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Wakefield's Family Medicines 

And the Diseases Cured by Them, 

Do not fail to Read a Few of the Thousands of Genuine 
Testimonials received. Originals can be 
seen at the office of 






IN PRESENTING this little book to our many patrons, we take pleasure in 
giving a brief history of the birth and growth of the now world-famous Wake- 
field's Family Medicines (Purely Vegetable). 
Wakefield's Family Medicines are the result of the efforts of a celebrated 
physician to fulfill the overwhelming demand for his professional services. 

Wakefield's Medicine Manufactory was established in 1846, which makes it 
among the foremost of pioneers in this great department of medicine. From its 
infancy Dr. Cyrenus Wakefield devoted his time and skill to its progress, and every 
succeeding year has demonstrated the success due to their intrinsic value and his 
careful management. 

D.?. C. Wakefield was born in Watertown, N. Y., in the year 1815, and was a 
direct descendant from Thomas Wakefield, who emigrated from Wakefield, York- 
shire, England, the village that suggested to Oliver Goldsmith the subject of the 
beautiful story, "The Vicar of Wakefield." 

In the year 1868, Dr. Oscar Wakefield, having finished his studies in pharmacol- 
• .1 medicine, accepted the position of superintendent of the laboratory. Like 
her, he is a man of sterling integrity, and after gaining most thorough knowl- 
this vast business, assumed entire management of the concern, every depart- 
oi which is equipped with competent superintendents, which in itself is a 
guarantee of perfection. The laboratories, as well as the bottling and wrapping 
rooms, are models of order, neatness, and cleanliness, and are still under the guiding 
hand of Dr. Oscar Wakefield. The strict requirements of purity of medicinal 
ingredients employed are never neglected. All imported articles are required to be 
in unbroken original packages, with importer's seal, and all domestic goods are pro- 
cured in the crude state from first hands, and after being thoroughly tested for pur- 
ity and strength are passed through our steam-drying system and power grinding 
i ills. They are then subjected to the processes by which their medicinal virtues 
^j.e extracted, which are duly treated, combined, and passed through their own pecu- 
liar process of compounding, after which they are bottled, packed, and shipped to 
fill orders from all parts of the United States and Canada. 

After all these years of unparalleled success, it is quite unnecessary to expatiate 
on the curative worth of these time-tried standard medicines. They are each and 
all thoroughly reliable for purity and efficacy in the diseases to which they are sev- 
erally adapted, and W3 can use no better advertisement than they will demonstrate 
on trial. 

This little book is designed as a guide to home delineation and treatment of such 
general diseases as these superior medicines have, after half a century o:f actual use, 
proved efficient in. We have attempted to describe, in as simple language as possi- 
ble, the general symptoms of the diseases treated and directions for their speedy 
cure by the medicines so adapted, enabling the possessor of this book to treat him- 
self and perform cures that baffle the most skilled physicians of the day, and sav- 
ing them exorbitant doctor bills. 

In conclusion, we will add that by the years of use and cures performed, Wake- 
field's Medicines have advertised themselves and gained a world-wide reputation. 

Thanking all for past patronage and soliciting a continuance of the same, we are 

Yours respectfully, 




THIS universally known medicine is a safe and sure cure for Diarrhea, Dysen- 
tery, Cholera Morbus, Cholera Infantum, Winter and Mountain Chol- 
era, Summer Complaint, Flux, and all Relaxed Conditions of the Bowels. 
Wakefield's Blackberry Balsam is very healing in its effect upon the irri- 
tated parts of the stomach and bowels. It is not merely an astringent, checking the 
relaxation of the bowels, but acts as a regulator, leaving the stomach and bowels in 
such a condition that nature again asserts control. It is nature's assistant, pleasant 
to take, and is recognized throughout the country as the leading remedy for all irreg- 
ularities of the bowels. 


The average dose for an adult is one large 
tablespoonf ul ; for a child 7 or 8 years old, 
naif that amount; from 1 to 2 months old, 
12 to 20 drops, given every hour till it checks 
the action of the bowels. In extreme cases 
the doses should be doubled, and even trip- 
led, to meet the urgency of the symptoms. 

Many persons, who have had long experi- 
ence in the use of this remedy, think they 
succeed better by giving large doses first, 
sufficient to cause a sudden reaction, after 
which smaller doses will control the bowels 
until nature restores their usual strength. 

When no other organs but the stomach 
and bowels are diseased, as in common at- 
tacks, three or four ordinary doses of the 
Balsam will effect a cure. But when the 
liver is torpid and the stomach bilious, the 
action of the bowels may not be fully regu- 
lated for several days. The Balsam should 
then be continued until it acts on the liver 
and regulates the bowels. 

For Flux, or when the relaxation is in 
the lower bowels, the power of the Balsam 
is so reduced before reaching the affected 
parts that no immediate benefit may result. 
In that case the Balsam should be mixed 
with warm water, say one part Balsam to 
two parts water, and given as an injection; 
this should be retained in the bowels as long 
as possible, and should be repeated two or 
three times. It invariably effectr a cure. 

Dysentery is also treated by injection. 
When the stomach or bowels seem cold or 
in any way congested, dry hot woolen cloths 
should be applied often until a reaction is 

Winter and Mountain Cholera is be- 
coming prevalent of late years in this 
country. It is easily checked and cured by 
the use of the Balsam. Use it as in case of 

Summer Complaint in Children is gen- 
erally caused by teething, but may be pro- 
duced by other causes that irritate the nerv- 
ous system and debilitate digestive organs. 
The bowels should be kept under control by 
use of the Balsam. Give the child a daily 
sponge bath, followed by thorough rubbing 
with the naked hands. Guard well the diet 
in quality and quantity of the digest- 
ive organs are invariably weak. Keep the 
child quiet and cool, and persevere with 
judgment, keeping up a healthy action for 
many days, or until the system recuper- 
ates and the digestive organs gain their 
natural strength. If the child is bilious 
give one or two teaspoonsful of Wine Bit- 
ters each day. 

Scours in Colts and Calves should be 
treated with half a bottle in severe cases. 

Colic in Horses and Cattle should be 
treated with from one-half to one bottle* 
according to the severity of the case. 




Plainview, Tex., December 20, 1892. 
Dr. C, Waketield & Co.— Last July I was 
taken sick with typhoid fever; when that 
was broken inflammation of the bowels set 
in, and when that was checked I took the 
diarrhea. I was under the care of three 
physicians, and after two months they gave 
my case up as hopeless. I was brought so 
low that I almost lost my mind. While thus 
suffering Mr. C. Holmes, a friend, called on 
me and recommended Wakefield's Black- 
berry Balsam. A bottle was procured, and 
after taking four doses I rested for fifteen 
hours, the first rest of any duration I had 
taken for two mouths. After taking six 
bottles I was on my feet again, to the great 
astonishment of my friends. 



Whiter Park, Fla., May IT, 1892. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Enclosed please 
find order for more Blackberry Balsam. My 
husband does not think he can get through 
the summer here without your Balsam. 


Bloomington, 111., Sept. 15, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Having read 
many excellent testimonials from promi- 
nent Bloomington people as to the efficiency 
of your Black bery Balsam, I wish to speak 
of its fame in another state. About three 
years ago, while resiling in Great Bend, 
Kansas, my little girl was taken sick with 
bowel complaiut. I consulted the best phy- 
sician there, Dr. Avers, now an eminent 
physician of Kansas City, who, to my great 
surprise. recommeudecTWakefield's Black- 
berry Balsam as the best for such purposes. 
I found it on sale at all the drug stores, and 
procured aud used a bottle with gratifing 
results. Since that we have never been 
without it in the house, and keep it handy 
in both my house and office. 

R. FRANK BRYANT, Architect. 


Omaha, Neb., August 10, 1891. 
Dr. C Wakefield & Co.— I write to let you 
know what I think of your Blackberry Bal- 
sam as a remedy for Diarrhea and Dysen- 
tery. I was taken with Diarrhea some time 
ago and consulted some of our best physi- 
cians here, but got no relief. After two 
weeks of suffering a friend called to see me, 
and persuaded me to try your Blackberry 
Balsam. I did so, and one bottle entirely 
cured me. Since cured I have recommend- 
ed it to several of my friends who had 
bowel troubles, and in every instance it 
effected a cure. A. B. HUNT, 

Supt. Water Works. 


Bonair, Iowa, Jan. 8, 1893. 
■ Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I have used your 
Blackberry Balsam and found it all that is 
claimed for it. We don't intend to be with- 
out it in the house, and would recommend 
it to all. A Mr. A. A. Brown here cannot 
praise the Balsam enough. 



Peoria, 111., May 20, 1890. 

Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I write this to 
tell you how highly I prize j'our Blackberry 
Balsam as a remedy for diseases of the 
stomach and bowels. 

I While traveling last summer I was taken 
with a very troublesome diarrhea, which 
followed me for some weeks, and finally 
compelled me to leave my business and re- 
turn home. As soon as I reached Peoria I 
placed myself under the care of a physician 
whom I have known for years, and whom 
I have every reason to believe is one of the 
best practitioners in the state. He treated 
me for three weeks without helping me a 
particle, and I began to fear that I was 
doomed to suffer the rest of my life from 
Chronic Diarrhea. Finally I grew so weak 
that I was confined to the bed. While lying 
there a friend induced me to try your 
Blackberry Balsam, since the doctor was 
not helping me. This I did, rather reluc- 
tantly I confess: but the very first dose I 
took of it "took hold," and before I had 
taken one bottle I was on my feet and able 
to resume business. I think I took a part 
of a second bottle, but, anyhow, in a few 
days I was fully restored to health, and I 
have had no recurrence of the malady since 
that time. 

I believe the medicine saved my life, and 
I take pleasure in thus rendering honor to 
whom honor is due. So far as my observa- 
tion goes, your Blackberry Balsam is far 
the best remedy for bowei troubles that I 
know anything about, and if these words 
of mine can help to convince anyone of its 
virtues, I shall be truly glad. 

Yours truly, WM. HAWLEY SMITH, 
of Smith & Hillman, Publishers. 


Bloomington, 111., April 14, 1891. 
I Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I take great 
pleasure in speaking a good word for your 
Blackberry Balsam on all suitable occa- 
sions. I have used it for myself and in my 
family for more than twenty-five years, and 
it has never failed to give perfect satisfac- 
tion in every instance. I never leave 
home to be gone two days without a bottle 
in my satchel. In my opinion it has no 
equal as a remedy for Diarrhea or Dysen- 
tery. It, however, needs no commendation 
from me. as its reputation is already broad- 
er than our country. 

P. WHITMER, Pres. People's Bank. 



Fairmont, Mo., Sept. 19, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Some four weeks 
ago Mr. W. F. Perry, general agent for J. 
C. Ayers & Co., had the Cholera at my 
house. We employed no physician, but 
used one and a half bottles of your Black- 
berry Balsam, and cured him. He was so 
weak after the severe pain that he stayed 
with me five days. This he will testify to 
if desired. A. C. WALSWORTH. 


Bloomington, 111., May 1, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield <& Co. — We have used 
your Blackberry Balsam many, many 
years, keeping it always on hand. Our ex- 
perience teaches us that it is a reliable and 
safe medicine, performing its office prompt- 
ly without leaving any bad after- effect. 
Yours respectfully, 

L. MATERN, Carriage Builder. 


Big Stone Gap, Va., April 3, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— You will please 
ship us twelve dozen of Wakefield's Black- 
berry Balsam, which we find to be The 
Best Remedy for a disease here termed 
Mountain Cholera, which is quite prevalent 
at present. We have a good demand here 
for the Balsam. W. H. NICKELS & CO. 
General Merchandise. 


Bloomington, 111., July 25. 1891. 
' Dr. C Wakefield & Co.— Last week our 
two months' old baby was taken severely 
with Summer Complaint. We Knew of 
your excellecit remedy, Wakefield's Black- 
berry Balsam, and at once got a bottle. 
We gave it in doses of 15 drops and the child 
was soon cured, being as well as ever at 
the close of the second day. The Balsam 
is just the article for children suffering 
from Summer Complaint, and we will al- 
ways give it praise. R. J. MURPHY. 


Chicago, 111., April 13, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I deem it a great 
pleasure, in fact a duty, to testify to the 
efficacy of your Blackberry Balsam in 
cases of Dysentery and Diarrhea. My ex- 
perience with it extends over a period of 
several years in railroading. 1 have known 
it to be used in numberless cases, both by 
myself and by my fellow employes. I have 
never known it to fail in a single instance 
of affording satisfactory relief. Many of 
the train service men include a bottle of 
it in their train boxes as one of the neces- 
sities of the business. I consider it a most 
valuable medicine, and that you are con- 
ferring a boon on humanity by its manu- 
facture and sale. Knowing it as I do, I 
shall never cease to extol its virtues. 

l. s. Dubois, 

Union Depot Pass. Agt. C. & A. R. R. 


Boston, Mass., May 8, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— We have used 
Wakefield's Blackbeiry Balsam in our 
family for a great many years, and never 
feel safe without it in the house. Experi- 
ence has demonstrated to our entire satis- 
faction that there is nothing that will so 
faithfully, speedily, and effectually cure 
Chronic Diarrhea, Dysentery, and Summer 
Cholera, ia old or young, without causing 
constipation or other ills, as Wakefield's 
Black ben y Balsam. We believe it a duty 
to the public to give testimony to so excel- 
lent a preparation. J. B. HENNEY. 


Bloomington, 111., June 11. 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I take great pleas- 
sure in recommending to the public your 
Blackberry Balsam. We have used it in 
our family for years and would feel lost 
without it. For summer diseases of the 
bowels it cannot be excelled. It is pleasant 
to the taste and does its work effectually. 
I think it is the best medicine in the world, 
as it causes no bad effect. Knowing it as I 
do, I am proud your extensive manufactory 
is located in our city. As a home institu- 
tion your goods have no superior anywhere. 
J. P. McLEAN, 
A Prominent Boot and Shoe Dealer. 


Bloomington, 111., June 22, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I have sold your 
medicines for about forty years, and they 
have given universal satisfaction. Your 
Blackberry Balsam is unsurpassed for the 
purposes recommended. 

WM. W. MARMON, Wholesale Drugs. 


Hayden, Ind., June 2. 1892. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Having used your 
Blackberry Balsam for several years in 
doctoring myself and family, with the best 
of satisfaction, I experimented with it a 
little this spring. I have a fine colt that 
took scours when one week old : after try- 
ing all the remedies commonly used in such 
cases, with no good results, I gave four 
doses of your Blackberry Balsam, table- 
spoonful at a dose, one hour apart, which 
completely cured the colt. 

Very respectfully, J. W. HEATON. 


Denison, Iowa. Mav 1, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— This is to certify 
that I consider your Blackberry Balsam the 
finest preparation in the market for the 
cure of all looseness of the bowels in young 
colts I have used it successfully in my prac- 
tice for some years with the best results 
—without a loss — whereas before I began 
giving it to colts in my care, frequent losses 
were had. I highly recommend it to stock 
raisers. W. T. BAKER, Vet. Sur. 



Cough Syrup. 

THIS is the most prompt and effectual remedy now in use for the cure of Colds 
Coughs, La Grippe, Typhoid and Lung Fever, Croup, Measles, Whooping 
Cough, and all Throat and Lung Affections. When taken freely it equal 
izes the circulation, produces gentle perspiration, opens the pores, and renews 
a healthy action from the internal organs outward, thus relieving obstructions. It 
quiets the nervous system, relieves the tense and inflammatory condition of the 
muscular system so common in acute attacks, and also relieves the head, throat, and 
lungs from tightness and mucus. It will also dry up tubercles, and eradicate the 
tendency to consumption. In several cases it has cured consumption, so pronounced 
by physicians, after being given up to die by them. 


For Sudden Colds very large doses are 
the best. Some persons report having taken 
a small bottle at four doses during an after- 
noon and evening, and found themselves 
free from the effects of cold in the morning. 
The average dose for an adult, in common 
cases of colds or coughs, is one teaspoonful 
every one or two hours, and double or 
treble that amount in more acute and vio- 
lent attacks. A dose for a child should be 
less in proportion to size, some requiring 
twice as much as others, and violent attacks 
require the dose increased in proportion to 
their obstinacy. Some require smaller and 
more frequent doses. On some patients it 
will take a small bottle a day; on others it 
will take a large one. One bottle generally 
cures a fresh cold. Persons knowing the 
effect they wish to produce will soon learn 
the size of the dose best adapted to their 
particular organization. The quantity 
that gives relief, with little or no nausea 
of the stomach, is the proper dose in all 
ordinary cases. 

In Typhoid Fever this remedy is inval- 
uable, and should be used freely. No per- 
son will have Typhoid Fever if the circula 
tion is thus properly equalized from the 
time the first symptoms appear. Realizing 
this fact you can readily perceive the com- 

mon-sense principle of this method of treat 
ing all diseases of the lungs and vital or- 
gans. The patient should almost wholly 
abstain from food for a few days while be- 
ing treated for violent attacks of disease. 
Even in bad colds it is better to fast. In 
all violent attacks it is best, in the start, 
to take one good cathartic dose, and for 
this we recommend our Liver Pills. 

Croup is caused by filling up of the wind- 
pipe, which must be prevented or relieved 
in time or suffocation and death will ensue. 
When the first symptoms appear give 
double doses of the Cough Syrup, and re- 
peat every fifteen minutes until relaxation 
and nausea is produced, or the symptoms 

In croup, or in sudden colds and typhoid 
attacks, in which the pores are suddenly 
closed and the system intensely tightened 
up, producing headache or chilliness, large 
and frequent doses are required. Disease 
should be treated according to the symp- 
toms manifest, regardless of its particular 
name, and the first object is to restore a 
natural action by overcoming these un- 
natural symptoms; and this is the tendency 
of the Cough Syrup, to relax the system 
and allow the impurities again to freely 
escape. In health the impurities from con- 


stant waste of organic matter are contin- 
ually escaping through the pores. When 
the pores become suddenly closed, these 
retained particles become a source of ir- 
ritation and disease. How necessary it is 
then that we speedily administer this re- 
laxing remedy, and at the same time assist 
its effects by properly softening the skin 
and opening the pores externally. This 
anyone can accomplish by properly and 
continually making warm wet applications. 

Persons of strong, nervous constitution 
should use this Syrup in much larger doses 
than the average directions. 

The patient should take great care against 
fresh cold after taking relaxing treatment. 
Take considerable rest and keep the nerves 
quiet; let there be a good reaction and re- 
cuperation of strength and feeling before 
taking exercise or being exposed to the 
atmosphere. Continue to take enough of 
this medicine to promote rest, keep the 
pain down, and the nerves quiet. As an 

alterative, in purifying the blood, this 
medicine is not surpassed by any sarsa- 
parilla or cherry preparation. 

Li a Grippe— This disease generally comes 
as an epidemic, and should be treated at 
first with one or two doses of Wakefield's 
Liver Pills, keeping the lungs free during 
the time, and for several days, by the free 
use of Cough Syrup. 

Whooping Cough— This disease requires 
large doses of Cough Syrup when the 
whooping or choking symptoms appear. 
Wear plenty of warm clothing around the 
chest, and do not irritate the disease by 
taking too fatiguing exercise. 

Bronchitis— This is an irritation of the 
bronchial tube, caused by colds or by ex- 
cessive use of voice, or by scrofula in the 
blood. Take small and frequent doses of 
the Cough Syrup, and if it arises from 
scrofula the treatment should be continued 
some time, until it takes an alterative effect. 
Rub Golden Ointment well into the chest. 



Leatherwood, Ind., June 1, 1891. 

Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— A five-year-old 
son of John Wildman, of this place, was 
sick with a cough for five months. Five 
different cough remedies were used, and 
also doctors' prescriptions, without relief. 
Then Wakefield's Cough Syrup was recom- 
mended, and they got a 25-cent bottle. 
They began giving it and saw a change, and 
when this was gone one 50-cent bottle was 
procured, which cured the child of consump- 
tion, which the doctors said he had. 

To certify to this statement being true X 
hereby place my signature, and anyone 
doubting this statement address the under 
signed. N. T. COX. 


Fincastle, Ky., March 22, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I have used your 
Cough Syrup in a bad attack of La Grippe, 
and find it to be the best remedy for that 
disease. It will certainly cure. 



Bollsville, Mo. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— My child, six 
months old, had a violent attack of Croup. 
I tried several remedies to no effect while 
I was sending for yours. Your CougL 
Syrup gave immediate relief, and by using 
one half a bottle my child was restored to 
health. I have tried it for colds of long 
standing and find it the best remedy I ever 


Middle Creek, 111., Jan., 1892. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co. — This winter while 
Rev. Richard Haney, of Monmouth, 111., 
was holding a protracted meeting at this 
place, he was taken sick with a severe cold 
and cough, and we gave him freely of your 
Cough Syrup at night, and next morning 
when he got up he said: "Well, brother, I 
never, in all my life, have taken any medi- 
cine that did me so much good in so short a 
time ' When he left he took a supply with 
him and said he would always keep some 
on hand*- WM. H. EARLS. 


Dawson, Iowa, July 8, 1892. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— During a severe 
epidemic of Whooping Cough through this 
section of the country this season, your 
Cough Syrup has proven a very valuable 
remedy. Those who have used it according 
to directions testify to almost immediate 
relief, and especially with small children : it 
kept them from violent paroxysms, to which 
they are subject in this disease. It is the 
Best. M. T. FINLEY. 


Norman Station, Ind. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— A bottle of Cough 
Syrup saved my child's life. I do not want 
to be without it again. My child had the 
Whooping Cough and a fever. Our family 
doctor said he had done all he could and it 
was bound to die, but Wakefield's Cough 
Syrup saved it. REV. PETER AYNES. 




Livonia, Mo. I 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Your Cough Syr'; 
up saved the life of my child. 



Bushnell, 111., Jan. 10, 1883. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— A physician of 
thirty years' practice says: That in the case 
of Mrs. Dunken, one bottle of Wakefield's 
Cough Syrup was used in connection with 
his practice with marvelous success. The ( 
patient was prostrated several weeks: all 
physicians around her had pronounced her 
case hopeless, as there was a large cavity 
in her throat caused from bronchial affec- 
tion. She threw from her lungs one and 
a half pints of matter in 24 hours. She now 
lives and is well. G. J. COWGILL. 


Prentice. 111., January 15, 1890. 

Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— This is to certify 
that one year ago I had the Consumption, 
at least the doctors said I had, and pre- 
scribed medicine for that disease, which t 
have taken, and several other kinds of 
medicine that did not seem to do me any 
good. In fact my friends thought my days 
were numbered. At last I was induced by 
Mr. J. H. Hubbs, your agent, to try Wake- 
field"s Cough Syrup, which I did. and by the 
time spring opened up I was able to go to 
my work, which is ditching. Now I cheer- 
fully say that your Cough Syrup cured me. 
Respectfully, C. H. MASSEY. 

Witness: John Boston, J. P. 


Bloomington, 111.. July 24, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— For a period of 
over forty years I have used your excellent 
remedies with the most gratifying suc- 
cess. Your Cough Syrup is certainly with- 
out an equal for Coughs, Colds, and the 
first stages of Pneumonia. With myself 
and family it has never failed to give 

f>rompt and permanent relief. With the 
atter affection I use it in conjunction with 
your Golden Ointment, which I apply to 
the chest externally, and after drying in 
before a fire I apply hot flannels with the 
most gratifying results. 



Bethlehem. Ind. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Your Cough Syr- 1 
up saved the life of my sister. She lived 
in Louisville, Ky., and two of the best doc- 
tors attended her for six months, doing her 
no good. She coughed day and night, and 
finally came to my house to die. I immedi- 
ately got your Cough Syrup and gave her 
of it freely, and in three weeks she went 
home; but she did not take her cough with 
her, for she was well. Anyone doubting this 
statement can address me and learn the 
truth of it. B. W. RICE. 


Edmonson, Mo., March 31, 1893. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Your Cough Syr- 
up is the best cough medicine in the world. 
It saved my baby*s life, when he was almost 
gone. It also saved the life of Mrs. Yount's 
child, of this place. I think it does just 
what it is recommended to do. I could not 
raise a family without it. My house has not 
been without it for a long time, and I don't 
think it ever will be. God knows the grat- 
itude I feel toward Dr. C. Wakefield for his 
wonderful medicine. 



Beaverville, 111. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I recommend your 
Golden Ointment and Egyptian Liniment 
very highly. I have had a* very sore ankle 
for the last 25 years, and have tried every 
thing, yet could find nothing to do any 
good until I tried Wakefield's Golden Oint- 
ment and Eyptian Liniment, which have 
cured me sound and well. I think it is the 
best medicine I ever used. 



Granville, Iowa. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I use Wakefield's 
Golden Ointment in our family for almost 
every disease flesh is heir to. It has per- 
formed miraculous cures ; it has cured my 
little girl of Erysipelas. 



Elk Falls, Kansas. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— The Golden Oint- 
ment is splendid, and has been used with 
astonishing success in cases of Lung Fever. 
Make a plaster and apply as you would a 
mustard plaster. It draws out all fever 
and pain as if by magic. It is far superior 
to a mustard plaster. M. S. DOUD. 


Henrietta, Neb. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Your Golden 
Ointment is the most certain and speedy 
cure for Burns I ever tried. 



Bloomington. 111., June 12, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I take pleasure 
in adding my testimony to the merits of 
your Golden Ointment, which I first used 
some four years ago for Soft Corns, and 
afterward for Boils, both with excellent re- 
sults. Being a traveling man I carry it 
constantly with me, and would not be with- 
out it. H. C. HARRISON. 


Bristol, Conn.. Oct. 18, 1888. 

Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Please send me 
four dozen bottles of Golden Ointment. It 
is the best thing I know of. 

Mfr. Hardware. J. H. SESSIONS, JR. 




THIS preparation is the Balm of Gilead in all cases where an external appliea* 
tion of a cleansing, soothing, softening, or healing nature is required. No fam- 
ily should be without a bottle at hand at all times, in case of Burns, Scalds, 
Cuts, Frosted Parts, etc., where prompt application is essential to speedy- 
relief and cure. It is equally as good for Corns, long-standiDg old Running Sores, 
Boils, Felons, Sore Nipples, Caked Breast, Scald Head, Chapped Hands, etc. 
It has no equal for Sore Throat. As it contains nothing of a poisonous nature it 
can be taken inwardly with excellent effect. In Catarrh and Cold in the Head 
relief is given immediately, if applied according to directions. It has been rightly 
named, for certainly it is worth its weight in gold. 


For \ Old Sores, Fever Sores, and 
White Swelling.— First, and once a day, 
thoroughly cleanse with castile soap, and 
as soon as dry make a plaster of this Oint- 
ment and apply over diseased part. Keep 
well bandaged and warm. After a few 
weeks if the sore does not dry up fast 
enough, bathe less frequently. The patient 
should not neglect to take a dose of our 
Liver Pills twice a week. This Ointment 
has cured many bad cases. 

For Catarrh or Hay Fever.— Make a 
swab by wrapping yarn or cotton cloth 
around the end of a stick. The Ointment 
should then be warmed to the consistency 
of cream. Smear the swab with the Oint- 
ment and work it up the nostrils. Snuff it 
up the nasal passages as far as possible. 
If it is worked clear through it will be tasted 
in the mouth. This should be repeated 
twice a day \mtil a cure is effected. 

For Scald Head or King Worm or the 
Scalp.— Use the Ointment freely twice a 
day, rubbing in thoroughly, after first wash- 
ing the head with castile soap and warm 

For Croup, Swollen Tonsils, or Diph- 
theria.— Take about half a teaspoonful of 
the Ointment and lay it back on the tongue, 
letting it dissolve; after a few minutes re- 

peat with smaller doses, as the case may 
require Also rub it in externally in a 
thorough manner every half hour in bad 
cases, applying a plaster of the Ointment 
between the rubbings, and bind it on with 
a flannel cloth to protect the parts from 
the atmosphere. Keep the feet warm, and 
treat thoroughly until the mucus loosens 
in the throat. 

For Burns or Frosted Parts.— Spread 
the Ointment freely on a soft cloth and ap- 
ply as soon as possible, and re-apply two or 
three times a day until a new skin is formed. 
It extracts the lire or frost in ten to thirty 
minutes, if applied soon after the accident 
occurs. It never fails, and if applied with 
'sufficient quantity and care to keep all the 
air excluded, will leave no scar or contrac- 
tion of the skin. 

For Felons.— This Ointment will effect- 
ually cure a Felon if applied when the sore- 
ness first appears, and often when far ad- 
vanced. When the Felon has too far ad- 
vanced to be scattered, it will moderate the 
pain and hasten suppuration. Spread the 
Ointment on cloth and keep it applied to 
the part affected. It has been well tested 
on Felons and has proved to be effectual. 

For Colds.— When you realize that you 
are taking cold, from a negative condition 



of the system, and cannot bear a breath of 
air without sneezing, rub the Ointment on 
the sensitive exposed parts, as back of the 
ears, on the temples, neck and sides of the 
nose; also, on inside of the nostrils; all of 
which will be found to be a great protection. 

For Chapped Hands.— When the hands 
are much chapped the Ointment should be 
applied every night, and a pair of old gloves 
may be worn to prevent soiling the bed 
clothes. If this is done regularly you will 
keep the hands soft and smooth in the cold- 
est weather. The hands should be washed 
in warm water and thoroughly dried before 
applying the Ointment. 

For Erysipelas.— Spread a plaster oi 
this Ointment on a soft cloth and apply to 
the affected part ; or, if convenient, apply a 
light bandage and protect it from the at- 
mosphere, without keeping it too warm. 
Dress the parts affected twice a day. It is 
very thorough in relieving poisonous and 
inflammatory action. 

For Sore Throat and a Throat Cough. 
— With a pocket knife place a lump of the 
Ointment the size of a bean back on the 
tongue and let it gradually moisten the 
parts, and rub it in well on the outer surface. 

For Neuralgia.— Bathe immediately 
over the part affected and cover with a 
woolen cloth. It has been thoroughly test- 
ed and proves a never-failing remedy. 

For Torpidity in the region of the liver, 
stomach, and bowels, rub the Ointment 
thoroughly into the weak part twice a day 
for a few days. 

For Rheumatism.— Bathe freely until 
the pain has entirely disappeared. Then 
apply morning and evening for 4 or 5 days. 

For Cuts, Bruises, Chapped Face or 
Lips, or Poisions, apply as often as the 
case may require. 

For Sprained Wrist or Ankle.— Apply 
by thin plaster and bandage with, flannel. 

For Piles.— This Ointment hj very suc- 
cessful in curing Piles. Apply twice a flay. 



Sandersville, Ga., Jan. 4, 1893. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— this is to certify 
that I have used your Golden Ointment with 
splendid success in case of Piles, Fistula, 
and Skin Diseases, and believe it to be the 
best ointment now in existence for the 
above diseases. I have tried many others, 
but found them humbugs. Please publish 
this for the benefit of suffering humanity. 


Taintor, la., Jan. 6, 1893. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I have been using 
your Golden Ointment for twenty years, 
and find it a household remedy for all it is 
recommended. My wife has found great 
relief from Catarrh by using it. 



Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I am a traveling 
salesman for D Appleton & Co. I had an 
old sore of 10 years' standing on my leg, for 
which I had in that time failed to find a 
remedy. I procured a bottle of your Golden 
Ointmgnt, and finding some improvement 
obtained a dozen bottles, which permanent- 
ly cured the sore. I recommended the Oint- 
ment to the master mechanic at Ft. Wayne, 
Ind., of the Wabash Railroad, who had an 
old sore of 20 years' standing, and had spent 
$200 without relief. He has now been using 
it for several months and is rapidly im- 
proving. CHAS. H. CHAFFEE. 


Olympia, Wash., June 7, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Please send me a 
dozen bottles of your Golden Ointment, as 
we cannot be without it. We use it so much 
for Sore Throat, and also for children hav- 
ing Colds. It is the best salve I ever tried. 
The minute my husband feels his throat 
trouble coming on he takes some Golden 
Ointment inwardly and externally rubs his 
neck, when he goes on without further 
trouble. Once we were without it, when 
his neck began to swell inside; nothing 
did any good until I sent for a bottle of the 
Ointment, and the doctor, besides, said to 
use it and never be without it. 



Fincastle, Ky., March 27, 1892. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— My mother has 
been afflicted with corns ever since I can 
remember. One bottle of your Golden Oint- 
ment has taken them off. She says she can- 
not speak too favorably of it. 



Livonia, Mo. July 4, 1878. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Your Golden 
Ointment cured three cases of caked breast, 
my wife being one of them. It gave her 
immediate and permanent relief. For Cuts 
or Old Sores it is the best remedy I have 
ever seen tried ; its merits need only to be 
known to give it a large sale. 


WaKE^IELD'S guide to health. 



Wine Bitte 

THIS medicine has a pre-eminent power as a Strengthening Tonic and as an alter- 
ative and blood-purifying remedy. It gives Tone, Energy, and Vigor to the 
Digestive Organs, Renews the Blood, Increases the Appetite, Removes 
Old, Long-Standing Headaches, Acts as a Gentle Laxative, Breaks up a 
Costive Habit, Cures Dyspepsia, Boils, and Sores by Thoroughly Cleansing the 
Blood, and will soon give renewed vigor to the whole physical system. 


Take about a tablespoonfull three times 
a day, a short time before meals. Continue 
its use regularly until a bottle or more is 
used. If this medicine should appear to 
burn the stomach, or in any way disagree 
with its acute sensibilities, it should be 
taken immediately after eating, or at the 
middle of the meal if preferred, and it will 
not then disagree. If this dose fails to 
gently loosen the bowels after using several 
days, increase the size of the dose— some 
persons require more than others. The 
proper dose is that which will produce one 
thorough and slightly fluid evacuation each 
day It is quite impossible to cleanse the 
blood or even to long retain good health 
and cheerful feelings with the bowels per- 
petually in a costive state Persons in that 
condition will receive prompt and lasting 
benefit from the use of these Bitters. 

Diseases that come on slowly, and gradu- 
ly enfeeble the organs on which they locate, 
usually have to be relieved by a like slow 
process, and the debilitated organs grad- 
ually strengthened up again. 

The diseases to which Wine Bitters apply 
are mostly chronic and debilitated cases, 
and the patient must not expect too much 
effect for the first week, but persevere in 
their use regularly several weeks, keeping 
the bowels rather active, and constantly 
guarding the diet at the same time. This 
medicine increases the appetite as it stimu- 
lates the action of the stomach, and some- 

times induces the patient to eat too much; 
but the patient should remember that the 
stomach must not be burdened with food 
until it gains more permanent strength, 
and in cleansing the blood you will succeed 
much oetter and sooner by keeping your- 
self on a scanty diet. Bread or biscuit 
made of unbolted flour is much better for 
all chronic invalids than that made of fine 
flour. Avoid very sweet, greasy, and high- 
ly-seasoned food Dyspeptics should avoid 
raw fruit and eating to fullness; well 
cooked food may De eaten freely. 

Dyspepsia i.< often caused by continually 
overloading th( stomach for a length of 
time, until finally i cannot bear half a 
iineal without producing uneasiness, and 
burning and fermentation or acidity. In 
such cases the stomach, like a worked down 
animal, requires rest, which it cannot get 
while loaded. Such patients should go 
hungry for a week or two and give nature a 
chance to recuperate the weakened organs. 
Let the food be plain. If half a meal sets 
badly, eat one-fourth of a meal only, until 
your stomach will bear a larger quantity. 
Take a good deal of out-door air and light 
exercise ; keep the mind cheerful by social 
habits and light amusements; go to rest 
early, and walk out early in the bracing 
morning air ; keep your feet warm and dry, 
and avoid strong coffee and strong drink. 

For Sour Stomach drink freely of cold 
water, with a little soda dissolved in it, to 



reduce and destroy the acid already gene- 
rated, that it may not irritate the stomach 
or destroy the gastric juices. This course 
will carry you through with less injury than 
by taking strong alkali. The next following 
meal should be but one-fourth the usual 
quantity, and taken with a little Bitters, and 
the diet should be constantly guarded for 
several days. Acidity of the stomach decom- 
poses the gastric juices, so necessary to 

digestion, irritates the stomach, and con- 
stipates the bowels How necessary, then, 
that you use proper self-denial in regard to 
diet while treating for dyspepsia and sour 

Dull Headache and numbness of the 
limbs are generally caused by a torpid 
action of the digestive organs, which may 
be soon overcome by the use of Wakefield's 
Wine Bitters. 



Add, Ky., Jan. 7, 1893. 
Dr. C. WakeQeld & Co.— I hereby take 
pleasure in stating that I am afflicted with 
Lung and Stomach trouble, for which I 
have been using your Wine Bitters. So 
far I have used several bottles and find 
that they have helped me more than any 
medicine I have ever used. It seems that 
everybody around here who has ever used 
the Bitters says the same thing of it. I 
shall continue the use of it. 



Lowell, Ind. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I used freely of 
the Strengthening Wine Bitters and found 
them an invaluable remedy for Sick-Head- 
ache. For a long time I have suffered more 
or. less from that complaint, and your Bit- 
ters is the first medicine that ever gave me 
much relief. I followed your directions 
strictly, and found the medicine to be a 
truly wonderful remedy, answering all 
your recommendations. P. R. CROSS. 


Athens. Mo. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I would like to 
have two dozen of your Wine Bitters. I 
have sold all I have. They go like hot 
cakes, and are very strengthening. Please 
send at once. DR. S. J. MORRIS. 


Tieonic, la., Feb. 28, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Please send a 
supply of your Wine Bitters, as the trade 
on them, and your medicines generally, 
is increasing. I have but one bottle left, 
and would like you to forward the order 
soon. B. J. LINDSEY. 


Great Bend. Minn. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— We think you 
should recommend your Wine Bitters more 
extensively for headache and all the effects 
of slow digestion. We find it the best 
article we have ever obtained for those 
uses. ■ J. Y. LISTON. 


Arlington, Ind.. Jan., 14, 1887. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I have been using 
your Wine Bitters and find them excellent. 
I had Dyspepsia for a long time and tried, 
I thought, everything, and had made up 
my mind I had to go to that land where 
pain would be no more. But, thank God, 
Mr. Dickerson, my druggist, recommended 
Wine Bitters, and now I feel like a new 
man. I am entirely well. I feel safe in 
recommending your Wine Bitters. 



McLeansboro. 111., August 22, 1870. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I have been sell- 
ing and using your medicines for the last 
ten years, and can say that there is no 
medicine known that stands higher than 
yours. Your Wine Bitters is the best rem- 
edy for weak and debilitated females that 
I have ever known used. D. L. MARTIN. 


Bethlehem, Iowa, October 1, 1878. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— My children have 
been afflicted with a blood disorder for near- 
ly a year, from which they were continually 
breaking out with sores. I gave them four 
bottles of your Wine Bitters, and am happy 
to state that they are cured. 



Menard. 111. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Your Bitters 
alone cured me of Sick-Headache, with 
which I had been much afflicted. When I 
feel the symptoms coming on, I commence 
on the Bitters, and it alwavs drives it off. 


Red Rock, Iowa. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co. — Your medicines 
give good satisfaction here. From my 
own experience I know your Wine Bitters 
to be an excellent remedy for Nervous De- 
bility. I have used two or three bottles for 
that affection and I think I am quite clear 
of that malady. M. D. WILLIAMS. 




Liver Pills. 

ILD purgatives are required in almost every disease, while the timely use of 
cathartics will invariably ward off a bilious attack, thereby saving the patient 
from a severe spell of sickness. Wakefield's Liver Pills are purely vegetable 
and act with promptness on the Liver, Kidneys, Stomach, and Bowels, with- 
out griping. They contain the active remedial principles of their various ingredi- 
ents, extracted and highly concentrated, and are scientifically compounded in a man- 
ner which insures certainty and uniformity of medicinal effect. They have no supe- 
rior for Liver and Kidney Troubles, Costiveness, Jaundice, Sick-Headache, 
Gout, and all Bilious Affections. These pills are Sugar-coated, and are also put 
up in small size for the convenience of those who cannot easily swallow a larger pill. 
They have the same strength in a concentrated form, will not gripe or sicken, and 
are just as effective. In fact there is not a pill in the market to-day that acts more 
mildly, and yet so effectually accomplishes its purpose. 


The average dose for an adult, in all 
chronic or lingering diseases, is one pill 
every night before retiring to bed. Some 
require one at night and one in the morn- 
ing. The constitutions of people are so 
different that some require two or three 
times as many as others. The proper 
amount is that which will insure one action 
of the bowels daily, and slightly increase 
the quantity and fluency of that action, 
and follow up the treatment for some time- 
When a decided improvement is produced 
take less at a dose, and thus gradually 
taper off, as the action of the system be- 
comes increased, so as to resist the dis- 
ease without their use. 

This treatment applies to Dyspepsia 
Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Nervous Debil 
ity, Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas 
Nervous Headache, Piles, and Rheumatism 
In Dropsy give one pill three times a day 
In Bilious attacks two to three pills, or suf- 
ficient to thoroughly evacuate the bowels. 

Let the diet be plain and nourishing; 
avoid fat meals and greasy food, and avoid 
eating to excess while taking these pills. 
Be particular that the bowels are kept suf- 

ficiently loose, and keep the body comfort- 
able with sufficient clothing. In chronic 
diseases take as much exercise in the open 
air as circumstances will admit. Where 
the Small Liver Pills are used take two to 
five as the case may require. 

Constipation, or Costiveness, should 
receive prompt treatment, before it induces 
any serious chronic derangement, which it 
so frequently does. The absorbing capac- 
ity of the intestines is such that matter 
which should be carried off is dissolved, 
taken up by the blood, and, seeking some 
other outlet, disorders the kidneys, liver, 
stomach, and bowels. It is also the cause 
of skin eruptions and piles. A few doses of 
Wakefield's Liver Pills will gently stimu- 
late the bowels to healthly action, and 
cleanse the blood of scrofulous diseases. 

Sick-Headache is generally the distress- 
ing result of constipation. Bilious and 
Congestive Headaches are also symptoms 
of a disordered condition of the digestive 
organs, which the use of Wakefield's Liver 
Pills will effectually cure. 

Liver Diseases are usually the result of 
a congested state cf the blood vessels of the 





liver, which tend to produce inflammation 
in that important organ. By reason of a 
torpid liver the blood is hut imperfectly 
purified, the skin becomes yellow, and the 
nights are sleepless or disturbed by dreams. 

The stomach participates in the general 
disorder. Prompt use of Wakefield's Liver 
Pills will stimulate the liver to a healthy 
action. The earlier the attention the more 
speedy the cure. 



Bushnell, 111., May 8, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— My wife was sick 
for seven months with stomach trouble. I 
had five of the best doctors in Bushnell to 
attend her, but it seemed as if they were 
doing her no good. I saw your Liver Pill 
advertisement, and seeing they suited her 
case, got a box. They took hold right away, 
and my wife is well and hearty to-day. 
My doctors' bill was $50, and one of your 2o- 
cent boxes of Liver Pills cured her. 



Bloomington, 111., July 1, 1891. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Over 40 years 
ago I became acquainted with Wakefield's 
Family Medicines and became convinced 
of their unequaled usefulness in this cli- 
mate. Since that time, as a medical prac- 
titioner for some years, I found nothing 
their superior, and since abandoning the 
profession I have had good reason to con- 
tinue their use. Especially do I consider 
the Liver Pills as nearest a panacea for all 
biliary derangements of any medicine yet 
discovered. Surely no one is properly pre- 
pared for the vicissitudes of ill-health 
among us without them. 

Respectfully, H. D. WHITCOMB. 


Dover. Utah, Jan. 1, 1888. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Enclosed find $1, 
for which forward Liver Pills and Golden 
Ointment. During the past year I have 
tried several remedies and consulted two 
prominent physicians, but found no relief 
for my Kidney Trouble, until I tried your 
Liver Pills, when the relief was magical. 
In the future I shall always keep a supply 
of your most efficacious Pills on hand. I 
could not get your Pills here, so wrote to 
you. I would remind you that I had the 
pleasure of introducing your remedies in 
this section of Utah when superintendent 
of the Sterling Co-operative Co. 
Yours '-ery trulv. 



Centreville, O., March 1, 1889. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I received a box 
of your Liver Pills about a month ago and 
am well pleased with them. I think them 
the best pills I evei took. 



Lawrenceville, 111. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Too much can- 
not be said in praise of your Liver Pills. I 
was severely attacked with pain in my liver 
and kidneys, from which 1 could get no 
relief until I was induced to try your Liver 
Pills, and by following directions an entire 
cure was effected. T. J. RAY. 


Venice, N. Y. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— There are several 
waiting for your Liver Pills; they give 
great satisfaction, there being an unusual 
number of cases of torpidity of the liver, 
and in every case where your Pills have 
been used, they meet the case exactly. 



Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— We would say 
your Cough Syrup and Liver Pills are par 
excellence in this neighborhood. 



Springfield, 111. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— My wife had been 
ailing for eight or nine months, and her 
health declined until she was compelled 
to keep her bed, when she commenced using 
your Liver Pills. By their use she has 
now recovered, and she is in better health, 
than she has been for three years. 



Livonia, Mo. 
Dr. C Wakefield & Co.— Wakefield's 
Liver Pills have become a household neces- 
sity with the people here. 



White Rock, 111. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— We always find 
your Liver Pills to be mild, easy of action, 
~nd very effectual, and we believe they 
nave no superior. A. P. WRIGHTER. 


Rutland, Ind., Jan. 10, 1880. 
Dr. C Wakefield & Co.— I am of the opin- 
ion that your Vegetable Liver Pills are the 
best in the market. MRS. TRESHOUR. 





THIS is a favorite remedy with all who 
have used it for Deep-Seated Pains, 
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cramps, 
Lameness, etc. It is very penetrat- 
ing and stimulating, and will reach deep- 
seated pain when applied thoroughly. It 
is free from any greasy or coloring sub- 
stance, and will not soil or stain the 
clothes. In case of severe Griping Pains 
in the Stomach or Bowels, a small quan- 
tity taken internally gives instant relief. 

Lancaster, Wis., Feb. 3, 1879. 
Dr. C. Wakefield &Co. — Some time ago my 
boy was kicked by a horse. It swelled 
rapidly and was very painful We applied 
the Pain Cure, and the next day he was all 
right and at work. A man sprained his leg, 
sent for a bottle, applied it, and it cured 

Lincolnville, Kas., Jan. 8, 1879. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Your Pain Cure 
saved a horse for me. After trying all the 
different medicines we could think of, with- 
out doing any good, we turned him out to 
die. It finally occurred to us to try Pain 
Cure, which we did, and it cured him. 


Eye Salve. 

H REMEDY unsurpassed for Sore, In- 
flamed, and Weak Eyes, Sore Lips, 
and for removing Proud Flesh from 
Sores and Ulcers. 
Need we inform you, reader, that the 
eye is one of the most sensitive parts of 
the body? Reflect for a moment, how 
much, how continuously the eye is in use. 
Unless closed in slumber it is doing active 
duty day and night. Therefore when 
those useful members are Inflamed, Sore, 
or Weak, they demand, and should be 
given, immediate attention and relief It 
has been demonstrated that nothing is so 
universally satisfactory in the cure of 
Weak, Inflamed, or Granulated Sore Eyes 
as Wakefield's Eye Salve. It is very 
soothing and cleansing, and will remove 
Proud Flesfc from Ugly Sores, Wounds, 
and Ulcers, creating a healthy healing 
process without the severe pain usually 
caused by other remedies. 

Beecher City, 111. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I do certify that 
my daughter, eleven years old, has been 
afflicted with Sore Eyes since she was two 
years old. I tried several physicians, but 
none could do her good. I concluded to try 
your Eye Salve, and commenced the use of 
it in the summer, and in three months they 
were entirely cured, her eyes now being per- 
fectly well. J. P. NELSON. 

New Harmony, Ind. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Please send us 
six dozen boxes of Wakefield's Eye Salve. 
It is taking the place of all other eye salves 

Iroquois, 111. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Your Eye Salve 
has cured some of the worst cases of Sore 
Eyes I ever saw. A. A. WHITMAN. 

Catlettsburg, Ky., March 17, 1893. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Enclosed please 
find the money for another box of your Eye 
Salve. It is the only thing I have found that 
helps my eyes. MISS M. V AUGEAN. 

Morse, Iowa. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Your Eye Salve 
was recommended for my Sore Eyes. I pro- 
cured one box, and after three or four ap- 
plications my eyes were perfectly cured. I 
hereby recommend it. GEORGE COOK. 

Mullen, Neb. 
Dr C. Wakefield & Co.— I had weak and 
Sore Eyes so bad that I could not work. 
Your Eye Salve cured them; have had no 
trouble with them since. 



Worm Destroyer. 

OST successful remedy for Remov- 
ing Worms in Adults and Children. 
All unhealthy children, especially 
those having Furred Tongue, Itch- 
ing at Nose, Flushes of Fever, Bloated 
Abdomen, and Hacking Cough should 
be given Wakefield's Worm Destroyer. 
They are pleasant to take, taste like can- 
dy, and made in the shape of lozenges. 

Lebanon, Iowa. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— My grandchildren 
have used your Worm Lozenges, and they 
carried off about twenty of one kind and 
one hundred of another kind of worms. I 
think it the best worm remedy in use. 





Nerve^Bone Liniment 

THIS is a very mild and soothing Lin- 
iment, and very healing. For Caked 
Breasts it has no superior. It is 
used on Raw Sores of any kind, such 
as Galls, Chafes, etc., on man or beast. 
Very softening and healing. This .has 
been the Standard Family Liniment for 
all uses for the past forty years. 

Sharon Springs, Kas., Feb. 23, 1893. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— In trying to get 
into a wagon I fell and hurt my limb very 
badly. I used your Nerve and Bone Lini- 
ment and it was well in a short time. 



Egyptian Liniment. 

THIS is one of the most stimulating 
and penetrating Oil Liiiments ever 
placed on the market, and is used 
with great success as a Pain Killer. 
For Rheumatism, Cramps, Numbness of 
the Flesh, Cold Skin, Stiff Joints, 
Earache, Backache, Contracted Lead- 
ers, etc., nothing is more effective than 
Wakefield's Egyptian Liniment. 

For Horses. — It is used with equal suc- 
cess on Horses in curing Swellings, 
Sprains, Bruises, Spavin, Sweeney, 
etc. It is as strong as horseflesh will 
hear without irritation, and a bottle of 
should be in every stable. 

Ayersville, Mo. 
Dr. C Wakefield & Co.— I was induced to 
use your Egyptian Liniment for a kick on 
the stifle joint of my horse, and it proved 
an effectual cure, leaving no blemish. It is 
the best I ever used. H. A. GARFIELD. 

Cana, Ind. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I had my ankle 
badly injured by the falling of a bent at 
the raising of a barn. I tried everything 
that could be heard of, without benefit. In 
reading your almanac I saw a certificate 
of your Egyptian Liniment curing a case 
similar to mine. So I sent ten miles and 
procured a bottle. This one bottle has 
almost entirely cured me. One bottle 
more will do it completely. 




BN Infallible remedy for Ague, Chills 
& Fever, Dumb Ague, Lung Fever, 
etc. This well-known and long-es- 
tablished remedy continues to mani- 
fest its sovereign power over that much 
dreaded and nerve-prostrating disease, 
Ague and Fever. It also cures, with re- 
markable facility, Bilious Fever, Dumb 
Ague, Chills and Fever, and most other 
nervous and spasmodic diseases. For 
Malarial Diseases there is nothing bet- 
ter. This remedy is unequaled for low- 
ering bodily temperature in all febrile 

Mt. Moriah, Mo., Oct. 18, 1887. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— This is to certify 
that James Prater, a resident of this place, 
who has been a subject of Ague for the 
past four years, was cured permanently by 
the use of Wakefield's Fever Specific. Mr. 
Prater tried almost everything that is 
recommended for that disease. Physicians 
had given him up. There is no one to-day 
louder in praise of Wakefield's Medicines 
than James Prater. J. H. MEYER. 

Corsicana, Mo. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— Your Fever 
Specific is, undoubtedly, the best medicine 
I ever sold. I warranted every bottle, and 
it gave satisfaction in every case. 


Newbury, Mo. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I can say that 
your Fever Specific has not failed, in a 
single instance, of effecting a permanent 
cure of the Chills and Fever. 


Kingston, Iowa. 
Dr. C. Wakefield & Co.— I sold 90 bottles 
of your Fever Specific last fall, and every 
bottle produced a cure— some as high as 



THIS is a very cleansing and healing 
remedy for Old Sores, Cracks, Cuts, 
Frosted Parts BuRNS,etc, and is an 
excellent adhesive plaster for dress- 
ing fresh cuts and wounds, where the 
parts need confining in their proper place.