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^Z,3 r. P-^ 




Qiatl« Bitot Pr oli M oc of Landioipe ArduMcCnra 

To be kept in the main colledion of the 
College Library 

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by Google 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



' or THB*^ 










Softton : 

OURLES E^ER, no. 141 WASHmGT(»f-STR££T.. 

1g2S. Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Bb it ftBM«lfBBBSo. Tfatt^on the twenty-etghUi day of JaBnaiy, A. II KSS^yn iifty^eond year ; 

of the Indepeodpnce of the United States of America, Charles Ewer, of t|ie said Eutriet, h^fiepositod in ; 

tkis ofliee the t|ile of a bo6k, the tight whereof he cteitns aa proprietor, in the wordU fonowieg, UKWilt I 

** Stereotype Edition. Walker's Pronouncing Dictionary of the Eqg lish Language, abridged for the \ 

Ufe of Schools! containing a Oompendittm of the Principe* of Englfeh tfononciatioo, with the Proper J 

Names that occur in the Sacred Scriptures: to wliich is likewise added, a Selection of Geographical i 
Proper Names and Derivatives." 

In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, ^ An Act for the eBcoaragement 
of learning^ by securing the copies of maps, charts, and b<ioks, to the authors and jwoprietors of such 
copies dtirmg the times therein mamioned:*) and also to aa aot,'entit]edt '' A(B Act sqppleiBentaiy to an 
iBt, entitled, An Act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of mapa, charts, and 
books, to the authors and proprietors of such eopies during the times therein mentioned ; and eztendiBg 
the benefits thereof to tte arts of designing, engraving, and etching historical and othnr prints.*^ 

GTsrlc ^ tM DiHriU qf MauMekuieiU. 


i » : . • — . v^ 

Sterfotyved at the *^ /^ 

Botton Type and SUrta^ Foundry. ^ jT^j 

^ Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Doubtless the critical Pronoaocmg Dictionaiy of Mr. Walke« 
is the best guide to a correct and elegant pronunciation Of our language 
of which we can at {Mresent boast. It should not^ however, be considered 
as a perfect standard of orthoepy ; for such it does not profess to be. 
Imperfection adheres to every work of man. The most finished pro- 
ductions of art, and the most successful works of genius, are not free . 
from defect The eminent orthoepists who pieceded Mr. Walker did 
' much, but they also left much to be done. He has combined^ the 
results of their labours, and added to them the ftnits of his own investi- 
gations. And, though he has not given to the world a faultless work, 
it is much to be doubted whether any lexicographer will ever approach ' 
nearer than he has done to the establishing a correct standard. Mr. Walker 
does not claim for his \york the merit of originality ; but, sensible of the 
assistance he had derived from the labours of others, in the preface to 
the first edition of his dictionary, he acknowledges his obligations to 
Mr. Elphinston, " who, by a deep investigation of the analogies, of our 
tongue, has lud the foundation of a just and regular pronunciation ;'' — to 
Dr. Ej^nrick " for the improvement in whif h the words are divided into 
syllables as they are^ pronounced, and figures placed over the vowels, 
to indicate their different sounds ;" — ^to Mr. Sheridan, " who not only 
divided the words into syllables, and placed figures over the vowels, as 
Dr. Kenrkk had done, But, by spelling these syllables as they are pro- 
Aomicedy seemed to complete the idea of a Pronouncing Didionaryy an^ 


to leave but little expectation of future improvejment ;" — and likewise to 
Mr. Nares^ " who^ in his Elements of Orthoepy, has shown a clearness 
of method and an extent of observation which deserve the highest en- 
comiums. His Preface alone proves him an elegant writer, as well as 
a philosophical observer of language ; and his Alphabetical Index, re- 
ferring near five thousand words to the rules for pronouncing them, is 
a new and useful method of treating the subject" 

Mr. Walker remarks, " Thils I |iave ventured to give my opinion of my 
rivals and competitors. Perhaps it would have been policy in me to have 
been silent on this head, for fear of putting the Publick in mind that others 
have written on the subject as well as myself : , but this is a narrow pol- 
icy, which, under the colour of tenderness to others, is calculated to raise 
ourselves at their expense. A writer, who is conscious he deserves the 
attention of the Publick, must not only wTshto be compared with those 
who have gone before him, but will promote the comparison, by inform- 
ing his readers what others have done, and on what he founds his pre- 
tensions to a preference ; and if this be done with fairness and without 
acrimony, it can be no more inconsistent with modesty, than it is with 
honesty and plain dealing. 

" The work I have offered on the subject has, I hope, added something 
to the publick stock ; as I have endeavoured to unite the science of Mr. 
Elphinston, the method of Mr. Nares, and the general utility of Mr. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC . 


THE fijrst Principles or Elements of Pronunciation are Letters. The Let- 
ters of the English Language are . 


a • 








D . 












































t , 




















Italick. Name. 

a a 

h let 

c see 

d dee 

e e 

f 'jfr 



i iotei^e 

j j consonant, or Jatf 

k kay 

I el 

m cm 

n en 


p ;>«« 

q cue 

r at 

8 CSS 

t tee 

u u or tfou 

V V consonant, or vte 

'io double u 

X ekt 

z zedy or izzard. 

To these may be added certain combinations of letters sometimes used in 
fnt&off ' as, flyfi^ fi,^fii, ffli and &, or and j^er se and, or, rather, etpcr it and; 

A/j-AjRA^f* DigtizedbyLjOOgle 


Our letters, says Dr. Johnson, are commonly reckoned twenty-four, because 
anciently i and J, as well as u and t, were expressed by the same charaeter ; 
but, as these letters, which had always different powers, have now different 
forms, our alphabet may be properly «aid to consist of twenty-six. letters. 

In considering the sounds of these first principles of language, we fiind , 
that some are so simple and unmixed, that there is nothing required but the 
opening of the mouth to make them understood, and tp form different sounds ; 
whence they have the names oif vaweh, or voices, or vocal sounds. On the 
contrary, we find that there are others, whose pronunciation depends on the 
particular application and use of every part of the mouth, as the teeth, the 
lips, the tongue, the palate, &c., which yet cannot make any one perfect sound 
but by their union with those vocal sounds ; and these are called consonants, 
or letters sounding with other letters. 

Definition of Vowels and Consonants, 

Vqwels are generally reckoned to be five in number ; namely, a, «, t, o, u ; 
9f and to are called vowels when they end a syllable or word, and consonants 
when they begin one. 

The definition of a vowel, as little liable to exception as any, seems to be 
the following: A vowel is a simple sound fonned by a continued effusion of 
the breath, and a certain conformation of the mouth, without any alteration 
in the position, or any motion of the organs of speech, from the moment the 
vocal sound commences till it ends. 

A consonant may be defined to be an interruption of the effhsion of vocal 
sound, arising from the application of the organs of speech to each other. 

Agreeably to this definition, vowels may be divided into two kinds, the sim- 
ple and compound. The simple, o, 6, o, are those which are formed by one 
confijrmation of the organs only ; that is, the organs remain exactly m the 
same position at the ' end as at the beginning of the letter ; whereas, in the 
compound vowels i and w, the organs alter their position before the letter is 
completely sounded ; nay, these letters, when commencing a syllable, do not 
only require a different position of the organs in order to form them perfect- 
ly, but, demand such an application of the tongue to the roof of the mouth, 
as is inconsistemt with the nature of a pure vowel ; for the first of these let- 
ters, i, when sounded alone, or ending a syllkble with the decent tipon it^ is et 
real diphthong, composed of the sounds of a in father, and of 6 in the, ex%,ctly 
orrespondent to the sound of the noun eye; and^ wlMsn this leUer com^ 


rncQces a i^Uftble, aa in mtii-umf pin-ion^ S^c^ jthe sound of c, wltb 
tenninates^ is squjeo^ed into a coiteonant sound, like the u heard in qwen^ difr 
ferent from the simple sound of that letter in qutan ; and this squeezed sound 
in the commencing t makes it exactly similar to y in the same situation ; 
whichy by all grammarians, is acknowledged to be a consonant. The. latter 
of these compound vowels, u, when initisu, and not shortened by a consoi^t* 
commences with this squeezed sound of e, equivalent to the y^ and ends witli 
a sound given to oo in woo and coo, which makes its name in the alphabet ex- 
actly sinular to t^e pronoim you^ If, therefore, the . common definition of a 
vowel be just, these two letters are so far from being simple vowels, that 
they may more properly be called semi^consonant diphthongs. 

That V and w are consonants when they begin a word, and vowels when 
they end one, is generally acknowledged by the best granmiarians ; and yet 
Dr. Lowth has t(3d us, that u> is equivalent to oo; but, if this were the case, 
it would always admit of the particle an before it : for, though we have no 
word in the language which commences with these letters, we plainly per- 
ceive, that, if we had such a word, it would readily admit of an before it, and, 
consequently, that these letters are not equivalent to w. Thus we find, that 
the common opimoai, with xespect to the double capacity of these letters, is 
perfectly just. 

Besides the vowels already mentioned, there i^ another simple vowel sound 
found under the oo in the words woo and coo ; these letters have, in these 
two words, every property of a pure vowel ; but when found in food, mood, &c., 
and in the word too, pronounced like the adjective ttvo, here the oo has a 
squeezed sound, occasioned by contracting the mouth, so as to make the lips 
nearly touch each other ; and -this makes it, like the i and u, not so liiuch a 
double vowely as a sound between a vowel and a consonant* 

Clasiificatum of Vowels and CkmsoncuUs. 

Vowels ^d consonants being thus defined, it will be necessary, in tho 
next place, tt> arrange them into such classes as their similitudes and speci^ck 
differences seem to require. 

Letters, therefore, are naturally divisible into vowels and consonants 

The vowels are a^ «, i, o, u, and v and up when ending a syllable. 

The consonants are b, c, d, f g, \j, k, I, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, a:, z, and y and 
w vhen beginning ^ syjlablo. . ^^^^ 

^ ' ^ ' ■ ■ *' Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^e vo\rel8 may be subdivided into such as are simple and pure, and into 
$iich as are compound and impure/ The simple or pure vowels are such as 
require only one confoi^mation of the organs to form them, and no motion in 
the organs while forming. 

The compound or impure vowels are such as re<j[uire more than one con 
formation of the organs to form them, and a motion m the organs while form 
ing. These observations premised, we may call the following scheme 

An Analogical Table of ihe Vowels. 

> simple or pure vowels. 

compound or impure vowels. 

Consonants enumerated and dtstingtdshed into Classes. 

The consonants are divisible into mutes, semi-vowels, and liquids. 

The mutes arc such as emit no sound without a vowel, as, &,p, ^ d, k, and 
a and g hard. 

The semi- vowels are such as emit a sound without the concurrence of a 
vowel, as/, v, s,ZjX,g softer/. 

The liquids are such as flow into, or unite easily with the mutes, as Z, m, n, r. 

But, besides these, there is another classification of the consonants, of great 
importance to a just idea of the nature of the letters, and that is, into such as 
are sharp or flat, and simple or aspirated. 

The sharp consonants are Pifyt,SfkiC hard. 

The flat consonants are &, v, a, z, g hard. 

The simple consonants are those which have always the sound of one let- 
ter, unmixed with others, as, 6,/>,/, r, *, g hard, and g soft, or J. 

The mixed or aspirated consonants are those which have sometimes a hiss 



or aspiration joined with them, which mingles with the letter, and alters its 
sound, as t in moHon^ d in aMifr^ s in mutton, and z in azure. 

There is another distinction of ccmsonants arising either from the seat of 
their formation, or from those org^ans which are chiefly employed in forming 
them. The best distinction of tms kind seems to be that which divides them 
into labials, dentals, gutturals> ind nasals. 

The labials are 6, o, /, v. The deirtals are *, rf, *, 2, and soft g or /. The 
gutturals are k, q, c hard, and g hard. The nasals are m, n, and ng, 

Thesb several properties of the consonants may be exhibited at one view 
in the following table, which may be called 

An Analogiad Table of the CoMonants. 
Hissing labial, \^// 

Mute dentals 

Sharp, f, tat 
Flat, df dad 


Hissing dentals l^l^^^^ ^^ j fj S^^S 

Imping dentals fgP^^;^^^ 

Gutturals ^l??^l'**/^ 

i Flat, g hard, gag 

Dento-guttural or nasaU ng^ hang. 

^ labio- 
> nasal 
) liquid m 

» nasal 
I liquid n 
[ dental 
\ liquid I 

liquid r 

Remarh on the Sound of the Voweb* 

Every vowel has a long and a short sound : thus a is long in fate, paper, &c., 
but short in fat and marry^ &^. But, besides these, a has-also a broad sound, 
nearly approaching to that of thet long broad 0, as in trar, waU, ioater, ^., 
and also a long hard SK>und, as inj^r, father, nuuter, &c. 

£ has a long sound, as in me, metre, &c., and a ^ort sound, as in met, let, 
&c. fJ, at the end of a monosyllable, and often at that ^J^g^^llaWe, 


and sometimes eren at the end of a syllable is the middle ol a word, serves 
only to lengthen the sound : when this is the case at the end of a word, it ui 
commonly denominated e final. Samples : no(€, ahaU, livdy. This, however, 
is far from being always the case; for in naHvt, crocodUe, oppressive, and in- 
numerable other words of similar terminations^ the last syllable is short, and 
the e has no sound. In many words derived from the Greek, the e at the end 
ia sounded, and, either with or without the preceding consonant, forms a syl- 
lable, as in ca4as4ro'phe, and also in proper names borrowed from the same 
languaf^e : as, Can^a^ce, Pe-nel-o-pe. 

The I has a long sound, as in pine, and a short sounds as in pin. 

O has three long sounds, all of which are somewhat different from each 

' other ; viz. the long open o, as in notice ; the long close o, as in move ; and the 

long broad o, as in nor, for, &c. ; which last is almost exactly the same^sound 

as that of the long broad a in war, waU, &o. The short sound of the o is 

heard in not, got, 'Sic. 

The u has a long sound in tune, and a short one in tun, 

Y, like all the other vowels, has a long and a short sound : the long sound 
ij heard in the word tnf, and the short sound, resembling that of e, in duty. 

Diphthongs and Triphthongs, 
A diphthong is the union of two vowels in the same syllable. Diphthongs 
are divided into two classes, proper and improper. 
Proper diphthongs are those in which both the vowels are sounded : as, 
ai in aim, ie in hier, ey in they, ou in founds 

eu mfeud, oi in voice, oo in moon, oy in ooy. 

Improper diphthongs are those in which only one of the vowels is sounds 
ed: as, , 

a in hear, pronounced hare , o in hoard, pronounced hord ; 

e in ieat, " hete ; u in hlv^, " hlu ; 

i in huild, " hild ; y in huy, " hy, 

A triphthon? is the union of three vowels in one syllable : as, eau in heau 
ty, 'pronowacea huty ; ieu in adieu, pronounced adu, 

N. B. Our triphthongs being for the most part derived from the Frencli 
several of them retain the sound which they have in their original language 
thus, freau, pronounced bo ; Jlambeau, pronounced flamho, 

i Digitized by LjOO^I'C ' 


Rmarh m the QmmfumlB. 

The observations which miffht be made on the consonants, as well as on 
the vowels, are so numerous, thatdt would be quite impossible to bring them 
within the limits of this small treatise, the plan of wnich admits of making 
each remarks only as ore absolutely necessary. 


This letter is mute at the end of a word or syllable, when it is preceded 
by m, as in bomh^ coxcomb, ^. : in cwnb it serves as e final to lengthen the 


C is sounded hard, like k, before a, o, and u : as, can, com, cow, cup, pro- 
nounced kan, kom, koto, kup. 

But c has a sofl sound, like a, before e, i, and ^ .* as, cell, ctdar, cider, cym- 
ial, pronounced seU, aedar, aider, aymhoL 

Ch is sounded sofl, as in church, in most words that are piurely English ; 
but hard, like k, in a number of words derived from the Latin, Greek, and He- 
brew, and particularly in proper names' of persons and places mentioned in 
ancient history and geograpliy ; as, Achan, AchUUa, Anchiaea, Baruch, Sic, 
Ch is sounded like k in archangel, but retains the soft sound in archtiahop, 
cherubim, and a few others. Ch sounds like qu in choir and choriater, which 
are pronounced miire and quirtater, Ch, in words borrowed from the French, 
has the sound of ah, as in capuchin, champaign, efuvalier, pronounced cap- 
uaheen, ahampane, ahevdUer. 


D, like t, to which it is nearly related, when it comes after the accent and 
is followed by the diphthong ie, io, ia, or eou, slides intogz^ or the consonant 
j : thus aoldier is universdly and Justly pronounced as if written aol-jer ; 
grandeur, gran-jeur; and verdure, (where it must be remembered that u is a 
diphthong,] ver-jure ; and, for the same reason, education is elegantly pro- 
nounced ed'jucation. But dttke and reduce, pronounced juke and rejuce 
where the accent is after the <^ cannpt be too much reprobated. 


F, There Is a stnmg tendency to change the sound of this letter into that 
o£v, in 808fie words. It has its pore tonnd in qften, off, dtc. ; but, in the preposi* 


tion 0^ it slides into its near relation v, as if trritten ov, But^ when this prep- 
osition is in composition at the end of a word, the / becomes pure ; thus, 
though we sound of^ singly, ov, we pronounce it as if the / were double w 

G has the same sound as J before e and i, as in gem, gender, gelid, genius, 
pTono}xncedjem,je7ider,jel%d,jeniu$ ; but in many proper names, especiaUy such 
as pertain to ancient history and geography, as Chrgesenes, Gideon, Slc, 
g is sounded hard before e and i ; and uso in several words purely English ; 
83} g^o^'i g^^i geese, giddy, gift^ gild, gird, girl,/^^. Sic, besides many others 
of a similar sound. G is not sounded in seragluf, bagnio, and intaglio, which 
are pronounced seraUiOf bannio, and intdUio. 

Gh is sometimes sounded like g hard, as in ghost, ghastly, gherkin, 
pronounced gost, gasUy, gerkin. Sometimes gh has the sound off, or ff; 
'as in cough, laugh, laughable, laughter^ pronounced eof, laf, lafahle, lafler : 
but gh very often is mute, and, consequently, the preceding vowel or diph- 
thong is lon^, like e final ; as in hi^h, nigh, fght, right, pronounced hi, m, 
Jlte, rite. The words of this description are numerous. 

Gn also serves to lengthen syllables in the same manner as gh and e final ; 
as in sign, benign, condign, proi^ounced sine, benine, condine. 


Hin not sounded in. some words derived from the Latin; m, heir, hour, 
honest, honour, humour, with their compounds and derivatives ; nor after r, as 
in rhyme, and catarrh, pronounced rymt, catar. 


J, at fdready observed, hat the soft sound of ^, as in jeUy, joint, juncture. 


JThai always the same hard sound, as mkirk. 

L. ■ 
L is not sounded in walk, talk, ealk, which are pronounced wauk, tauk, 
MHiitp; and the same pronunciation is to be observed in their compounds and 


derivatives. L is mnte also in eaXm^ ha\f, aniijMlni:^ and the a has the same 
sound as in father ; bot it is sounded in paimiftrfma, 6lc. 

Neither the I nor the jo is sounded in psalm, which is pronounced saroy the 
a havinff the same sound as in failur ; but the v only is mute, and the I is 
sounded in j9#a/ini#t,^ji«aliiio€(y, and other kindred words. 

Both the and the / are mute in coiUd, should, and wouldj which are pro- 
nounced kudj shudf and wud ; as also in cotUdst, shouldst,and wmddsty the t» 
having the same sound as oo in toood, 


M is found before n in a few proper names of Greek origin, in which case 
it is not sounded ; as, Mnasan, jknemosyne, 

JV* presents nothing particular in its sound or use, except what has been 
ahready observed under article gn,^ 


P is not sounded before s. See the remarks under L, But^ the words 
there noticed maybe added pseudoy signifying false or counterfeit, and which 
is only used as a prefix to some other word. 

P IS mute also before n, at the beginning of a few words borrowed from 
the Greek ; nsypneumatickypneumatical, and pneumatology, P has no sound 
before t Ptieafty a medical beverage, is pronounced lizan ; ptyaiism is 
subject to the same rule ; and Ptolemyy the name of the kings of Cgypt from 
the death of Alexander the Great to the reign of Cleopatra, is pronounced 


Q has always ti after it, and is pronounced k or kw ; as, antiquty pronounc- 
ed anteek ; and aniiquihfy which is' pronounced antUvaeiy. 


This letter is never silent, but its sound is sometimes transposed ; as in 
cetrfre, sceptre, mUrey spectre, pronounced, center, scepter, miter, specter, 

^ & ' 

S^ between two vowels is sometimes sounded like 2 ; as in miser, cov^pme-, 
ervise, criHeise, dtc, pronounced mtzer, comprizeycruizey criticize ; but in many 
WOTds it preserves its common hissing sound, even between two vowels, is in 


«k»e, eoncittf preein, dtmse^ ^c. Sinne words ending in je have the • fx^ 
nomieed l&e 2» to distinguish them from nouns of the same form, is, 
Noon. Verb, Nouo. Veib. 

. me me u$t uxe 

S is sounded like z when it denotes the genit^e case or the plural number, 
as, the kinffs palace, pronounced the kin^z palace ; a congrei^s of princesy 
]sronounced a congress of princez. It is also isoonded^ like z when it is fol- 
lowed by 711, as in baptismj crilicismy anrlidsmy pagan%$m, pronounced ban- 
tizm, cntidznif angltcizm, paganizm. In some words a is mute, aft in isley 
islandy viscount, pronounced tk, Hand, vicount 


When sc comes before e or t, either the 8 or the e loses its soumtr as in 
scene, scythe, scfiptre, science, pronounced ssne, sithe, septre, sienee. Both' s 
and c, however, are sounded in sceptick, with its compounds and derivatives, 
like skeptiek. Sc are sounded like sk before a, o, and u; as in scald, scold, 
scum, pronounced skald, skold, skum. But sc are often sounded like sh be- 
fore avowel, as in omniscient and omniscience, which are pronounced om- 
msh-e'Cnt and otn-nt«A-e-€nce. 

' Sch. 

Sch are sounded like#il:,* as, scheme, school, scholar, pronounced skeme, 
skool, skolar, with their derivatives and compounds. In a very small number 
of words, both the c and the h are mute, bb in schtdxde, schism^ sckismniick, 
schism4Ui;:e, i^ToncmicedsediUi,sizm^sizmaHck,sizm^ 


On t few particular remarki^ can be made, except that ti have almost invari- 
ably the sound of sh before a vowel ; as, eaqnttiate, prop^itUe, which are pro- 
nounced expasheaie, propishecUe. But the sanie letters keep their natural 
sound before vowels, as in Antioch, Antiochus, and other proper names of 
Grecian origin. 


F has always the ikame invariable sonnd. 


IF has no sound before r. Thus, wring and tsron^ are pronounced ring' 
and ron^, and all words of a similar description reqmre a sunilar pronuncia- 
tion. It IS also mute at the end of words, as follow, feUow, pronounced foUoy. 


X begins ii6 word in ti»e Eaa]^ l&nguftge ; but in words borrowed tfm 
the Greek, where it is inhiil, it hss the sound of z, as in xerofef, xerodes, 
sjffUTy pronom^ed zerofot, z^rodes^ zmter ; and in many proper names be- 
longing to the same language ; as, Xerxes, Xenophon, pronouneed Tkrkzttj 
Zenofhon, Jj^ at the ena of English words, is sounded like &#, as in annex^ 
complex, trans^y pronounced anneks, compleka, tran^pks. X, in the middle 
of words, is also sounded like Ta before a consonant, but likeg^ when follow- 
ed by A voweL Thus it has the sound of ka in txcuae^ expel, extend^ txUl^ 
pronounced ekscuse, ekspel, eksiendj eksUd ; but is sounded like gg in exact, 
exalt, example, exert, pronounced egaact, egsalt, egsample, egaert. This gen- 
eral rule, however, admits of exceptions ; for x is sometimes sounded like ka 
before a vowel, as in exerdae, exigence, exorciam, Exodua, pronounced eka^ 
(rciae, ekaigenee, ekaoraizm, Ekaodua. 


Y is sounded like e at the end of words, except after y; p, and sometimes 
% in which cases it has the sound of long i, as in qudlvfy, occvmy, propheay, 
&c. In the middle of syllables, y is sounded Uke i ; as in chytmat, chyni' 
iHru, &c. 

N. B. Fis sounded like e in prophecy, 



The sound of z is somewhat similar to that of a, but less hissing. 

Accent is that stress of voice which is laid on one particular syllable in 
every word, preferably to the others of which it is composed.* It is therefore 
of tiie utmost importance that ihe accent be properly placed. Monosyllables 
bive no accent There is, also, in several words consisting of many syllables, 
a secondary accent, which contributes in no small degree to the distinctness, 
force and harmon)r of the pronunciation. This secondary accent^ is upon 
the first syllable in c^nveraaiion, reaervation, recaneHeahlt, dtc, while the 
principal accent is on the third. But, if proper attention be paid to the principal 

* 7%e aceeoted i^Uflhle ie ahvays kwder than the i«8t : bat when it has t^ 
hoAm than the preceding, and lower than the succeeding syllable } and when it has the flJliB^ 
imlttte,it to nronoaaced higher as well as loader Uian tie other syllables; ekher precedmg or 
inoeeei&ig. The only exception to this rule is when the accent is on the last syllable ©f a i"-^ 
which has no emphasis, and which is the eonduding word of a discourse. 


accent, the secondary one will naturally force itself on the organs of speech 
by practioft in reading and speaking. The principal accent, therefore, is 
that on which a correct pronunciation depends, / 




1. &. The long slender English a, as in Ate, p&-per, Ue ^ in fici epie, 

2. &. The long Italian a, as in f&r, fa-ther, pa*p&, mam-idL a m/abUf raMe, 

3. k. The broad German a, as in /ill, will, wi-ter Am 6g€, ChAUms. 

4. &. The short sound of the Italian a, as in ftt, mlU, m&r-ry a in fat, matm, 

1. k The long e, as in m^, h^, m^tre; mi-diam i in wtUre, qntre. 

2. %, Theshortft,asinni^;l§t;g£t e in mitte, ndte. 

1. i. The long diphthongal t, as in pfaie, title of in letqm, mOf. 

2. 1. The short simple t, as in pin, tit-le . fin umiittttrd. 

1. 6. The long open o, as in n6, n6te, n6-tice « in globe, lobe. 

2. h. The long close 0, asm mftve,pr5ve '. ou\nmouiooir,pouooir 

3. b. The long broad o, as in n&:, fdr,6r; like the bfotd & o in or, for, eacor. 

4. 6. The short broad o, as in n6t, h6t, g6t oin hottt, colU. 

i. A. The long diphthongal u, as iq tiihe, c{^,C&-pid iotiin Cioufttf, chkurtpt 

2. ft. The short sinq[>le ti, as in tftb^cftp^sdp <k io nmf, veuf. 

3. ft. The middle or obtuse ii, as in bftll, f ftil, pAll on in bouk, fonk, poule. 

1 df. The long broad h, and the short 1, as in AH of in eydcUde, hertaque 

2 dft. The long broad d^ and the middle obtnse ft, as in ibM^pMnd . . tuA'mAotlte, 

Th, The acme or sharp th, as in (fcmk, thin. 
' Th. The grave or fiat th, as in THb, THat 

When g> is printed in the Roman character, Uhas its bard somid inget,gcnef &c, BM,go, rux. 
guUf 4&C. ; when it has its soft semid, it is qpeUed in the notation by the consonant J, Wjgwal, 
ginger J ji-anttjm-ger. The same may be observed of « : the Roman charader denotes its hard 
sound m sm, tm,li>c,j aS; so, nt, sente^ &.c. j its soft sound is qtelled by x, as« rote raise, ^. rcze, 

'*^'' ^' Digitized by.LjOOgle 





Vbtf ty, flu, rlt^-pnft, m^j^-pbe, d1ii;-m)6. mive, mAr, ii6t;— tAbe, tfib, b&U-~4fij«* 

pound y'-t/ua, Tuis. 

Aan artidB nt twibm iKxms of the thigiilar 
9 Bonter^ a% a nan, a tree. Befwe a 
word 'beginniiff with a vowel, it is written 
«i;a8.aiioit. ^iBaoinetiiiieiaiiouii,asgpreat 
A. . if is placed beibre a participfe, or parti- 
dj^ nooa^ asyC kunlhigf, tt beggiMg. Jl baa 
a sinificatioo deaotii^ propoilioB ) as. The 
landioiTi has a hmidraa a jrear. 
Ifoacus, ib'-IUkfti t. a eountiiigtaMe f the up- 
permost member ef a oofumn. 
Abi^ &-blA'. ad, from the foro pait of the ship 
towards the stera. [to fbnake. 

Abandon, lrb&n'-d<!b. v. a. to fflyeup,to doiert, 
Abandoned, i-b&n'-dAiid. pan* giveo up ; oor- 
! rapt^ed fai the highest degree. 
Abandonment,. a-b&n'-don-mSDt. t. the act of 
! Abarticula^, lb4br-dk-A-l4'-ddfa[L a. that spe- 
cies of afticnladon that has manifest motieiL 
Abase, &4)4se'. v. a. lo depress, to briqg kw, - 
Abasement, 4-bise'-m2nt. «. the stale of being 

bivugfat Jcn^l ccproiBiOD. 
Abash, A-bAsh'. v, a. to make-asfaamed. 
Abate, i-bite'. v. a. to lessen, to dhninish. 
Aba^, tMie', v. n. to grow less. 
Abatement, 44)&te'tmSDt. «. the act of abating, 

the sum or quantity taken away by abating. 
Abater, ftrb4L'-t5r. s. cause bj' ymok an mie- 
* ment iijNocured. 
Abba^, ftb^-b&-s6. «. the possessions or priyi- 

legerof an abbot 
)AbMiy^'-b^«. the superiour ^ a nunnery 
I AMwy> or Abby, ftb'-b^. s. a monastery of re- 

; A^^hS^Sut, the chief of a conyent of men. 
t Abbrtrtriaite, Ib-br&'-v^te. v. a. U> st¥vien 

Abbreyiafion, ftb-br^-y^-li'-sliftn. «. the act of 

Abb^eyiator, Ab-br&-v6-4'-tAr. . t. one who 

Abbreyiature, Ab-br&'-v^-4sh6ie. s. a mark 

used fur shortening. hesa^A. 

Abdicate, &b'-d^klSe. v. a. to give up right, to 
Abdication, &b-d^k&'-sbftn. $. the act orabdi^ 

catinr. [plies an abdication 

Abdiomye, &b'-di-k&-t!y. a, that causes or im- 
Abdomen, &b-d6^mdn. s, tho lower part of tiie 

Abdominal, ftb-dftm'-m^-nftl. >a. relating to 
Abdominous, lib-d^m'-m^uAs. vtbeahdomeit 
Abduce» &b-dAae'. v, a. to withdraw one pari 

fttmi another. 
Abductor, &l>d&k'-tdr. «. the muscles which 

draw bade the several ineinbers. ^ 
Abed, A-b^'. od: m bed. ' 
Aberrance, Ab-Ar'-rAnse. «. a deriation from 

the right way: an errour. 
Aberrant, Ab-cr-r&nt. a. wandering from the 

right way. 
Aberratioii, Ab4r-mVshAn. «. the ia of devi- 
ating fieom fbe common tracSc. 
Abernng, Ab^-riag. part, going astray. 
Aberuneate, Ab-^-rim'-kAte. a. a. to puO up t^ 

the roots. 
Abet, A-b^'. v, a. to support, eneomvge, help. 
Abetment, A-bit^taolnt. «. the act of abettUig. 
Abetter^ or Abettor, A-bSt-tfir. «. he that abctsj 

the supporter or encoorager of another. 
Abbor, Ab-hdr'. v. a* to hate with aerimooy ; to 

Abhorrence, AbJiAr -rAnse, ) t. the ad of 
lAbhorrency, fib-hAr-rtn-sA. > abbomng. 




AUion^% faf^ift'-i^ 8.fl6^ckwith ibttbr^ ^^M^sli^ie; 

, T^j inconslitent with. 

Abhorrer. 9M»w-ior. t. a baler, detester. 
Abide, a-Dlde'. o. w. to dure!! in a plabe, i 

remove; to bear or support tlie consequences. 
AbJder. i-hl'-dAr. 9, Um -person that abides or 

dwells in a place. 
Abiding, &->M'-€Sng. f. contiiittance. 
Abili^f, i-bU'-^-ti. «. power, capacity, qualifi- 

catkm. fMe. 

Abject, ftb'-j^kt a. moan, worthless, conteMpU* 
Abjedt,. ftb^'^kt «. a man withoot hope 
Abject, u>-j^'. r. a. to throw away. 
Abjectedries8,Ab-i^'-t£d-n^ r. state of 
Abjection, ftb-j^^sb&L t. meanness of 



Abjectly, &bM2kt-l^. ad, iaan abject "mann^^ 
Ali^ectness, &G'Tidkt-n&. «. servility, meanness. 
AtMuire, &b^6ie', v. a., to sx^-eor not to do some-, 

tniog: to ixjcapt a position upon cmth. 
Abjuration, Ab-jiVrft^-shftn. «. the act of abjur- 
ing $ the oath taken for that end. Oreast. 
Ablactate, &b-lAkMlite. v. a. to H'ean from the 
Ablactotion, ib-lAk-tit^sbAn. t. a method of 

Afiaqueation, Sb-l4-Hw^&'>sIi&n. s, the pi-ac- 
fce of opcning'the ground about the rc»ts of 
tttJe?, . {away. 

Ablation, aK-la'-shOn. s. tlie. act of taking 

Ablative. &b'-&-t!v. a. that which takes awoy $ 
the sixtb case, of Latin jponns. 

Able, ii'-bl. a. having sufiScient jx>wer. 

Able-bodied, i-bl-bi^'^d. 0. strohg of body. 

AUegate, ^-li-gite. v. a. to send abroad up- 
on some empbymenu fhroad. 

Ablegation, &b-1^-dk'-shftn. s, a seudmg a- 

Ablencss. it'-W-i^. «. ability of body, force. 

A btepsy , ab'-l^p-si. ». want of sight. 

Abluent, ab'-ld-^nt. a. that which has the pow- 

Abode, k-hfide'. s, habitation, dwelling, stay. 
AlMxlement, A-b6de'-ni2ut. s, secret aniicipatien 

of somethmg future. 

V>li8h, 4-boI'-!!sh. v.*. to annul, destroy ' 


•MMt-U. '1 


i^y bi 

Abolisher, d-bAF-^-Ar. «. be tlkM abolidiei. 
ncHd ^AfSbTTsIimehf, lUbftl'-Ash-siSBt > the aa ef 
ences. Abolition, &b-6-flsh^-An. t aboUriiiiig 

Abominable, k&a^-MM. a. baiefti, deteti 


.boimnab)en«»» &-b6io'-^n&-bI-nfci. s. ibt 

quality c^ beinff abominable. 
Alwminabry, ilS6in'.^SUtl6. ad, tnoH liift 

tUily^ odSously. [test, hate utterly 

Abominate, &-l»&fl|i'4-n^te. ■ r. «. to abhor, de» 
Abomination, a-b&ro-^-ua'-sh&i. a, batvadld* 

tes^aitioq. , . 
AWij^inea, .&b-^4Jcge'4-ii&s. s. the earliesti#> 

habitants of a country. 
Abortion. a-b6r'*fl|(bi. 9, a miscai'riage^ «n 

timely birth.. , . 
Abortive l-bdr'^hr, a. bimigbt Ibrth beftirt 

the due tiBfe ) that which ertogs forth «<► 
^ thing. . . loi^^ty* 

Abortively^ ft-bAi:'-uv-l6. ad. innnatilrely, uiir 
AborlivencMS, a-bor'-flv-n&L «. the state of 

abortion. .^ ^ • • 

Abbrtment} I'-bort'-in&it $, an mtimely birth. 
Abound, &-bo6hd'. v. n. tcHiave or be m grei 

Abound, ft-b^&hd'. v. n. tcHiave or be in great 

About, &-bo&t^p7%p. siuTouoding, near toj re? 

About, ASS^^wL dreukurly; nearly) tjie 
bngest way, m opposition'to tlie short, ttn^gbt 
way , 

Above, &-bfiv'. ^rep. higher in place, ..raiik. 

power, oreiceeuence} beyond, too high for^ 
Above, &>>bdv'. ad. over-head 5 in tlie infftort 

of heaven. , i > 

AbovereU, &-bftv-all(. in the first place, cbiedw' 
Above-board, &-bfiv'-b6rd.ittope» sight J with 

out art^jfice or trick. 
Above-cited, l-bflv'-sl-tW. cited l^elbre. 
Aboye-sroumi, A-bdv'-grft&nd. an expressicu 

used to signify that a jnan is alive } aoi m 

the grave ^ 

Abracadabra, &b:i^-i(^-<i^'-ra> «• a supersU« 

tlous charm against agues. 
Abrade, A-br4de'. ti. a. to rub off, to wetir 1 

away. ■ .igfced by vjOOQ Tni^ibiag oflEl | 
Abrasion, &-bra-2h&n. s. the^&ct of rubbSn^, m 




w6, wAv% aflr, p^t ;— labe, xhb, bAJI y-^, pMud i-^/un, T»ii. 

ocC nde by skle. 


4biidg^r, i-bitd'-ilbr. #. be Uiat abri^fpef. 
Abridrmeniy ft-brfdje'-iD&it «. tkd coniracUon 

of ai <amr work iaio a^nudller oonipasi. 
A.brgacb, jM»9uh'. oiiL in a poeuire to ruu out 


Abraigate, ^'fbfjLsub. e. a. 1p npeal, lo juhhiL 
Abro^tkm, Ib-rMt'-Mn. «. ibe ad of abco- 

ratnttf , the ra|Mf of a taw. 
AorupC flb-rfipt', cu brokea, craggy; audden. 
Abraptum, ftb-rflp'«fboii. #. vJoJent aud mddeu 

AbrttpUy, Ab4[6pt -1^ ^ iM«^r ^''Hboui Ibe 

due farms tdjanfmnfyiKL [suddeoneM. 

Abruptness, iB-r^'-nei* «. an abi^ juanoer, 
Abflceas, ib'-aSs. «. a mqcbid canw m ibe 
Ab9cfaid,lb-ibKr.9.«.fbc#eff. (body. 

Absciiirioii, fiHHb'-<9iii.«. die ad of amu^ pff; 

the stale of bMng cut oK 
Abscond, Ib^ik^'. v.ii. to bide one't aeIC 
Absconder, abrskAD'-^. «. tbe person tbat {^ 

seoiuite. (sent, hiatientiou. 

Absence, ly-aSoie..'. tbe state of bein^ ab- 
Absent, fb^-aht a. not present \ inaiieotivo. 
Absent, ab-s&it'. tu a. to wiUidcaw, to forbear 

to conqie into uresence. 
Abs>eQtee, ib-sen-t^. «. a word used eommonl^r 

vrHb regai^ to IHsBinea Jiring out of tbeir 

^bsinthiated, Ab-iibi'-^^tH j». bopregnated 

witb wpnnwood. 
\bnst, ab-slst'. v. n. to stand ofl^ to leave ofll 
Absolve, io-z^Mv'. u. a. to «»ar, accuii, to 

a3unce a sin jsmHted. [Uooal. 

ite, 4b'-9&nSte. a. «pmplele. uucondi- 

Absotutely, ^'-96rlAte-)il. ad. completely, with- 
out restriction; positively. 

AbsohiteQesB, Sb^-lpte-o^. «. coippleteness; 
freedom finom dependence, or KmitH) des- 
potism, [mission 

'AM>lDt*on, j|b?a^I&'-sli5n. «. acquittal ; re- 

\\miify^> fi>^t'-ft-tar-r&.^. that absolves. 
.bsQQiiity ib'-96Hi|at \ *a. conU-ar^ U> rea- 

IVbflMOQS. ftb'-s6-ofis. > son. 

.bserb, Ib-eArb'. o. a. to swallow up. 

Absorbent, 4b-s0r'4)ini. t. 

sucks UD buraoiirs. 
Abmrptf Ib^rpt'. p. swaUcnwd op. 
Absorption, (Uni&rp'-fMii. J^ Ibe ad ef iwal* 
' loiivni^ up. 
Abstain, u>-st4ne'. d. «. lo Avbearj to denjr 

one's self any gratiftraiioM. 
Abstemious, ib-sii'-nie-Al a. temperate, sober, 

abstinent (Jy, soberly 

Abstemioudy, Ab^-m^M^ oif. lemperate 
AbstemiousQew^ 4b«i^-nM»«Ss. j. tbe 

quality of bemg abalemioua. 
Absterge, Ibjii^'. ». a. lo deanae by wiping. 
Abstergent, Ib-silr^^iait a. ha\iiig a cleansing 

Absteruon, Ib-aiSr'-snJbi. s. tbe ad of cleansing 
Abstinenee, Ib'-st^-alme. #. (bibearauce ^ 

Abf&ient, ib'-st^-nlat «. tbal ims abstiqence 
Abstract, Ab-str4kt\. ih a. to leparate; m re 
doee lo an epitome. [tbiog else 

Abstraet, Ab-str^'. «. aeparaled mm some- 
Abstract, ib'-atr&kt #. a smaller quantity, con- 
taining tbe virUie or power of a greater 3 an 

Abstracted, m>-strlk'-iM. jp.a. separated; re- 
fined, abAruse ; absent or mind. 

Abstractedly, &b-str6k'-t$d-l^. «ut si|n|My,sepa 
rately from all contingent circiunstanccs. 

Abstraction, &b-str&k'^On. «. tbe od of ah- 
sU^ctinff ; the state of being abstracted. 

'Abstractive, Ab-stH^'-dv.oTbaving the power 
or quality of absu^ding. (manner. 

AbstraoUy. &b^sti4kt'-i^. cut in an ab^u-Md 

Abstruse, ab-^u^'. a. bidden ; difficult. 

Abstrusely, ab-9tr6se'-4^. ad, obscurely, not 
plainly. (.sctiutv 

ADstruseness, &b-su-^-n9s. 9, diffi^tilty, ob 

Abstrusify, &h-su*&'-si-i&. s. abstruseuess ; ibai 
whicb is fibstruse. (waste. 

Absume, Ab-siune'. v. a. to destroy by graduul 

Absun], &b*s5ru'. a. couu*ary to reason. 

Absurdity, ^b-sAr'-d^'te. s. tbe quality of being 
absurd ; that which is absurd. , 

Absurdly, &b-sM'-i6. ad, improperly, unrcu- 

Absui-dnes$L, &b-sArd'-n^ «. the <|uality of be- 
ing absurd 




Fk iBffir, fMl, fit }— -m^, tak j— pbe, pb 

Atnindtiice, &-b&n'-dtbise. 

., *. plenty} ercal 
15 exuneraiice, more than euough. 

Abundant, &.bAu'-dftut. a. piciiiirui: cxu))C- 
rant (ply, liberally. 

Abimdactly, &-hAii'-ci&iit-li. ad. m plenty, am- 

Abuse, k'btue'. t^ a. to make an ill uuie or ; de- 
ceive, impose ou, revile. 

Abuse, i-bAsc'. s, the Ul use of any thing 5 n^dn 

Abuser, &*b& 'Z&r. «. be thai niakc9 an ill ; 
ne thai reproaches witli rudeness. 

Abusive, &-b6'-s?v. a. prnctistug or ooiilaining 
abuse : deceitful. 

Abusivelv, A-b6 -$!v-I^. ad. improperly, re- 

Abut, di-b&t:. V. ji. (obsolete.) to border upon ; 
to meet, ot approach to. 

Abutment, ^'nfit'-m^nt c. that whitb liorders 
upon another. - , 

Abyss, &-bl3'. «. a great depth, a gulf. 

Acacia, (Uk^'-shA^ft s. a ding brought from 
Egypt [academy. 

Acsdemial^ &k>^*d&'-m^-&I. <t. relating to aii 

Academian, 4k-&-d^'-ni^4o. t. a scholar of an 
acadeiQv. [a nnivcrstty. 

Acadeuiical, &k-i-d8m'-m&-k4l. a. belonging to 

Academick, 4ic-a-d&n'-!k. 9. a student of a 
university. [university. 

Academtck, Ak-ka-d^m'-fk. a. relating to i 

Academician, ftk-li-d6-mi(sh'-&n. I „ ,, ■ .^^^ 

Academist. ft.k&d'.d*.m!su \ *' **»® '^™' 

bcr of an academy. 

Academy, &-k^d'4-m6. «. an assembly or so- 
doty or men, uniting for the promoUon o(V 
some art ; the place wliere scieaces are taught' 

Acatalectick, ^-k&t4-)^'.tj(k. «.. a verse which 
nas the complete Dumber of s}-Uables. 

Accede, ^k-sede'. r, n. to be added to. to come. 

Accelerate, Ak-s^r-lAr-&te. i;. a. to make quick, 
' to hasten. 

Accelentkm, &k-85l-lAr-lL'-st'fta. s. the act of 
qoickeoiBg moikNi. 

Accend. Ak-flnd'. v. a. to kindle, to tet on fire. 

AccensMO, Ak-s^n'-shAn. «. the act of kindling, 
or state of being kindled. 

A€«ent, Ak'-iint #. the manner of speaking or 
a mark upon syllables to regu- 
r pronunciation. 

Aceent, ftk-s5nt'. v. a. to speak words vitk. 

particular regard to tbe gnmvatical marks 

or rules : to note the accents. 
Accentual, &k-s&i'-tsh64l. a. relating to accen- 
Accentuate, ik-s^'-)sh6-4te. v. a. to place U 

accent projfierly. ^ 

Accentimtion, fflc«8^o-ish&-li'-ai<(b. $, tiie act o 

placing the accent in pronunciation onvriting 
Accept, Jlk-sSpt'. r. a. to take nHtb pleasure, ti 

receive kindly. 
Acceptability, tt-sJ^p-ti-bU'-li-l^. <. the quality 

of being acceptable. 
Acceptable, &k^-s^-t&-M. a. gfateftil, pleasing 
Acceptableiiess, Mt'-s^ti-brnSs. «. uie. qiiaji 

ly of being acceptable. 
Acceptably, 4k'-sSp-ti-t>l^ «£. in an accepta 

ble manner. [approbation i 

Acceptance, &k-s^p'-t&n«o. «. reception with 
Acceptation, ftk-9?p-ti.'-fihdn. #. reception 5 the 

meamng of a word. 
Accepter, Ak-s§p'-tdr. s. tlie person who accepts. 
Acception, &k-s^ -sli&u. .r, the received seiue 

of a word ; tlie ineaamg. 
Access. &k-s&'. s. the way by which any tiling 

may oe approached 5 the return <jr fit of a 

disten&per. [being accessary 

Accessariness. (ik'-sb-s^-i^-ni&s. «. the suite of 
Accessary, &k^-s&-sli-r6. s. he who, not being 

tbe chid* agent in a crime, contributes to it. 
Accessary, ltk'-s^s&-ri. a. joined to, addition 

al. (proacfaed. 

Accesnble, &k-slB'-a^bl. a. that may be ap . 
Accession, &k-s^'-fin. 9. increase by some 

thnag added, the act of amving at 
AccessorilX; &k'-sSs-86-rM6. oo. in the mannet 

of an aceessary. 
Accessory, &k'-sSs46-ri. «. lomed to another 

thtiig, so asto increase it ; additknial. 
4cci(&nce, '&k'-8M&i8e. «. the little tiook con- 

tainhig the first rudiments of grammar. 
Accident,. &k'-s&^nt #. ^e property of a 

thing ; that which hanpen^ uubreseen. 
Accii^tal, Idc-si-d&i -m. 9. a property nones- 

Acddental; &k-8&-dln'-t&l. eu having tbe q^iaJity 





Accordant, flk-k^-d&at, a. vnHiag, in good 

itv cCHJnff aeckleiital. 
4eanfeDt, ak-ifp'-pMiit t . a raoeiver. 
iedle, Ik-fllte'. v. a. to call, to suinmoD. 
icclaiiii, Ik-kl^nie'. s, a shout of praite; ae- 
damatioli. Iplauie. 

\ccIamatioiif Ak-k^inli'-shftn. s. diooTof ap- 

Acdivi^, Ak-klV-v^-t^ «. tho ascent of a hill. 

Acclivou9. l^-ktt^vfts. 0. nftog with a slope. 

Accloy, &k-kl^. v. a. to fill to satiety. • 

Accoil. &k^k5Il'. r. n. to bustle, to be in a hurry. 

Accden^ Ak'-k^-lSiit. «. a borderer. 

AceomfnodabIe,ilk-k6m'-m6-cl&*U. a. that may 

Accommodate, Ak-kftm-ni^^te. v. a. to sup- 
ply with conveniences of any kind. ' 

Accommodate.lik-kAin'-niMAte. a. suitable, fit 

Accommodatdy, Ak-kAm'-m6-d&te-Ii. ad, suit- 
ably, fitly. 

Aceouunodatkm, AkykAnMn^Hllk'-'sMb. «. pro- 
vision of conveniences: reconciliation. 

Accompanable, ak-kfinr-pi-n&'bl. a. sociable. 

Accompanier, ak-k5m'-fA-n^-dr. «. the peraon 
that makes pert of the company; companion. 

Accompaniment, ftk-kW-pA-iie-m^t «. the 
adding of fine thin^ to another by way of or- 
nament: the instnmieatal that acoonpaides 
the vocal part in musick. 

Accompuay, &k-faiW^-h^. o. a. to be with 
aaother as a conmenion; to joia widi. 

Aecom^ce, ik-kom'-pfls. t. associate, apar^ 
taker m an ill sense. 

Aceomplisfa, ftk-kftm'-pSsh. «. a, to coufHeAB, 
to fidfil, to ador^i 

Accomplished^ Ak-kAm'-^dt-^. p, a. complete 
in^omeooalification; elegant. 

Aoeompfisner. ftk-kAm'-podi-dr. s. the perMo 
wh) accomplishes. 

Accomfdiahment, ftk kAm'-pIlah-m&it «. com- 
pletion, perfection ; embefiishment, elegance. 

Aeborapt, Ak-kAftnt'. s, an account, reckoning. 

* AeeOBlpaiLt, ftk-k&An'^^tftnt. s, a i:CGkoner, com- 

AijpM, Ak-kdrd'. V. a, to make a^ree,to acbust 
Ae«ML Ak'^Afd'. v. m. to agree, to suit with. 
AcmC Ak-kmF. 9. a compact, an agreenfent. 
Aceim&ee, Ik-kdr'-dAnse. s, agreement wiUi, 
wtiSan^f to somethiiig. 

According, Ik-kAr'-diog. pw agreeable to) m 
proportion. " 

Accordingly. Ak-kor'-dlog-l^. ad, agreeably, 

Accost Ak-kAst'. v. a, to address, to sahite. 

Aecostable, Ak-kAs'-tA^bl. a. easy of access, fii- 

Account, ak-kOQnV. s. a. computation of debts 
or expenses ; the stale or result of a pomputa 
tion ; esthnation ; a uarrative, explanation. 

Account, Ak-kA&nt'. v. a. to esteem, reckon, tr< 

Accountable, Ak-kA&n'-ta-bl. 4. of whom an ac- 
count may be lemured : who must answer for . 

Accountant, Ak-ko&n'-tlnU s. a man skilled in 

Accouple, Ak-k&p'-pl. v. a. to join, to link to- 
gether, [tesy. 

Accourt, Ak-kArt'. v. a. to entertain ^vith cour- 

Accoutre, Ak-kA5'-t&r. t^. a. to^dress, to equip. 

Accoutrement, Ak-kW'-i&r-tu&it s. dress, 
equipage* lte*:<m, confidehtial. 

Accredited, Ak-krSd'-lt-ed. a, (>r allowed repu- 

Accretion, ftk krA'-shftn. s. tlic act of growmg 
to another, so as to increase it. 

Accretive, ak-krfe'-dv, a. growing, tliat which 
by giowth is added. Xwitta a hook 

Accroach. &k-k2r6ish'. v. a* to draw to one as 

Accrue, lik-krfto . v. n. to accede to, to be add 
ed, to arise as profits. 

Accul>ation,Ak-kJi-bA'-shAu. «. the ancient pos- 
ture or leaning at meals. 

Accumb.fik-ki^mb'. v. n. to lean at. the table. 

Accumulate, Ak-kA'-ipCi-lAle. v. a. to heap \>- 
gethor. [accumulating. 

Accumulation, ak-kA-mo-la'-shOn. s. the act of 

Accumulative, Ak-kA'-mA-i4-t}v. a. that accu- 
mulates. ^ , , , fcmnulates 

Accumulator, Ak-kn-ma-lA-tdr. 5. ne that ac- 

Accuracy, Ak'-kA-rA-sfe. ». exacmess, nicety. 

Accurate, Ak'-kA-ratei a. exact, without defect 
or failure. , . ' . [enrour. 

Accurately, Ak*-V&-rAte-lA. wl exactly, witbom 

Accuratenew, Ak'-kfr-rfue-nSs. *. - — ' — 

nicety. JigHized by v^OOv 

I Accurse, Ak-kfirse'. v. a. to dooAi'to 


) charge I* iOi & crime | 

Aeemscdf lk-kJb^-9^. part a. doomed (a 

tyi execrable, hmoM; dde&mble, 
Accusable, ik-kik -zA-bl. a. blaitieable, culpable. 
Accu^atiotij Ik-ki^-z4^-ahan. *. ibe act of accuN- 

ing ^ Uie obargfr brougbu 
ilf^cusative, rtfc'kA'-zlL-iIv% c*. a term ofgranK 

mar, the fourth cnse of a noun. 
AccuaatorVj Ak-ki'-zA-lA-nA, a. ptDdticii^ or 

ccmminiarg an accusaliniL 
Accuse, ak'-kize'* i\ a. to c 

tf» hiame fjp censure* 
Aeca?cir, 4lc-kA'-t{ir. g, he w|«j brings a charge 

a^oiinl annlLicr. [inure. 

Accustom, Sk-t^s'-tflin. v. a. to hahtUiaie^ to 
Accuatomable^ 4k-kfls'-iam-m4'bL a, done by 

ksHj^ tlisioitu fing td custom. 

ArL-ii3fr)]iiably, ak-kfts'-tam-fi-bl^. ad. accord- 
Acoij^tgriumcc^ fik-kfis'-i^m-mftisse. t, cusujra, 

liahit, use. [cusiomary luamter. 

AeciJit<toiiiaiiSy,M£-k&*''iflm-mi-i4-l^, ad. in a 
AccUs'^toiiiiiry, &k'k5f'-ti!im-i:nll-ii^p a. usual^ 

Acciisfomcd, 4k-kflf'4ftin4d. a. accordiflf io 

ctislomj iiauaL 
Acre, ^. s, a unil on cardit. 
Acerbity, i-d&r'-b^t^, j. a rr>uglij, sour i^isie 

Atervrtle, a-sJir'-v^ic. r. a. to heap up. 
Acer\^ation, Ais4r-i^^fib5n. s. a heaping logelh- 

GF- [souniesa. 

Aeesccutj 4-«ea'-sJiit a* iJaat has a tertdcticy to 
Aretasc^ &s-t-t6te\ a^ Oiat labicli has iu it 

add*. [Bceto5e. 

Acetosfity, b-^-ti^'-^l^* j. Ibe state of being 
AceUi'f^, tt-s^ -tfls, a. Sffljt. 
Aehe. i^ke. f. a ci^ntiimf^d paid. 
Ache, «.k6. r. fi. to be iq pain. 
At'Hiieve, fli-L*sJi.i^; «»'. r. a. to perform, to fiuiab. 
Achtev-'ement, StLth^TB -^ii^iiL s. the peribnn- 

accc of aa a^^tiDuj, the escutdteoii, or ensigns 

wrtTKJrial* [lio CBdedvours. 

Achiev'ef,it-ish^''vAr. *. ho « ho perfonns what 
Achor, A -kflr. j. a iifocics of the fleq>cs, 
XtM* ii'-ald. a. smir, ihnip. 
Acidity, ft-dd'-(te-i^. i. sharoueMj scwrfless. 
Adduea^j lis'-^tj-ii^. * the qiiaJiiy of beiug: 

jwid. fpremjiied with sharp particles. 

Aetdulate, i-ild'-d^lko. u, a, ki lliig© vJllr 

acid. [owD. 

AckrnowJedpCj ak-nAF-lldj. r. u. La «it^«9i^ te 
Acknowledging. fik-i]6lMSU-fn^* a. jfialefiiL 
AcknowledgmeniT fLk-nAr-l^dje-mlnL a. c«d 

f^kin of a fautl, or of a 1»ent?fjt rcce^rcd. 
Acme, Ak'-in^* #. ihc height of any diLog^ tbf 

heigiH of a dwtfmpifr, 
Acoluthlst, a-k6l'-|6t]dsL s. one of iIm lo^ren 

order in ihc Roman <:htirch. 
Acouite, ^ -Wi-nJte, s. dw herb \voirs-t>aiie» 
Acoi'ii, ft 'kflrn. j. the jioed or fruit of nn oak. 
Acou>;ticks, a-kflfi' silka, j. die theory of^^uiidH 

medicltifes lo help dro liearing. 
Acquaintj &k'kwAiiL^^ ii. a, to make rajDiliou 

wuh, lo mTonri. 
Aciualntazicci ak-kwln'-liose. s. faniiTfb 

kjKfwJedge; the pcraou with whom w.'e tu 

Rcquaiatfid. (kno^* 

Acquainted, ftk-kwiji'-i^. a, famdmr, w 
Acquest, 4k^kw^'. &. an ticquisidati. 
Acquiesce, ak-kw^4s'. «. n. to rest in^ or 

mail) saiisTitid. 
Acquiescence^ Ak-kwd-^^'-^nsc* s. a sil$iat n 

pearance of toiiteiu ; fiuhmi^iou. 
Acquirable, fik-kwi -r^-bt a, aluUaahie. 
Acquire;, ltK-kw1re^ ti. £L to gala by labour 

Acquired, Itfc-kwi'-r&L pffrt»Lnp. a. gained. 
Acqtiirer, 4k-kwl'-r^. *. tht person who ac 

Acquire me Eitf ^k-kwlrc'-mlnt t, dial nhj^ i 

AcqidsttioU;. 4k-ki«'^2:lih^-shfln. i dKa aci ofac 

itm IS acquirea. 

^ , - , acqiiiremem, aiiaiiuiieitL 

Acquit, 4k-kwlt'. ^.it- lo set free 3 loctear, to 

Acquitment, fik-ktth'-mJnt. 9. ibesUt^oTbe 

ing acquttted. [offence 

Acquit! a3, 4k-twJ*'-tAl. #, delrttrajiee fitwn an 
Acquittance, ^-kwlt^-t^bae. p. a. to pmcure an 

acqHitEance. [cbarging froDi a debi. 

Acquittance, &k*kwft'*i4ii9e. «, Uie ad ofdis 
Acre, k'-k^T. s. a quajalilj of JauidL CQUtaining 

m tengih 40 perchea, aM 4 jji breadth m 

4?40 gijuare j^ards. _ 





A«rid, Ik'-fald. 0. of a bol, bidog lane. 
Aerimonisus, AlE<4iii-iii6'-aMb. c iha»,oor- 

roare. ' [rily. 

AcrliiiOBy. AkMcrftHNft^t^ «. AarfneMf seve- 
Acfitode, ftk^krt-n&da. «. an acnd taste, a biting 

beat [tatniof to deep leanjiAi^. 

Aerairaatical, ftk'-M-l-mk'-t^k&l. a. oTor per- 
Keron, l-bw. ad, athwart, laid over luuie- 

Acro6ttck, 4-kr6f'-dk. f . a poem in wbicb the 
first letter oTeveiy line bei^ taken, aiaket up 
^ name of a penno or thing; 

Aet &kt V. fi. to be ia action, not to reiL 

Act, ikL V. a. to perform a borrowed character } 
to produce eflecu in soma pam^'e tubicct 

Act, itkt. s. a deed, exploii; part of a play; de- 

Action, &k'-^5n. f. an act or thing dooe; a 
deed, operation, cesliciriaiion, ihe acoordance 
of tho motions ^ the body whh the words 
moken: a tenfl in law. 

AenonaDle, Ik<>shftii44>!. a, thai admits aa ac- 
tion m law, punishable. 

I ctive, lik'-HV. a. busy, nimble> agile, qaidc. 

Actively, ik'-dv-li €ut. busily, nimbly, [nsss. 

A<4fveneE>s, Ikf-dv.nSs. t.' q^ckaem, nimble- 

Aetivity, &k-4lr'44k a. the <|U8lity of being ac- 
tive^ [a staga'player. 

After, ftk^-tftr. t he that perferms ai^ thing; 

Actress, 4k'-trSs. $» a woman that plays on the 

Actual. &k'-tsh64l. a, really in act. 

Actuatt^, 4k-tsfaMii'-l«^. «. the state of be- 
ing acuiaU 

Actually, fikMsli&-ftl-|i. 0d, m act, m e|^i, 
reaHt. {being actual. 

AetealDess. I^AAh4i-uh. s, die quahiy of 

ActiJary, lk'-t3b&-&-r^. «. a register or office;* 
ofa court. 

Actiiale, &lt'4sh44te. «. a. to put into action. 

ActtKMe, kt-iMsff. «. having tho power of ac- 

ActMle, llt'-&4it^ v. a» to snarneo. 

^^leate, A-k^'-J^r«te. «u prickly ^onmaating 

A«MwM^^^ii9a. «. 

aip, uigeaioui, 
ad. after an acute 

po«|it ^ figiira-; 

Acute, &-k&te'. a. sb) 
ActiteiT, &-kAte'-l6. 

sharply. [ef int al l ec L 

Acuteness, &-k&te-n<k s. liharpoinj fbret 
Adactetl. A-d4k'-t^. part a. drh'en by iorce. 
Adage, id^ie. «. a maxhn, a proverb. 
Adogn^ kMilk-6, t. a term used by musicians 

Ip mark a slow time. [stone. 

Adamaat, 4d'4pinlnt s. the diamond \ the load 
Adamantean, w[-&-mlaH6'4n. a. hard as ada* 

mam. |adamnnt 

Adamantine, Ad4-mAn'-t?n. a. made of or like 
Adara's-apple, &d'4mx-lp'-pl. «. a prumineut 

pert of the throat.' 
Adapt, &-dApt'. v. a. to fit. to suit, proportion. 
Adaptatitm, Ad4p-tft^du. { «. the act of fit- 
Adaption, a-dlLp'-sh&n. " { tiug. 
Add, Id. ts. a. to join something to that wliich 

was betbre. [certain tithes. 

Addecimate. Id-dls^^fe-mltte. r. a* to take or as- 
Addeem, iiMkkm'* v. a. to esteem, to account. 
Adder, 4d-dAr. s, a serperU, a poisonous reptile. 
AddibtUty, Ad^l^bll'-ii-t^. #. the possibility of 

being added. 
Addibfo, Ad'-d^U. a. possible to be added. 
Addice, Ad'«^ t. a kind of axe. 
Addict, Ad-iflkt'. v. a. to devote, to dedicate. 
Addictedness, Id-dlk'-tdd-nAs. «. the state of 

being addicted. fdevoted. 

Addiction, Ad-dlk'-shfin. s. the state of being 
Additament, Ad-dh'4-m&it #. addition, me 

thing added. 
Additton, Ad-dbh'-shAn. s. the act of jiddidg ; an 

arithnieiical rule \ thing adde# - 
Adtlttlonal, &d-dish'-sh&n-&l. cC^i Is added. 
Additory, Ad-d^-t6.n&. a. thai utich has (be 

power of adding. 
Addle, Ad^-dl. a. barren, that predttoes nothing 
Addle-pated, &d'-dl-p4i^. d, having barren 

Address, (Ul-drSs'. r. a. to prepare to 

upon any action* to ap)>ly to another by ik 
Adaress,AdMh^. $. verbal application j < 

sMp; skiM, dexterity; manner of diree' 

letter. * ' |d 

Addrcpner, Ad-dnlia'-sAp: s. the peNoii r 
Adduce^ Ad-dAse' t\ <] ' ' 

wju-d ;p additH>ti^d by 





Vkle, r%r, fM, fix J— m*, mSt ;— piue, pfei y 

Adducent, id-dd'-tSot a. a "woni applied to 

those muscles that draw tngetber tlie pacU of 

the body. 
Addulce, ^-d5lse'. p. «. u> sweeten. 
Ademption, li-d&n'-shibi. s. nrivatkn. 
Adept, &-ddpt'. f. fod skiUcd la all the secrets of 

Mts art [ate. 

Adequate. 4d'*^kw&le. a. equal to^ proportkMi- 

' Adequately, ^'-^-kw^l^. ad. M'lth exictness 

of proportion. 
Ade(juatei3e», ^•^kw&ie^n& t. tlie state of 

being adequate, exactness of proportiou. 
Adhere, fiul-h^re'. v. u. to stick to, to remain 

finnly. fixed to a pailv ot opinion. 
Adherence, Ad-li^'-r^ose. s.'attachment, stead- 

ioc^, '* [with. 

AdL'tii-enij ii4 Uc'-n nL a. kicking to; united 
AiihciTQlj ftjiJ 'li^ -r^ut. s. a foilower, a partisan. 
Adhere r/hdlu- t -u *. be thai adheres. 
Adiie^^oUj fid-ln:^^-"hi\i3. ?. ibe act or state of 

Rliebmg 10 soi'uMhu^, 
Adhesive. aJ-L*' '^fv/j. ^iiickljig, tenacious. 
Adh\ bi tj Hd-lilh' -! >'.i r. J . (1 1 .-tpply, to make use of. 
AdhiLbitioIlr&d«l:<^'|>^.!(''•>:hiVlL a, application, use. 
^diiphoroti?, 3i-ii>'-ilr''f('i-riiV-4. a. neutral. 
Acliaphory, A-<^^-;n^^'!-^t'^ s. jieutraUty, indiflfo- 
Attie^i, i-6 6'. mJ. (■?. r<?u c II . [ceuce. 

Adipouau Ad'-d(^-f Ah, ,i. iAt. 
Adit^ yjt *. a;y;r; in idcT gltNind. 
Adition, ^-%^-iihh\h s^ tlie act of goinc; to 

nnoiber. [vU^fK to another thin^. 

Adlnceiiey,^ id jA'^si'M kA. s. tim state of lying 

mntine someUunff to a litigant 
AAudkate, Ad-Ji'i'^kiite. v. 

united to another. 
Adji " * 

.-JJunetioii> &d-l&nk'-shAn. s. die act of adjoiQ< 
Adjunctive, &d-iAnk'-dv. s. lie diat joins } dial 

Adjuration, Id-jA^'-^sbua. «. U)e act of pmpo^ 

ing an. oath to ajiotherj die form of oath pro- 

A^ure, Ad-j&re'. o. a. to impdse an oath upon 

aiiodier, prescribing the form. 
Adjust, &<l-j&st'. V. a. to regidate, to put in order. 
AtQustioent &d-j(Ut'-mdnt «. rmlation, the 

act of puum? in method. [or an adjutam. 
Adjutancy, &dMA-i&n's6. «. the militar>' office 
Adiutant, ad'-jQ-taut t. a pett^ ofticer, whose 

Attiacent, &d4JkWNi 
AinecL&d'jekf 1 

lyuij; cUjHe, bordering 


i, ilml Ar\\\c\i lies next 

Lf, tn r\'!4 ii»j lo put lo. 

A<Qecdaiif1ld#j§k^-9] all. s. ilc act of adjecting, 

or adding i w ihH;<^ iui< k'^i. 
AdjectitJOUd, iuJ-jIk liah -fts a. afMed, tliwwu 

it, [Mt al^iiify its q'-ifk-llv". J. « uih-il ftdcied lo u i.«m« 
i^jictively, !Vd'*j?k-tFv-Ji'. i^dJike an adjective. 
Aatdn, 4fi'jmll^ ik a. io toiu N^, to unite to. 
AajxAn, A^-iflfu', {1. n. lu u« couUguous to. • 
AoMiuru. 4d-jfini'. r. a. to piH off to another day. 
AdjoUmni ent , iVd -j Am -m^ui. s. a putting off till 

anotber day. 
^(yudflOj fi^fidjo' V. a. tn give, to dccrefe. 

Adjudicatkm, ^-j^^-d^-ki'^ihftn. t. the act tiT 

c to adjudge. 
* to. 

adherent or 
[ing, Uio wing adjouMd. 

duty is to assist the major, by distributing paj 

and overseeii^ punishment 
Adjute, &d-ji!ite^ fw a. to help, to concur. 
Aaiutor,ld-jA'-tdr. «. a helper. 
Adiutory, &d4&-UVr-rfe. a. Uiat which helps. 
' St a. helpful, useAd. 
Ifi. r. a. to help, to flirtlioi^ 
Admeasu'rerocnt, 4d'ro4zh'-&re-m&i . #. m 

measuring acooraing to rule. 
Admensuration, ftd-men-shcMr&'-shfln. #. aha 

act of meararing to each bis part. 
Adminicle. Ad-mfn'-i-kl. ». hdp, support 
Adminicular, ftdHn6-itfk'-A-»r. a. that gives 

befp. ^ (snp|Hy,topeifcnii. 

Administer, id-mln'-nb-tor. o. a. to give, to 
Administrate, 4d-mIn'-id»-trUe. v. a. the samo 

as ct^mittutier, 
Adminiptration,ftd'-in!n-n!s-uii'-slian.t. the act 

ofadminisuoing; the active or executive past 

of government^ those to whom the cara of 

poblick affairs IS committed. 
Administrative, &d-iidn'-dls4rk-4v. a. liiat 

which administers. 
Administralor, ftd'-n^-nb-dt'-tAr. «. he thai 

manages the affahrs of a man dyiqg intailala; 

he that conducts (ha govermneiit 
Aflministratd:^, &d'-ndn-iilMii'-ufk|. «. dlw 

who administ^ ia CQisiMfumoo <)C« iriiL 




vib,uAy, B&r, n6t )— lAbe, tfib, b&ll ;— M ^-fAbd )-<&iii, TBk. 

Adadniitratondiip^ M'-mh-nb-tri'-tftr-shlp. «. 

the office of an adniiinstrator. 
AdmSraUe, lUt^-mM-bl. a. to be acbnired} of 

power to excite wonder. 
AamirableDeSy Ad'-mi-dUbl-n^ ) . ,. 
AilmirabiUtyilU'-infe-ii-bll'-li^*. J ^ *^^ 

loalitT or state of being admirable. 
Admirably, $id'>ia&-rA-t3e'. ad, m an admirable 

Admiral, &d'-m£-r&]. s. an ofiiccr or m^strate 
who has the goveniinem of the king's navy 3 
the chief commander of a fleet. 

Admiralship, &d'-m^rftl-8h!p. «. the office of 

Admiralty, ftd'-m^rftl-tft. s, the power, or offi- 
oen^ appointed for the admimatration of uaval 
affiun. [ofadmiriDg. 

Admiration, &d-m^-rli'-ehAn. «. wonder, the act 
Admire. M-mke'. r. a. to lesnnl with wonder, 
or witn love. [admiration, a lover. 

Admirer, ad-ml'-rfir. «. one who regards with 
Admirini^y, itdrwif Aig4^. ad. with admira- 
tion. ^ [mittcd. 
Admissible, ftd-mb'-s^bl. a. that may be ad* 
Admiaafon, &d-idbh'-8h&n. s. the state of being 
admitted ; admittance, the power of entering. 
Admit, &d-:fdt'. v. a. to stifier to enter; (o allow 

an amment or Dosition. 
Admittable, ftd-w-td-bt. a. that may be ad- 
mitted. i^Kr permission to enter. 
Admittance, Ad-mfl'-ubse. «. the act of admit- 
Admix, &d-raIks^ 9. a. to mingle with something 
ebe. [podv with another. 
Admislian, ftd-n^ks'-tsbAn. ». the union of one 
Admixture, &d-milcs'-t8h(b«. «. the body min- 
ded with anothl^. , [prove gently. 
Aomcmish, lid-mAu'-nish. v. a. to warn, to rc- 
Admon^er, &d-m6n'-nlsh-&r. s, one who ad- 


Admonishment, ft«]-m6n'-n!sh-ro2nt 
Adfnofdfibn, ftd-md-nlsh'-fln. 

of a fiMiH or daty, counsel, geo*ie reoroof. 
Admonitiooer,idki6-nisb^Qn-AL* t, a general 


a. thatwhirh 

AdoMl^ id^nddve^ V. a. to bring <Aie thing to 
JS/S t m 9. tioeMt,<fiffitehy, bostlo. 

Adolescence, Ad-^lSs'-sftose. ^ . .1^ . 

dotocency^ ftd-A-fo'-sfa-sfe. {«•»••«• 
sucKoding childhood, and succeeded by pu- 

Adopt, &-d6p<'. r. a. to take a son by choice who 
is not so by birtli^ to place any pcison or thmg 
in a nearer relation to something else. 

Adoptedly, &-ddp'-tld-li. ad, aAer the mannet 
ofsomething adopted. 

Atlo\- ■[\^\.-<.Kr,,'-[hr. s. he that gives some one 
l>y iJ,i...,t L.i^i i*^bLsyf a son. 

AdopUon. ^-ri6p-jiji5n. t. the act of adopting , 
tlie Slate of t> adopted. fed. 

Ado rab I e , il-d6^-r§-bl , a. that oi^ht to be adur- 

Adorable nt^siri J, IL-<i6^«r^-bl-n^ a. worthiness of 
cltvirip liorujiffs. , [of adoration. 

\{ ]^} r ^ ' , ! . J: ad. in a maimer worthy 

Aibpi 1 ii>M , u^ 4 -^ r- ^ L . lin. «. homage paid to tlie 
Divinity, or to ^x^rsons in high plac^ or esteem. 

Adore, a-d^re'. v. a. to worship witli external 
homage. {shipper. 

Adoref , ft-d6'-rflr. t. he that adores ; a wor 

Adorn, i-dAm'. v. a. to dress, deck, set out. 

Adornment, &-dAm'-mdnt. «. ornament, embcl 

Adown, &-d&&n'. 2d, down, on the ground. 

AdowB, 4-dA&n'. prep, down, towards the 

Adread. ll-drSd . ad. in a state of fear. 

Adrift, ^-KlHft'. ad, floating at random. 

Adroit, Mr6h'. a. active, skilful. 

Adroitness. &-drAlt'-n&. 5. dexterity, activity. 

Adry^ A-drl'. a, alhirst. thirsty. 

Adscititlous, ftd*s6-t}sn'-As. a. taken m to com 
niete something else. [lofjether 

Aastriction, ad*sti1k'-shun. s. the act of binding; 

Adulation, ad-j^-Ui'-sh&n. s. flattery, high com 

ulator, Id-iA-li'-tftr. «. a flatterer. 
Adulatory. &d'-]C^-l&'ti!^r-r^- a* flattering. 
Adult, &-dAlt' a. grown up, past the age of in 

Adult, &-d&li'. s. a person above tlie age of in 

fancy, or grown to some devpree of strength. 
Adultness, 4-dftlt'-n^ «. the state of being 

Adulter, &-dftl'-t2^zd&b^^Jo commit adultery 

with another. 




Ffct», fif, f&n, fftt j-»mfe» ro8t }^^ptne, plo>— 

Adnltenoi^ l-ddF-tAr4iit <. the pemn or 
ibu^viwh adahemtes. 

AilulUratei &<l&I'-tftr4te. «. a, to i (imii^p iilui 
tenr \ to eomim by^some fbreign admixture. 

Adultcrato. &-d&r-t&r-&te. a, tainted vidi the 
guilt of adulteiy, corrupted with some foreign 

Adulteratene8s,i*dfi!'-tAr-&te-nes. «. the quali- 
ty or state of being adulterate. 

Adulteration, ft-d&Ktftr-li'-shdii. «. the act of 
corrupting : the state of being contaminated. 

Adulterer, a-dftl'-tftr Ar. <. a man guilty of 

Adulteress, &-dfiF-t&r<&. t, a woman that com- 
mits aduhety. [adulteress. 

Adulterine, &-ddl'-tAr-ine. s. a child bom of an 

Adulterous, &-ddr-tAr-As. a. guilt v of adultery.' 

Adultery, &-dftl'-tAr-^.«. the act of violating the 
ImI -r i' m ;i.>il rerson. [resemblance. 

Aslup^brant^fyJ-niirbrftnt a. that gives a slight 

AJwnbrale, Cid-flin'-brite. v. a. to shadow out, 
to c^ hi tit a fai^ii roseitiblance. 

Aduinbraiiorip ^d'Aiii-brlL'-sbfin. «. the act of 
ffivfu^ a fllt^ht Gild imperfect represen'ation. 

AduiiQiJon, Ad -ill- ri4 -shift. *. the slate of being 
mi] led, uniun. [ness. 

AJimcityj ft-dflii'-s^-ti. *. crooxedness, hooked- 

Adunque, k-Ah±\ a. cnx>ked. 

Allure, d-d5rE'. v. n. to bum up. 

Adust, ft-dftst'. \iy hinit up, scorched, 

A<Ui9tei!> i-fiflsi'^^. a. burnt, dried with fire. 

Ailu3(t!jle, fi-tifls'-ir^bl. a. that may be adtLsted. 

Adustioii, a-dSs'tsfifin. «. the act of burning up, 

r»r drj'iiigt 

Advance, id-rfiii»^ v. a. to bring fonvard 5 to 
r^se to prcfermeiitj to improve; to accele- 
rate, [make improvement. 
Advance, ftd-vftnse'. «. n. to come forward : to 
Advance, &d-v|nse'. ». the act of conung for 

ward ; progression, imprpvement. 

Advancement, id-v&nse'-m$nt. «. the act of 

coming forward : preferment; improvement. 

Advancer, &d-van'-8&r«9.a. promoter,fQnvarder. 

Advantage, id-vlb'-tlcye. $- superiority, g^m, 

STofit; preponderatioQ. ' [promote.- 

vantage, ad-v&n'-t&djc. v. a. to benefit, to 
Advantaged, &d-vAn'-t&-jSd, <u possessed of ad' 

Adyaptum-nound, ^v^^M 

groondlhiR gives superiority 1 

Aonrsintageoua, Ad-\'iii>tj|^'jil^ 

Advantaj;fH>U8ly, |ld-vin-tl'.H|E8-l&, ftx CQ|)V#- 

niently, opportunely, profitabfr. 
Advantageousriess, ad-van-t^ -jQs-|ie^ «. prof 

itableness, convenience. [aode^ 

Advene, ftd-v^ne'. v. n. to accede, to be super- 
Adyenien^ &d-v^'-n^t. a. advwtmg> iwper- 

Advent, Id'-vSnt. ?. ooe pf the holy aea^iis aig 

nifying the coming of ouf Saviour ^ ^ h^ 

weeks before Christmas. 
Adventitioua, &d-vdi^t!d^'-A9. «. that advea^ 

extrinsicaUy ad^, fq^^tOQ of advent. 

Adventual, ftd-v&'-tshA-ft]. d. relating le the 
Adventure, &d-v^n'<44>Are* ?• amident, chao^, 

hazard. \ [oianee, tp darp. 

Adventure, &d-v&i -tsh&re. v. it, to tiy the 
Adventiu^r, ftd-ven'-tab^«^ «. he^aiaee4(s 

occasion of hazard. 
Adventurous, ftd-v&i'-tshAr-fis. a. inclined to 

adventures, daring, CQim^p^eilJK ; fiUlofbaf^ 

ard, dangerous. [daringly. 

Adventurously, 4d-ven'-Ubfir-a*-l6. m boId& 
Adventuresome, ^-ven'-t^jur-som. See aq, 

Adyenturpspmeness, ftd-vlt^'-M^&r-sfinirD^ f . 

the Quality of being adventuresome. 
Adverb, fij'-v^rb. *. a word joined to a verii «r 

adjective, and applied to the use of qualijyuig 

and restraining tue latitude of their a%n$ca- 

tion. [of an adverts 

Adverbial. ftd-v^'bi4l. 0. having thec^pialiiy 
Adverbially, &d-^'&^-bi'&)-)^.. ad. iS the mennei 

of an adverb. 
Adver^able, id-v^r'-sl-bU a. contrary to. 
Adversary, &d'-v^-s&-r£. ». an oppoaeot^ an 

tagouist, enemy. 
Adverse, dd'-vSrse, a* ;ictiog ^th coatf|9qr ^ 

rection;^,; calamitpji^8.i» . , 

AdvexBely, Kd^-vkML o4* imfort^iMlBljr. 
Adversity. ftd-vSr'-se-t«. «. affiiction,^a9Muty 
Advert, id-v&t^ p,m. to mm^ t«i Wii«t* 

Adyertaace,4d-v|rCtlMu J #. aMfiMwft Ao 
Adyerteni^, iA'^^mtdk. 5 




aj, vAvB, nStf n6t ^— <Abe^ tftb, b&H y flU; pMnd >— ttin, THii. 

Tk^^K^Ttt. 0. to infiKin aiKHber, Afeard. i-ftrd'. fxof. a. frigfateoedi Mniied^ 

S notice pubHshed in a pa^ or 

ir, &d-T&'-xftr. i. ko (hat ^ives io- 

jeoiKvuce i (be paper in which advertisements 

ASvertiaiiig^ 2d•v&^(i'•zlng. A. active in gtvuig 

mtfiWgence, monitorjr^ 
^dvespen^, id-v&i'-piHw. o. ft. (o draw to- 

warcb evening. pntclfigt)nce. 

Advice, ftd-vlae^. «. counsel, instruc(ion, notice ; 
Advise, ad-vlze'. v. auto counsel ; infornu make 

acquamted. [liberate. 

Advise, fid-vtze'. v. n. (o .consult, con^der, de- 
Aoviseabie, &d-vi'-z&-bl. a. prndent, fit to be 

advised. [of beings adviseable. 

Adtiseablf ne^ ^i^'-zu-Dl-n6s. s. (he quality 
Aovised, ad-vl'^^ed. pcai. a. acting^ with delil> 

erfUios, prudent, wise. . 
A^b^sedly, ad-^'l'-zlSd•)j&. <ut. deliberaiely, pur- 

ne^, fid-H'-zSJ-nS^. s, deliberation, 

prudent pmcedure. 
Aaviser, ad-vi'-zfir. s, ibe ^rsbn tliat ftdvlses. 
Advocacy, &d'-v6-ld-s^.«. vindication, defence, 

apokMY. , [cause Of another. 

AdvooSe, &d^-v6-it&t6. «. he that {^ads the 
AdTOcation, &d-v^4&'-shAD. s. the office of 

DSeading^ plea, apoloffy. 
AflVoilaitoi &d*v^4&'-i||&i. s, the act offing 

to 8oniethin£^. 
A4vQiutioB2 £3-v6-I&'*8k2n. «. the act of rolling. 
Advoatry, ad-vfift'-tr^. *. adulterv. 
Adveweey &d-vd&4^. 4. he that has the rig;ht 

of advo w e a . [to a bene^e. 

Advow90B^4il-vM'*z&a.«. a right to present 
Aerialf ft^r^^ a. beloa^g to the air, high. 
Aeiie, ^-r^. #. a nest of buds of prey. 
AeioJog|f^4>iW«^M^^<.the doctriaeof the air.: 
Aeramancy, k'-lx-b^iuSghBL «. the art of divin-. 

fllf bjrtiiemiv [uriag the air. 

Aenmetryy i-ftr-6m'-m^tr^. s^ liiaartof meas^ 
^^' \ Mir^-alfi^ ». one who sstils 
I the air. [of iN air. 

ASH^kSir* ad. at a grc»t distance. 

AfeM'-f Ar. «, the fotith-w«ft wind. 

AdStbilfty, &f-f ft-blN^td. s. eanncsi of mammt i 
ovflity , condescension. 

Aflable, &(M'&-bl. a, easy of manners, courteous. 

Af^bleness, ftf-fft-bl-nes. *. courtesy, aflahility 

Af&bly^ nr-i44>li. ad. courteously, civillyt 

Af&ir, AT-f&re'. s.. busmess, something to im 
managed or transacted. 

Affear, ftf-fl^re': d. a. to confirm, to establish. 

Affect, &r-flkt'. «. affectk>n; passion, sensation 

Affect; i^'f^ki'. V. a. to act upon $ to move tlio 
passions } to aim at. 

Anectation, ftf-f ^k-ti'-sliftn^j, the act of ma- 
king an artificial appearance, awkward imita* 

Affected, &f-f fik'-tdd. part, a. moved., touche<f 
witli affection ; suidied with over-mtich care ; 
fliH of affociauon. 

Affectedly, ftf-fSk'-tW-li. ad. in an irffccted 
i^aiuier jl hypocritically. 

Aflfeciedness, af-f ftk'-tM-n§8. s. the qualiiy of 
being affected. 

Affection, 4f-f&'-shftn. *. the state of being af- 
fected j passion of an>%ind 3 love, kindness. 

Aflfectionate, &f-f Ik'-shftn-ite. a. fuM of aifeo- 
tion, fond, tender. • [tenderly. 

AffectiDnately, ^-^k'-sbdn-IUe-rl^. ad. fondly, 

Aifectionateness, l^-fgk^-shilin-^te-nSs. «. fond- 
nessj tenderness. 

Alfecttoned, lU'-f^k'-shdnd. a. affected, conceit- 
ed ; inclined, mentally disposed. 

Aff^tiously, &f-r5k-shas-li. ad. in an affect- 
ing manner. 

ASSstivejaf-fSk'rtJv. a. that which affecti. 

Affectuosnty, lU'-fSk-tsh^-ds'-s^t^. s. passion 

Afiectttooik If-l^k'-tshA-fis. a. fall of passion. 

Affimoey af-f l'-&nse. s. a marriage contract ; 
trust, confidence. 

Affiance, ftf-f I'-ftnse. t;. <t. to betroth, to give 

Affitneer, &f-fl'4i!-sdr. «. he (bat makes a 
contract of marriage between two parties. 

tracty matoai oath of fidelity. 





•^ F&te, fir, fill, rtU y-^ttAf ingi ;~-phiO, plh ;— 

AflTord, If-lftrd'. t?.V ta yield or urodooe, to V* 
able to l)e«r expeiSset. , Jib 

Affidavit, lf4fe-dl'-vfL' «. a declaratioa upon 

Aflied, K^fl'-Sd. pari, a. Joined by contract, af- 

Affiliation, lr-fn-iM'?«h5ii. «: adoption. ^ 

Affinase, If -(^nlje. #. the act of refining 
metals. • , 

Affined, If-fl^-u^ a. related to another. 

Affinity, If-fin -n^l&. s. relation by marriage j 
connexion with.' 

Affirm, If-f^rm'. v* n. to declare, to assert 

Affirm, If-f^rm'. ti. a. to ratify or aj^prove. 

Affirmable, If-fir-ml-bl. a. tliat maybe af> 
finned. [potied to repeoL 

Affirmance, lAfSr^^nianse. #. confirmation, op- 

Affinnant, If-iSr'-mlnt. «. the person that af- 

Affirmation. If-f &--ml'-sh&n. $. the act of af- 
firming; the position affirmed} confirmation. 

AffirmaBve, Ifnf^r'-ml-llv. a. that may be af- 

Affirmatively, If-f Sr'-ml-tK'-l^. drff. on th9 pos- 
itive side, not nej^tively. 

Affirmer, If-fdr -mftr. #. the person who af- 
firms. [join. 

Affix, If'f Iks'. V. 0. to unite to the end, to sub- 

Affi^r, If-flk;^ s, a particle united to the end of 
a Word. [state of being affixed. 

Affixion, lf-f!k'-8h&n. «. the act of affixing; 

ilfflation, If-fll'-shdn. s, the act of breathing 
upon. [power of prophecy, 

Affjatns, If-fll'-tfis. s. communication of the 

Afflict, If fifkt'. V. a, to put to pain ; to 
to torment 

Afflictedness. If-flik'-tid-n&L s. , 

Afflicter, If-fflk'-t&r. «. the person who afflicts. 

Affliction, lf>fl!k'-shftn. «. tne cause of pain or 
sorrow, calamity. 

Afflictive, If-fllk'-tfv. a. painfii), tbrmentiDg. 

Affluence, If-flA^^nse. «. the act cf flowmg; 
exuberance of riches. 

Affluent, lr-fl&-^t a. flowing, abundant, exu- 
berant, wealthy. 

Affluentnesa, .lr>fl&4nt-nSff. «. t)iequaUtyof 
being affluent. 

Afflux, If-flAki. 8. die actof flowiitt, affluence. 

Affluxion, iM&k'-ihftn. $, the act of flowing to 
a paiticolar place s that wfaicfa ilowi. 

Aflbrest. lif^r'-rlsC v. a. to turn ground inir 
Aff raiiehise, If-frln'-tslik. v, a. to make fine. 
Affi^y, If-fr4'. r. a. to fright, to terriQr. 
Aifray. If-frl . s, a tumultuous assault 
Affi*iction, If-fift'-sh&n. ». the act of rubbing 

one tiling upon another. [teniiy. 

Affilght, If^firlte'. V. a. to afibct with fear, to 
Affright, If-ftite'. ». terror, fear. 
Affiightment, If-frite'-in^nt. «. the impreabioo 

of iear, terror. 
Affront. If-frJbt. t. a. to encoimt^ provoke, 

ofleno. [outrage, act ofcontenipt 

Affront, If-frfiut'. s, msult offered to the i^ce : 
Affronter, If-frftn'-tAr. «. the person who af- 
fronts, [quahty of affi^onting. 
Affronting, If-frAn'-tlng. piai, Oi having ihd 
Affu^, If-fiSize'. V. 0. to poor ona thing upon 

Affusion. If-f&'-zhdn. «. the act of affinng. 
Afl^, If-ft'.t). a. to betroUi in order (omaniage 
Afly. If-f 1'. V. N. to put cmfidemie in. 
Afield, l-fi^^'. ocf. to the fiekl. 
Aflat, l-flit'. o^^i^ovel with the groond. 
Afloat, l-fl6ie^ ad, floating. 
Afoot, l-ffit'. ad, on foot, m action. 
Afore, l-f6re'. prep, befijre, jooner in tnne. 
Afore, l-flSre'. ad, in thne past ; in GvtA, in the 

ftre part. . [fete. 

AtoreeoiM, l-ftreJ-fiA-tog. nart a. gonig be 
Aforehand, l-fore'-iiaad. ad, oy 9, previooi 

provision^ previouiriy fitted. 
Aforementioned^ l-Are'-roin-shAnd. a« nutsk 

tioned before. 
Aforenamed, l-fiSre'-nl-niSd.a. named beibM. 
Aforesaid, l-f5re'-fllde. a, said before. 
Aforetime, l-tl&reMlme. ad, in time past 
Afraid, l-ffrlde'. part, a, tenified, feiffliL 
Afre^, l-frfish'. ad, anew, again. 
After, lr*tftr. prtp, foUomng in place; m par* 

suit of; in mutation eC 
After, If -tftr. ad, in succeeding tine, fottow 

ing onothOTi 
Afterages, lr-db^4'<jli. a. ■'^■''•t'Mfy tioNi, 

A^SC&^fli4]F.atf. M v|«M,nflii^ kktm- 


— 29 


'96, m>vg/p6r, n6t^Abe, tM),'b&li}— JHI^— p6&nd j— <^, thm. 

Agglutination, Sg-gt^-t^nl'-Mo. «. vmoii, 

Agglutinative, ftg^i'-i4-n4-ilv. a. that has the 

power or procunng agglutioatioB. 
Aggrandize, fig'-^r&^ze. «. a. to make great. 

to enlarge, to exaH. 
Aggi*andi%ement,&g'-gT&n-dlze-iii&it, t. i» 

state of being aggrai^nad. ^ 

Aggrandizer, &g^-gr&n-dlae-&r. s. tne person 

that makes another great. 
Aggravate, ig'-grk-vhie. v. a. to make heary^ 

m a metaphorical sense ; to make any Uiing 

Afiertiirth, If •tdl'-bSrtA. s, the secundkie. 
&fi^rcia|>, &r-tAr.klftp. «. an unexpected event 

liappeoing after an affiur is supposed to be at 

an end. ^ 

\fterco8t, Ar*tAr-kAst. «. the expense incurred 

after the original plan is executed. 
Aftercrop, &f-tftr-kr6p. s. second harvest 
Aftergame, &f-tAr-gwne. ». methods taken af- 
ter the ft.-^ turn <? affairs. 
Aitermi^, 4r-ti\r-m&/A. s, second crop of grass, 

mownin autumn. 
Afternoon, &r-t&r-n5dn^ s. the" time from the 

metidian to the evening. 
Afterpabns, Af-tfir-pte. «. pains after birth. 
Aftertaste, Iif-t5r4&ste. 9. ta^tc remaining upon 

the tongue. {the- act. 

AfterthoughL Af-tflr-f/tAwt s. reflection after 

Aftertimes, Kf-ihr-ilmz. s. succeeding times. 

Afterward, 4f-l6r-wicd. ad. in succeeding time. 

I Afterwit, &f-idr-w?t. 9. contrivance of cxpe- 

.dients aftnr the occasio]^ of using them is past. 
Again, A-sSn'. eul a second time, once nK»re ; 

m any oiber time or place, quantity. 
Against, &-g?nst'. prep, contrary, opposite; * 
Agape, (l-g!ipc^ ail. staring witli eagerness. 
Agate, dg-At. «. a precious stone of the lowest 

tlass. [agate. 

Agaty, Ag'-A-t^. a. partaking of the nature of 
Age, &je. 8. the qxice of a biufdred years, the 

latter nan of iife, old age. 
. Aged, 4-J&1. a, old, slnvk^n in years. 
Agedly, i'-j^-i^. aJ. after tlie manner of an 

aged person. 
Ag^ency: k'-fiihB^. a. the quality of acting, the 

slate zf being in action ; Ixisincss performed 

by an agent 
Agent, k'-jfmL «. actinc upon, active. 
Agent, 4'-j^nt «. a suostuutc, a deputy, a fac- 
tor. . j^of growing to another body. 
Aggeneration^Ad-j^-nftr-A'-shfin. 5. the state 
Aggerate, A(r-j&r-4te. v. a. to heap up. 
Agi^kMnerate, ftg-glAm'-mftr-^te. r.' a. to gather 

■p in a balL 
Agjnatuiants, ag-gl&'-tA-nftnts. s. medicines 

l%di'havc the power of uniting parts to- 

ite> ftg-gWi'-tft-nAte. r a. to unite one 


Aggravation, fig-grft-vi'-slifln. s. the act »f 
aggravating J the circumstances which heigh- 
ten guik or calamity. 

Affgregate, Ag'-grfe-gite. <». framed l^y Uie c«>l- 
lectioH of pnrticidar parts into one mass. 

Aggregate, Ag'-gr^-g&te. *. the residt of the 
conjunction of many particulars. fg«Jlier 

Aggregate, ^'-grfr^kte. v. a. to collect to- 

Aggregation, ag-gr^-Sl'-sbiin. 5. lUe act of 
collecting ; the wliote cobiposcd by liie collec- 
tion of many particulars. [of violence 

Aggresdj Ig-grcs'. to conamit the first act 

Afi^ression, %-gr^sh*-ftn. s, commcnrcnicnl 
of a quarrel by some act of hiiquity. 

Aggressor, ag-grfis'-sftr. *. an assaulter or in- 

Aggricvance, ftg-grif'-vJbifsc. s, injury, wj-onp. 

Aggrieve, fig-gri^Ve'. r. o. to give sorrow, 10 
vox. [into one figiu'e. 

Aggroup, Ag-grd5p'. t;. a. to bring lo^ellier 

Aghast, A-gSst'. «. struck with horrour as ni ti»e 
siffht of a spectre. 

Agile, 6j'-II.^ a. ^nimble, ready, active. 

nimbleness, qulckllCss^ 

the cattle of'straiiger* 
, ,, to gather Uie moufy. 

Agistment, A-j!st'-m^nt. «. composition or mean 

Agitable, Aj'-^-tA-bi. a. that may l»e put in mo- 
tion, [actuate. 

Agitate, Aj'-^-t&te. v, a. to put in motion; to 

A gitation, &j-^-tA'-sliftn. ». the act of moving any 
tiling: the state of being moved, discussion, 
distui4>anco ,g,,edbyLjOOgLe 




Ffcte, fir, fill, fUij—m^, mfit;— pine, p!nj— 

Afntft^<5"'Ui'-*-t^'-iar. «. he wbo manages af)kirs. 
A^miivaJ, fig'-TTK^n&l. a. belonging to a tronp. 
Assail, 4g^-niUe. *. a wli'rtlcfw. ^father. 

Aguatino , A^-iik'-shftn. s. descent Irom Uie same 
Agniitan, i^-n^sh'-ftn. a. acknowledgment 
Agnize , ig-nM, v. a. to ackiMwledgc, to own.. 
Ag]iQ;.iiriiit!nn^ &g^n(yin-ni^B&'-sfa&n. 8. allusion 

oTone word to another. 
Ago, ft-gd'. ad, past: as. Loo? fiigo. - 
Ago^, &-g6g'. ad. in a state of d^re. . 
Agoingy ftiTO'-fnr. ad. in action. 
Agcne, ft'^n'. ad. ago, past 
Agonism, ftg^-^ulzm. 9. contention for a prize. 
Agonistes, Af-^ids'-t^ s. a prize-fighter. 
Agonize, d^-6>nlze. v. n. to be in excessive 

pain. [paiiK 

Agony, iSg'-A-n^. s. the pang» of death j violent 
Agrarian, &-gr&'>r^4n. a. relatinc^ to fields or 

grounds. [yiekfto ; to settle. 

Agree, i-grfci'. o. n, to be in concord; to 
Agreeable, &-gr&^-&4>L a, suitable to, consist- 
ent, pleasing. 
Agreeableness, ft^^frft^-i-bl-n^ *. consistency 

with, suitableness to: the ouality of pleasing. 
Agreeably, &-grW4-bi^ ad. consistently. 
Agreed, fi-gr^'. paii. a. Settled by consent 
Agreement, &-gT^'-m^nt & concord, compact, 

D*gain. [unpdislied. 

Agrestic, &-grSs'-t!K. a. Lxjionging to the field, 
AKTicuIture, %'-r6-kai-tshAre. *, Ullage, hus- 

Aground, ft-prrfifind'. a^/. sU^nded, hindered by 

the ground Trom passinf^ farther. 
Ague, A'-o^iV s. hn inicnmlting fever. 
Aguetl, i-ei^-^d. a. struck with ague, shivering. 
Ague-fit, /i-gA-fh. *. llie parox\*sm of ih'o ague. 
Aguish, A'-grt-lsh. a. having the qualities of an 

Aguishness, ^'-gi-?sli-n^s. *. the quality ofro- 

seniblinp; an a^e. 
Ah, ft. int. a word denoting dislike or CO Aipas- 

Aha' ft-hft'. ha. a word intimating triumph. 
Ahead, 4-h6d'. ad. further onward uian another. 
Aid, 4de. r. a. to help, to support, to succour. 
Aid, ide. s. help, support; m law, a subsidy. 
Aioance, &de'-anse. s. help, support 
Aidant, &de'-&nt. a. helping, helpful. 

Aid-de-camp, lide-d^kftwng'. s. an officer wlia 

attends the chief commander to c^rry hi$ or- 
ders to the iaferioor ofllcer. 
Aider, ^de'-&r. s. a helper, an ally. 
Aidless, ^deMSs. a. he^less, unsiipppried. 
Ail, 4!e. V. n. to pain, to troul^le. 
Ailment, i!e'-m§nt. s, jwin, disease. 
Ailing, ^le'-!ng. part. a. sickly. 
Aim, ame. v. a. to endeavour to strike with a 

missile weapon; to endeavour to 'reach or 

Aioif ^mo. i. the direction of a missile weapon 

an intention, a design. 
Air,4re.s. the elemeul encompassing the eaiih , 

a gentle gale, musick, mien, an f^fiedcd or 

laboured maimer or g^wture. 
Air. &rc. t;. a. to expose to the air, to take the 

air; to Mrarm. ' fwith air 

Ah^ladder, &re'-blfid-ddr. * a bladder filka 
Airbuilt, hre'-bHt. a. biult in the air. 
Air-dn\vn, &T«-dr&wn. a. painted in air. 
Aire ft ftjc'-flr. r, ho that exposes to the air. 
Airhole:^, ^rn-^i^Ee- s. a hole to admit air. 
Airiness, ^re'-^-zi^a. «. exposure to tlio ai. 

li^Eiiuew, IT^icty- 
AinriiT, 4r<^ -fiif^. ^, a short jaunt 
Ail Ic^^ ^t-e'-]^ a. without the fi^ee air 
Aiirump, ^'-p&mp. s. a machine, by means 

of wliscfa the air is exhausted out ot profjcr 

Vfbtfsfcfi. [mines. 

Airehfiflt ^ra-sbflii. t, a passage for the aij into 
Airy, ire'-^. a. composed of, or relating to, tlie 

air; light as air,unsubstantial: gay,spnghJv. 
Aisle, Me. s. the walk iu a church. 
Akc, &ke. r. n. to feel a lasting pain. 
Akin, ii'khi'. a. allied to by blood. 
Alabaster,ir-A-bAs-tflr.«. a kind of soft marb e. 
Alabaster, ^l'-&-bAs-tftr. a. made of alabaster. 
Alack, i-lak^ iiti. an expression of sorrow. 
Alackaday, &-hdk'-&-di\ itU. a wonl notinf. - 

sorrow and melancholy. [out tlejeclwn' 

A lacrio'isly, ft-ldk'-r^fts-li. ad. cheerfully, with 
Alacrity, &-l&k' kr^t^.s. cheer&hiess,. sprigbth 

ness. [fa^ton 

Alamode, &l-&-m6de'. ad. accorrlhtg to the 
Alann, &-l&rm'. s. notice of danger, a species, 

of clock. Lpn*<) ' 1 

Alarm, 6-lftr^^TzJa tf^UPOC^go wms; to sur J 




nfi, mfiFe, nAr, titA ; — t&ba, t&b, bftll ;— a^> P^^*! ;-^ii, this. 

d, terrifying, sur- 
jg tdin^ [lion or pUy. 

AU, &^%^- int. a T*ord capraaaing kmeala- 
Alb, lib* ** a surpJice. 

Alkiffb, il'bi^di, 1. iL iBiease in tlie vye. 

cbviny. [maiuiei' of ail atciiyniis*. 

^cnyimc&MVt M-k!m'*m^-k^-lft. «if/. in tJift 
^IdHynilet, fil'-k6 mist. J. one who professes tlie 

EciejicG ofaJicbjinj, 
rUchymVy ai'-k^na^. J,subUm« clninistry; a 

kma of mixed r&et al. [wine . 

AJcdjol; £l'-k*-lia). s. a Kigh mciificd spini of 
Alco!iMi2ation, fti' ki^liftl-^-zi'-shan* s. Ibe jict 

of rectjfjf'iij^ spiriL^^ 
flJa^olisEfi, a'-kA-lift-llMT. lu a. lo r^clify spiritji 

Iflj IMy arc whoHy dephlegmatcti, 
ilcoTftRr &i'-JtA-T^i* s. tfje btjok oflbe Alalioine- 

\lcove, 4Uki^ve^ *. a prh^ate rocesa to lie or 
AJOer, M'-ddr. a. a tre^s, [piagisiraic. 

.Ifclennaij, &l'-d5r-niAn. s. a go\erm>ifr nr 
yjemranly, W'-dftr-mlii'lii. oJ- iik« ftn aider- 

Udenij *r-dftrn. a. mndc «f aliicf. 

\1h. Jifl. *- a liqiior n^iide of mail ftiid liop*i 

Aleore^ver, Iilc-bf3?t-ar. *. OHewIko professes 

10 hrew aJe. 
Aleconner, ^k'-kan-nftr. a. m. ofl^cer in llifl 

cUv of Loudon lu indirect llac mf^sisuras of 

miBlk^k Jwiiscs, 
Xk^TLTt tlA^ht, s. Hwir ale. 
AlefjDof, il(i'^!^ftr, s. ^rmiiifl i^y, 

Alembirk, vl-I^io' b!k. £. a ve^^'iel uHfiil ni dr:iiil- 
ifen, &-llrt'« J. walchfiil, \igilaiu, hnsk. 
Aterhiess, ft-l^rt'-it^. ^. liiu qnnliiy of hciii^j 

aJett* [pk'hriLsG. 

\li3mfc, ile'-wlfc^ s. a wopian U^al kf^»^ps mt 
Alcxandnne, ^l-^g^^^i'-drln. s. ci ^sriits coii^ 

mihig of twr'vfi 9vniif>!c3. 
AtejdpEarmickr KA^k-^-^'^f'tJk. a. to at dn vi^ 

iway poLson, rviitidotii], 

fitivea aBuj poiaiiL fniGlu k. 

AJg)ebi%il'-ji-t>iA. s. a peculiar kind of ariih- 

Algelirdkal, At-j^-bii'-J-kW. 

rdatiii^ to 

Algubrai^t 11 j^-briMst. i. one ikjlled in tlie 
^^cieiicc uralgol>ra. 

A kid, U^'iu} k colL cliill. 

AlKiiiity, fluid -d^-i*. J. diilucsg, cokl. 

A Ijfific H ill'jtl^-f Ik , a. ih ai pmdiires t»Uk 

Alijor, A]'-gfir. Jj. e^dreuio cold, clnlucss. [be* 

Al£;orithni. W-gl^-dthm. J. tlie sciepc© of uem- 

Alias, ?i'-l^'-^. ad. olberwise. 

Alible, fiV-t'bl. u, iiiiiritive, iiouriilnnK. 

Alien, ^c'-j-^iu a. foitiigM, Hilrangpd from, not 
fiUhxI m, 

Alien, ^^le'-y^n. *, a l5)reigiM3r. n sn-anper. 

Alienable, ile'-y^n-^^bl. a, dial may be iiaiis 

Alieu:ite, ^Ici'-y^ii4l^. v, a. In (rausfer tlio prop- 
erly (^t any Uiiug to aiioihof j to withdraw 
die fLfTcctitsiis. , [ainuiger lo. 

Alienate, fcle'->'^n<«c, 0, wiihdraWiTi from, 

Alienarion, ilc yln-i'-^iaii- s. ihe ticl of traas* 
rpjriug: propfcriy. 

Alitcltt, fi-Site . r. fl. to onroe rfoi*Ti, lo fall Upon 

Abke, i-like'. arf. witb resemblance, m die 
sanif) mE^iiaer. 

Aliment, al -!^-oieiiL 5, iiounal^ment, foml- 

AliinetUal, Al-lt-m^ii'-tA]. a, ihat nomiliea. 

Aiinicntarlness, ^l-S^-inf^n -m-r^-nk. s. Uic 

d. tliat ijas ilie 

qua 13 [J of beln^ aliinfiniiiry. 
Imit^ntii fV t fil-TtVmftiii'-il'ri. 

All , „^. 

power o1 iioun^hiiiflf. 
Alnritmlatiori, ilb}^!i^m5n-lA.'-5haii. 4. tlio qnaUi^ 

?\liiiiQinou*^. Sl-le-mo'-iw-fts. j^ tliai iiourisitic^ 
AlimonVt sil'-S('-iD^^si~n^. s. Ip^til prof-rUDn of 

tlic buitaiid^s esitalc allowed 10 lla; r ife, :p C 

[he at: coo [II nrwpfsrabon. 
(\liquam, fLt'-l^-bvtiiti. o. pmi^ of ;i nomrer, 

wkkb WiJI iieveniuike ispdsQ nnntlicr fytsf lly, 
Aiifuml, fll'-!i-kwi\L u. paiis<jf any lUiiaUrroi 

fjuaniir^ ,sotlL us svill cxiM;dy measure 'i *MiU 

tmi ii]iv iTmaiudcr. 
Ali^ih, ^Jo'isii. u, vcsi^mhi-ng ale. 
All™. ^'iKe', w. uui dead-, unp^ungiiislied, ac 

nvp: cla^rfut. 
AlkabEi^tair-ka-li^sl. f- aunivTrsal dissoiv^ent. 
A3kal^?renuai-ka-l^4i'-s?i)t.ti- di^t basat^ndeii 

cy 10 ilie prap6r|«i&(*'ifyn&^^0'g IC 




F^te, fir, flu, fh, $~ mfe, mk ;— pfae, ptp » 

ADnJi, &F-k|-1i. «. any substance wbicb, 'wbea 

mmgied witk add, produces fermentation. 
Alkamte, ftl'-kA-Hn. a, that has the qualities of 

Aikaiizate, ftl-kftl'-Ii^&te. v.«. to make alkaline. 

Alkalizate. Al-kftl'-li-due. a. that has the quali- 
ties of alKali. [kalutatine. 

<UkaUzation, Al-ki4^-2lL'.8h&tt. $. the act of^- 

^Ikermes, ftl-kSr^-m^. s. a oonfcctkm made of 
the kermes berries. 

h\\, Ml. 0. the whole, every one. 

All, Ml. I. the whole ; every thin^^ 

All, &U. ad. quite, completely, altogether. 

Allay, &I-1&'. c. a. to mix one niHital with another } 

to quiet,' pacifV, repress. 
Allay,&I-Hr.*.Q«i ' 

Allegation. M-K 
Allege, &l-ledie^ 

i metal of a baser kindjpnixed 

Jn coins, to harden them; any thing whidi, 

being added, abates the predominant qualities 

of that with is mmgled. 
Allayer, &l-l&'-&r. s. the person or thing which 

iaSfw power or quality of allaying. 
Allaytont, ftl-llt'-mSnt s. that which has the 

power of alla\'ing. [ratbn, plea. 

%negation,.&l-(^-gl'-flhAn; «. 't^rmation, decla- 

ca to a01nn, declare, main- 


Allegeable, &l-lSdie'4-bh a. that may be alW- 
AO^ment, &l-ledje'-m&H. s. 4he same wiui 

Alleger, &l-lSdie -fir. s. he thai alleges. 
Allegiance. &l-1*'.r "^ * 

AiicKuut^v'i »t-i^-j«i9c. ^';te.doty of subjects. 

Allegiant. il-l^-jSnt a. loySS^^ 

Allegorick. &l-l^^r'-Hk. a. lifit real, not IheraL 

Allegorical, Al-I^gAr'-i^k&k a. in the form of 
ao allagory. [allesorical manner. 

Allegorically. &l-li-g6r'-rfe-k&l-ie. arf. after an 

Allegorize. U'*l^g^rlze. tu 41. to turn into olle- 
jror>, to romt an aOegoi^ 

Auegory 4lVi^«6r-rfe. *. a figurative discourse, 
in whicn sometniiu^ is intended that b not coja- 
tained m the worcS literally takeut 

Allegro. Il-l^-gr6. s. a sprightly motion m 

AUeliilah, &l-li-l&'<^4. «. a word of spiritual ex- 
ultation J Praise God. [ease, to soiteki. 

Alleyiate, iH^-vi-lue. «. a. to make light, Kb 

AOevUtkH; &l.l^\'^'-sb&n. s. that by v^iiich 
•nj p«u IS eased, or fauh extenuated 

by naiTiaafri 

Alley, &l'-li. s. a walk, a nairow piMun. 
Allluice, Al-U'inse. s. the slate J^SkA 

confederacy, a Seasmsj 

or any form of IdncTOCL ' 
Allici^Dcy, U-fldi'-ySn-i^ ». the igomt of £>1 
AlUgate, &l'-l^gite. o. a. to tie one tblB^ to \ 

another. fgother, an ariumedcal rnK j 

Amgation. ftl-l^jrt^sMb^ 
Alllgator,<?.tftr.«. the crocodile of Amer j 

ica. ^ [thing against another 

Allinon, ftl-flxh'-ftn. s. the act m striking one 
Alliteration, Al-lh-ftr-i^'^sh&s ». the beginning 

two or more words with the same letter to gite 

them a sort of rhyming consonance. 
Allocution, &}-l&-ky-shim. 9. toe act of spealdr^g 

to another. 
vU lodial, l^-dM. a. not feudal, independent 
Allodiom, &l-l6'-d^-ftm. c. posscsaton held ii 

absolute independence. [rapier 

llonge. (^T&mlje'. s. a pass or thrust ^t^ 
AHoo, u-1^'. V. a. to set on, to incite. 
Alloquy, ftl'-l6-kwi. #. the act erf' qpeaUng to 

Allot, al-I&t^ V. a. to distribute by ^, to grai.t 
Allotment, &l-l6t'-m£iit t. the piort, the sSare. 
AUottery, &l-lAmftr^ s. that which is granted 

to any in. a distribution. [mem 

Allow, ftt-lM'. V. a. to admit, eram, make abater* 
Allowable, M-ldft'-&-bl. a. that may be adoiit 

ted lawnJ. 
AUowableness, &l-lM^'-&4»l«nSa. s. lasvfbltBss, 

exemption lh>m iMrofaibition. 
Allowance, &Ul6a'-&nse. «. sanction, Hccmse, 

permission : abatement ; a sum granted. 
AUoy,&l-l/^\ f. baser metal mixed in coinage. 
Allude, 41-tAde'. r. n. to have some reference to 

a thin^, without the direct mention. 
Allumioor, &l-l&'-m^-nfir. s. one who pamts 

upon paper or parchment. 
Allure, &l-lto'l V. a. to entice to any thing. 
Allurement, M-l^'-m&it. s. enticement, tem|» 

Allurer, ftl-l6'-rAr. #. enticer, inveigler. 
Alluringly, &l-l&'-i1ng-l^. a</. in an aluraf 

manner, enticingly. . [teosplMioD 

AUnringness. ftr-I&'-rfiK-niBs. s. entiitni 
AUu^ril-Mi'-ch&n, f-Thmt, an hnftotfi 
Alhvdye &l-l&'-rfv a. hinting at loiBeilpiD 




4ll«i|Mylv, (iM&<^-l&.«i. ui an aUtinv« nraii. 

Mr. ^ . - . [iiig alkwve. 

Mkmv&ie88,fM^tJh, b. the aiu3ky ofhe. 
Mly, &l-li'. o« «.1Q mil* by kindrad, fneixlabip, 

or confederacy. 
A.lly, M-W* M. OBO imited to soine other by mar^ 

nage, firwodshlpy or confederacy. 
.^ImacaBter, &l-in&-klji'-lftr. $. a ditle drawii 

3arailello theborison. 
Afinanacky ftl'-mi-alk. «. a caleadar. 
Alm^^iiMBy iKni'-t^-Bis. a. ooMiiiioteixe. 
Almiii^llty, ^l-ralMi. a. of tmliiaited power, oai- 

A fniood, A'-mAwi «. Iha'ntt of the aJuMMd tree. 
Aliooods, i'-mftadz. 9, the two giauds oT tbe 

Almoner, ^'HB&-aAr. «. the officer of a prioee, 

employed in the dtstnbaiion of cbarhy. 
Almonry, &l'-mfin-r^ «. tbe place where alms 

are distriho^ 
Almost, &l'-mOsi. ad, nearly, veil nigh. [poor. 

ms, IflM. f * what ia given in foiief m the 

AlmSi _ ^ 

Almshouse, Iboz'-lidAse. f. an hospital ftnr the 

poor, . [alms. 

Almsman, anu^-mtui. «. a man who lives »ipoo 
Alnager, al'>ii&-jdr. s, a measvaer by the ell. 
Aloage, Al'-oiie. s, elKmeasve. 
AlDi^0itr U'muo. s, a great cake of wax. with 

the wick IB the midst. [dtcinal juice. 

jAioee. Al'-Azc. <. a predous woxl, a tree, a me- 
0^1oetica],&l-^^'-^dil: a. oonsising duefly of 

Aloft, i^lftft'. od. 09 bigh,m tbe air. 

Alogy, Uf-d-jk i. nnreesonablenesB, abiordity. 

Alone, ipi&Bo'. a. tiagle, without oompa^y, sol- 
itary, (company with. 

^\^uk}^'^^ a;.*«n«*bj forward; m 

Aloo^ MbP, odL ai a distance. 

AtondflMd' ad. loudly, wkh a great noise. 

Alphabet, ftF-Zi-blt. s, the letters or elements 
of speech [the^oories of letters. 

AlpfadMnL iM-i^^at'-t^m a. acopixling to 

AljiBiiSciiny, Iil-fl4>2t'^-k&|.l^. aTaoSnl. 

E!raii^7«S3d'-dr? at this preseM tune: 
r boAivibsmiMt. 

Alao, ^r-ij6. <W. iu tho 8 

Altar, &r-tftr. *. Uie table iu tJhriMian < 

where the commuujon is adnuusteied 
Alter, SlMor. v. a. to/:baiige. [d 

Alter, ii'-tftr. t. m. to be changed, to < 

Alterable, ^'•tftr4-bl. a. thai may be dmnged. 
Alterableness, Imftr-A-bl-nls. 9, the quality o( 

bebifl^ ailcrahle. [as may be altered 

Alterably, &r-iAr-&-b]^. ad, m such a manner 
AlteraiH, &l'-4fir4AU a. that has the power of 

wodudii^ change. 
Alteration, &l-t&r-4'-fihAa. #. the act of chang- 
ing; the change made. 
Alterative, lJ''t&r4-tlv. a, medicines which 

have no immediate sensible operation, b* 

gradually gam upon the consu'tutiun. r\-crsv 
Afwrcation, ld*tAr-k4'-shAn. «. debate, coi^vo' 
Altem, Al-Wm'. a. acting by mnis. [dprocaJ. 
Alternate, AKtSf'-nAte. <c being by tnroS, re- 
Alternate, Al-tSr'-ii^e. o. a. to perform alter- 

nately. ' [succession. 

Alternately, &M&'-n&te*li. ad. in redprocnf 
Altematenesa, &l-t&''-n&tc>u&i. s. the quality of 

being alternate. [cession. 

Alternation, &Mftr-nli''-shfln. s. reciprocal stte 
Alternative, il-tlr'-nlUtJv. #. the choice given 

of two things, so that if one be rejectee!, ibo 

other must M taken. (ciprocaHy 

AHematively, &l42r'«n&-dv-i(&. ad. by uircs, rc- 
Altemativeness, At-tir'-nft-^'-ais. «. the quaR 

ty or state of being ahemative. 
AHetnity, Al««Sr^nM^. s. reciprocal suocession 

vicissmide. [however 

Aitbougli, IUthA'. co»i^. notwithstanding 
Ahyoquence, U-tA'-l^-kwInse. «. pompous 

language. [tuing altitudes or hdgnts 

Altimetry, &l-llm'-mi^tt^. «. the art of vomh 
Altisonant lU-&'-s6-nftiil. a. high sounding, 

pompous in sound. 
Altitude/ &F-i^t6de. s. height of place r the 

elevaticift of any of tbe heavenly bodies above 

tbe horizon. (whhoui eaoeptkn. 

Altogether. H-tA-gfrrH'-or. ad. oonipIei&/, 
Alum, &F-lQm. s. a kind of mineral sak, of an 

add taste. i*>^lb% ^f sJum. 

Aluminous, Al-ld'-minrfb. a. rdatmg to,or cob 
Always, M'-w&ze. ad. perpetually, constantly 
Am Am tliefinKpenoBefth^ver'^ioAe 




Fke, f&r, f&U, (kiy-Aok, mitj— piqe, plo). 

AmabHi^, Iiii4-bil'-^tife. «. loveliness. [our. 
AmaiD, irmjuit'. ad, with vetiemence, with vig- 

metab procured by amalgiimation. 
\maigamatkm, &-in&l-g&*iii^'>sh&n. ». the act 

or practice of oinaleamating^ metals. 
Amalgamate^ &>m&F-g&'m&te. v. a. to BAite 

metab with quicksilver. 
AmandatioD, &ia4u-<iii'-sbj^. ^. the set of send^ 

iiig on a message. 
AmanaeusiSy &-ni^i2i'<2a' sfa. 5. a person who 

wntes what another dictates. 
Amaranth; lm'4-r&n//i. «. the name of a plant 5 

an imaginary flower. [amaranths. 

AmaranUiine. &m-&-rlin'-(^tt. a, censistiog of 
\niass, sl-m&}'. v. a. tc collect together into one 

heap or mass. [mulation.\ 

Amassment, H-m^'-mftnt. #. a heap, an accu- 
Amate; &-m]^te'. v. a. to terrify. |art or science. 
Amateur Am-d-tii-e'. *. a lover or any particular 
Amatorial; 4m-&-ti6'-rfe-4l. o. concerning love. 
Amatory. W-&-t&r-r& a, relating to love. 
Amaurosis, ftm-Aw-rft'-sls. s, a dimness of sight, 

occasioning the representations of flies had 
■ dust floating before *he eyes. 
Amaze, ft-ro&2e'. v. confuse with terror, 

to put into perplexity, ^ [fear or wonder. 
Ama^se; a-nmze'. s. astonishment, confusion of 
Amazedly, k-mk'-zidAk ad. confusedly, with 

amazement. [fusion. 

AmazednesS; &-m^'-s^-n^. «. wonder, con^ 
Amazement, &-m^'-mint s. conAised ap- 

prehensipn ; wonder at an uneacoected event 

mazing, &>m&'-zlng. pari, a. wonderful, as- 


mazingiy, &-m&'«zlng-l^. ocf. to a degree that 

may excite astonishment. [virago. 

Amazon, am'-d-z&n. «. a vrarKke woman; a 
Ambi^es. im^k'-}^. s. a multiplicity of woras. 
Ambadauior, &m-b^'<fl&'4i&r. a. a person &cnl 

in a pubtick mamier from one sovereign power 

to another. [an atnbassador. 

Ambassadress, &m-bds'-sli<lr&. s. tlie lady ef 
Ambassage, 4m'-bas-sije. s. an embassy. 
Amber, am'>bAr. s. a , yellow, transparent sub- 
stance, of a bituminous cmsistence 
* fnher. ara'-b*^r. ci, coBsistin«r «r a** # 

Ambergris, ftm'-bdr-gi^. «. a' firagrajK dne,. 
Ambidexter, l^m4)i-<IIVs'-t&>. m. a man vnw 

has e^ally the use of both his haids ; a man 

who IS equally ready to act 00 either side is 

party disfxites. 
Ambidexterity, Am4>M&8-^-n^ti. s. the 

quality of heme able equally to use ooth 

hands ; double dealing. 
Ambidextrous, &m-b&-d^ks'>tr^. x, dtntbje 

dealing, pn^tisifig on c>oth sides. 
A mbidextrousness, ftm-bini^ks'-trAs-n^. a. tee 

quality of being ambidextrou?. [passing 

Ambient, dm'-b^-^nt. a. surrounding, encom 
AmbigU; iW*b^-gA. a. a medley of Sslies. 
Ambiguity, dm-bi-gi'-^-t^. 9. uncertainty ot 

si^ificatiou. [two meanings. 

Ambiguous. &m-hi^'-A-ds. a. doubtful, hav'uig 
Ambiguously, ^m-nlg'-A-da-li. cd, in an am 

btffucHis menner, dotmtfully. 
Arabiguousness^ &m-bfg'-»>dsrniSs. s* uncer. 

tainty of meanmg. 
Ambilogy, dm-b!H6-ji&. 5. talk of ambiguoui 

Ambiioquous, &m-bllMi-kw6s. a. usinrambig- 

uoas expressions. , • (prcssioo. 

Ambiloquy, lLm-bll'*6-kwi. *. ambigmty of ex 
Ambit, &m'-b)t. s. the compass of cutniit of any 

tiling. [ment or honour. 

Ambition, lun(»-h1sh'-An. s\ tlie desire ef prefer* 
Ambiti9us^ ^-byi'-ds. a: touched with ambi 

tion, aspiring. -' -- 

Ambitiously, fini-blsh'-fis.4i&, ad. with eager 

ness of aavancnn^ent orjpreference. 
Ambitiousness^ ^-blsh'-ife-ii&fc «. the quality 

of beim^ ambitious. • ■ .i 
Ambitu(^, &m'-b^-t6de. 9. compass, cnruit. 
Amble, &m'-bl. v. n. to pace j to move easily. 
Amble, &m'-bl. 9. an easy pace. 
Ambler, ^m'-blftr. 9. a pacer. [movement 

Amblingly, &m'-h8ng-te. ad. with an amblins 
Ambrosia, ^-br6'-:*i-i. s, the imaginary ibcMd 

of the gods ; the name of a plant. 
Ambrosial, &m-br6'-zh^ftt. a. partaktag of tnf 

nature or quality of ambrtisia 
Ambry, W-br^. 9. the place where alms m« 

distributed ; the place where plate and uleun 

sils are kept. 
I Ambs-ace, &mz-^'. 9. a double ace, aces 

L . 




■6»Biftye, Bfir, nAtj— lAbe, UU>, h5ll ;— dU ;--p6&iid j- ^in, TBig. 

AmbaIation,liii4)A-l4'-flfalb. t. the act of walk- 

hie. [power or faculty of walkiu^. 

^Amvulatory, ^'-bA-l&rt&iH^. a. that has the 

\mbuTy, TOi'-4>6-r^. $, a bloody wart on a 
horsed body. 

Amicably, im' ^kft-U^. ad. in a friendly way 
Atnice, 'am'-mls. s. the undennoft part oil a 

priest's habiu 
Amid» ^-mld'. Ipnp- "> the Uidsl, or mid 
Amidst,^ &-in!'. ) we ; amoQf^. 

Ambuscade, ftn»-b&i-dule|. i . a private station ^miss^ 4-mis'. ad. faultily, witHig. 

surprise oi 


in which men lie to ^._. 

Ambuscado, lnirbAa-W-d6. «. a private post, 
IB order te sorprise. 

Ambush, Am'-hAsh. a. the poA where soldiers 
or assassins prt placed m order to fall unex- 
pectedly upon aa enemy; the stale of lying 
m wait [prise. 

Vmbushment, &m'-bMi*ni&it • ambtisb, sur- 

\roel, &m'-in§l. ff. the matter used for enamel- 
#Amen, k'-m^', oti so be it, so it is. 

Amenable, &-m^'-n&-b]. ou responsible, subject 
90 as to be liable tc account 

Amenance, i-m^'^n&nse. s. conduct, behaviour. 

Amend, i-mSnd'. v. a. to correct, to change any 
thing: that ^ wrong. 

AmeM, &-ni^ktd'. v. n. to jprow beuer. 
1 Ameodment, &'m&Kl'-nient. a. a change from 
had to the better: reformatioq of Kie ; re- 
I coveiy of health ; tne correction of an errour. 

Amender, 4-n«^n'-dftr. «. the person that amends 
any thine. [tion. 

Amends, l-m&ids'. «. recompense, compensa- 

Araenity, i-mSn'-nft-tA. *. agreeabieness of sit- 
uation, [or jienalty. 

Amerce, i-mJrse'. e. a. to punish wth a fine 
L Amercer, ft-mftr'-sftr. s. he that sets a fine. 
/^Amercement, &-m$rse'-m^nt s. the pecimiary 
pomsfament of an ofllbnder. 

\mes-ace, ^iz-&se'. s. two aces thrown at the 

' fame^tirae on two dice. 

Amethyst, am'-^Mt^. s. a precious stone of 

avtotet colour, bordering on purple. 
^meUiystine, wrn-e.-ZnU'-un. a. resembling an 
amethyst. [thy lo be loved. 

AmSable, i'-m^-^-bl. a. lovely, ple-jsmg, wor- 

AmiabIeness,A.'-m^4-b!-n^s. s. loveliness, pow- 

• of raisiiu^ love. [as to excite love. 

tAmiabty, i^mi-d-bl^. ad. in such a manner 
Aaiq&, W-^-kli-bl a. fricndlj' kind. 
AaMfcaess, Inn^-m^-k^-h^-n^. s. fnendliness, 

Amission, &-mish'-ftn. s. loss. 
Ainit, A-m!t'. v, a. to tese. 
Amity, drn'-m^t^. a. friendship. 
Ammoniac, ^ra-mft'-n^Jc. s. a gum: a salt 
Ammonlacal, lim-m6-nl^-&-k&l. a. having Uie 

nature of ammoniac salt 
Aromuiiition, Am-md-nkh'-An. a. military stores 
Aomest3^ am'-n^ti. «. an act of oblivion. 
Among, &-m&ng'. {prep, mingled with, con 
Amongst, &-m&iigst'. ) joined with others. 
Amorist, Am'-^ilst s. an inamorato, a gallaiu 
Amorous. &m'-6-r2b. a. enamoured; natmrall}' 

inclined to love. 
Amorously, &m'-&-rds-l^. ad, fondly, lovingly 
Amorousness, Am'-6-r&s-n^ a. fondness, k>v 
. ingness. 

' Amort; ^-mdrt'. ad. depressed, spiritless. 
Amortise, ^-mdr'-dz. o. n. to ^eu lands or ten 

emeuts to any corporation. 
Amortization, IL-mdr-tfr-zA-shfin. ), .^^ ^„., 
Amortizement, A-mAr'-tlz-m^nt \' ^^ "S*»* 

or act of transferring lands to mortmam; 
An!DUDt, A-m6&nl'. v. n. to rise to in the accu- 
mulative quality. 
Amount, &rmft&nl'. a. the sum total. [trigue. 
Amour. ilrmiSr'. a. an affair of gallantry, an iii- 
Amphibious, ^bn-f!b'-^*5s. a. that can live in two 

Amphibioutoess, lbi-flb'4-(!is-n&. a. the quail ly 

or being ?A)\e to li^*e in difierent elements, [ful 
Amphibological, &m-ft-W>-l6d'-j6-k&l. a. douhi- 
Amphibology, &m-ffe-bdlvl6-j^. a. discourse of 

uncertain meaning. [one to auotner. 

Amphibolous,, &m-fib'-b6-l5s. a. tossed from 
Amphitheatre, im-f^i/t^4-lfir. 5. a building ip 

a circular or oval form, having its ai-ca ei> 

compassed with rows of scats one abows 

Ample, &m'-pl. a. large, wide, extended. 
Ampleness, ira'-pl-n&. «. largeness, liberality. 




Ampiiatibn; im-pl^4'-sh^.«. enlargement, ex- 

AnipUficate;&n-p!?r-i-kaie. c. a. to enlarge, to 

Amplification, ^-p!i-i^k&.*-8ii(b. r cMlarge- 
tnient. extension. 

Amplinefi ^m'-plA-f l-fir. *. one that exng»-craics. 

A mp1ify;6m'-ple-f 1. iva. to enlarge ; to fim»rove. 

luoplify^ &m'-pli-fl. v. n. to lay one's sprout in 

Amplitude, im'-p}A-t6de. s. largeness, great- 
ness; copiousness?, abundance. 

Amply, &m'-p!^. ad. largely, liberally, copiously. 

/impuMe, am'-p6-tite. v. a. to cin on a limb. 

y*»nputation, Sm-pA-ii'-shfin.*. the operation of 

. •■ itting off a limb, or other part of tne body. 

A lUlet, &m'-Ct-lSt. 5. a cnami; a thin^ hung 
about the neck, for pre\xjnting or curing a 

f\muse, ^-miize'. ». a. to entertain with harm- 
less tnfling; to engage the attention j to de- 
ceive by artftil management. 

Amusement, a-mize'-mint. s. that \*hich amu- 
ses, entertainment. 

Amuser, A-miV-zSr. s. he tliat amuses. 

AmUMve, &-m6'-s!v. a. that has the power of 
amusinsf. (monds. 

Amygdamte, Il-m?g'-d4-litc. a. made of al- 

Amygdaiine, &-ra!g'-dd-l!n. a. resembling al- 

An, in. articU. one, but uith less emphasis; 
any, or some. J reflected. 

Anacamptick. &n-i-kdm'-tlk. a. renecUng, or 

Anacatharticx. &n-&-k&-(A&r^-t!k. «. any medi- 
cine tnal works upwards. 

Anacborite,&n-^'-6-rtte. t a monk who leaves 
the oonvent for a more solitary life. 

Anachronism; an-&k'-kr6-u?zm. s, an errour h^ 
oomputuig time. 

Anaclaticks, Aii-&-ki&t'-1ks. s, the doctrine of 
refracted light ; dioptricks. 

AnadiplMis, l^-d^-p!6'-ii!s. s. reduplication; 
a fif^ire in rfaetorick. 

Ana^^am, In -&-gr&m. s. a conceit arising from 
Ihe Jetten of a name transposed so as to.fbrm 
fame other word or sentence. '^ 

Amisrammatism, &n-&-gr&m'-m&-t]zm. s, the 
fit or practice of making^ anagrams. 

Anagrammatist, ftn-&-gr&n(f'-mi-dbt s, a mate 
of anagrams. f make aoai;;nuiis. 

Anaerammatize, &n-4-grftm'-inl-tlzc. v. n. ut 

Anaieptick, ir^ i-lSp'-tIk, a,, comforting, cor> 
robordthig. [analogy 

AnalogicaLln-&-l6dje'<^-k&l. a. used by way ol 

Analogically, &n-&-Iodje'-^k^4.a((£ m an ana 
logical manner. 

An^ogicalneds, &u-A-l6djc'-^kli]4i^ s. tlir 
qual ity of beii^ analogical. f of anabgy 

Analogize, iVn&r-0-jIze.r. «.to explain byway 

Analogous. fi-n^'-l6-j^fts. a. haying anatogy. 

Analogy, a-iial'-lA-jc. *. resemblance between 

Analysis, A-n&r-li-sIs. s. a separauon of any 
compound into its several parts ; a solution oY 
any thing to its &st elements. 

Auafytical, an-5-l?t* t^k«^. a. that which prt» 
ceecl|by analysis. 

Analytically, ^-i-i?t'-ti-kal-li. ad. the maniiei 
of resolving compoands Into the simple con- 
stituent part!*. [into its first prmciptes 

Analyze, dn'-a-liic. v, a. to resolve a compound 

Analyzer, ^n'-d-ll-zftr. *. that which has the 
power ofjuialj'zing. 

Anamorphosis, an-a*mdr-f6'-s!s. s. deformation, 
perspective projection, so that at one point of 
view it shall apfx^ar dcfomie<f, in another an 

, exact representation. 

Ananas, &-n&^-n^ s. tlie pice-apple. 

Anapsst, in'-d-plst s. a toot coa^isting of three 
syllables, two short and one long' ^ 

Anapaestic, ftn-d-pts'-tlk. a. bO'Oiiging to an 

Anaphora, &-n&r-f6-r&. s, a figure when several 

clauses of a sentence areb^^ua with the same 

woitL ^ 
Anarch. ftn'-Jlrk. s. an author of confosion 
Anarcmat, ft-dLr'-k^-iL ) a. confused, withcxst 
Anarchic, l-n&r'-ldk. ) rule. 
Anarchy^ ftn'-ir-k^. ». want of govemqient, a 

state without magistraqr. 
Anasarca. An-ft-6&r'-k&. s. a sort of dropgy 

where the whole substance is stufifed with pitu 

itous humours. 
Anastrophe, & ^-tr6-f&. $. a figure whereby 




yd, piftve, a&Ty ntt f-4iUtm, tflb, bftU t-JB! ^-yflftnd ;— <^b, thji. 

^iMlkeiiia, A-oiAr-^ail. «. an Mckotfrtieal 

AnaAemafixe, lihl^-i^oMae. o. a. to pio- 
aoauee aecmBd Inr ecdenntieal aalhontsL 

•Inatifenmfl, &n4-ilr4&-rAi. a. pndiicii^ ducki. 

Antlonueal, In-A-iAdi'-^-kftL a. relating or be- 
Wigin^ to aoaUnoy. 

if atomucally, ftn-a-tdni'^-kii-li. orf. in an an- 
atomical mumar. 

Anatomist; A-n&t'-6-mlit «. ha that tludies the 
stnicture of animal bodies by means of dis- 

Anatomize, ft-n^M^-ndae. i?. a. to dissect an 
animal, to lay aiw thing open distmctly. 

Anatpmv, Araftt'-5^m& s, the art of dissecting 
(he body 5 a skeleton. [sob descends. 

Aucestor. ftn'-sAs-tftr.*. one from whom ^per- 

Ancestrel,&n'-sS»4ril. a. dahnedfixtm ancestors. 

Ancestry, ^'-s&i-tr^. t. lineage, a aeries of an- 
cestors ; the boaodr of descent, birth. 

Anchor. &nk'-Ar. s, a heavy iroti, to hold the 
ship, by being fixed to the ground j any tiling 
which confers stability. 

Anchor, Ank'-Ar. v. «. to cast anchor, to lie at 
anchor; to stop at, to rest oin. 

Anchorage, Ibr-&r4dje. «. ground to cast an- 
chor upon; a duly paid for anchoring in a 

Anchoret, lak'-^-rSt. >«. a recluse, a her- 

Anchorite, &nk^'^rite. 3 mit 

Anchovy, &n-tsh^-v^. &. a little sea-fish used 
by way of sauce. 

Andebt, &ne'-tsialBt a. old, past, Ibrmer. 

Ancient, Ime'-tsb^ s, the flag or streamer of 
a ship. 

Anciently, ine'-tsh^nt-l^ ad: in okl thnes. 

Andentiiess, Ane^^sh^Hih. •. aadqudty. 

Ancientry, iiie'«taiiln-ti<i. t. the honour of an- 
dent Ihuage. [maid. 

AndHarr, &n'-dn4-f&. a. tabsernent as a 
And, ind. ocMi^. the particle by ivlidi sentence 

ortaru are joinML 
AnifiroQ. aad^^-Arn. #. iron ttlhfe ttid of a iire- 

gM, k whidi liie arit turns. 
AnitaBf^, ftnKlrOcye'-^-oAl. a. parlKkingor 

kndntkmm, liHMf-4^ «. scannlba]. 

Aaeedote, In'4k-d6ie. s. 

lishedc iecret hisfery. ^ 

Aneedotical . 4n-te.d6M-kll. a. rdaiiv« to an- 
AxLemography, An^mdg'-grl-lft. s. descrip tk i u 

' of the winds. 

Anemometer, ftn-i-mW-ra^ilr. s. an instro- 

ment to measure the wind* 
Anemone, &-u$m'-/^ji^ s. the wiul-flower. 
Anemoscope, &>n^m'-^kApe. «. a machihe to 

foretell the changes of the wind. [tenes 

Aneurism. in'-A-rfzm. s. a disease of the ar- 
Anew. k'oAf. oeL over again, another time- 

Anfiractuousness, ftn-frftk'-i8liJ^-A»-u^ s. flii- 

ness of windings and turnings. 
Angel, JuieM*^!. s. a messenger; a spirit em- 

pfoyedbyGod in human ankirs; aiieautifu. 

per*!fHT ; n jfhrf, of ftnrif nt mt>rtcy- 
Anpiira- iii-j^l^-tV-kft.^H \hc unnmofeL plant. 
Arj;:;r]iial^ in-j^l'-^kli, a. rt RmWing or be 

111 1 11^ i i2if 10 ange Is. ^ fm sre ihaii hnman 

Aii/^elii'tlnessfl. Aii-j^l'^!^-liTill-jiH f. excellence 
Atj g;+ 1 i c tc J m HJ?f I ^' ITL a, ft ngdlci I , above Kamao. 
An^er^ ni]^-g^ftr, *, iiiiCAsifit^ iipon the receipt 

ofaji iiijutr ; gman of ft sovf^. 
Angle r» fl-iig'-gfir. t\ ^ to p«H* e^ to enrage. 
Angiography, ftii-j^-ft^'-^l-l^. <. n description 

Anglo. Aiig'^js^Li. the sppricc loi* rri-jHed between 
iwo liHss itiUiriieclliig ifocli ol]jier^ «n instru 
meui to take fish. 

Angle, ^ig'-gl. V. a. to fish wvu . rod and 
hook ; to tiy to gain by uisinuating artifice.^ 

Anj^er, &ng^liir. «. he that fishes with an 

Angucism, ftng'-gl^-^zm. s. au Englisli idion 
Angrily, Ing'-gr&l^. ad, inTan angry manner. 
Angry, ftng'-gra. a. touched with, or naviug the 

appearance of, anger; inflamed. 
Aniniish, Imr^-cwlBn. s. excessive pain of mind 

Mbody.7* , ^ [ners. 

Anffular, Ang'-fr&-lAr. a, having ahgns or cor- 
^^^^-AtyTi^^^^rk, ?tl?quafilyof 

AnxuSrly. ing'-gd-l&r-l^. ad with aqglei. 
A3iilata>?-ft-I^-t«dA ftf^ wift angles. 
A^ulous, fti^-gi^Ulb. a. hooked, aqgniar 
Misnist, ftn-gdut'. 0. narrow, strait* 




¥iiB, fir, f&tt, flU^^-mfey roftt;— fjne, pm^- 

4DhelatioD,AiKb^)&'-ib5ii.ikihe aci of paotii^. 
Anhel98e, 4a-h&-l6fit'.a. out of broatb. 
Anights, ft-aheii'* oif. in the niglit tune. 
Anifenessy A.-nlle'-nSs. ^ ». the old af e of wo- 
Anility, &-ijm£-t&. . > men. 
.\nimable, ia'-^miL«bL a. that may be put into 

.ife. [aevera censure ;. observation. 

A nimadversion, in-^m^-vSr^'Sb&n. «* report -, 
Animadversive^ tn-^oAd-vhr'-dv, a. that has 

the power of judging. 
Ammadvert, &ii-^-iniU^v&t'. v, a. to oonader, 

lo observe, to pass censure upon. ^ 

Animaiiverter, an'i-m&d-vSr-t&r. s. he that 

passeti censure, or observes upon. 
Aiiiinal; &n^4-nial. s, a living creature. 
Aninoal, &u'-^-mSJ. a. that which beknigs u* 

filiates to animals. 
Animalcule, in^^m&l'-k&Io. s, a gmall animal. 
Aniiuality, |b4-m&l'-^-t^. «-. the state of animal 

Animate, &n'-^mlue. v, a. to quicken, make 

alive; to encourage, ind^ ' [imalUfe. 
Animate, &o'4-m^. a. alive, possessing an- 
Aiiimated, iji'-^mk-'^part, a. Uvely, vigorous. 
Animation, &n44n4'-sb&n. «. the act of animat- 

jiig, state of t>eing enlivened. 
Ahimadve, an'-i-^-tlv. a. that has the power 

of giving life. 
A niiiiose, &n-^m6se'. a. full of spirit, hot. 
Animosity, &n<^-m68'-96-t&. ». vehemence of 

iiaired ; passionate malignity. 
Anise, &n-idi s, a speaes of parsley, with 

sweet-scented seeds. 
Anker, &nk'-Ar. s. a liquid measure, the fourth 

pattoftbeawm [to the leg. 

A]ikle, littk'-ki. s. the joint whidhjcnns the foot 
Annalist. &n'-n&-fl!st. s, a writer ol'annaU. 
Aniials, &n'-n&lzw «. histories digested in the ex- 
act oider of time. 
Anuats, ftn'-n&ts. t, first-fiuits. 
Anneal, &n-4i^le'. v^ a. to soAcn glass or other 

substamSes by means of heat 
Annex, &n-nacs'. y. a, to unite to at the end. 
Annezatioii, An*n9k-s&,'-8hfin. «, ooqjunction; 

addition; union. 
Aofiezioii, ftn-nSk'-shAn. s. the act of annexuig. 
Amieznient,&n-nSks'-ro&it s. the act of annex- 

Of ; the thii^ annexed 

AlmiliUable, ftn^ni'-h^-U. a. that may be pu^ 

out of existence. 
Annihilate, AiMil^-hMte. «. a. to reduce u 

ootUng: to destroy; toanmiL 
Annihilatioii, ftn-of-h^&'-sfa&n. »* the act of 

reducing to nothiug. the stale of being veduf .e^ 

Anniversary, ftn-n^vSr^-s^-r^. 9. a day oeie 

brated as it returns in the course of the yem . 
Anniver8ary>&a*n^vfr'-s&-r^. a. returning wi^ 

the revolutioQ of the year; annual. . 
Anno'Dpmini, &n'-n6^m'-^n^. in the year at 

Annotation, &n-ii6-tli'-8h&B. s, expbcation, note 
Annotator, ^n6't&''tdr. «. awnterofnptes, r 

commentator. [claim 

Annouiice, Im-n6(bse'. v. a. to publish, to pm 
Annoy, fyrM', v*a»to incommode, v6 vex. 
Aimoy, an->nd^. «. injwry, molestatioa. 
Annoyance, ftn-nd^'-anae. s, that which annoy 

the act of annoying. 
Annoyer , &n-nd^-ftr. «. the person that annoy 
Annual. &n'-n&-&l. a, that comes yearly. 
Annually, fti|'-n&4il4^ ad, yearly, every yer 
Annuitant, &n-n&'-i-iAnt s . he mat has an a< 

Annuity, &n-n&'-^ti^ s. a yearly aUowance. 
Annut, &n-nAl'. v.tuto make void. Iq nullify. 
Annular, &n'-n&-]&r. a. having the mrm of a ring 
Annulary, &n'-n&-li-r^. a. having the form oi 

Atmulet, &n -n6-l2t. s. a little ring. 
Annumerate, iuHi&'-mi-r&te. v. a. to add to a 

former number. 
Annumeration, ln-n&-m&-rli'-shfin. s. additior 

to a number. fjoa^l 

Annunciate, au'db'-di^ate. «. ou to brinfl^uo* 
Annunciatioii-day, an-nftn-sb^'-sh^nrdiu #. 

the <iay celebrated by the church, m mraoory 

of the angel's aahitation of the Blessed Virgin, 

scrfemnised on the 2fit)t of Mareh. 
Anodyne^ &'-^-dlne. a. tiiat has the power of 

miUgatuM^ jpma* 
Anoi^ &-ndrot'. o. a. to rub over with imduoae 

Anointer, &<nMn'-tfir. s. the person Ifaal eaoinlA, 
Anomalism, ft-nAm'-A-fiim. s; «iniDa|y, in^l 





w6,mftve, nAr, ndt f^im, t6b, b&U 5— iH ^^-pftftnd ^»^in, thu. 

Anomaii itical , A-aAm-Ms'-i^-kAL a. irregular. 

Anomakxis, &'n6m'4-lfts. a. irrcgaiar^ out of 

ADomalously, A-n^in'-^-lAs-lA. ad. irregalarly. 

Aoomaly, ft-D6iii'-4»l^. s, int3gu}arity, devia- 
tion from role. 

Inomy; iaa'-^Hxyk. c breach of la\^. 

Anon, ft-n6n'. ad, quickly, soon; no*' and then. 

Anonymous. ll-nAn'4-iiioK. a. wanting a name. 

Anofiyinousiy, ft-n6n'-A-mfis-l^. <u^«wiUKHUa 

Anodier, &n-ftTH'-dr. a. not the same, difiercnt. 

Ansated, An'-sfc-tAd. a. ha^ng hasdles. 

Ansfv'er, 4n'<>sdr. r. i^ to speak in return to a 
question ; io speak iu opposition ; to be ac> 
countable for ; to appear to any call. 

Answer, &n'-sar. «. that which b said in return 
to at]iiestioD or positionj a conftita^on of a 

Answerable. An'-s&Hl-bl. a,* that <o which a 
reply may be made j obligod to gire an ac- 
count 5 equal to. [tion ; suitably. 

AnswerabW^in'-sftr-i-bli. ad. m di» propor- 

Answerabfeness, &n'-sAr-&-bl-nSs. s. the quali- 
ty of being answenil)le. 

Answerer, &n'-s&r-ftr. ». he that answers. 

Ant, &nt. s. an emmot, a pismire. ~ 

Antagonist. An-tl^-^n!st s. one who oonteuds 
with anotner an opponent. 

Anta^nize, an-t&g' ^-nlze. v. n. to contend 
waittst another. ' 

An&fx>plectick, &m-&p-p6-pldk'-ilk. «. good 
against an apo)>Iexy. 

AnUrctick, lin-t&rk-tik. a. relating to the 
southern pole. [the gout.. 

Antirthritick. ftnt4r-e/tr)t'-!k. a. good against 

Antasdimatiek, Int-lbt-m&t -!k. a. good against 
Ae astoma. [tiefore. 

Aiiteoedo, ftn-t*-sfedc'. v, a, to precede, to go 

Anlecedence, &n-t^s^-4Mbse. s. the act or 
state of going before. 

Antecedent, ftn-ti-s^H^nt. a. going before. 

A^Me(lem,4Q^^-a^-d§nt. «. that whidigoos 

in-ti^i^'-'d&il-l^. arf. previously. 
'^ * ^-ffir.s. cue wh9goes be* 

timt leads to the ciiicf apartment. 
Antcdr\te, An'-i^Axe. n. a. to date beibre the 

pn>per time. 
Antediluviau,- &n-t^'dd-ii\ -vMn. a. OBistiqg 

beiure ilie deluse. 
Antelope, An -t^-iope. s* a goat with %»TC3tbed 

lunns. ^ [ibrewon. 

Antemeridian, An-lA-in^-iidj'-^An. a. l)eing be- 
An1ometick,Aiit4-n^t'-}k. a. tltat lias the power 

of proveniiiig or sUM)pii>g %-c»unting. 
Antemundane, An-ie-nimi'-diinc. a. that was 

beAiie the worW. 
Antepast, 4n'-t^pAst s. a foretaste. 
Antepenult, &n-4^-p^-nAJt^ s. Uie last sylialile 

but two. [coiAiilftions 

Antepileptiek, ftnt-Sp-^-l^p'-tlk. a. good tu'ainsi 
Anterior^ 4n-t6'-r^-Qr. a. going before. 
Anteriority, An-lft-r^r'-^t*. 5. pnoniy tne 

state of beinr before. 
Antliem, ^n'-uihu. s. n holy hons. 
Anthol<^y, &a-//46l'-6-j^. s. a coHeciion of iow 

ere, devotioiffi, or poems. 
Anthix>ix>nhagi, kn'-tlti-^jAf-it-fi. t. man-ftr^ters 

Anthfopopbasy, hi'-thrh-pttC-k-jh. $. the quali 

ty ol eatmg unman Acsli. 
Anthropoaophy, in'-///nS-pfts'-A-lfc. *. «h« knowl- 

eilge ol'the nature of man. 
Anthypnotick, int'-lilp-iiAt'-ik. a. t» t has the 

power of preventing sleep. 
Antiacul, lui -t^As'-Id. s. aikah. 
Antichristian, dn-t^kris'-tsbAn.^(7 f)posite t« 

Anticliristianity, ftn-t^-ltrfs-lshM*/-^-!^. s. con 
^ tiarieiy to Ciirislianity. 
Antici{)ate, an-tls'-A-pa'e. v. ju to take seme 

thing Kooncr th:m itiiother; H> ibreta^, 

take an impression o( soracthiog which is no^ 

Anticipation, ftn'*t1s-s^-}»i'-shAn, «. thea<!l of 
tnk'.ng up .something beC)re its thne; fbro- 
uuao. " 

Antick, &n'-i!k. a. od! ; ridicukiusly wikL 

Antick, An'-tik. s.he plays nitickf , orofat 
ofld gesticulatimi : a iMiffoon. 

Anticlimax, &i>-t^kH'-mAks. s. a aeotfloMe m 
i whid! the last pan is tower than Hie fM 




Fhe, Iff, fl a, rtt^^Hp4, mkjm.fim, pfcij— 

Antiacorbutical, &ii'-ii.«kM)6'-lMBlL «. fvlif 

Anabasis, &ii-tis'-p4-^ f . the revulsioa of any 

AntisposiDOdiek, An'-t^-flplzHii6d'-lk. a. hansg 

power to relie\e tlie cramp. 
Antispleiitftick^ 4u'-i^^>fpl^ji'4-dk. a. efficacbuf 

hi diseatieti or tke spleeii. 
Autbtro)>hc, (b-tZs'-tr^-f^. s. the #econd staaav 

of every tnree^ iu an ode lung in parts. 
AntisUiimatick, liii'-t6-str&-inAt'-2k» a. good 

a^iist the kinfifs evil 
Antitliesis^ (ut-d^'-^^-ib. s. oppositiauj contrasl. 
Aiidtype, in^-t^-tipe. *. that which is resembled 

4otioiiiiniiia«'e. Aiht^k^vfll'-iiv. a, good 
•eainst oonvubioas. 

Anocourtitr, Aii-t(fe-ki^'-tsliJU>« t. one fbat op- 
poses the coisrt 

Antidotal, &1HM1&' t&l a. having the power or 
quality of couiitaracting poisob. 

Antidote, &n'-iM6te. «. a medicice given, to ex- 
pel poison. [te\'crs. 

Antifebrile^ &n-t^-f^>'-rll. a. good against 

Antiitionarcliicul, An'-t^-mo-nl^-k^kftl. a. 
against gpvenmteut by a single person. 

AiiUmoiual; nu't^-m&' n6-&l. a. made of aiUi^ 
tunny. fxtance. of a ntetalliiio nature. 

Autiniony, ^n'-te-tu&u-i^. 1. a minoral sub- 

Aiitinouiy, &i-dn'-^in6. s. a contradiction bc- 
twce • two !uws. 

Antiparalytick, 4n'-t^p4r-&-lit'-ik. a. effica- 
cious agsujist th(^ palsy. 

Antipathetical, ha -xKifA'tiAt'-h^Jil. a. having 
a natural couir^uHMy ui any thing. 

Antipathy, &n-tii> -a>i/{ A. s. natural contrariety 
to any tliiug. 

Anfj pestilential, Hir-t^-|i^s-t^-l^'-«h&l. a. effi- 
cacious against ti>i> plu^;c. 

iaghy way ol rc'»| 
AoUpiirasIs, in-ifr-ihV&iis. s. the iwe of words iu 

a sense <^posiif to iii<;ir nicnnii^. 
Antipodal, an-tlp -6<0al. a. reKtiiag to the antip- 
Antipodes, &n-tV-<'>*<*(''z- &^ t'")^ people who, 

livuM[ on tli«otiiersi<ic :il i;in ^lube, have their 

feet ouvctly opjiosiui it) onjs. 

I Antipope, fii'-i^|MS{ie. s. l>t; Uint usurps the 

* popedom. (antiquity. 

Antiquary, &u'-l6-ku-ft-r^. s. a mnn studious of 

Antiquate, ftn'-t^kwAie. r. jp., to uiinco olisolete. 

Antiquatednea9,ftu'-i6-kuu.-(c<l-n^\<.'i. the state 

of being otMolete. 
Adliqiie, ftn-t^k'. a. ancient ; of genuine an- 

tiouii;'! of oM faihioii. 
Amavtbi In-l^'. f. an antiquity, a raniaiB of 

■lifll • 

Aamky, ' 

orMiadowed out by the im. {t>l»e* 

Antitypical, ^n-t^-tlp'-^ku. a. that expla'ms ilie 
Antler^ &ut'-li!b*. s. branch of a staff's horu. 
Antoeci, Ita-t^-st. «. thoso inhahrtaiHs of the 
eortli wito live under the same meridian, at 
the same cfistatice from the equator ; the one 
towards tiie noctb, and the odier to the soutli. 
Antononiasia, ^:-t6-it6-mA'-zh^ s. a form of 
speech, in viiich, for a proper name, is put ttie 
name of some dignity. We say the Orator 
oil «;uH7i WW lor Cicero. ^ 
method of sing- 1 Antre, &n'-i&r. $. a cavern, a den. 

Anvil, iii'-v(i. 9. the iron block for smiths' wot k 
Anxiet)', &ng-zi'-^t& «. tmubie of nund «bc4tt 
some future event, soltcitnde ; depressioB, low'» 
nesB of spirits. 
Anxious, dnk-shfis. a. disturt>ed about some un- 
certain e\'ent ; careAil, iiu of Inquietude. 
Anxiously, &nk'*sti&s-l^. ad, soliciu>isly, unqut^ 

etiy. [bemgamdujB - 

AnzoeusnesB, Ink'-shfts-nfts. «. the cguality ^ 
Any^ in'-uA. a, every whoever, whatever. 
Aonian, i.-b*-tik4ai. €u bek>nging to the hill Pair 

nassus. the aipposed reddence of the muaea. 
Apace, a-p&se^. ad. quick, speedily, hsstily. 
AjMirt, i-p&rt^ ad, separalaiy» it a state of dis 
linctkm; retired. j^vxnds 

Apartmenti d-p&ft'HnliiL t. a roan, a «et cii 
Aviathy, iipf^M, s. exenmdon ftoos i * 
Ape, wpt, 9, 9 kind ofmonMy $ an Hi 
Ape, &pe. V. a. to imitaie as an ape. 

Apeak, A-p^e'. a^ in • poatuve tn (Mroe i 

, ,, . ., ^ ,fi«»"<J:^ed by L7OOQ ' ftioiik 

of oM Umes; okl a^e Apepsy, ap'-€p^ s. a fefli dPiMMNml r 

AntiqiMiieflt. ftn-t^^-nii. t. the quality of 
*"** — mtkjue. 

y, In-tfk^kw^t^. s. okl tiotes j the an- 




nd, n^v^t ttfir, wAi ;— tibe, lib, hftll j— ft?I j— pJWnd j— fMn, Tiik 

4pentive| i-pii^4-l}v. a. dim ^as ibe 'luaiity of 
Apertj i-p^'^ ^ ma. 

A gap -J ibo act of opettki^. 
AperOy, ^-p^rt'-t^. orf. riperJy. 
Aperture, slp'-flr-L^diAnj. £. il>e act of opening ;, 

an open pltnc^. 
Apetaious, 4'p^ t -d-k\s. rj wiLbout Jluw^er- leaves. 
Apex. A'-p^v. «. tbe tip (NT poim. 
Aphelion, i-fe'-l6-5a. «. that part •Tthe erlHt of 

a planet in which it w at the point remotest 

from the muL [lo mankind. 

Aphilanthropy, &r4-l&n'-<^r^p^. s. want of love 
Aphonsm^w-o-tbm. «. a maxim, an uooonneet- 

Af^iorifitieal, ^-^i^'-t^-k&l. a. written in sepa- 
rate, unconaecied tenfences. 
Aphon8ticidly,&f-&'rify-ife-4&l-l6. ad. in the fonn 

of an aphorism. 
Apiary, a'-p^-i^. «. the place where bees oro 

kept. * [each. 

Apiece, A'piNisc'. ad, \o the ]iart or share of 
A^tih, ^'-pIsJi. a. hnviii^ tJie quiiliiies of an ape, 

miitkive, fojfuhU, silLy^ vviujiinm. 
A|iiBhiy, J^''pm4^. ad. m aij, a.jiali manner. 
Apiiihocss, A-pfeh-jj&f. 4. mi : I lickry, foppery. 
A(N£]3el^JUp!t'-plLt.!ie^.wii^ {|iikk palpitaticfti. 
Apocaly{>!^, 4-p&k^«&-l!]>s. a, i^velauon, a word 

used m\y of tlie sacri'd wilting. 
A nocaty^QcaJ> i'p6l(-d-ltp^-ti-k&L a. contaiufag 


■ >. S-fiAk''-ir^-rtl. *, brioki arlJed to the 
■■<-'■'-• MTilingw. of draiNfliJ aullljoro. 
Apocrj^hal, ^-pAk-r^-ftl. a. no* cs tiouicai, of 

nnci^YU' in atitiicrrii y. 
AjMnJiclicul. Af7-<!>-dtk'-t^-kAi. a. tJenHtnstrative. 
ApaUxifi, np-^HJfk^-slfl. <> deinoti$Tr<itli<m. 
Apogieoii]iap^i^'^&n. / f. 1^ pojiu in die heav< 
Apogee^ ip'*o-j^. S eii^? in which the sun 

ira i>laiict is m the gruaiissi di3i;iiife posuble 
^sm mt eailJi in Kb whale r^vdulbiu 

, of aiiy thu^. 

4f^>(HN. «. one who huObos anl 

Apolo^M,A-pAr-A-jtze. i^. M. ift pJeftd in ra^our 
AfKilof^^i!, (ip''^\6ir. f, a faille, mofti! ink. 
ApologYji a-pAl'-^-j(!^. t. dofcMW, csctise. [iojif 
A |K)[^t[ic^n , dp'- ^Dihm . s. n rcitiarhinl'ile my 

Apoj^ltofy, it] i'-A-pl^ic^, #, a sudiicii depr va 

cioii lii ; . ■ . -"irnr. , 

AjKf^iii' V. ii ,ii */;. *. dcpjnure from what 

a man h<is prafesMd. 
Apostate, A-pus'-tAte. f. one that has forsaken 

his reii^'on. . (religion. 

Apostatize, A-pfts'-iA-dze. o. n. to forsake one's 
Apostcme, Ap-^-st^me. s. a boikiw swelPing, an 

abscess. ^ 

Apostle,. A-p6s'-8l. t. a person sent with man-. 

dates, particularly applied to them ifvbom our 

f cu that if said 

Saviour deputed to [ireach ilie Gospel. 
Apostleship) i\ -nAs'-sl-shtp. s. the office or dignt 

ty of an apostJo. 
Apostolical, Ap-As-iAl'-li-kAl. a. deli\-ered by 

•tlie aposUos. 
Apostotick, &p-As-t&r-ik. a. taught by the apos- 

Apostrophe, &>p6s'-tr6-f^. s. m ritetonck, <i di 

version of speech } in gtiunmar, the coutrac • 

tion of a word hy ihe use of a comma. 
Apostrophize, A-(;()s'-tr6-fltc. v. a. tu addresi 

oyan apostrophe. 
Apotliecary, a-pR^/j'-i-kA-r^. «. a man whose 

cim}io)nnent is to compound medicines. 
Apollieosis,'Ap-6-<^/;'-6-sfe. s. dci£catioii. 
Apozem, Ap'-6-zdm. s. a decoction. 
Appal, &P-P&11'. r. a. to fright, lo depmss. 
Appaiia^, A'-pA-n&je. «. lands sci apart fr^r tlie 

maintenance of younger children. 
Apparatus, Ap-pA-r^'-i&s. s. things whidi are 

provided for tlie nccompliMlimeut of any pur- 
pose ; tools, furniture, equipage. 
Apparel, Ap-pAr'-^l. s. dress, vesture, external 

li^ili meats. 
At*parel, Ap-p&r'^l. v. a. to dress, to ckithe. 
Apparent. Ap-pA'-r9nt. a. plain, \i9iUe, opei^ 

I certain. 
A»pareatly,&p-pi'-r8nt-lft. ad. evidently, openly 
Appant\on, Ap-pA-ifsh'-ft i. «. appeamre, • 




Ftte, f&r, f IJI, flit ^^-m^, m^ ^— pine, pin j— 

Appantor, Iq^pAr'-^tibr. «. the lowest officer of 

toe eodesiastical court 
Appeach, &p-p^tsb^ o. a. to accuse, to censure. 
Appeachment. ftp-p^tsh'-mdnu s, fAurge ezbib- 

ted against any man. 
Appeal. &p-p(^le'. v. n. to transfer a cause from 

one to another ; to call another as a witness. 
Appeal, ftpp^le^ s. a removal of a cause from 

an intenour to a superiour court, a call upon 

any as witness, 
Appear, Ap-p^^ v. n. to be in sight, to become 

visible ; to seem ; to be plain. 
Appearance, &p-p^'-r&usc. «. the act of coming 

into Sight; the thing seen: semblance, show; 

enUy into n place; mien, likelihood. 
Appeasable, &p-p^'-z^-l>l. a. recoiicileable. 
Appeasableness, Ilp-p^'-z&-bl>n2s. s. reconcile- 

Appease, ^p-pize'. t>. a. to quiet, to pacify.' 
Appeasement, ko-pho'-vniih. s, a state ofpeaoe. 
Appellant, &p-p^r-i&ht. s, a cnallenger ; one that 

appeals from a lower to a higher power. 
AppdllatioD, dj>p$M&'>8bAn. s, name. 
Appellative, ap«-pdr-l&-tJv. s. a name common 

to all of the same kind or species. 
Appellatory^ &p-p§l'-l&-tftr-r6. a. that which 

contains an appeal. 
Appem), &p-pSnd'. v. a. to hang upon, to add to. 
Appendage, Ap-pdn'-d^e. t, something added. 
Appendant, &p-p&i'-dant. a. hanging to some- 

tiiuigelse; aimejced. v 

Appendant, lip-pdn'-d&nt. «. an accidental or 

adventitKNis part. 
Appendix, &p-p&i'<dlkl. a. something appended 

or added ; an adjunct or concomitant. 
Appertain. &p-pdr-tiine'. v. n. to bekmg to as of 

ns^A or pv v?*' — . 
Ap[K. I' r .. se. s. tliat which 

liNeloii^ji 10 ciiiuUi^^r li,Lli^^ [iating to. 

ApperiineTit, ijpp*^r'-t^^-]iJ^n(, a. belonging, re- 
Appetence, tp'-pwinse. } ^«,«i ^^:«. 
Appetency; flp-^'i^i'^. j ^ can'al desire. 
Apaf^tibility, ^f>-p^U^-liil'-^-'l^. «. the quality 

of being dcstriibfc. 
Appetible, Ap'-pi-ti6-h!. a. dr^irable. 
AppeUtcj 4p'-p^-iUc, *. dc.slre, keenness of 

nomm'lip iiuiger. 
App^tition^ ftp-p^ ilsh ^&fi, s. ticsire. 

Applaud, ftp-pl&wd'. o. a. to praise by dapping. 

the hands ; to commend. 
Applauder, &p-pl&w'-dftr. $, he that praises. 
Applause, dp-pUwz'. «. approbation loudly ex-. 

Applausive, dp-pl\w'-^'. a. applauding. 
A|iplc, &p'-pl. *. a fruit ; the pupil of the eye. 
A[4>liable, ap-pU'-&-bl. a. that may be applied. 
Appliance, &p-pll'-Ansek f. tiie act of applying, 

the thing applied. 
Apnlicabflity, ftp-pl^kftHiill'-^^. • the quality 

of being fit to be applied. [ea. 

Applicable, &p''-pl^ft-l>I. a. that may be apf^i- 
Applicableness, &p'-pl^-k&-bl-n&. «. fitness to 

be applied. 
A]iplication, &p^l^kli'-8hAu. s. the act of ap 

plying: tlie thmg applied; attention to some 

particular a^lkir. [application 

Applicative, Ap'-pMI-t!v. a. bebngmg to 
Applicatory, ii/^^>K^&-tAr-i. a. belonging tc 

tne act or applymg. [study. 

Apply, ip-pH\ V. 0. to pot to a certain use; to 
Appoint, Ap-pAhit'. v. a. to fix, to estabiish -, to . 

Appointor, &p^fn'-(&r. f . he that settles or fixes. • 
Appointment^ &p-p61nt'-m^t s. stipulation, de- 
cree, establishment; order^ equipment, lumi* 

ture r an aUowance. [proportions. 

AppornoDi &p^re'-shfln. t;. a. to .set out in just 
A(4x)se, ftp-pAze'. v. a. to put auestions to. 
Appodte. dp'-pft^. 0. proper, m, we9 adapted. 
Appositely, l^-p&-dt4i.a<{. properly^ fit) v^siiit- 

aoly. . [e^ soitableness 

AppositenesB, &p'-p6-z1t-nSs. s. fitness, propri 
Appndse.&p-prazr. v. a. to set a price 'upon 

any thing. [appraistng; a valuation. 

Appraisement, &p>pr&^-m2nt. s. the act of 
Appraiser, Ap^pek'-zbr, s. a person appointed to 

set a price on things to be sold. 
Appreciate, ftp-pr^-sh64le. e. a. to rate, viJue. 

estimate. [estnnaied. 

Appreciable, &p-pr^-8hM4>l. a. tnat may be 
Apprehend, &p-pre-lidnd'. v. a. to lay hokl on; 

to seize, to concet\*e, to fear. 
Apprehender, flp-pr6-hSn'-dAr. s. one who ap* 

Apprehensible, ftp-pr^ifo'-fli-bl. «. that tmf 

^le apprehe)ide4, 




nft, mftve, nfir, n6t f-^Hm, tftb, bftfl ^-^ ;— pftftpd j—Oan, thm. 

AppreheiMion, 4p-fiii4ln'-8liAii. t . the mere 
CQDtemplatioii of things}, eonceptioii} fear, 
BMpiaon. [All. 

Appreheiudve, ip-prfe-h&i'-slv. a. wnabie, fear- 

ApprehenaveneM, %M>rfr4)Su'-«lT-ii29. «. the 
({aalii7 of beiog apprehensive. 

A|4»re*itiee^lp-]^ir-t]B. «. one that is bound by 
cov^umt to learn a trade. 

Ai^>reatice, ftp^Nr&i'-tlB. v,a, to put to a master 
as an apprentice. 

Apprenticeship, ip-prin'-tls-shlp. f. the years 
which an appnsntice is to pass under a master. 

Apprize, ftp-prize', o. a. to inTorm. 

Approach, &p-pr6tsh'. v. «. to draw uear. 

Approach, ftp-pr&tsh'. n. a. to bring near to. 

Aj^roach, ap-pr6tsb'. «. ibe act of drawing 
Mear; access; means of ad\'anctng. 

Approachment, &p-pr&tsb'-m^nt. «. the act of 
coming nem*. . [proving. 

Approbation, ftp-pr6-b&'-€hfin. t. the actof ap- 

Appiopriable, ap-pr6'-pr&4-bl, a. that may be 

Ai^ropnate, ftp-pr6'-pr6-&te. 9 a to consign to 
aome particular use or person, to make pe- 

Appropriate, ftp-pr6 -pii-ate. a. peculiar, con- 
signed to some particular purpose. 

Approprialioii, ftp-pr^pri-&'-sli&n. s, the ap- 
jwcation of sometning to a particular purpose 
or meaning. 

Appn^Miator, &p-pr^pr^&'-u\r. s. he that is 
pcnsesBcd of an appropriated benefice. 

Apptovable, Ip-prW -vi-bl. a. which merits ap- 

Ayprovaiy &p-prdA -vil. t. approbation, [with. 

A^fove, ftp-prft^v^ v. a. to like, to be pleased 

AMroveiDent, Ap^prddy'-mSnt. «. approbation, 
^dng. [he that makes trial. 

Approver, 4p-prfi&'-var. e, he that approves ; 

AppfOximate, ftp>pf6ks'-^'m&te. v. n. to ap- 
ftoach, to draw near to. 

Ap|VQiiuiiatejlp-pr6ks^-^mate. a. near to. 

Appwyimatien, to-pr6k-fl6rma'-sh&n. s. ap- 

htoanythmg. [anything. 

* ^ ** 1. ff the act<tf striking against 

V-t^B&nse. «. that which 

_ f ebe^ 

itTf. a kbd of wall fniit. 

April, &'-priK«. the fourth month of the year, 
Januanr bemg counted first 

Apron, ^'-pfim. s. a ckith hunj^ before, to keep 
the other dress clean, or (or ornament; a 
piece of lead which co\'ers the toueh-h»le of a 
great gun. 

Apt,&pt. a. fit, inclined, ready, quick. 

Aptate, ip'-tkte. tj. a. to make fit. 

Aptitude, /Sip'-t^tAde. s. fitness; tendency ; dis- 
position, [ily. 

Aptly, ^pt'-li. ad. properly, filly, justly, read- 
Aptness, Upt'-n^ s. fitness, suitableness; ten- 

Aqua-iortis, ak-kw(^-f8i''-tls. s. a corrosive liquor 
made of nitre and calcined \'iU'iol. 

Aqua-vita, dk-kwil-vi'-i^. s. brandy. 

Aquatick, ft-ki^-dt'-Kk. a. wliich inliabits tlic wa 
ter ; which grows in die water. 

Aqueduct, Sk'-kw6-d&kt. s. a conveyance made 
lor cari^'ing water. 

Aqueous, &'-kw^-fts. a. watery. [hooked. 

Aquiline, ^k'-w^On. a. resembling an eagle , 

Aqliose, i-kw6«j'. a. water}'. [language 

Arabic, dr'-A-hik. a. of Arabia, written in its 

Arable, ftr'-i-bl. a. fil for tillage. 

Araneous, A-r^'-n^fis. a. resembling a cobweb. 

Aration^ ft-rii'-shftn. 4 die act or preciice of 

Arbabst, ftr'-bft-lfst. s. a cross-bow. 

Arbiter, ir'-b^-lftr. s. an umpire chosen to settle 
a dispute. [nation, tUoice'. 

Arbitrairient, ir-blt'-tr4-m?nt. s. will, determi- 

Arbitrarily, ir'-b*-u^-r^l^. ad. with no other 
rule than tlie will ; despotically. 

Arbitrarious, &v-b6-irk -r6-fts. a. arbitrary, do- 
pendii^ on the will. 

Arbitrary, S.r'-b^-trS-ri. a. dcspotickj absolute ; 
dependu^ on no rule, capncious. 

Arbitrate, ir'-bi-trite. v. a to decide, deter- 
mine, to judge of. 

Arbitration, Ar-bi-triL'-sliftn, s. the determina 
tion of a cause by a judge mutually agreed on 
by the parties. 

Arbitrator, &r'-b^-uA-tfir. s. an extraordinary 
jiK^ between party and party, chosen by 
their mutual consent 

Arbitrement. &r-bh'4r6-ment s. decision; m' 
termination, compromise. 




File, thr, ry, fikt;^m&, mSif— pine, pin}— 

Architecthre. far-kMt^, 4k tlMt ^wKfanoi 

the work or ovchitecuire. 
Architectural, ftr-UM&'-tsb&-r&L a, beloiMnog 

to arcfahecture. (icieDoe oTboilmiigi 

Architecture, ftr'-k^k-tmre. «^ the a^ or 
Architrave, h^-kik^re, «. that part of a col- 

onm ^hi<^ lies immocliately tuxm the capital, 

Biid is the lowest member of im eotablature. 
Archives, ib^-kivs. t. toe places where reootdt 

or ancient wntijigs are kept. 
Archwise, Ibish'-wize. a. in the form of an mca. 
Arctick, &rk'-tlk. a, uorthera. [arch 

Arcuate, ^-kA4te. a. bent hi tiie form of an 
Ardency* ir'-dSn-s^ «. ardour^ eagerness. 
Ardent, ir'-ddm. cL hot, banung,fieiy; fiercf, 

vehement ; passionate, aflbctionate. [ly. 

Ardently. IrMi&it-l^. aid, eagerly, aflbctioncue- 
Ardour, ar-dAr. s. heat of aflecoon. as love, 

desire, courage. [ficult. 

Arduous, &r'<j6-As. ^ lofty„aard to climb, dif- 
Arduousness, &r'-j&-As-nSs. s. height, dilBculty. 
Are, Sr. the phirai of the present tensa of tne 

verb to he. 
Area, lt'-r^&. «. the sorface contained oet^veen 

any lines or boundaries; any open surface. 
ArefachoD. Ar-ri'^'-shAn. s . the state of srow< 

mg dry, the act of drying. 
Arenaceous^ Ir-^n&'-shfts. a. sandy. 
Arenose, ilr-^n6se'. a. sandy. 
Argent, &r'-jdnt a. having the white colour 

used in the armorial coatt of {'entlemen, 

knights, and baronets) silver, hright like 

Argil. &r -jiL s. pUters* clay. 
Argillaceous, ar4il-l4'-sfaok «. dayev, consisl 

ing of pottOT day. f chencGse. 

Argosy, Ibr-e6^. «. a large vessel lor nier- 
' — ie,&r'-ga. V. n. to reason, k> pemade, 19 

ArbitreM, Ir'-bi-trfis. «. a female arbiter. 
Arborary, ftr'-b^^i' r^ a. bekn^^ing to a tree. 
Arfooret, ix^AAifh, s. asmall tree or shrub. 
Arborist, Ir'-b^-iiM. «. a naturalist who makes 

trees his stndy. 
Arborous, &r'-b6-rfts. a. bebnging to trees. 
Arbour. &r'-bftr. t, a bower. 
Arbiiscle, ir'-bfts-sl. #. a little shrub. 
A re, &i^. s. a segment, part of a circle ; an arch. 
Arcade, %r kiute'. s, a continued arch. 
Arcanum, ir-lA'^-nftm. *. a secret..^ 
Aixsh, &rtsh. s, part of a circle, not more tlian 

the half; fi building in form of a segment of a 

circle, used for bribes : vault of iieaveo. 
Arch, ^rtsh. t*. a. to tmikl arches; to cover with 

Arch, &rtsh. a. chief, of the hrst class; waggisli. 
Archaiology, &r-k4-6l'-6-j^» s. a discoorse of 

Archaism, IVr'-k&-!sm. s. an ancieat phrase. 
Archangel, ^k-ka&'i^L 9, one of the higiiest 

order of angels; a plant, a dead neule. 
Archbishop, ^tsh-bish''5p. >. a bishop of the 

first class. 
Ai'chbi5ho;)rick, ^rtsh-bfsh'-ApHflk. t. the state, 

province,or jurisdiction of an archbishop. 
Archdeacon, &rtsh<d^'-kn. «. one that supplies 

the bishop's place and office. 
Archdeaconry. ^rtsb-d^-kn-r&. s. theqiBceor 

jurisdiction of an archdeacon. 
A rchduke, i&rtsli-d6ke'. .5. a title given to pnnces 

of Austria and Tuscany. 
Archduchess, &rtsh-d&tsh'4s. s.the sister or 

(iau^rbter of the archduke of Austria. 
Archprolate, ibtsh-pr§!'-l4te. s. chief prelate. 
Archpresbyter, Iblsh-prSs'-bd-t^. t. caief pres- 
byter. • [anarch. 
Arched, ir'-tsh^d. peart, a. bent in the form of 
Archer, ^rtsh'-ftr. s, he tliat shoots with a bow. 
Archery, irlsh'-ftr-i. *. the use of the bow ; tlie 

art ofan archer. 
Archetype, ^r'-k^pe. t. the original of which 

any reiiemblance is made. 
Archetypal, &r-ki^d'-p&l. a. original. 
Archiepiscopal, &r-k^-pls'-k6-pAl. a. bekmg- 

uig to an vdibishop. 
Architect Sir'-kA-t&t «. a proftasoroftheart 

of building; a bulkier. 

Arguer, Ir'-giihAr. t. a reesoner, a dii|Niter. 

Argument, &r'-gA^mlol «. a reaaoa alleeed. 
mfcgect of disoonne or wri&ig; contena er 
any work summed up by way of m&Mract| 

Argumental, ht^ffiHakof-^ a. beloBgii^ $m 
Argumentottoiulr-gA lalu W-Mku f t0$mm- 




n6. mftve, nflr, n6t j— tflbe> Ufo, bftU;^!!;— pMndf— fiin, THit 

or or containing argiimems. 
ArU,llr^i1d. a. cuy, parched Qpw 
AritDtjr. &-i^'-<i^t^. *' dryness, sicdty. 
ArkM, V-rMz. »« the Ram; one of the twehe 

sqpis of die zodiack. 
Ai^ht, i-Hie'. otft. righUy witboMl erranr. 
AiiM, &-rize\ V. ft. prtt. utMe. fare. anaeD ; to 

■Hiiot upward, to eet up as from rfeep. 
Amtocracy, Iir-1s-t6k'-km-si. $, that form of 

government which plaees the supreme power 

u the nobles. 
Aristocrat, lU- ii^-ti-krlf . t. a favourer of aris- 

Ariitocratical, ^'':(^-kil a.relaiiag^ 

lo aristocracy. 
Arithmetical, &r-ff/iHnSt-4^k&l. eu according to 

the roles or metlKxh of antiimetick. 
ArithmeticiBA, ft-rb/i-m^4lsh'4b «. a master 

of the art of numbers. 
Arithmetick, k-tkh'-mik-^k. t. the science of 

numbers ; the art of coraputatton. 
Ark, &ck. f. a vessel to swim upon the water j 

the repository of the covenant of God with the 


Armorial, Ir-m6^-f^. a. beknigiif la the anat 

or escutcheon of a fhnily. 
Armory, ^-mftr-^. t. the place in which arms 

are uepasited for use) armour, arms of de> 

fence; ensigns armorial. 
Armour, ftr'-mAr. s. defensive arms 
Armpit, ftrm'*p!t. s. the hoUow part under th 

Arms, &rmz. «. weapons; a state of hostility 

war; ac^on; enmgns armorial. 
Army, Ar'-in^. s. a collection of armed men; a 

great nunAer. 
Aromatical, ir-A-miU'-^k&l. > a. spicy; fra 
Aromatick, ftr-^m&i'-Ik. \ grant, strons 

Aromaticks, ^r-A-mAt'-lks. «. spices. 
Aromadze. Ar'>r6>m7^-dze. v. a. t<» seem wita . 

spices, to perfume. 
Arose, A-rAze'.orrf. of the verb orw. 
Arotmd,A-rdAiid'. cu^ in a circle, on every side 
Around, 4-rAflnd'. ;;/vp. abouU 
Arouse. i-r&Aze'. i;. a. toV'ake frf>m sl<fep i tc 

raise up, to excite. 
Arow, A- r<V. ad. in a row. 
Aroynt, 4-rfl?iU'. ad. be gone, away. 
Arm, hrm. i. the limb which readies fmm thel Arquebuse, ftr'-k.w^-bfts. s. a hand-gun. 
hand to tlie shoiUder; the large bough of a i Arrack, Ar-r&k'. «. -a spirituous liquor. (case 

tree : an inlet of water ; power. 
Arm, arm. p. a. to fumisli with ar 
Arm,&rm. r. n. to take arms, to provide against. 
Armada, Ar«mA'-d&. *. an armament for sea. 
Armadil[Io. kr m^-dfr-l^. «. a four-footed animal 
ofBiwuL ^ 

cavity under the 

Armament, i -'-mft-mSnt « ai 
Aim-I^ie, k'ji'-h^. «. die t 

Anaimrous, *r-mid'-j&rr5s. a. oearing arms. 
AmriOary, ftr ndl-l& rh a. rfsembling a brace* 

Arafeotenee^ Ar-ndp'-^-tSose. s. j>ower in war. 
Arni&utitnt, lr-mlp^-6-t^ a. mighty in war. 
Amfitice, Ir'-m^HBdb. «. a short trace. 
Afltit, inn^ l£t. t. a little arm; a piece of ar- 
•mmtt abraoelet. 

AmMBck, ir-iB6'-nMlk. «. the name of a sah. 

AfiMni^ fa'-mflr-ftr. s, he that makes armour, 

oiPVMiii) he that dresses auolher in ar- 

Arraign, fir-r^m/. v. a. to bring to trial ; to ao> 
Arraignment) Ar-r^'-m^nt. ^ tlio act of ar- 
raigning; a charge. 
Arrange, 4r-r^je\ r. «. to put in the proper 

order for any purpose. 
Arrangement, 4r<r^nje'-m$ut. i. the act of out 

ting m proper order, the state of being puiio 

Arrant, ftr'-r&ut. a. bad in a high decree. 
Arraotly, Ar'-rfiiii-!^. ad. corruptly, ummefoiiy. 
Arra.<», ar'-rils. s. tapestry. 
Array, ir-rA'. «. dress ; order of battle, [dress. 
Array, &r-ri^'. r. a. to put in order ; to fiecK^ to , 
Arrear^ ftr-r^. s, that which remains behmd 

unpaid, though due. 
Arrearage, Ar-r^-r^c. s. die remainder of as 

Arreptitious, &>r^p-dsh'-As. a. snatched away; 

crept in pnvily. 
Arrest, ftr-rfist'. s. a stop or stay ;.a^jfeArami of 

a man's person; any captfoo ^d 




Flue, fir, fM, fhy^mh, mdt;— pbe, pin;— 

rest, Ar^risi'* n. a. to seize hj a mandate 
pom a court} to lay hands ou ; to withhold} 
i stop. [place, 

rival, &r-rl'-v&l. *. the act of coming to any 
ive, Ar-rlve'. v. n. to come to any place, 
rogsmce, &r'-r6-g4ns3. > s. the act or quality 
x)gancy, ir'-r6-g«2»-9fe. J of taking mucn 
pou one^s self. * 

'Ogant. ar'-F^-gint. a. haughty, proud. 
*ogantJy, dr^-r6-g&ntrl^. ad. in an arro^nt 
lanuer. [exhibit uiijast claims, 

•ogate, ir'-ri-gi.te. xu a. to claMli vainly j to 
x)gation, &r-r6-g&'-sliAa. s. ^^^ming m a 
roud manner. ifHtT-.. 

*osion. &r<'r6'-zhftn. f. a gnawiii^. [a 1k>w. 
•ow, 4r'-r6. s. the weapon whicm is shot fhom 
jenal^ llr'-s^n^l. s, a repository of things 
equisite to war, a magazine, 
jenical, ir-s2n'-i-kil. a. containing arsenide, 
lenick, iVrs'-nlk. s. a mineral subkance; a 
iolent corrosive poison. 
:, hrt. 8. a trade ; skill, dexterity; cunning, 
erial, ^-l&'-ri-il. a. relating to the arterj^. 
ery, ir'-tftr-i. s. a conicafcanal convevnng 
ic blood from the heart to all parts or the 
odv. » {dexterouB. 

fui. ^rt'-f&l. a, artificial; cunnnig^ skilful, 
fully, an'-fW-l*. ad. with, art, skilfully, 
fulness, jbl'-f5l-n&. s. skill, cunning, 
hritick, ar-tArlt'-lk. ) a. gouty, relating 
hritical. ir-^/irir-^-kfil. J • to the gout, 
ichoke, ar'-t^-tsliAke. s. a plant 
icle, ir'-ti-kl. *. a part of speech, as the, an ; 
sjuffle clause of an account, a particular 
*rt of any •complex thing ; term, stipulation ; 
oiijt of time. [lemis. 

icle, ar'-l^-kl. w. n. to siipulatef, to make 
icular, Sr-tlk'-i'i-lar. a.l>elonging to the joints, 
jculate, itr-llk'-i-l^ic. a. distinct; branched 
ut into ariicles. 

iciilatc, ir-tlk'-iVlate. v. a. to utter words 

iculately, iVr-t!k'-u-li.te-l^. ad in an articu- 
ite voice. 

iculdteness, ir-ilk -&-lite-n5s. s. tne quality 
fbeingj articulate. 

iculaticn, ir-tlk-6-lV-shftn. s. the juncture of 
ones ; the act of iorming words. 

Artifice, ir'-ti-fts. *. trick, fraud, i 

art^, trade. 
Artiiicck*, &r-t!r-<l&-sdr. s. afi aAist, a manufac 

tarer ; a contriver. 
Artificial, Ib-t^Ksh'^I. a. made by art; ficti 

tious : artful, contrived with skill. , 

Artificially, ftr-t^-ffeh'-^M*. orf. artfully, with 1 

skill, with good contrivance. 
Artillery, &r-til -Iftr-r6, «. weapons of war; can 

mm, great ordnance. 
Artisan, &r-e&-z&n^ s, artist, professor of an art ; 

manufacturer. [skilfulman. 

Artist, llrt'-3st s. the profbasor of an art; a 
Artless, irtM&. a. unskilful, without fraud ot 

skill. - , ' {naturally, sincerely. 

Artlessly, artMes-!i. ad. in an artless manner, 
Artuate, ir'-tshA-ile. v. a. to tear limb fr«m 

limb. [with reeds. 

Arundineous, Ar-ftu-dln'-i-as. a. abounding 
As, ^z. cory. in the same manner ; like ; while ; 

eaually ; in what manner. ^ 
Asalbetida, ^s^-f^'-^-da. s. a gum of a sharp 

taste ana offensive smell. 
Asbestine, Az-bds'-tln. a.- incombustible. 
Asbestos, iz-b^'-t&s. s a sort of native fossi 

stone, whicli fire cannot constune. 
Ascena, ^sftnd'. v. n. to mount; to proceed 

/Vom one degree to another; to stanq hi^hei 

in genealogy. 
Ascend, &s-s3nd'. v. a. to climb up any th?la^ 
Ascendant, Ss-s^u'-dlint. *. height, ele^'ation 

superiority, in^ienc^. j 

Ascendant, &s-s^n'-dant. a. superiour, prectom 

inant, overpowering. ' I 

Ascendency, &s-sftn^-dSu-s^.«. influence, power 1 
AscensioD, ^sSn'-shftn. s. the act of ascending 

or rising. 
Ascension Day, ^-sSn'-shSuKli'. s. the day op 

which the ascension of our Saviour is corn 

meram^ted, coihmonly called Holy Thursday 
Ascensive, is-s^n'-s?v.. a. in a state of ascent, i 
Ascent, lis-s^nt'. «. tlie act of rising; the \v9.y\ 

by wbidi one ascends; an eminencje. 
Ascertain, ^s8r-t4ne'. v. a. to make certainJ 

fix,establishi ^ [rule, a standfcar^ 

Ascertainment, as-sSr-t^ie'-mdm. s. a settdM 
Ascctick, ^-sSt'-Tk. s. he that retires to devo] 

tion. a hermit. ,g,„edbyLjOOgie | 




n6, mftve, vjir, nU 'f^be, tftb, bftH )— W ^-^pMndf— Mm, thii. 

SldS^lbA'^?*** (*• dropsical, bydropical 
Aidtidous, iB-a^4kk'^ a. npnlenental, ad- 
diliooa]. [cnbed. 

Afcribable, Ib-skrl'-b^'bl. a. thai may be as- 
Aflcvibe, li-krlbe'. v. a. to attribute. 
AseriptioD, fts-lorfp'-sli^ «. the act of ascribing. 
Ashy lish. j; a tree* [tweea brown and my. 
Ash-oolottredf lsfa'4r(U^^!brd. a. cokmreo be- 
Aflhan^. A-^'^nSd. eu touched with shame. 
Ashen, iabf-Ma. a. made of ash wood. 
Ashes, AshMz. t. the remains of. any thing 

burnt; ^ remains of the body. 
Ashore, A-sfa6re'. ad, on shortf. on the land. 
Ash- Wednesday, &sh-w&az'-dA. s. the first day 
of l«ent, 90 called from the ancient custom of 
mrinklfng: ashes on the head. 
Asoy, 4shQ. a. ash-coloured, pale. [pany. 

Aside, A-side^ ad. to one side; fiomi the coin- 
Asii^e. fis'-se-nbe. a. bckMiging to an ass. 
Ask, iaoL. v. a. to petition^ bMSg, to demand, in- 
wiire, que^iou. 
I Askauut, ll-'sk&ui' <iu£. obliquely, on one side. 
! Askcr, Mi'-^r. s. petitioner ; inquirer. 
Askew, 4-8k6'. ad. aside, contemptuously. 
Aslant, A-sliiil'. ad. obiiquei>', on one siJe. 
Asleep, A<-sl^p'. ad* sleeping ; into sleep. 
Aslope, il-sl6pe'. ad. with declivity, obliquely. 
A^, or Aspick, &sp, or &s'-pik. s. a venomous 
serpent ^ [plant. 

A^>aragns, fis-pAr'-i-gfis. s. the name of a 
Aspect, As'-pikU *. look, air, appearance ; coun- 
tenance; view ; position ; relation; disposi- 
^ tbn (^ a planet. 
\Speet, &s-p^t'. 17. 0. to behold. 
Aipen, As'-p^. & a tree, the leaves of which 
auwap tremble. [madcof aspen wood. 

I Aspea, As'-pdn. a. bebnging to the asp-u-ee; 
' A^r, is'-odr. a. rougli, ruggetl. 
A^eratc, Ss'-p^rAte. v. a. to m<iko rough. 
Aspnity, As-p&r'-^-ti. s. roughness j rugged- 
. nesi of temper. [sure or calumny. 

Asperse^ fts^pSrse . v. a. to bes[>atter with ^eu- 
i AspeQsioQ,&&-p^r'-sh5n. 5. a sprlnkJ'mg; calum- 


, fc, l^f^lMlk. a. gummy, bituminous, 

AfiftaSm, ^f^'^. *. a bituminous, inflam- 

Asphakum. k»4ii'-^Bun, *. a bitumioous s 
Asphodel, As'-f^d^. «. the day-lily. 
Aspirate, fts'-p^H^te. v.' a, to pronounce with 

M breath. [breath 

Aspirate, &s' p^-r^te. c pronounced with fuU 
Aspiration, fts^-r^'-shAn. t. a breatlung aAer. 

an ardent wish ^ tlio pronunciation of a vo)i 

with full breath. 
Aspire, lb>plre'. v. n. to dcstiSMiiritfreagsnioss; 

to rise higher. 
Asquint, 4-skwfnt'. ad. obliquely. [^fellow . 

Ass, As. 8, ati animal of burden; a stupid, diiU 
Assail, As-sAle'. v. a. to attack, to assault. 
Assailable, As-sA'-lA-bl. a. that may be attacked. 
Assailant, (b-sAMftnt. s. he that attacks. 
Assailant, fis-sA'-lAnt. a. attacking, invading. 
Assailer, As^'-lAr. s. one who attacks anoilier. 
Assassin, As^'-^i. s. a murderer. 
Assassinate, As-sAs'-s^n^te. v. a. to murder by 

violence ; to waylay. 
Assassination, &s-sls-s^nA'-sh&n. s. the act of 

assassuuulng. [man-killer 

Assas^nator, As-s&s'-^n&-t&r. s. a murderer 
Assault, lis-sllt'. s. storm; invasion, hostility 

Assault. As-s&lt'. r. a. to attack, to invade. 
Assaulter, &s-8&ll'-ttr. s. one who viotently aj*- 

saulis another. [attack. 

Assay, As-sA'. s. examination; first entrance* 
Assay, &s-s4'. t;. ti. to make trial of; to apply to 
Assayer. &s-s^'-&r. s. an officer of ttie mint. 
Assemblage. ^s-s^m'-bl4dje. s. a collect ifliu* :- 
Assemble. as-s3m'-bl. v a. to bring together* c 

to one place. .,..*.;*»' 

Assemble, ^-slm'-bl. r. n^ to meet tngctiier. 
Assembly, &s-s^m'-bli. s. a compaiiy.mef lO 

gether. . *. - 

A^nt, as-s?nf. a.4he»ct of agreeing ; consent 
Assent, As-sout'. r,.n. to oonce<le, to yield to. 
Assentmcnt, ^-s§nt'-m^nt. s. consent. [cate. 
Assert. Jis-s^rt'i t;,a. to maintain, ofiirm.nndi^ 
Assertion, asrsftr'-shftn. s. the act of asspimg 
Assertive, as-s^r'-tlv. a. positix-e, Uogm<Uical. 
Assertor, is-s^i-'-lftr. s. mamtainer, vindicator, 

afHrmer. [sum. 

Assess, ^s^s'. V. a. to charge with any certain. 
Assessment, ^s-s^s'-m^nt.-s. llj^^j^ Jevied on 

certain property ;) ^ttfig ^h " 


Assuage, U-tw^e^. ipu a. to iMgiHB ; to. wOtuk 
to pacify. Q[tMi«r hAbbl 

Assaageinent, Is-fw^-nfim. «. wkai wn 
AflBuaaiye, Is-swi'-dv. a. wS^nSaog, m^gaAiig, 
Ajwuetude, fts'-iwi-t^de. «. accmlwnaao^ cni> 

torn* HUUBStnTa 

Assume, h^hmt'. a a. to air^gaie, to dain 
Asmimer, fts^^-tnilr. i, an arraf;aiit mas. [w 
Assumiag, &i^ '-mfng:. jjtir£. a. wrogant^ bougn 
Assumptwi^ sU-ii^i'^jAj]. «. Um Ukiog aaj 

thing to o&e's si^Ef ^ Uio nippoiiiioii m any 

thing without Taritier proof. [sumea 

Assumptive, as-j^^m^y!v^ a. that whicp is as 
Assuraiice, it^l>'^hi:V'-7''t»^'^ «. certain expecta 

tioii I secure confideace ; want of modesty. 
Assure Ash<«h6re'. o. a. to give eoofidesce by 

a firm proiuise} to secure anolherj to r ^ 

AaseflBor,As-flii^-s&r.«. he who levies taxes. 

Assets. Ib'-sj^ts.«. goods suffideiit todifichaige 
that burden which is cast upon the executor or 

Asseverate, la<s^4-Taie. v. a. toaffinnwith 
great solemnity. 

A^veratioD, luB-sSv-i-r&'-ihfin. «. solemn af- 

isshead, fts'-hSd. s. a Mockhead. 

Issiduity, Its-se-d&'-^-t^. t. diligence. [tion. 

Assiduous. fts-iddMibhAs. a. constant ib applica- 

Assiduotisiy, &s-2ml'*j&>As-k^. ad, dili^ntly, con- 
tinually. • 

AsttgD, Ib-slne'. v. a. to mark out, appoim, fix. 

Assiinable, fts-slne'4-bL(i. that may be assigii- 
ea, [to meet 

Asagnation, &s-s?g>nli'-sh&n. s, an appointment 

Assignee, fts-s^-n^. s. he that is appointed by 
another to do any act, or perform any bnsi> 

Asfligner, fts-sl'-nflr. s. he that assigns. 

Assignment, fts-slne'-m^nt s. appointment of 
9ne thing with regard to another thing or pei^ 

' son ; the deed by which any thing is ^trans- 
ferred. [is assigned. 

Assigns, As-sittz'. s. persons to whom any trust 

Assimilate, fts-^'-^lAte. v. a. to convert to 
the same nature with another thing -, to bring 
to a likeness. 

4s8imilatton, &s-dm-m^-l&.'-sh&n. s. the act of 
converdn^ any thin? to the nature or sub- 
stance oTanotfaer ; toe state of beiiig assimi- 

Assist, Mki'. r. a. <» help. 
Assistance, ls-sb^-4Aiise. s. help, Airtheranoe. 
Assistant, fts-i9sM&ut. a. helping, lending aid.. 
Assistant, fts-A'-tlbt. s. one who assasts 
Asrize, As-sise'. s. a court of judicatore ; a 

statote to determine the weiglu of bread. 
Assize . &B-sl2e^ r. a. to fix the rato of any tbtnff. 
AsBoelate, &s-s^'-sh^te. v. a. to imhe wiih 

aaomer as a confisderate ; to accompany. 
Associate, As-s6'-sh^lj:e. a. confedenue. 
Aasoci^^, is-s6'-sb^to. t. a partner, confed- 

Association, &»46-fihi-4'-di&n. » tmion, con- 
; jnneliBa, society; ooniedoracy; connesioii. 
^■^orty ImAh'. v. a to range m dasses. 

AMured, &sb>fih&'-rSd, or &sb-sli<krd'. 

certain, indubitable : immodest. .^ 

Assuredly, &sb-sfaA'-i«d-l^ att. eertimuyyIndB 
Assuredness, '&ib-shCi'-r&l-nSs. s tie state o/ 

beiiig assured, certainly. 
A^risk, fis'-t^-nsk. s.a mark injpnming as * 
Asterism, &s'-iMzm. s. a consteUation. fshm 
Astern, &-st&m'. oJ. m the hinder part or th€ 
Asthma. iUt'-m&. s. a difficibt reapirstion. jow* 

ed^witn a hissing sound and a cough. 
Asthmatical, ist-mlii'-^-k&l. > a. troubled wita 
Asthmatick, Ast-m4tMk. ) ^^ asthma. 
Astonish, fls-tAn'-iish. v. a. to confound with 

fear or wonder, to amaze. 
Astomriiment, fis-tAa'-ish-m^ «. anuutemem^ 

confiision of mind. 
Astound, As-tMnd'. «. a. to astonish, to amazo 
Astraddle, A-strld'-dl. a/L with legs across anj 

Astral, As'-tr&l. a. starry, relating to the stars 
Astray, fts-tra\ ad, out of the right way. [uon 
Afltrict. ts-trlkt'. v. a. to contract by appllca* 
Astriction, fts-ti1k'-4h&a. «. the act of coutmd' 

Astnetive, As-tz1k'-t)v. «. styptick, bindiiv. 
Astride, a-sirlde^. ad, with the legs open. 
Astriferous, fts-tiff-i-Hk a. betfiiy or hAYiqg 


UaA^, v.a. tonako poUidrMS 




Dft» roftvy nflr, nftt ^M&bc, tftb, hW y-^j pA&nd ^— €fcip^ xnfa. 

AMnfflnty It-ttlir jibt a.MMi;iiff,ce«trneriiig. 
Afltrofifnfhjr. fe4rag'-ii45.' ib tlo sdeiietor 

describiiigfibesUurs. i 

Astfolabe. lb'^tr6-l4ho. ^ an hMtniment ibr 

taking ne akiUkle of Hitf M» or s*&rs 
Aftrotoger. Aihf61^>^j&*. «. one that proOMMS 

to foretell bv the siara. 
Astrol«giaii;ftMr6-l6'HMB. r. afiraloeer. 
Afltroloeicai, is-lr&-l6d'-j^k&l. > 0. relatii 
\Btriii^lck, l^^ri^M'!^ 5 astmbgv. 
Aatrolo^, is-tr^l'-6-j*. *. Uie praciM»ofiore- 

teUing'ttiiiigs by the knowkxilge of tho stars. 
AstraooiQer, ls^r6ii'<D64iiAr« #. lie iMat^tudietf 

the cel&ftjal motians. 
AitraooiDfeal; A8-ti^iiAiii'4-k&t. ) d hetoughig 
AftroDoinick, AMr6-ii6m'«>lk. y toamiv>iK>- 

nj. ^ f flMioiMmitcal mfamer. 

AstroDomicaUy, as-trft-nom'-^-k&l-l^. <l in-an 
AstnmoinV; ft^tt6a'-ii6HaiK t* a scieace, teach- 

tag the kDowledgeof the celestial bodies. 
i8tro-theology, Ss' irA-«/iMl'-6-j^ «. divtaity 

ffMOided oa the obiervatioo of ttte- celestial 

Aaiinder, a-son'-dftr. tul, apart, separately. 
MsyJum, &-slMAin. t* a sanctnary, a refuge. 
At, &t. prep. At before a pla4!o notes tho near- 

neii ef itie place; as, a man is at the IxMse 

before be is m it At signifies the^ particular 

cooiiition 0^*1116001900 J as oi peace, ius. [tioii. 
Ataraxy, it'-t&-TCk-86. «. exemption fhrni vexa- 
Atheism, p4/hi^bn. a. the disbdief of God. 
Atheist, k'-thMML s. one thai denies the ezit* 

AlheisdoaL &f«M4i'-i^4c&l. ^nven to atheisni. 
Atheistieally, lirl^4s''>t^ldU*ler ad, mm athe- 

tttical nianner* 
Athnrst, k4ManX\ad, thirty , in want of drink. 
Athletick,A«ft<tff4k.a. bstongingtowresUing; 

itsoBg of boii^ykisty, robust. 
Athwart. MvnAri'. ^mj^. across, transverse to 

Am, l-dfiL od. uSe one makmg a i] 
tfaft naiore eC« benrel raised btfiind. 

AttasTfi^li. «. a coOectioa of maps.. 

Atmoiiiwe, 4t'-m6-si^ t. the air that i 
Mnpiini the earth on all fidei. 

AtitMBpherical, it-mft-sfM-^WB. a. 1 

to the atriMsphei^. 
Atom, lit'-tflin. s. an extrennety small particle. 
AtomicftI, &-l6m'<^«. a, consisting of or re- 
lating t<i atoms. [ical philosophy. . 
Atomist. kV^tfi-tnlit: s. oNe that Ifoldt the atom- 
Atomy, At'-A-mA. *. an atom. 
Atone, A-t6nc'. r. ». to agree, to aecord ; to 

stand sa nn ctfuivaltint j to hnswer for. 
Atone, i-lAne'. r. a. to fiJtpiatc. 
Atonement, ft-tAiKs'-miut. t. agreement ; ex 

piation, egui\tilcnt. 
Atop, k^\t>p\ o^ on the top, ni the top. 
Atrabilarian, &t-tr(l-l)e-li'Hn6-dn. a. ibeJancholy. 
Atr^ilarious, 4t-ira-bi-A'-rft-fts. a. mclao 

cholirk '' , 

Atramcntitl, At-trA-min '-til, ii. ink^, black. 
Atrocious, ^tr6^-sliAs. <JP. wicked in a htdi d«- 

gree, cjiornious. ^manMcr. 

Am>ciou9ly, A-tr&''*«hfKi^l^. ad. in an atifociotis 
Atrocity, &-tr6s'-9^-ti. «. horriMe wickedress. 
Atrophy, ftt'»-tr6-1^. s. wpjii of nourishment, 

Attach, ftt-tltsh'. v,a, to take, seiie, lay hok) 

on } to Win, gain over; to enamour. 
Attachment,' alH&tsh'Hoiftnt. *. adherence, re- 
gard, [contest. 
Attack, dl'tftk'. V. a. to assault; to begin a 
Attack, lU'^tak'. s. an assaalt.' [reach ; to equal. 
Attain, ftt-tl^ne'. t?. a. to gain; to come to; to 
Attain, ftt-t&ne'. v. n. i6 come to a certain state ; 

toaltiveat. [ed. 

Attainable, &t-tLie'-&-bl. a. tliat may be obtain- 
Attainder^ ftt-time'^dftr. »! the ect or attaining in 

law*; tamt ' 

Attaitttnent, fii-tlmfe'-mtet.' •? that whteli is at. 

tained, acqubition. 
Attahlt, ftMimt'. v. a. to taint, to eorruiA. 
Attaint, ftt-t^t'. s. any thing ni]iunQta« 

spot, taint [tation. 

Atniattire, It-tJme'-tsh&re. t. reproach, impo- 
Attemper, Al-tSm'-pAr. v. fi, to regulaie, to 

soften; to mm mKist proportfons. 
Attemperate, &t-tlin'-p^rate. v. a. to proper- 

ti<m to anihethhig. (endeavour. 

Attempt^ ftt-4dml'. v. a. to attack, venture upon; 
Attempt ftt•l^^ t. an attack, an essay, an Uh 




File, flb;fto, <at?-Hpfe, wk'r-iAm, pin?- 

^ItrlliMf . «..«. to regard^ to fix the miiKl 
f to wail oii; to accompany} to b« ap* 
jtnitof tojtayfbr. 
L At-tlad'. V. ft. to yield atteotioi^s to fti^, 

ince^ &t-t&i'-<iloaa.f. tha act of wahij^^ 
Attemlant, at-t&t^-dftnt s. one that atteixii ; one 

that mraiti. 
Attender, &t'tln'-d2b:. s. oompooiony 
Atteat, fit-tSoF. a. intent, atteotive. 
AftcDfioQ^&i^tlji'-slidB. s. the act of attending. 
Attentive. &t-4&i'-tlv. a, heedfiiL re«MndfhL 

Attemumt &t-t&i'-44bil. a. endued with tba 
power ol making thin or slender. [der. 

Actenuat^, it-^&r-^-ita. a. made thin or slen- 

Attenuation, &t-t?n-&-i'-shftn. «. the act of mak- 
ing any thing tuin or slender. 

Att(^, at-t&t'. a. a. to be^r witaeiB of; to call 
to witness. [dence. 

Attestation, Ifiitrtds-t&^ftn. &. testwiony, evi- 

Attic, ftt^-tik. a, betoaging to Athens } poignant, 
justj birioiwmgrtoaaiipperstoqr. 

Atticism, AtMi%m. s. an imitation of the At- 
tic style ^ a coticlse and e)ag&«»t mode of «i- 

Amnge. &t-dye'. e. a. to touch slight^. 

Atdre, ftt>tW. v. a. to dvassy ^abi^ a^ray. 

Attire, &t4lre'. f. clothes^ .dress > ornamants. 

Attitude, if-ti&-t&4e f . posture -, tlia posture er 
action m whidi a statue or fNuiitea igura » 

Attiibute, Ai'^tri4^. t. the Umv 

anolher; quality adherent j an a{ 
AttnUon, (Hiiih'«AB. s. ttta act of i „ _ 

thhigsby ruMmg; the iqptst dagsM-of le 

Aft:9ne,At4(uie'. u.^ tomake Jmsical ; lo tune 
Aubumot Iw^-bfim. a. 1)Mii!«n,«f a taft«(4Qur. 
Auction, &wk';shftti.s.iimaiuier,Qf sala,iBi(^hlcii 

one pmson bids after another. 
Auctunaryf iivk'^^hAiiA-i^ a. b^ongiag 10 9a 

AvctloBeer, Iwk-slifin-^'. t. the petaon liial 

n^na jSpes 4ua amcODB. 
Audacious. Ii.%^ rshfls. u, boid, imptMlent. 
AiMladousIy^^ awrrda'Hiblb4k ma. htAi&]f, hnpu 

AudacKwaoes^ ftw-^-shAMils. «. impodeoce 
Audadty;^&wKl^4-i^ «,aphir, boidoeiis. 
Aud&le, aV-<Mhbl. a. that may bejperceived i 

Audlbieneaa. i^'^^^blsBSs. Lcap^Ieiiasa of 
Audibly, «wwl64iii^ ad, in such b aaanmier as to 

Audience, aw'-je-ease. «. the act of hearing 

the Kberty of speaking granted, a hearing^ 

persons coUad^d to hear. 
Audit, kw^-m. «. a fi«ai account 
AudM, Iw'-dlt. t\ 0. to ^ke an aocoimt finally. 
Audilic>r. awm^tjftr. s, a beamri a 1 

AttoIIent, Al^X-ldat. «. that ixhich lifts pp. 
Attorney, SMAr'-n^. s. one who is appcwnted or 

retained to prosecute; or deCsnd an action at 

law; a lawyer. 
Attract, &t-uAk^'* a. a. to draw t^Mmeihii^; 
, toaUure. . \t 

Attraction, ftt-ti&k'-sliftn. $. the power pf <h^W', 

ing. [tioing^ 

Attractive, it-trJik'-^v.a. inviiiag, aUuring, j^n- 
•Attractively, fttr(r|k'-dv-l^. ad, wjth the power 

Att^ctiuc/fluHUcMSr. s. the ageat that attracts. 
Attijbutab^ fti.tx)b^-4^M. a. ami wbiih may 
^^iascnbal [pula 

*****iwta. at-tHb^-ftte. » a. to ascribe^ to im* 

. to take an accjMuit ukimateiy. 
Auottory) IwMM&r-i^ a that has the powei 

of heanng. 
Auditory,4wf«<lMb«^ c an.audietoeet a col 

lectien «f peraons asBeniUad to liear| a plaee 

where lectures are te be heard. 
Auditroas, &wki^U^ s, a woman that bears 
Aug^r, aw^-gflr. s. a tool to boro boles iri^ 
Augnt, &wt. 8, any' thing. . [makeitigtg^. 

Augment, 4wg-m^t^ «. a. to JncreoKOy to 
Augment) &n^-a^'ue. s. to increase, Ukgssam 

*?igg«»*. {incteasiiig^ iikreaae. 

AijigmeataiiQB. awgt4ii&H&/-sh&n. t. the jtet trf - 
Au^ur, ftw^-gftr. 9. one who fnddci»iby t]|e 

Augur,&w'-e&^«.€oqectttiebysisi^ -. 
Augury, &w^i;4^ '• - ^ ^^ *^ paogacMacat^ 

iji^byfflBMaS. . ^. .', 

August, aw-gftst'.A'gCBiidyPaja^ 




MigUil^ ImK-gfiit «. the eiglitk montli oC Uw 

^ jUr-0k. 0. belooging «» tiM oonrt 
lot f. a fttfaer or BHilMr'aiiilsr. 
Bft,&w-i^-M. «. thtfivUfUiffeoraniii- 
aoct b^ire h beoomes a fly, ilM chfyMlifl. 
Aunde, aw'-rfc-kk «. the exmal ear ; an.ap- 

AnSsSr, IgvHcIkTHHr. «. wilhift hearaig, ta- 
Anriitraoa, Iw-ilP-lMka. Uiai pradiieat gokL 
Aurora, aw-r^-ii. f. aa bara) poetically Um 

Aufpiee, ^V-fiiii. a. an enieB drawa Ihxii birdi J 
proiecdoo; influence, 

Auspicioas, kw-wfSA^-^tL a. with omens of nie- 
ces^ fiivoarabla, kind, prointious. 

AuspidounieaBy Iw^ipW-At-ais. «. proiperity, 

AnavEure, kw-tuM.a. severe, hardi, rigid, sour. 

Auderiiy^ |w-etir'4-ii «. sevecky,a&i<4nesB$ 

Aiistn^ Iwf'-trft]. a, southern. 

Aathentkal, fcw.t^'.ifr4dU. o. autfaentick. 

Authentically, iw.^ft&i'-ti^Al-l^. ad. with cir- 
cum sta n ces requisite to procure authortty. 

AuthentiealiieM, iw-e/^H^-^-ok f. the 
quality oTbeiar authentick, eenuinenes^ 

Authenticate, Iw-t^n'-t^k^fe^ o. a. to estab- 

Authcnucii.y^ kw4lilnthi-i^-ii\, s. autority, 

AutlieiJUrk,, iw-f/iJn'-tlk* a. that has every 

Oiin^ rs>qiiisil& lo ^tve it auUiority. 
Authjor^ AW'^/Uir. 7. Lbo irii beguiiier or morer 

of ftny ihiip;; a writer* 
AuHiofiiss,^ iw -<h^f^. 4. a femub writer. 
Autlwritative^ iw-f/wV^-tA-dv. a. liavingpduo 

amborily j havinij aii air f^f ai tilu^riity. 
ft«thoriratii/eiy* itwn^/iAc'-^t^-^^^-l^* *«'• in on 

■utjb^tEitiyo (nanner. [cnce,rule. 

%ui^ionTty. uw-tiihr' Kik i. le^al LJdFBr, influ- 
Aut^i^i^atioii^ W'M^'r^aA^'^.liftir s establish* 

mem by aufmodty. 
Anthofifi^ W-</iA*i4tiC. TM;z. lo ^ve auifaori^y^ 

^ utOCMr, tw^^k^ra-s^^ ^'. i iicEopfirvleat power. 
A utopipL I.w'-i6-^4r, s. a pprucakr person's 
, ow» firi^i^ ibe origiad. 

Automaton, &w-t6in'-f-tAii. f. a i 

has the pmrer of onetRtt wiihb itseit 
AntiMnatous, iw^tAn'-A-tfts. a. havhig io iMtf 

the power of motion. 
Autopsy, fcw'-tAp-fli «. oenlar itoiuniiiytiitin. 
Autoptical, &w.t6p'>t^kftU.pefoaiv^tyane^s 

Autumn, Iw'-dbiL s. the season of the year b» 

tween summer and winter. > r ^ 

Autumnal, fcw-t&m'-nll. a. beiooriaf to aaiimn. 
Auxiliary, Iwg-t3y»ylk-ri. a. he4»fai|^, e&isting. 
Avail, &-rUe'. o. a. to profit) to prselioie, to 

Avail, A-viW. «. profit, advantage, benefit. 

Available, &.vli' Jl-bL o^ profiTable, advanui. 
geous; powerful. [tage. 

-vailment. &-vlJe'-ni&it t, usefulness, advan- 

Avale, ii-ykW. e. a. to lei &y, to depress. 

Avant-guard, &-v&nt'«g|rd. s. the van. 

Avarice, Av'-A-iis. sl M^retousness, insatiabk) 

Avaricious. Av-A-tlsh'-Os. «. covetous. 

Avariciously, ftv-4-r1flb'-&B-l6. ad. cin'etoHsly. 

Avaridousness,. &v4-rW-As-iiSs. #. the <^ity 
of being avaricioos. 

Avaunt,IL-v&nt'. inter/, a word of abhorrence by 
wliich any one is driven away. 

Avemary, Ii*v^m4'>r^. s. a rorm of worship in 
honour of the Viigin Maiy. 

Avenge, &-vSiye'. «. a. to revenge ; to punish. 

Avenfement, &-vii^-intnL *. vengeance, re- 
venge, [geance 

Avenger, &-v$n' jAr. s. revenger, taker of ven 

Avenue, iW-^na. *. a wav by which any place 
ma^ be entcredi an afiey, or walk df^trees 
before a house. 

Aver, k-yh'. v. a. to declare positively. 

Average, iv'-ar-ldje. *. that duty or semee 
which the tenant is to pay to the king; ai-.iMka 
proportion. [dene*. 

Averment, A.vSr'-m^nt. s. estaWishrtjertl l$y ^vi- 

Averse, ft-vlrse'. a. malign, not fhvellrs^e. 

Aversely, a-vlrse'-l*. ad. amnhim^^^be^k 
^waniUy. [wlu^ess. 

Aversenessl-v&w'-iiSs. «. unwilfingness } heick- 

Aversion, ft-v&K-shAn. «. hatfed, dnSke, detes- 

Avert, 4>v&rt'. « a. to turn aside, to pot ev. 




FJuo, fhr, f &U, iSt 'r^mk, w>^t ;— ptcey pb ^ 

Aviary, i'-vM-rfr. «. a place enclosed to keep 

Avidity, t'vU^'M.^, greedinasr, eagerness. 
Avize, li-vlae'. v.a. lo counsel 5 lo conacder. 
Avocate, &v'-vd-kAtc. v. a. to call away. 
AvocatioQ, &%'-\'^k4'-sfa&ii. «. ifae act ofcalliti^ 

aside; die htisii^eiia 4l)ai caUs. 
Avoid, &•v^?d^ v.a. to sliun^ lo escape; to<fuit. 
Avoid, &-v6Id'. o.ffi» to retire; to become void 

or vacant 
Avoidable, &-vdfd'4-bl.^. thttt may bo avoided. 
Av(Hdaoce, a-v6!(F-&nse. s. tiie art of nvotdinf 3 

the course by which any thing is caiTied ofif 
Avoidless, &-vd!d'-I^. a. inevitable. 
' Avoirdupois, I^v-^r>d6•p^!z^ «. a weiglrt, of 

yrbisk a pound contains sixteen ounces. 
Avolation, &v^-t4' shftn. s. the act of flying 

away. [to vindicate. 

Avouch, &-vfi|'. t\ a. to affirm^ to maintain ; 
Avoucher, ^-vfifttsh'-^r. «. he that ax^ouches. 
Avow, i-v6A', V. a. to jusUfyf to declare openly. 
Avowable, t-vpfr-k-hl a. that may be openly 

declared. ' . 

Avowal. d-v6&'-Al. s. justificatcir>* declaration. 
Avowedly, &-vAft^=^-lA. ad. 'in an avowed 

Avower, ft-v^ft'-ftr. *. he that avows or justifies. 
Avowtry, &-vdfi'-tr^. 4, aduJtcry. - 
Avulsion, &-v5l'-shftn. s. the act of pulling one 

iiimg^ from another. 
Awai^ &-wliie'. v. ««. to expect, wail for, attend. 
Awake, &-wAke'. v.a. to rouse out of ^eep; to 

put into Dcw action. |to cease to ^eep.' 

Awake, &-w^e'. v. n. to break iixmi sleep, 
Awake, ft-w^ke'. a. without sleep, not sleeping. 
Award, &-^K^d'. 1'. a. to adjudge, to ctetermine. 
Award, 4-ward'. $. sentence, determination. 
Aware, 4-wlu^. a. vigilant, attentive. 
Aware, ft-w&re'. n n. to beware, to be cautious, 
Away. &-w4'. ad. absent : let us go • begone. 
Awe, Aw. 9. reverential fear, reverence. 
A^% &w. V. a, to strike with reverence or fear. 
Awful, fcw'-it!. a. which strikes with awe, or 

fills with reverence; timorous. [ner. 

Awftilly, aW-Al-l^. ((«{. in a reverential Bfum- 
AwfiilnlMB, fcw'-Al-iies. «. the oiMi^ty of striking 

wjih swcL solemait V. 

wlul«, i-nwile'. ad, some time. 

Awkivard, &wk'-wftrd. a. unpolite, unbaady; . 

clumsy. - * 

Awkwardly, hmk' wftrd-li. ad. dum^y, iiscte . 

gantly* [clumsiness 

Awkwardile^, Awk*-wftrd-nfe. t. indleganc^. 
Awl, &11. 8. all instrument to bore holes. 
kwnmZf W^rfng. ». a cover to keep cff the 

Awoke, &-w6ke'.rr€/. of diwofcs. ' 
Awry, &-rf'. ad. obliquely; asmiinl. 
Aj?e, aks^ s. an instnunent used to cut wtxmI. 
Axiom. (Uc/>sh&m. ^.a prd^iositioh evident a3 

first sight. 
Axis, Ak^-sfe. ». the line, retd oj* inia^nar>*, thai 

passes ilirough any iliirig on which n may 

Axle, fUi'-sl. }s. the pm which pa$;:oc 

Axle-tree, Ak'-sl trfe*. \ * Uu-ougn the mid* «< 

the wiieel of a carriage. 
Ay, &i. «rf. yes. 

Aye, &*. orfr always, to eternity, forfexxxr. 
Azure, i'-zhfire. a. blue, faint blue 

Ba a, \A. 9. the cry of a shieep. 
Baa, ba. v. nlio dry like a sheep. Itahc id.v 
Babble, b&b'-bl. «..«. to prattle like a diild; la 
Babble, b4b'-bl. / , «-i««jjMsfl nre t^ 

Babblement, b4b'4il^&it. Y' «n8««»s P^^^- 
Babbler, b&l/-bl&r. 9. an idle talker, a teller of 

Babe, b&be. «. an infent. ' 

Babish, b4'-lilsh. a. childish. tkiud 

Baboon, b&-bMn^ s. a monicey of tlie largest 
Baby, b&'-b^. 9. a child, an ihtanu 
Bacchanalian, b&k-k&-n&^4Mbi. «. a drunkard 
Bacchanals, b&k'-k&<4i&lz. 9. the dnmkeii feasts 

Bachetor, b&tsh'^-lfir. t, a man unmarried; a 

mair who takes his fini degrees^ a knight of 

thfi lowflflt VwYJeF 
^chelorehipt b&tsfa'-^lQr^hlp. r. tlie concfitioB 

ofabacfaMBlor. [rear. 

Back.blik. t. the hbider part eT any Ihuiff^ tl|e 
Back, bAk. ad, to the place whence eM^Eamei 




aft, oiave, oflr, nflt *^-^\Xi, tJlb, b&U y~M ^pg&nd ^/Un, thij,* 

Bide, t$k, c. a, Ui moiint or break a bom ; \o 

BMkblttf Mk'-blie v. a. lo cenaore or nsproodi 

the absents f-sent 

Bacjibltcr, t^-h\-i^. t. a insurer of uA a!*^ 
mclfneiKl, bajt'-frend t. aji enemy m secrel. 
Iteck^mmon, biag-gtra'-mdji. *, a rarae wiUi 

dice eiid tabk!*. 
Bacfcade^ IsLk'-iiide. i. the hinder port of any 

Ihinffj tlie ground hehlnd o house. 
BadEslide, b^-sllde^. t . n. lo m dK 
HtckslideF. bftk^st'-diV, jt, an aiKHtote, 
Backsword^ b^k'-s^jtl. *. a sword wiih otie 

jharp edge. 
Bfttkwan],LAfc^-w^rd. a. (Uiwillinr: heaiiarinff ; 
ihiggish, duL [arerseRf 

tejdfwanily, bij^.wfltd-l*. orf. miwijijmclv' 

I ^&ckwardg, WLk'-wifdi, arf, with die back for- 
wards I regrodvely j towai^ somediiiig nasi { 
I tntimsmsu ^Jflfid, 

BiCOTk, W-kn. #. (be flesh of a hog; stJied and 

Bad, bed, d, LI! ; virioiu, uiiJiappy, hujtfu], sick. 

Bade, Md. the pr^i. of ftirf. 

Jidge, badje. s. a patUcuJar mark or token, 

BMgCj batfie. I!, a. to mark. 

Badger, bAd^-jftr, #. a brock, an anbaaJ. 

Badger, bad'-jflr. *. om that buys com in one 
piace, and ac]]j it In amilher. 

Bidly, bAd'-T*, iirf. not weU, 

Badnesa, l^d'-aSjj, y* warn of good qualities. 

Biffle^ b^-fl. B. a. to elude 5 u> confouzid] to 

^e^ bftf-flftr, r. ho that baffles 

mg, bfe. J. a sack^ or jiouch. fa bag, 

w^ b%. tJ^ a* lo put iaJo a bae j to load wili 

Bag, bftg^, v.n. tp swol] like a fiillbar* 

ttagatelle, bSg44^K *. a trifle. 

feggagCj t^-gldjo. ff, the fiinuture of an ar- 

Brf ; St lAiorml^ womaji. [fwenling. 

n^Wp bjih'-yj. *= a bouse fof baitun^ and 
Hiplne, bftg^-plpe, #. a muafcal instnnnent. 
Bae^ bite. «. the letaag at lib^y one arrested 

«Hq nctko utideT ncur^y taken for hu ap. 

. bAki. «.a. b gtr0 buO J^ 

Baibble hk'-m-hl a. ibai may be nt al I 

by bail, 
BaOifl; bi'-lTf. J. an ofBcei- whose biuin^ H b 

to GJiecute arro^»Ui j an uiidCT-§li)WttT4 of a 

Bait, b4ic. i\ a, ro put nwal to tempi anniftlf : 
lo set dr>g3 ujion. Ifreshmem. 

Halt, bite. J. tticat ^t lo allupe animals lo a 
snare i a 1em|>taiIon, an f^nticement j a fv&^gb- 
meiit Du a jountej, 
l^'z* J^^ze. *. a kind oftijarBc open ckHh. 
Kake» bAke. i\ a. todr^ss provigioia in aa ovem 

to Ijandeii with heal. 
Bake, bAko. v. n. to do the wnrk oTbakijuF, 
Bakehouse, biJte^-hiasc. *. a place for Kkmr 
bi^ad. ^^ 

Boker, bi'-kflr. i. he vi hoao lj;ide ij to bid£e. 
Balaj^ce, hll^-iajm. j. a pair of scal^j thai 
which ij waniijii^ to oiate iwo paru of an ac- 
cmuii even} eqiirptise^ ifie healing part of » 
w^lch ; ihe aigii Libra. 
BjilEmre, bSlMltiie. r. j. lo wt jpii io a balance; 

to fotmiemrnsfo; to jnei^ulalc r^o account. 
Balance, t4] -lajuie.r. n. io hes^iaie^ to flii«tuai^. 
Balcony, h^-k&-nii,s. a frame ■ >f wrtod, cir stiwve, 

before the windnw of a rooui, 
Hahlp bSLwhh n. wiiluDLii hair; u lajrlomed 
BAld«Rifl<4b, liAwK-di^r-dAiih. s. rude miitHre. 
Baldly, br»wfd'-t.^. aiK nakedly, meanly. 
B3ildne^,b^wId'-ofi3. s,ihe want of km of bair^ 

meaimess of ^riling. 
Balc^ blile. j, a bundle of goods. 
Baleful J bile'-mi. a. somwfkl, m\i M of mta- 

Balk. b4wlc. y. a grml beam j a i%e of juid 

left unploKghcd j a diaappoJninieQl. 
Balk, bAwk. ti, a. lo disappoim, lo Trwirate, 
Ball, bftwL *. aisy iliijig nouml j a gW-e; ao eiK 

terta^nmeni or dancjjw. 
Ballast, NU'-liW. f , sumethin^ pui at (b« i 

of a sliip to keep ii ite*dy. 
BaJlette,Ml''l^;t. t. a dance. 
Balloon, hil-lAai/, $. a vessel u«d b thymkljy 
a ball placed m a piEaf i a tarn Mlow baJl 
of nlk lUed willi ^, wftkli Oaip li hi« kto 

— BAH 


BAB — 

^ ffita, rftr, fill, ltt|-Hi i^, mil ;— plea, pin 

BaUo^ bIK-lflL f. A little bdl or ticket usodi i^ 

i»v^ yotSi J thfi act of votrng^ bj baJloL 

Ballot^ Mf-I^L c. »!. m clit>o^ by halloL, 

,^. BiiJin, bim* i. Uift mice of a riuvb rem^icably 

||£* cAmfcrtiM) an> rm^nmt oinlmftmj a plant. 

■ * -ipaliny, hlmQ. a. ii{ivmg tho qualities of batm j 

■''prtwuciiiof balmj stiotbiiig^. soAj odjirifertms, 

Hafncary, bfil'-^ri^-fi't^, i^ a hathimg roorrL 

Bafneation, KAj-n^^'-^ifln*^. the act ofb^hiijg. 

BilDCtitoryp bSl-nfe-i' tflr-i^. a. buloiigiiig to a 


BaLwjTi irk, hal-sftiii'»fk. \ 

Baluetiiiulii, hftl-5g-irye'. f . a row of udle piUort 

called bahiiiletg. 
Bamboo, hfaTl-bM^ ^, an Indian plAoi of Uie 

need kind- 
Bambctozle, bftti^faM^-zl, p,«. lo d«ceLv«, to hn- 

pose mjon. [lion, 

gan, hin, a. publicic Dolice ) a cwrae j interdic- 
Bamlj bind, i . a bandaffe^ amy unbn or onnnex* 

KMij any IhinjT bound Jt>uud anolber; akind 

of oniai^icat worn chiefly by the clerg)'. 
B^Uid, hfittd. r^ a. lo uniic togptticr into ojie body 

or troop: In bind ov«?r with a band. 
Bandaiji'e, bAii'-d?dJe. *. a fillet or roller. 
Hafidbt^jCr bind'-bAkE. «. a dight box used for 

thin^ of Hsiflll weight. [fiUeL 

liaml*?iet biii'-d*VlSL s. any 0ai Bioulding or 
Baitttitti, ba#^-dft'-(^. i. a eorapajiy of outlawed 

B^»drol, I4jid^^]r6l]. i. a liUle flaf or streamer. 
Bandy p t4ii^-d^. i. ii club turned rtniii4 at bot- 

nim tor striking a ball. 
Bandy, b4i/-d*;n^ a. to beat to and fro^ one to 

iai>Dihtr i' Id agitato, lo los^ about. 
Banilyleg, hW-di^Ht^. s. a crooked leg". 
BanCf J^rA^^ra*. *. poibon 5 iniscbiefj niin. 
Bttuefut, b&iie^-ffil. ajwisonoua; de*(rnctiTe. 
Bftuefuliiesa. b4n@''jriil'ii$^. t* poiaouoiisaeai, 

dettructivv-DG^- . [nHigfaly, 

0tii|^^ b&d^. 17.41, to bealf Uitftnp; to hondfe 
Bqu, bing. f . & !4ow, a diump, 
Hanimi^ bJji^-nlsh. v. ££, (o oondeian to leave kls 

own <fflua*ry'^ 10 dn^c away. 
fittaSiditQAQi Nbi'-iifs^-iulnt. t. th« act of hao^ 

Hbii^ AEicuieir ^ ^ BtAie of b^ii^ baabh^d. 

Bank, b^kp r> a rid|gie of «artb^ ai 

for nnjiim'. 
Bank, b&nk, v, a. to Tay up tvnaky m a bsak ( 

lo tinclosQ with banks. 
Eank-bkll,i hiak'-bf IL j*. a self for money laid U|r 

in a bank. 
Banker^ b&nk'-{lr. f. cna that imfficki in moaby 
Bankrupt, ti^k^-r^pt a. in debt beyond ftat 

power of pa^^meoL 
Bari^rujJtcy, bdak'-rflp-i^. #. tbe stale cf « 

Banner, bia^'-nftr. s. a flag",, a standard, a 

Sfutsamer. [meal cake. 

Bannock, bum'-n&k. Sr a kind of oaten or pieaae 
Banquet^ bfink^-kw5t *, a fe^* [i!y 

Bajiqnet^ b4iik^-kw'^L i*. n. to feast, to fare daiw't 
Banqueting-houae, bfink'-k^i-^t-Tiig-hflaae. m. » 

boii^ wher'e baiiquetis are kept/ 
Banter, bAii'^iBr. v. a. to play upori, ui rallj'* • 
Banterr b&a''4dr. s. ridicule, nmlefy . 
Banteref; bin -t5r-Ar. s. one who bantei:^ 
BaDtJing, bftnt^-Hn^. s, a lltltG obUd* 
HaptlfiiD^ bSp'-tlzm. i ^ a sacrament ibat ndx^x 

into iht chuirdi. [tka 

HaptietrTial, bip-t?z^-a;i^i a, pertaLning to bai^ 
Baptist, bftp'-dat. s. be that Bdministers haptiani 
Baptistery ^ bSp^tt^i-t^r-A, £, Uie place wberv 

tjie sacrament of baptism ls m^tnpfnisterfd. 
Baptize, b^p-dzc^ t;. ei. lo etristen, to adoumk- 

ter the sacranieDt of baptism, 
BaptizC'r^ bSp'ti'<E5r. #. oiub that diiniteiiB, onii 

tbat ad^unisters baptism^ 
Bar^ \^, «. a cro^bemn^ bolt: olMacJa | anv 

tbuig used ^of preveiiLion; tbe pi we wli&r^ 

coiusca of law are tried j an ondowd Jplpce in 

a tavern i sbtik^ drawn perpendictilatly 

across the Jines of i^ picoc of mu^Ick, 
Bar, bSj*. tv a. 10 fasten or shut any thing Vvitb a 

belt or bar J to hindor, to obi^nu^. 
Barb, birb. j. a beard ^ the points that stsnd 

backwtm! m an arrow ^ a Barbary bofSie. 
Barb, bto. v. a; to shave the bt^ai^^ to Hmnib 

a flo^e wkli anDMiri to jag: arrcnva with 

B^bacan, t^-bl^k&n. j . a fbctificaika placed 

before me wsHa tif a tovvn, 
BarbarLaiv blr-bl'<<44xL ^ a tnai) mictnliie^ 






Btrbirism, bii'-bA-rfsm. «; a rmtbi of ipeoob 

e«Mtwytotfaepart^«f language; t||pMf«W)Q$ 

bnitaKty; cniol^. 
BtB^mAty, blb4)Ai^-^t^ t, tuvagoudii^ inrtvili- 

tf^ craolhr. {i^o^- 

BiirbariK6/blr'4)A*i4z8. «.a;^ to Make bariia* 
Birbaroiis, b&r'4)4 rib. «. niraiifper lo civiHty, 

savitfe, ufidviliaed ; unacquainted 'with ntta \ 

6iieiy inhoman. 
fiarbarousness, b&r'-bMis-iiSf. s, iadYHity of 

manners; linpuntyofliMBgiiage; cmtl^, 
Barbecat, ^ -b^-k^ v. a. lo dres»^ bor whole. 
Barbecued bftr'-^t^k^ «. a \voit drestedwhole. 
Barbed, bJLK^hdd. fcai, ^ larntiboA with ar< 

iMori bearded, jaeeeilwtth bodes. 
Barbel, bAr'-hl. $, a loiid offish liound in rivmv. 
Bariier, blr'-Mr. -#. a men who shaved the 

Barley, ^Ak f. a grain; of fVliieb wtA^m 

Jhiieytonk, blr^^l^dni. t. a gram ofberley. 
Barn, h&rn. 9* a place Pv lajiug up any Mif ef 

grain, hay, evtmw. 
Baruaoe^ Itftr'-na-kl. s o bird like e geose^j a 

BatQAidter, bi-r&m'-m^tAr. s. a ifiachme for 

inea«iiing the weight and variations of tlie 

atmoepbere. hue barometer^ 

Barometrical. liAr^-m^t'-ti^kal. u. relatiHg to 
Baron, Ulr -ran. s. a degrue ol tiolNlity next to a 

viscount. (baron. 

Bftrenage^ bAr'-r&n-mc. «. tiie dignity <rf a 
Baroness, bAr'-rAn4s. s. a bama's ladv. 
Baronet) bAr'-rftn-lt. «. the k>weft degree of 

bmour (hat is hercditan'. 
Barony, b4r'-r5ii4. ^5i the honour or lordsltip 

thai gjves title Wn baron. 
BarracK, hAr'-riik. s. a building to kidge sol4iers 
Barrel, bftr'-r!). s. a round wooden veasel ; aiiy 

thing* beltow. as the hcuticief a gun; a tMutr- 

der. Trel 

Barrel, btr^ifl. v. a. to put any tbiiiig in a tkr 
Barren, blr^<«So. a. unfruitful, stenl; scanty 

unmeanwg, dull. 
Barrenly^ rar^-i^n*lA. ad. unfrnttftitty. 
BarreniiuK^ h4r'-rdn-n&. *. warn of the power 

ofp r o cT fl t Swn; sterility; w^t of irf\'ention ; 

want bf niatter; in thtolosr, want ef setei 

Barricade, h&rnp^-kye'. t. a (hrtifica^il to keep 

oflT an attack ; any stop or obstrucirbii. 
Barricade, b^-r^k^'. v. a, 10 Aop tip a pte 

Bamcado, b4r-r^k^'-<!A. «. a fi^rtificatioif. ^ oar. 

Barricado, bilr-r6-kV-<t<^. v. a. M fbrtiQr', to bar, 

Barrier, bar'-r^-&r. s. a bnttnipdo, an entrench- 
ment; a finiification ; a stop, an bbtttroetioa 
a boundary. 

Barrister/^b^r'-iis-tflr. s. an «d\YK:ate, a pleader. 

Barrow, tAr'-r^. s. ahy carriage mdt'ed bf%e 
bawl; as a haiid*berrotV. 

Baiter, bfti^-tdr. «. m. to traffH^rbxi^chital^^ 
one dmimodHy fisf amnlier. (*c'l<^iP^ 

Barter, bir'-tlh-. v. a. to give itfty tMfa% iiv^i- 

Barter, bJIr'^Sr. «. «he aci or pntietiM ef tn^ 
6' kjqg by exchange. 

Itard, bontl. Sx a poei^ 

ilire> himi; a. naked, unco\'er(id, unadorned, 

detected; peor^ mere; threadbare. 
Hare^ b&re. ^«u to strip. 
Barefiieed, b4re-Aste< a. with the fees naked. 

«it<hndbBd ;. shameless. 
Barefacedly, b^re-l^e'-li. adi epenly, shame- 
_ lessly, wittMttt disguise. 

surance, audacieusoets. 
Barefiwt, Mre'-f&t. a, m^riamt shoes. [fi 
BavriMBided^ bave'-h&Md. a* micorerodin i 

Banfileeidness» hke^iiiKMe^sSs. s.effiroiitery, is- 
, a, Iii4il»iit shoes. Ifptet. 

BaErelyy.bJ^-J^.ii^ nakedly 1 menely, only. 
Bareness, b&re'-nds. «. nakedness; leauiess; 

■Manaas ef dottaei. 
BargnlM;^ folr'^ghii, «. a oontraM or agreement 

oonceniing nie; the diiag beughi or sold; 

stipulatkm. [jsale. 

Bargain^ bar''gfn. v.n. to make a cdntrDct fiw 
Bargainer, blr'^i^laHifir. s. the person who prof- 

An or nmkwA barvun, 

9mm' kiije. «.^a ho& for pleaaire or bkmlen. 
BarK, bftrk.- SjOwtind or cowering of a tree; a 

■naU diip^ ' ^ 
Barky bAricitc cLiteattte'toaes ef iheir bark 
Dttk, blrk. a. matke a wAae like iidog4«to 

.•llpBBill''lll' ■>•. ' 

Bm^Me^ldDft'bie ihelteriworclaiiiKHirs 




Ffcte, nUy fitt, fUr-aik, nkf^ub, ^^ 

fiftt, Ux. I. aiwMry nick) A ^tnagtd aaiml^' 

- flood^iwr a niouK. 
Batch, b&ub. «. tbe qaaniity of bread baked ai 

a time ; any quautity, icad^ at once. 
Bate* faAtc* 4. strife, cuntamioii. (deMttd. 

Rate, b&te. v. a, to sink the price ; to \fimea a 
Bath, bi^ «; a ptoco to aab or teiM ia) a 

sort of Hebrew meaaiiraw 
Bathe^ bikTHo. a. a. to waik in a baih^ tc fai»> 

pie <ir soften. 
Bating, b^'-tfag. prqp. except. 
BatooB;, h6-tdda'. s* a ataffor cktb ; a mmcoeQa 

or ouirsbar* staC [appeaiaiiee 

Battaibus. blLt'^ilt-tib^ «. warlike^ wiUi waSXmy 
BattaHay MU?tto'-y&. «. tiie order ofbaitle. 
Battalion, b&t-tlii'-yAo. 9, a iSinasm of aa aniQr 
, a bochr of force*. 

Batten, Mt^-ta. vi a. to fatten, to make fet. 
Batten, bdt'-tn. v. n. to grow fot. 
Batter, b&t^-tdr. v. a. to beat down; to wear 

yf'tk beating. [dieiits bealentogtther 

Batter, bk'-tlS.- «. a mixtnre of •everal ingrB' 
Battery, b&t'-tdr-r^. «. tbe oct^ batleriiv; th« 

iVame apoo which cannons are mounhMu 
Battle, hk^'W. «. a fight $ an encooaler batWMB 


Bue, bue. a. mean, worthless; disinfiaiuoiiSy, 

iiliberai i bom <mi o(M«dloefc« [e^. 

Base, bAAie. « the bottom of any things a ped- 
Base'born, b&£e'-bdru. a. bom out of wedhK^k. 
Basely, b£mM^ ad. meanly, diahououitaJ'ly^ - 
Baseness, bW-ufts. s. meaaness, vH^ess^ 

ba«tar4y. fpmvuice. 

Bashaw, liftsl»-W« «. Uie vieeruy of a Turkish 
Bashful, h^AlTil. a. inodost,' shamefaced^ shy. 
Basliiulness, biUh'-tAl-iift».4. nodesiy^ ioolisli 

<ir r<uiick shame, 
Basilikon, b&-zlr-^-kAn. «. an ointment. 
Basilisk, bdz'-^-llsk. 9, a kind of aorpent, a 

cockatrice; a Sfiecics of cannon. ' 
Baaiii, li&'-^u 9, a smaH vessel to hoki -water for 

washing, or other uses; a small pond; a part, 

of tite sea enclosed hi rocks. 
Basui, b^'-^ s. xLe (htmdatien of ai?iy thing; 

the k>west oi tha tbroo prindpal parts of a 

cobmdi; tbo luidcMiil; tint groundwork. 
Bask, bMb V. a. u. witrtn by laying out m the 

heat. [heat. 

Baak, bftsk. %k u. u> lie jn a place 10 receive 
Basket, bas'-kit. «v a vca^ madegf t«rigs> nMb-" 

fis, or spUnters. 
Basp, bMO. -a. -^ 4 s-jrt in musick, grave, deep. 
Bi»-vlol/Maer^ 1 Cu. s. a muacal iustnimeot 
Bass, b4^ 9. a m^u wod in churches. 
Btoss^reliet^ bAs-r^'-Ut^r. «. sculpture/ the figures 

of which do ncu stnud out frv>in the gitiUad in 

their liiU proppriiotu 
Basset, bia^-«lt. 9. a ganic at rnrdA. [ment. 

.Bassoon, b&s^flftAu'. s, a uiusicai Hind uist£u- 
Bastard, Iw-lird. 9. a |^rs«nj Jrjrn out of wed- 
lock. {sjHirious. 
Bastard. bAs^-tlird. a. l>nrit <Kit of we<ilock ; 
Baatardiie, bfis^>t|br-diz«). t- . a. u* (^ntv-k-t of be- 

iag a bastard ; to bcgvt a t^iitartl. 
Bastardy, b&i'-tAr-d&. s. an uuia>rfiil state of' 

birth., .. 

Bftste, biste. su <«. to beat wiUt a sUck; ip drip 

buttar apoB meat en the spU; ,to sew slightly: 
BMtiiiad^bb4^atHi6. «. a TaHdsb jpSudsh. 
^mant er baatrngapolbaderoiibisfiset. 
BaiQiUMlB, bls-t^^'-d6. «. «. 10 beat. 
3tstkMi, wb'-tihAn. «^a huge ma« of aarth. 


Battfe, bdt'-tl. V. II. to contend in fight. 
Battle*door, '-bAt'-il-d6re. s. an instnimeat to 

strike a ball or shuttleeook. 
Batdement, b&f-tl-m&nt. 9- a wall with epaa 

places to kiok through or aonqy aa enenijr. 
Bawhle, b&w^bl. «. a gewgaw, a ariflin^ piece 
. of finery. 

Bawbhng, b&w'-^ng. j. trifling, c osi tftmprih to. 
Bawd, b&wd. «. a procurer erprocMBiO. 
Bawd, b&w«L V. ft. to procure. 
Bawdily, b&w'-d^lA. ad. ooscenely. 
BawdtnessL b&w^-dA-nls. 9. obsceueoeas. 
Jiawdiy, biw'-drfc. «. obsoemty. 
Bawdy, b&w'-di. a. obboene, unchaste. 
Bawdy-house, blw^d^-hAAse. «. a houMiiirlMM 

traffick is mad^-by debaucfaeiy. 
Bawl, blU. V. n. to (oot, to'ciy out 
Bawl, bML u c to prodaim as acrier. 
Bay, b4. «. an cpeniag in the land j the 

any thing sumnBfiadlqp 





Bayonet hk-ytm-m. «. a ibort siwofd fizad al 

BdeUiuni, diV-yhoLM. an aiomatidc gun. 
Be, M. «. Jk to have iome atitain tiala, oan- 

_, „ #. tfae shnik iha tttand* 

Beacon, b^-kn. t, somethn^ raised on an ami 

aenee to be fired on ihe appraadk of aa eue- 

mv: Biariu erected to direct anvicaten. 
Beal bM^4. a oaaU glebeer k^of which 

aeddaces aod rosaries are made. 
Beadle, b^-<iL «. a auMeBgaror senritor be- 

lonsi^ to amtta^etty officer in pansb^ 
, Beadsman, htem'-am, ^ a «an em^yed m 

Beact^M'-gL «. a amall booad. 

BoaE, otice. «. the bHl of a bird) anj tlung' 

eadfingm a- ponn hker a beak, 
yeaker^ br-kor. t. a oa|» wiUt a spont in the 
1 form of a bird*t beak k 
I Beam, bkae. s^ a «nge and long^ piece of tint* 

berj part of a balance} an^oflight. 
Beamy, b^'-jni. a^^radlaat. shining. 
Bean, o&ne. t. the coanwa garden bean, the 

Bear,fa4re. v. a. to carry a» a burden, or in the 
and,. to eodinne; • to suaer, to undergo) to 
piiMluce» to briag forth •, to support. 

Bear, bAre. v. n. to suffer paiu ; to be patient^ 
to be fiuitfiil or proUfiok. 

Bear, bare, t, a ronghi^savage anhnal $ a con- 

Bear-garden, b&fe*-gl^-dn. t. a place m which 
beara are kepi for apoit) anyplaee of tumult 

Beard, hhkrd, t. the hair that grows on the 11 
and chtai sham prickles growing upon t 
eartof eecnf a burb en an arrow. 

Beard, bMrd. v. a. to take or phick by the 

B ydw yb^yd^ejL a. havu« a beard) having 
B^^CbSpdMk^rw^^ a beaixl) 
9m&r,hknhti^ «Gliner of any thing. 

Beartiefd, bluv'-bArd «. amaa ihaitendB been. 
Bearing, Mre'^iug* j; ihesite or plaoe of any 

thing with reipecc 10 fottethu^ene) gesture, 

mien, belmfiour. 
Beast, M^ s, an ifraikHiat animal ) a brutal, 

' savage roan. 
Beasd&eas, bMslM^nSsif. brutality. 
Beastly, h^k^ALa. brutal f having the nauire 

or fiirm of beasts. 
Beat, b^.a. a. tostrik^) to punish with stripefr^ 

to mark the thne in ravtfick. ■ 
Beat, b^. tn. ft. to moiMBin a pubatory man 

uBT) to throb) to fluctuate, to be in motion. 
Beat, b^ «. a stroke, or a striking. 
Beaten, b^-tn. partidtp, from beat, 
Beatifieal,b»4Uif4Jdy.>a. bMul) bekmg 
Beatifick,b^44lf4k. { ing totfae happy 

after dcrath. 
BeatificaUy, b^-dT^-kAl-l^. od. in ^uch a 

manner ' as to complete bappmess. 
Beatification, b^t^*i^>kli'-sh(hi. s. an ac 

knowledgment by the pope, toat tlie person 

beatifiedis in heaven, anci may be reverenced 

as blessed. 
Beatify, bMt'4-ri. v. a. to bless with the com 

pleuon of celMiial enjoyment. 
Beating, b^-lng. s. correction by btows. 
Beatitude, fa^Q-tAde. 9. blessedness, felicity, 

Beau. b6. i. a man of dress, 
fieauistvb&'-fsh.. a. befittinr a beau, foppish. 
Beaumobde, b6-m6iKf . «. the fashionable world 
Beauteous. b&'-t^-As. a. fair ; elegant in form 
fieattteoosly, b&'-tsh^-di-l6. ad in a beauteous 

manner. [bemffbeauteous. 

Beauteousness, b&'-tsh^-fis^ies. s.oie state of 
Beautiful, b^'-t^*^. a. fair. Cmanntir 

Beautifully, bd'-t^fiU-l^. ad, in a beaulifit 
BeautifuIuesB, b&'-t^fftlni^. s, Uie qnality of 

heiar beautifbl. 
Beautuy, b&'-t^fL a. a. to adorn, to embellish 

Beauty, hit' ik a, that assembta^ of graces 

which pleases the eye ) a particular grace ; 

a oeautifhl person. 
Beauty-spot, b&'4^-fp6t «. a spot placed to 

heignten some beauty. 
Beaver, b^-v&r. 9, an animal) a hat of (|» 

be«tkUid)partofa»-»r * 



Sctli^lMbi' demealtito 
iBMfp a lUp ftoB moiioa^ to qoiel dtt BUAd. 

Became, b^kame'. }>re^ of become, 

Seeatue, b^klws'. cM/i ier thii reaum^ on 
Uiif account. [pen to. 

Bechance, b^^tshliiaa'. tvn. to beAU, lo h^ 

tBeekf b^k. «. a sisb \irith ilie head, a nod) a 

Beckeo, b£k'-kn. «.n. to nake a agn. 

Become. b^Am' «. «k to 

suitable to 

or cooattKm) tobotfaefateof,tobetheeiid«f. 

, bi-K&m'. 

ie to somet' 
person; to befiu 

> anpear 
lo be nii 

suitable to the 

Becominx. b^k5m'-iab^. peai, a, that which 

pleases by an el^;atttp|R}ptiety,d^raoeftd. 
Becomingly, bi-kmi'Hnlng'^. ooT after a be- 

oominff manner. 
BetLbda «. something made to sleepon; bank 

oieanh raised in a garden; the cnanael of a 

river, or any hoUovr j a layer, a stratmn. 
Bed, b6d. I). «. to go to bed with: to be placed 

in bed; to sow or plant in earth; to lay in o^ 

xlcTw or in strata. 
Bedabble, bi-dftb^-bl. t; a. towet, to besprinkle. 
Bedagsle. bi-d&e'-gl. ix a. to bemire. 
BedawD, bi-d&K^. o. a. to besmear. 
Bedchamber, b^'-tshame-h5r. t . the chamber 

appropriated to rest [abed. 

Bedcloaies, b^-kl6zew «. coveriets spread over 
fiedding, bSd'-ding.«.themateriabcfabed. 
Bedeck, bi«d&k'. v. a. to deck, to adorn. 
Bedew, b^-dd'. v. a. to moisten geni^, as with 

(hU of dow. Hmme bed. 

Bedfellow, h^4^4^ «. one that Ues in the 
^Bedimt Usiflm'. t\ a. to obscwe, !o ch))id, to 

BeAzeii,b^'-zn. v. a. to drdss out 
Bedlam, bed'-lAm. «. amadhoase. 
Bedlamite, b$d'-lftm4ie.«. a madnoan. 
Bedpost hid'-flm. s . the doa at the cemeroT 

the bed, which snpperts the caaepy. 
Bedranrie, bi-<Mg^-gl. r. a. to^ soil the ctothcs. 
BedfiCbld'^d. a. codwed to the bed hy oge 


d^nf^hb-ikAfi^ r.A to bespnnkle, lo ma«U 


Bedtime, bld«4me. K ^ Mii^ tfr^"^ 

Bee, bM^ f . the iflMct th«t makei InMiy. 
Beewden, h^ife^-glirKto. s. a plaCe to set hivei 

Bee-hiye, M'^hlvei «. thii caie, « bor, h, 
which boei are hspC [bees 

Bee^fiasler, btt'^ml^tftr. >. one that kee(M 
fieef^ bM «. the flerfi of aa «r or cow. 
Beel-e«ter> bM4»tAr. «. a yeomaia cT tbt 

t, bin. ]Btirf«|ifVlaorft>Ae> 

Beer, bMr. s. liqutirmadeofmrfi andlkips. I 
Beet, b^ #. the name era platti 
Beetle, b^'-tl. t . an insect s a heavy iHilfet. 
Beetlebrowed, bll^-tM)i6ad. u. hatn^pnuri- 

Beevee, bMvs. t. Mack caale, epte. [pats. 
Be&U.M^flwl'.eL». to happen to: toceaaeto 
Befit, M-ftt'. o.< suit, to be soltifbkl to. 
Befool, b^Ul*. o. «. to ittfhmale, to IboL 
Before, h^4^te'. wtp, ffitfUm dfUfmd in place, 

in the front of, m the preseuee of; preMfiag 

in time; inpntfeMDceto. 
Before, b^fi&re'. ad, sooner thao) etrfier; pre- 

viousiyto: hitherto. 
Beforehhnd, be-Are'-hlnd. «tf. in a atateef aa- 

tuapatioa; previously; beAve any tmdg ii 

Beforetime. b^lftce'-ihae. ai. fbuMrly. 
BdmU, bM5l'.o. «. tq aaake fool, to sail 
Befriend, b^Mid' to Avour; tobekMts 
Bc|^ higi«. fi..tofiv«^i|^ ahm. 

Beg^ 1:%. o. a. to ask, to S""" "^ "*' ^ 

Beget, b^hf, «. a. to 
■ p eomic e . 

Begettei\ bi&'git'4AB.s;he that 
Beggar, Mg'-gftr. «. one wte Ih 


* '. ai cio Mdnoe'to>bdBgt>!y, t 

BeggarnvM^b%'<gir4*4ilfc «. Hm WMr o 
Beggarly,%g'-«6r'l^ a. asean, poeiR 

^JPL • S9 BEN' 

vl^m»n,ar,ti^r-*ibt,ab,iM i--my-fUa4t--am,rak. 

upon; to com- 

B^aTDMoTti,'!^^ <b. the fiM ^oTMor 

l&ing; (0 oegia with, t<^ entvr UfiolB. 
Bsgmner, b^gln -m^. «. be that |^veg ttie fint 

B^ginoiEif^t b^gfa'^ti^. «. first onginal or 

«^i>»e. rsurrouDd; tothut'm. 

Hegirtli b^-giSnf . v^a. to bind with a giroHe ; to 

Begone, b^|d|6D'. titfo^'. gp awajr, heuoe, awaj. 

Reirea.^, b^-gr^se'. «. a. to soil dr daub with 

m incuer* py impreased. 

Begiime^ b^-grlme'. n. a. to aoil with dirt deq> 
Bcguiie, b^g;}ib'. o. «. to impose upon, delude ; 

to ileceiv^. 
Be£UD , b^'g^V. jkvrL pCM. (ttbegnt, 
lleH^lfj h^-n&l'. $. AivtNir^ vindicetioa, support 
ilehave. b^-fei\-e'. v. cu to csfry, to conduct 
l^haye, b^h&vG . v. it. to act. to ooAduct one*^ 

jeKL 41 

Beh^Tiotir^ b^^hlve^-yftr, *, itianncr of btshavlag 

one's seUV conduct » cokirse of liCti. 
ti^eiitf . b^liSd'- r. a. to kiQ by cuukig^ nff the 

i)6h«rd, b^-y td^ pktri. pass, from M^y. 

Bebemoth, b^-h^inA^ j, \lm hippopotainitSf or 

TiV^ bai-w. 
fiebeaC b^bSal^ s. cominaiKi. 
Behiriti, b^blad'* pr^ ai ihe hflck of anotlier;, 
tin the b^ek part; iriienoar \a aririthcr, 
' b^bliwd'. ai batlLwtiitr 
M-hi^Id'. V. a., to view, to fcc. 
D#'b6Jd^ iiUtrj* K?o, b. 
U, b^boi'-dri . puft. a, hound in gralitUAie. 

if, aHiAAP, J. profitt 4ulvajiiage- 
ive^ K^Jiid^F', K. n. to be fu, to bo meet 
h^'-Tiig, t* ^xisleDeQ:, a particular state 
coiiditidn \ the person eci:3ilng. 
lB^i^%f^ b^'-f E3^. z0m. since* 
BelabbiiTj b^-l^'-bar. v. a- to beatf to Uiump. 
Belated bMi'-iad. 4. Ijenikted* 
riekj^ b^-ffi^ tjL a, to blocK tjpp to Hop the pa»- 

(wuh. 1'. <i, io ejoct wind from vie 
b£Wki ihAaclkHtmerudaiion. 

Beldam, b^-dftm. « an old wgmu^ H hM. 
Beleaguer, b^^l^-gOr. «.a.tobeMM|loNocii 

B^aguerer. bi-J&'-fflHyir. «. one thM oesietet 
Belfiy, b«l'.ft^. «. t£ place when theiyaisaiv 

ruig. IkH^ 

Belie. hIkJSL'. u. a. to feupi, to maa^h^ to ca- 
BeUet b^4^. #, credit given to aouiethuigj 

the body of tenets held: persoasion; creed. 
BeUevable. b^l^Ui-bl. a. credible. 
BcUeve, b^-lMV. «. a. to. credit, upon tlie an 

thority of another. 
Believe, b^l^^ v. n. to have a firnt.perma 

sionoT any thing; to exerciM tlie virtue of ' 

f(^th. [feasor of Chriatianity. 

Believer, bi4^'-vftr.«.he that believosj a jjro- 
Belike, bcrUke'. ad. prol>ably, likelv, perhaps. 
Bell^ b^ 4. a iiollow sounding Boay of east 

Belle, bin. a. a gay young lady. 
Belles Lettres, b^KldtMftr. t. polite literature. 
*" Uig^erent. bel-l!dje'-^rSnt. a. waging war. 

Bellow, bSl'-l6. v, n. to make a noise as a bull ; 

to V9^iforate, to roar as the sea or ibe wiud. 
Bellows, bcl'-lds. «. the uistrumeut u^ to blow 

Beby, b^r-li. «. that part of the human body 

wnich contains the bowels. 
Bc^Uy, bSl'-l^. V, fli. to hang out, to bulge out 
Bellygod. biV-l^gi&d. s. a glutton. 
Bel^nan, b^U'-m^. «. a town-crier. 
Belmetal, bdfi'-met-U. s. the metal of which hells 
. are, made. , [to have relation to. 

Belong, b^-l&ng'. V. n. to be the.propeny of; 
Beloved, b^&v"4d. a. dear. > [unoefiuiiig 
Below, b^le^. pan. undnr, inferiour iif dignity. 
Below, b^l6'. aa. oa earth, in the regions of the 

BelVheH. «. a fnrdle, a ciJMAure. 'n; 
Belwetlter, beu'-wfiriipftr. «. the sheep which 

leads. <be flotk. [in Uie mire. 

Bemire, b6-inlre'. v. a. to drag^ or encumber 
Bemoan, be-m&ne'. v. «. to lament, to bewail 
BieiBOaner, b^m^-n^. «. a kuneiiier. 
Bendi, b&ish. «. a seat ; a seat of justice; the 
; p^riK^ sittine upon a bendt 
Bencher, ben'-snor. s asenioi 






Ffae, fir, f fttf, fit ?—m^, nAt }— pine; jjln ^ ' 

Bereave, bi^rftve'. «. a. lo depiiv« of| 16 tilt 

Berei^ b^refK )«rf. ]nu^ of Jerome. i 

Dergamot, bSr-gi-mot. «. a tort ofpevv lui «§ I 

sence or perfome^ a 9ort ofsciiC 
Berhyme, T3^TiIne^ v. a. to celebrate in rhyme. , 
Berfin, ber-fin'. «. a coach of a particular fim. ! 
Berry, b^r'-i^. «. a^y smaU ihiit with maay 

Beryl, b^-ifl. «. a predous stone. ' [ber . ask. 1 
Beaeeeh* h^tkhtAiK v. a. to entreat, wpjdic^te 
BeseeoL b^-sMm'. o. ti. to become, to Mt, 
Beset, b^-s^^ v. a. to besiege, to hem in . to 

waylay. ' [to happen ili to, 

Beshrew, bi-shrM'. «. a. to wish a curse to , 
Besdde, bi-alde'. • } , . .,.„ _-^_ «_j •!»«.■• 
Beside^, besides'. J*^' '^^ ^ •*«*^ | 
Beesde, b^-slde'. /^ «w^««^ •!»««. 
Be^eJ, bi^des'. J «*• over and aboi^ 

Besieee, h^-tl^ief. v. a. to lay iiege to^ to I 
^ witn armed fixTes. 

Bend, bflnd. «. a. t>> make crooked, to incline; 

Bend',, b&id. e. n. to be incurvated, to bow. 
Bend^ b&K). s. flexure, incunratioii. 
Beodi^, b&i'<lAr. «. tbe person who bends j the 

jusHument with which any tbinff is bent 
Reneam, b^^Tse'.- prep, under, lower in 

plaee. rank, excellence, or dignity, [betow. 
Beneath, b^HoerHe'. oi^ in a loH-er ptace^ under 3 
Benediction, b^4-cBk'^&n. s. a biessmg. ' 
BenefiictioD, b6n4-<&k-shdn. ». the act of con? 

lerring a benefit; the benefit conferred. 
Benefactor, b&h^(&k'*t&r. t. he that confers a 

benefit. [confers a benefit 

Benefactress, bSn-^i^'-tr^ t, a woman who 
Benefice^ b^n'-^-fls. «. an ecclesiastical liv^, 
Beneficed, b^'4-fliL a. pooessed of a benem. 
Beneficence. b^n^4-sSnse. #. active goodness. 
Beneficent, M nSf-^sSnt. a. kind, domg good. 
Beneficial, bdn4-flih'4L a. advanta^ous, 

prdfitable. ^ .,.— «««^ .«.,.«,. 

Beneficiary. bln4-flrii'-y&-r^ J. faokfingsonUP Besieger, b^s^-jftr. «. one enpkgfod in a 

Besmear, bi smd^. 0. a. to bedawb, lo soiL { 
Beamirdi, b^-sradilsh'. v. a. to soil, to disookwr. ! 
Besmoke, bd-sni6k^, v. a. to- foul with, or har 

den in smoke. 
Besmtit, bi^-smftt^ e. a. to blacken with aooke 

or soot. [with. 

Besom, b^-zflm. t. an instrument to sweep 
Besot, M-s6t'. v., a, to infatuate, to stupi^. 
Besought, b^^wt\ part. pass, cttemch. 
Bespangle, bi-spftng'-gl r. a. to adorn ivith 

ftpangfes. [with dirt or iMraler. 

Bespatter, b^-ip^'-tftr. v. a. to qpot cff sprinkle 
Bespawl, D6-sp&wI^ v. a. to daub with ^itlle. 
Bespeak, b^^pi^. v. a to eider beforehand , 

to qseak to, to betoken. [thing. 

Bcspeaker, b^-spii'-kfir. «. he thatbeneaks any 
Bespeckle' bisplk'-kl. e. «. to maik wi& 

Bespice . bi^plse'. n. A. to aeesoB with ipioef. 
Bespit b^4t^v. 0. to danb with i|iittle. 
Bespo^ b^nftlf. V. a. to BMrfc with ipois. 
Bemread, bMrtd'. «. a. toneadefver. 
BenrinkferM^^^ «.Tto iptfaildn «vv* 
"* bista.iiM»good. fa — 

thing m subordination to another. 

Beneficiary, b^n-^^tsh'-yft-rft. 9. one diat has a 
benefice. ■ ^ 

Benefit, bdn'-^-ftt s. advantage, profit, use. 

Benefit, bdn'-^-fh. n. a. to do good to: 

Benefit, bSn'-^-flt v, n. to earn advantage. 

Benevolence, b^ nSv'-\'6-lense. «. disposition to 
do good, kindness. 

Benevolent, b6-n^-v6-llnt a. kind, having 

Benight, bMte'. v. a. to surprise with the com- 
ing on of night. [some. 

Benign, b^^nine. a. khid, generous, whole- 

BenlgAity, b^-iJg'-n^t^. «. gradousness, actu- 
al kiiKksess; saJubrity. 

BenignW. b^nln<)'-l^. ad. fiivourably, kindly. 

BenisdHT D^n'-n^-zn. «. Mesring, benedicfion. 

Bent, 6ait. t. the stale of being beiH ; dedivity. 

Bent, bfot part of to bend, made crooked ; 
directed to, determined upon. [jnQr. 

Benrnnb, b^uAm'. v. a. to make torpid, to stu* 

Bepaint, b^tknt'. v. a. to cover wiUi pamt 

fiepineh. b^nlssh'. v. a. to mark widi puidies. 

Bequeath, bi-kw^me'. v. a. to leave by wJU to 

Bequest, b^wCrt*. i. ionaihuif IsA by wiB. 

Pas^ bfit «A ialho Wfim dgcmer^-' 




nA^mSfe, b(W, afU ^«-t&be, <Ab, bAU $--dlI >-^^ 

bh^M', o. 0. to profit, lo trMt, io«o- 


b2s'-tsh^4L o^ bekwgiQg to a beast; 

Beweep. b^wMp'. «. a. to waep ovar or Mpon 
Bewat M-wct . V. a. to wvt, to moistan. ^ 
BewUdar, b^wll'-dAr. r. a. to losa in pathlett '^ 

places, to puzxle. 
Basritch, b^wftsb'. «. a. to mjora by witcbcraA' 

' to cbarni. 
Bawitchery, b^whah'-Ar-r^ «« fasdaatioiv 


hk'iAMi'^tk, «. tba quality of 

1 any 
Bestir, b^-stfir'.v. a. to put into vigorous action. 
Bestow, b^std'. o. a. to gi>'a, to confer upoo; to 

Bestrew, b^tstr6'. v. o^ sprinkle over. 
Bestride, bi-strlde'. «. a. to stride over any 

Bet, bjt $. a wager. 

Bet, hk. «. e. to wa|;er, to stuke at a wagsr^ 

Betuke, b^-tike', tho. to take, to seize 5 toiia*'e 

reooorse to. , 

Bethink, W-//Jnk\ v. a. to recall to reflection. 
Bethral, b^ir&U '. v. a. to enslave, to conquer. 
iWtide, b^tlco'. V. «. to happen to, to befati j to 

come to pae. 
lietimes, W-ilmz'. ad. seasonably, early j sopn. 
Betokeo, b^i6'-kn. v. a. to sigitify;^ to represent j 

Betoda, b^to5k'. inreg. fret, from LeUxke. 
Betray^ b^-tdt'. v. a. /to /pvc into the bands of 

enemies: to disoover a scci'eL 
B^ray^, W-tri'-flr. s. he tliat l)etra}'s ^ a traitor., 
Betroai, Di-tr6^'. v. a. to conu^ci lo any one, 

to affiance. 
Better, b& -tAr. a. having rood qualities in a 

greater d^ree th^ something else. 
Better, b&'-tAr. ad. well in a greater 
Better, h&Mdr. v. a. to improi'e, to 

to svpajs, to exceed. 
Better, h&'-t5A #. a superionr in goodness. 

ittor^ b&'-tfir. i. one that lays bets or wagers, 

''"'•en, b^lw^^n'. ftrtp. in tlie intermediate 
" hekmc^ing^ to two, 
_, b64wlk8t'. prep, between. 
>V MV-lL «. u masonry and joinery, a kind 

Ber^^^ b^4b-!dje. s. drink, IU|uor to be 

UJHlf-^ ii* a flodc of birds ; a company. 
% jg ! irto ^ V. a. to bemoan, th lament. 
-^.T..JjpW>ware'. 0. n. to regard with caution^ 
fa IWHIVi^qilf oTdai^^ from 

Bewray, bi-ri'. i\ cu to betray, discovcrper- 

fidiously, to make visible. 
Bewrayer, b^ri'-ftr. *. betrayer, discoverer. 
BeyoDo, b^yftnd'. yrtp, at a dustance not reach 

edy on the farther side of; out of the reach 

of, abore. 
Bias, bl'-&s. s, tlie weight kxlged on one side of 

a bowl : propension, inclination. 
Bias, bl'-as. r. a, to incline to some side. - 
Bib, bib. s. a piece of linen put upon tbc^Uicasb 1 

ofclukh'en. v/j 

Bibacious *>l-b^^-shas. a. much addtcHed Hi 

Bibber, b"^' liAr. *. a tippler. 
Bible, l)l'-c» . *. the sacrod volume, ih whid» are 

routained tito revelations of God. [I>er. 

Biblioffraiiher, bH>-li-6g'-ffr&-f&r. 9. a trauscri 
BiUioUiecal, my-\k-Uk'-h-i'k\. a, bebnging to » 

BibfiloUi?, bib'-i-lfts. a. that has the qwalitv ot 

• Ifinking moisture. 
Bicker, bik'*k&r. v. n. to skirmish, to ftglit 06 

ami oh; toquivce. 
Bickerer, b?k -fir-Ar. s. a skirmislier. 
Hicoi-poral, bl-kAr'-po-rAl.a. having two iKxIios 
Bid, Wd.,tj. a. to desire, to order; lo offer, t» 

Hidden, l)!d'-dn.parf. post, invited, commar.deil 
Hi(rder, b!d'-dAr. s. one who offers a price. 
Biddii^, l^'-c^ng. s. command, order. 
Bide, bide. r. a. to endure, to suffer. 
Bide, bide. v. n. to dweU, five, inhabit. 
Bjdental, bl-dfti'-iftl. a. having two teeth. 
Biding, 1>1 -ding. «. residence, habitation. 
Bienmal, bl-^n'-n^&l. a. of ilie continuance 0/ 

two j-oars. 
Bier, b^. 9. a carriage on which tha dead are 

earned to.tba 'grave. 
Biferotis, blT-ii-rAs. a. banring^^{«rk0 9 

^•ear. " o 

JBDJ ra fl!9 

^M'^MI.^* twofold, double. ] 

' •f;^*^ *?^* 5 l»Wwrt ; woUen. 
Vbij^'gs'nubt '• one th«t bus oornimt* 

ted bimiy. [wives at once. 

fiyCMny, bif'-sft^in^. «. the crime ofhaviM^ two 
Blgbellied. W'-b^-fla. a. pregnant. 
Bi|Dese,1i^ nSs. «» greetne* ofquestky ; «)se. 
Bigbt, big' g&u «. a man devoted to a certain 

Ifigoted, blg'-gik-tfid. a. blindly prepooessed 

m favour of •omethmg. 
Biirdtry, bfe^-trft. «.l)lind zeal, preUidke 
Buander, bll^ln^dAr. «. a anall vessel used ibr 

the carriage of goods* 
fiUberry, falF-l)£r.H. «. whortkberry. 
Bflbo, Dn'-b6. «. a rapier, a sword. 
Bilboes, bfl'-b&xe. s. a sort of stocks. 
Bile, bll^ 8, a yellew, bitter liquor, separated in 

the liver, and collected in the gaL-Madder^ a 

sore, angry selling. 
Kiee, bDje. v. n. to spring a leak. [gua^ 
Bihngsgate, bn'-HnR-g&te.^. ribaldry, foul lan- 
BiUnguous, bl-0ng^gwAs.a.havinff two tongues. 
BUiotis, bIt'-yAs. a. consisting of bile. 
Bitk, bilk. V. a. to cheat, to defhiiid. 
Bill, bfU. «. the beak of a fowl ; a kind of hatch- 
et; a written paper J an account of monev; a 

law: an ad\'enlseroent. (oills. 

Bill, V>!li. ». n. to caress, as doves by joming 
Bill, bill. V. a. to publish by an advertisement. 
Billet, Ui'-fii. s. a small paper, a note, a small 

log of wood. 
Billet, b?r-l!i. V, a. \o diroct a soklier whtre be 

bi to lodge; to qtwrter soldiers. \ 
Billianls. W-y^rdz. s. a kind of play. 
BiUow, bll'-l^. t. a wave swoUen. 
Billowy, blr-l6-^. a. swelling, tujigid. 
Bin, bin. s. a place where bn»d or wine is 

Bbiaclc, b1n'-&-kl. « . a sea term, meaning the 

Bind, bind. v. a. to confine with bonds, tof^hrd, 

to enwrap ; to fasten any thing. 
Bind, bind. «. iu to contract, to grow stiflT; to be 

obligatory. ~ 
Binder, blnd'-ftr. s. a man whose trade it is to 

bimtMokst one who binds sheaves t afiltet. 
Binding, blnd'4ng. s. a bandage. 

Binode. MH'-n^k]. «. & teleseopt^filttllitf ftm^ 
two tcLes, as that a ^iistant otyect iii|^b^ ;«|^ 
with-bdiheyei. ' ' - 

Binocular, bi-n6k'-&-lfir. a. havi ng two ^^ 
Bi<^^i^l^, OT'/^^grft-Ar. t* a writer orniittk 
Ko|raphy, bl-6g'-gri>ft. #. an historicaif f^c 


the fives oif particular men. 
iparous, blj[^-p&-rAs. a. bringiitf forth fw 
birth. (spowlent porlL 



[qxMMlent pai%. 
plr-tlte. a. baviiig t^ cdrrt- 
_ «. an animal with iwti fieet ^ 

_-r , bl-ptn'-ol-tdd. 0. havmg^twowings. 

Bipetalous, Id-p&'-ti-ias. a. consisfiiig of i»m 

Biquadrate, U-kwIf-dr&te. >#. the Iburu 
Biqnadratick, bi-kwl^drftt'4k. y power aris 

ing fiviln the multiplication of a scnnire b> 

Birdi, bflrish. «. a tree. 
Birchen, b&r'-tshn. a. made of birch. 
Bird, b&xt s. a general term ftvtiiefeattaertMl 

fcind,afowl. ^ ^^ 

Birder, bQrd'-5r. «. a birdcatcher. 
Birdlime, bArdMlme. s. a ghi^oous sobstaiii:* 

used to .catch birds. 
Birdsnest, bftrdz'-u!st. t. the place where a bnd 

lays her cegs and hatches her yon^g. 
Btrth, h^rmTs, the act ofcoming into' life j. ex 

traction, licease: condition) thing Imnv. ^ 
Birthday, b^rm'-dli. «. the day on which any 

one ts bom. "^ 

Birthpight^ b9itA-nlte. t. the night )n wiuch 
* any one is borii. 
Birtnplace, b^t^'-pHue. s. place where anyone 

is bom. i^ 

Birtlirigfat, bIri/iMte. s. the rights smd pnvi^ 

leges to which a man is bpm; wo ri|^t of tha 

first boQi. 
Biacuit, bls'-kh. s. a kind of hard, dry breads 

made to bo carried to sea ; a bintm, sn^reei 

Bl8to» blsh^Ap. 1. one of the head order olUkm 

cfeigy; a cant word for a mixture of vtini^ 

oranges, and sugar. To|». 

Bishowiclr,ti8b^#^.f. thedioce«of aoi^ 
BbmuHh, bfz'^ttftf^ «. s hard, inMl^BUttM* 

sdbsiisnce. of a metallhie nature. ' '^^,' 

Bi«6ztile, bis^ks'-tn. #. ieM>y«ir. 




n&p tn^ve, tidr, nAt ^t^^ ihh, t>ftU }— fill ^^-filiViid ^^^tn^ Tttt$. 

01^ Vt t. 'ik0 iitm part d* a 1»i^8 bride j as 
jBUk nieai jn if put into the mouLh at once ^ 
1 pmaJIpiKe of anj libing ; 3l Spani^ Wciit* 

BStfl^ t)h«. 114 ^« to emah or pierce math the 

teelbi (uckwtp lo trick. 
ETle, M(«P t. the s«izure of any Uibg by the 

iceki; a cfa«aip a ■hm^r, {er. 

Ster^ bmib-. f . he ibat bites j oiricJLcrj, a decdv- 
JiSer, hJl^'iflr, a. having ti bol, acrid^ blling 

tsM^ shfup, eniel, Kverej ciuaniilow, mb- 

eiahleji jaimciil. 
Itterly, bfi'-iftr-l^. ad. wiih « bitlof tasie , in 

9 bHing mEmiier^ sormwfdljp' ; siiBjpEy. 
'ktism&mr hft'-tar-nla. #. a btiicr tasie ^ iiiBJic«^ 

iBptacahilLty *, severity of temper; swlire^ 

tfceniu^^ of reiiroadi j aarrow,. amictioE]. 
I^uaneiij hi^ti''-rnlji. s. a fiil^ um^uotis matter 

>% (wl or iliG earthy of KUmm^ off lakes, 
ibtmioous. b^-id'-m^-nfts. a. compouiuied of 

Ih-i^, bl'-vili?* { d. hiivij^g two 

Bib^ btlb« v. a, ta ujl what ought ti> b« kept 

Hi. lAb, ** a toJI-iftte. [dinmnl 

:, btfitc ff, dark \ cltiudy^ sallen; wjcke*!^ 

yik, «, a bku:k cokxir] mournitigp tt 

■ moij'f, 

V, hiAk* t*. 9, lo make blacrkp to hlackeii, 
:-.-9ttk^ bt&k'-k^i-d. tr fMCGEi, bulls, and 

'jjsrdf. blaff'-j^rd «. a low mtiQ fvr a 
. . IJgOoiw. 

ft amah. [bCc | »h« iVuii nf iL 

iVird. lillK'-h^rcJ, j. Ibe nainc uf n bird. 

n, hi&k'-k:i. i\a. lo mn.kc of a. blacfe 

:: ^ lo fiarken, to dcfunip. 

K^'ii. l-fAk'-kri, F. «. to grow black, 

'.■:rh^ f>j^k''4aii. e2, some what block. 

../iw>ry biAk^-mAfc. *. b. tiegrn. [uea 

^^Tie«/ blAk^-nAa.. s. bltMik colour j dark- 

1 Tiiitii, bl^k'-smM, s. a ,'siiriith that wtjrks 

noL ItliO iirine; a LilSsier, a piistqle, 

^ - er^ b4did 'Csir *. the vcase( wis icl i cfirt tains 

BS^Ie, bl^de. i> a spire of gnm^ a groen tbom 

of cortL 
Bl^de^ blldcr t. the shajp or itrikii^ p«rt of 

a weapon or instrument i a brisk maDj ^rthor 

fiernc orgaj", 
Blain, bline, *. a p«wnt!e, a blister. 
Bt^me, bl^ie. t'- u- to ceiisure, to chai^ wii^ 

a fault. [liuri. 

Blatnc, bl^me. ;, iinntitalioti of a fault | LTimCj 
Blameabk, ht^-rai-bl a. cdpebte, faulty. 
Blamcably, blii'-mA4>l^. ad. oilpablv. 
BtaTnele.''«N blirnti'-li^si. a. guiltless,. luaocenL 
BJiun.t]e«s5y. blkirio'-3?^-fc^. nJ. innocniidy* 
BJaine wormy, bJimc'-wftr-THi. a. culpalile 

Blanch, liliiiah. v. a. In whitcjij to iirip or pea 

such tiiiiiigTi a.'i hnvc; l^u^sks. 
Bland. hiAnd, n, !^A^ mild, gendo. 
Blaudtsli bl&ii'-dl>l]. V. a* b> ■rtuoolli^ to s&flen. 
BUndi^buient, bli^u'-dlsh-iii^t. *. net tjf fond- 

nemSi expression of tenderness by fcsture. 
Blank, biAnk. a. wliite j imwritten | confuse+i , 

wiihout rliynio* 
Blank, bllaK. *. a void sjmeCT * lot by winch 

noiliin^ is gained j a psiper luiwritteit, 
Bbuikei, blajik^4l» j, n wiKilleo cover for a bed 
BImket. bUuk'4l. v. «. to carter with or loss m 

a Nanketn 
Blnnkly- blink'-tt. ad. m & l^lank nionner, widr 

pitleiiesj or cnnfuflimi. 
Bl^pheme, i>tiLi-toiiii'. r- a. to speak m lenm 

(jf tuipioiis irreverence of tiod y lo spcnk svd 

£ [rny. 

Bla^pbeiiiie, hHs'J?"iio^ t, tt, to speak bla^hij* 
lila&ijiieiuer, bij'tj-ffe -m&r. *. a viTPlrh thft» 

s|}eiiliH ofGcfdioiiopious lujd irrevcrefii*erafc 
Bbfiphtjniou.*, bids'- lA-mflia. a^ impsously Imcr- 

*^rep' Avith re^anl to tiofb 
Blii^pbcinoiHly, blslft-J^Mnis-I^ uL mpj^uwy, 

vi'ith u ickitl irrevprtiiice. 
Bb^phcuiy, blns"-r6-»ii^, s. an ufTeriniij of \M\^' 

ujly unto riwL 
BSaflt^ hLau s. a gust, or pulTofwind j thefloiiOtf 

nmde by tiny ijistntmi?iit of wind-muskk, 
Bla^t, blAsi, V. a. ta mjui^^ to Invalidaiw^^ w 


Blatter, biftt -tftr. tj Wm^m^^^^^^ 




Blaxe. bttze. «. a flame j pubiicadon} awtoi^ 

man; upon a bone. 
Blaze, Ufae. v. n. to flame, to be coiufi/Qaom. 
Blaze, blaie. v. a. to publufa, to make knowu ; 

to blazon : to inflame. 
Blazer, bl&^&r. t, one that fifireads re^kuls. 
Bfazpn, bl4'-zn. p. a. to paint tj^ figw^ on en 

signs armorial; to embellish; to display, lo 

Blazonry. bl4'-zn-r^, s. the art oTblazonii^. 
Bleach, biWtsb. ». a. to whiten. 
Bleak, bl6ke. a. p^o; cold^ chill. 
Bleakness, bl^ke'-n^. s. cokincss, chilness. 
Blear, bJ^r. a. dim with rheum or water ; ob- 
scure in general. 
BlearednesS; bl^^'-r^nSs^ 9. the state q( being 

dimmed witli rheum. 
Bleat, bl^e. v. n. to cry as a sheep. 
Bleat, bl^te. «» (be cry of a sheep or lamb. 
Bleed, biM. n. tt. to lose bkxxi, to run o& drop 

Bleed^ bl^^ r. a. to let bk>od. 
Jilemish, bllm'-lsh. v. a. to deform; to defame. 
Blemish, bl^m'-^h. <. a maik of deformity, a 

scar; reproach, disgrace. 
Blend, bldud. v. a. to minele together. 
Bless, bl^. V, a. to make happy ; to praise. 
Blessed, bl^s'-s^. part. a. nappy, oujoyii^ 

heavenly felic ity. 
Blessedness, bles^-s^-n^ «. happmess, felicity. 
Blessing, bles'^hig. «. benediction ; the meaiis 

of liappiness; Divine favQur. 
Blest, bl^ parf. a. happy. 
Blew, blA. the prtt, of blow. [blasting. 

Blight, bllie. t. mildew, any thing nipping or 
Blight> blite. v. a. to blast, to hinder iix>m ter- 

Blind, bllncL a. without sight, dark ; obscure. 
Blind, blind, v a. to make bfind, to darken. 
Blind, blind $ something to hinder the sight; 

tonuBthing to mislead. 
HUndfold. i>l!nd'-f5kl. v. a. to hinder from^ce- 

JMlMrnlmdiiur the eyes. [ered. 

HUDdtold bllncr-ilMd. a. having the e>'es cov- 
BliBdiY, bllnd'-li. ad, without sight; whliout 

emnmatioD, judgement, or direction. 
BliMdinan'e fiuMllBd•i»ft|ls•b&l^ «. a chikiish 

BtindneM^ bliod'-nls, i^.waiii otm^-, iifm . 

filindmde,blif)d^de',4.i|^akiie«^fiNble. . 
, BUnk, blink, o. ». to wink ; to see obmnlf^ 

Blipkard, bftik'-Ard. «, pna that iias bad eyw. \ 
< Bliss^ blip. « the lui^ieflt o^^p^ of happineaai 

Bllsaat^'Uli'm tu hapRyin the lugheifde 
Blister, blts^'t&r. «. a pMstijleibrroedby raisiog 

tl« cuticle ii:om the cutis. 
Bligter, bli(s'4flr. v, n. to rise in blisten. [buri. 
Blister, blis'-t&r. ». a. to raise blisters by some 
Blithe, bUTKC. a. gay, aiQ*. 
BUthsome^ bilTH^-sdm. a. gay, dieerful. . 
Bloat, bl6te, v. a. Xq sweU, ^ . . 
Bloat, bl^te. v. n^ to grow tuxgkL [inx 

Bloatedness, bld'-t^nnk.^. iuigidneas; swd. 
p. obberlip, blfib'-bftr-Rp. t. a thick lip. 
Block. b!$k. 9. a short, heavy piece of iimb^ 
. a rough piece of marble; an obstructkm, a 
. pulley: a E^k>ckhead. ^ , 

Block, bl6k. V. a. to «hutup, to enckise. 
lUockade, bldk-k^de'. 9 a siege earned on ov 

shutting up the place. 
Blockade, bl^k-kado'. «. a. to shut un. 
Blockhead, bl6k^-hSd. s. a stupid fefiow, a doh 
Blockish, biAk'>?sh. a. stupid, quU. 
Blockidiness, bl&k'-!sh*n£9. ». smpkhty. 
Blood, blQd. f. the red liquor that circulates u 

bodies; kindred; murder; state of the pas- 

sbns; maneffire. 
Blood. bl5d. V. a. to stain with blood; (o inure 

to blood; to exasperate. 
Blood*flower, bl&d -flA(h*. s. a plant. 
Bloodguiltiness, blQd-gfli -e-nfti. « murderi 
Biood-hotinri, bl&d'-h&And. «. a hound thai fol- 
lows by the 5ccni. 
Bloodily, blM'-i-lA. wi. crueUvt [bloody . 

Bloodiness, bl&d'-^n^i s me state of b^ng 
Bloodless, bl&d'-I^.,a. without t>kx>d, deai^ 

without slauglitert 
fikxxished, blOd'-sh^i «• the crime of bk)od« 

or murder ; slaughtert 
Blqpdshot, blftd'^t. ; a; filled with bkod 

Qlpodsbotten, blftd'-sbftt-tfi. ( banting ftxmi 




BMMluvfQr, bHkNb&n-t^. a. dc^ous lo shed i Bluntly. blAai'-I^. cut without sharpueai ; 

Mood. I ly, pla ^ 

ekmiv, blAd'4. a. stained witri blood; crvntA, *" 

, [maturity 

Bkniii, miNim, «. a bkMBom; tke state of hn- 
BtaMB^ blftftm. V. A. to bring or >4ekt blossoms^, 

tu be io a state of youth. 
Bloomy, bidftm'-iiii. a. iiiU of btoora, floweiy. 
6toa8Mii,bt68-9ftm. s. tlie flow«r that grows on 

any plaat. 
BloaBoni, blAs'-sAr^e. n. to put forth blossnnis. 
\SMfhifbLv. a.%0 "•^Herate, to efface, lo erase; 

to disgrace, to diBttgure^ io darken. 
Blot, b»t #. an obftteration of 'scdething writ- 

tent a blur, a spot 
Bloten. blfttsb. «. a spol or pustule upon the skin. 
Btow, oA s. a stroke 5 a suigte action, asudden 

Bk>w,bi6. V. n. to move with a current of air; 

to breathe hard: to sound by beine hkiwn; 

to play muAca)^ by wind ; to blooin ; ' 

BUm. bl6. 99. a. to drive by the force of the wind ; 

10 inflate wHh wind; to ^ell into size; to 

souncTaa iustnimeni of wind-musick 5 to in- 

foct with the eggs of flies. 
Blowza, MAfize. s. a ruddy, fat-fhced wench. 
Blowzy, bld&'-zi. a. sun-bui^, high-^kNired. 
Blabber, biab'-bAc 9. .the pan oTa whale that 

oontakis the«iL 
Blubber; bHU/-b&r. «.n. to weep in such a 

maimer as to swell die cheeks. 
Bhi^;e9ii, l)>Ad'<j&n. «. a short stick, with one 

Blue, MA. a, one of the seven Qrwinal colours. 


BloeBess. hlA'-n&f.«. thet)u&Htytf>f beiqgt 

BhtfC UAf. a. big, surly, blustering. 

Biwi, UA'-fsh. a. Uue in a snudl degree. 

Blttder, bl&n'-dftr. v. n. to mistake grossly ; to 
— "' w fblmdly. 

^, bHW-dftr. V. a. to mfat Iboluiilv, or 
r» bldn'-<£&r. s. a gross or sbamefuTiiHS- 

U&t'-ddr-bAs. & a short sun. 

hef'^^at^. s» a bktckhead. 
B. duU; rough, abrupt. 
V. 0. to dull the edge or pohit 

JBlunfncss, bl&nt'-n^ s. want of edge ; rudeness 
Blur, blAr. i, a blot, a stain. 
Blur, bl&r. v. a. to bk)t, to efiace ; to siaio. 
Blush, bldsh. V. fi. to betnty shanie or conAi^n 

by a ted colour in the dieeks ; to carry a red 

Blush, hl&sh. «. a red cok)ttr in the cIieeKa; 

sudden appearance. 
Bluster, bli&'-iAr. r. n. to roar, to bully, to piiff. 
Bluster, bl&3'-i5r. ^.'roor, noise, tamuJt ; boi^ 

Blusterer, blos'-tSr-fir. s. a swaggerer, a Iwlly 
Blustrous, bl&3'-tii'is. a. tumultuous, noisy. 
Bo, b6. interf. k word of terror. 
Boar, b^ro. s. the male s%vine. 
Board, b6rd. s. a piece of wood of mere length 

and breadth than thickness ; a table at which 

a court is held. 
Board, b6rd, v. a. to enter a sliip by force ; to 

lay or pave with boards. 
Board, b6rd. v. n. to live! in a iKAtse where 

cenain rate is paid for eating. 
Board-wages, bdrd-w&'-jfz. s. an allowance for 

victuab. [other, 

hoarder, hV-d5r. «. one who diets witli an- 
Boarish, bAre'-tsh. a. swinish, brutal, cruel. 
BoaBt, b66t V. n. to display one's own worth or 

actions. [exalt. 

Bofeit, b^ V. a. to brag of 3 to magni^^ to 
Boast, b6st t. a pnoud speech ; cause of boast' 
Boaster, b^st'-^. «. a*braggcr. [ing. 

Boastfol, b6st'-f ftl. a. ostentatious. 
Boastingly, b6stMng-l^. ad. ostentatibusl^i 
Boat; bme. s. a vessel to pass the water iik 
Bcntion, b6-&'-shAn. s. roar, noise. 
Boatmaxi, b6le'-m&n. s. he that manages a boat 
Bbatsw^, hb'-m. ». an officer on board a ship, 

who has chaige of all hei* rigging, cabk» , 

jind anchors. 
Bob, b6b. V. 0. to beat, to drub; to cheat 
Bob, b6b. V, n. to play backward and ibrwanL 
Bob, b6b. 9. something that bang^ kwae ; the 

words repeated at the end of a stanza; 

btow; aniertwtg. 
Bobbin, b6b'-b!n. ». a small p||^]^ with 

notch " o 




FJM, fir, f&ll, f4t}-H aBfe, n^j— pint, pin 

Bobeherry, tAo'-tMr-ri, s. d, play amoog 

BobNled, bftb'-t&hl. a. hann^ a tail cut. 
Bobwb^ b6b'-w!g. «. a abort vn> . 
Bode, D6de. v. a. to portend, to oe tlie 

Bodement, b6de'-m^nt. 9. portent, omen. 

Bodge, b6die. u. n. toborgfe. 

BodIC€^, b6a'-db. *. a aorfof stays. 

Bodiless, bdd'-d^l^ a. incorporeal, wiuiottt a 

Bodily, b6d'^i-l^. a. relating to tlie body, real. 

Bodily, -bAd'-d^ro. ad. €oi]M>really. 

fiodkiD, b4d'-]do. s. an instnuncnt to draw a 

thread er ribband'through a loop. 
Body, b6d'>d^. «. matter, opposed (o spirit ; a 

peisott; a coUeetive mass ; a corporation. 
Body-ctoihes, b6d'-d^k]i&zc. «. clothing for 

hones that are dieted. 
Bog, b6ff. 4. a marsh, a (^u, a morass. 
Boggle, Mg^'ffl. t\ n. to fly back ; to hesitate. 
Boggier, bd^-gldr. s. a doubter, a timoroos 

Boggy, bAe'^. a. marshy, swampy. 
Bognouse,l)(^-h6d8e. s. a bouse of office. 
Bonea, b^h^'. «^ a species of tea. 
Boil^ boO. It n. to be agitated by lieet; to move 

Kke boiling wate" [water. 

BoU, bdll. V. 0. to seetb; to dress in boiling 
BoOer, btt'-fir. «. the \'es9el in wincn any thing 

Boisterous. b^b'-tlr-fls. a. load, stormy; furious. 
Boisterously, b6]s'-t£r-fts-l^. oeL xi^lently, tu- 

Boisterousness, bAis'-t&r-ds-nls. s. tumultuous- 

ness. taibulenoe. 
Bold, b6ld.lL daring, stout) impudent 
BoldeB, b4kX-dn. v. a. to make bold. 
Boldfa :ed, b6ki'-f late. a. impudent 
Boldly, bSd'^16. «</. in a bdid manner: 
Boldness,, b&ld^-jt^ s, couragt, bravery; im- 
pudence, [of six bushels. 
Bole, b6le. «. a Idod of earth; a com measure 
Boll, f)6le. s. a round stalk or stem. 
Bolster, bAle'^Ar. s. sometbti^ |akl ia the bed, 

to support the head; a pad or quih. 
Bolster, bile'^sti^. t>. a. to support^ maintain. 
Boh, b61t «. an arrow, |l daitj a thunder-bdt; 

the bar ofa door. * 
--'at >^ «. A. to shut or fasten with a boR. 


fiol(,b6lt.v. M.b 

Bolter, b61t'-&r. «. a siei^ ^ sepanie 
BoUing-hotise, b6h -Ing boAsa. s. the plact 

where meal is nfled. 
Bolus, b6'.{fts. s. a medicine made imp a aoA 

mass, laiger than pills. • 

Bomb, b6m. s. an iron bell, filled with j§;i»- 

powder, and furnished widi a vent ^ 9 

Aisee, or wooden \ube, filled with combo*- 

tible n;atter, to be thrown out ficom a mortar 
Bombard, bAm'-b&nl. s. a groat jpu; a barrel 

of wine. 
Bombard; bW-b&rd'. v, a. to attack wttli UMnbs 
BombanUcr. b&m-birKlA^'. s. the eogineei 

whose office is to shoot bombs. 
Bombardment, bftBv>b&rd''Bi&it s. hn attack 

made by tlirowing bomlis. 
Bombesin, b^bn-bi-z^'. 4. a slight silken stufi" 
Bombast, b^ bAst'. s. fustian ; biff w^ords. 
Bombast^ b&m-bist^ a. nigfa-souncuiig. 
Bombftstick, b&ro-b&i'-tik. a. high^^owndiBg 

BombiUation, bAm-Wi-l^'-shAu. t. sound, eoiao 
Bond, b6nd. s.a ligament that hekb any ibing 

together: union ^ a writing of obligation. 
Bondage, Mtif-dk^. s. capuvity, imprisonment 
Bondn^ud, b6nd'-m4de. s. a woman slave^ 
Bondman, b6nd'-man.«. a man slave. • 
Bondslave, b6nd'-sHive. t. a man in slavery. 
Bondsman, bdnds^-m&a. s. one bound for an- 

Bondwmnan,bend'-wAm^. s. a woman slave 
Bone, bOne.c. the solid parts of the body. 
Bone, hi)fm. t^ «. to take out the bones 9r<atk 

die flesh; 
'Boncleds, bioe'el^ a. without bones. 
Bonesetter, b6ne'-slMAr.«. one who sets bonea 
Bonfire, b&n'-f lie. s. a file made for triumDli. 
Bonnet, bon'-nlt. s. a hat, a ctm. 
BonnUy* bftn'-ni-l^. ad. gaily, handsome^. 
Bonny, bfta'-oi. 0^ handsome, beantiAk ; g&y » 
Bbony-cUbber, b6ii-ii^kHib''Mr. 9. sour fim 

termilk. fboBies 

hd^-vL a. eooMtiag ef bones jlbll ^ 
j,\Mhk.$. a dutt, i£|iid mm. 
Book, book. s. a inhime in wlwh we jewel -m 




■6,»(kf^aflr,nftt } ttee ,tAb,bdll»--Jai}--pa(hid^--<«%THttL 

BooSinder, Mkf^tiBd^. «. cMwh^bia^ 

Bookfol, iaU^4&lc.cnmded,wiifittSS& 
Bookisli^ b88kjrik f.civ«i to books. 

Book-leaniiQ& MlE^4lnl4M^. «. acgnaiiHanco 

BookseUer, bMk'^Sttr. ». a naa whoM pio- 

Bookworm, bAok'-^rimi. <. a aiila Uwt tats 

holes m books) a don sHidenL 
a, bflom. «. a bar kid i 

Boom, bUm. «. a bar kid aerasi a hafboar. 
Boom, b«Wn.*9. «. to mh with nokaoo. 
BooD, bUs. y. afifl, a gram. 


Booriflimesi, bdV^bb-nts. «. coaisenes of 

Roo^^ML o. a. to profit, to advaata^} to pal 
Boqt, bSot «; prafily gaiB,advaiiia||pe: aoevar- 

iw Ibr tba lu:; taa place uador the eoach- 

bS. ,^ 

Boot-catcher, bMi'-kltMir. «. the perBoa al 

an iBO who pqOs off boon. 
Booted, bUt'^da. in boots. Pwagki^ 

"* " bWTB. «. a boose boih of boards, or 
. bSoi'-^ 0. useleai, uoavailiog* 

», hynHH)!. a. thai may be hoied. 


bo'-riks* «. an artifidal sale. • 

bflr'-dtt. «. a biothel, a bawt^-^oiMK. 
:r. UW-dAr. «. tba outer pait or ad|^ of 
thiac} sbankrafsadioiiadagardBau 
ir, bor'-diir.«oa4aeupoai toap- 


_ tv4.taiw|lpniinUiabordor} 

bftr'-SMr. «. be that dwefis on the 
«. «. to niJpa abola^to piiihlbiv 
fiirtain pomi. 
^ a. tbebok nado bybonrf ; the 

Bore, b6re. preL of Amt 

Boraal, b^-rMl. a. nofthem. 

Boreas, b^-rMs. «. the north wind. . 

Boree, h^Mf. t. a step in dandi^. 

Bom, b^rn. port, come into life. 

Borne, b^nie. part, carried, supported. ~ 

Borough, bdr'-r6k «. a town with a ooiporatioa. 

Borrow, b^-r&. a. «. to ask the nse of some- 
thing for a time) to we as one's own. 

Borrower. bdr'rfM^. «. he that borrows. 

Boaeage, Ms'-kiue. s, woadwor woodknds. 

BodEy;b6s'-k«7<C woody. 

Bosom, bdA'-sAm. t. the breast, the heart; tne 
landar afiecUooB. 

Bosom, bd6'-sAm. «. a. tocndese in the bosom; 

Boas, bAs. s. a stud : athick body of any kind. 

Botanist, b6t'4Hilst. «. one skilled ia plani8. 

Bolch, bfttih. «. a«Nrelling; a part in any work 
iH finished. ' [with botches 

Batch, b6tah. «.a. tomcndchmsily; to mark 

Botehy, bAt'-tib^. a. marked with botches. 

Beth, b6«Jk.a.thetwo. 


Bottk, bdt'-tl. s. a small vessel of glass, or, 
other matter; a quantity of wine usually put 
into a bottk; a quantity of hay or grass bun* 
dkdap. • 

Bottk, bftt'-il. a. a. to anckse in bottles. 

Botdascrew, b6f-tI*ikiM. «. a screw to pidl 

Bottom, bftt'-tAm. «. the kwesi padi thrfbun 

dation: a reU^. 
Bottom^ Mt'-tAm. a. a. to fix upon as a support ; 

to wind upon something. fp^^rt. 

Bottom, bk'^Am. «. ft. to rest imon as its sup. 
BottomLtfs, b6t'-tAHHlSs. a. without abottom. 

Bottomry, b6f-tftni-ri. «. the act of borrowing 
nooey on a ship's bottom. 

iiga,Midie. V. «. to swell oat 

BbiSfa. bM. f. an aim or krge shoot of a tmo. 

Bought b&«^pM<-af«>^- ,, . 

Bo^ce, bAAnse. V. ft. to make a sudden kap, 
toboa8t,tobuUy. [aoisej abpast,attoeai 
Bounce, bMnse. * a sudden bbw, cradr, ^7 




Flite, flr,(tiil, f&t t—mfe, Bjgt^-yfae, ifa» 

Bouncer. bMn'-sAr. t. a boater, a iNiUy, a liar. 
Bound, Mftod. «. a limit, a bmuklary r a feap, 

a jump. "- ^reslraiii. 

Bound, bUmd. v. «. to limit, to termmate; to 
Bound, bMnd. v. n. to jump, to springy; to fly 
hound, bSond. part. pass, at Mnd. [back. 

Bound, bd&nd. a. destined, ioteodifig: to come 

to any place. 
Boundary, bA6o'-d&-r^. s. limit, bound. 
BoHDden, b$&2;'-d£n. part, pats. cfimuL 
Botmdless, bdAndM^. a. uaHinited, unconfined. 
Bounteous, bWn'-ldii-aa^a. liberal, kind, go»- 

erotiis. - jecnerously. 

Bounteously, bfiSn^rtali^Has-l^. ad. liBcfaliv, 
Bounteousness, b^iMsh^-fts-u^. s. munifi- 
cence, liberality; [munificent. 
Bountiful, b6ftn'-t^-flil. «. liberal, generous, 
Bountifully, bdau'-t^irftl4^. orf-MiberaJly. 
BountiCulness^ Hduii'-t^-f&l-n&.«. the quality of 

being btmntifttl, generosity. 
Boun^, bftfin'-t^. $. generosity^ \nunificence. 
Bourn, b6niA. s. a bound, a limit} a brook, a 

Bouse, bddze. v, n. to drink lavisliiy. 
Bousy. bdd'-z^. a. drunken. 
Bout, D&At. s. a turn^ as much of an action as is 

performed at one time. , 

Bow, b6Q. v., a. to bend : to depress, to crusli. 
Bow, b&&. V. n. to bend, to stoop, to sink under 

Bow, bdft. 8. an act of reverence or submission. 
Bow b6. s. an instrument of war ; a rainbow ; 
. uie mstrument with whidi stringed instruments 

are mayed upon. 
Bow, w. V. a. to bend sideways. 
Bow-bent, b6'-bfint. a. crooked. 
Bowels, bo&'4ls. s. inteliines ; the inner parts ; 

tenderness. compassk>n. 
Bower, o6w-&r. s. an arbour, an anchor. 
Bowery, b6&'-5r-r^. a. full or bowers. 
BqwI, b6le. s. thehoUowpartofany thii 

(^»asin« a Ibimtaini a rotmd mass 

Bowl, bile. V. 0. to play at bowLs ; to throw 

bowls at any thmg;. 
Bowler, b6'-iftr. «. oe (hat pla>-s at bowls. 
Bowling-green, b6'-flng-grein. s. a level ^uofep 

«f grwnd kept for bowtars. 

Bowman^ b&'-m&n. t. an arsto. 

Bowsprit, b6'-'SDHt. s. a mast ruaaing oul askipe 

at the liead or a^ship. 
Bowstrins, b6'-string. t. the string dy whkb • 

bow is kept bent. 
Bowyer, bO' yfir. s. an archer, one wacse rads 

is to make bows. 
Bon, bftks. 3v a u«c ; the wood of it j sea* j 

case of wood j a btow. 
Box, htka. v. a. to enckise in a box. 
Box, b6fcs. i>. n. to fight with the fist. 
Boxen, b6k'-sn. a. madeof box,resembhn|r box 
Boxer, bAks^-(kr. $. a man who fights with hb 

fist5. [contempi 

Boy, h6^. s. a male cWld j youth j a word oi 
Boyliood, l)d^'-h6d. s. the state of a boy. 
Bojish. b6^'.feh. (I. childish, trifling. 
Boyishly, bW'-lsh-l^. ad. cnildishly^ triflingly 

Boyishi;es9, bA^'-tsh-nfe. «. 


Brace, briisc. r. a, to bind, to strain up. 
Brace, br&se^ «. a bandage ; a pair; a crookor 

line: tightness. 
Bracelet, Dr&seM^t.». an ornament for the amot 
Bracer, brii'-sftr. s. a cincture, a bandage. 
Brachial, brak'-}-^). a. belonging to the arm. 
Brack, bi^. s. a breach. 
Bracket, br&k'-kft. s. d small support of <vood 
Brackish, br&k'-!sh. a. salt, someUiing sal. 
Bracki^mess, br&k'-tsh-n&. s. saltness^ 
Br^, brftd. s. a sort of nail to floor rooms with 
Brag, br^. v. n. to boast, to di^lay ostenta 

ti5i^y. . 

Brag, brag.^. « boast 3 a proud esqiresBUHi. 
n locio, brSg-g|i-dy-shft-A. s. a boasiuig 


, weave together. 

Braid, britde. m, a texture, a knc^' 

Brain, br&ne. s. a collection or venels and or 

gans in the head ; undentiuidhig. 
Brain, brime. v. a. to kUl by beating out the 

Brainish, brlme'-fsh. a. hot-headed, flBioos. 
Brainless, hrjuie'-lis. a. siUy. 
Brahapan, br&ne -pftn. s. the jkol contmiiiii^ 




B&y mftTg. nfir, nftt $— lAbe, tftb, bftU j— Ail ^-^ pMnd f^^m, thii. 

a. jukfie-heacM. gukl^. 
«. inaiMretioOj 

-ib-nli. «. 


Brake, brake. prH, ^f break. 
Brake. br&ke. «. fern, brambles; an inslniiiieiit 

for cranne flax} a kneadmf trougb. 
Braky, brii'-l& a. Iliomy, prickly, rough, 
bramble. brW-bl. s, ai^ rough, prickly shrub. 
Bran, bran. $, the husks of com ground. 
Branch, br&nsh. t. the shbot of a tree^ any part 

that shoots out from the rest \ offipnng. 
Branch, br&nali. v. n. to ^>road in orai^hesi to 

speak di£Mvely. 
Branch, brftnsh. v. a. to divide as in^o branches > 

to adore iirith needlework. 
Branchless, br&nsh^-I^ a. without shoots or 

boughs; naked. 
Brandiy , br^i'-di^ a. full of branches. 
Brand, orftud. »^ a lifted stick ; a sword ; a 

mark mad^^by a hot ut>n. [famy. 

Rrand. bdbd. v. eu to mark with a ndte of in- 
Brandish, brftn^-cSsh. v. a. to wave or shake ; to 

flourish. [flrom wme. 

Brandy, br&n'-d^ t. a strong liquor distilled 
Brangle, brtng'-gl. s, squabble, wrangle. 

\.v,n, to wrangle, to squabble. 
1. 0. having the aj^arance of 


Brasier, bra'-«hAr. «. a manufacturer that works 

in brass; a pan to hold coals. 
Brass, bifu. i. a yeDow metal ; impudem ^ 
Brassy, hAsf-^ a, partakmg of brass; hard as 

brass; impudent ^. 
Braf, mk. s. a tkSiA lo called in contempt 

the offipring. 
Bravado, br&rT&'-d&. «. a boast, a brag. 
Brave, brjive. a. courageous, gallant, excellent, 

noble. (challenge. 

Brave, br&ve. t. a hettor, a bu!l!y ; a boast, a 
Brave, br&ve. v. a. to defy, to duaOenge. 
Bravely, br&ve'-l^ odL odurageoualy, gallantly. 
Bravery. br&'-vAi^.«. courage; magmficenoe; 

bravaoou boast. 
Bravo, biu'-v6. a. a man who mnideiB for bise. 
BratdL br&wl. o. n. to qpeak kiud and inde- 

BratH, brawl, s, quarrel, ncxbe. fcunrifity* 
^vwicT/ hr&V-lAr* f . a wraQgler 

Bhiwn, br&wn. «. tile flesh of a bears aboair; 
calf of the leg* 

Brawnineps. brfcw^HiipnSi. «. strength, hai 
Brawxiy. biAV-ni. a. musculQus, fleay, bulky. 
Bray, briL o. a. to pound, or g^riiid smau. 
Bray, htk. v. n. to make a noise as an a«. 
Bray^ bri. «. noise, socnd. 
Brayer, brii'-ftr. «. one that brays like an ass ; 

instrument to temper ink. 
Braze, bdoe. v. «. to solder with brass. 
Brazen, br&'-sik «. made of brassy impudent 
Brazen, brft'-zn. i>. fi. to bo impudent, to bully. 
Brazen&ce, bra^-cn-i^. <. an unpodem wretch. 
Brazenfaced, brii'-ui>fliste. a. impudent, shame- 

Brazennesg, br4'-cn-n&. *. appearance like 

brass; impudence. 
Breach, breiksh. t. the act of braakmg an> 

thing ; state of being broken ; a gap ; differ- 
ence, quarrel. 
Bread, brM. 9. food made of ground com. 
Breadth. brSd/A. s. the measure fnmi side to side. 
Break, or&ke. v. a. to burst or open ny force ; 

to destroy by violence ; to ovurcomo, to tame ; 

Break, bridce. v. n. to part in two ; to open anu 

disoharge matter; to open as themorainK* 

to bw-st forth; to become baukrapt; iotfo 

dine in liealth and strength; to fiEdl out 
Break, brlike. «. an opening ; a pauses an inter- 

mptxm; aline. 
Breaker, bi4'-kftr. t. he that breaks any thmg 

a wave. 
Breakfost, brSk'-f&st «. ». to eat the fint veal 

ia the day. 
Breakiast.Mk'-D&st t. the first meal in the day. 
Breast, bc&t ». part of. the bocfy; the heart 

the consdenee. [breast, the sternum. 

Breastbone, brIst'-bAne. «. the bone ef the 
BreasthiiEh, brisi'Jd. a. up to the breast 
**-eas^t, bf^^^ 7 a knot «f ribands 

ivom on me breast. fbveasi 

Breastplate, brSst'-pHue. t, amour for the 
BreastpUrag^, brSst'-pWA. «. a ploqgh driven 

by the breast^- ^ 
Breastwork, farSM'-wArk.«. works thrown up as 

high at the breasi of the defondaats. 
breath br^.f.the anr ontwo m andqiected 




Brealbe, Mtba. o. n. to drtw i^ tindtevMr 
«*#!• air ty tte lii^;y| to life, tonrt, to 
Mklct tesBtlii lownroiid. 

Breathtei^;. M'^nAi^. #. 

BreaSitoM, bi^'-lSs. c o«t ^ biettfli, fpent 

fired, brgd.jpar<. f»M. of A» fcverf. 
8reecb,M6iib. f. the lower p«i««f the body ^ 

the hieder pert of a piece of ordnaiioe. 
Breech, brMiab. v. a. to put iato bieedies} 1o 

iU with a bieeeh. 
Breeches, brhsft'^B. «. the gameBi won by 

men over the lower part of Uie body. 
Breed. brM. v. a. to procreate, to generate, 

loedticate, tobriiiff up. [breed. 

Breed, bi^^ 9. it. lo brine young ; to raise a 
Bleed, brMd. «. a cast, kind, progeny, hatch. 
Breeder, brM'-dikr. «. that which pfodiiees aiiy 

thing; die perso e which brii^ op anodier 

one that takes care to raise a breed. 
Breeding, brii'^flag. t. education} maaaenk 
Breese, br&^ «. a gende gale. 
Breezy, hr^-z^. a. fanned wMi gales. 
Brethren, brSro'-rdn. $. the plural fUmOm-. 
Hreviat. br^ve'-yftt. «. a short dompendium. 
Breviature, br&ve'-yft-tshAre. «. an abbreviatioii. 
Brevity, hrev'-^-ti. «. condseness, afaortness. 
Brew, orftd. v. a. to make liquon; to coatrhne, 

to plot. fbrewer. 

Brew, bM: e. n. to perfiinn tfie office of a 
Brewage. brAA'-ldje. t. mature of variousthhigB. 
Brewer, brd^-ftr. «. a-maa whose profiteioD it 

is to make l^eer. fed to brewia^^. 

Brewhouse, tMrftft'-hMs. #; a ho»e ^tpropriot- 
Bi«wins,bf56'->tng. 9. quandty of liquor brewed. 
Bitbe, bnhe.«. a giA to pervert the jttdgenent. 
Bribe^ biihe. e. a. to give bribes. 
Briber, farl'-bftr. a. one wbe pays Ibr eomiipl 

Bribery, brl'-bAr^^ «. the crime of tsldflg re* 

wasdi far had pra0ioes. 
Bii^, hAr «. a msas of burst <k^| a Ihof 

shaped Hke a brick. , . 
BiQhLihilL «. A to 1a^ wfth 0rie^ 
fridcUt, hrifcMiAi. «. e piece of bdck. 

vhn/^ fir: f to, fit j—mfef ""^rtpto^ P^>— 

" "' p-»-i-ii--'-i »' "4« « i4 . 

Biick'kBii,Me-tt.«. a (itoee 10 bm brkkan 
Bricklayer, bifk'-lk-^. /abrick-aaasoii. 
Brickmaker, brik'-mk-fcfir. «. cue iN^wse trade 
h is to maie bricks. [tial 

Bridal, bif -dftL a. bekKigiflg' to a wedchpg, nap 

Sride, bride. «. a wohma n^ly married, 
ridebed, bride'-bdd. «.«iarriage-bed. 
Bridecake, bride'-kake. «. a cake given tc les 

guests at a wedding. [maa 

Bridegroom^ bride^pMm. t. a new-married 
Bridemen. eiide'HB&i. / s . attendants on tfas 
Bridemaids, bride'-mltdi. ) bride and bride 

BndewelL bride'-wd^s. a house of conectioB. 
Bridge, bilcfie. «. a building raised over wata 

for the oonvanieBoe of oMmgej^i^of lh< 

]io6e,orofavkilhi. ' 
BrUSe. bri'-dL s. die heB«to|l and reins b 

whirii ft hone is goWerted } a reitrainiy 

cnecK. irBttraHiy coveix 

Bridle, bil-dl. e. e. to guide by a bndle: 
Bridle. bri' to hoh MO the head. . 
Bridlehand. brt'-dl.hkd. Z the hand whk 

holds the bridle in ricfing* - [nanew 

Briet br6^. a. Aort, coadie; oontracled. 
Brief, br^. «. a mrt extract or a>itome; 

writing givea to pleadan^OBWiaiiring the case. 

letten patent. 
Briefly, br^*!^. ad, concisely, m a fi>w werdik 
BriefiA(MS, brttf-nSs. s. c o n c is a a a w, AortneM. 
Brier, bri'-Ar. «. a plant. 
Briery, bri'4lb>rft. a, roi^. ftiU of briers. 
Brig^; br^ride'. «. a <fiviskNi of Ibroei, a 


I, ti^^-Ao-daS «.% oghl veoal ; a 
Bridit,brtie.ii>fliU«iHg,glitiiriog) daarj 1 

IrifcJuer-general^ bi%4-dttr'^-MU. 1 
oOkier n&t bfliq# a migor-generaL 

Brtgfrten, bi^tn. V. a. to laake bfightf to 
' loinoiiiLaleit, or MOta.^ 

d by google 





■A, ni&ve, nJW-, nAi'^^-^Ow, t&b, bftfl y— ^ ;— pA&iid i— /Ain, thw. 

Biilliaiicy, brft" ^in-a^ «. lustre, sptemkmr. 
BrilUant/bnl' jftui. a. sLiaing^ sparkline. 
BrilHa&t^ bril' jAai. «. a diranond of the finest 

6riiKtiiCDes», bi^->ict-Dls. s, spUuKfour. kistre. 
Hrim, brim t, ike edge of any thia^ ^ the to)> 
. of any liquor $ tbe bank of a fountain. 
Brim, farln. e. a. to fill to the top. 
Bnm. brtm. a «. to be full to the l^triin. 
Bnmmt, brfrn'-fAl. a. fiiU tn the 4np. 
Brimmctr, brim^ftr. s. a bewl full to the top. 
Brhnstene, bHm'-st^. s, snlphar. 
Brinded. biih'-d^. a. streaked, tabby. 
Rriodieu. brla'-cHd. a, tiriBded, Mrealced. 
Brine, brine. ^. water hoprcgnated with salt, 

the sea; tears. 
Bnup^, brlo^. e. a. to fetch; to attract, to con> 

<tuct; to induce, to prev«l upon. 
BrtDf^r, brlqg'-Ar.. «. the person wlio briiws 

Brinuli, l^-ntah. a. baring the taste of brine, 

hrinisbiiess, bri'^^shHuoL v. saHnessi 

1 rink, brink. «. the edge of any place, as of a 

precipice or a river. 
Ikiksk, brisk, a. lively, vivacuMt, gay $ briffhu 
iiridtet, bris'^klt s. the breast of an aaimaL 
<)riskty, brlsk'-Ml. ad, active^; vijgpornusiy. 
drisimess, brisk-n^ s. hvefmesR, %igour, 

bristle, brfa^. 9, the stiff hair of swine. 
Bristle, bris'-^i. v, a. to erect in bristles. 
Bris^, biV-sl. v.iuto stand erect as brisUesi 
Bri.<idy, Uy-t^, a. thick set with bristles. 
Brittib, bilt'-tl. a. fi-agUe, apt to break. 
Bntdeness; brit'*ti-dU. s. aptness to break. 
Bveaeli, br&ish. «. a spit. 
Broach, liriksb. v. a. to spit, to pierce ', to o^u^ 

to ffve out, to utter. [of any tbuig» 

Btwcher^ br&lsb'<^. $, an opener, or ntlcrer 
fi^«M},%riwd. a- wide, extended ; opcu ; coarse ; 

fiikbiiio. [ck)th. 

BraQikMi> brikwd^kI6£At «. a fine kind of 
fepf biiw'-dii. V. n, to etow broad. 
nf, hAvf^'^ otLimmmoaid maiiner. 
Ihflifin, lirihMl'^Blik f. breadUi^exti^ ft^m 

iikto «de : coamnea, ftJsBmeness. 
Jlmiite. teiwd'^de. «. the slue of a 


BnMulsword, br&w(i'-s6rd. «. 

broad biMb. 
Brocade, hr6-k4dc'. v<. a silken stuff variegated. 
Brocaded, br6-kA'-d^. a. dretised ui brocade f 

woven as brocade. 
Urocit's^e, br6'«lddjc. *. i\ic cain i^otten bjr pro- 
OMHkg bargains -, uic truc^ uf dealing in oti 
Biwcoli, bi-ftU'-kf^-lt^. s. a spcciei of cabbt»^c 
Broclr, brA'K. s. a badger. 
Bi*ocket, brftk -kit. *. a red deer. t'At> j-cars <M 
Brogue, l>r6g. s. a kind of shoe; a cumim 
dialect. [of ncccilework 

Broider, br6i'-dftr. v. a, to adorn with fibres 
Broidery, brdi'-ddr-r^. i, enilnoidery, flower" 

Broil, bri^l. «. a tunuik, a quarrel. 
Broil, brAfl. v. a. to cook bv laying on the roals 
Broil, brftH. v. n. to be in the beat. 
Broke, br6ke. pret. of to irreak. 
Broken, br^'-kn.poit.jktss. o^ break. 
Broken-hearted, orA-wj-liir'-tid. a. having the 

spirits crushed by grief or fear. 
Brisker, br6'-kdr. s. a factor, one who does I osi 

ness for anotlier. 
Brokerage, hr6'-k5r-!dje. «. tlic pay or reward 

of a broker. 
Bronchial, br&ii'*k^&l. \a. bok>ngin^ to tlic 
Bronchicki br&n'-kik. J throat. 
BitMize, bronze, s. brass ; a n)edat. 
Brooch* brddtsh. s. a jewel, an omamcut crt 

Brood, brftdd. -v. n. to sit on eggs^; to cover 
chickens unrler the w'ingi to consitler any 
tiling anxiously ; to m.iture by tare. 
BkkkC brdSd. r. a. to ilicrisii by care, to hatch. 
Brood, brftdd. «. ofispriiig, progeny) a hatch, 
tlie muober hutdied at once. [^S^ 

Browly, br65'-<Ui. «i. in a state of »tt: neon the 
Brook, brddk. «. a niiuung water, « ritulel. 
Brook, brd^. v, a. ta hear, to endive. 
Brociii, brddm. «. a shrub, a besom. 
Bi-ooiuy, brft&'-in*. 0. fullofbr(M»m. , 
Brotju bnV/t. s. futyor in wliict Ossb js beifod^ 
Brolhcl, brATH'-^l. «. a l>awdy-lK)Us*. 
Ikotbcr, Ni&T«^ Ar. s. a nnte jMim ef the MBit 
parents ; any one rescmblii\g.JMMdMr oil am 
uer, form, or prufcisioii ■ ^ "^^ 




F4te, fftr, f &11, f&t ^-mk, mSt )— pine, pfn j— 

Brotherhood, brATU'-5r-h5d. i. tbe state or 

quaihy of temg a brother; a fraternity. 
Brotherly, brftT^'-Ar^i^. a. such as beonnes or 

beseems a brodier. 
Brought, briwt. part. pass, otbrhg. 
Brow, hrdfi. s. U«e aitth ofhair over tkeemj 

(he forenead ; Uie edge uf aiivhifi^ place.' 
Biowbcaf, br^Q'-l«^te. r.a.lo depress witli stem 

Brown, brAftn. a. the nanie of a cotour- 
Bi"o\vii!ie»A brAAn'Hilb. s. a brown colour. 
Brownstudy^ brA&n-stftd'-d^ t. gloomy inedi- 

taUojis. [sI'.rul'S. 

Biuwse, brAftze. i\ a. to eat brandies or 
Bruis^, brddzc. c. a. to cnuh or maugte uitli a 

heavy blow. 
Brui-te. brdAze. «. a hurt with somotlii^ig bhint 

and neaN-y. 
Bruit, brftdi. s. nnr.oin'.-noiie, report 
Bmmal, brdft'-inAl. u. «'<^tonging to tlie winter. 
Bruiiett, br55-»i<'i . s. a wtiman unili a brown 

Brunt, brflnU s. sliork, violence; blow, stroke. 
Brush, brAsii. s. an insti-unient for rubbing; a 

rtide assault, a «l.iu k. 
Brush, brflsh. i;. a. lo ntb with a brush ; to strike 

with quickness. [skim lightly. 

Brush, brAsh. i>. n. to move wuH haste ; to 
Brushwood, bifj,h'-wArtil. s. rough, slirubby 

thickets. [brush. 

Brushy, brftsh'-^. a. n»uj(u or ^aggy, like a 
Brustle, brfts'-s!. v.,n. v,!«. 
Brutal. wM'-lAl. a. savngc, rnwl. Inhuman. 
Bnitaiity, brB5-iAr-V*-i^.' s. ssivngeness, churl 

ishness. frrsavnge. 

Bnitalize. brM'-ifi-llzc. r. v. lo ^mw Imita' 
brutailVyDrfi6'-t&t>i^. ad. elhijiisJtly. ijihuinanly. 
Brute, orft^t. a. senseic**!, UiicoascMMisj sav'agc, 

irraiiOiial ; rough, fefocions. 
Brute, hrMt. *. a creature wiilMmt itwison. 
Brutinr hrftdt'-^l. o.o. toiiu'ktf a man a brute. 
Bruttoh, brSA'-tisii. a. besuai, savage, ferocious ; 

Brntiriiiy, biM'-tbh-li «(. ui the mann^of a 

hnite. ,^ , [nest. 

9miUtaiem,btW'iMh-pes. «. brutolity, savase- 
BabUe, bfth'-bl r. a anaU bMler oTwatm^ a 


Babble, bfib'-bl v. ri. t# rise in bubblas} to nf 

with a gentle noise. 
Bubble, bAV-bl. v. a. to cheat 
Bucaniers, bftk-i-n^^rz'. Si American pirate^ 
Buck, bAk. 8, the Kquor in which cwtlies are 

washed ^ the male of fallow decr^rabbits, and 

other onmiaJs. 
Buckbasket, bftk^*b{U-kft s, the basket^iu which 

clothes arc carried to tlie wash. 
Kucket. bAk'-klt s. a vessel to carr^ water in. 
Ihickle, bdk''kl. s. a link of metal, vnth a tonguo 

or catch, made lo fasten one thing to another ; 

the state of tlie hair crisped and ciu*led. 
Buckle^ bdk'>kl. v. a. to lasteu with a ouckle^ 
I to conline. 

Buckler, bftk'-lftr. s. a shield. 
BucKrain, bAk'-rAm. s, a strong linen doth. 

stiffened with gum. * 
Bucolick, b^-kof'^fic. s. a pastoral. 
Bud, bAd. s. tlie first slioot wf a plant, a eerm. 
Bud, bAd. v. n. txt yot forth young shoots oi 

genns ; to be in the bk)om. 
Bud, bftd. V. a. to inoculaie. 
Budge, b&(Ue. r . n. to stir. 
Budget, )>Aa -jM. s. a bag; a store, or stock. 
Btifl; bof. f . leather prepared from the skin of 

the buifak) ; a cokwr. 
Bti/iSdo, b5f4&-lA.*«. a Idnd of wild bull or cow 
Buffet, bftf-flt s. a blow wiUi the fist 
JiufTet, bAf-r^t'. s. a kind of cupboard. 
Bullet, bAT-flt. v. a. to box, to beat 
Btiifet, bAT-f h. t). ». to piay a boxing match, 
guffeter, bAf-f h-tAr. s. a boxer. 
ButHeheaded. bAf -fl-fadd'^d. a. dull, stupid. 
Bu^Rxm, bAf'/AAn'. s. a man whose profesaioa » 

to make sport by low jests and autick poslnrei 
i^ufluonery, bAA(SAn^-Qr-<r&. s the practice of • 

bnfibon; low jests. ^ 

Hug. b<%. s. a stinking insect terror 

Bugbear, b^^-^uv. s. a frightful obiedy a AdM 
^^SSY' hAg^-g^. 0. aboundmg with Bugs. 
Bagte, bA'-gl. «. a shhniig hMd ofgiMi; 

Bimd, bild. «. a. to wake « frhiick ; lo raiM «^ 

thu^ cm a fcundatkwi. 
Buikl, b!kl. r. 11. to depeqd on, to rest oq 
muHder, blld'-Ar. «. he thqi MiiMii, i 




h&, mftve, nftTy niU j--tAbe, t&b| bftH ;— Afl }— pA&nd y-4/iin, this. 

Bii8diiiff, lillcMiBg. «/a ftbriek, an edifice. 
B^f bcUb^ «. a rouiid ront. 
Bidbeus, bAiM>is. a. coBOaiuBgbiia)!. 
Bul|^, MUje. V. ft to take in water, to (bunder ; 

BaSk, b&lk. s. magnitude, size ;' the majority; 

main (iil>riek : psrt of a butldiii|t jutting out. ' 
Bqlkineas, b&l^^nls. t . greatnoai of stature or 

Bulky. ItAf'kA. a. of rreat size tir stature. 
Bull, b&k 8. the mtOe of black cattle ; one' of 

the twelve ^gi» of the zodfack ; a letter pub- 

Bsbed by the oope ; a blunder. 
Ballbaitiiu^, bor-Mi-dng. «. the sport of baitii^ 

bulls with dogs. (courage. 

BuU-dos. b^MlAe. t, a doe remaakable for 
Roll-h^l. bAF-iigd. f. a ttudB feUow ; a 6sb. 
Bullet, b6K-lh. «. a round ball of metal. 
Bulihm, bAl'-ylbi. t. gold or silver unwrougbt 
Bulfitkm, b&l-l!sh'-^. s. the act or state of 

Bullock, bfti'-lfik «. a yoimg bull- 
Bully, bAl'-lA. s, a nda^, quanrelKni: felk>w. 
Bulwark, bflF-wfirk. si a fonificatton, security. 
Bum, b&m. s. the part on which we sit. 
Bumbaiikf, bAm-b&'-Itf. s. a bainff of die mean- 
est kind. * . 
Bump, bAmp. s. a swelling, a protuberance. 
Bumper, bom'-pAr. s. a cup uled. 
Bum^kiii, bflm'-kln. s. ac awkward, heavy 

nistick. ^ [cluster. 

Bunch, bdnsh. «. a nard himp. a knob ; a 
Bunchy, b(b'-sh^. a. growing into bunches. 
Bimdte, bdn'-dl. s. a number of things bound 

BuiMle, 1>ftn'-<i]. v.'^a. to tie in a bundle. 
BuBf^, bftng: tf. a stopper for a barrel. 
Bung, bflag. ». a. to stop up. 
Buf^bote, bang'4i6le. s.iiie bole at which the 

barrel is Btfed. 
BuDfp'e, bdng'-gl. «. ft. to perform clunuAly. 
Bongfei b&^-gl. v. a. to botch, to manage 


* — ' bAng<^. « abotch.aBawkwwdness. 
'^* - -^^ ,^ ^ \^ workman. 

^gDog-I^Aitlumsily, awk- 

«.* kiiid of sweet brea^. 

Bunter, bftn'-tftr. s. a fow^ ^-ulgar i 

Buo^, b&A^. 8. a piece or cork or wood ioal 

ing, t>ed to a weight. 
Buoy^ b6&^. V, a. to keep afloat. 
Buoyancy, b&M'-&n-s6. s. the quality of floating 
BaoY&nt, bftM^-ftnt. a. which will not sink. 
Bui-den, bftr'-dn. «. a bad j a bifth ; the verse 

repealed in a «Bng. * 
Burden, b&r'-du. v. a, to bad, to enctmil er. 
Hunlensofoe, b&r-dn-s&m. a. grievous, tiourle 

some. [uneasiness 

Burdensomeness, '•jftt'-dn-sftm-nftfi. *. weight, . 
Bureau, bA-rA'. *. a cl»estof diawers. 
Biu*gage, bflr'-g&djo. *. a tenure proper to 

ernes and town^i. * 
BurgeoLs, b&r-jdlse'. s. a burgoss ; a type of a 

particular size. 
Bun;ess, bJVr'-jIs. s. a citizen ; a representative 

or a towi corporate. 
Burgh, bflrgp. s. a corporate towi or borouffh. 
Burgher, bflr'-gftr. s. one who has a riglll tr 

certain pnviteges m this or tliat place. 
Burghei-sliip, Sftr'-gftr-shlp. s. tlie privilege a( 

a burgher. 
Burglary, bftr'-gli-r^. ». robbing a house by 

nl^t, or breaking ui with intent to rob. ♦ 
Burgomaster, b&r^g6-injs-iar. s. one employ- 
. ed in tl»e gmemmeni oT a city. 
Burial, b^r^n&-Si. s. the act of burying,' sepul- 
ture, iiiterment. 
Burlesouc,' bi!br*lfek'; a. jocular, tending to 

Burlesque, b5r-lSsk'. s. ludicrous language. 
Buriesque, blr-lSsk'. v. a, to luni to ridicule. 
Burliness, bftr'-l^-n&. s. bulk, bluster. 
Bur^y, bftr'-l^. a. big of stature. 
Burn, b5ru. u. a. to consume witli' firej to 

wound witli 6re. 
Bum, hftni, v. ». to be on fire j to be inflamea « 

with passion ; to act as fire. 
Bum. bdrn. ». a hurt caused by fire. 
Burning, bftr'-nfng. *. state of inflammation 
Burning-glass, bifr'-nfng-glis. ». a gtass which 

collects the rays of the sun. 
Burnish, bftr'-nfeh. ». a. to polish. (glossy. 
Burnish, bflr'-n?sh. v. n. to grow bright or 
Btirnisher, b&r'-nfsh-Ar. «. die person or ia- 

strumcnt that bum»«^'*« 




Fkte, ftr, (tA, i&t -f-mk, mk 'rfAaty pin }— 

Butt, bAt «. a mark} a man Ofioii wlioaa the 
compairr break their jetts; a vanet conUiin- 
ing one knadrad awl twanty-otf gsallom^ 

But( bAt V. 0. loHrika wiik tkebead. 

Butter, bJbMfir. t, ao uncUious sabsiwioe made 
(run cream. 

Butler, b&i'H&r. v. a. to smear witk butler. 

Burnt. bArnt. vart, past, of bum. 
Burr, oftr. «. ilie kbe or lap of tke |Mir. 
Burrow, bAr'-r^. $, a oarporaie town j a rabbit- 
Burrow, bAr'-r6. v. n. to mine as rabbits. 
Bursar, bAr'-sAr. ». the treasurer pfa coH^. 
Burse, bArse. «. an exchange where meronanii 

Burst, bArpt. o. n. to 'fly open ; to flv asunder. 
Bur^ bArst. v. a. to break wddeniy, to make a 

quick and violent disruption. 
Bury, b^r'-r^. o. a. to inter, to put into a grav«; 

to conceal. 
Bush, bAsb. «. u thick shrub. 
Bushel, bAsh^'il. «. a measure oootainine^ eight 

galloDS. Tbushy. 

BushinesB, bAsh'4-nfa. t. the qoality of being 
Bushy, bAsh'-^. a. thick^ fuU of small branches. 
Busily, htz'-z^l^.a<£. with huny, actively. 
Business^ bis'-nfis. 9. employment } an afllur ; 

tJio sumect of action; serious engagement. 
Busk, bCbk. s, a piece of whaktoie, worn by 

women to strengtlien their stays. 
Buskin, bAs'-kiu. ». a kind of taif boot worn on 

Uie stase. 
Biukined, bAs'-klod. cl dressed in buskins. 
Busky, bAs'rk^. a. %voody. 
Buss, dAs. s. a kiss 3 a boat for fishing. 
Bust. bAst «. a half statue. 
Bustle, "bAs'-sl. v. n. to be busy, to stir. 
Bustle, bAs'-sl. s. a tiimuh, a hurry. 
Bustler. bAsMAr. s, an active, stirring man. 
Busy, wz''il, a. empbycd ; bustling, active, 


Bu^, lib'^z^ V. 0. to employ, to ei 
Bu^body, hlz'-iMd-S. *. a 

tasiical person. 
Bui, IiAl roTi/, ex^pi ] yet, nevertheless 3 now; 

only; lli.iii'j li^vi evftf , howbeiu 
Hut-enH, b^i'-^iiH'. s. ihn blunt end of an>' thing, 
^utfjjer, bfit'-L^Ar. s. dim that kills animals lo 

wtil thfjir flesli ; one wIm) delights in bkxtd. 
Eutclier. Kfift'-tsiltur. c. a. to kil^to luurdcr. 
Btitclierly^ hAi-Uhar-U-. a. bloody, barbarous. 
Butchery^ b^i'-id I &r-r4. s. the trade of a buldi- 

cr I iourder. 
Butler^ hAt'4^r. *. a isn'ant cmpbyvid in fur- 

Atitiing the table 

Butterfly. bAt'-tAr-Ai. «. a benitiiul i 
Buttemulk, bAt'-iAr-mlUL «. the whey of cbum- 

ed cream. [fbreAooih 

Buttertooth, bAtMAr-tAAl^ «. the great, broac 
Butterwoman, bAt'-tAp^wAm-An. «. a womu-. 

that sells butter. 
Buttery, bAt'-^-r^ «. the room where mo 

visious are Imd up. Aai.. 

ButtDck, bAt'-tAk.s. the tump, the part near the 
Button, bAt'»ta. s. a^ knob or baU; the bud of 

a plant 
Button, bAt'-UL v. «. to dress, lo cktthe; to fas- 
ten with buttons^ 
Buttonhole, bAt -tn-h6le. #. the k)op m whic£ 

the button Is caught. 
Buttress, bAt'-«i1s. t. a prop, a supjMrt 
Buxom; bAk'-sAm. «. lively brisk; wailon, 

Buzomly, bAk'-sAm-l&. ad. waaionly, anioro«sl>'. 
Busomneas, bAk'-sAm-nis. «. wantonneas, am 

Buy, bl. p. a. to purchase, to acquire by puybg 

a price. 
Buyer, bl'-Ar. s. he that buys^ a purchaser. 
Buzz, bAz. o. 11. to htun, to make a noiae 


Bustard, bAs'-zArd. «. a degenerate spec iaa :f 

hawk 3 a bk)ckhead, a dunce. 
Buzzer, bAs -zAr. «. a secret whisperer 
By, bl. prep, it notes the a^;ent| ins 

cause, or means. (passing 3 in | 

By, bl. atL near, at a small diitanoe 3 bnmde, 
By-and-bv, bl'.&nd-bl'.atf. in a short time. 
By-end, 'bV4nd'. «. private interest, senwi ad 

By-law, M'-law'. «. a private law. 
By-name, bl'-n&me'. «, a niclamme. 
Hy-patii, b\'-p6dk', «. a private or obsove Milb 
By-kander, Uf^Om'^ 9, nioeker tm^Zm 

unconcerned. (pvoedi 

Hy-wonI, U'-wArd'. «. a prafviixi a mm^m 




wA, m5»t^aar, ■6<;— ribe^ tOb, bM?— W;— t)M»J^-<Mii,THii. 


aboot ikrtepfaHi. 
GMM^ kMtlF. t. iin ttcral tcieiice oT the He- 

ImMrffaWaii a bodf ofamiiinhed ' 

Cabalj ka md'* ti. it> te fonii don mtrMrees. 
-^^r^ lcll/«Mrt^. eneAUIediaSetn 

wtaf Cf Hie Hebrews. 
Gdtdktfoal, kAb-tMli'-t^kAl. ) .». , t^ 
CU>alktfek;k&b4MlB'^. J«-«*~*w 


nptoto lootM 


M&r. «. he who engages in ciose 
„ V an intriguer. 
CM9^, iclib'-bi!&. «. a ptent (clothes. 

Criibage, TdifaZ-bH^e. v. a. to steal in cutting 
Cabin, Idkb'-I^. «. imall chamber in a ship; a 

cottage. . 
Cabin, nb'-bln. v. tc. to five in a cahm. 
Cabin, klib'-^lB. e. a. to confine in a cabb. 
Cdiinet, ktb'-ln-^t «. a set of drawers for curi- 

eodett apnvate room m which consultations 

Cable, ki'-bL «. the jn^at rope of a ship toj 

w4iA the sodior is fastened. 
Caid[]e,lcllc'-kL a noise as agoose, 

orttMttilo giggrie. 
Cackle, kik'-U. sTtiie noi^ of a goose or fowl. 
Cackler, k&kMdr. «. a fowl that cackles; a 

Qaeodnmr, fatkf'%&^kim<>m^. «. a depravation 

«€tbe1iidniMnf!s from a sound state. 
C$MjpbKmyJdMff'^^^* ». a bad sound of words. 
Cacuminate, ^-k&'-iti^nltte. e. a. to make 

CmSt^fUtm, k&-d&v^4-rd8. a, having the ap. 
M— niiinH of a dead carea». [grdx 

GaMr ftAd^oA. s. a kind of tape ; a worm or 

kiMfeise. «. AH ofthe vncej a tone. 
„,_i?.4&it«.ftiniigdDwn. fteer. 

C«ta^lMSt<.«. a ysuBger brother; avohui- 
CMfciJMfc^ • magistrate aiuong the Tmks. 
^^ kl^d^k^ZUs. #riherod or wand 

' ^-«l4:«..teB^iepeyibfhll. 

Cssiira, s^-zA'-rl. «. a figure 

which a short syllable mr a cumplele i 

made km". 

Caftan, k&9l^. ». a Pernaa vest or garment. 
C9j/^ ng. «. a barrel or wtxxlen y^am oootain- 

mg fbitt' or five gauknis. 
Cage, kl^e. «. an enclosure for birds, or wiki 

beasts ; a prison fat petty malefactors 
T)age, kl^je. r. a. to encl<^ in a cage. ' 
Caioie, ka-|6le'. r. a. to flatter, to soothe. 
Caloler, k&*j^-ldr. t. a flatterer, a wlTeedler. 
Cajolery, Irfwiy liir-ri. *. flattery. [knave 
Caraff, W-tu <. a mean villain, a despicable 
Cake, kkke. s, a kind of delicate bread, [oven. 
Cake, k^ike. v. n. to harden as d<wb m die 
Calamanco, kM-&-mdiig'-k6. «. n kinu of wool- 
len sUiff. Iminous earth. 
Calamine, k&I'-ti-mlne. s. a kina of fossil bitu 
Calamitons. kd-lW-^t&s. a. miserable, unhap 

py, wretcned. [distress. 

Caiamitousness, kft-lftrn'-^-tfts-nSs. *. misery. 
Calamity, k&-Uun'-i-t^, «, misfortune, caijise of 

Calash^ k^-tftsh^ s. a carriage of pleasure. 
Calcaneus^ k&l-ki'-ri-iis. a. panaking of Uk 

nature of^cabc. [iboes 

Calcedted, kdl'-sb^-li-t&l. a. sliod, fitted witL. 
Calcination, kAl-s^n^'-shftn. «. chymical pu. 

Calcine, k^-slne'. v. a. to bum to a calx or sub 

stance eaaly reduced to prtwdcr. 
Calcine, klil-slne^ v. n. to liecome a cabc by heat 
Calculate, k&l'-kd-I&te. v. a. to compute, to 

reckon ; to adjust. 
Calculation, ku4.iVlli'-shfiu. .s. theartofnum 

boring ; tlio result of arithmetical operation 
Calculator, k&l'-kA-ik-t&r. s. a computer. 
Calculous, kdl'-ki-lfts. a. stony, gntty. 
CaMron, k&wl'-drftn.s. a pot, a boiler, a kettle. 
Calefaction, k&l-^flk'-sliftn. «. the act of heat 

ing: the state of being heated. [heats 

Calefactory, kil-^-f&k'-tfir4. a. that wfakt 
Calefy, k&l'-^fl. V. n. to grow hot, to be beaMn 
Calenciar, k&l'-&i-dAr. s. a register of the year 

an almanack. . 
Calender, k&l'-^n-dftr. v. a. to dress dotli. 
Calender, kftl'-Sn-d^h*. s. a press m which clb 

thiers smooth their dolh. ^ ^^ , ^ 

Jigitized by VjOO^ IC 




FJACf f ftr, f Ml, f&t 5-«in^, m^l ^—plne, pin y 

Calends, kftl'4ndz. «. the fint day of the month 
ainong the Romans. 

Calenture, k&l'-dn-tsh6re. «. a da#mper preva- 
lent in hot climates. 

Calf, k&f. ^. the young of a cow j the thick part 
of the leer. - 

Caliber, kdl'-^bfir. t. the diameter of the bar- 
rel urn gun. 

CalicOp kSuH^-ki^. s. Iiidi&u ^uff made of cotton. 

Calid, kriT-ld. a. hax, burning'. 

CaJiciity, kn-iy'^ci^ i^ *. hcyi. 

Cftlifj 1 1^1 f ,|j- J ^. it li Je assumed by the suc- 

Cnllph;, \ ( ceiJsMjrs uf Mahoinel among 

tlm ^BiBcmnii [uess. 

Ciifigtilion, rid) li-;gi'-sdiBi3. $. darkne^ cUmdi- 

Califiinaus, kitJiJjo'-^-nfts. a. obscure,*dim. 
' C&lk, k^vvk. IT. 41, io £top lilt! leaks of a ship. 

CaLker, kSLw'-k^r . s, qhg who flops the leaks of a 

Call, k&wl. r» a. to name y to summon or in> 
vile; to make a short visit; to stigmatize with 
some opprobrious denomination. 

Call, k&wl. s. a vocal .address ; requisitjon ; dir 
vine ^xMuition; an impulse ; command j a 
daim} an instnunent to call birds ', a nomma- 
tion. . [trade ;employroeDt 

Caning, k&wl'-iug. s. vocation, proiesaon, 

Caliosi^, k|l-lds'-s^t6. 8, a kind of swelling 
without pain. 

Callous, kalMfts.^. hardened, insensible. ^ 

Caliow, kAlM6. a. unfiedffe<|, wanting feathers. 

Callus, k&lMfis. s, an ijiduration of ttie fibres; 
the hard sulistance by which broken bones are 

Calm, k^. 0. quiet, serene; tmdisturbed.' 

Calm, k&m. 8. serenity, stillness; repose.- 

Calm. k&m. v. a. to still, to quiet; to pacify. 

Calmly, k&m'-l^.tuf. without storms or passions, 

r" Bliy. [freedom from passion, 

cess, klm^-u^. s. traitquillity, serenity; 

Calomel, kjU'-6-md. «. mercury six times sub- 
Umed. fof producing heat. 

Calorilick. k&l-6-iiF-!k. a. that has the quality 

Caltrops, k&l'-tr6ps. 8. an instrument made with 
three spikes, so that which way soever it falls 
to tlie grouira, one of them points upright. 

Calve, k&v» v. n. to bring forth a calf. 

r^lumniate k&-Iftro'-n^&te. v. a. to slander. 

Calumniator, kd-l&m'-ii^i-t&r. #. a krgm t4 

accusation, a slanderer. 
Calumnious. k&-HW-fiMb.a. slanderous, fhlsa 

ly reproachful. 
Jalumny, k&l'-Am-n^. t. slander, feke daatgp, 
Cals, kaiks. 8, any thing rendered redueiUe lo 

powder by bummg. 
Cambrick, kione'-brik. s. a kind of hue tinen. 
Came, k&me. preL of to come. 
Camel, k&m'-^. 8. a beast of burden. 
Camelot, ) i,a^, ,2, 5 «. a kind of stuff made 
Camlet, 'J ^t^ -»et. j with wool and silk. 
Camera Obscura, kSm'-^rWb-sk^-riL *» an 

optical machine used m a darkened chamber. 
Camerated, k&m'-^r-^-lfid. a. arched, [ardiing. 
Cameration, k&m-^r-i'-shAu. «.. a vauhinf at 
Camisado. k&m4-s4'-d6. «. an attack made m 

tlie dark, on which occasion th<sy put their 

shirts outward. 
Campj k&mp. 8. the order of tents placed by 

armies when they keep the fieUL 
Camp, kimp. v. n. to lodge in tents. 
Campatni, k&m-p&ne'. «. a lerge, open, level, 

tract Aground ; the time an army keeps the 

Campestral. k&mH32s'«trft]. a, growmg m fiekb. 
Camphire, k&m'-fnr. «. a kind of resin. 
Camphorate, k&m'-f&-r&te. a. impregnated with 

Can, k&n. 8, a cup. 

Can, k&a. v.n. to be able, to have power. 
Canaille, ki-dde'. «. the kwest people. 
Canal, k&-n&r. «. a basin or course ofwater made 

by art; a pass^ thraugji which anvoftne 

juices of the body flow. > 
Canary, k&-nii'-re. 8, wine brought finom the 

Canaries, sack. (singiisg bovL 

Canary-bird, k&-nli'-r^b5ixl. s, an 0]A»Uen% 
Cancel, j(ftn'-dl. v. a. to cross a writiag$ to 

efiace, to obliterate. ■ 
Cancer, kftn'-sdr. «. a crab^Bsh ; the mgn of tho 

summer solstice; a vnulent sore. X<^»>K:er. 
Cancerate, k&n'-^flr-r&le. v, n. to beeome m 
Cancerous, k&n'-s5r-&s. a. hetving Ibe vindeiioft 

of a cancer. 
Candent, kAn'-d&it a. hot. 
Caodkl, Ubmid. a. whiter fttr,<»ai,i 
1 w 




n&y mftvg, afir, nftt}— lAbe^ tftb, bftll)»^ ;«--pftftndj-"-ltoi, thii 

Cindidate, kln'-d^-d^te.' «. & oompetitor, one 

that soliats advancement 
Ctndidly, k&nf-dld-l^ auL fiuriy, iogemuMily. 
OaDdidneas, .k&n'-<fld*n^. #. ii^BMioiisneM, 

openness of temper. [low. 

Cindle. kin'-d). t . a light made of was or tal- 
Candleli^t, kW-dt-lhe. «. the light of a candle. 
Candlemas, kin'-dl-m&s. «. the -feast of the 

porificatfon of the Blemd ViKin. 
Candlestick, kibi'-dl-sllk. «. the uistiumeot that 

holds a candie. 
Candour, kftn'-d&r. s. sweetness of temper; 

purity of mind, iqgenuousnesi. 
Candy, kW-<il^ i^. a. toconsen'e with sugar. 
Candy, k&a'-d^. v. n to grow congealed. 
Cane, kkue $. a kind oTstrong reed \ the plant 

which yields the su^ar ; a lance; a reed. 
Cane,kiuie. v. a. to beat with a cane or stick. 
Camciilar, k&^nik'-6-l^. a. belonging to the 

6ag star. [dog. 

Canine, k&>nlne'. a. having the properties oi a 
Oaqister, k&n'-ls-tAr. t. a sroali box ; a vmoll 

vessel in which any thing is laJd up. 
Canker, k&ng'-k&r. », an eating or corroding 

humoar ; corrosion ; a disease m trees. 
Canker, kang'-kAr. v. n. to grow corrupt. 
Canker, k&ng'-kfir. v. a. to corrupt, corrode i to 

CannibaL k&n'-n^-b&l. ». a man^ater. 
Cannibanzm, k4n'-ti^-t>&l-!zm. .«. the manners 

of a cannibal. 
Canmbaliy^ k4n'-n^-b&l-l^. ad. in the manner 

of a cannibal. 
t^annon, kin'^nAn. $, a large gun. 
Cannonade. k&n-nAn-nltde'. ca. to attack or 

batter with cannoq. 
Cannoiyer, kftn-nAn-n^^. t. the engineer thai 

manages the cannon. 
Cannot^ kdn'-nAt. v. n. to he unahle. 
Canoe, kftn^nAA'. 9. a boat made by cutting the 

inmk of ft tree into a hollow vessel. 
Gandn, k&n<-An. ». a rule, a law ; tlie books of 

Holy Scripture ; a dignitary in a cathedral 

ft large sort ef printhw letter. ' 
Canonical, k&-n(Wr-^k&ra. spiritual, ecdesias- 

Ci^onieally, k&-n6n'-^-k&l-l^. od. in a manner 

H^reMble to the canon. 

Canonist. kAi^-nAa-uist «. a prateor of the . 

canon law. 
Canonizatkm, kAnHsA-n&»s&'-ihAn. t. the ad 

of dedahne asainu 
Canonize, kln'-BA-nize. v. a. to declare any 

one a saint. 
Canopied, k4n'-6-pid. a. covered with a canopy. 
Canopy, k&n'-^pi. «. a covering spread over 

Canopy, kln'-6^. v. a to cover with a canopy. 
Cant, kant. «. a corrupt dialect used by beg- 
gars and vagabonds $ a form of speaking 

peculiar to seme certain class of men \ a 

whimng pretenswn to |;oodiiess. 
Cant, k&ut. r. n, to talk m the jarcon of partic 

ular professions } to speak with a particuiai 

Cant, kluit. t>. a. to^ toss or fling awny. 
Cantata, k>bi-t^'>ift. 9. a song. [lop 

Canter, kin'-iJ'ir. f. a h}*pocrite 5 a short eal 
Cantharides, k&ii*</)4rVi-ofiz. ««Spanisi) mes 

used to raise blisters. 
Canticle, k&nMi-kl. 9. the song of Solomon. 
Canto, kdn'-t^. «. a book or section of a noem. 
Canton, kdn'-tAn. s. a small di\'ision of loiKi ; • 

clan. ' * [parte. 

Canton, k&n'-lAn. t\ a to divide uiio litth 
Canvass, k&n'-v&s.f. a kind of cloth wo\'en for 

several uses; solicitation upon an ekH:tion. 
Canvass, k&n'-v^. v. a. to sift, to examine ; ta 

debate, to controvert 
Ct-uvass, k&n'-vfts. r.n. to so^-eit 
Canzonet, k&n-z^^n^t'. 9. a little song. 
Cap, k&p. 9. the gannent that covers the lietid. 
Cap, klip. 19. A. to cover the too. 
Cap-a-pie, k&p4-p^. a, from head to foot. 
Capability, k4-pA-Wl'-^-t^. «. capacity. 
Capable, k4'-p4-bL a. ioteUigent. able, capa- 
cious, susceptible ;* qualified. 
Capablenese, ki'-pi-bl-nSs. 9. the quality or 

state of being capable. 
Capacious, ki-p^'-sbAs. a. wide, large, extcn 

sive, equal to great design. 
Capaciousness, kft-p&^-shA»-n^ 9, the power of 

holding, largewMS, [qualify 

Capacitate, ka-pas'-^-tato. v. a. to enabte, to 
Capacity, k&-plbr-{'«i. 9. powei^y^{l|iy 5 room i 

condition. o 




Ffcte, f ftr, ftoy f M j—foHif tok •f^tic, p!n ;— 

to ^rass pom- 

Cafttriflon, kl-pAr'-^^An. «» a itort lif cover for 

a horse. 
CapariaoD; kl-plr'rf-aAii. b.a. 

Ca)>&p kif c. t. n beidlcuid, promont<Nry; liie 

neck-piece of n doAk ot eaaL 
QAI>er, k&'-p^. i, tn leafi^ or jump ; an acid 

pickio. rrUnent, 

Cnper^ k&'-pAr. t^ n. to dance, to skip for nH;r> 
Capias^ k4^-p^-5fl. ^. n wrii of execution. 
CnplUary, kllp'-pTl4&-i«. a. rosemblin^ hain. 

Capital, kAp'^til. a. rel^uag \o the head ; 

f.'riujirha^ fii tfie hif Itcst degree 3 that which 

Rffbcts Jifc J diief/pHutipar 
Cnpiiiil, kAp'4-i4L $. the upper pert of a pillar 3 

the daief tity offi paljon. 
Capilatly^ kAp^-^-i41-J4 ad. in a capital 

xi as Ui aJcrt life, [heads'. 

C4ipitation, k^p-^-ii'-sli5n. e, numeration by 

Citpitulate^ ki-pfush^'-ij-Iiiev v. n, to draw up 

1 siiy thiag^ m Jicads or articies ; to J^ield 00 

certain stipulations. 
Capitulation. k&-}^tsh-6>]4'-fliiib. s. stipulation, 

tefuis, conditu»s. 
Capon, k&^-pn. «. a castrated cock. 
Caprice, k&-pr&^'. », fancy, whim. 
. Capricious, k&-pilsh'-As. a. whimsical, fanciful, 
Cdpnciousness, ki-prfsh'-fis^&i. s. humour, 

Capricorn, kAp'-pr^-k6m. *. oiie of the signs of 

liie zodiack, the winter solstice. 
Capstan, kdp'-8t&n> s. a cylinder witli levers lo 

wind up any great wcigiit. 
Capsular, k&p'-sluH-l&r. a. lioUow like a chest. 
Capsulated, klip'-shi!i-l&-t^. a, enclosed, or in 

a box. 
Captain^ k^-dn. s. the commander of a com- 

pam* m a regiment ; the chief commander of 

a smp. [of a captain. 

inship. k&p^'tln-sliTfiF. s. the rank or post 

atibn, K&p-t4'-8b5n. s. the practice of 

catcnmg frvoiu'. [Jwrson. 

Caption, K&p^-shftn. a. the act of inkmg any 
CaptKHUk kq>'-sbas. a. given to cavils, ins^ieus, 

Capttooily, kftp^-shAs-Ii. ad. with an incfinaUon 

Captiousness, kHp'-shfls-nls. «. induuttioii tv 

object; pee\'ishne8s. 
Capuvate, kilp'-t^vite. o. a. to bring inlo boo 

di^; to charm, to subdue. 
Captation, kftpA^-v&'-thftn. s. the act of tak 

ing[ one caplirc. 
Captive, k^>tiv. s. one taken in war ; om 

cnanhed bv beauty. 
Captive, k^p>t}v. a, madeprtsooer in wai. 
Captivky, Irap^v'-^t^. «^ bondage ; slavery 
Captor, jdip'4&r. ». he that takes |l (lisoner, or 

a prize. 
Capture, kftp[-tsh&re. «. the act of taking an> 

tkinr^ a prize. 
Capucnm, kHp-A-sb^&a^. «. a ckiak and hood, 

made in imitation of the dress of capuchin 

Car, kAr. $. a small carriage of burden 3 chariot 

of war. 
Cardbme, or Carbine, k&r-bine'. s. a smai 

sort of fire arms. 
Carack, k&r -Ilk. s. a laige diip of burden 

Curat, kftr'-&t. 9. a weight of four grains. 
Caravan, k^-l-v&n, t . a troop or oody of mer 

chants or pilgrims. 
Caravaasaiy, klLr-&-vftn'-8&-r&. s. a house for 

the reccptjon of travellers. 
Carbuncle, kAr'-bAuk-kl. s. a jewel shining is 

the dark ; red spot. 
Carcass, k&r'-kfts. 5. a dead body of an ^nimai ' 

the main parts, without compnetioii or orna- 
ment; a kind of bomb. 
Card, k&rd. 9. a paper painted y a note ; the 

instrument with which wool is comhed. 
Canlj klUrd. v.o. to comb wool. 
Canliac!k, kJkr'-d^k. a. cordial, invigorating. 
Cardinal, kftr'-d^-ii&l. a. principal, chief. 
Cardinal, k&r'-d^nA!; s. one of the chief goveni 

ora of the Romish churdi. 
Care, k&re. «. solidtode, anxiety, conoerBi 

cautioaj charge. 
Care, kire. v. be amnoos or solicitouss to 

be inclined; tebeafiectedwith. 
Careen, kl*rMsK. v. a. to cdk, to stop opleaka. 
Career, kft-fMr'. s. a ooiiiae,a race; fiiQ speed 




n&f mfWc, nlhy pftt ;— tAbc, tfib, bftU $— M f— pMnd y-^m, raJM, 

fiftnt. WSlOlnIk 

Carefully, klbw'4ftl4&a«(.bM(lftiDy^ watdiAiUjr. 
Curefilfaiessy klun'-IU-nSt. «. ^ngilaoce, can- 

Carelea0, kire'^. a. ttiicaiK)enie4, nerUg«Dt, 

beedlMi, niunilidAiL [mly. 

Cirelefliiy. Idbe'-lls-li. fL MgQ«BiiUy, heed* 
Qu^eBBOBUt ULnf^h-MM. : heedliiBiuiMi, in- 

Cireasy ■ kA-fii'. «. «. to Mdear,io feocfle. 
Caruas, fcl-iia'. a. an ad of endeiinneiit. 
Curat, k4'-rtt. t. a note whidi ahewa where 

waBJethiiy iateriinod ahcMikl be read, aa [a] 
Carip, kftr-g6. a. the lading ofa ahtp. 
Cancature, klr-lk-i-tahAra'. $. eiaggeral 
character, rediuadam in aome ef ita p^ms, ana 
defiKthre m others. 
Oiriea, kit'-rMs. a. rettenaeaa. 
Carioua. Idi'-r^Aa. a. roMea. 
Carle, nri a. amde, brutal man, a churl. 
Carman, klr'-nln. «. a manwhoae empioy- 

inent it b to dnve carta. 
CamMlite, kftK-m^llto. a. one of the order of 

Carminative, klr-mln'4pdv. f..aonMtfahi; that 
di^tela wind, and |iromotea inseiiaible perspi- 
Carminative, klr-nlu'-A-tfv. a. bekm|pn{^ to 

Carmine, k&r-ndne'; a. a powder of a bri/i^bt 

red or crimaon coJour. 
Carnage, idk'-dcQe. a. alaughter, havock. 
CamaE Kftr-n&i. a. fleshly, Itwtml, lechcroua. 
CamaSty, Ax-M-kAk. a. fleshly lust \ gmas- 

peas of nnnd. 
Oamatioii, kar-n&'-ahftn. a. the natural fleah* 

colour; apoi^. 
CameouBy kar'-ne-As. a. fleah^*. 
Carmval, k&r^-n^v&l a. the feast hold in Ko- 

ana CathoUck countriea before Lent. 
CamhoiOttS, klr^ihK-vA-rfta. a. flesh-eating^. 
Camods, W^aiba. a. fleahy 
CaieL fciKHflU.a.a aot^of devotion. 
Carol, kir'-r^. e. a. to sn«, to warMe, 
Carol. loHKHraL v. a. to praise, to celebrate. 
CaraMl|.^k^M'-z&l. a. a fratival. 
iCiroQiB, uMibaf. v. n. to drink, lo quaff 

Carouaer, kA-WMK-sfir. a. a i 
Carp, klip. a. a pood-flab. 
Carp, k&ip. V. n. to tenat^, lo evrS. 
Carpenter, klr'-pln-tftr. a. an artiioer in wood 
Carpet, kflr-pk. a. a coverii^ fer a ioor. 
Carpet, kir'-plt. v. a. to spread with carpets. 
Carping, kir'-plnr. part, a, captioua^ cenaorioua 
Carnage, k&r-ri^ie. a. the act of carrying «« 

traa^ortinff $ vebide ; bebavioor, conduct 
Carrier, klr-rMr.a. ooewh^ carriea aome 

thing; aaperieaof p^geoo. 
Carrion, kii^-r&^. a. tte carcaaa of aemothiia 

not proper for food ; curiupied fleab* 
Carrot, kar'-Hk. a. garden root. 
Carroty, k^-rftt-^. a, apeken of red hair. 
Cany, kAr'-i^. o. a. to coni«y $ to bear 3 to be 

have, to eenduct. 
Cart, urt a. a wheel-carriage for h^^gage 
Cart, kirt e. a. to cxpoae in a cart 
Cart, kirt v. m to use carts for carriage. 
Cart-blancfae, klrt-blAnah". a. a blank paper 

be filled up with such eandltiooa aa the pe^ 

aoo to whom'' * '^' * 

Cartel, k&r^£l' 

Carter, klr^-t&r. 

aoo to whom it ia sent thinka proper. 

a. a wndng contauiiug atipu.a- 

a. the man who drivea a cart. 

Cartflage, kli^-t^-tfdje. a^a griatle. 
Cartila|inoua, kftr.».aJSe%nfta.«. 

of gnatie. 
Cartoon, k^-tMn' 

a painting upon lar[*e 


Cartoucb, k&r-tUtsh'. a. a caae Av balb. 
Caitrklge, klr'-trfme. «. a caae of paper or 

parchment filled with guapox^tler. 
Cartrut, kirt'-r&t a. the trark made by a carw 


Cartwrlght, klrt'-rLle. a. a maker of carta. 
Carve, Mrv. r. a. to cali 
meat at tlic table. 

t wood er atone ^ le cw 

Ciirve, kiUv. .v. n. to esccrdae the trade of a 

sculptor } to Dcrform at table the oCioe of 

attpplyinfi" the company. 
Carver, kir'-v&r. a. a acalpiir ; he that cma 

up the meat at me table. 
Carving, k&r'-^iiig. a. aett«pture, figore carved. 
Caacade, kAa-a&ffe'. a. a caiaaact, a f4all. 
Caae, kiae. a. a box, a aaeath j amta m^ 

contingence , die variation ef aoooa. 




¥kl9, fkr, fldi, f^^— m^, mil 5— f^c, pb y 

€§96; k&w. «. a. to put IB a cate or cover } to 

stnp off the coveriuf. [the outside. 

€a9enardei:> k&se'-hlr-dD. v. a. to harden on 
Casement k&ze''-in&it. «. a window opcaiiig 

uDon hingQir 
Cash. k&ab. s, money, ready nMmey. 
Caihier, k&'Sh^. t, he that has charge of the 

money. ' ^ [from a post. 

Cashier, ki-sb^r'. «. a. to discard, to dinniss 
Cask> kask. s. a barrel. 
Casket, k&s'-klt. s, a small box for jewels. ' 
Casque, k&sk. s. a hchnet; armour ibr the bead. 
Cassate, k&s'-site. o.o. to vacate, to invafi4atia' 
Casspck, k&s'-siU^. s. a close garment. 
Cast, k^. u a. to throw with the hand: to 

moult: to lay aside} to compute, to reckon 5 

to moa^l, to form. 
Cast, k&st. V. n. to oonurive; to admit of a form 

by casting or moiling : to warp. 
Cast, k^. 9. the act ot casting or throwing; a 

throw; motion of the eye; a mould, a f&ra; 

exterior appearance, manner, air. 
Castaway, kftst'-^^wLt. a person lost or aban- 
doned by f rovidence. 
Castigate, kas'-t^g&te. v. a, to chastise, to 

punish. [correction. 

Castlgation, k^t^g&'-shftn. s. {mnishmeni. 
Casdgatory, klbt'-t^g^-tor^. a. punitive. 
Castle, k&s'-sl. «. <i house fortified. ^ 

Castor, k&s'-tftr. s, a beaver. 
Castrate, k&s'-tr&te. v. a. to geld. 
Castsation, k&s-tdi'-sbftri. ». me act of gJeMinjv; 
Casual, k4zh'-6-&l. a. accidental, arising front 

chajice. [out design. 

Casually, idah'-ii-i^ih. ad. accidentally, wiiU- 
Casualty, klbh'-&4l-t£.«. accident, a thing hap- 
pening by chance. 
Casuist, kCzh'-ii^-lst, t one that studies and settles 

cases of conscience. 
Casui^cal, k^h-&-?s^-4^k&I. a, relating to 

cases of conscience. [casuist 

CasuistrV; kftzh'-6'is-trA. s. the science of a 
Cat, kAt. 2. a domestick animal; a sort of ship. 
CaUchrestical,k&t-&-kr&'-te-k&}. a.ibreed, far- 

fetchea. - ^ [dation. 

Cataclysm, kftt'-&«kflzm. «. a deluge, an inun- 
Cataeomb8> klit'4-k6mz. «. subterruieoas cavi- 

tMi ibr the t?«rial of tke dead. 

Catalogue, k&t'4-lAg. s. an f<iiMneri<ip« ef ptf 

ticutars, a list 
Cataplasm. kftt'-inalAaii. «. a jposHioe. 
Cataract, k&t'4-riSkt «. a iUl ef water, a cm 

cade; a disease of the eves. 
Catarrh, ki-tir'. #. a defliumii of a sharp se 

nun irom the glands about the bead and 

tliroat ^ 

Catastroplie. k&^tlb'-tr&-ft. s, the revohuion 

wliich produces the final event of a drainatick 

piece : a final event, generally unhappy. 
Catcat, kit'-kall. s. a smieakine instrument. ~ 
Catch, k&tsh. r. a. to lay hoQ on, to stop, to 

seize, to ensnare, to eutang^. 
Catch, itAtsh. v,n. to be contagkvus, to spread 

Catch, k&tsh. s. seizuro, the act of seizhog; 9 

song sung in succession ; an advantage taken; 

the thhig caught; a4aint; any tEiug tha. 

catches. fM 

Catchpoll, kitsh'-pAle. s. a 8ei||;eanl. a burobai 
Catchword, k&tsh^-wArd. 5. the wdra at the cu 

neroftliepage under the last line, which -§ 

repeated at the top of the next page. 
Catechetical, k&t-^-kSt'-^^k&l. a. con^sting -- 

questions and answers. 
Catechise, k^t.'4-k^ize. v. a. to instruct by as* 

ing questions; to interrogate. [duse 

Catechiser, klit'-6-k61-zfir. ». one who cate 
Catechism, k^t'-^-k?zm. s. questions and a; 

swcrs concerning religion. 
Cateclilst, kat'-^klst. s. one wfavMe charge m i- 

question the unuistructed concerning leUgior 
Catechumen, k&t-^-kA'-mSn. s. one who is yet 

in the first rudiments of Christianity. [tive 
Categorical, kftt-f^r'-^k&l. cu atookite, posi 
Categorically, k^-e-g6r'4-k4l4. ad, positively 

expressly. [ideas. 

Category, kAt'-i-gftr^. t. a classy an onier of 
Catenariau, k&t-d-iw.'-r^&n, a. relating to a 

chain. rconnexion. 

Catenation, kAt4-n&''shfin. «. Imk, regular 
Cater, k&^-tftr. v. n. to provide food, to l:»iy m 

Caterer, ki'-tfir-ftr. *. a purveyor. 
Catereas, k&'-tfir-rPs. «. a woman taajfioy^ to 

provide victuals. 
iCaterpilar, k&tMAr-pil-l&r. «. a worm} a pta0 




ii6, mftve, dAti ii6t;*-tAbe> tAb, bA)t^-^M ;— pdAmi y--iftin, thIs. 

Cileriraii^Mt''«&Nwiwi. «. n. to niak« « noise 

Gttsut Klt'-gAt «; a kmd of cord or irmoT 

Wbich fiddle strii^ are ittKie; a kind <?C!an- 

va« tor hdietf work. 
CaUivtick, k4-(AJb'-t!k. a. porgath-e. 
Citiikbral, kArCft^'-dril. a. epiwopal, contaNni^ 

fhaseeofa^bbhop. ^ [dioeeaa. 

Ca&edral, kA^t^-^drll. 9. the head dmrdi of a 
OufhoBck, kliii^O^QL a. wiivena) or general. 
Cathfdicon; k&-(AAl'.^6n. 9, a untversal mSd 

kfaie. ' 

CatopCfical, kll4{/-trMcll. a. relaluig 10 the 

catoptricks. or YirioB bjr refiectkm. 
Cato^ekB, kfttH5p'*tiilts. j. thai jmrt of ofilicks 

which areata of Twon by reOectton. 
Oitoop, klilA'^ #. a kind of pickle. 
Cattle, kftt^U ». beasts of pMture, not wiM nor 

I Candle, kK,w^dl.«. a mixture of wme and other 
I innediek.t9, ghren to women in chiMbed. 
Canf, k&wf. «. a chest wHh hotel, to keep fiah 

afive in the Mrater. 
Caol, kawk. t. a coarse, talky spar. 
Caal, kiwi. 9. any' kind of simfl net) the ii 

nnent I A which the ffuts are enclosed. 
CanKflower, kAI'-l^JU-ar. t. a qtedesof cab^ 

Oaanble, kiw^-zA-bl. a. Aat may be casMed. 
; Cauad. kiw'-dil. a. relating to causes. 
Csiuatlfe, kft.w'-a&'tlv. a. tmit e xp r e ss es a causa 
or reason. piugadon; part}'. 

; Caase, k&wz. t. a reason, motive, subjoct of 
; OnHn||lwz.o.a.toefieetasanagent. [mottva. 
I Cameksi. kiw^MSs. a. wittoui ^ ground or 
CM Mel eawy, klwa^-les-li. ad, wnhoot cause. 


Caawyyk&w'HBi. (t. a wav raised and 

CaoMway, kawa^wt. ( paveo- above the 

99Bt af the sreund. 
CtmMk, timtf-^, 9, a buniinar applicatioa. 
Cma^brnkaOlkKk, kiw4arHPMt^-««ia. s. the a 

«rhHMg with hot iraos. 
Caartttto, k|w'-t&r4ze. v. a. t6 bora whh the 
» ' 

UiiK;tftr>r&. t. an iron fbr burnkng $ a 


Caytion^ k&vr'-iiifta. «. prudence, fevMighi; 

Oautlan. k^w'-shfln. v. a. to warn, to give do> 

CautkMiary, y^w'-4fafin4-r6. a. given as a 

pledge, or in serurity. ^ 

Cautions. k&u-^*sliAs. a. wary^ watchful 
Cautiously, k&w'-ah&s-l^. OCT in a wary roanner. 
Cautiottsiiuefls^ k&w'-shAs-nls. «. vvatcbfuhiess, 

,\igi)anco, curcumspoction. 
Cavalcade^ k&v'-ftl-klUie. «. a procession cs 

Cavalier, k&v4*l^r'. t. a horseman, a knight 
Cavalier, kftv-ft-liif', a. gay, sprightly, eeae- 

rous; haufhty. [Miy, 

Cavalierly, Kftv-4-lMr'-I^. ad. haughUiy, disdain- 
Cavalry, iGav/4M. t liorse-troaps. 
C^ve, fcavo. «. a cavern, den, hoUow place. 
Caveat, k^'-\*^L t. a law term to prevent pro- 

ceedincsj awaming. 
Oavem, lLftv'«ftm. 9. a noUcm place in the grouno. 
Cavernous,. kAv'-5r-i\&s. a. full of cavents. 
CavH, kAV-ll. 9. a folse or fin\'okN]S objectkm. 
Cavil. kftv'-iL o. n. to raise frivobus objections 
Caviller, k&v'-vfl*^. 9. a captious disputant 
Cavity, k&v'-^-t^. «. hoUowness, a hoOow. 
Caw, K&w. r. n. to cry as tlie rook, or cnnv 
Cease, s^. v, n. to leave off, •stop, give ove • 

to be extinct. 
Cease, s^. «. a. to put a stop to. 
Ceaseless, s^se'-lSs. a. incessant, perpetual, 

Cecity, thf-kAk. «. Uindneap, privation of srhu 
Cedar) s^«dAr. s. a tree, the wood of tlie ceaar- 

tree* ^ (anodter. 

Cede . s^. v. a. to yield, to resini, give up to^Kliine.a. hekmgmgto&eoBchur-tree. 
Ceil. s^. V. a. to cover the inner roof of a 

buikUi^. <« 

iCeittng, ak'4tDg. t. the inner root 
"Celebrate, sSlQ^brite. v, a. to praise, to com 

mend ; to distinguish by solemn rites. 
Celebratkm, sSt-^brli'-ahftn. s. solamn performs 

ance, praise, memorial. 
Celebnou8,sft-l^-brMis. a. fomous, renowned. 
Celebriously, sfc-lfc'.brMkfrJ*. ad. in ar^ 

Celebrtty,s4-l«^|^V«i<»W»«ti«l*»» -^ 




Cel6ifty> oi-Jlr'Hnft^t^. 5.. swiftness, speed/ ve? 

CetosaaJ, a^l^-tihlll. a. heeviunhr. {eo* 

Celestid, s^-l&'-tsh&i. s. an iiUiaUtant of facHiVf 
Celea(iali5*> a^-Ufs'-tsk&l^. <»/. in a heavenly 

IfAtCy f JTy f ftM, fk ^-<afe, llA ?— ptoCy fill ^ 

OelibacV; »§F44>&>s^. «. single life. 

OeU> sdfi. ». » small cavity cr holknw place ; tfao 

cave or little habitation of a religious persoH} 

a small and close apartmeut in a prison. 
Cellar, sSl-ldr. 9. a )j)aca under graond, where- 

stores are rcposit^. 
Cellarase^ s^^-lftr-idje. «. tlie part ofihc buikl- 

ixtf wni^ makes tm cellars^ 
CeUulafy sel'-lA-i&r. «. consisting of little cells 

or cavities. 
Cenfent, slm'-m&il. s. the mJatter with whkh 

two bodies are made to cohere. 
Cement, s^ro^nl'. v. a. to nnite by means of 

something interposed. 
Cement, s^m&ii'. v. n. to come luto cpi^unetioo, 

to cohere. 
Cemetery, s&n'-m^t^r-^. «. a burial place. 
Cenatory, s&i'rnli-tdr-^. ^a. reiotiug to supper. 
Ceuoiapn, s§u-^t&f. t. a moaomcnt for one 

Cense, sdnse. ^.publick rate& [bumecK 

Censer, sSn'-sdr. «. the pan in which incense is 
Censor, sSn'-s6r. s. an oflker of ancient Romef 

one nven to censure. 
.Cenaorian,8fo-fi^HfiMui. a. relating to a censor. 
'Censorious, s&i-96'-r^-&s. a. addidcKl to censure. 
Censorioilsness, s&a-i^-rMs-u&k s. disposition 

to reproach. t^or. 

Censorship, s^n'-s6r-sb1p. s, ttie office of a ocn* 
Censurdl>ie,'s&:t'-sh&Hr&pDl. a. culpable. 
Censurablefiefls, s^i'-sh^^bl-nes. 9. blamea- 

hlencss. [proach. 

Censure, sSn'-sh^ «. blame, reprimand, re- 
Censure, s&d'-d:^. X). a. to blame^ 
Cent, s&tt.^. aiiundrcd. 
Ccnteur, sen'-t&wr. s. a poetical beiW, suppos- 
ed to be Gfmipounded of a i^aa and a hoc90$ 

the archer in the zodiack. 
Centeoary, s&i'-t^n&*r6. #. the mmbeir of a 

Dentemihd, s^^tln'-n^&L a. ,consisthi< of a 
-"niired years. 

CentesimalyS&tr'tgs^-^^mlha.iHHiriwdiii. ^ 
Centiiiede. sen'-t^-pM. 5. a poisonous insect 
Cfeotrai, seu^'tdll. a. retathitr to the cenlve. > 
Centre, s^rtAr.». the middle^ . -^ 
Centre, s^n'-t&r. ts a. to place on a centre. 

Centritugal, s6n-trl^*gAl. a. having the()uaii 

ty of reeeding from t^ centre. 
Centripetal, s&t-tt%»'«^*t&l. a, liaving a telideney 

to tlie centre. 
Centuple, sSit'-tilk-pi. a. a hundred fold. 
Centurion, aibHA^-r^ftii. t. a miiitary sfiicar 

who comntanded a hundred men. 
Century, sSn^'^sh^^. 9. a huodkred years^ 
Cephalick. s^^AF-hIb. o. modicbial io the kead 
Cerate, sr-rai. 9, ft sah'« made of wax. 
Cerated, 8^-r6-ild»«. waxed. 
Cere, sctc. v. a. to covw with wax. 
CereiiieBat,sire^-Bidnt.'ir. dotbes dipped hi meli 

ed wax{ witli which dead bodiet wer^ infolded 
Cer«niomaL fSk^k'Tskf-vkM, a. formal, oi>ser> 

vant of old forms. 
Ceremonial, sih^'uAf'-viik^ 9. outward fora , 

external rite. • « 

CereaMmiouS) sdr-^ni6''n^s. a. full of cercr 

roony, civil and formal to a fiKuH. ' 
Cerenioniousiy, sdr-^^mi'-n^Aa-l^. wL in a 

.ceremonious manner, formally. 
Ceremony. s&/4-m6^. s. external form in re 

ligipn; rorws of civility; outward 4bnn8 d 

state. (mined 

Certain^ s&r^4h. «. sure, indubitable; deier 
Certainly, s^r'-dn-li. ^m^w tndnbitabiy, wiUmnii 
.fail. [fixfta 

'Certainty, 8&*'-t?n-t^. s. that wtsch is realflatf 
Certes, aSr'-t^. ad, certainly, in truth. 
"Certificate, sSr-tif-i-k^t. s. testimony in writiRg 
Certifyrii^'^fl't'.tf.. to give cevtatu inforoia 
Certiorari, s^8hM^rft'*ii. s, » writ issuing iout 

of the C^nceiy^ to call up the recordsof a 
. cau.% therein <fepending.^ |fifom doubt. 

Certitude, s&r'-tMAde. 9, oeftaiiUy, fiseedon 

Cerumen^ s^rA'-nfo. «. the wair of.i«be e«r. 

Ceruse, se'-r^. «. wtute lead.. 





ub^ wAn, n&r, nAt ;— t&be^ iftb, bWl 5— dfl >— pdAnd }— 4^, thIs. 

rates. , [catioa; apauseoflm 

Ces88tioii, aes-aa'-mB. «. m afcop, a rest. 

the act of layiiig 

^, ^, ,a va- 

CeoUile, y ufcb L a. eaiy to ^ive wa^. 
Ceflsum, Ksh'-tb&ii. «. the act of ^vmg way 3 

CeaamentyS^-inSnt ». aatiroarincnt or tax. 
O^Bbu, dBf4^ «. tliagifdla of VenuB. 
C0titc(kmBr9h4k'<kAL o. of tbe whale kiad. 
Chafe, ttmSb. o. a. to warm with mbbinf ) 10 

maka aarnr. 
Qtafe, tflUSb. V. II. to fict, to fiana. 
Chafe, tihife. «. a heat, rage, liiry. 
Cha$ tshAf. >. the tiu9ks ofcorn. 
(%a^, tskftf •Ar. o. ft. to haorie, to bargatn. 
Cha/^rer, tah&f-fSr^r&r. i. a miyer, baivaiocr. 
Chafff,tiM'§h, a, like rhafi; fiiB of cfaa£ 
Ohafii^dish, tsfa&'-fiog-t&b. t. a portable grate 

Chagtkif sb&-gi#n'. «. ill huDioary vexatl'm. 
Oha^rki/' afaft^r^'. o. a. to vex, to put oot of 

Cha&vnh&ne. «. a series of links. 
Chain, tsh&ne. «. a. to fastea witb a chain. 
Chair, tsh&re. #. a moveable seat ; a sedan. 
ChairmaD, tah&re'-mfta. «. the preadent of an 

myiiirWy^ 00a who carries a ciiair.' (peditioii. 
Ofaiofe, mm, s. a coirit^ of pleasure or ex* 
Chaldron, tshA) -dr&o. 9. a measureof 36 bashels. 
Cbalke, tsh&f-li. 9. a comnMiiuon cap; 
Chalk, tslilwk. «. a white fbssiK 
GhafiE, yJbrk. v. a. to mb or mark m^th chalk. 
ChaBLy, tsh&wk'-k^. a. coosatifag of obalk. 
Chailei^, fshy'4ii^e. v.o. to call to a contest }. 

laaecaBB} ta-claim. 
Challenge. tsh4l^l^je. t. a summons taeom» 

bat$ a demand of seeaetbing as due. 
Chalybeate, k&^tibMs^t. a. mipregnatedwith 

trea or steel. 

Cham^tier, tsh4meM>Ar. «. an ap»tment in a thedrai sen'iqe. 
house, geoeniJhr osed ibr those appropriated Chant, tshftiit s. song, mefody. 

U^ktdf^, [intrigue, 

Chaiaber, ' tihime^-b&r. «*. it. to be wanton, to 
Chamfaartain, tshAme'-bAr^n. «. the sixth dffi- 

ear of the crowa ; 1^ servant who has the care 

'.^iiainbMiiiakl, tsyune^-bAr«iide. 9. a maad 
"^ ' I is to dress a lady. 

Champ, tslidmp. v. cu to bite whfa a ftequeal 

acuou of the teeth. 
Champ, tsh&mp. v. n. to perform fircqueotly the 

action of bitinff. 
Champaign, shCm-p^ne'. 9, a kuf<dofwincj a 

flat, open country. [room. 

Champignon, aliftm-pln'-y&n. j; a kind ofmush- 
Chani)^n, tsMW-pd-fia. «. a hero, a stoui 

Chance^ tsh&nse. 9, fortune, accident. 
Chance, tsh&nse. v.n, tm namn, to full out. 
Chance-medley, tsbftnse-mM'-l^. 9. the casua. 

slaughter of a man,, not altogether without the 

fault of the slayer. « [church. 

Chancel, tsh&n'-s^. 9. the eastern imrt of the ' 
Chancellor, tsh&n^-sSI-lfir. *'. an officer of the 

highest power in the court where he prpsides. 
Chancery, tsh&n'-sdr4. 5. the court of equity 

and conscience. 
Chandelier, ahftn-^l^lMr'. t. a branch for can- 

dies. [make candles. 

ChaiMller, Isli&ndMftr. 9. one M^ose trade Is to 
Change, tshlmje. v. a. to put one thing in the 

^ace of anoUier ; to discount a larger piece 

of money into.sevet^ai smaller ; to alter. 
Change, tshAnje^ v. n. to undeivo change, to 

sufler alteration. [small moiiey. 

Change, tdi^je. 9. an alteration 3 a novelty,; 
Changeable, tsh^je'4-bl. a. fickle, mcoiistaiitl 
Chahgeableness, tsh^je^-d-bl-nes. 9. mcon- 

stancy, fickleness. 
Changeably, tsh4nje<44>l^. ad. inconstantly. 
Changeling, tsli^je^-Ifng. 9. a child left in the. 

place of another : an idiot : one apt to change. 
Channel, tsh^'-n^l 9. the hollow bed of run 

uing waters $ any cavity drawn longways j a 

strait or nsurrow sea. 
Channel, tsh^i'-^iSl. v. a. to cut in channt^s. 
Chant, tsh^it v. &. to siug$ to sing in the o 

thedrai ser\'icG. 

Chanter, ishdnMftr. «. a singer. [his crow. 
Chanticleer, tshllii'-t6-kl^r. *. the cock, fiiom 
Chantress. tsbdn'-trSs. 5. a woman singer. 
Chaos, kii'^-fts. s. ccnfusioa, irrcffular mixtarc. 
Chaotick, kirtA^k, a, resembHng chaos, eoa 

fiised. > 

Chap, ishAp. tf. 0. to divide, to opea ^ 




F&te, fir, fin, (lltj— m^, mSt ;— pine, pliv 

ChafKldiOpi. «. a deft, a chink 5 the upper or 

oiKwr part of a beasrs momh. 
Chape. tih4i)e. 1. the catch of any thing by 

wbicbit is nekl in its place. 
Chapel, tsh&p'-^. s. a place of divloe x^tiraliip. 
Chapelrv, taiiAp'-p^r^ «. the bounds of a 

chapeu . [.ubmnk. 

Chaplain, t^p'-f&ln. a. having tlie nioudi 
Chaplain, tsiil^ diu s. be that attends the king, 

or other great porsonf to perform divine ser- 

Chaplet, tsh&pVl^t. s. a garland or wreath to 

be worn about lite liead. 
Chapman, Uthap-m^. s, a dieapener, one that 

oners as a purchaser. 
Chapter, tstiap'^tSr. s. a division of a book ; an 

assembly o<' die clercy of the catltodral. 
Char, isHikm. s. tvork done by Uie day. 
Char, tsh4re. v. n. to work at others' bouses by 

the day. 
Character, k&r'4k-t&r. t. a mark, a represen- 
tation X a letter j a representation of any man 

as to his personal qualities ; the person with 

his assemblage of qualities. 
CharacteristicK, k^-ik-t^-xV-tlk. a. po'roting 

out the true character. 
Characteristick, k&r4k-t^-i:V-t!k. «. that which 

constitutes the character. 
Characterize, kir^-&k-t^rixe. «. a. to give 

ipharactor, to mark, describe. X^<^* 

Charcoal, tsh^-k^ie. «. coal made by binning 
Charge, tshSirjc. v. a. to intrust i lo impute, to 

accuse ; to command ; to attack ; to load 

Charioteer, tshlr-i^-At-t^. f . be thi^ drives « 

Charitable, tsh&r'4-tft-hl. a. kbkl iu givio| 

alms, or m judging of oibers.. 
ChariUbly, tsh&P4^Mil& ad. kindly, mierally 

Charity, fshft^4-ti. «. kindness, kyve ; liberatii^ 

10 the poor ; alms. 
Cliark, tsblrk. r. a. to bum to a black cindei. 
Charm, tsli&rm. s, a speH or eacbaiitmeni. 
Charm, tsb&rm. tx «. to make powerful h> 

charms j to subdue by some secret power. 
Charmer, tsli&r'-mftr. «. one that has the pov^-ei 

of enchantment} one that capti^-ntcs th« 

Charmmg. tsh&r'-ming part a* pleasing iu tht ' 

highest degree. 
Charndngly. tshHr'-nilug-l^ ad. in such a man 

ner as to iMease exceedingly. 
Chamjl-house, tsbir'-oel-hAfise. «. the place 

wliere the t)ones of the dead are reposiied.^ 
Chart, k&rt,ortsfa&n.a.a delmeatkmofcoasts 
Charter, tshar'-tAr. g. a writing bestowing pri>'i- 

Icges or riglits. 
Chartered. tsyU"-t&rd. a. pri\-ileged. 
Chary, tsha'-r^. a. care&l, cautknis.' 
Chase- tsh&se. c. a. to huut ; to pursue. 
Chase, tsMise. ». po-suit; buimng match; the 

game hunted; open grouud stored witn 


tdilrje. <. .care, eoslo^y ; cmwnand 3 
iKvusiiik>n ; thing intrusted : cost j attack ; 
the qaantity of powder and ball pi|t into agun^ 

Chargeable, tsl&^-j&-bl. a, expen^ve $ imputa- 
ble } aocusahle. 

Ch|dveablene9s, tslilr'-j^-bl-nls. s. expense, 

Ohai^geably* tsl^-jl-bl^ ad. expensively. 

Chaifer, tsUhr^ftr. «. a laige diib ; anooicer's 

CSiarily, tsb4'-ff&-l^. ad. warily^ fiiigally. 
Charinets, tsh&'-r^BS8.>. caution, nicety. 
Chatty tihftr'-r6-&t. «. a caniage of pleasure 

Chasm, k&am. «. a deft, a gap, an opening. 

Chaste, tshiste. a. pure nom all commerce ot 
sexes ; imcornzpt ; ,tnie lo the mairilge bed 
, Chasten, tshW-tn. e. a. to oonect^ to punish. 
^Qiastiae, tchlU thee'.tv. jo. to punish, to correct 

Chastisement, tsfafts'-ti^-meniL s. coRectx>ft» 

itity, tshfts'-^^t^s. purine of the bod/. 

Chfisdy, isbAs^' ad. wiifioui inco m meaee, 

Chaatnesi, 4sM y-nb-s^chasliiY. purity. 
Chat, tshftt. V. f« to prate, ia talk idly. 
Chat, tshAt s. kUo talk, pcaie. 
Chattel, tsh&t'-tl. a. any moveable powewon. 
Chatter, tshlt'-tftr. v. m. to make a nmse aa 

birds; to talk idly or carelessly. 
Chatter, tsfa&t'-tAr. «. mMselikeJuaof a pieor 

inonkey ; ktte prate-yA^OOgTe ^ ^ 




■^aaftv^,Bflr,B5t}--tAbe tdb^bftHMH^-p^ndj-lMa^taifc 

Qtatty, lihll'-lk 0. libaral of coiiv«natiQD. 
dMt|»t lA^ 0. 10 be hail at akfirnlA. 
Che^mi, nb^-pa. «. a. to bid for ainr Ifainff ; 

to laHen value. [knrrele. 

CbMply, «*fe^-*^ «*• y rngpaBpric^ata 
CheuNiaas. tdwpe'-iiflf. «. loimea of price. 
CheiL Hb^. v. a. to defraiadyto iinpbn upon, 

to tnck. ■ 
rheat, tsh&to. «. a f\naA, a trick, an inpoiNirei 

a pmon guUtj of fraud. 
Cbeater, tsM'-tfir. «. eoe that praeiinf fraad. 
Cheeky Ish^ «.«. to reprsto, to anb. 
Chedc, tiblk. e. n. toitop, to daih, to hitoiftre. 
€heek» yUik. taeMnuBiy curb, re|moll 

Che&, tMik. f. the aide of the fooe bekm die 
eyes a general aaiM amoniciitocfaaiiickt ibr 
tooee pieoesof their machines that are double. 

Cheer, tihttr. «. entertaimneat, provi^ons; 
tein|)er of mind. 

Cheer, ykktr* o. a. to iiidle, to eaeouiage; to 
coomr^ to gladden. 

Cheer, tmk* «. ft. to gnw,gayer gtadeiNne. 

Cheerfol, tah&^-fftl. a. ^y, iliO oflife or 

Cheerfully, idiMr'-lftl-li. ad. without objec- 
tion, with gaiety. 

CheerfolDeoK taM^-Ol-nSi. t. freedom Stwn fiidet, 
dcijection, aUMarito^. < ^ — "^ 

Cheerless, tdiiir'^. a. widwat gaiety, com- 
fort, or g^ladneaa. 

Cheeriy,tA^4^.a^3y, dhy|rHi»o>gtoomy' 
Cheeriy, tMh^'lh. aH cheeribOy. 
Cheery, taiiM(,8prigfady. ' 
Cheese, tsh^ke. «. toed made bypreawythe 

curd of milk. 
Cheesecake, tsfa^^-UJLe. t. a cake ef cards, 

sugar, and butter. s 

Cheesemonger, tafa^i^'-niAng-gflr. c one who 

deab in cheese. [cfaeeao. 

Cheesy, tabtt'-gi & havhig the natnra of 
Cheridi, Idilr'-ildi. «. a. to sopport, abeher. 

^ , tahSr'-ildi^. «. an eaodorager, a 

Cbembkdt, tihM'-bllto «. iSatfqf to the 

Cfa^rtibin^ tafalr'-^-^ «. die Hebiew plarai 

Cherup^ tshSr'<4p. v. n. to chirp, to use a clwit 
frd voice. 

Chess, tsbls. s. an intrtcaie game hi nnHaiiM ' 
of a battle between tv^ arnnes. 

Cbeas-board, tshSs'-bdrd. i. the board on which 
the game of dieas is played. 

Che8»>man, tahSa'-min: s. a puppet for chcaa. 

Chest, tahSst «. a box of mKi or odierinai^ 
rials. [tree \ a brown ookNir. 

Chestnut, tabls'-nAt t. the fruit of the diestiiui 

Chevalier, dilv44Mr'. «. aloiiglit 

Chevaux-de-fHse, rfi^-^^-fr^ze'. t . a piece 
of timber travened with wooden spikes point- 
ed with iron, used in defending a passage, a 
tampikdy or tdbmiqoet. 

Chew, tahM. v. a. to frtnd with the teedi, to 
maaticate ; to taato wiOiout sMraOow? Ag. 

Chew, tahdo. v. n. tochampopon ; to nmunate. 

Chicane, sh^k&ne'. «. artifice in general. 

(Sifcanery. ahfe-ki'-nftp^. t. ar^plwwy. 

Chick. tsMk. > .L / ^ 

Chicken, tali!k'4n. ('the young of a hen. 

Chickenhearted,tahfkMn-b&r-(^. a. cowardly, 
fbarfol. [proadi. 

Chide, tshlfle. v. a. to reprove ; to blame, to re- 
Chide, tahlde. «. n. to damoiu*, to scoU. 

"^^ ' % xAihkf. a. principal, eminent, of the firal 

Chie^ tahMf. «. a commander, a leader. 
Chlefiy. tahMT-l^. ad, prtneipally, eminently. 
Chiefrain, t^b^-tln. a. a feacfer, die head of 

a dan. 
ChilMain.triill'-blluie. f. a sore made bv frost. 
Child, tamhi. t. an infant ; one m tfce line of 

filiatkm, oppoaed to die parent. 
Childbeariiijg ^ tah lM^-bii-ring. t. the act of 

bearing duldren. 
Childbed, tahlkl'-bid. f. tl^ stato of a woman 

brindng a child. 
ChiMUrm, tiddkl'-b^£ft. # . travail, labour. 
Chiklhood, tahKd'-hftd. s. the tnne of Hfe be 

tween infrmcy and puberty i the pmp e iti e a 

Oi a cfadd. 
ChtkUsh, tahlkf-ldi. & triflhig; trivial; puerile. 
ChOdishiy,laUkr4rii-lft. 3!va a ddfili, tn. 

iBiV way. 




ChUdishnett^ MUfJlA-tbL «. puerilHy/ frl- 

C^i^tMid^')ia, 0. without diHdMi. 
ChiMUlw^ tthUdMlkQ. 0. beeomttff « child. 
Cmiiaedron; kil-^^'-drftn. t . a figan of a 

thousand sidas. 
CMU, tsbn. a, cold, dejectad, diflcburagad. 
Chill, Ui^. «. chtliKsss, <o)d. [di^Mt 

Chill; tshfl. t). a., to make cold ; to deorMs, to 
ChilhQess* tsbB'-l^-n&i. s* a aansatioii ot 8htvcll^ 

ing^, cold. 
Chilly, tsh!l'-Ji^. 0. somewhxt oold. 
Chiineas, t8Ml'-n&i.».coldoe8s.ivaiitorwarnttk. 
Chii?tc, tshhno. s. coiro^pondBace of sound; 

the sound of bells strac^ with hammers. ' 
Chime, tshlme. v. n, to scywd in harmoBy 5 to 

Chirurgeoii^ Id^^-j^-flii. «. eae 

Cfiiine, t^lme. v. a. to makcto sousd hanoon* 

icaily ) to strike a bell with a Immmer. 
Chimera, k^nn^-A. 8. a vain aad wikl ihac^. 
Chiineiical, k^m^r'-i^kSi. a. imaginaiy, laii- 

Chiinney, . tshlm'-n^. s. the passage tbrou^i 

which the smoke ascends. 
r'himneypiece,.tsh}m'-ii^pi^. «. the etna- 

mental piece round the weptace. 
Chin, t^shh). s. the part of the face beneath the 

under lip. 
China, tjih4'-n^, or tshi^-nlL «. china ware> po^ 

Chincough. tshhi->k6f. s. a violent and ooovul- 

sive coucn. 
Chine, i^hie. s, the part of the back in which 

the h«ckbone is ib*ud. 
Chine, t5h)ne. v. a. to cut into chines.' 
( 'liink, tshink. s. a small apertinne k>«^fwise. 
(^hink, tabluk. v. a. to shake so as; to make a 

soujid. [other. 

Chink, tiblnk. v. n. to sound by strikuag eadi 
Chmts, t&lif nts. s. ck)th of cottoft made in India. 
Chip,, tshia. <^ a. to cut intotsm^ pieces. 
Cb^p, tshfp. «. a small piece talben off by a out- 

uog uKJtt:;ument. 
Chuogmpher^ klHp6g'-gr&-(&r. s. he that vutt' 

dsiefi neriting. [ine. 

Chiroscraphy, a-rftg^-gri-l*. t. tbeavtofwnt- 
V. %: Id mak* a diierftd* noise, 

menisbyoatwatdaMKeadiQiit: »f«MjMi 
Chisel. tib'Hdl. «. iST inttnuMiKwi&wlvci 

WMd or sloae iff pared a«rmy. 
C^iisei, tshb'-zll. v. a. to cut witha cMmI. 
Chit^lsfaik s;. a ehad } a shoot of eom. 
Chihti^t.».fi.i»nnNit. • • 

CbiCchA> tshh'-tsfafti 4. prattle, idle prate. 
Chivalry, tshlv'-AM. t . knighthood, a mifitsf) 

ChocoUte, tshAk'-^tirte^ ». the mass made by 

fliinding the keracKof th* cocoe-nm. m be 

dissolved in hot watet^; the lk]Uor made by'e 

snhitjon of chooolatei 
Choice^ triiAise. t. electioB; the power of 

efaoi«uqg ; 4ho things o^km^b. 
Choice, tshoisii. cu 'select, of great v&hie ; fiti 
- gi^eare&l. 
Cheipelyi^ tsh^e'^l^^ ad, eurioofiy, witli exact 

choicek" [vfldue. 

ChokeiMss, IsbAW'^idsi «. uieeiy, particular 
Choir, kwhie. «. a set nf smms. 
Chcjce, tsfaidce* V. 0.^0 suffK8te$ lestopap:(c 

suppress. £arM(uce. 

Choke, ishdbaL a tin filameotous part of a^i 
CholK^pear,t tsbAl^e'-p&ra. t. a roiu^h^ <mpal> 

atable pear j asarcasm that stopt ue mouth 
Choler, k^^*»r. si th^bUe } Mm. - 
Cholenck. kAF-ltiir-iik. a. angiyy vascible. 
Cboese^tsfadftze. v. a. to kImi^ topidc out of s 

Choose, tdbUae. imi. to have the power of 

Chop* t&h6p. a «. to cut with a quick Mow • 


ChopTtaiftp. e. ft. to do aHy thing with a quioi 
motkm; to fight or happen upon a thmg. 

Chop, tsh^ «. a small piece orfMat y a cracK 
or deft. ' 

Chop-bmlse,^ tsfaftp'-hftflse. «i a house dT ready 

,.^. . ^ n^Riftoffiileior cracks. 
Cho|ML t«fa6pa. a; the mouth^TiR Mast 
Chopq^kA^HraLo. smguig in a choir. 
Ch00d> fcMi t.the string eta mnslealHMrv- 

ment $ a right Hn^ wbioh jaini the tuMe ends 

of any awhUrf a«ii|iLjOOgie 





Cbflhl; tM: V. a. to fumisli «^Ui strii^, , -jpury^iaUs/vkrls'ViNlk ".. Uie Irsi Bj^paiVDi 
Chorister, kwfr'-r!»-t5r.«. asiuger liicathodralt. i^^auge^ aT tlto maggoi of )MUr speciff of in- 
Chorography, k^-rAg'-H^f^ s. the art of de* r- so€t& 
•«M^K..>» »«**T>««>i«>.. n.«».M Chrysolitet krJs'««^>-rue. », a precious ixam of a 

chtticy groeuj, wiUi a cost orycikiw. 
Chuck, tsti&k. i\ ti* to make a dimsc like .r hon. 
Chuck, tsiiAk. r. a. to cail as a beu ; to gWc a 
. gentle t>!cMv upder ibc ctuu . 
^uck, tshflk.,#, the vokift of a hen ;. a wor J J 

srribuig par^»ilar regioiHL 

Cb<iru9, Ic&'-r^s. s. a number of ^sen,,a eon- 
cert ; verses of a song in which the eo^any 
join the singer' 

Chose, tsbdse. pre(. of to clxoo^ 

Cho9en» t^tAf-^m, part, pass, of to cftoose. 

Chouse, tshd5se. v. eu to cheat, to trick. 

Chpuse, tsh659e. «. a buhbie, a too) ; a trick or 

Christen, kris'-sn. v. a. to bai)tizo, to name. 

Christendom, krV-Stt-d&RL 9. the collective 
body of Christianity. 

Chiidtening, krV-so^lng., 9. (ho ceremony of, 

Christian, krfst'-yftn. «. a professor of the re- 

[of Christ, 
ingthe religion 
- the religion 

ligioa of Christ. 
Christian^ krlsi^yfin. «. 
Christianity, kmrjshr * 

of CiirisuansL 
Christianize, iulsl'-yfti^ize. v. a. to make 

Christmas,, kils'^m^. s. the feast of the nativity 

of our blessed Saviour. 
Chroiuatick, kr6*m4tMk, a. relating to coknir ', 
• relating to a certam species of ancient 

Chromcal, kr6a'-6-Ml l^ ^f u«^ *<„«**t*« 
Chromck, krAn'-5k. \ *«• **f *^"S **-''»*^"- 
Chronicle, kixin'-e-kl. «. a register of events in 

order of time. 
Chronicle, krAn'-^-kl. v. a. to record in history. 
Chronicler* 4cr6a'-^kiar, », a writer of cbrcai- 

des ; an tiistorian. 
Ciironozram, Jcrftn'^A-gHlm. <s. ,an inscription 
. inchuung the date of any action. 
Chronoloser, ,kr^-n6i'-l6-jAr. s. 'he Ui^ studies 

or iBxpIains the science of computing past 

tunes. , (to time. 

^roBok>gicaL kr6n*n6-lod|e'-^-kAl. a. i-elutmg 
CnroiologicaUy. kr6n-!j6-iodje--^-kil-ii^. ofl. in 

adiion3cgicaiin9nnfr* . 
QbiODoIof^s^ kr6-nor-6-jlst. «. one that studies 

CIvoQNoey, iovf-n&r-^j^. $. the science- of 
fmpafjj^ and ac^justing the periods of time. 

Chuckle, tshAk'-kl t*. «. tr» laugh vcljemwiily. 
Chuckle, tsIiSk'-kl. v. a. to call aj» a i»cn ; *.<► 

Chuir. tshftf s.V blunt clown. 
Chuffincss. tsh'if-l^n^. s, clownislaiess. 
Q^uih, tsham» sj a chaml>cr fellow. [wikvI. 
Chump, tshftmn. *. a thick. hea\7 piote of 
Churcn^ tsh&rtsh. *. the cwlociive Wjy of 

Christians ; tb^ place which Christians conse- 
crate to the woraiip of God. 
Chtirch| tslt&rtsh. v. a. to perfonn tlie <*Oice of 

returm<:g tliauks after chddbirtli. 
Churchman, tshftrtijh'-mlLn. s. a clergyman • 

jin adherent to tlus cluircl). 
Churchyard, tsl.iWtsh'->-ird. *. ilie groumi ad- 
>, joining to the church } a cenicieiy . {gQ rd . 
^url, tshftrl. f ,-a pisticK ; a rude man ; a nt*^- 
Churlish, tsliV-flsh. a. rude, brutal j nx'ar<- 

Churlishly, t^hfir'-llsh-M. od. mdeiy, bruially. 
Churlishness, tskfir^-lSsh-n^ s. brutaiitv, rug- 

gechiess of manner. [ macte. 

Churn, tshte. t. tlie vessel in whicli dirtier is 
Chum, tshdm. v. a. to sliaW any thiiisr J>j' a 

violent motion} to make butter. 
C||]^le, Idle. 8. the vitite juice formed in the 
Cfiymical, k1ta'-^-k4l. a. relating to chvmistry. 
(>hymic?iliy, k!m'-^kii!-lA. ad. m a clijinical 

Chymist, k!m'-ml3t. s. a profbssor of diymistry. 
Cliymis^ry, kW-m!s-ir6. #. the a*t or process 

by which the difierent tuUtances Jcwuid in 
^ mixed bo<iies are separated by ODMnw 0$ fire. 
Cicatrice. ^k''^%ck.'*i the scar iCMaiiung after 

a wound. ' . . ^ 

Cicatrize, s?k^4-trlze. f. a. to a{^,i(Hif|aq0cfi- 

does to >vounds as skin t*- — ^^* 




CicttMite, ^'4-r^/ 

glue, ftT; flfl , f&t }^ii i^, vJk 'r-^, pb >— 

Circumcise, tir'-khm-dn, v. a. (o au ilie pn^ 

fromivlldness. [and femneA _^. 

Cider, d^-dbf. «. the juice of apples expressed 
" Cilidous. s^lkh'-As. a. made et hair, 
(dimeter, rfrn'-^tflr. t . a sort of «word 
Cincture. singk'>tsliftrc, $. something^ worn 

round the body ; a ring. [flame. 

C'inder, slii'-dfir. s. a coat that has ceased to 
Ciiientious.stft^-risli'-fis. a. Iia>'ing' the ibrro^or 

.-^laie of a&hcii. ".. 

Cinnabar^ sin •»ft«)i&r. t. a mineral eonststiii; of 

niei'cuiy and sulphur, 
Cinnamon, alii'-n^-^nftn. s. tlie fragrant bark of 

a tree in the isKiod of Ceylon. 
Cinqye^ ^ngk. s. a five. 
Cinqiie^ports, ^ngk'-p^. s. five havens that tie 

toi^'aras Frauoe. 
Cion, sl^'ftn. 9. n 5t>roiU| a shoot from a plant. 
Cipher, si'-f&r. s. au arfthmetical character ; an 

intertexturo oJ lojters. 
Cipher, sl'-fSr. v. n, lu practise arithmoticK. 
Ciptier, sl'-f5r. r. a. lo wriie in occult ciiarac- 

Circle, tlr'^d. s. a ctu-ve-IIne coutiimed till it 

cndi where i( iMR<;f)ii } a rotmd body; a com- 
pany. £eiiclo6e,tocou^e. 
Circle, sSr'-kl. i*. a. to move round any thia^^to 
Circle, sSr'-kl. v. «. t«> mcA.'e chrcularly. 
Circlet, sSr'-iclfi. *. a liiile circle. 
Circuk, sftr'-kh. s. tljo net nf movm^ round 5 

extent mcnsur<itJ byir.TiveMi4ig round; visita- 

tioiypf the judges fur i..'Mifi«;- iissizes. 
Circuit, sftr'-klt. c w. to .iui\ie ciirularly. 
Circuitous, sftr-kiV-^-ifts. a. rimnd aixnii. 
Circulaij ser'-kA-lftr. a. rmui-i line a circle/ 
£irculanfy, sfr-ki-kV-jf^-i^. .». a circular #rm. 
>oirculate, slr'-ki-l&tc. v. .t. id move in (*cle. 
Ciiculate, s&r'-kA-li'e. v. a. u> pux al»ci»t. :<^ 
CirciiIatioQ, 8&^k6-l& -slid)), s. inoiion in a cir> 

cle ; a reciprocal intenchai!<(c of nicauiu^, 
Circulatory, s«r'-k6-l4' iftr-i.' a. belonging to 

Circumaiableney, a§r-k&m-&m^-b^4n-8^. s. the 

actereDeompasiflg. . . 

]'-b^nt a. sur- 

im>&m'-b&-l4te. e. n. to 

Cireumciskxi, sSr-kHhu'dsb'-An. «. the rite or 

act of cuttit^ off the foreskin. 
CireuiDduct, sSr-kAm-dftkf . v. a. M 

\iene ; to mtfiiiy. 
CircumductioQ. sdr-kAm-dftk^'^An s. 

catkui, cancetlaticn. 
Circumference, 8$r-k&m'4&^r&ise. «. the Iilo 

iududing and surrouudiog any thing : an oib 

a circle. 
Circumflex, sSr'-kiVm-fidks!. s. an accent u^ed 

to rcgu^ie the promc^iation of syliables. 
Circummience, 8^r-kftin'-fl&-&ise. «. an ettckv 

siure of waters. 
Cireutnituent, sdr-k(ba'-fi6-^nt. a. flowmj^ 

round any thing. 
Circiuniluoui, 8Sr'k&m'-fl&-fis. a. euvhxNung 

with waters. 
CSrctunftise, s$r-kdm4tne'. t. a. to pour round. 
Circumfiision, sj^r-k&m-f&'-zhftn. ». the act of 

a|>reading roujid. 
Circumginite, s&>kdni'-j^-rlue. r. n. to roll 

Circiuniacent, slr-k&m-j4'-s^t. a» lying round 

any thing. 
Circumlocution, sSr-k&m-I6>k&'-slifln. s. a ci^ 

cuit of words j the use of uidiiect expres- 

Circumlocutory, 8&'-k2bQ-16k'-&-t&-r&. a. de- 
pending on circumlocution. 
Circummured, s&r-kftm-m&rd'. a, walled lound 
Circimmavigation, sfir-kAm-n&v-^-g&'-sli&n $ 

the act of sailing roimd. 
Circnmrotation, s^r^k&m-r64li'-sh(b. 1. t^e eel 

of whirliiig round. 
Circurarotatory, s8r-k£m-r6'-t&-i6-rfer«. wnirl 

ing round. * 

Circum9cr3>e, s2r*k&m-8ktlbe'. «. a. to en- 
close ; to bound, confine. 
Circums^riptioo, a&r>k&m-riaV-<bJb. «. de- 

tenninaUoD of particidar Arm or magnitiide ; 

Circumspect, i&/-k5m-qpSkt. a, eaitioiis, el- 

tenUve, watchfid. 
Circum^)ecth)Q, sSr-kAm-spik'-flfaAB. t. ( 
Oircumspsctire, slr^cAro^DSlL'-Qv. a. 

tivej vigilant, cauUovK 



oiJL watch- 

, ilr'-kAnMl&nM. «. ineideiit, 

evotti itateefaflhin. 
CfreuiBStaBce, t£r'-kflan-iiAMe. vi «. lo place 

lb iMurticular stuatioa, or raiatkNi totbe things. 
CireumstantiaL ■Ir-kjun-ftaa'-chll a. accideiit- 

al \ inckieiitai | detailed^ minute. 
QrcumrtantiaUy, ilr'hAro-st&n -shAl^. ad. ac- 

oirdW to drsuuMtaiices } miouielv, exactly. 
CircumwaiUiate, sSr-kam-st&n'-sfaMLte. «. a. 

to plaoe in particular drcupistaiioesy or in a 

partiailar cooilitioii. 
Circtimvallate, iSr-kAai-vftl'-liue. v. a. toen- 

doae with trraches or fortifications.. 
CtfcmBvaUatioo, flflr-Jcdm^il-lli'-tbAD. «. the 

fortiicalioiiSfarowa up rouadaplace beseged. 
Circuniveiity t2r>kftBM^'. v. a. |o deceive, to 

cheat- [imposture. 

Circumvendon, aMcAm-vlii'-cfa&n. «. (baud. 
Ckcmmrest, tMAm^vhaf, v. a. to cover round 

with a gannent} to suirouiid. 
Orcumii^e. tlr-kAm^lv'. v. a. to roil round. 
C«r<nimvointiOD, 9Sr-kdm*vi6-{^-sh&a- «. the 

act oT rotliae roupd. 
Circus, thOda. s. a ipace or area for sports. 
Cistean, ds^-tftm. t . a receptacle of water for 

domestick ones. 
City lit uihabitam of a city; a pert, low 

Citadel, A'4-d2l. t . a fortres, a castle. 
Cital; ir-t&l. «. summons, citation, quotation. 
Citatmn, sl-tli'-sh&n. s. the calimg a person be< 

fore the judge ; quotatioo ftom another author. 
Cke, dte. n. a. to summon to answer ; to quote. 
Citer, sl'-tikr. «. one who dtea into a court ; one 

who quotes. 
Cillieni, dth'-ian, «. a kind of harp.- 
Gtizen, di'-^ML t. a fireeman oTa city. 
Citniie, ili'-iin. a. lemon-coloured. 
CItroQ. |lf -trAa. «. a large kind of lemon. 
City, slif-il; «. a town corporate, that hadi a 
Ci^, shMi. a, rdatlng to the dty. [bishop. 
dvn^ rfv'-tt «. a periume from the civet cat 

^rfv'-lk. a. relying to civil honours. 

QMf, ^<ft.jL relatiiig to the <»mmuni ty^ po- 

ffiii I 

Ovdiao, 8*.v!l'-vAn. «. one that prollMsasiht 
koowledgo of ibe oki Koihan law. 

ability, aMl'-«-l^.«. freedom from barbarity 
poUtciiess, conf)laisance, elegance of beha*' 

Civilize, sIv'-IMze. r. a. to reclaim fhmi sav 
aseness and brutality. 

Ovuly, sh^-11-*t^. ad* ralitel y, complaisantly. 

Clack, kiftk. ^. any thing that makes a las^cf 
and importunate noise. 

Clack. kMk. v, it. to make a clacking noise ; o 
let the tongue run. 

Clad, klftd. parLjtret. ofcMbe. ckithed, invested 

Claim, kl4me. v. a. to demand of right, to re- 
quire authoritatively. 

Claim, klSime. s. a demand ; a title. 

Claimable, kl^'»m&-bL a, that may be demand 

Claimant, kl&'-m&nt. $, he that demands. 

Ciaimnr, kIk'-mAr. s. he that makes a demand 

Clamber, kl&m'-bftr. v. n. to dimb with diffi- 

Clanim, kidm, v. n. to cfeg with any glutinous 

Clamminess, klftm'-m^nds. s. viscosity, vis* 

Clammy, kl&m'-m^. a. \nsco»s, glutinous.* 

Clamorous, k^ni^mAr-ds. a. vociferous, noisy. 
Clamour, kl&m'-m&r. «. outcry, noise, vocifera 

tion. •> [cifer^e 

Clamour, kiftm'-mftr. r. n. to exclaim, to\'o 
Clan, klan. «. a family \ a race. 
Clandestine. klAnHler-tln. a. secret, hidden. 
Clandestiiieiy, kl&n-d^'-tb-lA. ad, secretly. 
Clang, klAiig. s. a sharp, shrill noise. 
Clang. k!&ng. v. n. to clatter, to make a kmd 

shnll noise, 
i Clangour, kti^ng'-gdr. j. a loud, shrill sound. 
Clank, klangk. s. a loud, sharp, uoise. 
Clap, klip. v,/i. to strike tog[ether with a quick 

motion ; to praise by clapping the hands. 
Clap, klftp. 4. a loud noise mactS by sadden cot^ 

lisioft ; an explosion > an act of applause. 
Clapper, kl&p'-pftr. 5. one who ciaps with hit 

hands j the tongue of a bell. 
Clare-obscure, kl&re-ob-skAre t. light and 





Fkv^flr, (h\{,fiAy^xak,mh ;— ploe> |^^. 

Cleanly, kl^n'-l*. a. free from <!irt j pure. 
Cleanly, kikue'-i^.ad. eiegautly, iiently. 
Cleanneas, kl^'-n^ s. neatness) fre^4om 

fiomfihh. [clean. 

C1caD6e> kl&iz. v. a. to G«c from- dirt ; to make 
Clear, Iwre. a. bri^, peUucid ; sci^nc j ovi- 

.dcnt 5 guiltless; out or debij unentanglcdi 

mukcunff distinctly. 
Clear, U^ ad, (fusie, compJetely. 

CM&salioii, ki&r-^-f^k&^fa&o. t. the aa of 

malcine clear. ' .■ 
Ci2anty,Wir'^-(L v. a. to parity^ to bnjifbtea. 
Clarion, kl^re'-yftn. ». a truin|iet. 
Clarity, k]&i^4-t^. s. briglitness, splendour. 
CkBh^ kl^ V* n, to make a notue by mutual 

collision; to' contradict, oppose. 
Ciash^ kl^. V. a. to strike oite ihin£^ zgwtsX 
another. - * [anembracek 

Clasp, kl^>. «. a book to hold any thing ck)se ; 
Cla^y, kl&sn. V. a* to embrace 3 tn ^ickwe. 
Class, ki^. s. a rank, order^ number, seL 
Class, klas. «. a. to range according to Mune 

stated methbd of distrimitiou. 
Classical, kl4$'-s^-k^. > a. relating to antique 
Claisick, klas'-slk. i autlraro^ of tlie first 

ohierorrank. - 
Classick, klds'-slk. s. an author of the first rank, 
Classification, kybs-s^-^kk'-sbAn. s, ranging 

into classes. 
Clatter, kl^tViiW. o. n. to ma^e a confused noi^« 
Clatter, kl&t'-t&r. v. a. to dispute, jar, clamour. 
Clatter, kl&t'-tftr. «. any tumultuous ana coiifua> 
ed noise. {discourse; an article. 

Clause, kl&wz. s. a sentence, a single part of 
Clave, klive. pret. of to cleave. 
Claw.kliw. i. tlte foot of a beast 

with sharp naik 
Claw, kl&w. V. 0. to tear wiUi nai^ or daws. 
Clay, kik. s. unctuous and tenacious earth. 
Clay-cold, kl^'-kdld. a, cok) as the unanimated 

Clayey, kli'-6. a. consisting of clay^ 
Clean, kl&ne. a. free from dirt or filth; inno- 
cent, neat. 
Clean, kl^. ad. ^ite, perfectly, fuHy. 

Clean. kl6ne. v. a. to free from dul, , 

Cleanliness, kldn'-l^n^s. s. freedom from dirt;pClient, kH'-^t. t. one whaappEet to an adi^ 

cate lor counsel and defence. 
C{it!,klff.s. a steep rock. 
Climacter, kll-mik'-tdr. t . a cerlam pn»gr««MiB 
of years, supposed to end in a dangerous twe 
of life. 
Chmacterick. kftn4aN*r'Hlk. ^ to. 
Climaeterical, kllm-^^lr'-r^kAL { i^ra.«•^ 
tain number of yeart^ at the bad mmmim 
some groat dun^ if wppMiA to NWIM 

Clear, U^rOi v^a. to.' 

cleanse; to dischaige; 

without deduetioK, . rtraap 

Clear, kl^. v. n. to growr brk;m, to i 
Qoirance, ki^'-r&iss. <. a certitteaiQ that a d^ I 

has been cleared at tlie coitom-bousek 
Cleariyrkl^De<-i4.i«U)nghtly; phusly^ widiout 

entanglement; witaout »deauciion; wjtiHHii 

reserve. [perspkaity 

Clearness, kl^re'^n^ «. transparency.; lustre j 
Clearsi^ited. kl^ro-sl'-ied. a, discerning Jodi* 


Cleave, kl^x'O. t?.'n. to adliere, to sticky touaite. 

Qeave, kl^ve. v. a. to divide i^mh violence, to 
iplit; to divide. - * 

Cleaver, ki^'-v&r. s. a butcher's instAwicnt. 

Clef, kdC s. a mark at the begimuag of the Unes 
of a song, which shows the tone or k^ 01 
which Uie piece is to begin. 

Cleft, kl^a. part. pats. i^tocUam. 

CleU, kl^a. 8. a space Inadt by the separaboa 
of parts, a crack. [severity. 

Clemency* klgm^-mfin^si. «. mercy, remissieB of 

Clement, kllm'-mdnt. a. miid,.geHtJe, oMrdfiiL I 

Clergy, kl&r'-j^. s. the hoc^ of m6n set aoait 
>r the service of God. fdeim 

Vri^m^ t. anan w holy cr 
I, luct -«^k^. a^ relating to the clergy. 

Clerk) kl&rk. s. a dergyman; a scholar; a 
UTiter in publick ofiices; lie who needs the re- 
sponses to the eoi^[regatk>n in the church. 

Clcrk^p, klSirk'-shftp. «. the office of a cleik. 

Clever, kl^-dr. a.dfacter6usjskilfttl,haQdiame. 

Cleverness, kl|v^-ar.n&. «. dexterity. sklL 

Clevr, kl&. #. thread wound 14x111 a boCUcni a 
guide, a direction. 

Click, klfic V. n. to make a dmrp ooi« 


bird armed Clergynaan. kl 
Clencal, kKr'- 




b6, wA99, ttflr, i^t}~t&be, tte, bftB;— W>— pMad;— <fein, rmt. 

CiwMtfl/ Mi<4iAte. 9. a regioo or tract of land 
iMIIiutfftmt attotber by the temperature of 
theak. ^[fii riietorick. 

GlMEr.lII'-inlks. «. gradation^ ascent, a figure 

CMmb, kHme., «. a. to ascend. 

dmber, kU^-mflr. t. «ne that mounts j a plam 
that creeps upon lather supports. 

CUSMf kllme. t. cHroate, rc^onj tract of eartb. 

dfnehy Uio^L 9. a. to hold m tlie hund witb the 
Aig«n bent j to bend| to confirm, to fix. 

Cmtkf kftnb. «. a ptdh^ an ambiguity j a cr&mp. 
a feoidibst. [round. 

Cling, king* v. n. to bang- upon by twiiiing 

Clinoil.-kffn'-^kftl. ) a. keeping tlm bed through 

Cmtk,ktti^'tk. 5 sidkness. ^ 

Cliuk, kJlttgk. V. n. to utter a small^ interrupted 


CkAk, kllnffk. «. a sharpy successive noise. 
CMiiquant, Kliogk'-int. «t. shining, giittfcring. 
Clip, kfip. o. a. to embrace; to cut shorty to 

comae. [cutting. 

CUmeislttfp'-p&r. 8. one that debases coin by 
Cloag/xldfce. s, the outor garment ; a conceal- 

■leat [ceal. 

CM^k1&ke.r.a. to cover with a clonk; to con- 
tlUbdk, klAk. 9. the- instrument which tells the 

hoar ; part of a stocking. 
CIoclnnaKer) kl6k'-m&-kftr.«. an artificer whose 

ppdft g e ion is to make docks. 
Cl()ckwork,kl6k'-w&rk. s. mo\r menfs by weights 

Clody Kl5d. 9. a hunp of clay j any tlu'ng vilc) a 

doa felbw. 
Clod, kfM. V. n. to gather into concretions, to 

Clodpate, kUW!'<p4te. 9. a stupid f^sHow. v 
CIo^p^<^iddd'-pdle.Y a thickskuD, a dolt. 
CMs, Stu. 9 an a)kn4rance of two pounds in 
ervwy hundred weight. [to burden. 

C«g^ i^g. V, a. to hinder, to obstruct; to load, 
/^ — . ...«« ^^ ^ ohpbiiction; a kind of addi- 

, kldjer'-fc^-nes. 9. the state of being 
, s. a reHgipius n^irement ; a 

^USIif-tfr. v. a. fosfactt up in a religious 
Mlis t6 taott^ from th^ wbrkl. 
iSldftxe v.a^.«ra)%rt$ tomfisH^ tojola. 

Close, kl6ze. v. n. to coalesce^ to jow Estiva 

parts together. 
Closej klrae. 9. the time of shutting up ; a gra|>- 

ple ill wrestling^ a conclusion or . 
Close, kl^. «. a small field enckised. 
Close. kl6se. a. shut fast; oompaet, brief; im- 

meaiate; hidden ^ bv^; reserved ^ covet- 
ous; attentive; retired. 
Closcbodicd, kl6se*b6d'«!d. a. made to fit the 

body exactly. {secretly, slvty. 

Closely, kI6seMd. ad, without mlet or oatfot; 
Closeness, I^16se^>n2s. 9. the state of beii^ shut ; 

narrowness; wantofaur; recluseness; seers 

cy; covctousness. 
Closet, klAz'-?t. s. a small room. Xcloset. 

Closet, kl<^z'-?t. V. a. to shut up or conceal^ a 
Clo?ure, klA'-zhAre. *. the act of sliultingl 

that by which nny thing is closed or shut ; i 

parts enclosing, enckisure ; conckision^ end. 
Clot, kl6t. s. concretion. [/coagulate 

Clot, klAt. r. n. to form c<oi&^ to concrete, to 
Cloth, kl6^/i. s. linen or >yoolieu woven tor dra<«s 

or covering. 
Clotlie, klAxHe. r. a. to uivest with g;im;ents 

to cover witli dress. 
Clothes, kl6ze. 9. garments, raiment. 
Clotliier, kl6THe'-y5r. s. a maker of cloih. 
Clothing, kl^THe'-!ng. «. dress, vesture, gar- 
Cloud, klSfid. s. a dark collection of vapours in 

the air: an^' state of obscurity. 
Cloud, klflftd. V. a. to darken with ck)uds ; to 

obscure ; to variegate with dark veins. 
Cloud, kl6&d. r. m. to grow cloudy. 
Cloudcapt, kl65d'-k^t. a. topped with clouds. 
Cloutlily. kl6Ad'-d^l^ ad. wiui ctouds, darkly ; 

obscurely. t 

ClouJniess, klflfi'-d^-n^s. *. the state of i»eing 

covered with clouds, darkness. 
Cloudless, klSftd'-l^. a. clear, unclouded. 
Cloudy. kl5fld'-d^. a. dark, obscure; gloomy. 
Clout, kiS&l. s. a cloth for any mean use; a 

Clout, kldfit. V. a. to patch, to mend coarsely. 
Clouted ,k)6fi'-t^d.;7a;'^.a. congealed,coagulated 
Clove, kl6ve. pret. deleave. 
Clove, kl6vc. s. a valuable ^ice. 
Cloven, kl6'-vn.;w-.^^.^^^5f^^e 




Ck^«ti4Midd, Uft-vn-Al'-^. a. having the foot 
divided into two ports. 

Clover, kl^-vAr. t . a ipedes of irefoiL 

Clovered. kl6'-vArd. a. covered with clover. 

Clown. klMn. ». anutidc, acoaise, ill-bred man. 

Clowiluh, kldftn'-lsb. a. uncivil, ill-bred^ chimsy. 

Ctownishness. lcl6JW»iBh-n&. s. rusticity 5 inci- 
vility 1 brutality. [up guns. 

Cloy. k)di. V. a, to satiate, to surfeit | to nail 

Cloyless, kld^-Hs. a. that cannot cause satiety. 

Cloyment, kldi'-mlnt. s, satiety, ropletioo. 

Club, klftb. 8. a heavy stick j the name of one 
of the suits of cards^ an assembly of good fel- 
lows, [pense ; to join to one effect. 

Club, klAb. t). ft. to contribute to common ex« 

Qhib, kl&b. v.a, tojpay a common rockoning. 

Wibroom, klJUy-rodm. s, the room in wfaidi a 

Cluck, klflk. V. n. to call chickens as a hen. 

Clumni, kli!bnp. », a shapeless piece of wood; a 
small cluster of trees. 

Clumps, kidmps. «. anumskull. 

Clum&ily, klmn'-z^i^. ad. awkwardly. 

Clumsiness, klAm'-z^-nSs. «. awkwardness, im- 

Clumsy, k!Am'-z^. a, awkwanL heavy 

Clung, kl&ng. prtt. and part, or e/tr^. 

Cluster, kl&s'-t5r. s. a bunch ; a body of people 

Cluster, klds'-tAr. v. n. to grow in bunches. 

Cluster, klfis'^t&r. v. a. to collect any thing into 
bodies. FgT'P® > ^ grs^* 

Clutch, klAtsh. V. a. to hold m' the hand 3 to 

Clutch, kl&tsh. 9. gripe, grasp, seizure. 

Clutter, klftt'rtftr. s. a noise $ a bustle. 

Clyster, klls'-t&r. ». an mjection into the amis. 

Cdacfff vate, k&-d-s<^r'-\'&te. v. a. to heap up to- 
get her. [of heaping. 

Coacervation, k64s-sdr-v&'-8hfin. s, the act 

Coach, k6tsh. s. a carriage of pleasure, or state. 

Coach, k6tsb. v. a, to cwncy in a coach. 

tjoach bos, k6tsh'-b6ks. «. the seat on which 
UiO driver of the coach sits. 

CoQch-hire^ kdtsh'-hlre. «. money paid for the 
use of a hired coach. 

Coachman, k6tsh'-m&n.«. the driver of a coach. 

Ooact. k6-fia^ v. n. to act in concert. 

Coictioo. k64k'-shAB. «. compiilskm, force • 

F&te, f ftr, f&n, lat 5— mfe, wk ^—plne, pfa >— _ 

Coactive, k64k'-ilv. a. ntpfnitoryi aclimia 

Coadjutor, k^^-ldj&'-tAr. «. 

Coadjuvancv, k^«d'-j&-vln-i^ «. Mp, con 

current liem. 
Coagroent kth^-nhk^ e. a. to eongrogaia. 
C^lable, k<ESlg'.A^-bL a. ciip2»le of o» 

cretion. , , .... (creiii 

Coagulate^ k64g'-&-l&te.«.A. to force mioc 
Coagulation, k6-ftg-&-l&'-4i5n. t. concrttiaa, 

Coagulative, k^-Ag'-A-Kl-dv. & that has the 

power of causing obncretioas. n. 

Coal, k^. s. common fond fuel. 
Coalesce, ki-AM^t'. v. w. 10 onite in mtmmj \m 

joiB. [boay 

CoalittoiL k6-&-]lsh'-lb. «. union in one mast or 
Coaly, ko'-l^. a. eontainingcoaL 
Coarct, k&4brkt'. o. a. to straiten, to confiael 
Coarse, kdrseia. not refined; nifie,iindviL 
Coarsely, k^rse'-l^ ad. meanl v j rudely ; uNle> 

rantly. [want of deficao 

C&8e&es8> k^rse'-n^ t. impiurity ; rougfaneai| 
Coast, kiste. t. the edgeormai|^ortoelBiM 

next tlie sea, the shore. 
Coast, kdste. en. to sail by the ooasL 
Coat, k6te. «. the upper garment} petticoet) 

the covering of any animal. 
Ccax, kAks. v. a. to wheedle, to flatter. 
Cooxer^ Kdks'-fir. «. a wheedler, a flatterer. 
Cobalt, kAb'-&It. «. a marcasite. 
Cobble, k6b'4>L o. a. to mend coarsely. 
Cobbler, kAb'-t&r. «. amenderofold^boeti 1 

ckimsy workman * 

Cohweb, kiVb'-w^b. s. the web of a ipideiv 
Cochineal, kfttsh'-ln-^l. «. an insect nom whick 

a red colour is extracted. 
Cock, kftk. s. the male of buds ; a weathercock 

a roout to let out water, or any other Uqpor ai 

will; partofagimj almiAlieapofhaji thi 

form of a bat « 
Cock,kAk. ».«. to set erect: to mouki the fora 
. of the hat; to fix the cock of a gun for a & 

cha * — '-^ *- — ' " •■ 


tram or use 
Cockade^ kAk- 

chams to raise hay m soaafl . . 
Dck^ Iftk. V. w.^ stajot, to hoU up 

. dtU 

coda, (tei 

t. a fibwcl ivioni f» ^ 




aft, nAv, nAr, nftt^— t&be, tftb, bftU»— M!^-p&&iid»— e^n, THk 

Oo c tow i lu gyk&k^'4M liy.f. the time at which i Coffer, kftP^ftr. p. a, tatreawre up m c 

cods crow. Cofferer, kAf-i9b--{br.*t. a principal officer of hif 

Coeker, kAk'-kftr. p. a. to isncUe, to indalge. n^jeso^s court. 

GDcker, kAk'-kAr. s, ope who foUowi the sport 

of oockfiebting. 
Ooekfig^lcftkQ'ite. t, a match of cocks. 
Codcborie, kftk'-hArse. a. on horseback, trium- 

Cockle, kAk'-kt s, a nnall shell-fish. 
Codde. k6k'-kl. r. a. to contract into wrinkles. 
Ooeklott, k6k'-16ft. s, the room over the garret 
Cockney. kAk'-ii6. 9. a native of London. 
Cockpit, kAk'-ph. s. tlie area where cocks fight 3 

a place on the lower deck of a man of war. 
Cocoa, k6'-k6 s. a mecies of palm tree. 

Sdfeflh. kAd'-flsh. ( *• * *®*'^- 

Oode, kode. t . a book of the civil law. 

Codicil. kAd'.^^. s. an appendage to a will. 

Codle, kAdxH. v. a. to pari toil. 

Codling, kAd'-Ifng.s. an apple ; a small ccd-fisb. 

Coeffic^', kA-er'fi-ic&-96. t. the power of sev- 
eral thingi acting togptlier. 

(3oeqaal. kA-^-kwftl. a. equal. [equal. 

Coeqiiality.kA^-kwAl'-^t^.s. the state of bein^ 

Coerce, kO-^rse'. v. a. to restrain, to keep m 
ot^cr by force. [ed. 

Coercible, kA-Ar'-s^-bl. a. thai may be rcstraiu- 

Coerckm, kA-^r'-sh&n. s. penal restraint, dieck. 

Coerdve, kA-^r'-^. a. that has the power of 
layii^ r^raint. [the same essence. 

Co^seotial, k^-&-s&i'-$h&l. a. participating of 

Coetaneous, k6-&-tli'-n6-&s. a. of the same age 
with another. [another. 

Coeteroal. kA^^r'-n&l. a. equally eternal with 

CoeviA, kD-^-v&). a. of the same age. 

Coeral; kA-^'-v&l. «. a contemporar)*. 

Coevmis, kA-^'-vfts. a. (^the same age. 

Goexis^ kA-^-zbt'. v. n. to exist at tlie same 
tioM with aw>ther. 

Coobtence, kA4^-z?8''-tln9e. «. existeaoe at 
tiba ttnae time wiui another. 

Co eai ite u t, kiMg-^-t£nt. a. having existence 
eft Ae lame tune with another. 

Ooflkeu leSf-C^. « the berries of the oofi*ee-trec ; 
a mric madtf by the infusion of those berrien 
iftjhOlwetar. fraoney. 

IMw^Mlf-nr' «• a cbeil generally (far keepiiig 

Coffin, k6f-f1n. «. a chest for a dead body. 
Coffin, ktf'fin. v. c to enck)se in a cotiin. 
Cog, K6g. V. «. to flatter, to wheedle ; to ob 

trude by falsehood. • 
Cog, k6g. r. n. to lie, to wlieedto. 
Cog, k6g. f . tne tockh of a wheel, by which 'I 

aots upon another wheel. 
Cogency, kA'-j^a-s^. s, force, strength. 
Cogent. K6'-j£iit. a. forcible, convinciojg. 
Cogently, k6'*j$nt-l^. aiL with resistiess force. 

Cogitate*, kAdj'-^-ti^te. v, n. to liiiiik. [tion 

Cogitation, ko^j-^-t&'-sli&n. s. tlioushr, medita 
Cognation, kAg-H^'-shfia. s. kiiklrod, rclattoi% 
Cognition, kAg-nlsh'-An»«. knowledge, complete 

conviction. [knowing. 

Cognitive. kAij -ni-t!v. a. having the power ta 
Cognizable, kAg'-nft-zi bl, or kAn'4^-l>l. a 

that falls under judicia. notice. 
Cognizance, kAg-n^-^t&nse, or kAn'-V:-zAhse. s 

judicial notice, trial. [name 

Cognoniii^l, kAg-nAm'-^-n&I. a. having the same 
Coguoscence, fi^g-nAs'-s^iisc. c knowledge. 
Cognoscible, kOg-^'-s6-bl. a. that may he 

known. [husband and wife 

Cohabit, kA-hib'-lu. v n. to live togctlier as 
Cohabitant, k64)&b'H6-t^n. «. an inhabitant ot. 

the same place. 
Cr#habitation, kA4i&b-^-t&'-sli&n. s. the state of 

liviig t<^Aiier as married persons. 
Coheir. kA-^re'. s. one of several among whom 

an inoeritance is divid^. 
Coheire^s^ kA-4'.r)s. s. a woman who has an 

equal share of an inheritance. 
Cohere, k6-ii^re'.r. n. to stick together} to suit 

to agree. 
Coherence, kA-h^'-rSnsc. ) s. connexios de- 
Coherency, kA-h^-rAn-sfr. { pendency; the 

relation of parts or things one to andtner. 
Coherent. IcA-h^'-rAnt. a. sticking together; 

regularly adapted ; consistent. 
Cohesion, kA-M'-xhAn. «. the «tate of unions 

Cotlesive, kA-hA'-slv. a. thai has the power of 

itickmg togeUier„g t zed by LjOOglC 




File, f&r, f&U, f&t ;— mfr, m^tj— pine, pin ;— 

Collect, k6M£kt'. v. a. to gather together | la 
^n from observation i to inite u«m ptmA- 

Collect, k6F-l^t. ». a shert praver. 
Coilectaneous, kAl-ldk-tak^'Q^-lks. a. gathered. 

Collection, k6l-l2k'-6han. «. the act of f^u^er 

ing ; Uie thincsj^athered t<^ether. 
Collective, koT-llK'-tlv. a. gadierod ioto cttt 

mass, accumulative. 
Collectively^ k6M$k -tlv-1^. ad, m n geoera. 

mav, not smglv. 
Collector. k6l-Jek'-tar. *. a tax-ga Jierer. i 

College, kAJ'-I^je. s, a society of men set apart 

for learning or roligioo ', we bouse in whicfa 

tlio colk^ians reside. 
Collegian, k6l-li'-j^4n. s. an uHmbitant of a 

Collegiate. kAl-liMi-ltte. a. containing a cd 

leffe, instituted after the manner of a college. 
Collet, kftl'-lTt £. that pait of a ring in which 

the stone is set. 
Collier, k&l^-yAr. s. a digger of coals ', a deakt 

hi coals, 
iery, ki 

-0 dug ; die coal trade. 
Collation, kdl-l^-g&'-sh(\n. s. a bincfii^ lo- 

gctticr. . . _ ' [a dash 

Collision, koI-lJzh'-Qn. s. a striking together} 
Collocate, kAK-lA-Uite. v. a. to jilace, to station. 
Collop^ k6l'-l&p. s. a small slice of meat. 
Colloquial, k6l-16'-kw^*&l. a. relat'uig to coa 

Colloquy, k6l'-l6-kw^. *. conference, talk. 
Colluctaocy, k6U&k'-t&n-fl6. s. opposi^ou of 

Collude, kuI-lAdc'. v. n. to conspire in fraud. . 
Collusion, kfiShV-iihfln. s, a deceitful egre» 

Collusive. kM-hV-^v. a. fraudulently cooccrt«d 
Colly, kAl'-l*. *. the smut of coal. 
Colon^ k^'-Jdu. s. a point [:] i the greatssl td 

the intestines. T'^pUiQiM 

Colonel, kSr'-nSl. s. the chief commaador 'mii 
Colonise, kdV-6-i^ze. v. a. to pl^t ynin ik, 

Colonnade, k6l-l&-nlM]e^. «, aeiiet a| cfifvmm 
disposed la a drde anvraiigecriKBaiik " 

Cohort, kft'-h^ ». a troop of soldiers. 

Coif, kdir. f. a head-dress, a cap. 

Coil, k6Yl. v.a. to gather into a narrow compass. 

Coil, fcdH. «. tumuR, bustle. . 

Coin, kd?n. s money stamped with a legal im- 

Coin, kAhi. v. a. to make money ; to fbrge. 

Coinage, kdlu'-Aje. s the act or practice of 
coining m<mey. 

Cancide, k^lii-slde\ v. n. to concor. 

Ccincidenee, k^>ln'-9^^nse. s. concurrence, 

Coincident, k6*in'-si-d?nt. a. concurrent, equiv- 
alent ^ 

Coiner, k^ln'-ftr. «. a maker of money. 

Coition, k^lsh'-&n. «. copulation, the act of 

C<me. k6ke. t. fiiel made by burmng pit-coal 
under earth, and quenching the cinders. 

Colamler, kftl'-rtb-dftr. «. a. sieve. 

Colation^ k6-lli'-sh&n. ». the art of filtering or 

Cdature, k6K-&-t8hAro. s. the matter strauied. 

Cold, k6ld. a. chili 5 iVigid ; unaffeding 5 re< 
served, coy. 

Cold, k6}d. s. chthiess : a duea^. 

Coldly, k6ld'-li. ad. without aeat^ indifferently, 

Coldness, k6ld'-nfe. s. want of heat ; uncon- 
corn ; coyness j want of kindness. 

Colick, kAr-!k. s, any disorder of the stomach 
or llbwels that is attended wth pain. 

Collapse, k6l-iAps'. v. n. to faH together. 

Collar. kAlMflr. s. someihing round the neck. 

Collar, kfti'-l&r. v. a. to seize by the collar. 

Collate, kAl-lAte'. r. a. to compare : to examine. 

Collateral, k6l-lat'-t?r-&l. a. side (0 side j run- 
ning parallel ; not direct: concnrrent. 

Collaterally, k6l-l&t'-l^r-&l-IA. ad. side by side j 

Collation, koM^'-shAr.. s. the bestowing of a 
t>enefice j a rei^ast. 

Collator, kAt-li'-tAr. ». one that compares 
copies or manuscripts 5 one who presents to 
an ecclesiasdeal benefice. 

Colleague, kAF-l^^g. *. a partner in oflSce or 

Colleague, kHMk^, v. a. to iimte with 




lA, wdvp, nflr, nAt ^tfibe, tftb, bAU j— A>— pMnd y—Udn, thii. 

Cdbttt^P ktV-^-nk. t. H bddy of peopki drawn 
frair the molber eunnlry to Jjibabit some di»- 

GbloratioQ, JE6l-6-r4'-flh&ii. t. the art of cokmr< 

hir t'^OMft Mate cif being coloured. 
ColoruSck, k6l-l6-rfr-ik. a. thai has the power 

Q£pfodacme colours. 
CdloBBe.' k6-lois'. {«. a statue of enormous 
Coiossu's, k^-Uk'-s&s. y magnitude. 
Colossean. kAl-l&s-fl^-ftn. a. giant-like. 
Cokmr, kfD'-lfir. & the appearance of. bodies to 

tfao ej'e ; hue, dye ; peluatkm ) false show. • 
Colour, koF-Hnr. v. a. to mark with some hue 

or d>'e : to palliate, to make plausible. 
Colotqrable, W-Hb-d-bl a. q;>ecious, plausible. 
.CekREring, kftlM&r-2ng. «. an art in painting. 
Colt kAlt. #, a yoang horse ; a J'oung, foolish 

feUow. Fgcou-house, 

Columbary, k6-ldm'-b&-r4. #. a ^ve-cot, pi- 
Cohmua, Kol'-l&m. s. a round pillar ; the long 

fife or row of troops ; part of a page. 
I Cohimnar, k6-l&m'-n&r. / a. ibrmed in 

Colamnanao, k61-am-u4'-r&-&n. > coKunns. 
I Comb, kAme. s. an instrument for the hair ; the 

ores! of a cock > the cavities in which bees 

lodge tb«r honey. 
Como, k6me. v. a. to divide and adjust the 

'i^Ir -, '.:■ 'r.v ^Tud smooth. 

tl^ k5iiV434u » iL to fight- 

it* tflm''-bal;. V. a. to npWJSe. 

;if, kJlDi'-bal, s. coniCiH, batllts, thtrL 

Come, kflm. int. be ouick, make no delay. 

Comedian, kd-m^'-d^An. «. an actor of comick 
parts ; a player. 

Comedy, k&m'-m^-d^ t . a dramatick raprcseo- 
tation of the lighter faults of mankind. 

Comeliness, kdm'-l^-n^ t. grace, beauty. 

Comely, kfim'-Ii. a. graceful decent. 

Comet, k6m'-!t. ». a body in the planetary re- 
giou appearmg suddenly, and again disap- 

Comfit, kdm'-fft. s. a kind of sweetmeat* 

Comfort; kftm'-n^rt. v. a. to strengthen, enliven, 
console. [consolation. 

Comfort, k5m'-f&rt s. support, distance. 

Comfortable, k5m'-f&r-t&-bl. a. susceptible oi 


; :.A le, kflto-bl'-nfi-bj. 0. ilinl 

CoiubiuaiioTit t[i1iin-b^-jii'-3h5n^ s. UEiioiii 05jio- 

Combine p kSm-blno'. t\ a. 10 joiii sogctljcr j 10 

liufc in udna v to accoriL 
trombiiMir kfim-blne'. v. n. tfi coala^HHC^j in nmi& 
M^ eadi otlifir. [ t\ re. 

ComEitisttblei, kflm-bfls^-it-bL «. susreplibfe of 
Ct'TTihuStiblefiess, k6in-b&9'-l&-bl-n?^fi^ ^. Eifrt- 
MO lake fins, [tjiinnag:. 

"Aslion, kfitn-bfti^-lshSii. s. ranfiagraiiim, 
e, kAm. iT, n. to draw near, 10 advance no- 
lo tttUua any condition j to happen. 

comfort, dispeosuig comfort. 
Comfortably, kamMTir-i&-bl6. ad, with com- 

forij without despftir. 
Comforter, kAm'-fQr-t5r. s.' one that admiuis^ 

ters consolation ; the third person ui the Holv 

Comfortless, kam'-ffirt-l2s. a. witlwut comfort. 
Comical, kftrn'-roi-kftl. a. merry, divertuiff. 
Comicalness, k6ro'-m6-yil-n&. s. the quaSty ol " 

beins^ comical. 
CornicK, k6m'-ni!k. a. relating to comoJy; 

raising mini). 
Coming, kflm'-mlng. a. forward, lUlure. 
Coming, kAin'-mfng. part. a. moving from soire 

other to this place j ready to come. 
Comma, kAm'-ml s. a point marked thus [,1. 
Command, kAra-ra&nd' u a, to govern ; to'or 

dcr. . [prcme authority 

Command, k6m-m%nd'. v. n. to have the su 
Command, kAm-raind'. 5. the right of ccm- 

mandinff, supreme amiioriiyj despotism 
Commamter, kAm-m2m'-dftr. s. he that has dr 

supreme autlioritv, a chief. 
Commandment, konj-mind'-m&ii. s. co^imand, 

order, precept. 
Commaiidrcss, k^m-mHin'-dr^. 5. a n'omaa 

vested Willi supreme authority. 
Commemorate, k6m-m5m'-m*-ritc. «. a. to 

preserve the memory by some publick let. 
Commemoration, k&m^m^-m6-r&'-sh5n. «. u 

act of publick celebration. 
Commemorative, kom-m5m'-m6-rft-tfv. a, team- 
ing ta ireserve memory of any thii^. 




Ooomieiice, k6tn-m$iis&'. u n. to be|^a 

F&te, fir, ffUl, flt}-»«^, mgt }-^a^n•, pin)— 

Cominl<Ksrate, kftin-inli^-lr^te. v, a. lo |4|jr, !• 

Commiseration, k6m-B^s-{r-4'-fbAn. «. um 

pasaon, tenderness. 
Conmussary, k^m'-ndb-sftr^. «. a detegale, a 

Comimissioii, kftm-mfsli'-An. «. a trust, a war 

rant 5 act of committiiig a crime } a munber 

of people joined in a trust er office , tiie order 

by wlucii a factor trades for anotlier peraoD. 
Commission, k6m-m!sli'-&n^ o. a. to enpowtd-^ 

to appoint. 
Commissioner, kAm-mbh'-ibi-dr. «. one includ- 
ed in a warrant of authority. 
Commit, k6m-nili'. d. a. to intnist : to put m 

any place to be kept safe i to sf>id to priaoa, 

to p^petrate : to expose, iiazard. 
Commitment, k&m-ailt'-ni&it. «. aa order for 

sendin? to prison. 
Committee, k6ni-inlt'-i&. s, tkose to wbom the 

consideration or ordering of any matter ia re 

Commix, k6m-tn!ky. v. a, to mingle, to bteno. 
Commixion, kdm-mlk'-ishflni & mixture, ineor- 

Commixture, k6nirn^s'-tsh^» <. the act of 

miiigling: the state of b&rg minsied} a 

compound. fworiiao 

Commode, k6m-m^e'. s. t|ie liead^wess of a 
Commodious, k6m-m6'-d^'ft8,ork6ro<'in6'<jMs 

a. convenient^ suitable. [nieoUy 

Commodiously, k6m-md'-d^4b*I^ ai, eonve- 
Commodiousness, k4m-m6'"d^fiS'Qls. «. ood> 

venience, advantage. 
Conunodity, k6m-m6d'«44d. s. advantage, 

profit 3 wares, merchandise. 
Commodore, kOm-ni&^6re'. «. thecaptam who 

commands a squadron of ahipi. ^ 
Common. k6m'-m(^u. a. vulgar,,roean}, publick. 

general ; freonent, ordinary ; prostitute. 
Common, kdm'-mAn. s. an open groimd eqna^y 

used by many persons. 
Commonage, kom'-mftn-l^ s.-the ri|^ q(, 

feecting on a common. (pM|ilt» 

I Commonalty, kftm'-mftn-aUe. s. the *"tiBM < 
Commoner, k6m^-&n*Ar. «4 a man not iiobl» j » - 
member of the boufo of commons; a. Mm«l'^ 

L/ tJVfi 111, *.\* 

[nkig. oate. 
It. «. begin- 

Commencement, icAm-mduse'-m^nt. «. begin- 

Commend, k6m-mdod'. v. a. to recommend ; 
to mention with approbation. 

Commendable^ .k6m'-m&i*d&-bl. a. laudable, 
worthy of pr^se. 

Coiomendably, k6m'-mln-d&-bl^. ad, laudably. 

Commendation, k<ftm-ro§n-d&''sh&n. *. recom- 
m^datioU; praise. 

Commendatory, k6ra-men'-da-tfir-r^. a. favour- 
ably representative; containing praise. 

Coqamensurability, k6m-m$n-sh&>r&'bir4-t^. 
s. capacity of being measured by another. 

Coounensvable, k6m-m$n'-sh&-rlL-bl.a. redu- 
cible to some common measure. 

Gbxxmensurate, k6m-mSn'-sh&-r&te. a, reduci- 
ble to some common measure ; eaual. 

Commensuratitm, k^-mSn<«hi\-rJi'-di(b. ».i 
duction of things to some common measure. 

Comment, k6m'-mSnt v. «.' to annotate, to 
write notes. 

Comment, kAm'>mSnt s. annotation^ exposition. 

Commentary, k6m'-m&i-t&-ri. s. an ex^xMition, 

Commentator, k&nhiiiSn-t&'-tfir. s. expositor, 

Commerce, k6m'-mSrse. s: exchange of one 
thing for another, trade, traffick. «, 

Commerce, k6ra-m^we'. r. n. to hold inter- 
course. 4!<^**>'"'^^'^* 

Commercial, kdm-mSr'-sh&l. a. relating to 

Commigrate, k^m'-mi-gr^. v. n. to remove 
by consent from one country to another. 

Commigration. kftm-m^-gr&'-sliftn. s. a remo- 
val oTa people irom one country to another. 

Commination, kftm-m^n&'-tih&n. s. a denmi- 
ciation of punisoment ; the recitaL of God's 

, threatenings. 

Commingle, k6m-mtng''<I. v. a. to mix, to blend. 

commingle. k6m-m)og^gl. v. n. to unite with 

Comminute, Kftm-mft-n&te'. v. a. to grind, to 

. » pulvtrice. 

Cemminution, k6m-m^&'-flliAn. s. the act of 
grindiog into small part^jmlverization. 

Commiawabk^, ktaMsh'-S^AMi, a. worthjr of 




ti, atv», aSr^Btt^-iabe, Ok, btUy-HD-r^pitmif-lliiarrau, 

. k«iB4i<a'-)fte44ii. .a. *- te 
good fellow>bii>, aocial. 

CMnwftly, fcftm'-mdii*!^ <«& frequeutly, muti- 

^. [pAkm amoBff many ; finequency. 

Comraoofieaf^ kW-m&i-Ms. 9, equal partioi^ 

OMUBMB^^toce> lrAin'«BilJb-|)}is8. m. oMmafy; 

(^OUiKnJ^tt^niftiiB, ^. the \'ulg9r; the lower 

Goaaaoinr«aith, k^mf-wfist^Uh. $. the pub- 
lick, Ikegmwicalbody of the people) a n^xib- 
tick. [aaee. 

CoaunedoDf kAm-m^'-tbftii. 9. tumuliy disturb* 

Comraorey k6arMnii&5\-ei^. n a. to disturb, to tin* 

Coumraiie, kAm-m^be'. r. ?i. to oonvene, 10 
impart Mditeeats nmtvaHy. 

Gommooicabilky, kdra-nra-n6-kA-bli'-^t^ $, 
Ito qoftfity el oeiHg^ eonmiuiiicated. 

CoiBm^Dicable,kdiii-ni&'>u^kli-bl. a. dtat may 
be hapsrted or recoiyited. 

CommuidcaiiL kdin*in^-n^klBt t. one whb 
receives the Lord's Supper. 

Com'AUBieatey kAm-mo'-a^kile. «. a. to im- 

f pert to oiken 5 to reveal. 

Comimmicate. kftnwti&Mi^lLte. 9, n. to 

, take of tbe bleSBed sacrament ; io have 
tl^i^ iu coramoo with another. 

CommiinksatkNi, kftm-mA-n^k^t'-sbdn. «. the 
act of niqianiog ; comaioo boundary or tnlet^ 

Commimieadye, J(Am-m&'-ni»k4 t!v. a. tiberal 
oTknowleciEe, nor selfish. 

ComnraiaeatiTeneBi, k6m-miii<-n^^t!v-iiS8.f. 
the quality of being eeanotmiGBttTew 

CommtinioB, k6m-m&De'-yAn. t. inU 
feOvwBfafp, thecelebratMHi of the Lord's Sup- 
per ; amon iu the worship of any church. 

CommtmUy; kftm-nn&'-n^t^. # . the common- 
wealtb, the b<kly poliiick. 

[:omiiMitatio&; k6i»>ni6'ift'Hriian.«. change, al- 


^ommtile, kftra^m&ie^. v» a. to exchange. 
hmmtt^, liAm-wbMf, e. ». to aton^. [meat. 
Tonqael^ ksW-a4kt; «« a eontran, an agree* 
kMDMe^ kAm•Mkt^ a. finn, dose : brief. 
^S^ k^pteqy^.^ doy^ydensdy. 
kigAya^swMii, kitai-plkt'-n^ s . fiiuness, dcMa- 
pBM. [sodate. 

■topamoiV ktofla'-yftB.f.aptrtiier anas- 

g«E«r^'feUowsbtp5 a corpuratkmf a : 

visiofrof a regiment tifibot. . 
Comparable^ k6m'-p&-ii-bL a. worthy to be 

oompared, of eqiuil regard^ 
Oomparably, k6m^-p&-rft4il^ ad. in a manner 

worthy to be compared. 
Cmnparativc, kAm-pAr'44ly. a. esthnaicd by 

comparison, not aboolute. 
Comparathreiyy k^m-pAr'-ft-tlv-li. ad. in a state 

ofcomparisonk * * 

Compare, kAm^p^uV. ».«. to estimate the rda 

tive goodness or hadne^M. 
Compare, kAra-p&re'. t. cytmpanson. 
CoNipartson, k6m^pAr'4^ti. «. the act of com 

paring; the state of-being conapared. 
Compart, k6m-p&n'. v. a. to divide. 
Con*partment, k&m-p&rt'-mSnt. 4. diviskm. 
Compass. kiW-pAs. v. a. to cndcde, to sur- 

rotnid ; to obtam, to pnocuro. 
Compass, kftm^pok «. a circle $ space; eockv 

sure} moderatiou; the instrument with which . 

drdes an ^wn; the instrument by which 

mariners sleer. [tion. 

Compdsston, kAra-pAsh'-An. s. pity, eommisera- 
Compassionate, kAm-pAsh^-An-iite. a. inclined 

to ^ity, merdfiil. 
Compassionate, kAm-pAsh'-An-W «.«. to pity, 

to commiserate. 
Coinpassknately, kAm-pAsh'-An-Ate-l^act. mer* 

dflilly. tenderly. 

ompaability, k^n-p&t-^-yi'-^t^ s. coosisten* 

cy, the power of eo-ezisliog with something 

elso. [sistent with. 

Compatible, kAmnciAt'-^b]. a. suitable to, con- 
CompaUUy, kAnKpAt'4^1^. ad. fiUy, suitably. 
Compatriot, kAm-pi'; trA-Ac t . one of the same 

countty. (league. 

Compeer, kAm-a^. t . equal, conqMuuon, col 
Compel, kAm-pel'. t. a. to fiirce, toobl^.-te 

Compellable, ktm-p^V-ik^U. a. that may be 
Coiii|<itation, kAm-pe!-l4'-shAn. t. the s^ of, 

Cdmpend, kAm'-pAnd. 
marvi " * 





%6i'ii }»ii'Jt'fti. <L shorty MB- 
•^ nihre. 

C«omptnaiite,fc4nnpgtt^>ato.t>.a. to rtoompMn. 
CompenMliQii. uSmfkhtkf'MsL «. rMsm* 

pMM, iDOWtiinr cqniVBlmt 
'tXMQDeteiiee. k6in'-p£-<ABc* / mf^.: 

Competcoey^kAm'HiMii^ 5 '• * «>««««y- 
Competent, kAn'-pe-ibit a. ioUvMe, fie ; qnali- 

fiecL . {ftdoqiiatrly; propeti^r. 

Competently. k6iii'-^-i5nt46. ad, maimmtlhiy j 
Coii^iettlloii,l(AnHp^ilab'«ftD. ».riv«lfy^eQiiiest 
CoropetHor, kAin-p^44fti'. «. a nval; ut op* 

CoRipifadioii, lQftiiHp^-ili'-flban> *, a cftUectioa 
(torn varkms antfwrs} an aasanlilage. 

Compile, kAm-pile'. v. a. to draw^upTiom vavi* 
oils auibon; to write. [compUes. 

Con^ler, kto^^. s. a «>ttector, obd wiio 

Complacency^ kfim-'fAf'^^. t. plei 
eraMty, oonplaiiance. 

Cppqdaoen^^ io6m'py-afeit a. civi^ 

pbdn, kl^jiAut/, 'c fi. io meation nAfk 
woncw, to lament j to inform asMat. 
Con^^^nant, kAmflk'^iftnt. «. one wlio 
aoh ' 

pmDt, k6m-pluit'.f.rmrenittationl»r pains 

or Mpanes ; a Maladir. hModA, 
Complaisance, kftm-ptt-z&nse'. s. civility, act 

oTadidatiia. [topkMSi 

Complaisant, k6m<i)li-clnt<. a. dvil, doiiei 
ConpfaMantaesB, k6m-p|Mnlf4i&. s. dviiihr. 
ODnMlement.kAiB'-plft^nSnt.iu pecftction, t£e 

Comt^SteTuM'-pl^. «• perfect; «iU, foished. 
CoiMaete. kAm-pUrte'. V. a. to perfect, 10 finnh. 
C^^tcJy, kAn-pi^-)i. ai. My, peifectly. 
Com|detene«» kAm-iil^-nls. t. pmecticm. 
Completion. kAm-plft'-diftn. t .•aeooMplislmiem. 

acivfiblfilfii^. (pectSi 

Conqftex. k6m'*pl^s. a. composite, of vnamy 
CompkndoR, kAm-pHk^-skikii. «. ilie coloar of 

tho^aoe.MKc fonrnphi. 

C^ompiezity, k6m-pi2ky4<^. «. state of lieing 
Complevare, kAatHplSk'-ghAre. #. ttfe^iovolntior 

->«''«» tfaiiic with others. 

iiM, submsnoQ. {Mil 

CcHiiptieaie, Kom^Tf ue -nB ate ^ e. 4* to cvnapi 
one witli anotter; to mule by ivveM^ier 
psoH. . fanwItqilici^erptMi. 

GoropKcato, kAm'-pl^k&lie, «. <MWMimniawl of 

Cooup^iicareBew, k6m<^imie-a8B.«.4toJtoto 
of oein^ conpfieatod. mtHcacy. 

CompHcatkm, kftm-pl^k&'-sbftn. t. tee act ef 
immtviBgoBe thii^ inaaoiiier$ the s^gvat 
— i^ — of many tWmBi involved. 

«. an act or «x 

vp l^ . m i Bt . a. a. to saoAe wiik 

exprenions of respect, to flatter. 
Compliment»l» k6m'|4fr4nV-4&L «. 4 

of neapect or ct>^V. 
Gompliinenter,k!,m^-pliHaeM&"'. s. eneffiver 

to ooaipliments. a flatterer. 
Complot, kW-plAt. s..acoafedenR^\ 
Conipk>t, ktmi-j^* «. d. to fecw a .pfe% ts 

Comply, kftoMktl^ «. ^ to yield. 
Component^ kdn-p&^-atet. a. tliat which oomu 

tutes the coropoiuid body. 
Comport, kAm^6rf . v. «. to agree, to miik 
Comport, J(/\i»f^'' e-^ to beer, to eaduie 
Comport, k6m'-D6ft. t . bebavioOr, oondosi. 
CoD^Ofti^le, JA»-pdr'-t&*bj. a. eonsintenl. 
Comportment, k6m-p6Et'4nlnt s. behiMiaiir. 
COBiMse, JGAm^pter. «. a. to pot together j ta 

qinetj toadyest; to asrange fetters^ tiofecBi 


Compeoedf l(Amtp^»P./fNir^^ cahn, hn»M. 
CompoiMlAy, kAm^t^^-oed^ ad. calmly, ms 

oedy. fadapisthemisicktowocdi 

Composer, kAmnpO^-x^r. s. an anihor i be Ami 
Composile, k(ka^4L a. iha last «f 4hefiva 

oniers in architectiire. 
Ooinpositkm, tkAn^clah'-An. j. w^ob, coo- 
. imetioa) written work; iheaetof diaefaarg 

ingadoDt iiy. pajRiig part} connstasic^ coo' 

CbmplBsitor. kln»^'4-lftr. ju he thn^i 

Cbmposft, kftm'-posL «. mamire. 
GompifUfe,"fcMik>p^^sMre. s. diflnri ; 






OoBpolor^ ybm^-^, $, one thai dnnlf* wilh 

». Qie act of 

Comfnibaiory, k6in-p&l'.4l-t&r4. a. AunriwilM 

GomiNmnd, hAm-fMBif. v. a. to mhi^ naoj 
mgradieiMiQgmr^to^diKliai^ » dabiby 

OoiQpoimd, Umf-piAod. a^lb^ned om oTnany 

illgpnedieiri^ OMiipoiod of two or more wofdi. 
Oompoimd, fcWii(Ub(i «. tho naM fixroitd by 

tbe onion oTmaiiy iMfrediftiiii. 
OooiMrehaidy kAnhprMiltKi'. «. a. to eonpHn, 

to oicliKte-} to cooeeivv. 
Gompi^hexiableu Mkn^pr^bln'-iMrf. a* iutelll- 

gfue, coBoeivaMe. 
Compfebelisioii. ItAkniw^-h&i'-difln. «. iada- 

akw) compeaamni > knowle^n. capacity. 
Compraienahrc^ li8iBHf>rUiln'<«v. a. havuf 

ibepowarto HodentaiMl; conpriibig much. 
Comprebeiisiiroly, lUyfl»-pr&'h&i'4lv-4i. oiLiaa 

conprdionHvo manner*. 
Coiapreheiialve^ess/ k6m-prMiSn'Hlv-aSs> «. 

the quality of mcKidin^ much in a narrow 

conyjagg. (narrow compass | to ambraoa. 
Compress, kom^pr^. v. «. to iocce into a 
CompreBM)£ty, kAm-pr88-s&4)IF«^4^ t. tb« 

qaality of admitdng to be bmugbi into anar- 

rower oompasB. . [pressure. 

Compreasible. kAm-prls'raM>l. a. yiekling to 
GiMipreMQdenesBy kdm^pres^-si-bl-nes, «. ^a^ 

pabliity oC lieinf prMs^ ckee. 
Com^pfttasofx^ kDm-presb'4iB. «. the act of 

squeesing close. 

Compulsive, kAm-pAl'<^.<Lhavii^thepower 

to comply foreibie. gpuUcn. 

Compulstveness, k6m-pAi'-dvHi8s. «. facoe^com* 
Compulsory^ k6m-pQi'Hi&r4. «. havin# the 

power of compelling; [eoamtkMi. 

Couipiuietkiik kAm-peng'-Ma. t . lepentaaoe, 
Computable, k6m-|kV-t&-bL a. capable of being 

nambered. freckoiuag, cakulaAioiL 

ComputadoQ. kom-pCh-ta'-shftn. t. the act 4if 
Compute, kIm-pW. «.«. to reckon, to «Bku- 


k6m-pi^. «. a. to print ^notbaFs 

copy.- [elude. 

aoqDipriacJcftm.^kto'.,!^ f. -to cd^a^ v^ 

by mutual coDcespons. 

Gompcondse, k&m'-pr^ombe. *, anju^ 
fila difibraice of parties by mutual codc 

CoaqKftTfniae,^ kftm •pr6-m|ze. v, auXa [ , 
iwljiftact'ly jnutoal ooaces8ion8,to aooord. 

OomproUer, k6jE^li^-J5c. s, ditectoir, mpervi- 
aor. JjUpoA. 

Conqndnthrely, kdm-p(l'-sft-^-]iA2.bycoD-l 

Gomrade, kftrn'-duto^ #. companion. 

Con, kon. v. a. to know ; to study. . [over. 

CoDcamerale, kftn-k&ml'^-Wae. e. a. to arch 

Concatenate, kftn^kftt'-i-nlue. o. a. to Hnk to- 
gether, lof links. 

Coacalenatton, k&n-k&O-n^'-ibAn. .1. a sarie» 

Concave, k&^kive. o. hoUow, oppesed to eon- 
vex, fof a hoUow sptierioal body. 

ConcavUy, kfth-k&v'4-t*. «. iutemal suriaee 

Conceal, kon^^. x\ a. to hide, to keep secret. 

Coneealable, kAn-s^-l4rbl & capabkicf being 

Conceahoent, k6n*si)e'-m^. «. socreoy y pri- 
vacy : biding place. 

Concede, k^n^ftde^. v. a. to admit, to grant. 

Conceit> k6n-sito'. «. eeoception, thought, idea, 

Conceit, k6n-«ite'. «. a. to imagine, to believe. 

Conceited, kftn-si'-tSd. port a* endowed w^ 
fiwcy) proud, opinioaative. |nessofsel£ 

ODinpi)e«^ture,.k6pi^pr&di^s^4iie. <• t)» .ad of ConoeitedDeas. k^u-si^-tdd-ndi. «. pride, faid< 
' ^ Conceivable, k6nrs^-v&-bL 0. that may he im- 

. aginod or uodecstood. 
Gcmceivi^lencss, kin*«^-vi-bkil8k 4. 4he qiiali 

ty of being omceividbto. 
Omoeive, koii-s^ve'. .». «. toformmlhemiadj 

to eprafwehend, think. 
Conceive, k^n^ve'. v. n. to h»va an.idea'of 

to'beco»iie pregaemt. 
Concent, k6il46Bt'. ». harmony ; consistaacy. 
CcFneentrateMkAn-sln^-tr4to^ v. a. to drtva into n 

juuTOw compass i to^drive.towardsllieoenr' 
Concentre,^ konfsen'-tibr.^%^i.^ia lend to < 

common centre y v^UUy IL 




Fiue, fir, f &H, (i\ ?--infey m^ ;"-f<iie, jfa y 

Cooetntrick^kSn-sSn' tiik. a. having onorcom- 
mon centre. ' * 

CqnoeptioD» k&n-s^-di&n. t. the act ofcoitcetv- 
mgi state of being conceived j notion, idea; 
(nnrpoae^ cout^iL scntimeul. 

Coneern, K6n-^^ . v. a. to relate to ; to affect ; 
to interest ; to disiurh. 

Concern, kon^s^ra'. $. af&ir, interest, impor- 
tance, roganl. [witli relanon to. 

Conceroiiif, -k6n*rfr'-nfng. prep, rekthig to, 

ConceitHnentj k6n-s&*n'-in£iii. «. bosiiicss. im- 
portance, amotion of miiid. [to aojust. 

Concert^ k6a»s^I1^ v. a. to settle,. -to contrive, 

Concert, k6n'-s^. s. communication of designs ; 
many performers piiuiiig the same tune. 

Concession, ktm-s&^-shCin. «. the act of jieW- 

Concessive, kAn-«?j'-slv. a. yielded by way of 

Conch; kJ^ngk. s. » shell, a sea-shell. 

Conciliate, KAii-dl'->'^{e. v. a, to gain over, to 
reconcile. ling, or reconciling. 

ConoUiatkm. kdn^lK^^-shAn. s. tlie act of gain - 

ConrUiafcory, k6n-sSr-6-fc-tftr-^. a. relating to 

CoQctnnihr. k^sSn'^-ni-t^. f. decency, fttness. 

Concise, kon-slsc'. a. bricf»sIiort 

Concisely, k6n-slse'-l^. ad. briefly^ shortly. 

Conciseness, icftn-sise'-n^ s. brevity, shorln^s.. 

Conclave. kAng^-klive. *. "an assembly of the 

Conclude, k6n-kh'«dc'. v.. a. to decide, to deter- 
mine, to finish. [Qnally to determine. 

Coocliide, kAn-kii'idc'. v. n. to settle opinion; 

Candtident, kAn-klA'-d^t. a. decisive. 

Conclu^ible, kAu-klA'-ci-M. a. determinable. 

CoDcltision, k6n-kl6'-zhAn. «. final decbion; 

' consequence : tlie ckise ; the end. 

Coinclusye. kon-khV-sTv. a. decisive. 

Conclu^vely, kun-ki&'-dv*l^. wi, decisively. 

Concoct, fc&n-k6kt'. v.a^io digest by the stom- 
ach $ to purify by beat {stomach. 

CoDCoiBtioa, koB-kAk'-shftn. #. digestion in the 

Concomitance, k&n-kAm^-^-tlnse. «. 8ul>sislence 
together. [concurrent whh. 

CaiicoaiitaDt>ftn-k6m'-^4&nl. a. ooqjoined with. I 

Goncooiitant, kftn-kAin'-^-iinL s. compaakm, 

r»»fBQP ortlung coBatendly cmmedecl. 

Copcord. kftng'-kArd. *. 

Concordance, kftn-kAr'-d&nse. «. agrtemeatf 

index to the Scriptures. 
Concordant, kftn-kdr'-dAiit a. agreeable. 
Concorporate, kAn-k^'-|)6-iite. v. a, to unite in 

one mass. " nn one mass 

Concorponrtion, K6n-kdr-p6-r&'-«i&n. *. unkw 
Concourse, kftng'-k^rse. «. the confluence of 

mflny pei-sons or things ;' the persons assem 

bled. [^of burning toe^ther 

Concreittation, kAng-kd^mi'-shfln. s. flie ac« 
Concrete, k6u-kr^e . i. w. to coalesce into one 

mass. [tion 

C'Oncrete, k«^n-kr^te'. r. a. to form by concre- 
Concrete, kAn-krfttc^ a. fbrmed by concrepon. 
Concrete, kAng'-krito. *. a mass formed l^* con- 
Concrfetibn, k6n-?jri'-shftn. is. the mass formed 

by a coalition nf s(«>arate particles. 
Concretive, k6n^kr^-tfv. a. coagMlati\'e. 
Concubinage, kAn-kA'-b^nije. «. the act of hv 

ing with a won\an not married. 
Concubine^ k^ng'-kA-blne. s. a woman kept ir 

fbmicaiion, a harlot 
Concupiscence, k6n-kiV-pf-s?nie. *. int^ular 

desire, libidinous wi^. 
Concur, kdn-kdr'. v.n. to meet in one point j tc 

agree, to be coiyoincd. 
Coneiirrence, k6n-kiV-rSnse. $. union, combi- 
nation, help, common claim', {tfon. 
Concurrent^ KAn-kAr'-r§nt.a. acting in conjunc- 
Concurrent.kAn-kftr'-rdnt. s, that M^ich esncurs 
Concuflskm, k6n-kdsh''^ s. the act of ^aking^ 

Condemn, kl^-d&n'. v. a. to find gnihy^ to 

doom to punishment : to censure. 
Condemnable, k6n-d&n^-dUM. a. olameabte 

culpable. [tence of puxisfamem 

Condetnnation, kAn-d&n-ni'-flhAn. s. a sar 
CoRdemnatory, kdnnllin^-nA'^ftr^ &. passing 

a sentence of condemnation. 
CondensaUe, k6ii-d9n'-s&-bl. «. that is capable 

Condensate, kAn^ddn'-slte. o. a. to main tlucfcer 
Condensate, kAiHtf n'-s&te. o. n. to gronr ildac 
Condensation k(b-d«n-si'.ih&n. s ,tbe ad ^ 

tMchean^ Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Oonlectknary, kftii.rik^5SMk«, #. tto plM 
where ffweebneaur are Made or told. 

Confectioiier, kdo-fft'-^bSn-flr. «. one wlme 
trade is to make fw^stiaealf. 

CooMency, k6n-r^'-&r4-fe. <. league, uaioiv 

MiiSderate, kAn-TM'-^-ite. o. a. te joia ia a 
leanzuc; to unite, to ally. {leaffue 

CoDfedtorate^ k6n-f^'-^r4te. a. aaitod ip a 

Confedeitite, k6n-rU*-^r-&ie. <. an allj. 

Confederatioii, k6n-f£d-lr-&'-9h&ii« r» league, 

Confer, k6n-f ftr'. o. n. to discourse with another, 
to conduce to. 

Confer, kAn-fdr'. v,a. to compare) to give, to 

Conference, kftn'-fSr-^ose. t. formal discourse, 
oral discussioii; an appointed moeiliig tor dia- 
cussittg some point ^o avow. 

Confess, kAa-t&f, v. a, to acknowiecUi^, to own. 

Confess, kttk-fhf. v. n. to make conmssioii. 

Confessedly, kta-fh'-e&d-lk ad, ai-ow^dly, in 

Con(e8sion,k6n'f^^-&n. s. an ncknowledgmeat. 

Confessor, kdn'-f &-sfir. t, one who hears con- 
fession, a martyr. [cealed 

Confest, k6n-ffet''. a. open, known, not con- 

Confiklant, k6n-i^<l^t^ s, a pcnMn trusted with 

a. «.«!» make ddck, 

9,n. loiprowckMeand 

CoDdSoBe, kAo-d&isa'. a. thick, denw. 
Coodensity. k6Mln^^i-t^ «. ttie stale of beiv 

eaDdensed. [bend, to jneUL 

Condeaceiid, k&n^l^-slnd'. e. n. lo stoop, to 
Coftdascendingl^, kAnKi6Hiend'4Bg.l^. aS. by 

way oTkind eoncession. 
ColkiMcensioii. kAo-d^^^sSn'-sbAn. #. vHuntary 

huiiuliatioa,dBfoent from superiority. 
C ' ■ ■•'--. k6a-u^^s(':uxsfv V Murteoos. 
Viiii'h^ii, ■^::;-,. -,;.;■: . •..■'■:-- ■'■!, !j!-^nted. 
CoDdimenti kAn -J^u^iyL s. seaitQiiijlg, sauce. 
CooditCi k&urtiite'. v. a. to pickJo. 
Cooditkin, kAnS^'-hk. t, qudity, state, nink^ 

tfltiD of compact. 
Condttional* fe&ii-dish'-6n4l- «, by way of slipi- 

ulaljon^ not absolute. 
Conditionally, k&3i-KiJjsh-&n4l4. arf. vmnccf- 

laio lifiiitaitofB* on piirticiiJ™- terms. 
Cor«litioa;irv, kftD<tJsh -Sn-i-r^. a. stipolated. 
CcHnJQle, k^il-d^i>ie^ 1% ?i, to lamem with. 
Condole, kAn-d6lc^ v. a. lo bewail with another. 
CondolemenCj kftn-ttilc'^ni^ni. #. gdef, sorrow. 
Con^oknce, k5n-<l6'-l?ii3ic. j- grief for the sor- 

TQpws of anniber. [ tn contribute to. 

Conduce, kftrniilise^ r. n, to prpmole an «id, 
Coududble, kfiiwliV-s^bl ^ bavin^ die power 

of conducing. [to any end. 

C^FOdiieiire^ Hn-di^-^v. n. ihrit mhy contribute 
Coodiiet, kiq'-tlftkL J, niEuiagiement, economyj 

convoy; beiiai'io'jr* [manage. 

Gondxict, k6n-d6kt'. p. a. (o leari^ 10 dhrecl, to 
Coodnctor^ «6ti-dAk'<t^^ s. a b&derj hgeW" 

FsJ I a msmagcr. ^^directs. 

Conductress, ik*nKJ6k'4r&, «. a we «n thai 
Condiut^ kJUi'-dk t. a canal of pi|«flrfor the 

conveyance of water i tliG pipe at which water 

il dnnvfi. 
OjuCj k6jie. 4. a sofid twiVj of wbidi the base 

ia a ^drdc> atd which entls in a point. 
Con&hukte, kAa^^f^b'-^l^e. t% r^ to chat. 
CoofabulatioPi kdnrflb-d-li^-iti&i. «. Msy eon- 

kAn'-f Ikt f. a iweetmet&i 
kAa^lk'-^ilifta. t. a 



Confide, K^n-flde'. v. n. to trust in. IboldnesB. 

Confidence, k6n'-f&-d&ise. i. firm belief, trust. 

Confident, k6n'-fi-d2nt. a. assured^ positive, 
dogmatical; secure of success ; without sus- 
picion; impudent. [crets. 

Crafident, kM'ih^m. s, one trusted widi se- 

Confidential, k6n-f^-ddn'-sh&l. a. worthy of 

Confidently, k6n'-f6-d3nt-1^. isd, without doubi, 
with firm. trust; positively. 

Omfiguration, koii-f%-&-r^'-sbcui. «. the form 
of various parts ada^^ed to each other. 

Ctmfigtire, fcAn-flg'-OTe. v. a. 10 dispose into 

Con&oe, kftn'-flne. s. boundary, border, edge. 
Confijue, kdn-fbe'. «. a. to uBprisoa|.to re- 
sirafai. ^restraint. 

Confiitonieiit, kAn-flne'-mdnt «. h^pnsonmeBt, 
CoDfirm, kfta-flrni'. v a. to put pail doubt, to 




Confute, kl^n-rote'. o. c to coBvici of«IKMVy to 

diiprova. [tor^fiMfiB. 

Omgeal, lc6»iMl'. e< fi< to «o«cret^ 1^ osM, 

CoS*(iljii«atv hSnjW-mfiBt f. tliMtkiilbrai' 

ea by cpngeli^ioB. [flpartoijl 

Congee, lilkiM» t^-am i* rvnnmf^b&m 

Congelation, k6ii-j^<-MB4 «. Mate or hmag 

OQi^fAled.. [Imil. 

Congenevoiiar \Aaifaf4f^ a, oC tlto<9*me 

Cra|eniJrkAB^J^-M^ At pwtokM of tte 

„ mality, lahfj^-Mif-M. j^ c 
Congeries, kcgs-j^-rMa. «..» laftMi 

bodiet heapfd up <^go|l«f« ^ 

Confflaciate, kSn-gtt/-ili6-aiik «(.«r to turn to 

C^la0iatiQii,itAiig.«gHilM^ a^ of 

•^ -• iiitoice. , pwly 

WnAABit ttf a rawnd 



B| to admh to tlto liin 

CenfirmiM*, kobvfir'-iBi-bL a. cajpal^otja- 

cdhtihtiibto evkleiic6. 
Confinnatioa, kftn-fSr-m&'-Mii. #. evidema} 

phM^ an eodesiasUcal rite. 
Confiflcitte, kAa-fV-k&to. a. «. to tcansfer pri- 

vBVer' pitiperty to the publick by way. of 

pMalt} » 

Confiscation, k6ii4t8.kli'^ftn. «. tb^ act of 

traasfbrrin^ llto forieitod|poodS4>f crininah^ to 

publick uae. (fire. 

•Conflagration, kftn-fi&rgrk'-A&o. t. a jgenerah 
ConfliSon. kAn^lk^-AOb. <. the act of Uowincr 

many mstniuieots tourer. 
Conflict, K6n'-iflkl.<. a violeiift coUisjon;. a oam* 

baL strife^ oogteutioD J atnigyte, afiooy. 
Connitence. kW-fift^iMe. «, the Junction, of 

several itreanvs the act of crowding to a 

place; a ooooourse. [another, meetiufi^ 

Confluent, k6n'-flMit a, running one intv 
Conflux, kOn'-flAks.^ «. thenmien ofaeveral cmv 

reut»$ crowd. nwHttude collected. 
Conform, kftn-ionn'. v. a. to rednee to (be like 

appearance with lomethiQg elsa. 
Conform, kftn-fSrm'. o. n. to conqily with. 
Conformable, fc^n-fdr^-m^-bi. a, iiBiikur: acee- 

ahie. ' ^ 

Coiifoimably, kftn-fdr'-ni&4ill. ad, with con- 
formity, tuitably. 
CoiifiStinaflon, k0n48r-aili.''4hdn. s. tbb form of 

things as r^ltttinff 10 each QthiBT. 
Conformist; kAn-tor'-mbt 9, one that rompBes 

with' tlw worship of the Qiurcb of England. 
Conformity, k6n48r'-mfr4i. «. liaulttude^ ce- 

Confound, k6n-f5ftiid'. c a. to mutgjAf tojper- 

plez 'y tO;a9ton2sh; to desUoy* 
Cm^unded, K6n-i&An'-did. part, a^ hatedl, 

detestable. , . [religious nieB4 

Confrktieriaty. k6n-fHi-tAr'-n^.«; abodyof 
Ooolront; kAn-fi^nf . e. a to stand ;iacD to face} 

-Coii(i|se, k^Q-fkce^ v, a. todisordei^; to 


Conglomeiatei. kAn^ni'-liv4i0» ok _ 
into a ivund.baUt twisted togBtbtti 

Conglomeration,. kAnt(ltei4i>4'HMb» «. tm 
leeUoa of matter into «Jaose balU 

CoBgl^tliiatioiiv kftn-ff&to-dMAa f^ tb»«0^ 
oriuutiM.iwQundedoodiei*. ^ 

m pculicipanoii. ^ , , 
C6ngn4u]at% k6MrAiih'-64M0^ e-oi toco* 

C^^vSS^^J^ s. th€ 

Gc^t^^^%iki;iAiil^ * e» 

C(£iS3?i^k&i«'<«Si^«.c. to€eikM»ift 
. asnmoii. QpMt 

CmigregaUoi^iXdg-'Kie^'flhflBi. t* a. eoUec 

Co»£reg»fMwil, fcw ^gi a iffc^ ihi ii ll & pdb- 

]id&, pe^aiitiBg to a inngljglfldli 1 
Cpngrefii*kfl«e^gilLi^|ii«ig6^ [Nri^T* 
Congresdve, E2b-griiw. a. naetiMkMMM 

iCongruencg^jMta^ gtlaWb #>• 
Coogru^Qt, 1 




tik,aAn,wlt,ttl H ri *t , ^bAU}--M>-iiM«*>~<*in, Tsis. 


haviDp •>« ^Mnn of ft. 


Go^eetur^ly, kAn^'^AAfAUi. ad. bv con- 

jectore. (S^ kBoWwdgo. 

Gomeeture, kfttHJik'-tMrd. «; gtMM, ioHscr- 

Conje^vre, kiftii-jIkMiliArt. it a. id gtnii, to 

• . - [to 

I «. to waSUBt- to 

'•1^ cd m«mi(Mi> Ui^tthcr, 
L a. baloqi^ to BBiriaec. 

Conjugate, IrfW-jA-glkto* ».«. to Joan ia hmu> 

litgey to iinita s to inflect voriia 
Gbofttntion, b6ii-j&-ffi'HriAii^ a tlis act of 

mitiitf ; the firm nr infiectn^ verbi f ubkni, 

Csijimet, k6n-|fliiki'. a. cotgwnod, ooocnwenl, 

(nritod^ [mpaitof ipaadi. 

CoakHietioii, kAn-jAnk'-ih&ii. «. anioa $ laa|(«e $ 
Cohjunctiye, kAn-jfink'-tlv. a. doKly mMed} 

ia fltunmar. the mood of a raiK 
CoQJuDctly, k^n-j2Uik*^-l^ otLjooAy, Imtfaer. 
Commictnre, to&ii4Ank'<lah6Fe» «. conb iaa i i oo 

of dretumtahces ; critlbal tkipe* 
Cto)ura«km» kAo-jA-r&'-^liAa. & as incantatioii, 

aa anokantinant [crednaim. 

CtKoktref kAibiAre'. v. a. to sumnion ia a sar 
Cb^V9y kAn^jftr. «. n. to pracUae charms. or 

. mao> of shmK«lcon« 

Coniwte. kAn-nite^. a. born with aaolhee. 
O^MM^al, kAiMiMMirll. a. n|(afal» to in- 

OM^kmny, kAnd^W-AigTarf.^ the 

Onjiirer, feftn^jAHkr. «. an impostor who pre- 
traxii to aecftt 9ti$ ; a n 

Con—ftiYaly, kA»<ill^'»4Mt mL 'm^vo^mi 
iinttf in union. | jaU rwnm. 

CoMtoftSoB, kAQ-i»4k/<«h&a» a. osiam. juactioa ^ . 
Conuivance, kAiHil'-vftuK;. #. vohiaiacy bUmi- ^ 

UQ«. [or icnorance. 

Connir^y 4An-al W. tu it. to protoad DliodaeM 
ConaoinBeur, kA-nl*4&ra'. t. a judga, a crittrk. 
ConsubbL kAa-oA'-b^-il 4L nupnal, conjugal. 
Conquer, kAnk'-dr, or kW-kwAr. r. a. to over 
, coow, tosubdaa-i to saruiatuit [ovarcome 
Conquerable. kAnk'-Ar4-bI. a. poiiibk) to be 
Oonquerar, kAnk'-Ar-Ar. f, a \'ictor 3 eoc thai 

Conquest, kAu^-KVv&t. «. the act of conquer- 
ing, tu^ectton > victory, succeas in am». 
Consfuiguineous, kAa-s^tg-^hi'-n^As. a. near 
of kin. . Ition by bkim). 

Consanguinity, kAn-sftiig-gwln'-%-t^. s. rola- 
Con3cieiic«> iM^MitiB, §, semimeni, private 
thougfala ; jKTupie. (exactly iust 

Conscientious. kAn-sh^4a'-shAs. «. MfUfHtkHu 
Conaeteatiousiy, kAu-«bA4u'-shAa4^.. ad. ac 
cordiagtotbecinreotkmofconsdeoca.. [jusu 
Consdonable, kAn'-shAo-A-bl. a, reasonable, 
CoDiciottf , kAn'-iliAs. a. knowing from ntkmory ; 

admitted to theJuiowiedge of any thing. 
Consciously, kAii'*abAs-16. otf. witb 1 
of one's o^iai,acttons. 

ConsckMisiMif, kAn'-ehAs-nSs. «. internal- sense 

of guilt ]Qr innooence. 
Conscript. kAn'-skifpt a. registeratl, earoilodv 
Consecrate, kAn'-s^krAte. a. a. tomak* saordd. • 
Coosecratikm, kAn-sMurA'-nhAa. «. a rite of 

dedicating to the serv'ice of Gud. 
ConaecutioD, kAn-s^kA^-sbAa. s. urafn of conse- 
quences ; succession. [trpin } sucqeeding. 
Consecutive, , icAn-6dk'-kA>4v4 a» fi^Uewing u 
ConsensioD, k^n-eln^-sliAo. $. agreement, ac- 

coixL (conseotiivi j conoonL agieemem. 

(Consent, kAoh«2nt'. <. tha act or ypklii^ or 
Content, kAu^nt'. v. n. to agree to ^ to^ee-ope- 

raiiewitli. (to, oonamBBiwith. 

Consentaneous. kAn'sAt>rtAf<pA»As.a. #^iafanle 
-CoBsentieat, Utf^-^'-XUH^ a. ^ffmm, 

united in opinion. (impartaiiee. 

•CooBMiueiice. kAn'-sA-kw^niO. «. dedvcikps 
Consemtont, kA»'*s6-k«fApi. a. folkivrwg by ra- 

iMBil dadwnien «raathac#Kl«f;tc«Mt. 




Goo0eqtleiit, kdn'-^^kwkt. 

efi^, thm which Mowa. 
Cod8e<|ii6iitial, kdi>-s^-kweit'-sh4l. a. ooochisi^^. 
CoDscqaently, k6tt'-si-k\iidnt'16. ad. by con- 

scquoice. n«ceti[^riiy . [in^ kept 

CoDServ&bie; kdn^sfe^-vft-fet. «. capable of be- 
Conservancy. kftii-sfif'-vlkn*9i. a. & eomt l»eW 

by the Lord Mavot of London (br the pres- 

en'aiioii of the fiaierj*. 
Coiwjcr? ation, k^-s6r-\'i'-sh&n. «. protociion;. 

CoHserrative, kAij-sAr'»%"4-ti\'. a. hnvihg the 

p(A%*er of opposing (Hrpiiiutio^i or injury. 
Conservator, kftu-^^i.-i"^fti\ «. preserver.^ 
C^ifiseTvaiory. k^n-n^'-vd-idr^. «. a place 

where any m'mg m kept. ' 
Conserve, kAn-«wv'. r. a. to preserve^ ta candy 

or pickle fniit. . ' ^ - 
Conserve, kAii'-s^r\'. s. a sweetmeat: 
Consider, k^i^sld'-dr* c.a, 'to think upon, to 

pondec; to rcquitfi. 
ConsWerable, IcAn-sfd'-ftr-a-bi, a* worthy ol 

connderatioo i res-jiecrdt/tp ; intportant, val- 

aaue. • ftantlv. 

ConsMeratfy, kAn-sirt-ftM-bl*. ad. i\ 
Considerate. kAn-sfd'-Ar-^le. u. 

dent ; reeardl'<(l ; i^KHicrate. 
Consideration, k6n.:dd-5r-4'-Aftn. «. rc^rd, 

notice} mature thouglit: importance; com- 
pensation. -.. . - 

Hbe, fir, f &n^flt -r-wAf mil h-piney piii»- 

f . consequence 


<teL Impor 
serious, pru- 

[traiwer;no commit. 

^_, k6D>s!uc'. r.a. to make over 5 To 

bnsi|nm'ent, ki^u-sitjc-na^nt. ». the actofcou- 
sigumg^ ; the wpting by whicti any thing is 

Consist; kAn-slst'. v. n. to be comprised, toi>e 
contained in ; to bo contp<^<w<i of. 

Consistence, kAn-ds'-t^nsc. I «. <>ta(e with rc- 

Consistency, k^-^-t^n-s^. ) spott to mate- 
rial eiistence ; substance ; rtf^rccincnt 

Com^stent, k6n-ds'*t^ni. a. u'lt contradicfoiy 3 
firm, otit fluid. 

Consistently, k6n-^-t£ni-16. ad. without cr^i- 
iMdiclion. airreei^y. 

Coiisbtoriiil,Wki-db-l6'-iML a. relatiog to the 
eiiliiiaiticul court. 

CbiaUHory, klW-sb-tar-^. $. the plM»ef jut* 
UcelB oe eodesiattical oootl 


ConsodatieQ, « 

Conaolable, kftn^-lft-bl. a that 

Cbnsoiatiou. fc&n'864fc^-siiAB. <..cQinferv aOevi 

atkm«f misery. (givp cotaafert. 

Consolatory; kla-s&K-Ia-t&r4. a. t/aading is 
Console, koiHB6le\ ix a. to odmAM, to dieer. 
^^ms^Ier, k6a-^-lfir. s. m tbat^ves comfii^t 
Consolidate, kAn-sAl'-^^due. r. a to form into a 

coMMict and solid bo^ ; to harden. 
Ccnsolidatton, k6n-s6}-l-<&'*sli2b. «. the act of 

imifnne into ^ ao&i mass; the annexing of 

one IhII in parliament to aiiother. 
Consonance, k6n'*s&*te&nse^ {«. accord of 
ConsenaUcy, k(W^n&n-s^> sound; con 

Consonant, kAn'-s^Hi&nt. a. agreeable. 
Consonant^ k6n(-fi6>iiint. «. a letter which eaa 

not tie sounded bv itsei£. (agreeably. 

Cansouantly, k&a'*s6-njlni-]4u tuL consislc»i^. 
Consonoiis. k6tt'-s6^&s^ a. agreeing hi sowmI. 
Consort, kon'-s6rt. *. companion. 
Consotrty k^n^Ft' «. n. to associate mih, . 
Consort, kdn sArt^ tT.< Join, to mi]c,.tojaany 
CoiisDrtabld. kAn-sftr'-ta-bU a. to be comptmti 

with, suitaole. 
COnspectabJe, k6n-spik'*t&-bl. a» easy to be 

seen. - - - [to the sight. 

Conspictiity, k6n-8p^k&'4-ti. s. obvioiisnesi 
ConnneuouSf .k6a-sfJk'-A*i!b. a, obvkxis to the 

stgat; eminent. 
Consnicuously, k6tt^ik'-^-As-l^..d((. obvioos^ 

to tiie view j eminently. 
Cen^cuoiianess, k^n^splk'-Ms-nds. s. 

nence, celebrity. ' fcerted tr 

Osnspiraey, ktn^^-^st. #. a pkrt,, a con- 
Conspirator, k6n-sp!r^4l-t&r. t. a inaa ergw^ed 

in a pkA. [to agree tpf^BlSBr. 

'ConTpire, kftn-spbre'. o. n, to concert a crime ; 
Constable, kAn'-sti-bl. s. a peacenjffioer. . 
Constancy, k^n'-8tin<4^ t. oostinaance | eeo 

eisteacy ; stoadinoai| lasting aftetioa. 
Constant, k6n'-st&nt 4. firmer unvaiiedf 

iutei certain. 
CanBtautiy, kAn'-stftnl4& orf |»eipetai^. 





nentf terrof ■ dresd* 
Gdaitip^, kfta'-it^file. v. a. io eretwd into a 

mitwr room | to condeiiM ; to make coftive. 
Ceottfpaion, bftiMl^A'-sbAii. «^ fU act of 

crowdiii^iclo kas roon : stoppega. feswntial. 
CoQStiliieDt, k6ih«dtsh'-a-diit a. demental^ 
CoDilittteii^ kioii<st%8b'-&-&it. 9, the penoa or 

thinff which constftotea or settles any thiag ; 

be that deputea anotliar. 
Coostitate, kAa'^st^&te. a. a. to i^point; to 

erect; todapme. 
ConstitatiocL kAn-ati-tft'-shAn. s, state of being} 

temper tit body, or nund $ form of gouem- 

CoQstittitkmal^ k6n>st&*t&'Hdi2b4l. a. radical ; 

comteat wiA the oonsdHitioa, legal. 
CoQstrain^ kdihfltr&iie'. a. «. to ooaipel j to ne^ 

cesotale. |<»ostrainL 

CODstraina^, kAn-MrlL'-ii&-bL a. liable to] 
CoBstraii^ kAa^atrl^t'. t. aompolsion, violence. 
GoostFietioD, k6B*atific'-9bAn. a. coatraction. 

ki&a-itrfaje« a. a. to contract^ to 
biiid. " ' [quality ef biaduM^. 

CoQstiioiceBt kfto-atrla'-j^iil. a. having i^ 

CoostrueL kon-slr&kt'. v, a. to bui^I, to form. 

ConstructKnu kAa^tHUt'-ffadn. «. the act or 
Inrm'oT buikting | explanatioa ; the meaning. 

CoQstnteture, koa-strok'-tshAre. «. pile, ecu- 
fice, fabHck. 

Coi^tnie, k6n'-fltr&. a. a. to iateipret, to explmn. 

iCensubstantialy kAn^sdb-st&a'-mU a. having 

i the same scib^ance. 

Cousubstantiality, kAn-sAb-ftftn-sbM'^'t^ «. 
cjristeuoe of man than one in the same siih- 
staaobb . funhe in one substance. 

CoosabstaAtiate, kdn-a&b-st&n^-sh^-luc. a. a. to 

Coi]aibataiitiat»n,k6n-sjft>'8t&n-sb^-&^-8hdn. a. 
the imioa of our blesMd iSavioar with the 
sac^OBeoial etementi, according to the Lu- 

CoamA, kftn^^f&L a. an officer oommisBonad in 
fottga parts to judge betwaenthe merchants 

K k6n'-'«ftl-flfalp. t. the office of consul. 
<oaaqit lAadiH^ a^ a. to ask advioeof^ to 
I r^;Mir4»«clwiUii<espactto;to 

CopsuH, kdn-s&lt. a. tlie act of timsuhhy; tka 

effect of consulting, 
Conaultatkio, kAfriftl-t4'^(bL«. the actof eon* 

soldng secret dfiiberation. 
GoQMimable, kftn^'-mft-bL a. suscepybfe of 

destruction; (to destroy 

UOBsume, kdn-sAroe'. a. a. to waste, to spend, 
Consummate, kftn-aftm^-anito. a. a. to com 

plete, to pcrfiict. [perfect. 

Cooaommate, kAn-sAm'-mlite. a. complete, 
Consummatiuo. k6n-s&m'm^''Sh&a. s compia . 

ticMi, perfection, aid. 
CDosumptlen, kon«s5m''«li&n. s. the act of cou' 

suming, waste. [wasting 

Cossumptive, kdn-s5m'-tfv. a. destructive, 
ConsttmptiveneM, kAn-sftm'-dv-n^ «. tenden- 
cy to a consumption. 
Contabulate, k6n-tlb''&-]&te. v, a. to Boat 

CoiHact, kdii'.t&kt. a. touch, close union. 
CoCktagion, k6n-tli'*j^-&n. a. infection^ pesti 

lence, venomous emanation. 
Contagious; kAo-t&'-j^As. a. infectious, caught 

by ^proach. [of being coulagiou* 

Contagiousness, tAn-t^'-j^-fts-nfts.*. the quality 
Contam, k&n-lipe'^'. a. to liokl ; to comprise. 
Contain, kdd-t&iie'. v. n. to live m continence. 
Containable, k6n-ii'-n&-bl. a. possible to be 

contained. [to corrupt by base mixture. 

Contaminate, kAn-tAm'-*-n&io. v. a. to defile, 
Contamination, k6n-tftm-6-n4'»s!i^ *. pbUutioii 

Contemn, kftn»l?m'. v. a. to demise, to neglect. 
Contemner, kftniftm'-nar. «.one that contemns, 

a deviser. [ffrce of any qoaKty. 

Contcmperament, jcAn-tim^pftr-i-mSnt. s. de 
Contemperate, kAn-i8m'-p5r-kc. a. a. to rood 

crate, to femper. 
Contemplate, kAn-i^m'-plita. v. a. to sUidy, to 

meditate. [tionj study 

Contemplation, kAn-tftn-pA'-ahftn. a. medita 
Contemplative, kAn-t&n'-plM/. a, studiouf 
Contemplator, kAn-tSm'-ptt-t&r. *. one enjoy- 
ed in smdy. . - , 
Contemporary, konrtem'-pd-ra-re. a. living m 

the same age. 
Contemporary, kAu-tem'-p& rane. s. one who 

Uvw «t the same^dTyXjOOgie 




Gontempoiii^ k(M(iii^ii««. 

CotttiNnBjt, kAa-t&ni JuMonu 
Contemptible.'kAa^t&ti^^M^I. a. d wa rv iag 

Cootdhptibleiiefls, koo-tem'-tf-hl-iiet. «. vile- 
Oontem^tibly* kAB-tem'-t444iw oif. in a mawier 

desenring oontompfL 
CoBtemptuous, koQ-tem -tsbo-A^ a. fGornfiil* 
CoBtewytaousnwi, li6iH£in'-tsh&*fl0-iiS8. «; 

dupoBitioii to ooBtcmQC 
Contend, kAn-t&od'. «. n. to strive ; to vi«. 
CoQtender^ k6a?iftiif-<l&r« «. oombaiant, chm* 
CoKteot* kJSsk-tkA*. a, satisfied. [pion. 

Content, kAn-t|nt'. v. a. to satisfy} to p1eaM« 
Content, kAu-tlpt'. «. moderate bappiAeSB \ ao 

quiescence. (repining. 

Contented, k6o4Sn'-ted. pirt a. satisfied, not 
Contention, kAn-tln'-sfa&n. $, strife, debate, 

contest. , [penflene. 

Contentious, k&o-tSo'-sliSs. a. quacrelseioe^ 
Contentiousness, kAn-t/Sa^-sbfis-n&k «. pione- 

ness to ooulest. teasy. 

Contentless, k6nrt2nt'-I&. a. dissatisfied, an- 
ContentBient, k^n-i&H'-m&it s. actpuesoeaee 

without plenary satitfaction. (npon^ 

ConterminQus> kftn-t^-mft-nfis. a* boiden 
Contest, kfin-test'. «. a. to dispite, to Ktigatei 
Congest, kAn-tSst'. «. n. to stnve, to eanilate. 
Contest, k6n'-t^ «. dii^pote, debate, 
Conteatable, k&n-lS8'-t&-bl. a. dispiitable, eon^ 

trovertible.' rbility of contest 

Contestableness, kftn-tSs^-tlrhi-nds. i. poaft- 
Context kAn^kst^ o. a. to weave together. 
Context, k6n4lk8t^ c knit together, firm. 
Context, k6n^-t2lcst «. the generaJ series ^ a 

Contexture, kAn-tSks'-t8h6re> t. the dispocitbn 

of parts one among anotiier. 
Contiguity, k6n-t^^-^t6. t, actual rontaet 
Contiguous, k6n^]g'-6-lb..a» meeting so as to 

touuu (nexiwi. 

Cooiii^iousnesi, kfo-dlg^nMs-u^. «. close eon* 
Continence, kAn'-t^-nftnse. > «. r^stminl^ chas- 
Continency. kon'Hi-ndn^ { tity. 
Continent, Un'-46-D&iit a. chaste, temperate. 
GooCbtent. kAn'-tApBlnus iand not di^oiaedby 

Contkigeiicy. *^* 

Contingent,. k(_ .^ ^^ 

Contii^l kAtk^M^^ #* m thN^ i».tbi 

btmis of chancet a tmmmiaik 
GoutiBuiil^ kAo^'^Mt. oTi 

r repeal 

. IMP without intermplia^ 

ConBnually, ^6n-dtt''M4i erf. wJiMwrtpause 

CoD&UMBce, kAn>4hi^ ftwia ik aboda in a 

place > duration $ persevaasee. [smted. 
Coatinuate^, IfJ^n^mf^^kB, a, iounediatefjr 
CeBHnuati0B,.kiyn4»A4^«4bltti. ^^ prali9ctioo, 

or'successioii, uninterrupted. 
Oontinualor, IiAn-tliv4«-4|[r« t^ ha that cao- 

tinues or keeps up- theteries of surrnasisM 
CoDlinue, k6o^-&. «. n^ to nmahi m the 

samestate $ to p erseve r e. 
Continue, kdo-mrsL ».. ^ to protftc^ « 

irilheut iatemiption 1 touaiteirithQQt 
Continuity, k^4Mi'44^ s, coMpe wm , uo 

interru^ed cohesion. 

DQtimiOQ^i k6a*4ln'-Ma^ ckjoinad tomlier. 
ContDrtjEOii*iArt'. v.iuia twvt, te wnthe. 
Contorwxi^ kAnftflr^-flMbk «. a twMV vry mo 

Contour, kftn-tUr'.s.thftoiidine. faiwal 

ContrabaaiL kAa'-ivMilbd. «. preUEsSdi 
Contract, kou-tr&kf. iv a. %» ^draw togeilnr, M 

shorten : to aoake a bargain t to b^vedL 
Gontrict, W-trttit t. a.&anmn. 
C<»tractedne8B,kAn-ttik'4li-iiBi. e.thn flal^ 

of being contracted. 
ContracifitenttBi k6tt4lEAk'.ti4)l4A. a. M 

Quality of 8o£R^QQg coB tr artioB. 
Contraotil^ k6n-tdUi'-tfi. a..liaTmg tbe poffd 

of shortening itstlf. 
Gmtn^tton, k6n4rlk'-sb&a. «k tbeidttrcoi^ 

tractwg or shertenmg 3 abbreviatioik. 
Contcssetor, kftb4rlk'Hcb.«^. one of ih* pmeit 

to a oouutMA or benrain. 
Goutradiet, kAn4filJiklf. tkcui^ 
. baliy, to dony. 
Contradiction, k6n-trll-dflkr-rfiAn. a 

Contradtetioua^kAMlHlk^^lAi. «. ttHf«d 
ftaiHfa<iicnops,.inofaed:lfrt— iwlkV 




" CoBtrf^eft JAmA''^. ^'mMiwmkft . 

t by opposte qiiaEiiM. 

I'-An, «. a plaeing 
_ . ^ . ftnurietyianile. 

cmtviulMUir^. [deitooy oaciKoiiier. 

C^aaftniiesy. Iwiif-iHUil^ «. pwpptHioi which 

ContrarjaiOM, kA«f-irft<i<&io&. t. omtrarieiv, op- 


CcnCraiifMis^ lUWb4iit.'-f<Ms. a. oppQMta> repog- 
CootniMiiOy kOB'-tdUre-wtiw. ad, on ihecoi^ 
teai7« ftorys mn onaa e nt; advgrse. 

CoQtniyy k&Q'-tra-rak «. opposite, oootnidio 
Cantevy, Ibfta'-tilrfft. J; a thii^ cf opp^Ate 

Qmbrat^ loln'-tr^ t. air^poMltion of figures. 
Coatraa^ koa-trftst'. o* it* to plaoQia oppMilion. 
GaDtravai|% |i6B'4v&-yAn0'* «u a. to oppose^ to 

utavy^r kAB-tiiii^&»t&-fe4 <l. pAjrtog trib* 

M^ ifae-iaaie wvmgvi* - 
CotftriDute, kdii-tiib'-^.4;. eu iagive to fome 

Go£ibai»^liftiv4i|b'-6te» v. h^ to bear a port, 

leM w aahars in aov act or efieet. 
CoDtributiolij k0iHi«^-«h(bi. s, the act ot 

cQotribotiiig ; tbht which is gh^ea. 
Cba<iay rtNy.M Mrl^^ #. one thai bears a 

CeiltilHitory/ IAa-h^-Mst'^ «u pramoiuig 
taMiiiiujPiwI DtML 

^wMe.. Jc^uitd. <i^ wooiwith sorraw, pea- 
CbaMtely, Mn'-trlte-li. 0(2. peniteotlyw 
Cq^^%< kOMlACaa.. «< paotteDce^ sMrow 

CoSmaiftce; kAiMii'-vlnse. t. ascbeme $ aplot t 

^Copti ^ lB6 a4iM» a<.aj. la plan ott| tofiad 

Contiiol, li&a4i6lVr«i achael^iaginMi^ pawer 
Cootrol, kAn-tiW. a. a. to keep uaSehack ; 

Con^lSSa, lBeiMii^*4U a. siilMe(±iocon. 

tiol. .(power of fpQ^ennng. 

Contrdler, kAn-tr&n'-ftr. s. one that hat tho 
CoDtroUei3hip»iift»«AUf &|viMp. «l the oAke 

<tf a coBtrouer* [poskkm* 

CoatnOinenti kftiMtAimnlat t. lestFaint^ cp- 
Oontr&venial, kfta-tr^vlr'-^. «^ rotating to 

<tiipii t es. frel. 

CoBtraTai8yykAii'-tP&-v§r-fl^«.4fiipui»; aquar 
CoQtrevert^ kdn'-ti^&rt v. a. to debate, to 
• dispute. 

Contirofvftible.kftii^tftA^^rt^-i-fal. a. dtspuHible. 
Controvartist, kAn'-ti^-v^r-tlst «. diapotant. 
CoBtumatiottSi k6aHJb>«)4/<ehAs. a. poverse, 

Contumaciotisly, k6n-t2i Bi4'-shfis.l^ ad. oostj 

-naielyy perversefy'. • 

Contumaciousoessy kAB-4^nilt'-diiW<'ii^ s. oo- 

.aiaacy, parverseaeas. 
Contumacy^ k<W-i&*in&-»A. #. a MiHul coatempi 

aad diaobedieaee to any lawful sununons. 
Contumelious, ki^tiHmff J^fts. a. reproachful, 

sareastiek. [rudeneis, re|m>ach. 

Contameiiousnessy k6n-tA-iii^*MB^o«5. s. 
Contumely, . kAD'*t{^-in^4^ t. oonteiapaiouniess, 

bitterness of languaffe^ reproach. 
Contusion, ki5»4&'-xh(u. «. me act of braising , 

a brnise. 
Cenuadnua^ k^nAn'-drftoL «. a low jest, a 

Con^^aleseence, k/^Q<-v&-l£s'>slBse. ( &. renewal 
Convalescency, k^n-vM^'sSo-s^. V of health 
Coovakaeent, kdn-vA-l^-sJnt a. recovering. 
Convene, 1fi&n*vioe'. v. n. tooome together, to 

maemhle. [monjudiciaJy. 

Convene, kdn-v^ne'. v. a. to convoke ; to suin- 
ConveoieBce, kdu-%'^-a^4nse^ ) «. liuiess, com- , 
GoBraniancy.kfttt^^-B^4n^a& > modiousness. 
Convenient. kAn-v^-ni^nt. a. fit, suitable. 
Gomrcnieatty, k&n^'*n64nt-16. od. conuaodi 

Vfidv.' fnuna«ry. 

Convent; kfta'-vfot. s, a religimis bause, a 
Conventiele, kAn-vtn'-t^ld. s. an assembly '« 
wvnfaipi a secret aiMiiit4y. 




Fite, fAr, flUl, At j-^-iiii, m^ ^plne, phi)— 

qualified fix* 

Conventieldr, kdii-v&i'<4k-IAr. «. ooe that 8uj>> 

ports or finequenti private toKl unlawful as- 

temUias. ' . 

Coavention, RAo-vSn'-shfiii. «. an assembly; 

ooiypct, amement fir a time. 
Con^ntionai, k6Q-v&/-sbAn-il. a. agreed on 

b J compact. 
Conventionary; k6n-v^-fltefin>&-r&. a* acting 

upon contract. 
Conventual, k^n^-Vdn'-tsliMl. a. belong^ to 

a convent [in a^convent. 

Conventual, kdn-vSu'-tsli^-lil. s. one that lives 
Converge, kdn-v^ije'. v. n, to tend to one point. 
Convergent, kftn-vlr'-j^nt. ) a. tending* to one 
Converging, k&n-vdr'-ilnff. \ point 
Conyersatue, ktu-vw-A-m. a, q 

Converssably, k6n-vlr'-s&-bl^. ad. in a crniver- 
' sable manner. [familiar. 

Conversant) k6n'-v^-sftnt a. aoqaainted with, 
Conversation^ kAn-v&-s4'-sh&n. s. familiar dia> 

course, chat J commerce; behaviour. 
Converse, k6n-verse^. v. n. to cohabit with ; to 

discourse. ^ 
Converse^ kAn'-y&:ae. «.. manner of discoursing 

in famiiiar life ; cohafajtation. 
Conversion, k^n-v^r^-shon. s. change, transmu* 

tation^ change from one neligion to another. 
Conversive, k6n-vdr'-«iv. a. Gonversdl>le, so- 
Convert, kftn-v&f. v. a. to change; to torn 

from a bad to a good life; to appropriate. 
Convert, kdn'-vSrt. s. a person converted fh>m 

one opinion to another. 
•Convertible, kftn-vgr'-t^bl. ou suscepdbie of 

change, transmutable. 
Convex, k6n'-ySks. a. rising in a circular ferin. 
Convex, kAn'-vSks. $. a convex body. 
Convexity, k6n-v^ks'-i-ti. «. protuberance in a 

circular form. 
Convexiy, kCn-v&s'-l^, Ai. in a convex form. 
Convey, k6tt-\4^ v. a* to carry, to transmit; 
. to impart « ' 

Conveyance, k6n'V&'4nse. t. the act of renibv- 

ing any thing; way for carriage; aiiet of trans- 

feiring; wnung by wliich property is trans- 
^veyancer, k6n-v&'4n«s5r. t, a ly^vyer who 

draws writings by •whi^ property is 1 

Conveyer, kftn-v^-ftr. s. one frfio cairies hi 

transmits a^y thing. ■" " 

Convict, kftii-vikt'. v. a. to profve gui^y) tf 

Convict, kdn'-vfkt. s. a perMo coat at the tar 
Convi<itlon, kftn-vlk'-shftn. t. detection ofguiit) 

coiifUtatioii. [eonviiiciiig 

Convictive. k6n-vlfc'-tfv. cl having the pow«r el 
Convince, k6fl-vfnse^ v. a. to f««e anoCtier tc 

acloiowredge a contested position. {vidlaH 
Convincibie, k6orv!n'-«&-bi. a, ce^bleof oon- 
Convincingly, k6u-vln'-s!ng-l^. oa. in mch « 

manner as to leave no room for doubt. 
Covivial, kdn-vfv^y&l. a, fest^, sodaL 
Convocate, kdn'-vd-klite. >\ a, to call together. 
Convocation, k^-V^k4'-^sbAn.«. the act <^eall 

ihg to ain assembly : an assembly of the ctogy 
Convoke, kftn-v&ke'.v. a. to call togedier, ta 

summon to an assembly. 
Convoluted^ k^v6-l6^tld. part, a. twided^ 

rolled upon itself. 
Convolution, kdn-vA-I&'fshAn. s. the «ct eCrdl- 

ii^ any thing upon itself. 
Convolve, k6n-volv'. «. a. to roll together* 
Convoy, kdn-vA^'. v, a, to ticcompaigr by fend 

orsea, fbrthesakeof^fence. (»Bce< 

Convoy, k6n^-v(^. «. attendance by way of de- 

Convulse, kdn-v&lse<. v. a. 19 g^^ve an lrre;^a» 

. and invduntaty motion. 

Convulsion, k6n*v51'^shAn. t. an unFdttmaiy 

contraction of the fibres and muides. 
Cravutsive; kftn-vfii'-alv. a-, giving twitdiM oc 

Cony, kfin'-ni. s. a rabbrt. *" 
Coo, kdd. V. n. to ay as a dove or p^peon. 
Cook, kdftk. A one who prepares victimls §af 

the table. PtMe. 

Cook, kddk. u. a. to prepare vktnali mt tiie 
Cookery, kd^r-flr^. «. the art of dreMB^g 

victuals. . ^ 

Cool, kVJ.a. somewhat eoU^indMfcreAi^, ' 
Cool, kMl. V. a. to make cpol ; to qttiet|in«ipe| 

to calnii anger. . • •,•<-» 

Cool, kdd].tt. n. to grow lesi bet 
Cooler, l^l'-ftr.s. that whkfa hat ltep«#«r«i 
abrewwVr ' 




ii5, uAv, ngr, n6t^flbe, tftb, bflll}"^;— |)flflnd}^»<toi,THlt. 

C boBy) k MF^ oC without heat | without 

CoolBeaB> kUl'-oSs. ». gtautle coU$ waot ofaf- 

iecck»5 finedoiii from passkm. 
Coom^ kAdm. «. sooti greasa fer whaclt; 

meawe of four busiieb. 
Coop, kddp. t. a cage, a pen. [pass. 

Coofv kd^' V. a. to shut up in a oairow com- 
uooper. kM^-pfir.' s. one that makes coops or 

ObKipsrate, k&^p'-^r-ite. v. n. to labour joiot< 

ly ; to concur iii the same eflfect 
Do-operatioQ, k^-6p-dr-4'-shAa. s. the act of 

contiibiiCiiig to the same eiul. ^ 

CiN>perative, k*-Ap'-ir4^v. a. promoting the 

same end. /" 

DoH^serator, kA-Ap'-ir-ii-tflr. *. he that pro- 
mot^ the same end with others. [rank. 
Cb-ordiua(e, k^6r'-d^-n4le. a. holding the same 
Ct-orcfination, k^r-d^-iuit>sh{b. s. the state 

of bokling tlie^me rank. ooUaterahicss. 
Copartner, kA-f^lrt'-nfir. s. a joint partnei*. 
Copartaership, k^p&rt'*nAi^sh!p. t. the state of 

bearing an equal part, or possessing an equal 

share. ^ [spread over the head. 

Ibpe, kope. *. a' sacerdotal cloak; anything 
Dope, k6pe. to co\'er, as with a cope; to 

foolQidrwith, too{^>ose. ' [scribrx. 

Copter, kAp'-pe-dr. s. one that copies, a u-zin- 
Cophoff, kA'-pinr. *. the upper tire of masonry 

whiS covers the wall. 
Copious. k^*p^-fts. a. plentiful, abundant. 
^kHHOQSiy, kA'-p#-fts»W. ad. plentifully, abun- 
I aantly. [dance. 

?(^)iQi]fliie98, W'pl^^tvh, *. plenty, nbun- 
>opper, kd{/-pAr. f. c»« of tlie six pruiutive 

metab; a brge boiler, 
Copperas, kdp'>pAr-&si «. a kind < f vitriol. • 
SflMtmnitlr, kftp'-pAr-sml^ t. one that man- 

imctores copper. 

Topper^, kdp'-pfir-i. a. containing copper. 
)(Oppiee. kAp'-pis. s. tow woods cut at- stated 

; kflps. 1. short wood«. 

UO^ j[(b'-&-llue. V. 0. te unite, to conjom. 

■m, Wfp-ihW-Ma. t. ihe congress of 

ll?Blatiflt^llA|/4-iM^(i. a term of granflanar. 

Copy, k6p^-pi. «. a transcript fiom the of%iMl | 
the archetype. [to imitale. 

Copy, kAp'-p^ v,a, to write after an or^pnalj 

Copyer, kto^-pi-fir. >«.onewbocopieswrith|g 

Copyist, ftop^-p^bt. 5 or pictures. 

Coquet, k64c&^ v. a. ta treat 'with an appear- 
ance of amorous tenderness. 

Cjpquetry, k6-k£t'-r^ s. affectation of amoroui 
am-ances. * 

Coquette, k6-k£t'. «. a gAy, airy girl, who en- 
deavours to attract notice. [pla^thina. 

Coral. ktr'-M, s. a marine plant: a chiicTs 

Coralline, kAr^-ftl-ln. a. consisting or coral. 

Cord, kArd. *. a rope^ a^ttriug. 

Cord, k&rd. r. a. to bind with ropes. 

Coixiage, kdr^-dldje. s. a quantity of cords. 

Corded, kdr'-d^d. a, made of ropes. 

Cordial, kdr'-j^. s. any tiling that comforts 
and exliilarates. [nncere. 

Conlial, kAr'^-jd-dK «. rcvi\ijig, imngorating; 

Cordiality, kor-ji-ar*^-ti. $. rehifion to the 
heart: sincerity. » 

Cordially, kAr'-iiMUJi. ad. sincerely^ heartily. 

Core, k6re. s. uic heart; the inner part of any 
thinsf. [sembling leather 

Coriaceous, k6-r6-i'-8has. a. of a substance ro- 

Coiiander. k^-rMn'rddr. «. a plant. 

CorinthiaD, k&-rfn'-//ii-ln. a. the fourth ordei 
ot architecture. 

Cork, kdrk. «. the name of a tree and it* bark , 
the stopple of a bottle. 

Cork, kdrk. v. a. to put corks huo bottles. 

Corky, kdr'-k^. a. consisting of cork. 

Cormorant, kdr'^mA'r&ut. s. a bird that preys 
upon fish ; a glutton. [foot 

Com, kdm. ^. grain; an excrescence on the 

Com, kdni. t-. a. to ^rinkle with saH; to fi^ra 
into small grams. [growing. 

Corn-field, kfim'-lWld. «. a field where corn is 

Com'iiiill, kdm -mil. *. a mill to grind corn hito 
meal. [tails corn. 

Comchandler, k&m'«tshlbd-l&r. s. one that re- 
Corneous, kAr'-ni-fls. a. nomv. 

Comer, kAr'-n&r. $. an angle; a secret or re 
mote place. 

Comer-stODe, kAr^-nftr-st^. s. the stone umi 
unites the two ti'alis at the comer 

Coraerwise, kAr'-nOr-wizft. ad, diagonaUjr 




fkie,' th, fin, til y mfey mftt y-^m, ffa V^ . 

ObtobI, liii^ ait «..m'iiiaii€«l inHnment; an 
toflkor. ^ [llieaijny. 

OinMlcy,<nr'«flill>«k f. the poat of « comet in 

CSonuce, lEfliKHib. t. the higkeat projection of a 
waJl or oohmm. [plenty. 

GornHCople, kArniA^kA'-p^ t; the horn of 

Comute, kdr-ff9tti/. in 'a. to bestow horas. to 
cudcoid. [cttckolded. 

Oorauted. kAr-oA'-tSd. a. grafted with bdois, 

Gorny, koH-u^. a. like com; prododng grain. 

Corouai^, kftr'-^-tibr*^. «. the conduston; an 

Coronal, kAr^-^Hnftl. s. a crowu; a garland. 

Coronal, k6r-6'-nlll. a, betonging fo the top of the 
head, [nity of crowning a king. 

Coronadon, kAr^n&'-shfitn. «. the act or solem- 

Oiroaer, i«V-^&r. t. an officer whose duty it 
is to inquire how any violect death was occa- 
sioned, [by the nobility. 

CoroDet. kftr'-^-nSt s. an inferiour crown worn 

Corpora], kdr'-p6.iil. $. the fewest officer of the 

Corporal, kAr'-p6-i^. a. relating to the body; 
not spiritual. 

CoqiortJlifv, kSr^iiA-rfil'-i-tA. <. the quality of 
ocing imbcMlicsd, 

Corporally, kAr'-pA-rAl-J*. ad, bodily. 

Corpoi"ttc, kAr'^p^-rite, a. united ui a body or 

^«rporaiioUj k&r-pA-r&'-shfln. s. a body poGtiek. 
Corpo! t:al^ kAr-po'-r^-^. a. having a Dody. 
Coriiorcityj bfir-pA-r6^-^-i^. #. maleriality. 
Corjia, k^t^. *. a tody orfbNics. « 
CcHT^j^v:', kArp?. s. a dead body, a corse. 
Corpulence, kJlr'-jiii-l^jESC. /». bolkineas of 
Cwpuleucy, kftK-jJiVt^n-ai. \ IxhIv, fl^shinesi. 
Cfyrpulentj kflr'-pi-llnu a fleshy, Bulky. 
Corpit^cla, kAK-pL\3^^L J, 
Corrai,lG;f fcftr-ride'. r. a, to scrape together. ^ 
Correct, kftr-i^ki'* c. a. to chastise^ to ainend. 
Correct, k&r^r^ki^ a, revised or nnishedwith 

CorrectioD, k6r-rdk'-£hAn. s. putdshmeal, disd- 

pliae: amendment; reprebenakm. 
Correcuve. kAr-r^'-dv. «. that which has the 

power of altering or obviating any tlung 

t>)rrectiy, kfirf^<-li. ad. aocuratefy, exactly. 

Corrector, Id&r-r^'-tflb*. ». he that.aiiietids,f«l« 
Correlative, k^i^4-4hr. a. havh^ a recipro- 
cal lelatkNi. .fi;<Q|iroof 
Correption. k&r-rlp'-fihfin« «. re p re aen skw, 
Conrespbno. k6r-r^sp6nd'. e. n. to suit,vto qa 

swer ; to keep up commerce with^aaotber h 

alternate letters. 
Correspowlence, k6r4ri-«p6n'-d&ise. «. iseia' 

tibn} intercourse; interchaiige of afi^^ses or 

CbrrespoDdent, k6r-r&-sp6n'-dl|ii. a, suitable, 

Correspondent^ k6r«r&-sp6n'-d8nt. s. one wuh 

whom commerce is kept up-by mutual ieiiers 
Corresponsive, kftr-r&-sp6v-slv. a. answerable. 
Corridor, kftr-riM^'. «. a g^Hexy round about 

aJwikfing. ■'^''■^ [oramftuded. 

Corrigible, kV-r2i;i^bL a. that may be ahered 
Corn^CHtint, kftr-r^-^rftci* a. having the pow • 

er to give strength. 
Corroborate, k6r-r^-4Hle. n. a. to confinn, 

to establish; to strengthen; \ 

Corroboration, k6r-r6l^-ii'-fihftn. s. the eci of! 

strengthening or confirming; 
Corroborative, kAr-rAb'-^-c&^v. a. having the 

power of increasing strength. [greeft. 

Corrode, k6r-r6de'. v. a. to eat away fcy de- 
Corrodent, k6r>r6'-dSnt a. ha\ing the povver ef 

corroding or wasting. 
CoiTosible, kAr-r6'-s^. a. possibk to b^ con- 

sumed by a menstraum. 
Cbrrosive, k6r-r6^-slv. a. able to corrode. 
Corrodveness, kArHr6'-^-nfis. «. the quality oC 

corrodjitg; acrimony. [purse up 

Corrugate, kAr'-rA-gite. tj. «. to wrinkle ei 
Corrugation- kdr-ra-gi'-sbftn. s. <w>iragtirMo 

into wrinkles. 
Corrupt, k6r-rflpt^ «. a. to turn from a sound u 

a put(escent stale ; to deprave^ 
Cormp^ k6r-r5pt'. t. n. to become piitnil,ii 

gtow rotten. Mneia 

Corrupt, kftr-r&pt'.o. vicious, twnied wittMsnck 
CornipabUity;\iir-rJip44.h»'-4^ «. poiiais^ 

to be corrupted. * 

Oonruptible, kdr^iV-t^U. «. .pOanbk ^ ^ 

. Vitiated^jgitized by LjOOQ IC • 




ii*^»fty>,iifr,i4t^>>4tee>ta^HttlH»»l pM"*# <W«,Trtt 

^ ismrradMiL 

GoRimCion, kArHrV-^n* ' '« ^idcediie^s 

Cim t f Ul i M^l l^ M b iA iitik.9^^ ; vice 

ComBN'IcArHAre. ^.-a^pfawte. 
Gone, iD6fie. <; ftdsiM! bo^, tk^etnam, 
Conlet, lUW-lfit. «. « Mt anuMir for ^ 

brMM (nnd. 

Gortfetl, kAr'^t-kll. a.4Mrky, MraniMf totii^ 
Cortieated, kB^'JlMA^ftA a. iwiaiip- '"' 

bMftc«rfttr«e. [1 

CoroKidt, Ifi&HrAf'-k&nt a. glttterlngiiyi , 

ConoeiitiiN^, Hftp^^ki/HMn. «.>atdb, qtuck 

Cosoietick. liA^iii§f'-flL a. beaalif^ng. 
Cooiical, ]B6z'-m&4E&L a.Titiiig or 'mtmg with 

'Coaniogo^yJcfts-iiidg'-^6-B^. t;tiie rae-orbtrtli 

of tto^^nondy the cf<eatK)A*' 
Como|ErMifaer, klo^nftff'-nlL-fftr. f. one who 

&>mdg'-gr&«fl^. «. a descriptRm 


CoMopofitan. iL.dzHpn^idl'^-t&ii. t. a dliten 
of^the wOfM, tmewbo is at home in ever}' 

CodtylAeL «. prke j dHrfg^e ; detriment. 
Co8t.k58t.«. »• to belHHilht for, ta1>e had at a 

price. \ 

Co8tBl,'liA#-^ a. bekmginff to the ribs. 
CkKtaid, iMH&nl «. a bead; a species of ipple. 
Cotfive, lAs'-dv. a. bound in the body f ckwe. 
-Ceifiyeiiesa. kAs'-dv-rt^ <. the^state of the 

body in which extiwtton is obstructed. 
Coifmess. kftst'-t^nKs. t. sumptuousness, ex> 

€ofltly, kAAMfct. fc sumptuous, expensive. 
Oomtlie,' U6M6itte'. «. the CDrrespoadence of 

dMMi to Ittfemective ages or nations. " 
OaL^rftt. ^ a tntftthoMsew a hat. fsame time. 
OiiMl|fU#MNtl»^-'pM^r^. if. Inrkgat tlie 
Ooiirie. kiA-tor-f^. t, a dub, a society. 
---^ kA.tfr*f^'. t. a ^nd if Prw** 

Cefl«ad,kAt^liirii a Iwd tppnaai <o a eel- 

Cotteffe,kAf4J^.«. akat, raean kribitatioft 
Cottager, k^lMi-jAr.«. one who livetin«h«i 

C^ttm^m*'^. «. ike^kmttof the cettoo tree , 
a plant: chith or atnff made of cotton. 

Couch, -kAAlsk. v.*. «» Me down) toMoop cr 
bend down. 

Coueh, kMlA. e. «. "lo tay en aplaee of repose { 
to hide> to depiw W fifan tnat owerspreads . 
' the pooa of the eye. 

Cooeb, iMtsh. a. a seat of repew ; a ]aymr, a 

Couchant, kAAtsh^-Ant a. lying down, sffoatting. 

Couehee, kdft'-sihi^. $. bed-time, the time oi* 
vMiting Imte at night. 

Cough, ic6C t. a convaWon of the -hmgs. 

Cough, kftf. V, ft. to have the kings oonvulsud: 

Cough, kftf. 17. a. to eject bv a coogh. 

Courier, kAf-ltir.s. one that •cotwhs. 

CouB, k(WL the imperfect preL cfean. 

Coulter, k6lo'-(&r. t.^tbe sharp iron of theploagk 
which cots the earth. 

Couhcil, kMu'-dL s. an assembly «f pereons 
met together in coosoltation. 

Cdunsel, kdfln-s£l. t. 6dviee, dvection, pru- 
dence 5 design ; a pleader. fndvise. 

Counsel. kAto'-*I. ». a. to gjive adi^we ; to 

Counsellable, kAftR'-s2l-&-bl. a. willing to re- 
ceive and fbNow adriflc . 

CounselkN*, k6&n<4^-lftr. «. one that* gives ad- 
vice; a confidant; a barrister. 

CmiQt, fc6&at. e. 0. 4o immber: toieekon: lo 
hnpnte to. f loreign nobility 

Count, kdftiit 9, Bitmber, reckoning ; a titieef 

Countenance, kAftn'-^t^-^Anse. t. the for»«l 
the l^tce, the system of the features, air $ -na- 
pect of assurance ; patroaage, support. 

Countenance, kMn'^iAnse. ^. a. to snppoct, 
to patmnise. 

CouDtenancer, k6ftn''4&-n^R'^ s. «ne thai 
countenances or ^upfrorts aiw^r. 

Counter, kMn'-t&r. s^afotoepieeeefmoney 
a sort of table In a shop. fsHJon UK 

Counter, fcMn'-tftr. ad. contrafy to,-i« eppe- 

Coiratenict,k6&n^i{ii*»l^'. -v. a. to hhider miif 
thing froflu its eflfeci by -oentraiy egmey. 




. Vhe, f&r, M,Hx s-^ni^, jaky^nt, pia y^ 

CottattfrUiianee. kMii4Ar-b&lMdns9. o. a. |o 
act against iNatltaii opposHo weight. 

Coanterbuffy kMB<tAr4>&r t. a. to impel^ to 
strike back. j[reciprocatj<m. 

CounterGhange, k6&n'-tfir-tsh&nje.«.exchaii^i 

OounterchangOi kMn-tflr-tsh^ie'. v. a. to give 
and receive. 

f^mtercharm, k6JW-t2^-uh&rm. «. &at by 
wtiich a chann is dissolrea. 

Countercharm, k5&a-tAr-tablinii^ jt, a. to de- 
stroy the^ect of an enchantment 

C^^untercheck, kdfln-tftr-tsbJUc'. v. a.4o oi^pose. 

Countercheck, k^6a^tAMsb^. s, stop, rebuke, 

Counterfeit, kMn'-tftr-flt. v. a. to cop^*^wiUi an 
intent to paas the copy (cr an onffinal ; to 
imitate, [deceitfuJ. 

Ceunterfelt, kdftn'-t5r-fh, a. forged, 5ciiUou» $ 

Counterfeit, k^Au^-tdr-f It s. an impostor ; a 

CouDterfeiter, k&ftn -t(b'-flt-&r. «. a ibiger. 

Countermand, kA&a-tflr-nilifd'» u. a. to contra- 
dict an order. ' [fbrmcF order. 

Countemumd, kMn'-tAr-mlnd. <. repeal of a 

Countermarch, kdfln-t&r-m&rtsh', v. ». to march 

Countermarch, k65n^-tflr-ni&rtsb. «. retroces- 
sioif ; change of measoros. * 

Countermine, ko&n^-tftr-rolne. i, means^ of op- 
position ; a stratagem by which any contri< 
vance is defeated. 

Countermine, l^d&n-tfir-mlne'. v, a, to delve a 
passage into an edemy*» mine 3 to defeat by 
secret measm^s. £for a bca. 

CooAterpane, k<S&nM&r-p&ne. «. a coverlet 

Counterpart, k6an'-t&r-plrt.,«. the coircspond- 
entpart [cation. 

Counterpleai kOQn'-tar-pl4. «, in law, a nspli- 

Counteirptot, kM»-tJ!b*-pl5t'. v. «. to oppoM one 
machination by another. 

Counterplot, kdAn'-tftr-pl6t. #. an artifice op- 
posed to an artifice. 

Counterpoise, kMn-tfir-pAixe'. v^a. toceun- 
teibalaooe 3 to act with equal power against 

Counterpoise, kSSa^^AfpAht^ <. equipmxi^rT 
aoce, eqaSvaltnce of weight orpo^, J 

OomHerpnjeet, kUn-tAriprld'-jIkt «. 

CoutttersigB, JuStAtHflr^ine'. 9. a* to iin m: 
order ofa suoeriour, in qoality ofaaceefiwr. 

Coanterlum,k<WW-t&r4Ani. «. Urn he^ Md 
fan growth of a play, wioch fWrtrnyi «qpec- 

Coimtenrail, kAHb-tflr-vlde'. v. a. to be eqi^ 

lent to,to act agahoprt with equal pvwec 
Countervail, kflda'-t&ivvale. s» equal weight 
Counterview, kdAn^t&r-v&. 9, & pceim ui 

which two persons finint each other. 
Counterwork, b&fin-t&r-wArk o. a. to hinder 

by contrary operations. [count 

Countess, kdAn'-t&u t, (hie lady of dta earl or 
Countiess. fci5fin^-l^ji. innuBDi^rable. 
Country, kAn'^tr^. s. a U^ct of lanc^ a r^ion i 

rural ports. [rude, ignorant 

Country^ iconMr^. a* nural $ ronote Dom cities 
Counttyman, kfln'-tr^man. «. one boni in the 

same countiy ; A rustick. 
County, k6lhr*t^..9. a shire. . 
Couple, k&p'-pl. «. a chain or tie ; a brace , a 

male and his fenuLe. 
Couple, k&p'-pl. v.a, to chain together} ta 

jom to ouo another , to marry 
Couple, kcb'-pl. V. n. to Job emoraces. 
Couplet, kf^Mltt. a pair pf rhymes. 
Courage, kfir -t^dje. s. bravery^ active ibryioQe 
Cotzrageous, kjh'-r&'-j^i!is. a. brave^ danng, 

bold; [bokbiess, courage.' 

Couragcousnoss, kftr-rli -j^-Qs-nSs. s. bravery 
Courier, kdd'-r^r. s. a messenger sent in h^ste. 
Course, kArse. s. race, career; ^^roiuid on 

which a race is run 3 track or line in which a . 

sliip sails. [Ibire to nn 

Course^ k^rse. j). a, to buat, to mirsue $ to 
Course, kbne. r. n. to run7 <o rovo about. 
Courser, k6r'*sSr. -.«. a swift horse; one who 

pursues the sport of ccursiqg haves. 
Court, kArte. «. a palace ; haU or chamber 

where justice is administered; open 1 

before a house ; the art of insinuation. 

Court, k^e. o. a. to woo, to soficit a wobua s 

to endeavour to please. [well farad. 

Courteous, kor'-tsh^As. a. etegant ormanuMi, 

Courteously, kftr'-ishi-fis-li. id. reqpectfuHjr, 

civilly, complaistfntly. 

cpi>re- Coiu1ieQasB6BS, mjMhtwff^ 

I coanphuiaBCiitzedbyV^OOgLe 





i>6, mftve, aflr, aftt >-4Abe, tiH^ bAll j--^ ^-x^^nd^^-iAki^ thIi. 

CMntem> kftr-iMb<. «. a woman «f the townj 

a prastjtate. « 

CoiBtMsr} kftr'-tA«f^. «. elegance of mai&iera, 

avilhy, comphiimlioe. [women. 

Cswiesy, kwcf'-wk. t. the reveroneo made by 

Comrtesy, k5rt'-9^. v. n. to make a reverence 

in the mamier of ladkiS. 
Coortier, k^rte<-ydr. s. one thm attends the 
coarts of primss 3 one thftt solicits the /kvonr 
of another. [ners, comptaisance. 

OotETtfanejs, k^te^-l^Q^. ». eieg^cc of man- 
Coordy, k6rte'-l^ a. rctating tothe court, ele- 
gant, flattering. 
Courtship, k/Ane'-8hf(), s. the act of soliciting 
fevour 5. the setidtation of a woman to mar« 
Cousin, kfis^-zn. s. any one coUoterefiy related 

more remotely than a brother or a sister. 
Cove, k6ve. s. a small citek or bay. 
Covenant, kdv'-^Hiftnt «. a contract, stiputeition. 
Covenant, kAv'«^n&nt. en. te bargain/ 

Cover, kilnr'-ftr. #. any thing laid over another ; 
a shelter, xxmceakn^t. [shelter, 

'"^jver, kov^'^. v. a. to overspread, conceal, 
v'ovBTUig, kflv'-ftr-lng. t. dress, vesture. 
C overlet, kdv'-ftr-ldt s. the oiuerroost of the 
bed-clothes. fthfckeu 

Ccvert, kfiv'-ftri s. a shelter, a defence ; a 
Covert, k&v'-ftrt. a. sheltered, hidden, insit^oui. 
Coveftly. kav'-drt-lA. ad, secretly, ctosdy. 
Caret, k&v'-^L v. a. to deare inmdinatcly. 
Covetous, kAv'-^-tds. a. liiordiuately dearous; 
avaricious. [gemess of gam. 

(^oveikMisnedS, kftv^-vi-^ds-nds. . t. avarice, ea- 
Covey^ kflv'-v^. s. a, hatch 3 an okl bird with 

her young ones. 
Covud. kftv'-in. «. a fraudulent agreement. 
^w, JcM. s. the female of the bull. 
Zovr, kiA. n. a. to depr^ wtdi fe£r^ 
3owar^ kAjy-urd. s.^a pokron, a 
m htm e predominant passion is iear« 
Uiwrnr^Sc^f kM'-ArKflB. s. fear, habitual tanidi 
ty. (cowardice,. 

Cowardliness, kM^^^drd-l^-nSs. * s. ttmicEty, 
*awmr^, kMV^vd-l^. a. fbarfiil, pusUlaiumous. 
'^^f kM'-^drd-l^. a(2» ia tfa^ tianoer of a 

Cower, kdA'-5r. v, n. to sink -by beadiiig the' 

kuces, to stoop. 
Cowl, kMl. Si a monk's bond. . 
Cow-pock, kd&'-pftk. s. an emptiim from the 

tents of a cow : said to be an infallible pr» 

servafive from tiie small<£Ox. 
Coicoinb. k6ks'-k6me. s. aflmver ; a fop. 
Coxcombiy, k6ks'4(6me-l^.a. or oa. concoite<^ 

like a coxcomb. 
Cosccmbry, Mtkaf-kbrne-r^. s. foppishness. 
Coxcooiical, koks-kdm'-ik*Al. a. foppish, con , 

Coy, kM. a. modest, rescn'ed. 
Coy, k6^. V. n. to oehavc with rescrx'e. to re 

ject familiarity. 
Coyly, kW-I*. aiL with reserve. 
Coyness, kA^'-Ads. «. reserve, unwillingness to 

become familiar. 
Cozen, k&s'-an. v. a. to cheat, to defraud. 
Coaenage. kAz'-zn-&je. s. firaud. dcceH, dieat. 
to j Cozener, kdz'-zn^. «. a cheater, a defrauder 
[Crab, krab. s. a sfaelli^ ; a wild apple; a 

!-.- 1 - — I of ine zo 

peovisli, morose person 3 a sign < 

Crabbed, kr&b'-bdd. a, peevish, morose ; \u -nh, 

unpieastng: difficult. 
Crabbedly% kr&b'-b£d-l&. ad. peevisfaly. 
Ci^ack, Idrak. s. a sudden disruption; chi.:k, 

nsiu^ f any sudden and (piick sound. 
Craek, kr&k. t;. a. to break into chinks ; tospHf ; 

to craze. [right reasoa. 

Crack-brained, kr&k-brAnd'. a. crazy, withou< 
Cracker, krAk'-flr. r. a noiiy, boasting fellow 

gimpowder confined sots to burst wuh great 

Crackle, krftk'-ld. v. n. to make slight cracks. 
Cradle, kr4'«dl. «. a moveable b«d on whi/s 

children or sick persons ue agitaied wits r 

Cradle, kr&'-dL v, a. to lay in a cradle. 
Craft, kr&ft. «t. trade ; auming ; small sailing 

Craftily, kr&f-ti-l^ ad. cunningly, arUiilly. 
Craftiness, krlf-t^ifts. s. cunnu« stratagen 
Craftsman, kilifts'-nillQ. s. an axtuker, a bm . 

facturer. ; 

Crafty, kiif-t^ a. cunnings artful. ^ 
Crag, krig, s. a rotii^, sleep rock ; (hi 




Bto, fir, flu, iit}^-ai^, oiit)r-iptii« , jJny^ 

Cnggfdt Mg^-gM-o. ftill of iMqualltiwiind 

Cream, Mme. 9, u, toctthrMr creiim;^ to Mn^ 


Creamy, kr^-m^ «. fiill of crMm. [am' tim^. 
Crease, kr^ t. a mark mada fay deobliBg 
"Crease, kn&aa. v. a. t& mark any tliiar >y 

Create, ki^-Ate'. v. a, to form, cause > lo pr»> 
Creation, kHy-4'«sbAn. #. t}>e act of cnatmg } 

the wiiverse ; ainr ^is^ produced. « 

Creative, kii-r-uv. a. hu\nng tl« p<wvar ta 

crajrtc. fCTifttaBce 

Creator, Jcr^&Mor. «. the Hsuig tbat betfowi 
Creature, kr^-tshAre. s, a beiiiff cre<Mied ; aa 

anhnal nm tmman) a -word m cotitcmpt or 

tenderness ; one who owes bis rise to anollKr. 
Credence, kre'-dftnse. s. belief. 
Credenda, kri-d^'-^. «. articles of failfa. 
Credent, kr&'-d&at. a, easy of bdief ; lutving 

credit. T^itieto credit 

Credentia(> kr6«deiMi&l. s, that wbidi give* a 
CredibUlty, krdd-^b11'-i-tiL,«. daim to credtv 

Credible, kr6d'4-bl. a; wortjiy of credit 
CredU^eness, krSd'-^-bI-n&. «. wortiiiness of 

bdief. [clahns belief 

Credibly, kr^'44>w. od in a maimer thM 
Credit, krdd'-lt, t. belief) repmatida; fahb^ 

trust reposed ; promise given ; influence. 
Credit^ krN'-!u r. a. to Relieve 5 to trust; te 

admit a» a debtor.. [Ue. 

Creditabte, krSd'4i-4<bl. a. reputably estima 
Creditab^Dness, krSd'-?t-&^-«es. s. repmatioii^ 
, estimation. . 

Creditably, krftiF-?t.&-h:*. ad. reputably. 
Creditor, kr6d''lt-&r» «, be to inborn « ddtA 

Credulity, kr^dA'-l^-t^. s. easiness of beM 
CreduloQs, koidf-jA4&8. a, apt to believe, eaaity 

deceived. . . 

Crcdulousnesa, 'kr^^&*lde*nSs. s, apitiieSB to 

beliin'e, credtttitj. 
Creed, krM. s. a icon of words in^wihieh \hm 

aiwBS bf faith are comprehended. > 
CreeJc, kr^. v. a. to make a barsh noise. 
C>reeK, kr^k. «. a bay, a cove. 
Creep, ke^ v^ it to move iMUi the^liieUf i»,tk» 

groond without legs; m more do^.T^^ ' 

biy 5 to faWttigtzed by LjOOQ IC 


Cram, krAm. v. a. to stuff) to fill beyond satiety } 

to thrust in by force. 
Cramp, kr&mp. s. contraetion of tlie limbaj 

cortmiement > a piece of iron bent at each end. 
Cramp, kr&mp. a. difficult, knotty. 
Cramp, kr&mp. v. a. to pain Mrtth craom ; to 

connne, to bmd. lp*pe. 

Crane; krane. s. a bird ; an engine ; a crooked 
Cranium, lui'-n^Am. «. the skull. 
Cranky ki&ngk. «. the «nd of an iron axis ; 

any conceit formed by twisting or changing a 

word. [be overset. 

Crank. Jtr&ngk. a. healthy, sprightly ; near to 
Cnmkiei kr&^-kl. v.m. to nut la arji outt 
Crankle, kr&ng'-kl v,a. to break into unequal 

Cranny, krftn'-ni. s. a chink, clcfl, crevice. 
Crape, uipe. «. a tton stK^'ioosely ntn^n. 
Crash, krash. r. n.4o make a kmd, coeiipiicated 

Crash, krAsh. v. a. tol»iea{c, to bruise. 
Crash, kr&sh. «. a loud, nuxed tound. (ness* 
Crassitude/ krA^^sMds. Agrossness, coarse- 
Cratch, kralsfa.^. a palisaded iirame foriunr. 
Craunch, kr&ntsh.^ crush in )hn mouth. 
Cravat, kri^vit/. «. a neckcloth. 
Crave, kr&ve. tr. a. to «sk witli earuesmess or 

submission ; to kmg. 
Craven, krii'.^ii.«. acock conquered; a coward. 
Craw. kr&w. s. the crof or first stomach of birds. 
Crawl, kr&wK c n, to creep, to move slowly. 
Crayfish, kriw'.flah. « the river lobster. 
Crayon, kr^^'^fio. «. a kind of pemiii; a paste ; 

Craze, krhae. v, a. to break, to crush } to crack 

the l>faia,-' 
Crazioeos, kr&'4&-ii(ls.«.imbedlitv, weakness. 
Crazy, kr&'-t^.a. breke.i,decreptt.>8haUerad 

in the intellect. 
Creak, kr^ke. v.n.\» makAA har^ noise, 
^'--^m. krftme, % tfaofsiflr pari of milk. 



5 aainMiimtRi- 

[liw Doiae. 

a fmaU. crack- 

Creeper, krM^-pAr. *. 

maikt: a kuxl orp<ai 
Crept, krlpt peart, c f . - _ 
Crepuscule, kc^-pfts'-lc6Je. «. twilight 
Crepusculous, kM-p&s' Ic&^lfta. a. ui a state be- 

tweeu iigi^t and darkness. 
C^dsceot, kr|3'-siat. a. incrBasing $ growng, 
Ct'cseeat, kw-s£nt. «. the moan in bsr state of 

Crescive, krSs'-^lv. a. increasini^, gmmng. 
Cress, kris. j; aa kerb. 

Cresset, krSs'^sk. «. a UgjtA set upoo a beacon. 
Crest, krSst «. a plume of feathers: tkeonia- 

ment of tiie beliael in berakfapr $ pnde, spirit- 
Crested, kr8s'-(£iL cu adorned with a plume br 

crest [iticss. 

Crest-fallen, krSst^-f aln. a. dejected, sunk, sptr- 
Crestless, krSst'-tSs. a. not dignified with coat- 
Cretaceous, krM,^-sbds. a, chalky. 
Crevice,. kiv7'4s. «. a crack, a c)eR. 
Crew, krftft. ». tlie company of a ship. 
Crew, knW. tbo prtL or c«^. 
Crewel, krU'-ll. s . yam twisted and wound on 

a knot or bad. 
Crib, kr]b. «, a rack or manger. 
Crib. kHb. r. a. to shut up; to steal. 
Cribbace. krib'-bme. «. a sane at eahls. 
Crkk, krik. «. a painlui sttmiess in the neck. 
Cricket, kr)k'4t «. an insect tliat chirps about 

ovens and fire-places ; a sport ; a low stOol. 
Crier, krl'-fir. s. the officer whose business is to 

make proclamaUon. 
Crime, krbne. s, an offence, a great faah. 
Criminal, krim'-^n&L a. faulty, guilty, [crime. 
Criminal, krlm'-^na]. «. a roan ruihy of a 
Criminarty, krlm'-^-n&l-l^. ad. wickedly, guiltily. 
Criminatioii, krlni4-nV<^$bJbi. s. tlie actofac^ 

cusing, charge. 
Crimp,, krfmp. a. cri^, brittle, easily cmmbled. 
Crimple, kHm-pl. v. a. to contract, to curl. 
Crimson, kifm'-zn. f . a deep red. 
Crirosoir, kt^n'-o. v» a. to dve ttrjdi ctin»otf. 
Cringe, Ibniqek «. bow, serm civifi^. 
Cringe, kiloge. ^. n. to bow, to pay court, fo 

Crinlgeroos, kii-nld'-ji-rds. a. ov e r g row n with 

[, Bflt >-tAbe, tab, bJttl 'r^ ^-pflftnd ^-iftln, THii. 

Crinose, kri-n^se'. a. hairy, ftiK^bah:. 
Cripple, krip'-pl. f . a bund man. 
Cripple, krip'-pl. V. a. to lame, to make lane 
Crisis, kri'-sis. f. a critical time or turn. 
Crisp, kr?sp. a. curled } indented; brittle. 
Cris|), krtsp* v. a. to curi; to twist; to indent. 
Ciispatk>n, krls^p&'-sbAn. «. the act of curling; 

tl)o stale of being curled. 
Crtspness, krlsp'-nfe. t. curiedness. 
Criterion^ kri-t^-rfc4bi, #. a mark by whkrh any. 

thiiiig is fudged of. 
Critick, krit^-lk. «. one skilled in the art of judg 

iug of literature: a censarer. 
Critical, kHi'-^ku. a. eiract, nicely judicious: 

relating to criticism; captious, inclt»ad to find 

Critically, kt?t^-^kli]-l&.4]ii. m a critical manner, 

Criticise, krli'^^-slze. o. n. to play the critick ; 

to animadvert upon. > 

Criticism, kr?tQ-s)zm. $. a standard of judging 

well ; remark, animadversion. 
Croak, kr^ke. t;. n. to make a ntnse like a frog 

or raven. 
Croak, kr6ke. t. the cry ef a (rof or raven. 
Crock, kr6k. «. a cup, any vessel made ofearth. 
Crockery, kr&k'-ftr-^. s. eartlieu ware. 
Crocodile, krAk'-^-dft. s. an amphibious vera 

cious aiiimaL 
Cit)cus, kr6'-kAs. *. an early flower. 
Craft, krOft. «. a little ckise joining to a house 
Croisade, krW-s^de'. «. a holy,wai\ 
Crone, kr^ne. t. an old ewe ; an okl woman. 
Crony, kr&'-n^. s. an old acquaintance. 
CrooK, kf&^. >. any crooked iastrumeiU; a 

Crook, krdAk. v. a. to bend, to turn into a hook. 
Crookback, krMk'-l)&k. s. a man that has gib 

bous sboaldora. f perverse. 

Crooked, krWk'-W. a. bent, curve ^ oblique j 
Crookednestf, krfli5k'-^n^. s. devmuoi: from 

straishtness, curvity. 
Crop, kWVp. s. the craw of a bird; the hmr-est , 

any tiling cut off. - 
Crop, kr6p. r. a. to cut off the ends of any tiring, 

to mow. to reap. {bisb<^. 

Cro^r. kr6'-zbe-^r. t. the Mtstoral fWofa 
Cross, kr&s. t. the ensign of the ChnsuaD r« 



FkiBf (hf fill, (Aiy'-mk, m^j— ploe, pb 


Kgioii} a Kne drawn throogt* auoUier} mis- 

fbrtmie, opposition. 
Cross, krofc. a. trausvenw j adyorse 3 peevish : 

contrary, tiafurtunate. [side. 

Cross, krois. prtp. athwarl: over, fromstdcto 
Cross,. kr6s. v. a. to lay athwart; to sign wUh 

the aossx to cancel -y to {Miss over. 
Crossbite, kr6s^-bite. s. a deception, adicat. 
Cross-bow, kr6s'-W>. «. a missive ^-eanon. 
CrosBgrained» kr&s-gr4nd'. ct. havhig^ die Abres 
♦ transverse; troublesome, vexatious, 
(rossiy, kro8'-l(>. ad. athwart ; oppositely, ad- 
^versely. fsieetion; peevishnetts. 

Crossness, Icrds^-ii^. s. transversetiess, ititcr- 
Crotchety kr6tsh'-^t< s. a note equal to half a 

minim 3 a piece of wood fitted into anotlier to 

suf^rt a buildin? 3 in printing, books in which 

words are iiicluucd {,thus] ; an odd ioucy. 
Cro5ch, krd&tsh. v. ». to stoop low 3 to fawn, 

to bend servilely. 
Croup, kr5Ap. $. the rump of a fowl 3 the but- 
tocks of a norse. 
Crow, krA. & a bird 3 dn iron le\'er3 the voice 

of a cock. . 
Crow, kr6. v. n. pfei. cretc, or crvwfdf to 

make a jioise^ like, a cock 3 to boast3 to 

Crowd, krftfid. s. n multitude, a promiscuous 

medley 3 tlio populace. 
Crowd, krofld. r. a. to fill with confused muld- 

tudes3 ^o Pi^^^^ ^'^>^ together. 
Crowd, krAftd. 0. n. no swarm, to be numerous 

and confused. 
Crown, krdAu. $. Uie ornament of the head 

jvhtch deno'es intperial and roj^dirttity} a 

garland 3 royally; the top oTtfae fl€aa3 a 

piece of money. 
CroMrn, krAAn. r. a. to invest with a crown 3 to 

dignify, to adoni 3 to -complete 3 to terminate. 
Trown^ass, krftfin'-glfts. s. the fineii sort of 

Crucial, krtt&'-sh^. a. traiis\ierse, intersecting 

one another. [menu 

Cruciate, krftft'-sh^te. o. a. to torture, to tor- 

udble, krU'-s^bL «. a melting-pot made of 

rucifiz, faW-fl^-flks. «. a representatkip oJ* 
«nr liora'i paakw. 

Crudfixion, krft&^iK'-shAn. t. tto fmUk' 

ment of nainnf iQxlrDss» [of a cixiss 

Cruciform, krW-^jgftn. a. having the Ibrm 
Crucify, kr&ft'-s^dlk a. to put to ileiith by 

nailing the hands^KT f^ to a cross. 
Crude. krS6d. a raw 3 imripe 3 indi^^ed. 
Crudely, krfldd'-i^^ ad. onripely, without dm 

Crudene8S,krd6<iK-n&..s. unripeness^ :ndigestion« 
Crudity,* krftft'-di-tfe s. indigestion, * 
Cruel, krW'-fl. a. pleased with hwiing oUier«, 

inhuoKin, hartiarous.. 
Cruelly, krdd'4Md. ad. inhumanly, barbarously 
Cruelty, krft&'4|-ti. «. mlAimanity, savagenesa, 

barbariw. , . 

Cruet, krSV-h, f. a phiai for vinegar or oil. 
Cruise, krMz. 9. a voyage in scorch of plondei 
Cruise, kr&dz. n n. to wander on the sea witl< 

out any certabi course. 
Cruiser, krdft'-zfir. «. oniB that roves upon tlie 

sea in searcl. of ffhuder. [particle 

Crumb, krftm. ». tnc soA part of }n«ad 3 a small 
Crvunble, kr&m'-b|. v. a. to break into snudl 

pieces, to coRimiuute. 
Crumble, kr&ni'-bl. iall into small pieces. 
Crummy, krfim'-njft. a. soft. 
Crumple, kr^m'-jM. c. a. to draw into wrinkles 
Crumpling, kr&mp'-Bng.'^. a smaH, degenerate 

Crupper, lorftp'-pdr. «. that part f^ the horse 

man*s nnnituro that reaches from the saddle 

to the tail. |the uifideb. 

Crusade, lcr&A-s&de^ b, an expedition agamst 
CVa^^ krOsb. t>. a. to squeeze 3 to ds|>r£», ic 

Crush, krftsh. «. a collision. 

Crust, Idiist. <. any-6hell;or axtemal c:oai3 am 

incrustatknij die xUse of a ]Ne3 tlie bard part 

of bread. 
Crust, krfist «. a.lh> cov«r with a bard can; to 

feol with ooncre^ms. ^ 

Crust, krAst. v. n. to cather or dontract a cmst. 
Crustaceous, kr&s-tT-sbi^b. cu shelly, with 

Qnistily, kr&s'-t^. ad. peeviahh) snsubplifaty. 
Crustiness, krib'-t^nls. t . tbe quality or a crutt 

.Crusty, far^b'-ift. a. covert 


a«st; aiQ. 




n&^Bftv^nfr, at>»-<te e, t)B>, bM}— M^-pMnJ)— ftii, fit. < 

Calmiiiata,kai'iiiA-nto. V. 11.10 bain dwa*. 

dj, nf. «L N to caO vaapartanfimji to pro- 

dabii; tovxftopj toydp. 
*Crf,kxL f. fiiriek, icreaiQl wwping ; damoar; 

prodanatioo : uoportuiiate call. 
•Cj^stal, lois'-tfij. «. a kvd, pelladd, and oaUi- 

relly coloiirlesf body. 
Crystal, kiii'-i^ a. coosuting of crynalj 

uubt, dear, tnuMpareot 
OrfSSMe, kxts'^&»lD6, or kiis'.til.0ii. a. cdn- 

sistiiur oTctystal} dear, pelhidt). 
Crystauizatian, ki!s-til*K-z^''«fa&a. s, ooqgela- 

uon^intocrystali. « 

urysCallizey Kris'-t&l-Hz^. v. «. to ooagulaiOi eoA- 

eea), ornoot into ciyatab. 
Dub. MUb. «. the youo^ of a beast, generally of 

a Dear or fox. 
Cubatory, k&^-blL-tfir4. a; recmnbent. 
Oube» km. «. a square, dolid body. (bidiee. 
Oalnt, k&'-bn. s. a measure of about eighteen 
Cubitai, k&'-b^t&l. a, oontaJnuig only tbejength 

-'Tuckold, k&k'-kfild. s. one thai is married to 

an adulteress, 
luckold, £&k'>kAld. v. a. to rob a roan of his 
. vrife^B fidelity ^ to wrong a husband by u^i- 


luekoldiom, kfik'-k]U-dflm. t, the^Kitof adul- 

,r ,:t:;..-x ,rp^ nickold. (tempt. 

jikcUjjo, Dup. -ku^. i< liird) a name of oon- 

^^ctimoer, kd^^-ltdm-b&r. «. a plant^^ ^od its 

Jud^ kAd. s. food r€pa?iied in the first stomach, 

iq order to hKJ rlif^w ctj a^in. 
Cuddi«, kt\d'-dl p. Ti. {u he ckjse. 
CXidgel, kM'-Jll. f. a slick to strike with. 
Diidg^elj k5ci'-jll. v. d, to beat with a stidc. 
Ci^^lc^. *. Hie end of any thing j a hint. 
Cufr, k5r. f, b'ow w]th ike fist, a box, a stroke } 

part of a ileeve, 
Cil5 JtAt r. n. to G^ht, to scuffle. 
Ctifif; k^. r% d, u> sLrikG with the fist 
CuirasSj kwh-rhi'. s. a breastplate. 
Culinary, ki^'-i^-nar-^. a rotating to the kitchen. 
CiiJt kdl. V, a. to select frrsni others. 

Colfer, kfilMfir, *. eM*e who picks or 

CitlljTt k&l'-li. & a icaii dooeived or imposed 

Culmination, kftl-m^iAMiAn. t. the iramii of 

a planet through the meridiaa. 
Culpabiity, kAM-bll'4-t^ s. Uameableoess. 
Culpable. KQl'«pa-bl. a. criminal. b.ameable. 
Culprit, kiU'-pm. t. a man arraigned before hia 

jodg9. [meliorale. 

Cultivate, kdl^'t^vlue. v. a. to improve, to 
Cultivation, k&l-t^vi'-shon. «. improvement, 

Cultivator, kQl--t^v4-tflr. t one wtw improves,^ 

promotes^ or meliorates. 
Culture, kAl'-tshAre. «. the actof culiivatioo; 

art of improvement and melioration. 
Cumber, kom'-bftr. v. a* to embarrass ; to crowd 

or k>ad with something useless. 
Cumbersome, kftm'-bJ&-sAm. a. troublesome; 

Cumbraoceyk&m'-br&nse. s. btirden, hmderance, 

unpediment [densoroe. 

Cumorous, kAm'-brOs. a. troublesome $ bur- 
Cumulate, k&'-mA-l&te. v. a, tu heap together. 
Cumulation, k6-m6-lii'-8hAn. ;. jhe oct of heap> 

ing together. ^ 

Cumulative, k& -m&-l&-tlv. a. consisting of di- 
verse matter put together. 
Cuneatec^ kA'-n^-li-t^. a. in form of a wedce 
Cunning; k&n'-idug. a. skilful, knowing^ artmi- 

ly deccitiul, crafty. . , 

Cunning, k&n'-nhi^. s. artifice, 

fraudulent descteniy. 

€ n n ni ogly, kftn'-n!ng-l^. ad, artfully, sb^ ^ 

CurLiiin^neas, kW-nlng^nk. f. oeceitftJiiess; 

Ctip, k&p. f .a small drinking veaad, the draught, 

social entertainment. 
CM^t Ic&P* V* <i* <o <lraw bkxxl by applyriw cup 

I'liig-glasses. r^rare 

Ciipbos^.k&b'-bArd..i. a case forvictoakor 
Ciu^idityr, kA-pld'-i-t^. t. ooncopiicenoe, Inlaw 

ful lonnng. 
Cupola, k^*p6-H 9. a dome, the bemispbiricai 

sununhofabuikliBg. ^' 

Cupper, kfip'-p^. #. one who appta dipffAg 

glames, a scarifier. 
Cupreous, kft'-prMb. a. coppery, ce— H'f d 






F4t», fir, 







C|ifi^b^ei kA^-ti-b], a- ihoLt udmita of a remedy. 
Curacy, k6'-r4-,*fe> j, ^mpJojmenl nf a Oiraie. 

CuratQT', k^i-r&'-t^r. s. oue Lhtit has [he care aiid 

(Juris, V^t'o. r. part i;r a' brittle j rcstraim^ ofjpo- 
Cuib , kM>- 1- ■ n* t<J pAilG a hfitm wiih a curb j 

io resinitii, to cticcK. 
Cun!, kfird. *. iho caagubiioa of milk. 
' Curd, kfird. v. 42. u> luz:^ ^> curds;, U^ cc^usc U? 

Curdfe; kftr'-dl. v. «. to coagulate, to conqnete. 
Curdy, k&r'-di. a. coagulat^, concreted. 
Cure, kire. *. reined}', act of healioig} the ben- 

ejGic^ <>r ^pk)>'meiit of a cume. 
Cure, "kAre. v. a. to heal, to remedy^ to preserve 

from, comipUon, (remedy. 

Cureless, kore'-l^. a. 'without cure, without 
Curiosity, kii-jA^'-^Ak. f. ioquisitiveoess, 

uice\y 5 accuracy} a rarity. ' 

Curious, k^^ri-fls. a. inquislt»v«, attdntlve to, 

> accurate^ -elesrant. [ga^^y* artiuHy. 

Curiously, kA^r&H&t-l^. (id. ioquusitivaly; ole^ 

Curl, kfiri. s. a rmglet of h^ir^ undulation, 

Curl^ kOrl v. a. to Uim the hair in ringlets ', to 

iwi^ ; to dress with curis^ to raise in waves. ^ 
. Curl, kftrL v. nl to shrink into ringlets] to rise' 

in undulation. 
Curnautkeon, kfir-roAd'-jAn. $. an avancipus, 

chprlisfi fieibw, a miser. 
Currant, kSr^-rui. s, a small dried Q;rape. 
Currency, kftr'-rSn-si. t, circulation, jreneral 

t>sc«|>tioii^ constant flow; paper V^^ ^'^ 

circuIatQiy; popular, 

. .ney,. 
Current, kOr'-rent. 

Current k^-rSnt. t, a runnii^. stream. 
Currently, kfiW-reut-1^. ad. in a constant i 


timittSSs^kfir^^it-Dla. i. 

qrcul/itiOD ; i^n- 

de, viPh^L t. an open* iyifo wlie^ed; 
2^^i9«^. tft. be (JwkVA bi m. 6WW 

Cunif^r, kfir'-n^ 5r.f.adre!iS€rof ULonedlnlkfr 
Currij^h, kt''-rU^ a, having the qualities vti 

dcgfyiieratfl dag^ brutal, quarrebome. 
Curry, kSir'^r^. v. a. to drcsi teatberj u> hexiX^ 
Cutect k^Ts/^ v.a. U> wish eril to, to tixecralei 

In dHit*!. 

Turse, kArse. i, malGdifitJOQ. tonnnjit^ veiaticMi. 
Cursed, kfir^-^ d. j;utYc a. luuJer a cuisBj haiefk, 

ujiholj ', vezBlicxiJ. 
CiirsedriQSE), kdi^-^d-u^, «. th« state oT \m\s^ 

tuider a curse. 
Ciir?:orary, kftr^-sA-rll r^. a. cimor)-, hadty, 

careless. [care. 

Cursorily. kflr'-^6-r^jA. ad, hastily, wUhuut 
Cursory, kftr'-sA ck^fu nasty, quick, mattentive 
Curst* "k^ifsL a. frowprd, peevish, snarling. 
^Curtail, k&r-t&le'. v. a. to cut shoit, to shorten. 
Curtain, kfir'-di^ s. a cl«ih contracted or ex« 

panded at pleasure. 
Curtain^ kftr-tli^. v* 4. to.enck)se with curtains. 
Curtsy^ Iftrt'-si. «. See Courtesy. 
Curvated, kAr'oV&'t^d. a. bent. 
Curvation, kA2^v&,'-sh&n. «. the act of bendng 

or crooking. 
Cuirature, ki^-i^-tshftre. t. crookedncaB, in- 
flection. ' 
Curve, kfirv. a. crooked, beut,nflected. 
Curve, kflrv; #. any/tjp^gbe^t, a flexure or 


^rve, Icdrv. n a. to bend, to crMdc, to inflect, 
'urvfst* kftr»v2t'. v. ti. to k»&p, to boiand; to frisk. 
Curvet, kftr-v^'i «. a leap, a bouna, a frolick. 
Curviliiieaf, l^-v^-HoVySr' a* consisting of a 

crooked Ime. 
Curvlty, kAr'rv^tft. f. crookednes. 
Cushiom kfish.'-ln< a. a Iqnd of piUow, a aof pcA 

placedTupon a ch^hr. 
Cusp, k5sp. #. the horns of the i^iqod. 
Ctt^^t^d, kfis'-p&,it&]. >a. ending in a 

Cusmdated, kfls'-pMli-t^d. y point. 
Custard, kfts'-ulbd.^. akiodotsweetniiat nade 

of eggs, iwlk, and sugar. {cimty. 

. ustody, ka<rtM6. t. unpnsQi^iiient, care, 8»- 
QtfftCHm kOiS •%n, c habit^&amoD, tatehliahed 

manner; app||^tion from buyers; tribute. 
Curtjwrjjwfei ,Wi:?t^^ lwu§a 

where taxes UDoasnDdi unDorlBd or 

•re collecteaig t zed Fy >^uoy iL 






96, m&ve, «&r^ ii^^-^^Abc, tftb, bflU |— ffl }^-|>&fti>d?»-</uBy tHit. 

QlAnii^ 1c&i'4&m4-bl a. comraon, babhn- 

Cufltomacyr lLAf'-tAm4r4. 0.4 conformable to 

cuBtDm^aahitual} usual. 
Costofner, k&s'-tftiri'&r. «. one who frequents 

aii> place for Um ss^e of purcbash)^. ' 
Cut, kot. tf.a, pre), tut; p&rt. pass, cut, to pcu- 

etrale with an ed^ped in^trumem ; to hew] to 

carve i to divide packs of cards ; to intersect. 
Cut, kAt. part a, pr^f>ared for use. 
Cut, k&t. 9, the action of an edged instrunient ; 

a wonndj a picture; form, shape. 
Cutax^eoiiS; k^d'-n^-Qs. a. relatmg to the skin. 
Cuticle^ k&M^-ki s. the outermost skin ; tbiu 

skin ronned ou the mrfjKe of any tiqoor. 
Cuticular,k&-tik'-6-i2k'.a.beiou^n; to tlie skin. 
Cutlass, kftf-Uk t. a broad cjutung sword. 
Cutler^ kQtM&r.. $, ooe, who makes or sdb 

Cutourse. k&t'-<iArpc. s, a pickpocket^ a robber.^ 
Cttnery k2ti'4&r. <. one wko cuts; a nimbie 

boat [sin. 

i 'utrth^roat^k&i'^ti^u:^ i. a murderer^ an assas- 
Cut-threat, k&t''tftr6te. a. crue}^ inhuinan, bar- 

Cutting, k^t'<^ng. s. a piece cut oC a chop. 
Cycle, d'-kl. «. a circle^ a >iouod of time. 
Cycloid, sl'-kWtd. «. a ffcometrioal curve. 
CyclepsBdta» si- kli^p6^ii-ft. s* a circle of knowl- 

edge> a course ojf the fences. 

Cyenety ^g^-n^ «. a yoaae swan. 

Cyuoder, A'T??J-dar. «* a body having two flat 

I surfaces and eoe circuiar. 

' Cylindrical, s^-^n'-dr^kal. ) a. having the form 
CyUAfbick,s^'^6n'-drlk» S o'' » cj-BnOer. - 
Cyinbal,^4m'-bal. s. a musical mstmmem. 
Cym^ 4ii -fk4U ) fit. having the ousdities of a 
Cynics^ sln'-Ik. ) dog, cbnrlisli, snarling, 

CytM^mf-^ *i a jphik)90pher of thr soarling 

soil, a ioUowerof Bi^grws* 
Cjrprus, sl'-piw t. . it uta, transparcut, black 

Iki^, ^Milaiiuiig ^soroe 
moii>ia matter. 

iKIe df the emperor of 


DaK d^ 17. a. to strike gemi>' with somelhiiif 

soft or uvjMt. , 
Dab, d^b. i.a smalt himp of any thinir j a blow 

witli something inuisft or soAi a smalt flat ftih 
Dabble^ d&b'-bl. v. n. 10 play in water, o 

. tamper. 
Dabbler, d/lh'-I&r. f . ^te tliat plays in water ; % 

superficial meddler. 
Dace, d^. $. a small river ftsli. 
Dactyle, d&k'-t!l. «. u }>octical foot, consisting 

of one long syllable and two short ones. 
Dad.vlid. ) ., ^ ^ . 

Dadiy7dftd'-di. ( *• ** P"*"^« *"™ fbr/o^im 
D^ger. c^>Ar* s. a sliort wvord, a pojiiard 

the obielus, as RJ. (mire or water, 

^ggle, <^V-gil r. a. to dig ncslige^y in 
Daggletail. 3ag'-gl"-tilc. a. bemred, be^attered. 
Daily, da'-Id.o. happening evtry day» 
Daily; di -1^. ad. every day, N-crj- oflciu 
DairitUy; diue'-t^-l^. od. elegantly, del)catc)^\ 
Daintiness, dlme'-t^-u^. s. delicacy, sof\neM , 

Dainty, d^ne'-ti^. a. delicate, nice, squeamish. 
Dainty, dine'-t^l s. a delicacy, [ufacturcd. 
Dairy, di'-ri. *. the place where milk is man- 
Ddiryinaid,'d£''r^nii^uc.^. tlie ^^-omaii servtmi 

whose business is to manage the milk. 
Dale, d^le. s. a valc^ a valley. 
Dalliance, dHlM^'&flse.^ actsoffoiKiness*, con 

jucai com-ersalion; delay. 

Halfier, d4i'-lA-Ar. .<f.-a trifle r, u fondier. 
ally, ddl'^l^. V. n. to trifle, to exchange cft* 

resses, to delay. 
Daiq, dim. s. a niothrr ; a mole or bank lo 

coufme water. 
Dam. dftm. v. a* to confine, lo sJiut up water by 

moles or dams. * /. . 

Danioge, dAm'!dic. s. mischief, loss, hiirt. 
Damage, d&m'-lffic. v. a. to injure, to impair. 
Damageable, dlmi^?c)]e44>l. a. sutfmnitile.of 

hurt. . ^ *i. r ' fdawMO. 

Damascene. damr->znf «! a small h&4^ g^^D) a 
Dainask, d&m'-{bk. s. linen oc ^Ik wovea m 

flowers. [^**oaM]i 

Dame, dime s, a lady ; mifiresi of a fiua4f 




vide, fir, f IB, fftt j— nift, tndl ;--ptiie/ph y^ 

Duan, dim. v. a. to doom lo tonuents in a fu- 
ture state; to condeum ; to hi» any publick 

OamiiaMe,dlin'-iil-bi. a. defl^rvinn^dinm^tion. 
Oamriabiy, dain'-i^*bl^. ad. in such a manner as 

to incur eternal punisluneiit. 
Damnatioti, dlm-n^'-sliAn. s. exclusion from 

divine niercy. condemnation to eternal puni^i- 

l)aiyiiiatory, tlAm'-iA-iftr-^. a.rontamm^ a sen- 

tcu<*e of rondcinnatioiv [detestable. 

Oanine<l.. ddmoid, or dftm'-iiW. pari, a^ hatcfii!^ 
Daninitick, dhn-riC-ik. a. procuring^ loss; ini?- 

Dainciry» dAm'-n^fl. v^ a, to imuret to fhul. 
^Oainp, diuip. a. moist ; dejected, depressed. 
Damp, dimp. t, moisture ; d^ection. [cbill. 
Damp, dAinp. r. a. to moisten ; to depress, lo 
Damimess. dump^u^s. s. moisture.^ [try lass. 
Daipsel, mm'-7ll,s: a)'ottngnKuden,acouii- 
Dance, d&ase. i\ n.. to irim-c in measured 
Dance, dftnse. r. a. to put into a lively motion. 
Dance, dftnse. s. uraouou^l one or fnan^ in 

GontNt [of dancing. 

Dancer, dln^-sfii* s. one that practisesTne art 
Dandle, d&i/-d}. v. n. to siiake a child on tlie 

, Dandruff, ddu'-<trur. s. Mmf in the bea^f. 
Danger, diuie'-jftr. s. ri^k, hazard, peril. 
DangeFOus.'-jiV-^s. a. hazardous, perilous. 
Dangerously, d/iuc'-jftr-as-le. ad. hazarcbusly; 

Wwtt danger. 
Oangerousness, d/it»;'-j&.'-As-i>^s. r. dftnger, 

hazard, peril [upon. 

Dangle, c6bg'-si. v. n. to hiJnjj loose \ to bang 
Dangler, dlr^^giftr. s. a tndii that hraigs about 


Dai^r,. 9ftp%jM^r. a. little ni;«l acii^T*. 
Datiple, dlp'^pl. a. miurkcd wiiii vanou5cok)urs, 

Dapple, m^-fH. o. a. to streak . to van'. 
Dm, dui^ V. ttr.|kret. I dwst ; part. I hoax 

imiLtoii^ve courage, to be adventimxis. 
Bare, we. t^. a. to chdtenge, to defy. 
Daribg. WHriTog. a, bold, adventurous, fearless. 

Dark) dirk. a. without light ; bUnd f obacutt» 

Daiiren, 'ttr'-kn. v. a. to makelUtrk. 
Darken, tfir'-kn. v. n. to grew dark. 
Darkling, dirk'-flng. turt a. being in the dark. 
Darkly, dirk'-lfc. aa. void of li|^, obscure'y, , 

bltiidl^'. fscimty; wickedness 

Darkness, dlrk'-n&. «. n>sence of ligh*. 5 oU ^ 
Darksome, dlrk'-s5m. a» gloomy, obsc^ire. 
Darling, dar'-lfug. a. favourite^ bek»>-ed. 
Darling, dir -Hug. s. a favoiunte, one much tie* 

k)ved. [the texture of the stuff. 

D^-n, dim.t?. a. to mead iioles by imitating 
Dart, dl^rt s. a missile weapon. 
Dart, d&rt v. a. to thtew^ toemiL 
Dart, tlil^rt. v. r. to fly as a dart. [found 

Dash, dislt. t\ a. to throw ; to break j to ooa« 
Da^, dAsh.«. collision ) iafiision 3 a fine [^ \ 

stroko, blow. 
l>astard; das'4lrd. «. a coward, a jwllren. 
Dastardrze; dfts'-tlr-dize. u. a. to mtunidate ; Ui 

deject with co^^-ardice. [orouj» 

Dastardly, dls'>tlrd-l^. a. cowardly, mean, tini-' 
Dastardy, dSs'-tftr-d*. *. cowardliness. 
Date^ dAte. s, the time at whkli any evuit ha];>- 

pened ; cud, duration ; a fruit. 
Date, d&te. v. a. to note with the time at wfaidi 
- any thing is written or done. 
Dateless; o^te'-l^. a. without any fixed term. 
Dative, d&'-tiv. a. in grammar, the case that 

si^ues the person to whom any thing -is 

given. [to flatter grossly. 

Daub, d^wb. v. a. to smear ; to paint coarse^ ; 
Dauber, dS^^-bOr. t. a coarse. k>w painter. 
Dau^iter, <ll w'-t&r. «. a fbmale ofi^ptfng: 
Daunt, d&jdt v. a. to discourage, to night 
Dauntless, dluV-1^ a. fearless, not d^jecteo. 
Dauntlessnes?. dAnt'-l^nfts. s. fearlessness. 
Dauphin; d&w'-fin. s, the heir apparent to the 

crown of FVance. {glimmer obseovely. 

Dawn, ct&wn. o. n, to begui to grow light | ta 
Dawn, dlwn. $. b^^inning, iuik rue. 
Day, diu s. the Ume between the risiiig and 

tettmg of , the sun ; the time ^fteni immi to 

DayMOk. dl''4>Mk. $* a tradeimatt^ jooraai.' 
Daybreak, d^ -brike. t . the dawn. [dawa. 
Pify'spring, dl'^^ptkig. «. the n$^ikft4$ff ihm 




n6,m^y^aflr;iiftc»-4Al)e, tAb, lMy-^y^pdhady-'>4kiB, this. 

Si^S!^lSPSSrt.lko monoag Har. [Ught 
Di9llaM^-iliiie.t.lbttiiiieiBWkidi there it 
Battle, OM^'^. w, m. ^o v mtmntwHh iicht. 
Omooo, d^-ka. #. one of the lowest order of 

Oeteoary, d^-kn-ri ; s. the oOiee or digm- 

DeMonato, di'-kn-sblp. V tvof a deacon. 

Dead, did! & depived of lUh ^ inaoiinate; 
gfouaf^ frigid; vapid} under ^ power or 
sw. {leak 

m, dld'«dn. «. «. to aiake Tapid. or ipirit- 

\j, 6M4k, a. deilnic^'ef mortal. 

DttuSSff didf4h. qJL moftafiy, uaplacnMy. 

Deadneta, d^'.-o^ '• waatof wannth \ vapid- 
neflss kwof flpirit. 

Deet dif. a. wagting thtyeme of hearing. 

Deawn, d^f-fin. «. & to deprive of the power of 


DeafiiMS, dSf-oSi. «. want of hearingi 
Deal; dte. f.qaand^ ; firewood. 
Deal, d^ r. a. to dispose to different persons 5 

)eal, d^le. r. «. to traflkfc, to transact bosinea. 
Dealer^ d^-lAr. t. a tradb* j a petvon whodeab 

Oeaiiiie, d^- 
Deaii} tuKoe* 9, 

(course]^ buaness. 

«. pradtee, actknK iater>^ 
second digmtar)^ or a dio- 

cess. [a dean. 

DeanerV', d& -nAr-r^. s. the office or re venue of 
Dear, ^ferc. a. bokyved ; costly. 
Dear. dire. $. a word of endearment. 
Dearly, d^'-l^. orf. with great fandness j at a 

high price. (price. 

Deimiefls. dire-n^ «. Ibndness, \av^\ high 
Deardi, der(A. «. scarcity, want, faaune. 
Death, Mu 9. the exiinctkm of life. (ous. 

OeithM, d&A^<&l. a. ftiil of slaughter, murder- 
Deaftless, dS<ft'4dB. a. unmortal, never-dyiiw. 
Deadiiare, d^^lifce. a. resembluig death, sti. 
Oeilliwatdi,dlcfe'-wAtah.s aniiMect 
Deburk, d^-Mtk'. a. 0. to disembark. 
IHa^ A-Ub'. «. a. to azckide. to prechide. 
DelMey dM)W. «^ a. to reduce; to liak, to 

nit, dMiW-nlit «. the ael of de- 
I DM^dMiW. 4. pefMoat ^Bipite, ft coirt«M. 

Debate, d^-bW. e. a. to oootrovert, to <fispiite^ 

to contest 
llelmuch. dM)&wtsh'. e. n. to comtpl by lewd 

ness or Inloroperance. [lewdness. 

I>ebauch, d^-b&wtsh^ s. a fit of intemperance, 
Debauchee, d^b4Lw-sh^. «. a lecher, a (trunk 

Debauchery, d6-b&wtsh'-Ar-rft. t. lewdness 
Debenture, d^hfin'-tshAre. «. iCwriiby wtea 

a (k)bt is claimed. 
Debilitatey'd^-blK-^-tlde. v. a. to make fainf, to 

enfeeble. [weakening. 

Debiiitatkm, d^-btl-^4&^-shAn. s. the act of 
Debility, d^-bil'-^ti. s. weakness, feebleness. 
Debonair, dSb-^^re'. a. eksgant, dv-iL 
Debt, d^U 9, that which o»e man owes to an- 
other, [another. 
Debtor, d^'-t&r. 9, he that owes "something la 
Decade d^'4d. «. the siun of ton. 
Decadeiicy. d^k^'-d^-s^. «. decav, fall. 
Decagoo, cKk'-i-gAn. s. a plain ngure in ge- 

pmetry. [monUL 

Decalogue. A^WAAtg. 9. the ten command- 
Decamp, d^-k&mp'. V. a. to shift the camp, to 

move pff. - [sbilung the camp. 

Decampment, d^kamp'-mdiit. «. the act of 
Decant, d^k&H'. v. a. to pour off gently. 
Decanter, dA-k&n'-iflr. 9, a glass vessel for 

Decatpitate, d^-k&p'4^t&i^. v. a, to behead 
Decay, de-k&'. v. n. to Xoso excellence, to do' 

dine. [sompti<m. 

Decay, d^ki'. s. dedine, declension, con- 
Decease, il^-s^'. 9. death, departure fitiim life. 
Decease, di-sise'. o. n. to die, to depart from 

Deceit, di-s^ie': 9. fraud, a cheat ; stratairem. 
Deceitful, d^-site'-f&l. a. fraudulent, full of de- 
Deceitfully, d^-d^-fU-^. otL fraodulenUy. 
Deceitfulnees, d^-e6te'-f&l-n«8. s. tendency to 

Deceivable, di-sft'-vll-bl. a. subject to fraud, 

exposed to imposture. ^ . • 
Dec&vableness, di-s^^vfr-bl-uds.. 9, Uableness 

to be deceived. 
Deceive, di^iive'. ». «, to bring into errour; la 

delude by strata*i*«n5sd by V^OO^ IL v 




Declaratlf «, dMd&rM^^, a. 

Pooenrer, d&^«v]&r»«. one that leads aaoib^ 
into errour. [year. 

DeeeiDber, d&-8ein'?bor. «. Um lasi mpBtk of tfae 

Deceocy^ <1^-scb-s^. c pro|nriety ; modesty. 

Decenmaly d^'S^-D^'^L a. Goaiuuuii9ien>>ears. 

pecent d^'-s&u. a. becomiiig, fit, suitable. 

Deceotly; d^'-s&it-l^. ad, im. proper mauoer, 
witl» suitabde behaviour. 

Oeceptibiiily^ d^^p-t^bU'-^ti. c. Uabteneato 

Deceptible, d^-sSp^-ti-bl. a: liable to be de- 
Deception, d^-s&p^'Sh&p. s, cheai^ fi^uid. 
Deceptious, d^-sftp'-sLfts. a. deceitful. 
Deceptive^ d^s^p'-dv. a. baviiig^ the power of 

Decerpt. de-s£n>t'. a, diminished, takea off. 
Decerptibie, d6HsSrp<4e-bl. a. <ha| mav- be 

taken oiT [obarm. 

Decharm, d&*tsb&rm'. v. a. to oounteraci a. 
Decide, d^-elde'. v, a. to detennine. 
Decider, d^sl'-dfir s. one who deteranoei. 
Deciduous, d^-s2d'-&*&9»er d&*sld'-j64b. a. faSi- 

in^f wot perenniiU. 
Decimal, d&' ^^^nal. a, numbered bv ten. 
Decimate, iJ^-^-^mkie, v. a. to tilLe, to take 

the tenth. [selection of every tenth. 

Decimation. dds^-m&^^hAn. «. a titmnf^, a 
Decipher, aM'-it\r. r.a. to explain, to mark, 

to unravel. [writuigs in cipher. 

Decipherer* d^^'-f5r-dr. s. one who eiq^latnss 
Deci^n, de-sJzh'-dn. s. dcterminaUon. 
Decisive, dM'-siv. a. having the power of de-. 

tenmning. , . ^ [manner. 

Decisively, d^'-slv-l^. M. in a conclusive 
Decisiveness, d^-sl'-slv-n^. s. ilie power of 

terminatuig any difierence. . -^decide. 

Decisory, diM'*s6-r^. a. able to determine or 
Deck, dek. V. a. to dress ; to adQr.i. 
Deck, dSk. s, the floor of a ship. 
Declaim^ d^-kl&me'. t). n. to h9rangue. 
Declaimer, d^-klk'-mflr. s. one who deciaiins. 
Declamation,dSk-kl^kna'-sh5B^. an harangue. 
Declamator, d2k-kl&-m4'-l&ti«.a declaimer, an 

orator. [to the passions. 

Declamatory. d^4Ll&m'-ma-tar-«. «. jappeaiing 
Dedarable^ d^*klli^rft-bl« a. capable of prooC 
lleclacatieD dek-km-r^'-ahftn. ^ affirmaiiott. 

Declare^ d&pkl^; «.«[> to q«k« lqneB(7^.to 

proclaim. „ 

Declensioa.. dM^'-ab&s. 4. dediniKti^i^ de 

seem $ inoection, msttoeroC ebaR^^,.QQai«. 
DedinsuHe^dMdl'-n&rbk a. having v^neiy of 

Declination, d^k-kI^a-shftn.-«. deseenu the 

act of beadiBe : obliquity. {cUajioff. 

Declinator.. d$K-U-tir-tftr. s, an inatnimeBi m 
Decline, de-kllne'. v* n. t^ leantbwnwahds j to 

deviate, to refiiae^ lo decay* - 
Decline, d^-ktbe^. ;;. diminution, decay. 
DccUvi^, d^-^fi^4^. t, kncl&iatio% oc ob- 

limuty reckoned downwards. . 
Deckvous. d^-ktt'-vfts. a, gradually <)efloeiid[iiig 
Decoet^ dNc^t'* v. a» topvepare by hoii^ , 

Dec^^, dJ^k'-K^bl. <l thai may be boUal. 
Decoction, d^k^k'-abftn. «. the act oT boilu^ 

a preparation made by boiling. 
Decocture, d^k&kMadre. & a subetaaee 

drawa ^ dei^octkw. - ■ [beadi«i|r 

Dee(dlatioD, ddk'k6l-l&'-sh&B. v. the act of be. 
VecompoBe, d^-kftmnp^ze'. «. «. to diaaolve or 

resohre a mixed bai^« [seoood lime. 

Decemposite, d^k6m-p6zMt. a. compousded a 
Decompo«tkw> d*4(6m-pa-«Bh'«'&i. t . the acf 

of compouttdmg things aoeady cqtapotnd&A 
Decompound, cte-k&n-poftnd', e. a. to c 

of things already compouaded. 
Decorate. dSk'-kA-rJue. adorn, to t — 

bellisb. V , .* £«WcdboB»«3r, 

DecoratioD, dek-kd-r^-shon. t. urmaamik. 
Decorous, d^kd'Hros. a, deoeiity suitable l» « 

character* i {^he trirfcr, 

DecoFtieale, d^-klW-t^-klute. «.«. to^itvesl «af 
DeconuBu d^kA^-wftm. t. 4cceney^ tofinrtina— . 
Decoy, 4^\M, t^flb to^ioEe mto a #ac«w to 

entrap. ' 

Deesease, d&*krtse'« Vb ik to jf^wir^l^iiMMNi 

Dttoreese. dk'Matf. 
Decree, d^kri^, v» n, ier, 

poiBtbredi^ y^^P 

tkm Hal* of 




■t, ■*»», aflf, tt5> ^-rifce, <*b, bMtHM i— pMwl t-ftin, THit. 

•IMiir nvwiqg iMk tiM on^iUty lost ^y d»- 

DeerMit^ dMa«p'<fl. a. wsisted or worn out 
Deep^atati^ dfr-^p?§p-Mt'-sh&n. t < the crack- 

4inr noise wfaidi salt niakes over the fire. 
Uechspitodd, dMEr^446de. «. tbe last $tage 

d decay, the last elects of old a^, 
Deatmeot, ^k^aehf-^kA. a. growing less. 
Decretal, d^kr^-t&L cu appertaijiuig to, or 

conta&inir a decree. 
Deerets^, a^ki^?^, or d^'-x^-t&l. «. a book 

Demal, d^krl'-&]. f . damoroos censure, noisy 

coodettnatien. [clamorously. 

Deery, d^krt'. v,^a. to censure, to blame 
Decumbeqee, dt^kftm'-bense. 7 s. the act of 
Decombency . di6-kAni'-b^D-s^. > lying down 
Deenpte, dw^-&H»L a. tenfold 
Oeeursion, d^kur'-shftn. s. the act of rumiing^ 

down. [lingdiort. 

ri6cttrtatibB, dftk-kar^i'-^an. 5. the act of cut- 
Dedecorate, dMdk'-k6-r&tc. t\ a. to disgrace. 
Odd^coitadeii, dM$k-k6-dL'-sh5n. s. the act of 

fiUgfanng. [rcproadiful. 

Oedeeoroiis, dMik'^k^-r(b. a. disgraceful, 
Oedettt^oo, ddd<^n*mh'-&n. 8. loss or shedding 

EMInAe, dSd^4-k&te. ». a. to ttevote, to appno- 

pHcvte, to inscribe to a patron. 
Oedl^ae, didl-^kite, a. cocsecratc, dedicated, 
Dediefition, d«d4vk&'<.shdn. s. tiie act of dodi- 

eatli^ conseera^on ; tuidress to a patron. 
DedieaKtr, ddd'-^k&-tjk.^ s. ope >vho inscr'ibes 

Ids woflE to a paitroR. [dedication. 

De^catorVi dM'-^kA-tftr-^ a. composing a 
Mteee, dlM68e'. v. a. td gather or infer from. 
Del^Mment, d^Kti^'-mSni.; f . the thi)^ do- 

Dediidl^. dM&'-fl^lCd. coBectiblJB by reason. 
Deduetf dM&kt'. o. cu to subtract, to take 
aninK [^«?1ifclii|de^|octed. 

IMn^ii]^ ^-dSkMiftn. $, coa«$que9C^ y that 
•" * '• 4fe-diM^-«Jv. a. ctoicibk 

r^ dl^dlk'*4ir'>li. g4^ conseq^iemial^. 
h wc^, csq^oit, writ^n evidsace. 

cious: politick ig^ve,aoleiiM») MMSk \wxk 

eep, diiS^. «. ttu^ aea, the maiii; th* SfSmtio 

_^pen, d^-pn.v. a.tomako46ep,i9daikeDf. 

Deepmoutked, d^Hn^THd^. a* bav^qp a 

hoarse and loud voice. 
Peepjy, d^p'-I&. oof. to » great depth, solemii^ 

fy, u a high degree. 
Deepness, d^.^'-nSs. t, profundity, depth. 
Deer, d^r. s. that class of animals which tii 

hunted for venisDO. 
Deface, d6-f^'. v. a. to destroy, to disfig[ure 
Defaceuieat, d^f2ise'-ro?nt, s. violation, nyury 
Defailance, d^-f^'-l&nse, s, failure, [away pari 
Defalcate, dd-f al'-kiie. u. a. to cut off, to take 
Deialcation, d5f-f^l-ki'-shftn, s. diminution. 
Defamatory, d^-fim'««m-tar-i, a. calumnious, 

unjustly ccasorious. [dishonour \>y reports 
Defame, d^-f4me'. v. a. to censure falsirfy, to 
Defan\er, d6-f^'-mAr. «. one that ii^iures tjie 

reputation, of miother. 
Detatigatfi, d^f di'-^-gite. ». a. to weary. 
Defatigation, d^f Sl-i-gi'-shBn. «. weariness. 
Default, d^f iwk'. s, oioisstou, n^lect; 
Defauker, d6-f ii,wlt'-^. «. one who is deficient 

in duly. [hng. 

Defeasance, dfe-f^'-z^ose. s. the act of aiuml- 
Defeasible, d^-f^'-z^bl. a. that wfeiich may be 

Defeat, di^-f^te'. s. an overthrow. [tratc. 

Defeat/ dt-l^ie'. u. d. to overthrow; to fins- 
Defecate, dftf -ffe-kite. V. a. to cleanse, ttvpurify\ 
Defect, di-f4ki'. «. want, failing; a lault, a 

DefecttbUity, dft-lfk-ti-bil'-^t^. s. the state of 

tailing, imperfection. [cieut. 

Defsctibie, d6-f?.k'.t*-bl. a. imperfect, defi- 
Defection, d6-f^ -shftn. *.'a faMing; awav, re- 
volt, [fcct; faulty. 
Defective, dMSk'-tlv. a. full oCdefects, impcr 
Defectiveness, d&-f?k'-t3v-u&. ^. want, faulli 

m^ [dieatkw 

Defence, d&-f8nse'. 5. guard, protectwu, vm 
Defeacelea% d^fSnse^-ies. a, unarmed, ud- 

guarded; impotent. [to vindicate 

Defend, de-fSnd'. w. «, to stand in defence ©f , 
Defendable, d^fSn'-di-W. Of^th^t wm be d^ 

1^0^ Jigitized by VjOOQ IC 




Ffcle, tlr, f&8, ftt ;— oft, in&^^--pliie, pla >— 

iMmdant, dft4lB^-dftnt «. he that defends j 
the peivon accused or sued. 

Defender, d^-iSn'-dfir. s. a diaiB{uon ; a viadi- 
Cttier : an advocate. 

Oefensible. d^f&i^-s^bl. a, that may be de- 
feuded i jo^ifiable. 

Oefensive, iiJk-thif-dv, a. proper ibr defence j 
in a 9tate or posture of defence. 

Defensive, d^f dn'-dv. s. safeguard, state of 

defence. [manner. 

, Defensively, d^fSu'-sIv-l^. ad, in a defensive 

Defer, d^-f^. v. n. to put off, to delay to act. 

Deference, d^F-^r^nse. ». regard, respect; 
complaisance, submission. • 

Defiance, d^-ri'^bisc. #. a challenge, exppci' 
sion c^ obhoiTence or contempt. 

Deficiency, d&-flsh'-in-«^. s. defect, failiqg, 

Deficient. d^flsh'-Ait. a. wanUng, defective. 

Defile, ^c-flle'. v. a. to pollute ; to violate ', to 

Defile, di-f Ihr . i;. f?. to go off file by file. 

Defile, affile'. *. a narrow passage. , [tion. 

Defilement, d^-f ile^-m&it. «. pollution, cornip- 

Definable, dM'ine'-&-b]. a. capable of definition. 

Define, d^-f ine'. v. a. to give the definition, to 
explain $ tochx:umscribe, to mark the limit 

Define, d^-flne'. i:. n. to determine, to decide. 

Definite, d^f -^nll. a. certain, limited \ exact. 

Definitely, d&'-i-iilt-l^.arf. precisely, m a def- 
inite manner. [ednesi. 

Definiteness, d^r4-n!t-n^ s. certainty, limit' 

Definition^ d^f-^-ntsh^-An. s. a short description 
of anj^ thmg by its properties. 

Definitive, d6-f?n'-d-dv. a. determinate, ex- 
press, [pressly. 

Definitively, d^-ffn'4-tTv-li. ad. decisively, ex- 

Deflagrabiiity, ddf-fl&-gr&-blK-^ti. t. combus- 
tibility, [fire. 

Deflagrable, d^-fla'^m-bl. a. wasting away in 

Detlect, d^^kt^ v. n^ to turn aside. 

Defiecuon, di-fl^k'-sh&n. s. deviation, the act 
of tummg aside. 

Deflexure, d^Sk'-shArc. s. a bending down, 
a turning aside. 

Defioratfon, dftf*fi6-r4'-8hfin^ s. the act of de- 
flouring. -V 

Deflour, dA-flA&i/. v.a. to ray^ 

Defliious,d^-fi44i». a. thai tktm^dmmi 

Ma6ff. [of bar 

Deluzkm, d^^-fl&k'-sh&n. t. the flowk^ . 
Deform, d^-f&rm^ o. a. tti dis6gura. te 

lionour. fi 

Detbrmedly, d^Ot'-nM-lk. a^ in a. 
Deformity, d^lSr'-m^t^. t. ugUneai^ iMky 

edness ; ivrenilarity. 
Defi^aud, dfe-lrawd'. v. a. to rob or depiwa 

a wile or trick. 
Defrauder, d^ftltw'-dAr.^. a deceiver. 
Defray, d^-fi^'. v. a. to bear the chaigei o£ : 
Defrayment, d^fdi'-m&it. «. the 

Defunct, d^(tbikt'. a. dead, deceased. 
Defunct, di^-fi^nkt'. s. a dead manor \i 
Defy, d^fi'. «.«. to callto combat, to dni 

lenge ', to slight. [vhes to fight 

Defycr, d^-fi'-lbr. #. a challenger, one that kh 
Pegeneracy, d^^t'-ftr-A-si. s. a dqMitiBgj 

irom the virtue ot our ancestors. i 

Degenerate, d^jIn'-^-ke. o. «. to M finml 

the virtue of our ancestors ; to grow wildoc 

base- f i?pfrtor» j unworthy, base | 

Dep;eTiera!e, di-i^nM^i-aie. cr. nnhke hkan- 
DegenerationT dit-j^ii-^r-i^-sliin. 9, a devia 

hm fromi Uie v\nue of one's anceston. 
Dc^rencronSr d^-j6i'-^r-^. a. degenerated 

vjle, iufamoua^ [ power of swattowdag. 

DpglutitlDn. d6g-gl6-tl5ri'-ftii. s. the ad or 
Dci^rudiitjoii^ d%-gT&-di'-9li5a. «. a deprivsr 

ijtui of nn odke or dimity i d^^en^itcy. 
Degmdo^ li^^giiAcliy. v. u. lo feaaea, to dimiwiiJi. 
Decree, d^-grM'. i. qualUy, rank. Malioo; 

pjoportton i the SGDih pari of a circle. 

p.^inii, A^4\^ri\ ^', n. lo Jiv^^uflde. 

r ■ ,:.;■:.... u^ -U^. ••' •■^:i. ». disoasieBy t 

counseiimg to lite coinrary. [Ssvioor 

Deicidc, de'-^-side. s. the death of our btend 
Deification, d^tl^k^^-shftn. #. the Ml ol 

making a god. 
DeHbrm, d^-^-(8nn. c of a godlike fens. 
Deify, d^-^f I o. 0. to mito a god o^ to •Am 

Deigq, diuie. o. n. to voocfasafe^ to flunk wpMhyt. 
Pelntegrate, dMn'-ti-grlite. «. a. to dhni>iMh 
Deism, d^-lim. t. the acknowle^g' ^ 

without the raceptkm of rerealed i 




116, mftve, pflr, aftt j-»ttoe, t5b, bft B j-WJII ;— pAAnd ;— Mhi, THif. 
d6'4tt. «.one wfao adber«s to deism! 

oSSealy d^V-tJMda. a, betonnng to the iiera- 

sy of <Qe deists. 
Deity, d^^-ift. s. DIvnuty, a fabuloas god. 
O^&ctf 6k-'fiki\ V. a. to cast down, to affli<;^, to 

grieve. rmamier. 

Dejeei^dly, d^Mld>l^ ad. in a dejected 
Oejeedon, d^jek'-sb&u. s. lo^ness of spirit^, 

melancholy. [pieces^ 

Oetaceration, d^-HU-sSr-a'-shSn. $. a tearing in 
Delapsed, d^lipst . a. bearing or falling down. 
\k]ay, 6Ml'. v. o. tc defer, to put off, to hinder. 
Delay, dk-W. v, n. tosto{>, to cease from action. 
Dehiy^ dk-M'. s. j>rocra8tiuatioa ) stay, sto^ 
Delayer, d^'-or. s. one that defers. 
Lleledame, d^-ldk'-tft-bt. a. pteasing, deligfatiUI. 
lieleetatblciicss, d^l^k'-tl-bl-nds. s. delightful. 

iies^ irfcasantDess. 
Deledahly,. J^-lSk'-t&.bI^. ad, deltghtnuiy, 

pteasawly. ^ , \. Uight. 

)electa^n, ddl-Iek-t&'-shfin. s. pleasure, de> 
3etegat6, dlF>l^glite. v.o. to send upon an em- 
(bassy: to intrust ; to appoint [sioiter. 

)sleg^, dlT-l^-gile. «. a * 

sending away $ 
, it'mg into commission. 
)elete, d&-i6te'. v. a. to h!ot out. [structive. 
)eleterious, d51-l*-ti'-Ti-as. a. deadly, 7k- 
'kslf. d^. «. a Quarry : earthen ware. 
hUhevtfte, de-Ilb'^lr-ate. r. n. to think in or- 
der to choice, lo hesiiate. [slow. 
)elihenit3B. dfe-0b'-^r-4to. a. drcunvpect, wary j 
^liberately, d^flb'-^r-ite-li. ad. circumspect- 
hrjadviseaiy. [spection, waraiess. 
)elibemteDess, d^-j7b'-^-&le-n^s. «. circum- 
)eliberatioo, de-db-^r-&'-s&5n. s. the act of de- 
ISbtn&igy thought in ordrr to choice, 
^liberattve, dk-fth'-ir-A-xlv, a. pertaining to 
defiherafion. apt to consider, 
^ellca^ d^^&-9^. s. daintiness } softness j 
nioehr; politeness ; scrupulousness. 
Mic«e, d^'-^k&te. a. nice, damty, choice, 
sdect J adit efieminate ; pure. 
llBife|B(dy. dll'-i-k4te-l&. ad, daintily,, choice- 

fkim w4-llts i. vkt6^ rariUes. 

DeliciouB. d^Ah'-fls. a. sweet, delicate, thai 
aflbrds delight {aotor, delightfully 

Delicioiisly, d^-lUh -As-ld. ad* sweetly, pk>as 

DelicioiisDess, d^!sh'-fts-nSs. «. delight, pleas 

I>eIieatiOD.d&-l^ga'-sli&n. s* a binding ups 

Delight, de-llte'. «. joy, pleasure. 

Delight, d^-Ute^ v. a. to please, to satisT/. 

Delight, d^Hto^ a « » liave delight or pje 

Delightful, dh .te'-l&l. a. pitfasant, charmuig 

Delightfully, J^llto'-f&l-k. aU. pleasantly 
charmingly. {iigbtful 

Delightsome, d^llte'-sftm. a. pleasant, de* 

D^Ughtsoniexess, d^-Ute'-sftm-n^. s. pleasaut* 
uess, delightfuhiess. [to describe 

IVelineate/d^-ltu^-^-Ate. v. a. to dcsigii j to paint, 

Delineation, di-Un-^'-shibi. s, the lir:$t di-aught 
ofathin^. ' [urein duty. ^ 

Delioquency. d*-lJng'-kw|n-si. «. a fault, fad-' 

Delinqueut, tfe-llng'-kw^nt. s. an offender. 

Deliquate, d^'-l^-kwke. v. n. to melt, to be 
dissolved* [die force of fire. , 

Ddiquium, d^-Hk'-kw^Am. s. a distillation by 

Delinous,. di-flr'nfe-fts. u. light-headed, raving; 
doatirg. [doingc. 

Delirium, d^llr'-^-ftm. s. alieuatioa of muid, 

Deliver, di-flv'-ftr. v. a. to give, to vielcl j 10 
save, to rescue 3 to utter ; to disburden. 

Defiverance, dA-llv'-flr-inse. «. the act of de- 
livering^ ; rejjcnc j utterance j the act of bring- 
ing children. [a relaier 

Deliverer, d^lh'^-flr-Sr. ». a sarer, a rescuer ; 

Deliverj', di-fi\''-dr-i. i. release, rescue^ 4 
surren%r 5 utterance ; childbirth. 

Dell, d^L s. a pit, p valley. 

Deludable. d^-lCi'-d/l-bi. a. liable tobodecciwc 

Delude, dc-l6de' v. a. to beguile, to cheat, to 
deceive. • 

Dcluder, dA-li'-dftr. *. a deceiver, an impostor 

Deluge, d^MiMe. s. an inundiition } any sud- 
den and resistless calamity. 

Deluge, d^y-lAje. v. a. to lay tptally undei 
water j to overwhehn. 

Delusion, d^l6'-z}i2b. s. 1 cheat ; false repro- 
sentation, Uhision. . 

Delusive, de-lA'-rfv. . i - ««» to deMNM. 




£)emure. d^-m6i^. |L crave, aife^eSyjiodSttt 

Oelv^dlki v. 0. todtf ; to fathom; to saft. 
Oelve, dUv. «. a ditch, a pHM, a den. 
i>ainagoffiie, d£m'4-g6g;. ». a rinf^^te^dfet of 

Demand, d^mllnd'. «; a claim; a qaestkm; 
the asnof of what is due. 

Demand, di-m!uid'. v. a. to claim, to ask ^ 
with authority. [manded. 

Demandable, d^-mlii'«<l&-bl. d. thttt may bo de^ 

Demean, cife-mine'. w. a. to behave, to debase. 

Demeanoiir. d^m^'-nftr. s. carriage^ bcharioik'. 

Dement, de-mdt/-)t. «. tlie opposite to merit, 

«3emesne; c^mhae'. s. the land which a mati 
holds ong^nally of himsel£ 

Oemi,d2ra'-^. inseparabU vardete, ha!f. 

Deini-devil, d^m'4-d!Bv-vI. 5. half a devil. 

Delni-gbd, d5m'-i-g6d. s, haft* a god. 

Demise, d^mlze'. 5. death, decease. 

Demise, d^-mlze'. r. a. to grant at one's death, 

Demission, di-m!sh-fin.*j degradation. 

Djjmocracy, di-n»6k'-kra-s^. s. a form of gov- 
ernment m which the sovereign power is 
lodged in the people. [gox-emment. 

Demotrat, d^m'-6-Kr&l. «. a frieiw to popuiar 

Demociatical, d&n-A-krat'-^-kSl. a. pertaining 
to a popular government. . • 

Demolish, d^-m6lM?:th. v. a. to raze, to destroy. 

Demolisher, d^-m6K l?sh-ftr. s, a destroyer. 

Demolition, d^m^^Qsh'-hn. s. the act of dc^ 

Demon. de'-mAn. s. a spirit, an e\nl spirit. 

Demonlaca], d^m-A-ni'-a-WU. ) a. dc\ ilish, in- 

Demoniack, c^n5A'-ni4k. ^ flr-eiwed' by 

toe devil. [tlie deadl. 

Demoniack, di-m6'-n^-Hk. s. one possesJ^ed by 
Demonstrable, d^m6n'-sira-bl. a. .hat may be 
- proved l>cyond doubt orcoiUradic ion. 
Demonstrate, d6-ui6n'-stritto. v, u to prove 

with certaintj'. 
Demonstration, dIm-mAn-str&'-s. fta. s. the 

highest degree of evidence. 
Demonstrative, dd-mftn'-strft-tiv, «. having the 

power of demonstration. nng. 

Demulcent, di-mSl'-sSnt. a. softex.ftg, mbuiiy- 
Demur, d^-mftr'. v. a. to owtt of 
Demur d^-m^r'. s. doubt ixf itat tsu 

D^mtu^Iy, d^-m&V^S. ixL with afifecttid idaod 

esty. [pect) Reeled modesty . 

DemureneBs, d&nn!£ireM)&- *♦ gravity of as- 
Demy, dt^ml'. 1. a kmd of paper. ' [beast 
Den . din. s. a cavern, the cave of a wilt 
Deniable, d^-nl'4-b]. a. thai ma^ be deuted< 
Denial, d^«ni'-&l. «. negation, rtifusal. pies) 
Denier, d^nl'-fir. t. a contradicter, tm op|>o 
Denigrate, din'-^-gr&te. r. a. to blackeiil 
Deniza^m, d^4-z&'-shdii« #. the act of ea- 

Denizen, } ,»a„^_x ,» $ «. a freeman, one eo 
Denison, J *^» •*•*»• i franchised. 
Denominate, d^n6m'-l-nile. v. a. to give ? 

name to. |>i\*en to a thing 

Denomination, d^n^m4 ni'-«rt^. s. a uamf 
Denominative, d^n6m'4-n^-t!v. a. that ^ve> 

a name. [of a naiee 

D^ominator, di-iiftm'-i-n^-tflr, s. flie jgivei 
Denotation, «ln-^t&.'^ftn. #. the act of denoi- 

Denote, dAnaAte'. u. a. to mark, to beiokes.- 
Denounce, d^n^sc'. threaten by proc 

Denouncement, d^nftAnse'-m&it.>. ilie act o< 

proclaiming any menace. 
Dense, dSnse. a, close, compact. 
DeOsity>dl^u'^-t^. a, closeness, compactness. 
Dentaf, d^n'-tfil. a. belonging to the teeth. 
Denticulated, diB-dk'-^4a-t«d. a. set with ^xoak 

Deiitifrire. d^-t^-fris. s. a powder for t!ta teeth 
Dentist, dcn'-tlsL s. a sux^geoh who confines hb 

practice to (he teeth. ^ [the leetK 

Dentitiuti, d&i-tTsh'-ftu. t the ai;t orbreedmn 
DenudaiC; d^n6'-d4tc. tj. a. to dive^ to strip.- 
Denudation, d&i-n6-d4'-&h&H. «. the act ^ 

Denuae. d^-n&de\ v. a. to strip, to make i 
Denunciation,, U^-hiin-sh^'-shaA. «. a | 

m^ace. [n 

Deny, d^nl'. f. d. to refuse, to cfisawp, 
DeoDstruct, d^-6b-!irAkt . . v. a. to clei 

impedlpkintSt, [by 

,Depauit, dA-pint'.; t>.a. to pjciitir^, td 
, Depart, d^-pAKt^ c. n. ,.tb go^avr^gif^jo 

aoosiatize ; to desist^ to <ue. 




B^t !Pftyg> P^> pftt 5~ij^^ tflb, bflH ^-*^ ^pfiftnd >^-<toiy tbm. 

DeplitBleiity dl-|)l]f-Bfot, «, separate ftllotr 
-^^ " '■ {diath 5 a fonaking. 

ijepodte, <lfe-pft>^'!t« t, any ti^ oomwiii i td * 
the Crust ami care of amMher. ^ ', , 

DepositioOy d^p-pd-zlsh^Hui. «. the «ct of giviiij^ ' y. 
publick testimony 3 the act of degrading. 

Depository, di-p6z'-^t&r-^. t* thepiace/where 
any Uun^ is lodged. 

DepravatloQ/ d^rd-v^-shfi^. », degeneracy 

Deprave, di-prlive', v. a. to violate^ to corrupt 

Depravity, dfr-pr&v'-i-li. s. corruption. 

Deprecate, d^'-pr6-kite. v. a. to implore mer- 
cy of } to pray ddiyerance from. 

Deprecation, d^p-pr^-k^^-shfin. t. prayer ^ 
gainst evil. t^alue. 

Depreciate, d^pi^^s'i^-lile. v. a, to uuder- 

Depredate, dSp'-pr&H&te. v. a. to rob, to pil- 

Depredation, d^p-prfe-di'-sh{in. *. a robbing, •• 

Depredator, d^p'-pf^-da-tflr. g. a robber. 

Deprdiensbii, d^p-pr^h@n'-sl){^n. s, a cdtdxiag 
or takins unawares; a discovery. 

Depress, uVprSs'. y. a. to press or thrust down j 

, to humble 5 to deject. 

iDeprei^on, dfe-pr^'-ftn. *. the act of hum- 
bun^*, abasement. 

Duressor, dfe-pres'-sor. *. he that keeps '^ 
presses clowxi. , » 

Deprivation, d^p-pr6-v&'-shan. s. the act ol de- 
priving. " 

Deprive, d^-prlve'. v. a. to bereave one ol a 
thing 5 to put out of nn office. 

Depth, dSpi/i. $, deepness^ an abyss, llic middle 
of a season ;'oliscurily. [nway. 

Depulsory, d^-pfil'-s6r-^. a.puil?ng or driving 

Deputation, d5jvi-ti.'-slj^. s, ihe i^rt of seuct- 
ing with a special commission. [act. 

Depute, d^-pAie'.. ». a. to send, to empower to 

Deputy, di^p'-h'ih. s. a lieutenant, a viceroy j 
any one lliat u-an»acts business for another. 

Deracinate, d^-i^'-s^-iike, ». A to tear up by 
* the roots. 

Derange, d6-rin]e'. ». a. to i^sordfsr, to dis- 
arrange. . , _ . ■ z. i}^' 
pereliction, d?r-6-lTk' ^hSm.*. an utter foraa*- 
Deride, dWde*. 3j^^^.^^t^yiaos|^r^?pKiuniU 


K dfc-f&r^tth&re. #. a ^ 
te^ d^-p&V-p^iue. t).a. 

Depeelibl^ d^pSk'-t^l (L ibagfa. clammy. 
Depefid, O^Judf, v. s. to hacg irom ; to rely 

on, to trust to. 
Dep^^daltoe^d^n^-dinse., }s. the state of 
Dependancy, d^p&i'-^-si. > iianging firom 

a support^; coraiexion, reliance, trust. 
Dependant, di-pdn'-d&nt. a, in the power of 

Dependant, d^>^''Kj|$nt. i. onowho lives in 

subjection, or at the discretion of another. 
Depeodent, d^'p^u'-dStat a. Ranging dowii. 
Depli^zmateiL d^fl^g^nnite. v^.o. to clear from 

pMeffto.' ' ' [the mind. 

Depict, d&-^kiV v. £(.:tb paint, to describe Jo 
Oepictare, d^plk'-tsbtiro. ». <*; to represent in 
: paintiiig. . 

j Dei^alory, c»*piK-li-tftr-^, $. an application 
[ totakoaw^ybair. 
' Oepikmi) de-pV'tfts. a. without hair. 
Deptetion, d^pl^-shftn. s. the act of emptying. 
Deplorable, dfr^pl6'-r4-bl. a. lamentable, sad. 
Deplorably, derpl6l-r&-bl6. qd. lamentably, 

Deplore, o^-plAre'. ». a. to lament, to hewailc 
Deplume, d^-pl^Kme'. v. a, to strip of its fea^thers. 
; Depone, d^-pi^no'. n. a. Iq lay down as a 
I ptedge; to risk. . . ' 
i)cpoQ^t, di&-p5'.nont. s. one Uiat deposes his 
' les^mony in a court of justice ; such verbs 

as have no acUve voice. 
Di^wpulale, d^>p6p^-i2t-l&te. r. a. , to unpeople, 

10% waste. t^aste, 

Depog^lation, di-p6p-6-li'-sh5iu. ». havock, 
iOepvt, dA=^rt'. v. a. tc earry, to demean. 
^Depifirnitent, di-p6rt-mSnt. s. condr^^t, de- 

aenpc^, behaviour. 
UMife^ a^pdze'.Vi «, to lay dqwn 3 to degrade 
\^wmfLJmagii to give testimony. 
iKL^^pfn^. V. n. to bear witness. 
Barr; d6-pAz'-6-t5r-^. i. one yn\h whom 

lay lip as W pledge 

itccaky, to lay aside 




Flite, (ir, f&n, At;- 

Desecrate, d&'»si4um. v. a. to dtvwt 

l>6riiioity dk-Mif'hn, $. scora, a laughing- 

D^isive. diM'-dv. a, mocking, scoffing. 

Denvable, dM'-vtrU. a. attainable oy deri- 
vation, {itsongtnal. 

Derivation^ d9r4-vlL'-ihfln. i. a tracing from 

Derivative, d^-rfv'-A-dv. d. derived worn an- 
other. . ^ . _ [derived. 

[its oriifinal. 
v. a. to deduce or trace from 

. n. to 'come down ; to pro- 

tive maftna*c 

Derive; di-rfve'. 

Derive, derive', v. n. to owe its origin loj to 

Oemitt-, dhrorykre'. 
t)erogate, d&r'-^-g&te. v. a, to lessen the worth, 

to wsparage. 
Derogate, d^-6-g&te. o^ lessened in value. 
Deiiifatioa, dSr-ft^'-sbAn. «. a diq>araging. 
Derogative, d^-rftg'-A-llv. a, derogating, les- 

semng the value. [vahie. 

Derogatory, d^rftg'-ft-tftr^. a. that lessens the 
Dervifl, d&'-vis. «. a IHirlush priest. 
Descant, d&'-k&nt. f. a song ortune^ adisr 

Descant, dis-k&it . «. n. to harangue, to dis 

course at large. 
Descend, d^-slnd'. v. 

ceed worn. 
Descend, d^-s^nd^ v. a. to walk down. 
Descendant, d^-s&i'-dftiit #. the o0spring of an 

Descendent, dMn'-d&M. a. coming dpwnj 

proceeding fh>m another. 
Descensfon, d^-s$n'-stoon. «. the act of falling 

or sinklhg. descent ; a degradation. ^ • .. ^ 
Descent, <ft-«^nt'. #. progress downwardra';fi»^ 

vasion; transmi^nion or any thing tiy jbi^rmf 

sien 'and inheriraiice ', extraction, process of 

lineage, offipring. 
Describe, d^-skribe'. v» a. to ddmeate, to mark 

out, to define in a lax manner. 
Describer, di-doi'-bAr. «. he that descril^es. 
Description, di-«ki4)p'-shftn. t. the act of de- 

seribmg, the setteoce er passage in which 

aajr thug is described ; a lax definition. 
Descriptive, dfr-skrip'-tfv. «. describing. 
Deeery. dMkil'. «. a. to spy oBt, 10 discover. 

il)c purpose to which any thing is c 

Desecration, d&-s^krii'-Mn. s. the aboGtaon 

of consecration. {ed place. 

Desert, d^'-^ «. a waste coimtry, umnhabtt 
Desert, dh''ht a, wiki, waste, sohtary 
Desert, d^-z&t'. o. a.4o fonaio i to abandon 

to quit 

Derivative. dMv'4-thr. t. the thing or word ^Desert, di^zkt'. 9. degree of merit or dement 
Derivatively, di-r!v'-A-t!v-)6. ad, in a deriva- riglK to reward j^ virtue. 

'- ' — ru-^i-_:_^i ] Deserter, d^zftr'-tdr. a. he that has forsa^ec 

his cause or his post ; he that forsakes an- 
other, [or abandoning 
Desertion, d^-zdr'-shdn. s. the act of ibrsaking 
Desertless, d^-zlrt'-I^ «. without merit . 
Deserve, akt/^. v. a. to merit either good oi 
ill. . - - . . idesen 

Deservedly, d^-scdr'-v^l^. ad, according u 
Desic^te, o^-flic'-kite. «. a. to dr^* up. 
Defecation, d^-lk-k4'-^An. <. the au cf ma 

kinff dry. 
Desideratum, d^-Al-^HriM&m. 9, some desira^ 

ble thin^ which is wanted. [project, 

Design, d^ne'. v. a- to purpose, to phio, to 
Design, dife-shie'. s. an mtention, a purpose $ a 

scheme ; the idea which an artist endeavours 

to execute. 
Designable, d^-slne'-d-bl. a. capable to be par- 
ticularly marked out. 
Designanon, des-dg-nV-sb&n. s. appointment 

imjxjrt.^ntentien. ^ 
I)esigna(e, di&i'-%-hAte. v. a. to point out or 

mark by some particular tokee. 
P^gnealy, d6-8l'-a^l6. ad. purpose!^ infe^- 

tionaliy. ^ 
Designer, d^-sl'-nAr. s. a contriver 3 one thm 
, forms the idea of any thine in painting or 

satlpuirie. X^'^"*' deceitfiU. 

Dedgmng, d^-sl'-plng.pait. a. insidious^ treaclt- 
Desirable, d^-zl'-ri-l^. a, pleasing, debghtfid. 
Desire, de-ztre'. s. wish, eagerness to obtain or 

enjoy. [ask, to entreat. 

Desire, de*zW. p. a, to wish, to long for; l«. 
Desirous. di-zl'-rQs. a. fufl of desire, eager. 
Desist, dMsi' ^. n. to cease lh»n any fU 

to stop. 
DeslsHve, ffMi'-^v; a. ending, conchidui 
Desk, dodt s. 9^ lodined t ' 




j^,w^>n, wAr, t^kfi^tum, iftb^ bftH>>ffl j-*-yJMhid ^■>4Aln, tbvu 

^mf^tt-mti^ d. umnhahhM : laid 

DMi^, M-Mjtio, 0.0. ur dobHve of in. 

AoM^B^, dSs'Hifr^ilue-]^. iN<. In a desolate 
nsiiner. fiohabhants; gloomineas. 

Desolatkn, d^MM&'^Mii #. destrucUon of 

t>e8pair, d^spirer. «. hopelcssnesi, dcipon- 
doiee. [despood. 

I>espairi ik-tpkn^, o. lu to be without hope; to 

DeapB^, dk^aplM, e. a. to send away basil- 
\ji to jpot to death. 

Despatra, d&'fpAtA'. «. hasty execution ; ex' 
oi«M; has^ messenger or message. 

Desperate, oSs'-p^rMi. a. witboiit hope 3 irre- 

Oesperatdyi des'-f^rtte-t^. otf , Auioosly. 

Desperatiofi^ dSs-p^rl.'>sh&n> s. hopelessness, 
denmr. [mean. 

OespteaUe, dls^-pi-kt4>^. a. contemptibie, 

Oe^iisable. di-spt'-i&-bl. a. eontemptihlo. 

Despise, dl'Spize^.«.a.toscQni,toomtenui. 

Despite, di-sute^. s. mafiee, aitfer. 

Despiteful,. ai-sphe'-ftU. c malicioQs, foU of 
ipleen. [hate, malignity. 

3eflpitefiiliie88, di-splte'-fAl-n^ j. malice, 

i>esral, di-«pfllK. v. a. to rob, to depiTe. 

D^iiatkm, dSs-p6.1^i/^an. s. the act of 
deipcifinff. (hope. 

Despoiifl, di>«p(ynd'. v. n, id de«>i^, to lose 

Despondent, di-spftu'-dfln-s^ s . despafa-, bope- 
lesness. . [less. 

Despoodept, d^-spflm'^dSnt 0. despairiDg,hope- 
I I>espoL dv-pftt s. an absolute piinoe. 

Despolical. d^-spAf -i-k&l. ; a. absolute hi potvu 

DttpoSt^/di^'-lk.' S er, uaUmited in 

De^etiam. dli^-pi^t!sm. s, absohitd power. 
Desieit, dlMrt^. s. the last course 4)f an en- 

nent. [particular end. 

a, dis'-t^oftte. o* a. to design fori any 

OeallntkMiy dSf-t^n&'-shAn. s. tlie purpose for 

^Mtb aanr't^ is appointed. 

Demat, ^dBr-on. v. a. to doom, to apbomt. 

fix iiiiallerabljr. 
* 9* fate, invincible Be c es sit Y, 

is. 0. forsaken, in want m. 

dlHiN^-sb5n. #. want, povir^. 

Destroy, d^-strft*'. r. a. to lay waste, t6 1 . 
desolate ; no kiU. (slfM. 

Destroyer, d^^strA^-Ar. t. the person 'that de- 

Destructible, d^^sUfAk'-t^bl. a. liable to de 

DeetnictioD, dfe-st^V-shftit. f.i^aStc} muider 
massacre ; eternal death. 

Destructive, d^^trftk'-tlv. a. that wUch de- 
stroys, [mischievouslv 

Destructively. d&*stHlk'*tK'-li. ««;. ruinousi/ 

Desudation, des-A-dii'-shlbi. s. a profuse sweat- 
ing, [being accustomed. 

Desuetude d^-swe-tode. s cessation from 

Desultory, dSs'-fil-tAr-i. ) a. unsettled, Im- 

Desultonous, d^ftl-t6'-r^fts. ) meUiodlcal. 

Desume, d^-s&me^. v. a. to take fhmi an>' thing 

Detach, d^t&tsli'. v a. to separate. 

Detachment, d^t&tsh'-m^t. i. a body of troops 
sent out from the main army. 

Detail^ d^-t&le'. v. a. to relate particularly. 

Detail, d6-t^. s. a minute ^ and particula 

Detain, di-t^ne'. v. a. to hold in custokly. 

Detainder. d^t^e'-dftr. $. a writ for hddiii^ 
in custody. 

Detainer, d^tii^-nfir. s. he tliat detains. 

Detect, d^-tftkt'. -o. a. to discover. 

Detection, dft-t^k^Hshftn. s. a discovery. 

Detention, d^tfin'-shftn. s. confinement, re 

Deter, d^t^. v.ia. to disoouragOi [straini 

Deterge, dMrje'i «. a. to cleanse a sore. 

Detergent, dM^r'-jSnt a. that whidi cleanses 

Determinable d^r^-m^nH-bl.a. that which 
may be decided. [tabltshed ; condusivGf 

Determhiate, di-t2r(-m6 pite. a. limited ; e»- 

Determlnatlon; dfr-tSr-nvk nli'-sbfin. 9 
soH of deliberation ; d^tn^^mt 

Determinator, d^t&r-m^-ok'-tftri s. one wne 

Determine, d^tdr'-mb. o. a. to fix, to settle } to 
adjust ; to resolve ; to decide. [cleanse. 

Detersive, d^t^-slv.o. having the power to 

Detest, d^t^'. o. a. to hate^ to Sibhor. 

DetesUble, d^tls'-tft-bl. a. hatefiil, abhoned. 

Detestably, d^-lls'-t&-bli. atL halefiiUy, abom- 
inably. C'CDce. 
' Detesdttloii. dMs^i'-sbfia. «. hatred, abhor- 
.1 Detitrone, dMtfdoe'. v. d. to divesi of itgt 





Detorty 6k4Ui'. v. a. to wresi from Um original 
inpart (away by envy and cahimoy. 

Oetraet, d^-liikt^ •». a. to d^ogate. to take 

Detracter, di-tr&k'-tlW. «. one thai takes away 
anodief's reputation. 

Detractiiim, <w-trAk'-8hftu. «. scandal. 

Detractory, d^tr&k'-tfir4. a. deiamatocy, de- 

Oetnnient, dSt'-trS-mSnt- «. damage, miscMef. 
Detrimeiital, dSi-tv^indu''>tftJ. a. misduovous, 

Detrude, dMrftfid'. v. a. to thrust down. 
Detnincate, d^trftng'-ldte. v. a. to k>p, to cut, 

to shorten. [loppiug. 

i>etnmoation, d^-rfln-yL'^sh&n. s. the act of 
Detroiioa, dfe-trSA'-zhAu. «, the act of thrusting 

Deuce, d&se. $, two ^ the deviL [marriage. 
Deuterogamy, d6 tdr-Ag'4-nii. s. a second 
DeuteroDomy, dd-t&r-diT-^-m^. «. tlie second 

book of the law, the fifth book of M>ses. 
Devastate, d^v&'-t&te. v. a. to lay wa^, to 

DevastatioiL d£v4s-tA'-8h&n. s. waste, havock. 
Develope, ak-yiV-^, v. a. to disengage (roia 

sotnetJiing that infolds. [tion. 

Devergenceid^v&:^-Jdnse.«. declivity, declina* 
Devest d^-vest'. v. a. to strip ; to take away. 
Deviate, d^'-v^-lue^ v, t*. to wander; to go 

astray. [the nghl way, errour. 

Deviation, d^-v^li'-sh&n. s, the act otcjuitting 
Device, de^vise'. s. a contrivances a design. 
Devil, d2v'-.vl. s, a fallen anse), the spiritual 

enemy of mankind. [tiQa of the devil. 

Devilish, dlW-vl-lsh. a. partaking of the qiiali- 
Devious, d^-y^5s. a. out of the common ^ack ^ 

loving ; enine. [will. 

Devise, devize', v. <l to contrive ; to gnmt by 

DevotioD, d^T&'-diftn. $, piety ) jpnytt : n m^ 
of reverence or ceremuayi stteog afiectieai 
Devotiooai, d^v^'-fhlMU. a, pertaimqg to de* 
vorkm. [aanihilato. 

Devour, d^vdfir'. v. a. la eat ravenously > to 
Devout. d^vMl^ a. pkm, religious. 
Devoutly, di-vdAi'-l^. ad, {^ously, religious^ 
Dew, d£ s. the moisture upon the groimd. 

Devise, d^xdze'. t. the act of bequeathing by 

Deviser, di-vi^-zAr. s. a contriver, an mvenler. 
Devoid, dk-v^'. a. empty, vacant 
Devoir, di-vwAr'. *. service ; act of ctvihty. 
Devolve, d^volv'. v. n. to fall by succession. 
Devote, d6-v6te'. v. a. to dedicate; to addict; 

to execrate. [devoted or dedicated. 

^>evotedaes8, d^vA'-t^d-nSs. s. the state of being 

—•*•/*. d2v-v6-tW'. ». a bigot. 

Dew, d&. 17. iL to wet as wuh dew, to i 

Dewdrop, d6'-dr6p«^ c. a drop of dew whic» 

sparkles at sunrise. 
Dewlap, d&'-lip. «. the fledh that hangs. from 

the tHf>9at of oxen. ~ [dew 

Dewy, d(V4. a. resembling dew ; moist wit]i 
Dexterity, d^ks-tSr'-M^. <> activity. 
Dexterous, dSks'-t^r-fts. a. eaqjeit [itilly. 

Dexterously, d^'-t^r-fisrl^ ad. expertly, skiK 
Dextra^'dlks'-trftl. a the riglit, not the left 
Dey, dL «. the supreme goveniottr in some of 

the Barbery states. [of luioe 

Diabetes, dl4l-b^4&k s, a morbid copiousness 
Diabolical, di4-b6F3-kiL ; ^ ^^-^ 
Diabolick, di 4.b6l'.lk. J*- ^®^**^- 
Diacousticks, dl4-kl(&'-8tfiGi. t. the doctrine of 

Diadem, di'-& dSm. s. a tiara, an ensign of roy - 

aJty. [bles 

Diaeresis, df-^-^sls. s« the separation of sylla 
Diagonal, di-Ag'-^-n&I. a. reaching fttna one 

angle to another. [angle to an^^ 

Diagonal, dl-%'-6-n&l. «. a line drawn mHn 
Diagram, dl^-A^grim. s. a mathematical scheme. 
Dial, dl'-al. s. a plate marked with lines^ \K'h€nrd 

a hand or shadow shows the hour. 
Dialect, di'-&-l&t «. manner of expression ; 

language, speech. [mental. 

Dialectical. dl-d-ISk'-t^-kAL a. lopcsS, argu* 
Dialing, di'-il-ling. s, the art of meixing dials 
Dialist; di'-&l-l}st s. a construcier of dials. 
Dialogue, dl -d-ldg. s. a conversation between, 

two or more. 
Diameter, <tt-&m'44fir. s. the line which> paas- 

mg through a eirdeyor other citrvihnear 1%- 

ure, dWiaea it into emal parts. 
Dian^trical, dl4-mitMrMcftL a, describiiig a 

diameter; obsjifv^Ni^lf^f^ of » diam- 




■^BAfe,«flr, aftti-^tabe, tftb, b&H}-W?-f>&ft^>-4ftin,Tayi 

imricil dircclloii ; <bPtclly. (gemt. 

Djamoiid, dl'4*iiiAiid. «. the most Taluabie of 
DnpttBon, <fl4-D&'-ite. «. an octave, tba most 

_ _^ __ , J'-ft-pir. i, Itaen ckilh woven in figureg. 
Diaphanous. dl4f -(ft-n&s. a. transparent, clear. 
Dia^ioretick, di-AA^^t'-lk. a. promotini^ par- 

Diaphragm, dl'4-frftm. «. the nudriflf. 
Oiarrliflea^ di4r^'4. #. a flux oT tbe befly. 
Diarrhoetick, cB-ar-rfii'-Ik. a. sohitive, purgative. 
Diary> di'-4-r^. «. an account of every Oay, a 

iounial. . 
Diastole, di-as'-tA-l^. $. a flgura m rhetorick, by 

whtdi a short i^Uable is made U>ng', the dila> 

tauon of the heart 
Mbble. (flb'-bl. s, a small spade. 
)ice, dise. s, the plural of me, 
•licer. di'-sAr. s. a ptayo- at dice, a f|[aroester. 
Oictate. dk'-t&te. v. o^ to deliver to another 

with authority. 
Dictate, cflkMftte. t. rule or maxim delivered 

with authority. 
Dictation, cfik-tii'-shibi. s. the act or practice of 

dictating^. fa ruler. 

Dictator. dfk-t&'-t5r. t. a mag^rato of Kome > 
Otctatortal, dlk-t&'t&'-rMl. a. authoritative, 

Dictatorship, dlk-4li-tfir-9falp. », the office of a 
dictator. [siou. 

Diction, dIk'-shAn. s. style, language, expres- 

Dictioiiary, ^'-shdn-i-r^. #. a book contauung 
the words of any language, a vdcabulary. . 

Did, dld.i)r«/.of(io. 

Didactical, d^-d&k^t^ksLL ) a. j>receptive, giv* 

Didactick, d^-d^-tlk. > mg precepts. 

Die, di. s. coknur, tincture, stain; a small cube; 
stamp used in coinage. 

Die, dl. V. a. to tinge, ft) cotour. 
: Die, dl. V. «. to kise^o j to perish; to w'ther; 
\ to grow \*apid. [dying. 

Dier, dl'«fir. «. one who follows the tracte of 

liiet^ <tt'-jlt. 8. food, victk:als 3 an assembly 01 

et, dMt. t). a. to give food to ; to board, 
l^let, dH'-h. V. 73. to eat by rulea of ph^'sick; to 


Differ, dif-f&r. v.n. to be distii^fttiibed from ; 
to cooleod ; to be of a contrary opinion. 

Di/ference, d!f-f2bn4nie. s, state of. being dis- 
tinct from seoething; dispute, debote; dia> 
tinctroa. ' (simikir. 

Different. eSP4^4nt. a. distinct; unlike, dis- 

Ditfereutly, <flr4t!br4at-l6. (mL m a difterent 
manner. {peevish 

Difficult, <flf-(^kait a. hard: trooblMome 

DimcuHly, d2P4^kAk-l^. ad. hardly, with dif 

Difficulty, dlf-A-kftl-t^. s. hardness; distress; 
perplexity ; ohjection. [fidence. 

Diffidence, d!r-te-d£nse.«. distrust, want ot cou- 

Piffident, df-i^-dlnt. a. not confident, not 

Lnffiuent, dSf-fl^H&nt a. flowing evorv way. 

DitfiHin. dIf -fdrm. a. contrary to unuonn. 

Diflbrmlty^ dii^f&r'-mi-d. #. diversitjr of Ibrro, 
irregularity, - (to ^read. 

Diffuse, mf-t&ze'. v. a. to pour out upon a plane ; 

Diffuse, dlf-fdse'.. a, scattered, widely spread ; 
copious. [being dlf^ised, dispersion. 

Dif!u6edn:»9, dff-f&'-z^-n&k *. the state of 

Diffusely, dif^-f&se'-l^. ad, widely, extensively; 
copiously. [ness. 

Difiusion, cfif-A'-zhdn. s. dispersion; copious- 

Difiiisive. diM'-dv, a, dispersed; extended. 

Difiusiveiy, dlf-fdi'-^v-l^. ad, widely, exten- 
sively. ^)«:sion 

Diffusiveness, dtf-flZk'-^-n^ s. extension, dis- 

Dig, dig. V. a. pret. dug or digged, part. pass, dtig 
or digged, to pierce wit|i a spade ; tocuhivate 
the ground by turning it with a spade. 

Dig, dig. V. n. to work with a spade. 

Digest, dl'-j^. s die pandect of the civil law 

Digest, d^i&i'. w. a. to concoct in the stomach ; 
to soften by lieat ; to range methodically. 

Digester. d6-j&'-tm'.«. a strong culinary vessel. 

Digestible, dl^j&'-t^-W. a. capable of beuig di- 
verted, [food ; roductKMi to a plan. 

Digestion, d^j&'-tshon. s. die act of concocting 

Digestive, d^-j^-tlv. a. having the power to 

. cause digestk)n ; disposing, niethodismg. 

Di^ did -jit 5. d:ree fourths of an inch; the 
twelAh {D^ of the diameter of Uie son or 
nwj«; any number d^x^r^^^y e sing.* 



Pkae, (hr, fkn^ fh. y—vahf roftt ;— pine,, pin 


Dimensiob.'^ti^in&^'fhlb. «. I 

padiy. ' - ''•'t*"? 

Diminish, d^mla'-fsh. v. a. M'^iske 169; 'tit 
niitthiidh, d^-ih!ti'-!8fa.i». n. to gtiBW te« ; X^ b«' 

sttipatred. " ; "^ " 

Diihinuticn, dlm-ini-ni'-shan.' *. the act of 

makin? less: the state of^groniinr Jess, 
piminuuve, «ft^rn!n'-n6-t!v^' a. sm^, littld. , 
Dlmissoi^, diiliMs-sftr-rA/a. that by wWeh a 

man is drsmissed to another jurbidictiop. 
Dimity, cllm'-i-t^. «. a fii^e Idiid bf fluftian, «h 

cloiU of cottna. ' ; '^ Jbrightly^ 

Dimly, <Sm'Ai:.'ad. not with a oiitck sight j iioi 
Dimness, dhii' nfis.*. dulne« of sight. (chW 
Dimple, d?ni'-pl. s. depression in the eheek a* 
Dimpie, dim^-p). v. n. to sink in small tavitics. ' 
Dimpled, dhn^>ld, tf. set wiily dimptes. 
Din, din. «. a violent and conthtuoa AMhd.' 
Din, din. r. a. to stun with noise. 
Dine, dine. t;. 71. to rat the ditef meal a(4?ut iba 

middle of the day: 
Dine, dhie v. a: to>ive a dinner to, to feou. 
Ding,d?n^. v, a. to dash with vk>ledre. 
rx*_ - ..^ .. .jj Htstcr. 

a hollow between hills, 
die chief meai,' the mca 

eaten about noon. 
Dint, d?nt. s. a blow, a stroke.; force, power. 
Dint, tflnt. r. a. to mark with a cavity by ;a blow 
Dinumeration, dl-n&-m^r-&'-shftn. s. m^ ad ol 

numbering out singiy. ■ ' ' 

Diocedan, al-6s'<s^-s&i. s. a bishop as he stands 

related to his own ctetgy. 
Diocesi^, di'-^$ik. s. the drcuit of every ln4i 

op's jurisdiction. 
Dioptncks, dl-ApMifks. s. a part of opticks, 

treating of the diflerent refracHons of the fighl. 
Dip, dip. V. a. to moisten, ti) ivet; t6 engage i» 

any affair. [vowels 

Diphthong. Sp'-tkbng, s, a coelitkui of tw» 
Diploma, <K-pI6'.ml «. a letter or writii^ coa^ 

ferring some privilege. (tfipipQMi. 

Diplomatick, d}p-l6-m&t'-lk. m. xelojtug t6 » 
Dtptote, t^h>^t^e. s. a noun oTtwo cases. 
Dipfick, ^'-lik. s. a register of bobopt «|||9L 

Dire, dhe. a. drqadful, dismal, Itoirible. 
Direct, d^ r^t^p j itrwghij open; plain. ., 

DiKftated, dkTrji-f&'i&L a, bianchcd out juto 

£jv^M)#ji)c9;on0ers. ' 
Diemhedr dSg^i^/klo. a. invested with some 

XMgnlfy; dfg'-ni'rt. «?. a. to advance^ to prefer. ' 

Digpitiiry, dlg'-n6-t&-r^. s. a dignified clergy- 
man, f mcnt. 

Digni^, dlg'-ni-i^. t. rank j grandeur ; prcfer- 

iyiS^ef»f d^grSs'. «. n. to depart from die main 
^^{tow&nder. ^ 

Diioresfiion^d^gifsh^&u. «. a passage deviatiag 
th>m the main tenor) deviation. 

Ddce> dike. 9. a chamiel to receive water ; a 

Dilacerate, d^'lis -sprite v. a. to tear, to rend. 

Dilacera|ioB; d6*Ms-si-ri -shlln. ^. the act o^ 
rending in two. [down. 

Diianiate. d^tii^n^>&t^. v. a. to ruin, to throw 

Dilapidation, d^i^p^^Kii'-shfin. s. the b-ufieriiig 
an edifice to ^ to decay. 

DilatabiUty, d*-li.t&-bll'-*-i*. s. the quality of 
adatitting. cxtenf^on. 

Dilatable, d^l^'-t^-bl. c. capable of extension. 

Dilatation, dlMli-t^'rshftn. s. the act of extend- 
ing; state of being extended. 

Dilate, d^lite'. v. a. to extend, to spread out. 

Dilate> dWite'. r. n. to widen, to gixjw uido. 

Dilator, di-Hi'-tiV. s: that which widens. 

Dilatoriness, d?l'-ll»-t6r-^nSs. *; slowness. 

Dilatory, <fil'-l-tftr-^ a, tardy, slow. 

Dilenmaa, d!-l^'-ni4. s. intricacy; a difficult 
or doubtful choice. 

Diligence, d!F-^;}^ns6. s. industry, asbiduity. 

. Diligent, dll'-^i&t. a, constant m application ; 

assidttoua. [heed and perseverance. 

Diligently. d!l'-*-i^nt-l^ ad, with assiduity, with 

Dilucid, dk-lti'M. a* dear, not obscure. 

DUucidate, d^liSt'-s^iite. r. a. ta make dear, 
to explain. f makmg dear. 

Ddacioation. d^lA-si-dV-shftn. «. the act of 

Diluent, dH'-l&^t. 4. Uiat which thins other 
matter. [weak. 

Dilute, dMbie'. v. a. to make thm j to make 

Ditutno, ,d^l&'-«hAa. s.theactorinakmgcmy 
'ling thin or weak. 

p,(K-l&'-\'^-4n. a. reUiting to the deluge. 

n. a. not having a quick sight; obscure. 

* 9.0. to dQua« to darken; toobacere 




p6, mftvc, pfiry Dflt ^^ijbq, tflb, t>aii j— 611 j— pfl5ncl i^-iti'm, thi>. 

[Itreclj iH^kr. u, a. to aim in a jtmight Ji . 
to poiiil SfaiAitf m regulate J to preiCTibcs 

DireetkuflL, d^rf-k'-iljtkn. &. aim al & ccrlam 

poimj onier, prescripiion, 
Diroeti¥e, dA-i<k'-i!v, a. bai'^Uig Uie power of 

directions iufonjiing^ 
Ulpectly, rM-r^kl^-l^. aji. in astraigfii line j im- 

mesfliateJjv uppimintty. 

Oirectiiesa, J.i-i'ekt''afts. 


Pb^ctor, d^-j^k'-ldr. s. ooo diat lias auiliority 
<rr*ar puiers j an inslrufi^r t (ui Inslniuietit irt 
prgTETf . [book of d i jii?ct Ions. 

Direetofy, d*-r*k'4ftr-*. j. a rule lofo by: a 

Direful , dlny^fflL a. dtr^, dreadfiji. 

Diretiess^ dlre^oii^s. *. d'satwdncss,, bnrrour. 

tHreptiaci^ dl*TT&p''~sliflji. s. ibe aci of pbiuieniur. 

Dir^, dilrje. a. a mouniir>il dlllyj a son;| of 

Dirit, dlirt, *, a feaud of dagger. 

Dirt, dftrt, t. miMl, filthy, mirtf. 

Dirtfd&rt. u, a. to Ciml^ to bctnire, 

Dlrtilyj^ d5rt''-fe-l^- oj^. na^ily j raeaidy, sordidly. 

DtHtneai, dart'-*-nis* s. aa3iinesa/ii|«iiin«3S, 

Dirty, dfirl^-^^ a. /bul/ nasiy ; itif^an, 

tHrty, d&rt'-i. r*a. to fotd^ lo !ioil j to disgrajce. 

DtM^tUty, dis^-bli -4-*^, s. wani of power^ 

Dcsablej, dli-4'-bL t\a. lo deprive of (brcctj^ UM- 
fa^msif or efficacy j to e.i£clude. 

iKsabiisej dli4'h£^^ IT. a. lo 8(it rigiiLj to ua- 

CKsiiilvSutagR. dt^Hd-i^'^tlLJe. #. !o^, injury. 

Oijadvanta^eciu^,, dbad-vllii-t/L'-jfts. a. contra- 
ry to inlertst or convenience, 

OLsadTaiitii^'iJusness, dk-ad-vwii-tl'-jfta-ji^. t. 
cartlTarwty in profit, inc^onvcitttEuce. 

rij>talfeciij«f dls»4f-fiii'-tfid. part. a. mt disposflil 
laealor affection. laffecfed maiuier. 

iiTec!tcdly, ifla4f-ftik'-iM4^. ad. a/^r A dia- 

- .,-^dfecttfiine*9, dlf-Af-f^k^-Ub-iifc, j. the 

dofttily of Lieiii^ difanecl^. 
Di^afTectiim, di^lif-fSkMi&n. «. wmit oTloj-alty. 

Dj^^ree, dJs^-irj^A^'. i% w. to differ, 
Disiii^rccable, d^^-A-p^'-A-bl a, mmUilAblM | 

iiiiplea^ii]^. [irariei^ j uj^ensazODflOT. 

Djsagreeabbiicas, dJs4-gT^ 'A-bl-ii^. *. coa* 
Di!siigrceably, disi^giit& -kblh. ad. in a disa* 

p^t%hh TOEioncr. tdiasiutiliiudc. 

DisaffrcemLinL clLs-i^gr^'-xiiZ-nL #. diflerciice 
Disallow, dla-ai-ldt'i'. iv a. tn deny authority to 

any ; to cniisider as ujdawfnl. 
Disallow* dis-id-l^fl^ l', n, to imfuse pennisstod, 

1101 itj Kniiil. 
Di^j^iMownMi?, d!!=4Mflj\'-a-bl. a. not allowaj b 
DiSDllkiuaiicc, tEia-ill-lfl6'H!qisc. c. prohibitjan^ 
Dii!iiruriiaQaii;r di'£*arj;-i-mi'%'i]i5n je. privatioTi 

ofiife. [ofamlionty. 

Diflamiiil, dk-aii-ndK. n. n. to Mniul, to deprivo 
Djsaniiear, dis4p-p^re', n. n. to be lost to vieiv, 

lov^^siisii. ■ [exp-clatsofi 

Di^p|joirvtt dlj^-Rp-pATiit'. ii. .i. lo defeat of 
Di-^uppoiutiJient, dik4p-p^lnt-tiilm. *. defeai 

oflinpos, nij^camage af cs(iixmtion. 
Dkiipnrob:itionj, t[?a-ap-pr6-bi'-^fin. *► cmisimi^ 

conutfiimatlon. ^ (i3en.<iiiiTB. 

Diaapprove, dls-np-prMv', r, *j. to dislike, lo 
DisariD, diz-^nn', v. a, to divfci of ania, 
Di:*arrarige, dJs4f-r4njtf'. ik a. to ptil r>at oi 

ofLlerj to deranffs. 
ni^ari\iy. dlsAr-rii , s, disorder, crofiiiioi^. 
OiScLstfer^ dJi-tLi'-lftr. s. mi$fijj1]£ii£. 
DkasUnti^, dlzus'-tr^s. a. mi\txtiky, calamitous. 
Difiastrou^a^ss^ diz-as --tn^iilsH, s, uiduckiaess, 

Dmvptigti, di5-»'Vdfitsh^ r, 3. tr retraci pro 

fcEsinu, to diis^wiu (kuowledgB of. 

Di^avov^, dk^i.vSfi'- v. a. to dlsowm. to dtsity 
Du!nvowal, d1s4'V^»f]'-al. *. d^Miial. 
Disband,'. t-.a. to dismiisirom miUta- 

ry service. 
Disband, cy^.h^nd''. r. «. U> rciiT^j tnsopoi^^ 
Di.^barkj dfa-blrk'. v. ti, to kuid from a ^up. 
Disbelief, dfe-h^-lWf. s. rcfusaJ of ci^dit, 

gisbelie^*^! cfls-b^-liiv''* v. a. ih>i to cmdJL 
Jsbeliever, dfs^bi-l^'-vfir. *. oiie who nhsm 
Dbbeiichj dJs-bloah^ v. a. to dnve fhmi a seat 
Dt^brancli. SnAxhaah'. e. n* to mpn^wdMj iri 




Ilifburdeiw cb b^-db. v. <& lo ease the mind. 

Diflimrse, cb-bcii^ . 6,a io wpmA or lay out 
laoB^. [or laying ovt 

Disburaement, ^c-bftrs^-m&it # adisbursiLg 

Discandy . dib-k&n'^. v. n. to dissolve, V mek. 

Discard, db-lc^'. o. a. to discbarge or dismiss. 

Discamate, dls-bar'-n&te. a. stripped of flesh. 

Discern, cBx-z^^ v. a. to see ; to judge. 

Discern. ^Sxrtkxvf. v. n. to make distinction. 

Discerhible, db-zdrMi^-bl.a. discoverable, per 
eeptiblc. [knowmg. 

Discerning, dlz-z^r'-nfng. vart, <l judicious, 

Discernment, cflz-zim'-ment. *. judgement, 
power ofdistinguisbinff. 

Discerptible, <&-s(rp'-t^. a. frangible, sepa- 
rable, [to pieces. 

DiscerptioB, dis-s^ny-shftn. t.the act ofpuUing 

Discharge, <8s-tsh&ne'. c a. to disburden; to 
let off a guA^ to dear a debt ; to absolve \ to 
perfonn ; to obliterate ; to dismiss. 

Discharge, dls-tshitje'. 8. vent, explosion, emis- 
sion ; disraission^ an ac9u!ttaiioe. 

Discinct, <&-dnkt'.a. ungirded^ kx>tely dressed. 

Disdnd, dls*c3nd'. v. a. to divide, to cut. in 

Jisciple, dls«sl -pi. t. a scholar. {<^^' 

Discipieahip, ifls-sl'-pl-sfaip. «. the state ofa dis- 

Disciplinanan, dl!S-9^pl!n-li'-r&*&n. ». one who 
rutes ik teaches with great strictness. 

Dt:(cipline, dls'-s^pfln. «. education $ rule, or- 
der; chastisement 

DitKripIine, dV-s^)Sn. v, a, to educate, to in- 
struct; to correct; to reform^ 

Disclaim, dls-kriime^ V. a. to disown^ • -— 

Disclose, dlB-kl6ze^ t>. a. to uncover, tc reveal, 
to tell. [revealing a secret 

Disclotnire, dJs-klA'-zhAre. *. discoveir; "act of 

Discoloration, d!s-k61-^M'*4hAn. «. the act of 
changing the colour; change of cokMir, stain. 

Oiscdeur, d^k&l'-lAr. e. a. to diange from 
the natural hue. to stam. [quish. 

Drscomfit, dls^mn'-flt o. a, to defeat, to van- 

Disoomfitore, dls-kAm'-fh-yAre. «. defeat, rout, 
overthrow. [anawly. 

Diseomibrt, A-kAm'* Art^ «. rnieaiineiB, mel- 

Diaeomfert, dli-kftn'^ftrt v. a. to grieve, to 
siddeo. [to censure. 

AseoqniBeiid, dM^An-mencK. v. a. to blame, 

Fitfe, fir, ftll, fftt}-*m&, mftt^— ptae, pJa)— 

Discommendable, dh-kAm'-mSs^-bl. < 

Uameable, censurable. 
Discommode, cfis-kAm-mOde'. v. a. to put to in 

convenience, to molest 
Discommodious, dls-k6m-ra^-d^(b. or db 

k6m-in6'-i6-as. a. inconvenient, trouDlesome. 
Discommooity, dfe-k6m-m6d'-^t^. «. meat 

venience, disadvantage. 
Disconipoee, (!Us-k6in-p6z^- t &. to disordei 

tf ruffle ; to offend. [perturbatioa. 

Disconcert, cHs-kftn-s&v v. a, to unsettle the 
mind, to discompose. [agreeroeat. 

Disconformity, ais-k6n-fftr'-mi-t&. «. wani of 

DiscoDgruity, d&-k6n-gr6'-^-tfe. 5. disagree- 
ment, inconsistoncv. 

Disconsolate, db-kon'-s&-l^. a. without com- 
fort, hopeless, [consolate manner 

DisccNQSolately, dl8-kAn'*s6-mte-I^. acL in a dis- 

Discontent, diB-k6n-t2nt'. «. want of conten . 

Discontent, dls-kdo-tSnt'. a: uneasy, dlssaUsfiea. 

Discontented, d2s-k6n-tdn'-tSd.jKnt. a. uneas^', 
diss&tisfied. [stale of disconten . 

Discontentment, d!s-k6n tSnt'-m^ #. toe 

Discontinuance, d?%-kdn-t!n'-&-&ase. «. want of 
cohesion of parts : a breaking off. 

Discontinuation, aIs-kiftn-t!n-£&'-shftn. «. (iUs- 
ruption of continuity, separaticML 

Discontinue, <fis-k6n-ttn'-A. v. a. to leave off. 

Discontinuity, d!s-kftn-t^-n6'-^-t^. «. disunity 
of pans, want of cohesion. . 

Discord, dis'-kdrd. ». disagreement [wito 

Discord, <fls-k6rd^ d. n. to disagree, not to sui 

Discordance, dls-kAr'-dlbise. > <.disagreemenl( 

Discordancy, dis-kdr'-d&n-sft. ) oppositioB. 

Discordant, dls-kdr'-d&nt «. mconsistent ; op j 
posite, centrarious. 

Discordantly, dls-kdr'-dftnt-l^. ad, inocmsistenl'^ 
ly; hi -disagreement with another. I 

Discover, dS-kftW-iih'. v. a. to disdose. to brui| 
to Ifght ; to find out {Kmnd cnH 

Discoverable. <iB»-kftv'-5r44il. a, that naay bt 

Discovery, dli4cAv'-Ar4. a. theactoftediDi 

IMsGoant, <fii'-kUnt «. the sum refiiwied 11 




116, vAve, nflr, ni5i}->l6be, t5b, b&U }— AH;— pMiKlj— ^(^, this. 

0iadaiAl'ui)y, d!z-<]&jie'-it^i-^ ad with haugfa^ 

Pififioiiitfenaoce, ilh-Mua^Ai^-tAme, v, a. to 
• discourage by cold troatment. ftreatneiit. 
OiscountenaBce. dls-kdAn'-t^-ii&nse. 4. cold 
Discoaragey ctfs-kdr'-fdie. v. a. to depress. 
Uisoourasement, dls-kdr'-ric^-m&u s. the 

cause <H depression, or fear. 
£Kscourse» as-k6rse^. «. coavcrsatimi, mutaal 

inlercouTe t>f language ; a treatise* 
Discourse, cBs-k6rse^. v luto converse, to talk ; 

to reason. 

Discourteous, dIs-kAr'-tsh5s. a. uncivil, [ncss. 

INscourt^. ^s-kdr'-t^s^ s. incivility, rude- 

^ Dlscous. dft'-kfls. «. broad, flat, wide, [trust. 

L. Discredit, d2s4u^dMt. s. disgrace 5 want of 

Discredit, ^kr&P'lt. v. a. to deprive of credi- 

^ bility. 

"^ Discreet. d2s-kr^'. a.'prudent, sober ; modest. 
'^ Discreetly, dls-kr^'-te. ad, prudently, cau- 
» tiousiy, [tranety. 

« Discrepance, dls'-kr6-pAnse. s. difference, con- 
^ JCHscrepant, ifls'-kr^-panu a. diiierent, disa- 
• i^reeing. 

^ Discrete, d7s-kr6tc'< a. distinct ; disjunctive, 
r Dfacretion, dis-kr&h'-iin. «, prudence; liberty 
of acting at pleasure. 
Di»cretioiiaiy{ dls-ki^'-&n4r-^. a. leA at 
* larg[e, mdinuted. 

/ Disenamiate, dls^kifn^'-^n&te. v. a. to mark 

wHh notes of diderence. [tinctness. 

1 Di8aiauiiateiies8,d2s-krlm'<^-n&te-n&. «. dis- 

OiscriminatioD^ dls-kr}ni^n4'-shi!bi. «. the act 

oif distinguislung one from another, distinction. 

(^scriminous, d&krim'-^-ni!^ a. dangerouS; 

Discubitory, dis-k&^b^Ar*^. a. fitted to tlie 
posture of leaning. Peaning at meat. 

Di9cuinl>eBC^, dls*lr5m'-h^n-s^. $. the act of 
Discumber^«as<JcAm'-bAr. «. a. to disengage. 
Dtecursiv^^i'dSs'k&r'-siv. a. moving here and 

there, rovm. 
Diseursory, dis-kar'-s&r4. a. argumeutal. 
Discus, c^-kAs. t. a quoit. 

dls-kAs'. t^. a. to examine 
I, c^kds'-sMb. s. disquisiuoB exam- 

ilMfbi, ^SzSaief, 9. a. to soorn. (,ger. 

UWsfn. ^ftcKiiQe'. s. soom, contemptuous aii- 

scorn. [scorn. 

Disdaiafulnesff, dlz-dJbe'-fAl-n^s. «. haughty 
Disease, d!z-^'. s. distemper, malady. 
Disease, dlz-^'. r. a. to alHict ; to pain. 
Disembark, ifls-^m-blrk'. v. a. to carry to land . 
Disembark, c0s-^m-birk'. c n. to go ou land. 
Disembitter, dls-^-blt'-tir. v. a. to fitjo frfm 

bitterness. 1 [\i*y\y 

Disembodied, dls-dm-b6d'-Id. a. divcstec a^ 
Disembogue, d!s-Sm-b6g'. r.o. to pour ou\ nl 

the mouth of a rive*. [to flow. 

Disembogue. dls-|in-liAg. i*. rt. to gain a vent, 
Disembowelled, cfis-^nt-bAfl'-^Jd. part. a. taken 

from out the bowels. [perplexity. 

Disembroil, dWra*r6tl'. t;. a. to" free froit 
Disenable, d?s-^Ji-4'-bl. i\ a, to deprive of power 
Diseachant, dis^n-tsbaiu'. v. a. to free from 

Disencumber, .dfe-fta4iftm'-b5r. v. a. to dis 

charge firom incumbrances, to disburden. 
Disefurumbrance, dis-«^u-kftm'-br&nsc. s. free 

dom from encun»brance. 
Disengage, dis4n-g&je'. v. a, to discnUngtc, to 

clear from impediments or difficulties. 
Disengage, dls-^n-gije^. v. n. to set one's *seif 

free from. 
Disengaged, dlfr^q-g^jd'. pcui, a. at ieistu^. 
I>iseotangle, dls-&i-t&ng'-gl. v. a. to set free 

from, to clear ; to unfolkl ; to disengage. 
Disenthral, S^hv-thrkvA'. v. a. to set free. 
Disenthrone, dls-^u-//ir6nc'. r. a. to depose 

from sovereignty. [from a trance. 

Disentrance, d}s<^n-tr4»se'. v. a. to awaken 
Disespouse, dls-^pMws^. v. a. to separate after 

faith plighted. 
Disesteem, tfljj-^-stWm'. *. slight, dislike 
]>isesteem, cfls-^-stMm'. v. a. to slight, to dislike 
Disfavour, jlb-li'-vflr. s. discountenance. 
Disfavour, d!s-fli'>v^. r. a. to discountenance. 
Disfigure, dls-flg'-^re. v. «. to neform. 
Di<-figurcment, (fls-fig'-^-m^t «. deiaoe- 

ment of beauty. 
Difdi'anchise, uis-fr&ii'-tslJz. v. a. to depri%'e of 

pnviK^cs or unnrantttes. 
Disfranditsemenl, dis4r^'-tshU-roSBt i. tbt 

act of depriving of prixileges. 
DUfumish, dfs.|^;-n^V(^up^ 




File, rtr, m, 


«Aj-ph., pb,- 

, dlz-g6r}«^- t?, u. to diMfaarge by the 
tii pjur out witb vidence. 
Du^nici^, dfz-griso'. $. tgiioniiny, d'tahoiiour. 
DiigE^cti, dii-grise'^ «. *t. to disnonour, to put 

out of tumour- fmmious. 

*/fsgiiictfi]I, dii*^TAi€''fftl. tt. shameml, igno- 
Di^^mcefuli Vt (lJ'*-t'rW'-ful-l6. ad. in disgrace, 

witii iiiUigi3l:ty, igiiuFiiiuHtu-ily. 
I Hisgraefrfijluess, tJJs-gi-itivu'-riil-nfe. t. ignominy. 
Uisgraciwis, dJi-gri'-sJifts* a. unkind; unfavour- 
able. ' [lo disfiffure. 
Disgiiiscv dizg-yize'. v.n. to cunceai ; to hide; 
Disguise, dizg-ylzc'. s. a dress ip conceal j a 

cuuiiterfeit ^lo'w. [coalment 

Oisguiseroeut, d?zg-ylzc'-m^ni. t. dress of con- 
Disgust, diz-gflst'. g. aversion; ofllence con- 
Dbj^ust, dlz-g^st^ V. a. to raise aversion, to 

distaste: tootTeii<l. 
Diagugtful, dlz-g^st'-lftL a. nauseous. 
i>bn, SA. t. n vessel, in which solid food is 

served up ai tlic inhie ; any particular Icind 

of food. 
Dish, dhh. v. a. to sorvc in a dish. 
DishabiJIe, dls-.*!-!^!'. s. undress, kxMe dress. 
Dishearten, c&li^r'-tu. v. a. to discourage, to 

deject , [itary succession. ^ 

Disbeiit. dls-h^r'-Tt. v. a. to cut off from hered- 
Dish'evei, dlbh-sli^v'-vj^l. r. a. lo spread the hair 

disorderly. [less. 

Dishonest. Sz^n'-ht a. void of probity; faith- 
Dishooestly, dIz»-An'-I«i-!^. ad. without probity; 

unchastely. [chastity. 

Dishonesty, dh-^Hi'-nls-t^. s. faithlessness | un- 
DishoDDUi; dtz^n'-nAr. s. diK<*Tnce. ignominy. 
Dishonour^ ^z-6n''i)^r. r. c. to dissrnc^; to 

violate eaastity; to treat uiih iudigmiy. 
DishoEKmrable, ivz-Au'-nAr-u^^h!. a. shameful. 
Disincarcerate, db-ln-ltilr'-si''-riie. r. a. to set 

at IP^erty. [aflcciion. 

Disinclination, dls-!n-ldi*r.^t'-3h(Vn. s. nam of 
JMsiDcIlne, db*tn4dbie^. «. a. to prpduce dis- 

Ulre to, to make disaffected. 
Diflueiiizity, db^i^^-B^'-^-t^ s. meannea of 

artifice, untiumess. feral. 

^DifliB^uously, dlt-lh^Sn'-^6ii-l(l. ad. in 

DisineentiouflneasL ca»1ii^''-d-AMiia.t«/inea» , 

sub^hy. tow craft. - 
Disinherit, tfls-ln-h^-h. v. a. to cot off from 

hereditary right. (grave. 

Disdnter, ois-iii-t&^. v. a. to take wit of the 
Disinterestedi <fl2-fn -t^r-^t^. a. superiour t» 

regard of private advantage. 
Disinterestedly, cflzrhZ-t^Hls-tSd-li. ad. m ^ 

disimerested manner. 
Disintenestedness^dlz-fn'-t^r-^tSd-ii^. a. con- 
tempt of private interest. 
Disjoin, <fiz-jd}ii'. V. 0. to separate, to pert from 

each other. 
Di»joipt, d!z-jAhit'. v. a* to put out of joint. .^ 
Disjoint, dlz-jAhit'. e. ti^ to ftdl in pieces, t«^ 

Disjunct, dlzr)fbgkt<. «. digomted, separate .^ 
Disjunction, cfiz-jangk''-8bAii. s. disunkni) aepa 

ration, partin&r. ; 

Disjunctive, dtoj&ngk'-tlv. a. roeapable of 

union ; which marks separation or opposition ^ 
Disjunctively, dls-jfingkMlv-l^. ad. distinctly, ' 

Disk. disk. a. the facet/ the sun. &c.; a quoit. ' 
Dislike, d!z-Uke'. s. absence of affection, disgust 
Dislike, dlz-Hke'. v. a, to disapprove. 
£>T^«i'on dfx-H'.jc- - - ^ri mnke imNko. . * 

I)i;!,LrE;.:v^^ ■ ^ -jl.^ ■ -r/s. ,r, d I ^^imilitiide, on ^ 

Dii^lhiib, dlz'lTiii^ i\ a. to tear limb ironi limb. 5 
Din locate, dl»'-|6-kikte. v. a. to |mt out of joint 
Di^locatioiif db-jA-kA'-sb&a. «. the a<!t of dia- 

pJaciiiff. fpiaoe. 

Di2«lodg&, rUz-lAdje'. r. a. to remove from a 
Di-^loval, di^-jA^'il, a. tiot tmc to aHegianoe. 
D is by ally, dl^-l^'-IU 1^, ad. uufaithllilly, dm- 

obedticaiJv, [the sovervgiL 

Dii^loyaHy,' (j^-lA^'-dl-l^n f. waitt of SdelSty l» 
Df.'iinaL <ih*-niftL a, ^rniwfij], unhappy. 
Dtsmnllv, dlz'-in6M*. «rf. borrihly, serrowfiilly. 
Dismal ric^^ fllz'-m4hniRs. i. liomour, sor — " 
DidmanUe, f!h-irmii'*d. r. a. fo 5itip. 

Bijjna5k, dli-misk^*!''. ^ to dive* of ail , 

DismKiyj dh-mt'. r, a. ttj i*n*ify, to-ldft^t. 
DisDisy, dfz*m&^ i. fidl of couragj^, tenor. 
Diatn^yedtiess, tib-mi^a-n^. I; d^eetioiitk 

C0tlri|^, [hpf frCBi- B U M iber 




a&, teAvt, nSr, ii6c ;-4dbe, t&b; bAtt }— AH ;^-pdAiid|— ^Mn, this. 

l)B)iillM| ^Sw. «. '<k;> W iend away j to discard. 
OismiMiqiiy'BSHnlsh'-An. «. aict of stodinr away. 
OttAditgage/ dt4BAr^'*gii|& v. a. to 'redeem 

Disnioant. dh-m51W. e. a. to t&row any oue 
fhuo on Wseback; to throw a cannon from 
Its carriare. f horse. 

iHsmount, dbniiMnt'. 9. n. to alight from a 
Disobedience, di9-64)e'^dMnse. s, violation of 
lR\rfu\ cemmandi or prohibition, breach of 
duty X**^J3Wml authority. 

DidoSetfient; dis^tn^-d^nt a. not observant 
DiddbeVy (fls-6-b&'. o. a. to break commands. 
Disobbge, dlB-6-bIiie'. v. a. to oflfend, dis^st. 
Disdbfi^mg, S»-6^ii''jHng. part, a. disgusting, 
ofleosive. [orbit. 

Disorbed, ^K-ftiixt'. A. thrown out of thepn^r 
Disorder, dh-dr^'^&r. «. confiisionj tumuli) 
sickness. ' {Aisfon : to make sick. 

Disorder, <&<^-dftr. v. ^a. td throw into con- 
Otsordefed, <ttz*Ar'-<!Ard. a. imejg^lar, vicious, 
diseased- {Ian tumultuous. 

Disorderly^ <0s-6r'-dAr4^. a. coimi3ed, irregu- 
Disorderty; <9z-Ai^-d&>I$. ad: irregidarly, con- 
fusedly j uibrdm&tely. 
Disordinate, dlz-Ar'-d^n&te. a. n6t living by 

die roles orviitae. 
Disowo, dk^ne'. v. a. to dttiiy, to n»nounce. 
Disparage, (Ss-pftr'-ifdjc. v. a. to lAatch une- 
qua^y, to Injure by union or comparison with 
something mferioiur. 
Dis|»u^ement, dTs-jj&r4c{je-m9ut. s. injurious 
uskm or oomparisen with sometliing inieriour. 
I Disparity, dfenjiir'-i-ii. t. toeguaRty. 
! Disjnrt, dis^^rt'.v. a. to divide, to separate. 
DispassHHiate, (fls-pftab'-An-lite. a. cool, calm, 
temperate. [to dissipate. 

Dispel, d!s-jp^. n. a, to drive by scattering, 
Di^nsttry, dli-pSn'-n-r& «. the place wjioro 
I imidicines are oii^iensed. 
Diqiensation. cfi^p&MB&'-shCb. s. distribution, 
' metlMd of rrovuience^ an exemption. 

(ematorfi <&:p&i'-«ft-t&r-^. «. a book in 
licfalhe oomloatkm of iinedicines is describ" 

[a distributer, 

9. 0. to distribute, (o'ez- 
' Usu 

«. one 

Dispeople, Js-»y^r V. a, to de^xij[Aitato. 

Disperge, i&'i^rdje'. v. a. to q)rinkle. ' [pate 
Disperse, tfls-p^rse'. 9. a. to scatter^ tc ffissi- 
plspersioi]i,d]8-pdr^-bh5n. $. the act of scattering 


or si)reading ;' the stmo of being scattered. 
Dispirit, dis-^-It v. a. to discourage, to de- 
press. -,^ [vigwr. 
Dispkitedness, d!s-plr-Tt-ted-n^ «. want uf 
Displace, cfls-pl^'. v. a. tojpot out of place. 
Displacency, Ss-pUk'-s^n-sk. s. incivility. 
Disi)laiitation, dls-pllui-t4'-sh&i. s, the rcnM^a: 

Of a plant; the ejection of a people. 
Display, db-pli'. r. a. to spread Wide 5 to ex- 
' hioii. [view. 

Display, dSs-pIa'. «. an exhibition of any dung to 
Displease, all^l^^ v. a. to o(!end. 
Displeasure, du-pl^'-^re. t. nneasunss, of 

fence, anger. 
Displejisure, db-plJkh'-Are. ». a. to /vi^plcase. 
Displode, dis-pldde'. v. a; to vent with violencei 
Displosion, dis-pl^'-zh&n. «. a sadden burst with 

noise. ,j 

Disport, dls-p6rt'. s. play, sport, pasthne. 
Disport, dls-pArt'. v. n. to toy, to wanton. 
DisiX)sai,d}s-p^-z^.«. the act of disposing, re 

biation. [bestow ; to adjuj» 

Dispose, dis-p&ze'. w. et. to give; to placc^ 
Disjx}sition. dls-pA-zlsh'-Sn. *. method; quality 

temper of mind: predonunant inclination. 
DispcHsess, dis-po2-t/§s'. », a. to deprive, 

Dbposure, dts-p^ -zhi\re. t. disposal ; state. 
Dispraise, dfe-prizc'. s. blame, censure. 
Dispraise, dJs-pr^ze'. ». a. to Maine, to censure 
Dispread, dls-spr^d^ v. a,, to spread difibreni 

ways. [of errour or fabelxxyl 

Dispi*oof, dls-prftAr. s. confutation, convicfcca 
Disproportion, dfe-pr6-pdr'-6h6n. *. luisuitaUe 

ness, want of symmetry. 
Disproportion, dfe-prA-p6r'-shftn. d. a, to join 

dungs unsuitably. [unsuitable in quantity. 
Disproportionabl^, dl8-pr6-pdr'-8h&n-&-bl. a. 
Disproportkmableness, <fis-pr6-p6r'-shftn-&-bl- 

nSs. «. unsuitahleness. 
DisproDordonably, d2s-pi^p6r'-'sbftn44>l^i ad, 

unsuitably, not symmetrically. 
Disproportional, dls-pr6-p6r-flfa&n-&l. a. no 


PIS 138 DI6 

File, fkr, f Mly ftt j—m^, mftt }— pfae, pin >— 

Disproportionate, dls-pr6-p6r'>8h&ii-lite. a, im- 
symiuetrical> unsuitable to fomethii^else. 

Oispreportionately, dis-pf6^r'-shftnHkte4i. orf. 
unsuitably, ussymmetncally. [tion. 

Disprove. dls-prfi5ve'. v. a, to confute an naser- 

Dispunisnable, cB9-p5n'-lsh-&-U. cl without pe- 
nal restraint. [controvertible. 

Disputable, cfls'-p6.t&-bL a. liable to contest, 

Disputant, dli'-po-t^. s. controvertist, a-rea- 
soner. fversy. 

Disputant, d!s'-p&-tant. a. engaged m contro- 

Disputation, dIs-p&-tlL'-sh&n. s. skill of contro- 
versy, aigumentaUon. [pute. 

Disputatious, dfe-pA-ii'-sh&s. a. inclined to dis> 

Disputative,dls-p&'-ta-tlv. a. disposed to debate. 

Dispute, (^p6te^ v. n. to contend by argu- 
ment, to debato. 

Dispute, c[!s-p&te^ v. a. to contend for. 

Dispute^ d?s-|>ile'. *. contest, controversy. 

Disqualification. dls-kw6l-^^k&'-sh&n. s, that 
which disqualiucs. 

Disqualify, cus-kw&l^-fl. v. a. to make unfit. 

Disquiet, dis-kwl'-^t. s. uneasiness, vexation. 

Disquiet, dls-kwl'-^t. v. a. to disturb. 

Disquietness, dis-k\^'l'-5t-n&. *. uneasiness, 
restlessness. {anxiety. 

Disquietude, d!s-kwl'-^t&de. s. uneasiness, 

Djsqui^on. d3s-kw^dsh'-5n. s. examination. 

Disregard, dts-r^gSrd'. s. slight notice, neglect. 

Disregard, dJs-r^g^d'. r. a. to slight, to con- 

Disregard(ul, dls-i^i-gird'-fTd. a. negligent.. 

Df sreltsh, d?z-r2l'-lsh. s. bad taste ; dislike. 

Disrelish, dlz-r^l'-bh. v. a. to infect with an un- 
pleasant taste 5 to want a taste of. [our. 

Disrepute, d!s-r^-p&to'. «. ill character, di^n- 

Disrespect, dls-r^spSkt'. s. incivility, [uncivil. 

Disrespectful. db-ri-spSkt'-fai. cu irreverent, 

Disrespectfully, dls-r^-sp?kt'-ffll-l^. ad. irreve- 

Disrobe. cQz-r&be'. V. a. to undress. 

DisrupttoDt dIz-rAp'-shfln. «. a breaking asun- 
der, breach. ^ ^ , ^ 

Diflsatis&ction, dls-sat-Is-f&k'-sliAn. s, (he state 
of being dtssatislied, discontent. 

Diflsatislactory, d!s-s&t-is-flk'-tfir-^. a. unable 
so give content 

Uiantisfy, dIs-s&t'-Wl. v. a, to displease. 

Dissect; dls-9Skt^ v. 0. tocut in {ueow} todhride. 
Dissecttoa, d2s-sSk'-shfin. s. anatomy. 
Disseisio^ dls-s^-zln. s, an oulav " 

ing a man of his land. 
Disseize, dls-sAce'. v. a. to dispossess, to depnve 
Disseizor, dZs-s&'-xdr. s. he thai dispowcswi 

Dissemble, d}s-s2m'-bL v. a. to hide under feise 

appearance, to pretend. " [critc 

Dissemble, cus-s&n'-bl. v. n, toplay thenypo 
Dissembler, <Ss-8^-bldr. t. a hypocr'e. 
Disseminate, dis-s&n'-^loe. d. a. to scatter as 

seed, to spread every way. 
Di8seminaaoD,d2s-sm-^n&'-shfin. s. the act of 

scottonng. [breach of union. 

Dissension, dis-sSn'-shftn. s. disagreement, 
Dissensious, dIs-sSn'-shfts. a. contentious. 
Dissent, d!s-s9nt'. v. n. to disagree in q>inion. 
Dissent, cfls-s&it'. «. disagreement [contrary. 
Dissentaneous, d]s-sSn-t^H[ii-As.a. inconsistent, 
Dissenter, ^-s&i'-t&r. s, one that disagree;; 

one who refuses the communion of the Laiglish 

Dissentient, dls-s^n'-sh^nt. a. declaring dissent. 
Dissertation, dls-s^-t&'^sh&n. s. a discoirse. 
Disserve, d!s-s&V. to injure. 
Disservice, cfls-s^-vis. $, injury, mischief. 
Disserviceable, c&-sdr-v?M^-bIl a. injurnius. 
Dissever, dis-sev'-iir. v. a. to cut in two. [ous. 
Dissimilar, dfe-^m^nfe-iar. a. unlike, beterogene- 
Dissimilari^, d?s-^-^lli^-^ti. s. unlikeness. 
Dissimilitude, d!s-^m-mil'-^6de. s. ^wanl of I 

Dissimulation, dls-dm-&-llL'-sh&o. #. the act of 

dissembling, bypocrisy. [perse. 

Dissipate, dls'-sfr-p^te. v. a. to scatter, to dis- 
Dissipation,dis-s^p&'-sh5n. «. the act df ^apei^ 

sion 'y the state or being dispersed. 
Dissociate^ ^s-s^'-sfa^lite. v. a. to separate. 
Dissoluble; dis'-sft-lA-bl. a. capable of sopara 

tion of one part linom anrther. 
Dissolubility, dl9-s61-l6-bIl'-M^ f.1iableiMi tc 

suffer a disunion of parts. 
Dissolute, dls'-s^-lftte. a. loose, wantoo. 
Dissolutely, dIs'-sd-UKe-M. ad. loosely, in de 

bauchery. .[ners, diJiiaacliij. 

Dissoluteness. dls'-s^lAiAHils. «. lai^ oT^im- 
Plssolution, <98-96-Ui'-i|^9||i.f.t|i^i^|Mi^tt9ttpq( 





iii6,inftve,n8r,iiftt;-^-t&be,tab;l>M»--ffl;--p^^ trm. 

•ay '^»M[by the fopantioo of ito parts j death 
the aoi or braakmr up an anembly. 
VbnWMe, dh-ior-vfl-bl. a. capia>le of diso- 

Dissolve, ^Iz-cAlv'. v. a, to destroy the form of 

toy thin^ by disnmting the paru; to break up 

aaRiBbhes; to be relaxed by pleasure. 
Dtootve^ dlz-zdlv'. V. n. to lie melted 3 to meh 

away m pleasure. 
IHssolventy diz-26F-v&it. a. having^ the power 

of melting'. 
Dissolvible, dfa-zdl'-vi-bl. a. liable to perish by 

Dissonance, (fls^-sft-nlnse. «. a mixture of un- 

harmonious sounds. [^agreeing^. 

DisBonant, d!s'«s6-n&nt. a. unharmomous 3 dis- 
Oissuade, ^^sw&de'. v. a. to divert fVom by 

reason or importunity. 
Diasuaaon, <fls-sw4'-*nftn. s. urgency of reason 

or imjxMlumty against any tbiii^. 
Dissuasive, dB-sw^'-s3v. a. tending to persuade 

against [dissuade. 

Diasuasiye, d!s-sw&'-s!v. s. an argument to 
Dissyllable, dSs'-dl-Hl'bl. s, a word of fwo syl- 
lables, fis drawn in spiimin^. 
Distafif, db'-tlb'. s. the stan from which the flax 
Distsdn, cSs-dme'. v. a. to stain; to blot. 
Distance, dV-tAnse. 9. sppce ; remoteness in 

place 5 distant behaviour; rcser\'e. 
Duftence, dis'-llbise. o. a. to place remotely; 

to leave behind. [reserved. 

Distant, dli'-tftnt. a. remote in time or place; 
Distaste, t^-tiste'. s. disgust, dislike. 
Distaste, dld-t^ste'. v. a. to dislike, to loathe ; to 


Distt^ful, di9-t&ste'«A]. a. nauseous y ofieusi ve. 

Distemper, db-tdm'-pAr. s. a disease, [disturb. 

Distemper, dls-t^'-pAr. v. a. to disorder ; to 

. Oiflleit^^irttte, di»>t2ra^jp&r-&te. a. immoderate. 

' DIstemperature, (B8-tem^-pfbr-&-tsli6re. ». in- 

BMend, dSs^Snd'. u.11. to stretch out in breadth. 
Dfatsnt^ (&4bit'. 9. the apace through which 

mrtmiie is spread. [cupied. 

l^UiaUbiT, Ahdb'-di&i «. breadth, apace oc- 
ITiifli, v-dk. «. a couple of tines. 
Pll^^-^'. V. n. to drop ; to flow gently ; lo 

Distillation, dIs^]I•^'•fh&n. «. the act of distil 

liiigr or dropping. 
Distmatory, ds-tA'-tt-tfir-^. a. bekmgiog to 

Distiller, disttfiM&r. «. one who distils spiritt. 
Distilmeot, dis-tU'-mSnt «. that wliich is drawn 

by distillation. [ed out. 

Distinct; dls-tfngkt'. a. diflbrent) clear; mark- 
Distinction, dls^Ingk'-sh&n. $. difference ; note 

<^ superiority. 
Distinctive, db-tlngk'-tlv. a. able to distinguislK 
Distinctively, <fls-tlngk'-tlv-I^. arf. inri^itor 

der. [luaiuly. 

Distinctly, dfe-iJngkt'-l^. ad. not confusedly; 
Distinctness^ dls-ungkt'-n^s. s. deamcss, plain 

ness. [discern, to judge : to make einjnem. 
Distinguish, dls-i?n"f'-gwlsn. v. a. lo note ; to 
Distinguish, dls-t!i:g*^v?sh.- v. n. to make dis- 
tinction, to find or sliow the dificiT;ncc. 
Distinp;ifishable, dJs-tfng'-ifwlsh-A-bl. a. caoa 

ble of bcino; distinguislied; worthy ©f note or 

Distinguished, dls-tln^f-gwTsliU •part. a. emi- 
nent, extraordinary. [the Uiie meaimig 
Distort; dis-tflrl'. v. a. to twist, to wrest from 
Distortion, dls-t6r'-slifln. «. irregular motion, 

by which the face is writhed, or the parts tlis- 

Distract, dis-tr&kt'. r. a. part. pass, distraclea 

anciently distraught. Uj divide ; to perplex, 

lo make mad. 
DIstractedness, dls-trdk'-t^d-n&. *. the state of 

being distracted, madness. [tickiiess. 

Distraction, dls-trak'-shftn. s. confusion ; fran- 
Distrain, d?s-trine'. v. a. to seize. 
Distrain„dls-tr&ne', t>. n. to make seware. •'' 
Distraint, dls-tr&ni'. s. seizure. 
Distress, dls-tr^s'. s. Uie act of making a lega 

seizure; tlie thing seized; calamity, misery 
Distress, dls-tr^s'. v. a. to harass [misery 

Disti*essful, d?s-trSs-f&l. a. full of trouble 01 
Distribute, dis-trlb'-ilito. v. a. to divide amongs 

many. [tributiiy 

Distribution, dls-tr^^bA'-shftn. «. the act of dis 
Distributive, <fls-tHb--^t!v. a. assignmg to ead 

other their proper portkins. [ritoiy 

District, • <fls'-tHkt «. a ciroef' cfiuntrv tor 
BUtnist, db-trtUt'. v. a. not to tnisi. 




I)iyer8etV;'<a/-v^k i 

«» t»»vjj 

IHitrtuftj dlMrA8t^ t. ton of GT«£t, nupidbti. 
I>istnutful, dIf4rfist'-ffU. a.'«Q8picious. 
IXi(fttS(fQ)ii69B, 'dI^trftii'^Al-ii&. s. Want of 

IMstrci8tfe8^;dKi%(bf-ld8.a. vt>kl of distrust. 
Disturb, ^Ds4Arb'. o. a. to dbquiet. 

Disturbance, dls-tfir'-b&iise. «. confusion, disor- 
der, tumult. 

Disturber, dIs-tAr'-bAr. i. a violator of p<!acc. 

Disunion, dis-&'-n6-&n. s. separation, [divide. 

Disunite, c^A-nite'. r. a. to separate, to 

Dbunite, dtsnlt-idto'. v, n. to fall asunder, 

Distmity, d]s-A'-n6-t^. «. a state of actual sepa« 
ration. [of use or custom. 

Disusage, db^A'-xlLJc. $. the gradual cessation 

Disuse, dls-Ase^ s, cessation of use or custom. 

Disuse, dls-Aze'. o. a. to cease td make use of j 
to disaccustom. 

Disvahiaaon, dfx-vH-A-li'-shftn. *. disgrace, 
diminution of reputation, 

Disvalue, dIz-v&l'-A. v,cuXa undervalue. 

Disvouch, dlz-vA&tsh'. v. a. to destroy the 
credit of. to contradict. 

Ditch, dftsh. s. a Uench ; the moat with which 
a town is surrounded. 

Ditch, ditsh. v, a, to make a ditch. 

Ditcher, (fitsh'-fir. s. one who digs ditches. 

Ditty, drtM^. «. a poem to l>e sung. 

Diuretick, dl-6-r^tMk. <u provoking urine. 

Dtumal, dl-flr'-n&l. a. relaUng to, or perform- 
ed in a day, daily. 

Diurnal, dl-flr-ndk «. a journal. 

Diumally, dl-ftr'-nil-^. aa. daiiy, every day. 

Diuturnity, dl-A-t&r'-ni-t)6. s. length of dura- 
tion, [princes. 

Divan, dA-v&n'. «. the council of the Oriental 

Divaricate,^ dl-v&r'4-kile. w. n. to be parted 
iota two. [into two. 

Divarication, dUv&r-A-ki'-shftn. *. partition 

Dive, dive. o. n. to sink votontariiy under water 
to go deep into any question or science. 

Diver, dl'-v(hr. s. one who dives. 

Diverge, d^ydrjo'. en. t(> tend various ways 
from one pcmit. 

Divergent, .i)^vlr'<jlnt a. tending to various 
parts from onep<^t. 
•vers, dl'-vftrx. «. several, simdky. 
^rsc. dl'-vlnie. a. dUferent ; multiform. 

m AnerBBl ways 

DiverdficB^on, d&^vir4^k)t'^sliftn! s. van 

atioi> : raultifomiitv ; cha^gf^ r^-, | 

Di versily , d^-vSr'-se^n. v. a. to mak9 dwbrent i 
10 variegate. • . , [^itto, jport ^ 

Diversion, dj^-vftr'-shftn. «rthe actofmnuLf 1 
Diversity, dfc-viftr'-si-t*. «. diflterence. 
Divert, d^vdrt'. v. a. to uim off$ to please . ' 
Divertlse, d^vir'-dz. v. n. to annise» tie divert 
Divertisement, d^v^-tlz-m^ .«. diversioa 

Direitive, d^-vdr'-dv. a. i^ecttaltve, amusive. 
Divest, d^-v^t'. V. a. to'inald&naliLea. [off 
Divesture, di^-vls'-tshAre. $f the act of (ibiuog 
Dividable, d^-vl'-d&-bl. a. that maybesepa 

Divide, divide', v, a. to part ; to separate. 
Divide, divide', t; n. to fundeTt to break 

friendshtp. tgi^ ^ ^ divided 

Dividend, dlv'4-d&id. s* a share ^ the oumbei 
Divider, d^vl'-dfir. «. a distributer $ a dis , 

uniier: a particular kind of compass. 
Dividual, ci6>vld'-&-ftl. a. divided, shared, par 

ticipated. [foretelling oC future thnigs 

Divftiation, dlx^n&'-^n. «. predi^ion oi 
Divine, divine', a. partaking of^the nuMire of 

God. [a deivyman 

Divine, d^v'W. s. a minister oJT the uospel, 
Divine, d^-vlne'. v. a. to foretell, [coiyecture. 
Divine, divine'. v.ft. to fi^l presages } to 
Divinely, di-vlne'-l^. ad, by'tlie a^^ency or m- 

flueuce of Crod > in a manner notuf a dei^. 
Diviner, d^-vi'-nAr. s. one that professes divi- 

nquon. , ' .. - 

Divmity, di-vfn'-^-t^ s. Deity ; celestial b^ag ; 

the science of divine thiqgsi^theploey. 
Divisible, d£-v!z^-i4>L a. ciq^le tahe^ di- 
vided. [adiBktinr.4ivisiqtt. 
Divislhility, d^vfs-^ll'^ti. #. thc) m^ty of 
Division, o^-vixh^-fln* s. tfao,a^j^.$i^ 

tlie state of being divided $ partition 5 < 

ence ; space. 
Divisor, d6 vi'-sAr. «. u 
Divorce, di^v6ne^.t,l 

band midwife. . 
Divorce, dMnwtf. «.A.toieptiile«l 

or wife from the odier. 




aft, nAve, nftr, n6t^— <Abe, tflh, b&il j— ffl ;--pMnd^-<toi, rtOM, 

» «.^ w|y . tt. 0. tip publish, to proclaim. 
ir/d^mf-Jftr. «. a publisher. faway. 
nimJlL d&-vftr-sh&u. s. the act of pmcking 
_ jeD; dl'^uL V. 0. to dre9»f to dock* 
Dixzineas, tfiz'-z^n^ «. ^iddliiess. 
Dizzy, dhf-tk a. giddy, thouffhtless. [j^iddy. 
Diz2^ dia'-z^. v. a, to whin rouod, to ma(e 
Do, m. V. 0. to act any thing good or bod. 
Do, M. t*. n. to act or behave in any manner 

H-ell or ill ; to make an end, to concmde. 
LH)cibIe, dAs'-^bl. a, tractable, easy to be taught 
D(^l6, d6s'-s!l. a. leadiablet 
Docility, d6^1M6-t^. s. autness to be taitght. 
Dock. dok. t, a place where ships are built or 

ujaup. [dock. 

Dock, ook. V. 0. U> cut short; to lay a ship in a 
Docket, dftkMt s. a direction tied upon goods. 
Doctor^ d6k'-tdr. 9. a title, in diviiMty, law, 

pfaysick, &c. 
Doctor, dok'-tflr. r. 0. to pbysick, to cure. 
Doctoral, d6k'-t6-raL a. reciting to the degree 

of a doctw. [tor. 

Doctor^ip, d6k'-t&r-sh^>. *. the rank of a doc- 
Doctrinal, ddlf -tr^-n&l, a. pcrtaiuiiig to the act 

or means of tcachuig. 
Doctrine, d6k'-tr}n. «. the principles of ai^ sect 

or master ', the act of teadiing. 
Doctunent, d6k'-A-m2nt. s. precept, instraction. 
Dodecagon, d6-d2k'-&-g&D.«. a figure of twelve 

Do^;e, dftc^e. v. n. to use craft ; to shift place ; 

u> ra!se expectations and disappouit tlicni, 
Doe, Jo. «. a slie deer. 
Doer, S/b^-hr. s. one that does any thing good 

or bad. . [lion \ a reproachituiianie. 

Dog, d6g. 9. a domcslick animal } a constella- 
Dog, dtZ' V. a. to follow any one, watdung 

mm i»iUi an insidious design. 
Dogdajrs, ddg'-dloe. «. the days in which the 

doigsitetr rises and sets witli the sun. 
Dm«, d&je. «. the title of the chief magistrate 

or vanlce and Genoa. 

Doghole,d6g^-h61e.t.m vile hole: ffctdogi. 
DogkennelydOg^-ken-nd. s. a little but or bone 
Dc^ma, dftg'-inls. eetabUshed principle, set^ 

notion. [tion 

Dogmatism, dAg'-nMnn. s. dogmatical asser 
Dogmatical, dfli[-m&t'-^4i&l. {cu magisterial 
Dogmatick, d6g-m&t'-Ik. { posiuve* 
DoematiGaily, dAgnuit'-^klil-^ad magiiteri "^ 

tuly, positively. , . [er 

Dogmatist, dftg^-mft-tlsL s. a Aiagistcrial iea«*h 
Do^atise, dog'-m&-tlze. «. n. to assert posi* 

tjvely 'y to tea^ magisterially. 
Dog^tar, d&g'.stiW'. s, the star which gives name 

to the dof days. 

0. suDen, sour, morpse. 
* • uSs. *. gKxnn of mind/ 

9. a small ship with one mast. 
*L «. mean, worthless verses. 
«. auTish,,brutal. 

^-. [a dog 

Dogtrot, oog'-trftt. «. a gentle trot like thnt of 
Doings, dd^'-Tngz. 9, things done, evcnt<», iraii.< 

actions } feats, actions good or bad ; stir, bus 

tie, tumult. 
Doit, d^lu 9, a small piece of money. 
Dole, d6le. #. tlie act of distributmg ; pfovisiiuv 

or money distributed m charity j gncf. 
Dole, d6lc. t>. 0. to deal,* to distribute. 
Doleful, d6le'tf&l. a. sorrowful; feeliiif grief. 
Dolefully, dMe'-f&M^. fuf. in a doleful in:<inicr. 
Doiefulness^dole'-it^neS. «. sorrow, melnueiioly 
Doleaome, d61e'-s&m. a. melaucltoly, gkmmy 
Doll, d6l. 9, a little gu^'s puppet 
Dollar, 'd6lM6r. 9. a foreign coin of different 

value. [grief or pam. 

Dolorifick, d61-A-Hr«.lk. <C that which causes 
Dolorous, dM '6-rAsi a sorrowful, doleful. 
Dolour, d6'-lfir. 9. gricj sorrow j lamentation 
Dolphhi, d^'-ftn. «. a fish. 
Dolt. uAlt 9, a heav>*, stupid fellow. 
Doltbb, d6lt'rish. a. stupid, blockish. 
Domain, d^-mAne'. 9. dominion, estate, [pola. 
Dome, d6me. 9. an hemispherical arch, a cu> 
Domestical, dAHn^M^-k&l }a. l>elongtiig to 
Domestick, d6-m^-t1k. > ^'^ house; in- 

testiiie. [domcsticK. 

Domesticate, d6-mis''>t^klite. v. a. to muki 
Domiciliary, d6m4-^'-ya*r^ a. intrudmg into 

private houses tmder pretence of searching for 

enemies or eontntbaml goods. 
Dominant, dom'-e-nftnt. a. pvedommant, as> 

Dominate, d6m'<^n4te. «. a. lo prevail ovsr 

I the rest. OigtzedbyLjOOgle 




Fkte, fir, fiXi, Hi ^^-mb, vak 3— i^iie, pin }^ 

' DomioattcMi; (]l6iii^B&'-thAn> t. power; doiniii« 
»n : tyranLy. [jwro*"* 

Donimator, dftm'-^iiMftr. 9, the presiding 

Domineer; dtm-^-nk^t c. n. 10 rule with inso- 
lence^ to act without controK ^ 

Domimcal. d^-mln'^^ld). a. that which notes 
the Lord^» day. or Sunday. 

Dominion, d6-Mn'-y&n. #. sovereign authonty 5 
ierritor>'j region, district; predominance, as- 
cendant 'y an order of angels. 

Don, ddn. s. the Spanish title fot a gentleman. 

Donation, d6-nli'-shftn. «. the act of giving any 
thing; the grant by which any thing is given. 

Donative, d6n'-&-tIv. s. a gift, a present. 

Done, ddn. part. pass, of we verb do. 

Done, dftn. irUaJ. the word by which a wager 
is conckided. 

Donor, d6'-ndr. ». a giver, a bestower. 

Doom, dddni. v. a. to coudenm, to command 
judicialTy; to destine. 

Doom. d5om. ^.judicial s^itence, judgement; 
condemnation ; destruction, [ment. 

Doomsday, ddmnz'-d4. s. the day of judge- 

Doomsdayrbook, dMmz'-d&-bddk. s. a bw)k 
made bv order of William the Concjueror, in 
wliich tne estates of tlie kingdom were regis- 
tered, [means of approach. 

Door. d6re. a. the gate of a house; entrance; 

Dooi'Keeper, d6re'-k^p-flr. 5, one that keeps 
the entrance of a house. 

Doc(iiet,d&k'-?t. s. a paper cohloining a warrant. 

Dorick, d6r'-ik. a. a species ©farduleclure in- 
vented by the Dorians. 

Dormant, d5r'-mfuit. a. sleeping; concealed. 

Dormitory, ddr'-mi-tfir-i. s. a room with many 
bi'dsj a burial-^ace. 

Donnouse, ddr'-mddse. s. a small animal which 
passes a large part of die winter in sleep. 

Dose, d6se. s, so much of any medicine as is 
taken at one time. 

Dost, dftst. the second person of do. 

Dot, d^t. 8, small point or spot in writing. 

Dot, d6t. V. a, to make dots or ^ts. 

Dotage, d6'-ti4}e. s. imbecility of mind; ex- 
cessive fondness. fwoman. 

Dotal, dA'-t&l. a. relating to the portion of ft 

Dotard, d^-lArd. «. a man whose age has im- 
INured his ijBleUects. 

Dote. d6te. v. n. to have the inleUects hnpak 
cd hy affe or passion ; to regard with exoet 
sK'e tbnoness. 

Doth, dM. the diird peraon of cb>. . 

Dotingly, d^'-ting-l^ («£. fondly. 

Double, dtib'-bh a, two of a sort, twice ai 
much: two-fold, of two kinds; having iwios 
tlie effect or influence; deceiiml, acting wt 

Double. dAiy-bl. v. a, to increase to twice tfat 
quantity: to enlarge the stake to twice die 

. sum in plav; to wind in running. 

Doublcf, dfiD^-bl. s. twice the quantity or num 

ber : a trick, a shift, an artifice. ' Tpersoit. 
Double-dealer, dftb-bl-di'-lflr. s. a deceiifiL 
Double-dealing, dfib-bl-d^-llng. «. aitifice. dis- 

simulation. [insidious 

Double-minded, ddb-bl-mlnd'-^. a. deceitful. 
Doublet, d&b'-bl-^ s. tiie inner garment of a 

man, tlie waistcoat: two, a pair. 
Doubly, d&iy-bl-^ ad. in twice the quantity. 
Doubt, ddfit. V. a. to question; to fear; to sua* 

pcct. [f^ar, to distrust 

Doubt, d<^At. r. n. to hold questionable; to 
Doubt, d6fit. s. uncertainty of miud, dispense 

suspicion. [pies. 

Doubter, ddft'-tflr. «. one who entertains scru 
Doubtful, d6ti''(M.a. amtnguous^ uncertain. 
Doubtfully, ddfit'-fftl-i. ckT ambiguoudy, un 

certainly. (bigoily 

Doubtfulness, dd&t-fSd-n&i.«. dubiousness, am- 
Doubtless, dfiftt-I&. a. without fear. 
Doubtless, ddAt^Ss. ad. without doubt, un 

Dough, d6. s. unbaked paste. 
Doughty, d6&'''t^. a. bravey'iliuBtrious, eminent 
Dou^y, dA'-i. a. unsound, soft. 
Douse, dd5se. v. a. to put over head suddenly 

in the water. [watar. 

Douse, dd&se. v. n. to fall suddenly 'uAo iJkm 
Dove, d&Xr s. a wild pigeon. 
Dovecot, dflv'-kfit. s. a pigeon-house. 
Dovetail, dftv'-t&le. & a A>nn of joining two hod 

ies together, where that whicn is inserted ha» 

the form of a wedge reversed. 
Dowager, dM'-&4Qr. «. a widow with a JoiiitaM* 
Dowdy^ dM'-d^. t. an awkward. ill-dreait4 




, >«. a jointure $ mdtim* 

Uowety, dAA'-Ar^. { meat, gift 
DoweneBB, dM'-lb^lb. a: wHoooft a ibrtime. 
Dowlas. dlMk'.tt8.«.a€0Bne kind of linen. 
Down, dMn. t. aoA feathers; aoA wool, or ten- 
der iHur ; a large open pbuh. 
i>own, dMm. pnp* wkmg a- descent, from a 

higher phice to a lower. [horizon. 

Down, cIdAn. od!. on tae ground; below tiie 
Down, dMa. intaj, an exhortation to destruc- 

lion or demolition. fto the ground. 

Downcast, dMn'-klsL a. beat down, directed 
Downfal,. ddftn'^AU. «. ruin; dertniction of 

Downhill, dAAn -hiL », detXmij, descent 
Dowalyiaji^, dd5n-ll'-]hg. a. near diildbuih. 
Downright, dMn-rlte'. cuL in plain terras; 
Downr^t d6An'-rlte. a. plain, open. 
Downward, dMn'-wArd. )ad, towards the 
Downwards, dftfltt'-wfirds. ) centre; in a 

course of successive or Fineal^ descent. 
Downward, dWbi'-wftrd. a. declivous, bending. 
Downy, d6ly-ni. a. cox'ered with down or nap;, 

soft, lender. [a reward paid for a wife. 

Dowry, Mi''T^. s. a fwrtion given with a wife ; 
Dosofogy, dAk-s6F-6-j^. s. a form of giving 

glory to God. 
Doxy, dlSk'-sk. s. a whore, a loose wcm;^. 
Doze, dine. n. n. to shwrilier. 
Doze, d^. f>. A. to stupify,to dull. 
lX)zen, d&z'^zn. s. the ntiinber of tivelve. 
Doziness, dd'-z^n^. s. sleepiness, drowsiness. 
Dozy, d6'-24^. a. sleef^y, sluggish. 
Di-sb. dr&b. s. a strumpet. 
Dradim, dr&m. s. an old Koman coin; the 

ei^tb part of an ounce. 
OtTitlf dm, s. any tiling thrown away. 
Drag driig. v. a. topuuby.force. 
[)rag,drig. o. n. to tiang so low as to trail upon 

^St ^^*^' *-^T^^9 &° instrument with hooks; 

a cad or car drawn by the hand. 

drig'-nSt. 8. a net draw-n along llie 
. «f the water. [ging on the groiind. 
t> diAg'-gl ». «. to make dirty by drag' 
, dt4g'-gl. r. n. to grow dirty by being 

akntf the ground. , 

h2iffKk,4iif-tR. s, a serpent ; a constellaUoa 

Dragonlike. drAff'-fin-Uke.a. ftnious, tey. 

Dragoon, dr&-goon . s. a Kind of aokHer thai 

• serves either on norse or foot. [dry 

Drain, dr&ae. o.o. to empty, to make Jiute 

Dnun^ dranc. «. die channel through whidi 
houids are gradually drawn. 

Drake, drjikc. s. the male of the d Jck 

Dram. dr^m. s. the cighUi part of an ounce , a 
small quantity ; spints. 

Drama, dri'*in&. s. a uocm accommodated to 
action; aplav. 

Dramatical, dr&-mSt -^ kftl. ; a. represented b; 

Dramatick. dr&-in&tMk. { action. 

Dramatically, drft-mftt'-^kai^. ad. by repre 
scntation. [matick composiiionsi 

Dramatist, drftm'-&-t^. «, the author of dra 

Drank, dmnk. thepref. ofdrinic. 

Draper, dr&'-pAr. 9. one who sells clotn. 

Drapery, ch4'-p(\r-i. s. ck>thwork ; tiie dress of 
a picture or statue. 

Draught, dr5ft. s. the act of drinking ; a (joan. 
tity drunk; the act of drawine; a picture 
drawn; a detachment; a tilt drawn forihe 
payment of money. • 

Draw, driw. v.€U prct. dreWf part. pass, draicn 
to pull along; to attract; io inhale; to uii- 
slieath; to represent by picture; to aliure; ic 
cbn^se; to evisceraie. 

Draw, dr&w r. n. to perform the office of a 
beast of draught ; to act as a weight ; to con 
tract; to advance; to practise the ail of de- 

Drawback, driw '-bilk. s. money given oack fbr 
ready pa>-mcirt. Jbe liAed iv 

Drawbridge, dr^V-hildje. s. a bnd^ mack t\i 

Drawer, thAw'-fir. s. one employed in proc n 
ing water from the well ; ono whose busincsi 
is to draw liquors from the cask • Jial which 
has the powt,.* of attraction ^ a box m a case. 

Dra\ving, driw'-?iig. s. dfehneation, represen 

Drawing-room, drfiw'-fng-HWWu. «. the room m 
which company assemble at court ; iJie conv 
panv assembled there. 

Drawn, dr&wn. part, from draw, equal, where 
each party takes his own stake ; with a swora 
unsheathed; open, unclosed; eviscerated; m 

' duced. Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




Drawwi§& dr^V^wSL «. a weU out of which 
watetuaraWii bj 9 long cord. [way. 

DrawV>tr&^ v. ik to uttsr iany tbiog in a slow 

Dray^dri. >«. the car on which beer 

Draycart, dr&Vklbt. > is carried. 

Drayman, dra'-in&n. 8. one that attends a dray» 

Dread, dred. s, fear, terror, awe. 

Dread, drSd. a, frightful 9 awfbl, i'enerablein 
ihe highest tlegrec. 

Dread; dr$d, t> n. to be m fear. 

Dreadful, dr^ -f&i. a. terrible, frightful. 

Dreadfully, di^'-ltH*. ad, tcmWy, friditfully. 

Dreadless, drdd^-1^. a. feariess, intiepid. 

Dreadleasness, drdd'-l^-nSs. i, feariessness, in- 

Dream, dr^mc. «. a phantasm of ^eep, the 
thoughts of a sleeping man. 

Dream, dr^me. v. n. to have the re|>r«sentation 
of something in sleep; to think idly; to be 
sluggish. . 

Dream, dr^me. v. a. to see in a dream. 

Dreamer, dr^-mfir. «. one who has dreams; an 
idle, fanciful ifian ; a mope. 

Dreamfess, dr^me^*!^. a. without dreams. 

Drear,, dr^re. a. mournful, dismal. 

Dreary, dr^-p&. a. sorrowfid, gloomy. 

Dredge, dr^ie. s. a kind of net. 

Dredge, drMje. v. a. to rather with a dredge. 

Dregginess, dr^-^n& s. Adness of dregs, 

Dreggish..dr^'Hgf8h. a. fbul with lees, feculent 

Dreggy, drlg'-gft. a. containing dregs, feculent 

Eregs. dregz. s. the sediment or liquors, the lees, 
reuch, drensh. v. a. to soak; to saturate with 

drink or moisture. 
Dreiich drSnsh. s. indraught ; phvsick for a 

«rute. [cover a wound ^ to curry. 

Dress, drfis. u. a. to clothe; to adorn; to 
Dress, dr&s.s. clothes ; skill of ad^iustmg, dress. 
Dresser, dres'-s&r. «. one ^10 dresses ; a sort 

of kitchen table. 
Dressing, drSs^nA^.^. the application to a sore. 
Dresshi^-room, dres'-sfng-rftdm. '«. the room 

in which ckithes are put on. 
Dressy^ drib'-s^ a. shmvy in dress. 
Dribble, di|b'-bl. v. «. to fall weftb^ and slowly.^ 
Driblet, drib'^ s. a small sum, odd money m 

absorbing moisture*,. 
Drilt, ddft *' Impulse^ viqleBcei aay tki^ 

driven at random; aim oC actian; soope.of« ' 

discourse. [tfarov ealwapt.' 

Drift, dilfl. V, a. to drive^f to. urge akaw; to j 
Drill, dip. v.a. to pierce any thing with a driU ; | 

to permrato ; to teach recruits their ezeveise. 
DriU, difi* '• an instnimenl' >with wnicli hoiec 

are oored; an ape. 
Drink, diink* i^. n. pret drank, or iktmk: part 

pass, drunk, ordnrnken, to swalkvo^liquors, to 

quench thirst 
Dnnk, drtnk. v. a. to suck up, to absorb. 
Drink, difek^ «. Jiquor to be swallonwd. 
Drinkable, drlnk'-a-jbi. a. that, may be Urunk 
Drinker, drHik'-Ar. «, a dnmkard* 
Drip, drip. V. 0. to let fail in dfops. 
Drip, dr}p«s. that whidt fhBs m drm>s. 
Dripping, di!p'4ng. «. the &A which housewives 

^ther from roast meat- 
Drive, drive. V. a. pret arove, part jpass. drwen, 

or drove, toferce along ; to uige m any diive- < 

lion 'y to guide a'carriage. 
Drive, djdv^..f;. n. to go as impefled by an eK 

t^nal agent; to tusE with violeiice; to pnai 

in a carriage; to tend to; to sorike at witb 

Drivel, drfv'-vk v. n. to slaver; to dote. 
Drivel, driv'-vl. s^slaver. 
Driveller. diiv'-vl-&r. s. a fool, an idiot. 
Driven, c!rV.\Ti. fwrf. -of «?rir«. 
Driver, cUrl'-vAr. s. the person or mstnimea^ 

who gives any motion by vkylenee; one wae 

Drizzle, dr7z'-zl. v. ». to fall in flk>w droos 
Drizzly, driz'-zlr^. a. sheddiftff small ram 
Droll, dr6le. s. a jester, a bu&on. . 

Droll, dr&Ie. a. comick, farcical. 
Droll, dr&le. V. It. to jest, to play the buffoon. 
Drollery, dr6'-l&r^. s. idle jokes; bufiboneiy*. : 
Dromedary, drftm'-^-da-re.«. a sort of fcaam, i 
Drone, dr^»nc. s. the bee which makes no hoawp. i«' 

a pipe of a bagpqpefa shimrd. 
Drone, dr6iie. t).n. to live idly. t 

Dronisb, dx^'tSsii, a. idle, snmsfa. i- r'- 

Droop, drUp. o.n. tn Isnguai with ijirnwjib ' 

yff WfWiltg t zed by LjOOglC 




tA, wd*e, nSr, vM ;— tAt>e, tJf b, bAll ;~-dll )~-pdAnd j— lAin, this. 

Drop, diip. M, a globule of moisture » <*'aixiond| DrummeF. drAm'-inAr. «. he wboM office mTo 

hai^pitf in ttie ear. jeat the drum. 

Drop, drop, v, a. to omir 'x iaop^s to let fa.. ;| Drumstick, drdra'-stlk. s. the stick with which 

lolet go; to ktiA •'gh^y ; to cedso * to be^ 
drop, to beipeckle 
Shop, drAp. v n. to fall m drops to fa.., to 
'raajb, to come to aothiDg [drops. 

Oroppiilg, drftp'-pfng^. s. tnat which falls in 
Droplet, drftp'-Ku s, a Kttle drop. [dropsy. 
[)rop6ical, drftp'-s^-k&I. a. diseased with a 
Dropsy, dttup^'sb. s, a collectiou of water in the 
bod/i [feculence. 

Orossj dr6s. s. the scum of metals; refuse, 
droaamess, drds'-s^n^ s. foulness, feculence. 
Ditissy, dros'-s6. a. full of dross; foul. 
Drou^t, dr&&ti s. dry weather; thirsti 
Drou^tVt drft&'-t^. a. wanting rain, thirsty. 
Drove, amve, «. a body or number of cat tie; a 

crowd, a tunuilt; 

Drove/ drdve. pret. of drive. 

Drover, drA'-vur. s. one who driveir cattle. 

Drovtn, drftftn. v. a, to aufibcate in water; to 

• overwhelm in water ; to overflow, to bury in 

an inundation. 
Drown, drAAn. o. n. to be sufllbcated by water. 
Drowsily, cfap6A-z^-li. ad, sleepily^ heavily. 
Drowsiness, iJrfift'-z^n&. *. sleepiness. 
Drowsy, drAft'-z*. a. sleepy, dull. 
Drub, drob. v. a. to thresh, to beat 
Drub, dr&b. s. a thump, a bbw. 
Drudge, drftdje. r. n. to labour in mean offices. 
Drudge, dr&dje. s. one employed in mean labour. 
i!>rudger, drftdje'-dr. s. a mean labourer ; the 
bcx QUI of which flour is thrown on roast 
' >m<lgery, drfidie'-ftr-^. *. mean labcHu*. 
Oj-udffiiie-box, drftdje -ing-b6ks.». the box out 

01 i^iich flour, is sprinkled -upon roast meat. 
Onig, drAg".^ s, a medicmal simple ; any thin«f 
vnthout value. [cJotli. 

Dru^et. drflg'-glt. s. a coarse kind of woollen 
Dru^ist, drflg'-gfst. *. one who sells druffs. 
Druid, driy4d. s, a jH*Iest of tlie ancient Britons. 
Drum, drftm. 8. an instniment of military mu- 

sick; the tympantmvdf the ear. 
^rim, dfdm: v, n. to beat a drum, 
i^riun-naajor, drftm-mi'-jar. s, the chief drum- 
nwrof a regiment. 


a drum is beaten. [moistura . 

DruQk dr&nk. a. inebriated ; dteDcbed with 
cfruiuiard, drdnk'-Ard. «. one giver .*o excessiva 

use of strong liquors. piwbnated. 

Drunken, drftu'-kn. a. intoxicated with liquor. 
Drunkenness, drjlb^-kn-n^. s. intoxication with •• 

stron^f liquor; habitual cbriety. 
Dry, flri. a. not moist; without rain; tnirsty- 

barren. [bale moisture ; to draii^. 

Dry, drl. v. a. to free from moisttwe ; to ex 
Dry, drl. v. n. to grow dr>*. 
Dryad, drl'-ad. ». a wood-nymph. 
Dryads, drl -Adz. *. the English plural of dryaiL 
Dryades, drl'-d-d^. s. the Latp olural of*^ lh0 

same word. 
Dryer, dri^-ftr. s. that which has the ouality of 

absorbing moisture. [barrenly. 

Dryly, drP-li. ad, without moisture; coldly 
Dryness, drt'-n^s. s. want of moisture. 
Drynurse, drl'-nftrse. *. a woman wlio bring* 

up and feeds a cnild without the braast. 
Dryshpd, dH'-sh6d. a. without treading aoova 

the shoes in the water. 
Dual, d6'-dl. a. expressing the munbertwo. 
Dub^ d&b. r. a. to make a man a knight ; .tc 

confer any kind of dignity. 
Dubious. dt!i'-b^-ds. a. douDtful> luicertain. 
Dubiously, dA'-b^fls-l6. ad. uncertainly. 
Dubitable, di!i'-b*-t&-bl. a. doubtful. 
Ducal, dd''-k4l. a. pertaining to a duke. 
Ducat, dfik'-!t. s. a coin 5 in silver, valued 

about 4s. 6d. ; in gold, at 9s. 6d. slerlbg. 
Duck, dftk. 8. a water-fowl ; a word of fottduest. 
Duck, ddk. v. n. to dive under water. 
Duck, dflk. V. a. to put under water. 
Duck-legged, d&k'-Wgd. a. short-legged- 
Duckling, dftkMfng. «. a young duck. 
Duct, dflit 8. guidance, direcuon, . 
Ductile, dftk'-tll. a. flexible piiaoio 
Ductility, dftk-til'-i-ti. s. flexiDiiity ; compliance. 
Dudgeon, dftd'-jftn. s. a small dagger j sullen- 
Due, di. a. owed ; proper, fit. L»^ess, ill-will. 
Due, dfi. ad, exactly, directly. 
Due, d6. «. that which may be justly 

right, just tiU%igi,i,ed by LjOOgie 




Ikie, pkr't rMl fA\ y-^ih, mh |— phio, pin \^ 

Duel, d&'^ll. «. a cotnbat between two. 
Duel. d&'>tl. o. n. to fight a single n^nihat 
Dueller, d&'*'MAr. m, a single comkLt^ant, 
Duellings cl&'-ll-nng.«. the act of figibii up: n dni^l. 
Duellist, cl&'-li-Itst. «.ODe who fig]ii& a duel 
Duenna, d&4n'-u&. «. an old wuman kept lo 

guard a younger. 
Dug, dAg. t. a uipple, a teat 
Du^, d&s^- prd. and part? pass. otdy^. 
Duke; oake. s. one of the faigfaesi Oi^cr of iio^ 

bility in Eneland. 
Dukedom, doke'-d&ni. «. the pos^^ou oT a 

duko } the title or quality of a aukf?. 
Dulcet, dAi'-s^ a. sweet, luscious ^ baroinnious, 
Oulcify, dAl'-s^ft. v. a. to sweeten, 
(>ulcimer, dAl'-s^mAr. s, a musical itiiitnnncui. 
Dulqorate, dAl'-k6-r&te. v. a. toswecicii. 
DuLcoration, dAl-k6-r&'«flbAn. t. Uie act flf , 

sweetening. ^ ' 

Dull, dAl. a. stupid 5 blunt $ sad. 
Dull, dAl. V. a, to stupify ; to blunt 
DuUy, dAl'-I^ ad. stupidly; sluggishly. Infn-^. 
Dulaess, dAl'-n^. s, stupidity ; dro^ ziiucs^^ ; Jim- 
Duly. dA'-lA. ad. properly, 5tly. 
' Dumb^ dAm. a. mute, incapable of spcedi, 
Duinbty, dAm'-l4. ad. mutely, silcmly. 
Dumbness, dAm'-n^ s. incapaciiy tt} sjM^jik. 
Oiimp; dAinp. s. sorrow, melanchoh. 
Dumpish, oAmp'-lsh. a. sad, luebi^choly. 
Dumpling, dAmp^^Kng. s. a ^rt ofuuddmg. 
Dun. dAn. a. a colour partaking or bmwn ^nr! 

[a^d iiinjoriuntty 
"i vc'kcmcifctc: 

. Dun, dAn. v. a. to claim a debt wlih 
Dun, dAn. s. a clamorous, trouble^i^iiie. ciedUdr 
Dunce, dAuse. s. a doU, a thickskull. 
Dung, dAng. s. the excrement of auimi^b, usod 

to &tten ground. 
Dung, dAng. v, a. lo fatten with dmic [prison. 
Dungeon, dAn -jAn. tf.a close siitiierTflitecm<t 
Dunghill, dAng m!. •- a heap of Uui^^ \ any 

mean abode ; a term of reproach. 
DunghiU, dAng hll^a spnmgirom iho diuighili^ 

Dunner; dAn'>nAr. s. one employed in itulicUing 

petty debts. 
Duodecimo, dA-And^^.s^mA. s. a t^ook in which 

one sheet of paper makes twelve !c;av«<* 

ipe, dApe; t . a credukxis man.. 

rof laa 

DujHjj, dti]j*i. o. ti. to Uickj to clieat. 
Duplieato, di'-plt-kAic. p. a. to dcHtbk* to IM 


Duplicate^ d^ -pt^-kAle. i. n second thui^of taa 

same kijid^ a trfttiscripL of a p^per. 
Diz|ilieafion, diVpl^-kL^Biiiiii. s. ths act dT 

doiiHkig i a fnlci. [thiiig (toubkd. 

Dupliciitui'ej di!ii'-p)^-k^'t^^e. c. a fold^ ftaj 
Duplicity, di-plTs'-i-ii. s. deceit, dopblci 

oi tican. 
Durability^ dfi-rd-blP-^-tl. s. Iho power oI la$u 
Durables dd^-rd-bK a. laaiiiig, h^ing the quality 

oflctn^ ronli nuance. 
Dura hie rjf:}*s> dj!i'-rfi-bl-n?3, *. poweroriosijiig' 
Durably, diVnVhli. ad. in a lasting maiiner. 
Durance, di'-rlrLisfi. t. impruionineiiL 
Duration;, d^-di'-sbAit. a. conlimmjice oftimt^ 
DiirtR^f diV-rbg, pr^. for Che timE of tlic eoa 

Durst,^ dArst pr^L of ctuoe. to vcmurB. 
Dil^k^ d^sk. &. leiidciig todr^rkne^ 
Duskr ilftsk. *. HE!jidcii'cy m darkuessp 
Duskily, dA&k'-fe-l^. ad. wlili a tendency lo 

da rkiM^:ss. [ic nding lo obicurily 

Duski^h, d&i5k'-!sh- a. LuclLiilng to dtirkjjiSB, 
Duf^ky, dA^k''^, a. Lending- to darkucsa, dl>scurei 
Du^t; d^l. s. cnrlli redjccd lo snialj p^tjcks; 

tiiG state nf dls^lutbiu [ift^-ith duat, 

Du:at;H dh%L V. a. lo froc from diM, to 8|:iriiild« 

t>ult4iesSj ilfil3li'-i?fl. s. tke Indy of a duke. 
Dulcify, datsh'-t. *, ;ii lerritary wliich giv*» 

tide to a dake. 
DuteouKj di'-t^-Aji, or di-ts^^-fl^. £l ol^edienlf 

obsfewuSfjiis \ cnjohicd by duty. 
Dutiftil, di'-Ei^-ffd. o. obcditml, submiftsii-o I* 

nnlural or Ic^al isnixiriuurs, fsiv^^y 

DutifuUy^ d^'-ti^-fAf-^. arf, DbedieoOy, submis 
Dutiful nt^^?, dij'-l^-i!!i]'ii4s. t. obod^oee, mSkk 

misidnn m hiai uutiiority. 
Duty, du -uF. f. tku to which a man is by au^ 

natiinil or ic>^itl ohligmion'bgund j tiLst. 
Dwai'f.dwfirf ff. a man h%\yv/ the cotfirooii S»& 
Dwarfi^h^ dwdrr-7^. a^ below the natural bulk, 

Dwi^ll, ow^l w. n. pfiet rficr/f or dwdhd. to »i 

hal>iL lo re^idp; tjif Jk-fluf mlad upon f to OQC 




v6, nAvefUdr, p6t y^-iJAte, tte, bftll \^4^ j—pflftnd 3— tfiin, thw. 

H^eller, dw^'-tftr. «. an inhabitant 
J>iFeUing,dw^'-di«. «. habitation, abode^ 
DwiniUe. dwlnd^KU. v. n. to shrink, to losebolk 
laying, di'4ag. iMut. of c&. expiring; giving a 

new colour. 
Djrnasty, ^'-nfts-t^. 9. government, sovereignty. 
Dyacnsy, db'-krA-s^. 1. a disteroperature of 

J)yseiiter}'/<Ss'-flSn-t&:-^. m, a looseness. 
Dyspbaoy, Sa'-H^ak. s* a difllculty b 

J)ysury, <fl2h'-4>ri. 

8, a ^diflSicuIty in making 


Each, ^Uii. pron, either of two $ eveiy one. 

£ager, ^-gftr. a. ardently wishing ; vdienuent, 
ardent 5 qiuck : sour, aciid. 

Eageriy, ^-gftr-id. ad, ardently, keenly^ sharp- 
ly, [mence^ violence. 

EaUg^roam, ^-gftr-n&. s. impetuosity, vehe- 

Eagle, ^-gl. 8. a bird <^ pi^y* 

Eagle-eyed. e'-Tgl-tde. a. snaip-sgfated. 

Eaglet, i&'-gi^t. 8. a young eagle. fcom. 

Ear. kir^ a. the crgan of hearing \ a spike of 

Eailess, ^ir'-l^. a. without any ears. 

Ear-ring, i^-rfng. «.' jewels set in a ring, and 
wwn at the ears. 

Ear<«hot, ^^-sh6c 8. reach of the ear. 

Earwax, ^r'-w&ks. 8. the cerumen, or exuda- 
tk» wfaidi smearsthe inalde <^ the ear. 

£arwig^ i^b'-wf?. «. an insect. [marquis. 

Earl, m. 8. a titte of nobility next to that of a 

Earldom, ftrF-dftm. 8. the seigniory of sua earl. 

EarUnesi^ ^-l^n^ 9. quiclm^ of action. 

Early, fr'-l^. a. soon with respect to something 

Early, fir'-l^. ad. soon, betimes. [else 

Earn, dm. v. a. to gain as the reward of la- 
*boui'. [fixed, eager. 

Earnest, ^-nSst a. Warm, zeaiolis^ intent. 

Earnest, ir'^vksx, «. money adyanced, a pledge, 
seriousness. [eageny. 

Earnestly, ftr'-nest-lfc. ad, warmly, zeatously ; 

Eamestoess, ^-nSst-nds.«. eagerness, warmth, 
vehennenoe.. [fire, or water ; tfaewoiid. 

Eardi, irth. 8, the element distinct from air. 

Earth. 9xih v, a. to Inde in earth } to cover with 

JEarth. Srt/i. v. n. to retire under ground. 

Earthbom, ^rth'-h^nt a. born of the earth t 
meanly bom. ^ ' x 

Earthen, hr'-Oai. a. made of earth. 

Elarthiness, drfA'-^-nSs. «, the quality of con* 
taining earth, groesness. 

Earthly, kxOi'-ik, d. not heavenly, vile, mean, 
sordid. [vulsion of the earth. 

Earthquake, 2r</t'-kwlike. «. a ttemour or con- 

Eardiworm, knhl-yvhrm. «. aw§rm bred un- 
derground; a mean, sordid wretch. , 

Earthy, irth'-k:., a. consisting of earth \ relating 
to earth. 

Ease, k7/&. 8, quiet, rest, trancpiillity ; facility. 

*^ase, koB, v.a, to fiee from pain; to relieve ; 
to as^iage. 

Easement, ^ze'-mSnt. s. assistance. 

Easily, ^-z^-l^. ad. without pain of difficulty. 

Elasiness, i'-z^-nSs.^ «. flexibility; readiitess; 

East^ ^lai. 8. the quarter where the sun rises. 

Easter, Ms'-t&r. «.4he day on which the Chris- 
tian Church commemorates dur Saviour's 

Easterly, ^M5r-1^. a. towards the East, 

Eastern, ^MAm. a. dwelling or found in th« 
East, oriental. / 

Eastward, ^r-wftrd. ad. towards the East. 

Easy, ^'-z^. a. not ^fllicult ; quiet ; ccHnfriying. 

Eat, ete. V. a. pret. ate fOieat ; part eirfor eaten. 
to devour with the mouth; to consume, te 

Eat, ^te. t. n. to take meals, to feed. [eaten. 

Eatable. 4'-t4-bl *. any thing that may be 

Eaves, evz. ». the edges df the roof which over, 
hang the house. [der windoiv^. 

Eavesdropper^ 6vz'-dr6p-pftr. «. a listener un- 

Ebb, eb. 8, the reflux^ of the tkle towards the 
sea; decline; waste. [to decline. 

Ebb, ^'. V, n to flow back towards tlie sea ; 

Ebonjdb'-An, >« a hard, black, valuable 

Ebony, ib'-A-ni. J wood. 

Ebriety, ^bri^-t^. 8. drunkenness. 

Ebullifion, db-fil-Hsh'-An. 8. the act of boiling up. 

Eccentrical, £k-s£n'-tr^k&l. ) a. deviating from 

Eccentrick, dk-s&i'rtfik. > the centre; ir- 
regular, [a oentm. 

Eccentriaty, $k-9&i-tili'«i4^. «. deviaiiOD ttom 

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^- EFP 

File, iisr f^> fitj-^^fe, mh i— pipe, p^ 

the cbuidi/ . . ,. ti^ der^j^nan. 

Echo, *k'-kA: f. ihe return flf any socujdjU^ 
sound reuirncd. , . I ,;*; 

Echo lic'-kA. «. n. to resqu^id, to be &oiiii<led 
" FcImj' ^k'-ki. i;^. a. to Bend hack a voice. 

EcJaircisaemcnt, Sk-kliirc'-dr-m^Di. s. espla 
nation, the act of cleaning up an affair. 

Edat, t-kl&w^ i. splendour, show, lu^ire. [wi" 

Eckelick, ^k-]gk'-tTk, a, select^-, c^^pg,^^ 

Eclipae, i-kt?ps'. *- an obsciitauon of (he lu- 
uiinaries of heaven ; darkmsss, obscuration. 

Eclipse, *-kl?ps'- u. a. to dwrkca a luDiinary j to 

Elliptic, '^kl![??ilk. *. a great eirele of t^^e 

Economy, i-kfin'^-Djl /■ fruffahiy 5 "gula^ 
Ecoiiomfck,^k-k^n6mMk |a. pertaitmig 
Economical, ^k-kA-ii6m'-*-kiil \ to the rp^- 

latiun of a household ; frugal. 
EcPtasy, «ks'-t4-iA. *. excessive loy, rapture. 
Ecstaaied, Iks'-tA-^d. a. enraptured. 
EStaticai,ftk»4if-*-ktl.?fl, raptu«d, eleval- 
Er.=^iUck;&5-|Ai'-m. \ ^l/^^'^I^X;,..,, 
EtlaciousJ ^-dk^-ahAs. a. voracious, fa™"i^i 

StSv i-dJUO-tt- *■ voraciousness, ravenou^ 

Jdder, M'-dftr. *. such wood P= - mmn^anlv 

nut upon the top of fences, 
&Wv.^'-d^. *- tlie vr-ater thai, by some reper- 

ciMfflon. or opptTsile wind, runs couu^ary to 

(be JOMU stroam ; a whirlpool. 
Edce. adje. a, Jie Ihia or cutibiff part of ahladc \ 

a narrow, part riang from al^rwtdcr ; keen- 

uesSt acriitiouy. ^ , , . , 

^ idge ; to border : 10 exasperate. [Uunt 
E(Sed,%d, or ^'-j^. P^ri ^ sbaq), not 
EdSini, riMTug; #. a "t^itow lace. 

E3™wS4,l8Be^wl7e. orf. .with the edge put 

inn any panlcular direcuoii. 

lble> *d'-*-b-. «. lit to be eaten, 
lidicl, ^-dfkt. 5. a pnjclamation of comniaiiii or 


Edmcatjon, *d^ft-ki^-sh&n. *. improvci«ol 

in bolinesa } imJlniclion. 
Edifice, gd^4-fls.i a bui^dujjf, . t»«?^' 
Edifv, ^'-^-f i- ^' ^- to l»cild J to matrwct, l« 
Edile, ^-dlb. *' the utk of a ma^ailraie lo oM 

llucne. [republicaliwi, wilh revaaJ. 

Edition, fe-dW-fin* s. pul>hcatioii of a book j 
Editor, <id'-^-tfir, j. publisher, he tlial revusM or 

Editor, <*d'-e-tfir, j.puptisner. ne hum- ic 

prepares any w»rk for publicatJoft. 
Educate; ^d^jii-kite. r. a. to briug up. 
EducatiOD, Id'j6-kk^-ahan, *. Tonnation of 

nianncrs in j-outk. 
Educe, *-diW. t?* a, tu bnng out, to cirttaci. 
Eduction, ^-dak^-sbfljj. *. the act 0^ hriJigTif 

any thine into view. 
Edukorale, ^-dfil'-k6-rtle. a. a. to sweeteo* 
&lulcori\tion, ^KMl^kA.rfi'-fliiftii. *. die ad 0* 

sweeleaing, . .. ^ ^ S'^ Kf " 

Eel, ^1. ». a serpentine slimy fish, thai bsA» 
E'en, *^n. ad. conlracied from inm. 
EflTab I e, «f f i-bl. a. expressive , ulierable. 
Efface, ^\-fksc'. v. a. to de"5iroy, to wearaw^ 
EJfed,^f-f^kt' s tJwi which is produced by an 

cpcraiLng cause j consequence, event. 
Eiftct, ^^f-f Ikt'. r. a. to hnng lo pass j to a<Jii«V9* 
Effective, Sf-f&k -ilv. a. ^mmg d»e porwer U> 

produce eflects ; operative. [r«al operatioB. 
Efeciively, ^f f^k'-tiv-lt, a^. povierfully, wlfc 
EiTectlei^ ^f-fSkt'-lfe. ^ without effect 

fecU, powerfuJ. , ^ ^ 

Eftectua^y, ff-ffk'-tsh^-Al-ti. tui. -^-^--,- , 
Effectuate, ^f-f^kMshi^ite. v. a, to biw to 

Efeminacy, ?f-pm;-^nfk-6^. *■ soibieas, t»^ 
Efibininate, ^f-f ^m^-fe-nkte. a. womanish, voii^p- 
' n,<jy3. f woman.iih, to uasmm. 

Effeminate, ^f-flm^-^ic. v, «» Jo ™»*^ 
Effeminate' *f-f^'-*-n4te. v. n toxsften.ui 

melt into weakness/ 
Effervesce, Sf-tSr-vfej'. «. n. to geniffste beat b,^ 

Efferv escence, Hih-vy-^hse. f. the aW «f 
gTtJwing hot, productJCKn of heat by intfiHne 
mniion. , , , . 

Efficacious, Sf-fJ-kl'-shfts, a, powwfel totaw 
duce ihe consequence intended, 

Efficaciously, ^'^-Mi'-shfifr-l*- ad.#w^« 

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n6, roftve, lAr, a6t ^— ri>be, tftb, bdU }— ^fl ?-f)Mbd j-^Miiiy TJrit. 

Oeacjr; df 4^k&-*&. s. production of the cou- 

Efficience; ^r-(W-ylme. >«. Ibe act of 
Bfficiency; iX'tUh'-yhMk, { ducii^ 

Bfficieat,'lr-flsh'->'^ t. the eaiue whicfa makes 

eflects; the eOector. 

Effident, ^-flsh'-ySnt eu cansiof^ell 

Effigies, 2f-f!d'-j^ >a. rewnblmoe/^iinage m 
Effigy, y'-l^k, \ pamiiQg or Mu^iture. 
Efflorescence, 9f-fl6-rSt-99nse; >«. produdkm 
Efflorescency, ^-d/S-thf-tkik-ik* \ of flowers. 
Efflorescent, ^f^flA-rSs'-sSnt'o. nooting 

Ibrms of flowers. 
Effluence, dr-fl6^iMe. «. that which inoes fimn 

some other principle. 
Effluvia, ^f-^6'-v^ the pkiral of {^hnmtm. 
Effluvrim, H4[h''\^hm. s. those suUJl parti- 
cles whicfa are continually flying off fimn 

Efflux, ^-iSAks. ». eflttsioD ; emanatio-. 
^luxion^ ^-fl&k'-shAn. «..the act of flowing 

-out 5 effluvium. 
Efibrt. df-f&rt. *. strt*fgte,laboriou8 endeavour. 
Eflfrontery, ^-ft^i -t^r-^. «. '-impudence. 
EJffuigence, ^f-ffil'-jhtae.s lustre, nnghtness. 
Effulgent, ^f-f&L'-jIm. a. shining bright, huni- 
Effusei ^f-fiize'. V. a. to pour out. . [nous. 
Effusion, ^f-f6'-zh&n. «. the act of pouring out ; 

the thing poured out. 
Effa««ive, ^f-f6'-siv. <i. pouring out, dispersing. 
Eft, Sft. s. a newt, an evet. 
Egestion, .^-j<^-tshAii. s. the act of throwing out 

tiie digested food. 
Egg, ^. «. that which is laid by feathered ani- 
mals, fit>m which their youn^is produced; 

the spawn or sperm of creatures ; any tiung 

fashioned in the shape of an egg. 
Eggf ^. V, a. to incite, U> uist*gate. 
E^antine, Ig'-liii^n. s. a sp^ies of rose t 

sweetbriar. , [of one's self. 

gipotism, ^'g^•tftnl. s. too frequent mention 
fiiipCN, i^-g6*d8t^s. one tJmt is alwa^'s talking 

ofhinwelC [self. 

EgDdze, ^-g^xe. -r. n. to talk much of unefs 
E^reghm^, ^'gr^'-jA«As. a. eminent, remarka- 

Me ; mnarfcably vicious. f sbameiully. 

Cgrcgiously, ^-gr^ -i^-As-l^ ad emmently. 

jl^?J^'.ibL («.U»«Ct«fri|f OH! 

, ^-gi^s. a %wl oftbe heron UmL 
. 4yt. a. twice wur | a wtprd offlunher. 
_^_Ji, i^ttft. 0. next m order to the seventh. 
Eighteen,' 4y'-t£^'a. fwiee nme. 
Eighteenlli, kf-ikhA. a. the next in order^ta 

tbe se^oenteenth. [or quniUty , 

EMtfold, 4yt^-AkL a. eight tones tKe number 
ESf^dUy, kvUh'-\k. od in the eighth place. 
^ghtiefli/lLy'-tMtf^. a. the next m order to the 

seventy-ninth, eighth tenth. 
Eb^tscore, 4yt'-«k6re. tf. eight times twenty. 
Eighty, ^-t^. a. eight tones ten. 
Eiael, ^-sn. s. vmegar, verjuice. 
Either, ^-thAt. jron. dmrib, whichsoever of 

the two. whether one x the odier. 
Either, ^-faAr. ofi^, a distribative «)aionctioo, 

answered b^ or : eitner the one or me other. 
Ejaculate, d-jlUc'-6-lJue. v. a. to throw, to shoot 

Ejaculation, ^jAk-6-l4'-shfln. s. a short prayer 

darted oat occasionally. 

, 6-j&k'-&-l4-tAr4. a. sudden, hasty. 
_ I', v. a. to throw out 
flection, ^^k^-shAn. t. an expulsion. 
Ejectment, ^i^kt'-mSnt. s. a legal writ b> 

whidh an^ innabitant of a house, or tenant of 

an estate, is commanded to depart. 
Eiulation, ^-j6-l4^-sh(b. s. lamentation. 
Eke, ^e. ad, also^ likewise, beside. 
Eke, ^ke. v. tn to mcrease } to supply. . [labour. 
Elaborate, ^l&b'.^-rite. v. a. to produce with 
Elaborate, ^tfth'^^-Hue. a. finished vith grca) 

Elaborately, ^lAb'-Anite-l^. oo. hiboriously. 
Elance, ^nnse'. v. a, to throw out. to dart.' 
Elapee. ^Iftpse^ o. n. to pass .away. 
Eliistick, ^Hs'-tlk. 0. having the power of re> 

turning to the form from %irhich it b distcited. 
Elastic!^, ^Ifts-tls'^-t^. s. force in bodies b> 

which they endeavour to restore themselves. 
Elate, ^l4to'. a. flushed wun success. 
EUate, ^I4te'. v. a. to puff up ; to exaJt. 
Elation, ^-l4'-sh&n. s. haughtiness pri»ceediBg 

from success. 
Elbow, ^V-h6. ». the next joint of the arm t«« 

low the sboiik|er | any flextira or angle. 




i^bow, &'-b&. v: a, to push with the elbow } to 

-pine, pin)- 

Klbow, ^'-1)6. », n. to jut out in angles. 

£ld, did. «. old ag|, Old people. 

Elder, 2l^-dAr. a. wrpaising another in j^eark 

Kfder,. dl'^IAr. -« . the name of a tree. 

£lders> ^'-d&rv. «. persons whose age gives 
(hem reverence ; among the Jews, rulers ■>£ 
the people ; amonif Pre3>3rterians, laymen in- 
troduced into the lurk polity. 

Elderly, dl'Kl&r-I^. a. no longer young. 

Eldest ^V-iUht. a. the oldest. - [also tianoort. 

Elecampane, Sl-^4Eftm-p2uie'. s. a plant, named 

Elect, i-l^kt'. V. a. to choose, to select as an 
object of favour. [fiom among others. 

Elect, ^l^kt'. a. chosen, taken by preference 

Electary, ^ldk'-t&-r^. «. a form or medicine 
made of eonserves and powders, of the con- 
sistence of honey. 

Election, i-l^k'-sh&n. s. the act of choosing: 
the power of choice ; vohmtary preference. 
' Electioneering, ^iSk-shdn-^^lng. s. contern 
in parliamentary elections. ^ 

Elecove, ^ldk'-t2v. a. exerting the power of 
choice. [choose or elect 

Elector, ^-l&'-tAr. «. one who has a right to 

Electoral, ^iSk'^t^-iiL a. having the dismty of 
an elector. [elector. 

Electorate. ^ldk'-t&-r&ie. s, the territory of an 

Electre, ^Kk'-tAr. s. a nixed metal. 

Electrical, ^l£k'-U^-kti. fa. attractive Without 
cEiectrick, ^iSk'-trik. { n^igiietism. 

Electricity, ^Idk^fs'^-ti. *. a property in 
bodies, whereby, wnen rubbed, they draw 
substances, and emit fire» 

Electuary. ^ldk'-tshA4r^. «. See Electary. 

Eleemosynery, 4l-i-m6t'-4-nari4. o. livuig up- 
on alms. 

Elegance, dl'^-gAase. > s. . beauty without 

iaegancy^«y^6.i4nHi*.5 grandtsur 

Elegant, tt'-e-gant.' a. pleasmg witli mmuter 
beauties j nice, not coarse. 

Elegantly, dl'4-«ABt>lfr. ad. in such a manner 
as to please witfiotit elevatbn. 

Cl^giack, 6l4-jl'-Ak. a. used in ^elegies; 
moumnil. sorrowfiil. 

Elegist, dK-«-jbt^ s. a writer of elegies. 

l^egy, ti'4-j6.« a mournful song.- 

Element, dl'-^-m&it. s. the ini or ooastitneBl 

principle of any things tlie proper baiNtatiaa 

or sphere 4)f any thing ; the first ludiments of 

liierature or science. fniNito. 

Elemental, dl-^-m&i'-tal. a. produced byele- 

Elementanr, ^•i-mSn'-t&r-^. a. imcompounded. 

Elephant el^-^4lnt. s, the largest of all ooad- 

rjpeds. Jelepbuit. 

Elephantine, ^-^-fln'-tlu. jl periaimng^to the 

Elevate, iV-k-vhxe. r. a. to exah. s 

£Uevate, H'-^yiAe^ part, a, exalted, raised 

aloft. rak>ft ; exaltation 

Elevation^ dl-^v&'-shAn. s. the act of raising 

Elc \ ator , ^1 '4-vJi-tAr. s. a raiser (mt lifter up. 

K E t. \ en ^ e-i^v'-vn. a. ten and oiww [the tenth 

KEi'veutLf^'lSv^-MitA. a. the next in order tc 

Eif, iir. f. plural, e/res. « wandering spirit; t 

Elicit^ ^W'stu V. a. to sUrike out. [devii 

Elicit, 6-H!i^-sh. 0. brought into action. 

ELicLtatioEi, ^Hs-s^tlt'-shnn. s. a deducmg Hm 

ponx'f of the will into act. [chosen. 

EUgibility, ^1-^j^bil^-^-t^. j. worthiness to be 

E! i LL ib I ii , I?] -/>i^bl. a. ftt to be chosen, [viaipn. 

KVitiiiii, v-h;\i'-tn. 9. the actrof cutting off, di- 

Eiijtalioji, ul ik-s&.'-sh&n. a. the act of boiling. 

Elixir, i-fik'-s&r. ». a medicine made by straig 

infusion 3 the quintessence of any thing j aav 

cordial. [kniQ. 

Elk, dlk. s. a large, statel3r anunal of the stag 

Ell, 9A, 9, a measure containing a yard and a 

Ellipsis, dl-lTp'-sis. s. a figure of thetorick, b** 
which something is left out j in geometiy, ar 
oval figure generated fimn the section of a 
EllipUcal, £M7p^4i-k&l. la. having the ibrn A 
ElHpiick.Sl-lTpMlk. \ an ellipsis. 
Elm, £lm. 9. the name or a tree. 
Elocution, dl-6-kA'-sh&n. «. the power of fiuem 

speech : eloquence, flow of language. 
Elogy, ^r-6«ii. 9. praise, panegynck. 
Ekmgate, ^U^-g&te. v. a. to lengthen. 
Elongation, dl-d^-g^'-sh&n. «. the ael ol 

leiigtheni«g ; the stale of bemg straldied. . 
Elope, ^-i6pe'. v. n. to ma away, to bineak 

loose, to escape. 
Elopement, ^-Mpe'-m&a. i 




n&, mflve, aJr,^n6t »-4&b>» tflb, bftfl y^-^ }— pMnd f^-t/tin, this. 

©oqTieiiee,lJ'-*-kvi'?iise,*.lh« power of st>eak- 
iiig wiUi iiueucv aiHl cliigBiM»K [o; 

iiig wiUi Wueucv aiHl cliigBiM»K [oratory. 

EloqueDt, 4H'-^kw*iil. a. having the power of 
£1^; $J^. provL other, one be^idoa. 
£lse/^lse. ad. olLcnnse j besides, except. 
Elsewhere j,*tBe'-hw.\re. o^/. ui any otWer place. 
EJitddate^ fe^Ai'-s^-dilfl. v. a. to explain, to clear. 
\iluc[(latioii, ^li-si-di'-shftu. a. explafiationp 

expoffiitiQij. [ilor^ commentalor. 

Kluddatior, e4d''S*-d4-iar *. explainer, c^pos- 
^lude, ^-l^diy. Vr a. to avoid by arttfici?. 
Eludible, i-li'-dt-bl. a. passitilo lo be eluded. 
Eluinbatetl, ^-liktu'-bA-i^d. a, weakened in ihe 
^ kilns. [examiuatioiir bjh anLficc. 

Kliision, ^-I6^«d]jbi. s. escape from inquiry or 
Elusive^ h'W-di\ a. using ans to escape. 
Elusory, ^-l^-sar-i. a. iGnduis lo elude. 
Ehite^ e-lAto'. t?. a. lo wash off; [out. 

Elutnate. ^kV'-irA-4te. v. a. to dSecant, to strain 
Elysian^ ^Bzh'-i^-dn. a. exceedingly deliglnrul. 
Elysium/ 6-lif ih'-^6m. s. the place 'assig:ned by 

the heathens to happy souls, 
Kmaciate, ^-mit'-shi-ft.le. u. a- to waste, to de- 
prive of flesh. 
Emaciate, <^-idk^-sh^&ie. f. n. to lose fledb. 
Emiciatkin, ^-m^-shi^i^-shflii. s. the act of 

making lean j the state of one grown lean* ' 
EImaciibtioi]i, ^-niSk-A-lk'-shftii. s, the act of 

freeing- any tbin^ from spots or fotilness. 
Einatiant, em'-i-nlnt ti* issuing from some- 

diin^j else. fsoincibitig else. 

Emanate^ &m'4'iiAio, rt. n. to issue or fltm' from 
Emanation^ ^m-nia-n^'-sh^j. *. the act of iasfti- 

ing or proceeding from any o^ier substance ; 

tliat vk-hkh iasttca. 
Em Email ve, ftra'-aii44lv. 

Em!i:?: |>G, ^n-bftr'-gA, a. a. i;nihibitioQ to pMi^ 

a Lvtop uut to tr^cle. 
Embark) ^m-b&rk^ v. a. to put oti slupbotrd; 

to engage aiwthor m any affair, 
kj en 



to goon sliipboard) 

lo engEi^B ill any affajr. *' [culaitfle. 


Emb.irra*5, ^m-fwr'-ras. v. tf. to pcrplez, U» 
Embarra3.=5mciit, ^m-bfir'-r^a-iD^ut, *. |Marplexi* 

Ty, entank lenient. 
Embaae, Mi-biiB^ v. a. to villaie j lodegrdd©. 
Eirdja[,**ernCiit^ Sm-blse'-m^nt. s. depravatiim. 
Embassador, ^m-bas'-riniiar. j- one sent on a 

publick message. 
Embassadress,^ fira-bds'-sa-drJs. *. a womvi 

sciii on a publick message. 
Embassage, fim'-bas-siije. J*, a publick mas • 
E tj jbassy , fim''b(Ss-s^. J sage > any solemn 

meissasu. [battfe. 

Embidtlc, 3m-bat'-ll. v, a. lo range la order of 
Emlniy, Cm-bi', u. «. to bathe y to enclose in a 

bay.^ [beautify. 

EmbcJiish, dm-hi^i'-llsh, v,a. to adorn, to 
Embellisluueivt, ^m-l>^lMlih-m5iit. s. ornament . 

Embers, ^m'-b&rz, 5. hot cinders. 
Embezzle, ^ui-b^z'-zL u. a. to appropriate by 

breacli of trust } to waste. 
Embezzlement, Sm-b^z'-zl-m^nt. j. the act of 

appmpri^tiiig to htm$clf Uiat which is receiv- 
ed ill trust for another. 
Emblaze, ^m-blize'. v, a. to blaioHj to paint 

witli ensigns annoria], 
ELtibla/^U;, dm-bti'-zn. u. cu to a^ Som with fig • 

ures of heraldry j to deck in glariny^ cokmrs. 

Emblem, dm'-bl^nt.^. an occult reprefieniatkiBy 

jS£Lthig from an-j an iillasive picture. 

EmancipatCj fe-m4n'-s^p8ite, v, a. lo set free 
EinaDcipation, ^-m&n-fi^p^ -shftit. $. the act of 

■etttitg free, deliverance from slavery. h„ 
Emasculnte, i-mib'-k6-litc. v. a, to eawtratc, 
Emasculallonf, ^-m^-kA-li'-ith5ii. s. casiration. 
Bmbate, ^?TO-h4le'. u. a. to make up into a bun- 

48e ; *o enckjse. 
lipEnlHilinj ^m-him'. «i. a. to impregnate a body 

with Bromaticks, that it may resist putrcfac- 

lion. Ejfiuttiing or gohng on Bhipboard, 

Cmbarkatkui Sm-bir-M'-sh^i. v die acj pf 

[from servinulc."^Emblematical, Sra-bli-niik -^-kil. ? a* ccMnpris* 

Emblematick, ^m-bli-raat'-lk. ^ ingf aa 

emblem, allu3i\io. 
Emhleinatically, ^m-blA-mSt^-i-kal4, ad» in 

llic nmnticr of emhkmSj allusively. 
Emboss, Sm-b6a^. v. a, to form with fspotuberan- 

ces J to en^ave with relief, or hsjD^ work } 

to pnc'loae, lo includ* , to cover. , 

Embossment. Ihin-blVs'-mint. #. any thtQ|r gtand* 

hiff out from the rest j relief, rising work. 
En I bo we U ^m-bAa'Hgl, u. (l to deprive ef tht 

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Fkttf fh, M, f&t;— TO^, wgt^Hifac, pin y 

•^lni4dbn'.v.«.to hold fomUyimbe 
' [brace. 

Elmbracej, em-hmssK v. n. lo join in an em- 
Em bi^ce, ^in>btr4se^ t* dasp, fond pressure in 


EmbrocemeDt, &ii-brftsis'-mi5nt «. clasp in the 
- umB^ endbsure i coqjiigaJ ondeantieat. 
^liuibraaure, ha-br^-^i^, j. an itporture in 
" I be wrU, batik cnfiiiL 
EoibriKAtei ^m'-br6-kAte. tu a, to rub any part 

diKased wiUi medicin&l liouccS- 
ErtibrocatiQU. ^m-br^-kli ^liAn. f. the lotion 

wi(h wh[i!h any dineascd part is wftslitid. ^ 
Embroider, ^m-bn&^'-d&r. tf* o. to docorate'wTth 

liEui«(] work*. 
ErabroklePer, ^m-brft^'-ddr-ftr. s, one that 

adcinu with needk-^wk. (needle^work. 

Embroidery^ ^m-brAfe^-dftr-^. jr. variegated 
Emintril, ^ra-brAU'. u. a* to dialurbj io distract. 
Eiiioryo^f #jn'-br^-A. J *, the cflTsprijig yet un- 
EmU ryon , ^m '-bri'6n. J Emdied m liic womb 5 

any ikiinf iirLlUuished. 
Em^ndabte, j^m^^'di-bL a^ capable of emen- 

dEilicHi^ CQm^ibLc. 
Emcndiition, ^in-^n^&'sljfln. *. corT?^on, al- 

ler&tiou of ativ tiling from wor&5 fa better, v 
EmeraJd, ^'4-rfiJd. *. a g^en pmcbJS stone. 
Emeree^ ^m^-j^'. v. n. to rise out of miy thing 

ill wmdi it it covered 
Emergence, 6-ai^r'-/ftn3e* } s. the act of rising 
EinerEency, ^-m^r'-]?n'«& 5 'a^^*» ^''*'w S any 

sudden f^easion j nrcisu]^ necBsaJty^ ^ 
Emergent^ ^-ns^^r'-j^nt <i. jivhj^ wito view or 

notice \ ^dden. miejqpeclod, Cci^susd. 
Kmerited- k-toh^-\x-M. ^. aibwedto bave done 

^j0icEaut public Jt nen^icfip 
EtticraioDp ^-ral^r'alifin. t. the lime when a star, 

111 a ring bcwn obsc^ired by its loo near approach 

to ttit auji, appears a^ipun. 
£mory, £i»'^ir4. «. aa iron one. 
Emetick, ^HnBf -Ik. a. provoking ^x>nuts. 
£metick» ^uk -Ik. «. a vomit. 
EniicatioD, Im-^l^'-ehfin. 9. sparkling. 
Emigrant, mn'-^-grlnt. i. one that emigrates. 
JEnugrato, W4^r&te. v. n. to reaiove from 

one place to another. . 
Jioumtioii,^ ln4-griL^-sh&n. 9. change of hab- 

Emiilence/ ^'4-n&ise. )«. kiAiiieM,h0ickl|' 
Eminency, ^'•^-nSn-e^. ) nranut, Io^mbiI 

part ; oMlinctkm J a title. 
Eminent, Sm'4-nent. a. high, kiAy ^ consfMen-- 

ous, remarkable. ^ ^^ [in a high degree 

' ' ■ '1. aa. oonsptcuoosly 

a secret agesil. [ven^ 

- the act of nending 089 

Emit, k-m\f. t?. a. 10 let fly, to dart. 
Emmet, ^n'-mtt. 9, an^ant. a pismire. 
Emraew, dm-m6^ r.^. te mew or cOop im. 
EmoIUent, ^mAl'-v&it a. softening, snppni^ 
EmoUition,2m-mol-l|Bh'-An. s. the act tiraotSn 

Emolument, ^-m6F-A-mSnt. 9. profit, advaa 
Emotion, i-m^-sfa&n. .9. disturbance of miad^ 

vehemence <^ paaudn. 
Empale, £m-p&le. v. a. to fence with a pale 5 

to enck)se ; to put to death by spitting oa a 

stake fixed upright. 
Empannel,dm-p&'-n4l. ff. the writing or cmer^ 

ii^ the names of a jmy into a scheidule. 
Empannel, dm>p&n'-n£L v. a. to summon to 

serve on ^ury. • 

Empassion, dm-pAsh'-fln. v. a. to move with 

passion, to affect strongly. 
Emperor, ^m'-p^-fir. s. a monarch of tide aad 

dignit^r supenoor to a king. 
Emphasis, ewf-fii'i^ 9. ec^remarkable sirasi 

laid upon a word 01^ sentence. 
Emphatical, dm>f &t'-lk-ftl. ) a. forcible, stronn^ 
Emphatick. dm^f ftt'-lk. I striking. 
Emphatically, &n-flt'-^k&l-^. ad.^st 

Empire, im'-iAre. 9, imperial power : the r» 

gion over which dominion- is exteodeo. 
Empinck. *m -p*-rfk» :*. a -quack. 
EmpiHcal, ^-pV-^k&l. ) a. versed m wcptmi 
Empirick, dm-pV-Ik* ' ) raents, practised 

onl^. by'rote. . 

Empiricism, ^m-plr'-^-Jnn. «. dependence m 

experience without knowledge ; quackery. 
Einplastiek, im-olAs'-tik. a. visoous, gtotinow^ 
Emplead, ^m-pMe'. v. a. to indict, to prefer m 

ckaige againsL .[*vriL 

Eniptoy, ^m-p)U'« v, a. to ba^, to keep a» 
Employ, «m^. », bosinev o^ of r " 

tn- ; CHiblick o(Pr«^ 

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ii6, uAv9f nflr, vAi )— tte, tAb bAll y^fi j— pMnd j— ^ftin^ this. 
Emyli^ble, 9«i)lfli'-4-bl. a. capable to be 

, pitiw ftNT use. [causes to be qsed. 

Enqilbyer, ^plA^-dr. «. one tbat uses, or 

fioqilagmieat, im-pAA^-ni&it. #. busmess, ob- 
ject of ioduiUy • office. 

Emporetick. te-p6-rSt'-9k. a. used at markets, 
or in neRaaadise. 

Emporitiiii^ Soi-p&'-ciMiiii. s. a place of mer- 
cbaodiKe, a oomniercial'dty. 

£mpovekiNi»£iii*pftv'-Msh.v.a. tomakepoorj 
to lessei feitilhy. 

Empoirei ishment, ^•pdv'-Ar4sb-ni2nt. «. dim* 
iautieo. waste.' [enable. 

£iapow< ^•pM^'^i o. a. to authorize ; to 

EmprOw., W'fras.^. the queen^ an emperor 3 
a fema^ invested with imperial dignily. 

Emprise &a-Prlze'. #. attempt of dfmger. 

Ernptiw «, em'-t^B^ s the stale 5>f being 
enmty avoid space, vacuity. [rant, vain. 

Empty^ dm'-t^. hm. void; unsatisfactoiy ; igno- 

Enqrty, ^'4^ o. «; to evacuate, to exhaust. 

£mjHir|ile, An-pflr'-pl. a. a. to make of a pur- 
ple cMoor. • [aerial. 

Empyreal, ^m-p^-^-il. a. refined beyond 

Empyman, &n-pl-r^4n. «. the highest heaven. 

Empyrusia, ^-p^^'-ds. s. conflagration, gen- 

Emulate, £m^-A«l4te. v, a, to rival. ' 

EmiUalidny ^fih-6-l4^-shAn. s ri'vahy ; contest. 

Emulalive, hof-itAk-^. -a. hiding to emula- 
tion. '•. . 

Emulator. &n'-A>4&-tfir. s. a rival, a competitor. 

Ema^e, ^-mftlje'. v. a. to milk oat Jout. 

Emulgeot ^nmi'-jiiit. a. milking or draining 

Emulous, em'-6-lAs. a. rivalhiig. 

Emul^iOD; ^mdl'4b5n. »: a form of medicine, 
by hi uisu^ oily seeds and keniiels. [power. 

Enabl<^, #n4i'-u. o. a. to maln^ able, to confer 

Enai^l, &h4kt'. v* a. to establish,, to decree. 

Enain'^l, &i-ftm'-d. ^ a. to inlay, to vs^^ato 
witbooloim. " « ' 

Enamel, hk-iaif-^. », any thing enamelled; 
the flUMiaiice hilaid in other thii»s. 

fpaiaeltery do-Am'41-ldr. s. one tfiat py-actises 
theitft of enamelling. 

Eoaiaotir, In-Am'-ftr. e.a,to inflame with love. 

*" ife, lii^k&je'. V. i|. to coop up, to confine, 
imp, ^k&mp^ o. j|. to oitcfa .tents. 

JSocamp. An^'kAinp'. o. a. to fixm an araqr iaio 

a FF^iar camp. 

Encampment, ^n-kAn^Z-mlnt s. the act of fen 

campii^ ; a camp, tents pitdied in order. . 

Enchafe, en-tsblUe-'. v, aUo ei/hvge, to imitate 

Enchain, fo-tshlme'. v, a. to fasten with a 

chain, to bind. 
Enchant, &i-tshlnt^ v. a. to sufKhie by chanok 

or spells ; to delight in a high d^ree. • 
Enchanter, &i-tidf&nMAr. s. a -magician, a sor 
cerer. *, . [^arms ; irresistible mmMmce. 
Enchantment, en-tshftnt'-roSnt. s. magical 
Enchantress, Sn-tsh&n'-trSs. «. a sorceress ; a 
wonfao whose beauty or ezcelleAce gives ir ■ 
resistible influence. . 
Enchase, £o-tsh&se'. w a. to enck)se in aiiy 
other body so as to be held fast, but not con 
cealed. [in a ring or circle 

Encircle, fe-s5r'-kl. v. a. to" environ, to enclost 
Enclitieks, &i-klh'-lks. *. particles which tluov 
back the accent upon the last syllable of the 
foregoing word. [round. 

Enclose, fe-klAief . v. a. to encircle, to sur- 
Enclosure, dn-kl6'-zhiVe. s the act of enclos- 
ing : the separation of common grounds into 
distinct possessions; the appropriation of 
things common ; space enclosed. 
Encon^ast, ^-k6'-ro^-&st. s, a panegyrist, •\ 

praiser. • - . 

£ncom!astical,lb-k^-mMs'-t^-klil. )a. 
Encomiastick, &i-k6-inA-As'-dfc. J g 

containing or bestowing praise. 
Encomium, Sn-ki'-mi-ftm. t. pan^Tick 

<praise, elogy. 
Encompass, ^-kAm'-pAs. v. a. to enctose. 
Encore, 6ng-k6re'. ad. agam, once fkiore. 
Encounter, fo-kMn'tiir. *. duel, smglo fight 

Encounter, in-k&ftn'-tar. r. a. to meet m a 
hostile manner, to rush against m conflict ; to 
oppose. • 

Encounter, &i-k6fin'-tAr. v. n. to rtish together 
in a hostile manner, to conflict ; to figntj to 
come together by chance. 
Encourage, ^n-kifr'-Aije.. «. a. to anmiate ; to 

give courage, to emboklen. 
Encouragement, fo-kflr'-i4<!ye-menl. t. aiclt« 
ment, countenance, support. 

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F4te, fir, fin, fllj-mfc, m^tj-plne, pkj- > 

AieitMch, Iii-kr6isli'. «. n. to make invaiioiis 
upon Um r^hl of another j to advaiioe by 

fncroachment in-krAt^-mfint. «. an unlaw- 

fill gatberin|^ tn iipoa another man; advance 

into the temtories-Or rights of another. 
i!2ncumber, ^k&m'-bAr. o. a. to dog, to load, 

to inmede. 
encumbrance, 2n-k(W-braiisc. «. ck>g, load) 

burden upon an estate. 
Encyclopeuia, dn-sl-kl6-pi'-d^.* «. the circle 
^ of sciences. 

End, dnd. s. the extremity of any thing : con- 
clusion ^ ulthnate stale} death >^ abolition 3 
^intention ; final design. [stroy. 

End, dnd. t. a. Ui terminate, to finish ; to de- 
Eod, ind. V. n. to come to an end ; to oonchide, 

to cease. [harm. 

Endamage, An-dlm'4dje. «. a. to prejudice, to 
Endanj^rjT^-dW-j&r. «. a. to put into hazard, 

.to bnu^ into peril. £bdoved. 

Endear, hnHSkr'. v. a, to make dear, to make 
Endearment, &i-dd^-nidnt «. the cause of 

love $ state of being endeared. 
Endeavour, in-dSv^&r. «. labour directed lo 

some certain end. [certain purpose. 

Endeavour, &i-d£v'-5r. t7. n. to labour to a 
Endeavour. horA\'-hr, v. a. to attempt, to try. 
Endemial, en-dft'-mi-U. ^o. pecuhar to a 
Endemical, £n-d£n/-^klL > country 
Endemkk, &iHl&n(-ik. > of any 

that aflects several people logetlier in the 

same country. 
Endkt, > gn^w J ». a. to cfaaige any man 
Endite, J y*"^^* \ by a written accusation 

before a court of justice $ to draw up, to 


in form of law, for the bene&t of the CO 

Endive, haf'Sv, s. an herb, sucom^ 
Endless, ^kF-ISs. o. wiUiout end; perpetual. 
Endlessly, Ind'-lls4^. ad, incessantly, p^rpetu- 

alhr. [less duration. 

Endlessness, ind'-lSs-nSs. s. perpetuity, end- 
Endt le, In-^lne^ e. a. to register on the back 

flf w|itifi||, to superscribe. , 

Endorsement ^^dArse^-mfint. s; supencrip6Mi, 
writiog^on tne back. 

Endow, en-dA&'. V. a. to enrich with a portipii. 

Endowment, ^n-dA&'-m&it. t. weahh betfow* 
ed ; a sufficient portion for peipetusd mainte- 
nance; gift of nature. . [ce lV e n ri e s. 

Endue, In-dd'. o. a. to supply with mental ex 

Endurance, ^i-d^'-rlnse. s. con t in ua nce. 

Endure, ^n-d&re'. v. a. to bear, to undecgo . 

Endure, ^i-djire'. v. n. to last, toxoutinue -, to 

Endwise, Snd'-wlze ad. erectly, on end. 

Eneipy, hk'-^mk, s. a poBlick foe 3 a private 
opponent, an antagomst. [vigorous. 

Energetick. ^n-^-}et'-1k. a, forcible, active. 

Energize, en'-lr-jtze. t>. n. to act ^vitLeneigy. 

Energy, €n'-&r-j^ s. power, force. 

Enervate. i-n6P-vlte. o. a. to weaken, lo de- 
prive or fiirce. 

Enervation, dnnlr-Tit'-shAn. «. the act of weak* 
ening ; the state of being weakened. 

Eiierve, k-nkv', v. a. to weaken, to break the 
force of. 

Enfeeble. ^fi^-bL vl a. to' weaken. . 

Enfeoff, ea^MP. t>. a. to invest with any ibgpi- 
ties or possessions.' [endSin. 

Enfetter, en-iSt'-tdr. v. a. to bind in fetten, to 

Enforce. In-i&rse'. «. «. to strengthen) to 

finforcement, ^n-fi&rse'-mSnt s. compiilsidn. 

Enfranchise, £n^firlu'-tsh!z. r. a. to make fipge ; 
to denizen.. . - ^ 

Enfranchisement, &i-firltt'-tsl4z-m$nt. ^ Inves* 
tiiure of tlie privileges of a denizen ; refeese 
fiom prison, or from slaveiy. 

Engage, ^n-tgli^. v. a. to enlist, to oring into a 
{»rty) to embark in an affair^ to attack } I9 
win by pleaung means, to gam } to empJi^y 
to fight. ^ 

Engage. Sn-glje'. v. n. to conffid, to Cglit 
to emoark m any business, to emlst in m^ 

Engasement, Sn-^lje'-m&it «. the act of 

ghgvagj obligatioa by contract | ' 

ment of the attention 3 fight, battle. 

Engarrison, &i-glr'-r^-sn. v. a. to protect W 
garrison. {^uce, to form ; to Wm 

Eo^end^ri iSn-jjIii'-d&r. v, a. to b^pel | fP fv» 

DigitizefJ byLjOOQlC - Jfc 




ii6, roSve, n&r, ii6t |— tdbg, tftb, b&U y— ^1 j-^pAAudj-r^Ain, trul ' 

£iij[ine, ln'-j|ii« «. any mechauical complicap 
turn, in whidi various inovoments and parts 
concur to one efibct; an iustnunent to tnrow 
water iipon burning bouses; an agent for 

feiiigineer; ^n^ji-ni^r'* »> one who managet^ 
envies, or directs the artiUer>' of an army. ' 

Engird, fti-ff&rd'. v. a, to encircle, to surcound. - 

English, Tn^-gHsh. g. belonging to England. 

Eiigiut, in-gmt'. w. a. to swaltow up. 

Engorge, du-gdrje'. v. a. to swallow, to devour. 

Engrain, ^ii-gr&ue'. v. a. to die deep, to die in 
grain. [hold on each other. 

Engrapple, dn-grap'-pl. v. n. to close with, to 

Engrave, ftn-grkve'.i». a. ^l, engyaved ; part, 
^ass. ai^rav^dxx engraven, to picture by in- 
cisions jn any mattrH* ; to impress deeply. 

Engraver, ^n-gr&'-viU-. s. a cutter in stone or 
other matter. 

Eln^ross, Sn-gr6se'. v. a. to purchase the whole 
of any commodity for the sake of selling at 
a high price ; to copy in a large hand. 

Engrosament, ^n-gros'-niSnti s, appropriation 
of things in the grass, exorbitant acquisition: 

Enhance, In-h&nse^ advance in price. 

Enigma, ^Ji3gf-ta&. s, a riddle, an obscure 
que^tjou. [biguously expn 

Cnigiimtica], &i-?g-ni&t'-4^klj. a, obscure, am- 

i^mgijisti^t, ^-nig^m&-t2st. m, one who deals in 
cbe^cine 1 natters. 

Enjmn, ^ji-jilu'. v. a. to order, to prescribe. 

Etrjoy, ^Jt-jd^. v.a. to feel with pleasure 3 to 
tiMam ptiLisessionof; to please. 

Ejimy^ cii-jA^. v, fi.Ui live ui happiness. 

Emoymeu^ 5n-jW'-m&it. .». happiness, fruition. 

Gnlandle. eu-km -dl. v. a. to set on fire, to in- 
flame. ' 

Enlarge, ^-^e'. v. a. to make greater j to 
dilate ; to amplify, to release from oonfuie- 
menH (in many w:ords. 

Enlarge, Sn-l&rj^. v, n. to expatiate, to speak 

Enlargement, ^i-l&rjje'-mdnt «. increase, aug- 
mentation, fartlier exlCiision ; release from 
confinement. , 

Enlight, ^-Hie . {>. a. to illumuiate. [struct. 

EloUgliten, ^A'-tn. v.a. to illuminate, toin- 

ICnlink, ^n-Snk'. v. a. to chain to, to bind. 

Rnfiat , ^-Sst^ V a, \9 ei^er in^o military services 

Enliven, &i-ll^-vn. v. a. to make quick, to 1 

alive, to animate. (aii 

EInmity, . ^u'-m^-t^. s. maleroleiieey avenioa | 
Enmesh, 2u-mMi'. v. a. to net, to entaqgle. 
Ennoble. &i-u6'-bi. v. a. to digni^', to aggnw- 

diao [a knot: sohitioo of a dimcuhjL . 

Enodation. Au'^-d^'-sboh. «. the act of uatyiof 
Enonn«ty,'^-nAr'-m^-t£.*«. deviation from rale^ 

atrocious crime. 
Enormous, ^-nAr'-mAs. a. irregular, out of rule | . 

large or wicked beyond the common measure 
Enormously, d-n6r^rofts-16. ad. beyond meas 

ure. [able wick 

Enormousness. ^aftr'-m&s-u£s. $. imroeasur 
Enough, ^-uftf. a. being in a sufiicient measure 
Enough, ^hbf. s. something sufficient in great 

UQSS or excellence. 
Enough, ^-n5r. ad. in a sufficient degree. 
Eno,w, ^-fidA'. the pltural of enougfu a mffi 

cient number. 
Enrage, In-r&je'. v. a. to Irritate, to provoke. . 
Enrange, ^dmje'. v. a. to place regularly* 
Enrapture, dn-rap'-tshAre. v. a. to transpon 

with pleasure. ^ [stasy 

Enravish, dn-r&v^Ish. r. a. to throw into ec 
Enravishment, ^n-r&v'48h-miSnL «. ecstasy of .. 

delight [fertilise 

Enrich, dn-i!tsh'. v.. a. to make "wealthy ; w 
Enrichment^.^n-fitsh'-mSnt. s, augmentation 01 

weaJth ; improvement by addition. • 
Enridge, ^n•ria)e^ v. a. to form with ridges. 
Enrineu, In-ri'-pu. o. a. to ripen, to maturei 
EnroW fti-r6be'. v. a. to dress. 
Enrol, ea-r6le'. v. a. to insert in a roll or inegnler 
Enrolment, @n-r6K-m$nt. s. register ;Vritin|i 

in V hich anything is rocordM. 
Ens, ^nz. a. any being or existence. 
Ensanguine, ea-tka^-gwin. v. a. to smear with 

gore. [schedule or writing . 

Enschedule, ^dn-sSd'-Ale. v, a. to insert in a 
£1] Hron c , ^ ji^6use<. V. a. to cover as with a fort 
EfL^I I i e li] , ^] i^shMi^ r. a. tc cover. [sacred. 
EiishriM. '^3>shrtne'. w.a. to preserve as a thing 
Eitoign, ^n'-dne* m. the flag or standard of a 

ropment j mark of disunctipn | the officer 

who carries the flag. 
Ensigncy^ ^n'-^n-si. «. the office of an eniigB. 
Ensljjve, Cn-sl^y^. v. a. to deprive of libeKly, 

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E nriare mgnt, <n-»ttye^-mfait s, the state of 
jeiHFiUidef risveiy. , 

'Ensntre. See Imorp. 

JEnsue, tn-cA'. .«. a: to follow, to punme. 

£nBuraiice, dn-sh^'-rAiiie* $. exemption fixun 
hazard ; the imn paid for gecurit^'. {nify 

Enrare, en-afaAre'. «. a. to ascertain, to uidein< 

JUitablature, lo-t&b'-I&-tdi6re. is, the arcfai- 

Batablement, &i-t&'-bl-in9ut. 5 travc,frize, 
and cornice of a pillar. 

Ent^, ia4ki&, M. the estate entailed, or settled 
with regard lo the rule of its descent . 

Entail, ^n-tide'. v. a. to settle the descent of any 
' estate so that it cannot be, by an}' subsequent 
possessor, bequeathed at pleasure. 

Entame, ^-t&ine'. v.4Ju\o tame. [to perplex. 

Entangle, ^n-t&ng'-gl. v. a. fo twist or connise ; 

Entanelement, &-ung'-gl*mSnt. s, intricacy, 

Enter, w-t^r. v. a. to eo or come into any 
place ; to initiate in a business 3 to set down 
m a writing. . 

Enter^ in'-ter. v. n, to come or go in ^ to pen- 
etrate mentaHy, to make intellectual entrance ; 
to be initiated in. * [aplaee. 

Entering, &i'-tAr-lng. ^.^ntrance, passage into 

Eliterlace, ht-ikr-XGcf. v. a. to intermix. 

Enterprise, £n'-t£r-prize. s. an undertaking of 

hazard. [attempt. 

^ Enterprise, £n -t&*-prlze. r. a. to undertake, to 

Entertain, dn-tdr-t^ne'. v. a. to converse with ; 
totreat ; loieceive hoqntably ; to divert. 

Entertainment, dn-t&Mftne'-mlnt. «. treatment 

at table ; liospitablo reception ; amusements ; 

^ dramatick performance, the kmer comedy.- . 

Enthrone, £n-Mr6ne'. o. a. to place on a regal 
seat ; to invest with sovereign authority. 
• Enthiisiasm, -^n-tAA'-zhirftzm- «• heat of ima- 
gination : exaltation of ideas. 

Enthusiast - ^n-^/i&'-zhMst. s, one of a hot 
imaffination ; one of elevated fancy, or ex- 
alted ideas. 

Enthu8ia«ticaI,*n:£AA-2hM«'-t*.kiI,> ^. 

EDdiiisiaatick, in^6-zh4-(b'.tik. \ *• ""^^ 
mently IkH in any cause; elevated in fancy. 

Entice, ^n-dse'. o. a. to aliure, 10 attract 

"" " ^^iKdse'-mSnt. #. allurement, [ner. 

^-li. a4/m9^ wpiiliig man- 

P&te, fir, T&lh, i^ty—mli, mSt;— fHne, plhj— ' 

Entire, fti-tlre'. a. whole, undivided. ^J 

Entirely, ^n-thre'-l^ ad, without divisioB ; con* 

pietdy. [neai. 

EntirenesB, £n-tire'-nds. s. completeness, fUi- 
£ntirety.£n*tlre'-t^ «. completeness. 
Entitle, en-tl'-tl. v. a. to grace or dignify with a 

title; to give a claim to auv thing; to grant 

any thinr as claimed bv a title. 
Entitv, dn'-t^t^. s, a reaU>eing. 
Entou, 2n-tM^V. a. to insnare, to entangle. 
Entomb, hi-Mm'. v. a. to put into a tomb. 
Entrails, ^-tifls. », the mtestines, the bowels. 
Entrance, £n'-trftnse. «. power of caitering into a 

place; act of entering; passing; imtiatioh, 

Entrance, ^n-trftnse^. r. a., to put into a trancn 
Entrap, dn-trAp'. o. <v to insnare; to take ad- 
vantage of. |to impoctiHK. 
Entreat, dn-tr^e'. v. a. to petition, to soHcit, 
fintreaty, Sn-W-t& m. petition, prayer, solicfta- 

Entry, ^n'-tr^. s. the passage by which any one 

enters ; inffress ; act of entering into 
Enucleate, e-n&'-kl^te. v. a. to solve,1o de»r 
Envelop, ^n-vdl'-dp. v. a. to inwrap, to oovo* . 

to hide. 
Envelope, 6n-v^lepe'. s. a wrapper, an- out 

ward case. 
Envenom. Sn-vln'-Cbn. v. a. to )>oison; in 

ii]'J(e o^ous. 
Enviable, &i'-v^A^bl. a. deserving envy. ' 
Eiiv ](' r, dn'-v^flr. s. one that enmes anotlier. 
Envious, dn'-v^-As. a.'ivfected witli envy. 
Enviously, fti'-vi-fts-li. ad. with envy, [velop 
Environ, «i-vi'-rfla. v, a. to sunxiund; to ftn- 
Environs, &i-vi'-rfln8. «. the places round aboujl 

the country. [distinctly. 

Enumerate, ^nA'-m^>riite. v. a, to count over 
Enumeration, ^uA-mA-r&'-sbdn. ». the act .of 

countiifg. [prodaun. 

Enunciate, ^nAn'-shMle. e. a. lo dedare^lo 
Enunciation, .^nAn-sfaA-^'^shAn. «. oen»ratiOi» 

publick attestation. [exprnarfva 

Enunciative, ^An'-sh^-t^v. a. declarative 
Envoy, #n'-vA^. s. a pubKck minister sent liRoU 

one power to anolhei', m dignity boknw H 

Envy, ^tif'xk, V. ^ to kf^ another fori 

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n&r mflvei nAr, lAi |— 46be, lAbj, bfiJl ; — SSI } — pAAnd i — thuij this. 

OF sactiesa | to gheve at siiy qjuaUties 

oTexc^Lbt^ce its ancrtherj to grudge, 
Knyy^ ^-\t^. v. n. to feel oiivy. 
Eeivy^ &i^»v^. j. paJji fell and moii^ily con- 

cei%'ed at the sigm of exccWeniSi or Lappine^, 
ISpvctj ^'^Aki 9, n number whereby we note 

like excess of ilue coimnoa soJar^ear above the 

lunar. [orjiEuxiejiL 

Kpauiet, Ip'-lw-l^t. *. a miliiarj' shoulder- 
Epbemera, ^-l?ni'-^rli. *. a fever lliaL lermi- 

aal^ in one dayj an insect that lives only 

one day. ' ' 

Ephemeral, ^f?ni'^-4-fi]. )a, djurnaL begin- 
Ephemerick^ i fSm'-i^-rik. J oiug and eiulijig 

ID a dajT. 
£pliemeriS{ M^m'-^-rfa, *. an accoutil of the 

daily wiotjona of the planets, 
hpliemenstj, ^J^m'^rf^t. s. ooe wbo consultB 

tbc planets. [Hebrew itnesis. 

Cphotl, ^f-fld, ** an omaoicaL worn by iho 
Eplck,'^p^tk. a. comprising natratioiis. It is 

usually ^opposed to be iieroick. 
Cpicediuni , ^p-^-s^-d^&m. s.m. elegy, a poem 

upon a funeral. [luxury, 

gpicure, iSp'-^-kire, i. a man given wboUy to 
Epicure an J ^p-^-kA-r^'-fin. s* one who holds 

llie principles of Eptcurua. 
Kpicurean, Ip-^ki-rfr^-Aa, a. lojcurious, con* 

trilMitiiig: to luxury. [oDJoyraeJTt. 

Epicumm^ db'^kA-rizJii. s. luicury, sensual 
Epidemical, ^p-^-d^'-^-klU, J a, that whidi 
Epidemic k, ^p-^-d^m'-ik. \ falls at once 

upon, irreat oitmb<>r? of people ^ generally pre- 

vaitiii;;^ urnvtirsal. 
tipidermia, ^^-d^-inJs. s, the JcarT-skin of a 

man^H body. 
Epig^niin, Ipt'-^-grim. *. a short potm lerminat- 

lAg io a point, 
Epigi-ammatical^ IpM&'gfAni-init^-^kiJ^ j 
£pigramTnatick, i*p-^-|^km-nia,i'-lk, } ^' 

dcoling bi or relat jnq: to epigrams. 
Epizrammatbt, dp^-grfion -ma-dst. f. a writer 

EpOep^, ftp'-^l^p-s^, *. a conviulsivft tnntion of 

the Dfid V, witli a lots of «3U9e. 
Epileptick^ &>4-lip -ilk. a. con^^iilsed. 
EpUof^er #p^-^-l^g* s. tlie poem or speech ai 

ifaB end of a play. 

Epiphany f ^-prf il-ik^, s, a cbujt^ festival^ c«J^ 

ebraicd on tiie tMielfth dav aficr Chi-istma?, 
KpiHcopacy, ^-pis'-k6-pa-se. ** ihc governmcnl 
ofbisliups. ^ fop^ 

E]n^Dpc)l^ ^p3s'-k6-pAl. a. belonging to a bisli- 
Epistxle^ ^p^^-sbde* s. an iucidmitEU narrative^ 
or digression in a poem. [episode 

Kpiswljcalf ^p-^-s&d'-^-k^* a. contained^ in an 
EpiaUep 6'j>?is -si. *. a letter. 
Epistolaiy, ^-pfs'-iA-lir-^, a. rclaung- to letters 
traiiiacled by letters. [tomb^slane 

Epitaph j Sp'-^iaf. s.^ an luscripiion upon i 
Epithalaniiurn/^p-fr-£/ia-li--m^-flin. a* a nuptid 
song, (qualily, 

Epithet, ^p^-k'tMi. *. ao adjective denoting 
Epitome^ i-plt-A-m^. « abridgment;, abbrevia- 
ture, [curtail. 
Epitomise, ^-plt'-A-mlze, t\ a. to abstract, to 
Ejiochj, *^p'-ftti.^ J ,5. the tune at which anew 
E[>ocha,<'[>^-'6-Ka, { cuniputalion is begiui. 

fjKnn wlncli dales are numbered. 
Eqiiahilily, ^-kwa-hlr^-i^. s> equality to itself^ 

evenness, unilbnnily. 
Equiible, 4/-kw&-bl. A equal to ii-self, unifortn. 
Equably, it'-kwi-bl^. ad. uniformly, evenly* 
Equal, ?f-k will. a. like another; in just propor- 
tion, equitable \ upon the Siame terms. 
EquaT, ^'-kwal, j, one oftlie iKunne age or rank. 
Equal, ^'-kw4l. t. cf. io make equal; lo recom- 
fen^full^. ^ [be equal lo,, e'-k-wal-lze. vt a. to maiceevenj to 
Equality J, ^^-kwfil'-^^ti. s. il]e same d^oeof 
dignity ; uniformity, levenly. 

Jutjt. iuiy, »^ -k\^T\i-]?-,^ ad. in the same aegi-eej 
Equainntity, J-kv,a-ii?m'-^-t6. *. eveiuiessol 
mifid. Jto an equiility. 

Equation, ^-kwi'-sli&n. *. a bringing or tbingf 
Equator, i-kw4'-tAr, s. a great tiitile which 
divides the globe into two equal pan^. or lie«i- 
Lspiieres. |eqiiaior. 

Equatorial, ^-kw-a-l^'-r^ftl. c.. pertainujg to lh« 
Equery, ^-kw^r^ife, s. master of the horae. 
Eoucchian, ^k\v^'-irf-Sn. a. appearing «i 

horseback j Jitkillrd in ]ior9eoiaii<3nip^ 
Equidistant/^-liwe-diii 't&ni. u. at the same di* 

Equiformit^ , c-kwt'i-f3f'-me-te. s » 

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F4te, f&r, f 1^11^ fit j-^nft, m^t }—f)be^ pl9 $^ 
JBqi^kteral, ^-kw^I&t'-£r-&L a. having all sides Equivocator, ^kH'lv'-v6rk&-Uk. 

„T - Xequally. 

Equilibrate, ^kw^^U'-bntte. vt a. to balance 
£quilibriunat^ ^;kw^Iib'-r^-Am. i. equipoise; 

equality ofweight. 
Equinoctial, ^-kw^nAk'-sh&l. s. the line that 

answers to the equator. [the equinox." 

Equinoctia], ^ku-6'n6k'*di&I. a. pertaining to 
Equinox, ^''-kw6-ii6ks. s. the time when the day 

and night are equal. 
, Equinumeraut, f-kwi-n&'-m^-dbt a. having 

we same number. 
f!quip, ^-kwfp'. r. a. to funiisfa, to accoutre, to 

fit out. [vehicle ; attendance, retinue. 

Ecpjlpiige, <&k^-kwfc-piije* «* corringe of state, 
Bquipmcnt, ^Jtt;tip^-iii2^iiL. t, the act uf equip- 
ping or accmitriijii;. t equilibration. 
Equipoiftet ^'-kw^i^lie- ^- etjuality^jrweiglit. 
'*quiponencc, ^kw^-pjCir-l^iiSe. «^* i?quylity of 

iiorce fM" power. [power or force. 

Equipollent, ^-kw^-pAK-l^nt* a. liyviitg equal 
Ek[ul|)onc]eraace, 6'kw^^'p6ll'^lJ^^-nrJAe* } 
E^^iiipondpnmry, ^-kwfe-pAn'-d^r-aji-sA. J * 

equality of wei^il. 
Equipon(lcrnxit, *^kw*-p6n'^-d<!r-fiiit. a. being 

of Qie i^ine wetgbL 
Equipomteniteij it-Jtw^-pAa'-dlr-^e. v. n. to 
. weigh equiil to niiy tli'uig. [partial. 

Equitiiblc, ik^kw^-tfi-t»l. a. jusi, candid, im- 
Equitably, M'-k^v^ta-bJ^. ad. justlyj impar- 
tially, [tiality. 
Equity t' ^k'-kiv^-lf. «. jiisitpe, right j impar- 
EquiviiTeTice, l^-kwfv^\■il-l^llse. } s. equality of 
Equivalencyji^kin'tv'-vft-W^ji-s^. i power' or 

Equivalent, ^-kwfy'-vi-^l^aL o. equal in value 

or excelllpiic?. 
Equivalent ^'kw!T^-vft^l5nt. i. a thiiig of the 

samfl weight or \'alue. [ful. 

Equivoc4il, ^kwTv'-vA-kAL a* ancertni^j doubtp 
Equivocally . 6-kT!\.iV'*vA-kAj-^.dri ambiguously, 

m n dnubtJul sense. 
Ec]uivoC3lftc*4F.^-kwl%''-v44iil-ni*s. s, ambigu* 

f. one vIm 

ity, (Irnihtn mranine. 
Enuivpc^tel f-kwiv'-vA-kite. *. «, to use am* 

Equivor^tiou, ^-kwlv-vA-^k'^hfln. J-. ambigu- 
if cC speeizbp dccible moaiitDg. 

uses ambiguous language. 
Era, i'-HL s.- the at^coimt of tjnc ftom Bnx par- 
ticular date or epoch, [diaiice 
Eradiation, ^r&-€i&-&'-shAii. «. emission of ra 
Eradicate, ^-r&d'-^k&to. v. a, to pull up by the 

root J to destroy. 
Eradication, ^-rftd-^kli(-di&n. «. the act rf 

tearing up by the root, destruction 
Erase, £rase'. o. a. to destroy. 
Eraseinent, ^Hr&se^>m&u. «. destmetion; es 

Ere, lu«. <u/. before, sooner than. [elapsed. 
Erelong, ^-16ng'. ad. before a long time baMl 
Erenow, ire-nM^. ad, before this time. 
Erewbile, ire-hwlle'. > . ««.«•«:«.«««. 
Ercwhiles, ire-hw^lz^ S*^- **°* **"^*«^ 
Erect^^i-r^kt^ v. a. to place peq>endicu]ariy \» 

tlie horizon } to raise, 4o buikL 
Erect, ^-r^kt'. v. n. to raise imrigfat 
Erect, ^rSkt'. a. upneht j bold. 
Erection. ^rSk'-sbfth. ». the act of raiising. or 

state or being raised ijfjpward 5 the act of build • 

iiig edifices. 
ErcctnessT 4-r8kt'-n&. s. uprightness of podture, 
Eremite, er'-^-mlte. ». a hermit. 
Eremitical, er-^mlt'-^k&l. a. i^igiously soli* 

tary. [away by force. 

Ereption, ^r&>'-di&n. «. a snatchine or taking 
Ermine, dr'-niln. s. an animal or its rar. 
Ermined, ^r'-mlnd. a. clothed with ermine. 
Erode, ^rbde'. v, a. to canker or eat away, 
Erogation, ir-r&-gli'-sh&n. «. the act of giving 

or bestofwine. 
Erosion, ^rA^zhfin. ». the act of eating away 1 

the state of being eaten away. 
Err, ht. v, n. to wander; to miss the rrgnt way 

to commit errours, to nustake. 
Errand, ^r'-rftud. 1. a message. 
Entible, dr'-rft-bl. a. liable to err. 
Errableness, ^•r&4>l-nS8. s. liabletaett to err. 
Errant, ftr'-r&nt. a. wandering, rovirg^ vile, 

abandoned. ' -, 

Errantry , Sr'-rftnt-r^. 9. m errant state. 
Erpata, fr-rlt'-tli. s, the faults of the prmtaroc 

author inserted in the beginmng or end of tba 

Eiratick, fr-r&t'-lk. a. wandeiing; irregultt; • 




116, m^ve, ndr, xi6t';^-t6be, tftb, b&II;— ^ j— p6And >— <Ain, THis. 

Errooeous, ^-ri'-nMb. a. mistakinf, misled by Espousal, d-spM'-z&l. a, used in tbe ad oTe^ 
, [not rightly, pousijir or betrothyi^. 
.J u ?^ .^ E^usafe, fe-spAfi'- 

Erroneousiy, ftr-i^-n&'fis-Ii. od. by mistake. 
£rroneousness, ^r-rd'-ni-fts-u^. t. , pliyslcai 

folsehoody inconformitv to tnitli. 
Erroun dr'-r&r. s. mistake, a blunder. 
Erst, a^ <u/. first; in the beginning; once, 

when time was. ^tomach. 

Eruct i-r&kt'. v, a, to break wind finora the 
Eructation, i-rftk-t&'-shftn. », the act of-belch- 

ii^; beldi. 
Eruoite, &'-&Klite'. a. learned. 
ErtiditioD, ^-^-dfeh'-An. «. learning. 
Eruginous. £-r&'-ji-n5s. a, partaking or the 

nature or copper. 
Eruption, ^rop'-sfadn. s. the act of breaking or 

Dursting fortli ; emission j efflorescence.' 
Eruptive, i-r<!bp^-t!v. a. bursting forth. 
ErysipeUjs. &:4-8?p'-6-llis. s. an eruption of a 

iwt, acrid huinour. 
Escalade, &-k&-I^ule'. s. the act of scaling the 

Escalop, sk6F-l5p. «. a ^ell-fisli. 
Esca^, (fe-^pe'. v. a. to fly, to avoid. 
" \ ^-sk^pe'. 17. n. to gel out of danger. 

:, ^k^'. ». flight, ihe act of getting 
f danger; oversiglit. 

Escheat,, ^tsii6te'. 8. any thing that falls to a 
lord within his manor by forfeiture^ or the 
death of bis tenant dying without heir general 
or especial. 

Escheat, Ss-tsh^te'. v. n. to fall to the lord of 
ifie manor by forfeiture. 

Eschew, &-t^55'. t>. a. to fly, to avoid, to shun. 

Escort, ^s'-k6rt. s. convcJy, a guard. 

Escort ^kSct'. i>. a. to convoy, to guard from 
place to place. 

Escritoir, fo-kr&-l6re'. *. a box with all the im- 
plements necessary, for writing. 

Esculent &'-k&-Idnt. a. good for food, eatable. 

Esculent, Ss'rk&^l&u. s. something fit for fbo^ 

Escutcheon, ^kAtsh'-fn. s. the shield of the 
family, the picture of the ensigns armorial. 

Espalier, ^p^'-y^-. s. trees pmnted and cut so 
as to join. 

Especial, ^-sp^'-^l. a. principal, chief. 

Esped^ly, i-spSsh'-al-l6. ad. principally, chiefly. 

Espial, ife*ipl'-al. s, a ^y, a scout 

, . ^ «. the act of Gontradhif 
or affiancinff a man ana woman to eadi othfr. 

Espouse, ^-spoAze^ v. a. to contract or betrotli 
to another. 

Espy; ^spt^ V. a. to see a thin^ at a distance. 

Esquire, ^-skwlre'. s. a title indignity, next m 
degree below a knight. 

Essay, ^s-s&'. v, a. to attempt, to try. 

EssajT; ^-s&. 8 attempt, endeavour; a h)098 
performance; an irregular, indigested pieco; 
^ an easy, free kind of composition. 

Essayist, fe-si'-lst. s. one who makes essam 

Essence, ^'-s^nse. 9. existence, thequahtyof 
being; constifbent substance; the cause ot 
existence; perfume. 

Essence, ^s'-s5nse. v. a. to periume, to scent 

Essential, ^-s^n'-sliil. a. necessary ; important 
in tlie highest degree, principal; highly recU- 
fied. [point. 

Essential. es-s2n'-shal. 8. existence; tlie chief 

Essentially, ^sSn'-sliM-I^. cui by the constitu- 
tion of nature. 

Essoine, ^s-s^In^ 5. an excuse for him that is 
summoned, or sought for, to appear. 

Estab}l';h, i-stAb^-mh. v. a, to settle firmly, to 
fix unalterably. 

Establishment, ^st&b'-Hsh-m^nt. 8. settlem^t, 
fixed state ; income. 

Estate, i-stite'. s. condition of life; fortune. 

Esteem, ^-sii^m'. v. a, to set a value; to prize « 
to hold in opinion. [regstrd 

Esteem, ^st^m'. s. high value, reverential 

Estimable, ?s'-t^-m^-bK a. worthy of esteem. 

Estimate, ?s'-t^mite. v. a. to i^te, to adjust tk 
value of; to calculate. 

Estimate, &>'-te-ra&to. s. computation, calculi 
tion ; value ; regard. 

Estimation, ds-t^ra^'-sh2b. «. the act of adjust- 
ing proportioned value; calculdiion; opin*on^ 
esteem, regard. 

Estimator, fe'-ti-mi-iflr. *. a setter of rates. 

Estival,^-ti-v&l. A. pertaining to the summer. 

Estrange, i-strinje'. c. a. to withdraw; to 
alienate, ~ [distaiwe. 

Estrangement, i-strinje -mftnt s. auenatioi) 

I Estuary, ^-tshi-i-ri. * jm arm of the sea. ' , 




Vkie, fir, fill, fit 5— mi, m2t }— pliw, plu j 

Eftoate, ^-t^-ite. 9\ a. to swell ^nd &U re- 

Esuxine, em'-ii'rine. a. corrodin§^, eating. 

Etc. dt-sei'-^ri. Slc. a contraction of the Latin 
words dccBtera, which signifies, And so of 

iCtch, ^tsh. V. a. a method used in making of 
^uts, by dra^ving with a proper needle upon 
a copper-plate. [per-plate. 

Etc hing, Stsh'^ng. s. an- impression of a cop- 

Etcmai, ^t^r'-nal. a. without beginniujg^ or end. 

Eternal, ^t^r'-nil. s. one of the appeliatious of 
tlie Godhead. 

Eternalize, ^t&-'-nil-lze. v. a. to make eternal. 

£temally, ^iSr'-iiil-li. ad. without beginning 
or end. ' {ginnin«^ or end. 

Eternity, ^ter'-ni-ti. s. duration wiSout be- 

Etemize, i-i^r'-nlzo. v,a, to make endless j to 

Gther^ h'-tfth. s: an element more fine and 
subtile than air } the matter of die highest re- 
gions above 5 a ch\-mical preparation, [etily. 

Kmerea^, i-</ti'-rfe-iI. a. formed of ether, heav- 

Ethical, ^^t^H^-kal. a. moral, treating on moi^- 
ity. [of morality. 

Ethick, &/i'-!k. a. moral, delivering precepts 

Ethicks, M'-iks. *. a system of morauUy. 

Ethnick, M'-nlk. a, heathen, pagan.. 

Ethnicks. &A'-iJks. s. heathens. 

Etiquette, h-^-khi'. s. the polite form or man- 
ner of doing any tliuig; tlie ceiemonial of 
good manners. 

Etymological, 2t4:-m6-16djc'-i-kil. a. relating 
to et>Tnplogy. ~ " 

Etymologist, 5l-^m61'-A-ji8t.5. one who search- 
es out the origUiai of words. 

Etymology, &-A-m&l'-A-ji. s. the descent or der- 
ivation of-wMp^. 

Eucharist, ya'-kd-rfeu ». the act of giving 
llianks; the sacrament of the Lord's sapper 

Eucharistical, yi-ka-rfs'-t^kil. a. relating to 
the sacrament of the lord's supper. 

Eunwch, yA'-nok. «. one that is castrated. 
Euphony, yA'-fft-ni. s. an agreeable sound. 
Euvodydon, y&-f&kM6Kl6n. s. a. tempestuous 
Borth-eaii wind* 

European, >'A-r6-p^-&u.ii. bekmgiiig lo Europe 
Eunis, y&'-rfis. s. the east wind. 
Euthanasy, yin-thAn'-k-ek. «. an easy death. 
Evacate, i-vi'-kilc. r. a. t6 empt^- out, to throw 

out.^ [quit. 

Evacuate, 6-vik'-&-ite. v. a. to make empty j to 
Evacuation, 6-vik-&-i'-shAn. a. discbarge 5 the 

practice of emptying. 
Evade, i-vide^. v. a. to elude, to avoid. 
Evade, ^vide' v. n. to escape, to slip away. 
Evagation^ dv-i-gi'-shdn. i. the act of waiidcr 

ing," deviation. [perceptible 

Evanescent, ^v-i-n^'-s^nU a. vanishiiif, im- 
£va||geli(^l, £v-in-j2l'-6-kaL a^ agreeaole to 

Evangelism, i-vin'-j^-llzm. *. t|ic promulga- 
tion of tlie blessed gospel. 
Evangelist, i-vin'-j^-list «. a wntcr of the his- 

t<H'y of our Lord Jesus. [t'*e gospel. 

Evangelize, ^•\'in'-ji-llze. t;. a. to Uiatnici in 
Evafcid, i-vin'-?d. a. faint, weak. 
Evaporable, i-vip'-A-ri-bl* <*• easily dissipaiea 

in fumes or vapours. 
Evaporate, i^vip'-o-rite. r.«. to fly awaj' iu 

fumes or Mipours. ' 
Evapomte, i-vip'-^rite. v. a. (o drive away m 

fumes ; to let out in ebullition or sallies. 
Evaporation, ^\'ip^ri'-8li5Q. s. tne act oi 

flying away in fumes and vapours. 
Evasion, i-vi'-zhftn. s. excuse, subteHtis[e, aru 

fice. ^si vo J sophistica. . 

Evasive, i-vi'-s!v. o. p^ctisuig evasion, chi- 
Eve, ive. )s. the dose of the day; the vigi' 
Even, i'-vn. ) or fast to be observed before *i 

Even, i'^-vn. a. level j uiiiform, smootl^ 
Even, i'-vn. e. a. to make even) to make 1ev%«. 
Even^ i'-vn. ad. a word of strong assertipi] j 

verily ; supposuig that ; notwithstandhng. 
Evenhandeu, ^-vn-hin'-d^. a. impartial, «qui 

Evening, i'-vn-fng. s. tlio ckwe of Uie day. 
Evenly, i'-v7i-li. ad. equally; smoothly; im- 

Evenness, i'-vo-n&. s. uniformity, regularity , 

equality of surface ; freeddm fixim p^rtvoba- 

Eventide, i;,.yg^^^(^giie of 




Mnl, i-vim'. *. ajiy thmgihat biippemi the 

_ . ,^-.-J, ^v&it'-flil J. full of incidcrtU. 
fc^/ejattbte, d-vifin/-i^j&ie. r, a. to vviiumw. lo 

Aulouii to examine. 
^Veniiinf, ^v^M'-uiii^i-iil. a. to«jaeq«Giitial. 
fcpVcntTiJLlly, k^xhi'-idnVXi-lk aiT m cite evem, 

IP ibe ljm result. 
Ever, lv'-6r. o^. at aii>' ume j for cror. 

11A jeidure tliruiigli all yju seaft>ns, 

mjtcinl, perpeiual, 

wilhoui end. [rHM-M i«ji v 

KverLMtiDgiiess, f v^flr Jlj'-dng^-n^j:.. eternity; 

K^eri, ^'Fln^ r. a. lo dc^iifoy, -^ 

tTery, Sv'-ftr-i. j. each ofi*j tjfan. 

that sicii|t^ jiboui the hoaie m ihe niglil. 

d«it i lestimoDv J wiiRCML [tnacovefy of. 
J.virieilCB ^v'-^d^L^se. p,d, in pi-Dvc,iQn)aJce 

Evidently, iF'-^Hd^nt^. al apparanily. 

e-viK*'-¥l t. tvick&iiHas, miscJiieO cormpiion: 

caiamiiy j n discaije. [ iiij un ausJ y. 

tH^LT 1 i"^; T* i"*"^!,'? whatever rei^jccj; 

^Tili]«as Avvl-u&. *, contttiticly to gtwidness. 
^SEST'^'' ^^vhspd'-klng. ir. aefamaliim, 
l^rfncB, i^vJmc'. B. ff. to prme, to show. 
tmdMc *.v^n^.s^-bl. a. capable of proof, Je- 

-S^' 1**'***^' 11. a. to avoid, tn shuD. 
ttooo, If-^-ii'-BJiftii J. tiifl ad of avoiding. 

Evocation, ^v^Aklt^-ilifiq. ,. ihc flciof*. 

Kro|iiUpri. JwA-Ji'-slfftH. J. tlio net of^fljW 
Evolution, £v»6-l^.iii,5ii, i. iL- qct of iiufdtfiiiE^ 

d^ senoa of liibga utrofJcd or uiffoldcd. 
Kvo ve. {-vfi V'. T. a. to mifnld, lo dJsentarMte. 
tvpTvc, fe^v61v\ 11. n. lo open itself, to dijirJoai 


t:v»i!gatiotip ^v-iSJ^g^'-jsh^ii. j. dte am n( dhufe. 
LviiTsion, ^ var-!.bfln. s. Ujo am nf pluck^l 

Lwer, v*-Ar, j u ve^l in wluth wrtler t 

nnm^iil fot'waiJHns *iJc hands, 
EsEncerbale, ^gi-&s4. Ij4i€. r.fl. to nnhiiiKr, ki 

i5jf asperate, 
Eiacerl>alion,?gi4i-gf,bk^,|,f,u, s. t^u^^nted 

force ur stivcrdy. 

Ei^cervadooJgz-fi3-sdivii^'.slifli,. s. il.e i^^of 

F.^^-f^^'^ ^T;. rraie Juries, 

L^acMgz-3ki. a lote^ u.cthoflical j aeru- 

^ lo demand nf ngUt. ' 

jCsncL 6g^4kt^ (■ I, to pmrhsu extortion. 
Ei-actiuti, <^-24k^shaii. 5. txianhn, mm^ d« 

inand. ■• 

Ejcactly, te4M'.|^. arf. afcuroin[y, mctly. 
*.SEirtiiei^, ^g^-uki'-nSs. 5. iiecurBiiy, uicetj 
Lxn^^rcvate, >^.ftdje'.^.iiio, 1 -* 

l>y leprcseiiiatiuri. 
Esair^eratioij, ^es-fidje-^Hi'-slifl^^jahe un ,,f 

Lxa^tate, ^g^-fldje^^^-i^ip. ,, ^^ to'shnke, u* 
pin ]jj inoljoiL 

Ji-saI|aUoii, te-Al-tA^-sli&ic. J. die act ofniUnie 

oil liigii I elevatton i 1 1 po we r or (Jigiilty . 
txarneu, *^-A'-m^ *. cjEanunatinn, di^giiUj, 

^xaminatc, fc-3m^.^-i3Ai«. s, die pii^n"^! 

eiainoimf^r >jv i|iicsi]f>na or ejc|>eiimeoi. 
Ji.safiuue,^g^s-«m' ?n.u,a, lo iryby intemscwa 
nes; tn *^ueslion a witness i to »aci^ utS lo 

J<;njUlll2G. DicjtzedbyXjOOgie ** 

, -f uicetj , 
d, to Leigiiicd 




¥^, fif, f^ fltj^-int, mttg-^ptoe, ph}. 

g0ti9M A crinwaii CO cvtdciKXi <mB vriio 
NartMf or tries luiv tbinj^. 
^^!2S^ 2gz4m'-pL «. oc|>y or pattern^ pl«- 

Ezangtdouty ik'sAngf-gwh-hi. a. hariitf oo 
fixanunate^ ^gz-tu^-h-rnkx^, a. lifeless, cfeadj 

ipMess. {oTlile. 

iBuiim^tkni; ^-kn-h-nw-Abn. t. deprivation 
* laninuKis, ^4n'-^iiiAs. a. lifelosi^ dead, 
antlate, ^-Ml'-Ike. v. a. U> drat^oat; to 

CJthatut. (drawing out. 

£santlatioo, lks-&ni-)V-sh&n « ttic act oT 
£zasperate, ^'iaf-^r-ko o a to provnko 

to enrago, to irritate. 
Eacasperation; dgs4s-pi-r&'-slifin. $. aggravi^- 

tiooy pro\-ocalion, imtatien. 
£xcantatioii, eiu<k&n-t4*shfln. «. disencoant- 

neot by a counter cluu-m. [flesh. 

I^xcaroate, ^lu-k&r'^ii&ie. v. «. t6 clear from. 
Excavate, &s-kli'-\'&tcf. v. a, to Iiotlmv, to cot 

into hollows. 
Ezcavatioa, ^ks-k^-vi^-shAn. i. the act of cut 

tiag into hollows ; the hoUow formed. 
Exceed; ^-sM'. v.a, to go beyond; to excel, 

to surpass. [be^-ond any limits. 

Exceed. ^-sM'. r. n. to go too iar; to go 
Kxceedmg, ^k-sM'-dlng. jMtrt. a, grcal in quan- 
tity, extent, or duration, (degree. 
Exceedinj^ly. &-s^'-d!ng4^. ad. io r greai 
Excel, 2k-s«r. «. a. tO" surpass. 
Excel, Sk-s^K. V. «. to nave good qoaliiitis in a 

Excellence, ^'-sSl-l&ise. ) r. dignity,, high 
Excellcocy, ^k'-s£l-l^s^. 5 rank 3 a title of 

honour. . 
Excellent, 2k'-sfi>l^ut. a. of great virtue or 

dignity. [degree. 

Excellently. dk'-s8W8nl*li. ad. weB in a liigh 
Except, ^k-s|pi'. V. a. to leave out. [tioiis. 

Excejrt, ^k-s^i'. v. w. to ohgeet, to make ohjec- 
Esceptj 2k-s^pt'. prep, exclusively of 5 unless. 
Kxccirtinjf, ^k-»^p'-t?i.g.f>rep.witliout inclusion 

of, with exception of. 
E-xccplion, ^k-sAp'-shftn. s. thmg excepted ; ob- 
jection ; offence taken. 
Exceptionable, ^k-s^p'-shfto-A-bl. a. liable to 

# % -i.^, aL-.o»n ^As » n*wish. frttward. 

tion. necslur 9atxirtp6oa$ 

EXcepdeas, ^-tfy^-yk, f. mtimg dr hsg 

Exceptor. |k-«V-^* ^- <^^(^* 
Excern, Ik-s&n'. «. a. 10 Stram oui. 
Excerption. dk-sSip-sbAa. #. the adoTl^lbaB 

' iog> the thing gteaaed. 

Excess, ^-whKs. siu>erfluliy; intemperaikeo. 

Exceasn'e, ^-sls'-fllv. a. bo^otidiiie commas 

proportkm. (eminei" 

Excessfvelv. hi-B^-UvML tuL ezccedli^ 
Exchange, ^tsh&DJo'. v, a. 10 ghre ar.d t 

Exchange,ek8-(^b4nie . t. hsaust; tlie balance 
of the money of difll^reni calking ; 1^ place 
tvherb merchants meet to negodate tiieir 
aflHirs. . . 

Exchequer, llks-tshlk'^. «. tlie court to vviuch . 
are brougnt aS the rtv6ubeS ocknixingto the' 
cro^'n. (BwdHies 

Excise, £k-s!ze. «. a tax levied upon corn- 
Exciseman, ^-slze'-m&M. s. an officer wLa in- 
spects commodities. 
Excistoii, ^-4zb'-&r.. t. extkpation, destrtictk>'n 
Excitatkm, €k-s^ti'-shAn. ». the act c^excithig 

or'putthtg into nKAiou. 
Excite, #k-slto'. v. a. to rouse, to sthr op. 
Excitement, ^k-skc-m^ot. «. the motive h^ 

Wlticb one ik stilted op. 
Exclaim, dks-kl^unc'. v. n. to c»y out wth ve 
liemence, to make an outcry. (clamour 

Exclamation, l^ks-kli-mli'-shfln. *. caitrry 
Exclamafot7, iks-klim'-i-tftr-ft. a. pnictisin^ j 

or containingoxclamat?ah. 
Exclude, ^-B6<'le'. t*. a. to shut cMt : to exce*]« 
Exclusion, ^kliV-zhftn. s. tke act of sbutt^ 

out; exception. 
Exchtsive, dks-klA'-sK-.n. having the power *^ 

excluding, or den\ing aomissiou| ex<*pting[ 
fixclusireiy, Sks-km'-sfv-J^. ad. without adiiHS 
sion of another to participation ; witlmttt coin 
prehension in any account or number. 
Excogtiate, eks-kodJe'-^-t^. v. a. to invent, u 
strike out by tliinkmap. * ' 

Excommuuica'c, ^ks-k&m-m4'-nA-k4te, v. «; li^ 
eject from the comnmnion of tlie chOrdi ly te 
ecclesiastical ccniure. ' > ' 

Excommunication, dks kAm-m&^a^-kr-ibAD i 




m^oelnitoticat iawnfic^ eidosiaQ fitm theiEsecutiooer.ilk-i^k^-Mihfif^ f ie ilMft St 
feWwA^ortftttclMatfa. fficts capita! puiiishiaeiit 

Ifizeoriafcu ^(t4(6'<4n&-Ale. o. a. to flfty » lo strip 
nffHwWB. (the act or flaying. 

fixcoriatioiLllE»4A^M'-fhAa.'s. Iom of ^m, 

Kioorticfition, «ks4cSr.|«^'.tlidii. t. puUiug 
the bark off any (hiiu^. 

Bserement, tt* '•kr&Hnlni. i. ibat winch is 
tfiroiwn out from the nalural passages of the 
body. [is voided as excrement. 

Eiei emc nU J, &s-krMnln'-tlL a, that which 

Excrescence, Hcs-krli^-sSiise. >«. somowlmt 

Exerescjency, Au-krSs'-sAo-s^. > growing out 
of another witfioet use, and cen^aiy to the 
eommoa order of prodoctioik 

Excretion, ^s-krr'«faftn. s. separation of ani^ 
mal sub^ance. 

Exeretive, &s<-!ui-tK. a. having &e poi^r of 
ejectingrexcrements. florment. 

Excmdable, dks-krdA'-sh^-&-bl. a. liable to 

Excnidate. Iks-kMA'-sliMte. v^a. to torture. 

Excubation. ^ks-kd-bi'-shSo. ^.-ihe act of watch- 
ingaDnigm. » 

Exculpate, dks-kAl'-g&te. r. a. to dear from 
the imputation of a ikolt. 

Excursion, Sks-kftr'-sfaftn. «. an expedition into 
some mXDi part \ digression. 

Excursiye,iNcs-kAr'-slY. a. rambling, wainleriiig. 

Excusable, ^ks-k&'-z^-bl. a. pardouable. 

ExcusablenesB, ^ks-kiLt'-z&-b|.n&. $. pardoita- 
bleness. [cuse, apolo^tical. 

Excusatonr^ te-k^'-xi-tftr-ifr. a. pleading ex- 

Ebcctise, £ks-k&zc'. t). «. to extenuate by apolo- 
gy; to disengage ft<om an obligation; to 
remit 5 to pardoti. [lion, apology. 

Excu^. dks'kAse'.'s. ptea offbrod iuex'tcnua- 

Excuseless, ^ks-ki'ise'-Iea^ «. inexauab!c. [law. 

Cxeuss. #ks4c/b'. t. a. to seize aiid detain by 

EIx<iussiont i'ks^flsh'-fhi. s. seizure by law. 

Kxecfabte, dk'-s^-krft-bi. a. hateful, tleiestal)!e. 

Execrably, ftc'-siMcrl-bl^. ad. cursedly, abomi- 
nably. , [caUj ill ui>on. 

fcxecfate, Jk'-sp^-kr&lc. r. a. to curse, 10 impro- 

Execration, ^k-si-kr&'-slifin. s. a cijrse, impit?- 
caliou of elr^L [put to death. 

Execirte, %'-^-kAte. r. 

Exhaiemcnt, dgz-liAle^miJnt. s,- mailer exlwl- 

fl. lo put inlo act; to oirt liUnolBmg i ^ „ 

'^Sx^tfon, ** ftf-si-kA'^shAn. *. performance ;1 KxliausUoti, ^gz-hk\vs'-tsl.6n. *. tlie act of draw • 

ofexecutuig or peHarming; artiv«) Jiavioig 

the power to put in aci thelaws. 
Executor, ^4k'-A4dr. «. he that is intrusted 

to pcrforw the wiU of a testator. 
Executory, ^•4k'-6-i&-r&. a paribrasii^ott- 

cial duues. 
Executrix, £gx-^k'-6-tilki.s. a woman nitnist- 

ed to pcnbrm the will uf a testator. 
Exemplar, ^-^n'-plftr. «. a pattern^ an exam 

pie u> be inutated. 
Exemplarily, h^^-hn-^^x-^Ak. ad, in such a 

maiuier as deser%'es imitation. 
Exemplary. ^'-eRHpldr-^. a, such as may do- 

sen-e to be pmposed to imitatiou; sucli as 

may fi%'e warning to others. 
Exemplification, £gz-2m-pl^l^k4'-sli&n. s. a 

copy, a transcript ; an illustration by example. 
Exemplify^ Igz-^ -pl6-n. v. a, to iUustraie by 

example ; to copv. 
Exempt, c^rz^tnv. v. a. to privilege, to gram 

immunitjy frran. >, ^ 

Exempt^ egz4mt'. a, free by privilege. 
Exemptioni ^gs-ftn'-shftn. «. imnuuuty, privi- 
Exercise, 5ks'-^r-slze. *. labour of the bo<fy for 

health or amusement; practice; task; act of 

divijie worsliip. 
Exercise, ^ks'-^^r-slze. v,a. to employ; to train 

by use ; to task ; lo practise or use. 
£xert> ^-^rt^ v. .a. to use with an efibrt^ to 

put fortn, to perform. • [diort.. 

Exertion, dgz-^r'-shfiu. s. ^te act of cxeiting, 
fixesron, £gz-^'-zliAn. s. ilie act of eativyg 

Exfolizte, ^ks-CN'-l^-^tc. v. n to she*! off. ; 
ExhalaWe, Ogz-li^i'-la-bU a» thatwhidrmpy <« 

evaporated. [i» vapours. 

Exbalalipn, 5k^ha-l^'-sh(iiu s. tliat which rises 
Exhale, ^gz-h.\te'. v. a. 10 send or, draw ou» 

vapours or fumes. [ed, vafxjur^ 

Exliaust, ^z-uawst'. V. a. 
om till nothing is left. , 

to drain, 10 di'a^ 

^death inflicted bv forms of law. I Exhau?tles8, ^gx^wst'-fea [(?Jexhii 




PtU, rtr^flH, III ;-Hn^nA^— pine, pb;«^ 

iSxorcism, ika^'U-dxaL t. tbe ftm ofdlvm 
' tbn. by which evil ipirits are drim awy • 
Eioniium, Igx-Ar^-d^-Ain. «. a fonaal prefMS. 
KxornaUon, iks^-o4'-«hJb.«.oruaiiienl,dee 

£xoUck, ^gs-/)t'-ik. a. kn\ga,aoi produccftiff 
. our o>ft*n cottiiliy. 
E ipaxHl, ^-sii&nd'. r. a. lu 9prea4, to lay open i 

«o dilate. 
'Expanse, ^k-spftjiiio'. s. a body widdr ertewW 

witiiout inf^piaUties. [oTextenskNt 

jipansibUity^ ^k-sp&»x-s^l)II'-f4«^. s, capacity 
£xpaiisible, 6k-9fAof'Sk'b\. a. capable to Be nx 

tended. , [space 

Ex|>ansion, 9ks-|)&n'-sbfin. t. extent ; pure 
EIxpan8ive,£kS'pdn'-s?v. a. ha\inK tke power tc 

spread iuto a i»*ider surface. 
£x[>ati4te, ^k-sp&'-sli^lite. t*. ft. to rai^ at 

Etiimtti^^»bf4L T, «. lo show, lo din»lay. 
£riiiMtMrriK«-hlb'.1i-Ar. i. he titat oiren any 

Elhifiiloii, to k^bish -An. «. the act cTexliih- 
itinff, aetdng forth \ anowaoce, salary. 

Ezhiterate, lgz-htt'4-Hite. r. a. to make 

Ilititlaraiiofij f^g£^!i1l4-ri'-BiiSii. t. (fie act of 
ffiv-inf guieiv t Hip mate i;f bentjjj enlivened. 

die act of ex 

a, \Q iiji^ite hj ^vortU lo any 

EiborUiUve, ^^^z iiftr'-tft-d' 
Conlninixig exiifirtfttinn 

-J F _ p . 

lending *p, or 


tcidijig to 

Exjcentive,^H>^'-kil'iLTv. a. drying nqualhy. 
"^^ I. j.^ > ditmaid, need; 

HjEigen*, Ik'-n'j-j'l'iit. j. piYiikiiit*^ imsn ess. 
HxiETiioq.^, ^gs4p^-u-i\?. rf. aiiall.dininuiive. 

lIxlRCncyj 4k'')i/';jlii-i^. J }7i'e:ssiu^ necessity. 

" ' ' ' ' j(..j,-,i,j. J piTftja - ' 

,-, f'gs4f^-U'i\?. rf. s 
Entile p Iks 4m. jr. haiijjihnieiit^ iJioferaou ban- 

ifisilc. ^g-all*^, IV a. lo btuiisli, mtrive from a 
country. j ness. 

Exhmtion, tes-f-ffsh^'Au. *. slender iCss, ^t^n- 

£xist, dg-zist^ V. H. to bc/ to have a l^ing 

tExistence, ^'-vls' t&isc. >, „...^vji • «. 

Exislency, ^-ifsM^-s*. ? *' *^ ^ < '*''e- 

Existent, ^g-;z!s'-t^iit. a. in being. 

Exitj, £k»'-Tu *. departure, act of (iMttini; the 
theatre of life. 

Exodiw, ^ks'-^-d^L^. *. licparture, jodriie" from 
a place $ tlie semtid book of Mosef . 

E»merat(7, lez-f^W-kf-hAe. v, a. to snbtd, to 

l!«xoiieratioii, ^gz-6n-^-li'-sh5o. « 'hi- act of 

ExoR^ble, ^-^rA bl. a. to be llio\'<er by en- 

Exorbitance, Igz^Ar'-b^-t&nse. >«. enmnity: 
Ex«)rbftaDcy,^<tf-V-b^UU-s&. { cxtr\vaf|[ant 

demand. «cedsive. 

Exorbitant, ^n>or'-be-t&ut. a. enonnr<is, ex- 
Cxorei8e,ll(8'^r-iise. r. a. to adjnrp by some 

ooly name: to purifj' fiTtn the infliieuce of 


large ; to ejilarge upon in language. 

Expect, ^-sp^kr. v, a. to have a previous ap 
prelicnsion of cither good or evil j to wait for. 

Expectance, ^k-sp<^kMduse. \t. tlie act ot 

Expectancy, ?k-sp5k'-tAii-«i. < «tate of ex- 
pecting j sometljino^ expectoo. 

Expectant, 2k-spck -t^t a. waiting in expec- 
tation, [expectation. 

Expectant, ^k'S|)^k'-t&nt m. one who waits in 

Expectation, Sk-sp£k't4'-slifin s, the act or sute 
of expecting. [from the breast. 

Expectoraite, Jks-pSk'-tAj'rite* v. a. to e^-x 

Expectoration, 2ks-p^k-t)6-r4' shftn. s. the act 
of discharging from tlie breast} a discharge 
by coughing. 

Expedience, «ks-p^-d^-^ude. 

Expediency, iks-pi'-dA-Sn-sfc. 5 prietyjl 

Expedient; Iks^'-di^, or Ik^-ji^ • 
proper, fit 

Expedient, iks-u^'-dMnt. c that which hetoa 
forward: ashiA, means to an end. _ [abnr 

ExpedionAy, dks.p^-d^4nt4^. ad, 6Uy, aiut. 

Expedite, ^ks'-p^-dlte. «.«. to^uilitaie, lo batt- 
en; to despatch. 

Expedite, iks'-p^-dlte. a. disenaunbered^ nim- 
Ue, active ; light anned. 

Expedition, ^p^-<M'4b. s. speed, adhrily 
a march or voyage with martial urtemirw. 

Expeditious, kor^kS^'-i^ su ipeadp yk,\f 

Digitized by V^OOQlC 




wfS, waAvp, tAt, nftt ;-4^ tftb, bflU y-jtfl ^-pftftiad »-<fcia. T«i». 

foldiji|;orcxpUuni]igs<*Uie moM givcBbgr 

ExplicatiTe, fin'-fl^kA-dv. a. having a lea* 

deDcy to explain. 
Explidt. iln-p&'-ll. a. plain, dear. 
£xpliciuyi^£ks-pfls'~)t-li. ad, plainly. 
Explode, ik$-pk(M, v. a. io drrva oat wit 

noite. [c<»sful attempk 

Exploit, #ks-pWSIt(. t, an acfaievemeiit, a suo> 
Explorate, m-plo'-rlLle. r. a. to search out 
Exploration, elu-pl6-r&'-flh&ii. s, tearcb, exaiat 

nation. [oxanUniiifr* 

Exploratory, IIca-iil5r-&-tAr4. a, fearchioff. 
Explore, «f^pMire\ v. a. to search uiio^ to ex- 
amine by tnal. 
Explosion, Ik»>pl6'-2h9n. s. the act of driving 
^ out any thing with noise and vit»i6oce. 
Explosive, iiS-f^'-dv, a. driviuif out with noit» 

and violence. 
Ex]x>rt, ?lcs-pArt', v. a. to carry out «»f a counlry.- 
Export, Sks^p6rt. s. comovKiity carriod out m 

Exportatfon, Sk«-p^<4li'-aliru). s. the act or 

practice of carr>'tnff out contoioditie) ii;tn 

odicr countries. 
Expose, dlcs-p^xe'. t\ a. to lay open, to make 

liable to. [interpretation. 

Exposition, ^ks-p6-?!!tl)'-fitt. t. an explanation, 
Expositor, ^ks-p5x'4>i5r. t. an eiplainer, in 

terpretjdr. ... 

Expostulate, Sks^pos'-tsho-late. r. fi. U> debate ; 

to remonstrate in a fi-i«adly manner. 
Expostulation, ^ks-ti6s-tsh^l^'-sh&n. a. debate. 

discuasioaoranaDhir. ^ 

Expostulatory , iks-pfts'-tsliA- A-iftr^. a. contain- 
ing expostulation. 
Exposure, ^ks-p&-zhftre. s. the aetofexposmgi 

tae state of facing expoMd. 
Expound, ^ks-pMnd^ v. a. to explain, to dofix 
' to inteipret. [prcter. 

Expounder, dks-p6ft«/-dAr. s. explainer, inter* 
Express, iks-prk'. r. a. to rcpceseni; to de- 
dare t to squeeze ouu 
^ », ikiHprls'. a.resomMii|g,exadlylike< 

y,^^ I llr a partlcolar end. 
Exprees^ jka-prfc^' *- * iimiwiw um mp^ 

ai ' 

^ EM^ikfftlf. 9. 0. tordrite oat, to force away. 
Cxpendi Motited', V. a, to lay out, to spend. 
K¥pftfMM»..lkSrB<a>s^. t. cost, chaices. 
Gxpenaeleak ekMdase'-lis. a. without cosl^ 
Gxpenpve, ai»fiiD'-ilv. a, given to expejne ; 
costlly. ^ ^ , (expense. 

Expeitfively^ {kaj)&i''9ifv.|^. aiL with great 
Lxpenslirenesar tts-pin'-slv-o^ #. extraya- 

Experience, eks-pe^rMnse. t, practice, fine- 
Experience, Hu'pi'-iMise. v.a. to practise} 

to know by praaice. 
Enerienced, eks-p^-ii^ast. pirL a. made 

sKilfid by experience. [thini?. 

Experiment, «k»-plr'-^«ilnt. «. trial of way 
Experlmentil, lltt-plr4-aiiB'-tlL «. built upon 

experiment; known by experonent. 
ExperimentsJly, Ik^per-^mKn'-t&l^. ai. by 

4^>p^y tffnpe. 
Expert, Ik^pSrt'. a. skilfhl 3 ready, dexterous. 
iSxpertiy, &-pftrf-l^. aA in a skilful, ready 

^ipfHiness. ^ks-p^'-nBs. t. skill, rpadiness. 
Expiable, ws'-ml-bl. a. capable to be expiated. 
Expiate, ^af-A-kie. o. a. to annul the gtuH of a 

crime 5 to atone fi>r. 
Expiaticm, m-pMi'-shCin. t, the act of expiate 

ing or atoniiu^ for a^y crime. 
- Expiatory^ £ki%i-li-tfir-^. a. having the power 

or expiation. 
Expiration, ^ks-p^-rit'-shfia. #. the act of breath- 
ing; the cottchoRoQ of any limited time } death. 
Expire, £k-spire'.^ t. a, io breathe out ; to ex- 
hale, to send out in exhalations. 
Expire, Ik^re'. «. n. to die, to breathe the 

last! toconchuto. - [u-ato. 

Explain, ^k»p!lLne'. e ^ to expound; to ilhis- 
Explainable, ^ks-ptime'-lrbl a, capable of be- 

inr explained. 
ExmansKton, ^ka-pA-di'-sfa&n. «. the act of ex- 

piaiiHng er i n te r pret i ng } the sense given by 

an exptoinet' or ioierpiiter. 
Explanatory, iks-plln'-4'tftr-^. a. 

totaka ^" 


V «.touiabld..ti»^«»"-* 




rh^t (Iff fixif Jit^rHn^, wrft j-pUi», p^tf— 

Eztatic|Cy^«dir-lk. ' I* 
fixtcmporal, to-ifaif 1)*^, , .• > 
EzteinporaDeous, eks-iem-po-ii'-ne-Oi. ^ a 
£3(teni]]orary» fiis-An'-p^^-i. y 

uttered or psribrmed wiyjKMit preine£tadoi» 
extempore, tiu-^m'-pi^vk, mU witlioui pi« 

mccfiuuion, roadiij. 
Extemporize, lk3-9bii'-p6-riaA. «. a. to spe»k 

eitcinpore, or without premeqitalion. 

Ksteml, ^ki-t&yiV «. 0, to ttt^tdi^outj to en 

fei^ ; to bcreue. . f sioii. 

Exi^iuubie, ^k»-ib'-d64>L 0* capable of eiUtti 

£xteiMlle8siie8s^ek»4eiid'-)m'ii£9* 9. iialmuted 

£zten8i1[}Ie, ^s-t8n -ai4>l. a. ciq[>abIcorb«iig 

stretchdcl into leii^ or breadlb. .. 
Extension, ^t£n -alifta. t . tiie «ct of extend 

ing; ^tate of beiiif extended. 
Extensive. ^ks-tSn^tfv-. a. wkie,laive* 

„ ^ ^^ ^- £xtensivejly,£k8-t$n'Hdi^J^arf,iridi(:^,lai|re^ 

Kx{iidt$e, dk&rpAW. v. a. to drive oOt, to force JCxtensivene98» itu-t^w-mb. «. jBigcaietf^ 
it)xpu)zdoit, ^ks-pAr-filiAn. «. the act of cxp)^l» diffu$iveiK;a, wideBess. 

lin^ 'y the state of being driven out. ' 'Extent^ ^ks-tent'. «: space or degree to whick 

Expulsive, ^kfl-p&I'-slv. a. having the power of an^ tiupg ia extend^ commiuucatioo ; ese- 

cjc|Uilsinu. ' [to eflacf ^ jutioii. (puUale 

£xpuaSe.dks-p5njc'.^t7.a. to blot or rub oui^ , f>.stenu«tey 8lB-(&i'-&4t^ o. a. to loiwiBj tr 

Etnreasion, lks-|^r£&iMlii. #. the ad or peiwer 
or representing aoy things a phrase, a mode 
of apciidf; the act of sq* «e»ug or ftrciug out. 

Expressive, dk»-prSsi'<^* a. having the power 
oi utterance orreprese*itaGbn. 

Exprefi^vet^. ^ics-pr^ liv-t^ad. ia a cleer itid 
rq>rcscniatire way. 

Kxpressivenesa, ^ks-^pt^s'-sly-n^s. «. the power 
of cxpress?ori, or renresenwtlou by woruii. 

Expressly, £ks-pr^s'-K. aa. m direct tenns. 

Expre8inire,£fcs-pr^'-Are. t. expression, utter- 
ance; form) mark. 

Exprotirate, ^ks-pi^-bratc. v «. to impute 
openly ^nth btaue, to upbraid. 

Exprobration, 8lu-pr&-l>r&'-sh&a. #. sconiiiil 
diarge. re)*foiichfui accusation. 

Expi;opruite, dks-pc^-fir^^te. r. a. to relinquish 
one's prooerH*. [hysosault 

Expu^, £ktf-pfine'. v. «. to eonquer^ to take 

Expugiiation, dks-pAg-n&'-shAn. «. conquest, the 
act of taking h^ assault. [away. 


^p&r-gV-sh&B. «. Uio act o^ 
^, , urificailon. 
Esuursratory, ^ks-pAc'-gi-tAr-^ «, employed in 

purging; away wb^ is noxious. 
Exquisite. Iks'-kw^^. a* excellent, complete. 
Exquisitely, ^ks'-kw^zh-li. ad. pertectjy, com- 

{♦leie.y. flection. 

Kxr^uisiteness, '^ks'-kw^zlt-n^s. $, tU6ety, per- 
Exsiiccant, ^k-^k'-k&iu, a. drying. 
Exsiccate, tfk-^'-kitc. t.a. to &y. [ijig. 

Exj>iccatiou, ^k-^-kli''-iibaa« «. the act of dry- 
liJcsticcttdVo, ik-^'-k&-t}^. a. ba\'ing the power 

of drying. [spiuiiig. 

Expuition, ek-sra-fah'-fln. $. a dschafge % 
Eimicti<m, ^-fOk'-sfafta. «. the act of sucking 
«*»^ .... rto«turup. 

fattuwsttaie, Ck-dbe^-si4&te. r. a. lo roam up; 
Bxtai^, Ik -fttiHiJb. 1. pai^ risii^ above the 

£.xtenuat!6n, ^tlu-d-a'-^bftnl s. , 

mitigatioo. T^^iek 

ExtenorTm-t^-r^Ar. a. external, iit>t hkrm 
Exteriorly, lk8-i6'-r&%'-K. ad. outwardlyi es 

Extermmato, &s-t^-m^rD&te. o. a. to root «■!, 

to tear up ; u> desUioy. [tk», excaifliL 

Extetminationf ^JcMlrsBo^iilt'-shan. t. destnio* 
Extecminator, lk»-tlr'-mi-iii-tAr. t. the penon 

or iastrunenl by which any thiug udeilcoy 
. ed. . [ing to extermmatioa 

Ext^nnmatory. ekfrW-^i^-aMfir-^. a. tend- 
External. Qcs-t«r'-i||^ ^ ouIwiub^, oppoitie to 

'ExternaUy, Iks-iSr'-nAl^. a<f. oul«wdly« 
E^tiUation, Akrfdtl^'HiMUk .4. ihe i^d nT^ ia« 

m drops. .. 

Extinct* llMilncki'. m ninmmML Mt Ml 


Mg'f Jtt«to«f tmniK queaclMdj exdskw, aiip- 

prcMKMi. f Nk queiiMi W deatmy. 

Kstittguish, CT 'gifig ^g yWi. r. a. v? pm oat, 

iiM,gr 1)6 qiieidi«ii OT dratroyed. . 
£x^u6itfaer, ik-$^'fft/mf^r. s. « tiollow 

cone put tipon a caoolo to quench it 
itsUn^uiidiiaefit* tt««Iiir-fl;wU)Wiit. «. ex- 

tilietions amntt^ii aocliuou^ luiilifiwiikMi. 
ExtirfKite, ^'Stdr'-p^te, i>. a. to ruoioui, to 

Extirpation, ik-^f-p4'-8hAn. t. tlie act of root- 

ingrottLescHioQ. (cotebnute. 

4S«tol, «-iii6K. u, A. to praisoi to Mgrnfy, to 
Eztortt aci-tArf. «. a. to ^twr hy vxeo, tp 

wrest (,io gam fe^ vieleiioo or oppreanoa, 
iv^torty i«8^wr|{. «.;«. i(o pff)lcltao, oppcemii 

and viotaaoey or iiwnr* 
KxtortkmrdiuKAr'HihAn. 4iv ibe act orpfsietice 

of ^aii^ bv yvtlhocBr or awry. 
Extortiooer, 4ks4dr'<«hoiH&r. s. one who prac- 

itJtti^aidoitieB. [satect. 

Extract, lki»-tr&kt'. ^. a. to draw out oA to 
ExlMStv to'<«r4ki<#. Ilia duef parts drawn hua 

any tluagf ibe littenneads oi a book, 
ExtraetiaQ, IkMr&k'-ihikiL j. tbe aict of dmwhi^ 
, ona iKin out or« compound s Knaaco, deteent. 
Extrajudicial, ^^iri^dlibMJ. a. ouiof the 

rt^gH tu r oomm ofJlaw> 
Rxtrainidsion, &Mi4ini»b'«An. «. 4be act of 

Cxtramuiulauet dJcMii^mftii'-dW.' a. beyoad 

the verge of lite material world. 
Extraneous^ ^ycs-trimMs. a. belonging lo a 

d^ieieat aobstaaee} i«veigii. (comokmly. 
ExttjUM^naryy^ ^tiAr'-d^nftr4-I^ ad. uu- 
Extraordinarfness, Iks-tfAr^-d^si^*^-!]^ «. 

uncomnKMineai, ivmvkabietie&t. 
ExtraordiBaryv lk»«trVHl^B&r-^ <t, dilRerGnt 

Irom Qowmoa order atid method } emiuonU 
£xtff«tpftMt^aL to4r&rplur^-kife'dL a. tmi 

comprebaMlea witbia anv paiiisb. 
EgtBar€»iUtr,to i il »rig^-»lw. a. iioi.coatpm- 

aended witb:n«a«ide., , 

Kxtravi^mq?,«kMrirv'4.g4|V^. ^'->ntJ-„. 


just limits} irregular { wasfteftij. 
£xlravagairtly,lKs-4rdv'4.|p(bit*J^. od, i^ an 

extravagam maimer i \y<|sU!funy. . 
Extravaf^tness. eks-iruy'-ft-g&tit u&k t.. ex 

real, sxcueuon ne^^'ond Sinatji 
Extravassrted, ^kaAAv^^vii^'i^. a. ^ce<j (»u> 

of the proper coiilHuiiiig vessels. 
Cstravaswn, dks-tr^-v4-s^-«bftn. a* die %<« 

of fi>rciag« or state of betag forced, uut of Ji» 

|)roper ooutaii^ing x-e-^tels. 
Extreme, £k8-trh»e'. a. j^i^oiitest; of tJtc aigire'^t 

degree > utmost. 

Extreme, ^ks-tieme'. «. iMmosi point, hrgl:esi 

degree of an vthmg. [degi\3c. 

Extremely^ fiw4r6me^i^4 (u/* in ttie mmosi 

Extremity^ ^ks-tWhn'-^U^. «. tins tMino^n fK>int ; 

rigour, distress. f (to set tree. 

Extricate, ^'-ti^kiite. t\ a. lo disorabttrrass, 
ExtricaUoAf ^'tri^LV-sbfti). s. M act ofdi^- 

eutau^iing. [u-ard. 

Extnncical. ^k^-trln'-s^kal. a. exieraal, oai- 
Extrinsieally^ ^ks4rln'-si&-ic&l4. ati. from wi^- 

ExtrijisSi^V^l^^n'-^' ^ outward, exterpal, 
Extnict,^-itrftkl'. o. a. to bmkl, to false. 
Extractor, ^-strAk'-tilr. s. a builder, a fal>ri- 

eaior. n 
Extrude, ^ks-trMd'. u. a. (o thrttsi out. 
£xtnislion,^kfl-trM'-Bbdn.s. tbeactoftlii-ustiiig 

or drixaag out. 
Exuberance, ^^''•b^r&itse. s. ov«rgroMiii, 

superfluous abundance. 
Exuoerant, ^H^'-bd-r&nt a. superfluously 

plenteous j abounding in the utmost decree 
Exuberantly, dks-6''*hA-r&qM4* od. Abiumfttl^ 
Exuberate, ^Cgz-tV- j^jite. v. n. w ^boutjd m 

tbebii^iestclegree. « 
Exuccous, 2k<sok'-kAs. a. witho^i juiet, «ry. 
Exudation, ^k-s^-dV-^hAo. lu tlie mailer iamg 

out by Siveat fixun anv l«^y. 
Exu«late»^-s6'<lltte./0^ii. to kwmi ani^ to 
Exude, dk-si&def. S issae by s^veak 
Exulcerate> ^||Zr(AI't«&^&te. e« 4. .1tiinak»Mfa 

witii mn ulcer; 
Extilceration, ^ks-Al s6-r^'*8hAu. s. jtka.tii|Ai 

nin^ ercaicn wiiiib fenM&aii iOtcn:.BaMira 




Hfy-fir, f&», fto}.-iii»« rndt^-^-pidi, plnj*- 

BMritf Igft^k'. V. 9. to n^e above moasuro, 

totnumph. ^ 

GxultHtion, ikvia-ii'-sli&n. J. joy, triampb. 
iCxuperftble, ^•s6''p9f*-4-l>l^. a. oonquenible, 

iiiK'ihle. " {gr^iter prbpottion. 

Kxuperance, fk-!*6-p6-rAnse. *. tn-eualance, 
EKUiUritute; (^k-sfts'-se-iil'*. v. ^ (0 stir up, to 

n>usc. ' [up. 

Kxnslioii; J'«ft-fts'-ts!i?m. 5. the act oflniniihg 
E-:iivia), ^^-lV-tA►^. s. caat skill, cust slidb, 

>\ lu«c\ er w siw4 bj* aulmaN* H*»» iwsst 

£yu;4, i'r^. tf. a >x)ur.g hawk jtiit takeu fri)m 
Eye, I. plural *"«. ilro <M*^aii tti visUm ; u^j.-ecl, 

Vcgard; small catdi into Mrluck a hook goes; 

!»utl <4'a phtul. ' 

Eye, \,t.A^ io wdWh, to keep iu view. 
Ey p j J ii y 1 1' 4 in w! . jE . dic appfe of the eye. [eye. 
EycbroWj i -hi M r. the Mry arch over the 
iiytlc«9j i'-iis. i, w^iiunucy^, iighttess. 
Kyokt, Kl?t. 5, n I;. Ic thmughwhtdiKght may 

Wur; (ijiy<m.i!l J nr.'Jirai ion. [tlHieye. 

Eyeliil/ i^'f^l f > tt^' iKsmhraiie Uiat sliius oyer 
Kytjabot, i'-siifl? :j. ^^i^iit, «:hi!ico, view. ' 

Eyesrghtj I'-sUc, ;. ^ ^^^a of i!jc eye. ^ C^S^^ 
Ey*isorej I -aArp 1 sointtihiiiff ofi<uis!re to the 
FJytitoom, l^-4AA''i s. the tooth in the upper jaw 

lifsi Llie ^rb^l'^r^. \\^ ftjng. 
Eyeiviliic:4e, t-^ui-ii^s. 5. pqe who ^^^-es testt- 

tiimy q( fifcqis * oj3 w rth his own eyes. 
i^j . siy ire. «. tbd i'<H:rt of jusiires itinerant. 
Eyjy, k*'f^^ t, the ii!a<e wbore birds of prey 

bu«id their neflt<t. 

' .' F. '.. 

F\iiAC]eoi;8, f&-b4'-sh^-d«. a. havhigihe natutc 

i able, fa'-W. t . a feigiitHl su»!y «(rtciidcd to en 

force •ome moral precqu ; a fiction, n lie. 
Ftble, Il'-M. «>. M. to feig^n } to toil falsciioods. 
Fabled, A't^. j. oelebrattni k: fables. 
Fabricate, fikb^-r^klie. v. a. to boikl^ to eou- 

ilnict 1 10 Ibrge, to devise falsely. 
Fabriealloi^ flB-r^kV^hfla. t. the ac* nf buiM- 
[any s^ratem of matter. 
. fftb^'tlk. f. a boikhnc, aa edifice: 
;, fkbf.Mat t . a wriieriyf fables. 

Fabuloii%^r4b«.A.lfts^. df. la I 
Face, f^. «. the \isage| the finont ; 1 

ante : confideace. 
Face, mse. v. n. to eany a false appaaraacA 

to hvu the face, to come in front. 
Face, iSise. v. a. to meet in front, to ojppoae witi 

confidence; to eo\-erwith au additioiiat an 

Faceless, f&neMls. a. without « fiwe. 
Facetious, fH-si'-shfta. a. «ay, cheerful, li vety. 
Facetiously, f&^'-sliilb-ma<<. gaHy,cbeerftifiy 
Fapetiousness, r^-si'-shfts-nds.^ t, cheoriiU wit 

FacHe, fiU'-sfl. <i. e^y, pKam, flexible. 
Facilitate, ft\.stl'-i-t4t6; «; a. to maka eai^.ta 

(hee from diffiealty. \fiS&aMy, 

Facility^ fk^tSl^-^-iJb, s. eamiies% fi«edom fima 
Facing, f&'-flbigf. s.«n ornamental covarixi|r, 
Facinorous, f&-s?n'-6-rfts. a. wicked, atrocious. 
Faet^f &kt t..ii&aiity ; action, deed. 
Faction, f^^Hsbftii. «. a par^'« tunadt 
Factious, f Ak'^ibi. a. glv«}i to factioB. 
Faet]ousJy,f(ik'-sb&9*ld. ad. inaiwunMr crim 

FactitK>U8,fftkyt1sh'-Aa.a.^nadebysul. [sfitala. 
Factor, f &k'-tftr. t, aa agent lor another, a sob- 
FactorV, f&k'-4Ar4, «. a Boubb or district faihab- 

tted i^traden in a distaal oouatry} the tra- 
» ders imbodiedfn one place. 
Factotum, f&k-t^'-t&m. s. a 1 

alifcA ilk aU kinds of biHmeak 
Faculty^ f ik'-ftl-t^. s. abiliiy j 

privilege, right to do any dung. 
Faddlc, f id'-ffl. v, n. ♦o infle, to jAaty. 
Fade, ilide. v. «. to tend from greater lo lass 
• vigour ; to toml fhnn a brighter to a weaker 

colour ; to wither ; to die away gradaally ; la 
. be transient; 

Fadge, f idjc. v. n. to fit t to agree. 
Fttcef), t^.'-'skz, t, excrements, sedhaenls. 
Fag, fig, e. ft. to grow weary, [of any Ihiqg. 
Fagend. f ftg'^'. «. thereftisa ormaanarpMi 
Fagot, f&g^L r. a bundle of wood. 
FiS, Aki, tob(»deficiaM>1ote«iiiMls 

to perish } to deciO^ $ to mlM. 
FaO, fhifb, V. a. to desert) ootto aaMtf l»aail| 

Failing, fiMh^. f. deMiDCii MV«. 




■6,»>tie,«>r»riW^^Ab»,tab,b&a}-^ j -yaM»''<fci*,T»ii. 

Fife ftq» tf. -"'/» ri wi riU } obliged. 
Fain, am, ml. gMbr^ vo^ desirautfsr. 
Vmak, mat v. u, tsion ilw aaimtl funelioa^ i» 
snk iBptiaoleftj to krnw faeUe. . [prats^'l. 
Paint. Aia. a.>iMd( Mile^oTbodr) cto- 
PauOheartod, Aui3Srt'4a. a. cowanlk. 
Fainting, aal'4QS. a. tOMponury loai or amanl . 

Painaj, ant'-)& *t liMUy> ingoiiliv 
Famtnm, dwi'<o6a. «. liMiigiior^ leebieiieaa. 
Fair, flm, «. boantila) i wliite in iht ^mplex- 

cie ; mild ; ar|iutable. (ceMfaUy. 

Fair, An* ai, f«nllv» dnefOfy, druly} sic- 
Fair, Are. t, tUiplira^, 9 illir ynxtaxsk \ «o an- 

iNial or flated OMeciiif of boyart and ao]lef«. 
Fauing, Are'-lii^. «. a preacil givoi at a feir. 
Fsurly, 1^-)^. mL beantifiittyi oQBunodioHsljr, 

boiii^jr. justly > liigtmioualy J candidly; 

complctriy. ^ . ^ [Jl«n*4iy- 

Pairaeas, lafr-Qis. #. beavty) candour, in* 
Fau«N)k9a, Araf-fp6-ka. «. civil in language 

Fairy, Af-rh, t. an df, a Ay j encfaaalrefls. 

Fainr, ^'^ a. baknging u> fiunea. 

Faith, iliM. <. bdiaf; lenai bold : fideUiv hon- 

our; suicenty, ventotv} aromiaa giveiu 
Faitliml, la/V-fAl. a, firm m adbercnce to the 

truth of refigioA^ byal ; honast, without 

Faithfully, Alk'-itA^ «rf«wiAh firm belief in 

rebgloa; with Attt foofideBM tu God; sin- 

*«rBly, hona^y. 
Faitli^ilnedfl;, OM'-flk^iia. a. honesty, veracity ; 

pMitliieao, AlA'-!ja. a. without belief; disloyal. 

Faitblearattw, Allb'-lfisHils. a. treacliei;y, per- 
fidy; vabebef* [a. aineter. 

Falchion, f&F-ah&D. «, « ahoitciooKed sword, 

Paleop, tkm'4m^ t. ahinrktiBiBQdforaport; 
a jQit of cannon* 

FaleoiM|r. /&v'4ui-^. a. ana who traim hawks. 

FalL tH. V* ■. pnii 1 /m ; cem|M>und pret. 
thfaaot/aUen, to drop ; to apostatize ; lo enter 
m» anynaiewcne than the former; to de- 
fi«ai9 i ^ t»CM» tli« importy of any. 

Fall, fttt «w«. todrap^ l»Jet (hll$ioaak,u 
dsjHVii ; to diainiiii la vahn, lo lei aoik it 
once ; lo cut down, lo fell ; to yoan, la being 

Pal!^ fall. a. the act of ihlling; nun ; dogr&da 

tion^ di'mioutmi; Heap «eK«ut; catorad 

cascade. (deceit! i, 

Falladoua, f&Mk'-shAa^«. piroducii« mistakes, 
Fanaeioiiai/, f 4lHi'-shAs-l^; mi, s^OiistidUly: 

with purpose to deceivie. [deceii e< 

Falladeuflllieas, ftl-Uk'-shAs-nSs. «^ tendency to 
Fallacy, f &l'-UP-8^ t. aophisra, logical arUAce, 

deceitful argument. |deccive<f. 

FalUbUity, f&l-lMiil^t^. s. Uableuess to l>e 
Fallible,t 4l'.l^bl. «. liable lo emxir. [Icpsy. 
FaUiilf(BickiiMa» f&i-lfng-slk'-ndj. s. the epi- 
Fallow, f&i •16. a. uncultivated ; unoccupied. 
Fallow, f ftl'*l6» s. gnmnd plougticd in order to 

be plouoheit again; ground lyiuj^ at resH. 
Fallow, 7&K-16. V. M. to ploud) in order to a 

second pkH^iing. [leit, hypocritical, v 

False, fuse. «. not true; treachei'ous ; counter- 
Faiseneiirted, f4l»e-hart'-€d. a. treachcrauii, 

Falsehoo(K faLse'-hftd. s. a liCf afuse assen'on. 
Fi^^ely, f&lse'-l^. ad. erroneously; treacher- 
ously. • [duplicity, deceit. 
B^alseness. f&Iae'-ii^s. s. contrariety tu truth ; 
Falsifier *'A,"-s^f^-ftr one that makes aiiy 

toui^ to seem wnat it is noi , a nac ' 
Falsily, f&l'-«^-f 1. ». a. to coonierfcit; to forge. 
Folsityr f 3il'-s6-f 1. w. n. tp tell lies. 
Falsity^ fl^r-s^-t^» t. falsehood ; a lie. 
Falter, lll'-tftr- t>. n. to hesitate in Uie utter 

ajiceof wonis i to fail. [wiili ditficuhy 

Faltciinjicly, f M -tftr-!ag-li. ad, with liesitatioji. 
Fame, tune, s, ceteUrny, rcnowu. 
Famed, famd, a. rciiowncd. celenraled. 
Faroeless, flmie'-t&i. a. witlinut fame. 
Familiar, f 4-mll'-y&r. a. domcsiick ; affahle , 

well known; acaistomed. 
Familiar, f &-mlI'*>'&r. $. an imimate. 
Familiaiity, fd.m11-y*-4r'-^t^. s. omissbn oi 

ceremony; acquoinUuice j easy iulcroourse. 
Familiari'zer f ll-nA'-y&r-lxr. v. a. to make easy 

by liabiiude. [formality. 

Ftmiliarly, f &-mll'-y&r-l^ ad. easiTv. wiihom 
Faiivily» An*'-^^ - . 




I'^anifh, flm'-l*. «. a. lo InH wHIi Imiv^, to 

Fifcit, fl>, flu, fiti-^HD^, ifagt ;^^*piaei l*»>^ 

^ Famish, f ftm'-lri). v. ji. to die of hunrer. 
Fmimwi*. f 4'-mAs. a. fviiowiMd, c«lfiBrBrt6d. • 
Fa mously, fk'-vA&Ak. ad. whb celebrity. 
Fan, f fU. «. ail uisiminent uscci bj tadtes to 

move the air and coot theraelvetf ; tha ii>- 

strument by wbich Uie cfaaiLM bloWa away^ ' 
( xttf fin. V. a. to cod or recreate whh a fan} 

to vent'date ; to ieoaraie, as by winiwwiiig. 
Fanatlcisfn. fu-ji&i'-^-dEni. «. cnlhusi^sm^ rfr- 

li^ous pnrensy. [tioos. 

Fanatick, fft-ii&t'4k. <i. enthustasiick, niperati- 
Fanatick, f&-nAt'4k. s. a» enthusiasts 
Fancilbt, f^'-siA-f Al. a. iniagiiiitii\'0 j directed 

/by the imagination. 
Fancifully, fia'-^^A^. ad. aeeoitihi^ to the 

ivHr^nea? of im-nj^nntiort* 
Fancy, I'hi -^.. s, imtigiticiion; an inclhiation } 

caprice I fnilick, vagnry, ~ 

Faiicy, fAji'-s^. r. it. t» imagine, to belies 

i^iuitHit bcinj^ B]»te to pnh'e. 
F^ey. fdif ^. l\ a. lo |x>rtray iii the mind 3 to 

Itc pleojcc" v>iih. 
F^ne, f Am, f . a temple cnnmcraled to nlkiou. 
Fang, f^'^. s. a hug liuk j a^y tLkig like a 

FaJD^eil, f^[ij|tf. d. fiinitiilicii with fangs. 
Faiigle^ Th i ig: -gl . ^. si lly (ill l mpt, trifling scheme. 
Fanf^Jeil^ f iu^'^-dd. d. vainly liuid of novelty. 
Fan^tfc^, r4n^-l^s. a. wuhmi teeth. 
Fantasletl , (^n-iL^4, a. fiHed with fancies. 
FantasticaJ, f An-l^'-t^-ktti > a." iniaginaiy ; bu- 
F.iiita.^tkk. f uii-ii4^-llk. > moroiis, vti- 

Faniasaca \\y, f in- ilbM6- kkl-h. m, capnckmaly ) 

Fantasticatness, f^n-tAs'-t^^kAl-n&i. «. mere 
* ctnnpiiance with fancy} whinistcalness ; ca> 

price. {humour. 

Fantasy, fAn'-tft-9*. i. fancy, imaginat'tpn ^ 
Far, fir. ad: to g[reat extoiit, reanotely, at a 

mat distance ; in a gniat i>art ; to a great 

heicfat ; to a certain degree^ 
Far, ftr a distant, rcnK}ic ; from far. 
Farce, flrsc. 9. a di-nrdatick nijircscirtaiSon 

vriiteD witlKHit rcgulariiv. 

Fardel. fV-<UI. a. a buifdleTa fi&BiMdl. r^ 
Fare. Aire* ». it. to !« «> lui(r«Mie,gotmrbatf'« 

ioieed)ibe«i,i0beeMiramed. , . 
Pafe, rfae.^. price oTptuMi^ in vretttde 

Farewell, Mu«'->w^, or flM-w^. #. te pkfii^ 

'complintem, adiea ^ Hct of departure. 
Faiinaceoifs, fHf^^-diVsfaftK a. Bieai^,tastng 

like meaL 
Farm, fftmr. «. giwuidlec to steaaat; the 

state of hundi let out to the ^ttjtnre of tenants. 
Farm, firm. «. a. to let out to tenantl at a cer- 
tain rent,; to ttthe«if a certaut rate ; to cdU 

vateland. [grMnid 

Farmer, f&r^*«Ar^ s. ette who cidtitates hired 
FttiTi)oat,f&r^4ti^ oi nMStiNstiiilt. 
Farraginoas, f IrHr&djfl^ db. «. fiir«»ed eTcBf 

ferent aoaieriali. ' 

Farrago, fiiHri'-c^. f. ft aiedlpy. 
Farrier,; f ir'-tMr. «. H Aoer of houses ; a 

ho r w- d octor. 
Fgrrow, f Ar'-rA'. t « • little fMg. tnera reiBoiely 
Farther^ f&r'«TB|r. ii«e. ia tf greater disiMMe} 
Farther, f V-tbot. o. more reoiole ; tenifioi 

to greater dtetance. ^wnt 

Fartherauce, f&r^^niMbsew s. eaeoiiiMce 
FarthemnoiFte,' "^ f ftr-TH Arniiftre^. oit. beaMei 

over and abore, FikeMFise* [twne 

Farther, (la'^tjuht. v,ak to promote,^ Id ad 
Farthest, HkK-TuJst. odL at the greatest <&lBBce. 
Farthest, f Ar'-TUM. a; most distant, remoiesL 
Farthing, f ir'-Tnlng. s. ihe tonrta of a penny. 
Farthhigal6, fftr'-rMfaig-glilL t. a hoop need to 

fpreau tlie petticoat. [Ibreihe coMak 

Fasces, f fts'-s^. #. f«ds anfiMthr earned bt^ 
Fasciation, f isl^-^-i'-sIiAn. s. bancuige. 
Fascinate, (U'^^Mksm. t. o- to bewitdi. 
Fascioation, f&»«iHd^'-6hAn. ;t. the poww <t 

RCt of 'bew-itcuing, eachantmeat 
Fascine, flls-Sil^ne'. $. a Aigei. 
Fas^kOtts, ' imf-iA^tMm. vu caasad er actb^ by | 

Fashion. fAsb^An. a, lbnB,ikal»er jgw Imm 

with regard :io appeiraiea 5 <uiio«ji| i«aile^, 

rank. " ^ 

Fa^liioii.fft«h'-Am. su a.\»iamt t»fil| U»w^ 

ttcf;(A-c!''!gtotbe'niie^pre8eribtdb7< ~ 




96, i^re, nBr, aftt >— tA^ ^ b<lii^^»-pMbitf>-lM«y rum. 

, f|ili'-ibi4-bl. a. •taeovad by 

cuiM, nade acoordhi|^ to the mode; bavii^ 

MKAkovOthevidl^ar. relecence. 

r^A^bbMejkBm,fm''hti4iM'A. «. inbdith 

FaaldooBbtv-. rw-&i-ft-bf&. ad in a maiwer 

opnbmiApie to (^ustoou 
Fatf^ffcst o. n. ID abstain (torn food. 
Fa^ f%gC». abstinence from ftmd. . 
Fae^ f &flt a. firm, inuWeaUe i msdy, twifi. 
Fai^ f^oo. nrmly, impwvcablj ; dosely^ 
smfffy. [to ccu^oin. 

Fastepi, fis'-sn. v. a. to make fast, to cemeiil, 
r^tealr^ f4s'-SD-<dr. t. one lliat roalusi fast or 
vf^ ' , * (etuMS. 

FasttiaiiKied, f ftst'-bdnd-^d. 4, -a\'aricioua, coy- 
Fas^ous^ fls-ttd'-^&i, or ffts-t!d'-je-&. a, 
9(»e«tnilsh. * [ad. ftcffieBmisMy. 

Fastness, l1Blsi^-ii5s. 9. firmness} a strong 
F^ f^ <i. plump, fleshy. [place. 

Fa^ fit #, the uuctuoun part of ^iimal flesli. 
Fftt, CwL t, a vessel in wnich any tJiuig is put to 

ftcmeiil or De soaked. 
Fi^ T«. e. a. to make fat, to fatten. 
tit, ttiU «. n. to gruw fiiU-flesbed. [deSIjny. 
Plltal.&^-4^ a, deadly, mortal ^ nppomteii'by 
FUmt^ f&'-t&irll^. s. om who mainiauis tbat 

afri^gsbappeB by Invincible necessity. 
fmB^f rtnar-^-t^.s. predestination} decree 

of fkle ; tendency to danger. 
f^^USfy, A'-^'K ad. moit&Uy, dcstmctively $ 

l^we decree of fate. 
?iSt, flUe. s. destiit}' ; event pfedetermioed ; 

d(n(h: cause of death. 
9ifya,W-lhl 0. decreed by &te. 
Fa&er, f^f'taee. s. he wIh> begets a diild j ap- 
peOadon of tui old man : an ecclesiastical 
writer ertbe firA cetitunes j the title of a 
' li oonfessOr y tho title of a senator of old 
U the appelUaion or th^ first pcraon of 
afaJe Trinity. 

%te^. V, a» to tal^e as a ftm or 
t to adopt [father. 

'H'-THSr-hftd* s. the character of a 
„_„ t|te^fe.«k without a father. 
;fl^-Titllf4^. 0. paternal, like a father. 
^^fi!^:i^-^ 00. in the. wanner ofi a 

Fa^Mmi, flkvH'-Qpi. 4w a BMMira erto«* cm»» 

taming six feet | reach. 
Fatham, f&TH'-Aak «.«. to flrt co m paai wMi tha 

anas* tosou^L 
FathonUesSy.f&TR'-ftm-lls. a. bottomle«. 
Fatigiie, f&-l^. «. %v€ariiie8S, hissitude ; uM. 
Fatigue, fi-t^te'. v. a. to tire, to'weary. 
FatluiK, f it'-l%. #. a young animal M fat fo 

Famt^Ti&t'-n^- «• the <|piahty of beiag fkt 

imctuoos Rialt<sr & fertility; 
F^ttea, f At'-tn. v. a. to feed up, to make ile8liy ; 

to increase. • [ed. 

Fatten, f^'-tn. v. t. to grow fat, to he pamper* 
Fatuous, f&t$ii^-6-fis. a. stupid, feolish. 
FsubiUy, f4>MSi'-^(-t^. •. f<iunsbness, weakness of 

Fatwilted, faC'-wli-^ «. hea^T) dull. 
Fatty, (w-ik. a. uactuuttSyOlcagi oos. 
Faucet, fAw'>s^. t. a pipe inserted into a vessel 

to give vent to tJie liquor. [puzzks. 

Fault; f^lt. s. ofTence; slight crime) defpci* 
FauNy, f iU'-l^li. ad, not rightly^ improperly. 
{•'SMltinftss, f^M^nls. 8. badness, vichhisimv^^ 
Faultless, f^t'-l^ <». without fault, iMKfecu 
Faulty vfM'-tA, «. guilty of a feult, hlameatiie. 
Faun, fawn. «. a kind of rural deity. 
Favour, fli'-vftr. o. a. to support; toa-isist with 

atlvantages or conveniences} to resemble U\ 

Favour, A/'^hr, «. .countenance; 8iif>i)ort} 

lenity j leave ; pardon ; any thiiig worn open- 
ly as a token. 
Favourable, li'-vdr4-bl. a. kind, propitious. • 
F^ivourableAess, fii'-v&r4-bl-nSs. s. kiivihicss, 

benignity. [vour. 

FavouraWy. flfc'-\-&r4-W^ ad. kindly, with fia- 
Favourcd, "fJiZ-vdrd. parL «. regarded wib 

kindness; featured. {Kned. 

Favourite, (i'-vftr-k. s. a person or thing be- 
Fawn, f Iwn. ». a young deer. 
Fawn, ti&wii. V. ». to bring ferth a }tMU]g iuer 

to court sen'ilely. 
Fawiiingly>flW-ntngJ*. c^ ina cringing, ser 

vile way. 
Vay, iK. «. a fairy, an clf 
Feaity« ^'4l-ti. a. duty due to a sutMsriour loM 
Fear, »re. ». dread, liorrour • awe • amne^ 




Federate, f&^-^ite.4. leagued; 

p)0«r, Ar»i e. a. to dread| to t«rrU)r, to make 


F«n^, Are^^. ^ umorous; awful; dreadftil. 
Fearfully. ftr^'-lW-l6. aa, timorousfy : tcnfihly, 

Oreadwlly. - {\Mvb\ timidhy. 

Fearfolnessy iM^^A'Bh* s^ t'mioruusties, ha* 
Fearlessly, fibreMM^.«<<. wiUiout terrour. [fear. 
iWrlemiess, ^'4h-fth, «. exempdon fhim 
FearlesSf fi&re'4es. a. free froD fear, uitrepid. 
Feasibility, li^z^bil'4-t^. «. a thing practicable, 
feasible, f^'-z^bt. a. practicable, that roay be 

Feasibly, iJ-'-z^bli. ad. practicably. 
F«ast» 1^. «. an eBtertainmoiit of the table, a 

sumptuoiu treat. [dehgbt. 

Feast, fbksL v. a. to entertain sUQiptuousIy j to 
Feat, ftto. t. act, deed, action. 
Feat. (kilt. «. ready, skilful : nice, neat 
Featner. (^k -Ar. #. the ptuine of oirds 

Fee, il^.«. recompeiue} pa^'Biefltc 

clainied by peraoiis in m»i lewiird paid I 

physicians or lai^-ers. 
Fee, 1h^ V. «. to regard, to pay; io bnbe. 
Feeble, i;^'4>L a. weakly, jdebJUtated. aick^ 
Feebleness, fk^AA-nh, c weakness, iinbecSti 

Feebly, ^-M^. ad. weakly, vitfamt amogik. \ 
Feetl, IM. V. a. to supply with fi»d } lo grass 

to nourisli: tn entertain. 
Feed, fi^.«. food, pasmieu naieau 

Feeilcr, £&^'-&r. #. one that gives foodi oiM 
Feel, fi^. V. n.yrei./^ ; )urt yamJdL W ba\i 

|7erccption ofthings by the teuch. 
Feel, fi^L V. a. to perceive by tbe tondi} i^ 

have sense, of pain or pleasure. 
Feci. (^ s. the sense of feeling, the toudu 
Feeling, C^-lng. part. a. ej^ressive ofgntf 

1^. ad. witb eiprsssina 

r. fern -or. t. tbe plume of oiros: an or- 1 r cvwi^ icvi -u*^ »«^». « 
. nameiii« [enrich, senstoility ; sensibly (eh. 
Festtber. f^Tii'-Ar. «.«. to dress in featliers^ tu Feeling, KeiMng. s, the sense of toodi ; 
FeatJieibed, ffrrU'-ftr-bid. «. a bed stuffed with *^ " ^ 

feathers. [carr>'ing feather^. 

Kcathered, f^TH'-ftrd.^. ck>tlied with fsathent, 
Featherless. f^rH'-Ar-l&k a, witlvMit feathenL 
Featt^ry, iera'-dr-^. a, ckMlied with feathers. 
Featly, feic'-l*. ad* neatly, nimbly. 
Featness, f&te'-n^. s. neatness, dexterity. 
Feature, ft'-tshAre. $, the cas* of the fece; any 

liiieameui. - [to beat. 

Feuxe. f^ze. v. a. to untwist tl^ ehd oTa rcpe ; 
Fcbrituge,f4b'-rfe«f6je.«. any medicine scr\'ice- 

ahle in a/ever. [fi»m a fever. 

I«*elmlc, f£t/4lL a. constituting or proceeding 
February, f^b'-rA4L-r6. $. 4he second molkth m 

^»e )*ear. 
faeces, t]&'-s5x. t. dress, sediment ; excrement 

Feculent, fik'-A-l^nl. a. foul, drein?Y. 
Fecund, fik'-fiud. a. fniiiful, prohlfck. 
Fecundation, f^k-kfiu-dit'-shan. s. the act of 

makinff prolific^* ' 

Fectrnduyi i^k<W-d^fl. v. a. to make firuitful. 
Fecunilii>', fi^-kfin'-dfr-t^. i. fruitfuhiess. 
Fed, fed. pret. an^l part. pass. tXiofftd. 
Federal, f^-^^l. a. relating lo a leagtte or 
,* emtraci " ' 

Feelingly, ^ 

great sensibility. 
Feet, i^t. s. phutd of/oot 
Fe^tless, fi&^'-l&k a. witboitt feet. 
Feign, fane. v. a. to invent) to dis 
Feign, flme. v. n. to relate felsely, to 

fhrni the invention. 
Feignedly, ^h'-H')k.^ in fiction, not mly. 
Feint, l^t s. a false appearance. 
Felicitate, .fc^lii'-^tiae. o. x to make haip>y 

to congratulate. 
FelidtaUoiI. f&-IIs4-tA'-sl)An. s. congratidatMa 
Felicitous, ft-lfs'-^-tfis; a. happ>% 
Felicity, l^•fls'-*-^*. i. happiness. [est 

Feline, f^'-Une. a. like a cat, pertaining lo i 
Fell, f «. a. cniel, baiiiarous ; savag* [dflwa 
Fell, il\. V. a. te knock down, lo new tr csk 
Fell, tu. pret. of to/ad. 
Fellmonger, f^'-rodng-gAr.s. a dealer uUdP 
Fclho^B. fft'-nes. I. cnidty, savageaMl, 
Felloe, t^V'i^. s. the cbpcumferenc^ ofanrks: 

Fellow, f^-l6. s. an associate; eQeof|£par 
a mean wretch; a meniber of col^ f^ 
shares its revenue. 

Felipw,tf%l'-l&.o.a.toSia qrpaarWittu 
FeObwiihiP r«l'46^fclB. a. 1 



M cHafaliibttieBl is « odI^ 

. «. in law, he IM Mn- 
mimkfAms hy annletiiig himself. 

ffleo, IW-OB. «. oiie wfaohaa oMttmitted a cap- 
ital cHmes a whitlow. [mafi^iiaiit. 

^i^lonioQO. ft-Ia'-n^-As. «. wicked, imiaNMs, 

^eioiii(M^y> (^W-u6-da4^«^. in a iekmious 
way > i ital by the law. 

elony. f2l'-(b<^. #. a crime denooDcecl capi- 

^elt, f^ «. ckitb made of wtx>I imited without 
wearmgt ahideorakhk [oan. 

lelucca, l^ftk<4. «. a aaial) epen beat with ^ 

nraale^l^HBiiile. <. a she, one of the sex which 
bcimyoung. [to a she. 

female, l^'-imdov a. iiol masoAiiie, belonging 

reminaiity, f ^ro-^^'-nMi^. t. female nature^ 

remtaine, flm'-^-n!u. a. female i soft, dolicale , 

[emoral, f^'-^Hr&Uii. bclonipiw to the thigh. 

ten, Cio. 9. a marsh, a moor, a &)g< 

Resce> f^nse. c goanl} enclosure. 

reoce, f&ae. t, a. lo endnae. to secure by an 
eacmure or hedge ) to guaru. 

Pence, f dnse. v. n, to praetiao the art of man- 
ual . defence ^ to fight accordii^ to art. 

Pencelessj ^nse'-l^ a, without endosure, open . 

rencor, ila'-^ftr. », one who toaclietor fnrac- 

. tiset me ui« of weapons. 

P'endide, fdn^-SfMil. a. capable of delenco. 

^ end, ffod. V. 0. to keep off. 

V"'ea&, fhiA. t>, n. tjadi^^o, io shift oflT a charge. 

^Isodep, f ^-ddp 8, a defence t^ainsl ciodei;s. 

feaosHf f^'-nS. «. a plant of strong sceuu 

fenny, fhaf-ak, a. marsli/„boggy. (with right. 

reoff^ i'^. V. a. 10 put m poas^on, to invest 

?«oflee, (if-ttik. «. one put m possession. 

Reofler^ fSf-f&r^ »> one who gives poasession of 

ftotbteoif ( 

, fSf-roSm. «. the act of grantmg^Kl^ 

renil, A'-nl. a. fimeral, moumful. 
Runoiey ft'-rlae. a. wiki, savage. [uess. 

nBriUBBtB^ fMne'-nSs. «* barbarity, savage- 
r<QnD^it, rlr-nlat'. a. a. to exah or rarefy by 

aiotioB of parts. 

ftr-flte'* V.II. 10 haTf the parts put 

Ferment, fh^asgnt ♦. iatestiite motied, tmmii 
Fiermei^jiible, ffr-mSui'-i-bl. a. capabhi ef Ihr 

Fermentation, f ir-mSn-ti'^shftn. s. a slow mo 

tioQof the intestine particios of a mixed body 
Fermentative, fi^mln'-tl^dv. a. causmg wr 

Fern, i^m s. a plliot. 
Ferny, fdm'-i. a. overgrown with fern. 
Ferociouii. fi^-ri'-shAs. d. savage, fierce. 
Ferocity, (IN^'^-t^. «. savag;eneas,lioroefi«ss. 
Ferreous, fer'-ri-As. a. consisting of non, be- 
longing to iron. 
Ferret, W-rh. «. a quadruped of the weasel 

kind ; a kindxif naiTow ri}>aad. * [places. 
Fenet, fSr'-rlt. v. a. to drive out of Hirkinr- 
Fermsinous, fdr nV-jla-fl«. a. partakii^ ef tM> * 

panties aiKi oiiaUtie^ of iron. 
Ferrule, f^-rll. i. a ring put round any |h}ti| > 

tc keep it from cracking ."U^^ . 

Ferry, w'*ri. r. a. to carry ovcar in a WaC "^ 
FfiTy, Th''rk s. a \'essel «)f carriage ; thb poa- - 

sage over wtilch the ferry-boai passes, ^ 
Ferryman, fftr'-i-^in^u. #. one wliokceps a ferry. 
Ferule, fdr'-tll. a. fruitful. 
Fertility, ffir-dK-A-ti. *. abmiUance^ frunfuloeas. 
Feiiilize, f^r'-tll-llze. v. a, to nuike fruitful, tc 

make produciive. f zftal. 

Fervency, f&r'-viii»*si. g. heat of mind, ardour \ 
Fervont, f6r'-vA»t. a. hot, bmiiu^; veliemeiii. 
Fervently, f^-v&it-li. orf. eagciJ^', veliemcni 

ly; witn pious ardour. [zealous 

Fervid, fSr'-vld. a. *l5ot, burning ; vchnmcat, 
Fervldn^is. fSr'-vld-nSs. *. ardour of mind, acal, 
Fervour, fcr'-vftr. «. heat t^f mind, 2ca!. 
Fescue, f^s^-k^. s. H small wire by which tk *.» 

wlio teach to read pcwnt out tlie letters. -v^ 

Festal, f^'-(&L a. bekMigiog to a feast j festive, 

Fester, f&'-tjb'. r. n. to corrupt, to grow vtndcnt. 
FeMinate, fSs'-t^n^te. a. hastjf, hurried, [ous. 
Vesdval. f^s'-ti-vul. a. pertaining to feasts, joy 
FesUval, f*s'-lAA'4l. *. time of feast. 
Festive, f&';tlv. a. jp>ioii8, gay. Ijoiciug. 

Festivity, f &-tlv'-^t^. s, fesuval, uine of re- 
FeatooQ. fle^Uo'. t. an ornament cf carved 

work m the form of a wreath or gaHand of 

flowsri, or leavet twisted logeth^o [e 




t Eke, fiar^ f&gy l&t y-HOH k , <Wgt ^ -t l i M P, pfcf j— 

Ffldh^ fMk -v. «r. «» go «iid htiagi » obtain 

Fidiiciftt, fi^dA'.iMU. A owfidemri ^ 

Fiduciary, (M6'-ati^44^.«. me wl» MdsMi 

Muoff iiktrtfsi. fwr 

Fiduciaiy,1lMiai'.«faft4^4ucmiaileiit, imdoiSt 
Fief, l^t. a i^, a mmor. 
Fie[(l,.fi&^.«. ground noi^fihiilHtedt coltiraied 

tract of groand j open couiitiy ; faare «f '^al 

tie : inaoe ; exiont: tlie mrfkte of n dMd. 
Fieldmiraiiid, i^^id-ni&r'.sliftl. «. 

of an annj in tiie Held. 
Fieldpiece, f^ld'-p^^. #. nnaU 

in nattles. 
Flood, f^nd. s. an enemy, Hataii. 
Fierce, f^rse. a. tavace, ravenous. 
Fiercely, Hfknn'A^. ad. \'iolcntly, dmousAy. 
Fierceness, (%^rsc'-u^. s. fcfx)ciiy, savagenen 
Fieryyfl'4r-^, a. bot like fire 5 tidiemenl, ar 

rlentj famomto; unrettrained ; bealecl bj 

Fife, fife. s. a pipe blown to the drum. 
Fifteen. dr-iM«.«. five and ten. 
FiJtet Jttli. iir-idissuli. a, the fifth after the teal 
Fi I rb, ilUh. a. ilie next to the fonrdi. 
Fifllilv, dR/iM^. ad, in the fifth place. 
Fill ieth. f^f\i^m. a. the next <o tiie fixtyiuiiU 
Fiiiv. f Jf-iA. «a. five tena. 
Fi -^ ' f%. M. & tree and its firtrit. 

u> nuiieml in battle, to naalce wiu*; to oai^ud 

in sfn^i^lc )igiit [against. 

Fi^ht, fUc. r. a. to war against, to conbai 
Figlit, f Itc. s. battle j conibaly duel. 
Fighter, flMftr. «< warriour, miellisl. . . 
Fiffhrint^, fiMlngi pwt. <r.t{uaIHied for waii 

for hattle. 
Figmont, fig'-Hi<^«t. *. anim-entiou* 
F'igulsUe, fig' »Viite. a. made of potter 'a day. 
Fiffurable, f Ig'-iN-ri-bk a. r^pable of baiv 

bmuffht'to certain ktrm, and retsuned in it. 
Flgurability, flg-ij-rft-biK-^-ii. s. capabSeseaa 

m » certnia and statile form. ^^ 
Figtiratc, f?g'-iLi-r4to. «> 6t & ccirtaiu' and dolH- 

nimstfe form. 
Figiirativey fV-&-ra-dv. a. repktssenuag «nft»> 

Uringel8e/t>iMeal. - -. 

Figurativclv. flg'-A-rMlv-l^: ad, by « 

Fetch, tetsh. s, a stratagem, a trick. 
Fatid, f&'4d. <L.aliDkiDg> Rmdd. 
Fetidnew. f^-kt-a^ t, the quality of stinkiag. 
Fetlock, m'')^k. «. & tuft of luiir Uiat grows be- 
hind the pastern joint. 
Fetter, fdt'-t&r. v. a. to bind, <b enchain. 
Fetters, (hfiidrtit. chains for the foet. 
Fettle, fdt'-tl. r.«. to do4riflii^ business. 
Fehisv fl&'^tds. «. an auioiol in embi^'o, any thing 

yet in the «x>mb. 
Feud, f&de. s. quarrel, contention. 
Feudal, A'-dil «. held of a nineriour k>rd. 
Feudal, fZ^'-dil. s. a dsfieiiaence, something 

Mil by tenare. 
F6ttdal<Hy, fiy-d&ptfir-^. s. one who holds by 

some comtitiona! tenure. 
Fever, ^-vdr. «. a disease in which tlie body is 

violcmlly Iteated, smd the pulse quickened. 
. Fuverish; f<l^'-vi!b'-»i. a. troubled with a fever; 

tending to a 4b\'er. 
i*'ew^fii. a. not a great number. 
•^ewRess, f^'-o&i.^. smallness of number. 
S^'ib, (lb. s. a lie, a falsehood. ^ 

t'lb. Hb. K ft. to tell lies. 
*<lbber, flb'-Mir. s. a teller of fibs. 
Fibre, f I'-biV. s. a small thread or string, 
""ibril, f I'-bril. s. a small fibre or string. 
Fibrous, fl'-briVs. a. composed of fibres. . .. 
J^'ickle, i1k'-kl. j. cfaai^able, inconstant. [(3'. 
Fickleness, f?k'>kl-ik^. s. incouotancy, uncortain- 
rictile, f Fk^iH. a. made by the potter. 
Fiction, fik'-shftn. 9. tlic act of fiiigning, tlie 

thing fei^idd ; a fiUscliuod. 
Fictions, nk'-shfts. a. fictitious, imaginar>*. 
Pictiiiou.Q^ f ?k-llslt'-<^ a. coiinlcdeit^iot genuine. 
Kictitiously, flk-lIdi'-Ss-l*, ad. ialsely, cotimer- 

feiily. [»><?, j3i vioHn. 

Fiddle, ffd'Hll. «. a stringod in.slrunie«t of mu- 
Fiddle, fid'-dl. v. u, to play upon the fiddle : lo 

trifle. [fiddle. 

Fiddler, f Id'-iU-Ar s^ one tliat plays upon ttie 
Fiddlestring, fid -dl-sitHng. s. tlie striae of a 

fiddle. [renCe. 

Fidelity^ ti^-<Sl -^tk. t. Inncsty, faithful adbe- 
"^^ B, udie. > V. n. to move tnmUy ami 
et,fl$'-k S iiregular^.. » 

Fi^re, figMuoT s. thape ; sta«ise> Imt^'' 
*aiaracic^j^u«glge^^5|5i^^e' "■' ' ^" 

TIL i 



Fllbertni'-Mrt. «. a fine luad-iiiit. 
FBcfa, flh».#^<i> Id Phi im pilfeR 

nit, HMwSL ft liMwi wkich pApcn fire.tiRiii^i 
t CKiftk g iw, itttt a fiao.of aokUwi nuim 
cMbdiSd — --^ " ^^ ' ^ ■ 

fftii,tt«.«.iiiewinf olsliili* • ' • • 

Fhiable. fl'-al^. £ tiwi adoNif « ine. 

Final, fl'-aAk m, olOtaiali, laii ) eeocMvia. 

illMiij, f 1'-bAI4. arf. iihiiiwte»x. 

Fbance, l^-nftnao'. «. ravoana. 

Financia!, (&«lii'-dillL a. retotiv^ to QtiaiMM. 

ilBaacier, ffa^n^ a fe ^ . «. one who aaitocti 

«t ianm the jMibHck iweime. 
Flab, find. 0. a. to el>iaia hy munh iag or-seek- 

u^i lemoefwitli } 10 diacoverj to «!atecij 

file, file. r. a. to strioff upon a tlnrcadorwivaf Fme, 

to cm with a lift' : 4 ^^ 

File, fUe. tu^ to bmivIi ia Sh, [celoar. 

FDMMit* fll'4in6i.f^ab«ofnier jreHow-bitmra 
FmLfflf'Ai* a..pertaiBingtp a ami. 
FDiatioa, Hl-M'-siifin. 9, rdatiou of a jnn to^ 

father. lUie 6ie 

Filni|g, fl'-Saga. «. (higineait nibbed off .by 
FHl^ TiL t9L A.4e stere littao mdreiran be adaiit« 

tod: to satisfy; to maker fUll, to occwfy by 

Fill, fH L% n. to giva chrhik; to grow Aill. 
FBI, fll. M. a*nttkh as' mi^ pimnce complete 

toaipply, to ibnrisb. 
iDe.rtoewa. -'" 

rtlined, pore $ subtile ; pelhMHd j 

M«Hv«»ivj deztepoBs } tA&gmAi areomplished}. 

splendki - fond, coi>c)iisioii. 

Fine, f Ino. s. a amlct ; penalty } ibrfeit ; the 

Fine, flue. v. a. to refine, to parily ; to- punish 

- with pecuntmry peaaky. 

Fioe; rhie. r. u. to pay a fhte. fkcciily. 

K|Defy, fine'-1^. ad. beautiially, elesantiy ; 

Fmeness', ftne^-uii. 9. olegcuKe,« d4?icncy ; 

^w, splendour I pori^. [poamnce. 

F^iery, fl'-nftr-^. s. show, splendour of ap« 

FRuease. fS^n^. ». arUice, stratagein 

Ffner^ fl ^nftr. s. onewlio purifies metals. 

NyMictian; tbeplaee betweoii the sliaAs of a^Fitie^ spoken-, flne'-sp6-kn. a. afi^ctcdly polite. 

>iHef, rN'4ft. s. ft 'baikl tte<I round ihe head or 

other parts tiie fleshy parir of tlic Ihigis apfili' 

edconunonly to voal) mesd nollcd tog:euicr, 

and tied it>iia^- [iUlei. 

Mlict, A-tft a A to btnn nntli a bandn^ or 
Fillip, fil'-lfp. V. a. to strike wkh the nail oftlia 

finger iry a suddon tprittj;. 
KiIHp, nKOp. s. a jerk of the fiugicr £itp% from 

i'llly, {W4L a. * ^'ouasr ware. 
F*Dm, film. s. a thm pcllick* or xkin. 
F Amy, fft'-m^ «• compnesd of ihiti peHiclcs. 
Kilter, itt'Khr. t* a. lo strain, u» peroolate. 
Filter, fH^r. s. a strainer, a charm, a love- FiHl«ws,fln'-l<^s. 
Filth, tfiih. s. dot,' irastines*^ [potion, i ri»Hkc, Jln'-Hke. 

Finger, fhi^-|?Ar. s. a flexiWe mcmtver of (lie 
hand J a smui measure of cxtcasi(*n. 

Finger, flng'-gftr. v. a. to touch ii»iil!y; !f) 
touch an insUtmicnt of nmsiiR. 

Finical, f?it^-6-kill. a. nice, foppish. 

Fhiically, f ?n *-kll^. ad. f^»pislilY. 

Flnkaluei^, f?n'-i-k<U*nls. *. 8U{tenittoii:TTiie«'i> 

Finish, Ha'-lBh. r. a. to pertfeci, 10 comp!8'« 

Khiisher, f hi'-fsli-ur. » owe tliat fiiiislioi.. 

Finite, iT-nho. a. fitMited, IwMude*!. 

Fiuitelcsw, fl'-iJtc-l^. a. wiiliooi t<»nnd^ ■«. 

limitBfK ^ [crrtain dcii -re 

I Finitely, f I'^rtte-I^. ad. witli certain Umiw. if. a 

Firwlericwj', f t'-nltc-l><^. si. linntmioii. 
witljout fins. 
fo6ncHl in hnitarion of /ii*. 

Filthily, fM'-^l^^ ad. nastily, fbidly, gwjssiy. {Finny, ffu'-n6. n furnished witli fins. [nincle. 
Filthiness, flUA'-6-n&*. *. naslincss, dirtinws H Fir, i^ s. the tree of wbWi deal-boards are 


Filthy, flWi'4. a. nas^, ib'jd 5 jjoiktcd. 
FUtiate, fl^-tdrte. r.<i. to strain, to percolate; 
Flltj«titar; fll-tri'-shfln. *. a mctlKxl by which 

r -ai^piticunAJfbe^ttidciciir. 

Fire t'lic. *. iIk5 elomeht that \Mirw, auy lhtn|r 
ourning', or tiiot Inflames the passions; ar* 

FI16, flirt; v.a. to i»t on fire, to kmdie } to 
inflame the passions, to animai€)QLC 




Fktm. rlr,C4B, fil^-«i^, wak-^^'ifia;^^ 

fire, flfv.ut.fl. to taktfif*, to be keatedWHh 
Dairion) to dudtoife ecy Hftt-eniM; 

lnre-armii f iie'4nm. «. gam, uuskela. 

firebrand, f ire'4)irftiiiL #. < e piece of wood 
kindled ; an incendiaiy. 

firelocki f Ire'-I6k. «. e solcUer^i |;iin. 

Fii^eBMin, flre'-uAn. «. one who w eropki^'ed to 
extinguisli Uirniog bouses. < [vying /bis^ 

firepan, ^lre^!p&n. f. a pan for huldiug or car^ 
ireship, fire'-shlp. «. a ship l|Ued with combust 
tible matter to fire the vessels of tlie enemy. 
Fireshovel, f W-shftv-vi s. the instrument with 

which the hot co^li are throwm 
l1re-eide,^nrc<«Ule'. «. tlie hearth. Uic chimnoy 
Firestone, fb^>stAoe. « stone tliat will near 

Fist tuL s. ilic Itand diMM. 

FisdeiiJls, f!^' 1^ kft*. «. baule wHk^m. 

FirtuU, rkuJt4»ll «.ftmM«i ide 


Fidtular, fli'-tsh&4Ar. a. boBotr Iim • me. 
FfstukMtt, fli'HsUMfli. a. iMvn^ ibe MMe ef 

tlie fire,' tlie p^Tttes. 
Firewood, ftrc'-wfld. s. wood to burn, fuel. 
Firing, f i^-rZng. «. ftiei. fgaOons. 

Firkin, f^-khu t. a vessel contaitulig nine 
Finn. f&in. a. strong ; coustatit, 'resolute, un* 

snaken ; the name or names under which any 

louae of trade is established. 
Firmament, f.^r'-0i&-m&ii« ». the sky, the 

ncmvens. (the upper nkions. 

Fmnamental, f&r-m&«mSn'-t&l. a. ceIcsu^,of 
Firmly, f&rm'-I^a<(.st>ongly; immoveably. 
Firmness, f&rm'-a^ «. etaoilitv;^ steadiness, 

resolution. [time $ highest in dignity, 

First, f first, a. the oixlina^ of one j earliest n 
Fint, f Ant. ad. earliest ; before any other con< 

sideration ; at the beginning. 
First-fruits, fArst'-frJU&. a. what (lie season 

first produces or matiures of any ItimL 
Firstling, f fa'st'-llng. «. the first produce, 
Fiscal, f Is'-k^ $. exdiequer, re\^eniie. 
Fish, f Isli. $. an animal ^ihat inhabits the water. 
Fish, fish. V » to be emptoyod in catching fish ; 

to endeavour at any thing by artifice. 
Fish, fish. «. 0. to seurch water m quest of r»h. 
Fisher, fisb'-fir. >s. cnie whose em- 

Fiiberman, flBh'-ih^m&n. { ploymem is to 

catch fish. [fish. 

Fishery, fUb'-Ar^. $, the business of catdung 
FMiify,f}sh'-^ft.v.a.totumtofi8h. • 
Fbhing, ftth'-ing. ». the art of taking fish. 
FWimeal, flsb^le. s. diet of fish. 
Fishmonger; I'A-m^ng-gdr. «. a dealer iA fishi 
Fishy, fish' ^. , cousistbg of fish. 

Fit, fit; >. a paroK^ of any ifltornilleat ilis. 

Fit, f K. 0. qualified, proper y r%ht^t. 

FH, fit. r. a. to suit} to acoomnodato } to he 

FitcK fhsh. t. a small kind oTlnld pea 
Fhfuf, f k^-ffil. a. varied by panBym& 
Fitly, fit'-li. ad. |Mt)periy,ituily* [simableness 
Fitness, fft'-n^ t. propneQr, m cc t a es s , rea- 
Five, five. a. four and one. 


J to 

Fives, f ivx. a. a kind of play with a 
Fix, ftks. V. a. to make fttft } to letth 
Fix, f Iks. e. M. to determiae the re 

rest ; to kise volatility. 
Fixation, flk-di'-sh&u. i. stability, 

reduction from fluidity to Bnaaess. 
Ftiedty, flk'-s&l-l^. aa. certoioly, firmly. 
Fixedness. flk'-s^-nSs. «. stobifity] stoadBnei^ 

Fixture, flks'-tsh^re. t. stable state-} ft piece of 

furniture fixed to a bouse. 
Fixure. flk'-sli&re. $. firmness, stable stoto. 
Fizgig, flz'-g%. $. a kuMi of dart or narpoon 

with which seamen strike fish. 
Flabby, fl&b'-li^. a. soft, not firm 
Flaccid, Mk'-flld. 4i. H«ak, limber • tax. 
Flacddity. fiak-iJd'-^t^ $. bxity, liaweraess 
Flag, fl%. r. ft. to oang loose} togrowsprli 

less ; to lose vigour. 
Vh^, A^sr^ 1*. a. to lot fall, 4fr Aifler todnM<p , 

! :\ V w ^ Li I Uitiad stones. [species of i' 

F]Ji^, J^iV^. *. a water-plani ; an eu 
Fl iLirf^r'i't. iiyje'-i-]^, «. a smah flute. 
FJ;^K(^fl''('^i''> fl&dje4l^tii'.sfaAB. #. the 

llie Mitnirge. 
Fbjr^nc^ii, fllg'-g^nSs. f. laxity, Ihm 
FliiKgy, fiV ge. 0. weak, hut, nmber. 
F!a^]i]ou!4, flii-^-As. a. wickMl^ vOlMtoa 

neruciuus. f¥iieay 

riagiuottgpeM, fi&-^'<<AiHBlf. t. wfciMiiM 




Fhfm Mf'-ftii. «. a kwp-ouart measure. 

^ ifc. «. Munini; teat, (iie. 
'«|^liit 0. wdeuty eageri notori- 

. FlamtfoOy itt*ffri'-ib&o. «. borniiif . 
FiSl, flUe. «. iilvoiliin|r inathunent. . 
\tlakef Akm, s. any tbing ibat a^jpcars kMwely 
Mdtocetlicri a strauim, Ia3t!r. 

brocen into laiii*n». 
• Flanit ttm- <• a falsebnod, a lie 
Flambeau, ilftm'-b6. «. a tighted torch. 
Flame, flime. #. fight from hs^ -, Uaze : ardour 

dt temoer or ima^^inaUoa ; passion ot love. « 
Flame, IS&mer v. n. to siiitte as fire j to blaze ; 

to break out iq viotence of passion. 
FlammalnUty. fl&m-m&-bll'4-t^. s. die r]ualitv 

of admitting to be set on fire, (tmg on flame, 
nammathn, fMm-m^'-sh&ii. $. tbeactofset- 
^fcunroeoue, flftm'-n)64b. 1. consisting of flame. 
Flamy, fllt'-m^. a. inflamed, iHiminf. 
Ilank, fl&uk. «. the side; part of a oastion. 
Ilank, Ufaik. t, a, to aUack the side of a bat- 
talion or fleet, 
i'laqnel. fiu»-nSL s. a soft, natipy stuff «)f wool, 
flap, mp. $. any thinff lliat bangs broad and 

.oose; tbe motion of any thing broad and 

toose ; a^tsease in horses. 
Ptap, flop. o. a. to oeat or moiv with a flap. 
Flak tAp. V. n. to ply the wings with noise ; to 

fail with flaps. ^ 

Flare, (Are. «. n. to flutter with a t;pkndid 

afaotw tto gfitter oflensit'ely. 
Fladr, rash. j. a sudden, transitory tia$» ; sud- 
■ dni burst of wit or merriment. 
Fkttli, fl&sh. V. ti. to glitter with a quick aiid 

tr an si op t flame > to break out into wu or mor- 

liwenl. ^ [stance. 

FMiy./Mah'^. a. ynpty ; showy, without sub- 
fitmk, flbk* 9, abottk} ; a powdar-horn. 
FlaAeL flisk'-it #. a vessel in which viands are 

Fk^ tftu a. koriaonlally lex-cI ; smootli \ pro 
tnbe i iainpid \ dutt } sfNritless ; dowanght 
Fta^ w. a. a level 5 even ground } *shalloi 

Mif I la BMrfc or characfler it musick. 
Fla^ ttk » ff. to levet, ta depress } to make 


• <bwa 

Flat, flit. r. II to grow flat : to I 
Fjatly, fl&t'-J^. ad, horizoDtally ; dtdly i < 

rigiit. [insipidity } dt 

Flatness, fl&t'-n^ s. e\-enne:tt, level eziensioft 
Flatteii, fl^'-tn. v. a. to make tevel } to d^ieci, 

to dispirit. 
Flatter, fl&t'-t&r. r. a. to sooitie with praisos ; ta 

rqise fabe hopes. 
FlatteMr, fl&t'-tftr-r&r.A. a fawner, a li'hoedter 
Flattery, flat'-tdr-^. «. falie praise, artful obsa- 

Flattish/ fl&tMYsb. a. somewhat Oeit. 
Flatulency, ^Ltsh'-iVl^n-s^. s. Windiness : vanuy 
4 Flatulent, flitsh'-((*l&)t. a. Utfgid with air 

windy ^ puflV. 
Hatuous. Mts!)'«£i-As. a. windy, fljl! of wind. 
Flatus, fl^'-tde. $. wind gathered in any cavities 

oftliebody. [appiire* 

Flaunt, fl^ut r. n. to make a Quuering sbo^' in 
Flaunt, flJbt. s. any tJJng loose and airy. 
Flavour, fiJi'-vAr. s. power of pleasing ike 

taste ; smell, odour. [ate ; octorou^ 

Flavourous, mi'-vAr-As. a, delightful to the pal- 
Flaw, flilw. $. a crack or iH-eacn ; a defect 
Flaw. fliw. V. a. to break, to crack. 
Flawless, Aw'-l^j. a. whhout cracks, Miihuu% 

defects. [finest thread is mode. 

I*lax, fl^s. M, tlie fibrous plant of wliich iLa 
Flaxen, flSk'-sn. a. made of flax ; fair. 
Flay, fla. V. ct. (o strip off the skin. ' 
Flea, Oik. t. a small insect. 
Flea, fl^. V. a. to clean from fleas. 
Flcabitten, fl^'-bit-tn. a. stung by fleas. 
Fleak, fl^ke. $. a smaQ k)ck, thread, orlwist. 
Fleanv. fl^me. s. an insmiment used to l>!eed 

cattle. [strokes or (ouches. 

Flecker, -fl^k -ftr. r. a.- to spot, to fhark with 
Fled, Add. p»^. ajul part, ofyfae. 
Fledge, flMje. v. a. to furmsh with wings,, t; 

supply Willi fbathens. 
Flee, &^. v. n, prei. JUd, to run from I 
Fleece, fl^^. s. as much wool as is shorn f 

one sheep. 
Fleece, fl^^se. v, a. \o clip t|bte fleece m 

sheep : to strip, to plunder. 
Fleeced, fi^^ a. having fleeces of wool. 
Fleecy, Q^-sik, a. covered with wooL 
Fleer fl^r. u n. to piock, to gibe ; to g«ii|^ 




Fkm, fir, fin, ftt 3— wi^, nA)-f)ine, pti f— 

F lay; fl ft^.#. Biod«7; • decekAii griii of iFlip; (Sp, s. m Ikfim Bwde It^rnfid^^ beer win 
Flee^^l ». a compaiiv oT^tps, »nar/. F2ippaucy^ fllJp^-pAii-9^. a, taftatiraa^ ia» 

Flee^ iii^. r. fi. to ffy swihU*} ii^ be in a tran 
sient state. fUme aw^ tightly. 

Fle^fL Hift^t. t».a. to skim tlie water j to i>ass 

Fleetly, Bkh'^lh. ad. fHiAjy, nimbly, with swift 
Dare. [celerity. 

FjeetOiess, flMi'-iA. s. swifiuc.«, liittiblencsj,'. 

Flesh; flfesb. «. tlio body of an aiiiinal j aii^inal 
nature 3^ cnqx»ra! appetites. 

Fledieoiour, fl^'-kdl-6r. «. tlie colour offlcslu 

Fleshlineas, f Jsli'-i^n^ t. canial passions or 

Fleshly, fllbb'-l^. a. corporeal) carnal ; animal. 
Fleshineat, fl^'rni^^ $ nmnia) foorl. 
Fleshy, fl^t'-^. a. plump, full of flexh. 
Flew, 1». |w«e. ofjlu. 
nektbifity, a^ks^-Wr-^-tA. *. pliancy. 
Flexible, fl8ks'4-l)l. a. pliant) iwnplyiugj 

ihictile, maiEureabie. 
Flexibleness, fleks'-^bl-n^ 9. possibilhy to be 

bcutj obsequiousness, compliance; ductility. 
FleziiO; flek'-s!l a. pliant, cosily bent, obioqui- 

ous td any po^vei- oc iuipul^. 
Flexion^ fldk'-sliAn. s. a bending. 
Flexuotis, fl^k'-shi-fts. a. windirnf. • 
I'lexure, ildk^sh&rc. 5. the act of bendiii^ j tlie 

part bent, tlie joint. [wings. 

Fucker, fik'-flr. «. a. to flutter, io play {Ih; 
Flight, flIiB. *. the act cf flyiii' or rwmu^ff from 

danger 3 a flock of bircls; lieat of imagiha- 

i'1i||{!ity,Cl'-t*. «. fleeiinff, swift ; wild. 
Flims}', flfm'-z^. a. weak, ftseMe ; mean. 
Flinch, flin^. p. it. to slu4nk from any sulferia^ 

nr undertaking. [any matter. 

Fliocher, illniii^&r. s. he who slirijiks or fails in 
Fluigt fling. V. a. prot /Umg ; part. Jiun^, or 

/fcttig. Ha cast from tKe hand, .10 throw^ to 

dart. [unruly. 

Flio^, fBng. V. n. to flounce, ^ wince j^ to grow 
l-liiig, fling. Mf a throw, a cast $ a gibc^ a con- 
temptuous reinark. 
FUnt, flhV <> a kmd of «tone jiaed^in lirek^; 

*"*y ^ing ursverbially hard. 

\ spirits 'and sn^. 

Flippaucy, fllJp'-pAu-s^. j. . „ 

I**lippaut. ffl^-pAnt. a. nimble >. pelt, taObtisi. 
Flii>i)aimy,9!p'-pAnt-li. Af. in a flowinr,pratiqg 

way* £elasti(£ i^otioiL 

I«1irt, flnrt. r. a. t^t tltrow ai^y thiufjp with a^ick 
Flirt, flftrt t:. n. Io iccr. 
ITut, flftrt. «. a qnick, elastick motion; asoJdet 

nick; a j^rt hussy. [tioa.; coouetr/. 

Flirtation, flAr-t^'-sIiftn. i. a quiot, sprigfatTy hkv 
Flit, flit. r. w. to fly awayj to flutter. [cured 
Flitch, filtsh. «. tie ude of a liog sahed aufl 
Flittine. flit'-tTug. s. an oflcncc, a (ault 
Flix, flfks. «. down, fur, soft hair. (water 

Float, fltVte. v. m. to smm on the .surface of the 
Float, flAte. «. any body so contrived as to 8'.\-i» 

on the water ; the ctuii or quiUby which the 

aiififler discovera tl»e bite. 
FlocK, flok. s, a company of buxls or hecsts. 
Flock, fl6k. t'. n. to gather in crowds or lai^ 

Flog, flAg. V, a. to lash, to niiip. 
Flootl, tftd. s: a body of vi-aicr j a deluge, ao 

inundation; flow. [waters 

Flootl, flftd. ti. a. to deluge, to cover with 
Floodgate, fl&d'-dite. s, a gate by wliich the 

watercourse lis closed or tipencd at pleasure. 
Fk30k, fld^k. s. the broad part of an anchor. 
Floor, flAre. s. the pavement; a 8tor>', a flight 

of rooms. (a floor. 

Floor, fl6"e. v. a. to cover the bottom with 
Flooring, flA'-rfng. *. bottom^fltwr. 
Floral, fl&'-rdl. tf. relating to Fl»»ra,or to fl<)wcrs. 
Floret, flA'-r§L s. a sinan imperfect flower. 
Floi id, flAr'-fd. a. flushed witli red; embellish «tV 

Floridity, fl5-r!d'-A-i*. *. frcslniess of coteiir. 
Fforidness, fl&r'-Id-n&. *. frcslmca* of ctikMir; 

emlielliihmont. U'-ri . 

FlDriferous. fl6-rff-f^rfts. «* prodijctrve of »»>w 
Fk>rin, fl&r^-ln. «» a coin first made by thA FViT'- 

Plbrist. fl A'-iIm. «. a cnltiTator of flowen 
FkMct]]ous.fl6s'-k&-}Ai.a. composed oTtoiiwii 
Flounce; flAAmo. v. n. to move wHh vieleiiei 

iathew'aterormirei tom0v«w]tkf|««io9Ml 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 




w6, mAv*, nAr, ndt }— tAbe, tAb^ YAH ;— ^H ;— })dAiKl -y^iln, Tuis. 

i>loaofl8y iMaiw. 9. 9ay thing sewed to tlie 

iStnaetiftp tmA katm^ Soow, 10 as to swell 

and rfiake: a'Aurtwow. 
FUmnder, AMii'-dAr. «. asmaU flarlMi. 
Plouoiier. Mn'-dAr. «. n. to stnigigte with \io- 

ieot ain irtviguiar motions. 
Plour^ flA&r. s. the edihSe part of corn, or any 

gam nadocibia to pewder. 
l-lounsh, HAr'-jiih. v. n. to be in vigour ; not to 

iade} to lise florid langua^; to boast; to 

play some prehitw. 
^'lounshy fldr^-ridi. a. a. to adoin laitti vegetal>Ic 

^«aui^) to mm-e any thing in qukk circles or 

vihnitjons; to adorn ^nth embelltsbmeuts of 
Flourtsh, itiW'-ilah. «. bravery, beauty; an os- 
tentations emboUisldneiit. 
Flout, fld&t v. 0, to mock, to insult 
Fiout.fiA&t. v.«u to practi£e mockery, to Inihave 

with coataanpt. 
Flaai, Ma, s. a mock, an iusalt. 
i*low. fl6w V. ». to run or spread as water; to 

mett; to issMc; to glide anyiothly) to hang 

Ibose and waving. 
Plow, fl6. i. the nse of water: a siuldcn plenty 

or abuttdanco ; a stream of diction. 
Fiower^ flAA'^iV t. the hkMMoiu ol'a plant; an 

ornamoiH; the prime part. 
Flower^ ftou'-flr. r. i». to be in flower ;^ to be in 

the pnme, to flourish ; to mautlek ' 
Flower, flM'-Ar. r. a, to adoni with fictitious or 

imitated fltvwers. 
r^lowerot, flAA'-fir-At. *. a small flowei-. 
Flowery, fi5&'-(ir-6; a. full of flowers, adorned 

with flowers real or fictitious. 
I l9WiB£ly, ^'-hg-ik. Md. with vohihiHty, with 

abuj^mpe. [esicapcd. 

Flown, fl6iie. jmH^ of ^ or Jlee. gone away, 
Fluctuant, AAk'-tshifHlnt. tu wavernig, uncei^ 

tam. . 
Fluctuate, fl&k^shMte. it. n. to fU>t\i backt^-aixl 

and Ibrward; to be ia an UMcertaia state^ to 

be irresoJnts. (ladetermination. 

FltietuatioB, flAkrtsh&-&'-sliAn. s. uncertainty, 
Fine, fld. sw * smaR pipe or chimney to couvey 

Fluent, flii'-dnt. a. liquid, flowing; < 

Flukl, fliV-!d. a. having parts easily separable, 
not solid. [tliat flows. 

Fluid, fl6'-ld. s. an animal jui^; any thing 

Fluiility, fli'i-!d-'-^-t^. s. the quality in bodies 
opposite U> solidity. 

l*1ummer>, fldm'-flr-^. s. a kind of Ibod trade 
by coat^ulation of wheat-flour or oatmeal. 

Flung, flftng. part, and prei. ofjlhig. 

Fluor, Aiif-ix. s. a fluid stale ; catamc^nia. 

Flurry, flftr'-rft. s. a hasty Wast ; hurry. 

l*lU3h, fl^i. V. n. to flow with vrolence; t« 
come in haste. [chUCr 

Flusli, flfish.. r. a. to colour, to redden; to 

Flush, fl5sli. a. fr^i, full of vigour ; abounding. 

Flush, flilisiL t. sodden hnpulsc, violent flow; 
cards all of a sort. 

Fluster. flAs'-tdr. v. a. to make iiot and rosy 
with (irinking. 

Flute, fliHtc. *. a musical pipe; a channel or 
furrow in a }uliar. 

Flute, fl^te. V. a. to cut columns uito liolk>ws. 

Flutter, flftt'-iftr. v. ». to take short flights wiih 
freat agitation of the wings; to move int!gii 
larty. * [hurry the mrid. 

Flutter, flflt'-lftr. v. a. to drive incusoi\Ierj to 

Flutter. fti'W'-tSr, s. diwvrdrr of inind, confusion. 

Flux, flftks. s. the act of flowing) dysentery. 

Fltix^ Cfiks. V. a. to mcll, to salivate, to evacu- 
ate by spitting. [matter that flows. 

Fluxion, flSk'-shftn. ft. the act of flowing, the 

Fly, fll. T?. n. preUjlac,or Hedi pati. Jled, or 
^oicii. to move witJt wings; to pass Uirou^h 
Uieair; to pass awa^*; to hurst asunder ; In 
r\Ai away. ^ [quit by flight. 

Fly, fli.' t'. a. to slum, to avoid, to dccjinc ; to 

Fly, fli. s. a small wiiigcd insect ; tjiui »art ol" % 
machine whidi, being ptit into a qutcK mcAo& 
regiilatos tlie re.^. [with magjrots 

FlyblQw, fli'-bI<S. r. a. to taint with flies, »6 fd 

Foal, I6le. s. the ofl^^rlng of a marc^i^r Jthei 
. beast of burden. 

FoaJ, Ittkt, r. a. (u bring A^rtli a (bah 

Foofii, fi^me. s. tlie white substance which ga^ 
I ers on Uie top of llipiors, frotli, spame. 


itv4»^k •* Ike ^lualRy ol flonruig, ^oam, fi^^me. v. n. to frodi, to gMlier tam\ 







Vh% fir, fk\{, (ai }— niA, m^ }— pbe, \ia > 

FouDV. ^-m^. a. covered with fbaiii; frothy. 

Fob|, roo. *, a sinai. pocket. 

Fob| (4&b. t. a. to cheat, to trick, to defraud. 

Foeits, /5'-k5s. »., li.c 'potm where the i-ays arc 
o^Icctcd by a bumiitg -glass. 

Fodder, fiWi'-oftr. *. i\ry food tor '•aillc. 

Fodder, f<Sd'-dAr. v. a. to feed with ilry food.- 

Foe, i&. s an eiieiny in wpr ; an «)p,«oi.-iit. 

Fcetus, ii-tfin. £. the child in the womb aftor il is 
perfectly formed. 

F(^, (Sg. s n thick mist ; aftciTpu-'x. 

Foggily, tft'g'-g^-JA. .;</. misiilv, darkly, t UHi«liI\. 

Fogginesa, fuir'giSn&i. s* dic state «»f l»ci»ifj 
^ dark or miiUy, i:iislinesjs, 

^'oRgy^ ^g^-ff^- f • «J>isly, cloiuly. 

Fon, loh! irtterj. ai: iMlcrjccti<m«>rK!)liorrencc. 

Foible, (W'-bl.**. a weak »;ide, a bliml sulc. 

F<m1, f8l!. r. a. to put lo the worst, to <lefeul. , 

F(mI, f^il. s. a oeliuii ; something of anotlicr col- 
our near whieli jvv^t!!!» arc set to taise Uieir 
lustre; a blunt sword used in fencing. 

Fmst, rtVifst. i>. a. to in'«!rl by forger}"., 

Fold, fMd s, n |>cn fur «lier|). 

Fold, f61d r. a# to shui sheep In ilic fold ; to 
double, to conif»ru-nic. [ijw or leaves. 

FoliaceouR, fA-l,t4'-s!ift». a. coij'iislin*; of lam- 

Foliage, f& -l^-^<ljo. s. leavus, tufts of leaves. 

Foliite, li&'-l<6-&te. V. <i. lo bc^t hiiu !a;nlux or 

FolialioTi, fA-lM'-sht'in. *. tlic act ofl^ating into 
thin leaves; the llowcrof a plain. 

VaUo, l&'-fe-A. 5. ;i '.urge book, of which llic 
gcs arc fonnn^t li^- a slieet of paper once 

Folk, (&ke. s. pci)p!e *, nations, mankind. 

Fallow, f^M'-l^. r, a. 10 go after; to attend as a 
dependant ; in inn-suc ; to be consequential ; 
lo imitate. 

Follower, fftl'-li-ftr. ». one win* comes after 
anoUier ; a <te))ctidaut ; an associate ; an imi- 

Folly, fSU'-l^.tf. want of understanding; crimTual 
weakness, depravity of mind. 

Fomeot, f6-m^nt'. v. a, to cherisli with heat ; to 
bathe with warm lotions ; to encourage. 

Fomentation, f6-m^n-t^'-sltAu. s. a lotion pre- 
pared to fookcnt tlie parts. [supporter. 

^ omeiiter, fb-jonla'-t&r. r. ati lutcourager, a 

Fowl. (&ad.fl, fooiiahf silly; fouliiMy mmm». 
FotMlle, ffVii^-dl. V. a. to- uroal witli gita& m- 

Foudler, iAn'^l-Ar. «. one wiw fimdlea. 
Fondling. fAn'-dl-Kng. t. oiio re£[Brdod witk 

great laVcction. ^toodcnicoib • 

Fonilly, it^iKl'-l^. aii, foolishly ; \vith extrenc 
Fondness, foml'-TM^s: $, fouli;ihnc«(, weaktan^ 

unrca«>nai>le likii^. 
Font, (Vnit. jr. a bu|)ttsina! voRsel. 
Foosi. f'WSd. s. \ i( tuaLs, provisions. 
Foo<lfnt, i'^i't ui. u. fniitlul, (ViU of ktua. 
Fool, f .'i^i. 3. an ifltot ; a l*uAoon. 
Fool, foo!. i\ M, to trifle, , 

Fool., fj^'l. r. a. to treat with cout^ntrt ; tci tit- 

fatuutc. fpracttco 

Foolery, f<Vj!'-Ar-A. «. Imottual folly; trtfiii^e- 
Foolhurdi2)C£u, Ybol'h&r'ii^-ii^s. s. mad ntsh' 

ness. £mi!* 

Foolba«"'ly, fdAl-hir'-d^. i/. 'madlv adteiitur 
Foolish, f<S(^K-!sh. a. void of^nderstamlisig 

weak of intellect. (denlaikiiiig 

Foolishly, f<WK-!sli-lA cni. weakly, wiUioui uu 
Foolishness, fdi^l-Ui-ik's. *. foll>', wantofita 

Foot, f At. s. plural yi'd. that upon which a Uiiii|^ 

Adind:^; a Lcrtain number of sj'Rabics constr 

lutijig^ part of a verse; a measure of twe«\^ 

Fool, f fit. V. n. to dance, to trip \ to walk. ^ 
Foot, f fiu r.a. to spurn, to kick ; to tread. 
Football, f JW'-biMt. t, a ball driven by the hoL 
Footboy, ffit'*bM. s, a low, menia^, an atteaijb 

ant iu livery. 
Footing, f &t^tlng. t. ground fortbe foot ; Rmia 

dation, support; entrance, bei^iimings iti>^ 

condition, settlement. . (inrm* ' 

Footman, f &t'-m&n. a. a low, menial aervaiit ik 
Footpad, f At'-p&d. s. one that robs oa foot. 
Footpath, f At'-p^t. «. a narrow way wbicn wik 

nut admit horses. (left by the took 

Footstep, f &t'-st«!lp. 8, trace, track. iMpraasioo 
Footstool, f At'-stMl. «. stool on wliicli he iftuM 

sits places his feet. 
Fop, Ktp. 8. a coxcomo, one fond of drea* 
Foj>pery, f(&p'-5r-^. «. ftilly, imperiiiietoa; •« 

MctaiioR ofibow or mupoftanoa. 
Foppish^ %!-pltli. a, feobii, Ma, rtm. * ^ 




VapyUhAyt iftp^ilili*!^ ad. vainly, ostentaiioiif-' 

fy. [\'anily.j 

Foppiahnen, ((^-pkiMih, 8, vvmiy, thowy 
For, fAr. |9r(}». becanso of; with recoct to; 

considered «9, in the place of ; for uia sake 

of; io oonnparative respect. 
Fitr, (It. co$^, becatue, oa t|us account, for as 

much, in FecarU that, in consid<»^iion of. 
Forage, fH^r'-ige. «. tt. t* wander in search of 

provisions ; to ravage, to feed on spoil. 
Forage, i3k^-&je. v, a, to plunder, to strip. 
Forase, |&r'-lue. «. seami of provisions, the act 

Forbear, ror-b&e' «. n. firet/ortcrt; part. 
/crborm, to cease from any thuig. to intermit $ 
to pause, to delay; to omit vomntahly; to 
abstain, to restrain any violence of temper, to 
be patient. - 
Forbear, f dr>b&re'. r. a. to decline, to omit itil- 
untarily ; to spare, to treat with clomenc}' ; 
to withhold.' 
Forbearance, fdr-b^re^-inse. i. command nf 
temper; lenity, delay of pouishment, mild- 
J«'orbid, fAr-l>id'. r.o. ymi. forbade : p&xi. for- 
bidden or forbid, to piolabil ; to oppose, to 
hinder. [norrenco. 

Forbidiling, f6r-b!d'^n». jport* a. raising- ab- 
Force, f6nie. «. strength, vigour, might; vio- 
lence; efficacy; vabdness: armamem, war- 
like preparation ; destiny, fatal compulsion. 
Force, fwse. v. a. to compel, to constrain ; to 
overpower ; to impel 5 to enforce 5 to drive by 
violence or power; to storm, to take or enter 
, by violence ; to ravish ; to extort. 
Foreedly, 0r-s£d-l^. ad. violently, constrain- 
FVjrcefnl, fftrse'-f ftl. a. viole\it, strong, impetu- 
ous. ' [ously 
F'orcefuUy, i&rse'-f ftl-lA. ad. violently, impetu- 
F'orceless, (bne'-Ms. a. without force, feebla. 
forceps, f Ar'-stpa. s. an instrument in chirur- 

^ery to extract any thmg out of wounds. 
J>*orcer, (W-sdr. 9. thai which forces, drives^ 

«x* constrains, 
f ovdble, f&re'-i^. a. strong; violent; effica- 
cious; prevalent s valid. 
fi'ordbleiieflB, lW-i^bl-ii!s. t . fixiee, violent* 

Forcihly, fbre'-s^-bli. ad. stmiglyi i 

ly; by force. 
Font, lord. «. a shaltow par* of a river. 
Ford, Iftrd. r. a. to nasj without swimming. 
Fordable. f&rd'-Vlil. a. passable without swioi- 
Fore, ibi^ a. anterior. . ming 

Forearm, f<Vra-^n'. v. a. to provide lor an «i 

tack or resistance before the time of need. 
Forebode, f<bre-b6de'. v. n. to prognosticate, <» 

Forecast, f5re-kftst'. v.a. to scheme ; to contrive. 
Forecast, i4^ra-k&st^ v, n. to form schemes, to 

contri\ie beforehand. 
Forecast. i5re'-kAst.«. contrivance. beforehand. 
Forecastle, Iftre'-k&s-sl. s. pan in a sliip where 

the foromast stands. 
Forecited, f^re-sl'-iW. part, quoted beA>re. 
Foreclose, fire-klAze'. v. a. to shut up. to pro 

Fore4lo, l^^re-<lW'. r. a. to ruiw •, to harass. 
Forefather, fore-fi^Tnir. s. ancestor. 
Forcfeml, Iftro-fiflU'. r. a. to :»\eri. 
ForeR>, fnrc-gA'. v. a. t»> ouit, to give up. 
Foreground, fAre'-grAftiwl. s. tlie part of tne 

fieia or expanse of a p dure l)cfore the 

F'orehand, f^reMiAnd. s. ati)iii£;donetoosoon. 
Forehead, (<^r'-h^d. «. ihni \y\n of the face ' 

whidi reaches from the eyes upwards to the 

hair ; impudence. 
Foreign, i?>r'-ln. a. not domestick ; alien. 
Foreigner^ f<Sr'-dn-5r. s. a man that comes from 

another coimtf)*. 
Foi«know, f6re-iiA'. ». a. to have prescience of, 

to foro.<iee. 
Foreknowlcilge, fArc-uAl'-fdje, t, presdenco/ 

knowliilge of that >%iiicli hns not yet liappen- 

od. (land. 

Foreland, f^^'-l&nd. s.'a pronxmtot^*, nea<V 
Forelay, fAre-lii'. v. a. to lay wait for, to eis- 

trap. " [fr«»m tli6 forepart of the heail 

Forelock, f<^re-IAk. 5. tite hair that grows 
Foreman, f&re'-mAn. i, tlic cl:ief penon on a 

jury ; tlie first serv'ant iu a shop. 
Forementioned, fftreHm^n'-shAnd. a. mention- 
ed or recited before. 
Foremost, f&re'-mA^. a. first mi>.ace 
^<«>^named, f^re-n^und'; 4. nominated boft) 



Ffcto, f It, fifl, A» j-mfc, xA ^-pl^^^ij-- 

ForenooQ, l5fe'-iiMiL «. Uw tkae of day btfivB 
nomi. [iMte, io praxdaiii. 

Foreonlain, tbre^'Suatf. «. a. to pradeiti- 
Forerank, lAre'-rftiiffk. $.Bm rank^noot. 
Forerecitod, Ace-r^'-tld. a. mentioned be- 
Forenin, f5re-rAu'. v. c. to precede. [fo 
Forerunner, I6re-rfin'-nflr. «. a mosscnger sent 

before ; a pro^nostick. 
Foresay, l6rc-sa'. v. a. to predict 
Forefiee, fftre-sM'. t-. a. to sec befbrehaad. 
Foreship, f5re'-«b1^. s. the anterior part of the 

Foreshorten, f5rc-sliV-tu. r. «. to stiorten the 
^ forepan. [it conies. 

ForesDow, ftrc-sh^. p. « to represeut before 
Foresiglit, fftre'-&tlc. «. foreknowledge. 
Foreskin, fftrc'-skln. t. the prepuce. 
Forest, lir'-r&t. $» a wild, uncultivated tract of 

grofMid, with wood. 
Forestall, l&re-4t&^'l\ t>. a, to anticipate, to take 
,up l^ferchand. (pates the niarkeL 

Forestaller, f6re-si&wK-Ar. t. one that aiitid- 
Forester, flir'-r&-tar. s. an officer of the forest 
Foretaste, i^re-tiiste'. v. a. to lave antepast of. 
Foretaste, (ftrc'-iiste. «. anticipation of. 
Foretell, /&re-iil'. «. a, to predict, to prophesy. 
Foreteller, fAi-e-tAl'-lilr. *. prcdicter. 
Forethiiik, (&re*Mink'. t;. a. to anticipate in the 
, mind. [cipation j provident care. 

Forethought, fUef-thk^i. s. prescience, anti- 
Foretoken, (5re-tA'>ku. v. a, to foreshow, to 
progiKwiicate. Iprog^mstick. 

Foretoken, Iftre-tA'-kn. «:. preveuieot sign, 
Foretop, lore'-tAp *. the front of a pci-ukc, «c. 
Forewarn, fftrc-wSi7»'. t\ a. to »bnonisli before- 

liafhl J to caiition. 
Forfeit, rtr'-llt s. somolhinif kst h|r the com- 
^ mission of a crime, a fine. 
Forfeit, t&^'-flt. i*. a. to lose by some ofienoe or 
^ breach of condition. [ated. 

Forfeit, fSr'-ffi. a, lial>le to penal seizure, ^ien- 
Forfeitable, fdr'-f1t-4'U. a. possessed on condi- 
tions. [ing$ tlie thing forfeited. 
Forfeiture, lir'-fu->'ire. «. the act of forfeit- 
Forge, f^rje.. * the place where iron is beaten 
^ into form. 

""orge, fbne. v.a. vo farm by the hammer : to 
Dunterfett, to falsity. 

Forger, Ane'-jAr. a. one wim i 
one who counterfeitg. ftkr 

Foigery, Iftre'-jAr^ t. IMc 

Forget, OiMfi^. v.a.mL /9rgot;wL fur- 
gMd% ixfargoL Id Jese memory of. 

Forgetfulf I8i^lf -AL a. oblivious, uegligent. 

Fotf^tfiilneis, itr-g^-HU-B^t. s. obltvion, Vim 
oi meinoiy. 

Forgive, Iflr-giv . n a, pret ftrgaix ; part. | vm 
forgiven, to pardon : to ramrt. 

Forgiveness, f^glr-nk. s. the act of forgiv- 
ing, papdon. 

Forgot, itr-ePi'. ) 9tri. pau, of for^H 

Foi{otten, rar^-tn.> «ol remembcrocr 

Fork, f3rk. s. nu instrument divided at the end 
into two or more points or proon. 

Fork, iSrk. v. ft. to sh«oi into blades. . 

Forlorn, flhr-Uim'. a. deserted, forsaken. 

Forlomness, fSr-ldrn'-nftk s. nfiseiy, solitude. 

Form, iiftrm. s. siiapes beauty ; ceremony; ex- 
ternal appearance: stated method; a kuig 
scat ; a class ; tlie bed of a hare. 

Form, (Arm. v. a. to make $ to model ; -to plan 

Formal, fZb'-mlll. a. ceremonkus j regular, ex- 
ternal, [pearance to reality. 

Formalist, i9r'-m&l4BL t. one who prefers ap 

For&iality, fAr-ro&l'-^ii. #. ceremony. 

Formalize, idr'-m&-Uze. v. a. tomcxlel; to af 
feet foimalHy. 

Formally, iftr-mftl-l^ ad, according to estatv 
lished rules ; ceremonkiusly. 

Formation, (ftr-mi'-sli&n. s. the act of formings 
tlie manner In which a thing is formed. 

Foi iTiRtiAe, (ur'-ma-dv. a, having the power o( 

Fourier. f^r'-mfVr. a. before another in time; 
Formerivf l8f'-«tftr-l^. a*f. m times past. 
Forfiiitiahle, iai^-mft-di-bf. a. l«rnbie, dreadful 
Formklably, iSf'-m^^-bl^, odL in a terrible 
Foi jutese, lAmi'-J^. ci. iihapcleffl, [niHaner. 
Formula^ nVr'-m64£ f. a prescribed form. 
Formiibry, l^r^-in^l&r^- f . a book oontaining 

pf escribed models. [aess. 

Fornicate, f&r'-nft'kite. «.«. to^eoHmt tewd* 
Fomicatfon, ^r-n^ki'^^hfin. ^. ooneobkMige m 

commerce wiUi an unmairifld woobil 




«&» mdwi, aflc, aftt^— tdfoc, tftb, bftll ;— ft! I ;-pAft»a }-<^ TMi«. 

Foniicatar, fftr'-n^ld^tftr. «. eoo that bat oom- 

aem wiUi «BiMin«d wooMm. 
FViraifilrei*, iSr'HiiMdk-tris. «. a urornan »iko, 

%nifaoiil Kairiage, cohabits with a man. 
ITonakc, fdr<a&k«'. v. c pret. fortook; port 

pas./0v«0dlary«rt(ii«N. toleave; todesert, 

to ^. [forsakes. 

1)or9ik«r, f5#-al'-kftr. s. a deserter, one that 
/imooth, iSr<«ft&6b'. «(. in truth, ccrtaini/. 
It'orswoar, iSr-swire'. r. a. pret.yb'/'ficore ; part 

finmom, to renounce upon oath ; to be per- 

jiiped. [oommit penury. 

Forswear, I3r-svd^. £ n. to ifwear fatoefy, to 
Fort. i&rt. s. a ibrtiiicd house, a casUe. 
Fortliyi&rCA. oe^. fonwardi abroad ; ob Io the end. 
ForUi. iS^cA. prap. out ol. 
Fiirtbooming, Arlfi-kAn'-lDg. a. roa^y to ap- 
pear, not abscondinff. 
Furtfancht, i&rtft-rtto^ <»(. straight forward. 
Forthwith, l5rfA-w^'. <kL mHnedeaiely. 
Fortieth, iftr'-tM'A a. the fourth tenth. 
Fortificatioii, fSr-t^ii^kit'-sbAn. s, a place buUt 

for 9tren{^ ^ (attacks ; to coofimi. 

l'ortif)r,l8^-t^ri. «. «. to streu^en against 
Fortitiide, C9r'-i6-l&dot s. courage, magna- 

Fortnii^t, fSrt'-nite. t, the ^>ace oTtwo weeks. 
Fortresil, iSr'-iris. t. a strong hold. 
Portuitpiis, it^-t&^-^t&s. a, accidental, casual. 
FortiftMto. fir'-tsfe&4)ute. a. hicky, successful. 
Fortunately, fAr'-tsh^-oite-l^. ai, happily, 

successiuliy. . 
Fortune, iSr^-t^^noi s. dunce \ means of liv- 

iag 'y event ; estate* 
Fortune. fSr'-tshAne. v. n. to befall, to happen. 
Fortonenunter, f&r'-tshiin-hfta-ij^r. s. a man 

who seeks for a woman with a fortune. 
Fortuneteller, iSr'-tshAa-tdi-idr. s. one who 

pretends lO tho knowledge of futiiriiy. 
Forty, (^'ih. a, four tiines ten. [place. 

FofUBi, f^-r&m. s. a market; any jxiblick 
Forward, (fir'-wird. cd. towards, onwara. 
Forward, rtr'-wlrd. a. warm, earnest; ar- 

<'eBt» e^^ > confident ; early ripe. 
V irwardTlor'-wlrd. v. a. to hasten ; to advance. 
iiirwwder, jSr'-wlr-d&r. «. he who promctes 

any fluitf . 
1 erwvdly,l^-w2ird4i* od. eagerly hastily. 

Forwardness, Ar'-w&ni-fl&. «. ookksMi, «» 

liness; con&Henro. [prorressivi^ 

Forwards) iSr'-wlrdc. ad. stniigMt bamnat 
Fosse. ftVs. s. a diti^, a mrnt. 
Fossil, f^'-^. a. dug oiu of the earth. 
Fossil, fV-sH s. tliat which is dug out of the 

bowels of tne earth. t^ chertfh. 

Foster, fV-t&r. v. a. to nurse ; to encourage, 
Fostemii^ f&s'-tAr-ldje. s. the charge .of nun* 

iug. [hy a woman not the mother. 

Fosterchild, (^-tftr-tsliilU. s. a child nursed 
Fought fiwt. pret. and pari, of ^ghl 
Foul, f^&l. a. not clean, fiUl«y ; wicked ^ gross ; 

Foul, fft&l. r. tf. to drub, to liemirc. 
Foulfac^, ii&5K-^c. a. having an ugly or 

hatefol visage. 
Foully, OAv-k. ad, filthily, nastily. 
Foulmouthed, (SAr-md5THd. a. habiuiatod id 

tlie use of omirobrious terms. 
Foulness, fA6r-n^ s. tiiihimss ; polhition. 
Foumi , li5Aud . pre/, and uai, pais, ofjind. 
Found, f^nd. v, a. to lay the basis of n,v^ 

buikliitf ; Io establish. 
Found, roand. r. a, to form by roeliuig and 

poorigg into laoulds. 
Foun'iation, t&Au-d&'-fhAn. «. tiie basis or fowor 

part of an edifice ; original ^ establishment 
Founder, iS&ii^-d5r. #. a builder; one from 

whom any thing has its original ; a caster 
Founder, Iftftn'-^Ar. t?. a, to make lame, 
rounder, fft&n'-dftr. v. n. to sink j to fail. ^ 

Foundling, (Mnd'>i9ng. s. a child found witheu 

any parent or owner. 
Foundi^ess, Id&u'-dr&i. s, a woman that founds, 

builds, or cnablisltes nuythm 
Foundry, 1^6n'-drc. s. a casting'! 
Fount, ftAnt. )s. a well, a spring; 91 

Fo'Wtain, Iftftn'tliu { spout of water; oi^- 
Four, fAf e. a. twice two. . [na< 

Fourfold, fire -iftia. a. fnar tiroes tokl 
Fourfootod, f5rc'-fAt-ld. a. quadruped. 
Fourscore, f6re'-sk6re. a. faghty. 
Foiirsqtiarc. f^re'-skware. a. quadraqgula^i 
Fourteen. f&re'-t6in. <i. four and tea. [teeft. 
Fourteenth, forc'-tMni/i. a. the ordiBdd of ftor 
Fourth, %Tth. a. tlie ordinal of four. 
Fourtli'.y, l^rM'-l^. ad. in the fourth place. 




F&te, fir; fin, fAt ^--m^, mSt j-^ptne, plu y 

Faurwheelod, f5re'-hw^H. a. nimn»g upon 

FoiTi, i^l. s. a WMi^cd animal, a hird. 

Fowl, i5iM. V. tu lo kill Urds for (imhJ or ^ome. 

Fowier, f&ftl'-(^r. «-. a spctrtiunaii wUo pursues 
birdi. (t>irds. 

Fowlineiiiece, fftAl'-ln^-pW^Ki. *. « ffun for 

Fox. fokA. «. a wild amuial of ihe cbase ; a foks'-kAjie. t. w fox'u skiu. [kuavc., Iftksi'-uUi^. f. Uis pursuk of U:e fox 
witli hoiiniis. [ ine fox&i. 

Fo:Khuiiter (uks'-lifiiit-Ar. *. oiic ibiiu of liuiu* 

Fuxtrap, lAks'-irAp. s. a siiare la catch foxes* 

Fract, fr^kt. r. a. in break, lo violntc. 

Fraction, frAk'-slifiii. s. Uie act uf breaking, tlie 
Dtaic of being i)rckeii j a tirokeii part of au 

Fractional, fi-A's' -^hJ\n-4l. a. l)elongmg to a 
broken aumlM^r. fwne. 

Fracture, fnVk'-Mu'tre. s, the breaking of a 

Fra«lure. frftk -t-hMsc. r. a. to break a bone. 

F^ile, rr&dj'-'fi. '.'. \ti\x\»\ nu^ily snapped. 

Fra^lity, frft-jil -f '.i\ s. In ii:lene» j rralliy. 

Fragment. ft^g'-Dif at. jr. uw imperfect piece. 

Fragmentary.. rjAj^j^im^infu-*. a. composed of 

Fra«rrance^ fri'-gv* n.^r. I s. sweetness of smell, 

Fragrancy.i.*4'-j;r-aH-sA. s pleasing scent. 

Framttt. fHL'-^-mt. ir. oHonms, [ducUon. 

Frau, fiile. a. v^oak: linhl.? i<i errour or se- 

KraUty,-fride'-t^. 5. wv akiu w of resolution, iu- 
ilabilit^ of minii. 

FraiKe, fmzc. 9. pant .vk** u iih Uiam in it. 

Fivne, frinte. i», a. •« l.vni •, »•> inuke j to regu- 
late 'y to plan; U) ill*. fin. 

r?aine, fr&nie. «. any Uiln«; mudc «» i\^ to cn- 
ckwe or adroit someUuig «Nc j onk^r, n.'^u- 
larity; scheme. fsriioincr. 

Franier, fiime'-ftr. 8. inr.ker, Tornn'r. foninvcr, 

Franchise, fr^ -^shfz. «. cxcitiptiou ftoai any 
onerous dut^ j inihifnit^-. 

Franchise, (HUnMshlz. v. a. to make free. 

Fracgib.'fef/r^'-j^bl. a. fragile, brittle. 

Frank . fiii^. a. liberal \ open. 

F')i*nk, fr&ivsk. s. a letter wiik-h pa^** no post- 
age 5 1 i-'^nch coin. 

Fr:tra( . ItAogk. v a. to fatten ; to exepipt letters 

Frankincense, frftiigk'-b-s&ise. s. an odorUbi 

ous kind of resin. 
Frankly, fningk'-li. ad. liberally, hneely 
Frankness, irangk'-ods. s. plainness, <«pe«ieM| 

Fraiitick. frAn'-ttk. a. mad ; distracted. 
Fnmlickly, (rftji'-dk-l^. ocC madly, outrageously 
Fnmtickru;ss, fr&n'-t!k-n^ «. mndness, fiiry of 
Fraternal, fr4-t<^r'-nll. 0. liTotiierly (passioo 
Fraternity, (ffi^r'-i^*t^. *. body of men uutteo 

society. Ibrotbef. 

Fratricide, fi-At'-ri-skle. «. tlie murder of a 
Fraud, ftAw<l. t. deceit, dieat, trick, [trickish 
Fraudl'td.. fHiwd'-f&l. a. u^dieroos, artful, 
Fraudutence, fr^W-d^U&ise. >«.doceitfiiiness, 
Fraudulency, fr^w'-di!^4&i-s6. \ incktsfancss. 
Frauduletit. frnw^-d^-l^t a, tnckish, deceitfot, 
FrauiKilenlly, fiiw-dA-l&it-li. ad, by finaud, 

Fraught, frawt. jxxrt. pass, laden j fiUed. 
Fray, ft^. «. a broil, a battle. O'^'W 

Fray, fr^. v. a. to rub, to wear away |>y rub 
Freak, f W4cc. <. a sudden fancy, a whim. 
FreakisI*, fr^'4^h. a. caprK-kMis. 
Freaki.shness, ff6kQ'4sh-n&. «. capridounesi 
Freckle, frek^-kl. s. a spot raised in Ibo skin tf 
Freckled, fr5k'-kkl. a, spotted. [the mk, 

Freckly, fi^k'-l^. a. fidl of freckles. 
Free, fr/^. a. at liberty; liberal; firank| ex 

cmpt ; invested witli fVaucbi'ses. 
Free, k6h. v. a. to set at libeity ; to dearfWrni j 

to exempt. [dcrer* 

Frc-el)ootcr. frW-oiV?. -iftt. t. a robber, a plun* 
Freeborn, fr^-liAm. a. inheriting liberty. 
Freccost, fr/^'-k6st s. without expense. 
Freedinan, fr^M'-m&n. t. a slave mamuDitled. 
Freedom, fr6^'-d5m.«. liberty; privil^e; ease 

or facility*. * 

Freelieartcd, fr^liAr'-tld. a. liberal. 
Freehold, fr^'-h^. s. land hekl in perpetual 

right. rfreehokU 

Freeholder, fr^'-h&l-rdftr. s. one who has « 
Freely, fr^-i^ ad. at liberty ; withoot restraial} 

Freeman, fr6^-m&u. s. not a vasnl s one pvr 
' laking of rights, or tmnmnities. 
Freemason, fr^-ndi'-sn. 4, ooe of a mua&nm 

society who profess haTti^f a iacrtl to 




96,ta^lf9,nl^r, nftt $— tAbe, tfib, b6ll y-M ;— pMnd ;— tUn, thU 

■nwHin , ftM-mind 4<L a. uncomtraiimt, 
enefli, fln^Hik #. openness, faberality. 
rreesdbool, fbM^^d&l. «. « ichool itf which 

teaniqg it given wHboul pay 
Ppeespoken, ftiM^8p6'-kn. a. accustcmfM] to 

speak without resen-e. [in biiiidiu^. 

Preesfeaoe, fW;^<4t6ne. s, stone commotily itsed 
Freelhinker, lrM^Alnk'-5r. «. a contemuer of' 

raligmn. [our own actions. 

FreewUly frW-wfll'. 9, tiMS pou'er of directing 
Freeze, fr^^ee. », a. pret. /rote ; nnrt./rotm 

or y^vte. to con^ful with cold 5 lo kilJ by cold; 

to chill by the loss of power or motion, 
hreiglit. mUe. v. a. prat, frtivhted ; part. 

/mtgldf frtigfmd. to load a ship with goods 

for trai»[Kirtaiion ; to load with a burden. 
Freight, Irate. 9, Uic loading of a ship. [mind. 
Frenzy, finftn'-zi. t. madness, dLstraclion of 
Frequence, fr^-kw^nse. t. crowd, concourse, 

Freqaencv, fr^-kwJa-si, ». comm>n ocair- 

rence, tne oonditk>n of liclnj* oOoii scon, or 

often occurring. [fUH of concourse. 

Frequent, frfe'-icwftnt. a, often done or seen 5 
Frequent, IVA-kw^ut'. r. a, to visit often. 
Frequentable, fi^-kwidnt'4-bl. a. conversable, 

accessible. [frequenting. 

Frequeittatioo, frfe-kwIn-tA'-shftji. #. liabit of 
Frequenter, f^fe-k^%•inl'-^r. «. oiie who often 

resorts to any place. 
Frequently, fr^'-k wint-li. cuL often , commonly. 
Fresco, fr&5'-k6. «. coolness, shade; a pic- 
ture drawn in dusk. [sweet, 
fresh, fr&di. a. cool; not salt 5 newjTQorid; 
Freshen, fir?!^'-shn. v. a. to make fresh. 
Freshen, fr^'-slm. w. it. to grow fresh. 
Frcsliet, frftjh'-^i. «. a pool <? frcsli water. 
Freshly, fr^h'-l^ tiii. coolly ; ncwlv ; ruddily. 
Freshness, fr8sh'-n^. s. the stale of being fresh. 
Fret. firJt. *. a frith or strait of the sea ; ajiy agi- 

tatioo <^ liquora ; 8t<^ of a musical nistru' 

mert ; w«m1 Vising in protuberance ; passion. 
ftttf mL V. a, to wear away by rubbing ; to 

hrm mto raised work ; to vex. 
Frety Mi, «. n. to be in commotion ; to be worn 

•wsy; to be angry. 
FVslAAy frIt'-Al. a. angry, peevish. 
Ft^etftjtapw, d^'-ff^-Sh, s. pevviahpfas 

Friability, M-k-iM'-b'tk, #. capadty of beio 

reduced to powder. 
Friable, frl'-A-bl. a. easily crumbled. 
Friar, fri'-6r. «. a rehgioiu brother of mb 

■cgular order. [friars 

Fiiary, ft*l'-i\r-^. f. a mona^ery or convent 01 
Frihbler, frib'.bl-6v, *. a trifler. 
Fricassee, frlk4-s^. t. a dish made hy ciUting 

chickcaH or otiicr small things in pieces, iu» 

drqssing thorn with strong sauce. 
Friction, frik'-s!i&n. «• Uic actof rubbu^ two,; 

IxKiics together 
Friday, frl'-<l6. s. tlie sixUi day of the week. 
Friend. frSod. s. a companion ; one propitious. 
Friendless, fr^ixl'-lfts. a. wanting friends. 
Friendliness, fi^nd'-l^-n^. s. a disjx>sition ta 

friendship. [of a friend, favourable. 

Friendly, fr^id'-l^. a. having the disposition' 
Friendship; fr^nd'-shTp. s. wvour, persona. 

kindness; assistance. Imlp. 
Frieze, frf^ze. s. a coiu^ warm ckth. . 
Frieze, fi-^i'zc. *. in archnccturc, a large flat 

roeiul^er which separates tlic architrave fn*ra 

the cornice. 
Frigate, frYir'-5ii. s. a small ship of war. 
Fright, frile. v. a. to ti^rrify. 
Fright, fritc. s. a sudden lerrour. 
Frij'htcii, fri'-tu. v. a. lo terrifv. 
Frii^htful, frlle'.ful. u. dreadful, ftiU of terrour. 
Friirhtfully, frlui'-ffil-^. ad. dreadfully^ horribly 
Frightlulnes?^ frltfi'-fiil-nis. s. Ih6 power of 



. ..^ „,, ,wanlofrf* 

Frigorifick, frl-giVrlf-Jk. a. causing Cold. 
Frinj^e, frfiiic. s. nn ornnmeciai appendage 

added t(i <!rcss 01 fiuinture. 
Fringe, frinje. r. a. lo adorn with fringes. 

rlnge, frinie. r. a. lo adorn wit 
rippery, Mp'-^r-b. s. tlic pi 

place where old 

clotI«5.s are sold ; oI«! clothes. 
Friseur, fi-^-z^r^'. s. a hair dresser. , 
Frisk, fr?sk. v. n. to leap, lo sKip. 
Fri«k, frisk. .». a frolick. 
FrisKiues?, f:?sk'-i-nfts. s. gaiety, livelioeM ^ 
Frisky, fdsk'-i. a. gay. airy. 
Frit *fr?i, .♦ amojig chviniiii. asl»«» of lali 




trtOk, fi^ «. k unit of Um sea ; a Jciod 1/ ott. 

Fnwzy, frft&'-x^ «. <fin, leM, MH^'. 
FVovrard, fi^-wlnL«. paeviih. 
FrowmOy, fi^-VK&idtt. «4. peevkUy, pir. 

venely. {pcnmesei. 

Frowtraoeaa, frft^'wInMi. «. pomndmm, 
Froim, ftiftAa. v. «. 10 eijireai dtsploaswt «»v 

oontractiM^ tke (boa to wrinkles. 
Frown, frftan. <. a look of ilinitesiie. 
Fructiferous^ frAk-tlP-iSr-Ai. a. f^etaiag frutt. 
FnictificatiiMi, frAk-i^iiM'-sb&a. #. ibe act 

of caosimi^ nr boaring lhiit| fcrtility 
Fructify, trAk'-^-ft. r. a. to make fruKful. 10 , 

fertilize. ' j 

Fructiiy, iHUt<-lM. v. n. to bear fiuit. I 

Fructuous, frAk'-tsb6-ds. a. fruitful, fertik;. 
Tnigalj fi^'-|^. a. thrifty, paraimonioui. 
frugality, m^-gfiF44l. «. thrift, parnmoiiy. 
isnigally, tr^-ffl-^, o^ parmnooiously. 
Fn^iferous, vA-jIr-Kr-As. a. bearing fruit. 
Fruu,fipfidt. ». the product qf a trae or plant, | 

production ; the ofipripe of the womb. 
Fruitage, frootMd|e. i. (hut ODilectively. 
Fruitbeanng, frMt'-b&r-lng. a. havuif the 

quality of produciiig fhtit. [firtut 

Fruiterer, Mdt'-ir^, $. one who trades in 
Fruitery, fMi'-fy-h, «. a fhiit^oft. [teous. 

Fruitful. fiMt'-mi. a. ferule; prolifick; plen 
Fruitfully, (Mi^-ftl-^. ad, plenleoasly, abun* 

Fruilfuliuess, frftftt'-fSl-oSt. a. famfity; Um 
Fruitko, fr&'Isli'-An. «. enjoyment, fostCKkw. 
Fruitive, frA'4-dv. a. enjoying, poisesshig. I 
Fruitless, fMi'-lis, a. barren s vain, unprofii 

FHtler, filt'-lAr. a a small piece 4a be ftied] 

Fritter, fHt'^ftr. v. a. to cut meat into smal 

pieces to be Ined i to broak into small nerti- 
Frivolity, M*v6l'-^ik. t, insignificancy, {des. 
Frivolous. fiV-^&s. a. slight, tnfliiMr. 
Frivolously, ftf v'-^-lds-l^. ad. trilDni^y. 
FBzle, firiz'-xl. v. a. to cud in short curb. 
Fro, iro. ad, backward, rwressively. 
F*rock, frftk. $. a dress for diildren ; an outward 

Frog.^^. t, a small ampldbkNis animal ; the 

Imiow part of a horse's tioof. 
Frolick, frol'-lk. a. full of levity. [whim. 

Frolick, fr6K4k. «. a wild prank, a flight of 
Frolick, fr&L'-lk. v, n. to play wiM pranks. 
Frolicksome, fip6r-Ik-s5m. a, full or wikl gaiety. 
Frolicksomeness, finftl'-Ik-sibo-ttis. «. wUdneas 
^ of gaiety, pranks. 
From, from, yrep, away, noting privation; out 

of; because of; at a diAaiice ; contrary to. 
Front, frflnt. $. the face ; Uie van of an army; 

the forepart of any thing; impudence. ' 
Front, front 0. a. to oppose directly, or face to 

Front, frAnt e. n. to stand foromoat. 
Fronted, fr&nt'4d. a. formed with a front. 
Frontier, finftn'^tshl^. t, die marches, tlie ut* 

most veive of any territory. 
Frontier, fron'-tsh^. a. bonJeriag. 
FrontLipiece, fr4n'-tls|>Mse. s. that part of any 

buikimg or other boc^ ttiat directly meets tlie 
Frontless, frAiU'-l^. a. without shame, (eye. 

( rost, frost, s. the last eflect of cold, the power 

or act of congelation. 
Frostbitten, frost'-bii-tn. a. nipped by the frost. 
f rosted, frOs'-t^ a. laid on in inequalities like 

tliose of the Roar ftost upon plants. 
Frostily, (hfts'-t^l^. ad, wiilt excessive cold. 
Frostincss, frAs'-t^-n^. s. freezing cold. 
FroMy, fW>s^-t^ a. cxcessjvely cold ; rescm* 
Froth, frUfi. t. spume, foam. * [bfing frost. 

Frontlet, fr6nt'-ldt. s. a bandage worn upon the . ao/e. IntAy 

forehj^d. ^ Fruitlessly, fMi*')Mh. ad, vmnly, unproffi* 

Fruit-tree, frlUk'-tr^. s. a tree that prddnca 
--iHiii. , (grain* 

Frumentacious, fr&-mln^4'-iih6s. a, made of 
Frump, fr^mp. d. a. to mock, to browbeat. 
Frush, firftsh. t a. to break, bruise. [able 

Fnistraneous, (Hb-ui'-o^fts. a. vain, unprofil 
Frustrate, frAs'-tr&te. r. a. to defeat^ to balk 
Frustrate, frfts^-tr^te. part, a. vain, mdlectual 
ttiiprofitable. void. 

Frothy Mth. r. n. to fcwim, to throw out .s(>time. 1 Frustration, ufts-tr&'-flhAn. i, (fisappoalawsi 
Fi-othily, fr6//i'-A-l6. aU. uilli foam ;. in on cinp- ] defeat, 
ty, trifliiif manner ' I'lustnitivc, fi-fij'-trA-dv. a. 




n&^ wqAvt, ttflr, ■>! »-tAbe, tftb, bUi j— Ml ;-^)6&nd s-r^iii, rais. 

^ jWhK« iftia. «. a piMse a:t off fron a 

Fl^fii «. tEsmna of Hide fUkm jm prodoc- 

l^'iy, 64. «.«. to dreM ibod m aipan. 

Fiy. frt. s. a <fisb of tbingi fKeu. 

Frymgpan, fii'-tiig-p&D. t. the venel ta wUeh 

moat » roasted oa the fire. 
Fub, fbb. 'r. a. to put off. 
Fuddle, f&cf -dl. v, a. to make dntak 
Fuddle, flWl'-dl. v. ». la drink to exctn. 
Fuel, (0^-11. <. tlie alunoat of fire. 
Fugacious, f^-gi'-shAs. «. \x>ia(t]e, fleeting. 
" .. -1 *i'-^-ti. «. v»!aulUv, inslanility. 
^ i.iiiliteadypiiYta*i)e:i!>'iu^. 
«. oae wbo runs utMn Ins 

station or dilty. [bilUy. 

Fuiptiveness, f&'-j^tlv-ni5s. i. volaliiity, iiisia- 
Fueuc, (^^S* *. flyiaginuarick. [restij. 

Fufemeiit, !nF-»6-uiiiii. *. that on ^ich a body 
Fulfil, f&I-lU't w. a. to perform, accomplish. 
Fulfilment, f&l'f?!' m&it. a. acoomplishment. 
Fulfraugh^ (ftl-fHLwt'. a. iiiU-storod. 
Fulgency, fftl'-j5n-si. s. spleudour. 

Fuljptlity, f?i!-j?d'4*l*. 8. spteudour. 

Fulgour, It^l'-gAr. i. sptendour. dazzling bright- 
ness, [ed-f complete; mature. 

Full, Itkl. a. replete J sto*^; piump; saturat- 

FuU. (hi V. a. v» cleanse cloU). 

Full, itA. s. complete measure ; tlie total. 

Futl^ f&l. ad. liinthout abaf emeut ; quite ^ exacts 
lyj directly. [extent. 

Full-blown, 'f&l'-b]6iio. 6. spread to the utmost 

Pufl-bottoraed, it^l-b6t'-i&ma. a. having a lar^c 
bottom. [eyes. 

FoU-eyed. fAl-lde'. a. havii^ lai^ge prominent 

Fnfl-fed, /fil-T^d'. a, sated, saturated. 

FuV-spread, fftl-spr^'. a. ^ead to the utmost 
extent. fcloUi. 

Fuller, fftl'-lftr. s, one wfaote trade is to cleaiLse 

Fullers' Eartb^ nU^.l5n-irt/i.t. akindofmarl 
or day used mfulling^ 

Fullingim)!, f^'ltag-mlL $, a mill where ham- 
nersDMt tbe dotJi till it be cleansed. 

Pn11yvf^-1^ ad, without vacuUy j completely. 

fnmtauaii, flU'-m^nlint. a« thundering. 

Fulminate. AF-m^nAtc. o. ii..,io Ihundar) la 
issoe ecclesiastical censores. 

Fulmination, (%l-ro^n&'-shftn.f. the act of lku» 
dering^; denunciation of censures 

Fulminatory, fftl'-m^nJi-tf^r-^. a, thiuidcring. 
striking horrour. 

Fulness, f&l'-n€s. s. copiousness, plenty* ; saiiciy. 

Fulsome, flU'-sSm. a. nauseous, ofleiisivc. 

Fulfloioeness, fAK-sAm-ix&s. s. naiucousues:! * 
obscenity. ^ [awkwanlly 

Fumble, iP&m'-bl. v. n. to attempt any thing 

Funibler, fftni'-bl-flr. s. one who acts awk- 
wanlly. [nuiniier. 

Fumhhngly, fftm^-bUng-l6, ad. in an awkward 

Fume, funic. *. smoke, vajwnir. 

Fume, r^me. v. «. to smoke ; to be in a ff»g<*. 

Fume, fiimc. v. a. to diy in the smoke j to dis- 
pei*sc m \'apours. 

Fumid, AV-niid. a. snwky, va|)oroiis. 

Fumidity, fi-mld'-i-li. s. smnkiness, icudoncy 
to smoke. 

Funpl{cate, fiV-m/'-gate. i'. n. lo sntoke, to |»er- 
ftiine by smoke or vajWMir. 

Fumigation, llVm6-g4'-.s!iiio. s. scenis raisc<J l>y 

Fumingly, fi'-m?ng-16. ad. angrily, m a ra;j^o. 

Fun, fRn. s. sport, high mcmmciU, 

Function, fftng'-shftn. s. discharge, perform- 
ance ; ollice j power. 

Fund, fAnd. *. .slock, capital. 

Fuiidainent, fftn'-dA-tn^nt. ^. the apcnure tVom 
which tlie excrements are ejccleU. 

FuiKiamental, fft*i-d;i-ni§n'-t&l. a. serving for 
the foundation, essential. 

Funtlamental, itin-da-mdn'-t^l. s. leadljig j>rop 
osition ; that part on which liio ivst is bmh. 

FuiKiamental ly, fan-da-m^n'-u'dn'' a.L <?'«#>f^ 
tially. originally. 

Funeral, fu'-n<^r-i^l. *. the solenniizalior. <>. a 
barial ; obsequies ; interment. 

Funeral, fu'-ner-al. a. used at tlje ceremony of 
intemng the dead. [di:»n)ui. 

Funereal, fii-n^'-r^ suituig a funeral, dark, 

Fungous, 0nfl:'-gfts. a. excrescent, spongy. 

Fimgiis, iftng -gfts. s. a nmslmoo.-n j an excres- 

Funicular. i7k-n?k^-6-l^. a. consisting of a smal? 
cord or fibre. 




File, fkt, fkA, f&t;— wi^, ingt}-i>loB, pln^ 

Pufloel, fAiZ-nfil. «. an inverted hollow eone, 

i»itb a pipe descenJtng fFom it, through which 

Uquon are poured into vessels.' 
Fur, fAr. s. soft hair of beasts found in cold 

rountries; a substance' sticking \o tiie sides 

4ii vessels. 
Fur. far. V. a, to line or cover with fur. 
F irbcfow, w'-W'-l6. t. an ornament of dress. 
I'urbelbw, ftlr'-b^l6. v. a. to adorn with omd' 

mental appendages. 
FurbUh, for'-blsh. v, a. to polish, to rub iip. 
Furcatiom f5r-I(i'-shdu. «. forkim^. 

port of passiou. 
Furl, ffirf. r. a. to draw up, to conUict. 
Furlong. iSr'-l6iig. s. the eighth pat t of a mile. 
Furlouck, fSr'-lA. s. leave ofalisenco to a soldier 

tor a iiinitecl lime. [wheat in milk. 

Furnienty, fflr'-ni^n-l^. $. food made by boiling 
niniacc, mr'-n?s. s. an enck)f»fd fireplaca. 
Furnish, (7ir'-iJsb. v. a to supply; kifitup; to 

ci^uip; to a<loni. , 

Furniture, f&r'-n^-tsli&re. *. moveables, goods 

]Hii iu n liouse for use or ornament, 
ir'urrler, fTir'-n^-ftr. «. a dealer in furs 
Furrow, f5r'-r6. s. a smaU tvench. 
Furrow, fAr'-ro. v. a. to cut iu fiuTows ; to d»- 

vi<'ic into long hollows. 
Ftiriy, fiir'-r^. a. covered with fur. 
Further, f?b*'-Tnftr. a. at a great disUinoe; bo- 

ytnul ihi"?. 
Further, f&r'-THAr. ad. to a greater distance. 
Further, f&r'oTHftr. v. a. to pui onward^ to for* 

wan I, to assist. _ 
Furtherer, fi\r'-THftr-&r. 9. pronioter, advance!*. 
Furthennore, flir'-TH6r*nwre. ad, moreover, 
'•'urtive. f(^r'-i3v. a. gotten by liicft. [beades. 
/ury, f?i'-r^. s. maduess; rage; one of the in- 

feniak r Iciiies. 
"^'urze, Itirz. t. gorse, goss. 
Furzy, f&r'-zi. a. overgrown with furze. 
F;i9e. fhze, v. a. to melt, to put into lunon. 
Fuse, flae. v. h, to be mehed. 
Fusee, tti'iJbkf, *. the cone round which is 

wound tlie cord or cham of a dock or watch; 

a firelockf a small oeat musket 

Fusibility, ii[^<s^!K4.t^. s. e^Muaty of 1 

melted, quality of growiiuB: liouid fa^y 1 ' 
Fusible, (Vni^bl. a. capable orbemg n 
Fual; fCh-«^. «. a firekx^k, a small neat musket 
Fusiher, f2t-xiM^4^. «. a soldier armed with a ' 

Fuskm, fV-zhdn. s. the ad of melting; stale of 

Fu88^ TAs. », a tumult, a bustle. 
Fustian, ftit'-tsh&n. t. a kind of ck>th made ol 

linen and cotton ; bombast. ^ 
Fustian, fTis'-tshAn. a, made of fustian ; sw^ 

ing ; ridicukNisly tumid. 
Fusuness, f5s'-t^n2s. ». mouMincss. 
FustA', fba/Ak. 0. sniellmg monldy. 
Futile, f6'-i11. a. trilling, worthless. 
Futility, iti-t!l'-^i. «. ta]kati\-enes8, kx|uacity, 

Friture, l7>'-tsh6re. a. whidi will he hereafter. 
Future, l&'-tshAre. s. ume to come. *[c(*<^ 
Futurity, fti-t A'-r^-t^. t. time to come ; evenb to 
Fuzz. mz. t*. n. to fly out in small particles. ' 
Fuzzbull, ttxt^AA^t s. a kind of fungus. 
Fy, f 1. itUerj.' impi^*ing blame or disapprobatNNi 


Gabardine, gftl>-&r-d^^ <. a cuam ftock. 
GabMe, g&b'-bl. .v. n. to make an 'aiarticolalf 

noise j to prate knidly. 
Gabble, gib'-bl. s. inarticulate noise j lood talk 

witliout meaning. {feOow. 

Gabbler, ir&l>'-bl-dr. «. a prater, a chattering 
Gabel, g*,'-Wl. s, an excise, a tax. 
Gabion, gA'-lj^-ffn «. a wkl^er Itaskct which is 

filled !with earth to make a fortification or a- 

Gable, e^'4>l. s. the slopuig roof of a buildoig 
Gad. ^td. s. a wedge of steel, [settled purpose 
Gad, gAd. c. li. to ramble about without any 
Gadder, gAd'-dJlr. s. a rambler, one that nn 

much abroad withom business. 
Gadfly, dld'-fll. «. a fly that stingt cattle. ' 
GafT gai. s. a harpoon or laige book. 
Gafiles, gAf-flz. t . artificial spun upon cocki. 
Gag, j^. V. n. to stop the movth. 
Gag, gig. «. someUimg put mio die noiilb 14 

hiikdar qpeech. 




■6t mftre, iiiW', ii(k|— lAbe, tflb^ b6ll j-UW ^-jiflAnd }-ltoi, thml 

Me like a 

tii|^. gftiQe. «.«. to (tapone m awam^ lalGallicisin, gAl'4^-duii. «. a mode af ipcedi 

peculiar lo tbe Froodi languace. 

Galligaakiii8,g4l4i-gfts'-k2iis. ». birge open bow. 
Galttinaufry, ^l^mlw'-fiift. t. a hoicli-poicli; 

a medley. 
Gallipot, iftK-l^pAt. t, a pot painted aiid glazed. 
GalkM, galMftn. «. a iKjiud meanire of Uau 

Galloon, g&l-lMn'. #. a kind of dote lace. 
Gallop, gAl'-lftp. V. a. to move li>nvani b^ 

leaps'; to rkle or move very fast 
Gallop, gUMAp. «. tlie motiou oTa liorse \rh<m 

lie nins at full speed, 
Galtoway, giU'-16-\v^ t. a bcirse not more thai) 

fotirtecii hands liigh. 

GaUy.g4q^ <itf..airily, cheerftdly) fiplaadidlj. 
Gain, g^. «. pro6t, ad\*aBtage. 
(jam, gAae. v. a. lo oblaia } to win; lo attain. 
(^810/ gine. V. n. to encroach ; lo get ground ; 
to ootaiu mflttenco with. [or ad\'untage. 

Gainerr' gaue'.-iW'. $. one who recdves profit 
Gamfiil, gane'-f Al. a. advantagtMNis; hierative. 
Oaiuleas, glme'-l^ a, unprofitable. 
Gainleasness, g^iie'-ffbHWb. «. uuprofitablenea. 
Gain.y, gwie'-i^. otl. hamfily, readily. 
Gainsay, g4ne-s&' a.a. to^witradict 

(liit^ f^Vb, «. the manner and air of wsdking. 
iJala. gk'*\A. $. a nand entertainment ; spleu- 

did amusement, 
tialaxy, f^-^-m^. «. the milky way. 
Oalbamitn, gil'-bd-nAm. t. a kind of* gnm. 
Gale. g&!e. s. a wind not tempestuous, yei 

stronger than a breeze. 
(Jaleas, c:^'*>*&s. «. a hea'-y, kiwhuilt resscl. 
Gftleaten, gA'-V^-^-tM. a. 4x>yered as witli a 

faebnet. ' [ahrme. 

Galiot, g^'Vti. ». a little galley or *ui «tf brig- 
f»all, jgJKm. 1. the bile : rnncmu*, mtUignil/. 
Ball, gftwi. r. a, to hiirt by fineUiiig t«ie ^iii ; to 

fret, lo rex. 
ftallaot, gftl'-tibu ci. gay; brave, high-spirited; 

mcuned to courtsliip. 
(laUant.g^-Ant'. s. a beau, a wooer, 
valiantly, g&l'-Iftnt-l6 att. splcudidl\'s bravely. 
3aiianUy,gAK&u'-l«.<i(i.likeawoier. . 
Sallaiitry, g^'*l&n-u^. «. splemloor of appear*' 

aneejbmvory; courtship: tewducss. 
tallerir, gftK-»r-^. «. a kind of walk along 

the Joor eT a houac, Into which the deora c? 

die MNtrtmenti open ; the upper ieats in a 

chnrc&or fhealra^ 

Ml «. a vesael driven with oara. 

laBey^clK- __., ^ , 

lail^r^Mav6(gftl'-l^'«iive.«. a man condemned Gangrene, ^ng-'-gf^* '• ^ mortilicution. 

Ar aaaw cmne to row ia the galleys. Gangrene, gAng -gr^ne. w a. to corrupt to 1 

hStka^, gAl«-y&rd. s. a gay, brish man ; a, tifkatioa. 

— =-«--»-^* Gan|i{reB0U9, gang'-gr6-n^. a- mortified 


Gallows^ eAl'-!As. «. a beam Inid t^-ertwo post^ 

nil which malefactors are hanged. 
Gatvanlfio, gAl'-\*Aa-!zm. *. a system of clcc- 

tricitv lately (lisrovcred bv Galvaui. 
Gambler, gAm'-bl-Ar. *. a cnealing gamcstiT. 
GaiTilx^c, gim-tjdftdjc'. «. a coiK-reled v«i^«:»«'^ 

l»lc jiiite. [Irisk. 

(farnbol, g^m'-bftl. v. n, to daucc^ to skip, to 
Gainboi, gAin'-b&l. s. a skip, a frolick. 
Game. gime. $ sport of any kind ; jc<rt *, <5jK>r- 

tive iiisuit ; fiekl sports ; animals pui-sucd in 

the fie^Hl. 
(va:rie, gimc. i*. u, lo pl»«y at any s}Rn t •, to 

play wantonly and extravagaiilly fur moiu'y. 
Gamecock, g£iT.e'-kAk. s. a cock Wed io fight. 
Gamekeeper, giune-kWp-ftr. s. a pcrscm wlw 

fcjoks aAcr game. • 
(■amesome, gi^me'-sflm. a. frrJic k.««m«^, Aporttve. 
Gainedomone$9 game'-.sAm-u^..s. spfirtivene^. 

Gamester, gi^mc'^tAr. s. one w\m is vic'oiMtT 

^drlicted i: piaj*. 
Gammon, g&ro -inAn. s. the buttock of a t*0K 

salted anudried. ^ ^ 

G^imut, gftm'-At. s. the .scale of musical notev- 
Gander, g4n'-dAr. *. the male of the goose. 
Gang, g&ng. *. a n«nibcr hailing together; a 

troop^ a company. 




F^te, ffy, f Ml, (k ;— m^, mil 5— pine, ph » 

Oali^wayy gAng'-w^. «. in « sliip, tlic several 
ways or pai»ages from one part of it to the 

Gantlet, gidit'-t^r. «. a militar}' punishment in 
H^itdi the criminal running bet^^een the ranks 
rccrcives a lash from each inuu. 

Gaol, j4le. s. a prison. 

i'Jaolef,* jiks'-ftr. 9, the keeper of a prison. . 

Gap, gip. s, a breach ; a hole; a vacuity. 

Ga|)e, gAp. r. ri. to open tlie niouih wide^ to 
3'awn j to stare irreverently*. 

<#ai'b, g^> *' dress 3 extenour appearance. 

<iari>ago, gILr'-blilje. s. tlie bowels, tlie offal. 

Garble, gftr'-bl. v. n, to sift, to part. 

(Parboil, gir'-biJll. s. disoixler, uproar. 

(.larden, gir'-^hu s. a piece of ground enclos- 
ed and planted with herbs or fniit3. 

Gardener, g.V-dn-&r. s. he that attends or cul- 
ii\'atcs gardens. 

Cikird6nlng,gAr'-dn4ng. 1. ilie act of cultivating 
or pianuing giu-dens. 

«*5arjs;arisin, gSr-gA-rfzm. *. a li<^uid forai of 
medicuie to wash the mouth witn. 

Gargle, g^r'-^l. v. a. to wa^h the throat. 

Gargle, a^ar-d. «. a liquor willi which tlie 
tlnxvit is watJied. ♦ [/lowers. 

frarlaiid, gSr'-J^id. s. a wreath of brajichcs of 

r rttrlick, gar'-lTk. s. a plant. 

' Jainient^ gfir'-ni^nt. s. any thing by which the 
body is covered. (corn is stoixjd ap. 

iiarner, gJir'-iiftr. s. a place m which liircsbcti 

<ianiel, g?:r'-jM'i. s. a i^cm. [ 

( (urnish. g;ir'-«l.'5li. ».*. a. to decorate, lo embel- 

GarMish. g?ir'-nish. s. omainQut, decoration, etn- 
,f»oilisliinent. ^ [meiil. 

(»ari>iture. gar'-ni-lslrt\re. s. funiittire, onia- 

{jurret, g-Ar'-i At. *. a room on Uio highest floor of 
the liiMisc. ' [garret 

' tarrotteer^^ gAr-r^t-t^'^r'. *. m\ inhaljitant of a 

Garrison, gAr •r6-.sjj. h. soldiers placc4l in a for- 
tified town or castle. . [tresses. 

Garrison, gftr'-c^sn. t*. q, to secure by for- 

Garmlity, g&r-nfi'-l^-t*. s. talkativeness. 

Qamilous, glbr'-rA-ifis. a. prattling, talkative. 

Garter/gMT'-tflr. s, a string or riband by which 
the tlocktiic b held upon the leg} the high- 
eat Mtinp 01 Englisli knighthood. 

barter, gIr'-iAr. v» 0. to bdid with a gartar. 

Gas, gfa. «. a spirit not capaWe* of bai^g tm 

Gasconade, g&9-k&*a&de'. «. a boast, a bravado 
Gash, g&sh. v. a. to cut deep^so as to make a 

gaping w'ound. 
Gash, glsh. ». a cleep and wkte wcmmL 
Ga«kins, u^'-Jcfaz. s. wide hose, wide hreeiltc^ 
Gasp, ga^. 1:. M. to opnu* ihc mouth wtile k» 

catch breatli } to emu breath by opcutng tL« 

niouUi couMilsivcIy ; to kmg for. 
Gkisp, g4sp. 8, the act of opening the mouth to 

catdt breath ; tlio short catch of the breath hi 

tiie last a^^mHOS.. 
Gastitloqiust, gas-lril'-A-kH;!st. *. 00c wlio speaks 

from the beLy. ftlic bcKy 

Gastriloquy, gds-trll'-^kwi. *. speaking fix«p 
Gate, gAto. s. a large door or entrance. 
Gateway, g^te'-wA. s. a way liiroogh gates b» 

enckwed grounds. 
Gatlier, g^TH'-Ar. c. a. to eoUect, to bmi^ iiii« 

one place ; to pick up, to glean, to pluck. 
Gather, gArH'-ar. r. n. to be couoeased ; 10 

grow lai^D to assemble j to generate p\is 

or matter. [itable contributions. 

Gathering, gfiTH'-nr-!ng. ». collocttoo of chsic 
Gaudily, eaw'-fi6-li. nd. slwwilv. [appearance. 
Gandines^, guw'-<l^-n<W. s. »«owiiM^ tinsei 
Gaudy, g&w'-d^. a. siiowy, spfendid. ^ 
Gave, gSve. the yret. of give. [a vessel 

Gauj;c, g?^jc. v. a. to measure the ccmtents <>. 
Gaua;e, gkily-. *. a nieauure, a stnndard. 
Gaiii^er, gi'-iSr. s. one whose. Utsiness in u 

measure vessels. 
Gi\iii)t, g^nt. a. tiiin, slender, lean. 
Gauntly, gSnt'-IJ^ ad. leaiily, sleinlerly. 
Gauntlet, e;^'-)^ s. an iron glmc throvr^ 

down u) diallcnges. 
Gauze^ g&wz. «, a kind of thin, trnnsparem siifk 
(iriW^L ^^fiv^! 8. a cuckoo $ a foolish fellow. 
Gay, gL i*. .iiry, cliceiful, merry j fi«e. 
Gi^ytity^ j^^.'^-t^. s. cheerfulnc^ nirincsaa-; 
CriiyJv> g^ -f^. ^' merrilj', sliowiiy. [finerv, 
Gayncss, ^'-ufa. 4. gavety, finery. 
G»za f u« .\ M. to wok iutenUy and aaraeaiiy. 
Ga/«^. ^krjc. T, faileat rogard, kiok 9f%t^ 
Guzev I gii -zrir. 8. he thi^ gazes, [er 
Gaj^ttCj F&'iSt'. 8. a paper of aewi^a 

ol" puM-ck mtelligence. OglC 




a6y uAvt, nhr, n6t ;— t &be, t&by bftB ^— ^ }— fi^find j-^-iknt, this. 

Generator, jin' 2r-4-lfir. 8, Ifae poww 

. .l-li&^. t. a writer of news. 
gk^'Ag'tntk. 9, a poTMHi gozed 
at wth scorn. 
Gear^fA^^ innuMM^ i w comw.i w e nts; 
Geese, gMse. «. tbe pnral oT^pnoir. 
GeIabM^iiiMb4>L«»4«duilmBjrt>0 congealed 
Gelatine, Wy'4-t)ne. >«. formed iiHo a 
GelalinD|£iM&t^^As.t jeHy. 
Oeld.glfa|Le4kprel.jpsfcMaripdif; partposi. 
' ^;«&£ttf or £«ft. to castrate. 
Gelder, ^Htf-Ar. a, one tJbel perfimn the act of 

caatraiHH^ fpartieularly a horse. 

GeldiQKM. clid^fais. s. anv aiiimat castrated, 
ticluTlll^b «. extremely cokl. 
aelidity,iAAl'4-tA. ?, «^^™, «^, 
GcUdneiri2lMd.n«s. J/* «**«"" «*"• 
Gelly,. j«»W. *i any viscous body, viscidity, 

gluy sabsMHMe. 
Gem, jlm. $. a jewel, a preekms stone. 
Gem, jjhnk. r: a. to a^om as with jewels. 
Geminv jf^nfiMi. «. ttve'lNnns} tlie tfoird sipi 

in the zodiack. 
Oeuiiny, jl»Mn^-»*. #. twins, a pair, 
<icmiDOus, j^ia'-iu^-jids. a. doobfe. 
Gen(ter,j&i^Qr. ». a kind, a sort, a sex 5 a d*is- 

rnctkw of uohiis in gttunmar. 
'lender, jfa/-dftr. v. a, to be^ j to prtKhice. 
Oeiidcr, j&i'-dftr. i». m to co{)u2atc, to bree<l. 
Geno^O|ppaI. ii-n^-&-l6dje'-i-kJil. a. pertaining 

lo descents m (amilies.- [descents. 

Hetiealo^^, j^»*-4l'-^j1st. s. lie who traces 
■i^ncalogv, j^-ii^*A!'-6-ji. «. hisiwy of Uic suc- 

ecssiou M mjailfcs. 
General, j4ii'-<^-8|. «. comprehending nwny 

species or individuals j lax in si^kifi^iou j 

]Hd>lick ^ extensive ; common. 
General, jfm'-^rM. s. the whole *, lUe publicfc •,. 

one tbai bas tbe commaad over mi nrmy. 
Uencralfe^nio. j^n-3r4^ls'-i-mA. s. we su- 

presM cotfuna nclcr. 
Generality, jSn-Ar-df-i-t*. 9. die mam boiJy, 

thebaHL [ticnlars under general hcadti. 

Generalize, iSn^-^-^l-txe. tvo. to arrange par- 
Geoendljrf iw-lr4t4. atL m general [gate. 
Genentt^ jlM'-lr-ke. v. «. to beget, (o propa* 
QeaakUon, jlii-lr-V-shAn. s. tlie act of beget- 

begets, caiuos. or produces. 
Generical, j^-n^r-^-kal. ) a. that whidi ooi*- 
Oenerick, j^n^'-rfk. { prebends the genus 
Generosity, jAi-i^r^'-^-t*. ». nborality. 
(iTenerous, ifn'4r-&s. a. noble of mind, open 

of heart, liberal, munincent. [liberal. y. 

Generously, jdn'-lr-JU-i^. ad. maenanimuuslyj 
Gencrmisness, j^a'-^r-fts-ufek s. tJKs quality sr 

heia^ gcncrotis. U^ ^ wises. 

Genesis, i^u'-^-^fs. s. ffcneratiou, the fini 
Genet,j<^n'-nft. 5. a snuill Spanish horse. 
Genev^a, j^ii^'-\-i. s. a distilled spirituous 

liquor, [pr(»>aa^tioii; natural. 

Genial. j^'-n6-<^. a. that wbicu contributes to 
Genially, ji'-n^-al-l^. ad: by genius, naturally; 

Geniculijtod, jA-nfk'-fi-l&-i^. a. knotted, johoed. 
Genitals, j^n'4-t4iz. s. parts lielonging to gcn- 

Gcnlting, j?n'-n^-ifn. s. an eariy applo. 
Genitive, j3n'-Mlv. a. in grammar, Ute name 

of a case. 
Genius, ji'-n^-As. ». the pixrtecting or rulijig 

power of men, places, or things j a roan 

endowed wiili superiotu* facnl'ics ; nature 
Gentcelj j5n-iWl'. a. polite, elegant, civil, 
(acntccliy, j5n-ti^i'-l^. ad. elegantly, fioiitely. 
Gcnteclness, j(^n-t6cr-n?.s. s. clegancif, grace 

ftdncss, politeness. [nation, a pagan; 

Gentile, j<^n -ill. s. one of an uncovcuanted 
Oenti!i:?ni, j5n'-tTl^?2m. s. heathenism, paganism. 
Gentility, j^n-iTl'^-t^. «. good cxiractiou j 

elcgfance of bchavioiu*. 
Gentle, j(^n'-tl. a. soft, mijd, tame. 
Gentlefolk, j^u'-tl-fAke. 5. per«»ns disiingmiierf 

by ilicir lurth from the vulgar. 
Gentleman, j?n'-l)-m(\n. s. a man of biitli a 

term of complnisanrc. 
Gentl.^inanl'.ke. ]i^n'-il man-Hke. }a. l>ecomink 
Gentlemanly, jr^fn'-tl-ni^M-li. S a n»a»» <^ 

Gentleness, j^u-d-n^ ,s. soilness of manners, 

meekness. [dcsGcnd«>. 

gentlewoman, i^i^-tl-wftm-ftn. s. a woman weft 
ently, jln'-tll. ad. soflly^ meekly. 
Gentry, fiiV-U^. <; class of people abov* the 

*'«^- Digitized by LjOOgle 




Fk\€, (tar, rtH. flit 'r- mk, mgt y^me, pJn }^ 

Gesticulate. j2«4k'-A-lk0. «i tk Id fhj mtkk 

G^uflectkO, j^n^-flUc^-shAn. «. the act of 

bending the knee. 
QeolQiiie, j^n'-&>fn. «. not spurious. 
Genuineness, jSu'-&ln-u&. f. freedom from 

any thiuff counterfeit. 
Genus^ j^fls. t. in science, a class of being 

compreAendin^ manv species. 
Geocentrick. i^-^-sen'tr!k. a. applied to a 

planet or orb naving tlie earth for its centre. 
Geo^phcr, ji-ftg'-gra-fl^r. $. one who de- 

scnbM the earth. [gc*^gnipliy. 

Gei^praphical, j^^grHf-^ k&l. a. relaun^ tc 
Gec^raphlrally, j^-A-grif -i kftl-^. ad. m a 

geog^plficai manner. [earth. 

*'ieograpiiy, ii-6^-gr&-fi^. s. knowledge of the 
c^eology, je^r>6-j^. s, tlie doctrine of the earth. 
"Geoinancer, j^'-6-man-s&r. s. a foruiiieteller. ' 
Geomancy, jfe'-6-m&n-s^. «. the act of foretell' 

ing by figures. [art of casting figiires. 

Geomantick. j^-^m4n''t3k. a. pertainmg to the 
Geometer, je-Am'-i-tSr. s. a geometrician. 
Geonietrai, j^^^m/v^-tr^. a. pertaining to ge- 
ometry. « 
Geometrical, j^-A-m<H'-tr^-k&l. ) a. pertaining 
Geonietrick, ji-6-ra^t'-tr!k. \ to geome- 
try 5 according to geotnctry. 
Geometrically, j6-A-m5i'-tr6-klU-^. ad. accord- 

mg to the laws of geometry. 
Geometrician, j6-4S*nv-^-trlsh'-An. «. one skilled 

m geometry. 
IjJeometry, j^Am'-m^tri. t. the science of 

quantity, extension, or magnitude, iihstract^d- 

ly considered. 
George f j^rje. s. a figure of Bt. George on 

horseback, worn by the knights of the garter. 
Gcorgjck, jdr'-j?k. 9. some part of the science 

of husbandry. 1 [of agriculture. 

Ueorgick, jAr-jTk. a. relathig to Uie doctrine 
German; 3^-roian. a. a first <roiisin. 
Qerme, jf rro. 1. a sprout or shoot. [seed. 

CSenmn, j&r'-mfn. s. a shooting or sprouting 
Germinate, j^r'-roi-u^. r. ii. to sproqt, to 

shoot. [sprouting ; growtli. 

GerminatioB, j^m^-n&'-shdn. s. the act of 
Gerund, j^r'-ftnd. *. a kind of verbal noun. 
Gest, j^. s. a fleed, an action 5 show. 
Gestation, j^tA'-slrftn. s. the act of bearing the 

vwwg »i^ti?e wmnb '■ 

tncks, to show posturask 

various posUves. 
Gesture, jfis'-tsbAre* «. aolioB «r posMn «»^ 

pressive of seatimeot. 
Get, g£u V. a. pret. gai : |»rt pMk g^t or 

gcttoL to prooire, 10 obtain ; to bej^ ', to 

Gewgaw, gA'-g&w. «. a showy Uiie, a %off 
Gewgaw, gA'-g&w. a. splendidly trifling, itiowy 

\viihoiu value. [walkiiw-flnrits 

Ghastftil, gibt'-nil. a. dreary, dismal, fit for 
Gbastliness, g&st'-I^ nh. «. Iiorrour of couole 

nance, resemMance of a ^hest 
Ghastly, gAst'-l^. a. like a ghost ; horrible. 
Gherkin, g^'-klo. s, a piokied cucuoiber. 
Ghost. g6st. «. a spirit. 

Gliostliness. dist'-l^iifis. s. spiritual temioicy 
Ghostly, gd^-I^. a spiritual, having a cbara^ 

ter from religion. 
Giant. U'-ftnt. s. a man unocturally largu. 

Giaiitlfke, jl'-int-llke. |^ pg^^ck, ^vast 


Gibbet, j!b^-blL 9. a galfews. 

, jl'-aii 
Gibberish, g!b'-bftr4sfa. 

caut, words without 

I. [meaning 

Gibbet, j!b'-(^l. ca. to hang or expose on a 

jribb(^ (nenee 

Gibbosity, cUvbAs'-^-t*. #. cem-exity,. pram- 
Gibbous, g]bM>As. a. convex, protuber aiii, 
Gibbousuess, gfb •bds-uds. «. convexity, proml 

neoce.' [ness with conl^npt 

Gibe, ilbe. v.n. to sneer, to join censorious 
Gibe, jlt)e. v. a. to scoff, to riilicuie. 
Gibe, jibc. s. a sneer, scoC [uously 

Gibin^iy^ H'-t>tng-l^. ad, seomfully, ccmtempt* 
Giblets, jlb'-t2ts. t. 4l>e parts of a guote wuih 

arc cut off K^forc it is roasteo. . 
Giddily, g)d'-d^l^. ad. with the head seeming 

10 turn round *, unstdidily ; carelessly. 
Giddiness, g)d'-«l6-u^ s. the state 6f bong 

giddy 5 inconstancy : qniek rotation. 
Giddy, g?d'-<i^. a. naVing intbebeadawhiri » 

cr sensation of circular moliau ; unsteady 

heedless j mtoxicatcd. 
Ghklybrained, gid'-d^4»rand. a. «aialesai, 

thoughtless. ^ [er^ ftoul^ 

i Gii\, gia. s. a thmg given or bestowed ] fom 




m6, mSv^nfe, o5t y-Aiibe, t^, bAll ;— ^}I>— pAdud j^-^Ain, TRin 

^kedi gIP-lld. a. beffowed; endo>v«d with 
cu rwii du iny powort. [in piav. 

G^; fE%. '. f^vy tkin; that b. wbiried rouud 
Oij^nocky ji<cftii'-lik. a. knt^ bolkj^, oiiormous. 
WEle,g%>eL V. K. to laugS idly, to titter. 
er, g^*gi-&r. «. a lau^^r, a titterer 
. gl[a. tr. a. p^et. ^tfe(< or gut. to li'aiih over 
Willi gold : to adorn with lustre. 
Gilding, ffi'^nAng. $. gold laid on any sorface 
« b? wav of ormtmeat. 
(lills, gfiz. «. tinn apertoro at cal^h siilc of a 

fidi's head ; (be lnah wkler the chin. 
Gill, (!l. «. a measure of liquids containiiig 

the lourtfa part of a pint : ground ivy> 
GUIyflower, jlr-li-aMr. s. Jul^-flower. 
Gilt,^ part of tUdL 
iHmemtk, jfMi''knk» «. a t^ght or trivial mech- 

Gimlet, gfra'-lSt. «. a' borer with a screw at iu 
Glinp, gnnp. t. a khid of silk twist or lace. 
Gin, jIn. s, a trap, a snare ; the spirit drawn by 
' distiUation fhHnjdniper berries. • [that plauu 
Ginger, jInMAr. 9. an Indian plant ; the root of 
Oiiq;erbf^'<ia,i1n'-j&r>br^. s. a kind of sweet- 
__ meaiiDadedf donghandflavoHTcdwitbgiager. 

Gingerly> i)nM5r-%^<uf. cautiously, 
&in|;HraJ,jw-j^v&l. a. belonging to* the gums. 
Gin^, jfcg'-gf. r. n. tont^^ra sharp, dattcring 
noise : to make an afiiscted souna iu periocB 
Gin^f jfng'^r s. a. shrill, resooftdhig noise $ 

fubctaAion in the sound of periods. 

Ginseng^ Jln'-sdng. «. a Chinese root brought 

■ lafefy uto Ernopc. [tell fortunes. 

Gipsy, jlp'-sfe. s, a vagabond who |>retends to 

l'in( ff5i^. v.a. preu girded or giri. to bind 

round ; to Invest 5 to enclose, ta*cnarcte. 
Glnlert gdr'-d&r. 9, the largest pioce of timber 
in a floor. * [waist : a bek, a zoi%. 

Girdle, g^-d]."«. any thing drawn round \S^ 
Girdle, m'^. v. a. to gird ; to enclose/ to 
Gir . ffCri. 5. a yottng w6man er child, [shut tS. 
GtVVSn, gi^rl'-Mi. a. suitiiig a girl^ ^ ' 

Girfittily, g^-Stsli-l^. cut. m^a ^ish mannei*^ 
Qhrt, gert. part, pass. Aom to gird. [circle. 

Bin^ gin. V. a. to gird, to. enebmpass, to en- 
Ilti^jl«CA.«.thebandby^hichthe saddle is 
jMiq^abors& ^ 

> V, a. to cheer, to ;dc!ight, 
n. 5 to exhilarate. 

Girth, g^r^i. »j. a. to bind with a girflil * 

O'WQ, g)v. r. a. pret. gcit« ; part jtaai. gftttiL 

to bestf»wj to pay; to grant j to yiew l» 

express J to adtiici 5 to resign. 
Give, g?v. V, «.-io grow moist, to melt, to thaw j 

to move. 
Giver, riv'-ftr. *. one tliat given, a l^ower. 
Gizzard, g^'-z^rd. «. tlie strong, tnusculolii 

stouiactr of a fowl. 
Glacial, gli'-sliMI. a. made of ice, frozen. 
Glaciate, gli'-jilj6-4le. r. n. to luni into ke. 
GlacisiUot)^ gl^-»;b^-&'-sbftn. s, the SA of tuni- 

iug into ice, ice formed. [sloping bankl 

Glacis, gli'-sb, or gld-sj^ze'.*. inTortificatioH^ a 
Q]a^,^luu. a. chceriiil ;.pfea^ed, e.ovated with 

Gia^l, gidd'. 

Gladden, gl&d'-dn. , 

Glade, gwdc. «. a lawn or opening in a ti^ooa. 

Gladiatoi:, gldtl-d6-i'-idr. *. a sword-player } 

a prize-figiiier. 
Glanly, glad'-l^. ad. joyfully, with merriment. , 
Gladness, glad'-n^s. ». cheerfulness, exultation 
Gladsome, glAd'-sfim. a. pleased^ gay. 
Glaire, gl&re. s. tlie white of an eg^ ) » kind 

ofhall)eri. ^ i^ egg. 

Glairc^ gl^re. v. n. to smear wtl; t^ wliite Sf 
Glaiice. gianse. s. a sudden shoot of light or 

Glance, glinse. t;. n. to shoot a sudden ray u| 

splendour \ tojy ofTin an oblique direction ^ 

to view with a<|uick cast of the eye. 
Gland, gi&nd. s. a smooth^ fleshy substance 

which senes as a kind of strainer to separate 

somo'paiticularlluld from the bkxxl. 
GlatKlers, gl^n'-dftrz. $. a disease incident tc 

Horses. .* [acoxiis. 

Glahdiferoua, gl&n-dff-f^-rffs. a. bearing 
Gkilhdulosity, gi4nKi&>lds'-^t^ ^ a collection 

orfflandsf ^ [glands 

Glai^aiiloiil, gl&n'-il^-l&s. a. pertaining to tlM 
Glare, el&re. v.n. to shjiie so as to dazzle 0m ' 
Glare, ^&re. s. <yi'erp«>wcring lustre. .feye^. 
Glareous, gi&'-r^t!^. a. consisting of visoous. 

transparent matter. ' 
Glaring, gl&'^-rliig. a. very bright ; tmrefikoed. 
Glass, gl^ s. an artifidal transpareol 11 * 
Glass, gHu. 0. vitreous, made of glaii. 




F&ie> (Ir, f IJI; f&f y-nAf m^t ^-pioa, pb y 

htiiM, gtib. V. a. toi»\'€r with gku». to glaze. 
Glas^fumace, gl&s'-f&r-nls. *. a funtace in 

whickgllLSS is made by bquefaction. 
Glasdfpind^r^gf^-^ijid -Ar.«. one woose trade 

is to polish and gnnd glass. 
Glasshottiie, gl^s'-hSdse. s. a house where glass 

is manufactured. 
Glassman, g)As'-m>Ui. < one who seHs gi.-iss. 
Glassmetal^ g)is -in^i-ll. s. glass in fusjon. 
CMasswork, ei&s^-w'ftrk. s. maimfaclory vf glass. 
Glassy, glas^. a resembling wiass. 
Glave, gl^vo. s. a broad sword, a falchion. 
Glaze, gl^ze.v. a. to furnisli or cover will) glass. 
Glazier, gl&'-zh&r. f.onc whose trade is to make 

glass vnacwAvs.^ 
Gleam, gJthnc. s. iiiddenslioot of light. 
GleHin, j^li^-aic, v. h^Xo jhinewilh sudden fl.-uslies 

oflig^it. [shoots of light. 

Giejiiuy, gl6'-in^. a. flashing, darliug sutficn 
Glean^g^i*. is a. to gatlicr what ilie reapers 

leave l^ebjid | m gaUicr any thing scattered. 
Gleftncr, g:tfe'-nflr. 5. one wlnu gleans. 
Gleaiiiiifi. gW-rhi^, s. the act of gleavng, 't 

thing gkaned. 
trlebe^ gl^be. s, turf, soil, ground. 
GlEboutf.d6'^bfl<.>, ,..rf^ 
Gleby,g!j?-l>*. r*"^^- 
Glect gle^* s, joy, l f^y^y; ^ ^*»d of »*n^ 
Gleeful, el^'^ui. a. inerry, cheerful; 
GIf pf-'j^lMt.^. ri Lliin iciior ruiming fn^n a sore. 
Gleet J g^Ml, r, «. to drip or ooze with a thin, 

Glen, elhi. s, a valley, a dale. 

Glib, ^ai a, snKKiEh, slippery 5 voluble. 

Glibly, glB/-l6. tui. smooilily, volubly. 

txUh a^B^f Eiib'-A. 9. smootnness, slipp^rinpss. 

GKde, glide* r. n. to flew gejuly ancl silerttly. 

Glimmer, gltni'-m^r. ». n. to shine faintly. 

Gllmiiier, gltni'-mdr. s, faint tspleridour, weak 

light. |_transilory viewi 

Glinip.^, glTinpi. jt. a weak, faint light j a shoM, 
Glisten, gib'-sn. v,n. to shine, to spattle with 

Glister, glV-tftr* »•«. to shine, to be bright. 
Giitter, gftt -tifr. r. n. to shine, to gleam. 
Glitter, glHM&r. «. lustcc. bright show. 
Oloftt, n6te. o » to cast side-glanoes as a ttmo- 
' lous &vcr 

Globated, gl6'-bit.fc6d. a. (bnned Uke a globt 

Globe, gl6he. s. a sphere, a ball} the worH 
Globose, gl^b68e^ a. splierical, flMmd. 
Globosity, g)6.b6s'-^-ti. s. sphericalocss. 
Globons, guS'-bfts. ) ,v„.«,i „^^«,«i 
Globular, |i6b'.6.1':ir. \ «• """'^^ «J*** «^*^ 
Globule, gl6iy-i'(le, s. a snail particle of HHHts 

of a spherical figure. (a yt^ 

Glome rate, gl^m'-^r-ilc. v. a. to gathef *b 
Gloom, gloAin. s. dismalness* obscurity ; heavi* 

ness ofmind, Sttllenness. • 
Gloomily^ gl55ai'-^l^. oti obscurely, dismalljr 

with dark intentions. 
Gloominess, glfldni'-^ii&. s. want of ligb:i 

cloudiness oflook^ 
Gloomy, gl^flm'-^. <i. c4)scure 5 sullen. 
Glorica,^^--rid. a. illustrious. oneund^Jt. 
Glorification, gl^r^-t^k4'-sh&n. s. the act el 

giving glory. 
Glorify, gwV-re-f J, v. a. to pay honour or praise 

in workup; to exalt to glory or dignity, [lent 
Glorious. gia-r^-&s. a. noble, ilhistricus, excel 
Gtoriously,gl&'-r^-.Bs-li. ad. nobly, illustriously. 
[Glory, gr6'-r^. s, praise paid in adoration ; tlt« 
[ fclipity of heaveu } tionour, celebrity ; a cirri* 
^ of rays. ^ 

Glory, glA'-rfcv v, n. to boast m, to be proud >*i. 
Gloss, gl6s. s. scholium, a comment 
Gloss, gi&S. V, n. to comment. 
Gloss, gltS^s. V. a. to explain by cgmmeot : 

embeOish wii> superiscial lustre. 
Glossary, glAs'-sa-re. s. a dictionary of 

or antiquated -wonbi. [ncia4 * 

Glossiness. g}6s'-s^n^s. s*. smooth jpolish : 
Glossy, ^os'-s^. a. shining, smoothly poi 
Glove, glfiv. s. a cover f(ir the hanos. 
Glover, glfiv-fii^ s. one wliose trade is to 

orr^Il gloves. 
Glow, gl6. 17.91. te be heated so as to shinff 

out flame) to bum. [hrigh 

Glow, gi6. s, shining heat, unusual wa 
Glow-worm, ^'-wwm. «. a small inse 

B liimihous tail. 
Gk>z^ gl6ze. cft. to flaUer, to wfa 
Gloze, g)6ze. s, flaiterf, insimiatkm; 
Glue, no. s, a cemem. 
Glue. gih. V. a. loi<m|with « ' 




j>6, ro^vOy irfr^nftt;— 4Abe, tdby bfiHj— ^il ^pd&nd j -^fun, ruik 

GHant, glAm. ^ sulleo, siubborolv grave. 
Ghit, gHU. o. a. to ctevour; to.doy; to ovcr^, 
Ghitj grat f . more than enough. 
C^tmcuSy gi^-t^-u&s. a. viscous, teoackms. 
Qlutinousness, gUi'-t^oAs^n^s. s. viscosh^*, tc 

nacity, ' . / 

Gl.utb>nr gUU'-tii. 8. one who hidulges too o^nch 

in. eating; a voracious' animal. 
GluttionouSy gl&t'«t&n*fts. u. given to exccsave 

OhittoDyt gHbrtjhi-^ s. excels of editing. . 
tinashf nam, v. a. to ^ikc tc«felher. to da^. 
Qnaah, nlish; yi. n, to ^ind o, cdlide the teeth, 
GiOat, n^. #.^ small stinging insect. 
Gnaw. n&w. v. a. to eat by degrees, to devour 

by soiir c(MTo^<Mi. 
Gnomon, a^VmAn. >. the hand orpin of a'dial. 
GnomontckSy nA-qi6n'-iks. s. the* art of dialing. 
Go, g6. V. n. pret. / went, Iliavtg<me. to waUc, 

to move; to proceed; to* nave recourse ; to 

decline ; to move by lueciianism ; to be preg< 

nant ; no contribute. 
Go-cart, gA^-k^. s. a madi|.ne in which chil- 
dren are enckiaed to teach them to walk. 
Goad, g6de. s, a painted insCniment with which 

ojten are driven. " 

Goad, e&de. v. a, to prick or drive with a goad.^ 
( joal, gole. f . starting post ; the final purpose. 
Goat, ^b^ 8, an animal that seems a middle 

specjes between deer ahd sliec{>. 
Gk^therd, g6te'-h^rd. 8. one who attends goats. 
Goatish, g6te'4sh. a. resembtinff a goat in rank- 

ness or lost. [tumult and noi%. 

GobbIe> g&b'-bl. v. a. to swallow hastilv .with 
pO'betweienyg^-o^-tw^n.A. one that transacts 

business by running between two parties. 
Goblet, gW-i^u 8. a, bowl or cup. 
Goblin, eoy-Jn. «. an evil spirit ^ 

4^,gM. 8. the Supreme Being ; an idol. 
OodcnUd, g6d^'tsfalid. 8. the chud for wlK»m one 

becsuae sponsdr at ba^sm. 
Goddess, g6<i'-d^.- 8. a female divinity.' 
GodtaJOaer, gtdf-fi^THhr, 8, the sponsor at the 

fimt [person. 

GoAitad, gftd'-b^ 8. divine naturti^ a aeit^ io 
Ooffle«y'gM''4&. a. atheistical, wicked, im- 

^todfike^ C^**^' A' diytoe, reflembllng adi- 


G^lUness, g^'-I6-n^ f . piety toGod. 

Godly, g6d^l^. a. pious towards God. 

Godly. g6d'-l*. ad. piously, righteously 

Godmother, g6d'-m&TH-fir. 8. a wottaa w|m 
has become sponsor Ui baptism. 

<«oggle, g6g'-gi. f'. n. to look asquuit. 

Goegle-ey^^ g^g'-gl-lde. a, squiuteyed. 

Going, g^4ng. 8. the act of walking; pregnao- 
cv; departure. 

ord,g6ld, or gd5ld; 8, the purest, heaviest, and 
most precious of all metals; money 

Gold , g6ld , a. made of gold , golden. 

Goldbeater, gAld'-b^-lfir. «. one wliose occupa . 
tion is to beat gokl. [gold. 

Goldbound. g6ld^-hd&nd. a. encompasseowith 

Golden, g6i'-dn.^a. made of gold; of (he C€»)out 
of gold. 

Goldnneh, g6ld'-f!nsh. 8. a suiging bird. 

Goldsmith, g^ld'-am!^. «. one .who mamtfae 
tuiesgold. [a cart-wheel 

Gcme, g6mie. 5. the black and oily grease of 

Gondola, 'g6n'-d^l&. s, a boat used in veuioe;. 

Gondolier, gdn-d6-lMr'. s. a boatnuui. 

Gone, gftri. ftoai, pret, from go. 

Gronfalon, g6n'-fii-lon. l^'„ ««e;*r« ^t^r^L^ 

Gonfanon, g6n'-r^.nan. \ ** ^ ®°^^' siaiuXara 

GqnorrhoBa, g&n-Ar-r^i- «. a morbid ninning. 

Good, g&d. a. comp. better, super, best, kavii^ 
such physical qualities as are expected or de- 
sired; proper; uncornipted; wholesome 
pleasant; complete*; useful; sound ^ legale 
wen qualified; skilful; vtrUKMiS) companion- 

Good, gfld. *. the contrary to evil ; virtue. 

Good, gfld. ad. well, not lU, not amiss. 

Goodliness, gfid'-l^-ii2*s. s. beauty, grac» 

OpodJy, gftd'-l*. a. lieautifol fine. 

Good-uow, g6d'-ndA. interf. in good tine. 

Goodness^ ^ad^w<^s. ». desjrableoiudities 

Groodst g&Oz. 8. moveables ma noose; warps, 
miH'chandise. ♦ 

Goody, jj&d'-d^. 8, a ]o<v term of civilityi^ 

Goose^ go&se.8. a water-ftnvl; a taik>r^ smooOi 
i^ig i?on; 

Gooseberry, gAdxf-b^r-i. «. a tree aodfruH 

GorbelliecC gAr'-b^Hd. a. fat, Mg-belUed 

Gord, gord. 8, an instrument rr ganuiiir. 

Gore. g6re. «• t>kxHl clotted or £dqk«hm« 




Qqrt, g^ra. v,cuia pierce with a horn. 
<Jorge, ■ • 

^.. «. the Uisoat, Uiat t^htcli i»gDrg«l 

or svrailowed. 
Gpr^e, |;6qe. v. a. lo fiU up the ikroat, to glut, 

Gorgeous. gAr'-jlls. «. fine, shawj. 
^Soifeously, gM^-j&5-l^. <uf. spiendicHy, fyaety. 
Gorreoa8iie88,.g6r'-jfts-u&L «. aplcudour. mag- 

lUDceiioe. [flciends i)to throat. 

(xor^t, g^r'-j^. f. the piecfe »>f armour that 
Gorgon, rdr^-gi^i. «. anooiister with fdhky hairs. 
GormaiMUzef gfti'^-iniu-dize. r. n. 'to feed ra\*- 

enously. ^ [eater. 

Gormandizer^ gAr'-m&n-dl-sAr. s. a voracioud 
€iorse, gdrse. s. furze, h thick, prickly shnih. 
Gory, g^-r&. a. covered with congealed Mobdj 

bloody, murderous. \^ 

Gosliiiff, gAz'-lfng. s. a ynunp^ goose. 
Goniei, ej^-fifil 's. God's wwd, the lioly bpok 

oi the Christian revefalion. 
Gossamer, g6s-s&-m&r. s. the down o^ plants. 
Goadp, g^-slp. $. a sponsor in boptism; a 
ftippUug conifjt^uion; one who turn alxHit 

tattling. * 

Gossip, gfts'-sTp. V. n. to chat, to prate. 
Got, ^L pret. of'to get. 
Gotten, gAt'-tif. pan^ jpcssff. of |Trf. 
Gouge, gdddje.«. a chisel havuig a round edge. 
Goun^. g6rd. s. a plant ; a bottle. 
Gout,gdQt.«. a pcriodjcaf disease attended witii 

great pain. 
Gout, gdft. s. taste ;' a strong de»re. 
Gouty, g6&'-t^. a. afflicted wuh vfie gout; relat- 

Fiie, fir, fill, r&f^mi, m^;— pine, plnj— 

Gownman, gMa'-m&r! s, a man devolad It St 


Grabble, gr&b'-bl. u a to grm. trvMind 

Grabble, gr&b'-bi. owfc lo M proilral?oii tbo 

Grace, gr^^ «. privilege, favour; virtue; par* 

' don; ornament; the iHle of a duke* amrr 

Grace, grlue. t>. a. to adorn, to digui^. 

Gracefid, gr^'-t&t. a. beautiful, with ekx|uaice 

Gracefully, gHuse'-liU-li. «i elegantly, wkli^ 
pleasing dignity. [maaHer 

Gracefulness* griisc'-ltU-iiis. s. dentace oi 

Graceless, grAsft'-lds. a. wkrked, abaiiooiMtd. 

Gracile, * gras'-sH. a. slender, small. ** 

Gradient, grAs'-^-WnL *t. le?in. 

Gracitity, gi^-s}r4-t^. s. slendenieas. 

Gracious. ^^>shfis. a. mereihil; kind; vcluoitt 

Graciously, gr&'-shfts-l^. ad. kindly; in a pleo4 
ing manner. [sibn; pleasing uuuaier- 

Gracipiisness. gri'-sh&^u^ s. kilkf condesceo 

GratlstHin, grfc-d^'-sbfin. s.-renilar progress. 

Gradianl,gTO'-d^-Ant,orgii'-J^4bit a. walking 

Gradual^ grAd'-^-&l./a. sten by step. 

Graduabty, grftd-^^'-^td. «. regular progres-^ 
sion. [uhur progression.' 

Gradually, gr&d'-A-Sl-^. ad, by degrees, in reg- 

Grathiate, gr^d'-6-&te. v. a, to digmiy with a 
degree in .the university, to mant wkb de- 
grees; tolieiffhten. 

Graduate, gr&a'>&-4te. s. a man dignified wut 
«n academical degretf. [mssinin. 

Graduation, gr&d-A-li'-sh&n. t. rsgiwar.Dio- 

Graff, gi-if. s. a ditch, a» moat. 

Graft t>r Graff, graft or gr&ff. s.a sniidl brandi 
inserted into the slock if another tree. 

Graft or Graff,- griA or griff, r.o. lo insert a 
scion or oranco of one tree into tbe sioca of 
Grain, gHine. s. aO kinds of com; the seed <if 
any miit; aiiy raimn^ parade; the smalles 
weight; iiny tiling proverbially small.^ 
Grains, gr&nz. s. Die huski of malt exhausteo ' 

in brewing.. 

Gramineous, gr&-m!n'4-As. a. grassy, [eating 

Graminworous, ^m-^n?v''6-r68. a. graat 

Grammar, gmrn'-m&r. s. the science of speal^ 

iug correctly; the bookthattreatf oftbeYa 

nous relations of words to.each ollwr. 

ing to the gouti 
^vovem, gflv'-ftrii. v. t 

to role ; to regi^ate, to 

^irect^ to manage, to restrain, 
fic^emable, gAv[.Or-u&-bl. a. subject to rule, 

manageab^4 (ruki, management. 

GoVemtoce« rfv'-fir-nlnse. s. government, 
Oovemante, gQ\'-Ar^it^nt\ s, a laJy wlio has 

the 4!ire of joung girls. 
Governess, gfiv'-flr-u^s. s. a tutoress. 
.Government, gAv'-Arn-m^nt. s. an establishment 

ef Jegal authority, administration o^ publick 

affairs; manageablcncss. ^ 

Oovemour^^r-ir-uftr. s. one who has thewi- 

0reme direction : a tutor ; a pikM, a irau^ger. 
* '^^WB, gMo^ f . a long upper garment ' 





«. one who 

6rtmniat^4< gH^-n^f 4-kAL cu belonging 
Grammatica]lv,grtin-]nlb'4;kftl-l^.atf. acwrd- 

iog^ to the RU6S or sdeooe of sratnmar. 
Gnmmjia, grtai'-pas.i. a lai^ fiish of the whale 
kuMl. .... [edcorn. 

iiiranary, gr&n'4-Te. « a store-hou«e for thresh- 
Granate, grAn'-At « a kind of spotted marble' 
Crrand, grand, a. mot, fltustrious, splendid. 
Orapdain, er&n'-cnin. «. graudmothci^. 
GrandchikL |T&od'-t!iliUd. s. the son or daugh- 
ter of oue'a 90O or daughter. [dignity. 
Urandee, gran-d^. t, a man of great rank or 
Grandeur, gr&n'-j&i:^ s. state, fiiag^cence. 
Grandfalber, gr&od'-f&-TH&r. a the father of a 
father or mother. [or mother's mother, 
(■randmother. grAnd'-mflTH-fir. ' s. tho father's 
Graodaire; grind'-slre. «.' grandfather. 
Grstnge, grwiga- *• a fhr:ft with sSoniae at a 

distance Irora neighbours. 
Gra^te, grftii'.lt. s. a stone composed of sepa- 
rate concretioriS rudely compacted. 
GraaivorouSf gr&-n!v'-\'A.ras. 4. eatii^ gram. 
Grant, gr&at. v. a. to admit ; to bestow. 
Grant, gr&nt. s. the act of granting orbestpw- 
. mg : a gift, a boon. [granted. 

Granrable, gHbt'-&-bL C'that vrMch may be 
Grantee, grftn^i^. f . he to whcm any CTont is 
made. [made. 

Grantor, giAnt-t&r'. s. he by whom a grant is 
jSranulary, gr&i'-&-l&r-^. a. rescmUins; a small 
graiuiir seed. [small grains. 

Granulate, |^n'->&-1ate. v. n. to Ix^ormed into 
Granulate,' gi-dn'-A-l^te. v. a. to break into 

Cirranule, grixf^ii\6^ s. a small compact parude. 
ttranukms, gr^'-A-Ii^ a. full of little grains. * 
Grape; grape, s. the fruit of the vipe. 

Gfai^^-!k. ?«. weU delineated. ' 
Graphical, grif-^^til. C «• ''^ uwiuicowu. 
Gfij>liiedly. |(rftr-^k^-«.'aAt in a picturescpe 

naanef) wiw good delineaijoii, 
GnaUH, gtw-vB. $, a aoaau anchor belongmg 

to iiMlev^l. ^ . 

' K-|^ 4. fi. lo oootend by leizuig 

fflkt tf. to fiiHeiv to fijr. 

Grapple, gH^-p). «. coateit in wiudi Hm con^ 
batants seize each other ; ckiae i%ht. 

Grapph^ment, gTlip^»t-m^. a doM) figfat 

Gn^, gr^. V. a. to boM in the hand, to grqM. 

Grasp; gr&sp. v. n. to catch at, to eDoeavKNnr im 
seize j to struggle ; to gripe. 

Grasp, gr^p. «. uje gripe or seisure of the haad; 
possession J power of seismg. .« 

Grass, gr&s. s. the common herbage of fiefcSi oa 
which cattle feed. 

Grasshopper, gnU-h6p-Ar. «. a small infect 
. that hqiB in the summer grass. 

Grassiiiess, gr&s'-s^-n^ <« the state of abound • 
ing in grass. * 

Grassy, gr&t'-s^. a. covered with grass. 

Grate, giite. m, partition made with bars; the 
range of bam wiihiu which tires are made. 

Grate, ffr&te. v. a. to rub any thing by the attri- 
tion of a rpugh body ; \o ofl'cnd b^' any thin*^ 

- harsh or vexatious; to. form a hanii sound. 

Grateful/ gi-Jitei'-itU. a, haviii<^ a due sense of 
benefits; pleasing, acceptat'le. 

Gratefully, gr4to^?&l-^. ad. with willingness to 
acknowledge and repay beuefits; in a pleas- 
ing manner.- 

Gratefulness, grite'-ffU-n^ *. gratitude. 

Grater, gr^te'-dr. a. a coars«», instrument with 
whicn soil bodies are rubbed to powder. 

Gratification, gi^-^-t^ka'-sli^n. s'. the jbct of 
pleasii^ ; pleasure. * / 

Gratify, grat^^-f 1. v. a. to pKlulge } to requite. 

Gratingly, eiAte'-ing-)^. ad. harshl^, ofiensively. 

GratiS;. ^ -tls. ad., for notiimg, without r^ec6m- 
pcnse. [desire to return benefits. 

Gratitu(|e, grit'-^-iide, s. duty to beftefadtors $ 

Gratuitous, gri-ti!i'-^t&s. a. voluntary; assert- 
ed withoot proof. 

Gratuitously , cr&-t6'-^tfts-l^. ad. withoat daim 
or merit; wiUMiut proof. [peme. 

Gratuity, gdl-ia'-^t*. «. a present or recom- 

Gratalate, grfttsh'-6-l4te> or ffr&t'-&-lite. v. a. to 
congratulate; to salute wiUi dcdaratkms of 
joy. , [by cxpiiBisingjov. 

GratulatKm, gr&tsh-&-m'-8hdn. a. sahitaiioK inada 

Gratulatory, gr&tsfa'-&-li-tAr.«.a.CDigraiiil«l6^ 
r>v ej^tessing congratulaiioD. 

Grave, gf4ve. f. the place in whadi &• daad 
«re reposited* 




. FJUe, f&Ty filly f&t;—n]^,in6t;-^)liie, pin}— 

Orave, gAve. v. a. pret rnxeed,^ paru pass. 
I^utxn. dure on any liard subsumces to 
imprBM d»ep\y. 

Orave, grJive. a. solemn, serious j of weight 3 
not showy; not acute. 

Oravel, gmv'-^l. «. bard sand j sandy matter 

. concreted in tiie kidncjrs. Lembarposs. 

Gravel. grk\^^\. o. a. to cover with eravel j to 

Gravelly, gr&v'-Sl-li. a. full of cfravci. 

Gravely, gdivc'-I^. <uL solemiuy»'serionsly, so- 
berly. ' {"'^y* 

(sraveness, gr&ye'-u^. 9, seriousness, solem- 

Graver, gri -v-ftr. s. oho whose business is to 
cng^rave ; the tool used in graving. 

Gravitate, gr&v'-^-t&te. v.n. to tend to the cen- 
tre of attraction. ' [to tlie centre. 

Gravitation, gnlv4-t4'-sbfin. «. act of tending 

Gravity, gmv'-A-t^. », weight, heavine^, ten- 
dency to the centre. ' • 

Gravy, grii'-v^ s. the juice thai runs from flesh 
liot mucn dried by the ftro. [hoary. 

iJray, gr&. a. white with a mucture of black ; 

Graybeard, gi-i'-biird. s. an old man. 

Grayiiess; grlt'-u^. s. thequality of being gray. 

Graze, graze, v. n. to eat grass ; to supply grass. 

Grazier, gr^ -zhftr. s. one who feecb catde.. 

Grease, gr^. 4. the soft part of tlie fat ; a dis- 
ease in horses. , 

Grease, gr^* v.a.iAo smear or anoint with 
gre9:« ; to corrupt with presents. ^, 

(irc'»«*Ees^ mk'zknih. s.^oiliness, fatness. 

Greasy, gr^-z6. a. unctuous; smeared with 
grease. [tant; nioble ; pregnant. 

Great, grite. a. large ; ^nsid^able ; in4>or- 

Greally, griie'- li. aoT in a great degree. 

Greatness, gr&te'-a&. 9. largeness : dignity. 

i*reave8, gr^vz. «. armour for the legs, 

Cirecwm, gr^-^zra. s, an idiom of the Greek 
language. [ciously. 

Greyly, grfei'-di-li. ad. ravenously^ vora- 

GreedUie^s, gr6^'-dft-n&. 9. nrvenousne^ 
eagerness of appetite or desire. [ger. 

Gre^y, grti'-<» «. ravenous, voracious ; ea- 
, Green, ^rMn. a. flourishing ; new ; not dty ; 
unripe, >oung. 

Green, gr&^«. a colour: a grassy plain. 
Oreeneyed,gri^D' Ide, a. havmg eyes cole 
wnh raen. 


Greeofinch, gr^ -flush. #. a lund oThird. 
Greengage, gr^i-g&je'. «. a species ofjihim. 
Greennofuse, gr^^>hdftse. «» aiiouse m whicb 

tender plants are sheltered. 
Greeni^, gr^n'-lsb. a. somewhat green. 
Greenness^ gr^n'-n^ 9. the qusJity of beuig 

green J mimaturity. 
Green-Room, er6^u'-rUm« «. a room near Jfct 

.8ta£^e,.to wlucTractors retire during the iDNv 

va& of their parts in the play. 
Greensickness, gii^^n-d(k''-u&. 9. a disease or 
\ maids. 

Greensward, ) „„aa^.«^..j S *• ^e turf ou 
GreenswoKlljK'**^-*'**^^-) which gra« 

Greenweed, gr^n'-w^. i, dyers* weed. 1 
Greet, gr^t. v. a. to address; to salute; to 

Greeting, gr^Mne. «. sahitation at meeting. 
Gregarious. gr^-g^-r6-&s. 2. going in flocks or 

Greilhde, gr&-nlule'. 9. a ball ; a small bomb. 
Grenadier, gr&i-&.-d^^. », a tall ibot-soldier. 
Greyhomui, gr&'-bAftnd.'«. a tall, fleet dog thai 

chases in sient * 

Gridiron, gria'-l-jim. 9, a portable grate. 
Grief, gre^f. 9. sorrow, trouble, [uneaaness. 
Grievance, gr^-vdnse. 9. a state or cause of 
Grieve, gre^v. v. a. to afflict, to Imrt. 
Grievous.'gr^v'-5s. a. afflictive, painful, heavy. 
Grievously, grAiv'-fts-li. daL pamfiilly j calam- 
itously^ vexatiouslyl 
Grievousness, gr^v'^fta-nls. 9. sorrow, pain. 
Gritfin, grif-f In. 9. a fabled anunal, said to be 

generated between the lion and the eagle. 
Grig, grig. 9, a small eel ; a merry creatore. 
Grin, gr!l. V. n, to broil on a gridiron. 
Grim. grim. a. ugly, ill-looldng. 
Grimace., gri-mase'. 9. a distonion of tbecoui 

tenance from habit 
GrimtQkin, grbn-m&l^-kln. «. an okl cat ^ 
Grime, grime.- 9, dirt deeply insinuated. 
Grime, grime. t\ a. to du|^ to sully de^ly. 
Grimly, grim'-lfe. ad, hombly, sourly, suneiily. 
Grimness, grim'-n^ 9, horrourj fimtfulneas of 

visage. . [withd^w the iipL 

GriR, grin. v. n. to set the teeth together an* 
Grin^ grinr i. the act of cMnc tbe leeth. 




116, mftve, nir, nfttj— tiibe, tfib, bfiU j— ^fl ;— pfi&nd ;— //ijn, Tuit. 

Iiriilil, gnud. v. a. pret. ground ; part. pa«. 

gromuL to reduce any Uiing to powder by 

mctioQ ; to nhorpoa ^ U>.hit> one agawist an- 

udier } to harass. 
Grind, {^rind. w. n. to perform \1h: act of grind- 

ii^. to be moved as in <prindiu<2f. 
Grinder, grind'-ftr. s. one ilmt griiuls 5 tlic io- 

strunieDt of -gruiduig ; <)oubte .tooth. 
Grimlstone, grIiid'-suSue. s. the stone on t^l'iich 

*dgp.d instrumentg are shntpcned. 
Gnnnin;i;ty, grIn'«iilBg-i6. ad. mih a grhmiug 

G<4pe, gripe, r. a. to libhl with the fingers 

d<)sed ; to seize ', to pinch ; to press. 
Gripe, gripe, r. n. to pinch the belly, to give 

the eholick 
Gripe, gripe, f. ^rag[>, hold ; squeeze, pressure ; 

ppprcssion ; pinching distress. 
Gripes, gripes, s. hi ily-ache, chdirk. 
Grisamber, eT!s'-4m-b3r. *. ambeigris. 
(^riskin, gite'-kJfn. #. the vertebrae of a hog 

Grisly, grfzMi. 0. dreadful, hideoiis. 
Grist, gr?st. s, com to be ground. 
Gristle, grfe'-sl. f.*a cartilage. 
Gristly, grfe'-«I^. a. cartilaginous. 
Grit, gni. s. ilie coarse part of meal, or sand. . 
Grittiness, grft'-t^-nfts. «. sandiness. 
Gritty, grftM^. a, full of hard particles: 
Griazle, gi^z'-zl. s. a mixture of >»htte and 

bh&ck : gray. 

Grizztca, gi4z'-zUK a. iiitersjwjrsed witirgraj*. 

^Grizzly, gr?z'-zi^. a. somewhat ejay. [ful noise. 

Gror.a, gr6i)e. v. n. to breatiiu witit a mourn- 

Groan, ma^. s: breath expb-ed with noise ami 

difficulty ; a hoarse, ii&vid sound. • 
Shxit, gilwh s. fbur>pence ; hulled oats. 
Grocer, grA'-sflr. s, a dealer in tea, sugar, 

pJums, and spices. 
Grocvsry, gr6'-sflr-A. s. grocers* ware. 
i?rogram, grftg'-rdm. s. stuff woven will} a 

la^o vi^soTaiM a rough pile. 
Groin> grA?n. s. the part next the thigh. 
li^room, errdAm. s. a servant that takes care of 

tfae stable. 
fJhft^ttf groov. 8. a hollow cut wiili a tool. 
Imove, grA6v. v^ a. to cut hollow. (sec. 

^fopo, pPv^f v»n* tfi feel where one cannot 

Grope, , gji^pe. y. a. to senrch by feeiiog in the 

dark. [mch^itt ; coarse, raagh. 

Gross, gr^. a. thick, cor|wlem j shamdm ; 
Gross, gnSse. ».. tlie mahi body ; the bulk ♦ 

twelve dozen. . " 

Grossly, grOse'-lA ad, bulkily. coarsely. 
Crossness, gi'6aV-n&i.' s. cuar^ienes^ unwick'y 

cor|>ul<nice ; warn of i-cfuieniem. . 
Grot, gi^St. . ^/« a ca\-ern or cave made Ujc 
Grotto, gr6t'-uX { coolness. 
Grotcsriue, gr6-i^sk'. a. distorted., unnatural. 
Ground, giAftnd. s. the cari'h 5 tlie flo(»r j the 

first su-atum of paint. 
G|X)und, gi'Miid. r. a. to fix on the ground j tc 

settle. » 

Ground, gT<i&ncl.^ret/aiKl7»art. pass, of eri'id. 
Groundless, grAAnd'-t^s. a. void of rcnson. 
Groundlessly, grA&nd'-i^-l^r rtrf.,wii}iooi rea 

son, witimut cuase. ^ • [just reason. 
Grotmdlessness, ffrAftnd'-lfe-n^. s. want of 
Groundsel, grfton'-sJl. «. a timber next tlie 

ground 5 a plant. ^ 

Groundwork, grAflnd'-wftrk. s. tlic grotnid, tiie 

first stratum ; firet principle. 
(Jroup, grftAp. s. a crow<l, a cltister. 
Gronp, grMp. v.a. to fsit into a cn>w<l, to hud- 
dle togetlier. 
Grouse, jrrAAse. 8. a hcathcock. 
Grout, giViflt. s. t!oarse meal, wllard. 
Grove, girAve. s. a walk shaded by tr«»nB. 
Grovel, grAv'-vl. i\ n. to lie paonc, ta crc»»p low 

on the earth. 
Grow, g«'A. v.n pi-ei.ffreid; pan. [mss. gi-otctt. 

to vegetate ; to increa.70 in stature ; to issue 

to improve ; to arlherc. 
Growl, grAftl. v.n. to sjiarl or murmur Kkc ah 

anpry cur. 
Grown, grAnc. part. paxs. <tfgroto. 
Grcwih, ffMz//. «. vegetation; pitnluct; IB- 

crease ofstatnrcj ininrovenu'iM. W^ 

Grulr grflb. r. a. to-dig up, to destnu* by dig 
(i ru b , gi"?} b. J?. a'sinaJI w orm j a dw-arfT 
Gnibble, grflb'-bl. ». n. to feci in the flark 
Grudfifc, grflclie. f. a. toem^yj togiveeriakf 

unwiUing.'jv. . 
Gi-\i(ljie. grfttlje. v. n. to miuunur, to rejpme j tm 
' be unwiTlIno lo be cnv4«#us. _ • 

Griidge, gi ftdie. * old ({uarrcl • ill wiB } e«*T» 




<3>^5j^^y7gr3d'<jbg-li. ad, unwillingly, mjbi- 
ignaaUy, [':n water. 

Gruel, gnE^'-H. «. fooci made by boiling oatmeal 

t>ni£ gr&f. a. tour of. aspect. * 

Grullty, grAf -1^. ad. hariihiy, ruggedly. 

Gnim. gi-flm. a..«uur, fuily. 

Grumofe, grAny-bl. p. m. to mtimiurs to growl 

-to make a hoarse miller 
Grumbler, grftin' *. n iminmircr. 
Grumhiiug^ gr5in^-bMng. 9. a muripuring 

tlutnigh dxscoiiietit. 

Grunt, grftiit. 3. tlio noise of a hog. . [fish. 

Gruntcr/gr^n'-tAr. s. he tliat grunu) a kind of 

Gruiitting. gn'i»t'-l?i>ff. s. a young h<^. 

Guaiacum, gwi'-yi-Kftm. *. a physical wood. 

GuardAtee, garrnrj-t^. «. .the powcr^wlio un- 
dertakes to.seo si.ptilniirms performed. 

Guaranty, gir nu.-i^. r. a. to luidcitnke' t# 
secure tne perforuioncc of n treaty or stipula- 
tion between t<»hUM»<liii*5 parties. 

Guanl,gyird.i\a. 10 Wuuh by way of defence j 
• to protect. 

Guard, gyird- «. a nmn, or bo<ly of men, whose 
business is to v mcU ; a state of vigilance ; 
limkation; port oVthc hilt of a sword. 

Guaixiian, jgyAr><i^>aii/ or g>'&r'-j^4n. s, one 
th.'tt lias tM can: of nii oq/hKu ; one to whom 
the car» and prcserx *<*iion of any thing is com- 

Guardian, gyftr'-«t^-hM. a. prfjicciing. 

Gtiardianship, g\Ar -^i^-&n-shi|l. s. ibe oflBce of 
a guardian. 

Guardles8» rvird'-l^'». t«. wiih««m dcffMco. 

Guardship,gyard'*flhlp.8, a Um«r*s ship 10 guard 
me eoBSt. fr>iLsi!y :>n{VMj<Hl on. 

Gudgeon, gAdMfln. *. a <*\n:x]\ fisl ; a j^erson 

Guei Ion. g£r'-€iAn.s. a rex* an I, a rcnaiipiiise. 

Guess, gis. V. n. to coujcctor*-. 

'"" »g^.«. conjecture; a <unj)osliiun. 

f^ s. one entertained in die hosje ef 
li^. . . [eatertamment. 

Gueatchamber, g^'-tshiun-bAr. s. chamber ef 

^''ICS^y tPj^'V' ^n, io iouod «s waterrun- 
mngwiSi HH^miasion out of a narrow vessel. 

»jny » gyi'Hiliie; $ itsm reward gtvea to a 

Guidance, g^'-dtnse. a. direolioo, gn ve ua mf tm 
Guide, gylde. «. a. to diced; to instmct. 
Guide, g^lde.*!. one who directs. 
Guidcle9s, g^-ide^-lSs. a. without a guide. 
Guild, gild. *. a society, a corporation. 
Guile, gyile.'s. deceittuJ conning, insidious arti 

fice. ^ [artfiil 

Guileful, g^'lle'-fftl. a. insidious, mi^ehievonsiy 
Guilefully! gy{\o''(tl-k, ad* insidiously, treacb 

Guileless, gylle'-lds. a. witnoul deceit. 
Guilt, gilt. s. crime, an offence. 
Guiltily, g!lL*-^-li. arf* witliout iimorence. 
Guiltiness. g?lt'-^-p^ s. the iftatc of being gvdty 
Guiltless, glk'-l^s. a. free fropi crime. 
Guiltlessness, g?ll'-]^n^ t: nuiocence, Iree 

dom iborn crime. (crime, not mDoceqt 

Guilty, gi\i'^. a. justly chargeable wiih a 
Guinea, g!n'*n^. s. a gold coin vakied at acA 

and twenty sliillings. 
Guise, gyite. t . mannen mien, habit 
GuitSir, gh't&r'. s. a suinged mstniment «f 

Gules, gt'dz. a. red; a term used in beraldryi 
Gulf,gfiTf. s. H bay j a whirlpool. 
(^iMy, gfil'-ft. a. full of gulis. 
GulligAT. V. a. to trick, to cheat ■ 
GuILgAi. <. a sea bird : one easily cbeatea. 
Gulfet, gAl'-Jft A the throat 
Gullyhole, gAi -If-liAle. «. the bole where got 

ters empty thcnisehres. » 
Gulosity, gA-i6s'-6-t*. f. greediness, voracity. 
'^ '- gAlp. V. a. to sxvallow eagerly. [< — 

Gulp, ,, . „ . . 

Gulp^ gAlp. s as milch as can bo swaUowed aA 
Gum. gAm. * the viscoiis juice of trees tL« 

fleshy co\'enng that contains t^ teeth. 
Gum, ff(»rti. V. jt. to close with gum. . 
Gummine^ gAip^^m^-n^ 1. tJie state of beicg 

Gummous, gAm'-mAs. a. of the nature ofgimu 
Gummy, gAm' m^. a. conastii^ef gums ever 

grown wHh gum. 
Gim, gAn. s. die instrament ftom winck Aolii 

discharged by fire. 
Gunner, gAn'-uAr. s, a ( 

Gunnery. gAn'-nAr-A. s, itm wdfioct of aitdhi^ 

Gunpowder, rAn'-poA-dftr. s. Uie jfom^pt 

iaiogua^toBe^od ^ ' .• 




OuDttnith, gha'-mSth. «. a.mau wImm trade it 
toiaaiwguns.- (barrel of a {fuois fixed. 

Ganstock, gdn'-alAk^ t. tbe wood to wliich the 

Gunwale or Gunnel qf • skipf ^^da'-nfl. «. that 
piece of timber which reacbcj; on eitlier side 
</tbe ship from the half'<leck to the ibrecasile.< 

Gurj^, gArje. s, a whirlpool^ a giiUi 

Gurele, rAr'-gl. r. fi.'to fall or gush with noise. 

,G tsh, gvah. v. n. to rvtsh oiit wiui violence. 

Gush, |^&sh.*«. an eminion of liquor in a lai^ 
' quantity at once. » [to 'strengthen iL 

Gusset, gfts'-s!t. «. any tliing^ sowed on to doth 

Gust, gtSi, 8, sense of tasting ) liking j; a sudden 
blakofwind. * . [the taste. 

Gustable, gAs'-t&-bl. a. to be tasted; piea^nt to 

Gustation, gAs-ti'-shda. «. the acf or lasting 

Gustivl. g[AsiMtil. a. well'tastcd. 

Giist6, gQar'-i&. s. tbe relish cf any thing; Intel- 
iectuS tasto. 

Gusty, gds'*t^. a. stormy, fempestuous 

Gat, g5t. «.*tlie.inward jtosage for food. [side. 

Gut, gAt. V. a. to eviscerate; k> take out the in- 

Gutter, gAi>tAr. «. a passage for water. 

Gutter, gdt'-tAr. a a. to cut iu small hollows. 

Guttle, gftt'-tJ. u. n. %) feed hixurionsly^ to gor- 
mandize. * 

Guttler, gftt'-tl-ftr. s.' greedy cater. [throat. 

Gut^ral, g5l^tshA-pI. cu ' helongin? to tSie 

Guz;.le, giu'-zl. v. a, to swallow wim immod- 

Guzzler, ^z'-zlrftr. r. a gormandizer. 

Cymnasfically, jhn-4^'-w-k&l-^ ^> athietiral* 
ly, filly for s»rong exercise. 

Gytnnaitick,jlm-n&}'-t!k. a. relating fo atbletick 
ex*jciscs. ^ . Tiir*ftg' about 

Gyration, ji-r4'-sh&n. s. tlie act of turning any 

Gyre, jtre. s. a circle described by any thing 

Gyve; jive. v. a. to fetter, to shackle. 

Gyves, f vz^ «. (eiters, chains for tbe legs. 


Ha, yi terr. an expression of wonder, lur. 

pnK.criiidden exertion. [smadl wares. 

H ii wrq Mhe r, blb'<ar-dftsh-Ar. s. one who sells 

Haberi^con, Li^h^plif-ji'An. «. armour to oovei 

the t>c<^k ajiiil breast. 
Habi]itiH iiL ^)A-h)K-^-m&nt «. dress, clolfaei 
Habil'lale^hEVhll 44itie. r. ^ toqnalify; 
Habilitation. h&-bil4-t4'-sliAn,«. qualification. 
Habit, \Ah-\u 4. state of any thing; dress 

Habit, h&b'4t t>. a. to dress,, accoutre. 
Habitable, hib'-^t&4>l. a. capable of toeing 

dwelt in. 
Habitancc, hub'-^tAnse. «. dweHing, abode. 
Habitant, h&b'-^-iiiit. *. a dweller. , ' , 
Habitation, li&b-^tii'-sh&n. s. a place of abode. . 
Habitual, h^-bftsh -&-41. a. customary. 
Habitually. hA.bltsh'-A4l4. ad. by habit 
Habitude, h&b'-^tCidc. s, familiarity; custom. 
Habnab, hab'-n&b. ad, at random. 
Hack. h&k. c. a. to cut into smalt pieces. 
Hackle, b&k'-kl. v. a. to dress fiax. 
Hackney, h&k'-n^. «, a hired horse; a hireling. 
Hackney, hSk'-n^. v. a. to practise in one thing. 

to accustom to t|ie road. ' 
Had. tind. lyret. and jwi, pass, fyffiave. ** 

H4t!rtufik, Md'-d&k. «..a sea fisiiof the cod kind 
H:iil, ind. s. a handle. 
Hri [ t, fc I Aft. V. a. to set ur a haft. 
Hn^r\i'^g.s. a (vary ; air ugly woman. f rwu*. 
H'ji;, Ij^g. v.a. to i*M*meul, to htirass with tcr 
H.if^^Trird, hdg'-i^ii-d. a. wild, UKtamed ;. lean 

r^'y. deformed, ' [ly 

HaggaixUy, hAg'-gfird-ii. ad. Uefonpedly, wild 
Haffgle, hdg'-gli ». a. to ciit, t^ cliopyto man 

gre. . [ga'M 

Haggle, hAg'-gl » r«. to be tedious in aTi«r , 
Haggler, hag-'-gl-ftr. ». one that cuts, one tha' 

IS lanly in bargainhig^. [effort 

Ha}i, (1?^. intar}. an expression of some sudden 
Hail,.hi!e, «. drops of rain frozen. 
Hail, h^(e. v. n- to pour down hail. • ^ 

Hail-, h^le. iiUer/. a term of salutation. 
Hail, liile. v. a. to salute, to call'to. , fhail. 
Hailshot, hile'-shfti. *. small shot scattered like 
liailstone, h'AJe'-sl6ne.*. a particle or single bail 

of hail. [of tbe body 

Hair, hire. *. ' one of the common t|gument» 
Hairbraine<l, bire'-t>r4nd. a. wiW, irrdgular. 
Hairbreadth, hire'-br8d«Av s. a very amaU cKs 





File, f^, fill, (%t 3— m^, mSt 'r-f^^f p'n? 

Hairc!o&. Ukn'-lMu s. stuf made of hair 
Hairless, yLre'-lls. a. witboui hair. 
HairfnesR, h4'•^l^•n^ «. a hairy state. 
Hairy, hV-rft. a, oveiptiwii with hair. . 
Halberd. hMl'-bflrd. s. a battle-axe. 
Halberdier, hM)-b&r-d4^r'. o. one who is armed 

with n lialberd. 
Halcyon, li&F-shA &n. s, a bird. 
Halcyon, h(U'-sli^-5ii. a. placid, quiel, still. 
tfUIe, hAlc. a. healthy, souinil. £oieat]j^. 

Hale, hale. t*. a. to drag bv' force, to pull vi- 
Haler. Ii^ -l&r. s. he who pufis and liaics. 
Half, Uf. 8,- a nioiety, one of two equal parts. 
Hall} li^. ad, in part, equally. 
Half-penny, lii'-|)5n-n^..*. d copper coin, 
f lalibut, h'6K-l^-b&t. s. a sort of tish. 
Hall, hMl. s. a court of Justice; a large room. 
Hallelujah, b^-l^-ld^-yl s. praise ^^o the Lord ! 

n soug oftltanks^ving. 
Hilloo, h&l-lW^ itUeri. a word of encourt;gement 

when dos^ are let Inose^on Uieir jrame. 
Halloo, hm-W. v, w. to cry as after \he dojsp. 
Halloo, |l&)-kWS^ i\ a. to encourage with shouts; 

to call or shout to. [ence as holy. 

Hallow, hlir-rd. i\ a. ioconsccrdiej to rever- 
Hillucination, hal-lA-s^'n^'-sh'&u. «. errour, 

blunder. (moon. 

Halo, Y\k''\6. ^. a red circle round the sun or 
Halser, h^w'-sdr. s. a rope less tlian a cal>le. 
Haltjr h^t. V. n. to liuip; to stop in a inarch ; to 

Halt, Ink. a. laine, crippled. 
Ha)t, h&it. s. tl)c act or uanner of fimping ; a 

^op in i inarch. [a cord, a string. 

Halter, h^l'-tflr. s, a rope to hanj^ inalcfactors j 
Halter, hM'-tfir. v. a. to bind wjih a cord ; to 

catch ui^ noose. 
Halve, hlv. v. d. to divide into two parts. 
Hajn, n4m, s. part of the iliigh ; a leg of pork 

Hamlet. hAm^l^t. #. a^mall village. , 
Hammer, h(^m'-m&r. s. an inslrumeiit to drive. 

nails. fnier; to work in the iniiid. 

Hammer, him'-rafir. r. a. to boat with a hain- 
Hammercloth, hApi'-mftr-klo^/t. s. ilie cl<»ih 

uponthfiscat-ofa^ach-box. ^ 

)lammock, ham'-mok. j. a swin^in;; bed. 
Hamper, loAmp'-&r. s. a large bn.skct 

Hamper, h&mp'-ftr. v. a. to shackle; to per 

plez, to eiDl>arrass. fUun. 

Hamstring, h&m'<«trfng. s. the tendon of the 
Hamstring, hani'-strlng. v. a, pret and part 

pass. heanUrwng. to limte by cutting the tendon 

Hand,h&nd. «. tiiat member ^iiicb reaches fr3ni 

the HTisl to the fingers' end : measure of four - 
V incites^ side; rate; cards licld at a game 

discipline: management^ a workman. 
Haud, h^f. V. a. to giv^ or transmit ; to gu'de 

or lead. 
Hand-basket,hfutd'-b4s-kk.-5. a portable basket. 
Hand-bell, li^nd'-b^l. s, a bell rung by die hand. 
Uand-breadUi, hand'-brSd</i. s. the breadth of 

Hatfided. han'-d&i. a. with iiands joined. * 
Handful, IiAnd'-f5]. s. as much as die hand can 

gripe or com uin. 
HaiKi-gallop,Ji^d'-dll-iap. s, «n easj' gallop. 
Handicraft, hau^'^^-krliA. s. nunuad occupaiioo 
Handily, haii'-d^-l^. ad, nvith skill. , 

Hau-diness, h&n'-d^-a&}. s. readiness, dexterity. I 
Hanu «vork, h^'-di-wftrk. «. woi-kj^f the hano. 
Handk rliief, lia?ig'-k^-ishif. «. a piece of sii* 

or lineu osed to wipe die face or co\'erth« 

neck. .' . ' '^to treat hi discourse. 

Handle, h&n ;>^ t>. a. to toubb, to feel ; to wieki ; 
Handle, h^i^-du that part of a tiiiug by which 

il is held. . [at hand. 

Handmaid, h&nd>RW'^. s. a maid Uiat waits 
Halidmill, hlbd'-mli ^ a mill moved by the' 

hand. • ^ [the Land 

Handsaw, hAnd'-j»w. «. a rw manageable b^ 
Handsel, han'-s^l. $. tlie fi% act of usuig an) 

ihuig ; the first act oTsale. 
Handsel, hAn'-s2i. v. a. to lue oi ;ib any. thing 

the first time. |generoa&. 

Hand.some. hftV-sAm. a. ' beadiVifuPi ainplej 
Hand^mcly, h4n'-s&in-)i.c<^. beioiihitly; ole- 

ganily ^ [elegance. 

Han-^isomenessjian'-sfim-nes. t. beauty, grace. 
^andvice, h&nd'.vise. $, a vice to hokl smaJl 

work in. 
Handwriting. 4i^nd'-rl-tlng. $, a cast or lon» 

of writing peculiar to eadi hand. 
Handy. k\n -d^ a. rdedy^ oaxvfirons. [cbScirM^ 
liiUidYdandy, han'-d^-diD'-d^. «. a play i 




nA, mfiv-B, nflr tiAi ;— ifibe, tSb, bftll j— AH ;^pAfind j— fiiin, THit 

Hailf ^ hing, r. a. ]trcl. EitKl nart^ pass, ^fut^rd 
n- nid^. Ui mipeiK) ; to choke mvl kill hj iiUii^ 
pendii^ by thp neak 3 to delays to decline; 
10 fiimish' with pmamcnts. « 

Hang, bftnff. e. it. to bo «uspeiKled ; to dangle j 
to impondi to be compact or united j to te in 
loroense ', to linger ; to be, fixed or sat|>eiided 
witii attention ; to be executed by tlie lialter. 

Hanger^ b&ns'-Qr. s. a short oroadsword. 

Hanger-on. Mn^ftr-Aa^ s. a dependant. 

Hanging, ningMng. >. draper}' hung or fasten* 
ed a^inst the walls or rooms. 

Hanging, h&ng'-liig. fxwt, a. foieboding death 
by the nalter; requiring to lje punislie<Thy the 
halter. ' [lioiier. 

Hangman, h^i^-m^. s. tlie.pubiick cxecu- 

Hank, h&ngk. s. a skein ofiiircnd. 

Hanker, t£%k'-dr. v. n. to long importmialely. 

Hap, h&p^ «. chance, fortiux* y accident. 

Hap. h&p. V. ». to come by accident, to bappc:i. 

H^y^ tAp'-ib. ad. peradvcniure. 

napless, h&p'-lds. a. unhappy, unfortunnte. 

Happen, hl^'-pu. v,n. to (all out 3 to come to 


iappily, kii/ -p^-1^. ad. fortunately, siiccessfuli} . 

^ ^ , , 1.5. felicity ; go<xi fortune. 

Happy, IjJlp'-pi. a. in a. siaie ot rcJcity ; lucky^ 

fortunate.- [oration. 

Harangue, h^-r&nff'. s. a spcccli, a •popular 
Harangue, h&-r&n^. v. n. to make a speech. 
Harangtier, hd-r&ng'-ftr. s. aj.oratof, a publick 

speaker. - - , 

Hara98,1i&r'>&s. v, a. to weary, to fatigue. 
Harbinger, lAr'-bln-jflr. s. a (orerunner. , 
Harbour, lAp'-bAr. «. a port or haven for sliip^ 

ping} a shelter. 
HarlMUr, hir'-b&r. u. a. to entertain, to shelter. 
Harboorage, h^r'-bftr-ije. s, slielter, entertaiu- 

ineiit'. ' (another. 

Harbourer, hJb'-bfir-fir. t. one that entertains 
i^ard, h&ra. a. firm ; difiicidt 3 painful } cruel ', 

rigoroos ; insfsnsible ; severe ; , unreasonable j 

austere; rough; avaricious. 
Hard, h&m. ad, dose, near; laboriously; un- 

easuy, distressfully; nimbly; tfmpestuously. 
f iarden, hUr^ndn. v. a. to make hard ; to stupi- 

ffijp endue with coastancy. [tiu«. 

Iwofiii^ired Idxd'-dk-vmd. a. coarse of fea- 

H iifj lh<* a Tied , h^rd-liin' -^ J . a . cmeii, Ine^tt^K 
Hai'ilintiiij, hlr -d*-!i4s. ** iLoLftiKaSj bravcQ' 

Hardly, hSrd'-l^. ad, witli diflkwliyj icaroely; 

severely; oppressively; harshly, [to the rein.. 
HardRioutned, hlrdiii&ftTHd'. a. disobedient 
Hardiiess, h&rd^-nds. s, jpowerof resistance in 

bodies; dtlHcu^y; scarcity; obscurity; vtinth 

mence; cruelty; iiarshness-^ stinginess. 
Hardship, Ii^d'-shTp. «. injury, oppress''ir • 

fifligue. [Diet£. 

Hardware; hird-wire. s. . manufacuires of 
Hardwarcman. l»ird'-w^-mAn- «. a maker ot 

seller of metalline manufactures. 
Haitly, hh'-db. a, boUI. brave, stout. [lation 
Hare, h4re. «. a smaM quadruped ; a coustel 
Kairbrained, hirc'-brimcl. a. volatile, wild. 
Harier, h^r'-i^^-ftr. 9. a dog for bunting hares. 
Hark, n3irk. v.n, to lii^tcn. 
Hark,h^rk. iii/ery. list! hear! listen! ' 
Harlequin, li^r^-I^Un. «. a buflKion wtto plar 

tricks 10 divert the populace. 
Harlot, hii-'-lfti. «. a sti-umpet. 
Hariotrv, h^-liit-r6. *. (lirn:cation. 
Harm, h?inn. 1. injiu^-; mischief. 
Harm, hirm. v. a. to hurlj-to injure. 
Harinfut, hftrra'-ful. a. misdiieveus. 
Harmless, hirm'-l^s. a. innocent; undamagaa 
Harmlesshes:?, hinn'-l^n^ t, innocence 

freedom from ijijury. 
Harmonical, h?^r-niftu'4-kAl >«. adaptal t» 
Harnionick, h&r-iwV-fk. ) each otbei 

Hari^oiiious. liir-mA -n^-As; a. musical. 
Harinoniouslv, li?ir-mA'-«i-6s-l^. ad. musically 

with concoixl of soumls. 
Harmoniousness, li^-mA'-ni^fks-iA. s. propor 

tioii, musicaluess. [proportKna. 

Hannonize, hS.r'-mA-nlze. r. a. to adjust in S^ 
Harmony, hi^r'-nA-n^. s. just profwtion of 

sound; concord. , 

Harness, hir'-iK^s. s. traces for horsey, (traces 
Harness, har^-nftj. v. a. to fix horses in then 
Harp, It^rp. s. a lyre; a constellation. 
Harp, h^rp. v. n. to play on the harp ; to dweJ 

vexatfoiisly on one subject, 
Harper, hlir'-pfir . *. a player on the ha«^. 
Hacpoon^ li^-*pddu'. $ a bearded dan wid « 




Fhe, f&r, fKU, flt^-*ai^y mk frlpHot, pin ;— 

li|Mte«iddlolbe4iUMile,wtUi which whales 

are caught.' * [the harpoon. 

Harpooner, har-pU-n^. «. he that throws 
Harpslcboray hvp'-t^kftrd. «. a musica] in- 

strumem. [vi^ch. 

Harpyy h&r'-p^. m. a ^ibnlous bird: a ra^tMioio 
Harrow, yr-r6. s. a fnune of tiinner^crossiiig 

each other, ftiid set with teeth. ^ 
Harrow, hAr'-rft. 0. a. to break with the harrow ^ 

to tear up ; to disturb. 
Harsh, hftrsii. a. austere, rouf h, sour. 
Harshlv, Mbrsh'-l^. ad. sourty, austerely $ so- 
^ !verdy\ ruggedJy. 
Harshness, harai'-iiN. s. sounioss ; rouganess 

to the ear; ruggedne^; crabbedness. . 
Hart, hhts. tlie male or the roe. 
Hartshorn, -h&rtsMtAm. #. ^rit drawn from 

horn, on herb. [the product of labour. 

Harvest, hir'-v&t s. 4he season of reapuig; 
Harvest-home, hV-v&t-hAinc. s. the song 

wliich the reapers sing at tiie -fcastmade for 

having inued (be narvest. 
Has, flax, tlie third person singular of the verb 

to home. - ' [pieces and mingle. 

Hash, hdsh. t?« a. to mince, to cho}^ inu> small 
Haslet, ii&^-sldt. >5. the Hhart. liver, and 
Harslet, hir'-sliit. S lights, of a hog. 
, Hasp, h^>. •£. a ciasp folded over a staple. 
Hasp, hftsp. t). It. to shut with a hasp. ' 
Hassock, tiAs'-sAk. «. a thick mat to kneel on. 
Haste, li^c. *k. hurry, speed, precipitation. 
. Haste, It&stc. { V. n. to make haste, to be m a 
Hasten, hi'-sn. 5 hurry. 
Hastily, h^'-t^l^. oi/. in a hurry, speedily; 

prccipilaiely. ^ . [itauon. 

Ha^jfiness, hSs'-t^-nSs. s.' haste, speed, t>recip- 
H.''-dngs. s.^peas that come early. 
Hasty, li&s'-t6. a. quick; passionate; early 

Hasty-pudding, hWrt^pfid -fng. «. a pudding 

made of milk and flour boiled' quick together. 
Hat| h^t. «. a cover ^ the hetid. fthe hat. 

Hatband, kAi'-))4nd. s. a band tied roun'i 
Hatch, h&tsh. v. a. to |nY)duce ^^in^ from 

egffs J to contrive. \iiM t a haJf-dgor. 

Hatch, liitsh. s. a brood excluded from the 
Hatche!, h&k'-ki. v. a. to beat flax so as to 

«> <(rate the fibrous fiom the brittle part 

Hiitchel, hIk'-U. «. the intraneM iridi wl&l 

flax IS beaten. 
Hsttdiet, bfttsb'-ll. t. a tftaail axe. 
Hatcliet-face, hllsh'-lt-Ase. s. athui,iM(fy &Ǥ 
Hatchment, fafttsh'-mfint «. an escut^eon i 

tliedead. * [through the haldM 

Hatchway, hltsh'-wi. #. the way over 
Hate, h^te. v. a. to detest, to abomiiiaie. 
Hate, blue. s. mahgnhy. detestation. 
Hateful, h^te'-f&l. a. oakms, malignant 
Hatefully, h&te'-fAl^. ad, odraost^, malignaiilH 
Hatefulness, hW-fftl-n^. «. odiousnesL 
Hatred, h^^trSd. s. ill-wiU, maligmty. 
Hatter, h&t'-^&r. «. a maker of hats. [valtary 
Haiigh; h&w. », A little meadow lyhig in • 
Haughtily, baw'4e-l^. nd, prdndly, arrogandj 
Haughtiness, hlw^-i^n^. «. pride, arrogance 
Haughty, h&W-li. «l proud, insolent, arrogant 
Haul, £&wl. 0.0. tp pull, to draw,todr8gby 

Haul, h&wl. a. vk>lence in dragghiig. 
Haunch, h&ntsh/ s. the thigh. 
Haunt, l»nt v. a. to frequent. 
Haunt, hJbu t). n. to be much about, to appeei 

frequently. . • 

Haunt, hint s. place in whidi one is frequently 

(buna, habit or being in a certain place. 
Hautboy, h6^-bdi."«. a wind instrument ; a ion 

of lai^ strawberry. 
Have, h&v. v. a. pret. and part. pt|si. had,m 

possess ; to enjoy. 
Havci;, hV-Mu s. a port, a harbour; an ft^yhnn 
Hayock, h4v^-v{UL s. waste ; wkle and genera^ 

Havock, hiV-vflk. t, a to waste, to destroy. 
Haw, hiw. s. the beny of the hawthorn fhawa. 
Hqwthom, h&V-^tom. «. the thorp that beaoni 
Hawk, hft.wk. s. a bird of prey; ahefibrt tc 

force phlegm up the throat.. 
Hawk, h&wk. v. n. to fly ha^vks} to force on 

phlegm With a noise ; tosell by procUumn 

m tM streets. 
Hawker, b&w'-k&r; *. one who sellt wurei b . 

proclaiming them in the streets. 
Hay, hL s. grass dried to fodder cattle in wi 

ter ; a kuidof danc«.' 
Haymaker, h&'-ni4*kfir. «. one enphiTid i 

drying gi^ for hav. 




■6, wive, pftr, o&t H*^» ^f ^ r-^ ;— pMnd y-^m, thm. 

Hmrd, iilc'-Ard.«. dufiice ; daager ; a gane. 
Uaaud, hib'-Ard. v. a. to expose to chance. . 
Hazard, hftx'-Ard. v. r. to trj the dumce, to 

Hazardbble, hftz'-Ar-dft-bl a. venturesoine. 
Hasiurdous, b&z'-dr-dAs. a. ddnge^pus. 
Haxe^h&ze. «. fo^, mist. 
Hazel, liSt-zl.^ a nut-tree. [hazel. 

Hazel, ha^-zl. a. hgiit brown, of the cokwr of 
Hazy, hk-zk o^daric, foggy, misty. 
He, h^. pran, oblique case him ; plur. tfiey. 
oblique case tkem, the man thai waff mimed 
befi>rej the person ; a male. 
Head. h»L s. Uie part that contains tlie brain ; 
a chief; the top : principal tooick of a dis- 
course ; source or a'stream ; cnsis. 
Head, hM. v. a. to lead, to govern. 
Headach, h^-&ko. t. pain m the head 
Headbabd, b^'-bAnd. s. a fiUet for the dead. 
Headdress, bed^-drk. «. the covering of a wo- 
man's head, [tbn. 
Headiness, bJkF-d^nls. «.,rashno^, precipita< 
Headland, b^-laiid. a. promontory, capb. 
/Ueadles)!, h&l'-l&j. a. witl^out a liead ; without 
a cliieT [precipitate. 
Headlong, hid'-lAhg. ot^iswh, .Uioiightlcss ^ 
Headlong, h^'-lAnf. iU/.iyiUi ihe head ibre- 
moet ; precipitately. . [force of mind. 
Headpiece, hid'-pAiisfg/ «. ennour for the head 5 
Headsman, hSds' -man. 4. an executioner. 
Headstall. h^d'-siAil s. part of the bridle that 
covers the head^ ' [stone. 
Headstona, h^^-stdne. s. the first or capital 
Headstrong. b21d'-str<Sng. a. violent, ungovem- 
Heady, h^-d^. a. rash, precipitate. [ahl^. 
Heal, Mfh), v. a, to cure a person j to reconcile. 
Heal, hile. v. n. to'grow well. 
Healer, h^le'-flr. s. one who cures or heals. * 
Healing, Ii^le'-in^. j^xr^ a, mild, gentle, assua- 
Heatth, heUh. s, freedom frcjm sickness. (»ve^ 
Heahhfal, h5lt/i'-f5l. a. free from sickness. 
HeaJMiftitness, h£l//t'.f&l-n^ s. state of being 

^*ell; wholesomeness. 
Healthily, h&A'-A-l^ ad, witliout sickness. 
Healthiness, h^/t'-^nds. «. the state of health. 
HeaMuome, blBA'-^ba. a. wholesome, sakita- 
ly. » XpMS. 

QeOt^, 1i(U^'-^a.ihhealth, fraeHrofia sick 

Heap, h^. f . many thiofi llflrewn legelher } 

a ckister, number. [to aceltmalale. 

Heap; h^pe. v. a. totlirowoB henw, topilt; 
Hear, b^re. v, a. to perceive hy toe ear ; ip 

give an audience 3 to listen $ to try. [course. 
Hearer, h^re'-dr. «. one who attends to a di»> 
Hearing, h^Mng. «. the sense by wAiidf 

sounds *arB pqrceived ; Judicial triat; reaee 

Hearken,' h&r-kn. v. n* to listen ; to attend. 
Hearkens, n&r'-kn-Ar. s. a listener.* 
Hearsay, h^'-si. #. report, rumour. • . 
Hearse, h2rse. a. a carnage forthetlead. 
Heart, hirt. t. the muscle which propels the 

bkxxl tlmiugh the course of circruaiion ; the 

iimer part of any thing ; courage ^ alRsction ; 

memory j conscience. 
Heart-ach, h&rt'-^e. #. sorrow, angtdsb. 
Heart-breaking, h&rt'-br^fng; a. ovcHHiwer- 

ing w5lh sorrow.^ 
Heai't-burning, bi!b<-bAr-n?ng. a. pain at tlie ' 

stoiirachj discontent, secret enmity. 
Heart-dear, h?irt'-dirc. a. sincerely bekn-cd. 
Heatt-easinos hirt'-^-lng. «. giving quioi. 
Heartfelt, imrf-fSlt. a. M in die conscicixe. 

fdt at the heart. 
Heart-sick, lAri'-dk, a. pained in mind. 
Heart-string, l^'-strfng. s, the tendons or' 

nerves supposed to brace mid sustain ttie 

heart. [yet unfixed* 

Heail-wbole, liirt'-h6te. a. wiUi ine aOections 
Hearten, hHi^'-tn. t. a. to encourage, to sliru^ 
Hearth, YArth„ s.. the pavement* of a room 

where a fire is made. [orously. 

HearUIy, hir'-t^lA. ad. sincerely, actively, vig. 
Heartiness, liir'-t^-nfe. J». siticerity, freedom 
' from h^-pocrisy } vigour. [itliess. 

Heartless, h&rtM^. «. without courage,- &pir- ' 
Hearty, h&r'-t^ a,' tiuceru, warm, zealous j 

stronff. , * ' . 

Heat. nh.%. 9. the sensation *caased by the ap- 

prtmc)! or touch of fire; hot weaflieri a 

course at a mt ; flush ; agitation of soddea 

pasnon ; contest. ^ 
Heat, li^ie. v. a. to make hot. 
Hsat, h^e. v. n..\0 gnm hoi. 
JHeater, h^-t&r.* «. an in>n made }pt, aad p«l 

hitoab«i-iv«B , * 

^ digitized t 





P4ie, fir, fill, fdt j— m^, m^ j^-plne^ ptn^ 

Heath, hkh. ^ a piantj a place orergrowii 

Heath-cock. h^iW-kftk. t. a laiige fowl. 
.Heathen. fce'-^>in. «. a gentile or pa^n. 
Heathenisli, h^Wfln-lsti. a. belongmv to the 

g'cntiles; savage, cruel. fganism. 

Heathenism, lift-xMn-lzin. «. gentlllsm, pa- 
f leftve, b^e. v. a. pret heaved ; part, hiovefi. 

to lift; to raise from the ground ', to force up 

from the breast ; to exak. 
Heave, h^\%. v. n. to pant j to rise with pain } 

to feei a lenderlcy to vomit 
Heaven, h^.'tvn. «. the expanse, of the sky 5 tlie 

habitation of Ood j the supreme power. 
Heaven-horn, Wv'-vn-bftm. <r. descended from 

the celestial rm>ns. [celestial. 

Heavenly, liSv^vn-li. a. reflembling heaven-; 
Heavenly, h^'-vn-Mk mL in a manner re$em- 

oling that of heaven. (heaven; 

He*ven-ward, hiv'-vn-wSrd. ad. towards 
Heavily, hdv'-*-li. «d. grievonslv^ sorrbwftUIy. 
Heaviness, h^v'r^-n^f. weight, dejection of 

mind} oppression ^ affliction. 
Heavy, hftv'-vi.^ weiglity; sorrowful; griev- 
ous 3 uiianimolecl; drowByj stuffid } tHJundcn- 


Hebdomadal, mt^d&m^t'^, a, weekly. 
Hebetate, h^-^t&te. m a. to dull, tohhuu. 
Hebetude, b^b'-^tAde. s. dnlnesH. 
Hebi*aism, ijrfib'-rA-fcm. 9, a Hebrew idiom. 
Hebraist, h^b'-rit-lst. «. a man sktDed in Hc- 

l)rew. . i 

H ebricion, It^bilsb'-^i. one skilful in Hebrew.. 
Hecatomb, li^k'-ftrtddm. s. a sacrifice of a hun 

drea cait^. 
Bectick, h^k'-ilk. a. h^ituat, consiiuitbnal. 
Hecior, h^-t5r. 9. m haOy ; a bkistering feHow. 
Hebtor, hdkM&r^ r. a. to threaten, to bufiy. 
Mcd^e, h^ljc; «. a fencli Made of pnckly 

hiisucs. , 

Hedge. bSdJe. a. a. ta eacfciM with % hidge. 
Hed^ehiig^ h^^'AAg, 9, a» teiimai set witli 

Hedger, h9d}e'-fli^ s. one wlip malte hedges. 
Heed, hMd «. «. to mindy m kvganL 
HeiBd, faMd. 9. tar^ iMaBtioni caaii<»ij re 

ipectftd ndMo. . [tenti\'e. 

ileedfol MWNQil m, HMchlbl, oiMkias^ at^ 

attentively, car« 
9. caution* vigi 
cnt, careless, 
carelessly, negli 

li^iier. • [ieiicc 
atrocious, wicked in a h^ 

Heedfully, h^^l'-fBl-i. at/. 

needfulness, "h^'-fW-nfe. 
Heedless, hi^d'-l5s. a, neglit 
Heedlessly, h^M'-l&-l6. orf 

Heedlessness, h^d'-l^s-n^s. «. careiesaiesa, 
Heel, ii^l. 5. the hin'i part of tlie loot. 
Heel-piece, h^'-p^. 5. a piece fixed on tM 

hinoer part of the shoe. 
Heel-piece, hiil'.p^se. v» a, to put a piece iJ 

leather on a shoe-keel. 
f^i%^ h^fl. ^. a hal), handle. [Arabians. 

He^ra, h^-jl'-r4. s. the epoclia used by tlje 
Heifer. h^r-nSr. s. a yoftng co^-. 
Heighno, lii-hA. infer/, an expression of sfigbl 

lauguor and uneasiness. 
Height, hlte. s. elevation .abpve tlie'erouinl, 

sumroK, towenlig eminence ; state c7 excel* 
Heighten. hJMn. t). a. 
Heinous, hi'-niis. a, i 


Heinously, hi-n.Vli.arf.atrockiusIy, wickedly. 
Heinousness, hi'-nfts-n^. s. auxwiousness, 

wichedness. faAjBr the present po&^essor- 

Heir, «ire. *. one tbat'isinlicritor of any thing 
Heireffi,'-is. s. an inheritrix. 
Heirless, are'-l^. c without an heir. 
Heirebip, arc'-sh?p. s. the slaie^ character, or 

privileges of an neir.* 
Held, held. pret. and part, pass, of /jbW. 
Heliacal, h^-ll'-li-ka!. a. emerging from the lus- 
tre of the sun, or ftilling: into it. 
Helical, h^l'-i-k^l. a, spiral, Iwiisted. 
Heliocenti ick, lji-l^6-sdn';tr!k. a. bdongmg tt 

the centre 01 U»e swi. * ' • 
Hell, hdl. 9. ilie place of tlie devil and wicked 

souls J the infernal powers. 
Hellish, h&'-Msli. a. having tlie qualities of UU. 

uifemal. [horred quafoiei 

Hellishness h^l'-^Ji-nfa. s. wickedness, ^ 
Helm, li^hn. 9. the port of a coat of aqm tktf 

bears the crest, th^ rudd^}^ the statioiiQf 

Helmed, hSlmd. a. fhnu8he4 whh a headpitM 
Helmet, h^V-m!u 9, a headpiece. 
Help, hllp. V. a. prct helped ; 'puUhdgdm 

kolpen to asagt, to mff^, to ail 




n&^mftve, nfir, nAi j— tibe, i5b, bAll >--M s— pfiAiid f-^in, thw 

f. sssistancc, aid, siiiMpoit. - 
. iRD^-ftr. #. an assistant^ an aux3iar)% 
f/heny-itU. a. osefiil, assisting. 
^ Sf hdq)'-l^s. d. wanting support or assist- 
ant*; nrremediabtn. 

Helpl^sness, hSlp'^-n^. s. want of succour. 

HelteT-skelter,Wr.t5r-skSl'.tar.arf. in a hurry. 

Heivej h^lv. 9. tlic handle of an ax6. 

Hem, Wnn. s. tlie edge of a garment. 

Heni, bSm. v. a. to dose tJae edge of doth by 
a kem ; to bordeh [pulsion of the breath. 

ilemj hdm. i». n. to utter a noise by violent ex- 

Hemispherc,h^'-^-«f(^re. j.thc half of a globe. 

Hemi^erical. h2n}-^-«(Sr'-!k4i. a. half-round, 
containing half a globe. 

Heniistick, hi-mls'-tik. s. half a verse. 

Heinorrhaffe, b^m'-^ridje. s. a violent flux of 

Hemorrhoids, b^m'-dr-r6!dz. *. the piles. 

Hemp, h^mp. s. a fibrous plant of which coarse 
linen and ropes are made. 

Hempen, h^m'-pn. a. made of liemp. 

Hen, h#n. s. tlie female of any bird. [ardly. 

Hen-hearte<l, h^nf-hKr-Xhi. a. dastardly, cow- 

Hen-pecketi, hdn'-p^-kt. a. govc.*ncd by tlie wife. 

Heri-rocet, liSn'-rofist. s: the phicc where the 
IxwHry rcSt. , . 

iiencc) W^nsc, ^d. or vUerJ. from this place to 
aor4ber 5 away, to a d^aiicc j at a <rista»ice, 
in another place; for lliis reason, in conse- 
quence of tnis 5 from this cause, fuom this 
ground ; from tliis original. 

Heticefprth, li^ise'-fort/z. ad. fixim this time 
forwatA [lime to futurity, 

Henceforwartl, h^ase-fSr'-wfird. ad. from this 

Hepatka), li*-p&t'-^kal. a. Imloiiging to the 
J^r. [sides ortmglcs. 

Heptagon, IiJp'-tft-gSn. ». a figure with ioven 

Heptardiy, hcp'-t&r-kt. s. a sevenfold govcni- 

Her, liftr. prwi. belonging lo a fbmale. 

Heivft^ Mr'-^kf. s. an omcer whose business it 
18 to t^Eister geneakigics. and adjust ensigns 
•nnormi; a precursor, a nalrbinger. 

Hendfiek, b^HUd'-!k. a. rdatiug to heraldrv. 

BmMty, Mr'-ftl-dr^. s. tlie art orofHceofa 
llttald. [stalks are soft. 

HelVcri*. ^ b^if>^ are tbose plants whose 

Herbaceous, h^-b4'«sh2b. a. belonging tt>bert» 
Herbage, ^i*'-l>?djc. s, grass, pastured. 
Herbal^ hSi-'-bdl. *. a book ot plants. 
Herbalist, l)^i*'-bd<i!st. s. a manskiUul in herbi. 
llerby, h'-b6. a. having tlie naiuro-of herlw. 
Herd, h?rd. s. a mmiwjr of beasts together 

company of men, in coiiteinpt or detestatimi 
Heitl, iiti'd. V. n, to run in lierds 3 to associatt 
Herdsn;aa, h^rdz'-mdn., «. one enipbyed 

tendui^ herds. ^ 
Here, Iwro. ad. in this place or stale. 
Hereabouts, h(Sre'-a-bofiis. ad. about VaiB fJace 
Hereafter, hire-df-tfir. ad. in. a future state 
Hereat, li6re-at'. ad. at this. 
Hereby, hire-bl'. ad. by this. 
Hereditabic, h^-rt^d'-^t^-bl. a. whatever may 

be occupied as iulierltaiice. 
Hereditament, h^r-^Kfit'-a-mdut. *. a .aw term 

denoting inheritance. [inheritance. 

Hereditary, h^-r^d'-^ta-ri-. a. descending by 
HereiiK h^re-!u'. (mI. in ihi?. 
Hereof, h6re-6r. tw/. of lliis. 
Hereon, ii^rc-6n'. ad. upon this. [religion. 

Heresy, h^r'-^^-s^. s. a fundamental errou^ lu; 
Heresfarchj hi-ri'-zhi-fwk. s. a leader in heresy. 
Herelick, li^r'-^lik. s. one who propagjilcs lie* 

reiical opinions. 
HercticaTj li6-r?t'-6-k§J. a. containing heresy. 
Heretically, W-r3l'-6-kal-^. ad. witH heresy. 
Hereto, lia*e-lo»V. ad. to this. [ciently . 

Heretofore, h6re-t6-r6re'. ad. fcmeny, an? 
Hereunto, hArc-ftnl36'. aii. to this. 
Herewith, h^ro-\v?i/z'. ar/. with this. • [heriicd. 
Heritable, h^f '-^-la-bl. a. capable of being in- 
Heritage, 1.5r'-^-iiuc. s. inhentance j the peo^sio 

of Gotl. [imiliug two sexoft 

Hcrmajjliroditfr, h^r-nrdr-fr6-dUe.'*. an ani.nai 
Hennelical, l»?r-m3l'-i-kal. a. diyinica',. 
Hermit, h5r'-mil. s. a solitary, ah anchoret;, a 

beadsman. (tiou of a hermit. 

Herniitage, h?r'-m?i4je. s. tlio cell or haJjiiaf 
Hernia, h^r'-n6-ft. s. any kind of rupmrc. 
Hfero, li^'-rA. s. a man eminent for bravery 
Heroical, h6-r6'-^-k«U; a. befitting a liero. 
Heroic1iiii-rA'-vk. a. iK)ble,brave,magnanimowi 
Heroickly, h6-r6'-ik-l^. ad. suitably tc^a hero. » 
Heroiae, h&^-^ln. «. a female hero. 
Heit>isni, h^r^-^-tznu c the qualities bf ft Im. 




Flue, fir, flu, fftt^— m^, ingt>-ffae,ph» 

Heron, h/k'-hu s. s bird thai ibeds u}wn fish. 
Heroory, h6r'-An-r6« t. a place wliere heroes 

HerrtDg, bftr'-rlor. t> a small sea-fish. 
Heneir hv-sSlr. oron. tlie female personal 

lirpnoun, in ihib oblique cases reciprocal. 
HesitaQcyy bfe'-^tAn-s^.'s; dubiousnes, oncer- 
^ tainty. ^ , ' 

Hesitate, JaW-k-tkie, v. «. to delay, tn pause. 
»i6sitation, h^z^^-iii -shAn. s. doutH, uncertalu< 

ty; intenftission of speech. 
Heteroclite, b^t^'-^r-6-kllte. ?. such nouns as 

vary Snym the common forms of declersion. 
Heterodox, Mt'-&ri6-ddks. u. devisitiii^ firom 

die established opinion, not orthodox. 
Heterogeneal, h^4r-A-j6'-ni^SJ. a. not of the 

same nature. rdlssimiiar in nature. 

Heterogeneous, h2i-ir^j*'-ni-fts. a. opposite or 
Hew, lio. V. a, part hewn or ItaoecU to liack § to 

qu with an axe. [or angles. 

Hexagon, h^ks'-ft-cAn. s. a fissure of six sides 
Hexagonal, h^-&H^n^ ^. having six sides. 
Hexameter, h^s-w-^-tftr. s, a verse of six 

feet. [comers. 

Hexanralar, fa^gz-dng'-gA-l&r. a. having six 
Hey, hi. mterf, an expression of joy. 
He^'day, h&'-d4. interf, an expre»ioii of siirprise. 
Heyday, h&'-di. s, f rolick, wUdness. 
Hiatus> hl-i'-tfls/ s. an aperture, a breach. 
Hibernal, hi-b£K-ndl.a. belonging to the winter. 
Hiccough, hik'-k&f. #.. a' comnlliuu of the 

stomach Jprodu<iing sobs. [stomach, 

tiickup, hik'>kdp. v. n. to sob with a convulsed 
rlide^ hide. v. a, pret. hid; part. pass, hid or 

hidden, to conceal, to nitlinold or withdraw 

from sif lit or knowledge. 
Hide, hide. v. it. to lie hid, to lie co/icealcd. 
Hide, fllde. s, the skin of an animal ; a ccilain 

(luantity of land. ^ [dreadful. 

Hideous. hkr4-5s, or hM'-je-fis. a, -^lorrihie, 
^lideouslyj Ud'-A-fis-l*. ad, liorriW>' ; drcad- 

fWly. [diraclfuliicas; 

Hideoiisness, h!4'-«-^s-nis. *. horcibleness, 
Hie, hi. V. n. to nasten, to ^ in haste, [order. 
Hierarch, hl'-^-i^k. s. di9 chief of a- sacred 
Hierar^al, b1-^-rflrk'-(U. a. of «-hierarcli. 
Bierarchy, hi'4-rlr-ki&. t. a sacred govern- 

4a«ii eedesiaslical establishment. 

Hiercglypbick, hl-^r6-g]ff'-llk« s. aa « 
the art of writing in picture. . . [atieri 
n. to chafier, to be peMvi. 

Hieroglypbical, bl 
Higgle, Wg'-gl;. ». 

ous in.a bargain } to cany aboiii. 
Higgle!*, Ug^glfir. f . one yfbo sells 

by retail 
High, id. iu elevated ; exalted ; abstnite ', ar 

rognnl ; noNe ; Wolent } ttinuiRuous; strooi; 

tasied j far advanced into antiquity } dear ' 

Higf^ hi s. elevation, rjperiopr reipoB. 
High-blown, Id'-blAne. a. swellea with wind. 
High-bom, bi'-bdm. a. of noble extractioB. 
High-flier, hi'-fli-Ar. s. one that carries Ik 
'opinioM to.extravagan<ib. [of spirit. 

High-mettled, ht'-m^t-tld. a. proud or araei* 
High-niiDdMj^hi'-mlnd-dd. a, prood, arragani 
High-scasooed, hl-s^-sAnd. a. pRfiuuii to Um 

Hlgl^^irited, hl-rofr^-lt-H a, bold, dariiy. 
High-wrought, hl'-r&vit»a. accurately fuusbec. 
Highland, hi'-land. s. mountainoMs regiaa. 
Highlander, hi -l&iid-dr. s, a mountauiee^ 
Highly, hI'-K. atf. with.devation ; with esteem 
Highness, hl'-n&. s. elevaiioa; the titlft cf 

pniices. [the tiae 

Ki;:i I writer 1il>-w&-t&r. s. Uip utmost flew of 
Hf[ihwny, [jt'wV. «. great road, publidr path. 
llij^liiviiyniari, M'-vdumabL s. a robber ,00 the 

piii!>lkk fGafh. 

Hilarity, hii-!4r''^-«i. f. merriment. [■ , 

Hill, m.' ^. ail €levatiott of around less than a 

H irkwk. htl'-Jok. M. a Uttle hiO. 

UiUv, yr-1^. a. tbil of Dins, [larly of a sweira 

Hift l]^lt. s. I h« handle of any tiling, particu 

Hi,.:. ' > . . tjuo caiae of Tu, ' 

hh pron, in the nominative. Ae . 

in tiic obljcjue cases, it has a reciprocal sig 

Hind, hind. s. the she to a stag } a peasant. 
Hinder, hTn'-djT.r. v. a. to obstruct, to unpede. 
Hinder, hlii'-dflr. a. in a position oonirasy la 

tliat of the face. [slop, 

Hiiiderance, hfn'-dfir-Hnse. s. impfl|(fiiiienty Wl« 
HiAdermoBt, hlnd'-fir-m^ a. last in th« tfmt. 
Hindmost, hLxi'-mAst. a. the last. ^ 

Hinge Idnje. r. joint upon wluek a door > 




■6, Mftve, wflr, p<k >— tAbc» t&b, bftll >--^ >— pMud }— <feia» THb. 

ailll^ hloL «sa. 16 Wing to mini by a alight 

fittt, lAit t. finA MiiWy remM anusmi, 
H^ bb. «. UMJoiiH of the thigh. 
Hfas falii. «. the fruit of the briar. 

HSpy bb. «. tlwiN<^ of ^ thigh. 

Up'-pbh. ^ bN'oomiption 'of hypo- 


or ealfmg to one. 

Hifipogfifif faipHi^grfr. «.r a winged honse. 
HippopotiQmtu,ulp^6-p^'4-aift8. t. the river 

^ipsbot, bV-4h&t «. sprained in the Jiip. 

.rDre;hlra. v. a. topruoune any thing fortfm- 
ipmcy oie at B certain nrice ; lo er.gagp (or 
paj. ' [the mo or any Thing j wa^s. 

fhre^Jilre. «. reward, or recompense paid for 

Hirdiiig, bire^-Dng. «.' one who *8er\'es ifuiir wa- 
ges & a mprce n ary. ' *• 

1 Iirelmgr hiie'*liug. a. \*enal, mereenaxy . * 

Uis^ 1^ pnm. JNm. bebngiiig to him. 

liuB, Ijsx % n. to utter a noise like thai yT a 
senpesL - [piode, 

Hiss, his. «. a to condengp by hissing, to ox> 

Hiss, l&s. *, the voice of a serpents-expression 
of contempu [silence. 

Hist, -Idst. inc. aa exclamation commanding 

Hj^nan* hls-t^-rMb. $, a writer <S history. 

Historical hlM6r<4k4l. > a. pertaining to his- 

Histofick.hls-tAr'-lk. S l^ry- 

Historically, hk-tV-ilk-ftl^. ad, in the man- 
ner of history. , , , • ' 

HistoriQgi«phei',hiSrtA-re-og'-ra-fQr. s. annis^ 
torian, a writer of history. 

Historiography, hYs-t^-r^-Aj^-rA-l^. t. the, art 
«r enMNOymmit of an historian. [facts.^ 

History rhfs'-l&r-^. s. a narration of events and' 

Histrionick, hls-tr^n'^it. a. bei\(tingthesiagej 
suitable to a'player. '^ 

Hit,Jiil. v..^ to sfrike ; |o touch the mark ; to 
attam, to readh tlte point, ^ [to light on. 

Jlit, fait v. n. to /clash, to colltdo ; to succee^ 
it, bk 5. a stroke, a lucky chance, 
itchy iMi. o. II. to catch, to move by jerks. 
* " r, IiIt H''-ftr. cm/, to tliir place. 

)^ra'*Ar. a. nearer^ towaixl) this part. 
xvuotOiOBkj hh'H''-Ar-niAst. a. neor<»t on t}iis 
itiierto, UTH'-^r-tM. ad. to this time. [side. 
Ive. idve* «. tiie habitation of bees. 

Hive, hive. r. a. topUt imo h!v<». i 

Ho, It6. yjff. a sudden exclamation td give uaiioi 
* of appmacli.orany thioyelso. • 
Hoar, li6rc. a.%ray with age ; white with frosik 
Hoar-frosty liftrdilrdst «. m«eii dew. 
Hoi^rd, hArde. s. a store laid up in «ccret. 
Hoard,'^Ti6nfe. r. n.rtQ toy op store. [jecrct. 
Hoaiuer, h6rd'-dr. «. une that stores up in 
l}oarinc98, b6^^6-n^ «. tfx state of bieiiu 
'Whitish. *^ 

Hoarse, h6rse. 4. having the,\'ohts .rough, as . 

with a cold ; haviqg a rough ^nd 
HoarsoJy, hArseMi. ad, w:th a rough, )iarsh 

voice. . ^ 

Hoarseness. hdrso'-iiSs. «. reugniiess of ^noice. 
Hoary, hA'-r4. a. whi(fe or gray \tith,age, 
, white witli fmsu 

Hobble, h6b'-bl tf. n. to walk lamely. [ItAv. 
Hobby, h6b'-b&. t, a little horie ) a stupid fbl-. 
Hobgoblin, Ii61>^f<&b.-Ihi. s. a ^ntb^ a fairy. 
Hobnail, u&b(-niuc. *. a nail used m slioemg a 

lK>rse. [fetkick 3 old Rheui^ wine. 

•Hock, b6k. 4. the joint between the knee and 
Ho^. b6k. V. a. to disable in ihe hock^ 
Hackle, h6k'-kl. v. a. to hamstring. 
Hofeus-npcus, hA'-kfts-pA^ kfis. s. a juggle. 
Hod, hod. «. a kind of trough m whicD a 

laixHuer carries.mortar to the roasoik 
Hodman, h^'-mlLn. «. a labourer tliat' caiTici . 

mortar. .., , ^ 

.Hocl^e-jiodxc, hAdje'-|jftiijc. «. a medley. 
IT.K!icLtial^TiA-dt-^-««L. J. of to-day. 
Hoe^ ii<^, *. till lasimineni to cut up weeds. 
Hi>Pp hh, V. a. lu ctU wiLfei a hoe. 
Ho;g;, \\t^%^ i. flie ff<»ji*ral unmo of swinO, 
Ilojilie!nl, It6i^'-Mrd. *. a keeper of hogs. 
Ho!j:f;tsh, hftg -^Isli. ff. Ivruiisli, selfish. [di.iBss 
|-foK:xii*bness^ fiC^jfyj-iies. *. brutality, pi*e- 
Ho^shcmk li5g*'3ifeJ. f a measure of s^ly 

Ho/^-ity, \w^i^-'^\. a. Die f>lace in whicn swia. 

art 'iliLit to he fcii. 
Hogwash, llftg'twftsn. «. the draft which is 

given to «wine. ^ * 

Hoiden, hA^-dn.t. an awhftvard onuntry girl. 
Hob>t, lid?st. e. a. to raise up on high. 
Holil, hold. V. a, pret^ hdd ; part pass, hd^ 

hoiden. to grasp in tlie hand \ to keep. 



Fk^f fSr, fliU, f&tj— IW&, mSij-ipbc, pbj- 

Uiin ; to ptmeaSj ui eiij<vjj lu nt:q>end3 to 

stmi I to cielain ; fa oflhr. 
Boldj itiy, 11. n. lo pI^jwI j lo ttiininuo un- 

bmk«n ; lo-oit'Jim: | li^ refirjain ; lu adhere. 
HqIJ, li6ld. ^ furb^ar ! stop I Itejititl' 
HoJiU Li6ld. f. seeiiif-cj euppon ttpaiLh j influ*| 

HoIderJi^'-tldr s. oiid Ihai hnlrlf ^113^ thing. 

HoJfi, hAlc, 9. a i>E*T;lirariOH J n U^lluvv place y 

Halily^ lid' -1^-1^* mi. pi*i^i>\ inV[aUiiil^-. 
HoHneAf, h6'-l^-n^, ^, safjtiky, piolyj the 

ikle iif tlic pope- [nay prc >il ii cii«<aiico. 

H(jli2\, h6f'!i '. irt'. a woi^ tj-^J iii calling to 
Holbiid, l»AF-jWl. s- fijiD lint 11. Ifaithfa. 

HoUoiv, litil^-loH tt. cxcavaifal, voicl wilfiin , not 
Holbiv, hbV-\i>. s, a. c^Mty j licji j pit: opcii- 

ins } pnsstuffj- [cavalc. 

Hollow, IJSJM6. t. a. to mtikc IkjUow, to ex- 
Holtowtiey^* IjOl'-l^-nAs, r, caik^j i^lcccit, iii; 

Holor.aiisf, hAr*A-kii\vst, 5, a barni a.*iwIficQ. 
Holster, h6J'-siiir. ^> a tikii fnr a piswl. 
Holy,, Ii4''l6. a. gootl, pigiis^rdfgkmi ; pure ; 

HDly-dj.y, hU'-b-ilL J. jiupixjreftiy feast ^ a' 

dfty of fffWetj and joy> 
Hamapc. huin^-iyc. s. str^i<!e jiaid, and fealiy 
prafeisfld r^ ™ - ■ 

tioii>e 5 place of 
■ -at ». 

• • > - ' Lrifjiiatiou 5 to 

jioniohorD hurrie'-^ii'ini a. nairvi^j donieslick. 
Homebrod, liAme'-brdtl a, pkiuij ncileisj'dof 

JiofiieliiV€t98, ii6ine -i^*nil''sk t. pliiirreis. 
MoiHEjIy, liAme'-]^* a- plain, liflmospmi, coorsc. 
Hotiiemade* bAinc'-irAile/ii, m?ilo uL homo* 
Horner, iiA'Hffifir. *. a moasuro of ^ibout three 

puito, [home. 

H^mespUTi^ h^mn'-S]ir\n. a, spuji or nrought at 
Hwnf^ wHrd, lidnrje'-u tli d ati'. towards liomc, to-. 

wjirdi die name plmce* 
Homiciile, h&m'-fr'SlL^fl, j. murder, mftosl^'mg 3 

% nuinifirrj'^ si mT^Jislayt^r* f>rcgation. 

Uarrdly, hftin' <*-l^. i a dijra«Jr5**-t*ft? <» n con- 

Homoeenea]/li6-in6-i^-ii^-iL ) a. baviag tfa» 
Hoinogcueotjs, h6-Di6-j^-D^ai. > csSbs na 

t«re or principles. 
Homony'moust h6-infta'4-nds. a. equivocal. 
UoiiVonymy, b6-ia6ii'-^m^. $, eqiuvdcatio% 
. ambig;iity. 

Hone, iidne. a. a whetstone for a rasor. 
Hono^, 6aVu&t. a upright, true, sincere 
. cUr^ste. V [with ciiaslitr 

Honestly, iW-uJst-l^.^orf. uprishiiy;, jus^f 
Honesty, 6iV-n5*-ife. s. justice, trufli, \'irtue. 
Honey, h^n'-u^. s..^ (hick, Mscious substance, 

wliich is coile^cd and prepaved by bees; a 

name of 'teitdeni«5S; . 
Honey-coinb, ji&u'-iM^'k6me. t.'the cells of H-ax 

in which ihc bee stcM-es ber lioney. 
Honey-dew, iiftn'-ni-dtu s. sweet dev/. 
Honey-mooni, li&ii'-n&^mddu. s. the first mouth 

after marriage. ... 

Honey-jjiickle, hAn'-n^sftfc-kl Sf woocUune. 
Hor.eytess, hv^u'-n^l&t. a. witliout ^uev. 
HoUorary, tm^'uhr-k-rii. a. done in-lKuipur| 

rbnfernng honour \\'itJiouf gain. 
Honour, An'-nfir. s. dignity; reputation ; rev 

ercncc^ chastity; glory; decoration. 
Honoiir, 6n'-jiftr. v. a. to revcrciicc \ to chgnify 
Honourable, 6tt'-nArn&-b]. a. ilUistrious, nuble 

j^r^.-juw^; lK'n!?slj equitable. 
I^B: ' nur-^-bl^. <f£f. magnanimously 

~^ ►utHj^ly. 

¥^ ' >vcniig for the head. 

rt . i J - wftik. i\ a. lo blind ; to co' er j 

IK^i, i.'.ivi'. ^. tlie homy substance which com 

poses the feet of several sorts of animaU. 
Hook. hddk. *.'any thing bent » M ;r,c$^tch 

hold; a sickle; any expedient. 
Hook, hddk. v. a, to calch with a liook. 
Hooked, liftdk'-M: a. bent, curvated 
Hookedncss^ hd&k'-ld-n^s. s. slate pt hein^ 

.bent like n hook. [tning circular. 

Hoo)!, hdAp« s. St part of a lady's dress, aii^ 
Hoop, hddp. r. a. to buid or enclose with*hoops 
Hooping-cough, lidA^tfitg-kAf. «. a eoiiirulsiv«^ 

cough. . 

Hoot, it&5t. V. fi.^tp sLaut ; to cry as •> ow] 
Hoot, hddt. s. clamour, shout 
Hod. hfiir. V. niff^^Wms^l^ « ■ 




II&, mjyve, lAr, nflt %-~t&bey tfib, bftll ;•— ^!))— pdAncT;— ^in, THii. 

Hop, bAp. V. a, to impregnate with hops. 
Hop, hAp. «. a jQ^ip OB onie leg ; a piantr 
Hope, hope. «. expectation of some frood. [good. 
Hope, mpe. t). n. to live in cjgxjct^'.tiou of some 
Hope^ hApe. ».«, to expect wiui desire. "^ 
Hjpefol. h6po'-fAl. oiff^il of expectation. 

Hopefully, hApe'-ttU-i.odf. in such a manner as Horsehair, hdrs'-hire. *. tlio nair oThor^. 

toraiseliope. * [^eed ^'^ -"' »- ^»-'*^^ • -• - '^ 

Hopefulness, hA^ •f&l>n^ s. lik*!ihcx>d to sue- 
Hopele8s,hOT>e'-Mg.«.^tboutbope. . 
Hopper, nAp -gftr. s. part of a ^rn-uuil. 
Horal, UA'-r4L «. releiting to tlie hour. 
Horary, IiA^-'ra-r^. a. relating to an hour^cpu- 

tinuin^fbranhoifr. • 

Horde, hArtle. s. a cTan^ a migrato^ crew. 
Horizon;^ hA-rl'-zAu. s. the fine tli^ t6miiiuit«fe 

the view. *• [zvnt } onja, !cVel. 

Horizontal. hAr-^zAn'-tal. a.- hear ilie hori- 
Horizontarty. hAr-A-zAn'-t^-^ cul. in a direc- 
tion pai'allel to the horizon. 
Horn, hAm. s. the hard, poi^d bodies which 

^w on Uic beads of some quadnipeds ; an 

instrument of musick ; the feeler of a snail. 
Hornbook, hAm'-bAAk. s. the (irst book for 

children.' • 

Horned, iiAr'-n^d. a. fhmlshed witli liorns. 
Hornet, hAr'-iiAt. *. a large stinging fly. 
Hornpipe, hAm -pipe. «. a tliancc. 
Homy, hAr'-n^. a. madcofhorh. 
HoroiOffe, hAr'-A-lAdjc. s. an instruniOnt that 

tells the hour, as a clock, fee. . .[iiring lM)urs. 
HorOmeUy, Iw-rAm'-^-trfc. s. the art of nicas- 
Horoscope, hAr'-rA-skApe. r. the configurtrtion 

of the planets at the hour of birth. 
Horrent, liAr'-rSnt. a. horril)lc, dreadfnl. 
HoiTible, fa6r'-c&-bl., a. dreadfUl,^ ahbckifig, 

enormous. [mdeoinness. 

tiorriblene^ HAr'-r^-hl-nAs.. *., dreadfuhjess, 
Horifl!>ly,,hAr'-r^'bl^. aU. 'U-eadfull>% hideously. 
HortW, hor'-r!d. a. hideous, rough, 
flarrifick, hAr-iV-CSc. a. V^using^ tiorrotu'. 
Hornmr> hAr'-rdh, s. terrour mixed with deles- 
. tatioa: jglo^m. 
i§Cfrse,.Mnt. $, a: well known qdaidnipcd^ cav- 

abyj ioinj^riiifi^ on which toy thmg issup^ 

portedj amacmne. 
Home; mne. 

V. a. to mouQt upon a bone } to 

Horseback, h^Ars'-b&k. «. the itaie of being on 

a horse. * 
HoK^ebean, hAis'-li^ne'. «. a smaii bean. [LonA 
Hoi-sebrcakcr. liArg'-br&^kftr. $. one who taoiOi 
Hoi-setlcsli. hArs'-8%h. s. the flesh of horset 
Hoi^%,4iArs^-Qi. «. a fly that sUiiffS horses 

Horselaugh, bArs'-llif. s. a kxid, violem, pida 

laugh. • [horses j a farrier. 

Jiordelcecb, WW-l^tsh. «. a leach^ thct bites 
If orseman, hArs'-mUn. «. pne skillcdln ndiug 
Hoi-seinansbip, hAn-man^p. *. the art of^' 

riding. ' , 

Uo».seiheat, hArs'4nile. t'. provender. 
Hors^pIay^hArs'-pl^ s. coofse, rough play. 
Horseponu; bArs'-pAndi <. a poBd for horses. 
Horserace, hArs'-rase. s, a matdi vf horses in 

mrtniAw. [root. 

Horse raoisli, iiArs'-r&d-lsh: s. anracrid and bitine 
Horseshoe, hAiV-shAA. s. a plate of iron n&iled 

to the feet d horses. . Jaway liorscs. 

Horsestealer, hArs'-st^lAr. »>. a thief who takes 
Horseway, hArs''-wA,. Y a broad way by whidi 

luM'ses may travel. [advice^ 

Hortation, liAr-t&'-shAif. «. the act of ejuMuiing.^ 
Hortatory, hAr'-ti-tdr-ife. a. encourngmg, am* 

matui|r.. [cultivatm^ gardens. 

Horticinture, liAr'-ti-k{W-tshirc. « uie art of 
Hortukn, hAr'-tsliA-ldn. a. beJonging to a gar- 
den.* praise to Uod 
Hosanna, nA^n'-n^ s. an. oxcldUnation <A 
Hose, liAze,5. stockings, covering (br tlio logs* 
Hosier, h6'-zhAr. s. one wh6 sells stockings. 
Hospitable, JiAs'-pA-t^-bl. a. ^>ing eutertaia.- 

mcnt to strangers. 
Hospital, As'-pe-ilil. s. a place built for the ro- 

ccfHion of ttie sick, or support oftiie poor. 
Hospitality, hA^-p^t&l'-^i^. «. the practice of 

entertaining strangin^ 
Hbst, liAst s. ,on» who gives tntertaiomem to 

another; a^ landlord) mi army: 
Hostagtet, hAs'-tu)e. s, one given in* pledg«! ix- 

security of performance ofconditiooi. 
Hostess^ hAst'-^ s. a female host, 
Hosti le> IiAsMH. a. adyci'Sfi, oppootte. (m mmr. 

Hostility, hAs-tfl'-i-t^. *. oosm war, ,, .. 

Hostler, As'-lAr. «. ooe wW baa tin artt «f 
jioraes at aiMii^g„zed by LjOOglC 

. gSThR 




Hot, hU. a. hairng tUe power lo eicitc beat, 

ieiy : iimAil ;• »rd«nt, «ager ; acrid* 
Hotbed, hdt^bal ». A bod oTeartli made Iidt hy 

the fermentatioaordlnif^. ' f furiofis. 

Hotbndned, h&t'-br4nd. a. violent,- vehement, 

> Hotheaded, li6t'-liM4d. a. veitement, passionate. 

Hothouse, iiftt'-hAAse. $. a bagnto ; a bouse in 

which tender plants are raised, andlhiits ar^ 

matured early. - [p^V^- 

llptsjmr, h6t^-sp5r;' s. a violciit'mant artud 
Hough, )Ak: t. tlie lower part t»r t}wj thigh 
Hough, hAk. n. a. to biuxislniig. 
HouSd, hMnd. s. a dog used m tl;e chase. 
Hour, Mr. 4. tlie tweuly-lburth part uf a day, 

sixty minutes. 
Hourglaaa, dftr'i^V^s. 4. a glass filled Mdth sand, 

M^i^ marks the time. ' [hoinr. 

Hourly, A&r'-l^. a. happoning or done every 
HoOrly,' 6ftr'-l^. ad, every liour. 
House, hd&de. «. a place of hun«an abode; tlie 

table J fiimily of ancestors, race; a body of 

the piv'liametit. 

Fite, f &r, rln> f 4l 'f^Hnkf mk f-phie, pin 9— 

tfouse, hAfizo. V. a. to harbour; to shelter/ to, ^un, Iraf. s. swell of wilden anger. 

keep under a rdhf. 
Housebreaker. hdAs '-br&-k&r. s. one who makes 
. his way into iHMisfts to steal. > , 

Housebreakintr. hdfis'-br&-k?rtg. g. burglary. 
' Household, Itd&$«k61'l, s. a 0imity f domestick 

mantigeinent. • • 

Housekeeper, hAAs'-k^v&r. s. tlio master o< a 

family; a feinalo supermtcndcnt^ 
Housekeeping, h6r:s'-k^p-?iig. s. provisions |pr 

a fimiily. 
Houseless, Mn'-lh. a. without abode. 
Housemaid, fiA?is'-m&do «. a maid -employed 

to keep the hmiso clean. ^ ' 
Houseroom, b&&5'-r5din, s. place m a house. 
Ilousewarming, hWs'-wftr-n^ng . t. a feast or 

merrymakine upon going into a new Itouse. 
Housewife liaz^-w?f. s. a female economist 
Houiwifery, Lftz'-wlf-rfc» «. management, fe- 
male economy. ' 
Hovel, hftv'Ji. «. a shed open on the sidt«,1uid 

covered above ; a wean cettis^. 
^over, h&v'-ar. t: n. to h|ii\^ jSudering over 

"^^Mid^lo wander alipMt ojie {Jface. 
Kow, hML ad. m wfe^aHmfemnec, to what degree ; 

•^ what reason) by wlmt means. 

Howbeit, bM4>iau juT. nomiheleM, aoiwii» 

However, hMt-hr^^v^. mL in yhnimmm uuit 

ner| at all e%seats> «l feasts iie%'erthele»' 

Ho^vf, IiAAl. r. M. to cry as a Mt>lf or oog. 
Howl, hML 9. tlie cty of a wolforifer: 
Howsoever, hMhs^^v'-vftr. <nf. in wnat mar« 

ner soever; ahhough. • , • |deck . 

Hoy, bd^. ». a large boQi, sometimes with c 
Hubbub, hAb'-b^. «<a lumAlt, a not. 
Huckaback, it&k^4i&.b&k. b. |i kind of liner. ?\ 
' which the ngures arc raised. 
liuckIcbonerii&k'-(d-l<^ne. «..^be hn> bone. 
Huckster, hoks'-tftr. <. one who sens goods or 

rolail, Or in email quantities. ^ (gains^ 

Huckstei^. hftky-tdr. v. n. to dee] in petty Kar 
Huddle, bad'-tlL v. a. tc.' dress iip ck)0c so af 

not to be discovered ; \a perform in a hurry 

to (hmw toeetlter in cqpfusion. 
Hudtlle, h5(P-dl. 9. cniwd, tumult, £onfusioiw 
Hue. hA. 9. cfbloiir,. die ; a dalnom. 

Huff, hAf. r. a. to swell; to ho^, to treat wiik 

Huffish , hfif -fish. a. airbganti-hcctbring. % 
Huffishly, h&r-flsh-l^. otf. with arrogant ^tu 

lance. * [bluster 

Hufli^ne«!, hAl*-f!sli-n^. s. petulance, noby 
Hug, liAg. V. d. to press close in an embrace ' 
Hug, hAg. «. cktse embrace. 
Huge. tu^e. a. vast, immens*;. * • 
Hugely, hme^'l^. aa. immensely, enermoasly. 
Hugeness, h&je^-n^ »reaoiru|ous^lk, great 
Hulk. h(Uk. 9, tlie body <^ a ship. X'**^ 

Hull, h&ll t. the hMsk or integument c^ aa) 

tiling; the body of a ship. fsii^tow. 

Hum, n.Am. v. d. to A^ako the neide or bees ; ta 
Hum, hfim. 9. the noise of bees; any Ipw, doU 

noise. " Jdeliberation ■ 

Hum, hftm. trtberi, a sotod impljnpg (dkMubt and^ t 
Human, faA'-mta. a.,ha%'ii^ the<]ttalki^of a-i 

man. , ' ' ^ 

Humane. h&-mlLoe'. a. kin^, good-natured. 
Humanely, b&-m&ne'-li. oi/. luadly, with good j 

Humanity, hA->nUhi'-^i^. t.^the nataie of ■»& 

tenderness; pb^idkgr.. 




ii6, mflve, ngr» a6t }— iAbe, t% bftll y—flU )— paftnd ^-</un, THii> 

^anMODiat, liA'-iiiAn-b«. v. a. to MAen, to make 

nnc|iti^4>f tenderness or beamioleBoe. 
HumankhKl, hA-m&n-kyliicP. 5. the race of man. 
Ilumanly, hA'«i&iii4& ad, after the nodoos of 

gamble, dm'-bl. a, modest } tow. 
itmble, Am'^bt v. a. to nUiko submissive j io 
' Mbdue; tc brine down. [ofpnde. 

Htunbleneas, Anr-U-nls. s. homilitjr, aMeoce 
Humbles, Aw-blz. ». entrails of a deer. * 
Humbly, &m -bif . ad, with humility. , 
Humdrum, bdm''<lrftm. «. dull, dronish, stupid. 
Humeral, h&Vtn^rftl. a, betongin^ to the 

jhoulder. . / 

Humid. h&'-rnJd. a. wet, moist^ watery. 
Hiuuidi^^, h6-ndd'4-ik s. motstnre. 
HKmfliaoon, hA-mH-^^-shAn. s. descent from 

Humility, k&^nill'-i^. s. freedom from pride; 

Md of submission. 
Humerut, y^i'-mAr-fst. $, one who gratifies his 

«wn hunifKir. 
Humorous, y&'-m&r*As. a. fyXl of grotescme 
' images y capricious: jocular. fcoseJy. 

Hmnerously, yi&'*mOr-&i-l6. ' oi. mernly, jo> 
i Huinorousness, 3'&'-m(!ir-5s-n2s. s. fickleness, 
! capricious levihr. , {humorous. 

I Humorabme, yd^mfir-som. a. peevish; odd, 
I HunoouK y&'-mdr. c. moisture; general turn 
of mind: present disposition ; jooularity : fte^ 
ula^oe'; caprice. {with. 

Humour, yd'-mftr. v. «. to, gratify; to comply 
» Hump, hftmp. $. a crooked back. 
Hamphack, hdmp'^b&k. «. trooked bade, high 
> Ilandred, hAn'-dr9d. #. ten multiphed by ten ; 
L aeantoaordivi^nVacounty. Riundred. 
I Hundredth, hAn'-dr$d(A. a., t|ie ordinal af a 
/. Hung, Mmg. prelr and part. pag$. of hang, 
;^u<iger, hAng''gAr.«. desire of food, 
•fluiiger, h&nr-rQr. v, n. to feel the pain of 
r Jmi^er; to oes&e with great eagerness. 
(jRungered, hftng'-gftrd. a. pinchod by want of 

iJltf ngrily, hibg'-grft-li. cuL with keeh ^ipetite. 
puaeryf liftn^-g^. a, feefiog pam firam want 
■ oTtoocV; greedy. 
liunlfs, hftngks. f . a covetous wretch, a 

Himt, h^ t>. cut!} chasej to pursue; to search 
for. , rsueernanek. 


Hunt, hftot V.H, tQ follow the chase; topmr- 

Hiiut, hAnt. «. a pack of hounds; a chase ; pui- 

Hunter, h&n'-f Ar..t. eoe who chases animals for 
pasffroo ; a iiorsc or dog for the chase. 

Huntress, hflu'-tr<^.^ s. a woman thai follows 
tbechaae. [office is to manage the chase 

Huntsman, h&nts'-m&n. $, the servant whose 

Hurdle, hiir'-dl. s, a texture of sticks woven 

Hurtk'hArl. v'. a. to throw with violence.. 

Hurlbat, hfiri'-biu t. wluribai. 

Hurler, h&r'-l&r. s. one ih&t plays at fatariiog. 

Hurlyburly. h(lh^-l^h&r-l6.#. tunvilt,commotbu, 

Hui-ncane, hdr'-r^k^i<«. a vio.en( siorm. 

Hurry, hAr'-r^ v, a. to hasten, to put ic4o con- 
fusion, [itatibn. 

Hurry^ h&r'-r6. r. ». to nxn'c on witk procip- 

Hurry; hAr^-r^. s, tumtiit, precipitation, com- 
motion, [imure ; to wound, lo pain. 

Hurt, hdrt. v. a. prei. hurt ; p?irt. pass. hwi. to ^ 

Hurt, hArt. & harm, mischief; wotnid or bruise. * 

Hurtful* hArt'-lAl. a. miscliie\'fu». pomidous. 

Hurtfully, liArt'-fAl-^. ad, miscJiievously, per- 
niciously', {penliciousness. 

Hurtfulne^, hAii'-lAi^nSs. «. imsdHevousqess, 

Husbuul, 4iAz>bQnfh «.^a man married to a 
woman. ' Ui^^^X* 

Husband, hAz'-bAnd. ». a: to manage Mn!ui*fru- 

Husbandman, hAz'-bAnd m&n. 9, one who works 
io tillage. 

Husbanary, hA2M)An-dr^. s. tillage; thrift , 
care of ctomestick affairs. 

Hush, hAsh. inttri, silence ! be still f bo noise -. 

Hush, hAsh; a, sull, silent, quf^t. ' 

Hush, hAsh. V a. to still, to silence, to amMM». 

Hu8hmoney,it^'-mA^^. s, a bnbe to hinder 
infbnnation. • •• • . 

Husk, hAsk. s. the oiitinost intogumeniof som* 

' sorts of fruit. ' ' 

Husky, hAs'-k&. a. aboundiiic in husks. ^ 

Hussar, hAz-z^r'. s, a kind of soldier. 

Hussy, hAz'-zA. ». a sorry wqman. 

gustings, hAs'-t!ngz. a. a court hbkl 
ustle, hAs'-sl. V. a. to shake together. 
4Hu«wife, hAz'-zIf. s. an economist 




Fitte, fir, ]r&U, fl&i}— mfe, m^ 3— pine, -pin;- 

Huswife, bAz'-df. o. a. to manage with ecoh- 

may and ftegaUty. , - fboA. 

Huswifery, korrcu-ri. «. masagemeBl good or 
Hut, b&t. ». o ppov coCtaee, ' 
Hutch, U&tsh. 9. a corn^chest. [mation. 

' Hqzza, h6z-z&'. titto^. a shout, aery of acda- 
Huzza, htoi-zii'. V. n. to utter acclamation. 
Huzza, Vbinx^'. v. a. to receive with acdama- 

litrti. fcious stoue^ 

Hyacinth. hV-&-flfn^t. i. a plant, a Kind of pre- 
Hyacintmne^ h!-4-aln'-<Aln. o. made of hya- 

Hy^lra, hl'-dr&. *i a monster with many heads. 
Hyd: auHcai, hl-driw'-l^k&I. ) a. relating to the 
liyd raw lick. M-driwMlk. > conveyance of 

wrier tliroiigh pipes. 
Hydraulicks, hf-dr&w'-llks. *. the science of 

conveying water throu^^h pipes or conduits. 
Hydpocele, hi'-dc^-s^Ie. s. a watery rupture. 
Hydrocephalus.. hl-dh!>-s$f-llL-ias. *; a dropsy 

m the bead. [draws maps of the sea. 

Hydrographcr, hl-drAg -grft-flir. s, one who 

Hydroniancy, bi'-dr^rain-si. t. pre<iictibn by 

"Hydroioel, h!'-drA-m8l. t. honey and water. 
Hydrometer^ hl-dr6m'-m6-t6r. s. an instrument 

10 measure, the extent of water. 

Mydrokatical, bl-iJr6-si&l'-:i-kal. a. relating to 
Fiydrosiaticks. . (weighing fluids. 

H Viii'iostHticks, hl-dr&^t'-lks. *,.the science of 
ffyena, m*^'-nA. s, an animal l*ke a wolf. 
Hymeil, M-m^n. c. the god or marrii^ge, the 
; virginal merabrano. 

, ^ymeiiean,*-«ft'-in. t«-an«>mBg«»»g. 
Hymeneal, hl-m^-n^'-^l. /a. pertainmg to 
Hymenean, hl-mc-n^-&n. y marriage. 
Hyntn. h?m. 8. a song of adoration to some su- 

periour being. . ' £withhymi^. 

Hymn. h?m. v. a. to praise ui song, to worship 
Hyperbole. hVp&r'-b^I*. *. a-figwe in rfaetor- 

ick by which any tiling is hicreased or dimin- 

ubed beyond the exact uutb. 

n y [ .n b(A\c k , h\ -y^r-DttV-lk^ { ating or esE- 

lejpijoinif 5t^}»iid facL .. 

l]yi>crbLjrcnn^ h^jjJ^r-l}6'-rMji. 0. nbilfaern. 
Hyi>crciilk-k, lil-p^r-kHt' fk, •. «^ critkk exact 
, iiriifjii(pu& he voiid reason. 
Hvfxreiiiical, H-p^r-krll'-^-kal. a. criticajbe 

3 <.4u I use, [ vir-tpe, ov«r-U vizig 

Hyphen, hr-I^n. s. a note of conjunction ; as 
iiyt CFchomlrtarkp h}p-p4'kAn'«dr^&k. #. Cf» 

iiiT(>cied wilii mdimcboly. 
] lyp'jcrisy^ ]i^-i^k--kr6-i^» $. dissimulation, 
llypocjite, hfp-p6-krfL, s. a dissembler in re 

Jigion. [insincere 

HypQcritica]. h!p-p&-ki^t''4k-k&I.a.dis8einbIiBg * 
Hypoeritically, Mp-p&-kHt'-Jk-(i4l4. ad. wkh 

out sincerity.* . Fp^k^nality. 

Hypostasis, .hl-p6s'-t&-ds. s. distinct substance, 
Hypostatiod, ^p6-st&t'-^k&l. a. constitutive^ 

Hypothesis, hlp-plVt^'-^-dls. «. a supposiUon, a 

system fbnnea UUder 'sonoe principle not prov- 

Hydrography,. M-dr6g'-^-(i^.«. description of cd. '- fsumpdsitiop, oouditjoBal. 

the watery part of the terraqueous globe. Hypothetica]. hi-pi&4ftSt^>l^kal. 'a.^inchiding * 

Hypotlietically« bUpMi^t'-t^k&l-i. anL upoa 

supposition, condhionahy. 
Hyssop, h}z'-zAp.«. a plant 
Hystencul, his-t&r'-r6-Md. }<l tvoubled wiU 
Hysterick, l^-lSr'-dk. \ fits. 
Hystericks, hIs-tSr'-iikA. «. fits of women. 

If-pron. per Mwi/^ oblique case me; plural wt 

oblique case us.- The pronoun or the fin^ 

person, myself, 
lambick, i4m'>blk. «. versei composed oi 

short and kmg syllable alteiTiaiely. 
Ice, Ise. s. frozen water ; cojKreted ngar. 
Ice, Ise, r. a. to cover with or tun to ice ) to 

cover with concreted 8agar..> [reporited. 

Icehouse, Ise^'hft&ae. «;'a>ouaa. m wfalcajoe ii 
Ichor, V'k&r. s,^ a thbi, watery humour, . 
Ichorous, Ik'-d-r&s. k thin, undi^K^ed. . 
Ichthyology, Ikr^i^6t^-6-ji. s^ the dacttiiie of , 

the natyrev <^ ^^ i 

Icicle, t'-sfk-kk#; |i shootW ice bdi«;ii^ Vowa ] 
icon, i'-kAo. & « repifeaentatkiD. I 




* 116, Diftve, nAr, D&t y-iiihe, iflb, b&ll ;-^Jl j— pAftiid j— ^in, this. 

, , alHicted wiih tire 

tcjj I'-s^. a. fuH 4)f ice, cold. pauudicc. 

IJeri, J-di-^3i* «. a meatal itnaffc 
dfiLl , i^tl^''-fiK a. nieutal, mteliectuai. 
yrfuJy, l-cJ^'-Sl-i. out. intellectually, meUlalW. 

* Jtijt]?y, i-d^n'-iA'fl. ». a. to make two tilings 

!.lentity, fr-d5a'-lA-i6^ s. s(»ra2«ess. 

Idcs, Sdz. £.' a ici^m aiiciciuly used among the 
Romans with se^ard to titn,e; aaU, meaning 
llie iOih day of Match', May, July, anJ Octo- 
ber, and tiie loth of e/e»^ oilier month. 

tdiocracy. 'J-6-Ak'-kra-s^..«. peculiarity of con- 

Idiocy, ?d'-^-A-s^. s/wani of undcr^jkBindiiig. 

Idiom, }d'-^-fim. «. a moac of speaking peculiar 
to a^ language. * 

Jdiot^ ld'-^ftt.«. A fool, a changeling. 

(dlotisin, ?d'-6-6t-Kzni. s. peculioriiy of expttis- 
sion ; natural imbecility of miiid. 

idle, I'-dl. a. lazy, aS^erse fron» labour. 

Idle, I'-dl. V. 71. to lose lime in laziness aud inac- 
tivity, * [able. 

[(Ueheaded, I'-dl-h^-did. a, foolish, ut^-easbu- 

Idleness, i^-dl-nSs. s. laziness, sUiggishnois'. - 

Idler, I'-cH-ftr. s. a lazy person. 

Idly, t'-til-^. ad, laz'rly, carelessly. 

Idol, I'-dftl. s. an image worsHippcd as God y 
one k)ved to adoration. [honour to ima^s. 

Idolater, l-<161'-la-tftr. 5. one wJlo pays divmo 

Idolatrous, i-d6l'-ia-tri\s. a, tending to idblatry. 

Idolatry, l-dAI'-ia-tr^. s. tlie worship of images. 

-<k)li2e. t'-dA-ilse. u. a. to love or reverence to 
adoration. * for no. 

, If. ca/f/. suppose that, allow tliat ; whetiwr 

Igneous, 1g -u6^fts. a. ftciy, coutainiMg fii-c. 

Ignis-fatuus. ?g^-n!s-f &l'-slu'»-&s. s. will-w th-the 

_ wisp, jack- wjth-the-Jaatern. 
.Igmte, fg-nlte'. w.a, to kindh , 
lgnition,^g-iJsh'-5n. s. the act of setting oh tire. 

Jgnitibfe, ig-al'-t^-bl. j. iufiainmable 
IgDobie, Ig-nA'-bl. a. mean «if bnrth ; wotlhlcss, 
Ignobly, ^-is6^'-V>l6. aa. if^nomiuicnsly, meanly, 
lj;pOiouUous, ig-rji^mln-yfts. a. menu, re- 
proacfa^I. - " [disgraceliilly. 

liyi(^^ffiMi»lYf^f^''iA'Vli^n'-)'?is-\^. au. meanly. 

Ignominy, fg'-n6-mfn-i. «. disgnioe,s 

ignoramus, )g-n6-!'^ -m&s. s. ftwlish fellow. 
IgDorance, ?g^:ii6-rame c. want of knowledge 

ua>kilfuhjessj ^ [unlearned 

Ignorant, ?g'-n6-niut. a. wanting Knowledge, 
Ignoi-sntly, l^-n6-rj\jii-l^. txd. without know.* 

edge, luiskiltully. 
Iliac, H'~<i-ik. a. i elating to fl»e lower bowels 
111, il. a bad in aj«y rcsjicct, evilj sick, 
ill, il. s, wickcdm'ss; mi.sfortune, misery. 
Ill, iL (u/. not wel), not rightly j not eiisuy. 
Jllaj)SC,H-lai).V. s. suiiden attack, caiwal comiiig. 
Illation, f4-i&''-sli£in. s. inference, conclnsiou 

dra>M» from tM-emiscs* 
lllaudablo, fl-law'-dA-l*}. a. unworthy of pra;.s6 

or commendation. 
Illaufiably, il-i^vr' d4-bl^. ad. ut»vorthiW. 
llleg«d, Il-l^'-gal. a. contrary to lnw„ 
Illegality, Il-fo-gai'-I^-t*. s. contrariety to law, 
lUegally, ll-le'-gal-l^ ad. in a mamicr tomrar} 

M K->w. 
Illeajible, IW^dM^-bl. a. what cannot l)€ i«ad. . 
Illegitimacy, ll-l^jUM^-m'i-s^. s. state of bas- 
tardy. • ^Jf [inwedkick. 
Illegftimate, Il-l6-jhrt/j-i«?ilftr a. not begotten 
llleviable,il-l<Jv'-v^ a, what ^amibt be lev 

ied or exacted. 
1 ftl'avourcd, tl-li^'vftrd. a. deformed. [roas. 
Illiberal^ Il-lib'rb^r-al. a. not noble, not gene 
Ulibeiality, Il-l5b-b^r-«rar-l6-t^. s. parsimony, 

niggardliness. ] meanly. 

Illiberalfy, il-ilb'-b^-rKl-i. ad. disingenuously, 
lUicit, il-l?s' *ll. a. unlawful. [not be liounded 
Illimlt.'ible, iil-l?m'-m^-ta-bl. 0. that which can- 
Illiteracy, i!-l?i'-i(''r-d-8^. »: waul of learning 
Illiterate. ?Mft'-i^r-^tc. a. unlet ief^t^.tfufcarnwl 
Illiteiateuei»;?l-llt'-i^r*^tc-i»^. s.wm, of karn 

ing. ~ 

Illness, fl'-n^s, s. sickness, mafodv. 
illnatiiie, il-u&'-tsin!kre. «. nubituoJ malevolenoe. 
irii^atured, I'l^ii'-tshAid. a. habitually malevo- 

icul; mittclnevous. ■ (of ret 

Illogical, iMod'-j^-k&l. a. contrary to the 1 
IHiide, iMiVdeVv. <^. Toiiuccivf/fO mMk. 
illMinc. }M>inie': ? v. o. tO'GuligiiOBil* 1^ win 
lll^Miinc7?l-l6'-Tn?n S I'ly tt''«l» »fMi toWit 
I rate, to aik^rn. 
!l1lumliwite.?l-lu'-nu'-i;;\ie. x\ a. lo cnlighter 




Vkie, fkr, f lUl, fit 3~mfe> mk j-fAuft, pfa ; 

jor Mwes^ to adorn with pieMreii or luitiaf cavities fHif«i 

' • «. lmbricii*4#Hi,fin*ferft-k4'-8liO«. t. conCavB inr^-' 

fmbrowD, fm-brftAu'. o^o. to make twown. 

Ittters of various colours: to' illustrate. 

HiuminatioQf fUltSi-inMiA'-siiAii. s. that whkh 
gives Ugiit; fcstaf Tight huiig ou( as a token 
ofitty; nrightnesA, spleiukHir; iimisiou of in- 
tellectual fiftlit.* , 
*liluininalive, ll-lu'-mfe-!na-t?v. a. having the 
!K>'Aor to give Kglil. [crrour. 

Illusion, ff-l^'rzhftu. s. mocker}*/ false sliow, 

Illusive, ll-lu'-slv. a. deceiving by false show. 

niusory^ fl-lu -sAr^. a. decotving. frauduleu. 

lUiislrate, H-lfts'-tr^te. v. a. to brigliteii with 
Km lit; to elucidate. [cidation. 

lllustrstion, il-!ft:i-tr^'-diftn. s. cxpln^toa; clq- 

niiis('-ative,il-lftsMrl-tKv a. having the (|u&lity 

Illustrious. il-l55;'-tr^&;s. a. conmicudlls^ nobk. 

Ilustrioudly, ll-ii^s'tri-As-li. ad. con^iOKMisly^ 
nobly. '^ [grandour. 

lllustrioiisncss. ?(-l5s'-ti^-A9^n&. s, eniiq|^, 

Image, ?m'-mlcii<^. s. a sin<ue ; an idol ; an idea. 

finege, W-nAijc. to .o»py by the faney^ to 
iniagiiM). -„■.'. 

[jnagery, inrt^k-jcr-r^. li: sensible representa- 
tion; mlse idi^^. [conceived. 

Imaginable, ^-i/Ad -j?n-fi-bl. a., possible to be 

Imaginary, ^-niad'-ji'u ar-^fc. a. 'landed, vision- 
ary. ' ^ frontrivance. 

Imagination, i-iiW'l-ifir-iV-y|i(\n. t. fancy; idea; 

Imaginative, ^i!idd'*}iii fi-itv. a. fantastick,Tul] 

. ofimagination. * [the niind. 

Iniagine, ^-mid'-jiii. t*. w tp fancy, to paint in 

Imbecile, lm-bfe» -sll. a. fotbU^ it* inind orli^y. 

Imbecility, fm-b^-^ii -t'-t^. s. (ceblcii» -s of mind 
or body. • • 

iilibib^t Ini4>ibe'. v. a. to drink lu. io*wik. 

!mbitter,!in-b!t'-tftr. L\d. to uiakt biucr; to cx- 

lmbodyj?m-bftd'-d^*.a. to coii<!cn^ioa l)ody. 

Inibc^' -d^v.n. to vnitc intooue mass, 
to coalesce. • 

laiboklen/im-bM'-dn. v. a. u> cucoiu*agc. 
. ImboMcn, WbA^-x&m. v. a. to hoid on the bo- 
«joa^ to admit to the neart. 

Imbow, fai-bo&'. V. a, to arch, to vault 

•--Viwer, Im-bAft'-ftr. v. a. to cover with -wbo^' 
*o iMlter with trees. 

Illiuiuwu, MH-wiviwi . V.-U. w» iwaMM; wkvwj 

Imbrtie. fm-brdd'. v. a. to sleep, to soak 
Inibrute, ImshrMt'. te. a. to degraoe U» orutabty 
Imbue, Im-b&^ v. a> to tincture deep. 
Imburs^jlm-bftrfe'. v. a. to stock with iwmty. 
Irtiitability; fm4 tA-bU'-i-t*. t. the qia ny ^ 

bcing^ inntable. tP''^^^'*^ to be ioQitaiod 

Imitable, lra'4-t&-bl. a. woriliy to be ior.itatetl 
Imita^, hn'-^-t.4ie. tJ. a. to copy, to ea eavow 

to resemble; to counterfeit 
Imitation, lm-m^-tV*shdn. $. the actof copyijig. 

attempt to resemble. 
Imitative, W-i-iirtK*. a, inclined to copy. , 
Imitator, im'-^-t^-iftr. «. oqe who endjsevours ti 

Immaculate, ira-mAk'4c&-lJite; a, spotlesst pore 
Immanade, hn-min'-iift-kl. v. a. to fetter. 
Immanetit, im'-mi-n5nt a. intrinsick, mhereit 
Iipniamfest,1m-irt&n'-h^-f^sC. a. not plain, 
immani^y, Im-m&n'^ni-t^. «. barbanty. 
Immarccssible, ?m-mir-s5s'-«^b1. a. unlading. 
Imraarlial, hn-mir'-shal. a. not warlike. 
lmnvtt^rial,lra-mA-tii'-r64l. a. incorporeal ; i w 

important. . 

Immateriality, ?m-mi-tfe-r6-U ^ti.i. distiad- 

ness fiom body or matter. 
Immature, 1m-in^Are'» a. not ripe. 
Immaturely, Ini-nii-tAre'-li. cd. too soon. 
Immatui-cnesS, Im-mi-tAre'-db. 7 ^. unripe- 
Immaturity, lm-m&-tA'-r^-t^. Jness, ipcem- 

plctencss. [measured. 

Imlneasurable, hn-m&h'-A-rft-bl. a. not ta oe 
immeasurably, Im-m&h'-Ar-i-bli. ad. beyomf 

all measure. . [with regard to time, 

liim^ediate. ?m'fni'-»d6-ftt. a. instant^ present 
lmn:cdi-ateiy, ?m-m^'-d6-lt-li. arf. instantly, al 

the time oresem. 
Immedicable, !mrmdd^-d^-k&-bl a. incurable. 
Imi^emorial, !m*m^m6'->r^4l. a. -^paMi time of 

Immense. Im-m^nse'. a. unlunited. unlymnded 
Immensely, Iro-m^nse'-ii. ad, infinitely, with 

out measure. * ' " " 

lmmensity*..Im m8n'f*-t«. ». UBtouaded | 

neiss, iunni«*gtzedby vjOOQLC ** 




■^ i^fi^iifli^iiftt^ 

liDttiiiiaable,bi-fl4a'-iliA-fA-U.a.iiotttf be 

uniiiefKei nu mciMMr , tj, il lo pot nndflr .water. 
Inniene, im-minv. «/ «. tc mit lUKlHr water. 
Imtoerrioni, li^mAr'-th&ii. «. &e state of Mnkii^ 

below^ the suifac-e of a fluid. 
ImmeUiodicad, im-m^-fAAd'^^-kll. a. confused, 

witkNa regularity. [out method, 

jomethodicitlly, fin iiii&-</i6d'4-kftl-l^. ad. wtth- 
. iniiuDeiicey.2m' m^HB^nsc. •. tmniddiate or' near 

danger. * [enin^. 

(mmineiv^ Wniifr-iiSnt a. impemfing, threat-. 
lmroiBution.lm-m^-ii&'*«h5n. s. diminution, de- 

IminutaJ)ly» Im-m&PiA-bl^. md, ttaahenbly, «u- 
tmp, imp. f. a son ; a puny «ievil [cbaiyeaU/. 
Impf Imp. r. a. tv enlarge whh any thu^ a* 

scuitioas ; to anst. 
Impact, fmhpAkt'. o. a. ui dn%'e close or hard. ' 
impair, Iin-pJb|e'. v. a.. to c1imiiiish,tD iajore. 
linpairiuent, im-pJire'-iQ^nt Jt. diminution, in 

jury. ' ' . * 

I nipalpable. loV'P^-p^bl* «• not jo be per cei »6 tf 

by a touch. -* 

Iraparftdise, lm-plr'4-dhe. «. «. to out silo t 

stale resembling paradise. / (tic« 

Iiikparity, fm;;pAr^i^. ». inequality, dispit>por 

iinmiflsion, im'n^^'-An. «. the act of sending in. 

bninhL fm'^niVlcs'. v. a. to mingle. . (mlng^lcd. 
. Iiiunnable, lm>mik8'-&-l»l. a. impossible to be 

Immobility, !mTni6*lA'4^. s. uuiaoveableiiess. 
want id motio^ [due mean/ 

Inunoderate. lm-ro6d'-dSr4t. a. ex<^cdmg the 

fnmioderateIy^!m-m6d'-ddr-rAt-l^.<M/. in an ex- 
cessive d^g^ree. [unreasunablii. 

liiiiiiodes(,fm-niAd-'-d^ a. juncha^te ;. ob^-eno; 

Immodesty, ivpntawl'-dh^. «. wantof medestv. 

immolate. ln/-oi6-litte. e. a. to sacrifice, to kill 
ui sacrifice. ^ ■ [ficin^. 

Immolation, ?m m6-li'-fibftn. «. the act otsaai- 
Immomept^ Im-nW/-ni<lnt a. trifling. * 
Immoral, Im-roAr'-rll. a» coatrar>' to Honesty, 
dishonest. [of virtue. 

tninoifaUty , !m-mA-HiK4-ti. «r dishonesty, want 
unnaor^, fm-mdr'-til. (t. exempt Trom death, 

never to die. Idcath.' 

Imn»{>rtality,!m-mAr-t&F4-t^. *. exemption fmm 
bnmortaIize,}m-inAr'-t&Vtze. v. a. to make im- 

nxN-tuI, to exen.plfrom death. ' •' 
lintnortaJly, Inwnor'-t&l-d. ad. with exemption 

fromdeath* ^[rtt)m its place. 

Immoveablf:, fm-m5<Vr*-l-W. a. not to' be lorcetl 
ImiQOveably, lm-mUv'-&-bl^. ad. in a state not 

to be shaken. . [tioi^ 

Immunity, Im-mA'-n^t^, • prtvikj^, exemp* 
Immure^ im-mAre'. v, a. to enclose wnliin walls, 

to conniie. 
Immoflical. fm-m6'-<B^kAl. a. inharmonious. 
limnutabiltty, im-m6-tft-bil'-^-li. s. exemption 

trom chaise; invariahleness. [▼ariabie.' 

Immuti^Ie, fm-md'-td-bl. a. unchangeable, iu- 

uoss, justice. 
Impartially. Im-pir^-slill4. ad. equitably} with . 

out rej^rd to party or interest. 
impartible,Jni-pi^n'-^-bl. a. communicable. 
Jinj^anablc, i(ih-p&s'-s&-bl. a. ndi to be passed. 
lmpas^Ioned/fm-p4sli'-sh.fti¥)» a. seized with paa 

impatience, ?m-p&'-shlnse.«. rage under sufler 

ing ; vcTiemcnce of temper. 
Iinpatieiit, hh-p^'^shdnt. a. not able to endure « 

furious with pain ; aixiently de»irous. 
Impatiently, lm-p^-d»?ut-16. ad» passiona^ly; 
Im|>edch, ?ni-p/J6Lsh', v. a. 'to accuse by publick 

aullionty. [chargeable. 

Impeachable/ lin-pWtsh'-4-bf. a. accusablo^ 
Impeaclinienl, lin-p^sh'-mftnt s. hinderance , 

puFilick accusation. 
Impearl, Ini-p^Tl'.'i;. a. to form in rcscmolancf 

of pearls: to decorate wi^^ ticarls. 
ImpeccabiUty;lm-ii^k-ki-bp'-^-tA. t. exe;nptioi 
. from *in. * [sibility oisin. 

liniMJCcable, Im-p^k'-ki-bl. a. exenipt fmctk pov 
imiwdo,^-!)^©'. V. a. to hinder, to ebftlrUct^ , 
Impediment, Ii«-p^d^-^-n.^nt. s. hhklerance, ob 

slniction. . f to press on. 

Impel Jni-[^F. v. a. to drive on, to urge forward, 
Impcllenl, !in-p5r-l<*nt. s. aft impulsive power. 
Impend, i(ui-i>6hdt r. n. to hatHgf ovcc^ to [ytesM 

nearly* , , 

Impendent, Im-p^n'rd^wt. a. hangkig ov©t 
Impenetrability, Im-pdn-^tri-WT-i-t*. s. qualh' 




F&te,ilr, f^l, f&t>— rofe; mlky-^ne, y>\ny 

.vfaoi hevsg pteroe&ble -, insusceptibilit]^ of iik- 
telleGlual impression. [piehsed. 

impenetrable, lm-p2n'4-tr&-bl. a. not to be 

frapenitence, im-p^n^-i-t^nse. s. obdunUy, 
Want of remorse ior crimes. « 

i»ipviiitGiili lm-p^ii'4^^iii. a. obtlrj-aie. 

linpctiJtcnLly„ ?(fi-j*^ii 4-i^Dt-]^. iii/. \»ithout jre- 
tMKiVanre- - [ness. 

Ijiperato, Jm-p^-i-^le, a. done wjili touscious- 

tiiipCTailivej iiti-pftr'-ri-tlv. a* cfiii]infuidtiig,ex- 
ptJiJSLve of tonniiaud. 

L [fipei ceptiLli^^ Im-p^r-fi^p^ i^-bl. a. ik>i lo be tUs- 
TOVETcd, iKJl to be (jcrceivcd. 

liupcrctiplibkaeas.Tirt-p^r-s^p'i^-hl-nSs. s, the 
T ttml 1 1 V of c^ luJmg obscrvalio ci. 

J mpeiT-tiptibly, iin-p?r-i^p^-i^-L#. ad. in a man- 
ner not 10 be perceivtjd- 

linperfect, Ini-pei'^-f^i. a. not complcie, defec- 
livt?. [lire, fault. 

luiperfectinn, lm-piSir-f^k^s!i&iL s. (Itifect, faif- 

Imperfccfj^j fm-jj^r'-f^b-i^. mf. iioi complete' 
Ij,uoiiUii>. ^ [emperor or monarch. 

IiEiperial,lmTp^-r&-bl.<ri royal ', belonging to an 

Imperialist, Invpi'-rfe-dl-isii s. one U»at t^Iongs 

• to an emperor. [haughty. 

Imperious. Im-pfe'-r^-As. a conimancfing ; 

Imperiously, 1m-p^-r6-fts-li. ad. wiili insolence 
of authority. [arrogance of command. 

Imperiousness, Im-pi'-r^-fts-nfe. s. authority > 

Imperishable, Im-pgr'-rfsh-d-bl.a. not to be de- 
stroyed, (cording to the persons. 

Impers()nal, fnv-p^r'-sfln4l.. a. not varied ac- 

Impersuasible,!m-p$r^sw4'-e^4>|..a. net to be 
moved by pereuasion. • ' 

Impertinence, im^r'-t&-n2nse-s. feiiy; trouble- 
somencss, intrusion ; trifle, . " 

Impei^uent, Ini-per'-ld-ii^ntfa. hrtrusi\e, med- 
cilingj foolisii. • * - {dJef, an intruder. 

Impertment, ?m-p?r'-ti-n^m. *. a triflcr, ii med- 

linpertinentiy, ?m-p^r'-ti-n^nl-l^. ad. officious- 
ly, iritrusivciy. ' {penetrable.. 

f inp€rvious, im-p^V-vi-Ss. a. unpassable, iin- 

imperv'ousness, ?m-p^r'-v^-&s-n^s. s. Uic siaie 
;of not admitting any pas8a<;e. 

Jinpetuosity, fm-p&sb-ti\-63'H6-t^. s. viclcnce, 
wry, vetiemence. 

Impetuous^ llm-pdtsi»'-6»ds. a. violer.l -, vebc- 
mont, passion».*iC. 

Impetuously, Im^p^i'-^-ds^^ «ci violiMdy, 
vehemently. . ■ - ^ ^ . IfiMF- 

Impetuousness, liii-p6tsh'-6-As-D& <• vioieacr 
Impetus, im'-pe-t/*s, s. violent effort 
Impiety, 7m-pi*'-^t^.' 5. rrreverence to th^ Su 

preme^eing: an act «ff wickedness. 
Impinge, im^pnijc . v. u. to (all agamsl, iQMnk« 

Impious, !m^-p6-f^. a. irreligiotis, proiaue 
Impiously, W-pi-6s-l^. ad. profanely ,'wickeci^ , 
Implacability,rm-pl&-k4-bil'-^-t^. *. inexorabJe- 

ness, detcmifkica malice. 
Implacable, im-pJi'-ki-bl. or. not to be pacified, 

Implacably, 7m-plk'-ka-bi^. ad. with mahce not 

to be pacificdj luexor&bly. 
Implant, lm-plaiit\ t\ a. to infix, to insert^ to 
. engrail.* • , [setting or plantmg. 

Implantation, fin-pI&n-t&'-shSh. s. the a^ of 
Implausible, !fa-pil^w'rzi4)L a. not specious. 
Implement, Im'-pl^-mSnt. s. tool, instrocnent of 

manufaauro. [thestat^ofbeioK&H. 

Impietion, ?m-pl^'-sh&n. s. the act of mliag, 
Implex, W-pi«cs. a. intricate. 
Implicate, W-pl^kite. «. a. to' entanE;le,.to 

embarrass. [tan^fcmeiit. 

liiij la ..:Ujii, Im-pli'kt'-shfln, s. invx)kfttioD, fa- 
IniijEicitfifin-pifs'-lt, ^ inrokJed; inferred, tacitly 

(oiiipriscdj i^ntirely obcil!E:nl. 
IVi|ibdlIyvJi"-kli&-iit-!**i3i/. by inference, [beg 
In 1 1 Ed re, im-pmc'. v^a. w> solicit: to ask, to 
1 II . ] . E y , lifi ^p) I ' . i\ d. to comprise, [with pdson. 
l»i)ijirioii, Im-p^^'^u 11. fi. to corrupt or kill 
In , ; ol i to / ?m-)"^ -hie' , <i . ^tipUdied, rude. * 
In^i^'li'-^iio-H^ rni-jjA-lUc'ik^ «. want of polite- 
ness, -fcreet 
Im]X)litick^ M-vtA'-h-iSk, a.- imprudent, iudii 
lini)on(lerous^ fra-pftn'-dSr-fci t. viwd of pei 

ceptiblc weight. . {dqseness 

Jniporosity, fm-pA-rfta'-s^t^. «. compactness. 
Imporous, Im-p6'-rfts. <t. free fto^ii poreror 
, vacuities. |to' firom abroad j to infer. 

hnpoi-t, ?m^j)6rt^ ,r. a. to carry intc# any.coun* 
kiiport, !m'-pArt.'ir. impextancej any thag im* 

poitctl. 4 - "* 

ljnix>rtance, fm-pdr'-tanse. «. matter) coofle 

qnciice, moment. ^ 

Important, Tni-pdr'-tSnt.ix. momentous, weigb^ 




Ii&,,in5v6y iJk, nfk^Abe, tflb^ bftllHHl?-"p6ftnd}--<«D;THig. 

imOftM&m, bhpAr-d^abAn. «. the act or prao- 

noe of inpoftioff. [fimir«bifoafd. 

hmportBr, im-pm-kr^ «. one that btiag^ in 
Importuiiacy, linrpw'''-ia'D&>t^s.tlieiictofiin- 

pDrtuniug. ■ , [solicitations. 

Importunate tro-pAr'-tshA-oate. a. incessant in 
unportunately, ?iTi-(idr'-t8b&-n&t-l^. ad. with in« 

cessant soliaiatian. [harass. 

Importune. tm-pAr>t^,. v. a. to tease, to 
Importunely, Im-pAr-tAoe'-l^. oJ. troublesome- 

ly, incessauUy. - [licitaiion. 

Importunity^ fm-p/^r-tiVn^-t^. s, inces^ui so- 
Impo9e, 2in-p6ze% v. a*to'lay on; td enjoin^ to 

ctoceive. (gatory on d body. 

Imposeable, Im-p&'-z^^)!. a. to be laid as obli* 
Imuositian, !in'p&^Uh'''An. {^injunction of any 

tfllBg as a law oi^ wy \ 1W»{, imposttu^. 
Impossible, !in-pAs'-sMiL.rf.'iKjrqQiwablc. ' 
Impossibility, !ni-p6»-se4>II'-i-«. «. impractica- 
Impoet. !ra'-p6st. s, a tax.^ioU.- [bttity. 

Imposouimate, Vn«p6tt'-ahnriQ&te. v.n. to form 

an abscess. 'r • . 

Inqposlhurae, im-pfts'-tshamo. s. a collcctiou of. 

purulent matter m a bag or cyst. 
Impostor, Iin>p6s'-t&r. s. one who cheats, 
imposture. !m«pAs'-tsh6re. «. cheat. 
Impofteiu^e, !m'*p6-t<^nse. ) «. wnnt of power, 
lmpotej[icy,Im'-p6^n-8^. ). inability. 
Impotent nn!-^\iai.ji, weotk, feeble. 

Impotendy,' fin^-pA-tftitpl^. -ad. witlioMt pow-cr. 
Impounc), }in-p6aiul'« v, «. to enclose as in a 

pound, to shut in. 
ImpraeticabiUty, lm-pn^-t£-ki-(^'4-t^. s. hn- 

Impracticable^ lm-pr&k'-t&-kft-bl. a. imposnble. 
ImiNractioablehess, tm-prUt'-ti-k^-bl-n^.^ s. 

inapossibility. • 
Imprecate, un'-pr^k&ce. v. a. to call for evil.' 
baprecatioa, tm-pr^kli'>slii5B. t. curse, prayer 

by which any eyil is wished. 
Impfecalory, W;pr^k&.-tAx^. a. cootaiiune^ 

wishes of evil. 
Inipiegn, Im-pr^c'. o; a. lo fill with ywmg. 
hm(fi9glBah\&,la^-ps^'^A-h\.a, not to be stokim- 

ed} unmoved. [lifick: to fill. 

iflapBNQiimtettm'prdg^-nl^. tva. to make pro- 
impregnation, lm-pr9g-n&'-simR. #« the act of 
— i.«^u J fccuadttian. 

Ifflprejudicito, Iro-pn^jM'-d^k&te. a. inipaf£iL 
Impreparationi Im-pr&p4-r&'-saftn. s. want of 

preparation. [to force into-senrlcoi. 

Impress, fm-pr^. v. a. to print by pressufp ; . 
Impress, Im'-pr&. «. stamp ; act of forcing faito 

service. ... 

Impression^ }m-pr^i'-An. s, mark made by 

presurc, imag;e fixed in the mind ; influence ; 

edition.. • . [pressed. 

Impressible, fm-pr^'-s^hl. a. what may be im 
Impressure, im-pr^'-£re. s. the mark m&do 
' by pressure, tiie dint. 
Inipnnt, hu-pr!nt'. v. a. to mark upon any sub 

stance by pressure ; ^o fix on the mind. 
Imprison, Im-prlz'-zn. r. a. to sluu up. to confine 
Imprisoimient, Jm.-pril7/-2n-ni^Ht. *. coufiiicmont 
Improbability^ iin-pcAf>-&4»11'-^-i6. s. u^liksh 
• hood. 

Praprobable, i.«n-pr&b'->l-bl al unlikely, [hood 
Improbably, fin-^rftb'-ft-bld. arf. ^thouilikeh 
Improlrate, W'pr6-bile. v. a. not to approve. 
Improbation, fm-pr6.b&'-shftn. «. act of <!isal 

Ilnprobity, Im-pr6b'-^i^. s. want of honesty. 
ImproHHcate, im-pr6-llf-f6-k&lc. r. a. to im- 

pr^natii. ' . [i*aneous compositioii 

Impromptu, fm-piVkn'-ti. *. a short extempo- 
improi)er, lm*p*&p--flr. «. unfit. 
Improperly, ?m-prAoMir-l^.ia/. unfitly, 
liifprdpriate,lm-pr6'-pi^-ile; v. a» to convert to 
' pwtvnto use. • . 
rmpropriation, lm-pr6-prft-4'-sbfln.' s. churcli 

lands in the occupation of a lawman. 
Impropriator, !m-j»rA-j>r6-iL'-tflr. ». a la^-raac 

tnat has the possession of the iar.ds of tlio 

Impropriety, !m-pr6-prl'-^-tJ. ». UHfiin<»ja 
Xmpiosperous. Im-pi^s'-pftf-fis. a. unhappy. 
Improspercusly, Im pnV.|iar-fts-Ji. aa. unli|>- 

pih', unsUcccssfuH^-, widi ill-fortunc. 
Improvable, fm-prAo'-vi-bl. a. capable of be- 

mg advanced. ~ . [letter. 

Improve, Im-prWv'. v. a. to raise from good to 
Improve/ !m-prfldv . c. n. to advance in good- 
ness, [act of imjirpving. 
Improvement, i-n-^rdAv'-m^ut t. meiioratiou: 
Improvidence, <m-p^6^•'•^-rli^se. *.• want o# • 





' ImpnovUenti IniM^v^a^-d&it a. waatin^ fiire- 

^ Inumn'iilendy, lai-{MAv'4-d&itpli. «rf. wiihoui 

Imiurndence. fin-prSft'-cl&iso. «. iiidiscretioa. 
Imprude-tt, Imifm'-^iii. a. ii^judicious, indis- 
creet , [immodesty. 
Impudenc'v frn'^pA-dSnae. t. shamele«new. 
Impudent, fm'-pivd^ut. cu slmmeless. 
Impudentlv, frn'-pAHi^ut-l^ ad. rfiamelossly-. 
Impugn, fo i^e'. v. a. ta attack 3 to nssault. 
Impugner, m-ptV-uAr. #. one Uiat. attacks or 

invadts. '[weakness. 

Impuissanc-i, lm-p&-h'-s&nsc. a, impoitiico, 

, Impulse, in'-polse. «. coimnunicatea force; 

iufluenco tj)on the mind. 
Impulsive, bnrp&l'-dv. ^ ba\ing the power of 

Impunity, lm-pEi'-n^-t6. «.. freedom from pnn- 

i^meni. ^ ' ' 

Impure. Im-p&re'. a. unlioly^ Ibcukmn QrosBy. . 
Impurely, !m-pAre'-l*. ad, with jmpiinty. 
Impuritv, lirt^pA'-r^-t^. s. wimt/of holiness; aa 
■ 01 unchastity;. feculent admixture. 
Impurple, fm-pflr'-pl. r. a. to .make red. • 
' Imputable, !ni-piV-l^.bl. a. cfaacg^eable upon 

any one, accusahje. s [tibn. 

itiputaftion/ }n>-ptLi-tV-fiftftu. c. -censure; refloc- 
InputativCj^ Im-pi'-i&-tlv. a. capable of being 
nipute, Tih-pi!ite '. r. a. lo'attrilnitc. [impOtMi 

Ffcte, f &r, fm> rtt -,—mfe, mftt ^-plne, pin ;— 


n. !n. piyp. uotlii^ place, state, time^^icwer, or 
pro|»jrliw. • 

11, ?n. ad. within some place; engaged to any 
affair, placed in some state. 
. flabilily^ In-S-bU'-^-t^. #. imbolence. 
oaccessible, ln*&k-s&'-s^-br. a. not to be 
proachcd. . 

naccuracy, !ii-:1k'-ki-ri-sA. *, want of exact* 
>nc«. [accurate. 

Inaccurate, fn-&k'-k&-r&te. a. not exact, not 
inaction, tn-Ak'-shftn. s. idleness, 
^nactive. fn-fik'-tlv. a. indolent. 
I nacjively, fn-fik'-tlv-J*. ij/l ;<%, ^uggishly. 
1nacti\'fty,2n-&k-t!v'-^H6.s idleness. • • 

InadequAf y» !B-ftd'4-kw&'s6. m. (he ftate U be- 

ms unequal to some purpose. * ■* 
Inadequate. lu-Hd'-^-kwiite. a. not equal to the 
|Hirpp!ie, Infective. * ' 

inadvertence^ fo4d-v{r^-i|BaD; )«. " 

Inadvertency, iii4d-vlr'-i^n-ift. 


Inaidvertent. fn^d-vlr'-tm. a. carelesii. 
Inadvertently, In-ftd-vtr'-tdnt'li ad, careleMy 

nc^^emly. . ^ [aUeaalBdi 

Inalienable, In4de';yen4-bl. «. that canaol bv 
Inalimental, 1n4l-^iii£B''-t&l. eu niibrdii^ Wk 

nourisliment. [out aniaalioa. 

Inanimate, In4n'<^-ni&te. a. void of li/e, wnb- 
inanitioiu Inrd-idsh'-dn. t. emptinew of body. 
luanity, in-6n'4-i£. t. emptiness. • ' gite<' 
[nappetcncy, !n4lp'-p^>t^s^.'s. wantof a|ipe» 
Inapplicable, liv^p'-pl^ki-bl. a. Ubt lo be pui 

to a peculiar use. ' — •?— ^ 

InapplK^tkm, b4p-pli-ki'-sh^. < 
Inaptituae, In-ftp^-t^t&de. #. 4infitnesi. 
inarticulate, Hi-lr-tlk^-^-lite. a. not 

with distiBctnesB. ' • ftoiedy. 

Inarticulately, 2n-ftr.l!k'-k&-l4te-)& oil. aoi <^ 
Inartificial. In4r-t^-flsh'^ a. coQtrarr to art. 
Inartiucially , !B4r-t^4!flb'4l-l«. ad, witliovt mL 
lnattentiou,'ln'&t-tdn'4hAn. m, disregard, aigfi- 

gence, nejdect. 
fnattentive. In4t-t&i'-tlv. a. cardesi, n c g Cg ei iL 
Inaudible; in-dw^-d^^bl. a. not to be beara. • 
Inaugurate, lD-&w'-g6-EJite. v. a. to consecrate, 

tomvest. I by solemn riles. 

Inaugiiratibn, In-ftw-g^hra'-shon^^. imr-estdav 
Inaii8pick>U8. In4w-iqpish'-As- a. unlucky, 
'inborn, In -bom. a,, implaiited by |Ature. - 
Inbred, In'-bred. a. produced within. Uf 
In«akulable, fn-kft{'-k&-i&-bl. a. not tol 
Incalescence, !n-kl^-I^-sfinse. >s. the alM 
Inpalescency, !n-k&-ids'-s2n4^. ) 'ofgnyivdi» 

warm, warmth. 
liieantation,in-kftn^'-«h(b. s. encfaaatmaHL 
Itacantatory, ln-kinU&4&r4. a.dealiqgbj^ 

'chantn¥snt. > 

IncanUm, In-klnMAn. o. a. to imitfl to a calk 
Incapability, fn-kli-p&4iF4^(^. t. inabifitjrM 

ural, disqualification legal. ^ 

Incapable, ln-k4'-pft4A.a. unaUe; < 
locapactous, !n<)cft-p&'-sh(^. a, narrow. 
Incapacitate li|>k&-pAs<ii^tiue.v.a«io^ 

to weaken. 
Incapacity, !D-kl-pAiVs6-ii. •• inabifatr. 




■6, nftV«y wAr, vlkfr-tbho. tfth, bAU;— SB }— pMndj— eUn, TBit. 

iocaroente, In-klr'-iMkie. v. a. to iaapruni. 
lacareera(ion» In-k&r-A^di-iliftii. «. unprtsoii- 

lllcaniylii<kW. «. a. lo cdlror whb desk 
lQcam^lii4(lrn'. n n. to brea4 flosb. 
Incarnate. In-Mkr'-Ji^. fkxri, «.« doihed with 

^flesli, imbodiea wilh leflh, [sumin^ body. 
(neaiiiadQii, tii-k^-ii&'-tli&ii. «. the OfCt of as- 
Incasf^ lu-k&v'. v. cover. 
locaiitiouSi mUdV-shAs. a. unwary, negligijnt 
locautkxialy, in-k&w'-skft^-Ii. ' otf. unwiurily, 

beedieaily. .,. '^ 

InceDdiouSyfo-s^ii'Hii-Aa. a. rebellioUi, foctkMs. 
Incejdiary, Iti-sea'-d^ r^. 1. one who set^ 

iioaan or towm cm firo; one who inflameit 

fa<^Uoii. [inhoiKHirofsomegod. 

Incense^ 7ii''9?n9(R.«. perfUmes exhaled by fine 
[neenae, In'-sdnse.' e. n» tofierfuiue with iiicense. 
lueente, In-s&ise'. v, a. to inflame with angler, 
locensory, In'-s^n-s&r-^ f. the-ve&tel in which 

iBcease a burnt. 

DoeotiTe, lir-s&it'-Tv. s. incitement. 
ncennvey ft;)-9§ntMvt a, inciting, Encouraging. 
ncep^oQ, lii^a^ "Sh&n. 1 4M!ginning. 
nceptive. !ii-sq>'«47v. a. noting a bqE^nnin^. 
Dcertitude, In-s^ t^H&de. t. unccrtaimy, 

doobiru!iie»v * niimal. 

BcesBant. fn-s^-sllnt. a. luuntermitted, ^n* 
Qcessantiy, in-s&'?slbai-lA. ad. withoiu inter^ 
misfion, coutinimDy. Hsnctitm of persons. 
Jkc&A, lo'-aAat t. unnnturai aivt crimii^ol con- 
iiccstifous. lu-«^'-t^iV^. <x. niilty of incest.' 
icesfuoiisiy, in-sfej-L^u-AsT^. ad. with un- 
nc^tural love [nice point of timoi 

idl, insh. i. the twelAh p«irt of a foot; fX ^. 

ichy iush. V. 0. to drive or deal by incites^ toi congi-uit3'. 

Ificiskn), Tn-^zh'-An. t . a cut. 
Incisive, in-si'-siv. a. having the qoallly ol an 
, ling or dividing. ' . n 

; fnciser,>fn-sl'-s6r. *. cutter, tdoth. 
I ncSsuro, in-^2h'-i\re. s. « cut, an aparture. ^ 
Incitatioii, in-^tV-sfaftn. s* iuceuC^'e, motive. 
Incite, f ii-sltc'. v. cT, to stir up. 
Incitement; lu-slte'-mdnt. «. motive, iropulae.. 
Incivility, !n-s&«\il'-I^t^ s. want 9f coqrtcsy 
nuienc^ ' - ' C'"^** 

Inclemency^ 7n-k)^m'-mdii4^. s, cniehy. harrh- 
Inclement, fn-kldm^-m^nt. a. uninercimi, harsh 
Inclinable, !n-kli^-bl.a. wilnhg, ^ 
Inclination, !n-kIc-u^'''diAn.s. tendency to%%^dr 

• aivy poir.t : afTectipn. 
Incluie, !n-Klhie^. t^ n. tp'I)cntf; to be iavnura 

Wv disposed lo, to feci desire beginning. 
Incfyne, tn-kline'. v. a. to give a direction j u 

' bend, to incKsrate. 
Inclip, lii-kHp'. 1?. tt. to grasp^ to enckve 
Inoloister,^ in*kIdV-t&r. r. a. to shut up in • 

ck>ister. • 
Incloud, fn-kld&d'. r. a. to darkey, to obsc^ure. ' 
Include, fu-klAde^. u. a. to«ndfMie \ tocoiflprixe 
1 ndusi ve, In-kliSslv. a. enclosing. 
Incoexistcnce, fn-k^-dg-zV-t^nse.' t. 4)ie .qnaW 

ity of not existing together. 
Incog, ?M-k6g;. a<// unknown in private. 
liicoptancy> !:»-kdd'-je-ltbi;S^. «. w.-Hit of 

• * ilioughi. Jpowcr of Utouglu. 
Inoo«;itative, in-kW-ii-t^-tlv. a. Ai-nntiiuj tlie'. 
Incognito, In-kAg'. «^-td. W. in 8ri(taie or con- 

ccahneiit. » 

InoJjhercnce, Iu-k6-h^-r?nse. ) s. want of con 
Ihcohcreqcy, ln-k6-hi'-r?n-«A. { nexion, fa» 

give ^NUringly. 
ichroeal, fnah'-m^^e. t. a piece an mch k)n<^. 
)cideiice,7n'-56>ddnsc. *. acc^Idcnt,hap,casliMty> 
iddent, in'-s^-d&it.'a. casual, foituiUHiS. 
icident, Iii'-^ft-d^tt. s. casualty, an event,, 
lekleirail, fiHt&-d^^<>t&l. a. casual, happcnuig 
by cfaaBcei [ihe \fy. 

adenUy, fn'-sfr-ddin-l^. ad. occasionally, by 
eiiieilite, ln-rfii'-n^4ter v. a. to bum t0 ashes. 
eirctiBispection, In-adp-kAm-sp^k'-shfin. t. 
watA of caution. 
ehaed, fendstd'. «. cut^ made by cnttiiig. 

- o ^ , [o«it cohesitir 

Jncoherent,fn-k6-li6'-r?nt.a. inconslstcu^j wil> 
Incolierently, In-kA-lii'-rdnt-l^. ad. mconsi^ 
' ently. rgunlity of resisting firr* 

hicombtistibiHty, !n-kdm-bas-t*-bil'4-t^. s. th 
IhcombiistlMe, !n-kAm-bda'-t6-bL a.*noi to L 

co^isumcd^by fire. [V'^K- 

Income,* fn'-kfim. *. revenac, produce oTany 
Incommensurable; M-kAio-miu'-shA-rdbl. a 

not to bo reduced to any measure common to 

bdUi. , '"t i 

jncommensnrate, In-kim-men'-stio-rate. a, not 

admitting one eornmoii measoTOj o Q LC " 



Fiuc, Mr, fill, ill j— 1»6, ro^ >— f>lnc» J*a i— 

Incommode, 1n-k6in'mMe^ m. a. to hinder oi> 

Incommodiousy In-kAm-m^'-d^-fls, or !n-k6in* 

m6 -j^-Ss. (I. inconvenient, vexaUouSk i 

IncommodicAisly, ?n-ki6in-in6'-d^ds-l64 ad, in- 

convenienlly, • ' [incMiveuicircf. 

Incomniodiousness. jn-kora-ino'-<lft-Os-ncs. s. 
IncofniBUiiicable, tn-k6ai-m^'-n^-k&-bl..iz. not 

impartible; no> to be told. (cohoring. .uw..x*.«„,.«vc, .»-- , 
Incompact, ii -k&mn^kt'. a. iiol joined, not * i\ed, not restrained. 
Incomparable, ]u»k6m'-pa-rd-fal. a. excellent * e^-^^*- »- i.*- 

above comnarc. * * 

incomparably, !«-k6m"-pa-Fa-bli. orf. beyond 

q)mparison, without competition. [of pity. 
Incompassionatc, k-k6m-pash'-ftn-ate. a. voiil 
Incompatibility, fn-kftm-pat4-bil'-*-i^. *. m- 

consistency of one tiling witli another; 
Incompatible^ In-kftm-pdl'-^bl. a. inconsistent 

with something else; ' j^y 

Incompetency*. fn-kAm'-p^tftn-st. *. inability. 
Incompetent, h-k5m'-p^-t^nt. a. not suiinblQ, 
« not adequate. [ably. 

Incompetently, in-k6m'-pi^-t&at-f4. oiL unsuit- 
tncomplete, !n-lfl6m-pl^te\' a. not perfect, not 

finished. . [icction. 

IncompleteneKSs, Tn-kfim-plMe'-n^s. *. imper- 
lncomf»liailc$,1n-k6m-pll'-&nse. s. untractable- 
s, imprahicablcncss. [composed. 

Incomposcd, in-kftm-p^zJ'. a. distiubca, dis- 
Incomprehensibilitv, !n-k6m-pr^li2n-s6-bft'-^- 

ti. «. unconceivabfenej*." - 

Incomprelieiisible, lu«k6m-pr6-h^n!-96-bl. a. 

not to be conceived. prchensibleiiesd, lu-kAn^ori-hSn'-si-W- 

wVi. 5. uuconceiv£tt)tencss. ^, 
incomprchcuBlbly, wi-k6m-pr^-li«^'-si-bi6 ad. 

*n a niajiiier not to \>e conccired. . 
Incompressible, }ii-k6m-pi-^'>i>^lf!. a. not ca- 
pable of being cornpresscdmto Kiss space. 
Inconccaiable, !i^kAn^'-l&-bl. a. not to be 

kept secret [conceived. 

Inconceivablo, fn-kftn-s^-v^-bL a. not to be 
Inoonceivably^ Iii-kAui-s^-i'&pbl^. ad.'m^ man> 

ner beyond comprehensioa. 
ineonceptible/lii-kAiHi2|^-i&4>L a. not to be 

iMancliufaw b-k^A-kJ&'-rfv. a. wfik exkibitii^ 

Inconcluslveuess, !n-k6n-kl6'-d<r>iils. # 

of rational cogency. 
Inconcoct, in-kou-k6kt'. a. enrtpeiied. imnni 

ture. (beii^ iuaig«sted 

Inconcoction, In-kAn-kAk'-simn. a. tbe stale eC 
incondite, Iu^-k<^n-dile. a. irre^Iar* 
Incoitditiona], lh-kdn-dlsli<-dn-il. a. without ey 

ception or limiiation. 
inconditknate, in-kAih<liiih'^n-&te. 2. not 'at 
* i\ed, not restrained. .. « » (a;iof 

Inconfonhity, }rt-k6n-f&r'-in&-t^. & ineomo^ 

bleness; absurdity; disagreement. 
InconffTuous, in-k6tt^-gr46-^. a. im5i.«taM» 

not fitting. > > 

Inconnexedly, In-kAn-ndk'-s^rK. ad. without 

any connexion w defjendencc. 
Inconsequence, In-kAn'-si^-k^'Snee. «. locan- 

clusK'encss. . [condiiskn 

Inconsequent, fn-kAn'-s^-k^i^nt. a. without jif^ 
Inconsiderable, 1ii-k6n<dd'-^'U-i>l. a. uosvoiv 

thy of notice. [smaQ ioiportance. 

Inconsiderableness. fn-kAn-sSd'-Sr-S.-bl-nfis. t 
Inconsiiderate, ip4con-sld'>^r-4te. a, carclesa 
inconsiderately, ^n-ktthiid'-h-kte^.-ad. aen 

ligontlv,' thoiightle^y.^ 

:onsidera ' 

want of tliQUg^t, inattention. 

Inconsiderateness, !n-k6nHAl'-^r-ate-ii&. ) 
Inconsidcratlon, In-kftn^sW-^r-i'-sU&u. \ 

Inconsistency, lo-kftn-sls'-^n-s^ ^.jdisagree 

m^nt; incongruity; unsteadiness. 
Incoitsistent, lD-k6n'sIs'-t&a. a. Incomptidile 

incongruous, absurd, 
hiconsistently, ?n«k6n-^V-t&it-l^. ad. abnmUy, - 

mcongniously. • [forted,1sorrowfoL 

Inconsolable, ln'k&n-sA'-l&-bi. a. nottebeea«- 
incon9onaacy, fn-kAiy-s6rii&fi«96^ ». disagree 

ment witli uself. ][l>!e, iu>t pe r cei H tfati; 

Inconspicuous, Tn-k&n-spik^-6-Qs. a. inditecny* 
]Rconstancy»ln-k<ni'-stlU'S& s. unsteadiheM. 
Inconstant, in-k&n'-st&nt; JL fiot firm } rontafale 
Inconsumable, !n-k6n-sA'-m&-bl.' «l not to %• 

Incontestoble,'b kiftiMly-tft-bl a. nol to be dli» 

puled . 
Iaeonteftably,%i-k4n-i&'»t&-bl&«d. iiliy<i 




n6, til&v^, n^r, «j^t;~<&b6, rflb, biiU ;— 611 j— pAfiud j-^/aO; thi*. 

iB-fc6ti-d^-g&-&s. a. not toiKfaing 

locoateent/m^kdn'-t^-ndnt. a. unchaste. 
Iiic««tiiieii|iy;fn-1c6n''t&-ii^t-l6. M unchtisije- 
. Ijr. [putablc. 

(ncoDtrovertible^ In-k&n-trA-vir'-li.W. a. mdis- 
bcoaveaiehce, In-kfin-v^-n^-^nso. ) s. imfii- 
lDConv«mency, fn-kd(i-v^-ii6-^xi-s^. } «ess,drs- 

adTanti^, aHtieuky/ 
iDcoayeo&nt, fn-klSia-v^-nWht. a. incomino- 

dious; inexpedient. 
iDi^onveaienthri !h-k6n-vi^'-n^nt-l^. ad, in 

cammodieusfy; unseasonably, 
tnconversable, »h-kAn-v?r'-s^-Di. a- unsocial. 
InomvertiUe, Ju'k^n-vdr'-li-bl. a. not trans- 

nuita}>le. ^ ' [convinced. 

InconviiiclMe/in-k^n v!n'-si^-bl. a. not to be 
Incoo^QCibiy, In-fc(^-\'!n'-si&-blfe. ad. without 

admitting conviction, [tinct iVoin bod^. 

IncorporaT ?o«k&r*-|)^r^. a. immaterial, dis- 
IncorporaUy, in-kdr-p6-r&l-i. 'ad. jvithoui mat- 
loco^fate, lii-k^r'-pA-rite. v. a. to mix \ to 

f(HinijV'> ^.lebody; t«un;t«. |;bodicd. 

liSC(»70ra!te, fn-kir'-p^rkte. a. immaterial, im- 
Incc.rpor»tioi,1n-kAr-pA-rii'-shftn. s. union of 

divers iagTBdicnts in one mass^ formation of 

a body politick; associktioi). 
locorporeal, lu-k6r-pA'-r^-al. a. innncUer^al, un- 
bodied. * [ity. 
lnc^^po^elty. fn-k6r-p^r^4-i^. 3. immatcrial- 
incorps, la-corps', v. a lo incorporate. 
Incarrett. In-k6r-j;^kt'. a. not exact/ 
Incorrecuy, !n-k6r-rfkt'-l^. gd. inaccin:ately, 

aDCexacUy-. [want of exactness. 

Incorrectness^ !n-k6r-rSkt'-nSs. s. inaccuracy, 
Incorrigible, !n-kdr'-ri*j^b1. m bad b93'omi 

ooitection^ depraved. ' [Ics depravity. 
InoofHgibleness, In-kdr'-ri-ii-bl-nfe. s, hope- 
Incorrigibly, Iii'k6r'-r6-ji-bw. ad. beyond all 

Q»aiiS4)f amendment.* f^on; honest. 

laeonuiitin-kdrHr&pt'. a. freeifrom deprava- 
InownwttbHitT, iu-k5r-r&p-t&-bA'4-t6. s. in- 

lntiaBuyitiUe»ttt-£6r-r5p<'t^^ x wA capable 

Incorruptioii, ift^^-r5p'-«B&o. «. ii»apnoty<# 
corruption. '- t . , [u«w,l»n«ly 

Incorruytness, In-kor^rOpi'-nes. s. purity oToiBn* 
fncrass^te , fu-kria'-siite^ t>, a: to thicken. 
Incrassatipn, lo-knis^V-sh&n. «. the act q# 
. thickening. [quality of thickeniug^. 

Incmssative, 7n-krds'-i^i2v. a. haying Im 
Increase, Wkrise'. v. ». jo gftow. 
Increase, Ing^k^|gIQentatiQ»; proaitcei ' 

gcueraiion. ., [of surpassing belief 

Incre(UbiIity,!n-krSd-d^-bir'-^Hi. «. tUe <wality 
incrcJiblei ?rt-kr^d'4-bl. a. not to be firedited. 
lncre.diblen6siiv?n-kr|d'-i-W-BSs. $, quality of 

beinff not credible. [boKef 

Incredulity, ing-kr^UV-li-ti. #. hat^css of 
Incredulous, in-kred'-i-lfts. <v ^^ o^ belief, 

^fiisiiig gxjdit. 
Incredufousncss, fn-kr^d'-j&-ias-n&i. 8. liard 

Ress of belief incredulity. » • 

Inct'ement, Ing'-krft-inSut. ^«# increase } pro- 
duce. ' . - {chi<ring'_ 
Incrcpation, 7ng-la^*pl^>sh&n< '•. reprohensioi^ 
Incnist, fn-Krfisi'. )i>. a. to cover with 
Incru state, !n-krfls'-t4te. y an additional coat. 
Incrustation, log-kr^tii'-sli&n. *. an adhercn*- 

covcnng. - 

Incubate^ ing'-ki-bitp. v. n. to- sit npton eggs. 
Incubtition,?ng-kw-b\^sh5n,«. the act of sitting 

upf)n e;^gs to hatch them. ^ 
Incubus, fug'-ki-bSs. .5. the niglitmare. . . 
Incitlcfiio, Ili-kW'-kAic. v. a. to impress by fre- 

cjucfrt atlppionitlons. • ^ 

inculcation, Ing-k^l-ki^-^n. s. the act of Ita 

jM^sing by frequent admonition. 
Inc'ulplMC, ' ' '" *•• 
Inculp ■ 

.^^^lalifc,' !H-kAl'-|A-bJ.'.a. unb!an»eal>le. 
nculpably, fn-k6l'-^-hl^. ad. unblameabl^ 
IncumbenQvy In-kftm'-bSn-sA. s. the state 4 • 

keeping ancnefice* 
Fncumbent, tn-kSm'-bSnt. a. resting upon, V 

ing uimn ; impo^d a| a duty. 
Incumbent fn-kftm'-b€ut, s. he wIk> is bi po* 

session of a beif^iiQE!. 
Incur, 7n-k&r'. v. a. to becoinc liable to. 
IncurabiKty, !n-ki-r4-bH'4^. f. unpoasibUity 
• of cure* ^ • • 

Incurable, fn-kA'-ra*^. a. not:adniitung remecfy 
Incurablenets, 1u-k6^-rft-bMi«. «. stattt eC iiff^ 

admitting any tyro.^^^^^^g^^ 




fin^flr,flO,rtl}^rm*,Mgtj— pbe^ph^— 

laewiMf , Mli'-rl-ltt. ai. wiihoui remedy. 
Ineorioniy Mi6fii4k a. iK^igctK, without 

ciuionty* 4 

iDcurAm, WkAr'-Mn. «. atiack, iimisiqR. 
Inoirvate, In-kAr'-vite. v. «. to bend, to crook.; 
InCttrVfttkm. Ing-k&r-vr-cUbi. t. tM act of 

making crooked * ileximp. 
lucurviN) tn-kAr^v^t^. «» crookedness, the 
' stale or bemipg inwank (me. 

Iiida^ite,!u''<a<«iiU0.o. a. lo searGfayio exam- 
Iniagaiioay In-da-g&'-sh&a. s: seareb, examiua- 

tioo. « . (aifttner. 

Ifi^agator, tn^-dft-s4i4fir. m, m nareher, an ex- 
Ipdart, Wdlff. 17. a. to dart in. 
^Judebted, fn-ddl'H&t. part. a. obli^ hy^some- 

tliing received, bouiui to rMitution. ^ 
Indecency, in^'-ihM.J. any thing €Oiitrar>- 

lo^gpod manners. [ears. 

Itidacent, ln-<Cy-fSnt. a. un|h for the ^yes or 
Indcceiitlyy in-d^-sSnl-I^. ad,m a uifumcrcou' 

, Indecidiious, In-dMd'-A-As, er fu-di-^'-jA-As.. . re/ereTice*to'other iiangt, 
' 4. not falling, not slied. [tioii. ' ' '' .i ^^. 

^(TLdcci^ofi, In'd^^-jilzir^^ii, s. want ol:' det^rmiha^ 
lrvileclinabk,Li-cI^ll^iil-bl. ft, ikjI vaii^Hl by 
♦ermift&iioiw. [cumiug. 

liidecoroti?, Tu-di^feA'-rflA a. indecpn!, anbe- 
^D^ccoriitn, ?ii-d|^-k<^'-rRiii. i. imlccciicy. 
• Indeed^ la-fl^r, tid in rertlity^ 
IiMiefalif;iible, J«j-ih'-fai'-(^;;;pl'hl.d. unwf^^riod. 
indefivlif^ably, iu-di-fil'-il-gi-bl^. ad. witliout 

tnde(&mb]G,hi-iU^4b*-ub-U.a. iinl lo be ctit'oflT, 

tut IrdDti rartiU^U 
lDdcfen.<;iI)Jep In-d^r^i/*9^-hL ol w}»l cbnaot 

be defcDdcfL 
iRdefiiifte, Itt-ilJ^r-^-iiJl. a. nti\ rituitcth 
Initefinitcly^ J«i-d?r-*-iift4e^ lid. ^iiliout any 

settled liuiilrtfjoii. ^ 

IntkfiDitudtf, ifi^iiNla'-KtAik, t* fjit^itjtity not 

unlelihefiite, Iji-tl^-Jih^-h^j^Mi. a, iin|>rcEiiedi- 

(ated, wtthfitii rniH!<reraiioikk 
iQdeliblc, ln-di^l'^-lil. tu ivm to be Umm] oirt. , 
ladeUcacy, ju-t(^l'-f'lt{*-s^. j. TA*ini oriU-Htacy. 
lodeticatti, fi^d^r->-kA;e. a. wrdiciut dntn cy. 
IfidBULiuiicatioii, fn^lJ^tii.D^-ljI'-k'V-KhAii. ^. se- 

nmtif Rpninslktti©j-i»enalty3 rciiabtir&cment. ' 
• # 

Indemnify, b-«||&m'rB^l.«.4L tDnavt^fWtil 
kiss or penalty. 

MMMy pom Mm* 

jDd()m, In-d&tt'. o. «. to Buurfc any tnogwali 
IfldsAt, ToHi&it'. V. Ik td contnRty to bSm • 

Jndent, 2n<d4nt'. t. inequality, iadentaikia. . 
Indentation, ln-d^-t4 -shfin. «. an iadcutura. 
Indenture^ la-d&i'-tsbdre. t. a co\-eBalit' so 
^ named becjuise the coualeriiarts are indeitled 
*or cut 'one by the other. 
Independence, In-d^-p2n'-dliise. ) $. freedom, 
IndepeiMlency, to^I^p&i'-dSn-fi^. > exemfilioa 

from reliance or <»ulrol. 
tndenendent, In-dfr-pfin'-dAnt a. free, not coa 

Independent fn-d^pla'-ddnt. s, eaa who m 

rcligtousanairs holds that every. congregation,' 

is a complete church. . , 
Independently, In-d^-p^n'Ki&it-tt. acf.*wiUioui . 

re/erence'to other dungs. 
Indesert, In-<l^-2^tl!'. #. want of meiril. ' 
Indesinently, fai-d^s'-s^*n^iU-li^.a«!/. without €«s 

satlon.' , [destroyed* 

Indestructible, in-d^-*sirflkM^bl. ^.. not to be 
Indeterminable* ?n-d^-ti9r^-mi£-n&-bl. a. not to 

>)o£xod,nottobedelined.' . [indeif^dle. 
Indcterniinate, In-dA-t&r'-nu^-n&te. a. unfixed 
indeterminately, lu-d^t^-m^-due-l^ iui, in 

dcfiaheiv. - [fixed 

Indetcnuined, !nKl^t2r''-iii3i^. a. unsettled, un* 
lndet«rminatH>n,lttHl^ t&r-m^-ni'-shftn.rwani 

of resolution. [irreltgion. 

Indevflition, In-df-vA'-sIidn. ». t^luit oCdevotioiv 
indevout, }u-d^-vi(&t . a. irreligjots. 
Index, hi'-dSks. 31 die dhKXAerer ; tlie liand • 

til At boints to any diiug,; the table <jf contenu 

to a Wvk. - 
Indextqrity, 2c-dSks-t§r'4-t^. «. want' of dex 

fiKlicant, !u''d^-klint. a« vhowiag, poipUog out. ' 
Indicate, In^-d^^k^to. r. a. lo slK>w,to point oui. 
I ndication. lu-d^-k&^-shAn. «. ma(rk, s^nqitmn. 
Indicative, fii-dlk'-k^-tlv. a. showing, poiiAing 
Indict J fii-dite^ r. a. to accusil, to ckuge. £oua» 
Indiction.'fn-dlk'-sliftM. s. dedaratieu, proc 

mation I an epocUa of the RoDHUi 




aA, mflve, nSr, uflt j— tiltbe, iflb, bfill j— AH ;— pdfbd ^/lia. TBii. 

lo/miiSerent^ lii-dJP-f^r-^l. a. neutral ; luieon- 

iBdiflferently, U-iSf-fkt-hA-[L ad. wihoutdigH 
tim^oii i m a iieutiBl stale j nuddlingly. 

iQdj|«oouB^ In-dfJ'' j^-n&9. a. native to a coim- 
. [idtgieiiL Ifl'-<lifc4^ut. a. pooTj, necessitous, 
/tkdilesited^ iin]c-j&i?'-iM. a, jict separated j 

not Tonned i do* cmu?octesd in »he stomach. 
. Ddigjestibie, tn-di-jis'-tji-bl a. nm concoctibie 

intbeaUmiadi. [uncuncocied. 

liidJgeftioD, in-d^j^^-tsh^^^. tbe state of meatj 
fodigitatCi ut-dtd'-j^^o- v. a, to point out^ to 

show. [poioting out or lowing ^ 

iiKilgitatiof), ?rj-Jd-}*-tJfc'-shaii* $. the act of 

" In-dJljM3 '. «. iiD wcriliy ^ imdeserv'ing. 

.Tdignantp In-dJe^-nAni. a. acgO', raging. 
ocUgnatioiiji iii-d}g<ui'-sb5ii. 9. anger mingled 
wiUi contempt or diagi^ 
. o^goity ,lQ<il^-uk^tjk. s. coutumel/. 
«|]m2^, }n'<d^g6, x^ a plaot used in dyijig & 
omB coloiir. 

ndirect, ?n-d^r5kt'. a, iiot stmight^ Dot honeat. 
iodtrectioiii lzi<l^r@k'-9hfin. *. oblique means j 
disbonesl practice. . [fairly. 

lulirecUy, fn-di-r^Jtt'-lL (id, obllcjuelj ; im- 
^directoess, !n-d6-r§l£i'-ci?a, s. oblicpiity ; un- 
fairpe«, [ble. no4 discoverable. 

' Bdiaceroible, laSz-T^f-nh-hh a. doI percepti- 
Indisc^niFbly, In-dlz-zlf'^ni-blife* ad m a man- 
ner not to be ^rceived. [separated. 
Indiscerptible, !n*dl3-sfirp'-t^-bL a. not to be 
Indiacl^et, ln^lT3-b^^t^ a, imprudent^ iacau- 
ijous. [dence. 
Indiscreetly, L-dts-ki^'-i^. &d. wiUiowt pru- 
indiscretjon, la-^s-krSsU'-fitt. *. kaprudeuoe^ 
rawness. [tipguishabie. 
liidij«:riiFLnatej lii-d!s-krlm'4-n4ie. a. undis- 
lndiscrimina!i;ly, in«dis*krfm'Hfe-nltte-lA. ad* 
witlioul dirtmction. [spared, necessary. 
Itkdi.JipG£kRablD,fa<l}3-p^i»'-5a-bL. a, not to be 
Init]9f>ensMbIeneg9,Tn-dTs-pi[/'!t4-bl'n^. *. ne- 
cessity . [dispensation, necessarily. 
lodiapeiu&btyT fn-dls-jpln'^-sil-bl^. ad. without 
Indiafiuoe, In-cUs-pAW. n. a. to make unfit i to 
' disorder. 


Indispose dness^ ia<tti-pA'-i^-nls. t, slate if 

unntness or disincli nation. 
Indisposition, In-dla'p^zlsh^-dn. $. disorder of 

iDdi^putabte, hiSs'-nii'tk-b^, or fn-dli-p&^'^S* 

bl a, njicontroverlible^ u^conifstable. 
iDdisputableness^ InKUs'-pi-ia-bl-nl*. t. th/b 

stale of being indispNitablo. 
Indisputably, lo-dis'-pi-tA-bli. ad, without con - 

troverev, ceriaioly. 
Ia<iis9oJiul>iiity, iJn-dk-s6-li'b1r4-t^. s. resist- 
ance of a dissolring power. 
Iixlissolublej ?ij-d?s^-9A-]d-bl. a. firro, bindme 

or ^btsisting for ever. [confusen 

Indistinct tn-d?s-tJngkt', a, not platidy marked 
Indistinctly, Jn-cffa-tingkt'-li^. ad^ confusedly 

uncertainly, [uncertainty. 

Indistinctness, fn-dis-t?nFkt'-n&!. *. confusion 
ludisturbancc, b-dTs-tftr-b^e. *. calmness 

freedom from disturbance, 
ludividualj in-^d^-s'fd'-ji-^. s. a single hoinff. 
Individual, Jn-d^-vld'-jtb-al, a, separaic rrom 

others of the same speciey j undivided. 
Individuality J ib-d^-vid-^I'-^-l^. s. scparat« 

or distinct existence. 
Individually, !n-d^dd'-A-Jll-I^, ad, widi sepa 

rale or distinct existence. 
Individuate, ?n-d^-vid'-iV-iie. ». a. to disiiji 

gruJah from oUicra of the same species. 
Inoividuity, in-d^-vld-i'4-t^. *, separate ei- 

Indivi<?ibility. ln-d^-vfe-^-b?r-i-t^. $. slate in 

which no tnore division can be n)<^de. 
lodivi^ble^ ifn-di-vrz'-^bl a* what cannot be 

broken into parts. [be divided ^ 

Indivi^iihly, fn-di-vk'-A-bfe. ad. bo as it canned ^ 
Indocible, Jn-dAs'4-bl. ) , „„.„^^t,„ut„ ^^ 

Indociijty, fn-d&-a!l'4-i6. $. unteadiaonnie«, 

refiisal of instruction. 
Indoctrinate^ In d6k'-tr*-nAte. u. a. to instnicL 
Indoctrmation, !n-dilVk-lrfe-ni'-shfin» $. insir 

tion, inform alion. 
Indolence J In -dA^-l^nse. s. laziness, listles . . 

IndoUint. 1n^-dA-]4m. a. lazy, Ikilem. 
Indolently, f u^-dA-l^nt-l^* m!. carel«i 

Indraudit, ib-drail. s. an inletoOQlC 
Indrench, !n-d^Sn3h^ r. a. to stMUd ^ 

rim. fir. rta. i5»-«*.- «*— fl*- *. 0*11 



iBQumra&ie, fa-d^'-bt-iS-h!, \ questionablo, 
Indybitabty. la-dii'-b^ii-bl*. ad. undoubtfidly. 
Induce, fn-dise'. v. a, to persuwJo. [ibing. 
Induc^nientj In-dAie'-tiiim. s. motive tn luiy 
JnductjIn-aSkt'* c* ou lo inlrodu^ej to put in 

pon^^ciii of 3 bcn^CQ- 
jQtluctioQ, lu-dftk^-shiiiL I. entraoe©. 
Ibduciive, In-dfiii'-dv. a. teadiPg, pfirsaMivE. 
loijue, Li-di'. tj. a, 10 invest 
Indulge, b^iaije'. «. al tofcmdle to graiifr. 
Indulgence>itn-d&l4?jis«. «. fcadnessj forbesr- 

ADce J favour gnuited. 
* Jnduleent. fe-d&F-^J^nt. a. kind, favourable, 
lodalgeutiy, \n-dSi -j&il4fr. 4Ui, vdlhmit se^r- 

ity, willioul censure. 

Indurate, lD''-di-rite. m. n. to hordea- 
Indurate, In'-dfi-r&io. %\ a. to h^en die mjud. 
induration^ !ii-d»Ii-ri^-sliafl. a. ihe sinte of grow- 
ing hard ; act of hardBiimg ^ obduracy. 
Induitrious^ln-dis'-iri-fts. a. diligent^ iaborious. 
, Industriously, b-dfis'-irt-dB-lt, fli, diligently, 
Industry, ?n'-d&s-ti4. t. diligfloca, Msiduiiy, 
Inebiiate, k-^-bri-iie. o. a. to intcuncatoj to 
make druDk- [inioxication, 

inebrialioQ, lii*i-br^ -shiin, a drunkemiess, 
jQeferiety,iu-*-bH'-*-i^. a druidEenDeas. tmsis. 
IneflfabiUty. hi-^f-fi-bll^-^tt. s. unspeakabk- 
loeffiible, fn-Sf'-fa-bl. a, unspeakable. ^ 
iueakbiy, Ip-^f ^-f l-bl^* ad. ia a manner mi to 

V be expressed. {na effect. 
^ Ineflcctive, In^f-f^k'-dv. a. whicb canprtjduce 

V Inefibctual, In^f-f^^-iahi-il. a. weak, wjLhout 
poweF. .\ , tcflbct. 

lQeffectua]ly,tii-lf-f^'-l*b44l4. orf. wiOiout 
Itieffectuiilueits, tii4M^'-ui4-M-n?3- *, iutrf- 

ficacy, wajal of prf^wep. (duce efTectJj, woak. 
Inefflcarioua, In-J^f-ft-ki^-Biim. rt. unable to prti- 
JnefBcacy, !n-^P'fi&-ka-9^. *. waot of poller. 
Inefficient, In^r-fTih'^nt, a. iucflbctive. 
inelegSQCe^b-^i'-i-g^e, «, waiiior eioeance, 
Inelegaiit^ io4l'-^g4oL a, xM&a, despicable. 
Iiiatjoquenljlfi:^''-A-kw'lui. a. not p^oaive, 

^aot oratoncaJ' 

Ineptly, hi-epi -16. aa. (rituiipy, tooiiML^, « 

Inepiitudej In4p'-i*-tide* s. unfitafiia. , 

Inequality^ Jn^-kw6l'-A-1^ « unevenneffl; Id 

Inerrable, !a-5r'-rS-ob a. ei^mpi from erraur. 
Incrrabtencs3, lu-^r'-ril^blnfe, *. eiteiiip*M« 
Inert. Jji-5ri'. a. dull, s.QEpi^^ [from emuir. . 
Inertly, !u-^rtMfe. art. ajugCTShly, dully. 
Inestimable, In-te'-tA-ma-bl^ a. iraosccndiEig a* , 

IiiviJ ent, In-lv^-^^iat. k not plain, obsctne 
Iuevitabi%,!n-«v^ll-by-*-l^^ s. hnpoKMkj ^ 

to be avmtteo. 
Inevitable, fa-lK-^-^-ti-hl a, unAVPidabte, 
Inevitably^ b-iv^-*-t&-bli. iid wilhouipoi^bililT 

ofesrape. ^ , ^ (oued 

Inescusable, In^ks-kV-ii-bl. <i. not tq be «« \ 
liieicusableness, In^Jcsnt^i'-aa-bl-ii?*. *. ent* 

mily bf^yood p^]!]i3.lioD. 
Inoxeuaably, lri-^ks^k6'-iA-Dli ad. to » degree 

of guilt or tolly beyond cicuse, 
Iji&ihalable, }n4k3-bl'-l&-bl. a. tb^ wbJch csn 

UDt evaporate, ^ , [tobeeihptled 

Ineihauatcdj In-ikfi-hlirB'-t^d. b. doI pesaible 
Inexhaustible, In-^ks-hftws'-t^bL it, net to be 

*rent, . . , ^ feiwfe 

IneiL^rtfiDcej In^gj-is'-t&nBe. j. «'3tii of B»»t 
lneiiateDt,tti-^£x^5'-t^- a. not bavlsog beipf- 
In^Ttormble, !ii3lks'-6-ri'bL a* not to be iiiov«d 

bv entreaty. 
fne'sEped ience, tn-^ka-p^ -d^-fese. / 1. wan* of 
Inespedioncy, iji-5ks-p*^-<JMii-«*. J fitoe^ 
Inexpedient} In^ks-p^-dMjit a. unfi^ nn 

Inexperience, lo^ks-p^-fA-^nse.*. want of cb 

pertmUHia] knowledge. [perienced, 

Inoxpertenced, Jn-^ks-p^^-t^-easst. ^ wA ex 
Inexwrt. hi-fks-p^^ fl unskilful. » 

Inexpiable. Jn-^ks'-pM-bL a. not to be atoncAJ 
Inesplicablo, In-^k^-pl^kA-bL a. bcapahte ot 

bcin^^ explained. 
Inespresslble, in-ifeff-pr&'-si-bl. a. ixAtob^ 

told, not to be utiereo. 
Inespresably, iji-^ks-prfs'^-sif^-b^. flrf. to a da! 

grce or in ft maiuicr not to he tittered ♦ . 
tnexpufrn»ble, fn-^ks-pag-iifl-bL <l imfmffi^- 
U bb, nflt to be take^by assmUt 






iDMiiieDcteble, lenlaBcled. 

b^eztrieable, b-aa'-irMdl4)L iL iiot to be dif. 

Ineve, W. a «. to 

InfiamMfitv, UU-l^-blP^^fc. >«.i]ierrabaHy, 
InfidlibMesi^b-AK-lMilHili. S exempiNi 

Inftlltblej, lo-fil'-l^bU a. [ttatpablc of mislake. 
loMibly, in-rai'-li^-bl*, od, wiOi security ftom 
erroor, certainly. fjB"^ 

lD£uirini9j, tn'^l^mAa, a. publkrkjy braodeawhh 
lufamofUBly, In'-n-mfb-Il ad. with opea re- 

Inlimousctesd, fn-fsi-'m^D^ } s. Dotarie^ of 
lofuny^ W-A-m^, { badehafacter 

Infauey, In'-fln-s^. f. the; first part of life: be- 

momg. [age. 

liimot, !o'-(int «. a child undef -Bcvea yean of 

, iQ&Jita, b-filn'-tA. j. a i^nzitieiis desceaded fironi 

the ro^\ bleed of £!pfiin w Partug^l [faatSw 
In&nlicMle} lur^n -i^-dde. t. &^la lighter of in- 
InfkniiteT m'-i^-dk, a. pencuniiif; to an inlaiit 
Iflfaniine^ W f&n^lne. a. Mutabia to an infimt 
InlKatry^ Li^'faD-li^, ^. Uic fool sc^djen of an 

Infttoate^ kt-f&sli'-&4ie. v. o^ to strike with 

IbUy, to deprive oTuoderstaDdinffi 
bifatuatiao, In-fitsh-U^-^li&n. a. deprivation of 

Infeiiour, Ib-A'-ii-dr. a. lower in plaoe, i 

or value; wbordiaaie. 
Infeiioiir, in-A'-r^-dr. a. one in a lower rank or 

statioa th ^n another. 
Infernal, fe-f^-nll. «. leOUi. 
Infernal, b-f Ir'-oAl. «. one that comes from heU, 

/we ezceef&Kly wicked. 
InfertileJMP-SL a. uifiuitful. 
Infesl, h-fte'. o. a. to harass, to distnrb. , 
InfideL ltt'4M&. a. an nabeliever. [treachei> 
Infidelity, b-iMSy^^fc. a. want of feith 
Infiidte.'iii'-A-ijt. a. nnbounded, immense. 
Infinitely, h'-fe-olt-tt. ad, without limits, im- 

menaely. . [lesaness. 

Infiniteneas^ h'-i^-nk-nSsi t. )mraez«thr^ bound- 
Infinitive, to-fV-^-ttv. a. uaoonfined, bekx^- 

JBg to that mood of a verb which ejipresws 

the action or being indeterminately. 
Infinitude, In>f1n'-i4&de. t. infinity 5 boundless 

lafeaaible, fn-i^-z^bl. & impracticable, 
infect, b-f 21^'. v»a. to act upoaby contagion, 
> to afieci with commonicated qaahties. 
Infection, !n>f Sc^-sMb. t. contagion. 


lofecunditY, b-l^kfin'-di-ti. s. want of fertility. 

lafeficity . Ia-f&-BB'-B^-ti. s, misery, calamity. 

Infer, liM&r'. v. a, to indbce$« to oraw oonda- 

i feom foregain^ 

Inferable, !n-f&^4-bl."a. to be infenred. 
Infin^eoce, b'-f Ir4nse. t. cdnehiskm from pre- 

▼ioas arguments. 
laierrible, b-f Sr-r^bL a. dedudble fixim pre- 

. /, ln.ffe-rfe-AT'4-t4. t. tower stato of 

In^dty, b-fb'-^. ». 
Infirm, b-fSrm'. a. weak, feeble. 
Infirmary, b-f&'-mt-r^. s. todgings for the sick . 
Infirmity, b-fSr^-niM^. t. weakness} disease, 

malady. [nets* 

Infirmness, b-fftrm'-iils. 9. weakness, feeble- 
Infix, bulks'. V. a. to drive in^. to fhstep. 
Inflame, b-fl&roe'. «. a. to kmdie, to exagger- 

ato; toiiT?«ate. ntv^catchingfire 

InflammaUttty , b-ttm-ml-blP-d-i^. s. the quel- 
inflammable, ui*flAtn'-mf^4>l. a. eaiy to'be set 

on flame. [qualitv of easily catching fire. 

Inflaikimablenefls, b-flftm'HdUbl-nftk a. the 
Influmpation, b-fl&m-miL'-sfaftn. s. the state of 

bebg in flame; the heat of any morind par 

occasiooed by obstruction. 
iT^ftammatory, b-fl&m'-mA-tAr4. a. having the 

power of hfiaming. [fill with j)ie brealh. 

Inflate, b-fllite'. o. a. to BweU with wind ; to 
Inflation. b-fll^-shAn. a, the stato of being 

swellea with wind. [vary. 

Ii^ect, b-flSkt^ V, a. to bend; to change or 
Inflection, b-flSk'-shOn. t. the act of bdiding 

or turning; modulation of the voice; varia- 
tion of a noun or Verb. 
Inflexibility, b-fl^ks-^btK-M ; stiflfoessi 



Flia, (h-, f ftUj f^ ^-^j ^^ i-jAae, jAa y 



I vn\h 

luflesibly, l#'flSki'4'bJ^. ^. m«^rd>ly, m- 

!EfScu!j^fl!ki^ I. a. to iinpose M a r^j^^ 
Infliction, li,-fiit'-sli5n. s, ih* art of J ««>f F^^' 

Iftflictive, ti>ffrk'H?v. fl. ibat VrM n laid «ti ai 
Influetice, In^-fift^iise. s. asciJBilaiit power 
influence, iri'-fl^-^iiae^ t^- ^ *» ^^^ ^^^ 

(directive av iinptibsive p^^er. 
Inilueut, b'*fl6-^iii. a. flowing m. 
Influential, !a-fli!»-Sn^-shAl. a- excrUng mfliience 

or pciwer. , . . 

influx, fn'-naks. jr. act of flowing luto aiiy Uang^ 
JnJblil, tn-fdid'. r. 3. lo involve, lo Jiiwrap. 
lQlcjiiale,lii.ift'-l6^ke. u. a. to cover with leaves. 
Inrorni in^fdmi'. t:, a. to inSSiruct, to acquaint ; 

lo ollbrl cc^aauon. ^ [fortoation. i^f^l^J^^^j^^^SM^^^iie. l^^ lo F^t in f^^m. 

&% ~ " ' [feimeis, candptif . 

liiEenuoiisiiesB, In-j^n'-nA-fts-ufe. ** openness,- 
InlloriouB, Iii^dA'-r^aB-fl.widofliowmr. _ 
lilloriously, Jir-glA'-r*-a5-l6.<W. with igniHtuny 
lUEot, iiV f6(. s, a ma^ of meial. 
Iti^oft, In-graa'. r. a. lo propagate tire€i 1)]^ 

^aftinir ; to ^ deep, lo stttle, ^ ^ 

In^Wek higr^'-niSa^-/* the ad of < 

g^iig \ m 5png ingrafted. 
Inflate, lii-fp^ie', f ^ uagratcliil* 

givf-ij, iiislTucaojij charge or accusaiiou ex 
ibited. ', ^ . [^«^- 

informer, fn-fflnn'-Ar. ^ '^fjfho ^"^'^ 7**^^^ 
Infonaidablc, lu-far^-mt-d^-bL a. noi to be 

lufmct, lp-frlkl^. V, a. to bre&t. (l^h. 

lnfr;iCtir>n,In-fT^k'-sbflii. s. the act of breaking, 
Icfrauffible, k-ft4ii^*i^-bL s. noi m )ye bfi>ken. 
lnfre^ency,lii-fi*-l«twaii-s*. * uacommonness, 

iofrcquent, fi^fr^^^kwlm. eu rai^ uncomnion. 
Infrigidate, In^fi^d^jMite- "; a- to cbdL 

JofrifllEe, In-fr«mc^ t?. ff- lovitwiuo, lJ"^ 

InfrmSement, Ih-fi^njo^ mtnt. i. breach, viola* 
Infurilto, ln-f?i^-r^^ito. ^Jt. cnra^, ra^e. 
infustf, b-f^^ ii.a. to potir in, lo iihuIIj to 

liiictunc 5. lo^iusp^re^il^- ..,,,, ^ _. 
Infusible, la.(i'^z*-bl. a. possible to be infiis^d. 

jDfusiOTi 'lu-fi' Ebin- *■ *^« ^ prp^r^i?^ '" 

instillation. Llii^Mon or bein^ uifused. 

InEatherine, bi^filATM'-ar-lng. «. ihe act of 

raUiHfing m bftwesl. 
iDSemiaate^ la-]fim''-nK-iinie- v. a 

ngftTninate^ lu-itiii -nic^Mmc- v, «* to double, 
to tepeaL [tnwi, r^uplicaUon. 

opmmatMm, ln-jloi-i(nfe*n&'-shdn> «. repeti- 

In|redieiit,1ii-gi^''j*nt- *- coroponeni part of r 

5ody tonsuiiinf of different matenal^ 
TnEress, W-^rfe. s. entrance. , v. 

lolrepsiouf^u-^hvfto. *. the aclof onteru^. 
In|u1ph, in-g&lf - V. a, to swalbw up m a fi* 

JnS^r^tate;!n-R*r^:i^litf «-?^ tosiAalbj^ " 
Inlurcitation, iri^E\Vj&-ti^-shan. ff. vora^- 
ln^ustkbl€, li-gai'-.i-bL a. nftl perccp*ibte bjf 

IuhabVk\-h&bf-^ll, a. uoskilfiiL imrettdy, unil. 
lrihabit/?a-hfliy1t.i^a.lodweiliiw . 

Inhabitable, Tn^hlb'^^ia-bi. e. capable of 4 

fordinr habilaliDO. t^^ 

InhabitSice, In-h&b'Jl-anM. s. readeBoe ff 

dwe!le^s^. » ' 

Inbftbitant, in-h&b -Tt-4nL s. one that hw wr 

resides ui o place. ^ ji!3l' 

Inbabiter, fn.liab^-?t-t5r. *. a dweller. [lUfjOj. 
Inhale, In-h^e^ i=^,a- t*? draw m wilb aff, V> 

lRher<? ,ln-tl*^o^ c n. to exi^ in BomelhpnffrJto- 
Inherent, hi-hfe'-rSnt. d. cwstmg in kjdm* 

else 1 inuiaAo^ „ ., 

Inherit; fe:hlf'-r!t.t^i^g^^ve ^ 

by tchcntance <p 




m^ mdve, n^, dAi -^ — t^^ tSb, bflil |^^ — £f I ) — pMod j— (Mn, 

Inherttyil*. b-b^r-rIt-4 bl u. iranamisBibJe by 

tldMm41K>iP <,olabable by succession. 
luhenUiur « , k'b^i-'-rft-aiiae. j. pauinicwiy. 
Iijlientnr, b^Ui'-itit-fir. s. an Keir. 

lohlbri^ !n-h3b'4t. t^. j, to rtistnua^ prohibiU 

Inbotldj^ lii-n&H', ts, a. to CD[]I«UD in itself, 
inhoffpieable, }ii*ftAt^-p^-td-bl. a. afTarding- no 

eaecitaiiiiiie it ig stiiin^efa. 
Enhiospitably, iii is(W'-p^«^-bl4. aJ, unkindly to 
MTHnrersM^ [courtesy 10 Btfang^rs, 

f^ospjtality, (jd-b^p^-iil'-^t^. s. want of 
Inhumar^, Ifi'h^i^-maii. a. harbaitius, cruel, lity. 
tnhumanJty. lo-tuJirDjin'-^-t^- « ci-ueUv, barbBr< 

' I oh UfiCmi Jy .I1 L-JiTii 'iit^'l^ wt. lavggefy ^ cmelly . 
[nhtiJliaieHlQ-ii^'-rdile. >., ^ »„ kr.™i *^ i„.^- 
l/lhuroe. h^hAnic^ } ''■ *"* ^^ ^'^^ '^ ^^«'' 
|oiniic-Al, iD-fen'-^kftl, ri, hostile, cnntrai^, re- 

r pu^ant* [to lie inuialetl. 

I IftinuUbilftY, W-!in-^-ii-blj'-&-tA* i- incftpiiciiy 
Ltiimtablej Jurlm -^-lA'hl. a. not to be copred, 
lAumtablyt Tn-liu'-^'t&^b^. iid, m n maimer not 
lf» be irrtitatcd. 

' nil]l]lt0U5:^ Tn4k'-kw&4ilii a, unjust, wicked. 
'JiLi<|gtity , fo-Tk'-kw^'t^. t. iujustico, wiclceditea^. 

tblll!ice, h^hW-^kxa. n. a. lo eotor, to instmcL, 
fnitiBtiicm, Tn-lsh-^-A^^hfin. s. 4ie act of coter- 
, mg inUj any art or st»le* 
I tniec^t^ iii-j^k"t'. H. a. to ihrow id^ to dart in, 
f fniactloUp Jii-jJ^k'-altap. J. tlie act of CHJitmg in. 
, Injujelldal, in-jA-tfl3h''-4]. a. not accordi4>g to 
Ibrni of taw. 

Jmudiciousiy, liKfi^°-ciEah'^>^l^, aa. with tLl 

f mttncdoa. ?ni!lD|rk^*3hSii. «. order, precepL 
Inftire, fn'-jBr. tr/a. to kwri luijtiaily) to annoy. 
Jnjiirious* fa-ji'-ti-fls. a. ujryusij misdiie^'jcrtw 5 

a^traclorv'^ ropm^hflil. 
Ifljiiriously^ iD-ji^-r*'fti*Ii. ad. wnongibJly, with 

aijnsticf^. [proadi. 

[pfnini^, W-jft-i4. J. tniacihjef; aimoy^ce; rc- 
tr iQLilicetln-jAa'-iU. t, iniquity^ wrong, fwrile. 
X Jfc# 1^1^' «■ Lhe black Jiquor with wfato^'meni 

Ink. !i^k. v. a. 10 bJock or dmtb wiiii ink. 
lukbom^ fn^'-bAm. 5. a portabfe CMi for tbi 

iiL^tiumenis of wriling. 1 

Inkle, log'-k!, a, (laiTOw fillet, a tape* 
lnklm?,lfl^k'-!fng. $. hurt, LKrtlDeation. 
lukyvmgkQ. a. cojisisLia^ of ink; biadc ai ink, 
Jnlaiid, In'-liiid, a. ii>icnotD-. 
Inlapidate, !n-lSp'4-d4ie, v. a. lo turu to fpna. 
Inlay, tu-W. v. a. lo divereify v^iUi diflfereiit 

bodies inserted iiila the ground or substrslum ; 

lo vdri^atc. 
IqIslW; hiAhw'. tj. a. to clear of onilawry. 
Inlet, Jn'-ii^t. *. place of ifigres. 
Inly, !n'-lj. su inten!al| secret. 
Ionia te, 7u'-m&ieH s* ooe tbiU k adn lilted to 

dwell Joiiidy wtth another msm> 
Inmost, !u'-mAst. a. deepest wiiiim, rcmotesi 

from die surface. 
Inn, in. s. a house of enlertninmem for ttnivcllen ' 

ooUege for studeula of l&w. 
Inn- te. w. n, to ttike Mp lempocary loc%inj. 
Innate, !ji-ixMe'. ^. hiDorn. [iiuiate 

Itanatfinea.'s, Jn-nile'ni^s. s, the quality of beiDg 
Innavigable, In 'niiv'*viib-g^-bl. a. not to be psisst 

ed by galling.. 
ItLTier, fn'-nftr" a. intcriour, not ouiwand. 
Innerniost. in'^nfir-mAft. a. rcinc:itc9l from ihA 

ouiwarci part. [inn 

Innholder, b'-hil-dar. s. a man wiio keeps aJJ 
Iimitigii, In'-idjigz. s. Janda recovered from Hfm 

Innkeeper, tn^'-kMp-ftr* *. one who keeps ktdg 

lasiond pro^iaions for emertainnjeiit of irav« 

InnoceQCc, In'-nd-a&ise. J*, purity; untaintjid 


}c^sgnc^, innoxiousnefB. 
Innocent, In'-n^B^nt, a, pur« from nuscrjef; 

unhurtfiiJ, harmless. 
Innocent, h'-nsi-s^ni. *. one fhee ftom guih jc 

harm. f^*h limplJcily* 

Innocently, h'-ti6-i^mM, arf. wrthmit gpil^ 
Jnnociions.ln'oftk^-kii-fe. a. harmlfsa,^ 
Innovate, !n-rny^viie. v, 3, lo bring ift iOta*-* 

tiling not kno^n h*;for«. 
Innovation, in-n4-vA.'-ahft»» §. fkam by ih» 

inirodnclion of BOV«ll¥y ij O OQ I wweltiei 
Innovator iD'-nd-vk-tfir- m* wm %iirodtocer of 

INS , 230 ; - INS 

File, rtir, flu, rtt 5—111^, m8t;—phje, pin;— " 

IiituixiouS;^ iD-B&k^'Sh^. £L frcc ffom iniadiiev- 

toDuemlo^ In-nft-Sii'-dA^ *. an oblique huiL 
louumerabte, in-nt-infir-i-bj, a, Hoi lo be 
oouulcd for iBulutude. [Dumber- 

Innumerably, ln*m!i''infir-a-hJ^* ad, wiihoui 
Jnoculat*, Jii-6k'-la!i' v. a. to p*t>piigale by 

iiioculationj!n-6k-k6<.lk''-siifiii. £. graflmg: m the 
hud; UiE practice of mmsplaotrng ihe smaJ!* 

laodorouB, la-^ -dfir-As. a. wanting scouL 

Iao(fejiigive.hi-5f^f<&n'-8fv. a. hnrnikss^ imictoeiii. 

looffatiaivelyi in-Af-fin^-aJv-l^. ad. ulthoLii 
harm. [iwss, 

Jnoiip<3rti,mc, fonippfiri-tinfi', a. unscaAODRblot 

iucftiiveiiicm. [onJcT- 

inardmacy, ifn''flr'Hd^ni-s6. *. irregularily, dis- 
lomiiLtmte. Jn-As^-d^-nkto- a. irreffular, 
liionlinately, b-Ar'-d^-ii^te-lt. ad. irregularly. 
JttOi-ditiatioii^f|]-6i-(i^ii4'-8tiflii. j. imjguLariiy. 
loorg^anical^ In-Sr-glu^-A-kAl. a. void of csrgaus 

or ttbitrunietita] DHtrla. 
ina«^ulQte^ fji-&ff-ki-l4ie, lv n. to urnle bj ap 

po^iiLion or coDlact. 
Inoaculntbn, li}-&s-k^-l&^-s^fiiL s. union by ocrn- 

Juiicliou of fhc pjrtrcmiljea. 
Inquest, liig^-kwl^si. *. judiciiJ in^uiryj a jury. 
Inquietude, ]n-ktt4^-^-tiVle. s. disturbed slate, 

waul or' quiftt. 
inquire, li-twira'. 0, n. to aak questioas, 

make searrh, 
ifiqiiirerp la-^kwl'-dW. s. seardber, cxamioor. 
Inquiry^ in-kwt'-r^. e. intecm^aljoii. 
iiiqmaitiou^ lug-kw^-dsh'^-dn. *. juditiai In- 

quirv > the cokirt c^iUiblLihed in somo oruotrlea 

for the deiocUon of Jiei-eay 
Juquisitive, in-k^vli -4-ihv a. euriou^, acih'^ to 

fw).- mto any thiojr. 
Jnqulsidveyeag, In-kwh'-x^-llv-nls. t* dili^ciice 

to |jf^- inin Uiiogs liidden. 
JnqubitOT, In-kwfx'-i^-i^, 

onins of inquisiiioD, 
liirailn 1r.-rile . b, a, to enclose v^ith raik 
^nnxid. tii'<WW]e. a. incui^an. {bkL 

tnsan&ble, tii^n'''ftu-b1. a. ibfurabks, irrem^dia' 
liMJiiic, b-ilije'* d. madj making; o^ad. 

an officer ia die 

Insaolty, !u*sdji'-fe*t^. s. Uie Elate of bm^ ia 

leuiGr n)adi>css. [tt 

Insadiible, !i(-dL'-Bh^4>L a* greedy 
luBatiableaesB, lu-s4'-ali^-bl-nfe^ t. 

jifiiis nut to be appcBsed. 
Insatiably, fn-si'-sh^BL-blfe. ad. Willi gree£ott» 

not to te appeas&d* 
Iiisaturatfle, Ju^silah'-A-ii-bl. a. not to be fiO)^ 
losciibe, In-iikrilTe \ » t U '^^e on any tbifif^ 

10 t^i^i TD a pairon. 
1 ascription r !n-:jkr!p^-Mli&n. j. sometmng wntfc* 

or engraved j a tide, 
iTij^crutable^ lii-skii'-^-bl. ou ttJisearchable. 
Insculp, In-fikfilp', n, a* to engrave, to cut; 
Insculpture^ In-skftlp'^-tsliirQ, J. any thing es 

graved. Ja seam or dcatrix. ^ 

Icuiieain, fii-s^me^ i>. a. to unprcssi or maik b| 
Inst^ct, lo'-sikt. i. a small cieepiDg or HyifiH 

auLoial. (sects 

lii&ectik> la-s2k^'til. a. having tlie qature of iu 
Insectolo^r, Jii-3Sk-t6l'-A-jar* $. one whbde- 

Bcribca uisccts^ 
Insecure, fn-st-kifo^ a. not secure ; not safe. 
Insccuiily, Jii-3^-ki'-nfe-ii^. J. want of safety. 

daoEer, f scatierinff seed on ground 

lQ3emma(ion,iii-siliU'm6-i]4'-^^n. 9. the act of 
Insen-^ite. iii-«&n''sAie. a. stupid. ♦ 

Insensibility, iu-s5u;-s^b]y«e-t^. fAStupidl^) 

torpor. (of teeli%- 

Insensible, b-sSn'-s^-lii, a. iinp<?rcepubJe5 \oi4 
InsensibkDejs^ Tn-sSn'-sfe-bl-iils. ^abseoGeof 

perception, iimbilily in pcpceivep 
Insensibly, fn-a&n -se-bl6. ad, imperoepstiUy. 
lusentient, ln^35ii'-5^fe-&nL 0. not having pflf 

lasepar^hiUty, !fl-s5p-pAr4-bll'4-tft, ;) ^ 
Insepai-aibleni^sB, iii-sSp'-p4r-a-bi-i)ls.^ \ * 

quality of being Butiili as cainoi be di^ied 
Inseparable. In-s^p-pirJi-bl, eu united so as B04 

to he pcirtcd. [sobble umoB 

Lnaeparahly, la-^p^-p&r-&-bl4. wL with hidis- 
laseti, Tn-fert'. t, a. to place in or WBoaog olfatt 

ln«iertion, lasb'-Mn. f. the act of pladqg wimy 

ihitig in or among other tnatter; the thiQS 

ItiEervicntj b-«l^-v*-lm. a. •eoadtia^ 
lofniell, tn^^l^ « «. to hide In a ^mt 




oA, mfive, nflr, D6t 5— libe, lUb^ bfill j— ftft |--p6lind j— iftiii^ THii 

[lubhi; hMb^. t^ a, to sbul m (l ship^ ko em- 
twil. [or pretkuLkS case. 

iDthtitiej In-sbrloe''. t>. a. lo tndose iii a ^rU^e 

tlkidd^j In'-sJdd. f. totenor part. 

IlHUluus, ln-dd'-i-as. d. eirarnivcntive, treach- 
erous. [[rcacli&rou>j niiuiocr 

iQffidiou^ly, fti-dd^-4-fk9-l|. ml. hi a sly md 


meanijig'^ urdinportunl 

out meanmg^j wiUiuLit iinppriajicc. 


EiLBlcc^iity, fa-s}n's£r'<^-(i. j. dis£mii]a(ioQ, 
litsinuantj In-s?ii'-D&-£iil. a. havbtg the power 

to guin favottf* 
tofiinuatC; lo-sln'-nd-^te* v. a. to iotroduM aay 

thiog ecuHy -J tQ ]i\n\ J to infux* 
Inainuafe, ti*sii]'-nA-4tfl. v. «. 10 wheedle, to 

gpia on Liie ftflcction* by poutle degpces, 
Ijisiauation^ ?ii-^ii-ni-i^-shfln. i^, the power of 

pleajiiiig, or siealug upon tlie afibciioow, 
fnsipiJt ^Jik-^^'~P^d. a. uiiihdui teste. 

iQsipidlv, in-aTfy'-pTd-lfr. ad. without laste- 
iosipitetice, Lj-Eip'-^-^nse. s. &>liy, wajtL of un- 

denAandijig^. [penisi to. 

Insist, liHdst^. V. n. to stand or t&A upon 3 to 
loaisteat, b-^s^-llnt. a. restiog upon. [Uiirat. 
hisidency,. ta-stih'-^-&i-«6, *. eiemption from 
taddan, Iq-^ih'-An. $. Ora insertion or iugrafl- 

iTi£jjt of onti brand) Milo anoihcr, 
lxun;iT«, fn-anine/. t?. a. lo entrap ; to mvdglc. 
ina&bnetyj, hi-sA-brl'-^-ti^ i, dmukennessi. 
InsociabJe, tn-s6'-«h^-&-bl. a. avaiise trom con- 

versaijofl -, incapable ofcoiuicxloR. [sun. 

luwlatipUi Zn-sj&^lii'-ah&n. s exposiiJon Lo tl>o 
IjpKileticeyLj^'S^lJ^aM. i. pdde cierledin nver- 

bctaHi^ trettimm of oihefs 3 petulant coo- 

iempt. [oMGrbearJn^., 

ImoA«iit ?n'-sA-I^nt. a. conleimituous of others, 
lASpletiti^ In'-si-Wiit-^i ad. haughtily, rudely. 
JjMolitble, b-i&r-lA-b], it tiot 10 be dip«Mvpd or 

IiiBDlvabI{!,!u'5Al''V&^bl. 4, nidii u odaifti of 

no sotutic^a ) that caitiuot be [raid. [debu. 
Itisolveiicy. bj-fiSl'-vSiM^, t, inability to pay 
Ingolvenl^ tn-slMW^nt. a. unable to pay* 
Itisoiimcli, !n'f6'mfltsh^ cot^. ao that, lo such ■ 

degree tliat 
Inspect^ Iji'spdkl'. t\ a, to look Jato by way of 

IflspectioD, In-sp^k'-shlbL s. cIohg lurvey »» 
j pennienQcncB 
" Ta*?pectopJii-^k-tAr. *. & superintenoent 
In^persioTj, Iti-sp^r'-slidii. s, a sjniiakling. 
In5phe^eJa^s^i&te^ u. a, to place m ^n orb or 

Inspiration, b-siJ^-ii^-phAn. j, the act of draw- 
ing in the breaib | irftJsioD of ideas into tbo 

mjnd by s fiuporiour power. 
Inspire, ui-spl re'. b.«. to draw in the breath. 
In^ire, i[I-6pi^^^ v. i to breathe tiuo, to wSuaa 

JiitQ the tnlnd. 
Inspiritj, lu-spfr'-ft* r, a. 10 Kmmate. 
Iiispia^to, fn -spfs'-site. r. a. lo thiokwR, 
iDspissatioi:!, la-ft^ts-HAL'-^&n. *. the act of tDok- 

infj my liqaid diick. [DesH. 

Instability, 1u-sta-bfl'4*t4. s. uiconsiaRcy^ feklo- 
lostabl'?, fo'Sii'-bl. a. iiiconstanl^ chaJigiog. 
ItkBtall^tn-still^ 11. 0. to invest 
Installation, 1ii-stll-li.'-sb5iu <* ibe act of giving 

\isib}e po&»c^ion. 
ln3taliii£iit,ln-gdir-oi£nl. *. the act of iMtalliog 

pa^^meiit^ made at different timoa. 
Instance, fu'-£iaiise. a. importunity^ ftilicitation , 

motive^ iiiduence. [ample 

Instance, In'^'StansG* v. a. to give or offer an tx- 
lustnnt,?ii'^-stBni. a, prcisiog, urgent, 
Itt-'staLit, fjj^-fiiiinl. J. the prcseni or current ra^lh 
iQslanlanociUB, fu-stin'ti'-n^5s. a. dwnb ih 6M 

Inslantaneon^ly. In-stao-ii'-n^ftsi'l^. mL in an 

ind : V isible i>o lut of time. [geiit importunity , 
Instantly, Ti/stSint-U. cd. imoiodiately^ witbiir- 
Inatauration, In-stSw-i^'-ahfto. r. re^toratiofi 
in^teail, h-^iM.ptep. la nxim of. 
Instcep. Jn-st6Sp . u, d. to scvflk, l*> macertile 
InMtcp, fo'-^t^p. J. die upper part of di^ Ibot 
Justi^te, Lr-si^-g^ie. m. a. to urge to iU. 
IniJtig.ition/ln-si^-g4'-9HJk* m. impube to i', 
Instigator, In'-si^-^-tar. *. inciter to ijl '^ , 




File, riU-^ fftU; fiij-^ni, tiA^— fdue, pinj- 

hiS^i% fji^lf. V. a. to mfiisc hy drops. [ Inaupportdble, in-fl&p>p6r'-l&4)l jl luUi1ei^b«i^ 

JijfltiUatiDQjn-sdl-li'-sban.i.tWacl of pouring I insuflerDble. [endiurajjl!©. 


"n faj droiBi the £h;i of inflisuig flluwjy mui 
tbe mind. 

In^ductf Ju'^aiiiiickt, 3. the power which deb3j- 

miiiGs lilts wiJiof hmtes j; naturtil desire or 

In&tirictive, Iji-^Jngi^^-tiv. a. iwrling witiiout the 

appjication or c:hi>ko of reason. 
InadDctively, in-stJiigk^-ilv-Ii. arf. by msUnci. 
Institute, W->fii^-iAl«. M. a. to establisili^ 
Institute, h'-3i)^-iiiB. s. eslablbbetl lawr^ seakd 

order; pi^ccpt, mtuiin, principle, 
luatitutioii. Iii-sti^-ii6'*5liaii. s. csiabliahmem j 

pceiEivelaw. ^ [lal, 

Ini'titutioniiiry, Tn-st4-ti'-shfln-fir-^. a* ebmen- 
Instruct^ Tn-rti^kf, %\ a. to tentJi, to form b;)^ 
Infitructer, In-itrak'-iar. i. a teacher, tprotcpt. 
lustnjctian^ f n-sLr^^-Rh&a. a. the ael of tench- 

in^, informa:don. ledgt;, 

fnstniclivG, In-slrfik'-itv. a. conveying sjkjwI- 
InstrumeDt^ in'-strifi'Dolau m. a tool ^ a deed. 
Instrumental, Jn-stri'm^n'-iAl. a. conducive as 

means lo ^oine cad, f dlnnrc Ecgtncy, 

inatniraentality, ?ii-slrA-ni6n-iM'-^-ti, *. subor- 
In^fQuientally , !ii-smi-ni^n'-lfiJ-A. ad. as means 

to an oniJ. 
^ losuJIerabler fji-sfif-fl^F-&-bL ix. jmoIemhlB. 
' Iniu^rahly, In-sQF-nir^-b}^, ad. to a 

beyond enduraiice. 
InBimideQcy, Ta-sAf-flsh'^n'S^. «, inadeqimie- 

ness ID any end m puTpose. [tie/^ 

Insuffidenay, fa-filkf-rbh'-Sat'l^. cd. wiui w&tt< 

of proficr ability. 
hmAsTf Ikv'-sltA-I&r. a, beUu^tng to an UJaiML 
InfiulAtfid. ta^^h^-lAFiSd. a. iml cuniigwnj^ od 
lnjmlt„ frJ-s^l > J. act of uuolence. fany ^ide. 
Insult, Tn-i^'. ». a. to hTeat with insoHeDCii^. 
lo^ultin^iy^ lnHrilL'V4ik^-l^ ad. wiih cafat«tn|nu- 

cua tnumpt. 
IiBUperabditf, liHiAHp*ivft-bfl ^-i-t^. t. diequal- 

^ of bduf utvindbk. ^ 
fnmipeimbre; b-»l'-I^|MUhl, o, insnt^ouniKbJo. 
, Ii!TO^f»bl«ies^,!ii-i6'-pir4-bl-iik.* mtijici^ 

tiimwM. ^ , . ^ [surmofUitftbly. 

-npnbtr faHi^'-pMt-bl^ oilmiTliqMy^i- 

liisupportably, ll-s&p-pAr'-€4-bl^. od, beyond 
losuraicruntM^lej, In-sftr-mMn'-it-bl, a. ooi m 

be fni over. f <"ibly^ uuconqucrabJiy 

Insurmountably, la-i fir-mfiftn'-ti-bli. ad. iiinn- 
Insurrcction, lo^sdr-r^k'-didn. a. a eeditiouJ 

TTsinjF. [the touch 

InLictibb, fn-tik^-t^bh a. not perceptible m 
Irn^liG, h-li\'-yh. s. any liung that baa Og^iies 

eu^ved on it, 
Intastable, fn-tV-tA-bl. a, not itp-be Iwled. 
rntepRTj in'-l^j^r. j, die whole of any ibiog. 
Integral ^ In'-t^-grtl. a. whote ; not orokcu into 

fmrtioaa. [part* 

Integral, ?n'-i&-Tgr4]. j. the wMe made t,p <rf 
Integrant, tii'-t^griui, a. uec^^ary for fnaluog 

up ftn intei^r. 
rnleip-ifyjii-^^g'^gr^^i. s, booesty % entimje« 
IntegimiCdtTb-tfe'-gA-m&nt. #. a coverijag^ 
Inteltectjn^-lil-lm ** the power of undeiv 

fttnndiTi^. ^ [understand. 

Intellect] ve, m-tll-l^k'-Jv. a. having power to 
Intellectual, }n-t3l-I^k'-t^64l. a. relati 

die Qudersbuding . fu: 

lntelIjJ5eiice^1ti-ii^r-!&H^««e, *. notice; ^luni 
intemgencer, fu-i^l'-l^j^n^sar, t. odg vrfaeecMi^ 

wya ncwSj om: who gives notice of private e^ 

distant transaction!. ' 

Intelligent. In-i^l'-L^-jSnt. a. kixmlnf^ dci^ul 
Intelligil>ility, la'i^i-M«j44)31'-^t&, *. posaihiHt^ 

to DC undomood. 
Intelligible, tn-t^l -l^ji-bl a, to be concetvc* 

by the imdor^iindinp. 
iuteOjgil>leness, bi-t^r-l^j^bl-nfe, s. possihiliij 

to he uiidei^oqdr persplfuily. 
Intelli^bly, Jii-t^l'-l^-j^bU. ad. dcariy. 
. ut^mperament, b-tSjai^-pdr-i-mJ^nt t, bad con - 

etitution. [moderation^ CKceaa. 

lotempei'ance, In-t^^^pMnse. t. wa»i of 
Intern pemte, in4|jn^^p#f-4te. a, immodemte. 
Inte.jperftteueas, In<t£in^*p£r-ito-A&^ #. wam 

ofnrtjderation. [lome quality. 

Intemprattuc, Tn-iSro'-p^r-A-tfire. *. exccM of 
Intenrit fn-i^nd' v, a. to inean, to deaign. 
Jntendantf in-t&i'HJ&iit. t. aji eilcei ofthe Ug^ , 

ett davi '"i---- ")' ^- ^ --^ ' fto mmm. 




tA,wAn, a»r,alk}-«ibe,%bM»-W>-pflfaJ}-<M»> tbm. 

IntewmioD, I»4»blr4i<-*lb, (. Iks act oT 

nftsiUBff cr mafciiiir iSMder. 
JnieffieTln-tln^^-U. a. thai camot hold. 
Intense, m-tSiue'. a, raised to a high degree^ 

Int^iisel;, fn-tlnie'^fii. ad.toA 'gi«at decree. 
lateo^eiiea^^ k-t$nia'-i«9s. «, the state of beu 

a^Eected to r bifh d&gree, 


^'tbhaTi. the act of ferciBg or 
itmran^ any thing. 
InteoMty , hi-V^A i'-ak-ik^ m. mlenaeneaB. 
Itif£Q3ivt:, in-t^n'-^v. a. inleot, M\ of Care. 
lateflfliTely^Ittrtki'^^. to a great degree. 
latent^ h^tlnf. m. iumoualy diUf^t. 
f Dteat^ In-i^at^ s. a. destgn^ a dnit. 
[QteijaoUp !a'L4ii'*dii&ii, s. dcsigti^ piirpo0e. 
fQtr.ntionsil^ Tu-ti&D'''>&h&n-}y. a. d€9i|^ied. dome 
t>y desigD. [vk i ih find cnoioe. 

IntentioDally, !n-l5n'-3h5ii-ai-^. ad. by deagn, 
vJntBiitiye, In-ttii'-ilv. a. fcwisUy attenttve. 
IntentiveJy, bHfa'-dv-tt. } ad. with doee ap- 
lntBittiy,la-«iit'-le. ) pUcation, ckeei^. 

InlHitneeSy In-iliit'-iiSs. t. amious appiieatioiL 
Inter, In-tSr'. v. a. to buiy. 
Intercalary, lii-tSr4A]'-&-re. a. uuerted out of 
the common order topreserve d^ eouation of 
tune/lnthe 29th of Febroaxyte a leap year 
ie an inUenaJoru day. 
Intercalate, )b4^-fc&-l&te. «.& to insert an ez- 

traordinaiy day. - 
Interealatum. hH&r-kft-la'-shAn. t. inserliaD of 

days but of the ordinary reckxniing. 
Interc{ede,)D-tS^sM'.v:ii. to pass between 

to act between two parties. 
Interceder, b^tSr-sM^-dftr. «. a mediator. 
Intercept, bH^r^Spt'. o. a. to step and seiie u 

the way; toaitoff. 
Intercaplioii, la-tlr^^-sh&n. t. 

sefaEM by die way. 
Int^oeanen, b-tlMh'-ibi. t. mediation. 
IntefecMor. ni-ter'4ls'<4ar. f . fnednttsr. 
Intonmn,ln''^Sr4shW.«.a. to diidn, to JiJl 

V, a. to secoeed 

•j&-bl. a. givfo 

IntandiangemeBt, ln-|Sr4ahluqe'HB§nt. >«. ea 

chaiwe, mutual transference. {power 

Intere^ent, In*t&n4ly44nt. «. an interceptu^ 
Interdsion, hi4&>fdzn'-An. $, interruption. 
Interdude, ln4Ai^4]6de'. v. n. to khut out 
Interehukm, b-tAr-kUi'-diftn. t. obstruction, 

interception. i>pa<ce between pillars 

Intercdnmniation, ln4&4i6-Uiin-n^'-stifln. « 
Interoofltal, In^tCr-Us'-^. a. placed between 

the ribs. [munication, 

Intetconne, w-tft>k&ne. t. commerce; com* 
Intercoirence, In-t&r-kdkr'-fftnse. «. passage 
' between. * Jtween. 

Intercufrent, b-t&r-kftr'-rftnt. a. runmng be- 
Interdict,1iH«r-dIkt^ «. 0. to fohiid, to prohibit. 
Interdict. W-tlrHflkt. «. prohibition. '9 
InterdietlOD, k<4£r-<&'-«hAn. «. prohibition, a 

curse. [an interdiction. 

IntenMctory, !n-t&r-<9k'4Ar4. a. beloiiging to 
Interest, iir-t^-lst. V. a. to concern. 
Interest; In -t&r-^. s, concern, advantage^ per- 

tidpatioa; money pai4 for use. 
Inteitere, b-tSr-ftre'. «. «. to interpose: to' 

dash. [ing, an mtermeddlmg. 

Interference,. ln-t8r4^-rSnse> #. an interpoe- 
lnteffluent,BHlr'-flA4nt.a. flowinff between, 
bterfiilgent, fn-tSr-f&F-j^t. a. shining be- 
tween, [between. 
Interfused, liH)Sr4&zd'. a. poured or scattered 
Interim, hf-tMrn. t. mean, time, intervening 

Interior, ln-t^<4<Mb-. a, internal 
Interjacent, ln't£r-ji'-sSnt a. interrenuig,.]3ruig 

between- [clamaiioiw 

InterieetieQ,h-t£rj&'-«hfin. «. a sudidea ex 
Inteijofai, iB-l&^jfiln^ V, n. to join mutually, to 

intonaairy. [knowledge. 

InterikoofwlBdge, la-tiBr-nftV^Mdie. s. mutaa^ 
Interiaeei tn%-l&se'. o. a. to intermix. 
InterlapseyfaHfir-lApse'. a the flow of time ba> 

twoea any two e^ttnts. 
Interlard, bhtlr-l&ra'. e. a. to interpose,to in- 

Interleave, In-tMA^. 0.41. to chequer a book 

by the insertion of btfipk leaves. 
Interiine, fa-tlr-llBe'. v. a. to wtite m ahenwte 

Unes ; to eoiTect by something, wntlea ^ 

tweea die Itms. 




tnlerimeatkm, h-tir-ib-^'-Mii. t. correct 

tion made by wriUnfl;:: between the lines. 
InterKiik, !A-l&>J!ngv. o. a. to join one^ifi 

lateriocuttofl. ?ii-t^r-l<!>-kA'-alilii.*. diak^fue. 
Jaterlocutor^ io-l^r-lfik'-lc^-tar, «. one thaf talks 

wLih ^iithen [of diak^e. 

.l£TtejiDciJtory,Tji-i^-1&k^*kA>4^4. a. conasting^ 
iLterape, iu-ilrA6pt/. d. n, lo run between 

Dartk's^ aud inierc^jit the {idvahtage that one 

siiDukJ gaia froai Uio oUicr, 
Interloper, in'i&--ld -pflr. s, ope who nins into 

bitisiiicss U3 whiiih he hoa no right ^ 

iDterLuccntJn-i^r-li^^-^iit. a. gouung between, 
luterludei ^''-ilr-Idde. s. a farce. 
Inter] uHRr, }ii-i5r-j6-iilT. a. belonging to the 

litne when the moon, about lo dunge, i^ in- 
Anternnrriage,,ln-4&HDnlir'-rf€|je. «. marriage 

between two fainilies, where each takes one 

and gives another. 
Intermarry, !n4&^mftr'-i3&. o. n. to marry floine 
^ of each mmily with the other, 
intermeddle, &-t&>mM^-d}. v, n. to interpose 

Intennediaey, ln48r-mi'-d^-fl&, or fa-t&M^' 

j^-s&. s. interposition, intervention. 
Integrmedia], b-t^r-m^-d^, or^a.iiitenren- 

in-tdr-ni^4^4iL > iiig; inter 

Intermediate, in4&>m^-d^-ite. ) posed. 
Interment, in-t&r'-m&it s. bUriaL sepultuie. 
Jiitermigration, In-^&rHn^^fHman. «. an ex< 

chan^i>f place. 
Intermmable, fai4Sr'-nii-n&4>l. ) a. unbounded, 
Inteipminate, lh4Sr'<n&-dtte. y milimited. 
Intermingle'. In-tdr-ndng'^gt «. a. to mii^e, to 

icsx some things among others. 
intermingle^ In^ilfHiibg^-gl, «. n^ to be mixed 

or incorpcrmied, 
IntermissioQ, in-t*r^ntih'-ftD. t. pause: inter- 

itmient dmej ^ate ofbe^ng intiiniuttea. 
Inti^rmisflivef lo-i^mld^'^slr. a. comifig b|r fits, 

not contiouaJ. 
IntBrDiit, liiri^-in3i^ w. a. to forbear sny. thing 

for ft iknei to iDtemipt 
Intermit, >n•l^u]Jt^ v. n, to grow mik) between 

intermittent, b-t^mli^-t^t . a. comiog- by fits 

fftr, f&H, ^|— mfe, mfit;— pine,.phj— 

Intermix, famdr-mOcs'. v. a. to mmi^lo j<un 

to put some things amoi^ others. 
Intermix, 2n4&>mlks'. v. n.' to be mingled to* 

ge^ber. . Jed by mingling bodies 

ilnterndxture, in-ter^idks'-tsbare. t. mass finn- 
Intermundane. f n-tir-m5n'-dane. a, swbristii^ 

between wonds. [walk 

Intermural, h-t^rHoi&'-r&l. a. lying between 
Intermutual, '!n-t£r-m&^-tsl^6^. a. nmtual, in 

Internal. In-t&r'-ii&I. a. inward ; iulrinack. 
Internal^, fai-t^r'-n&l-^. ad, inwardly | men- 
Interpolate, ln-tSr'-p6-l&te.,«. a, to .^^ist any 

thi^g into a place to whidi it does noi bekhg. 
Interpdation, In-t&r-pd-l&'-di&n. s. soynething 

adaed or put into the ori^oial matter. ^ 
Interpolator. In-t£r'-p6-l&-tar. s. one who fiMsis 

in counterfeit passages. [veoliaii 

Interposal, b-ter-pd'-zaL «. interpontion } iOet- 
Interpose, in-t&>p6ze'. «4 0. to thrust in as an 

obstnictxHi, mtennptkm, or inoonveiMaoej 

to place between. 
Interpose, In4&:-p6ze'. v. n. to mediate, to act 
' between two partiiBS. 
Interposer, In-^^r-pft'-^. t. an interveoieBt 

agent, mediator-;, Jtweeufm:^ 

Interposition, In-terf6-«B)i'-0n. s, ageocgr 1* 
Interpret Iu-t2r'>pr&t. v a. to explain, to trtM* 

late. I 

Interpretetton, b^Sr-pkM'tshftn. t. eaqptona 

tion} exposition. . 
Interpreteryln^&r'-lvN&r. #. ap expoaitsr. 
Interregnum, In-ter-f^-nftm. s. n 

tween^tbe death of one pdnce -and i 

Interrogate, In-tSr^-r^^gide. v. a, to4^_. 
Intern^atkm, In-ilrHp^gli'-sfa&n. t. a 

put, an inqpurr 5 anotethalDwits'a ' 

InterrogatHT^ In-l&Mjfig'-gl-^if. a, ^^^ 

question, eipressed in a queitninaiy Ibai eC 

Interrogative, in^l2rd^-g&-tiv. «. a 
used m askmg qneslioiis t 98,whot 

Interrogator, liH&r'-v6-g4-(&. «. an i 
questions. ■"'- 






aA, mflvcy vAr, ii6t ?~tAbe, tflb, bflll y-^ ;-*pWnd j-4fein, thii. 

fntttrogatoiy; h-tSr-HSg'-lfi-tflr^. a. contain- 

teorexmrnngaqucslioiL . 
iiiMKm^ ln-t&>rftpt^ ^. a. to Under. 
ffli pli' Uy te d ly, tn-tfr-rftp'-tdd-l^. ocL not in con- 

tfliiBity. rtinuh y ^ stq^. 

I tt t pf r topU on, hi-tdr>r&p'-«bftn. t, breacfi of xAn- 
Jtf^BBCaetibjd, in-t&^skrlbe'. v, a. to write be- 

Xiitefsecant, fn-tSr-a^-kftiM. a. dividiiig any 

tbii^ into iMurts. 
Intersect, In-tdr-s&t'. v. a. to cat, to divide each 

other mutnaJty. 
liitenection,1n-tdr-9fik'-flhfin. «. the point wh^ 

%M cross each other. 
ll^rserC. !n-tSr-s£rt'. v. a. to put in between. 
Ifiteraerdon, ln-tSr-«lr'-sh&n. s. an insertion. 
Intersperse, in-t^-sp&se'. v. a. to scatter here 

•Md there. [scatteri]^ here and there. 

IntenpersioDy In4&>-spdr'-8hi&. «. the act of 
lteste]lar,ln>t&:-st^l'-I&r. a. intervening^ be- 

tweta the stars. [and anotho:. 

nteniicl. In'-t^r-sdb. s, 8pacebetween one thing 
iMratitiaJ, In-tSr-stlsh'-ai. a. containing mter- 

fa^^lfteztare; fn-tlr-t&s'-tsliAre/ «. divcrsifica- 

lim cCOib:^ jningled or woven among each 

I nteilwIii C^ in-t&r4w!ne^. { v. a. to mute by 
Da^tftwfst, ln-t&-4wlst'. S twisting. 
luflM ' va l, tn^-t&--vU. «. space between, inter- 

stfes; remissbu of a distemper. 
Intervene, !n-t£r-vihe^. v, n. to come between. 
Iiilervenieiit,fn-tdr-v^-n&4nt. a, passing; be- 

tweea.- [tween; mterpositioo. 

I nte tfy en t i on, In-tSr-v^-shftn. «. agency be- 
I ute iT6 rt ,ln'tlr-vfaK. o. a. to turn to another 

f, ty-llr^ 9, mutual nght 
liAnroAve, bH£r-v6K''. v, a. to involve one 

triiun aaother. ^ 

JlliwmiiM'iij III Iri pniii* t». a. pret. tfOenocnx: 
putt pass. iMCerSMwrn, lptfotoQoe,or tnfenottw- 
-^ '- mix one with another in a regular tex- 
~ )|RleiiBiikgte. [a will. 

e, ftH^-t&-bl. a. disqualified to make 
IflHtb'-tlue. a. dying without a will. 
|»4li'4Ma. oTMonging kx» ^ 

lii^ "ttineyfiJ-L^^'-tlii. a, mtemal} domestick. 

hr Mm, iTL-i^-^-iiii. f. the gut, the bowel 

IiiLlti'al, (l-£AI&w]^ D. IS to enslave, to shacUa. 

In Lti raiment, In-^Arlwr-m&it. «. servitude, 

' sfat^ery. 

Ititi mai^, fn'-t^nil.-s&. i. dose femiliarity. 

lutjmate, In'-ti-m^. a. familiar, closely ac- 

Inumate, Ii^'-t^mate. t. a familiar inend. 

Intimate, hf-iib-vakte, v. a. to huit,to point oat 

Intimately; ln'-ti-ffllite<4&. ad. dosej^ 

Intimation, in-t^mli'-sllAn. t, hint, indirect 
declaration or direction. . [to cuutardize. 

Intimidate, 2n-thn'-^-dile. v, a. to make fearful, 

Intire. b-tlre'. a. whole, unbroken. 

Intirehess, la-tlre'-nAi. «. wholeness)^ iniegrity 

lniji>,^ii''ib. prq>y notu^ entrance with reeard 
to filace, or penetration beyond the outside. 

Intolerable, in-l6l'-lftr4-bl. a. insuflferable. 

Intolei-ably, In-t&I'-l$r-&-bl^. od. to a degree 
beyond endurance. 

Intolerant, In-tftlMMbit. a. not endurii^. ^^ 

IntrJerance, ln-ldl'-lfar-4nse. *. want oftolerar^ ^ 
tion. [ine. • 

Intofnation, In4&-na'<«h&n. «. manner of sound- . 

Intort, In-tdrt'. v. a. to twist, to wreath. 

Intoxicate, h-iAks'-^k&te. v. a. to inebriate, to 
make drunk. 

Intoxication, hi-tAks^-ka'-shftn. s. inebriatioii. 

Intractable, In-tA'-ti-bl. a. ungovernable, fa- 
nous. [peiirersenesSk 

Intractablertess, in4rAk'-4&-bl-nes. s, obstinacy, 

Intransmutable, In-trftns-mi'-tft-bl. a* un 
changeable to any other substance. 

Intreasure, in-trSzh'-Are. e. a. to lay'up as :n a 

Intrench, !n-tr(nsh' «. n. te break with ho. 
^awBi to forti^ with a trench. 

Intrenchant,In-(rfinsh'4nt. a.notto be <fivided. 

Intfenchment, In fcSnsh'-ment. t, fortificaUoa 
with a trench. 

Intrepid, ln-tr^4d. a. ftNsrless, bold. 

IntrepiSty, te-trHid'-*H*. *. feariesneas. 

InSei!^ h-<iV-M6 od. feariesslyy daril^' 
Intricacy ' k-fA, ' ^wpteaoly^ •••— 






File, fir, f y, ^ ;— mfe, mk i-^ltie, pla } 

Intricately J, ln'^^i^'ldio-ti^ ^d. With perplraily. 
J ntrkateaeas^ iDr'^tri^kt^tc-j}^. f, perpJcjilty, iii- 

1 ntrigue, Ib-tr^ , *. a plot j a bve affjiif* 
Ifjtripue, Tji-tr^g'. v. n. to form pkrts, cw cany 

Oil privale desigits. 

11(1 tu rally. 

\ Intrlnalck, In-trfti'-sTk. sl inward, real 

A lutjodu ce , lu-trb-disc^ f. a , lo cooduct or tuW 

jT' into s place. 

J* JntroductioDj !u-irA-diyt'-shftii. s. ibe aclof cou- 

^^ tlurling or Hslitrtng to j l^ie preface. 

l^ lutrodiictivcJii-irtQiik'-llv, J«. previouSj 

%l Introductory, iii-iT^^ak-tftr-^. J scn'ing as a 

^ ' tnenjnsi to iomcLliijij^ fartiiern 

|u latrogreasioii, lii-irA-gnSih'-ftu. s. eninuwe, the 

ll_^* acL of enlcj^ing. 

^^ IntrospectioD, Jn^tjpd-sp^k'^sliaji. *, a ^iew of 
KT^ Uie divide. 

^ iDtrovenient, b*lrA-v^'-nWiiL a. 

mraii]^ 111. 


Intro Ye rtr In-ir^-v^ri^ v. a. jo turn in wonts. 

Intrude, h-iMd'. v n. to encroach, to fortie in 
MiHTdUiid or uupermittcd. 

Intruder^ b-ti^'^-d&r. f , one who hrc^ Mm- 
self into company wiiliout dghL 

IntriJSJoo, ?ji4rAa'-ihfin. j. the act <pf intrudiiig^. 

Iiitru«iVc,lo-lr6A'-«lv,ii, mtruding, coming into 
company without invitation. 

Intrust, In-trflal'. t\ a. to <:harge witti smy secret. 

Intuition, In-ii-lsh^-ao. t. ittunediate ItnowledFe. 

Intuitive, liMil^-^-itv. a. seetu^, iwt twiiiely Ec- 

)ievm^^ ha>n}i^ tlie power ofoiscoiveringiTwUi 

itnmc<Jiii*^ly withmit raiiocinaiion. 

. IntuitiVtfJy, lii-li^-i-liv-ife, arf. by immediate 

perception. [mour. 

Intumescence, In-iA-m^-rfuse #, twdl, ni- 

Intwine, io-twlno'. p. a, to twisi of wreath to- 

Inuendn, lo-fi-ln^KjA. s. a di<itani notice, a hin*. 

Inundation, in dnsii^-siian. i. a flood, a deJugiJ. 

Inure. In-iro^ c» u. to Itabliuate. to aopjstom. 

Invade, fa-v^d^'. v, a. U} attack a camtiyj ii 

make a ho^ile cuuraix^ ; to assault 
Jjivader, fci-vi'-d&r. s. oije who enters -riib 

Jifistility into the po^cssioiits of aoothcr m 

Invalid, fn-v-AlMd, a. w^ak^ oTno efficacy. 
Invalid, ?n'v4-l^'. j. one (^sabJed by «i; 

or hm ts. 
Invalidate, Jii-v4l'-^-dite. v. a. to weak«Tt • 

deprive of force or efficacy* 
Invalidity, Jn-vA-fld'*^**^, *, weakness^ wbjH i( 

Invalaablfi, Iji-vfil'-i44>L a. in^timabb. 
Lnvaiiabl€j !n-v4''-r&-4-bl. a. mic±iangoatJe, eon 

Invariable neae, In-vi.'-r^i-b!-nli. #. rairanta 

bjiiiy, constancy. 
Invariably, lii-v4"^-rM-bl^, ad. uncfaangeably, 

Inva!sion,!n-\-4^-than.s, bostile oDCsroachuieaL 
Invafiive, !n-vi'-^v. a. etucnng hwUMy* 
Invective^ ifn-\T&k''*iJv. «. a i^vere ccnaupe bit 

speech or wTiting-. 
Invective. In-v^k'Hilv. a. fiaibicaJi, abusive. 
Itivect]veiy, Tn-i-ik'-tiv-l^- ad. satiincally, dxi 

aivoly. [praadi^' 

Inveigh p^ b-vi', v n. to niter cennire 0t rh, 
Invei^her, Iii-v4'-&r. f, vehement railer. 
Inveigle, In-vfe'-g^. v. a. to wbeedie, im aUure. 
Inveiglfir,ln^\i^-gl-4r.s. a seducer, iillunBrtoiM*, 
Invent, ?n-v^nt^, n. a, lo find out j to fogii. 
In venter, In-v^m'-ar, s. a deviaer, a teller «l* 

Invention, hi- v^n'-sii&n. a. fiction, act of 

ducin^ sonioUiin^ new j the iliii^ inveule 
Inventive J iH-v^nCfiv. <i. quick at coairivaiiDe, i 
Inventor^ b-v^nt'-dr. f. a finder out of msat^ 

til ins- new j a contriver. [Ablat 

iDventnry, In'-vlb-tflr-i, s. a caiaiogueoiittoviQ' 
InventresSj, ?n-v^n'-tr^ ^. a female tken m^eot^ 
Inverse, inverse', a, invGrted. ^j 

Itiveidon, In-vlt^-shfln. a, di&ngci of Jirte of 

tiinei '• 

Invert, in-v?rt^ t». n. to mm up«kk 
Invertedly, In-v&'-t^-l^. gd. ui 

revei^ca order, 

Inv«*, '"J^^*»(^ K. 





n6, mftve, ii6r, nftt ^— t&be, tftb, bflP j— ffl ;— piWad ;— tfiin, thIi. i 

involre, in-?6lv'. v,a,io inwrap; to coinpc ii>| 

to entaittle ; to Mend. [womidecL 

Invultterame. lnA^'-D9r4-l»l. a. not -to b^ 
Inward, !n'-ward. >«i tovvards the intonnu 
Inwards; fn'-wlrdz. > parts, within ; ccmcaTely. 
Inward, In'-wML a. internal, plao^ within. 
Inward, In'-w&rd. «. any thing within; a near 

acquamtance. [mtemafly. 

Inwardly, fn'-wlrd-li. ad. withm, privately • 
Inwardness, In'^w&rd-DSs. s. intimacy, fhnut- 

Inweave, fn^w^'^. a. pret. ^puwee or i^nMotv 

ed ; i>arL pass, iawove or imtovm. to mix in 

Inwrap, in-r&p'. v. a. to cover by injrbluiiOB, 
Inwreatiie, ln*r^ue'. v. a. to soiround as vritb , 

a wreath. 
Inwrought, ih-r&wt'. a. adorned with woili; 
Ionic. l*6n'-!k. (f. belonging to one of the dialeCIS 

of tne Greek language, or to one of the fiv« 

orders of architecture. [plant 

Ipecacuanha, lp;p^kftk-6-li'-Bft. s. an Indian 
Irascible, l-rfis'-if^-b]. a. disposed to anger. 
Ire, ire. s. anger, rage, passionate hatrra. 
Ireful, Ire'-fOJ. a. angry, raging, furious. 
Iris, I'-ils. 8. the rainbow; the circle round the 

pupil of the eye ; the flower-de-hicb. 
IrKSome, dric'-s&in. a. wearisome^ troubleSDme. 
Irksomeness, Srk'-s&mHiAt. «. tediousness, wea- 

Iron, M'triL s, a hard, ibsil^ malleable metal} 

a< chain, a shackle, 
Inm, I'-mm. a. made of iron ; fesembling uroit 

in colour; hard; impenetrablei 
lion, 1 -Am. V. a. to smooth with an iron: to 

shackle with irons. [and meaning anotbe* 
Ironical, i-rftn'-n^k&l. a. expressing one thbg 
Ironically, i-i^c'^ni k&14. 4uL by the useoT 

dealer hi 

Ipiiittoble, l^-vls'-l^-bl. a. discoverable 

cy ra^al <fisquisitioa. 
Inve^tigshe, la-vfti'-ti^gato. v. a, to seardi oat 
Inven^gatkm, In-vls-ti-glK'-shAn. f. ej^amina- 

tico. - [possession, 

bwestiture. liKvSs'-tMnre.^. tin right of giving 
Investmei^ b-vkt'-uMlnt^. diress. 
hiTeteracy,ln-vit'4fir-A-si. f. kwg ( 


thing ba^. 

a. old. 

long ostab- 

InveteratenesB, !nA4t'-t2r4te-n&K «. k)ng con- 
tlananoe of any thing bad; obstinacy. 

EBvidiDUS. h^/W-h^. €k envious, msjignant 
, bividlously, fa-vld'-h-Mk: ad, malignantly, 

InvidkufliieaB^ fe-vld'-i-AsHiis^ «. quality of 
provokug envy or hatred. 

bwigorsle, In-^g;^-g6-r4to. v. a. to animate. 
' faivigoration, In-viig-g^dL'-shftn. «. the act of 
invig qw Ui ag; the state of bemg invisoraited. 

llM^faicR>ley]n-vk'-sM)l. «. unconquerable. 

Inrindbleness, In-v2a'-si-bl-n^ s. unconquer- 
ablraess, rasap«rablenes8. 

Inviaeibiy, In-vfa'-sM)!^. ad. insuperably. 

Inviolable, toM'-b-ySAsL a. not to i(>e profaned ] 
not to be broken. [fhikire. 

Inviolablyj lD-vi'-44&-b)i. ad. without breach or 

Inviolate, in-\i'-6-llae. a. unhurt, unbroken. 

IiivSaiUilty,!n-vlE-M>ll'--^4& s. the state of be- 
ing invisible. 

InvMbte^ln-vlz'-^bL c^ not to be seen, [sight 

Invifliblyi m-vh'-hAAk ad. imperceptibly to the 

laTftatiop) b-vi-tli'-shAn/s. the act of mvitmg, 

Invito, ^vlte'. v. a. Uf bid, to ask. 
lofttingly, In-vl'-tlng-l6. ad. in such a manner 

as invites or allures. [upon. 

ISfVcate, ln'-v6-k&te. v. a. to invpke, to call 
Itttooition, tn-v^ki'-shib. t. thehctofcalUi^ 

iijpoD in prayrar. [ofashii 

Iniroice^in'-voSe. s. a catalogue of the freigl 
IbvdIw, ki-v^e\ o. a. to implore, tq pray to. 
Imrolimtarily, h-vl^-din-taH^le. ad, not by 

Upr^hn^taxyt in-v6l'-&n-t&-rft. a. not done will* 
liwKilliwi, h-v^Ut'-ihftii. f. theactof mvobr. 


Irony, ' i'^m^. a. having the quidities of iron. 
Irony, I'-rAn-^ «. a mode of speech fai winch/ 
4 the meaning is contrary to the words. 
Irradiance, fr-r&'-dMnse. >s,emissionofnQa 
irradiancy, lrdk'-dMb«&. ) or beams d 

Eriiiupon an object; beiuMi of ligfat emitted. 
IrnQtater&-r&/-d^. o. a. to adoni with ^ 

emitted u|^ it} to eoUgirten inteSedttallr^ 





IrradiatioQ, le-A-dk-kf-MD: «. the act of «iiut- 

tigr beams of liebt; Uhmuaatioii. 
ImnooaL Ir-rW^nll. a, void of resson. 
ImtioDaliy^ lrfldi'-6-iiA)-i. «2. without reason . 

abwrdly. [leclaimed^ 

Irrechumable, Ir-i^kl&'-ini-bl. a. not to be 
Irreconcilable^ lr-r&-^Ml'-l&-bL a. not to be 

reconcUea. [reconcilable maniier, 

Irrecoodlably; ir-rlk-6n-slMft-bl^. ad, in an Ir- 
Irrecoverable, ir-r&4EAv'-flr4U>l. a. not to be? 

regained. . (recovery. 

Irreoorerably, ir-rt4Efly-Qr-arbli. ad, be>»^ 
Irredttc3>]e^r6-d6'-fl^bL a. not to be reduced. 
IrrefragSEbflity, hvr^f-iVA-gi-bn'-^-i&. «.8ttengtfa 

of argument not to be refuted. [iiitld. 

irrefrainble, Ir-rSf-frl-gA-bl. a. not to be coo- 
Inefragably' iM^-ft&^bli. mi. with ibrce 

above oonfotation. 
Irrefotable, Ir-r^fft-tlM «;. noi to be over- 
thrown fay aigument [nnaediodieKL 
Irregular. n^rSg^>g&-l&r. a. deviaungfrom mki i 
Irreguhmty,ir^-g&-Uhr'-^-t^ f. deviation 

mn rule ; iaorounate practice. 
Irregularly^ lr-r^-g&>ttr-l&. ad^ without ob^ 
• lervationofruleer^piethod. 
Irrelatiye, lr-rSK-]&-lAr. a. having no reference 

lo any thing. {lieving. 

Irretevant, lr-r%'4-vant. «u unassisting, um& 
IrreligiiMi, fr-ri-Bd'-j&p. «. contempt of religiodi^ 

Irreligious, iMi-Ad'-jfls* «. impious.^ [turn. 
Irremeable, Ir-r^-mMipbl. a. admitting no re^ 
Irremediable, fr-v^m^id^-bl. a. not to be 

remedied, fdon^, 

lirsmissible, Ir-ri-nils'-fl^^l. a. noltoDepaf- 
iirBmoveable, lr-r^n|Mv'-i-bI.. a. not to be 

moved, not to be changed. [P^'i^- 

trrepaiiible, Irvi^p -pA-ri-bl. a. pot to Wi re- 
Irreparably, lr*rSp^-pA*Ti-bli. ad. without 

ameods. [rodeemed. 

Irrepla viable, !r*r^pl2y-v^A4jU a. not to be 
IrreprchEnFiblo^ lir-Tilp'pi:i&-h5n^-i^-bl. a, cx- 

etnpt fvimi hhtna. [ant blamflL 

I Trtpreh enaibl y^r-r^-pM-hln'-ai-bl^. ad, whh- 
Irrepmiichabtc^, Ir-m-pc^uV-A-bJ. a, heefnxn 

Irraproveftble, Irr^iiraiv^^-bJ, a. not Id be 

bkuied, iircprcacliabli^ 

Fite, fir, f IB, Ai ^— m^, mfit ?— pine, ph ;— 

Irrci^titjous, %<^rlp-tlifa'^ a. enottadiidi;, 
creep] rtg \iu [above Dpponhjon. 

Irresistibility, !r-P**!i-t^-blF-*-tt *. power 

LrTcsUtible, frHf^iIsi'-t^'bl. a- supcriotir loop 
position. [not io be opposed 

Irresistibly, !r-r^a3s'-tJ^-blt. ad. in a maium 

InesolLihle^ ir-r^i'-iA-lA-bj. a. no* lo be brok^o^ 
noi lo be dii^fhed. 

trrui^oluto. !r-F^'-z6-l&tat £L not determiited. 

Iffesolulely^ Ir-r^z'-iih-lffle-l* ad wiilKiui Gna 
n£:£>^ of nilnd. [ne^ of mitid 

Irresolution^ Ir-rfe-i-li'-abdii. m, wajii of Urn 

Irretrievable, fr-rt-tr^^'-vA-bl* a. not to be re- 
paired,, irrccDvemble, |afaly. 

Irretrievably, Ir-r^tr^'-i-l-bli. ad. iireoover 

Irreverence, Ir-r^v'^-v^ivljiie, «. waotofve^e 

Irreverent, Ir-i^v'-v^r^ai, a. not pajnug dtie 
bLUiinge or fererejice. [respect 

Irreverently, Jr-r^v'-v§r-^nl-l^. ad, wilbout doe 

Irreversible, iiHnfi-v&'-fl^-bl. a. nol lo be reooU^ 
cd. [cttlled 

Irrevocablei Ir-rtv-vA-fc^-b.. a. not to be re- 

Irrevocably, lr-r&v'-v6-ki-bl^, ad. widwut re- 

Irri^te, Ir'-i^-giie. w, u. to wei^ to i_... 

Irriirati#n,ir'r^^^4'-shfln. r, ibe act of 1 
cii- moistenings 

1 rrit^oUB, fr-rfg-'-^'i-^s. a. watery j . . 

In isLOUf Tr-rl^h -All. j?. ihe act tif laiiglit^ el 
aiioiiicr. t°^grv 

Irri table, Jr'-r^-tl-bl. a, capobb of bebig mad^ 

Irritate, Ir'-r^ li(e. v. a, •© provoke, toexa^ 
rcitoj loli^'.i^hteif* [pcfation 

Irritation, h -r^ta'-shfin. #. pmvocm4on, eji]i» 

Irruption, Ir-rflp'-shflji. *. ihe act of any ibin^ 
forcing an entrimce j inroad. 

I3, Ja. iba ihirfl person $ingidar of to be, \ voi. 
ihonan. beu; it is sodn;5tiineie3Epre»ldb» 
% afl, Whnt's the price of iliis Ijook 1 

Ipicle, i^iTk'kl, *. a piideni shoot of iee» 

Isinglass, I'-wn^-^lils. *. a turn kind of gnw 
made fnciin ihc inie^Locfl of a fifih. 

Island, V)m^d. s. &. ti^ct of limd siurduuded b> 

IshDd&rtP-lliiid-^. s. aiiii:thaJ>itBntoran i 

Isle, lie. f. &n isJand. ftadtadj 

Isolated, b'^i;iL^^, »epat«l^ d»^ 




ffli, w&v^f nflr, ti6t -f^th^t rib, titUi j— flll ^-^And jr^Ui, THa. 

two sides equal. 
laa^r hh^^ihi. j. lb© act of (Mi3tflng out ; egiwa j 

ev«iil i tenniiiBltoii -^ ufi'^tiii^. 
iMUCp W-iih^K t\ n. U> eomc uut; [o ntcikc an 
, eruptioo: to proceed as an ofi'^ringj to be 

pmdticed by any ftiod. 
i«[ie, !sh'-ab^. v. a. to send out, to send forth. 
. Jwaebas^ }^i'-^&-]$3. a. without o£&priu£ 
iflhmusj ist^-infls *. a neck of huid joiniijig the 

peuiDSuJa to dio oontuient. 
Hj lt> jrmn. the ueutntl damoostraUve j Hue tbin^ 

spoken of before, 
Itcti; ttah *, a euianeotta disease. 
Itebf itsh. 1^. 3«. to re«1 thsit nnessmfiss h the «kjii 

watcfa is removed by mbbin?. 
Item. F-t^m^ £i<^. aJtioj, a word used wbeD auy 

ortide i« added to the fonner, 
Item^ V'^^^ J. a DOW article | a biitli 
' Iterate, h'-t^r-iiB, u, a. to repeats 
• f itraijt, It'-i^-dnL a. mpDaiuig. 
■ Itaintioin, It-iJh^-i^-Bhan, j. repelitim* [lied. 
,titteraiitj J-tJii'-n^r-Am, a. wamieringj not set- 
Itixifir^u^j l-dji^-u^-&T-^. s. a book of trtiveb. 
Itmeraty, i-iiii''-ti?r-4f-(t. a. travelling, done oin 

ajcjuniey. [ooim applied to thin^. 

Jporyj l^-vflr-*. *. the tusk C3f tbe dephaut. 
iTOry^F-vflr-^H a* made of or pertaiuiug to Ivory* 
Iry, V'VL t. a plaaL 


J A BBEBi \hW-h^. u. n. to talk idly. 

Jacent^ ti-^tit, a. i^-ing lU lonetb, 

Jacfc. jalc. *. the diininoiive of Jshn; aa en- 
gsDe J a fish. tto start prey for lh« lion. 

Jaliealj, jUf-kMl^. ». a small mtiaial sappos^ 

J.4ckaiiapc3; jfik^-lLii-^pa. s. an ape, a coxcomb. 

Jackdaw TJfiJt-dW^ *. a small species of crow. 
I Jaekj«tj;&k^-klt, i. a shori coat 
. JaeiiJaboji,jit-d-Ei^-sliiii. s. ibe actof throw- 
► inf snissile weapons. [woBittn* 

i Jade, ^e, t. a hone of jm> spirit j a sorry 
I Jade^ j&dig. p. 3. to tire^ to weary. 

Jadidit ji'^ilah. a. Ticioua, Locoodnesit. 

Jft^, Tig. I. a denliculatioD. 

J^^jICp v^ «» 10 cut Loto imkatuioi. 

JaUTj^ *- a gaol, a prison. 
Jalap, ^al^-lSp. Ji. a purgathc root 
Jam.jftni. *, a conserve of fiTjiii 
Jamb, jibn. j* tlie post of a door. 
Jjtncle j4ii^-gL *% n, to quarttiL 
Janizary, jii?-n^-z^4. i. a TurkLsii soldicf . 
Janty, jW-t*. a- showy, flutieruier. [yttr, 
January,^ ju»'-iii-ftr-4, *. the tirst mouth of the 
Japan, ja-pin'. *. wod£ varnished and raised in 

gold and colours. [{hspute. 

J&r, j^. V. n. lo sound untunably. to d&m^ l& 
JaTij^pj. ou cartheu vesielj a aarsh !$oui]d| 

discord. . [iih. 

Jargon, j^-gAn. ?. uninteili^ible talk, gibber- 
Jasmine ^ jliZ-mln. J. R fli?wer^ 
Jasper, jfi^-pir. f. a precious stone. 
Jaundice J j&ji^-dls. s. a dbtempor from obstrtic- 

lioo of the g^liuidjj of the liver. 
Jaunt, jint. u, n. to mat© hitJe cicufsions tor 

air or exercise, 
Jaundne.s^, jSji^-ti-n^. s. airiness. 
Jiivelin, j4v^-l?n. s. a spear, or half pike. 
Jaw» i^w. s. the bone of the mouth ui whicli dio 

i^etli are Gxod, 

Jay. ]i. J- a bird. 
JeaiQue^ jl&Vd5s. a. suspicious. [jealottA. 

Jealoqsuess. ill'-lilka-fiis. 5. the state of betji|; 
Jealousy, j^l'-ra*^. j. suspicioa in love, suapi- 

cioua fear. 
Jeer, j^r. v, n. to scoff, to amko mock. 
Jeer, j^r. *. scoff, taunt. [tuouiiy, 

Jeeiwly^ j^frr'-Jng-dfi. ad. scorufiiUv, contetnp- 
Jebovan, ji^-h6^-vl. j. tlie Hebrt-w mime for GmL 
Jejune, j^-jMrr'.«. wanting J Hung^rj': dry. 
JcjuneneaSf j6-j6An^-n5i s. fmmiry' pove 


dryness. ^ ^ 

Jellied, j^lMid. a. glutinnus. broiighl to a vn 
JelJy, j^f'-l^, s. a kind df tender congul&tiojj. 
Jeimet, j^n^-pft. s. a Spanisn horse, [danger* 
Jeopard J jlp^-pftrd. v a. to naioid, to put in 
JeoparddusJ^p'^-pfiir-dfks^ tu hazardous, dki^r^ 
Jeopard y, j^ -p*-d6. *. hazard, peril. (cm. 
Jerkf jSrk.s,a smart, ^uick lash ^ a suodeu jolt. 
Jerkjj^rk. v. a. to strako witli a^smart^ ouiclr 

Jerken, j^r^-kln. g. a jacket| a s 
Jersey; jlr'-ii* #. flae yam of i 




essairane, jifi'-si'mtn. *. a fragrani flower. 

Jestj j^st J. aiiV thing^ ludicroita^ or meant only 

to rak^ taugftter, 
Jest^ j&t t?. n. to divert. [water. 

Jet;^ fit f. a beauiiful black fossil | a spout of 
Jet, j^. n n. to sbool forward, to jut out. 
Jetty, j^t'-i^. a. made of jel^ black as jet. 
Jewel, jii'-ll. $. a procnius stone j a iiameof 

Jeweller, ji'-fl-idr. s. one who dcala in jewels. 
Jews-harp, j^ze^-hlrp. *. a sort of musjcal in- 

Jigf jig. $. a lijp-ht dance or tune. 
J iff, jig. *'■ "' ^^ dance carelessly [tempt, 

JiUfjTii. ». a deceiving woman J a nameofcon- 
lUtjjflt. v.a. to trick a man by flsutering his 

love with false hopes. [a bell. 

JltigTe, jhtg'-gl^ s. any thing sotirtdtng, ^ raHJcj 
iinpile, }hig^-g\, t\ n. to sound correspoiKleatJyK 
Job, jfib, *. a mean lucrative alTair ; a piece of 

chanco-work. [^itisirument. 

Job, jAb^ V a. to strike suddenly wiUi a sharp 
i»OD, j4b. 11. 11. to buy and sell aa a broker* 
Jobber;, j6b'-bftr. s. one wbo sella siock in the 

publick funds | one wIkj doea chatice-work- 
*ocke3r> j6k'-k^. s. one wbo deals in horse^j a 

tn'ckisii felkjw. 
JockeyjAk'-k*. v. a, tojustlc^ to irick. 

Jocosely,, J^i-k^&se'-j^. orf. wagijiahlT^, in jest 

Jocuhrltyj jtk-iSi-lftr'-i-tA. s. loerrtroent^ dispo- 
sition to Jeat. 

Jocund, jGk^-flrtd. a. mcrty, g^y- lively. 

Jocundly. j4k'-ftnd-l^. ad. merrily j, gaily* 

Jog> jiftg, t\ ou to pushj to shai^e. 

Jog, i*ig. s. a ptishj a slight shake. 

^^KP^^ jt^g'-gl. v.n. to shake, to be in a trem- 
ulous motiou. [c^. 

Join,]fl?n. «. a, to add, to unite j to actia«i> 

Joinder, jdV-dflr. &. conjunction. 

Joiuer,jfllfl'-fir. *. one i%iio joijB wood together. 

Joint, j^t. a, articolation if limbai hingie; 
knot m a plant 

Joint, jAlnt. a^ iharcd ainong many, oocnbined. 

Joint, jfllnt. I?, a. to join to^edier, to form in 
articu.ation9: to divide a joint. 

Jointly, |Al£it'-i;fc.aci. (og«tlifif. 

Joint resfl,jATa'-tr^ «. one wbo hoid» feay tlm^ 

ill jointure. 
Jointure, jAbi' tshflre. «, estate settMi OD a ^m^ 

to be enjoyed after her husband's dieceaae. 
Jotst^ ^6!stp s. the seconaaiy beam of a. door. 
Joke,j6ko. *. a jest 
Joke^ jfrke, tJ. n, to jest 
Jole. jile, *. the face or cheek j ti« bead of • 

Jollity J iAP*l^ti. s, gayety, nierriment| festivity 
Jolly, jiSl'-]^. a- gay, merry j pbimp. 
Joitt ji^Jt, s. a shock j^ as in a carriagG. 
Jolt. J Alt, IS. II. to shake a^ a carriaee. 
Jonqitille, jftn-kwlF ». a species c^dafibcfit. 
Jostle, jAs^-sl. t?. a. to jusde \a rush agaiurt. 
Jot, j At. s. a point, a titilo. 
Journal, jSr-n&l. s, a diary, any paptt puo- 

Hshed dail^'. 
Joiinialist, j&r'-siAl-lst. s. a writer of jonnla. ' 
Journey, jflr'-D^. 4. travel by Land ; pam^ INv 

place to place- 
Journey, j&r'-iu^. Dp n. to travel, 
Joumeyinan, jAr -n^m&a. f . a hirad i 
Jou!$t, jAst. f . tilt, toumamenL 
' -' * ' ■ thetilL 

airy, merry. 
" merrily, gaily. 

, ,1 - JY -T"-*"'""- ^ S'^J^y/ inerriiiiij 

Joy, jA^ f. gladness, memment; liii|ipiiiea 

Joy, J&6. r. n. to litnoice. 

Joyful. jA^-f Al. fl. full «f joy, glad. 

Joyfully, jd^-ffll-i. ad. with]oy, glacOy. 

Joyfuhiess, \bh -f 61-nfe, s. ^ladnesi; joy 

Joyless, j6^ -I-^. <l void of joy. 

Joyous, |ft^'-&3. d* glad, merry, givinrloT. 

JuDilant,jA^-h^-l&ot.d. utterit^ioii^^lniii 

Jubilee, ji'-b^lA. a. a publick festivity* 

JucuadityjA-kfln<'-di-t&*f. ple3santfi««iy ag«ee-r 

Judaicftl, jA-d&^-^-kfiJ. cl Jewish. 
Judajjum, j^^-di-km. t. the rehgiom litai «! 

the Jews. 
Judaize, j^'-dli-Ii^. r. r, to coaifonn to the Jtwii 
Judge, jfktje. 1, otiewbopt^deainaooiBifif; 

judicature j one who hai SiuHiDeDl iktll to da | 

cidfi. [rim Titiihfiiimiigj^ . 

Judge, j^dle. p. a. to pass aefHeanj t- 
Judgsiuent^jMjo' m&it t. Ut«» power 




riiall be gi\-^en bcfaro ibco ttmchi^g i k ^ Bit t 

t«T in que^tioii. 
Ja$t, iftst. 0. uprif^t, houMt } conolelA Mk 
Just, jAst. «. a mock encounter on horseback. 
JuMice, jAs'-tb. «. right, \-iodictive retribatiMi 

a magistrate. , . ^ , \jui«an ' — '^^ 

J. epmion; coodemaation; tbe 

, ;f[-t&iv^ *. a court oTjustict. 

Jiidleitiire,jA'HK-ka-t&re. #. power of disirib- 

lodScMK j6-<aali'4L a. prac^Md in the dtstribn- 

IkMi or putdick iiistico } inflicted as a penalty. 
inmciary, jA-dbb'-&r-^. a. passings judgement 

MDoa any thinK. 
Judicioiis, jA-dSa'-fts. a. Dmdca'., wise. 
JodlckMuiy , j&Hllsh'.&s.i;^. ad, wnely. 
Jti|^,|ftg. «. a laige drinking vessel. 
JiMle, jl^-gl. V. fi. lo play tricks by sleight of 

uSid. Timp^ure. 

i«l«Je> J*5f-«V:.* ^*? }*y legerdemain} an 
logiinur, ja'-gvHar. a. belonging to the throat. 
Jince, jwe. •.^tbe liquor of plants and fruits; 

me fluid in animal bodies. 
• irfeeleas, jAse'-!&i. a. without moisture, pence. 
Jnidneasyj&'-ii^n^ s. pTenty of juice, siiccu- 

Jfiiey; jAP-fi^. a. moist, full <irjuice. 

July. lA-i^. s. tlie se\'enth month of ino year. 

lamif), jAm'-bl. V. a. to mix violently and coo* 

; a 

fliiedly together. 

JomUe^ j&V-bl. «. a conAiscd mixture. 

imnp, lAinp. «. the act of jumping, a 
sort ef waistcoat. ^ _, 

Jump, j&mp. V, n. to leap, to skip; to agree, to 

iuiicate,jiuig'-kH. s, a cheesecake; any del- 

lunetioo, j|ftng'-shAi?.«. union, coalitmn. 

Juactiire,jAngk -tshAre. $, a joint, articulation; 
critical time. 

luae, j&ne. s. the sixth month of tbe year. 

J:uda^ jA'-n^Ar a. younger. 


i, j4'-ui-p5r. s, a plant. [of cable, 

^knk. 8. a small ship of China; pieces 
*!bi^-kli. c. n. to feast secretly. 

n'-tA.^. a cabal. 
I, jA-rld'-di kil. a. actmg in the distri- 

©("justice. [er ; district. 

linMetipn, jA-r?s>d!k'-shAn. s. extent of pow^ 
nee, jA-rfs-prA'-dlnsc. s. the scietM:e 

'-fl*. ^a dvil lawyer, a ci%nlran. 
■fAr. s. one that serves on a jury. 
\. 9. a company of men, as 24 or 12, 
dblivertrmh upon such evldepce 

Justiciary, jAs-i^i'4-&-r^. s. one who admin- 
Justifiable, J As-tft-fl'-A-U. a. defensible bylaw 

or rea<^oo. 
Jitstifiableness, jAs-tft-fr-ft-bl-nls. s. rectitude. 

possibility of bcuig fairiy defended. 
Justification, jAs-t6-i^k&'-shAo. s. defibice,. 

x-iiidicatbn. [solvei, 

Jiistifier^ iAs'-tA-fl-Ar. s. one wbo defi^uds or ab- 
Jiistify, ja^'-tA-f L t\ a. to cl^r from impuVsd' 

guilt, to defend. [each otlier 

Justle, jAii'-sl. V. II. to encounter, to rush agalui. 
Justly, jAst'-lA.<u/. uprightly,. honestly; exactly.. 
Jtistness, jAst'-nAs. s, reasonableu<^,,;e(|uityi 

Jut, jAu V. n. to shoot uito promineofies, to come 

outoftiie line. 
Juvenile, jA'-vA-nf.. a. \iDtithAAk 
Juvenility, jA-vi-nIl'4-tA. s. youthfulness. 
JiLXtaposltlon, jAks-t(UpA-zIsh'-An. «. the suite 

of being placedi by each othrr 


KaLerdar, kAl'-An-dAr. #. an account of lime.- 

Kali. kk'-lA. «. a sea weed. . 

Keck, kAk. v. m. to heave the stomach, [river. 

Kedser. kAd'-iAr. t. a small. anchor used in a 

Keel, keAl. s, tlie bottom. of a Aip. [roonious. 

Keen, kMn. a. sharp, well edged ; seVere, an* 

Keenly, kA^n'-lA. ad. shaiply, vehememly. . 

Kecimes^j kWn'-nAs. s. sharpness ; asperiy j 
eagerness, vclicmence. 

Keep, kWp. V, a. to retahi; to protect : to pre-, 
serve; to hold; to observe any t*3ie; to 
maintain, to support with necessaries ef life* 
to* remain in; not to i*eveal ; to withhoM. 

Kee|)cr, kA^'-ftr. i. one who holds any thing. 

Keg, k^. 5. a small baiTel. 

Ken, k^. v. a. to sec at a distance, to deiciy. 

Ken, kAa. «. view, reacli of sight. 

Kennel, kin'-iill «. a cot for dogs; the Ma 
9 'oj or other beast; a waier-coim. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC _^ 




F&te, ry, f au, fit j-^mh, rogt »--ptpe, ph y 

Kennel, kln'-iift. v. n. i« Ko, lo clwell. 
Ke k9u. ;»ief . and part. pxM. of keep, 
Kerchiefj, k^r'-tshff. «. a head-dress. 
Kernel, keK-ii?l. «. the edtbic substance contain- 
ed in a shelL 
Kersey^ k^r'-xi. #. coarse siuff; 
Ketch, K^isli. 9. a heavy ship. 
Kettle, kdt'-tJ. t. a vessel in which h'quor is 
boiled. [Hrass. 

Kettledrum, k^t'-Utlrim. «. a drum ntadc of 
Key, k^. s. an iiistrunient tu open a lock ; part 
oTa musical instrument j a certain tone; n 
Keyage^ kfr-klje. *. money paid for wharfage- 
Keyhole, k^'>h6te. s. the perforation in a door 
or lock tlirough which tlie key is put. f arch. 
Keystone, ki'-slAne. s. the middle slonjB of an 
Kick, kik. V. a. to strme with tiic loot, . 
Kick, k?k. s. a blow with the foot. 
Kickshaw, kfk'-«l)iw. ^. soraeUiingftittasticalj 
a dish so changed by Ute cookery that it. can 
scarcely be known. 
Kid, k!d. s. the yoiuig of a goaL 
Kid, kid. V. a, to bring (brtli kids. 
Kidnap, k}d'*ufip.4'. a. to steal children, to .steal 
human beings. [man beings. 

Kidnapper, k?d'-n&|vp&r. s. one vmo steal.^ nu> 
Kidney, kId'-nA. s. one of tlie two glands that 
separate the urine from tho blooilj r?ce. 
Kilderkin, kll'-d^r-kln. «. a small harref. 
Kill, k7l. V. a. to deprive of life. 
Killer. kflMflr. s. one that dcpnves of life. 
Kiln, K?I. 8. a stov«, a fabrick formed for ndmit- 

tinff heat to dry or bum tilings. 
KimBo. klm'-b6. a. cruoke<l, arched. 
Kin, km. 8. relation citlierof consanguiuiivor 

affinity. , 
Kindf kylnil. a. benevolent, fB\otirablc. 
Kind. k>'ind. s. race, general class; particular 

Aalurc; nafiniil st^e. 
Kindle, kln'-dl. v. a. to set on fire ; to exasperate. 
Kindly, kylnd'-l^. ad. with frood-wiU. 
•r»_ tsf.^ kylnd'-V^. a. congenial, mild. 

kylufl -0^ «f bciipvolence, jfood- 

Kindly, kv 

Kindred, Un'-drM. i, relation, affinity ; rete- 
Kindted^ kV-drdd. «. c:>ngeniaK related. 

King, king, s, a monardi. , ^. 

Kingcraft, k?ng--kMA. i. the act or att of ^or 
Kingdom, kltig'-d&m. s. the domimon ef akmg 
Kingly, klng^W^. a. royal, monarchicid; august 
Kingly, klng^-li. ad. wiih an air of roj-alty, wiii 

supcriour aiginty. 
Kiiigsevil. k!ngi-^-vl «. a scrirfukHis distemper 

commonlj' tHMieied to be ctired by the towA 

of the king. 
Kio.<:fotk, k?iiz'-f6ko. 8. relaik)n«. 
Kinsman, kfuz'-m&n. s. a man of thb same r&et 

or family. ft ion. 

Kins\it}man, kfnz'-wftm-&n. «. a fpmak> rela 
Kirk, k^rk. f. the church of Scothind. 
Ki39, kh. v.a. to touch witii the lips. 
Ki5.«<, k?s. 5. a salute given by joining \t\if*. 
Kit, kit. 5, a small fiddle ; a wooden vessel. 
Kitchen, klishMn. «. a roonS whrre provwion* 

are cooked. 
Kite, k\ltc. 8. a bird of prey; a name of r» 

proacii; a fictitious bird made of paper. 
Kitten, kh'-tn. *. a younjj 
Kitten, klt'-tn. r. ti. to bring fwlh yourg cats. 
Klick, kl!k. r. //. to make a small, sliarp mrisa 
Knah. ndb. r. a. to bile, to catdi. 
Knack, n&k. s. a lucky dexterity ; a n'.co trick 
Knap, n^p. 5. a proluwjrance. 
Kiiaj), nAp. V. a. to bite, to break short. 
KnapsacK, nSp'-sCik. s. a soldier's bag. 
Knave, 11^ ve. s. a petty rascal, a scotmdrH. 
Knavery, ni'-vftrnfe. s. dislioncsty, petty villanj^ 
Knavish, n&'-vfsb. a. dishonest j mischievous. 
Knavishly, nk'-r?sh-l^. ad. disiionestlyj wag 

gishly. . .'_^ • [stance- 

Knead, n^MTti^^. to beat or single aiiy suh 
Knee, u^h. «. the joint between tlie Jee and !!•% 

ihigh. lisank 'o me knees. 

Knee<leep, nfJ^'-d^p. a. rising to (he kace^ 
Kneel, n^l. r. n. to bend the knee, lo rest o& 

the knre. [fuoeraL 

KncI, nh* s. tlie sonnd.of a bell mug at a 
Knew, m6. pret of know. 
Knife, nlfe. s. plura* knives, an instrument edg 

ed and pointed, wherewith meat is cut. 
Knight, nlte. s. (he rank of gem tem n utMim 

baronets; achampkm. 
Knight, nlte. v. a. to create a knigbt. 





I of wandering kjiights. 

Rnigiithoodrnlte^-had. «. the cfaaraUer or dig- 
nity of a kmeht 

Knightly, ulte^-li. a. befit^jiur ji knight. 

Kni^ nlL r. a, pret. knit or hntud. to nxike or 

iiiute by texture without a bom. 
Knitter, nlt'^tftr. s. one who weaves or Juiits. 
KnittiDgneedie, ntt'-tlng-nM-dl. s. awhre which 

wosMB UMs in kiiittingp 
Knob. nAb. s a protuberance. 
Knobbed, nftbd. a. set with kiiehs. 
Knock, nok. v,n, to clash ; to beat. 
Kooek. nftk. «. a sudden stroke^ a blow. 
Knocker. n6k'-k&r. s. the hammer of a door. 
Knoll, ii6le. v. a. to ring a bell, generally for a 

fimeral. . 
Knot, nftt s. a coniplication of a cord or string 

not easily to be disentangled : a hardpart in 

a piece of wood; a cooloderacy ; dimculty; 

a cluster. 
Knot, n6t. c. a. to complicate in knots. 
KnoCtod, u6tM&L a. lull of knots. [tricacy. 
Knottineas, nCt'-t^nds. s. fiilness of knots ; in- 
Knotty, nWAk, a, foil of knots ) intricate, 

Know, ii6. n, cu. pnA. ihmo, Ihax^e known, to 

perceive with certainty; to distinguish; ta 

recognise $ to converse whh another sex. 
Know. n&. t?. it. to have dear and certain oei^ 

aft, reave, n6r, nftt ;^t&bc, tflb, bftU y-hlX ;^ pftflnd }— <&ia, thjs. 

KiWit.ernii|tr3r,idte-«r.rint.rfc. ». the cbarac- Laboratory, I^b'-bA-ri-rar-*.«. a chymin'fwwlt.* 
teronaamionofwanderinff kjiiffhts. room. 

Laborious, l&-bft'-r6-As. <l assiduous: tiresotoie. 
Laboilously, l&-b6'-ri-&s-l^. ad. with labour^ 

wiih toil. [difliculty \ assiduity. 

Labonousness, Ia--b6'-r6-&s-n£s. s. toilsomcnoss, 
l^l)0ur, l^''bdr. s. pains, toib; childbiith. 
Labour, l^'-bflr. *. n. to toil^ to do work; to , 

mox^ with difficulty ; to be m travail, 
labourer, li'-bflr-Sr. s. one who is employed in 

cearse and toilsorae work; cme Vho takes 

Jains in any cmploynient. 
>oursome, li'-Dftr-sdm. cl made with great 

labour and diligence. 
Labyrinth, l&b'-b&-!nfAi s, a maze, a placo 

ibinned with inextricable windii^. 
Lace, 1^. $. a cord, an mnamenud trimming. 
Lace, lise. v. a. to fasten with a string j to 

adorn with gold or silver textures tewSion. 

to beat. 
Ijaceman, l&se -m&n. 9. one who deals in lace-. 
Lacerabie. l^'-s^^r-d'bL a. wch as may be tom^ 
l^aeerate, I&s'-s2r-&te. v. n. to tear, to rend. 
Laceration. l^s&*-&'-^ftn. «. the ad of tear 

ing ; the breach made by tearing, 
Lacerative, lAs'-sdr-ftrtlv. cu having the power 

Lachrymal, llk'-kri!ym&l. a. generating tears. 
Lachrynruiry,l^'-kr6-ma-r^. a. containmg tears. 
I^ck, Wk. V. n. to be iiyvariu 
Lack. Httk. s. want, neoa. 
Lackorain, l(lkM>riino. s. one that waivti wit 
Lacker, l^k'-fir. s. a kind of varnish. 
Lacker, l^k'-k&r. v. a. to do over with Jacker. 
Lackey, I^k'-k^. s. afoot-boy. 
Laconick, li-k6n'-)k. a. short, bnef. 
Laconlsm. Jik'-k6-iJzm. t. a concise f^ito. 
Laconieally, HI'kAu'-n6-k&i-i. ad, bneAv, i^- 
liactary, I^K'-tft-r*. a. mXk}\ [cise.y . 

Lactary, I4k'-t4-r&. *. a dairy. 
Lacteal, l4k'-t^-fir. oi conveymg ciivle. [chyle. 
Lacteal, l&kM^&l. s. tho vessel that caiive>'s.' 
Lacteous, lAk'-t^fls. a. milky. 
I^d. I4<i. ». a boy, a stripling. 
Ladder, lld'-dj!^. s. a frame with slept | a| 

ual rise. 


c^ion ; to be informed. 
Knowing. nft^-In^- a. skilAil. iiteelKgent. 
Knowinlly, na-!ng-l6. ad. whh skiL 

Knowledge, nftF-lddje. », certain perceptkm; 

laarmag; skill : cognisance. 
Knuckle, nfik'-kL ». the joint of the 6nger pro- 

tuborant when the hand is^ckMed. 
Knucdtle, uAk'-kl. v.n, to submit 
KmaeUed, a&k'-kkl. a. jointed. 

La. 1k9^.iM^*9f\ k)okf behoM! 
%Mt\, tii<-b^l. «. a sr^l slip or strip of writing. 
Labeot, J^'-bCnt. a. sliding, gliding, slipping. 
Uibtet, W-bft4l. a. tttteiS) by the lips. 
If^Uitod, l^-l)d^-tld a. formed with Upi. 

Lade, l4ido. o. a. to k>ad, to freight j lo hi 
lidding. Ui'-dkv. «. weight, burden, M^H* 

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r&t0, fir, f W, flU j-fli*, mSi ^^»la«,pfc>»- 

LainiMKMi, dim-pate^ i. a fmaiAmtr^ ^^, 
Lampoon; ylJ^fSaL v. a^ lo,Mie vnfh ptt^ 

J^amprev, ftm'-prt. ». « kind ofoat 
Ijftuce, faniOk «• aKHis spoon 
Lapce> Moie. «* «w to pieroo, to cut 
tancety lln'-du si a tmaU, poi«i«^ «biniifir«t 

iminiiiieot. " ' •'- 

Laneinate. Hb'-tfc-nltto. t^ «. l» toor, to^iyiMi 
LalMl, I&iMi. «. a country i a i«gfa»; «ttiil»^ ita- 

tion, people. ^ 

Land, mml. o. a. to fet-ou slwra. 
JUdcI, l&ud. r. n. to.coineoii«Aoie. 
Landau, IftiiK&^v'. «. jt ooodf whoM top moy 

occa»oi)ally opem 
Lande<], Ktii'-d^. a*. taaiUg a fertnoe in land. 
Landdood, lAnd'-flftd. s. an imindatkm. 
Landiprave, ttud^-grkve* s^ a Gennan ih)e of 

Lamlliolddry l&od^-b&l^dAr. «. one whooe fnrtunf 

is in land. [and aelb land 

Landjobbei-j lftnd'-}Ab-bftr. f* ono wlio btt\« 
Landlady, lan'-l4<Kl^. «. a woman win has (e0> 

ants hokUngf from her; thenuMrettoraninB. 
Landless, ifiMd'-lSs. a* widioal property, wirti- 

out fortune. 
Landlocked, Iftnd'-lAkt a. skul in orenckMed 

with land. _ 

Landlortl. lAnd'-Ukl. #. the master of an inn. 
Landmark, UUvi'-m&rk. t* any tfauig sei up ic 

preserve boundaries. 
Landscape, lAnd'-dk&pe. «. a region, the pRis> 

pect or a country} apictare. 
Land-tax, nnd' tAks. «. a tax laid ipOB land and 

Lftdle, tt'-dL 9, a lai^ spoon, a vessel. 
■ ■^*dj^..5,.ajwni|UM»of.%^ 


rib-d^Hli'. 9, theannunpatJonofthQ 

Lady-Bke, S^iiHlke. a, dclicnte, elegant. 

IMfmlft tit'-d^shlp. t. iiio liUe of aOatly, 

Lag w«4, coining^ Inshind. 

Lag lli- «v^ bwest, class, the fi^ end.. 

Lai^^ nf . V. n. tp loiter, to ny^ve slowJ;|f, 

I^lcal. W-^kftl. a. ))eioiiciiig to the laiiy< 

Lfikl, .'JWe. pctrL paxt^ orfay. 

iMtif'mxie. part. pass, of ti€. 

L^, An, *. tbe couch of a Jhoar, or wild beast. 

Lahy, dc'-^-ti. s. tbe people as ilisiiuguisheii 

fimn the deiin'. 
Lake, Udcc s. a Targe diflf^ioo of inland water. 
Lamb, tkm, «. the younf of a sbecp. 
Lambltin^ )&m'-kln. s. alittlo lamb. 
Lambn^ye. l^'-bft-tlv. #» a meUicine taken by 

lidkini^ Wnh tlie tongue. 
Lamb'a-wool, lAms'-wi\l. «, ale mixed with the 

puh> of roasted apples. 
Lambant, !&m'-b^iit. a. fuayiug about, gliding 

over without iiami. 
Lame, l4ine. a. crippled ^ hobbline. 
Lame. lime. v. a, to cripple, [fums or plates. 
- Lamellated, Iani'-m6t-M^. a. covered with 
Lamely, l&nicM^. ad, like a cripple. 
Lameness,^ litnc'-n^ s. the state of a cri}>ple ; 

imperfection. fto sorrow for. 

ijament, l|-mdnt'. r. a, M bewau or bemoan, 
Lament, la-mSnt^ «. lamentation; expression 

of sorrow. • [mauniful. 

Lamentable.J&m'-m2n-t&-bl. a. to be lamented; 
Lamentably, l&m'-inSn-l&-bi^. ad. pitifiilly. 
Irfonentatlon, l^m-in^n-tii'-i^Aa. t, enx^ession 

ofsorrow, audible grief. [laments. 

Lamenter» h\-m?-iit^ftr. s. be who mourns or 
Lamina, llun'-mi-n&. s. thin plate, one coat laid 

over another. 
Laminated. iW-m^ni-tSd. a. plated. 
Lammas, lam'-m&s. s. the first of August 
Lamp, l^p. 8. a light made with oil and a 

wick ; that which contains the oil and wick . 
Limpblack, l&mp'-bl^k. ». a black substance 

made by hokliiig a torch under tho bottom of 

a basin. 


Land-waiter. Iftnd'-wi-tAr. «. an officer of the 
Landward, laad'-wlb^. ad. towards the land. 
Lane, lluic. s. a narrow way between hedges^ 

a narrow street. 


Language, l&ng'-gwlc\je. 

tbe tongue of one nal 

others : style. 
Languid, l&ig'-gwtd. a. ftiint, weak. 
Languidness, Itag'-j^ivfd-ni^ t» 

as distinct from 


„ , c, ^ '■ nasi, tbe 

Languish. Iftt^-a wnh. c n. to pine. 
Languismngly, lftii^-gw!8h4ng-ii i eokif 


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i jm I t . « i 1l ir '1 , - lUfTr r .. r — 

^-^^Mk-nkiL «. ftale dfi 

«i«. toicar iD fimcm; to 
«. wooUm taHUMifikdorB. 

LanlmeMri&iigk'HiBL^. want ofphimpiiMi. 
Laoteni, JlB'-iana. «. m trattp«ent etm for • 

l^mteni^jawB. UiiMAnKJlwi. «. a thia yiaafa 
Lap, Up. «. the (ooie part of a CBrawiiC} the 
pait formed by tKe lomw in a ntSn^ ikMtnre. 
U^^.g4Ltowraportwi>|roiiiid) to lick Kp. 

l.di|JUi,'H|/4i5ir«. at BwiS ai can be cdotabied 

in the lap.. 
Lapidary, J^-^^-k • one who detOs in 

'-^Mtiue. V. a. to JlOBB. 

e,^ny. ^iob. 

_._ , , 8'-«eua.«.stQayooBci«* 

l^pidificlL np^jw^ntK, a..rormiA( st^^ . 
Lapiidisty ttp'-^-dnt. «. a dealer m-«ones or 

ffona. ■ / , TaEMre ookunr. 

LajMtlM, lli-^»zb^&4l. «. a stone of an 
Lappet, l&p'-pit^^, perl of a head-dreit. 
Lapse, Htpae. v. m 

Bom truth or fhith. 

^ rtpip.*. flow, &U: petty 
I, ll|iae. V. lb to Tall by di 

degrees) to fall 

I,.., V I, ijT- Itip -Miiur. #- a diimonius bird, [ship, 

Livrboafijj ).lr-h>6rri f. tlia left hand *lcJe of B 

Larceny, l^r^-s4-ii^, j* ptUy (hnft. 

LanJ, iSm. s^. ihfi grcaw of swincr. 

Larxl, Ifin). iv «. lo siuff wiih bMoa', to Mi*n. 

LanJ^Tr llLK-ddt. $. ihe room, where meat ii 

kept or BiiEted. 
t^rge. t&nije. a. big f b iLky j wide* 

Lugeoefii. J!m];]ei^-[:i^. jr. blj^iieiiv, oiteiu 

Lark, l^rV. ^, attnaM ainj^n? b^i^ 
Larkspur, llrk -apflr* *. a plaiii, 
Larumjir'-rim. r. litsise jtoiinpf daniger, 
Ltryn:x , li'-rtuks. *. tiie >viiid|jrpo, [toiuiiip. 
■ -^ went, Ll-;^if^-v*H^iii. <%.. frolicksotne, waa^ 

•.afirQkewiiK«nr^«iM(jplac tba 

e tboR^ or point eni %l^ 

C a to nnkeito aonmf to tie any 

tausfaj the 
LaS7lfeh.C ,„_, 

thinrdcfWa to tfaetide or mast ^ a'ihip. 
Laa9, Ita. s. a gill, e young woman, 
kaffiitttde, Ifts'-sft^&de. s. wearineii, fttow. 
Last, ilstff. latest I hindmost. 
lAsty Mm. oii the last dme. 
Last, ttst. V. N. to eudure. to conthme. 
Last, Mat. • the mould on which shoes trt 

fbnnodi a certain weight or meeaore. 
Lasting, .lls'*aog. part a. continoinr, durable 
Lastlyfiisi'^liC in the last placS: 
Latch, lAtsb. t. a fosicning for a door. 
Latch, Hilsb. n a. to fissteB with a latch. 
Latchety l&lsh'4t. «. a shoestring « 
Late, lite. a. sfow, kng c^^ayed ; deceased 

far in the day ornight. fsehson; latehr 

Late, l&te. ad. aller lomr delays ; in a lattei 
Lately^ Uita'-'l^. Jd, not iSig a^r^ 
LatenesBw l&te'-n^ s. time mr advanced. 
Latent. iV-tdnt. a. hidden, secret. 
Lateral. Ilt'-tir^l. Ur on or near the side. 
I^ateralty, l&tMdr^i-^. ad, by Hm side. 
Lath, ]Wi. «. a thin slip of woo. i. 
Lathy AUu V. a. to Ei up with lutL^ 
I^the, l&THo 8. the tool of a lunier. 
Lather, Kth'-At. v. a. to cot-cr with t<*«m of 

water and soap. [soap with water 

Lather, I&th'-qt. t. a froth made by beating 
Latiidsni. lit'4ln-izm. s. a Latin idiom. 
Latmist, at/4li»lBi. s, one skilled m Latin. 
.Latinity; iMn^-n^t^ s. the Latin tongne. 
Latinize, Iftt'-thi-tze. o. n. to use .vords or 

phrases Jximwed fhMn the Latin. 
Latinize, l&i'-tltt4ae. v. a. to give names a Latui 

LatiMt^ iMeMdi. m, somewhat late 
Latitude^ Iftt^-.tM^. «. breadth, width) ex- 

lent) a paiticsdar degree reckoned fhim the 

Li^diiwrian; l&t-^&^d^Hili'-rMa. «. one wao 
aUows himself great liberties jo relupoufMai- 
ters. [strained OTooaftnad 

Latitudinarian, ttt^-tA-d^dt'^fU. * WM r» 

Latrant, lV<4dbiU a. bartin^. 

Latten,lftt'^«a.s.brasii. •- .. 

Latter, r&t'-t{br. a. modems 




¥hm, fir, flu, f>t»—«^, rogt}— fftoe, pin?— 

I^eriy. Iii':t&r-]ft.ait of laie. ^ 

Lattke, Hl'-tfs. «. a wiadmv made 17 i^rith a 
kind of neiwork. 

f Aud, Ubrd. t. praise. 

i^ud, ULwd. V. a. to prake, to cdebrate. 

laudable. Aw'-dft^d. a. preifeworOiy, < 
roendable. . [j 

l^udablcness, law'-da-bl-nes. f. praiflpworthi- 

J^udanum, lod'-di-aAm. t, a lofionfick tinc- 

I«augh, l&r. V, M. to make that none which sud- 
den merriiaem excites. 

tjaugh, l&r. V. a. to deride, to scorn. 

Laugh, Af. s, the contrulsioo caased by merri- 
ment, [excite laugliter. 

Laughable, 'l^-&-bl. a. such as may properly 

Laugher, iJlr-ftr.t. a man fond of merriment 

Laughingly, l&fJnf-l^. oif. in a merry way. 

;Laughin^tock, Af^lng-stftk. s. a butt, aa ob- 
ject of ridicule. 

Laughter, Idf-tdr. s. convulsive merriment. 

Launch, ^ish. -v. a. to jMish to sea; to dart 
from the land. 

Laundress, l&n'-dr^ «. a wnsher-womaa. 

Laundry, i&n'-dr^. «. the room in. which cbthes 
are washed. [Inurel. 

I^aureatc. I&.w'-r&4t. a. deckedar invested with 

Laurel, lAK-rfi. *. a tree. 

l^uureled, lAr'-i^kl. a. crovi'ned with laurel. 

1 Ava, i4'-v&. «. the ovcrfiowii^ of sulphureous 
luaiter from a volcana 

l^vation, l&-v&'-sfai^n. { s. a wash, the act of 

Lavatory, lAv'-vi-tdr-^. \ washing. 

J^ve, i^'\e. V. a. to wash, to bathe 3 to lade, to 
draw out 

1 •avendor, Mv'-vdn-d&r. s. a plaat. 

liaver, i4''-vfir. «. a washing^veasel. 

Lavisl), Mv^'lsh. a. prodigal, wasteful | 

Lavish. I&v'-bii. ix a. to scatter with 
Lavishly, Idv'-lsh-l*. ad. profusely, 
l^avishment, HivMsb-m5nt >*.proi _ 
Lavishness, ]Av'-}sh-n&. ) ^^oxl 
Law. Iftw. «. a rule of action 3 edict; judicial 

l«awful, l&i^-f ol. a. agreeable to law. 
lAwfiiliy, llw'f &1^. orf. legally. 
Lawfiiliiess. Hw'-f ul-n^. s. lendity. 
"Uifrgiver; tUK-ftv-dr. s. legidator 

Lawless, Q^w'-lSs. a. unrestrained by tow; co» 

traiy to law. [fine finm 

Lawn, l&wn. t. an open q»ace between wood? 
■Lawsuit, l&W'sAto. s. a process in law 
Lawyer, Aw'-y&r. s. professor of law. 
Lax, Iftks. a. loose : vague. 
Laxatton, lAk-sft'-ainn. s. the act of hx)fei:.4g 

the state of being loosened. 
Laxative, lftks^-4<^. a. having the power Is 

ease costiveness. 
Laxity, MLks'-i-t^ ) t. kxMeness ; slackness ; 
Laxness, I&ks'-n^s. 5 openness. 
Lay, I&. prd. of lie, to rest 
Lay, 14. a. a. to pmce along; toput ; to roakea 

bet; to calm ; to prohibit u. tpuii to walk ; (^ 

brine forth e^; to impute. 
Lay, M. «. a row, a su^tum ; a wager. 
Lay, 14. «. grassy ground, meadow ; a soi^. 
Lay, 14. a. bek>ngu^ to the people as' distinct 

mm the deigy. (plant. 

Layer, l4'-Ar. s. a stratum; a bed ; a spng of a 
Layman, l4'-mlb. «. one of tlie laity. 
Lazar« l4'-24r. t. one infected with filthy aoo 

pestilential diseases. 

Lazar-heuse, l4'-z4r>hMse. > _ _ ». .._. 

Lazaretto, AUm^iMA. J '^ * fcavto*- 
Lazily, I4'-%^1^. ad. idly, heavily. 
Laziness, l4'-z^nSs. s. idleness, shiggisbness 
Lazy. l4'-zi. a. idle, shigeisfa. 
Lea, ML s, ground cnckned. 

Lead, 1^ s. a soft, heavy 1 

Lead, IM. «. ct to fit with lead in any manner. 

Leadj l^de. v. a. pret. kd, to guide ; to conduct 

to allure ; to induce ; to pass. 
Leaden, fM'-dn. a. made of lead; heavy. 
Leader, 16'-dftr. «. one that leads or c«»idt-f It 

a commander. 
_eading, )i'-dfng. jMtrf. a. principal. 
Leaf, lefe. s. the green deaduous parts of pHanta 

and Bowers: part of a book, or door, any 

thing foliated. 
Iiea^ess, l^e' iSs. a. naked ofleaves. (length 
Leagtie, 1^. s. aiMnfederacy; a measure of 
League, ibSe, v. n. to imite, to eoofbderate. 
Leagued, \t6gd. a. confederated. (waler. 

Leak, l^ke. s. a breach or hole which lets m 
Leak, Kke. a. n. to let w«l«r a or out to drop 

through a breach. yLjOOgie 




116, mdw, iiAr, ndt;— tAhe^ t5b, bAlI ;— ^il j— p6and j— ^Aiu, thw. 

Ijeskage, l^^lcldje. t. allowaucc for acciUcirtal 

Joas in liquid meaMires. 
Letk^, 1^' k^. c. not close. f nf:ftii«i(. 

I.ean, l^ne. v. n. fret leaned or ffmU. to iiieliitc 
Leau, ]Aiie. a. meager; hiinp-y ; poor. 
I«eaii. l^ne. 5. Uie i>art of dcsh wfaidi consists 

of tne masdc wiitioul (ho fat. 
Leanness, !6ne^-a£s f waiH of flesh, mcii^cr- 

I^eap, l^pe. v. n to jump; to botiml ; to start. 
Leap, 1^. «. bound, jump ; embrace of animals. 
Lctp^frog/ l^'-ft^. s. ci play of chlldrca. 
f«cap-year,l*i>c'-yAre. ». every fourth 3'car. 
L«ara, l?m. 0. a. to gain knowlwdge. 
Learned, l^^r'-nAd. a. versed in science and Iltcr- 

I^eaniing. i^-nhg. «. hteraturc. 
Learner, Kr'-nAr. t. one who is ^xit in his nidi- 

■aenlt. . 
Lease, l^se. ». a contract by winch a temporary 

possession is granted of Itouses or lands. 
I tease, 1^. v, a. to let by lease. 
Lease, l^ze. v. ». to glean, to gather what the 

han'est-Rien leave. 
Leaser, l^'-zftr. s. a *f!cajicr. 
Leash, 1^^. $. a leather thong ; a band ; a 

brace and a half. 
Leash.. \h^i. v. a. to4)ind. to hold* in a string. 
Leasiiie, Ik'-zhs. s.hes, falAich<iod. 
Lea<«t, iMiit. a. uic snpeHaiive odittfe, smallest, 
f ^eajt, iiiCfU. cki. m tne lowest tlcgrcc. 
Leather, l^H'>dr. s. dressed liiucs of animals; 

skin, ironically. 
Leathery, l^TH*'-flr-^. a. resembling Icatlier. 
Leave^ .<ft\e m .S»)crty, pei mission, farewell. 
jeave, .^ve. v, a. pret / UJl ; I haiv Uj\. to 

quh/ to forsake \ to bequeath \ to resign ; to 

cca^ to do. 
Leaven, Kv'-v^n. s. termcut mixed ^"uli any 

kniy to make it light. 
Leaven, Idv^vSn. v. a. to formcrt. 
fjeavmgB, li'-vljigz. ». remnant, rolit-ks. 
Lecberotis, l^tsh'-^r-fts. a. lewd j lustlid. 
I^eflierotisoess, J*tili'-ar-fts-u6;i. ; , i„»..i.^^ 
Uchftry, l?tHh'.'fir-6. \ * icvidnes*. 

I^elfttlre, Iftt'-tshArc. s. a dtscoMrsc upon any 

lecturer, l3kMdiur&r. ». an iiistrucier, a 

teacher. flccturcr 

Lectiircsliip, l<fk'-Uh^ir-shlp. s. d»e office or a 
Lc'l, l^d. }>irt. pret. ui to lead. 
I^cdge,. iWje. s. a ridgc rising aliovc the rcs»/ 

any promincnrc. 
l^ec,*)^<^. «. the side opposite In tlie ^ind. 
Lee, \hb., a. liavintf llic wind biownig oil, or dli 

rcirtcti towarifcf It. 
Leech. I^6Ls1i. s. a kiikl of smal wdt^r-s^rpcAi 
Lt^ik. I^k.s. a |>ot-lieii». 
Leer, l^re. «. an o!>lique vifKv. 
fiecr, lire. v. n. to lot/K «>F»liijuely or ajxhly 
Lees, l<'^ s. dregs, scUiuieiu. 
Lcct, \hb\.. s. a law ilay. 
Leeward, iW-wsird. a. o{>poHitc iho wind. 
Left, IM. lai't. pret. of kuce. 
Left, l^A. a. sinistrous ; not. on (he right havKl. 
l^ft-Wandcd, left-hAnd'-^d. a. using tltc left 

1<efl-handedness, l^^il-haNd'-^d-nds. s. hahitnai 

use of the left hand. 
1^0^, %. s the limb between Uic knee and tlio 

fSol. [will. 

Iregacy. I8g''i-si. *. a particular thing given by 
Legal, le^-g&l. a. according to law. 
JiiCgalily, l^giU'-i-td. «. Iawfuhw»ss. 
Lejsfalize, 1^-g^-lzc. v. n. to audK>rize. 
Legally, l^'-gAUlA. ad. lawfully. [left. 

Ijegiitary, ldg'-4-(Ar-A. s. one who has a icgaef 
Legatine, l^g'-gA-tlne. a. made by a legiUe. 
Legate, It^g^gutc. s. an iunbassador uxim, the 

|M>pe. ^ |lcfli»iai. 

Lcpjatce, l^g-oa-tii'. s. onp who hixs u legacy 
l^ga(<ion, l^-ga'-shftn. * an fml»ji.ssy. 
Lege lid J l^-j^m!. >. a chronicle j an U'Ctcditle 

nnrrnlive j ai.y inscfii>i".on. 
l*egcndary, Wd-j^n-tlH-nX a. penaiiring U) a 

icgciul. [hand., juggle. 
l^egenJeniain.. l5d-jftr-(!»''-mluic'. «. sicight of 
itfiii^erity, Ik-'^^'-^-li". s. (ightncsn, unnblttiinsi. 
Lciiibic, li^d'-ji-l»!. a. such as mwy t>o roati 
Jxcibly, I5d'-ii-bl6. ad. in such a n^ 

I.e;;ciou, l6'-i«'m. *. n l»oo'y of soldiers. 

l^elJttlfe, Iftt'-tshArc. s. a dtscoMrsc upon any i.cgioiiaiy, l6-iftn-;V-^ a. ;tJiuiug toa Jqpoifc 
• ~wihji€ci 5 a magisterial rcprimnnd. iLccl-^Iaiiua, 1?.I jTs-li'.^j5ii^r tjiq ah P^jovif 

Lecture, i&'-tKh\'nT.' r. a. to :i^iru6i fomidftv* ' l^iws 9'^'^^^ ^v ^^iJU^ 




Fil6, f&r, rlUl, rldy^uA, mSt^-iiloe, ph>— 

Leprosy, lUipf-atihtk, «.a dislMipat «fliickvCoiv«i 

tue Ixxly with whii« jcalef. 
leprous, ^'-prfis. a. infocted with A^qpeaty. 
Less, i^ o. ine coinpaniUve ofHUlej oppoiwd 

to j^iw^er. 
I.A8S, 1^ (id. in & smaller deforce. 
Less, 1^ «. a Koiallcr quaBiiiy or degree. 
Lessee; kSs-s^^'. t. lUc yerinu to wbom a ktttt 

IS given. 
Lesseu, ISs'-sn. r. a. to cUmUiub in fauOc ; «9 de- 
prive of power or digMty. 
Lessen^ )&f-sn. v, n. to grow less, to shnak 
Lesson, l&/-sn. s. any Uiing read or K^ieaied 

to a teacher^ precept ', portiou of Scnptihe 

tune pricked. for an wstnimeut. 
I.«esior, i&t'-s&r. «. one who grants a lease. 
Lest, 1^. coty'. thai, not ; for icar thai. 
I^t, l|i. r.o. to allow, to siiflcr; to put lohire 
I^t, let. r. a. to hnuler, to obstruct 
IM* ih, s. hiiid(;rance, obstacle. 
Lothargick, l6-</»ir'^ik. a. skcny. 
Lethargy » 1W-ur-je. a, a inocbid drowsiness. 
hethe, m'-th^. *, a poetical river of heB 

Letter/ l(^i^-tftr. «. one of the elements of syUa 

bles^j a vvTilten message 3 type with whick 

Ix^ks are printed. 
Letler, I2t''t5r. r. a. to stamp wiUi letters. 
Lettered, lil'-tird. a. literate. 
I^cUuce. Idt'-tls. s. a plant. 
Levee, li-v'-v^ s. the time of listng; a crovr^ 

of attendants. 
Level, l?-v'-v!l. a. even. 
Level, i^v'.vll. v. &. lo make even $ to lay flat 

to poiiU in takii^ aim. 
Level. Idv'-vll. «. a plane } a standard ; aa ia 

strtiroeiit whereby niasons acQiist their wock. 
Lev<iUer, iSv'-vll-Iftr. $. one who makes any 

tiling even ; oiie who deittroys superioriQr* 
Inverness, i^v'-vH-n^ «. evenness. 
Lever, l(&'-vdr. s. the second mechanical powei 

■Miuvvf lMMls-l4-dv. a. law-giving, 
atator, Kd'-ils-llk-t&r. f . a law-giver. 
l<ef^Ullatiirey iSd'-jIs-Ui-tshAro. s. the power that 

makes laws. 
liCgitunacy l^j|t'-t^-m4-8^. s. genuineness. 
I>egltimate l^-jlt'-t6-m^te. a. bom in marriage, 

lawfully bccottcn. 
J .e}Otim?.te, l6-j1t'-ti-inlite. r. a. to procure to 

uny the riglit of legitimate birth i to make 

Lngitiination, tA-jTi-^-mV-shftn. «. lawful birth ; 

the act of$uug with the privileges of law- 
ful bjrth. 
Leisurable, lA''zluNr-&*bl. a. done at leisure. 
Leisure, )6'-zh6re. s. frc;;dQm finom business or 

LeiS'.irely, l^-zh^r>l^ ad. xbwly. 
Lemma, l^m'-irl s. a proposiiron prevMMidy 

Lemon, l$m'-m(\u. «. Uic fruit of the leiaon-tree. 
Lenionade, i^mnii^u ^tic^. s. liquor made of 

water. sugar, ii»c Uiircof lemons. 
Lend, leua. v. u to dehver something to an* 

otlier on condliion of rcpnymcnt i to grant in 

Lender, l^nd'-fn*. s. one who lends any ihii^. 
Lenfftli. l^ns^l':. i *J:<^ extent of any uiing from 

eira to end. 
Lengthen, ^ng'-tliu. v. a. to draw oot, to moke 

longer; to prt;tr;ict. 
Lengthen, Iftng'-f 'in. t*. v. m gmw longer. 
I>}ngttiwise, Kw^th' -who. ad. according to the 

leugdi. [laxative. 

Ijenient, )i^-nh4nt, n. :ks%!Q>ive, mitigating 5 
X.enitive, lln'4-ilv. a. j\.;sii;j>:ve, ciuclliem. 
I •jnity, l&'-^-lfe. «. miltliir'ss, mr.rcy. 
^en^. All. s. a gl.iss sj/ucrically convex on 

both sides. 
'Lent, l^nt. pari. j»ss. /•■//</. 
Lent, l^t. s. tlie qitadragcsimol fiist ; a lime 

of abstinence. [lens. 

LedtifoTDt, iin'-th4^m. a. the form oftf Wibed to raise a great weight 

Lentil, l^-tfi. f. a.kind of pulse. 
' Leoidiia, l^-4«lna. a. bekMging to a Uon, hav- 
ing tha nature of a lion. 
Laopanl. HI^-pArd. s. a spotted bea^of prey. 
%0f», lip' ri&r. 8. one biocted witli 4 leprosy. 
Ul^aranf, ll( 'pA^As a causing kjiwosy. 

leveret, l^'^-v&r^t s. a young hara. 
leviable, lfiv'-vi-&-bl. a. that may be loviad. 
l^evite, life'-v)te. t. one ot die tribe of Levi. 
Levitical, i^-vlt'-ti*kiU. «. bck>Qgii« to tha La 
vites. CS^'J^' 




Lmj, ^M,v.4u to niat. ! 

LeW% Ade. a. wiekad ; Itutfuir 
Lewdly, 1&de^.|^. ad. wickecUy ; kMMiy. 
Lewdness, l&de'-iiSs. «. ktsUuniceiuiousueM. 
Lezkompher, l2ks-i-k^«gi^-Ar. #. a writer 

lexicon, l^k^-s^kftn. s. a diclioiuur>r,coiimMo(y 

of the Gmek tao^^age. 
Liable, ll'4-bl. a. obnoxious, subject. 
Liar, ll^-ftr. t. one wbo ietlt ralseboods. 
labatkm, U-b4'-sli&n. «. ttio act of pouring wine 

on the ground hi bonoar of some deity ; the 

Wine so poured. 
Libel, UMi^. « dcfamaUvjr writing, a lairponn, 
Libel. K'-b^i. v. a. to satirise, to lampoon. 
Libellous, Il'-bSl-Iib. a. dofamator)-. 
Liberal. Rb'-blr4l. a. munilkeii^ generous, 

bounttlhl. [rosiijr. 

liberality, llb-b9r4K-^t&. s. muntiiceiice, gene- 
Liberalize J!b'4r.4l-l2e. r, <i. to make lihcraL 

Liberally.. my>b&-rAl-^. ad. ix>uutirull>',lar^ly. 

Liberate, Ilb'-ir-4lc. «. a. to Iroc from couliae- 

Liberatibn, l!b4f4L'-sb&n. «. the act of delive> 
ing, or hciiie: delivered. 

ilbertine, RbM)lr-l!n. s. one wlio lives without 
restraint) one who pa>'s non^ard lo the pre- 
cepts of iieli^ion. 

Ubertihe, W-b9r l!n. a. licentious, irreligious 

tifjerttrasm,l!b'-bAr>'fIn-lzni.«. trreligion/i'cen'- 
tiousness of opinions and practice. 

Liber^, 0V«bdr t6. s. freedom | privilege \ im< 
mumty: permtssioii. 

LiMdinous, l6-bfd^4-nJU. a. lewd, lustful. 


Licentiously, lUln<^As4^>«^ with^v 

JJcentKHisness, It^s^^dsnilt. «. bewMlle* 

Kbenv, contempt of just sestnd&t. 
Liiek,IiK. V. tt. to pnss'over with the toiuple. 
Lickerish, Itk'-^-ish. a. nice in the cudlet 
.ibod$ delicate. 

Licoriee, Bk''k&r-it. s. a riol of iweel ttMs 
Ud, fld. «. a co\<er. 
Lie, il. s. any tiling iMpHBgnaied with iome olh* 

body, as soap or salt ; a criminal falsehood. 
Lie,ll. t:. ft. to tdl a lies to ^"^^^^ vpoo) to be in 

a state uf decurabitafe ; to pre« upon | le 

I^ef, UsiiC. ail. willingly. 
Liege, Hk^e. a, su^ect ; 'sovereign. 
Li4ige, l^dic. s. sovereign, supcriour lord. 
Lieger. 1^-jAr. s. a resKleiit ambasMdor. 
Lieu, in. s. place, room. , 

Lieutenancy, l^v-t^n'-n(bi-sfe. *. the office of a 

lieutenant ; the body of lientenants. 
lieutenant, l<^v-i4n'-n&nt. s. a thsputj', one i*i^ 

acts by vicarious auUiority. 
Lieutenanlship, l^v-t&t'-n&nt-shlp. si the raiik 

or ollicc of liouteuaiit. 
Lieve, l^^v. ad. willingly. 
Life, life. *. nlur. Uns. uiuon and co-opcrati<»n 

of sou' with lH>dy j conduct ; condition ; spir* 

it ; animated existence. 
Lifeblood, lli'e^-biAd. s. the blood necestar}* to 

Lifcguai-d, Ufe-gy^ul. s. the gaard of a king's 

I person. 
Lifelesa,llre'-i^. a.dead; unanimnted- 
Lifclhnfc. llfc'-ilmc. s. continuance olr dttrati<'t 

of a library, 
tibrary., Il'-brft-r^. s. a large coJection ol books, 
iibrate, Tl'-brftle. to pol^, to balance. 
Libration, U-br^'-shAn. s. the ktaie of bdng 

IJbrtttory, iK-bii-tAr^. ttbalaacuig. 
JJce,llse.jD/iw-.of&mse. . 

Ueense, l£f^. ». Kberty, permlssK 
lieensc, f^^kan, e. a. to permit by t kigal 

f £«SiiU>4lMii'4hftite. s. a roan who uses 


L\{t, I? A. r. a. to raiae, toeie^'aie. 
Lift, na. », tlie act or manner of UAing } a haid 

Ligament, l!g'-g&-m^Mt. s. any tluiw whidicor 

nects the parU of the body j bond, cham. 
Ligature, Irg'-gi-ture. s. a bandage. 
IJght, Hte. s, thdl quality or actioa df the »edi 

um of si^il by whidi we see ; instnictiaii 

point of view; any thing that gives Ught 
Lfgnt, lUe. a. not lieavy j ^eaay f jncli\*e; uhieo 

cumbered \ slight } gay, airy} no! chast* 

I ' 




lii|i;ht, llle. tfi 0. to kindle, to inflame} to iilu- 

aiotle J to ease of a burden. 
Ucht, lite. V. n. to bappcn; to fall in any par- 
ticular direction j to rest. 
Lighten, II ^tn. v. n. to flash witli thunder. 
Lighten^ li^-tn. t>. a. to lUuminatG y to exonerale j 

to exIiOarate. 
I jghter, Uto'-ar. s. a lica%-y boat. [a fighter. 
I JghtermaB, Uic'-ftr-man. *. one who manages 
Lightfingered, Hte-fin^-gftrd. a, ttiicvisb. 
Ughtheaded, Ihc-h^^. a. unsteady ; dcKri'' 

Lighthearted. Utc-Uftr'-tfid. a. gay, mcny. 
Lighthouse, llte'-hAAse. s. a nigli building, at 
tiie top of wltich lights are bung to guide 
siiips at sea. 
fjghtly. llie'*!^. ad, wiUtout weight} easily, 
chGerrollv. fslcadj-. 

Lighdniooed, llto-nilnd'4d. a. unsettled, un- 
f Jghtness, Iltc'-n^s. 9. levity; inconstancy; un< 
ciiasUty. [thunder. 

Lightning, llte^-«h^. s. the flasli that precedes 
Ughts, lUes. f.nlie kings. 
Lightsome, lite -sftm. a. hirninous ; gay, having 

tlic pokier to exhilarate. 
LightsomcDess.Ute'-sdm-n^ s. luminoucnessj 

dieerfulness, Icvit)'. 
Ligneous. llg'-ni-&.a. made of wood, wooden. 
Ligure, Ir -gilwe. 9. a precious stone. 
Like, like. a. re^mbhng 3 e<^al. 
Like, like. ad. in the same manner. 
Like. like, v, a. to be pleased with. 
Likelihood, Ilke'-I6»hdd. >. probability. 
Likely, llko'^lA. a. such as may please ; probable. 
Likely, llke'-li. ad, probably, as may reasona- 
bly be thnugiit [blaiice. 
Liken, iP-kn. r. a. to represent as having rcsem- 
fJkeness, llko'-ii&. s. resemblance. 
Likewise, llkc'-wlee. ad. in like maimer, 
f iiking, ll'-k?ng. s. plumpness., 
I Jlach, li'-UUc. 9, a titje. 
Lilied. lUMld. a. embellished with lilies. 
IJIy.fflM^.K. a flower. 
fJlyuvered. Ill'-l^!fr-\'ftrd. a. cowardly. 
I inih, Ifm. s, a member; an edge. 

bmb, 0m. V. a. to tear asunder ; to dismember. 
mbeck. l?m'4>dk. 9. a stiH. 
Umber, flm'-Mr, a. flexible x 

F&le, (hr, fin, f&t 'f-mk, vok ^-phie, pin 'r- 

Limbo. I?m'-b6. 9. a place <jf restraiaL 
-Lime,Ume. 9. a viscous substance; matter of 

which mortar is made ; a species of temoa. 
Lime, lime. v. a, to entangle; to cement; to 

manure ground widi lime. 
Limekiln, llme'-kU. «. a kihi in which stones are 

burnt to lime. (luue is made. 

Litnestoi^e) Ume'-stine. 9. the atone ^ whidi 
Lifnit, Itm'-mit. s. l)ound, border. 
Limit, lim'-n^tr. a. to confine within cennN) 

bounds, to restrain. {daries. 

Limitanr, llm'^mh-tftr-6. a. placed at the bouu 
liinitatfon, Ifm-m6-4^''^ftn. 9. restriction. 
Limn, Urn. v. a. to pain^ any tiling. 
Lim'iier, Hm'-nftr. *. a painter. 
Limous, H'-mfis. a, muddy, sllnn-. 
Linip.Hmp. v. n. to halt, to walk lame.y. 
Limpid,-1lm'-p1d. a. cl*»ar, transparent 
Limpidness, l!m'-Dld«n&. «. cteamess, purity. 
Limy, II' •m^. a. glutinous ; coutainuigume. 
Linchpin, l?n^''|>!n. s. an iron pin mat keeps 

the wlicel on the axle-tree. 
Line, line, s, longitudinal extension ; a siring 

lineament ; a verse j rank ^ e4iuitor ; proge 

ny ; one tenth of an ;ncb. 
Line. Hue. v. a. to covcron the inside; to guard 

lineage, l?n'-n^-&jo. r race, family. 
Linealj l?u'-n^-^. a. allied -by -direct descent. 
L.inealiy, Bn'-^-iU-l^. ad. in a lirect line.^ 
Lineament, l?n'-ii^ft-m$nt. 9. featur6, discrimt 

nating mark in the form. 
Jiinear^ Ifn'-ni-ftr. a. composed of lines. 
Lincation, lin*^-&'-5bdn. «. draught *f a iunb m 

Linen, lln'-ntn. 9. cknh maileofflaz. 
Linen, Hn'-nln. a, made of or resembling linen. 
Luiendraper, fl!n'-n!iiK!n'-pAr. «. be who deals 

in linen. 
Linger, 17:ig'*|i;fir. r. n. to remain kmg m Ian 

guf>r and jmm ; to hesitate ; to belM% ra pro 

ducinff ertectJi. 
Lingo, niig^-g^. 9. language, tpeedi. . ^ 
LingtiUt, nng'-gwfst. «. a man skilfiil in Ian 

Liniment, iTn'-n^-mSnt. «. oiobnent 
J Jning, Ir ulng. t the innei — »»n«r of a^y 

ilunjj;. digitized by LjOOQIC 




■6, mftvey par, nflt »-<6be, tftb, bflll ^--Mi j-^pA^d }-<fein, thIi. 

finky 1m;Il «. a aqgle rinff of a chain} any 
-" ^ awrtoTc • 

fUa^tmmbd&ag} a tort oT torch, 
link, n^. V. a. to unite ; to join. 
limiet W-iill. «. a smali nnging bird, 
tmseed, Jia'-fM. «. the aeedof Sax, 
f ioseyMTOobey, Ih'-ift'wM'-a^. ff. madacf lin- 

an and wool mixod. 
Lfaty lint. s. finen scraped. 
Lintel. Jln'-t^l. s, the upper part of a door-frame. 
LioDy it'-ftn. s, ib» most nn^^nanimous of quad- 
Lionels, li'-An-nSs. «. a she lion. 
Lb, Up. s. the outerpartof the mouthy the edge 

of any thinr. 
Upolhyipy, u-p6/A'4-n>4.5. swoon, faintiu|^fit. 
IJppitade, llp^-p^-t&dc «. hlcarcdiiess of c^'cs. 
lipwisdom, llpWfz-d&m. 9. wisdom in talk 

without practice, 
liquefaction, Blc-lcw^fftlc'-shAiK t. the act of 
mlAdng, state of beinz melted. [melted. 
Jjqnelfiwle, Ilk'-kw6-fl^-1>l. a. sudi as may be 
liquefy, "Bk'-kw^-f I. a. a. to melt. 10 dissoh'c. 
li^ieur, J^kAre'. s, a flavoured cbam. 
liquescent, A-kw^'-s^ot. a. mehin?. 
Liquid, Bk''lcwld. a. fluid ; clear ; dissohrcd. 
Liquid, Itk'-kwid. «. fluid substance, liquor. 
Liquidate, Sk'-kw^Kike. ». a. to clear away, to 

lessen debts. 
Liqnor, fik'-kAr. «. any thin^ liquid ; strong 

Ltterally. 0t'-tdr-4l-4^.atf.withclofeadherenoa 

Lisp.ltsp. V. n: to speak with too frequent ap- 

pulses of the tongue to tlic toetii or palate. 
Li9p> fha, «. the act of iKff>in^. 

Limer, &p'>fir. t. one who bsfis. 

fJsty fist. t. a roll ', enclosed ground, in wbi;:li 
comcKit« aro fot^tt 3 a strip of do(b ; a bor- 

List, flat ff). n. to choose, to desire. 

Lbt, list. V. a, to enlist; enrol, or re^stcr. 

Lklen, lls'-sa «. n. to hearken, to gi\'e attention. 

Listener, fls'-sn-dr. s. a hearkeucr. 

Ustlesi, Ait'-lls. a. caretess, licedless. 

Ustleasness, fist'-iSs-n^. «. biattention; want 

lityflt the pfy'. of to ^. 

litiuny,A'-tlbi-^. s. a form of prayer. 

I4l0ral, Ht'-tlr-il. a. according to tfie primitive 
— Bing'tblkiwiiytheJetter. 

Literary, Bt'-t2r4-ii&. a. relating to fatten or 

Literate, W4r-litc. a. learned; skilled in H 


Literati, Ih-t^-r&Ml, 5. the learned 
Literature. Ui'-t&'-ra-liirc. «. learning 
Litharge, ath'-fu^cs. lead vitriiicd, either alone 

or with a mixture of c<jptier. 
lithography, ll-Mdg'-gr^-r*. «. the art of en- 
graving u}x>n stones. (stcaos. 
LiUiomancy. li//j'-A-mfln-s6, s. prediction by 
lithotomy, ll-r/iAt'-t6-mA. «. tlie art or inractice 
of cuttinfr for the stone. [of law. 
Litigant, lit'-t^-«^m. s. one engaged in a suit 
Litigate^ lli'-ti-gite. r. a. to coute&t in law, lo 
dc bato. (suit of la w. 
Litigation, llt-i^-g^'-sliftn. «. jmlicial contest, 
Litigious, l^-tJd'-Jfts. a. inclhablo to lawsuits, 
quarrclsume. ' [ix)silion. 
Litjgionsness, lA-t!d'-jfts-n2s. s. a wrangling dis* 
Lifter, Ift'-iAr. s. a kind of portnblc bed ; the 
straw lai'l under animals j a brootl of johhj^. 
litter, lll'-l5r. v. u. to bring forth ; to co\*er with 

Little, Ih'-tl. a. small, diminutive. [innch. 

Little, I7t'-tl. 8. a small space ; as^iall part ; noi 
Little, lli'-tl. ad. in a small degree; not much. 
Littleness Ih'-tl-H^s.*. smallnessof bulk j mean- 
ness, [voiions 
Liturgy, l?i'-tftr-j^. s. fcnnulary of publirk do- 
Live, Ifv. r. 12. to be m a stale of animation ; 
to pass life in any certain manner ; 10 co- 
habit ; to maiutmn otie's self; to be unexiiu 
Live, lU'e. a. quick, uct dead ; active, not ex 

Livelihood, llve'-li-bftd. s. sufiportoriife, main 

tenauce, means uf living. 
Liveliness, llvc'-l^-»6s.«. vivacity, sprigbtlmess 
Livelong, l?v'-i6ng. a. tedious, lasting. 
Lively, live -li. a. brisk ; vi^oreusj airy. 
Lively, Ilve'-16. ad. bnskly, vigorously, ftrails 
Liver. l?v'-vftr. *. one wKo lives; one of ilic en- 
Livery, iK'^-vAr-^. 8. the cbtbes given to sea- 

vanls ; a particular dress. 
IXiveryman, Ov'-vfl^^^^^^g^ /vx» a 




FAiB, fir, f &n. rU J— m*. mit ^piuc, ptii J— 

tiraryf ih Ltitidoii, a l^e«jn&n lhT Hune Elind- 
iug in * company. 

IJvId, llvMd. 1. cltscolniuneil iiii with a bkivr, 

liividityn l^-i-fd'-^t^. f. discolnrcitiim. 

I.iviii*, ilv'-viiij^. 9. su^jpfirt, maiiitesiaDcej, live- 

lilifww! ; beiicftcp of a clcrf yniEiD* 
J jvri:*, K 'vlr. #. a Fn-nch com, 
l4KivUl, llk'fi;1v'-i^^ a, imprcgnatGd witB sails 

like ti lixivhiin, 

Uxivium, Uk sK '-i-diiu j. Cic^ wtiLcr irtipncgiifU' 

Lizard, flz'^db^. «. a reptile. 
I JO, Hi. intaj. bole ! seo beliokl ! 
I»m], \6de. s. a burden, a froiglit 
l..oad, I6de. v. a. to ourden, to freight; to 

charg^e a gun ; to make heavy. 
Londstone, i6de'-%t^iie. s. t);e magnet. 
Loaf, life. .9. a mass of bread, &.c, 
Ijoam, 16mc. s. fat, unctuous earth, marl. 
I^auiy, 16'-m^. a. marly, 
f XKin, h^ne. t . any thin^ lent. 
l..oath, ]6th. a. unwilling. [abhorrence. 

Ix)atlic, l6THe. v. a. to hate, to look on witli 
t»ath('ul, l6TH'-f5l. a. ftbhomng. 
I'Oatlisome, I^H'-sAm. a. ablMMTod, detestable. 
Loathsomeness, I&Tii'>sdm-n&. s. quality of 

raisinjj hatred, 
fjoavc, \6\z. 8. fjural of loaf. 
Lob, lV>b. s. any one heavy j a worm, [manner. 
f^b' 16b. r. a. to let fall in a slovenly or lazy 
Lobby, tol>'-b^. s. ail opening before a room. 
Lobe, l&be. s. a part of the hings. 
Lobster, lAb'-st5r. s. a sliell 6sh. 
[.lOcal, la-k&K a. of or in a place. 
Locality, lA-kal'-^l^. 5, existence in place. 
I^ocally, l6'>kiiM<^. ad, witli respect to place. 
liock, 16k. 8. part of a door or gim ; a quantity 
, of iv;iiror wool hanging together; a tuft; a 

ctviitrivance to raise Uie water on a canal. 
Lock, I6k. V. a, to sliut or fasten witli k>cks. 
Locker, lAk'-k^. <. any thing that is closed 

(/)cket, lAk'-kft. 8. an ornamental lock. 
Locknun, l6k'-krAm. 8. a sort of coarse Hncn. 
u>eonM>don, li&-k^m6'-shAn. t. power of cbaug- 


t. a dc\-onriiig hm<^ 
. to place in a utmoGtm hA \ 
lemportty dwellmi^i ki 

I^ocust, I6^k5st. 
1^^, IJVJje. i\ i 

italioji; to afford 

place ; lo Klde. 
I^ge, lAdje. r. n. to reiadci to toke a I 

rary hptnlatkm. j 

Ijtxlgc, Vk]]c. £. a KiTiaQ bouio m a park u ^ 

fcMPOs! , iiM dtc |x»ler's rooin^ i 

I^^tiietitj Iftdjc'-mliii. t. aceumu^Biiaii of 

niiy iliht^ In a craioin places; paMeMHOLcf I 

lliL' enemy's work 
Lod^er^ k)hJJG'-5r. s. one who livct in raoae 

hired in the house of aiiolber; one that va- 

sides in any place. 
AXKlging, I6dje'-fng. 9. teroporaiy habhatioi^ 

place <H residence ; hired rooms. 
I;X>ft, I6n. «. the highest fkwr. ' 
loftily, I6f-t^-l& mU on high'; proudly. 
] />t\iness, i6r-i6*n^. t. heijght ; bauj^itiiiea. 
I^fly, 16r-t^. a. high; sublime; hangfaU'; 
Log, I6g. 8. a shapeless piece oFwood; a lie- 
brew measure. 
Logarithms, l6g'-&-if£Amz. t. ittrn indexes «f 

the ratios of numbers one to anoUier. Ihead. 
I/>ggerhead, lAg'-ffftr-bed. «. a dolt^ a olock- 
lx>gick. 16d'-i1k. s. tne art of reanoning. 
Logical. I6d -jtk-al. a, pertaining to log*ck. 
Logically. I6d'-]^'k&l'6. ad, aocoixling to «1m 

lawsoflogick. lot 

Logician, lO-jfeh'-fin. ». a teacher or jl__^ 

Logomachy l6-g6in':&-k6.s. a cooientioa fibom 

words. C47VC»« 

Ivogwood, i«Sg'>wAd. s, a wood much used u 
Ix>in, lAln. «. Ike back of an animal. 
Loiter, 1 W'-tftr. v,n, to Ihi^. , ^ . . 

Loiterer, l.%'-tur-firl s. a luigcrer, an uuer. 
Loll, l(M. r. n. to lean idljr ; to hang out 
Lone, 16ns. a. solitary; single. 
I-.onelines3,l6|ic'-l6-ii^ «. soHtude, want c 
Ixnely, l6iKj'-li. a. scjitary. 
Loncneps, Idne'-n^. «. sohttide. 
Lonesome, l6ne'*sAm. a. loUtanr, <i 
Lnt^g, long. a. net short ; dilatory ^ , 
Longboat, t6ng'-b6ie. «. the iacgol 

kmging to a diip. . t- 

I.«ngiinanoiui, I 

hands, jlgitized by V^OO' 




■^ rnAne, w/it, aftt |— ttoif iRb, bAH }— 8n ^-pMnd 'r-<Aia» t"» 

) ttediMuwe, 

«Qr |Mf« oT Um MrtH to tile t«tt or wcii oliLonlly^^M^.lii}. a.jpniu^ 

■ 1 . Lordly. I6rd'-li. ad. uMenouahr, prandly. 

ilietenflh.Tiuuiiiii|fiii^llio kNi^eH lirectioo. 

r'-iAm. a. todk»i. 

f ^>i igsuilenng, MW-iftf-fAr-liii;. a. potioiit . 
Ui'^itajty Ai^wiiM. oA m loimUKSiia) 

mractMNU X'^<|*'^ 

baogmkidtiSt Mac-wtadMU. x kMigbi *at|iod, 
LooTm. «. a came at cards. 
Lootoy, iaft'4i4(. «. awkwaid. 
Looby, W-bk. «. a gIomh!^ ckywn. Iwind. 

Loof, iftr. «t a. to briiiff a 4itp dose to tiie 
Look, Im. 0. fi. to dii^ tlia eve to or fttMn 

amr objecti to expoet s to watcb. 
Lqob» loolb «. a. to naky to warch for } to turn 

the ayeupon. 
[Mk, la&kr^il^.Me! fo! beimki! obsam. 
Look, ISAk. «. air of the face, niien ; ttie act oT 

LooUng-claM, ll5k'4o-gllk «. a mirror. 
Laom, IMm^ t* tile muQB in wbicb weavers 

ivarli their doth. 
uOQO^lAAa. «. aaony feOowr. 
l4iop. lUp. M. a- dottMe through which a string 

or saoe M drawa. ' [passage, 

.oopliole. lUp'*BA)e. «. MMMrtore, hole to give a 
l8A«e. «. A* to mtoind ; to rdax } to dis- 

x)osey MAee. «. nnhcMMid t wantrm j vague; tin* 

coonectod; disciigagfa; rMii&v 
iOOse. lAAte. «. liberty^ rreedom fiNHn restraint. 
MMMj, Iftdse'-Mu ad: tat last) irregtilarly; 

negligently $ uncbastely. 
I, lAA'-si 

>''Sn. J), a. to. relax any thmg ^ to sep- 

to free from restraint. 

■, lUse -nftk 9. criminal levity $ irreg' 
irivnty . uBchMwy} dtarrlraeo. 
OD. Idp. v. a. to cut «f any thing. 
mSmSkns, 164EW&<HiM^a. full ofialk. 
Mgamtatyi i6-k«4i^«^t^. « . too macb talk; . 
wd^ WOd «. the IMvine Being; monarrh, 

r4,a>t3rant; a huslkuid; ano- 

^ ' < [tnlly. , -. 

■d. to deauneer» to rule despou* jLovenck, l&v'-dk. a. dl<K>n]ered with love 
wdSinig, iCrd'^li^vt. a diaunutive brd; j guishing with amorous desire 

ttip. (Ora'-!iltlp. 1. dommKHi} 
tiiLh: ui DOMMT um to.a kmL . 
Lott^t 1^1^' '■ If ssnn, doctrine. 
Loricate, lAr'-i^'kaia;.©. a. to plato.ovar. 

LoriDtr;i5r^-r^.nae. ^'•^bndhHaitter. 

Loee. lAosBe. v, a. toloifeAt ; to ba.deprivcd of^^ 
to oewilder ; to employ ioefieoiualiy. 

Lose. lAAze. n. n. to suffer loss.; todedine, to 
fail. [thing. 

Loser. lUz'-Ar. $. ono that u deprived of any ^ 

Loss, Ws. s. forfeiture ; dtwiage* 

Ix»t, I6st ffrd. and pcurL of to Vote. 

Loty I6l «. fortune ; a diance} a portion; pro- 
portion of taxes . 

Lotion, Mf'-sfiAn. s. n form, of metncine a«d to 
wash any diseased parts j a ccnmetick. 

Lottery. !ot'>t&r-6. s, a game of diance. 

Loud, lAAd. a. noisy, clamorous. 

Loudly ) lA&d'-!^. ad, iu)isi\>'; clamomusly. 

loudness, lAiVl'-n^'s. «. noise, force of sound. 

Louls-d'or, )iI^-^-dAre\ «. a TOld coin of France 
valued at al^ut twenty sliillings. 

Lounge, lAftnje. r. n. to idle, to live lazily. 

Lounger. Idftn'-Jftr. s. an idler. 

I^ouse, lA&se. s. a small insect. [witU lice 

Lousiness, W&'.7>-ii^ t. ihe stale of alHHUKlmf 

l^usy, lAa'-z^. a. swaiming with lice. ' 

Loul. M\. s. a moan, awkward iellow. 

J^iOUtish, Id&t'-lsli. a. cIo>»7iish. 

Love, Iftv. r. a. to regard with passionate al 
fcctioii ; lo be plcasctlwith. 

Love, Iflv. s. the passion between the scx^f 
affection; liking; object beloved; princifile 
of union ; a w ord of endcanneni : st tund ul 
Uiin silk stuff. 

Iiovelettcr, l&v'-ldt-Ar. s. letter of courtsliip. 

liOvelily, IfivM^-l*. ad, amiably. 

liveliness. IftvM^-iife. «. amiableness. 

Lovelorn, iftv' Idrn. a. forsaken of one's love. 

Lovely, iRv'-I*. a, amiable ; exciting love. 

Lover^ iSv'-ftr. s. one wlio is in love. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




FAte, f &r, fklj, f ftl ;— m^, mgt ^—plnCy p?n ;~ 

l4lvefQllg, IAv'4diigv «. a song expressing love. 

liuvetale, IdW-tlUe. ». narrative ofkn'o. 

Lovethought, HW-f^wt. «. amorous fancy. 

Lovctoy, raT'^td^. s, sataM present gi«'en by 

Lovetrick, lft\''-trlk. *. an of cxpre^ing love. 

Loving, Iflv'-lug. part. a. kind, afiectionate. 

Lovingktndnegt^'^dVMng-kytnd-u^ s. tcudcr- 
ncss, favour, mcrey. 

Lavingty, lftv'-7ng-H^. ad. aflectionately. 

IfifWf Id, a. not hififh ; desccntfing downwards, 
deep^sliallow) Ejected; ai>jCG<j dishonour- 
able; reduced. 

Low, 16. ad. meanly j with a low %'olcc. 

Low, \6b. V. n. to belrow as a cow. 

Lower, l6'-6r. v. «. to hrin^ Itm. 

Lower, IdiV-flr. i*. n. to appear dark and 
gkiomy; to frown, to Uok suJlcn. 

Loweringiy, l^flr'-fng-li. ad. gloomily 

l.<owermost, lA'-flr-mAsl. a. lowest. 

Ix>wland', Id'-lAnd. s. a low country. 

Ix>wlinej(R, l6^-l^-n^ s. humility. 

4ibwly, 16 '-1^. a. humble, meek. 

Ix>wne5i8, l6'-n&. s. absence of hcigb* ; mean- 
ness; depression. ^pressed. 

f^pwspirited, lA-sp?r'-?t-t3d. a. deiecied, <lc-' 

Ijoym^ l66'-al. a. obedient, true to ilie prince. 

Loyalist, 16^-Al-I?sl. s. one who professes un- 
common adherence to his king. 

Loyally, lAiz-dl-l*. ad. with fidelity 

lx}yalty, l6*'.Al-t6. s, fidelitvi 

l-Kwenge. lAz'-z^nje. *. a figure in heraldry; a 
firm of a medicine made into small pieces. 

Lubber, IfilV-bftr. s. a sturdy drone. 

Lubberly^ iai/-bftr-i6. a. lazy and bulky. 

Lubberly, Ifib'-bftr-l^. ad. awkwardly, clumsily. 

i^ubncate, ]iV-l>r6-k&te. v. a. to make smoodi 

Lubricity Ti-brfs'-s6-^. s, silipperincss. 

Lubrick, j6'-br?k. a. sjiopery. 

Lucent, l6^-s^t. o^ sHmuig, s/tlendid. 

I^ucerne, .'A'-«.?ru«,#; liTUnd of grass cultivated 
as clover. ', ' (cned uitb madness. 

Lucid. lA'-sId; a^^-bngfat, fi.'htcring; not dark- 
Lucidity, I4>^>^tl. 8. splendour, Drightncss. 

Ludferous, l6-^f-fdr>ds. a. giving figfit,.afi(i!nl- 
iqg means of discoveiy. 

iMckf 15k. f . cbanee, ibitnno. 

Luckily, l£ik'4t^-l^ ad, f^vtuaately. 

Luckless. Idk'-iSs a. unhappy. 

Luc^, lok -k6. a. fortunate, happy by ch«iiie» 

Lucrative, i6'-kr&'tlv. a. gainftU, profitable. . 

Lucre, lA'-kflr. $, gain, profit'. 

Lucubrate, l6'-kCi-briie. v. n. to watch, to st^idl 

by night. 
Lucubration, lii ki-br^'-shiin, r. study by c«i 

dlelight, any thing composed by nigbl. 
Lucubratory, l^'-kiii-bdi-tdr^. a. composedly 

Ludicrous. liy-<l6-krAs a. burlesque 
Ludicrously, l6'-d^-kr5s-J6. ad. spertK'ely 
Liiff, l&f. V. n. to keep ck>se to the wind 
Lug, Idg. V. a. to pull with vioieace. - 
Lu&^gage, Iftg'-gkije. .«. any thing cumbrom 

and imwie!(W. [dinerent, not zealous 

Lukewarm, fiike'-w&rm. a. mildly warm; in- 
Lukewarmness, Ake'-w&rm-n^ i. niodertu* 

heat: indifibrence. 
Lull, I&I. r. a. to compose to sleep. 
Lullaby, l5l'-la-bl. s. a song to still babes. 
l<tunbago, l&m-b&'-g6. m. pains about the loam 

and smaH of U)e back [bersonw. 

Lumber, Ifim'-bftr. «« ai^ thine useless or cuat- 
'" ■"' to bei^ like useless 

'* '%!^ 

Luminotis^ hV-m^^nfts. a. sliining' 

Lump, tdrop. s. a shapeless mass; the grasff. 

Lump. Ifimp. ». a. to lake in the.gros». 

Lumpmg, mmp'-?ng. a. large, licavy. 

Lumpish. Ifimp'-lsh. a. licavy, gross, iinactive. 

Lumpy, Wmp'-i. a* full of kunps. , (tlie inoo». 

Lunacy, lA'-n&-s^. «. madness infiuenced br 

Li:nated, liV-nA-ted. a. formed like a half inoco. 
Lunatick, l6'-n&-iric. a. mad, having the imagi 

cation influenced by the qmmmk 
Lunatick, lA'-nft-tik. ». a madman. [moott 

Limation. lA-dL'-shAn. s. the fevohitkn oTtbft^ 
Lunch, lAnsh. >^ as much Ibod as ooii^ 

Luncheon, lAn'-sbAn^S. band can hoUL 
Lunette, liVdk'. «. a small half moon. 
Lungs, Hbgik «. the^ifcans of respiraidoo- 
Lupine, IA'h^b. s. a^ luiid of pube. 
Ltnrcb, Iftrtah. s. a lorioracOBifiiieA. 

. Digitized by LjOOQIC 

L.umDer, mm -Dor. «« ai^ iiung uscios^ or < 

Lumber, Khn'-bftr. v. a. to hei^ like us 

goods irrcgularfv. [gives 1 

Luminary, lA'-mo-H&r-r6.». any body w 




d6, mftvc, nU, ntii^^lAm^ tftb, bftll;— ^ilj—iiAftiid jt-eftin, tuw. 

Lank^'SMk, v, a.. |» defeat, to disftppomtj 

Lurcher, lArtsh^-Ar. «. one Umt watchei«a steal, 

or^irfcetray^ • buiMiog dog*. 
Lute, lAro. t, an cnticeine^t. 
r^uM^ IJ^Md. 0. glooin^, dimiBl. 
liork, iArk. v. n. to He in wait 
Lurker, I5rk'-ds. i* a tbief that lies in wtut. 
Lurking-place, lArk'-in^-ptioe. 9. biduig--place. 
Liseloa^ lAak'-As. a, svveet ; pleasing,, ck>yuig. 
Luaciousncss, lAsli'-As-nb t. imiiiodoraie 

Lusoriouff, Ht'slZ-r^lm, a. uaed in play, fportive. 
I.ti^, \7isL t. carnal desire; any violent or 

inmitar desro. (vehemenliy. 

Lust, lAst. V. n, to desire carnally; to desire 
LusCraL Mbt'^l: a. libtdinoos. [piscence. 

Lustfully, lAst'-f&l-^. ad, with sensual concu- 
iyustfolnms, Hkst'-fiU-nls. ». KbidinousiiesB. 
Lustily, Ifts^-t^l^. ad. stoutly, with vigour. 

Luxury, Iflk'-sliA-rfe. *. 1 . 

Lycnnthropy, ll.kAn'-l/ir6-pi. #. a kind t. 
■Lying. Il'-ius^. tlie actitje partieipU fif He, 
Lymph, llnit. s. lr«na>arcnt, cokwrless liquor. 
Lyinphatick, ^m-ftvAk. s« a vesiel conveprhm ' 

the lymph. 
Lynx, Ifngks. «. a spotted beast 
Lyre. lire. s. a musiol instrument. 

fci^Sck/lI^rik.'^ ^'-.pertauuugu,.ha«.. 
Lyrist; U'-i4it. s. a mnslcian who phiys upoi 
the harp. 


Macarooic, mAk-ft-rWn'. s. a coarse. lo»» 

fbnow ; a kind of si*'«ct biscuit 
Macaw, ini-kiw'. s. a bird in the VVesi Indies. 
Mace, m^. 9. an ensign oT authoriiy 5 a kind 

of spice. filie mace. 

iAistine3!<. lAs'-t^-n^ s. stoutness, sturdiness. |Macebearer, m&.se'-b&rn-ftr. s. one who ccirrif^s 
LustmL (ds'-tr&l. a. used in purificanou. Macerate, mAs'-s?r-&tc. r. a. to make Mkn ; ta 

Lustnaxm, Ub^r^'rshfin. 9. purification by 

Lustre, Ifty-tftr.-s: M^noss;^ sconce with 

lights 5 eminence; the space of five yoar& 
I^iSring^ li\s'-u-Tiig. 9. a sliining silk. 
LuitrouA, l^-tr&Kb a. bright, luminous. 
Lusty, liV-16. tf. stout, vigorous. [lute. 

I^ftanist, lA'-t^*)xt. s. one wlm plan's upon Uic 
Lutarious, lA-iA.'-p*-fts. a. livwig in mud. 
[.utOj I6te. 9* a sinnged instrument of musfck ; 

a composition like clay, wiiU which ehjrmists 

ck>«c up their vossohi. ' 
l.utulcnt, I6'*!sb6-l^ut o. muddy. 

^Sl^ms'-kv,. f "• «• '« P"'~" "f J™"'- 

o:catkift, lAks-li'-shAn. « he act offrfsjolntiug. 

any thing disj<Mnt^ 
^xttriance, lfe^-r*4use. } cxulwarce. 
.uxnnancy. Idgrta'-ri-fcn-s*. J '• «uiwrwac. 
.Qxariaiit M|^Mm-ant. a. exiihemnt, super- 
floooiv [superfluous plenty. 

*iUEuriate, Ag-»V^&te. v. n. to shoot witli 
xuKurbuSy !Ag-ziV-ri^ a, vohiptuens, en* 
riaved to^plemire. 

axttriously, Idg-ad'-i^fis*!^. atL delictousfy. 
w iap H Mii tl y. 

steep almost to sdution. 
Maceration. m&s-s^r-A'-shftn. ». the act 6T wast 

ijig or niaicfng lean. 
Machinal, mllk'-k^-nlJ. a. relating to roachmes 
Machinate, jm\k'-k6-nko. r. a. to plan, to co* 

trivc. privaiic* 

Machination, m\k-k*-iA'-sliftn. s. artifice, ron 
Machine, mu-sh*^n'. *. any complicated picc 

of workniiiuship; an engine. 
Machinery, mii-shi^a'-(H--*. «. enginery, «cn»' 

uiicatccf workmatisbip. 
Machinist, thft-Bh^ni-ist ». n constructor H*!^ 

gtncs or inackni€s. 
Mackerel, m&k'.k*r.?l. g. a sea-fish. 
IVIacuIn, mik'-kii-li. 9. a spot. 
Maculate, mak'-kA-l^te. v. a. to stain, to 4**. 
Maculation, mlVk-kiVid'-sI.&u. 9. staio. ipjt 

Mad, mid. (t. disonlcrctt in the mind 
IVfad, mfid. n. a. to make mad, to make funoui. 
Maxlan^. mftd^flm. *. an address to a lady. , 
Madbniined, mad'-bri^id. a. hotheaded. 
Madcap, m4d'-kip. *. a madman ; a hoturaxned, 

fblbw. ^ 
Madden, m4d'-<Ui. r. n. to become mad. 
-Macklcn) mftd^-da. ar. a te-make madi 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




rtu»; f>r> tUii ;fl»>— <■>, .mil j-jilmi. fbt j — 

cured 4v^ 

MadmM^jiMHBftik « t^man doprivedof hit 

lladnMs. mAir-iil^ «. diAwiioo ; fiiry, nig9. 
Madr^af, nAd'-diAM**. a pMlotaJ »n|r 
lla|;aziney mag-gft-iMB'. «; a MNebouaaj a 
■ mixellaneoixr pamphlet. 
Maggot, oAgf-eMi ** a ttaall innib : oddiiapqjN 
Manpotty, mag-gih^. a. full of maggouj 
whiouncal. [and invisible powers. 

Magical, m&dM^k&l. a. perfonned by secret 
Majically, in&<r-j^kM-4 o^ acoordiug to the 

Magick, inad'-jfk« «. the art of putting inac- 
tion tbo power of spirilla 

, . . r--^..3r .... ^j^jj^g^^ij 

y, arrogant* 

^ ^, -- .ocC^arroeaallv^ 

Magisterialness, nMkhi^t^-c^-u^, «. baugfi- 

Magiatraeyi m&d'-ils-tri-afc. «. office oi dijfnity 
Magistrate, m&d'-jWtr&te. », a man pubfickH' 

jivcsted with auUiority* [of mine. 

Magnanimity, mag-na-iAn'^-t^. s. greatness 
Magnanimous, m&g-n&n'*^mfts. a. groat of 

mmd, elevated in sentiment. 
Magnanimonslyy m&g-n&n'-i-mAs-t^. ad^ with 

:■ ' . ■ '■.rviisniL 
M ^'IlI^ i; - A, ji.lbo loac^MODrC, 
MiiiTjiejicitl, iiia^-*i^i -i^-k&U Jo. ha\ big powers 
MugnoUck, ma|f-ji5»'-tJk. f I'viTcspoiident 

to tbosc of itie jHFiifFTiet ^ ^Limaive. [tioii. 

Mj:tgnett3mr mfig'-i}^i-?im. s* ^K>wcr nf aurnc« 
Mit^ifick^ lidig iitf-f?k. a. iUustnou)er f^rand. 
Mapvificeiice, m^.|jf-n&-5?ii^e ?^. grandeur 

of a jTwarfi ikc . 1 J Ul , |>naipous. 

ftlflBjnificentj ndLgnlP-fh^ni. a, p-^fntl, spien- 

pouslv, fiiUkuHitHy, 
Mflgnifter^ ni%'ii(6-rKftr. s, m gla^ss ili?t in- 

A! apufy, mflg'-is^f I. t^. a. to make ^rcai| to 

Mafifple^ m%-pl, i. a hinL [woodc 

UoSogimy v^-ybg^-^-^, i a hard kind of 

Maul»«iMer T*, Bvwgimx m 
M ahlen, n4'-dn. ) vani ', a Mk 

Makleniy, ni'^-l^ «. STft mM)^ 
. timorous. 

Maidservant, m to isi iU i lii l . fc a 
Mail, mile. «. annoiir ; a be^ tiym,i 
Maim, tcAaut* no. to depriv* or any 

pM«, to «npplei>y^to«s <£tt lUU 
Miuni,- mftme. «. ■ pntoiioii of aaaw 

part; inJMfy^ eaential deftdi' 
kfais, muie. a. principel ; strong % i a ij p wrt ai; 
Miun, raiHie.«.thegrois,thebatt| tfiaoeaaii 

Mainlai^miue-l&nd'. «. the couibML 
Mainly^ mine -1^. orf. cfaie6y i poweriyi^ 
Mainmast,, mlne^-mkl^.s. the chieToraiiclfls 

MainpriM, m&ne'-'Hize. «; dofiveiy iolo Iha 

custody of a frietfd/opea nciafi^ glvenftt 

Mainsail, m&ne'-dde. «. thesaU of a maiMNs^ 
Maintaui, m&Hiae'. t>. «. 16 pnserve ; te keep 

up; to support. 
Maintainable, m&i-tine'^UhL tu deftnsiblB . 
Maintenance, arfn^^t^a >nsn «. siipf4y. of toe 

necessaries of lile. ^nm. 

Maintop, miuie-tdp'. «. the top of the wain 
Maize, ni4ze. s. Indian whrat 
Majcstica]>raft-j&^-tM4i. {a. august} staMiy 
Maiestick, ni4>j&('-tfk. I pompooi 
Maiesticaliyr m^.j^'-i^kll'^. WTwitk tlf«idty 

w d) graiidettr. 
Majesty, mad-j^ift. «. dignity, 

SD\icrcigntjr : a regal title. 
Major, m&'-jor. a. greater Li 

or exteiit. 
Major, m^'.j^. «. the officer abo%-o tW captain , 

the first proposition of a sylkigisiD. 
Majority, nift-jAr'-^tA. «. the grealei iiiahw \ 

the office of a major. 
Make, m&ke. v. a, to crcatis; to fonn; to pt^ 

duce ; to hold; to commit ; to force; to tniw 

OS profit from any tliiag} to arrive «L 
Make^ make* s* form, structure. 
Makebate, mldcc'-b^te. «. breeder tltfm 
Maker, m&'-kftr. « thtf Cro^tfif } 
. makes any thing. 

■ Digitized txyV^jOOQ 16 

or. a. greater Li number, fjadUty. 





tkroH's ui H> make up x««ti;!a* ■ . • • 
Matody, niAl'-ft-Oft; Si a discinNc. * | ^uietH^c. 
Malapert.* iTiill'-A*pln. a. sa*^*, imick wiih mi- 
Mal^/ta&le. f. Ihelic<ifftnf .<><:cie«. 

f. bad nutnag^m^iit ofafli^. 
Mldeccditiint inilc'*lidi»-t^i)t. a. t!?^eoirt«»nlcd, 

aissaii$fica. pitW^or <!ftc<>»»t»?HfH. 

MaleamfeoC Hi^te *k*Wt^iit.. *. o!te c<|*faih- 
Malcdiction, m^-ld-dJk'-shftH. s. curse, c'xccm- 

tion. ' * fotfencc. 

Mute&cfion, iu^}^f:tk'-shfin. *. n cr.tfKr, im 
Mafef&ctor, WtJ^-(%k'-iftn «. n criminal. 
Malepractico, milc-prtvk'-tU s, prtrcitce <?on' 

tnuytonites.'^ * ' l^M^.v. 

MalevclcncCy ma-!?\''-vA-I?iwfe. *. ill wili.mcV 
&Iatevo!ent. ih?l-1^-f^^1#tu. *. i«-dispos^d to- 

wards oUicrs. . '^ 

Mjl^e, mftK-]fe. *t dcKbcrate milsrhicf. 
AfaKciouSj, m^-.'lsh'-fts. a, iH-dis|M>s»Hl to an^' 

one. imctulHigJII.' ' ' [6finwt4iier. 

Maticiouslyf nuVlish'-JVs-ltV aJ. with imfcjaion 
Mafi^Usncsjr, iiiS-flsV-fts-i^fe.' *. intention of 

misinnef. '"' ' ', 
Malign, ipa-Jlnc'. <i. wnfavmirafi.c. 
Malignancy, Thft-^-Kdn^si. j?. malice, flestnic- 

iivc lendeiicy. ^ * , ' ' 

Maligmat; nici-lj^nfuit. a. enviofis, malrci'^ns. 
Malignantly^ ma- |f^-rtSiit-l^ lid. malicioJisK-, 
inbcWevoa^.' ' [another fli will 

*M afignl y, inS-lJijC'-l?/arf.'tiiv^rtii%, w*ttlr fit will. 
M.ilh nm. s, a kh/d of. hammer •, a ^v^\k Where 
'Avi/h mails and bafis:- 
-bil'-6-t^. s. qiiaHty of on 

IIU UI. lUlllllllVi ) tl tXllli. >'• liC 

ihey frrmcriy pJaVcdA^'1/h mails and bafis;- 

during; t))e.muunwr. 
tf ^Jfeablfe^. m;V-i^-^-bl.^ 'cL ' capable of bciuj 

tpread ^ l^tii'mo^. 
klaillea^/ mi^-lA-a^. v, a.„ to hammer, 
iallet. mt^n^S. & wfttklcii hamn;cr. 
liilaMKV, whn^'jh. s. a kind orwme. ' . 
E^ittl^^ bariey steeps in ^cQcr and dnal 

[• * 17 

Malt*?!*; nAlt^^ftr. ■{ '• ^'^^ ^^ '^''«" 
MaFversaCion, ittM-v^r-«!«t\'-shfiM. s; \md 

^twaii ttrtirtce*.- ■ ' • *' " ' 

Mainihn, aiam-MTfi'. «. ihc (bm\ »i6rd iw mother 

the }Krps. ' . ' ' ["pieee. ' 

Mvinnnock, mdm'-mftk. «. a lorg^, «lwipciwi#'' 
Mamitro^li ittftmMri&lc. 'i\ ». K» w^arj \o p«4i f«* 
AJammoi. n.^iu'-miVrt. «'. nchc;*. ' [pieces/ 
Afan. miin. s/dicmulcof Ibe hutuah'5pecie»5 t ' 

i\f«n, inAii. ». a. to fitni'rsh with meh j to fortify; * 
^lanaclca. infm'-fist-kl-/. ». t*haiMS fiir ilnj hamfe/ 
Man5»*!;C; m4np'-ldj«, r. a. ta ct^fidii^ j togwum- ' 

to nmke irnctable j U) wield j to biisbaiid. 
Manaj^e, iwu»''?djc; s. c«^'nduc!4adMim)hNra(Miis^' 

a i'i<bn«!^*$clKioI.' ^ "^ ..'»,.'. V 

Manj'jicable, mdu'-idjeiVbl. a. governable 

trariabie. : • . • ■ - | miHitrtraUAH' '' 

Managcinont, muu'i»lje-mAit. s. conduct^ "ji^. 
iMairaijer, m'du'-tdje-ftr, *. »:ie who has tlwj cii ^^ 

rrct rou of any thi n**- 1 a man of fruf^alUj-, / ' '\ 
Manation, m*-ii^'-snrtn. s; the ad of 'ittwtft; ' 

from. ■ ' . 

Maitdpate, htAn^-si-^'lc.'p. a. to 6iis'»at«;,'tc 

I.IikI. [courtjoflhckhtg^uliewh. 

^laiKlaintis, mAn-d&'-m&»»; #. a i^-rli. frbm'llwi • 
Mandarin, mfiu-<ta-H?^i'.s. a Ckiiicse' adl>teil!M« 

•t>»' nwi^sirate.^ ■ ' • ' I'.jfi* " 

Maiulate, inau'-djuc?. ^f.commttrtrfj ppd<?epl. '' 
M«ndhtory,Mh'-(ha-lSb-^* a. pn^epti^f , dilDe- 

Maligxier, ii)a-Huc'-3r. s: >nc whd ^:;nrf!s'^lBniHbleJinarr'-<i^»l. », the jaw. < ' fior< 
MaHj^ntt^, nQ-Hg'-n^-l^.l?. h»ancc5 c\-iliicss of Mantlrake, m4n'-drafc6. ». a plant, the fOo* of 

wliJch M said lo^car.a tcseiifibhyu»'WtiiJ>- 

ttiiman fortn.^ * " i 

Mandupatc, muiiMiVkW. r. a/tocftOW," ' 
AJane, lu/iiic. f. the hair which hang»<k'Wfl'lw»'^ 

Uie HCck of anhree. ' ,' v-u^l 

Mancater,miV)'^e-ftr. 5.'a cahailiaf. * '• •'1 
Manc3; mV'iii^. ff. Rho:rt, riiaitec • - • p,'. hui 
lytanfui, lufui'-fCil. o. t»old,5toiii.<lar*ffl#.'i'«>«'«'^ 
Manfiilly, mdnM-'d-'*. ad 'fcnld»y, ^\mi ^'*^'^W 
Manfidnes.''-l?j! ads. «. ^itoutn^ss, bi»ld/Mtf ' 
Mantle. mt\njeVs.'tfJe'^itHv?n<faitle.':J ' ■ 'wM 
ivrati^er, m^tte'-jftr.'Jff. tht' veM^n whid)-^" ♦^ 

m*^ are fed with conk 




ID^K<^ .i», 0. lo lacerate, tocut onKuite), mliuf-ii ju wofk nif»4 Mm»lim ;> 

iiey to conctol it. 

• of moveable f^Mioiiao. , ,s 

Mangle, in&n'-d. «/a kiiid ^ cloak* . tr 

Mamie, ,m4ft'rtl V. 0. to cloak, to odv'cr. 
Manlie. nmu'-il. r. ii» to be expaaikkd y to fittlM!^ 

bi^y thiiig oti the ^Mrface, to frothy lo firwrirt , » 
Mai)t*ia, iimn'*tsliA4L 9. a kidy's ^wu., 
ManUramaker, inW>i^in&-kdr. s, one.wm' 

makes gowiis ibr women. 

leer pieceineal:. tosRioc<|i Uaen. 
BiMuaper/ Mftii|^-gl-5f. i.oiie wbe mangles. 
jMiney, mW-j^ «u4nr«cte(^ wHh Mie mange. 
Manhater, mau'-li&tc-ttr. «. miiiatnhrope, uue 

^ai bates roaukiAfd. (couraj^e. 

Hti^ie0il» in&i^4iCKt f. Iminaa nature -, vastly-} 
Mauac) in4'*n^ak. «. a mad petsoM. 
ManSaCy la^'-A^^k, a, ragii^ with macltSess. 
Manifest, iMn'-n^-fOst. a. i>lalfw<^)i>en detected, 
Maojyfest, m&a'-u^-f^h e. tt. to s.4>u plainly. ^ 

llaufealatioa,^in&ti-u^-f^ia'-^>N- >. disccivc^ Maatiai, ni&a^^l. a. pcrtbnae4 t>y the bacJi 

w«* «\»iKltoa*Wt<v r#4iiHtlt. RrT^rkiiai m^n'-i«_£J a a ovivall twi^kk 

ry, Dttblication;. [(jeiiUjf. 

JUamiestlyy nibi'Hi^f|.strl^ ad. ^leany, pvi- 
MamfiKstoess»in&a'-n^</^st-it^ s. :f>eraficmiy. 
Mani'esto^ fii6ji<^-r^-t6. s. publick protesta- 

Uoo. [many. 

aManUbU. oifta'-M^ibkl. a. of diflercnt kinds. 
MtnkiBd. mJUi-kylnd . s. the race or species or 

Maa^tea, iMut'-lHic. a. faov-ing tlie c|jiiaUtics of a 

■iait,i>e^iiig a ouuk . 
Af Bnlioef8,m£B^-l6-Des»..«. bravery, stoutne,'*. 
Manly, man'*!^ <u beconung a maH, firw, brave. 
Maana, in&ii'-nilL «« a kind of gum, a physical 

Man»er« ]n&it<-nAr. t, l^rm, mi^thoil > sort ; 

iiuei»; pectiKarw^* 
MmumMy mw^ft^-^sL ,fi, aoy artist who per- 
Jbnm all his works in om pu^'aried ipfuiner. . 
Mannerliaess, min'tn&r-l^-a^s. s. ci^-ility, ccr? 

emqi^ious cottpJaMance* 
Mannerly^ »l»<Hi&r^i&, Or civil, complaisaat. ■ 
Mafinfel), mdii'-iu:)b. a. baying the appearance 

of a iiMUi) bok)> mascu iiive. i 

Mancenvpe, maa-^'-vAr. s. an attempt, out of 

tJna common course of action, to reue^ e our« 

•elves, or aaa^y .our adversao'' j. 

Mtntir, lO^'HiJir. «. fi Jord'sjunsdjction. 

Mansum, nAn'-sh&n. f. abode, koose. 

Manslaughter,.. nAn'-s&w-tar. a. the act ©f 
kiUir^if a nau net wtoUy wttliout fault, though 
widioQt ^lice. , ; . 

U mwH ysir,mAtif^'it. t. mf^ thsi^ bag kiUed 

Maosiiete/mWrsw^. a. tane, geiitle. 
IlMiMf)atv«le«««&tt'«ff«i'&t&de.« lameness. i>^- 

MaiHiai? roila'f^-4lv«. a smaU beo)^. . 
Maaiifactory, m&i)-&-f ^'•t5r-^. s, pTacc wl)er» 

a .man* ifacluro is carried ev. 
Manufa<;ture, vft^n-ii^-fAk^-tsb&re^i. aoy tluay 

made by art. . , 

Mnnufaoturc, man-a«i-f|k'-tsbQre. v.a. to makt ' 

by art and labour, • * ■ 

MaJiiifacUirer^ m^n-nA^fAl^MabJ^ror. t. a 

^vorkmau, an artificer. 
Manuihission,iu&ttiiJUmlib'*Aii« ^ the ac ^■ 
givi»g libeirMr to slavey. 
ManumU, m£i«u^mlt^ r. vu to release . from 

slavery. , ■ £vaiioii 

Mapui-able^ mi-n4'^4)t^ «. capable vf cuhf 
Maiiure, m&-n6rc'. v. a. to ciiUhate by inamial 

lubour ; to fatten wiUi comMsts.^ 
Manure, nil^>B^-e'. s. soil to tie laid on lands.' 
Maimscript» mSa'-&-skripi. «. a book written 

ikrt printed. * . 
Many, m^n'-n^. ti. numerous. " ]}y 

Manyimie8,.>i?»'rui&^tiinz. ad, oHca,' (feqvetU 
Map, ina(>. r a deticeation of OHjalrics. 
Map)>ery, mTtp'-pfir-^.^. tlie sax 9I flkaamgwa^ 

Mar, iQ&r; r. a. to injure, to spul. 
Maranatha, mir-ii'ii&th'-t. a. n. form ordeaoUA 

cliig a curse ainoi^ tl«e Je^yvs. 
Marauder, n^-rb'^tH^.s. a soldier Huk'.rovte 

about in quest ofphinder. 
Marble, m^-bJ.«. stene. med in statii^ 9m 

elegant buildings ; a Utile ball with whuii 

Blarble, in&r-bk a. made dt BMff1>le i vtaia 

gated %e marble. 
MSrca3^o, udr'-ki-^iSus. $. « solid, MML 
March, u&rtali t.theWkdtmaSb^rjm^ 



■&, ai5vc, wjhy tAi y ■ t ftb c , tftb^ bAlt ^^1 ;— fjftftml }— ^^ Tiui. 

iitfdfiy nbuh. f. ft oMtviemntt, jouruey of 
ioldi«iVLgmn Md likaiin walk. 

liarct^,«iiClsli...ii. Ik to iamro;iii » mUitary 
form} to walk ia a grave, dcUberato, orsiacie- 

Marcher, nArtsk^nAcj. prasidentoC tke mareb- 
' ** * * ibeiMieoTa 


Mare, mltnaw 1^ iIk fenaie ^a uona. 
Ifareschal, nAr'-diil. «. a chief cammander ol 

Ifardd, mlr-akL a. 
Hare, mkn 
MaiigMite, m&rVsMta. #. a peaii. 

JMUii^iiMl»nwr-j^-iiu.«. plaood or written on 

MaAofi,,w--r¥!a!*^ bekHving to tlia soa. 

.n9Jifi»',nA-nhf» «. a flokiier taken ou ship- 
board emptoyed ia detoenu upon ■ the 

Maritime, m&r'-ri-tloi. <l relaiinf to tke aea ; 

Mark, mirk;.!, an impreasibo ', a proof. 
Mark, mark, u a. to mipress witn a ti 


, token or 

Man«t'eritl«JQlr4lt4a4a'«*. a cron set up 

where the market in held. 
Manh^-^ace^ «ikr'4[2ti>l«aek c . place where 

the market it held. 
Market^e^ »iii^-kil<prifl». «> the pmee A 

whicb 9uy Idling' iacwnnitiysoUI. 
Ilarket-town. niir^:4& town that has 

die privilege of a^lMed viarket. 
Mv)cet9^bley«^'-kA4^bkca. sack as may be 

aold ; cttrrent in the market. 
Mar^mW^mkktf'mimrM. aaMasiiHdto hit 

Marl, mfifl «• a Und of ^V wed lor manore. 
Ml|iFiMfi^iQlr'4v«pike.<.4ir small piece 

|ftf%£i9A^E7|»toiit of which marl is 

Marmalade, inar':hi&.Aife.>«. the pnlp '^ 
ManiKiIet, mJU^-m&-l^ ) ' <|wnoet wiM 

into a coasistfMice wifli sugar. / , 
Mawiiorean, mb--m6'Hi&-Sii. a. mac|e of maroie. 
Msutjtieti'y^ m^r'-k^-^rft.^ >. chequered work, 

work iitiaid wiih variegation. 
Marquis, m^-k^Ts. \». one of the second order 

oTnobiiitj, next in rank to a doko. 
Marquisate, m«\^-'kwlz-aie. «. t^ ^aignx^V 

a marquis*. ^ . , 

MKrrkige, mAr'-ift^. ^ the tel oC unitiiig a 

man and woman Tor life. 
Marriageable^ nmr'-i!djc-(l-hl. c^. of. 999 lo be 

Married, k.i^r'-rfd. a. ceiyugai} cpRpubial. 
Marrow. itilr^-V^.' s. ap ofoaginvAis subatance 

coutaiued in bones. 
Marrowlees, m&r'-r6-lfis. 4. I^d oTmarrow. 
Marry, m&r'-r^. v. a. to join a man ;uid a wo* 

man; to take for husLand or wile. 
Marry, ra4r'-r^. u. n. io enter into the eoiyugal 

Mar^, m&rsli. 9, k fbn. a bog, a swan^. 
Marshal, m&r^-sh^. s. the chief ofiker ofarnv; 

a pursuivant, £order. 

Mai:shal, m^r^-sli^l. «. a. to arrange, te rank in 
Marshalsea, mtr'-shll-s^. s. a prison bebnging 

to the marshal ef t!ie king's housebokl. 
Mar^, mirsh'^. «. boggy, feraiy, swampy. 
Mart, m.\rt, «. a place ofpubtick traffick. 
{Garten, ni^-tlh.^£. a lax|pg weasel ^ a kind of 

Martial, ra&r^'Sii&l. a. warlike. 
Martingal, m^r^-tTkt^g&l. s. a broad strap made 

fast to the girths aiufertlie belly of a Iiorae 
Martinmas, m^-dn-rofis. «. the feast of St' 

Maityr, m^r'-tfir. », one viiio by hit death jeftxi 

witness to the truth. 
Martyr, inir'-i&r. v. a. to put to dwuh for vii- 

tue ^ to murder. * (martjT 

Martyrdom, m?ir-tfir-dam. «. Ibp death of a ■ 
Martynrfosjy, nAr-t&r-MI'-io-j^. « t^ ngafue^ 

ofmKnyrs. [(oiHsui^|. 

Marvel, mAr'-v^h s, a wonder, any thing »• 
Marvel, mi^r^-v^l. vf n. to wonder, lobe 1 " 

MarveLnus mlLr'-v^ l&s. a. wondflr8il,i 




4hlilete, sirai»gcncs». ' ^. . 
Ma»'-k&-l}n.«< nmic; virile. 
\f as}], inA«i. s. any thin^ inii^lcd or beaten 

■cogethef into &ii trnJutUiig^isilbd or coufiutcd 

Mash, m^i. r. a. tn licat 'mIo % i*oufu:$*jd mass ; 

k> mix mnH ami water ioge'uy&r in )>i-ewiii^» 
Mask^ whk. s. a cover (6 disguise Uio fsre ; a 

dnunaticfc pdrftmnafice. 
JiCadt, mfisk. v. a. to disgulie ityiUi a moj^k or 

viter; tocoN-er. . 
Mason, ni^'-sn. s. a builder wilh Motto. 
Masonry, m&'-sn-r^. s. ibc craft or ijetfohnaiK'c 

Masqiiemde, mAs-kftr-r^dc'. sX^ diversion in 

winch tlie company is inaskcu. 
Masc|iieradet iu'iv(mr-»"idc'. v. n. to go in dis- 

fui^ j to asiiCniMc in masks... {mask. 

Masqueradei'; mAs-kiV-ri'-diiiTp *.,apeiv>u uia 
Mass, m^. t, a body, a lump ; the service oT; 

ilio RoAian cliarch. ' 

Massacre, mls-s4-kftr. s. huidicry, uMliscilmi- 

nate destruction. 
Massactd, mAs'-sA-kftr. o. a. lo !>HtcU«V ip 

slatfgbtcr iiKiiscrimiiiatQly. , 

Massmcss, msis'-sd^-nft;. /*. weigtii, bulk,; 
Massivencss, nij\s'-*slv-«<*s. { pouderousncss. 

Mast, mist. *. die l»cani or post raised ab<»ve a 

vessel, to wliirU tiie sail is fixed; tlic (mil of 

the oak and liccch. 
Miister, mll'-s»ftr. «. owner, proprietor j a ru- 

* diicfcpminnnder J ati3aclior. 
*^ uter, AA'^-sifir. t* . a. to conquer, to overcome. 
<f«sferstroke, ml'-Sl6r-st;-6ke. «. capital per* 

%>nnance. , • [dued. 

•^isfcrteSS; mV-sfftr-l^i. a. uiiff^venied, unsub- 
^^asterly, mi'-Jitftr-l^ •%. artful; skilful. 
Atasterpiece, nii'-stflr-jifsc. *. capital 

formance. , ., • - . 

Mistors^llp mi'-siflr-sh^p>. s. rule, power j ^ill. 
Mastery, mi'-stftr-^. s. rule ; siipcriorltyj skill, 
Ma«dcation, pi&s^t^-kli^-sitfUi, s, Uie act of 

chcwiiiff.. ' ' 

Fii^fjhr, f &II, luf 'fTf^ikt m^t$.^Uie, p?nj«- 


«. a sweet-scented ^imj,3 

Ma:«Uir».niA$'-i}f.«valfirrc^do^. * • 

Mat, iiiAUf.aiexturcroraedge,flBgf,orr ,_. 

M«l> toll. r. a. to «o%^Rr Willi mam; lo joia lik^ 

amaA.- . ' ■ ♦• 
Mata<lore. iiiAt>ftHl&re'. «. a tern MMd la Ibf , 

games ol i|H«drttte cud ombro. 
Jl^Iatch, mltsli. «. a cotttest ; one Mual to aao 

(lier } «vmartiage ; arslip of «wxi tipped wntr 

ItfimstoHe. , ■ . ' ' ^ 

Match; mAtsa r.«. to be cquiA te; to Mtta* - 

losml} toKurry. 
Matchless, mAish'-l^ a. without an equal. 
]yiatrhlpssnes8> mAtsli'4&4)^. « . slate of bein^ 

w'^tliout a^i equal. ^ 

Matchirtaktir, matsl)'-m4-kor. f. ono wlio coo 

trives marriages ; one who msi^es matches. 
Mate^ ni^te. «. a husband uc wile; a com . 

puaioH } oiie that sails in ^he same ship ; ^mit 

Uiat oats at ibe sxune table; the aecoind it' 

subctftlmatifisi. • lio etpml 

Mate, m&te. r. a. to match, to marry) to op|iose 
Mateital, ni&-t^'«rM(h a. cousisikig' of matt<>r 

corporeal j; impoctant. • [mazier 

Materialize, nm-i^'-r^-uMie. t>. a. to rc|?ertl n% 
Matei-ials, mfirt^'-rfe-Alz. «. tli« sub^timce «4 

wliich any Uiiigis made. 
Materialist, ma*t^'-r^-al-ist «^ o*e ^-ho ttenict, 

spiritual subctauoos. - (isl^iice - 

Materiality, m&.tA^^'-A4^.' «. maierinl ex , 
Materially, mft-ti'-f^-^l-xbi ad, ^iiitportantly, e»-' 

senliall^-. .■; • ■ 

Matcnalness, mi-t^^rMl-ttls. #. state of bcaif> * 

material, importance^ ' .. ^ 

Matemaly mibt^-uftJt <<. modierly, pcrtaiiihi^ 

to a inotliei*. 
MathenialictI, mAA4*»mftt'-Mli. ia. BccaHi * 
Mathcmatick. »&(A^-m4i^-tIk,' 5 ingtoihe