, 1848, an agent was started with a team and a specially 
devised wagon to travel through Iowa establishing agencies. Up to this 
time, dwelling and laboratories had been enlarged, and the demands on the 
two brothers in both active practice and medicine manufacturing was 
great. On the 20th day of June, directly after his marriage, and every 
prospect for the future was the brightest. Dr. Zera Wakefield was taken 
with a severe cold, followed by a congestive chill and death in thirty-six 
hours, notwithstanding the best efforts of admiring physicians and his stu- 
dents to the contrary. After his decease, it was found that his widow was 
the sole heir to his estate, so his brother Cyrenius bought from her his 
brother's half interest in the partnership. 

Cyrenius, now the sole owner of the business, in the fall of 1849, after 
returning from a visit at his old home in Watertown, N. Y., he disposed of 
his farm property and removed to Bloomington, where he purchased 



Manufacturing Pharmacists, Bloomington, III, 

ground including the west two-thirds of the block facing the south side of 
the public square, and a two-story frame building and stable on the site of 
his later Phoenix Hall building. On the 1 st of the following February (1850) , 
he moved his family into the second story, the storeroom below was utilized 
as a drug store, and erecting a building on the vacant ground adjoining, the 
first Bloomington medicine manufactory was established. The drug store did 
a handsome business, and the medicine manufacturing business constantly 
increased. The following spring (1851) he purchased a store building and 
moved it on his ground adjoining his previous purchase on the west and 
moved his drug stock into it. In the summer he purchased the property, 
506 East Washington street, built a two-story house and moved in before 
winter. The following February (1852) the house took fire and burned 
down, a complete loss, having had no insurance on it. However, he rebuilt 
at once with brick and moved into it in the autumn. 

84 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

On June 12, 1851, Dr. Wakefield founded the Illinois State Bulletin, a seven 
column folio, weekly newspaper, Avhich, according' to its title page, was "de- 
voted to Democracy, Agriculture, Arts, Sciences, Moral, Social, Intellec- 
tual, and Political progress and general news," and was published, according 
to the issue of Saturday morning, September 11, 1852, on Washington street 
immediately opposite the court house, in the third story of "Wakefield's 
New Brick." The issue of the above date was Vol. II, No. 14, and gives C. 
Wakefield as proprietor. Under date of August 10, 1852, a dissolution notice 
is published between the proprietor and former editor of the paper, who was 
H. K. Davis, and who was superceded at that date by E. Stafford. A post- 
script added, requests all persons knowing themselves indebted to the Bul- 
letin in any way, to pay to C. Wakefield or his authorized agents. This paper 
also contains the national and state democratic ticket for that year and 
advertisements of the drug house of Wakefield & Thompson. The Illinois 
State Bulletin was burnt out in the big fire of 1854, and was discontinued at 
that time. His brother-in-law, Robert Thompson, and family arrived in 
Bloomington, and he purchased a half interest in the drug store and the 
firm name became Wakefield & Thompson. In the spring of 1856 he, con- 
tinuing sole owner of the medicine manufacturing business, built the first 
section of the present medicine laboratory, at 516 E. Washington street, 
then in the suburb of the town, and Wakefield & Thompson built on the site 
of the first purchased building on the south side of the square a large, deep 
brick building, for their increasing drug trade. 

In 1854, Dr. Wakefield built a $4,000 store building, adjoining the store 
building of Wakefield & Thompson. However, on the following year a fire 
imparted from an adjoining building entirely consumed the two buildings 
of Dr. Wakefield and Wakefield & Thompson. A total insurance of S2,000 
was in effect to balance the loss of $17,000. Notwithstanding the heavy 
loss, however, as soon as the bricks were cold work was at once begun, and 
in 1858 Dr. Wakefield completed the present four-story brick block, Nos. 110 
and 112 West Washington street, on the south side of the public square, in 
the third story of which was the locally famous "Phoenix Hall," which in 
these early times was the leading theatre and public hall of the town. 
Many stirring political assemblages there assembled, of the embryo and 
infant republican party. It had a seating capacity of from one thousand 
to twelve hundred. It was inaugurated by a republican mass meeting 
October 22, 1858. On December 3, dressing rooms were finished, scenery 
put in, and the name changed to "Liberty Hall," but after a short time the 
original name was resumed. This hall was used as a theatre and public 
hall for twenty years, and was in the height of its glory during the late 
civil war. Leonard Swett, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen A. Douglas, and other 
distinguished men have spoken there. 

Just prior to the battle of Shiloh, which was fought on April 5 and 7, 
1862, Dr. Wakefield, accompanied by his brother-in-law, Robert Thompson, 
who acted as nurse and apothecary, went to Pittsburg Landing, where they 
gave surgical assistance to the Union army for a period, the extent of 
which is not known exactly, and immediately after that celebrated battle 
they officiated in that capacity on transports, on the Tennessee river. Dr. 
Wakefield was at that time past the legal age for enlistment in the Union 
army, but in the above way he lent such aid to the cause of the Union, 
as was within his power, at his own expense, and without pay. 

Beginning in the spring of 1870 and finishing in the fall of the follow- 
ing, year. Dr. Wakefield erected his fine residence on the southwest corner of 
East Washington and McLean streets, the outer walls built of sawed Ohio 
sandstone, beveled edges with brick lining, and a total thickness of eighteen 
inches. This structure 3'et stands, one of the most substantial and imposing 
in the State. The inner woodwork represents in solid form, and finished in 
oil, all the varieties of hard woods of Illinois. Having disposed of the drug 
business, and the medicine manufacturing business had grown to such 
proportions that the laboratories had been increased in size until they now 
occupied over an acre of ground of solid brick structures, three stories in 
height, and finding" his business cares increasing as he physically declined, 
in advancing years, he devolved the management of the business on his 
oldest son, Oscar, who had been educated for the purpose, and himself re- 

Eighth Generation. 85 

tired from active business and became a great traveler, visiting all parts of 
the United States, Canada, West Indies, and Europe. 

Cyrenius Wakefield never sought political office, and he accepted none 
except membership of the board of education of Bloomington, where he 
served three years, from April, 1872, to April, 1875, declining re-election, 
though during that period he served it in several official capacities. For a 
period of nine years Dr. Wakefield was a director and eight years secretary 
of board of directors of the Peoples Bank of Bloomington, in which he was 
a heavy and influential stockholder, death only severing his service in both 

Personally Dr. Wakefield, though of economical habits, was generous 
to a fault, with his immediate family and relatives, and remarkably benev- 
olent with all worthy destitution. The winter of 1884-85 was noted as one 
of the severest in two score of years, and destitution in the city was un- 
usually great. Dr. Wakefield had for years been identified as a prominent 
member of the Bloomington Benevolent Society, but this winter he was 
its president and never-tiring leader; being retired from active business he 
gave his whole time to the good cause and neglected his own health and 
lost life itself. After taking a heavy cold and suft'erirg a congestive chill 
on Friday night, February 12, from which he recovered, hearing of new and 
unrelieved cases of destitution the following day, however, although in a 
very negative condition, he gave it his personal attention, opening his 
heart and purse. This proved a fatal step, for from this his ailment devel- 
oped rapidly into pleurisy and pneumonia, and on the following Friday night 
he breathed his last. The announcement of his death was the advent of 
universal sorrow, and his co-laborers in charity, church, business, and social 
circles met to pass resolutions of respect, sympathy, and condolence, and 
of their recognition of his honesty, philanthrophy, and business worth, 
of his good qualities as a neighbor and citizen. 

In religion he was a Unitarian, being a founder and constant liberal 
supporter of the local church of that denomination. He believed in the 
innate progressive tendency of the human soul in this world and the one to 
come, and that the higher life is gradually attained by constant and con- 
tinual education and cultivation, extending through eternity. His life was 
an attempt to make the precepts of Christ a reality. 

In politics Dr. Wakefield was a "Jacksonian Democrat," though an 
abolitionist, until the birth of the Republican party in his city in 1856, 
when he became identified as its staunch supporter, and as such he continued 
until his death, February 20, 1885. His beloved wife, who survived him, 
died February 23, 1892, aged 71. 

The above was compiled from a (manuscript) autobiography, the United States Bio- 
graphical Bictionarij and Portrait Gallery of Eminent and Self-made 3Ien, (Illinois volume, 
American Biographical Publishing Co.. Chicago, Cincinnati, and New York, 1876) ; Por- 
trait and Piographical Album, of McLean County. III., (Chapman Brothers, Chicago, 1887) ; The 
Good Old Times in McLean County. TIL. (by Dr. E. Duis, Bloomington, 1874), and the news- 
paper files of the Illinois State Bi'Uletin, Bloomington Pantagraph, Leader, and Bulletin. 

Notwithstanding the fact that the compiler is a son of the subject of 
this sketch, he feels justified in including the following quotations, which 
he considers due his father and mother: 

Bloomington Daily Pantagraph. Fehruary 23. 1885— "The announcement on Saturday 
morning of the death of Blbomington's great philanthropist. Dr. Cyrenius Wakefield, 
was received with utter amazement. While it was known that he was critically ill, all 
hoped that he might recover. None were prepared to learn of his death, and the an- 
nouncement was a shock, a profoundly sorrowful surprise. 

For half a century Dr. Wakefield was a citizen and a business man of this city. He 
was an honored citizen, straightforward in all his business dealings, kind hearted and 
benevolent. He was successful in business and left to his heirs a large estate, and at the 
same time lived a noble life, a life full of good works . His honored name will live forever. 

When his death became known, the^flrst comments or remarks were not upon the 
wealth he had accumulated and left behind, but upon his good heart, his noble, manly 
qualities. The first thoughts were upon his benevolent, charitable acts: the great good 
that he had done ; upon his commendable habit of looking after and caring for the poor 
and needy. All agree that by his death, the city sustains a great loss, and his taking off 
is universally lamented.'' 

Bloomington Sunday Eye. February 23, 1885— "Coming to Illinois all but penniless Dr. 
Wakefield, by industry and persistent effort, succeeded in building up a national busi- 
ness, and what is more valuable a name without a stain or tarnish. His career was a 
remarkable one. Amidst the pressure of a great business he never forgot or neg- 
lected his duties as a citizen and a christian. Himself well endowed with the faculty of 

86 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

accumulating property, lie ever had an open hand tor the needy, and no distressed per- 
son ever went to Dr. Waketield for succor and came away without a strengthening word 
and material aid. A community weeps today and a city mourns as the earthly tenement 
that lately contained the spirit of Cyrenius Wakefield passes on to the tomb." 

The Pantagraph— '-It is more than probable that the death of Dr. Cyrenius Wakefield, 
recorded today, was the result of his devotion to the good of others. He was a man of 
seventy years of age— a period of life at which exposure to cold is exceedingl3' danger- 
ous— j^et on one of the bitterest days of thelate Arctic visitation he was seen at the resi- 
dence of a poor family south of the tileworks. whither he had gone to alleviate a case of 
pressing distress. A few days after this came the report of his sudden and severe ill- 
ness, and death has resulted. The gates of heaven have certainlv opened wide to receive 
a noble, self-sacriflcing spirit like that. No higher tribute can be paid to his memory than 
the plain statement of this simple fact.'' 

The Pa)itagra2)h^"Dr. Wakefield's life evidences what energy and business tact can 
accomplish, and is an incentive to young men who would prosper. 

Testimonial from the directors of the Peoples Bank.— ''The directors of the Peoples 
Bank of Bloomington have learned with sincere regret of the death of our co-director. 
Dr. Cyrenius Wakefield. While his loss to his family and the community is irreparable, 
we keenly feel his loss aLso as a business associate. His judgment in matters of business 
was excellent, and the prosperity of the bank is in no small degree due to him. Identified 
with it for many years, he carefully studied its interests, and guarded the trust com- 
mitted to him with unswerving fidelity. He knew by experience the pathway that leads 
from poverty to fortune, and his heart was ever open to those less fortunate in life than 
himself. A kinder hearted man. one more willing to assist those in distress, we have not 
known. His monument is in the hearts of those to whom he has indeed been a bene- 

"As a slight evidence of our appreciation of his excellence in all the relations of 
life, we. his associates in business, bear our testimony to the fact that, in the highest 
sense he was an honest man." 

P. Whitmeb, L. Ferre, 1 

Geo. F. Dick, K. P. Smith. V Directors. 
A. E. Stevenson, J. Keenan, ) 
Dated March S, 1885. 

The PawtogirapA, February 24, 1893— "The venerable figure of Mrs. Wakefield will be 
missed from her almost daily drives about the city. Of a most benevolent and kindly 
nature, no weather was too severe, or no surroundings too uninviting to prevent her per- 
sonal administering of the charity for which she was so famed, and for which the poor 
of this city will ever have cause to bless her name. Of a very vivacious and pleasant dis- 
position, she enjoyed the pleasures of society, and nothing pleased her more than to be 
surrounded by young people, for whom she had great sympathy and unbounded kindness. 
Her large means, coupled with the generous Instincts of her heart, her very presence a 
benediction in many homes of poverty and want. One of her last acts, before her final 
sickness, was to go over her large house and gather together a number of articles which 
she thought she could spare and send them to the Benevolent Society. Owing to the in- 
creasing infirmities of her age, she had not gone out as much as usual this winter, but 
her heart and her hands were busy in caring, not only for her immediate family, but also 
for those who had no claim of family ties upon her. Long will she be sincerely missed 
and mourned." 


394.-1. Emma Jane, born September 10, 1844; married October 17, 1864. to Adel- 
bert Seth Eddy. 

395 — 2. Oscar, born April 7, 1846; married August 12, 1868, Agnes Benchley. 

396.-3. Amelia, born May 20, 1848; died August 23, 1849. 

397.^^. Delphine, born September 11, 18.5] : died July 31. 1852. 

398.-5. Della, born December 9. 1855; died October 29, 1856. 

399 — 6. Hattie, born October 9, 1863; married May 10. 1886, to Albert Bird Brady. 

400.— 7. Homer, born June 24, 1865; married October 6, 1893, Julia Pearson Sher- 

255. Rachael Pierce** Wakefield (Peter,'' Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,^ 
John,^ John,'^ John^), daughter of Peter and Rachael (Pierce) Wakefield; 
born November 10, 1814, at Watertown, N. Y., married February 22, 1838, to 
Joseph. H. Rising; resided at South Butler, N. Y.; died October 28, 1886. 


1. Henry Cyrenius= Rising, born August 4. 1840; married January I, 1862, Ellen M. Chapin, 

who died May 25, 187U; married, secondly, October 13. 1870. Augusta Coolej^ resides 
South Butler, N. Y., and is justice of sessions, farmer, and justice of the peace. 

1. Grace Ellen=> Rising, born May 10, 1870; died June 26, 1881. 

2. Byron Ora^ Rising, Dorn November 16, 1873. 

2. Byron= Josephus Rising, born March 12, 1846; died March 8, 1862. 

3. Alice^ Arvesta Rising, born December 26, 1850. 

256. Marias Wakefield [Peter J Joseph.,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* Jolm,^ John,^ 
John^), daughter of Peter and Rachael (Pierce) Wakefield; born May 8, 
1817, at Watertown, N. Y.; married June 19, 1845, to Solomon H. Knapp; 
residence, Watertown, N. Y.; died January 23, 1897. 

Eighth Generation. 



1. EghertWakefleld^ Knapp; born December 1, 1847; married Lois Lobedia Olny. who 
died April 18. 1897, aged 50 years and 6 months. He is a contractor and builder, 
dealer in building supplies, chief of the fire department, and resides in Watertown. 

1. Ray Ernst^ Knapp. born October 19, 1873. 

2. Henry Solomon^ Knapp. born August 17, 1875. 

3. Pitt Gorden^ Knapp. born October li, 1877. 

4. Berty^ Knapp, born January 12, 1879. 

257. Hon. Josephus** Wakefield {Peter,'' Joseph,''' Thomas,^' Joseph,* 
John,^ John,' John^), son of Peter and Rachael (Pierce) Wakefield: born at 
Watertown, N. Y., October 10, 1819; married .June 10, 1848, Murtie Manimia 

Abell, daughter of Elijah and Mari- 
etta (Brainard) Abell, of Cleveland, 
Ohio; studied law at Watertown 
with Judge Hubble, of the New 
York Supreme Court; went south 
in 1846 and from thence to Wiscon- 
sin in 1849, settling at Freemont, 
where he now resides. Was the 
first postmaster at Medina, Wis., 
and a member of the first board of 
Supervisors of Outagamie county. 
Wis., going from there to Free- 
mont in 1855. Has been justice of 
the peace nearly forty years, court 
commissioner six years, district at- 
torney in 1871 and 1872, and in 1882 
was member of the Wisconsin legis- 
lature. Member of the Waupaca 
county board of supervisors in 1888, 
and captain of the militia. He 
has been Noble Grand of the Free- 
mont Lodge of Odd Fellows and 
was author of the history of Wau- 
paca county, historian of the Old 
Settlers Society, secretary of the 
society, and author of an historical 
paper read at the Fletcher family 
reunion at Lowell, Massachusetts. 
He was appointed United States 
marshal for southern district of 


/ / 

Wisconsin, in 1897, by President McKinley. 


401.— 1. DeWitte Clinton, born July 13, 1849. in Wisconsin; married October 
28, 1882, Anna Livingston, of Beloit, Wis., who was born in the state of 
New York. He is a cabinet maker, a musician, and went to Kentucky, 
and for the time he was there, was leader of the Cumberland River 
Cornet Band. 

258. Emilys Wakefield {Peter,' Josej)h,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ 
John,^ John^), daughter of Peter and Rachael (Pierce) Wakefield; born 
January 21, 1822, at Watertown, N. Y.; married August 29, 1844, to Ephraim 
B. Roberts; resided in Watertown, N. Y.; died April 21, 1871. 


1. Bessie Burdick^ Roberts, born November 29, 1&55; married October 24. 1877. to Milton H. 
Coolev, fruit raiser; reside at South Haven. Mich. 
1. Clarence E.^ Coolej^ born November 9, 1878. 

259. -John Fletcher* Wakefield {Peter,'' Joseph,^ Thoriias,-' Joseph,* 
John,^ John,- John'^), son of Peter and Rachael (Pierce) Wakefield; born at 
Watertown, N. Y., January 23, 1826; married, December 31, 1850, Caroline 
Overton. He is a contractor and builder, and resides in Watertown, N. Y. 


403 — 1. Fanny M., born October 31, 1860; married July 7, 1880, to Frank J. Greene, 
florist: resides in Watertown. N. Y. They had one child, Florence 
Wakefield Greene, born October 12, 1882. 

88 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

260. Francis Asbury** Wakefield {Peter,'' Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,'* 
John,^ John,'^ John^), son of Peter and Rachael (Pierce) Wakefield; born 
at Watertown, N. Y., July 11, 1828; married August 29, 1852, Maria Jill- 
son, who was born in New York. He is a nurseryman and fruit grower; an 
Odd Fellow, and resides at South Haven, Mich. 


403,— 1. Emma R., born November 15. 1858; married September 18, 1878, to 
Willis F. Merril, who is a dealer in nursery stock, and resides at South 

261. Mary Ann^ Wakefield [John,'' •Joseph,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ 
John,^ John^), daughter of Dr. John and Laura (Thacher) Wakefield, 
born in Waitsfield, Vt., December 8, 1819; married to Moses C. Jewett 
in 1843, at the old Wakefield homestead in Windsor county, Vt., by Dr. 
Leavins. Moses C. Jewett was born in Windsor, Vt., February 11, 1815, and 
died January 7, 1888. He purchased 1(50 acres of land in Alexandria, Jeffer- 
son county, N.Y., in 1844, to which the family moved and has since resided 
there. Mrs. Jewett writes, "I could spin a long yarn of the hardships inci- 
dent to moving from a country where we had the comforts and conveni- 
ences of life, and settling in a new one, which but a few years since was a 
wilderness. We were young and hopeful and rather enjoyed the adventure. 
We came in a two-horse sleigh 300 miles, the snow most of the way six feet 
deep, the last of February, 1846, and were ten days on the way." 


1. Laura A.= Jewett. born in Windsor, Vt.. September 4, 1843; married to Jonas Dygert. ot 

Hammond, N. Y., in 1868. He died in 1883. and Laura A. married, secondly, in 188.5, Henry 
M. Forester, of Hammond, N.Y., where they are now in trade. She has one daughter, 
Lena Dygert, born in 1S7-Z. 

2. Henrietta A. = Jewett, born June 12,1846; married November 10.1863, at her home, by 

Rev. J. H. Johns, Universalist pastor, to Hubbard ZoUer, who was born in Pamelia, 
N. Y.. October ;i7, 1845. They removed to New Mexico in 1881, living there eight j^ears 
and from there moved to Oregon, where they now live in Grant's Pass. 

3. Emma J.= Jewett, born in Alexandria, N.Y., June 4. 1849; died June 29, 1862. 

4. Marcus J. 2 Jewett, born in Alexandria, N.Y., April 21. 1855; married September 10, 1879, 

by Rev. G. J. Porter, Universalist pastor, Libbie M. Marlilie, who was born September 
2i. 18.58. He lives on the old homestead where his parents settled in 1846, and is actively 
engaged in the business of collecting raw furs. Postofflce address. Redwood, N.Y. 

l.'Franli G.^ Jewett, born in Alexandria. August 14, 1880. 

2 Morris H.^ Jewett, born November 4. 1882. 

3. Ina C.^ Jewett, born May 11, 1885. 

4. John CarP Jewett. born April 12, 1888. 

5. Ray Leslie^ Jewett, born April 21, 1893. 

5. Marion S.^ Jewett, born in Alexandria, N.Y., June 17, 18.57; married at the home of her 

parents, October 16. 1878, by Rev. J. H. Johns. Universalist pastor, of Hammond, N.Y., 
to Jacob M. ZoUer, who was born February 15. 1855. They reside in Redwood, N.Y. 

1. Guy J= ZoUer, born April 10. 1881. 

2. Glenn M.^ Zoller. born July 18. 1889. 

3. Glare H.=> Zoller. born January 3, 1893. 

6. Charles C- Jewett, born in Alexandria, August 15, 1859; died August 28, 1860. 

262. Frederick Aurelius* Wakefield {John,'' Joseph, '^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,^ Jolrn^), son of Dr. John and Laura (Thacher) Wakefield; 
born March 31, 1821, at Surrey, N. H.; married Abbie T. Hosmer. After 
marriage he removed to the farm of his grandfather, Joseph Wakefield, 
near Windsor, and afterwards to West Norwich, in Windsor county, Vt. 
He died at Sharon, Vt., July 25, 1894. 


404 1. Laura J..born September 16. 1864, West Windsor, Vt. ; married No- 
vember 17, 1891, to Leroy P. Walbridge. 
40.5.— 2. Freuekick E.. born May 28, 1867, Cornish, N. H. 
406.~3. John A., born September 3, 1870, Cornish, N. H. 
40~ 4. Albie v., born November 27, 1874, Woodstock, Vt. 

264. Marcellus F.8 Wakefield {John,'' Joseph,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* 
John,^ John,- John^), son of Dr. John and Laura (Thacher) Wakefield; born 
near Windsor, Vt., March 12, 1830; has been a farmer; has resided near Wind- 
sor, Vt., Redwood, N. Y., Labette county, Kans.; now resides in Kansas 
City. Mo.; married April 1, 1858, Sarah A. McCollister, daughter of John 
M. and Rachel (Martin) McCollister. 

Eighth Generation. 89 


408.— 1, Carrie Ada, born January 5, 1859; died April 7, 1860. 

409.— 2. EMMA MAY, born April 2n, 1861 ; died May 11, 1861. 

410.— 3 FRANK Burton, born March 29, 1864; unmarried in 1896. 

411 4 Jennie Nett, born November 10. 1865, in Story county, Iowa; married 

July 23, 1885, to Francis Barnard. Thev had four children: Mamie 

Georgia, born ; Ethel Beatrice, born ; Arthur, adopted; 

born August 8, 1880. Son of Jefferson Slaten. 

365. Hannibal Cincinnatus' Wakefield (Dr. John,'' Joseph,'^ Thomm,^ 
Joseiih,* John,-' John ^ John^), son of Dr. .Tohn and Laura (Thacher) Wake- 
field; born February 11, 1831; married March 4, 1857. Lavina, daughter of 
Job and Hannah (Huff) Garberson. He removed from Jefferson county, N. 
Y., where he was born, to Ames, Story county, Iowa, where he now resides. 
He is a farmer. 


412 1. LAURA, born March 8, 1858; a dressmaker; unmarried. 

413 a. Arthur T., born November 26, 1859; resides at Yale, Valley county, 


414 3. Charles E., born February 28, 1861 : married February 22, 1884, 

415.-4. William M., born November 18. 1862; married October 14. 1891, 

416.— 5. Hannibal, born November 25, 1864; resides at Ames, Iowa. 

417.— 6. Emma, born June 30, 1867; resides at Ames, Iowa. 

418 7. John O., born November 6, 1869; married February 5, 1895, , and 

has a son Guy Leroy, born October 10, 1895. 
419.-8. Polly (Mary) born October 11, 1872. 
430.-9. Maude, born November 27, 1875; at home, a teacher. 
431.-10. Sain, born May 18, 1878; resides at Ames, Iowa. 

267. Caroline^ Wakefield (Thomas,'' Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ 
John,- John"^), daughter of Thomas and Chloe (Kellogg) Wakefield; born at 
Rutland, N. Y., March 30, 1820; married in September, 1838, to O. C. Ackert. 
She died in Grattan, Mich., in July, 1880. 


1. Chloe Ackert, born July, 1840; married Mr. Morgan, of Chicago, 111. She died in 

Grattan, Mich.. 1890, leaving two children— a girl and a boy. 

2. George Ackert, born at Philadelphia, N. Y., October, 1847. He is (1896) married 

and lives at Grattan, Mich., and has one child— a girl. 

26S. George* Wakefield (Thomas,'' Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Josepih,* John,^ 
John,'- John^) son of Thomas and Chloe (Kellogg) Wakefield; born in Wind- 
sor county, Vt., September 3, 1822; married in Philadelphia, N. Y., 1848, to 
Minerva Smith. He died in New Haven, Oswego county, N. Y., February 
22, 1876. 


433.-1. Chloe, born June 16, 1849; living; unmarried. 
433 2. Almeda, born June 2, 1851; died 1879. 

269. Jane"* Wakefield (Thomas,"' Joseph,^ Thomas, •• Joseph,"^ John,^ 
John,^ John^) daughter of Thomas and Chloe (Kellogg) Wakefield; born in 
Rutland, N. Y., October 18, 1826; married in Theresa, N. Y., November 16, 
1859, to Madison Rappole. No children. 

270. LOFTUS** Wakefield (James,'' Joseph,*^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ 
John,'^ John^), son of James and Achsa (Parker) Wakefield; born October 
28, 1819, at Windsor, Vt.; died April 30, 1874, at Richland City, Wis.; mar- 
ried September 2, 1846, or 1849, Mary Anne, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Sarah (Hartwell) Perkins, who was born May 12, 1820, at Oriskany, N. Y., 
and died February 6,. 1887, or 1888. Resided in New York state, over thirty 
years, and then at Milwaukee and Richland City, Wis. 


434 1. Jay Adelbert, born July 12, 1847, at Watertown, N. Y. ; died July 12, 


435.-2. William Henry, born December 29, 1849, at Watertown, N. Y. ; died 
December 29, 1849. 

436.-3. Byron Jenches, born March 12, 1851, at Watertown, N. Y.; married 
July 19, 1873, May, daughter of and Belle Fewell. Has re- 
sided at Luana and Carroll counties and Latham, Kans. 

90 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

43~.— 4. Mary Ei^la, l3orn May 20, 1853, at Watertown, N. Y. ; married August 
19, 1880, to Charles Thomas, son of Amasa Lagrand and Nancy Crosby; 
resides 864 Warren avenue, Milwaukee. Wis. Descendants: Charles 
Lioftu.s Crosby, born July 11, 1881, at Milwaukee, Wis.; Clara Lavinia 
Crosby, born Julj^ 29, 1883, at Milwaukee, Wis. 

438 — 5. Sarah Ada. born March 4, 1856. at Carthage N. Y. ; married October 
31, 1878, to John Quincy Bobb, who was born September 15, 1846, at 
Martinsburg. Pa., son of Peter Frederick and Margaret (Shyner) 
Bobb; resides Onion. Wis. Descendants: Mary Ella Bobb. born Sep- 
tember 21, 1879, at Onion, Wis. ; John Byron Bobb, born July 25, 1883, at 
Onion, Wis. 

273. Ceylon** Wakefield [James,'' Josepli,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ 
John,- John^), son of James and Achsa (Parker) Wakefield: born at Man- 
chester, Vt., May 12, 1828; has resided in Watertown and Carthage, in Jef- 
ferson county, N. Y., and Little Falls, in Herkimer county, N. Y.; residence 
(1896) Theresa, N. Y.: has been a machinist and is now a manufacturer; 
married in 1853, Catharine Marion, daughter of William and Marion (Hussey) 
King, who was born July 4, 1833, in Tarport, County Clare, Ireland. He and 
his son James, under name of C. Wakefield & Son, are proprietors of the 
Eagle Foundry and Machine Shop at Theresa, Jefferson county, N. Y., and 
manufacturers of the "Indian River Clipper steel plows," and dealers in 
hardware, etc. 


429 — 1. James W., born March 11, 1855; married December 25, 1886, Julia Mat- 

274. Elmerva C.^ Wakefield (James,'' Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ 
John,^ John^), daughter of James and Achsa (Parker) Wakefield; born in 
Windsor, Vt., April 17, 1830; married July 11, 1854, at Watertown, N. Y. 
to Henry Haftord. He died at Redwood N. Y., March 8, 1875; resides at 
Redwood', N. Y. 


1. Hiram W. Haftord, born January 30, 1856, at Redwood, N. Y. ; resides there and is 

a bachelor. 

2. Edgar W. Hafford, born August 15. 1858, at Brownville, N. Y. ; bachelor. 

3. Henry J. Hafford, born June ;26, 1860, at Brownville. N. Y. ; bachelor. 

4. Alice M. Hafford, born March 17. 1870; died March 23, 1873. at Redwood, N. Y. 

5. Nelly B. Hafford, born February 6, 1874; died April 12, 1874, at Redwood, N. Y. 

276. Zera A.» Wakefield (James,'' Joseph,*^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ 
John,^ John,^), son of James and Achsa (Parker) Wakefield; born August 
24, 1838; died at Watertown N. Y., May 6, 1890; married December 25 or 30, 
1859, Harriet A., daughter of William and Polly (Babcock) Holmes. He was 
a carpenter and joiner, a Republican, and did not belong to any church; 
lived at Redwood, Brownville, and Great Bend, N. Y. 


430.— 1. Ida a., born March 2, 1860. near Redwood, N. Y. ; married December 28, 

1881. to Wallace A. Woodward. Lives on a farm near Great Bend, 

N. Y. No issue. 
431 — 2. William J., born April 6, 1862; married December 1888, Harriet Nell, of 

Alexandria Bay, and has one child, George Henry, born March 6, 1890, 

Watertown. N. Y. William J. died November 11, 1890. 
433 — 3. Minnie Relief, born about 1865; died in 1867. 
433 — 4. Cora, born about 1867; died in 1868. 
434 — 5. Emma J., born August 6, 1869 or 1870; married March 2, 1888 or 1889, to 

Chauncey H. Mattison, at Great Bend, N. Y. She is a spiritualist. 

Residence, in November, 1896, 26 Main street. Watertown, N. Y. No 

435.-6. Charley A., born July 5, 1872 or 1873; drowned in Black River, August 

6. 1881 or 1882. 
436.-7. Frederick Adelbert, born October 7. 1877. 
437.-8. KiTTiE May, born October 24, 1879; died May 23 or 28, 1882. 

276. Otis^^ Wakefield (Timothy," Timothy,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* John^ 
John,- John^), son of Timothy and Elizabeth (Wakefield) Wakefield, born at 
Reading, Mass., July 19, 1803; was a shoemaker; resided at North Reading, 
Mass., and in 1873, at Kennebunk, Maine. He died and was buried at Nortli 
Reading, March 25, 1876. He married, firstly, Abigail P. Hammond, at Elli- 

Eighth Generation. 91 

ott, Maine, September , 1836. She was a person of great weight. No children 
by first marriage. He married, secondly, Susan Pagget, of Owego N. Y. 
She returned to Owego, after the death of her husband, where she now 


438.— 1. Susan Abbie, born August 26, 1864, in Reading, Mass. : married to William 
Taylor. November 19, 1889; he was of Waverly, N. Y.; now lives in Sus- 
quehanna. Pa.: lie is a railroad man. 

439 2. William Otis, born January 12. 1871. in Kennebunk, Maine. Unmarried. 

Resided for last eight years in Owego. 

277. Johns Wakefield {Timothy,'' Timothy,'^ Thomas,"' Joseph,* John,^ 
John,- John^), son of Timothy and Elizabeth (Wakefield) Wakefield, born at 
Heading, April 28, 180(i: died there May 5, 1863; married October 4, 1838, 
Sarah Parker, daughter of Jonathan and Susan (Susie Bancroft) Parker. 
She resided in Reading in 1895. 


440.— 1. Charles, born July 34. 1839; married November 2,5, 1868, Mary A. Kidder. 

441.-2. Laurinda Sarah, born March 9. 1841 : died November 13. 1860. 

443.-3. Olena Anna, born July 22, 1843: graduated from Reading high school in 

1863, and thereafter of Bridgewater Normal School. 
443 4. Emmeline Parker, born March 2, 1846; married June 29, 1869, to Alvin 

444.-5. John Parker, born July 21, 1848, A farmer. 
445 6. Zelia Abbie, born August 5, 1853; married September 20, 1883, to Edw. 

446 7. GEORGE, born October 12, 1856. 

278. Elizabeth (Betsey)** Wakefield {Timothy,'' Timothy,'^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,^ John^), born in Reading, Mass., April 6, 1808; died 
there September 28, 1841; married, .January 9 or 10, 1833, to Joseph Ban- 
croft, son of Joseph and Abigail (Upton) Bancroft, and grandson of Joseph 
and Elizabeth (Parker) Bancroft. He was born at Reading, June 9, 1762, 
and died there December 17, 1868. He was a farmer, land surveyor, and 
Selectman at Reading. 


1. John Milton'^ Bancroft, born in Reading, Mas.s., January 14, 1838. Civil engineer at 
New York city: employed at special work for the insurance companies; resides at 
Bloomtleld. N.J. Scientific Department Dartmouth College. 1859. First lieutenant 4th 
Michigan Volunteer Infantry in the Civil war; commanded Pierson Post. G. A. R.. De- 
partm^entof New Jersey, and was on the staff of R. A. Alger in 1890. He married, April 
12. 1865, Mary, daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann (Thayer) Hay, of Reading. 

1. Mary Louise^ Bancroft, born in Brooklyn, April 7. 1866; married to Nathaniel 
Butler, of School of Mines, Col.; resides at Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, N. J. 

1. Parker* Butler Bancroft, born April 4, 1891. 

2. Jennie Maria^ Bancroft, born at Jersey City, December 5, 1867; was at Welles- 
ley College, but health failed. 

3. Grace Emma^ Bancroft, born January 5, 1870: married to Henry Livingston 
Stone, February 20. 1893. 

1. Charles Bancroft* Stone, born at Brooklyn, September 29, 1893. 

2. Helen L.* Stone, born at Brooklyn, November 20, 1894. 

4. Henry Eunson^ Bancroft, born at Jersey City, January 7, 1872; married Ada 
Evelwyn Denton, of Bloomfield, April 11, 1894. He is in the employ of the Mer- 
chant's Insurance Company, of Newark, N. J. 

5. Francis Willard=' Bancroft, born at Bloomfield, N. J., February 10, 1874: now 

(1895) three years' course in School of Architecture. University of Pennsyl- 
vania, at Philadelphia. 

6. Lydia Alice^ Bancroft, born at Bloomfield. N. J.. February 3. 1883; school girl. 

2. Sarah Jane= Bancroft, born August 17. 1841; unmarried: residence in 1895 Bloomfield. 
N. J. ; a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Woman's Christian Tem- 
perance Union and Woman's Relief Corps. 

3. Charles Myron Bancroft, born April 25. 1843: died Octobers, 1844. 

iVo^^.- Joseph Bancroft married, secondly, Mahala Foss. daughter of Richard and 
Mary (Tuttle) Foss, of Bow Pond. Strafford. N. H. She died at Reading. April 10. 1875. 
Their children are: (1) Elizabeth Ann. born November 26, 1846; died September 31. 1848. 
(2) George Henry, born December 29. 1849; died February 5, 1852. (3) Lewis Melvin, born 
December 31. 1851; married Anna B. Black May 19, 1874; resides at Reading. He is a car- 
penter; has been insurance inspector several years, member of Massachusetts legisla- 
ture, commissioner water works at Reading, and Superintendent during construction 
and since. Children: Clinton Lewis and Mable. (4) Mary Ella, born September 1, 1854; 

married to Merril W. Arkerson, of Allston; died ; one daughter, Delia Ark- 


92 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

281. Bridge^ Wakefield {Timothy,'^ Timothy,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,'^ John,^ 
JoJm,^ John,^) son of Timothy and Elizabeth (Wakefield) Wakefield; born 
at Beading-, Mass., June 25, 1814; died there February 2, 1853; married April 
14, 1835, Catherine Cutler (or Cutter). He was a mason. She resides at 
Lowell, Mass. 


447.-1. Elizabeth, born at Reading: married November 9,1858, to Ephraim 

Wight: died November .5, 1867. 
448.-2. Wendell Phillips, born February 26, 1839: died July 12, 1866; married 

November 21, 1861, Harriet Augusta Chapman. 

282. Martha'' Wakefield {Timothy,'^ Timothy,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* 
John,^ John,- John,^) daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth (Wakefield) Wake- 
field; born at Reading, Mass., June 20, 1817; married to Joseph L. Pratt, 
February 25, 1841; resided at Reading, and died December 23, 1859. 


1. Ruth L. Pratt, born ; teacher. 

2. Alice Pratt, born . 

283. Susannah Bancroft" Wakefield {Timothy,'^ Timothy,'^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,'-^ Jokn,^) daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth (Wake- 
field) Wakefield; born at Reading July 20, 1820; died June 17, 1885; married 
at Reading, April 7, 1842, to Milo Parker; resided at Reading, Mass. 


1. Maria Parker, born : resided at Reading in 1894. 

287. Hon. Horace Poole* Wakefield, M.D.iCaleh," Twiothy,^ Thomas,"^ 
Joseph,* John,'' John,''^ John^), son of Caleb and Matilda (Poole) Wakefield; 
born at Reading-, Mass., January 4, 180!); married March 1, 1838, Abigail 
Pratt, of Reading, daughter of Thaddeus B.*' Pratt (IsaacJ' Timothy,* John,'-' 

John,- John^), born , 1809, and his wife, Susan (Parker). He married, 

secondly, Mary B. Christy, of Johnson, Vt. She was a teacher at Reading 
public school, and living there in 1895. He graduated at Amherst College in 
1832, and was a physician residing at Oakham, Mass., at time of marriage, 
where he held the office of Selectman and town clerk, and was twice elected 
to the legislature as Representative. He returned to Reading in 1844, and 
was elected senator in 1862. He was school committeeman 1865-7, P. and Q. 
in 1864, coroner in 1867, justice of the peace in 1849, inspector of the alms- 
house at Tewksbury and physician there, superintendent of state almhouse 
at Monson, and chairman of the Reading war committee during the late war. 
Later he was at Leicester, Mass. At the bi-centennial celebration of the 
settlement of Reading, May 29, 1844, in responding to a volunteer sentiment 
he twisted the "lion's tail" by offering the following: 

"The sovereign of Uncle Sam, for John Bull- 
Lead pills, followed with sulphur and nitre, 
If found to operate, will double the dose." 

He was secretary of the first male auxiliary to the New England Anti- 
Slavery Society, and the Reading society was the banner society of the 
organization, for many years. He gave $500 to the Reading public library; 
died August 23, 1883. 

The Worcester County Begistry of Probate, vol. ccccxv, p. 10, contains the 
will of Horace P. Wakefield, of Leicester. His widow, Mary B. Wakefield, 
and Austin Cristy, of Worcester, were appointed executors. Only child, 
Alice W. Emerson, is mentioned. ($50,000 disposed of.) The following is 
quoted from the memorial volume, of Reading, Mass., 1896: 

"He owned a large tract of land, north and east of Lake Quannapowitt, embracing 
portions of the present towns of Reading, Wakefield, and Lynfield. Near the foot of this 
beautiful sheet of water. Dr. Wakefield was born. As a lad he attended the public schools 
of his native town, but fitted for college, at Bradford Academy and Pinkerton Academy, 
Derry, N. H. * * * In early manhood he had the clear conviction, personal indepen- 
dence, and moral courage to be a member of the convention at Philadelphia, in Decem- 
ber, 1833, at which the American Anti-slavery Society was formed, and to place his name 
on that "Declaration of Sentiments" which proved to be the key note of the whole long 

Eighth Generation. 


contest with American slavery, and a prophetic warning and promise of its downfall. 
His name stands among the signers, next to that of John G. Whittier. In harmony with 
that early and fearless avowal of anti-slavery faith he later took position with the de- 
fenders of Woman's Righ ts, and was heartily in sympathy with the advocates of Woman's 
Suffrage, at the outset of that movement. He received his medical education at Dart- 
mouth college, where he took his degree in 1836. He entered at once on the practice of his 
profession, and from that time till his death, he was almost constantly in positions of 
public work, responsibility, and honor. From 1836 to 1844, he followed his profession with 
assiduity and success in Oakham, Worcester county, Mass., where he held the oftices of 
selectman and town clerk, and was elected to the legislature in 1843. In 1844, he returned 
to Reading, and served in that town as school committee man, town clerk, and justice of 
the peace for several years. He was elected to the State Senate in 1862. was president of 
the South Readinglnsurance Company, and also president of the South Reading, Reading, 
and Stonehani Gas Company. He was councilor of the Massachusetts Medical Society, 




president of the Middlesex East District Medical Society, and ex-officio. vice-president of 
the Massachusetts Medical Society, before which he delivered the annual address, in 1867, 
an honor vouchsafed only once in the life of an individual. In 1864, he was appointed by 
Governor Andrew, inspector of the State Almshouse at Tewksbury, and was resident 
physician in that institution from 1866 to 1868. He was appointed by Governor Bullock, 
Superintendent of the State Primary School, at Monson, Mass., in March, 1668. and occu- 
pied that position for nine years. Here he engaged quite extensively in farming, and 
was elected president of the East Hampden Agricultural Society, and a member of the 
State Board of Agriculture, from 1873 to 1882. While at Monson, he was president of the 
Palmer Savings Bank, and director of the Palmer First National Bank. The public 
claim on Dr. Wakefield was founded on rare abilit}- to serve the public, for he had marked 
elements of character. He was active and energetic. This was his nature. He was a 
man of untiring activity, and with so much of positive and progressive energy, that his 
presence was always recognized. His mental as his physical framework showed great 
natural strength. He had rare wisdom and foresight in planning work and remarkable 

94 Posterity op John Wakefield of Boston. 

persistency and zeal in carrying out any project whicli he undertoot. His positiveness 
of character, by which he lived up to his convictions, was more conducive to his useful- 
ness, than to his popularity. His plainness of speech was due rather to clear convictions, 
than to adverse feelings, for beneath a sometimes rough exterior, he carried a warm 
and generous heart. He never withheld his aid from any social, moral, or religious 
cause affecting the common welfare. In religious sentiment he was an (jrthodox Congre- 
gationalist. In April, 1879, he purchased the noted 'Stonewall Farm," in Leicester, Mass., 
and removed thither, where he remained till his death, which occurred August 23, 1883." 


449.— 1. Alice, born May 19, 1840; married September 30, 1863, to Rev. Rufus 


392. Nancy Temple" Wakefield (Calebs Timothy^, Thomas,^ Joseph,* 
John,^ John,^ Jolin^), daughter of Caleb and Matilda (Poole) Wakefield: 
born April 19, 1828; died January 6, 1871. She was educated at the town 
school and the female academy at Andover. She united with Old South 
Church at Reading at twenty, and was married July .31, 1855, to Rev. John 
Lawrence, who was the son of Hubbard and Mary (Goss) Lawrence, born at 
Wilton, Me., May 21, 1814. From that time her life was "full of duties and 
service for the honor of Christ, and the good of others in the world," in all 
which the greatest purity and excellence of character were displayed. She 
had a clear, single eye for observation of persons and things, discriminat- 
ing most carefully between appearances and reality, right and wrong, 
error and truth. Her hands were skilled in writing, painting, and needle- 
work, and her application and diligence in these was remarkable, while in 
domestic duties and the care of her family she had great enjoyment and 
success. * * * Having a mind enriched by culture, and stores of useful 
knowledge, marked also by originality and sound judgment, she was amply 
fitted for great usefulness in all the relations of society. Her heart was 
full of the purest, warmest affections, and she was happy in doing good." 
(From Reading, (Mass.,) Chronicle, February 18, 1871.) 

John Lawrence entered Phillips Academj , Andover, 1833; Dartmouth 
College, 3836, and Andover Theological Seminary, 1840. His course of study 
was interrupted by repeated failures of health. He was engaged in teach- 
ing seven years or more in Plymouth, N.H., Westfield and Springfield, 
Mass.; was ordained in 1848; installed in Carlisle, Middlesex county, Mass., 
May 5, 1853; returned to Salem, N.H., 1859, and labored three years. Died 
May 15, 1894. 


1. Mary Temple^ Lawrence, born June 8, 1856, in Carlisle. Mass.: married October 29, 1879, 

to Willis Wirt Fay: residence, Elyria. Lorain county, Ohio; previously resided in 
Painesville. Ohio. Reading. Mass.. and Wilton, Me. 

1. Floyd Wirt Fay. born July 12, 1880: died September 5, 1880. 

2. Ralph Brooks Fay. born November 1, 1881. 

2. John^ Lawrence, born February 8, 1858: died November 28, 1858, in Carlisle, Mass. 

3. Clarissa Doolittle= Lawrence, born October 14, 1859. in Salem, N.H. ; June, 1879, she 

graduated at Lake Erie Seminary, Painesville. Ohio: went as missionary to western 
Turkey December 20, 1879, where s"he has taught for sixteen j^ears (spending one year 
in America). She has taught there ever since, the greater part of the time in 
Smyrna, Turkey. 

4. John- Lawrence, born May 2", 1863; married. May 30, 1892. Lilla Lawrence; resides 

now in New York city, 

5. Ophelia Goss= Lawrence, born November 8. 1864, in Wilton, Me.; married August 26, 

1886. to Winslow Lamartine Fay. of Elyria, Lorain county, Ohio; a lawyer; born Sep- 
tember 12, 1849. Have live children living. 

1. Lamartine Brooks'' Fay. born March 9, 1887, at Elyria, Ohio. 

'. Lawrence Temple^ Fay. born March 9. 1887. at Elyria. Ohio. 

3. Rachel Charlotte' Fay, born February 23. 1890. at Elyria, Ohio. 

4. Florence' Fay, born January 10, 1893, at Elyria, Ohio. 

5. Clara Josephine' Fay. born April 7, 1896, at Elyria, Ohio. 

6. Annie Climena^ Lawrence, born July 2, 1866, in Wilton, Me.; graduated from Abbot 

Academy, Andover, Mass , June, 1884; taught several years, and married June 2, 1895, 
in Chicago, to Edward Everett Perley. lawyer, and now resides in that city. They 
had one son, Mark Perley; born July 24: died Julv 27. 1896. 

7. Caleb Wakefield^ Lawrence, born April 25. 1868, "in Wilton, Me.; sailed for Smyrna, 

Turkey. August 26. 1896. and is now engaged in teaching the boy's school in Smyrna, as 
his sister. Clarissa, is teaching in the girl's school, both being under the auspices of 
the American Board of Foreign Missions. 

8. Henry Zelotes= Lawrence, born March 28, 1870, in Reading, Mass.; graduated from 

Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., June, 1890; lives in Chicago. 

294. Rev. William" Wakefield, jr. (WilUcmi,'^ Timothy,''' Thomas,^' 
Joseph,* John,'^ John,- John^), son of William and Sarah (Parker) Wakefield; 

Eighth Generation. 95 

born at Reading, Mass., December 5, 1812; married, firstly, August 3, 1841, 
Mary Burus, daughter of Peter and Mary (Burns) Flint, of Nortli Reading, 
Mass., who died May 7, 1812, by whom he had a son who died in infancy; 
married, secondly, October 13, 1815, Clarissa Tolman, daughter of Stephen 
and Mary (Pierce) Tolman, of Dorchester, Mass., who was born December 
18, 1815; Stephen Tolman was a farmer and an enlisted soldierin war of 1812. 
William Wakefield, jr., graduated at Amherst College in 1839, and Andover 
Theological Seminary in 1815; taught one year at South Reading Academy 
and two years at Dorchester; was a Congregational minister, ordained June 
17, 1846, and received M. A. degree from Manella College; has resided at 
Reading, Mass.; McConnellsville, 1846-52, Madison, 1852-5, Harmer, 1855-72, 
Ohio; and LaHarpe, 1873-80, and Peoria, 111.; 1880-6, and afterward, without 
charge, at Sheffield, Mass. Was home missionary at McConnellsville six 
years, preached at Madison three years; removed to Harmer in 1855. He 
died of heart disease, October 24, 1887. 


450.— 1. Maky Louisa, born September 17, 1846; died June 20, 1875; married 

January 1, 1872, to Dr. S. O. Loughridse. 
451.— 2. LuciLiA Ann, born July 19, 1848; married November 23, 1875. to Rev. D. 

W. Dye. 
453.-3. Wir^LiAM, born June 12, 1851 ; died February 16, 1852, at McConnellsville, 

453.-4. Albert Tolman, born July 27, 1853; married October 30, 1882, Mellie 

L. Little, 
454.-5. Helen Parker, born January 9, 1857; unmarried; has been a school 



(1) Thomas Tolman, born in England, 1608; died June 8, 1690. (2) John Tolman, born 
1642; died June 1, 1724: married Elizabeth Holland: was selectman 1693-5. (3) John Tolman, 
born August 2, 1671 : died October 23, 1759 ; married Susannah Brecli. (4) John Tolman, born 
April 16, 1700: married Hannah Clapp. January 2. 1735. and died from bee's stings. May 29, 
1779. (5) John Tolman. born, April 13, 1738; married Hannah Hall, May 31, 1764: was 
selectman four years, representative six years, and died December 31, 1827. (6) Stephen 
Tolman. born January 4. 1777; married Mary Peirce, October 16, 1806: was captain in 1812, 
and died August 22. 1864. His daughter, Clarissa Tolman; married William Waketield, Jr. 

295. Frederick" Wakefield {William,'^ Timothy,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* 
John,^ John,^ John^), son of William and Sarah (Parker) Wakefield, born 
July 20, 1814, in Reading, Mass., and died there December 29, 1894. He was 
a shoemaker; married November 19, 1840, Elizabeth, daughter of Rufus 
and Elizabeth (Betsey Bancroft) Damon, who still lives at Reading. He 
was an industrious, active man, a pedestrian, an ardent Republican, a man 
of excellent parts, who had the respect and veneration of all. He was an 
original member of the Bethesda Congregational Church, April 17, 1849. 


455 — 1. Frederick Henry, born February 2S, 1842; died October 27, 1843. 

456.-2. Frederick Leroy. born April 1, 1845: died September 5, 1848. 

457.-3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Maria, born March 11.1848; married May 10, 1870, 
to Richmond Heselton. Their children are: (1) Ernest Bertrand, 
Heselton, born July 11, 1871. (2) Arthur Kimball Heselton. born April 5, 
1873; died October 18, 1878. (3) Ralph Frederick Heselton, born Novem- 
ber 3, 1884. (4) Carl Damon Heselton, born April 10, 1893. She graduated 
Reading High School, 1865. 

458.-4. William Parker, born June 11, 1853; married November 12, 1879, Alma 

459.-5. Ella Frances, born June 9, 1857; married October 13, 1887. to Andrew M. 
Hoffman. Children: d) Frederick Wakefield Hoffman, born Decem- 
ber 7, 1889. (2) John Yorke Hoffman, born May 21, 1891. (3) William 
Wheaton Hoffman, born Februray 2, 1893. Graduated Reading High 
School, 1873; resides in Reading. 

296. Angelina^ Wakefield {William,'' Timothy,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,'* 
John,^ John,"^ John,^) daughter of William and Sarah (Parker) Wakefield; 
born at Reading, Alass., March 28, 1816, and died at Minneapolis, Minn., 
.July 19, 1896; married Daniel Foss, of Stratham, N.H., in 1836. They resided 
in Reading in 1878, and then removed to Minneapolis, Minn. 

96 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 


1. Emily Jane= Foss. born : married June 5, 1859, to James S. Bartlett, of Plymouth, 

1. Elmer Howard^ Bartlett. born : married Maud Curtis, of Minneapolis, 

Minn. Mav 28, 1885, and has one child, Verner Howard Bartlett, born August 
8, 1889, at Spokane, Wash. 

2. Nellie MabeP Bartlett, born May 34. 1864. 

3. William TelP Bartlett, born ; died August 30, 1866. 

4. James Gilbert^" Bartlett. born . 

.5. Edward Winthrop' Bartlett, born ; died April 17. 1882. 

2. Edward Alonson^ Foss. born . Residence. Alpine. .San Diego county. Calif. 

3. Henry Martin= Foss. born ; married Bertha S. Leopold, of Bavaria, Germany, 

Julv 14, 1866, and has no descendants. 

4. Mary Angelina^ Foss, born ; married to Thomas Gilbert, of the Isle of Guernsey, 

August 17, 1868. 

1. Ernest Foss' Gilbert, born in Chicago, 111., July 23, 1869; married Anna E. Freeze, 
of Plymouth. Ind., August 17, 1893. 

1. Richard Thomas' Gilbert, born in Chicago, June 1, 1894. 

2. Nellie Mabel* Gilbert, born in Minneapolis, January 30, 1872. 
.5. Sarah Cornelia^ Foss. born ; died October 16. 18.59. 

6. Julia Maria* Foss, born ; died March 2, 1856. 

7. Robert Wallace* Foss, born ; died August 7, 1847. 

8. Franklin Warren* Foss. born ; died January 24. 1868. 

9. Eustace Handel* Foss, born ; married Emily Marian Hollands, of Millbank, 

S.Dak.. July 18, 1891. 

1. Esther May^ Foss, born October 1, 1892. 

2. Marian^ Foss, born May 1, 1894. 

299. Sarah Parker* Wakefield ( William,'' Timothy, '' Thomas,^ Joseph,* 
John^ John'^ John^), daughter of William and Sarah (Parker) Wakefield; 
born December 3, 1822, at Reading. Mass.; died February 13, 1880, at Oakland, 
Cal. Was sent to Iowa as a missionary teacher, and was greatly honored 
and respected. Married April 29, 1851, to Samuel Valentine Blakeslee, son 
of Ozi and Achsah (Taylor) Blakeslee, of Claridon, Ohio. The Blakeslee 
family came from Connecticut. He was a minister of the Congregational 
Church. Resided in Reading, Mass., San Francisco, Cal., and Oakland, Cal. 


1. Herbert Schuyler= Blakeslee, born in San Francisco, Cal., November 18, 1853; died Sep- 

tember 27. 1857, at Folsom, Cal. 

2. Helen Scott* Blakeslee. born April 20,18.56, in San Francisco, Cal.: was a school teacher: 

married September 14, 1876, to Charles Francis Whitton, son of Abel and Ann Board- 
man Whitton. Resides at Fruitvale. Alameda county, Cal. 

1. Herbert Blakeslee^ Whitton, born June 15, 1877: a stenographer. 

a. William Waketield^ Whitton born March 18, 1879. 

3. Helena Whitton born April 15, 18H1, at Berkeley, Cal. 

4. Richard Valentine-* Whitton, born September 1, 1883; died October 8, 1883, at 


5. Chas. AbeP Whitton, born November 11, 1885, at Oakland. Cal. 

6. Alice' Whitton. born December 24, 1887, at Oakland, Cal. 

7. Elizabeth-' Whitton, born Mav 8. 1890. at Oakland, Cal. 

3. Emily Waketield^ Blakeslee, born October 19, 1859, at Folsom, Cal. 

4. Annie Bancroft^ Blakeslee, born September 22, 1861; married Hooper. 

5. Alice Childs* Blakeslee, born September 22, 1861; died May 12, 1869, at Oakland, Cal. 

303. LuciLiA* Wakefield {William,'' Timothy,''^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* 
John,^ John,- /o/mjI), daughter of William and Sarah (Parker) Wakefield; 
born at Reading, Mass.. November 17, 1834: married August 1, 18(54, to John 
Calvin Learned, son of Calvin and Hannah Dunstcr (Barrett) Learned; born 
at Dublin, N.H., August 7, 1834, and died at St. Louis December 8, 1895. 
He was pastor of the Church of the Unity, in St. Louis for nearly twenty- 
five years. She graduated at Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, N.H., in 
1854, and returned to teach there in 1857. Previous to marriage resided at 
Cleveland, Ohio; Oakland, C^alif., and other places, and since marriage at 
Exeter and St. Louis. She now resides at St. Louis, Mo. 


1. Henry Barrett Learned, born March 21. 1868, graduated at Harvard College in 1890. 

2. Agnes Wakefield Learned, born July 10. 1869; graduated at Smith's College 1894. 

3. Harriet Palmer Learned, born September 17, 1873; graduated at Smiths College 


305. Mary Eaton" Wakefield {Thomas,'' Timothy,^ Thomas,^ Jose^oh,* 
John,^ John,^ Jolm^), daughter of Thomas and Nancy (Eaton) Wakefield; 

Eighth Generation. 97 

born November 13, 1816; married to John Knights, of Reading, November 
18, 1834. 


1. Knights, daughter; married Totten, of Reading. 

306 John Hancock" Wakefij^ld {Thomas Bridge^'' John^ Tlt07nas,^ 
Joseph,''^ JoliH,-^ John," John^), son of Thomas Bridge and Submit (Ross) 
Wakefield; born in Vermont, December 5, 1814; died in Boston, October 12, 
1860. He was a lawyer and resided in Boston: married November 12, 1840, 
at Reading, Vt., Minerva Merrill, who was born at Reading, Vt., in 1814, 
and died in Boston, October 6, 1892. He graduated at Dartmouth College, 
1838, and Rulgers, 1841. 


460.— 1. John Franklin, born May 9, 1853; married December 14, 1876, Laura A. 

307. Thomas Lafayette* Wakefield (Thomas Bridge,'' John,'^ 
Thomas," Joseph,* John, ^ John,- Jolin^), son of Thomas Bridge and Submit 
(Ross) Wakefield; born at Londonderry, Vt., June 15, 1817; died at Dedham, 
Mass., June 21, 1888. He married, firstly, Jane Perry, who was born May 
22, 1820; died March 25, 1853, and was daughter of Dr. William Perry, of 
Newfane, Vt.; married, secondly, November 8, 1855, Frances Anna Lathrop 
who was born October 17, 1S29; daughter of John Peirce Lathrop; (born 
April 8, 17!)6, and died December 2!), 1843), and Maria Margaretta Long; 
(born 1802; died 1876.) John P. Lathrop was chaplain in the navy. Thomas 
Wakefield graduated at Dartmouth College, 1843, and was a lawyer, having 
an office at 82 Devonshire street, Boston. 


461.— 1. GERTRUDE JANE, bom Ma_v 16, 1847: died October 13, 1849. 

468 — -Z. Thomas Heber, born Augustus, 18.'i(): married September 16, 1875, Amelia 

B. Comant; died November 9, 1896. 
463 — 3. Jane Maria, born March 35, 1853; married to Clifton Prentiss Baker; 

resides in Dedham, Mass. 


464 — 4. John Lathrop, born July 3, 1859, graduated Harvard University 1880 
degree A. B. ; now a lawyer in Boston. Unmarried. Member of law 
firm of Rand, Vinton & Wakefield. 

465.-5. Frank Mortimer, born July 19, 1863; married January 16, 1895, Eliza- 
beth A. Hooper. 

466 — 6. Julius Ross, born April 27, 1866; clerk; resides Dedham, Mass. 

467.-7. Anna Margaretta, born June 15, 1870: teacher; resides in Dedham, 

lathrop pedigree. 

I. John Lowthrope, assessed in 1.545 (;^7th Henrv VIII). Lowthrope and Cherry Bur- 

ton, Yorkshire, England. He had: 
3. Robert Lowthrope. died 15,58. He had: 

3. Thomas Lowthrope, died 1606, He had: 

4. John Lothropp,born 1584: died 1653: graduated Queen's College, Cambridge. Came 

by ship 'Grittin" September 18, 1634, toScituate, Massachusetts, and was later at 
Barnstable. Mass. He had: 

5. Samuel Lothropi). born in England: died 1700. He had : 

6. Israel, born 1659: died 1733: married Rebecca Bliss. He had: 

7. William Lothropp. born 1688: died 1778: married 1713, Sarah Huntington. He had: 

8. John Lothropp, born 1739; died after 1780: married Elizabeth (Checkley) Sayer. 

He had: 

9. John Lathrop, born 1773; died about 1830. Graduated Harvard 1789; married Ann 
Peirce. He had: 

10. John Lathrop. born 1796: died 1843: married Maria M. Long. He had: 

II. Frances Anna Lathrop: married Thomas Lafayette Wakefield. 

311. Rev, Albert Joel" Wakefield (EJhanen Winchester,'^ Peter, ^ 
Thomas,^ Joseph,* John, ^ John,^ John^), son of Elhanen Winchester and Can- 
dace (Gillett) Wakefield; born August 31, 1828, at Windsor, Lawrence county, 
Ohio; died June 14, 1896, at Mankato,Minn. He attended Burlington Academy 
at Burlington, Ohio, and taught several terms of school; married May 29, 
1851, Hester Skelton. Her parents were both born in Ohio. Her grandfather 
Skelton was born in Virginia, of English parentage. Her grandfather Clark 

98 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 







471 — 1. 








of Irish parentage. Resided at Windsor, Lawrence county, Ohio, Burling- 
ton, Ohio, LeSeur county, Minn. 

Albert Joel Wakefield served in the Civil war, enlisted under Capt. 
Charles Rice. Was engaged at Fort Morgan, Spanish Fort, and battle of 
Blakely. Was discharged August 16, 1865, and received a pension until his 
death. Enlisted March 13, 1864. His widow died February 14, 1897. He 
was a Methodist minister, and in his declining years a traveling salesman. 


Albert Lucian, 'borii March 4, 1857, at Mankato, Minn. Secretary- 
Lake Tetouka Park Company. "With the Andrews Opera Company. 

Susan, born November 2, 18.59; died at Redwood Falls, in 1895; married 
to J. R. Lankard. 

Jessie Fremont, born November 29, 1861, at Spokane, Wash.; married 
to C. J. Whealy. 

LuELLA Candice, born Winona, Minn., February 18, 1863; married to 
David Fisher. 

Benjamin Franklin, born May 26, 1866, at Spokane, Wash. ; contractor. 

Elhanen Winchester, born December 12, 1868, at Elmore, Minn.; 
grain dealer. 

John Wesley, born January 23, 1871, at Lime Creek, Minn.; grain 

Mary Marinda, born September 9, 1873, at Mankato, Minn. 

Charles Spencer, born July 28, 1876, at Mankato, Minn.; student of 
law, now with the Andrews Opera Company. 

314. Rev. John Wesley" Wakefield (Elhanen Winchester,'' Peter,^ 
Thomas,^ Jomph,* John," John,'-^ John^), son of Elhanen Winchester and Can- 
dace (Gillett) Wakefield; born at Windsor, Ohio, November 27, 1832; mar- 
ried August 10, 1859, Maria Riggs Valette, daughter of David and Maria 
(Riggs) Valette. David Valette born in Schenectady, N.Y., and Maria 
Riggs at same place. Rev. Wakefield resides at Stockton, N. Y.; was 
elected county recorder at the age of twenty-two, in the city of fronton, 
after which he was admitted to the Ohio conference of the Methodist 
Episcopal church, and remained in connection with the same, filling various 
places, for twenty-five years. In 1888 he took the appointment of captain 
of the Sailor's Bethel, at Erie, Penn.; served there five years, and since 
then has had regular work in the Erie conference, and in 1886 was pastor 
of the Methodist Episcopal church at Stockton, N.Y. Maria Riggs Wake- 
field died January 24, 1889, and Rev. J. W. Wakefield was again married 
April 22, 1890, to Mrs. Anna Welch, daughter of Maj. Chauncey Graham 
and Margaret (McConkey) Howell. Maj. Howell was a son of Benjamin 
Howell, was born in Goshen, N. Y., in 1803, and served in the navy three 
years, in the late war, on board the steamship, "Unadilla." Margaret Mc- 
Conkey was born in Baltimore, Md., in 1809. 


477.— 1. Martha Candace, born June 22. 1860; resides Erie, Penn. 

478 — 2. Charles Lewis, born January 16. 1862. 

479.-3. Kezia Davis, born December"l8. 1864. 

480 — 4. Bertha Centenary, born May 30. 1866: resides Erie, Penn. 

481.— 5. WiLBER Wirt, born December 16, 1869; salesman; resides Erie, Penn. 

316. Rev. Elhanen Winchester" Wakefield (Elhanen Winchester,'' 
Peter,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,*, John,^ John,^ John^), son of Elhanen Winchester 
and Candace (Gillett) Wakefield; born July 2, 1834. He went to Kansas in 
1856, and from there to California. He enlisted as a soldier in the late 
war, serving in the 2nd Massachusetts regiment, and was badly wounded in 
the battle of Fisher's Hill, losing the use of one arm. Afterwards he had 
a grocery store in Washington, D. C. He was married in Washington. Is 
a minister, and has done a great deal of evangelistic work in prisons and 
other places in Washington and elsewhere. In 1896 he was at Annandale, 
Fairfax county, Va. 

319. Rev. Columbus Gillett* Wakefield (Elhanen Winchester,'^ Peter,^ 
Thomas,' Joseph,* John,^ John,^ John^) son of Elhanen Winchester and 
Candace (Gillett) Wakefield; born October 11, 1843; attended Ohio Uni- 
versity at Athens; taught school in Lawrence county, Ohio, and then be- 
came manager at ^Jiltna iron furnace, in said county, where he was married. 

Eighth Generation. 99 

He served three years in the late war as private in company G, 4th Regi- 
ment, Ohio cavalr3^ He was licensed to preach in the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, and died at Ironton, Ohio, October 31, 1876. 


483.— 1. WiLLARD Warwick, born : residence at Joplin, Mo. 

483.-2. Ora ALiICE, born ; residence at Mankato, Minn. 

320. Rev. Thomas Gardner* Wakefield (George Washington,'' Peter, ^ 
Thomas^," Joseph ,* John^'^ Jolin,^ Jolin^), son of George Washington and Emily 
(Gillett) Wakefield; born at Windsor townshiji, Lawrence county, Ohio, 
September 5, 1840; married, firstly, October IS, 1870, Helen M., daughter of 
Robert and Margaret Sanderson. She died, 'and he married, secondly, .June 
5, 1877. Amanda S., daughter of William and Mary Brown. He graduated 
at the Ohio University, at Athens, Ohio, in June 1868, in the classical 
course, and was awarded the degree of A. M. He served in the civil war, 
enlisting in the 4th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, Company G, September 20, 1861, 
at Ironton, Ohio. He was a sergeant, serving for three years, and partici- 
pated at battles of Stone River. Chickamauga, Kennesaw Mountain, Brady- 
ville, Tenn.. and many others. He was discharged October 30, 1864. He is 
now a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is stationed atRose- 
ville, Ohio. 


484 — 1. Thomas Gardner .ir.. born June 14, 1873; died July 33, 1873. 
485 — 3. Margery E., born September 20, 1874; senior in Ohio Western Uni- 
versity, Delaware, Ohio. 

children by second marriage. 
486.-3. George William, born March 13, 1878. 
487.-4. Mary C., born September 36, 1879. 
488.-5. Amande a., 1)orn January 31, 1881. 
489 — 6. Grace B., born April 3(5, 188.5; died August 6, 1889. 
490 — 7. Helen M., born April 13, 1889. 

321. George Washington," jr., Wakefield (George Washington, sr.,'' 
Peter,*^ Thomas,^ Josejjh,* John,^ John,^ John^), son of George Washington and 
Emily (Gillett) Wakefield, was born in Lawrence county, Ohio, July 20, 
1842. He served his country during the Civil war, enlisting, firstly, July 12, 
1861, at Guiandotte, W. Va., in the Independent Artillery Company of 
Ironton, Ohio, for three months. He served under Capt. William R. Wil- 
liams as a private, and was discharged at Columbus, Ohio, on the 18th of the 
following November. He enlisted, secondly, December 10, 1861, at JetTer- 
sonville, Ind., in Company G, of the Fourth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, for 
three years. He served under Col. John Kennett and Capt. Edward Rogers, 
participating in the battles of Stone River and Chickamauga, and a num- 
ber of other lesser fights and skirmishes. He enlisted as a private, but 
was promoted to corporal and was discharged as such December 31, 1864, at 
Nashville, Tenn. He now draws a pension under law of June 30, 1890, on 
account of loss of right arm. He completed his education at the Ohio 
State University at Athens, Ohio, and also graduated in March, 1865, from 
Gundrius Commercial College, at Cincinnati, Ohio. 

George W. Wakefield, jr., has spent his career in Ohio, Louisiana, 
Montana, Texas, and Arizona, having been engaged principally in farming 
and stock raising. While a resident of Gallatin county, Mont., he was 
elected to the position of supervisor. He is now a resident of Old Albu- 
querque, N. Mex., where he is engaged in gardening and fruit culture. 
While a resident of the latter place he has served his vicinity as county 
commissioner, 1873-1876, and was chosen a member of the board of super- 
visors, in July, 1888. He married, firstly, at Corrine, Utah, September 13, 

1870. Chloe Wakefield, daughter of Elhanen Winchester, and Candace 
(Gillett) Wakefield, of Lawrence county, Ohio. She died March 31, 

1871. He married, secondly, January 7, 1875, Adela Davis, daughter of 
Joseph H. and Emily A. (Burnett) Street, and granddaughter of Joseph M. 
and Eliza M. (Posey) Street, of Virginia. 

children by second marriage. 
491.-1. Candace Mabel, born October 15, 1875. in Gallatin county, Mont. 
493 — 3. Emily Ida. born July 4. 1877. in Gallitan county. Mont. 
493.-3. Minnie Adela, born April 11, 1880. in Jack county, Tex. 
494.-4. Georgie May, born October 1, 1886, in Apache county, Ariz 

100 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

325. AliWiLDA HORTENSE" WAKEFIELD (Oeovge Washington,'' Peter, '^ 
Thomas," Joseph,* John,^ John,^ John'^), daughter of George Washington and 
Ellen (Welch) Wakefield; born August 1, 1857, at Cameron, La. Present 
residence, Cameron Parish, La. Lived at Dallas, Tex., Kaufman, Tex., and 
Lake Charles, La. Attended four years at Whitworth College, Brookhaven, 
Miss. Took degree of M.E.L. at that college. Married May 20, 1883, at Dal- 
las, Tex., to James Monroe Davis, who was born July 18, 1852, in Chambers 
county, Ala. He is a son of William and Elizabeth Davis, of Chambers 
county, Ala. 


1. Mary Myrtle Davis, born March 13, 1884, at Cameron, La. 

3. Candace Ellen Davis, born October 24. 1886. at Kaufman. Tex. 

3. Julius Monroe DavLs. born February 19, 1889. at Dalla.s. Tex. 

4. Jo.seph Benjamin Davis, born February 24, 1892, at Cameron, La. 

5. James Austin Davi.s, born December 24, 1894, at Lake Charles, La. 

327. James Austin" Wakefield {George Washington," Peter,'^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,^ John'^), son of George Washington and Ellen (Welch) 
Wakefield: born .January 14, 1861, at Cameron, La. Is sheriff and tax collec- 
tor. Previously resided at Lebanon, Ohio. He attended college one year at 
Delaware, Ohio, and attended five years at N.N. University, Lebanon, Ohio. 
Took two degrees in that college; he graduated in the scientific course, and 
afterwards in the classic course. Since then he has had charge of the 
farm at the old homestead, till lately he was elected sheriff of the parish. 

328. (Dr.) Mahal a K.» Wakefield (George Washington,'^ Peter, '^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,^ John^), daughter of George Washington and Ellen 
(Welch) Wakefield: born in Cameron parish, La., January 4, 1863; lived there 
till age of fourteen; went to Whiteworth College, Brookhaven, Miss., one 
year; then attended Coruval Institute, at San Marcos, Tex.; then went to Ohio 
Wesleyan University at Delaware, Ohio, in 1881: attended National Normal 
University at Lebanon, Ohio; studied music two years in Dana's Musical 
Institute, also drawing, phonography, and typewriting, but did not gradu- 
ate on account of failing health. Married to Rev. Mr. Williamson. August 
16, 1886, on Lancaster, Ohio, camp ground; marriage ceremony by her 
brother. Rev. T. G. Wakefield, of the Ohio conference. Lived in Fairfield 
county, at Rodney and Sugar Grove Circuit and Gloucester Circuit, and 
Hancock county, Ohio. Removed to near Lake Charles, La., and engaged 
in rice business, raising three crops, neither of which paid expenses. Ttien 
"vvent to medical college in Dunison, Tex., graduating in 1894, and has since 
practiced medicine at Beaumont, Tex., where she now (September, 1896,) 
resides. She had arranged to attend the Hahnemann Medical College at 
Chicago, commencing in October, 1896. 

329. Martha Augusta^ Wakefield {George Washington,^ Peter,^ 
Thomas," Joseph*, John,^ John,'' John'*), daughter of George Washington and 
Ellen (Welch) Wakefield; born November 26, 1864, at Cameron, La. She is a 
school teacher. Previously resided at Dallas, Tex., Kaufman, Tex., East 
Liverpool, Ohio, and Lake Charles, La. Present residence, Cameron, La. 
Attended college about three years at N. N. Universty, at Lebanon, Ohio. 
Left school without graduating on account of health failing. Afterwards 
attended two years at Lake Charles College, Lake Charles, La. She has 
taught in the public schools of Texas and Louisiana for a number of years. 

330. Nellie Dorcas* Wakefield (Greorge Washington,'' Peter,^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,'- John^), daughter of George Washington and Ellen 
(Welch) Wakefield; born October 29, 1866, at Cameron, La. She attended 
college three years at the N. N. University, Lebanon, Ohio. Returned south 
and taught school till she was married, September 5, 1889, at Lake Charles, 
La., to .John Sells, who was born January 22, 1869, at Cameron parish, La. 
He was son of Peter and Olivia Sells. 


1. John Albert Sells, born June 10. 1891, at Cameron, La. 

2. Lydia Henrietta Sells, born January 4, 1894, at Cameron, La, 

3. James Austin Sells, born August 20, 1895, at Cameron, La. 

Ninth Generation. 101 

331. Lydia Sarepta» Wakefield {George Washington,'' Peter,^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,^ John,^ John,- Jolin^), daughter of George Washington and Ellen 
(Welch) Wakefield; born December 8, 18G8, at Cameron, La.; residence at 
.Johnson's Bayou, Cameron parish, La. Attended college three years at N. N. 
University, Lebanon, Ohio; came back to Louisiana and taught school some 
years till her marriage, January 22, 1891, at Johnson's Bayou, La., to 
Joseph Belene Erbelding, who was born September 9, 1866. He was son of 
Frederick and Silana Erbelding. 


1. Joseph Belene Erbelding, born August 37, 1893, at Johnson's Bayou, La. 

2. George Frederick Thomas Erbelding. born July l.^. 1896. at Johnson's Bayou, La. 

334. Kate L. "^ Wakefield (Benjamin Austin,'' Peter, ^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* 
John,^ John,^ John^), daughter of Benjamin A. and Parthena (Judd) Wake- 
field; born at Bartramville, Ohio, September 17, 1845; married August 17, 
1869, to Augustus T. Ward; resides Washington county, Ohio. 


1. Charles Augustus Ward, born July 27, 1870, at Marietta, O. ; he is an editor and re- 

sides at West Superior, Wis. 

2. Willia Wakefield Ward, born at Marietta, Ohio, March 2.5, 1873: is a music 


33t>. Harmon Walter" Wakefield (Walter,'' HezeMah,^ Patashall,^ 
Samuel,* John,^ John,'^ John^), son of Walter and Deusy (Clemens) Wakefield; 
born November 22, 1834; married Ellen Bradley, -June 2, 1864; resides in Mt. 
Caramel, Conn. 


495.— 1. Mart Jane, born November 27, 1867; married to Eli Collins Ives, of 
Meriden, Conn., September 5, 1890. resides in New Haven Conn. 

343. James G.^ Wakefield (Nathan Buthven^'^ Nathan Bass,^ Pata- 
shalh^ Samuel,* John,^ John,''^ John^), son of Nathan Ruthven, and Mary 
(White) Wakefield, born March 18, 1865; married Lillian Blaine, of Chicago, 
111., .January 4, 1887; resides at Austin, 111. He is confidential man at 
National Bank of America, at Chicago, 111. 


496 1. Anita, born January 6. 1889. 


369. Thomas^ Wakefield (James Patterson,^ James,J Thomas,^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,^ John^), son of James Patterson and Hannah B. (Hall) 
Wakefield; born May IS, 1831. 


497 — 1. Julia, born ; married , Mickeljohn; resides at 

Fondulac, Wis. 

370. Cyrus'> Wakefield (James Patterson,^ James,'' Thomas,^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,'- John^), son of James Patterson and Hannah B. (Hall) 
Wakefield; born October 20, 1833, in Sangerfield, N. Y. He died January 25, 
1888, and was universally lamented. 

"While he was quite young his parents removed, with their family, to Wisconsin, 
and there young Cyrus received a good, common school education, and as he grew older 
helped his father on the farm and taught a district school several winter terms. After 
obtaining his majority, in 18.5.T. Mr. Wakefield came to Boston and entered the employ- 
ment of his uncle, Cyrus Wakefield, whose wonderful rattan business was then beginning 
to assume extensive proportions. Here were afforded opportunities to master the prac- 
tical details of mercantile life, and ample scope for the growth and development of a 
mind peculiarly adapted to the comprehension and management of important enter- 
prises in the business world. In 1865, Mr. Wakefield went to Singapore, India, charged 
with large responsibility as the representative of his uncle in the East. Returning in 


Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

18T0, he married Miss Anna B. Pierce, of Newburyport, Mass.. and went again to Singa- 
pore, India, remaining there until the sudden death of his uncle, in 1873, recalled him to 
America, to assume a leading position in the management of the Wakefield Rattan Com- 
pany. He established his residence in Wakefield, and on the death of Mrs. Cyrus Wake- 
field, sr., in 1878. he occupied the elegant mansion house erected by his uncle, and resided 
there until his death. Mr. Wakefield was a good and true citizen of the town of his adop- 
tion, and during the quarter century of his residence therein became more and more 
identified with her institutions, and interested in her progress. As president and as 
treasurer of the Wakefield Rattan Company, he displayed signal wisdom in guiding and 
guarding its affairs, and won the esteem and confidence of his employees. He was presi- 
dent of the Citizen's Gaslight Company, and active trustee of the Wakefield Savings 
Bank, and chairman of the investment committee. He was president of the Wakefield 
Lecture Association, and long a trustee of the Beebe Town Library, and always a gener- 
ous friend of education for the people. He was president of the Wakefield Board of 


Trade, a member of Crystal Lodge, A.O.U.W., and prominent in the Masonic fraternity. 
He was a director in the China Marine Insurance Company and the Boston Marine Insur- 
ance Company, a director of the Boston National Bank, arid connected with several other 
financial and manufacturing institutions. In addition to his duties as treasurer of the 
Wakefield Rattan Company he carried on an extensive trade in sugar, hemp. gum. and 
other East India products, under the firm name of Cyrus Wakefield & Co., with houses in 
New York and Boston. 

"When the subject of a supply of pure water from Crystal Lake was being agitated 
and the town had declined to act. Mr. Wakefield, as president and the largest stockholder 
of the Wakefield Water Company, assumed the financial responsibility of carrying for- 
ward the enterprise to a successful issue. The death of Cyrus Wakefield, sr.. occurred at a 
time of great financial depression in the mercantile world, and was regarded as a stun- 
ning blow to the business prosperity and development of the town, but the coming of 
another Cyrus Wakefield of honorable character and active public spirit, to take the 
place of his uncle as a liberal citizen and manager of the great rattan corporation, did 
much to restore confidence in the community, and make the return to better times more 

Ninth Generation. 


easy. Mr. Wakefield was a large-hearted man, not of man}' words, nor fond of display, 
but ready and ^lad to dispense from his ample fortune, with open-handed hospitality and 
a wise generosity. His public spirit and deeds of humanity in the town that bore his 
family name were truly appreciated by his fellow citizens. He had an active, intelligent 
interest in public affairs, whether concerning town, state, or nation, and was generally 
present and voting at the local town meetings, but his deep affections were centered in 







his home and children. He was a republican in politics, though he never sought political 
oface, and was an attendant at the Episcopal Church.''— From Memorial Volume of Ancient 
Beading, 1896. 


498 — 1. Cyrus, born October 26. 1871. 

499.-2. George Lincoln, born January 21. 1873. 

500.— 3. Annie Ruby, born January 12, 1876. 

501.— 4. Jasper, born June 29. 1878; died June 11, 1883. 

104 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

372. George Mix-' Wakefield {James Patterson,^ James,'' Thomas,^ 
Thomas,^ Joseph,''^ John,^ John,^ Jolin^), son of James Patterson and Hannah 
B. (Hall) Wakefield; born February 6, 1839, at Henderson, Jefferson county, 
N. Y. His parents moved from New York state to Wisconsin in October, 
1844, and located first in Waukesha county. He has lived in Winnebago 
county, and now resides at Milwaukee, Wis. He married January 27, 1862, 
Eleanor F. Vedder. He is a miller, lumberman, and landed proprietor. 


508.— 1. Vernon Townsend, born April 6, 1863; married September 9, 1886, Anna 
D. Harshaw. 

503.— 2. James Patterson, born August 18. 1864; married December 31, 1884, Jen- 
nie Maud Roberts, at O.shliosh. Wis.; resides Sherman, Tex. 

504.— 3. Arthur Albert, born April -l, 1866: married April 30, 1891. Gertrude Rus- 
sell, at Oshkosh. Wis., where the}^ now reside. 

505.-4. Cyrus Hemenway. born February 27. 1868; married January 3. 1889, Ger- 
trude Parker, at Cleveland, Ohio; resides Ripon, Wis. 

506.— 5. Eliza May. born May 17. 1870: died April 21. 1882. 

507 6. George Mix. jr.. born April 2. 1872; resides Waupun. Wis. 

508.— 7. Grace, born May 6, 1874; married December 12, 1894, to Catesby W. 
Taylor, at Milwaukee. Wis. ; resides Sherman. Tex. 

.509 8. Luella. born January 27. 1879; resides, Milwaukee, Wis. 

51 0.— 9. Thomas, born November 21. 1880; resides Milwaukee, Wis. 

379. George W.* Wakefield {Otis O.," Feter,'^ Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Jo- 
seph^* John,^ Jokn,^ John^), son of Otis O. and Maria (Cumming-s) Wakefield; 
born November 23, 1838; married October 28, 1861, at Ottawa, 111., Olive A. 
Leach; died February 14, 1873. 


511.— 1. Nellie, born . 

513'— 2. Laura, born . 

388. Hon. George Washington" Wakefield (Ocm," Joseph,'^ Joseph,'^ 
llwmas,^ Joseph,* John,^ John,^ Jolui^), son of Orin and Hannah (McCord) 
Wakefield; born on a pioneer farm near Marion, (now DeWitt), in DeWitt 
county, 111., November 22, 1839, where he lived until 1868, working" upon the 
farm and going to school, until he became of age, attending Lombard Uni- 
versity at Galesburg, 111., between September, 1857, and June, 1861, in all 
about two years. He enlisted July 27, 1861, as a private in Company F, 
Forty-first Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered into 
the service of the United States as corporal, August 7, 1861; was there- 
after promoted to sergeant and first sergeant, and was honorably dis- 
charged by reason of the expiration of his term of service, August 20, 
1864. He participated in the battle of Shiloh, the siege of Vicksburg, and 
other engagements and sieges. He was wounded July 12, 1863, before Jack- 
son, Miss., in the charge of Lauraan's brigade. After discharge from the 
service he again attended Lombard University one year and commenced 
the study of law, which he prosecuted upon the farm, where he was born, 
under the direction of Hon. Henry S. Greene, then of Clinton, 111. He was 
admitted to the bar in Illinois in January, 1868. In the meantime he taught 
several terms of school. March 6, 1868, he settled at Sioux City, Iowa, and 
commenced the practice of his profession, and there he has ever since re- 
sided. He was elected auditor of Woodbury county, Iowa, in 1869 and 
again in 1871. He has been notary public. United States commissioner, and 
master in chancery in United States court. He was elected circuit judge 
in 1884, district judge in 1886, re-elected district judge in 1890, and 
again in 1894, his district comprising nine counties in northwestern Iowa 
and now having four district judges. He is a Republican in j^olitics and 
an independent in religion. In 1887 Lombard University conferred upon 
him the honorary degree of master of arts. He married at Sioux City, 
Iowa, October 29, 1873, Kate (Catherine), daughter of Peleg and Lucy Ann 
(Babcock) Pendleton. She was born .Tuly 1, 1843, near Norwich, Chenango 
county, N. Y., and died December 24, 1880. 


513.-1. Albert Orin, born at Sioux Citj', May 16, 1875; graduated at the head 
of his class and was valedictorian in the classical course in the Sioux 
City high school, and thereafter graduated at Lombard University 
with highest honors, receiving the degree of A.B. in the class of 1895. 
He is now a student in the law department of the State University at 
Iowa City, Iowa. 

Ninth Generation. 105 

514.-3. Hiram Pendleton, born at Sioux City, July 4, 1877, died September 20, 

515.— 3. Bertha, born at Sioux City, March 37. 1879, graduated at the Sioux City 
High School in May, 1897, valedictorian of her class. She ranked the 
highest of the classical course. 


"Brian' Pendleton, born in England, 1.599, and died at Portsmouth, N. H., in 1680or '81; 

married Eleanor ; resided at Watertown and .Sudbury, Mass.. Portsmouth, N.H., 

and Saco. Maine. He was a very noted man. 

James^ Pendleton, born about 1638; died at Westerly. K. I., November 29, 1709; re- 
sided at Watertown, Mass., Sudbury, Mass., Portsmouth, N. H.. Stonington, Conn., and 
Westerly, R. I. He was a captain in the militia in Portsmouth, N. H., in 16(34: he served in 
King Phillip's war in Rhode Island and Connecticut, in 1676: became to Stonington, Conn., 

in 1674. and to Westerly, R. I., in 1679. He was married prior to 16.50 to Mary : 

married, secondly. Aprfl 29, 16,56, Hannah, who was born, November 38, 1639, daughter of 
Edmund and Ann Goodenow, formerly of Dunhead. in Wiltshire, England. Edmund 
Goodenow came from Southampton in the good ship ■•Confidence'' in 1638, and was one of 
the original proprietors of Sudbury, Mass. 

Joseph^ Pendleton, born at Sudbury Mass., December, 29. 1661, and died at Westerly, 
R. I.. September 18. 1706. He resided at Sudbury, Mass.. and Westerly, R. I. He was town 
clerk when he died. He was married July 8, 1696, to Deborah Miner who died September 
8,1697; married, secondly, December 11, 1700, Patience Potts, daughter of William and 
Rebecca (Avery) Potts. 

William" Pendleton, born at Westerly, R.I.. March 23, 1704; resided at Westerly, and 
died there August 23. 1786. He was colonel of Kings county (now Washington county) 

R. I, regiment, in 17.57. He married, firstly, . and had nine children: married, 

secondly, April 25, 1751, Mary McDowell, who was then widow of Zebulon Chesebro. Mary 
McDowell was daughter of" John and Lucia (Stanton) McDowell and granddaughter of 
Fergus McDowell, all of Stonington, Conn. 

Nathan'^ Pendleton, born at Westerly, R.I., April 2, 17.54; resided at Stonington, 
Conn., and Norwich. N.Y., and died at Norwich, January 26, 1841. It appears from the 
Rhode Island Colonial Records, vol. ix. pages 143 and 405, that Nathan Pendleton was ensign 
in Capt. Oliver Lewis's compan3' in the Revolutionary war. Tradition states that he 
was a captain in the war. as does the published notice of his death. His grandson, 
Hadlei, says he was captain of an artillery company in the Revolution. He was a sea 
captain, and followed the sea considerably in early life. He was married January 23, 
1775, to Amelia Babcock. who was born in Westerly, R.I.. November 4, 1756. She was 
daughter of Col. James Babcock, jr.. who was born in Westerly. R.I.. November 1. 1734. 
and married, December 3. 1754. Sarah Stanton, the daughter born 1719 to Joseph Stanton, 
jr., and Esther (Gallup) Stanton. Col. James Babcock. jr., was the son of James and 
Content (Maxon) Babcock. grandson of John and Mary (La\vton) Babcock. and great- 
grandson of James Babcock.'sr., and wife Sarah. James Babcock. sr.. was the immigrant 
ancestor, and it is supposed he was born in Great Bentley, Essex county. Eng.. in the 
year 1613. He died in Westerly, R.I.. June 13. 1679. James Babcock, jr.. father of Amelia 
(Babcock) Pendleton, served in the Revidutionary war. He became major of militia in 
1766. When the Army of Observation was raised in 1775, he was given the position of 
lieutenant -colonel in James Mitchell Varnum's regiment. These troops were tbe first 
raised by the colony in the War of the Revolution, and served near Cambridge. Mass. In 
1777 he represented Westerly in the general assemblj^. and was appointed to advance the 
moneys given as bounties to recruits. He was graduated from Yale in 1752. and served 
his state. (Rhode Island), in various positions of trust. He died September, 1781, and his 
son Simon and his son-in-law Nathan Pendleton were executors of his will. 

Peleg" Pendleton, born at Stonington, Conn.. March 20. 1798: resided at Stonington, 
Conn., and Norwich, N. Y , and died at Norwich, N. Y., January 18, 1866. He was a farmer 
and resided on Chenango River, below Norwich. He married September 19, 1824. Lucy 
Ann Babcock at Groton. Conn., by Rev. John G. Wightman. Lucy Ann Babcock was born 
at Groton, Conn., November 3, 1803; died October 35, 1886: was the daughter of Stanton P. 
and Lucy (Cray) Babcock. who were married August 30, 1801. Stanton P. Babcock was 
son of John Prentice Babcock. who was born October 14, 1750, and was barbarously mur- 
dered at Groton Fort, September 7, 1781. by the British. He married. March 15, 1778, Ann 
Gavitt, who was born December 39, 1761. and was daughter of William and Ann (Gavitt) 
Gavitt. William Gavitt was born November 11, 1737, and was son of Ezekiel and Amey 
(Babcock) Gavitt. who were married August 9. 1733. Ezekiel Gavitt was son of Phillip 
Gavitt, Salem, who was the immigrant ancestor. Amey (Babcock) Gavitt was born 
February 8, 1713, and was the daughter of Capt. John Babcock and Mary (Champlin) Bab- 
cock, his cousin. Capt. John Babcock was son of John and Mary (Lawton) Babcock, and 
grandson of James and Sarah Babcock. Mary (Champlin) Babcock was daughter of 
William Champlin and Mary (Bal)cock) Champlin, and granddaughter of James and 
Sarah Babc(jck. The parents of John Prentice Babcock were Isaac Babcock: born April 
34, 1734, late of Westerly. R. I., and Mary Werden.of Stonington, Conn., who were married 
April 17. 1716. Isaac Babcock was the son of Daniel Babcock, who was born in Westerly, 

R. I., April 33, 1()99, and married Abigail . Daniel Babcock was the son of Capt. 

James Babcock by his first wife. Elizabeth . and, therefore, a half brother to 

Col. James Babcock. jr., whose daughter, Amelia, married Nathan Pendleton. Daniel's 
grandparents were John and Mary (Lawton) Babcock and his great grandparents, 
James and Sarah Babcock, who were the immigrant ancestors.'' 

389. Hon. Melancthon^ Wakefield {Orin,^ Joseph,'' Joseph,^ Thomas,'^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,^ John^), son of Orin anci Hannah (McCord) Wakefield; 
born at DeWitt, 111., February 27, 18i2; married Aug-ust 1, 1882, Ellen 
Neighbor, of Chicago, 111., a graduate of the Chicago Normal School, and 
had taught eight years in the Chicago schools, prior to her marriage. He 


Posterity op John Wakefield of Boston. 

resided in DeWitt county, III., until reaching- majority. He graduated from 
the Illinois State Normal University in June, 1865, taught school the next 
two years, then studied law with Tipton, Benjamin & Howell, of Blooming- 
ton, 111., and was admitted to the bar in February, 1869. He went to Sioux 
City, Iowa., in 1870, and from thence to Cherokee, Iowa, in September, 1871, 
where he has ever since resided and practiced his profession, teaching two 
terms of school in 1872-3. He has served his city as its mayor seven years and 
as its attorney eight years. No issue. The Financial Mevieto, of July 15, 
1894, said of him: 

"By all odds the ablest lawj-er in Cherokee is Hon. M. Wakefield. He is attorney for 
the first National Bank and does a real estate law business, makes general collections, and 
pays special attention to examination of titles, in which branch he is an acknowledged 

aVo^e.— Edward Neighbor, father of Ellen, was born in Chinnor, Oxfordshire, England 
November 7, 1H14, and married in September 1841, Hannah Wright, who was born in 
Northumberland. April 30. 1816. They came to America, in 18.5.5, settled near Racine, Wis., 
and moved to Chicago, in 1868. 


390. Bandusia^ Wakefield {Orin,^ Joseph,'' Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* 
John,^ John,- John^), daughter of Orin and Hannah (McCord) Wakefield. "On 
the 11th of January, 1844, in their farm house in DeWitt county, 111., was 
born to Orin and Hannah Wakefield a daughter, Bandusia. Her farthest 
memory back, before three years of age, was of being asked what she 
would be when she grew up, and she promptly replied, "A schoolma'am." 
Her mother taught her early to do all kinds of work, required in a farm 
house, and she also helped sometimes in the field, walking after the plow 
and dropping corn by hand. From her father, whose leisure hours were 
usually devoted to reading aloud to his family, or relating what he had 
read, came a stimulus and aid to intellectual culture, while uprightness of 
life was taught not only by precept but by example in this home, whose at- 
mosphere was one of kindness as well as of intellectual and religious free- 
dom. She attended the district school, pursued the studies there required, 

Ninth Generation. 107 

and in addition, with the help of her brother George, studied Latin and 
higher mathematics. She looked forward to graduation from college, but 
had given up the "schoolma'am" aspiration of her early childhood. How- 
ever, destiny decided in favor of the '-schoolma'am," and in the fall of 1861, 
one week after the opportunity offered, she intered the Illinois State Nor- 
mal University and pledged herself to become a teacher. She graduated 
from this school June 23, 1865, having been employed as a teacher in its 
normal and model school departments four terms before graduating. She 
continued to teach in the model school the following year, but resigned be- 
fore its close on account of ill health. 

Her health for a number of years did not permit any long continued 
work in the school room, but she taught occasional short terms in different 
places until the spring term of 1871, when she took charge of the mathe- 
matical department of the Illinois State Normal University during the 
absence in Europe of the regular professor, Thomas Metcalf. During the 
next two years she had charge of the high school in Winterset, Iowa, and 
the next year following, of the high school in Emporia, Kans. She taught the 
fall term of 1874 in the high school of Farmington, 111., but resigned this 
position to accept one in the high school of Bloomington, 111., where she 
completed the year. She was then elected by the state board of education 
a member of the faculty of the Illinois State Normal University, and 
taught in this school the following six years, resigning this jjosition in the 
spring of 1881 to join the household of her brother, George, in Sioux City, 
Iowa, and help to care for his motherless children. Here she is still, at the 
date of this writing, August 24, 1896. She has said good-bye to the school 
room, but not to teaching, for this work has, in one way or another, been 
continued. She has been much interested in botany as well as in art, and 
during a few years painted in oil studies of over three hundred species of 
wild flowers. But the deeper questions of life have always been of the 
greatest interest. During the greater part of her life she has been a 
member of the Unitarian Church. In April, 1890, she joined the Theo- 
sophical Society, and to the cause for which it stands, that of universal 
brotherhood, she is devoted, and her present teaching is on theosophical 

{?i)2. Dr. Philetus'' Wakefield {Orin," JosejiK'' Joseph,^' Tlumia.^,^ Jos- 
eph,* John,^ John,^ John*), son of Orin and Hannah (McCord) Wakefield; born 
at DeWitt, 111., January 4, 1850; married August 22, 1871, Rebecca Frances 
Williams, daughter of William Columbus and Lucinda (Harrold) Williams, 
born at DeWitt, 111., December 13, 1851, and died at Pratt, Kans.. Novem- 
ber 4, 1887. He married, secondly, at Pratt, Kans., February 5, 1890, Anna 
Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of George and Elizabeth Frances (Jett) Ed- 
wards, who was born in Woodford county, Ky., June 9, 1856, and was a school 
teacher for ten years prior to marriage. He has been a school teacher and 
farmer. He attended the St. Louis Eclectic Medical College, from which 
he graduated May 17, 1877, since which time he has been engaged in the 
practice of medicine, residing at Waynesville, 111., and Pratt and Fontana, 
Kans. Present residence, Fontana. 


516 — 1. IBA Williams, born September 24, 1872; married October 17, 1894, Rosa 

S. Porter. 
517 — 2. BURDETTE Orin, born April 20, 1874. 
518.— 3. Lulu Bandusia, born October 6, 1879. 
519 — 4. Philetus, born January 6, 1893: died January 6, 1893. 
530.— .5. George Edwards, born January 2, 189,5. 


John Williams was a soldier of the Revolution and in the battle of Bunker Hill. His 
son, Presley Williams, born about 178.5, married Rebecca Buchanan, in 1807, and died in 
. 1830; she died in 1864. They had ten children, one of whom was William Columbus, born 
near Covington, Ky., Oct 23. 1823, and now resides near DeWitt, 111. William Columbus 
Williams married October 5, 1843, Lucinda Harrold, who was born in Grayson county, 
Va.. March 12, 1822. Her father Eli Harrold was born in North Carolina in 1796, married 
April 21, 1821, Carrie Ann Ayres, daughter of Elihu Ayres, who was born December 1, 1799, 
and died September 12, 18.53. Eli Harrold died in DeWitt county, 111., September 1, 1880. 
Elihu Ayres served in the Revolutionary war, was at Bunker Hill; married Lydia Owens, 
who lived to be 85 years old, and he died about 1844. 

George Edwards now residing at Versailles, Ky.. born in Woodford county, Ky., 
February 27, 1822; married iVIarch 2, 1843, Elizabeth Frances Jett, who was born in Frank- 

108 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

lin county. Ky., January 14, 1824. Her father. Thomas Jett, loom in Culpepper county, 
Va., Feljruary 12, 1747. married Elizabeth C. Sweatman. December 15. 1815. and died July 
18. 1858. Willis Jett. father of Thomas Jett, was born in Virginia and married Rachael 
Cole. Wiley Edwards, father of George, born in Virginia. August 6, 1787; married Nancy 
Sullivan in 1811. and died in Woodford county, Ky.. September 11, 1847. John Edwards, 

father of Wiley, married , Brasfleld, and his father, Uriah Edwards, came to 

America from Wales. 

393. Lycurgus^ Wakefield {Orin," Joseph,'' Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* 
John,^ John,^ John^), son of Orin and Hannah (McCord) Wakefield; born 
near DeWitt, 111., June 11, 1853; died at National City, Cal., January 26, 
1892; married jSTovember 16, 1882, at Sioux City, Iowa, Mary Humphrey, 
daughter of John Church Gushing and Clarissa Virginia (Bennett) Hoskins, 
who was born in Sioux City, Iowa, November 17, 1860. He lived on the home 
farm and attended a few terms at the Lombard University, Galesburg, 111., 
until the fall of 1874, when he removed to Sioux City, and began the study 
of law. He was admitted to the bar in the district court of Woodbury 
county, Iowa, March 26. 1877. He was postal route agent 1875-1880. In 
April, 1881, he removed to Pierre, S.D., and commenced the practice of 
law there, continuing until 1889, when his health failing he returned to 
Sioux City, and in September, 1891, went to National City. At Pierre he 
was a notary public, commissioner of insanity, member of the board of 
education and alderman, and was interested in all public enterprises. 

The presiding judge of Woodbury county district court, in directing the 
resolutions of the Sioux City bar to be spread upon the record, said of him: 

"In the exercise of his many virtues there was neither ostentation nor parade. He 
was a true man. Wherever he went he made friends, for to know him was to be bound 
to him by the ties of friendship. He was open and straightforward, honest and faith- 
ful, and when he declared his purpose and intention, all could confide therein with safet3'. 
He shranls from no duty and was ever ready to do his share of the world's work. As a 
lawyer he was conservative, and his judgments were not hasty, but clear. He dis- 
tinguished clearlj' between the right and the wrong. He steadfastly maintained his con- 
victions and was firm as the rock in his adhesion to the right. He was not demonstrative 
in his sympathies, but tender as a mothers love. His fortitude was great and his hope 
boundless. He has suffered for years, yet how bravely he fought the battle against the 
fell destroyer. Death. How uncomplainingly he bore the great pain of the closing months 
of his life, and how hopefull}^ he spoke of his recovery, as certain when all others had 
despaired. His was an optimism that never despaired and never failed, yet mortal 
strength could not always endure. He is dead, but he died a conqueror." 


521 1. Orin Hoskins. born at Pierre, S. Dak., November 21, 1883. 

523 2. Clarissa, born at Pierre. S. Dak.. August 28, 188.5. 

533.-3. Helen, born at Sioux City, Iowa, September 22, 1887. 

524 4. Edith, born at Sioux City, Iowa, July 29, 1889. 


William^ Hoskins came over from England about 16.30 and lived at Scituate, Plymouth, 
and Taunton, Mass. 

Samuel^ Hoskins, born at Taunton, August 8, 1654, and married Mary Austin, Febru- 
ary 5, 1684. 

William^ Hoskins, born at Taunton, 1692, and died there February, 1777. He was a 
wheelwright, and about 1716 married Mary Cobb, daughter of Samuel Cobb, of Taunton. 
The Cobbs are believed to have been farmers and soldiers, and of this family was Gen. 
David Cobb, the aid-de-camp and special friend of General Washington. 

William* Hoskins. born March 7. 1717. at Taunton, Mass.. and died in Stark county, 
N. Y . March, 1S12. He was a wheelwright, a man of some property, and high character, 
and took an active part in the cause of his country. All five of his sons served in the 
Revolution. He married, about January, 1743, Rebekah Lincoln, daughter of William and 
Mary (Walker) Lincoln, of Taunton, a descendant of Samuel Lincoln, of Hingham, the 
immigrant ancestor of Abraham Lincoln. 

Eli*^ Hoskins, born at Taunton, November 21. 17.59, and died at Lyman, N. H., Novem- 
ber 12. 1846. He was a nailmaker. miller, and farmer, and a soldier of the Revolution. He 
married, in 1789, Rhoda Drake, daughter of Capt. Daniel and Lois (Reed) Drake, of Taun- 
ton, Mass., and Grafton, N. H. Her father was a captain in the Revolution, a blacksmith, 
and descendant of Thomas Drake, who came to Weymouth, Mass.. about 1654. The 
Drakes were a race of Warriors from the Saxon invasion. (See ''T/if Drake Fainihj.^') 
Her grandfather was Capt. John Reed, a very active patriot, much honored and trusted; 
(see "Reed Family History.") 

Samuel'' Hoskins, born at Grafton, N. H., January 22. 1795. and died at Chelsea, Mass., 
Januar}' 12, 1873. He was a successful and highly respected physician; resided at Lyman, 
N. H.. dldtown. Me.. Bradford. Vt.. and Chelsea, and married Julj- 16, 1818, Harriet Byron, 
daughter of Caleb and Mary (Church) Gushing, of Saulsbury and Orange, N. H. Caleb 
Cushing was a hotel keeper, blacksmith, and justice of the peace, and a descendant of 
Matthew Cushing, who came to Hingham, Mass., in 1638. The Cushing family is distinguished 
in law. theolog}' . politics, and education. (See Genealogy of ('ashing Family.) Mary Church 
was daughter of Deacon John and Mary (Ambrose) Chiir'ch, of Dumbarton, N. H. Harriet 
Byron Cushing was also a descendant from Governor Dudly, Governor Bradstreet, Rev. 

Ninth Generation. 109 

Dr. John Cotton, Emmanuel Downing, John Brown, Roger Eastman. William Sawyer, of 
Rowley, John Fallanshee, Mainwright, Hawke, Hedden, Rolfe, and Calet, name.s ot influ- 
ence and distinction in Massachusetts previous to 1675. 

John Church Gushing' Hoskins, born at Lyman, N. H., January 20, 1820; a graduate 
of Dartmouth College, a school teacher, civil engineer, pioneer of Sioux City, Iowa, city 
engineer, sheriff, mayor, justice of the peace, postmaster fifteen years, and now. 1H9(5. re- 
tired from business and living at Sioux City. He married July 10. 1856, Clarissa Virginia 
Bennett, daughter of James and Matilda (Clark) Bennett, of Lewis county, W. Va. James 
Bennett was a lawyer. His father. William Bennett, born about 1775. came from Scotland 
about 1780. was a farmer and a pillar in the Methodist Church. The Bennett family is 
very numerous and respectable, and. through the Macauleys, claim descent from Sir Wil- 
liam Wallace. The Clarks are an old Pennsylvania familj'. 

394. Emma Jane-' Wakefield {Cyrenim,'* Joseph,'^ Joseph,'^ Thomas," 
Joseph,* John,^ John,'-' John^), daug-hter of Dr. Cyrenius and Harriet (Rich- 
ardson) Wakefield; born at Point Isabelle, now Fullerton, DeWitt county, 
111., September 10, 1844; removed to Bloomington with her parents in 
early childhood. She was educated in the Blooming'ton public and private 
schools and completed her education at Conover's Seminary and Major's 
College at Bloomington, and Lombard University, at Galesburg, 111. She 
was married October 17, 1864, at her home in Bloomington, to Adelbert 
Seth Eddy, a banker, son of Rev. Herman .1. and Abigail (Bull) Eddy, a 
Baptist minister. They now reside at Bloomington, 111. 


1. Emma Augusta^ Eddy, born July 1, 1865. At home: unmarried. 

2. Florence Josephine^ Eddy, born November 4. 1867: married, October 17, 1889, Hibbert O. 

Davis, son of William Osborn and Eliza (Fell) Davis, of Bloomington, 111. Mr. Davis 
is the business maaager of the Bloomiugtoii Paiifdgraph. She died December 7, 1893. 

1. William Osborn^ Davis, born December 10. 1891. 

2. Louis Eddv^ Davis, born November 24, 1893. 

3. Adelbert Cyrenius'^ Eddv, born November 19, 1869: married, July 18, 1894. Mabel Edna, 

daughter of Charles E. and Catherine E. (Clark) Bassett, of Normal, 111. Mr. Eddy 
resides in Bloomington, 111., and is secretarj' and treasurer of the Model Laundry 
Company, of that citv. 

1. Mildred^ Eddy, born July 10, 1895. 

2. Florence Josephine^ Eddy, born April 14, 1897. 

4. Louis Oscar Eddy, born April 19, 1872. Stockholder and superintendent. Model Laun 

dry Company, Bloomington, Illinois. 

5. Maxwell Eddy, born November 26, 1879. 


William', Eddy, born about 1550, probably in Bristol, Eng. He was educated at 
the University of Cambridge, St. John's, and Trinity Colleges, from which he received 
his degree of M.A. ; he married, November 20. 1.587, in Cranbrook, Mary, daughter of 
John and Ellen (Mun) Fosten. who was born January 19, 1562. William Eddy became 
vicar of St. Dunstan's Church, Cranbrook, County Kent. Ene.. in August. 1.591, and so con- 
tinued until his decease. November 23, 1616. His Hrst wife. Mary, died July 18, 1611, and he 
married, secondly, February 22. 1614, Mrs. Sarah Taj'lor. Among a family of twelve was: 

Samuel^ Eddy, son of William and Marv (Fosten) Eddy, was born Mz.y — , 1608, in 

Cranbrook. County Kent. Eng.: married Elizabeth , who died in 1682. He 

bought a house and land in Plymouth, Mass., May 9.1631. He, with his brother, John, 
landed at Plymouth, and were the bearers of dispatches to the governor and were ad- 
mitted freemen soon after landing. One of them enrolled a troop for the defense of the 
colony against the Indians. They took letters of recommendation from the governor of 
Plymouth to the governor of Massachusetts, stating their wish to change their residence 
to the latter colony. He spent the latter part of his life with his son in Middleborough 
and Swansea. Mass., at which latter place he died, , 1688. He had among a family of five : 

Obadiah^ Eddy, son of Samuel and Elizbeth Eddy, was born in Plymouth, Mass., 

, 1645; married Bennett; died 1722. He had among a family of seven 


Samuel* Eddy, son of Obadiah and (Bennett) Eddy, was born , 1675-7; 

married Melatiah Pratt (a descendant of Phineas Pratt, the Pilgrim), who was born 

, 1677; he died , 1753; she died , 1762. They had among a family of live 


Samuel^ Eddy. jr.. son of Samuel and Melatiah (Pratt) Eddv. was born , 1710; 

married February 5. 1733, Lydia, daughter of John and Hannah (White) Alden, who was 
born December 18, 1710. (She was a descendant of John Alden, the Puritan.) He died 
■ •, 1748. Among a family of five was: 

SamueP Eddy, son of Samuel and Lydia (Alden) Eddy, born January 12. 1749. He 

was an orderly sergeant in the Federal army. Revolutionary war. He married 

Clark, of Plymouth. Among a family of four was: 

Seth' Eddy, son of Samuel and (Clark) Eddy, was born ; resided at Eddy 

Ridge, Waynes county, N.Y. ; he married , and among a family of seven he had: 

Rev. Herman J.» Eddy, son of Seth and Eddy, was born at Eddy Ridge, Waynes 

county. N.Y., , 1810: was a minister in the Baptist church. He resided at Blooming- 
ton, 111., Belvidere, 111., and New York citv. He was a chaplain in the Union army during 
the War of the Rebellion. He married, firstly, Abigail Bull; married, secondly, Amanda 
Doubleday. Among a family of seven was: 

Adelbert Seth^ Eddy, .son of Rev. Herman J. and Abigail (Bull) Eddy, was born at 
Scipia. N.Y., September 12, 1837. He was a soldier in the Civil war. having been captain 
of the Fourth New York artillery. He married October 17, 1864, Emma Jane Wakefield. 

110 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

(Z/u/ /Ou/(^ 

Ninth Generation. Ill 

395. Oscar" Wakefield {Cyrenius,^ Joseph,'^ Joseph,'^ Thomas,* Joseph,* 
John,^ John,^ John^), son of Dr. Cyrenius and Harriet (Richardson) 
Wakefield; born April 7, 1846, at Point Isabelle, DeWitt county, 111. 
±Iis parents removed to Bloomington while he was yet an infant. He was 
educated in the Bloomington public and private schools and in the Illinois 
State Normal and Wesleyan Universities. After the completion of his 
general education he took a course of study at the Eclectic Medical Insti- 
tute, of Cincinnati, Ohio, but has never practiced medicine. Upon the 
completion of his medical studies he went into the laboratory of his 
father's manufacturing establishment, where he became chief compounder. 
In 1870, upon the retirement of his father from active business, Oscar suc- 
ceeded him to the full management of the business, and has since continued 
in that capacity. Upon the death of his father, in 1885, Oscar became the 
chief executor, and since that time, with the assistance of his brother, 
Homer, he has managed the entire undivided estate of his father. Oscar 
Wakefield was married August 12, 1868, to Agnes, daughter of Henry 
Arnold and Emily (Palmer) Benchley, of Willimantic, Conn. He is in poli- 
tics a Republican and in religion a Unitarian. 


585.— 1. Herbert Cyrenius, born March 7, 1878: died April 1, 1881. ■ 
536 — 2. Bruce, born September 22, 1879; died May 1, 189.5. 

399. Hattie" Wakefield (Cyrenius," Joseph,'' Joseph,'^ Thomas,'^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,- John^), daughter of Dr. Cyrenius and Harriet (Rich- 
ardson) Wakefield, born in Bloomington, 111., November 9, 1863. She was 
educated in the Bloomington public and private schools, at the convent of 
the Immaculate Conception, at Davenport, Iowa, and at the Misses Grant's 
Seminary, at Chicago, 111. She was married May 10, 1886, to Albert Bird 
Brady, who was at that time the proprietor of the Davenport Times. In 
189.3 they removed to New York city where Mr. Brady assisted in the 
organization of the S. S. McClure Company, of which he has since been 
secretary and manager. The S. S. McClure Company publishes McClure''s 
Magazine. They now reside at East Orange, N. J. 


1. Florence Wakefield Brady, born June 4, 1889. 

400. Dr. Homer" Wakefield (Cyrenius,^ Joseph,'' Joseph,*^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph* John,^ John,^ John^), son of Dr. Cyrenius and Harriet (Richardson) 
Wakefield; born June 24, 1865, at Bloomington, 111., where he now resides. 
He is a specialist in chronic diseases, and limits himself to office practice. 
His preliminary education was attained at Bloomington public and private 
schools, the Shattuck Military Academy of Faribault, Minn., and the Illi- 
nois State Normal and Wesleyan Universities, receiving his diploma from 
the latter, June 10, 1885. In 1887 he began to read medicine and in the fall 
of 1888 he commenced a three years' course at the Bellevue Hospital Medi- 
cal College, New York city, where he graduated on completion of the course 
in 1891, and immediately began the practice of his profession at Bloomington. 

He has always been a great traveler, and from early 3^outh he has not 
passed a single summer, that he has not traveled over more or less of the 
United States, Canada, Great Britain, or the continent of Europe. He 
made his first tour of Europe during the year 1878 and attended the Paris 
exposition of that year. His European tour of 1892 was devoted prin- 
cipally to the clinical advantages offered to students of his profession. 
In that year he attended and became a "Fellow'' of the International Con- 
gress of Experimental Psychology, which convened in London, in August of 
that year. At Paris he was elected a member of the Paris Society of 
Hypnology and Psychology. He married October 6, 1893, Julia Pearson, 
daughter of Benjamin P. and Lydia (Pearson) Sherman. He is in politics a 
staunch Republican, and in sentiment a liberal, but non-sectarian inde- 
pendent. He is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, being 
a member of the state committee for recruiting and advancement, and his- 
torian and registrar of the George Rogers Clark Chapter, of Bloomington. 


Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

"^T * V »'\ ■ 

Ninth Generation. 113 


527,-1. Sherman Day, born July 13. 1894. 
538 — 2. Elizabeth, born August 9, 1896. 

404. Laura 3 J Wakefield (Frederick A.," John,'' Joseph,''' Thomas,^' 
Joseph*, John,^ John,^ John^), daughter of Frederick Aurelius and Abbie T. 
(Hosmer) Wakefield; born September Ifi, 1864, at West Windsor, Vt.; mar- 
ried November 17, 1891, to Leroy P. Walbridge, at Norwich, N.Y. Resides 
at South Strafford, Vt. 


1. Leroy E. Walbrldge, born December 15. 1893, at Norwich, Vt. 

2. Laura E. Walbridge, born February ti, 1893, at Norwich, Vt. 

414. Charles E.^ Wakefield (Hannibal C7.,» Dr. John,'' Joseph,''^ 
Thomas,^ Joseph,* John,^ John,^ John^), son of Hannibal C. and Lavina (Gar- 

berson) Wakefield, born February 28, 1861; married February 22, 1884, 

He resides at Lincoln, Neb., where he is engag'ed in teaming. 


539.— 1. Clarence, born May 7, 1889. 

530.— 2. Caroline, (Carrie), born November 16, 1886. 

415. William M.^ Wakefield (Hannibal C'.,** Dr. John,'' Joseph,'^ 
Thomas,^ Joseph,*^ John,^ John,^ John^), son of Hannibal C. and Lavina (Gar- 
berson) Wakefield, was born November 18, 1862; married October 14, 1891, 
; he resides at Ames, la.; a blacksmith. 


531 — 1. GARLAND L., born October 27, 1892. 

533 — 2. Harold Lynn, born April 13, 1895; died August, 1895. 

418. .JOHN 0.9 Wakefield (Hannibal C," Dr. John,'' Joseph,''' Thomas,''' 
Joseph,* Jfjhn,^ John,'^ John*), son of Hannibal C. and Lavina. (Garberson) 

Wakefield; born November 6, 1869; married February 5, 1895, . He 

resides near Ames, la., where he is engaged in farming. 


533.— 1. Guy Leroy, born October 10, 1895. 

436. Byron Jenches» Wakefield (Loftus," ■James,'' Joseph,'^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,^ .John^), son of Loftus and Mary Anne (Perkins) 
Wakefield; born March 12, 1851, at Watertown, N. Y.; married July 19, 1873, 

May, daughter of and Belle Fewell, who was born October 13, 1853. 

Has resided at Luana, Carroll county, and Latham, Kans. 


536 — 1. Arthur Bruce, born May 30, 1874, at Luana. Iowa. 

537,-2. Jessie Marian, born July 5, 187.5. at Carroll City, Iowa. 

538.-3. Ada Belle, born January 13, 1877. at Carroll City. Iowa. 

539.-4. Charles Guy, born December 31, 1879, at Carroll City, Iowa. 

540.— 5. Lawrence Byron, born June 10. 1894, at Latham, Kans. 

429. James W.^ Wakefield (Ceylon,"^ James,'' Joseph,^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,- John^), son of James and Catherine (King) Wakefield; 
born at Carthage, Jefferson county, N. Y., March 11, 1855; married Decem- 
ber 25, 1887, at Watertown, N. Y., Julia Matterson. Is a manufacturer, 
and partner in firm of C. Wakefield & Son, at Theresa, N. Y. 


541 — 1. Katie M., born April 28, 1889, at Theresa, N.Y.; died August 7, 1894. 

543 — 2. Sarah Acksa, born May 6, 1891. at Theresa, N. Y. : died January 24, 1892. 

543 — 3. Tina, born July 29, 1894, at Theresa, N. Y. 

440. Charles^ Wakefield (John,^ Timothi/,'' Timothy,^ Thomas,^' 
JosepJi,* John,^ John,- John^), son of John and Sarah (Parker) Wakefield: 
born at Reading, July 24, 1839; married, November 25, 1868, Mary Almira 
Kidder. He is a farmer, and resides upon the Timothy Pratt farm, in 
Reading, Mass., the residence of Wakefields for several generations. 

114 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 


Charles Clyde, born September t9, 1869. 

Mart Grace, born February 3, 1871. 

Chester Kidder, born July 29, 1873; graduated Reading high school, 

1 QQQ 

Edith, born November 3, 1873; graduated Reading high school, 1890. 

Emma Elsie, born May 10, 1875. 

John Jacob, born April 13, 1877; graduated Reading high school, 1894. 

Henry Ward, born March 2i, 1879. 

Ernest Timothy, born June 9, 1882. 

Alva Paul, born August 2, 1884; died February 23, 1886. 

442. Olena Anna-' Wakefield {John," Timothy, "^ Timothy,^ Thomas,^ 
./oscp/), '/o/m, 3 /o/i,H, 2 Jo/ml), daughter of John and Sarah (Parker) Wake- 
field; born at Reading, Mass., July 22, 1843; graduated from Reading high 














— 7. 






School in 1863, and from the Bridgewater State Normal School. She has 
taught at Bridgewater or Brocton and Reading, Mass., and at Salt Lake 
City, Utah. She resides in Reading. 

443. Emmeline Parker^ Wakefield (/o/m,* Timothy, ^^ Timothy,^ 
Thomas,^ Joseph,'* John,^ John,^ John^), daughter of John and Sarah (Parker) 
Wakefield; born at Reading Mass., March 2, 1846; graduated from Reading 
high school 1865, and w^as assistant teacher there the following year. She 
married June 29, 1869, Alvan Barrus, a farmer 37 years old, of Goshen, 
Mass., and son of Levi and Almeda Barrus. He has been a member of the 
state legislature several terms. Present residence, Goshen, Mass. 


1. Lena W. Barrus, born November 3, 1875: graduated Reading high school, June 15, 
1892; taught several terms; entered State Normal School, Bridgwater; gradu- 
ated June 27, 1896, and is now teaching at Brocton. Mass. 

3- George Levi Barrus, born December 15, 1880; now attending Sanderson academy, 
at Ashfleld, Mass. 

445- Zelia Abbie** Wakefield {John," Timothy,' Timothy,^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,* John,^ John,- John,^), daughter of .Tohn and Sarah (Parker) Wake- 
field; i)orn at Reading, Mass., August 5, 1853; graduated from Reading high 

Ninth Generation. 115 

school 1871; married by Rev. J. E. Wight, September 20, 18S3, to Edward C. 
Packard, a farmer 35 years old, of Goshen, Mass., and son of Hiram and 
and Loraine A. Packard. Resides at Goshen. 


1. Lioraine Packard, Marcb 7, 1886. 

2. Henry Waketield Packard, born June iO. 1887. 

3. Rachel Packard, Itorn March .5, 188<). 

4. Arthur Waketield Packard, liorn May 13, 189:2. 

5. Frances Emeline Packard, born June 1, 1893. 

6. Baby, not yet named, born March 6, 189o. 

448. Wendell Phillips" Wakefield {Bridge,'* 2'imolliy,'' Tirnoiliij,*^ 
Thomas,^ Joi^e'ph,* John,^ John,- John'-), son of Bridge and Catherine 
(Cutler) Waketield; born at Reading, Mass., February 26, 18.39; died by 
drowning at Janesville, Wis., July 12, 1860; married November 21, 1861, to 
Harriett Augusta Chapman, daughter of Franklin D. and Hannah (Kit- 
tridge) Chapman. He was a shoemaker and cabinet maker. He was mus- 
tered into Company G, Fifty-ninth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, 
March 4, 1864, and mustered out July 3(J, 1865. 


553.— 1. George Herbert, born at Reading, April 7, 1863; watchmaker, Hall 

street, Waltham, Mass. 
554.-3 Harriet Frances, born at Tewksbury. November 1.5, 1866; teacher, 
No. 2 Loring street, Lowell, Mass. ; resides at Tewksbury. 

449. Alice^ Wakefield {Horace Poole,'^ Caleb,'' Timothy,^ Thomas,^ 
Josepli,*^ John,'* John,^ John^), daughter of Horace P. and Abigail (Pratt) 
Wakefield; born at Oakham, Mass., May 19, 1810; graduated from Abbott 
Academy, Andover, Mass.; a student and teacher; has resided at Oakham 
and Reading, Mass.. Grafton, Vt., Lynn and Barton, Mass., and resides, 
1896, at 524 Fremont street, Boston; married September 30, 1863, to Rev. 
Rufus Emerson, 

1. Mary Alice Emerson, born August 3, 186.5, who is a teacher in the academy at St. 
Johnsbury, Vt. 

450. Mary Louisa" Wakefield {William, Jr., ^ William,'^ Timothy,^ 
Thomas,^ Joscpli,* John,^ John, ^ John'), daughter of William and Clarissa 
(Tolman) Waketield; born at McConnelsville, Ohio, September 17, 184(); died 
at Peoria, 111., June 20, 1875; married Dr. S. O. Loughridge, January 1. 1872. 
Occupation, teacher and housewife. 


1. Mary Winnifred Loughridge, born May 23, 1873, at Peoria, 111.; student, in 1896, in 
Wellesley College, Mass. 

451. LucELiA Ann^ Wakefield {William, Jr., ^ William,'^ Timothy,'* 
Thomas," Joseph,^ John,'' .John,- John''), daughter of William and Clarissa 
(Tolman) Wakefield; born July 19, 1848, at McConnelsville, Ohio; married 
Rev. Daniel Wayland Dye (Baptist minister), November 23, 1875. He died 
at Kankakee, 111., May 30, 1882. She resides at Sheffield, Mass. 


1. William Amos Dye. born February 30, 1877, at Kankakee, 111. 

2. Howard Winthrop Dye, born November 11, 1878, at Kankakee, 111. 

453. Dr. Albert Tolman** Wakefield {William,^ William,'' Tim- 
othy,'* Thomas,^ Joseph,'^ John,^ .John,^ John'), son of William and Clarissa 
(Tolman) Wakefield, born at Madison, Ohio, July 27, 1853; married October 
'M, 1882, to Nellie Elizabeth, daughter of Ralph and Sarah (Boardman) 
Little, of Sheffield, Mass.; born January 1, 1856. Albert Tolman Waketield 
graduated B.A. at Marietta College, Ohio, 1872, and B.S. Massachusetts 
Agricultural College at Amherst, 1873, and M.D. at Jefferson Medical 
College, Philadelphia, in 1878. He has been a school teacher, is a physician, 
and has lived at Madison and Hamer, Ohio, Knoxville, Tenn., Marocca, Ind., 
and Peoria, 111., and present residence is Sheffield, Mass. 

555 — 1. Albert Harold, born Peoria, HI., December 32, 1885. 
556 — 2. Ernest Little, born at Sheffield, Mass., May 18, 1890. 

116 Posterity of John Wakefield of Boston. 

460. John Franklin" Wakefield {John Hancock,^ Thomas Bridge,'' 
Dr. John,^ Thomas,'^ Joseph,* John,^ John,''' John^) son of John Hancock and 
Minerva (Merrill) Wakefield; born May 9. 1852, at Taylorsville, Pa.; 
married December 14, 1876, Laura Adelaide, daughter of Charles and Anna 
Seaward, of Chelsea, Mass. He is a lawyer, and resides in Boston, having 
previously resided ten years at Everett, and eight years at Dedham, Mass. 


557 — 1. Ethel A., born June 37, 1877, at Dedham, Mass. 

558 3. Blanche L., born November 21, 1878, in Boston. 

559 — 3. Irving M., born July 15, 1880, at Everett, Mass. 

462. Thomas Heber» Wakefield (Thomas Lafayette,^ Thomas Bridge,'' 
Dr. John,^^ Thornas,^' Joseph,* John, ^ John. ~ John^). son of Thomas Lafayette and 
Jane (Perry) Wakefield; born August 28, 1850, at Chelsea, Mass.; married 
September Ki, 187.3, Amelia Breck, daughter of Levi and Anna Whitney 
(Mead) Connant. He was a lawyer, and resided at different periods at Chelsea, 
Everett, Arlington, and Dedham, Mass. He graduated at Dartmouth Col- 
lege with the class of 1870. He died November i), 1896, at his home at Ded- 
ham, Mass. 


560.— 1. Harold Hardy, born February 30, 1881. 

465. Frank Mortimer^ Wakefield (Thomas Lafayette,'* Thomas 
Bridge,'' Dr. John,''' Thomas,^ Joseph, '^ Juhn,^ John,"^ .lohn^), son of Thomas 
Lafayette and Francis (Lathrop) Wakefield; born July 19, 18(i2, at Dedham, 
Mass.; married January 16, 1895, Elizabeth Adams, daughter of George 
Kennard and Louisa Rebecca (Adams) Hooper. He resides at Dedham, 
Mass., where he is engaged in the cotton business. 


561 — 1. LOTHROP Hooper, born November 14, 1895. 


502. Vernon Townsendio Wakefield (George Mix,^ James Patterson,^ 
James,'' Thomas,"'' Thomas,^ Joseph,* John, ^ John,'- John'^), son of George Mix 
and Eleanor F. (Vedder) Wakefield; born April 6, 1863, at Nepenskum, Win- 
nebago county, Wis. Is a real estate agent, and resides at Milwaukee, Wis. 
He married, October 9, 1886, Anna D. Harshaw, daughter of William Dora 
Harshaw, of Oshkosh, Wis. 


563.—]. Vernon Townsend, jr., born December 14, 1888; died February 4, 1892. 

563 — 2. Loi.s, born March 22, 1S90. 

564 — 3. Henry Dorr, born April 4, 1894. 

516. Ira Williams'" Wakefield (Fhiletus,'-' Orin,^ Joseph,'' Joseph,^ 
Thomas,^ Joseph,* John."* John,^ John,^), son of Philetus and Rebecca F. 
(Williams) Wakefield; born inDeWitt county. 111., September 24, 1872: mar- 
ried October 17, 1894, at Pratt, Kans., Rosa S. Porter, oldest daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Porter, by Rev. D. McCormick, of the Methodist 
church. He is a farmer, and lives at Pratt, Kans. 


565 — 1. William Wendell, born July 15, 189.5. 

First Generation. 117 




1 . JoHN^ Wakefield, the progenitor of the Maine family of Wake- 
fields, was born in England. The first American record we have of him is 
of date January 1, 1637, when at a town meeting held at Salem he was 
assessed fifteen shillings as an inhabitant of Marblehead, colony of Massa- 
chusetts Bay. {Town Kecordx of Salem, l(i34-59.) 

This leads us to the decision, that as he probably did not come over in 
winter he must have come at least as long before as the summer or fall of 
1636. At a town meeting held at Salem December 26, 1()3S, among the sev- 
eral portions of land laid out at Marblehead, on the 14th of the same 
month, John Wakefield received his first American land grant of four acres 
"on the Neck," .John Endicott and others signing the grant. {Original Book 
of Grants of Salem, Essex Count u Inst., vol. ii, p. 74.) 

Owing to the unfortunate incompleteness of the early town records of 
Salem, Marblehead, Wells, Scarboro, and Saco (Biddleford), we are forever 
deprived of any record of the date of his birth, the marriage to his wife, 
Elizabeth Littlefield, the place where it was solemnized, and the same of 
the birth of their children. In 1(557 the house of Joseph Bowles, then town 
clerk of Wells, Me., was destroyed by fire, and with it the first volume of 
the town records. Prior to that, as will be seen, we have practically 
nothing, and even after that time, while the marriages are quite complete, 
the births and deaths are very meager. Prior to 1()41, John Wakefield lived 
in Salem. (Marblehead was set otf as a separate town from Saiem in 1648.) 
Our first record of John Wakefield, in Maine, is of date 1641, when he, 
with his brother-in-law, John Littlefield, was granted, under the authority 
of the Ligonia patent, what is now known as the "Great Hill farm." The 
hill at that time extended much farther into the sea that it now does and 
with the projecting land at the eastern end, was called "The Great Neck." 
Neither of the mentioned grantees took possession of this grant, perhaps 
owing to uncertainty as to its being located within the bounds of the said 

John Wakefield settled in the town of Wells, where he attained consid- 
erable prominence. We have records of his services as commissioner and 
selectman in 1648, 1654, and 1657. The name of his father-in-law, Edmund 
Littlefield, occurs in the same capacity with his in each instance. 

John Wakefield purchased Drake's Island, of Stephen Batson in 1652, 
where he removed in that year and resided there for two or three years. 
He then removed to Scarboro where he purchased land and resided for 
several years. Prom Scarboro he removed to that part of Biddleford, 
which is now Saco, where he continued until his death. He was in Wells 
July 2, 1657, when he witnessed a grant to John Barretts. On the 3d day of 
April 1661, John Wakefield, then of Scarboro, but previous]}^ of Wells, 
sold to Mr. John Gooch, of his estate in Wells, one track of marsh land lying 
on the north side of the harbor, and butting upon the sea southeast, upon 
the Mussell Ridge west, and joining to a tract of upland on the north side, 
which he also sold to Mr. Gooch, with the marsh lying on the west side of 
John Cross's upland, and is bounded by an old fence. The marsh was by 
estimation about ten acres and the upland about two acres and a half. 
{York Deeds, book 1, folio 107.) 

118 Posterity of John Wakefield of Maine. 

On September 2, 1661, John Wakefield witnessed a deed by John Smyth, 
of Dunsta, to Jas. Gibbins, of Saco. May 31, 1661, John Wakefield and his 
daughter Mary witnessed a deed by Mog-g- Hegone, of Sacoe River, to Maj. 
Wm. Phillips, of Saco, and in July 166(), he was on a "jury of trials," at 
Wells, from Saco. (See Yorl- Deeds, book 1, folio 123, and book 2, folio 46.) 
{Maine Bistorical Society Collection, vol. i.) 

On September 10, 1670, Elizabeth, wife and attorney of John Wakefield, 
"late of Marblehead but now of Saco." ''alias Winter Harbor," planter, and 
being by him constituted his lawful attorney, and empowered by one instru- 
ment or letter bearing date August 9, 1670, sold for a consideration of ten 
pounds, to John Meager, of Boston, in New England, merchant, a piece or 
parcel of land, "situate, lying, and being in the township of Marblehead, in 
New England, upon ye neck of land that lyethon the south side of the great 
harbor, containing four acres, or more or less, as it was laid out to my said 
husband by the select townsmen of Marblehead, and allotted by a grant of 
the town of Salem." Acknowledged September 10, 1670; recorded October 
17, 1749. {Essex County Registry of Deeds, vol. xciv, p. 18.) 

On September 22, 1()66, at a general town meeting at Biddleford, the 
order of seating in the meeting house was voted on, and "Goodwife Wake- 
field" was assigned section six. The tax list of Biddleford for June 25, 1672, 
mentions John Wakefield five shillings, perhaps a church rate. 

John Wakefield married Elizabeth, daughter of Edmund and Annis Lit- 
tlefield, of Wells, whose death is not recorded. He died February 15, 1674, 
and is buried at Biddleford, Me. 


John, born : married Hester Harbor, who married, secondly, Wil- 
liam Hayward; he died before January, 1706-7. 

Jambs, born ; married Rebecca Gibbons; he was drowned October 

25. 1707. 

Henry, born ; died unmarried, later than March 39, 1677. 

William, born ; married March 13, 1698, Rebecca Littlefield; he was 

drowned October 25. 1707. 

Mary, born ; married to William Frost. 

Katherine, born ; married, between 1677 and. 1694, to Robert Nanny. 


Edmund Littlefield, .said to have been born in Exeter, N. E., 1591; not improbably 
came to Boston with Wheelwright's friends in July, 16;37, accomp^nied by his son An- 
thony. His wife, Anne or Annis. and six of their other children did not accompany 
them, but sailed later and reached Boston in the ship Bevis in May, 1638. Littlefield was 
a warm partisan of John Wheelwright, and probably was early, at Exeter, N.H. He had 
assigned him in the early division of land twenty-one acres of "upland," and was a sub- 
.scriber to the combination. Littlefield accompanied Rev. Wheelwright to Wells in or 
before 1645, and was there a man of distinction, serving as selectman and commissioner, 
serving as such with John Wheelwright. John Wakefield, and others. He died Decem- 
ber — . 1661. His will of December 11, made good provision to his wife, Anne, and among 
other children to his daughter, Elizabeth Wakefield. The inventory gave the value of his 
estate at £.588, 13s., 4d. His wife, Annis, died December, 1677, and her will of December 
12, makes among others, bequest to her daughter, Elizabeth Wakefield, and grand- 
daughter, "Katterine Wakefield." {MaineWilh, and York Deeds, book iv, part 1, folio 25.) 


— 1. 








i .- 



2. JOHN^ Wakefield {John^), a son of John and Elizabeth (Little- 
field) Wakefield: was born , , probably at Salem or Wells, 

and married Hester, daughter of .John and Jael (Thayer) Har- 
bor, of Mendon, Mass., who was born July 9, 1663. She married, secondly, 
William Hayward, of Mendon, Mass., who was born December 6, 1667. John 
Wakefield died prior to January 27, 1706-7, when the following deed was 
registered in Boston: 

"Jonathan Hayward. of Mendon. Suffolk county, who married Elizabeth, onlv child 
of John Wakefield, jr., late of Mendon, and sole heiress of said John Wakefield arid Hes- 
ter, his wife, and the said Elizabeth, daughter and heiress to William Hayward and wife, 
of said Mendon. who married Hester, daughter of John Harbor of Braintree, said 
daughter and relict of John Wakefield, deceased, as aforesaid, quitclaim of interest in 
certain property, conveyed to our father, John Wakefield, and Hester, his wife, be- 
longing to estate of John Harbor." Acknowledged January 27, 1706-7; recorded Novem- 
ber 19, 1718. [Suffolk Deeds, libre xxxiii, folio 139.) 

Second Generation. 119 


8.— 1. Elizabeth, born ; married . to Jonathan Haj^vvard, 

of Mendon, Mass. 


1. William Hayward, born , 1693. 

2. Samuel Hayward, born January 32. 1696. 

3. John Hayward, born August 13'. 1700. 

4. Mehitable Hayward, June 7, 1702. 

.5. Hester Hayward, born May 30, 1704. 

{■•mi Allied Families" by John O. Austin, Providence, R. I.) 

3. James^ Wakefield (John^), son of John and Elizabeth (Littlefield) 

Wakefield, was born , probably at Salem or Wells; he married 

prior to 1700, Rebecca, daughter of James and (Lewis) Gibbons of 

Saco. In 1699, he was granted one hundred acres of land on Kennebunk 
River "at the landing." On November 28, 1700, he, and his wife Rebecca, 
witnesssed a deed of Benjamin Gooch, of Wells, planter, to John Wheel- 
wright, several pieces of marsh in Wells. {York DeecU', vol. vi, p. 115.) 

James Wakefield, with his brother William, Moses and Job Littlefield, 
and Joseph Storer, jr., on October 25, 1707, "went out in a small sloop to 
fish, there was a heavy sea at the bar, and as they attempted to drive the 
sloop over it, she was upset and all were drowned, bodies of four were re- 
covered. These men were all valuable citizens and their aid was greatly 
needed." (Bourne's History of Wells and Kennehiml'.) 


9 — 1. James, born ; married December 18, 1719, Mary Durrell. 

lO.— 2. John, born ; married May 27. 1724, Elizabeth Durrell. 

11.— 3. Keziah. born ; married May 27, 1724, Philip Durrell, jr. 

12 — 4. Nathaniel, born ; married , 1730, Hannah Emmons. 

13 — .5. Samuel, born ; married, about 1736, Ruth Godfrey. 

14.— 6. Gibbons, born ; he, with his brothers John and Nathaniel, were in 

companies of Captains Moulton. Harman, and Bourne, at Norridg- 
wock, Me., in expedition against Rasle, in August, 1724. 

Note. — James Gibbons was "master of the magazine" and a landed proprietor of 
Saco. He married a daughter of Thomas Lewis, one of the original owners of the "Lewis 
and Boynton patent, ' and became the heir, through his wife, of his father-in-law. He 
died in 1730. and provided for his daughter, Rebecca Wakefield, among other children. 

5. William- Wakefield {JoJm^), son of .John and Elizabeth (Little- 
field) Wakefield, was born , probably at Biddleford, Me. He married, 

March 13, 1698, Rebecca, daughter of and ( ) Littlefield, 

of , at Salem. 

The only record we have of him is from York Deeds, book ix, folio 162, in 
which he deeds to Abraham Bodine, of York, yeoman, for £7 10s, ten acres 
of land at Capeneck, in York township, bounded on northwest side by road 
adjoining John Storer's land on the western side, and bounded by a black 
birch tree at a cross at the southeastern corner, and to a maple tree upon 
the western corner, and at a white oak tree on the northern side, adjoining 
to the Widow Storer's marsh, and on the western corner with a walnut 
tree. Dated September 29, 1805, and acknowledged same day before Alra. 
Preble, J. P.; recorded May 14, 1719. In the above his residence is given as 
at York, county of York. 

He was drowned October 25, 1707, near Wells. (See record of his 
brother James. 


15 1. William, born . 

also by tradition. 

16 — 2. Joseph, born ; married Mary Robinson; he died October—, 


17 — 3. Jonathan, born ; married June 22, 1732, Abigail Smith; died 

October, 176.5, 

18 — 4. Benjamin, horn ■ : married, flrstl5^ December 26, 1733, Ann Tay- 
lor; married, secondly, November 24, 1742, Ruth Marsh. 
(See them under separate heading.) 

6. Mary 2 Wakefield (Jolin^), daughter of John and Elizabeth 

(Littlefield) Wakefield; was born , , probably in Wells; 

married to William Frost, of Saco. The York Deeds, book x, folio 141, 
chronicle the purchase by William Frost from Maj. William Phillips, both 

120 Posterity of John Wakefield of Maine. 

of Saco, of a piece of land, dated December 10, 1(573, and acknowledged 
February 24, l()73-4, and is witnessed by John Wakef5.eld (either her father 
or brother). Same, book iii, folio 60, under date December 23, 1(579, Wil- 
liam and Mary Frost deeded land to Francis Littlefield, of Wells. 


1. William Frost, born prior to February 1.5, 1674. 

2. Nathaniel Frost, born prior to February In, 1674. 

7. Katherine- Wakefield {John'^), daughter of John and Eliza- 
beth (Littlefield) Wakefield: was born ; she married between 

December 12, 1677, and July 6, 1(394, to Robert Nanny, and removed to Bos- 
ton. December 12, 1677, by the will of her grandmother, Annis Littlefield, 
she received a legacy of a rug and eight bushels of corn; maiden name 


9. James^ Wakefield {James,''' John,^), son of James and Rebecca 
(Gibbons) Wakefield; born , probably at Saco; married Decem- 
ber 18, 1799, Mary, daughter of Philip Durrell, of Kennebunkport, who 
came from Guernsey in 1700. In 17.35, James Wakefield, with others, op- 
posed an addition to the meeting house, probably desiring a change of 
location. In 1741 he was recorded as a resident of the ''landing." On June 
14, 1750, he, with other inhabitants of Kennebunk, incorporated, as a relig- 
ious society, by the name of the Second Congregational Society in Wells. 
On the (5th of August, 1750, he was chosen one of the committee for calling 
a parish meeting. 


19.— 1. Nathanlet., born ; married. , Ruth Huff. 

30.— 2. .JEDEDIAH, born ; marriage intentions, October i5. 1748, Hannah 

31,-3. John, born : married November 5, 1747, Mary Brown; had five 

33.-4. Dorcas, born ; marriage intentions, October 7, 1749, to John 

33.-5. Hezekiah, born : married. April 7, 1764. to Margaret Wilson. 

34.-6. Kesiah. born : married June 30. 176.5, to Samuel Huff. 

35, — 7. Mart, born • ; marriage intentions, March 1, 1758-9, to John 


36.-8. Rebec'<l:a, born : married. , to Joseph Emory. 

37.-9. James, born about 1759; marriage intentions, July 24, 1784, to Sarah 


10. John^ Wakefield (James,- Jolin^), son of .James and Rebecca 

(Gibbons) Wakefield; born , probably at Saco; married May 27, 

1724, Elizabeth, daughter of Philip Durrell, of Arundel (Kennebunkport). 
He was a resident of Kennebunk, and previous to the building of the new 
meeting house in 17.50, meetings were held at his house, and on August 25, 
17.50, John Wakefield was one of a committee to receive the answer of Mr. 
Daniel Little, who was invited to settle with them as minister. By the 
tax list of the new parish, 1750, John Wakefield was assessed £2, l.s. 


38 1. John, born April 16. 1725: married 1748. Ruth Cousins. 

39.-2. Gibbons, born March 7. 1726-7; married November 13. 17.56, Mary Good- 
win; died October, 1762. 

30.-3, Elizabeth, born August 20, 1730; died October 7. 1736. 

31.— 4. Rachel, born June 24. 1733; married Novembers, 1752, to Nicholis Bun- 

33 .5. James, born May 7. 1736; married July 1.17.56. to Miriam Burbank; died 

October — , 1779. 

33 6. Elizabeth, born April 14, 1740; married February 20. 1761, to Jonathan 


34.-7. Jacob, born July 26, 1742; died August 10. 1742. 

35 8. Isaiah, born December 29, 1743; married September 9, 1765; Susanna 


Fourth Generation. 121 

11. Kesiah'' Wakefield {James, ^ John^), daug'hter of James and 
Rebecca (Gibbons) Wakefield; married May 27, 1724, to Philip, son of 
Philip Durrell, of Arundel (Kennebunkport). 


1. Sarah Durrell, born ; married . to Stephen Webber. 

2. Anes Durrell. born ; married , to Simon Hutchin.s. 

3. Asa Durrell, born ; married , Elizabeth Curtis. 

Several other children died young. 

113. Nathaniel =* Wakefield {Jamea,- John,'^ son of James and Re- 
becca (Gibbons) Wakefield; born , probably at Saco; married 

, 1730, Hannah Emmons. 


36.— 1. Hannah, born • ; married, December fi, 17.5(5, to Samuel Towne. 

37.-2. EZEKiBL. born . 

38 3. AuiGAii,, born ; marriage intentions, September 3, 1774, to 

Moses Blaisdell. 
39 — i. Nathaniel, born about 174S); married February 37, 1779, to Susanna 

13. Samuel* Wakefield (James,'^ John^), assumed to be son of James 

and Rebecca (Gibbons) Wakefield; born ; married about 1736, 

Ruth Godfrey, and resided in Kennebunk. Samuel Wakefield, in 1766, built 
the first schooner on the Mousam River, in the yard recently owned by G. 
& I. Lord. He was a soldier of the French and Indian war, and in 1756 he 
enlisted and was sent toward the Lakes and Canada. 


40.-1. Samuel, born ; married, November 17, 17.57. Ruth Burbank. 

41.— 2. Mary, born : married, November 27, 1765, Daniel Kimball. 

43. — 3. BEN.JAMIN, born : married, November 5, 1707, pjlinor Littlefleld. 

43 — 4. DANIEL, born ; married, •, Priscilla Allen, of Lubre, Me. 

44 fy. Lydia. born ; married June 21, 1767, Jesse Larribee. 

45.-6. Eunice, born ; married February 26, 1707, Benjamin Tripe. 

46.-7. Abigail, born ; married Jul}' 12: 1770, John Fiske. 

47 — 8. Lucy, born : married, June — , 1770, Samuel Cluff. 

48 — 9. James, born about 1759: marriage intentions, July 24, 1784, Sarah Wilson. 


20. Jedediah-* Wakefield {James, ^ James,^ John^), son of James 

and Mary (Durrell) Wakefield; born in Wells ; marriage intentions 

published, October 15, 1748, Hannah, daughter of Jacob and Abigail 
(Bracey) Curtis. He was a Louisburg soldier, and was a member of Capt. 
Thomas Perkins' company in the expedition of 1745. 

27. James* Wakefield {James,^ James, ^ Jolin^), son of James and 
Mary (Durrell) Wakefield; born in Kennebunk about 1759; marriage inten- 
tions published, July 24, 1784, to Sarah Wilson. He was a Revolutionary 
soldier; his name appears in descriptive list of enlisted men, aged 21 years, 
stature 5 feet, 7 inches, complexion light; residence. Wells, York county: 
enlisted for six months; marched from Springfield March 24, 1780, to camp 
with Captain Soper; arrived at Springfield July 24, 1780, seventh division. 
We find his name among a list of men raised for six months' service by 
Brigadier General Patterson, as having passed muster, in a return dated 
Camp Cotaway, October 25, 1780, from Arundel. We also find his name 
in a list of six months' men; marched July 5, 1780; discharged .lanuary 15, 
1781, raised by town of Wells for service in Continental army during 1780. 

28. JOHN^ Wakefield {John," James, ^ Jolin^), son of John and Eliza- 
beth (Durrell) Wakefield; born in Wells or Kennebunk, April 16, 1725; mar- 
ried , 1748, Ruth, daughter of Ichabod and Ruth (Cole) Cousins, who 

was born October 19, 1731. John Wakefield was a soldier in King George's 
war, and a member of the company of Col. John Storer in the expedition 
against Louisburg, in 1745. 

122 Posterity of John Wakefield of Maine. 

In 1746-7, the vessel in which the Wells and Arundel troops were bein^ 
transported to Annapolis, was cast away on Mount Desert, in a snow storm, 
and seventy or eighty perished, but our subject and three others were saved, 
after suffering terribly, as there was no house on the island. They built a 
boat out of such material as they could get, and by the aid of a gun and a 
little ammunition, saved from the wreck, they preserved life, by killing a few 
fowl. Part of their number embarked in their frail craft, arriving safely 
at Townsend, where aid was obtained and a boat sent to the island for those 
left behind. The house built by John Wakefield, jr., had in it, in 1795, but 
thirty-six squares of 7 by 9 glass, embraced in seven windows. He was one 
of the original members"^ of \he Second Congregational society, founded in 
Wells June 14, 1750. He died intestate, and his widow, Ruth, was appointed 
administratrix October 6, 1792. The inventory of his estate includes the fol- 

Homestead land. 40ii, acres £129 U 4d 

One other piece of land, 20 acres 100 Os Od 

Three acres salt m arsh 11 Os Od 

One house 10 Os Od 

One barn 18 Os Od 

Total amount of appraisement, £401 lOs Od. 

Stephen Larribee, jr., ) 
Nathaniel Cousins, j- Appraisers. 

James Smith, ) 

Wells, October 6, 1V92. 

The administration of the estate was granted to his widow, Ruth, and 
Ezekiel Wakefield, and their bond placed at £100; Stephen Larribee, jr., 
and Nathaniel Cousins, sureties. The division of the estate, dated Wells, 
October 2(5, 1793, divided the same among the widow and children. Other 
entries of the division of the said estate, specifying the exact amounts 
settled on the widow and each child, and dated June 26, 1793, November 11, 
1793, and August 22, 1796. 


49 — 1. Jacob, born ; married September 17, 1789, Hannah Hill. 

50 — 2. John, born about 1751. 

51.— 3. Nicholas, born ; married May 5, 1752, Lydia Wakefield. 

53 4. Israel, born ; marriedOctober 31, 1772, Sarah Goodwin, daughter 

of Benjamin Goodwin. 

53,-5. Ezekiel, born about 1757; married November 6, 1779, Hannah Larribee. 

54.-6. Susanna, born ; married June 29, 1774, to Jacob Blasdell. 

55 — 7. Katherine, born ■ ; married January 10, 1789. 

66 — 8. Ruth, born : marriage intentions, November 14, 1795, to Freder- 
ick Wakefield. 
iVbte— John! Cousins, born in England 1596, settled at Westcustogo, now North Yar- 
mouth; lived on an island near mouth of Royal River, still called by his name. He pur- 
chased it of Richard Vines. His son, Thomas^ Cousins, inhabitant of Wells before 1670. 
His son, Ichabod^ Cousins, married July 26. 1714, Ruth Cole, of Kennebunk: spent earlj' 
vears in Wells. His daughter Ruth, born October 19,1731; married John Wakefield in 

29. Gibbons" Wakefield {John,^ •James,'^ John^), son of John and Eliz- 
abeth (Durrell) Wakefield; born in Kennebunk, March 7, 1726-7; married 
Novemlaer 13, 1756, Marj^, daughter of Nathaniel Goodwin, who lived near 
the Kennebunk River, and whose name first appears on the town records in 
1745. He came from Berwick. Gibbons Wakefield, who resided in Wells, 
died intestate and administration was granted Mary, his widow, October 
1762, and the inventory, returned the same month, values his estate at £122 
12.S' 4cZ. An allowance was made to the widow of £16 15s 00(Z for support of 
three young children, and other necessaries. 


57.— 1. Gibbons, born . 

58.-2. Rachel, born about 1760; married September 1, 1781, to John Kimball. 

59.— .3. Nathaniel, born ; married Sarah Martin: died , 


32. James-* Wakefield {.Jolin,^ James,'^ John^), son of John and 
Elizabeth (Durrell) Wakefield; born May 7, 1736, at Kennebunk, Me.; 
married July 1, 1756, Miriam, daughter of John Burbank (a millman, who 
came from Bradford with first settlers of Arundel; was a lieutenant at tak- 
ing of Louisburg in 1745); married, secondly, Hannah, widow of Lemuel 

Fourth Generation. 123 

James Wakefield, who was a farmer near Wells, was one of those early 
settlers who thought more of the House of God than their own. He died 
October — , 1779, and his house was appraised at $73 and his pew in church at 
$67. Administration of his estate was granted October 11, 1779, to his wife, 
Miriam, who gave bond in the amount of £2,000 with Asa Burbank and Stephen 
Larrabee as sureties; account returned October 8, 1788. The inventory re- 
turned, November 16, 1778, by Samuel Waterhouse, Stephen Larrabee and 
Joseph Emerson, appraisers, gives the following valuations: House, £10; 
barn, £15; land, 55 acres, at £4 per acre; total, £245, Os., Od. Whole estate 
inventoried, £547, 16.s. OfZ. October 8, 1785, Stephen Larrabee, jr., was ap- 
pointed guardian of Abigail Wakefield, a minor, upwards of 14 years of 
age. He is also named as guardian of Hannah Wakefield and James Wake- 
field, and John Taylor was appointed guardian, perhaps with Stephen 
Larrabee, of James Wakefield. The division of the estate, dated October 
7, 1786, itemizes the apportionment to the widow and each of her children. 
Miriam Wakefield, the widow, married, secondly, January 27, 1781, Lewis 
Martin, of Wells. 


60.— 1. Elizabeth, born : married to Jacob Waterhouse; marriage inten- 
tions August 20. 1779. 

61. — 2. Sarah, born ■; marriage intentions March 3, 1781, to .Joseph Dennett. 

62 — 3. MiBiAM. born ; marriage intentions January :i7. 17HI, to Lewis Martin. 

63.-4. Hannah, born ; marriage intention.s April 8, 17'.i.^, to William Water- 

64 — 5. Abigail, born about 1771; married , to Peter Roberts. 

6.5.-6. James, born October 7, 1775: married , Hannah Smith. 

Jacob and William Waterhouse, Roberts, and Dennett, settled in Coxhall, now Ly- 
man, Me. 

35. ISxUAh-' Wakefield {John,^ James,^ John^), son of John and Eliza- 
beth (Durrell) Wakefield; born in Kennebunk. December 29, 1743; married 
September 9, 1765, Susanna Fiske. He was a Revolutionary soldier, and his 
name appears as private on the "alarm list" dated Wells, Me., August 18, 1778. 


66 — 1. Isaiah, born • ■. 

37. EzEKiEL* Wakefield (Nathaniel,^ James, ^ John^), son of Nathan- 
iel and Hannah (Emmons) Wakefield; born . He was a Revolutionary 

soldier, and was a sergeant in Captain Dorman's company, Colonel Scam- 
mon's regiment, record dated August 1, 1775. Enlisted May 12, 1775; time of 
service, two months and twenty-four days; belonged to town of Wells. His 
name also appears among signatures to an order for bounty coat, or its 
equivalent in money, due for eight months' service in 1775, Capt. Jesse Dor- 
man's company. Colonel James Scammon's (30th) regiment; dated Cam- 
bridge, October 27, 1775, payable to Ensign Jacob Curtis. He was a 
pensioner under the act of March 4, 1831, for service as private and ser- 
geant; annual allowance, $92.46; sums received, $277.98; Massachusetts state 
troops; placed on pension roll April 7, 1833. Age in 1831, 81 years. 

39. Nathaniel* Wakefield (Nathaniel,^ James,"^ Jolm^), son of Na- 
thaniel and Hannah (Emmons) Wakefield; born ; married February 

27, 1779, Susannah Webber. He was a Revolutionary soldier, and a member 
of Capt. Josiah Davis's company, Colonel Prime's regiment, stationed at 
Portland, in 1780. He was from the town of Arundel. He was also in Col. 
Thomas Cutts's regiment, at Peperilboro, a member of the train band. He 
enlisted in Captain Davis's company June 18, 1780, and discharged Decem- 
ber 9, 1780. He was a pensioner for service as private; annual allowance, 
$26.56; sums received, $79.88; Massachusetts militia, placed on pension roll 
October 30, 1832; pension began March 4, 1831. Age in 1832, 83 years. 

40. Samuel-* Wakefield (Samuei,^ James, ^ John^), son of Samuel and 
Ruth (Godfrey) Wakefield; born about 1737; married November 17, 1757, 
Ruth, daughter of John Burbank and second wife Hannah, widow of Lemuel 
Perkins. (See sketch of James^ Wakefield.) The earliest record we have 
of Samuel Wakefield is from the Records of Deeds of Lincoln, now Hancock 
county, in which Samuel Wakefield, of No. 4, gives a mortgage to Shaw & 

124 Posterity of John Wakefield of Maine. 

Gould, dated January 1, 1773. (Vol. 9, folio 206.) Samuel Wakefield removed 
from Kennebunk, the place of his nativity, in 1756-7, and settled at the 
head of the bay, on the lot comprising' a considerable portion of the village 
of Steuben. He was a farmer. He died at Steuben . 


67.— 1. Samuel, born March 15, 1768: married , Anna Cox, of Harrington. 

68.-2. Lydia, born ; married to Ichabod Godfrey, of Steuben. 

69.-3. Ben-jamin, born November VJ, 1772: married , Mary (Polly) Dor- 
man; died October a8, 1834. 

70 4. Ruth, born ; married , to Capt. Josepb Perliins. 

71.-5. Phebe, born : married to James King.sley, of Steuben. 

73.-6. Hannah, born October 15. 1804: married , to Nattian Cleaves, of 


73.-7. Sabah (Sally), born August 21, 1810: married , to Wheeler 

Tracey, of Gouldsboro, Mass. 

74.-8. Mybiam, born ; married to Winslow Gallison, of Harrington. 

75 — 9. James, born 1784: married . Priscilla Small, of Cherryfield; 

died April 23, 185:2. 

76.-10. Daniel, born : married , Priscilla Allen, of Lubre. 

77 11. Lucy, born : married , to Lighton. 

The last five children are said to be by a second marriage, but second wife's name is 
not given, probablj- Widow Small. 

42. Benjamin ■* Wakefield (Samvd,^ James,'' John^), born at 

Kennebunk; married November 5, 1767, Elinor Littlefield, who died April 14, 
1822, aged 83 years. Benjamin Wakefield was a Revolutionary soldier and 
was a sergeant on the Lexington alarm roll of Capt. Joshua Bragdon's com- 
pany, marched from Wells on the alarm of April 19, 1775; belonged to 
Wells; length of service, five days; enlisted April 21. {MassacMisetts Revolu- 
tionary Molls) see Benjamin of Sutton, Mass., who may have credit for 
service rendered by the present Benjamin. Died at Coxhall, Maine. 


78.— 1. BEN.JAMIN. born December 5, 1773: married, firstly. January 13, 1799, Eliza- 
beth Berry, of Pepperel; married, secondly", May 4, 18:37, Rebecca 

79. — 2. Joanna, born : married December 3, 1795, Silas Hanscomb. 

80.— 3. DoMiNicus. born about 1768: married , Martha Door. 

81 4. Jeremiah, born . 

88.-5. Susanna, born : married February 7, 1789, Michael Murphy. 

43. Daniel* Wakefield {Samuel,'^ James,^ John^), son of Samuel 

and Ruth (Godfrey) Wakefield; born , in Kennebunk; married, 

, Priscilla Allen, of Lubre, Me. He was a Revolutionary soldier, 

and is possibly entitled to the following splendid record from the Massa- 
chusetts Revolutionury War Archives: 

"His name appears in list of men mustered in Suffolli county to serve in Captain 
Monroe's company. Colonel Bigelow's regiment, by a return made by Nathaniel Barber, 
dated Boston, June 8, 1777, for three years; received £20 bounty; on the return of men 
from Captain Dicliinson's (1st) company, of 5th Hampshire company, dated September 
4, 1777: belonged to Deerfleld: enlisted for Deertield for three j-ears, joined Captain 
Smith's company. Colonel Bigelow's regiment. Daniel Wakefield appears as private in 
Continental army pay accounts of Captain Ellis' comi^any. Colonel Bigelow's regiment for 
service -from June 6, 1777. to December 31, 1779: belonged to Deerfleld. Also appears 
among a list of men, residence Deerfleld, enlisted for Boston: as private on muster roll of 
Capt. Sylvame S. Smith's company. Col. Timothy Bigelow's regiment, for November, 
1777; dated camp near Gulf, December 18, 1777; enlisted June 6, 1777, for three years: re- 
ported sick at Fishkill, Also, on muster roll, dated Camp Stillwater. September 11. 1777; 
enlisted June 6. 1777, to expire Jul}' 1. 1778. Also on muster roll, dated Camp, August 17, 
1777, for three j-ears. On command at Pound Ridge, on muster rolls, dated Valley Forge, 
April 4, and May 2, 1778; Valley Forge, June 2, 1778; Camp Greenwich, July 21, 1778; Camp 
Providence, September 5, 1778; camp at Providence, October 6, 1778, and Januarj' 4. 1779; on 
furlough. May 6, 1779, and June 8. 1779. On muster roll, dated Providence, Julv 4. 1779; also 
on one for August, 1779. dated, camp at Salem, September 4, 1779. Reported" transferred 
to Captain (late) Ellis' company. September 1.1779; as private Capt. Sylvames Smith's 
company. Col. Timothy Bigelow's regiment. Appears on a muster return, dated Febru- 
ary 2, 1778: belonged to Boston; enlisted for Boston; mustered by Middlesex company, 
muster masters. As private on Continental army pay accounts for 1780. of Captain Ellis' 
company. Colonel Bigelow's regiment. Reported", record made up in Sprout's regiment; 
as flfer in Colonel Sprout's regiment from January 1, 1780, to December 31. 1780. Seven 
months a private, five months 3. flfer, reported in colonel's company, no captain given. 
On return, dated January, 1781, enlisted November 29, 1779; enlisted by Colonel Sprout. 
Served in Captain .Sewall's company. Second Massachusetts regiment: enlisted for dur- 
ing war: belonged to Middleboro. In the description he is given as belonging to Middle- 
boro, 5 feet, 10 inches; complexion, hair, light; occupation, barber; enlisted November 

Fifth Generation. 125 

29, 1779. for during war. Jf)inefl Capt. Henry Sewell's company, Second regiment, private; 
reported enlisted at Peekskill by Colonel Sprout. List dated West Point, January 28, 
1781. Also appears as liter on pay abstract of First, Col. Ebenezer Sprout's, regiment; 
service for October, December, f780; dated, Boston, June 11, 1781. Engaged for during 


83.— 1. JANE, born 

84.-2. Gleason. born . 

85 3. Samuel; married Lydia, daugtiter of Joseph Hutchins. 

Nott. — Judge Bourne, in his History of }Velln and Keiineh)ink, Me., describes as follows 
the location of the dwellings of some of the Wakefields. of the third and fourth genera- 
tions (pp. 401-2) : "On the Mousam river, below Larrabee village, on the road, at the 
landing, was the house of John Waketleld, on the upper corner of Titcomb's shipyard, and 
that of James Waketleld, of two stories, about three rods above the large Lord house, 
next below the meeting house, and then the of Nathaniel Waketleld, 17.50. The 
house built by Jedediah on the north side of the old road, John Wakefield, jr., where 
Mrs. E. Hatch now lives." 


50. JOHN^ Wakefield (John,^ John,^ James,^ John'^), son of John and 
Ruth (Cousins) Wakefield: born in Kennebunk about 1751; married June 26, 
1784, Mary Brown, of Arundel. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, 
his name being on the muster and pay-roll of Captain Lord's company; en- 
listed February 29, 1776; discharged May 31, 1776; service, three months; 
stationed at Falmouth, Me. His name also appears on the muster and 
pay-roll of Capt. Samuel Waterhouse's company. Col. Jacob Gerrish's regi- 
ment; enlisted March HO, 1778; served three months and nine days; probably 
a musician, regiment of guards at Winter Hill, detached from militia. 


86.— 1. John, born ; married December 17, 1817, Amy Downing. 

Xoie.^We also find the name of John Wakefield, jr., among a list of soldiers in Col. 
Thomas Cutts'.s regiment, "Ye train band," Peperilboro, 1778. Also as ensign, on the alarm 
list dated Wells, Me., August 18. 1778. The name of John Wakefield is found in a list of the 
names and stations of tlie privateer "Junius Brutus." a ship of twenty-nine guns, 110 men, 
captured by the British on October 12, 1782, and sent to Newfoundland; John Wakefield 
armorer's share. 

51. Nicholas' Wakefield {John,* John,^ James,'^ Jolin^), son of John 

and Ruth (Cousins) Wakefield; born , at Kennebunk; married May 

5, 1792, Lydia Wakefield, who died January 21, 1804, aged 35 years. Nicholas 
Wakefield was a mariner and resided at Wells, where he died October — , 
1800; his estate was administered October 5, 1800, and his widow, Lydia, 
was appointed administratrix. She gave bond in the sum of $1,400 with 
Mark Wakefield and George W. Wallingford as sureties. The inventory of 
his estate values the homestead and IIX acres at $300 and his personal 
estate at $338.06, Tobias Lord, John Fiske, and David Little, appraisers. 


87.— 1. Nicholas, born about 1797-8; married April 6, 1835, Mrs. Louisa Varney; 
died June 22, 1859, aged 59 years. 

63. EzEKiEL" Wakefield (John,* John,^ James,^ John^), son of John 
and Ruth (Cousins) Wakefield; born in Kennebunk about 1757; married, 
November 6, 1779, Hannah Larrabee. Ezekiel Wakefield was a Revolution- 
ary soldier, and his name appears as a sergeant on the company return of 
Captain Dorman's company. Colonel Scammon's regiment, dated August 1, 
1775; enlisted May 12, 1775; time of service, three months and twenty-four 
days; town of Wells. His name also appears among signatures to an order 
for bounty coat, or its equivalent in money, due for eight months' service 
in 1775, in Capt. Jesse Dorman's company. Col. James Scammon's (30th) 
regiment; dated Cambridge, October 27j 1775; payable to ensign Jacob 
Curtis. — Massachusetts Bevolutionary War Archives. 


— 1. 











126 Posterity of John Wakefield of Maine. 


JosKUA, born about 1780. 

Louisa, born ; married December 39, 1803, David Varne}'; 

married, secondly, Nicholas Waketield. 
EzBKiKL, born about 1784; married November 24, 1811, Phebe Taylor. 

John, born . 

Mary, born ; married April 11. 180.5, to Jonathan Par.sons. 

Hannah, born ; married November 2, 1806, to Theodore Good- 
win, of Alfred. 
94.-7. Stephen, born , 1793. 

56. RuTH'' Wakefield (Jo/in,-* Jolm,^ James,- John'^) daughter of 
John and Ruth (Cousins) Wakefield; born , in Kennebunk; marri- 
age intentions, November 4, 1795, to Frederick Waketield, said to be her 
cousin, but his lineage is not given. He was probably one of the grandsons 
of James and Mary (Durrell) Wakefield, whose lineages were lost. They 
resided at Kennebunk, Me. 

1. Ruth Wakefield, born about 1796; married Frederick Wakefield, son of her 
mother's brother, Ezekiel. They lost two sons, October 6, 1806, aged 10 years, and 
June 23, 1805, aged 5 years. 

59. Nathaniel' Wakefield, (Gibbons,* Jolm,^ James,^ John^), son of 
Gibbons and Mary (Goodwin) Wakefield; born , in Kennebunk; mar- 
ried , Sarah Martin; died 1836. 


95 — 1. Nathaniel, born : married December 5, 1824, Sophronia Thomas. 

96 — 2. Abigail, born . 

97 8. Elias, born August 12, 178.t: married . Ruth Roberts. 

98 — 4. Mariam. born— . 

99 — 5. Gibbons (Gibeon), born May 9, 1790; married , Sarah Turbish; 

died 1872. 

100 — 6. Sarah, born . 

101.— 7. David, born . 

103 — 8. Amaziah, born : died January 6, 1830. 

103.-9. JAME.S. born •— , 1794; married , Louisa Shaw; died August 

26, 1873. 
104 — 10. Lewis, born June 12, 1796; married November 18, 1825, Urania B. Huff; 
married secondly, Sarah ; he died March 1, 1836. 

65. J AMES" Wakefield, (James,* John,^ Jimes,- John^), son of James 
and Miriam (Burbank) Wakefield; born in Kennebunk, October 4, 1775; 
married Hannah Smith, who was born February 25, 1777; he was a lumber- 
man by occupation, and resided at Buxton and Etna, Me. He died at Etna, 
Octobers, 1848. His widow, Hannah, died November 2, 1872, aged 88. 


105.-1. Elisha, born January 1, 1797; died . in Etna, 

106 — 2. Abigail, born May 26, 1799; died , at Poland Shakers. 

107.— 3. HARRIET, born September 18, 1801 died , at Poland Shakers. 

108.-4. Jame.s, born November 1, 1803: died , at Poland Shakers. 

109.— 5. Hannah, born August 4, 1806; died , at Poland Shakers. 

110.-6. Darius, born March 9. 1809: died in Hebron. 

Ill — 7. ARCHIBALD, born August 23. 1811; married November 27, 1834, Sarah 
Davis; died February 2, 1882. 

67. SAMUEL'' Wakefield (Samuel,* Samuel,^ James,^ John^), son of 
Samuel and Ruth (Burbank) Wakefield; born in Kennebunk, March 15. 1768; 

married, , Anna Cox, of Harrington. He was a farmer, and resided 

in Steuben, Me. 


113.-1. Elisha, born September — , 1792: married April 11, 1823, Tully Nicker- 

113.— 2. Dudley, born January 4, 1794: died May 18, 1841. 

114 — 3. Drusilla, born February 29, 1796. 

115 — 4. Cyrus, born August 3, 1798. 

116.— 5. Emily, born October 1, 1800. 

117 — 6. Lavina, born Januarv 10. 1803. 

118.— 7. LoviSA, born March 28. 180.5. 

119 — 8. Asa Burbank. born March 25, 1807. 

180.-9. Elias, born August 23, 1809; married September 21, 184.5, Susan Ander- 

69. Benjamin' Wakefield (Samuel,* Samuel,^ James,^ John^), son of 
Samuel and Ruth (Burbank) Wakefield; born at Steuben, Me., November 

Fifth Generation. 127 

12, 1772; married , Mary (Polly) daufjhter of Jabez and Mary (God- 
frey) Dorman, who was born June 30, 1775, and died June 25, 1855. She was 
a native of Harrington. They resided in Steuben, Me., where he died Oc- 
tober 28, 1834. 


131.— 1. Syrena, born May (3, 1796; married January 29, 1«15, to Benjamin Small; 

died March 10, 1860. 
123 — 2. Matilda, born January 15. 1798; married November 19, 181.5, to Samuel 

Moore. She was married, secondly, to Toll Tavensworth. 
133.— 3. Sabina. born September 23, 1799: married May 17, 1823, to Jonathan 

Darling^ Parker; he died November 24, 1797. 
134 — 4. Hannah, born 25, 1801; married , to Joseph T. Watts, of 

135 — 5. Amasa, born April 10, 1803; married November 11, 1821, Jane Dyer, who 

was born September 4, 1802, and died January 13, 1888; he died August 

9, 1789. 
136 — 6. Judith, born May 2, 1805; died May 18, 1805. 

137 — 7. Lewis, born October 20. 1806; married August 19, 1837, Abigail Watts. 
138.-8. Mary Dorman, born July 19, 1806; married Octol)er 27, 1831. to Dean 

Swift Robinson, who was born 1806, and died at Machias, Me., 

August 10. 188.=). She died January 8, 1859, at Machia.s. 
139.-9. Elbridge Gerry, born May 30, 1811; married • — , Clarissa Allen; 

he died . 1888. 

130 — 10. Ambrose Coffin, born November 15. 1813; married. , Elizabeth 

131 — 11. George Washington, born November 23, 1815; married May 28, 1837, 

Susan Coffin Campbell. 
133 — 12. Hilda Ann, born April 3, 1819: married , to Jotham Sewal 


76. JAMES" Wakefield (Samuel,* Samuel.^ James,'^ John^), son of 

Samuel and Ruth (Burbank) Wakefield; born about 1783-4; married , 

Priscilla, daugeter of Daniel and (Coffin) Small. They resided at 

Steuben, Me. He died April 23, 1852, aged 68 years. 


133 — 1. Lorinda, born October 1, 1803. 

134 — 2. Hannah, born October 23, 1804. 

135.-3. Samuel, born November 12, 1806. 

136 4. Nathaniel Godfrey, born .Tanuarv 8, 1807-8. 

137.^.5. Sarah (Sally), born August 21. 1810. 

138 — 6. Philo Lewis, born November 20, 1813. 

Wofe.—MUUken'ft History of the Narragaugus Valley, Me., assigns to James and Priscillal 
(Small) Wakefield, four additional children, viz,; James A., Thirsa, Levi, and Myriam. 
No vital records included. 

iVb^e— John Small came from Cape Elizabeth. He had among others, a son Jonathan, 
who had among others a son Daniel, who married a daughter of Friend Coffln. He had 
among others a daughter Priscilla, who married James Wakefield. 

78. Benjamin-'^ Wakefield (Benjamin,* Samuel,^ James,* John^), son 
of Benjamin and Elinor (Littlefleld) Wakefield; born in Coxhall (now Ly- 
man), Me., December 5, 1773; married, firstly, January 13, 1799, Elizabeth 
Berry, of Pepperelboro, who was born Au<rust 21, 1775, and died April 17, 
1821. He married, secondly. May 4, 1822, Rebecca Conner, of Biddleford. 
They resided at Pepperelboro (Now Saco), where he died April 17, 1821. 

children by first marriage. 

139 — 1. Abigail, born December 12, 1799, at Phillipsburg. 

140 2. Nicholas, born August 10, 1802, at Phillipsburg; married July 29, 1825, 

Lydia Maxwell, of Biddleford. 

141 — 3. Benjamin, born October 8, 1804, in Saco. 

143 — 4. Edward Bradbury, born September 6, 1806, in Saco. 

143 — 5. Israel, born October 5, 1808. in Saco. 

144 — 6. Elizabeth, born November 30, 1810, in Saco. 

145.— 7. Gardner, born June 11, 1813, in Saco. 

146 — 8. William, born August 18, 181.5, in Saco. 

147 — 9. Seth S., born March 19, 1819, in Saco. 


148 10. Mark Langdon Hill, born December 14. 1823, at Saco. 

80. DoMiNicus'"' Wakefield (Jknjamin,* Samuel,^ James^ John^) son 
of Benjamin and Elinor (Littlefield) Wakefield; born about 1768, probably 
in Coxhall or Kennebunk; removed to Gardner, in 1787. He married Mar- 
tha Door , 1788, who was born in Lebanon, N. H., , 1768, and 

128 Posterity of John Wakefield of Maine. 

died , 1847, at Gardner. Dominicus was a farmer, and became one 

of the early proprietors of a part of the Bowman Point track in 1796. At 
the first town meetinfj, March 21, 1803, Dominicus was elected one of the 
"Fence- viewers and Field-drivers." He resided at Gardiner, Me. 


149.— 1. JAMES, born September 8, 1788. 

150.— 3. Jeremiah, born May 3. 1791. 

151.— 3. Daniel Haselton. born March 29, 1795. 

152.— 4. Sarah, born January 19, 1797. 

1 53.-5. Dominicus, born April 18, 1799. 

154 6. Eunice, born April 18. 1799. Twin. 

155 — 7. Henry, born September 18,1801. 

156 8. Annis. born December 24. 1803. 

157 9. Betsey, born March 29, 1805. 

iVbte— Dominicus and Jeremiah were on the muster roll of Capt. Stephen Jevvett's 
company of foot, in Pittston, Me., 1799. 

81. Jeremiah^' Wakefield {Benjamin,* Samuel,'^ James,'^ John''), son 
of Benjamin and Elinor (Littlefield) Wakefield; born in Kennebunk or Cox- 
hall, , 1757. He removed to Gardner between 1787 and 1789; he married 

Elizabeth Hanscom, and perhaps he was the .Jeremiah, who, in 1790, married 
Mary Berry, who came from West Bath in 17(i3. At the first town meeting- 
of Gardner, March 21, 1803, he was elected "surveyerof lumber and culler of 
staves." In 1796 he owned and occupied city lot No. 4; he died April G, 1851. 
Children not named. 


91. JoHN« Wakefield {Ezekiel,^ John,'^ John, ^ James, ^ John,''), son of 

Ezekiel and Hannah (Larrabee) Wakefield; born ; married Emma 

Downing. He resided in Kennebunk. 


158 1. Hannah, born . 

159.— 2. William, born . 

160.— 3. Isaiah, born . 

161. — 4. George, born 

168.— .5. John, born — 

163 — 6. Albert, born • 

164 7. Allen, born 

165 8. Frederick, born . 

166 9. Frank, born , 

167 10. Ezekiel. born May 17, 1818: married , Louisa Griffln. 

168.-11. Francis, born . 

169 12. Emma, born . 

170.— 13. Susan, born . 

Two others died young. 

94. Stephen^ Wakefield [Ezekiel,'' John,* John,^ James,^ Jolni^), 
son of Ezekiel and Hannah (Larrabee) Wakefield; born at Kennebunk, 

. 1793. He resided at Alfred. Me., and South Boston, Mass. He 

died at the latter place 1876. Married , Ruth, daughter of Freder- 
ick and Ruth (Wakefield) Wakefield. 


171 1. MARY, born August 5, 1825; married November 33, 1845, to TheopolisRund- 

lett Prescott, who was born September 6, 1823; residence South 

173 2. Emily, born ; married , McGregor; residence Summer- 

ville, Mass. 

173 3. Louisa, born ; residence Summerville, Mass. 

174 4. Hannah, born ; married , Burton: died September, 188.5. 

175 5. Ruth, born ; married , Burton: died 1893. 

176.-6. Frederick, born June 15, 1838; married, lirstly, , Julia Candage; 

married, secondly, ■ , Clara Brewer: liiarried, thirdly, , 

Mary H. Clapp. 

177 — 7. Ezekiel, born October—, 1830; died in fall. 1849. 

Sixth Generation. 129 











190.— 6. 

97. Elias'' Wakefield {Nathaniel,^' Gibbons,* John,^ James,- John^), son 
of Nathaniel and Sarah (Martin) Wakefield; born August 12, 1785, at Ken- 

nebunk; married , Ruth Roberts, who was born in Lyman, Me., and 

died February 14, 1862, at Biddleford, Me. He was a millwrig-ht, and re- 
sided at dilTerent times at Effingham and Hollis, N. H., and Biddleford, 
Me., where he died December 23, 1846. 


178—1. Joanna, born July 9, 1814; died, March 20. 1866. 

179—2. Ellen H., born November 21, 1816; died February 10, 1885. 

ISO- 3. Sarah (Andrews), born November 29. isis. 

181-4. Urania (Brown), born July 9, 1821; died March 9, 1889. 

18S— 5. Elia.s KoisBRT, born 2, 1833; married Almira Thorne; died 

April 21. 1880. 

183—6. Ruth A., born February 13. 1826; died June 21. 1861. 

184—7. Hannah M., born January 1, 1829; died November , 1833. 

99. Capt. Gibbons*' Wakefield {Nathaniel,'' Gibbons,* John,^ James,^ 
John^), son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Martin) Walceiield; born in Simington, 

Me., May 9, 1790; married , Sarah, daughter of Manassah Forbish. 

He was a farmer, and resided at Wells. He was a soldier of the War of 
1812. He died October 11, 1872, 


Caroline, born April 2, 1816; died (unmarried) February 17, 1893. 

Sarah, born September 20. 1818: married , Henry Parkhurst 

Almira, born March 12, 1821; died (unmarried) January 2.'i, 1861. 
Emeline Merrill, born February 13, 1827; married -. Charles M. 

Brown; she died February 11, 1886, leaving one child, Carrie S. Brown. 
James, born Mav l, 1824; died in infancy. 
William Lewi.s, born June 16. 1830; married October 6, 1880, Mary E. 

Josselyn, daughter of David Bayard. 

103. James'' Wakefield. (Nathaniel,^ Gibbons,* John,^ James,^ Jolin^) 

son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Martin) Wakefield; born , 1794; 

married , Louisa Shaw, of Sanford, who died 1851. He was born 

and probably lived at Kennebunkport. He died August 26, 1873. (See 
sketch of son James.) 


191 1. Albion S., born April 24, 1830; married , 1857, Louisa J. Clements 

residence North Kenne1)unkport. 

193 — 8. James, born , 1833. 

193.— 3. Martha Emeline, born ; died , 18.54. 

children by second marriage. 

194,-4. Charle.s, born ; died ,1849. 

195,-5. Isaac, born ; died , 1851. 

104. Capt. Lewis^ Wakefield (Nathaniel,^ Gibbons,* John,^ James,'^ 
Jolin^), son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Martin) Wakefield; born probably at 
Simington, Me., June 12, 1796; married November 18, 1825, Urania B. Hutt', 
of Saco, who was born March 30, 1805, and died January 30, 1834; married, 

secondly, Sarah L. , who died September 6, 1835, aged 28 years. They 

resided at Saco, where he died March 1, 1836. 


Born at Saco. 

196 1. Sarah Elizabeth, born October 6, 1826. 

197,-2. George Henry, born November 1, 1827. 

198,-3. Charles Morris, liorn February 8, 1830. 

199. — 4. Mary Louisa, born January 20, 1832. 

111. Archibald" Wakefield, {James, ^ James,* John, ^ James," John^), 
son of James and Hannah (Smith) Wakefield; born at Buxton, Me., August 
23, 1811, and resided at difTerent times at Buxton, Alfred, Poland, and 
Berton, Mass., and Lewiston, Me. He died at the latter place February 2, 
1882; he was a "Shaker," and was reared by them until 20 years of age. He 
married November 27, 1834, Sarah, daughter of David and Mary (Curtis) 


130 Posterity of John Wakefield of Maine. 


800 1. David Davis. iDorn January 12, 1837; died May 13, 1837. 

201 2. Seth D., Ijorn February 22, 1838; married August 25,1859, to Mary E. 


203 3. Edwin, born March 15, 1840. 

303 4. Harriet, born Julv 5. 1843. 

804.— .5. Hannah R., born November 21, 1849. 

805 — 6. Sarah A., born September 30, 1843. 

306.— 7. Helen, born November 3. 1855. 

iVo^f.— David Davis, a Quaker farmer, was the second male child born in Lewiston, 
Me.; born September 1, 1775; died February 5, 1851. He married Mary Curtis, who died 
November 19, 1821. 

116. Cyrus'' Wakefield (Scmiuel,^ Samuel,* Saynwl,^ James,^ John^); 
son of Samuel and Anna (Cox) Wakefield; born at Steuben, August 3, 1798; 
married, , Mahala McDonald. 


307.— 1. Aaron Webber, born . 

308.— 2. Nathaniel, born . 

809.-3. Cyrus, born . 

810.— 4. James F., born . 

311 — 5. Emily, born . 

313 — 6. Louise, born . 

813 — 7. Katherine, born . 

314.— 8. Hannah, born ; married , to Joy, of Claremont, N.H. 

Her son, Franli E. Joy, resides at Claremont, N.H. His son, Leonard 

Waketield Joy, born August 12, 1894. 

121. Syren A" Wakefield (Benjamin,^ Samuel,* Samuel,'^ James, ^ 
JohiV), daughter of Benjamin and Polly (Dorman) Wakefield; born at Steu- 
ben, Me., May 6, 1796; married .lanuary 22, 1815, to Benjamin Small, son of 
Elisha Small. She died March 10, 1860. 


Born in Cherryfleld, Me. 

1. Pamelia Small, born : married , to James Sawbon; died at Machias 

Port. Me. 

2. Alice Fell Small, born ; died , in California. 

3. Eldridge G. W. Small, born . 

4. Francis Curtis Small, born : died . in Cherryfleld. 

5. Gilbert L. Small, born ; married Moore; died at Gouldsboro, Me. 

122. Matilda* Wakefield (Benjamin,^ Samuel,* Samuel,"^ James, ^ 
John^), daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Dorman) Wakefield; born at Steu- 
ben, Me., .January 15, 1798; married November 19, 1815, to Samuel Moore, 
who was born December 6, 1791. She was married, secondly, to Toll Tavens- 


1. Maria Moore, born April 1, 1816; married to Eben S. Sampson; married sec- 

ondly to John Lynch. 

2. Susan Moore, born September 15, 1818; married to Ira Nash, who was born Sep- 

tember 19. 1811: died at Rio Janeiro. 

3. Albion K. T. Moore, born May 18. 1821 ; married Catherine Leighton, of Steuben, 

Me. He married, secondly. Page Jackson. 

4. Gilbert Moore, born February 16, 1823. 

5. Martha Moore, born June 23. 1826: married to John Gallison; died in New Orleans. 

6. Mary Ann Moore, born April 5. 1828; married to William Ingolls. 

7. William D. Moore, born June 18, 1830; married ,to Cynthia Scammons:died in 

Franklin, Me. 

8. Enoch Lincoln Moore, born March 32, 1832: married Isabella Stevens June 30, 1861. 

9. Gleason W. Moore, born November 10, 1833; married Leighton. 

10. George Ira Moore, born October 23, 1835. 

11. Samuel Moore, jr., born April 20. 1838; died July 19, 1844. 

12. Augusta P. Moore, born June 7, 1841; married Miss Plummer. 

123. Sabina" WakkfieIjT) {Benjamin,^ Samitel,* Samuel,^ James,^ John^), 
daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Dorman) Wakefield; born at Steuben, Me., 
September 23, 1799; married May 17, 1823, to .Jonathan Darling Parker, who 
was born November 24, 1797, at Bluehill, Me.; died at Steuben, Me. 


Born at Steuben. 

1. Charles Ellis Parker, born April 4, 1824. 

2. Rebecca Stow Parker, born January 17, 1827; married , to Frank Gordon. He 

died December 17, 1886. 

Sixth Generation. 131 

3. Benjamin Wakefield Parker, born P"'ebruary 2, 1829; married Mary E. Hutchings. 

4. Nancy Myriam Parker, born May 17. 1831. 

5. Delia Parker, born November 16, 1837; married, firstly, to Shaw: secondly, to 

Ezra Tufts. 

6. Sarah Lodenea Parker, born May 16, 1836; married, firstly, to Dean Swift Rob- 

inson: married, secondly, to Royal . 

7. Edwin Campbell Parker, born June 15, 18:^'J; married Miss Lyman; married, sec- 

ondly. Miss Young. 

124. Hannah''^ Wakefield (Bevjamin,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ James,^ 
John^). daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Dorman) Wakefield; born at Steu- 
ben, Me., Augubt 25, 1801; married , to Joseph Tupper Watts, of Jones- 

boro, Me. 


1. Mary Elizabeth Watts, born —: married , to Leonard Sherman Claves. 

2. Abbie Jane Watts, born ; married , to Ezra Whitney. 

3. Paulina Watts, born ; married, firstly, to Guilford Smith: married, sec- 

ondly, to Melyer Smith; died January 13, 1889. 

125. Am AS A" Wakefield {Benjamin,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Jcmie^,^ John^) , 
son of Benjamin and Mary (Dorman) Wakefield; born at Steuben, Me., April 
10, 1803; married November 11, 1821, Jane Dyer, who was born September 11, 
1802. He died August 9, 1889. She died January 1.3, 1888. 


Born at Steuben, Me. 

315.— 1. Emmeline Parker, born April 31, 1827; married March 1, 1819, to George 

Cleaves; she died November 3, 1864. at Steuben. 

316 S. Alvinia Dorman, born March 14, 18:^9: died March 19. 1830. 

317.— 3. George Henry, born January 26. 1831; married Joan Godfrey Cleaves, 

July 20. 1856. 

318 4. Alonzo. born August S. 1833; married August 29. 1868, Sarah J. Dver. 

319 5. Ann. born December 1. 1835: married to Melzer Smith February 16, 1856. 

330 6. OCTAVIA, born March 18, 1838; married to Henry FoUet. 

331 — 7. M. VanBuson, born October ,30, 1840. 

333 — 8. James Polk, born February 18, 1844: married Susan Smith, December 

21, 1870. 
333 — 9. Maby Robinson, born April 27, 1847. 

127. Lewis" Wakefield {Beujamin,'" Samuel,* Samuel,^ James, "^ John*), 
son of Benjamin and Mary (Dorman) Wakefield; born October 20, 1805; died 
August 19, 1887. He married Abigail Watts, who died .July 11, 1887. 


334.— 1. Ruth Hall, born November 19, 1830; married , Henry Card 

335 2. William Leonard, born August 35, 1833; married December 1, 1859, 

Melvina A. Faulkner. 
336 — 3. Joseph Watts, born October 27, 1835. 
337 — 4. Martha Ellen, born March 21, 1839; married , to Edmund 


338 — 5. Clarrie Mariam, born December 5, 1848; married to — Foster. 

329.-6. John B., born August 24. 1849; died April 18, 1889. 

128. MaryDorman'' Wakefield {Benjamin,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ James,^ 
John'^), daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Dorman) Wakefield; born July 19, 
1809; married to Dean Swift Robinson, March 27, 1831. He was born in 1806, 
and died August 10, 1885, at Machias, Me. She died January 8, 1859, at 


1. Adeline Robinson, born : married . Mosey. 

2. Sarah Robinson, born ; married . to Watts Hanscom. 

3. Caroline Robinson, born ; married . 

4. Rebecca Robinson, born ; married , to Luther Stone. 

5. George Dean Robinson, born . 

129. Ellridge Gerry*^ Wakefield (Benjamin,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ 
James, ^ John*), son of Benjamin and Mary (Dorman) Wakefield; born May 
30, 1811; married Clarissa Allen. He died in 1889, at East Lowell, Me. 
She died in 1854, at Lowell, Me. Previously resided in Lee, Me. 

330.-1. Ann Maria, born September 29, 1839; married to PelegT. Hewey, Novem- 
ber 28, 1858. 
331 — 2. Orie, born December 30, 1841: married , Helen E. Douglass. 

132 Posterity of John Wakefield of Maine. 

333.-3. Wabren Allen, 'born November 12, 1843; marriedNovember 37, 1869, 

Abbie J. Curtis. 

333.-4. Addison P., born October 5, 1845; married May 2.5, 1882, Hannah J. Sibley. 

334.— .5. Ambrose, born October 3. 1847: married, June 11, 1870, Cynthia Moore. 

335 6. Joseph, born January 10, 1857; married May 29, 1880, Lizzie E. Gilmore. 

336 7. Charles H., born May 7, 1853. 

337 8. MARY E.. born May 30, 1850. 

130. Ambrose Coffin" Wakefield {Benjamin,^ Samuel, '^ Samuel,^ 
James,- John^), sonoi. Benjamin and Mary (Dorman) Wakefield; born Novem- 
ber 15, 1813: married Elizabeth Campbell, who was born in 1815, at Big 
Rapids, Mich. Died in 1881, at Lansing, Mich. 


338.— 1. Posco Green, born , in Franlslin, Me.: married , Helen 


339.-2. Hdlda Ann, born : married, to Geo. A. Dyer. 

340.— 3. Charles, born : died , at Big Rapids, Mich. 

341 4. Elizabeth, born ; married , to Dr. Jarves; died in 

Travers City, Mich. 

131. Dr. George Washington" Wakefield, [Benjamin,^ Samuel,'* 
Samuel,^ James,- John^), son of Benja.min and Mary (Dorman) Wakefield; 
born at Steuben, Me., November 23. 1815: married May 21, 1837, Susan Coffin, 
daughter of -lames Archibald and Thirza (Ficket) Campbell, who was born 
in Che<rryfield, Me., February 7, 1817, and died April 21, 1881. Mr. Wake- 
field graduated at the Blue Hill Academy with the class of 1835, after which 
he attended for some time the Waterville College. He studied medicine 
and practiced at East Machias, Me. His health failing, he began building 
mills and became a practical millright and iron founder. He has been a 
pioneer in temperance work, and prior to the war was a rabid abolitionist. 
He was a trustee of the Cherryfield Academy for over forty years. 

344 — a 


Atwood. born January 9, 1839. at Steuben Me.; married Albinia 

Nice, St. John. N. B. Residence at Hartford. Conn. 

Edwin Campbell, born July 16. 1841: married Harriet Wingate, Decem- 
ber 23. 1868; died July 28. 1889. Resided in Cherryfield. Me 

BBN.JAMIN. born October 26, 1844. at Cherryfield, Me.: married Mary Ab- 
bie Adams. December 13. 1866. Residence Cherryfield. Me. 

Abbie Adams, born October 6. 1849. at Cherryfield. Me. : married to Henry 
Haviland Bowles January 19, 1869. Residence at Cherryfield. Me. 

James Campbell, born October 15. 18.53, at Cherryfield. Me.; married 
Mary Elizabeth Higgins. October 17. 1883: married, secondly, April 
72, 1892. Sarah Randall: died January 29, 1890. at Bayonne, N. J. 

133. Hilda Ann" Wakefield (Benjamin,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ James,^ 
John^), daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Dorman) Wakefield; born at 
Steuben, April 3, 1819; married to Jonathan Sewell Whitney; died April 11, 
1819, at Steuben, Me. 


1. Son. „ ,. , 

2. Hannah Whitney, born , at Feeney; died . 

3. Anna S. Feeney Whitney, born, • 

4. Son, born , died. 

5. A son. 


167. EzEKiEL^ Wakefield (Jo/m;,« Ezekicl,^ John,* John,^ James,- John^), 
son of John and Emma (Downing) Wakefield; born in Kennebunk, May 17, 

1818; he married , Louisa Griffin. They resided at Smithfield, Kenne- 

bunkport, and Lewiston, Me. 

children . 

347.-1. Charles E., born February 3, 1851. 

348.-2. DR. John Morse, born December 9. 18.52; married May 9, 1875, Flora A. 

349.-3. Clement Albert, born June 23, 18.57; married September 15, 1884, Flor- 
ence A. Leavitte. 

Seventh Generation. 133 

176. Frederick^ Wakefield (Stephen,^ EzeMel,^ John,* John,^ Jmnes,^ 
John'^}, son of Stephen and Ruth (Wakefield) Wakefield; born at Alfred, 
Me., June 15, 1828; married, firstly, Julia Candage, of Bluehill, Me.; mar- 
ried, secondly, Clara M. Brewer, of Bristol, Me.; married, thirdly, Mary H. 
Clapp, of Warren, Me. He is a carpenter and builder, and has resided at 
Alfred, Me., and Boston and Maiden, Mass. 


350.— 1. William O, born October 3, 1860; resides Maiden, Mass. 


351 8. Frank Packard, born December 13, 1808; resides Maiden, Mass. 

182. Elias Robert" Wakefield {Elias,'^ Nathaniel,-' Gihhons,'* John,^ 
James,'- John^), son of Elias and Ruth (Roberts) Wakefield: born at Biddle- 
ford, Me., August 2, 1823; married Almira Thorne, a native of Bald- 
win, Me. He was a lumberman, and resided at Lake Megantic, Province 
of Quebec, Ontario, where he died April 21, 188U. 


353.— 1. Charles Henry, born July 9, \Sf>2; married July 29, 1874. Harriet Ade- 
lade Boyne. 

192. Hon. James" Wakefield {James,^ Naihemicl,^ Gibbons,* John,^ 
James,- John^), son of James and Louisa (Shaw) Wakefield, born probably at 

Bath, , 1833. At the age of 14 years he went into business with his 

father, who was a grocer and also managing owner of a packet line between 
Kennebeck and Boston, and resided in Bath, Me. In 1854 he entered the of- 
fice of Kendall & Richardson, ship chandlers, with whom he was book- 
keeper for two years. In 185<) he again entered the grocery business with his 
father, and carried on a large trade until the breaking out of the Rebellion, 
when he joined the army. After two years' service, he returned to Bath, 
and in 18()9 he was appointed postmaster of the city, which he continued to 
fill until the end of the year 1881, when he received the apjiointment of 
collector of customs of the district of Bath, which he held until Cleveland 
became President. For a number of years he was a member of the Repub- 
lican State Committee. He was elected to the city council in 1861 and 
served that year, 1862, and 18()7. In 1871 he was elected alderman and again 
in 1872 and 1880. He was elected mayor in 1885-86-87-88-89-90. He repre- 
sented the city in the State Legislature in 1885. He was again appointed 
collector of customs by President Harrison in 1889. He has been superin- 
tendent of the water supply of Bath, resigning in 1893. 

201. Seth Davis" Wakefield {Archibald,'^ James,^' James,* John,^ 
James,- John^), son of Archibald and Sarah (Davis) Wakefield; born at 
Lewiston, Me., February 22, 1838; married August 25, 1859, Mary E., 
daughter of Aaron Coffin. He resides at Lewiston, Me., where he is a 
druggist and dealer in general merchandise. 


Born in Lewiston, Me. 

253 — 1 Archibald C, born February 18, 1861. 
354.-3. Frederick S., born December 10, 1873. 

224. Ruth Hall'' Wakefield {Lcicis,''' Benjamin,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ 
James,- John^), daughter of Lewis and Abigail (Watts) Wakefield; born 
November 19, 1834; married June 13, 1849, to William Henry Card. 


1. William Henrys Card, jr., born October 13, 18.51; married November 6, 1875, to Susan 


2. Hattie Elizabeth^ Card, born March 24, 1848; married September 16, 1874, to Thomas N. 


1. Ruth E.^ Nickerson, born November 22, 1878. 

2. Margaret^ Nickerson, born April 16, 1881. 

3. Francis F.^" Nickerson, born May 24. 1883. 

4. Josephine Clara' Nickerson, born June 6, 1886. 

134 Posterity of John Wakefield of Maine. 

230. Ann Maria^ Wakefield (Ellridge Gerry, ^ Benjamin,^ Saimiel,'^ 
Samuel,^ James,- Jolin^), daufrhter of EUridge Gerry and Clarissa (Allen) 
Wakefield; born September 29, 1839; married November 28, 1858, Peleg T. 


1. Clara E. Hewey, born February 37, 1860, at B. Lowell, Me.: died May 13, 1862. 

2. Orie Hewey, born May 22, 1862, at E. Lowell, Me. ; married Charlotte Norton, Julv 

1. 1882. 

3. E. H. Hewey, born April 22, 1865, at E. Lowell, Me. 

4. Edward L. Hewey, born August 1.^, 1867, at E. Lowell, Me. 

5. Eva E. Hewev, born September 25. 1869. 

6. Ida M. Hewey, born September 9, 1871. 

7. Harriet A. Hewey, born April 26. 1875. 

8. Mary J. Hewev, born February 12, 1878. 

9. Hari-y M. Hewey, born June 18, 1882: died January 28, 1884. 

10. Harlev Hewey, born June 18, 188;i. 

11. Idilla Hewey, born October 4, 1883. 

12. Raymond W. Hewey. born May 18. 1886. 

2J5I.ORIE H.^ Wakefield {Ellrldge Gerry, '^ Benjamin,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,'-^ James, ^ John^), son of Ellridge and Clarissa (Allen) Wakefield; born 
December 3L), 1811; married Helen E. Douglass; died at East Lowell, Me. 


355.— 1. Ralph J., born December 15, 1869. 
256.-2. Harbison P.. born January 9, 1875. 
357.-3. ANNIE J., born June 21, 1882. 

333. Warren Allen' Wakefield (EUridge Gerry,^ Benjamin,^' Samuel,* 
Samuel ,-^ James,- John'^), son of EUridge Gerry and Clarissa (Allen) Wakefield; 
born November 12, 1843; married Abbie J. Curtis, November 27, 1859. 


258.-1. Albion G.. born August 2. 1871. 

359.-2. Clara a., born April :.'6, 1873. 

360 — 3. Addison, born July 9, 1876. 

261 — 4. Edith, born March 19, 1881. 

234. Ambrose W.' Wakefield {EUridge Gerry, ^ Benjamin,^ Samuel,'^ 
Samuel,^ James,^ John^), son of EUridge Gerry and Clarissa (Allen) Wake- 
field; born at East Lowell, Me., October 3, 1847; married Cynthia Moore, 
January 11, 1870. 


Born at East Lowell. Me. 

262 1. Herbert L., born September 22, 1872. 

863 — 2. Ida M., born May 18, 1871. 

335. Joseph F.'' Wakefield [EUridge Gerry, ^ Benjamin,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,'^ James,^ John''-), son of EUridge Gerry and Clarissa (Allen) Wake- 
field, born at East Lowell, Me., January 10, 1857; married Lizzie E. Gilmore 
May 29, 1880. 

242. Atwood'' Wakefield (George WasMngton,^ Benjamin,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ James,^ Jolin'^), son of George Washington and Susan Coffin (Camp- 
bell) Wakefield; born at Steuben, January 9, 1839; married Albina Nice, St. 
John, N. B., August 20, 1861, by Rev. Mr. Smith, of St. John. 


364 — 1. Lincoln, born June 1, 1862: died . in St. John. 

365 — 2. George Nelson, born June 17, 1863; died August 20, 1887, at Hartford, 

366 — 3. Charles Atwood, born April 28, 1865; drowned April 27, 1888, at Hart- 
ford. Conn. 

367 — 4. Walter Leslie, born May 6, 1867, at Steuben, Me. 

368.-5. James Percival, born June 22. 1869, at Cherryfleld, Me. 

369.-6. Archibald Campbell, born November 11, 1871, Moores Mills, N.B. ; 
died . 

270 — 7. Frederick William, born October 20, 1875, Fairville, N.B. 

243. Edwin Campbell'' Wakefield {George Washington,^ Benjamin,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ James, ^ John^), son of George Washington and Susan Coffin 
(Campbell) Wakefield; born July l(i, 1841: married Harriet T. Wingate, De- 

Eighth Generation. 135 

cember 23, 1868, in Cherryfield, Me.; ceremony performed by Rev. S. Brown; 
died July 28, 1889. 


Born at Cherryfield. 

271 1. Ida Eliza, born September 15, 1869. 

373.-2. Seth Edwin, born April 10, 1877. 

373.-3. Carl Percy, born November — , 1879. 

374.-4. Guy, born May 31, 1889; died April 28. 1893. 
Note.— George Wingate, married December 7, 1843, Abigail B. Ricker, who was born 
June 5, 1819. Their daughter, Harriet S. Wingate, born October 17, 1844, married, Decem- 
ber 3, 1868, Edwin Campbell Wakefield. 

244. Benjamin' Wakefield {George Washington,^ Benjamin,^ Samuel,'^ 
Samuel,^ James,- John^), son of George Washington and Susan Coffin (Camp- 
bell) Wakefield; born October 26, 1844; married Mary Abbie Adams, Decem- 
ber 13, 1866, by Rev. S. Rawson; resides Cherryfield, Me. 


375 1. Mabel, born February 1:2. 1868; died February 8, 1870, at Cherryfield, Me. 

376.-3. Frank Adam.s, born February 10, 1870. 

377 3. Collin Campbell, born October 3, 1873. 

iVo^*'.- John Upton, of Salem. Mass., and Cherryfield or Millbridge, Me., born 

179—; married October — , 1830, Mary Lyon, of Newton, Lowes Falls. His house was long 
known as the "John Upton Tavern." They had one child, Mary Louisa, born October 37, 
1831: married December 35, 1844. Joseph P. Adams: is a widow at Cherryfield, Me., having 
had one child, Mary Abby Adams, l)orn July 31, 1846; married Benjamin F. Wakefield; he 
died May 19, 1833, and his widow married Rufus Hill, November 37, 1833. She had two sons 
by Hill. 

245. Abbie Adams" Wakefield (Qeorge Washington,'^ Benjamin,^ Sam- 
uel,* Sanniel,^ James,^ John^), daughter of George Washington and Susan 
Coffin (Campbell) Wakefield; born at Cherryfield, Me., October 6, 1849; 
married January 19, 1869, to Henry Haviland Bowles; by Rev. Sewel Brown. 

Born at Cherryfield. 

1. Ralph Hart Bowles, born February 7, 1870. 

2. Carl Percy Bowles, born December 9, 1871. 

3. Henry Irving Bowles, born January 13, 1874. 

4. Eva Portau Bowles, born June 4, 1877. 

5. Carl Percy Bowles, born July 34, 1883. 

246. James Campbell^ Wakefield [Qeorge Washington,^ Benjamin,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel,^ James,- John^), son of George Washington and Susan 
Coffin (Campbell) Wakefield: born at Cherryfield, Me., October 15, 1853: 
married, firstly, October 17, 1883, Mary Elizabeth Higgins, who was born 
at Cape Cod, Mass.; died January 29, 1890, at Bayonne, N. J.; buried at 
Staten Island; married, secondly, Sarah Randall, April 27, 1892; by Rev. S. 
Brown. He is a jeweler, and resides in New York city. 


Born at Bayonne, N. J. 
378.— 1. Ralph Campbell, born February 6, 1885; buried at Staten Island, N, Y- 
379.-3. Grace Louisa, born February 17,'l887; diedMarch'23, 1887, Bayonne, N.J. ; 

buried in Pine Grove Cemetery. 
380 3. George Higgins, born January 32, 1890; died April 15, 1890; buried at 

Staten Island, N. Y. 


248. Dr. John Morse^ Wakefield, (Ezekiel," John,''' Ezekiel,^ John,^ 
John,^ James, 2 John^), son of Ezekiel and Louisa (Griffin) Wakefield, born at 
Lewiston, Me., December 9, 1852. Studied at Bowdoin College Medical 
School, but graduated at Dartmouth College, receiving the degree of M.D. 
with the class of 1875. He removed to Warren and began practice in March, 
1875. He married May 9, 1875, Flora A. Emerson, who was born in Lewiston 
April 2, 1854. 

136 Posterity of John Wakefield op Maine. 

249. Clement Albert" Wakefield {Ezekiel,'' John,^ Ezekiel,^ Jolm,"^ 
John,^ James,- John^), son of Ezekiel and Louisa (Griffin) Wakefield; born in 
Kennebunkport June 23, 1857; married September 15, 1884, Florence A. 
Leavitte. He resides at Biddleford, where he is overseer in a cotton mill. 


281 — 1. Marion Elsie, born December 2, 1887. 
383 — 2. Sadie Louise, born October 8. 1889. 
283.-3. Clement Arthur, born September 4, 189.5. 

252. Charles Henry* Wakefield (.B^ms Robert,'^ Elias,^ Nathaniel,'^ 
Gibbons,* John,^ James, '^ Jolin^), son of Elias Robert and Almira (Thorne) 
Wakefield; born in Biddleford, Me., July 9, 1852; married July 29, 1874, 
Harriet Adelade, daug-hter of Michael William Parkenham and Jane (Gor- 
don) Wakefield. She descends on her father's side from the house of Ham- 
ilton of Scotland, her father being- a son of Ward Boyne, of Ireland. Her 
mother, a daughter of James Gordan, of Sharbrooke, Canada, descended 
from the Earl of Longford. Charles H. Wakefield resides in Lawrence, 
Mass., where he is a commercial salesman. 


284 — 1, Edward Elias, born July 29. 1S7.5; died October 1.5, 1895. 

385.-2. Jennie Dorcas, born June 3, 187(5. 

286.-3. James Albert, born June 23, 1877. 

287.-4. Charles Arthur, born May 7. —. 

288 — 5. Georgia, born December 2. 1878. 

289 — 6. William, born , 1880: died as^ed 9 months. 

290 — 7. Ada, born July 8, 1882; died Augiist 18, 1891. 

291 — 8. Anna, born September 17, 1884. 

292 — 9. Ethel, born 1880; died 1881. 



William Wakefield, supposed to be a brother of John Wakefield, of Wells, sailed from 
Southampton, Eng., in May, 16.38, on ship --Bevis,'' Robert Batten, master,with wife or sister, 
Ann— William aged 22, and Ann aged 20 years. He is supposed to have l)een a follower of 
Rev. John Wheelwright, as he and wife, or sister, Ann. and Annis Littletteld, all came 
over together as proteges of StephenDummer, of Newbury, who was one of Wheel- 
wright's most prominent supporters. William Wakefield was admitted freeman March 
1(5, 1638-9, and was in Hampton in 1639. He was one of the voung men who received lots. 
He was first town clerk of Hampton, chosen October 31, 1639": held office about three years; 
was also chosen a "lot layer" for one year. In Decemlier, 1639, he received a grant of 1.50 
acres of land. He was appointed December 10, 1(541, a commissioner to grant summons 
and attachments in all civil actions, etc. In 1641 or 42. he, with another, were directed to 
join with Salisbury in laying out a road to that town. He also served his town as "Wood 
reeves," as on May 4. 1644. William Palmer was chosen as his successor, he having re- 
moved from town about this time, although he is elsewhere on record as having removed 
to Newbury in 1646, The only record we have of him after his removal to Newbury is of 
date October .5, 1646. when he witnessed a deed by Stephen Dummer, of Newbury, to his 
son-in-law, Henry Sewall, marriage portion. Witness was deposed November 24, 1646, be- 
fore Richard Saltonstall, of Boston. (See Historic Ilampto/i, JV. //., Bow, Vol. 2, Colonial 
Records, Vol. 1, p. 196, Salem Quarter Court Records and Suffolk Deeds, Book 1, Folio 79.) 

Rev. John Wakefield, born about 1797, in Bath, Me.; married 

1821, Ann Prior, of Bath. He was a Baptist minister at Thomaston and 
Warren, Me., from 1820 to 1827; forced by ill health to leave the ministry, 
he became a corn and Hour merchant. 


1. Elizabeth, born 1822; married , to Miles C. Andrews, and resides in Rock- 

land, Me. 

2. Olivia B., born , 1825; resides in Rockland; she is an artist of some note. 

3. Ann, born , 1827; married • , to William C. Burgess, and resides in 

Thomaston, Me. 

4. Maria J., born November 6, 1829; died June 27, 18.52. 

5. Virginia W., born , 1842. 

JOHN M. Wakefield, born April 2, 1811, in , Me.; married Sep- 
tember 5, 1855, Matilda, daughter of Thomas and Esther Lee. He resided 
in Danbury, Conn., where he died, March 11, 1888. 


1. Esther, born July 24, 1856. Resides in New York city. 

2. Joseph L.. born May 30, 1860. Resides in Danbury, Conn. 

3. John W., born May 18, 1867; married June 9, 189.5, Cora I. Birdsall. 

Eighth Generation. 137 

John W. Wakefield, son of the precedinfi:, born at Ludding-tonville, 
N.Y., May 18, 1867; married June 9, 1895, Cora I., daugrhter of John and 
Sarah (Fisher) Birdsall. He is a hatter, and resides at Danbury, Conn. 


1. Pearl May, born November 16, 189t5. 

Carrie E. Wakefield, married May 25, 1867, to Walter, eldest son of 
Daniel Ridlon, who was born in Porter. Me., July 26, 1848, where he lived for 
some years but later engaged in the shook business in several towns inN. H. 


Born in Porter, Me. 

1. Georgie Ridlon, born November 16. 1868. 

2. Benjamin Ridlon, born September 27, 1870, 

3. Daniel D. Ridlon, born February 2, 1873. 

4. Walter Summer Ridlon, born May 1.5, 1878. 

5. Maguns-Gervace Ridlon, born November ,29, 1879. 


In Wells. 

Amos Brogdan and Tabithv Waketleld. married January 12, 1817. 

Samuel Thompson and Eliza Wakefield, married April 10, 1828. 

Josbua Wakefield and Martha Smith, married November 9, 1828. 

Charles Wakefield and Betsy Waterhouse. married November 9, 1835. 

Ezekiel Wakefield and Louisa A. Wakefield, married July 2, 1854. 

Luther Day and Susan Wakefield, married April 23, 1856. 

Benjamin S. Wakefield and Henrietta S. Martin, married January 27, 1859. 


Ezekiel Webber and Hannah Wakefield, June 20, 1778. 
Samuel Emmons and Elizabeth Wakefield, February 6, 1779. 
Moses Brouns and Merebeh Wakefield, October 7, 1780. 
John Wakefield and Mary Brown, of Arundel, June 26, 1784. 
Jonathan Wilson and Mary Wakefield. November 26. 1785, 
Abraham Wakefield and Sally Traftom, of Sanford, March 10, 1793. 
Jesse Larrabee and Mrs. Elizabeth Wakefield, August 3, 1793. 
Thomas Washburn and Mary Wakefield. April 14, 1798. 
Jonathan Taylor and Mary Wakefield, May 5, 1798, 


Alfred, Maine. 

Thomas Cole and Phebe Wakefield; February 2, 1814. 
Abner Clark and Betsy Wakefield; October 26, 1820. 
Joshua Goodwin and Hulda Wakefield; September 27, 1810. 
Jacob Linscott and Hannah Wakefield; August 13. 1847. 
John P. Murphy and Susan F. Wakefield: November 29. 1863. 
Joshua Perkins and Joanna Wakefield; November 29, 1864. 
Hezekiah Wakefield and Mary Cousins; May 6, 1806. 
Jacob Wakefield and Sally Smith; May 31, 1818. 
John Wakefield and Mary Clark; September 5, 1819. 

138 Posterity of Joseph Wakefield of Dudley. 




Of the parentage and ancestry of Joseph Wakefield there is consid- 
erable uncertainty. According- to one tradition, he, Jonathan, and Benja- 
min, of Sutton, were sons of William Wakefield and Rebecca Littlefield, of 
Wells, Me., and while there appears no records to disprove the above tra- 
dition, there is another tradition that Joseph came from Boston and was a 
descendant of the progenitor of that family. 

1. Joseph Wakefield, who was born about 1702-3, and was by occupa- 
tion a "cordwainer," must have settled in Sutton prior to 1726, as in book 17, 
p. 322, of the Worcester County Registry of Deeds, of Massachusetts, we glean that 
on June 13, 1726, that Joseph Wakefield, late of Sutton, now a resident near 
Oxford, bought 128 acres of land, on the road to Woodstock, from William 
Dudley, Esqr, of Roxbury. Joseph Wakefield married about 1725-6, Mary, 
daughter of George Robinson. He died October — , 1746, and his will, dated 
October 2, and proved November 1, 1746, was sworn to before Joseph 
Wilder, judge. ( Worcester County Registi-y of Probate, vol. ii, p. 527.) His wife, 
Mary, was appointed executrix, and was granted the use of all "improve- 
ments" as long as she remained single. The plan of division was as follows: 
William, eldest son, 20 acres; Mary, his daughter, 17 acres; Asahel, second 
son, 43 acres; Joseph, third son, 38 acres; Simeon, fourth son, 38 acres; John, 
youngest son, received 44 acres. The division of the estate was dated Octo- 
ber 1, 1747. (Vol. ii, pp. 643-4.) The inventory of the estate of Joseph 
Wakefield, taken March 19, 1757, and returned May 19, 1757, places his real 
estate at forty acres, and valued at £23 6s 8d, and cash book accounts <£12 
12s Id, total £35 19s 3d. 


8 1. William, born September 20, 1726; married 1751-2. Abia Trumbull; died July 

3, 1790. 
3 2. ASAHEL, born September 15, 1728: married . Lydia Harwood; died 

April, 1763. 
4 3. Mary, born September 14. 1730; married firstly to Ebenezer Greene; sec- 
ondly, Jeremiah Larned, of Oxford. 
5.-4. Joseph, born May 6, 1737; died June, 1757. 
6.-5. Simeon, born April 6, 1739; married November 7, 1759, Mary Delane ; died 

December — , 1763. 
7.-6. John, born - — ■, 1756; married July 1, 1772, Lydia White ; died May 23, 1830. 


2. William* Wakefield {Jose-ph^), son of Joseph and Mary (Robin- 
son) Wakefield, was born on his father's estate, on the highway between 
Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., September 20, 1726. He married, 
about 1750-1, Abia, daughter of Joseph Trumbull, of North Gore, who was 
on tax list in 1717, and died before 1770. He died July 3, 1790. His wife, 
Abia, died June — , 1795. His will of June 29, 1790, proved September 7, 
1790; he mentions being "weak in body" at date of making of will. He 
appointed his sons, Joel and Tubal, executors, and made provision to his 
wife Abia, of dwelling and one-half of his lands, the balance being divided 
between Tubal, Joel, Simeon, etc. Son Joel resigned as co-executor June 

Second Generation. 139 

29, 1790. {Worcester County Begistry of Deeds, vol. xxiii, p. 97.) On November 
14, 1796, occurred the division of lands held in common between the widow, 
Abia, and the heirs of Tubal: Lot. Marsh, guardian to heirs of Tubal. Men- 
tions Tubal's wife, Abigail, and the agreement reads: "If any dispute arises 
about the quantity of any parcel of land, an 'artist' was to be secured for 
the survey thereof." Signed by John Larned, Abigail Larned, Joel Wake- 
field, Simeon Wakefield, Luther Wakefield, Solomon Wakefield, and David 
Wakefield, of Dudley. (See vol. xxvi, p. 397, Worcester County Begistry of 
Deeds. ) 

June 10, 1795, after the death of Abia Wakefield, her estate was divided 
between their children, as follows: The farm was given to eldest son, 
David, on condition that he was to make a certain payment; the balance 
was divided between Solomon, Simeon, Joel, Tubal, Mary, Martha, Rachel, 
and John Larned (step-father of the heirs of Martha, who was probably 
then deceased). 


8 — 1. David, born February 9, 175:i; died 1823, unmarried. 

9 — 2. (ELDER) Solomon, born April 22, 1754; married July 1. 1784, Chloe Brown; 
died February 9, 1814. 

10.— 3. Mary, born February 23, 1758; married January 10, 1778, Luther Wake- 

11. — 4. Martha, born November 30, 1700; married December 6, 1781, John 
Larned. of Oxford. 

18 — 5. Simeon, born May ti. 1763: married, firstly, February 18, 1790, Sarah Ris- 
cord; secondly! Hannah ; he died . 1843. 

13 — 6. Joel, born August 11, 1765; married March 10, 1792, Mehitable Marsh. 

14 — 7. Rachel, born July 12. 1767. 

15.— 8. Tubal, born June 12. 1770; married February 14, 1793, Abigail Marsh. 

16.-9. Chloe, born August 28, 1775. 

3. ASAHEL- Wakefield {Joseph^}, son of .Joseph and Mary (Robin- 
son) Wakefield, was born on his father's estate on the highway between 

Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Ct., September 15, 1728. He married 

Lydia, daughter of David Harwood, sr. He was a husbandman or farmer, 
and probably resided upon part of the land which he inherited from his 
father. Worcester County Begistery of Deeds, vol. xli, page 137, records a deed 
of twenty-eight acres of land sold to his brother, William Wakefield, for 
£20, dated May 6, 1752. It appears that his wife, Lydia, suffered a short 
period of mental derangement, as in vol. viii, p. 121, Worcester Begistry of Pro- 
bate, David Harwood was appointed guardian of Lydia Wakefield, of Sutton, 
a person who is "noji comjjos,'" and the same volume, p. 454, under date 
July 2, 1764, Lydia Wakefield is represented as restored to her right mind 
and guardian is discharged. Asahel Wakefield died intestate in April, 
1763, and June 27 of the same 3'ear the inventory of his estate was recorded, 
and David Harwood, his father-in-law, was appointed administrator. The 
estate was valued at £157 16s lOtZ and was divided as follows: One-third to 
David Harwood, jr., guardian of the widow, and two-thirds to the children, 
or their legal representatives, in four parts, two to the oldest son and one 
each to two others, the division being dated July 2, 1764. We fail to find 
any official records giving statistics of the children, but the following are 
assumed to be their children: 


17 — 1. Samuel, born , 175 — ; married about 1775-6, Olive . 

18.-2. Joseph, born . 175—; died unmarried. 

19.— 3. Asahel, born , 17.5—; married December 6, 1792, Sally Byam. 

4. Mary^ Wakefield {Joseph^), daughter of Joseph and Mary (Rob- 
inson) Wakefield, was born on her father's estate on the highway be- 
tween Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., September 14, 1730. She was 

married, firstly, , to Ebenezer Greene, of Thompson, Conn.; married, 

secondly, , to Jeremiah Larned, of Oxford. "Ebenezer and Mary 

Greene, both of Killingly, Conn., for £28 sold, March 12, 1752, to William 
Wakefield, her portion, which came from her father, Joseph Wakefield." 
(See book xxxi., p. 290, Worcester County Begistry of Deeds.) 

5. .losEPH^ Wakefield (Joseph^), son of Joseph and Mary (Robin- 
son) Wakefield, was born on his father's estate on the highway between 

140 Posterity of Joseph Wakefield of Dudley. 

Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., May (i, 1737. He died unmarried, 
and his brother, William, was appointed administrator of his estate, June 
23, 1757. His estate was valued at £24, and was divided June 15, 1758, be- 
tween his several brothers and sisters. 

6. Simeon- Wakefield {Joseijh^), son of Joseph and Mary (Robin- 
son) Wakefield, was born on his father's estate on the highway between 
Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., April 6, 1738. He married in Dudley, 
Novemlser 7, 1759, Mary Deline, of Charlton, who married, secondly. May 
8, 1761, Joseph Putney, of Charlton. Simeon Wakefield died intestate, and 
his widow, Mary, was appointed administratrix. 

In May. 17()3, Mary Wakefield, administratrix on estate of Simeon 
Wakefield, late of Killingly, Windham county, Conn., entered a memorial, 
that the debts of her late husband, exceeded in amount the personal 
property of the estate, and prayed for liberty to sell real estate, which was 
granted to the amount of £17 15.s 11 Kf?, under charge of the district of 
Pomfret. .Joseph Putney and Mary Putney, administratrix, entered an- 
other memorial in May, 17(56: "Debts and allowance for maintenance and 
bringing ujd of two of the children, surmounts the personal estate by £16 
15.S 2(:Z," and petition to again sell land. John Jacobs was ordered to sell 
land under charge of the district of Pomfret. The inventory of the estate 
of Simeon Wakefield was recorded December 17, 1762; records of children 


7. John- Wakefield {Joseph'^), son of Joseph and Mary (Robinson) 
Wakefield, was born on his father's estate on the highway between Oxford, 
Mass., and Woodstock Conn., about 1756; married .Tuly 1, 1772, Lydia White, 
of Killingly, Conn.; resided at Killingly, Conn. He died May 2-3, 1830, aged 
81 years. His will made June 17, 1817, gives to his only remaining son, 
Ebenezer, all his real estate. (Son Moses lately deceased.) He also pro- 
vides for wife Lydia, Chloe Elliott, Mary Joy, and Asenath Mashcraft, 
his daughters, and Sophia Munyan, daughter of Mary .Joy. Son Ebenezer, 
executor. Lorenzo Wakefield, a debtor. June 15, 1830, Jno. Nichols ap- 
pointed administrator of estate. The settlement of his estate, January 
4, 1831, mentions Nancy Wakefield for caring for deceased and wife, also 
Hiram for caring for cattle. 


20 — 1. Moses, horn Februarj' 4, 1778: married : died November 23, 1815. 

31.— 2. Ebenezer, born April — , 1783; married Hannah ; died February 

19. 1S28. 

22.-3. Chlok. born : married , to Elliott. 

2.3 — 4. Mary, born ; married . to Joy. 

24. — 5. Asenath. born ; married , to Mashcraft. 


9. Elder Solomon^ Wakefield (William,- Joseph^), son of William 

and Abia (Trumbullj Wakefield; was born April 22, 1754, on his father's 

estate on the highway between Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn. He 

married July 1, 1784, Chloe, daughter of Briant and Hepsibah (Chandler) 

Brown, who was born at Killingly, Conn., May 20, 1759. 

"In 1798 a Baptist Church was formed in what is now Webster, Mass., and Elder 
Solomon Wakefield was ordained to the work of the gospel ministry, not, however, as 
pastor, but with the understanding that he would labor with the church in word and 
doctrine. He was a member of the Baptist Church in Thompson. Conn., and from the 
fact that he received ordination in the Robinson neighborhood, two miles east of the old 
meeting house, it would seem that he was licensed to preach by that church. Elder 
Solomon Wakefield was one of the five brothers who settled between the present railroad 
station and the east village in Webster. He owned the land where the south village is 
now located, and he lived there. He is spoken of, by the few who remember his ministry, 
as a goodly man and an acceptable preacher in his day. He was zealous and earnest in 
his manner of speaking. He believed and taught that ministers should receive no com- 
pensation for their services, not so much as a present. He held and preached Armenian 

Third Generation. 141 

views of doctrine. The more strictly Calvinistic portion of the church took exception to 
this and would, not infrequently, when opportunity was given at the close of the sermon, 
as was then the custom, express in warm terms, their dissent from the doctrine preached 
from the pulpit.' He died March 23, 1821, aged 66 years. She died February 9, 1814, aged 
53 years. (See Chandler (ieneaUxm.) 

"Solomon Wakefield's narhe appears on the muster and pay roll of Capt. Lemuel 
Corljin's company. Col. Jacob Davis's regiment, for service at Rhode Island, on the alarm 
of July 30, 1780; enlisted July 30, 1780; discharged August 12,1780; service thirteen days; 
belonged to V>\x&\&y ." —(Massachusetts lieeolutionary War Archives.) 

His will, dated at Royalston, January 31, 1821, was probated May 1, 
1821. He made bequests to all of his children, and appointed his son-in-law, 
Gibbs Dodge, one of his executors. 


35.— 1. "William, born October 18, 1784; married, firstly. August \n, mi3, Lucinda 
Emerson; married, secondly, •,Mary (Polly) t;ase; died , 1858. 

26.-2. "WiLLARD, born April 4, 1786; married February 17, 1820, Susanna Bliss; 
died June 28, 1821. 

37.-3. Mary (Polly), born October 27, 1788: married April 19, 1819, Gibbs Dodge. 

38 — 4. Susanna, born .July 3, 1791 ; died July 19, 1866. 

39 — 5. Rebecca, born November 11. 1794; died December 17, 1826, unmarried. 

30.— 6. Elizabeth (BETSEY), born June 4, 1797; married April 28, 1821, David Sears. 

31 — 7. Pearley, born August 7, 1801; died October 20, 1802. 

10. Mary^ Wakefield (William,- Joseph^), daughter of William and 
Abia (Trumbull) Wakefield, was born on her father's estate, on the highway 
between Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., February 2."5, 1758. She was 
married January 10, 177S, to Luther, son of Jonathan and Abigail (Smith) 
Wakefield, who was born August 26, 1751, and died April 6, 1826. (For more 
extended sketch and connection with descendants, see record of Luther.) 


1. Rufus "Wakefield, born April 5. 1783; married October 11, 1811, Ruth Atwood; died 

May 22, 1838. 

2. Sylvanus "Wakefield, born , 1785, married January 8, 1812, Rhoda Corbin; died 

March 13. 1863. 

3. Philip Wakefield, born ; died in early life. 

4. Mary Wakefield, born ; died young. 

11. Martha^ Wakefield {William,^ Josephs ), daughter of William 
and Abia (Trumbull) Wakefield, was born on her father's estate, on the 
highway between Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., November 30, 1760. 
She married December 6, 1781, as first wafe, John Larned (or Learned), who 
was born June 20, 1758. He was a resident of Oxford. She died May 26, 
1794, and ,he married, secondly. November 6, 1794, Abigail (Marsh) Wake- 
field, widow of Tubal Wakefield, brother of his first wife, Martha. He was 
a prominent Baptist. He died December 8, 1844. 


1. Daniel^ Larned, born July 19, 1782; marriage intentions published July 20, 1807, Hannah 

Palmer of Dudley; died Mav 23. 1861. 

2. Abia= Larned, born November 19, 1784; married , to Jessie Robinson, of Dudley; 

she died March 21, 1866. 

3. Theodore^ Larned, born July 14, 1786; married Octqber 6, 1805, to Solomon Robinson 

(brother of Jesse), who was born June 6. 1786, and died at Webster, 1865. She died at 
Hardwick, May 25, 18,59. 

4. Martha' Larned, born October 4, 1788; married April 2, 1809, to Enoch Marsh, of Dudley; 

she died October 6. 1864. 

.5. Lavinia^ Larned. born July 13, 1793; married , to Truman Head of Hardwick. 

6. SamueP Larned. born Jufy 20, 1815; married December 20, 1837, Nancy M.. daughter of 

Joshua and Lydia (Mason) Wakefield, of Dudley, who was born about 1821. Removed 

1862 to Oxford. 

1. John E.^ Larned, born February 27, 1842, at Dudley. 

2. Cyrus^ Larned, born July 24, 1844, "soldier;" died at Washington, September 1, 


3. George A.^ Larned, born March 3, 18.55, at Dudley. 

12. Simeon^ Wakefield {William,'^ Joseph^), son of William and Abia 
(Trumbull) Wakefield, was born on his father's estate on the highway be- 
tween Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., May 6, 176.']. He married, 
firstly, February 18, 1790, Sarah Rickord; she died September 27, 1834, and 

he married, secondly, , Hannah . He died in Charlton, Mass., 

November 1, 1843, aged 80 years. His will of July 8, 1842, dated at Charl- 
ton, provides for wife, Hannah, son John, heirs of son Joshua, deceased, 


— 1. 





43 — 1. 






— 7. 

142 Posterity of Joseph Wakefield of Dudley. 

heirs of son Caleb, deceased, daughter Tamer Dodge, wife of David Dodge, 
granddaughter of Mary Ann, daughter of son Caleb, deceased, and the fol- 
lowing grandchildren, children of Peter R., deceased, viz: William S. 
Wakefield, Eliza Ann Wakefield, Simeon O. Wakefield, Peter V. Wakefield. 
Gibbs Dodge, executor. 


33 1. Tamer, born December 20. 1790; married December 31, 1809, to David 

33 2. John, born February 7, 1793: married September U, 1814, Matilda Cor- 

bin: died December 21, 1851. 
34.-3. Caleb, born June 6, 1795; married, firstly. March 3. 1818, Lucinda Brown; 

married, secondly. May 15. 1825, Maria Harris; died August, 1829. 
35 i. Joshua, born June 6, 1795 ; married, firstly, August 11. 1817, Lydia Mason; 

married, secondly. October 1, 1825, Abigail T. Towne; died April, 1840. 

36 5. Sarah, born October 25, 1797; died in infancy. 

37 — 6. Peter, born December 8, 1800; died young. 

38 7. Peter Reckord, born May 29, 1804: married about 1827, Eliza Shaw; died 

November 5, 1842. 
39.-8. Sarah, born August 27, 1808; died young, unmarried. 

13. Joel-'' Wakefield {William,^ Josejjh^), son of William and Abia 
(Trumbull) Wakefield, was born on his father's estate, on the highway be- 
tween Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., August 11, 1765. He married 
March 10, 1792, in Dudley, Mass., Mehitable Marsh, who was born in Sutton 
in 1774, (daughter of Lot Marsh). He resided at Oxford, Mass., and at 
"Holland Purchase," N. Y. 


Alpheur. born May 30, 1792; married March 7, 1816. Submittee Keith. 
Tubal, born , 1794: married September 19, 1816, Rosilla Green- 
wood; died May, 1868. 
Zilpha, born March 30. 1799. 
Jonathan, born August 5, 1801. 
Levi, born August 10, 1804. 
Enoch, born November 24, 1806. 
Phebe, born October 23, 1809. 

15. TuBAL^ Wakefield {William,'^ Joseph^), son of William and Abia 
(Trumbull) Wakefield, was born on his father's estate on the highway be- 
tween Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., .June 12, 1770; married in 
Dudley, Mass., February 14, 1793, Miss Abigail, daughter of Lot Marsh. He 
died intestate November, 1795, and his brother, Joel Wakefield, was ap- 
pointed administrator, November 3, 1795. All his property went to Rhoda, 
his only surviving child, and she being a minor, her grandfather. Lot 
Marsh, was appointed her guardian. His widow was married, secondly, 
November 6, 1794, to John Larned, of Oxford, who married, firstly, Martha, 
daughter of William and Abia (Trumbull) Wakefield. (See vol. xxvi., p. 469, 
Worcester County Begistry of Probate.) 


47.-1. Rhoda, born June 7, 1793; married December 9, 1810, Nathan Cody. 

17. Rev. Samuel^ Wakefield {Asahel,^ Josepk^), assumed to be son of 
Asahel and Lydia (Harwood) Wakefield, was born, 1758; removed from New- 
fane to Dummerstown, Vt., in 1784. He married, firstly, , Olive , 

and was a resident of Guilford, Vt., in 1776. She died in 1788. He was a 
resident in the Hayne, and first bought land of Daniel Taylor and afterwards 
made sales of land to Daniel Briggs, Jesse Manley, and John Whitney. 
{Ver7nont Historical Gazeteer, Hemenway, vol. v., p. 161.) He was frequently 
referred to as the ''Old English Baptist Minister" and his pronunciation 
was sufficiently English for him to have been born there. He removed from 
Vermont and settled in the town of Butternuts, N. Y. Died in 1839. The 
Massachusetts lierolutionary War Archives record the following services of 
Samuel Wakefield, supposed to be the same: 

His name appears as "private on muster and pay roll of Capt. Samuel Read, jr.'s 
company. Col. Josiah Whitney's regiment; enlisted December, 1776. Service performed 
sometime between December, 1776, and March. 1777, discharged March, 1777. Time of serv- 
ice 2 months 22 days. Roll dated Uxbridge. His name also appears on return of men en- 
listed into Continental army from Captain Howe's or Spooner's company of 7th Worcester 
regiment, dated Petersham, December 30. 1777; belonged to Gilford; enlisted from Peter- 
sham; term of enlistment 8 months, to January 10, 1777; joined Capt. Benj. Gates's com- 
pany. Col. Rufus Putnam's regiment. We also find his name as private on Continental 

Third Generation. 143 

army pay accounts, Capt. Gardner's company, Colonel Putnam's Regiment, for service 
from March 25, 1777, to May 7, 1778. Reported deserted. 

"Samuel Wakefield, private, on depreciation roll of Col. Rufus Putnam's regiment, 
to make good the depreciation of wages for the first three years' service in Continental 
army, from 1777 to 1780; reported deserted. His name appears on list of deserters from 
5th Massachusetts regiment. Col. Rufus Putnam, dated November :10. 1780. Aged 23 years; 
stature, 5 feet 9 inches; complexion dark; hair, dark: residence, Guilford, N. H. : term 
of enlistment, 3 years; deserted September 2.i. 1777; in service for Petersham. His name 
also appears as private on muster return of Capt. Benj. Gatess company. Col. R. Put- 
nam's regiment, dated Albany, February 9, 1778. Belonged to and enlisted from Peter- 
sham; mustered by Capt. Nevi'hall. His name is found as sergeant on return of Capt. 
John Hall's company. Col. Benj. Fosters Lincoln county regiment. Marched on 
expedition to Major Bagadires (?) by order of Ensign Lovel; inservice August 7 to Septem- 
ber 7, 1779, 1 month. 

"We also find his name as sergeant on muster and pay roll of Capt. Henry Dyer's Com- 
pany, Col. Foster's regiment; service at Machias during August. September, and October, 
vv^hen British ships vrere in harbor. Enlisted August 1.5, lt77; discharged August 22, 1777. 
Time of service, 7 days, also 18 days service, ending October 9, 1779. Residence, No. 4. also 
in Capt. Dyer's company of rangers for service in Eastern department. Col. John Allen's 
regiment; enlisted March 9, 1780; discharged May 1, 1780; time of service, 1 month, 2:2 
days; residence. Township No. 4.'' 


48.— 1. Samuel, born October 25, 1776; married February 11, 1798, Sibyi Belknap. 

49.-2. Thomas, born , 1779, in Newfane, Vt. 

50.-3. Obadiah. born , 1781. at Newfane, Vt. 

51 — 4. MARY (Polly), born , 1783, Newfane. Vt. 

62.-5. Olive, born , 1785, at Dummerstown, Vt. ; married , to John 

Wood, son of Frank and Mary (Wood) Priest, who was born in Pom- 
fret, Vt., October 18, 1809. Residence Parishville. N. Y. She died , 

1842. He married secondly. Lucinda Stafford. He has been mayor of 
Springfield, 111., three terms, and been prominent as a man of wealth 
and enterprise. They had one child, Franklin G. Priest, boru Janu- 
ary 7, 1839; died Februarv 19. 1842. 

53.-6. Benona, born , 1786, at Dummerstown, Vt. 

children by second marriage. 

54.-7. Joseph, born , 1790. 

55.-8. Elizabeth, born ,1792. 

56.-9. Elmore, , . 

57.— 10. Lyman, born — — , 1798. 

19. ASAHEL^ Wakefield {AsaM,^ Joseph,'^), son of Asahel and Lydia 
(Harwood) Wakefield, was born at Braintree, , 175 — . He married De- 
cember 6, 1792, Sarah (Sally) Byam. Residence, Braintree, Vt. 


68.-1. James, born about 1799; married December 14, 1820, Lucy Willington, died 

, 1879. 

59.-2. Reuben, born , ; married Olive (Chase) Richardson; lived in 

Randolph, Vt. (See History of Braintree, Vt., 1883, pp. 194-195.) 

20. MoSES'' Wakefield (John,^ Joseph^), son of John and Lydia 
(White) Wakefield, was born in Killing-ly, Conn., February 9, 1778. He 

married ; removed with his family ito Michigan, where he 

died. Settlement of estate of Moses Wakefield, * * * etc., * * * 
during life of Mr. John Wakefield, his father, etc., * * * pay Ebenezer 
Wakefield, $5.60. Widow to be supported. 


60.-1. Dennis, born ; married, firstly, to Abigail Crosby; married, 

secondly, , of Michigan; married, thirdly, , of South- 
bridge, Mass. Had a son, Charles, by second wife. He resides in 

61.-2. Hiram, born about 1798; married Rachel Crosby; died January 28, 1880, 
aged 83 years. 

63.-3. Phebe, born ; married Horatio Wilson, of Thompson, Conn. One 


21. Ebenezer^ Wakefield {John,^ Joseph^) son of John and Lydia 
(White) Wakefield; was born at Killingly, Conn., April — , 1773. He married 

, Hannah , who died March 4, 1860, aged 85 years and 7 months. 

He died February 19, 1828, aged 54 years, 10 months. His estate was ad- 
ministered December 1, 1828. Owing to previous bequests made to his 
children, Thirza, .John, Israel, and Lorenzo, to which they made claim at 
the administration of his estate, the estate was declared insolvent. On 

144 Posterity of Joseph Wakefield of Dudley. 

July 8, 1829, the court set off to Hannah Wakefield, widow of Ebenezer, her 
dower interest in the estate; March 9, 1830, Silas Bowen was appointed 
jTuardian of Ebenezer Wakefield, a minor. His widow, Hannah, and son, 
Lorenzo, were appointed administrators of his estate in March, 1828. 


63.— 1. MATILDA, born April 14, 1793; married to Jonathan Richardson, of 
Thompson. No issue. 

64.-2. Patty, horn March 3, 1795; married , to Adolphus Thayer, of 

Rhode Island. 

65 — 3. Peakley, born December 3, 1797: unmarried. 

66 — 4. Thjbza, born December 25, 1799; married to Silas Bowen, of 

Thompson. Conn. 

67.-5. John, born January 29, 1802; married , Susan Davis, of East Green- 
wich, R, I. 

68 6. Israel, born December 31, 1803; married , Almira Cruff. Six chil- 
dren. • 

69.-7. Lorenzo, born December 24, 1805; never married. 

70 — 8. Sifronia. born February 26, 1807; married to James H. Gifford, of 

New Bedford. 

71 — 9. Alice, born March 24, 1809; married, firstly, to Leonard Bowen; 

had three children. Married, secondly, — — to Ruf us Powers. 

78.-10. Ebenezer. jr., born August 22, 1812; married , Miranda Wade. 

Four children. 


35. William* Wakefield {Elder Solomon,^ William,- Joseph^), son of 

Elder Solomon and Chloe (Brown) Wakefield, was born at , Mass., 

October 18, 1784. He married, firstly, Aui^ust 15, 1823, Lucinda Emerson, at 

Dudley, Mass. He married, secondly, in Warwick, R. I., , Mary 

(Polly) Case. He died in Webster, Mass., , 1858. His will, dated De- 
cember 23, 1857, mentions wife, "Polly," and daughter, Mary Ann, and ap- 
points his ijrother-in-law, Gibbs Dodg'e. and nephew, Ruf us B. Dodge, both of 
Charlton, executors. It provided for his cemetery lot for his tomb, to be in- 
closed by a fence. The will was probated February 16, 1858. 

Note— By permission of the Massachusetts Legislature, about ten years ago the land 
was sold and the tomb taken down. The remains of William Wakefield were re-interred 
in the cemetery at East Village. 


73 — 1. MARY Ann, born , 1833; married , to Grogan. 

36. Willard-* Wakefield {Elder Solomon," William,- Joseph^), son of 
Elder Solomon and Chloe (Brown) Wakefield, was born in Dudley, Mass., 
September 4, 1786; married February 17, 1820, Susanna Bliss, who died at 
Worcester, September 5, 1849. They also resided in Rovalston, Mass., 
where he died, June 28, 1821. Willard Wakefield and J. Rice had a "public 
house" (tavern) at Northville for a number of years. 


74 — 1. WiLLARD Chandler, born June 10, 1821; married January 2, 1849, Henri- 
etta Adams; he died April 5, 1872. 

30. Elizabeth (Betsey)* Wakefield {Elder Solomon,^ William,'^ 
Joseph'^), daughter of Elder Solomon and Chloe (Brown) Wakefield, was born 
in Dudley, Mass., June 4, 1797. She married April 28, 1821, David, son of 
Larned and Keziah (Baker) Sears. Both died in Webster, Mass. 


1. Elizabeth (Betsey) Sears, born , ; died young. 

2. Susan Sears, born , ; married to Reuben Sears; died , 1876, at 

Maiden, Mass. 

33. John* Wakefield {Simeon,^ William,^ Joseph^), son of Simeon 
and Sarah (Reckord) Wakefield, was born in Dudley, Mass., Feburary 7, 
1793. He married September 11, 1814, Matilda Corbin, of Dudley, Mass. He 
died December 21, 1854, aged 61 years, 10 months, and 15 days. 

Fourth Generation. 145 


75.— 1. Sarah M., born September 10. 1816; married to Johnson Robinson: inten- 
tions of marriage published November 30, 1845; she died July 28, 188.5. 

76.-2. Matilda, born June 14, 1817; married March 5, 1838, Elijah Hicks; died be- 
fore 1885. 

34. Caleb* Wakefield {Simeon,^ William.^ Joseph'^) son of Simeon 
and Sarah (Reckord) Wakefield; was born on his father's estate on the 
highway between Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., June 6, 1795. He 
married, firstly, March 2, 1818, Lucinda Brown, in Dudley, Mass.; he 
married, secondly, May 1"), 1825, Maria Harris, of Thompson, Conn., where 
they resided. He died intestate August, 1827, and on August 15, of the 
same year, his brother, .John, was appointed administrator of his estate. 
The inventory mentions .$10. 74 due Peter R. Wakefield. Under date of 
August 4, 1821), John Wakefield, administrator, filed a bill for support of 
family, during settlement of estate. Caroline and Jane, children, and 
Maria, widow, are named. 


77 1. CAROLINE, born . 

78.-2. Mary Ann, born August 16, 1824; died December 7, 1813, aged 19 years, 4 
months, 21 days. 


79 — 3. Jane, born . 

80 — 4. Amelia, born 

81.-5. Augustus Allen, born 

35. Joshua* Wakefield (Simeon,^ William,^ Joseph,^) son of Simeon 
and Sarah (Reckord) W^akefield, was born on his father's estate on the high- 
way between Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., .June (5, 1795. He mar- 
ried, firstly, August 11, 1817, Lydia Mason, of Douglass, who died March 11, 
1823; resided Dudley, Mass.; married, secondly, at Thompson, Conn., October 

1, 1823, Abigail T. Towne, of that place. He died , 1832, and his 

widow, Abigail, was awarded dower June 5, 1832. The Probate Records under 
date of April 18, 1840, mention Samuel Larned and Nancy Larned, his wife, 
and Betsey Wakefield, of Charlton, a minor, as the only heirs of their 
father's estate. 


82 — 1. Nancy M.. born March 30, 1819; married December 20, 1837, to Samuel 

Larned; residence, Oxford. 
83 2. Elizabeth (Betsey), born June 1, 1821; married May 24, 1841, to Lorin 

Dodge; resided Chicago, 111., where she died many years ago. 

38. Peter Reckord * Wakefield {Simeon,^ William,^ Josepjh^), son of 
Simeon and Sarah (Reckord) Wakefield, was born on his father's estate on 
the highway between Oxford, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn., May 29, 1804. 

He married , 1828, Eliza Shaw, of Wales, Mass., who died in Carlton 

May 21, 1886, aged 75 years. He died in Charlton November 5, 1842, aged 35 



84 1. William Stoughton, born February 21, 1829; married March 30, 1852, 

Pamelia Wallin. 
85 — 2. Elizabeth Catherine, born January 17, 1831, married to Benja- 
min Nichols. 
86.-3. Simeon Orson, born August 10, 1832: died young: unmarried. 
87 — 4 Peter Valentine, born May II, 18.37: married October 14, 1862, Mary Jane 
Carpenter: resides Brookfield, Mass. No issue. 

41. Rev. Tubal^ Wakefield {.loel,^ William,^ Joseph'^) son of Joel and 

Mehitable (Marsh) Wakefield, was born in Dudley, Mass., , 1794. 

He married September 19, 1816, Rosella Greenwood, who was born in 
Sutton, Mass.. September 27, 1797, and died at Charlton, December 4, 1861. 
He died at Woodville, Mass., May — , 1868. Tubal Wakefield succeeded, 
April 1, LS36, to the pastorate of the Baptist church at Packersville (now 
Canterbury), Conn. He also occupied the pulpit, in 1852, as pastor of the 
church in North Ashford, Conn. (History Windham County, p. 1037.) 

Lamed'' s Histoi-y, vol. 2, p. .506, says: "Rev. Tubal Wakefield was pastor 
of the Baptist Church in Plainfield in 1838." 

146 Posterity of Joseph Wakefield of "Dudley. 


88 1. Leandeb Elmer, born September 28, 1818; married November 23, 1853> 

Lucv Cbase Mann: died May 9. 1865. 

89.-2. Ebast'us, born April 20, 1820; married November 5, 18-14, Mary Cool, of 
Waterville. Me,, who was born September 11, 1823. 

90.— 3. Dr. Adonirum Judson, born September 10, 1823: married December 10, 18.50, 
at Sandwicli, Mass.. Catherine Stedson. No issue. Residence, Jack- 
sonville, Fla. He was born at New Hartford, Conn. Graduated from 
Harvard College, Medical Department. 1855. 

91. — 1. Lucius Henry, born August 28, 1825; married May — , 1859, Sarah Jane 

48. Samuel* Wakefield {Samuel,^ Asahel,- Joseph^), son of Samuel 

and Olive ( ) Wakefield, was born in Guilford, Vt., October 25, 177(i. 

He married February 11, 1798, Sibyl Belknap, of Dummerstown, Vt.; died 
November 18, 1822, aged 46 years. 


93.-1. Samuel, jr., born July 20, 1800: married ; died January 13, 1871. 

93 2. BENJAMIN Franklin, born March 27, 1802; married , Mary John- 
son; died October 4, 1881. 

94 3. Daniel, born . 

95. — 1. Dean, born . 

58. .James-* Wakefield {Asaliel,^ Asahel,^ Joseph^), son of Asahel and 
Sarah (Sally Byam) Wakefield, was born , , and married Decem- 
ber 24, 1820, Lucy Willing-ton. Resided in Braintree about fifteen years. He 
died in Michig-an in 1879, aged about 80 years. 


96 — 1. George W., born . : married . , Clara Fisk; residence 

-West Brookfield. 

97.-2. Luther, born , : residence, Northfield. 

98 3. Calvin, born , ; residence, Michigan. 

99 4. Jefferson, born , ; residence, Michigan. 

lOO 5. DANA, born , ; died in the army. 

101.— 6. iViATiLDA, born ' : residence, Michigan. 

103 7. Mary, born , ; residence. Michigan. 

103.— 8. Augusta, born , ; residence, Michigan. 

104.— 9 Jasper, born . ; residence, Michigan. 

105. — 10. Justin, born , ; resides in Michigan. 

67. .John-* Wakefield (Ehenczer,^ John,^ Joseph^), son of Ebenezer and 

Hannah ( ) Wakefield, for whom the town of Wakefield, R. I., was 

named, was born in Thompson, Conn, January 29, 1802. He married , 

, Susan Davis, of East Greenwich, R. I. 


106 — 1. Harriet Amelia, born May 14, 1834; married James M. Munyan. 

107.— 2. Martin Cowan, born , ; never married. 

108.— 3. Helen Elizabeth, born ■ , ; married , , to Horace F. 

Mun3'an, of Thompson, Conn. Residence, Bay City, Mich. Six children. 
109.-4. John Henry, born , ; married , , Elizabeth Morse, 

of Bedford. Ohio. Four children. 
110 — 5. Susan, born , ; married , , to Phinamber Houts, of 

Bedford. Ohio. Two children. 
111,-6. Charles Malvern, born , ; married — — , , . 


74. Willard Chandler^' Wakefield (Willard,^ Elder Solomon,^ WW 

liam,^ Joseph'^), son of Willard and Susanna (Bliss) Wakefield, was born in 

Royalston, Mass., June 10, 1821. He married January 2, 1849, Henrietta A. 

Adams. He was a carpenter by trade. He died April 5, 1872, in Worcester. 



113 1. Frank H., born December 15, 1851; died February 8, 1858. 

113 — 2. Walter A., born August 28, 1853: died March 5, 1858. 

114 — 3. Alfred J., born February 18, 18.55; died March 3, 1858. 

115 — 4. William E.. born February 25, 1857; died February 19, 1858. 

116.-5. WiLLLS H., born April 17, 1859; died April 4, 1881. 

117 — 6. George Willard, born March ri6, 1863; married September 25, 1889, Julia 
Perry Rice. 

Fifth Generation. 147 

84. William Stoughton"' Wakefield (Peter Rcckonl,* Simeon,^ 
William,^ Joseiih^), son of Peter Reckord and Eliza (Shaw) Wakefield; was 
born February 21, 1829. He married March 30, 1852, Pamelia Wallin. Resi- 
dence, Charlton, Mass. 


118.— 1. William H., born April 8, 1853. Residence, Spencer. Mass. 

119 — 2. Frank Orson, born October 26, 18.54. Residence. Charlton, Mass. 

130.— 3. George Reuben, born December 9. 18.56. Residence. Spencer, Mass. 

131 i. Harriet Louisa, born June 26, 1860. Residence, Charlton, Mass. 

88. Rev. Leander Elmer'' Wakefield (2\ihal,* Joel,^ William,^ 
Jof^eph^). son of Tubal and Rosella (Greenwood) Wakefield, was born at 
Angelisa, N. Y., September 28. 1818. He married at Worcester, Mass., 
November 23, 1852, Lucy Chase Mann, who was born November 26, 1825, and 
resides at Hudson, Mass. Graduated Yale University, B.A., 1842; was a 
minister. He died at Monticello, Minn., May 9, 18(55. 


133.-1. Alice, born April 28, 18.56, at Hudson Mass. 

91. Lucius Henry^ Wakefield (Tubal,* Joed,^ William,^ Joseph^), son 
of Tubal and Rosella (Greenwood) Wakefield, was born at Salem, Conn., 
August 28, 1825. He married May — . 1859, Sarah Jane Barber, who was 
born June 17, 1839, and was a daughter of Thomas and Betsey (Lockwood) 
Barber, of Hopkinton, Mass. Resides Framingham, Middlesex county, 
Mass. Is a lawyer. 


133 1. Frank Henry, born July 7, 1860, at Hopkinton: married at Baltimore, 

June 19, 1894. Nellie Maude Hanby. Residence, Detroit, Mich. He has 
resided in Hopkinton and Boston. Mass., Baltimore and Chicago. He 
was a civil engineer and a theatrical manager. Is now a writer. 

134.— 2. MARY Rocella, born January 13. 1862, at Hopkinton; died April 10, 1862. 

135.-3. May Elizabeth, born August 9, 1863, at Hopkinton; died November 24, 

136.— 4. Emily, born December 27, 1864, at Hopkinton. 

137.-5. Judson, born December 27, 1864, at Hopkinton; died February 10, 1865. 

138.-6. Anna A., born December 28. 1866, at Hopkinton. 

139.— 7. William Curtis, born November 11, 1877, at Hopkinton. 

92. Samuel"' Wakefield (Samuel,* Bev. Sanmel,^ Asahel,- Joseph^), 
son of Samuel and Sibyl (Belknap) Wakefield, was born July 20, 1800. He 
married , and died January 13, 1871, in Laurens, Otsego county, N. Y. 


130.-1. Franklin B.. born 

131 2. Erven, born 

133 3. Charles, born . 

133.^. William, born . 

93. Benjamin Franklin ^ Wakefield (Samuel,'^ Rev. Samuel,^ Asa- 
hel,^ Joseph^), son of Samuel and Sibyl (Belknap) Wakefield, was born March 
27, 1802; resided at Cooperston and Laurens, N.Y.; was a prominent and 
respected citizen, passing his early days at Cooperston, N.Y., later at 

Laurens, where he kept a hotel. He married , Mary Johnson, sister 

of Delos Johnson, of Laurens, N.Y. He died in Laurens, Otsego county, 
N.Y., October 4, 1881, aged 79 years. 

134.— 1. Almon Norton, born April 15. 1829; married September 4, 1860, Kate L. 

Bouck; died October 5, 1874. 
135 2. Elizabeth Ann, born March 13, 1832; died December 7, 1848, aged 16 years 

and 8 months. 

106. Harriet Amelia^ Wakefield (John,'^ Ehenezer,^ John,^ Joseph^), 
daughter of John and Susan (Davis) Wakefield, was born May 14, 1834. She 
was married , to James Munyan, of Thompson, Conn. 


136 — 1. Oscar, born ; married , Martha Card, of Pennsylvania. 

137.— 2. Sarah A., born- 

138 3. Clara L, born 

139.^. Fred A., born 

138 3. Clara L, born ; married — ■ , to Jesse Armstrong, of Putnam, 


148 Posterity of Joseph Wakefield of Dudley. 


126. William Henry" Wakefield (TFt^^iam Stoughton,^ Peter Beckoyrl,'* 
Simeon,^ William,'^ Joseph^), son of William Stoughton and Pamelia (Wallin) 
Wakefield; born April 8, 1853; married October 9, 1877, Emma I. Allen. 


140.— 1. Louisa E.. born July 13. isrs. 

141 — 2. William Henkv. horn March S. 188i. 

143 — 3. Martha I., born March :l, 1883: resides in Spencer, 

127. Frank Orson'"' Wakefield {WilUani Stom/hton,^ Peter Eeclcord,* 
Simeon,'-^ WiUidmr JosephA), son of William Stoughton and Pamelia (Wallin) 

Wakefield; born in , Mass., October 26, 1854. He married October 31, 

1877, Emma L. Woodbury. 


143 1. Jesse F.. born August 4. 1878. 

144 — 2. FRANK W., born June 7. 1880. 

145 — 3. Ruth P., born December 3, 1889. 

146 — i. Ralph E., born April 7, 1891 ; resides at Charlton, Mass. 

128. George Reuben" Wakefield ( William St07ujhton,^ Peter Becl-ord,-*^ 
Simeon,^ William,^ Joseph'^), son of William Stoug-hton and Pamelia (Wallin) 

Wakefield; born in , Mass., December 9, 1856. He married April 6, 

1881, Agnes E. Dodge: resides in Spencer, Mass. 


147.-1. Ethel E.. born March 31, 1883: resides in Spencer, Mass. 

134. Almon Norton'' Wakefield (Benjamin Franklin,^ Samuel,* Bev. 
Samuel,^ Asahel,^ Josejih''^), son of Benjamin Franklin and Mary (Johnson) 
Wakefield, was born at Laurens, N. Y.. April 15, 1829. Resided at Lau- 
rens, Schoharie, and Albany, N. Y. He was colonel of the 108th regiment 
from 1862 until 1865. He was chief clerk of New York State in 1861 under 
Secretary of State David R. Floyd-Jones. He married September 4, 1860, 
Kate L., daughter of Tobias and Eliza (North) Bouck, who was born April 
28, 1836. Almon Norton Wakefield was also at one time connected with the 
New York custom house. He was prominent in political circles for years 
at state capitol at Albany, was a scholar and scientist of no small order, 
and just before his death accepted a position under the government on the 
United States Weather Report Commission, which was then being" estab- 
lished. Prior to his death, for ten years he had retired from active work. 
He died October 5, 1874, aged 45 years, 5 months, and 20 days. 


148 — 1. Floyd Bouck, born July 26, 18(31; married October U, 1881, Eunice Paige 

149.— 2. Fanny Dean, born December 9, 1862; died April 3, 1865, aged 2 years, 3 

months, and 24 days. 


148. Floyd Bouck^ Wakefield (Almon iVbrfon," Benjamin Franl-lin,' 
Samnel,* Bev. Samuel,^ Asahel,^ Joseph^), son of Col. Almon Norton and Kate 
L. (Bouck) Wakefield, was born in Schoharie, N. Y., July 26, 1861. Resides 
in Chicago, Cook county. 111. Is in the live stock commission business. He 
married October 14, 1884, Eunice Paige, daughter of Homer and Ellen 
(Paige) Dwight, of Long Meadow, Mass., who was born in East Long 
Meadow, Mass., November 13, 1867. One of the oldest families in Massa- 

150.— 1. Mabel Crandall, born January 9, 1887, in Chicago, 111. 
151 — 2. Nelly Dwight, born August 21, 1891, in Chicago, 111. 
158 — 3. Alice Bouck, born September 18, 1889, in Chicago, 111. ; died August 3, 

153.-4. Milton Hager, born January 27, 1895, in Chicago, 111. 

Benjamin Wakefield of Sutton, Mass. 149 



Benjamin Wakefield, of Sutton, Mass., brother of Jonathan, of 
Sutton and Dudley. (See record of Jonathan for possible parenta<je and 
ancestry.) We have from the Worcester county. Mass., Reyistry of Deeds 
the following interesting records of Benjamin Wakelield: 

"William Dudley, esq., of Roxbury, for £180, deeded to Benjamin Wakefield and 
Jonathan Wakefield, husbandmen, both of Sutton, 200 acres, more or less, on the east side 
of Stoney river, between towns of Oxford and Woodstock, in Colony of Connecticut. 
Dated July 31. 1729. and delivered in presence of Martha Little and Rebecca Walker. Ac- 
knowledsjed September 18. 178.5; recorded October 26. 1736. Book viii. p. 74.) 

•Joseph Sibley, jr.. of Sutton, deeds, for £1(). fifteen acres of land to Benjamin Wake- 
field, of Sutton, husbandman. March 31. 1734-5. (Book v, p. 487.) 

"David Prince, of Sutton, for £8, deeds seven acre,s of land in Sutton to Benjamin 
Wakefield, husbandman. January 21. 1734-5. (Book , p. 87.) 

"Benjamin Wakefield, of Sutton, and Jonathan Wakefield, of Dudley, deed, in con- 
sideration of £100, sixty-eight acres of land in Dudley, in our own good arid proper right 
of inheritance,' to Simeon Chamberlain, of Dudley; dated September 12, 1735. (Book vi, 
p. 204.) 

He married, firstly, December 2(), 173.S. Ann Taylor; she died, and he 

married, secondly, November 24, 1742, Ruth Marsh. 


1. BENJAMIN, born November 14, 1734. 


2. Simeon, born February 6, 1744. 

3. Anne, born September 24, 1745. 

4. Ruth, born July 11, 1748. 

5. Timothy, born March 26, 17.50. 

Benjamin Wakefield, son of Benjamin and Ann (Taylor) Wake- 
field, was born in Sutton, Mass., November 14, 1734. He was very enthu- 
siastic in the cause of American indei)endence, as his extensive records as 
a revolutionary soldier show. The revolutionary war archives of Massa- 
chusetts give the following records of him: 

Benjamin Wakefield appears on a receipt for advance pay given to Captain Barnes' 
company, in Colonel Woodbridge's (Hampshire county) regiment, dated at Camliridge 
July 30, 1775. His name appears as private on the company return of Captain Barnes' 
company, Colonel Woodbridge's regiment, dated September 28, 1875; belonged to Gage- 
borough. We find his name on a list of men mustered in Worcester county, to serve in 
Captain Fish's company. Colonel Shepard's regiment, by a return made by Thomas New- 
hall, muster master, enlisted for "during war," mustered May 19, 1777: also in muster re- 
turn of Captain Fish's company, dated February 3. 1778; belonged to Sutton: enlisted for 
Sutton; reported enlisted for eight months. His name is also on the muster roll of Cap- 
tain Fish's company for July and August, 1777-8: term of enlistment, "during war:'' re- 
ported "on guard," also on muster roll, dated Providence, November 13, 1778; reported on 
duty. Also on a return of Captain Thomas Fish's company : service on or before August 
15, 1777. Roll made up to Februarj' 1. 1779. We find him entered as private on muster roll 
of Captain Thomas Fish's company. Colonel William Shepard's (3d) regiment, for March 
and April, 1779; enlisted April 1, 1777. for "during war:' roll dated Providence, May 5, 
1779. His name appears on Captain Moore's company. Colonel Shepard's regiment, April 
1, 1777, to December 31, 1779; credited to town of Sutton. 

His name appears on the return of Capt. William Moore's company. Col. William 
Shepard's (4th) regiment, as private, made up from January 1 to December 31, 1780. en- 
listed April 14, 1777: term of enlistment "during war": service. 11 months. 29 days; belong- 
ing to Oxford. Dated. Mountain Huts. West Point. January 'SS, 1780. ('/). Transferred to 
corps of invalids. December 23. 1780: also on Continental army pay accounts of Captain 
McFarland's company, invalid corps, for service from December 11, 1780, to December 
31, 1780. Reported from Colonel Shepard's regiment; also on pay abstract of Capt. Moses 
McFarland's company, invalid corps, at Boston; service for "October. December. 1780: 
enlisted for "during war"; dated July 16. 1781. 

It is probable, from the above records of Benjamin's military services, 
that he wrecked his health in the service of his country, and that is doubt- 
less the reason 'why we have no records of his marriage or posterity. He 
may have died in the service, while far from his native home. We have no 
records of his death. 

150 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 





1. Jonathan Wakefield, brother of Benjamin, of Sutton and Dud- 
ley, was, according to the tradition of some of his descendants, the son of 
William Wakefield, who married Rebecca Littlefield, and grandson of John 
Wakefield, who married Elizabeth Littlefield, all of Wells, Me., and brother 
of Joseph, of Dudley, who married Mary Robinson. We, however, fail to 
find any records to show any connection with Joseph, and Worcester Deeds 
record much to lead us to the belief that Jonathan was the son of .John and 
Elizabeth (Walker) Wakefield, of Boston, whose birth is recorded Septem- 
ber 19, 1695, and he is perhaps the one who married, firstly, Susannah Trask, 
December 10, 1719. at Salem. In the above mentioned records the name is 
written John instead of Jonathan, but as these names were often con- 
founded in early records, that fact would not have much significance. The 
first unquestioned record we have of him comes from the town records of 
Andover, Essex county, Mass., where he married, June 22, 1733, Miss Abi- 
gail Smith, of that town. She married, secondly, November 6, 1794, John 
Larned, of Oxford, Mass. 

It is evident that Jonathan and Benjamin Wakefield obtained a part 
of their landed possessions in Dudley, by inheritance, as the liegisiry of Deeds 
of Worcester County, in book vi, p. 204, under date of September 12, 1735: 
"Benjamin Wakefield, of Sutton, and Jonathan Wakefield, of Dudley, in 
consideration of £100, convey sixty-eight acres in Dudley to Simeon Cham- 
berlain, of Dudley, 'in our own good and proper right of inheritance.' " He 
was tax assessor in 1756 and 1757. Jonathan Wakefield was a farmer, and 
according to the war record of Sutton, he was in the British service be- 
tween 1755 and 1761. Probably in the campaign of 1759, in the conquest of 
Canada, under General Wolfe, or the expedition against Ticonderoga and 
Crown Point, the same year, under General Amherst, though he may have 
been engaged in other campaigns of the French and Indian war. 

He died October, 1765. His will of October 2, was proved October 22, of 
the same year (1765). In his will he speaks of being very sick and weak. 
He makes first provision to his dear and beloved wife, Abigail, then to his 
son Jonathan, whom he orders to take Isaac Wakefield and Mary Wakefield, 
until they are aged respectively, twenty and eighteen years. To his other 
children he provides that his son, Amasa, as his sole executor, shall pay £4 
each to son Samuel, in eight years from date, to son Silas, in ten years from 
date, to son Isaiah, in twelve years from date, to son Luther, in fourteen 
years from date, to daughter Tabitha, in six years from date, to daughter 
Mary, in sixteen years from date, and to daughter Abigail, in eighteen years 
from date. He mentions the fact that Rachel Wheeler has had her share. 
He provides that his son Luther and daughter Abigail, shall be supported 
and educated. The inventory of his estate gives its total valuation as £174 
18s Id. ( Worcester Beyistry of Probate, book 9, pp. 67-69.) 


3 1. Abigail. Ijorn October 5. 1734; probably died 3'oung. 

3.-2. Jonathan, born October 16, 1736; married May 21, 1760, Anne Wheeler: 

killed Marcb 9, 1776. 
4 3. Rebecca, born November 9, 1738; married . to Abel Wbeeler,sr. ; 

died December 28. 1809. 
5.-4. Tabitha, born February 11, 1741; married December 17, 1767, to David 

Bacon; died . 

Second Generation. 151 

6.-5. Amasa, born June 9, 1743; married Anna . He died Marcli 3, 1818. 

7.-6. Samuel, born May 11, 1745; married May 25, 1768, Mary Davenport; died 

, 18:>0. 

8 7. Silas, born May 6, 1747; married , Anne Marsh. He died . 

9.-8. Isaiah, born January 1, 1749-50; married December 24, 1772, Eunice Burdon, 
who was born Marcli 19, 1751, probably daughter of John and Hannah 
(Putney) Burdon, of Sutton. Mass. 
lO.— 9. Luther, born August 26, 1751; married June 10, 1778, Mary Wakefield; 

died April 6, 1826, 
11.— 10. Mary, born August 4, 1753; married January 10, 1784, to Ebenezer Davis. 
13.— 11. Abigail, born September 21, 17-55. 


3. Jonathan^ Wakefield (Jonathan^), son of Jonathan and Abig-ail 
(Smith) Wakefield: was born probably at his father's homestead at Dudley, 
October 16, 1736. He was a farmer, and resided in Sutton, Mass. 

Jonathan was engaged with his father and his brother Amasa, in the 
colonial service for various lengths of time, between 1755 and 1761 (French 
and Indian war; see military record of Jonathan, sr.) According to the 
Massachusetts Bevolntionar;/ W((r ^rc/iire,s, Jonathan Wakefield enlisted in the 
colonial army, from Captain Putnam's company, and Colonel Holman's regi- 
ment, for nine months. He was mustered June 29, 1775. He is recorded 
as belonging to Sutton, Mass. "Colonel Jonathan Holman (a veteran of the 
British service in Canada), raised from the vicinity of Sutton what was 
known as the "Sutton Regiment," long before the battle of Lexington, and 
as soon as the news of that fight reached them, they sprang to the saddle, 
and, riding all night, reached Concord just as the British were retreating. 
This regiment was destined to a very long and severe service, from its very 
early rally to the cause, ending finally at the great battle of Saratoga, 
nearly two years later." 

According to the Ilisfori/ of Sutton, they were incorporated into the army of General 
Washington at Cambridge {probably at the above given date, June 29, 1775), and began 
the march with him soon after the evacuation of Boston, proceeding tirst to Rhode Island, 
thence to Long Island, where they were engaged in battle, thence up the Hudson River 
to White Plains, Avhere in that hard fought battle the 'Sutton Regiment'' bore a promi- 
nent part ; though this much reduced it. it returned the largest list of men after the battle. 
During the seige of Boston it was this regiment from which the detachment was made 
for the fortification of "Nook's Hill." on the night of the 9th of March, 1776. Dorchester 
Neck is very uneven, abounding in hills and valleys. Nook Hill in the northwestern part 
of it, less than half a mile from the Height, was a very important location for a battery, 
on account of its proximity to Boston. 

It was an eminence fifty feet or upwards above the sea. Washington made up his 
mind to fortify it, and Saturday night, March 9. sent a detachment for that purpose. It 
was a cold, blustering night and the soldiers were so imjjrudent as to build a fire for their 
comfort. This was seen by the British in Boston, who opened a severe fire upon them, and 
Jonathan Wakefield was one of four soldiers and a surgeon who was killed by the same 
shot of a cannon ball. The scene of this tragedy is often spoken of as Dorchester Heights, 
but more properly called Dorchester Point. 

Jonathan Wakefield married May 21, 1760, Miss Anne Wheeler, daugh- 
ter of and Wheeler; and sister of Abel Wheeler, sr. , 

who married Jonathan's sister, Rebecca Wakefield. She died December 24, 
1829, aged 89 years, and is interred at the North Newport, New Hampshire, 
cemetery. She is described as a woman about five feet tall. Jonathan Wake- 
field died intestate, and his brother Amasa was appointed administrator of 
his estate. The Worcester Begistrii of Probate, vol xiii, p. 548, and vol. xiv, p. 319, 
records the inventory ot same, totaling £313 9s Sd, real and personal, and on 
April 9, 1778, Amasa Wakefield gave his balance of £1 10.s OfZ, which was al- 
lowed the widow, and he was discharged. Vol. xix, p. 427, under date April 
19, 1782, Jonathan, jr., and Josiah, his son, receipted for their part of the 
estate, to John Elliott, their guardian. 


13.— 1. Jonathan, born March 20, 1761 ; married, firstly, Sally Fletcher; married, 
secondly, Elizabeth Goodwin. 

14.-2. Josiah, born March 1, 1762; married, firstly, December 31, 1783, Polly Put- 
nam; married, secondly, Emma Putnam; married, thirdly, Polly 

152 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 

15 3. Joel, born January 10, 1764; married January 36, 1792, Mercj^ Morse; died 

June 14, 1809. 
16. — 4. Sarah, born December 15, 1765; married to Jonathan Haven. 
17. — 5. Peter, born February 28, 1767; married Hannah Haven; died December 

30. 1852. 
18 6. Jesse, born March 27, 1769: married August 27, 1789, Polly Scovel; married, 

secondly, Mercy (Morse) Walietield, widow of his brother Joel. 

19 7. Lucy, born June 4. 1771; married, . to Urias Powders; died between 

1827 and 1834. 

30.— 8. Chloe, born May 5, 1773; married to Asaph Stowe: died . 

31 9. Ann, born May 11, 1776; probably died young. 

4. Rebecca' Wakefield {Jonathan'^), daughter of Jonathan and 
Abigail (Smith) Wakefield; born November 9, 1738, at Sutton, Mass.; died 
December 28, 1809, and is buried at Northville, N. H. She married Abel 
Wheeler, brother of her brother Jonathan's wife, Anne. He died July 17, 
1818, at the age of 83 years. He is buried at North Newport, N. H. 


1. David^ Wheeler, born February 12, 1762. at Sutton, Mass.; died September 3, 1850, aged 

88 years: married June — . 1784. Eunice Marsh, who was born in Stoclibridge, Mass., 
September 12. 1763, and died in Clarendon. Vt., April 22. 18:?8. 

1. Zadock'' Wheeler, born April 17, 1785. at Sutton, Mass.; married, Betsey Benson; 

died at Wallingford, Vt.. September 10, 1846. 

2. David^ Wheeler, jr.. born in Sutton, Mass., June 1, 1786. He was a boot and shoe 

manufacturer and farmer at Northville. He married Electa Mores, sister of 
Jael (Mores) Fletcher, of Chester, Vt., where they had resided for several 
years. He died September 7, 1847, aged 61 years. Buried at Northville, in New- 
port, N. H. 

1. Corinth E.* Wheeler, born October 11, 1820; married April , 1849, to 

L. Westley Darling, of Newport, N. H. 

2. Mariette* Wheeler, born June 17, 18:^2; married December , 18i)0, to 

Samuel Ross, of Ludlow, Vermont. 

3. Arvilla L.* Wheeler, born September 16, 1824; married March — . 1844, to 

Francis L. Crary, of Wallingford, Vt. 

4. Sophia E.* Wheeler, born July 14, 1826; married March —, 1854, to Augustus 

Wylie, of Clarendon, Vt. ; reside in Newport, N. H. Have a daughter, 

5. Jane M.* Wheeler, born April 7, 1828; married May , 1854, to Gran- 

ville Miller, of Lompster, stage driver between Lempster and Clare- 
mont about 18.59. 

6. Mason' Wheeler, born August 10, 1831, at Mt. Holly, Vt. ; married March 

. 18.53, to Huldah W. Wheeler; reside at Northfield, Minn., where 

he is sheriff. 

3. Olive' Wheeler, born February 14, 1788. at Sutton, Mass. ; married to Jesse Ben- 

son; died at Bee, Iowa, August 24, 1846. 

4. DanieP Wheeler, born January 21, 1790, at Sutton, Mass.; died at Mt. Holly, Vt., 

February 16, 1811. 

5. Aaron' Wheeler, born June 4, 1793, at Newport, N. H. ; married Rhoda Fisher; 

died at Potsdam, N. Y., October 1, 1859. flis daughter. Etta, married Joab 
Wallser; reside at Newport Village, N. H. Her age (October, 1888) was about 
forty years. 

6. Amos' Wheeler, born June 4, 1793; married Sophia Edwards; died at Hampton, 

Iowa, January 30, 1871. 

7. Jason' Wheeler, born April 14, 1795; married Elizabeth Sedwick; died at Lyon, 

N. Y., June 25, 1858. 

8. Charlotte^ Wheeler, born October 22, 1796; died at Mt. Holly, Vt, September 18, 


9. Hosea' Wheeler, born March 25, 1798; studied medicine with Dr. Grinnell, of Mt. 

Holly; graduated at Castleton; commenced practice at Sturbridge, Mass.: 
removed to Springfield, Pa., thence to Chicago, where he died Augusts, 1860. 
He married Laura Tarbell. 

10. Edmund' Wheeler, born May 15, 1800; married Phebe Carpenter; died at Syl- 

vester, Wis., December 28, 1858. 

11. Willis' Wheeler, born June 14. 1802. He died of excessive corpulency on the 

"old place." which is now the Wylie farm, at North Newport, N. H. 

12. Ruby' Wheeler, born February 2, 1804: married to ChauncyCook; died at Mt. 

Holly, Vt.. March 31. 1865. 

13. Huldah' Wheeler, born February 19. 1806; became a Shaker. 

2. Abel-' Wheeler, jr.. born , 1764, at Sutton. Mass. He settled on the B. Pillsbury 

farm, at Northville; was an active deacon in the Free Will Baptist church. He mar- 
ried , Prudence Warren, daughter of David and Prudence (Whipple) Warren; 

he died November 4. 1842, aged 78 years; he was buried at Northville, in Newport, N.H. 

1. Vashti' Wheeler, born ; married to Ansel Dunbar, of Croydon. 

2. Abel' Wheeler, born March 13, 1793; married, firstl}', Tilpha Wakefield, daughter 

of Joel and Mercy (Morse) Wakefield; he married, secondly, Mehitable Caleb, 
of Grantham. He was deacon in Free Will Baptist church, a leading singer in 
the choir, and colonel in the militia. Resides at the Fitch place, in Northville. 

3. Prudence' Wheeler, born June 17, 1794: married to Ira, a son of Jonathan and 

Sally (Fletcher) Wakefield. For children see Ira' Wakefield. 

4. Luke"' Wheeler, born November — , 1795; died October 25, 1815, aged 19 years, 11 

months, 10 days. 

Second Generation. 153 

5. CyriP Wheeler, born February 15, 1797; resides on the R. C. Everett farm, on Oak 

Hill; he married . Azubah Stow, daughter of Asaph and Chloe (Waketield) 

Stow, and granddaughter of Jonathan^ and Anne (Wheeler) Wakefield, She 
was cousin of the late noted Rev. Baron Stow, D.D., of Boston. Cyril and his 
wife were double .second cousins. 

1. Paul Jacobs* Wheeler, born December 8, 1820 ; married, firstly, , Sarah 

Humphreys, of Croydon; married, secondly, , Sarah M. Larned, of 

Buffalo. N.Y. He was educated to mercantile business, which he fol- 
lowed at Croydon until 18.53, when he became cashier of the Sugar River 
bank, which position he occupied until his death, September 16, IS&Z. 
He was moderator from 18.58 to his death. He was representative from 
1859 to 1862; candidate for speaker of the house in 1860, and candidate for 
governor in 1862. 

2. Morrill S.* Wheeler, born December 7, 1824; was a merchant in Boston. 

3. Prudence S.* Wheeler, born February 4, 1827: married to Peter Sargent; 

resides at Lebanon, N.H. 

4. Chloe A.* Wheeler, born September 20, 1828; married to Joseph Cum- 

mings: had daughter. Aline, who married. tirstl}\ Horace Morrison; had 
two "children; they parted; she married, secondly, . 

5. Charles E.* Wheeler, born August 17, 18:W, a joiner and merchant. He 

married Sarah A. Kidder, an adopted daughter and neice of Hon. N. 
Mudget. She died before 1888, and he married, secondly, in 1888, . 

6. An infant daughter, born June 15, 1832; died and buried at North New- 

port, N. H. 

7. Huldah W.* Wheeler, born December 5, 1833: married to Mason Wheeler, 

son of David, jr., and Electa (Mores) Wheeler. They were second 
cousins. Residence. Northfield, Minn. They had three children— Henry, 
Marion, and George. 

8. Martha' Wheeler, Ijorn June 25, 18;?6; married to William B. Kibbey, of 

Newport, N. H., who was born February 17, 1832, and was a son of Austin 
L. and Aurilla (Fletcher) Kibbey. He was a farmer and prominent 
man in town; third selectman in 1873, and doubtless later. William B. 
Kibbey was a descendant on Fletcher side, of Sarah Davenport. She 
was sister to the Mary Davenport that married Samuel Wakefield in 
1768. She married Timothy Fletcher, jr., and her daughter Sarah 
Fletcher married Jonathan Wakefield^. So Mr. and Mrs. Kibbey are 
related in many ways. 

1. Nellie A.= Kibbey, born March 16, 1857; married September 12. 1877, 

to James H. Pratt, of Southington, Conn. Had two children, who 
died in 1888. 

2. Lelia S.'> Kibbey, born November 10, 18.59. Matron of school of Rev. 

Dwight L. Moody, at Northfield, Mass. 

3. Charles E.^ Kibbey, born November 10. 1861 . married, 1887 or 1888, 

Myrtle Chase, daughter of Ephraim (Dhase. Has a store in An- 
trim, N. H. 

4. Frankie S.= Kibbey. born July 11, 1864. Was a dressmaker in New- 

port, N. H. 

5. Hattie A."^ Kibbey, born March 17, 1870. 

6. Fred'' Kibbey, born . 

9. Azubah* Wheeler, born August 25, 1838; married George F. Whitney. 

6. Albia^ Wheeler: born December — , 1799. He was a deacon in the Free Will Bap- 

tist church; spent most of his life at the homestead at the B. Pillsburv place, 
at Northville. He removed to Royalton, Vt.. and from thence to Chelsea, Vt, 
where he died, January, 1856, aged 57 years. He married Melinda, daughter of 
Samuel and Keziah (Dunbar) Metcalf, of Croydon, N. H. She was second wife 
of Austin Kibbey. of Newport, N. H. 

1. Samuel Metcalf* Wheeler, born August 9, 1823. He commenced the study 

of law in the office of Tracy & Converse, of Woodstock, Vt. After spend- 
ing several months in the office of Metcalf & Corbin, in Newport, N. H., 
he was admitted to the bar in 1847. He then opened an office here. He 
removed to Concord, and shortl}' after, in 1835, to Dover, N. H., where he 
soon became a leading member of the Safford county bar. a position 
which he has maintained for twenty-five years, and which he still re- 
tains. In January, 1858, he was elected president of the Langdon bank, 
as he was also that of the Dover National bank, upon its foundation in 
1865. He has been a member of the legislature for five years. In 1869 
and 1870 was speaker of the house. He was a member of the staff of 
Governor Stearns, and at one time was a prominent candidate for 
member to congress. He was delegate to the constitutional convention 
of 1876, and took an active part in its deliberations. He married May 17, 
1852, Priscilla E. Clement, of Franklin. 

1. Sarah A.'* Wheeler, born November 10, 1854. 

2. Betsey J.' Wheeler, born April 1, 18.56. 

2. Lucy M.* Wheeler, born ; married to James G. Slafter, of Royal- 

ton, Vt. She died and left one son, whom her mother brought up and 

7. Rev. LowelP Wheeler, born April 24, 1800. He was a Free Will Baptist clergy- 

man, ordained in 1831, and labored in New Hampshire, New York, and in the 
west, but has spent most of his active life in Vermont. He married April 22, 1822, 
Anna Brown, daughter of Thomas and Anna (Cutler) Brown. 
1. May A.* Wheeler, born 

2. Thomas B.* Wheeler, born 

3. Willard C* Wheeler, born 

4. David P.* Wheeler, born 

154 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 

5. Jolin P.* Wheeler, born . He was in company A, second regi- 
ment May 1861. He died on board ship between Salisbury, N. C, and 
N. Y.. June 8, 1862. Resided Claremont, N. H., for two years before the 
war. in employ of Brown & Hart. 

8. Diploma^ Wheeler, born December 20, 1800: married , to Nathan White, 

son of Enoch White, jr. He commenced life as a farmer on Thatcher Hill, in 
Newport, N. H. He afterwards became a commission merchant: was a select- 
man in 1842 and representative in 1846 and 1847. He died May 27, 1875. She died 
September — , 1877, aged 75 year.s. 

1. Almon^ White, born August 13, 1825; a merchant: married Laura C. 

Walker, who died February 22. 1860. He died January 6, 1859. Had 
daughter, Marj' E. White, born October 17, 1858. 

2. Lowell* White, born- March 23. 1827. He became a clerk in the store of 

Hatch & Newell. Upon the death of Mr. Hatch, in 1849, Mr. Newell having 
previously left the firm, he succeeded to the business. In 1854 he re- 
moved to the west, engaging in banking at Davenport, and subsequently 
at Des Moines, la. In 18.58 he went to California where he was engaged 
in mining and mercantile business, until 1865, when he was appointed 
superintendent of the Pacific & California Steam Navigation Co.; in 1868 
he became one of the managers of the Bank of California; in 1870 he 
was elected cashier and secretary of the San Francisco savings Union, a 
savings bank having an aggregate capital, stock and deposits of nearly 
$10,000,000, a i)osition he now'holds. He was two years alderman of the 
city of Des Moines, and in 1876 was president of the Mercantile Library 
of San Francisco, which has an annual revenue of nearly 840,000. He mar- 
ried March 23, 1858, Laura Lyon, of Des Moines, la., a lady of literary 
tastes and acquirements. Lowell White wrote "El Rio Colorado del 
Sur," a graphic discription of Colorado River of the South, and its sur- 
roundings, as well as the Gulf of California into which it discharges. He 
also wrote "Margaret Hemming," a story which had the honor of a re- 
publication in English magazines, and "The Judge's Story" which was 
published in the Overland Magazine. 

1. Ralston Lowell's white, born August 27, 1877. 

3. Elon* White, born October 1, 1829; married Mary E. Stanton. He was a 

merchant at San Juan, Cal. 

4. Abel W.* White, born January 31, 1832; was a banker at Salt Lake City : was 

in (1877 or '78) secretary and manager of the Virginia Savings Bank at 
Virginia City, Nev. He married . . Sarah K. Foote. 

5. Hannah* White, born September 21, 1883; married to Edward B. Knight. 

then of New London, now a lawyer at Charleston, W. Va. He graduated 
at Dartmouth in 1861; was admitted to the bar in this town; was a mem- 
ber of the constitutional convention in West Virginia in 1871 and '72. 
They have a family. She died in 1878. 

6. Asenath* White; born February 17, 1835; married to Joseph A. Stickney, a 

banker at Great Falls. 

7. Wallace W.* White, born June 26, 1842, a commission merchant; was in 

business with his father. He married July 1, 1876, Nancy M.. daughter 
of Isaac B. and Emeline (Dow) Hurd. who was born January 7, 1845. He 
was one of the committee for Houbiles at the Centennial celebration. 

9. Asahel" Wheeler, born Januarv 27, 1805: married Adaline King; went to Bath. 

10. Miranda^ Wheeler, born September 9, 1806; married Jonathan Powers, son of 

Urias and Lucy (Waketield) Powers. 

11. Warren W.^" Wheeler, born June 4, 1808; died, aged 28 years. 

12. Laura= Wheeler, born May 2, 1813. 

3. Jonathan^ Wheeler, born . 1799, at Sutton, Mass. He lived at Northville in New- 
port. N. H. He was a drover and farmer. Married Thankful Cutting, who was born 
November 9. 1780. and died in 1875. He died November 27, ia51. 

1. Willard^ Wheeler, born March — . 1802; married Susan Eastman; resides in Ver- 


2. Jonathan^' Wheeler, jr., born October 13. 1806; married Anna Sherman, of Croy- 

don. She died September 19, 1892. in Newport, N.H. He died July 17. 1887, in 
Newport, N.H. Only child. Marietta, born about 1834, died when a young lady. 
Resides Croydon, N.H. 

3. Betsey^" Wheeler, born September. 1809; married to Hiram Austin; she died July 

23, 1873; had one son. 

4. Nancys Wheeler, born June 1, 1811: married. flrstl}% to John Sherman, who died 

November 26, 1839; married, secondly, to Nathan Gould, jr.. who was born April 
6. 1806, and died October 10, 1868; married, thirdly. January. 1869, to Reuben 
Johnson, who died Maj'. 1873; (Reuben's first wife was Betsey Fletcher); mar- 
ried, fourthly, to Silas Kempton. She died at Granthem, Me.. June 19, 1891, 
aged 82 years. She left children. Willard. and Martha Sherman, who married 
George Haven. Residence, North Newport, N. H. 

5. Bryant^ Wheeler, born December 25, 1814; married Mary Wakefield. For chil- 

dren see Marys Wakefield. Died January 5. 1876. 

6. Polly^ Wheeler, born • ; married to Samuel Sherman; died September 25, 

18.55. Had four children, Anna, Marcia, Zilpha and Martin Sherman. 

7. Lucy^ Wheeler, born March 26, 1818; marrid to Amos Latimer, son of Roswell 

and Sallie (Brown) Latimer, who was born in 1816. 

1. Esther Melissa* Latimer, born February 3, 1841. She was second wife of 
William S. Kempton. They were married September 24, 1865. He was 
born August 21, 1834. was a son of Silas Kempton. He was a farmer, liv- 
ing on the A. Hall place. Married, secondly, to Daniel Severance, who 
was born February 26, 1812, and died in 1878 at Goshen. She died Octo- 
ber 10. 1869. 

Second Generation. 155 

1. W. Bertia'^ Kempton, born July :28, 1866. 
2. Harry L.= Kempton, born December 6, 1875. 

2. Ellen L.* Latimer, born August 28. 1844. 

3. Edward G.* Latimer, born March 3, 1851. 

4. Edwin E.* Latimer, born March 3, 1851. 

8. Francis^ Wheeler, born , 1820; married Fannv Bryant; died December 21, 


4. Rebecca== Wheeler, born — ; married to Samuel Williams, of Sutton. Mass. 

.5. Abigail- Wheeler, born at Sutton, Mass. She removed in February, 1791. to 

Newport, N. H. Married, firstly, to Nathaniel Brown; married, secondly, , 

to Smith; married, thirdly, before 1827, to Jonathan Haven, who was born May 17, 

1769, and came from Royalston, Mass.. to Newport, N. H., about 1775. He was son of 
James^ and Mehitable (Bixby) Haven, grandson of James^ Haven. (See Haven Genea- 
logy, p. 46. ) 

1. Nathaniel Bryant^ Brown, born • ; married Abigail Hall. 

2. Prudence^ Brown, born ; married to Frederick Powers, son of Urias and 

Lucy (Wakefield) Powers. 

3. Pollys Brown, born ; married to Warren Ryder. 

4. Selana^ Brown, born, ; married to Kelsey. Residence. Maine. 

5. Wheeler^' Brown, born : married April, 1847, . 

6. Rev. Nathaniel^ Smith, born ; married . Rebecca Dow. 

7. Rebecca^ Smith, born ,1897; married to John Johnson; died August 16, 

1854, aged 47. 

6. Amasa^ Wakefield (Joncdhan^), son of Jonathan and Abigail 
(Smith) Wakefield, was born at Sutton, Mass., June 9, 1743. He married 

Anna . He died March 3, 1818. Amasa Wakefield built a residence 

in Sutton that has become quite a landmark, and after his death it came to 
be known as the "John Hunt Place," named for Amasa's successor to its 

Amasa Wakefield was a private in the colonial service between 1755 and 
1761. (See military record of Jonathan^ Wakefield). He was also a soldier 
in the Revolutionary War, and is recorded in the JIassachuseets Archives as 
having been a corporal on the Lexington alarm roll of Capt. John Putnam's 
company, Col. Ebenezer Larned's regiment. He marched from Sutton on 
the alarm of April 19, 1775. Time of this service, 14 days. He was a ser- 
geant on the muster and pay roll of Capt. .Jonathan Woodbury's company, 
Col. Jacob Davis' regiment. Enlisted July 20, 1780: discharged August 7, 
1780; time of service, 12}2 days. Service at Rhode Island, roll dated at 


32.— 1. DanieIj, born Julv 3, 1771; married . Anna Keeney; died , 1801. 

23.-2. ROBY, born April 4, 1775. 

24.-3. Rachel, born June 12, 1777; married April 18.1802, to Moses Batchelder, 

who was born November 22, 1784. 
25.-4. Amasa, jr., born February 4, 1783, 

26 — 5. WiMAN, born May 4, 1786: married Arnold. Residence, Smithfleld, 

■ R.I. Had son. Arnold, a prominent man there. 
2 7 — 6. Leonard, born November 16, 1790: died March 7, 1803. 

7. Samuel^ Wakefield {Jonathan'^), son of Jonathan and Abigail 
(Smith) Wakefield, was born at Sutton, Mass., May 11, 1745. He was a 
wood-ware turner. He married May 25, 1768, Mary Davenport. He died at 
the home of his son William, at Croydon, IST. H., in 1820, at the age ot 74. 
His wife died at the same place in 1805. The Berolutionarn War Archires of 
Massachusetts gives the following extensive war record of Samuel Wakefield: 

Samuel Wakefield, private on Lexington alarm roll, Capt, John Putnam's company. 
Col. Ebenezer Larned's regiment. He marched on alarm of April 19. 1775, from Sutton, 
belonged to Sutton. Length of service. 14 days. Samuel Wakefield, corporal on muster 
and pay roll of Capt. Francis Shaw, jr.'s, company. Stationed at Gouldsboro, No. 4. 
Narraguagus and Pleasant River, enlisted Septerriber". 1775: dischargedDecember 31. 177.5. 
Time of service, 4 months, 3 days: 28 days are counted one month. Residence, No. 4. 
Samuel Wakefield, private on muster and pay roll of Capt. Samuel Read, jr.'s, com- 
pany. Col. Josiah Whitney's regiment. Enlisted December, 1776; discharged March, 
1777. Time of service, 2 months, 22 days. Roll dated Uxbridge, 

Samuel Wakefield, sergeant on muster and pay roll of Capt. Henry Dyer's com- 
pany. Colonel Foster's regiment. Service at Machias during August. September, and 
October, when British ships were in harbor. Enlisted August 15, 1777; discharged Au- 
gust 22, 1777. Time of service, 7 days; also 18 dav's service, ending October 9, 1779. 
Residence, No. 4, also in Captain Dyer's company of Rangers for service in Eastern De- 
partment, Col. John, Allen's regiment. Enlisted March 9, 1780; discharged May 1, 1870. 
Time of service, 1 month, 22 days. Residence, Township No. 4. 

Samuel Wakefield, sergeant on return of Capt. John Hall's company. Col, Benja- 
min Foster's Lincoln county regiment; marched on expedition to Major Bagadires by 
order of Ensign Lovel, In service August 7 to September 7, 1779. One month. 

156 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 


28.— 1. Samuel, JR., born ; married . Hannab SanlDOurn; diedMayl 


39.-2. Mercy, born ; married . to Silas Knowlton. 

30.-3. Reuben, born : married, flrstlv, 

Molly Martin. He died before 1829. 
31 i. Mary, born March 22, 1776; married , 1800, to David Fletcher; died 

April 15, 1844. 

33.-5. William, born ; married Anne Wakefield. 

33.-6. Jonathan, born ; married Minwell Stannard. 

34.-7. Abel, born ; married Betsey Martin. 

35 8. Nathan, born : married, Lucretia . Had two sons, Wil- 
liam and Samuel. Nathan was a farmer. 
36 — 9. Abigail, born . 

8. SiLAS^ Wakefield (Jonathan^), son of Jonathan and Abigail 

(Smith) Wakefield, was born at Sutton, Mass., May G, 1747; married , 

Anne Marsh. He died , and was survived by his wife Anne, who died 

, 1827. 

Silas Wakefield was a soldier of the Revolutionary war. His first service was in 
Capt. John Putnam's company, Col. Ebenezer Larned's regiment, that, according to the 
MussachuseUs Revoltitioiiarij War Archives, marched on the alarm in April 19, 1775, from Sut- 
ton. Length of service 14 days. His name is given in the return of Capt. Barth. Wood- 
bury's company. Colonel Larned's regiment, for billeting, marched from Sutton December 

9, 1775. His name appears on the muster and pay roll of Capt. Samuel Read, jr.'s company, 
Col. Josiah Whitney's regiment, enlisted December—, 1776; discharged March, 1777: time 
of service. 2 months 22 davs. Service performed sometime between December, 1776, and 
March, 1777. Roll dated a't Uxbridge. We find him recorded as a private on the return of 
Capt. John Howard's companv. Col. Samuel Brewer's regiment, for travel allowed from 
Saratoga home. Date in Council March 12, 1777. His name also appears on the muster 
and pay roll of Capt. Reuben Sibley's company. Col. Jacob Davis's regiment, for service at 
Rhode Island, enlisted July :W, 1780; discharged August 7, 1780; time of service 12^2 days. 


37 1. Hulda, born April 21, 1768; died January 14, 1805. 

38 2. Diadama, born April 22, 1770; married , Samuel Bcn-den. 

39 3. Lois, born March 26, 1772. 

40 4. James, born June 10, 1774; married , Susan Ledoyt. 

41 5. Keziah, born April 8, 1777. 

43.-6. Elias, born January 30, 1779; married , Joanna Cutting. 

43.-7. Anne, born June 26, 1781 ; married , Brown and removed 

to "Vermont. 
44. -8. Silas, born November 1, 1783; married Mary McGregor; died 

October II, 1838. 

9. Isaiah^ Wakefield, {Jonathan'^), son of Jonathan and Abigail 
(Smith) Wakefield, was born January 1, 174!)-50 at Sutton, Mass. He mar- 
ried December 24, 1772, Eunice Burdon, probably daughter of John and 
Hannah (Putney) Burdon, of Sutton, Mass., who was born March 19, 1751. 
He was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, having, according to the Bevo- 
lutmiary War Ardiives of Massachusetts, been a private on the return 
of Capt. Barth. Woodbury's company. Colonel Larned's regiment, on a re- 
turn for "billeting." Marched from Sutton, December 9, 1775. No issue. 

lO. Luther^ Wakefield, (Jonathan^), son of Jonathan and Abigail 
(Smith) Wakefield, was born at Sutton, Mass., August 26, 1751. He resided 
at Sutton and Charlton, Mass. He was married in Dudley, Mass., January 

10, 1778, to Mary, daughter of William ^ and Abigail (Trumbull) Wakefield, 

(Joseph^.) He died April 6, 1826. Luther Wakefield was a soldier in the 

Revolutionary war, and the Massadmesetts Revolutionary War Ardiives give 

his military record as follows: 

He was a "private on the Lexington Alarm, Capt. John Putnam's company. Colonel 
Ebenezer Larned's regiment, which marched on the alarm April 19, 1775, from Sutton; 
term of service, 14 days. His name occurs as private on return of Capt. Bartholomew 
Woodbury's company. Col. Ebenezer Larned's regiment, for "billeting." Marched from 
Sutton, December 9, 1775. We also find his name as a private on the muster and payroll 
of Capt. John Howard's company. Col. Jonathan Holman's regiment. Council warrant 
drawn May 4, 1778, time of service, 28 days. Served at the surrender of General Burgoyne. 

45 — 1. Rufus, born April 5, 1783; married October 11, 1811, Ruth Atwood; died 

May 28, 1838, 
46.-2. Sylvanus, born , 1785; married Januarv 8, 1812. Rhoda Corbin; 

married, secondly, Lapham. He died March 13, 1863, aged 77 

years, 8 months, 

47 — 3. Phillip, born ; died young. 

48.-4. Mary, born ; died young. 

Third Generation. 157 


13. Jonathan^ Wakefield {Jonathan,^ Jonathan^), son of Jonathan 
and Anne (Wheeler) Wakefield, was born in Sutton, Mass., March 20, 1761; 
removed to Newport in 1779, and settled on what was known as the H. 
Brown farm, but spent most of his life on what was known as the "Kibbey 
Place." He was a master mason, and worked at the blacksmith trade. 
At the time his father was killed, March 9, 1771), our subject was too young 
to enter the colonial service, but, according to the licrohitkmdvii W(ir Archives 
of Massachusetts, he enlisted in the service June 18, 1778 (though then but 
sixteen or seventeen years of age), and was a private on the muster and 
pay roll of Capt. Samuel Harmaut's company, in Col. Nathaniel Wade's 
regiment; discharged .January 1, 1779. Residence, Sutton. Service in 
Rhode Island, dated Middleton, August 27, 1778. His name also appears in 
Capt. Samuel Lamb's company. Colonel Wade's regiment, for March, Sej}- 
tember, 1778, dated at East Greenwich, September 17, 1778; also enlisted 
September 1, 1778, discharged October 31, 1778; served 2 months; also in 
muster roll for January, November, 1778, dated Warwick, November 7, 
1778; term of enlistment, 12 months, from .January 1, 1778; also enlisted 
November 1, 1778, discharged January 1, 1779; time of service, 2 months, 2 

He married, firstly, , Sarah (Sally) Fletcher; married, secondly, 

, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Goodwin, one of the first settlers of 

Newport, in 1780; and who died in 1821, aged 75 years. Jonathan Wakefield 
died October 14, 1857, aged 96 years. 


49 — 1. Anna, born ; married , to Wm. Wakefield. 

50.— 2. Jonathan, born July 8, 1778; married February 8, 1813, Rebecca Haven; 

died October 27, 1868. 

51 — 3. Ira, born ; married , Prudence Wheeler. 

53 — 4. Mary (Polly), born •, 1797; died 1827, aged 40 years. 

53 — 5. Elizabeth (Bbt.sey), born June 22, 1806; died July 16, {865;'marrled May 1, 

1820, to David Fletcher. 
54 — 6. Sarah (Sally», born ; married to Abel Fairbank or 

Calvin Fletcher. 
55.-7. Amos, born March 16, 1786; married August 19, 1810, Chloe Cooper. 
56 — 8. AcHSAH, born ; married to William Knapp. 

14. Major JosiAH^ Wakefield (Jonathan,^ Jonathan^), son of .Jonathan 

and Anne (Wheeler) Wakefield, was born in Sutton, Mass., May 1, 1762. He 

removed to Newport, N. H., between 1775 and 1793. The history of Newport 

describes the location of his residence as follows: 

"A colony came from Massachusetts, mostly from Sutton, composed of WakefleldS' 
Havens, Wheelers, Stows, and others, and settled in the northwestern part of Newport' 
and southwestern part of Croydon. Their center of business, where they had a store, 
school house, tannery, and mechanic's shop, was on the road between Maj. Josiah Wake- 
field's place, north of Northville, and the Croydon line. As this colony were nearly all 
Baptists the locality was soon known as Baptist Hill." 

He had literary tastes and kept the Northville Library many years. He 

was a man of sound judgment, and enjoyed the confidence of his townsmen. 

Josiah Wakefield served in the Revolutionary war, and the Massachusetts 

Revolutionary War Archives chronicle his services as follows: 

"He was a private on the muster and pay roll of Capt. Jonathan Woodbury's com- 
pany, Col. Jacob Davis's regiment, enlisted July 30, 1780; discharged August 7, 1780. Time 
of service VZy^ days. Roll dated Sutton, service at Rhode Island." 

The United States Archives, pensions, etc., (printed books) gives the fol- 
lowing pension record: 

"Widow Josiah Wakefield, of Croydon, N. H., late of Sutton, Mass.. December 27, 1780; 
122 days travel from July 30, 1780 (through Jno. Woodbury)." 

Josiah Wakefield was a major in the state militia of New Hampshire 
after the Revolution, and was one of the principal officers of old 
^"training days." From this he obtained the title of major. He was select- 
man of Newport, N. H., 1804-1807-1811-1815-1816 and 1817, and was represen- 
tative from Newport, 1811 and 1859. 

158 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield op Sutton, 

He married, firstly, December 31, 1782, Mary Putnam. He married, 

secondly, Emma Putnam. He married, thirdly, Mary (Polly), daufj^hter 

of Phineas Newton, who came from Croydon to Worcester, Mass, in 1770. 
She lived to be nearly 100 years of ag-e. He had no issue. 

15. JOEL^' Wakefield {Jonathan'^, Jonathan^), son of Jonathan and 
Anne (Wheeler) Wakefield, was born at Sutton, Mass., January 10, 1764. 
He married January 26, 1792, Mercv, daughter of Benaiah and Elizabeth 
(Eames) Morse. He died June 14, 1809. After his death, his widow built 

the Haven Mill early in this century. She married, secondly, June , 

1827, Rev. David Russell, of Boscawen, N. H., and they resided at Newport, 
where he died May 8, 1830, aged 70 years. She married, thirdly, as second wife, 

her husband's brother, Jesse Wakefield. He moved to Newport, N.H., 

about 1792, and bought land in what is now North Newport, or Northville, 
known also as Baptist Hill. He built a large house on his Northville 
estate, which is still standing, owned by Elmer Fletcher Page, a descendant 
of Samuel and Mary (Davenport) Wakefield. 

Joel Wakefield was a farmer, and the largest land-owner in New- 
port. He gave land in 1795 at Northville, for a cemetery. Here he and 
many descendants and relatives are buried. It is in sight of his old home- 


ST.— 1. ZiLPHA, born March 13. 1793; married March 13, 1814, Col. (Deacon) Ahel 

Wheeler; died January 28, 1818. 

58 2. Clark, born October 16, 1794, married 1825. Caroline Ellis. 

59 3. WiLLARD. born June 19, 1797; married March 9, 1820, Martha McGregor; 

died October 6. 1860. 
60.^1. Wilson, born July or August, 1801 ; died March 4, 1804. aged two years. 
61 5. Charles, born August 30, 1805; married June 3, 1827, Mary A. Fletcher, 

died February 7, 1765. 


I. Samuel' Morse, born, probably near Sherborn, Eng. He was a husbandman, left 
England with wife and son. Joseph, in -'Increase, "April, Watertown.Mass. Soon after 
a settler and first treasurer of new town of "Comfort,"' now Dedham, Mass. In 1650 settled 
at Medfield, Mass. His was the Hrst house to be burned by Indians under King Philip, 
February, 1675. He was a prominent and wealthy man at Dedham and Medtield. He 
owned ahouse at Sherborn, Mass. He died April 5, 1654. at Medfield. Mass. He married 
Elizabeth . who died June 20, 1654, aged 67 years. His son: 

II. Daniel^ Morse born 1613, probably in Devonshire, Eng.: died June 5, 1688, at 
Sherborn, Mass. He probably came to Watertown, Mass.. April 1635: first settler of Ded- 
ham, Mass., August,. 1636; first settler of Medfield, Mass., 1651: first settler Sherborn, Mass., 
1657. A prominent man in these towns, wealthy, and related to prominent people of the 

colony. Selectman, etc. He married Lydia , who died January 26, 1690, aged 70 

years, at Sherborn, Mass. His son: 

III. DanieP Morse, born November 11. 1640, at Dedham, Mass ; died September 26, 
1702, at Sherborn, Mass. Probably moved in 1651 to Medfield, Mass., and soon to Sher- 
born, Mass. He married Elizabeth Barbour, of Medfield, Mass., who died 1714, probably 
at Sherborn, Mass. His son; 

IV. Daniel* Morse, born July 10, 1672, at Sherborn, Mass.; died April 4, 1719, probably 
at Sherborn. Mass. Residence at Sherborn Plain, Mass. Inherited the place of his 
uncle. Deacon Obadiah Morse. He married, 1696, Susanna Holbrook, who died 1717, prob- 
ably at Sherborn, Mass. His son: . ^^^„ 

V. Odadiah"^ Morse, born August 15, 1704, probably at Sherborn, Mass.; died 1-53, 
probably at Sherborn, Mass. Resided at Sherborn Plain, Mass.; married Mercy Walker. 
His son: ^ 

VI. Benadiah" Morse, born 1737. probably at Sherborn, Mass. ; died 1771 at Douglass, 
Mass. ; killed by a cart; married Betsev Eames. His daughter: 

VII. Mercys Morse, born December 31, 1764, at Douglass. Mass.; died March 31. 1846, 
at Newport, N. H. She came, with her husband, to Newport. N. H.. 1792. She was a large 
land owner and a worker. She married, January 26. 1792, Joel Wakefield. 

16. Sarah=' Wakefield {Jonathan,'^ Jonathan^), daughter of Jona- 
than and Anne (Wheeler) Wakefield, was born in Sutton, Mass., December 
15, 1765. She married, about 1791, Jonathan Haven (uncle of Rebecca 
Haven, wife of Jonathan' Wakefield). He was born May 11, 1769, and came 
from Royalston, Mass., to Newport, N.H., about 1775, and settled on the 
M. W. Emerson farm, on the Cornish turnpike. She died before 1827. 


1. Simeon^ Haven, born January 2, 1792; died January 1, 1795. 

2. Chloe^ Haven, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Wakefield) Haven, was born Febru- 

ary 5, 1794, in Newport, N.H. ; married February 5, 18:^2, to John Jones, son of Jacob and 
Hannah (Gould) Jones, who was born January 9, 1796. She died June 4, 1878, in Lemps- 
ton, N.H. 

Third Generation. 159 

1. Bela^ Jones, born January 7, 1824. 

2. Sarah M.-'' Jones, born May 24, 1826. 

3. Lieonard H.^ Jones, born March 3, 1830; died young. 

4. Charles^ Jones, born July 1. 1835. 

3. James^ Haven, born February 27, 1796, in Newport, N.H. He married Calisto A. Freeto, 

daughter of William and Amey (Meigs) Freeto, who was born November 23, 1796, and 
died April 21, 1859, aged 62 years. He'died April 5, 1864, aged 56 years. 

1. Benjamin Freeto^ Haven, born December 25. 1819. He took the old homestead at 

Northville, where he engaged in milling. He enlisted in Company K. 9th Regi- 
ment. New Hampshire Volunteers, in the Civil war; was at one time an officer: 
he died in rebel prison. He married, October 25, 1842, Sarah B., daughter of 
Eli and Sarah (Dunham) Howe, who was born January 21, 1820. 

1. John B.* Haven, born February 4, 1844, (butcher and provision dealer) ; 

married Matilda A. Pickering, of Mendon, Mass., March 23, 1867. Son, 

Guy Alton Haven, born March 11. 1875. 
3. Edgar Willis^ Haven, born October 27, 1847, (jeweler); married Julia 

Bridgeman, of Binghampton, N. Y., November, 1869. Have daughter 

Mabel B. Haven, born January 18, 1872. 

3. Fannie E.* Haven, born September 3, 1852. 

4. Luella A.* Haven, born April 6, 1855; married April 11, 1878 Sanford H. 


5. Willie Frank* Haven, born May 10, 1859. 

6. George McClellan* Haven, born February 10, 1861. 

2. Sallys Haven, born June 4, 1822; died young. 

3. Nancy= Haven, born November 6, 1823. 

4. Ann^ Haven, born October 21, 1825; married February, 1843, Samuel P. Thrasher; 

had daughter Laura, born August, 184.5. 

5. George W.^ Haven, born May 22, 1828. 

6. Abial L.^" Haven, born October 15, 1829. 

7. Drusilla^ Haven, born January 27 1832. 

8. John L.3 Haven, born September 29. 1833; died August 4. 1844. 

9. Calista^ Haven, born November 13, 1837; married November 13, , Lorenzo D. 

Dow, jr. 
10. James^ Haven, born November 13, 1837. 

4. Reuben^ Haven, born June 20, 1798. He married, September 25, 1821, Abigail Cheney. He 

died in autumn of 1881. 
1. Richard Cheney^ Haven, born April 19, 1823. 

5. Simeon* Haven, born April 22, 1801; married , Susan Rice; died , 1879. 

17. Peters Wakefield {Jonathan,'^ Jonathan^), son of Jonathan and 
Anne (Wheeler) Wakefield; born in Sutton, Mass., February 28, 17(i7. He 
removed to Newport between 1775 and 1793, and kept a tavern, 1798, on the 
north part of ''Baptist Hill." He also built a sawmill on "Long Pond," 
which came to be called the Reed saw mill. He lived many years in the 
west part of the town (Newport), near the Plumbago mines, but spent the 
larger portion of his life at Northville. He was the father of Methodism 
in Newport. He had been a member of the Baptist chuich, but he rejected 
the "perseverance of the saints" doctrine, and was expelled, after an un- 
successful effort to reclaim him. He invited Bishop Elijah Heading to 
preach in 1830, and a class of six was formed. He built a chapel in 1840 
at Northville. He was called by many "Father Wakefield." The "Miller- 
ite" excitement in 18-13 robbed the church of all the members, but "Father 
Wakefield" and one other. It was again organized, however, October 30, 
1852, and has since been a flourishing church. 

He married , Hannah Haven, who was born November 9, 1766, 

and died March 11, 1849. He died December 30, 1852. 


63 — 1. NANCY, born May 17, 1788. 

63 — 2. Lavinia, born March 8. 1791; married November 16, 1810, to Stephen D. 

64.-3. Hannah, born March 31. 1793: married . to Cyrus B. McGregor, as 

second wife. He was son of Joel McGregor; was born September 27, 
1791; was a cooper. He built the dam and cooper shop at upper bridge 
over the brook at Northville, in 1831, and made barrels and tubs for 
the Boston market. 

66. — 4. Lucy, born August 17, 1795; married , 1819, Jeremiah Adams; died 

February 4, 1867. 

66.-5. Simeon, born April 20, 1798; married , Amey Freeto; died in summer 

of 1867. 

67.-6. Ruth, born September 8, 1801; married September 22, 1822, to Lorenzo M. 
Freeto: died November 20, 1870. 

68.-7. Orpha, born October 24, 1804; died in spring of 1869 in Newport. 

69 — 8. Mahala, born April 26, 1809. 

70 — 9. Peter, jr., born June 21. 1810: died June 18, 1825, 

71 — 10. Philena, born July 31, 1812; died December 14, 1888, in Newport, N. H. 

18. Jesse^ Wakefield {Jonathan,'-' Jonathan^), son of Jonathan and 
Anne (Wheeler) Wakefield, was born in Sutton, Mass., March 27, 1769. He 

160 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 

married, firstly, August 27, 1787, Polly Scovil, of Croydon, N. H., who was 
born February 5, 1763. She died about 1832, in Pennsylvania. He married, 
secondly, , his brother Joel's widow, Mercy (Morse) Wakefield. 


73 — 1. Emma, born July — . 1788: married . to David Taylor, of Connecticut- 

73.-2. JosiAH, born November .5, 1790; married , Warner, of Con- 

74 — 3. Chauncy. born October 18. 1792: married, firstly, March 24, 1811, Lydia 
Brown; mariied, secondly, Eliza Tompkins: died October 6, 1879. 

75.-4. Sabra. born , 1794; married , to Ela Harvey, of Susciuehanna 

county. Pa. 

76 — 5. Jesse, jr., born , 1796; married , Christina Madison. 

77.-6. Patt, born , 1798: married to Joseph Taylor, of Connecticut. 

78.-7. Mary (Polly), born , 1800; married , to Lovell Taylor, of Con- 

79.-8. DiLLY, born , 1802, married to James Peat, who died in Sus- 
quehanna countJ^ Pa. 

80 — 9. Alden, born , 1807; lived in Pennsylvania; died young. 

19. LucY^ Wakefield (Jonathan,^ Jonathan^), daug-hter of Jonathan 
and Anne (Wheeler) Wakefield; born in Sutton, Mass., June 2, 1771. She 

was married , to Urias Powers. She died, probably between 1827 and 

1834, in Croydon, N.H. 


1. Rev. Urias^ Powers, born May 12, 1791; married ; died in 1870. 

2. Simeon^ Powers, born ; married Partridge. 

3. Frederick^ Powers, born : married , Prudence, daughter of Nathaniel and 

Abigail (Wheeler) Brown. 

4. Jonathan^ Powers, born : married, firstly, ; married, secondly, Miranda, 

daughter of Abel and Prudence (Warren) Wheeler, who was born September 9, 1806. 
He moved from Croydon, N.H.. to Morrisville, Vt. 

5. Rev. Josiah Wakefield^ Powers, born June 19, 1799: died , 1839, in Ohio. 

6. Willard= Powers, born : he fell from '-Glidden bridge." in Croydon. N.H., on his 

way from school, and was drowned. 

7. Dr. Horace- Powers, born October 27, 1807; was educated in Newport Academy, and 

studied medicine with Dr. J. B. McGregor: took two full courses of lectures in Dart- 
mouth, and received his diploma at the medical college at Woodstock, Vt., in 1832. 
He settled in Morrison, Vt. He was justice of the peace twenty-five years, high sheriff 
of Lamville count}' two years, represented his town in Vermont convention in 18.t0, 
senator in 1853 and 18.54. He retired from his extensive and lucrative practice in 1865, 
on account of his health. He married, October 22, 1833, Love E. Gilman; he died in 

1. Henrys Powers, esq., born : was graduate of the University of Vermont, 

and leading lawyer of his county; United States senator in 1892. 

2. George R.^ Powers, born ; died in the army, February, 1862. 

8. Anna^ Powers, born : married . to Col. Daniel R. Hall, who was born July 3, 

1812; died January 23, 1885, in Croydon, N.H. Had son, Horace P. Hall. 

20. Chloe^ Wakefield, (Jonathan^), {Jonathan^), daughter of Jona- 
than and Anne (Wheeler) Wakefield, born in Sutton, Mass., May 5, 1773. 
She married "Deacon" Asaph, son of Jonah and Lydia (Powers) Stow, 
who came to Croydon, N. H., from Stockbridge, Mass., with his children. 
He removed from Croyden to Semphronius, N. Y., where he enjoyed the 
confidence of the community and was entrusted with public business. He 
was one of the messengfers who carried the presidential vote to General 
Washington. His brother Peter was father of Baron Stow, D.D., of Bos- 
ton, the noted Baptist divine. His second sister married Hon. Cyrus 
Powers, a brother of Mrs. Millard Fillmore (wife of the president). 


1. Azubah- Stow, daughter of Deacon Asaph and Chloe (Wakefield) Stow, was born 

She married Cyril, son of Abel and Prudence (Warren) Wheeler. Azubah and her 
husband were double second cousins. She was cousin of late noted Rev. Baron 
Stow, D.D.. of Boston. 

1. Paul Jacobs^ Wheeler, born December 8, 1820; married, firstly, Sarah Humph- 

rey: married, secondly, Sarah M. Earned. 

2. Morril S.^' Wheeler, born December 7, 1824: was a merchant in Boston. 

3. Prudence S.= Wheeler, born Februarv 4, 1827, married to Peter Sargent; resi- 

dence, Lebanon, N. H. 

4. Chloe A.^ Wheeler, born September 20, 1828: married to Joseph Gumming. 

.5. Charles E.= Wheeler, born August 17, 1830; married Sarah A. Kidder, an 
adopted daughter, and niece of Hon N.Mudget. He was a joiner and merchant. 

6. An infant daughter, born June 1.5. 1832: died and was buried at North Newport. 

7. Huldah W.'' Wheeler, born December 5, 1833, married to Mason Wheeler, son of 

David jr. and Electa (Mores) Wheeler. Were second cousins. Residence, 
Northfield, Minn. : they had three children, Harry, Marion, and George. 

Third Generation. 161 

8. Martha M.^" Wheeler, born June 25, 1836; married William 13. Kibljey. 

9. Azubah^* Wheeler, born August 25, 1838. married Geo. F. Whitney. 

(For fuller records see Cyril Wheeler's record.) 

2. Chloe^ Stow, born . 

3. Thomas B.= Stow, born . 1808; died November 10, 1808, aged ten days. 

4. Anna= Stow, born , went from Croyden to Semphronius, N. Y. 

33. Daniel,^ Wakefield (Amasa,^ Jonathan^), son of Amasa and Anne 

Wakefield, born in Sutton, Mass., July 3, 1771. He married , Anna 

Keeney. He died , 1801, in Andover Conn. 


81.— 1. Rev. Leonard, born July 29, 1803; married November 2, 1827, Nancy 

Caroll; died , 1879. 

83 2. Ira, born January 8, 1815; married , Elvira Morse; died January 

19, 1895. 

36. WiMAN* Wakefield {Amasa^^ Jonathan'^)., son of Amasa and Ann 
Wakefield, was born in Sutton, Mass., May 4, 1786; he married ■—, Arnold. 


83.— 1. Arnold, born , a prominent man in Smithfield, R. I. 

38. Samuel^' Wakefield {Samuel,^ Jonathan^), son of Samuel and 

Mary (Davenport) Wakefield; born in Sutton, Mass., ; married 

, Hannah Sanbourn. He worked in a "Potash" at Newport, N. H. 

Resided Unity, N. H., and the children were born there. He died May 1, 
1850, and she died November 1, 1857, aged 83 years. They were both buried 
at Ludlow, Vt. 


84.— 1. William, born ; died , aged 19 years. 

85 — 2. Alpheus. born November 17, 1804: married March 4, 1829, Lucinda Hurd: 

died March 20. 1875. 
86.-3. Mary (POLLY), born : married April 8, 1832, Heman Millen; she 

died March 4, 1844. 

87. — i. Sally, born . unmarried; she lived in Newport, and Boston, Mass. 

88.-5. Harvey M.. born ; married ; died July 5, 1862. 

39. Mercy^ Wakefield {Samuel,^ Jonathan^), daughter of Samuel 

and Mary (Davenport) Wakefield; born in Sutton, Mass., . She 

married Silas Knowlton. He was a farmer. They lived in Shrewsbury, 
Mass. Lived at Hardwick, Vt., between 1815 and 1829. 


1. Irena Knowlton, born ; married Washington Wakefield, an own cousin. He 

was son of Reuben^ Wakefield. 

2. Perrin Knowlton. born . 

3. Newel Knowlton, born . 

4. Lydia Knowlton, born : a twin. 

5. Mary Knowlton, born ■ ; a twin. 

6. Dexter Knowlton, born . 

7. Calvin Knowlton, born . 

30. Reuben** Wakefield {Samuel,^ Jonathan^), son of Samuel and 
Mary (Davenport) Wakefield; born in Sutton, Mass., . 

Reuben Wakefield was a Revolutionary soldier. The Mussadmsetts 
Bevolutionary War Archives says: "Reuben Wakefield appears in descriptive 
list of men enlisted from Hampshire county for term of 8 months from time 
of their arrival at Fishkill; from Westfield; Colonel Nixon's regiment; time 
of arrival at Fishkill, June 15 . 

He married, firstly, : married, secondly, ,*Mrs. Mollie Martin, 

who survived him. He died before 1829. Residence, Williston, Vt. 

children by first marriage. 

89.-1. Washington, born March 31. 1798; married , Irena Knowlton. his 

cousin, daughter of Silas and Mercy (Wakefield) Knowlton; married, 
secondly. Rebecca Bankston. He died November 7, 1892; 

90.— 2. Roxanna, born . 


91 — 3. HtTLDAH. born ; died in early womanhood. 


162 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 

31. Mary^ Wakefield {Samuel," Jonathan^), daughter of Samuel and 
Mary (Davenport) Wakefield; born at Sutton, Mass., March 22, 1776; mar- 
ried , 1800, to David, son of Joseph and Mary (Crosby) Fletcher, vs^ho 

was born September 15, 1778. They were members of the Free Will Baptist 
church, in Newport, N.H. He was a farmer and blacksmith, in Croydon, 
N.H. He and his family removed to North Newport in April, 1821. He 
died April 9, 1832, in Newport, N.H., aged 53 years. She married, secondly, 
March or April, 1834, Ebenezer Hazzleton, and resided in Springfield, N.H. 
He died of dropsy, in ten months. She went back to Newport, and made 
her home with her children, and died at her daughter Mary's, April 15, 1844, 
aged 68 years. 


1. Calvin- Fletcher, born August—, 1800, in Newport, N.H. ; died October 12, 1801, in Croy- 

don. N.H. 

2. Reuben= Fletcher, born July —,1802: died September 3. 1834, aged 30 or 21 years. 

3. Clarissa (Clara)= Fletcher,' born March 8. 1805; married in Newport, N.H., January .5, 

1828. to Erastus. son of Charles and Maria (Smith) Huntoon. of Unity, N.H.. who was 
born August 27, 1797. He was a farmer, and came from Unity to North Newport, N.H., 
in 1839. She was a member of the Free Will Baptist church, in Newport, and when 
young was a member of the choir. She died January 5, 1874. He died April 1, 1882, aged 
84 years. 

1. David Fletcher* Huntoon, born February 2, 1829, in Unity, N.H. ; married, firstly. 

May 28, 18o4. Eliza Kelley; married, secondly, Frances White; married, thirdly, 
January 1, 1895, Mrs. Ida J. Flagle. 

2. Harriet Amelia^ Huntoon, born December 18, 1831 : married, firstly, June 26, 1851, 

William W. P. Page; married, secondly, April 6. 1882, George C. McGregor. 

3. Melita Antonette^ Huntoon, born April 27, 1835; married October 9, 1854, Peter 

Crowell; died December, 1868. 

4. David^ Fletcher, jr., born July 13, 1807, in Croydon, N.H. ; died June 7. 1879. 

5. Mary Ann^ Fletcher, born March 1, 1810, in Croydon. N.H. ; died March 13, 1890, in Wind- 

sor. Vt. 

6. Thomas Brown^ Fletcher, born April 13. 1812, in Croydon, N. H. He married in Wen- 

dall. N. H., November 2, 1830, Mary Putnam, daughter of Benjamin and Betsey (Put- 
nam) George, who was born December 33. isil. He was a shoemaker, also a farmer. 
He resided in Claremont, N. H., on a farm three years, between May, 1839, and June, 
1843. He died in Claremont. N. H.. January 10, 1894. His widow lives in Claremont. 

1. Betsey Jane^ Fletcher, born October 38. 1831; married October 15, 1847, to Samuel 

Allan, son of Benjamin and Elmira (Crossman)Clough, who was born August 
11, 183.5. 

2. Benjamin George* Fletcher, born November 20, 1833; died October 30, 1834. 

3. Alice Maria* Fl etcher, born November 17. 1837; died April 7, 1847. 

4. Mary Ellen* Fletcher, born May 38, 1839; died April 20, 1847. 

5. Frances Artania* Fletcher, born June 28, 1842; married September, 1863, to Elzi 

Wardner White. 

6. Olevia Amanda* Fletcher, born September 8. 1844; died March 13. 1847, 

7. Thomas Wallace* Fletcher; born October 27, 1847: married, firstly, September 9, 

1869, Hannah C. Howard: married, secondly, November 1, 1871, Sarah Jane Ellis. 

8. Alice Olevia* Fletcher, born September 8, 1850; married, November 30, 1870, to 

Simeon T. Hale. 

7. Betsev- Fletcher, born July 18, 1814; married in Newport, N. H., to Reuben Johnson, who 

was born March 6, 1805, in Newbury. N. H. He was a farmer. She died January 9, 
1838. He married twice after Betsey died, and had several children by second wife, 
Harriet Adams; none by third wife, Nancy (Wheeler) Gould. He died May 13, 1875. 

1. Edmund* Johnson, born November 24, 1831; married July 14,1864, Celia F. Magown. 

2. Charlotte* Johnson, born -; died young. 

3. David* Jolinson. born-August 27, 1835: married October 24, 1861, Anna Magown. 

4. Reuben* Johnson, born October or November, 1837; died April, 1838, in Claremont, 

N. H. 

8. Luther Jacobs* Fletcher, born in Croydon, N.H., November 25, 1817; he married, No- 

vember 28, 1838, Amanda P., daughter of Levi Jennison, of Langdon, N.H., who was 
born June 22. 1819. She proved a true helpmeet, and encouraged her father to assist 
Luther in getting a higher education, and he entered Norwich University, at Nor- 
wich. Vt., as a law student, at the age of 23 years. He graduated from there in 1841. 
Instead of completing his legal studies, he soon began to study for the Christian min- 
istry, and was ordained a Universalist in 1843. He taught in Sherry (N.H.) Academy, 
and preached in the vicinity. He was principal of the Mt. Cajsar Seminary at West 
Swansay, N. H., in 1844-4.5. His wife died February 19. 1846, leaving a little daughter, 
Rosabelle Amanda He went to Lowell, Mass., in 1848, and was pastor of one of the 
three Universalist churches in that city for several years. He married, secondly, April 
27. 1849, Caroline Greenwood daughter of James and Rhoda (Laribee) Greenwood, 
who was born December 30, 1837, in Brighton, Mass. 

1. Rosabelle Amanda* Fletcher, born June 30. 1840; died April 5, 1857. 

2. Ella Frances* Fletcher, born Januarj^ 21. 18.50. in Lowell, Mass. 

3. Eugene Elton* Fletcher, born April 27, 1851; unmarried; died December 4, 1879. 

9. Melita Jane* Fletcher, born May 13, 1830; married April, 1839. to Austin, son of David 

and Lucy (Emersoa) Stockwell, who was born March 27, 1817, in Croydon, N. H. He 
was a farmer. Residence, Newport, N. H., and Nassau, N. H. She was a good, capa- 
ble, and highlv esteemed woman; died, after a long illness, and blindness the last 
years, August 31. 1882. He died at Grinnell, la., August 10, 1886. 

1. Mary Jane* Stockwell, born October 3, 1841, married, to John McGregor. 

2. Ellen Lucina* Stockwell, born July 1, 1843; married, firstly, August28, 1862, Edgar 

Borden, married, secondly, July 18, 1888, Baker Borden. 

Third Generation. 163 

3. Charles Henrys Stockwell, born February 18, 1845; married October 20, 1872, to 

Persis M. Kmgsley. 

4. Austin Elwin-' Stockwell, born October 25, 1848; married December 24, 1872, 

Sarah Myra Belknap. 

5. Ada Maroa= Stockwell, born November 26, 1852; married November 13, 1873, to 

George B. Drew. 

6. Clara AdelP Stockwell, born March 5, 18.i5, in Nassau, N. H. Is a milliner. 

Residence, Newport, N. H., and Grand Rapids, Mich. 

33. William^ Wakefield {Samuel,^ Jonathan^), son of Samuel and 

Mary (Davenport) Waketield; born in Sutton, Mass., ; married 

, Anna Wakefield, daui^hter of Jonathan and Sally (Fletcher) Wake- 
field. Resided Croydon, N.H., between 1810 and 1S29, and other times, then 
Morristown, Vt., then to Pennsylvania, where she probably died; was a 


93.— 1. Alvah. born — ■; married, tirstly, Betsey Stowe. married, secondly, 

, Kempton; died March 12. 1879 or 18H0, aged 77 years. 

93 2. Calvin, born ; married , Kempton, daughter of Joseph 

Kempton. of Newport, N. H. Resides, Lowell. Vt. 

94.-3. Harvey, born ; married , of Penn. 

95.-4. Electa, born ; married , to Hugh Rodgers. Resides, 

Greenfield, Erie county, Penn. Had several children. 

96.-5. Dexter, born about 1818; married — ; resides in Pennsylvania. 

97 — 6. Reuben, born . 

33. JONATHAN''' Wakefield (Scmuiel,- Jonathan^), son of Samuel and 
Mary (Davenport) Wakefield; born in Sutton, Mass., ; settled in Ver- 
mont; married Minwell Stannard. Lived at Hardwick, Vt., after they left 
Croydon, N. H.; was a farmer. 


98.-1. Jonathan, .jr., born August 21, 1810; married August 3, 1835, Calesta 
Carpenter; died April 5, 1864. 

99.-2. Sarah, born . 

100.-3. Leonard, born December 17, 1805; married ; died September 

10, 1891. 
101.-4. Moses, born ; married •. 

34. Abel^ Wakefield {Samuel,^ Joyiathan^) son of Samuel and 

Mary (Davenport) Wakefield; born in Sutton, Mass., ; married 

Betsey Martin. They lived with his brother Reuben and his second wife. 
Betsey was a daughter of this second wife, Mrs. Molly Martin, and a former 
husband. Residence, Hardwick, Vt.; was a farmer. 


103 1. Orra, born ; married February 2, 1882, Mrs. Martha Wakefield, of 

Hardwick. Vt. He was a blacksmith at South Hardwick, Vt, in 1856. 

103 — 2. Moses, born . 

104.-3. Reuben, born . 

35. Nathan 3 Wakefield (Samuel, ^ Jonathan^), son of Samuel and 

Mary (Davenport) Wakefield; born in Sutton, Mass., ; married 

Lucretia ; was a farmer. 


105 — 1. William, born . 

106.-2. Samuel, born . 

38. DiADAMA^ Wakefield {Silas,^ Jonathan^), daughter of Silas and 
Anna (Marsh) Wakefield: born in Sutton, Mass., April 22, 1770; married to 
Samuel Borden. He died February, 1838, at Stanbridge, Canada. She died 
at her relatives in Massachusetts. At one time he worked in Newport, 
N. H., for Silas Wakefield, her father. 


1. Asa Borden, born ; married , Daphne Catlin. 

2. Silas Borden, born about 1800; married . Sally Freeto. 

3. Elsie Borden, born ; married , Hastings; had child, Maria. 

4. Samuel Borden, born ; married , Polly Conkling. 

5. James Borden, Ijorn ; married Arietta . 

6. Laura Borden, born 

Lorane Borden, born • ; married ; had two children. 

8. Nathaniel Borden, born ; married , Mary Decker. 

164 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 

44. SiLAS^' Wakefield (Silas,'^ Jonathan^), son of Silas and Anna 
(Marsh) Wakefield; born in Sutton, Mass., November 1, 1783. He was 
selectman from 1822 to 1837. He was one of the men who bought the Argus 
and brought it from Claremont, N. H., to Newport, N. H. Resided on 

the B. B. Hastings place at Newport, N. H. He married , Polly 

McGregor, daughter of Joel McGregor. .Joel McGregor was born at En- 
field, Conn., in 1760; came to Newport, N. H., 1789; enlisted April 17, 1777, 
was in service five years; was taken prisoner by the British, confined in the 
"Old Sugar House," in New York city, 8 months, from May to .June. _ He 
suffered greatly from hunger and cold; was liberated January 1, and said it 
was the -'happiest New Year's day of his life."' He died November, 1861, 
aged 101 years. Silas Wakefield died October 11, 1838, aged 55 years; was 
buried at North Newport, N. H. 


107.— 1. Sylvester E. H.. loom October 14, 1815; married Louisa A., daughter of 
Warren and Polly (Brown) Ryder, who died January 21, 1889, aged 41 
years. Newport, N. H. 

108.— 2. HULDAH Maroa, Ijorn January 32, 1817; married to Orren D. Hall; 

he was a stage driver; re.sidence. Boston. Mass. 

109 3. Delina A., born ; married August 12, 1846. to Christopher Harts- 
horn, of Littleton, a merchant; residence, Littleton. N. H. ; died No- 
vember 9, 1855, aged 35 years. Buried at Newport, N. H., near her 

110 4. SoLBNDA, born ; married , Simeon B. Harris: died in Boston, 


45. RUFUS-' Wakefield (Lutherr Jonathan^) son of Luther and Mary 
Wakefield, was born April 5, 1783, probably at Charlton, Mass. He married 
October 11, 1811, Ruth, daughter of Nehemiah Atwood, Tippett Village, of 
Warwick, R. I., who was born December 13, 1787; died April 20, 1833. _^He 
was a contractor for heav}^ stone and earthwork. He died May 28, 18.35-8, 
at Warwick, R. I. 


Ill 1. Che.ster. born December 1, 1812, manufacturer, Warwick, R. I.; died 

February 7, 1837. 
112.-2, Almira, bo'rn August 25. 1814, at Warwick, R. I.; died November 16, 1831. 

113 3. Horace, born August 16, 1816. at Warwick, R. L; died January 5, 1829. 

114._4. Lydia, born November 12, 1820, at Warwick, R. I. ; died October 8, 1834. 

115 .5. William, born Decembers, 1825, at Warwick, R. L; married May 27, 1852, 

Harriet S. Belcher. 
116.-6. Joseph, born March 16, 1830, at Warwick, R. I. ; lawyer in St. Paul in 

1853; died in Providence, R. I., December 24, 1854, 

46. Sylvanus^ Wakefield {Luther,'^ Jonathan^), son of Luther and 

Mary Wakefield, was born in Charlton, Mass., , 1785. He built a hotel 

about 1816-17, removed from town 1321. Residence, Richmond, N. H. He 
married January 8, 1812, Rhoda Corbin. He married, secondly, Lap- 
ham. Died March 13, 1863, aged 77 years, 8 months. 


117 — 1. Rhoda, born . 

118.- 2. Zekeah, born -. 

119.— 3. Sylvanus, born 


49. Anna* Wakefield (Jonathan,^ Jonathan,'^ Jonathan^), daughter of 

Jonathan and Sarah (Fletcher) Wakefield, was born in Sutton, Mass., . 

She married , William, son of Samuel and Mary (Davenport) Wake- 


1. Alva, born ; married, firstly, Betsey Stowe; married, secondly, Hannah 


2. Calvin, born ; married Kempton, daughter of Joseph Kempton, of 

Newport, N. H. Residence, Lowell. Vt. 

3. Harvey, born ; married , of Pennsylvania. 

4. Electa, born ; married , to Hugh Rodgers. Residence, Greenfield, 

Erie county. Pa. Had several children. 

5. Dexter, born about 1818; married . Residence, Pennsylvania. 

6. Reuben, born . 

Fourth Generation. 165 

60. Jonathan* Wakefield, (Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan^), son 
of Jonathan and Sarah (Fletcher) Wakefield, was born at North Newport, 
N. H., July 8, 1787. Residence there and at Cornish, N. H., Elizabethtown, 
N. Y., and North Hudson, N. Y. He married, February 8, 1813, Rebecca, 
daughter of William and Rebecca (Jacobs), Haven, who was born November 
23, 1786, and died at North Hudson, N. Y., February 12, 1879, at the age of 92 
years, 2 months, and 19 days. She is a descendant of Richard Haven, who 
came from England between 1040 and Kil.j, and settled at Lynn, Mass. 

Jonathan Wakefield was a pioneer farmer, clearing his farm from un- 
broken forest in Cornish, N. H. He died at North Hudson, N. Y., October 
27, 18()8, aged 81 years. 


120.— 1. DANA, born July 19. 1814. In Cornish, N. H. : died March 7, 188'^: married 

December r>l. 183o. Betsy Whittlesey. 
181.— 2. Orlena, born December 17. 181.5, in Cornish, N. H. ; died November 1, 1849. 
123.-3. Charles A., born October 18. 1817: married September (5, 1842, Cynthia 

Chapin Robinson. 
123 — 4. Sarah, born July 22. 1819, in Cornish, N, H.: died February 28. 1880. 
124,— ,5. Jacob J., born September 18, 1821: married December 1.5, 18.54. AdeliaE. 

Wells: died July ;28, 186.5. 
125.— 6. Leland H.. born July 9. 1823: married, firstly. August 24, 1847, Henrietta 

Whittlesey, married, secondlj'. July 14 1871, Mary R. Warren. 
126 — 7. Rebecca, born June 19. 182.5. in Cornish. N. H. ; died Aprii:i 1844. 
127.— 8. RoxANNA, born July 6, 1827: married April 15, 1849, to Herman Hinckley 

128.— 9. ELIZA, born October 10, 1832: married March 11, 1851. to Reuben Gates. 

51. Ira* Wakefield {Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,- Jonathan^), son of 

Jonathan and Sarah (Fletcher) Wakefield, was born in , Mass., . 

He was a teacher and deacon in the Free Will Baptist church. He moved 
with all his family to Elizabethtown, N. Y., about 1841-42. Resided, New- 
port, N.H., on his father's old place, where his children were born. He was 

a farmer. He married Prudence, daughter of Abel and Prudence 

(Warren) Wheeler, who was born June 17, 1794. 


129.-1. Ro.STLLA, born about 1820; married to John Lane. 

130 — 2. Angelina, born , married, firstly, to William Stockwell, mar- 
ried, secondly to Ruel G. Austin. 

1.31 — 3. Cyril, born . a twin. 

132 1. RuEL. born . a twin. Residence at White Cloud, Kan. Married . 

133.-5. Marinda. born : died : unmarried. 

134 6. Prudence, born about 18:38: married , toBenthusion Pitkins. Resi- 
dence, New York .State, near Fort Edwards. 

135.-7. Annie, born : married , to a brother of Beuthusion Pitkins. 

Residence, New York state. 

136 — 8. Maroa M., born ; attended school in Newport, N. H. 

137.— 9. Ira, jr., born . 

53. BETSEY'' Wakefield (Jonathan,^ Jovatlian,^ Jonathan'^), daughter 
of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Wakefield; born in Newport, N. H., 
June 22, 1806. She married, May — , 1826, David, son of David and Mary 
(Wakefield) Fletcher, who was born July 13, 1807, in Croydon, N. H., and 
died June 7, 1879, in Newport, N. H. He was a shoemaker by trade, and fol- 
lowed that and farming, more or less, in his earlier life. Latter part of 
life he manufactured wooden rakes at North Newport, N. H. Residence, 
there and at Lowell, Vt. Was a member of the Free Will Baptist church. 
Betsey died July 16, 1865. Her husband married, secondly, a widow, Martha 
Smith (Richardson) Chamberlain. He died in Newport, October 18, 1884, 
aged 84 years. 


1. Calvin Hopkins- Fletcher, born in Newport, N. H., April 9, 1828. He married, October 6 
1850, Hannah Euretta Crowell, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Emery) Crowell, who 
was born April 2, 1853. at Newport. N. H. He was a farmer at Newport, N. H.; taught 
school in Massachusetts. Has been an itinerant preacher of the Christian Advent 
denomination for a good many years, and in 1888 was re-appointed to the eighteenth 
year as secretary of their conference, and is chairman of the board of their Amer- 
ican association.' 

1. EllaEuretta='Fletcher, born July 17. 18.53, in Newport, N.H. : died November 11,1865. 

2. Emma Gertrude-' Fletcher, borfi in Newport, N. H., April 26, 18.58: married March 

9. 1876. to Whitney David Barrett, jr., son of W. D. and Louisa A. (Bellany) Bar- 
rett, who was born January 30, 18.58, in Brattleboro. Vt. Residence, New Lon- 
don and North Newport, N. H. Removed to Lebanon, N. H., in summer of 1883. 
Summer of 1886 moved to Pennecook, in Concord, N. H., where they have since 
resided. He worked in scj'the shops in places above mentioned. On police 
force in Pennecook later. 

166 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 

1. Henry Berton* Barrett, 'borii May 9, 1877, in Newport; died February 27, 

1878. in New London. N. H. 

2. Harr}' Edson* Barrett, born July 11, 1879. in Newport, N. H. 

3. Harland Fletcher* Barrett, born July 30, 1881, at Newport, N. H.; died 

November 2. 1886, at Pennecook. N. H. 

4. Raymond Prentice' Barrett, born August 17, 1887, at Newport. N. H. 

2. David Wakefield^ Fletcher, born in Newport. N. H.. April 25. 1832. He married, October 

12, 1855. Sarah Jane Mclntire, of Claremont, N. H., daughter of Samuel and Hannah H. 
(Merrill) Mclntire. who was born in Lancaster. N. H.. October 22, 1830. He went from 
Newport to Claremont. N. H., about 1852, and was a druggist there. He died July 28, 
1860, aged 28 years. After living a widow a number of years she married, secondl3^ Ma}\ 
1894, Francis Lock, Esq., of Claremont. He was a widower with a married daughter. 
She died November 26. 1891. No issue. 

3. Hiram Martin* Fletcher, born in Newport. N. H., August 3. 1835. He married, firstly. 

March 9, 1852, Marietta Jackson, of Newport, N. H. ; she was daughter of Forest arid 
Mary (Davis) Jackson, and was born August 30, 1834. in Plainfield, N. H. He was a car- 
penter by trade, but was injured by a fall and has been unable to follow that business 
much since. Has been New Hampshire general agent for "The Iloiixeliold" and other 
publications. Residence Newport. N. H. He married, secondly, March 30. 1881, Alice 
Frances Downs, daughter of N. Park and Rhoda E. (Chamberlain) Downs, who was 
born December 20. 1861. in Cornish. N. H. 

1. Edith Mariette^ Fletcher, born in Newport, N. H.. August 22. 1854; married March 

17, 1872, to Willard Baxter, son of Clark Stark, who was born July 10. 1851, in 
Guilford, Vt. Was a farmer; residence Brattleboro and Marlboro, Vt., and 
Newport. N. H. 

1. Effle Minnie* Stark, born Octobers, 1873, at Brattleboro, Vt. ; schoolteacher. 

2. Alice Gertrude* Stark, born February 18, 1875, at Marlboro, Vt. ; school 

teacher, and attends Randolph state normal school. 

3. George Willard* Stark, born March 23, 1876. in Marlboro, Vt. 

4. Edith Maude* Stark, born Februarv 3, 1878, in North Newport. N. H. 

5. Ellen Malvina* Stark, born Januar}' 6. 1883, in North Newport. N. H. 

6. Marion* Stark, born April 29. 1884. in Croydon. N. H. 

7. John Thomas* Stark, born September 21, 1885, in Croydon. N. H. 

8. James Hiram* Stark, born November 23, 1887. in Brattleboro, Vt. 

9. Joseph Fletcher* Stark, born June 22, 1890, in Brattleboro, Vt. 

2. Effle Annette^ Fletcher, born August 9, 1856; married March 28, 1881, to George 

Henry Downs; died September 2;^. 1883. in North Newport. N. H. 

3. George Hiram= Fletcher, born in Newport, N. H., October 12. 1859. He married 

Carrie A., daughter of Edgar and Ella (Stockwell) Borden, who died in North 
Newport. N. H., April 25. 1890. aged 25 years. He married, secondlv, in Lunen- 
burg. Vt., August 24, 1892. Flora L.." daughter of George N. and Philamelia 
(Morse) Dodge, who was born May 8, 1862. Residence, Newport, N. H. He is a 
carpenter and cabinet maker. 

1. Edgar Luther* Fletcher, born August 27, 1884. at North Newport. N. H. 

2. Earl Borden* Fletcher born December 13, 1889. at North Newport. N. H. 

4. David Park^' Fletcher, born Aijril22. 1882, in North Newport, N. H. 

5. Ethel Elizabeth ^Fletcher, born October 1, 1883, in North Newport, N. H. 

6. Euretta Frances^ Fletcher, born August 9. 1885. in North Newport. N. H. 

7. Frank Martin^ Fletcher, born April 8, 1888. at North Newport, N H. 

4. Betsey Ann= Fletcher, born in Newport. N.H., May 3. 1840; married May 31. 1857, to Richard 

Meigs Johnson, son of Eben and Lydid (Lewis) Hastings, who was born December 14, 
1837. Residence, North Newport. N.H. Works in scythe "shop. Served on board steamer 
"Augusta" one year in the war of the Rebellion." Corporal 1st regiment Heavy Ar- 
tillery'. Company H. 9 months. Belongs to the G.A. R. in Newport. N. H. Thev adopted 
a little child, Arminta Mav Lion, and had name changed to Ella Mav Hastings, born 
Mav 3. 1866. 

1. Eva Gertrude^ Hastings, born August 6, 1877, in North Newport, N.H. 

2. Harry LeRoy^ Hastings, born August 15. 1880, in North Newport, N.H. 

5. John Thomas'- Fletcher, born November 29. 1842; died January 3. 1843, in Newport, N.H. 

6. John Thomas^ Fletcher, born in Newport. N.H., March 15, 1846; he married, November 

17. 1874, Annie Lizzie, daughter of Otis E. and Rosette L. (Chamberlain) Heath, who 
was born February 19, 1854, in Chatham. Morris county. N.J.; was a carpenter by trade; 
resided at Buffalo. N.Y., and Newport, N.H. He and his wife and daughter removed 
to her parents', at Federal Point. Fla.. February. 1881. His health being poor, he re- 
turned to Newport the same year, and she taught school in Florida several terms. 
In 1882. he went to Brattleboro. Vt.. and worked in Estey's organ shop till July. 1883. 
His wife and daughter returned to New Hampshire in June. 1883, and the}' all went to 
Lebanon. N.H.. July, 1883. He works in wood manufactory in Claremont. " 

1. Bertha Maude^ Fletcher, born June 14, 1876. in Newport. N.H. Graduated with 

honors at the high school in Claremont. N.H. 

2. Lillian Rosette^ Fletcher, born March 9, 1884, in Lebanon, N.H. 

54. Sarah (Sally)* Wakefield (Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan^), 

daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth ((Goodwin) Wakefield: born ; 

married . to Rufus Fairbanks. He was a farmer: resided at Newport 

and Cornish, N.H. She died in April, 1871, at her son Abel's, in South 
Cornish, N.H. 


1. Jane Fairbanks, born ; married , to Samuel Hill, brother of Mrs. Mar}' 

Hill Fairbanks; have one child. 

2. Harriet Fairbanks, born : unmarried; died August 10, 18.52. 

3. Chester Mason Fairbanks, born about 1823: resides at Hanover. N.H. ; married 

Februar}' 11, 18.55. Marj- Elsther Gardner LeSeur. 

4. Abel Wake"fleld Fairbanks, born about 1826; married January 1, 18.52, Mary Hill; 

resides at South Cornish, N.H. 

Fourth Generation. 167 

65. Amos* Wakefiei^d {Jonathan,^ Jonathan^, Jonathan^), son of Jona- 
than and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Wakefield; born in Newport, N. H., March 
16, 1786. He married August 19, 1810, in Croydon, N. H., to Chloe Cooper of 
that place, who was born March 31, . He removed to Arkansas. 


138 — 1. Laura, l3orn September 7, 1811. in Wheelock. Vt. 

139 — 2. Rev. Amo.s. horn March 31, 1813 in Wheelock. Vermont: a minister: 

married, firstly, : married, secondly, about 1880, ■ 

Brown, who was born in Burlington, Vt., about 18:i6, No children, but 
adopted some. Was a shoemaker and Methodist preacher; was 
"superanuated" about 1875. Resides Middleville, Barry county, Mich. 
His second wife was daughter of John and Sarah (Ingalls) Brown. 
Rev. Amos j<jined the Michigan conference in 1849; traveled 15 or Hi 

140.— 3. LoDENA, born March 8. 1816, in Wheelock, Vt.: died young. 

141 — 4. Harriet, born April 16, 1818, in Croydon, N. H. ; married March 14,1841, 
to Abner Gooch. 

142 5. Chestine, horn October 29, 1820, in Croydon, N. H. : died March 15, 1S36. 

143 — 6. Sherman Cooper, born February 21, 1823, in Croydon, N. H. ; married 
August 22, 1844, Mary M. Blanchard. 

144.— 7. Freeman, born August 27, 1839, in Croydon, N. H. ; died August 27, 1839. 

145 — 8. WiLBER FisK, born September 29, 1838, in Rochester, Vt. 

56. ACHSAH' Wakefield {Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan^), daughter 

of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Wakefield: born ; married 

, to William Knapp. They parted in later years. Resided in 

Lowell, Vt. She died about 1883, in Lowell, Mass. He died April 11, 1888, 
aged 91, in Lowell, Vt. 


1. Lodemia Knapp, born ; married , to Carpenter; resides Hyde 

Park, Vt. 

2. Catherine Knapp. born ; married , to Hinds. 

3. Mary Knapp, born . 

67. ZiLPHA* Wakefield {Joel,^ Jonathan,'^ Jonathan^), daughter of 
Joel and Mercy (Morse) Wakefield; born in Newport, N. H., March 13, 1793; 
married March 13, 1814, the day they were both twenty-one years old, to 
Col. (Deacon) Abel, son of Abel and Prudence (Warren) Wheeler, who was 
born March 13, 1793. She died January 28, 1818, at birth of daughter 
Zilpha, aged 24 years, 10 months, and 16 days. He married, secondly, — - — , 
Mehitable Caleb, of Grantham. 


1. Zilpha Wheeler, born January 28, 1818, in North Newport, N. H. ; married , to 

Eliab, son of Samuel, jr., and Keziah (Dunbar) Metcalf, of Croydon. N. H. 
They were living at Turnbridge, Vt., on February 22,1839. Residence, Lowell, 
Mass., June 14, 1849, She died July 8, 1880, at West Summerville, Mass. He died 
January 7, 1867, aged .54 years. 


2. Albert Carlos Wheeler, born November 27, 1819; was a carpenter, alive in 1895. 

Residence. Fitchburg. Mass. 

3. Elizabeth Wheeler, born : married , to James Smith, of Sunapee, N. H., 

who died previous to 1895. Had several children. 

4. Prudence Wheeler, born ; residence, Fitchburg, Mass. 

5. Mary Wheeler, born ; died . 

6. Maria Wheeler, born ; residence, Lowell, Mass. 

7. Charlotte Wheeler, born . 

68. Clark^ Wakefield {Jod,^ Jonathan,^ Joncdhan^), son oi Joel and 
Mercy (Morse) Wakefield, was born in Newport, N. H., October 16, 1794. He 
married, about 1825, Caroline Ellis, who was born May 8, 1805, inSouthbridge, 
Mass. They parted about 1845. Clark Wakefield married, secondly, .Jerusha, 
sister of Chester Phelps, of Newport, N. H. Caroline (Ellis) Wakefield 
married, secondly, .Joseph Weston, of Montazuma. N. Y. She died July 4, 
1874, in Montezuma, N. Y. He died September 3, 1871, in East Unity, N. H. 
Residence, Newport, N.H., Weathersfield, Vt., etc. Resided in "Cat Hole," 
on Green Mountain, before 1840. 


146.-1. FREEMAN Ellis, born August 28, 1826: married , Sophia Kimball; 

died April 12. 1863. 
147 2. Zilpha Jane, born February 8, 1828. in Claremont. N. H.; learned the 

tailoress trade in Claremont, was taken sick there and died in fall of 

1844, aged 17 3^ears, at her Uncle Willard's. 
148 — 3. Samuel Wilson, born April 30, 1832; married August 10, 1856, Caroline 

May Olds. 

168 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 

(52. Charles^ Wakefield {Joel,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan^), son of Joel 
and Mercy (Morse) Wakefield, was born at North Newport, "Northville," 
N. H., August 30, 1805. He married, June 3, 1827, Mary Anna, daughter 
of David and Mary (Wakefield) Fletcher, who was born March 10, 1810, and 
died March 12, 1890, at her daughter's, Maroa Paul, in Windsor, Vt. He 
was a good man; was a mechanic and farmer. His health was very poor 
for a good many years. He left Newport in April, 1849, for Claremont 
Village, N. H., and remained there till he went to East Unity, N. H., in 
1853. January, 1857, he bought a farm and moved to Unity Center. He 
was a deacon in the Free Will Baptist church at Newport, N. H., of which 
his wife was a member. She was a capable woman and greatly respected. 
Residence from 18B4 till her death in Windsor, Vt. Charles Wakefield and 
Mary Ann Fletcher were second cousins, their parents being own cousins, 
children of the two brothers, Jonathan, jr., and Samuel Wakefield. He 
died February 7, 1865, at Windsor, Vt. 


149 — 1. Maroa Mercy, born February 27. 1834: married January 12, 1859. Henry 

S. Paul. 
150.— 2. Clara Amanda, born October 22, 1837; married Ma}' 8, 1859, to Leyi 
Sleeper Bailey. 


I. Robert' Fletcher, born 1592. Yorkshire, Eng. ; died April 3, 1677, at Concord, Mass. 
Came from England in 1630: married : died probably at Concord, Mass. His son: 

II. Francis- Fletcher, born 1636. in Concord. Mass.: died . aliye December, 1661; 

wealthy land owner in Concord: married August 1, 16.56. Elizabeth, daughter of George 
and Katherine Wheeler, who was born, probabl}', in England, and died June 14, 1704. m 
Concord. Mass. George Wheeler was probably born in England and died 1687, probablj' 
in Concord. Mass. His son : 

III. Samuel^ Fletcher, born August 6. 1657, at Concord, Mas.s. ; died October 23, 1744, 
at Copiral. He was selectman of Concord. Mass.. 1705. 1707, 1709, and 1713. He married 
April 15, 1682. Elizabeth, daughter of William and Hanna or Anna (Buss) Wheeler, and 
grandaughter of George and Katherine Wheeler and William and Anna Buss; she was 
born January 2. 1663. in Concord, Mass.. and died October 26, 1744. at Concord, Mass. 
William Wheeler was born probably in England; died December 31, 1683, in Concord. 
He married October 30. 1659, Hannah or Anna Buss, who was born 1641-2. His son; 

IV. Timothy* Fletcher, born August 28, 1704, in Concord, Mass. He fought in the 
French and Indian war; married Elizabeth . His son; 

V. Joseph'' Fletcher, sr., born August 18. 1836, at Concord. Mass.; died 1815 at Croy- 
den. N. H. Came to Cro}'den about 1800; a blacksmith by trade: said to haye been in the 
Reyolutionar}' war. He married, secondly, about 1775, in Massachusetts. Mrs. Mary (Hop- 
kins) Crosby, daughter of Dayid Hopkins. who was born 1740. probably in Brewster, Mass., 
and died May, 1828. in Newport, N. H. Dayid Hopkins was born probably in Brewster. 
Mass., where he probabl}' died. He wove his own cloth and went out catching whales on 
the coast of Cape Cod a day or two at a time. His son ; 

VI. Dayid*^ Fletcher, sr,, born September 15, 1778, probably at Sturbridge, Mass.; 
died April 9, 1832, at North Newport. N. H. Came to Cro3'den about 1800. and to Newport 
April, 1821. He was a blacksmith by trade. He married Mary Waketield. 1800. His daughter: 

VII. Mary Ann" Fletcher, born March 1. 1810, at Croyden, N. H. ; died March 12, 
1890, at Windsor. Vt. Residence in Croyden till April. 1821, Newport till 1848, and came to 
Windsor, 1863; married June 3, 1827, Charles Wakefield. 

63. Lavinia* Wakefield {Peter, ^ Jonathan,- Jonathan^), daughter of 
Peter and Hannah (Haven) Wakefield, was born in Newport, N.H., March 
8, 1791; she married, November 16, 1810, Stephen D. Read, who was born 
December 9, 1790. He came from Plainfield, Vt., when 9 years of age. He 
died before 1870. He lived at the Read sawmill, in the northeast part of 
the town. She died March 27, 1883, in Newport, N.H., aged 92 years. Re- 
sided at NewjDort, N.H, 


1. Erastus Read, born March 15. 1811 ; died before 1886. in Newport, N.H. 

2. Jackson Read, born February r30, 1819; died December 3. 1884, in Newport, aged 65 


3. Rosilla Read, born ; married, , as second wife, to Azor, son of Luke 

Paul, of Croydon, N.H. ; died July or August. 1843. in Newport. N.H. 

4. Rowena Reed, born ; married , to Azor, son of Luke Paul. 

5. Roancy Reed, born ; married . to Oilman Davis, of Claremont. 

6. Elbridge Reed, born February 13, 1814, in New Hampshire. 

65. Lucy* Wakefield {Peter,'^ Jonathan,'^ Jonathan'^), daughter of 

Peter and Hannah (Haven) Wakefield: born August 17, 1795, in , N.H.; 

married , 1819, to Jeremiah Adams, who was born September 8, 1797, 

in Alstead, N.H.; came to Newport in 1817, and settled in Northville. He 
was absent from town a few years, at Concord, Vt., and later resided at 

Fourth Generation. 109 

Milford, Mass. He died about 1875. She died February 4, 1867, in Milford, 
Mass. Probably resided at Claremont, N.H., between April, 1847, and 1851. 
Resided at "Cat Hole" before 1840. They had seven children, two of whom 
served in the War of the Rebellion, from Milford, Mass. 


1. Ruth W. Adams, born February 26. 1820. in North Newport. N.H. ; married 

1840, to Filander Ladd. of Unit3^ N.H. Resided west part of Claremont in 1849; 
later moved to Wisconsin; died November 2, 1875, in Wisconsin. 

2. Oliver M. Adams, born December 27, 1821, in North Newport, N.H. : married , 

Lavina W. Walker, of Connecticut. Resided Worcester, Mass.; died in fall 
of 1888. 

3. Hiram B. Adams, born November 25. 182;^, in North Newport, N.H. ; married Jane 

Diadamia, daughter of Jacob and Sally (Hall) Ames, of Newport, N.H. Resides 
Worcester, Mass. 

4. Harrison S. Adams, born April 24, 1826, in North Newport, N.H. ; married , 

18.54, Betsey Ladd, of Unity, N.H.. cousin of P"'ilander J. Ladd. She died June or ' 
July. 1878, in Lebanon, N.H 

5. George Sylvester Adams, born June 16, 1833; married, firstly, Hannah B.. daugh- 

ter of Jacob and Sally (Hall) Ames, who died January 22, 1886. in Worcester, 
Mass. Her first husband was Charles Emerson, who went off and she supposed 
him dead, but he came back after she married her second husband. George 
Sylvester married, secondly, an only daughter of Dr. Hale, of New Hampshire, 
in May or June, 1889. 

6. Charles H. Adams, born March 26, 1830; married , 1854. Sarah Johnson, of 

Norwich, Vt. Resided at Pompanoosuc, Sharon, and Fairlee, Vt. Died Octo- 
ber. 1889. 

7. John Q. Adams, born April 19, 1836, in North Newport, N.H. ; died November 22, 

1861, in Alexandria, Va. 

66. Simeon* Wakefield, {Peter,^ Jonathan,- Jonathan^), son of Peter 
and Hannah (Haven) Wakelield; born in Newport, N. H., April 20, 1798; 

married , Amey Freeto, daug'hter of William and Amey (Meigs) 

Freeto, who died in fall of 1870. He died in summer of 18(57, in Newport, 
N. H. They lived before 1840 in "Cat Hole" on Green Mountain, in New- 
port, or Claremont, N. H. 


151 — 1. Diana, born , 1818; taught the school (on Claremont side of Moun- 
tain) in "Cat Hole" before 1840; married , Chauncy Wellington. 

153.— 2. Howard P.. born September 22, 1820; married , Asenath F. Dow; 

died May 16. 1892. 

15.3 3. John Meggs, born January 5, 1823; married , Betsey S. Whittier. 

154. — 1. Emma F.. born ,1825; married , to Napoleon Bonaparte Frye; 

resided Claremont, N. H., 1892 and 1896. He had a son, Frank, by his 
first wife. 

67. RuTH^ Wakefield (Peter,^ Jonathan,- Jonathan^), daughter of 
Peter and Hannah (Haven) Wakefield; born in Newport, N. H., September 
8, 1801. She married September 22, 1822, Lorenzo Meigs, son of William 
and Amey (Meigs) Freeto, who was born October 2.'5, 1801. She died November 
20, 1870, aged 6i> years. Resided in Newport, N. H. , till they went to Lebanon, 
N. H., in spring of 184(). Removed back to Newport in spring of 1870. He 

was a farmer. He married, secondlv, , 1872, Sarah Maria, daughter 

of John and Chloe (Haven) Jones. Ruth was member of Free Will Baptist 
Church, as was her husband, until he became a "Seventh Day Adventist." 


1. Nancy Maroa Freeto, born , 1822, in Newport. N. H. ; married to Henr}' Booth 

who died August , 18S7; she died , 1859, in Lelmnon. N. H. 

2. Dexter Smith Freeto, born October 13, 1824, in Newport, N. H. ; married Mary 

.lane Sargent; he died April 30, 1891, in Quechee, Vt. 

3. Marinda Hannah Freeto, born October 13, 1826, in Newport, N. H.; married, firstly 

to Joaathan D. Willard, who was born January, 1823, and died in July, 1869, aged 
46 years; married, secondly, to Curtis Kelsey, who died May 16, 1889, in Boston, 

4. Pillsbury Harriman Freeto, born August 28, 1828, in Newport, N. H., married 

Mary A. Greeley. 

5. Lucinda Dustin Freeto. born October 11, 1830, in Newport, married to John Davis. 

6. Azubah Stowe Freeto, born November 20, 1832, in Newport; married to Joseph A. 


7. Delina Ann Freeto. born January 11, 1834, in Newport; married to William Poor, 

who died in East Milton, Maine. 

8. Cynthia Permelia Freeto, born , 1839. in Newport. N. H. ; married , to 

Norman Tenney. She died November, 1880, at White River Junction, Vt. 

9. George Meigs Freeto, born March 14, 1847, in Lebanon, N. H. ; married Sarah 


170 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 

74. Chauncy* Wakefield, {Jesse,'^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan'^), son of 
Jesse and Polly (Scovil) Wakefield, was born in Newport, N. H., October 18, 
1792. He married, firstly, March 24, 1811, Lydia, daughter of Rev. Thomas 

Brown, of Newport, N. H. He married, secondly, , Eliza Tompkins, 

who died .January 5, 1855, aged 64 years. He died October 6, 1879, in New- 
port, N. H., aged 86 years, 11 months, and 17 days. 


155.— 1. James, born October 15. 1811; married, firstly , Amy Broclilebank; 

married, secondly. Susan Carroll; he died January 15, 18«8. 
156.--2. Emma A., born January 2, 1814, married to James B. Harris, Worcester, 

157.— 3. William, born September 15, 1819. 

158 4. Mary, born December 11, 182:2: married , to Bryant Wheeler. 

159 5. JosiAH, born January 27, 1826; married , Susan Avery, of Worcester, 

160.-6. Ruth D., born November 17, 1833; married March 26, 1856, to Horace 

Rice, of Holden, Mass. 

81. Rev. Leonard* Wakefield {Daniel,^ Amasa,"^ Jonathan''), son of 
Daniel and Anna (Keeney) Wakefield: born in Manchester, Conn., .July 29, 

1803. He was left an orphan by the death of his father at the age of two 
and a half years, the youngest of four children. At the age of 17 he went 
to Smithfield, R. I., to work on a farm; at the age of 21 he was converted: 
M. E. class leader: at the age of 21 began preaching. He joined a Masonic 
lodge and became eminent up to knighthood. He married at the age of 24, 
November 2, 1827, Nancy, daughter of Jesse and Mary (Mann) Carrol, who 
was born in Smithfield, R. I., September 30, 1804. Marriage performed by 
Rev. Elisha Frank. He preached in Blackstone, Slaterville, Woonsocket, 
Albion, Cumberland Hill, and through Massachusetts, Connecticut and 
Rhode Island from Wellfleet and Truro to the Connecticut river. About 
1850 he came to the North Purchase. He closed a ministry of 54 years. At 
Cumberland, R. I., he kept a variety store, was postmaster, secretary of 
the school committee, member of the town council, justice of the peace, 
preacher. He died November 27, 1879, aged 76 years, four months. 

Leonard Wakefield died intestate. The WorceMei- Begistry of Prohafe, vol. 
— , p. 191, gives George G. Parker as administrator. Following are the in- 
terested parties: U. M. Tower, D. A. Wakefield, L. W. Taylor, H. E. Taylor, 
guardian of L. Wakefield, April 4, 1882. 


1(51.-1. Julia, born October 26, 1838; died young. 

163 — 3. Uranah Mowry. born May 31, 1830; married , to William E. Tabor; 

residence. Hopliinton. 
163.-3. Daniel Amos, born March 31. 1833; married . Residence, North 

164 — 4. Anna Maria, born June 8, 1835; died young. 
165.-5. Leroy Sunderland, born April 8, 1837; married . Residence, 

North Purchase. 

166 6. Charles Leonard born May 7, 1839; died youne. 

167 — 7. Frances Catherine Dorr, born June 26, 1841; died young. 
168.-8. Osmund, born April 26, 1844. ) 

169 — 9. Osgood, " •■ " ■• ;- All three died within a week. 
170 — 10. Oscar, " " " " ) 

82. Ira* Wakefield {Daniel,^ Amam,'^ Jonathan^), son of Daniel and 
Anna (Keeney) Wakefield: born at Oxford, Mass., January 8, 1815. He was 
prominent in town affairs, serving as selectman, etc. He married Elvira 
Morse, daughter of Elisha Morse, of Brookfield, Vt., and for several years 
prior to his death, of Winchendon, Mass. He died January 19, 1895, in 
Orange, Mass. 


181.-1. Cynthia, born : died in infancy. 

183 — 2. Frank, born ; died in infancy. 

183 — 3. Nelson Sumner, born November 23, 1843; married April 9, 1866, Eliza A. 

85. Alpheus* Wakefield {SamuM,^ Samuel,'^ Jonathan^), son of Sam- 
uel and Hannah (Sanbourn) Wakefield; born in Unity, N.H., November 17, 

1804. Resided at Ludlow, Windsor county, Vt. He married, March 4, 1829, 
Lucinda Hurd. He was a real estate agent. His name was Alpheus, but he 

Fourth Generation. 171 

always wrote it Alpha. He died March 20, 1875, at Ludlow, Vt., aged 75 


184.— 1. Austin T.. born January 31, 1830; married , Ann Wilson. 

185 2. Freeman C born December 3, 1831; married May 2, 1853, Mary E.Wilson; 

died April 26, 1805. 
186.— 3. Luther F., born October 10, 1835; married, firstly, , Lorinda Place; 

married, secondly, May 13, 1890, Mary B. Webster. 
187.-4. Henry D., born March 10, 1840; married , Hattie J. Chamberlain; 

died January 1, 1888. 

188 — .5. Mary Ann, born October 2(3, 1847; married . 

189 6. Solan Robinson, born July 13, 1851; married October 10, 1881, Maria E. 


86. Mary (Polly)* Wakefield (S(muid,^ Sdmml,^ Jonathan^), daugh- 
ter of Samuel and Hannah (Sanbourn) Wakefield: born ; married April 

8, 1832, to Heman Millen. He married, secondly, , Irena Whittemore, 

of Hancock, N. H. 


1. Millen, born April 15. 1833, in Washington, N. H. ; died young. 

2. John Millen, born April 22, 1834, in Washington, N, H. ; died "in U. S. Army during 

the war of the Rebellion. 

3. Emory A. Millen, September 29, 1837, in Washington, N. H.; was a soldier during 

the war; died January 15, 1862, in Boston, Mass. 

4. A daughter, born .September 18, 1841, in Washington N. H. ; died young. 

88. Harvey M.'* Wakefield {Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Jonathan^), son of 

Samuel and Hannah, (Sanbourn) Wakefield: born , in Unity, N.H., 

but later resided in Claremont, N. H. He enlisted in Company G, 5th 
regiment, N. H. volunteers, and was mustered October 12, 1861. He served 
his country less than a year, dying in hospital July 5, 1862, leaving three 
small children to mourn his loss. He came to Claremont, N. H., from Ver- 
mont, but six or eight years before his enlistment. 


190.-1. Dr. George L.. born about 1845: enlisted and mustered into Company G, 
9th regiment, N. H. volunteers, August 13, 1S62. and was appointed 
corporal. On September 30, 1864, he was wounded in the right arm 
and missing. He rejoined the command, and on March 1. 18(55, he 
was promoted to sergeant, and was mustered out June 10, 1865. He 
is a physician and surgeon and has resided at Durand, Wis., and 
Henniker, N. H. ; is married and has children, 

191 2. LUELLA, born ; married • , to a Frenchman. 

198 3. A daughter, born ,18.57; died April 25, 1858. 

89. Washington-* Wakefield (Reuhen,^ Samuel,- Jonathan'^), son of 

Reuben and Wakefield; born March .31, 1798, in Old Sutton, Mass.; 

married Irene, daughter of Silas and Mercy (Wakefield) Knowlton, of Ver- 
mont, where she died. He married, secondly, Rebecca Bankston. who was 
born September 5, 1820, in Syracuse, N.Y., and died December 20, 1865, at 
Pardee, Kans. They were married in Milan, Ohio. He died November 7, 
1892, at Salt Lake City, Utah. 


193.— 1. Clista Bankston, born ; died 

194 2. Charlfs Washincjton, born January 28, 1826; married November 16, 1854, 

Henrietta Hammer: he died February 1, 1894. 
195.— 3. Newell, born : died . 

children by second marriage. 
Born at Milan, Ohio. 
19G.— 4. Alanson, born December 16, 1837; married January 16, 1859, Alice Lillian 

197.— 5. Irene, born February 12, 1849: married April 6, 1865, Fred L. Whittaker; 

resides Atkinson, Kans. She has six children, 
198 6. Alma Viola, born November 20, 1848; married December 13, 1868, Amos 

W. Fletcher, 
199.-7. Mary Alice, born September 2, 1850; married December 13, 1868, W. H. 

Clark; died June .24, 1893. 

92. Alvah"* Wakefield {William,^ Sajuuel,^ Jonathan^) , son of William 
and Anne Wakefield; born ; married, firstly, Betsey Stowe. He mar- 
ried, secondly, Hannah Kempton. 

172 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 


200 1. HANNAH, born ; married, firstly, , Cleveland: had two sons 

and one daughter by him; .she married, secondly, , Newton, of 


301 2. Anne, born ; married : died . in Webster. Mass. 


303 3. Waterman, born after 1838 in Croydon, N. H. 

98. Jonathan^ Wakep^ield {Jonathan,^ Samuel,- Jonathan^), son of 

Jonathan and Minwell (Stannard) Wakefield, was born August 21, 1810, in 

Hardwick, Caledonia county, Vt.: married August 3, 1835, Calesta, daughter 

of Elijah and Abigail (Parsons) Carpenter, who was born November 19, 

1816, at Mariah, N. Y. He was a farmer at Camanche, Iowa. He died 

April 5, 1864, at Le Claire, Scott county, Iowa, having moved from Essex 

county, N. Y., in 18G0. Residences, Hardwick, Vt., Moriat and Port Henry, 

N. J., and Le Claire, la. 


303.— 1. MiNDY Abigail, born May 12, 18.36; married February 22, 1852, Josiah 
Bradle}' Chamberlain. 

304.— 2. Ray Greene, born September 11, 1839. Enlisted at Clinton, in the Union 
army: was in the battle of Pittsburg Landing, also at Corinth. He 
marched in pursuit of General Price until his feet and ankles gave 
way; when he was taken to the ho.spital, his life was despaired of. He 
was afterwards returned to his regiment, but was unable to go on 
duty and was discharged. He removed to California, and soon after 
his arrival he enlisted in an artillery regiment and was stationed on 
the island in San Francisco Bay. Residence, California. 

305.— 3. Edwin Houston, born November 26. 1841. He enlisted in the 1st 
Colorado infantrv. and later enlisted in a cavalry company, under 
Chivington, where he served in protection of the frontier against In- 
dians. He died April 30, 1896, at Sioux Citv, Iowa. 

306 4. Eli.jah Carpenter, born July 8, 184.5; married November 23, 1871, Sarah 

E. Henthorn. 

307.— 5 Mary Helen, born August 27, 1848; married January 27, 1867, to John 
James Elliott, who was born July 25, 1843, in Centre county. Pa. He is 
a son of Samuel Elliott, who came from England, and died May 15, 1857, 
at L,e Claire, Iowa. They resided, 1873, in Le Claire, Iowa. One child, 
Helen, born November 1, 1868. 

308 6. Lester Fish, born June 2, 1852; married, firstly, October 2, 1880, Mary 

Alice Lewburn; married, secondly, February 14, 1889, Jennie Wilson. 

lOO. Leonard^ Wakefield iJonatlum," Samuel,'^ Jonathan^), son of 
Jonathan and Minwell (Stannard) Wakefield: born in Hardwick. Vt., Novem- 
ber 17, 1805. Residence, Colchester and Hardwicik, Vt., Charlotte and 
Princeton, la., and Salem, N. H. He was a farmer. He died September 10, 
1891, at Princeton, la. 


309.-1. Andrew, born March, 1830, in Vermont. 

310.— 2. Orson, born October, 1834, in Vermont. 

311.— 3. Gilbert, born April, 1842, in Vermont, 

313 4. William A., born November 2. 1860; married February 21, 1893, Nina A. 


313.— 5. Lois, born . 

314.-6. Flora, born . 

315 7. Emily, born- 

316.-8. Laura, born — 
317.— 9. Rachel, born- 
318 10. Martha, born- 

lOl. Moses-' Wakefield (Jonathan,'^ Samuel,^ Jonathan^), son of 

Jonathan and Minwell (Stannard) Wakefield; born in , N. H., . 

Residence, Hardwick, Vt. He married , . 


319.— 1. Martin, born . 

330.-2. Joseph, born . 

107. Sylvester E. H.* Wakefield, {Silas,^ Silas,'^ Jonathan^), son of 
Silas and Polly (McGregor) Wakefield; born in Newport, N. H., October 14, 

1815; married , Louisa A. . daughter of Warren and Polly (Brown) Ryder, 

and granddaughter of Abigail (Wheeler) Brown, who was born , 1848, 

and died January 21, 1889. aged 41 years. No issue. 

Sylvester was a soldier in the Civil war, and his name is given on a list 
of privates enlisted at Claremont, N. H., April 23, 1861. It was a company 

Fourth Generation. 


of Sharpshooters enlisted for three months, and was attached to "Berdan's 
Sharpshooters." {History Claremont, pp. 253-291).) 

Newport, N. H., band organized in 1S40 with Sylvester E. H. Wakefield 
as leader. The Newport Histonj says: "S. E. H. Wakefield has the highest 
place in Newport, as a player of martial music, by all, who were permitted 
to listen to the rattle of his youthful drum or thrilling notes of his silvery 
bugle in maturer life." 

115. William^ Wakefield (Rufus,^ Litther,'' Jonathan^), son of Rufus 
and Ruth (Atwood) Wakefield; born at Warwick, R. I., December 6, 1825; 


has resided at Providence, R.I., and St. Paul, Ramsy county, Minn. He was 
in the real estate business, and is now retired. He married May 27, 1852, 
Harriet S., daughter of Joseph and Harriet Elderkin (Witter) Belcher, of 
Providence, R. I.; resided in Providence, R. I., five years previous to coming 
to St. Paul, Minn, June, 1856. He built present residence in 1860, on Eastern 
Bluff. Has a block of land — four acres — full of trees. Resides on Wakefield 
avenue (named in his honor), St. Paul, Minn. 


331.— 1. Joseph Lawrence, 'borii March 26, 1854; married October 2.5, 1882, Carrie 

333.-2. William Hartwell, born January 29. 18.58, in Providence, R. I.: married 
October 3, 1888. Ida Orvilla, daughter of Thomas and Svlvia H. (Gibb.s) 
Tostevin; residence, Council Bluffs, la., St. Paul, Minn., and Omaha, 
Neb. He has been a manager and merchandise broker, but is now a 
traveling salesman for the American Biscuit Manufacturing Co. 

333.-3. Jessica Belcher, born November 27, 1859, in St Paul, Minn. 

334 — 4. Frank Manton, born August 31, 1862, in St. Paul, Minn.; architect in 

174 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 


120. Dana'^ Wakefield (Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,- Jonailmn'^), 
son of Jonathan and Rebecca (Haven) Wakefield; born in Cornish, N. H., 
July 19, 1814. He moved to Elizabethtown, N. Y., for a time, later settled 
in Hudson, N. Y.; was a farmer. He married, firstly, December 21, 18.35, 
Betsey Whittlesey, who died November 1,185;?, at "Elizabethtown, N.Y.; 
married, secondly, November 6, 1858, Elmira Simmons. 


335.— 1. Duron Whittlesey, iDorn Septembei- 30, 1836; married — , ; 

is dealer in real estate, and lives in Portland, Oreg. 

336.-2. Henrietta Chase, born December 7, 1842; never married; died Septem- 
ber, 1874, in San Francisco, Cal. 

children by second marriage. 

337 — 3. Franz Helen, born ; unmarried; died October 28, 1886, aged 31 

838. — 4. Minnie May, born ; married , to Frank A. Rowe. a lawyer. 

Residence, Port Henry, N.Y. Have two daughters. 

339 — .5. Elmer Ellsworth, born . 

330.— 6. Lizzie B., bora ; married . Residence, Elizabethtown, N.Y. 

123. Charles Austin-'' Wakefield [Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan^), son of Jonathan and Rebecca (Haven) Wakefield; born at 
Cornish, N. H., October 18, 1817. Resided at New Haven, Conn., Dalton, 
Mass., and Pittsfield, Mass. He came to Ijoston, Mass., from Cornish, N.H., 
on attaining his majority; published several engravings from his own de- 
signs, with which he traveled extensively over the United States. He also 
lectured on electricity and the Morse telegraph for some time, when it was 
still a wonder and a mystery to the masses. He married September (3, 1842, 
Cynthia Chapin, daughter of William and Lydia Robinson, who was born 
April 18, 1821, and died February 1, 1880, in Pittsfield, Mass. They were 
both constituent members of the Tremont Temple Baptist church. In 1845 
he moved to Elizabethtown, N.Y., where he bought a farm, built a house, 
and raised poultry on a large scale, for the Boston market. As erious de- 
pression in business caused him to fail. He had a scientific mind and was 
the 'father of many inventions." He had one in his mind at this time, and 
after settling with his creditors he took his family to his wife's native 
town to remain temporarily, until he perfected the "Wakefield Hand Corn- 
Planter." He then removed to New Haven, Conn., and built up a large 
business. As soon as he was ''on his feet" he went to Elizabethtown and 
paid all his old debts (though settled), with interest. This scrupulous 
honesty was characteristic of his whole life. As his business increased he 
removed to Dalton, Mass., in 1857, where he built a reservoir and shop for 
manufacturing his planters. (This is now the Renfrew cotton mills.) 
Later the Civil war came on, comj^letely destroying the larger part of his 
business which was in the south. Besides this, the hand-planters were soon 
superceded by horse machines in the west, and he was driven into financial 
reverses. He sold his property to pay his creditors, bought a small farm 
in Pittsfield, Mass , about the year 18(53, and with characteristic energy set 
about retrieving his fortune, and in a few years was free from debt. Here 
he invented the "Wakefield earth closet" and built a shop for their manu- 
facture. Undaunted by losses by war and fire, he built up a good business 
in the closets, which he carried on in connection with his farming, until his 
infirmities compelled him gradually to lay down his activities. His farm, 
which he had drained and brought to a high state of cultivation, and which 
was well known among poultry fanciers, for its purity of stock, was sold at 
his wife's death, and he made his home with his daughter and son until his 
death a few years later. While not highly educated in the schools, he was 
extremely intelligent and well informed; his scientific turn of mind making 
him a searcher after knowledge, a deep thinker and reader. His travels, 
added to his general information, made him an excellent and interesting 
companion. He was kind-hearted, helpful, with a fund of good common 
sense, strictly honorable, energetic, and apt, doing quickly and well what- 

Fifth Generation. 175 

ever he undertook. He was a scientific farmer, having a natural gift in 
horticulture and forestry, and was active in the Grange movement from its 
early history. He died August 17, 1893, respected by all who knew him. 


331.— I. HATTIE EsTEi.LA, born October 28, 1845; married February 18, 1871, to 
Samuel Shaw. 

333.-2. Charles Tilon, born June 5, 1848, in Elizabetlitown, N.Y. ; died young. 

333.-3. Charles Tilon, born February 1, 1851; married , a widow. Resi- 
dence, PittsHeld, Mass. 

334 — 4. Cynthia Emiuora, born October 1.5, 18.54, in Plainfield, Mass.; married, 
tirstly, June. 1873, to Daniel Sanger, at Pittstleld, Mass., who died No- 
vember 14, 187(5. 

124. .lACOB .lUDSON'"' Wakefield (Jonatluin,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan^ Jon- 
athan^), son of Jonathan and Rebecca (Haven) Wakefield; born in Cornish, 
N.H., September 18, 1821; married December 15, 1854, Adelia E. Wells, who 
died August 15, 1875, in Beaver Dam, Wis. He died at same place July 28, 


335.-1. Emma Adelia, born March 15, 18.57; schoolteacher. Residence, No. .523 

Jackson street. Milwaukee, Wis. 
336.-2. Charles Welles, born September 8, 1859; died , in Beaver Dam, 


125. Leland Howard 5 Wakefield {Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan^), son of Jonathan and Rebecca (Haven) Wakefield; born in Cor- 
nish, N.H., July 9, 1823; residence, Portland, Oreg., and Oakland, Alameda 
county, Cal. Was a merchant, but is now engaged in farming. He mar- 
ried, firstly, August 24, 1847, Henrietta Whittlesey, of Rudolph Center, Vt. 
Children by first wife are not living. He married, secondly, July 14, 1871, 
Mary R. Warren, of Waterville, Me. 


337 — 1. William H., born . "In the University of California." 

338 — 2. Etta, born . '-In the University of California.'' 

339.-3. C , born . 

340. — 4. Rose, born 

341 — 5. Violet, born . 

343.-6. Henry L., born . 

127. Roxanna" Wakefield (Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than^), daughter of Jonathan and Rebecca (Haven) Wakefield; born in Cor- 
nish, N.H., July (i, 1827; married April 15, 1849, to Herman Hinckley, who 
died May 18, 1875,* in Milford, Mass. 

1. Mary Lizzie Bowers, born January 30, 1851, in Acton, Mass. ; married October 20, 
1875, to J. O. Bailey, a jeweler. Residence, Marlboro, Mass. Children: Alvin 
Hinckley Bailey, who died , and Abby Roxanna Bailey, born March 11, 1887 

128. Eliza=5 Wakefield (Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan^), 
daughter of Jonathan and Rebecca (Haven) Wakefield; born in Cornish, 
N. H., October 10, 18-32; married March 11, 1851, to Reuben Gates. He died 
April 21, 1889, in St. Charles, Minn. 


1. Orford Alonzo Gates, born December 19, 1851 ; married . to E. W. Leonard. He 

is a farmer. Child, Josephine Lillian Gates, born December 29, 1877. 

2. Lillie Orlena Gates, born April 17, 18,53: married October 9. 1879, to Dr. C. S. Dick- 

son. Residence, Winchester, Cal. Child, Leila Lillian Dickson, born . 

130. Angelina^ Wakefield (Ira,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,'' Jonathan*), 
daughter of Ira and Prudence (Wheeler) Wakefield; born in Newport, N.H., 

; married , to William Stockwell; married, secondly, as second 

wife, to Ruel Austin, who died July 26, 1863, aged 30 years. 


1. Elbridge Stockwell, born . 

146. Freeman Ellis" Wakefield (Clark,* Joel,^ Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than^), son of Clark and Caroline (Ellis) Wakefield; born in North Newport, 
N.H. , August 28, 1826; married , Sophia Kimball. Her people were from 

176 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 

the northern part of New Hampshire or Vermont, and later of Canada. He 
died April 12, 1863, in Providence, R.I. His wife and son, Homer Whiting, 
reside in Montreal, Can. 


343 1. ZiLPHA Ann. born : died before 1878. 

344 2. Freeman, born ; died before 1878. 

345 3. Martha Jane, born ; married December 10, 1874, to Wendall Gil- 
more, of Montazuma, N.Y. Previous to that time she resided with 
her grandmother, Mrs. Caroline (Ellis) Wakefield-Weston, of Monta- 
zuma, N.Y. She died soon after her marriage. 

346.-4. Homer Whiting, born ; resided. October, 1872, at Montreal. Can. 

148. Samuel Wilson^ Wakefield {Clark,-*^ Joel.^ Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than^), son of Clark and Caroline (Ellis) Wakefield; born in Claremont, N.H., 
April 30, 1832: married in Worcester, Mass., August 10, 1856, Caroline Mary, 
daughter of Cyrus and Keziah (Dodge) Olds; who was born March 2, 1835, 
and died March 29, 1896, in Keokuk, la. 


347 — 1. Nellie Jane born May 24, 1862, in Keokuk, la. 

149. Maroa Mercy'' Wakefield {Charles,* Joel,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan^)-! 
daughter of Charles and Mary A. (Fletcher) Wakefield; born in Newport' 
N.H., February 27, 1831: married January 12, 1859, to Henry Strobridge 
Paul, son of Bela and Mary (Briggs) Paul, who is a machinist. Resides, 
since April, 1860, at Buena Vista Hill, Windsor, Vt. Mr. and Mrs. Paul are 
active members of the Universalist church, of Windsor, Vt. 


1. Mary Briggs Paul, born October 8, 1861, in Windsor, Vt. (Unmarried.) Miss Paul 

is quite interested in the subject of genealogy, and has assisted in the com- 
pilation of records for the Paul. Strobridge, arid Stiles genealogies, and in ad- 
dition to a generous collection of the records of the descendants of Jonathan 
and Abigail (Smith) Wakefield, she has furnished us with the records of the 
Fletchers, Havens, Wheelers, Browns, and other connecting families, which 
have far transcended our space to chronicle them. However, she will be 
gratefully remembered for her generous efforts. 

2. Charles Wakefield Paul, born October 19, 1863, in Windsor, Vt. He has been 

engaged as bookkeeper and Clerk in Windsor. Between September. 1890, and 
November. 1893, he was connected with the "Jackson Sanitarium" at Dansville, 
N.Y. In October, 1894, he entered the Emerson School of Oratory at Boston, 
which he is now attending. 

150. Clarissa (Clara) Amanda'' Wakefield (Charles,'^ Jod,^ Jona- 
than,- Jorta?/ia«.i), daughter of Charles and Mary A. (Fletcher) Wakefield; 
born in Newport, N. Y., October 22, 1837: married in Unity, N. H., May 8, 
1859, to Levi Sleeper Bailey, son of Orin and Mary Maria (Sleeper) Bailey, 
who was born in Unity, N. H., June 22, 183(5. He is a farmer near Unity 
Center, at place owned by his parents, and later owned by her parents. 
He has held several minor town offices, and on school board, etc., also singer 
in the church. He was in 16th N. H. volunteers, Company F, 9 months. 
Resides in Unity, N. H. 


1. Mary Grace^ Bailey, born in Unity, N. H., June 3.5, 1860: taught school some, worked in 

resturant at Rutland. Vt. depot, from spring of 1878 to autumn of 1879: married 
May 18, 1881, Elmer Warren, son of Milan W. and Lucy Anni(Neal) Quimby, who was 
born August 13, 1861. She died of "quick consumption" in West Unity, March 31. 1882, 
aged 21 years. 9 months. Was a member of Methodist Church. He married, secondly, 
November, 188:i, Susan Judd, of Claremont, N. H. Resided West Unity and Clare- 
mont, N. H. 

2. Martha Wakefield== Bailey, born August 1, 1860, in Unity, N. H.; died January 8. 1871. 

3. Orrin Le Burg- Bailey, born in Unity, N. H., February 6, 1872: resided at Unity Centre, 

Claremont, and West Unity, N. H. : married July 18, 1892, Mrs. Elsie J. (Whitaker) 
Cowdry, daughter of Jonathan Philbreck and Sarah J. (Bofee) Whitaker. Orrin 
Le Burg bought a farm at West Unity, N. H., when he was twenty-one years old. and 
was a successful farmer. His wife had a .son. Arthur Lovell Cowdry, by her first 
husband, who resides with her. Residence. Quaker Citj-. West Unity, N. H. 
1. Charles Levi^ Bailey, born September 29, 189.5, at West Unity. N. H. 

4. Nellie Maroa== Bailey, born in Unity. N. H . March 18. 187.5. She attended school and 

lived in Unitv, N. H. Fall of 1892 studied music and worked in Claremont. N. H.: 
Married March 31, 1896, to Willis Abbott, son of Ransom and Etta (Abbott) Hall of 
Unity, N. H. Resided in Claremont, N. H., till May, 1896; removed to Barre, Vt. He 
is a marblecutter by trade. 

5. Earnest Ellison^ Bailey, born March 9, 1880, in Unity, N. H. 

Fourth Generation. 177 

151. DiANA^ Wakefield (Simeon,* Peter,* Jonathan,'^ Jonathan'^), 
daufii'hter of Simeon and Mary (Freeto) Wakefield; born in Claremont, 

N. H., , 1818. She taught the school (on Claremont side of mountain) 

in "Cat Hole," before 1840; married , to Chauncy Welling-ton. 


1. Elwin Wellington, born 

2. Martha Wellington, born . 

153. Howard P." Wakefield (*S'imeou,* Peter,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^), 
son of Simeon and Mary (Freeto) Wakefield; born in Claremont, N. H., Sep- 
tember 22, 1820; married — , Asenath P., daujrhter of Jedediah and Ase- 

nath Dow, of Croydon, N. H.; was a farmer; died May 16, 1892, in Newport, 
N. H.: March, 1885, he was highway surveyor. His wife resided in 
Claremont, N. H., in 18!K5, aged over 70 years. 


248.-1. A daughter, born , 1843: died March \i, 1843, aged 3 weeks. 

349 3. Edwin H., born January 2, 1845, in Newport, N. H. He married Novem- 
ber 30, 1865. daughter of Jonathan Emerson. Was a merchant and 
postmaster at North Newport. While driving at a rapid rate down 
'•Sibley Hill," and turning the corner too quickly near the railroad, 
near his own house and store (the store was used for postofHce and 
depot at North Newport) the lines broke and he was thrown, hitting 
his head on a log (near saw mill) and died instantly, February 5, 1893. 

153. John Meggs'' Wakefield {Simeon,* Peter,* Jonathan," Jonathan^ ) , 
son of Simeon and Mary (Preeto) Wakefield; born in Newport, N. H., .Janu- 
ary 5, 1823; resides at Newport, N. H.; married Betsey S. Whittier, 

of New London, N. H. She died before July, 1892. He is a successful 
farmer; residence, in 1893, at Newport Village. Is a rich widower. 


350 1. Lillian Louise, born March 24, 1856; died February 24, 1887, in New- 
port, N. H., aged 21 j'ears. 

154. Emma P.^ Wakefield (Simeon,* Peter,* Jonathan,- Jonathan^), 
daughter of Simeon and Mary (Preeto) Wakefield; born in Newport, N. H., 

, 1825. She was married, as second wife, to Napoleon Bonaparte Frye, 

of Claremont, N. H. He has a son, Prank, by first marriage. He is a cabinet- 
maker in Claremont, N. H. 


I. Nettie M. Frye, born , 1872 or 1873, in Croydon. N. H. ; married in Claremont, 

N. H., March 17. 1892, by Rev. C. U. Dunning (Methodist) to Arthur L., son of 
Lyman Fitch, of Claremont. When married was a clerk in store at Lempster, 
Mass. She was a Universalist. She died June 3, 1893, in Claremont. Had a 
daughter, Edith. 

155. James B.^ Wakefield {Chauncy,*^ Jesse,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan^), 
son of Chauncy and Lydia (Brown) Wakefield: was iDorn in Newport, N. H., 

October 15, 1811. He married, firstly, , 1836, Susan, daughter of John 

Carroll, of Sullivan county, N. H. She died, and he married, secondly, 

, Amey W. Brocklebank. He died at Cleveland, Minn., January 16, 

1892, having previously resided at different times in New Hampshire, New 
York, and Illinois. He was a farmer. 


351.— 1. Eliza Ann. born . 

353 — 2. Alonzo Carroll, born August 8, 1840: married June 15, 1874, Mary Ann 

353.-3. Josiah. born : died December — . 1894, Cleveland, Minn. 

354 — 4. Dr. William, born July 25, 1845; married June 28, 1886, Alzoda Worden. 
355.— .5. James B., Jr., born . 

158. Mary^ Wakefield (Chauncy,* Jesse,* Jonathan, * Jonathan M, daugh- 
ter of Chauncy and Lydia (Brown) Wakefield; born in Newport, N. H., De- 
cember 11, 1822: married , to Bryant, son of Jonathan and Thankful 

(Cutting) Wheeler, who was born December 25, 1814, in Newport, and died 
January 5, 187(5. He was a farmer. He was grandson of Abel Wheeler, jr., 
and great-grandson of Abel Wheeler, sr., a brother of Anne Wheeler, who 
married Mary's great-grandfather, Jonathan Wakefield. 


178 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 


1. Ann Elizabeth Wbeeler, born , 1839; married, firstly, to Wilbur F. Brown. He 

died in 1864 or "65 in Marlow, N. H. ; married, secondly, Otis F., son of Joseph 
and Clarissa (Hall) Carr, who was born February 10, 1823. She died July 5, 1888, 
in Newport. N. H., aged 48 years, 8 months. 

2. Nancy Jane Wheeler, born August 13, 1841; died September ]i5, 1854. 

3. Calvin Ward Wheeler, born December 16, 1843; died , 1845. 

4. Isabel Eliza Wheeler, born March — . 1845; married . to Alonzo Chapin. 

5. William Wheeler, born January — , 1847; married , Mr.s. Nancy (Tarbel) Rem- 

ington, of Wallingford, Vt. 

6. Mary Janet Wheeler, born May 1, 1846; married , to Daniel S. Bartlett, of 

Newport. N.H. 

7. Edna Wheeler, born ; died January — , 1890, aged 38 years; married , to 

Bvron Evans. 

8. IdaM. Wheeler, born ; married . Has three children. 

9. Frank R. Wheeler, born ; married, lirstly, Josie Wood; married, secondly, 

June 6, 1886. Lucy Howe. 

10. Ernestine C. Wheeler, born ; married July 4, 1893, to Charles H. Holland, of 

Worcester, Mass. Was married in Windsor, Vt. 

160. Ruth D.-"' Wakefield {Chaunci/,'^ Jesf<e,^ Jonathan,- Jonathan^), 
daughter of Chauncy and Lydia (Brown) Wakefield; born in Newport, N.H., 

November 17, 1832: married , to Horace Rice, a farmer at Holden, 

Mass., who died about 1883. 


1. Jonathan Rice, born ; unmarried. 

2. William Rice, born . 

3. Mary Rice, born about 1866; unmarried. 

4. Frederick Rice, born about 1870. 

5. Antonette Rice, born about 1872. 

163. Daniel Amos^ Wakefield (Bev. Leonard,^ Daniel,^ Amasa,* Jon- 
athan^), son of Rev. Leonard and Nancy (Carroll) Wakefield: born in Smith- 
field, R.I., March 31, 18.33. Removed with his father to Milford, Mass.; 
thence removed to Cherokee. la., where he has resided for some years. He 
resided at one time in Wakefield, Neb. 


356 — 1. Charles E., born ; was a druggist at Wakefleld, Neb. 

183. Nelson Sumner^ Wakefield (Ira,* Daniel,^ Amasa,^ Jonathan'^), 
son of Ira and Elvira (Morse) Wakefield; born in Orange, Mass., November 
23, 1843; resides at Boston, Suffolk county, Mass. Was a manufacturer, but 
is now a publisher. He was a member of the city government in 1881, 1882, 
1883, 1884, and 1886; grand commander Legion of Honor, also representative 
to supreme court. He married, April 9, 1866, Eliza A., daughter of Henry 
Spear, of Orange, Mass. 


357.— 1. Harriet E., born July 4, 1869, at Orange, Mass. 
358 2. Allen N., born August 12, 1777, at Boston, Mass. 

184. Austin T. '^ Wakefield {Alpheus,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Jonathan^), 
son of Alpheus and Lucinda (Hurd) Wakefleld; born in Ludlow, Vt., Janu- 
ary 31, 1830; resides at Proctorsville, Vt.; married , Ann Wilson. 


359 — 1. MARY F., born April 13, 1854. married June 4, 1884, Charles E. Currier, of 
Brattleboro, Vt. 

360 2. Carrie Ann, born September 24. 18,58; married ; resides at Brattle- 
boro, Vt. 

361.— 3. Jennie, born April 10, 1860; unmarried. 

185. Freeman Crosby^ Wakefield {Alpheus,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Jon- 
atlian^), son of Alpheus and Lucinda (Hurd) Wakefield: born in Newport, 
N.H., December 3, 1831: married May 2, 1853, Mary E. Wilson, who was born 
December 12, 1835, in Stockbridge, Vt. January 21, 1860, while out riding 
with the family, they were run over by a runaway team and she was in- 
stantly killed, and he and the child were injured. 

Freeman Wakefield enlisted in the service of the United States' nine 
months' men; served out his term, and enlisted for three years as corporal 
in Company G, 17th regiment, Vermont Volunteer Infantry. Was taken 
prisoner in the battle of the Wilderness on the Otb of May, after being 

Fourth Generation. 179 

wounded and taken to Florence prison. In a short time was transferred to 
Andersonville prison; remained there several months, when he was ex- 
changed and came home; sutfered terribly, being reduced in weight from 
165 pounds to 75 pounds. He recuperated at home "on furlough," and re- 
turned to Washington; died in hospital April 26, 1865, aged 33 years; buried 
at Ludlow, Vt. 


362.— 1. George F.. born December 13, 1854, in Exeter, Wis.; died April 4, 1861. 
863.-3. Henry Delby, born April 13, 1859, in Ludlow, Vt. ; died February 19, 

186. Luther P.'^ Wakefield (Aljihens,* Samuel,'-^ Simmel,- Jonatknn^), 
son of Alpheus and Lucinda (Hurd) Wakefield; born in Ludlow, Vt., Octo- 
ber 10, 1835. He ownes and manages a mill and farm at Proctorville, Vt. 

He married, firstly, , Lorinda Place; they parted and she married 

again. He married, secondly, in Springfield. Vt., May 13, 1890, Mary B. 
Webster, of Springfield. 


864.— 1. Anne, born ;died young, and buried at Ludlow, Vt. 

865.-2. Col. William John Charles, born September 4, 1862; married June 10, 
1896, Louise Ammann. 

187. Henry Delby-' Wakefield {Alpheus,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Jona- 
tlidn^), son of Alpheus and Lucinda (Hurd) Wakefield: born in Ludlow, Vt., 

March 10, 181:0; married , Hattie J. Chamberlain: he was a dentist; 

he died January 1, 1888, at Lax, Wis., and was buried at La Crosse, Wis. 


866.-1. Albert Leslie, born October 15, 1868; married September 17, 1895, Helen 
May Bright. Resides West Salem, Wis. Is keeping a harness store, 
and is manufacturing "Waketleld's Leather Mesh Fly Net." The 
Machine which makes it is of his own invention, on which he has a 

867.-2. Pern Almyr, born November 10, 1875, at Sparta, Wis. ; is graduate from 
La Crosse High School, and is now a medical student at Rush Medical 
College, Chicago, 111. 

188. Mary Ann^ Wakefield {Alpheus,* Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Jonathan)^, 

daughter of Alpheus and Lucinda (Hurd) Wakefield; born in , Vt., 

October 26, 1847; resides Springfield, Vt. ; married , a farmer. She 

was a music teacher. She died , and is buried at Bellows Falls, Vt. 


1. Anna, born : residence, Springfield, Vt. 

189. Dr. Solon Roberson^ Wakefield {Alpheus,* Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ 
Jonathan^), son of Alpheus and Lucinda (Hurd) Wakefield, born in Ludlow, 
Vt., July 13. 1851; resides at West Salem, LaCrosse county, Wis.; is a 
physician and surgeon. He worked on farm and attended school at Black 
River Academy until 21 years of age, when he commenced the study of medi- 
cine at New York, graduating from Rush Medical College in Chicago, 
1879. Married, October 10, 1881, Marah E., daughter of Alvin and Lydia 
Ann (Sanderson) Johnson. He is physician of LaCrosse county asylum at 
West Salem, Wis. 


368 — 1. Guy, born November 25. 1883. in West Salem, Wis. 

869 — 2. Solon, born June 23, 1890, in West Salem, Wis. ; died July 25, 1894. 

191. Charles Washington^ Wakefield, {Washington,* Reuben,^ 
Samuel,^ Jonathan'^}, son of Washington and Irene (Knowlton) Wakefield; 
born .January 28, 182G, at Hardwick, Vt.; married November l(i, 1854, Henri- 
etta Hammer. He was a produce merchant and resided at dift'erent periods 
at Hardwick, Vt., Mount Vernon, Milan, and Wellington, Ohio. He died 
at his last place of residence in Shiloh, Ohio, where he was one of the 
active business men for over a third of a century, February 1, 1894. 


870 — 1. Lillian F., born June 17, 1861; married December 28, 1880, to John M. 

180 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 

193. Alanson^ Wakefield {Washington,* Eeroben,^ Samuel,^ Jona- 
than^), son of Washington and Rebecca (Bankston) Wakefield; born Decem- 
ber 16, 1837; married January 16, 1859, Alice Lillian Walker, at Amherst, 
Ohio, who was born October 16, 1837, at Black River, Loraine county, Ohio, 
and died April 19, 1885, at Pardee, Kas. 


3~1 1. LOKEN A., born October 16. 1859. ,at Pardee, Kas. He is manager for a 

larg^e packing company, and has been a great traveler. Permanent 
address. Hotel Savoy. Kansas City, Mo. 

373 2. L,BON.\RU Elverton. born September 18, 1861; died September 29, 1862, 

373 ;?. B. Leon, "born December 8, 1871 ; died August 18, 1872, St. Louis, Mo. 

195. Alma Viola^ Wakefield {Wasliington,* lienhen,^ Samuel,^ Jona- 
than,'^), daug-hter of Washington and Rebecca (Bankston) Wakefield; born 
November 20, 1848, at Milan, Ohio; married to Amos W. Fletcher, Decem- 
ber 13, 1868, at Pardee, Kas., where they now reside. 


1. Alice Elene Fletcher, born September 20. 1869; married July 7, 1886, Lewis Pad- 

derson. at Grand Junction, Col. 

2. Agnes Maud Fletcher, born April 26, 1872; married June 26, 1890, Edwurdy Hardy, 

"at Grand Junction, Col. 

3. Herbert W. Fletcher, born November 7, 1874. 

196. Mary Alice^ Wakefield {Washington,* Rcuhen,^ Samuel,- Jona- 
than,''), daughter of Washington and Rebecca (Bankston) Wakefield; born 
September 2, 1850. at Milan, Ohio: married December 13, 1868, to W. H. 
Clark, who was born .Tune 21, 1841, at Johnsville, Canada. She died June 
24, 1893, at Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Born at Pardee, Kas. 

1. Avis Adeal Clarli, born December 13, 1868: married October 19, 1892, Albert R. 

Milton, in Salt Lalie City, Utah. He died December 8, 1892. at Pocatello, Idaho. 

2. Harry H. Clark, born September. 13, 1873; died February 16, 1874. 

3. Lotta Clark, born March 23, 1876. 

203. MiNDY Abigail -"^ Wakefield {Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Sainuel.'^ Jon- 
athan'), daughter of Jonathan and Calesta (Carpenter) Wakefield; born in 
Essex county, N.Y., May 12, 1S36: married at LeClaire, la., February 22, 
18.52, to Josiah Bradley Chamberlain, who was born March 4, 1828, in Tioga 
county, N.Y. He enlisted, August 15, 1862, in the 20th Iowa Infantry, and 
was discharged July 27, 1865. ^ While he was in the service, his wife lost her 
eyesight, which was afterwards restored. He is a grocer, residing (1875) in 
Camanche, Clinton county, la. 


1. Etta Calesta Chamberlain, born June 14, 1855, at LeClaire. la. 

206. Elijah Carpenter'' Wakefield {Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ 
Jonathan'), son of Jonathan and Calesta (Carpenter) Wakefield; born at 
Port Henry, N.J., July 8, 1845. Resided at Moriah, Essex county, N.Y.; 
LeClaire, la., and Dubuque, la.; now resides at Sioux City, la. He married, 
November 23, 1871, Sarah E. Henthorn, who died January 7, 1886; he mar- 
ried, secondly, March 19, 1895, Minnie Rambo. 


374 1. Edwin R., born September 28. 1872: married June 8, 1886, Mary Kemp. 

Is an attorney. Resides at Omaha, Neb. 

375 2. Preston, born , at Dubuque, la. 

376 3. Frank, born , at Dubuque. la. 

377. — 4. Herbert, born . at Dubuque, la. 

378 .5. Beula. born : resides at Sioux City. la. 

379 — 6. John, born ; resides at Sioux City. la. 

208. Lester Pish' Wakefield (Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ Jona- 
than'), son of Jonathan and Calesta (Carpenter) Wakefield; born June 2, 
1852, at LeClaire, la.; married, firstly, October 2, 1880, Mary Alice Newburn, 
who died October 31, 1888; married, secondly, February 14, 1889, Jennie 

Sixth Generation. 181 

Wilson. He is a civil engineer of skill and ability, and when in the employ 
of the Chicago, St. Paul (Minn.) & Omaha railway, locating the road in 
Nebraska, rendered such important service that a station on the road was 
named Wakefield, which name it still bears. He has served as county sur- 
veyor and city engineer for a number of years, and is now city engineer of 
Sioux City, la. 


380 1. John Arthur, born July 3, 1881, at Neligh, Neb. ; died September 24, 1883. 

381 2. Lester Ray. born August 0, 1883. at .Sioux Cit3^ 

888.-3. William Walter, born October 4. 1885, at Sioux City. 

883. — 4. Allie Newuurn, born October 16. 1888, at Sioux City. 


384.-5. Bes,sie Neola, born November 29, 1889, at Sioux City. 
385.-6. Ernest Bradley, born December 30, 1896, at Sioux City. 

212. William A.^ Wakefield (Leonard,'* Jonathan,^ ^amuel,'^ Jona- 
than,*) son of Leonard and -Wakefield; born near Charlotte, la., 

November 2, 1860; resided in LeClaire and Princeton, la.; now resides at Clin- 
ton, la. Was previously engaged in farming, but is now in the grocery 
business. He married February 21, 1893, Nina A., daughter of Seth and 
Mary Robinson. 


386.— 1. Henry Leonard, born December 29. 1894. 
387.-2. Frances Amelia, born August 22, 1896. 

221. Joseph Lawrence" Wakefield (William,'*' Eufus,^ Luther,'^ 
Jonathan'), son of William and Harriet S. (Belcher) Wakefield, born at 
Providence, R. I., March 26, 1854. He married, October 25, 1882, Carrie Au- 
gusta MacConnell. Resided in St. Paul, Minn., from 1856 to 1877, Chicago 
from fall of 1877 to spring of 1880, St. Paul from 1880 to fall of 188.3, Litch- 
field, Minn., from 1883 to fall of 1888; now resides in St. Paul, Minn. He 
has been in the dry goods business; now traveling salesman, representing a 
cutlery house. 


388.-1. HENRY Lawrence, born August 22, 1883. 
389.-2. Earle Manton, born July 16, 1888. 


231. Harriet Estella" Wakefield {Charles Austin,^ Jonathan,* Jona- 
than,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan*-), daughter of Charles Austin and Cynthia C. 
(Robinson) Wakefield; born at Elizabethtown, N. Y., October 28, 1845; re- 
sided at Plainfield, Mass., New Haven, Conn., Dalton and Pittsfield, Mass., 
and Cambridge, Mass.; now resides at Newton Highlands, Middlesex 
county, Mass. Married February 18, 1871, to Samuel, son of Stillman and 
Eliza (Cole) Shaw, who was born May 24, 1845, at North Carver, Mass., and 
later of Boston. His ancestor, Abraham Shaw, came to this country from 
England, in 1638, and settled in Dedham, Mass. 


1. Alfred Victor Shaw, born December 12, 1872, at North Cambridge, Mass. Is an 

architect. Was educated for three years at Mt. Hennon. Mass. (D. L. Moody's 
School for Boys). Graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bos- 
ton, Mav, 1896. 

2. Ernest Waketield Shaw, born November 29, 1875, at North Cambridge, Mass. 

Salesman in Boston. 

234. Cynthia Emidora" Wakefield {Charles Austin,^ Jonathan,* Jona- 
than,^ Jonathan,"^ Jonathan*-), daughter of Charles Austin and Cynthia C. 
(Robinson) Wakefield; born in Plainfield, Mass., October 15, 1854; married, 
firstly, June — , 1873, to Daniel Sanger at Pittsfield, Mass.: he died Novem- 
ber 14, 1876; married, secondly, February 18, 1886, to George William Dorens, 
a salesman of Troy, N. Y. 


1. Arthur Sanger, born ; died young. 

182 Posterity of Jonathan Wakefield of Sutton. 

252. Alonzo Carroll," Wakefield {James B.,^ Chauncy,* Jesse,'* Jon- 
athan,- Jonathan^), son of James B. and Susan (Carroll) Wakefield; born at 
Cornish, N. H., Aug-ust 8, 1840; resided at Red Wing-, Minn., and Stillwater, 
Minn.; now resides at Wilson, St. Croix county, Wis. He married June 15, 
1876, Mary Ann, daughter of George and Ann Post. He enlisted August 
11, 1862, at Red Wing, Minn., under Horres B. Wilson, company commander, 
and William Crooks, regiment commander. Was corporal in company K., 
sixth regiment, Minnesota volunteers. Was engag^ed in Indian wars of 1862 
and 1863 in Minnesota; discharged August 19, 1865. 


290 — 1. Albert, born June 16, 1875; died October 20, 1876, at Stillwater, Minn. 

254. Dr. William" Wakefield (James B.,^ Chattncy,-* Jesse,^ Jonathan,- 
Jonathan^), son of James B. and Amy W. (Brocklebank) Wakefield; born at 
Cornish, N. H., July 29, 1845; resided Illinois, New Hampshire, and Michi- 
g-an; now resides in Lake Benton, Lincoln county, Minn. Was a school 
teacher and farmer, now a physician. He married June 28, 1886, Alzoda 


391.-1. Margaret M., born May 17, 1887. 
393 — 2. Ethel M., born Jul}' 18, 1890. 

265. Col. William John Charles® Wakefield, (Luther,^ Alvheus,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Jonathan^), son of Luther P. andLorinda (Place) Wakefield; 
born September 4, 1862, at Ludlow^, Windsor county, Vt. He attended the 
country district schools at Williston and Hinesburg, Vt., and later Black 
River Academy, at Ludlow, Vt., where he g^raduated in 1880, having taken 
the regular classical course. He entered Dartmouth College in 1881, and 
graduated from that institution in 1885 with the degree of A.B. He 
taught school in Austin, Nev., during the year 1886, reading- law during- 
the year, in the office of Judge McKenna, of that place. He went from 
there to San Jose, where he entered the law offices of Messrs. Archer & 
Bowden, remaining until January, 1889, when he was admitted to the bar 
by the supreme court of California, sitting- at San Francisco. He then 
came to the state of Washington, locating at Spokane in April of that 
year, and has practiced his profession ever since. In 1890 he was ap- 
pointed master in chancery of the United States Circuit Court, which 
office he still holds. In 1889 he formed a law partnership with Hon. L. B. 
Nash, ex-judge of the Territorial Supreme Court. In 1892 he formed a law 
partnership with Hon. Geo. M. Porster, his present partner. He has 
avoided politics and devoted his time to his profession. In 1895 he was 
chairman of the Republican city central committee. While in college he 
taught school during the winter months at Putney, Vt., and South Chat- 
ham, Mass. He was married June 10, 1896. at Tarrytown, N. Y., to Miss 
Louise Ammann. Was appointed on the 29th of November, 1895, chief sig- 
nal officer of the national guard of the State of Washington, with the rank 
of lieutenant-colonel. 

270. Lillian P.*' Wakefield {Charles Washington,^ Washington,* Beii- 
ben,^ Samuel,^ Jonathan^), dRughter of Charles Washington and Henrietta 
(Hammer) Wakefield; born June 17, 1861, at Shiloh, O.; married December, 
28, 1880, to John M. Hamilton; residence, Shiloh, Richland county, O. 


1. Arthur J. Hamilton, born June 10, 1882. 

2. Faye Hamilton, born May 21, 1884. 

3. Charles Wakefield Hamilton, born May 6, 1886. 

4. Winogene Hamilton, born March 25. 1888. 

5. Lillian Avis Hamilton, born February 20, 1890. 

6. Greta Newana Hamilton, born Mav 11, 1894. 

Sixth Generation. 



184 Posterity of Aaron Wakefield. 




1. Aaron' Wakefield, born , 1744, in : married November 

16, 17(i9, to Olive Wight, who was born July !), 1748, in Killingly, Conn. He 
was a farmer, and lived in what was afterwards Oxford, South Gore, now 
Webster, Mass. He was a soldier in the War of the Revolution. Died 
about 1826. She died in 1836, at Charlton, Mass. The MaHsadmsetts Revolu- 
tionary Wit)' Ardiivef< contained the following records: 

"Aaron Wakefield entered as private on company return of Ctiaptain Healy's com- 
panJ^ Colonel Learned's regiment: dated October 6. 177.5, Roxbury, Town of Oxford." 

His name appears as "private on Lexington Alarm Roll. Capt. Caleb Whiting's 
company marcbed on the alarm of April U». 1775, from Douglass to Roxbur^'. Belonged to 
town of Douglass. Length of service, ten days. '" His name also appears as "private on mus- 
ter roll of Capt. Nathaniel Healy's company. Colonel Learned's regiment, dated August 
I, 1775; enlisted May 25, 1775; time of service, 'Z months, 1 week, 5 days. Belonged to town 
of Dudley." 


Born in Oxford, South Gore. 

2 1. Timothy, born July 26. 1770; married January 18, 1792, Priscilla Joy; he 

died at Sutton, Mass., January 31. 18-19. 

3.-2. Susanna. bf)rn .1773; married , to Simon Wood, who was born 

June 18. 1771. They afterwards went to Berlin. Rensalaer county, NY. 
She died April 4, 18.55; he died September 24. 1854. Was a farmer. 

4 3. BAiiZELiAL, born , 1771; married , Polly Ide, of Oxford, South 

Gore: he died April 13, 1876. 

5 4. Lydia, born March 5. 1775; married April 16, 1793, to Samuel Streeter, of 

Douglas, Mass. ; she died July 22, 1834. 

6.-5. Ruth, born . 1777; married May 26. 1808, to Zina Grover. of Mans- 
field, Mass.; she died March — . 1820. 

7.-6. Ben.iawin. born April 27, 1779: married . 1S06, Hannah Gleason, of 

Oxford, South Gore; he died October 5, 1872. 

8 — 7. Elvida, born , 1782; married , to Nathan Ide, of Oxford, South 

Gore; she died . 

9.-8. Lois, born •, 1784; married December 15, 1821, to Moses Marsh, of 

Belchertown. Mass. : she died . 

10 9. Elizabeth (Betsy), born , 1786; married November 1, 1818, to Com- 
fort Davenport, of Oxford. South Gore; she died . 

11 10 Olive, born July 24, 1789; married August 17, 1809, to Laban Wetherel, of 

Mansfield, Mass.; she died . 

13.— 11. Aaron, born , 1791; died, aged 2 years. 

WIGHT pedigree. 

I. Thomas Wight, emigrant from England; in Watertown, Mass.. 1635-6; Dedham' 
Mass,, July 18, 1637; freeman, Octobers, 1640; selectman of Dedham for six years, begin- 
ning 1640, He was a member of the committee chosen November 14, 1649, to partition off 
and organize the town of Medtleld, He married, firstly, Alice , who was received in- 
to the church at Dedham. September 7, 1640, and died July 15, 1665. He married, secondly, 
December 7, 1665, Lydia, widow of James Penniman, of Boston, and sister of John Elliot, 
the apostle to the Indians. She was baptized at Nasing, England, July 1, 1610, her father 
being Bennett Elliott, Her will, of December 2, 1673, was probated July 27, 1676. Thomas 
Wight's will, of February 7, 1672. was proved April 2. 1674. His son: 

II. Ephraim Wight, born January 27, 1645, at Dedham; removed to Medtleld about 
1650. Married in Med Held, March 2. 1668. Lydia Morse, who was baptized in Dedham, April 
13, 1645. He was made freeman October 8, 1672. He was a co-executor of his father's 
estate. He died February 26, 1722-3; his wife died July 14, 1722— both in Medtleld. His son; 

III. Nathaniel Wight, born September 12, 1678, married March 31, 1704, Sarah, 
daughter of John and Mary (Herring) Ellis, of Medtteld, who was born March 7, 1687, and 
died (without issue) October 30, 1705 He married, secondly, in Medtleld, December 30, 1706, 
Mehetabel Hinsdale, who was born in 1681, and was grahdaughter of Robert Hinsdale, 
who was killed at "Bloody Brook." in 167.5. Nathaniel Wight was one of the founders 
of theHown of Medwaj', in 1713, and was a selectman in 1715 and 1717. In 1721. he pur- 
chased land on the o'ld Mendon road, near the Charles river. In 1721 he purchased 
land in what is now Thompson, Conn., and was the first purchaser of land in the vicinity 
of Killingly, Conn. His son: 

IV. Levi Wight, born October 24, 1712, married Susanna Bastow, December 1. 1742, 
at Killingly, Conn. He removed to Oxford, Mass., about 1785, where Susanna died, June 
29, 1787, aged 64 years, and Levi died , 16, 1797, aged 85 years. His daughter: 

V. Olive Wight, born July 9, 1748, married November 16, 1769, Aaron Wakefield. 
(Compiled from "The Wights.'') 

Second Generation. 185 


2. Timothy''^ Wakefield (Aaron'^), son of Aaron and Olive (Wifjht) 
Wakelield; born July 26, 1770; a f armer;married Priscilla Joy, of Gloucester, 
R.I., January 18, 1792. She died at Sutton, Mass., December 9, 1858; he died 
January 31 , 1849. 


13 1. Aaron. iDorn August 14, 1793; married, flr.stly, January 14, 1813, Narcissa 

Fuller; married, .secondly, June 6, 183SI, Adotia Huckman. He died Sep- 
tember 31, 1873. 

14 3. Ezra, born June 33. 1791: married , Polly Brown. 

15.— 3. Wyman, born March 14, 179<i: married January 17, 1833, Alpha Arnold, of 

Smithtleld. R.I. He died November 33, 1865. 
16.— 4. Hale, born March 17, 1798; married March 31, 1833, Deborah Talbot of 

Thompson, Conn. ; he died . 

17 5. Ja.son. born March 4, 1800; married Ann Perry, of Killingl}^ Conn. ; he 

died May 3, 1863. 
18.— 6. Sylvia, born April 37, 1803; died January 19, 1804. 
19 — 7. HiRASi born February 1,5. 1804; married , Henrietta Richardson, of 

Thompson, Conn.; he died April 36, 1878. 
30 8. Orrin, born Jul}^ 18, 180.5: married, firstly, November 33, 1837, Elmira 

Esten, of Burrillville, R. I.; married, secondly, September 35, 1843, 

Elizabeth A. Lufey. 
31.-9. WiIjLARD, born Augiast 16, 1809; married , Mary J. Black, of Barre, 

Mass.; he died ^^ — 
32 10. TiMOTHV, .JR., born January 13, 1811; married Mandana Wellington, 

of Starbridge, Mass., who died July 38, 18—, at Worcester, Mass. No 

children; he died . 

33. — 11. Weloome, born March 3, 1813; married , to Pamelia McLaren, of 

Chesterfield county, Va. : he died . 

34 — 13. Elmira, born April 14, 1815; married , to Anson Burlingham; she 

died October 19, 1863. 

3. Susannah' Wakefield (Aaron^), daughter of Aaron and Olive 
(Wight) Wakefield; born , 1773, at Oxford, South Goro, Mass.; mar- 
ried to Simeon Wood, who was born June IS, 1771, and died September 

2J-, 1854. He was a farmer. They resided at Berlin, Rensselaer county, N.Y. 


1. Amy Wood, born . 

3. Sylvia Wood, born May 36, 1806; died May 19, 1805; unmarried. 
3. Polly Wood, born July 36, 1879; died about 1880, 

5. Lydia- Wakefield (Aaron^), daughter of Aaron and Olive (Wight) 
Wakelield; born March 5, 1775; married April 16, 1793, to Samuel Streeter, 
of Douglass, Mass., son of Stephen and Catherine Streeter. He was born 
November 30, 1773, and died April 12, 1842. They moved from Oxford, 
Worcester county, Mass., to Berlin, Rensselaer county, N.Y., about the year 
1805. She died July 22, 1834. They were both buried about two miles north 
of Hancock village, in Deacon Smith cemetery. 

1. Barzelial* Streeter, born September 33, 1794; married May 30, 1814, at Berlin, N.Y. 
Olive Weaver, who was born at Coventry, R.I., March 31, 1797. She died July 31, 1843. 
He married, secondly, March — , 1844, Mrs. Rhoda Green, who died September — , 1849; 
he married, thirdly, September 8. 1853. Mrs. Polly Ann Boon. She is yet living, in 
Berlin village, 85 years old. No children. Barzelial died April 13. 1876. 

1. Amanda M.^ Streeter. born March 10. 1815; married September 6, 1834, to Schuy- 
ler Gray, who was born April 10, 1810, and died September 6, 1874. 

1. Flora A.' Gray, born June 18. 1835, in Berlin; married May 31, 1868, to David 
Pike. No children. They live at Vandalia. Mo. 

2. Edgar S." Gray, born January 1, 1837, in Berlin; married December 34, 

1868, Elisa Elam. 

1. Nellie M."^ Gray, born September 7, 1870. 
3. Robert S.= Gray, born July 34, 1872. 

3. Alma C.'^ Gray, born Septemlier 3. 1874, in Yolo county, Calif. 

4. Edgar E.'' Gray, born February 1, 1876, at Los Angeles, Calif. 

5. Emma D.= Gray, born May 1, 1879, at Los Angeles, Calif. 

6. Alfred F. •'^ Gray, born November 4, 1883, at Los Angeles, Calif. 

3. Olive V." Gray, born August 35. 1839. in Barry, 111.; married August 4, 18.59, 

to Jay Green, who was born May 34, 18:33. 

1. Pheba A." Green, born August23, 1860. 

2. .Schuyler R.' Green, born December 13, 1861. 

3. Charles L.' Green, born May 13, 1863. 

4. Edgar H.'' Green, born February 6, 1865; died , 1885. 

5. David J.'"- Green, born January 1, 1869. 

6. George 1."= Green, born March 3, 1873. 

7. Germain^ Green, born February 15. 1875. 

8. Gertrude-- Green, born February 15, 1875; died April 34, 1877. 

9. Minnie B.'^ Green, born January 38, 1879. 

186 Posterity of Aaron Wakefield. 

4. Harvey R> Gray, born August 29, 1842, in Barry, 111.; married , 1891, 

Ora Avice Atkison. No children. 

5. Sarah D." Gray, toorn April 17, 1844. in Barry. 111.; married April 22, 1866, to 

Lorenso Smith. She died December 13, 1882. 

1. Olive V-f^ Smith, born June 16, 1866. 

2. Luella J.'' Smith, born October 16, 1867. 

3. Frank C.''' Smith, born January 12. 1871. 

4. Harvey G."* Smith, born December IS, 1878. 

6. Mary Vesta* Gray, born October 10, 1848, in Barry, HI. ; married December 

31, 1868, to Frederick Hawkins. 

1. Nora B.= Hawkins, born October 10. 1869; died July 4, 1870. 

2. Daniel R.= Hawkins, born January 10, 1871. 

3. Jesse E."' Hawkins, born January 6, 1873. 

4. Halmer^ Hawkins, born June 2, 1876. 
."). Beulah-' Hawkins, born April 13. 1880. 

7. Matty F.-* Gray, born February 7. ISiSO: never married. 

8. Carry A." Grav, born December 27, 1853. in Barry. 111.: never married. 

9. Jessy M.* Gray, born November 2, 18.';7, in Barry, 111 ; married March 5, 

1878, to John A. Smith. 

1. Floyd P.'- Smith, born February 21, 1879. 

2. Eugene E.'^ Smith, born . 

3. Nelly Gray' Smith, born . 

4. Jeraldem'^ Smith, born . 

5. Allen'"' Smith, born , 

10. Floyd B.'* Gray, born September 8, 18.59, in Barry, 111 ; married December 
27, 1888, Gretta C. Ketring. died August 18, 1891. "One son, born September 
11, 1890. 

2. Daniel W.= Streeter, born August 3, 1816; married September 18. 1839. Sophronia 

Denison, who was born October 30, 1820, and died May 21, 1871. He married, sec- 
ond ly, Mrs. Frank Hayden, of Westbrook. Conn., May 7, 1874. He died April 9, 1889. 
Children by first wife. 

1. William Henrj'* Streeter, born November 28. 1840: died April .5, 1871. 

2. Harvey B.* Streeter, born February 11, 1848; married November 30, 1882, 

Fannv Chamberlain. She died . 

1. "Daniel W."^ Streeter, born November 22, 1883. 

2. Edward^ Joseph, born August 1, 1891. 

3. Victor D.* Streeter. born April 10, 1850; died August 27, 1851. 

3. Samuel S.^ Streeter. born April 13. 1818) ; married December 1, 1839, Rhoda Deni- 

son, who was born June 29, 1821, and died October 25, 1849, He married, secondly, 
June 24, 18.54, Mary A. Rhodes, who was born August 28, 1826, and died October 11, 

1. Isabella Jane* Streeter, born November 1, 1840, at Berlin; married Novem- 

ber 1, 1858, to Tracey D. Hull. She died July 20, 1877. He married, sec- 
ondly, Franc Sweet, daughter of Almond Sweet, of Albany. 

No children. 

1. Kate IsabeP Hull, born November 13, 1859; married March 28, 1883, 

Henry Denison. 

1. Isabella" Denison, born September 26, 1884. 

2. Daniel Denison^ Hull, born July 16, 1862; married , Millie . 

3. Belle'- Hull, born January 17, 1886. 

1. Harry George" Hull, born March 13, 1887; died September 28, 


2. Tracy Denison" Hull, born June 17. 1889. 

3. Phillip Douglass" Hull, born December 25, 1890. 

4. Geraldine Edna" Hull, born January 17, 1893. 

5. Mattie" Hull, born June 14, 1894. 

3. Harry Douglass^ Hull, born May 20, 1867; married April 20, 1892, 

Kittle Raffen. 

1. Cathryne Elisabeth" Hull, born February 12, 1896. 

4. Geraldine Cliase'^ Hull, born February 15, 1871. 

2. Daniel Denison* Streeter, born August 19, 1843, at Berlin: married Decem- 

ber 13, 1865, Amelia I. Austin. 

1. Fanny Isabella'' Streeter, born April 18, 1867; married January 14, 

1890, to Walter Shoemaker. 

!. Francis" Shoemaker, born , 1891. 

2. Walter Wakefleld= Streeter, born March 31. 1869; died May 23, 1878. 

3. Blanch Wells'"' Streeter, born October 10, 1873; married May 4, 1892, 

to Charles M. Bush. 

1. Katherine S." Bush, born March 24, 1893. 

2. Harriet P." Bush, born December 3, 1894. 

3. Milford Barzelial* Streeter, born September 1, 1847, at Berlin; married 

June 14, 1882, Sarah Mariah Wyckoff. 

1. Samuel W.'' Streeter, born April 16, 1883; died March 12, 1887. 

2. Daniel Denison'' Streeter, born January 27, 1885. 

3. Sarah" Streeter, born May 21, 1889. 

4. Milford B.'' Streeter, born May 13, 189:2. 
Children by second marriage. 

4. Kate* Streeter, born February 5, 1857, at Chicago, 111.: died July 10. 1857. 

5. Fanny E.* Streeter. born Oct. 17, 1860, at Chicago, 111, 

6. Florence M.* Streeter, born July 14, 1862, at Chicago, 111., married January 

23, 1889, to Joha F. Sawyer. 

1. Marguerite" Sawyer, born September 7, 1891. 

7. Samuel I.* Streeter, born June 26, 1861, at Niles, Mich. ; died August 24, 1869. 

8. Charles E,* Streeter, born May 13, 1869, at Hyde Park, 111.; died October 8, 


Second Generation. 187 

4. Elvira^ Streeter, bornMay 27, 1820: married February 18, 1839, to Harvey R. Green. 

who was born December 3, 1816, and died March 9, 1888. 

1. Frederick H.^ Green, born March 1. 1841; married July 30, 1863, Viola 


1. Ida""' Green, born October 14. 1864; died August 10, 1886. 

2. Stella^ Green, born December 7, 1867; married , George S. 

Nutting; no children. 

3. Blanch^' Green, born March 31. 1868; died April 30. 1869. 

4. Blanch'"' Green, born December 19, 1875; died February 23, 1880. 

2. George H.^ Green, born June 27, 1846; married February .5, 1867, Marietta 

Prescott, who died , 1895. 

1. Mary" Green, born September 5, 1869. 

2. Gertrude'' Green, born March 31, 1872. 

3. Harvey R ■"' Green, born May 11, 1875. 

3. Marceline S. ""Green, born December 13, 1848; died December 10, 1888. 

4. Emma E. ' Green, born July 39, 1853; married April 15, 187.5, J. R. McQuis- 


1. Harvey R."' McQuiston, born November 20, 1875. 

2. Paul'' McQuiston, born February 2, 1877. 

5 Frank B.^ Green, born November 15, 1857; married , Bertha Baker; no 


5. Sarah M. ' Streeter. born January 20, 1822; married January 18, 1840, to Daniel 

E. Denison. who was born July 25. 1816. and died January 33, 1877. She died 
March 9, 1870. 

1. Albert E.* Denison, born November 1, 1844; married August 20, 1870,EKtella 

Town. He died September 27, 187.5. 

Daniel S.'' Denison. born May 29, 1871. 

2. Alfred G." Denison, born November I. 1844; died August 15, 1845. 

3. Harvey S.' Denison. born August 6, 1851; married December 13, 1871, Ida 

A. Green. 

1. Benjamin H.' Denison. born April 18, 1874. 

2. Milford S." Denison. born December 14, 1875. 

3. Edgar R.'- Denison, born July 28, 1879; died February 10, 1882. 

4. Sarah-' Denison, born February 6, 1881; died July 12, 1882. 
.5. Franks Denison, born March 3, 1883. 

6. Norma" Denison, born . 

4. Byron F." Denison, born March 28, 18.56: died March 6, 1896. 

6. Aurora F.^ Streeter, born October 6, 1823; married September 12, 1842, to Pardee 

N. Denison. who was born September 30, ls20, and died May 31, 1848; married, 
secondly, February 27, 1850. to Henry Mitchell. She died October 20, 1858. 

1. Addie" Denison. born August 12. 1844; married October 18, 1865, to Jay Hull. 

1. Arthur D." Hull, born June 30. 1869: married in Georgia. 

2. Louise G.= Hull, born June 21, 1880. 

3. Daniel S.= Hull, born August 24, 1887. 

2. Louise* Denison. born January 29, 1846; married April 22, 1869, to James F. 


1. Harvey D.'- Cowee, born May 22. 1874. 

3. Ada" Mitchell, born February 21, 1851 ; married October 12, 1870, to Joseph 


1. Henry Lewis' Morrison, born April 25, 1871. 

2. A son. born Januarj' 8, 1873; died young. 

3. Joseph S.-' Morrison, born January 24, 1874. 

4. Ada M."' Morrison, born November 14, 1876. 

5 Jennie S." Morrison, born June 9, 1879. 

6 William S."' Morrison, born August 28, 1881. 

4. William Henry" Mitchell, born September 10, 18.53; died June — , 1885. 

5. Jessie Elvina""Mitchell, born ISovember 3, 18.55: died October 20, 1856. 

7. Benjamin H.^ Streeter, born May 16, 1826: married August 30, 1854, Amelia Dun- 

well. He died January 15, 1869. She was married, secondly, to George P. War- 
ren. No children. She died in 1895. 

1. Charles D." Streeter, born March 3, 1857; died January 11, 1861. 

2. Jessie* Streeter, born April 16, 1860; married December 29, 1885, to Mr. 

First, of Chicago. One child. 

3. Isabel S." Streeter, born June 7, 1861; died July 15. 1884. 

4. Benjamin H." Streeter, boEn July 10, 1865. 
.5. Louise" Streeter, born May 10. 1867. 

8. William H. 'Streeter, born October 28, 1828; died . 

9. Stafford R^' Streeter, born August 25, 1831; died . 

10. Byron L.^ Streeter, born May 28, 1837; married, tirstly, February 20, 1861, Elisa 
V. Trinkett, who died January 13, 1862. He married, secondly, January 18, 1870, 
Hattie B. Ford, who was born March 5, 1847. 

1. Elisa Bell" Streeter, born Januar}' 4. 1862: died February 20, 1862. 

2. Frederick B." Streeter. born November 28, 1872. 

3. Burton B." Streeter, born April 14. 1877. 

4. Ellen May Olive" Streeter, born December 11, 1879. 
.5. Milford B." Streeter, born August 14, 1885. 

Willard^ Streeter. born January 1, 1796; died July 26, 1841; married September 21, 1817, 
Sally Ann Rhodes. 

1. Arvilla^ Streeter, born January 31, 1819: married , to Stephen Wartield; no 


2. Minerva^ Streeter, born December 28, 1820; married , to William Van Vran- 

ken. She died . 

I. Sarah Frances" Van Vranken, born July 30, 1844. 

3. Palmyra^" Streeter, born November 29, 1822; married , to Harvey Hull; no 

children. She died May 19, 1850. 

188 Posterity of Aaron Wakefield. 

4. Joel P.= Streeter, born October 16, 1825; married December 1, 1849, Adaline M. 


1. Duane L.* Streeter, born November 26, 1850; married February 3, 1876. 
Emeline J. Chaffee. 

1. Willis C.= Streeter, born March 18, 1877. 
2 Clarence W.* Streeter, born June 14, 1853; married December 31, 1878, Addie 

Trask: no children. 
3. Carrie A.* Streeter, born Ma5^ 8. 1859. 

5. Stephen D.^ Streeter. born October 22, 1827; married January 5, 1861; widow 

Horace Casy (Thursy Lillibr). 

6. James^ Streeter. born October 13. 1837; married January 8. 1865, Kate Comrie. 

1. Jessie E.' Streeter. born September 28. 1865: married February 8, 1888, 
Charles S. Denison; she died April 11, 1890. 

1. James Streeter^ Denison, born ■ 

1. Alsara^' Streeter, born June 6, 1835; married , to Daniel A. Stewart; no 

Elcy^ Streeter. born February 5. 1797; married March 17, 1816, to Fenner Spink, who 

was born March 17, 1792, and died September 1, 1828; she married, secondly, , 

Alonzo Rhodes; he died ; she died October 17, 1868. 

1. Henrietta^" Spink, born June 1. 1818: married September 19, 1840, Nathan R. 

Walker: no children: he died February 29, 1856: she married, secondly, March 
17, 1859, Elbridge G. Clark: no children; Mr. Clark died October 4. 1877; she 
married, thirdly, Horace P. Jones, of Berlin; he died . 

2. Mary Ann-' Spink, born April 14, 1827: married Meritt A. Gifford, 1847; died Feb- 

ruary 12, 1875. 

1. Robert Eri* Gifford. born April 24, 1850; married February 2, 187.5, Mary E. 

Sparks, who died July31, 1896; resides at Bloomington, III., where he is 
deputy circuit clerk. 

2. Laban F.* Gifford, born January 21, 1856; married Mary L. Howard. 1878. 

1. Meritt Ansel' Gifford. born 1880. 

3. Celia Augusta^ Gifford, born November 11. 1857. 

3. Jane L.-^ Spinli, born March 27, 1824; married Willard W. Gifford; she died 

March 19. 1868. 

1. Edward W.* Gifford, born July 9, 1849; died May 9, 1851. 

2. Edgar W.* Gifford, born July 9. 1849; married October I, 1878 . 

1. Lydia= Gifford, born October 2. 1879. 

2. Agnes' Gifford, born October 16, 1881, 

3. Henry L." Gifford, born December 11, 18.50: married January 6, 1878 . 

1. Perl' Gifford, born November 16. 1879. 

2. Percy' Gifford, born November 2, 1881. 

4. Limus N.* Gifford. born May 19, 1854; died March 2, 1875. 

5. Wooster W." Gifford, born August 18, 18.57: married June 11, 1880 . 

1. Axa' Gifford, born May 11, 1882; died September 15, 1882. 

6. George B.* Gifford, born November 3. 186:^ 

7. Elbridge C* Gifford. born December 22, 1865; died September 8, 1866. 

8. Willard C* Gifford born March 14, 1868. 

4. Lovinia C.^ Spink, born July 3, 1825: married October 30, 1844. Joseph Green. 

1. Robie* Green, born August 12. 1845; died February 7, 1867. 

2. Mary' Green born June 18, 1850; died February 5, 1851. 

3. Webster" Green, born August 1,1857; married November 17, 1878, Lydia 


1. Floyd' Green, born June 20, 1880. 

4. David" Green, born June 5, 1860. 

5. Jennie" Green, born January 21, 1864; married January 24, 1884, to Solo- 

mon R. House; no children. 

5. Walter Rhodes== Spink, born February 12, 1823; married August 17, 1850, Elizabeth 

Hosmer. No children. 

6. Samuel Stephen^ Spink, born December 16. 1819; married October 2, 1844. Martha 

Piper, who was born July 22, 1822, and died November 16, 1857. He married, sec- 
ondly , Isabel Allen. Children by tirst marriage; 

1.' Henry" Spink, born January 9. 1849. died September 4, 1849. 

2. Henrietta" Spink, born December 19. 1851; married September 11, 1873, to 

R. M. Hitch. She died January 20, 1880. 

1. A son, born October 30, 1874: died same day. 

2. Herrald D.' Hitch, born February 4, 1876. 

3. Bertha, M.' Hitch, born January 17, 1884. 

3. Elcy* Spink, born July 6, 1855; died December 24, 1859. By second mar- 


4. NovaUo" Spink, born February 2, 1859: died August 1, 1863. 

5. A daughter, born December 8, 1860: died December 22, 1860. 

6. Halleck" Spink, born Januar}' 31, 1862. 

7. LabenF.^Spink,born November 17, 1828: married January 31,1855. Adelia W.Smith. 

1. Harriet B." Spink, born September 1. 18.57; married August 30, 1877, to 

Charles P. Dodge. She died June 13, 1881. 

1. Bessie L.' Dodge, born September 20, 1878. 

2. Ina P.= Dodge, ^born August Vi. 1880. 

2. Infant son, born December 30, 1860: died same da}'. 

3. Rosaltha E." Spink, born January 20, 1865. 

4. Albert L." Spink, born March 9. 1866. 

.5. Martha J." Spink, born October 31, 1870. 
6. Mary H." Spink, born January 29, 1872. 
Rnswell* Streeter. born May 28, 1798; married May 24, 1821, Miss Eleanor Kenyon, of 
Berlin, who was born August 20, 1798, and who died June 8, 1871. He died April 11, 1850. 
1. Alson J.3 Streeter, born January 18, 18:33; married August — , 1847. Deborah Boan. 
He got a divorce from her June, 1858, and married January 10. 1861, Susan Menold. 
1. George A." Streeter, born October 12, 1849; married December 25, 1871, 
SamanthaGodard. No children. 

Second Generation. 189 

2. Frank W.'' Streeter, born May 31, 1854; married December 25, 1877, Gussie 


1. Clark'' Streeter, born September 27, 1878. 

2. Ralph"* Streeter, born April 18, 1880. 

3. John'' Streeter, born September 4, 1882. 

3. Nellie May* Streeter, born May 3, 1862. 

4. Fanny R.+ Streeter, born June 21. 1H65. 

5. Minnie G.-* Sti-eeter, born July 21, 1867; died January 23, 1882. 

6. Charles D.* Streeter, born October 6, 1871. 

2. David B.3 Streeter, born December V.i. I,s25: died July 1, 1864. 

3. Asa Wells^ Streeter, born February 14. 1827; married September 14, 1855, Atlanta 

Lucas. She left him, and died June 5, 1878; he married, secondly, September 
14, 1869, Amanda Davis. 

1. Saraphina* Streeter, born December , 1856; married March 14, 1870, 

Edmund Harris. 

1. Sowl Jane'' Harris, born November 30. 1871. 

2. Annie Pearl'' Harris, born November 8, 1873; died March 6, 1874. 

3. Nellie Atlanta'- Harris, born August 14, 1878. 

4. Nellie May'' Harris, born May 14, 1881; died July 2, 1882. 

2. Esther Jane* Streeter, born July 4, 1859; married August 29, 1876, Pitner 


1. Hallis Pearl"* Abbot, born July 21, 1777. 

2. Louis"* Abbot, born October 6, 1880. 

3. Anna* Streeter, born FeT)ruary 10, 1862; married December 24, 1881, John 

Watkins; one child not named. 

4. Edward B.* Streeter. born May 15, 1870. 

5. Lucy* Streeter, born May 14, 1872. 

6. John Alson* Streeter, born August 4, 1873. 

7. Frederick N.* Streeter, born January 9, 1875. 

8. Frank C* Streeter, born July 20, 1881. 

4. Stephen R."* Streeter, born July 20, 1829; married February 7, 18,50, Susan C. Hyde. 

1. Eleanor R.* Streeter, born November 14, 1850; married L. B. Coe, Novem- 

ber 14, 1867. 

2. Lydia E.^ Streeter, born July 21. ia52; married July 21. 1875. A. B. Cornell. 

3. Henry B.* Streeter, born May 5, 18.54; died August 4, 1855. 

4. Clara A.* Streeter, born January 13, 1856. 

5. Kate L.* Streeter, born December 16, 1859; married September 18, 1878, 
G. W. Smith. 

6. Mary* Streeter, born September 11,1861; married August 9, 1882, J. E. 


4. Allen D.3 Streeter, born July 24, 1831; married •, 1851, Elizabeth Bent. He 

died in 1864. 

1. Eleanor* Streeter, born , 1852; married . to Thos. Child. 

2. Celia* Streeter, born , 1854; married , 1876, to Allen Croosic. 

3. Nevada* Streeter, born , 18.58; married , 1876, to William H. Smith. 

5. Elizabeth M.= Streeter, born August 18, 1833, died , 1853. 

6. Lydia Jane"' Streeter, born October 1, 1835; married February 28, 1854, to Stephen 

B. Shumway. 

1. Gano* Shumway. born February 17, 1855; died November 28, 1857. 

2. Clara A.* Shumway, born September 24, 1856; married November 27, 1872, 

to J. J. White. 

3. Grace* Shumwav, born December 27, 18.58; married September 6, 1877, to C. 

L. Burges. 

4. Stephen R.* Shumway, born June 3, 1860; married February 6, 1881, Marv 

E. Brown. 

5. George O.* Shumway. born October 21, 1862. 

6. Grant L.* Shumway, born March 7, 1865. 

7. Lillian H.* Shumway, born February 10, 1867; died December 3, 1876. 

8. Alson J.* Shumway, born May 1. 1869. 

9. Minnie M.* Shumway, born October 31, 1871. 

10. Horlen H.* Shumway, born October 15, 1874; died July 5, 1876. 

11. Nianna B.* Shumway, born October 6, 1878. 

7. George Oscar"5 Streeter, born April 17, 1838; married August 1, 1865, Celestia 


1. Emma O.* Streeter, born October 31, 1866. 

2. George C* Streeter, born June 20, 1868. 

3. Seth S.* Streeter, born August 26, 1870; died December 11, 1871. 

4. Mark S.* Streeter, born December 1, 1872. 
.5. Carrie C* Streeter born April 29, 187.5. 

5. Daisie B.* Streeter, born August 24. 1878. 

5. Prudence"' Streeter, born February 15, 1800; married March 18, 1818, to Ebenezer 
Rhodes, jr., who was born October 3, 1798, and died March 31, 1875; she died February 
10, 1879. 

1. AlonzoC."' Rhodes, born May 7, 1825; married November , 1842, Polly Wil- 

liams, who was born May 3. 1819, and died September 18, 1848; he married sec- 
ondly, January . 1849, Rusha V. Fuller, who was born May 31, 1819, and 

died November 10, 1849; he died October 28. 1860. 

1. Abner* Rhodes, born November 23. 1842; died February 22, 1863. 

2. Polly A* Rhodes, born September 7. 1847; died February 13, 1861. 

2. Gardner T."! Rhodes, born February :>4, 1833; married November , 1850, Eliza- 

beth William.s. 

3. Marilla 0."= Rhodes, born April 3, 1819; married November 29, 1839, to John K. 


1. Marietta* Barbeau, born December 1, 18,50. 

2. Ida* Barbeau, born October 30, 1859; married March 19, 1877, to Edwin 


1. William"* Geddis, born March 22, 1878. 

190 Posterity of Aaron Wakefield. 

4. Maroa^ Rhodes, born July 24, 1822; married February 24, 1842, to John Rhodes, jr. 

1. Edmund-* Rhodes, born September 25. I8.'j0. 

2. Susie-" Rhodes, born February 22, 1853. 

5. Willard E.^ Rhodes, born August 31, 1841, married January 19, 1871, Mary L. 


1. Arthur A.'* Rhodes, born May 4. 1872. 

6. Daniel B.^ Rhodes, born January 18, 1836: married , Sarah A. Sanders. 

7. Palmyra^ Rhodes, born February 19. 1830; married March 7, 1847, to Ichabod 

Sweet; she died June 22, 1882. 

1. Daniel I. ' Sweet, born April 3, 1848. 

8. Prudence Ann-^ Rhodes, born March 22, 1845; married to George Oakes, and died 

September 19. 187.5. 
6. Alury^ Streeter, born August 21, 1801; married January 24, 1822, to Luke S. Kenyon, 
who was born September 1.5. 1799. and died August 22, 1846: she died March 25, 1883. 

1. Riley W.' Kenyon. born October 2.5. 1822: married July 13, 1843. Mary A. Henry; 

she died ; he married, secondly, April 6, 18.58, Elizabeth Keath; he died 

September 16, 1868. 

1. Mary F.-* Kenyon, born August 26. 1845. 

2. John H.' Kenyon. born July ;37. 1847. 

3. Charles E.-' Kenyon, born November 25, 1850. 

4. Nancy C.-* Kenyon. born May 14, 18.52. 

2. George S.^ Kenyon. born June 3, 1824; married November 10, 1844, Margaret L. 

West; he died June 20, 1877. 

1. Riley George-* Kenyon, born November 22, 1845; died November 2, 1846. 

2. Benjamin H.* Kenyon, born November 7, 1847: died August 29, 1849. 

3. Charles* Kenyon, born August 14, 1849: died same day. 
' 4. Kittle* Kenyon. born September 11. 18.50. 

5. Clara A.-* Kenyon, born August 21. 1854; died March 24, 1857. 

6. Nellie B.* Kenyon, born July 10, 1858; married October 12, 1882, to Frank F. 


3. Mariah M.^ Kenyon. born February 14. 1826; married November 24, 1846, to David 

H. Whyland: she died . 

1. Edgar D.^ Whyland, born April 12, 18.50: died October 4, 1862. 

4. Lvsander^ Kenyon, born April 20, 1835: married ; died April 13, 1862. 

7. Samuel'- Streeter. born July 5. 1803: died young. 

8. Lydia^ Streeter, born October 22, 1805; married June 28. 1828. to Hamilton Corey, of Han- 
cock. Mass.. who died August 19. 1854: she died April 18. 1854. 

1. Lydia J.^ Corey, born April 8. 1830: died April 18, 1854. 

2. Julius A. 3 Corey, born August 22, 1831 : married November 13, 1856, May E. Rice. 

1. Addie A.-' Corey, born April 29, 18.58. 

2. Clara S.-* Corey, born July 6, 1861. 

3. Jessie L.* Corey, born March 3, 1864. 

4. Olive R.-* Corey, born April 27, 1870. 

,5. Nettie T.* Corey, born November 26, 1871 ; died April 29, 1872. 

3. Olive R. 3 Corey, born January 19, 1833; married October 18, 1857, to Julius E. Mecum. 

1. George E.-* Mecum, born June 8, 1859. 

2. Edwin-* Mecum, born December 24, 1861. 

3. Cora E.-* Mecum, born September 1, 1864. 

4. Ilurv A.-* Mecum, born Julv 1, 1871. 

4. William H'" Corey, born March 13," 1834; married September 8, 1862. Jenny Dwight, 

who died April 9, 1871. He married, secondly, February 10, 1876, Irena Hollister. 

1. Ilury A.* Corey, born Julv 21. 1861. 

2. Mary D. * Corey, born October 24, 1867. 

3. Henry D.' Corey, born November 12, 1871; died February 12, 1881: child by 

second marriage: 

4. Jenny A.* Corey, born March 21, 1877. 

9. George W." Streeter. born December 16, 1808: married February 15. 1828. Hannah S. Oak- 
ley, who was born December 15, 1805, and died December 2:^, 1853. He married, sec- 
ondly. January 1, 1854, Matilda Fuller. He died May 23, 1890. 

1. Celesta^ Streeter. born March 22, 1829; died October , 1863; married June 30, 

1845, to John Bosworth. ^ „ 

2. Miranda M.-' Streeter, born June 10. 1831: married July 12, 1849, to John D. Goff. 

1. Adelbert J.* Goff, born July 20, 18.50: died September 20, 1850. 

2. Mary A.* Goff, born Augusts, 1853; married November 28, 1871, to Dudley 

G. Chambers. 

1. Freddie-' Chambers, born October 21, 1873. 

2. Charles R ■' Chambers, born October 14, 187.5. 

3. George F.-* Goff, born May 7, 18,56: died July 20, 1857. 

4. Cora A.* Goff, born March 7, 1859; married January 17, 1874, to Julius A. 

1. John A. = Rhodes, born March 4, 1875. 

2. Roy= Rhodes, born January 17, 1877; died September 22, 1877. 

3. Loy's Rhodes, born January 17, 1877; died September 20, 1877. 

4. Jennie C.'* Rhodes, born February 15, 1879. 
.5. Earl J. = Rhodes, born February 22, 1883. 

5. Edson E. » Goff. born June 29. 1864. 

6. Eva May* Goff, born August 30. 1870. 

3. Mary F.^ Streeter, born March 26. 1833; married November 27, 18.50, Dwight Allen. 

4. Hosea L.^ Streeter, born June 30. 1835: married January 2. 1854, Delia M. Yatro. 

1. Ida J.-* Streeter. born August 12. 1^56: died March 30. 18.57. 

2. Cora M." Streeter. born February 12. 18.58; married July 26, 1881. Henry H. 


.5. Heman D.^ Streeter, born March 2, 1840; married . Oleria J. Dewey. 

1. Caleb De Witt* Streeter, born August 9, 1873. 
6. Helen J.^ Streeter, born March 2, 1840; married June 6, 18.57, to George Abrahams; 
she died October 15, 1876. 

Second Generation. 191 

1. George H.-* Abrahams, born January 15. ia58: died July 22, 1858. 

2. Carrie E.* Abrahams, l)orn November 17, 1862. 

3. Nellie E.^ Abrahams, born November 14, 1864. 

7. Charles W.^" Streeter, born December 28, 1837; married October 10, 1839, Mary C. 


1. Nellie I.* Streeter. born December 27. 1864. 

2. Harry F^ Streeter, born January 26, 1873; died July 8, 1874. 

3. H. June^ Streeter, born June 5, 1878. 

8. Sarah A.^ Streeter, born October 17. 1847: married, firstly, , to Levi Wood- 

ward: married, secondly, , to G. Woodward. 

9. Emma Jane^ Streeter. born June 17, 1847; married February 4, 1871, to John 

C. Smith. 

1. Carrie L.' Smith, born Januarv 29, 1872. 

2. George Eli* Smith, born April 23, 1874. Child by second wife: 

10. Daniel A.^ Streeter, born May 20, 18.">7; married January 22, 1879, Emma Smith; 

he married, secondly, August 2, 1883, Agnes Oldham. Child by first wife: 
1. Robert E.' Streeter. born March 11, 1881. 

10. Allen C.= Streeter, born May 29. 1810; married, firstly, Februarv 23, 1833, Philena 

Richer, who was born May 14, 1814, and died March 12, 1835. He married, secondly, 
April 8, 1835, Widow Pamelia Ann McLaughlin, who was born September 7. 1806, and 
died October 30, 186.5. He died December 13. 1867. Children by second marriage: 

1. Robert M.= Streeter, born Februarv 2. 1836. 

2. Walter W.^ Streeter. born July 20. 1838; died June 26, 1866. 

3. Mary A.' Streeter, born June 20. 1841: died September 24, 1850. 

4. Ellen^ Streeter, born May 22, 1843: died July 12. 186a 

f). Allen F.-> Streeter. born April 5. 1849: died January 20, 1853. 

11. ^ Streeter, born September 5, 1811: died voung. 

12. Jane Ann= Streeter. born May 13, 1814; married May 11, 1833, to Job Sweet, who was 

born October 27, 1810. and died . 

1. Stephen Deloss^ Sweet, born September 21. 1834; married January 1, 1857, Pris- 

cilla Chapman. 

1. Jennie Alice* Sweet, born August 16, 1861. 

2. Charles A.^ Sweet, born February 16, 1836: married September 20. 1858, Cornelia 

C. McDonald, who was born February 17, 1838, and died June 11, 1870. He mar- 
ried, secondlv, February 19. 1872, Fanny O. Plavter. Children by first wife: 

1. Daniel B.* Sweet, born January 18, 1860. 

2. Delia J.* Sweet, born January 18, 1860: died August 23, 1871. 

3. Donald G.* Sweet, born June 26, 1863. 

4. George H.* Sweet, born May 26. 1868. 

5. Robert P.* Sweet, born March 26. 1873; died July 24, 1874. 

6. Winneford F. ' Sweet, born June 13, 1874. 

7. Charlotte P.* Sweet, born Januarv 31. 1881. 

3. Milton Henrys Sweet, born February 17, 1838: married, firstly. December 30, 1869, 

Louise Disberry, who died June 18. 1871. He married, secondl}-, January 1, 1877, 
Mariah R. McCauly. 

1. William F." Sweet, born November 5. 1870. 

4. Byron D.^ Sweet, born December 24, 1839: married , Lydia Dunham. 

2. Elisabeth* Sweet, born December 6, 1861. 

3. Clara* Sweet, born June 4. 1872. 

5 Alma S.3 Sweet, born March 1, 1843; married, firstly. June 17, 1869, to John Os- 
trander. who died : thev had three children; all died young: married, sec- 
ondlv. March 9. 1882, to John Ingram, who died . 

6. George C.^ Sweet, born October 1, 1844; died December 18, 186.5. 

7. Mary I.^ Sweet, born December 25, 1847; died Februarv 1, 1856. 

8. Clara L.- Sweet, born November 22, 1848. married'july 5, 1872, to Eugene M. 

Reese, who died September :X, 1876. 

1. Daniel Harvey* Reese, born August 18, 1873. 

13. Marilla* Streeter, born May 7. 1816; probably died voung. 

14. Barber^ Streeter, born July 24. 1817: married a Miss Oaklej' in Troy, . She died. 

He married, secondly, Jerusha Brockway in Troy, January 31, 1844. He died February 
15, 1890. 

1. Jane Ann^ Streeter, born April 17, 1846; married October 1. 1866, to James Ross. 

Charles R. Ross, born February 2, 1868. 

2. George Allen^ Streeter, born August 22, 1849; married February 25, 1869, Mary F. 


1. Willard W.* Streeter. born February 18, 1871; died . 

2. George B.* Streeter, born July 1, 1875. 

3. Emery G.* Streeter. born Aprils. 1878. 
4. Gertrude J.^ Streeter, born March 27, 1880. 

5. RuTH^ Wakefield (Aaron^), daug-hter of Aaron and Olive (Wight) 
Wakefield; born , 1777: married May 26, 1808, Zina Grover, of Mans- 
field, Mass. She died March — , 1820, in Oxford, South Gore, Mass. 


1. Zina^ Grover, born July 20, 1810: married, firstlv, . 1831. Lvdia Sprague: married. 

secondly. . 18.50, Hannah Yf>ung. He died . Lvdia Sprague was a native of 

Northbridge, Mass., and Hannah Young of Charlton. Mass. Children by first marriage: 

1. Adeline Selina^ Grover, born September 20, 1832; married , 1860, to Albert 

Tower, of Charlton, Mass. They afterwards went to Wisconsin. He died Jan- 
uary 28. 1889, at Galesville, Wis. 

1. William Albert* Tower, born . 

2. Mary Adeline* Tower, born — : died Mav 21, 1883. 

3. Hattie Davis* Tower, born ; died June 12. 1883. at Galesville. 

4. Mildred Sprague* Tower, born . 

192 Posterity of Aaron Wakefield. 

2. James Madison^ Grover, Ijorn Julv 10, 1834: married , 1863. Sarah Grossman 

of Clinton, Mass. He is a dentist, and resides, at present, at Brookfield, Mass. 

1. Ralph Aj'er* Grover. born , 1865. 

2. Lj'dia Lyon* Grover. born . 1867. 

3. James Madison* Grover. jr., born , 1869. 

4. Henry Grossman* Grover. born , 1871. 

n. Paul Frothingham* Grover, born , 1873. 

6. Ezra Sampson* Grover. born , 1875. 

3. Harriet Trifena^ Grover. born June 10, 1843; married ■ , 1867, to Allen F. 

Brown, of Worcester. Mass. 

1. Alice Louise* Brown, born July 16, 1867; married , Louis Waltz, of 

■ , Me. 

2. Arthur Fisher* Brown, born November 2, 187'5. 
.3. Herbert Lincoln* Brown, born . 1877. 

4. Ella= Grover, born . 18.55: died , 1857. Ghildren by second marriage. 

5. Edwin Augustus^ Grover. born August 29. 1851. 

6. William z'ina^' Grover, born , 1853; died . 18.56. 

7. Mary Elizabeth'' Grover, born , 1857; married , John Lawrence, of 

Gharlton. She died near Los Angeles. Gal. 

8. Byron Eugene^ Grover, born , 1859; married , 1884, Minnie Manly, of 

Charltoii. Mass., who died Februarv . 1886. 

S. Elizabeth (Betsey) = Grover. born , 1813; married , 1838, to James Barnaby. 

She died , 18.59, at Worcester, Mass. 

1. Thomas Jefferson^ Barnabs', born . 1839. 

2. Elorinda Sedora^ Barnaby' born , 1841. 

3. James Otis^ Barnaby, born , 1842. 

4. Mary Anna' Barnaby, born . 1844. 

3. Hosea= Grover. born , 1815; married December 20, 1839. Sarah Lyon, of Woodstock, 

Gonn., who died . He married, secondly, Sarah Rawson, who died . He 

resides at Oxford, Mass. 

1. Mary Jane' Grover. born . 1846; died , 1848. 

2. Emma Adeline' Grover, born November , 1851. 

3. Sarah Lyon' Grover, born . 1861: died , 1863. 

4. LowelP Grover, born March 11. 1817. at Oxford, South Gore, Mass.; married , 1843, 

Mercy B. Ghase, of Killinglv. Gonn. He is a shoemaker, and resides at Danielson, 

1. Gharles Edward' Grover. born . 1847. 

2. George Lowell' Grover, born , 1849: died . 18.57, at Gharlton. 

3. Arthur' Grover, born , 18.50: died , 1851. 

5. Elvida= Grover, born ,1820: married ,1844. John Payson of Harwich, Mass., 

who died , 1850. She died May , 1888. 

6. Benjamin* Wakefield (Aaron'^), son of Aaron and Olive (Wight) 

Wakefield; born April 27, 1779; married , 1806, Hannah Gleason, who 

was born July (i, 1777; he died October 5, 1872; his wife died November 
20, 1858 (See The Wig/its): he was a soldier in war of 1812, and one of 
the first selectmen of town of Webster, Mass. 


85.— 1. DANIEL, born December 31. 1806: married October 14, 1832, Nancy Mason: 
he died April 8. 188.5. 

36 — 2. Harvey, born February 19, 1808; married November 11, 1830. Olive Cutler; 
he died January 5. 1889. 

3~.— 3. Lyman, born February 2, 1810: married October 26, 1839, Lydia Allen; he 
died September 18. 1862. 

38 — 4. George, born January I8, 1812; married April 14, 1843, Ruth Ann Buxton; 
he died March 7, 1860. 

39 — 5. Leonard, born October 30, 1814; married April 14, 1843, Hulda Gleason. 

30 — 6. Salem, born February 8, 1819: died October 24, 1848; never married. 

31 — 7. Alfred, born January 10. 1825: married, firstly. May 5. 18.59. Agnes Fair- 
Held: married, secondly. October .30. 1872. Jeriisha Freeman. 

33.-8. Abel, born Januarv 10, 1825; married November 27, 18.56, Filuda Bowdish; 
he died April 18. 1895. 

8. Elvida^ Wakefield {Aaron'^), daughter of Aaron and Olive 
(Wight) Wakefield, born , 1872: married to Nathan Ide, both of Ox- 
ford, South Gore; married May 18, 1797: removed to Sand Lake near Berlin, 
Rensalaer county, N.Y. 


1. Daniel Ide. born . 

2. Gloey Ide, born . 

3. Esther Ide, born 

4. Susan Ide. born — 

9. Lois^ Wakefield {A(Aron^), daughter of Aaron and Olive (Wight) 

Wakefield; born , 1784, in Oxford, South Gore: married to Moses 

Marsh, of Bechertown, Mass., December 15, 1821. 


1. Reuben - Marsh, born . 

2. Moses^ Marsh, born : married , Azuba Davenport, daughter of Comfort 

and Betsv (Waketield) Davenport. 
1. HattieM.' Marsh, born . 

Second Generation. 193 

lO. Elizabeth (Betsey)^ Wakefield (^laronM, daughter of Aaron 
and Olive (Wight) Wakefield; born , 1786; married to Comfort Daven- 
port, November 21, 1813. Both from Oxford, South Gore. He died May 25, 
1834. Was a farmer. 


1. Palmer* Davenport, born ; married , Sylvina Crosby. 

1. Allen^ Davenport, born : married , Anna , tive children. 

2. Rebecca^" Davenport, born ; married Allen Brown. 

3. Elisha^" Davenport, born . Went as a drummer boy in late war and was 


4. Hiram^ Davenport, born . 

5. Louisa^ Davenport, born : single. 

2. Azuba^ Davenport, born ; married , to Moses Marsh, of Belchertown, Mass. 

1. Hattie M.= Marsh, born : married , Mellen Austin. 

1. Claude' Austin, born . 

2. Cleveland* Austin, born . 

3. Wayne* Austin, born . 

4. George* Austin, born . 

3. Emma= Davenport, born November 1, 1818: married , to Andrew Braman, of 

Worcester, Mass. 

1. Helen A.^ Braman, born ; died April 7, 1882. 

2. Walden M.^ Braman, born : married , Lucretia Decker. Insurance 

and real estate agent at Port Richmond, N. Y. 

1. Helen M.* Braman. born . 

2. Hazel E.* Braman, born . 

4. Elbridge= Davenport, born : married , 1844, Catherine Pratt. He died April 

30, 1874, at Atlanta, Cal. 

1. Cynthia^ Davenport, born February 21, 1851: married, firstly, March 11, '86'', 

Samuel Cookson, of China, Me., who died July 21, 187.5; married, secondly, May 
29, 1877. Is a farmer; resides at French Camp, Cal. 

1. Walter M.* Cookson, born April 29, 1872. 

2. Samuel T.* Cookson, born April 24. 1876. 

3. Arthur Munson* Cookson. born March 11. 1878. 

2. Evelyn A.^" Davenport, born August 30, 18.59: married May 9, 1878. to William 

Harrelson, of Wisconsin. Resides at French Camp, Cal. He is a farmer. 

1. Myrtie M.* Harrelson. born November 5, 1879. 

2. Eva C* Harrelson, born July 26, 1885. 

3. Willie E.* Harrelson. born October 14. 1891. 

.5. Elvira^ Davenport, born ; died January 26, 1896; unmarried. 

6. Allen^ Davenport, born ; died in infancy. 

11. Olive^ Wakefield {Aaron'^), daughter of Aaron and Olive 
(Wight) Wakefield; born July 24, 1789; married to Laban Wetherel, of Mans- 
field, Mass., August 17, 1809. He was born February 13. 1776: a blacksmith. 

She died at Charlton, Mass., . He died March 2, 1829, at Thompson, 



1. Lydia* Wetherel, born September 12, 1810; married — -— , to George Pike, of Charlton, 

Mass. Occupation, satinet manufacturer. He died December — , 1885. She died April 
— , 1883, at Charlbm, Mass. 

1. George^ Pike, born November 2. 1832: married October 18, 18.52. Emeline Young, 

of Charlton. Mass. : a satinet manufacturer. Resides at Millward, a small vil- 
lage in Charlton. Mass. 

1. Chauncy* Pike, born August 10, 18.56; married November 27, 1875, Carrie 
Robbins, of Charlton. Mass. ; a satinet manufacturer. Resides in Mill- 
ward, in Charlton, Mass. 

1. Everett Earl's Pike, born July 2, 1876. 

2. Laban Wickham-'' Pike, born November 8, 1838: died September 2, 1840. 

3. Frank^" Pike, born December 25, 1850; married February 23. 1875, Delia Mowry, 

of Charlton. Mass. Resides at present in Millward, a small village in Charlton, 
Mass. Is a sawver in a steam sawmill. 

1. Albert Wilson* Pike, born August 8, 1881. 

2. Fred Willard* Pike, born April 4, 1883: died September 10, 1883. 

3. Ada Louisa* Pike, born November 3. 1890. 

4. Lucy Ann^ Pike, born February 11. 1848: died April 3, 1848. 

5. Benlamin C.^ Pike, born September 5, 1849; died October 4, 18.50. 

2. Laban^ Wetherel. born July 27, 1812: died October 21, 1837. 

3. Alfred^ Wetherel, born July 29, 1814: married October 15, 1837, Louisa Munyan, of 

Thompson. Conn; he is a farmer, and resides at South Woodstock, Conn. 

1. Ellen Elizabeth^ Wetherel. born May II. 18.39; married , to Waldo Little- 

field, of Boxboro. Mass. ; a painter, and lives at West Acton, Mass. 

2. Alvin Talcott'' Wetherel, born August 5, 1840; died May 25, 1858. 

3. Vernon TrumbulP Wetherel. born September 18, 1842; married March 13, 1866, 

Eliza Hyde: he is a school teacher, and lives at East Woodstock, Conn. 

1. Cora Eliza* Wetherel, born July 29. 1873. 

2. George Alfred* Wetherel, born May 14, 1876. 

4. Alfred Ellis' Wetherel, born January 13, 1852: died May 25, 18.58. 

5. George Talcott^ Wetherel, born April 14, 1854; died October 1, 1866. 

4. Willis^ Wetherel, born October 23, 1816; died January 9, 1817. 


194 Posterity of Aaron Wakefield. 

5. Ebenezer^ Wetherel. born Februar}' 24. 1818: died April 9, 1818. 

6. Calvin^ Wetherel, born June 6. 1819: married . Harriet Esten. of Oxford, Mass. 

who died ; he died March :30, 1865. 

7. Olive^ Miranda Wetherel. born August 18, 18il: died January 4, 1823. 

8. Clovis^ Wetherel. born March 21, 1823: died . 

9. Wheeler^ Wetherel, born October 18. 1824: married, firstly, June 21, 1849, Maria Bruce. 

of Webster, Mass.: married, secondly. 3, 1869, Clarissa Esten, of Oxford, 
Mass., who died April 24, 1879; he died May 11, 1823; lived with the Pikes at Charlton, 


13. Aaron^ Wakefield (2'iraothij,- Aaron^), son of Timothy Wake- 
field and Priscilla (Joy) Wakefield: born August 1-4, 1792; married, firstly, 
January 14, 1S13, Narcissa Fuller; married, secondly, June G, 1839, Adotia 
Buckman. He died September 21, 1872, at Grafton, Mass. 


33 1. Lorenzo, born February 27, 1814; married, firstly, . Jane Phillips; 

married, secondly. . Diana Hale. Died Maj' 24, 1876. 

34 — 2. Amy F., born April 3. 1816; married , to Saladin Hale, of Millbury, 

Mass. Died May 19, 1885. 

35.-3. Weltha B., born February 25, 1819; married . to Orrin Dadmun, of 

Marlboro, Mass. She died October 16, 1860. Resided at Mil ford. Mass. 

36 — 4. PatjEMON B., born April 17, 1821; married November 14, 1850, SabrinaCum- 
mings, of Douglass, Mass. Resides at Milford, Mass. 

37.— 5. Amasa R., born' April 13, 1833; married May 30, 1847, Abigail Lackey, of 
Sutton, Mas.s. No children. He died May :», 1876, at Troy, N.Y. 

38.-6. Sylvia, born July 35. 18:i5; married , to Sullivan Dadmun, of Marl- 
boro, Mass. She died April 8, 1890. 

14. Ezra'' Wakefield (Timothy,'^ Aaron^), son of Timothy and Pris- 
cilla (Joy) Wakefield; born June 23, 1794; married Polly Brov^^n, who died 
March 13, 1868, at North Grosvenordale, Conn. He died at Thompson, Conn., 
in 1877. Was married . Soldier in War of 1812. 


39 — 1. Augustus, born July 12, 1816; married , Adeline Chamberlin, of Wood- 
stock. Conn. 

40 — 2. Adeline, born ; married , to William Carpenter, of Thomp- 
son, Conn. 

41.-3. George, born July 6, 1824; married January 29, 1852, Abigail J. Brown, of 
Bridgeport, Conn., who died November 13, 1878, at Webster, Mass. No 
children. He was a soldier. Died . 

15. Wyman^ Wakefield (Timothy,- Aaron^) son of Timothy and 
Priscilla (Joy) Wakefield; born March 14, 1796; married Alpha Arnold, daugh- 
ter of C!yrus Arnold, of Smithfield, R. I., January 17, 1822. He died at North 
Smithlield, R. I., November 23, 1865. He was a farmer. 


43.-1. Arnold, born October 17, 18:ii; married ; died May, 1891. 

43.-2. Celia, born , 1825; aged six years. 

16. Hale^ Wakefield {llviothi/,^ Aaron^), son of Timothy and 
Priscilla (Joy) Wakefield; born March 17,1798: married, firstly, March 21, 1822, 
Deborah Talbot, of Thompson, Conn. She was born April 22, 1804, and died 
in 1896. He left his wife Deborah, and went west to Michigan. Hale mar- 
ried again Elizabeth Pendleton, of Grand Rapids, Mich., . His wife 

Deborah married, secondly, Israel Pierce, February 21, 1850. He died . 

Had three children by Elizabeth Pendleton. 

children by first marriage. 

44.-1. Mary Ann, born December 19, 1822; married January — , 1841, to George 
C. Johnson. 

45.-2. George Augustus, born May 2, 1824. 

46 — 3. Nancy Maria, born May 25. 18S8; married June 25, 1851, to Cyrus C. Part- 
ridge, who died January 3, 1865. She died April 5, 1874. 

47 — 4. Jane Elizabeth, born January 31, 1830; married January 4, 1853, to Mel- 
vin W. Curtis, who died January 5, 18.54. She died April 7, 1859. 

48.-5. Prances Malvina, born October a, 1839: married November 28, 1857, to 
Alvin L. Walker. She died June 7, 1869. 

Third Generation. 195 

17. Jason* Wakefield (Timothy,- Aaron^) son of Timothy and Pris- 
cilla (Joy) Wakefield; born March 4, 1800; married Ann Perry, of Killingly, 
Conn., January 5, 1823; she died April 16, 1881, at Webster, Mass.; he died 
May 2, 1863, at Thompson, Conn.; was a machinist. 


49 1. FiTZ Henby, born December 2, 1829: married May .5, 1859, Madelia Forrest. 

50 2. Mary Eliza, born September 30. 1832; married August 7, 1867, to James 

De Forrest, painter; no children; live at Tliompsnn, Conn. 

51.— 3. Lucy Ann, born — ; married , to Marcus Towne, of Thompson, 

iViste.— James De Forrest was a soldier in Company A, First Maryland Cavalry. 

19. HiRAM^ Wakep^ield (Timothn,- Aaron^), son of Timothy and 
Priscilla (Jov) Wakefield: born February 15, 1804; married Henrietta Rich- 
ardson, of Thompson, Conn., , who died July 22, 1889, at North Gros- 

venordale; aged 84 years, 18 days; he died April 26, 1878, at Thompson, Conn. 


53 1. WILLIAM M., born September 11. 182'J; married October 18, 18,54, Sarah 

Young, of Charlton, Mass. 
53 2. Clovis. born Octobers, 1831; married Harriet Durkee, of Norwich, 

54 3. John, born August 29. 1840: married , Julia Darling, of Thompson, 

Conn. ; he was a carriage painter. 

20. Orrin^ Wakefield {Timothy, ~ Aaron^), son of Timothy and 
Priscilla (Joy) Wakefield; born July 18, 1805; married, firstly, November 
23, 1827, Elmira Esten, of Burrillville, R. I., who died July 13, 1843; he 

married, secondly, September 28, 1843, Elizabeth A. Lufey, of ; he 

died September 11, 184(5, at Petersburg, Va. 


55 1. FRANCIS Aubrey, born October 30, 1828: died December 9, 1828. 

56.-3. Charles Henry, born January 7. 1831 ; married March 6, 1860, Sophia 

Truesdale of E. Killingly. C(mn. Live at Worcester Mass. No children. 

57 3. Nelson, born , 1833." Went to Missouri. Never heard from. 

58.-4. John Harrison, born June 10, 18:35; died Octoljer 3, 1853. 

59 5. Albert, born February 1. 1837: died March 7. 1842. 

60 6. Susan Maria, born May 12, 1839; married September 15, 1867, to Nelson 

61 7. Diantha. born June 3, 1841; died March 1, 1843. 


63 — 8. Orrin, jr., born August 22, 1844; married , Emma F. Thrift, of Ches- 
terfield countv, Va. 
63.-9. Sylvester, born February 14, 1846; died young. 

21. WiLLARD^ Wakefield {Timothy,'^ Aaron'^), son of Timothy and 
Priscilla (Joy) Wakefield; born August Ki, 1807; married Mary Jane Black, of 
Barre, Mass., September 18, 1828; he died February 10, 1843; was a machinist. 


64.-1. George WiLLARD, born in Ulbridge. Mass.. July 15,1829; married April 

14, 1857, Sally T. Godwin of Portsmouth, Va. 
65 — 3. MARY Jane, born in Richmond, Va., April 13, 1832; married December 22, 

1848, to Thomas W. Davis, of Salisbury. N. H. 
66 — 3. Virginia Maria, born June :,'5, 1834; married June 23, 1859, to Hiram 

Clark, of Hubbardston, Mass. 
67 — 4. Eleanor Elizabeth, born May 17, 1836; married November 16, 1853, to 

Rinaldo R. Wheelock, of Worcester, Mass. 
68.-5. Alcinda Minerva, born September 12, 1842: died October 12, 1843. 

23. Welcome'' Wakefield [Timothy,"^ Aaron'^), son of Timothy and 
Priscilla (Joy) Wakefield; born March 3, 1813; married , Pamelia Mc- 
Laren, of Chesterfield county, Va., who died , at Richmond, Va. He 

also died , at Richmond, Va. 


69.-1. Merrick, born . 

70.— 2. WiLLARD, born . 

71.-3. Mary, born . 

73.-4. Elizabeth, born . 

196 Posterity of Aaron "Wakefield. 

24. Elmira^ Wakefield {Timothy,'^ Aaron^), daughter of Timothy 

and Priscilla (Joy) Wakefield: born April 14, 1815; married , to Anson 

Burlingham, of . She died October 19, 1863. 


1. Maria Burlingham, born . 

2. Harrington Burlingham, born . 

3. Mary Burlingham, born ; married to Washington Spencer, of Rhode Island. 

No children. 

4. George Burlingham, born ; married Emma Talbot, of Thompson, Conn; re- 

sides in Norwich, Conn. 

125. Daniel ■'' Wakefield (Benjamin,^ Aaron^), son of Benjamin and 
Hannah (Gleason) Wakefield: born December 31, 1806, at Oxford, South 
Gore: married October 14, 1832, Nancy Mason, of Douglass, Mass. She was 
born December 31, 1802, and died December 8, 1893. Her father, Abraham 
Mason, was a soldier at the battle of Bunker Hill. Daniel died April 8, 
1885, at Webster, Mass. Was a farmer. 


73.— 1. Sophia, born September f>, 1884: married May 9. 1878, to Barnabas Davis, 

of Oxford. Mass. He died June 2, 188:i: married, secondly, October 2.=5. 

1887, to George W. Blackmer, of Thompson, Conn. Resides with latter 

at East Thompson, Conn. 
74.— 2. Lewis, born March 20, 1836; married November 17, 1856, Mary Mason, of 

, Vt. 

75 — 3. Francis, born October 24. 1838; married October 21. 1860, Emily Cooper, of 

Webster, Mass. He died August 2. 1863. 
76 — 4. Ellen, born June 5, 1841; married December 6. 18.57, to Ira Wakefield, of 

Webster. Mass., son of Harvey and Olive (Cutler) Wakefield. 
77.-5. Orrin, born July 24, 1848; married December 7, 1872, Margaret E. Sisson, 

of East Thompson, Conn. 

36. Rev. Harvey^ Wakefield {Benjamin,'^ Aaron^). son of Benjamin 
and Hannah (Gleason) Wakefield; born February 19, 1808, at Oxford, South 
Gore; married November 11. 1830, Olive Cutler, of Thompson, Conn. She 
died January 25, 1892. He died January 5, 1889, at Douglass, Mass. He 
was a minister, and engaged in farming besides. Has been pastor of 
churches at South Douglass and Cape Cod, but most of his time at East 
Webster, his native place. Like his father, he was of an active tempera- 
ment and strong constitution, and was highly respected by all who knew 
him. Largely through his efforts a church was built in 1872 in his native 


78.— 1. Louisa, born October 8, 1833: married August 17. 1851, to Abraham Sar- 
gent, of Webster. Mass., who was killed July 15, 1862, at Antietam; she 
died October 7, 1851. 

79 — 2. Sylvia, born November 6, 1833; never married; she became blind at 15 
years of age: resides at Webster, Mass. 

80 — 3. Rev. Ira, born July 26, 1837; married December 6, 18.57, Ellen Wakefield, of 
Webster, Mass.; no children: he went west, entering the ministry; 
became presiding elder of ME. church, with headquarters at La 
Grande. Oregon; served in first regiment, Rhode Island cavalry, 
during Civil war. in Company G. 

81 — 4. Rhody, born July 30, 1841 ; died April 4, 1843. 

82 5. ADIN. born June 12, 1849; never married: lives with sister at Webster, 


83 — 6. Emory Rawson, born May 18,18.52; never married; hurt while coupling 
cars; died August 10, 1877. at Southbridge, Mass. 

27. Lyman^ Wakefield {Beyrjamin,- Aaron^), son of Benjamin and 
Hannah (Gleason) Wakefield: born February 2, 1810, at Oxford, South Gore, 
Mass. ; married October 26, 1839, Lydia Allen, of Oxford, South Gore, who died 
April 6, 1864, at Douglass, Mass.; he died September 18, 1862, at Douglass, 
Mass.; was a farmer. 


84 1. Emily Ann, born October 26,1841; married September 20. I860, to Henry 

E. Fairfield, of Douglass, Mass., who died November 19, 1878. 
85 — 2. Hannah Amanda, born March 8, 1844: never married; died March 4, 1888. 

28. George^ Wakefield {Benjamin,^ Aaro7i^), son of Benjamin and 
Hannah (Gleason) Wakefield: born .January 18, 1812, at Oxford, South Gore, 
Mass.; married April 14, 1843, Ruth Ann Buxton, of Douglass, Mass.; he died 
March 7, 1860, in Webster, Mass.; Ruth afterward married Timothy Bur- 
bank, of Worcester, Mass.; she died August 2, 1891, at Oxford, Mass. 

Fourth Generation. 197 


86.— 1. Sabah Jane, born June 5. 1844; married June 10. 186.5, to Sumner Joslin, 

of East Thompson, Conn. 
87.-2. Andrew jAt:KsoN. born September .5, 1847: married May 18, 1876, Jennie 

Ballard, of North Oxford, Mass. 

39. Leonard'' Wakepiet.,d (Benjamin,'^ Aaron^). son of Benjamin and 
Hannah (Gleason) Waketield; born October 80, 1814, at Thompson, Conn.; 
married April 14, 1843, Huldah Gleason, of Webster, Mass.; farmer and 
stone-mason: resides at present in Webster, Mass. 


88.-1. Elias Benjamin, l)orn January 29, 1844; married Augusts, 1867. Mary E. 

Bugbee, of Oxford. Mass. 
89.-2. Cynthia Ann, born March 3, 184.5; married January 27, 1867, to Charles E. 

Brackett, of New Boston, Conn. 
90 3. Clark Daniel, born November 16, 1848; married April 29, 1877, Mary 

Cornell, of Portsmouth. R. I. 
91.-4. Ella Malona, born March 22. 1854; resides at Webster, -Mass. 

31. Alfred^ Wakefield (Benjamin,'' Aaron^), son of Benjamin and 
Hannah (Gleason) Wakefield; born January 10, 1825. in Oxford, South Gore; 
married May 5, 1859, Ag;nes Fairfield, of Douglass, Mass., who died May 22, 
1868, aged 29 years, 8 months, 14 days. He married, secondly, Jerusha Free- 
man, of Webster, Mass., October 30, 1872. Was a farmer. He died January 
13, 1887, at Webster, Mass. 

children by second marriage. 

93 1. Grace Agnes, born November 25, 1873. 

93.-2. Ralph Weston, born September 1, 1876. 

33. Abel^ Wakefield {Benjamin,^ Aaron^), son of Benjamin and 

Hannah (Gleason) Wakefield; born January 10, 1825, in Oxford, South Gore; 

married November 27, 1856, Filinda Bowdish, of Douglass, Mass. He died 

April 18, 1895. Was a farmer. 


94.-1. Benjamin Arthur, born December 10, 1858. 

95.-2. Ida Evelyn, born January 17, 1862. 

96 — 3. Harriet Gertrude, born March 31, 1878. 


33. LORENZO'' Wakefield (Aaron,^ Timothy,^ Aaron^), son of Aaron 
and Narcissa (Fuller) Wakefield; born February 27, 1814; married, firstly, 

Jane Phillips, of ; married, secondly, , Diana Hale, of . 

He died Ma}^ 24, 1876. Occupation, factory operative. Served as soldier 
in Rebellion. 

34. Amy F.^ Wakefield {Aaron,^ Timothy,'^ Aavon^), daughter of 

Aaron and Narcissa (Fuller) Wakefield: born April 3, 1816; married , 

Saladin Hale, of Millbury, Mass. She died May 19, 1885. He died May 19, 



1. EldoraHale, born ; married , to Levi Cunningham; died January 15, 1875. 

39 Augustus* Wakefield {Ezr<i,^ Timothy,^ Aawn^), son of Ezra 

and Polly (Brown) Wakefield; born July 10, 1816; married , Adeline 

Chamberlain, of Woodstock, Conn. 

87 — 1. Edwin Eable, born July 29, 1839. 

40. Adeline^ Wakefield {Ezra,^ Timothy,^ Aaron^), daughter of 

Ezra and Polly (Brown) Wakefield; born ; married , to William 

Carpenter, of Thompson, Conn. 


1. Jerome Carpenter, born August — , 1841. 







lOl 4. 





198 Posterity of Aaron Wakefield. 

48. Frances Melvina^ Wakefield (Hale,^ Timothy.^ Aaron'^), daugh- 
ter of Hale and Deborah (Talbot) Wakefield: born October 2, 1839: married 
November 28, 1857, to Alvin L. .Walker. He died May 30, 1864, at Washing- 
ton, D. C, of a gunshot wound received in the Battle of the Wilderness. 
She died .Tune T, 1869. 


1. George Alvin Walker, born September 26, 1859: married July 3, 1882, Lennie J. 
Child, of Wilsonville, Conn. 

49. FiTZ Henry* Wakefield (Jason,^ Timothy,^ Aaron^), son of Jason 
and Ann (Perry) Wakefield; born December 2. 1829; married May 5, 1859, 
Mrs. Madelia Forrest, of "The Dalles." She had two children by her former 
husband: Frank and Viletha Forrest. Occupation, farming. 


Jason, born February 10, 1860. 

Henrietta, born August 23. 1862; married December 25, 1884, to James L. 

Edwin, born June 3. 1868. 
Erwin, born June 3. 1868. 
Ida BeIjIjE, Ijorn November 2. 1870. 
Effie, born Ain-il 6, 1874. 

61. Lucy Ann* Wakefield (Jasnn,^ Timothy,- Aavon^), daughter of 

.Tason and Ann (Perry) Wakefield; born ; married, to Marcus Town, 

of Thompson, Conn. 


1. Vernon Tyler Town, born , 18.50; died March 10. 1863, at Thompson, Conn. 

52. William* Wakefield (Hiram,^ Timothy,^ Aaron'^), son of Hiram 
and Henrietta (Richardson) Wakefield; born September 11, 1829; married 
October 18, 1854, Sarah Young, of Charlton, Mass; is a farmer, and resides 
in Charlton, Mass. 


104.--1. Frederick Jesse, born February 18. 1881; married April 19, 1881, Isabel 

A. Woods, of Worcester, Mass. 
105.— 2. Chauncy Eugene, born July 26, 1869. 
106.~3. Alberta May, born May 2, 1873. 

54. .John H.* Wakefield {Himm,^ Timothy,- Aaron^), son of Hiram 
and Henrietta (Richardson) Wakefield: born August 29, 1840; married, Julia 
Darling, of Thompson, Conn.: was a carriage painter; he died April 21, 



107 1. Newton, born , 1869; resides at Plainlield. Conn. 

60. Susan Maria* Wakefield (Orrin,^ Timothy^, Aaron^), daughter 
of Orrin and Elmira (Esten) Wakefield; born May 12, 1839; married Sep- 
tember 15, 1867, to Nelson Thayer, of Oxford, Mass.; he is a salesman: they 
reside at Worcester, Mass. (2 Queen street). 


1. Walter Everett Thayer, born August 15, 1868; died May 9, 1871. 

2. Mvra Esten Thayer, born January 12, 1872; married June 12, 1895. George R. War- 

field, of Worcester, Mass.: graduated from Framingham, Mass., Normal 
school, 1894: school teacher in Worcester. Mass. 

3. Edna Russell Thaj'er, born February 11, 1873. 

64. George* Wakefield {Willard,'^ Timothy,'^ Aaron^), son of Wil- 
lard and Mary (Black) Wakefield: born July 15," 1829: married April 14, 
1857, Sally T. Godwin, of Portsmouth, Va.; she died April 17, 1892: he was 
assistant engineer in the United States navy during the Rebellion; is a 
machinist, and resides at Worcester, Mass. 


108 1. Willard. born ; died aged 4 years. 

109.— 2. Mary Godwin, born August 7. 1860; married January 16,1884, to Dr. 
William Gilman, of Worcester, Mass. 

65. Mary Jane* Wakefield {WUlard,^ Timothy,- Aaron^), daughter 
of Willard and Mary (Black) Wakefield; born April 13, 1832, at Richmond, 

Fourth Generation. 199 

Va. : married December 22, 1848, to Thomas W. Davis, of Salisbury, N.H., a 
provision dealer. 


1. George W. Davis, born Mav 4, 1853; married . Helen Alberta Vining, of 

Avon. Me. ; lie died, in New Mexico; Helen afterwards married George Osgood, 
and they reside at Needham, Mass. 

66. Virginia-' Wakefield (Wlllard,^ Timothy,^ Aaron^), daughter of 
Willard and Mary (Black) Wakefield: born June 2, 1834; married June 2.3, 
1859, to Hiram Clarke; they reside at Worcester, Mass. 


1. Walter Clark, born October 11, 18(30; died August S3, 1861. 

2. Edwin Stearns Clark, born July 16. 1863; salesman: resides at Worcester. Mass. 

3. Fannie Davis Clark, born August 9, 1866; married October 9, 1889. to Lawrence 

G, Bigelow, of Worcester, Mass. 

67. Eleanor* Wakefield (Willard,^ Timothy,^ Aaron^), daughter of 
Willard and Mary (Black) Wakefield; born May 17, 183(5: married Novem- 
ber 16, 1853, to Ranaldo R. Wheelock, of Worcester, Mass., who died 
December li), 1876: Mrs. Wheelock resides at Worcester, Mass. 


1. Claredon Willard Wheelock. born ; died April II. 1883. 

74. Lewis' Wakefield {Daniel,^ Benjamin^ Aaron''), son of Daniel 
and Nancy (Mason) Wakefield: born March 20, 1836; married November 17, 
1856, Mary Mason, of Whitehall, Vt. He is a farmer; resides at Auburn, 
Mass. Served during Civil War. 


110 — 1. Oliver Francis, born April \o, 186.5: died August—, 1888. 

Ill — 2. Willis Mason, born October — , 1867; married , Mary Sperry, of 

Nova Scotia. 
113 — 3. George Lewis, born August — , 1869. 

75- Francis* Wakefield {Daniel,^ Benjamin,^ Aaron^), son of Daniel 
and Nancy (Mason) Wakefield: born October 24, 1838, in Douglass, Mass.; 
married October 21, 1860, Emily Cooper, of Webster, Mass. He was a soldier 
in the Civil war and died, soon after his return, from exposure in the army. 
Enlisted in company G, 51st regiment, Massachusetts volunteers, infantry. 
Died at Webster, Mass., August 3, 1863. Emily afterwards married Edward 
Steere, of , R.I. 


113 — 1. Inez Gertritde, born March 2, 1862; died November 18, 1865. 

7 7. Orrin* Wakefield {Dankl,^ Benjamin,'^ Aarnyi^) son of Daniel 
and Nancy (Mason) Wakefield; born July 24, 1848, at Douglass, Mass.; mar- 
ried December 7, 1872, Margaret E. Sisson, of East Thompson, Conn. Occu- 
l^ation, shoe-making. Resides at Phoenix, .Jackson county, Oreg. 


114 — 1. Inez Frances, born May 18. 1876; died December 21. 1891. 
115 2. Annie Laurie, born Julj- 10. 1878. 

84. Emily* Wakefield {Lyman,^ Benjamin,'^ Aaron^) daughter of 
Lyman and Lydia (Allen) Wakefield; born' October 26, 1841, at Webster, 
Mass.; married September 20, 1860, to Henry E. Fairfield, of Douglass, Mass. 
He died November 19, 1878. She resides at Webster, Mass. 


1. Hannah Etta Fairfield, born January 29, 1867; married September 21, 1889, Charles 

Leavens, of Webster. Mass. 

2. Frank Henry Fairfield, born February 2, 1873; died May 16, 1876. 

86. Sarah J.* Wakefield {George," Benjamin,^ Aar07i^), daughter 
of George and Ruth Ann (Buxton) Wakefield; born June 5, 1844, at Webster 
Mass.; married .June 8, 1865, to Sumner Joslin, of East Thompson, Conn. 
They reside at Dudley, Mass. 

1. Minnie Louise Joslin, born November 10, 1866. 

200 Posterity of Aaron Wakefield. 

87. Andrew J.^ Wakefield (George,^ Benjamin,^ Aaron'^), son of 
George and Ruth (Buxton) Wakefield; born September 5, 1S47, at Webster, 
Mass.; married May 18, 187(5, Jennie Ballard, of North Oxford, Mass. Occu- 
pation, charge of wholesale commission house, Worcester, Mass. Resides 
at Oxford, Mass. 


116 — 1. Mabel, born May 5, 1877; wrote the class song at the graduating exer- 
cises of Oxford high school, 1895, which was difflcultto do, as it had to 
tit the music already composed. Graduated from Oxford, Mass. 

117.— 2. Bektha, born May r34, 1878. 

118.— 3. Eva. born January 1, 1880; graduated from Oxford high school, 1896. 

119.— 4. George Andrew, born Octobers, 1881. 

lao — 5. Jeremiah, born November 2, 1884. 

lai.— 6. Jennie, born November 2, 1884. 

132.-7. Ruth, born August 23, 1892. 

88. Elias B.-* Wakefield (Leonard,^ Benjamin," Aaron^), son of 
Leonard and Huldah (Gleason) Wakefield; born January 29, 1844; married 
August 2. 18G7, Mary E. Bugbee, of Oxford, Mass.; he was a soldier, in Com- 
pany I, Fifteenth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, during Civil 
war; term of enlistment expired, and re-enlisted in First Massachusetts 
Cavalry Company: he is a probation officer (or sheriff) for District Court 
of Southern Worcester county; resides at Webster, Mass. 

133 — 1. Annie May, born November 17. 1868; died June — , 1871. 

184 — 2. Mary Alice, born Feljruary 20, 1871; married , 1892, to Fred Hyde, 

of Oxford, Mass. ; no children. 
125.-3. Albert, born July 24, 1875. 
136 — 4. Carrie Frances, born July 20, 1879. 

137. — 5. Charles Elmore, born . 

138 — 6. Henry Clifford, born December 11, 1884; died February 29, 1888. . 

89. Cynthia-1 Wakefield {Leonard,^ Benjamin,^ Aaron^), daughter 
of Leonard and Kuldah (Gleason) Wakefield; born March 3, 1845; married 
January 29, 1867, to Charles E. Brackett, of New Boston, Conn.; they reside 
in Webster, Mass. 


1. Ilura Myrtle Brackett, born November 13, 1867; married Februar}' 15, 'i887, Lester 

Butler, of Worcester, Mass. 

2. Clara Fiorina Brackett, born July 20, 1873. 

3. Charles Edwin Brackett, born November 8, 1875; died August 15, 1876. 

90. Clark* Wakefield {Leonard,^ Benjamin,'^ Aaron^), son of 
Leonard and Huldah (Gleason) Wakefield; born November l(j, 1848; married 
Mary E. Cornell, of Portsmouth, R.I., April 29, 1877. He is a farmer; re- 
sides at home of his parents at Webster, Mass. She died , 1894. 


139.— 1. William Henry, born December — . 1878; died aged 214 years. 


99. Henrietta^ Wakefield (Fitz Henry,-* Juson,^ Timothy,^ Aaron^), 
daughter of Fitz Henry and Madelia (Forrest) Wakefield; born August 23, 
1862; married December 25, 1884, to James L. Kelly. 


1. Lore Kelly, born November — , 1885, died May — , 1887. 

2. Louis Kelly, born August 12, 1889. 

104. Frederick J.^ Wakefield {William,* Hiram,^ Timothy,'' Aaron^), 
son of William and Sarah (Young) Wakefield; born February 18, 1861; 

Fifth Generation. 201 

married April 1!), ISSl, Isabel A. Woods, of Worcester, Mass. Is a machin- 
ist, and resides at Worcester, Mass. 


130.— I. William Henry, born March 31. 188-2: died July 26, 1883. 
131.— 2. Edith Isabel, born September 17, 1886. 

109. Mary G.^' Wakefield {Qeorge,* Willard,^ Timotliy,^ Aaron^), 
daug-hter of Geor<je and Sally (Godwin) Wakefield; born Au'jrust 7, 18()U; 
married .January l(i, 1884, to William Gilman, dentist of Worcester, Mass. 
They live at Worcester Mass. 


1. Franklin Gilman. born August 1(5, 1886. 

2. Bertha Taylor Gilman, born November 16. 1887. 

3. Sarah Gilman, born September 11, 1891. 

202 Posterity of John Wakefield of Salem. 



1. .ToHNi Wakefield, son of , was born- 

Residence, Salem, Mass. He is supposed to have come from Lynn, Mass. 

He married Elizabeth Gavitt, of Beverly, Mass., who was born , 

and died — . He died . 


3.-1. Sarah, born ; married Towne. 

3.-2. Lui;;y, born . 1782: married to Ranliin Brown: died August 16, 1860. 

4.-3. Maky, born , 1803: married to Albert Minor: died September 30, 1877. 

5.— i. Eliza, born ; never married. 

6 5. William, born , 1795; married December 3, 1815, Susan Horton; died 

February 28, 1855. 

7.-6. John, born ; married July 12, 1812, Sarah Richards. 

8 7, Ben.iamin, born . Went to sea young— was drowned on first 



2. Sarah^ Wakefield (John^), daughter of John and Elizabeth 

(Gavitt) Waketield); born : residence, Salem, Mass. She married 

to Towne, who was a sailor. He died , 


1. Sarah^ Towne, born . She married, firstly, to Toxley. Married, 

secondlv, to Isaac Beggs, October 26, 1835. He Avas a sailor. 

1. Elizabeth-^ Toxlev. born ; married to Samuel Hathaway. 

1. Elizabeth* Hathaway, born ; married Charles Lord, of Pea- 
body, Mass., and died, leaving two sons. Calvin and George. 

2. William H.= Beggs, born , 1836; married December 29, 1859, Henrietta A. 

Smith, daughter of James and Matilda Smith, who was born in 1840. 

1. William* Beggs, born . 

2. Foster* Beggs, born . 

3. LUCY^ WAKEFIELD {Jolin'^), daughter of -Tohn and Elizabeth 

(Gavitt) Wakefield; born , 1782; resided at Salem, Mass.; married to 

Rankin Brown, a sailor. She died August 16, 1860. 


1. Lucy= Brown, born : resided Salem. Mass. She married William Archer. She 

died in 1832. He married, secondly, Mary Silva, for whom one of his children was 

1. Mary Silva' Archer, born ; .married Benjamin Partee, of Woburn. Mass., 

and had several children, of whom all died but one daughter, who married 
Charles Osgood. They have two children, Elmer and Howard, 10 and 12 years 
of age, residing in Somerville, Mass. 

2. Lucy'Brown^ Archer, born ; died , 18,50. 

2. Lydia'' Brown, born : married , to Howard. 

3. Sarah^ Brown, born : married , to Hawkins, a sea captain. Removed to 

Greenfield. Conn. They had several children. 

4. Harriet^ Brown, born ; married to William Anthony, a sailor. They had one son, 

Joseph Brown Anthony, born in 1839; soldier in Civil war; died at Soldier's Home, 
Chelsea, Mass., July 12, 189.5. 

5. Eliza^ Brown, born ; married to Warren Copeland, of Boston. Had several 


Second Generation. 203 

4. Mary- Wakefield (John^), daughter of John and Elizabeth 

(Gavitt) Wakefield; born , 1803: resided Salem, Mass.; she was married 

January 4, 1824, to Albert Christian Minor, a sea captain; she died Septem- 
ber 30, 1877. 


1. Caroline Matilda' Minor, born May — , 1817. Resided Salem, Mass, She married Calvin 
Colburn. She died October 10, lSb:l. Resided Worcester and Ashland, Mass. 

1. Allen' Colburn, born November 6, 1842; married June 29, 1893, Abbie Davis. Re- 

sides Worcester, Mass. 

2. Ann Eliza' Colburn, born August l?i, 1845. Resides Worcester, Mass. She mar- 

ried October 1, 1H65, Merritt Bessey. 

1. Alice Gertrude' Bessey, born July 31, 186(5. 

2. Rodman Devens* Bessey, born August 16, 1868; died young. 

3. Rodman Lawrence* Bessey, born August 14, 1878. 

3. Martha' Colburn, born May 2, 1846; unmarried. Resides Fitchburg, Mass. 

4. Albert' Colburn, born April 1, 1849. 

.5. Frederick' Colburn, born : married . Resides Chicago, 111, 

3. Albert Hans= Minor, born in 182.5. Resided Salem, Mass. He died June 15, 1864, in a 

hospital at Taunton, Mass. He married August 11. 1851. Ann Gilbert. 
1. James Arthur' Minor, born June 9, 18.52: was bookkeeper; now traveling sales- 
man: lives in Lynn, Mass.; he married Adelaide . 

4. Benjamin Waketield^ Minor, born July 4, 1827; he was a tailor in Salem and Boston, 

Mass.; he married, hrstly, Mary Waketield, his cousin, daughter of John- Wake- 
lield; resided in Salem, Mass. ; removed to South Boston, where she died; he mar- 
ried, secondly, Adelaide Barnes, of Worcester, Mass., (sister of Walter Barnes, 
general manager Boston & Albany R. R.); he died March 29, 1895, in Brighton, Mass. 

1. Susie May' Minor, born May 12, 1874; resides Brighton. Mass. ; typewritist and 

stenographer in Boston. 

2. Addie Barnes' Minor; born ; died young. 

5. Mary Frances- Minor, born December 8, 1829: went to Worcester, Mass. : married to 

Henry Mandell Wheelock, of Barre, Mass., a trunk-maker by trade, now mining in 
Boulder, Colo.; they moved to Portland, Me. ; they had John Putnam Minor, who 
died young: she is living at Newton Highlands, Mass., housekeeper for Harriet E. 
(Waketield) Shaw. 

6. John Putnam' Minor, born March, 1831: he went to sea young: when 19 became first 

mate of the "Golden Eagle;' sailed in her that summer (1840), and died of yellow 
fever when three days out from Rio Janeiro. 

6. William- Wakefield (.7o/mM,son of John and Elizabeth (Gavitt) 

Wakefield; born , 1795; resided Salem, Mass.; married Decembers, 

1815, Susan Horton; married, secondly, Grant, who survived him: he 

moved to East Boston later in life: lived on Havre street, where he died 
February 28, J855. He followed the business of ship-carpenter in Salem, 
but the record of his death gives employment of "trader" in East Boston. 


9.— 1. WilIjIAM, born ; married Delia Snow, of Bangor, Me.; he was a 

ship-builder; moved to New Orleans. 
10.— 2. Harriet, born ; married to Stephen Jackson, an engineer; they 

went west. 
11.— 3. George, born ; died young. 

7. John 2 Wakefield (Johyi^), son of John and Elizabeth (Gavitt) 

Wakefield; born : resided Salem, Mass.; married July 12, ]812, Sarah 

Richards; he was a painter. 


13.— 1. Eliza, born ; married to John Woodward, a silversmith, of New 

York City; had several children. 
13.— 2. Mary, born , 1819; married to her cousin, Benjamin Wakefield Minor, 

son of Albert and Mary (Wakefield) Minor. 
14 3. Sarah, born ; married , to Burdette: both lost at sea; they 

had one son, born at sea, who was soldier in the Civil war; went in a 

Salem company. 
15.-4. George, born ; married ; had several children; he was a 


204 Posterity of John Wakefield of New Haven. 





1. John Wakefield, the prog-enitor of the New Haven branch of 
th"e American Wakefields, was one of the earliest settlers and proprietors 
of New Haven. It is not known whether he came over in the colony with 
John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton in l(i37, or not; or whether or not he 
was one of the original band that founded New Haven in 1638. 

The first record we have of him is of date Novemljer 4, 1640, when at a meeting of the 
general court at New Haven, he testified in behalf of Edward Adams, who was accused of 
perjury by Arthur Halbridge, but duly acquitted. 

On the 5th of August, 1642, the general court convened, and John Wakefield, the 
miller, testified that Richard Beach did some work at the mill insubstantially, which was 
ordered made good. 

John Wakefield's name is included in a list of free burgesses, of August 5, 1644. 

At the general court, held the 10th of March, 1648, the names of people as they were 
seated in the meeting house was read and was ordered recorded; on the south side of the 
door John Wakefield, (2) and on the other (woman's side) Sister Wakefield. 

It is supposed that in 1646 or 1647, John Wakefield was in Watertown, Mass., as in the 
inventory of the estate of Nathaniel Sparrowhawke. who died June 27, 1647, among the 
Watertown Debts "Good" appears the name of John Wakefield. Again, upon the marriage 
of Mar}^ (Wakefield) Dibble to James Hillyer, on June 28, 1677. she is referred to as the 
"daughter of John Wakefield, of Watertown." He, however, is not recorded in Watertown 
as a resident of that i)lace. 

At a meeting of the general court on the 3d of January, 1648, (New Haven) the Court 
ordered that "John Wakefield keep the mill, until George Laremore attend this meeting," 
to consider the repairing of the meeting house. 

A court held at New^Haven the (5th of March. 1648, John Wakefield, among others, was 
complained of, on account of his fence being down, which he was ordered to mend. 

At a court held at New Haven, the 6th of November. 1649. John Thompson was com- 
plained of for suffering his hogs to go abroad in the summer, contrary to order. John 
Wakefield testified in his behalf. 

John Wakefield died in 1660, and his will was proved December 4 of the 
same year. At a court of magistrates held at New Haven, 27th of May, 
1661, an inventory of the estate of John Wakefield, of New Haven, de- 
ceased, amounting- to £116 3,s 1(Z, was presented, and by the widow of the 
deceased, then attested to contain ye whole estate of her late husband to 
ye value of 10s, to ye best of her knowledge. Will Tompson and Roger 
Allen, upon oath, witnessed that "ye value was just, according to their best 

After his death his widow, Ann, married, October 17, 1661, James Clark, 
of New Haven, who, in 1639, formed, with Governor Eaton and company, 
the civil compact of June 4. They removed to Stratford before 1669, and 
may have had children at both places. She died in 1695. 


3.— 1. HANNAH, baptized December 39, 1644; married, as second wife, Edward 
Glannis, in 1662. 

3 — 2. Mary, born August 21, baptized August 24. 164.5: married Ebenezer, son of 
Thomas Dibble, of Windsor, Conn.. October 27, 1663; married, secondly, 
James, son of John Hillyer, of Simsbury, June 28, 1677. She died Sep- 
tember 24, 1703. 

4 — 3. Martha, born April 19, baptized May 19, 1650; married Nicholas, son of 
Thomas Buckland, October 21, 1668. She died October 28, 1684. 

Second Generation. 205 


2. Hannah^ Wakefield (John-), daughter of John and Ann Wake- 
field: baptized December 29, 1644, in New Haven, where she was born; mar- 
ried, as his second wife, to Edward Glannis, of Hartford, Conn., in 1662. 


1. Hannah Glannis born ; married January 16. 1681. to John Hill. 

2. Mabel Glannis. born — ; married March 2, 1684. to John Johnson. 

3. Abigail Glannis. born ; married in 16SS», to John Allen, jr. 

•t. Sarah Glannis, born October 20, 1671; married in 1690 to Nathaniel Bishop, of Had- 
ley. Conn. 

5. John Glannis, born Decembers. 1674, at Hadley, Conn. 

6. Joseph Glannis, born March \2, 1677, at New Haven, Conn. 

3. Mary- Wakefield (./o/miM, daughter of John and Ann Wakefield; 
born August 21, baptized, August 24, 1645; married, firstly, to Ebenezer, son 
of Thomas Dibble, of Windsor, Conn., who was born September 2(5, 1641, and 
killed in Kingr Philip's war, 1675-6, leavinghis family in impoverished circum- 
stances, as will be seen by the following postscript to a letter written by 
Mr. Jones, of New Haven, to Governor Leet, reprinted in the Journal of the 
Council of tSafcty. (TyumhuWs Col. Eec. of Connecticut.) 

" Sir: I pray be pleased what you can to favor and further the bearer. Widow Dib- 
ble, that her husband's estate may be settled. He was killed at the Swamp fight; died in 
debt more than his estate. Twere a work of mercy to consider the poor widow and 
fatherless children." 

She was married, secondly, June 28, 1677, to James Hillyer, who was born 

July 23, 1()44, and died ; and son of John Hillyer, of Simsbury, Conn., 

who died July 16, 1655. 


L Mary* Dibble, born December 2A. 1664; married to John Eno. 

1. Mary^ Eno, born October \2. 1682; married to Daniel Gillett. 

1. Margaret-* Gillett, born September 31, 1723; married April 24, 1746, to Timo- 
thy Phelps. 

1. Margaret'^ Phelps, born March 2, 1752; married to Patashall Wake- 
held, and died October 4. 1779. All the above resided at Windsor, 
Conn. (See also Phelps Pedigree.) 

2. Wakefield- Dibble, born September 15, 1667: married' . 

1. Ebenezer^ Dibble, born ; a professor of Yale University, New Haven, Conn. 

3. Martha^ Dibble, born March 16, 1669-70. 

4. John* Dibble, born February 9, 1673. 

5. Sergeant^ Ebenezer Dibble, born August 18, 1671, at Colchester, Conn. ; married July 16, 

1696, Mary Loom is. 

1. RachaeP Dibble, born ; married March 24. 1719. to Ensign Samuel Jones, 

who was born November 19, 1695. and died October 13. 17:35. at Hebron, Conn. 
1. Colonel Joel* Jones, born April 16, 17:^3; died June 17, 1792, at Hebron, Conn. 
He was an officer in the Revolutionary war. He married October 2i, 
17.54. Margaret, daughter of Benjamin'and Margaret (Foote) Day, who 
was born November 7. 1738. and Sied October 30, 1811. 

1. RachaeP Jones, born October 13, 17.55; died February 3, 1808. 

2. Joel' Jones, born September 10, 17.57; died December 1. 1822. 

3. Mary"* Jones, born November 27, 17.59: died Maj^ 16, 1796. 

4. Jedediah'^ Jones, born April 16. 1762; died February 14, 1851. 

5. Margaref^ Jones, born June 24. 1764. 

6. Amasa'' Jones, born November 27, 1768; died February 30, 1769. 

7. Amasa' Jones, born October 17, 1770: died November 5, 1842. 

8. Reuben'' Jones, born October 11, 1772: died August 12, 1812. 

9. Erastus^ Jones, born June 7, 1775; died November 7, 1777. 

10. Erastus' Jones, born January 7. 1778, and died January 9, 1869; 
married December 26, 1804, Hannah, daughter of Ellis and Grace 
(Ford) Bliss, who was born June 6, 1784, and died May 22. 1834. 
1. Margaret Day'' Jones, born October 6, 1805; married Decem- 
ber 14, 18ri8, to George Risley, son of Elisha, jr., and 
Honour (Wrisley) Beach, who was born December 24, 1799, 
died October 27, 185:3. She died October 20, 1831. 

1. George Day' Beach, born September 30, 1831; mar- 
ried June 3, 1855, Cynthia Maria, daughter of George 
Crandall and Candace (Roberts) Cleveland, who 
was born October 10. 1833, and died November 17, 
1880. He is a cotton manufacturer at Hebron, Conn. 
1. Hubert Cleveland* Beach, born October 8, 1859, 
at Hebron, Conn.: married September 21, 
1882, Gracie Arlington, daughter of -Harvey 
Edwin and Nancy Maria (Bushnell) Buell. 
He is president of the Beach and Clarridge 
Co., Manufacturing Chemists, of Boston, 

206 Posterity of John Wakefield op New Haven. 

1. Cleveland Harvey Buell" Beach, born 

July 25, 1884, at Clinton, Conn. 

2. Hubert Buell" Beach, born July 29, 1886, 

at Maiden, Mass , died at Clinton, 
Conn,, August?, 1888, 
2. George Howard"* Beach, born March 2, 18.56, at 
Hebron, Conn.: an engineer. 

2. Rachel B.« Jones, born February 26, 1808; died July 27, 1885. 

3. Daughter unnamed, born August 28, 1810; died September 

10, 1810. 

4. Diana® Jones, born March 26, 1813; died November 3, 1814. 

5. A son, unnamed, born November 4, 1815; died January 12, 


6. Hannah C." Jones, born January 9, 1818; married , 1838, 

to Lorenzo Dart; died October 20, 1869. 
6. James- Hillyer, born January 28, 1679, Simsbury, Conn.; died December—, 1770; married 
Joanna Haves, vi^ho was born August 31, 1692, and died after 1760, 

1, James^" Hillyer, born January 19, 1712-13; died December 6, 1808. 

2. Col. Andrew^" Hilh'er. born June 4, 1743; died February 2, 1828; he was a Revolu- 

tionarv soldier; "he married, secondly, Lucy Tudor. 

1, Harriet Louise^ Hillyer, born July 87, 1803; died February 15, 1895; she 
married W. H. Hodley. 

4. Martha^ Wakefield (John^), daughter of John and Ann Wakefield; 
born April 19: baptized May 19, 1650; married October 21, KiGS, to Nicholas 
Buckland, son of Thomas Buckland; died October 28, 1684: he was born Sep- 
tember 21, 1646, at Windsor, Conn., and died August 24, 1728, aged 82 years. 


1. John Buckland, born March 13, 1672; baptized March 16, 1672; died April 2, 1673. 

2. Hannah Buckland, born September 1, 1674; married to Samuel Mather, 

3. John Buckland, born December 7; died December 30, 1675. 

4. Martha Buckland, born March 1, 1677-8; married to Samuel Strong. 

5. John Buckland, born December 10, 1686: died same month, 

6. Nicholas Buckland, born January 8, 1687; died May 9, 1688, 

7. Elizabeth Buckland, born July 19, 1692: married Robert Hoskins, 

8. Ebenezer Buckland, born ; died August 22, 1685. 

Miscellaneous Mentions. 207 


OF Unclassified American Families and Persons. 

Abner Wakefield married September 24, 1788, Amelia Bliss, by Rev. 
Henry Channing, at New London, Conn. Abner Waketield was a private 
on muster and pay roll of Capt. Benjamin AUton's company, Col. John 
Band's regiment; enlisted July 9, ITSO; discharged October 10, 1780; time of 
service, 3 months and 11 days. Raised for three months' service at West 
Point, by resolve of June 22, 1780. {Revolutionary War Archives of Massa- 

Levi Wakefield married, at Baptist church in Ashford, Grace, 
daughter of Peter and Ann (Fuller) Walker, of Ashford, Conn. They re- 
moved to Stafford, Conn., where they resided and had the following: 


1. Mart (Polly), born . 

2. Sarah (Sally) , born . 

3. Levi, jr., born : lost at sea, on salt expedition to Turk's Island, in 1813. 

4. Eli, born September 10, 1794; married, 1817, Cynthia Green; he died April — , 1863. 

5. Clarissa, born . 

6. HULDA, born . 

The state archives of the Connecticut militia, in the war of 1812, records the follow- 
ing services: Levi Wakefield, corporal, in Capt. Horace Beech's Connecticut company; 
service from January 11, 181,^, to March 9. 1815. Levi Wakefield, jr.. private in Capt. 
Joseph A. Bishop's company; service from June 11, 1813, to June 13, 1813, 

Eli Wakefield, son of Levi and Grace (Walker) Wakefield: born Sep- 
tember 10. 1794, at Stafford, Conn.; died April, 1863, at Randolph, Vt. He 
moved to Randolph about 1817. Married Cynthia Green, in 1817. He was 
a farmer. 


1. LEVI, born 1818. 

2. Mary (Polly), born , 1820, at Randolph, Vt. 

3. Ira. born Januarv 24, 1822. 

4. .S.\rah (Sally), born . and died in Randolph, Vt. 

■5. Clara, born : died in Massachusetts. 

6. DANIEL, born ; died young. 

Ira Wakefield, son of Eli and Cynthia (Green) Wakefield; born Jan- 
uary 24, 1822, in Randolph, Vt.; married January 1, 1852, Ellen P. Streeter; 
he resided in Randolph, Vt., until March, 1844, when he removed to Lin- 
coln, Vt., where he lived until January, 1850, when he removed to 
Massachusetts, where he resided until August, 1852, when he returned to 
Vermont and located at West Lincoln, Addison county. 


1. Ruth C, born November 22, 18.52, at West Lincoln, Vt. 

2. Charles H., born December 18, 1853. 

3. Frances A., born April 18, 1855; died April 3, 1883. 

Deliverance Wakefield, married about 1762, to Samuel (Benjamin) 
Gale; resided Haverhill, Mass. 


1. Samuel Gale, born January 2, 1762; died July 7, 1763. 

2. Sarah Gale, born August 9. 1763; died February 2, 1801. 

3. Benjamin, born March 12, 1765: died March, 1773. 

4. Samuel Gale, born December 20, 1766; died April 28, 1822. 

5. Joseph Gale, born November 18, 1808; married , Susanna Frye. 

(History of Pembroke, N.II.) 

208 Miscellaneous Mentions. 

Dr. Terrence Wakefield, born about 1765, believed to be the last 
male member of the late Dr. Stillman's church in Boston; died in June 1857. 
His will of -June 30, 1857, makes bequests to the following children and 
grandchildren: To Elizabeth and to grandchildren (children of his daughter, 
Caroline Very.) .James, Henry, Rebecca Ann, and Franklin Dexter Very; 
also Frederick Very, youngest son of daughter, Ann (Wakefield) Gray, and 
sons Henry D. and Terrence. 


1. Elizabeth, born . 

2. Caroline, born ; married, as second wife, to Sylvester, son of Francis and 

Mary (Melbourne) Very, of Salem. 

3. Ann, born : married to George Harrison, son of Rev. Thomas Gray, D.D., 

(Unitarian), of Roxbur}% Mass. 

Amos Wakefield, born . Marriage intentions of Amos Wake- 
field and Polly Knowlton, both of South Gore, published October 10, 1783. 

He was "private on muster and pay roll of Capt. .Jeremiah Kingsbury's company, 
Col. Jonathan Holman's regiment. Time of service, 21 days. Roll dated Providence. 
January 20, 1777." His name also appears as "private on muster roll of Capt. Nathaniel 
Healy's company. Colonel Learned's regiment, dated August 1, 1775; enlisted May 35, 1775; 
time of service, 2 months, 1 week, 5 davs. Belonged to town of Dudley. His name also 
appears as private on Company Return of Captain Healy's company, dated October 13, 
1775, belonged to Oxford; at Roxbury." 

It is supposed from the following that Amos Wakefield and Aaron 
Wakefield, who married Olive Wight, were brothers: 

Land, quit-claimed. Aaron and Amos Wakefield, each one-half of 100 acres. William 
Wakefield is named as one of the interested parties. This was a part of the Campbell 

Uzziel Wakefield, married Sally (Sarah) Tucker, of Killingly, Conn. 
Intentions published April 17, 1783. 

Lieut. Arrington C. Wakefield, of Bartonsville, Vt., married . 

1865, Nancy Amelia Woodbury, daughter of Mr. Frank Priest, of Winch- 
endon, Mass., who was born in Royalton, Mass., December 7, 1836, and died 
in Winchendon, Mass., September 21, 1870. Her fame rests on the popular 
poem, "Over the River," which first appeared in the Springfield, Mass., Ee- 
puhlican, in 1857. A collection of her poems was published by her mother. 
Mrs. Francis D. Priest, with a memoir by the Rev. Abijah P. Marvin, of 
Lancaster, Mass. (Boston, 1871.) 

Har'v^ey Wakefield, custom house officer, District of Champlain, Vt., 
taken prisoner December 1, 1814, returned March 1, 1815. {American State 
Papers, vol. xii, p. 638.) 

Report on the claim of Harvey Wakefield. Military Committee. December 16, 1818. 
House Documents. No. 40, Fifteenth Congress, second session, vol. ii, p. 1. Petitioner was 
captured in December, IS14, by Indians in the service of the British Government, while 
discharging his duties as deputy collector, and was taken to Montreal and confined In 
prison until March, I8I5. Claims compensation for the time he was imprisoned; claim 
approved and paj'ment recommended [Descriptive Catalogue, Government Publications, by 
Benjamin P. Poole.) 

Mary Wakefield, born : married, firstly, to Col. Ichabod, son 

of Capt. Samuel and Sarah (Sprague) Alden, of Duxbury, Mass., who was 
born August 11, 172!), and massacred at Cherry Valley, N.Y., November 11, 
1778. He was lieutenant colonel, in 1775, in the eight months' service, in the 
25th regiment. Capt. Samuel Alden was son of David and Mercy (South- 
worth) Alden, and grandson of Hon. John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden. 
Mary (Wakefield) Alden was married, secondly, to Col. Calvin Partridge. 


1. John Alden, born November 25, 1774; married March 26. 1801, Ann Hall, who died 

December 15, 1833, aged 56 years. He lived near Captains Hill, Duxbury, Mass., 
and was a captain in the war of 1812. 

2. Rebecca Partridge Alden, born August 7, 1777; married , Constant Southworth. 

Dr. Thomas E. Wakefield, born in Manchester, 15, 1821, spent 

his youth in Granville, N.Y., studied medicine with Dr. Charles Backus, 
attended lectures at IF'ittsfield, Mass., and Castleton, Vt., came to Fair- 

Miscellaneous Mentions. 209 

haven. Vt., October, 1842, since which time he has been the leading physi- 
cian of the town. He married Miss Mary F. Fuller from Needham, Mass., 
(West Needham). His widow, Mary Wakefield, was inhabitant of E"'air- 
haven, Vt., 1867. (Hemmenway's Vermont Gazateer.) 

Married in Boston.— Ms-ry Wakefield and Henry Fox, married October 13, 1791. William 
Wakefield married Eunice Goldthwait, February 19, 1795. Nancy Wakefield married Elijah 
Lealand. 31, 1797. 

Mai'riage at Concord, J/ff.v.s".— Jeremiah Wakefield, of Concord, and Miss Mary Taylor, 
of Sudbury. Intention of marriage published August .5, 18:34. 

Valuation of tonm of Amherxf, Ma><s., 1886.— Salmon Wakefield and son Charles E. 
Wakefield, 3 polls. House and barn, horses, cows, etc., $4,079. Tax, $60.m 

Walter Wakefield in muster roll of Capt. Isaac Colton's company. Col. David Brewer's 
regiment, dated August 1. 1775, enlisted July VX. 1775, service 18 days, belonging to South 
Brimfleld. Walter Wakefield, of above regiment and company, appears on company re- 
turn, dated Roxbury, October 7, 1775, belonged to town of Union, Me. 

From, ^[onllmental Inscriptioiin of the Britixfi West Indies, Lion&on, 1875. — The Stranger's 
Burial Ground, Kingston, Jamaica.' Miss Anne Wakefield. Died October 11, 1805, aged 30 
years and 6 months. (Hence, born April, 1775.) 

Ricli.ards Geneaology. p. 119.— Richard K. Wakefield, married, Elizabeth, tenth child of 
Joel Richards, machinist and undertaker of Dedham, Mass., who married Susan Bird, 
Decembers, 1812. Elizabeth was born August 24, 1833, and died in Roxbury, March 8, 1860. 

Smith Genealogy.— 'EWT.a.'bQVa Wakefield, born January 26. 1852, in Summerfield, 111. ; 
married, October 19. 1876. to Arthur Dwight Pratt, son of Almira and grandson of Asa. 
He was born J 28, 1854, at Northampton, He resides at Granite, Colo. 

History of Hingham, Mass., vol. iii, p. 273.— Charles Henry Wakefield, son of Charles F. 
and Annie (Henderson), born in Boston, February 13. 1839; married, in Hingham, July 2, 
1871, Martha Chapman Davis Barnes, who was born in Hingham June 3, 1849. She was a 
daughter of Lincoln Barnes, who was born in Hingham May 8, 1823, and married, Decem- 
ber 7. 1846, Celia B. Hersey. 

Strong Genealogy.— LiyAm Wakefield married David Culver, of Lima, N.Y., and had a 
daughter, Lydia Eineline Culver, born September 11, 1813; married June — , 1839, Squire 
Bristol Strong, a shoemaker in Niles, Allegheny, N.Y., who was born in Ohio September 
30, 1814, and died March 6, 1852. 

From Families of the Wyoming Valley, Fenn.—I^nla. V., daughter of Ward H. Wake- 
field; married, in 18751 to William Gibson Jones, son of Lewis Jones, born in Carbondale, 
Penn., October—, 1837. He was admitted to the bar of Luzerne county, Penn., April 10, 
1861; educated at Luzerne Institute, Wyoming. Practiced in Scranton, and subsequently 
removed to New York, where he now resides. Have one son. 

Street (Tenealogy, p. 291.— George W. Wakefield married Adelly, daughter of Joseph 
Hamilton Davies Street: born December 2, 1812; died September — , 1875, in Montana. They 
had four children. Her father, a lawyer and judge, married, firstl}', Emily Burnette, 
and secondly, Alice Wright. 

Pelton Genealogy, pp. 176-7.— Mary, daughter of Elijah Wakefield, of Kinsman, Ohio, 
married August 22, 1834, Augustus G., son of Julius, who was the fifth son of Josiah Pelton; 
born at Killlngworth. Conn., May 4, 1786; married, at Gustavus, Ohio, Hannah, daughter 
of Thomas Folsom, a farmer of Gustavus. Ohio. Their first son, Augustus, was born De- 
cember 20, 1810, at Gustavus, Ohio. He was a carpenter and farmer in 1878 at Greens- 
burg, Trumbull county, Ohio. They had five children. One son, William S., died in the 
United States service September 18, 1864. 

James Wakefield, son of , supposed to be a descendant of the 

Maine family. 

Our first record of the name we get from Mill's Statistics of South Carolina, p. 261: 
"To convince the inhabitants that the conquerors were seriously resolved to banish all 
who refused to become subjects, an additional number, who still remained prisoners on 
parole, was shipped off on the 15th of November, 1780. On this list, from Charlestown, 
S. C, by Lord Cornwallis, was James Wakefield." The same list also occurs in Ramsay's 
History of South Carolina, and with the note: "Most of these were entitled to the benefits 
of the capitulation of Charlestown."' The prominent citizens of Charlestown given in 
this list were banished by the British, and shipped to St. Augustine. Fla. Johnson's 
Traditions of ttie Bevolution, p. 317. also gives a full account of the above, and mentions 
John Wakefield, quartermaster, but Ramsey's History of South Carolina. 1809, p. 373, vol. i, 
in that of 1785, p. 4.59, gives the name as James, which is probably correct. 

Our next record of him is of date 1784. when he mortgaged his property on Milk 
street, in Boston, to J. Davis. [Suffolk Deeds, libre 145, folio 242.) In 1786 he mortgaged 
property in Boston to E. Wyer, wife Ann, released dower. (Suffollc Deeds, libre 158, folio 
176.) In the Boston Directories for 1789 and 1796, he appears as a painter, residing on Milk 
street. A Boston record describes his familj' as composed of "one male, 16 years and 
upward, two males below 16, and four females, including heads of family.'' In 1793 he 
gave mortgages, to Benjamin Dearborn and Elizabeth Cole, on property on Milk street, 
his wife, Ann. releasing dower. {Suffolk Deeds, libre 175, folios 217 and 255, and libre 177, 
folio 148.) From Bounds and Valuations in Boston, October 1, 1798, we are able to locate 
James Wakefield's property as 1,108 square feet on the south side of Milk street, Benja- 
min Dearborn's property intervening between his and theater alley on the east.) The- 
ater alley extends from 53 Milk street, to Franklin street.) His property consisted of 
two frame dwellings, his own three stories in height, with twenty-nine' windows, and 
the other occupied by Joseph Stokes. 416 square feet area, one story "high, eight windows, 
valued at £150, the former at $4,000. 


210 Miscellaneous Mentions. 

JosiAH Wakefield, born about 1785, in , Conn. He removed to 

Wyoming county, Penn., where he died about 1860. He married Miss Eunice 


1. James, born January 30, 1823; married December 18, 1850, Sallie Bush; died October 

7, 1875. 

2. Caroline, born ; married , John Given. 

3. SiDABiE, born ; married , Edward Shaw. 

4. DiLLT, born ; married , M. Harvey. 

5. MARTHA, born ; married , Charles Granger. 

6. Polly, born ; married , Wayne Felton. 

7. Danford G., born : married , Sarah Bullock. 

James* Wakefield (JosiahA), son of Josiah and Eunice (Warner) 
Wakefield, born .January 30, 182.3, in Connecticut. Removed to Wj^oming 
county, Penn., where he engaged in farming. He married, December 18, 
1850, Sallie A., daughter of Christian and Margaret Ann (Kintner) Bush. 
He died October 7, 1875, at Kesserville, Wyoming county, Penn. 


1. Freeman G., born November 24, 1851, age 2 years. 

2. Charles Clinton, born June 21, 1853; married March 5, 1873, Louise Kenyon; re- 

sides Homer, N.Y. 

3. William Edgar, born : married . 

4. Lao Dicea. born January 27, 1857; married December 21, 1877, Charles Schencli; 

resides Homer, N.Y. 

5. Christian B., born November 24, 1858; married August 3, 1879, Rosa Baker: resides 

Wyoming county, Penn. 

6. Danford, born jAugust 27. 1860: married September 15, 1883, Alice Kunppenburg: 

resides McGravvill, N.Y. 

7. Philander G., born September 8. 1862: married January —, 1885: Phoebe Baker: 

resides Homer, N.Y. 

8. Effie B., born February 22, 1865 :married July — . 1892, Ralph Schenck: resides 

Homer. N.Y. 

9. Bentley R.. born January 8, 1867: married November 29, 1893, Bertha Puder- 

baugh: resides Homer, N.Y. 

10. Mary E., born February 12, 1869: married , 1886, to Peter Stark; resides 

Homer, N.Y. 

11. Archie, born January 31, 1871: died aged 2 years. 

12. Dora E., born February 8, 1873: died August 17, 1889. 

Bentley Russell^ Wakefield (/ames^, Josiah^), son of .Tames and 
Sally A. (Bush) Wakefield, born January 8, 1867, at Kesserville, Wyoming 
county, Penn. He is a ladies' tailor and resides at Freeville. He married, 
November 29, 1893, Bertha, daughter of Charles and Laura Adella (Turner) 
Puderbaugh, of Tompkins, N.Y. She was born July 17, 1854, at Owego, N.Y. 
They have no children. 

Samuel Alexander Wakefield, born about 1820, son of , of 

New Brunswick. He was one of a large family. His mother was a physi- 
cian, and was killed by being thrown from her horse. Of his brothers, one 
was a physician and another a minister. Prior to 1855 he removed to Sauk 
Rapids, Benton county, Minn., and on December 30, 1855, he married Miss 
Ursula Rose Baumel. The following year he removed to the present site 
of Cold Springs City, in the town of Wakefield, Stearns county, Minn. On 
May 27, 1858, he was elected chairman of the board of supervisors, and 
afterwards county commissioner of Stearns county. About 1863 a mining 
expedition, captained by Samuel A. Wakefield, was organized and proceeded 
overland to the Rocky Mountains, but after reaching the mountains some 
of the party decided to abandon the enterprise and return to Minnesota. 
Mrs. Wakefield, with her small children, accompanied them back to Minne- 
sota, from whence she continued in correspondence with her husband, who 
also contributed generously to her support for some time, until tidings from 
him abruptly ceased, and rumors of his fate were afloat. He was never 
after heard from, nor his remains recovered; therefore, it will never be 
known whether he was murdered by Indians or treacherous Mexican 
greasers." His widow and surviving son now reside in Omaha, Neb. 


1. Nelson Alexander, born November 26, 18.56, at Cold Springs, Minn.; died October 
26, 1876, (drowned) at St. Cloud, Mian. 

2. Leeura Cecelia, born March 1, 18.59. at Cold Springs, Minn. ; married May 14, 1883, 
to J. B. Inman. and resides at Springfield, 111. 

3. Juel Felicia, born May 29, 1861, at Richmond, Minn.: died August 21, 1882, at 
Fargo, Dakota. 

4. William Eugene, born January 6, 1864, at St. Cloud, Minn., now an expert teleg- 
rapher with Western Union Telegraph Company, Omaha, Neb. 


Miscellaneous Mentions. 




Name and Rank. 

Wakefield, Benj., private... 

" Levi, corporal. . . 
" Levi, jr., private 
" Lewis, corporal. . 
" Moses, private. .. 

ii n a 

Stephen H., pv'te 

Place of 

New London 
Not shown 

New London., 
Not shown 


John Joslin 

Jacob Lyon .... 

John Jf)slin 

Horace Beach. . 
Joseph A. 
Horace Beach.. 

John Joslin 

Jacob Lyon 

JaVjez Collins. . . 

Period of Service. 

June 21, 1813. 
June 25. 1813. 
June 21, 1813 
Jan. 11, 1815. 
June 11, 1813, 
Nov. 14. 1814, 
June 21, 1813, 
June 25, 1813, 
AUR. 18, 1814, 

to June 24. 1813 
to Julv 15, 1813 
, to June 28, 1813 
to March 9, 1815 
to June 1.3, 1813 
to Jan. 11, 1815 
to June 24, 1813 
to July 15, 1813 
to Oct. 26. 1814 


From the Official Record of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion^ 
series I, vol. iii. p. 277.— Union cruisers: United' States ironclad Atlanta! off Newport 
News, Va., 28th November, 1864. Report of the sinking of the prize steamer Florida. The 
Florida, at one o'clock, November 28, a.m., burned a blue light as a signal of distress. An 
armed boat's crew was immediately sent, in charge of acting Ensign Henr}' Wakefield, to 
ascertain the cause of trouble. Mr. Wakefield soon returned, and reported the Florida 
in a sinking condition, fires out, and tilling rapidly, etc. From report of Thomas J. Wood- 
ward, acting volunteer lieutenant commanding, (series I. vol. viii. p. 355). Report (Opera- 
tions at Humansville. Mo. ) of Lieut. -Col. Joseph W. McClurg, Missouri cavalry militia, 
March 31, 1862: Twent3'-five men of Company A. under Lieut. Thomas Wakefield, kept up 
a brisk fire from the left. etc. (vol. x. p. 5, March 8, 186:2.) Morgan's operations near 
Nashville, Tenn. Report of Col. John Kennett, 4th Ohio cavalry: George W. Wakefield, 
Companj'G., named as assisting in the capture of a prisoner, one Garrett, (vol. xvii, 
p. 372 ) Report of Col. John D. Stevenson. 7th Missouri cavalry. October 13. 1862. Head- 
quarters Irish brigade. Army of the Mississippi, Corinth, Miss., October 13. 1862. "Not to 
be invidious, I think Maj. William S. Oliver, commanding the 7th Missouri volunteers, 
and Capt. Edwin Wakefield, acting major, are worthy of special mention for their zeal 
and efficiency." (vol. xx, part I, p. 97.5.) Confederate Roll of Honor, battle of Murfrees- 
borough, from general order No. 131, Richmond. Va., October 3. 1863, consistingof one person 
selected from each company after each engagement. Of the 9th regiment of infantry, 
Kentucky, Private J. G. Wakefield, (vol. xxii. Reports, part I, p. 610.) Report of the affair 
at Quincy, Mo.. September 4. 1863, by Thomas A. Wakefield, first lieutenant Company A. 
8th Missouri state militia cavalry, commanding escort, (vol. xxiv. part I, Reports, p. 643.) 
Report of Maj. -Gen. John A. Logan. In field, near Vicksburg. Tenn.. May 26, 1863. Named 
7th Missouri, Maj. Edwin Wakefield. Also (p. 652). battle of Port Gibson, he again men- 
tions the 7th Missouri, Maj. Edwin Wakefield (p. 653). he says: "The utmost praise, etc., 
to the regimental commander for promptness, coolness, and courage." (p. 716.) Report 
of Brig.-Gen. John D. Stevenson. Mav 4-July 4, 1863, at Vicksburg. The 7th Missouri 
charge, etc.. met severe losses and retreat, etc. (vol. xxxvii, partll, p. 550.) Roster of 
the 6th army corps, 3d brigade, 1st division. May 1 to Augusts, 1«64. Forty-ninth Penn- 
sylvania, Maj. Armor W. Wakefield, (vol. xxxviii, part III, pp. 923, 930, 934.) Confederate 
records, Atlanta campaign, operations June 27. July 18, September 3. 1864. Major Knox, 
commanding 1st Alabama regiment, on skirmish line in front of Quarles's brigade, re- 
ports that the enemy came within thirty yards of his line at almost all points, and that 
some twenty-eight got into out-pits, of whom sixteen, including Capt. Hezekiah B. Wake- 
field, 53d Indiana, were captured, (vol. xxxix. part I, p. 244. July 6. 1864.) Capt. Thomas 
Wakefield, captain Company A, who had acted as major (46th Illinois veteran volunteer 
infantry), took command, (part II, p. 69.) Roster of the 17th army corps. May 31, 1864. 
First division, 2d brigade, Capt Thomas Wakefield commanding (Department of Ten- 
nessee), (vol. xl, part II, p. ,547.) Roster. Maj. Armor J. Wakefield, commanding 49th 
Pennsylvania. 3d brigade. 1st division, 6th army corps, June 30. 1864. (vol. xli, part IV, 
p. 249.) Devil's Bluff. Ark.. October 26. 1864. 46th Illinois infantry, Capt. Thomas Wake- 
field commanding, (p. 361.) Roster 19th army corps, October 31, 1864. Capt. Thomas 
Wakefield, commanding 46th Illinois, (p. 459. ) Southwestern Missouri. Springfield, No- 
vember 6, 1864. Lieut. Thomas A. Wakefield is starting with the men of the 8th Missouri 
cavalry militia. 

Connecticut Volunteers. A state publication, p, 737— Clovis W. Wakefield, of Plainfield, 
Conn., Company K, 21st regiment, infantry. Enlisted August 12, 1862, mustered Septem- 
ber 5. 1862; mustered out. June 16, 1H65, (p. 722.) Elhanan Wakefield, of East Hartford, 
Companv A, 21st regiment. Enlisted August 11, 1862: mustered September 5 1862: dis- 
charged for disability, April 10. 1863, (p. 168.) Ira S. Wakefield, of Bridgeport. Company L, 
1st regiment, Connecticut volunteer cavalry, enlisted and mustered January 12, 1864; 
captured June 29, 1864. at Ream's station, Va. : enlisted in rebel armv, January 25. 1865. N. 
f.r. A.G.O. Wm. C. Wakefield, of Litchfield, Company 1. 13th regiment, infantry ;eniisted Jan- 
uary 1. 1862; mustered January 11. 1862; discharged for disability, September 29, 1862. Wm. 
C. Wakefield, of Winchester, company D. 1st regiment Connecticut volunteer cavalry, en- 
listed and mustered March 15, 1864: transferred'from Company B. August 16, 1861; mustered 
out, August 2.1865. William Wakefield. of Stofford. sergeant Company 1. 16th regiment, infan- 
try, enlisted July r23, 1862: mustered August 24, 1862, as private, promoted sergeant. Septem- 
ber. 1862. Transferred B. A. third regiment V.R.C.. July 4, 1864, discharged July 22. 1865. 
Above irovtiRecord of Connecticut Men in Army and Nary of N. C. in the War of the Rebellion. 
Forty-ninth regiment. Company E. of Mifflin county. A. W. Wakefield, one of the captains, 
late war. From the Ilisto/'y of Blaire County, Penii.,' VZbth regiment. Pennsylvania volun- 
teers. Company K, Thomas Weakfield, mustered in 14th August, 1832: mustered out 18th 
Mav, 1863. (Perhaps it should have been Wakefield ) War record. William Wakefield, 
private, enlisted November 26, 1861. Watertown, N.Y., age 27 (perhaps fi-om Lowviile.) 


Miscellaneous Mentions. 

Field officers. Volunteers. 1861-.5. Armor W. Wakefield, lieutenant colonel, 49tli Pennsyl- 
vania infantry. Edwin Wakefield, major. 7tli Missouri infantry. 

From Rolls of Honor, Uniled <S'<a<f,s.— Numbers 17 to 37, inclusive. 

Hampton, Va.. National Cemetery.— ^o. 4737, M. Wakefield, private, Company K, 100th 
New York volunteers; died November 5, 1864. 

^ter(/;i(Z;-ia, io., Ceme^e?'?/.— No. 1248, Elihu Wakefield, private, company D, 8tli Iowa; 
died July 14, 1864. 

Jeferson Barracks, Mo., National Cemetery. —Y-noii Wakefield, company H, 21st Mis.souri; 
died June 4 1862, first buried in Wesleyan cemetery, St. Louis. Francis M. Wakefield, 
private, company B, 17th Iowa infantry; died January 1, 1864. 

Misaittfiippi River National Cemetery, near 3Ie?)iphis, Tenn.— From Missouri: Wm. P. 
Wakefield, private, Company A, 47th infantry; died January 16, 186.i, From Ohio: R. F. 
Wakefield, private. Company B. 18th infantry: died January 18. 1863. From United States 
colored troops: '-AlexanderWaigfield," private. Company A. 11.5th regiment; diedAugust 
17, 1864. Henry Wakefield, private. Company B, 100th regiment, died July 27, 1864. 

Poplar Grove National Cemetery, Virginia. Wakefield, private. No first name, 

no company, no regiment. 

From Rolls of Honor, United States.— THos. 17 to 27. inclusive. 

Hampton, TV/., National Cemetery.— 1^o. 4,737. 

Natchez National Cemetery, Natchez, IHss.-'No. 3,069, James Wakefield, private, company 
B, 70th United States colored infantry. 

Mississippi River National Cemetery, near Memphis, Tenn.-Sohn Wakefield, private, Com- 
pany I, 68th United States Infantry; died September 7, 1864. 

Erected by Dr. Cyrenius Wakefield, now the residence of Oscar Wakefield, 

James Wakefield, son of 

was born in Camden, Oneida county, 

N.Y., January 1, 1821; married. June 27, 1877, Mary Brigham: died July 29, 
1896. He had brothers, named Daniel and Chauncey, living at Camden, N.Y. 
His widow was born in England, and came to America when eighteen years 
of age. He was a clerk. He lived and died at Palma, Mich., where his 
widow and children now reside. 

1. Mae. born — 

2. Gertrude, born 

3. Myrtie, born — 

4. Jay, born : 


(Aged in 1896.) 

: aged 18 years. 

: aged I.t years. 

aged 8 years. 

aged 4 j-ears. 

First Generation. 213 



A Consolidation of the Posterity of the Emigrants 
Matthew, David, and Andrew Wakefield. 


Practically all, if not entirely all, of the Wakefields that settled in 
Pennsylvania, and as will be seen, others settling later in New York and 
New Jersey, emigrated directly from Ireland, and are descendants of a com- 
mon ancestor who came from England before the middle of the seventeenth 
century. A traditional history, universal among this branch of the family, 
and one that varies but little, in its essential features, has been received 
by the compiler of this work, from descendants, now scattered in all parts 
of America. An epitome of this tradition begins with the emigrant from 
England to Ireland. It appears that he was an officer of an English army 
stationed in Ireland for the purpose of protecting a forcibly established 
colony there, and that he shared with this colony a division of land, and 
that trouble was encountered in holding the granted estate until the com- 
plete subjugation of Ireland by Cromwell in 16-1:9-50. One representative of 
this family has named the Norman invasion as the occasion of the settle- 
ment of his ancestors, but this is doubtless erroneous, and the plantation of 
Ulster, before the middle of the seventeenth century is probably the real 
incidence. History tells us that in the plantation of Ulster, Tyrone, Done- 
gal, Armagh, Caven, Fermanagh, and Derry, were parcelled out among 
English and Scotch colonies. The site of Derry was granted to citizens of 
London who fortified and armed it. As an illustration of the difficulty en- 
countered in holding said estates we quote from history: 

"In 163.5 the English army was disbanded, and the Catholic Insurgents, in 1641, at- 
tacked Dublin and soon became masters of the whole country. Ormond was forced to 
surrender Dublin and the inextricable knot awaited Cromwell's sword." 

The first official record of a Wakefield in Ireland, we find in the 
Remembrances of the Excheqioer, Dublin; .John Wakefield is mentioned under 
date 1637. (See liecords of Ireland, p. 610, pub. 1821-1825.) 

In The Landed Gentry When Cromwell Came to Ireland, by John O'Hart, 
Dublin, 1884: Among the enrollments of the adjudications in favor of the 
1,649 officers, formerly designed the "49 lots," preserved in the office of 
the chief, John Wakefield is enrolled. 

These adjudications refer to the arrears of the commissioned officers 
who served Charles I before the 5th of June, 1649, in the various wars of 
Ireland. The index locorum of these enrollments is given on pp. 638-647 of 
the Records of Ireland, above mentioned. (See 3d ed. of O'Hart's Irish 
Pedigrees. ) 

It is confirmed by the above official records that the above-named 
commissioned officer in the English army of Charles I was the landed pro- 
prietor of official record, which establishes without doubt the truth of the 
family tradition as to their original progenitor. It is proper to say here 
that Charles I succeeded his father, James I, in 1625, and it was he who so 
much persecuted Puritans in England, and was responsible for their enor- 
mous emigrations to New England. Many of these non-conformists, seeing 

214 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

in Ireland an opening for colonists, apparently equal to that of America, 
were easily induced to join the English army for its conquest. 

We have no official records of the family relation of this progenitor, 
but we feel justified in assuming that the family tradition, that two 
brothers were fellow colonists in Ireland, one of whom attained prominence 
in the army, and the other in politics, is correct. In confirmation of this 
we herewith submit a record, which doubtless refers to the latter: "Alder- 
man Thomas Wakefield, Ulster's office, Dublin, buried in St. Werburgh's 
church, February 19, 1658." (See p. 1,063, General Armory of England, IScot- 
land, Ireland, and Wcdes), by Sir Bernard Burke. It will be seen that his 
armorial bearing indicates his descent, either directly or indirectly, from 
the Yorkshire, England, family. 

There is a family tradition that one of the early colonists in Ireland, 
William Wakefield, emigrated to America at a very early date, but not 
being infatuated with American pioneer life, he returned, and settled in 
Ireland. If this tradition is fact, it will be seen that there were probably 
three original Anglo-Irish emigrants. Turning to the records of American 
families, we find the above tradition substantiated, in part, by records of a 
William Wakefield, who sailed from Southampton, England, in May, 1638, 
on ship "Bevis," Robert Batten, master, with wife or sister, Anne, William 
being aged :22, and Anne, 20 years. He was probably a brother or cousin of 
John Wakefield, of Wells and Biddleford, Ale., as he accompanied on the 
above voyage, Annis Littlefield, wife, and several children of Edmund 
Littlefield, father-in-law of the said John Wakefield. (See p. 136.) This 
William Wakefield, after eight years of residence in Hampton, N.H., and 
Newbury, Mass., disappears entirely from American records, and may 
have returned to the mother country, and fulfilled the tradition above 

We have failed to obtain from the present day descendants, in Ireland, 
any data, necessary to the completing of the line of descent to either 
themselves or their American cousins, so we again take up the traditions 
of the latter: Doctor Albert Wakefield, who we will assume to be the son 
of the emigrant and military chieftain, John Wakefield, was a surgeon on 
the staff of William of Orange, when on his Irish invasion, and at the battle 
of the Boyne, July 1, 1690, he dressed the wound of William with such 
skill, and so won his confidence and good will, that on the completion of the 
conquest, at the battle of Aughrim, July 12, 1691, by William's request, an 
estate, comprising the site of the battleground, was granted him, and is 
now the property of the male line of descendants. Mr. David B. Pilch, of 
Jersey City, N. J , a descendant, has in his possession a piece of William's 
waistcoat that was saved by the surgeon and handed down to posterity as a 
memento of the historic occasion. Referring again to history, we find a 
detailed account of the incident that is not without interest to the reader, 
and especially to the descendants of Dr. Albert Wakefield: 

"Some of the English dragoons approached the river and were fired upon by the 
Irish. They returned the fire, and while the attention of both sides was engaged by the 
skirmish, a" party of Irish cavalry moved slowly down towards the river, and halted be- 
hind a low hedge, and then wheeling about again retired. The movements of the king 
and the group of officers accompanying him' had been observed in the Irish army, and 
two tield pieces were sent down concealed in the center of the cavalrv. The guns had 
been placed behind the hedge when the horsemen withdrew, and when William rose from, 
the ground and mounted his horse fire was opened. The first cannon shot killed two 
horses and a man by his side. The next grazed the King's right shoulder, tearing away 
his coat and inflicting a slight flesh wound. Had the aim been slightly more accurate, or 
had the gunners fired with grape instead of round shot, it is probable that the whole 
course of history would have been changed. The rumor spread through both armies 
that the king was killed, but the wound was a slight one, and having had it hastily bound up 
the kin^^ rode quietly through the camps in order to show the men that the wound was 
not serious." (Battle of Boyne. Henty's Oranc/e (S: Green: A Tale of Boyne and Litnerick. 
P. 148.) 

Let us now turn to history in search of the conditions and circum- 
stances under which the family estates were first granted, surrendered, and 
later re-granted. 

"It will be remembered that in 1642. in consequence of the dimensions which the 
Rebellion had then assumed, confiscated between two and three million acres of Irish 
soil. Debenture bonds were issued payable in land when the countrj' should be recon- 
quered. Bonds for a million acres had been taken up, and money raised on them, for the 

First Generation. 215 

troupe sent to Ireland previous to Cromwell's arrival. Similar debentures were issued 
afterwards for Cromwell's own army, not thrown upon the market like the ttrst, but given 
to the soldiers in lieu of their pay. The intention was that the men who conquered Ire- 
land should remain to hold it. The country was to be occupied, in old Roman fashion, by 
military colonies. * * * The Cromwellian conquest had been in fact a resubjugation of 
Ireland by England and in the name of England. English authority had been, for the 
tlrst time, completely established over the whole Island. The new protestant gentry 
were shrewd men of business who meant to incur no more risks than they could help. 
They had come to Ireland to push their way by English energy and enterprise. 

"So rapidly under the Cromwellian despotism had the wealth of Ireland increased, 
that having been brought to the lowest depths she was now able(1663), after defraying all 
her own expenses, to settle on the King a permanent revenue of 30,000 a year. 

"So went matters all through the year 1687. and for ten months of 1688, when the news 
came that the Prince of Orange bad landed and that the King was a fugitive. Except in 
Ulster, among the persecuted Presbyterians, the English could count on no friends in 
Ireland; and without a party among themselves, would be too weak to resist the reviving 
energy of the native race. 

•■The uncertainty was at an end. Williams overtures were construed into a con- 
sciousness of weakness, and all Catholic Ireland was called under arms. The property of 
the protestant farmers and gentlemen was generally seized. Cows and sheep were driven 
off; 'all was gone in three months, to the value <if a million of money.' What could not 
be consumed or carried off was destroyed, that 'the damned-whigs might not have the 
benefit of it.' The gentlemen throughout Ulster armed their tenants as well as they were 
able, and re-established their disbanded militia." 

"The repeal was passed. Every one who held an estate under the acts of settlement 
was dispossessed. The old proprietors were re-instated in their inheritance, and made 
the happy owners of the wealth which had accumulated there. The rejected colonists 
were to receive compensation when they could get it. The Irish Catholics were thus re- 
stored to all which they had lost by the rebellion of 1641. There remained to be recovered 
the forfeitures from the Elizabethian wars and the six counties of the Ulster settlement. 
Process taken upon these was as complete as it was summary. Almost all the leading 
Prt)testants in Ireland were comprehended l)y name in one sweeping act of attainer. 
Two thousand six hundred land owners, commencing with the Archbishop of Dublin 
and the Duke of Ormond, were declared guilty of adherence to the Prince of Orange, and 
to have forfeited their estates by treason. The conditions of 1651 were reversed. Then 
all Catholics were held responsible for the rebellion of 1641: now all Protestants were 
partisans of the Prince of Orange (1689)." 

"To King William himself the Irish Protestants were enthusiastically grateful. He 
had come in person to fight their battle, and he had been wounded in their cause. Wher- 
ever he went he freely risked his life, and he was known to be incapable of being influ- 
enced by mean considerations." 

"Among the Scotch and English settlers in Ireland none had deserved better than 
the Non-conformists, none had been worse rewarded. When the High Church party went 
with Ormond and the Kilkenney Council, at the close of the rebellion of 1641, a Puritan 
army recovered the country to England." 

"The Ulster Calvinists had won immortal honor, and saved England half the labor 
of re-conquest, by their share in the defense of Derry. In them there was a vigorous and 
living power in antagonism to Popery." 

"The Irish established a clergy, the Irish peers and the great land-owners were ardent 
High Churchmen, dreading nothing so much as to be confounded with the Cromwellians, 
to whom most of them owed their estates: and, though reconciled outwardly to the revo- 
lution by the'.want of discrimination in James Parliament, which had not distinguished 
between them and the Calvinists, yet they were loud as ever against principles of church 
government which tended, as they were pleased to say, to Republicanism." 

"And now commenced the Protestant emigration, which robbed Ireland of the 
bravest defenders of English interests, and peopled the American sea-board with fresh 
flights of Puritans. Twenty thousand left Ulster on the destruction of the woolen trade. 
The stream had slackened, in the hope that the law would be altered. When the prospect 
was finally closed, men of spirit and energy refused to remain in a country where they 
were held unfit to receive the right of citizens, and thenceforward, until the spell of 
tyranny was broken in 1782, annual ship-loads of families poured themselves out of Bel- 
fast and Londonderry. The resentment which they carried with them continued to burn 
in their new homes, and, in the War of Independence, England had no fiercer enemies 
than the grandsons and great-grandsons of the Presbyterians, who had held Ulster against 

"In 1795, the word had gone out among the Defenders to resume work and secure 
the arms of the Protestant gentry. First in Connaught, and then gradually in all parts 
of Ireland, bodies of men, who seemed to have started out of the earth, were out at night 
on the prowl like wild beasts. Houses were burnt. When arms were demanded and were 
not delivered, death was the punishment. Barracks were surprised in the darkness. 
Parties of militia were attacked even in open day with desperate courage." 

The above are miscellaneous extracts from The English in Ireland in the 
Eighteenth Century, by James A. Froude, New York, 1873. It vyill be noted 
that the explanation is complete: First, why the estate in Ulster was sur- 
rendered by the family; second, why the second g'eneration became adher- 
ents of the Prince of Orange; third, why the family seat was transferred to 
Connaught; and fourth, why, other than the successors to the estate, emi- 
grated to America. It is probable that at least Alderman Thomas Wake- 
field was a High Churchman, as the aldermen were appointed by the 
viceroy, and Ormond, the holder of this office from his appointment by 
Charles, was a High Churchman, and probably made his appointments 
only from that class. 

216 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

According to information imparted by Thomas Wakefield (son of the 
emigrant, David,) to his grandson, David H. Wakefield, of Redstone, Penn., 
and by him transmitted to the compiler, Thomas Wakefield's grandfather 
(father of David) was named Robert, who was a son of Robert. The elder 
Robert, died in England in the prime of life from a wound received in 
battle; was an only child. 

In harmony with the statement of Dr. William Wakefield, of Hum- 
boldt, Kans., that David Wakefield, the emigrant, was a nephew of his 
ancestor, the emigrant Matthew Wakefield, sr.; and that of the late Mr. 
Campbell Wakefield, of Heyworth, 111., that his ancestor, the emigrant 
Andrew Wakefield, was a nephew of the senior Matthew Wakefield, taken 
together with the official and traditional records given above, we must 
arrive at the following conclusion: The emigrant from England to Ireland 
was John Wakefield, who had (possibly among other children). Dr. Albert 
Wakefield, who had an only son, Robert Wakefield. Robert had (possibly 
among other children) Robert Wakefield, Matthew Wakefield, the emi- 
grant, who married Bridget Banks, and Andrew Wakefield, sr., who mar- 
ried Margaret Reddick, and remained in Ireland on the family estate in 
Aughrim, where he died. 

In order to bring together into one genealogical classification, the pos- 
terity of the descendants of the emigrants, David, Matthew, sr., and An- 
drew, jr., we will begin the American families and trace descent from a 
common progenitor, Robert Wakefield, son of Dr. Albert Wakefield, who is 
noticed above. Of Robert we can give no records of birth, marriage, or 
death, except as above given. 


Supposed to have been born on the family estate, near Aughrim, Ireland. 

3.— 1. Robert, born : married : died . 

3.-2. Matthew, born : married , Bridget Banks; died 

4 — 3. Andrew, born ; married , Margaret Reddick: died 


2. Robert^ Wakefield (Eohert^), son of Robert Wakefield; born ; 

married ; died : resided on the family estate, on the road between 

Aughrim and Ballinasloe, Gal way county, Connaught, Ireland. 


5. — 1. David, born ; married , Mary Jane Wade. 

6 2. Robert, born ^: beheaded for complicity in a plot against Catholic 

rule in Ireland. 
7.-3. Gilbert, born ; arrested with his brother Robert, and imprisoned 

for life. 
8.-4. Samuel, born : escaped to Scotland, in a row boat, when detected in 

plot against the Catholic government. 

3. Matthew- Wakefield (Robert^), son of Robert Wakefield, born 

; married , Bridget Banks, emigrated to America, prior to 

1783, and settled on the Junanitta river, Penn., and later removed to Nelson 
county, Ky. 


9.— 1. Mary, born January 1, 1755: married , Robert Samuels. 

lO — 2. John, born February 3. 1757: married , 1786, to Elizabeth Alexander. 

11 — 3. Elizabeth, born February tj, 1760: married , Kanada. 

13.— 4. Jane, born July , 1762: died young. 

13.— .5. Margaret, born February 2, 1765: married , Bell. 

14. — 6. Jane, born June 27, 176S: married , Russell. 

15 — 7. Matthew, born April 24, 1771: married January 20, 1794, Ruth Brown. 

16.-8. William, born September 28, 1773: married , , Abigail Huston; died 

June . 1828. 

4. Andrew- Wakefield {Robert^), son of Robert Wakefield, born 

; married , Margaret Reddick. Resided on the family estate on the 

road between Aughrim and Ballinasloe, Galway county, Ireland, where 
he probably died. 


17.-1. Andrew, born May 5, 1765: married January 3, 1793, Margaret Campbell: 
died June 23, 1828. 

18.-2. John, born . 

19 — 3. Daniel, born . 

Third Generation. 217 


5. David^* Wakefield {Bobert,^ Bobert^), son of Robert and 

Wakefield; born , on the family estate, on the road, between Aughrim 

and Ballinasloe, Galway county, Ireland; he married, , Mary Jane, or 

Elizabeth, daughter of Jeremiah Wade, a wealthy landed proprietor, and 
neighbor of the Wakefield family, in Galway county, Ireland. David Wake- 
field emigrated to America between 1768 and 1773. According to tradition, he 
was implicated, with his brothers, in the plot against Catholic rule in Ire- 
land, and when detected, David was hid by his wife in a hogshead of clothes, 
with which she embarked on an American-bound vessel, and was three 
days out at sea before the captain of the ship knew that he was on board. 
By this means he escaped to America. Upon his arrival, he first settled in 
Path Valley, situated between the Tuscarora and Conecocheague moun- 
tains, in Perry county, then Cumberland county, Penn., where some of the 
younger of the children were born. After residing there for some fifteen 
or sixteen years, he settled on the north of the Conemaugh, opposite Squir- 
rel Hill, then in Cumberland county, but now in Indiana county, and 
where the village of Centreville now is. After remaining there for some 
two years, finding the title to the land was defective, they again removed, 
five miles northwest, to near the head of the west branch of Richard's 
Run, in Wheatfield township, some time between the years 1788 and 1794, 
where they remained, and where David died, and is buried, no gravestone 
marking the place. After his death, his widow went to live with her 
oldest daughter, Joanna, who married William Carroll, and resided in the 
Wolf Creek settlement, in Mercer county, where she died. 


80,-1. Thomas, born 17.57; married, Elizabeth Morton, niece of John Morton, 
signer of the Declaration of Independence; died, 1844. 

31.— 2. James, born November H, 1767; married, Mary Clark; died February 38, 

33.-3. John, born : married Elizabeth Newlon, 1803, who was his nurse 

while ill at a hotel, on a visit to Dublin, Ireland. 

33 — 4. Jeremiah, born : married. Isabella Lynn. 

84.-5. David, born ; married Jennie C. Carrahan. 

35 6. Joanna, born ; married, to William Carroll, a nephew of Charles 

Carroll, of CarroUton, Va.. also a signer of the Declaration of Inde- 

36 — 7. Margaret, born ; married, to Thomas Bracken. 

37.-8. Mary, born ; married, to her nephew, Robert Wakefield. 

9. Mary^* Wakefield {3£althew,^ Bohert^) daughter of Matthew and 

Bridget (Banks) Wakefield; born January 1, 1755; married , to Robert 

Samuels, a native of Ireland, who was born , 1755, and died June 5, 

1822. They resided at various times in Maryland and Kentucky. Robert 
Samuels was born in Northern Ireland, in 1755, and died June 5, 1822, near 
Deatsville, Nelson county, Ky. He was a farmer. 


1. Matthew- Samuels, born . 

2. Mary* Samuels, born : married Luther Gratehouse, a cousin of Abraham Lincoln. 

1. Ann Julia^ Gratehouse, born ; married , Sproutsman, of Rockport, 


3. Peggy* Samuels, born ; married , Brown: two children. Married, secondl}% 


4. William* Samuels, born ; married . 

1. Robert^ Samuels, born ; married , Melinda Joyce. 

1. Thomas* Samuels, born ; married, firstly, Jacobs; married, 

secondly, Genevieve Malhogan. 

2. Charles* Samuels, born ; married MoUie McGruder. 

1. Lee^ Samuels, born ; married Banell. 

2. Josie'* Samuels, born ; married Banell. 

3. Kate= Samuels, born ; married Banell. 

3. Preston* Samuels. born . Soldier in Mexican war. 

4. Joseph* Samuels, born . 

2. Preston B.^ Samuels, born -; married Melvina Newboldt. No issue. 

3. Taylor W.^ Samuels, born ; married Lavina Osborne. 

1. William* Samuels, born ; married Dorcas Ticknor. 

2. Bemis* Samuels, born ; married Fannie Stover. 

3. Thomas* Samuels, born ; married secondly, Ora Sayers. No issue. 

4. Kate* Samuels, born ; married Charles Martin. 

218 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

James= Samuels, born ; married Wise. 

1. James^ Samuels, born . 

2. Hiram^ Samuels, born - 

3. William^ Samuels, born . 

4. Frank^ Samuels, born . 

.5. Tliursey^ Samuels, born . 

6. Ann^ Samuels, born : married Phillip Miller. 

7. Louise-' Samuels, born : married Samuel Nickols: had famil}^ 

8. Caleb^ Samuels, born . 

9. Louis^ Samuels, born . 

10. John^" Samuels, born . 

11. Henrys Samuels, born . 

12. Maria^ Samuels, born : married Cyrus Benell. 

6. * Samuels, born : married John Crawford. 

7. John- Samuels, born February 8, 1786. near Deatsville, Nelson county, Ky. : married 

Rachael, daughter of Martin and Anna (Funk) Kurtz, who was born near Deatsville, 
Ky.. May 2. 17it4, and died February 27, 1869: he died July 31, 1853. 

1. Wilson^ Samuels, born : married Martha Stoner: residence Samuels, Ky. 

1. William B.* Samuels, born ; married Mary James. 

2. Mary* Samuels, born : married Pence: has large family. 

3. Isabella" Samuels, born : married Donald J. Pence: no issue. 

4. Nettie' Samuels, born : married Miles: has large family. 

.5. Alexander P.-* Samuels, born . 

6. Augusta' Samuels, born : deceased. 

2. Sexton Robert^ Samuels, born March 19, 1817; married Mary A. C. Barger; re- 

sides Cane Spring, Ky. 

1. JohnMcElroy* Samuels, born.October 19, 1846: married, firstly, March 26, 
1862, Angle B. Patterson, who was born April 29. 1849, and died August 10, 
1886, at Terre Haute. Ind. He married, secondly. February 2, 1892, Lilly 
A. Davidson. 

1. Ladda= Samuels, born June 4, 18C9: married Phillip Best. 

1. Bruce'5 Best, born 1890. 

2. John'' McElroy Samuels, jr., born January 28, 1872. 

3. Delia= Genevieve Samuels, born June 24, 1879. 

4. Roberts Kinsley Samuels, born Mav. 1862. 

3. Wakefield Martin-' Samuels, born near Deatsville. Nelson county, Ky., February 

17, 1821; married November 12, 1844, Sarah Lewis, daughter of John Samuels 
and Rachael (Kurtz) Stoner, of Nelson county, Ky.: died January 8, 1897. He 
was a merchant and nurseryman, and resided at Nelson, Burksville, and Clin- 
ton, Ky. 

1. Alice Finetta* Samuels, born November 10, 1845; died January 12, 1873, 

Burksville, Ky. 

2. John Michael-* Samuels, born February 26, 1848, at Burksville, Ky.; mar- 

ried November 16, 1886, Virginia Priest, daughter of Dr. George and 
Viola (Whayne) Beeler, of Clinton county. Ky.. who was born Septem- 
ber 20, 1861. He is a nurseryman, and has resided at Clinton, Ky.. 
Shreveport, La.. St. Louis, Mo., and Chicago, 111. He was chief of the 
department of horticulture, of the World's Exposition, in Chicago, in 

1. Lovola-"' Samuels, born April 10, 1895. Clinton, Ky. 

3. George Wilson* Samuels, born July 23, 18.50: died August 26, 1878, at Clin- 

ton, Ky. 

4. Kate Rachael* Samuels, born September 4, 18.55; married September 37, 

1877, Smith R. Taylor. 

1. Sarah Perry ° Taylor, born . 

2. Bradie'' Taylor, born . 

3. Smith R." Taylor, born . 

4. John Wakefield" Taylor, born . 

5. George H.'' Taylor, born . 

6. Minnie'^ Taylor, born . 

7. Robert'^ Taylor, born . 

5. Mary Bradie* Samuels, born April 29, 18.59: married May —, 1893, to William 

W. Kemp. 
1. Walker'^ Kemp, born . 

6. Wakefield Burrus* Samuels, born November 25, I860: resides at Ardmore, 


7. Ida Clay* Samuels, born September 15, 1865; died September 18, 1866. 

8. Minnie* Samuels, born August 4. 1867. 

4. James C.-^ Samuels, born May 18, 1830; married Francis Newboldt. 

1. Alma* Samuels, born . 

2. Preston B.* Samuels, born . 

.5. John Goodlet^" Samuels, born May 18, 1830; married Clara Pinckney Bullock, 
Clinton, Ky. 

1. Edward Bullock Samuels, born December 25, 1871; residence, Kentucky 

and Texas: 

2. John G. Samuels, born December 1, 1873. 

3. Clara Samuels, born October 14, 1876; died in infancy. 

4. Thomas D. Samuels, born December 18, 1878. 

6. Mary Samuels, born : died in infancy. 

7. Fenetta Elizabeth Samuels, born February 28, 1828: married March 4, 1841, to 

Alexander Sayers, Deatsville, Ky. 

10. .JOHN^ Wakefield {MattheiD,^ Bohert^), son of Matthew and 

Bridget (Banks) Wakefield, was born February 3, 1757; resided in 

county, Penn.; married , 1786, Elizabeth Alexander, who was born in 

Third Generation. 219 

1768, in Kishacoquillas valley, Penn., and moved to Nelson county, Ky., in 
1787. In emigTating on this long- journey through the wilderness, their per- 
sons, provisions, cooking- utensils, and other effects, were transported on 
horseback. The "long- pot" which was thus carried from Pennsylvania is 
still preserved as a relic by their grandson, Marcus A. Wakefield. Twenty 
miles north of Bardstown, on Ashes creek, they purchased one thousand 
acres of as productive land as any in Kentucky, densely covered with beau- 
tiful timber of poplar, walnut, oak, hickory, ash, etc. 

Here, in the midst of Indians, they built their first house, in the form 
of a fort, of heavy logs. The doors and floors of this primitive dwelling- 
were of "puncheons,'' hewn from timber with the axe; the most fashionable 
furniture, also, was split from some suitable tree, and the shell of a hickory 
served as a cradle to rock their firstborn child. The father carried his rifie 
when he went to work, and in his absence the wife and children kept the 
doors closed with strong bars, for protection against the savag-es. For 
many years they experienced the dang-ers, privations, and Inconveniences 
peculiar to pioneer settlers in those early times. There was neither shoj), 
store, postoffice, school, or church within a long distance of home, and trav- 
eling- through the wilderness was difficult and dangerous. 

As Christians and Presbyterians worthy of their Scottish ancestry, as 
soon as there was sufficient assistance they aided in the erection of the 
first Presbyterian church in that region, called the "Big Spring- Presbyte- 
rian church." For want of wagons, the hewn logs had to be drag-g-ed to- 
gether out of the woods. But the people, hungry for the bread of life, were 
willing- to work, and without architects, and with an incredibly small 
amount of money, they completed their sanctuary, and made it resound 
with the voice of prayer, praise, and the preaching- of the word. John 
Wakefield died in 1812, aged ;")4 years. His wife, Elizabeth Wakefield, died 
in 1842, aged 74 years. Having survived her husband for thirty years, she 
remained a widow, on the old homestead, having charge of the younger 
children, left fatherless between the ages of three and sixteen years. 


28.— 1. Matthew, born October 34, 1788: married , 1809, Rebecca Heady; 

married, secondly, Mary Russell. He died in 1871. 
39 2. James Alexander, born July 16. 1790: married, firstly, Elizabeth Heady, 

in 1813; married, secondly, Milvilla Brown. 

30.-3. William Banks, born March 32, 1793: married , Charlotte Heady. 

31.— 4. Roseann Alexander, born July 37. 1794: died in 1810. 

33 5. Bridget, born July 19. 1796: married . 1825. to Culbertson Glass. 

33 6. John, born June 10. 1798: died , aged 33 years. 

34 7. Joseph, born June 20, 1800: died . aged 10 years. 

35.-8. Robert, born September 3, 1803: married , Hannah Glass. 

36 9. Elizabeth, born October 33, 1804; married September — , 1833, to John 

Cain: died April 6, 1870 
37 10. Reed Alexander, born February 20, 1806; married to Eliza Snyder; died 

June 4, 1854. 
38 11. Mary Samuels, born August 22, 1809: married , to William Taggart. 


I. John Alexander, the first American ancestor of this family, was born in Scotland 
about the year 1700. "He was a son of Thomas Alexander, a prominent man in r^anarlc 
from 1710 and upwards." He married Margaret, daughter of Ronald Glasson, of the city of 
Glasgow. He emigrated first to County Armagh, Ireland, and after residing there for a 
few years he came to America in 1737: this two-fold emigration was probably occasioned 
by the persecutions to which the Presbyterians were subjected to. first in Scotland and 
later in Ireland. He landed at Philadelphia or New Castle, Del., and made this first set- 
tlement in West Nottingham, Chester county. Pa. After a few years they removed first 
to the neighborhood of Carlisle, and afterwards to the vicinity of Chambersburg, in 
Franklin county, Pa. He and his wife were supposed to have died at the latter place. 
His son: 

II. James Alexander, second son, was born about the year 1726, being about ten years 
old when his father removed from Ireland. Having removed with his fathers family to 
Cumberland county. Pa.: he there married Rosey, daughter of Robert Reed and his wife, 
whose maiden name was Garner or Gardiner. Rosey R. Alexander died in 1792. James 
Alexander, a man remarkable for energy and enterprise, determined to explore the in- 
terior valleys and become the founder of a new settlement. After a dangerous journey 
of eighty to a hundred miles northward through forests and water gaps in mountain 
ranges along the Susquehanna and Juniata rivers, and along the roaring Kishacoquillas, 
along the midst of the beautiful valley from Jacks mountain to Stone mountain, he in 1755 
laid his warrant on a thousand acres of land. Then he returned to the region of Carlisle 
and removed his family and effects on backs of horses to his new location. He cleared 
and ■cultivated his land. James Alexander served in the Commissary department of 
Washington's army at Valley Forge in the memorable winter of 1777-8. For these ser- 

220 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

vices lie received 1600 acres of land, which he located in Clearfield county, Pa. He died 
in 1791, and was buried at the brick Presbyterian church of West Kishacoquillas. Among 
his children was: 

III. Elizabeth, who was born in 1768, and married, 1786, John Wakefield. (Compiled 
from the Alexander Genealogy.) 

15. Matthew^ Wakefield {Matthew,'^ Eohert^), son of Matthew and 

Wakefield, was born April 24, 1771. Resided on .Juniata River, Penn., 

and Nelson county, Ky. He married, January 20, 1894, Ruth Brown. Also 
resided Shepardsville, Ky. 


39.— 1. John, born February 5,1801: married March 12, 1839, Litta Ann Fleet; 

died January 8, 1879. 
40 — 2. Samuel, born March .5, 1804; died 18-12. 
41 — 3. Henry, born April 5, 1807; died , 1850. 

16. Major William^ Wakefield {Malthew,'^ EoherO), son of Matthew 

and Wakefield; born September 28, 1773. Resided in Nelson county, 

Ky., and died there June, 1828. He was a farmer. He was major Kentucky 
militia and participated in many battles of the war of 1812, and later was a 

member oi the House, of Kentucky Legislature. He married Abii,'-ail 

Huston, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Brown) Huston. 


43.— 1. Matthew F., born July 16, 1816: died , 1886: married Milly Ann Mc- 


43 — 2. Mary Samuels, born October 29, 1817: died , 1858. 

44.-3. John Huston, born September 29, 1819. 

45.-4. Elizabeth, born January 1, 1822. 

46 — 5. William, born June 9, 1824; married September 18. 1851. Louisiana 

Wakefield; married, secondly. March 9, 1859, Emmarilla Blackwell. 
47 — 6. James, born February 26, 1826; died , 1876. 

J}fote. — Major William Wakefield so distinguished himself at the battle of New Orleans, 
that Gen. Jackson, in his general orders, after the battle, made special mention of his 
gallantry. A copy of said orders is now in the possession of his descendants. 

17. Andrew^ Wakefield {Andrew,^ Bohert^), son of Andrew and 
Margaret (Reddick) Wakefield; born May 5, 1765. He emigrated to 
America from Donegal, Ireland, in 1783. He married January 3, 1793, 
Margaret Campbell, who was born December 16, 1772, in Franklin county, 
Penn., and died in 1855. After his marriage he immediately removed to 
Nelson county, Ky., where he had previously prepared a rural home. The 
journey was made on pack horses. In 1803, he removed with his family to 
Crosby township, Hamilton county, Ohio, where he remained until his 
death. He died there June 23, 1828. 


48 — 1. Esther, born October 16, 1793; married Joel Scrogin, of Hamilton, Ohio, 

later Iowa. 

49.-2. William, born February 9, 1795; married , Loury: died May 7, 1855. 

50.— 3. Daniel, born February 8. 1797; a bachelor; died August 13, 1851. 

51 — 4. Andrew, born April 12, 1799: died May 30, 1848. Settled in Ft. Wayne Ind. 

53.-5. John, born .September 4, 1802; married , Mary E. Norman: died 

October 16, 1868. 
53 — 6. Campbell, born February 11, 1804; married , Mary Elder; died June 

5, 1887. 
54.-7. Hannah, born March 2, 1807: married May 18, 1826. David Elder; died 

September 2, 1886. 
55 — 8. Elizabeth, born March 11, 1809, in Hamilton county, Ohio. She died 

August 11, 1834. 
56.-9. Mary, born Februrary 28, 1812: married Lewis; died December?, 

57 — 10. Joseph, born March 18, 1815; married April 20, 1837. Nancy Long; died 

October 7, 18.55. 

Fourth Generation. 221 


20. Thomas^ Wakefield {David,^ Bohert,- Bohert^), son of BRvid a.nd 

Mary (Wade) Waketield; born ; married Elizabeth Morton, neice 

of John Morton, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He 
was a Revolutionjiry soldier. 


58.— 1. Robert, born : married his aunt. Mary Waketield. 

59 2. JAME8, born April -Jo. 1787; married, firstly, Martha Moore; married, sec- 
ondly, Susan Sanderson. He died August 31, 184(5. 

60 3. John, "born ; married, firstly, Mary Bracken ; married, secondly, . 

61 1. Thomas, born ; married Elizabeth Haymaker. 

63.-5. David Wade, born February 3, 1796; married, firstly, Susanna Wilson; 
married, secondly, August 25, 1818, Mrs. Kate Conrad. He died Decem- 
ber 18, 1878. 

63 6. Samuel, born : married Elizabeth Hough. 

64.-7. Mary, born ; married Dill Sanderson. 

65 — 8. Elizabeth, born ; married JohnMcNutt. 

66 9. Catherine, born ; married Dr. John Farrell. 

iVb/f'.— Revolutionarv service of Thomas Wakefield, Thomas Wakefield enlisted in 
the Continental army under General Washington, from Chester county, Penn., and 
among other services, he spent the terrible winter, that so much tried men's souls, at 
Valley Forge. 

21. Rev. James* Wakefield (David,^ Bobert,^ Robert^), son of David 
and Mary (Wade) Wakefield: born November 11, 1767; married October 9, 
1796, Mary Clark, who was born August 5, 1778; and who died October 13, 1844. 
He died February 28, 1840. Residence, Indiana county, Penn. James Wake- 
field was the first Methodist minister in Indiana county. 


67.— 1. William, born November 10. 1797; married Elizabeth Hough. 

68 — 2. Thomas C, born December 15, 1799; married June 28, 1828, Margaret 

69.-3. Mary, born April 3, 1802; died in infancy. 
70 — 4. Ruth, born September 23, 1803; married January 23, 1829, John Rogers, 

who died January 8, 1837. She died January 8.1857. 
71 — 5. Elizabeth L., born March 3. 1806: died February 28, 18.55; unmarried. 
73 — 6. Margaret, born December, 1808; married May 1, 1828, Geo. W. Kern; died 

August. 188.5. 
73 — 7. Martha, born December 23. 1811; married July 15. 1830, Amos B. Davis. 
74.-8. James K., born April 6. 1813: married February 16, 1837, Susanna Hughes; 

died February 28, 1840. 
75 — 9. John W., born 1815; died February 15. 1849; unmarried. 
76.-10. Mary, born 1817; married John Gladfalter. 
77.-11. Lucinda, born 1820: married Hugh Parker; died January 25, 1867. 

22. JOHN^ Wakefield (David,^ Bohert,^ Bohert^}, son of David and 
Mary (Wade) Wakefield: born ; married , 1803, Elizabeth New- 
Ion, or White, who, according to tradition, nursed him, at a hotel in 
Dublin, while there on a visit, in 1804. We have no definite records of his 
childrne, but those appended are assumed to belong there, as their 
descendants claim descent from David, ^ and the place assigned them is 
the only one not otherwise provided for by other family records. 


78.-1. WILLIAM, born about 1765, at Wakefield. N.C. ; married about 1792, to 

Diana Varner: died about 1830. 
79 — 2. Henry, born ■: married ; died . 

23. Jeremiah* Wakefield (Dai-id,^ Bohert,^ Robert*); born ; 

married, to Isabella Lynn; he was married twice after, but it is not known 
to whom. 


80 — 1. Jeremiah, born January 19. 1810; married in 1834, to Mary ; died. 1891. 

24. David* Wakefield (TJarid,^ Bobert,^ Bobert^), son of David and 
Mary (Wade) Wakefield; born October 11, 1778; married, Jennie G. Garna- 
han; died September 16, 1844: he lived and died in Indiana county, and it 
was at his house his father and mother died, and on his farm they were 
buried; he was born in Path Valley, Perry county, Penn; his wife was 
a daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth Carnahan. 

222 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 


81 1. John W.. born April 10,1806, in Indiana county, Penn. ; removed to 

Indianola county, Iowa; married. Fannie Byers; died, January 13, 1873. 
83 2. Elizabeth, born August 24, 1808; married, Jacob Gamble; died February 

28, 18n9. 
83 3. Mary, born January 4, 1812, in Indiana county, Penn.; married, George 

Gamble; died May 21, 1880. 
84 4. James, born June 18, 1814; married, Cynthia Palmer; farmer; resided 

Indiana county, Penn.; died February 18, 1888. 
85 5. Jane, born June 10, 1818, in Indiana county, Penn. ; married William 

Palmer; died December 19, 1892. 
86.-6. Thomas, born March 19, 1821. 
87.— 7.— JEREMIAH, born April 19, 1823; farmer: married, Lucinda Palmer, in 

Indiana county, Penn.; died September 27, 1887. 

88 8. Caroline, born October 7, 1825; died April 4, 1889. 

89 9. Thomas P., born September 10, 1829; married. Anna Sides; died January 

27, 186.5. 

25. Joanna-* Wakefield (Bavid,'^ Bohert,- lioberi^), daughter of 

David and Mary (Wade) Wakefield; born ; married William Carroll, 

a nephew of Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, Va., a signer of the Declaration 
of Independence. Resided in the Wolf Creek settlement, in Mercer county, 
where her mother died. William Carroll moved west in an early day. She 
had a son William who was a Methodist minister and a member of Erie con- 

28. Matthew* Wakefield {John,^ Matthew,^ Robert^), son of John 
and Elizabeth (Alexander) Wakefield, born October 24, 1788, in Nelson 

county, Kentucky. Residence, county. Pa. He married Rebecca 

Heady, in 1809, who was born February 4, 1786. He was a soldier in the 
war of 1812, and in the battle of Tippecanoe. She died September 22, 1835. 
He married, secondly, Mary Russell, who died in 1873. He died in 187L 

children by first wife. 

90 1. James Heady, born August 30, 1810; married Mary Taggart. 

91 2. Elnora, born August 30, 1810; married William Sneider. 

93 3. Elizabeth, born December, 1811 : died August 28, 1813. 

93.-4. Jane, born April 8, 1813; died January 12, 181.5. 

94.-5. Mahala, born October 8, 1814; married William Vilet. 

95 6. Marcus A., born June 28. 1816; married Belle Wakefield. 

96.-7. W B.. born June 8, 1819; died August 27, 18,35. 

97 8. James Banks, born June 8, 1819; married March 3, 1844, Roseann Cain; 

died March 24, 18.51. 

98.-9. T S., born May 7, 1821; died August 27, 183.5. 

99 10. M W., born December 28, 1822: married , Christina Schneider. 

100 11. Robert A., born January 22. 1825; died August 1, 183,5. 

101.-12. Stillwell Heady, born February 24, 1829; married January 18, 1848, Ann 

M. Taggart. 
103 — 13. William Banks, born August 24, 1831; died , 183.5. 

29. Hon. James Alexander^ Wakefield {John,^ Matthew,^ Bohert^), son 
of John and Elizabeth (Alexander) Wakefield, born July 16, 1790, in Nelson 
county, Ky. He was a man of strong mind and of great physical power. 
He was for many years clerk of the county and circuit courts of Spencer 
county, Ind., and a member of the legislature of Kentucky, from Spen- 
cer county in that state. He married, in 1813, Elizabeth Heady, of Nelson 

county, Ky., who was born , and died in 1833, in Indiana. He married 

secondly, Milvilla Brown. 

children by first wife. 
103 1. John, born April 2.5, 1814; a retired merchant; unmarried; resides 

Bowling Green, Ky. 

104 2. Louisa, born September 6, 1816; died young. 

105 3. Ellen, born July 20, 1817; died young. 

106 4. Elizabeth A., born July 19. 1819; married John McRocklin; died m 1870. 

107.-5. James H., born August 14, 1821; married, firstly. Sarah Wills: married, 

secondly, Elizabeth Mann: married, thirdly, Mary Bures. 

108 6. Indiana, born July 2, 1824; married Hilliard Brown. 

109 7. Louisanna, born October 15, 1826; died April 27, 1858; married William 


children by second wipe. 

no.— 8. Ben,jamin Hardin, born October 28, 1835; died ; aged 22 years. 

Ill 9. HiLLiAKD Brown, born March 9, 1838; married Amanda Dance. 

113.-10. Zerelda, born July 8, 1840; unmarried. 

113.-11. Mary Elizabeth, born September 18, 1842; unmarried. 

114.— 12. William H., born September 11, 1844; died January 1, 1875; married 
Georgie Millen. 

115. -13. Joseph C born January 31, 1847; married : has one child: re- 
sides Bullitt count3% Ky. 

Fourth Generation. 223 

30. William Banks-* Wakefield (John,^ Matthew,^ Eohert^), son of 
John and Elizabeth (Alexander) Wakefield; born March 22, 1792, in Nelson 
county, Ky. He married , Charlotte Heady. 


116.— 1. Heady, born : married Emily Young. A blacksmith; has three 

children, and resided in Washington county, Ky. 
117.— 2. Louisa, born : married to John Froman." Both died in Texas, 

where their only child lives. 
118.-3. Ellen Heady, born : married to Thomas Graham, a blacksmith, 

residing in Louisville. Ky. She died, and left five children. 
119 i. ROBERT, born ; married Henrietta Smith. Have one child, and 

reside in Bullitt county, Ky. 
130 5. Elizabeth, born ; married to Frank Smith. Have eight children. 

Reside in Bullard county, Kv. 
131 6. Samuel, born ; married twice; has two children by second wife. 

Resides in Bullitt county, Ky. 
133.-7. Charlotte, born ; married to John Triers. Resides in Louisville, 

Ky. No children. 
133.— 8. Lois, born ; married - — — Heady, who died , and she resides 

in Bullitt county, Ky. No children. ' 
134 9. Rebecca, born — -— : married to Benjamin Chickering, grocer; three 

children. Resides at Louisville, Ky. 

32. Bridget* Wakefield (John,^ ^fatthew,- BoherV) daughter of John 
and Elizabeth (Alexander) Wakefield: born July 19, 1796, in Nelson county, 

Ky.; married , 1825, to Culbertson Glass. They lived in Spencer county, 

Ky., until 1850, when they removed to Todd county, Ky. 


1. Elizabeth Alexander' Glass born ; married John McClain of Todd county, Ky. 

Their only child is Ida Biddy McClain, 

2. Margaret* Glass, born ; died young. 

3. James'^ Glass, born ; married Tabitha Dobins of Todd county, Ky. Issue: Lula, 

James, Greene, John, Robert, and Lizzie McClain. 

4. John Wakefield^ Glass, born ; married. firstlj% October 9, 1855, Elizabeth Wake- 

field; married, secondly, November 14, 1864, Bridget J. Wakefield, sister of his de- 
ceased wife. He is a merchant; resides Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

1. Hannah BelP born October 10, 18.56. 

2. Sarah Bridget^ Glass, born August 30, 1859. 

3. Robert Ela^ Glass, born ; died an infant. 

4. Elizabeth Wakefield^ Glass, born ; died in infancy. 

5. Culbertson^ Glass, born ; married Winnie Small. A farmer of Todd county, Ky. 

One child. 

35. Robert* Wakefield (Jolin,^ Matthew,- Robert'^), son of John and 
Elizabeth (Alexander) Wakefield; born September 3, 1802; resides in Spen- 
cer county, Ky. He married , Hannah Glass. 


135.-1. Margaret bell, born October 30, 1831; married . to Marcus Alex- 
ander Wakefield. 

136 — 2. Elizabeth, born June 10, 1833; married October 9, 1855, to John Wake- 
field Glass. 

137.-3. John, born November 2, 1834: married Bettie .Small. Have one child. 

138 — 4. Bridget Jane, born November 6, 1836; married November 14, 1864, to 
John Wakefield Glass. 

139.-5. James Glass, born September 28, 1838; married — — , to Wake- 
field, daughter of Robert Wakefield. No children. Resides in Bullitt 
county, Ky. 

36. Elizabeth* Wakefield {John,^ Matthew,^ Bobcrt^), daug-hter of 
John and Elizabeth (Alexander) Wakefield, was born October 23, 1804. Re- 
sided in Spencer county, Ky. She married, September — , 1822, John Cain. 
She died April 6, 1870. 

1. Rosanna Wakefield^ Cain, born July 15, 1823; married, firstly. March 3, 1844, to John B. 
Wakefield; married, secondly, to John M. Snyder, of Spencer county. Ky. He was a 

children by first marriage. 

1. James W.^ Wakefield, born August?. 1846. 

2. Mary E.= Wakefield, born January 26, 1849. 

children by second marriage. 

3. John H.^ Snyder, born May 26, 1854. 

4. Susan Elizabeth^ Snyder, born November 2, 1856. 

5. Charles N.^ Snyder, born January 4. 1858: died October 10, 18.58. 

6. Matthew W.= Snyder, born October 29, 1860. 

7. Rosanna Ellen-^ Snyder, born January 17, 1862. 

8. Harvey B.^ Snvder, born October 14. 186.5. 

9. Henderson B.^ Snyder, born October 14, 1865. 

10. Edward Calvin^ Snyder, born November 10, 1867: resides in Graj'son county, Ky. 

224 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

2. Nancy = Cain, born November 11. 1824. 

3. John= Wakefield Cain, born November 5. 1826. 

4. Elizabeth W.- Cain, born September 29. 1828. 

5. MaryAnn=Cain. born April 20, 1830; married . to James Hoglan. Their children were: 

Abram. John. Amos. Elizabeth. Susan. Joseph, James, Milvilla, Nancy, Rebecca, and 
Isaac Hoglan. 

6. Jane N.^ Cain, born Mav 20, 1832. 

7. Samuel M.= Cain, born September 26, 1833; married .Boil; had one daughter, 

Harriet Cain. 

8. Sarah Eliza- Cain, born November 21, 183.5; married, firstly, to Robert H. Mason, who 

was born May 24, 1834; married, secondlv, in 1859. to Richard Thoma.s Mason, brother 
of her first husband; he died in 1865, and she was married, thirdly, to Daniel 
Priestly Bratcher. 


1. Samuel Thomas^ Mason, born December 9, 1856. 

2. Eliza Ann^ Mason, born April 5, 1858; married John A. King, September 24, 1874; 

resides Grayson county, Ky. 

1. Panola^ King, born July 5, 1875. 

3. Charles William^ Mason, born November 10, 1859. 

4. Richard Tilford= Mason, born September 10, 1863. 

5. John Robert Lee^" Mason, born October 8. 1865. 

9. Susan Morath^ Cain, born March 24, 1838: married , in Grayson county. Ky.; issue, 

three children at one birth, after which the mother and children died within 
seventy days: died March 23, 1873. 

10. Charles P. 2 Cain, born July 24, 1840; married, September 13, 1866, Adaline Wilson; 

resides, Grayson county, Ky. 

1. Susan M.'^ Cain, born October 14, 1867. 

2. Mason Lee^ Cain, born January 16, 1869. 

3. Alphonso B.= Cain, born November 1, 1871. 

4. Ellis^ Cain, born October 10, 1873. 

11. James W.^ Cain, born October 15. 1842. 

12. Matthew W.* Cain, born July 1. 1815: resides, Grayson county, Ky., with his father. 
1.3. Michael S.^ Cain, born July 1, 184.5. 

14. Milvilla^ Cain, born March 15, 18.50; has resided with her father, in Grayson county. Ky. 

37. Reed Alexander* Wakefield (John,^ Matthew,'^ Eohert^), son 
of John and Elizabeth (Alexander) Wakefield; born February 20, 1806; 
resided, Spencer county, Ky.; married , Eliza Snyder. 


130 1. Matthew, born June 21. 18:35; married , of Missouri; 

has one child living in that state. He was murdered while crossing 

the plains. 

1 31 2. James William, born November 14, 1836; married , Susan Canada. 

133 3. Elvira, born December 30, 1838; married . 

133.— 4. Mary Bell, born November 6. 1842; married , Thomas Canada. 

Has four children. 
134 5. Emily, born February 10, 1845; married Bracher. of Grayson 

county, Ky. One child. 

38. Mary Samuels* Wakefield (Jo/hi, =» Matthew,^ Eohert^), daughter 
of John and Elizabeth (Alexander) Wakefield, was born August 22, 1809: 
resided Smileytown, Spencer county, Ky. She was the only surviving child 
of John and Elizabeth Wakefield; has lived to see five generations, includ- 
ing her own. She married , William Taggart. 


1. James= Taggart, son of William and Mary S. (Wakefield) Taggart, was born January 7, 

1840: he married October 28, 1869. Susan E. Carithers; resides Shelbyville, Ky. 
1. Lillie Pearle^ Taggart, born June 10. 1876. 

2. John Alexander^ Taggart, born December 8, 1842; unmarried; resides Louisville, Ky.; 

in the firm of Hughes, Gosler & Co. 

3. Robert Douds= Taggart, born February 14, 1845; unmarried; resides Smileytown, Spen- 

cer county, Ky. 

39. JOHN* WAKEFIELD {Matthew,^ Matthew,^ Bobert'^), son of Matthew 
and Ruth (Brown) Wakefield, was born February 15, 1801, at Shepardsville, 
Ky. Resided Russell ville, Morganfield, and Bowling Green, Ky.; he mar- 
ried March 12, 1839, Litta Ann Fleet; married, secondly, ; he was 

a farmer. 


135 1. Francis, born July 19. 1840. 

136 2. Mary Belle, born , 1844: died , 1885. 

137.— 3. Alice, born 1849: died , 1886. 

138.-4. Annie, born , 1842: died , 1871. 

149 5. John, born April 21. 1848: died July 13. 1896: married January 10. 1888, 

Kate Quigley. 

140 — 6. Fleet, born , 1852: died in infancy. 

141.-7. Nannie, born , 18.52. 

Fourth Generation. 


42. Dr. Matthew P.* Wakefield (William,^ Matthew,^ Robert^), son 
of William and Abigail (Huston) Wakefield, was born July 16, 1816. He 
was a physician, and resided at Savanna, Andrew county. Mo. He married 
Milly Ann, daughter of Col. James and Martha Shepherd (Peter) McDonald, 
of Washington county, Ky. She was born in 1822, and died in 1858. 


133 — 1. Samuel Bell, born 

resides San Francisco. Cal. 


Bij Browiiliiq, Third Edition, IS!)4. 

I. Robert II, King ot Scotland, married Lady Elizabeth IMure. 

II. Princess Margeret Stewart, married Eoin Mor MacDonnell, as his second wife. 
Lord of the Aebudse Isles; died 1387. 


III. Eoin-oge MacDonnell, the hero of Sir Walter Scott's Lord of the Isles. (See 
O'Donovan's '-Four Masters," p. 1641.) Married Lady Margery, daughter of Mac-Eoin Bis- 
sett, of the Glinns. Antrim. 

IV. Marcach MacDonnell, of the Glinns, born 1397; married , a daughter of 

Okenyan (OCahan or Buchanan), Lord of Dun-Severn. 

V. Tirlough Mor MacDonnell, of the Glinns: died 143.5; married . 

VI. Tirlough Oge MacDonnell, the first of the MacDonnells to settle in Lelnster, 
where thej' afterwards formed three Septs. Married -. 

VII. Donough MacDonnell, of Leinster, slain in Leix, 1504: married . 

VIII. P3oin Learrach MacDonnell. of Leinster, married . 

IX. Tirlough MacDonnell, of Leinster. married . 

X. Calvaugh MacDonnell, Lord of Tenekille. who died June 18. 1.570: married . 

XI. Hugh Buidhe MacDonnell. married Mary Moore. Lt)rd of the Manors of Tene- 
kille and Ballebrassel, Queen's county, Ireland: born 1.546: died August 31, 1618. 


226 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

XII. Brian MacDonnell, younger son, married- 

XIII. Alexander MacDonnell, "the Constable of Wichlow,'" and commander of the 
gallow-glasses in 1641; married , daughter of Thomas Archibald, of Wicklow. 

XIV. Lieut. Bryan McDonald, of Arklow, county of Wicklow; married Mary Doyle, 
daughter of John Doyle, of Arklow. He served in the army of King James II, and in 
1691. removed with his family to America and settled in Mill Creek, Hundred New Castle 
countv. Del., where he purchased six hundred acres of land from Penn. Died 1707. 

XV. Bryan McDonald, fourth son, removed about 17,53, to Botetourt county, Va. ; 
married Catherine : died 1757. 

XVI. Joseph McDonald, of Greenfield, near Blacksburg, Montgomery county, Va., 
fourth son; born April i. 1723: married Elizabeth Ogle. He died 1809. 

XVII. Maj. Richard McDonald, of Macksville, Washington county, Ky., fifth son; 
born 1763; married Mary Long Martin. He died February 10, 1809. 

XVIII. Col. James McDonald, of Sacramento, Cal., born December 16, 1797; died 
March 16,186.5; member of Kentucky state legislature; he married, September 19,1819, 
Martha Shejiard Peter, daughter of Jesse and Milly Peter, of Washington county, Ky. 

XIX. Milly Ann McDonald, ninth child, born 1833; died 1858; married Dr. Matthew 
F. Wakefield, of Savanna, Andrew county. Mo. 

XX. Samuel Bell Wakefield, of San Francisco, Cal. 

46. Hon. William* Wakefield, M.D. ( William,^ Matthew,'^ Bohert^), son 
of William and Abigail (Huston) Wakefield; born June 9, 1824, in Nelson 
county, Ky. Resided Montg'omery county, Ind., Nelson county Ky., and 
Humboldt, Allen county, Kan. He was raised on a farm. He served as 
surgeon of theOth regiment Kansas volunteer cavalry during the late war. 
He was a member of the Kansas legislature in 1873. He graduated in 
medicine from University of Louisville,- Ky., March 18.59; married, firstly, 
September 18, 1851, Louisianna Wakefield, daughter of James and Eliza- 
beth (Heady) Wakefield, who was born October 15, 1826, and died April 27, 
1858; married, secondly, March 9, 1859, Emmarilla Blackwell, daughter of 
Richard and Nancy (McKee) Blackwell. 


143 — 1. Elizabeth, born May 9, 1854, in Greencastle, Ind. 
144.-2. William, born June 18, 1854, in Kansas City Mo. 
145.— 3. James, born July 4, 1860. 

146 4. Franklin, born December 6. 1862: died November 12. 1885. 

147.-5. Mary Alice, born December 19. 1864; died November 21, 1893. 
148.— 6. Abigail, born December 21, 1866. 

149 7. JOHN, born October 9, 1868. 

150 8. Emma, born November 2. 1870. , 

151.-9. Louisanna, born December 34, 1872: died August 27, 1884. 
152 — 10. Elbert, born December 2, 1874. 
153.-11. Margaret, born November 11, 1876. 
154 — 12. Grace, born July 16, 1879. 

52. .John* Wakefield {Andrew,'^ Andreio,- Bohert^), son of Andrew 
and Margaret (Campbell) Wakefield: born September 4, 1802; resided Nel- 
son county, Ky., Hamilton, Ohio, and Butler county, Ohio; married Febru- 
ary 22, 1827, Mary E. Norman. He died October 16, 1868. 


155 1. George Norman, born January 9. 1828; died ,1836. 

156.-2. David Sheridan, born May 3, 1830; died , 1833. 

157 — 3. Sarah Jane, born March 28. 1833: ■ married , 1857, to Isaac N. Lamb. 

158. — 4. Margaret, born April 29, 1837; married January 9, 1860, to Israel Wil- 

159.— .5. John Calvin, born September 4, 1840: unmarried. 

160 — 6. Mary Elizabeth, born August 13, 1844; married , to James M. 


161.— 7. ANDREW Campbell, born June 7, 1848: married , Elizabeth Schultz. 

63. Campbell** Wakefield (Andretv^, Andrew-, Bohert^), son of 
Andrew and Margaret (Campbell) Wakefield; born February 11, 1804, in 
Crosby township, Hamilton county, Ohio; married May 24, 1827, Margaret 
Elder, who was born December 19, 1803, in Franklin county, Penn. They 
were married in Whitewater township, Hamilton county, Ohio. In June, 
1835, Camxibell Wakefield came to McLean county, 111., settling in present 
location of Heyworth. He returned and moved his family the following 
October. He immediately engaged in farming, in which he was very suc- 
cessful, having accumulated 1,500 acres of land. He served two terms as 
justice of the jieace, receiving governmental appointments in 1840-41. He 
died June 5, 1887, in Heyworth, 111. 


163.— 1. John Elder, born May 10. 1838, in Crosbj' township, Hamilton count}', 
Ohio; married Catherine Turner. 

Fourth Generation. 


54. Hannah-* Wakefield {Andrew^, Andreic^, Eoherf^), daughter of 
Andrew and Margaret (Campbell) Wakefield; born March 2, 1807, in Franklin 
county, Penn.; settled in Hamilton county, Ohio: she married May 18, 1826, 
David Elder, who was born May 31, 1800, and died April 30, 1849. She died 
September 2, 1886, at Heyworth, 111. 


1. Mary Jane= Elder, born April 1, 1827; married December 24, 1844, to William Karr. 

2. William Wakefield^ Elder, born September 19, 1828; married February 14, 18.50, Amanda 

S. Rutledge; resides Bloomington, 111. 


3. Margaret Elizabeth ^^ Elder, born February 8, 1831; married February 15, 1848, to Joseph 

P. Karr; died September 12, 1895. 

4. Son, unnamed, born March 19, 1832; died March 26, 1832. 

5. Emaline Morrow^ Elder, born February 28, 1834: died April 22, 1865. 

6. John M.= Elder, born March 14, 1836: died March 1, 1837. 

7. Joseph M.^ Elder, born May 11, 1848; married October 17 

Bloomington, 111. 

8. James Campbell^ Elder, born March 21, 1846; married December 30, 

Thomas. He is clerk of the Circuit Court, and resides Bloomington, 111. 
1. William Cam.pbelP Elder, born January 31, 1871. 
" Frank WaketiekP Elder, born April 24. 1878. 
Herman Hains^ Elder, born November 19, 1880. 
Ann= Elder, born June 8, 1838; married June 7, 1858, O. C. Rutledge; died July 8, 

1872, Martha Wright; resides 

1869, Belle M, 



10. Andrew WakeflekP Elder, born August 27, 1840; died November 1, 1870. 

11. Charlotte Keturah^ Elder, born September 85, 1843; married January 25, 1877, Samuel 
R. Shannon; died May 14, 1887. 

228 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

67. Joseph McMacken^ Wakefield {Andrew^, Andrew^, Bohert^), son 
of Andrew and Margaret (Cami>bell) Wakefield: born March 18, 1815; resides 
Franklin county, Penn.; married April 20, 1837, Nancy Long, who was born 
February 20, 1816. He died October 7, 1855. Resided in Heyworth, 111. 


163 — 1. Elizabeth, born February 17. 1840; married March 3, 1863, to Dr. David 

Oliver Moore: resides Bloomington, 111. 
164 — 2. Milton Long, born November 17. 1841: resides Bloomington, 111. 
165 — 3. William Campbell, born 27, 1844: died October 2, 1815. 


58. Robert-' Wakefield (T/ioma.s,* JJavkl,^ liohert,^ EoberV), was 
born ; married his aunt, Mary Wakefield. 


166.— 1. James, born : married Martha Clark; married, secondly, Nancy 


167 — 2. Thomas, born , 1810; married Mary Clark: died in 1842. 

168 — 3. John F., born ■, 1812; married Susannah Garlic: died in 1854. 

169 — 4. Elizabeth, born : married to Alexander Elliott. 

59. James-'' Wakefield {Thomas,* David,^ Bobert,'^ Bohert^), son of 
Thomas and Elizabeth (Morton) Wakefield; born 1787; married, firstly, 
Martha Cooper; married, secondly, Susan Sanderson; died 1846. 


170.— 1. Abraham, born : married Ann Green'. 

171 — 2. David Cooper born March 23, 1815: married Eleanor Ananalt, Septem- 
ber 7, 1848: died December 28, 1864. 
172 — 3. Martha, born : died in infancy. 


173. — 4. Isaac, born ; married, firstly, Eliza Mean.s; married, secondly, 

Jane Means: married, thirdly, Ann Mean.s: three sisters. 

174 — 5. Jacob, born : married Emily Moor. 

175.-6. James, born — ■■ : married . 

176 — 7. Thomas, born ; married, Luella Atley. 

177 — 8. Harry, born ; married, Marv Jane Edgar. 

178 — 9. Martha Jane, born : marrie'd to William Wilson. 

179 — 10. Elizabeth Morton, born 1830: died 187?: married to Frank Thompson. 
180 — 11. JuIjIA Ann, born ; married to Andrew Tom Hoey. 

62. David Wade-"' Wakefield {Thomas.* David,^ Bohert,^ Boherf^), 
son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Morton) Wakefield; born February 3, 1796; 

married , 1818, Susanna Wilson: married, secondly, Mrs. Kate Conrad. 

He was born in Huntingdon county, Penn., and died in Indiana county, 
Penn., December 18, 1878. His first wife was a daughter of William Wilson, of 
Irish descent. He was a farmer, millwright, and contractor. 


181.-1. Minerva, born June 28, 1819; died June 12, 183.5. 

188 — 2. William, born April 29, 1820: died April 22, 1876; married Rodgers. 

183 — 3. Malvina, born April 16, 1823: married to Thomas Taylor. 

184.-4. Samuel, born December 4, 1824: died June 12, 1835. 

185 — 5. Caroline, born May 2, 1826; died October 10, 1827. 

186.-6. Henry Clinton, born December 7, 1828: married Martha J. Louther; 

married, secondly, Mrs. Mary Hice. 
187 — 7. Thomas Morton, born August 30, 1831; married Sarah Rodgers: married, 

secondly, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown. 
188.-8. David Seba, born January 15, 1834: married Tabitha Van Horn. 
189 — 9. Mary, born September 18, 1837: married to Elijah Taylor. 
190 — 10. Eliza, born June 10, 1839: died May 1, 1844. 
191 — 11. Alexander Elliott, born December 9, 1842; married 1869, Sarah E. 


63. Rev. Dr. Samuel^' Wakefield {Thomas,* David,'' Bohert,^ Bohert^) 
son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Morton) Wakefield, was born in Huntington 

Fifth Generation. 


county, Penn., March 6, 1799. When Samuel Wakefield was one year old, 
his father moved to Westmoreland county, and located three miles from 
* 1. ^ small Irish village. At a later date he moved farther west, and 


made a home in the wilderness. Though then but seven years of age, Sam- 
uel assisted in the cultivation of seventy acres of land. Owing to limited 
opportunities in early life, Samuel Wakefield was dependent for an educa- 

230 The Anglo-Irish- American Family. 

tion on his own efforts and capacity for independent self-acquirement of 
education. In this no one was more successful than he. Without instruct- 
ors and without tutors, he conducted for himself a systematic course of 
study, which he continued into the higher collegiate branches. In 1813, 
Dr. Wakefield, being then fourteen years of age, enlisted as a drummer boy 
in a company serving at Black Rock, near Erie, Penn., in the war then 
being waged against Great Britain. 

When seventeen years old he left home to make his own way in the 
world. His first effort was a subscription school, which he founded and 
successfully taught in Ligonier valley, near Fort Palmer. When eighteen 
years old he was licensed by the quarterly conference of the Methodist 
Episcopal church, in the bounds of the Pittsburg conference, as a local 
preacher. In this capacity he ministered for fourteen years. In 1834, he 
joined the Pittsburg conference. Prom this time he served in the regular 
ministry until 1880, when he was placed on the superannuated list. West 
Newton, Penn., was his last appointment, and there he continued his resi- 
dence until his death. He was a founder of a large part of the Methodist 
Episcopal churches throughout western Pennsylvania. He first began the 
services of his denomination in West Newton, and notwithstanding the 
opposition and coldness with which he and his people were received by 
other denominations, he continued his labors until he had established a 
flourishing society of Methodists in that place. 

Doctor Wakefield was a good Hebrew, Greek, and Latin scholar. His 
attainments in systematic theology were of a high order. He was the author 
of WakefielcV)^ Systematic Theology, first published about the close of the late 
rebellion, and which is recognized throughout the M. E. church as an au- 
thority. It is a text-book in several theological seminaries in his own 
church, besides being used as such in seminaries of other denominations. 
He also abridged and prepared for publication, Watson''s Theological Institutes, 
by request of the publishing committee of the M. E. Publishing House, of 
New York, but the committee, on learning that he was preparing his own 
work, above mentioned, did not publish the latter. In September, 1893, he 
prepared for press and published a volume of sermons entitled Gospel Tid- 
ings. Dr. Wakefield also published a work on moral philosophy, but on 
account of the increasing infirmity of years he did not publish it during his 
lifetime. He was also the author of a grammar of the English language, 
which bore his name, and which was declared by critics to be a work of 
decided merit, being also adopted as a text-book by many schools. 

His musical talents and tastes, which were of the finest quality, showed 
him the necessity of improvement in this important part of public worship: 
and so in his untiring industry and zeal, he set to work to remedy this defect, 
with the result that he prepared and published Wakefield's Sacred Music, in 
1828. He prepared in all, seven different works on music, as follows: Eccle- 
siastical Harmony, American Bepository of Sacred Music, Western Harp, Christian 
Harp, Minstrel of Zion, Sacred Choral, in German, and Select Melodies. These 
musical works have been universally popular in the Methodist churches of 
the United States. 

In addition to his literary and musical abilities, Dr. Wakefield possessed 
considerable mechanical genius, and this he also devoted to his church by 
constructing, with his own hands, the first pipe organ built west of the 
Alleghany mountains, and which is still in use in the Wakefield Chapel, at 
Uniontown, Penn. 

The Allegheny College conferred upon him, the honorary degrees of: 
D.D. in 1854, and LL.D. in 1856. 

On the 21st day of August, 1821, Rev. Samuel Wakefield was married 
to Miss Elizabeth Hough, of Westmoreland county, who died September 29, 
1894, being then in the 92d year of her age: he died Friday morning, Sep- 
tember 13, 1895, at the ripe age of 96 years, 6 months, and 7 da3fs. On the 
occasion of the golden wedding of David H. Wakefield, the New York 
World says: 

"Rev. Samuel Wakefield, his father, is one of the most wonderful men of the present 
century. His entire life has been one of activity. He has been minister, author, tailor, 
farmer, and representative of his district in the state senate. At the age of 94, he pub- 
lished a work upon 'The Art of Preaching." * * * Dr. Edward Everett Hale, years ago, 
recognized Dr. Wakefield's ability, and commented upon it in one of his works. Dr. 

Fifth Generation. 231 

Wakefleld was the earliest expounder of the theology of the Methodist church in North 
America, as Wesley was in England. He is the author of a work on rhetoric, and eight 
books on music. All his clothing was the product of his own skillful hands until after he 
had passed the four score milestone of life's journey. At 70 years he shod his own car- 
riage horses. He has made several violins and other musical instruments of excellent 
workmanship, which are now treasured as relics by various members of his family. In 
the early part of this century, Dr. Wakefield preached on a circuit of over three hundred 
miles. There were no railroad trains, and stage coaches did not pass except at long 
intervals, through the country which he had "to cover,' and which he did well cover. 
He rode to and fro on horseback, preaching every day in the week at different log 
cabins, to which the faithful for miles around would flock on foot, on horseback, and in 
Conestoga wagons. During the Civil war he represented his district in the state senate.', 


192 1. David Hough, born August 16, 1822; married July 31, 1844, Mary Covert. 

193.— 2. John S., born August ti, 1824: married May 27, 1845, Martha Boyd. 

194.— 3. Mariah. born January 29, 1827; married September 22, 1846, to Martin 

195 4. Kate, born ; married April 9, 1849, to John Coulson. 

196 5. Samuel C, born : married February 12, 1867, Clara McMaster; mar- 
ried, secondly, Carrie Bowman. 

197.-6. Elizabeth, born : married May 5, 1858, to David Hassler. 

198.-7. Ella, born June 21, 1839: married October 25, 1866, to John Brown. 

199.-8. Alfred N., born December 8, 1841: married, firstly, October 25, 1865, Mis- 
souri Matthews; married, secondly, January 21. 1875. Clara Wagner. 

300.— 9. Mary Emma, born ; married , to Bela W. Sheplar. 

801 10. James Byron, born October 29, 1847; married July 3, 1873, Jennie Singer. 

Note.— While still in Ireland, Mary (Wade) Wakefleld was received b}' John Wesley 
(then on a religious crusade in Ireland) as a member of one of his societies, and from 
that time she gave such of her time as could be spared from her home and family, acting 
in the capacity of a Methodist minister. 

78. William^ Wakefield {John,* David,^ Eobert,'^ Jtohcrt^), assumed 
to be a son of John and Elizabeth (Newlon or White) Wakefield, being a 
descendant of David^; born about 1765, at Wakefield, N.C.; married about 
1792, to Diana Varner; died about 1830. He was a teacher and lawyer. He 
settled at Belleville, St. Clair county. 111., in 1810, being the first settler 
there, where he lived and died. His widow died at Quincy, 111., at the ad- 
vanced age of 105 years. William Wakefield inherited slaves, but set them 
free in Illinois, being a Quaker and opposed to slavery. These slaves he is 
supposed to have brought from Kentticky, he having settled in Baron county, 
in that state, a few years prior to his emigration to Illinois. According to 
tradition, his father and some of his elder brothers served under Marion in 
the Revolution, but being Quakers this is improbable. There is a tradition 
that Diana Varner was a grand-daughter of Charles Wakefield, who came 
from New England about 1750, her mother being a daughter of the said 
Charles. Note that several of the descendants of Jonathan Wakefield, of 
Sutton, Mass., settled in Pennsylvania. He was six feet four inches, and 
his wife six feet in height, and heavily built. 


803.-1, William, born about 1793; was an early settler of western Iowa, near 
Council Bluffs, where he left four sons and ten daughters. He was a 
farmer. He was about six feet six inches in height. 

a03.— 2. George W., born about 1795: emigrated from Illinois to Bates county. 
Mo., thence to Bourbon county, Kans., in 18.54, soon after which he 
was killed by the pro-slavery men who invaded Kansas from Mis- 
souri. His youngest son, George W., jr.. lives near Mound City, Kans. 

304.-3. John Allen, born January 22, 1797: married, 1818, Eliza Thompson. He 
died June 18, 1873. 

305.-4. Andrew Jackson, born about 1799. 

306.-5. James, born about 1801 : was killed by wolves in Illinois when but five 
years of age. 

30~ — 6. Matilda, born about 1803: married • , to Jonathan Miller: live six 

miles east of Galena. 111. Henr}^ William. Columbus, and John Miller 
were her sons, and Elizabeth, wife of the late Gen. W. R. Rowley, was 
her eldest daughter. 

308.— 7. Jenny, born about 1805; married , to Kennedy: lived at or 

near Quincy. 111. 

309.-8. Mary, born about 1807; married , to Scales; lived at Quincy, 


310 9. Sarah, born about 1809. 

79. Henry^ Wakefield {John,* David,^ Jiobert,''' Bobert^), assumed to 
be a son of John and Elizabeth (Newlon or White) Wakefield, being a de- 
scendant of David^; born , probably at Wakefield, N.C. According 

to family tradition, as given by Hon. W. H. T. Wakefield, of Mound City, 
Kas., Henry Wakefield was a brother of the preceeding (William), and was 

232 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

founder of Nashville, Tenn., where he was a respected and very wealthy 
citizen; that he had four wives, and nineteen sons, and died aged 116 years, 
after having been shot through the lungs, one leg broken, scalped, and left 
on the field for dead, in St. Clair's defeat, battle River Raisin, in Ohio, 1811. 


211.— 1. Jackson, born— — • . 

218, — 2. Charles, born : in North Carolina, or Tennessee: married 

Anna Waketield; died about 1825. near Williamsburg, Shelby county, 

213.— 3. Simeon, born . 

214 4. Enoch, born . 

And lifteen other sons. 
Note. — The four brothers named above removed from Kentucky or Tennessee, to 
St. Clair county. 111., about the same time (1807). 

80. Jeremiah"' Wakefield {Jeremiah,'^ David,^ Robert,- Robert'^), son 
of Jeremiah and Isabella (Lynn) Wakefield; born January 19, 1810; married 
April 2i). 1834. Mary , who was born March 5, 1812, and died Novem- 
ber 5, 1890. He died January 23, 1891. 


215.— 1. Isaac N.. born March 7. 183.5: married Eliza Snell. 

216.— 2. John F., born July 31. I8,S6. 

217.— 3. Elizabeth, born May 16, 1838. 

218.— 4. Caroline, born January 27. 1842: died May 7. 1873. 

219.— 5. Margaret J., born January 17. 1847. 

220 6. David C, born September 22, 1852. 

81. John Wesley^ Wakefield {David,'^ Bavid,^ Robert,'^ Robert^), son 
of David and Jennie C. (Carnahan) Wakefield; born April 10, 1806, in Indi- 
ana county, Penn.; removed to Indianola county, la.; married Fannie 
Byers; died January 13, 1873, in Indianola, Iowa. 


221.-1. Samuel Jackson, born February 21, 1833; married March 9, 1854, Mary 
Jane Miller, of Mercer county, Penn. 

' 222.-2. Mary E., born ; married , to Daniel Miller; resides Griswold. 

Cass county, la. 

233.-3. , born ; married , to A. E. Tuttle: residence Des Moines, 

And eight other children. 

84. James^ Wakefield (David,^ David,^ Robert, ~ Robert^), son of 

David and Jennie C. (Carnahan) Wakefield; born June 18, 1814; married 

Cynthia Palmer. He was a farmer. Resided in Indiana county, Penn. 

Died February 18, 1888. 


224.— 1. John COYLE, born . 

225.-2. Kate, born . 

226.-3. Thomas J.. born . 

227.-4. Mary Elizabeth, born . 

228.-5. James M., born . 

229.-6. Martha, born . 

230 7. Blanche, born . 

87. Rev. Jeremiah^ Wakefield {David,* David,^ Robert,^ Roberf^), son 
of David and Jennie C. (Carnahan) Wakefield; born April 19, 1823, in Indiana 
county, Penn. Was a farmer by occupation; ordained minister in the M.E. 
Church. He died while serving as county commissioner of Indiana county, 
Penn. He married July 2, 1844, Lucinda Palmer, who was born May 4, 1823, 
and died January 13, 1890. She was daughter of Peter and Frances Pal- 
mer. He died September 27, 1887, in Pennsylvania. 


231. — 1. Mary J., born January 21, 1846, in Indiana county, Penn. : married Jacob 

Mack, a farmer. 
232.-2. Martin L., born July 12, 1848: died September 3. 18.52. 
233.-3. William E., born December 22, 1850: died February 5, 1868. 
234.-4. Caroline E., born February 21, 1853: married, John H. Campbell, a 

farmer. Resides in Pennsylvania. 
235.-5. Elizabeth M., born June 1, 18.55; married John H. Kissinger, a music 

teacher and composer. Resides New Florence, Penn. 
236 6. Wesley S., born October 30, 1857; civil engineer; resides Pittsburg, 


237 7. Clara F., born February 12, 1860; died September 29, 1865. 

238 8. Martha E., born July 28. 1862: died October 10, 1865. 

239.-9. George Washington, born March 20, 1865; resides Blairsville, Penn. 

Fifth Generation. 233 

89. Thomas Perry^ Wakefield {David,-* Bavid,^ liohert,'^ liohert^), son 
of David and Jennie C. (Carrahan) Wakefield; born September 10, 1829, in W. 
Wheatfield township, Indiana county, Penn.; married December 11, 1851. 
Ann Sides, danfjhter of Joseph Sides, who married Eve Walbaclf, both of 
W. Wheatfield, and both Pennsylvania Germans. He was a teacher and a 
millw^rig-ht. He died in W. Wheatfield, January 27, 1865. He enlisted as a 
private in Capt. Daniel Tinkcom's company, Pennsylvania infantry volun- 
teers, July, 1863. Discharged January, 1864. His children were pensioned. 


340 1. Joseph Campbell, born March 15, 1853; married, firstly, Mary J. Stewart: 

married, secondly, Sarah A. Harris. 
341.— 2. Samuel Kinnear, born July 7, 1855; married Alice V. Thomas. 
843.-3. Emma Clara, born August 3, 18.58. 

90. James H.^ Wakefield {Mattliew,* Jolm,^ Matthew,^ BoherP), son 
of Matthew and Rebecca (Heady) Wakefield; born Aug'ust 30, 1810; resides 

Nelson county, Ky.; married , Mary Taggart, daughter of James and 

Mary Taggart. 


343.-1. MATTHEW, born : married. Kate McAfee. 

344.-2. Marcus, born : married. Sallie Crutcher. 

345.-3. James Morrison, born : married 

846 — 4. John Douds, born ; married, Rebecca Allen. 

347.— .5. Joseph William, born . 

348 — 6. Mary Alice, born : married. Miles McAfee: issue, Capt. Leslie 

McAfee, of Anderson county. Ky. 
849 — 7. Annie, born : married, William Hinkle: issue, Herbert Wood 


91. Elnora^ Wakefield {Mdtthew,* John,^ MattJmo,'^ Robert^), daugh- 
ter of Matthew and Rebecca (Heady) Wakefield; born August 30, 1810; 
resides Nelson county, Ky.; married , to William Sneider. 


1. Rebecca Jane= Sneider, born : she married, John McClusky. 

1. Joseph William^ McClusky, born October 29. 1847. 

2. Mary Jane^ McClusky. born February K), 1851: married, to Taylor Howerton; 

issue, Joseph Warren Howerton, of Shelby county, Ky. 

3. Belle^ McClusky, born August 17, 18.58. 

2. Amanda^ Sneider. born : married, to Enos Harrington: have nine children. 

3. Mary E.= Sneider. born April 28. 1836: married. January 3, 1856. to William J. Truax. 

1. Fannie R.^ Truax, born November ;i8, 1856. 

2. Loutitia^ Truax, born August 14, 18.58. 

3. Ennis^ Truax. born October 25, 1860. 

4. Flora^ Truax, born September 20. 1862. 

5. Charles^ Truax, born October 16, 1864. 

6. Cordelia^ Truax. born July 16. 1866. 

7. John S. 3 Truax, born July 23, 1871. 

8. Mary C.^' Truax. born April 10, 1874. 

4. Emilys Sneider, born : married, Thomas Helm; resides Shelby county, Ky. : 

have three children. 

5. Eliza-' Sneider, born : married, John Stephens; have eight children. 

6. Jacob Matthew^ Sneider, born ■; married, Bettie Terrill: have three children. 

7. George Mark= Sneider, born : married, Bettie Harrington; three children. 

95. Marcus Alexander^ Wakefield {Matthew,* John,^ Matthew,^ 
Bohert^), son of Matthew and Rebecca (Heady) Wakefield, born June 28, 

1816; resided Nelson county, Ky.; married , Margaret Bell Wakefield, 

who was born October 30, 1831, and was daughter of Robert and Hannah 
(Glass) Wakefield. 


350.-1. Robert, born . 

351.-2. Alice, born 

353.-3. Mary Elizabeth, born . 

353 — 4. Annie, born . 

354 — 5. Ida, born 

97. James Banks"' Wakefield {Matthew,* John,^ Matthew,'^ Bohert*), 
son of Matthew and Rebecca (Heady) Wakefield, born June 8, 1819; resided 
Nelson county, Ky; married March 3, 1844, Roseann Cain, daughter of John 
and Eliza (Wakefield) Cain, who was born July 15, 1823; he died March 24, 

1851; his widow was married, secondly, , to John M. Snyder, of Spencer 

county, Ky. 


355 — 1. James W.. born August 7, 1846. 

356 — 2. Mary E., born January 26, 1849; married October 10, 1872, Robert Goff. 

234 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

99. M. Washington^ Wakefield (Matthew,* JoJin,^ Matthew,^ Robert^), 
son of Matthew and Rebecca (Heady) Wakefield; born December 28, 1822; 
residence Nelson county, Ky.; married , Christina Sneider. 


35 7.— 1. Rebecca, "born ; married George Hays, of Bullitt county, Ky.; 

issue, one child. 

2.58 — 2. Stilwell Heady, born . 

359.-3. Annie, born : married John Hunter, of Nelson county, Ky. : issue: 

one child. 
360 — -1. Bella, born . 

361.— ,5. Washington, born . 

363 — 6. Katie, born . 

363.-7. Mary, born . 

lOl. Stilwell Heady'' Wakefield (Matthew,"^ John,^ Matthew,'^ Boh- 
ert^), son of Matthew and Rebecca (Heady) Wakefield; born February 24, 
1829; married January 18, 1848, Ann M. Taggart, who was born in County 
Antrim, Ireland, and came to America when seven years old. They are 
members of the Presbyterian church; resides Shelby county, Ky. He is a 
farmer and trader. 

364.-1. Mary Jane, born March 13, 1849: married February 2, 1864. Joseph Black. 
365 — 2. James Marcus, born May 24, 1850: married February 25. 1873, Lizzie 

366.-3. Hannah Leslie, born August 7, 1853; married November 30, 1871, Robert 

367.-4. Matthew Heady, born March 10, 1855; married April 1, 1874, Laura 

368 — 0. John William, born November 9, 1858: died April 13, 1872. He was a 
pious youth, and a member of the Presbyterian church. 

106. Elizabeth'' Wakefield {James A.,* John,^ Matthew,- Robert^), 
daughter of James Alexander and Elizabeth (Heady) Wakefield: born July 

19, 1819; married , to -John McRocklin. She was a member of the Baptist 

church, and died in 1870. 


1. Louisa McRocklin, born : married William Jest. Issue: Three children. 

2. Victoria McRocklin. born. : married Dudley Stone. No children. 

3. Annie McRocklin, born ; married Lee Onan. No children. 

4. Frank McRocklin, born • 

5. Bettie McRocklin, born - 

6. Mattie McRocklin, born ■ 

7. James McRocklin, born ; killed and robbed by guerrillas during the war. 

107. Dr. .Iames H.'"' Wakefield {James yl.,* John,^ Matthew,- Robert^), 
son of James Alexander and Elizabeth (Heady) Wakefield; born August 14, 

1821; residence. Nelson county, Ky; married, firstly, , Sarah Wills; 

married, secondly, , ElizalDeth Mann; married, thirdly, , Mary 


children by first marriage. 
369.-1. James, born ■ 

370.— 2. William, born • 

children by second marriage. 

371.-3. Elizabeth, born . 

373.-4. John, born . 

child by third marriage. 
373.-5. Charles, born : residence, Todd county, Ky. 

108. Indiana"' Wakefield {James A.,^ John,^ Matthew,^ Robert^), 
daughter of James Alexander and Elizabeth (Heady) Wakefield; born July 
2, 1824; resided in Sullivan county, Ind.; married to Hilliard Brown. Mrs. 
Indiana (Wakefield) Brown married, secondly, John Giles, of Indiana. Res- 
idence, Sullivan county, Ind. 


1. Grundy Brown, born ; married , Bettie Wakefield. 

2. Maria Brown, born . 

3. John Giles, born . 

4. Bettie Giles, born 

Fifth Generation. 235 

111. HiLLiARD Brown^ Wakefield {James A.,* John,'-^ MaUheiD,"^ Rob- 
ert^), son of James Alexander and Milvilla (Brown) Wakefield; born March 
9, 1838; married Amanda Dance; residence, Tod county, Ky. 


374,-1. James, born 

375.-2. Edward, born 
3 76.-3. LuciAN, born - 

126. Margaret Bell^ Wakefiei^d (Rohni,-* John,^ 3f(ttihew,^ RoberV), 
daughter of Robert and Hannah (Glass) Wakefield; born October 30, 1831; 
resides in Nelson county, Ky.; married , to Marcus Alexander Wake- 
field, son of Matthew and Rebecca (Heady) Wakefield, born June 28, 1816. 


(3.50.)— 1. Robert Wakefield, born . 

(351.)— 2. Alice Wakefield, born . 

(353.)— 3. Mary Elizabetti Wakefield, born . 

(353.)— 4. Annie Wakefield, born . 

(354.)— 5. Ida Wakefield, born — ~. 

126. Elizabeth^ Wakefield (liohert,* Jolin,^ Matthew,- Bohert^), 
daughter of Robert and Hannah (Glass) Wakefield; born June 10, 1833; re- 
sides in Nelson county, Ky.; married October 9, 1855, to John Wakefield 
Glass, son of Culbertson and Bridget (Wakefield) Glass. 


1. Hannah Bell Glass, born October 10, 1K50. 

2. Sarah Bridget Glass, born August 30, 1859. 

3. Roljert Ela Glass, born : died in infancy. 

4. Elizabeth Wakefield Glass, born ; died in infancy. 

131. James William^ Wakefield {BeedA.,* John,^ Matthew,^ Bobert^), 
son of Reed Alexander and Eliza (Snider) Wakefield; born November 14; 
1836; resides in Nelson county, Ky.; married , Susan Canada. 


377 1. William B.,born December 22. 1859. 

378.-2. Matthew E., born September 17, 18()1. 

379 — 3. Sarah B., born June 1. 1863. 

380.-4. Martha B.. born July 8, 18(5.5. 

381 — 5. Mary H., born July 19, 1867. 

383.-6. LiEW E.. born March 21, 1869. 

383.-7. Ida a., born April 5. 1871. 

384.-8. Celia C, born April 28, 1873. 

385.-9. JOHN S., born February 22, 1875. 

140. JOHN^ Wakefield {John,* Matthew,^ Matthew,^ Bohert^), son of 
John and Litta Ann (Fleet) Wakefield, born April 21, 1848, in Russellville, 
Ky.; resided Bowling Green, Ky., Cincinnati, Ohio, Denver, Col., and Sher- 
man, Tex. He married January 10, 1888, Kate Quigley, who was born 
November 9, 1867, in Bath, N.Y., of Irish parentage. He was in the queens- 
ware and life insurance business. He died July 12, 1896, in Sherman, Tex. 


386.-1. JOHN, born January 16, 1889. in Denver, Col. 

387.-3. Jenny Belle, born December 24, 1889, in Denver, Col. 

157. Sarah Jane=' Wakefield {John,'^ Andrew,^ Andrew,^ BobevV), 
daughter of John and Mary E. (Norman) Wakefield; born March 28, 1833; 
resided Butler county, Ohio, and Nelson county, Ky. She was married in 
1857, to Isaac N. Lamb. 


1. Frank Harve}^ Lamb, born ■ 

Estella Lamb, born ; married February 14, 1894, to John Dixon Kelley. 

158. MARGARET" WAKEFIELD {John,* Andrew,^ Andrew,^ Bohert^), 
daughter of John and Mary E. (Norman) Wakefield; born April 29, 1837; 
resides Hamilton county, Ohio. She married January 9, 1860, Israel Wil- 


1. Marry Williams, born : married . to Frank G. Warden. 

2. Stella Williams, born : married February 10, 1891, to J. Volney Gilbert. Have 

one child, Helen Gilbert. 

3. Nina Williams, born ; married October 26, 1892. to Thomas L, Fincher. 

4. John Wakefield Williams, born September 28, 1875. 

236 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

160. Mary Elizabeth^ Wakefield { John, '^ Andrew,^ Andrew,^ Robert^), 
daughter of John and Mary E. (Norman) Wakefield; born August 13, 1844; 
resides Hamilton county, Ohio. She married , James M. Beckett. 


1. Cora Beckett, born . 

2. Mary Wakelield Beckett, born . 

3. William Beckett. iDorn ; died . aged 17 years. 

4. George Beckett, born : died , aged 2 years. 

162. John Elders Wakefield {Campbell,* Andrew,^ Andrew,"^ Robert^), 
son of Campbell and Margaret (Elder) Wakefield; born May 10, 1828, near 

Cincinnati, Ohio: resides Hey worth. 111.: married , Catherine Turner, 

daughter of James and Margaret (McKinney) Turner; he is a farmer. 


288 1. MARGARETlSABELLE,born July6, 1853: marriedF. H. Hist: died , 1890. 

289 3. Alice, born November 9, 1854: married , N. J. Batershall. 

290 3. James C, born November 1. 1858: married November 1. 1883, Mary J. 

Thompson. Lumber and coal dealer at Hey worth. 111. 

291 4. Porter T., born December '20. 1862: married January 20, 1887, Anna B. 

Miller: a shoe merchant at Bloomington. 111. 

293 5. Minnie, born December 29, 1864: married B. A. Stewart. 

293 6. Frank L., born December 29. 1866: married Iris Kayburn: a ishysician 

and surgeon at Heyworth, 111. He graduated from the Bellevue Hospi- 
tal Medical College, New York, in 1890. 

294 7. Jennie B., born November 19. 1868: married F. C. Gault. 

295 8. Mary E., born November — , 1870: married Dr. J. P. Noble. 

296 9. Herbert L., born March 1, 1874: unmarried. 

297 10. McCoy, born November —,1880; single. 

163. ELIZABETH" Wakefield {Joseph McMacken,* Andrew,^ Andrew,^ 
Bobert^), daughter of Joseph McMacken and Nancy (Long) Wakefield; born 
February 17, 1840: has resided in Pennsylvania, and Heyworth, 111.; married 
March 3, 1863, to Dr. David Oliver Moore, son of John and Elizabeth (McCul- 
lough) Moore; reside at Bloomington, 111. He is a physician. 


1. William Wakefield Moore, born June 27, 1865: died December 20, 1892. 

2. David Dwight Moore, born December 19, 1869. 

3. Lincoln Weldon Moore, born June 11, 1876. 

4. Edna May Moore, born, June 2, 1881. 


166. James** Wakefield {Robert,^ Thomas,^ David,^ Bohert, ^ Bohert^),son 

of Robert and Mary Wakefield; born May 11, 1806; resided in county, 

Penn. He married, firstly, , Martha Clark, who died at Taylorville, 

111., about 1840. He married, secondly, November 18, 1840, Mrs. Nancy 

Estes, who died July 16, 1878. He died April 23, 1850, in county, 



298 1. Clark, born October 11,1833, at Johnstown, Penn.; married March 22, 

1860, Emma Hill. 

299.-2. Robert, born , 1831: died , aged about 16 years. 

300 3. James, born , 1836: married , Nancj' Hoyt. 

301. — 4. Elizabeth, born , 1838: married , to Edward Dillon. 


302. — 5. William, born November 21. 1841: married . Charlotte Leckman. 

303 — 6. Thomas G., born August, 1843: married Januarv, 1868, Mary E. Parr. 

304 7. Cynthia, born July 13, 1846: married August 25, 1864, to Edwin Nichols. 

305 8. Amelia, born February- 16, 1850: married January 19, 1869, to Larvis Pike. 

167. Thomas*' Wakefield {Bobert,^ Thomas,'* David,^ Bobert,'^ Bobert^), 
son of Robert and Mary Wakefield; born November 19, 1810, in Indiana 
county, Penn.: married March 25, 1857, Mary Clark, sister of Martha Clark, 
who was married to his brother James. He died November, 1842, in Warsaw, 
Hancock county. 111. His widow married, secondly, Ainscough. 

Sixth Generation. 237 


306 1. LuciNDA, born December 28, 1837; married Robert Gibson. 

307 2. Infant daughter, born October 17, 1839; died young. 

308 3. Jane Ruth, born February 3, 1840; married Edwin Kuthven Miles. She 

died March 14, 1878. 

168. John Fleming*' Wakefield (Bohert,-' Thomas,* Barid,^ Bohert,- 
Bobert'), son of Robert and Mary (Wakefield) Wakefield; born September 15, 
1812, at Huntington, Higo Forge, Indiana county, Penn. He married August 
5, 1838, Susanna Garlick. He died January 13, 1854, near Cainsville, now 
Blufl" City, Pottawattamie county, la. 


309 1. ERASTUS S., born August —, . 

310.— 2. Elizabeth E., born June 29, 1843; married to Gideon W. Wood, Decem- 
ber 5, 1869. 

311.— 3. Thomas G., born June 1(3,184.5; married November 1, 1869, Maria Jane 

313 — 4. John Fleming, born August 21, 1847; married December 5, 1870, Julia Ann 

313.— ,5. Mary, born April 20, 18.50; married December 20, 1869, to George Vance. 

314.— 6. Joseph B., born June 12, 1852; married October 3, 1870, Aretha Morilla 

315.-7. Sarah E., born July 8, 1854; married January 25, 1869, to Orville Bates. 

171. David Cooper*' Wakefield (James,^ Thomas,* David,^ Bohert,"^ 
Bobert^), son of James and Martha (Cooper) Wakefield: born March 23, 1815, 
in Indiana county, Penn.; married September 7, 1848, Eleanor, daughter of 
Samuel and Agnes Anawalt. He was a ship carpenter and resided at 
different periods in Indiana, Allegheny City, and New Brighton, Penn. 
He died December 28, 1864, at New Brighton. 


316.-1. MARTHA Agnes, born June 23, 1849; died July 21, 1851, at Allegheny City, Pa. 
317 — 2. John Anawalt, born December 3, 1851; married, August 16, 1881, to 

Geanne E. Robidoux. 
318.-3. Amanda Gertrude, born April 1, 18.54; married October 7, 1879, to John 

H. Douds. 
319. — 4. Theodore Cooper, born August 20, 1856; married June 21, 1892, to Etta 

S. McDonald: died January 4, 1897. 
330 — 5. IDESSA May, born April 26, 1859; unmarried. School-teacher at Rock 

Island, 111. 
321.— 6. George Bateman, born March 29, 1863; married March 27, 1889, Ida G. 


173. Isaac*' Wakefield (James,^ Thomas,* David^, Boberf^, Bobert^,) 

son of James and Susan (Sanderson) Wakefield; born ; married, 

firstly, — , Eliza Means; married secondly, , ,Tane Means; mar- 
ried, thirdly, , Anna Means; three sisters. Residence, , 

county, Penn. 


323.-1. Albert, born . married Calfernia Richards. 

323 — 2. James, born ; married Eliza Kennedy. 

324.-3. Anna, born ; married to John McConnell. 

32.5 — 4. Morris, born ; married Helen Richards. 

326 — 5. Emma, born ; married to James Fisher. 

32 7.-6. Thomas Newton, born ; single. 

338 — 7. Ellen, born ; married to John Robinson. 

339.-8. Samuel, born ; single. 

330 — 9. Eliza, born ; died , in Arkansas. 

children by second marriage. 

331 — 10. Sarah, born ; married to Thomas McConnell. 

332 — 11. Robert, born ; single, living at home. 

333.-12. Margaretta, single, living at home. 

334 — 13. Ada, born ; single, living at home. 

335 — 14. Harry, born : single, living at home. 

child by third wife. 
336.— 15. Charles, born . 

191. Alexander Elliot" Wakefield (David Wade,-' Thomas,* David,^ 
Bobert.- BoberP), son of David Wade and Susannah (Wilson) Wakefield; 
born December 9, 1842; married December 14, 1869, Sarah E. Taylor: resided 
Indiana county, Penn., and New Florence, Westmoreland county, Penn. 

238 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

He is a civil engineer; was previously a teacher, soldier, and merchant. 
His wife is a daughter of Henry Taylor and Margaret (Welshone) Taylor. 


337 1. Ida may, born November 22, 1870, at Nineveh, Indiana county, Penn. 

338 2. Warben Tatlor, born December 30, 1872, at Warrior's Mark, Hunting- 
ton county, Penn. 

339 3. Edgar Wilson, born February 13, 1874, at Warrior's Mark, Huntington 

county, Penn. 

340.— 4. Lewis Alexander, born October 18, 1877. in New Florence, Westmore- 
land, county. Penn. 

341.— 5. Bessie, born April 2, 1888, in New Florence, Westmoreland county, 


Enlisted as a private in Capt. Daniel Tincoms Company F, 2nd Battalion, 6 months, 
Pennsylvania infantry volunteers, June 16, 1863. Mustered out as sergeant January 21, 
1864, at Pittsburg. Penn. Enlisted in Philadelphia, Penn.. February 29. 1864, as private in 
Company B, United States Engineer Battalion, and took part in the following engage- 
ments: Battle of the Wilderness, Va., May ^ to 7, 1864: Spottsylvania. C.H., May !> to 11, 
1864: River, Penn.. May 12.1864: Guiney Station, May 21,1864: North Anna River, May 24 
and 2.5, 1864: Cold Harbor and Chichahominev. June 4 to 11, 1864: Siege of Petersburg. Va., 
June 16, 1864, till evacuation, April 2. 186.=): in Battles before Richmond and pursuit of Gen- 
eral Lee until his surrender at Clover Hill, Va., April 9, 1865. Was discharged per order 
war department June 26, 1865, to accept a commission as 2nd Lieutenant in 36th regiment, 
United States colored infantry. Joined the regiment at Brazos, Santiago. Texas, and 
served there and on the Rio Grande till mustered out as 2nd lieutenant and private. 1st 
lieutenant, October 28, 1866. Receives a pension. 

193. Dr. David Hough" Wakefield {Samuel,^ Thomas,* Bavid,^ Bohert,^ 
Rohert^), son of Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth'(Hough) Wakefield; born August 
16, 1822, in Westmoreland county, Fenn.; resided Redstone, Fayette county, 
Penn., and Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland county, Penn. He is a farmer, 
but has been a teacher and physician. He was married July 31, 1814, to Mary 
Covert, daughter of Benjamin and Abigail (Randolph) Covert. She was of 
the Randolph stock of Virginia. She was born August 8, 1823. 


343.— 1. Theresa C, born September 28, 1845: married October 20, 1865, Joseph 

Nutt: resides in Bellevernon, Favette county, Penn. 
343.-2. Electa A., born July 15, 1847, in West Newton, Westmoreland county, 

Penn. : married October 25. 1865. Oliver Murphy. 
344 3. Rev. Benjamin C, born October, 1852, at Greenville, Mercer county. 

Penn.: minister (Presbyterian); married December 25, 1879. Graduate 

of Waynesburg college: resides at Greenville, Mercer county, Penn. 
345.-4. Thomas Randolph, born May 13, 1855; married April 9, 1885, Elizabeth 


346 — 5. Samuel Morton, born May 13, 1855: farmer: married, 1882, . 

347.-6. Catherine, born March 21, 1862, at Connellsville, Fayette county, Penn. ; 

348.-7. James, born May 3, 1865, at Pittsburg, Penn.; lawyer; married October 

13. 1890, . 

349.-8. Jennie B., born April 20, 1867: died November 21, 1870. 
350 — 9. Harriett, born August 21, 1850; died April 23, 1851. 

193. Rev. John S.*' Wakefield {Saimiel,^ Thomas,* Darid,^ liobert,^ 
Roberf^) , son of Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Hough) Wakefield; born August 
6, 1824, in Westmoreland county, Penn.; he was married May 27, 1845, to 
Martha Boyd, who was born August 13, 1824. Reside in Latrobe, West- 
moreland county, Penn. A Methodist minister for forty-five years. 


351 — 1. Mary Virginia, born January 20. 1848. 

353 — 2. Belle, born May 17, 1850: died October 14. 1853. 

353.-3. Carrie, born September, 1853. 

354 — 4. Frank, born October 26, 1854. 

355 — 5. Elizabeth, born Mav 1, 18.57. 

356 — 6. LUELLA, born 26, 18.59; married May 20. 1884, to . 

357.-7. Charles, born January 26, 1861: died March 18, 1895. 

358.-8. Gertrude, born September 5, 1865; married May 29, 1895, to . 

194. Mariah'' Wakefield (SamweZ,^ Thomas,* David,^ Robert,^ Robert^ ,) 
daughter of Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Hough) Wakefield; born January 
29, 1827, in Westmoreland county, Penn. She was married Sejitember 22, 
1846, to Martin Overholt, who was born March 31, 1822. 

Sixth Generation. 239 


1. Hudson W.^ Overholt, born February 1.5, 1848: he married, firstly, February 24, 1869, 

Lizzie Mullin, who was born June l(i, 1851, and who died November 10, 1885; he mar- 
ried, .secondly. May 5, 1887, Lizzie Graham, who was born May 1, 18.57. 

1. William M.^ Overholt, born February 1, 1870. 

2. Mary Ola-^ Overholt, born March 9. 1871: married, December 28, 1892. 

3. Mariah Emma= Overholt. born September 28. 1878: died June 24, 1882. 

4. Elizabeth^ Overholt. born June s, 1882: died June 19, 1882. 

5. Marie^ Overholt, born February 25, 1888. 

6. Alfred W.3 Overholt. born January 1, 1890, 

2. James^ Overholt, born July 22, 1851: married, Lizzie Welty. 

3. Lizzie^ Overholt, born June 10, 18.54. 

4. Frank- Overholt, born December 7. 18.56. 

5. Harry= Overholt, born July 22, 1860; married, October 26, 1886, Annie Gordon, who was 

born October 4, 1868. 
1. Mary3 Overholt, born October 28, 1887. 

6. Ada^ Overholt, born November 24, 1862. 

195. Kate" Wakefield {Samuel,^ Thomas,* David,^ Bobert,'^ Itobert^), 

son of Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Hough) Wakefield; born , in 

Westmoreland county, Penn; married April 9, 1S49, to .John Coulson, who 
was born March 12, 1852. 


1. Albert B.^ Coulson, born September 19. 18.50. 

2. Lizzie* Coulson, born July 25, 1854: married, November 4, 1873, John Hassler. 

1. Clifford^ Hassler. born July 24, 1877; died June 23, 1879. 

2. Harrie C.^ Hassler, born October 9. 1881. 

3. Otis W.3 Hassler, born February 23, 1886. 

3. Clara* Coulson, born February 21, 18.57: married, December 20, 1881 . 

4. William- Coulson, born September 20, 1860. 

196. Samuel C." Wakefield {Samuel,^ Thomas,* David,^ Itobert,^ 

Bobert^), son of Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Hough) Wakefield; born , 

in Westmoreland county, Penn.: married, firstly, February 12, 1867, Clara 
McMaster, who was born May 6, LSI."}; married, secondly, between 1875 and 
1880, Carrie Bowman, who was born February 5, 1851. 


359 — I. Olive, born February 4, 1868; married. May 5, 1890, to . 

360 — 2. Jennie, born April 12, 1870. 

36 I — 3. Cora, born September 10, 1871; died March 23, 1873. 

368 — 4. Arthur, born June 27, 1874. 

363 — 5. Earnest, born November 12, 1875. 


364 — 6. Herman, born February 27. 1881. 

365 — 7. Hattie. born January 19. 1883. 

366 — 8. Robert, born August 21, 1884. 

367.-9. Kate, born September 21 . 1885. 

197. Elizabeth" Wakefield {Samuel,^' Thomas,'*^ David,^ Eobcrt,^ 
Bobert^), daughter of Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Hough) Wakefield; born 

, in Westmoreland county, Penn.; married April 26, 1856, to David 

Hassler, who was born July 24, 1829. 


1. Edgar W. Hassler, born January 10, 1859; married September 24, 1880, . 

2. Myrtle Hassler, born August 14, 1861; married February 22, 1880, to . 

3. Avery Hassler, born April 30, 1864. 

4. Bertha.Hassler, born February 3, 1866: died April 26, 1866. 

5. Norman Hassler, born May 14, 1868: married September 8, 1888, to . 

6. Carl Hassler, born April 19, 1871; died August. 1894. 

7. Gertie Hassler, born February 14, 1874: married December 11, 1895, to . 

198. Ella" Wakefield (Samuel,^ Thomas,* Davld,^ Bobert,^ Bobert^), 
daughter of Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Hough) Wakefield; born June 
21, 1839, in Westmoreland county, Penn.; married October 25, 1866, to 
John Brown, who was born July 21, 1840. 


1. Harry G. Brown, born January 25, 1868. 

2. Charles W. Brown, born April 7, 1870: died October 7, 1879. 

3. Frank C. Brown, born January 31. 1873. 

4. Pearl Brown, born August 12, 1875. 

5. Samuel W. Brown, born May 21, 1877. 

6. Jessie L. F. Brown, born February 5, 1881. 

240 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

199. Alfred N.*' Wakefield {Samuel,^ Thomas,* David,'^ Bobert,^ 
Robert^), son of Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Hough) Wakefield: born De- 
cember 8, 1841, in Westmoreland county, Penn.; married, firstly, October 
25, 1865, Missouri Matthews; married, secondly, .January 21, 1875, Clara 
Wagner, who was born August 23, 1854. 


368 1. Carl, born June 19, 1871. 

369 2. Morrison U., born Octoberl7, 1873. 


370 3. Earl, born December 31, 1875. 

371 — i. Mary, born October 15, 1878. 

373 5. Jessie, born December 6, 1880; died September 15, 1881. 

200. Mary Emma" Wakefield {Samuel,^ Thomas,* David,^ Bobert,^ 
Bobert^), daughter of Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Hough) Wakefield; born 
June 21, 1845, in Westmoreland county, Penn.; married February 20, 1866, 
to Bela W. Sheplar. They reside at Golden City, Barton county, Mo. Mr. 
Sheplar is a farmer. 


1. Frank Montford Sheplar, born June 10. 1866. 

2. Blanche Sheplar, born October 31, 1867. 

3. Albert Wakefield Sheplar. born Dec. 27, 1869. 

4. Floy Sheplar. born March 29. 1872. 

5. Alda Sheplar, born June 14, 1874.. 

6. Herman Wright Sheplar, born April 2, 1877; died January 21, 1879. 

7. Lena Sheplar, born October 5, 1878. 

8. Bessie Sheplar, born July 25, 1881. 

9. Harold Haslett Sheplar, born March 2, 1884. 

10. Edith Sheplar, born January 1, 1886. 

11. Fannie Sheplar, born May lO, 1889. 

All children are unmarried. 

201. Dr. James Byron^ Wakefield (Samuel,^ Thomas,* Bavid,^ 
Bobert,' Bobert^}, son of Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Hough) Wakefield; born 
October 29, 1847, in Westmoreland county, Penn., East Huntington town- 
ship. His father removed from there to Rostraver township, same county, 
where he was raised and attended the public schools till 1866, when he spent 
one year at Mt. Union College, Ohio. He then entered Waynesburg College 
in Greene county, Penn., and graduated the spring of 1869. Immediately 
entering upon the study of medicine, he attended Cleveland Medical College 
and took his degree from that institution in 1873. Since that time he has 
been practicing continuously in Westmoreland county, except three years, 
from 1885 to 1888. he was traveling for his health: one year of that time 
was spent in California and along the western coast. He married, July 3, 
1873, Jennie, daughter of Humphrey and Mary Ann (Hyndman) Singer, who 
was born January 10, 1858, in Westmoreland county, Penn. 

373.— 1. Myrtle Lee, born April 1, 1882. 


I. Simon Singer, born ; married Julia Ann Harbaugh, who was born Sep- 
tember 9, 1792, at Greeneburgh, Penn., and died August 28. 1870, and was buried at Greene- 
burgh. He died April 15, 1815, and was buried at Greeneburgh, Penn. He resided at 
Carlisle. Penn. 

II. Humphrey Singer, born May 15, 1819, in Westmoreland county, Penn; married 
March 17, 18.56, Mary Ann Hyndman, who was born August 3, 1828, in Westmoreland county, 
Penn. She was a daughter of James and Rachel (Byerly) Hyndman, of Jacksonville, 
Penn. Rachel (Byerly) Singer died August 3, 1838, and was buried at Long Run, Penn. 
She was a daughter of Andrew Byerly. 

III. Jennie Singer, born January 10, 18.58; was married July 3, 1873, to Dr. James 
Byron Wakefield. 

204. Hon. John Allen'' Wakefield (William,^ John,* David,^ Bobcrt,^ 
Boberty), son of William and Diana (Varner) Wakefield; born January 22, 
1797, at Pendleton, South Carolina. When he was seven years old, his father 
moved to Baron county, Ky., and six years later to St. Clair county, 111. 
At fifteen, John A. and his elder brother, George W., enlisted in the Inde- 
pendent Spy Battalion of Mountain Rangers, and served through the War 
of 1812. Soon after his enlistment he volunteered the hazardous task of 

Sixth Generation. 241 

carrying a dispatch from St. Louis to Vincennes, through the then track- 
less wilderness, swarming with hostile Indians, which he accomplished after 
many hair-breadth escapes, and terrible hardships, and was thanked in spe- 
cial orders by General Atkinson. At twenty years of age he was admitted 
to the bar and took an active part in opjiosition to the movement to change 
the state constitution, so as to permit slavery in the state. He served sev- 
eral terms in the legislature and was an intimate friend of Abraham Lincoln, 
Stejihen A. Douglas, Judge Sidney Breese, Governor Edwards, and others of 
that period. He served through the Black Hawk war, with the rank of 
major, and wrote the history of that war. He was one of the three com- 
missioners to select lands granted the state, and was appointed to lill 
vacancy as state treasurer. He was the first justice of the peace and 
police judge at St. Paul, Minn., and at the first election for delegate in 
congress, from Kansas, was the free-state nominee and received nearly all 
the legal votes polled. He served on the bench in three states, was elected 
state treasurer of Kansas under the Topeka constitution. In 1856, his 
house was burned, and $8,000 of property taken or destroyed by the "Border 
Ruffians" from Missouri. In 1818, he was married to Eliza, eldest daughter 
of Abram and Elizabeth (Brown) Thompson, who had come from Bour- 
bon county, Ky., three years previously. Abram Thompson was of Scotch- 
Irish descent, and one of the pioneers of Bourbon county, coming there 
from Western Pennsylvania. In the year 1846, John A. Wakefield removed 
from Galena, 111., where he had for several years practiced his profession, 
to Wisconsin, engaging in lead mining, but soon after went to St. Paul, 
Minn., where he built a large hotel. On the 8th day of July, 1854, he en- 
tered the territory of Kansas, and on the 18th day of the same month, 
pitched his tent in what is now Douglas county, containing at that time 
but one or two families. In 1856, while en route to Illinois for aid in men and 
arms, he was captured by Buford's South Carolinians, and narrowly es- 
caped death, as a "traitor," to his native state. He was ever distinguished 
for great energy of character and a high sense of personal honor, his word 
being as good as his bond wherever he was known. Though possessed of a 
quick and fiery temper, he had "malice for none and charity for all," and was 
an honorable opponent, and ever "held an honorable enemy, next to a bosom 
friend." Hospitality was another virtue which he could justly claim, never 
being known to turn a person from his door, with his wants unrelieved. He 
died at Lawrence, Kansas, June 18, 1873. His wife died one year before. 


374 — 1. Alvin, born 

375 — 2. Lysander, born . 

376.-3. Gbokge W., born : died in California, leaving three sons. 

377.-4. Maky Ann, born : married to Alexander H. Willard; now living. 

378 — 5. Emily B., born October 1, 1829: married to John C. Terry: now living: 

married July 13, 1850. 

379 — 6. Eliza J., born" : married to George H. Snyder: now living. 

380 — 7. John A., jr., born : died July 31, 1865, leaving one daughter. 

381 — 8. William, H. T.. born December 13, 1834; married December 22, 1869, 

Emma Wakefield. 
388 — 9. Thomas J., born ; died October 20, 1890. 

212. Charles" Wakefield {Henry,^ John,* Bavid,^ Bohcrt,'^ Bohert,'^), 
son of Henry Wakefield; born in North Carolina or Tennessee; resided later 
in Tennessee, and d-ied near Williamsburg, Shelby county, 111., about 1825; 

married Anna, daughter of and Rachel (Bankston) Wakefield, who 

was born in 1787, in Georgia, and died near Shelby ville about 1854. She was 
distantly related to her husband, and was a sister of "Jack" Wakefield 
(Black Jack), a resident near Independence, Mo., and "Aunt Betsey" Rid- 
dle,, a resident near Mechanicsburg, 111. Her mother, Rachael Bankston, 
who died about 1842 in Shelby county, 111., was a daughter of Banks- 
ton and O'Dear. Tradition says that both Rachel (Bankston) Wake- 
field and her husband were born on the same ship while their parents 
were emigrating to this country from Ireland about 1760. 


383 — 1. Henry, born : died . 

384 — 2. Andrew, born December—. 1803, in Tennessee; married Martha Corley: 
died June 15, 1852, in Shelby county, 111. 


242 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

385.-3. ELIZABETH, born ; died . 

386.^. Rebecca, born : died . 

387.— -.5. Allen, born ; died . 

388 6. Eli, born ; died . 

389 7. Sybena. born : died . 

390 8. Peggy, born ; died . 

215. Isaac Newton'^ Wakefield {Jeremiah,^ Jeremiah,* David,^ liobert,^ 

BoherV), son of .Jeremiah and Mary ( ) Wakefield; born March 7, 1835; 

married March 24, 1862, Eliza Snell, who was born May 15, 1842. Residence, 
county, Penn. 


391 1. Milton S., born January 12, 1863. 

393.-2. William Wesley, born January 31, 1867. 

393.-3. Sarah E., born September 2:>, 1869. 

394 4. Israel E., born January 10, i872. 

395 5. Thomas F., born April 10, 1874. 

396 6 Mary B., born July 28, 1S75. 

397 7. Caroline, born August 12, 1878. 

398.-8. Elvarbtta, born December 26, 1880. 

399.-9. Clarence H.. born November 7, 1884. 

400 10. Stella M., born May 15, 1889. 

240. Dr. Joseph Campbell" Wakefield {TJws. Perry, ^' David,* David,^ 
Hohert,'^ Hobert'^), son of Thos. Perry and Ann (Sides) Wakefield; born March 
15, 1853, in West Wheatfield township, Indiana county, Penn.; resides in 
Vinco, Cambria county, Penn. He is a physician; was previously a teacher. 
Previously resided in various places in Indiana county, Penn. Graduated 
from Western Reserve Medical Collegce, also called the Cleveland Medi- 
cal Collegfe, on March 7, 1878. Married, firstly, March 15, 1878, Mary Jane 
Stewart, daughter of David and Elizabeth Stewart: Scotch-Irish; married, 
secondly. May 2, 1882, Sarah Ann Harris, daughter of W. W. and Mary 
Harris; Welsh and Pennsylvania German. 

child by first marriage. 
401 1. Elizabeth Ann, born April 10, 1880; died March 11, 1881. 

child by second marriage. 
403 2. W. W. HARRIS, born August 31, 1885. 

241. Samuel Kinnear" Wakefield {Thomas Perry, '^ David,* David,^ 
Bohert,^ Bobert^),son of Thomas Perry and Anna (Sides) Wakefield; born 
July 7, 1855, in West Wheatfield township, Indiana county, Penn. Resides 
Morrellville, Cambria county, Penn. Assistant foreman: married June 18, 
1885, Alice V. Thomas, daughter of William Thomas; of Welsh descent. 


403.-1. Bertha Estella, born May 20, 1886. 
404.— 2. Ethel Rene, born January 22, 1891. 

243. Matthew'' Wakefield {James H.,^ Matthew,* John,^ Matthew,^ 

Bohert^), son of James Heady and and Mary (Taggart) Wakefield; born 

. Residence, Nelson county, Ky.; married , Kate McAfee, 

who died-— — . 


405.-1. Mary Almer, born . 

406 2. Joseph William, born . 

407 — 3. James Saunders, born . 

246. John Douds" Wakefield {James H.,^ Mattheiv,* John,^ Matthew,^ 

Bobert^), son of James Heady and Mary (Taggart) Wakefield; born ; 

married Rebecca Allen; residence, Nelson county, Ky. 


408 1. Mettie Kate, born . 

256. Mary E." Wakefield {James Banks,^ Matthew,* John,^ ^Latthew,"^ 
Robert^), daughter of John Banks and Roseann (Cain) Wakefield; born Janu- 
ary 26, 1849. Married October 10, 1872, to Robert Goff; residence, Nelson 
county, Ky. 


1. Elnora Goff, born January 20, 1873. 

2. Tyler Goff, born October 15. 1875. 

Seventh Generation. 243 

264. Mary Jane" Wakefield {Stihvell Ileady,^ Mattlicw,* John,^ 
Matthew," Bohert,^), daughter of Stilwell Heady and Ann M. (Tag-gart) 
Wakefield; born March 13, 1840. Residence, Shelby county, Ky.: married 
February 2, 1864, to Joseph Black. She died, and Mr. Black was married 
again. He and his wife are members of the Methodist church. 


1. Mary Julia Black, born April 26, 1865. 

265. James Marcus" Wakefield (Stilwdl H.,^ Matthew,'^ John,^ 
Mattheiv,'^ Robert^), son of Stilwell Heady and Ann M. (Taggart) Wakefield; 
born May 24, 1850. Residence, Shelby county, Ky. He married February 
25, 1873, Lizzie Dunlap. He is a farmer and trader. 


409.— 1. Catherine, horn November 10, 1874. 

266. Hannah Leslie'"' Wakefield {Stilwell H.,-> Matthew,* John,^ Mat- 
thew,'' lioljert^), daughter of Stilwell Heady and Ann M. (Taggart) Wake- 
field; born August 7, 1853; married November 30, 1871, to Robert Young, a 
member of the Baptist church; resides Spencer county, Ky. 

1. John William Young, born April 26, 1872. 

267. Matthew Heady*' Wakefield {Stihvell H.,^ Matthew,'^ John,^ 
Matthew," Botjert^), son of Stilwell Heady and Ann M. (Taggart) Wakefield, 
born March 10, 1855; resides Spencer county, Ky. ; married April 1, 1874, 
Laura Crutcher. 


410.— 1. Maud, born March 5, 1875. 

221. Samuel Jackson" Wakefield {Jolm Wesley,^ David,* David,^ 
Bohert,^ Itohert^), son of John Wesley and Fanny (Byers) Wakefield; born 
February 21, 1833, in Westmoreland township, Indiana county, Penn.; mar- 
ried, March 9, 1854, Mary Jane Miller, of Mercer county, Penn.; he is a 
general merchant, and has been a carpenter and joiner; resides at Durand, 
Pepin county, Wis.; he enlisted in Civil war, 1860, in the 2d Wisconsin 


411.— 1. Clarence E., born August 2. 1857, in Pepin county. Wis. 
412 — 2. John, born June 18, 1860, at Lima, Pepin county, "Wis. 
413 — 3. Francis, born December 24, 1859, in Pepin, Wis. 

290. James C." Wakefield {John Elder, ^ Campbell,* Andrew,^ 'An- 
dreio," Bobert^), son of John Elder and Catherine (Turner) Wakefield; born 
November 1, 1858, in Heyworth, 111.; he was previously a farmer, but is now 
in the lumber business; resides, Heyworth, McLean county, 111.; he married, 
November 1, 1883, Mary J. Thompson, daughter of William and Mary 
(Jones) Thompson. 


414 — 1. William Bard, borii November 6, 1884: died in infancy. 
415.— 2. Mabel Porter, born December 20, 1886; died in infancy. 
416 — 3. Infant daughter, born 


298. Clark' Wakefield {James, '^ Bobert,^ Thomas,* David^^ Bobert,^ 
Bobert^), son of James and Martha (Clark) Wakefield; born October 11, 1833, 
at Johnstown, Penn. He is a farmer; resides San Jose, Mason county, 111. 
He is a private citizen, of high reputation and rare judgment. He was 
married March 22, 1860, to Emma Hill, daughter of James L. and Sarah 
(Gregory) Hill, who was born November 20, 1837. Her mother, Sarah, was 
a cousin of Gen. Robert C. Schenck. 

244 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 


417 — 1. Charles Lewis, born January 16, 1861; married April 9, 1889, Anna Caro- 
line Maunsell. 

418 — 2. Frank B., born in 1862: died in 1864. 

419.— 3. Anna Alida, born February 17, 1864: married December 29, 1888, to S. A. 

430 — 4. Edward, born in 1866; died in 1867. 

421.— 5. Robert Sylvester, born October 28, 1873, at San Jose. 111. : married , 

Clara Belle Bye, of Chicago, 111. 

433 — 6. Sarah, born in 1873: died in 1876. 

433.-7. Kate Maria, born March 6, 1874: single, living with her parents. 

434.-8. Clark Baker, born May 8, 1881: living with his parents. 

300. James^ Wakefield {James,'^ Bobert,^ Thomas,^ Davkl,^ liohert,^ 

Bohcrt^), son of James and Martha (Clark) Wakefield: born , 1836; 

married Nancy Hoyt, ; resides in county, Penn. Enlisted in 

the 73d regiment, Illinois volunteers; served three years; was hurt in 


436 — 1. Alvin, born — . 1862. 

436 — 2. MARY, born , 1866: married to Charles H. Miller. 

437.-3. Carrie, born about 1869: married to Orin Ogden. 

438.-4. Nora, born about 1870. 

439 — 5. Clifford, born about 1873. 

430.-6. William, born about 1875: killed, by being thrown from a wagon when 

301. Elizabeth'' Wakefield {James,'^ Bobert,^ Thomas,^ David,^ Bob- 
ert,^ Bobert^), daughter of James and Martha (Clark) Wakefield; born in 

1838, county, Penn.; married , to Edwin Dillon. Resides in 

Fairbury, 111. 


1. Edwin Dillon, born , 1861: died 1863. 

2. Lida Dillon, born , 1866: married , to George B. Kilbury. 

3. Oscar Dillon, born , 1867 or 8. 

4. Edith Dillon, born , 1869 or 1870. 

302. William^ Wakefield (/ames," Bobert,^ Thomas,* David,^ Bobert,^ 
Bobert^), son of James and Nancy (Estes) Wakefield; born November 21, 
]841. He enlisted in the -ITth Illinois regiment volunteers. Served three 
years. He married October, 1866, Charlotte A. Leckman; residence, Rome, 


431.-1. George, born December, 1867. 

433.-2. Nellie, born September — , 1869. 

433 — 3. Ida, born June— , 1870. 

434.-4. Jessie, born April — , 1873. 

436.-5. Carrie, born July — , 1873. 

303. Thomas G.^ Wakefield (James,^ Bobert,^ Thomas,* David,^ Bob- 

ert,^ Bobert^), son of James and Nancy (Estes) Wakefield; born August 4, 
1843; he married January 23, 1868, Mary E. Parr. No issue, but one adopted 
boy, Arthur D., born September 22, 1878. Residence, county, Penn. 

304. Cynthia" Wakefield (James,^ Bobert,^ Thomas,* David,^ Bob- 
ert,^ Bobcrt^), daughter of James and Nancy (Estes) Wakefield; born .luly 13, 

1846; married August 25, 1864, to Edwin F. Nichols. Residence, 

county, Penn. 


1. Harry L. Nichols, born . 

2. Effle Nichols, born . 

3. Nellie Nichols, born . 

4. Ollie Nichols, born . 

5. Altie Nichols, born . 

305. Amelia'^' Wakefield {James,^ Bobert,^ Thomas,* David,^ Bobert^ 
Bobert^) daughter of James and Nancy (Estes) Wakefield; born Feb- 
ruary 16, 1850; married January 19, 1869, to Levi Pike. Residence, 

county, Penn. 


1. Frank Pike, born . 

2. Lettie Pike, born- 

.3. Nancv Pike, born . 

4. Mary Pike, born, . 

5. Agnes Pike, born . 

Seventh Generation. 245 

310. Elizabeth E." Wakefield (John Fleming,'^ Eohcrt,^ TJiomas,"^ 
David, ^ liobcrt', liobcrt'^). daughter of John Fleming and Susannah (Garlic) 
Wakefield: born June 29, 1843, in Navoo, Hancock count}'. 111.: married 
December 5, 1869, to Gideon D. Wood. 


1. Henry Gideon Wood, born October 22, 1870. 

2. Marj' Ellen Wood, born May 9, 1873. 

3. Estella Pauline Wood, born April 30, 1876. 

311. Thomas G." Wakefield {John F.,*^ Eohert,^ Thomas,* David,^ 
Robert,- Robert^), son of John Fleming and Susannah (Garlic) Wakefield; 
born June 16, 1845; married November 1, 1869, Maria Jane Johnson; resides 
Huntington, Emery county, Utah. 


436.— 1. Thomas Oliver, born October 1. 1870. 

437.-2. Susan Jane, born October 18. 1872. 

438.-3. Mart Julia, born January 24. 1875. 

439 — 4. Valerie Lewella, born June 15. 1877. 

440.— ,5. Marion Elroy. born February- 1. 1880. 

441.— 6. George Fleming, born October 30. 1882. 

442 — 7. Austin Amos, born Mav 30, 1885, 

443 — 8. Delpha Noemia, born November 5. 1887; died Mav 22, 1889. 

444.-9. Aletha, born March 30, 1890. 

312. John Fleming^ Wakefield (JohnF.,^ Robert,^ Thomas,* David,^ 
Robert,- Roberf^), son of John Fleming and Susannah (Garlic) Wakefield: born 
August 21, 1847: married December 5, 1870, Julia Ann Johnson; resides Hunt- 
ington, Emery county, Utah. 


445.-1. John Fleming, born January 13. 1872. 

446.-2. MiLAS Erastus. born January 13, 1874. 

447.-3. Julia Ellis, born October 30, 1876. 

448.-4. Don Angus, born December 17. 1879. 

449.-5. Lauretta Jane, born February 1. 1882. 

450.— 6. Rat, born March, 27. 1884. 

451 — 7. Alice Grace, born November 7. 1886. 

453 — 8 AMOS Gilph, born May 8. 1889. 

313. Mary^ Wakefield {John F.,'' Robert,^ lliomas,* David,'' Robert,'^ 
Robert^), daughter of John Fleming and Susannah (Garlic) Wakefield: born 
April 20, 18.")0, in Pottawattamie county, Iowa; married December 20, 1869, 
to George Vance; resides Fairview, Sanpete county, Utah. 


1. Martha Susannah Vance, born October 31. 1870. 

2. Mary Ellen Vance, born October 18, 1872; died August 27. 1877. 

3. Sarah Elizabeth Vance, born September 20, 1874. 

4. George Hyrum Vance, born December 5, 1876: died February 5. 1886. 

5. Julia Frances Vance, born May 23. 1879. 

6. Myron Alma Vance, born October 31, 1881. 

7. Byron Alvin Vance, born October 31, 1881. 

8. Alice Elnora Vance, born August 29. 1884. 

9. Mabel Marinda Vance, born Jul}- 14. 1887. 

314:. Joseph B.'^ Wakefield {John F.,^ Robert.^ Thomas,* David,^ Rob- 
ert,^ Robert^), son of John Fleming and Susannah (Garlic) Wakefield: born 
June 12, 1852; married October 3, 1870, Aretha Morilla Bates; resides St. 
John's, Apache countj', Ariz. 


453.-1. Alpharetta. born January 25, 1872: died January 28, 1872. 

454.-2. Joseph Thomas, born Mav 23. 1873. 

455 — 3. Lillian Morinda. born April 11. 1876. 

456 — 1. Lansing Ira. born November 8, 1878. 

457 5. Erastus Snow, born August 29. 1881. 

458. — 6. Elizabeth Elliott, born August 26, 1884. 

459.-7. Myrtle, born October 6, 1887. 

315. Sarah Ellen^ Wakefield {John F.,^ Robert,^ Thomas,* Bavid,^ 

Robert,- Robert^), daughter of John E'leming and Susannah (Garlic) Wake- 
field; born July 8, 1854, in Pottawattamie count}', Iowa; married January 25, 
1869, to Orville E. Bates; resides Tuba City, Yavapia county, Ariz. 

246 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 


1. Susan M.= Bates, born April 2, 1871. in Opher, Toole county, Utah: married May 11, 1887, 

to Thomas W. Brookbank: resides Tuba City, Yavapia county, Ariz. 
1. Thomas W.^ Brookbanks. jr.. born March 4, 1888: died May 21, 1889. 

2. Orville E.^ Bates, jr., born April U, 1873; died April 28, 1881. 

3. Aretha M.= Bates, born February 28, 1875. 

4. Ellen 1.2 Bates, born December 8, 1877. 

5. Laron L.- Bates, born February 1, 1880. 

6. Wilford W.^ Bates, born March 1. 1883. 

7. Ormus M.= Bates, born December 13, 1886. 

8. Lymon E.= Bates, born May 31, 1888. 

317. John Anawalt' Wakefield {David Cooper,'^ James, ^ Thomas,* 
Darid,^ Eobert,^ Roherf^ ) , son of David Cooper and Eleanor (Anawalt) Wake- 
field: born December 3, 1851; married August 16, 1881, Geanne E., daughter 
of Edmund and Martha Robidoux, and granddaughter of Joseph Robidoux, 
founder of St. Joseph, Mo. He was born in Allegheny City, Penn., and was 
reared in New Brighton, in the same state. In June, 18"(i, he removed to 
Rock Island, 111., where he had charge of the business of a large wholesale 
lumber company, until 1880. In that year he removed to Omaha, and went 
into the wholesale and retail lumber business, for himself. His business 
grew rapidly, until his yards were noted as being the largest in the coun- 
try, entirely under cover. June 25, 1893, the yards were totally destroyed 
by tire. Mr. Wakefield continued for some time as a wholesale dealer in 
building supplies, but finally discontinued that to give his entire time to 
the interests of the Trans-Mississippi International Exposition, which is to 
be held in Omaha during the year 1898, and of which he is the secretary. 


460.— 1. Geanne Eleanor, born October 19, 1882, at St. Joseph, Mo. 

318. Amanda Gertrude'^ Wakefield {David Cooper,^ James,^ Thomas,* 
David,^ Eobert,^ lioherf^), daiighter of David Cooper and Eleanor (Anawalt) 
Wakefield, born April 1, 1854, in Allegheny City, Penn.; married October 7, 
1879, in New Brighton, Penn., to John H. Douds, of Beaver Palls, Penn. 
They now reside at the latter place. 


1. William Wakefield Douds, born October 8, 1880. 

2. John Howard Douds, born November 13,1883. 

3. Eleanor Idessa Douds, born June 1.5. 1890. 

319. Theodore Cooper'' Wakefield {David Cooper,^ James,^ Thomas,* 
David,^ Robert.'^ Roherf^), son of David Cooper and Eleanor (Anawalt) Wake- 
field, born August 20, 1856, in New Brighton, Penn.: married June 21, 1892; 
Etta S. McDonald, of Rock Island, 111. He traveled for the R. I. Lum- 
ber Co., and died January 4, 1897, from result of injuries infiicted by foot- 
pads, at East St. Louis, 111., December 4, 1896. 


461 — 1. Sarah Etta, born April 8, 1893. 

321. George Bateman^ Wakefield {David Cooper,'^ James, ^ Thomas,* 
David,'^ Robert,'^ Robert^), son of David Cooper and Eleanor (Anawalt) Wake- 
field, born March 29, 1863, in New Brighton, Penn.: married March 27, 1889, 
Ida G. Mincke, of St. Louis, Mo. They reside at St. Louis, where he is man- 
ager of the South Side Wrecking Company. 

463.— 1. George Mincke, born September 7, 1890. 

345. Thomas Randolph^ Wakefield {David H.,^ Scmmel,^ Thomas,* 
David,'-^ Robert,''^ Robert^), son of David Hough and Mary (Covert) Wakefield; 
born near Redstone, Fayette county, Penn., May 13, 1855; married April 9, 
1885, Elizabeth, daughter of James Patterson and Caroline Augusta (Men- 
dell) McConaughy, one of the oldest, wealthiest, most influential, and highly 
respected families of Johnstown, Penn. He finished his education at the 
California State Normal School, graduating in 1878; after which he was 
tendered a professorship in the faculty, which he accordingly declined. He 

Seventh Generation. 247 

is a lawyer and is one of tlie most prominent members of the bar at Union- 
town, Penn., wliere lie resides. He is inspector of rifle practice, in the 10th 
regiment of the National Guard of Pennsylvania, having rank of lieutenant 
on Colonel Hawkins' stall'. He is in sentiment a Presbyterian, and in politics 
a democrat, having been honored by his party as their nominee for district 
attorney in 1889. 


463 1. Caroline, born October 29, 1887, at Uniontown, Penn. 

464.— 2. Dorothy Hemenway, born August 26, 1894, at Uniontown, Penn. 

357. Charles B.^ Wakefield {John S.,^ Smnuel,^ Thomas,* David,^ 
Bobert,- Bohert^), son of John S. and Martha (Boyd) Wakefield; born Janu- 
ary 26, 1861; resides Westmoreland county, Penn.; he married December 25, 
1879, Anna Benford, who was born April 10, 1859; he died March 18, 1895. 


465.— 1. Ralph Benford, born October 20, 1881. 

466 2. Mary Narcissa, born April 2, 1883. 

467.-3. Florence Kathbrine, l)orn June 15, 1889. 

468 1. Charles Benjamin, born May 12, 1892. 

378. Emily^ Wakefield (/o/m!, J.^if'»,« William,-' John,* Barid.^ Bohert,^ 
Bobert^), daughter of John Allen and Eliza (Thompson) Wakefield; born 
October 1, 1829, in Vandalia, 111.: resided Vandalia, 111., Galena, 111., and 
St. Paul. She married, firstly, in 1815, Emmons Dix Chase, who died in 
1848. She married, secondly, July 13, 1850, John Culver Terry, son of Robert 
Terry, or Ohio; his ancestors came to America long before the Revolution, 
probably in the 17th century, and were among English settlers in the north- 
western territory, moving from Connecticut or Rhode Island. 


1. Octavious Emerson^, born . Has always borne the name of his stepfather; 

died in 1881, left one son living with mother in San Jose, Cal., named Chase Terry. 

2. John Culver^ Terry, born ; killed in railroad accident, June 1883; left daughter 

Blanche, born in 1883, at time of father's death. 

3. Benjamin Stites.. Terry, born April 9, 18.57, at St. Paul, Minn. He was pastor of Baptist 

Church in Falrport, N.Y., from 1883 to 1885. From 1885 to 1892 he was profes.sor of 
Colgate University. He is now professor in University of Chicago. Resides Chicago, 
Cook county. 111. He was a student at Colgate University fron 1S74 to 1881. A.B. in 
1878, A.M. in 1881. Student at University of Freiburg in Baden. 1891-2, Ph.D.. Wd. 
1892. He married June 1, 1881, Mary Cynthia Baldwin, of Troy, N.Y., daughter of Rev. 
Geo. C. Baldwin. D.D., and Cynthia (Jacobs) Baldwin. Her father is a descendant of 
General Schuyler and Colonel Colfax of the revolution. 

1. Schuyler Baldwin^ Terry, born July 31. 1883, at Fairport. N.Y. 

2. Edith Emilys Terry, born October — , 1885, at Hamilton, N.Y. 

3. Ethel Mary^" Terry, born February — , 1887, at Hamilton, N.Y. 

4. Frank Wakefield^ Terry, born in 18(31, in St. Paul, Minn. 

5. William H. DevoF Terry, born ; died in infancy. 

381. Hon. William Harrison Thompson^ Wakefield {John A.,^ 
William,^ John,* David,^ Bobert,'^ Bobert^), son of John Allen and Eliza 
(Thompson) Wakefield; born December 13, 1834, at Vandalia, Fayette 
county. 111., where John A., his father, was then a lawyer and owner of the 
principal hotel. At three years of age his father removed to Davis county 
and located the town of Portsmouth, eighteen miles south of Galena, but 
change of river channel blighted the enterprise and caused severe money 
loss. William Wakefield received his education in the common schools and 
the Plattville, Wisconsin, academy, and studied law in his father's office. 
He entered upon manhood as an ardent anti-slavery man, and was a Repub- 
lican until 1872 when he voted for Horace Greeley, and has since then been 
an independent, most of his affiliation being with the Greenback and Peo- 
ple's parties, but not in full accord with their financial theories. When the 
Civil war began in 1861 he was attached to Colonel Deitzler's first Kansas 
infantry as scout, and on August 11, 1862, enlisted in Company B, twelfth 
Kansas volunteers; was soon after detailed as general order clerk at de- 
partment headquarters, raised and commanded Company E, eleventh U.S. 
colored troops; served as judge advocate second division, seventh A.C., and 
as provost marshal; general seventh corps with rank of lieutenant colonel. 
He was discharged with the regiment (113th U.S.C.Inf.) at DeValls Bluff, 
Ark., April 9, 1866. After the war he passed six years on his farm in 
Douglas county, Kan., regaining health. He then returned to journalism; 

248 The Anglo-Irish-American Family. 

was editor of the Kansas Daily Tribune and of the Topeka Daily Journal; in 
1883 he established The Anti- Monopolist and later The Jeffersonian, besides 
contributing to syndicate press and magazines. He was the first American 
editor to uphold the single tax on land values, as the leading feature of his 
paper, and few have written or spoken more on that question. In religion 
he is an agnostic, and his integrity and high character are proverbial where 
he is known. In 1886 he was a candidate for state auditor and ran ahead of 
his ticket. In 1888 he was the nominee of the United Labor or Single Tax 
party for vice-president, but on learning the movement was being manipu- 
lated in Republican interests in New York city, he withdrew his name. He 
married December 22, 1869, Emma AYakefield, a very distant cousin. She 
was a daughter of George W. and Ruth (Osborn) Wakefield. Residence, 
Mound City, Linn county. Kan. 


469.— 1. Harry Louis, born April 15, 1870; died in infancj-. 

470. — 2. Lulu May, born October 9, 187::i. She is a printer. 

471.— 3. Charles Henry, born Marcli 11, 1878. A printer. 

473. — 4. John Allen, born January 20, 1881. A printer. 

384. Andrew^ Wakefield {Charles,'^ Henry J' J